ID   AL669981; SV 11; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 222981 BP.
AC   AL669981;
DT   18-JAN-2002 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 21)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-335B9 on chromosome 4
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-222981
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Sycamore N.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; b91554c7adb95e734453519cd615513f.
DR   ENA-CON; JH584273.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456109.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028906; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000070717; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028861; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028862; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028863; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028820; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028821; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028822; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028773; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028774; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028775; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028843; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028844; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028845; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028557; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028558; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028559; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029285; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029286; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029287; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027990; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027991; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027992; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028523; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028524; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028525; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028672; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028673; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028674; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028639; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028640; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028641; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028773; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028774; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028775; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028665; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028666; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028667; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029323; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029324; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029325; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027712; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027713; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028070; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028071; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028072; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL669981.11:1-222981; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000030739; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000054917; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000084253; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000094662; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105970; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105972; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105974; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105975; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105981; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000137846; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000141291; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0068208; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0068227; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0068228; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0068265; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0068284; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0068285; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0068176; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0068195; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0068196; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0068187; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0068206; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0068207; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0067856; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0067874; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0067875; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0068677; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0068695; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0068696; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0068295; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0068314; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0068315; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0067803; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0067821; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0067822; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0067935; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0067953; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0067954; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0067846; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0067865; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0067866; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0068031; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0068050; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0068051; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0067851; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0067870; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0067871; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0068859; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0068877; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0068878; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0067820; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0067821; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0067041; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0067060; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0067061; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A2A838.
DR   GOA; A2A839.
DR   GOA; A2A841.
DR   GOA; A2A842.
DR   GOA; A2AD32.
DR   GOA; F6S4K9.
DR   GOA; F7CR30.
DR   GOA; Q8C8P7.
DR   InterPro; IPR000299; FERM_domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR007477; SAB_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR008379; Band_4.1_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR011993; PH-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR014352; FERM/acyl-CoA-bd_prot_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR014847; FERM-adjacent.
DR   InterPro; IPR018980; FERM_PH-like_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR019747; FERM_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR019748; FERM_central.
DR   InterPro; IPR019749; Band_41_domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR030691; Band4.1-L3.
DR   InterPro; IPR035963; FERM_2.
DR   MGI; MGI:3641670; Gm10300.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A2A838; A2A838_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A2A839; A2A839_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A2A841; A2A841_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A2A842; A2A842_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A2AD32; A2AD32_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6S4K9; F6S4K9_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F7CR30; F7CR30_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q8C8P7; Q8C8P7_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-335B9 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..222981
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-335B9"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    95490..95511
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    95556..95983
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    95784..95794
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    96216..96242
FT                   /note="Weak data."
FT   misc_feature    120666..120722
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    207557..207560
FT                   /note="1199 bases of IS5 transposon (J01735) removed here.
FT                   This sequence represents the duplicated flanking sequence
FT                   of the IS5."
SQ   Sequence 222981 BP; 63771 A; 51239 C; 48735 G; 59236 T; 0 other;
     gaattctcta tgcatgaaaa gacagcattt aacctctgcg tgattcttct ccacaccagg        60
     ccgaataaag ttgcctattc cgtacagctc ataaacactc aggaaaaggc cacaggtgtc       120
     agagcccctt gcagaaaagg ccttttgtat gcactgatta gacacgctaa gaaaaggagc       180
     ggttatggat cttttggatt aaaattttca ttttaaggct tttcaaaggt tgggaagtcg       240
     aatttcttct taaactacag agcccatgcc acaaaaatgg ctatagaaga ctgagaaaat       300
     agtccatcaa atgttttcaa agtgtcccag tctgcgtgag acactgagaa ggggacatag       360
     caggtcaaca gtaagagtgt gcacggtagc tttggggtga gtaccacctg ccatatacct       420
     ccatctgatt tgcctaaagt taactttggg gtaggagcac tggtgggcca atccatcact       480
     actccttttt cctcacaatg tatactctgc agagattcac attttattat tgacaggaaa       540
     aagaacctcc agaggtccct atgacagtga acgctcagga tccgaggcgt gacgtgggca       600
     attacacatt ccaagctaga gacagagttc ggtggtttta gtcttgacat gtcagatgag       660
     caccctgttt tccaatcaca gaaagatcaa ccaccaaaca gccagggcaa ggaccaggag       720
     aaaagacatc atgaaaggaa tacgaggcga cggaaaagca ctagagtaga ggtggcactt       780
     tttgagagcc ttgtgttcct cggggattgg aatagaaacc ttgggagcaa tctcttcatt       840
     ttcgcgctgg ggcaaggttc tctcagtgga tctctctggc cttttactgt tctcttcacc       900
     ctgtactaac agagcacgtt cttgtgtctg ctttcacagt agaagatcaa gaaagacaga       960
     gagatgaaca aaatgacaga tggaaaatgc ttaagtgatt cttggggatg tgcaaaggtg      1020
     tgggaagatc tcctgggtgc tcttgaagtt ctagcccctc gctactttgg caatttaccc      1080
     tgcgggttta actatgtgac tgaattaaaa tttagtgttt ggaataaatc agtgttgcaa      1140
     cacttgggag ttcaagcagt cacctgcttc ccctctctct gtcacttatt gaggctattc      1200
     atgcatgaat gtttttccac atatggattc caggtcattt ttaattgctt tgatgctgcc      1260
     accaatcatc aatgcattag gcagtgtcaa taacgaagca ttctgctgaa tgaagttact      1320
     tttactaaca aacagaatgg cagaatataa agaacaattt ttatatctct tcaaaaaaga      1380
     ctctgactgc aatagctcag tatgagcatt tgattttgct cagtggaata ttagtaaaga      1440
     ctgcaagata agatcaaaat tataaattgt attatgtgtc tccagggtct accctggggt      1500
     ggggcagcca cagagaagaa caagaaaggc aaacacagcc ccacaagacc tcagtgatta      1560
     cacagcctgg aatccctgac tgaaatggtt atgattacca tgaaggttta tatacttagc      1620
     aaacactttt gataacattt aagggagtct cccccagctc cccagttggt caacttggac      1680
     cttttcttcc ctgcatccct gtatcctgct atccaaggtc aaggcagatg gcatctatga      1740
     gaggaaaaac ttggctctga gttcctttag ctgagctagc cttctctggt cggtctggaa      1800
     gctgaatacc ggttctttgc acacccctaa gtgatatgta tcagggataa agtagctagg      1860
     gcactggtca gcaaaaagaa taaaaggaaa gacaggatgc aaaattataa tgatttttaa      1920
     atgaagataa ggtgggagaa gaaagacaac ataaaaagaa tagggtataa ttaaattcat      1980
     tttctctctg agtacatatt aacaatttca tgcagctttt tcaaccagcc atgcgctgaa      2040
     ataagcaaac tgaggactgc agatgctgca gcagtgaaga tgtggtgtgt ggggcaaagg      2100
     ctgtgggtgt ggatttacta gtgtagccaa aagaaaaaca tgattcagcc gctgtggttg      2160
     agtctggggt gctctggtta gtgccatgac aagagcgagt tctgcgtgaa cagcagtcac      2220
     agcagccgcg ttacctctgg cccaccaacc tttcttcccg aggggaggat agaagttttc      2280
     ttcacctggt catacacaaa ttatataagt tcagttgcct tgcaatgcaa cgacaaagct      2340
     gccaaaggta ggagaggtat ccccagagag cagacacgtt agcctaaaca acaagatgtg      2400
     ccagaagtgg aattgtccca gcacaaaaga ttaagacagt atagttattt attccttctt      2460
     tcattcattc agagggaatg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcgtg      2520
     tgtgtgtgcg tgtgtgtgtg catgcacctg cacgcatatg cataaagcta aaattatctg      2580
     agcacttttc atggatcagt tcaagtttat aagaagtcat ttctttcaag ttcaaagaat      2640
     ggtaccagca tcccgaaccc acccttggat gatctctaca gggtttctat tcaaagacat      2700
     aagctatttt ctgaaaatgg agaccaatac aaatttacca atgccatcca agaaatcaag      2760
     ttactttttc acgttacttt cagagttcaa atcagaactt caagaaaaat agcagttaca      2820
     gtttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt      2880
     gtgtgtgtgt gtatgcgtgg tgtatgttaa tagatgaaat agcaacaagc cattcacatg      2940
     aagaacacca ggtaagcaag gatgtttaag attctctagg tccaacaaga caaatagctt      3000
     gttcagagca tttattaggc tttggttggc cagatcctct cagtcaattc aaaccacaac      3060
     tatccttgaa cctttacgag tcttatttct aaggatacat aaaaatggat tgtctgcctt      3120
     tcagagtgat agtctcaccc agaaagaagg gttattttac cagttcaaag tacatattat      3180
     agacttagag cacaaaacta atgaacatgt attccgggaa gggggtctga ggggacaact      3240
     gaatcgaccc aaccactcca gtagctattc agccgcctgt taccgaggta gcctcctacc      3300
     tcacttgtga aactgttagc taattttaat ccaaatttta aaactacaaa aggtattctt      3360
     ggaagagttt ttatccctgt ctgcagttcc agaaactaag taataaatga catatctgaa      3420
     tagattacca agaatcctaa aaaaaaatat ttaaacccaa tttttgtttt gtttttgaga      3480
     gtctatatct gattcagcct caaaattcta tatttagatg atccttctgc ctcagcccca      3540
     caagggttga aactgcaggt gtgtgcctgg taacctcagg attttactgg agatattgct      3600
     ttgcctttca caactagagc tgctattgtt tgggatccaa agtgagcaca ttacatcagt      3660
     cattaagttt atatagatgg cataccggct aaagacaaag acattttaga tataaatttg      3720
     acaagatact accttacaga tttatttatt ctgtagtagg gtttccaaag taggaaatgg      3780
     caacaataat agagaacaga ccctgaaagg tgtctctggc ctcttctgat cataactgtc      3840
     tcataaaaca gctggttgaa ggtctgatgt tatgcaagat cagccatcag ttgtttttct      3900
     gaaattgaac attctacatt ctctggcttc aggacgactt ttgtttctta tataactgtg      3960
     agccatcatt ccagacattt ctaagttgtt caaataaagt tttaaaaaga tgaactccct      4020
     tgcaactgtg accttactaa gcttagcaaa ctctctggtc tgggaaggca ctttttcaat      4080
     ataaacaaag ctttactggc atgaagtcag tttataaaca caaactagcc agaagcaggc      4140
     agctttgagc atttctcact agtaattcta aaggactcct acaaccagac cgagctacct      4200
     aaatgatcag gagtgtttta tagcagcaac acacggttaa ggtgtcaaag ccaaatttca      4260
     gctctaaact ttcccaccca gactattaac atacataatt aacatactta ttgcacacag      4320
     actcacggtc ccgtggacac agtactcact ccatctccag tagggacttg cccgttgatg      4380
     ttaagagtcc ggaagggtga gtgtgtagat aagcgcttgt cccactcgct gggccgtggt      4440
     tcgggtaccg attccataaa gttctttttc agttcactga tgctggcatg gtgctttttg      4500
     atctcttctt gactcttgtc taaatcctac agttgaaagg ataaagacac aaaacaataa      4560
     atacttggga caagaaacac acctagggca acccagcaga gtgggctctg cagaaaacac      4620
     cactcaggac aggtgttact ggcctgtagt ttgcatttag attgtaaata tacaacactg      4680
     tatattcctt tgcccctttt aaaaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa accccaaagt      4740
     gctgtacttg gaagcagtga agcatcacag accatagctc ctgcagttaa actgcccatg      4800
     aggtgcttgc tccttgactg tgtctcctct tccaccatgg atgcaaaaca agatctctac      4860
     ctcttcgtcc cgagagggca accccgcaac tccattagcc tcagcttgag gagaactgat      4920
     ttaggctcag ctcaggcagg atggagatag caatagggaa actgacgaat gaggggcatg      4980
     gtcaatgacc tcagcgtcta ctagctgctg tccttggtga cctgcaactg agaatcctcc      5040
     ccgccccctt cactgtaata ccttcgcgtc tctattatta ttaaggcctg ttttattcga      5100
     gaatttatta ctaaaattct tatttccaga cttccaaagt caattgtttc tacctctaat      5160
     caaatgactt caaagatttt ttttttttaa attattcacc catctgtgtc caagtcaggc      5220
     cacaggacag cctcaggtat tcctctgagg acagagacat tgaccatctc ttttgaagca      5280
     gggtctctca ctgacctgga gcttaccaag ggctaggctg gctggccccc caaggtacag      5340
     ggatgctctg gtgctcactg ccccagctct ggggtacaag tgtgcacccc cacacccagc      5400
     actttcacat gggttttggg gactaaactc gggtcctcac actttcacaa ctaagctatc      5460
     acccctattt tttttttctg ttttcaatgt tttccctatg atataaaaac cccatggttc      5520
     ctggtttcac ttgggccttc ctgggactta cactggggga gtggcttggt ggtggggtgc      5580
     ttgttatcca gcacagggcc ctggcttgaa ctgccagcac cacccacaaa ggacttccag      5640
     tctcaggcaa tagaccctca tgtctctcct tgaatactta aaacaatcca actgtcccag      5700
     cagcttgaat attaggcaac tggaggtcac ctaatagacg aaaggttctt caagggaaca      5760
     ctctagggag agacagtcca aactaaggct aataaagcat aggctaagac attgttgttg      5820
     ttgttgttgt taaagggatg ggtaatattt ttttttaacc aggggcatca gaccaaaagg      5880
     agtctgataa atttaacttg aagacaaaga ctcaaatgtt ccttgtctac cagatacatg      5940
     cacatacaaa agtttgagtt tcaggtcaca atagttggag cctgcagcta taatacaacc      6000
     ttgtttaatt cccattaggg cagcatagta tcaaagaaaa gcatgatgcg gaatagatcc      6060
     ccggcatgct gtgtgaactt tggaatttgt ctatttttgg cattgtggga aataatttca      6120
     ctttggaaaa caaaaaataa aaacaatacg gaattttttt ggatcaattt tttttccttc      6180
     ctccttgcag gcaagaaaga ccttcactaa ataaaacttt ctccaaattg ctatctagga      6240
     gaaaatacaa aactcaggga ctcgcataac atctggattc tggggttgct ccttcagaaa      6300
     cccatgaacc aactactctc tctctttcta ttttcccaag actgacctat gtgtatatgc      6360
     tttgagagca aagaggaaac caaccccaaa aggtaactgt agctctccat aactagcatc      6420
     tctcacttac taagaagtaa tgtgagcctg tcttaggaac ataagcttct ccgggggaaa      6480
     tgcctgtgct acagctgaaa acaagaagat aagcatattc aggctcaaga ctcagtcctg      6540
     ggctgagcag ctgagacctg tcaggcatgt gagagtctgt gacccagctc ctcactcgat      6600
     gttaaatctg tttggaccaa gaacaaccta acacatttgg gatgattaaa agtgcaacca      6660
     aggcaaagca aaaccgacca tgagatactg ggataagcat agttcagacc cagcctgaac      6720
     tgagcctgct gatttgtgac tcttcttgcc tagtttttga ttggtttgga acctgagaaa      6780
     atatattttt caataaaaca gctagcttct gagggaagct ttctccatcc ttcttagctg      6840
     ttttattgga aacctgtggg ggcatagaat aaaattaaga tctcaaaggg acctgctcca      6900
     gatagaattt gtcacagaca ttagctacag gttctctctg ggagatggag gaggaggcgg      6960
     tagatctaaa aatgaactcg accttatttg tgccagaaca aagcattagt gggggtgtga      7020
     taagggaagg tgggagggat gcttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac cctccagagc gacagagaac      7080
     ttgagagaac ttccttgggg tcacttctta caataactaa ggaatgatgg ccaaatcatg      7140
     ccaggttatg ttcaggttag ataattttta agtcctatca tcttaggatt ttagcagcaa      7200
     taaaaccaaa cacttcatta aatgtaaaat gttctcaaaa ggcagttagt agttttaaat      7260
     ttcaaacaca cacttattca aaaatcccct ctcagggctc tcaggaaaac gccagggaag      7320
     aaaacacaga tgacagagaa attttgtgag tctcagaagc cacagcacac ctcatggaag      7380
     aaatgataaa tatatgattg gcacggcagg ttcagggact acttgcagtg gggagatgct      7440
     accccaagaa gaggagacca ctggacatgt ctgtgcttcc taatctccac acaaaaaagg      7500
     tctcaggtct cagatacggg ctaagacagt gattcagttt ccaagtttga aacacagaag      7560
     agtctgacct tagagggtct aggttctagg aggcaaacag atgtgaagca cttggtactg      7620
     tgccatcatt cagaacacaa ttaatgaagg tcacccatag ggtttaatat ttgtattaaa      7680
     gtgcctttac aaagcagata ttcaaaatat agctagtgac aaaaaagaga ataaataatt      7740
     cttacaggcc atatattaat gattatgaga ctgaccttaa aatataaagc tgagaatgac      7800
     cttgaccttg gtcttccttc tcagcctccc aggtgtgggg attaaagatg tgctaccctg      7860
     tctagccaga gagctacttt taaaagtttc ctcaaatgtt cccactggag acatttaatg      7920
     tatggctctt ctctcaggtc tcagctgcac gctatctcac cggatacagt ggctcacacc      7980
     tgcaaggccc acattcagga ggccgaggca gggagtcccc tgtcttaggg tagatcccct      8040
     gtagcagagt gaggcttatc ttctccaggt tttctcctag ctcgcagcta tggtgtcact      8100
     ctttctttct ctccccctca gcgacccaca ctgtaagctt cctgcaatcc tccccaggga      8160
     agctacaccc ctgatgtaag tttatactca tttcttttgg ttctgccttg attgttatat      8220
     aatgcagtct tccccttcta tttacaagat ttgctcatgt acaaactata ctggtcccac      8280
     tttcttccac agagaataat tccagtatcc ttaatttttc tcatgaagtt tctttaatcc      8340
     ccaaattggt tttacatctc atacccaatg tggagctcca gactaggaaa agtctatgaa      8400
     ctgaggtaaa aacctggtca ctattaaatg taatagaaaa aggactttag gatgtgtgca      8460
     cattactctt tctgggaaga aaatggtcct taaaaaccct aaaactcggg gctggtgaga      8520
     tggctcagtg ggtaagagca cccaactgct cttccagact gcttttccga aggtccggag      8580
     ttcaaatccc agcagccaca tggtggctca caaccatccg taacaagatc tgaccccctc      8640
     ttctggagtg tctgaagaca gctacagtgt acttacatat aataaataaa ttaaaaaaaa      8700
     aaaaaaagcc ctgaaactcc ttagtcagat tccagcttta ccaacttatc agctctgtgg      8760
     ccttggagaa actacttaaa ttccttaact ttgggtgctg gtgagatggc ttagcaagta      8820
     agagcactga ctgctcttcc aaagatcctg agtccaaatc ccagcaactg gtaatgagat      8880
     ctgacaccct cttctggtgc tgtctaaaga cagcaacaat gtacttattt aaaataataa      8940
     aataaatctt tggaccagag ctagcagggg tcctaaattc aattcccaac aaccacatga      9000
     tggctcacaa ccatctgtac agctacagtg tactcatata cataaaataa ataaatcttt      9060
     aaaaaaaatt ccttagcttc agtggtctca tcttaaaagc aaaaatccta ctcatgagct      9120
     tgcttttata gttaagcctg cggtagtcag gtcccctccc aacctttctt caggaacttt      9180
     tgttctcttc aatggggaag ctcatgagaa ttgcaatcac tgtcatcact ttccctcttt      9240
     ttcttctctt aaatactctt ctcatttcgg ggagggggag gggcagtgca aatttgtttc      9300
     ttgggacatt tacagtttat actcttagaa aattcaagaa acttttagca atgctatttg      9360
     aatgttctga aagggggtaa cccagcagaa ccatgaacgg gagaggcagc tccaatcata      9420
     tatttcttag atagtatgag agatgcagac taaaagctag gagagatgag tgcttatcgt      9480
     cacgtttacc accatgcaaa agcagtttaa acctaaacgt ctctcatgca gtggcatgca      9540
     aacccaaggg cagcgcagag tgagggggtc agcacagaat gcggaaggtt ccaggccacc      9600
     aactgcaaca agcttcaagt tcatacaaac ctccaacatt aaattgctat gtctgatata      9660
     aatgttttca ccatctagtc tctctctctt tttctgtgaa aacgaaaggg agaaaaacag      9720
     aagcataaaa aaattaaaat gttgttcttg cggggaaaca aactgcaaat tggcaaacaa      9780
     acaaacaaac aaaaagaaaa caattaaaag taaatgtgtg cgatgcagca aatgccaaca      9840
     tgaaatggtc acagaagcac aagggacaca gagagcatgg ttaccagagg gaacggatga      9900
     ccttgtttgc gaacgatgga aagccgtgac cgtggtattt aaatagacag tgttcctcct      9960
     tcattgcttc taacacaatc agctgttatt tgaaaatgaa ctatttgaat atcatcttaa     10020
     gataatatat aactctaaaa ggtctgaaca ccgcatgcca tggagtggag aaatactgta     10080
     aaaacatcca gccttttgga gagttttata cttctgagat tgcaatatct gaatgtccat     10140
     agtgttctgg atttaatgag ctaacaagca catccagtaa gaactggttc atcccactcc     10200
     aaggctggga aacaagcacg cagcagttaa acacacactg ttaattctgg aagtccctgc     10260
     tgctatgttg gcgtttgtga taaatgtgta taaaatgcta gtaggtctac taacatgatg     10320
     acactgggaa agctcttgta aagtctgaac ctagaagaca ggtctggcct gtacaattgc     10380
     atttcattaa gatacttaaa tactgaaagc ttatctggat aaagcctatc cataaacagt     10440
     ctaagtgtgt gtgagtgagt gtgagtgtgt gtgtgtgtct gtgtgtacat actacttgat     10500
     ggttccccac atactgtctc tcttggagta atttctgata aagaagaatc aaaggctgga     10560
     ccactgtctt tttaatacac tgtaacgggc atgggtggaa tggtggccta gctgtgaaag     10620
     ggaaaatagg ctaaccttcc tcattcttat cagatcttca ccttttcctg caagcttctg     10680
     ttttgccaca attcaataaa gaaaaaaaaa agataaaata ttggctcatt gaagtttatt     10740
     tgaaccttat ttatttttaa ggtaaagagg aacagggagt attaaaaact gacaggggtg     10800
     gggagcagaa aggaacaagt ggcctgttgg cacaaacctg cgtttggtca ccatttgagg     10860
     taggtactgt gacctcggtg tgggtttttt ccacctacat ttaagaaata aaatagtgag     10920
     acattttagg ttagcaggct tctatggata ggtaagctgc tttatgaagc tgggggtgaa     10980
     atatactgaa aatgatgacc acaacaggga aggttttatt cccagtacaa tctggtagtt     11040
     catcgtgaca gtttcaaggc tgacgaggta atataggtaa ccaaactact aaaaaagaaa     11100
     actgagttaa tcatcctatt gataaaaagg cattctaatg cttatttata ataaggtact     11160
     cacaaaggga gtaatctgga cttaacacta tattgtatgt tcttgtttac aacctagaag     11220
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta cacgcacgta catcacagca     11280
     cttgtgtgga ggtcagaaga caacctcagg tgacagcctt caccttcagc cactgtgtgt     11340
     aggacgttct ctcgcgtcca ctgaagtgtg tgtatatttt cctgactctg tccctcttct     11400
     cccagtcagg gtgtgttgag attgcagaca caagtgctcc tgagggttct gaggatctga     11460
     actgaggcaa acactttatc ctgccagtca tcttcccggc cctccagtac tttaaatcat     11520
     atttaagaac agatttacaa ataaagaagt aaatgtgtga tatacatgat agaaacaagc     11580
     agataatttc tatagtaaat gcacacgtca tgaagcacac aagacactga ataggtaagc     11640
     acagaagact ctgttagttc atcaatacat ttaaggaggc ggtttactct tcagttcacc     11700
     gaaagagaac atcaaaataa attacatgca aattgtaacc cacacatgca actaactacc     11760
     ttccacctca gctgcagctt ccaacactgc agtctcctct ctaggaaccc acatgcttgg     11820
     cagacaggca agatttatcc tcagtagtag cagaagaata ctatcccgag gatgctgtgt     11880
     gtatctttag aatacagcta gaaataacca tcttgtattc agagactgga gtaattattt     11940
     taaaacctga ttatgacaag ggaacgccat acagtgagta ctgcacaaag cgctgtgcgt     12000
     ttcacattta gagactgact agtctttcct aagggataaa cagttttgtt atattcctcg     12060
     tgttttacag aacctcgtca acgtgtgatc ttgacatatt cctttaactt gcatacagca     12120
     gcactgctcg aaaaaacagt gtctctgtgc tattgtctct aggttgacta taaaaacatt     12180
     aggtaacacc agactctgca gtactgccaa acacatatgc acatccaacc cagttagcaa     12240
     gttaattcac ttgtcggagc ttaacttttc ttcagtaata aagacaatgt ctccgtttcc     12300
     ggtttgtttg tttttgagac agagttttac tatgtagcct gggctggcct tcaactccat     12360
     ttcccaagat ctgaaattac agacacgtgc catcatgccc tacttagaac agacataatg     12420
     tcttcataga attatgtata cactgcaaat actagtttta aatcatttca tagagcttaa     12480
     gttcattgtt taaacaatac gtcttttggg tctttagtaa tctagcagga gaaaatggag     12540
     agccaccgct tcagtttaag aactgaggcc aatcacccag ccttgacctg agtgagacta     12600
     tgtgcctggt ctcactgcag cttgctgtac catacttggt tgatatccct gagaggcctg     12660
     ctcttttcta agaggaggtg gggaggtgaa aaaggaagtg gggagagaat ggggggaggg     12720
     gagggagggg acactgcagc caggatgtaa agacagaaga ctaaataaaa aggaaaaaaa     12780
     gagagttatg gggctggaga gatggctcag cagttgggag tattatctcc tcttccagag     12840
     gaccagggtt caattcccag caccctcatt gcctcgcaac tgtctgtaac tccaattcca     12900
     gtggatccaa caccttcaca cagccacaca tacaggctaa atacaagtgc atatgtataa     12960
     aaaaagttaa ataatgagga aaaaaaaaag aattgaggcc aaaagaggag agcagataca     13020
     tacctatagc cccagctatt aggaaggtta aggtagaaga gtgtcttgac tgcaggtgtt     13080
     caagactagc ctgggaaaca tgcaaacccc atttcatttt gccaaagctt caaaggcaaa     13140
     agaaacttat ttttgatgta cttgcatgcc ttatgggcaa aagtaaaact agtgagatag     13200
     cagaaggcca gcagtgtctt agccattagt gtcatggaga cccccccccc cctttgataa     13260
     ttccaacagc ctcacactct ctaataagta tggaagagtc aaaagtgtag gttgagggct     13320
     ggattgatgg ctcagcagtt aagagcactg actgctcttc cagaggacca ggttcaaagc     13380
     ctagcaacta catggtggct cacaaccatc tgtaatgaga tctgatgccc ccctctgggg     13440
     tgtctgaaga cagctacagt gtatataata aataaataaa atcttttttt aaaaaaaagt     13500
     gcagattgat acattccagc attaaaaact gaacaggtat tcaaaagcca caaggaacct     13560
     gaagaccaat gtcatggaca ccaggcaaat gtcactaaag acagagaacc tgtatgttat     13620
     acttaacagt taaaataaaa ataacagttg cccactgtcc tacattgaat catatattga     13680
     ccaggctcca aaagaacagc ctgatctatg cactatcagt atgcaaatga gaaggcactc     13740
     cccaaggtct taccataaag cgtcattctc aggactgcca cctctcatac tctttcacaa     13800
     aagtgagact gcatctactt taacaggcca gaactagcac tgtgtaaatg ttatttaaaa     13860
     gcttgaacat atataaaata ttagttcagc tatgatttct gagagatctg ctaattaacc     13920
     agtgattttt caactcagca cagtgactat ggttatactc agaactcaga atgatcaacc     13980
     cggaagcata attgttccca cgaaatagat cttctcctta tctagccgtt aaatgtttaa     14040
     gtgtctgggc tggagagatg gctcagcagg taagagctgg ctgctctcgc agaggacctg     14100
     ggtttgatac tcagcaccta catggtggct cacaacagtc tgtaactcca gttacagggg     14160
     atttgatgct ctcttctgac ctctgcaggc accagacacg cacatggtgc atatacataa     14220
     attcaggcaa aacactcata cacatctaat aataatagta ataataataa taataaatta     14280
     ggaaatcttt aaatagctct ataaatgtgc tttatgcaaa tctattattt gaaaatcaaa     14340
     ttctagaaaa atacacaggc agttggtaag agatgacttc ttttagaaac aatgagaaag     14400
     ggcaactttg ttgggaagct gtaggattca gctgctctga aaacaggtgt aactcaggag     14460
     tgtgctctag ctgacctcgg catctaagac ataccttcca tgcttctgtg ggctccggct     14520
     cagcgggctc agccggctct tctccccgct tctcttcaac cttcacagct tcctttggtg     14580
     tttttttgat aggtgcccct ggcccttctg tgacctgact ctgagcaatg gctggggcag     14640
     aggtgggccg aggacttcgg tctgtggact cagcagctgc tgctgtgtga ggaaaagagg     14700
     gaagatcaga cgaaggcagg tgtcactctc cttactgacc tcaaagtcac agggtgaaac     14760
     tgccaatcca ggacactcgg gactgttgta gcctcctgta tctgtcatat agaggagaac     14820
     acaaactgtg ctttttaagg tagatgatgg caacaagata aacatcctca acggagaaac     14880
     caggacatct acatcactgt ttcataaatg ctaaattcga ataaagactg aaaaaagaaa     14940
     tcaaaaccca cttaacttat agtctgttta aaaaaaaaaa aacttgcaat aaagcttgga     15000
     ttcagggtag ctctcccaat aagctgcttt gaaataaatg tttattttta gatggtctca     15060
     ggaacctaaa catctgatta ggtgaggtgg ataaagcctg ttgtctcgct tttcgtttat     15120
     tgtttttcta tgaagcttct acaaaattat tacaaaaaga aagaaagaaa gagagggggg     15180
     agggagggag agagagaggg agagggagag agagacagaa cctttaaaaa tggctcttct     15240
     ggtgagacag gaactactgt ttgacatgtg taaaggtaag tctttgtgcc agacaatctc     15300
     ttttaataaa tcagttaatt aaaaattcaa aaaagggctg gagagatggc tccagaatta     15360
     agagcactga tgcacagtta atgtctgctc tttcagaggt cctgggttca attcccagca     15420
     accacatggt ggctcacaac catctgtaat ggagtccgat gctcccttct ggtgtgtctg     15480
     aagacagcta cagtgtactc acatacatta aataaataat aaatattttt ttaaaaagtt     15540
     aaaaaaattc tggactttca cccaaaaata aagcattaac taatggagcg ccctctccac     15600
     cttgccaatg ccttacagcc ctgttctgta aagtacttgg aacactgact ctcaaccagg     15660
     gttgatttcc ccccagggca tatttgacaa tgtctggaga agttttggtg tcacagctgg     15720
     ggcagacaga gaaaggagat gctgacacct agtgcacaga ggcaaaggca gcagaggctg     15780
     aggagagaag cctgcctggg ccgctctgga gaaaagacac tgtacaggct gactataaaa     15840
     tcctctgcac ttcattaact gtgacttgga ttggaactac ttggcatctg ctttaggtaa     15900
     cttaattcaa aatagagagt ggagctatag ctcagtgaca gactgcttgc cctgcaggca     15960
     ggaggccctg ggctccaccc ccaatatcac aaaataaaac aagaaacagt cattatcttt     16020
     agtttttaat ctttgttctt tacttccagg gtaaaaaaag aaaatgtcca tacattttgt     16080
     agtaaagctt actcaagttt aatgtcaaaa ctaaaccttt gtttttttgt ttgagagagg     16140
     atttttctct acatatccct ggctgttctg gaacttagca tgtagatcag gttggccttg     16200
     aactctcaga tatctgcctg cctttatttc ataaatgcta ggattagggg gctggagaga     16260
     tgtctcagag gttaagagta ctggctgctc ttctaaaggc cctgagttca attcccagca     16320
     accaaatggt ggctcacaac catctgtaat gagatctgac gccctcttct ggtgtgtctg     16380
     aagacagcta cagcgcactc atatacaata aataaataaa taataaatct tttttttaaa     16440
     tgttgggatt aaaggtaagt atgtcccatc acatttactt taatacttca ttttaaaatt     16500
     gtatttaatt gttagttatc tatctgtctc cttgtgtgca tgttggtggg gtgtgggggc     16560
     acgcacacac gtcacagcat gtgtgtagag gtcagagggt aacccagggc aattgagtct     16620
     ttcctttcac tttggggtca gggattgaac ccaagctctc agctttatgt gccaagcacc     16680
     ttcacccacg gcgccatctc cagggctctg attgagacat tcagataaca ggccctcatt     16740
     ctttcttgta ctgagacttt tattagattt gaatactctt ttatggaagc atacaacttt     16800
     attatgtact ttcttcagac tactgaacat aatttattct gatacattta tatttataaa     16860
     aaaaataaag caaagcaaag gaattcctta agccagaaca gactgacaaa tagaaagtta     16920
     catctatgtt atacaaatga caccacgaaa gaaatgctta ctatcctgca atgatctcca     16980
     gagaaagact tctcagagga tgcctagcaa aagaataaca gaaccgttga gcctgtctca     17040
     tctcgcaatg acagatctgt ggccgcttgc gagtccctgt tgctaatggg tgctctctgc     17100
     tagtcaaccc aagagtggca gatggtagag caagcctaac aaaacaaggg aactgacaaa     17160
     atatttttct cacagttgtg ttaatgcctc ggattacatg tgtattcaca cctcctctca     17220
     aaaaattaat tcaactctgc ctgaaatcat agacacatag ccctcgcttt caccatgtgt     17280
     tatcttgcta catgaatttg gttctaatcc aatactaata ctgcagagcc aaatgattta     17340
     tgtcttcagc attcctattg tgcatgggaa agtagataca aatataaaaa ctaatgacta     17400
     gatgcagaag tggtcatagt tcacaaactg gaaaatacca gctataatga ccatccccca     17460
     ctaggaaaag tagtaagaaa caagccagac aaaagtgacc ctcacatgag ccctcgcctc     17520
     acatggtggt gccaggaaga gacctgagtt tcctgtggaa tgtgaatgat gccaactgta     17580
     ggggagccag ggagagaata ctcaacagga agaaaaatac ttaattctaa atatcagtaa     17640
     cttctaacac catatacttc agtccttcta cttattttgc tatgagctaa tactatttca     17700
     agaatatgtt gggcaaaatc aattattcag gttggagaga tggctcagtg gttaagagct     17760
     ctgactgctc ttccagaggt cctgagttca aatcccagca accacatggt agttcacaac     17820
     catctgtaat ggggtccgat gccctcttct ggtgtgtttg aagagagcaa cagtgtgctc     17880
     acatacatga aataaataaa tctttaaaaa tattaattat gtacacagtg acatataact     17940
     caacggaagg ataccactta ggagccctgg agaaaagcaa attcccttca gttttgcagt     18000
     aaggaggcta caaactacag atcacaataa atatggtcag cgctgtttta tgttttcaac     18060
     aactttactg tgatataatt tatatattgt acaatttgcc catttgaagt aattaaatgt     18120
     ttattagtac attagtgatt tgtatttaag gtgtttcagc gtgggctggg aaagtgactc     18180
     agctggtaat gtgcttgtgg gcaagtataa gacctgattt cagattatca gccccgtgca     18240
     ctagctacgt ctatgtctgt gaacttagct gtgggttggc gagcagatcc ctgcagcttt     18300
     ctggcaagcc aacctagcac actggcgagc tccaggttca gagagtgacc ctgtctcaaa     18360
     aacatagctg gaatgttatc atagaaacac ttgatgtcaa cctctggcct ccatgtgcac     18420
     tcactgacat gcactcatgt ttccctggaa acagacagaa ttctcagatg ctcgtgtgca     18480
     cagcaacagc cttctgatgt ccacatacgt gctactgcat aagcagccat acctgctcac     18540
     ccccacacat gcaccaatat gacagacatc aaaaccagag gaaagcggca cgaacccagt     18600
     aggaaaactc attaactgct tagagcagtg gttcccaacc tgtgggcagc aactcctttg     18660
     gcaaagttct atctccagaa ctacttacat tatgattcac agcagtagca gaattacaga     18720
     tatgaagtag caacagaaat aattccatgg tggggtcact gcatggggaa ctgtattgaa     18780
     ggatcccagc actgggaagg gtgagcaccg ctggcttaga gtaacaccta gaacatacta     18840
     agtgcttaat gaatcttaac tcttgcagct ttcatcctct cctttctaaa agtgagaggg     18900
     tgaaacgcac acccagggct agaggactga atggctcagc ggctcaggcg ctggctcttg     18960
     ctgaggaccc tagcttcgtt cccagcaccc actctgggca gcttacctgt aactccagac     19020
     ccagaggacc taacatcctc ttctaacgtc caaggacacc acactaagta catatgctca     19080
     cacacagata caattgaatt taaaaataaa ataaagcaca catctcagag gaccgtgctg     19140
     gcttctgctt ctacttctaa ctaggtttct gattttggtg aattgcttat gttctcaagc     19200
     taagtaaggg cctggagaga tgtctcggtg cttaagagca ttggctgttt ttccagagga     19260
     cccaggttca acccccacat ggcagctcaa aaaattgtct gaactccaat tccaggggac     19320
     ctgacacctt cacacagata tacacgcagg caaaacacta atgcacataa aaataaaaat     19380
     aaataaataa gaatgataaa tatcagtaga caactatccg aagaaatcag aaaaagaatg     19440
     tttcaataaa agtgtagaga aaagttgcca ggagtgctgg cacacacatt tagtaacagt     19500
     gctcaggagg ccaaggcagg cggatttctg agtttaagcc cagcctggac ttcagagtga     19560
     gttccaggag agccgaagcc acatagagaa accctgtctc aaaaaacaaa aacaaacaaa     19620
     caaacaaaaa aggagttata ctaaagttca agcggaggtc gggtgactta ctagtaagga     19680
     atgagctagc taatagtgtc acatgaacac agtaaaggca caggtggaat gacaacacag     19740
     aacagaaacc tgtttcccta caccccagat gctgggacct ccttccacta catggaataa     19800
     aacttgattt ctttcctttc cctttccctt tccctttctc tctctctctt tctctctctc     19860
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctcttaata tttatttatt gtatgtatat gagtgcactg     19920
     tcactatctt cagacaaagg catcagatcc cattacagat ggttgtgacc caccatgtgg     19980
     ttgctgggta ttgaactcag gacccttgga agagcagtca atgttcttaa ccactgagcc     20040
     atctctccag ccccttgatt ttcttttcct tgccatttcc aatacttaat ttattggcaa     20100
     tgttgtcagc tctacttcca aaacgaatct ctaactgctt ttctctgccc accataaact     20160
     ggtgttgtct ggcattgact ccctgtgtca gcctcgggcc tgtttctggt ttaatcctca     20220
     ggcaggtgga gtctttgctg ctcggtatgc agaggtgaca gcaggctgtg tcactctttc     20280
     caatagtttc cctctgtaat gaagagaaaa tctaagctca ttactgtggg ccttcgaggc     20340
     ccttctaagt cgggcccctg cctgctgctc tgaccacact ttatgctcct ctcccctagg     20400
     ctaactaaaa tccatccctg tgctgctcag tcagcggtca catggttgtt tgtttgtagt     20460
     gaaatgctca gatcctctgt ggaacaaggc agcgctcacg cctccactct ttcatctaga     20520
     gtggttcacc tagactttga gatggccagt aacttctcaa tgttcaggtg taactaaatg     20580
     acatcgttct gaggagcctt ctgactgtaa ctggattacc tgatctgaag cactccacca     20640
     tcttgcagcc tgagacactt gtcacctcat tttcccattc tattttcttc agagcactca     20700
     caactacctg aagttatttt tatttgcttc tgtttatacc tatggactga aaactccatg     20760
     aagatcatat ctgatgccca cagcaatgtc tccagggaac agtaggcaca taaggcatgc     20820
     aaaacaagtg actgaacaaa ataaaaaaaa cgagttaaat acttgtagaa tctgttggta     20880
     ttcagccatt actgtctgca gtgaacttca cttcttattc ttaagatggt tttcttagct     20940
     ctgttattgg gttttgtttg tgtgcttgga gtcagggtct cactgtggct ctggctggcc     21000
     tgagacctct gtgtaggata ggttagcact gatatccacc tcctctgcct cccaagagct     21060
     gggagcgcta ggattaaggg tctgcaccac cgcacacagc cttaagttct taagtctgga     21120
     ttagtcagca gcaccccttt cacttggcca ctgaggttct ccgtaaactg gagatagtag     21180
     aattattata aatagtcata ctgccaagtt gggcatggtg ccatgcttgt aaccccagca     21240
     ctcaggaggt cagcacagga agctaaagag cttgaggcca gtcgcagata tagtaagttc     21300
     ttatttcaaa gcaacaacag taaaaacccc ttatgcttcc tttatctctc tctaaagatc     21360
     acggtagcat caataacatc taatacaaac ctccatcgag gctcctggac gcccgcttgc     21420
     ttgctgtccg ctcaaagtgt ggagcaggcc tgtcaatcag ggcactggct tgcctggtct     21480
     gagcttgagt ccggccactg tatcggaatt tggatcccag ggcaagaaac ttgcttttgg     21540
     ggatggtgtc tgtagaggtg agtctgggag agaaaaatga taataatgct cctattttat     21600
     tattttattt ggattacttt attattgtga ctataaaact aaaaatcaaa ccaagaataa     21660
     agatgttttt gaactcttgt ggcaatttct agtcaagcaa tccctattgt agtctgggtc     21720
     atatctcaag caaccagaag tcatttagtt gggagctata atattaaaaa cattaagttt     21780
     ctacaggtaa ggtctcacag tttacaaaac gcctgatagc actgcaggat tcacacaaca     21840
     tccttgaaat gtatctgatt ttacagatac aggaaattga cacatcccat gaagaagtta     21900
     cttgcttaaa gctatacagt tattaggagg cgggtctgta gcaacctatg tccaggacag     21960
     ttcagctgct gtgaaagcaa ccagagcccc aggcaaacac tgggtctcac tctttacttc     22020
     cgctgttctt tttacagtgc atggaaaggc accgtgggaa tgctgagcca tgctttccag     22080
     ccaaaagagg aagaaccggg ttcgcattgt cttgattaag ttgctcttgc ctgagctaaa     22140
     taaaatgcca gctccacaga gatgataatt tcaataacag attcaaaata gaagcaggca     22200
