ID   AL669932; SV 14; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 148257 BP.
AC   AL669932;
DT   15-JAN-2002 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 23)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-430P1 on chromosome 2
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-148257
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Griffiths C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; ced8869fa7a375f03b5a7f0a779a05ca.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456092.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000027634; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000027635; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000055485; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026772; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026773; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026774; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026738; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026739; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026740; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026709; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026710; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026711; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026747; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026748; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026749; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026489; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026490; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026491; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027196; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027197; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027198; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0025951; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0025952; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0025953; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026466; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026467; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026468; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026604; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026605; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026606; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026571; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026572; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026573; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026709; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026710; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026711; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026592; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026593; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026594; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027253; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027254; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025685; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025686; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025687; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026021; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026022; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026023; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL669932.14:1-148257; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000069098; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000069600; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000109558; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000124671; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000146413; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000154213; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0058811; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0058821; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0058827; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0058832; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0058842; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0058848; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0058777; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0058787; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0058793; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0058766; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0058776; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0058782; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0058470; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0058480; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0058486; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0059244; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0059252; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0059258; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0058737; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0058744; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0058750; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0058435; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0058446; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0058451; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0058539; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0058549; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0058555; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0058522; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0058532; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0058538; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0058670; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0058680; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0058685; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0058497; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0058508; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0058514; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0059434; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0059439; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0058302; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0058312; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0058318; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0057749; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0057759; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0057765; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   InterPro; IPR004142; NDRG.
DR   InterPro; IPR013218; Dsn1/Mis13.
DR   InterPro; IPR027881; SOGA.
DR   InterPro; IPR027882; DUF4482.
DR   InterPro; IPR029058; AB_hydrolase.
DR   InterPro; IPR030692; NDRG3.
DR   MGI; MGI:1352499; Ndrg3.
DR   MGI; MGI:1914184; Dsn1.
DR   MGI; MGI:2444575; Soga1.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-430P1 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..148257
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-430P1"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    53272..53304
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data. Sequence from uni-directional dGTP
FT                   big dye terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    142580..142596
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    143013..143106
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    143577..143912
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Reads generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    143897..143912
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 148257 BP; 41300 A; 35797 C; 34691 G; 36469 T; 0 other;
     gaattctttg tgactgttcc attgtgatgg tcatcaaaat cggggatgat ggcctgcctc        60
     gtctctttgt ttgtgatctt ggctccatga aaacggtctg ggaagattat ctctgagtat       120
     atgccctatc acttgagcca tatacctcca gctccagcag gccaatattt taatcaaata       180
     atttttatca aacaacttta atcaaattta atcacttaat caaacaactt ttccttatca       240
     cattttctaa gaatatacac acagaagctg cgataagagc tggggatcta ggaacgtgtg       300
     tgattatacc aaaaaggaaa atgaagtcag ttcaaaacca tcactgctgt gtgcaatgaa       360
     cacgtagaac accagtaggg tttttagaga cagacaagaa gaggtgggtg cctggagacg       420
     tgcagaggtg gagaaaggag gactgtgcag ggcacgcaag tcactgtggt ggcgagtgta       480
     cagtgccgac acacacaggc aaactccggg aggcatggag ctgactgagc tgacagggtt       540
     tgagtgcttt agcagagcag tggcacaagt gtggtactga ggaggcagtg agcggtcagg       600
     gagtggatcg agttacctat gccagaatca gcaatccagg tgaacttggg atctcaggat       660
     tgctgaaggg caggcttaca caactcctct aaaaccagga gatgatcgag aagccacatt       720
     cgggtcagag gctcagtctg ctctacgcaa gggacaatgc aggcagggta aaaaaaacgt       780
     atcctttttg tacagaaaac acgattctac aggtagaatt ttaaagtggc tatctagtca       840
     cagtgctcag agtatcgtag acaagccata aatattttct aggagatcaa cttctgtctc       900
     tgcataataa accatgcttt ccattctcca ctacgttgta attcatataa tgttctatgc       960
     ctccacggtt aactacccac agtcaccgag gctgtgtgtg ttttcaggca gggttggaga      1020
     caacgctaat gctctacacc tctgatcact ggtctctgac acatctttgc atttcctaaa      1080
     tcctggaacg gagatagctt ctgttactcc tcagcactga ataggagatg ctccggatga      1140
     tgctgaacta gtgagcacaa ccaggtgtca atagcacatg ggggggctgg cgagatggct      1200
     cagcggttaa gagcactgac tgctcttccg aaggtcctga gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac      1260
     atggtggctc acaaccatcc gtaatgagat ctgacaccct cttctggtgc atctgaagac      1320
     agctacagtg tactaatgaa taataataaa taaatcttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagcacatg      1380
     ggggctttct ccttgatatt gcggggatga ctcgtaagtt cctaccatta gaggcatgag      1440
     gggctctggc aagagaggtg ggtctgtgat tagagaagtg ggctctctgt ctttcagatg      1500
     aagccacacc tctctaaaaa caggagcgtg gaagtaaaat aaaaaggcct tatttatttg      1560
     gataagttat accttaaaaa tcatggaaca tgttatttaa tccaacacaa gggaaaggct      1620
     atggaaaggc tctctgcagc ttctgcacct actggatgtg tggtggtaac tccccaagtg      1680
     gaaggctgac tgtaaacatc tgacagttac tgccagagtg gacagtggca cacagagcca      1740
     tcaaggacca cactgatcaa tctgaggaga cctggtgaca cttctgggga actaattttc      1800
     aaagtatgtc acagtagaac ctggtggatg cgattagaca cggcatgacc tagtgtgatc      1860
     atgtgtcaac ggtgtcggca gggtgcctgc catacaggct ggactacatc agcaccactt      1920
     accacagcct ccacagcagg tgaattgtcc cccaccacca gtaaggtaga acacctagga      1980
     ccagggggaa gaagagcact cggtcagcaa gggagcacca acactgctga acacggatca      2040
