ID   AL670035; SV 15; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 201142 BP.
AC   AL670035;
DT   19-JAN-2002 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 32)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-295C20 on chromosome 4
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-201142
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Harrison E.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; c21ec9eb34d98a6d4dd9bc71054df201.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456106.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028716; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028717; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028718; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028719; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000055210; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028590; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028592; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028593; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028594; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028595; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028552; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028554; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028555; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028556; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028557; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028500; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028502; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028503; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028504; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028505; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028572; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028574; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028575; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028576; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028577; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028286; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028288; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028289; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028290; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028291; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029016; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029018; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029019; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029020; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029021; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027723; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027726; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027727; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027728; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028254; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028256; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028257; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028258; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028259; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028403; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028405; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028406; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028407; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028408; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028371; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028373; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028374; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028375; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028376; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028504; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028506; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028507; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028508; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028509; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028396; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028398; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028399; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028400; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028401; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029052; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029054; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029055; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029056; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029057; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027448; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027450; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027451; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027452; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027453; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027801; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027803; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027804; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027805; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027806; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL670035.15:1-201142; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000030490; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000030491; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000068654; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000129957; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000133066; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000136946; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000141933; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000147519; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000171877; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0067023; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0067025; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0067029; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0067035; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0067039; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0067082; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0067084; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0067088; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0067094; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0067098; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0066976; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0066978; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0066982; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0066988; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0066992; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0067000; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0067002; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0067006; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0067012; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0067016; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0066666; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0066668; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0066672; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0066678; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0066682; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0067485; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0067487; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0067491; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0067497; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0067501; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0067047; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0067053; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0067059; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0067063; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0066614; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0066616; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0066620; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0066626; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0066630; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0066751; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0066753; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0066757; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0066763; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0066767; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0066677; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0066679; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0066683; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0066689; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0066693; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0066852; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0066854; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0066858; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0066864; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0066868; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0066661; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0066663; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0066667; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0066673; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0066677; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0067673; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0067675; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0067679; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0067685; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0067689; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0066592; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0066594; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0066599; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0066606; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0066610; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0065867; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0065869; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0065873; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0065879; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0065883; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A0R4J093.
DR   GOA; A2AD39.
DR   GOA; A2AD40.
DR   GOA; D6RH61.
DR   GOA; F6TY56.
DR   GOA; G3UW41.
DR   GOA; O35392.
DR   InterPro; IPR001766; Fork_head_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR006266; UMP_CMP_kinase.
DR   InterPro; IPR018122; TF_fork_head_CS_1.
DR   InterPro; IPR026123; Sil.
DR   InterPro; IPR026628; PDZK-int_prot1.
DR   InterPro; IPR027417; P-loop_NTPase.
DR   InterPro; IPR030456; TF_fork_head_CS_2.
DR   InterPro; IPR031627; PDZK1IP1/SMIM24.
DR   InterPro; IPR036388; WH-like_DNA-bd_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036390; WH_DNA-bd_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:107477; Stil.
DR   MGI; MGI:1347471; Foxd2.
DR   MGI; MGI:1914432; Pdzk1ip1.
DR   MGI; MGI:98480; Tal1.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00019; Y_RNA.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; O35392; FOXD2_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0R4J093; A0A0R4J093_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A2AD39; A2AD39_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A2AD40; A2AD40_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D6RH61; D6RH61_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6TY56; F6TY56_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G3UW41; G3UW41_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-295C20 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..201142
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-295C20"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    5636..5814
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_22843, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    17569..17730
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_22843, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    18319..18487
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_22843, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    33956..34689
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_22843, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    34815..34825
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_22843, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    36657..36704
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_22843, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    37693..38080
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_22843, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    62767..62767
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 160bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    62768..62799
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    74568..74608
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_22842, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    87665..87751
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    95903..95975
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_22841, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    148347..148347
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_22839, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    161625..161758
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_22839, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    165856..166253
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_22838, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    197765..198427
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-246H17
FT                   (AL645473) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_22836, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    199274..199413
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-246H17
FT                   (AL645473) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_22836, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    199799..200256
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-246H17
FT                   (AL645473) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_22836, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
SQ   Sequence 201142 BP; 55444 A; 45058 C; 44951 G; 55689 T; 0 other;
     gaattcactg tggggtccct ttaagccttc agccttgtga gtgcgtttta aatggaattg        60
     tttgcagaaa tccattcaca catgacattt taaaaacaca gccactgctc taatgaaggc       120
     aagcggacgg agctcctggg gcacactctc tcagcctcag atcctgtcca gcaggattct       180
     ctgaaatact ggagactaaa aacattttct ctgaaaaacc cacaaagacc caactggtcg       240
     ccctctggga agtctttttt ccatgcatat ttggaaggct tgtggtgttt ccagctatgg       300
     gtccaagatt atgaggacaa tagcaatagc agtaggctaa ggacattagc taacatttat       360
     tgaggttttc ctatgttaga ggcacggtgc taattcccac gcattatccc acacagggtg       420
     aaagaggcta atatctgtag aattgcaacg tgtgcttgta gatgaaaaaa gttcccataa       480
     ttcctcacaa agaaaaaatc ccacaggcta ttatctttgt tgtttttctg atagggaaac       540
     agaggcagag agtaggtaag tcatgctacc aaaattgtcc atccataaat aacaaattat       600
     tttgaacaag tatagctgtg aagcacaccc tggtacatac cactgctctc tctgtgtcca       660
     cattctctcc ccaccagccg ggcatccagc agagccagga ctgctaggca gagggtccct       720
     atgggaggca ctggccctcc ttctgcctcc tccccatctc acttagccct ccacaagctg       780
     ttgtcaattg cactgaagta tttacagcaa ccagcaaccg ctgacacctc tgtccacgtg       840
     ggctataatt tgatgctcaa gttgttaagc agcggctttc cagcagcagc tcttcataca       900
     tgagtgtctc ccccaagagc caggctctct gtctctccac tgctcctcac gcctgcacac       960
     ctctcctgct ggcccagagt gtggacacat atgttcactt gccaaatgca tcatcaccta      1020
     cagaggcata tgggtgcaca tacatgtaca catgtacgta cacacacaca cacacacatg      1080
     cgtagactcc atcataaaac catcacagtc tcttaagagc atacctgcta atacacacca      1140
     tgtgtaccac agattactga cctcacccca ttcacacagc ttgtatcacc cacacacagc      1200
     accacagagg gaatggctgg ggtgctctgt gaggtagtat ttgacagtga tgatggctaa      1260
     taatgccaac ccaaatacag tcacaggaaa tatattcttc atgtaataac tcatcagaaa      1320
     attactcttt attagggaaa gcatataaat attcagcatg ctttttcggg gacttgtgtt      1380
     aaattgcagc tgtccctcac atgtgtttgc atctgtttga tcccaagttg gtgtgtctac      1440
     ctaaacccct gggcgacaga gaccatgcgt gtgcatccac ctcacagcac tgtgcgcaca      1500
     gtgtgaggcg gggattgggg cagtgttctc tggcaatgta gatgagcctc cacatggacc      1560
     aggatggcca ggaagaggcc atgacagcac agcgaggaaa atgactcagt tggattttac      1620
     tgttgtcact cttcaggtgt gctctgtcct acctctttgc ccacaggatc tgttgttggc      1680
     tgacagggca ggattacgag tctgtgtgtg gatgaggaga taatgaggac agaggcaaat      1740
     aaaagggcaa gataccccag gccaagaaga ccattcacaa agactttcag taggacactt      1800
     attccatgca cacctactat atgctaggta ctgttagttt aagtcatggc tttggtaagc      1860
     gaacacaggc tactttacct tgaataggta tctgccaatc tgagtttatt cctctgcctt      1920
     ctacacatga ttgtgatgtc tcttttctca ccctatggcc cccattccaa agaacagcat      1980
     tttaccacac cccccccccc gccagaatct agcaaagaga aagaattgta gatagaagat      2040
     gagtcaacac attgaataga actcttggtg atatctggac agccaggagc caaggctgtc      2100
     ctgagtgata tgcctgcata gagtgggcca aggagactag gatggggagc aactgtatcc      2160
     agaagccgtc cagcacaggt gagctcagac atctctgtgt ctccccctgg acttactatg      2220
     cacagcataa ggcatgtcta tttccctctg tgcactcacc atgggatggg cacaatgctc      2280
     tgtgggttgc caacaagcca tgcacagcct cttaaaggga cgttaagaca ctgaatagaa      2340
     caaaagactc gaggagactt tagtagccaa ggctctgcag tcaccaagcc acattcccaa      2400
     cttcacttgt acacacaatc agactccata tgagcaggtg gagccagagg actgggtttg      2460
     ggcagagaaa tatggtcaca ggtaatattt gtcacctcca gactacatac atagccctgt      2520
     aacaaagatg gctttcagaa tcctctgttc cctctgtctc tctcctcact gagtttagaa      2580
     gaagcaatga acaataacaa gaacctggag ctgaggtcca ccactcccaa ggggcccgtg      2640
     gataaaatct gctgggtcac agttctgtaa atctggctgg aaaaacaagt ttatctttat      2700
     tttgagaaac ttctaaactg aggtacagca ttctattcaa taacggatgt aatagattct      2760
     gtcagtattt tctgtaccta taactgctac ccatagaaaa tttagacaag ttcttgcaaa      2820
     aaaaatgtca aaattctcct ggtaaccact ttaaaattat attatagcat cactaccgtg      2880
     ttacattaat gtgctacact tgtttcttgt ttttctcttg taggatggag tcttgctgtg      2940
     ttgtacaaga tgtgtctaaa gctagagagc gcataagcct cactcttcca agtagagcta      3000
     cagacatata acatcatata cagctttgtt attgtaacat cacaagctat cttaccatat      3060
     gtcttattat agaacatttt taaaataatt tgatatttga attccagtag gatccattat      3120
     ttcataggcc tgtaaatttg attacttgca cttaaaaacc tttatggtta gggatctgtg      3180
     gacttcacta gtctgcccaa ggaggctcca tgcgatttta aaaataattc tctagggaag      3240
     gatagagaac cctggtggag aagccatgga cctgtggatg gttgtgtgtc cattaccacc      3300
     gtcatcagtg attcagtatt ggacagatga gagaataact tttatttgtt caaagacaga      3360
     gaacttgagg atctcttaca ctggagagtc cacatgacca cagagaacaa gccggtgggt      3420
     cttaggctca tactctctcc tgaacatcct cacccatcag gataggacat cttgagtgct      3480
     tctttctcaa atccagcctt ctgctgtcca atctgttccc agccttcaag gcctaattca      3540
     agtgctacta tctctgggaa gtctcctggg cctcctccag gtctgggaaa ttattgtccc      3600
     agacctggac tacaaagcta tcaacagcca ggcatggtgg cacacacctt taattccagt      3660
     actcgggagg cagaggcagg cagatttctg actttgaggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtga      3720
     tttccaggac agccagagct atacagagaa accctgtctc aaaaaagaaa aaaaagaaaa      3780
     aaacaaagct atcaacatca ggctaagagc ttcttgagga aagtcagata catttccttc      3840
     ttctgaccca gccctacctc tattacaagc ctgtatcagg gatgcctact catggcaaag      3900
     tcaataaccc tttactgcat ggcaagtagt gggtagtcaa ggagctctat gactaagctc      3960
     cattcccagc agcctaatcc aagaccaggg cggggacttg atttcccctc tctgaagtta      4020
     ttcctgccag ggatgggttt ccaaccaatg catactgacc tttaggagtc tcgcctcatc      4080
     ttcagtttcc tttccataaa ttcaattaca catgctcaat cacagtcaaa aatattagat      4140
     ggaaatttcc agaagtaaac aatccaaaca ttttaaatca ctcttttata atatatttat      4200
     aagtatttta ttgccagcta ttgttaaaga ctcttattgt gcttcatata tgttaaactg      4260
     catcacaggt gtgtgtatat ctaagttaaa aaaaaaacac atagcacctg gtactatcta      4320
     aggttcaggc atccacattt ctggacaaca caaactcgca agactttggg caatacaaca      4380
     ggctctgtaa cagagaatgt aacaggtctt ggaaagtatc ctccccagag taaggaggaa      4440
     ctactgttgc tttggcagcc acactaggag tcaggtaggg atgagaaaca tgatgggtcc      4500
     tctccaaccc ctgtgagtga tccttcatcc tgcaaaattg gaatcggagg caacctcttt      4560
     ttccccaatc ccacccttga aagtcacact cttagcccac tgcatccttc ttctcccact      4620
     ttaccctatc ccacacacac ccagccctgg aactgaaata gtcatctacg tgcacacaaa      4680
     actggagagc actacagaca ctgtggctcc agttggtgtg tgaaggtgtc agggagacag      4740
     ctctctggcc tcctttagaa tgtaatgtgc caacctgagt actttttgtc tagaggatgg      4800
     agaagcacta agcttgaaca aaggttgtct ggcaactctg gctgcacagt gctgttccca      4860
     ctttctctcc cctcacccta ccaaggacca aaggtcctta ttcctcaatg aatggtcaca      4920
     tttctgaata ataaataaat gaataaacaa atgctcacaa tgcagcacac ttttggaagc      4980
     cttgcaccat gtactaggaa cagagagctg caacatattc aactactgtt ctcaggtact      5040
     tccaacacgg taagagcggt gagcagaaag taatacgtca aagttaattc attaaagtac      5100
     taacagggca gggctggaga gattactatg aggttaagaa tactggctgc ccatccagag      5160
     gtcttgagtt caattctcag caactatatg gtggtttaca gccatctata atggggtctg      5220
     atgccctttt ctggcatgca ggtctacatg catatggagt gctcatgtac ataaaataaa      5280
     atatttttta agcactaaaa gggctaagga tgtagctcaa tggtaaggta ccacctggca      5340
     tttgcaaagc cctgggttct atcaccagtc aaaaattatg caatagaaat cacagcagca      5400
     tggggaatag aatctgacca tagaggatgg agagaaagct ggggtgggca tgaggtggca      5460
     acatctgatc agaggggagc caagaagaag agaaagaaca attagatcca taaactctag      5520
     agtcattggc tgttggactc attgaaaggt atacccctga acatctagaa tcatgctttt      5580
     aaccaatggt tatttatttt tacaaatacc atggaaaaga agtttcatca ttgaagggct      5640
     ctcttagcct aaggctaggc tggtttccat actctgtcca ttaaggccag gctggccctt      5700
     tcaactttga ggtactaggg aaagaagtga atctggagac tctctgtgtg tcaggatgaa      5760
     gctaggcccc tccttgctgt gtttcaggaa ggctgtgcgg ttgggagctg tgagggacag      5820
     tagaactctg caaaggatcc agattcactg gagctgtagt ggctgagcag cccagaaacc      5880
     agaactgctg aagaagtcaa acaggataca gttgtgtggt ctactccatc atcctagcct      5940
     tccagagttg gaaatgaccc ccaccctgaa tggtgccctt cacctcttct ccctaaaagt      6000
     ccaaggtatt tgtcctcaga gcctacatcg cagctttaat tagacctgca tcggtgtgtg      6060
     tctctatgga gttagactgt catcatcctg aggacaggaa ccacatgtgg tctgttcacc      6120
     attatatctc ccttgtaaga cagaagacca ggcacaaaaa tgggtcctaa aagactatca      6180
     agattgaagt cttaggtcca aggagtgggc ctgggagcac ggttcaacag ataacagcag      6240
     cttcaacgtg agtgcttttt gacttacaaa gagagggccc aagaaacatg aactactgtt      6300
     acatttgttg ggcccctgct tacgcatgcg gcccctgagt gtaagggagg agggaagaag      6360
     gaaagaagga tgacggaaat aaagaaaact acagatgttg tatctgtaga ggtgagagca      6420
     tggcaataca ggtaaggacc agcaccacag acagagaatg ccacgtatag tcctggaccc      6480
     tgaggctctt tttcctagaa acattggtct ccttaagaac tctcttctcc ctcaccccat      6540
     ccccagccac cttcttgaag gtataaactg tcccaaaact gtagggaaca cctagccatg      6600
     ccattttctc tcaaccaagt gtcccccaaa attatgaaag ggcagaagaa gaggaatgaa      6660
     gcagttaaca gtgtgggggg atgccctgct aggatacagg agccccaaga gagcctaagc      6720
     ctctaacctg cacagggcac actttgagga ggaggaagat acagagacag ctcaagcaca      6780
     tgcctgttag catggatctg cttagggtca ctttagggtc gtctctgtaa gcagaaggtc      6840
     agacccattt atgtcagggt cacctttgtt ggcttagggt catccctttt tagaactagg      6900
     tcattgactt tggggcaggg tcctcctgga ttacagaatc atcctcccga ggaagggcat      6960
     tctgaggtga agcagggtca ccaccattag gagggttatc tctgttagca cgggaagtcc      7020
     tcagtgaaca gggtatgctc ctggactttg gggccatcgg cgcccccagg tggctgggct      7080
     tggccagtaa gcacttggat ctctgccagg cagggcttca ggagccttag ctctgaggct      7140
     ctactctcta tgtctctcac agttggagga gggaaagagc ccactcagac cctggaccct      7200
     tcaggaactg cattggtacc aaagattctt gcacacatct ttgggactcc ttctcacaga      7260
     acacaattta gatgctggag cacatctgag acttggaatc tgccaccgct aatctatgat      7320
     acaagccaca ggtagagtca tatggccagg ccacacacag cctactcccc tggatctggg      7380
     cacagacacc ctctctgcca actagtctct gagagtccca cccttcctct taaaaggtga      7440
     ggaaaactta agttctcaag tttggtttca gtgaagactt tgtgaaagaa tcgggtcata      7500
     cccacttccc ttcccaggct ttggaatggc tcttctctga tgttcatcct gacccatgtg      7560
     tttctggaag gacccctcct cattcacatc ctggctgggc tttgggaaag aagaggcttg      7620
     gggcgtgtat agaaagccca gtgtgagcag agactcccat tcacactttg cactgctgta      7680
     gagttcatgg ttggtgttga gttcaaggac tgccaggtga ccactcctcc acatcgcaga      7740
     cagactcagt cctccttggg gaccacggct tccactcagt cctgctcaac tctttagggc      7800
     tctgccaagg gagaagaaaa cccagggtcc cacataaaag taccatacca ccaagaaagg      7860
     aagtgagcca ctctctcctc gcttgctgta cctctgggca caggtgctgc caagattttc      7920
     tgcagagtcc agcacagtca gaccctacat cctcactgca ttaagaaaat ttggcttgga      7980
     aaaaagactg ttaagcctgc cagaagagaa gagctaagac acagccactg acccccatag      8040
     cagaaatcag gatctgactt attccaactc tgttcaaaca aataaactga ggccttgtaa      8100
     gaagtcttcg tctaacgtca aaagagtcag caccattgcc agaactggga atcctttttt      8160
     ctctcttatc tacccctagt atagatagcc atcatcacag tggatgctaa gatgaagccc      8220
     ccggaagaga gagaaagaaa actaaagcct acttactaga cactcatagg ctgagtataa      8280
     gtcagaattc ctagtactat atgagataac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac      8340
     acacacacac acaccagcaa gtacatccaa cccaagaaac aatgattaca gccagggcca      8400
     tttttatccc ccactttttg aaaggttgga catagggtga ggcaaagctt ggagcaccta      8460
     ggtggtccag cagaattgga gtcagtggga ttcatctaac tgggagaata gaggggaaag      8520
     gaagccagta tctccaatgg ctagcaggaa agaaacggac tggatggcaa atggtgatca      8580
     catcttctcc cctctaacaa ggtagaggat gtggcttctc cccaatgcca gggtggggca      8640
     gcattttgct cacctgcact cctctctcct gccatccgca ccttgttcac ctaaaggcaa      8700
     tttatctcat cttggttttc cagaattgct gactgtttta ctcttcctca catcctgact      8760
     gtgaggagaa agaatttaaa ggcaacaata acccagcatc ttgggacttc ccgggcattt      8820
     aagggcagtt gaagaagttt aaatttcttc ataatatcca ggtgagtact ttgtctaagc      8880
     tgatttatag agagtgcagg attcacctgt agatcccagg atgctgccaa gcatctttac      8940
     tcaaactctg gtcgccatcc tcccttcact gtctagacct gtttccacag caagagtcag      9000
     cctgggctcc tttgtaagct ctagcggctg tgctgactgc actcaccttt gacacagaaa      9060
     gacagtttcc tgagaatgaa agcagaagct cccaagacac caagacgtct agccaagttc      9120
     tatacaggat ggagtacagg aggctgtctg gcagccctgc atgggagaca gacagaggct      9180
     ggacaatggt acctgttagc taacttggaa caatcaggac ctagagtcca agtaagatat      9240
     aacaactgcc cattatgggc aagcctaaga agaaagtcaa cctgctcctc tgcagaccaa      9300
     atcatagtgc cttcggcagt tttgctccac gctccagatc tctagctttg tctgcatctg      9360
     gggaggaaag tgggagaaga taaacaggtc tagggaataa agggccgaac caccattcta      9420
     ccccaactcg ctctacccac attatttcca gtctctgcca agtcctccaa ggactttcat      9480
     tctccacact catgaggcac actgaaaagg gtcacaaaca tctccattag catatgcaaa      9540
     ttaacaaatg cttgtaagca caggagcaag ggggagcaga atgcatatct aaccccatca      9600
     acagaaaaga tcacataccc tcccccaaac aaacgctaca tacataccta ttacatcttt      9660
     aatccaactc gaatgggggt ggggggcagg agagattgca catcagagct cacctagaag      9720
     ttgcttcgaa atctatatgc ttattgattt ggattggttt gatttggttt ttgttttggt      9780
     tcgttttgtt ttaagagtct cactatgtag ccctagcttg cttggaaatc actttgttta      9840
     ccagactcag aaatccatct gcctcttact atgactcaga aatccatctg cctctgcctc      9900
     cggagcactg cgattaaagg cgtgcctaat ttacttgttc ttttcatgct atgttgagga      9960
     gtggtgggtg tgcaaacaca ccctatcaat gattctagac cctccggtgc aaagcagggc     10020
     tggccgagga ggccaggacg gcgatgaatt gacacaaagc tggcccacca cagcgtcgga     10080
     caccagtatc cactctggtt ttccaggtcc ttgacatctc ttcccaggtc cgcggctaat     10140
     tctactcgat gacctcggac tggtcctttc agctccgctc tcagaaccct ttagctccag     10200
     aagtttgggt ccgaggctaa tttaaactat cgcccctcca gcgtctctct ttaatataaa     10260
     aaagcggtaa tcattcccaa aagattgaag aatgtgagag taacctgcag gtgcgacata     10320
     aaaccaaagg gcacagaaga gactgacagg cgggaaacta agttagaagg agggtatagg     10380
     ggtgggctcc ctactcccag aggagcccag cgcatctaca tctgaatggg aagccctgaa     10440
     gtccgctccg caccgacacc tgctggagga gggggcctca aagtaagggt cttcggttac     10500
     cgtaggctaa ttaattcgaa caataaagtc cactccagtg tcctcaaggc tccgaacacg     10560
     ccgtacccac tccactccca aacacgcaca ctggcagttc ctacaccgat aaatggaaat     10620
     acacttctca ggtccgcaat tagttttagg aaaggatggg tttaaatgtt ttgttgcccc     10680
     actgaagaat tcgttctctc cagtcccaag caagattcat ggaaccccaa ttccaaagat     10740
     atttcagcct caatagacaa aagtaaccca gggtgagcca accctgagac aatttccacc     10800
     ttccgaggaa actgagcaga ccctgctgtt gctgaaactc gcagaacccc aacatccgag     10860
     accgagtgca tccttcccag ttgtgcacac agccgagtct agtgcgggtt taccgagatt     10920
     ctagggtcta cgaaagattg ggcagggata gaagggtgat gaagactccc accgacggag     10980
     ttcctctcgg accacgaaat ttagaccaac aatgagaagg gaaagtgaac atggagaaag     11040
     gtttaccggg aggaaaaccc agctgatgga gaaacgcgcg gagcagcgac tgcgagccat     11100
     ttctgctcga gtccgcgtgg agcgaaaaga ccaagttggg aagggacccc tgcacagagc     11160
     actgagccca acgatggttg gaaacaatcc cgaggaggtg gccagcagcc gaactcaaag     11220
     cagaagcctt ccttctcggg ctgacccaag cctcccaggt ctagcgcggc tgcggtggtg     11280
     tagcagtgca gcgcgggctg gaaggaggcg gtgcccgctc cgccccatgg cgcggcgcgc     11340
     cctccatcca gcccgcggaa aaattcgttc tcaaaaccag agccccggga cctctgtctt     11400
     tcttatagag ctctctattg gtgcacatct atgccagcct ttaaaaataa aattcagaag     11460
     cgctagctcc aaactccagt catttgtttg ttctcaaaca ttgatatttg aacgcttaag     11520
     ggaccgcaat ctccctccca cccacccttg cccaccttta agtctctcca gaaacctcac     11580
     agttccagcc ccagggacaa acatgggctg ggtctcaccg tcctggttag ccctcccgga     11640
     cgcctcccag gccccagcct aaactgcctt ttgaactatg catggaaata atttagacac     11700
     aaacccaaac tctcctcgcc tctcttccgt ggaaagcgca gggttgggag gaaacgccga     11760
     atcccgtccg tgaagaccaa ggcacaccgc ctcctcccac cgtttcataa gccgcaagct     11820
     taggaggcac gctccgcact ccaaatcttt tctctctttc tcttgcaagg accgtcgttt     11880
     aaactgcgtc ggcgccttta ttcgcctgac cctgggcgca gggaaaccag cctagtcggt     11940
     cattgtcctt tctggactgc ccccaccccc gccccaatca gtgtcacaaa acgccccttt     12000
     caacagattc caaaccctct tcacctcggc tcaccgagcc ttcaacttca ttgagtgagc     12060
     tctttggtgg cgctggagga ggcgaagttt aaataaaccg gagcacagag ggaggaggcg     12120
     ggggtcgtgg agggttggta gttgaagggg agggtggagg tagaagtgtt tttgaaaggg     12180
     ggaaaaaagt catcggggag ggaaaagtgc tttgtaacca cgaagacgcg cctgttgtgg     12240
     cgagaacaaa ttggataggg aggggaagtg tcccccttca accctggctc ctgggtggtc     12300
     taggggggag cccctagaga aagaaagaaa gatggggagg aatacgtggt gaaaagaatt     12360
     aaccacttta attgggtcgc aacagagact gggcagcagg ctcacggatg ggcctcgatc     12420
     actcagacca aatactggtc gataaaataa aatgtctgcc cttagccatg ctgaaaaaaa     12480
     aaaaaaaaat gtatggcaaa gttggagaat caagactgtt cttcacagct gtagaaagta     12540
     aatctgtaag agagagaaat tctgcccgga aaggcccccc tccccctcct tatggcctcg     12600
     ggcctcccgg cgccggatga aaaggaatga aattgaacga aattgaacga aatgaagtga     12660
     aattgaccag tgaaattcgc caattttctt ctcctttaaa ccgcccgctc tcgacagcac     12720
     tctcagaacc tcaggctgat ttcttaccaa ttttttttct caccttggag agatcaaggt     12780
     gtgccctgga tatttttctt attgtcttcg attgttagta cctatgaggc aacagacctc     12840
     atctgcctcc acccaagtag ggagagaagt ctagggagct gttcagatga gaagacctgt     12900
     ttcaccaccc aggaagttgg gctcctgagc acccacagat ctatgggtcg gggtgggggg     12960
     ggggggagag tcgcagtctg agtacctcca gacctccagg aggagtctat ctatcttaca     13020
     aaccctgcaa acactccctt cttgcattcc attttctagc tcctaacatc ttagctctga     13080
     acacaaccta acagggagtc caaatttcaa acacctcccc tgcttttaga atctggaacc     13140
     ttccccagag ctgtcagctg agcgtgggtg gtttctctgg accaggcttg acctgttgac     13200
     tcattgaaaa gctagagtct gagtagaggg tctccttggg gaccccaaga gccctagaga     13260
     acttttacac atctcatcct tttctgcaaa cccgtatttc taccattggt atacacacac     13320
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacaccagg acaaatagca attcatccaa     13380
     aagaaccttc cacttcccct gtaagtagca gttggttata gccagctcac ctacctatct     13440
     accatccaat atgaagcctg tctgatttta tcttttcgag acagggaaaa attcaacttt     13500
     tattcaaaac tccaaactaa tatgtagaat ctaatattcc aaactaattt aattttcatg     13560
     gcagaggttt gtggagttga aaggtctttt ttttttccca gagaaaacaa tttccccagg     13620
     ctgtacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacatacac acacacacac     13680
     attcacatac acccctactc aagtaaaaag aaacaaaacc atactcatca aatttggagc     13740
     catgcaagtc agtgaagcag caggtcagag accattattc cagtactgga gaatatttct     13800
     caatccagac ctctgaagct aatctagttt ctggtctatt tggtaagatg gtgggaaggt     13860
     agcattctat ctccctgacc tcttattctt tcagagatgg gggagggaga ctcttggcat     13920
     cttgacagaa ctatgttcac cactcacacc tgagccttgt ctccctggag acctttagtg     13980
     acacctcaac aatccctccc cagttccagt gtttcccctc cgaatcctga tgtactgcac     14040
     gcctcttcct tctttccctg tcagctaagg gatactagtg agttctgggt aatttatttt     14100
     gtccacaccc ccaagttctt tgcatctggg tctctgacac tgacttctac tttctctgtt     14160
     gtttatcttc acttaagaga taaacagagc ctttgctctg actctgtcag ttttctgtaa     14220
     aggctgaaag aattgcctct tcctgcactc ccacatgctt cgcctacaaa ctcagtggaa     14280
     tatacagaaa agggataacc accttccact tcacccaaaa cattaccttc acccccaatg     14340
     gttacagatc tagctattgg gaatctcaag cacaaggcag agagcacaag ggtccaatgc     14400
     accgtggata gtcttaatcc gaccaggagg caggagttcc tggctgtgaa catggctcca     14460
     ggaaccaaga cctttgccct aacagagtga acccccctca ctgtttagtt gatcatatcc     14520
     tctagcccac tcaagctggg tgaggatgag ctttctaact cagtttgtac agtccctaaa     14580
     taaagccttc cactgtcaga agtgtgtggg agtgggggtt ctaaaggccc tctaggggcc     14640
     aaaagaaatg ccctcctatt agacagtgac taatagtcat ggcacatatt catggacaca     14700
     catagaaaca aaaactcaaa catgcctgaa atacactcct tatacacaca cgcgcacaca     14760
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cgaacaaaaa atcccagggt gaccaagaca     14820
     aatacaaaac caaaccacca aaatcttcat tgaaaagctc ctgcacacac agaaaaagga     14880
     gagtcataca aaatatgatt caagaggcat ggactagtac tcagtagcca cagtgctcca     14940
     gcacttagca ctgaaatctg cctagtccac actaaaatct atactagaag aaggtgagac     15000
     gtctggggtg cagtagaaaa tagaatccct ctgcccagcc ccaggctttt gcccttcctt     15060
     gtaccagagt gaaaatgaaa gtggtcacag gcttccagag acctggccca gttggaagca     15120
     gaaggcccca gcagtgtcta gagcctccct ccaccatctg actagctcaa agcttcctta     15180
     gttttgagct tctcacctag ctctttctcc ctctccctct gctggggagc ttgaggtctt     15240
     ctaggagagc ctcgacaagg acaagggagt tcgggcaatc agattgaact ggtgactgct     15300
     gctaagttca catacattta ttcaattgac accaatgaag agggagaggg agacaatttt     15360
     tttttcttcc atacagacca tcagacgatt tcacagagtc tccgctaagt ggagaagtct     15420
     aaatcaatgc acaccagtgg acagagaatg cgttggggag gggggcagcc cgctgtacag     15480
     atatttacat ataactatag gagccccccc cccgccacag ctctgtgccc ttgcccaccc     15540
     aattcccacc tctccagacc ctcttctccc acccactctc attgccttta actacaataa     15600
     atatcacagg gcctggggca gaggagaagg ccaagaggac cgctagccct ggatggctgg     15660
     gcctatggac cacgggaaaa gccaaagagg gcttttttta aaataaaaaa taaaataaaa     15720
     aacagccaaa caccagagag aaaacatttt cctcggggaa atgggctctg cggtttcttc     15780
     aaggattgtg gagaccccgt ttcacttctc ttagcttccc gactgtgaag agcctgcctt     15840