     caaataacat atccttggga aagaaatact tgagcagaaa atacctgaag aacgtgtgat     22260
     gctccacaca gaccttccat agtttcttgg ccgctcgata actggggagc ttgaagccga     22320
     tggtactttc ataatgttct tgctatagag gggcaaataa acataaaata taaatactat     22380
     tcaatcagag tgacacagag cctgagaaac aggataccat cgaagagata ccacacaaac     22440
     aatgtctggg ggttggcgag atggctcagt ggttccagag gactgaggtt caattcctag     22500
     aacccacatg gtggctcaca accatctatt accaccgcac caccatctgc tcccaaggga     22560
     cccaacacct tcttctgacc tccatgggta ccaggcatgc atgtgatgca gacacacatg     22620
     caggcaaaac atacacacac acaatatttt ttaaattaaa aaaaacatat taatattttt     22680
     tcttattaaa agaaatttgc tcagcaatgg aggttttgtc caaagtaata aggtcaggaa     22740
     gaaggtcttc tattacttat acatcctaat ttttagaaca cacacagtat gcaggtactg     22800
     ccctgagaca cactttagtc aacctttgac tgtctaaagc tgctttttgt tagtcacaga     22860
     cctgcatttg taattataga ttactcagta atcagggaat gagacatccc ataattgctc     22920
     cagcctacca ctattattac acaatagaaa ttagtattgg gaactaaaca tttgtctcaa     22980
     accagatgac tgttttttgt tttttttttt ttttaaagca gggtctccct acgttgccct     23040
     ggcttgtctg gctatgtaaa gcacagagct ctggaattaa ggtgtgtgcc tccttctcca     23100
     gcccagattc ttttaatttt taaaactgac acacactgac ttgttgagaa tgactggtgt     23160
     gtgcatatgt tgcagaatac caaacgaggc tacctggtct ctggactaac tcatgagtct     23220
     tttaagaata cttaaaagtc atcctgttgg ccatatggga agagtcagtg ctgaagacga     23280
     aagcccggcc ttacacttgc tagtgtacct ctcagcaacc ctcctgtaac ccgcagtcac     23340
     cacggtggac agcgagtctc tgcgacttac ttcctcctcc tgccaggcct actagaaatc     23400
     catctatttc tatgccttcg gtctgcctct gtttccacct caagcacact ttgtaagacg     23460
     gaaaaggaaa caggtttgtt tgcatgctct tatttctagc aatggtcctt ctatatctaa     23520
     gtataatttt acacatggag acactgaggt cagagaaatt atctgctcag tcagctatga     23580
     gatggcacag ccctctgaaa tagtcatggc acctcacttt tcagaatcct gctggtctca     23640
     gctgatttga ggaagaactg tgtattttca catatattgg atagctaaga cttcaagccg     23700
     aagacttctc atagcattta ttatatttct ttctgtgtat gtacttattt ctgccttcct     23760
     atattaaaat gcaagctggc tgaagaatag cattctttta cttactttta tatttctaga     23820
     ccctagaata gtcactgaca caaagaacct gtttaataaa cattttgtgg cgtgcatgcc     23880
     tttcaatgtc aacactagag tcagggcaag cagatctttt tgacttccag gccacactga     23940
     ggggctgcat acagagaccc tgtctcaaaa gcttctttct tgttaagagt cgtggatttg     24000
     aaactcggag ggaagatact gataggtgct tgcacaaaca aatgagtatg gaatgaaaca     24060
     gtgcttcaag gcacagccag tacttccagg ctgaggcagt accactgttg accagcagat     24120
     ggtgatacac acacacgacg ccacctcagg tcagcctggg cttctctggg acagaaaagt     24180
     tactatctct catgaatata aggacactca gcttctgatc tttccagact cacttctcta     24240
     ggaagtggta gagaagaatt tagagctttt taaaaaatgc cctgggtagg aaataattta     24300
     gtggctaaaa gcacatactg ctctcacaca ggatttaagt tcagttccca ccacctacat     24360
     caatccccag aatcaacatg gtagaatgaa aaaacctcca tgttgtcctc agccactgcg     24420
     acatgtactt gttcattatt gtataaagtt accagaagag atctgacaga aaaaaagctc     24480
     cagctccagg gcagtcaatg tctctcatgt cctgagacac ctatactcat gtgcacatac     24540
     ccagacacat agctccctaa acaaacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     24600
     aacatacaac acacacacac acacatacaa acacacacag acagacacac acaccacata     24660
     cacacaccac agagacaaca caaacacaac acatatgcaa tacacacaca taaaacacac     24720
     aaaaacacac aacatataca acacccacaa cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaaa     24780
     atcttcagga cattgaaagc tacatagaca gacctctgta aaaaacaaaa caagggctag     24840
     agagatggct cagcggttaa gagcactgac tgctcttcca gaggtcctga gttcaaatct     24900
     cagcaaccac atggtggctt acaaccatct gtaatgggat ctgatgccct cttctggtga     24960
     gtctgaagac agctatagta tatttacata aaataaataa ataaatcata tatatatgta     25020
     tgtatgtata tatatgtgtg tatatatata tatatatata tatataccaa aagaaaaata     25080
     ataaggattt atgtttaaaa aaaacagtaa ctttaaaaaa atgaactcct atttaaacaa     25140
     ttttctgttg tacaatgata gcttctttat ataaaagcta aaattatgtg ggtatatcct     25200
     gaaatgtgac caccaatttg ggaggttgac ttgtttactt ctgtttagta ggtgttagag     25260
     acaggtctca cgtggcccga cttggaagtt ctgctccccc ttctccgtct cccaagtgct     25320
     aggattagct gcaggaggcc tcctcagatg gcaggttttc ctacgtatct caggctcacc     25380
     ctgaacttgc aattctcctc ctgcttcagc ccccgactac aagtccggag attacaagca     25440
     tttgctaccg tgtcccgcta caagggatgt ttcagtccat gtttggtttg agtgaaaaga     25500
     aatttaagtt atgtacctct ccaggccgga tcttgatgaa gaagctgctg cgtttgtaag     25560
     aaatctttag cactttgggc caaggaaagc ggttaattct caacttgtct ttgtaaacca     25620
     gaaggccgct ggagcagacg ccgagaataa tgtccactcc ctccaagtcc tgaaagacaa     25680
     gcagcgtcat cctcagcaca ttattggcta ttattaaata acccagcgag atcagcaacc     25740
     agaacctgtc acaaagcaat tggtaaaaaa caaaaaacag catccactgg catgctgtct     25800
     aagtcagaga cagcctcagt aacccagcta ggtgtcaagg catgagttac cgctattagg     25860
     ccagtgagat gcccagcaga taaaggtgtt tgctaccaag cctacaacct gagttacatc     25920
     cccagaatct acatggctgg catgaaaaac tcccacactg tccttggatc tccacaccca     25980
     ctgtgacgtg cacatgttca ttattgcatg aagttagcat aagagatctg acagtaaaaa     26040
     tttgatgtta agtatattaa attttaagta ctattcctaa gcccagaaag aacactatag     26100
     aaaatggcat tatattaatg tacctaatta ttaagaaaaa attaaaatat taatcaccac     26160
     ataacttaag aaaagcaaac tacacctgaa ttaatcatga ctatttatct agttatcaaa     26220
     cccaaatgct tccaaaatta aatgcttctt gacttctttt tcctaaaaat gactatagag     26280
     aaaattatta gcacctaaat gtattaatat aagaattaca gaaataaatc acacacagct     26340
     tcaattcaat gactgagatc ttaccagaag atgccctttt atgttcttaa agcccacagt     26400
     ttacaaccat ctttctcttt tttaaaaatt taaaaaactt agttaaatat ttgtgggctc     26460
     atacctgcca caatgtaagt taatcatgtg tgggctcata cctgccacaa gtacttatgg     26520
     aggtcggagg acaacctgca ggagttgctc tcctaccaca tgggtcttgg agatcaaaca     26580
     gctcaccagg tttcgtacca gtgcactgaa tcaggctgtc agcttccttt ctcttttgct     26640
     gacgttattt gaaggaacac tttgttttgc agcatttagg aaaggcgcac gctatctgac     26700
     tccatccact tctgacacca gcctccatca ggagacaaga cgtaaacaga acagacttgt     26760
     catggaagtg ctcctgagcc gaggttctga tgtcctaaca gcatgtgaca gggtcatgga     26820
     aaccgctgtc cagtgcagaa cgatccagag cacagcgatg gctccagaaa gccaagtgtg     26880
     caatgaaatt ttaccaaatg aacagaacct aaacatgaac tcataagaca ttcaggcaag     26940
     gagaatcctg aaaattatcc acgggtccaa gagagaccag atgcttgaac gtctgtttct     27000
     aagtttctac cagtgagttt tctgagtatt cgaggataaa taagagcgaa agagctttag     27060
     ttcatcatcc tctgagataa gcctatcaca tctttgaaga actttactaa acaacttgtc     27120
     atattgagct aaatagtaga tttccctgta gtttccatag atatagtttc tatttttcta     27180
     gctctgggtt tatgcctgga ctccatgata aaaatctctt cagttttaat tttttattta     27240
     tttgaaacag ggtcttatgt aacccaggct atcctgaaat tccccattta gctaggaatg     27300
     atactgatct tctgatcctc ctgcctctac ttcccaaggg ctgggattat aggtatgcac     27360
     caacacctgt catttatgtg ctgggactga acctaggact tcatgcatgc taggcaagcg     27420
     ctccaccctc tgagctccat ctctagtccc atttcccttt tgtggctaag tatctctact     27480
     cttttatttc ttactggatg tggctctgtc tacatcacag acactagtta agtaccttta     27540
     aatgagcctg ggaccatccc ttgaatcctt tctctgcaac ctttccaact ctcctagcca     27600
     ttttagtggc catttagtag ccaagcaact tgcattaagt aggcaggtct gtgattttaa     27660
     agctcaggcc tctgatttcc taacccagta agtaattctc aaaagagcta tagtttatcc     27720
     agtgtgcatg agtcactcga agagcttgtc aggcacactt ctgagttccc acccacttga     27780
     ttattagctc tgggagaaac ctgaaatatt tatttctaac aagtttctag gtgatgccaa     27840
     atgccactga ctgagagacc acacttagaa tccctggcct tggggaatgg ctctgattca     27900
     gacatcatta gcctcatttg gaatggtcat tatagctgaa gctagagcct cttcaaggcc     27960
     agcctataaa cctgggcaga gctctgcagt ctgcatattt aataaatacc taggcaattc     28020
     ttaggtgatg ctccctgtga aacggaaacg cacctttctg cctctctgta ttttcaaata     28080
     taactttatt ttagaaaata caatctattt ttctttagat gttcacattt ttatctttac     28140
     aatgttttgg ttgaaaaatt ttgatcgtga aagtggtaag ggatatctgg actgatacct     28200
     agaattctta aaaacaacaa caacaaaaaa ctatatcaat tcaagttggg catgatggca     28260
     caggcctgta aacctagtac ctgggaggcg gatgatagca agttataggt aggacagggc     28320
     tacatagtaa ggctctgtct gaaaacataa acaaacaaac aaacaaattc aactctcttt     28380
     tttctctctt tgtagcctag gcttgcctta aacaatccgc tcgcctccag agaactggta     28440
     ttacaggtgt aatctgccac acccagctcc ctcactgttc ttctcccata gtcctttgct     28500
     tcttcccttt ctttctcctc tctttttttc cctttgcccc catggaggga gtcttgctat     28560
     gtagcccagg ctagctttag gtttttagat ttatgtctat gggtgttttg gctgatgtat     28620
     gtctgtgtac cacatgcttg cagtacccag gaaagccaga agaaggcacc tgatctcctg     28680
     gaactagagc tactgatggt gtgaaaatca agcccaaggt gtcctctaga agagcagctg     28740
     atgtagttaa ccactgaaca tctctataaa ccccagacta cctctgaacc caagacctgc     28800
     ctcccttttg tcatctagtg ctgagattct aggcatgtta tgccaggcca aaaattgttt     28860
     ctcaggaaag ttttaaaata ccataaatag ccagtcagtg gtggcgcatg cctttgattc     28920
     agcactcggg aggcagaggc aggtgaatct ctgagttaga ggccagcaag gtctacagag     28980
     tgagttccag gatggcaaag agctacacag agaaaccctg tctcaaaaaa cctaaataaa     29040
     taaataaaat accataaatg atgctgtaaa gaggtataaa acaagtgtgc catacacttt     29100
     aacaggtctg tgtcatgtgc acatacacac aggttaataa aggtcaaagt tatcactacc     29160
     tttgctttgt gaagatcaac tccatacatg gacaactttt tggcattctc aagaaattcc     29220
     aagtcagcct gagctggagt catggacctt tgacagaata aaaacagaaa actcagtgcc     29280
     tcagcaaaag aatttatggt aataacaaca gaatattcat tatcctttat ataaaaacac     29340
     acatacacac atttttgaat cctcaacata attacgggat gagaatcttc ctactatctg     29400
     agcctaaata actgaaatat gacttagaaa acagttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ggcaagaaga     29460
     catcaaaaag ctctcagaaa agcaaactct taatccgacg gtttccttca agctcccaca     29520
     cccagcaaga attctgcacg cctctttagc ctttttctat gtcacacatg agcccctcct     29580
     actaattttc ctgccaaagt aatgaccaaa tgaaatcctc agcacaattt acaagatcct     29640
     cttagctgcc ttttcttctc tataccctga attgagttat tatggaaatt aaactggagg     29700
     gcagctgatg gtacttagct gggactctta ttgggggcag atttgatgaa aagcaacttt     29760
     ctggtaacag atggggtcct gcccactgat ctcaacagat aaattggcta atagaagcac     29820
     actgataaca ggactgtttt gtgattaaga tgtcttcact gccaggcaga taatgaggta     29880
     aacttgtttg aaaacagcca gtctcactgt ctaaacatcc actgtgccag tctctctaag     29940
     tttcttctct ttcgaagtat gtccttgagc tgttctgtta gctatgaaga caaagacatc     30000
     actcataatg ctgcacgatt tggaccaatt acgacagttc acagtaacaa ggcagcaggc     30060
     ccccaaggaa aaacacaggg acaaggaact ttcccctaag acagcctgga gtcattggag     30120
     cagcaggggt ctcttcgatt aacaaggaca agtctctgcc aaacccatct gtctttatcc     30180
     tcattaaaaa gaacaaagga tttcttggaa caataaccac caaaaggaga aaaacaatcc     30240
     tatcagcttt ccttgtttcg ccagctctaa agcatctcaa tttattaatt gaaatgaaaa     30300
     caaagagggc tggggagact gagaagcaag ctatccaaag catctctggc aattttcaca     30360
     attatgtgta tctctctaca taagtgatat gctcttctac ttcattttca gttattttat     30420
     gttttcgttg tttctactct taggtgtcga taaacaggtc caggtcacca gcaggataga     30480
     agtcagttca gaggcagcag gttcaagtca cactctgtgg accagaaccc tgattcctgc     30540
     ctctagagtc acgtctatgt ctcctttagt ctcccctatg aggtaagaat cagaataata     30600
     tctatttgta catcatatgg ataacaatga gggctttgtt tttgttttgt gaatgcataa     30660
     cacgtgacta tcaagatcaa atgagattaa ggttgtaaaa ctgctttgta aactataaat     30720
     gtttattagt actagaattt tagtttctaa tagttcagcg gtccatctac atacagatca     30780
     taaaataaaa ttacaaaaaa aatacggagc taggcatagt ggcatatacc tgcgattcca     30840
     gcttgtggga gacgggagtg ggaggataag gtgttagcct taggtttcat gagaagctgt     30900
     ctcaacccct accctcatcc ccagactttt tttttttttt aaggacaaca tttaattggg     30960
     actggcttac aggttcagag gttcagttca ttatcatcaa ggtgggaaca tggtaacatc     31020
     taggtagtca tggtgcagga ggagctaaga gtcctacatc tttatctgaa ggttgctagc     31080
     agaaaacttt accatttttc cccctatact catttttcaa ctttaaggga cgtcaatttg     31140
     aatatacatg ttcatactgc atatctaggt aagtgtatta ttaccttcaa cactgtggta     31200
     tgaggagaat gtcaagggag gggtttaaaa cttcattctt gaaactattg attcttgaag     31260
     tctggctgat gcttttttta tgttactttt ggatttttga aacaattatg gtttgtttgt     31320
     gggggggttg ttttattttg tttgtttgtt ttgagacagg gcttctctat gtggccgtgg     31380
     ctgccctgga actctataga ctaagctgcc tcaaactcag agatttgcct gtctctgcct     31440
     cctgaatgct gagattaaag gagtgtcact gtgcccagaa acaattatga ttcttaagtc     31500
     atatataatg taaattattt tcctccaagc catggcaaaa atttcgaatc taatgacacc     31560
     aagattcctg aagacttttg tatgtacttc ctgcaaataa ggtcatcttt ctacatagtg     31620
     tcagaaccag gaaattaacg ctgccacaca ctgccacata attctcaaac cccattcacc     31680
     aaggttgggc ctgtggttac agaatggtcc agctgtagat tatgcgtctt tagtctaata     31740
     gtctttagtc tttagtcctg cctcctgagc tccaggcaag tacttcacag tgagccatat     31800
     ccccagcccc gggtcatgtg tctttaccag gagtatcatg ggagtacgag ctgtgcctgc     31860
     actgtatcct atcagtgttc ataacttcag tttgttcctt cacaaatgac gtctgccagg     31920
     gttctctcaa attctttatc tctttctatt tgaattcttt tcagaaattt tgagtatcca     31980
     tccatcaaac tagttattta tgtatgtcct tatgaacttg tagactcctg gttggattta     32040
     tttgtcttgg tgctcctcat actaggcaag tgctgagcca ctgagctaca tccccaaccc     32100
     agactcccat ttctctccat gcaatctatc agttcttctg cataccgatt ttcttgctta     32160
     aatcgcctga gatttggtca atgggagctt ttacaaggac gatttgtgtc ctttgaaaca     32220
     tttctcatcc gttttttgag catctcttta tagcacagta gaaattaaag tatgccagta     32280
     tttatgacgc acctgtttat gtctgtgtct gtaaccacct atctatatcc tgggaaccat     32340
     gagtgtgcac tgaaacctct ggctttaatg taataccatc aggttctttc ccccttttcc     32400
     atacatgtat aacctttcct tacaaactac cctaagtatt ttgatcaatc tttcctttct     32460
     ttcacccaat atataagcaa gctctccttg cagcctctga attctgcccc tgttgacaca     32520
     cttcccatcc tcttaaccta cctggcctct gaatgcacca ccctgggctg ctatctacat     32580
     atagatgtcc tccttacctt acaagggttt tgactcccca tgtcagacca ccaggaaggg     32640
     actccttccc tctgatcgtt gatttagctg ttcccagtat tcttcccaga cattacaaca     32700
     catggatatc tgcctgttct gcctagacta tgactcccac tccccagtgc ctatgccctg     32760
     tgtggaggtt ggaatgaaaa tggccccata ggttcatgca tttgaatgtt tagtcactgg     32820
     ttagtagaac tgtttgggaa ggaatagttg gtgtggcctt gttggagaga atgtgtcact     32880
     gggagtgagt gggatttgcg gtttcaaaag gccataccag acccagtctc actctctctg     32940
     cctatcgcct gtagaccaag atgtgaagtt ctcagctact tctccagcac catgtgtgcc     33000
     tgcctccgct ctgaaactgt aagccagccc ccaattaaat actttctttt gtaagagtta     33060
     cagtttcaaa agggccacta caccagtttc ctcatgtgaa ggccgtcttg tgcttgcctg     33120
     aggagtagag tggtatcggc ttgtaccttt caacacattt aaagcttcca cctcagcagg     33180
     agtttcttta actggttaaa gccccatgtt attgggtaaa ttaacacttc ctttgggttt     33240
     ttgtcactaa gattaccaat ttgtccagaa tggaacaagt aaatcccatg agggctgaca     33300
     tctatgttct ctagtgaaga tctgattgct cagtttctat tcttcattta acagagcatc     33360
     aactatcatt cttttaagat tgttctattt aagttctggt aagtactaaa agtggcctcc     33420
     agacccagac tcacatagtt tataaaatag tgattaaaag ttatattgtt gttgttgatg     33480
     attttgattt ttggggggac agagtctcat gtagtcccag ttggccttga actcactatt     33540
     gtagccgagg ttacccttga ctactgagcc tctgccttca attcccaaca gcttagataa     33600
     tggatgtgtg caactacaga tgtctaaaag ttattatcct acaagtacaa tcatttgcta     33660
     agtgctttag atgcattttc tgacttaact ataaaatata cctgaaaagc ctcatttttc     33720
     agataagaaa atgaacccca ggggacttag gtaacttacc aagaggcaca gagctagaaa     33780
     ggaatgggat ctgaattgag agtgagatgg gcgacctcac ctatgtgccc agtgcataac     33840
     cagtgggttc caaactcttc cagccgtagg catgctctat cacctcaatt attaaagact     33900
     acaaagcact tttcttttct tttctttttt atttatttac tatatgtaag tacactgtag     33960
     ctgttttcag acacagagga agagggcatc cgatctcatt atagatggtt gtgagccacc     34020
     gaggaagagc agtcagtgct cttaactgct gagccatctc tccagcccca aagcactttt     34080
     atttacgtgt tatactgttc tatacatttt aaaactaagc aaagattaag tgtttattta     34140
     ctaaatctta aagaataaca ataaatccac tggattttta aaaataataa cacttatgaa     34200
     aaataatagc aagggataca aatttaagtc ttttttgata ctatattgaa ataagagcag     34260
     tattgtatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttc atgatgtatg gggtaggggg tccatgcata     34320
     tatgagagtg atatgtgtat gtgtttaaag accagaggcc aaccttgggt gtccttcctc     34380
     aggcacctct cccctttctc ttcattgacc tcaggggttt ggcggggctg gctggccagt     34440
     gagctcccaa atacaccttt ctctgcccct cggtgagcgt ccacctttct ctgcccttct     34500
     gatggtggga ttactagcac atgcccccat gcaaggcttt ttgcaagagt tctatgtggg     34560
     ctctaggagc ttggacttgg gtcctcatgc tttcacggca agcactctac tgactgagct     34620
     cactctctaa gagcagttgc ttaaagagca atgaaattcg aaatatgata acaaatcaat     34680
     gaaatgcttg tgctgttaac ttacatgctt gagaattcac tggtctgcct agtatttttt     34740
     aatgaatctt tttacttgtg tattatttta cttatttata tcaagacacg gtttctcagt     34800
     gtagccccgg ctatcctgga actggtagac cagggtggcc tcagattcag agatttgcct     34860
     gtctctgcct cctaagtgct gggactaaag ttgtgtacca ccacacctgg cctgcattat     34920
     tttaagacta tgtatttcat atattattga ctgaattaat ccatccaaat gttgacacat     34980
     ttcagcatac aatatttatt tttaaaaccg cattggttaa aacactacta atctcagctg     35040
     tgcagtggtg gtgtgctcat aatgtctaca ctgagaaggt ggaggcagga ggatcaagag     35100
     ttgcagccac gcatactaga atttaaaagg aaaggtgggg ggggggagca aggagggaga     35160
     gagattagtt tctgttttgt tttaatacac ttatttacac aaatgcatgc catcgtacat     35220
     gtatgagggt cagagaacaa ctcgaaggaa ttggatatct ccttcttcca tgtgggttct     35280
     ggggactgaa gtcagcttta tcaagtttgg tagccaatgt ctttactcac tgaactatct     35340
     tacagatccc tgaaagaaaa ctcttcagtg aacagacctt tttacaagta tgtctgcgtg     35400
     tttgctatgt atatgtgtac acgggtgctc atgcatgaac atacaagtaa cctcctttat     35460
     gctctccaca ctgatcccat gagaactgag tagctcagtg taaaccaatg ccaagatcag     35520
     actaaagcag tgtgtgaaat ttagctacag taagtcattc aaattaaaaa aaaatgaata     35580
     tatagaggaa gaaatacaat tggggggggt caccttagtg acattgcaag attatattat     35640
     atattacaca cacattttct tttctaaact tatccattac ctcatttctt ccaaggtaat     35700
     aatctcaatc agacaattaa ggaacgaaat aagaaaaaac ttcagtgtgt catctaagtt     35760
     cacagggcca ggacgagaca caggcaacct gcttcaaaca aaggagaagc cttgctcttg     35820
     attgtggctg ggtcccctcc caatgttact aaccattttc ataaaaagca gtaaagtcag     35880
     agaatttgat gaagacttta caaaatactt tctagagtac caagacctct gaatccactg     35940
     cgtgcacaga acccaagtta gaatctccta ttctcaaaat cttaaggcac ctaacatagt     36000
     atacatttaa aacctgaaaa aattaaggca ataatagcaa tagctatcat ttactaagca     36060
     cctactgtgt gcaaggcctt gtgctaagta gttcccacac acacgtatta tctcattcag     36120
     tttttacctt acaatgcaat gaccattact ctgatgacta aaaaaccaaa tttcaataaa     36180
     cctagaaata ataaaaattt tcaattaaac tggaagcaaa aacaaaaaca aacaaaaaaa     36240
     atgtctatta ccctgataag aaaactgagg ttcagagggc ttgaatgact ctcccaaagt     36300
     taaacgataa aggaaaatga actcagggtg gctcttccta tggcaaacaa tgaatcaata     36360
     acaagtcaag gatcaaaact catggccaaa ataaatacag aatatctgga gacatgttca     36420
     cctgtatgat ttatgcaatt ccatgacctt ttcttcaagt tccttggtct gatttggagc     36480
     cagtttaaaa tcactaacat aatccatgcc gtgcagttct gggtcatagt ctcccagctc     36540
     agactggatc gtgtaagacc cgagtagggc taaagttgca aaggaacagg gcagacgtcc     36600
     agcaacaatg tcctgccgaa gctgaagaca taaatagtat ctacacccaa aagagaaaag     36660
     atgcagatat ctcagtaaca acaagagaac agaatacagg tagacaaaaa ggaagaaggc     36720
     agggtgggca cgaagggaga agggaagggc ttgctaagga agcatggcag gtaattggtc     36780
     agtggaggac agcagcactg actagccatt gtaacactgt ttcttccttt tgtttgaaac     36840
     agttccataa aaggaaaata ctgtaactat gttgaacaga gttggaaaac agtttaagaa     36900
     aaggagaaag caggaaatat ctgaaggatg taaggaaata tactgagcac atactattaa     36960
     gtacatacat aagcacatac atgtataaaa tgaacaaaac aatctctcaa ggagacaatg     37020
     ggcatctcaa ctgagaacac ccttgcaaca aagtaacctt agatgatgct acaggctttt     37080
     cacagcattt aataatcaga ttttaagagt ttactttact ccctcattta aatttttccc     37140
     tatgttttta ttttgtatat gggtgttcta cctgcttgta tgcctctgta ccatgagcaa     37200
     acattgtcca tggaggtcag aggagggtgt cggagcccct ggtacaggcg ggtgctggga     37260
     aatggaacct ggatcctctg gaagaggagc ctgtgctctt aattactgag ccattgttaa     37320
     aatcaaacaa agataatttt cttttaaaat tcaatgggtt attttttatg tatgatttgt     37380
     gctataaatt aaataggctc aaaagacaga tcagttcatg aggatggtta aaaaggagat     37440
     cataattata attattatga aattttgctt tatccaactc taagaggagt gcagcagaac     37500
     agtctcagct tgccctgaga gactggttta agagaagccc tgctcaccac caggttatgt     37560
     atgcatgacc acatggtata accacgtgac gtggcatgac cgcgtggtgt ggtataacca     37620
     catggtgtgg tataatcatg tagtatggca tgaccacatg gtgtggtata attacatggt     37680
     atggcatgac cgagtggtgt ggtatgactg actacctggc ttgtaagcag ggctggctct     37740
     tgtcaaattc cagtctttta ggctcactta gcatttgcaa gcctgctttg aagggatcag     37800
     aaactttgta ttttagacta accatttaac atttttcttc tgttaagaga aggcaaattc     37860
     ccagagctta taacaaagag ttatagttat ttatacagct actgatcaag tacttacctt     37920
     gttatgtctt ctgttaattg tgctgggtcg ggtggataaa acttcacatt aaatgtgaaa     37980
     ttccaaggaa cacctataaa aataaagaca agaattttgt ttttatgttt aaaattctga     38040
     ttgaaaatac tcagttttct tttttttgtt tcttaaatct tttaacattt tcatgtttta     38100
     tacttagaaa ccacccagga aagctaaaag actttttaac cttaacacac agtcttgact     38160
     attgtggatt acagtggatt agaaccataa aggcaaaggc agatgaagga acaatccttc     38220
     aggacgaagt gttcacagaa ctgggttcgg aagtgtgagc catcagaggc cagtgggtgc     38280
     tcttttacaa ttttgacaat atttatatgt gatgtcaaca ttgtctaaaa taaacaaaag     38340
     ctcatgcgca catatgcaca cacaattaaa tggttgcaaa agaaacaaaa aaaattaaga     38400
     taaaagttta gcaaaataat attatttgag gaatctgggt aaaggctatc tataaatttt     38460
     tatactaatc tcttttaaat tctcataagt ttgaaattat gttaaaattt ttattaataa     38520
     cttatttctc tcatttcttc atttctttct cctccgcaac ctctctctct ctctctctgt     38580
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcagca tgtatatgca gctgctcacg tgggccaaaa     38640
     taggttattg gatcccctga agctgaaatt acaggtggtt gtacgctgtc agatatgaaa     38700
     gctgggagtc aaacttagaa agagcagcaa gtgtcctcaa ctgctgagct atctctctag     38760
     ccaccttaat ttttttttaa ttaacttttt tatttttatg tatattgatg ttttgcctgc     38820
     atgtctgtat gaaagagtca gatctactgg aacctgagtt acagacagct gtgagctgca     38880
     tgtgggtgca gggaattgaa ctcaggtcct ccttaacagt cttaactgct gagccatctc     38940
     tccagccccc aattaatgat tctttaacag gaccttctgg ggcttaagag atggcttggc     39000
     aagtatgaaa acctgaattc aaatctccag aacctatgct aaaaagctgg tggtaaggta     39060
     atgatcgcat gtgccgtaac cccagcactg tgggaggggt gaagtagaga aatcagtgga     39120
     gcttgctggc cactagcctc attacaactt cagtgacaag gccttgtctc gttggaacaa     39180
     gatggaaagt gacagagcaa ggctagacat tttcctctgt cctctgctgg caagcaccaa     39240
     ccccaacaca catgcatatg cacaccacac atacaagagt aagttttaaa atggctttct     39300
     tctgagagca caggtgagaa tgttttaagt ggctgcaacc acttaaagga aacacagtgc     39360
     caatatctta caaaggtgag aaaagaaaca actcatattc tacatccaaa cgttctacta     39420
     aaccctattt ccaggcacac atcctaaatc aggatttttt ttttttaaga tgtaggttac     39480
     gatccactgc aaaccatttg atggaggaga tatctgcact tgataataca aaacgggtat     39540
     caaagaaaac atcaggatgt cacccacata agagttagta attgcttggt gaacttttct     39600
     ttctgatcat agtaagtttc aaaaatgatg ttgagtaaga aaagtcacat aatttatatg     39660
     acattcaaag gtcaaaataa agccattttt tttaaataat aaagatgtgg aagtaattaa     39720
     aaacactccc aaaaattcaa gacatggtga cctttggaga tgaagtggag ggtgcatgag     39780
     ctaaaggtgt ttaaaacata atctgagtaa attacacata attttctaca tacagagaag     39840
     gtgtaaacat atctcaccta tagagtatcc ctggtttaaa atttgtaaac atctgaaatt     39900
     gtgcaaaaac acacacacac acacattctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     39960
     tctctctctc cccctccctc cctttctcgc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccgtgtgtg     40020
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcacg agaatacgca aaacatgtgt     40080
     gcaaccaagc cactcactga ggccaaaaga ggttactgga ttccctggcg ttgaaattat     40140
     aggtagctat aaagtacctg actgaccaca ggacaagggt gactagcctg actcagcaag     40200
     agagagacct cttccagaat ctagaaaata aagaccttaa aagaaagctg gcaagagaaa     40260
     acaggacaga taaattcaga agaagataaa gaggttgagt ctaaggagtt ttcaagataa     40320
     aagataaagc gcctactgta tgtacgttgt aggcaggcat ggctatatgc aaacgttgag     40380
     ggatggtttt gtacactgtg tattctgatg ccggatttct gtgcccaaac atccggctgc     40440
     catccagatg atggcacggt cgagcatctc cagtgtcaat gttatataaa agttgttttc     40500
     catcacctct gactggttag taaagagcta atcagccaat taactgagca gaagagaata     40560
     gggcaggact tctgattcca gtctaggggt ccaaagggac cagaggaggg caagaggtag     40620
     agaggccatg tggacagacc aggatttgcc atgaggtcga gatgaaaaaa cagccatggg     40680
     gacacacgtg gagcagagca agccagggca acaccagatg gcaactaaca ggcatgtggc     40740
     tgggtgacag acagcatagc caagttagaa ttgctcagaa cctgcagctt agtgcttgaa     40800
     gcttgttaat aaaattacca ggtctctgtg tctcttattc agggctaaaa cagactaggg     40860
     ccaatgtaga aacgccctac agttatttgg gaacaaaaga ggcataagac acacataccc     40920
     caagaaatta catttacatg aaaagaataa gaacaaaact ggaaggagtg cccccactgg     40980
     acaacagact tccatggata ggaagagatg tgactgaaga gaaagctgaa gagttcaacc     41040
     tctgtggtct aaacaaaaat gggaatgcat gctaacacac gttaatgcac gttaattctg     41100
     ggtgggcggg ggtgggggtg gggggtgggt atgagttttg gtgcacagtc ttcatacttt     41160
     gtccagttcc caccacaatt taagtctttg gtgttttgtt tattggcaca agctagctaa     41220
     atgctctacc actgctacag aacccatcct aaactttgcc ctacttttaa gaatctgggc     41280
     tggagatggt tcaactgtta aagtggttgc cttgtatgga tgaaaacctc aacctggttc     41340
     caaagaccca cagtcaagaa aaaagtcaag gcatggtgac atgcttttgt aatcctggtg     41400
     ctggtgggga cagagacaca cacggaggga gggagggagc gagcgagaaa gggagggagg     41460
     gggagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaatac ctggccagtg tgcctagcac     41520
     actcagtgag ctccaggaat taaaaaaaca aggttgacag tgcccaagga tggggcccaa     41580
     agttggtctc tgtcgtcctt catacacaga tgcataccta tacacacaca atcactcata     41640
     cacgtacaca taccaaaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaaat     41700
     atgtctatgg acacttagca agtgcagaga tatatttaca aatgtaaaca tgagtgtaat     41760
     aggaaattaa taacaaggat taactcaaaa cacacagata tatgattgct tacatataat     41820
     atgtgtgatt ttttaaaaat caatgatcaa taagatagat gagtagatag atggggaaga     41880
     aaggaaggaa ggaagataga aagaaggaaa caaagaagag agagaggcag gcaaaagata     41940
     tggcaatact ctgttataca aaaagcagag ctgcctattt aaacagacac aaccatggta     42000
     tgtgtttata cacactcaga cctgtctaga aggaagacaa gaaattagtt accatggttg     42060
     cctccagaaa aagaagctgc gtgactaaga cagggtggga agactcacct tgtgctattt     42120
     tcgcctgcac cttttaattt catactatct gtagcattta gttttaaaat tggatttcaa     42180
     aaccacatat agcataattg ctttcagttt gtttgctctg agacctcagg tagctgaaac     42240
     ccaggatgtg cagtttcaga tatgtctgaa ttttttaaaa aaatccatat ctgcctagaa     42300
     ataccttgca cattctacca gtttaattga tttaatgatg tttacatttt tcaggggtgc     42360
     tacaaagatg gctgagcggg tgaaggtgta caagtctggc tatctaaact tgaccctaga     42420
     atgcatgtat aggtgggagg agaaactgac tctgcaaagc tgctctctga cctcttcata     42480
     catgcacatg tgcacataca catgcatact cacaataaat aaaactaccc ccaagtacac     42540
     atcaaatata tgatgaaaag gttaaaaaag aaaacacctt ttaatacaaa aagatcactt     42600
     cctgacatca tgtacttgat tcactagaaa agctttcatt tgggacatgc atttcccctc     42660
     aaagtaagga gggttattat tactaataga atcttgctat gtagatttac agcttgtgag     42720
     acctgtctca aaataataac aaaaagagta attataaact aataaattta agcttttatt     42780
     agtgaagaac aagtgtagaa agttgccagt ccaaaaggaa gttttttatt ttattcctat     42840
     tttaagaatg ctaaaacaaa atcaaaccaa aacaaaacaa aactcacaaa aaacaaaaaa     42900
     acaaacacac tctaaaacag tcatgtacaa ggtctaaaga aaaacatttc atgataacag     42960
     aaatgtctca tgggacaagt gaacaattct gcttgggtgg cagaattaaa atctgctaat     43020
     caggatgagt ggccaccatt gcatttcctg gaagtatttt caaaaataaa tgaaactaaa     43080
     gtgatagctc gctctcctta atcaggacga gccatcctaa tgggcccatt gggtctatag     43140
     ctgtgaaatg ccaatctaca cacttttcat tccagaacag ctgtccgagc agggcatgca     43200
     acaagactca agctagaaga gaagccccac tgccagacaa acaagtcttc cttcgttctt     43260
     ccttccttat atttgcagat aagtaaccct ccctcatctc agggcgtgtg ctccgaggcc     43320
     gtccgtccgt gggaccctga aatcttgaac agtattgaat cctataaaca caccttctca     43380
     ccgaaaggac atacttggta gtttctcttc agcctaacca aattaccaag atgccgactc     43440
     ttgtcctctg cagccattat taaatgaagg aaggtttact tcacacgagc ccgtgctagt     43500
     ctatctgata acctcacagc tactaagcga cggggtgtgc acgcacagta tacagtgtgg     43560
     gtaccctgga caaaggggga ctcatggcct agacatggtg gtgcagggcc acacaggttt     43620
     tatttccacc cacaaaaagc acacaactca gaggttccca gacagaccac agttaaatgg     43680
     aataacaaaa aggagaagct aatactataa aaagagaaaa aagcatggag aaggctaaag     43740
     cacaggaatg tggtttaatc caattaaccc tcatggggcc aatccctaac gccaagagga     43800
     gaaaggagag aaaaacaaac agcaaaaaga acccaatcat ctagaacact gaatggatgg     43860
     agacccagca gcagcgcctc ccagtggcta atgcagtctc cgcctctgcc attctgagga     43920
     ccgactcaca atcattttct cttctttgtt atttcccaac cttctgttac tctcctccac     43980
     tcctactgtt gcaagtcaaa atctgaccca catctcaatg gtgtcaacct ctactctatt     44040
     tttctactat ggaatcggcc cttccttcca gggaaaagct ttatctctgt ttcaaagcag     44100
     tctgcaacag ccaggactct cgggtgcctg actcacagcc agtgatggct ggagatcctc     44160
     tggcccaact agaaagagaa ctatcaaagg gccgggtcta cttacctcga acctgctttt     44220
     ttatttcttt ggcagaatcc agccatgtct gtaaaaaaga agagaagggg ttcacacaga     44280
     gctccagact cacaaacaat tcggcacgga ggcagctccc tggctgcctt ggaaaaacac     44340
     gcctccagat gagcctatat ttcccctgga agccttttta caaagcacag tgtttctcca     44400
     cagcaaaaaa ggaaaccaga ggttggcttg aatccacacc ccagtgtgtc ctggctgagt     44460
     aactagatca tctctgccta agtcccttca tctctaaatt gtgaattttg tcatagtctc     44520
     tatcttacat agctgctcat atatggaagt ctgcttatat acagcaaatg tgaaataagt     44580
     gtgtgctatt tatagtgtac ttctcagtaa agatctagaa ctgggataat tgagacaccg     44640
     taatcttatt ttctccccta acctctggtc atgtttctgt gtcagcacag cctctggtgc     44700
     atggctcatt acccagttaa tatttactga atgaatattt actgaatatc ttgtcctctc     44760
     ccccagtctc ttccttctat gttcttacac ccaacttaag agtctattca tcactagagc     44820
     aggcctcttc aacctacaat atcccctgca atataatgtc actttaaaaa gcctcactac     44880
     taacaaccct tcacaggcct ctaggagaga tgcttgaaga caaaaactgc taaatttcta     44940
     gtattattta gaacgttttg ttttgtttca agatagggtc tcattatata gtactagatg     45000
     gtctagaact cagtatgtaa accaggttag ccttgaactc acagaaatct acctgtttct     45060
     gtcttccaag ggctggaatt aaggtatata ctaccacgct cagcatattt acaatgttag     45120
     attttaaact atattaaagt cttttaaact acaagatata tacacatttt ggatgaaacc     45180
     cattggtaga atgcatgctg cttacacgtg caaggttccc aggcttaaca acacacacac     45240
     acacacacac actctctcta atactcacac acacactcac ataaaaatta agcacacgct     45300
     tgttagttgg tctaaggcaa gggaatttaa acacaaatgc taaacctggt ggaacttctg     45360
     aaaacccttg gcttatacac accccaaaat gcttactaat ggcacgcaca agcagagtgc     45420
     ttcatattct ccactgtttt aagagacttt ccagttcttc attccagaga tcccataagc     45480
     aattctgact ctggggctca aatccccacc aagctgacac agaaaaaggc aaatccagat     45540
     ttgtgtcaat cacacgggag cttgaaagtc taagctatct tacagaacca gttactgctt     45600
     aggggtgaga tggctaagca ggtaaaagca ccctctgccg accgagcgag cctgagtcta     45660
     atccccaagc tctgtggtag aaggagaaca tcaactcccg aaagttgtcc tctgacctcc     45720
     atacacatgc gacccctaat cccaatgccc acacaaaatg aattaataca atttataatt     45780
     ttttttgaac aagatcgaag gccaaggtta aaaacagatc aaaagcagaa acaaagcctt     45840
     ttagtaataa taaaatcagc atgtgtactt ctttgctcaa tgtaaaatat tcaattcttg     45900
     gtattgtatt cagccaaaaa acatttgagg aatgatccca tgtggatgac attgtggtta     45960
     tgaagaaaaa actagagctg aagagatggc tcagcagtta agagcactgg ctgttcttcc     46020
     agaggaccca ggttcagttc ccaacactca catggtggct cacaactgtc tgtaactcca     46080
     gttccagggg atctggtacc ttcatatgta catacacgca ggcaaaacac caatgcacat     46140
     aaaatttaaa aataaacaaa taaagactaa aataacattt taggagcagt cgctaatgag     46200
     aggtgagtgt gtgcaaccat ttgctctccc tgggtgtgac tgtcaagatg ttacgctgaa     46260
     gcccagagca tctcaaaacc caggtctgaa ctttaggaaa cgtacctggg gagtctgagt     46320
     ctggagaagc agaggtcagt cagacaaaga agaaatggaa ctagacaggc acagaagtac     46380
     aaaatagctg ctgtgcgtag ttcagcacaa cttgagtaca gaggtaacca tggaagacag     46440
     atgtaccact gaaagtacag taagggccag gacacagaga cagaacgcta tgctgagaaa     46500
     cctgggccac atcaagctct aggcaagtgg gagccactga agggattaat ataaaggagt     46560
     gacagtcata ggaagtatga ctatagtcag aggttgtaac tgagaacaca tactgaggtc     46620
     taataaatat ataaggctcc agggtcttaa ccttcccacc actcatcagt tgtatagcct     46680
     tgatatggga caatcttgct gaacttgttt ctcttaatga tgagaaaaag cacttcagga     46740
     ataatgtgct tctgtctgtc tatctgtctc tctctctctc tctctctctg gaaaatctaa     46800
     gaataagaaa gactgcatgc atggatgtcc tggagaggca gctataaaca ctgtcaccga     46860
     cacgagaagg ggaatttgcc agcagtttat actgcagtct ccttacctta gaggttgcgc     46920
     tgtcccacag ggctaaacca aagtagtctt cttccaaaag gttgaggtgc tcgcacactc     46980
     gcttcagcaa gtcttgtccc ttagcatgtt tctgtgaaga cacacaaata ctagttaagg     47040
     ttctttattc ttgtattcaa caccaacatt ttcaaaacgt gtgattttcc aatttcctct     47100
     ttttcctttt atagcaaaca cattctcaga taactgcaca gtctaaatag aacatgattt     47160
     ataaaacccc tcttctttga tatatcagtt tataaatgca acacattaca gcattttgga     47220
     aacagcgtca atgttaagta aaatcccacc tcccttcttt ctccatctct atccaaggca     47280
     tcacacacac cctcaacgtc tcactatgtg atcctccagt gtgcgaaact taagtgctaa     47340
     gactacagat atgcacagcc acacccaact aagcacactc atttactcag actctctcag     47400
     tcacattcta ttctgtcccc actcactctc ataatttttt gtgtggtgtt taatgagtta     47460
     tgctatgggt cacaaccagt taccatgatc tattgaggtt tgttctgttg ctctgcatta     47520
     taatgctaaa ttctgtatcc caaggtataa ttgcctcaag acaaggagat cctcacatct     47580
     atcagctttt atggcataaa tcttgccctc taagttatct gtgactggct aataaagaaa     47640
     gagggagaga ggagaggagg aagtcaccgg aggtgtaggt gtcttgagct tatggccatg     47700
     agggccagtc agttggagta ggagaggctc aggtggaaca tgaccagcga tatctcaaag     47760
     ctatggacag ggaagtagac caaatggcac agagggttga tatctgccca gctctggtgc     47820
     tttaaggatt attataaata taaaggcttt gtgtctttta tttgagagct aaatgatcta     47880
     aggtggggta gaaaccccca aataatattt accacagcat tcatcaacta aattactggc     47940
     tcaacctgtc aacagagaca actgtggctg tggaaatcat tttcacaata agtatcaaag     48000
     agcatgacct atacctggac tccatacaat ctcttataga cactggcggt tacagtagct     48060
     atttattcaa tagtgttacg aatcattttc ttcacaaatt caaaccactt ctaaagtcgg     48120
     gcacttagag gcttgcctat aaggaagaat gaatgctcta atttacaggc tgtgaattaa     48180
     agttaaaaca agctggctcc tctatttacc agctaatcaa ctgtgtcatt tcaattaaca     48240
     atagcttgct cagctgtaaa ataagaattt taataccagt ttactgaaaa acaaacaaac     48300
     cagaaacatg ttaatgtctt ctgagaaatt tatacaaaaa tacttcaaaa tttatatatc     48360
     tttttttttc ctgtcctggg gactgaacct tgtgtgtgtc atgaatctgt gctattacta     48420
     agctatatcc taatatcgta gctgtacaaa tctttttagt acatacactt gacatagcct     48480
     cttcttaatg agtcaattta aatgactatg agtaattttc ataattgttc attcagtatc     48540
     aactcattta tatagcatca ttttctcccc cttttttctg atttccccct aaatgactgt     48600
     caataatttg agaaatcaag tacatttccc taaccccttt tgttcataat tcccaaatcc     48660
     aggaattcta aaaaatctaa aatccaactt aaaggagtca acttacttta ttactaaagc     48720
     tcatttgttg aaaaattctg gcaatttgta accttcattt atccatctta gaacaaatct     48780
     ttatattttt gccatagaaa caacatattt gagtcaggca tagcagcaca tgcctgtaat     48840
     tctcgcactt ggtgatggca ggaggcagga gttaggagtt caaggtcatc ccaggctaca     48900
     taacaacttg aagaccagcc tgaactacat gagtctccgt ctcaacaaca ccaccacaat     48960
     tacaaaatta aagataatat gtattctata tataatattt tagaatgctt gtggttggat     49020
     acatttacat atgtataaag cctgacccag taataatgaa gttcaagcac atgaatcaca     49080
     cattttattc acaaaagcat ttagtacttg caataattgc acatacagca accatagcat     49140
     aaccggcaac caccattcta gtcaaagcaa cagtcaacag atgttttagt ttgccctgaa     49200
     gaaacaaaga aactaaataa ctgacattta ttcaatcctg actcaattac tgattctttc     49260
     ataaaaatta gagatcttaa gaaatgatgt atatatgtat attctccatc tggaaacaaa     49320
     aaggaacagg atgatataat ttttacttgt atattctatc tcatgggacc aaagacatat     49380
     cagataaaat gaatgactga ggcttaggtc tggggaacag aaatgttaga aatagagtat     49440
     ctgagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ccatccacat     49500
     gaatttgtgt gcatcatctg tttgcaggtg tctgtagagg ctgtaagtag atgtccaacc     49560
     ccctggaaca ggagtcatag acagttgcag gccatcatat gggtactaga aaccaaactc     49620
     agttctctgt gagggcagca aatgctctag gtcatctctc cagtcatgca acttcttttt     49680
     aaattaatta tctacttgat ctctctgtct ctctgtttat gtatgtacac ataacacata     49740
     tgtatgtgaa tgtgtgagtt ccacagcatg catgtgagcc agagaacaac ctgaggtacc     49800
     agccccttgc cttgtaactt acgtgaaaga gggaatcccc acttcctacc ccaggctatc     49860
     tgctcgccag cttgatggaa ctctcctgtc tctgtactca cctccttaca agggggcagg     49920
     gattacagat gccagcgcag ccagccttgt gtgggtttgg ggatgtgaac gcacagctgc     49980
     atggcaggtg cttttgcccc agacatctcc gagtaatttc tttttcaaac ataattacaa     50040
     gatagctgga aatccagact attttggaaa aatctggtca tagagagaga caccacacat     50100
     aatacatatt atcttttgaa aaacaaaatg acttttaagt cctaagactt tgacagatta     50160
     agagaggaaa aaataagact cacaattttc ctgtcccttc atttccaccc gcaggatgtc     50220
     ctcagggtgg gccttgtctg tagcacagaa ggcctgtgag tgctctgccc tcggggatta     50280
     aaacgactca cctctacaac acattcgtag accgtgtcat ccaacaagga gaccttacag     50340
     tgcatgtttc tgtgtcttct gacgggcttc tgggaggctt cgggttctct ctctgctctt     50400
     gactctgggt cctctttcac ctctgttcca gagcactctt caatcccttc tccttccttc     50460
     gtttcagaat ctgggtcctc tctgtgttct tcctgagctg gctacacacc caagacacca     50520
     agtcattgaa aaggtgctca caaacaagcc acacgctcct atctatggta aataatatag     50580
     ttcgcctacc aacaaaggta cgaacaggaa aaaataagct agtaaagcaa aaataatttg     50640
     aattatatta actatatcat atttttctaa aaggtattat gatttcccta aagatgttca     50700
     acattactat gcttaaattt tttttttcag gtagaatcct atcaaatcag tgacagtggg     50760
     acaatctact gctctcagca taatatcagc tttagcaagg tcactttgtg tactgaagat     50820
     aaaataattt gtcacaggct ttacatttta taaacagcta aaagttcttg aggcctatgt     50880
     atcttgtaca tatctgcact aagcaagtga aggtaccagg cggaaaactg tcttgaatac     50940
     aacttaatgc ctctctgcct tggaacatcc aaacaaggct gaagaaaggg agaggacgac     51000
     tgaggctggc ctcctccggc aaacattaag tccctatgcg acaccgggaa gccagaaaat     51060