     gtcgtggcag gcagcgactc aggggggaga caggcactta ctttagcgtt ttcaatctgt      2100
     tatcattttg gcccagtata ggcctttcga tctccaggtc tctgcgccta gacaaacaaa      2160
     gcagactcag catcgtttac aggaaaacca gggccttcgt gtgtctcctg gacatgtcct      2220
     ccagagtgtg atgggctagg aacactgact gtcctcacac ctgaggacgg aagggccctg      2280
     agcagtgccc tgagcagccg cttccatggc acataagaac aacagggtct gtgggatgct      2340
     aagaagaggg agagcttgaa aattcaagcg gctgcactgc tgaaatcctc aaggctgact      2400
     gaatttccaa gtggtctgta gaaatgagca caatcccttg aagaagggat ggtgtacttt      2460
     tatgtgggaa gagagtctta cttataatag ctttgcacag gacttttatc gttatttcaa      2520
     ttaaaaatag gaaagctctc cagaccagat ttaaatcctg gcattgggcc ttcctggctg      2580
     tgcatctctg caaatgtaca gctgactcat gcagccttcc ccaccacatt ccttctttgg      2640
     taaaactatt cctagggaaa tcagtgctct ctccttagcc taccctggga cagggagaga      2700
     gatgacagca agttttgaaa taatcaagga gaaaggagtt gacttacatc cacatgctac      2760
     tctgcctgct tcatgacaag gcggcagcaa acagcattaa aaccaagccc cagtgacccc      2820
     tgtacgctgc ccacaccaca cacactgtgt cttcctacac gtgcctggct ttcttctgga      2880
     cctcagcatt aactgctttt tctgactata tgctaatttg gctttctttg ttcccctaag      2940
     agagcctaga aactgctact gtttttagca ctcacttctt taaagctctt tcttacagcc      3000
     cttccatcct agaatgatca aacaccatag gcgatccgat taaacgacca tggcaggagt      3060
     tatttctcct ctctgcttcc ttgaatgtca agcagatttt agaggtgggc tacacagtta      3120
     actaaagggt tgggagacaa ccctacccat tataggaacc caggaagagc tggaggtttt      3180
     cttggttgat atcttgagca atgtgcagtc tgtaggtttg aatgaggtcc aaattggcct      3240
     gcaactcctc ctagaacgag tggaagaaaa gaccagtaag ctgaacggca gaacacgtcc      3300
     atcttatgta gtttgtattt tcagtgacag gagccactgt gctcaggagg ggactggggg      3360
     tgctgtggag agttattaat gtaccagcac accgaatggc ttacatcttc taagatcaac      3420
     aatacctatg ggccccatca gagttcagtt ccatattctg tgtcgaacca gggcaccaac      3480
     tggtagatgg atataccaaa gatagttata tggagcgaaa aatgccaggt ccaggcagta      3540
     tatcctatga ttttacctat tttaaattaa aaattaggca aaagtaaaga agagaggtaa      3600
     tggaacagtg agtgtgtttc gggggattaa tgaataggaa gaagagaacc tctttgttct      3660
     ctttgtatgg agacatttta tacagtaata tatgtagata tataagagaa tctataggac      3720
     aaaggtcaga ggcacgcact tacagtatgt gcatcatagt gtatgtgagt tatgccccct      3780
     ttgtcaagaa tacaatatgg acggaggtta cccacgaaga accagattaa aatcccagca      3840
     cttggaaagc taaaggaaga gcatccaagt ttgatgccaa tcctggggac agacattgtc      3900
     aaaagcaaga gagcagggaa tcagaagacc tagagtgatt gcctatgaga aacaggaaat      3960
     ggatgtttca tagattttct ataataagcc tgaataagct cttcttccta aatgtataat      4020
     attagtaaaa aaataaaatg aaaaaaaaag agaaaataat aacaggaaga ctataacttt      4080
     ggaactagac cctgattcaa atgtcagctc catcactttc atgtggacaa tggtggtata      4140
     ttatgctgtg tttcaggcct ttggtttccc tctctcaaaa ttaagccaag gtgctggaga      4200
     gattgctaag cggttaagag cactggctct tctttcagaa gatccaggct tataccacct      4260
     acaccagata aaataaaaac tactcagcag gcacatagcc agtaggtggt gacagcctgc      4320
     tgtatctcga ccttccattc tcctttaggg gtatttagaa ttaaggatgc aaactaactg      4380
     agcagcctcc acgcctccct gtaactgccc ctccacaccc cagcccctca cagctccaca      4440
     cctcatcgag cagtgtctcc atcactcact ttcccttaga aatcaggact ggaggcaaat      4500
     cccccaccaa cagctgtcca tcccaggaca gcagccgtcc tgctggacac cagtgtccct      4560
     cagtccctgg ctggatgagg tcatctctaa gctcctttcc caatagcagc tcagcgctct      4620
     tggcttgtct cctctgaaat gttgattcct gtgaagccct tcctgaacct cctggtggct      4680
     ctaaagctgt ctgctgaggc actggtgttg tcaaacatac ccagatggca ttctgctcac      4740
     gggggacagg tggggagagg ctgttttctg tctctctctg agtgccaaga tccgtgaggc      4800
     taagagaagc ccctcctgca gggctagcct ttgcaggccc acgtgccctt ctgactgcaa      4860
     ggaccatgct ctttgcagga tccgtgcatt gcaatgagcc tctttctctc ctgaagcaca      4920
     ggaaggcttt ttgtacaaga acaggagctt acctggccaa agtgatgagc cagaattatg      4980
     tccacaatgt tggtggtaaa acctgagagc taaaagataa aaaatggtgt taagctgggc      5040
     gtggtggcac atgcctttaa tctgagcact caggaggcag gggcaggcga atttctctgg      5100
     tctacaaagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctatacagag aaaccctgtc tcgaaaaacc      5160
     accaccacca ccaccaaaac ccaaaaaaac ccaaaatggt gttaatagag ttagcaagtg      5220
     tgagtatttc acaggctgtc cactaaagga aggtgttctt ttctgtccaa acattattcc      5280
     tcaataaaac aagaggtcac agggcatggt ggcaaacaac tgtaatccca gttactagga      5340
     tgagagaggt taagggagga ggaccatagt ttgaagttag acgggatgta taggaagtta      5400
     ctggtcagca tatgctacag agagagacca ttttttcaaa ccagacaaac cctacaaatt      5460
     tagtgtgata tatttgtgtg acacagtatt ttcaaagaaa cataggaagt ctgaaaaagg      5520
     ttaaatttcc attctaaggt agtatggcat actttgaaat aggggcattg tagcagggta      5580
     ttttatagtt acacctacag acccatgaat tcagaaggcc ggggtagaag gtttagttta      5640
     cttcagcact ggacttggag attaacccta gtgaccttgg gagacctaat ctcaaaaaga      5700
     aaaagataaa aagaaagcta aaaaggagag agagaagggg gtggagaggg aaaaggaggg      5760
     ttgaaggacc gtgtgaggga acatgttagg tagtgctctg aaacgtgcag tctgggacgg      5820
     tggcctctgc tgcctcctcc ctgcccctag ttttgcattt acactgggtt gatggtgggt      5880
     agagatcaac ttaccaccct gcccaagaca tccaagacac aaaaaataag gttccttcca      5940
     gttttagcca tctttatttc agggagtggg aggaaaagct atatttacag aatgttctca      6000
     cattttgaac atttctctcc caattcttcc catttcaaaa cgatgcatct cacagtctaa      6060
     taaacgcggc aatctgtgta aatctggaga cagtctattt tcagaaacaa atttcagctc      6120
     aactcatctt gccagttccc cgttaggctt ctgcctgggt tctggatgga attccctctg      6180
     aggacttgga tgaggtggag ctgaggatgc agggaaggag gtgcgggaga gccttggcca      6240
     tgggtgacag gttagggaag aaagatggcc tgaggtcacc catgggctgt cagtgagcct      6300
     caggctgcag cgagagagga gcatgagtaa cgacccagct cacttcacgg gctgcccgat      6360
     ccataatgct cagagaccca ccgtgctcta tgaatgtcac aggctgctcc ctgtctaagc      6420
     gtgggggtca ggacatccac atactagaca gacatttaca taagtcaggc tgggggagga      6480
     ttccacagcc actggcaaca gcgttgttag tactctccat ccaaagccag gggaggcaat      6540
     attccctaaa gggaaaccca tgtggggaca gacagacaga cagactgttc agaatctggt      6600
     ctgctggtag gcagaaaata tgtgcaagat ttcatttgcc tggaattgga taagtagact      6660
     aggctagcct gtccctgcct tgagcagtgg gatgccacca tggccagccc tggataggtt      6720
     tttcttgttt ttttaagaca ggttttcttg gctgtcgtgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg      6780
     atggtctata cagagatcct cctatttctg cttcccagag tgctgggatt aaaggaaagg      6840
     ctaccaagcc tggcctggat aagcctgtcc ttatgccagt tcacctcaga ctctatcctc      6900
     ctctcacatc tggcttaagg aacataattc tttgggcata cactgttcta cccttactat      6960
     cttttttttt tttaaaccct ctattattgg tacatagact gtgtcacctt ttttgtctta      7020
     caatggtttc acagatattc tggcttggtg agttctagct atatgacctt aaataacata      7080
     ttgattcact tggtgagttt aagagcagta gctgctatac agtaagcatc ggatacgtgt      7140
     taatttcttt aaagatcatt attaaccctc tgcctagagc tacatcacta taaagttctc      7200
     agataccaaa atactggata tcatgggttt gagtgtcaat aaaaatctat gacacatgtg      7260
     ataaacaggg tcatagtcct ctggagaaac ttctttcagt ggcaaattac aaagacactc      7320
     attgtaatta caaagtattt aaaaatgaaa ttattacatt agtcatcttt tagcaggatg      7380
     tgaaactcga gttctttttc tcttatggaa aacatcattg ctttcagctc gacatccata      7440
     gatttatatt aaatcacaga aataccactt gtccttcaat aagaaaacag actgcttcgg      7500
     ctggaagctg taaacagtga acatgctttc ccaggacctc tcctaggctc cggtttagca      7560
     tggagatttt atatgtgaca ggtcactagc atatttattt ttgataggcc attagtatac      7620
     ttactttgtt ttctatctgg tggcacatat tttagagacc aaaatccttc attttccatg      7680
     tggtaaacat taataatcaa tatgacaagt ggaacagtag aaaagagctg tttcttatgt      7740
     ttactagaga taatgagtca tccagtcatt ttatttatta agcaactaaa aatgcaagcc      7800
     aggctaagag aagatatcta agctacaaga atttagcaag agactaatat ctaaaatatg      7860
     ttttttttcc attttttatt aggtatttag ctcatttaca tttccaatgc tataccaaaa      7920
     gtcccccata cccacccacc ccctctaaaa tatgtttatg ttgaatgagg aaccctatca      7980
     gaagggcaca agattttaac aggaattttg caagaatatt caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaggc      8040
     agtgacatca ctgcctttta ggagaagcga gttctaagct ataccttcta agaggatgct      8100
     cagggctggg ggtagcatgg cagtgaggtg cttgttgagc atgtgaaggg ggtccctcta      8160
     ccccaaggaa gaaaaacaca caaggacaga aaatcctttg ttgctggtgc aatgataatg      8220
     ggaagaagcc agacacagat ggctacaatc taaaatacca gttacacgaa gcttcagaac      8280
     agacggggcc tgtcccttcg aaatagatgt cagaatacgg caaggcgtgt cagtcaggaa      8340
     aaggtggacg attctacatg ccagttgagt ggtgattacg tgtgtaaata tttgtaagtt      8400
     gcacacctaa aacctttcga gcggggctgt tgttaaagct ggatgttaga aatacctaca      8460
     taacatgttc agttcaccat gctcaacaaa acaaaacttc acattgtgcc cttaaactgt      8520
     gtaaaggtca atttctaagg gaccagagaa tgagcagaca cacacaacca cccagtactt      8580
     actttggaag ctgcccagtc aatccagccc ttagcacacg ggtcaatgtt aatgagcaca      8640
     agaccttcca ccagctctgg atgattcagc tgagagagac aaagacaact gtgtgagacg      8700
     cccactcccc acttctcccc aagcagtggg cgaggtcagc agcttggtct atgcctcagt      8760
     gcctcatgtc tgaaaggaag actgcagaga cgtgctatgg agcatttatc ttgaaacctg      8820
     actagcacct ggagaccagt ctctccaaat gggatgcaat catcttccct tgaatgggtg      8880
     cttggggaag acaggatttt ggttgcttca gcagaagggg gcatgctgca gttgtccaac      8940
     tcatagggga cttgcttgtg ggcaggtact ttgtacttac tgcaaatctg ctgagaatgt      9000
     aggctcctgc tccaacccca ataccaatga tgctcttcat actgtgaata ggacagataa      9060
     acaaccgaca gtgttaacta cctatggaaa ggatacaagt ggatgcttca caacctttag      9120
     tgccgtacct acgctaacaa ggataacacc atctactttc aactgtgctt ttgtagttaa      9180
     atagaatatg ctatggacat agtgatgcac acatttaatc ttagcgcttg ggaggtagag      9240
     gcaggtaaat ctctgagttc caggccaacc agagctataa gagagactgt ctcaaaaaaa      9300
     aaagtataca tatgtgtgtg tatacatata cttatatatg tgtttatata catgtgtgtg      9360
     tatgtgctgt gttgagacag tctgttctta tacatctata cacatttata tatacacaca      9420
     tatatctaca ggtatatatg tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacccc tcaatcttgg      9480
     gaatcatttt tactacatca aaattcatca gcaaatcttg tcaaactacc cagaaaaatt      9540
     tcactgttac ccactttaca tttgtatatt ttcaactttt ttaaataaat aaacttttat      9600
     ttttaaagat gattttattt gaatttatgt atatctgtgt gtggctatgt acaggctgag      9660
     tgcaaggtgc ctgtggagtt caataaagca cactggatcc cctgaggctg gagctacagg      9720
     caggtgttag tagatgctgg gaaccaaact caggttttct ggaggagcag gaacctcaac      9780