     aggcttggag ggaaccagct tccttgaaga acagcaaaag gaaccaaaaa aatttttttt     15900
     gaaaatttct cttaagcaca aagcagataa cagatgtctt taaattataa tattggatga     15960
     gcgggtctca aagttgagga aggaatgggg cagtgggttt tttcaagcca tgggtgattc     16020
     tggcgcgatc caacaaccga caggcgtatc tctgccaaag cattctctga ctgtgaaagg     16080
     cgcaaaggca agacacagag aaggttcctg ctctcctttt tgatgctcaa acagaaaagc     16140
     ggtctccgct ttaaacctat tgcgtagatc agggaggcca gggagcccgc ttcgtcccaa     16200
     ctgccggtga cattctgagc ttgcagcttg aagtgcccga taacgcgcga cggcctaggt     16260
     ctggagactc ttcataaata gactccctga attccgctgg gaccggccga gctccccaga     16320
     gaggttaagg agtgagggcc taactggccc gagcccggtg cggtcaaaag tggcagccac     16380
     tgaggcccgc gactttgctg gcaaacgagg gccctgaaga caggagtgag tcccctgggt     16440
     gcgagaggcg gatgtggcca gccaccggag tcagggccgg ggcagtcagc atggccaaga     16500
     cttgggcttg acccccagga cctgcggctg cggcgaatgg cgatcccgga gaaccgtcgc     16560
     cgctgcccgg gggtgcggcc ccgccaccac cgtggcccat gatgtggtct atagaaaagg     16620
     aaggcctctg gcctgtcccc gcgcccccgc cacccgcacc accgccggcg tccgtcttga     16680
     ggccctgacg caggagtgca gtggacaggc tagccgctgt gccagctgcg gggggactca     16740
     aggacgcggg gtagaaagcc ttggcgcaac ccagctctgc gcctaggaag gcaggcagcc     16800
     ctgcggggct cgggccagat cccggggcag gcgcaggggc cggcgccgag gccgcgcttg     16860
     cgaagaccga ggccgtcgga ggtccgggag gaggcgccgc ggcgcggccc gggggaactg     16920
     acagctggca aggcgcggtg gcggcgaagg cgaaggcgtg cgggtgcgga tgcgggtgtg     16980
     gggccgggcc cggtggaggt gcaccgtagg ccgggagcgc cagcccgtag ccgtagccgt     17040
     aagcgccgta agcggcgaag ctcgagagga aggcgccagg gtccccggcc gcggcagccc     17100
     cgccacgcaa cagcagctcc gggtgaggat gcgggtgtgg atgcggtggc ggcagaggct     17160
     gccgcttgaa gcgcttgcgg cgccgcagga aactgccgtt gtcgaacatg tcggccgact     17220
     ccgggtcgag cgtccagtag ttgcccttgc ccgggttgcc cggctcgcgg gggatcttaa     17280
     cgaagcagtc gttgagggag aggttgtggc ggatgctatt ctgccaggca gggaacttct     17340
     cccggtagta ggggaagcgg ccgctgatga actcgcagat ctcgctcagc gtcaggcgct     17400
     tcttggggct ctgcaggatg gccatggtga tgagggcgat gtacgaataa ggtggtttca     17460
     ccagagggct ccgtgtcgcc gcgccccccg acggcggccc gggtcccggc cccggccccg     17520
     ttgcgcctcg ggctgcctgc acgccgggcc ccgggcttcc cgctgcggcc gccgcccccc     17580
     ggggcgctag agcgcggggc tcgcagtcag agcaacctcc cgactcttcc tcgtcctcag     17640
     ccacgtccgc ctcggcttcc tccgggggag gctcgtggcc gtgagggagc acgtcccgag     17700
     gggcgcgggg cccggagcgg gctgtgagct cccccccacc gctgccgccg cccaccacgt     17760
     ctatgtctgc gtcgggctca gacagcgcgg ccggggagct ctcggaggac atgatctcgc     17820
     agcagcagct gcccagggtc atggtgccgc cgccgccgcc gccgcctcct ccgccgcctc     17880
     ctccgccgcc gctctccggc tccgctcggc ccgcggctcc ggctccgccg tgctgcctct     17940
     ccgaccagtg tgttttgcgc gcgggcgggg agggggcgga ggacagggag gggatgtccc     18000
     ctagctcctc agcgccccct ggtgttgaaa ctctaggact ttcaccctgc agggcgcacc     18060
     caaccggtgc tgccccggga ctagaaaacc aggcactgga gaagagcagt aaagcagccc     18120
     gttactcggt cgaatctggg cttctgggcc cctagacaca taagtggggc ttcaggagat     18180
     tagtccctcc cgcctggtgg cagcctaagg cggaagaact gtgggcccgg ggcggagctc     18240
     tctgggcagg gtggggcggg gaaggaaggg ggcgggcaga ggtcctctgc tcccgggccc     18300
     ggcgggaaca aactgccgcg gtggcgggag ctaggctcgc ttggctggag gcgggtcatc     18360
     cttctcctcg cagctcccgc aaccccgtgg ctccctggag ccaccaccac cttcagtgcg     18420
     ctcagttact ggaagtcaaa gcttatgccg gcgcagctgc atctggtggt ggcagtggct     18480
     acaaacctcc tctcctcatc tccccaaggc ggcgcccggg ccacccgggc cgaagcgcgg     18540
     atggatcgcc agtgagccga gatggccaga ccgacgccgc ggacaaggac ctactggagg     18600
     ctaagggagt tctggaggac aagtgaagag agtgatccag aggaacaaac tcgggcgccg     18660
     gaagatccta ctcagatagg tgagaaatgt ctgcggtggt cctctctttc ccctccaagg     18720
     ccctggccct gccactgtcc ccaggaagac cgtctgctct cactcctctt agtgattcgt     18780
     ctccgcattc gccgcattct ccgcacaccc acaggtcctt agcttgggtt tgcaggattg     18840
     attttttttt tttttttttt ttttttgtct cagcatctca atctttataa ttgtctctct     18900
     tgacccccgt gcatatcctg cggaaactga gttttcctgg atgtttgttc ctaagtctaa     18960
     caatcccgct cttaatttcc ggatttagag actcttacaa cagaactctc acggagatgt     19020
     ccccccgaag aaacttaacc tcatccctgg gccagtgttg cccttttatc tggggacttt     19080
     ctccacagaa ggttggtcca gtatgctttt tctgctagcc agattctttt gcccatcttt     19140
     atccctcttc cctactcttc ctctaggacc cagaaacaag ttgctcaggt ttatactgag     19200
     cccatttcaa cctcttgggg ctggaaggga ttgggagaag gtaagaactg gacagaggct     19260
     ggctgttgcc tcaacagcgc ctcacagtgg ccaaggctcc agcatagggg gcctcaatac     19320
     ctgctgtgca ctcccagcgc tctgtgaccc tccttaggta acttcctttc agggccctac     19380
     tttcctggtg tgcaccgcag gattaagagc aggaccgggg gacttaaact gctgggatcc     19440
     caattttggt ttcaccagtt tccagctgtc tcacctggct aattttaatc tttttgcctg     19500
     actcttcctc taaaataaaa tttaaaacac ctacctcaag cctgacacga tggttagccc     19560
     ttgcttaagt aacttcagca ttcagaatgc tgaggcggga ggtttgcttc aagttctagg     19620
     ccagcctgag cttcagatga gaccctgact cagaatcaag taagtaaata aagtaagatg     19680
     aatttaccgt gtgaccaata tgtaaaggta gccatcgaag gccactgatt gcgtagactc     19740
     tgggtgccct attctctggg agggaaggtg gtcagggaaa atgtggtctc ccaccttgta     19800
     gtaccatcta cagtaacatc tctaaaccat gtgctgaaat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     19860
     gcgcgcatgt gcgcgcatgg agggtatgtg gaggataaac tgggagtaag gcagtgagga     19920
     ggaaatttgc tgaatgtaag caaaatgtaa ggatgggtga acccctttat ctaactgcaa     19980
     ccttcattga tgaaggcagg gattctccaa gccccctctg gaacctctga aaaaggggat     20040
     cacttagtgt gttgggtctg cataaaccaa gtattcctgg ggaaaggaat aggtccagca     20100
     ctcaaaacag ggacagtaaa ttgaacagac tagtggccct ggaagtggaa tgttctggca     20160
     accacttgca tacttcaagt ttgctttgct taatggagta ccctctctcc cacgagattc     20220
     cactcagata ctccacacca ccaaccacat ccttactcct ccccagctcg tctctgccag     20280
     catcccaata agtaaagaga aaactaacat tggggggctg gtgagatggc tcagtgggta     20340
     agagcacccg actgctcttc cgaaggtctg aagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc     20400
     tcacaaccac ccgtaatgag atctgatgcc ctcttctggt gtgtctgaag acagctacag     20460
     tgtacttaca tataataaat aaataaatct ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa aactaacatt     20520
     gggcatcatc taatctgttt caccttcact tcgaaattgg caaacccatg aataatcttt     20580
     tgcttttccg ggaccctcct gatatttcag actccagcta catgttcagc ttcggggtaa     20640
     ggctggctaa agcagatgtt tctcagacct cctttagggc taccagctct tgctgccagc     20700
     cgctacactc ttgtcctgcc acccattcgc tgagactgaa actctagctg ggaaaagcag     20760
     tctaagaacc ccccagcttc tattcttcag tgcagtcgtg gggcacctcc ttaaagaatc     20820
     atccaaactt aacactaaca agaatggaaa gaaagggcca gggcaggata ttgcttgcca     20880
     gatatttgag gtgttctacc ttatagccca cccaccccag aaatctcctc tttatccaaa     20940
     taattgcttt ccaggaccca ccttgcctag ggggaggtta agccccagaa gcctccgtct     21000
     gtctcactgc ttagccaccc agattgagca gcctggaaca attgagagta gaacatactc     21060
     ctgaggagat ggtgtgtcta ttgcagggtc tttcattaca aaatgttttt ttataaccgg     21120
     ccaggagttg tgctcattgc gatgtatatg tggttcccac tggcttctaa accatctacc     21180
     tctcctccag cttctcttaa gagccccatg gagaagccat tttgtggatc tgggaaagaa     21240
     aagccctcct gagattgtat ggatataatt aagtcagtgg cgaaactgct aaagttgaac     21300
     tgctgacggg caagtttgtc tctagactct gaagaacata gcctgcagtc ttaagagttt     21360
     ggagcttgaa gaggaccctg gcccgctcca ggcactacta gcctgtgaaa agaggcagga     21420
     actaaatagg gcgtaccacg tccatgctct tttacaattt tatttaccaa ccggctaacc     21480
     ttggggaaag ctgcagagcc tatgctagcc ccctccccct ctccaagaga ctacagcccc     21540
     gttttgagat ctaaaaaaca gctgctacaa ctcccatctc taaacctgct ttggaatcta     21600
     agtttctctt agctgaattt ggaggcagag actcaagatc ctgtcccaca aagatggact     21660
     taaaatggcc ggggccctag acacagagat gaaagatagc tgagattcca gtgtgtgcat     21720
     catgatttca gcagcccaac cccagccgcc tctgctctat cccacagcta gggcgacatc     21780
     cttttcctct ggttccacca ctcctggtca aggacccctc aatccacaga caaagtagtg     21840
     ggaggtttgc ttaagcgcct atgacctact ctgcggcagc tgcagcgggc ggcggttggg     21900
     accagaataa gctacggatc ccgaatcccg gtcggtcgcg ggaagagggt tgggagctca     21960
     agagagggta aaaacagcac cacccccaaa ccgcggagcg aaggcgcctg cttaaggtat     22020
     ccgaagagct caaagcgact gtattaggcc aaacttttca agaaagctga ggttcggcga     22080
     gccaataagt gggggacaat tgcaggtgtg cttgaagtgt gtgctccaat tctacacttt     22140
     ccctggtgga ttctatgggc cctaggtccg agggtctgtc tgtcttagta tgtatctttt     22200
     cccttgttta acttgctcat cgtggtcaag aatgccgcag agtggcagac ctcttacaga     22260
     tttccactac cgatctcact tgatgttcac tgggtcctgg tgacctgaaa cttccctgga     22320
     atgctggctg ttcatatctg cgggagcaag gacctagtgt gggactggcc gcttgatctc     22380
     agagggaaag gctgtgtgct agcgtgcaga tcgggatgag agatgaaagt cggaagacag     22440
     aagagtgggg agagatgctg ccatagaacc tggtgggcac ggggccgcga cctccttcac     22500
     accaatctca cactgcgtct agaacagagg cactctggga atggaccgct cttctagtat     22560
     cccaaattgg ggtagggcag aagggaactg tgcctagcct tagggactaa gttcccctgt     22620
     gcattgttac atttcacttt tccaaatgat tggtgaagta ctaggtcctc gaatgggcaa     22680
     agaactgctg cagaattccc aggctggtgg agtacatgcg gagccgagga agctgaatga     22740
     gggaccagcc agagccccgg cctatctgct cagaagcaat gggtggattc ctagagaaca     22800
     gcgacctctg gaggaccgtc gcatccacga aaagccaggt tgagtctaaa ctgccatctt     22860
     cccacccgac actgctttgg cactcatcca gaaacgtaag cctccactcg tctctcttcg     22920
     ctcatcttgg ctgcctttcc ctctgaaacc tcctcagaga agccttccca agtcaagccc     22980
     gtcctccctc tctctgctct gagcttctca aaacctaact ggacaactcc tgctctgctc     23040
     acgactgtgg aatacacctg ctttctgcac acccgttaat tccatccaca tccacccttt     23100
     gtgaaccatg ctaggggtgt atgtgtgttg gtgttagtgt tggtgttggt gttagtgtta     23160
     gtgttgtttg ggttctctct ctccccctcc ctcccttcca tcttccttcc ctccctcctg     23220
     tcttgataag ggaagattga ggtctaaaac tggacagtga cttttccttt cttttttgaa     23280
     ttgttaatgt gtttattatt gtgaggtaac atgtatttat taaagaaaaa gagagtgcta     23340
     aaaaataatc ccatatgctc ccaaagtgat gtgttttttc agaggtgaag agagcagcta     23400
     actttatttc tctgtgggtg gaaaacccca tggtaagctg gattctaggg acctgtatcc     23460
     acagtgcatt tagagatcaa taacgttcag catcctcagc aacgttgatg ggtccttctc     23520
     tagcggtctg tcacagaatg ctctgaattt cctggtggac tatagatttt ttcaaagctc     23580
     atttctcacg tggggaaatg gaaacacaga gatgaatgca tttcctgaga gtcacgcagc     23640
     agatatgcag tagaagtggg aactggaaat ttaataccac atttcccagg gcagtgttct     23700
     ctttgtctcc cctgaaggaa aagtatgtaa tgtgtggaag gggtcattct gatggggaat     23760
     tggaaagggg attttgggct caggaaagag gacatgaaga gggaactggg gagggggctc     23820
     actgctccag aatggaacca taaggagaac agacaaggag gttatgctgt gtctcggtgt     23880
     ctactgtggt gggtgtgagc tccccaccac tgaagaagag actagacagt ccctgaataa     23940
     gtgtcttagt ggcctccagg caaaacagga agggctcgag tcgttgaatc acactcctcc     24000
     tataactctc agataacaat ctctaaggtc tccattttct tgcttgtaaa atagaaagcc     24060
     gggctttgga ctaggaccaa agaaatttct agctagtcat ctcagagact cctgagaagt     24120
     ttggaaaact ctgtacatgg tcaagaaggg tccttctgag aaataaaaag aagtagttat     24180
     ccaaagacca aggacatagg agtgtgatct cctagcagga gatgagtgga aatttacttc     24240
     tatttcctgc ttatgtgcct acacatgggt gtgaagtaca tgcaaggttt ccttgtggca     24300
     ctgattgaaa aggctagaaa caatataaat gcccatcagt gagaagatgg ggtgtggggt     24360
     aaacaaatga cgacggtccc tagactagat ggggatgtgg ggtaaacaaa tgacgacggt     24420
     ccctagaaca gaagagtgtg aagtccgtgc tttagtctaa aaggagctcc aagatacatt     24480
     gttgagtgga agggattatg gaacagtagt aacatttgtg tctccaattg tggtaggttt     24540
     tgcttgcttg tttgtttcat ttttaagaca ggacctttct acgtgatcct aactgtctta     24600
     tagcttgctg tgtagatcag gctagcctca caaagatcca cctgcttctg catctggtgt     24660
     gctgagatta aaggcatatg ccatcaaccc tagctgtggt ggattttgtt tcctttgagg     24720
     ataatacata tgtgcattgg tttgtgtgaa taacaaaaat acctggcaag cactctcccc     24780
     accgagcatc tccctagcct caaggaagac tttccccggg atgccattta aaggcacatg     24840
     aatatattac atatccggca acaaaataaa acaatttaaa aaggataatt ggatcatgtt     24900
     aataaatgag gcttatgtgc agaacataag aataataaat ccatgagtga gtgctggaca     24960
     ttttccatgc gacttcaacc tgacaatata gttggttgac tgtgcgtctt gaagacagca     25020
     cattgatagc taggtctagt gggtgacagt gactgtccaa tgacatcggg aagggaaaca     25080
     ggcatttcta gactggaaat cttctgtttc cctcctgttc tgttcctttc cctctgtctt     25140
     tagctctttc ttctcttggt ctcaactaca ttgaaagtta tctttttttt ttcccattca     25200
     attttctagg ctaaagattc caatggatgg aggaagagaa ggcttcgtag gaaccagaac     25260
     agctgtcagc tgcagagcca agcttctcca ggaagcctga gtcatcctga gtccctccca     25320
     tctcagaaat ggtgactgct catgggggcg gggggctgct ttcctcaagt aggacccagg     25380
     catttttccc tttattctcc tcaacccttg aagaagagag gtagcccagg ccaaagcctt     25440
     aacacgtctc cctcaggctg cctcatgaga aagacggtag agcagaaaag acaggagcca     25500
     tgttttttag gagttggttc tctctttcta acacaaggat cccagatcat caggtttggt     25560
     gacaagtgct tttaccagtg agctctatca tcagccccta ttttgtttga tataggtcag     25620
     aaaacactca cctgccagtt acagaggtca tcatgccatg gcagaaagaa ctagatacat     25680
     tctccctgtt tttataggag gtttaggcta aggccaaggt agagtcttgt gaccagtttc     25740
     ctcacagctc ccccatggta taaagcacat tgtatgactg tctgccaaag tctgtaagtt     25800
     gaaatgctat ttaatttgtc tctgaggtct cattgtggag gagtacaggg cctggctcaa     25860
     tctaagagtt taggggaatt aagaattgct gtgaaaacca tagaaaggga aaggcttttg     25920
     gctgggcatt aggcctggga ctagacctca tgttttctgc ctcagcctca cacccgttcc     25980
     tcagttttcc tcttacagtg taaggcatct ctctatacct aaaactacac ttcccaacct     26040
     ccttcctcct tcctttacag tggggcagct gccaggcact gccaagagga agtagagagg     26100
     aaattggaga tctgggaggg attctcagag aatgtgggaa ctacggtcaa cttcctattc     26160
     cataccaaac aagtgggttt ctgactggaa caaggacctg gtcctcccca ggctagtatg     26220
     tcatccaaga gaatcctggc ttcactccaa tgatttccct cattggattt ccttcatttg     26280
     cttcaaataa gtgcatacag catggccaac aggtggcact gttgtcccca cagagttgtt     26340
     ggggaagagg aaagagacaa tcagaggagg caacctagac agaggggaga ggaaattgaa     26400
     aatgagtcaa gaaaagagaa atctaaaacc tgtcacttgg cttgaaatga cacctttcaa     26460
     tatccaaatt ggggctgggt accagggtga ggactcgggg tgaaccaagc ttgttactgg     26520
     tggctggggc cttccatcca aactttcacg tctactcagt tctttcttgg agacaggagt     26580
     taagcagacc tggagccaag tcttgatcct gccagtcact atgtagcttg atctgggtaa     26640
     aagaattaac ttctagaaat ttcatttcat aatttgtaaa tggtatgata tatagcactt     26700
     ataaaaggaa gctagaggct ggagagatgg ctcgctggtt aaaagcattt cccgatcttc     26760
     tggagaacct ggttttgatt cccagaaccc tcacaaacac cttgtatctc tgactccact     26820
     caactctttg ggcatccgca ctcatgtcct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     26880
     ctcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacactaaaa taaaataaaa     26940
     taaaaactaa agaaaagaaa ataaaaggaa agaaataatc ccaattgaat tttctggtat     27000
     ttttgttgtg ggaattttgt atctttcata tgcgaccata tctttgggtt tatctgattt     27060
     ttgttagaaa ttttgtggtg gcgcatgcct ttaatcccag cacttgggag gcagaggcag     27120
     gcagatttct gagttcaagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccaagct     27180
     atacagagaa accctgtctt gaaaacaaac aaacaaacaa aaaacaaaaa agatgttttg     27240
     ttcctttttc tcctctttct ctacctctcc ctctcccctt tcccctctca ctgagacagg     27300
     atttctctat atagctttgg ctggcctgag actcactatg taaaccaagc tagccttgaa     27360
     ctcatagagc tccacctgcc tttgatggga ttaaaggcat gtgccacctc acccaacttt     27420
     attaggcttt cataacctca taaagtagac tgaattggaa tagcatctgt ttcttctgta     27480
     ttttggagcg atttatatat ctagaaaata gtttttaaga ttgattgatt gattgattga     27540
     ttgattgatt gattgattta tatgtgtgct atgtcttcct gtacatcccc atgttagaag     27600
     acaacatcag atcaattaca gatggttgtg ggccaccatg tggttgctgg gaattgaact     27660
     caggacctct ggaagagcaa gcagtgctca taaccactga gccatctcta caaccctgaa     27720
     atggttttct tgatagtttg actgcattta cgggaaacca gcctaggtgc ccttggtggg     27780
     agcagttgag gaactgagtt ggaagggtct ttttcttctg tgctcataga tctacagagc     27840
     ctagcacccc accaccacca ccgaattcag tcactctaga ccttagtcaa tggttggttc     27900
     tttctgtgac tttgtacatc tgcttttctc ctcctccgag aaacattgtt ttctgcaata     27960
     tccctttaag tggtctccct gattcacctc aggtctcctg acaggtcacc atttacatag     28020
     cttgtaacta caaagattct tctgagcaca agtttgataa catctcacag atttaaaagt     28080
     ctgtattttt aaatgtatgg ttttcaattt ttatatttat aagcagtctg tgatattaac     28140
     tctcttctag cctaagagtt atttatttaa atatggtttc cattgcattt tcacttaaaa     28200
     gtataatata ttaacccctg tatcttgcaa aatcctcccc gtccctatac tattagcatc     28260
     tctcagagaa atacttcaca tgaacttata taacccagtc acaccagtaa aaggccctcc     28320
     attttgttca ttattctttc ctgggtacat ccaagttaca taatgttggc ttccttcttg     28380
     agctggatct acaggccatc aaactagctt agcaccttcc taagtccaaa gccacccttc     28440
     cccacatccc atgtcctatg tcaggagtca tctctgtttg aatagctttc ctccaagctc     28500
     cttctcaaat gaacgacatg ggtcagtgtg taaggggctt accacaggaa cctgatgacc     28560
     tgcctgatcc ccagaaccta ttatggaagg agaaattgac ttccaaaaaa atcttcctct     28620
     gatgtccaca tgcatgccaa ggcttatgca catatcatgg tacacacaca aaagcacaca     28680
     tatcacacac acaaaataat catgattatt attattagta gtagtagtat caggaacacc     28740
     actcacagga gacagggacc cacccacgtg ttgctatggc aatcaccata cattcccaga     28800
     atccacttgg ctcacctccc acctttacct gcaagctgtt agtcacaacc caaataaaag     28860
     gcagaccctt ctgagctctg ctctctctgt ttcccctttg tctttgttgc cacctttgcc     28920
     ctcttccccc acaataaacc tcccatgtgg aactgtattg gcctggtgtg gtctgtccag     28980
     atgcaagctg caattctaac acagcaataa tagtaggaat agtaataata acaataaaga     29040
     attatctggc tagagagctg gcatagcagt taagatctct gactgctctt ccagaggtcc     29100
     tgagttcaat tcccaacagc cacatggtgg ctcacaacca tctgtaatag gatccaatgc     29160
     cctctcctag tgtgtctgaa gacattgaca gttaactcaa atatataaaa taaataaatc     29220
     tttttaaaaa aaataattct caatagttca tcttcttagc caaacactta ctcgtgtgct     29280
     gtgacacctt cccagcttgc caggaggtaa catatactaa attgagaaag ctcctcccat     29340
     tctctctttc cctatgccct cccacaatga aaatctacag aaacaaagct ttgactcaac     29400
     tatttcactg tcaaaatgca tatttagctt ctcatgttaa aataatcatc ttaatttcag     29460
     atgtgtagtt tccaaaacaa tttatctcta ctggaacaag gaaataaaca aaagaaaaag     29520
     gaagagatag aatccaggaa gcagaaggcg taacacagga ccgagatgaa gggatggtga     29580
     gagaaattcc agagtgacat ctgtacagca gacgtggaga accaccagac cagcctggag     29640
     ccagaggaca gaaagctggg agagctgtcc ccaggaggca gacaaaacat gcagcaaaaa     29700
     cagtgctgaa tttccttata catttgctct tttgaaaaat tgtactgttg gaaaaagagg     29760
     gaaaatttag cagtagatag aagctgagca aatgaaagca aaaaagacat agctagggac     29820
     aggaaaaatt aaaaaattga acacacaaaa gtcaagagca ctgtatactc atgatttatc     29880
     agataataaa atgcatacag tatacaaagt aataatgtaa atgttattat aaaaacgaat     29940
     ttaacctaaa gttagtgatg tttggtggca atgggaagag gagaagattg cagaggtaaa     30000
     taatcaggtg tcatggtaga aagttaatca ttagagctga gggtgcgttt ttgttttctg     30060
     gtttttgttt tttgttttag tgacagagca cttgattcac atgttcacgg catgggtttg     30120
     atctccagtg ttgcaaagca aagaaaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa     30180
     gaaagaaaga aagaaaggaa gaaagaagcc aggcgtggtg gcgcacgcct ttaatcccag     30240
     cactcgggag gcagaggcag gtggatttct gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg     30300
     agttccagga cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct tgaataacca aaaaaaaaaa     30360
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagagagaaa gaaagagaga     30420
     gagacaaaaa cacctctccc attactgttt catgagagaa gaatataaac atggaaatat     30480
     attccaaaat aagcaaatga gaactgtact tggagaactg cataggagct gatgcttgca     30540
     gggctagatg cagagctccg aagagcagtg caaggtatca atcatgagct tttgattgct     30600
     atttgactag taacatggac ttatgtcaat tgaacaaaaa cttagaagaa cttcacatgt     30660
     agcttagctg tacagtgttt gactgggatg tgcagtccct agtaccaaca aaataaacat     30720
     taaaatgtgc cttcagatta aaatgacttc tgactttctt tcttcctttc ttttttaaat     30780
     attttttagg gatgaagaga tggctcagta gttgggagca ctgactgctc atcagaggtc     30840
     ttcaattccc agaaaccaca tggtaactca caaccatctg taatgggatc tgatgccttc     30900
     ttctcatgtg tctgaagaca gtgtactgat atacataaaa taaatacata aataaaaata     30960
     aataaaattt taatttttta tatgtatgaa tattttgcct gtgtgcatgt atataagcat     31020
     atcacttgca tttcttgtgc caaaaaaaaa aaagttagaa taggacatca aatccctgga     31080
     attgtagtag agacgactgt gtaacacatg aatgctggga acagaatcca ggtcctgtcc     31140
     aagagcagag tgttcatgat tagtgaacta tttctctagc tccaactttt aatatttttt     31200
     tcttttaact tacctgtatg agtgttttgc ctgtatgcat gtctgtgcac catgtacatg     31260
     cctggtaccc aacgaagcca gaagagggca tcggatgccc tttgaactga acttaaagac     31320
     agttgtgagc caccacattg gtgcttagaa ttggacctga attttctgga aaaacagtca     31380
     gtgctcttag tcattaagcc atctctccgg gcccatctac cttattcaga aaaggtttct     31440
     cagtaaaaac atagctccag tttcggctag actgactgaa cagtgaagtc ccaggatcta     31500
     cctgtctgcc tcagtgctgg ggtgacacat ataagccaac caaatgctgg tgatcacagc     31560
     tcaggtcaac atgcttgcac agcaatcatc ttgactgatg agccatctct ccagcccatc     31620
     tccagggctt ttaaatggga gagctgggtt acattctagt tttccagcat ctgccaaaat     31680
     gtcaaaatag ttagggcatt acttgaccta tgacttttca gactataaac tccctggaga     31740
     cataaacaag ttttcttatt tgtatctctg ttgggcacag catatgcttg atgctgttaa     31800
     taaagactct gtctcaagca aacagaacag aaaaaaggaa aggaaaaaga aactgaaaat     31860
     aagtttgggt ttccagatct acaccgatct tgctagcatt tcccagaatg ccctcaaacc     31920
     ctggagacgg agatggagat gtctagctgt ggcaacaaga atggaatgga gagcagagga     31980
     cgtgctttgt tcttcaggct ggcaagtggg ttcttccctt ccctgggaat gttctgaatt     32040
     gagaagatat ttgtgtacag atgctaggag gcaggaagct gggcagccac accatttgaa     32100
     gcagaagaaa atttgcattt tggtctttgt ggctcccttc ccagagaaca tagtctggat     32160
     ttcctgctgc ctgctgggtc caggtggacc cattttctca agtgagaagc ataaaaattg     32220
     cctccatctc tacctcattc tccttcttat gcccccacaa gtcgctttga gaatggcaaa     32280
     gatggatgga caagaaaata ctgtccattt attcattatt cactaaggca gacaatgtat     32340
     taggcactaa gcaattctgt tgttcagaca gccagtccac agatgctaag ggctgctatg     32400
     caccaggcaa agtgaatctg acccttgttc taagcagcta acagatagga gaaggcactt     32460
     gtcagtagat tcaccatcct acctccaaaa aaggccttct gccttctcag attcccccac     32520
     acctttctcc tctgagctgt tccttgtcca ccttcaactt ccattgcctc tctgctgcct     32580
     caaacactgc tatctaggag aggaacacca gacacatcca ttagtcactt gggcttttaa     32640
     catgactgtt atcctctcct ctgctcttcc ctacaccaag ttaagatcag ggagactggg     32700
     agccctggag ctggagcagg aatcttgggg aaactctgct ttatgaatta gcaccaaaga     32760
     cacacgaggt cacaggccaa gtcctggggc agtgatgttg ttgccctgtc cttggtacta     32820
     ggcatatcat gaatcaattc agtcaacgct actgcccctc tcataatcta gcaagggaca     32880
     caaaatgaag gccagactgg aaagtggcct gtgacttaac ctcatccctt agagcaggga     32940
     gctttatctt ttaggctgag cccccagctt gagccaattg cttctcctcc atccgtgtga     33000
     ggattctgtt aagatgctga gtctgatgat ttaataggtc tgtgctgggg tctgaaatcc     33060
     tgcatttcta gcaaggatcc aagtgataag gttctgtgga cctcattttg aggaatggac     33120
     atttctcttt gctgagaggt gatgagtgga ttaatgctaa ttaatgtact tccttttact     33180
     gtggtaccaa gtacgaaaat ggtctcaagg gccaggcaac ctgctttcta aatgcactca     33240
     gccacccata ccccatttca tctctaccat ctatgagatg caggtggaag attttgacca     33300
     ggcctactgt gtggaatcac tccttggtgc tacttcagga gaatctgcct aatgacttag     33360
     aaggagagtc atcccacatg gaatcccaat gaggcaaatg tcacccacca tctttcccag     33420
     caactcccaa gttcccagcc aacacaacaa acccagaaaa atgtttcttt gtttttgttt     33480
     taattaaacc agctttgatt gaaaaataac cataaacaga taagttctgt gctttccatg     33540
     gggtggagca gccacagact cccattaatt ccccattcag tcaggagatc ctggtgccga     33600
     gtaacctaga aaatctgaag aactgttcag agcagagccc tcaggtgagt ctttgtcgga     33660
     gacaggctcg gtaagaaaac aagcacagac tgtaaaccta gggcagggaa caaatttgcc     33720
     aaacttatcg gtaaatggag gaagatgggg tagaagtaat gaacccagga gtctgacctc     33780
     tgatgtgttg gcaaaacatc agagatggag gaggtgcctt ggaacgaaaa gtttccacag     33840
     actggaactc acagggacat ttggggctgg ggctggagtt ccaaagcacc ggatttggca     33900
     gtgcaagggt gcttatgtgg ggagcacaag taaagggagg aaagacctca aattggagag     33960
     ggcgcttcag tctggtggtg agacagccag ggtctcccca gggatggagg agggcaggga     34020
     aggcttagcc ccaagcaagg ctcggggacc cagcgaattg cgccacgctg cgggcgggcg     34080
     ggtacgggta ccacggacaa gctcgcactg ctccagcgca ggccggggca gaaggctcca     34140
     ccaggcgctc ccgcagcgga aagcgactca caggtagcgc tccagccccg gcgcgaagcc     34200
     cggctgtctc aggtaggctt ccccggctcc gagcggcccg agcgcgccgg ccgatcccgc     34260
     caaggccagg agaggctggg cgggcagcgg cgcgggtaac cccaggcgct cggacgctgg     34320
     cgagtagagc ggcggcgagg ctgcggcggc acagggcggg aaggcggcgt cgggcgcggc     34380
     gcagcaaggc ggctcgggcg ccacgggtcc cggcggctca ggctgcaagc ccaacaggct     34440
     gtccaggcgg aagaggcgcg cgggcggagc ggacgcgggt gctggcgggg gcgggaaggg     34500
     cgcatagggg aagggcggcg gcggcggcgg cggtgcgggc agctcagcgc gcttgaagcg     34560
     cttgcggcgc cgcaggaagc taccgttgtc gaacatgtca gcggccgcgg gatcgagcgt     34620
     ccagtagttg cccttgcccg gattgcccgg ctcgcgcggc accttgacga aacagtcgtt     34680
     gagggtgagg ttgtggcgga tgctgttctg ccacttgcgc gggctgtcgc ggtagaaggc     34740
     gaagcgctcg gtgatgaagc ggtagatggc tgccagcgtt agacggcggc cgggagcgtg     34800
     cgccagggcc atggcaatga gcgcgatgta tgagtagggc ggcttcccac gctgtagtgg     34860
     ccgccgccgt cgcttccccg ggccaggcac ggccgtgggc tcggcgtccc caccgcccac     34920
     cacttcctcc ggttcgcgcc ccggttcggc tcccgccagc gtcggcagct gcggcccgga     34980
     cggcgtgagc gagggcaagg ccgggaagcc cgagaaagcg acttgcgcat ccatgtgcgg     35040
     ggggtggggg tgggggtcct agggatgcgg agtccctgct cgcgccccgg agagcggggg     35100
     tcgcaggttc gccttatatg gacacacaca ctcccacctc ccgaggagag ggccctgacc     35160
     tgccctctaa tttgctttcc cagccccctt cccgggctgg cagcccacct ctgtttctcc     35220
     ccctcccttg gtctagtccc tctgggtcaa tttttttcag accctccctc atccctgagt     35280
     cagtctctgg gccccatccc catcccgtgg tatttggtag tactgctccc attacccccg     35340
     cccctttggg tcaaccccaa ttacaaacac acccattcag cacactctac tgccctctcc     35400
     ccattttgtg ccttgtagag gtcagatccc ccttagcctt ccccatgctt ctagttcccg     35460
     ctccagcagt ctttgctagc ctcaggcatc ctatgtagct ggtcagggag gcatcaggct     35520
     cctttggaca gcagagaacc agagtgaaga tgatggaaga cagcaagaca gcgcagaacc     35580
     aggctgcctt tgttgcaggg gaaaatgttt agaagcccta actcctttcc ctgctgcacc     35640
     cccttcatcc ttatccatcc ctgactccag ggaaacttgt ttcaaacata cataactcca     35700
     cctctccccc ccaaaaggcg catacccccc cccacatgct tccactgaag gcagggctga     35760
     gcgaactgct ttctgatgta gcattatcag tgggtagaga gaggggagag tttttgttaa     35820
     aatgccccac cagcacacag agagagccaa aggcggagaa gccttgttct taaagcaggc     35880
     agactgacaa gatcaaggga agtagaggca gagcaaggag cacagagaca agagaaggtc     35940
     ttactgtgac aagtcccaga ggcacttact gccaaggtct tgtgagtaca gccagccctt     36000
     gagaaaattt gggcacccat cagactccat ctctgatgaa gcatatctta tcccttacct     36060
     cgagaggaga gggctcggac ctgccctcta atttgctagt ctagtgcaga tgcccaaagc     36120
     tagattcagg tggcctgtag ccaaggatgc aaaatccaaa ttcaagcatg gggctcaaag     36180
     actcccctcc tgtacacagc tgataacaaa tcacagctac cactgtttag cattttgtat     36240
     ttggtaaata cttatagtat ttcactggca tttaagctcc actgggcggt agtactatcc     36300
     ccgtttcttg gctgagggaa caggtgctct gagaggtaaa gtagtatacc tcgactccca     36360
     caaggtacac taatagtggc agagcagaaa tgaaaccctg tggtcagagc actacccatc     36420
     actgctcttc taatgccttt ccttacaatg gaagctttag tccagcatag tggcatgcat     36480
     gtgtggtccc tgcactggag agactgaggc cacttatagg ctaggctagg ctaggttagg     36540
     ctaggctagg ctatgtagtg gtactccata tcaaaaataa ataaaagggg cttgatggct     36600
     tgataaatgg ggaagatggc ttgatgagtc aagttctttt tttttttaat gagttaagtt     36660
     cttgacatgc aagtgtgaag tcagaacttc agaaccaaca tgaaattgga ctcagcagtg     36720
     tatcagtagt cccggtaccc gggtgacaag acaggaggca gagacaaggg aatccccaga     36780
     aacttgtggg gagttgtcct actgtaggca gctgtgaaca agagaccctg tctcaaaggt     36840
     gaggactgac actcaagatt gtcctctgac ctccacacat gggcacttcc aaatgcatgc     36900
     atacccctac acaccatttg tataacatgc acacaaagga gagataagac ttcataaatg     36960
     aattacagta gaattcctcc agtttgcccc acttcagctg ccaaagttac ttcccggtct     37020
     ctctcctgac ctcccggtca actgatggag atgcccattg ggcatcacct cacaacgtct     37080
     caaagctccc tccccagcct cagcctgctc ggttaccaac cttcccagtc tcagtaagta     37140
     ccatcccttc tttgaatgag tccctatacc aggccactgc cacatcctgt caaggccaca     37200
     cagatcccaa atccatttct ccttcagttc tggactcagt tcagctgcct cattcaccaa     37260
     gagcttccga gccaggcctt ttgccaatgc tcaggaccag atagaaatga aatggtccag     37320
     aggagaaatg gacagttaca cacagggaag gggggtggag gagaatgggg aagcagacag     37380
     gaagatgatg acacttgcag gtcaagagac aatgtcccaa acaaaacaag gacgactgtg     37440
     ttagaacaga ccctgctcct ctacccgctc ctcagttcat cctgtgtcag cacagcccac     37500
     ctggagcaca agacagtgaa gtcacatcac actgctcacc acagaagagg acaaggcaag     37560
     ccactgtggc ggcagagcat ggcccccaga gccacatgag caaggtcacc tcttgctcaa     37620
     gcctgccaag tgaaagcaat ggcatctcca tagtaaggga tgtatagaag gcccggcctg     37680
     ctgtggatct tgataagaag ctccccccac ccccaccccc acccccccac ccccactgtg     37740
     ttaatcaggg ggcaaagaga gccattctgg ctatctttcc agacagtgtt atcctgcagg     37800
     tggactcaaa tgcagaacta gtattgatag agccttagcc tttctcgctt tcctctaggg     37860
     aatgaaactc ctttcatagc tcatagcttc tgtgtaatac ctccaaggaa gaaattagtt     37920
     gtaattgcac tctatggctg actacagggg ttttttgttt ggttggttgt ttggttgttt     37980
     ggttggtttt tgtttgtacc ttcaacttcc caggccatgt gcatagtctg ggacgtaata     38040
     tatgttcaat aaatgatcct gaatgtgtgt ctggctatgc taattctgag aagggtgggg     38100
     atgaggagct gagccaaagg ggtgagaacc cagttctttg tgcctgccta ccttcccccc     38160
     cgcccccgcc ctccattggg cctgcttccc agagtggagc aagctggtgt cagggggcgg     38220
     cccaagggct aatccgcgtt ttcagcgtgg ctgggccctc ttttcacagg ccctgggccg     38280
     gacgtgatgc ggctgagcat ccgggcataa gacggccagt gaaggtggcc cctttctcat     38340
     gggcctggat tccaggcggc ccatcgtctg agtggagccc ctggggcggg aggaacacag     38400
     tagctgggct gggcagtcct ttgtctgacc acactgggtg gatattcggg ctggcaggag     38460
     ggattaatgg ccagggattg gccctggggc cggccttccc attgcccttt ggaggccaaa     38520
     ggcccaggtc agggcacaca acgttgatgg atctccagat aggagtggaa attcccaccc     38580
     ttgtccaaag ctatttgcgc taggctctaa gaccctctgc ctcagtgctg gcttgagaag     38640
     caccattagc tcagacagac ttggaggcag ggaccagaag tgcagttaga acttaccaag     38700
     tactctccag gggttgtggg gaggaggtgc tgtaactgga agtcatttca ggtccttgga     38760
     taagattctc acgccatcat tgctcataca gtgctctgga aatagctata ttaacccaaa     38820
     gaggtctcaa gaggccagcc tgagatgtcc ccagacccct cacccccaaa gatctcttgt     38880
     ttatttgcaa aacacaagaa aatcaagaag gaaggccaaa gcgtggatac ttcattcctc     38940
     cttagaatag ggaacaaaat acccatggaa ggagatacag agacaaagtt tggagctgag     39000
     acaaaaggat ggaccattca gaaactgccc aacctgggaa tccataccat aatcagccac     39060
     caaaagcaaa cactatcaca tatgctagca agattttggt gaaaggaccc tgatatagct     39120
     gtctcttgtg aggctatgcc agtgcctggc aaatacagaa gtggatgctc acagtcatct     39180
     ataagatgga acacaaggcc cccaatagag gagctagaga aagtacccaa ggagctgaag     39240
     gggtctacaa ccctataggt agaacaacaa tatgaactaa ccagtacccc cagagctcat     39300
     gtctctagct gcatatgtag cagaagatgg cctagttggc catcattggg aagagaggcc     39360
     ccttggtctt gcaaacttta tatgccccag tacaggggaa aggcagggcc aagaagtggg     39420
     agtgggtggg taggggagca gggtaggggg agggtatagg ggactttcgg gatagcaatt     39480
     tgaaatgtaa atgaagaaaa tctctaataa aaaattgaaa agaaaataaa aagatctcgt     39540
     gtttgagatc tgatgtttat tttaaatctc tctatcaaag cctggagata tccatagcat     39600
     gggggcagca ggaaatctaa gacggcctca aatcatctct ggctcctcgt gtgcctgagg     39660
     gttccacata gagctatgca ggatatggtt cattcctcgg gcatcaggca ggcagctggg     39720
     acagtctgga accacactgt agggacaccc tttcttatct cctcaggctg tcactccata     39780
     tatatcccaa gaatgcatgt cctggctact tggatgctgg accccagtga ggagttagtc     39840
     tttcatctgc tttcactatg ctaaggagga ggcaggcagg cagatgttct ctgtactcag     39900
     tagcaagttt atgaatctgg cagagtaagg gcagcaggaa cacaaaagag cctcatccag     39960
     cctggctgag tcaggcttcc tggaaggggt aaagctcctg acgcccaggt ggggaagaat     40020
     ggaagctgga ctaggagagt cgctgtgctt acttactgtg tctgtctccc ttactgggct     40080
     ttctgtgcac agagggtaca tcccacgtct catatgtggg ctctggcaat tagccaagtg     40140
     ccttgaaggc atagctgatc aatagatgtc cgttgggtgg tggtaccagg ttaaatactg     40200
     aggtctggaa gcaagagtat ctgacccatc ttgcaaagtt gagagacttg ctgttttcct     40260
     gagcatcaca agggttgcca gcatactcta gggctgggtg tctatttcca gttacagtta     40320
     ttccccatga tagctggtgt ccaggctcat gagactggga cgaaagagac aggcaggtgg     40380
     ggttgtagct gacttttttt tttccatgtt gggggacttt tgaaaaggtc ccagcaaggc     40440
     agtgaccaga acttatttgg ttcctttaga ctctggagga attagcttga aagcaaggcc     40500
     tgccctgtgg tgaggtgtgc acctagggag aggcagtggg gaagccaaag acactttgtt     40560
     cccattagct gagtgaggga gatcctggag ctgtccgtct ctcttgatgg cttatacaca     40620
     cctgcacaca cagtctagca gccatcacat cctccgctct tttcctccct cctacagcct     40680
     ttttcactga ctggggtctg tcacttctca gagcttcctc tcacactcct cttcctgcat     40740
     ccctttgtct ccatgtccat ttcagcattt cctctaactg cctctgagca acctctctgg     40800
     tctccctgcc ttccttttct tccagtaaga gagccattcc tcaactgtgt ttgcagaaac     40860
     agcagcaatg gatcccaggc tctctcaggg tcccatcagg ccaggattcc cctggcaggc     40920
     accactggat aggcctgggt gtcaagaggg ctacacctgc cctatctccc ttccctgctt     40980
     cctcacaaca cacatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cattgctgca gagccaaatg     41040
     aagctcctgt tggttggaac caagtccctc tctttgctaa acaacatcac aacagtccag     41100
     tttggcagct aaggtacaag accggcccca tctactgttc cagagagcct acaatctcat     41160
     atgttcttta acacagcaag tccatctttt tcctctgaaa acctctactt ctatggtgtc     41220
     aggtcaccaa gaaataagca cacaagaaac aggggcttct cacccaaagg caggggggaa     41280
     aggaatcacc tatccttctg cccccccccc cagcaagaga ggcccttctt ccctaacccg     41340
     ctatcgtctt cctttgtgtc ctctcagaga tgctatcata aaatagccat tttgtcttct     41400
     agaaacaatt tgtcaggccc tttctccttt cccagacaac aggcctgaca cctctggctt     41460
     gctggtattc aaagagacct ctgcacttgt tctcaaggta gaagagtgtg cgtctgcagt     41520
     ggggctgggt cattcaaggt ccaagctgtg cagagctgca cagctcctca ggaaacattt     41580
     ggtgagcccc ttactgaata aacgagtgaa gcaatgacca ccatgtctga acaaatgaag     41640
     ggcctctggt ttccagctag gaaaccttgc ccttaactgc ctcttggtat agacctgtag     41700
     cccagaaggc tgagacccca aacacagtcc ctgtcttagc aggatccaag ctcagctcaa     41760
     gctcagacca agttggttca gccctgaggg tgtaattcca gctgctccta aaccacacat     41820
     gcaacatttg aagtatgctc catgccatcc aggactgtca gcattctgac acctccctca     41880
     cttctacaac ctcacagcct cagtgggttt aggcctccct ggtttctcag gctttcccta     41940
     aatttctgga gaagtctaac aggctggctg agtcagaaga aagataaatt ggagcccaga     42000
     ttcccaaccc gcctactcat ctactctgcg ttccatacaa gtcacccacc attgcggcca     42060
     atatcataca taggctccca gcacctggca gttcctgaaa tgatctaggc cagcgattac     42120
     caacctccag gacccttagc ttaaggcatc tggaagccat gtgataccca ggactgcctg     42180
     tgagctggat acacagtgtg ccccacacat cagtacgatt gtttctcaaa tgcatgtaga     42240
     tgttgctgtg atggataaat ataaccacat ttaaaagctt tgcagttgtt ttcatttttg     42300
     tcataattta aaacccatca gcggacattg aaagcacaac tactatcata tggggtagca     42360