     atatgtttta tttatgtgag tacactgtag ctgtcttcag acacaccaga agagggcatc     51120
     agatcccatt acagatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggaattga actcagaacc     51180
     tctggaaaag cagccagtgc tcttaaccac tgagccatct ctccagtccc gaaagtcaga     51240
     gaatgttttg acccacgttt tcttactgat cttttgattt ttcttactga tgttttgttt     51300
     tttaaaagac agctaattag cctcaaactt gtattcctct tgcttctgtc tactaagtgc     51360
     tgtgattagg ggccacactg gactattttc ttacttactt tcaacgcaat aaatctattg     51420
     agagtttcaa ctaaattcta tgaatttttt tcctccagaa caatacatgg ctgacattta     51480
     catataaaac gggaaagact gaattgcttg cctgctgtac tagattcagg aaccatctca     51540
     cacacagcct cagagagctg agctattgtg ttggtcccag cccactggac tatttcttat     51600
     atcatcaagc agtctgttgc tcctcccacc ttcatatggg tagtcatcag gcttgcagca     51660
     gcaaacactt caccctctga gccaccatac tgccccacca cttacagagt gtaacttctc     51720
     aaggtatgtc ctattctaga acctggtgta cacagtaggt tttcaatagc tatttttgaa     51780
     cggatgaacg aatgaacaaa tcaatgaata aatgaatgaa tgaatggacg aacaagcatt     51840
     taaaactaat agatgagtgc tgtggcgtgg gtgcacgcct ttaatttcca gcactcagga     51900
     ggcaggacag gtagatctct gtgagtaggg gccagcctgg actacagagc tagttccagg     51960
     agacacaggc ctacattgca agaccttctc tcaaagatag acagatagac agatagacag     52020
     gcaggcaggc aggcaggcag ataaataata gcaaacaaac aagcctaata gatgaagctg     52080
     gggaaatgga tcagtcagtg aaatgcttgt cttgaaagaa tgagggccta tcacttttct     52140
     gtgatttcta tgcagtccct agcttgattc atagatctca ttcataacta ttacatagtg     52200
     aatcttcttt cctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     52260
     tgtatgcacg cgcacacacg tgtaagtcag aggacaactt tgaggagctg gctcttggtg     52320
     tctacctcag aggcaggtct tttatgtttc tcccactgca ctgctcacac caagcttcca     52380
     ggtgagtctc ctgtctccac ttcccatcct gccagaggaa tgctgggatt acagatttgt     52440
     tctaccacac tgagcttctt aagagggctt tagggatttg aatcaggtca ccacactagt     52500
     gcagaaagcc tttcacccac tgagccatcc acgaaaccct tcacccactg agccatccac     52560
     gaaaccctgg atcttgtttt taatattgtt tcactaacag tcagggccta ctatgagttc     52620
     accctaaagt tggtctttgg cactctgaat atacaaggaa tatttctgga aatacattta     52680
     atagttttag aaatctaatg aaactatata tcccaaactt taggcctttc actgaagcac     52740
     gcacaggact taaactttaa taatccagat cataatcgaa gcttcagaag taaaattttg     52800
     aacataactc ttattttgta tgcactcagg ctggaaagaa taggattcct agaaaacagt     52860
     ttgcgttgca ctactagtgc ttccacatgt gttttggaca aaggaacaac ttatgtttaa     52920
     tcacactgtg acaagttaaa gccctgtatg aatgaatact acagaaggag aaggctcatc     52980
     aggtaacagc acttgctgcc aggcctggat acctgagctg gattcctgaa ggccacatgg     53040
     tgggaaaaga gacccgactc cccagagtgg tgctctggag gccgcatgta cacgatgatg     53100
     cacatgcatg cacacaaata aataaataaa tgtaataaaa aattaaaact cttacacaag     53160
     gaatagaatt aacattgtta tctacatctc gaagtaatgt gctacttaca ggttaataag     53220
     gtaggcatgg ctcagatcta tatcatgtac cctgggatgg ctcaaaccca tctcatggat     53280
     taacaaagat tttcattgaa gggccatact ggctgataac tcttctgtcc ctaatttcac     53340
     caaaatgaac tctaaactac ctcacttctc tcttgctctc tcaataaaac tcaaatttgt     53400
     tccactgttg tggcaagatg acatacggat tgaataaagt catttgatag ttttcttgta     53460
     tttccttgac ttataaagtg tattttttaa agtcaggttt caactgataa cattaatttc     53520
     tttagagaag aaactcttca tgctatttat ctttatcaat gcctaagtca actggctcat     53580
     aagaaacaga accaaatatt cttctatgaa aaacacagca tataatgcat cttcattatc     53640
     atctccccta gtcacatgcc ttacctgtgt ctctatactg cttaatgaat gaagatccaa     53700
     agatgggtct gttttgagct caggttcagg agctgcaatg ggggccttta aaatgatgtc     53760
     ttcatcaagg ctgtttccaa gttctatctc cttctgaccc ccttcacctt tctctttctc     53820
     tgattctact tctctgcctt cttcttcaga gacctgcgac ttgggccttt tgaggaatga     53880
     ggagagcagt cgtgacaggc ctctgctttc tgatgtccgt tccttgttct tggtcaagtc     53940
     ttcatgtgtt ggagtgtccc cattggatgc tttcagcttc tgctcaccct gatcgctgcc     54000
     ctcagctgcg gccgcttggg aggcctcctc cagctgagtt tcttgttggc ctgagtttgt     54060
     ggctccctct ccttcttcct tctgttgctg gtgctgagaa ttctcagctt cagccgctaa     54120
     actcttctct gttgtcatga tgttcctatt aaaaggaaga agaaaaggga actattataa     54180
     gcaaaacaat gctccaggca aacccctaaa cctcaaaaag ctaatatatt tggatttaat     54240
     caccaacaga attccaatcc attaaacaga agatcttaca ttaaagcaca aaaaatttac     54300
     ctacccatcc tgaataaatt attagtgcct taagtcatga aagatatgca tattgagaga     54360
     ctagcttaaa acaatatcta gggctggaaa gatggctcag ctgttcttcc agaggtcctg     54420
     agttcaattc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc tgcaatggag tatgatgccc     54480
     tcttctggtg tgtctgaaga tagctacagt gtactcatat aaataaaata aatctttaaa     54540
     aaaaaatcta ccaaggccat gtaatgaaat acaccataat taaaggctca gaactgtaca     54600
     tagcaaatac accttcatgc ttcctacaca gggtatctgg gtactgtcct tttaagatgt     54660
     cagtcaaagc tgcaagattt gcaggaattc catccctaga gatgattaca tttaaaagtt     54720
     ctgcgaatct cttctgcttt ccttagttat atttcttagg gtgaagactt ctccattagg     54780
     tagaacaaac acagaattct gatccattgc tatcagagtt gacaacagca aggacaagta     54840
     cacagtcaaa ctaaccacac aaaagatgtc ctcaggtttc atgacgtaat accatattat     54900
     aacctcattc agaggcatcc cattttaagc tcttcaaaag aatttgtctt ctgagaaata     54960
     agcttttgtt gaatgctcag tatttttttg aaagtagaaa gtgaaaccat tatactagga     55020
     ggggaaacca gagaaatgct atagggaaca ttttagaaag ccaatgttga ttgacgtcat     55080
     gttttacgtg agcagagagg gcgggctaca aacctcacac acgtgaagct tgatgtcaaa     55140
     gttccagcat tatccctcaa accccaggat gagaatcaaa ggcatcgtca ctgctgttcc     55200
     agttcagatg acatgtccct tagagaggcc tccccagcac cccaactaaa gcagtggccc     55260
     tgctcccaca gatgccctct cagccctaca acacttcaga ccttctttgc aaacccctcc     55320
     tccatctaaa atacaaggtt ttatgagaat aagatcttga gtctttttta agagattcca     55380
     tttattttta atctatgtgt gtgtgtgtct gtctgtctgt ctgtcagtgt atgtgtgttc     55440
     aggtgcctga ggaggtcagg gagggtgtct gatctcctgg ggctggagtt gcaggcagtt     55500
     gtaagccccg tctcccccag tgtgggtgct gggaatcaaa ctttcttgct ctgtacaaaa     55560
     aggaagtact cttaactgct gagccaacta tccagcctgc gagtcttttt taccaccaca     55620
     cacccaatgc ctagaacaga ccctgcatat aactaatatt aagtgtttgc atgtgtggta     55680
     tatatgtata ggtgtatatg tgcatggggg acagaggtca atgttgggtg tctttctcaa     55740
     ttactttctc ctttatggtt ttaaaacagg gcttctcact gcacctggag ttcactgatt     55800
     tggctaagct ggctgttcaa tgagctccag ggatctctct ctgcttcctc agtgctatgg     55860
     attacaaaca tgtgacactg agcgcagcat ttacacgggt gctgaccatc taaactcagg     55920
     tcctcctgct tacagggtaa ggcacctttc tgacaaacac atctcccaag ccccttaata     55980
     aaagtttggg gtgttgtttt tgttgttgtt attgttttgt ttgttttgta ttagagatag     56040
     ggtctcatta tgtagccttg gctgtcctgg aactctctct gtagaccagg ctggcctcaa     56100
     actcacaggg atccacctga ctctctgcct ccccagtgct gggatttaat gtgtgcacca     56160
     ttatgcccag tttgtttgtt tgtttgcttt gttttattag gattacatgt gaaagtcaga     56220
     aggcaacttg tggagatcag gcctctcctt tcactttgtg ggttctgagg actaaactca     56280
     ggtcaggctc ggcaacaggg gactttatcc actgggccat ctcaatcatc aaatatattt     56340
     tttttaatga tttaatttca cctgagttca tctgatatct atgaacatca aaagcaccct     56400
     ctaaatctat tcaagcaaac tcattcatcc atcaaatacc aagcatttag cacaggtcca     56460
     aggctcagtg ccaatgatgt cacagtaaac aaacaaacaa aaaaaaaaaa accaaacaag     56520
     gtctcgatcc cagagaagtt tactctggat tcaactctga tacaatgaaa cagaagtgca     56580
     gcagaagtct tacttaagca ggaggcatgc ccagaacaac tgtacatacc cggaaccaga     56640
     gtaatgaaag taggaaggcc ctaacacgtg tacagggcac tgtttcccta tcaggcccca     56700
     tgtcagttac attacctcaa ccaaaccttt caataacccc acagttgggg caggaggtat     56760
     catctgatct tgcaattgag ggcacttcaa ttccagaact accctctctc acagggttct     56820
     aggctggatc aggactggtc catatttggc taggacatgg taacctaccc aagctaaaac     56880
     tgctagtagg ttgcaagcca ctacaaatgg tatcaaaata aataaaggca tggtaataaa     56940
     aagaaagccc ttagacctct aatctagttt taaatattaa gagtatattt taaaatgatg     57000
     gtatttaaag tacatcttct aacctcatct aagtcattga aacaactctg ctaatataat     57060
     acaactgtgg tctctgtaaa cgctacacca gccacctacc aaccaaaact caagatttaa     57120
     ttttttgctc ctgaagcata cttgtactca agagaaataa aatgtccgtc accttcgtat     57180
     caggagtaga aaacatgtgt ctgaaattac ctttcattga accccaaagc aattaaagaa     57240
     cacaagagga aaacccggat gtgaaaacct ctcttgctat gcagaaatga caggagcacc     57300
     acgagactcc cttcctaaaa ctaagcaagg gaggctgagg acagcgcatg acgtccatgg     57360
     actgcacaca cagcttcaca tctgcccaac cagaagggac agaactcatc tctgcactaa     57420
     catttcccaa cacgaaagat tttacaccac cttctctcat aaagacttca aagtctgtcg     57480
     tgaaagtttt agcaagaaaa taacctggtg tctgataatc ctgaacatgc agctctagta     57540
     gacagacagt atttatcctt gtgttttcaa gacagaagca tcttctaagc agcagagctg     57600
     tttccagaaa gtggaacatg aacactggga aaatctttac tcaacaaatg cttgctaaat     57660
     taatgcaaga agcacacaaa ggcccatgtt attaagtgtg caagcggaac cattaacatc     57720
     ctttaggact caaaatcaga ccatagaatt tggttaacca ccgaagtgtg ccaatgccac     57780
     atctcccatg cagacatgac acttgcccag attcagcact ctggatatct cctttcataa     57840
     aatctctgcc acaattagaa cacaatgatt gagatacaca tagaattata aaacaacaac     57900
     aaaagaatca atatattttg ctacgaattt gaacttattt ttttttaaag tagggcatga     57960
     gggcatacac cttttaatcc tagcacttag gagacttgag aatgaccaga ctggtctaca     58020
     gagagagttt cattcaggac agccaaagtt acacagagaa accctgtttt gaaaaacaaa     58080
     ccaaaaaaaa tgcaaaataa ataaataaaa ataaaaaata agtaagtaaa taaataattg     58140
     gttttagctt tttgagacaa agtctcatat atgctaacca acttcaaact gcctatgtag     58200
     ccaaggctga cccttgaact cctgatcctc ctacctctac ctcttgaata ctgggactac     58260
     cagtgtgtgc caccagttca gctcaataaa taataattat ttttaagtag ctcaaacgtg     58320
     tcctggcaag tcagtggtgc acgcaatcaa gttcctcaag ttacagatga cagcatggat     58380
     atgcagagga agagacaaag ccgcatcgga accaggacac ccactacaga cagatgctca     58440
     ctgctcaatg atgctattct caacctagta caaagcccaa aggaaagtat ctatttactt     58500
     aatgtcacaa agaggccttt tgattgttgt aaagaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac cactcagcac     58560
     aacactgaag acaaagagat gcactcccat tcagagtcaa tcttaatcct ccaggcccct     58620
     gagaactgga cagcatttgg aatcagagac acatctgtcc taacagtgtg catctgctat     58680
     ctggaggcaa atcagatcat taaaggaccc atactaagct gactgagaag gccaaatgag     58740
     gtctttcttt ttatttttct ttaaatcttt cttaaattaa cagagttggt gttccattaa     58800
     agctttttag gtggaaaact taatgagaac agtacaattt ggtagcatta taaaaacttc     58860
     ccttgctatc cacatttaag aataaagtct aatgacataa ttacccattt tactcttcaa     58920
     actggctcac agagtatcta tattcatgtt ttctgagtgc taatcaggtg taaggttttt     58980
     gcttgggtct ctaatacaca aatcttaagt agagaagaaa tacatagcta aaactaaaag     59040
     gcaaaaccta ctattgcatc tgagaaaatg ttctaagtga aatcaggact aaaagtaata     59100
     gaagagagca ctcaaagagc attcagctag agcaaccagg aaacgctcct gaaaaaggta     59160
     gcttttaaat taaggatgaa tacagatgtc aagagaaaga aacttgaggc tcatgggcaa     59220
     atggaattcc aggtaaggga actagcagta gtacgaacac tgcaggcact taggaaccag     59280
     caagcacccc agactgacga gaatcagatc atgaggagaa gaagcaggtg gtgcagttag     59340
     aatagagcat tcctttaaga ttagatttca atcgaaataa tagcatcaag cacctattaa     59400
     atatctactt gatggcacac attaatgttt actatattat cttataacca ttctgtacac     59460
     atgcacattt ctaatccaca taaacagcct cttcagaggt taaaagaaac tcctcaatac     59520
     ggagtcaaca tgtactttaa taaaaatttt aataaacaat gaggtgatga ttctattgta     59580
     actctcagag tagtaatgtc tgtaataaca aacctggatg ttaaagagcc ctgattgtta     59640
     ggacagttaa ccaacaccat ttctagcacc tgcagtttga agctccacac atgtacaaat     59700
     ttctcttcct atgaggtcta cttgaagatg gaacagggag acaaggaggt gacagtttag     59760
     aaagacttga ttgctaaatc gtttgttctg aaagcaggag agtcactgga ggtttctaag     59820
     taggaagtga ataaaaagta gagacagaga gaaactccac aaacggccag gtaagttcag     59880
     gttatcagtg cacagccaca atgggaatcc ctagggaagc tgaaacttat actgggtaga     59940
     caatgtgtga agctgaaatc agccttaaga gtaactgtta ccctagtctc cctggcttat     60000
     tcaaattttt ctgctactcc attgcacaag cacttgcagg tctaacccta aatgcattct     60060
     ataacattgg tccactctga taagtgactt agtaagacac agcccactga gcacagtggt     60120
     acaggtctat aatcctagca ctagggaaat tgaggcagaa agaccatgag ttcaagttca     60180
     gcttgggcta catagtaaaa gagcctttct caagccgaac acaaaacaaa tggaacccac     60240
     tagaagagag gtatctcaca gccatctaaa aacacaatgg aaatcaactc aattctgctc     60300
     ttcctagttc agtaagtcac ttaatcacat cataaacata agtgccattc atagtaagcc     60360
     agccccaatt aaatggtgtc cattgtaaga attgtctcgg tcatggtatc tcttcacagc     60420
     aatgaaaacc gtaagacagg gaaattaaga aaaaaaaaca aaaaacaaaa gatgaaagct     60480
     tttttcttta ctcagaaaat gcaatcctgg gatattcttt cagacagaaa aaaaaacaaa     60540
     aacaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa aacaaaagaa aaagaaaaag aaaaccaaac caaaacaaaa     60600
     caaacaaaaa aaaaacctca acaacaacaa caacaaaagg tcaaacatta aagttttaag     60660
     gatatgctag aaatcagctt gtttcccagt aaaatcaatt ctccccaaac cacaggaaag     60720
     tgcttttcct ttatattcaa tttaagtaca caaaagatca cttatagaaa aataagagac     60780
     ccaatgtggt tttcaaaata aaaaaggtaa ttcttcctcc ccttgaaatg attttgaatc     60840
     tttaaaactt atttgccaca ctgcatgaat cgggggtgat actcggcatg aacaggctgc     60900
     ttccaacaac tcgattttaa tttaagtcat ttctatgatg actaataccg ttggatcaac     60960
     tcattcaagg atattgttta aataaacaga tacttactca tctccttcta aaagccaaaa     61020
     aaaaaaaaaa gtccaataca tctctgcagg attctagctt ggacttagaa aatgtctacg     61080
     tacgttctag atatattaat actctggatt tccaagcaaa atatcatgga gacagaagtg     61140
     agatgaaacc caaacaccaa aagccatttc ccacagaaag gcttctcatc tactaagtct     61200
     caaaatgtgt tattttagcc attcttgatg gaaatctttt aaagatgagc tatgtgcttc     61260
     attttagaat tttttttatc tacagaacat aattaacctt atctagtcat cactatgatt     61320
     cagttactat gcagagctga tgtcctagtg ggaggacaaa gtccttggga tggctggctc     61380
     tcgtccagtc tttttttttt ttaaagattt atttatttca tatatatgag tacacggtag     61440
     ctgtatagat ggttgtaagc cattgggaac tgaattttta ggacctctgc tctggccaac     61500
     cctgctcact ctggcacaaa gatttattac ttatttatta ttatatataa gtacgctgta     61560
     gctatcttca gacacactgg aagagggcat cagatcttat tacgggtggt tgtgagccac     61620
     catgtggttg ttgggaattg aactcaggac ctctggaaga gcagtcagtg ttcttaccca     61680
     ctgagccatc tcaccagccc tctcttccaa tcttgaagtc tgcttttgat agttctgtgc     61740
     acttagcagt cagctcatac acagcggctc gtcaacaagc agcttacaac atcttctatt     61800
     caaatgaact aatccaccgt tagcaaagtc aaatagccaa ccatgttaaa attgtgtcca     61860
     aattaagaat aaatcctaag aaccgaatga ctaagtcaca ttactggaaa acctccagta     61920
     atttttatga aattgatttt agttcttcaa atgcctttta agtccactct gaagtttcca     61980
     ttatatggtg gctggctgag actatcagtt aagtgacctt caagaaaacc attaatggcc     62040
     agtctctttc tttccagagt attcttgttt gcttctctgt tgttatgata atcaccaaga     62100
     ccaaaagcaa cttgggggca aaaagggctt atcacatctt acagatgcac gatgaaggga     62160
     aaccaaagca agagcttgaa gcagaactaa agccaacctt gaagacggga ttgctcccat     62220
     ggcttgctca gccagctttc tcaaagaggc agggccagag gtaaagaatg ttgcacctgc     62280
     tcacttcagt cattgatcag gaaaacatcc cacagatatg cacacagacc agtttgaagg     62340
     aggcagtgcc tcaggcgagg ctcctcttcc caggtgactc ttagtttgtg tcaagttgac     62400
     aaaacaaata tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatctt tataggcttt tttttattac     62460
     aatgaagaaa tagagagatg gttcagcagt taaaagcact tcggacctag gttcagttcg     62520
     cagcacccac atggtggctc acagccctct gtaactaagt tccaggagag ccaatgactt     62580
     ctggcatata tattagtttt ttaagacagg gtttctctgt gtagctctgg ctatcctgga     62640
     acttactatg tagagcaggc tggccttgaa ttcaagagat ctacctgcct ctgcctatgg     62700
     gagtgctggg attaaagatg tgcaccacca ccatatggca aaaataaata tttttaaaaa     62760
     gaaaaaacac cccggcatac atgatgagtt ccaaggtagc cagatctctg tagagagacg     62820
     ctgtctcaaa aataaacaaa acaccacaaa gggaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacctgc     62880
     caaaaatggc agagtggaga aggaaaccag gacaggatgg agccagggac agggaaaaat     62940
     taaggaaggt caagtacact gtgagagaca gagaagaaac cagctttcct ctttcaaatc     63000
     cagcagtaaa gaacaattgc aaccagagac agagcaagct agtacaatta cccttaagtt     63060
     gaaatgtagt tttgctctta gaaaactgta tttcagagtt cagaagttgg aaaagtttac     63120
     ctcggattca ctgctatact ttgggctcct actaaatgtg tagttagtag agttgcgtca     63180
     tcatcccaaa ccatcttgag acagaaagat aggaccaaaa ccagcaaggt agaatttaaa     63240
     gaaaaccaaa gtttataaac cgaagtttta aaaaataact acaaaagagt atgtggggcg     63300
     gggagagggg agggaaaatg aactatgtac ttctgaagct ttttagaggc atacataatt     63360
     caatactcca aataaaaatg tgtattcata gaagaaggct ttttaaattt taattacaac     63420
     acaataattt gttaacttat tgtatagcat caaaaggcca ttaatatgcc atcccacaca     63480
     gaagcacaat acttgacata cttaagttca tgccaaatat ttttcatgta gcttatcctc     63540
     tggcaacaaa gatggttgac agagtaaaga gaagaatatc tccttaaaca gcagcgacac     63600
     tcgactcccc aaggatgtgc ttctgggtca tctgcctgga acctgagtcc agagagaggc     63660
     cggcagggta gccattcccg cctaacctct aggtcgctct gaaaacagga ggttgtattt     63720
     cagatctgct aagatcaccc aggaaccctg gtacctcatt ccacacctaa ccggcttgcc     63780
     ttctttctat tgtacagttt cctgaccaac acattactct cttaactagt attacattaa     63840
     tctaaatcct ggcagaaaat gagttttaaa tttttcttta caaataatta taaaatgtca     63900
     ttttaagtta ctcaaaggtt tttggagtgt tttttttttt ttttttgcaa aaatctttta     63960
     aatagtaaag taatactctt atgagtggcc aatgagaaca acaatatcaa tataagtttt     64020
     tattcctcat aaataaaaac ctgagtattt tctttttctt tcctttgagg aaaagagaaa     64080
     ttaaagtttt atgataatta caagaaataa ttcaaaatgt attcactaat tcaaacatac     64140
     tcatgcattg actcaaagaa cattaattga acatatctga atatccaagg catcctgctg     64200
     agagccaaga ctgctaaaca agatcccggc ttctacatcc aagactttag tctatttaaa     64260
     aagtgaggcc aaaacaaata attatgtaat aatgtgttca gaaagtaaga gactatttga     64320
     gccaactagt gtttaaaaaa aaattttttt ttgtgctgtg cacagtggtg catgccttta     64380
     gcccaagcat ttgggaggca gaagtttcag atctcacagg cagatctctt taagcttaat     64440
     gccaacctgg tctacatagg agattctgtc tcctaaaata aaataataaa tagaaataga     64500
     aaagaatttg gggagtcctg gagagatggc ttggtggtta aaattatgtt tggttctttt     64560
     tttaagattt attttatata tgtgagaaca ctgtcattgt cttcagacac accagaagag     64620
     gggatcagat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggaa ttgaacttgg gacctctgga     64680
     agaacagtca ttgctcttaa cctctgagcc atctctccag tcccctatgt tcttcttgca     64740
     gacccaggct cagttgctat atgaaatggc tcccagctgc ctctaagccc tccagctcca     64800
     gatgtgacaa ccttctgctg cctctgtggg caccccacaa acacaactaa aattaaaaca     64860
     aaatctttaa agaatgctga gagacaacct gagttaaaca atgaggtggg ctgggtgaag     64920
     aacacagggc agagcatgac ttggtgatgt tagtacctag aaagaggcct gagcacgtga     64980
     gcggggaaac aaacctataa cagaaaacac aggacagcag aaaatgggga gcaagacaaa     65040
     ttcaaggcta agtgggcaca gattaggaaa ggctgtcttt ggggatggtc aaaaatttgt     65100
     atttcacgtt ctgggccatg aaaatattga aagatgaaaa taccactgca aattctgcac     65160
     tgagaatttt ttcctccttg agcggatata ggaaatggaa ggaaattgaa acaaagagac     65220
     tgaacattct cagcagaatc catgaatgat aactagagct tgaatcaagg ttggtgagcc     65280
     agaagaaaaa gacagatttt tttaaaaaaa ctcctatggt ggtgcacacc ttaaatcccg     65340
     gcgtctggta ggcagagcag gtggatctct gtgagttcca ggccagccta gtgtagagtt     65400
     ccaggacagt aaaagctata caaagaaacc ctgcctcggg aaaacaaaga aagagactct     65460
     tgtgatgtta attttgattg tcctcttgat tggatggagg ggcacctagg aggctggtaa     65520
     agcacagctc tgagggagtt tgcaaggatg aatccaaaga ggaataatca gaggcaggga     65580
     agatctgtcc tgcagggcat ccaactatag gctggggtcc acacggtgta caagagaggg     65640
     gaaagccagc taccacagaa actattctct ccctcctctc ctcggccacc ctggttccta     65700
     cctgccgtga cacaagcggg tctgctctgc cgtgccctct ctgccacact ggcctgaaag     65760
     ctctgaatat ataatgaata aatgaagctc tgaataaata aaactgaaat aaaccctttc     65820
     tgccttaagt tgacaaacct atgtttgagt cagcttcttc taaactggga actcggatat     65880
     gttaaacttc cctaaacttc tatttattta tttatttttt taagtttcaa aaacagtatt     65940
     gtacttttag aggactcttg ttgtgattaa atgagctatc tatcattctg acaggaaaat     66000
     taaggtgttt tcttttttac agactatatt aacaaatgac aaatgtatgt tttagctagt     66060
     aaattcattc tgcgccatta atgtatattt gtctctctat tttctatact taacaagtct     66120
     tacagtattg gcaaaaaata tactttctct ttaaaatatg tagctttaga attcagattt     66180
     gtatgtagtt cagcttggac agattagata tcaaaatata tagacttgat accagataaa     66240
     aagtaaatta gcagaatttt tttttaagat aatgtctcct atgtctcagt gtggccttga     66300
     actcatagaa atctgtctcc tgaatgctcg gattaaaagc ataagctccc acacccactc     66360
     ttcttctcat ctgatgagat ataatagaat ctagtcatct gcctttgatt agtatgtcca     66420
     taaatgcccc cattttaaaa tatcttcttc acactattgg ggttggagaa ataggcagca     66480
     gtttagctcg ctgctcttgc agaggatcta agctcagatc ccagaaccca caccgggcac     66540
     ctcacaattg cctacagctc ctgcaggtca gatgccctct tgtgaacacc tgcgctcatg     66600
     cacacatgaa catagagact gtgaacacct gcgctcatgc tcacatgtac acacagagag     66660
     acatatatat gtataaataa ataacaaaat taatctaaga acatttcact ttattaacca     66720
     agaggaagct gaaggatagc agcacacaga atgcactggc atttctcatc cacacgtttc     66780
     tagtagagtc ttaaaatctt aaatgttata catttagtga gctgctaaat ttagagaact     66840
     actgccacag tatcaggata actacacaca aaggagcctg tatcccaggc tgcagagata     66900
     gaggacttag cacatcagaa cgctggctgt ccctccagag gacctgggtt aaatgcctag     66960
     cattcacata gcagctcaca actgtctgtg actccagatc aaggggatcc aacactctca     67020
     cacagataca catgtaggca aaacatcaat gcacatagtt aaaaaaattt tttttaaata     67080
     ggagtctagc tcctacttca aaccatacag atattaattc aaaaagcatc aaaccctaaa     67140
     tactgaacaa accttaaata caaaagataa aaattattat atgaagctct caggggattg     67200
     agatgactca gtgtaaaaaa catttgtcac acaagcctga tgccctgagt ttgaaccccc     67260
     agaatccatg tagtgtcaga ctccagagca cacgtgctta tagtcccagg gtggctatag     67320
     tcccagggtg gctataggaa atagggtggc tatagtccca gggtggctat aggaaatagg     67380
     gtggctatag gaaacagggt ggctatagga aacagggtgg ctataggaaa cagggtggct     67440
     atagtcccag ggtggctata ggaaacaggg aaatctccag aagctcaggg ccactgcacc     67500
     tggtttatgc agcagtgaag agaccgtgtt tcaaacaagg cagaaagaca agactaacac     67560
     tggaaggcac acaggtatca cagcatacac actggacacc ttcacataca aacacccata     67620
     acaccctaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacccctcag     67680
     atgcaaacct aagtatagcc cgatgacttg ttaggcaaca gtttctcagc caagcacaaa     67740
     taaccaagga aagccaggaa tggtggagca tgtttgcaat tcaaaagact gaaacaggag     67800
     gagtcccagg aatttgaggt caacctaggc tacctagtta aaccttgtct gggggaagaa     67860
     gggagcaaaa gagaaagaag agaaaacata tctttagttc ttagggaaat gtaatttgat     67920
     gactataatt taaataaata ttcagaaaaa taagtgctga taaggttgac tgggctctca     67980
     tacacacact gctggtagga ctataaagga acagccatta tgaagaatgt agtaattctt     68040
     caaaaacaca gagtaactat attactcaga tccttactcc ttcaaacata ttccagaatt     68100
     gaaaatatat tcaccccaaa aacttgaact agtgagttct aggccagcca agcctacata     68160
     gaaggtcttc ccccacccca tccccaaaat aaagaaaaac atttacacta aaatcatctt     68220
     gccaaaaagc caaaaagcta taaacctgtg ttgaatttat aaacacagag ggagtcagtg     68280
     tgctctcctc acaaaaggga aaataaactg aagttaagat ttaccgcaat caccaggcat     68340
     ggtggcgcac gcctttaatc ccagcactca ggaggcagaa gcaggtggat ttctgagttc     68400
     gaggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaaacccc     68460
     atctcaggaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagatttac cgcactcctg catttggacg     68520
     agaagaatca aacttgactg atgatgctaa tttgcattgt tataatgttg catattaaac     68580
     tttttctttt gtgaaagtat tagagtctca ttaacctata tactcctgag aaacgtatta     68640
     catgctactc actctcagga aggacaaacg cagtaacttg gtcaacagct acttcactgc     68700
     tgaaaaggca gctattatca cgttcatcca ttgctgcaga ggaggaacat gagctagcca     68760
     cggtcctcga gagataggac tgggaggatg ggcaggctgt ctgactcctg gtccgctttc     68820
     atcaaatcca tgttctcgac aaggctagag agctggcagt taagatcact tgtggctctt     68880
     gcacagaact tgggtttggt tcccagcacc cacatggtgg ctcacaacca taggtaatta     68940
     gttcctaggg attcaatgcc ctcttctgac ctttaccagg cacacatgtg gtacacccat     69000
     acatacatca ggtaaaacag gcacatgaaa taaaataaat ctaaaattgt ttttaaatca     69060
     gtattctcta gagtaccatt ttctcctcca ctcaatgtgt ctgccacata acacctcttt     69120
     tttaaaacga tgcttatttt tctttatgta catgagtggt cttgccatcc tgtatgtctg     69180
     tgccagaaaa gagtgttaga gtacatacta ccttttttaa gtcatttgtc ttaaaagtga     69240
     aaatgtcata ggaattacca tagttactaa ttttagcctt aataattctc acacattttt     69300
     gtatgtgtgt atgagatggg gtgtggagga ggagtcgggc tctcactgga gcctatgttg     69360
     ggcctgaaac tcaatgcagc tcagtgtcct gactctcatt agtgctgggt cacaggtgtg     69420
     ccaccacagt tgacctttgt caaatttagc agataaatcc caagtggaaa tgggtccaat     69480
     tcccagcacc cacatggtga ctcacaaaca tctctaactc aattccagga gatctgatgc     69540
     cctcttctgg ctgctacgtg cactgcacgt ggtacacaga cattcgtgca ggcaaaaaca     69600
     tccatacaca taaaataaaa acaaaataaa aaacttaagt agaaatggct gtcatcagtt     69660
     acacagcacg taaagaaatg ataagaataa aagagataca gaaatctgaa attaagcaat     69720
     cttgaccatt tatttcagag ataataaaaa actaagtggt ttaaaatctt tactagttta     69780
     tataataaga atgacttgat tctttatact tcactcagaa ctgtgaggta gaatgaagct     69840
     ccatttccca accttgtatt ttttttatct cctttccccc cattatttaa atccaaccag     69900
     ctatcgtttg ccccctctga cacatgtgac tggcttacat ttctactttc tattctcatt     69960
     ggctcaaact actccaaata acctgtagct gttgacagtc cttcctacaa caaatattta     70020
     accagcactg tgaactacta cttataattt attatgcgtc ttataaagat ctagaagaat     70080
     tcaaaggttc ccaacttaaa tcatcattcc cctcccttga cactatgtag cccaggttaa     70140
     ccctggattt ctaatcctct gccctctgcc tgctggatta caggtgtgca ccacctcctc     70200
     taataagttc ccaacataaa taaataatgt ataaggaaac agaaatgcta attaattatc     70260
     ttaactgggt cattacatat tgcatacaag tacctaacta tcacagtctg accccattgt     70320
     accccataca tatgaaccac tgctatttca gctaaaaaag aattaggcca ctcactggta     70380
     gagtacttgc ttagtatgaa tatcatcccc agcagtggga aaactttttt tttttttatt     70440
     ttgggttgaa aaataaataa aattaagatt ttaaacagac atggtagaac acacctttaa     70500
     tcccagcgtt caggaagcag aggcaagatt tctttgagtt tgaggctagt ttgatctaca     70560
     ggtctacctg catagagtat tctaggacaa ataggactat gtggaaagac cctgtgtggt     70620
     ggtttgaata gatttggccc ccatagtttc atgtatttga atgcttcacc atagggagtg     70680
     acactatcag gaggcgcggc cttgttggag gaagtgagtc atagtggggg tgagttttga     70740
     ggtttcctat gcccaagcta cacctacttt ggcacagtct ccttctgctg cctggggtga     70800
     tgtcttaagg ttttattggt gtgaagagac accatgacca aggcaactct tttttttccc     70860
     cccttccctt gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta     70920
     caccaggctg gccacgaact cagaaatcca cctgtctctg cctcccaagt gctgggctta     70980
     aaggcatgca ccaccactgc ccagcagatt ttatttttat taacatgcat gagtgtatgg     71040
     gggtgggggt ggggtgctgc agacagaggt cagaagaggg cttcaggttt acaggtggtt     71100
     gtgagcaacc caatgtgagg gcttagaatt acttctacca ctgaagcatc tcttcggcac     71160
     cttgtgttac ttttatttag ttaaccagta taggttaaaa gatcaaaatc taaagacctt     71220
     gcagcagttg cagctaagat tccagctctt tccccactgc tgggatatgt ttactagtat     71280
     attctcactt gcctccagcc ctagctagaa ctacttgctt cctaaagaag gctgcatgtc     71340
     cctgattctg ctctgcattt gagataccca tccctgcatc tccgtcacag acatgctaac     71400
     tcctgcaagg cttaaccaga atgccacatt ttccaagaaa cctataatcc ttcctgtcag     71460
     aatgaatcct tccacttaag tcattattga cataagacaa gtgaacatct tttcataaat     71520
     attcacctca tttttttcag aagttatacg ggattccact gtctaatgcc ataggtttta     71580
     cttgaatatg acagtttttc aaaactatca aatgtaaaaa tagagggtat tttaaaatct     71640
     tatgctcaaa gacaaaagag ttggctcaga ggttaagaga actcactgct cctgcagaag     71700
     gcctggactc cattcctagc acccacatgg cagctcacag ttgtgcataa tagttaaggt     71760
     ttggtatttt gctatgtatt gtaatgctaa atactgcccc ccctccccct gcccaggcct     71820
     ggttgtcccc agggatgaga gtctgcacaa gcacaaatga cactatgcaa cctcaccccc     71880
     aagttatccc tgattggtga ataaggatgc ctatagccaa tagctgggta gaagacagtg     71940
     ggcaggggtt cctgggcttg gggtctgagg ggaagaccag tgaggagagg agagacccca     72000
     ggggttaggt gagtcatgaa aacagccatg agggctggcc agttggagtt aagagctgcc     72060
     cagatggaac atggcaaatt ataaaatgga gttatggatg gggaaataga tccaaatagc     72120
     ttagaaggta gatatctgcc cagctctagt gctgattaag ggttattata aagataaagg     72180
     gtgtgtctct tttttctggt aactgaaaaa atcaacggta gggtagaagc tcctgaacat     72240
     ccatacaaat aaaataataa tctttttaaa gaagaaagaa agactgatca cttaaaagaa     72300
     taatttgtca agcaactttc tacgagaaaa accaagctat gacaattctt tagtctaagg     72360
     gaggcactaa gtgcatatct tcggaatgga ctagtagttc cttccttcaa ttcttaaaaa     72420
     ctaattttcc atacagctgt gtttactcac agcatgtctc gtttatgctg gaggtgtaag     72480
     acagcagagc ccgatcgctc cctttctccc ctattttccc ttgcctttgt tgtttgcctt     72540
     tctgcagttt cctagccaga gctgtaatta gtgccccaca gggatctata cttttctaat     72600
     aaagagcagt ctgctgaaca atgacatgtg tgcacacaca cagccatgtg tgttcctaac     72660
     aaattaggaa tattttgcac atgcaagcct tcaaaggatt ttaataactt aatgggggca     72720
     ctttccatag cagctgcaat ggctcataac agtgactgga ttgactcagc cctttctctt     72780
     actgcacatg catctaatta cacgaaggaa aacaactcat ttgagactga gtaaaattaa     72840
     aaattcagtc ccaaagcaaa ccttaataag taaaccatat ttgtcaagga acaatttcct     72900
     ccaattagtt caaaaactca tgtttgtttc ataactgttt actataaatt tttttttttt     72960
     ttttgcaatg tcactgttta taggcattga aagtgcttcc agggctggca agataacttc     73020
     attcctagaa cccacaggtg gaagaagaga actaactgcc accaagttgt tttctgacct     73080
     tcagaagtac cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt ggaacccaag tctaaacatg     73140
     aaattcattt tacatataac tttatttgct tagctgaaag gtaagcaaat attacacaat     73200
     atttttagtg tgcctacatt ttgactataa tatgccatgt gtacttgggg tagattttcc     73260
     acatgtcatg ttaaaatgta ccattcaata agttttagat tttgaaccct ttcagatttt     73320
     aatttttgga ttagagacac tcaatctata aaactttttt aaatacatgt agatactgct     73380
     gtaattaata aaaacaaaag agacttacga ggtttactga caccagttct atcatagatt     73440
     acaataatca gcaatttctt ttttgtttgt ttgttttttt gttttttcga gacagggttt     73500
     ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaactca     73560
     gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgtgcc accacagcct     73620
     ggctcttttt ttttttttaa ttagatattt atttcattta catttccaat gctatcccaa     73680
     aagtccccca cacgctcccc cacccactct aaccagcaat ttctaaaatt accactacca     73740
     catgaagatt cccgaaaata ttttacttta caaagcaatc tacataatta atgcttgtta     73800
     attaaggttg gaaatccctt cctgagccgg ggcactagag cagggccaga agatgctgaa     73860
     tggaagagct ttctaaccta tgtgttttct atgttggcaa aaacttttta aactgggggg     73920
     cacagagtgt caagtttaag tattaaaggc gacttgccag atggctccgt gggtaaaagc     73980
     acttgccatc aattccgaca gcctgagttc gaaccctaaa ccccacatgg tggagggaac     74040
     gcccataagc tatcttctga catagcctgg cactcactca ctcactcagt aagtaagtgc     74100
     aatgaaatat ctctagctgg gtggagcaca tttttaattc taacactcac gagtcagaga     74160
     caggaaccct ggccagcttg gtctacatag tgagactttg cctcaaaaag tttcagaagt     74220
     agcactaatg gttatgctga agtgaaaacc tctccttaga aactgttact cagaacctta     74280
     attttattta tttatttatt tattttgggg ggggtcaggt ttgttggttt agtggcttgc     74340
     tcatattttt ttgagacagg atttttgcta tgtggcccaa tctggcctag taaccaggat     74400
     cctcttgcct tagcctctga gtgctggtat tatagacact tgccaccatg tggtaagaac     74460
     ttaaaactta ctacacacat acaagtcatg taaaatctgt acgatcctac tctatatagg     74520
     actgaaatgt cattcatact ccaattgact ggtcaaagaa gttcaaattc tcatgcaaaa     74580
     caaagggttt ctttgctttg aggaaaagca acctcagact aaactaattt taattttcct     74640
     ttgggagtaa ttaataatct taaaatagca attgttcttt gcagcaaaca agaatattaa     74700
     tagtggctgt acaggtgcca agagctcttt gttcttttgc atttttactt tgcctcttac     74760
     aacagtgata aatagcacaa tggaaaacaa tgaatcctcc ctaatcatat gccccattta     74820
     tgacaatatc aaaagtctat actatttcta aatggaaagg gattgcgctt ttcctggaaa     74880
     ttatggagag aaaaactatg acaataacag tgactctcac cctgaaatat gtatcagaat     74940
     cattatggaa cgtggtaaaa aaatatagat gcctgggccc cagcctagca cctttaagaa     75000
     tgtttttgtg aaaagctgat tctaaagccc acacttcaag tccctaacca gtacctctgg     75060
     tacctaacca gtaccaccaa catcgcctgg gagcccgtta gagacaaaat gtcagactag     75120
     cccctcacaa acagaatgcg actgggggtg ctgctcagag acctgttcca aagcccccca     75180
     aggtacttca atgtgtgtga gttttgagaa tcttggcttt gaccctacgg gatccaccta     75240
     ttcatcactg cctccattaa gatgaaaagg agacttaagt aacacaaatg cacttaacgc     75300
     atgtttttct catctaaaaa aaacttttat cttaatcatt aaattaatac taaggtgatc     75360
     ttcgttggaa actgtgtcaa ctgagcaagt tcttaggtct gggctctttt ttgagcacat     75420
     agtatccaca ttagacaaga actttaaaat cagcatgtta agaatttctt cagccaagaa     75480
     gtaattataa cccctcagat ggaaaaatat ttttttttct tcatgactaa actatggctg     75540
     ggcatggtag ctcatattta tgacagtgta ctggctggtt ttttgtctgt caacttgaca     75600
     cagctggagt tatcacagag aaaggagctt cagttgagga aatgcttcca tgagatccaa     75660
     ctgtaaagca ttttctcaat tagggatcaa gggtggggag ggcccattgt gagtggagcc     75720
     atccctgggc tggtagtcct gggttctgta agcaagcaag cagagcaaac aggggaagca     75780
     agccagtaag atgtgccaca ccataagcta tccctccatg gcctctgcat cagctcctgc     75840
     ttcctgacct gcttgagttc cagtcctgac ttcctttggt gaggaactgc aatgtagaag     75900
     tgtaagctga ataaaccctt tcctctccaa cttgcttctt ggtcatgatg tctgtgcagg     75960
     aatagaaacc ctgactaagt caaacagggc acctgagtca agaggattag caagagttca     76020
     aggccagcct ggactgtgga gtaagaccct gtcacaaaat caacaacaaa aaattgaatt     76080
     gtgcttcaat tcaatcatca atttacagga aatgcaaaga agaagccttg agctaggcag     76140
     gctacatcac tatgcttatt ttctcaataa acataaagga aaaaaatcca aataagggta     76200
     tctttacaga ttaagataaa ctaaaaaggt gtatcaatca cctgccacaa ggagacctta     76260
     tttaaattgt aactcaaaca tactacaaaa agctatgaga caactgggaa tttggacacc     76320
     atttgatggg agttatcttt ttaaaaagat ggtagcagtg acagagttgg atttttgttt     76380
     gtttgtttgt tttgttttca gccagggtat ctgtgctcct aagaagccca gaatgaactt     76440
     gaacttctga tcttgcccct ccctcctgcc acattcagtt tttatgtggt gctaaggatc     76500
     aaacccagca cttcatgcat gccaggaaag ctctctccca cacgagctgc atcgccatct     76560
     ctgtatggtt atttttagag taattatcag actggatatg gtgttgcaca tctttaatcc     76620
     cagcccatga gaggtagagc caggtaagcc aaggctacat aatgagacct tcttgtttca     76680
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aggaaggaag gaaggtaact acctttagtg     76740
     aactagcaaa ttatttacag ctaaatttgt atgatatcta agatttgctt ccaaaatata     76800
     caaggaaagc agctgcttag aaaaaagtgt gactagccag gagctgacca ctgtcagagc     76860
     cgagtgttgg gaacgtgtgc ggcaactacg ctctgtacgt gtttaaaatc atctcaaacc     76920
     ttacaagttt taaaatacag gaaatgaaag acaagcctgt gatgatagca ctcctctcac     76980
     gtgtctcagg gaatgctgag tcagggaagg gttaaataaa gctacttagg acatttaaag     77040
     tttaaaaata caagtttgag ttaagaaagg agatgactgc agtacatgct tgtgagctgt     77100
     tcagttttct tgtcttctca ttctctaagg aaaataaatt tatgatgagt gttccatcat     77160
     cctagtatct aggctcgtac aaataattat gttgatgacc tcagctgccc agcccactaa     77220
     atgtctataa gtgactgctc catcttccct taagcccctc ccaccaactc ctaaatgagg     77280
     ggacgaggac agcacagctg aggtcctgaa tgaaccccag agtcccttta tctctgtctc     77340
     acttcacaga gaatttcctt tgtttgcttg cttgtttttc cagacagggt ttctctgtgt     77400
     agccctggct gttctggaag tcgctctgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact ctcagagatc     77460
     cacctgctta tgcctcctaa gtgctgggat taaactcgtg cactaccacc atcgggctca     77520
     aacaaaaatt ttacaaagca ggaaaactcc tatagaaaca ggaaatacct ttctaccata     77580
     tgtactttat ggatatgact cataacctga caccatcaaa aaaggtagcc cagtagtaga     77640
     atgcatgttt aacataaaag agaccctgct gctgtgccca gtaccccact tccctgcaaa     77700
     tattctactg taaaaacaca ccaaaatagc actggttatc ttctgtggaa aggtattttt     77760
     ctctctttct gtatttttca gagttacagc aatgatcatg agttattttg gtaaatgaaa     77820
     aaaaaaaagg atactactca agagaaatga atctttaaca ctttttatca cactttatta     77880
     cactgaacta gatgtctttt tcctgcttcc ccttatcagt gaggaggcaa gggaccactg     77940
     gagaataggt aacactgatt ctccagtcct ttcctagatt ttaagcacag tccccgctag     78000
     actgttttcc agtcacactc atagcattgt tttcttggat ggcctcctcc tgaccaagcc     78060
     tcatcacctt aatggccatc cactctgcaa gctgcctgat ttgcttctgc tgtggcggtg     78120
     ctcttcgatc cccaacacac atcaaacctc ttcacttcgg gagagctctc ctgctcaatc     78180
     tgtgtgtcta catctaagca ctggggcagt aaataaatga aatttcatat aggtcagcct     78240
     cctgttcaat ctagtatcag gttcaacccg attgtaatcc acctaagttg gttcctcagt     78300
     aattaaaacc agtaactcta atgccatcca aagcaaaccg gagtcttctc ttcactcaga     78360
     cgggcaacaa tggtgcagaa agtgtgagat gccaatccaa gacaaggcgc tctctcctaa     78420
     caaaattctc atataattag gggcagagcc tgaccaacta aaaggctgtc cttaatgaga     78480
     ggcagcctgt aggatataaa tggaagtcac tgccctttgc catctacccc atcccctaag     78540
     gtcttcttgc ctagagcaca tatggctctc tggatatgag cattcatctt gggaccttca     78600
     gaagtgaagc catatgttaa ggttcataaa gtataaattt agaagactat ggccttcttc     78660
     atgtttccaa gaaagctttc tgcttatcta ttcacgtaag attttgctct ctaaagtatc     78720
     tatgtcccaa acattctcaa tagaaagcac cccagtttct ctcttttctt taatgccaaa     78780
     acaaaacaaa acatggatct ttaacaaaac aagcatggaa ctgaacttgt ccagccactt     78840
     gctactctca tcccttggat acataacatc tttaagccag tttgctttat taaactaatg     78900
     gtatgagttg ttctgactac caaatagagt acttaataca cagtaccgtt cttttaaaaa     78960
     tgtatttatt tatgtatata agtgctctat ttgcatgtat gcctgcatga cagaaggcag     79020
     catcagatcc cattacagat agttgtgagc cactatgtgg ttgctgggaa ctgaactcag     79080
     gacctcttta agagcagtca gtgcttctta accactgagc catctctcca gctcccacag     79140
     taccgctcgt gagatgatct agtaaggctg agcatatact ctgtgacatg actagactaa     79200
     gtatcacttt agagaaactt gaaatccaac atacatgtac acacacaagc acatatatgc     79260
     aagtatgtct aaagatgaca ttatacagat gcagaaagtc atatacaggg gactgaagag     79320
     acagctcagc agttaagagc tctggctgct tttccagatg agccaggttt gattctcagc     79380
     acatatatcg ggccattcac aactgactat agctcatttc tagagatctg attgtcactt     79440
     ctaacctctg aggacaccta catgcacagt ctgaagacac aactcaggaa tactacacat     79500
     atatacataa aataaatatt ttaaaagaaa aactagacag cagttttgcg attttttttg     79560
     tttttttgtt ttttgttttt tgtttttttt cgagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc     79620
     tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt agaccaggct ggcctcaaac tcagaaatcc gcctgcctct     79680
     gctagacagc agttttacat ttagttgtgt gtgtacatgc acatacatgt acacgtgtga     79740
     acaccatagt acacatggag gtccaagaac accttgttgg gctggttctc ccagggactg     79800