     tgctgagccc tccctgtctt cagtccttaa aatgtatttg aatccgtctc ctaacagaat      9840
     gaagtatcac gctgtcctca tctttttcct cagtgactct ggtcatttac cttatccctg      9900
     aatttagctt ttatttctct acaaatgact gcagcaggaa taatccttaa attaaatagt      9960
     tttactgggt tacattttat atacttatag caatcatttt aaaagtctaa cttgtgtttc     10020
     agcccaggat taaaatactt caatgtcttt cctttatgcc aacaaagaca ctgcccacat     10080
     ttatctgatc tttcagacct aagggatctt gtctgtgctt atcagatttt acaacatgcc     10140
     tttcttctac ctgatcttat attggtcttt ccttctgtcc tagctctcca tcttagccta     10200
     tatgacacct accaggaaag acattcccta cctagcctca tttatctatc atatagataa     10260
     atgctctctt atctatcata acatcagact tctttatgct catgttgctt aatgcccagg     10320
     atcaatctca gagagctgac catgctctct tgctgagata cacaccacag gcatactttg     10380
     cttacagcat ttattgtgat tgtcaactac acccatctcc caactaagca caatgaacat     10440
     agtgactctt ctgttttgca catcactgta tttagggaca ataaagacag cagagtcaaa     10500
     acagtaaggt gacagagtgg gcacagatct cagtgaagga atatccattt atctgagtga     10560
     aagcctggct ttcatttgta gcaatgaggg aagactacaa aaatctactc accttaagtg     10620
     tgtgagaaca ggaggcagca tctcagctag ctcatccatg gtggggtact ggtacctgaa     10680
     acccagaaga atcactcctg aattagaaag cacccacagt tcccagacac taggagacct     10740
     tgaccagtcc aggagtctta gagaaacaca gatttatttt attttactta ttttaccaaa     10800
     ggctcaaagg atgtgatgta gtgcctagaa acaagtgtgg tgtgctccat aatcccccat     10860
     gactgccatg tgaggaagaa ataaaacatc cacactccgt gtaccagagc aggctacagg     10920
     aaaagaactg gttaaagggc ccactatgtg ctacttccac acccttaaca ttcacctcca     10980
     gactcaggat tgtcctgcag tctgccagtc atatttaggc agttaactgc aacaggaaac     11040
     aacgctttcc tgggcctatg catcaggata agcctatgta agactcagga tcctcagaat     11100
     aaatgcccat ttatttcact tagacctaat acgtttattc tatgaattgc ttatttataa     11160
     tatgaactga ttctaaaatg gtcaggcgag tccagaactg acccagaggt gggagagtaa     11220
     gaacaaagtc acagatgaca gatcagaaag agaggatatt ttacaatgag actctgtgtg     11280
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgttaaac agtctcccat gttcggtggc ctctgctcca cagcccccag     11340
     agccatctgc tgcactgtaa ggagtggagt gtcctcacac cattgtgcac aagtgagaaa     11400
     acagtcttga tggacagcac ctggacaaat gacaacagtg tggacagaga caactaggat     11460
     tctgtgtgac aagacttctt gggctatttc cttgcacagt gactaagaat cccacaggcc     11520
     tgttggatcg agtgagctaa cacacaaagc attaaatagt gtgtggcagg gcctgggtcc     11580
     tgtgcaggtg cagactctcc cttgtctgga tgctcattct actggttccc tcctccccaa     11640
     aagttctcat tggcaccctg gggacacttg ggagcctgtg actggcaggc agagcaaggt     11700
     taggatgacg ttgagtgtca aggccagtca ggtggtgccc ttacccatca atgtggcttc     11760
     agaacaaatg gttccccagg cgtccaaaat ccatccctag gtgggaactt agatgggaag     11820
     gccctcccag agcagggtca aaggagtctg ggctcagcct atgtatttgg cgattcaaga     11880
     agggacacag agtggcaagt aaaaacaaat gagttggggg acagaagatg gcgaagtggg     11940
     tgctccagac acgtggcttg tgcctacagg gacacaggtc ctggcaatga agaggctttc     12000
     ctgggtatgt gaaaacaccg aggagccatc aacacacaag cttctgagac caagggcaga     12060
     aagacaggca agcgacacca cccgtgggtg tgaagccatc gaagggaggg gagtgcagcc     12120
     tacagcctct tatagcccat ctgaagtgga aaattctggt ttgtttggaa agtcagttat     12180
     gttaaatgct gtttttctgg ggcatacagg ttaaaggatg tcttgctaaa gcggacacag     12240
     gaaagaatat tttcctgaag ccagacacag gtgaaaggat gttttaatat atagcaaaca     12300
     tgtggaagga cctataatga agaaatataa ataacgaccc cacaagcatt gagtattggt     12360
     ttgcactgcc taaatattct ttgctaacaa cacacatgta ttggtttgcc atactagtgt     12420
     tgttgagctc cactagtggt gaccccagag agaaacatgg ccaagctcat gaggttccct     12480
     ctggcagctt acagcttcag tggccttgcc tcaggcaggt tggtgagcct ttcgttttct     12540
     tcaggattga tctacagctg caggtttatg cctggtctat gcctgcctag agaacttgtc     12600
     tgcagctgct aagtcttatt tgatgtttgc tatgggactg aactgctgcc aaagaagatt     12660
     gctgaacagg tccacttccc ccatatccta ataacttttc tctttctcta ccgctacctt     12720
     ctagcagaga agaggttgaa cctttattaa aagtaggttg cacaaaatct gtgcctacac     12780
     cactattgtt ctttatcctg tgtggccccc acagagcttc cctgtggcct tacttaccct     12840
     gtggggaagg agggtgctgc ttcttgttgg ccaggagcgt ccacgtgaca gacagcaaag     12900
     tgctgggtga tctcttgcat atcctcaaag ttgaagaatg tgttgaagca ggacttatct     12960
     atgagataag gatgccagtg ggtcaagttc cccagctgtc cctgcttccc ctctgccctg     13020
     caaagctgac cagggttctc tcagtccctt ctcctcagca gtccactcca gtgagggtct     13080
     gcacacagcc tgtgcctcaa gctgcccaag gaggactcca taggaggcac ctcagtgact     13140
     ggaggacaac tggttctcaa ttccatgaga tgggttcaga gcaaaaagca tctaggggat     13200
     ttttgctggg tttcctggtg gtgcacaaaa taatcttcta cccacaatgc tgtctgctat     13260
     ctatgcacct tgtctcctat ctgatgagga aggacactga ccttcctggc cctggctagg     13320
     gttatcctca gttgctgaca tccaccacat ggggctttct atggtcagag ctgctgtgtg     13380
     catggaggag atgctgccct gttgtctatg ctcttagcat agggccttcc tcacttctca     13440
     gccctgggct gtcaactgaa cactcaaagc cagggcagca cgaaggagac atgtttgcag     13500
     ggtctgtgta cctgtagtca gaacctacac aggggaggat attccaaatg ctggctttac     13560
     actctccctg gcttaaaggc taatctcact ccacatgcta agtgttgttt ttctacaatg     13620
     cttttaaaca aaagtgtcaa ggattttttt tttccttttg gaaaaatctg catacaaata     13680
     atgagaaatc ttctggtgga aataagattt gagtatgaaa ttcatttgta gctcacatac     13740
     acctaatata gattgcctca tgattattgt atgcaatatt tttagtgcac ctgtgtgttg     13800
     catgtgactt attacatgaa cttgcaacat cacagcagaa ctgaaacggc cttggatttt     13860
     gtagtattgt tgcatttgag tttggatgat agggatgcta aaactatact aagatgaagc     13920
     acctatttat agaatctggt gataggctgc atgcagaaag aaaactgtta gtaatccagt     13980
     gagtttctta caacaaaatt ttctaccctc aaacatgtaa ataaaacaaa acaacaacaa     14040
     aaatcattgc tgaggctgtg taagtagctc agtagtacag cacttccttc gcctgagtgt     14100
     ggcccagcat tcctaccagg accaccacaa caaaaccagg aaacgacttg gctccacttt     14160
     ctcaatacct gacagattta tctttcaccc ttaagcagac atagtagaat ggtaaaacat     14220
     aggcctaaaa ttccccaaac acactaccct acatacgacc ttagaatatt aaccctgcat     14280
     gtaacaatag agatggagtg ttaagaaaga agattatctc tgctctatta aaataccatt     14340
     gtttgggttt ggagagatgg cttggtggtt aagagcattt gctgctctta ctgaagacca     14400
     gggtttagtt cgtagcaccc acatgctggc tcagagccat ctgtaactga agttccaggt     14460
     gatctgatgc ccctttctga catccacagg catcaagtac acacatcgga cacatacata     14520
     catgtagtac aagcacgcaa aaacataaag tttgttttaa atgaaatact gtttccttaa     14580
     tatataaaga ttatgcatta tgataaaatg ctgtaaatca aatacatacg gttgagccca     14640
     atgtcgtggt atgtcaggat aacaggtctg tttccttttg gtaagcctct tatggtgacg     14700
     tggaccatac catgcggtgt ttcaatgtca tgttcctgta ataagacaat gtaaaacctc     14760
     aggcaggctt aatgaacaat aaatccacca gaaaggtgca gtgctattga cactatttga     14820
     acattctatt tctactaacc aaattgataa ataaatacac agaaaaagat cccttgttgt     14880
     cctcaaaact tagtttcagg agtctaggaa atcaaaaagt ttttgataat aaatttgtaa     14940
     ttgggtatga aaaggagatc accaagttgg ataaagagcc aggaaatatt ttgggaaaga     15000
     acacttaggg aacctttaca tgtgaaactg ttcctccata cacaggccag aagcttcaaa     15060
     gatcttgata attttgataa cactgaaagg tatattggtg tagaatctct ctcctctctt     15120
     gcctgtgtct cacaccatct gtcccttatg ggagtaatcc ttggctgtca cagtcataaa     15180
     atacattcat agaataaaac ctttgggcca tgcttcctag aggcaggaag gtatctggtc     15240
     atgtggtctc agcatccctc taggaattgt gtttgagact gagagatcac atctgtgcct     15300
     tggggcttct cctgaaatgg gagtaaccct ggcagctcta actcctggtc ctccgtgtgt     15360
     gtgctctcga gtcctgagac atcccgggct gctcccggtt taagggtgct gggtggtttg     15420
     ttccacatag cccatgagac atgaactgaa gcaaggttaa gttgggaagc agtcagagta     15480
     gagttcagct cagagaactg agtaaaagcc agaaaggttt gcaactggta gtgttggaga     15540
     tttattctag tcctctccaa cttatatggt gctaaaaaaa aaaatcgcat ctaccctcat     15600
     ggatttctga agtcgccatc tgtctcaaag ttttacatgg ataagaaagg cttaattgtg     15660
     ccaattggaa tctcaacaaa tgcaatgggc ttccagtata attttcttaa tagtgatcct     15720
     cattataact ttggtttccc ttatgtggaa aagacaattt ctgcctaata ggacatcggt     15780
     atatctcaaa tcctaggctc caggccagag cagagagaga gctttactga ttcacggcac     15840
     acatgcttct ctatgtaata ttcttggtta ctgattttgc ctatcaaagc ccactaaatg     15900
     gcttaaataa aggaaggcga aatgtagact agagtcgggt attatgaact gtttatgaaa     15960
     tgaagcacag ggtctggata gaaagtatat gtagaagtca atccgtcaga gcatgggcat     16020
     ggagagcctt gctagactca ctgaggtgat ctgcacacgt gtgtggctgt gtgtgacgca     16080
     cacatgcaca ccaagttaat aatttactaa ataccgaccg agtgaacctg actatatgct     16140
     tctctgacct gagctctctg aggctaacag agcaggccag agggatgtga tttctgcctt     16200
     agaaatactg tatttgtatc agagcaccaa ccagtgggat aaaaacccac ataataacaa     16260
     cttgacaaac acagtactgt cctaaaaaat taagaaagcc atcaggaaag tacaaactga     16320
     atcccacaaa atgcaatttg atacaacaag aatgtagaaa agcacacaca cacacacaca     16380
     cacacacaca cacatatcct tttggcagac ctgtaatctg gaacaactgc tctggaggag     16440
     agtttgaaaa tttctacatt aagaagggcc tccctagggt tggggattta gctcagtgct     16500
     agagcgcttg tctagcaagc gcaaggtccc gtgtttggtc ctcagctctg aaggaaaaaa     16560
     aaaaaaaaga gaagggccta cctactgtac cttggaaggt gtgtgtgtgt ttcaaaaatg     16620
     tatttcatgt gtgtccctgg tcacaatatt tccttttagg tgtacctaaa gaaactctca     16680
     aacatggaga cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cgctcaaaat     16740
     gatcagtcat gtttattttt tttaaaacct agaacccata gatagggaaa tgaataaatg     16800
     aattatgatt tatataatga aatgaaaatg agtaaactag cagtacaagt attaactaca     16860
     aaaaagtctt aaaaacgcag tgcccagaca gaacagatgc agaagacagt gtgtacaata     16920
     aatcagtcat actaacattt cacagtacac cacaaattgt atgtgcttat gataggaagg     16980
     aaagcggtgt gtcccaaccc tagcgttttg tttccttgag gaactgaatg gattctgaaa     17040
     caggactcaa ggggaccagt atctcatctc cacattcggt ttattgagaa aaatataaga     17100
     ttgaattgaa gaatattggg agaggagaat aagtcttctt atttggttga catcatagtt     17160
     taatagtaag gtcccttaaa tttgtcactc tgactatcta ttagtagacc tttccttctg     17220
     cctcactcaa tcctttaata aaatctgagt aaaaagtcca cttgggcctc agataagcca     17280
     ctgcatgaga cgcaagaaaa cactcgatta taacgtggcc tcaacacaga agtctcccaa     17340
     tccgtagcca ggcagtcagc agtagtgtgt gtaaagggat ggacaatgag ctgcgaaagg     17400
     acgatagaac aatgataaaa atggagctgt ctctaggcat ggtggtgcat gtctttaatc     17460
     ccaggacttg ggatgcaggg gcacgtggat ctctgtgagt tcaaggccag accgatttac     17520