     aggaggttgt ttttcaattc ccattcttaa actactacta aactgcaatg tgccttcttt     42420
     ataattttgg acagtgaagt cgaaaatggg gacagatttg gctgaaatct caaaacaagt     42480
     taatgcaaaa tcaaaaacaa agcccaggca tctgacaccc agaaccttct tcctgcatgc     42540
     acccaacagc ctttatacag catctgacta gtatgggctg gccggggcat caaagcaaag     42600
     ataaagacca aaggtcctcc cttcaggggc tgatggtgta ttagggggtg tctatgaacg     42660
     gagagaaatg ctgaacagag aggtcatcct aattactaaa agaagccata gaaggacttg     42720
     catgggaaat gtaagggtcc tgttgtacaa caagccctca gttgctatgt ggggcaccgt     42780
     ctggaagtgc ttatcactta aaacgatttg gccgcattca gtagaaaaca caaagcaatt     42840
     aaagctgtag ggaatattgt ttcaatctaa taagaggtca gaggaaggat aggtatcgtc     42900
     agagctctgt ctcaactttc ccttgatgct ttttgctacc agtcatgagt ggggctcatc     42960
     ttctggcaga tacaagacag caacacccag atctacagct cctaagttcc aggacagagt     43020
     tagcacttcc atgactgttt ttacaggagg agaacggtcc cattcactgc tcccaaatat     43080
     ctcaactccc attggcagat atggatcact ctccccttct tgaacaaatc acagtgagca     43140
     ggaatgaatg acttgttagc ttaggaccat catacatctg ggactgggga tgggtcattt     43200
     actaataaag caggttgctg tgtggaagag taaatagtga caagtgaaaa tacacacaca     43260
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaccag gaaaaaggaa gagaaactct     43320
     cagtggtgtc tgctactgag cgagaagaga ggaagctgaa ggccacatgc tgaagttgac     43380
     tcaacaggga ggtgaccatg gtgcactcgt atctgccatg cgtgagtgtc cttggtgtcc     43440
     tggctcactt gcttgccctt agctcctggg agcaaggcca aggacaacta tttgcgaacc     43500
     taggatgggc catgtaagag aaaaagacag tacgtatcct aaatagagag cactggcttc     43560
     cgtctgagaa gtgttccaaa tagggaccag taataatagg cctgagggat tgtctggctg     43620
     agcaaccaca ggaacaatca accctgacca tctgaccatc atgagcctca ggtcttcctt     43680
     tagagaattg ggagaggatg tttgttttct ttagccacat tgacctctct caaaggaacc     43740
     aagtctctat caccttgaag agccagaagg acgggattag aagagctggt ggaccagtgc     43800
     agcagaaagc caagaaccag tgtgtgaacc agccccagct agccttggag agagcgttcg     43860
     cctcatccag gctctgcttt tgatgacatc atgttggtaa tttgaaatgc accacatggg     43920
     agtattatac cacaaaaatt ggccaatgct acaaatcagg gtgtccctga caaagaacta     43980
     gccattaaat agtccacagc tcacaccttg gcaatataac ccacatcaat agataaggac     44040
     actttcctag ctagctcagt gggactctag ggggaaacgg caaaggaaag tctttgggga     44100
     cacagaagag tagacatctg ttctttctct ttgactctga cgactcacat tcacagttag     44160
     agcatttgcc ctagctagga ttaggtcaaa actgtaagga atgtcttgaa tcctttcctc     44220
     agctctatta gtcaggctgg ccactctttt atactatgtt caaaggagac atatgactcc     44280
     attggttatg taattccccc atactagaaa tttatcttgg catgtgctca gtaatacagg     44340
     cacaaggata gtcactacta ctatttatca cagaataaaa tcaaatccaa tattctatag     44400
     tcaggatgga tctgttcctt agaacattag gtaaactttt taaaaatcaa acaaaaaatg     44460
     ttttcatcct gcatattagt acagtccttt aataacaaca ttcatgcggc agaggctggt     44520
     gaatctctat gagtttgggg ccagcttggt ctatatagca agttccaggc tacatagtga     44580
     gactgtaact cagaaacaaa caaacaaaat aaagcaacta tttttattag ttcctcccct     44640
     gtttcctacc acccaacttt gtatacttaa aaaaaaaaaa acccttcaag aataatttat     44700
     gctgcccaaa tattcttgga tggtcttcca atgatagtgg cctacttatt agggggttac     44760
     actcctagag aaaactgcct ttcccagcaa gcagctagca gttgccaaaa gcgccatagc     44820
     ctagggtggg gtagtaagtt aaactcccct ctccatgctg gggattcagt ctgtcttggg     44880
     ctggcacagg tcttacacat gatgccacag caaatgtgga ttcatatgca cagtttccat     44940
     gttgtgtcta gaagactctg tttccctgta gtcagttgcc tctggctctt acactctctc     45000
     catcttctct tcctcaatga ttcctgagcc tggaaaaggc aggggtgcta tagacatttc     45060
     ctttagtgat gagcattctg cagtctcttg ttctctgcac agtggctagc tgttgatcat     45120
     catgtaattt taaggaacat ttaatgatgt gatgaaatat gtcatggtaa aatgatttat     45180
     attgaaagtg agctatatat atattatgca catggttgga aaactaatgg gacaaataca     45240
     ccaaaatatc attacatttt atctctaggt ggttttaaat tttaatttgc ttaaagaatt     45300
     aaaactatga actggaggct atacattgct ccagttcaac aataatacat tgcttgccca     45360
     gcagtcatga ggtcctaggc ttaatgccca gcatttggga aaaaaaaacc tgctctcaaa     45420
     ctatgaacat aattcaccac actgtgctct tgtaatatac aacttcactg taaatatgtg     45480
     aatagaacta tgaaaagatt tttaaaaaat cacatgcact atgacagata gaaaaatagg     45540
     gtgattaatt caaagtctac tgggtgtggt agcacatttc tgctgtccca gtgactccag     45600
     tggctggggc agaagtcccc taagcctgtc agttaagagc agcttgagca tcactgtgag     45660
     atcctgtgtg ccaaaatcaa aagaagagta gagggagaag gaggaggagg aggaggagga     45720
     ggaggaggaa ttgactggag gtgcttagct ctgtgctaca gtatttatat atcctcaatc     45780
     tggagtcaca attagtatat agcccattcg aaaatggctt gattcagaga tggatagata     45840
     gccagcagtt aggagcacat attgctcttg gagaggacca gacttcagtc cccaggaccc     45900
     atgtcaggcg agtcataatt acctgatact ccagctccaa gagctctgac atcctcttct     45960
     gtctctggca gtatctgcac tccaatgtgt atatagtcac cacacacaca cacacacaca     46020
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacgattttt aaaagaacct ttttaagtgg tttgcttcaa     46080
     ttttcaaaac ataaatatta aacatacatg aattaattaa ctagaaaaaa atgttcattt     46140
     caaaaacaat ccccaattta cagatgagaa tggaggttca tggagctgaa tggagctgct     46200
     gaaaccttca gctgaaaatg gtcctgactc caggactatc cagggtagca ctactaagtg     46260
     aatttagagc tttcactttg caaattacta cttccctgga gagttcccat ttgacaaaca     46320
     aagaaacaga gaacatccaa gttttgaggc catatcttct ggccccttgg gtggtatcca     46380
     gaaccctgct cctggcttgc cattcaagtg tcttttctac cactacccta cgaggccaac     46440
     aagtattatg tctacagtag tcccatatgg caaggatggc ctacactgcc ccataggaat     46500
     gagacaaggc aagcatttgc tccaaggcct agagtcaatt gtacatctcc cagaagacta     46560
     gaaccccagg aagtgtgcag aagcttgggg gagggggtga acagggctct gtcagtgact     46620
     ggaggcagta tctggaacag ctgtacctct gaagcaggca tgcagtcatt agcagggctt     46680
     tgacatgttt tagagccaat aattacatgt tgactccacg ttccactgtg agcagccact     46740
     gctcaggatg taatgagtat ctttcctaca gaagaggggc atgttcacgc tcctccctgc     46800
     cctcctgcct gcctgcctgc ctgcctgaac tgctcttatg ccggctgctt gtctggttgg     46860
     cattagtcat gcctgctttc ctatttttag acttatccca tagtcctagg accagctgtt     46920
     ccatgccact gtgggtaagg attccttgaa tgggccaaca ccggcctggt aggggaaaga     46980
     ctcatccaat gcagtgcttt gctgtggcaa aactcactgc ctttactctc tctgagactc     47040
     caccaagaga tttttctgta tcttccccat ccctctccaa gaagctaaga agaaagaaaa     47100
     ggaggaaaga aaatgataag aaaagaagaa gaaaatctaa tagaacagca atgaacttgc     47160
     agcttcatgt ttcttttttg tttgttcatt tgttttattt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt     47220
     ttgtttttag atggggtttt aaaacctata tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactatat     47280
     agaccaggct agcctcaaac tcagagatct gcctacctct gcctcctgag tactaggatt     47340
     aaaggcatgc atcaccatgc ctggccaatt ttacctctct gttcattttc cccattctgc     47400
     cttcctcagg aagctttcct gacagggtga gtctcctgac ctctccacag tgccggggct     47460
     tccctcggtc acagctgctg tcacatgagg tattgagtgc ctgcccagct ccctctcctg     47520
     ccttgccggg tgcatcctga gaatggaggg tgtgacttac tcctctagca agatccccag     47580
     tgtccaacat tgggccagag acagaaagat atgaaataaa tgcagattaa atggccagct     47640
     gaatgaagag agtgatggat gatatgacag agtttgaggg gttaaaaggg acatggcagg     47700
     cccttgtttc acgcacaagg acactgagat gtagagaaca gggaaggtat tgtagggaat     47760
     cacagtttac aagtgacaaa acacaggctc aaaggaatga tgctgaaaag tgagataggg     47820
     acatacattg gctgtccatc aaggcaagga tggaagtagc cttaaggcta tgcaggatgg     47880
     agcgctcgtg aggcctcctc atgcttcctt cactctcaca agctgcctcg ttcccgctgg     47940
     gggccctggc tgcgaggggc tccctgttcc catcccattt ctgcagcgag aggggatgaa     48000
     aaaacttcaa cttcaaagag aggctctgag aggttcctag aggaacccac attctctcct     48060
     gactaagctc caaagacagt ggcagcttcc agccagctga gaaacagttc tctgaaacac     48120
     atggggacag catagacaca accctaggat aagacccatg ggaactgcga agccaccata     48180
     attgaaatcc actagggtcc ctaacattat tggtgcattc tgtactcatg agctacttcc     48240
     atccacactg cctgtcatgt ctgtgaggtg ggtgtcattt ttaccatttt acagatggga     48300
     aaacctcaag tttagaggat agctaaaagt ttcagagaac tatgggctcc aacagaacac     48360
     ttagtcctat cttctttgta tataagttaa gaaagtacag cttcgagagg gtaggggtct     48420
     gcctggagcc gcagagtagc tcaggaggat ggtccaggat tggaaagagg gtttactgat     48480
     atctgattac aggtgtgtgc actaagtgtc ttcagagatc tacctgctct tgatcatttt     48540
     gcttctcttg aaaccactaa cacatctatc ccgcaactat gggaatagct ctctctctct     48600
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     48660
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtacac taaggatagt atataaatag gtccagacta     48720
     taagtcaatg agaaacttcc cagagccaag ccacagggaa ccagaatcat aaagtcttgc     48780
     ctgccactct ctaccccaac taagccattc tagccccaag tttcataggt cttcagaagc     48840
     ctggaaactt tgaagccaac agtattgggc cacaacaaga atcagtctaa ttttctgtca     48900
     aacagtgtcc tcagatgacc ctgattagct ctgcaaagtt gcagttttac ccttagggtg     48960
     cttagatgtg ctcctcctac tgttcctata ctccaggtga agggaggcag gatggtaaaa     49020
     gatttcagaa gagaaaaaca caagaaacaa gctagttcac cgagtaccag ctccagcagc     49080
     tgctccattt gctcctccca acagtgggcg gcattagctt tcctgccttc ctttcccaga     49140
     aaaaagaata agtgctctgg acccaaggta gcttcctcca gggtgcccat cctggaggtg     49200
     gcagagaggg cagcatatac attttgcaga tgcatctttg gcactgagtc ctgctgctcc     49260
     ctaaaaaggc caaagggcaa cccaaacgtc tccaaaacat ttcctctcaa ggcctcacgg     49320
     tctttagccc taagcaccct cagtttcaag cctctcacac agagctctcc agagtaactt     49380
     gcacaatgtc tctgagcaca gtcagacccg tctcaccgca cctcttacct ctgctcagtg     49440
     ttggtcacaa atgtagttac ctcgtcttgt gggtcaccca acatctgctc tgcctgtgaa     49500
     ctctaaatct ctctcctccc ctcattgttc tatagccagt atttctttgc aacctgctcc     49560
     caaggaccct tgtcatgggt accccccaca gaggcaggcc aaataagtcc tgacacccta     49620
     aagctcagag gagacaccag tttctgagac aagttgcaag ttctgagcta aaggacagga     49680
     aaagaagtga gggacatatg gattgtccct atctgtgtct attcttgaag tttgtgcatt     49740
     ctagcttctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtggt gtgtgtgtgt     49800
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtagacaa gtgcatagtt agtttaaggt tagtttgtac tgtgagaccc     49860
     tatgtcaaaa aacaaaatac aaaattcaca aatctacctt ttaaattacc gatgtgtatc     49920
     ataagccttt atttttaatt aatcaagtgt gtgtatctgt gtgtttgtgt gtgtgtgatg     49980
     tctgcctgtc tccctgtctg tctgtgatgc tcaagacact aaggaaatgc tccatcactg     50040
     aactatatcc ccagcccaac tatcaattat tttttaaaat atttatttat ttatttattt     50100
     atttggtttt tccagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactctg     50160
     tagtccaggc tggccttgaa ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc tgcctcccgg ctcaattctt     50220
     tggaaaaaaa aagtattttt aattatgtgt atgtgtgtgt ggttctacac atattggtgc     50280
     agtgtgcaca gaggctaagg gaggacatta gatctcctac agctgtagct ataggtggtt     50340
     gtaagccact tcacctgggt gctgggaatc aaactcagat cctctggaag agcagggtgc     50400
     cctcttaacc actgagccat ctctgcagcc tcctaaccaa aaatctcaac acggtgatca     50460
     gatacaataa gaatctaaat ttttttttgg actgcaatca tgtggtgtta ttctctgtca     50520
     ctctccagtg acctcctaga ctgggacaag gcaatccctc cagtgccccg catagctgtc     50580
     cttgctcccg ctgcactggc ctcctgggct attattcctg gaagatagta aggatcatgc     50640
     ccactcctac tccctccctc tgaagtagat cctcccacta actgggaata cgtcccctca     50700
     tatatctatg gtgggctctt ccttggcttg ctccactacc cttagtgacc acccaaaaca     50760
     aaattaggcc cccacgtttt gtgacccttc cctactttac ttctgttcat agtgtgtgtg     50820
     cccttatgaa acctatttta tacaattagc actcaaactg tctcctaaat gctcttgtgt     50880
     ttgaatactt ggtccccaga tggtggctat gcttaaggag gttatgaggc ctctctgggg     50940
     gagagctgtc tgtgttatgg cctgcttgga ttccctctct gcttcctagc ccactgagat     51000
     gcagggaacc tatgttgtaa gctccttatg ccacagatct ccactgtgcc tgttgtgatg     51060
     aactgtatcc ccaggaccag gagccaagat aaacctctcc tctttcagtg acttcttgtc     51120
     agatatttga ccacagaaca agaacaggaa ctaatataac accatattat aagagtctct     51180
     ttgttatttc tgcctcctgt ctgtgtgcct ccgctaggag gtaagctaag ctctagggaa     51240
     caggaacttt catgatcccc cccaccacca ccattttggg gagtcctaac cccacccctc     51300
     tgttgtaccc caaacatcca gcccagtgcc tgtagcagag caagtgccca ggagtaacca     51360
     tagcaactct ctccactaag ggcggccttt atgtatgtcc ccatccgttc ttcctgcctt     51420
     ttagctcaga tgttgtaaga ggcctcagag ttgtgtgtct gctctcatgc caaggtttct     51480
     taggaccttt ggttcacctt cgtttgagag caccaattga aaaggggagg aacaagcctg     51540
     ggaggaaaaa aaaaagccct gcctgcagtt tggaacaata tttggctggg gtcaggaact     51600
     ctgtgggaag agccctgggt tccagggagc caaggacaaa gcaggccaag aactctttgc     51660
     cttaatttgt tgcctctaaa ttcctcccag aaatgaggcg tgtcagtctt caaactctgg     51720
     gttttatgag gtaattatag cgattactat aaatctcctg tgtgttgttt tcaaaggggc     51780
     aatttagtgg agggaccagg caccattttc gtttctcatt aagtgattag gtttgtttgg     51840
     caaatcccga caccaatggc tggaggcaaa atctggactt ggcgagggca atccagagcc     51900
     tgctcacagc tgagcatccc gcacttcctt actgccccag cctctccgcc gaaaggaact     51960
     aggaggccct ttcattgggc aaaagaggag gaaactaact gcccatatta cacttcagta     52020
     gagccagact gcctctcaga gctcttctgg gccaaagtaa acctcgcctc cttttaaact     52080
     ttttctcatt cacattggac tctcaacaaa aagttggact cacacagtga ggtacaatga     52140
     gagagccaca gtccttgtcc ctcggctact gcacggggcc tggacatggc ttctggcctt     52200
     catggtatga aaacaaataa tgtcccagaa ggtcaaaccc atgttaattt ggttttctgt     52260
     gaaagtttag aacaggaagc aaacaggatt agaagaggct tcctggaaga gatgaagaga     52320
     cttcaagcag accttgcaag tccatttcaa attcccagcc tttcgcatca ggtactcttt     52380
     aggttggtca cctttcagct gctactgtca ttggggggcc tctaaataac cccacaaaac     52440
     tctgcttgcc tattgtgtga aggaggataa cagcagctgc ctgtggcttc atactgaagt     52500
     tgagatgaga tggaccacag taagtgaggg gaaatgatga gtgacctgta aatctactgt     52560
     ctttttattt atttttttaa actctattgt taattgagat gagggagagg aatctgacct     52620
     actctatgat catgctggtc ataccaagct cccatccttt agacgttcaa gcagagctgg     52680
     ggggtggggt agtgaggaag gctttaggaa gacgtgtagg tgagctgtcc atcacagctc     52740
     agagacgagg aagacctaag agtgcacctg tgtttggggc tggagaggat cctaaaacat     52800
     tagcttagag tgatgagcac cagagtttgc agataccaaa acttccgttg tggactagag     52860
     aaaactaatg gatgactcca aagaaacaat gtcactgggc agtggtgaca cacatcttta     52920
     atcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaggca catcttcaag tttaaggcta gactggtcta     52980
     cagagtgagt tccaggatag ccagggccac accaagaaac cctgtctcag aaagaaagga     53040
     agagagaaag agatagacag agacagagac agggagacac agagagagag agaggcagag     53100
     agacagatag tgagagagga gggagggaag gcgaaagcaa gctagctagc taagaatgaa     53160
     cctgtgagca agctagccag caagcaatat tcctctgtgg ttccagcttg agttcctgcc     53220
     ctgacatccc tcaataatgg actgtcacta gaagtgtgga ccaaataaat cttttctttc     53280
     tccaagttgc tttcccagag tgctgcttga attaacagtg ggtcctggga agtctgtttt     53340
     ctcactcttc acagaacagc aaaatacctg tatgggctct ccagagggag aggctgcagg     53400
     cttctgtgga aggtgaatgt ccataggaga ccccatgggt ggagagagtg aaggaagttg     53460
     tctagtggct gacaggaagt gcagtgagca gcccatgccc tttacacgtg ggtgtgaact     53520
     agcaaaggtt attggaggga tgcctctaaa cccagggaaa gacaaacatc tccaatgacc     53580
     tcaggaaaca atacgagaag cagaaaagaa ctaaaaacag actttaaaat ttttgttaat     53640
     atcctcacag aggctcagta agaaactgaa tctgtcaaaa ctataaaaaa ataaaacaaa     53700
     aatataaaac ataaaaacta tatggcacaa aagaataaaa gaagaaatag ccaagaatac     53760
     ttaaaaatag acacatttta aaatttagta tgttttaaag gccaaataaa cttcacatga     53820
     aacttacttt ttttattttg tttttttatt aggtatttat ttcatttaca tcgaaactta     53880
     cttttaaaca gacaaaagta aaagtcgggg gggggagggg ggggagagct gtatatggta     53940
     atcagagatc gccatgccct gcctggtgta gtagttgtct attgttgaac aacaaatttc     54000
     ccccagctag cagctctgaa cagcactgtt tcgttcctct cagctctgcc tgtcagagtt     54060
     tgggtaagtt cagcaggatt ctgctcactg gaacccagag gcaggctttt atctggaagc     54120
     tctgaggaag aatccacaac caggctcatc caactagcag aattcagttc cttggaggca     54180
     cggccttgcc aacccctgag tcttcgctgt caacttcagg ccactccagt tgccagactt     54240
     tctccctccc tggcacaagg ccgtctctat cctcaaagca agcaactgca ggacacgtgc     54300
     ttcccatgcc tgggcctctt tgcctttctt ctctcctgcc agccagagaa actttttttt     54360
     tttttaacgg gctcttacaa cttgattggc cacagtctga taattgaccc tttgctataa     54420
     agccaaatca catgctcaaa ggggacaagg ctgcatgagg gtaaaggccc tctgggcaga     54480
     gttctgaccg ccacccgaag ataattccct ccttcatgaa ctacaaggta aaggagattt     54540
     aacagctgca gctgaggaac tgaccagacg acataagatg cgaggatact tagtcaaagc     54600
     cattgttgtc acctgagtcg tttaagtcaa ctctgtccat ttggcaacag agataacaga     54660
     tgcaaaccac aagaaagatc ctgcctcctt ggctgtgttg aagatggaag gacatgtgga     54720
     aaagtcccta gagcagtctt cagagccaag gaccctgatg agcagcagta ggcaaggaaa     54780
     tgaggtcctc tgcccttcag tcgtaaggaa ggagcttgga ggtgaatttt ccacagcctc     54840
     caggaagagc ctggaccagc tgacttcttg atcttagact tctgacagca cgatgggaac     54900
     ccagctgact cttcccaaac ttctgacctg ccgaactcga ggtaataagc aggtgtttta     54960
     ttgtgaagcc atagaaacca aatatcccag gttgcttttg gcctgtgagt ctcaagcttg     55020
     tcctctgctt acatcaataa aaatcactct ggaccggtgg ttagggtttc agaccacaga     55080
     cgcgcaggct gcgtctatga ggattaacca agcagataca atgctcgttc ctcaactctt     55140
     cctccttctc cttccatttc tctagaaagt tcctcacaac ctctccctgc actgggtctg     55200
     ctgctgcgtg ccccatggtg tgctggtccc atgcacacag cagaccctac atctttggaa     55260
     gggcatcagt cctttgtttc tggaattgct cagggcctcg tcataatgaa ctgtaggggt     55320
     gtctgttaga ggagtctgag ctacttagtg aggagaacgg agcactcctg cccaggaatc     55380
     tgaaaagcat gggtttcatg gcttcctgtc ttcctgtccc taccttgtat gggaagcttt     55440
     aaactcattt gtatgtgtat gtggtgtgtg tgagtgctga tgtgtgtgcc acagtacatg     55500
     tgtgcaagtc atgtgccctt accttctatc ttgtttcaca caggctatct ttgttgttca     55560
     ctaagcagcc tcatgtgtcc ttaccttctg gggtggcttg aatatgcttg gcccagggag     55620
     tggcactatt tggaggtgca gctttgttgg aggaagtgtg tgtgtcaccg tgggtgtcgg     55680
     ctttaagacc ctcgtcctag cagcctggaa gtcagccttc tcctttggaa caagacgtag     55740
     aactctcagc tcctcctgca ccatgcctgc ctggaagttg ccatgctccc caccttgatg     55800
     ataatcttaa cctctgaatt tgtcaggcag ccccaattaa acgttgtcct tattaagagt     55860
     tgccttggtc atggcgactg ttcacagcaa tggaaactct aggacacctc tatcttgttt     55920
     catacagacg atctttgttg ttcactgctg catatgctgt ggtccttgtg ctttgggggg     55980
     tctcttctct cttgatctct tttctcccca cggagagctg ggatcacagg tgtgcaagct     56040
     gtctcactag gcttctgtgt aggttctgca gactcaggtc ctcggccatg cacagtgagt     56100
     ggtttactta ctgagctact cctgcggcct ctaccttgtg tttagaaact gacatttgta     56160
     actctgagac acaaaaagcc aggagagtgt ggaaggccag agacctcttc cacctgatca     56220
     gttggggtgc agcctgcatt ttggcttggc ataagctcat ttaccccgtt actttaatgt     56280
     gtattagtga ctctggcgac tctgcactgg aggattctgg gataggctga agatgttaac     56340
     agctgctccc agagaagggt taagtaggag tcatgtgttt atcaggactt agtaaatcca     56400
     gttaggtaag gtgcatcgtt ctgctggaag aggccttgtt tcggtgacct gttacaggaa     56460
     gaagataaaa atgattgttc aggggacact gggaaaaagt caaggttggg cccacagagc     56520
     tctgtgcaga gaaccagaag aggaaggtgc aggcttgtgt atacacagaa actgatctgt     56580
     tctcgaaagt ggaaggtaga cagacgcaga atggaccctg ggtgccccct tgtgactaca     56640
     ttggtaacta caccaatcgc agcctagaca cagccagtgc ccagctagct gacaaagtgc     56700
     ttcatgtatt tcctattgtg aggaccattc acttatccag ggagagcacc catatggtta     56760
     gggaaaaaag gaagatttgt gccacatctg tgcttggtgt tgcgtgtcta tgtccttttg     56820
     tgtttggtgt catgagggtg ttttcaaata caggtatgca tgtaccattt acatatgtac     56880
     cttgagggtc aatgtatagg agttgtgtgt gagctgggtg tgcaaatata ctctaactgc     56940
     tagtatgaaa gcatgtattt gtgtgtgctg ttgccaaacc ctgcgtgtgt atgttttatc     57000
     tgttggtatg agtgctcgtg tgcttatgtc tgaatgcatg tgttaatgta acttcttggg     57060
     gcttggcttc cttttctgtt acacattgaa atagttaagc gccataatct tattgtttgt     57120
     ttaaagttcg gtcttggatg caggcctgtt ctagaataac tagcagatgc aaaaagcatc     57180
     cattatgtat ttttgcaatt agccaaaaac ccagaaactt ttcttaaata acagacacaa     57240
     ttctgtgggt tgcttattgc tggggaccca cctcctagcc agcttgccct gggcccagcc     57300
     ccaacatagg ccaagccaga gagcattttc aaaatgtccc aagtgagatg gaaaaaccca     57360
     ttaagggttt caaaatagaa ctcaagggag tttacaggga ggaggaagag agaggagggg     57420
     gtggtggaag cgggcagagc ggggagaagg gtggaaggag gaagagaagg agataaacgg     57480
     gagggcaggc tcaaaaatcc aaagggcttt gtagaactgg ctcaagcagc ttaatggcct     57540
     tgtagctttc tagtccgtgc tctgtcacat aatcacaggg catcatccgt gctccttaac     57600
     ctcacactaa acactttctg atgcacttcc ccatttacct tgtgtgcccc cttttcacac     57660
     agggaccttc cttcttgcta tcaggaggct ttcccgtacc cttcattact gtctttttct     57720
     ggtgctgttt ctccatggaa gcacacagtt cctcttctcc atcacagagt tacctcccaa     57780
     actctactag tagtactcta ctaatagtcg tcctcccaga agcctttgct gagcaattgt     57840
     ccctgggggg ggggggcaga aagagaagcc aagggaacgt ttcagcattt ggattcttat     57900
     gagaaggcac aaacttaggc gggaccctga ccctttcctc cacttctata gcaaaggaac     57960
     tcctgcatcc tgggtctcaa gaaggcctga gaatatatct ggggttccag gtggacctca     58020
     gaccccactc caactcaaac atgatggcca ctgaatgaca gaagctcggg actggaaaat     58080
     ggtttgcttg tatccagggt agaggagcca tgtccttaag aagcccaact cactgttggg     58140
     aactcttacc ttcctcacac agcttccaca ccctcatctg ccctcgagcc atgctcaaca     58200
     catctactcc acatctcttc agagtttgag ggtcctttgt gctctacagc cttctgggat     58260
     caaagacact gccaagtaag ataaaaaaag agcaatctgt catcccatca gcaactccct     58320
     taatgagagg acatcgggga cctttccctc tgctctgcag cttctgcaat ggccggcaag     58380
     gcaataggtt tcatttgtga gcttttatta actggctgct gagtgccaat acactcacgc     58440
     taaggaccta atctggatga ggcactgtgg atagacttag tcccaaaccc atagacttgg     58500
     ctgtatggct gtaggctcgt agcatttatc ccagttactt ttgatataga gattcccaga     58560
     gtaccagtgt cacctacaag tttttaaggg gtggtaattc taatgtgcca gtaattccag     58620
     ggcagggagg tggagactcg tggatctttg ggctcactgg tagccagtct agccctggtg     58680
     agttctaggc caatgagact cctctcaaaa agcaaggaag acggcaccag agggatggtg     58740
     cctgtccttt gtcctcacac acatgaacct gcacacacac acacacactc atatacacat     58800
     acatacacac atatgtacgt acatacatac atacatacat acatacatgt gaaaagagag     58860
     acagacagac agagacactg agagagggaa atatttttga ccatacacta gattggctga     58920
     ttcaaaaacc cacagggtgg gccgccttct gggtctcacc agccctcacc aagattccat     58980
     ttgagaacca ctggttggat tcatccaagt ggcctttaaa attaaattgg attttccaga     59040
     ggtggagcct gaggcgttgg cttttgtttt aaacgtggtt taaaatacat aaattcaata     59100
     aatgttcgtg aagtcctgtt gcgcagtaag agcagttctg gggcaccacg gggatgactg     59160
     cttctccttt gcaagtcctt gactggaagg tggtagagaa agcatggtgg tgctggagga     59220
     agagccagga gagtcaggtt ctcaacccgg ctctgcttcc ggctgtctgg agaacctcga     59280
     ggacacttct ctattccgtt acccaaaagc ttagtaagaa tccgcactga cccccaccca     59340
     tcagtaagag aatacggaag aaatacagct cagtctgtta aagcatcctt ccacactcaa     59400
     taactgatca agaactagca ttctggggct agctaaatgg ctcagctggt aaaggcactt     59460
     ggggccaacc tgacgacctg gattcgatcc cttggaaggc cccacactac ggaaagaaga     59520
     cagttgtctc cacaagtcgt tctctgacca cctctgtaca ttgtagtgct cacccaataa     59580
     cttacttact taattaatta attaattaaa ataaagacaa caatcacatt gctgagtgtt     59640
     gggaagatgg cttggtgctt aagggcactc cctgctcttt caggggacct gagttcagtt     59700
     cctagctcct attcaagtgg ctcacaaccc tgtaaggcca gctccagtgg ctctaacccc     59760
     ttctctgccc tccttgggca tctgtacaca tgttgcattc atgcaaacac acacacacat     59820
     aactttcttt tggggagggg ggttcaagac agggtttctt tgtgtagcct tggctgtcct     59880
     ggaactcacc ctgtagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa attcgcctgc ctctgcctcc     59940
     caagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgcgccacc actgcccagc acacatatct tttttaaaaa     60000
     attaaaagaa gtgccagcta agcatgttgg tgcatgcctc attaatccca atactcagga     60060
     tatggaggca aggcgatcat tgttaaattt gaagttatct tgttcgtggt ctgcatatga     60120
     gttccagacc agccaggact ccatagcaaa atactgtctc aaagcaaaac aataaaaagc     60180
     aaaaccaaaa atagcaaagg actagggaga gagcccaggt aaaggtactt gctactaagt     60240
     ctgatgagtt ccgccagcag ggcccgcata gtgaactgac tgtacatgca taccatggca     60300
     tgagcatgcc ctctccatat atttactgta atgaaagcaa cagaaacact acaatggcca     60360
     gctaaagaga gagagagatc agtctgcaag gataccggtg gattcttgcc tagtttcaat     60420
     agagtcactg ttaaagccct gaggatatac tataatttta taaggtttca agcagacatt     60480
     tgcactaagt ggtttcagat ctaaaacata aaccaggaac ttgtcctttt acagcagaga     60540
     ttttccatgc cctaatatag tgtaatagag gcacagtggg tcaagacaaa actaaaaccg     60600
     gggagagaca gtcaattgct tgccaggaaa acctgatgac cagagttcaa tcaccggagc     60660
     ccacacgaag gtggcaggag agaactgact ccacaaagcc atctcttgac ctccacattc     60720
     acactgtggc aagctcatgt acacacacac aataataata ataataataa taataataat     60780
     aataataaat tttttaaaat tagcattgat aagatgactg ccagaatgga atttcctgat     60840
     catagtccct tttctttttt accactgaga gtcatatttt aagtctttct gaattgtatg     60900
     ctaagagcag agtagagctg atgatgtact cagtctacct cccttcctgt tcctaccttc     60960
     agcgtcttct ttccaacaag tgtttattga gggctcactc tgcacttggg ccctgggaaa     61020
     cgggcctata aactgatgtg ggtctggaag gttggtggtg gtggtggtgg tggtgttctg     61080
     aagacaaggt ctcaccatgt agctttggtt ggcatggaat gtattatgta gatcaggctg     61140
     tcctacagct cacagaaatt cacctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctggaac taaggcatgt     61200
     accaccatga ctggacataa aactgatgtt ttttattgtt gtataaatat atagaacttt     61260
     caaagaataa aaggtaccaa ataaaaaata aaataaaagt gataatttta ttctcctggc     61320
     tcttaaatct atcctgaagt caacaataac caaaaagtta tatcttatgg tgaagcatac     61380
     aataaaggaa ataatacact agatcccatc tcacaataac acaatgagtg tttaagatct     61440
     ttcttgggcc aacaagatag ctcagcaggc aaaggcaact gcttccaaga atgaccccag     61500
     aacctacatg atagaaggat acactagacc cctacaagtt gtcttctgac ctctacatat     61560
     gctatggcac tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     61620
     tgtgtacaac acaacaaata aaaatgtaat agcttttttt tgagacaggg tttcattatg     61680
     tagccttgaa ctcagagatc tgacccttcc ccttaaatgc tggtattaaa atcttgtagt     61740
     gtaatatttt taaacttttt attcattctt tatgagtttc atcacatcat gcaccccagt     61800
     cccactcatc tccccattcc cttgtattca ctctctgccc tcacaacctc ccccagaaat     61860
     aaaaacctgc aaacaaacaa acaaaaaagg acaaaacaaa gcttaggaaa tatctcatta     61920
     tagaagctgc agtgcgtcac ggtgtatccc acagtgtgcc cctctgtcca tacatcttca     61980
     cctgtgaatg ttcattgcaa tgagtcaatg gtctggttcg aggtctcttc cttctatgac     62040
     acaattaata ctgaatcctc accaagcctc cttccagttt tcctgttgtt gtcccatacc     62100
     acggagctcc tgcagttttg gatcatcagg accagccatt tcacgtgacc caacagttct     62160
     accgactcag gtaaagggtg agagggcaga gggcatcatc tcgacaccca tcacccatag     62220
     tagacaagtc atttctccca cactcatgcc cttggggcag ctcagccaca cccccactac     62280
     tgggccagct ccactgtgct gcccaggcag gtgcagagcc gctctctttc gtggtgccac     62340
     aggtgagagg tgggcccagc tgtccagact gctgcaacca gtgaggggca gggccagctc     62400
     tgcacagccc ctggacatcc acttggtccc aggcaggcat ctccatggtc tctagtggta     62460
     atatgagcca tactgacccc tgctgctgca cagccacagg tccagatgta gctctcagtg     62520
     gcagcacagg caggttactc acaatagtct actcctctcc tctaatgtct gcagttccat     62580
     ctcccttcac aatgctcaaa cttcctctac tatctgtcca ccacacactt gcacgttgta     62640
     gtggctcctg ctgcaggcag gccacactga cctctgccca tgcaacgtgg agtggtagca     62700
     agcagatctg tctgcagtgt aatatgaaag aaagaaagaa agagagagag agagagagga     62760
     aggaagggag ggagagagag ggagggaggg agggagggag agagagagag agagagagag     62820
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagat gagcgagcca ggcatggtgc     62880
     acaggtttgt aatcccagca cttagaaagt agacagtaga atcaagatca atgctacata     62940
     ggactttgag gctggcttag gctacatgag accctgtcaa tcaatcaatc aatcaatcaa     63000
     tcaatgggag aagatggacg aatagtagag gtatgtgagg gcacattgtc ttgtaagtag     63060
     gcaataggta gaaaaatggg aagcagacta gttagggttt ctgttgctgt ttcttttttt     63120
     tttttttcct tttattaggt attttcctcg tttacatttt caatgctatc ccaaaggtcc     63180
     cccataccca cccccccaat cccctaccca cccactcccc ctttttggcc ctggcgttcc     63240
     cctgtactgg ggcatataaa gtttgcaagt ccaatgggcc tctctttgca gtgatggccg     63300
     actaggccat cttttgatac atatgcagct aaagacaaga gctcccgggt actggttagt     63360
     tcatattgtt gttccaccta tagggttgca gttcccttta gctccttggg taatttctct     63420
     agctcctcca ttaggggccg tgtgacccat ccaatagctg actgtgatca tccacttctg     63480
     tgtttgctag gcaccggcat agtctcacaa gagagagcta tatttgggtc ctttcagcga     63540
     aatcttgcta gtgtatgcaa tggtgtcagc atttggaagc tgattatggg atggatccct     63600
     gcatatgaca atcactagat ggtccatcct ttcgtcacag ctccaaattt tgtctctgta     63660
     actccttcta tgggtgtttt gttcccattt ctaagaaagg gtaaagtgtc cacactttgg     63720
     tcttcattct tcttgaattt catgcatttg gcaagttgta tcttatatct tgggtatcct     63780
     aagtttctgg gctattatcc acttatcagt gagtacatat tgtctgttgc tgtttcttag     63840
     ttagggtttc tgttgctgtg aagagcaacc atgaccatga tcatgatcgt ggcaactatt     63900
     ataaagaaaa acattgaatt ggggctggct tacagtttca gaggtttagc tctattatta     63960
     tcatggtggg aagcatggtg gcatgcaggc agacatgtgc tagaaaagga gctgagagtt     64020
     ctacatcttg atcagcaggt agcagtaagt aaatgccaca ctaggcctag tttgaacata     64080
     tatgagacct caaagcttga ttcacagtga cacagtctct ccaacaaggc cacacatact     64140
     ccaataacct cctgatagtg ccattcacaa tggccaagct ttaaacacac gaatctatag     64200
     ggggcattcc tattcaaacc accacactgg gtgaggctca aggtgaatgc ttcaattgta     64260
     cctcagttcc aaaccccaac tactgcttat aaagctcatt aggcaattgg cttggactct     64320
     ttaggcctca ctttaatcat catgcaaaag gaaaacaatt ccaaagtgcc tcagaattgc     64380
     taggaaaaca aaatgagacc gcagaagtaa aagtcagcca gcattaaaag cacgcattgg     64440
     tgactgtggt ggctcacact tacaaaccca gcactcagga gggtgaggcg ggaaggaaga     64500
     ctgcagcata gggcagtggg gcgggagggg gggtcagtgc acagttaggt ccaggccagc     64560
     ctcggctaca gagtaagagc ttagttaaaa aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aactaactaa     64620
     ctaactaact aaccaactaa ttaaagtaaa acagctaggg agataggctc cgtggataaa     64680
     gggctttcca tgagcatggg ttccaagtcc ccaaacctat ggaaaagcca ggcatggtga     64740
     cttcgtataa tctcaacact cagaagacag agacagatga gatccctggg gcaagctccg     64800
     agttcagcaa gacatcccat ctcagtaaat agattgagaa gaccagatta acttccctcc     64860
     tccacatact tgtacataca cacatgtgca agcatcctca tacatatgaa cccctcacac     64920
     atggacatgt acaaagcaaa cgcatatgga gaaaaaaagc atttctctca aagtgtggtt     64980
     aagaaaccac tagaccttag tttctctggt aagcttgtga tgactgcata tatttgatgg     65040
     ttgtatcttt gtcccgacac ccattttgaa tgaccaattt ttttctttaa tttatttttt     65100
     taaagattta ctttgtttat tatgagtaca ttgtagctgt cttcagactc accagaagag     65160
     ggcatcagat cccattacag atggctgtga ggcactatgt ggttgatggg aattgaactc     65220
     aggacctctg ggagtgcagt cagtgctctt aaccactgag ccatctctcc agcccccatg     65280
     accaattatt ttaacatgaa gattttggtg ttattatcat cctttggaat gaagcctcag     65340
     gactgacacc cctgaacatt gactagtgaa tgaccagtta actaaaccta agagggtaca     65400
     ccctgaataa atgttattag actgagataa tgaatcaagt cctatgtgta catagctatt     65460
     attttaccag ctagtttatg tacatgtggt cacataagac agtgacttag caaagaaaat     65520
     atctaataat ataataataa taaggttaaa gaaaagacag tgagttagct ctagttaact     65580
     gctttgaatc aaactcagaa atacccataa aatgactcaa aacatgaact aaagagaaac     65640
     aaagatagat gatgttaaca tgacgtacat tcctcaacca atttttgtca acaaaacact     65700
     caggagtggg agagaggttt gtgataatga acattttggg atagaacaag aatggtgttt     65760
     gatgagtgac aggacaagcc agccccagca aggaccataa tatacatata ttggaatgaa     65820
     atctcactct tcctgcccca tgccattcca ctccgcccag attttgaatt tttccattag     65880
     cacacagcag taagtctcga gcccaagccc agtatttact tcctttctga aacagcgctt     65940
     ctttacccta agtaaaggct ctaagcaatg gaaaagggat acactctgct cagccatgct     66000
     ggctatggcg cacgacacgc cctgacgagg tgagatcagt tttgaagaag ctggctttat     66060
     tgttcagcct tgctatattg ttcaggttgt ccccctggac tcatgtgatc ttttcttctt     66120
     gcctcagcat cctaagtagt caggatgata ggcacctgac aaggcaccaa gcagacattg     66180
     atgttttaac ttggtcacta tattattttt tcttgtggtg ctggaaattg aacccagggc     66240
     atgcatcacg ctgaacaaat gctcttccat ggagcaatgt cctgagatca accactcagt     66300
     tactctaaag tggaaatact ctctcccaat ctaaaagcta gccttctaat taaagaactt     66360
     gttcatttag tccatcatcc caaatgagga cagggcaaca gcagtatatg tactgtgctc     66420
     ttggtaccat catggggcca ctttgatgct gtcctgccac catcagccac acaatttgcc     66480
     aagttctggc agcttgtaaa aacacttctt tttaaagcct ataaacaact cactgtaagc     66540
     agaggcacag aactttatgc tttctgtaat tctgtgcctt ttaagtacta attgctgaac     66600
     atagccaata gctttggcct ctggccctgg atgtccttag aaccaggcag ttggcaggag     66660
     gccaattcta catgcttaca ggtatgcaag ggtttagaac tcccaatatg acttactgaa     66720
     ttaaggcatt ttcttggaaa ttcttaaaac tatggaatta ggtgttttta tcccagcaat     66780
     tacttgggga ccaaggcagg caggtctctt gtgaaattaa agccagccaa agctacatag     66840
     agagacactg tcagaaaaaa aattctataa gactatttcc aaatttcaca aacatgtttt     66900
     tgttcgtttt ttttttaaag ttaattcttt gctgggcaat ggtggcacat gcctttaatt     66960
     ccagcactca ggaggcagag gtaggcagat ctgagttcaa ggccagcctg gtctacagac     67020
     tgagttccag gacagccttg tctcaaaaaa acaaaaacaa acaagattgt ttttatgtat     67080
     ctgtatatgt ctgtacatgc agggtggtat atgtgtatat gtctatctac tcacacatgg     67140
     aagccaaaga gggcaccaga tccctcaagc gctgtaattg gtcatatatg cactatgttg     67200
     ggatccaaac attattattc atgaagtgct cttaattagt actgttcatg aacacaccac     67260
     aggctagaat gtggtaatat atttggtaac ctaccaagaa aggcctcttt gaagaaagac     67320
     tcaagaaaag tgggttttgc tgtgaagggc cagcaggcag ggatctgtaa aagcctgaac     67380
     ccagcagcct ggagctagta tggttaacct tagtttaaaa ttcagcttgg gttttcctat     67440
     ctccccacaa gaggaaagct ggtgaaatgc agggtttgga aaatacccag atcattacat     67500
     catcatgaac aactacacct acgcctacca cactggttcc aagaatatga aaggaaaggg     67560
     acgggtggtt aggaccattg ttttcctttc tctttggcac ataattaata agcttccttt     67620
     tattgaaaaa tgattagaat tagggactat tcaatttagc tgaagacaca gaggtattag     67680
     agataactga actaagaaag aataactgaa ccagtctggt ggtacacacc tatgatccca     67740
     gcacagaaga ggctaaacca ggaggtgggt gagtttgaga tcagcttgaa ctaacacaat     67800
     tggaacttgt ctcatagggg acagaaaaaa ataaatgaaa ttaattaacc gaagatatct     67860
     gaatttctgt atcagtgact cagagagaaa accagaaggc aaggaatgtg ctggtggcac     67920
     aactgcttgt cccagtggtg ccctttgaag atgaaggcca aatctccaag gaaggaacgc     67980
     taactttgaa tggcctcatc tttcatcagt caccgttatc tccaagtacc tcttcaatga     68040
     ctgcaaattc taacatgata aggacatggc cagtccacaa aaagctcaca tttgaagtca     68100
     ttccctgctg caaatttccc ttccaaagag acaagcaaag aatgcctcct ccaggtggtg     68160
     aaacaggtaa catacgttct atccaaatca actcttgaag aaatgggata ttacacactg     68220
     ttgagtccag acagccaaac acagggcaga gcagaagttc tcctctgtct gcactgtttt     68280
     tgctgaggac tcgtgtgtta aatatactgt ttcatgtcca gtacacttaa agagaacaga     68340
     tatcagaacc agcaaggaca gcaaaggcat cagcatagcg tttattggga ttatttacta     68400
     aataatccta tacacccaac actagaacat ggaaatgaca gtaagtttta agatatagca     68460
     aggcccaaaa gtaaagtcct tcaagactcg caaaagcttc tcagtactgc atctttgata     68520
     aacagaacga ctaaactagc aaagtcagat gtagctcatc aactccaaaa ctcaatattg     68580
     ccaacatatt attctactta aaaagcaaac ttattcataa gtcagaaact acagtgggtt     68640
     gtttgtctgt tgcaaatgcc agagagattt tgatgacaca aaacacctga agggtgttct     68700
     tgtagtcatc ggtagaatat ctacattccc agctggtgaa tttcctcact tgcatgaacg     68760