     aacttaggtc ctcggccttg atggcaagca cctttagctg ctgatccatc tcactggttc     79860
     ccggataata tatttttaag cttctacata gcactttttt ttttgtagga gttgaactat     79920
     tacctatgat ggccttaaag tcttgggctc cagtggtcct cctgcctcag aaaagaataa     79980
     taatgtaaaa tatatagtgc ttttaaacaa gctttttttt tttaaggttt atttattatg     80040
     tatacagcat tctacctgca tgtatccctg caggccagaa gagggcacca gatctcatta     80100
     tagttatgag gcaccatgtt gttgctggga attgaactca ggacctctgg aagagcagtc     80160
     ggtgctctta accactgagc catctctcca gcccccttga gtagttattt ttaataggaa     80220
     aacaccagaa tagttacaag aggggacacc agcagtgtag agtactgaga aaacttcccc     80280
     agtgtgtagg atggatatgg acttatgagg gtctcttctg ttattgaact tcctaagtta     80340
     tacctcatgt tctatgtgtc ctttgtttaa aacaagctta gacagacagc ccaggctggt     80400
     cttgagctcc agtcctcatg cagcagcctc tggagcactg gagtacacgc atgcacctac     80460
     tctcagcttt gttccttttc agtatagtaa ctgtcacaca ataaagatat aaaaagacag     80520
     tataaagggt actgtcactt aaaccctaag aaatgacacc ctgtccttgt ggccatcagt     80580
     tagctgcttc agaggctcag tactccatct ctcaccactc agcagcagac agtactgccc     80640
     tcagcagctt tccaagaaca actggcttgt cctgttttat gatgatgtat taagtttctt     80700
     ggaggaacaa aatttccaca taatgtgaga tatagtaaat ataacttcta ttaaagtacg     80760
     aataatacat gtgacatgag gaacctggga ctatctaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ccatgaaaaa     80820
     tacatttcca tttgtaaatt ataaacaatg cttacatctg tggcctacca aagtgcattc     80880
     tactcagtga actaacaaac tgaaacaaat tagctactta gcaaaaatta gttgggaata     80940
     acctaaatta accattaaga tacccaacct attctatgtg tgtctacagt aactgttatt     81000
     tttaatggca ttcaaatgct ggaagaattc cccagttgca tctaccaaga agaaagccat     81060
     tcatccttaa gggactaagg aggcctactt aagattcata attaagcaaa gaatctcaag     81120
     ttacactgac ccattaatgt ggcctcccct ttgcatgccc gcagctgctc cattcccact     81180
     cctgaataat gaggctttct cccttgtccc tccatgcagc cctacctcac tctgctcgct     81240
     agacacacag atcttttagc tgtgatggag ctttggtctc ttctctcctt tcagtgagtc     81300
     tcattccaca ttaaaaatat aaaatacctg aggtatttgc taacactcta tccccctgta     81360
     gaagcattca cccatgctgt tttaagccaa tgagccttag agcagtcctg tgagatttag     81420
     atgagtcacc tatagtcaca cgttattttt attgactaaa gttacgcatt gagaagcaga     81480
     agaatgacac aaaatgtgct tgctacagaa ataaaaactc agcttcaatt aattactatt     81540
     caagttgcaa ttatttaaat actatagaaa ttctaaaata tcatctactg ggcatcaata     81600
     aacaaaaaga agtagaatct aaaatgtcaa atattctcaa gtttcctaat atgcctagtt     81660
     agcctaaatt atgtccacac cgtaaacaaa catacagcaa gatccatgtc ttgaatgaga     81720
     ggttgaaata gacaaatctt aagggttttt ttcaattata ataatgttat atctattagt     81780
     taagtacaac aatcacttat taaagaaata aaattttaca aattaataaa aaccctaatg     81840
     tgtgtggtaa catttttatt ctcagagtct agctacgtaa agatatgaac aaatctccct     81900
     taatgatgaa ctatcatagt gtaaatatca attttcctgt tgcagggagg acactaaccc     81960
     acaaatacag caacagtcca aggaagtgct cattagcact actccagtgc ttctagtaaa     82020
     tcctgactaa atagatgcca agctaatcca ggatttgtgt agctctgaaa ggaaacttat     82080
     cttctagttt tgatgctaaa tctagtgaag gagcctacaa aacaattagc ctggaaaata     82140
     ttaagctatc aacatatatt ctaacattat ttgtactggg tttttgtttg tttctttgtt     82200
     ttggtttttt tggttttccg aggcagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact     82260
     cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatccac ctgcctctgc ctcctcccaa     82320
     gtgctgggat taaaggcttg tgccaccact gtcccgcata ctggctggtt ttgtgtgtca     82380
     acttgacaca agctggagtt atcacagaga aaggagcctc tcttgaggaa atgcctccat     82440
     gagatccagc tgtaaggcat tttctcaatt agtgattaag ggagaagaag gcccaggccc     82500
     attgtgggtg gtgccatctc tgggctggca gtcctgagtt ctataagaaa gcaagctgag     82560
     taagccagag gaagcaaacc agtaaagtaa catccctccg tggcccctgc atcagctcct     82620
     gcctccaggt ttctgccctg tgtgagttcc tgtcctgact tcctttggtg atgaacaaca     82680
     atgtggaagt gtaagctaaa taaatccttt cttccccaac ttgcttctgg gtcatgatgt     82740
     ttgtgcagga atagaaaccc tgattaagac attactcaac atatagactg ttttctaagt     82800
     caaagaaaag caaaatatta aatacctaaa actaacatat ttcactgacc cgcaaaacct     82860
     tctttcatta gagttcttta cttcaatcct taaaactact ttttcatctg tcctatgtac     82920
     actgtgtttg atatagctcc tttaaaaccc accaacttgc tgggtggtgg tggcacatgc     82980
     ctttaatccc cagtactggg gaggcagagg caagtagatc tttgtgaact tgaggccaac     83040
     ctggtctaca gagctagttc caggacagtc aaggctacac aaagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa     83100
     aaccgaaaaa gaaaaactga ggcactggag agatggctca gtggttaaga atgcctgttg     83160
     ttcttgtcgg aacccaggtt caattcctag catacatata tagtggctca ccaccatctg     83220
     ctcacaactc tagttccaaa ggctctgaca ctctcttctg gtctacctga aaccaggcat     83280
     acatcttgtg ccatccattc atgcagactg tagtagtttg aaagagaata gccccatagg     83340
     tcctagggcc ccagtaaatg gaaccatgtg agaatgatta ggaggtatag ccttgctgga     83400
     gaaaacatgt ctctgggatg ggctttaagg tttgaaaagc caatgccagg ctcaatctca     83460
     tcctctctct ctgccgctgt tccagcacca tgcttgcctc tgccaccatc cagctcctga     83520
     ccacgatggt catgaaccaa cactctgaaa ctgtccaaaa gtccctgact gaatgctttc     83580
     ttttataagt tgtctttgtt gatcatgatg tttcaccaca gcaacggaat agtaactaag     83640
     acacaggcaa aacacctaca acataaaaag ttctaaacta aaatattcta aactgcaaaa     83700
     gttctaaact gcaaatgttg actacgaact gtcacaaata aaaattaact gaactccttt     83760
     atgtgatagg gaaatcctta aagagatctg cattatcacc ttaatcaata tggtaagaat     83820
     acaagtcagg cagaaacaag tggatgcaag actcaaggtc gtgctggcta catagtcagt     83880
     gtgagtcaac ctaagtaaca tgatatcctg tctcaaaaag aaggaaatag atatgtttat     83940
     acatccacat gtgtatgtat gtatgtatga ccaaaaaggg aaaaaatgtt atgtcttaga     84000
     ttctcttcag aaatgcacag catctaaaat attgtctgcg tacgtttttc agcagacagc     84060
     taagtactag gagggatttc cccgtcttaa gggcagtaca gcacaatcag gagttcacag     84120
     cattactcac tagaaccatt ttaaatagca aactatcaca tggaaatctg aagagttaaa     84180
     aatagaaagc caggtgtagc ggtgcagacc tttgatccta acccttggga ggcaggaaca     84240
     ggtggatctc tgtgagttcg aggccatcct catttggtct acagagtgag ttctgagata     84300
     gccggggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtctcg aaaaaaaaca aagcaaggcg gaggaggaag     84360
     gagagagaga gatttaaaaa tagaattata gtgtcatttt tagagttatt ttttaaatta     84420
     ttaatcctta aaataaaggg acagttccaa tgtgacgtct taatttgttt cctccactga     84480
     ccagagttga aacactcact taagtatggg agggatgctt ttctgctagt caactacctt     84540
     gatatttcca tgacatttaa agaaatttac agtgaaatga acataagaaa ggttgggaga     84600
     atgaaaccca taaagctatg tgttccctag tgtgttgttg tgataaaaag aaatacacaa     84660
     ctaccctcgg tttcagctcc taaaactctt gaaatcacca gtagtaaatg ccttttctat     84720
     gctcagaaat aatggatggc tgggcctcct ggaaaagcct gggacggggg ctgctttcga     84780
     gtctcattcc tcaatctcct gggagaggag aaagcctgaa gactgagtta attgccagtg     84840
     accaatggta taattaatca cagctatgta atgaagctgc ctgtctagtg ttggagtcac     84900
     aaggcaaggc acccgacatg aagataaggc tatagtggat actccagctt caggtcagcc     84960
     actgaaatgg atacccttgc ctgtgccaca caggagaaat gagccgtttc acaaagctgt     85020
     tttgtgatcg actacggatc atgaaaaagt tttaagtgac tgcgttgggg ttgattgatt     85080
     gtataacaaa ggtaactgat gtggacctgt ggtacaaagg aaagaaacaa ctttaaggtc     85140
     ttcacaaagc ctgacaatac aggagaacta gcaaacaaac caaccaaagc acaggagata     85200
     gggaatcgca gcagataagt aaatcccacc ttatccgtaa aaaaggacct tacgtgcaga     85260
     tagacgtggc aggatatgta actcagtggt aaggtgatag tttagcatgt ttgaggctct     85320
     gaattcaatt cctggccttg gggaggaagt gttcccatca aagaagtgaa aagccacaga     85380
     acctaggaga attttatcgg atatcttaaa aagatctatt ttacagacta taaaaaagct     85440
     cctggttagg tttagtagca caggcctata actaagcatg tggaaggcta atacaggagc     85500
     atcaagggag ggaagagggg agacagacta ggggtgcttg taagagggaa gagaagatgg     85560
     tttctccatc agaaagcagg ccaaggaaag gatatatccc aaacatgacc acatcctgaa     85620
     gaggggtggc tgttatcttc taagtcacat tacacagagc cgtactagta actgcacacg     85680
     cttctctgtt aaatctctaa agtctaaggc tgtaagatgg gaacagaatg ttccaggctg     85740
     gtctcagctg tgttctgcct gagtattaag agaaggctct cctctgggac agaaaaagaa     85800
     agagaaagcc atactccctg aggtcagcaa ggaactcccc agaggaagga ggatctttag     85860
     gaacaaaagc ccttactatg atctccaatt actctgtccc acataaaagt ctggataatt     85920
     cattttattt agtatgatag aaaatgtttt tttttcctag caaaacataa tattactaaa     85980
     aaactaggtc tggctccaac atcacattgc cctcaaaatc ctgatgggtg tggtacatgc     86040
     tcctttcatt gcagcagtct ggaggcacag gcaggtcgac ctctgatcaa tagtgagttc     86100
     caggacagcc agagatgaat agagagaccc tgcttcaaaa aacaagacaa caagtgtatc     86160
     ctcaaaggac tactagttgg aaagtatggg aaagaagata aaggagaaga aaggaggaag     86220
     gcagggagat tttcaacaaa gcaatacaaa ttctttgtgg aagtggacaa agtgcttgcc     86280
     aagcaagcat gaggacatga cttcagatcc ctagaaccca cataaaaggg cggcaaggca     86340
     ggtgtgacag ccacctgtaa tttaagcact caggtggcag gcacaaggaa tctctacgat     86400
     gactagctag ctgactaact agaactggct agctctgggt tcaacaagag actctgactc     86460
     aacaaaggaa gtagagtgtg atcaaagatg tgcaaagtca actttgggcc tccatacaca     86520
     tgtgcatgga cacacacaca aacacacaca cacacacccc acacactcat gaaaaacttt     86580
     aggctgggtg tggtggctgg cacaaagctc tgatcccagc actgtggagt gagaggcaga     86640
     aagatctcta tgattttgag gcaagcctgg tctacagagc attcatgtgt tgttccctat     86700
     cttaagaacg aaaacccaaa gtacaatgtt actaggatag atgtcataaa gagccaaaaa     86760
     tgtccacaac tctctgttga aagttcctcc aaatagaaag agaagccagg atcaggatca     86820
     gagggcaggc agcatgctca gtgaggcctg agtttgatac tcggcactag gaagaaaagc     86880
     atgcgtcagt attctttttc aaaggaaaac aggaacataa tacttccccc aaatgtataa     86940
     aaagcacaaa catatgtaca gtcatcattt tggttaaatg cattttttta aatatatact     87000
     tcacaaaaat gaggtactat ttctttctaa aaagattcaa gactcttccg atttcgggca     87060
     gtttgtctaa aggctgcctt aaaagccacc ctcccagagc aaacctcttc ctgtttgtca     87120
     agtgtgtgtt tactttcaca tctgcttcaa aagataaaag caacaatggg gacaccaacc     87180
     acaagactgt gtcctaccaa gccggaaatg acgctataaa cccagacttg ctgtgaaatg     87240
     ggtcttcaga acactcacac acaggctaac atgcaaataa aaacttaaaa aatttacagt     87300
     gtgagtctga atcaaaccca aagatcgaca ctggacaaaa ctgcattaca tatttgcata     87360
     caaccattat acagacccaa agacatccaa tttcagtaga caagggtaca agtaaggtat     87420
     aaaaatacaa aggctcggag ggtaggtgag ctacacaagc ctagcaacct gacttcaatc     87480
     cctagaacca tataaagaag agaactatgc cacagtttgc ctctggcctc cacacaagca     87540
     aacatcatac acatctgtgt acacacacac acacacacac acacacatac acacgactac     87600
     aatagtaaaa attaatcaga gatacttagc aggagctggg tgatggtggt gcatgccttt     87660
     aattccagca caggggaaac agaggcaggt ggatctctgt gagttggagg ctagcctggt     87720
     ctacagagtg agttctaaga cagccagggc tacacaaaca aaacctagtc cagcacagcc     87780
     aggctatgtt acacagagaa actgtctaaa aaaaaaaaca aaaaacaata tatatatata     87840
     tatatatatg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatt taagagcacc tagagtgact     87900
     gcaaacatct gcaatcccaa catttcagag atgcaggcaa cagagtcaca agttcaaagt     87960
     caccctcaac tacatagcaa gtttcaaggc tagcctgggg gtacatgaga ctgccaggaa     88020
     agaaggaaga gagggagggg gaaggagagc cagccacatt aaacaaatgt cacttcttct     88080
     cttttccctt tgataaaatc tgtatgatag gcacatacta tgcatatatt tcctaaaata     88140
     tgattatcct cattttacac acacacaaat acagctttag aaaaggactt tcacaagaca     88200
     acagttatag agaactcatc agctttgaca gaaggtttac atccaaagct cttacccccg     88260
     acaagcaaaa gggtctcagt aaggtctcat cactctgaat gccaattttc aattgtgtga     88320
     ttctggacaa gctacttagc ttttaacttg ttacctaaac tgtgaattga gattaataac     88380
     actccagtaa cctggggtga ggcttaacta tgaaaatcat catgacagcc aggcatctgg     88440
     tgtctaagta tttcacagac acctaaggat gtggctcaca gtaggaagct agcctagcat     88500
     gcaccagcac ctcaagagaa aaaaaaaaaa ttcacatttg acttcctata tttaactcat     88560
     ctaatcacca taacattaaa ggtatagaac atccctacca ttatagaatg aattaattat     88620
     cacagatgtg agttaacctg cccatggcca cgacttagag tggcataagt ggaatttaaa     88680
     acaaagcatt gcaccccaaa gctgtactcg aacgtctaca ctatatctac aaagtataaa     88740
     gcacaaagcc tgaaccaggt aagctagcag tgagcactga cactgtttac ctggcacact     88800
     gagcaggctc cagtaaacac tgctggtgat aggctgagag agtaggacag ccaagaccta     88860
     ggctagttac cacaggctga ctctgctttt tctataagta tgtgcttttc cacacacaac     88920
     aaagtcactc ttacacttct agtcctacta ctaataccag atctctggac tcctttcggg     88980
     caggctcacg ccctctacat tcttttacaa tcacatatac tcacaggacc ctgctcatcc     89040
     tagacaatat gcagtaaatt aatgagtaat acccttcctg ccctcaaaat ccttccaaga     89100
     gcccagtcaa aatccttcca ggagtctcag tcttttgcca catcttgaga ccatggaggc     89160
     ccacatgtta ggaatcccag tggttatgtt ccactccaaa taaaatataa tcctgtaagc     89220
     ctaattttag gaacaaatcg gggttggggg aatataagaa gtcagattta gcacaaatgg     89280
     gaaaaacctg agcattagac caacaacggg agctcattat ctttctcttc tttcctaatt     89340
     taaatcttta gattcatttt caagagctaa caacatatgt aacccccaag gatccatgga     89400
     tggctaaagc caatgggaaa aggtaattgg aaacaggata ttcacaatgc caacgttcct     89460
     ccacaaatac taaaaacatt aaccactaca cagaaatctg tgggttacta ctttaactag     89520
     gtgaccaaaa ttagcagcat taattgtggg acagcctgac attatgaact ttccaatgtg     89580
     atgcaaaacg aggaacacaa tgtcacgcta aagtcttgcc aaaatattta acctatgtct     89640
     aatcaaacct acagagataa atttccagtt tataggaaat aaaacaaaga gaagaacaaa     89700
     ttaaacaaag cctcaaggga acaatcaagt acattcagaa tagaacattc tacaaccagc     89760
     tggcaccaag acttatcaaa gtacacaggt aaatcctgtt ccagattaaa ggaaatgtga     89820
     ccgagatatt tacatttaaa agtctaacta ccactgctga gatggctcag caagttgcat     89880
     gcaagtctgg caacatgagt tcaattcctg gaaactacat aaaggtggaa aaaggagaga     89940
     actgactcca cagtgttgtc ttggacccct atacatgcac ccacacatac acattttggg     90000
     agtataaagt gctagaactt ctccaacttt ctaagaagat atacaggata gaggaaggaa     90060
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggatataaga atctagaaac     90120
     aaaattatag cacagactta aatcttaatt atcgtaacat tcacatcacc ttatgcatcc     90180
     tgtcataggt ctagttaata cactaaaccg tatctaaagg gcagtcaggg caatagtact     90240
     actaacctgt gctttctaga agctgacagc cttactgtga gtaccaggat catatgctat     90300
     acctggcaaa gagcatgcaa tgctacaata aaccaataaa ccttcaaaga aaaaaatatc     90360
     tctggaatca tctccttgcc caaagtatgt ctcctttcat tttatctact tggtaacaac     90420
     tgacttttct ctaccttaca aaatttattg gagactatgg aaacataaaa tgcatgtttt     90480
     gcccgtaagg aacatagggt atgattttaa aaacaaaata ctgcttccat ttccactgaa     90540
     aaagctacta atagactatg tggatgttct cgcctcccag agcaattgtg ttattttgag     90600
     ttttgagaat gccaagaaag ctggaaggtt taaaaataac ctaacaaaga gctcattcca     90660
     ataccagatg gaaagaaact actctaaaga catgtgagtg ggagaacata tacacaatat     90720
     catatgacac catgcaaaaa aaggtttttg tgattacgta atactactag gattggcagg     90780
     actctgcagg taggaagcta ccaacagggt cacttctctg aaccattttt tttttaagag     90840
     ataatgggca agaaacagca agtgggtgac agaaaggaag gaaaaagact ttgctgtaaa     90900
     gctgcgttca tgtgtccctg ttacatgctg aaatggttgc caggtaaaat ttgagggctt     90960
     aaatccctgg agcccgtgac agttctgtct gtgtgtccat ccatatggcc aaaaacaagg     91020
     ggtgggaggg gtgggtgtca acaatacata cctagtgcat tagcaaggtg aagtaccttc     91080
     acgtgaatgc atgtagcact ttaaattggc aaattcaaac acacagaaac tgtactgaaa     91140
     cacatacaca taaattaggt ggcacgtacg ttaaaagagc atttctttat aaaattatat     91200
     acgcaaacac acacttatga cttcactctg agtaccagtt tcatacgacg tttctggtaa     91260
     ttaagcaaat gctccacagc tggggagaag gccccctggg tacagccctc gccataagcg     91320
     cgaggacctg agtgtggatc cccaggaccc acacagatgt gtggccatgg gagactgagg     91380
     aacaattatg aggcagctac tggttatttt ctatttatca acataagctc atgatcatag     91440
     ttcttaccca tttcatcagc taatcctccc tccccttcca attccctcag ccaagattcc     91500
     ctgtaaccac ccatgcctaa gctccaatgt tacatagcta aaaacaattc ttctctctct     91560
     aaacaggtca cactgggaat caagaatgac tggagtcaag attaactaaa aggaatccag     91620
     acgtggaagg taaagaataa gaactcagca aaccacgtct aacccacatg gatttatctt     91680
     ggaggtaatg aagagacaac taaaaaaacg cagaagtggt tttcataaat gaaacagtag     91740
     aataaaaaat agaaaaatga ggggctggag aaatggctca gtaattaaaa gcactgactg     91800
     ctcagacagt ggactctggc ttggttccca gcacccacac agcagctcac aaacacgtta     91860
     ccgcagttcc aggggatctg atgccctctt ctatggacac cagacataca tgtgattcgc     91920
     atacatacat gcaggcaaac actcacacac atgaaataaa aacaaaattt aaactatatt     91980
     acaatgaaca caatgctaga atttctataa tgaaaggaca ttaaaggtag caaccaatta     92040
     taaagagaaa ggtagtattt gcacatcatg cccccagttt ctctattcag gcggcatatt     92100
     tactttcaat tactttgggg gacattgatg acaattaata agtaagagat attaaggtcc     92160
     cctcaagcca ttcttagcat tagactagac acacagtgat tttcttattc tcaaataatt     92220
     accattttaa ttcctaaata attcaaggtg tttgaatctt atttaaataa aaaataattc     92280
     aggaaaataa gtgtaaacaa actttaatca taatctaagc cccccataca ctctcctaga     92340
     actggtatct gaagcatcag caagcttgtt ctgaatgaga tcactcgtct tcttcctaat     92400
     gcctccaaat tctgaacagt actcgagact atagtttttt tctttatcct tctcactgtg     92460
     cattcattaa atagcagcag aggaaaccaa aatactaatc taactcagtg tgctctccac     92520
     agtatctgtt acactgcact ttaccaaaca caccatgaat tccctcataa aaaacgaaca     92580
     catggcaaag ccacagcgca ggtgacagat caagaaatat aactgacaac aaaaaaacaa     92640
     cacatacact tggcatctgg ctccccctct agctaaaagc tatcataaac gcatcaaagc     92700
     actaccttct agtaattcgg ggttatttta taatgtctgt aattcatcaa caaaatgggg     92760
     aaatccttgt aaaaatttca tctttgcaga ttttactcag acaaaaaagc aaaaccattc     92820
     ataagaaaag agtagttgaa gctgttctta cttagctcac aaacaaaaca aaaatgactg     92880
     atgtcatgcc caggtactcg gtgggggaaa aacatgtcct atggaagtat cgatgaatcc     92940
     acatctgaat atgcatttga caatcacgaa cccagtaaga ctcctggaaa agtacactgg     93000
     cagctctacc agtgagcacc agcctgctcc ttagataaca aggaaacaga ctgagtctaa     93060
     acagactgat ttcagaacca cactccggcc ctgatatttt caagtcatga aatcaggcca     93120
     tgatcaccaa tttgatatat tcaaaaagta atgagaatgg tgttggagag atggacttat     93180
     cagttacaag cactggtcac tcttccagag gatctgagtt caattcccag tactcacata     93240
     ggagctaaca ctgtctgtaa ctccattccc tcccacagac atacatgcaa gtgggcaagc     93300
     accaatacac ataaaataat tatttttaaa aataaaaatg agaaaactct acacatccca     93360
     acaaaattta taggtagcat attttagatc ccaatctgat gacaagatga tgcccctatt     93420
     ctgacctcca aaggtaccag gcatacacaa tctgttatca aggtatctgc aaaaaaaaac     93480
     tccaagaatc ttgtggcttt tagacagtgc ctggaacaat ttaactctga agctttctta     93540
     ggaacaggag gaaggaaagc aaatagcatc ttaattgcac tgtctttcaa gagtatgaat     93600
     ctgtatgaaa taaagaccat gaactctggg actggagaga tggctcagtg gttaagagca     93660
     cttgttgctc ttgcagagga catgagttca agtgccagaa cccacatgat agctaacaac     93720
     cgtctgtaat tccagtgcca gatgatcaga tacccctctt ttgacatcca aagtcatcag     93780
     ggatacacag ggtacacaga catctatgga ggcataaaca gacataaaat taaataaaat     93840
     aatttaaaag accataaccc cctaggtagt agtggcctct gcctatagtt ctaacattca     93900
     ggagcctgag gccaagggat cagcagttcg aggccactat ggataacata ctgagtttga     93960
     ggtcagcctg aactatatga ccatactctg tttcaaaaca gacagcatac acacttgcca     94020
     accatcaact gaggaatgag aacgccagat acataaattt caagactgtt aaagttgagc     94080
     caggtgtgat ggcgtataga aaagggcagt ggccagtcat gcctttaaat cccaaccctc     94140
     aggaggaaaa ggcagaccat ctgcagcctg gtctatagag tgagttccag gacagccagg     94200
     gctacacaga gagatcctgt ctcaaaacaa aacaaaaaca aaaaagaagc aaataaacaa     94260
     acaaaaaaaa aagagggaga gagagaaaaa aagaaggcaa aagtacaaac ttcttcaaaa     94320
     aggagcaaaa ttaagatgat aagaattaca taaaggatat gtataccctg cttcactaaa     94380
     aggatcaaac caactgaaaa tcttctgcca ggactaataa gaaaacagta atgagcaact     94440
     gcatggagaa cagtttatcc ccaagagtgt ataaactcac tataataaca ctcaagatac     94500
     aacgtaacca tttcttgcaa ctttccctaa aaacagaagg aacaaaatag cagctgtgaa     94560
     atcaccaaac taaaattaaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaacaacct ccagcatctc     94620
     tggaaaacac aaaaacaaac aaaaacctta ttagtctcta cagactagtc atttatgtca     94680
     gggaacagtt caaggatgga acaacaggat ggcaattgct gtccagtggc cagaaaccag     94740
     cccgtcagcg atttgcttcc cgtgagatca ctttctctct agagccggcc aatcccccgg     94800
     gaggagaccc tctttgggca gaagctccct ccaggaggat ccacctggta atgaaacgag     94860
     agggtgagcc gagctccaga aatctctaca ggtacaggca gcccagcaag ccagggaaag     94920
     atttccaagc cgacagatgc gcgaactgaa aaaggaggtc agggagctga gagaatagca     94980
     ttaacccttg gctcgctggg acccctgaag atcgcggagc aaggcactgg atccggaggg     95040
     ctctgagatt tgatttgatt tttttttcta agatgcagga tctatggcgg gaaggcctgg     95100
     gagtgcggcg aagctcccca cgccctcgga ttccgcctga cttctcgggt ctgcccagct     95160
     tctccatcac caggggctcg ctccgctccg cagcggcacc caacaccttc gcggtccacc     95220
     gcaccgctgc ccacctggtt tcctgccagg gctcccgccc accgcacggt gactgacagg     95280
     ccggcgcgga cggacgaccc ctccgcggga agacacccca cgcctaactt tgaaacgcgg     95340
     gggccccccg ctctactcag cggcgcccgg accgccgccc cctcccccgg ctcctcgggc     95400
     cgcttcccac ctccagcccc gggctccccg cgtgagctcg cgccccggct cccgggcctg     95460
     cagggggctg gagacaaagg ctgcggcggc ggcgtggcgg ccgcccggac cgtcccctcg     95520
     gggccagcgc cgcccccacc ccaccggctc gcgcgccgcg gcttcgcctc gcctcacccg     95580
     gggttctcgg ccggggctcc cgcgccggcc gcagcttcag cccgacgaac aatggcagga     95640
     ggcggcgccc gcgtccgagg ctccggccct ctgcggctcc cgggctggcg ggctgcaggc     95700
     tggctgagta aagccgccgg cggagggagg gagcgaggga gagagcgagc gagcgagcga     95760
     gcgagccagc gagcagcccc ggcgcgcgcc ctcccgcctt tcctccgcga gacgaggccg     95820
     gcgcggcccg cggcccgccc gcggcccgcc cgcgcccctc ccccccggct cgccacaaca     95880
     ttgtagtaaa ttcctattgg gccgtgcggg agggaaggag ggggccgggc ccgcggcccg     95940
     ccagagcatt ggctgaggcc ctgttcgggc tccccgcgtc ttacctcccc ctcccctaga     96000
     gcggtaagga gaggggaggg gaatggagag agggaagggg aggggagagt aaggggctag     96060
     cagctgcgcg cacgcgcaag ttgaacccga gctggagctg gagactgagg ggttctggtc     96120
     tccagcagcg cgcgtgtgaa gaatggggca gctggtaccg agaacgaagg tgaaaccttt     96180
     ctccccatgg agggcttggg aagaagccgt gatctggggg gggggggggg gggggggggg     96240
     ggcagcggaa ttcacacgta gatgctgttg accaggctac cccaaaggaa accttaactc     96300
     aggtaagtca ctccgcctct ccgagcctca gtttaccgca taaccatctc tctaaggctc     96360
     ccttccaacc ctgacattca atatgacttt acctctcctg gcagctatgt taagacctga     96420
     aatggaatct taagcgttga gaccatgcca aagatttcac ctgtcttctg tcgtcattta     96480
     agattctcct atttctgcct gccatccacg aaattataag taaagcctcc acgatctggt     96540
     ccccagatga atttagggtt gctctgagaa gtgcacacga gtatatttct ctctagaagt     96600
     ttcagaggcc gcttgaccct tctacatcct gccaggctga tgtctgaaca ggctgcctcc     96660
     ctacagagca gaaagaaggt tctgttgtaa gaacatactt agaagataag acgggttctg     96720
     ctgtttcttt tgagagatgg ggaaaccaaa gctgagaggc tcagccctgc caggatcaga     96780
     agccaagcaa cgtgacatca gagcccgcac acgccagcta gactgcctcc tggtataaaa     96840
     atcaaagctg gttcacaatc tcagcccagc ctcaggaatc agactgctca ggttcagtgc     96900
     tccgtctcag ccctctctaa ttgtttgacc ttctttgtgc ctggtttctg acccccaaaa     96960
     aaatagaata aaggctggga gtggtggcgc atgccagtat ccctagctct cgggatgtga     97020
     cagcagaaca aacacaaatc caaggccagc ctccactaca ttgtaaggtt gaagccagtc     97080
     tggaccacat gagaccctgc ctcaaaaaaa gagggaagcc ggcagtccta cctcatagag     97140
     ttactgtaac aattaattgt tttttaatta atgaatcgat caacggaact tagaacaatt     97200
     cccaggacat agtaaaatct cagttaaatg ttcatttttt tactactact tagactaaaa     97260
     tatcagctaa gaagtacgtg gcaggcagag aaccgttcca ctgttgtcag gtctgagaac     97320
     atttatataa aatcagaagt tgtaaaaacc ccgtgagatc cacctgactc agcccattct     97380
     gcgcagcctt cctctgtcct aatcactgca cttttcggtg tttgcccctg ccagacagcc     97440
     tcctatatac tgacaactgg ttgaatctct cagattgttg cagtctagat ccaggagact     97500
     gtaaactgga gaggacaggg actttgtctt tattatgaca cagagcaatg ctggaatatt     97560
     aaatatttat tgaaccagtg aatggactat cgttttatta ataagagact caaacagttt     97620
     aagtgatctg gaccaaggag cacccatttg ttcttaaata ttctggttcc ctgctctgaa     97680
     ccctcaggtc cagcagagct tttgattggc aagttctaat ctgccacttc tggactctca     97740
     ggcaggagaa tctggtacca tgtaagctag attctgaaaa tccatcacca gacagatcac     97800
     ttcctccact accatgttat ccaggaaatt cagacgtgtg gagctaactg ccctgtgtgc     97860
     tagccaaagg cacatcacca tccttgggat gcttgtagaa tttgtaatat ttagtaatca     97920
     tcctgctgaa gagaagaata ggtcttaggc tagcagcaaa catgagaaac aaggcaggtg     97980
     taaatcacga ctagtttcaa agtgttgtgc aaccacacac caaaatctat tggtctaact     98040
     tttaaaatcc ccaagtcctg gattccagag ctggcctttc actcttagcg tgcagacgga     98100
     agcatgtgga gagcactgtc tgtgcaggag agattttcct gtcagtgcac accaccacct     98160
     gttacctgtc ttatctctga ggatggctga gctcaaccga taatgaggat ataaataaca     98220
     cccactaaga agacaaagaa actatcctta caccccgggc ccatctgcca aatcagacct     98280
     ccagtcccag ttcaccctgc agaagctctc attaggttcc aagggtaaag gtcccaagca     98340
     caatctctca ggctaatttc ctaggcagaa acactttggc tccatgctta catctgggtg     98400
     gtgactgtgc catgctgcag gcccagcaaa gggtccctcg ggaccacctc tatcccatct     98460
     gccagctgag ccccatcact acctcctcac tacaaccctc ctgcttcttt ctagggaata     98520
     tagaccctgc tagctgtctg tctgttagtc cctggagcgg tcaagagctc taagatttaa     98580
     aaaagaataa ataaaagcat gaaaagggtc ttaatctttc cccactgcaa actgagctcc     98640
     cgagaacaca aacaccagct gcatgaaaca ggatgaaatg agacagtgaa attggggtaa     98700
     ccagtatgga gagtcaggga ggggagatga ggcccccagg gacctggaag ggatgggatt     98760
     ggaagaaaga gggaggggac aaatggagtc taacccatgc tcaaatctgg gtcaggggtg     98820
     gattaggggc acagctggcc tcaagcccca gtgatagggt tcatggagaa cattcatttg     98880
     tggcgggctt tgaaaagctg ggcacatcag caaaatgttc taaacggtca ttatggaata     98940
     aaaaccagcc ctgcgctaac tgcacagaga aagcagagca gaacaagtct ctcatattct     99000
     cctcaccatc aaacttacac tgtaaactat tttttttttt gaaactagag actttcaaat     99060
     gctaggaaac cattctgcca ctgacctaca gtctaagtct gtagtctagg ttggtctgta     99120
     actcgaagca atactcctgc ctcagcttca tgagtagcta ggagtacaag cctggctact     99180
     ttaggccttt taaacaaaaa tgataaatca atcaaagtat atggggatgg aaattactat     99240
     taataagaag gaatgccttc ctaaggggat atttttatta ggagtactca aattttagag     99300
     aatacagtta agaatagatg tagttaaata gaaatataag tcacataaag tcactaatga     99360
     gaaatgtaac tacctcaagg ttgtgataga acactttccc tttgaatacc tttcacacac     99420
     gggcacacac acatttatac acgcacacat tttcacttgc gtatattaat ttcagtaatg     99480
     ggcaattgct gcttttttag gtagattaaa tatcacagta tcatttgcct cagcctactg     99540
     agtctttgtt ttgcaggtgt ggtgttcatc tgtgcttgtg tgtgcctgta aagaccagag     99600
     tgtgacatca gatgtcttcc tctgtcttcc acctttgttt tgtttttttg agacagtctc     99660
     actgaacctg gaacttactg ttgtgggtag ccctgctggc cagtgagcac ctgggatcca     99720
     cagtctctgc cctctgcttc cccaaacccc cagccctgag attgcagaca cacaccacca     99780
     tgcccctgcc tctacatggg atcagactca ggtccacata ctcatatggc aagcagttta     99840
     cccactgaat atctccttaa tccctcagtc taaagtactt ctgggttgtt gttgttgttg     99900
     ttgttgctgc tgctgctgct gctgctgctg ctgttgctgc tgctgcgttt ttgagactga     99960
     gtctcactgt gtagcacctg ctggcctgga actcacagag atctgctctg tctcatgagt    100020
     tctcagcaag gatgattggt tttgttcttg ttttttgttt tgttgttgtt tgtttgtttg    100080
     aaaacttatt gtatggaact gacttttcac ttaacaacag attacaataa atattttaac    100140
     agtactataa atgttctgta atttacttaa ccctcttgtg gtaaagttag gttgtttccc    100200
     gtttcttctc tcataaatga tacttaacaa ctatcccttt gtgtaaactg tacctgtgat    100260
     tattttttaa gagtacatta aacatagcat gttatttctt ttaattaaag tatgcaaggc    100320
     tgcctggtcc tgacatttct aaaacaaaaa aagctaggtt ttgtataaca ttgtgtcttt    100380
     cctgttttta cctctttgac agaaggtaat ttttttttac taaaaattct cttaaggggt    100440
     tggagagatg gctcagtggt taagagcaat tcttgttctt gcagagaacc tatatttggt    100500
     tcccaggacc catgtcaggt ggctcacaac cccctggaag ttcagctcca gggaatctac    100560
     tgctgtcttc tgcctctgca ggcaggtgct tgcactcagg tgcatatacc cacacacgga    100620
     cacatataca gaattttaaa aataaaataa atcttgggct agagaaacaa ttctgtggtt    100680
     aagagcactt gctgctcttg cagaggactt gggttcaggt cccagaaccc acagggcagc    100740
     ttacaaattc cagttccagg agatctgagc ccactttgtc tacctcggac aacagtcata    100800
     catacataca tacatacatg caaacaaaat acacatatgt aattgtttgt ttttaatctg    100860
     aggggagggc atagggaact ttcggatagc atttgaaatg taaataaaat atctaataaa    100920
     aatttttgaa aaaaaactaa aaaatagagt aaatcttttt aaaatcctct tttaaagttt    100980
     tctatagcca agagtggggc cacatgcctt taatcccagc attcagcagg cagaggctag    101040
     tggatctcta tgagttcaaa gccagcctag tctagggagt tccaggacag ccagagctac    101100
     atagtgagac catatcttaa aaaagcaaaa gaaaaccagg gtttttctat ataggcctgg    101160
     ctgttctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc tagccttgag aactcaggga tccacctagc    101220
     tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa atcttggacc accatgactg aggaaattta tttttaagat    101280
     aattcttttg tatttaaata aatttaccac ttattaaaag aaaattacta atggaaggta    101340
     tgcttactta tttttacatg aataaatcta ttttggcaga atattttgac agaatatttg    101400
     atactgtagg attcagactc tcttcaatgt ttttcatagt tgatgcatag tttgattttt    101460
     ataatcacta attctgagaa cactgcttca cataaataca tggtgcaaaa tagcacaagt    101520
     ttgtttaggc cattttcaga aattctttcc taatctcaag ccaaattcac tgaaggattt    101580
     ttttaaatga agctcaaatc agaaaggcaa acagcagtgc atgtgtgtgt gtgtgagggg    101640
     tggggggaga cagggagaga gagagagaca gacagagaca gatagagaga ctgatattga    101700
     ttcatatgca tgtagaggcc caaaactgac attcaatgat tgacattcag tgttttccct    101760
     gattgctccc accttatata tttatatact gaggcagagc ctctcaaagc gaccccagca    101820
     cttaccagtc cagctagtct tgttagccag cctgctccaa ggagtccctg tctctgcctc    101880
     ccaggagctg ggattctgtg tgcaacaagc ctgcctggtt ttcaggtggg ttctggggat    101940
     ctgagctccg ttcctcacct tacaggttgc agggaagcag cactttatcc actgacccat    102000
     ctccccagac ccttaactgg caatcttaaa aatcaaacct tataacataa tacagtccta    102060
     agaaatactg atttggagga gcttagggga ccacgctggc ctcaaacttg ctgggatccg    102120
     cttgccttgg cctccaagtg ctggaattac aagcccgtgc caccacaccc tcagctgtca    102180
     ataccgattt gatctttaca agctgaggaa taatctagga aaatcctaaa aacctttatt    102240
     ttctgtaaag aaactagaat gtttctgtaa gcacagaaaa cttggtgcag tgagttcaaa    102300
     atactgcagt ttatcacgtg ttgaagtgtc cagtctcagc ccaggtgtct caggcagcac    102360
     tcactgacat caaatgggca atgtgtcctt gctagatgtt cagaaccggg actaagagga    102420
     atttgcacaa tgccacacag gcaagtaggg ccaaaaacac cccaattcct gacacaccgg    102480
     attccagata tttggttgtt aaggattcag aaatctacta ctgtcaactt tttggtgaca    102540
     cttatttaat tgtgcaatca tatacggggt tgcaatctac agtctaagga gatggctcag    102600
     cagttaaagg tatttgccac caggtccaat gacctctgtt tgatcctcag gacccatatg    102660
     gaggaagtaa atgatttcca cgggttgtcc tctgcccctc ccactgcacc atggtgcaca    102720
     tacacccgcc cacataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa tataattctt    102780
     aaaagccatg gtctaagttc acctaatgtt aacctgattc agcctttgga gaccaccaag    102840
     cccaagctac taacttttta gcaagctgag aaatacaaaa cacttaccca aggtcaccca    102900
     acacattaac aatggaaccc aagcttgaac ccacattttc caactgttac tataggatgc    102960
     tgctcacagc ttcccccact cccaccccac ccctaaggcc atctatattt actctacaaa    103020
     gctagaggcc aaattaaatt ctacagccag ccaggcttgg tgacatcttc atgtaatcct    103080
     gagacaggaa gatactgagt ttgagaccca ttaagctata aagtggtatc tgtctcaaaa    103140
     cataagtaaa acttctgaag gccagcaata ctaggaatat ctgagctgca agagaccttt    103200
     ataaataact tactgtaggg ggatagggtg agggactatg tgatgcaggg gactgagagg    103260
     aagtgggggc agcgatcgag atgtaaaagg aataaataag ttaatggggg aaaatttatt    103320
     gtaagtaaga attggtggta cagatctata atcaatgtct acacaggtgg ctaagacatg    103380
     aggatcaaat tttccagatc cacctgggct acaaagtgag ttcaagacca gcctgggcaa    103440
     ctaactaaaa ctcaaaatat aaaaacagtg ccagggcaaa acggagtgat aaagtgctta    103500
     cacagcatgc acaaggccct cggttcaatt aaaaataata ctaatacttt actattgaaa    103560
     agtagtaaca attagggttg ggatgtagct tggtggcagg atgttttcct agcatgtaca    103620
     agggtgtggt ccccaacacc tcaaatgcac acacacaaac atacacacac acaaaataaa    103680
     tgagcttcat ggcacaagcc tacagagggt tataaacgtg gggggtataa agtgagttca    103740
     aggccctgct gtgctatata gaccttgctg caattcctcc tctgagcacc tccccccccc    103800
     aaaaaaaatc taaaaacaaa aacaattatg tgtgtgaggg acttagaatg tatttgatat    103860
     atgctaaaag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgttat tgcgtttagc ccaatagcaa ccctttgaag    103920
     tattattagt gtccgttccg tatgaggaaa ccacagctta agatgttagg tgacttgccc    103980
     aacaccatac aagtcaaacc agtcctgtct ggagccacta tccttatact gctccccaga    104040
     aagtcactga gatgacatga atgggaaata caagcttgtg tccaagaccc aagagaaaga    104100
     ctgttggggc tgcctctgac tgtagccctg agacatctga agaaggaacc aagatctgac    104160
     tgacctccca tgaccctcct caatcctctt ctcccaaagc caaaatgagc ccagtgacct    104220
     tgatccagca aagccttcag ctcactcagg cttaacccac tagatctctc ccaagagcag    104280
     ggaactctct tgacaggagg ttttccaggg acagagagag ggtccatgtg acacctgctc    104340
     acaggggcct ttctaaatct ggtaaagttg gtctggccca ggccttaact gagagaagat    104400
     agaaggtgca gaggggattg agtatccaga aatggctgtt cgacttgccc taagagcatc    104460
     ctacactgaa ggacaggcaa gacagtccct gagccaccca gagaacatcc agctaacttc    104520
     agtttccaag ctgttccatg gggtagctga ggtgtgttgg tgagggagac agacacaata    104580
     agaaagcctg caaacaagct gcaatgttga aatctgacta tgtgactcta ggattctggg    104640
     aagccacttc cccagtattg gcagtcacca cacagtggta acaaaactca aaggacatct    104700
     tctgctcctt actacagact ctagtcacca ttttttttcc aaatccatct acattggttc    104760
     tccagagctg gaaagcaagc taattctata gccatgatgc atagaaatcc cagggcggaa    104820
     gatgcagctg tcttcgctac tgtgtatgtt cttctttttc caccctgtat cctcccagat    104880
     tctccctcat cactagataa gggaaaaaga aggatagagg ggaagagaga tccctgaatc    104940
     taatttcttt cttcttgttt tttcttcgac tactaacaaa cctcaacaaa cccacccccg    105000
     tccccaaaca atgaacaacc actcaacctc acttctgggg cttatagcat ttatataccc    105060
     tctggaaagt tcctagaatc ccaaaccaca ggaaatcaca gaaactatct gcagctggca    105120
     aaaacctgtc tctgctagag catttttcaa atcacagtca gctgctccac agcggaccta    105180
     tactccacac ctgggatcaa aaccaaaaca tagtcttgta atatttctgt gttgttgttt    105240
     gttaagagac caaaattcca gaattctcaa aaatgtcacc acaggaagag gcttagagat    105300
     gagagctggt gagatagcaa gtctggcata ctgacttgga tccccagacc ctgaataggg    105360
     aaagttcaga atcaactctt acaaaatgtc ctctgacctc catgggagca agcacaagta    105420
     aataaataga taaggtgtta tttaaaaaaa aaaagataag gtgttattta aagcagcaag    105480
     gaagtgtccc ccagttgctg gccacttgcc aggctcattc acagccctgg gacatccaat    105540
     ccccagcacc aaaaccagaa aggaagaggg gaggggaggc ataaataaat aagatggctg    105600
     aacaacagga tgacgtcctc atagttgcca gcacaggtgg gttctggtga agaccttctt    105660
     cctagcttac ttacagacaa cctcctcctg tgtccccaca tggcagggac cttcctaata    105720
     tttgttctcc tgtcacaagg gccttgcctt catgatctcc aaccctccct accaactgca    105780
     gacaccatca cctgagaatt ctgtgcagac acggacattc ggtgtctccg atctccggct    105840
     ccctcaccag tcaggaggag gtggctttga ttaccaggct gcctcactgg gcggctagaa    105900
     ggatcaaatg gacgtgcagg atttctgcag attacaatgc accacactgc aacaagcccg    105960
     tttggttttt ttgagatagg tcttgctggt ctcaaactct gatttgccta cctccacctc    106020
     ccaagtgcta ggattatagg tatatactgt cacttagccc taaataagac ttttaatttt    106080
     tttagttttt tggaggggaa ctggaaagat agcttaacag ttaaagcatt tgctgctctt    106140
     actgaggacc tgggctcagt tcccagcacc cacacagcag cttacaaaca tctgtaactc    106200
     cagttctagg ggacccaaca ccttctccta gaccatgtgt ggcatgcaca tggtgtacaa    106260
     atatgtatgc aggcaaatag tcacacttta taaaagtaac ttttaaaatg agtttatgtg    106320
     tgtgtatgta tgtatatatg tgtgtctgca tgagtttatg tacatcacat gcatgtggaa    106380
     gcctgtagag accagaaaag gatgtcatca gccctggagt tacaggaagt tttgggcccc    106440
     ctgatatggg tgctggaaac tcaaccctca ttcttgcaca agaatattaa gtaagcagtc    106500
     tcaaccccag gacttttgtt gatttgtttg ggtttttgag actcggtttc cgcaagagcc    106560
     ttttctagcc tggaacttgc tatgtagatc agtctggccc caaactcaga gatccaccag    106620
     cctctgggtc ctgagggctg ggctcaacct gccttgactt ttaatttaaa tctgttattg    106680
     accacatgga aagaagcctc cagccaaggc tccctgaagt gagtgcctga atggagctcc    106740
     tcttttgtgc aggtttagga aggccagagg agcaagctga ggacgtgcag ttacagccac    106800
     cagcaaagtc gtttccatgt gggtgacaga aagaagaggg tttggaggca aggaaacctg    106860
     ggttcaaacc aaagctcagc caccaccatg ctatgtcaca tccccgcctt cccttatctc    106920
     taagtggaga tggcacgcat cagcctcggt gccaacgtgt tatatgcaat gtcaccacac    106980
     ctcagcagtc gcctcctgag aaaggcagat tgcctcccgt ttacagatga agcagaattt    107040
     cagagaagca ggaaatttcc cccaagatcc ctgggccagg aaagccactc agcctaggtc    107100
     tgccggtggt cattcccacg gtgggctctg tcatggtttc agcaaagaca agcgagcctc    107160
     agctcagtac cgttcacatg ctcctaggaa atcccacacc cacattttct cactttagga    107220
     catgaaatcg gagaggtagt ttgcccagtg ccacacagca ggaagggagg taactgcgtg    107280
     tctgacttat ccagtccctt gcccatgaca ctaccctgtc tctttcccag aaagccaagc    107340
     aggcatcctt atcctacttg acagatgaag cccggtaaga agcagttgtc cctcgattgc    107400
     caccaagtca acaactcaga agggacttga gctaggctcc tgatctttat ggttttctta    107460
     gatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtc agtatgctaa ggttggtctt    107520
     gcgtgctgtg tatccaggtg ctgagttctc tgccccaaga tcgggttgca gtctggacat    107580
     ggacattgta ttgacaaatg tgctgtaaag aatgctcccc agccccctga agagatggct    107640
     cagtggttaa gagcactgac tgctcttcca aaggttttga gttcaaatcc cagcaactac    107700
     atggtggctc acaaccatct gtagtgggat ctgacgccct cttctggtgt gtctgaagac    107760
     agcgacaatg tactcatata aataaaataa ataaatcttt tttttttaaa gactgttccc    107820
     cataatctct tattggataa taaaaggcta gagcctgcga ctgggcaggg gagaggaagg    107880
     tgggactgga gacggagtaa gggtccatga gagaagggat caggtagggg aaggaggtga    107940
     tgaggcagga tggactatga gcacatagcc atgagctcat cctgaggata tccagggagc    108000
     agagcaaaca gcaagactca gttagcaagt gacaggcctg tggctggggt gtgggttaca    108060
     atagctcagg acctgtccag cttaggctta cagctaaata aaaagaccag ggttttgtgt    108120
     ctcttattca gaagctatat gggctagagt ggggcagaac ccacacacac ctaaaaaatc    108180
     aaaacaatag ttgtgtgtgt tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtgca caagtgcctt tggaggccag    108240
     aataggatgc caggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgta cacaagtgcc tttggagacc    108300
     agagcaggat gccagatcag ctgaggctag agtcacagga ggttgcaagc tgctggaatg    108360
     ggtgctaacc accacattct ggtcctctgt gagactagca tgcactgtca acacaagcca    108420
     acgctagcta gcatatgcca gtcaaatgct ggggattcac cccagggctt tctggataca    108480
     aaacaagggc tccaccacca agctacacac ccagccccac atccctgctt tttttttttt    108540