     aaacgagtct aggacagcct gtgttacaaa gaagaaaccc tgtcccgaaa aacatgaaag     17580
     aaaaaatgga ggtgtccaag atggaatttt aaaaaccctt taaagtcggt agggaagtgg     17640
     ggcaaagtaa ctgctttgtc atcattcaca atgtgcataa aattcagagt caaaattggg     17700
     cccttaacaa aacctcgttc tttccaggga aagctcagcc cctacctccc catactgtgc     17760
     tctgtgttgt tactgtttgg agttcctctt cctttggaaa gaatgtgact gtaaacagcc     17820
     tgagaggaaa cgcaagagaa agatggaagg cactaacctc catggggatt tgtgaataaa     17880
     gcaaactagg gggagagccg cagagacacc atgatgtaat gatttttcga ttctgtcgcc     17940
     ttcctgatcc agtcaaccct catctgtctc actggctctt tctttctcta gggactgcca     18000
     caccagcatt ctagaatgtg acccacaatg gcaccctgtg ctcagagggc agaactcaga     18060
     gtggcttctc acaggctctg gtgtcatctc tgaggttgta tgcgttagga acacactaca     18120
     ttacactcca ggcttatgaa acaacctaag ctcatacagc tcgctgacat ctccatctat     18180
     cctgactgcc atcataatca gagctgttaa taatctgagc taggatggta ctggtttgga     18240
     taatcagcag ctttggactt tctcatgtcc tttcccttta tctaaatgtg cggtctccgt     18300
     atcactggcc ctttgtttct gagaccagtt aattatcatc atttaatgcc tgccactatt     18360
     tcttctccat tctagcaact ttttgttgtt gttgttgttg ttttgttttt tgagacaggg     18420
     tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtccttgaa ctcactctgt agaccaggct ggccctgaac     18480
     tcagaaatct gcctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggagtgc gtcaccatgg     18540
     cccaggtgca acttttttgc taatatgaaa tgttattgtt tttattatgt tatgcttatc     18600
     atgttaaaca cagtaataaa tgttatcatg ttttactatg aatcttccgt tgttatgtag     18660
     aaattgtttg tgtttgtgtg tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     18720
     tgtgtgtgtg agactcaggt ctttgctagg caattgtact tcctctgagc tacattctaa     18780
     gtcccaccat acagggcttt ttggtataat gttccattca ctactactat acagagggat     18840
     aaagctcact tgtgtaatct cacagcaaat acccaactga ctggggcagt ggtggctcgc     18900
     acctttaatc ctggtacttg ggagaggcag agacaggggg atggatttct aagagtttga     18960
     ggccagtctg gtctacagag ctctaagaca gccagagcta cacagagaaa ccttgtttca     19020
     aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa ccaaccttta cccaccactt ccccaaacca     19080
     aaccaaattt aaaaaccctc tgccaattac ttaggccctg tcaagtttcc tgtccaagtt     19140
     cttgtaaccc tgtggccttg ccttctcccc ttttgcctct cacaccttcc actcgagttc     19200
     acacaacact tccaggcacc cagtttttac tctgcagcca cccacaccct ccacacttcc     19260
     caccagccac atttttcatc taagaatctt ttttgcaata tgccatccta caagtcattt     19320
     tctcttcaga accagctctc gtatcttctt cccgcagcct tagatgacca ataggagaga     19380
     gaaagagtgt aaccagcttc gccctctgcc ccagaactct cttaccacgc tgtgtctcag     19440
     gagtgtgcat gagcagtgtg ggatcatttc tctaccactg aggatcctgc cctaaactta     19500
     tcatagtgtg acagtaaaga tcttttctta ccactgtggc tctaggctgt acgtctgaga     19560
     aaagatgagg gagccatcat gcatgtgaca tgatattgtc tactgctgga ataaaccctc     19620
     cacttacaga gcatatgtat aggcagatgg caatttgcga tttttgtttg tttttgactt     19680
     tagttttttt ctgtaaggta cccccccacc cccaccccca gccaccaact taattcttat     19740
     ttggtggcaa gccattcatt caccaatcat gaatactgat ttgcgctgta gtgataatat     19800
     ctggtcctca aatgggtcct ctacagagca actgtaatta aacaggcaac atgaattatt     19860
     caatcctcgg ccaagcctgg attcttctac attcattatc agcttcttct acagagatga     19920
     tatattctgc cacataagag cttcttacta tccactaatg tttattgagt gctaaagacc     19980
     gagtattgaa cctggggtct tatgcacgct aggcaagcct tctaccacta agctacagtc     20040
     ctggtcagtt tttcttttaa cactgagaat ccatgtatcc aaaactagtg gcaaacattc     20100
     gacagtcaca agtaccttcc atcattttat ttctatctga cctaaactag agttgtacct     20160
     cacaacgcca gaagataatg aggcttcatt caaagtatca acacttttgg gtaggctctc     20220
     tttttttttt ataacgcaag gtgaattatt tttagcagca ctagaaggaa agaaatcaaa     20280
     aaccactgta tatctacact ggtgaaaatt aggtttaatc tgatacattc caaaagaaag     20340
     tatgtcatat gaaggttcca aagacaggca caccttagca taacagcaca ggacttcata     20400
     atggaaagaa aagctggaat agttttttgt tgttgacgtt cagggctggg gagagctctc     20460
     actgtattac atcatagctc caatttataa caacaatagt agtagtagtt attgctatta     20520
     ttgttggatg tgtgcactcc atcgtgtact tgtggaaatc aaaggacaga cactaaggag     20580
     ttgattcgct ccttccacct tgctgaagca tgttttttct tgtttttgcc atactgtata     20640
     ctcgaggcta actagactgt gggcttccag gagagtctcc catctctgcc tcctatctca     20700
     ctataggagt gatgggatca tagacacata ccactgcatc taggctttct atctaaaact     20760
     tctatttatt tactggagta aaatggacat gccatcgaag ttagaagaca acctgtgaga     20820
     gtttggtctc tcctgctctc ctgtgagttc tgggaatcaa actcaggttg tcagctttgg     20880
     cagcaagcac ctttatctgc tgagctgact gcttgaggct tttttctttt ttctttttaa     20940
     atttatatga gcacgttgta gctgtcttta gacggaccag aagagggcag atcccattac     21000
     agatgactgt gaactaccat gtggttgctg gcttaaccgc tgagccatct ctctagtccc     21060
     tccatgtggc tttttgagat tgagctcagg ttatcaggct tatgcagtca gcttttaccc     21120
     tctggaacct cccactggtc ccttgctcga gtattactgt gtgcaccttg cactcctgtg     21180
     tgaacaccac agcacgcatg tgaaggtcag agggcagatt tatggagttg ctcttttcct     21240
     gtatcttatg caggttccag ggactgacct cgggttacaa ggcttacatt gtaagtcgat     21300
     ttatccgctg ggccctttta ctggccctta ttagaataat tttaagcctt aatattaaat     21360
     ttaacttcac ttaagactat acttagatat gaaaaaggaa tacttgccta gcatgagcaa     21420
     gtccctggac acacacccaa gcaagcaagc acacatgcac acacactcac acagtaaagc     21480
     agaaaaaaat agatggttta aatttactaa cgtcttggta actgatgaaa gcaagagctt     21540
     tcagagagga gtgcaaatgc gtcctatttc taacgtgcct tccaatgagt cctcctgtcg     21600
     ctctatctca atgatctcct tcttggtaaa ttatgtcaaa aacaatcaac tccaactgat     21660
     cctactagga cccaaaccat agttaacgtc agattaaatt aaaaacaact aaactcaatc     21720
     ttgactgtcc cactgtcaca gagtatcaac agttctgaag actttaaatc tgagtgaatg     21780
     actgccaagc acagtgggct gattctgtca taaagaacca gctggaactg ggacacaagg     21840
     acaacagacc agcctgctca tgcatagcaa gcctcatcta acctgccaac caacctcagc     21900
     tttaaggaca gtggagtact taaatgctag ttctagattt atccaggaag aaataagtaa     21960
     tggattcagg aggagtcagt ttctctgtcc caatcattcc gtgtcctcac tcagatatta     22020
     agaacaatga aaacctacaa tgttgctttg cttctctaaa acatacattt caaagatcat     22080
     atccaaaaga taatctgtca taggggacca ataattgtga tggaactggt ttgccaatac     22140
     aaaagggttt ttggttctgt tttgttttaa tttctctaca caaagattga atagactgga     22200
     tttgcccttg atgctaatgc tataaagact gtacttaaca tgaagtgcat actggaagca     22260
     attgtttcct gatggacatg caaaaaggct gaacactggc gacaaggtgt acagtttgaa     22320
     gagctgtcct tcctgccagt accctttaag tcaacttcat gttgtagctc tggcacccat     22380
     cccagggtga gagagtcagg ctgtgggggc tgtaaggctc cctatctacc tgtgtgttcc     22440
     tttcttagac ttctttcagg gctagttagc agataaagta ggtgggtgga gaatggctgg     22500
     ctcattttac tgattttcta attggcaaca gtagattata aagaacagta ccatgtggga     22560
     aaatactgag ccaggataaa atttgcattt ccaaacataa agccaagaaa aatcttcatt     22620
     ttgtattaat aataatttaa tctttggttt aggaaacaat tttgctatta agatgtctct     22680
     tctgcaaact gctggccatt tgttttacct gagtctagtg acaaccttca tttgtccact     22740
     gtgacaaatg aggtctctga tatcatccta ggaacagaga tctcaatcac aaagacacag     22800
     cccaactaag taaactacag gtgttagaca ggttcctaga aaacgcctgt aagcccagaa     22860
     ctcaggaggt tgaagcagga ggcactgtca tgagtccaag gtcagcctgg tctacagtcc     22920
     ctgcttgaac aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaatacaaa caacagcaat acaagatcca     22980
     cttctctacg accagcagca cagggaggga ggcactgtag ggatcctgta cagagcttct     23040
     ctggtgcttg tacagtcctt acctgacagt caaagtcctg gaagtttcgt gtgccattct     23100
     gtcaatagaa ggcagaaaac acagtcagtt tccccaaatg tgcagtaagc ttagttcaca     23160
     gtgaaagcag tgcacgtgta gcctcctggt tgtcacaaac tacaatgatt cgcactgaaa     23220
     ggcttggcga gggactgggg gtttgatatg cttctgcagg ctgtcttcag aggtgagagt     23280
     aagatgagat aaagtctcgt tacccggcaa atcttgttgt gtcatgcctt ctgtggaaag     23340
     caagcactag cgtgtaggca cacagtgaaa catgaaccta aacatgagct ctaaagctca     23400
     ccctcaacac acaggagaag cagaaacctg gaaggggaga tattggaggc caccctgagg     23460
     gggatggagg tcagaaaaat ggtttccaga tccacaaatt aaagaaacta agaagacaag     23520
     ccaggaaatg aaaacttcaa atctaacttt tgttagattt cttaagaaaa gcaatgttgg     23580
     aggcatgggg agggcgggga tggcttccca gttaagagtg aacactgtgc cgggcatatc     23640
     tttaacccca gcacttgagg cagaggcagg tggatctctt agtttgaggc cagcctggtc     23700
     tacagagtga gttccgggac agggaggggt agagagagaa accctgtctc aaaaacaaaa     23760
     gagtgcacac tgctcttgct gaggacatga gttcagttct gtcactcatg tggggcagct     23820
     cacaagtact tgtaattcct gttccaggga atctaaaacc tttggctcct gcagtcaccc     23880
     cacacatgtg cgcacacaca tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacc     23940
     atgtaaataa aaataacaaa tctcttttaa aaaaaaagaa agagtaaatg agctaaatac     24000
     ctaataaaaa atggaaaaaa aaagaaagca aaaaaaaaaa agaaagaaag aaagaaaagg     24060
     aaaaggaaaa gggaaaggga aagggaaagg gaaagggaaa gggaaaggaa aaggaaaagg     24120
     aaaaggaaaa ggaaaaggaa aaggaaaagg aaaaggaaaa ggaaaaggaa aaggaaaagc     24180
     aatgttgcag gctggagaga tgcctgagca gttaaaagca tgtgctgcct tgcagagggt     24240
     ctaggttagg tggctcacat ccacctgtaa gtccagttcc aaggggtctg atatcttctt     24300
     ctggcctccg taggcattta cacacatata aaaatgctta cacagataga cataaattaa     24360
     aaaatcaatg gcatttgttt acctaaaaat caatgtttct gaaggaaaga aaaactgaac     24420
     agaattctta ataggctggc atattaatta tatcctacaa aatagtcagg aagaaaaagg     24480
     agggaaggcc attgcgtcat ttaagaagta taccatatct aaaagcttga aacaaaactc     24540
     accaagcttc tcagtggggg attataggat ggtgattctt gagggaatca atggaatgat     24600
     gaagaggcag tgtttaagat gccagggttg ggtgagggaa aaggactgaa gccctgaggg     24660
     ccagcaggaa gaatggaaac aggcagcctc aggaaagagg aagttgaggg gatgccccag     24720
     aatgcaccag agacctggga agtgagagac tcccaggacc caaagggagg gaccttagat     24780
     gaaaggcatg atagtagtga gagggaactt atagagtcca cctccaccag aagacaggac     24840
     atcaagtgag ggatgaggtt gccaccccac agtcacatct ctgactcata atttttcctg     24900
     tctgaaagaa ttacagggat ggaaatggag aagagcctga ggaaaagaag gtccagtgac     24960
     aggcccaaag tgggatccag ctcaagagga ggtcccaaag cctgacacta ttgctgaggc     25020
     tatggagcac tcacaaaaag ggacctagca tgtctaccct ccgaaagacc caacaagcag     25080
     ctaagagagt caggtacaga tatttgcacc taaccaatgg acagaagcag ctgacccctg     25140
     ttgttgaatt agggaagcct gaaagaagct gaggagaagg gtgatcctgt aggaggacaa     25200