     gaaagtctgt accctccctt catttcatag ctgtgtgatt aatcatcaat aaaacctctg     68820
     ctccactgga ttgaaatatg agacaaaaat tcactataat cttccaagaa ccaagacaga     68880
     ctgaatgtaa gtgtgtggtc aatatgctat agtaggaagg gatagtttgt cttctaatga     68940
     caagtagtgt tttgaaagac acatagaaat gcattatttt taaaagtcca ttaacttgtt     69000
     cttactattc ccaataaatt taaatataaa atctaattat aaagtctgtg ttctatgtaa     69060
     cactgtgtac tgaacagtgt aagcgctgca atgagggaca ctccaatctc tctcttaaga     69120
     aactcagaca tggactggac agacgtatgg actggacaga cgttcactca aaggtgaaaa     69180
     gcatttgcag ctttggcaga ggacctgggt tgtcccaagc acctacacgg caactcacaa     69240
     ttttctataa ctctagcagc aggagatccg acaccttctg acttttgtgg gcaccaggaa     69300
     tggacatggt acacaaacat acatgcagac aaaacattca taaacattaa aaaaaaaaaa     69360
     aaagaacctt agttttacca ctcagcttta gggataggaa ataaagaaca aacaaaaaaa     69420
     gaaaacaggg agctggcaaa atggcaaaat ggctcagctg gtaagactgc tgttctgaaa     69480
     gtcctgggtt caaatcccag caaccacatg gtggctcgca accacccata atgagatctg     69540
     atgccctctt ctggcacgtc tgaagacagc tacagtgtac ttatgtataa taataaataa     69600
     atctttttta aaaaagaaaa aagaaaacat ttttaatttt ttaaagaaag aaaatcactt     69660
     ggacttcaaa ctttattgaa aaagcaagca gtaagggaat caaacattta taagatatat     69720
     ttattatttt ttctgaccaa agtgcaatga tttttaaaat cttttaaaac aagtaaccat     69780
     gaaaaacata ttccagaaaa taaaatacaa atgggaattt taaccattag attgctttat     69840
     ctaatttact ctaactctat atttagtcta agaaaacaaa acaaaaaaac tttttaacta     69900
     ttactaaaac aagaactgaa tcaaattacc ataaactagt gaatgcatgt caagggtcta     69960
     ctggtaggaa ctcttgttac atcactttat gatgactagt cagtcctgtg tcacagagca     70020
     caggaataca agtcactact tgtgaccctt gccccacaga ctatgtcaga agaaagctga     70080
     caatcctgcc caggctctga agccccgtgc cctgactcaa accttggaag caaagactat     70140
     gcactatcat acaacgttgc acaagctgta gtaaatcagt ctctaagttt taactttcaa     70200
     caggaaatgg tcagtcatct gataaacaga gcattgctag gagtccattt tatgagtatg     70260
     tttactaaac accttgagca agagccagct acacataaag ttcctttaaa tttggtccac     70320
     aaattcactt agcaggttga aaattttaaa tgtgaagcaa gaggaagtgg aaatctcaaa     70380
     tcccaatata ctgcaattac caaagggata tacatgcata ctaaaaaaaa ttaactcacc     70440
     gaaggcacag acataaaagg gataaaaggg gtagtcttta ccacaaacaa gaattagctg     70500
     atacccttct tcattttgtg agcaccataa tacctaaaat gatttaaacc tgaattcact     70560
     gtgtactgtg accacaaata aaaaaaaaac acataattta atttgtctta ctatatattt     70620
     ctagacatta attgagatgt aatcttgaaa ggttaaaact gccttaaaag gggctgtgat     70680
     agcagctatc aaagcaatat tcaagcatga tttcaaagat gccttcaggg ttagttagcc     70740
     ttctttgtca aaaatcttca caacttcacc aaaaacctgt agaggaaaaa gacaatttta     70800
     aaagcagata ttgttaaaac acagtgtagc atgtatgagg tcctgggtta aattctcaac     70860
     gccaaaatta aaaaataaaa caaaatacag ataaaagatt gtacagctaa gttcctgtta     70920
     aaaagacatc aattttgtat tgattttaaa cattgtaatt tatttattta tttatttatt     70980
     tatttatttg gggggagggg tgtttaagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct     71040
     ggaactcact ctgtagacca agctggcctc gaactcagaa atccacctgc ctctgcctcc     71100
     tctgcctcct ctgcctctgc ttcttcccaa gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg cgccaccatg     71160
     cccagctaac attataattt cttttttttt tttttttgtt tttgtttttt ttcgagacag     71220
     ggtttctctg tacagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggcctcga     71280
     actcagaaat ccgcctgcct ctgcctcccg agtgctagga ttaaaggcgt gcgcatccac     71340
     gcctggcctt taatttctta atttcattta ttttactgta tcagtaatac aaatgaagca     71400
     taaaactgac cattttgcct tccattttat taatgctttt ggactaaatg tgcttcttga     71460
     tgggctgcaa gtcgtctggt aaaatataaa gtcaaaagac gaatctcagt ttggctctaa     71520
     aagtccaagt cgtctcatgt actgactaca ggcagtggca gtgagatttc ctcagtgagt     71580
     tctcctctgg gaagagaagc aagactgcga gaactgggga aagggagcta agatggactg     71640
     agaagcagga ggagggtctg caggcggggt ttacagacac tgaggtctga gcaagacaga     71700
     gagctgcatc ctaggaaacc ggcatgcacc tcgggaggga gctctgtgct ctctaagaga     71760
     acaaccgggg ctcttggcta tgacatgcca gttgtgctac agattttaac aatgaacaag     71820
     atccaaatca ttatactgaa aataccaatc tttccctgtt tgtagaaaga ggtttggaat     71880
     taataaacca ccatttcttg tgaaaaacag gtctactgtt gctaaaccca tttttagact     71940
     tactaaaaag aaaaaacaac aacaacaaca aatttcacag ttcgcctcaa atgtcttaaa     72000
     agtactctcc cttagactat cttttctcat gcctccccaa tggtcacatg ttttgtttgc     72060
     tacaaagaca aacagacaca cttacttcat caacagactt agaagcatct atcttcttga     72120
     ctttccccat ttcttcatat aagtcaataa ttggtttcgt tgattcaagg taagtctgaa     72180
     ttctgcaaaa gaaacaatta tttcatggct gtaggttaat tgtcctccct cttccacatt     72240
     acagaaaggg tgataagcaa gtctgctgct ttctctctct acaaaagcca ctgtgcctat     72300
     gtgagaatga acagaacaga actggtcccc acgagcaggg caggagtgag gtggtgaggg     72360
     gaggcctgag aggtacctct tttccaagct ctctctgttg tcgtcactcc taccactact     72420
     ttttcccctt tcaagacatc gttcaataca gatctaaaga gagacagaag taaaaagtta     72480
     tattaaaaga aaagcaaaga agaaaatatt ttgaagaaac taaaacaaaa cagaaccccc     72540
     ccccacaaat cctgcattaa actcaatgtg tctaactcat taatcaacat gcaaaatctt     72600
     tttaaattta aacatgtggt tcaatttata taaactaggt taaataagta cagatcataa     72660
     taagaattca ttcatgactc agtttttcct gctggatttt tttcaaactg caataaaaag     72720
     aagatctgtg tgggtatggc ttcatctcgg acatattatt aacttattag gtatgaatta     72780
     tgtgcctcaa actttgtacc atttttgctt acttacaata attccaaaaa tatccaaata     72840
     tttgagtcaa catttttgaa taaagcatct cttgttaatc gtgaataaac attccttagt     72900
     tataaagctg tggtaacatt ctaaagttaa ctttgaagaa taagtgaaaa catatttttt     72960
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt taattttttt ttttttaaag atttatttat     73020
     tatatgtaag tacactgtag ttgtcttcag atataccaga agagggaatc agatctcatt     73080
     acaggtggtt gtgagacacc atgtggttgc tgggatttga acttcggacc ttcggaagag     73140
     cagtcgggtg cccttaccca ctgagccatc tcaccagccc cgaaaacata tttttaagag     73200
     ttgggagaag gagttacttt ttaaaacaac tcaaaggctg tggcaagcct ttaccagagg     73260
     cacatttaca attcaaccta agaatagcca acttccttca aggcactact tcagattcag     73320
     actgttggca tcaatgtaat aaaatttata gcatagtggc tgtccaatag agtcaagctt     73380
     tttaattaat ggttctgaga aatttattta cttattcaaa ggtatgtctg ggtttgctat     73440
     tagacgtgtt gggggtggga acagagaatt tattcttgct attttccaag tcatcttatt     73500
     cttagaagac aaattcccca acaatagtag gcctctccac ctttccagac ctatgcatct     73560
     tccagtaaac aacaaaccat ttcaagcagt acacattcga gcagcacttc cgcttcataa     73620
     cctaatgtta ctctatatga tgtttattaa aacaaagaaa caaacaagac aatttgactc     73680
     ttcttatata gagaaaataa agcaagcctt agggtcacaa agctgacaat actaatagcc     73740
     ctcaatattc tattaacaag gcgatgctgt tctgcacacc cagtctattc actcactaga     73800
     tatatatatt gctgccaaca gaaaatgtaa atttgccatt tttctctaac agctgacaat     73860
     ctatagcttg aagcccatgt ggacagatga atatgttcat tacctcatta ttacagtcaa     73920
     aaaacagaac aaaagataca tctgcttttc catccatggt tttgttccaa ccttgaaggt     73980
     tgtcttgatt tcttggaaat ccatcaatca agaatttatt cttctgagca ttggcagcca     74040
     ttgtttggtc catttcctaa agacaaaaag acttaggctt aatactgtat caacaaaggg     74100
     caatttctca gcacccccac cccttttttt ttctccatat agtcctggca gtcctggaac     74160
     tcactctata tactaggatg gcctcgaact cagagatctg catgcttctg catatcaaag     74220
     gtatgcacca ccacgcccag ctacaagaca atttcttaaa aagaagagca ggcagatggc     74280
     tatttgctac ttttccctaa gctgcaagag tggaaggtac atagggaaac agcctaggca     74340
     gaagtgagcc aacttcttga tatggctact tcctggtaag actataggta tgtgttcccc     74400
     tattcctctc gctcccccac ttctgtagct tctatatctt atgaaagatg tcctatagtg     74460
     aatgttgaat gtcctctgaa tgttcatgtg tttgctaaaa gcttggtctc tgggttgggc     74520
     ctacctttaa gagagtggcc tccccaagca tggtggcaca cgcctttaat cccagcactt     74580
     aggaggcaga ggcagaggca ggcagatttc tgagttccga ggccagcctg gtctacagag     74640
     tgagttccag gacagccaga gctgcacaca gaaaccctgt ttgaaaaaca aaaaaacaaa     74700
     aacaaacaaa caaacaaaaa agagtggcct catagatcat tgggaataca cttctaaagg     74760
     ggactattgg atcctggccc ttttatcttt ttgcttccgg gccaagagta gtagtcttcc     74820
     ttactgtgtg tatcactgcc acctagcatc ctgaccagtg ggccaaaacc ctgtgtccac     74880
     gtaactaaaa tgctggtaca gtgacagctg gtcagcacgg tgtatactac cttctcatac     74940
     aaattaccac ttagagcttt gctctaacgt ctaaagaccc tgcattgccc catgtttctc     75000
     tctaaatcac tgtgttatag gaggtagtag ctgggttttt gtttgtttgt tttttcagac     75060
     aggaactcac tacgtaacat ggtctgattt ccaacttgaa gaactagggc tatatgtgtg     75120
     caccaccact cactgctgaa aacatgctct ttctattagg gctcaaattt actataaatc     75180
     aaatctaata gctagaagct aggaaagcac tctattactg tgcaatatcc catcttttta     75240
     ctttttgttt gtttatttat ttattgagca tggtcccact gaattcacca ggttgacctt     75300
     gaactcatcc atagctcagg tgagccttga ctaagatttc tctggcctta gctgcccaat     75360
     cacagacctg ccaacttgtt agcattattt aagagtcaat gctaaaataa aaaactggcc     75420
     cggtgtggtg gtgtatacct ctaatcctag cattcaagag gcagagacat aagtctagcc     75480
     tggtctatat agagagcttc aggacagcca gagctacata aaccctgtct caaaaacaaa     75540
     ataaataata aataaaataa aaaatttttt aaagtcaaac taattatacc taagtggcat     75600
     tggctgcccc caaacacaga cagcacaagg tgtaacacat tcagaaagat tgtaaaaaca     75660
     tatctatatc tcatcttttt ctaaagacat tacttatgta aaatatggga gtaatatgaa     75720
     cagtaggtgt actctttaat ctgtgtgaat cctcggcacc tccatccact gcagatgcac     75780
     cctgctaaca agctttagca cctttagtct aaagcacact gacttgcatt gctctccata     75840
     agctaagtgt tctcgctgca caagaagagc attgccagga ccttaagtta gctttatctc     75900
     agaatccagc tgctctaatt tcacaaacct attatgaaac agtgttaagt tcctgctaca     75960
     gcattcctac ctcaattacg gcaggaggtc tctggagaag ccacatcaaa catgttcact     76020
     cagcatacat tcctttgaat ctactatcag atagaggtca ctgcccttgc ccttgccctt     76080
     ggagggttca caatatatat agtgggtaac agctacatat aacatgctaa gtcctcggac     76140
     agcaaaggat gctcttaaga caagaaacat taagtcttta gagactatga gaaagcttga     76200
     ccaaagggtt ggcagtggag ttgcttccta actaacaagc agcatggcag catggattgc     76260
     tagacagtgg gaagcaggga tatgatggtt ggaaagaaga aagcatggca gctttggtga     76320
     atctgaggca agctggtaca aatgaatgtt aggacatata tcgagagtgg cgggagatag     76380
     gatggaaaag aaacaacatt aaaagattca agtgatttta gtgatagaca gaaaatgaac     76440
     aggagtgaat gagagatcct ctcactaaag agttgggtag tcaatccaac caacagccaa     76500
     atcaggaaat aaacatcatc ctttgggtga cacatttagc ttctggtatg actgagacat     76560
     ttatggataa tttagatagc atcctgatag gcatatgtct ggaagctaaa caaaggtctg     76620
     tctgtgcaaa actctagagt tcagcagcat tggcacaatg aaaacatggg catcgtttaa     76680
     acaacccaac aaggaatata tacaatgaga gctcaagaga accaaactct tagaagcata     76740
     gtaatttaga aaacttgcaa aggaaaaaaa aaaaatcaag agactgaaaa atggaagttc     76800
     cttaagtagg aagagaatga acagaaatgg tggtacaaga aatggtagag tttgtttcaa     76860
     agagacattt attaagactt aaatgtagga ggaacattaa agactaaaag tatcccctgg     76920
     gctatacagg gccaatcact gataacatgc agtgagagtt ctgcctgtga caacagctga     76980
     tgttggaaga ctccaagttc aagaactacc tgggctatag agtgagttca aagccaactg     77040
     ggaaacctgg taatagcctg tctcaaagac agaaattttt tttttttttt taaaaaaaaa     77100
     ggatgaagct cagggacaag agtgcttgcc aggcatgctc aaagccccta tattccatcc     77160
     ccagtaccac acaccaaaaa gagtagtttc catggagatg tcgactgccc tttcataatg     77220
     atcatgccta taatgcagag aaaggcatca gggtcagagg acaggacggg agagttactt     77280
     actctggaaa ggaagctggt tgttcaggct gaggcagact gtgtaagagc cactctacac     77340
     tgcaagtgtc tccagttaca cccaagattc actactgaga tccatttatt gcttcctgtt     77400
     cccaacaatg caattctgtt tcgctgattt tcttatgtca aaatatctgt tactgactag     77460
     tcttagggac ctgcaggaaa gcattgccta ccaaggtata tattttttca aatctcacag     77520
     tgaaaatagc aatgcattca tcaggaaaat aaggagactt ttaaacagaa tatcaacaat     77580
     gagaaaactg agtgggaatc agagaaggag aaaacacaga cattcaagaa aagggaggac     77640
     agagcatgaa aggggagaat aaccacaaca ggagagaact actgcatgct ggcagggatg     77700
     ggtccagtgc ctggaatcct aacagtcaga agcaggaata tccctgacta ggtaacttcc     77760
     aggtcagcct gggatacata agactgtttc aaaaacaaaa ccaagcgctg gagagatggc     77820
     tctgcggtta agagcattga ctgctcttcc aaaggtcctg agttcaaatc tcagcaacca     77880
     catggtggct cacaaccatc tgtaatgaga tctgatgccc tcttctggag tgtctgaaaa     77940
     cagctatagt gtacttacat ataataaata aataatcttt ttaaaaaaaa aagcaaaagc     78000
     aagtataacc atgtgtacct taagctggac tatagctgtt cttagaccaa ggcagagaat     78060
     cctggttact gtcaatttct tcacagtgaa agcagcttcc aacactgcca ttttcaaaga     78120
     ccacactacc ttccataatc aggaaattta atagtctagt ttttcattat tcaaatgaag     78180
     gtgaatttag tttctgtgtc cttggtagtt tgagcaggtt ggtattcatg cttcttaccc     78240
     tctttaataa actgatggtt atctcaactg gtacaatctt tccttcttta atgtactttt     78300
     caataagttc accatactgt gagtctggat tcttcctttc atcacgaaga agctctcctg     78360
     cagaaaggtg tgtgtagccg tatttctgga acaaacaaca tatagaaata tcagaattca     78420
     ttcaatccag tgacaggaat acacataatt ttgtgttcat ttatatttat aattttgtac     78480
     gataaagtag ttttgcttat ggggtaaata ctaaagaaaa atttaagaga tttcacatat     78540
     tccagtttgc ctattagtaa acatccttac ccttcttcca caaccatgtt tagtcacaat     78600
     aaaatcatct caacatctaa ctagtcaaaa cattgatgtt tcactgtact tttcactaac     78660
     acagtttaaa tgtaagaatg aaaatatcta ccaaaaatct gagactcaag ataaaaaagt     78720
     caacatgtct aaactgactg actaacatat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtaa aaatttggtt     78780
     tgtacaagta tactctaatg gtgtttgaac aaaactgccc atttccattg ttaagtgaca     78840
     cttgttataa ggacaaagac tgaacagaaa cattgctgag ttaacaccat aaacatatct     78900
     atctatacaa actaaaatga ctacaacgtc attaggtgat atactcttct gaaactaagt     78960
     tgtgcacatg gccttgcact taagtcacaa agacatgaaa gtattgcact gctactgctt     79020
     tagtgcaata ggagccaaca gtcttaagga aagatcctga aaaatgaaaa gcttccccat     79080
     atgagtttac atgaaacaaa aagaatggca caacccactc tcaaatttta ggatactcat     79140
     atttattaca tagtcataca acatacatca gtctaaattc ttaagactcc ttcagtgagt     79200
     ttttatcttg tatatatact ttataacttg aaggttaagg tgtgagacag cccacaccat     79260
     tacccaactc ttaaaagtgt ttcctgggct ggaaagatgg ctctgcagtt aagagcactg     79320
     actgttcttc cagaggtcct gaattcaatt ccaagcaact acatggtggc tcacaaccaa     79380
     ctgtaaaggg atctgatgcc ctcttccagt gtgtctgaag acagctacag tgttctcatt     79440
     tacataaaat aaatcttaaa caaaacaaaa caagtgtttc ctacccagtg tggtagtatg     79500
     tatcaagagg ctggggcaga actctgaatt tgaggcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagtacttc     79560
     aattgagttt ttaaaaaagc tccaaatgac caaagctata aatgagcttt ctgatacatc     79620
     tttatcccta ttctacttcc tgaaagtatc ggttattttt gttcttgctc actaaatagt     79680
     aaggtagcaa taatgctatc agaaaaggaa aataaactct aaaaaggtta tttgctgcct     79740
     gaacttagat aaaatttgga tgagaattaa aaaaaaaaac ccacatatca tcatgtttct     79800
     gtctcattcc tataagtgct tctagtaaga gaatttaaca gaaatgctaa aattgcaatc     79860
     ggtttaaaga actcctgtta ttttcagaaa atagaaatgt aaaattgctc aattacttcc     79920
     acgctggttg cgaaatcgcc tgcttgatca ctgagcatag gcaaatgtct gaaagttgag     79980
     tacaaaaagg actttatgaa aaatgaagtg tgacctactt cccacttact atgtacaatt     80040
     ttcaaaaagc atttgcaact tctatccaaa actatagcag cttcatatca cactttttat     80100
     tttggctttt acgtggaagc ttctgcttac tggatactct actctggccc agtgcttagc     80160
     atgtagtaat attggacaaa tgcagagata aacagcccta atgatggcac acactcagtg     80220
     aaaacatcac caatacagag tgctctgtaa tgctgcagtg tgaaccatac acattcaaaa     80280
     acctggcagg taatttactt tacgatactc accatttcct gacatcagag aactcaaact     80340
     ggcaagattt ctggtgtctt agaatgggaa tatatcactc tttcgggaaa taagaaaact     80400
     agttataaat gtatatagac gtatataaca tacacataaa tggtacttgt aaaagcaatt     80460
     ttttagatct tatttttaaa ttttatatgt atgtgtatgt gacagtgtag gcctgtgtat     80520
     gtgagtgtta tgtctgcaaa ggccagaaga gtgttggatc ttctgtagct gaagttatag     80580
     atggctacga caccagacac cacgagtgct gggagccaaa ctaagtcttc tagaaaagca     80640
     taagcactct ggccaccaat gtaagacaag tttacagttt gtctgagaag caaatggcat     80700
     tacctacaaa gtcaaagtaa aataactgag cacagccatg tcaaccccgt ggtctatgtt     80760
     tcactttctc atggacattc tatttttaca gtctcttaac caggttcact tttctactac     80820
     attcttcata aggattttat tgaagccatc ctctaacaaa atttcaacag cagcaaagta     80880
     accctgattt acatattagt taccatggac ctggactttc aaagcgttct gctgtcatta     80940
     agtggtcagt gatggcagat ctgaagaaag cgagcatggt ttatttctag ccttagccat     81000
     ctttttctca cattctctga ttttttagca attaaaacct agtggttctc atattcataa     81060
     gcacagcagc ttataaatcc tataaactac aaggactgca attataagct attattcaac     81120
     taagatagtt ttctagtggc aaatacccaa acccaatgtc gggtatctgt ctaaacttta     81180
     agttttcatt tttcttctta agaggttgaa aagagagctg gagggatggc ttggtcatta     81240
     agagcacttg ctgctcttgt aaaggacctg ggctcaattc ctggcccaac atggagactc     81300
     acaactctcc gactccagct ctgataccct cttctggctc cagacactgc atgaatgtgg     81360
     tgcacagaca caacatccag gcaaaacatc tataacacac tgttgttgtt gctttcctaa     81420
     tcaattaaaa cattttaaag taaaaaaagc caggtatggg atacagatat agctgagttg     81480
     gcagagtgct tacctaccat gtatgaaacc cctacattta atataaaaca ctccattaaa     81540
     aaaggtatag tgaaacacgt ggtggtgcac atttttaatc ccagcactga ggaggcagag     81600
     gcaagtggat cactgtgagt ttgacaccag cctggtctac agaatgagtt ccaggacagc     81660
     cagggtgaca cagagaaacc ctgtcttggg agaaaaaaaa aaagtatagt gacacaggct     81720
     tccaatctca gcacttagga ggtggaggca agagggtcag aagttcaagg tcatctccag     81780
     cttctaacaa gtttgaggat agcctaaggt atatgaaact ctgtctcaaa aaacaaacat     81840
     aaggtcagct catgacatgg ctcagtgggt aaaggtactt gtcaccaatc ttgaagacct     81900
     gagtttgatc acaggatcca caaaatggaa ggagagaacc aactaccaca agctgtcctc     81960
     tgactgccac gtgtggatca ctgcatgggc agaagagcat atgtaaatac acacacaaaa     82020
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     82080
     aatataattg agtatagtga cacttataat ctccgcactc aggagtcaag aggcaggaga     82140
     accactccac gttggaggct ggcctggata cacagcaaga cctgtgttaa aaacaatccc     82200
     agacacaaaa ttttaaaaat tagatgtggt ctatacaaaa aaatcaaaat aaaaaaaata     82260
     aaattaggag agctggtata tacctaggat ctcagaaccc aggaagcaga agcaggaggg     82320
     atcaggagtt tgaaacaaat cttggctatg taaaaccctg tctaaaaggg aaaagaagaa     82380
     gaaaaagcag aatttaagac acaaatgatg cacaaataca aggaccttga aagcaggaag     82440
     attcaaatgc caagcacttc ctctttctat taaaatggag tttagaaagt gacaccagaa     82500
     tgttatatgg cctctcctta atttcacaga aggaagacag caggaatata agctacaaat     82560
     atagttttaa agcaattgag caaataaaat tattcagtgt cttaaaacaa aacaaacact     82620
     tcttgctgga tatggtgacg catcccttta cttgaaaggc agaagtgtgc taacctctgt     82680
     gaattcaagg ccactgggct ataaagagag accctgtctc aaaaaaactc ctttattata     82740
     tttgtgttta tgtatgtggg catgcttgaa tcttgaaagc tgattctcct ctaccatgtg     82800
     cattctaagg atccaacttt ggtcaggttt gctagcaagt actttaccta ctaagccctc     82860
     aaagtcctta ttattttggg atctagagag atagctcagt aagtgcttgc cttacaaaca     82920
     agaggacctg agtttggatc caagtaccta cataaaagta gggcataacc atacagtcta     82980
     taatcctagc acggggacca gagggcagtc acagtctagc taacatgaca agccccaggt     83040
     tcaataagaa accatctgaa aaacaggctt gcactgggca tagtagcaca catctttaat     83100
     tcagcacttg ggaggcacac acaagaggat tctctgaatt ccagacagct tgggctatac     83160
     agtgagaccc tttccaaaac caaaaccaaa ccaaagtcta ccaaagcctg cacaaagcct     83220
     taaatacgga ggttccaaaa actggcaata caaatatttc tgtgcataac aacaacaaaa     83280
     acaaacaaaa aaccgtgaga cacaataaga atttatttct cttgcttact tatattttct     83340
     gcttactctt tttttaaatg gatcaagaac ttttcaatca actagcagtg actaatcaga     83400
     aaatattcat ttggggatgg ggacaatgag tctaaattat ttgttgcaca gggttgacaa     83460
     cctgggttca atctccagaa cccatggtgt aaggagacaa gtgatcccca aaattatcct     83520
     ttgatctcca caattagtcc tttggcacta tgatacatat gtgtaccctt gtctccctac     83580
     ccaatactca cactcacaca aataaaaagt aaaattttaa aagaaaatat acagattaaa     83640
     aaagatctca ttaaaacagt aataaaaaga caaatgagat ggcccagtgg gtaaaagagt     83700
     ttactgctaa gcctgaggac ccacgttcaa tccctagatc ccatttagtg gaaggagaga     83760
     accaactcca gcaagttgtc ctctgatttc tgcccacaag tatacacaaa cactcataaa     83820
     ttttaaaatg tataaaaata gtgacacaaa caaatttagg aataaactta aaatgcactg     83880
     tgtaagaatt acatgaagaa acaaaccact atattgtaca acataaacaa aagctaaatc     83940
     acaaaaagga agcattctcc agtggatgat cccacactca tgtccatatg ggcagcatca     84000
     attatattca gtgggctatc aaaaagagag ggagcatgaa gttgggagga agacctcagg     84060
     aagttgaaag gaaagggtca gaaacactgt atacatatgt gaaattttca aagagcagtt     84120
     aagaaaaaac actgaatcct atgaaagatt ccgactgaaa catttgtgtt tttatatatt     84180
     aatctaaaaa tgtacctcct actgggtaga gtcaaagggg atggatcaat gtaagttcca     84240
     gaccaatgag gactacacag ttagacctga ctgactgact gatagataga tcaatagatc     84300
     gatagataga tagatagata gataggcagg caggcagata gatagatatt aaaaatctga     84360
     ttggaatttg tctgtttgtt ttatagtgct ggagatcaaa cccaaagcct ctgataatgg     84420
     taggcaagga gctctgtcac tgaactacct acacacagga catgtttgtt tgcttaaaaa     84480
     aaaacaatgg atttattgac aagtttacca aaaataggca taagtaaata gttaaaattg     84540
     aaaatagtat taacaattac aaatgaggac ttgcctaact atataaagta tttaaaaact     84600
     acaatggtta aaatagtgtg ttgctggcat ataaaatagg cactaacaaa gttctgagac     84660
     aatatataaa cagtgtaaat gagaatacag ttgatagtca acattaaaac tcagtgaaga     84720
     ttgatgggct ggagagatgg ctcagcagtt aaaagcactg actgctcttc cagatgcact     84780
     gaactcaatt gccacaacta caaggcggct cacaaccatc tgtaatagga tccaatgtcc     84840
     tcttctgatg tgtctgaaga cagctacagt gtacttacat acattaaata aataattaaa     84900
     taaataaatc tttttttaaa attttatttg aaagacacct ttgacctaat ctttattaaa     84960
     atcatcgtat ttttcataaa atatcacaac tcacagaggt taaatagcgt gtaaggaccc     85020
     ataaggaccc ccatcctcct cctctccttc cccatccttt tccatgttac ttatatcaat     85080
     tctctttgta tcatactgtt gattaataga aaacatattt ttgttagata ttttctttat     85140
     ttacatttca aatgttatcc cctttcctag tttcccctcc gaaagccccc tagtcccccc     85200
     acgccccccg ctccccaacc cacccactcc tgcttcctgg ccctggcatt cccctatatt     85260
     ggggcataga accttcacag aaccaaaagc ctctcctccc actgatgacc gactaggcca     85320
     ccctctgcta catatgcagc tagagacatg agccccacca tgtgtttctt tgattggtgg     85380
     tttagtccca gggagctctg gaggtactgg ttagttcata ttgttgttcc tcctatgggg     85440
     ctgcaaaccc cataggagga gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cctaagtgaa gaggcaagtg     85500
     tagtgacata ccctgtaatc ccagcacttg agaggtgaca gcaagagcca agaggatcag     85560
     actcagcttt ctagtgagtt tgaggtcaat ctggactaca tgagacctat atttaaaaaa     85620
     gtgaacaaca acaaaaacct tacaaagcag tgacaaaaaa tgaataagtg atactaggac     85680
     accatttcaa tgaatagaat tggtatccat tcatagaaaa gtcagatccc tatttcatca     85740
     taggcaaatg tctagatact taaagctctc aaacaaaaag caaacagtac taaagaaaaa     85800
     gaattctgag atatatgcag gtgttgctaa gcaaataact agtttttata tttgatccca     85860
     taaaaactcc tgaacaaaga aaggcttcaa aactatgaag gaattacttg ggaaaacgga     85920
     ggcacaaaga tctgaaattt aaggccagcc tgggctacat agcaagacta tgtttcataa     85980
     aggcaaaata agtttggtgt gtcagctcat aactataacc ctagacccaa ggaggctgag     86040
     gcaggaggac taccttcagt ttgagattag cctgtgctac ctacctaata gattcaaggt     86100
     aagtctgggc taaaatgtga ggccctgtct caaattataa gaaaaaacat aaaccaaaaa     86160
     ccaaaaacca acaacaaagg ataggcaaca gcttagaaga aactattttt tatagccagg     86220
     cagagatggc gcacaccttt actctcagca ctcgaaaggc cgaggcaggt agagagagat     86280
     cttagtctaa gatcagcctg gtctataaag tgagttccag aataggcagg gctaaacagg     86340
     aaaattctgt ctggaaaaga ggagggaagg ggaggggaga gagggtaagg ggagatgggg     86400
     gagggaagag gaaagggagt tgtcagtaaa tctaagtttc agtttgcaca tcttttgact     86460
     caataatcca atttctaggt tggtgagatg gctcagcaga taaaagtcac ttgctaccaa     86520
     gcctggtgac cgtattcaat ccctagcaat agcaagatag aaggaaagaa ccaactcctg     86580
     caaattgtcc tttgacttcc acatacccat acgcaaaaaa taaatgtttt tgaaaattaa     86640
     caattctaac aacaccataa actcagttca ctattgtcca aaggtagcgc ttgtaactat     86700
     cttgtacctc cttaaacctg attaagagaa agagaaactg aacctgtaca atcaaatgtg     86760
     aaaggagatc aattagaaaa tgactgctta agggctcagc acttaaacac tgctcttgga     86820
     gaggacccag gctcagatcc tagtgcccat atggtgactc aggaccttct ttaacttcag     86880
     tgtcagagaa tctgacattc tctcctgact tccacaggca caggcatgca catggcacac     86940
     atgtatatat gtagcaaaac cacttacaaa cttaaaatta aaaaaaaatc ttaaaagaaa     87000
     ataacagctt tagacaaagg tctccatgaa cttcccccaa accaaaaatc aactcaaatg     87060
     tttagataaa attttctctg aaaagtgatc catcccataa acaaaggaga aaccaaagta     87120
     caatacagca acaccacatg ggcatggagt caagagttat agacggagac agaaaacagg     87180
     acagtttcac atcccagaaa cagatgcaaa tttagaattc atgagattac ccaaaggttt     87240
     aaaaggaaac atattcaatg aggcctggct ccagacatta gagttcaaaa ttataaacaa     87300
     aacatttgaa aaataccatg tgtatagata tagtggacaa catacctaca ccatcttaag     87360
     ctccaaaatg acatatcaga actgctaagc aacctttctc aacaacaaaa taatcaaata     87420
     ctgcttatag aaaagaatca ccttcatttt tagttcaacc acatggtggt tcacaaccat     87480
     ccgtaatagg atctgatgta gacagctata gtgtactcac atacataaaa taaataaata     87540
     aattaaaaaa aaaccaaagc caaaaaactt tctttcccag tatattatta aaagcggggg     87600
     gggggggggg caggggggca ggttgagatt atgttttaca atttaaaact gtaggtgcag     87660
     ggctggagag atggctcagt ggttaagaac actagctgct cttctggagg acccagttct     87720
     attcccacca cctacatgac agctcacaac tgtctacaag tccagttcca ggggaaacta     87780
     aatgtgctga cttcctagca ttagcaaaga aaacttgatc caggtcccct gatctccact     87840
     gagaattcgt ccttaatgga ccttcgtaat tagaccttaa taaactttgg tgaccaatgc     87900
     agatatgcag ttttagcatt caagcttctt taaggtctga gtgggaagag gtgatggaag     87960
     gagggaaggt tatttactga gagagaaata ccaggaggaa accttccaga tatgaaatta     88020
     gagtttatga aagctgtatc cttcccatgc ttggatgatg ctgttggact gagtgctaat     88080
     ggtggcttta gcatctagca atgagttccc tagtcacaaa aaaggaatca ggggtgaatt     88140
     aacttcagag tagttcaggg attgttctag aactccatta tacaatttac ctttccaaag     88200
     gattttgctt tctcatcatt agtattgtgc tcatacctgt aatgcacagg taagtccagc     88260
     atataccctg tattagtaca gttaagcact tagcaataat tatctgaaat aggttgatca     88320
     cctcctagct gccaagctgt gcatatgcac tattcaatta aggctagatt acggtatagc     88380
     aatcctccaa actcaatgac atcatataac gaagttttat ttcttgctca tgctacctat     88440
     taaaggtaga tgggctgtta tgacctttga ctcacagaat ctgctgctgc acatttgaag     88500
     ggagactcaa agtcaacagg gacatgtaac acagggatgc cctcaaaaac ttcatcccca     88560
     cacagagaac caggtgtatt tgaccatctt gaccctgcca gattctggcc atttgcttgt     88620
     ctcatttgct tgtttttctt tgcttctgaa acactaccat ttctacttgt gttgcccaac     88680
     agccactaaa tgagtaacaa agataatcat ctgataacct aaattaacca ttaagtcaac     88740
     cacaagaaca aaactttttc taaagtgcat ctatactctc agtagacacc aagaaaatgg     88800
     aaatccatgt tatgattcac ctaaaccata tgtaactata caggtaaatc ctgtgcgttt     88860
     aaacacatgt gctttccaat agcaaacacc aatgactaat ccattctgga agctccaaac     88920
     aggaagtggg caggaagcag tcttttatat atctaaaaat gaatatatct acttattagt     88980
     atgtggtata ctctaatggt gaatggaagc aacttacagg tcttttggaa atgactgaca     89040
     gaaaccaggc acagagaata tgtttcacag gacctttctg ggaatagtaa gttacaacta     89100
     gtgatttttc ctttatccaa ctgatgtttt gttaacttta ttcatcaggc agaacaaaac     89160
     tgtcagcaaa gagtctctcc agctacacct gttctctatt aacttctaaa cgctcttatc     89220
     acatgtttag tctgtaaaaa tgttcttgat ttggcaggtt aaagcaactg aaatgttaca     89280
     gcaaatacac tttcatgcag cagctgaact aaggtattag cttaaaagta taacaagacc     89340
     cagaacatga cataaaaaat aagacagcaa gcctccatga gctctttcat tctctctctc     89400
     tctctctctc tctctctgtc tccctgtctc cctgtctccc tgtctctctc tctctctctc     89460
     tctctctctc cctctctctc tcacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     89520
     acacacacac acacacacgg cggtgggggg gggtgctgtc catgcaaagc ctccctaaca     89580
     tgattttttc cttttttaaa aaaagtattt ttatttcatc tgtatcagta gctgcctgta     89640
     tgtaagtaca ccaattaggt gcctggtacc catcagaggg catccaatgc tttgaaactg     89700
     gggttaaaga tggctgtgag ctaccatgtg ggtgctggga actgatccca ggttccctgc     89760
     aagagcagcc agcactctct ctctcaacgc tgagccatct ctccagcccc tgaagtcatt     89820
     ttttagaaat gctctgattt caattcaaaa ccaactgtta caaggcagta cttgtgtgtg     89880
     actttgaggt cttccacaaa cacagttcta atagcattcg aactggaaca tatctagatt     89940
     aaccaaatat gtatggtcca tgaaacttca acccaaaagg aataaatcaa gatttcaaag     90000
     agaataaaga tgtggaaaca actgatactg aaaaaagatc aatttagggc aggcagactg     90060
     aggaaaagac tgactagttc taatgttttg tttttgtgtt ttaactatta gatccagaca     90120
     tggtcgggca ggcctttggt cccagcactc aaggtagagg ctcaaagcca gcctagtcta     90180
     cagaactagt tccagaacaa ccagggctat acaaagaaat cccatcttgg aaaaataaaa     90240
     tttactatta gctcccttaa cccagagaaa ctagacgttg ttttggtatc ctggtctgag     90300
     actcgcaaag gccatgaact ctgacactgt taatttcaca tttcgaggcc tacatatctg     90360
     acaaaaagca acttaaagga gggtttactt gggctcacag tttaaaggaa tagagtcaat     90420
     aacggaaagg ggcatgacag caagaagatg cccacatgtt attaaaatcc aggaaactag     90480
     agcaggatag aaaacagatc agctgttctc atctcaccat ccaatctgat gagactttta     90540
     gaacaaaagg tggaaaaaga gaaaaatggc tctcctagaa aacttaaggt tctctgatct     90600
     tcaaactcta aatgacacca ccagcttctt tgattctcct gtttacatat ggcctctcag     90660
     gtggcttctc agcctttatg agtgtgagat agttctccaa gtataaacag ttttacaggt     90720
     ttaattacag ctcttaatag ctgtgttcct ctggaaaact caaaattttt ccccaagtaa     90780
     tcataagtaa ttatcaatta aagtacaaac actctgaggc agcaatccac ttttatgaat     90840
     ccaataaaca aaatatccat atgcaaagtt atattttcaa aaaaaactca ctgaagcaca     90900
     attaacagca aaaacaccca tagaaactgt tgtaaatagc catcaagtga catggttcag     90960
     ctatgctatg acaatatcca gaatactctg cagctacaaa gaaaaatcta ttaagtatat     91020
     aggaaagccc taagagacta aataaacatg attaatttag tttgggggga aaagtgaata     91080
     acctattaga tgtaaaaatt ttaaatattt tcaatcgatg gctcagctca tttgctgctc     91140
     ttacagagca gtgcagtttg gtcccagcac ccacccggca gctcacaact gtatgtaaag     91200
     ttccaggaga gctgacacat tcttctggcc tcaaaagcag caggcattta agtagcatat     91260
     taaggcaaac gttcatcaca cacataaaat taaaacagga agcctggtgt gttttgtttt     91320
     taaagctaca gataggaaag cagtaaataa tggtaatctc tagatgaaaa aaaaactgaa     91380
     cttgtcccag acgttacttt tccactttaa atgaaaaagt atagtagagc tcttctcacc     91440
     tcttctaaaa tatcaactca gaaggcagaa gcaggcagac ctctgtgagt tcaaggccag     91500
     tctggtctac aaagccaatt ccaggacagc caggacagtt acaaagagaa tctctgtctc     91560
     caaaaccaaa atgaaaacaa aacaacaaca acaaaaacaa aaaaaacaaa aaaccaaaaa     91620
     agtagaaaca aaaaccacca aaccaaacca aaaaaacctt acaataagca ctcttaaaga     91680
     aatagtggtt cttcaataga gtcacatttt gttgcttttt aacctcatat gagtgttttg     91740
     cctgcatata tgtatgtgtg ccatgtgaaa gtctgtggcc tgtgaaagtc aaaaggggaa     91800
     gtcagatccc ctggaactga agttacagac cgtgtgagca ccatgtgggt gctacaaatc     91860
     taagtgggtc cactggaaaa gtagctagtg ctcttaacaa taaagccatc tcactagctc     91920
     ccaaaagcaa gggttttgta aaccatttct tttaaagact atttatagct tttaatttgt     91980
     ctttttttta aaaaaatcat cctttaacca tatcctaccc ttaaaagact agaatagaac     92040
     ttaaggtcta ccagattttt ctttagtgcc ttctgaatac aaagggcgag ttctggattt     92100
     tgaaatcaaa atctttcaaa attctgctca gcatacttac cattcattct ctcagagtaa     92160
     acaaaaacat ctcaaagata ggtcttattc atatgtgagg tccagaaagc tacttgggtg     92220
     ccccctagag accaaatttt taaaatgtat tcagcttcat gatacagtct tctgtcatca     92280
     cttttattca acaacaacct actatgtgct aggtacaatg ctcaacaaca gagaaaaaga     92340
     taaataaaat caaggtttga tttctatatg cctaaattca atctcatcca aaactttgct     92400
     aagcacagag tgagtcaccc attcaaggag gctcttaagg aagtcatgac acagataata     92460
     aatagaagct ttactcacta cttacgtaaa caaaatgttc acagtatatg aaaaagaaag     92520
     taagtattct ttccaactaa cccacacaaa attgtgcata ctattttcaa aaataacttt     92580
     aggttacagc actctaattt atttttgatc aaaacaaata taaagcttaa tttttaaaaa     92640
     ttaacaagtg aggcctgatg acctgatttc catccctgag ctcacataaa ggtgagtggg     92700
     ggaaaccaac tccacagagc tgccctctag acatggacca aagcacatgc atatatactt     92760
     atgcacacac aacagaataa gtaaagaaac tgtaaatgat acagcacccc ctgaatctta     92820
     gaaatacatc attatacaat agttccactg actccttact tcaaataaaa tctttagaga     92880
     cttagaaaat agtataagag aacacagatt tagaaataat tagaaaataa aattaaactg     92940
     aaaggatcac tacaaatgaa tgagtgaagt caatttccaa agctccctca aaacttctca     93000
     tcccagtagg agatacagta aaaggctctc tctctccatc ttacatgccc tccccttccc     93060
     tccccatgga acaattacta aagtggagtg tggctccaga aaaacttcca tcttcccggc     93120
     aacactctcc cttgcctaac ttcaagggtt ctgcatccct gaaaccaagg tggacttctg     93180
     acagcacata gcagcacaca ctccaaccct agcacttggg aggctgaggc aggagaatag     93240
     tttgaggcca gcctgagtga ggataaagag actacacctc aaaacaaaca acacaacaca     93300
     acttttggca gcctgaattg aaacaccaaa ataagctctc tccaaagaaa catttctata     93360
     atcaaccaca tttcaggtac cctgtgaacc aaatttgctt tgatgacagt tgatgaattt     93420
     aacattaagt tatatattat aacattttcc ctaaaggaaa aaaattaatt ttaagcttgc     93480
     cgtctttggg gattatgttc acagctgcct acataatgaa atattgagcc aaaatgcaga     93540
     ctcaaaatgg ggaaaaaatg cctaacttac ctgactatag acatcccagt gtttatgtga     93600
     ccagctaagg aacagtcatt gttaaattat acatctgaaa tagcagatta tcaggtggat     93660
     gtttatggca actggaagca acaacaaaca attcaaaaca atgtattcta gctggcttgg     93720
     tgggacaggc ctataatcac agctttttga cattgaaccg agagaaccac aagttcaagg     93780
     cctgccttag ttagagtgag tgcagggagt acttactgag aattttaaag tacacggtac     93840
     aaagagagat gctctgtcat agagtgcatg cctttcatgt gtggggggcc ctgggttcca     93900
     ctgtcagtgc aaccagaaaa atgaacaaac acagaaacaa acagcccaca gcttcagctc     93960
     atgtaactgc tcatcaagga ctctgtaagt aacaggtatt aacaggatta gcaactatca     94020
     tttcaccaag tagaaatacc agtcactcag gacagacatt tttcatccag tggagtaatg     94080
     ggggaattat cagattgagt acagacattt aaggacataa gttcagaaaa gtatttggat     94140
     gcactcaata tgaaagtcat aagccaagtt ttaaaatgta atgcaccttt aggggttgga     94200
     gagttggctt agaggttaag agcactgact gctcttccag aggtcctgag ttcaattccc     94260
     agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccgtctg taatgggatc caatgcccat ttctggtgtg     94320
     tgaagagaat gacagtgtac tctctttaaa aaaaaaaaaa agtaatccac ctttaaaata     94380
     aaaatgacca gttgcagata gttatcttat acccaacctg ctgttccttg cagtacatta     94440
     aatcaacctg gtgtctttct aaaaataaat taaatgacca atataataaa accaggaagc     94500
     ttaaacattt gcatctatgt gcaggtgtga gacctcattt agcagtcaca gatacaaaac     94560
     aagacatttc atttctattt tctcccttct tacaaagtaa cttaggctaa aagtaacttc     94620
     tctggggcta ggaaaaacaa tagcaatctc tggggctagg aaaaacaata gcagggtcag     94680
     gtcttgaact gcttacctgt tttgactcac tccctccttt accatgctat ctatatttta     94740
     atcattttac ttataaactg aaaccatcca cttgtcattt ggctttctaa tagataaaac     94800
     aaacagaagt aaaaataagg agaaaaattc tatgtgcttt gtgattaaac tgattttcca     94860
     aagttatctg taattctaga cataactgta aaacacacaa cttttagacc acattacttt     94920
     atttatctgt ggttgttctt tagagaatag actatagggc aggagctgaa tatatgaacg     94980
     tggaaaaaaa tacaaagcaa atataggcca cggcttatag gaaaagaaga aattatcaag     95040
     ttctgggtca aaacctttta tcaagcactc aatttaaagg tgaatgttgg gtgtttttcc     95100
     ccaaccctgc catttctttc tgattgtctt gttttccttt aaaacactgc ccaagacagt     95160
     ccattaagcc ttcctcaccg catcattaca gctcataggg gctagaaaaa acaagacagt     95220
     ccatcactac agctaacacg ggctagaacc catacctgct tgagtttaaa gtctttgcct     95280
     ctctccgtgt acatgccacc cctgacctca aatactaaaa gaatggaact ggtaaactta     95340