     ttttttggtt tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtatagccct ggctgtcctg gagctcactt    108600
     tgtagaccaa gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tctgcctgcc tctgcctccc gaatgctggg    108660
     attaaaggcg tgcaccacca cgcccggtga catccttgct tttaaaccca gtgttatttt    108720
     ctccactcat acttgctgag tcctgggcat ctgaacacgg acacttggaa gccccataac    108780
     caatcccctg ggactgtgag agcccctgct acaccaggct agcctagaaa tcagagtgct    108840
     gggtagaaat ggtgcaggac actatccagt gagacagtgg ctaaacctgt gagtctccca    108900
     ctttggaaac ctcagtcctc atctccctaa gttgtaggct cagactggga ggggggtatc    108960
     cactcccagc tcagcacagc tgtcttctat gatttctgct gaaaaaacaa acaaaaagaa    109020
     aaactccatc gtgtgggcct acgtgctaat taccaataat gacataatag ccattgtggg    109080
     cccaacagcc aaacagcccc aactagaaat tctgcatagc tcacatttag gaacaaaaga    109140
     cttaggcact gcaactgaaa ctgatgccct agcagaaaaa taccaggagc aaaggggcct    109200
     cggagttgac ccagccgcag tatcatctgg caaacggcca gaggaatgag ctcccacttt    109260
     ctggggtcat taactgagaa gctactacat actcagtaca cgtgacgcct acacaggaag    109320
     aagccttcat ttactcatca atacacgtag acacttatta agcacccact atgtatcatg    109380
     catgctgttt taggtacaaa ggatgaaaca ctgaataggc agcatcacca agcttacgtg    109440
     agggaaaaca gacaataagt aatccataaa aggtcgtaca ttggagggag aagtgacata    109500
     gagaaagaca ggcagggagg gaaggagggg aagtatcgcc agggatcaga gggagaatag    109560
     agtcaggtgg tgtgttaggt gggcatgggg actcccgcct ttaatcccag agcttgggaa    109620
     gtggaggcag acaggtctct atgaatttga ggccagcctg gtctatatag tgagtttcag    109680
     gacagccaac atgacataga aagatcctgt ctcaaaaaaa ctgtgtttaa cttatgtgta    109740
     actgatggtc gagggttggg ggttagtgcc tgtgagtgca gtgcccagag gtcaccagat    109800
     ccctggagct ggactgtcac ctgatgtgag tgctgggaac tgaatctggt tcctctgcaa    109860
     gagcactaca ctcttaactg ccgagctgtc tctctgttcc aaatgtaaat aagataagca    109920
     gaacaagcct tactaaggag atgttgaaac aaaaatttta cgatgagact ataagacaaa    109980
     aggtatttat agaaggttga atgctcccag accgtgcagt gcaaaagccc cagggtagaa    110040
     gtctgcctga gaggatatgc cagtcattaa cagagccggg ggaagaggac aggcacagcc    110100
     taatcacccg tgtgtgcttg gacttgagtt cacaacaagc atggaggtaa cacctttgga    110160
     cctagaatga gcagggttgt ctgagtccag ctgtctgtcc tctccttgcc tctggaaatc    110220
     ctaaatacaa cttgggtaaa cgagtggaca gatgtcatca aggggttgct cctcaaactc    110280
     aatgaactgt tttctggcta gccttttctc ctcctggtat cgactggcca tagaggagcc    110340
     acatctaatc accccggtgt gtcagctctg gattaaccac ttcacgcgga ttatacaatt    110400
     cggtgccgga gtcgtttgtg gaaaggcgct aatctgcttc cccttgataa tgggatatgc    110460
     tggagctcac tgaggtcaag cgacagctgg aggccgggcc agtgagtggt agagctcaat    110520
     aataataata ataattattc ttattcatat aattattatt attttattat tattgttatt    110580
     attttattat tatttattat tttattatta tatttatttt attgttatat tttattatta    110640
     tttattatta ttgttcatat tattattatt attattatta ttattatatg tattcatttt    110700
     actctatgtg ttaagtgttt tgcctgagtg gatgtgtacc acacaggtgc ttgctgccca    110760
     cagaggtcag aagagggtat cagatcctct agaactggag ttacagaggt tgtgaactac    110820
     cttgtgggtt ctgggagtct tgaacccaga tactctgcaa gagcaacaag agctattatc    110880
     cactaagcca tctctccagc cctgaggcta ggatttaaac aggctctctc gtggcccagg    110940
     atggcatcaa actcactata tagctaaagt taaccttgaa cctctgatcc tcctgcctct    111000
     accccctgag tgctgggatt acagatgtgt gccactgtgc catgctgggt tcatatgatg    111060
     ttggagatgc tagaaatcca acccaaggcc tcaggcatgc taggcaagtt ccctaccaac    111120
     tagctatacc tcctagccct aggactccac ttttaaccct ctcatgtaac agagacctgt    111180
     gattgctgca gaccctcctt ttataaatca atgcagaggc agagaagatg gtgacctcca    111240
     aagcctggca gaggaaaagc tggagaagct ggggctactt cagccctgct acagtctggg    111300
     ttgttggccg ggtttcctct ttgaaacctt tctggcctcc gcagaagtct gcatcatcct    111360
     tgttgagttc caaggaactc acagtccatt tctgtccctt tggccgagac ctgggtaggg    111420
     cgggaccttt tctactatct gactcttcaa agggtgtgca cagtggcatc taatcaggag    111480
     aaactgcaga agagaaacta ccttaggtga ggctaaggct ggatgctgag catctggctt    111540
     caaaactggt ttatcaggtt ccatttcttc aataagaaac ctatcaggca ggcatggtgg    111600
     cacgcacctg tagtctcagc actcaggaga ctgaggcagg agtatgtgag tttaaggata    111660
     gcatgggctg tggagagagt accaaaccag cctggaatac agatcaagac cctactttaa    111720
     aattccaaaa agagggaggg actggagaga gggctcaatg gttaagagaa tctgcttccc    111780
     agtcaagtgg agctgagttc atatccaaca cccacataag gtagatgtgg tctgagtact    111840
     gctttaactc cagactgtat gttatgggac agagatagga agacaactga ggcctgctgt    111900
     tgccagccta gaggaataat caaagctttg aactcagaga ccctgattca aagacataag    111960
     acggggagtg atataggata cccagtgcga tacccagtgt cttcctctgg tcttcacata    112020
     cacgtacagg catgcccata tactactaca tatatactac acaatgacac acacacacat    112080
     acgtgatatg cacacaccaa atccaaaaag gaaaaaggaa gtatattaaa ctccaggtgg    112140
     aatagggcag acatttaaga ggtagcagtt tgctgggcgg tggtggcgca caccttgaat    112200
     cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggcaga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca    112260
     aagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa aacaaaaaac    112320
     aaacaaacaa aaaaagaggt agcagtttgt gatcctagaa ctcaagagac tgaggcagga    112380
     ggattgctgt gagttgaaga gaagcctgta ctacattatc agaccatatg tcaaatagac    112440
     agacaaagca gcagttgcag tgacaacggc agtctgtgct tagggagcta ctgggacttc    112500
     ctcttcccta ccaacatcct cacagcaaga ccagccccat ccacagcagg ggaactgagg    112560
     ctcacagaag tgaagccatc accgcagtat acacacgcac tgaggggcca gagcagggag    112620
     tccagagaat catagtcctc tggagatact ggctatcaca ccagtctaag ggtcctgctt    112680
     ctgcatggaa agatatccag aagggacctg ggtctgcact ggccatgccc ctcagagata    112740
     ccgaccttca tacctcactc ctgtctccat gccagaagaa agggagcctg atcgtcaatt    112800
     tccaggaaaa aagaaagcta caactttccc aagtgtttgt ccttgtttcc ggaccactgt    112860
     tggctttggc ctccaaccag agaatgtcat ctagggtagg ggacagaggg cacctaggct    112920
     tcaggactag gagtccttag gcctgaggcc aagggggcca agggtcagga ggcgagctgg    112980
     ttcagcagag ggacgggacc cccctggaga cttaagcttg tttcttactc ttttccttcc    113040
     tttgcaactg gcgtggctgc caggacaggg gaaccttggg cgggagccag gaggtggaga    113100
     gcttgcatga ttatctcatt agagctcctg gggggatgca cagtgtagac tctgggctgg    113160
     ttttggggga tcacatcact gatgcctcgg acccgctctc tgaggaaaaa tcctgtgtgt    113220
     ccctattccc ctgaggtgga aactacatac tgagagggca accatgcctg aagggcacat    113280
     agcttgtcag tgacagagct ggcagagaac ccaaactgtt ggcctctgaa agggtcacgt    113340
     gggtcacctg gggtggggat aagaagggaa aaggcagaga aaagaaggaa cagtgtccaa    113400
     aagacccagg ctatctcagg gagcacggca aacagggtcg gggtttcagg aaggtgtggg    113460
     gagtcagaag tcagtcccca tactccacac agtgtgaccc aactctctga ccagcttcat    113520
     ctcccatctc cacccctccc tctctgcccc agccacacca cagtgtttat ccaccctgag    113580
     catattatat gggttaaagc cttttgcata tgctgtgacc agcatctaaa aaggtcgttc    113640
     cctccactgc gcaacaaggg aactcatcat ctcactcttt gtcctctgac tcctaggagt    113700
     tgccctgatg ctctgggctc accgtgcacc tgagggacag gaacccatgg gagtcacctg    113760
     tgcccctaga atcttaccta agcccatgct ttatagacat gtatcaccta gctgtctttc    113820
     atcgctgaat ctgagagaca ggcaaaatgg gtttttatat ctgcatgttc agggaaagga    113880
     agggtaaaag aggggtgaca tagacaggcc cagaacccag ggtttctctg aaccacacag    113940
     actttgctgg gcacccacac caaagagtgc ttatccctgc cagacctacc agctatcagc    114000
     gtcacacaga ggaaccccta aggtaggagg agtcctgatg gccataactc gagagcctcc    114060
     atgtccagct cagacacggc agttgaagag ggtaggtagt gagacgcaga taagtagctt    114120
     ccttcccccc atgctgctct gtatcctgtg ctcaggggta cccctcagcc taagtatcca    114180
     ctggatccag tcacccccaa ccccaaggcc tcactctcac ctcggtcctc tctctcacct    114240
     gtccactgca gtccatcatt atgtttccgt ggccctgtcc cacactcaga cctaacgtct    114300
     cccactgctg catggcacag ttcccggccc aaaatctcag cattcctccc ctaaacaggt    114360
     ggccctgctt ccgctctccc tgtgtaacgt gcaatggctc cccgcagcct tgaggtcagg    114420
     cctcacattg tcctgagcct gcctttgcag gctcatttcc ctgggtgctg gaccaggttc    114480
     tgcatcctgg aaagtacagt tcctctcaat aggaatggcc tttctcttag tctttgccta    114540
     agaacaccta ttcacccggg aacacagggc agggcagcaa aagctacacg caaccacagt    114600
     ctcagccaaa gttagactca gaatgcagag agtccttcag tccaattaga tactgagctt    114660
     tcccaagggc agaagaaagg gtctgtacag agtcagctct agtcctgccg tgccagcata    114720
     gagcctggca cagaagtggc accaggaaaa gcagatggcc aggaaatgga gacacatcca    114780
     tactcccgtg aagccacctc cctcccttca ccctacaagt accttttgga acctgtcaga    114840
     ctagctctgc tattcaccca ctcccagcaa tgtcctccca gtccactctc ccaagaggga    114900
     catctttaca ttctcagaat gatgcccata atcataatta gggtagtaac agccgtcacc    114960
     accatttatt gagtgttcgt tgtatgcctg gttatttaac cctcacaaga accctaggag    115020
     ggaaggaatt ttttttatta ttgtcttcat tttacagata aggaaattga ggctcggaga    115080
     agctatctgg tctaaggtca ctcaactggt aagcaaacag tgcggggtca cagccaggtc    115140
     tgcctgacct gcaagccacc ctgctgtcca gccgcttcct gctttctatc agagtttaga    115200
     gcagccgtcc ccagcagcct ggagctgggt atcaaagatg gacagagagg ccactgacac    115260
     cagcctgctg ttttaggatg gctcaagggt taagagcacc cacatggtgg ctaactacag    115320
     tctggaacgc cagttccaga tgatctgaca ccctcttctg gcttctgagg gcagcaggca    115380
     cacatgttgt acttagatat acatgcaagc aaaacactca taaatataaa atgaaaacaa    115440
     atattttctg tagaaaaaca gggtcattgc tcagaaggtc actgggaggg agacaagaaa    115500
     taatgtctct ggaagagtac acagggctag tgcaagagac tgagacggct caatggggaa    115560
     ggcgtgacaa ggacttgacc ttaatgcaca gggaaaagaa ccaactccca aaatgatgtg    115620
     tcctctaatt tccccacatc tgcagtgtta cagaagcatc caacctaccc aatctctctc    115680
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctgacacac    115740
     acacaaataa taataacaat acaatttagg gctggtctca gcagttaagg gcactgactg    115800
     ttcttccaga gggtcctgat tcccagcaac cacgtggtgg ctcatgacca tctgtaatgg    115860
     gatctgatgc ccttttctgg tgtgtctgaa cacagataca gtgtacagaa aataaataga    115920
     tctaaaaaat aataataatg atacaattta aaaattagaa ataaaatttt aaaaataagt    115980
     taaagggatt aaaataggac agcagacaag tagaatatgg aaaacaagat aaatagcagt    116040
     ataggtatga catgaacttc tcaggtcacc tacacctaag agaacaaaat tctccagggt    116100
     ccttctccca gctaaagcca agtgaccaat ggtgccaatt taatgattac ctacctgttt    116160
     gagctaaaca actctccaag ggaagagccc ttcattaccc tattccacaa gtcagattcg    116220
     aaccaagact acgaaggggg actgagccaa gtcacacagc aaatcacacc gtacagaacc    116280
     aagtctgtat cccagtgctg gggccttcag gggctcctga ctcctgtatt ctagtctagc    116340
     taataagagc taaaattagg aggaaggagc caaaacaaaa aatgaacact tcactgaacc    116400
     ctcttccaga aggagcctag ggctagagga agccaaagat tactgatcag ccccatgcta    116460
     agctgcttct agctgctggg ggaaggtcct gtgatgtgga tgccacaggg aaggtcacaa    116520
     gatccagaga agtttaccat ttgtccgaga tcacaccatt aggaatgtga ctatatctgg    116580
     gaaccctgtg gaatccctcc tccccctgcc cagcttcaca tcaaacgttc ctgactgccc    116640
     catgagaagt ttcccatcag agcaaagcta aaggctctgc cacaccctcc cagaaaatcc    116700
     agttgcttgt tcctccatcc ggtgatggat gccccactca ggtcctagac ccacggattc    116760
     acaactggat ggtgagataa gggtcttaca ttatccgagc ctcaaagata atgtatactt    116820
     tgtatccatc ttgcattttg tgaacagcaa tgatagtggt tgctttgtat ccattaactg    116880
     tttatttagt ccaacacaaa gcacatggct gggtgcccaa gtagatcctc aacaaacatc    116940
     ttcaatcaaa acgttcactg ggcactacaa cacatcattc tattctcgtg cttagagaca    117000
     tagcgggaac ggattaaaca aaaacccttg ccctccgcgg gcctgtgtag aggaacaaat    117060
     acatacatct agaaggtatc aatattctca ttttgcagaa gtgaaagggt gatacaaaga    117120
     ggcatttgta agtagccgag gaaggattct attccaagtc gtctgtccta aagacctctg    117180
     ggcctttgtc agcccagccc aaaatcagta gccatcatat caagtataaa gaaagaacag    117240
     acgcagcacc ttaaccccac atgccctgac tccttgtgcc tcccagtgcc ctcagaacgg    117300
     catggtacac cagttacatc aaagaagtac tcacccagaa gtagccgttg tcatcataca    117360
     gccagtcaag gaaggacagc gcagccatcg tcacggtggc acatggaagc aaaggacaga    117420
     agtgagacac agcacagcta tcaaactctg gggtcctgat cagctgcacc tgggccagtg    117480
     gggaacctgt cccctcttcc gccctcaccc cccacccaga gtgcttctgg cactctgatg    117540
     accagatacc attcaggcag ctatgatctg aaaatctgtg ctgagctcat caggctgccc    117600
     tgggcccagt ctcctatggg cattcatagc cgcaccaggc gccatgccgt ctgaagtcag    117660
     acagggccat gcccatgtga gccctacact gcagtatgga ggcgggggag taaaacttca    117720
     gtgatgcatg catttgacct tagatactgg gggtcaaatc ctgcctccac aaacagccct    117780
     accactggtg ccactcaggc gattccctcg cttctccctc caggcttcct ctacttaccc    117840
     gtaacataga gggcagcatt cagatctgcc gcttcgggct acgtgggagt catgtaagag    117900
     ttgacatatg taagactttt tgaacagagg ttggtatatc atttgtttat aacttgtagc    117960
     tactatgact acaaggggct gtggatgggg actttgccag gatctagtgt gggtgagacc    118020
     accatcttct caaaagaatg ctgctgttgg gaccaaggga gataatgaaa aacgaagtcc    118080
     cagcacaatg tctggtcact gtgatgagtc tgtaagtact gctgtgacct taaggtgtcc    118140
     cccagcacat tctcaccatg cagagtccca tcagggctat gacaagtgcc cctccccaca    118200
     cgcacaccca gtactgcagc tttggattga aaaatgacca gccaccatat tctcccaatt    118260
     ttacagatat tccactttat tcttcacagt ctccccaaca ctgtgtaggt gaaattgtta    118320
     ctgttcccac ttcacagaca agggcaaggg cgaagggact cccttctgtg tccttggtgc    118380
     catcatatgg gtctccgagt gaagtgacca aagctcatgt ctgcttggat tatgtgctcg    118440
     aaactttcct tcatttcttc cccttggtct ctgcagtaca tctgcactgc ctccagcaag    118500
     tctttgaata ctttcatctg aaactcttct tgtcaaacag ccagcttagg gtgcaagcta    118560
     ctctggaagc cacctctcct ggctcagtca ttggcacctt gacccctggt ctgttcctac    118620
     agctgacctc agccagtaat cactcaagca tccagggaca tctgcattca ctcaaatcca    118680
     ccttttatag atgaggaagc aaaggcccaa agtggactca atattacttt ttaatgccca    118740
     gctcttggac ctgtagatat ggctctgtga acaaatatca gtgggctcca ggcgtcccct    118800
     atctctttgt ccagccagtg tccagcttcc cggattaaac atcccagaac tcagagctca    118860
     gtccaagatc attaggtatc tctacaggtt aggactaggg aatgagcact cagtatgggt    118920
     agagtattgg gaaatgaaga cttcatgtct caggggcttc agagctggct ctagggttca    118980
     aattccaagt cagccacttc acagctgtgt gactttgctc aagtcaattt gcccccgtga    119040
     atgcctatga aacaaggatg gtgcttcatt aaccaagcta atgtcacaca caacccgaga    119100
     acagcacata ggccagggcc ataactaatt agagaacaag gccaaaaagc tgtttgtggg    119160
     ctcacgacag gcaagtgcaa cctaaggcca ttctagctcc tcatacagta tgagcttgct    119220
     ctaaaccagg tcatgaggtg tgatatgttt ctgctgtcaa aggtcaccaa tacaggaaac    119280
     aatgacaatg ggtgctagaa gacacccaga gtcaggactc attttcctct taatattata    119340
     gagggaaact gagacccagg aggacaagta cctggtccac agactacaaa cggattgagg    119400
     cctgccctgt gataaacctt gggcacgagg gaaattctga atgtgcatgt gtatgcattc    119460
     acacacacac acacatacac acacacatac acacacctac ctgtcttata aacccactct    119520
     gccaacccaa cagatctcag ccaccacaac cttggcaatg aggcctatgt gagcatcctc    119580
     tccagttctg ttcctgggaa acctgtgtgg catgtagcag acgcccagga ggcttaagaa    119640
     ataaccaaat gaggcttcct ggcttcagcc tcagggtccc ctttaggcct ctctctgtat    119700
     ctttcctcct gactccgacc ctcgcgtctg tctcaccctg tgcccaggtc ctaacagctg    119760
     ggcctaggtc cagctcacag aatgctgggc ctgcccctgc gtcagcatct tcctagccag    119820
     cccgggatat tcctgttcaa tgcagccagc caggctgctg gccagggtcc actctgcgga    119880
     gagggtgctg gctcagccag agccttatcc ccactggcct ataggtgggg caacctggga    119940
     gtcctgggag cttctattgg cacccagagc ctacagagta aagccagctt ggtctgtcta    120000
     gacagtgtga ctatttgttg atagagagac agtggggtgt ggggtgccac ctacacctcc    120060
     aaccagttca cccaagcacc atgctgctgg gaccccacag gccttgactg gctctcctat    120120
     acacacaggg aaaccttggg gttcccccac tccatcccct tcctaaaaca ccccacactg    120180
     gcacaatctc acagcagcta ccaatctggc cattgaatac ttaatgcttc atttgattct    120240
     gctaattcct ataaggtcca gggcgggctg ggagaggtaa ggtgagtcgg gtaaggtcac    120300
     acagtaacag ctgggctggg tgggactcaa agctagttct tctgagggca aaatctgtgt    120360
     ggtactgata ttgccctcct gctccgttcc ctacagcctc tggttccctt tcttcccaga    120420
     ccttgcctct ctttctgcag tctccctccc ccattcccac agttaaaaat tcccacccta    120480
     caactgcggt aacaccttgc ttctgtgcac ccaacagcag cagataccac aggcagccac    120540
     tgaaagttat ttctgaggtg tctgccttag gagggccttg atggcaagga gtcaccccag    120600
     cagcgctctc gctcgctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc cccttccctc cctccctccc    120660
     tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tcaattccca agcaagtctc    120720
     cctagcttcc cttcctcgcc ccagcctcct gtcagcatag acccccatcc aggcccgtga    120780
     tccgggtgag gactacatgt ggacaagcac ttactagtgt gggggaggag aggtactgcg    120840
     acagtgctct ggcctctccc ccgccccttc agtagctgag gacccgaccc tgacttggcc    120900
     ccaagcaact atgcctagaa ctccagcttc cttaaagtcc acccggaatc agctattctc    120960
     ctagagcctg tacgtttaga aggcggctcc ctgggaatag aaggggctgc cttctccctg    121020
     ttgcaggaat ttaaggggtc agttaaatgc agccattgtc tttcggggga gccagagggc    121080
     cctggaataa ccacacaacc cttgagggag agtggtgctc ccctgtcctt tcagggcaga    121140
     ttcggcctgg ggtcccgcgg aataagtctc cgcctccagc ctgcaagact gcagaggtct    121200
     ggtcctcccc ccaaagaggt ggggcccccg ggaaagtgca gcttgaagac caagacaact    121260
     cttgaggaaa cacagagggc acacagagaa atatgtgaga gagggaaccc agaggcgaca    121320
     gagtaggagc ctgactcgga gcagatccag tagacctgag gcagaggaag tcccagcctg    121380
     gacgcgagtg cgtgcgtccg ggcggtgact caagggccac cctgaccggc agagctaggg    121440
     ccgcagctcg cgggtcccgg gtccggaaac tcaagattca gttacgtaag gacccgagca    121500
     gggctcccgg ggtccccctc ctaccgccct ctgggtcccc aggagcacgc gggtgcgcag    121560
     ggtggggctg gcgggtcggc ctggggctgc gccgcggcgc tgagtcctgc tgcggacgaa    121620
     cacccacgac aggactccag gtccggagcg agcaactgca cgccgtctcc ggagctccgc    121680
     accccctcga ctttgtgact ccagaacccc tagggacctc aagtttggag catgcagctc    121740
     aggacctcca gcacccccgc cgaggatcct gtgaccctcg gctcgcagct cccggaacga    121800
     tcgggctcct taggagcggg cttctgggtc ttgcaccttg tccctcccag gcaccggggc    121860
     caccccctaa ggcggtccag gctcacctgg gctgcacagg acagggacct ggcagggacc    121920
     tggccgggcc gggccgggcc gcgtcctcgc tctccgcggc tctctccctt taagaggttc    121980
     ctgccacttt gccccgccgg gggcctccac ctgcactgac agggcaactc tgatgcgagg    122040
     ccccgccctc ccctcgggag gtcctgtaat tggtgcagac aactgccaat ctttggggcg    122100
     gcgggcagga ccgggcacag tagcccgact gtcgcaaccg ggaaggggcg ggggctgcag    122160
     gtgcggccag gccgggacgc ccagcctaga gcagctcctg atagacccag agcaatcagg    122220
     ggaggggaaa catggagttc ctggattggc tggtatggtc gctgacgtca tgttgcaaaa    122280
     gtataaagca atttgccacg tggtgctgac cctaaggcgt taggttggaa tgggggttgt    122340
     tctaggagag ttagggaagt gaccttgacg acatagactt acctggatca cctgtttcgc    122400
     taattagttc tgtatgacct tgagcaatcc acttctcgga atctgcaatg tccccaacta    122460
     gaaatcttct gatgttttct tgaggataag tgacatttgg tatatatcaa accaagtctg    122520
     ggacccaaaa gtgtgtccat tacctggagt tctgatttct cttttgcctg ctttgtccct    122580
     cttctcagtg gcttcctctc ccaatgatct gcccccatca gccctggaag aggtctatgt    122640
     agtcaatggc ctaagacccc tcctcttcct cgcatttcag acctgccctt gctcacatag    122700
     tgacaagcaa ggtcaggaag ctggctgact cccagcatgg actcatccta actaaactac    122760
     cccagaattt caaaagctct tcatgagatt aaggccaaat ctgccttggg attcccacct    122820
     acagaggaca aacataatcc cccttttatt cataggaatc agagagtcaa atcctaaagc    122880
     catggagtat tcaccatgcc agggagccct ggagagtgag actcttgttt ggacaaatgg    122940
     agaaactgag ggtcactgag ggcaaataac ttcctgagtt ttggtgacct gcattttcat    123000
     catggagcgg gagagtcact caggggcaca gagaagcctt ttgagtcctt taaccagaaa    123060
     tctggatgtt gcagaactgg ctatatgaac cccgtacaaa aacctgggac atacacccag    123120
     gctcccaagc caaccaaaac tcctctctcc tactacccag ggcagtgttg tctattggtc    123180
     aaagctagaa actcggatgt agcctgctta cattaattca ggtttgagcc tgtgggtaag    123240
     cttgtttccc tgggggtaaa atacgatgtt gcaccaacat tacgtagaat tgttgtgctg    123300
     gttaactgaa atggaaacta caaatgcaat tattcaatca tggatccagt attatttttt    123360
     taattgctat cacatgtatc cagtcatgca tgccagagag agcagactat gaattcttta    123420
     atttggcctc agtaaacaag ggctcccggg ccaactgcct cctttcccgg gactcaatct    123480
     aagggctgcc aataggaaaa ccccagcccc gggttggaca gagttattct aaagggctga    123540
     agaggcccca cctctcagct ctccggcatg aggctccagc tctgttgggt ttttgctgct    123600
     agtgggtgac tcagcaacgc cggcgcctgg ccctgcctga taagcctgtg tgcctatgtg    123660
     tgagtttgta cttgggaata catctgagaa agtgtttgtg aacttccgtg tgggctgtca    123720
     gcatactggg acttgggggt tgggccgggg gagggtgagc gtgagttacc tacggagggt    123780
     gactattcgt gccctagaat cagaatgcct ggccctgagc tatctgcacc tagggaattt    123840
     tgacctgccc ctggaacctc tgtgctcagg cacctgtgtg tttcccgttg aagcactggg    123900
     tgaacaacca atgcagtctt ggaaagcctg tggagggata taggtcactg cctccgccag    123960
     gaattcttag cgtccctctt gggccctacc tgagaggctc cgtgggagag gtgacatcct    124020
     gaagggacag ttcacatttc ctcaccgcta gtattttcta tccatctgct catttttttt    124080
     tatatcatta aattcttcca gtcagaaatg cttgacgctc agagagctga tgtgacaacc    124140
     acacagttct gaaataactt cgagggtgac aggcagggca cagctttctt cctctggagg    124200
     ctgaaggctc agtttgctgg ggcctgtggg caactgataa actggggggg gggggggggg    124260
     aagggacttg tttgtgtcag cctccctccc cttctgagaa tgcctgagcc tccttatcct    124320
     gtcagagcct gggtgctgtc cccagcttca agtgggcgtg agctgagcga taaagcgccc    124380
     agggaataga tggggtgtgg gggggtgaca cgtgggcgta catatgtggg aacatctgtt    124440
     tcttcaactg aactttattt aggactttat gggaagttaa cacccctccc ctcaaaaaca    124500
     aagacatggt agcgtaccca caatactaac acttcagtta gtatcctagg ccggagaatc    124560
     tatctgaggc cagcccgggg cacatgaaat cctgtctcga aaacaaagca agcaaacaaa    124620
     aagttaatct ctctgaaaga gagagaaagt gagagagaga gagagggaga gaaagagaga    124680
     gagagggaga gaaagagaga gagggagagg gagagagaga gaggggagag aagagagaga    124740
     gagagaatgc tcaatgctct gcgtctctag tcataatatt tcaggaggcc aaggcttaag    124800
     agagccttca tagtgtctgc tatcctatct caaaacaaac aaattttata aaaacaaaac    124860
     acaacctaaa taaataaata aacaaaattc ataacctgcc aggtgggctg gaaagatggc    124920
     ttattaagtg aagactccag ctgccaagcc tgagttccat cccccagtac ctacatagtg    124980
     gagagaacca acccccacaa gttgacctct gacccacaca caggggtggg gtgggggtga    125040
     aaacattttt aaattaaaaa accagatgta gtggtgtaca cccacgatcc tagcacttag    125100
     aaggtggagg cagaaggctc aggagctcaa ggtcagcctt ggctacacac tgaattcaag    125160
     aggaagctaa gaagcctccg tacagccctg tctccaaaat acactgaacc ctactagttc    125220
     aacaagcaga aatattgacc aataccctgc taagtccaag ggtagaaaga ggaactcagc    125280
     caggccaaag gcatgctggg aaagagggaa cgcaatcctg aggcaaccag gcagccctaa    125340
     tcagccgcag tctgaatcct gcctctgctt ctcgcaggaa tcatagcctg tttcttcgtc    125400
     aatcagatga tgcaacggct ctcacaccct gtctctcttt cccactggag ccactggaag    125460
     agaaagcatt tgtatgttac tctctaaggg ggaatgtgtg tgtggggggg ggcacacccc    125520
     tgctgtgatt caccacggct cctatgagga ccaccctgaa ctaatgtgta ctcagagctg    125580
     ggaaggcaac atggctccat tggcagcatg aagaatgttt tctggaggag gtaaccttcc    125640
     agctagattt tgtaggatga atttactaca tagggttgga aaagtacatt ccatatggag    125700
     gaggagcctg ggtaaagact caaagatagg aaaatagtaa aaatatgcgt tccaggagca    125760
     aaacacacgg gctggcatag ctttcaaacc gaaggagcca tgagaccaag gtattgaagt    125820
     tctcggatgc caggtccagg cacacaaaga cagatttggg gatggctggg gagtgggacc    125880
     attcatggta tatggggggt gtggcagtca ttcatagaag gaggcttggt ggtgggtatg    125940
     gggtcaatta tctcagaagg acacattggg aacatgggac aaatctctag aatgagtagg    126000
     tgggagttga cataaataga gaaaaatgta agtgttcttt gtcccaggtt agggttggaa    126060
     tggggggggg ggtgaataag agaatggggg tgtccccaga caaattatgt tagtgtatct    126120
     gtaaccctgc caccgaacgc ttaagaattc tgaaaggccc caccgctctg gttcctctgg    126180
     ttttgttgcc atgtgtggcc gctgtcaatc cggccaagag aatctctgcc caaggaagag    126240
     tcctgggtgt tgggagatgc ctagcgcctt gtcccctctt cccttgcttt agagaggaat    126300
     aaaatggggc gcgtgacctg ctcgtgaaca caggccctaa gcagcctgag caggacttga    126360
     acacaccacc ttaatttgct ggggagcggg aaagatttga ccacagttgg gaaagacctg    126420
     agatgatcac ccacgcttta aaaaaaaaaa aaatccaggt agaaggaaag gtggtgtttg    126480
     gcgccaccta gtgttataga gctgaggggg ccgaggcact gagttgagcc gtctcaagac    126540
     gctccagggt tagtgccggc cagcatctca tttataagta ggggttatgg gaagggggct    126600
     ttcaggcaat ctgtcttggg ttgcatagcc aggtcacaca actcgctaag agtcaacaaa    126660
     taaaggacat tatcctattc cttagctcct ccctaagtgc ccttagtgac tttagctcag    126720
     tgacagacag cacatgcacg gttgacaagg aagaggcttt aagtctggac gtcgtccagc    126780
     accacaacac tagagacaca gcaagaggcg agacgagcta ggctggacga ctgaccagtt    126840
     aggcaaagtc cagactgtag ggtaggcagc ttgtttaggg ccccgtttaa gagaaagaaa    126900
     aaaaaagtga ccaggtacag gttcttgtaa ccccagaatc caggaggcag aggcaggagg    126960
     atcactgcaa gttcaaagcc agcctggtct acccagcaag ttccaggcca gacaggacta    127020
     tactgagtct ctttctcaag caaagacaaa ggagaaaaaa aaaattcagc caggcatagt    127080
     gtctcaggcc tgtaatctcg gcacttgtgg atgtgggggt gggaggactg tcatgaagtt    127140
     aaatcagtct aaactaccct ctgaacccct gcactttctt cccctaagaa agagagcaat    127200
     ggacacgatg gggcacagac ctgttttttg gtttttggtt tttggttttt tttttttttt    127260
     tttttttttt gcacccggaa cactgagaca gaaagatctc aaggccagcc taagctactt    127320
     agtaagattc tatcctaagt gggtgggtgc tgagtgatgt catagtctat agaaagcttg    127380
     tctggcaagt ttaggacctg aggggttttg ttaaccttta tttttattgg gctggagaga    127440
     tggctcagtg attaagagca tttcttcttc ttgtgccaga cctgtgtcca attcctggta    127500
     actaatggtg attcacagcc atctgtcact acaggtacag gaaatccaac cccctcttcg    127560
     gaattctgag ggcaccacac atacatgcaa gcaaaacact catacgttat aaaataaatc    127620
     aattttttaa aagaatgcct ctaaaattgt aagggttaca aaagataaat attataagcc    127680
     cttaacatgt gtggctcaga gtacatgaga aacaatcagt tattgatgct attgttacta    127740
     ctaaagaagg gcatagattt gagagagaca ctaatatctt ccacaagaaa tctacagtag    127800
     ggctggtgag atggtgagca ttgactgttc ttccaaaggt cctaagttta aatcccatgt    127860
     ggcagttcac aaccatccat aatgagatct gatgccctct tctggtgtgt ctgaaaacag    127920
     ctacagtgga cttgcatata ataaatggat ctttttttaa aaagtagtct ataacaaaat    127980
     actaaacact aagccataaa aatacttatt tttattattt ttaattacgt gtgggtttgt    128040
     atgtcaggtg ccagcaaaat ccagaaaaca gcatgctgtg ggatttggga atcaaacctg    128100
     ggtcctctgc aagagcagcc agtgctctta actgctgagt cacaaaaccc aatggctatt    128160
     gctgttgctg ctgctgctgc tgctgctgct gctgctgctg ctgctgctgc tgctgctgct    128220
     acaaaatggg gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga actttctctg tagacccggc    128280
     tggccttgaa ctcagagatc tgcctgtctc tgtctcttaa gtcctggaat taaaggcatg    128340
     aagccacttc cgcctagtgg ccaagttttc ttcctagtac ctacataaaa acttggaagg    128400
     gtgtcctaac tgtagatatc cagaactggg aaagcagaga ctgacagatc cctggagcac    128460
     ggccagcctg acctaaccag caagcccttg gtcccaggga gagttccctg tctcaacaaa    128520
     acaaaaacaa agcaacaaca acaacaaaac aaaaaacaaa aacaaaacaa aacccaacaa    128580
     gatggggcca gtgaagtggt tcatgcaacc atgccagcct gggttcaatc tatggtactc    128640
     agataaagag ggaagaagaa aaccaacttt aagaagttgt cccctgactt ccacatgtgt    128700
     atcagggcac aagcactaat ggtaatgcat tttaaaataa tgttagagaa acaacaaggt    128760
     ctctggagga atagcacctg aacttgacct ctgacctcta cgtgtatgcg tatacgtgca    128820
     gaagccagag gcagtgggtc tcctggagct ggagttacag ggtttttttt aatgctggac    128880
     ataggactgg agagaaggct cagcagttga gagcactggc tgctcttcca gaggtcctga    128940
     gttcaaatcc cagcaactat acggtggctc acagatgatt atctgtaatg gaatccaatt    129000
     ccctcttctt ttttttttta attaggtatt ttcttcattt acatttccaa tgctatccca    129060
     aaagtcctcc ataccctccc cccactcccc ttcttggccc tggcgttccc ctgtactgag    129120
     gcatataaag tttgcaagac caatgggcct ctctttccaa tgatggccaa ctaggccatc    129180
     ttctgataca tatgcagcta gagacacgag ctctgggggt actggttagt tcataatgtt    129240
     gttctaccta tagggttgca gatcccttta gctccttggg taatttctct agctccacca    129300
     ttgggggctc tgtgttccat ccaatagctg actgtgagca tccacttctg tgtgtgtttc    129360
     cctcttctgg tgtgcttgaa agtagagcac tagcatacat taaataaata aataaataca    129420
     tctttttttt tttttttttt taaagatgcc cgatatacgt gctggaaaca ctggcaacag    129480
     atctcataaa cctcaagcca aggtccttcc tgggacccat gaaaatgtag gtcaagtatt    129540
     gaagagattc tgaagctaga gtaggatgta ggtctgggtt tcacagccac tcccccaggc    129600
     agggctttcc ccggcccaac tcctggcttc tttggtatgg tcatatgctt agagccaggt    129660
     tggccagtgc catgcaagaa gagccacagt gggcaggcgt cagaagccat ctcggaaagg    129720
     ctatggcaag caagcgagct ttcctgcgat ggcccactgt ttgcatggct gcaatgggag    129780
     agctcttaga gacaagaggc caagagactt catcctagga ttgcttctca ctactaatat    129840
     gcttttcctg acactatcac atagcctaac gattcctggg catcagccca ccctattggg    129900
     cagatctcct gcagatcaac atgaagaact tccatgaatt aatgctagat gaattaatta    129960
     tagcattcct gatttgattc aaataattgt aggaagaaag tttaaggaga tagtcttaac    130020
     tgtctaacac agttaagtgc catgcaggaa gagccacagt gggcaggcgg aacctgtaac    130080
     cacaaaagag gtaataaaga atcaagaata aaatctgtgc cccccttcat agaatagtaa    130140
     gtaaaggctg cataagaagg aatacagtga gctttcataa attgcactaa gaaaataaat    130200
     aggcttgggg caaatctgtg atcaagagaa aacattcatc ctaggccagg tccaaggatg    130260
     aagccacagg tgtgcactag gataaagcaa ggccatggga aactgttgct ttgaacttat    130320
     aatgagcttg tagaaagaag cactgctttg aactgttgac atccttttgt aactcccctt    130380
     ttgtgtaaca ttgtatctat gaggaacttt ggtctaagaa ggtataaatt tccagagagg    130440
     aaaaaaaata aatgtggcat ttggagctcc gccctatcca ccaaacgtat ttatgtatat    130500
     gtctgtatgt atgtacgtac atacatgtgt atgtatatgt gtgtgtatgt atgtatgtat    130560
     gtatgcatgc gtgcatacat gaacacctgt ggaattgatg aaacaggtgg tcaggcctgg    130620
     ccaaagtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg tgagagagag    130680
     agagagagag agagagagag agagactttt ttcttacttt tcttttctct ctggctcaca    130740
     aagagttaat gaactccaag cctcttgcct ggtcagctaa gggcccctga agcagagaga    130800
     aaagagctca acttcttttc ttagccccct gctgttatca gcaggagtta attgccagaa    130860
     gccaggggct ttatggcctc agaataacaa agagttaaag aaagaaaaaa attactgaga    130920
     gtgagcaact tagtccccaa aacaacatct tcctgccttc ctcagagaac aggctggtct    130980
     ttgacaccag gtagctcttc tggaccctct gttctaccct attccaggtc aggaggacct    131040
     gtctccccag gtatgacaga actgttggca gagaccctgc agcactggca gtttgttggt    131100
     gttgtctctg tggtcagaac aaatggacat gcctttttag ttgtcgcact agttatttat    131160
     tgtgggagag gggtcatgtg catgtcatgg agtatgtctg caggtgtcct ctgacttgta    131220
     tacgcataca tacatgtgca cccatccaca cagatataga cttcaacatc acacacacac    131280
     acacagagag gaacttaaag ttaagtagag ttgggtagga gaattgtttc aagtttgagg    131340
     tcagtatggg ctaaattttg agaccttatc tccaaaactc aaagtgttag accccccaac    131400
     tgtctcaaaa gacctgatag ttagttgtgg ttttttgttt gtttttgttt acttatttgt    131460
     ttgttttaag cataaagccc atgctggcct caaacttact atttggcttt gaacccctgg    131520
     tcctcttgca tctgcctccc aagtgctgag aatattaaaa tatactgcca tcaacacacc    131580
     catctaactc ttccagagac ttttttttaa tctatttatt ttgagagtga atggatgggt    131640
     ggatgtagat gtcagaggac aatttccaag agtcagttct cttcccccac catgtgggtt    131700
     ccagggaccc aattcaggtc attgggcttg gtggcaaatg cctttatcca gatatacatc    131760
     atatacacat atatatatgg gtggttttgt tttgtttttg tttttgtttt tgaaacaggg    131820
     tttctctgtg tagccttggc tgtcctgaaa ctcactctgt agaccatgct ggcttcgaaa    131880
     tcagagttct gcctgcctca gctgggatta aaggcgtgag ccacctcagc ctgctgatcc    131940
     actgagccat cttactggcc ctgcctgtca aatttctaaa ccaccaaagc cctgagcagg    132000
     aaaaagagaa gtagtctgct ttgcacgaag tggtaggtac gcaggcacgc aggggtgggt    132060
     agtgaaggag tctctgtcct ctgcctgccc ctttcgtctc ccctgcccct gcagagaaac    132120
     agaacagggt ctactgctcc agtcccagct cttagcttta acaattgaga aaagtgggct    132180
     ggagagaagg ctcagtgaga gtacccgctg ccctcacatc agacctgagg ttcaattcac    132240
     agcaccctca tggtggtcca aagccatctg taactccagt tcccggagag ctgatgtcct    132300
     taaggaccaa gcccacatgg gatgcacaaa aaaataaaat gaaaaggccc ggtggtggta    132360
     atcccagcac tcaggagtca gagacaggaa aaatctctaa gttagagact aacttgatct    132420
     acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa ctgtctcatg aaaacaaaaa    132480
     caaacaaact atatatatat acaatgaatc ttttaaaaaa tattcataag atttatttac    132540
     tttgtataga agagtacact gtagctgtct tcagacacac caaaaaaggg catcgaattc    132600
     cactacagat ggctgtgagc caccatgtgg tttctgggaa ttgaactccg gacctctgga    132660
     agagtagtca gtgctcttaa cctctgagcc atctctccaa ctctaaaaaa aatttttttt    132720
     taatcagaaa agtgagggca ggcaagagaa gaaaactgga ccaagcttac agattatgtt    132780
     gtaaccaaga ctggatttga aggaagatgg aatgttgtaa cttgtttaag agctccacgg    132840
     ccccggcctg ggactgagaa caaagcagaa cagcccccag gcatgccagg gcagggctgt    132900
     tgttaaggca ttcctaagaa caccttgact gtaaagataa aaaggtattc aaggacaaat    132960
     agggctacat tatctgggtc gacaccatct ggccagaacc tcccctcaat ccgaggacaa    133020
     gcagggctat cttgtctgag tcagcaccac ctggccggaa cctcccctct gtctattacc    133080
     ccttggcgcc gggtaaagcc atacatcaac tggttactgg ttgttatgtg aacaaagata    133140
     agcccccagc ccacaggaac aaagccctgg tgcccctttt tgctgacctg taatctttct    133200
     gttaaagaac caatcccgtg cctttgtcaa aattccttgt actcctagcc ctttgcttct    133260
     ttaaaaaccc ctagcttcga agccccaggg tcgactcccc tgcctcctgt gtgaggtatg    133320
     tgtcggcctg gagctctgcc aataaagcct cctgcgtctt gcaacaagag aggattcttg    133380
     tgttcgtggg tgcttcctgt ccctggacta gagtgggggt ccccatattt ggggtccaac    133440
     agattcagtc tgctggactt tcaggtctga cgttctcttt gctcagtttg catgcgggat    133500
     ggtggggatt gaaccatcac tgcccgttcc tactctgtct ctccctactc ttccacctgg    133560
     accctccacc cgctctgcaa agccaggtgg taaggagaaa tccaaggggt ccggacagcc    133620
     cttgggagta gggtaccgag gaaggggccc gtctgcatgg actggaggaa aggggcgggg    133680
     cttcgtcggt ttgctcactg cttcgcttta gtccacgaac agtctagcac accataagct    133740
     atgcccatgg ttgactgagt aagttggagg aagcagtcta ggagaaagag gccctcttgg    133800
     gaaaccatcc ctcccggttg ctctcatcct cctgtaagtg tgtctcctga ccttctagga    133860
     gaggagatct tgactgtgct tcatgggagt ctcagcaaaa gttctcagct tggcctcttt    133920
     ctgttcagag caccattgta tcagaagcag ctgggtgact ttgggcaagt cgcttcccct    133980
     ctttgcttcc tctacctccc catttgttac aaatactttg tttggggctg ggaagtagtt    134040
     agttcagttc gtagaatgct tatttagaat gtgctacact ccacgattga tcaccagcat    134100
     cgaataaaac caggcatggt ggtatatgcc tataatctta acattaagga gatagaggca    134160
     ggagggtcag cacttccagg ccatcctcag ctaattagca agctgaaggc ccagctggga    134220
     tacaaacacc ttgtttcaaa aaccaacaat gtggaaactg ttcccgtaag tggactgtct    134280
     ggtctggtct gcctcagtgg gagagggcac acctagtcca gcagtgactt gatatgcaag    134340
     ggaagggggt ggggggaagg gggaagacac ccagagaggg actcaaaaaa gaaggggaca    134400
     gtggaatggg gagagaatct gcatgagggg gtactgggag gggggctgat attgggatgt    134460
     aaagtgaatg aatgaatgaa tgaaacccca ctttttccct ttaaaatttc catttaaagt    134520
     aaaatacaaa acaatgagct ttgggagctg gagggacaga tcggcagtta aaagtatcaa    134580
     gtgctcttcc agagacttgg actcaattcc cagtacccac aagctggctc ataaccaccg    134640
     gtcactccaa atgcagggga cctgatgcct tctctggctt ccaaaggcac caggcatggt    134700
     gtgaagacat acactcaggc aaaagaaaag gaaaggaaaa aaaaaagaaa aggaaaggaa    134760
     atgaaagaag aaagacacaa ccatacatat aaaataaaat aaaaaataaa acagcagact    134820
     ccaggacgag aatgtaactc agtaggcgtg ctatggagcc gtggatctgg ttgctatcca    134880
     ggtatggcct tgtgacccag agcacaggct gtggatgcag gaagatccga aagtcaaggc    134940
     taccctcagc tacataaaat ttgaggccag tctgggctac gtaagatgct acagagaaaa    135000
     gttcaaacat aggtggaagt catcgtgaca ttttcacatg agtgtgtcct gtaatatgtt    135060
     cataaccaca tccccatcac tacctcttac tctcctccac atccctcctc ctagcctcct    135120
     tcctcccact gtaagaatac ccacttcagg tgcaccctaa attagcctgc caacaaccct    135180
     aatttagtaa ctgggcagga ggcaggacgc tgaggtggga ggagcttgtg agttcaggtt    135240
     cctagtaagc ccgctttaga gtctgcttaa aaacaagcaa aaacaacaaa atactccatt    135300
     tcaaagtatt tttagggctg gtggtataat agttctctga gagaatgcct gccaggtgtg    135360
     catagtccta ggcttgatag acaaacatga tcaatagata cattgatcca tagataaata    135420
     gatatacata gataataggt aaatatatta gatagataca tagatagatg gatggatgga    135480
     tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tagatagata gatagataga    135540
     tagatagata gatagatagg cagacaattt taaaatagtg ttttgctgag ggtggtggct    135600
     cattagtctt ggctacactg agacacatga gaccctgtca tcaaaaaaaa atagggaaga    135660
     aaactaaatg tttttggttc attcaattaa catgtttatt aggagccaac agctccaggg    135720
     atgaggccat cagtctggga acagagttgt cagaatggaa aagctgaaaa agggcgcaag    135780
     tgcaagagat ggcctgtagg tggcagcagt gtctgtgacg ttaggcagct cctcttaaat    135840
     ttcttcaagt agttggactg tttaagtgtg ccaacacgca cctggtgaga agtgacgtac    135900
     agagtgcgta tacatgtctg tagcattgac acacgttagt aggtgtaaag gaataaaagc    135960
     caagagtgaa tttttgcatg agaacaaaat gtacccaaag tatggggaat gtatgtgcga    136020
     agtctggact gtgtgtgcac gcaagtgtgt gtgtgtgttt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    136080
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtattg gtttttcgag acagggtttc tctggatagc cctggctgtc    136140
     ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatccgcct gcctcccaag    136200
     tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgc gccaccactg ccccgcatgt gactatattt ttatgtgatt    136260
     gcgtggcacc tcttggagtt tttgataccc gcaaccttga aacatgtgat gaaggttcat    136320
     gatcttgcgg taagatgtag ttaatgcccc atttcagagg gttctggggt gccctggaga    136380
     cacctgggtg aatctggcaa ggaaacatac ccaaatgtta atggactagt gaatgattta    136440
     tgtatctctt tgttttccat ttttatcggg tttctcattt ctctaatgaa cacattctat    136500
     taaaatatat atatactttt aatatatata tttactttag tgtgtgtgtg tgcttttatt    136560
     tatacgaatg ttttgccttg catgtctgat gtcttgtctg tttgccacgt gtatgcctga    136620
     ttcctgtgga ggtcagaaga ggaaatcagt ctcctgaaac aggagtttac aggtggccgt    136680
     gagccactat gtgggtgctg ggaattgaac ccagcttctc tgcaagagca gccaatgctc    136740
     ttaactgcta agctgtctct ctagctacac acacacacat acatatatat acatagtgtg    136800
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtaagacaa ggtttcacta    136860
     tgtacctctg gctggctgtt ctggaactca ctatgtaaac taggttagcc ttgaactcac    136920
     agagctctgc ctgcctctgc ctcccagttg cggagattaa agacatgtgc cactatgcct    136980
     aggtttaaat cttttagaaa gtctatgcac atgttttctt ttttcaattt aaaattttta    137040
     agattaattt tatgtgtatg aatgtttcgc caatatgcat gtttgtacag cacgtgtgtg    137100
     ctggtgactg aggaggccag aagacgtagt cggattccct agagctggag ttatagatgg    137160
     ttatgaacca cacatggctg ctgggaactc aactcaggtc ctctgcaaaa gtaacaattg    137220
     ctctaaagca ctgagccatg tttccagatc gtcttaaact tacattattt atttatttat    137280
     ttacttgttg aggggacaga gacataccat ggtacataag tggatgccag agtacaactt    137340