     gcagtcttaa ttaatctgga cccctgagat ctctcaaaca ctggaccacc aaacatgcag     25260
     catactccag ctgataggaa gcccccaaca cacatacagt agaggacttc cgggtctgtg     25320
     ttcactcaga gatgaagcac ctaaccctca agagactgga ggccccaggg agtttagagg     25380
     tcaggtgggg tgggggtggg ggcatccaag tggagacggg gtgggttggg gaggagatgt     25440
     gggatgtgga gcagacggag ggtgagtggg gggggcaggg aatggaatat ggagtgtaaa     25500
     aaataaatta aaaataaaat gagtacagca agaggaacag gtgatatatt tggaaagaga     25560
     gagagagaga gaaagagaga gagagagaga gagaaccttt ctgacttgat ttttcatgag     25620
     gaacaagcca ttccctgaaa agctctctta ttatttagac cgttatataa ttgcattcat     25680
     cttcccaaca gcttccagaa ggcatagagt tgctaataga cacctttctc aacactgccc     25740
     cgctagatat ctgattgttc aagctggttt tagaaatagt tcttctgtga gccagaggta     25800
     tagctctgca gtagtgcacg ggtcttagta cgttcaaggc cctgggttca attctcaaca     25860
     ttaagaaaag aaaaaaaata tcattcttcc cgatccacca cttactcagc tgtcaagaca     25920
     aaacagaggc tgaggcaaag ccccatgagt acccacacca agtgaaacaa acgctcctgc     25980
     tcaggagagg agctggaaac cagctggagt aacatggagc agtggtatcc aatggagtga     26040
     agtagccatt agtaacacgg acaatccaag ctgtacatat atgtgtgtaa tcgtttttac     26100
     attgctttta attttgtttt gtaagacagg ttctcactat gtagccttga actcacagtc     26160
     ttcttggttc ctgagtgctg aaattatagg cgtatgcagt acacttttct attaggttta     26220
     aaattattac agaaacttgt atatgacatt gatggccttc tgaaggaata aagttctaga     26280
     taatcagcct tgggttttct acaatgtaca caggaaatcc acaacaggtc aaccactggg     26340
     aaactgcaga tgctagcaat aataagaagg atagagaagg ctggtcttag catcattctt     26400
     gactcaaagt tgataaaaca gctgaaaagt cttacagagt tacagcatat gaagatagct     26460
     atgataaaca catacacaca caggatagca cactccaggg aaggctgcca taagcaaaag     26520
     agcatctcgt gttgactggc tcctactagt cagtctcagg gatataggta agaacttctt     26580
     cagagaggcc attgtactga atttccagta agactatcaa agaccaaagg aagggtcctt     26640
     gcgtagacta aagtggatgg tttcagtaag atataaatga ccagcaggga agttctctga     26700
     tttatataat aaacaagcca atttttaaaa attaaaccag gcccacgcct ataatcctaa     26760
     cccttaggtg aggtaggatt gctgagagtt caaggccagt ctgggcggca cagagagttc     26820
     cagcctaacc tgcctaggtt atgaagcctt gtctcaaaaa aaacaaaaca aagatcagaa     26880
     ggaaaatacc taacgttaac taccatctgt ctctgcatag gaattatgag agatcacaac     26940
     ttcctcaatg cttctctaca ctaagcatgc atttcccttt cataatttac cacaaaaagg     27000
     acttgtacaa gaagagcaca gacttaagat aggccatgtc ggtgtccctg gatgctcctt     27060
     tagggactgt ttggaaagtc actctagcct gattgggctc ttcaggggca actgtcactg     27120
     gtgcacatac tctgcctcct gatgatcatg tgatagcacc cacaaggcct tgtgtgaggg     27180
     ctgagcctct gagatgaaca caagagaaat gccaacagta ggaacaggca attccttcca     27240
     gaaataccaa ataccagcta tctttttttg ttgagagtta gcaaaaatct taatcaaatt     27300
     attagattcc ctctcaagat aaagatcttc taaaggggag catggctggg gatgtaggtc     27360
     tgtgatacca accttgggta gcatgccaaa atccctgggt tccattttta acactggggc     27420
     aaaggacaaa ataataagga accttccgga gaaagaaaaa catggtatct ctctttaaaa     27480
     aaaatccttc ccaacagaaa gtaaaatgaa aatgggagag taagcgagta gatgggttac     27540
     ataagctcag aaaataccct gtctttaata actgaataag acaattaaca taaattaata     27600
     ctcagtgttg tttgaaagct ttgacataaa gctctgctct acagcctagg ctggcctcaa     27660
     atttatgatt cttcttcttt agcttcctca gcaaaccagt ctctgagaag aaatatgttc     27720
     aagctgataa tccaagatac gaatgaaaat cctatatatg ctttaagcat ctataccagt     27780
     tgtattttca aaaataacat acttgctaat aaatcgtaaa taaatcctaa taaatgctaa     27840
     gactgttgtc tataatcaag taaacacctg tagcctgatg aaaaatacaa tttcaacttt     27900
     tgaagctgac atctatacta tacactgtta ggctaatgtt acaggtcaca gactcctgca     27960
     ttaaaaaatt cttgggttgg agagatggtt tagcaactaa aagcactaaa tgatcttcca     28020
     gaggacctgg gttcagttcc cagcacccac atggcagctc acaactgtct gtaactcctg     28080
     ttccagggca tctgaccccc tcacatatgt aggaaaaaca ccagtgtaag taaaataaat     28140
     agctaatttt aaaaaaaatt ccagaaataa aaagaaaaaa tacaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     28200
     acaaaggaaa aaaaattcct tgggctctca gataggttgt gactatggtt tcatctctcc     28260
     ttaccatctc ctgtttcttg atattggttg tcagccactc agtctgttgt gttgtcatta     28320
     ataactgctt gaacacactc cttgcacaag gtcacttcgg tcatttctta caacagtttt     28380
     gacaattgct cttggaacac taagatatgc ccatcctcta gttcataaca gactagcacc     28440
     ctagaacagt atctcatgga agtgtcaaca aatgtaagtt taatggcaga caccaagtgg     28500
     ggaagtgcta gagaaggagc ccagggcctc gtactcacga gatgaatacg ctaccatcga     28560
     gctatgcccc cacacttttc tttttctctc tttttgccat agttaggttt tttccttcaa     28620
     agcacactcc atctcctcat tcccagactt actacatggt aatcaagttc tcaaggccaa     28680
     ggccaaggtc agcagcggca tcctgagccc tcctccaagt aacctcactc tgtctcttat     28740
     cacttccctg agacacgatc catgccctca ttttttcctg gaattttttc atactctcag     28800
     actccaagaa agcaacacta cccacatgga gtctggagca cagaaagtaa tccctgtggg     28860
     ctcccctggg agcgctaggg actcaggtgc tgactgccct ctgacactca ctgtgccttc     28920
     ctttccaacc ccttcctgac actctagata cccagccttt aaccagtaac ccaccaggca     28980
     ggccagagct tctggaaacc tttattagat ttgaggaatg ttattattgc atgtgtgtgc     29040
     atgactggaa gaggagggac atatggaggt cagagggcaa agggtagctg gttctcttct     29100
     cccatcttta cttgggtttg gggatcaaac tcaggtcatc aggcttatac aacatgtgct     29160
     gctagaggct gagtctcagg acccgcccca gtgtccccac gctgcacaca ccttttcaaa     29220
     aaggaaccct gatacacaaa cttttctgtt tctgttctcc tggagcttac aaacatgctg     29280
     ctctcagggg ctggaaagat ggctcagcac ttactagtgc ttgctgctgc tcttccagaa     29340
     gtcccaggtt caattcctaa cacccacatg acagctcaca agtatctcta actacggttt     29400
     ggggaggatc caatgccatc ttctggtctc tgtggacatg aggcacacaa gtggtgcata     29460
     gacttatatg caaacagaac aaccatatca attaaaaaat tattttaaag ttgatctcag     29520
     agttcttcct cttacaattc ttatatacac ccccttcccc tttgcttata tgtctagtct     29580
     ttagtaaaaa aaacaaaaaa acaaaaaaaa aaaaccttaa accacagtaa gggctatttc     29640
     atgatttact ataataacca acacaaagca aacagattgt tcggctcatc cccctgggta     29700
     tttatttctc tttctgatat atcttcagcg cttctgaaga cagctatggc tgtctactat     29760
     ggccatagta ggcagactaa aagtcaggga gtgagaagca tggtgggctc tcctgtttgg     29820
     catgagatct tctgggtgag gtggctggac agcctaacaa gcagatggtg agaagagcac     29880
     cagacctcta gatccaggtc aaagttaaat gttaaatgtg tgggctggac aggtagctca     29940
     gcagtttaag agcagtgact gctcttccag aggactgggg ttcaattccc agcattcaaa     30000
     tggcaagtca caactgtctg taactccagt tccagaggat atgacactct cacaacacag     30060
     acatgcatgc agacaaaaca ctgatgcaga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     30120
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga taatttttta aaagttaaag gtgctaggca     30180
     ctagtctggg ttctaacact ttaatagaca ctggctttgg accaggtata agcctcatct     30240
     gtaaaacagc tgagtatttg gcaagaggat agaagaataa cacaatattt ggttggttta     30300
     tttgttttgt tttttgatga gatagggtct ctctacatag ccctggctat cctggaacta     30360
     gctctgtaga ccaggctggc cttgaactca gagatccacc agcctctgcc ttctgtgtgc     30420
     caggattaaa ggtgtgtacc accatgccca gttgggagaa taataataat atttctaaaa     30480
     atactctgaa aatggctaaa tacttttttg agacagagtc ttattatgta gccctggcta     30540
     gcctggagct cattatgcag cctagactct tgacagcctt cttgcctctg ccctctaagt     30600
     actaggattt caggggtggg cctgcctttc ctttttcttt taaaacaggg tcttgctatg     30660
     taatctaggg cttaatcttc tcttatctca gctttctaag cactggtatt atagttctgt     30720
     actaccacat ttataatgtt atttgagggg ggaaaatata tctatacatt ctgctttggt     30780
     ggttacttct tttcattact ggagccaaaa taaacatggc aaattcaccc acttcttgac     30840
     aattctgagc tatagacaaa attacagtca tactaaaata aaaatgggaa gaataccaac     30900
     aagttataag acaagttaac atgagcttct cttaaaatat atggaaaatg cttccttatg     30960
     gtcaccccag gacacatttc cctgtaacag ggtctgtgta cattcctttt aggtccctga     31020
     agcctgaaag ggtttggcaa tatcttatgc taagagcaaa gtatcaagtg agagatgggg     31080
     taaaataata ttcatttcta ggttgttcct taaagagaca agaaaagtca caatggccaa     31140
     gtctagatgg tcacacaggc gggcagaaca tttcagaata ggaaaatctt gggtttcaga     31200
     cccagctcta ccatttactg actgagcaag ctggcctatc aatcagatat tgtcatctgt     31260
     tacgtgaaga ttatagtact ttaaagagaa atctgagcat taagagagaa tgcatgtaaa     31320
     gcacttggca cataaaagta cttagttagt aaatgaataa tagcaggata gcccatactc     31380
     cataatgaag aaagggagaa gggaggaaac cgaggtgggg gcgaggggac agggaggcca     31440
     aacaacaaca aagttgctta aggcgtctac tcgttctgat ccagaggctt cctcttaata     31500
     gcagtgagca tcattcatgg actttgcacc ccatttagca ctatctagag acctttttag     31560
     ttgtcaccac tgggtggggg gctagggaag gctagtagca tctagtggac acaggctgac     31620
     gttgttgcta aacattctac aatacatagt agaacagtgt cctaaacaac acccagtcca     31680
     aacaccagtg ccaatacgga gaaatcctgc aagcagtgcc tggaactcaa tcttgccagc     31740
     cacttccttc ttagctttag ttcactcagc aatacagaaa cgtccttctc cgtgctctct     31800
     acctcacaga gtcacccaga gcatcaaatg acaccatgga gacggaggag aggcattttc     31860
     ctcatcagct tcttttacaa catgtacaaa ggtaccaact tactgggcag agctggcagt     31920
     tttcaaacgc cagggaatcc ccgaagtcag gaagatggag ggctagctaa ggagtcagta     31980
     gtcctcggca acgccattgt tcaaagggga ctcttgcctg ctcagtcaga acatggggcg     32040
     atcatgaatg gaaactggga caggaacatg tctcagggag gaaggagcaa gatggaatgt     32100
     gtgaagttca tgggagcagg acagcacatg gaagagagcc cagaggccgt tagggagtgg     32160
     ggctttgctt ggagtcagtc tatttggcca caatgaacta caacaacaga aagttgattc     32220
     ctcacagttt aggaagcggc aaggtttaag acagaggttt cggtttctga taagggctct     32280
     cttcctgctt tacaaatggc tgccttctta ctaagtcctc acacagtaac aagaagaggc     32340
     caccaaccca tcagattagg ctctgtgttt ctgatcttac tgaactttaa tcacttctat     32400
     taaagtctgt cttagtttta tactgttgct gtaattaaaa aaaaaaaaaa caaaacctga     32460
     caaaaggaac ttgggagagg aaggttttat tttcgctcac aaaccaggtt acaatccata     32520
     gcagctgaga agtcaaggtg gcaggaactt gaaacagcca gtcctagtcc cagtcagccc     32580
     cagtcagcca gccccagccc cagtcagtca gccccagccc cagtcagcca gccccagccc     32640
     cagtcagcca gccccagccc cagtcagcca gccccagccc cagtcagtca gccccagccc     32700
     cagtcagtcc gtcccagccc cagccccagt cagtccgtcc cagccccagt cagtccgtcc     32760
     cagcccagtc cacacacagc gccagtgctc agctcacttt ctcctttttc atgcaataca     32820
     gaacccaacc ccagacaatg gtgctgccta ctgctaggct atcttcccac atcacttagt     32880
     ataatcaaga caaaccccca gtcatgccca cagaccatcc taagctagat aaccaatccc     32940