     tgtcaaaact ttaattgtat ttagttattt gtgtgggcaa acccttgagc tctagagtga     95400
     acatcatagg acaactcgcg ggagtggggt tgtggttctc tgtgggtctc agggatggaa     95460
     cgtggtggta ggcgccctta cccgttcagc catctctgca gtcctaaagc aaacattatt     95520
     taaaaaatga taagaggatt ttatagttgg gtggtgtttt actttctcgg agagcagagt     95580
     tttttatttg cttagacaac tgaggttcac tgagagtgag tgactcactc gcccaaggaa     95640
     aagggcgtga gttgtcagct gggccaaagg ttagcgcctg ggctctcaca aatccggcac     95700
     tttaactacc acaagatccg ggtcgggttc ctcgaggccg gttagccgga gactgacagc     95760
     cagagatgta gcgagaagac ccggatccca ggagtggaag caagggcgcg cggaaacaaa     95820
     gcactcgtag actcgacgcc cctcggcccg ggcgcgcggt ggccgtcggg actcgtagtc     95880
     cgctccccac agcgaggggc gcggccgcca acgcggctgc tccctccggc cccggcccgc     95940
     tccgctcagc ccgggagctc tccgtcgccc tcccgcacgg cctcacctcg acaatgcgcg     96000
     cgcactgggt ccccttgccc gcaccgggcc cgcccaaaac gaacacgacc aacggcttca     96060
     tgaggtggag agggaagagc cgcagtgtgc gggtcagcgg cgggcagctc gggaccagga     96120
     cgtgcgggag cagccgacga cagctgctca gcatacaacg cgcttctgac agcggccggc     96180
     gcggcggcgc gggcggggcg gcagggaggg ggcgggcaga gcgggcgccg gggccccgcc     96240
     gccagctgcc ggccgccgtg acaggaaggg gcggggcctc cgtgcgctgc gccagcttcc     96300
     gctcgcggtt ccggttcttc ctaacgtggc tggagaccca aggcatttca gtttcagaac     96360
     ctggattgac gtttaggcag accagtggtt caatctcccg ggtttccctt tcccaagaga     96420
     agcggcctaa ccgaagaggc aagcacagga gtcagtagga acaacggcat tgttgggaag     96480
     gaaaccaaag gaaaatgaga acagtttgag gtttgcaaag aaggcctcta aagaggtgac     96540
     cttggaacca agacttgagg actgaaaaga gcagagactt ggatgcagtg acccgccaag     96600
     agagaagggc atgttagaag gttagggctg gataagtgga atggaaagtc attaatggag     96660
     agttgagtcg gttatggaaa agcacttagg ttatattcta accgcaggga aagactttaa     96720
     gcttagctct gttaccctga ctcgggccat tagggaaaac tctgaagaga gaagaaaaag     96780
     agtgaaaact gagcctggat gaacacaaac ctttgaaaat tggagtcggc agtggtagca     96840
     ttttcatgga gttttttata gtaacagaac aaagctatga atcatggcaa tttttttttc     96900
     agataacttg gtagagatgg tttctagcaa agctggtact gttattggcc ccagatgcca     96960
     aatgatgacg agagggatga gacaagctga tccaaaggta gtgagttatc tcaatggatg     97020
     gttcacaatc agttacagat taaacttcct tcctcctcac tgctgcactt gactagagat     97080
     agagtaagac aaagcccacc tacctcagaa ctcccccagt gtgctttaaa ttgggcctgc     97140
     aagctcactt ctcggtcttt cttggtaatg ggagacccca gcatgctgaa cttctgcaaa     97200
     ataaaacact ctttgtattt acatactttt tgaatccagg gtgtcattct ttgaaaagtc     97260
     atggaccctt acaatcacat tcttagcctt tgggtttgga agctaggatt ctgtttgtat     97320
     gttacaaatg gacttaccta atagtcacaa gaatgttagg tcacatagag gtgaacaata     97380
     aatggttgat tgggggctaa gatagataat ttggctttgg acctacaata ttccagctcc     97440
     ccaaataaga aacctgaagt caaaggctga agcaggaaga tgataggttt gaagcctgac     97500
     tgtattccca gcacttggga ggcaaaggca gatggaactc tgtgaactca agaccaccct     97560
     catctggttt acacttttaa ggtccagacc agccagagct acatagactc ccatctccaa     97620
     aacaataatg aaacccaaac agctcgatac aaaattatat ttgcagcagc tggtaggtgg     97680
     aggtatgaaa agaagtattt cacagccagc ttcaactaca tagcaagttc caagtcagct     97740
     tgggctacat gagaccctgc ttaaaacaaa aaacaaacaa acaaaaaaat ttcaaagcca     97800
     aaataggccc aagaatattt agcaataaga agcaaggagc ttccaggttt gtgtttttgt     97860
     gcatggaaaa acagagcact tgagacttga aagaaacaaa actagtcctg actctctgta     97920
     ttaccaacag aaagtaagtg ccttgtctgg ggcattgccc cacttttgta cagatattaa     97980
     agcagagagg atggagcgtg taccaagagt acacaggcct ttctttaagt cttactgcta     98040
     attagtcact ctggccttag aaaactacta aaaatccttg cactttaaac tgggacaaaa     98100
     gtaaaatgaa aacttgtcta agaccatcaa gaaggagtgg atagttgggg gtgatggtac     98160
     acacctttaa aaccagcact ctggaggtag aggcagtcgg atctctgatc tacagagcag     98220
     gttccagggt atccagaact acacacagaa accctatctt gaaaggaaaa caaataaaca     98280
     gaaaaagccc aaatggactc aattcttaag attgcaggtt ttagtttgct gaccacctat     98340
     gacctagaac acctgatggt aaatttcagt ccaagctcag aaggttccaa cccccctgct     98400
     aggacactag catatgagaa taaggagaac cagtcatact aggaagaggt ggcaggaata     98460
     tgagacaggc cattctagag ctaggcatgg tgagcatgcc tataatccca gtactaaggt     98520
     agagacagct tatgtgtgaa tcctaaaggc ttacaaaatg gccttgtgga taaatgtact     98580
     tagctgtgca ggcctgacga tctgaattca ttccctgtgg aacccttata gccctggctg     98640
     gcctagaact tgctatgtag attaggctga tctctgcctg gctctggctc tggacagaga     98700
     ttgccctttt ttttttttaa ttttttttat tacatatttt cctcaattac atttccaatg     98760
     ctatcccaaa agtcccccat accctccccc ctactcccct acccacccat tcccactttt     98820
     tggccctggc gttcctctgt actggggcat ataaagtttg catgtccaat gggcctctct     98880
     ttccagtgat ggccgactag gccatctttt gatacatatg cagctagagt caagagctcc     98940
     ggggtactgg ttagttcata atgttgttgc acctacaggg ttgcagatct ctttagctcc     99000
     ttgggtactt tctctagctc ctccattggg ggccctgtga tccatccaat agctgactgt     99060
     gagcatccac ttctgtgttt gctaggcccc agcctagtct cacaagagac agctatatca     99120
     gagattgcct ttttaaaaga aagttattta gggccagtta gtgcttcagc aagttaagcc     99180
     acatgctgcc aaacctggag acctgagatc tatctctgga gcccacacag tagaaacata     99240
     tacaatgaag aaaagtctta gaggatttaa aatagaaatt aaaagatcat atcaaagtaa     99300
     acgtgcctta cttccttttg tgcatacata aaagatggtg atcactgctg ggcgtggtgg     99360
     cgcacgcctt taatcccaga actcgggagg cagaggcagg cagatttctg agttcgaggc     99420
     cagcctggtc tacaaagtga gttccaggac agccagggct atacagaaaa accctgtctc     99480
     gaaaaacaaa aacaaaaaac aaaaaaaaca aacaaacaaa aaagatggtg atcactatat     99540
     ctcctctggc caatggagct atcagatctt aaaggtgtga ggtctgtgag aagagtctat     99600
     gctgttggct aaccttaagg aaggcctcga ggcaaacaaa caaacaaaaa aaaagacact     99660
     ctttgttgct tccatagcag agcgcaagaa caaagaattc cacccaaggg tctagttcca     99720
     aaacttcttt gaattcttat gtctgtgtct ccctggataa ctgaccgaag taaattgagt     99780
     gtttgttttc catcctgcca attacctgct gaggatgcta agcaacaaag gaaaataata     99840
     attttatgtt gaaagatata aagaagagaa acccagatgc ctgtctctga caacaagggt     99900
     tttacgagga gtcatttttt aagaaggatc aggctgtgca aagaaacacg tcctttctag     99960
     ttggctcttt gagcatgtta ttatccattg ctatttagca gaagttaatt ggttaaacta    100020
     caagaaacat ttttcttaag acatatagtt tgggttatag ctcatctttg tcctatatgg    100080
     tatcagctaa ttttttccaa aaaatgactc attcacataa ctggtaattt tatgttggct    100140
     tttggtcagt tgctctgcta gaactatgag tttcactaag aattgcttgg atatcttcct    100200
     atctcctgat ggcttgttct gatagtaaac attctaagtg atggggaatg aaaactacaa    100260
     gtgtctaaaa cctggactca aactatcaca gtgatacttc taccatacag aaccttcgaa    100320
     gagagagggt acacaggtac tacttatgag aaaatactat cagagaatct taagctatgt    100380
     ttttcttact ctgtgtccat gagtgtgtgc atgtgtattg acagaggtta acatcaggtg    100440
     tgtatatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta ggccagaggt tgatactagg    100500
     gatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtccgtgtg tgccacagtt gacatcaggg atcttccaca    100560
     atcagtctta tttccatgta tatctatttt ttaggtcctg gttatcttgg aactctctat    100620
     atagaccagt ctggtctcaa actcacagag atttgctttc ttctgctggg gtcaatggtg    100680
     tgtgctactc tacctatcgc tatagtcatt ttttcagtaa gattctcatc gaatcttaag    100740
     ctcaactggc tggtcattga gccctggaga cccccacccc ccaccaagtg ctgagattac    100800
     aggtatctgg aaaaatgggt gctagcagct ggactcagga cttcatgctt atgtagcaag    100860
     cactttagtg gccatctctc tcaccgtgag ccaagtttac taaagctgct gcagttccaa    100920
     aactctcgtg tgtaccctag ctttagtaag atgtgcttga ttatgcaatg cttagagaga    100980
     ttacgtccat gaaccaagcc aaagaggctg ggatttatga gataccagga tacgatggtg    101040
     cttaacattt aagtctgcta ctgtgcaaaa gtcaacctca gcatcttagt cttaatttgt    101100
     ccccaaggaa tccatgttct cttagctaca gatccatttt gtctcagtat cttggaggaa    101160
     gcaatgagtt tcacctaagt acaaacaatt agatgtgcag taacagtacc taaaagatgt    101220
     cacttcctaa agggccattc cctatctaaa ctcagaatat ccacaagctg acacatgtac    101280
     acctcattca ttcataggta cattcgtttt tttggaatgc ccattatgtg ccagataatt    101340
     tgcttatgtt agttaatttg ggcgacatta aaacataaaa tactaatttg actgtttttt    101400
     tctctactag atgtcctttt actcccgggt cacagggagg tccaaggtgc acggagagag    101460
     tgttgtattg gcagtgttca gggtgttttg gcccacagag gcttcttgag ttggaatgag    101520
     aggtagttga atcagccccg ggtaggccct ttggaagagc aggaaacact ctgacagctg    101580
     agccatctct ccagcctatt tcgggagcgc gtgctccgtg ctgaggcaat cttctcagag    101640
     tatgcccgtg ttactagtgt actctctcag ggcttagaag ttgtagcttg tcaccatttg    101700
     tccatccttc ttgtaagaat tgtcctttag agtcccccag actaggttag ctgtgccttt    101760
     tttgtgcacc accccccatc aaatcccatt acttccgttg ttctgttctg cattgggtat    101820
     cttcactctg gactcaaaag ctgcttgaaa gactgtcgtc tctacaggac tgaaaccgca    101880
     tgctattggg acatgagtcg ttcattacat gattgtgaat gtaggctgca aactttgtaa    101940
     acaggttttc ataaccatct agtacactga aagctatttc ctggaggcgt tgctggatgc    102000
     atttcttttg taggtataac tggtctctca ggtttcttgc ttaccacgtt ctaaaagaag    102060
     aaactgggat accaaaaatt aataaaggaa atcagatctg ttacagctgt gggcagaact    102120
     agagtaagaa aagctgctaa tttctctcca tcgttcccag ggcagccttg caatttatag    102180
     aaaccactac acaaaagtca gggagtagtc agaattaggt gtaagacagt ttcatctgta    102240
     ttttcctggg gagggcaact cagtgctgat atcccaggct gcctccaacc ccctcagaat    102300
     ggaaggtatg ttatattgca aaggagggct aattaatcct tggcataatc ttaagagaga    102360
     actcaaaatt caggaggtgg tgagcagcaa agtgaaagcc ctagcagatt tagtgactgg    102420
     tgagggtcta caatctgtat catagctctt actctttata cttctaggta ttgctgaaag    102480
     gtttctttta tttaaattta gattttaaca ttttttagaa ttttgtgtga ctggagagat    102540
     ggcttggggt taaaaggcac ttgctgttat tgcagaggac ccaggtttaa ttctcagtgc    102600
     ccaaacgatg gctcacaatt atcttcaatt ccagttccag ctccttctgg aaggcgcaca    102660
     tgtagtctgc agacaaaata ctcatacata taagaaaaac atgctttaca aaaacaattt    102720
     gggggctgga gagatggctc agcaggtaag agcactgact gctcttccag aggtcctgag    102780
     ttcaaatcac agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccatccg taatgagatc tgactccctc    102840
     ttctggagtg tctgaagaca gctacagtgt gtttatgtat aataataaat aattcttttt    102900
     tttaaaaaaa gaattttaca catgggtatt acatttacat aatttttatc cctcctgcac    102960
     acttcagttc ctcccatgtc ctcctcattc tcaaagtcat gcccctttct tattgttaca    103020
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacgtatatg taaatgcggc ctgctgagtt    103080
     cacttagtgt tgcttgtata tgcatgttta gggcttactc ctcaggacag gataacctat    103140
     caggggtctt gtccctaaag aagactgacg cacccccatc tcagtggcca ttaattgcct    103200
     gtagctctct gagtctgtgt tctatcgctg tgaagagata ccatgaccac agcaactcta    103260
     ataaaggaaa gcatttacaa tggggttggc ttacagtttc agaggtttaa tagttcatta    103320
     taaaattagt gggaaatggg cagaaatggt tttggagaag tagctgagag ttctacatct    103380
     aggtctttag gcaacaggaa gagactgggc ctctaggcct ggcttaggct tccaaaacct    103440
     caaaacatag tgacatactt cctctaacaa tgcctcatgt aatccctgat ccttcccatg    103500
     tagtactatt ccctgatgac taagcattca aacataagtc tattgtgacc attttcattc    103560
     aaaccactac gttcttcacc tagggatgaa gccctgtgag attttttttt tatctcgctt    103620
     atcgactggt gtcatcactg cgcagctctt gcttagatga ccttgtttct gagattacgt    103680
     tggtgcctct tccctttcat gtataggaca ttgtctcata gcagacaccc ttgtctcctg    103740
     gcttttacaa tctgtccctg agcccctgct tctgtgatgt gctgagcctt gtgtagggtt    103800
     gtgttgtaga tgtatcagtg ttgggcaccc cacagttggt tttctctgta tgttaacaag    103860
     ttaaggattc ctgtaaaggt ctccgcagag agaaccttct cgatgaggga tacacttaca    103920
     tgtggatata agaaaaagta tttagaatat agttataaaa tatattgatt caggaaggga    103980
     gaacttccta ttcctgagag gttttatcag agattctgag tcaggtggta caacacttga    104040
     gagatggagg caggaggatg aagagatcag gccaaaccag aaagactttt gtctaaaaaa    104100
     tattttaaaa gagcaacata gaagttgctt ttttattaca gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga    104160
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga ggggattcag ggtttacagg atgcatccca    104220
     tgatcaagtg aagccagggg aagaactcaa aacagaaact aaagcagagt cttcggagga    104280
     atgcttctta tggaacactg cttatcaact tgctcagcta ccttccagcc caggtcaacc    104340
     tgcctaggga tgggactact cacagtgggc tgggccctcc tatatccaat aagagttaat    104400
     gaaatcccac acaggcatgg cctttggcca aactgatctg gacagttaca tgtgtttccc    104460
     tcattccagg tgactagttt catgttaaca gctgaagcta actatgacag gatggaaaga    104520
     gaataaggag aaaaaaagat ccaagccagg catggtggca catgttttta atccccgccc    104580
     tgagaaggat ctctgagact ttgtggtcag cctgatctac atagtgtttc acaacaccta    104640
     gggctacata taccctgtct cataaaagaa gaagaaaatg gaaggaagga aggaaggaag    104700
     gaaggaagga agggagaaag aaagacagaa agaaagagaa aaggagaaag aaaagaagag    104760
     gaagaggagg atgaggagga agaggaagaa gaaagagcag gaaaaataag aaagaaaact    104820
     ccattctcca aaactaattg atgttagtgt ctttttccac ttgggccagt ataacagaat    104880
     accacagact gggtagtctt taaataacaa aatttctcat agttatggaa gtgatgaaag    104940
     ctaatataaa ggcactggtc aattcagtat caggtgaggg cctgcttcca tgttcttatg    105000
     acgtcgaggg tagaaaggaa aaagtaagta ctctggggat cttgtacatg agcaggactc    105060
     ctacacggaa gtactgttgt tcatgatcta ctcatccagt cgtccacttt ctaccatccc    105120
     cttggaagtt aagattttga cagccttcat gccagcactt aggatgaaga ggctgtgaat    105180
     ttcaggtcag cagggctaca tagtgagatc atgctcaaaa acttttttcc aacatgtgaa    105240
     cttgaacaca gttactggga cacggttact ctacagcagt taggatatag aattgtgaat    105300
     gaatttttcc cattataatt agctttattt atattatata tttatataac attatatccc    105360
     taatgtacaa caaatatata taatataatt ataattagta taattgtaca ttgtataatt    105420
     gtaacactta tatattgtac cactaaacta tatacacagc cccaaataat actttttttt    105480
     ttttaagtat gatacagttg aaatggttct ctgtgaaaca aataagagca agacagcagt    105540
     ctttctctgt aaaggtcagt agccacagaa actccagtgt cttggtgtac aatatatatt    105600
     taaataagga tcaaagaatc gcacagtatg aagtcagtct atttaatctg gcaggcaatc    105660
     cagcaataat tcatactggg tttggataat tacctcttat tacctagcct gtaaaacagt    105720
     actttccttg ttttatgctt gccacatcat ttaaacttat gatcacttaa cacaaagttc    105780
     agtgtgtaac aggtccttgg tagcatttgt agttcttatt tctataatga aataaagtat    105840
     aatctttagc cttttgtgac ttaacaaatc agttccccta atctcttcaa atatgggatc    105900
     atggtgttcc tttattagta atgttaactt tagaatacct agtgcagcaa tatttgactg    105960
     ccttttaata aactgacaca ctctcattca taacagtgta caatatgtag ataaggaaaa    106020
     tgaatttcag gagactaaat ggcaccattg ggctggttgc atttaacatt actcaaagaa    106080
     aatatttaaa gatacccgga aatacaagct ttcttaaaaa taaatcgtct ttccaatttt    106140
     aaaataaagc cattaaaatt ttcatttttc agaagccttt tattgggtct catgttgcaa    106200
     cactaggggg cagcacagaa gagtacttcc tgccagctta aaaaagtgag gtaatagcct    106260
     ggttttatag caaggaggac tatgtagatg tggcatgcaa atgaagaatt gtatttgcac    106320
     cagtcacagc agtatttcta gtcccatcag tcacaggcct cgttttgcac caaaataagc    106380
     tttctgctga gccataggag aaatgcctat ccatatgacc taggtgagcc aggtcctctg    106440
     gtgttctctg aggctcatct taaatggtat cccccagaaa tagtgaaggt tctcgggtgc    106500
     agtcgtgctg gagaaaaact gtgaagtgtt gtgcagtggc agtaaagaat ctacaggtgg    106560
     gccatttggg catgatggaa tatcctgtaa cccactctac tcaggagcct gggagcctct    106620
     ctactaagga gcctctgtac tcaggagact gcaagttcct ggccaaccta aggactttac    106680
     taagaccttg actctgaaga aaaaatgggc tggagagatg gctcagcagt taagaatgct    106740
     cttggagagg tcctgaattc aattaccagc aaccacatga tggctcacaa ccatctgaaa    106800
     tggaacccta tgccctcttc tggtgtgtcc gaagacagct acagtgtaca tgtatacata    106860
     aaataaatac ttctttaaaa aaaaaaaaag gaggagtttg ggggcagagg atgtagctca    106920
     gagcacttac ttccttaaca tgccaatcac aatactgcaa agaaaactaa ctaaaaagaa    106980
     cacccgggtt gtcttcaggg cagtcatctt gtttgccaag ggcaaccatt ttccattttg    107040
     atataaagta attatgcacc agagcagggg atgtagctta gctagcaaga tttttttttt    107100
     tttttttttt ttttttggtt tttttcaaga cagagtttct ctgtatagcc ctggatgtcc    107160
     tggaagtcac tctatagacc agcctggcct cgaactcaga aatctgcctc ccgagtgctg    107220
     ggattaaagg tgtgcgccac cacacccagt tttttttttt ttttagtagt ttttttttgt    107280
     tttgtttttt ggctagcagg attcttatac aacatgcaca atagttatgg gttcaagcct    107340
     cagaatggca taaaccaggt gtggggccca cccctataat cccaacactt gaagggcata    107400
     ggtagaaaga tctgggtcat ccttacttcc atagttcaag atcaacatgg actgtatgag    107460
     accctgtctc aaaacacaca agtatttatg cataacatta catatacatc ctgcttagaa    107520
     gtccagtgcc aataaaatgt ttaattcacc atttgctgac acttgagttc tcatgatgct    107580
     tcagcttctc cgatgtttcc tcttgttttt cctgattttt tttttttttt ctaagacagg    107640
     gatctccaag acagccttgg ctgtcctgga actagctctg tagaccacgg tggccttgaa    107700
     ctcacagtgg tgggattaac ggtgtgcact accacaagca ctgggtttca taacctttta    107760
     agatttattt atgggctatg catgtgtggc agccagggat gggtgtgccc aaggaggcca    107820
     gaagacaact gtgatctatc taaccaggat gccggcaacc aagatgatct gcaagatcag    107880
     caagtgctct taaccactga gctatctcta cagccccaga ttttacctgt taaaagtatt    107940
     tacttagtgt gtggtgctag tcactcaacc caggaccctg cacatgctgg ggtcctacac    108000
     tactacttag ctgcatacta gcctcccaga acagtctcag atatacagaa aataaatgaa    108060
     gcacacctcc cacgcacttt cctctttttt tttttaacat cttatataag tatgtacatt    108120
     tgtttctatt aacccaacat tgatacatta ttaatttaaa gtcttttatg tatttagatt    108180
     tttacctgcc ttttaaaaaa tacacaaagt ttaatgtaac atgaactaat cctaagaaca    108240
     cgtttgctac cttcccctaa cactatagac gtgcttcctt tttaatttaa gtcttttctt    108300
     gttttgtttt aattacaacg aatgcctgat catctcaaag atctccaaca tggacctctg    108360
     gcagcacgca cacataaatc acacaccaca actgtcccca atatcagcac tggaaataag    108420
     tataaatagc caccagtatt ttctgttcaa cgagaaggaa tttcccaaaa ttggtaagat    108480
     cgatcatatt ttagaaacaa cttaaagcaa atttaacctc ctctatctct gatcatctaa    108540
     gggcttgaaa actttttttc tcctgagaca gggtctcatg cagaccaagt tggtctttga    108600
     tttgcttcgt agcttagaag acctctctgc ctccacccac ctcttcaaag ctgggactaa    108660
     ggcggcgcac caccacactc gactctagtc ttttgagaca gggtctctaa ataattccag    108720
     cttgtctcta actcgtggcg agcctcctgt ctcagcacct gcctcggaag agcgcaggaa    108780
     ttacagggga gaaccaagct tggctaagtg gatcccagca gtcagaccac aatctgtgca    108840
     ggaagcactt ccagcaaacc agccgggatt tcttttttta actgcgcatg cgtttggcca    108900
     atgccagcca aaccggaact taaccgttga ccaaatgaag gtttaaatcc tctgagtagt    108960
     gacacagagc tgcgatggcg ccctcggttc tttaaagaac cttgggatag ggcgagcgct    109020
     aatcccaggc tgggctccga ttggtcgtca cagcagtctg cagttgagac gttgcgtgac    109080
     gaccgtggta ccgcccctgc agcgggactg gccgggcttc tggccaatca gcaggcgcgg    109140
     cgcgcccttt ggttccctcc agcgagcgct tgccgcctcg gttcccgcga ccccaacgtc    109200
     ccagaggcgg ggccgcagtc atctgagacg ctacctggat cctgactctg cgtgcccaac    109260
     aaacgggccc aacaaccaaa ccctagcttg gcggcggccg tgacaacagc gacggtggat    109320
     ctttgagctc ctgattcccc gaggcgccct acgggcccgg gaagcacggt gagtaacaag    109380
     cggcctgtaa ggtcggagtt agcgcggtgg aaccgatgac cacagggccg ccaggggaga    109440
     aagaaggcgg acctcactgc taaaaaatgg gaaagaagtt tacattgtga cgtgcctcag    109500
     attgacttca ctgtagaaat ttcttggaga ctgaaaccct gatccttgct tttttgcatt    109560
     ctttctatct gacccagact gtgtaaggaa tctattacgt gtttatagtc cgtggtctac    109620
     aggaagtaga cctatgtcaa aagtgaggcg tggacgtaca gtgtctgaac acaaagacag    109680
     tgatgtcacc ctgagagatt gcacattcgt gttgggggtt ggatgatagg atttagtagg    109740
     aaattccaaa ggaaggggag gacagcctgt gtagtcctat cgactgctga tagtcgagtt    109800
     aggactggag gatgagtgac cggggttatg gttgcagtaa ttgggtagga ccttaatatg    109860
     aagggttttt attttatata tgaagaaaag ctattgactt tctagtcagg ggaaaaactt    109920
     gtacataaac ccatttgtgt ctgcactgga gggacttgtc agtaaatctg gctgggctga    109980
     ggaggacagc taaggtggga ggccagaaag aactttctat gggtaagagg gagaagaggt    110040
     gagggtgact tgatggtcct catttgctgc acaatgaaga cattccctga gcagactatt    110100
     tttgttaggt acaggtttgt acagctttgg ctccattagc tttataagta atactatcaa    110160
     gatgagctag ttatcaaatc tcatttggtg gctttcagat gagaaagacc taatgcatga    110220
     aaggagagac aggcacttaa gtcattcctg ttggtgagga aaacttatac tttgtggggg    110280
     tagagttatc agtgtgatta ctgataccat ggcagtcaac tgctaaagaa aggcttcttt    110340
     taaaacaagc aaacaaacaa acaagaaaaa caagcctgta tttcaagaag tttcatatct    110400
     ctgggataag ttttaattga tccttaaagg ttatatccag tagaactttg ctctcccaat    110460
     atttttagcc ttagactata tagaaaaggt ctcttctaaa tgacttacac ctttgttagt    110520
     aatcctctat cttgagtcag atgattcatt ttttaaattt ttcattagtg tttaaaatgt    110580
     atttattgtg tgttcatgtg tgtgcatgtg cacatgtatg ctgcagtgtg catgtggagg    110640
     tctgaggatg actttcagga gtcggctcct tctgccagta ggtcctcgga atcgatcaaa    110700
     ctcaggctgt tagttttgac agcaagcact tttagcctct gagccatctt acgtaaggcc    110760
     ctaagattgt tatctattgt tagcattgct gttgtgctat gtatgtgata tgtgcatgtg    110820
     agagcagaag tctgtcccac tgtgtgcatg tggagatcaa aggacaacgt tccagagtct    110880
     gttctttgtt tccacctcga attctgagaa ctgaatcatt agccttgcga cagcaactac    110940
     taagcctctt tgtctacctc agacaagatt tttttttctg aaaccgaaac aatgcgtaga    111000
     agattaaaaa aaattaagac ttaaaaagta catatgtgct ggctgggctt ggtagtgtgc    111060
     acctgtatcc cagcacttga aggggggtga ggaacacatg atccccagaa agcccaaaca    111120
     ggaaacttca tgatacattt ttataaacaa ctaaaatgaa catatgcatc aacagactgg    111180
     ctcttgtgac aatgaacagg aagatctctg tccccacaaa ccgacttgtt ttgggtttgg    111240
     atatagtcac acttaactgg atattctcac tagtgttttg tacacctgta gtttccacct    111300
     ctttttagtt tcaagtccat atgtctaatt tccaactgga taggttcgtt cagtactaat    111360
     gaacaaaatg tataaccctg acagaaatca ctatgtagac caggctggcc tcaaacctag    111420
     aggtccatct acctgcctct acctgcctct gccaagtgct gggattaaag ttctgtgcca    111480
     caaaaccttg tgtttaaaaa aaaatgaacg gaaggaagag atttggggaa acaaatgtgc    111540
     ttcctaaatg aataggtgta tttgttgcta aattaaatat tgaggttact ttataggctg    111600
     aatgactctg gagtataaaa gcaatcaaaa tctgttaaca tcgactcgtt tatttttctc    111660
     tgtattgtac attgaatata gggccttaca taaagtaggc aagaatgctc catcctgtga    111720
     tttacatgca tttaatctta ctaatctgct acttttcata taagcaactt aattttgcca    111780
     attattttgt tactatatgg ttaagaatgg tcctcatttg ctacacaatg ttcttctatg    111840
     cttaacaata tttctttatt tctgtaaggt actgaggatt acaaattgac taaatcactc    111900
     accaaatata gagcctgtag ttccttcagc ctgtaattcc agatgaatac caggtacaga    111960
     aattttattt tattgagtat atatttagat gttttgttat ctatgtgtat gagtgttttg    112020
     cctatatgta tgtattggca acatatacat ttctggtgcc caagaaggcc agaagaagta    112080
     tctgatccct cggaattgga gctatagttg gttgtgagct acctgtaagt gccaggaaat    112140
     aaatctgggt cttctgctag agcagcaagt actcttaatc gtgagccatt tatctctcca    112200
     ggacccgttt tagttttttg agccaaaagc tacatagcgt gactggcccc acactccctc    112260
     actcagttct tctgcctcac cctccccgta gctaggataa taggcacgtg ccactgtgcc    112320
     gggctgtgtg tttagttatt tggtggatgt cttgccgtat tgctgaggct gatcttaaac    112380
     aacaaactca ttttaatact tcttcctcag cctctcaagc tttggggccg caggtgtacg    112440
     ctgccatgcc tgccttcaaa atatttcctt ttattatagc tacccacatt agcttgcgaa    112500
     ggaatactgg aagagaagaa agaacacagt ctttagaacc aggaatatct ggctccacag    112560
     ttaaaatggt ggccccctgg tccagttcat tcactgtgcc cctcgctgta taatgaggat    112620
     ggtgatcact ttctaattga ttcccaggaa gtagtaagaa ggcgtattaa gtggaaggca    112680
     tgggcatatg tagggaagga cttagtaagt tctagctccc tttcctctta cacttaatga    112740
     catagacttt ttttttttta atttggtaag aaattatctg aactgaggct ataaaataga    112800
     agattgctca tttccaccct agaggaatgg aaagtttttg gagttcctgc tttctaagca    112860
     ccgggtcctt ggtggtaatc ttctcacatt ggccaaccca agatcctcca tgtttcctga    112920
     agtgattctt tttccgtaga gtagggagga ggagctggcc acctgtccct gctgttctta    112980
     gtctgttatt ccatggggga cctggcaacc tggcttaggt ggtttagttc tttggaccat    113040
     tatttccccc ctagagaaga gcaattaatg ctgccatatg gatttttttc ttcttctaaa    113100
     ctatagttat gcccatgggg agctcttata ttctctgttg cttcctttgt gccagatgtt    113160
     ttggatgaag acaataagaa acgtggccca gggaggctct catatttctt ttactttaat    113220
     cctgaccctt ctgtatcata ctgctgtagt ttttttcttt ttttaatttg tttgttttga    113280
     gatggggtct ctctacgtag ccctggctgt cctgaaactc actatgtaga cgagattggc    113340
     ttcaaactca gagatctgct tccctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggtgtgtgcc    113400
     accatgcctg gccccatata gtattttttt aatgaacata aaatacagca tagagatatt    113460
     caatctgttg tcatataatt tataagtagt atcgttagga ttttagctgg catgactctt    113520
     cattgtacta aggaaataaa cccaaagtat tattattgtt tgatctttaa aggtactatg    113580
     aaccgtggaa atgaggggaa aaaaagacag cactgaacac ttaacaatga attagagata    113640
     attttaaggc attttatata tgtgttcaat attcagcata acttcaagaa agcattggtg    113700
     gtcttttttg tcataatcaa gtccttaaca tggctaccca tagctttttt tttttttttt    113760
     tttttttggc tggcctggta tttctagtct tggccttgta aggacttaga atgcctggca    113820
     aagagaatta actttcttat aaaatatata cttttttgct tttctttgta ctttaattgt    113880
     tggtttttta aaggtttcct tcaagcaaga tggtaccttt ccattttccc ccatcaaaat    113940
     tggcactttg gaacccaatg ccaattggag agtgcatcta cttgcatctc agttactaca    114000
     ggtatgtttc tcttttcagg tcaagccagg gtaagctgag tcagaatatg taagacagac    114060
     ttgattgatg ttattactaa ttacaagttg ggctacctaa atcccaaagt ccaagttttt    114120
     ttcttttgtg tgtgtgtgtc tttgtcccca ctggtggaag ccaaaggttg gtgtccagtg    114180
     tcttctattg ttctcacctt ctcttttgaa tcaggatctc actagctctg gagcttgcct    114240
     ctcagggagc ctgctggcca cctcaccccc tcctccccca accacgaggg gagaccgatg    114300
     gtgccactgc acccatcttt tatgtggatg tagaagagcc acagtcaggc ccttgtgctt    114360
     gtgtggtagg aaccatttcc ccagactgta aaatctgaag cttgaactgg caagatggtg    114420
     aagtgggtaa agacacttgc cctcaaaacc tgaagcttac tgcgcatcca caagagacta    114480
     tacagtggtc cattctatat ttttatctaa atacaaaata tagttatatt aaaattacct    114540
     tcagactcta agatatttgt aaacatcagt gaacttaagt gtttagattt gagttccatc    114600
     tcccagatct tgtatgtgca aatattccca aacctgaagt tgttgtggtc ccaggtattc    114660
     aggaaacgat gctcaatctg tgctgtttta aaaactttct cacttaaagt ttgtatcaga    114720
     taaaaattcc atctgcttat taagttttcc ttatgctttt gagaaataat ctctctcttt    114780
     taaaaaaata tttatttatt ttatgttttt aagtgcactg tagctgtctt cagacacaca    114840
     ccagaagagg gcatcgaatc ccattacaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gtttcttgga    114900
     attgaactct ggacctctgg aagagcagtc agtgctctta tctgagccat ctctccagcc    114960
     tgattcattt tacttttaat cacattagta caggtgccag aagaggccag atccccttta    115020
     actcgaatta caggtgattg tgagccatct gatggtgctg ggattgaact caggtcctct    115080
     ggaagggcag tatgagctct tatctactaa gccatctcct cagcctccac cccctaccca    115140
     ttccctccct tttaaagaca ggatcttgtc ttgctacata gctctagctg gcttgaatct    115200
     gatcactatg tagatcagat tggcctcaaa ttctgaggtg cctgcacctc ctgagttctg    115260
     agattaaggg tttatgccac catgactagc tgttttgttt gaaatatatt tatgttatgt    115320
     attcaagaat gctgagatca gacataaatg atatataaag aaaagaatgt gactgttttt    115380
     gtcaatcttt atttacggaa acatcagctt cctagtttgt cagtttgtat tctggcccag    115440
     gttaggcaag aacctggggt ggcgtttgtg ccttttttgt cagcttatgg ccagtctggt    115500
     ttccaggtgt ccttgtcttc ctcttgccgt ttacagggtt tcttgactag ggatctctag    115560
     atgattgtct ttgtgtacag tcttaaaatt ctttgttaca ttttagtcag tacttttata    115620
     gaaggttttt gtttaatgtg gctatttcct aaggtggaca ttaggcatac cacgttcaga    115680
     aaagactttt cttatttttc agaaagccaa agcttatggt aactgaaaag gccatccgac    115740
     ttgcttatcg tcatgctaag cagaataaaa aaaatgtgcc atgcttctta cttggttctc    115800
     tcacagtgga tgaaggtaat atgttgtaaa ataaagaaac acacacacac acacacacat    115860
     acacacacat gcacgcacac acgggcgcgc tcaggctgtt atagaatata cattggtttc    115920
     agctggctat tgcatgtgct tttgctaatt tctttgctgt acatcatgga tataaatatg    115980
     agtaaaacta cccattacag aattcatggg gtagtcacct ggtagactac ataagctatc    116040
     attttttagg taagatttta ctatgataaa aatatttttg ctgaaatgta gttctgcttg    116100
     gtggttttat gtttttaatt agcatgttat ataatagaaa tatttctgtt ctgcagatga    116160
     agaaggtgtg acattgacca tagatcgctt tgatcctggt cgagaaatac ctgaatgctt    116220
     agaaagaact cctactgctt ctcttcctgg agattttttg attccctgca gagttcatat    116280
     tcaaggactt ggttcaaggg atgtgatagt tcataatgca gatgacttca gttcagcttt    116340
     aaaggtgaaa tttattgata acattctttt tttataatag tctttagttt ttaaaattat    116400
     gacataattg caccatcttc ccctgttctc cctccaactc ctcttgtgtg catcccctca    116460
     cgctctgaaa tttatgacct ttcaaaaagt tattgttaag gacacacata cacataattt    116520
     cagcctactc tatataatgt tacctcagca ctgactgctt catattggat aaccaattag    116580
     tgtgcagttc ccaaaggaag actgtctcct actcccaacc tttcccagtt gcccgtagct    116640
     ctttgtctaa ggttgagatc tcataagatt tctccctgtc atgttagcat gtctgtggat    116700
     gttgtcatca tttgggactt acttaggcag ccatgttgat gagacttcat taatgcagcc    116760
     tatctgacat ttctagtaga aacagtctca catgaaatgt cctgttctcc ggctcttaac    116820
     aatttttctg tcctcttcag cagtgactcc tgagccttag gtgcaggagc tgtgttatag    116880
     gtgttctatt taggacttat tctttctgca ttttgatcag ttgtggtttt ctgtaatggt    116940
     ctcctgttac aaagaaaagt ttttttgagg tgtaagggtt acatgtacct gtgtatagag    117000
     gataaatatt taaaatgtac ttagtttagg aattatgcag tttagtaaac ttgcagttga    117060
     aggttttcca aaatccatga tgtttctagc cctgggtggt tggccaggtt tctagccccg    117120
     gcatgacttc cctcttgagt gagcctgaag tccaattaga aagctgttaa tcaccaccaa    117180
     ggtgcgtgcc ctgctattgc ttccttaggg ttatggtgcc tttctggccc tgtggttcat    117240
     aggtgtcata cctaggcagg actatttgct tgccttcctt ggaagtttgt atggcacgtt    117300
     gtggtgctgt gaaaactaat ccgtaggtag gatgttttgg ctcagatcca gctcagtgtc    117360
     tctgaatcct gtgtctgaag tgtagatggc attattttta attatatatg agaatgatag    117420
     tgtgtgtagc ttatagtatt ttgatgagtc atacagattt gagaattatt tgtaatgtgt    117480
     gattgaatca ttgtggattt aaaaatcaaa ggtaacgtgg tttcttgaga ctagagatgg    117540
     ctactattcc agaagaggaa gcagtgggag caagacagaa agaaggtcta ggaagtgctc    117600
     aggggttcta atggtatata gactttcgct aagggcaatt agactggagt atacatttgc    117660
     ttaaattata gagagcttta ttggagagct ttatacacat ttcttttgtg ttagagattt    117720
     ctgaaaagaa acagttgtgt cagatctgat caagcaggct cactgaagtc agagaatgat    117780
     gattgactag gttggatgta tattagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtacactaa    117840
     tatacatgca gtggtagctg taagaataaa aaggacacag tagatatggc taaatatgga    117900
     aaagaagagc taccctgatt tggataatga ggaaggaacc aaaaaggagt gagtgattga    117960
     gattccctaa ggctgagtca taattgcgtc ctatacccca gcaccccact gtagtaaaac    118020
     ttattagggg cgataattac ccaacatgaa tttaaagagc tgctaggaca tccaagttgg    118080
     aaatttatgt tggagctgag tacttgcttt gattaaatta ttcacataat ctttcatcat    118140
     gtgaaagaaa taagaagtga aatgttgtga attagaatta attttgttaa tgtaagatat    118200
     catagaggca tatgtagcaa tgttaaatga actttaaaga tatggatgca cttcaaagtt    118260
     ttaaaataat tatataatat tgattcctca ggctttacaa taccatgtgt gtagcaaaga    118320
     tttcttggac tgtggaaagt tgctttgcct acgagcccaa atcaccccca gggagagttt    118380
     agatggtgtg gattttaact tgcaatggac agcagtaact ctagcaaatt ccttcaagtg    118440
     tgtgcctgtg aagcctatcc ccattatccc tacagcactt gcaagaaacc taagtagtaa    118500
     tttgaatatt tctcaagttc agggaaccta taaacatggg taagtaaaag atccattcgt    118560
     ctaagcttta aggattgatt gaattaatat atttttcaat aatactaatt cctatagtca    118620
     gtttacaggt cagagatcca tctcctttta gggaaagtgg gttttatgtt gtgttctcat    118680
     actctttggc agtattagaa gaatgtcatg tacagaggat tagttatccc tcccttaatg    118740
     cagttccttt cactgaaaag tcacatttgt cctatcaagt tgcctggaga cttgcattca    118800
     cttttttcag tagcatagtt ggttctgaaa ttgtcctctt tagtgttaac actatttaca    118860
     agtaatatgt aagtaaactt gaataaaata ttttaagtat gtaattctaa atgactattt    118920
     taataggtca aaacattgca catattgtct ttgtggcttc tttttcatcc actaccaaaa    118980
     atagagtttt gtttaaatga aacggagttt caagactcgg tctgcatttt gagggttgaa    119040
     agcacacact tgaagttatt cttacttaag tttcttctgc ttagatatat tactatggat    119100
     gaaactcgca aactgttact tttgctgcaa tcagatccca aggtctcttc tctcccgtta    119160
     gtgggaatgt gagtattagt ctacctaaga aaacctctcg gcttagtgtg gatccagata    119220
     atcgggaaaa tcgttggctt ttatgtgtgg ttgggttttt ttgttcctct tgttggtttg    119280
     ttgttttggt tttgtgtgtg tgtgtttgtt ttttgaggca gagcctttct gtgtagccct    119340
     ggctggcctg gaactcacag aacctcttgc ttccagagtg ctgggattaa aggactgtgc    119400
     cacctcatct ggtttgagct ctttttataa agctacaaaa gctggtgctg cttaagcttc    119460
     agtattttaa tattaatcag ctaaataata tttctgaatc ctagttgaag ttgaaggtct    119520
     ccagccttct cattaaattt gtctttatag agaatccagg attcaacata ataaaattta    119580
     aaatctgttg aaggcagtcg tacagaaagt tcctttaatg ttaatgtttt tttttcttta    119640
     cagttagtgt gttaatgaca ttgagaaaga tgattcagaa actcatattt attcagtgtc    119700
     gattaggtgt tttagtgtgc atagcatgtt tggttctgtg ttagggctta aaaccccttc    119760
     tcaaagaatt taaactcaaa gtcaggtgat attcacacag agagagagag agagagagag    119820
     agagagagag agatcacgaa aaagaaaagg tatttgcaaa tgcaaaatag taatcaacaa    119880
     ttagtatatg atttacctat gaaatgaaca ctgaaaaata aacatagtgc ctgtggctgg    119940
     gcagtgaggg catgcacctt taatctcttc acttttgagg cagacacaga cagatctctg    120000
     tgagttcaag ttcaccctgg tctacagagc aagttctaga acagccaagg ccacacagag    120060
     aaactgtctt aacagaacaa aacaaaattt aattaaaaag aagtaattat agcatttttg    120120
     tctgtttttt gaggctggat ttctcagggt agcccttgct gtcctggacc ttattctgta    120180
     gactaggttg gccctaaact cagagatctg cttgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggaata    120240
     aaagcatgtg ccaccaccac ctggcagttg tgggcatttt cttgtaaggt atctctacat    120300
     tttgggatac ctctatgtat atattacagc actttaacct ctccacaatt cctagtttta    120360
     ggcacaaact ttggtctcct ctgattgtgt tcctttccag tccatgctca cttatttaga    120420
     tacctgtgat gccccccata gacctctttt ctctcccaca tccaaatgga agagataaac    120480
     accatggact tggctcttcc tgtatgtaca tgtgatgtat ttatgttgcc atagatacca    120540
     gtgtagtctg cctctgaatt ggcaatgtga tttttttttt ttatttgtca agtttttaat    120600
     gtactactgt tgctcatcaa ggatcgatct tggaaagcgt gtgatccgaa gtttgtaaat    120660
     tttaaataac tatagtgggt tttcttttta ttttgaggta agctctccct gtgtagccct    120720
     gctaccctag aatttgcctc agcctctaac agttgggatt atagctgcat gccaccatac    120780
     ttgactgatg atatactttc tgtctttctt ttagctggct ggctggaatt atacatgtct    120840
     atagccctca ggtatgggct tgctgcttga gatacatgtt cagttcttcc attcaggaaa    120900
     ggcaagtgat gttttatatt attttagttt gattgcttct gtttatagtg tattggtttc    120960
     agttaaaatt catacactgc tttagtacat aataaatgtg tacttttaag gaaaataagc    121020
     ctcatattaa ataaaactaa acagtaagaa ggtaagcgta tagcgatcat ataggatgtg    121080
     ttaacttgag aggcactgag tgaaagatca cacagtaagc atgctagtgt ggctagacag    121140
     gacagagagg caggatgcta gctcaagaaa gatgaatgga aagtctttgt ttgctttttc    121200
     ttcagtcttt tgagacaggg tcttaatctg tggccaagat ggttttgaac tccgtgtgtg    121260
     gcccagattg actttgaact caaggcagtc ttaactgccc tagcctcttt gagtgttaga    121320
     tctataggtg tgagctgtta tttcaggtta cagacgcatt gacagtcttt gctaatctaa    121380
     tagaagcatg ctcttttcca gcatttatga catttcttgc actatgcttc tttctcatat    121440
     ttctcatgtc tgtgtaagaa tgcttgatct ttgaactgga cttacagaca gtcatgagct    121500
     gacatgtgga tgctgggaat tgaacttgag tcctttgaaa gagctgccag tgcacttaac    121560
     tattgaggca tctctccaga ccccaacacc cttttaattc ttttattttg ttgtgttgtg    121620
     tattttgttt taggtgtgtt ttaccttcat gcttgtctct atatatacta tttgcatact    121680
     tggtgcccat ggagaccaga agagagcact cactgtaccc ccggaactgg aggtacaggt    121740
     ggttgtgaac taccagctgg atgctgggaa ttgaacccag gtcctctaga agagcagcaa    121800
     gtgctcttaa ctgctgagcc atctctctag ccccaacccc aaggttattt tgtttgtttt    121860