     gtgagagtca attctctcta ccattcgagt tccagggatt aaatcaggtt ttagatgtgg    137400
     tagctgaact actacaccag ccctcgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    137460
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgttgagata taatctcact atgcagccta ggctggcttg    137520
     acctgcctct cagtcctcta tgtgctggaa taacaggtat gtgccactgt gtctggccca    137580
     agcacaaatt actttaaaat ggggccacgg aacctgatat atgttattca aagaagaaat    137640
     aagccctaga gtctcttccc acttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    137700
     gtgtgtgtga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga ctctagtttt    137760
     ttgggacagt gtttctctgt gcagccctgg ctatcctgga actcactctg tagaccagac    137820
     tagaccagaa ctcacagaga tccacctgcc tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc    137880
     tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc    137940
     tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc    138000
     tctgcctctg cctctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg cctcctgagt gctgggatta    138060
     agggcaccca gcttcctttt tctcttggca aaagcaggca ctatgttcct agtgctggtc    138120
     aggaggtcag gtggggaccc tgatagcagg gtggtgtagc tgacctcaga aagtcgtgaa    138180
     gctgacataa ggcaggaggc tgcacactct gtcccacttc tctgagcagg gtttgcagtc    138240
     ctctccctac agtggaagcc tgaggagtca ggcaaagagc ttccaacttg gatctctaga    138300
     gttcacccat cccaaaaggg ccaatgaggt catcgttgaa gacagaatgt gcctcaggtg    138360
     tcatgcccag ctgctgtctc actgcgtcca cagcagaggc ttcctcataa tttttttgtt    138420
     gttctgtttt tgtttttgtt ttttttcgag acagggtttc tctgtatagc cctggctgtc    138480
     ctggaactca ctttgtagac caggttggcc tcaaactcag aaatccgcct gcctctgcct    138540
     cccgagtgct gggattaaag gcgtacaaaa aagaaacagg ctcagactca ttgcacagac    138600
     atctttctcg gggcacacaa aagaaattac tgtacacacg ttttcatgaa ctggcacacg    138660
     ttcacactct cttctatgct tattatcctt aagtgtggtc ttatcattgt gtcctggatt    138720
     tcctggatat ttcgggctag gaactttttg cattttcttt gactgttctg tcaatgtttc    138780
     tatggtatct tctgaacctg agattctctc ttctatctct tgtattctgt tggtgatgtt    138840
     tacatctatg acttctgatc tctttcctag gttttctaac tccagggttg tctccttttg    138900
     tgatgtcttt attgtttcta tttccatttt tagatcctgg atggtttcat tcagttcttt    138960
     cacctgtatg tttgtgtttt cctgtaattc tctaagggat gtttgtgttt cctctttaag    139020
     gagttctacc tgtttaccta tgttctcctg tatttcttta agggagttgt ttatgtcctt    139080
     cttaaagtcc tctatcatca tcatcatcat gagatgtgat ttttaaatca gagtcatgct    139140
     tttccggtgt gttggggtaa ccagggcttg ctgtggtggg agaactgggt tctgatgatg    139200
     ccaagtagcc ttggtttctg ttgcttacgt tcttgtgctt gcctttcgcc atctggttat    139260
     ctctggtatt agcggtcttg ctgtctctgg ctgtggcttg tctgtcctac aagcctctgt    139320
     gtcagtcctc ctgggagacc agttctctcc aggaggaatt tgggtatgga gagctgtggt    139380
     tcagggccag ctctggggtg ctgacagaaa ccagaaggat cctgtcccca gctgatcctt    139440
     ggttcctgtg ttctgatggc tctgagaggg tccctcttgg gtcaggaatt tgaagaaaag    139500
     tggtgatctt acctgtgctt gcaggtgtgt aggcactcct gggagaccat ctctcctggc    139560
     agtatttgtg tatatagctc tgtggcacag acagaaacca gaaatctcct gtcccaaaca    139620
     gctcctcagt tcctctgagc agcagtggtg ggcctacgtg ggctctcagg cctgtctgca    139680
     ctgggaggct cgctctctcc tggcgccacc tgggtatgga gccctgtggc agaggaccgg    139740
     ctcgaggcac agacggaaga ctcctctggt acacgttctc agacctgctg tgcaaacgtg    139800
     taccttcaca tgttccttca gagtcgtcct tcccggcctt ggtgggaagc gactagctcc    139860
     agaaagcgct aacaggcccc tgtgacatct ccttggtccg ggtgtgcagg gtgaggccaa    139920
     agaaacagcc ccaccccacc ctggacagct gctggccctc ctaacagtct gctcagaggg    139980
     ctcttgacat ctgcctggat gctcatttcc caggccccta aggctgagtc atgagtggtg    140040
     gagcggcaga tataggtcaa gggagagtct ttcccagagt tacttagtaa ccagcagggc    140100
     tagcaagaac tccaggagat aggatgggta gagggagttg aattgctccc ctgccccgcc    140160
     ccccatgctt tccggaacta cattgttact aagtctctat accttacaaa ataagctggt    140220
     ttcctaaatc taaagctccc tgcaagccat gccttccatc gtgcactgaa cttaccatcc    140280
     catgatgtac cgctaccttt tgcctggctg acttacgacc tcatgatgta tgattgtcct    140340
     ttgtcttaca aaatatgttt tcacagactg gagagaggac tcagcagtta agtgcactgg    140400
     cttctccttt agaggaccga ggtttgattc ccagcatcca catggtagct cacaactatc    140460
     tgttactcca gtcccaggag atctgaaggc ctcttccagc cttgtctgga acctagcatg    140520
     ctgtgcacag atatacatgc aggcaaaaca actttaacaa cattttttta aaaaaagtcc    140580
     ggctgcttgc tgttgaaatg ggcaagttca tgaaacctgg gaaagtggtg ctggtcctgg    140640
     ctagatgcta ctctgaatgc aaagctgtca ccaggaagaa cattgatgat ggtacctcaa    140700
     accttactgc gagcgatgcc ctggtggctg gaattgacca ccatcccaaa gagtgacagc    140760
     tgccataggc aaagagaaaa tcaccaagag atcaaagatg aagtcctttg tgaaagttta    140820
     tgattcagtc acctcctgcc cacaagctac tctgtggatt tccccttgga caaaactgta    140880
     gtcaacacgg atttcattag agactcagct ctaaatgcaa ggccaggcag gaggccaagg    140940
     tcaagtttga ggaacgattc aagacaggga agaacgaatg ttttttctag aagctttgct    141000
     tttaggtgta tttttgcttc catcattaaa aaattaaaaa tagagagaga tgactcagtg    141060
     gttaagagca ctgactgctc ttccagaggc cttttgtttg gttgtttgtt tttgtttttt    141120
     gagacagggt ttctctgtag agctctggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaccaggctg    141180
     accttgaact cagaaatcca cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgagatta aagacgtgcg    141240
     ccaccgcacc tggctctctt cgataggtct tgagttcaat tcccagcaac cacttggtgg    141300
     ctcacaacca tctgtagtgg gatccgatgc cctcttctgg tgtatctgaa gagagcaaca    141360
     gtgtactcac aaaaaataag taaatctttt ttttaattaa aaaataaata aatagtttta    141420
     aaaacaaaag aaaaatgtct tcaagatacc ttgatctata ctcgtgacca cctgccccat    141480
     aatgtatgac ttctctttca catgatatat atttttgcct ttatttttac ctttcattgt    141540
     actttctctt tctttttcta aagatttatt tatttacttt ctgtatatga gcacactatc    141600
     tgtcttcaga tgcatcagat cccattatag acctctaaaa ctggaaaaac cagtgtccat    141660
     gtccaccctg actccctgat ttctctaatg ctttttcaat aacggccccc atttggagtg    141720
     acacactaaa gattctcctc agaggagaga gagcagattc tcataaaggc tgctgaggca    141780
     atccctggaa gagccttggt gcctggcaaa ttctccgagg gaaatagggg tcacaccgtg    141840
     atacttccag actctgaaag gagaatgaaa ggggcagagt gactaatctg tctgaggcag    141900
     ctacagcagg gcccagactt gccttcagtt ctcctgaacg cctcctggaa gcttatcagc    141960
     tatgtactcc tgtagattcg gaggacacag caaatcccaa ggcaattaac ttggcctttg    142020
     tcacctagtt ggtccctgat atgtgtaaaa aaaattcaaa agatagaaaa agttgttaca    142080
     aggaagaata cgtcagagct gttagaaata gcccagtcgg tatttgacga ctgaggcagt    142140
     aaagaagact gtcttagtta aaggtttcta ttgctgtgaa gagacactgt tcatagtcac    142200
     acaagttcaa gaagcaggaa gcagtctaaa gtgttggaca caacagccac actcttgttc    142260
     caccttcacc ccttcctagc tcctcatttt taatttaaca aaaaggtagg aattttagct    142320
     tatgggtgat tctacgaggc tgccctcagg gaactagtat ttatttacgt catcatcggc    142380
     caccaccacc accaccaggt actccaggta tgggctgtgt ataaaaggtc tgcccgccat    142440
     tacagcattc gttcattctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    142500
     tctctcttca tctatgttct tggctggtct ctttctctcc cttttgtcct tctctgttcc    142560
     ctgtcccacc cttctctgct ctcctggcta tgctcctatc tgtctgtcca tctacacatc    142620
     tacttgtctg cctctacctc ttctctaagc tcccactcct ctccttcccc ccagtaaact    142680
     ccctttgtat catatctgta attactcagg ggcataactt ggcccctcac tcgctgcatt    142740
     gtatttcata ataaccatga ccactgcagt ggacaacatt taattggcgc tggtttacag    142800
     tttcagaggc tgagtccatt atcttcatag caggaagcat ggcagtgtgc aggcaggcat    142860
     ggagctgtaa aaggaactgg acgttctaca tcttgatctg caggcagcag aaggggactg    142920
     tgagccacac tgggcatagc ttgaacatag gagagttcaa agcccactcc ccacactgac    142980
     acacttcctc cagcaaggcc acacctccta atagcgccac tccctatggg cctattgagg    143040
     ccaattacat ttaaactacc acaaatacca aatggccaaa atgatggagg aggccacctt    143100
     gaccatacta tattacttag ccactctcaa cagggaaaag ccactataaa gaaattatca    143160
     atgtgcctac tgtcgaggga tggggcaaag gaagagtgaa tgccatgaca gaagtaagtg    143220
     aacacttctg acgggcatca gaaagatgga ggctctcctc agaggcaggt gccccccccc    143280
     ccaatctaaa caggccctgg ctatggaaaa ctagcagggc agaggctcct ttaaattggg    143340
     cccctgggaa gctatggtaa ctgttaatat cagaggccaa catatagatt tcctggttga    143400
     cactggggtc acttagacct actggagccc ctgagacctc tcacaagata caagggacat    143460
     cagaggatgt aaaacactgc aaatatatca ctgatcagac tgttgacttg ggtcaaggta    143520
     ctttaacata ctcctttaat gtcaccccta aatgtccctt ctcattattg aggtgagatc    143580
     tttggagcag acttcaggct acaacttcat tctcagggga taccctcaag ctacagttaa    143640
     gagaacctgc caaagttttt cctataacct gaacactaaa tgaagaacaa ctgctcctcc    143700
     aaagtcacac tcatcatcca gaagggaaat ggaaagcttt gttaatccaa gaagttccca    143760
     cagtgcgggg cagaggacaa tcctcccagc ttggcaaaac atgtgtcacc tgtcatagta    143820
     caggttacct atggggctat gctcgtttga gtcaagcagt acctaacagc tcagaagcca    143880
     ggtgttgggg taaactactt gcacacatat tgtattatgt gtattatgtg tattatgtga    143940
     aagtgtggcc tgtattgtca attgttaatt gctgtgccag cagcagcagc tccaggctgg    144000
     ctggatatgt aaatatttgt tacttccttg cctgctcaaa aaggaaaggc aagctgctgt    144060
     gggggaggtc gcgaagctcg tctgcctgct gactggctca gagtcagtag ccacaaaagt    144120
     tctcctacta tgctatacta tgcttcctta tgagaaagga gtgtgtggga ccatgaaagg    144180
     cagcctggtt tctagttgag ctaggtttaa aaccccagtg actccacagg tggccccaca    144240
     ggggataacc ctgaaaggaa aggtaggtgt tttaccatgc tcctggacac caggctcctg    144300
     gcacgaggtc acagctctca ataggtctgt ggccatcagt cacgtaaggg caatgcccca    144360
     agcccctcca caggtagagg acatgacaat agaggcacat agcctcaaga cagatctcca    144420
     ttttaatgaa gtacctaaag gcctgaagga cttaaacatt taaattctcc ttctcagaca    144480
     ctcctcccta caaaaggtat ttaatctcag gcccaactgc cctgagaaag tggggtacag    144540
     ttttgctcat cacaactctc caccatgaca ataaatgcct taaaaccatg gactgtctct    144600
     tcccatcaat atctgccatg gggagcaata gaacaggtct tcgtctaaag agccagctgc    144660
     ctgaagtccc acagaaagtc tctcagtgct tccagccacg acctccacca agccaagcca    144720
     cccaccgaca agtcaaggac tctcctcccc gcaggaccca gccagagctc ccctcttttc    144780
     cccttaggcc cagggctaca ttcagcccat aggtgtagac ccccactcca tttctcagct    144840
     cttctgcagc acccagtggc atctgggtgc tcaagaacct gagaaccaga cagtcctagc    144900
     ttctctacag gcccaggacc cccgagatgg cttgggcagt ctcctgggat ctcagactgc    144960
     attcccccac ccctggagag ggggtcttga ggcttcccat agccagacac ttgcccggca    145020
     ctggcatggg gtaagtgcag tcaaaactcc cacatcctgc cttgcagagc accccaatcc    145080
     ctgagcacat gcaggacccc accatgaacc cataggagca tggcatgtac aactaacgtg    145140
     gacaagattg cctcaaggat ccaagaagtc taccatctct aaggagacac tcaatcagga    145200
     cagaagcctc ttccacagga agtaccctga ggtaaccttg ctccaatatg tggatggtat    145260
     actgttagca gcaaacaatg tggaggactg tttaagagcc acccaggcct tccagagact    145320
     ctggcccaat taggctacaa ggtttccaaa aacccacaaa tttgctaatt tcaggttacc    145380
     tgcttggggt atgaattaaa gggaggaaaa agattgctgt cctaagactg cctaacagct    145440
     ataacgtaaa ccccagatac aaccactgaa aaacaagtca gggaatttgt gggagctgtg    145500
     ggatattacc tcctcgggat acctgggttt actgagattg ccaaactctg gtactctgca    145560
     acaaccagag gtaatgacct tctaaaacag actgaggaac atgaacaggc ctttaagaac    145620
     tttaaagagg agctggagag atggctcagc ggttaagagc actgatttct cttccagagg    145680
     tcctgagttc aattcccagc aaccacatag tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa tgagatccga    145740
     tgccctcttc tggtatgtgt gaaaacagct acagtgtacc catataaata catctttaaa    145800
     aaggagagag agagagagag aacttgatgc ccccaagcct tcacctctat gcccatgaaa    145860
     gaaagggcat tgccatggaa atcctgacat aaactctgca tccttgaaag agaccaatgg    145920
     cctgtatctc aaagagactg gaccccatgg ccctgtttga gagctaccac agccaccaaa    145980
     gtccctgtaa aagggctcac atgaggagag actctgacta taacagctcc tcgagctgtg    146040
     gaaaccctgc tgaaagacag ctatcaactg gtggatgtct aatgtgcaga tgactccata    146100
     tcaagccctt ctcctacata aggacagact gacctttgat aaatccttga gcattaaccc    146160
     caccagcctg cctgcagcca gacaatgacc cagaccatgc ctggaaatac tggacatcag    146220
     ccaaggtaca caacttgacc tgacagacac ccctctcacc accagacatt cagatctcta    146280
     tgcagatggc aggaacttca tctggaaagg gagcaggtat gcgacagggt ccaagaatcc    146340
     ctgctggtgg tagtcacagg tcaaaaaaga aaaaaaaaaa gtcatgtgag caatagcccc    146400
     acttagaggc acatttgccc aaagagcaga aataattgcc ctcacagaag ccttaagacg    146460
     cactaatgag aaaaggatga tcatctgcac tgacagccgg tatgcctttg ctacggctta    146520
     tgttcactaa cagatttcta gacagaagga ctcactcact tcagagtgaa agactattaa    146580
     aaataaacat gaatcctccc attggtggag gccatctggc tgccaccgaa ctggccataa    146640
     tacactggcc aggacaccaa caagacaaaa gccccaaact caaagtaaca actattcaga    146700
     ccaagttgtt cagaggctgt acttggggaa cccagtcccc aaaacatcct acagttcctg    146760
     accaccactt agcttcaatg aagatgtccc taagtatgat caaggaaaag tcaagccata    146820
     ttctgatttg ggggtccaag gaaaactgtg tggatggtgg atcttgccag actgaaagaa    146880
     atacttcaaa gcatttcaga tcgttgcttg accacttggg taaacacaaa aaaggatatt    146940
     cttacccccc acccccaccc caggacaatg gagttaaggt atggtacctg gtgaatttgg    147000
     gaattagatt tcacagaagt caagccagga ctatatggat acaagtacct gctggtcctt    147060
     attgatatca tcactggctg ggtagaggct tttatgtccc agacagaaat ggcctaggta    147120
     gtagccaaga aatttgtaag agataatgcc caggtttggc ctccctctgt ttttgaggtc    147180
     tgacaatggc ctggccttca cagctgtgtt gtctcaataa cactttaaga ctcttaatgt    147240
     agatcaggaa ctttgtgaac ctgtttcacc tcaaaattca ggtaaggtag aaaagatgaa    147300
     taggacttca aaggggattt taactacacc taactctaga gactgggggt aactgggcta    147360
     gtctcttgcc tcatgcccta cccagggtct actaagctcc ttattcagaa aagtttgtcc    147420
     catatgacgt agtccatgga agaccagtcc ctatggtccc ttgggtacgg gctggactgt    147480
     gatcagattg ccctgttcta atctttgagt ccttgtaagg attttgtagc tacagtgtac    147540
     ttacatacat aaaataagta aataattaaa aaaaaaagaa gtaatggact gtgactgagc    147600
     atggtccctt aaaagttaag atttctagaa tttaagatca tttactatga ttgctctcta    147660
     gttaacaata atgctccaac ttgccttaag atctgatcct gattgcgttt ttaccggggg    147720
     aatagaaggt acatctgtca taggaaatac tttaacattg ctttgtaagg ccagagactg    147780
     ttcccaccca ccaggcccca ttatttggct gaaggaaaat aaacatttct atccaaatga    147840
     atagggcagt tgagatgaat taatttgacc gaccagtccc aaagtaacaa tgtggacttc    147900
     agtgtaacta aataatcttt acaaattctg acaatggaaa ttacaaatgt attacaatgg    147960
     taagaggaaa acgggactcc ttaggtgctt ccattggaaa ttaacataac ctaaaatatc    148020
     attgtcggta gctaatagat tcaataccaa tctttggctc catctagtgt caaacagcag    148080
     acagacaagt tccttttgtg tcaggggatt ctttaattcc tggactagga aaaaacttat    148140
     atggaacagg gatcacatat aaatattata ccaacttaat aggggactca atgggaagtg    148200
     ccctcacaaa catttctgag gttataagga tattctggta aataatgcct ttttccttca    148260
     ttgcccatgt tttgcttgta cttatgtccc tccccacagc aacactactt ccaatcctgc    148320
     actcctcaag ggaaaaaaac gattaccctt ggggtggttt aggaaacaga gacttgttct    148380
     tataaggaat ggagtcttag taacaatgta taacaatgtg tctccttaac aaagtgtgac    148440
     tcctgcttgg ttacatagcc cccccttggc ctgggtaacc catttctgtg ggaataacac    148500
     tcaatttgcc ctcctggggg tataagggca tgtatgggat aggatgcgtg tattttatct    148560
     aataagcact agagtctctt gataggattt caaggtctct ccctgaacac cataactcct    148620
     tacatctcct agaccccgcc acactagcat tcacagctgc cgttttatta cctgtccctg    148680
     gattcctttg ggggctgcaa aaagagattt ctaatatagc ctgctgtgaa tactacagca    148740
     gagatatttt aatctggaaa ttggaaaatt aagagcaatg gttttacaaa atagagctac    148800
     tgtagacttt ctattgctca aacataatcg tgaatgttga cagttccctg caatgtgttg    148860
     ttttaatgta tcagctttct cctacatcac tgataaccaa atcaatgact tacattggaa    148920
     ataaacaaaa tctctcaggc acaggtcaaa tgtccattct ggctgagatg gcactctctc    148980
     ccttcatcag caccccaata gttttcttat taatcagaat atttaggctc tgtttctctc    149040
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatggttt    149100
     ctctgtgtaa ccctggctgt cctgaaactc cctgtagacc aggctgacct gggactcaca    149160
     gagttctacc tgcctccctc tgcctcctga gtgctctgtg ttttttcaac atatcactaa    149220
     ccttatcatc tgccagacac tcaatgccag aatcctgttc acccaacatc atcaaaccat    149280
     gcttgctccc ttgtcaaaga tctgaaagct ttaagcaagc tgtgaaacca gaacgggagc    149340
     catcttgtcc ttaaggagac tcattgctgt acattgttac taagtctcca ttccttactg    149400
     gaacaagtct ctgtttccaa aatctaatgg tatccggcaa aaccggtttt tcagcctgca    149460
     ctgaacttgt gaccccattg atgtatgacc ccccacacac acacatcttg ctgaactcat    149520
     gacccagtga tgtatcattg ccctttgcct tacaaaatat gcttccaaga taccttgatc    149580
     tacattctgg accaccttct ccacactgta tgactccccc accacatggc atacacactt    149640
     gcttttattc ttacctttca ttgtgttttt tttaatatat ttttattaga tattttcttc    149700
     atttacattt caaatgctat cccgaaagtt ccctatagcc cccaccccgc cctgctcccc    149760
     aacccaccca ctcctgcttc ttggccctgg cattcccctg tactggggca tataatcttc    149820
     acaagaccaa aggcctctcc tcccattgat tgcttactag gccatcctct gctacatatg    149880
     caactagaga cacaagttct gggggtactg gttagttcat attgttgttc tgtgtttttt    149940
     tttccaacac ccaattatta tgcccccata atcatactta cagctgtttc atattaactt    150000
     caatcttttc ctataaaagg gatctcaaaa agccagtaat tagctgctct ctaaagaatc    150060
     caggctaggc agtggtggca cacgccttta atcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaggcg    150120
     gatttctgag tttgagatca gtctggtcta cagagtgagt tccaggacta tacagagaaa    150180
     tcctgtctgg aaaaaacaaa caaacaaaaa acaaacaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaga    150240
     aagaaaagat tccagactta gggtgagaca gctggcaggc cagtcccagg tgcatctctg    150300
     aaatttgctt gcttttatcg gacagttgtg gatttggtct tttggtcttt ctcctagcat    150360
     actcaagttt aacatttcca gtgcccatgc tgtggccagg ggacaggggg gcaggaggac    150420
     agggaggaag ggggaggggt ctgggagaag agaagcccct gaagcatgtg ggactgggcg    150480
     gggctctaag gaaagaggtc taaattagaa tgcggaggag ctggggaagg gaagggggaa    150540
     tagggtcggg ggtcaggctc ttgggagagc ctacagagag cctgcctgtg tctgactttt    150600
     ctatcaagct aagttcctgc aggcaacttc tctggcagct gatctggcag ctcccatctg    150660
     aggcctggtc ataaaggaat catggaagaa caaaagagtc agaggaggcc atcaggaatc    150720
     ctctccacac tgccaacctg agttcaattc ccagagccca caatcaccga taaacaccat    150780
     gatcaaaagc agcttggaga gaaaagcttt tctctttctt tctttccttt ctttcctttc    150840
     tttccttcct tccttcccct tccttccttc cttcctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct    150900
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttccttcttt ccttccttcc ttcctttctt tctttcttcc    150960
     ttcctttcct tacaagcccc aggtcacagt ccatctctaa gagaagtcag ggttggaatc    151020
     tggaagcaga gactgcagca gaggtcttga agaatgacgc tctccacctt gctccccgtg    151080
     gcttgctcaa cctgccctgc attcttataa aacccaggac cacctgccga aggatggtac    151140
     caccctcagt aggctgcccc ccccccccca gacttgccta caggccaatc tgatggagac    151200
     atttctccct tgagcttctc tcttcccaca tgactctggc ttatatcaaa ttgacgaaaa    151260
     actaacacca tgtgaaatta gaaagtaaga atcaactcca caaggttgtc ttctgatctc    151320
     tacatgtgtg ccatggtgca agtgcccccc ccccatacac atacacaaac actagtaata    151380
     gataattaac tagaaaatga ttaagaaaaa gccagcactc aggaggcaga ggcaggcagg    151440
     ttcctgtgaa ttccaggcca gccaaggcta catagtgaga ccctgtttca catacacaca    151500
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaag aaaaaaagga aagaaagatc cagaggtgca    151560
     agtaaggaga atctagctta ctttatttga aaatagaagt tggatattgg taccaggatg    151620
     ggatctgggg tggacaaaaa accaagtgtg tgaggcaggt tccattgggc tatgtctttt    151680
     accccctaaa caggacaact ccaatggcaa gtatcacccc acccctcctc accccacccc    151740
     cacccccacc ccggccacca tgttctttct tccctggata aatatgtggt agatttttta    151800
     ccatcagatg tctgcacatc ggtttgggaa gggtcaagga acaggaggga aaaatctcat    151860
     ttctctgtaa gggtggcaga tccctcggaa gccattaact cctacctctg cccctccatc    151920
     atgcagaggc ccagagagag ccagacactg gacatagagg acgaggtatc aaagccatgc    151980
     gtgttccctg tgtctatctc aggactccag aggagactct agaagatgag tctcaggtgg    152040
     ctgctacctg tgtagacatc tgtacagaga tcccatctct gtgactacgt tgttcagcca    152100
     aaggccacac tgacctctct tgcctcctag gttgtccccc actcttgggt cccagagagg    152160
     gacaaaagag gacagccaca tgtaaggaac gaaggagagg aaatcctgtt gaaaactgcc    152220
     ttctcaaacc caagaacaca gttacaagaa aaagtccttt gtagttgacc catccaaagc    152280
     atgaagaaac agaggtgaca gggcgtgtcc gctcacgccg gagatcccag catttgggag    152340
     gaagagccag gaggatcttg aactctgtcc agcctgagct acacagagac ctctagtggg    152400
     agacgagaaa gagaggattg acaccaacaa acctaaacac aaggtgtctt agtcagggtt    152460
     tctattcctg cacaaacatc atgaccaaga agcaagttgg ggaggaaagg gtttattcag    152520
     ctcacacttc catactgctg ttcatcacca aggaagcagg tcaggaagca ggagctgatg    152580
     cagaggccat ggagggatgt tctttactgg cttgcttccc ctggctcgct cagcctgctc    152640
     tcttatagaa ccaagactac cagctcagag atggtcccac ctacaaggga cctttccccc    152700
     ttgatcacta attgagaaaa tgccttacag ttggatctcg tggaggcatt tcctcaactg    152760
     aagctccttt ctctgtgata actccagctg tgtcaagttg acacaaaact agccagtaca    152820
     caaggtaatg aaagactccc atctgctact catgcgtgct ggaagcttcc atgaccaaat    152880
     catgcaaggg ctctcattcc ctggtttttt ctttctttct tttcttttct tttctttttc    152940
     tttttctttt tttttttttt ttttttttga gacagggttt ctctctatag ccctggctgt    153000
     cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc    153060
     tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggtgtgagcc accacgcccg gctccctggt tctttctaaa    153120
     tgttctcagt ttctcaccaa gtgagcttta tctttgtcat tattgtctgt ttgtgggctg    153180
     ttgtcctttt gttaatttgg gttccttcca cacagggtct caatctggag cacaggctgg    153240
     cctcaaactc atagtaattc tcctactcca gtaagtgcta ggattacagg cttgagtcac    153300
     tatatccagc ttcttttcgt tttctgtctc tgtctctgtc ttatgtctct ctttctctct    153360
     ctaggttctt gagacagtat cacaccatga agcccaggct atccttgaat gagacatcct    153420
     cctgcctcac ctttctgctt gtgccacccc acccatctgg cctctaaagt ctaaaggcaa    153480
     caggctgaga ctctttccca agattatgta gcaaagacct gaaaggtgtc gggtatcaca    153540
     gaccagtcgg ccttcaaggc aggaagagat ggatgtgaga tgggcctgcc aatatcatgg    153600
     tagggtttta gatgtttcat atgtgtgtga taccaatgtt aaaaggcaca gaccctggca    153660
     caggaaatac caccgaagtc tctctgagta attagtgttc cctcttagga ggtggagaga    153720
     agaaatagac ataagatgtg ttcctcctgg aatcatcaag agaggccatc ctctcccctg    153780
     aacctcataa taacatctgt ttcctagtca gtttgagagc agttatgaag ctggtacaag    153840
     tgagagtgtt tgttggctgt gcatcatggg ctcctcctgg tgctgatgcg ggactagatc    153900
     ctggacaggg cctcctagag ctgcctgtgg atcacatgta gcccaaaaca aaaatcataa    153960
     acttcactta agctttttta tttttttaag atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat    154020
     ttatttattt atttatttat tatatgtaag tacactgtag ctgtcttcag atgcaccaga    154080
     agagggcatc agatctcatt acagatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggatttga    154140
     acttctgacc ttcggaagaa cagtcgggtg ctcttaccca ctgagccatc tcaccagccc    154200
     cccccctttt ttttgaaaca gggtttctct atgaagttct ggctgttctg gaactcactc    154260
     tgtagaccag gctggcctca gactcagaga tctgtctgcc tctgcctccc cagtgctggg    154320
     attaaaggca tgtgctacca ccaccccctg cctcactttg ttttgttttt ttctcttttg    154380
     tagctggatt aaacagctct ccagtatgaa cttcatagat ggcagcatca taatgtgacg    154440
     tcacggcttg aacatgactg acagcatctt cagctgctga ggtccctcat cagctcatgg    154500
     tgactccagt ttgaactctc aagctgcctg catccagagc ctcaaaccca ctgtcctggt    154560
     ctcaggagcc catctacaag ctcagaatga gggaccacat cctgactctg catcactcct    154620
     gccaatgagc attgcccacc tagggccaga agtaacataa aggaataggc agtgaatgaa    154680
     taattgtgag ctagtgtggt ggtacacacc tatgattcca gcacttggga ggtggaggaa    154740
     ggagggtcag aaattaaagg acacccttgg ctacattgtg agcttgatgc tagcctgggc    154800
     tacatcatga gatcctgaca catctgggga aacctgcaga ggacagaggg gtgagattcc    154860
     ctaaaactac aggcagttgt aacctgcttg atttgggtgc tgggaactga actcaggtcc    154920
     tctggaagag tggttcctgc ttctaactgc tgagctacac tccagactct gttccacaca    154980
     tggtttgtat ataagtacca aagtcggggt ctaacaggga acctcactgt ctagggttta    155040
     gagtctccgc agctggcttc gtatggcgct gcagttctaa gtttgggatc taagtataga    155100
     tacagagcga tggcagctgg cctttggact gtgttctagc aggtaggagc tcagccaggg    155160
     cacttgcggc tccagcaacc ttccagatgc caaatgccca tctctcaaca tgccaggcac    155220
     ttaggactcc aagccaagca acttcctgac aacagccagc tttggagccc ccataactac    155280
     tagggaagaa ccttgtattg cggcccacta tgtgccagaa tttctgcatg ctcttagggg    155340
     actcttgggg ttccatccct tgcctgagat ccagctgcta cgtggccatg aatccactca    155400
     agaacctgat tagatgttgg ccatcgtatt agagactacc cactctctca tcttctatct    155460
     aggagaaaac agaagtttgg tgaaggcaaa tcctttgcta gttcatgtgt ttatttaact    155520
     ccagggctga gacttgaagc caggttttgg ggtttctcag ggcatgtcgg agactaaagt    155580
     tgaggtctct ggtttgctct cattgccctc ctgccctctg cacctccatc ctctctatta    155640
     aacttgacat tatccatcac tccctctccc tgggagcacc ctcctcctcc tgtttccatg    155700
     acaacacatt ctcctcttcc tcctgctgct ccagtggctt cgcacacact caccatgggg    155760
     tctcggaggt ctccaggcca gattctcaga ctcctctctc ctcagtgcac cccagaagcc    155820
     aatgcacatt tccctctggg tctccagctc tgaccctgca ccctggctat tttccagtca    155880
     cagctacttg ctgagtgaca agccctgtgg ctatacatac attacctaat taatcctcgc    155940
     agccattcta caaagaaagt ccactctaca ggacgggaaa actgagaatc tgagagagga    156000
     agccaacatc agattctagc attcatctgg agctcgagga catcaagaag agattggaaa    156060
     ctgtagggca tttttaaacc aaaggcacaa tcttccctcc cacctcgtag agagaacgga    156120
     atggaaattt tggggaggaa gagagacctg tgatagtcta gaattacgct gtcaatttgg    156180
     agctttaaaa aaaatgcacc gtgcaaaatg cacagtacat tttgaaaggc aaagatttgg    156240
     agaacttaag gaggaacaaa agttcacgga aaattgccct tttctcctat tttgttaagt    156300
     cttcaaaagc ctcatcccag gaacccagcg acagctggga catcgttctg cttcactgat    156360
     gcccagaact cacagtaaac gtggacctgg gaatttcctc taaaattcct ctgtccggag    156420
     ttctgacact cccgacaagg tctgtgactc agggaaaagc agcttaacct ccgagctcag    156480
     ctttcccatc tgaaatgggg acactagcca ggcatggcac atacctttaa tctcagcact    156540
     cagaaagcag aggcaggggg atttctgtgg atttgaggcc agcctggtct acagaacaag    156600
     ttccaggaca gccggggcta cacaaagaaa ctctatcccc ccaaaataaa tatacataca    156660
     tacatataca cacacatgta catacatgca tgcatacata cttactaaaa taaaatgggg    156720
     attctaggca ggtatggcac cacctttaat cccagcactc aggaggcaga ggcagactga    156780
     tctctgagtt caaaactagc atagtctata tagcaagttc ccagtcaacc acaattacat    156840
     agtgagacat tgtctcaaaa atagatgata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga    156900
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagatg atagacagac acagacagac aggcagacag    156960
     acagacaggg atactgctac tttggcccag gggctgttga ggggatgaac tgagataatg    157020
     ggcgccaggc ctggtacacc accgtactca gttaagctcc gggtctctac tgctcataac    157080
     ttttgggtct tggacatgct cacacttttc tacccactct gctgctcccc cagtagccaa    157140
     ttcctatgca tcctttaaaa cccaccggcc ctttgccgcc tcttatagaa ttgctgcaaa    157200
     caggtttttt aatgaaaaag tacttctggg acatcccccc tgggcctttc tgtcactgta    157260
     tctgtcacat tggcatgcaa tcacctgggt atgtatgtta tatgtgtatg tatataatca    157320
     gctgaggctg atcccaggac attatcagaa agggttagaa aaaagttggt caaatcttgc    157380
     tggatgtggt ggtgccatgg tatgttactg tacacacaca cacacacaaa ttagcaaaca    157440
     aataaataat ttcttttaat tggggttggt ggataaaggt cctttctgtc aaacctgctg    157500
     actggagttc aacccctatg aactcaggag gcagaggaag agaagcacct ctattaaaac    157560
     tctcccctga cctcctcatg tgcacagtgg cgggagcatg ccccatccaa cacaaaatca    157620
     atcaacgttt aaacaatttt gaaatcacac ctgcaatacc tatactcatg aggccaagtc    157680
     agttctcatc cctacaggaa aggaccggct gggtcagctc taacacaact ctgccctggg    157740
     tggggcacaa ggccacagtc cttgcaagga cacacagcac taagtcccgt gacacctgct    157800
     tcaggagtct gctgtctgct acctccctag cagagtagca ggactttcca gtgagtgtct    157860
     aggggtgtct ttggcctggt gaccacctca ccaccaccac cacactctac agaaatctcc    157920
     atggtcatag tgaccattta ggtggtaaag gtcagctaag aggttaagtt ccaggctaca    157980
     gtggctgggc aggtctgatg tcagcggtga caatcactct gtatcccagg ctacagagat    158040
     tcccaaggac ctaagctttt agggacccca cagggagaaa aggactatgc tttgtccatc    158100
     aaaggaacct tttctactca ctagtctagc tcccgcctcc cggaaggcag ttaggtccct    158160
     gctggagtga cagcctgcag cttttgttcc aaagaaatgg ctgtcaaaaa gaaaagaagt    158220
     atattgtctc tctgcttctt tcttttttgg tttgagacaa aggcgtcaat ttcttcccat    158280
     ctgtcccaaa aaaggaagag aattaaattt gtttttacaa ggatgtcagc agactgcttc    158340
     aatagggagt caggggcagg ttgctccctc aggcagtgga ggaggaacgg ggacagggca    158400
     aacaatgaca tccaggggag ctgagatcca ggagagcctg gatcagtttc tgggccaccc    158460
     tctgcagcga gagcaaatga gggactcagg agaaatggga gagagcaaag ggccacaccg    158520
     acatcactgc tataaaagcc cttcttccct caatcccttc aaagcagagt ccgactgggg    158580
     cagttccagt ccctgggagt catggacacc aggcatctga tggacagcca gacgctggga    158640
     gaaggggcaa gagtcttctt ccgggttctt atcaagggtc caagtatttg gtgagaatcc    158700
     ttattcatgt taccacatac gggggggctc aaacaaaggg tctcggtgct ctggtactga    158760
     gccacataca ctagtacccc aggaacccca aaagcatcca tgttcaggct tcaggattta    158820
     acctgtaagc agaggcctca gccccctgcc tcacgattta ctctccctac aacacacact    158880
     tttattgaga cagggtctca ccatgtagcc ctgagcatcc tggaactcac tatgtagacc    158940
     aggctggcct ctgcctccca ggtgctggga ttaaaggcat gtgccaccac ttttaaaaga    159000
     agatttattt tatgtgtctg agtgtttcac ctgtatgtat gtatatatgt atgtatgtgt    159060
     accatgttca tgtctggtgc ccacagttgt tggaaagcat tagattgact gcgactgggg    159120
     ttacagatgg ctgtgagcca ctatgtgggt gctgggaatc gaacctatgt cctctgcaag    159180
     agagtcacgt gcccttaatc actcagccac ctttctggtt ctactcccac ttcttgacac    159240
     aaaggcttac tcggtttcag gggtcccttt agaacttgct tttggggccc ttgttcagga    159300
     tccagggagc ctctgcttct gcccactgtc cacagcccca cagggataca gggctgcggg    159360
     ttctcttcaa accagactca gagacaccca catagttttt tggtttgagg gttggttttg    159420
     ttgtttggaa ggtttttggt tggttggttg ttttgtctta ttgatcccag agcctcacac    159480
     aaacacccta ccactgagct acattcccag ccctctttac attttatttt gagacactaa    159540
     attgcccagg ctgttggtcc ttaattttcc agcctcagcc tccactatga ctgggattac    159600
     acaggcctgc cccatcaggc ccggcttgta tcctctctac agagaagtca cgttggccct    159660
     agcctcaacg agtttagctg agtagttaga aaggtggtga gaactttgac tcttctccaa    159720
     cgttgaccat cccccactta tcctcccccc aagggaaggg ggcgcttatc tcctgaccaa    159780
     accccaagct gccttgcctg aatgccctgt ccccttatct tctctaagat gagagatcct    159840
     ccccataaca caaatgctgg gactctcagc caaaccaaat catcgacccc atcactgccc    159900
     ctcctggttc ctggagctgg aatccttggg tcttggactg gagctgggtg ttcaaaaagg    159960
     ccagaacccg atgttatctc aaggcggagg ctctgtccca ttggagaggc cttactaatg    160020
     gatacagttt aggaatcacc agctctgctt cctcaccccc accgttccaa cctggagcct    160080
     ttgatccctc aggccccgtc cccacaggag gcctcccctc tgtgcaggcc caattctagc    160140
     tgtcctggtg gtggccacag cctcccaggg agctcggtgt ggcctctgga tcacttcact    160200
     tgggaggggc gtttaagggg aaggtcgggt aggtcaggcg gcagcgccac cgcccgggcc    160260
     gtcggagggg gtgcaggcag tgacacgctc acgcgtggtg gcctggcggg gacgacggag    160320
     actgccgggt tcttggcggc cgcagggcgt gcgacagagc tggcggaagc agcgcttgaa    160380
     gttctcgtcc aggaaggcgt agagaaccgg gttgaggctg ctgttggcgt agcccagcgc    160440
     aatgcacagg tgcagtgcgg ccaccacaag tgggtcgcgc cgattgatgt ccaccagcgt    160500
     ccagacgatg acgaagatgt ggatgggcgc ccagcacacc acgaaggcgc ccaccaccac    160560
     cagcaccatg cgcgtgatgc gccgcaggct gcggtccttc tccttggaac cggacagcag    160620
     acgcacgctg cgcaggcgca gtagcatgag gccatagcac accgtgatga tgaggatcgg    160680
     caccacgaag gcaaagagga acacgcagat cttggtcaca gtgtcccagt accagctggg    160740
     actggggaac tggagcatgc ataccactgc accatctgag tccggggaaa caaaagacgg    160800
     ggatcagagg tctgtgtggc taaggggcgc tgtctgcttg tcctctttca aaatgactag    160860
     ctgggttgag attctgatgt ctaatatgtc cctttacttg gtgaactccg tcttatgctt    160920
     aaagacccca gaattggtcc tcatctggga ggtccccttc tgtgtcctct cgcaggtcct    160980
     ttgtaagcct ttatgtccat gaatggcagt aataatttat cctgacccgg taatggcagt    161040
     cattgtgtgt aaactcaaca gaccccccac ccatttctag aattgctcca gtggatcgat    161100
     tgatttaaac agtggactag ggctgtcaat ataatttaaa tatcgccaga gtgtcagata    161160
     gagtgtccct gtgttcaatt ctcagtactg tataaacctg ggcctgatgg cacatgtacc    161220
     ctaagcactc cagagatgga ggcaaggagg agcagaagtt caaggtcatc tttgactaca    161280
     ttaacttcta ggctaggaga aggaggagga gggggaggag gaggaggagg agggggagga    161340
     aggaggaaga ggaggaagga ggaggagcaa ggaggagggg gaggaaggag gaggaagagg    161400
     aggaagaaga ggagaaggag aagaggaggt aagaaagaag aaggaaggag aggaggagga    161460
     agaggaggag aaggagaacg agaaggaaga agaggagaag gagaaagtct gactccagcc    161520
     caagtgtgtg gtcttgggca aattaccatc ttcaaatttc cttatggtga ggctaatagt    161580
     ctaaccacgt ttctttagtt acatttagat ttgtcgagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtctgtctg    161640
     tctgtctgtc tgtctatctg tctgtgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtgtgtgtg taccacacat    161700
     gcatgtgaag gttaaaggac aatatacagt tgtccattct ctcctccaac cattcctgtt    161760
     ccagagatca aactcaagac tgtcaggctt ggtggcaagc acgtctgagc catgtagcca    161820
     gccctacctg cccgaaggac atttcttaag acagttgtga aatagactca gatacataag    161880
     gtgtttagct cagtggggct caaacggttg acgtactcac aggaaagaga agcagataca    161940
     tattggagcc tagaggtcag ggctagggcc tgcatctcag gccgatatca gttaatgtag    162000
     agaacaactt tggaccaggt gaggtggcac acatctataa tcccatcact caggagacaa    162060
     aggtaggaga ttcttaagtg taaggctaga caaaattaca tgttgagact atatccaaaa    162120
     gtaaagtaaa aaaaccaaag cccttcccaa cagccaaccc tgtaggaaaa ggaagaagag    162180
     cttggaccag aagagcatct cagaggacat tgtagggctc tgatgccggc tgggagctgg    162240
     cccagggatg ctcaagatct ctaggagcca cacagtagac ttgcagccta cgagtcatga    162300
     gaaaggggct ggagacccac aaaacattta gggtagttca agctggcagg acccctgggg    162360
     atgatggagg atcagtgtgc ttatgggtgg tggtgctcag agagggagga gggaggagac    162420
     tcacttgact cagctcccag cagttactga ctcctaaacc caaggctatg gagccctgct    162480
     gccagtcaaa acccattgct caaaggctgt ataatggccc tgcgggtctt cacttgaggg    162540
     tcaaagtgtg taagaggtct ccttcatcat cttccccttt gctacccaga gcatcaagcc    162600
     tttacagact tctacccagg ggccaaaagg aaggcgagac ctaagggcag gagccttggg    162660
     tcgaaggcca agttcctgcc agtgaggctg gaacttaacc acctgacttg attctgtttt    162720
     ctatttttct tttgataaga cctgagtata taatataaag tggccttgaa gtcaagatcc    162780
     tcctgcccga gtctccttgg ttactaaagt ataggcaggc acacttcctt ccacacttct    162840
     ttacatcaag atggggtcat gtgaacagct gacactagga agggagaagc aataacactg    162900
     aaaagtggtt atgatttctc ccaacttcct ttctgtgttt atgtgctggc cagatgccaa    162960
     cagtggatga tttgggggca cctcctctgg gagcctggta cccataaact actctcctac    163020
     ccaatagatt gtagtggccc gagaaataaa cttttattat aagaccctga actctgagaa    163080
     tgtttggttt cgcagcttta gtgactaata aagatgtcct gggaaatgca ggagtctgcc    163140
     attcccctca ggctattttc tggacctcga tttggtcatt tggccaatgg tatttatttc    163200
     ttcttatttt tctttctttg tttttgagac atggttttat ggttcatggc ctcaaactta    163260
     ttaccacact aaagctagcc ctgaactccc gattctcttg cagggcttat cctcttgcac    163320
     acctgattta tgaagtgctg gggattggtc ccagggctct gtgcatgctg ggtaagctct    163380
     ctaccaacat aattgcatcc tcaggaagag cagcatgtgc tcttaaccac tggaccatct    163440
     ttccagcccc tccagtggtt ttcaaagtgg gataaagggg agttggggat gggaccatgg    163500
     caatcacacc ttggccattt atccatctcc ctgtaatcta cacggtcctg gccagccagt    163560
     tcacaatctt attataaatt ccttttggcc agcagccttt caaccaatca ttcacctaca    163620
     tgagagtcgg ccacccacac cccccactgg ctgactttcc accctactgg ccaaccctca    163680
     cctttcactg tccctgaaac ccacaccacc actggaaacc actcccactt gcccaaataa    163740
     atgctttgaa aatccacaga ggcccccagg tggccaggcc ctcctgtggt cagagacccc    163800
     cgctgcagcc ccctctctca ctcaccccgg ggttgggtca ctgccatgac catgatgggg    163860
     accccgacac ctgaagccaa gacccagatg catatattga tcagcttggc cttggctggt    163920
     gtccggaagt ccagggcttt gacaggatgg cagacagcaa tgtagcggtc cacgctcatc    163980
     atggtgaggg tgaagatgct agtgaacatg ttgtagtagt caatggagag cacagccttg    164040
     cacagcagct cgccaaacgg ccacgtttcc atcaagtact tggcgctctg gaagggcagc    164100
     gtgctggtgg ccagcgcatc agccaaagcc agattgaaga tgtagatgtt ggtggcggtc    164160
     ttcaatttgg tgtaccttgg aaggaagagc acaggtaact accactggat tgatttcagc    164220
     ttccatcaaa ctgggggagt gaagggactt gctcaaagat cgacaaagga ccaatgtggt    164280
     gtcacatgcc tgcaatccca gccctcagaa ggctaaccta ggaagaccag gaattcagga    164340
     ccagcctggg ctacatgagg ccttttctca aaagaacaaa acaaactaaa aagattggga    164400
     gccaaggtgg gattggatcc ctgaatgacc caatcggcca ctacttctgc tccctgaagg    164460
     gggaaggatc tctggcgcct gggagtccag caccagggag gcagaagcag gaagatcatg    164520
     aatttaaggc cagccttagc tatataactg ctacatagtg acatcttgtc caaaaaaaga    164580
     aaaaggtaga aaagaaagaa tcatatacaa tgtagccctg ggcccagtga ttctctaaca    164640
     cacaggacaa aggcagtgtg tagttcagtt gccagaaggc ttgcctagag gaggtcagag    164700
     acaacttgtg ggtgtccatt ctcacctgcc tgagatgatc atatttcatc tctacagaat    164760
     gaaattggga actagaccgt ttacctggcc tttggagaat atgattggtc agctctgctc    164820
     tgagtgacag gctctgctgg gaccttacac cttctgaagt gtcctctgcg gtagcccagg    164880
     ggttgggttc tggtcatgtt tgggtccatc caggtctcct cacccccata caactagagc    164940
     catccctctg tgaaagccat ggttccttcc ccttcctgtc cccatgctgt gaggaaggta    165000
     agccactttc acagtcacac ttagggtatg agcccgggta ccgggctaga tgcatgcaac    165060
     caaactgtcc ctaacactcc cagcattctc cacgctctgt actgcacaca gccatccata    165120
     gagcagcttg tgtggctagc acatatagcc atagtccctt ctgtacgggg cctgggctaa    165180
     gcagggactt aggtatggag gcgactgtcc cagagcagag tcttcatcat aaagactggg    165240
     gcagggtaag gttctttctc acatcctaga ctggtaagaa gaggccagtc tggtctataa    165300
     agtgagttcc aggacagtca aggctgttac acagagaaac cctggctcaa aacaaacaaa    165360
     caaacaaaca aacaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa aaacccaaac aagcctgatg cttacggggc    165420
     tggagaagtg gcttggtggt taagagtgct tgttgttctt gcaaaaggac ctgggttcaa    165480
     ttcccagcac ttgtatggag gctcactact tccacacgta ccacaaatcc atatagtgaa    165540
     tagatataca tgcaggcaaa gccctcatac acacaaaata aaataaatcc aaataaaaag    165600
     caattaaata accaaaccaa ccaaccaacc agaggccaga gaagggcagg cgggcaggag    165660
     gaattcctgg tgtatcaggt tatagctgga gagctctaag agtggagaaa gtgactttct    165720
     gaaagcagag accaactgta gggtgtggaa gggaaagtgt gcacccatta tcattaacct    165780
     agcactcagg aagctgaaac aggagcatta caaatttgag tctagcctca gcttcatctt    165840
     gagaccctgt cttggaaaga caaaaaaata aatccttggg tatgttggta cacacctgta    165900
     attccagctc atcatacttc caaaggtaac ggggaactct ttgtttttga aaaagaatcc    165960