     aaaagacagc cttcccgggt gatcctagat cacgtcaagt tgacaattaa aactgaccgt     33000
     cacagggctt cctctccaaa agtcacatgt ggtgggggct aaagtttcag tgtgtaaaat     33060
     tggggggaca gaattcactc tgtaacattc aagcaaatct gatagcaatg cccttatttg     33120
     taagtagctt agtggctgag cacaaccagg attcctttgt ttaatcctca gtacaaacaa     33180
     aacaactaca ctatatccca gaccagttcc gtaaggtgtc agtaagaagg cacagcttgg     33240
     cattagcgac tcttacatct ccacatgtag ttccaaccag aagccaagcc tgagtcatgc     33300
     tggcaccgtc tttacccctg agactggtct ggagctgggg tctgggatct gcattgttaa     33360
     gcactcccct acctgattct gaggtcaggt tacttccttg ctgaagctaa cctgtctgct     33420
     ttcccctgcc ctgagaatac tcatttctgt ggccagacct gcgctttata actatagatt     33480
     ttagtatctt cctcttcttt gtggtacagt ccttcatata cacagaaaaa tggtatttaa     33540
     tgagtagaga tttctggaaa cactgtgggg ggcagtcagc agaagtcaag aaggtgttta     33600
     cagactgcca aaggagagaa cataaagtct agtgaaagtc aaaggaagga gtgacaaaga     33660
     gaaaaggtca cagggaagag ggtggggctg ccaggatgca atgtaagtca gaaaaaatat     33720
     aagtcagtag agtaagatgt tataaagggc cttgctttgg acagagagag aagctagcat     33780
     tgacatcttt tggtgcgctc tctcatcccc tctcgcccac cagtctaacc acaccctctc     33840
     cattctttcc tctaaggatg ttgtagacta acaccggcta gaaagtattt aacagagcat     33900
     cgttaggaca gtaagccaaa agaacagtgt aggaaagagt ttctggtgtg cacactgaac     33960
     agggagggac aagaaagatc tgctgagttc tagtggcttt caagtatgcc attcatcatg     34020
     aaattctcca acaccaagat aaaatgaggc acactctgct ggatgtggta gaggcaggcg     34080
     gatttctgag ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctat     34140
     acagagaaac cctgtcttgg aaaaaaaaaa aaaacaaaaa aaccaaacac ctttactacc     34200
     aaaaaataag gtaaactcct gacagctatc tctgacgaaa atggtcacat tgcagactca     34260
     gcaaactttt gagagagcac tggagcctgt acacatcact agccatgcat gttaaaatct     34320
     ccttatggaa actaaaagtc aaacatttgg atcctaacaa ataccacctt gacactttct     34380
     atctaagttg gttgtattat tttttccttt ctataaaata gaaaaacttc agaaaaatga     34440
     ccgaatttgc ctatggaaaa caaagggtca gggagacatc aaagagtagg ttaggaaatg     34500
     agtttcaaaa agtatcccca tcaataagaa tcaagctaag tattttactt agtagtctca     34560
     tatataaaaa gttaattaat agcacaagaa aaccatctac tcatctttga gctaaaacga     34620
     aacaggcgtt accttatcat ttagaagcgg tttgatctct gtgagttgaa catcctgaag     34680
     ttcatccatg aggatggctc agagcagatg agtctcaagg atgaaccagg aactctgaaa     34740
     cagaagagaa ggaagaggaa acatgcttac gctggcattg gaaacacgac atcatccatt     34800
     cagatactgg actttcctcc atgtacatct tgtactgcac agggcacagc agacgcacag     34860
     tggaggcaga cgggctctca actggcctgt tgttcttccc ctctggtatt catacctttg     34920
     cgccccaaac cccacccctg agtgtggggc aggatctatg tcttgctttt gactaacaga     34980
     atgagggaaa taagaacgta catgagtgct ttcatgtggt acattacaaa gtatttaaac     35040
     acctgtcttg ctgccctgct ggttgcattg agccagctgg catactagaa gagagccatg     35100
     tggcagggaa ctaagggcag cttcccgtaa gacagcaaag agagggaggg gaaggacaga     35160
     aagtaactga gacactcggt tcaataatct ctacaagaaa ctgaatactg ccagcaagca     35220
     catgacgcta gagatagctt ccttcccagt ggggactcag ctgagagaac cctgacactt     35280
     tgtttgaagc ctcagcaagg acacatgaca ccttgagata ataaaggtgt gttgtcttag     35340
     gttactatgt ctgtggtggt attttaaaca aagaacaata gatacaatag tttttgcagt     35400
     ctgcagtgta tatcgtggtt cctaaagatg ggcaagagaa caatactctc agaattatgc     35460
     ttctggaagc aacgatgtgg agagaggatt aaggaaggca acagctgaaa attagtgata     35520
     tagaatagga ccctgtactg gccggctttg tgtgtcaact tgacacaagc tagagttatc     35580
     acagagtaag gagcctccct taaggaaacg cctccatgag atccaactct taggcatttt     35640
     ctcaattaat gaataagtgg ggaaggccca ctgtgggtgg tgccatccct gggctggtag     35700
     tcttgggttc taataagaaa gcaagctgag caagccaggg aaagcaagcc agtaaggaac     35760
     atccctccat ggcctctgca tcagctcctg cttcctgacc tgcctgagtt ccagtcctga     35820
     cttcctttgt tgataaacag caatgtggaa atgtaagctg aataaaccct ttcctcccca     35880
     acttgcttct tggtcatgat gtttatgcag aaacagaaac cctgactaag acagacccta     35940
     aattagtaat ggcaagggca gtgaaaacaa atcaacaact ctactgagga atctcagtgt     36000
     aataaggaga acggtagctg acctgagatg accttctaag agtccactat ccttgatact     36060
     tgatattcac actcaaatgt aatcacccac ctgaacaaat caggaatgtc gtacattact     36120
     catagaacat aagcgaagtg ataaaatatg actttttaga attcccttac atggacattt     36180
     tagtttctgt gatttctatc accaagggag aaaactagta tattgttagg gcacacacag     36240
     acctctgaag gtccacgtag aggaaccaac acatcaatac taacctgcta gccacatgag     36300
     tgatcttgca aaagaagtct aaagcctcag tcagagctta gatgtctaag ccatagaaac     36360
     acctgactgc aaccatatga gacactgacc aaattgtact gtcaaggcat tctgggttcc     36420
     tgacccacag aaactataaa agataataaa taattttatt tcaaaaggat atgttctaca     36480
     gcaataagta gccagtaagg aggaccacat tgtggagttc aaagaaagga aggtggctga     36540
     gggagatgag gtaactaagc agaaagcctt ccttcacccc agcgtacagc cctggatagg     36600
     ctgtaagcac tggatactgc agccacatgg ttctccctct gtggagaaag caccacactt     36660
     tcttccttct ttcttgtccc tggacctatc agagcaggaa aaaaccctaa ctcaatgatc     36720
     ttgaattgtg gccattcaac gccacttact ggaaagctcc tgtgcaaagc actaggaaag     36780
     atcagagtgt ctcttcctcc taggaactta cagaacagca gagatgacta tggtctctaa     36840
     aatgataaat ataaagaata gtcaagagtc ctaggtggga acaatcactt ctaacctgtg     36900
     agaattaaga caactttcaa aagagactgg tgtgctacaa aagagactgg tatactatag     36960
     atgcttgaca aatgctggaa ttataccctg actaaaccca cggtggacag aaattatgct     37020
     caaatgattt cataaatcta ttctagtaaa gatcatggct tacagtgcag cacaccgcag     37080
     gtatatgctg ctgtccccca tgcttacgag gctgtctggt gatatggttg ctgcctctgt     37140
     ctagcatgac aagaggcatt gagctacata tcatttgctc aagagacaga aactcaaggc     37200
     tccaaaggta taagtagttt tctagcatgg atgtggccct gggttcaatg tccatcttta     37260
     aaaaaaaaat gtctgagact tctttattca ttttgtgttt attaatcata caataaactg     37320
     tggctgcatt ccatttggac tttatatggt cattcagacc atgtgaaaaa taatacaatg     37380
     ataaaaagat actttactta cagttcttcc atcgaaggat aaccatttac ctctacaagc     37440
     aaggcagagg cagggggatc aaaagcttga tgccatcctg ggctccacag gaagaacctg     37500
     cctcaaagca cggatcttag tttattctca tgtaaaatga tgatatcctg gcatcgtttt     37560
     tccataccac ctacttcatt taccaaccaa ttcattcaca acaaagcagc acaaacttca     37620
     ttgtgggtgt gtcaggcctc aaagcatccg taccctgtca ttttttgttt tctaaggcag     37680
     ggtttcaaat accccaggct aacctcaaac ctggtataca tctgagactg tccttgaact     37740
     accgatcctc ctgcttctaa gtggtggaac tgcaggcagg tgtcaacatg ctcaaccatc     37800
     tcctgtttct atgataaaac aaaatgagat gactgtgcca gtatatactt aagatgcaaa     37860
     ctaaagaaga ctgtccccta gctgggcaga ctaaggaagg aatgctagag cggttccagg     37920
     attgtgaagg gacgcagtga attctttttt ttttccttag ttcctaccat tttgagccct     37980
     tcccggtgag cagttttata agatctatga gaaaaggaag atcacatggt ggaaaactcc     38040
     atctccagat ccctcagctg cacagactgg ctccctcctg gggatgtggc ctgcagttcc     38100
     ggcatctgct gccaggttcc atcctggcac aaagaggtac tgatattttt aaaaggctgg     38160
     gaaagctttc ataagctaca gtagacaata aatgtctgcc ctctttccta gtcttgagaa     38220
     gaagtatgaa gagtgtattt tgacaatcac ccttcgactg aaggaacagg aaagggcaac     38280
     ataggcacca actccatgcc aggacttctc tcacatcaat ctcccaggaa gacatcttca     38340
     tttactctat agatgagaaa cctaggcttg gacctgtttt ctgaaattcc acgtgtaagg     38400
     gattaggaga tgtctccact ataccataac atctatacca gtcccaccag ctgggaacct     38460
     ggatcagttc cttcctcccc acccacacag tggcacccca tgagacagat ttgatggaag     38520
     cctaaagcaa tcctatacat atcaacaatg actcagaccc cttggaaatg caggtttgag     38580
     tcatcactcc aggataagaa ctcattcttt caaaagctaa ttaagtcaag gagaatatga     38640
     aataactaaa gaagaaggga attaaattcc agctatttct tggcagcctt gttttaaaaa     38700
     caagggctac ttctcacttc ttaaaatagt gtgcttcaaa ctttaacgta cactcccctg     38760
     gggcttttat cagttttaag ggataacggc tgagcatgtg atccatcact aaggatcagg     38820
     atcctctgag atgagagagt gatcactgac agcattaata gagctagagc tctattagtt     38880
     catcctgcca tctccccaaa aagaatacat ccagtgtttt ttatataata aactacatgg     38940
     atcttaaaaa agactcaaca ggccagatca accaggagaa tataccagac agaagagagt     39000
     gagtctgaga gtcactgagt gagctgagta gacccagctg agagtgagtc tttcaagcag     39060
     ctggaattat aaatgtaaag aataaaggag tgactagggg tgatgctcag tgctagagca     39120
     ccagcccagc acacacaggg cctgagcctc agcacctctg agaaatgaac atcagttaaa     39180
     ataatgggaa attaaaagtt gagttaaaca tggcacaagg tcagggaaga aacaggtttt     39240
     tgtcaaagtt tctagttaag ggagagaaaa gaatgatgat ccaaatgcat ggaaatggag     39300
     gaactgggaa aaaaaaaaag caacagacat taatgaacat ttcagtttta agtcaggaac     39360
     cagagagacc tgagttcaag agtgagaatt acagaccctg ggctcttcag aaggacaagt     39420
     gagtgacgga gctaaaaata aaacattcag aggcacagga agaaaagcag aaacgtggtg     39480
     ccaaagcagt caagggaaaa aggtttacgt tgtaggggag aaaactggaa tgatggaaag     39540
     gaagggagag gctgagaact ggaaaggctt catcttctgg cagggaacat taatggtgtc     39600
     aaaacctagg aagttccgtg gctttactac agctgggtct gtgttgaagt ccatgaccca     39660
     tgtcactcaa gacttctgtg ataaccctgc ctttgctccc accccacctc cccctaaaat     39720
     agtagcagcc taaacaggaa gccatcaaag agaactctta aaaactgtga taggatgctg     39780
     aagtgtcact ctgcacagta gatggcttcc agtagcaggg tgggaggagg actcagctcc     39840
     atttaagggg taggctatcg agagtctgac cccattccag tgtgtgtgtg ggtggacagg     39900
     gaaggactgg aaagtgaaca tgatagggat atgtgatgtg aaatccccaa agaatacaca     39960
     cacacacaca cacacacatg ttaggaaaaa aaaaaaaaca aaaaaacaaa acaaaaaaaa     40020
     aacctcttat gaagagcaag gcatgctata atatgaacac taaagaaact aaggcaggag     40080
     agtgctccga gttcaagatc agctgagact acataaatat gctgtctcaa aacatctggg     40140
     tctggagaga tggctcagtg gttaagagca ctgactgctc ttccagaagt cctgagttca     40200
     attcccagca accctttgca atgagatctg atggtctctt ctggtgtgtc tgaaaatagc     40260
     aacaatgtat tcacacatac aaaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa cctaaaatca tttaggggaa     40320
     atgaagttca gtgacctgta ctgagaaagc cctggactat gtggatcatc ttttataaat     40380
     ttggagaatg gccggtggtg gtgtcgcctt taatcccagc acttgggagg cagaggcagt     40440
     cggatttctg agttcaaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggtt     40500
     acacagagaa accatgtctc caaaaaccaa aaaaaaaaag aaagaaagaa aaaatttgaa     40560
     aaatgttgtt tctacattga agtgcaagag aaaatgttac taggaggtgg ggtgagacag     40620
     cagtgcttct tgacacacac agaacactag aagggtcttt aaagagtatc aagacctggg     40680