     ttgtttttta gtcaaattcc tcccttttct ttcttactta ggaacttcac atttaggagt    121920
     ataaataaaa gaagccctgt cttttttttc tgatgctttt atagttatac tttatatatt    121980
     tgattcagct ttccaagtga attttattta tttgtactca aacaagccag acataatgaa    122040
     gcagattacc tgtgatccta gcactgggag cctagggcag aaggaccagt tttaggccag    122100
     cctgagctac ataacaagtt ccaagccagc ctacattatc tgagtccttg ccccagaaac    122160
     aaaaagagag gatgttaagt gttttctttg tttttaagtt tttatcatta ttttatgggt    122220
     gttttatctt acatgtttgt ctgtgcatca catgtgttcc ttgtgttcat ggaaaagagg    122280
     gcatccagtg ccatcggact ggagttacag gtggttgtga accaacctgt gggcgctggg    122340
     tatggaaccc aggctctaca agaggattga gcgctcttaa ccactgagcc atctcttcag    122400
     ggtgctaaat gttaattatt ggttcttttc tatgatatag tacagttaag ttttattacc    122460
     aattattcat cttgttttaa gtttctatag tcaggagatg ttcagtaaaa gctcaggggg    122520
     tgctgaattc ctggactcaa gtgatcattt ttacacttgc aagtgagatg tgcataccat    122580
     tgtgtgattg tgtgtgcatt cttgagatct tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    122640
     tctctctctc tctctgaagt ggaagctggg tggggaagtt ttcattttcc atttcatata    122700
     ttcctgtttt ctttgatgtt ttacaaagag tgtttatata ttttattata gaattttttt    122760
     attaaaaaat tagtaacttt gggggctgga gggatgtctc agtggttaag agcgctgact    122820
     gcacttacag agagttctgg tttgattccc agtaccctca tactggctct ctgcctccaa    122880
     gggcatcagg cctgcgtggt gtgcaggtac acatatgcag attaacattt atatacataa    122940
     aaataaataa gtttattttt taaattgtta gcattaaaag gtaagctaca tgctttaaat    123000
     gagccactaa ctagattggg aaacttaccc aggagatctt tcattataac gttattatca    123060
     caaaaattta attcaatgct atttttttgt ttagggtttt ttcagaatct ggaaatttca    123120
     tcatagttct ttattcattg acacataagg agcctgagtt ttatgagtgc cttccttgtg    123180
     agagtaggac gcccgacctt cagtttcagt tactaaccaa caaggagact ttgcatcttt    123240
     tcaatgtaag tgcttatgct acctgtgttg tgttattttt ctcatcactc agaccaaaat    123300
     atctgacata aaccaggaag gggggagtct tattacagct cacagatcag ggacttcagt    123360
     ctgtgcatgg ttgtctggtt gcatatgcta aagcaggcca tcgtggtagc aggactgtgg    123420
     gatagaagag agacactcac ttcctggcta ccctggaagt ggcgcatcag gagcatagac    123480
     acgcccctgt ccttcctcca ttcagtcagg gcttcagcca ctaagatgat accaagtgca    123540
     ctctgggtgt gtcttcatca cttagtccac tctggaaaca ccttcaccaa tggcaagcag    123600
     agatgcccca cccatggagg tgaatcaact aaaaatttac catcagttct tgtccttcta    123660
     gtcattgttt ttcagtagct tattcactgt attattttgt actgttgagg attagttttt    123720
     attgttgtgt ttttgtttta ttgtttttgt ttttctgtaa acagccctgg ctgtcctgaa    123780
     ctcactctat agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcacagagat ctgcctgctt ctgcttccca    123840
     agtgctagga ttaaaggctt acaccatcat gcccagctga ggattaattt ttgatgtttt    123900
     tcttgttgtc acttattttt taacacatgg ctataattaa taatatataa aagattttcg    123960
     tgggagcgag agatatggct gagtggttaa gagcttcagt gactgttttc cagaggacct    124020
     gggtttagtt tcccagccat cccctagtgc ctcacaacaa tctgtaattc cagccctagg    124080
     agatgcaata agataatgta aaaatgcatc taggagccca gccaactggg tcaggctttt    124140
     aatcccagta ctcagtaggc agaaagcagt cttagttcag aggctagcct atgttccagg    124200
     agagccaggc atttgtttta agaccttgtc tctaaaaata aagtaaatga tgcatctagg    124260
     tggttgttac agagaaagta ggtctttgaa attgtcatat aaaaaactaa atttaaagga    124320
     taagccaagt gtggtgatgc atgcctttaa tcccagcact taggaggtag ggacaagaca    124380
     tatctctatg agtttgaggc cagcctggtc tacataatca gttccagggt agtcagggtt    124440
     atgtagtgag gccctgtctc aaaaaagcaa aacaaataat agtaattaaa aaataaatga    124500
     cacctcattt tccccgtgct agattcaaaa tctttggctc aaataatcct cctgtatcag    124560
     actcctttag tacctaggct tgcatctgtc tacttttgat tctggcccca acactacttt    124620
     ttttttttaa agatttattt atttattata tgtaagtaca ctgtagctgt cttcagacac    124680
     accagaagag ggcgtcagat ctctttatgg atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctgga    124740
     atttgaactc cggacctttg gaagagcagt tgggtaccct tacccactga gccatctcac    124800
     cagccctttt tttttttaat tactatttat cttaggtctt aaataaaata tattcattat    124860
     tttattatga gaatattaaa taactccaaa ttaactccag tatggttcca ctcatctcat    124920
     ctgttttctt tgaattcctt tatggattgt atcatttcat gaatacattt ttatcttaca    124980
     gtactcactg catccctggt tactgaatga gtttcataat gcagggttag gttcttattt    125040
     tcacttaaca aagcactaag gcaggcatgc tacagaagca ggttacagac atcagaagca    125100
     ttcttgtcag tgatccagag ctactgttcg gataaatggg gttctttgct attttaagtc    125160
     aaatctctaa agtatgacct acttcatttc agaacgttga accttctggc aaaaacccaa    125220
     tccattttga actcagtgcc gagagtcaag atgccgaagc cgaggcagag gttcttagca    125280
     agatttccaa gactcttcca gtgaagaggt aaaagataat atttattacc gtgtgttttc    125340
     tttactagtt tttattttca ttgggaaatt aaaatagttt ggggacaagt aagatgtctt    125400
     aatgggtaaa gtcacttgct ctccagttta tccacttgag tttgatccct ggaacccacg    125460
     tataggtgga aggagaaaag caactctgga gttgctctct ggcctctacg tgtggaggca    125520
     tgctttaccc ctaccctgaa ataaataagc atgattttct ttttaagact tcgaattatt    125580
     tctggtagtt gcttgataaa ctcagctcaa agctgtcttt gaatgctagg ggtttttttg    125640
     tttgtttgct tgcttgcttt cttgtttgaa gaaatttcag tttgcccttt gactctttca    125700
     ttagaaacta ttttattttt aaatcatcgt ggcaggtgcc ttgactgttt ctcaagtgtt    125760
     ttattcattt gtttagtagg agtataaaat taagggattt gttatgctgt ccttacacat    125820
     acattctgtg ctttgtgcat ttgcactctg ctttctactt cccttcctct tcctcttaaa    125880
     tagttcccac ttggttttca gacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    125940
     cacagagcta aatctatatc caaatattag agaagacaaa tatttaaatg tggtttattt    126000
     cagttaaact atctttgatc catccatgtt cctgagaatg tcattacgcc actctcatgg    126060
     ctgaggaaac tcattttctt tcttttttct tctgactatg ggcatttagg ttggttcata    126120
     tcttctattg ttaacagtgc tacagtaagt tttgctttat atttttattt atttgcttta    126180
     tatttttatt tattttttgc agtaccagga atcaaaccct gaactttttt tttttttttt    126240
     ttttttccgt ttttctagac agagtttctc tgtatagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact    126300
     ttgtagacca ggctggcctc taactcagaa atcagccagc ctcctgagtg ctgggattaa    126360
     aggtgtgctc caccacgccc ggctaaccct ggacttctta gatgctagac aagtagtcta    126420
     ctattgagct gcatccctaa gccattttaa aaaccttttt attttaattt agaagattca    126480
     tttatcatat gtgttttgtc tgtatgtatt tatgggtacc atgtgccttc agaggtcaca    126540
     agagggcctc agatctcctg gaaccagagt tgtaatggtt ttgagctgcc atgtgagttc    126600
     taggatccaa aaaagccctt gaacaaagtt accttggagc catctctcca gttccttagc    126660
     tttttaaaat atagcctgaa ccttcttttc agctttcttt aatgttatat atttaggata    126720
     ttgttcagag aaataagcag atataaataa attttttatt gattattgga atgttttagt    126780
     tttattgaga aaaatggctg gaatcagata tatctgcatt caagtcttta ttctgggggt    126840
     cagaaattaa aaatgtttga atctaaagac caaaatattg gcaggctatg atcattgtag    126900
     agttttgggg tttttgtctc ttagcttcta gaaaccgtct gtattgcctg tctcaagcct    126960
     cttacactgt tttcaaagcc agcctatctg cttcaagtct cccactacct ctcctttcct    127020
     tctcatcctc tgacacctac ctgtgctttc accatcacat cttctctcta atcctgacca    127080
     taattacaat tatgcagggt cagcaggcaa gggtgcatgc ctttaatccc agcacttggc    127140
     aagcagaggc cggcggatct ctaggttccc agctcgcctg gtctacagag tgagtttcag    127200
     gaaagccagg gttatgcaga gaaatgctgt ctggagtgtg tgtgtggggg ggtattatgt    127260
     tgaatctact tgaggaaccc cagataatca ctgtgtctga agagtcttag atccacagcc    127320
     tcctttatac acttaggaac tgagaggcac tagggttaga gagtgtctga agtgctcctt    127380
     tccatctttg tgggcataaa gttatcctca aacagattag ggcactggaa actagtcctt    127440
     cttgtctatt gcagtcataa ctttctaaat tgtaagcttt atttaccatt gtatttaata    127500
     tttatgaaag aacaggctaa gtgaagggag tagactccta aatgttaaga ggctaggtgt    127560
     atgccttcga gtaggggctt acctaatatt tgcaaatccc tggctttgat cccagcacca    127620
     ccaaagcaac aacagaactg ttgaaaactt tcttgttttc aactctcaat gaagccttaa    127680
     tgaggatctg ccactttagg gtttagtaaa ttttgcctga aagactgata acaacttcaa    127740
     gtttttcctt tttggtttgg gtgtttaaaa acaacctgag tttatcattt gacttcaacc    127800
     catttttggc tctcgtgtgt ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    127860
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgttaaa gaaataactc aagtgcaaag ccccgtaccc tgtcttcctc    127920
     catattggac tgtctgcctt aagctgctat cctacttgct cttttattct gctgagatta    127980
     cagtcaattc gccgtctttc tgtcctctcc tctgaggtca tgtagagggg gttaatgata    128040
     tatcactact ggtaataaga cagcatggct cacatctgtc tgtgttgctg tctgctgaga    128100
     tgtgtccact tttagctaat ctttgacttt gaggggttaa tgcaagtttt ttgagcctgc    128160
     tggggcactg gctttctgtg tcagagaggc ctgcactgag cacatccttg tgtcatcttc    128220
     tgtccttgtg tatttcaaga gagctgaatg gactggtaca gaccctgcct gtccactcag    128280
     aacacatgtg acgatactgt cattgcttta ttgcagtacc ttgcacagaa agaccgttgt    128340
     gattattttc cctctctaga ccaccagggc ttggaaggtc tgtcagatct tcaattcttc    128400
     tttgtggctt cttattcttt ttccctgcta ggaagagttc aacttatgta aaacagcatg    128460
     taggatgtgt tttcaggagc acattccaag ctctcaactt ccttattgct taccttttcc    128520
     ctaaagcatc ctgatgagat tttgtctatt tactaggatg aaataaacaa caaaaaaacc    128580
     ttttatgtac atatttcagg tctttagtct ttctccacac cctgcccccc aaaagtttct    128640
     ttttaatctt aaaaccttaa ttttagccgg gcgtggtggc gcatgccttt aatcccagca    128700
     cttgggaggc agaggcaggc ggatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag    128760
     ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtctcg gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    128820
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cccttaattt tagcttttgg aactcagtac caacattaac    128880
     atttttcttt cctccttctc agtgctaggg attgaaccca gggctttgca tgtactaatc    128940
     aaccccttta ccactgaact gtaccccacc tttgttaaga gttcctgttt tcaggtggag    129000
     agcgctctct gggagacaat gactacagct gactagatgt gaggtatact ccatttctaa    129060
     gtgtgttccc attgtagtta taggtacata ggagggggtg tgaataagaa ctggtatagt    129120
     gacatatcta tgtgaaatgc taaatgaaac ctaaaacttt gtagggtagc ttagaaagtt    129180
     aattttaaaa agaacgtagg agccagtgag atgactcagt ggttgaagct gccaagtctg    129240
     atgtgtgagt ctgatctcca ggacccacgt agctatcata acagaaaacc aatgtctgaa    129300
     agttgttctc tgacttcaca tgcatacaca aaataggttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg    129360
     tttgtttgtt ttgaaacaag gtttctccgt gtatccttgg ctggcctgga acttactttg    129420
     tagaccaggc tggctttgta ctcagagctc cacctgcctc tgcagccgag tactgggatt    129480
     aaaggcgtgc gccactactg cttggccgaa atagttttta ttaaagataa taatactatt    129540
     tttttctttt ccttttgaga caaagcctta ctatgtaacc tttgttggcc tgaaagtctc    129600
     tttgtagagc atagcgatct gcctgctgtg ctggaattaa agagatacac catcacacac    129660
     agccatgttt tttaaagtta taacaacaac aaaaaagtat ataaaaaaaa acacttcagt    129720
     gatttccctt tttttcacag tggttgttta atacgatgtg ttgagtattg ttggtgcgta    129780
     tcttagctcc tcctgttact gctgtaacaa tacagctgaa ggagaaggcc gtttgactca    129840
     ctgtttcaga gagatttcag tatttgatgg gaaggcctgg tgaaagaagc tacttcactc    129900
     aacagcagtg gatgtgagtg aaggtggctt cttcacatgg ggaccaggaa acgtaaagca    129960
     ggataggatc agcagcaaat atcacactaa aatccaccct aactgacctg ctttccacag    130020
     ccaggccctt gctacctcct aaacggtcca tgaccttcct tccaataggg ctatcagctg    130080
     ggatccgagt gttcaaaacc taagcctaag gagtacattg aagagtcaaa ccattgcagg    130140
     gggcatatct gtcacactgt aatatacatt tccagtaagt gctaagcgct cgttctacat    130200
     tgttcagtgt ggtcaaccag aaggtgttca gtgactgttg atgtactata ggagttaagt    130260
     agggttaaac tttcagtgat caggtaaatg gggtagttaa ttagtaaacc tgagtagatc    130320
     gcctttcctg ctaaattaac actgacctaa gaatttagta cttgtagctg tgaaaattaa    130380
     ttaaatgttt ccatatttac taaatgacat cacattcaaa acaggaaaaa aaaaaaagac    130440
     aaaaaaaaaa cctggtttgt tgaaggtttc tcttatctcc tcttctactc tttagatcct    130500
     cccaaaaatt atctcctggg aaaataccaa taaataagca tgacactgac cttgaagatg    130560
     aagacttttc tccaagaccg attcctagtc ctcacccagt gagtcagaag gtaatgctct    130620
     gaaaaatgag ctatgtcatc tagaaagctt gaagtctcta tagcaaagca cttaagtacc    130680
     actccatcct taaatatggg ctattctgac tattatgaga ttatatcttt atgaaggaat    130740
     atatgtatat atctcccagg tacagacaac tcaagtaatg atgtatatgt ccatatatag    130800
     gtaatagtgt atacgtaagt gtaagaaagc tgaggtttca gttgccggct gcccatggtc    130860
     acataactag taagcagtaa agctggactc caagtctggg gcctcggctt cagaatttgg    130920
     tgcttttgtc aaccatgaag actcagcatt ctgtgtcacc agtgcctgac agttgttact    130980
     gtcctcaaag aaaacatcct acttgcattt agaggttagt tgccaataac ccttgattga    131040
     ttgtcagact gtttttgaat tgttaccaac tagtgagcta ttttagaaat gtttgcctta    131100
     gttgaactca attgaaaggg acggaaaatt aatatagttg ggaactctcc cttgagaagt    131160
     cgatgcccac acttttgggc atcttaaatt tcctatctct ttctcttaac cctcaagctt    131220
     aaaatctcca acacttcttc caaaaaaaat tatagtatat cagatttaat gttctctctt    131280
     atctttttcc ctctcttatc tcttatttaa tattagtaga agaaatagtt gcgttacttt    131340
     aacagagaaa tattctgaag tattcctgga gtctagtttc ctttttttct tttctgtttt    131400
     gttttgattt tggttttcca aagtttctct gtgtaatagt cttggctctc ctggaatttg    131460
     ctttgtagac caggcaggtg acccaccttc ctctgcctta aaagtactgg aattaaaggt    131520
     ttaaaattga ggccaccctg atctacttag tgagttccag gacagccagg gctatatata    131580
     gagacctggt ctcacaaaac taaataagta gggggaatat ttatatatat gttaggctaa    131640
     tattttctaa aaccaatttt aataagggtt cttaaatgct tcaacctccc ttctagccta    131700
     cctaccagag gtagaagaaa agaaaggtta ataggaaacg gggatgtgga cctgtttagg    131760
     agtagttttg gggggcaatt ccagtctttg ttgtcaggat attaacagtc catccagtca    131820
     gcaaacacca aacacaaatc atagcagtgg ctagatcgag aagaaacctt gagactgctg    131880
     aattggcagg agtctgagga agcagcaaga agcagctgga ctaacacggg aaggagcagt    131940
     tctctagtgt gttctctcta caaagtcatg acaagcgaag gttagcgaag accagcaaag    132000
     tgttacaagg caaaccaatg ctagaatgtc ccctcactct ctgtggggtt atatttatat    132060
     tcttaaatat aataataatt tataatattt ataaacatca catgccttct caagtgttca    132120
     ctccagcaaa acatcacata ccctttcaca agacagcttc cataaaaata cttgtctgtt    132180
     tacagcaaaa catcctctca taagacagct tccacaaaaa aaccacatga cagagctgag    132240
     tctccaaaga aacccaacaa tttttaatat atatatgtat acatatacat atgtgtgtgt    132300
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atagtagcat tatatattgt actcctgtct    132360
     gctgtgtacc cagaataatg gttgatggtc taagaagtga acaaatttta atgtgtaatt    132420
     gagtattgtt tggcaaatac ttatctaagg aaaatagagc aaataaattt cctaagaatt    132480
     tactttttgc ttccatttat agatttctaa ggtccagcca tctgttcctg aactttcgct    132540
     cgtgttagac aacaacttca cagagtcaag taaccagtct aaccctttgg aaatgatgac    132600
     tgtggagaat cctttattga ttaagccatc ccagcctgag ctttgtgatg ccaaacacag    132660
     ctcagaagct accactgggg agcctttccg gaggggccca acaaatcagt taagtcagga    132720
     cactgcttta agacagagca gagggaagca gtcatctacc tgtaagaaag agagtctcca    132780
     gttcaggaac actaatgcta aaccatctct cagtgtgcca tctcctgatg tagctgagaa    132840
     acttcaagca gtttctgctg ggagcatgca aaaggaagac taccctgtga gaccttccac    132900
     actggactcg aggcagccct ctcttgctcc acaagcccag ccacacaatc ttgttttttc    132960
     aactcataat tcaacaagac caatggagct tcaagtgccc actccttcat taccatccta    133020
     ctatcccaca aacgtctgca gctgttgtca gcatcatggc catattcagt atagtacaat    133080
     aaattcttgg cagggaaata cagtagggtc tattcaagac ctgcgatctg agtcccttcc    133140
     aaaacatgcc ttctttcact caagtggatg cccatctctg tgtcctaatg ccatctactc    133200
     gtcaagtagc cctgttagca tgaagcaagg aggcatgggt gcctattctc cccatagcaa    133260
     tggagaaccg tctcctgtgg caggaccttc acatgtggac tcgtgtgtgc cacatccctg    133320
     tgccatgtgc atgcacatgc ccaatacagc accagacaat ggcatgatgg gactgtctcc    133380
     tgatgcatac cgttttgtca cagagcaaga caggcagctg agactacttc aggcacaggt    133440
     ttgtgtgaag ctctgctagt actcttaaat tcttagtatg tttccttaat atttggcaac    133500
     tctacagtga ttatgcttta taaaactcta cagtattaga accagaaaga cctcttaaaa    133560
     gctgaattct aatccctctt gttttacaga taaagtaagg attagagaga atagtttaac    133620
     cttgttccat aattgctggt taggagggct aggaccagag agcaagcctt ctatctctat    133680
     atgctaacct acaacataat cacattttct ttcaattttc tctaaacttt ttttttaaag    133740
     attatttatt ttatgtatat aagtacactg tagctatctt cagacacatc agaagagggc    133800
     attggctccc attacagatg gttgtgagct accatgtggt tgctgggaat tgaactcagg    133860
     acctctggaa aagcagtcag tgctcttaac tgctgagcca tctctccacc cattctctag    133920
     acttttatat acagctaaat gcaaaggctt gcatgtctct agtttttcca cctttgtgtt    133980
     tactcacctc agccagtgag tcttcaggat gttccttgcg actctatttg agactagtta    134040
     ctaagaagag accagttaag aactctatgt atttgcttct tttatttgtt ttgggtttgt    134100
     ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgttttgag acgtggtctc ctgagtccta ggccttgaac    134160
     ctgtcatcca agagcctagg tctttaccgt tggatcctcc ttcctctacc tatcacatac    134220
     tggaactata gatgtgtacc actgtatcta gctgtctctg tatgagactt gttccactca    134280
     ttttattctg caatgttccc tctcttcagg tcttttattt gagggttctt aatctttttt    134340
     tttccatttt ttattaggta tttagctcat ttacatttcc aatgctatac caaaagtccc    134400
     ccatacccac ccaccctcac ccccctaccc acccactccc cctttttggc cctggcgttc    134460
     ccctgtactg gggcatataa agtttgcgtg tccaatgggc ctctctttcc agtgatggcc    134520
     gactaggtca tcttttgata catatgcagc tagagtcaag agctccgggg tactggttag    134580
     ttcataatgt tgttccacct atagggttgc agatcccttt agctcctaac gtattaattt    134640
     ggctctttga aagctccttt gagtgggctg ggcattgaac ccagggcctc ttgaatgcta    134700
     ggcaagtgct ctgccactga gccatgcccc caggcccctt aatcttttca tttgtctttt    134760
     tcgaagctga gtgagtctga gtttgccttt tccccttcat ttctcatcaa cacatccata    134820
     tcccaaacca gatgttctct ctctttctag ccaatgtgag tgaaaataac ttgaaatgta    134880
     tacttcaggt ttttcttacc ccaataacta tataaatatg tggctactct gtataatatg    134940
     ttatttagaa aaatctttga tttaaagctt tcagaggcca ttccaggctc aatgagatcc    135000
     tatcttttaa aagggggctt gactggagag atggctcagt agttgaagtt aaataaaaac    135060
     tttaaatctt ttatttaaaa aaatgtaaaa gaaaaagaca aagattttca aattctgctt    135120
     aaaatacttt ggatacaaac acctgagaaa tgtgtgtata cctgcatgag tttatgtccg    135180
     ccacattaca tgcctgtgcc agaggaggta aaggccactg tatcccctgg aactagagtt    135240
     accggtggtt gtgtgccatc tgatgtgggt gctgggaacc ttctctctag cagactcagc    135300
     ttttttattt aaatagagct aaattcttcg aggcttatat aaatttagat tttaataaat    135360
     cattaaatac taaatcaaaa atgctaatat taaataagca attccacatt gaaacaatta    135420
     ccatttgtct tattaagtaa aagactaata taacgtaaag agatctgtta agctatttag    135480
     aaactgtagt tacttaaagt gtttatttat agagtgtgag ctctcatcta gattattgtc    135540
     acacaaaata tgacagaaaa tgtttttctt taatacatca tatatttcct catgaatttc    135600
     ctccctcctt tttaaggaat tctaggtctg ggtgcacatg agttcacatt aatgtggagg    135660
     cctaggatcg gccttacatg ttgttcctcg ggagctgttc accttgcatt tatcatcatc    135720
     atcagacaga gaaggacaag aaatactttg tagatgatca gagtaatact tagtctgaat    135780
     ggattaaagc tttatataaa tgtctaaata tgaatgaaaa gaacaggaga cagggaagaa    135840
     acatggaact attgatagta ctttcctcta gaaagaggag ttgagatgtc tgaagaggat    135900
     aatgagatag gaaataaata tattttggtg ttattgatac ataattcgga tatcacacaa    135960
     tttaactgtt tacaatgtac aatcctgtgg ttctttgtat gtttgttcag agtcagttga    136020
     tttttgttgt tgttgtttgg gttttttttt ttttttaaga tttatttata tgagcacact    136080
     gtcgctgtct tcagacgcat cggctcccat tacagatggt tgtgagccac caagtggttg    136140
     ctgggaactg aactcaggac ctctgaagag cagtcagtgt cttaaccact gagccatctc    136200
     tccagcccct tctgtctcag tagtacctgg gtgtaggcta ggctgactgg tcagagagcc    136260
     tgagggtctg cctgtctcca cctgagtggt gctcccattg cagttgcagt catacccacc    136320
     tttaactcag gtcctcatgt ttgcagggca aggatttcac cagttgagct atttccccag    136380
     gcccaggtaa ctttcagaca tgtccatttt gcgtacataa agaactttgc caggtagtgg    136440
     cacacgcctt taatcccagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg cagatttctg agttcgagac    136500
     cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggct atacagagaa accctgtatc    136560
     aaaaaaaaaa aacaaaaaac aaaaaaacaa aaaactttat tgcactgggt cattttttaa    136620
     gagtacacat ggatttccta attatcttgt tctgttctgt caacaatttg aactgtcttc    136680
     tattgcagac agtgtaccag caactattct acttttagtt tattttcagt gcttcttgtt    136740
     gttattgttg ttgatgttga tgcttctgag acaagttttc tttgttaacc caggctgtcc    136800
     tggaactttc tgtagaccag cctggccttg aactcaggta ctcacctgcc tctgcctcct    136860
     gaactctggg attaaaggta tatgccatca ttgcctggct ccgtgcattt atttttatgt    136920
     tgcttattat ttatttgcat ctttcagtta tgagccttta ggcttaaaca gctgagccat    136980
     cttcccagct cacttactaa catcttttat ttacagttag ttgcatgtgt gctaatatca    137040
     ctgtgccata gatcctccct agatgtaaac ttaacatttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    137100
     tgtgtgtgtt tatgaggacc atggtgtgct tgtagaagtc atgagtttac aggaatcact    137160
     tctctccttc cagtacatgg gtcctgggga tcaaaatcaa ttgccttaaa cctctgagcc    137220
     atctcgctgg ccctgtagaa gtaaattgtg aagtcaaagg aatgtttatt taaaataagt    137280
     acagagacac tcaaacttgg cctgtagccc aagtggtgga gcacttgcca tgtatgcaaa    137340
     aggatgccca aaattgttcc tatcctagta ttcacagtct ttggttggtt ggttggttgg    137400
     tttaatcctt aatggagtgg gcagatgaat tgaacggatt ccttagattc taatgcattt    137460
     tccagtcagt atagatctta aagccttgga aaagcaacct gactgatagg ccaccaaaat    137520
     taactagtta attataataa tactatttgt ggggaagtag aatttttttt taaatcaaca    137580
     aaacaaataa agggggatgt tcctcactcc agtatatatt gaagaaacgt taaaaccttg    137640
     cacataagct gctgtggtgg tacaccggag atgaaaggag agggaaatcg atctgggagg    137700
     ccagcatgag cgacaaagca aggtttagat cacctgggac tgcagcaaga ccctatctta    137760
     aacaacaatt tgaaatcaaa gcagaaaatc ccttgtttat aaatgtcccc cgcagtattc    137820
     acaataggcc aaactacgca gcttggctgt ccatcagctt gatggtgggt cagctcaatg    137880
     agcatagtca tacggtggta ttcagcagtc ataaatgccg tgactagtct tgaaagcttt    137940
     atgtaaagag aaagacacca gacacttagc ttagttctgt gtgtatgaaa tgtccaaaat    138000
     cagagagctg gaaggtgtgt tagtgggtcc aagggtcagg aaagaggagt ggtaaggaat    138060
     taatattatt gtttcacatt ttgtgactat actatgaact tcagaattgg ttaattttaa    138120
     ggtatgtaaa ttacatcttc acttcaaaag gagaagggag ttgtaaaact taacacatga    138180
     aatctatgat acagggctag agaaatggct cagtggttaa gagcactggt cctcttccag    138240
     aggatctggg tttaattccc aatatccaca tggtagctca caactacttg tcactcaagc    138300
     cccagggtat ctaatgccct cttctgactt tcacggacac caggcatgta agagatgcag    138360
     acaaaacact catccaccta aaatacataa tttgtggtat aagtgtctta cagacaagaa    138420
     cgagccagtc agtgttagct attgtttgtt actattctgt ttcagtgtgg ccaaacacga    138480
     tcaattctgt ctaaagttaa tagaaggaat cttgtataaa atcctcaatt ttgagtgcat    138540
     gaaactcaag gtatgcctcc ttttccattc ttaatttata aatgaagtag gaataaacta    138600
     tgttaatttg aggtatttga ataaaaattc aacttaggaa tattaatcta accacctgta    138660
     agtttcactt taaatttata cttagtgaaa gcgggcctta gtagctaatg tagataatgg    138720
     ctttctgcac taaataagtc tcacagtatg atttaattgt attgtaagaa aatatagtta    138780
     aaagtcagct ctgtaatgac tagagtatct gtaatttgtt actaaactct gctgccagtt    138840
     ttgttgattg ctgtattgcc tgatcaatgc atgtttttaa ttgatacaga tccagcgctt    138900
     attagaagca caatctctag atcctggctc ccataagaca gtagccaccg tggaagacac    138960
     cgtgaaagca gcaaaacaaa tggagctggt ttccatggaa gcacagtctt cgcctggctt    139020
     gcacatgaga aaaagtgtaa gcattgctgt gagcacaggt aacatatttt tttatttgta    139080
     agaaattagt ttttagtgct tctcatgttt gccttttgaa agaaaggaaa ggagggagag    139140
     ataaggagag ggcttagtgt ggtgcttgcc acataaacat aggatctgag ttcaggtctg    139200
     tagcactcac gtaaaaagcc aggggcagga gttaatgtgc atctgtaatg ctaacactgg    139260
     gaaggctctc tgcccagcct gtgagctgta gtttcagttc taagaaatag tggtggaagg    139320
     actcccaaca ctgagctctg gtatccatag ccttctgctt gcgtggtcac acttatacac    139380
     atcatacaaa acacacacca aagaaagggg ttgggggatg cagtgttttt ctgtcttata    139440
     aaactctgca tttactgtac tgtagtttct cgtttgtttg ggtttgtttg ttttgagggg    139500
     aagatttcaa gactgggttt ctctgtgtag ccttgctgtt ctggaactca ctctagaccc    139560
     ggctgacctc atttagactc acctgcctct acctcccaag tgctgcgatt aaagatgtgt    139620
     gccaccaccg ccccgctatt gtagtttatc atctgcgtct accactagac cacttcttag    139680
     gacttagaaa tggcttaccc acttttgtat cttacacagt ttaaagtgac aaatgaaatc    139740
     attcacatgt tttgagattt gtcttgtttt gttttgattt gtttgggttt tttgagacgc    139800
     ggtctctcta tgtagtcccg tctgtctgga acttgctcta taaaccgggc tgtcatggag    139860
     ctcacagaga ccctcttacc tctgcttccc aagtactgga attaaagacc catgatacca    139920
     tggcccattc caaaaggaat tattagcagt cattttaacc aagagacttt taggagcata    139980
     tttattttac atgtacttag ctttccctaa aggtctaaag taggacctat tgcaactttt    140040
     caaatttttt ttctaaaaaa tctgaatgca aatttaaacc ttgatgttat tgtgatttat    140100
     tttcataaag gcactcaaag taaaagtgtt ttcatgatgc ttcatgccta aagttcaagt    140160
     gctgtggagg gtcttgagat tgcggccaga ttgagttcta gtccttaact caaaaacaaa    140220
     attataggaa aaaagaaacc actttgactt tttttttttt tttttttttt gcttcttcag    140280
     accactgcct ttgcagtgtt tcccaggttg gaaaatggac ataggccatg gtgcaagaca    140340
     ttgagataga gtacagatga ctgtcttact ttttgtaaat ctgtttttct ttttagattg    140400
     attttatgtg tatgagtata tgtatgtatg ttcaccagct atatgtctga tgctagcaga    140460
     ggttagatga ggttgtttga tcctgtagaa ggttggttgt aaatcatcat gtgagtattg    140520
     aaaaccaaac tcaggtcttc tgtaagaaca aatgctctta accagtgatc cttctgtgca    140580
     gccccagata tttattctta tgtgtaatgg aaaaagtatg actagcctat caaacctgag    140640
     acttcacaga agtggtgaag ctgggtaaaa atgaagtaag tttatgtaac agaaagtaga    140700
     aacatcgtgt gtagataggc tctaaaagca agagaagcac tgggtttttt tttttaagtg    140760
     tgtgttatat gtatgtgtgt acacatatgt gtgcaggcat gctcaacctt gtaggtgtga    140820
     atagatgcca gaacttgata ttactctgtc ttctcatttg ctgctctgct ctgtctgtct    140880
     gtctatctgt ctgttttggt ttttcaagac aggatttctg tgtagtcttg cttgtcctgg    140940
     aactcccttt attgaccagg ctggccttgg actcagagat ctcagcctca gcctcctgag    141000
     tgctggggtt aaaggcatac accaccacca cctggttgcc ttctttcatt aaacctggaa    141060
     cttgcttttt cagctaggct gctggccagc tggtggcttt tacttgggtg cttagggtcc    141120
     tcatgcaagc agaatatatg ccaagatgtc tccttatccc caaaaaacac ctgcctcaca    141180
     gtatgtgtac cttgtgcacc tctaacatgg ttatttagaa caaaaccaga gaacctatga    141240
     atttacaggt tttttttttc atgtatattt tttttcctga agtattttca ttttgagaca    141300
     gagtcttatt aatgtagcat ggattggcct taaacttgct acatatccca ggctaccctc    141360
     ccattcaaga tcctcccacc tcagcttgtt gagtgctgga attccaggca tgccactgta    141420
     ccttcatttg agaagcagag cctcctcttg agcagacagg acactgatgt ccccttttcc    141480
     tttgccactg gtttcttgtc ttcctgcctt tcacctactt ctctttgtgg ccttttaaag    141540
     gtaatttgaa actgtaattt tgttgagata atatagatgt tcttaacaag cgtctacatt    141600
     cattctttct ctagttgaat atttgttcta atagctgaac taatttaact attaactatt    141660
     taggtgctag cttgttttgg aatgcagcag gtgatgatca agagcccgac tcacagccga    141720
     agcaagatga taccaagatt tccagtgaag acatgaattt ttctgtagat attaataatg    141780
     aagcgacaag tcttcctggt agtgcatctt ccttaaaagc agttgacatt cctagttttg    141840
     aagaaagcaa ccttgctgtg gaggaagtta atcagccact tcctgaatcc aagtaagaat    141900
     cttccattca ctgttatgct atttgtttgt ttgttttaaa ttttatctta ttttttaatt    141960
     catttatttt tacactccat attccactct cacacccacc cccatccatc ctccgactgc    142020
     tccacgttct acacctcctc ccctccccac cccatctcca catggatgcc cccacttccc    142080
     accccatctg atctctaaac tccctggggc ctccagtctc ttgagggtta ggtgcatcat    142140
     ctctgagtga acacagacct ggaagtcctc tactgtatgt gtgttggggg cctcatatca    142200
     gctggtgtat gctgtctgtt tggtggtcca gtgtttgaaa gatctcgggg gggggggggt    142260
     tcaggttaat tgagtctgct ggtcctcagc ttctttcagc cttccctaat tcaacaacag    142320
     gggtcagcgc ttctgtccat tggttgggtg caaataactg catctgactc tttcagctgc    142380
     ttgttgggtc tttaggaggg cactcatttt cttcttttgc agtgctatgg attaaatgta    142440
     ttttatattc aggaattggt tttgttgggg atgggggtgg tacggtgttt gtttatttga    142500
     gaccaggttt tctatgtatc cttggcgctg cctggctgtc ctagagctca ctgtgtatag    142560
     agtggccctg aactcacaag agatttgtct gcctctgtct cctaagtgca agcattaaag    142620
     gcatgtaccc cttgccctgc ttagaatata atttttatat ttatatacat agtagagaat    142680
     aataaaatct ggcagtcaaa attatgacct catatacttt gtggtaaaaa caatttaaat    142740
     ctgctctgca attctgaact ataccatgga ctattatttt ttaccatcac aaatatattc    142800
     attttcttcc tctttgagac atgataagct tagtgtattt tcattgacgt ctttacatag    142860
     tagtgtcagc ataacagaaa atctcaaaga aaactttctt cagttatgcc catatgtcag    142920
     atattgagtt tgctaatctg aatgagtcac aacatcttaa aaaaacttca gcattctgtg    142980
     tactcagatc tcaccataga gattctaata atacaggctt ccaaatgaca gtacaattat    143040
     atttgaaaaa gacaacagca tataaaatat catcttatat gtttgtttca aaacagtaga    143100
     tgacctgaca aaacatagaa acaaagtcgg gcagtggtgg tgcacacctt taatcccagt    143160
     acttgagagg cagagtcagg tggatctctg agttcaagga cagcctgatc tacagagtga    143220
     gttctaggac aaccagggct atacagagaa accttgtctt gaaaaaaaag gggtgtgggt    143280
     ttgggcaaaa caaagttgac aaaatggtaa tttctgaaac agattgtata tggtatttca    143340
     tttaacagtc ttcagttgag tttgaagttt ttgcattatg aaattttcta ttaaagtagt    143400
     gattcccaag taatttattt agcacctcgg taaatctggc aagagctctc tgaacttagc    143460
     atgcgctgta ccacacccgg cacatggatg tagcagtgag taaagcagag ctcccgattg    143520
     tgtgtttaac cacataagca gtagtgacca ctgctcccaa ggaaaagaaa ccagagcggt    143580
     caggtgatgt agacagggtg atgctggggc gtgacatggg ctgtatttca gcagagtagt    143640
     gagcaaggct ctgggcccta acgtttgaac agtggtctga atgataaaga gccagtcctg    143700
     acattatcgc tgagaagaat gctctggttg atggaaatgg cgagtatata aagaccctcg    143760
     ctagggtata taatcttgag atgtctagaa acaagcagat attccagcag agctggacat    143820
     agtgcctaac ccaggtcctc caggtcctct tggagagcaa tcgcttaacc actgagccat    143880
     gttttcagcc ccttccttga ctcaattctg taaactacag aatactttct aaaattgtta    143940
     aggttttcaa gtctttgaaa atctccaatc ctttggtagt taaaaatgta agaaaaggac    144000
     ctaattttag ctaataaaat gaaagctgat tgctttttca ggacacaaga tgtagaccta    144060
     atcccccttt tttaacatat aatatattga tttaggatca atactatctc taggccagat    144120
     gtggtggcaa ttagaatatg gaggcaggac aatcatgaat atgagaccag tgcaaactgt    144180
     atagaacaac cctgccctga aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac atttccagag ctgtccgtgg    144240
     tggcttcggt gctgttgcgc aagcatctag tctgactcat gctgtggctc tcattgctca    144300
     gtattcatcg tgtcattagc tccctgggct cccagatcag ccagtcgttg tgctgctgga    144360
     gcagtctcta aagatgagtt tattggctgt acagcttatt ggctatcgat tgctttttcc    144420
     caatggaaag tgatggtaca aggagacatt gtttaaaaca actgtttaag aagccatgcc    144480
     aaatttgcag gtaatggcac attgaagtca ttgtttaaaa tttttttagg ttaaaatctt    144540
     tcgtatctct tccagccttt tttttattta ctactttaga cacctagata aatttttgag    144600
     cacagtgttg gagctcagtg attatgagca cactcattgg ctcaagcttc tgattttagt    144660
     catggctatg aacttttctc tgctccctgg ttgacctatc agatgggaat aataaaggca    144720
     cctatttttg aggttgttgt gagaagtaaa ggatcctatg tcatcagtca gaacagtgcc    144780
     tgccactggg tagccagcgt ttgtttggtg gtgaatactc tgaaaggagg agattatgtg    144840
     gcttttggtt tcagtcctag cagctggctg cagtgctgtg ggctgttggt gattctgtcg    144900
     catatggcag gacacagaac ctgagctcgg gagtggactt tcttcaccct cccccccagc    144960
     ggattagaca atgctgtcca cattccgggc tgctcttctc tcagttgctg ttcctctgta    145020
     aaatgccctc acagacacac ctgcagtgtg ctttaggaat ctcccaggca agactactca    145080
     ccatcacagt gtttaatcac gatggtcatt tagttaaaaa tggaataagc cacattcagt    145140
     aactggcatg gactctcaga ataaaaacgg tgtgtgaccc agaatgctat acaaaataca    145200
     gtataggcca ggccatgctg gaacttgtgg taggtgtgaa ctaccctgcc gggcttttga    145260
     atgacaatgg ttttgggttt gttgttgttg ttgttgttgt tgtttttgga actgtgtagc    145320
     cctggctgtc ctagagcttg ctgtatagac tggccttgaa ctcacaggta accacttacc    145380
     tctacctccc aagtgctggg gttaaaggcg tgcgccacca ctatctggct gaatgacagt    145440
     attttttgga gaagcaaaca aaccttaaag gcagcattgg agagttccta cagtaaggtg    145500
     aagacgctcc ttagtgtgac tgaagatgaa gggcaacctg ttgtttttgg agcacagtgg    145560
     gaggagcagg ggtagaagaa aattcagtta cagacttgcc actgtggaca gctgatgctg    145620
     tgctagcaag gccttcttaa actttctgca agtgactcct ttaacctgag agattttaac    145680
     atgaccctgt aaatatgaat ataaagtagg tatgtaaaac atttagtgat aacagagata    145740
     aaagatactt atagtaatgg gatgggtctg attgttgagt tttacataaa gaattaaatc    145800
     ttggctaaat agttgaaact ataagagatg gcactttcaa cttttttttt ttcttttgag    145860
     atagggtttc tttgtgtagc cctggctatc ctacaactca gtttgtagac tagactggcc    145920
     tcgaactcag agatccactg ggattaaagg catgcaccca ttatgtttct ataagaatag    145980
     aaaactttat ctatacatat aatacatata ttttacatac atacatacac tgtagttcat    146040
     aacatgcagt aatctttaat ctgagccagt gtttggacag ctttcattga aatatcaagg    146100
     tgttgatgag catgcaatgc agagtacgtg tgctatatgt tcagagcaga ggctgcagtg    146160
     aagtcatgtg ttgcaggatg aataaacact gccagaaaca actcttgact tcatcttggg    146220
     aaggttgtta gcagcctgga actctcgatt ctccagcttc tgcctcccaa gtgacaagac    146280
     tacactcatt ggagctggag ataccgttga acagttaaga aggttttcta gaggatctgt    146340
     ctgagtttgg ttcccagcac tgtgtcaggc agctcacaac tgcctgtaag tcaaggccca    146400
     ggaagactta atgcctctgg cctccacagg tacccacaca cacatgcacc taatgtaaaa    146460
     atagagtaaa tctttggagg ttggagagat ggctgagggg ttaagaacac taactattct    146520
     gatagagaac cctggttctt tttctggctc agacatgtaa caaacaccta caacttcaat    146580
     tctgggggcc tgactttctc tggcctcact gggcctttgc atgcacatgg tacatataaa    146640
     cttacacagg cacataaaca cataataact tcagtcatgt gccaccgtac ctagccactt    146700
     ttctctattt tctccaagag ccacaggtta gtgctttaac aagaaatgcg cttaaagccg    146760
     ggcatggtgg cacatgcctt taattccagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg    146820
     agttagaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtaa gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa    146880
     tccctgtttc aaaaaaccaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaagaaaa ggaaagaaat gcgcttattg    146940
     tgctgctcct cccagtcatt ctatcttttc taattttgaa agtaataaaa actctaaata    147000
     aagttgaaaa agaaaccaaa aacataaagt aataccacca actaaataat atgataattg    147060
     tggcttatga accttgaatt gacaaggatc ttttcaattt taaaacttca aatgagcaaa    147120
     ttatatactt aaattgttta gatagcctaa aaggtttttc tgcgtcagat gtagacagca    147180
     tcagtagttt gtttctaacc ttcaatgaaa gataagttaa aataaaacag tatggtgatc    147240
     tggaagagct gacacgcaaa acgctgcttg ggatttacaa ctttcttccc aaagaactgc    147300
     acttcaggtc tatgttaaaa gtgttgcgat gtctgttgac cctgcgtgtc ctttgcagca    147360
     gctcttcaga gcagagcaaa gaacctggtg ttcctgtgtt cttcccaaat gcattgctgg    147420
     ctgaaagtgt gagcatgtgc ttacagactg cgccaacaga gggagccagt aacagcactg    147480
     aattaccaca gggaacaaaa gatgagcctt accggccatc agataaccag aaaatttacc    147540
     aggacttgtt ggtaagtaga ccattttatt tttgtgaagt gcttatttaa tataagaaat    147600
     actagttaag ctttccatag atttaaactg aatgagatct tgaaatagag tcatctttga    147660
     ccactaacaa taattacaat atgtaattgt ttagattttt cgtaaatttt gataacataa    147720
     atggtaagct ttctaagtca tcagatattt agtaagagca aacatttgtt tgttcttgaa    147780
     attttggctc taaaaaagga gaaaaaccta tgtaattaca agtatactag gtaatttatg    147840
     gaatttgaca agataatatt tagccttcct tgtgacagtt tcctaaaatc ttaaagttgt    147900
     gtgcttgaga gagggcagtt cacaaagctt gctctctatt agaagactcc cgatcaggtg    147960
     gctcacaacc acttacattc cacctacgaa ggcacacacg ggcacataaa taaataataa    148020
     acaaatcttt ttttttttaa tcttcaaagg gttagtgatt tttagatgca ttctttttct    148080
     ttccataggg ccaagtgaac cacctactaa gtaacgcctc ccaagaaacc gaagaaccac    148140