     ttctacatag ccctggctgt cctagaactc tttatgtaga ccagactaat ctctaacaga    166020
     aacctgccta tctttgcctc ctaggtgctg ggattaaagg catgcatgct cccacaaagc    166080
     ccagctggcc aaactatctg ttaacgtttt tttcctccag gatggatcag aggtttgggt    166140
     tttttgtggt tggttttgtt tgttagaaaa gaggagaagg aggaggaaga ggagaaggaa    166200
     gaaaaggaag aggaagagga ggaggaggaa gaggaagagg aggaggagga ggaagaagaa    166260
     gaggaggagg aggaggaaga agaggaagaa gaagagaggg aagaagaaga ctccctcatt    166320
     gtccttcaag accagcatct gtcccgctcc ctcccaaaat aactaggagc aaaagttttg    166380
     ctttttgctc cggaattgcg agtctcggga agtgcatctt cagcggggtg tggattgcag    166440
     ctgtgtggga ggcggtctcg agcccacagc tgactagtct aatttctctg ctcttacaca    166500
     gaacaattcc aggctgttct ttgcctgcta ttttgatttg tgacagctcc ttgcatccca    166560
     ggagggagct gggctgctgc tgagtgggag ccgaggcttc tggggtccgt ccctgttggg    166620
     ctgaggggct ctcctgccct ccatggccac accctgccct gatggcctcc tcaggtcccc    166680
     tgggctccag ctgcaagaca aacctcgctc ctattctgct ctcagccccc agggcctctc    166740
     cgaagcaccc tctgtgttgc ctaagttgac tccaaccacc tctgggatcc aggctcttca    166800
     aacctactct tcaactaatg tccttcaccg tacctggcct ttctgccatt ccttaaacac    166860
     gtgaagccca gccctcctca gaactttggg acctactgcc accctcaagc cccaaatttg    166920
     ccaagatttg cgggtcactt aaccaagcca catctcttcc aagaggccct cttccatcac    166980
     cttctctcag tctgcttctg tgtctctagc acatgccact gcctcatgtc ctcactgagg    167040
     gaactcgcct tctcccagga ctctggcccc ctgtatgctc tccgagttag aggactttgt    167100
     gaccatcttg ttccacaagc agtgggttcc cttcgacatg tgtcacagtg atgccttatt    167160
     ccaggactcg tgagctctca tggacttctt ttctttccat aatttattta tttttattca    167220
     ttttacatcc caatcacagc cccctccctc ctctcctctc agttccaccc ttacaaactc    167280
     ctacccctac tgtccctccc cttctttgag gagaaggggc gcccccccct tgggtatcac    167340
     cccaccctgg gacatctagt cccagcagga ctaagcacct cctctcccac cgaggcccaa    167400
     ccaggcaatc taggtagggg aagaagattc aaagacagaa aacagagtca gagacagccc    167460
     ccaccccaac tgttagggga ccaacatgag gaccaagctg cacatctgct acaaatgtgg    167520
     gagcagaggg gaacttggtc tagctcccgc acgctctttg attggtttga atttctgaaa    167580
     gcacatcttg gtctcggctg ggtgggactc gatgtaactg agggtgacct tgaacccctg    167640
     acccccctga ccccattttc tgagttctgg gattataggt gtgagcctcc attcctcgcc    167700
     tccaatatcc acccctttaa ataccccccc acactttctc atttgcttgt ttctatgtac    167760
     acatattttt cttctcccac gcatccttct ctgaaagcca cggcttcttt tccatggttc    167820
     cagtgtccac tcccgacttt gaggacactg gtcacgtttg ttttttatat tttcttctgc    167880
     tcttcattgt catcacctat ctcgactgct ctggccgctc tcttttatct tagagagtcc    167940
     cttctatcac gtatcacgta taaagacgtg agatgtgacc aaagttcagt ctttaaggta    168000
     aggcctgaat aatgagctga cagctgtgta cgtgagggtc ctgacaacta gttggtggag    168060
     gcggggattt tctataaggg actttcacac ggagaacatg taaataaacc atttctagag    168120
     ctgcgtacag aagcatgtga ctgtaatact tatatttagg aagtagaggc agaaagatca    168180
     gttcagggtc atcctctgct atatagtgag gatgaggcca acctgggcta caggagacct    168240
     gtctcaaagg aaaaatacca gagttttaat tttgttttgt ttttcgagat aaggtttctc    168300
     tgtgtagccc cagctgccct ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctc agaaatctgc    168360
     ctgcctctgc ctcctgagtg ctgggattaa aggtgtgcac cgctaccacc cagcttctcc    168420
     ttttattttt ccttttattt atttttttat tactctttta tccctgacca gagcccttga    168480
     agccacatgg gaaaggctgg ggagctggct cagacccaag tccagtcccc aagcctcgaa    168540
     gttgcctcaa actccagctc taggggatct ggcgccctct tatggcctcc tccggcactg    168600
     tattctgtag catatataca cctgcacaga aatgaaaata aatccttttt cttttttttt    168660
     tttaacccag gtagataaat agacaaactt gagtttataa tacgggacag gagggggtgg    168720
     tgtgccaaag tggccaccag gtgctggtac tagactgcta gactgccctc tggatatgcc    168780
     ttctagccac acgatcagga aaagtcacct cacttcttcg ctttagtttt tcttctctag    168840
     aagaggccaa cacacatttt agaaggtttg aagtgactga gaagagatgt aacaagctga    168900
     gcagagcaag gggtgggact gatgagatag aaggatgacc gtcgtctgag gtaatcatga    168960
     gaccctcagc cccacctcca cctccacacc ctgcacaggc tcctgattat ccctccaatc    169020
     tgttagggat cagggctttt ccctggaggc cctttgacac agagtcaacc aatacagaaa    169080
     ggagcacaac aaacactcaa gcagaaaacg agagggtccc agaagccccg tccccagctc    169140
     tgtagccagg atcctgatga gcaaaagttt gcacagcaag tggaggggag agacctatag    169200
     aaccttctct tctgagcccc agactcacga ggtcttcttc tggaccagcc ctgattccgg    169260
     atggtgagta ccactcgtgc tcagttttct tccttggatg gagatcgggt gtgctctgag    169320
     agaggatccg ctcggctgca caaccagaac catgatgaat ccatacgagg tccccgggct    169380
     ctggaatggg gtttcctcag ctcaaacctg ccctcacgta cactgaatct aaaggatttg    169440
     ctcctcgggc aaattcagag cgcttgatcc tgggagccca gagatagtca gaactttccc    169500
     tcctttgtac aaggtattct tggagctagt ctgactactt agttgcttat ttgctgtcct    169560
     gtttgtttgt ttgttttttg agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg gcctcgaact    169620
     cagaaatctg cctgcctctg ccttccaagt gctgggatta aaggcatgtg ctacctttgc    169680
     cctgcacttt cttgaagcac tttcttggaa tgactgggcc gtggtagtgc attcctttga    169740
     tcctagcatt tcagagggag aagcaggtag tctcaatgaa tttgagagca gtctgatcta    169800
     caaagcaagc tccaggtgag ccaaggatac attagcaaga tcttgtctct acataaataa    169860
     atacatacat acatacatac atacatacat acatacatac atacatacat acaattcttg    169920
     gagcatcttt cctttcatga tccaggccct atacaaaaag ccttgtctct gctcatcttt    169980
     accacaactg tgagttgatc ccattctact gggttggtag tgcatgccta taattccagc    170040
     acttggatga ctgaagcagg aggattgcca agagttcaag gccagccttg gcgatagagt    170100
     aaaaccctgt ccaaaggggg tggagggaaa aaggaaagaa agaaatgtct ctttctacag    170160
     atcagggaag gagataatga cagaattaat tcagactcag acctatacag ctcccagagc    170220
     tcagagctac tgccccatgg ctccattact gtcccctgct gttcagtttg tcacctggac    170280
     tcctcctgcc ctggtgatgg gtccagacag gaggccacag cattcagctg gtttttacat    170340
     gttccaagtc cctctgggtg atagggagac agcctgctca tggtttgggt atgaccagac    170400
     ttattaataa catcacaggc ataacgacag gcccaggggg caaggtggaa aaggctcact    170460
     cataacaaaa acgctcacct ctgtctaggc tttctggaca gccagagttg cctctgcttc    170520
     agtttgtttc cacggataat aaacatctat tggacattta ctgtgtgcag gcacacagaa    170580
     tagccattta catcatttaa tctccacaac acaccatggg gtagataaca attatagacc    170640
     tcaatttatc aagtgtggta atgaacttgt tgagattgca gtcatggtga gatccgagtg    170700
     gtctgccctg aaagccggca tttcctctgg actcgggctt tagcttctcc cctgcacgtg    170760
     ctgtgggctg agtgtgtccc tcacacactc ctggacaaat acaagagccc gagagcaagg    170820
     atggcatttg tctcgctccc ctaaaagcct ggcaccgaca gcagaaacaa gcacagagca    170880
     ggtacccagg acgcgtctgg aatggatgta tataaagatg tctgccttcc acatcaggaa    170940
     gggaccgtga ccttttctct cccactccca gctgtctggg taaggacagg tagagggggc    171000
     acattgatgg gtgccagtgg atggtatcaa ggtaccctaa tcttcagaag taaggagcca    171060
     cagactgaag ggctcaaatc agggcatctg ttctttatca tccctccctc ctccgtcctc    171120
     ttggccaggt ccccggaagg atgccagggc ctgatcctct ttgccctgag tctgaagtga    171180
     atcagccctg caggtggtga gagaaatctt cgctcattta tccaagggag ctaatttgat    171240
     tttaactaaa tggaggtggt aatgatgttg tttttctcca aaacaggggc gtgagaccta    171300
     aaatcaacag ccgctgctgc ggctgctgtg gtggttgcgg cagtgacagc ccagttgacc    171360
     ttgtgggacc tcaggagaca aacttgacat ggtggcttca gcctgcacga aaaaatagct    171420
     ttggtcccca accagaccca ctgtagatca gtgaagtatt tacaattaat attccttcta    171480
     aacgtctttc aactctgcaa tgtaacggct atttaccgga gaatattcaa acacagaatg    171540
     gcggcaggta tgaaaatcag tgtcagcact gaaagatcat cattgcgggt acggtgccaa    171600
     catgctaatg ccatgttccg tgcaagggag catgttcgaa gactgtcacc atcttttagc    171660
     aaaatgctgt ggccattttt ctgtattcat acacaaatta atatagtttt tgatggctgc    171720
     tttacggcaa gctttttttg cacagggcca gagagtaaat attagataaa taatagtcac    171780
     tactgagagt ccacaaggtc tctggactat attattctat tgttttttta agtgtatgag    171840
     tgttttttgc ctgcatgtct gtctgtgtac cacttatgtg tctggtacct gaggagtcca    171900
     agaaaaggcc atcacatttc cagatctgga gttacagaca cggattagga atagaacctg    171960
     gtcactccct ggtagtctag tggttaggat tcggtgctcg caccgccgtg gcccaggttt    172020
     gaatcctagt cagggaagta gtgttttaaa agcttactct gtatttattc tattatttct    172080
     ggggctggcg agatggctca gcagttagag cactgactac tcttccagag gacgcaggtt    172140
     ctctttcttt ctctcttcct ttctctcttt ctctctctct ctctctctct ttctttcttt    172200
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt cttccttcct tccttccttc    172260
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt cttttaaaga tttatttatt    172320
     attatactga cttcagaccc atcaaaagag agcatcagat cccattacag atggttgtga    172380
     gccatcatgt ggttgctggg atttgaacct caggaccttc agaagagcag tcagtgctct    172440
     tacccattta tgtgaagaca taaaaataga aaattttagc tcaaggacca tacgaaaaac    172500
     agtggtccat gcctggcagt acaggcttat aaccccaaca acctgaactg aaggaagaag    172560
     atcatgagtt caaggcctca gtgaggcagc atagcgagac cctgtctcag aaaggtgtag    172620
     gctgtgagag tgtttgcctg agactgaata agccacatgt ggtggtgcag gcctatcgtc    172680
     tcagcactca ggaggcagag gcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaccaaaa aaccaggagt    172740
     tcaagatcag acacatgggg caggatctga agatgatgag atgcagaaga tcctgtctca    172800
     gtaaatgcag actgacagac agacagacag acagacagac agacgtacta gactgggaga    172860
     agctgctctc acctaggagt ctggagtaaa gtcaactgga aatcctccat gaaggacatg    172920
     aaggcccttt ccactctcct gctgccatac ataacactgt gatcaatcct ctgcaggcac    172980
     aactaactga tgagtgtctt gggatatgac gtctggagct tcaaagccgg aggaatattc    173040
     aaagtgagaa tagcagatac tccggacaag ttctgtctag gaaggcggtc tgggttggag    173100
     gaagacttca tcccactgtc aggacacgtc acaaagcatg caagttagtt ctctcttatg    173160
     acctcccaat tgtatctctc aaaggcagcc ccccctcccc cgagcctgag tgcccctccc    173220
     caggtaccac agaagaagga aaacaagcaa gcaacctctc tcccacctgc caacactctg    173280
     tctggctctc ctcgtggaat catgggatct cagtctaaat ttagacttaa aagttcagaa    173340
     attccctgct ccctgcccct tcatgatacg ggctgaggac tgaggtggtc gctcccccat    173400
     tgcaggagtg tcccctgcaa tgtgagatta ctggggaaag ggcatttgta gatggagcga    173460
     aggagcctga ggtgtgagta cctgattata aggccgggac caaacttcaa gtgtcctccc    173520
     atgagatata gggaggaggg ggccatgtga ggtagtgatg agagagatgt aggcacaagc    173580
     tgaggaatac ctggaagccc cctgttcctg gacaggaatt gtctggaaca tgggtactcc    173640
     ccactttgaa cattccttct agctccgaga ttccagcaat cttttcccaa gaaagaggca    173700
     aggaaagacc cctcctccca atggatgggg ctgggagaga gggatactgc tctgttggca    173760
     ccttgtctct gaacttggga tttcagaact caggcaacta tgagacacag agcccagagt    173820
     ctgaccttcg gaccagagga ggttctgatc ttaaggaggt cagactacac ctacttccct    173880
     ctccacggat gatggaagtg aggcctggag aagccgcaca gggccaaaca gaatcagtct    173940
     cctgacctct gggaggcttc gtgctttctc cttctctgag ccaggaagct aaggctcagc    174000
     agaaatccaa gagcttgtct gggcctccag ggactctggc agagttccag gctcccaggt    174060
     gtctacgtca tcagcttcca tgggctccca ggtctggtca ctgagcaacc caggttagtt    174120
     ccctggtcgg cagtctgtaa caaccattgt cacctccacc gtgccatgac gctgcattcc    174180
     accaggctag accatgacac tgacctagat catcttgttt gctcaaccac tcaaatcgcc    174240
     gccacactcc ccgccatgct tccctaactt tacggtggag aaaagtaagc ctcggtgtgt    174300
     aggttgaatt gaataccatg cccagggtca acccgtgaga cctggcaatg tgcccttatg    174360
     gggaaccaat gaccatgcta ggttagggta tgtcctaagc ccctcccctc aaacactgat    174420
     attgagacta gggccttggg tacaccggca gaaaagcact gagctacatc tcctgtccaa    174480
     gttctatccc tattaaaggt ttcgtttctt tgtgaccttg ggattgaacc caggatgttg    174540
     cctctaccat tgagctctct ctccagcatc ctggtattct tgttaatgtt tatttatttg    174600
     gggtgggggt gatacctgcc ataccgtgca tgtggagggc caaggacagc ttttaggagt    174660
     gaattcccat tttgggggtt tgtttgtttt gtttgtttct ttggttggtt agtttttcaa    174720
     gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc acttggtaga ccaggctggc    174780
     ctcaaactca gaaatccatc tgcctctacc tcccaagtgt tctccttcca tcttttggtc    174840
     ccaaggactg gacttaatgt catcaggttt agcagcgagt cccttcacca actcagccac    174900
     tccccacctc gacttataag aaaagtcgaa gagaggatgc acacgcagag gcgagcatga    174960
     ggaaataaag aatgtgccct tgtgaggaca gaggccaaag ggtggtgagg actgccagag    175020
     ccccagctca gcacaggagg gattcttctc agagcctgac cacaccttaa gtttaggcct    175080
     ctagcctttt ttttcgagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc ttggctgacc tggaactcac    175140
     tctgtagacc aggctgacca cgaacacaga aatccgcctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg    175200
     ggattaaagg tgtgcgccac caatgcccgg cgcctctagc cttttgaagg aagaaattct    175260
     ggaagcttct ttggttttga ggtgagtttt tttttttttt ttttttattg tttgtttgtt    175320
     ttataggcac agggatatgt tgtcgctgcc tgaaaaagga ttttaccctg taacccaggt    175380
     tacccttgac cttgtagtcc tccagagttc tgtgacacag gcctgtgcac acagactatt    175440
     aacgctgaca ggaaagcgag ctggctgcgt gtctcatatg cagactgttt ggtttggttt    175500
     agtgtggttt gccttagttc ttcgagacag gctttctctg tgtagctctg gctgtcctgg    175560
     aattcactct gtagagcagg ctggccttga actcagagat ccacctgcct cagctgggat    175620
     taaaggtggg cagcaccacg gtccagacac ttgtggacgg gcttacatgc tggggacaca    175680
     caagtcattc tccactgaac cagcaaagcc acaggaacat cactatcccc tttttacagg    175740
     tggagaaggc tgaggggtgg agaggtgaag ctgactagca ggccttaagt taggtctcca    175800
     gttcctggga ttctaaaatt caagttcaat ccctttgttt tacaaatgaa ggctctgagg    175860
     ctgtgctata gcagtgaccc cagaggctgg gtgcacagag agggaacaga gatgagtcaa    175920
     caaagcctgc accagcagcc caggggtcca gctggagctc cctttatttg cagacaaagg    175980
     gtgattgctc tcccaaagga caaaacaagc ctggtcgggc aaggaggacg acagcaaact    176040
     gtgtccctgc ccaccactta agagggatgg cacttggcca gaaattaatt agctgtctca    176100
     gtttggcaga acccggagaa ggaaagtggt taattataat gaagcccaga gagcttgctt    176160
     atcaagggga agattatggc caggcctcgg aagcaaaagg cccccccgag ttgaacgtga    176220
     gtggagagac ctgccaggct atagttagca gcaaccaggc taaaggccta gcttccattg    176280
     gaaacccaaa gcacactcaa agagttctcc cttccctcat cctgaccctg cttaaggatg    176340
     gctggagtgt ggggtgaact gtatccagat agtgtggaag aatctggggc tggagatctg    176400
     atggctcact taggaaagtg ttttctgtgt gagcatgggg acctgagttc agtccccagg    176460
     agtcacagaa acaagacagg tgtggtgggc tgaggaggca agacagacat ttgctgggac    176520
     atgctggctg ggtacacagc ttccagtgag agatcctatc tcaaaaaaac aaggtggttg    176580
     gttctagagg cacgacaccc tgaggctgat actaggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    176640
     tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtctgtgtg tgtctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtc    176700
     tgtgtctgtg tgtctgtgtg tttctctgtg tgtgtatgtc tgtatatctg tgtgtctgtg    176760
     tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtata tgtctgtgtc tgtgtgtctg tgtgtttctc tgtgtgtgta    176820
     tgtctgtata tccgtgtgtg tctgtgtgtg tctatgtctg tatatctttg tgtccctgtg    176880
     tgtgtctatg tgtgtgttgg ggtgcagggg aaagggagag agagttagag aatccttcag    176940
     tgtggaagtc agtgcctgga tttccagaaa cagggcatga ccctcctaca aaccatatgt    177000
     gccagactcc cccaccccac acctactcat aggaacagag atgagtagtt gagtgtttga    177060
     aatagaacat ggaggttcgg tgtgcttcag tggtaggaca attattgctt atatgtacaa    177120
     ctcccagagt tagacagact gcacacagga aggggttgag agtgggggaa gaacagtatc    177180
     cggtgcctgc tttgatggga cacaggggtc actgttgcca accatcagag aaaatctccc    177240
     tggaggagag agttacttga taaaggaagt gaaaagacag tgccctggag gggtggtggc    177300
     ctgccattct cgcgtggctc ctgtcccttt tatctggcgg ctggtgagtt tctgtttgta    177360
     gagcccagaa actctaccga tggatccaag tggctgttag agacttaaga actatttagt    177420
     gatggcttct tagggccaaa ggcccgagtg agctaggaac aggataaagg acggaggaaa    177480
     cggtttctgc tctaggaaaa gccataaagg ggaggagcca tgaaggggga ggagccatga    177540
     agggggagga gccagagaca gggcaaagcc caggagatgc gcgcgcgcaa gagggggggg    177600
     ggcgaagagg aggggggagg agacaaacag tgatggcacc ataaagcctt gcttactgag    177660
     catctctctg tgtgtcaaga tgcttatgaa aaggtcagag gtcagcatcc aggctcttcc    177720
     tctatcgctt gtccacctta ttcgttgaga caacatttct caaggagcct ggagttcacc    177780
     tttcagctag gctggctggc ccgtgagccc ctgggacctg cctatctctg cccatgtctc    177840
     tgtctctgcc tagcactggg gacacagagg ctgttacgtt tctgtggggg ttctgagcca    177900
     tctccccaac ctgataagca caggcttttg tctatgtctc tcctatcgtt tgaagggatc    177960
     tcagagttcc cacagtgagt gatgtagtaa gaggaaacaa ccagatacgg tgttggggaa    178020
     ggagctttaa gaagtgaaca gggagctggg cgtggtggcg cacgccttta atttcagcac    178080
     tcgagaggca gaggcaggcg gatttcctgc ctcttttaag taccaggaca gccagggcta    178140
     tacagagaaa ccctgtctcg aaaaacaaac aaacaaaaag tgaacagggt tagataaagc    178200
     caggaggagt ttgaggctat cctgttctaa atggcaagtt ttagggcaac caaggctaca    178260
     tgataagacc ctgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagtagg tttttttttt tccccctggt    178320
     ctattcaaca caaaacaatg tcctcccttt ttatggaggt ggctgatgac atccatggct    178380
     gaatctctgt ctgacctgga attcagtagc tgacctaggc ccagccttag ctccggtctc    178440
     aggatggctc tggccagcat gatgtcaggc atggtcacag aaggaggtaa tcacagccat    178500
     actggggact ttgtgggtaa gggaccagta gaaatgtctc caagcaaacc tttcctggct    178560
     ggagcctgga gacttgcgag gatacacagc ttcgtgatct gaaagctgcg cacactgttg    178620
     tctgcctgct ctgggtgtgt gggcacatga gcatctgcct tggctactaa cactccctcc    178680
     acaaaaaagt tcaacgccaa ctgcatggcg atttgccatt tatagggcgt ggaagcctca    178740
     tcaagggtct gtctgctcac acctgaatgg cttccttcct ggaaagcatg gataaactag    178800
     cagtcttgtg ccaaggtaca atatttccct ggtcttaaga acaagtccca attaagaaag    178860
     ggctttctga cggtccctga aaggcagtct ttgcctggca cccaccacac tgaagtgcta    178920
     acaaactaca gattcccaac ctcttttata aagaggacag agttcctaat gcaatgcagc    178980
     tcttctgggg catcaacatg gcgacagcct ggtctgacaa agttctttat cacgctttgt    179040
     cacccagccc ccctccccta agtgatgggg actatgtggc acttgaataa tgtcatcaca    179100
     cttaatcctg acaagaacca gtgagcaaca accctgagcc ctgtcacagg acgaggcatc    179160
     tgggagagta aggctcagct cgaggcccca caaccctgtc taacctttac ctttgtacgt    179220
     cagctcagct aaacgacagt atccagcgat caaactcagg tatggctggg aaggagtttt    179280
     gtaatcagct gagtttaaat gaaggagatt aaccttagtc acctgtggga gcaatatctg    179340
     aagaacaacc ccaagggcct ctcaggtggc tcagagggca aaggtgactg gcacccaaca    179400
     acgcaagcct gataacctga gcttggttct tggaacccag gtaaaggtgg aaagagagaa    179460
     ctgattctac cgagttgtcc tctcactcag gctgtggaat gtgccatccc ccacgtagcc    179520
     aaactgaatg aagtattact gaggaacacg gagaccgtcc tcttccctgg gaagacgtca    179580
     gtctcctggg gagtgcagca acagctttac tggagggttt ccaacctgga gacccttgta    179640
     ccaatatcag atgtacctac ccatagctac agaagtcccc tcccccagaa tggtagccca    179700
     ctggctctgt ttcaaacaca aaagcagaat caacaaagtc ttaagctaag ctccaagcca    179760
     atgaagatct cttcacccct cacccagaca agaacatggg caattggttg tatcatggag    179820
     gtcaaggtta taaaagccat catggccagg aggtggtggt acacatcatt agtcccagca    179880
     ctggggaggc agaggcaggg agatctctgt gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacagagca    179940
     agttccagga cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct tgaaaaaaag aaaaaaatat    180000
     atatatctat atatatcatt cctgcttaac aggcaggtta tgaagattaa gtgagaattt    180060
     gtgtcttggg tcttctaagc catgaactga gcaggataac atggccactc tgcctttagt    180120
     ggtgatggtt ttgaccaagt ccatgtacta ggctttgtta ggctgtcctg ggtggcctgg    180180
     gatgagcagg ccaaaggaag caggaggagc gcctcatggc tacctgccca tccagcagct    180240
     ctgttgctcc cccaaggagc gatggaaaat caccagacac cgggcacttt gggcactggc    180300
     aggatgcaga tttgtaacca agggaagcag atgctccccc acaggtcctg cagggttatc    180360
     tggcttggcc gggagccgca gtttctctcc tgacttaacc tttatccctg ggtcccaagt    180420
     gctaggtagg cagccaggcc acagaaatca tagcaccaac ccttcttgta ggagtcaggc    180480
     tgagggccac acaagcctct acagggcaca caggcatcat cctctgctta aaacatcctc    180540
     ccaagcccgt ctctgctcaa cagtcacttc ccacatacag cgatattccc tccgcctgtt    180600
     tttgtttgct tgattgcctg tagatggttt gtggtttttt agcgcccccg cccctgaatt    180660
     tctgaacctc cgcctcacaa gagctgaacc ttcaattgta caccaccact cgtggctgat    180720
     tcggaactgg gaattgaacc caggatctcc cggcacatag gcaagcccct cctccaactg    180780
     aaccacgccc ctaaccacgt gtctgtcttc tactgactga cttattgtct atcctttctc    180840
     tgataaaatg gcagctctca gagggcgggg actgcgtctc tgcccttgct ttgctctggt    180900
     ttctggaagt gtgtttcaag ctcagaaaaa gccacgacgg gagacgggag ggtgccacct    180960
     gctgccgatg cagtaattta gtgcctcgcc cagttcacag atgagaaaac ggattcagca    181020
     agagactgaa tggatctgaa cccattcggc cggctggcac tgccccagga aatctggggt    181080
     tctgtaggtc tggatgacct acagtgtcgg gagtctccag aactgcccta tgtagtcgca    181140
     gctgtactcg caggacttca actttgcaga aggggtcaag tcatcctgtt acataaagag    181200
     tcaggggaca gaatggccta agcaagtctg tctcaagtaa attttaaaaa gaacccattt    181260
     cttttacttt ttaaatattt ttgttgttgt tttaaacatt gactcagttg tttattttta    181320
     ttttgtgtat aggtggagtt ttagtttggt tggttggttt ctctgcatgc cctagacctc    181380
     attctgtaga ccaggccggc ttgaaactca tagagatcca tctgcctctg cctcccgagt    181440
     gctgggattg aggcgtttac caccactgcc tggtgtgtat atctagtggc ctgcatgtat    181500
     gtgtatgcac cacgtgcatg cctggtgccc ttgaaggcca gaagaggaca tccgatctcc    181560
     tggaattaga gttacaaact gtgagccaac tgtggatgct gggaattgaa ctcagtttct    181620
     ctgggagaac gttgattccc tgaactgttg agccatctca ttgtaagagc acgcccctct    181680
     ccatctgcac cctcttgctc tgcccctctt gcctcacctt aatgttgtag taaatatctc    181740
     aatctgggct ttctatactg cctttggtca ttccgttccc agataaaaga cagacaacct    181800
     ttatatttgt attaaccctt taatgcacta aagttgagca gaggctacca aatcaataac    181860
     cccgagttat aacttgccat gttccacctg ggcagacctc atggccatgt gttctttttc    181920
     ttttttaaag atttatttat tttatgaata ttagtacagt acacagatgg ttgtgagcca    181980
     tcatgtggtt gctgggaatt gaactcagac ctctcttcgc tccagctcca gccccctttg    182040
     ctctggccca gagatttatt tattgtatat gtaaatacac tgtattcagc tgtgttcaga    182100
     cacaccacaa gagatcttat tacagatggt tttgagccac caagcagttg cttggacttg    182160
     aactctggac cttcggaaga gcagtcagtg ctcttaaccg ctgagccatc tcaccagcta    182220
     gccatgtttt caaaattttt accccatggc atcttctctc tccaccttct ctctccctca    182280
     tggtcctccc tcaaagcccg agcccaggaa ccaaaactct acctagctct cttctgccca    182340
     gcctgtctgc atcttggttt ttttgtttat ttgttttttg gattcttttc gagacagggt    182400
     ttctctgtgc agccctggct gtcctggaac taactctgta gactaggctg gcctcgaact    182460
     cagaaatccg cctgcttctg cctcccaagt gctcggatta aaggcacgtg ccaccactgc    182520
     cccgctgact gtctgcatct ttattcaacc aacagttttt aaattaagga gcaaagtcac    182580
     atagcattaa tttgtgtatg caaccaggcc ttgggggtca gtatttagct ttacaataca    182640
     aagcaaagaa caaaccttaa catgctacac cacctgcaaa aaataagtaa caaaaaatat    182700
     acttttaaaa atatttctat gtgtatgtat atattttgtc tatgtgaatt catgtgcacc    182760
     atgggtgtgc agcagcccac aaaagtctga gagggagtca gatcccttgg aactgaagtt    182820
     acagaaagtt atgagtcccc atgtgggcac ttggaacaga acctgagtct tctacaagag    182880
     cagtaagcac ccctaaacac agggccatct ctccaatctc taaataaatg caattcttaa    182940
     attttttaaa ttaataagtg ttcagccgca gccctccatg tttcaacttg catttggtaa    183000
     cagtgtttct cctgaatagg aaggagaccc aggcttcctt tgctgtggtt cctttgggtt    183060
     ctattgtggg acagggtccc actctgcagt cctggctggc ctggaactca cagaaatctg    183120
     cctgtctctg cctcccaaat tctgagttca agaggtatga gtgcagctga ggtttttgtt    183180
     gtttttaaga tatatatata tggcgggact ggagagatag ctcagtggtt aagagcactg    183240
     ggtgctcttc cagaaggcct gggtttgatt cccagcaccc acatggtggc tcacaaccat    183300
     ctgtgattcc aatttcagaa gatctgatgg tcctctgagc tctgataata ctgactacat    183360
     atgtggccca gacatacata catggcaaaa atccatacac ataaatacaa ataataaatg    183420
     tttacaaaaa ttatttgtgt atatgtatct ctgtgtgtgc tcacacaagt gtataggtgc    183480
     cttgaggggc cagaagagtg tgtcaggtcc ctgggatgga gttataggga actcccaagt    183540
     tgggagctga gaattaaact gctattctct agaagaactt caagggtgtg ttgttgtttt    183600
     aatttatttt atgtatgagt gctctgtatg catgtacacc ttcatgccag gtgagggcat    183660
     cagatcccat tacagatggt tgtaagccac catgtagttg ctgggacttg aactcaggac    183720
     ctctggaaga gcagccactg ctcttaacct ctgagccatc tctccagccc tgccctcccc    183780
     ctgctgcccc tcactacaag gggagttctt aacactgatc atctggcatt tcctgagtca    183840
     gaattcttct gacctcgccg ggactttgaa gttaaagctc tctgtctttt cactcctcac    183900
     agtagctagg aaggctgtga aggacagaca gacagacagg cagcttcttc acacgccctt    183960
     ccaggctgga gacaaagcca ctgatttctg cagctgtgct ggaagctaca aatcagtaga    184020
     gcacagccag acaccccacc ccaccctgca gcccgcaact ggaaacgggg ccgcatcagc    184080
     ctgcatgttg gtaacttgct aatttaagcc gggctttctg ttctaccctg cgattaccct    184140
     ccttcctgag cgtgtgagga tattctgggt ggccaatttg atttcaaagt cccaggatcc    184200
     tgagtttaat gaaatcatgc cttcccttgc ctctcaaaat ctagagatct ggcaggggtg    184260
     tgggtgcagg ggtgagtcct cgggtcacag cgcttgagac ttattcttgg gatcccagct    184320
     gggctgagga gacctgaatg tttgcccagt cttatcgttt ctccatctat ctgaatctct    184380
     ggcaccaaac ttccactgat ggctttctta tgtctgcttt atcccttcag caacaggaag    184440
     ctctctgtat gggacagcag ccagttcttc cttaaagagg tttgactgca agaaaagatt    184500
     gtacagaaat tgtaggagga gtctacaacc acaaatattc aaaatagtcg tcgaagccag    184560
     gcggggtggc acacaccttc agtctccgca ctcaggaggc agaagcagtc tgatctccaa    184620
     gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag tcctaggaca gccagggata cacaaagaaa    184680
     ccttgtcttg aatgccttcc cccaacaaga aagaataccc caactagccc actctacact    184740
     gaagagacaa ctcagcatta aagagcacag tagttcctac agaggctcga ggttcaattc    184800
     ccagcaccca ttggttggtt ctcaaccact tataactcca gtgtcatggg atgcgatgcc    184860
     ctcttttggc ctctgcaaga agcaggcatg tatgtggtgc acgtacaaac actcaagtaa    184920
     aacacccaca catgaaatta aatctaattt aaaattaaaa gaaaaggaca atggcaggcc    184980
     tggaaaaatg actccgaggg ccaggcagtg gtagcacatg cctttaatcc cagcacttgg    185040
     gaggcagagg caggcagatt tctgagttca aggtcagcct ggtctacaga gggagttcca    185100
     ggccatccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg tctcgggggg gggggggggg gggggatgac    185160
     ttggaggtta ggaacacttg ttggtgttgc cgaggaccca ggttcgattc ccagcatctg    185220
     catgaaagtt cacaaccatc cattagttcc agttccaaga gatttgttgc cttcttctga    185280
     ctcacttggg catcaggcat gcacatggta catacacata cacatatgaa agcaaaatac    185340
     ttatactcat aaaataaaat taatagatct ctaaaaagta aaaatagcaa atgcttttaa    185400
     aatgcaagct gctcaataga aggatacact cacatagcta tcaaaatcca tgagctttta    185460
     aaaacattta tttttatctt atgtgtatga gtgctttgcc agctagtttg tctacgcacc    185520
     atgctcatac agtaccctca gaagccagaa gagggtgtca gcctggagtt acagaagact    185580
     aaactgccat acctgtgctg aggtttgaac ctgggtcctc tggaagagca ggaagtgctg    185640
     cctacacctg agccgtctct ctaacctaaa ccagctttaa aaaaaaaaaa atggtttcct    185700
     tggcagaagc aggcagattt ctgagtttga ggccagcctg atctacaaag tgagttccag    185760
     gacagccagg actatacaga gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaac aaaaacaaaa acaaaccaaa    185820
     cgggctggtg agatggctca gtgggtaaga gcacccgact gctcttccga aggtccagag    185880
     ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccacccg taaggagatc tgactccctc    185940
     ttctggagtg tctgaagaca gctacaatgt acttacatat aataaataaa taaatcttta    186000
     aaaaatttta aaaaacaaac aaaccaacca aaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacaaaacaa    186060
     aacaaaacaa aacaaaaaaa aacccgaaaa agtttccctt atccctttgg ttttgttatt    186120
     tggaaacaag gtttcaattt tgtatctctt agaaggcagg atgatcagaa actgaaaccc    186180
     agtgtgggct actgagaaaa aaatctcact attatcattt acacaatctt acaaaatcca    186240
     tatgactgga tcctgatttc cctaagcaat cttaatttca taaaaacaag tgtgtgtgtg    186300
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgca tctagaagca aagatgagaa agaaatatac    186360
     acaaatgact aagctttttc tctgcagtaa gattatgggt aatagcaacc tctactgaat    186420
     ggtctccttt ggtcctgaag taactatcta gctatcttta atataaaaga aagcttctga    186480
     tatcgacctg ataaagttcc cctgtagcac ccagccagag ctcctccgcg gcttagtaaa    186540
     tggtgactga atgagagggg agccttaccc ctccccgaca gggccagctt tacacagact    186600
     gcctccgaac agctactgaa cgcctggagc tggttggcac ctcatgactt ccttactctc    186660
     accctgtaag ggtctaccac cctcccattc cacagagcag aacactgagg catagagaga    186720
     taatatatgt attgcttaag ctcacttaga aaaatgtcac tagccaggtg ttggtggcgc    186780
     atgcctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcag aggcaggcag atttctgagt tcgaggccag    186840
     cctggtcgac acagtaagtt ccaggacagc cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa    186900
     aaaaaaaaaa gaaagaaaga aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa gaaagaaaga    186960
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga gaaaagaaaa atgtcaccgt    187020
     ctgatgatgg cccctgtttg atgctcattg tgtaatagtc actatgatgg tcactgtgtg    187080
     atggacacag tgttatggcc cctgtgtggc tctaatgtcc aggtttgcag ctgctgatat    187140
     caaataccga ggccttgaga tttacctagc cctagcctgc tctctgtgca tctcaagcct    187200
     agcacaggcc gagtggttaa ggtttggggg ctcagaaaga ccaggtctaa gatgggcatg    187260
     gtggtgtgtg tctgtaaccc tattatttga acagtagatg agacaggaag aggggacgtt    187320
     aacattcatc ctcaacaata tggcaagttg ggaccagcct tggctacagg agaccctgtc    187380
     acagaacaaa agctgagctt gcaacgcctt tgtggtgaga ggcacttgct gcctctgagc    187440
     ccatgttcta gtctatgaat gagaacagaa gagcccactg tgggactcaa gtgcaggttg    187500
     gagaatccct agactccaga agaagctcag gagagactct gtgtccttgg cgactcttcc    187560
     caccgctgtg tctgtgactc acatgctccc cggggaatga tcctaagacc tgggaaatgg    187620
     cagattctgg gcaagaccgg caggccctgg cctcagctca ctctccactc ctcccgtttt    187680
     gcttcatcca aagtcattgg gccagtttct gccttcctgt tagggctagc aggcttgagt    187740
     ttcagagaga ggttaaggaa gctggaggca gggggtttgg ttacctgtcc agggctcctc    187800
     ccatcgcccg gcactagcct ctaattcctc aacactcgct ccaccccttc accagaccca    187860
     tcctcttgac catcattctt catggatggc tctcctgatg ctcctgacat tcaaagcgcc    187920
     ttgacttccc agcatggctg gcccgagctt ggggccacga acctgtccag actccaattt    187980
     cacatccaga ctagcagcca gagccccagc tcatggtctg tcccgaccac cctggcctgt    188040
     ctccaagcct tccccttaga gtctcattcc tttccccctg atcgccctgt ccctatgctc    188100
     tgtggcactc ctcctacatc tctctgcaac ttctcgggat ttctgaacag cagagactaa    188160
     gttggtagac tcagactggc tccaggcaca actgaagctc agaacacagc ggtcgcctct    188220
     gcttcccggc aatccggaca acccttccgc ctctgatgat cccgaccact ccagggaaaa    188280
     ggacaccact tttatggttt tcgtgtcttt atcctgtagc ctctctgcct tcatggccac    188340
     cgaggcctca ggtgaaaccc tctgctccct tctagacctc tacagtctga gccgttctag    188400
     ctgcctgaga tgccccaccc cgccctgcct ctccatacag ccaactgcag catctcagac    188460
     acctcacagt ccaggtatca cctcctctgg ctaaatcaag tccctgctct ggattccaca    188520
     gccctaggaa gttgcatttg atcctagagt cacaactaac cttgggtccc tagagcatgg    188580
     ctgttagggg ccagaggcca cgggaggctt gtgctcagag tctgggcgtt aagggctctc    188640
     atgcccagtg tggtggaaca cacctttaat ttcagtaggg ggcgaggcat gtggatctct    188700
     atcaggtgac ttcaaggcca gcctggttct acatcgtgaa cacagtcaag gctgtgccaa    188760
     aaaaaaaaag agaaagaaac ctgaggctgg acaggtgtgt cgatgattaa cagcaattag    188820
     tattgttata tttgttgact gacaaaacgt gtgcccttgc aggaccagag acagggccca    188880
     ctgtggaaac tacagacaac agggccccag ctacccacgc cgcacacctg cagcagctgc    188940
     agctgtactg gttaatccgg acccccaaca cacaccaaag gcctaggacg cttcccagtg    189000
     cctgctatta ggccattacc tgcatgcctc cgtttaatct tcccaacaga ctattgtggg    189060
     gcttttgggg ggaggtgggt aatggggctt ggggaagttt ggtttctctg tgtagccttg    189120
     gttgtcctgg aactcactct atagaccagg ctggtcttga actactcaca gagatctgct    189180
     tgcctttgcc tcccgagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgcacc accactgcct ggccccaaca    189240
     ggctattcta aatcaccgta tattttcaaa tgagataaat gaggcttggg gaaggtgagc    189300
     tgtttggcca aagccacatt gttacaacat gttgaagttg ggatagaaac agggtaccac    189360
     ctggcccaca gccatgacct ttacctctgc actccatcat ctttatggaa tgtcttctgg    189420
     atgagagtcc aggatctgaa cccctaatct gagcaagaga ggggacagag gcaagagaca    189480
     catgctgtct aaacaagaca gggtcttagt gctcccaaat ctcaaaactc atctcagcag    189540
     cccctggcgc cttggcagca aacagagagg aaagcaaaac ctctcgtttg cttattgcat    189600
     attgtggagc ctgctatgag cccttacctc ggtctggggt ctgcaggggg tgcttcactt    189660
     acatcagtgc gcccacaggt acagatgggt tggagacatt ttgctttgtt aatttaggca    189720
     gttctcagcc ttgcctgtct ggaggcaagt accctgccat ttagctatac cccaagccca    189780
     ttatcctagt ctggcctcaa attctctatg taaccaaagc atgactttga acttctgagc    189840
     cttctgcttc aacacccccc aggactggga ttacagccgt gggaccacca tgtccagtgt    189900
     gtagtgtgct ggggactgaa cactacaaac taatgtaagg attcacacat gctgcagaag    189960
     ctatcaatta agcgtacagt ctgtggcccc taaagccctt actaataatc tctctctctc    190020
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc    190080
     cctctctctc ttctctagct ggccttaagt tcattctgta gcccaggcct caaggaggat    190140
     aaatctgccc tgaatcatat cccgagttcc tgaccacatg gccactgggg aagggaagag    190200
     agaaccccat ggccagttca caggaactac ggggctctcc atcagagaac acgcagcaca    190260
     aagactggtg ttcaaagtca tcccgggtgc ctccatcacc tatgacctag aggtttgaca    190320
     agaaacaatg caaatacact ctcagtctca tacagaatta caaactgatg gcttgggaca    190380
     agcacacaca cagcaaccac agaagaccga ctactaaatg tgacttgggg cgtgtcccca    190440
     cagcccggag cagacagtct gtccctgttg tatgctccaa agacctaagg tattttgtag    190500
     agcacctcag ctcacccttg caaggtttca gaggatcgaa cacacacgct accgtcaaac    190560
     tgcccaatca caaactgcgt gcgcggcaga cacacaaagt gttgccaaac tgtcccacct    190620
     ccatgatgca gaagcaaaga gatgtcaagg atgattaagt gttatgtagt taggctagtg    190680
     caagcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacg ccttgtcctc ataatctcag    190740
     aggacctggc ctctgtgcag gacattcagg aacccgggga gtcagggttg ggtatcctgg    190800
     tctacaaaga gtagagtcca ctctgaccct gggaccaaac cccgcgacgc cctcggctga    190860
     ctcaccggac gatgccaaac atgacgagca cgttgcccag aagccccact gcgcacacag    190920
     ccgagtagag cgcggtgatg gcgatggcta gggcgaggga cgaggcacta cgggctcccg    190980
     gcgaccccga cgcattggcg cccgcgctgg ggaaggcgct gggaaaggcg tccgagaggt    191040
     tgacgagggg cgaggactgc agctccgcac gggcagaggg caccagctcc atggcgccgc    191100
     cgtgtccgtc tccaccgtgc gccctgggcg cagggaccca gcgagtggcg cgcggaaaac    191160
     ggaggccacg gccccgacgc cgcaggctgc agcgctcgct cccgcctcct ccgcccggtc    191220
     gaccgcccgc agtgctcgcc caagcccggg gagccccgag ccgccgcgcg caccacgtgg    191280
     tccggaggcg gccgccagtc tgcgcccgcg atcgggggcg ggcgctgcac caccgggctc    191340
     cgagctgggc cagagaggcc tcgcgcgcgc tccctgcctg ggctccgctg actccaggtg    191400
     cccccagccc ggcccagcct cccgccccac ccccgtgcca cttcggagtc agaagaacct    191460
     ggatgcgaat cccgcctccc gcctcttcac ggacgatggg agtaaccttg agcgagccgc    191520
     ttaagcactc tcaagttcat tctctgtgac tgcacgatga agaaaatctc ctgccgcctt    191580
     cagagggttt tggggagatg aagacaacgg agtaaagaac tcagatttcc accaccacca    191640
     ccaccaccac caccaccacc accaccaccc ccgtgtactg tgtgcgctct gctccttgcc    191700
     gtgtcttcta gaactgccaa gtgattcctg accaagaaac aaaaacaaaa ccgtccagtt    191760
     cccccaaagg ctccggatga aaactagtaa tatgatcagc tacaacctca aggggagaca    191820
     ctggaaataa gcccacctgg gtctgtacag cttggcaccg gacatggcag acataagccg    191880
     caatcaaggt cactaaccat ctcactacat caagctgaaa aaggtcacac ctatctggac    191940
     agatgtgtgt atgttattag agacacaact ttcctgtctg gctcattgct ctgagctagc    192000
     aggctgcttg agcgataaat aaaaccacaa acatccgtta tcagccacac tttcctgcgc    192060
     ccagttcact agctccacat tcactctgag ggcgcctaac agaagagcca ggtacatcgg    192120
     tgtgcataat caaaggcccg gctcccaaga gcttacagct cagaccggaa gagatgcatc    192180
     gattctaaaa aaacacaatg aagtcctatt caaggaatgt cggggcaggg tagggtcagg    192240
     agaatattcc taaaagaaat gacacttaag gtgttgtgtg gatttagagg tgggggagac    192300
     taatttaggg aagaaatagg aagagccttc tagaaaaaag aaaaacatat ataaaggtcc    192360
     tacaagtcaa aaagactgaa gacagccagg gtcacagcag ggagctccgt ggtgtttgtg    192420
     ttggattggt ttgtttccct cctcctcgac taagcatacc tgggaagagg gaatcttaac    192480
     tgagaaaatg ccccttaaga tgtaccgata ggggctggtg agatggctca gtgggtaaga    192540
     gcacccgact gctcttctga aggtccagag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca    192600
     caaccatctg taacaagatc cgacgccctc ttctggagtg tctgaagaca gctacagtgt    192660
     acttacatat aataaataag taaatcttta aaaaaaaaaa tgtaccgata ggcaagtctg    192720
     tgcgccattt tcttgatgga tgattgatgg gcggttccac ccctaggcag atgatcctgg    192780
     gttgtgtaaa aaaagcaagt tgagcagacc tgtgagcagt gttcctccat ggcttctgct    192840
     gcagttcttc ctggagttcc ttagaggaca ggctgtgatg tggaagtgta agccaaagaa    192900
     actctttcct ccctagttgc ttttgatcct gtttttctaa tcacagcaat agaatcccta    192960
     actaagacaa gcaacttaag tagggctgga gagatggctc agtggctaag agtacttggt    193020
     gctcttgcaa aggccgggag ttcagctccc agcactcata tggtgggtga ttcacaaccg    193080
     tctgtgctct ggttctaggg gctctgatgc cctcttctgg cctccatgaa cactgcatac    193140
     acacagtaca aagacattca agcaggtaaa cacacataaa ataaaaattt aacaacagcg    193200
     gggcatggcg gcataaacct ttaaccctag cactcgggag acagagacaa gtggagctct    193260
     gtgagttcaa agccagccca gtctacataa ccagttccaa tccagccagg cctgcatagt    193320
     gagaccttgt cttataataa taataataat aataataata ataataataa taataataat    193380
     aataataaac gtaattaaaa accaaggcca ccttatggac cagttgtgct gttagaatag    193440
     cagatgaagg gaggttgtat ggctggctct ctcttcctat actcattctc cagccaagat    193500
     cctgagccat ccttttcttt aaggtcccca gctgttccag aacgttctct ctatcaagct    193560
     gttgcatgcc tgggaagtct ttgtctggtc agatagagag ggcaaggatc gaagaataaa    193620
     atctatccta gtctgatttg gttattgctt tacttacagg ggcagggtta cctactgggg    193680
     tgtgaaagtc taaggtggtt tcatcaccaa aaagccccac caactcatgg atgacagttt    193740
     agggggaaat cccaggcaga acttgcaggg atctccaaca ctgaaaagtc tcctctcccc    193800
     agcaactttc tgctattcct gtgacctgaa ccaagaagct cagagcctgt agtgagtttg    193860
     ctgagcgtcc taatgtttga tttcttgtga gttcatgagc cttcccactc aacacctcca    193920
     agggtcgggt ttttttgggg gggggtgttt tttgtttttc tttccttttt taaaaaatat    193980
     ttatttattt catgtatgtt ggtacactgt agctgttttc agacacacca ggagagggca    194040
     tcagattcca ttacagatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggaatt gaactcagga    194100
     cctctggaag agcagtcagt gctcttaacc gctgagccat ctctccagct cctccctcct    194160
     ttttcctttt taaataagat catactgtac aaccctggga ctcactatgt agactaggtt    194220
     agcctcaaac ctgtgctgat cccttgacta tacttcgctc tggagtgctg gaattacaga    194280
     caggagccac catgcctggc tgtcaacagg atatttgaag gaagaaacag ctatactaca    194340
     tgtggtggtt ggataagaat ggccctcata ggctcaaatg tttgaatgct cagtcatgag    194400
     ggagtggcac tacttggaag gattaggagg catggccttg ttggaagaag tgtatcacta    194460