     atttttaaga agtttggcaa acctcagaat agaaaacaca gaaaagcaca gaagttctgc     40740
     tgaagtgtgg cgagactgct gtgactcccc agaacacatt agtgtaacag tgtggggaca     40800
     ggagcacagc acagtggtag tgtgcttatc tagcatgtgt ggggcattag gttccatttc     40860
     tatcgtcaca agaaataaag tccagtgatg caaaacgaaa gcctttgtcc agtcagaacg     40920
     tagaaggctg gagccgcatg ggcccttcca gtcccagaga gtccataaga acaccgggag     40980
     cgcgttctag atgtaggcgg ccccgagagg gctgagggac actgggcatc ctcccatcta     41040
     taaaggaagg acttaggcag aatgatcttc cgggctcctg ggcaggactg acattctgaa     41100
     ttctctataa acgcacttca tattttcctc aggccaacca gttagcgacc taatacgaat     41160
     caagaacttg gtaaaggtca ctcagcagat cagcagacat ttggtctgac cctaagggac     41220
     atgggagtct gcactgtgaa atttcaagta cttaaaaaca ttttttaaaa aggcagtaat     41280
     aaaatactgt tttatttcat agctttctcc ctgaccaagg taatttgtca tctttggctt     41340
     tgtctgaaca tactgacacc aagatactca ttggtattct aggggcaaag tcaaccactt     41400
     ttggtcttgg aaagaattca gacagaacaa aacagaacca aaacagaatt aaggcagcaa     41460
     accagaggca cactaaaggg taatgagctg gaaggggtca gctgcagccc agctggtcct     41520
     gaaacactta cagctagaag aggcaggagc acccaggtga ctggatagag ccaagagagc     41580
     atgcagactc atgcattcat tctctctctc tctctctctc tcctgctctc tctctctctc     41640
     tccttctctt cctcattcct tccctctcct aacagttcat tgattatcac aatgaaaaat     41700
     agaggtactg gcatgcgggc tagaatggag atgaaaaaac tgagacttaa gaagacaaac     41760
     aggggctggt gagatggctc agtgggtagg agcatccgac tgctcttcca aaggtcctga     41820
     gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac atggtggttc acaaccatcc ataaggagat ctgactccct     41880
     cttctggagt gtctgaagac agctacagtg tacttacata taataaataa ataaatcttg     41940
     aagaagaaga agacgacgac aaacagacca accactaata aatggctcag gtggaactga     42000
     aactcaagtt ttctaacagc aaatgctgag ttatgcccag tctcacacac tgcctcactg     42060
     atgattatag acaaagacag ctctggtgta gggagaatgt gttctgtgta tcaccatgtt     42120
     tagtaatatc ccagacattt acaactggat ggctataaca tcctcctcca acagctctaa     42180
     caatcaaaac tgcctccata tgatgccaaa taacctcagt aaggcattaa tcatcagttt     42240
     aaagaactat caaagtttta ccagcttaaa atcctatcgg gtttcaccaa tggtatttct     42300
     atgtgtgttc cattctacca agaagaaaga gggccacttc ggctgtcttc cattgcatct     42360
     ggtacttgga acatagcatt ggagctaaaa gaagcttcct cagggcagag gcgagacaac     42420
     taagggctag gatggccaag agattcctga aggagtgaga atggtggatc cttaagagat     42480
     atgcttgatt aaccgcaatg caggagggga caaatgagga cactcaaggt aagaaaacac     42540
     acacacacaa tacagtgctg tagctttgag agaagacagg ctacagagga aactgagtca     42600
     gaaaaaaagg ggcacacgag tacgtttttg catggacaac actgatggtt tctagaaaga     42660
     gtgactcgga agcttagctt taccaattgt ttgaaacttg gtcatctttg ccaggcgtgg     42720
     aaaatccttt aatctcacca ctggaaaggc aaaggcagac ggattgctgt cagtttgatg     42780
     ccagctttgt ctttatagtg agttcaagct agccacaaca acatggtgag tctgtgttca     42840
     aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aaacaacaga acaaaaccca aagaataaac accaacctca     42900
     ctcctcgatg tcaactccac agctccatgc aggtcctgca ccaggcagcc tgaggcaggc     42960
     tacaatctca cctcaaacac gatcacatgg caaaaacaca actatatgaa agagaagata     43020
     atgcttcccc ccaaacacag cattcctata gaaatgttct ccaataagaa ttacttagat     43080
     ggggctggtg tgatggctca gtgggtaaga gtacccgact gctcttccaa aggtccagtg     43140
     ttcaagtccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccatccg taatgagatc tgacgccctc     43200
     ttctggtgtg tctgaagaca gctacagtgt acttacatat aataaataaa taaatcttta     43260
     aaaaaaaaga attacttaga tgaactctag aacacaaaat ttaaaagaac aatgataaac     43320
     ataattttaa aacattcaag gggtttaaaa gggacatgag caaacgcttc agtgaaccta     43380
     aagaagatga aataattctt agtgaagtcc aagaaaacac aagtgtaagg ctcagtgaaa     43440
     tgataaagac aattcaggat cagaaaactg aattcagtac atagatagaa atcctgaagc     43500
     taacatgaga tggatgaaaa attcaatagc ccagttagaa aactcaaggg aaagccttat     43560
     cataggatgg atgaagtaga aggcagagta tcagggcttg aaaataaagt acagcaatta     43620
     gacattaaaa caaacaataa aaacaacaac aacaacaaaa acaaaccaaa aacccataga     43680
     agaaacatgc aggaaatctg aggcacaatg aaaagacgaa acctgctctt gctctcttgc     43740
     cttcttgctc tacctctgtc ctctcactgc ttccctctct ctctacactc ccccccccac     43800
     ccccatgtgc tcacagctgg tctctactcc tctattctct ctgcctttct ctatctctac     43860
     caccctctca actcccctcc ccatgccctg aataaactct attctgttaa aaaaaaaaaa     43920
     aaaaaagacc aaatctttta attataagca tagaagaagg aggggaagaa ggaggaggaa     43980
     ggagaaagag aatcattatc atcatcatca tcatcgtcgt cgttgtcatc tcaggtcgat     44040
     ggcacagaca agatcttcaa caggatcaga gaagaaaact tcccctagtc aaggaaagac     44100
     atacaagaag ccaacaatac catagacagg aatagaaaag aaactctcta cagtatatta     44160
     tagtcaaaac tctaaatata gccgggcagt ggtggcacac gcctttaatc ccagcacttg     44220
     ggaggcagag gcaggaggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttcc     44280
     aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa accaaccaac caaccaacca     44340
     accaaaccaa aaaacctcta aatatacaga ataaagaaag agtattgagg gctggtgaga     44400
     tggctcagtg ggtaagagca cagactgctc ttccgaaggt ccggagttca aatcccagca     44460
     accacatggt ggctcacaac catctgtaac gagatctgac tctgtcttct ggagtgtctg     44520
     aagatagcta cagtgtactt acatataata agtaaataaa tctttacaaa aaaaaaaaga     44580
     aagaaagaaa gagtattgaa tactgcaaga gaaaaaccac aagtgcacat caaagaacat     44640
     gcactagact aacagctaat gtttcaatag aaactttaaa agctgcaaga gcctggagca     44700
     atgtgcctga aattctaaaa aagcacaaat gccaacctag agtactgtgc ccagaaaaac     44760
     tatcttccac agttgaagga aaaagaaaaa ctttccatga cacggtctaa aagaattcct     44820
     gcccaccaca ccagctctac agagaatact ggaaacaatc ctctagggtg aagaggggag     44880
     gaagcgtagc caagagacca gaggaaggag acaggaagca tgatcactga aacaccaaac     44940
     aggaccaaga acagaaacag cacaacaaca acaaaataat ggcagccaac acacacctgt     45000
     cagtaataac tttatatact agtggcccca actctccaat aaaaaaacta tagataaata     45060
     tagctctttt ccttaccaac aaagtttctt tttacaacat atgggaaaga tggaaactat     45120
     gacagaaacc tacaactgga gagatggctt aatggttaag agcactggct gttcttcctt     45180
     tggaccccag ttcaattccc agtgcccaca cagcagctta ccatggtcct taactccagt     45240
     cccaataaat cgagcagaac tctcttatgg cacacacaga aatgcaaaca aaccactcaa     45300
     acacaaagta aaaacaaacc tgttttttat ttttaaattt ttatttttca acattttact     45360
     tttatttacg catatgtatg tgttagcatg cacatgtact tgcctgtgaa tgccagaaga     45420
     gagcaccgaa tctccaggaa ctgagtccca ggcagttgtg agctgcctgc tgtgggttca     45480
     agaacggaac tcaggtcatc tgcaagagca cttaactact gagctacttt ttcagttcct     45540
     taaataaata tttaaaaaaa aaattttttt taattaaaaa agaaaaggaa ggaatggaaa     45600
     tctggtgggt gtagtggcac acgactttaa tcccagcaga gattaaagca gtgtttgaac     45660
     tcaggtaaat ctctgagttc aaagctatcg tggtttattc agtgagactc agtctcagaa     45720
     aacaaaacaa accaccaacc agataggtaa ataaatctac aactggtcga aatgcagaga     45780
     acaactgact gagttggtgc tcaacttctt ttaatacatc tacaatccaa ctcctacacc     45840
     caagactcaa ggaacctcac caaagagggg gcagagagac taagagctag acagccagga     45900
     tacctgctgc tagacagtat gttctagaca cgacagggaa gatataccca tgaaatccca     45960
     acaatatata gttgcctaaa caagacacgt gtgagtatgc ttggcccagg gagtggcact     46020
     atttggaggt gtggctttgt tggagtaggt gtggtcttgt tggaagaagt gcgttcctgt     46080
     aagggatgag ctttgagacc ctcctcctag ctgcctggaa acagtctgcc actggcttcc     46140
     attggatgaa gatgtagaac tcttagctcc tccaataagt accatggctg cctagattct     46200
     gccatgtttc tcgacatgat gataatggaa cctctgaacc tgtaagccag ccccagttaa     46260
     atgttgtcct ttataagagt tgccttggtc atggtgtctc ttcacagcag taaagctcta     46320
     acaaagacaa catgcgtaat gacaacagaa gctgacatgt tagatggggg aaatctcata     46380
     agacccacat tagatgaaga gctactggaa atcaatggct gctgagggag gaacactcag     46440
     ttttttctag ggacaaactc cctgagaagt tacttaatcc aaaataatca gccctaaaca     46500
     catatacata aagacaacac taaatggact aaccaggctg tgtgtgtata tttatagata     46560
     taagagatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta ttattataga agagaacata     46620
     aattttagga gttgtgagaa gatacatgag ctagagggag aagaggagca agtagacaga     46680
     tacaatacta gggtatgaaa ttcttataaa tttaaatatt taagttaaaa gcacacaaaa     46740
     tctttgttca tattgtttac agttttctta gctatagttg gacctgggag ctttaaagaa     46800
     tatcaataca tggcctcaat ccaaaagatc attttaattg tttggggcag ggcttaagcg     46860
     tttttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgttttttt aaagctcttt gggtaattct     46920
     taaccagggc taagaagcac tggtcttcaa cagtgacccc ttcctccaat aaggaaagag     46980
     acacagaaaa ttgaactagg ttcatgcacc tgaatgtgta tagggctaag accactgttt     47040
     agacaccaag cccagattct gaaagatatt ctaggatact gggctacatt ccatacatct     47100
     ataagaaaca caattatatg atgacttggc tcttaagttc tgtcaggctt aaagcctgaa     47160
     ttaatctaat catgaaacca ttgacttaaa catcctccca agtatctagg ataatggatg     47220
     ttggtttcac tgctgtctcc tgggggccct taaggaagca aaggatctcg agagacagcc     47280
     tgagaagcca aataaacaaa ccacggaaca agcctttaaa aaaaaaaaac ctagctcaca     47340
     gattattcct acacaaatga aaatgtgggc atcttgctac aaggagaaat agtttcagaa     47400
     gctgccttcc ttcctacata agcaaaatag gggagtgaag gtcaaaggca gctgttaagg     47460
     tatacccata gatcttcatt ctaacaggaa atacacttgc ttctccttgg ccctggataa     47520
     ggtcaaccac acccctcata acagacccac ccttttgctg ggtcattctt gggctctggc     47580
     agcaggtggg aagtagactt tcggggcctg ccaagttgga aatctgagtc tgccctatgt     47640
     gctcattgta ttcattccag gttcttgata cagataactg ctaggacaga gcaatcccca     47700
     cagacagatc ttgttaatta cagactccca accagcaggg agctttctaa catagggttt     47760
     atctaaagca actccagtgc cagatgcaca cccttctgcc ttcccctctt gaaggacgca     47820
     gctcaagaca ttagggaagc tactgttggc aaggcctggt atggagcttg gaagagctcc     47880
     gggttcctac cagctaaagg cagaatccct gaaaacaatc cgttcctttc tacagtctga     47940
     atggacaaac aaggacaaac aacagccctg aagtactttg tgttcatacc tgccagttac     48000
     tgagtgcttt cccaatgtca ggtaccagaa tcagcacttt atccattcat tattttattt     48060
     tattttattt tattttattt attttttttt ttaaaggata tctttttttt tttaaagatt     48120
     tatttattat tatatgtaag tacactgttg ctgtcttcag acacaccaga aaagggagtc     48180
     agatcatgtt acagatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggatttga actctggacc     48240
     ttcggaagag cagtcgggtg ctcttaccca ctgagccatc tcaccagccc ccttatttta     48300
     ttttttaagg atttatttat ttatttaatg tatatgagta cactgtagct gtacagatgg     48360