     ctaccaaagc ggtagttacc aaccgtgaat gcgccaagac ccaaaatact caccatgcaa    148200
     ggaaaaaaag acacaattca ggactggtag acaaagattg tgtactcagt gcaactatta    148260
     aacagctaag gagcctagga gtgaaaatcg actctcccac taaagtgaag aaaaatgaac    148320
     agaaagtgga tcatgccagg taactaggtt ttgttttgaa gatgaataaa tgttaggtat    148380
     gttgcagcac tcctggaaag tgtgtgcttg cgtcccaggc ctgctcattt actgtttatt    148440
     gaaagccttc tgtatgtaga atgcaaatat aagataaaat acaaaagttc cccttccctc    148500
     aaattcttca gtgtgtcgta gtcatggtta ctttgtgtgt ttctttcaca ttctcctaga    148560
     aatgtgattt gcgtggatgc tgggaactga accggctctc tagaagagcg gcaaatgctc    148620
     ttggcactga cgcatcttca caggcccttc cctgtgcctt atagctgcat tatattctgt    148680
     tgtacccatg cactatatag tatgttgagc ccccatgctc tctgaacttt tatgtactgt    148740
     ttaagtgcta agtatatgtc attctgcaag tacttgttta aatagttata ataggtgctt    148800
     tagggggctg gtgagatggc tcagtgggta agagcacccg actgctctcc cgaaggtcag    148860
     gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcataaccat ctgtaacaag atctgacgcc    148920
     ctcttctgga gtgtctgaag acagctacag tgtacttaca tataataaat aaataaatct    148980
     taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat aggtgcttta tcactgcttg ccgaatattt atattcattt    149040
     taatctttac caatagtaca ggaaaatgag gctaacactt ttgaatattt tctcttttaa    149100
     aaaaatacac ttgtttgctc ctccctctct cctctttctc tcctctctcc tctctcctct    149160
     ctctcctctc ctctctctcc ctgtgatatc agggaacaat ttagagtcag tttttttcca    149220
     ccatgtggtc attgagctca acagcaaatg cctttaccaa ctaagccatc ccagaagccc    149280
     tgacaatttt tttatttcta tactaagaga cagactcaga cgtctgtgac cacacagtga    149340
     tttcttcaat cccaagggct ccagggctct ctcctagtct cgggtaacag gcatgtatag    149400
     gatgcacata tgtacacaca ggcaagacat ttatatactt aaaattaagg taatgcttaa    149460
     ggacaaaaag catgagaaag aactttatat atctgcttgg gttcataatt tcccatgctt    149520
     cccatgcaga atcgtgtttg tttgagcaac tcattgtgta gaccaggttc ataattctct    149580
     tgcctcagct tcttattaca ggcatgatta agactcccat tagggagtga atattggata    149640
     atgtaatgta ttccttttct ttctgttttt gctttctgtt ctgttgtact ttgtatttgg    149700
     gagaacgttg gggttttttt tttgtttgtt tgtttggttt ggtttggttt ttttaggttt    149760
     ctttgttgtt ggtttttttt ttgggagtgg gggtgttggg tgttggtttg gcttgttgtg    149820
     ctttttaaca ggttttgtgt agcctagatt ggccttaact gattatcctt cctcggggct    149880
     gggatagcag gcctgcagca ccacacctag cttggcaatg gtgcttcttc acaatagcca    149940
     tcctatggcc atgctgtttg taaaactttg aaactggcaa gtcagtcagt aatttgcatt    150000
     cagaccgtga agatgggcca cctcctggtt ataatgtatg ctctgaatct gtgcctgcac    150060
     catcttaagt ctggggagtc agtttagaag ccttcgtaag attaaagtgg aaacttttat    150120
     tagttttgca gaatgaaact ctttgctatt ttgaataagg taaaaaagct gccttacttt    150180
     gccgtgtctt tcagtgtttt ggcctgcatc agcccggaag cagtgatctc tggattaaac    150240
     tacatgtcgt ttggtaatgt tggcatgagc agcctaagtc ccactggtgt ggatctgagc    150300
     atggaggcca atgccattgc tctgaagtac ttaagtgaaa accagctgtc acaactgtct    150360
     cttgctcggt caaagcagaa taacggtgac tcctctgtcg gccttctaca tattaattca    150420
     gacaggagta cagtggggct tagcttagtt tcaccaagca acatgtcatt tgcaaccaaa    150480
     aaatacatga agaggtatgg actcttacaa agcagtgaca atagtgagga tgaagaggag    150540
     cctcccagcc acgcagatag tgagagcgac catgtgttga acagaaaccc agcatgcaga    150600
     cctgtgcaat gtggtcatga gaaagagcct tcttggaatg cctgtgaaat agctcagtgc    150660
     tctgactgtg gctctgcgga cacacgcaca gatgtgccag tactgagaaa tatcacaaat    150720
     caagctgtgc agcctagagc aacagagcac ttgaatgaag actctgctat ttcattaagg    150780
     aatcttaagc caaacccggc aatgaacctc cgaactggaa aggcagagtt tactcatcat    150840
     cccgagaagg aaaatgaaag agacattgca gtttttcccg gaaccttgcc atctcctgag    150900
     actttaaaac aaatgaatag catggattct gtgggcacct tcttagacgt aaagcgtctc    150960
     agacagttac ctaagttatt ttaactcttc atttctcttt ttgtggtgtg aggactgggt    151020
     gtgtattgat ggcacttaag aaatccagac ctttgggatt aagacagggt ttctctgtgt    151080
     agccctggct gtccgggaac tcaatccata gaccagggta gcctcgaact cacagagatc    151140
     cacctacctc tgccttccag gtgctaagta ggactaaagg cttgcatcat tgcctggcgg    151200
     ccatgacctt tggaatttct aatacctttt agagtctttt ccctattagt agcaaattaa    151260
     cattggctgg gggttggggg tggttgaccc agttgtgagg tggcttctta gtgggaaggc    151320
     tgggtttatt cagcatcact gaacctaaaa cagaagcaag actctaagac caggtgccgc    151380
     agctaatcaa gttcaaatgt gtttccctgt accccagggc cttgcatttg ctaatgggct    151440
     ccattactga gcctgaccac tgagctatat cctcaactgt agatttttta aaagaaggtc    151500
     tcaggtcaat ctgtagccta ggctggcttc agacttagaa ttctgccttc ctcgtctggc    151560
     tcaggtatgc actttaccct gtgtctccca aaaatagttt ttttacataa tcatagtttg    151620
     tttccaaact aagaaattac atagacacaa tactgcataa acagcagaac ttttcattgc    151680
     cttgggttct tattggtggg atgaggcagt gctggggttg aacccaggta cctcacacaa    151740
     agtgctatag cactgaactt tatacctcag tccatgaggt gttctgtgta ctcattgatt    151800
     cacagttttt gtgtatagat acatgaaatt atatcgcata gcttccacta acctaagacc    151860
     tgtcctccct ccatccctac cgatagccct accatcacca gaatgttttt atcattttaa    151920
     gaacatttca taaacagaat tgtactttta aaaacaattt tttatttagc attctacctt    151980
     ttgaaatgta ctgtcttact ccaaataata tcctgagatc tatccaagtg ttgggtgtgt    152040
     tggtaattaa ttcttttctt attctttact tctattcccc cccccccaag ttgtttcaaa    152100
     ttgttgtttc caaagaaaaa agaaaagaaa aaaaaaaacc ctcattgact tgaaagattt    152160
     aggtttctgc tgaagttaaa atgtggttgc cctgtattaa agcttgtctc ataactgaaa    152220
     aaaactgact tctcttcact gaatgttttc cttgctttgt tgaggtaggg tttctttgtg    152280
     tagtcctcgc tgtcctggac ttagctctgt agaccaggca gatctcaaac tcacagagat    152340
     cgccctgcct cagctctctg aatgtttttg ttgttgttat tgtttttggt ttttggagac    152400
     agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctc    152460
     gaactcagaa atccacctgc ctctgcctcc tgagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgcaccacc    152520
     actgcctggc tctgaatgtt ttttttttaa cttcgctgtg gcttcctgag acaatttcta    152580
     atagagaact attgttggtt atcaaagcca cagagctagg gacctgagag cacgactttc    152640
     ccacattgct tcgttttcaa gtcaaacagg tgacagtggt gtttccctct gtttctactt    152700
     gagatctcca gaaagtagac atctcagtgc cacttagaca tatatgcttt ttaaattgag    152760
     ccctcccact ttcaccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acctgaatgt    152820
     gggtgccatt tttattgtac tatcaaaaac agaatattaa gccaggtgtg tggcacatgc    152880
     ctttaaatcc cagcaggcaa agacaaacag atgtctaggt ttttaagcca gcctgatcta    152940
     catagcaagt cccaggacag tgagagctac aaagagagac tttgtcttag aaagaaagaa    153000
     ggaagaattt aattaattaa ttaattaatg gtttaaccaa gacagcttca gcaactatct    153060
     tactcttgct atgactccta atttttaagc taaacaagaa gctgtttgtc tggacaatac    153120
     aaactaccta agttaggaag aatttaactt tgccacctgt tatcacatct gactgagtgc    153180
     ttctgataaa gatgtttaag aaattttcaa agctgagttt aaaccacaga gtaattcaat    153240
     aaaacatctt tttttttcta cttagtgctt gctaagaaag atcaccaata aaacctagtc    153300
     tagaaagttc tgtaagggac tggtgagatg gctcagcagg taaaagcacc aactgctctt    153360
     ccaaaggtcc tgagttcaaa tctcaacaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca cctgtaatga    153420
     gatctcatgc cctctttgta gtgcgtctga agacagctac agtatataat aataaataaa    153480
     tctttgggcc ggagcaagta gggactgagc aagtggagct ggccggagcg agcagaggtc    153540
     ctaaattcaa ttcccaacaa ccccatgaag cctcacagcc atctgtacag ctacagtgta    153600
     ctcatataca ttaaataaat aagaaagttc cgtaagaact gtgggaagtt agctgctctt    153660
     aggtgtcttt ggcagaagta ttagtacagg gaaatggggt taaaagattt tggggatgtt    153720
     caatcctcaa ttgacatttc tcacaatttc tgtctactag tcccttactc ttcttaagat    153780
     cttgggtgct atttcaattg gaataagaaa atggtggaat ttatgttacc cagcatctgg    153840
     gaaataaacc cattagtctg ggttctggct attggcacat tgttttctcc tctgtttcaa    153900
     atctcaccat ctaaagtgct gcttgttgac tgttgtagct gcttgtcttc tccatcaccc    153960
     ttctcagtgc tcagtcccat ggaagtaggg agacctgtta agtaagcctt gtaaaagctg    154020
     caaagattct aaaggaaaag gttatgtcac ctatatgttg aaaagctgca gtgactgctt    154080
     ctgtctttta ggacttgctg tgtgctgggg gctctgcacc agcacttagc acacagtagt    154140
     tccttgaagc gtcctggcct acccccactc gctcatgtca atcactgtct actctaggtg    154200
     tcttgaagca attgaaaaag aaagccttcc cgaggccaga gaaatcaaag aagaactagc    154260
     ttcccgctgg atatggatct ggagctggat tcagatacta ctgtctagtt ctgcactgtc    154320
     caggctgccc cacttggctt tccttctgtt ccgagagcag gaaccaccat ttactgagtg    154380
     tcctgcaggt gccagctttg gtcaagggtt ccactaaaga cttgacagtg tagagctagc    154440
     gctgaactgc tgcaagggcc tagattagca gtgtgctctg ctctcccctg cttcccatgt    154500
     gctgctcaca gggcaggact tttattagcc ttccagattg aggggccttt atgtctgcac    154560
     aataaagctc cagatcatgc tctgtacttg cagactttct gctttcaaag tggttttcca    154620
     ggtatccacc cctcctcata gtcttgaaac ccttaccaaa acttgtacag caggcatatt    154680
     tgtaattctc tacagaagat agaagaacat gccaactaga actgagccaa agtcagcagc    154740
     cttatgtcca tccacagacg ctaacccagt agcaactgcc ccctctaccc ttcttctaca    154800
     caaggaccct ttttaccccc cagcattcaa ccagttcagc aggtatgttg atcctgctag    154860
     gtactgacca caatgctgaa ccgaatggag aacaaagcag ccatgcttta tcacatcttg    154920
     gtgagggagt gatgcactga atgctcacag taaaactagt aagacgttgg cacactggag    154980
     aaacagaaga aagcttatgt tcagagtatt ctaggaaaat gacatttttt tcccccagag    155040
     tcttttgatg tcgataagaa agggaagggg aaatagaatt gtttctgcac cgaagcctga    155100
     ggagatgaac agacggtgct ttggacgagg gaatttagct cagggaacca acagtaggaa    155160
     agaaaacaga aaggctgcat tgagagttag caaccactgg accccaaact ccatactaga    155220
     tagataactt agaggtttaa ctcctcagtt ttggagttga tggggtaacc ctgtacgaca    155280
     tcctgtgcat gaaatgttgg tacagaaata agacgtgagc caggtaggat ggtgctcacg    155340
     ttgaatctct cagcacctgg gaggcagagg caggcagatc tctgtgagtt tgaggctaac    155400
     ctagtctaca taatgagttc caggacagcc agaactactt actagataga ccctgtctcc    155460
     aaaaccaaaa tacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagc aaaacagtgc    155520
     cgaagagagg gaggaggaaa gacgcgagca gagctgtgaa agtccagaag gaggaaaagc    155580
     tttctagatg agcactggtg tgcagtttca ccttgaagga tcccaaagga cttcccaggc    155640
     gttgataagg aaagggttcc ttttttaaaa attaatgttt aatatacttc acacaataaa    155700
     agttacctcc cccaacaaaa acaactgggt aggaatgctg gctgaaagaa gagcattatg    155760
     tttctgcctc tggcttacac attaccctct ttttaaaaga aaaagccccc ctaaaaggtg    155820
     ggagcatgga ggcctaggtg gtccccctac atccatcccc cacctcccct aatcggagct    155880
     gtctgggtca tgggggaaca tcctcacagg aaatcctgtt tccccacttc ctggccagtg    155940
     gctgaactcc cggaaaagga tggatttggg gggagctgtg tcctgcctct tcgtgggagg    156000
     tctggggtca ggacagtggt actccctaaa aacgacagga aggatgctat taggcttcca    156060
     agagagtcaa aattgtggga tgctaaaaat ccacccagtc tccattgtac accggagaac    156120
     ccagccacag gaaagaaggg acttggtctg ggtcttgttg caggtgcgac aactgagacc    156180
     ggaactcaag gcagccgtct ccacagcatg tggtctgtcg cagggtctta gctagttagc    156240
     aatcaagtgg tcaaacccag gtcctcaact gaagcctgac atcctggaaa cgcaataaag    156300
     gccacagaca cacacagaga cacagacaca gacacacaga cacacacaca cacacacaca    156360
     cacacagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaggct    156420
     ttgcttatat cactgacttc caaacttcgc attttggaga acccttcaga acccaactta    156480
     gatgaccccc tgcatcatct cctccatctt acagactcgg aggcctcacg tggtagtgcc    156540
     atttttcctt ggtccaactc aacagccctt tctctgatcc tcttgtcctc ttaaaccacc    156600
     ctccatgtgt acccatggca atgagcactc tctgatgact cccttgttca gtgaagagcc    156660
     acatgtaaaa catgtccttt tcatctgcct ttcttagggc agagggctga ggcagccagg    156720
     aacttaggcc ccctaaagct cattccttac ttaccttatt aaggtggcaa cgggtcttag    156780
     ctaagggtgg gacaattgag tcactcttga tgagtgatga gtgattccag atttcccacc    156840
     cctgactgag atattgtatg gcttgccctg cccccaccag cacaagactg atgatggagt    156900
     aagtagctag gtgactctgg atggaaacct gcatttcccc gctgcaccag atgggggcac    156960
     cactcagagt taagtgtggc ggcaaccagg gatccgtttc tctctttcct gcccagacag    157020
     aatgcccttt caaattcgtc tgtggctggt tttggagcag ttccacttcc tccaagtgaa    157080
     gcccaggtcc cagctgagtg tttgctctcc atttctctct gcagctccat cagtctccct    157140
     ctgatttctt cagtacatgg tctgtggtat gctggataaa gacaagccag ggacatgatc    157200
     ctatctttgg agggtctttg tgcccagcac catgctgggg ataatcaagg gatacaggga    157260
     tttctgcttt gcagggagtc acagggcaac ctcacttctg ctcatcttct gtcctagaga    157320
     aattgctttg tgcttaccat tccctttctt ccccccacca ccgattccct caaggcctgc    157380
     ggaaataaga taacgatggg ctagcctggg agaaacaaaa cgcctacaca tacatcacaa    157440
     atgtccctag tcctgtagta agcagaaacc atacggtccc ctgagaacag atgggcttgg    157500
     tcctctcata ctcttgacag ttagcacaga gcccacacga ctggctcgaa atgaaccaac    157560
     agccagaagc tgtgcccacg gtacaaatga ggaaacagtt tccagatggg gtcacagctt    157620
     gccctcctct accactggtg tcaaggttgg gagaaagctg gaatttgttt ttcttctctc    157680
     ttttcattta cgctggctca aattcacatt tagctgagga caaccttgag cgtctggtct    157740
     gcctgccttc accctcctga tgttagcatc agaaggtgtt ctgtccttca tttatgctgc    157800
     agatcaaacc caaggaccca gcatgccaac tactctacca actgagttat ttctcagccc    157860
     caatcatgga tttcttacct tcctacacag cccgctacca cagaaagggg agctttcatt    157920
     tctgatgttc gggggtccag gatagtgtct ggcacatact aggcctgtag taaatggaat    157980
     gaatacatga gtgaccagag ctgggtttct ttgcttcatc cagggccacc gtcttcacaa    158040
     acccactttg tacaacttga gccttctgct tcctactgct ggctcttccc agttgctcct    158100
     gatcttccct tctctgatcg tattatacct atttacacca gtgtaaagcc ctgtctaata    158160
     tggattccca atactgttta gcacccctct ctaacatatt aggctgcaca ataactcttt    158220
     gcttctgctt ctgtttcttt catggaagtg tctctacacc taaatacagg gtctgaacag    158280
     aataaggctc ataaacacac acacacacac cacttctgtt ctttaaatgc cctagacatg    158340
     gtgctttttc cactagtatc agttggtctt tgcagcaacc ctgtgaatag tggtgtttta    158400
     aagatgaaga aactgaggca caaaatagtt aaggagtctc ttctagctca gagtgccctg    158460
     gtgatcagtt atttaccctt aattattaag gggtcatatc ctggggtgtg gttcagggcc    158520
     aggtaccctg ggctacacag agatagatgt cttctgccac agcttctcct ggcaacccaa    158580
     agctacctgg cagagtccag tctgcctaac acctatgaat ctatgagata ccttaaaaag    158640
     catatccttc cttctataca tctttccact tcctcctctt ctccacccta ttcatcagac    158700
     aactgtctca gtcagtgggg aacatgaaga ggggatatgg atgcttgctt tcacaggtgc    158760
     ctctgcataa agggagttct cagtgagctg gagcagaggc tatggaggaa ggaagcagag    158820
     atgacagatt aaagacagat gcagagacaa ggcctttata caggaaagag gagcagattc    158880
     agagtttgcc tgagcctaag atagagaccg gagaaatgaa aggcagagtg agcaagataa    158940
     gagatgaaag gaatagaccc cggggttcct ccactgcatc ctcattacag ataggaaaac    159000
     tgaaggtcag aggaagtggt ggttctactt cctacggatg tatccatcac tcttgtaaat    159060
     acactgggtc aggtcctccc ttctccagca ctttcctctt gcccttgtgc actaggactg    159120
     agtaacacaa gtgacaccca gtgggaggct cttggacaag tcaaccagga agagggagag    159180
     aggagacagt gtagacaaaa tagattgaca gggaagtttt tctggactag gtaagcttga    159240
     agaagggcac agagggtgta aacaactgta ttaaggtata tggtttatgt gcagtaagat    159300
     ataccatttc agcatccagt tagctgaggt ttgacaacac ttttatagtc attaccacaa    159360
     tcaatgtata gaatatgtct ttgatagaaa gttccgttgt gtctcttgta tccactccat    159420
     gttgcatttt atccttctga actctgtcat tgtagattca ttttgctttt cttcccctag    159480
     ggtttcatgt acatgtagct agttactata gacactgtct gatcgctttc actctgcatg    159540
     aattggaggt tttctatgtt tttacatgta tctgaagtta tttttattgc tcagccatat    159600
     ccagttgcat gcctggacca atatatgtac ctatctgttg atatgctttg aaagtatttc    159660
     tacttttttt ttgtttgttt tttgttttgt ttttgagact atgtggctct ggctgtcctg    159720
     gaactcgaaa tataggccag gctggtgtgg cactcacaga gactcacctg cttctgtctc    159780
     tcacattctg ggattaaagg tgtggaccat tatgccctgc ttatttattt tttgatgcta    159840
     tggataagtc tttatatgca tatattcctg tggatatgtt tttatgtctc tcaataaata    159900
     tgtattatta accatatgat taaaggggct caagtgtgtg tatttttctc caatatggct    159960
     gagtagagtt tgcattccct tcagtgtaca agaatgccag ttgaccttta ttcctatcaa    160020
     cacttggtct tgtctgtctt tcacgttcta gccatattga cagacttgtc atggtagctc    160080
     tttgtagttt gaatttctgt ttctctggtg taactttctt ttcatgaaag ttttgttttc    160140
     taagttcata aggattttca actcagacac attacagtga tactcactgt tcggctgaag    160200
     attttaaagt agttcacaca ggaagaaatg tcatatagcc aacaggggtg gagaggacaa    160260
     taggccatgt tgttctaggc tacacagcag ttaaatgaca agagtgagcc tgctttctca    160320
     cctccaaagt agcgtcacca ggcggcatga cactgtcatt gtctacagtc agatgacagg    160380
     tggacacaag ggcagaagag gtacacacag agagatgctc agtacatgca tgtgcagggc    160440
     ctggaggcat atctactgtc ttgatgtgtg tcataaacct ggccactgtc ctgatgacca    160500
     tcggcagcta tttgcgacag agttggtggt tgtgcgtgta ttgtcttcta atggcttgaa    160560
     caagtaaaac attaatggca gaatgctctc tcctgaggac agaaagcttg ggaacacaaa    160620
     ctggggacac agctttggtc ctctgtgtac ttctagaaga tgcataggtt gcacaaggaa    160680
     gataggaggc tagagagccc gctgccttct gcagctgctc attcattttg ctttggattt    160740
     tttcctttca tttctctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tcttcctttc    160800
     tcaccaatgg tgctctagtt cttaagctgt gtgctgcaga catcatcctg gaggctggtg    160860
     aaacacacct ggcctctctt ccagaggagc ctagggtccc cttccagaac tgacttctct    160920
     aaggacatgg cccctccttt gaaagtcata cattagagca aagccctttc catccctgca    160980
     aatgctgatg gcaaggctgg gataagaaca tggaaatgat ttcatctgtg gggttctggg    161040
     ctcagccttg caaactagaa tggcaggggc tcattcctag taaggaacag aggcaaaata    161100
     tggaggacag ttatatggaa atgaattgga gcaggttatg acatctcctt aaatgggcat    161160
     atttaccatc aataagtttt ataaaaccca ctgtcaggta tgggcaatta tcacctcctc    161220
     tttacagagg aggaaaatgg aagaggctat cttgcctatg ctcatgcagc ccagtgagaa    161280
     agcaggaatg agggctcaga catgctagtc aatggttctg ctctgctgcc tggaggcacc    161340
     agaatgtccc ggctgggaat tctttattca cagcaagttg cttagatgtc tgagctatct    161400
     actaagtgga agtcccgacc ttccctacgt ctttgagctg ttgtaaaatg aacggaattg    161460
     acattatgaa gtgtttaggt ctggcacgat acaaattcgt tataaaccca tctgcccacc    161520
     agagtgctgg cagaccgaac ttctccaggg gtggaagctc agagatggta cagcacctga    161580
     aaacattgca aaccctggac tctggagggc ggacaacgta ggccctggga gtggaggagc    161640
     ctgtcccctg ctcttgccta cccggggcca gactccagac tccctggttc ctcacctccc    161700
     cgccccctca ccacccccac cgaggcgctc cgaatttcct gcccgaccga ggcccggctc    161760
     gggcgggtgg aggagggctg gcatttcctg gccgccgcgt cactggctca gcggtgctcg    161820
     gacaaagcgc tgaccgacag gcaccagaag ctatttcagg cggcgcccag cttagcgcgc    161880
     agtttccgtt tttccaccgt cggaaacagg gaacagggag cttgcagacg tcacaaaccc    161940
     ccagcctcag gcgtgggtcc agggaccagg agaggcaagg cccatgtgtt agaaacaggg    162000
     tagaggcaga cgctatcccc gcaccttcta tccaacctta ctccttaact gtccttggaa    162060
     acaccagaga aggccatttc acacccagga aaatgatcca gtcgtcattg gtcaagccaa    162120
     atgcataacc ttttcaagcc cataaacctc gagacagcct taccccattc cctctcctga    162180
     attaactaac ctgcccccag acatcctgga ttcttcgatt ttcattattc gtagttcttc    162240
     caaactcagt cttaaatacc ctgtgcgaaa catctacccc acaccttctc ttccatctcc    162300
     tggaaggaga attagaacaa gctctaacct cttttctctg gtcacagaac acttagcctt    162360
     cacctcccag ctccccacac caacacagcc cctaccgcca tttcaaccca aggctttcct    162420
     ttcctttcct ttcctttcct ttcctttcct ttcctttcct ttcctttcct ttcctttcct    162480
     ttcctttcct ttcctttcct ttcctttttc cttttttatt agatattttc tttatttaca    162540
     tttcaaatgt tatccctttc ctagtttccc ctccgaaagt cccctatccc ttccccctcc    162600
     cccttcccct gctccccaac ccacccactc ctgcttcctg gccctggcat tcccctatac    162660
     tggggcatag agccttcaca ggaccaaggg cctctcctcc cattgatgac caactaggcc    162720
     atactcatgg ctctaactgc atactgcata tgcagttaga gccatgagtc ccaccatgtg    162780
     ttttctttga ttggtggttt agtcccaggg agctctgggg gcactggtta gttcatattg    162840
     ttgttcctcc tatggggctg caaacccctt cagctccttg gatactttct ctagttcctt    162900
     cattccaagg gttttctaaa aaagcaaatc cgatcttaca taggacagca agcccttatg    162960
     taaacacagt ggtaaaaaca aaaccctcaa ttcttccacc catactgtac cagttttctg    163020
     tttcttacat taactttccc cctttctgtg tcagcccttg gtccaggacg cctggctttc    163080
     ctgggaagca cacccagtta gctcacatac aatatagtta gcccatataa ccaagcgaag    163140
     gcagcacagc tggactttca tcaaatgtca cagaggaaca gacaggtgta actaatactc    163200
     catctccagt attggtcctg aaatctagga ggggcagaac tcaaaacagg tgctactctt    163260
     tggaatcagc ccttgactga gtctcagtct gtgaccgggt tcagagctac tggaaggtca    163320
     atgcagtttg ggatgcttag tggggtctat ggaatggaaa ttgaacaaga gagttcagat    163380
     aggtgctggc gttactctag ctataagttt gatcaagtta catctctttg ccccctactt    163440
     tcctttaaca ttcttaattt ctgtatggca accagacaaa tgcctatgat atcttattag    163500
     ctccctacca cccacttttt atattatttc tcatgtatat gaaactttgg catttaaaat    163560
     attattatta ttcatttagg ctttttgaga aagggtttct ctgtgtagtc ttggctgtcc    163620
     tgaaactcca tatgtagatt aggctggcct ctaactcaaa ggatctgcct gcctgcctca    163680
     atgagagctg ggattaaagg tatgtgcgtt tattctttga gtattttata aaatgaattt    163740
     tgatcatatt cacctcctat tacccctcat ctcctcctat cctgatgtct tttttttttt    163800
     ttttttaaat ctacagagag gctagagaga tggctcagtg gttaagagca ttggttgctc    163860
     ttctggagga cctggatttg atttccagtg tctatatggt agctcacaaa ctcctgtttc    163920
     agaggagcta atgtgtctgc cttcttctag tctctggata cagtacatag acattaatac    163980
     aggcaaaacc agggaccaca cccttaaaaa tgattcccct tctcaagaag tgttcaactg    164040
     tcaatagctc ttcagttagc ggtgaaggct catgaacacc cccacacaca cacacacaca    164100
     cacatacacc taccttctgg ctagaatctt gactggcttg atcctgagca ggcaaccaca    164160
     gctgtgagtt ggtccttttc tgaccagaag gtagtcactc tggtcttcct taactgctct    164220
     tactatcttt ttcttctttt cttctcttct gcttcaaggc agggtttcac tatgaacccg    164280
     tggctggtgg ctgacctggc tctctatacc aggctgtctt tgaattcgtg ggtgtccacc    164340
     tccctctgcc tcccaaacac caccatgtgt ccaccatggt ctcactcaca tagcccaaac    164400
     tggccaagaa ttctgctatt tttgccctta tcttttggat tacaacagcc agtttccacc    164460
     atcatagaaa gaaaaaccca gatactcctc agcccattgg gttcctacaa tgtacctatg    164520
     ggcttcaatg tcaaacttct ttcaaatcag gcttctgtcc ctcactagaa atttaatatt    164580
     gagttattga cacagccctg tcaccccctc cccccactgt tttctcacct ataaattagg    164640
     aataataaaa gcaccaatgg ggagaagttg gatgaagggg gaaaagtatc actaaagcac    164700
     actattattc aaaggtgccc taatgatatc caattgtatg gtatttaaaa aataaaaaat    164760
     aaaagcatta cgaaaccggg tgtggtggtg catgccttta atcccagcat tccagaggca    164820
     gagacaggtg gatccctaag ttcgaagaca gcctggtcta cagaaagagt tccaggacag    164880
     ccaaggctac acagacaaac cctatctcaa acaaaacaac aaaaaccaaa aagagaaaga    164940
     aaagagctaa tttagaattt tctcatttat acacctgctt atttttattt ttgcagtgct    165000
     gagaattgag tccttggcct tgcacaagat tggcaagccc tcaaactcca gtccttaggg    165060
     atatttaagg aaaatcaaac tgtatagtgc aaagaaacaa tgtactaaga ttaaagagtg    165120
     tgttaaggaa catgggggct tggggatggg tgggggggtg ttctgctttc atcctgaaac    165180
     caagcttaag gggcattttc atctctctat tgatatctgt tctgtccccc tatagagtct    165240
     tttatctttg agcaattcca gttttagagc ggtcaggggc ctgtgctgat gagggtcagc    165300
     gaggaactgg gtgttgagat acggaaaaag gagaaacaga cactctggct ttggagaaga    165360
     caggagaaag aatgaagaag ggagggttgg ttgggaatgg gtcgggagac acggtggtct    165420
     taagaggcta gacaacggcc aaagccgctg aacgagcatc tgggaggcgg agatccgagt    165480
     cgggttgttt gtagggagcg ggaatcccga ggggccaggg gtggggaacg ggcggaaccc    165540
     gccgggtccc aacgtgagcg ctcagccctc tcctctgcgc attcctgggc catcccagcg    165600
     ccgcaacccg tccccgctcc ctccggagaa attgccaaat taaaatgaat catttggccc    165660
     ataatggccg aggcgcttat cgggggcggg cgggcccgag gcggctcctt atctcggcgg    165720
     cgcacacggc cggcgctaac gaggccgcgg gcgggagcgg gattagagcg cgcggcgagg    165780
     cgcgggcggg ggctgcccaa catggccacg cacaccccca aggcgcaaaa cgtgagcgtc    165840
     ccggccttct tcccagggcc gggagacagt cgcctcccgt ggaattgccc gtccgtttcc    165900
     tccgtctttc cccatgcgca ctccagcctc ggctccctct cccccgtctc ttcccggggg    165960
     gcactttcca cgacgcccct ccgctgcccc tcccgccggg gagactctct tccttccttc    166020
     cccttttccc cttgcgcaat agacagaaaa gcgcaaggcg ctggcggctt ccattgcttc    166080
     tgggcggtgt gtgcgggcgg ccgggttgag agtgcttgcg tgagcggcag gctgcggtgg    166140
     ctactccccg cgtgggcttt tggcgatagg tcgtgtgcgg gagtgtgaaa ccctgcgctg    166200
     tctgggtgtg gagattccga cctctctgcg ttttattcgt tgtatgtaaa ttgccctgtt    166260
     tcttttctcc acaaggtcgg tctggtgtat cgcagtgtgt ggccttggac aaagtgttag    166320
     gctggtttcg ttatgtcggg cgggtgtgat cctcaccctg tgaggttgtg tgtctgtgag    166380
     cgtttgcgtg tgactgatgt cgctgtgtca tgttggacag tatgccggtc tgcctacacc    166440
     ggcttgtggg acagagctag ctcgtgttca tctgcttccc tcctctgggc ctggaccatg    166500
     tgtggtcctg tccaacaaga gtcctatgcc tgtgtgcctg tgtcctttag aggtgcgttt    166560
     gcaaatcgct gggggcggga gtggggggag ggcgagcgag agatcgaggc gctggtgggg    166620
     gcgtcagcat gggggcgggg agtgggattt cacattttat tccaaattat gatgtattcg    166680
     ggagccagtg ttggctcgga tgggcggaca gagcccagtg ggcggcagct ctgtccggag    166740
     gctgtctgtg ccttggtgtt gcgggggtcc cctggtgtgt gcggggggaa tcttctaatc    166800
     tggaagatga gccgcgctcg ctgaggccag cgtcttcccg cccgcagcgc caggcctgga    166860
     ttcgcgctgc ccctgggttt cgcctatttc tggtcagttt cgcgggtgcg tccgcggtgg    166920
     ttgggagagg ctgggaaaga caatgggcac attttccagg tctggtgcca ggggtggggg    166980
     tcctcgggat cgtcccgggg gacattttct cagtcccttt cccatcccgg tccagtcaga    167040
     ccccctagca ggttagctgc ccttggagtc cacttacgtt ggaaggaccg cttcagggcc    167100
     accttagctg gacaagaagg atcgcgtttt ccccttttac tgcgattgtt aataccttcg    167160
     tcatcatcac catcaccctt aatatccgct tttaattaaa acaatcgaac aaaaagctca    167220
     ccagttctac cctttagctt ctttggaggg agaacaaagc agtcctgtcc tgtcttaggc    167280
     ccctccctag ctgctttttt tttttttccc ctaacttgcc aggtttgggg tagggaaaga    167340
     aaatgaagag gtagtcagaa taaagagtca ctccataaaa caaacattag cctcaagtaa    167400
     caacgggaac gagtgtattc cccgcgtctc ccctcctctt ccctccttct ctggattagc    167460
     aaggagaaag aaaacctccc gcactgaatt gaaagccagg gaggaggcag ttctgagctt    167520
     ccgccaaagc cgcagcggag agaaggaagc cttcgcaatt aacccaagac ttcgatgtgc    167580
     cattgggcgg tggacatctc aggcaaaaca attaaaaaaa aaaaaggagg cgaaaaataa    167640
     aagcaaacga aatccagcta ccgctcttgg aagtggcgtc ggtctgcttt ggcccgtctt    167700
     tccttttgct ttgtttatcg ctgcgaaaca gtataagagg tgtaagagtt aactctcatc    167760
     tactgccagt caaaaccccg aaagtcgaaa atcttttgca aaggtggtgg aagaaatggt    167820
     gaaatacctt cctttatatc tctgcatcca ttagaaagaa aacaagggac ccagctaaaa    167880
     cagatagagc tctctctctc tccctttcat ccctgcaagg gaaataggat ctttggaaac    167940
     aggttctgcc ttgtcctggg caggaacttg aaagatgggg tcatgaggag tatgggacca    168000
     gggctcccag gttctgaccc agcagccagg gcctgaaaac tcttgggttt ttgttgttgt    168060
     tgttgttgtt gtttttgttt ttgtttttgt ttttccatcc cgttctctcc accctcgtca    168120
     aatagagaat tacatcttcc tgctctggct aagcctgggc taaggttgtg ggggcaaccc    168180
     gcatagagac gtccatgctt agaaaacaaa ttcggccata ctgaattaga cagatccgtt    168240
     agagggttcg aacacgttct gggcagcctg ccggagaggc tgttgttgtt ggactaagta    168300
     gttattcctg attggtcagg tgtaaggttc ttcttctttt tcttttttta attcgggatg    168360
     tgtttggggg agggtgggct ccaaacacct gcaagttgga ggcggaaagc catttgctat    168420
     tctttgggat ggcggggcac acgaggtaat tcccagtcat tgacccccca ttttctctct    168480
     cgccctccct ctttctctcc acccccatct ttcctggaaa ctcgctttgg gcgcggcaga    168540
     ccgcgcagga cctcacggca agctaagtaa ctgctggtct ctcagcgaga gccgggaaac    168600
     ccagcttcgg ggtcctacct cgacccctct ccagcggagg agtggaggtc ctaaccagcc    168660
     gagtaggtct ctctaaatat gccccaggtt agttgcggcc tggagtctgg ggtggggtgg    168720
     gtggaggaag gggggtaatg tctgtggaaa caacagtatt ctgggttgtg aactgggggg    168780
     cggggggggg gagacgactt agaactgaga agattggtgg gggtgggggt gggggtggga    168840
     gaaccaacct agactaagaa cccgggatct gactgccact aagctgcctc aggcctccag    168900
     cagggctctt tcctttttcc ggccttggat aaaacaagct ggttggatta tgtcctccag    168960
     gccgctccca tggtcccggt tccgagcaca tttcacaagg ccggtaactt tattgtggct    169020
     atatccggat ggcgcaggag ctccaggcac gaataaaagc agccaaagcc accctactaa    169080
     ggcctaaggc ctaagaagct gtgctggaac gcatttccac tcgagtggtg gcagagatag    169140
     tgcattgctc actggcggat taggttttgg tgcaggcttt gtgtttctcc actgtgtctt    169200
     gcgcatatga gtgtggaggg atgggaggcc agccaagtct aaggccaaca ctatttcttt    169260
     taaaaataag tggattaaaa aaaatctcca agctatgatt tggggcatta ggagttgctg    169320
     gagaagatgc agtgcctccc agaaaggagc tttctggttc cccttttcag gtgtattgtc    169380
     acctgctggc tggggcaact ggaaggtgaa gatgaggttg aggctgtaac ctgggtctcg    169440
     ggaagcacaa agagctggga tggtcgagtg ctcctgtcta gcctgagccc cctccctttc    169500
     ccattctccc ttaataaaaa caattgcata aaagctgtta gtgttaaccc ctgggctgct    169560
     gtgcgggtgg gggtggggtt gtgtgtgatc ctggtcttag gaggtttacc tgaggtccag    169620
     gagctgagca tggagaattc tactggaagc cttggatatt tatagcatct ggagggtcaa    169680
     ctcatctaga atatgtgtcc cctttggcca ttgggaacct gattcagtca ttgcagcaga    169740
     attgatcagg gagtcagagg ggagctctgg ctcagttact gtagtgtatg tttgtcattt    169800
     agaagctggg actaaaacaa ctggtcattg aaagcacaca gatggtgtgc ctcaaggtag    169860
     gaggacagcg tctctggctt gtgtatttca ccagaagctg gtttatttct gatgcacttc    169920
     actagcaggg agggaagtca ggatggctac tatacttctg gttcatttcc ggtggttgag    169980
     gtattctctg tatatagacc ttttgtctcc actctaattg tgaattcaat ctcagtgaag    170040
     cattacagac ccatattggc tttgcagctt gtgtgtaaca agtgttggga gatttgttgt    170100
     ttcctgactg ggctaatccc cgaacatcca gtgttgcctg aattgcaatc cttggttccc    170160
     attttgtgtc tggctgtaca cctgagtttt ggagaaggat gaagaaggtc caatttcctt    170220
     ttcgtaagag gagggaatca gtttcccaga taactctggt ccagagcagt gtagtggcca    170280
     aaaaggtcct ctatgtgtgc tccatgtcgg tggttagtgt cacatttttg tattgatttt    170340
     ctgttttaaa acaccccatt ttgggctagt gaattgactc agtgggttaa attgttgctg    170400
     ttgatcccga cagctttagt ttgatcccca aggcccaggt gaaaggaaat cactacttca    170460
     tgaaaattgt cctctaactt caacatttat gactgtggca tatgtacctt tatatacaaa    170520
     taaataaatg gtaaagtaat aaaaattaca atacaacaaa ataacccaat tatctaatct    170580
     tgggagcagc aatgtgattt ataaagccta ttaaggtggt tatatatgtg tctatactgt    170640
     gtgtatatgc acataataca cacacacaca tatgagtata tatatgagat aggatcatgt    170700
     gtagcccagg ctaacttcaa actcaggatt ctttaacccc cttctcaggg ctgcatttat    170760
     aagcatgtgc ccccacaact gatgagttca ttgtatttct atttttaaaa ttaaaacaac    170820
     tcacaagtat catccaactt tggagtctta tagattgtgt gtctggcctg ttgctgggtc    170880
     agatgccatc tgaacgaagc caggtgatgc aagaactctc aaactgatgg gaaatagagt    170940
     ggatatgctc atctggggag tatggttgga gcctaggaat tttctgggct ccagggtcca    171000
     tgtgagacag taaaacagtg agatccacga ctggagagat ggctcactgg ttaagagcac    171060
     tgactattct tccagaggtc ctgagttcaa ttcccaacaa ccacatggtg gctcagaacc    171120
     atctgtaatg ggatctgatg ccctctccta gtgtgtctga aggcagccac agtgtgtgtg    171180
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtataca tatacatata tatgtatata tataattttt    171240
     gcatattaaa tctataaaaa aaaaacccag tgagatccga gttctgtgta ttgagaatac    171300
     caaggtgtat ggtgtgtgtg tgtggggggg aagaggacac ttcattggaa taattcaagg    171360
     aagagctttc tttatatttt ctccatcagg aggggagccc agattctagt gacttctgga    171420
     gcactttccc aagtcttaag agtccagctg agcagaatgg ggtggagtgt gaagggtagt    171480
     aggaccagaa tccaggatta gcttcagtcc ttgactccct ttcttatgat agggtagcta    171540
     cttgcagaat acaacggtgg gtttgcttag tgtaggctgc tttcctcttg gccgggaata    171600
     tttctgacat ccttggttga atagagcaga gttcttgcag cttccacacc ctacttcacc    171660
     accatagtct ttctgggtgt atatttgcag cgcatgtgtg tagcagtaga tcgggagagg    171720
     gttcctatag cactggacag attccccgcc aaaaccaaaa ggggggcggg aaggacacgc    171780
     ttgctcgggg gattagttcc ctccccttcc cctgtggcct aagaaggagg gactgggtga    171840
     tctttctctt ctctgtgcat ttccttcctc ctttttcccg tcgatttttg tctctctgcc    171900
     tgtattcctt ttctcccaag gtttctgcca tctttctcca gcacaattcc tacccttgga    171960
     cactgtgcct tccgggcttg tcccaccctt ttcttccaat ctagagacac ccccacattg    172020
     ctccagctcc aggcctgcgg gccttcacgc cagcagggtt ggggtgtgcg tccacgtggt    172080
     gctgagtttg tcctgtccgc ttttcaggtt tcagtgcgtg atctcctctc tgccccttac    172140
     cctgttacag gatgacggag cggccgccga gcgaggcggc acgcagtgac ccgcaactag    172200
     agggacagga cgcggccgag gcccgcatgg cccccccgca cctagtcctg ctcaacggcg    172260
     tcgccaagga gacgagccgc gcagccccgg ctgagccccc cgtcatcgag ctaggagcgc    172320
     gcagcggcgc ggggggcggc cctgccagtg ggggcggtgc cgcgagggac ttaaagggcc    172380
     gcgacgcagt agcagccgaa gctcgccttc gggtgcccac caccgagctg tgcagacctc    172440
     ccggacccgc cccggcgccc gcgcccgcct cggctcctgc agagctgcct ggagacggcc    172500
     gcatggtgca gctgagcccg cccgcgctgg cagcccctgc cggccccggc cgagcgctgc    172560
     tctatagcct tagccagccg ctcgcctcac taggcaggtg agcatcccgg tcccctgcgg    172620
     cgttctgggt gcaggcgagg gtcgagagga gggggtggtg gcttaagatt ccaagaggaa    172680
     cgagcccaga gaccagagtc tctcccgcaa ccctcccgct agtgggaaag gggtcccctg    172740
     tgagacagac tgtcaggaag gaccggtggt caggggacga cagttgtgta gaaaccgggg    172800
     gtggtcgcct gcactgttga gggtgcgggt ctgtgggtga gtgtaaaaag ctgcagaggt    172860
     tgctgactac tgttgagtag gcgggattct ttaatatgag ttctgggcca gtgtctgaat    172920
     gcccctctgc agcagaggtg aggttcgcca caaagggtga actcttcagg aagctgccgc    172980
     ggtgggtgga caggctggag agaaagatct aaggccgttg ctgagggcag ctcttctcag    173040
     cctctgctag gatgcagtga gcgacactgt catccgctcc taatccttct gtcccttacc    173100
     tgcgtggttg gtctccttgc tgggccctgt ggtgagggaa gctgaatggc cagcagagtg    173160
     taggacaggc ggtaggaaag aattatagga caacacgatg gtagagcagt agggagcgct    173220
     gtcaagggtt ggtgagtggg aggtgggggg tggtgccgat ctgtgatcag agagtgatgg    173280
     tcggtgaggt ctgaggggac aatgtgagac cctttgtggt gtgggagttc tctactagca    173340
     cttccatccc tcacgtgttg tcctgtgtag gtacttgtct ctgagcaaag gtctaccagg    173400
     attgaaggag attttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    173460
     tgtacttcag cacaggaata cgccgccttg cccctcccat ttatgtattg ttccatatat    173520
     tcaccctctt cgcttctgtg aatgcatgca tactcaattc aatctgcatt ttaagtgtgc    173580
     aggagcaggg ggtgccttag caggagggga ctgaagacac acagggagaa tccatctaag    173640
     gagtcttttt gtctttaacc tcattgtgat ctaccttctc tttccatagt gggttctttg    173700
     gggaaccgga tgccttcccc atgttcacca acaacaaccg ggtgaagagg aggccctccc    173760
     catatgagat ggagatttct gatggtgagt ctgcacctgt cccttgtcac tggttagaac    173820
     catctgcaga ggagagcaca gaggcagtga ggtgatctca cagagttgaa aatgctggct    173880
     tggaactcca aactgccaga agtcttcacc ctggaggcga attaggactg gcacttaagc    173940
     cacacctgta gagtcagcca cgggtagttc tcactttagg cttgctccct gcactttgtc    174000
     aaggatccag gaagggtaga aatatttcat gtccccagtg ccaatgactg acccacagaa    174060
     agtccctcaa ctgcatcttg aatttctgac tatactcgtg cccattaatg gttttttttt    174120
     tttttttttg ccagctctct ctattatgag acccctccat cactcttcca gtctggtctg    174180
     agaccaagag tggcttatag tgccacaggg gaaacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    174240
     cacacacaca cacctagggg gactcagcat tcgttgaata ttctttggct tggatgagtg    174300
     gaaatttaga gccctaccta ctcccaaagt taacttgttg gtgtctgggc aggagggtgg    174360
     tttctgcagg ctgagggact ctggccaaat gtggggattc taagtgctgt tgtctgtctg    174420
     gggccccagg aggaagtgtg ttgaggcatg tagagagctg ggaccaaggc tgggagcctt    174480
     tcgagggtgt atgtgtggaa cttgggcttc taaagaagat tctagagagg aaggggctga    174540
     ttctgacaat acagaagaga caccaggaac cacaacagcc cagagtacag acatagaact    174600
     aagaggaaga tccactggtg ggtgcttcta gatgagagag ggttctccag ctcctgatag    174660