     ggggtgggct ctgaggtttt agtagcccaa gtcaggggga tagagagatg gctcagtggt    194520
     taagagcaca gactgctctt cccgagatcc tgagttcaat tcccagcaac cacatggtgg    194580
     ctcacagcta tctgtaatgg gatctaatgc ccttttctgg tgtgtctgaa gacagcagca    194640
     gtgtacttac atacaaaaaa taaatataaa tcttaagaag gagaagaaga agaagaagaa    194700
     gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagag    194760
     gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag gaagaggagg aggaggagga ggcagaggca    194820
     gaggcagagt ggctctctca tcctactgtc tgcagatcca gatgtagaac tctgaactcc    194880
     ccatgatcat gtctgtctgc atgccaccat gttttccacc atgacaataa tgaactaagc    194940
     ctttgaactg taaatcagct ccaagcactg tggtgagtaa tttatccatg gatcaccatt    195000
     taacattata ctctttttat tgtcccactt tacagataag aaaattgagg gttggcacta    195060
     aattatccca tacagtagct attttttttg agtttcttct ttttattaac gcatacacaa    195120
     ctacttgtct tctggtttgt tgaagcagta agtcagacaa cacttgccac agtaatgcct    195180
     gtcaaagtgg cttcccgtaa aaactccagc accacattca tcagaaggac actctcaacg    195240
     aagtcggcta attttgccat tttcatccac cttatagtat ttcagcacag ccaacttaac    195300
     cttcttcctc ttatgcttat tcttcttggg agtggtgtaa gacttcttct ttcttttctt    195360
     agcaccacca agaaggctca acacaagatg aagggtggac tccctttgaa tgttgtagtc    195420
     agacaaagtc cggccatctt ccagctgctt accagcaaag atcagcctct gctgatcagg    195480
     aggaagtcct tccttatcct gggtcttggc ctttacattt tctatagtgt ccgagggttc    195540
     aacctcgagt gtgatggttt tccccgtaag ggtcttcaca aagatctgca tcgtggcggc    195600
     ggctccaccc acgatggcgg atcagaaagc acagtagcta ttcttatatg atcttctcac    195660
     catcttaaag agaccaggtc tggctgatcc ttgaagccag gagaggtctg gtcacactgg    195720
     gtgcttggag catgtcattt gaaataatga agattcccca ggtggattgg aataagacca    195780
     ttattggtgc ttctcagttc tgtgctcttg ggtaatgacc tgggttctga gggtaggctg    195840
     gcaaggaaaa tccctcccga ccctccacat gagtcattta tcaagacatt tactctttcc    195900
     cagaaagaac agagccagcg gctggagaga tggctcagca gtcaaaagcc aggattgttc    195960
     ttgcaaaaga cccaaatttg gttcctagca tccttgtagg aaagttcaca actgcctgta    196020
     actccagccc agtggggatc agacacctct gtcatcctcc agcacctgca ctcccctgtg    196080
     tgagtgtgtc ctggtgagcg tgttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcacct    196140
     gagagagcac acatacattc acacatatac acacatgcct gaaaaagaaa catttttttt    196200
     aaaaaacact tctcatgtcg ttttaaaaga acacacccag aagatccaca agctcattct    196260
     ccttttcatt cactctcccc gttcccaccc agcggccagc tcaactccac cctcagctag    196320
     agaaacccac ccccactcac ctgcacccca ggctttccca ctcagccatc tgaggacttg    196380
     tgaaacaagc cttttaatgt gatcatataa gttgctagat gccaccccca tctcgaatgg    196440
     tctgaagtac tcagagactt tagtgtaaat cagctccaag cactgtggtg agtattttat    196500
     ccatgggtca ccatttaaca ttatactctt tttattgtcc cactttacag ataagaaaat    196560
     tgagggttga cactaaatta tcccatccag tagcattctt tttttttttt aagatttatt    196620
     tatttattat atgttggtac actgtcgctc tcttcagaca caccagaaga gggcatccaa    196680
     tctcattaca gatggttgtg agccaccgtg tggtttctgg gatttgaact caggacctct    196740
     ggaagaacag tcagtgctct taaccgctga gccatctctc cagtccccag tagcattctt    196800
     atatgatctt ctcaccatct taaagagaca gatgaatccg ggtgtggtgg tacacgcctt    196860
     taatcccagc actcggcagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc    196920
     tacaaagtga gttccaggac agccagggct acatagaaac tccaaacata tgtgtgccca    196980
     cgtgcgtgta cacacgagca cgagtgcaag cgcgagtgtg tgtgcgtgca cacacacaca    197040
     cacacacata cacacataca cacaggagat tgatccaatt ggctaacccc ataaggctgc    197100
     agtacaagga gatcgatcca attggctaca gcataaggct tcagtactcc gataatgact    197160
     gtttcacacg ggtaagacca agaacaatga ggtagttgct cagtgaataa ggctgaagag    197220
     tactcatctg atgccagtgg tggagtcctg aagacctgct ggccttcagt ccacgctgaa    197280
     gcattaagaa gctggctcca atatcggtga aggtggcagt tgtgttagca gcagggtaga    197340
     tgaactcact tgccagaaga gtgaaggcct cctgagcaaa gctttcttcc ttctgcatcc    197400
     ttgtgtctgg acgatgtcag aagaccacac tcacatttag agtgggactt ccctcattga    197460
     taaagccaat caagacaccc cttcacagat caatcgctca ttgagactct ttcccaggtg    197520
     actctagagc atgattgaca ggtttgtcaa gctgacaaag ctaacagcac aggctttgct    197580
     gcctacccta gcatcccata cctcttcttc ctgtaacttc ccatgcattt ccccctcctc    197640
     ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctccctcct cctcctcttg tctttttttt tttttttctt    197700
     ttttttgaga caaggcttct caatgtaaca gccctggctg tcctagactc gatttgtaga    197760
     ccagatttgt ttgctctcaa actcacagag atctgcctgc ctctgcctct gcctctgcct    197820
     ctgcctctgc ctctgcctct gcctctgcct ctgcctctgc ctctgcctct gcctctgcct    197880
     ctgcctctgc ctctgcctct gcctctgcct ctgcctctgc aactcaaatg gtggcatcaa    197940
     aggcatggac ttcccatgtc tttctttgtt gtcagcattg acaacaaagc attgcgtagc    198000
     accttaatag ctcttacagt gtagcctagg ctggcctaaa gtttaatgtg tagtttgagc    198060
     taaccttgaa ctaatgatct tcctgcggca gccgcctaca ggctgggatt acagcatgca    198120
     ccttgctcag ctgatgtggc tatccttcta ccttggcatg ccctgactct caggtactct    198180
     cctgataata gatgaaactg tttggacaaa gcagatgtag cttaatccag accggagact    198240
     tctcagtagc caaaaccttc tgcttagtag actatgcgtt acagatcgga ttgtcctaca    198300
     aaagcccgag tgttaacaac tcagtttcca tgcgagagac cagatcaaat ccatcttggt    198360
     tcaggctcta tctatcttag agaacctgac ctaaggttaa acttgagtta tccaccaggc    198420
     ctgcacctag cactggtctc caggtcactc cctaacaacc accaatcagg aggaaggcag    198480
     aagttacagc tgtacctaaa gatatttact taggaaagtt tatggtttgg ctcccagcac    198540
     cagccataca aattccataa tagcccaatc agatgtgtgc caagctagaa actcccttgc    198600
     ttgtttgctt tcctctataa atgcttgctt gaaactgggc tccaggcttc accctcttat    198660
     tctgctgtgt cagtgaacac tgttgctcca gcttgaataa agacccttat gtatattgca    198720
     ctggagtcag ctccatgggg cctcttctct gggggctcgt gaaacagcac aacacatgag    198780
     gaaatgttct ccagtgaggc ctctgggagg tgattggatc ataagtaagt taccacatca    198840
     atggcaaagt cttagcatga tacacacaca cacattcagg ggtggtggag accttagact    198900
     caaggcctaa tgggaggaag gggtcaatgg agatgtgctc atgaaagaga tatttttatt    198960
     ttattttatt ttattttatt tgtttttcag tgcagggttt ctttgtgtcc ctcttgctat    199020
     ccctttctct atgtaaacca ggctggccct gaactcacag ggaccctcct gcctctgcct    199080
     cttgactgct gtgtcaggat ctgtctagga aagtctatgg caagcaaagg agtttcctgg    199140
     agatggctca ctgttctgtg tggctatgat ggatgcactc tggagaggca cagccccaga    199200
     gacttcatcc taggagtgct tctcactgtt gagatgtctt tcctgccact attacacagc    199260
     acaatgattc ctgggcatca gcccacacta ttgggcagat ctcctgcaga atcagtacga    199320
     agatgtactt tcatgtagta atgatatgta ggtgaactga tgatttcata atttctgata    199380
     atgattttat agaactccta aattgataca agtaatttca agtctcctat agaatgaaag    199440
     ttgcgattag agctttgtaa accttcatgt gtcatgggat aattgcacta gggaacaaca    199500
     acaacaacaa aaacaaaaac aaaaaaacca ggcttggaac aaatttacaa tcaatgaaaa    199560
     cattccttct actctaggaa tgaggctact atctggtaac taaaggtcat aaactgggaa    199620
     tggacaatcg attgtaggtg cgaggacaga aaataaatga tgggctagtt tatccataca    199680
     agactgtggg gcagtgagag gtagcctggt cctcagttga gctaaagact ttgaagccct    199740
     gagaatcctt aagggatggt agaagcttca cctgctcctg ggcaccaggc ccctggcact    199800
     agctgcagcc ccacccccac cccgccctag atttgtggct atcagtcaca taagggcaat    199860
     gccctaagcc cttccacatg tagatgaggt atctgtaaca tctcagacca agtcaatagg    199920
     aaaaaagatg tgacctatgg tcacataggt tccagagctc tccattctaa tgaggtacaa    199980
     agaggcctgg agggcatagc caataagctt tcctttccag acattcctcc ctgaaaaagg    200040
     cccaccctga gaagtggggt atggttttac ctccacttcc caccatgaca ataaatgatt    200100
     gggaactaca aactgtctct tttcattggg atctgccatg gggagccatg gagaaggcct    200160
     ttacctacgg agccactgtc taatctccca tataaggcct ctgcactccc agccacaagc    200220
     cggagccctc cttcccatcc cctgccccca gccctgggct agatccagct cttgggctca    200280
     aattctgttc tcagctcttc tgcgacttcc agcagcccct gggtgtccaa gagcctggga    200340
     accctgggcc ccagctccag ttgtcccatg cctcagactg cactttccca ccctgagtgg    200400
     gccttagcac ctccctatgg cccagcacca gtcaaactcc gcgtattctg taccctaaga    200460
     agctgtaccc tgtggcagag aagacaagac ttcaaaataa taagacacaa ggcagacgat    200520
     ttgtctcttg tcgaaactgt gctaacttat gacataaaaa ttcttgcctg aaacttataa    200580
     tgaactactg gagctagtaa caagtactca atgtttagtc agatactagt cttactggaa    200640
     agacgtgtaa acaattctgc tgcaactctg taagttttat caatctatgg catgaactat    200700
     ggtcttaaac ttactatgaa gttatggaat ataaacattt ttagaaaacc gtgtgatcaa    200760
     ttatcctgag aaagtataaa aactaagaac tatagtgaag caagcaaggg tccagccttc    200820
     ggcttcatct gctgtgtgtg tctctgtgta cgcctcaact ttctctcttt tcctctcttt    200880
     ccttttctct ctggctcaca aagagttaag gaactccagg cctcttgcct ggccagtgag    200940
     agacctcagt caaagagaga gaatccaagt atctattttc ccctgctgct atcagtagaa    201000
     gttaattgcc aggagccagc tgctttggga cctggaatag caagaaaaag ttaaattgcc    201060
     agaagacatc agcttctggc tctagagata gagacagagt caaaagtcaa cagctttggc    201120
     cctgatcact aatgcccccc cagctacctt ccccatgtac ccaaactgga tgccaagctg    201180
     gaccccagca gtgctgggat taaaggtgta ccactactac ccagcaaagg agagattttt    201240
     gccctggcct agttagcttt tttctttctg catcccagct tcccacacac tgcccaccat    201300
     cacgctctgt cacaggtgaa gccagaagct gaaataaata aatctttcca ccaggtgtgg    201360
     ggtttgaagc caggtaggca tgagcgtctg ctattatcat tcctttggta gatgttgggt    201420
     ctcctgcctg cccaagccaa cttctacaga tatcttgctc ccgagctatg gatatattac    201480
     atagcacctg tctggctttc atcaggccct gagttcaatc ccttgtacca aaaggaggag    201540
     gaggaggagg aggaggaaga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggagtag    201600
     tagtaaactc ttctcatctc caggtttacc tgaatggcta tgaggatttt ggccttatca    201660
     ggttgactgg aaatctcagc tcagctcttg gcagaggtgc caaatgtgtg tgaccccaac    201720
     acctaggctc ctacctccca gagcaaagct ggttgcctct gaccaccctc tctctccagt    201780
     atatagggga tcactccctt ggaaaccagg aaatccttgt gtttgttccc actctttgtt    201840
     ttgggggtgg ggcattctga ctgtgtagcc agggttggcc ttgaactcac actccccctg    201900
     cctttgtctt ctaagtgctg ggggtttaga cgtgaacatc acacctccac ctctgttaca    201960
     gtacagagca gacaaaagcc ctccaaatct aactgaaaac tttgggctgg gcttggtgtt    202020
     taacaccatc cctaacttca ggggcaaaac ccaaaactgg atgggaaatc cggggccagc    202080
     ccagggcatc agaaggcgtc agtcagccac gggagcaaca gcaatcactg cagtagtcag    202140
     agctgaaagg aaactccccg gggaagctat tagcaattta gtacgtggga atgtggctcc    202200
     cacctgccag aaagacaaat ctgcctggtg caaaatacag cagctggctt gcctcttagc    202260
     agctcccctg ggctgccttt cagtccacct ccatctgtga gcccctggag ggaagaggaa    202320
     tgtgaagatg accataaaat aataaccact ctcacttgca aagcactttt ggcttcccag    202380
     agcacttgca catcagtagc ttctctcgac agcatccctg ataccgaggt cagatttcct    202440
     tatttcatct catcgccaga gagttggaca tcttcagagc ctggatgaga tcaggagagc    202500
     atccaacaaa cgagagaaaa aaaatataag attggcgcct accatctggt tgctgacggt    202560
     aggatctgag actcaaggag agactatgat taagatccac tgtgtgtatg taggaaatcc    202620
     ttaaagacaa taaaaatact atattaaaaa caaaactagc gccgggcatg gtggcgcacg    202680
     cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggcggatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct    202740
     ggtatacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg tcttgaaaaa    202800
     caaacaaaaa acaaaactgg ctgggcagtg gtggtgaatg cctttaatcc aagcacttgg    202860
     ggaagcagag atagctagtc tacagggtga atcccaggcc agctacacaa agagaccctg    202920
     tctcaagaaa attagaagca aaacaaaatg caaaagagag gttcattctt tccttttaca    202980
     gttatgagtg ttttgcctgc atgtatttct gtgcaccacg tgtgtccatg gtgcccagtg    203040
     gaggtcagaa gagggcgtca gatcccctaa aactggagtt acagactccc atgtgggtgc    203100
     tgggaattga acctgggtcc tctggaagag caactactgc tcttgaccat tgtgccatct    203160
     ctgtaatccc tgagactaat tcttgactac tctctttttc tatctttaaa aaaaaattgt    203220
     tttacttata tcttgtgtgt gtggtatatg tgtgtagtgt gtgtgtgtgt ttgtatagta    203280
     tatatgtgta gtgcataagg catgtatatc ccaggtcaga ggacaatctg ggagggttgg    203340
     ttctctcctt ctgccctgtg agacccaggg ttcaaactgg ctggcaggct tagtagcctt    203400
     tcctgccaag ccatcttgct gggcctgttt ctgcctctca acggctgcca gttctgtagt    203460
     ggtctcctct gaccttcaat tcttgctgaa tctgttgaca tggctgttgt ctctacatgc    203520
     agccctgcag acttgcggcc agtaggcagt ctgactacag gccctccccc cccacatggt    203580
     ttcagctctt tctgcctttc atgtgtgaca cttttccaga ggacaaccat cgactcaccc    203640
     cagagtggca acggacagca gaccaaagta accgtacagc ggaagcccat ttggacgaac    203700
     cagtgagttt attggggtta ctgggaggaa tatgggtgaa gggttacagg aacacggtta    203760
     gctcccaggc agacgcatca ctgaaaggca accccaaatg agtgacagct ggagctctct    203820
     gcatgacttc aggcagctca aaaggtcaga gagcatctcc caagacgttg gtctcaggtt    203880
     ccccctgctt atataacatt ggagaaggag ttaccacagt gcagtgtgga gatgagaagc    203940
     tggagttctg gagggtccca ggaatcagaa cggtatcatt aggcttggca gcaatcacct    204000
     ctacactgac caagtttagg attgttggag catttgttta gggcagaggt gacagagctt    204060
     gcaaggaagg ggcagtctga cagtctcaga cctgccattc ctatgactca ctggggctct    204120
     cggggtggag gcctgggtgc tgtgtacaga aggtaaggaa ccctgagctt gagcccagca    204180
     atgcaggttg ccaggtgagg ggaggagagc cttctctaga tttctccgtt acagcggtat    204240
     acctggtaac agccctccag ctaacagccc cctggggcag ctcggtctga tagtgatagt    204300
     tagaaaatcc tccatctggc tttttgaccc agctgttgtt tttttcttca acagaaatca    204360
     gttctctcct gtatttcttt catctcagtc ggggcttcta cccctccttt gatcattcag    204420
     ttcccagata aaagacacaa cacctttaga tttatattaa gcctttaatg cactaaagct    204480
     gggcagatat ctaccctcta agctattagt atctacttcc caatcaataa ccccgagtta    204540
     tgacttgcca tgttccatct gggctgctct taactccaat tggccagccc tcatggccat    204600
     gttttcaaga ttcttacccc atgggatctc ctttctccat catgttctct ctctccctcg    204660
     tagtcctgcc tcagacccaa agcctgggaa ccaaaaacta actctctctc tctctcctgc    204720
     ccagctattg actgtctgca tctttattca accaatagtt ttaaattaag gagcaaggtc    204780
     agatagcatc actgtgtgta tgcaaccagg ccttgggggc cagtatttag cattaggata    204840
     cacagcaaaa gaccacacct tgagccgggc atggtggtgc ttacctttaa tcccagcact    204900
     tgggaggcag aggcaggcag atttctgagt ttgaggccag cctggtctat agagtgagtc    204960
     ccacgacagc caaggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaccaaaaa ccaaaccaaa    205020
     acaaaacaaa aacaaaaacc tacaaaagac catacctcaa cactttccct ttctgggctc    205080
     tttcttcttt gttccccttt ggtttctcga ccctctctgg aacacttggg gatttttgtc    205140
     tcctctgttg gaatcctacg ggcaaccact tccctctttc ttttcttctt ccaactggag    205200
     tagagaatag gatgtgctca acctccaatg tccaccctct cttgctgagg aacacagaaa    205260
     gttctggctg ctgacctcgt cagccaaggt tctcccaagg cactcttctt cccttatttg    205320
     ctttcttcct cagcccctcc taaaagagca tgctcagggc cacaagcctg aagcaaaccc    205380
     taaagagaca gcggataccc caagttaact tcctgccctt ggtcagtttc tccctgtccc    205440
     ttgtaaaggg ccagtcagac agtgagccag ggtggtgtgt tgatggaaac ttaagggttc    205500
     tttggaaagt tggtgttttg ctggggcaaa catgtgaagg aacagtttat taaagtggac    205560
     acagatgtga aaggctaagg cagactcgtg caggatcatt ttgctgaagc agacacaaga    205620
     ggaaaaaaaa gcaagcacga gaaaggacac atgatgatgg attctttgct gacacgcacg    205680
     tcttggtctg ccttacattg catagttgag ctgaaatttg tcaggactcc atagagagaa    205740
     acacaccaaa aaacttctgg tggtgtggtg cagtttcttg ctgcttccaa ggactcgggc    205800
     tgattggatg cacgtgctga ggtaaggcat gtggaggaca cgtgatgttt ggagggtata    205860
     aataggactc tgtggaatga tggacagagc ttggcttgct ggtacagata gctgtgcaag    205920
     acttgtgggt ctcaagtctt cactgatctt tacttccccc agagaggcac agctgagaac    205980
     ccctcttggt gtccctctgg gtccttcctg ctaacttgtg ctgaggttga ggggtggcta    206040
     tctctactag atcatgtcac cactgttgct aacccaaatc taccaaactg gactgctggt    206100
     gtatgtgtga agtgtttgca agcagatcag gctgccattg cctgctaacc tatgaattga    206160
     actgccgatt tccaaacaac acaggtggga gttgctccaa agaatctttc taaacaagtc    206220
     catcccccca tcctttcttt tccactacct ctggtgggtg gtgggctaca agggagagtg    206280
     aagcatttaa gaacaaccat taaaaataaa gtttgaaaaa actaacatta caggtggcac    206340
     ccaatgtggt ttaggcataa tgggtaactc tgcttctcgt gtagaggaaa tggcagatta    206400
     ggaaggttag caatgttgct taagaagatt ggcaaaatag cagctactgc tgctggaagg    206460
     tatccttcct tgctcccaga agaggctttt ttgtttgttt gtttttgctt tgtagtttcc    206520
     acatatacta ttatgaaaaa gtttaatgag aagccagact attctcttct gttagagagg    206580
     atcacagagt tggcaatgtg tttagagagt ttgcagatag aggcagaagt ccttggaaaa    206640
     gaaaaagggc caacgggagg agaaaaaagt tcaggcttgg agaatgagac cagaaatgta    206700
     ccacacgacg aaagcgggaa gcaagctagg ctggaaggta aattactatc caaccctgct    206760
     tctaggggcc tgaaggagca ggaaatggca cagtacaaca ggttaaggtg cagccgggtg    206820
     caccatcaga ggatttgctc gggcctacac aggtaccgtc agtgtttgtg taaagaacaa    206880
     ttataaggca attcaaccaa tgggtccttt acagcctggg cttcctttac catctttgtt    206940
     atcaaaatca tggcctataa taataattga cttgaaagat tgtttgtttg ttttctcaat    207000
     acctttgcat gagaaagaca gggaaaggtt tgctttctcg gtacctactt tgagtaatag    207060
     tcatccacta gagagatacc actggaaggt actttcacag ggagtgttaa gtagtccaac    207120
     tttatgccag tagtttgtgc aacaaccatt agaaattatt tgtaagctgg gcgtggtggt    207180
     gcacaccttt gatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggc agatctctga attctacacc    207240
     agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca agccaggcct atacagaaaa accctgtctc    207300
     gaaaaaaaca aaaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaaagt atttgtaagc aattccctcg    207360
     agctatcatt tgtcattata tggatggcat tctgttggct gatccagaca aagatgttat    207420
     agagaatatg tttaaagtaa cacaaagaat tctgccgtgc tgggggttac agataaaaaa    207480
     atgaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga    207540
     caaagaggag attcatctag ttacttgggt tataaaatca gtcaacaaaa aatttggagt    207600
     cgggtgtggt ggcgcacgcc tttaatccca gcactcggga ggcagaggca ggtggatttc    207660
     tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacagagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctacacagag    207720
     aaaccctgtc tcgaaaaaaa aaaaaaacaa aaaaacaaac aaacaaacaa aaaaaattga    207780
     ccacaaaagg tgcagatcca tagggaattg caaactctga atgattttca taaatattgg    207840
     gagatattaa ctggctgagg cctacaataa actaagtaca tatgagttaa gtaatttgtt    207900
     tcaaacattg caaggagatt ggaatttaaa ctgtccaaga tatctaacag ttgaagaaaa    207960
     aaaaattttt aactcttgta gatcaaagac tgcaagaggc acatgtggat cgaattgatc    208020
     ctaaacttga gtgtattctg ttcatattac cttcaactca ttctcatact aggctcattg    208080
     tacaaaggga agacagtatt atagaatgga ttttcttagt ttataaacaa agtaaaaaat    208140
     tgaagacaca tctctgaact aattataaaa ggtagaataa ggagctggag agatggcgca    208200
     gtggttaaga gcacagactg ctcttccaga ggtcccgagt tcaaatccca gcaaccacat    208260
     ggtggctcac aaccatctgt aatggggatc cgatgccctt ttctggtgtg tctgaagaca    208320
     gcgacagtgt actcacatac atgaaataaa taaataaatc tatctttaaa taagataata    208380
     gattacataa ataaatctat ctttagaata agataataag attacatcaa ttgtcaggga    208440
     cagaaccagc tgaaattgtg gcacctctta cagatgctga gattatgtca tcatgagtga    208500
     ttaatgagga ttggcaaaaa gcttgtaggg tgaaattact aacaaatatc tgaaaagcaa    208560
     acatatacag tttataaaag aactaattgg gggactggag agatggctca gtggttaaga    208620
     gcactgactg ctcttccaga ggtcctgagt tcaattccca gcaaccacat ggtggctgaa    208680
     aaccatctgt aatgggatct gacgccctct tctggtgtgt ctgaagactg cgacagtgta    208740
     ctcacataca ttaagtaaat aaatattaaa aaaaaagaac taattggatt tttccatgta    208800
     tactaaagag aacaccaatt ccaggggcac caacgtttta tactgatgca aacaagatgg    208860
     ggatggcagg ttataagtca gataaaataa gcaaggtggt caaaagtcca tatacatcag    208920
     ttcggaaatc agaattgtat gagatcctta tggtattatt agattatcct gaacctctta    208980
     acataattac tgagtcttta tatggaggaa gagtcatttt gtatatagaa accgctgaat    209040
     ttgtacctga taactcggaa ttaactttgc tatttgtaca attacaagtc attagaagca    209100
     gaaattatcc attagatatt actcataatt ggtctcgtac aattttacct ggtccattag    209160
     ctcaaagaaa agacaaaatt gaccaattac taataggaaa tgtgttagaa gccccaaaat    209220
     ttcacaagaa gcaccatgct aatgggaaag gtttaaagaa acattttcca tcacttggta    209280
     acaatcccaa gaaataataa aaacatgtct gtcctacatg ttctctatac aaccaaactt    209340
     cattacctgc tggtggtaac cctagggtac cataagaaat gatttctggc agatgttttc    209400
     cattttgcag aatttggaaa gcaaaccata ccattgacac attctcggga catcaaggca    209460
     actgctttaa gttctgaaca ggctaattgt gtgattacaa attttttgga aattatggaa    209520
     attatgggga tacctgtaca aattaaaact gacagtgctc ctgcatatgt atccaataag    209580
     atgaagcaat tctttacata ttataatata aagcacgcca cttgtatacc acacagtccc    209640
     acaggacaag cagttataga aagggcctat tgtaccttaa cagagatgct gattaaacaa    209700
     aaagggagaa tggaaacccc cccaggcaca gactaaataa tgcattgtta actctgtttc    209760
     cttaatgtag gtgaaaaagg aacaatagca gctgagagac actcgatttt cgaaaaaact    209820
     gaggagctaa accaaccaat atactataag gctatgttga cattagagtg gaaacctgca    209880
     atagttttaa gatggggacg tggttacact tctgtagcta cagagaatga aaaaatatgg    209940
     ctaccaacaa aacttaagaa gtatagatca caccaacaaa acttataaaa atcagatcta    210000
     accaaggaaa acctcttatc acttgagaca tgaatggctt cacaaagcaa acagaccaaa    210060
     taattcacag actgtctcaa ttactgattt cttttttttt ttttttttaa agatttattt    210120
     attattatat gtaagtacac tgtagctgtc ttcagacaca ccagaagagg gagtcagatc    210180
     ttgttacaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga tttgaactct agaccttcgg    210240
     aagagcagtc gggtgctctt acccactgag ccatctcacc agcccctgat ttcttttttt    210300
     ttttttttaa tgcatgcaaa tcaacttcaa gagggctatc ccaagtgatc aaccacaaag    210360
     agacagacaa tacagacact agacagatga ggcagagatt gggtagagac tgggcaataa    210420
     atgctacaac tagctttttt tcaggctagt tatttttttg cccttgaggc acaaaacagg    210480
     tattcttcac cccaattcat caggaaataa atacatacaa gaagatcatt ggtgctggag    210540
     acatggctca gtggttaaaa gcactgactg cttttccaaa gttcctgagt tcaattccca    210600
     gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccacctgt aatgggatct ggtgccctct tctggtgtgt    210660
     ctgaagacag ctacagtgta ctcatataaa taaaataaat cttaaaaaaa aaaaagacct    210720
     tagtcctagt tccctaagtt agggtgggta gttttggtca cttgatgtgt tatggttgtt    210780
     atcatctagg ttgttttgct taattattat ttattgatag caatttaagt ttttgtttaa    210840
     ttattatata ctgatagaaa ttatttcctt aattattgta ttctatattg atagaaatgt    210900
     aagatttttt gtttaattat tctatattaa tagatgctta aggtttcttt attttatatt    210960
     aataggtgtt tgagattttt ttgtttaatt attgtatatt aacagaaatt aaagtttctt    211020
     taattactgt atattaatag aaatttaagt ttggtttggt ttggtttttc gagacagggt    211080
     ttctttgtgt agccttggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaccaggctg gccttgaact    211140
     cagaaatctg cctgccctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggt gtgtgccacc    211200
     acgcccggct taattatttc tattctgtat agatggttaa tgttgcagaa aaggacaatt    211260
     cttaaacaga aatgttgagt gaaatattaa aaagggtagg agggaagctg gtgagatggc    211320
     tcagcggtta agagcgccga ctgctcttcc aaaggtccca agttcaaatc ccagcaacca    211380
     catggtggct cacaaccacc cgtaatgaaa tctgatgctc tctctggagt atctgaagac    211440
     agcttcggtg tacttacata taataaataa acaagcaaat aaataaataa ataaatattt    211500
     tttaaaaaaa gataaccacc tagttcctgc cttgtgcctc taactctctg ccctggcagc    211560
     ctggccggcc atgcactggc aggcaatggc tgacctgttt ttatctcttg gagactcaga    211620
     ctcagaactc cacagtctct ccacccagct catgaggttc ccactggcgg gtcgctgtca    211680
     tgtcatcctc atgcttcaaa tcccccacgg cctttgtggt gcacatctgg caaacccacg    211740
     ctttgccacg gcatctttct ctcttgaacc cagatgaccc gctgcgtgaa ggaaaacaca    211800
     acacaaactt agttcacaaa cagtggtaac taaaacttca tcttgtaagc tttattaaaa    211860
     tccgattcca ttggtgaaac cttgctcagg caccattcag ccccatagtc cttcagccta    211920
     cggaaaaggg gctgaggtcc aggctgatag agggacgcgg tagacaggga ttagcggaag    211980
     gtggaagcca agtcccgagt ccaatagcat ttggcctcac actgggtgag gtgacagctg    212040
     catttttagc taaactgcag gcactctgca cagaacatgg tcctcggtag agaggaggag    212100
     tcctggtgtc aaacttcttg ctctgcagca ccacacgaga gtgaaaaagt cctcaataca    212160
     cccaaagaat gctcgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    212220
     gtaagcatat aatagttgaa ctgaaggctt ccaatgggct tgcccccctg tcacatgatc    212280
     cttacaaggg ctggattaga acctagatct ctaactccat agatcctctt ggccaaggca    212340
     taaaccactt ggagaaatgt tgactaccct gggcctcact ttcctcctgt gcggaaagac    212400
     ggcatctgga ccccagcccc cgagatcccc tgaggcccac ccgcaaagct ttgggagaga    212460
     tttgagaaga aactggctgt gcgcccgccg gtagccagca tcagtgggag aatttttctg    212520
     ttttccagtt tgcttcccaa cagctcgccc ccaggtttac acggagaaga gcccaggaag    212580
     gtgccatggc aaccgtaacg actccaggga gctgaatttg cctgacttgt ccagactgac    212640
     taagcatgtc accacccacg gcctgccctc ttgcaagagt gtcagggtag atccccaggc    212700
     tggtccagag gatgaaaata agactgtccg ggcagcttga gctaatcact ttctctgaac    212760
     ctcgagaaag ctcccgccct ccacccagca cagaaaatat ggacaagaga caatatctga    212820
     tattatggtt actgaattcc aaattctgaa gaattagata cccagaagat aatggttttg    212880
     aaagggcttt gtgtgagggg ttcttgttgt tttactaccc tcgggggtga agaagtttta    212940
     ctaccatcag gtgtgaagaa cccttccttt catacagtag aataattgac tttagcgttc    213000
     cctatagaaa gggtatgtta gacaccatgg agaccagtac agtgaagcat atgtggatct    213060
     gtgtcaccgg gaagacacga tatggcggtt gtattaggag accccttgcg aaagctgctg    213120
     gaactcagga gactgagaca gaccatggat taagtcaaac agtttcaggg agcgtttgcc    213180
     tggggatgag ccaagtggga aggaaattga tccctgtgcc acagctgtac cccccactgc    213240
     agacgcctct gggcaggcac acacttcctg gcttccagtt atttatggtc attgtcaact    213300
     gggactctgg ttacagaaac cagaaatcca tgcagctaat ttaaacagac aaaggggacg    213360
     tgtttattgt aagggagcag ggatgtctat gaatcgccag cagggagaca gacccagaac    213420
     aaagaagagc aagaagtatg tccaaggggc aggcttccgg ctactcacct gcccatccac    213480
     cagctctacg ggctctacca gaatgcaccc tttccacagc cccgcccctc tgcactgtag    213540
     acttgggtct gacaatccga agcccgcact cccattgagc cctcactcac tcaggaggaa    213600
     ggataatcca cgacctttgc tgatggcttt cctggggttc ccagtgaaac tgctcaggcc    213660
     ctgaaaaact ggaccggtta gctattctgt cagctttagc caacaagtat tcagggcagc    213720
     atttgaacag ccactccagc aagcctgggt cctaactaaa tcccacccac tgagctctaa    213780
     gctcgcttct tttctctgtg gtttccttcc caacatgagt cactccctga gataatcctg    213840
     gtcacttact agtctcaatt gtttccccaa cactatactg tgaactccag aaagatagaa    213900
     gactgctggt ctacctcaca aatttgggtt ttggcagaca ccttgatctc atgggtcaat    213960
     ttttaaaaag atttattatg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgca    214020
     ccgcatgtgt gcagagtcca cggaggccag aagagaatgt cagatctcct aaaccctgag    214080
     ttacaggtaa gcctccatat aatgtgccgg gaactgaact caggtcctct gaaaccactg    214140
     agccatctct ccagccccct gagcagttcg tttctctggg aagccgtgcc tgatggaatt    214200
     tactgtgcat tcaattccca aggcagagca gcaatcatga gaagtgtgag caatcccaca    214260
     gtgaacacac tagtgatgtt catttcccat catgctgtgg gggtgggggt gactttgaac    214320
     tgaagccagg gaagagaagc cagacaggga ggccttgagg aaaccctagg actttcagtt    214380
     ccgtttcctc tttgtccctt tcctcctcct ctccctcttc ctcttcttct ttctggagac    214440
     aagatctccc tgtgtagcct tggctgtcct ggaactcatt ctgtagacca ggctggcttt    214500
     gaactcacac ccatctctgc ctctcaaatg ctgggattaa aggccttcac caggaccacc    214560
     tggctctgtt tcctcattct tataaaatgg agagaaccca atggagaagc tagagaaagt    214620
     acgcaaggag ctaaaggtgt ctgcaaccct ataggtggaa caacattatg aactaaccag    214680
     taccctggag ctcttgactc tagctgcata tgtatcaaaa gatagcctag tcggccatca    214740
     ctggaaagag aggcccattg gacttgcaaa ctttatatgc cccagtacag gggaacgcca    214800
     aggccaaaaa gtcagagtgg atgggtaggg gagtgggggg gggagggtat gggggacttt    214860
     tggaatagca ttggaaatgt aaatgagaaa aatacctaat taaaaaaaat ggagagaaag    214920
     aatatgactt ccattgtcac agagaaagca tgggatgagc ccatttttgt ttaaaataaa    214980
     ggggttggga ggaccaaaga cttagctcta ttggtagagc acttaccacg tgcacaaaac    215040
     ccagggttca atcccaacca ccacataaat tgggtctggt ggcactctcc agtaattcca    215100
     gaacttggga ggtgggggca gggacagtca caatttcaag gtcatcctgt caagagtcaa    215160
     gtccaggcta gtctacataa gaccctgtct tggaaaaaaa aaaaagtgtg tgtggaagga    215220
     aggcgctgag tggtagaaac cctgctcagc agcacacggc agcactgaca tgcacacaca    215280
     aaaaccaaat aaatatgaag gatgtgcctg ttgctggaag gacctgggga tttgcctttt    215340
     caaaaattca tttattgtag ggagataggg gtgtgtgcag taaatgcccc agcatgccac    215400
     ggcacacaca tggaggtcag aggacaatcc ccctgatgtg gaaacttctg gtttctttgg    215460
     aaagtcagcc atgtcaaatg aagtcttcct gaagcagaca caggtgaaag gatgttttgc    215520
     tatagcaaac acgtgaaagg acgagtgatg ttcagaaaga gtataaaata tgactccaca    215580
     ggcaatggga gacaagcact agtttgcttt gctctgcctc gttaatcttc gctaactaca    215640
     cctgtgtatt tgttggcctc acattgtgtt gacaccagag agaaactcta caaagaactt    215700
     ctctcaatgt tcctgcagct tcttgcagct tccacggcct cgggcaggtt ggtgagcctt    215760
     gtagtttctg cgggactgga cagcagctgc tggttcgtgt gtggtgtctg ctggtttgta    215820
     tttggtgttc gctatgggac tgcactgctg gtatcctgac aatgaagact gaactcaccc    215880
     ccaaagaact atttctaaac aggtctactt cccctgtatc ctaatagctt ttctcttcta    215940
     ctacctcttg tgggtggtgg gttagaggag aggttgaaca tttattaaaa taggctgcaa    216000
     aagttttgcc taagctcacc agaagtcagt tttctccttt taccatgtaa gtccctggga    216060
     atgaactcaa gttgtcagac tgtccagcat gcatgtttta tcctctaggt caggctggtg    216120
     gccctaggaa ggtctgtcct ccccaaactc aggacgcagg gtcagcaaag attgatggag    216180
     tggtgggaag agcccaggcc tgggtacaga gctgggatct tgttaacttg tctggccttg    216240
     agggcaggct cagacagctc tgagtcttgc aatggaggta gctttgtgga ggggcagact    216300
     gggcagtctg cgttccgttc tcactggaga gacagaaggg aagagatgaa caatctgtga    216360
     gcctccttgg gaggcttata tgtcttactt attatacatt tttctttgcc ttttctcatt    216420
     tatattaaaa tgtattttta ttggtgtata tgtgtgctcg agtatatggg catgggtgtg    216480
     catgtgcgtg cttgagtgtg tgtgcatgtg tgtctttgtg cttgagcatg tgtgcatgta    216540
     tgtgcttcag tgtgtatgca tctgtgcatg ctgatgcacc tacagaggca agaagaggac    216600
     gtgggattcc ccagggccag agttacagga gtattcgtga cacatggttg tgtggaggct    216660
     ctgaattctg ttcctcatga ctatacagat ggctcttaac ccacgagcca tctctctcgc    216720
     atgctttgct tcactcctac aaactctctc ttcctctcct cctctctctt tctgtgcatg    216780
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtttgaaat agggtctcac    216840
     atagcccagg gtgacctcaa acttgctaag tcagaaagga tgatctcaaa ctgcctgcct    216900
     tcacctccca aatgctggga gtataaactc ctaattaatg tgatgctgga gatggagccc    216960
     aggactccac acatactaga taggtctcgg ccaactgatt tgcatcccca gatctttttt    217020
     ttttaagatt tagttattat tatatctaag tacactgtag atgtaccaga agacgacgtc    217080
     agatctcatt acagatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggattcga actcaggacc    217140
     ttcagaagag cagtcggtgc tcccaacccc tgaggcatct ctccagccca catccccaga    217200
     ttttatttgc attttatttt taatctgcag caatccaagt gtgagagaca actctgaact    217260
     tcttccccct attctcttgg tcctccccta ttctcttggt cctccccaac ccacccaccc    217320
     cccacctcca caagcttccc ccctcctgag gagattcctg ctgagcagca gcaataaagg    217380
     cagagtgtgt ggagttatta aggcctagtg actctgggag ccccagttcc aaccttaaga    217440
     gaaagaagca taatgagcta caactaagct gccagcagct ccttccacac aaagcgactg    217500
     tatgttactt gggttttgtt tgtttgtttg tttggttttt ggtttttggt tttttctttt    217560
     tataactttg tgcaactgtc taaatctttt taaataaata gggaaaaatc caacgaagtt    217620
     cttcttgtcc tttaaagata taagtgcata aatcttcaca cagcagcatc ttgtagaaga    217680
     tctgagatgc aggtccctcc tcaccaggag cagatggcag aagggctgag cagaggctgg    217740
     gctgctgtcc ttcctgcatt tggaagcgtg actcacttcg gtcttcagac ttctctgaaa    217800
     aagaaaagca gcctccccag gaggctcacg gatcgctcat ctcttccctt ctgtctcagt    217860
     gcgaagggaa cgcagactgc ccagtctgcc cctccacaaa gctacttcca ttgcaaggct    217920
     cagagctgcc tgagcctgcc ctcaaggcca gacaagttaa caagatccca gctccaagcc    217980
     cagaccaggg ctcctcccag ccctccatta atctttgctg accctgggtc ctgagtttag    218040
     ggaggacaga gaagcctccc tcctggggac accagcctga cctttggcaa ggtctgggcc    218100
     acagccaggt tcttgagata ccctctcact gtgtgcacag ccacctcttc agccccaaga    218160
     tcttgaattt ctggtgtcct ctctccagtg atctttcttg cacttgcttt gcataatcag    218220
     agcctgggta ggtgtgtggt ctgggaaagg caggctccct gcacaagtag ctactcactg    218280
     tagagggtgc tggcagaggt cttcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcttcct actccttcct    218340
     tccttcttcc ttcttttttc tttctttctt tcttttcttt tttttttttt tttttttttt    218400
     ttgtcttttg ttttgttttg ttttttgttt ttcgagacag ggtttctctg tatagccctg    218460
     gctgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat ctacctgcct    218520
     ctgcctcccg agtgctggga ttaaaggcat gtgccaccac atccggcttt tttggttttt    218580
     tgaaacaggg tttctttgtg tagttctggc tgttcttgaa ccctgtagac caggctggcc    218640
     tctgcttccc aagtgctgtg tgtctaaata gctgtgccac cacatccatt gttgttattg    218700
     ttgttgttgt tcttcttctt cttctttaaa tttattataa tttatttatt tttacttcat    218760
     gtgcattggt gttttgcctg catgtgtgtc tgtgtgaggg tgttggatcc cctggaattg    218820
     gagttacaga cagttgtgag ctgccatgtg ggtgctggga attgaatcag agtcctctgg    218880
     aagagcagcc agttaacctc tgaggctctg agccatctga gcatcccaag gtgcttcttt    218940
     ttcaaagtca actacacatc agatctacca ctgcaggcag ctttatagaa tcattctctt    219000
     cctgtctgca ttagcccgtt gtctgttgcc aatgatgcag tagcagacgg gtgagtttta    219060
     gagaaaagcc ttattttgcc tcacagttct gaactcgtga gattgagaag ctgtgtctgg    219120
     cggtggcctt ccagcgtgca ggcttcatta tcattgtttt tatctttata tctgtgcctg    219180
     agccggcaca tatatgccag ggtgtgcaca tgcaagtcag gagacaacct taggcgttag    219240
     tcctaaccat cttatttggg acaggtcctg tgcccctgtg cctgatcctg aaggtttgat    219300
     tttcctcact gcggatgcca ggctagctgg tccccaagct gccagggagt ctcatgtctc    219360
     tgcctctcat cttcccatag gaatcctggg atttcggatc caatggctcc tgctgctgct    219420
     tgggttttag ggaatcaaac tccatcttgc cagcttacct gcagcctctg tgtgccatgc    219480
     aaggcattat gtaaaggaag atgcgtgtgc cagggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    219540
     gtgtgtgtga atataagtgt gtgtgtttgg tttctggtcc ctctaccaag atcatcagaa    219600
     tcaaacgcag gccccgcccc cacagccctg cataattcct cttgtctccc aaggccaaag    219660
     ctctaaagcc cacattcata tttgatttct actcccacac aatggggatt aattttcaac    219720
     tcatgaatcc ttgagggaca cactcaaacc atacccagag cgtagctcct tccctgctac    219780
     cgtgtgaaca cacaggaact gtgaagtcta agcagaacac aaacgccagc tggggccaga    219840
     ggcattgatt cgccaggtgg gcagttctca gtgctccaaa ggtgctaagc tcttcttggt    219900
     actttctgag ttactaattt ttcaattcag cctccactgg tatttgtgta ttagggaaaa    219960
     caaaaaccaa tatacatcag gtgtggtact ctggcttcag gcagtctggg aatgaggagg    220020
     gggttgggag aggctgtgtt cccagaatca tcaagagcta gctgtaggct gagctgggat    220080
     tctcctggag agatgcaagg gccccaggag acaaactttc tcagcatctt ttgctttgtg    220140
     ctttcccaga atagtggtct cctgctgagc acagcagtgc cttggggtca ggcacagggt    220200
     cactagtctg ccacaaggtg ttgggggcac tggggtgtca ctccatagta gcaggggtac    220260
     ttgtattgca agccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag gaagaaagaa agaaaagata aaatggaacc    220320
     agccaataaa tacataatac atcagaatac agccacatca ctgcactgta aatctaccaa    220380
     caaaggggct gagccctgca ggggtggtgt ctcagaagag atgtgtctcc tgcagggtca    220440
     tcatggaatc ccctggatca tagagaggga actgagcgtt actggctgga ggtccttgtc    220500
     aacccttctc ctgcccatat gtatggctgc tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta    220560
     tgcatgcatg tgtgcctgtg caccacatgc atgcctggtg ctcatgaaag ccagaagagg    220620
     gcattggaat ccctggaact ggaattacag atggctgtga ggcgctatgt gggtactggg    220680
     aattgaacct aggtcctatg gaagagcaac cagtgctctt aactaaacag ctttcctcct    220740
     tcacattcct ttcttttcac agctgagctt ccgtgtcaga cttggggaga tggctccccc    220800
     tgcagagttc agctctgagg aagggcgtcc tgccagatgc agggagccaa gaaagagaag    220860
     ggcagtatta ggccacaggt gacagggtga gcttgtcttt gacaccttag tctcatcccc    220920
     ctggaactct gttttttgct acccacatgg tgtctagcgc ttgcaaatgg atggcagcca    220980
     gaggacactc ctctgtggat ggccagcgtc cactccacag cggctttccc catggataac    221040
     ccagtcatca aagcccttcc ctgaaagttc ttcttcctga gtctcgcagg agcagctgac    221100
     atttacaaag ttcccaagag tgactccgag acagtggtac acaactgtga tccatcactc    221160
     aggaggctga ggcaaaagga agtcaagctt gaggctagcc tgtgctatag agttcccagc    221220
     caacctaagc tgcaaaatga gatccttaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag    221280
     gtctggagaa atggctcaga gattaaaaac atgtaatggt ggccagatgg tggtggcatt    221340
     ggtggcgcat accttaatct cagcactata gaggcaggca gatctttgag tttgaggcag    221400
     cctgatctac agagtgagtt tcaggatatc cagggctaca cagagaaacc ttgtcttaaa    221460
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaggagg aaggtgttct taccgattga tggttctagt gcagggatta    221520
     aaaacacgta tataggggac tggagagatg gctcagtggt taagaacact ggctgtcctt    221580
     ctaaaggacc tggattcaat tcccagcacc cacatggcag ctcacaactg cctataattc    221640
     cagttccagg ggatcttaca ccctcacaca gacatacatg caggcaggac agcaatgcac    221700
     atgaatcatg aaccctgggg accccagccc ccatgaggca ggcggggtac ccgggtctcc    221760
     tgctactcag ctgagcttca agcctagggg agaaaactgg agttccaggt tcatggaacc    221820
     ctcaggaata gacactggga gatgaggaca cctgataccc tccaggagga gtccagatac    221880
     atatatacac atatgtacat atactcactt aggtatgtat acatacatac atatatacat    221940
     acagataaat acatacacat atactcaagt aggtatacat acacatatgc cacatatgca    222000
     catatattca caggcaagca gatagtaggt aggtagataa gtagatagat gatagataga    222060
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataat tataaaggta tagaggggtg    222120
     gtataggagg ccatctggct cacctacaga tataaaagtg actggtggcc ttggagggtg    222180
     ggtgcgcggc catcaggcat gctggttttt gtagggcaca gaaagtggct gtgttcagga    222240
     cactgttgtg gcctcacacc tgagcccctc aaggaaggca tggcactagg aggtgataga    222300
     tatctagaga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata    222360
     gaaagaaaga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata    222420
     gatagacaga cagacagact tcatggatat ttgtctacag gtcctggatt caattcccag    222480
     cacctacatg gcagctcaca atagtctata actggagtcc catgaaatct gatgtcctct    222540
     tcatagacat agttgtacag gcaaacaaaa catgcataca aataaacaaa taaatcttta    222600
     aaaaatcaaa agttacgatc atgctcaaat gtaactgtaa aataggtaat ttgggggtag    222660
     gagcagggca caataataga gcatttgctt tcatccctaa tatctcagaa agcaaaatta    222720
     aggctggaga attggcttaa agataagagc actggctgct ctatcagaga acccaggggc    222780
     agtttccagc acctatatag tggcccacaa ccttctgcaa ctccaattct ggggatggga    222840
     gaccctcttc tggcctctgc aggctcctgt acaaatacat ataaaatata ataataaaaa    222900
     acaaatctta gccaggtgtg atggcatatg cctttaatcc cggaactagg gaggcagagg    222960
     caggtggatc tcaatgaatt c                                              222981