     gttctgcagt agatgcttct cacgcctctt tctctgcctg tcagaaagct gtcagggaac    174720
     agtaaagttg tgtccagcca acactgagat cttctccgca taggagttct gggactcatc    174780
     cacagcctga ctcccagtac caacatactg ctaacagcca ttagtcaccc caagggtgta    174840
     aaataaggtg gtgacggcta tcattgctgc catttgttag acgcttattg catgtatcag    174900
     atgacttttt ttgtatcctt ggtctttacg taattctcaa cacaaaccca ccaggttaat    174960
     tttgcttcta tttcacagat ggagaaattg aatcagagag gttaaacagc ctgctcaaag    175020
     ctgcagagct aagtcctaga ccataattat aggtcttatg ctttggaata agttttgatt    175080
     tcctcccttc cctctagagt ctgtctgtct gtctcttatt gtgacaatga ttctaatgtg    175140
     ccctgtccac ttagaagctc tcattagctc acaagcatta gccatgatgc aagactggtc    175200
     cttctatgtc actgttgaaa gacccccccc ccctttagag gtctggggac accaacgtgc    175260
     tttctgggca gcagcccagt gtaggtctgt ccagtaggtt tgtgatgttt tccccagtct    175320
     ggatcttacc ctttcaaaac ttcagcaaac tgcagggaga gcaagggatg aaacatggag    175380
     tgtggatata ggcacatgca aatgagaaaa agggaccatc aagaatcaca tgtctactca    175440
     gtcacataag tcccagattg agccataatc tgaccagtgg actgagatgg tctcttggcc    175500
     tgcctgttcc ttctccctcc atttacccct tcccatgttt ccaatctgac ccctggaccc    175560
     agacattact agaagagggt aagcaggatc ctcagactag gctatttctc ctgtacattg    175620
     aacttcctga aggttgtctt gaggccagtg gctttgtggt ggtagggaag cattaacctc    175680
     agcccagggc tggagaacac tggtgcttgt gtttcccctg gctctgagac tcccaggtca    175740
     tgcttggatg cttggttcag agctcagcac acattaggtg ctgcacacag tgtattggtg    175800
     ttgcccactg cctggcactc tcggtatcag cgtgacagtg attatttcta aggcagtcct    175860
     tagaatcctt ttctgaggca tggctgtgta tggttgtcta ttttttccct ggggttgggg    175920
     gacctagagg tctttccttt ctcttctgct ttctgccctt ctctcctttc tcccacttaa    175980
     gaaacatact gcttctgtca tccctggaac tgaatttcca ccctgcttac tataggaacc    176040
     tatgagctat cctctcctct tatgcccact gctccactca ggcttcttcc cttcctgtgt    176100
     ctggatggtt ttgcttcaac ctgaagtgct ggtttttaaa tagatgcggc tgctgagaaa    176160
     agtctttgtc agctacctta gctaagcatg gtagtttcgt tacatcatta catcatgtac    176220
     ttgccagcct gcctttgggt tgtgtttttc atttgcttgt tccttgcgca tcatctccca    176280
     tctccattaa aatgtaaact ccatgagggt aaacaccctg cctgagccag gcacatcttt    176340
     aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggc agatctctgt gtttgaggcc agcctggtct    176400
     acagagtgag ttccaggata gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtcttg aaaaaaacaa    176460
     aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa caaaatgaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    176520
     gagagagaga gagagaacta attgtcagca ggggcagggg gtggtggcgg caggaaactg    176580
     gtgaacagat agtaacactg cctcgtagtt agcaaaggct gaagcagaag ctgttattgt    176640
     aggcacttta cctgtgtgat acatcagcca aaaccatctg tgacctggat tactggtaat    176700
     attcccaagt gtgcagacaa agatattgag acagtgagat ctggtcagca attgaaccca    176760
     gatagtctgt ttggctttta atgtctaagg cctcttggca taagtgactg agtgaaatat    176820
     ggctcttgtc taggtgggag tagtggagca cgcctttaat cccagcctag catgtgggag    176880
     gcagaggcag gtggatcttt gtgagtttga ggccagtcaa gtctacatag tgagttgcag    176940
     aacatgcaaa actacatagt aagaccctgt ctgagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    177000
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gaacaaaaca agacatatta aatgctgcat    177060
     agcccatagg aggtgctcag catgatcaga cacatgccat ttatggaagg taatggagag    177120
     gaaatgggta gagttgtgag gttgttaaga tagggctgga gggatataaa tctcagagat    177180
     gatgtgtcaa ttggacttct gaggtgagta ctccttgctt ttagctccct ggcttctcag    177240
     tggaggagct ccttggaggt ctctacctgc ctctaaccca cgtccttcta ccctcaggtc    177300
     ctcacaccaa agtagtgcgg cgcatcttca ccaacagccg ggaacgatgg cggcagcaga    177360
     atgtgaatgg ggcatttgct gagctcagaa agctgatccc cacccaccca ccagacaaga    177420
     aactaagcaa gaatgagatc ctccgccttg ccatgaagta catcaatttc ctggccaagt    177480
     tactcaatga ccaggaggag gaaggcaccc agcgtgccaa gcctggcaag gaccccgtgg    177540
     tgggagctgg tgggggtggg gcagggggtg gcatcccccc tgaagacctt ctacaggacg    177600
     tgctttcccc caactccagc tgtggcagct ctctggatgg ggcagccagc ccggacagtt    177660
     acacagagga gccaacaccc aagcacactt cccgcagcct ccatcctgcc ctgctgcctg    177720
     ccgctgatgg ggctggcccc cggtgatgcg tctggggctg cccagggcca gcaggcaggg    177780
     gcctttaggc ccctgggttg ctgggcttca gggcaggtgg gatgagaagc aggtcaatgg    177840
     acttatgtga acttccctta cagtttgaac tttgggaagt cccaactgac cctaggctgg    177900
     catttctgtt tcctgcatgg aaacagaaga ggcaaacaga gtgaagtagt aggtactttt    177960
     tctgaagatg gcacggtctt ctccctttcc caagcccaaa gatttcccca atgatgaggc    178020
     tcaagtgtct agttttggtc tagagtttgt gagccttgtt ttggacaaga tctggggttg    178080
     tcacctgtta cctgaggcat ccaattggcc tctgccttgc ctttctccca tcccgagctg    178140
     gctgggtggc ttttgtggca gcttctgttc aaatacttag gtacccaaga gctgaccatt    178200
     tcttgagccc catcttcacc caggtccatg ttgatccatc cagcttgcca gctgctgtgg    178260
     agagtcaagc tttgaggtgc cttcttcagg gcctggttgg aaaagatggc cagtaaacag    178320
     acaacctgct ctcaactagc tggggcagaa aacccaacag ccccttttgc tccagggaat    178380
     cagagctctc tccctcactg agacttgcct tcctatcctg tggctgtgag gaccaagtca    178440
     gcagccttga gcatgctttg ttgggctgtg tgcaggcaca gaaagggaaa gtgacattag    178500
     ggcaagcaaa gcaagagtgt ttggggcact gggtttcaac tccagcgcat ccctgtttgt    178560
     gcaggagagc aaaggataga gtgctggtgc attgcatgtt ggtgctgggg ctgtgcagcc    178620
     cataggcttc cccaggaagc ccgaaggaag cttcccattg caagatgtct gttggctgat    178680
     ggtctggatg tccaaatgga ggacaaactg tcctgtacat actctatttg ggattctgcc    178740
     tgaccagttg ttggttggca actctaggcc atgataccac ccaagatgca gcctgatgct    178800
     aaggcaagga gtccagtcag aggcaaggcc ctggctgaga cctgggcatg cacctttgct    178860
     cagcttaact ttaagtactc tcccctcaca caactgcagg ccctacgtgt gtgcatggta    178920
     ggttggctta acatgaaacg agtgccccct ctaaaacttg tacatgaaag ttttgtaaag    178980
     cagacccttc tcctccatct tttaaagaca caacccctgc aagtcatttt gtaaagtgga    179040
     gaatcctttt gtagtatgga caaatacccc attgtttctc ccctgtgtca atccaggtgg    179100
     tgggaccgat ctatcctaaa gctaggcctg cctataatga agttcaagct catgaaacaa    179160
     agtgcgcaga agtcctgtgt atctgtcatt gtattggtgt cactcagttc tcactctctc    179220
     cagggtttgc ctttgagcta gagagaaaat atccaaaggc cccatcatgt aacgtatgag    179280
     cccatcactt ttctgttgga gtttcagcat gatgtttcag ttcacaccat gatggagcct    179340
     gagtatagac ttaggcagac agagactgat cctgttcctg ctcccctccc cttcttatta    179400
     agtactgagg gcccccaggt aatgggacaa tgtggtcagc tactaaggca ttgtgattct    179460
     ttgtctccta tcacattctg ctatcacatg aacattaagg ctggttcttt cccattgcgt    179520
     gggagttagt tcaaggggtc tgacccatga ggaaatgggt ccaaagctgt gtttgcttct    179580
     tagtggaatg agttgggaat gaaaactgtg gctctgtagg tggattctat gagagggatc    179640
     acacttttgt tgggagccta agctgcagtt ccctacatca gctttgcagc ttcactggga    179700
     taaacacgct aggcggtgga cggactgtga tcataacatt ggaagtccat tgggtccgta    179760
     aagactgctc tggagcacag agggccggtg catcgcgggg gggggggggg cggggattgc    179820
     acacacgggg ttctgtgttc tacacccagc acaggcacaa aagaagcttc ataaccctta    179880
     gtactgaccg tgccgtgagg ttccagccag agttcaggcc tgggcagttg atgtgtttgt    179940
     gtcatttgga ttataaaata ttttccattg agttatgtag atgctaattt ctcaagatta    180000
     atcttaattt ctccccgatt ccaaggcaag aaacaggagt gagaaggggt gagagatttc    180060
     gaaagtttct aaaggggctg ggcagggaag agccagggtt ttggtctttg taagatctaa    180120
     ggaagaccct gaattctgtt ctcatactcc ataccccata tctttcttcc tctgtgtctt    180180
     ccttgccctt aaagaaattg cagcattcca agaacaatat ctgtacaaag ggggaaatgt    180240
     aagcatgaga aaacattaaa aaaaaaaaac agtgatgaac ataaccacag agagaatccc    180300
     acccttcaag aataattcat gtttatttgt ggtggcaaat aacaaaatgg tacaaccttt    180360
     atccttttcc agaaacaaaa accaagggca cagcaactag agtgagctga cagctatttt    180420
     ggcctttttg gtgggtctag ccgtacttgg gatcccagtg gtacatgacc ctctgccgaa    180480
     ggcttgcctc agtctgtgta catagcacgc catgtctgtg ggcaagccca gcactttgcg    180540
     tcagtgtcgt actgtatgta atgaactgtg ttggtctctg tgtttttttt ttctgaagaa    180600
     gaggagtaac tactccgggt accttgatat ttgtacagcc tataggccaa cactgcgggc    180660
     gtgtgactct ttattgaaaa acaaaaacaa aaaaatacca gtgtggtgat gatagtgtgt    180720
     gtatatatat ataaggttat atggggaaga tttctaaata aaagttttac aaaggggcct    180780
     ggactttgta cttggacttt gccccctaga gtctgagaat gggaacatca aggggaaagg    180840
     ctgacagctt ttaggaagta ggatctagct tccagtctca gcctgtcggg gaggaaggag    180900
     gctaccctat gggggggttt ccttttcccc ccttctgcaa ggctccaagg gcttcagtat    180960
     cctgtccttg tgtttgcagc cctagacagc ctagacctct ctgtgtaggg tcagctttct    181020
     ccttgttaga tcactttccc aagttgggac cattgctccc agtgagagct taggacagaa    181080
     aaatgtagct gttatccacc attggtgtcc atagatttcc tgatgactca gtgggggttg    181140
     catcttttac acttgacttt ttttttaaag gttaaaaaat attttatgta tagagatgtt    181200
     ttatgtgtat aggtacagtg cccacagatg ccagaaaagg gagtcggatt ccctggaact    181260
     ggagttgcaa accgttgtga gttgccctgt aggtgctgga gtttcatgaa tagaatttgg    181320
     gaaagagact gggtcttggg gaggccatta tgcatggacg tttggtctcc tgggagtttg    181380
     taagctgggc atcttctgtc ttctcattta acaagcattt gctgagctcc tgctctgggc    181440
     agacactgtt ctgttgggga gggttcagca ttgaatgaaa caagcatgga tgctctccac    181500
     tgcaccttac attttagcag ggggatgttg aatgcagaaa cacatacaag tagagttaaa    181560
     tagttagaaa gcaaattagt attaacccac agtgagtttt attcaggcca gcctgggcta    181620
     cagtctcaaa aaccaaagcc aagaaaggtg gtaaggaaca aaagtgggca gatcaacagg    181680
     gatagttcag ggaaggccct agggtgccat ctttttcatt caggatcaga tgattcctgg    181740
     tgtcagagac agttttgtcc cagggacagg ttgggtcttt ctatctacat gccctgagat    181800
     ggcttttttc tttcttcttc tctggacctc agtactcaac cccaaatcta cagacatgga    181860
     ctagctcaga ttcaacaatt gggagggaat tcaatagtct caccgttaat tcccagctgg    181920
     cctgtctcta gtctcagctg tgttttgtcc tcttagcttc tatccatcta cagggagagg    181980
     gtaggattca gcctgagtgt caatatctga tccagctact gggaagctcc tcagatatgc    182040
     ctctctttgg cctaggacaa ggatggtagg atttggcctt ggggagggga gaaaaatgga    182100
     tatttaggct tatagacctg aggaactatc atgataggag agaaagaaag aggacagaga    182160
     aggaagaata gtgtttgggg tggaggaagt ggccagtatg ctcagtacaa ctgaggggcc    182220
     atgcacggaa aggctgagtt aactggtttg aggcagctgg tgactggaaa gagctgcaga    182280
     gaggagtgaa tagaggtagt gacctgagga ctcagagatg tcacttccca tcttgtaaga    182340
     ttttcctcag gagaaatgaa gctttccatg taatggtgac aaagagagcc cgaggattct    182400
     gatcactccc ggagttcatc gatggggcag agacccagag agaaaatgtc ttctcaagcc    182460
     ttgtatctca gagtggtgtg taggcaggcc cattctccct gtcccaagaa aatgttgtct    182520
     ctgaagccca gaatccctga ctccacaagg gaagaaaagt gccctgaggc ctggcctgag    182580
     gtgttttgct gatctgttcc cctttatttc ttaccactcc atttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    182640
     gtgtgtgtgt gtttgcttat ttgtttttct gaaacagggt ctcatgtggc ctcaaaccca    182700
     ctaagttgct gaggctgact ttgaacttcc gatcttcctg cctctgtctc cagagtgctg    182760
     ggattacagg tgtgcactag aataccaggt ttattcagtg acaggagcta aatccagagc    182820
     tttgtgcata ttaggcaagc actctacaac cagactgcat ccccacccca cgcctcactc    182880
     ttttgtgcct accgtactag ctttcttcct ttttgtttta gactgtttta ttggtttttg    182940
     actcccagat gttgaatttt ggtttatttt tcacataaca gcccatcttc ctctttgccc    183000
     actctcattt ggttgaattg tccctgaagt ccaggaagtt ttcctgactc catgggactg    183060
     ggtgcctcct ttgcatcccc atgggacccc aggtatgctg gcccttcctg ccctaacatt    183120
     tgcttattta gttgcttctt cactgaaaca caaacccctc agagctgaaa ccaagtctga    183180
     ttaagccctc tgcaccagca ccttagggta cagacactcg gttctttccc cactggccat    183240
     gaacagccct tctcctccca ctggctctct attttctctc tgggcctggc gtctgacctg    183300
     gcatctggca aggacctgaa aggctggtat agagtggtga agaccaggca tggaggctat    183360
     ggatccagtc agctgtctgg cctcctcacg ccggtcccta cctgcttcct ttttaataaa    183420
     ataagtgtgt gttcctcaga agctgtcact gtgtcattag cttcctcgca ccccctaccc    183480
     ggacacaccc ccctgcccat gtaaacctgt tacctattca cagagcttaa ttgtcatgaa    183540
     tctaagtaaa gggttaccca ggggaggtga cacaaagccc tgagttggaa ggggcttgag    183600
     caaggtgaag taggtgtgaa ttcagggcga cacccaaggt tagagatcca gaccacatag    183660
     gaaggtcagg aaatagaaga ggaggccagt agacagctag agttcataga gaaaatggct    183720
     ttactttcct tatgggcaag agggctacac aaatttaggc ccaggacagg tggtggtagt    183780
     gaagagcttg ctggctggag gactggctct gtggatgacc atggggacag tgaggaagga    183840
     cagttggtgt ggaacagttg gtgaagggag taactggggc ctgggtggaa gtgagaagaa    183900
     aagagcagcc aggctctgga ggagcttggc ctggtcagaa tcacttgggg cttaagggct    183960
     taagtattgc tactgggtgt gctggcttgt gactttgagt gagtcactat cattctgagg    184020
     tttggtttct ttatctgtta aacagagatg ttaacagtca tcttccagga ctgtcatggg    184080
     acttcagcat aatatatgca aagtatctgt gtttcattaa aaaatgattc tatagaaaga    184140
     gctacggaaa tatctataag aaagcattct ttttccaaga aacaggacca ggagggatgg    184200
     gactgtccta acagaagaga cgagggaagg acatgagtgt gagggaatat taatccctca    184260
     ctcaacagca ggacttttgt gtgcctgtct tatgtcagga aaggaggggt agccagtctt    184320
     gaccacccat tttgacttca gaggctggag agcagagtgg aagctgggaa taggaaggaa    184380
     tcctagaggc aagtgctatg ggaggagctt agtggtgtgg tgtgggcagc ctagctctga    184440
     cagtaaagtc cctgagcaag ttgtgctgaa ctgaactgtc ctgaggggca aggttgggag    184500
     gtatctggga gatttcacat tctgtcttga gcattaccta gttttcagtg gtggagcggg    184560
     ctggtccagg aatgctggct tcctcctggg ccccatactc ttgccaaggc tacctggggt    184620
     gaggcaatgc tcccccacct cactttgcct tccagctcct acttaagctc tccccactgg    184680
     tttgctctga ggcctgcccc tccccagctc ctgggctttc tctccacaca ataacaggat    184740
     gtgatcttcg aagagaggaa gtgggggagg actgctgtgc cgatagcagg gaaggagggg    184800
     ggcttctgac tctcccctct ccagccctcc tttgctctgt aggccagccc ctgcagctcc    184860
     ttgatccccc taagccctac ctcaagcttc tatctgagac aagtagggat gaagggtctt    184920
     taggcccatg taggactgct tgcctatgga gagacatgcc ttggccacac cgtcttcagg    184980
     atctaccttc tggagagact tgctggccta gctttagatg ctgggttgtt ttctgcccgg    185040
     agctgctgga gtctaagggt gggcaggtgg gtcattctgt agggctccat ctgtccagtg    185100
     cactcccaag tccacacgag catgattcag tgcagggagt gcgtgatagc atcaatctaa    185160
     aggtctatgt caaatgctgg tttggcttgc acagtgtgtg tcaggctgca aaaatggaca    185220
     gtgaaatcca gaaagacaag gagcatgagg aaggagcaag gctaggctgg aacccagcac    185280
     taggtcattg ggttaccgcc tcttcgagcc agggatgttc ttagaacttc caaagttgat    185340
     gggaaagttt tagatcttcc ctgtccagta tgacagccat taaacacata tagtgtttga    185400
     aggatgacta acacaccagt gagcttgtca ctttgtttaa tttgaatgaa cttaaatgca    185460
     aaggatcatg tgtagccatt ggctattgat tagtaaaact tcagatcttc acccattgga    185520
     ttactggcca cttgctagtt ctcttgcaga accaggccat gctggggata cagatcagtt    185580
     ggtcgttgaa gccatgcatt aaggattgcc ctagacacca accagaagac tgtatctcac    185640
     ttagtggtcg tggaaaagaa tgctagctcc ggggtggggg tgggggggat tagtgggagt    185700
     ttatcaggag tgcaaagagg aagttgggtg gcaagtgcgt atgcaggtgt agcattggga    185760
     agaatgggat gtgctttgga gattgtagtc ttccgctgat ggggtcaatg tgcatggttg    185820
     caagtgttgg gccagagaag cctgggagtc tggtcaccac cagaaatctg aagttccctg    185880
     agagtgatgg gagccatagt gaggattgtg agcaggtagg gggctggtca gaacatgttc    185940
     tagggacttt gtagttagcc gtagtggaga acagctgctg gcagggacat aagtaaggat    186000
     tcagagagcc acagcatcca taacacagaa tgatggcccg ctggactcag gcagccgcag    186060
     catccatggc acagggggat aatggcctgc tagatacagg ctgagacgag ctttctgtta    186120
     ttgttgagac ctaggtgtgg ttgtgaaaag gctgtggttg caggactctg gaacttagaa    186180
     ctggaaccta gaatcaacta gaaccaacct ccaagcagct tttattatta ttattattat    186240
     tattattact actactacta ctactactac tactactact actactacta ctactactac    186300
     tatttaactc ttatgagagt ataatatagt aacatcatcc tcttcctttc ctctctccaa    186360
     tgcctctctt ttcccccctt tattcttttt caaattatgg cccctttttc tttgttatta    186420
     catatatatg tattctttct ctctgtctct gtctttgtct ctctctctct ctcgcacaca    186480
     cacaaacaca cacacacaca tacacacaca cacatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    186540
     cacacacaca cacacacaca ttcctaaaca catgaataca acctgctcag tgtatacaat    186600
     gttatttgta tgtctatctt tagggctgac cagctggtat tgggaatcag ttggtgtgct    186660
     agttcctggg gaagaccacc tctctttctc acagcattcc ttagttgccc tttagttctc    186720
     tgtctagggt tgaggcctct tgaactctcc ctccttccat gttagcctgc ctacctattg    186780
     gtggaggact tgttcaggcc ttgtttaagc agctgtgttg ttgagactaa atggacacag    186840
     cttttgggac atttctagga gacacaatct cacagaaagc ttcctggctc tttcgatctt    186900
     tctgccccct cttgtgcaat ggtccctgag cctgagggat gtgtccactg tgactgggct    186960
     ctacagctat acattttgat ctgttgtgtt tctgtggtgg tctccatctg ttgcaaagag    187020
     aagtttccta gatgaggggt gagagccaca cttatctgtg ggtataagga cagatgctta    187080
     gaatgtagtt aggggttatt ctggttcaat aaagtggctg tagtaggttc tcctccaagc    187140
     ttcatgattt cactagccct gagtagttgg ctatgtttcc agtacctggc atgtacttct    187200
     tgttaggcag gccttaattc caattacagt actgttggtt cctgtcaagg tatgtgtgtc    187260
     actattatac ccttagggtt atcaataaat gctggtagtt gtggtccata gctgggtagg    187320
     accaagcagc tctttttatt ccaatgtact ttccccacac tgtttattca taggccattc    187380
     tgtagacaag cttgtccccc ataggatagg gacaccaagg tgttaatgag tctgcaagag    187440
     tggactggga agaatgggtt ttggcagagt ggatatgggg caccaggtcc caaggttggt    187500
     gagctcagaa agaggacaag agttcctagg ggtacacatc tttccaagaa cccagaatag    187560
     ggaaatgcat ttctgtttta cagaggtcag agaggccaag tgattaagag agaagctact    187620
     gggagccagt ctcttgttcc acagcaaacc aacccatggc gctatgatta ccatggagag    187680
     tcccctgagg gcaagccaga ggtggcttgt ataattggag atatgtgtac tggttatttc    187740
     acgagtgccc tgatttgggc gagagtctgt gtgacttcat tcagtttcca ttatgtagat    187800
     gggaatctga caataacgtc gtctaccctt gcctaccccc ttgccaccct gtgacaaagt    187860
     cttctaagac ccttgccctt ctgagatcta ccagagctat gggatcaggc tagaaaacct    187920
     tttcccaccc agtgtctgtg acaacctggc cagctgagcc caggcagctt agggtcctca    187980
     gcccttccca gctcatggct cacccagctg cagcctggga ccttcagtgg tcctgggtcc    188040
     caggctctgg gagatctcaa ggggccgagg ccttctgccc tctggctgtt cccacacagg    188100
     ctaagggagg tttgtttctc agcgctccgc ccctctctct agcaatcccc agtgcgccac    188160
     tattcaatgg gctatcaggc ttctccatca ctctcacccc ccagtctgtt agccttgaat    188220
     aggtgggatc cagatagcta caggcactcc catccccaaa cccccaacca atctctccca    188280
     ggaccggctg agatcttaca gctctgacat gctacctgcc ttaccactat gggaactcca    188340
     gtacaagcca gtcctattgt ctaccgatgc cctgaagctg cagtctcagc tgggcaccta    188400
     aacgctgagc ctgcctgcct ggtctgtgct gctgcatttg tgccctgtca gcctacacag    188460
     aggtaacagt tacaatctct gtgtttagct cctggagaca ggtgtctcct ttcagggact    188520
     gtatgtttct cctgtctctt ggctttggct gccgtgatga caatgcaaac aggccctgtg    188580
     caggcagaca gataggcagg accaggcagt ggctgcctgc cttgattttt tttgggtggg    188640
     tgggtggtgt tctgctgcct ttaggccctt cagggtccac atctgccggg ttggggctgt    188700
     gccaaaggct ctggcctgtc cagttgcctg gctgcattgc gctgagctgc aggaagcatt    188760
     gagcctgctg gcaggctccc atgatgctaa tgagggcagt cctaggccag ggggagggga    188820
     gcctttgtcc tgctcttgtc tttgctgaag agtcctcaga gagagacaag gggccctcca    188880
     cagacccaag tacacatgat tagcctgcca tcactcatat tgatggcctg cagagctctg    188940
     gagcatggac agagatgggg gggtgggggt gggggtgggg gagagaaaca agccggtcct    189000
     gggcagtccc tgcacctttc aggcagtgta cctataaaag cagcttatga tcaacagaga    189060
     cagcactgtt gcacgtactc cctcggcttt tctttccttt cccaggctgc ttctttgctg    189120
     taccaaaggt agcctttgaa gactccttcc ctcagccagt gttgggacct ggttagaatc    189180
     tctgatgatt tgtccccatg cttctttctg aactcccagc atcctgggtg actgacacta    189240
     gctcctgtgt atgtcctgcc tcccctcttc agctcaggac tgagatagtg tattactgat    189300
     cttcagtgac cccacccggc acagagtggt gggcctaccc agcaggtgct taataaacat    189360
     cggaaaactc tcatcagcct ccagggaagc tgctttaagg atgtgtgact gtttgaagag    189420
     gtgaatggtt ggatcatctt caaaacaatc ctctaaaacc tgggtcaata gacccccaag    189480
     acctgggaac acagacatga atgggaaata tatatatata tatctacaca catacataca    189540
     tatatatatg tatacacaca catacacaca cacacacaca cacacacata tatatatata    189600
     taccaggctg tcctgcaaca cacagagatc cacatgtctc tgcctcttga gtgctgggat    189660
     taatgctatg taccaccact tggcttagca tctgagactt ttgccaccaa tagatcacct    189720
     tgagatgtta tttatgatcc ttcccatgtt gcctctaatc aattatcatc atcatcacca    189780
     ccatattatt attattatta ttattattat tactattatt attactatta ttattttgat    189840
     atacagaggg aatctttcta tgtagcctag gctaggctca aatttgtgac tctccctcct    189900
     tcgctttctt ctaagtgctg gggtcatagg tgtatgctac tatgtccagt tggtttttta    189960
     ttataattct gttttttatt ttatgtattt aaggcattca tttaaaaaga ctgcccaaga    190020
     aacccatgtc atatatgcat gtatatatat atatatgtat atatatacat acacacatat    190080
     atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gatatattca ttcctacatg    190140
     aattggttgg gtttttccct agttccatct ctagcagcga agggtctgat gactatgctc    190200
     agtaccagtg gccccttcct tagtttggct cgaggatggg gagagataag tacatgctgg    190260
     tatgattgga ggggttccaa gtagggtttg ttgctccaat accaccctta agctgcagct    190320
     tttaaaatgt ggtccatatt actcagtgat tcatattacc tcctacatgc cagccagggg    190380
     tagactagtg aacaaggcat tttcctggta gaaaagtgga gaatagtagg taagttaatt    190440
     atatggtgga ttccaagtga ataaatggca aggagcaaaa gaagactgga aaaggaaatg    190500
     ggtggggttt atagggctga gtttgcagca tctcaatgct ctgtactgga gaacctccac    190560
     taatagatgg gcaagaccta aggaagagga gaagaaagct atggagacat ctgggagaga    190620
     gcatcacagg tggtgaaaag gccctgaggt ctgagtgggc ctgcagtaga caggaagtgg    190680
     cagaagcagg agtggctaga gtaaaggaag ggcaagcagg agacaggtta gtgagtcatc    190740
     gtgaaggcag ccatgccatc ctgaagccca gggtcttggt gttttgaata ggttatgaat    190800
     agggtttaac caaaatttct atctgccctg ctgagaccag acagaatgga acataagcag    190860
     gagcaagggg accccgcaat aggaagtcat aacaagcttg cagcagggac ttagagcaag    190920
     catagaaagg gagcggttgg gggttagggt ggatatgttt atagagagcc aagatgattg    190980
     actggtggct tgatgtggag tattgaggtc tttcaactgc agggaggagg gggcggggca    191040
     caaatatagg ataaaggagg aggggccaga gacaaagatg catgtttttc ctaggtatgc    191100
     tcccagggat ctacttcatc taaacaagtc acacctcttt ccacctcccc ctaaagtgtt    191160
     accgtgtgtt tgcagaggga tcaatcaatt aactgattag ttgcaccctc aggatcaaac    191220
     catctcccca aagctcacta gctggcttca catgagcctg tggggagatg tcccagagtc    191280
     aaacctcaac agtactgaag tttctcttct tgtttcctgg cggaccctat aaagcatcaa    191340
     cctccacaaa agcagaagat ttgtcttact cattaattga atggtacccc aggaggctcg    191400
     taatgcttgc tgttatcttt tcttaatctt ccagacacaa cccacatacc tgctttaaga    191460
     catctagcac aactggaact tttaagattc attttaattt taattgcatg taggtttgtg    191520
     tctgtgtttg gatgggtgca tgtgagtgca ggtgcttgca gaggctaaaa gggtctcaga    191580
     tctcccggag ctagagtgac aggtgtatgt gagccaccta atgtgggtgc caggaacgaa    191640
     actcaggtct tcccaaaagt actatacact tttaaccact gagcaatctt tccagttgcc    191700
     ccctcctctt ttgggacata aggtctcact ctgtagtgca gaacaaacat agaattcacc    191760
     atgtggcctg aacctgcaat gatcctcctg cctccgtctc ccaagggctg gactattgca    191820
     tgtgctgctt tgcctcgctg gtgtgataca gcttcacagc tgtacattat aagctctgtc    191880
     ctggttactg ttgtgtatcc agcccctggt aggcagcaag catgtggtga atgaacaatt    191940
     gaaagcccac tggggtgaaa tcgggcaacg agagcaataa gtcagtgctg gggagagggg    192000
     cgaaggcttg ggccgtacag agcactgcct gggattagtc ctatcactcc tcattgactg    192060
     tgtgaccttc acttagaaac ttgcatggtc atactttccc tagctgacaa atgagcagga    192120
     tgggtatccc tcagggtgag cctgtggcca gaaggcgcta attctagaag tttgtatccc    192180
     agcttggttc attgctggcc tggagccctg atgggcagca gagctgtgca gaggccactg    192240
     tacagatgag acttggcctc gggccttctg ctggcaggag gatcctggtc ttggcccctc    192300
     catacttttt tggctgggta aggaggcagc aggaggattt gattgatttt ctcttctggg    192360
     gggtcctccc cataaatctc cctggcccac tggggtctcc taggactcag gagcaatagc    192420
     cagtgcattc tttggctctg tgggttcccg gctagtacct tttgcctctt ttagttcctc    192480
     actctgagtc cacgtgcgag gccaaatgct tgtctgccca gatcatagtc ccactttaag    192540
     taccagaagg cttcttctcc agggagccaa cagtctttct ccaagtctgg ccttgagatc    192600
     accttgagcg gacctgcccc aagctcccaa agagtcagga cttcttaacc ctattgtacc    192660
     ttggactcct tgtgtggtcc agtgaagtct acagctttat tcttttacaa attgttatta    192720
     tttattattg ttattgtgtg gtatgtgcac acatggaggt caaaggccaa ctttgtagag    192780
     ttggttctct cctcctatct ttacgtggtg tgatggttta tatatgctca gcccagggag    192840
     tggcactatt aaaaccctgt tgaagtaggt gtggcctctt ggagtagttg tgtcactgag    192900
     ggtgtgggct ttaagaccct catgctagct gcctggaaga cagtattctg ctagtagcct    192960
     tcagatgaag atatagaact ctcagctctg cctgtaccac gcctgcctgg atgctcccac    193020
     cttgatgata atgaactgaa cctctgaacc tttaagccag ccccaattaa atgttgtcct    193080
     tataagagct gctttggtta tggtgtctgt tcacagcagt aaaaccctaa ctaagacaca    193140
     tgggttccag ggacagagct caagttatca ggcttgcaca agtgtatcac ccgaggagac    193200
     atcttgctgg ctccctgtgg actctttctc attgatatgt ttttagaaac atatagtaaa    193260
     atgcacagcc ctggacagca aacccaattg tattagcaca tggttatcaa aatattaaag    193320
     gtatgtttgt gataaagtag tttaagtgtg tctttatact gtacctggct gtatctgcag    193380
     aagcttcgtg acgtctatgg ttactttatg ttgcatgaat aatatgtcta atacctgcag    193440
     cagttgtgag gtaacaggaa agcatcagag ggctgtggct ttacaatctt tatttgtaat    193500
     ggaaggaact tgcacacttc atttacaggt tagtaagaaa cagatgcact atcccctgtc    193560
     caagggagtg ctcactgaag ggcagctgag tgggtgagat tctttgtgag tggagagggg    193620
     cctccacatc cctccaagca tcccttaagg gtgacctggt cttggccttc cctggaattc    193680
     ctattggaac agttctgctc cctctctgga acacactttt ccagggctgg acagctccga    193740
     gggctctcac taaggagatt ctaggaactc agtcagggtc acctggagct aatcacgtta    193800
     tctgcccact cactctggac cttctaccct ctgccaggcc aggcattgta tattgagatt    193860
     taattttata atgtgtgtat gtgtggtctg tccttggagg ttatcagtat taaatgtacg    193920
     aacacagaag tcattatggc atggcgattt gtaagaatag ctgtgaatag agtagagaag    193980
     acttggggct gggggaaggt gaggtgaagg gaagtcagag aaatcttctg gagaaaggga    194040
     gctttaaagc aagactggga aggtcacttt tccagaagag acttgaagag agcaccccag    194100
     acagagggtt ataatagagt agggatcaga ccacagaatt gggggccttg ggccaggtga    194160
     ggctgaagag gcgggctgat tgtcctgccc ctcaggcacc tggggaagga gttggaatgt    194220
     tatcttaagg accaggagta gtccaaataa gagcctccag gaatttgcag gcttgcagca    194280
     aagatgaaca cgaatacaca tgtgaacagg gcttttacct ttgtagtctg aacacctcct    194340
     ggagggctgg gaggtgcggc tcagtggtgg actgcttgta ataggcccta tagatttgtg    194400
     tcttagcacc ataggggaaa aacaacaaca aacacgaaag aaatgagaca cccagctttt    194460
     tctcagcccg agctctctgg ttgcatggcc ttccccatca taactttctg tgcagttgac    194520
     aacctggcta acttcccctc agctttgcca gcaggaagcc ttccttaata attcagtcat    194580
     cttctgttac agcagagctc tgggtacaac ataggtcagc ttgcatcacc caccactgac    194640
     tggttatatg tcagtgtttg ttttccctcc ttgtaaccca cctgtgaagc agggcgtgag    194700
     ttgggcagct ggagagggag aggcttttga cttttcagtt gttcagaatg caacctgcaa    194760
     cccagcctgg gattggagct gcacagtgcc acctcctggc agtaggcaga atggcaggca    194820
     agatgttgtg ggaagggagg gatggatatt tttgcggggt gggaggggag cactcttgag    194880
     tgaggataag cacaccaggt atagtctggt ggaaggttcg actaggggac cggtgattat    194940
     agatgagagc tgggtaagaa acgggggaag acagactgtg ggtagaacag ctgcctgaga    195000
     tgaggacctg tacactgggg aaaaggaaat aatcagactt ttcggggtct gctggatact    195060
     ggttctgagt tgacactgat cccaggagat cccaagaaac attgtggtcc tccagttaaa    195120
     gtaggggctt atggagggca ggtgattaat ggagttttga ctgatgtccg actcacagta    195180
     ggtccagtag gtcctcggac acatcctgtg gtgatttccc cagttccaga atgtataatt    195240
     gggatagata tactcagaaa ttggcagaat tctcatattc ttgtgagacc catccaaact    195300
     ttgagattca gccagacagc aggggacccc tttgtttata aggctaggga gaaaagcctt    195360
     tccctgtgtg aaaactacca ggcatcaggg gtctggtctt aaagccaagt gttcacccat    195420
     cccttctcct ccctgctttc cggaacaact tgtttctgct ttaaagtctg ggactttgac    195480
     ccgggagctg ttttctccct ttggtcacct tgtgtccatc ccactcacgc tcctccctta    195540
     atgtgctcaa agtatagttc tgggagtctc tgctttcctt tgggatttta ggaaaattgg    195600
     ggatgctggg ggccgggggg gggactgtgg ctcccaagct ggtggcagag gctggggtat    195660
     ttccctaggg catgaactag tgtgtgggta ccaccagagg accctctctc tacacccctc    195720
     ttagactcca catttggctg ctgaagtatc ccaatattct ggggtttcac tttcctgccc    195780
     cccttttaaa acctgtatgt taggccttta tttgatccct ctgtttaaca cacacacaca    195840
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacactgcat cctgagggag ccatgtgatg    195900
     tgtcttactt tgagacattg ccactcaccc aattgcctaa ctcagaaact taacctgaga    195960
     gtttccagtt tccaagtggg cagcagttag tcacttgtcc agaaaccacg cccaggcttt    196020
     cctacctccc aagcactgag caaagccttc tctaatgcag cccagtcagt ggctgcatgt    196080
     ctcccaagtc tccctctcac ctctgatgat tttcttcatt ttctcaaatg gtggtctgac    196140
     cttggtttcc tgcagcctgc ttaagatgag ggaggcatgt tggatatttg ctaattccac    196200
     cccattcctt tcattccaac cagtggttcc ctggctgttc attaacatcc accaaggcag    196260
     ctcctccatg ctcctgacga ttctcagccc acgttaagaa cagactagcc atgtagagtt    196320
     agacatgaag agtttccctg cagacacttg tggaatggtc acaggcccac agcacatgta    196380
     tgaaagtagt tgtgcagaca tgcactcaga ggaaacaggc tctcacctgt cctgtttttt    196440
     tgtttttcct ttggacagga actaagtaag acctgtgcct tgggacaagc aatgcagtgg    196500
     ataccctcac aagtgtcatc ccatccacag tgccctggct ggtgtttaat gtcgcagcca    196560
     cccattctta gcttccttat ttcctaaatc tggtcaagcc aggttgatat tggcttcttc    196620
     agaacataaa cttagtctcg tgttggacca agatcacagg ctctgtgttt tgtagtcggg    196680
     gacagatggg catgatgact gtgccctggg gctttctgag tacctgtctg aagccaagac    196740
     agcatgaaat ctcctacctg agtgtgcact ggaaaggtct gagcataacg tccttttagg    196800
     aaaccatgca agcaacaggg actgccaaaa aatcctctcc cctcctttcc ttaggaaggg    196860
     ggtctagcct gctcttgcat ctcaactcct atattctagg gtagctggga caaggaggtc    196920
     caccacggac ttacacccca gacttcagta ggtacttggg tcatccctag tgtttggaag    196980
     gtctggcaga tgctgtgtgt cctgctgggt gggagatgtg cttctgcaat gcctggccct    197040
     gtgatgtaga tttctgaggg acagatgaac ttctcatggc tattcctgtc tgtagactgc    197100
     acccgggcat ttggaagtct cagggaatga gcagaacaaa ggaagattgc taagacacgt    197160
     gcatgaagta ggcatgcaca cataggggaa gcaggctcag ggctcccacc tgctttggac    197220
     attccaggga accactggtt ggaatgaaag gaatgaggca gaactagcaa atatccacca    197280
     tgcttccctc gttagtttta agcagggtgc agatctccat ttgataaaat aaataggtca    197340
     ctgaaggtgg gagatgtctg ctgtgatgaa gggaggtgga tctgaaggca gatgttgaga    197400
     cttctgacca agtcaaatct tgtctaaggc ctgccaggtt atcagggact gtgggaacca    197460
     agagggaatg ttgaactggg ctatagggaa tcaccagact ggtcagggct ggggactgtg    197520
     aagtgagtct ctgtttcacg tgaggtgggg tcccagggtc tggcttggtg ggtcggaaac    197580
     aagaagtgag tggaggggct gatgtaagga aagcgggcag ctgagctttc cctgagtctt    197640
     ttgtccacag atgttttcct ctggctccct gagccagcta gagcctgtct caagccaact    197700
     gtcagtcttt caagaagccc cacccactgg gctcattcaa ggcagggctg aaaatgtcac    197760
     acctttccct gggagcctag ccccattgcc aggaaaggtg agctcagaag aagacttctg    197820
     aggcagagtg agtgtcggag aaggcgggga ctttcccctt acttccccag ttccctgggc    197880
     ccacccccag aactggtttc taaaggggta ccttaaatgc cagttcgtcg ggctgggcat    197940
     aagccaggcc cggcagctca tttccatggg aggagggcag tttctcttca ccagtctgcc    198000
     agtccttcct ccccgccctc tttccacttc tgccttaccc aatccaacct ctcctttaga    198060
     gtcagactgc tctccagctg atctcataca aacaccccag acctccagca gctccaggag    198120
     tcaaaaacac cagcagtgga ccgaggtcct acagctgcct gcagccatgt tggccttcag    198180
     tctgctcgtg ctgggtctgc tcgcggaagt ggcacctgcc agctgtcaac aaggtagcac    198240
     aggacagggg tacctgggct tcagggagga gaggggtggc aggaaaacag tgactgaggt    198300
     tggatggggt ggtgttttgg agggtgaata cacaccacgg ggccacagtc ctctgactta    198360
     ggttctgtaa tcgatttgtt ttccttcggg gagaggtggg acagcaggga atgtatgtgt    198420
     tggctctggg gtttagggga ggaacaggaa ttgagatcca aacctcacag caggaattgt    198480
     cccagagaca actcagtcct ggggctagaa acagagactg ggaccagtcc cagtgcacct    198540
     tcaaatgctt gctctggatg ggggctaggg ggtggtgaca ttaaaggcat aagcccctgg    198600
     actggatgac ctaagtcctc tttgtcactt tctccatagt cgtcccaccg tgggggtact    198660
     cttcaccaag ctctttctgt cttgctgtgt ggccatgagg gaattcctgt cccactctga    198720
     gtcttagttt tttttttttt tttaattcat tctcagtaaa tcttaccctg cccacctctc    198780
     agagctgctg ttaggttgga ggtatgaaag ggttttgtac cagagagatt gagtaactta    198840
     tatagattca cgaagaaacc ggtccaggac catttttctt ctgcttttga ctctatccct    198900
     tgctctataa gctctcccca tagccacaag aggaggatgt ctgtgaggag ttagctgtaa    198960
     gagccacaga agaaggaaaa tgggagggga cctcccaggg ttgttcccaa tgcctgagca    199020
     tcatagacca gaaaaagtaa tggacctgag cccaggtttc ttggacagag tgggaaggat    199080
     atctccacaa catgggccct tgcagagcaa tcatgtgcat cttctactag gggttgctaa    199140
     cctggagctg ccatggctac agcccagagt tccgtgatcc tttctttcac caacacctgt    199200
     cacccttgga aacatcacta aggataatca agccattact gcagcagaag agcatctagg    199260
     tggactccaa gaaggacttt ggggtgggaa tgattcaggc tgaggtcttt tcatgcccag    199320
     cctctcataa cataggatgg ctctagtcat acagtcttgt ttgaaggcag gattctcccc    199380
     ttccagtctc ttgttgtcct ctctttcctc ctgagactct tagcgtcagg gtatcttgcc    199440
     tttggggtgt gagatcttca gtctaatggg gaaaatggtt ttccttgggg ctgccagtgg    199500
     cctgaagaag ttttaagggt tggagttgac atcaagggtg aaaaggtaga agggctactt    199560
     ggctagacct taacctggtc gctgatcttt gtgccctgcc caccctgttg gagaggataa    199620
     aggggttcca atctagaacc caacatctta actctctctc ttttacctct ccacacccca    199680
     gctgagcaac cagcgctgag cagctctggc cagacctcac ccctcctagt cctcccagag    199740
     aagctttatg ttctagaact ggatcttcca gatgccagcc ctggcctggc ctctctgggc    199800
     tagcaggagg gaggaggggc cactcccagc tgactgacag ggaggcctag gccagccatt    199860
     ggagctgccc tttggtccct gttttcttgc acttctaggg gggccttgca tgtgactgtt    199920
     gcgggggagg ggtgtgcaag aaggaagctc tgggacctga gcctcaggga aaactctgag    199980
     ccatgttccc tttttggctg ctcaggtttt cttcaagctt cagtagggtc tgagccccca    200040
     tccttcctgc atacttagaa gagtgggcag gccttatgtc tattctgacc actcagatgt    200100
     ctccctggac cctacagagt gcccagactt ctctgtgcct gcagctcctc ttccttttcc    200160
     aggtctagga aaccttcagc cctggatgca aggcctcatt gctgtcgctg tgttcttggt    200220
     ccttgttgca atcgtcttcg ccgtcaacca cttctggtgc caggaggagc cgtacgtgcc    200280
     atgtgaaggc tcagggctgg gtggcctcta gtggtcaggg tggtcctcaa acctttgctt    200340
     ttactctagt aggggatgac ctcaggagtt ctcattaaag tcttgccacc atgaggaagg    200400
     aaaaccaggg ctcaagtgcc caggaagagc tgattgatgg cagagtcagc ttggagcctt    200460
     tctggttccc aggcctgtac tctattggcc tcatggtttt ctcatctcct tctgaacctt    200520
     gcctctggcc tggacgtggg agaaaagtct tctcttctag gtgtctcaat gttttttttt    200580
     tttttttttt ctgtccatgg agttgagatg ggagcctctt gaaacagaag gccccatcct    200640
     tttggagggt cagctacata cgatgcagtg ggcttcacag gcacacagac cggataagca    200700
     attcaagtca agtgcagttg aaggaaacag agtggtttgg gggctgggag ggggttaatt    200760
     agtatgactt cattgattgc acagtcaccc caaaacctga catacaggaa gtcagtcaga    200820
     gaatagggta gtgcaggaaa atacacatga gtcccaagtt tggggcctgg cactaaggcc    200880
     agcaccaggt gtgaatgcat caagattaag agccccactg ggtgaagcta cattggcctt    200940
     aggggatctt ttcccagatg tcattaaggt agcctggcat ccaggggtcc agcagccctg    201000
     cacagcattt ggagaatgta caagaagctc ggggtggagg tggatggaac attccagcgt    201060
     gtggctggtg aggtcaatag gacctgggtc aggcagtacc catgacctag actggaggct    201120
     ttatgtcagt gcagctgaat tc                                             201142