     ttgtgagcct tcatgtgtgt tgggaattga attttaggac ctctgttcac tctggtcgac     48420
     cccacttact cagtctctgt tttatttatt cgagcccaaa gatttattta ttattataaa     48480
     taggtacact gtagctgact tcagacactc cagaagaggg catcagatct cactacgagt     48540
     ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaactcag gacttcggta gagcagtcag     48600
     tgctcttacc cactgagcca tcttgccagc ccccattcat tattttatgt tatattctga     48660
     cacttgtaag ctaagcattg tccccctgac agataaagat gctgaggcac agcttagctt     48720
     tgtaatttga cagaggccac acagttagca agcagcagag gaaggatttg aacattagca     48780
     ttctgcatcc agatcttgga caagtctcta ttaacaattt ttcctgtttg atgccaactg     48840
     atcactaatt cttttttata ttttcaggtt tggtttcggt ggcagtttgg atgaaaatgg     48900
     cccctacgga ctcatatatt tgaatacttg gtccctgttg gtggaacctt gggaaagatc     48960
     atgaggtatg gccttgtgga agaggtatgt cattggggct tgagggttgc aaaagtcgac     49020
     accattccca gtaagctctt tctgcctctt ggttgtgact caggatgtga gctctcagct     49080
     gctgatctag tatcatgcct gcctgcctgc tgccatgctc cctgcggtga tggccacaga     49140
     ctctaaccct ctgaaactgt aagacccaaa taaactcttt tataagttgc cttgctcatg     49200
     gtgtcctatc acaacaacag aaaagtatct aagacatttc taaagtctac tacaaatttc     49260
     atgatcagca aattttgaaa gcagaaaagc agtatttaaa actttgacta ctgggctggt     49320
     gagatggctc agtgggtaag agcaccccac tgctcttcca aaggtctgga gttcaaatcc     49380
     cagcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatcc ataatgagat ctgactccct cttctggagt     49440
     gtctgaagac agctacagtg tacttacata taatcaataa ataaatcttt aaaaaaaaaa     49500
     aacaaacttt gactactatt acaaagaaca taccaacacc taccaggggt tgctggaaaa     49560
     gcaatctacc tgtgggatgt ctaaggtatt aagctacatt ctggtccaca ccggttcaga     49620
     ccatctcaac acagtgactt taaagcagca gcgccttcta aggctgaaga ctgtcaggag     49680
     gagctctgct ccaccccagc ttctggactg aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac     49740
     aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaaa caataatctg atttctctgt gctctcagcc aagttttaga     49800
     gattaatgta cagttcttat aattttttta aaaagtactc aattttcttt cttgatactg     49860
     gatatcaaaa ttaggctctc gtgcttaaca aggactctac caggctcatt ccctttgttt     49920
     gtttgttcct ttgtttttgt tttgttgctg ttttcaatac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc     49980
     tggtcatcct agaatcattc tgcagagact ggctttgaac tcacagagat ttgtctgcct     50040
     ctgcttcctg agtgcaggga ctaaaggcat gctctccact atgctcagca ggccattcac     50100
     ttttaaccat gaactgaaac ccaaggtata aaaatgtaga agcaccataa ggataaaact     50160
     gtcacttcta acaaactgtt ttaaacaaat gctacttctt gaaaaaaaat tatcacaatt     50220
     atgatttagt aagaagctaa cagtacttca aaatcttaaa ttataattag aattaggaag     50280
     caatttcata aagtttatta tgatctactt actattttcc ttatcctaat ttattggatt     50340
     tataagactc tcagccatca tactgatcat tcccccaagt gacagctatt tccctaaaag     50400
     ttgaaacagc atcttcccta agatatacaa aatatatacc aaaaggtctt aatgagtcac     50460
     cagatgaagt ataaagaatg gttgtattag actacagact atgggcatta ggtggtaaaa     50520
     tgacagtcaa agcttggggg aagccactcc acacttagga agttaatata cctaaaaact     50580
     tatgagcgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tagatagtga     50640
     acatatggag gtcagaagac aactctgtag agtcagtctc tcctttcacc attatatgtg     50700
     atccagggat caaactcaga tcattatctt tgcagcaaga gcttttaccc actaagtcat     50760
     cttatcggcc ccagaaaact aatctatttt tttaagaatt atttatttat tttatgtata     50820
     tgagtacact ttagctattt tcagatatac cagaagacag gcatcagatc tcattacaga     50880
     tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga gttgaactca agacctttgg aagagcagtc     50940
     tgtgctctta accactgagc catctctcca gcccccagaa aactaatctt aatttactat     51000
     attaagtctc ttggaaagac aaaaagtaac acctacacat aacgagttag gaaggctaac     51060
     agctctatac tacacagccc catattaggt ttaatagcat agcgttctca gtactgtaat     51120
     taatgtttac atggaatgca actccgcctg caaagaaggc acatttcctt cagagtgcac     51180
     ccctacagct agcaacaata aatatttact ttggactaat aacatgtcga actctttctg     51240
     gtgttataag aaacagaact tttccaaaag agaataacat tctctgggtg ggaggcaaag     51300
     gatcaaacct agagcatggg ctctactact gagttatata cccagttcaa agcaattcac     51360
     ttttctattt aatatatcct ccatatgcta attaatttta tatgaataaa tatgaaagga     51420
     aagtaatgac aaaattattg gctactgtta taaatacaat gaaattaagc actatatcta     51480
     aagttttatt gttttttgtt tttgtttttg tctttgtttt tttcctttaa gaaagtaaac     51540
     cctggcgggg gcagcactaa cacatacctt taatcccagc agatctgagt tccaggccag     51600
     cctggtctac aaagcaagtc ctagtacagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcaga     51660
     aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaaacaaaaa caaaaagccc tgaaacctat aaatatgtgc     51720
     tctcaatctg ggtaagcttt tgtgtgctgt tctcaagtag cctgactctt aaaaggaaca     51780
     aggaaatttc tcagcgtagg taacaccttt tctgcattaa acctatagta ttattaatct     51840
     gtggacctac gagggccctt cccctcccta gtgcaccctt ctgagatggt ctcatgtagt     51900
     ctaggttggc ctcaaacttg ctatataggc aagaatacct taaactcttg atcctcctga     51960
     gcccttcctg aggaaccatt tcctttcttc ttgcttatcg aggctcctca ccctccccac     52020
     aaaacccagc aaacaacaaa caaccaaaca aaacaaaacc ttctctttcc tactgtcttc     52080
     acttcttgcc tgggtttggc catccatcat tatcagtcaa gcagagagac aggccctgct     52140
     ccccgctcct gggaagctca catgtgatac gacctggagt tattatttgc atagccatat     52200
     caccagactc caagttttag caaaggcttt gtgcttctag aagctaccag catctgtcat     52260
     gcagcactca ccaaaaatgt ttgttgtatg agtagatcat tttagcaagc tctttttaaa     52320
     atccataaat attttagtat gaatcttcaa gatggactca tcatctttgc ttttaaaaca     52380
     caaagggaat atgtctacaa tgtaaaaata atacacaaac atacaaaggt ataaatttta     52440
     aaactcaatt ctcgaggctc ctacatccca ttttttgaaa tgactattat ggcattatat     52500
     atctatttcc agaactgatt catgccagta acacacataa tctgtttgtc tgtctgtccc     52560
     cctctgtcct tcccaacctc tctggaacaa attcattgac atttcctgac tagcttttca     52620
     acattcttgt ctagtggctc tcaaagtgtt gcattcagac taggagagcc cccacaatct     52680
     ggtagtggat tagatctgtc agttctcagg cccctcttaa gacctctact gaatcagaaa     52740
     ctctggagag aagccaagca atgtgccaat aagaagctgt ctagttggct gatgtacagt     52800
     aaaggttaag aactattata ttgtttttga tagaaattgc accaggtttt ttccttctgt     52860
     tcttcccccc tctagccagg gcagacactg ttacatcgtc tcagtttcat tacccaaact     52920
     tcaaaatgct tccattgccc tttcaattct gtcactaaca atctgtcaag ctctaaaaaa     52980
     cctaaatctt ccccaaagtg gtctcactgc tgttgtgcat actcctcctc ctgacctctt     53040
     cctaactccc atgccacaca caatccctcg accatctacc ctgacagtat ctacacacca     53100
     tcttcagtgg tcaagaaaag ttatcctctc cctaatagat cagatgctcc ttagtatctc     53160
     ctctactcct tgatctaaac acatacctgg tattttaaga gttgctggtt tatatcttca     53220
     cacacagaag aaacattggt aacttaagga aggaaggaat gaaggaagga aggaaggaag     53280
     ggagggaggg agggagggag ggagggaggg agggaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag     53340
     gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaagttagga aggaaggagt tagtttctgg caataatctt     53400
     caaggcctct cacacacact gtcaacttct ttaccactga gctcctcgct tagcccaggc     53460
     aaattctcaa agaataaaaa gtctggaatg ccaagctgaa accctagttc tatgatctta     53520
     gacaagttta gttctcagga agctatctac caaagtgagg agattagacc actgtttgct     53580
     ttcagattta atataatgtt atggtgtttt ccagactggt tgtggaggca caggcctata     53640
     aacccagcac ttagagagag aggaaggaag atcaggattt tcaggccagc ccaggacaca     53700
     gagactctgt ctaaaaaaag gagaaaaaaa aaaatcccac attggaatca ttccttatac     53760
     tatcactttg ctttgcttat aatctaatgt ggcagttttc agatatgtac agttaaacaa     53820
     tgctcactag ttagctagga aactgcttga aaaggaaccc tgttttattc gattctgaac     53880
     tttccacaat actcattacc atgccttata cacaataata gttcactgta atatcaggaa     53940
     aacattcaaa ataactcttt aagaagcttt attaaagggg gctggagaga tggctcagca     54000
     gttaagagca ctgactgctc ttccagaggt cctgagttca attcccagca accgcatggt     54060
     ggctcacaac catttataat agggatccga agccctcttc tggtgtgtct gaagagagtg     54120
     acagtgtact cacatacata aaataaataa taattttttt aaaagaagct ttattagggc     54180
     ctttcagtgg ggaaagatgc ttgcctggaa ccctgaattc agtctccaaa acccatagaa     54240
     aggtgaatgg ttagaactga ctccacaaaa ttgtactctg atttccacat gcacagcata     54300
     gcatctgtgg tcccaccaat aattaaataa aaaaaaattt taagaaactt tattaagtca     54360
     gatgtggtgg tacatgaaat cctagtatcc tggaggttga ggtcaaaaga tcatgagttt     54420
     gaggatagac tggcctataa agcaaggctc tgctaataat aataataata ataataataa     54480
     tatagagctg gcataatggc tcagctggta aaggcacttt cccccaatcc taatgatctc     54540
     aatttaggat cctcatagta aaagaactga ctgtttcaaa attgtcctct gacctctaaa     54600
     agagtcctaa tacgtgcatg ttacaaatac tacatattga tagacaataa aaactatgat     54660
     cactcagctg tcacctgggc taataagcca cacaaagtaa aagaatgaga aactgaatct     54720
     cacatgaatt tcaagtgcag actaaaatgt cataagcctc aggcactcct actgccacat     54780
     aaaaataaaa actcccatgt aggctaaaga agcatatacc tgctccacta tcggggagac     54840
     ttctagatgc aagaccatca tctgcaaact ttcaaaaaca aaagggtgga ctaaggctga     54900
     tacaggataa tctgaagaga aatataaagg gagggacagc aaagagaaac tggagggcaa     54960
     gaggaccaac agaatagcaa tagaacatta attacccttt gagtaacggc aaggaacagc     55020
     tggaactcag tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttggcca accaggaccc aggcatttgg     55080
     gggtgcaaag actgcgcctg acctggccgg ggatgggggt ggggttgggg gggatcttac     55140
     tgaggataag acccgggcct gcagcctgct atgtattatt taattctagt taggaaaatt     55200
     aagcagggaa gatgaaaatt ttgtggagcc tttgaagtgt ggaggaggat ttgctaaggg     55260
     aggaaaaggc agtttgtgct agttattttg ggggcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atcaacacat     55320
     ttttatagct gttcatttgg aactcaaatc aaaggaggtg tcttagattc ttcaccaccg     55380
     tgtcaacgct ttctcgtttt atcttaaagc ctgaaaatgc tcaagaccag ctttggagca     55440
     gagccagaaa gtcccaaaaa gaggtgatac tggctaaatc tgctctgtca cctccacaag     55500
     tccagccagc ccagccagcc tagtcctgac agctagaaaa gaaatgctaa ttataccttg     55560
     gggggctggg ggggggacac cctgggggag gggagtgggg ttgacgcagg agaggcttac     55620
     tgtgttctac cagggagcca caggggagag cctctcagct taagccatga ggctccaagt     55680
     ctacctgtga catgcaggag agctctgcag ggggaaaaaa cggcttcgag aaaaagaagg     55740
     gagaaagcac tggataggga agcagcgagg tacaaaggtg aaccgatctt aataaaacct     55800
     ttagcaagat ccctggcaca aagcgagtat ttgggaggga gccagttcac gttaacatcg     55860
     cgattgttat cacaacagca tttccaccgt actgaccaga agataattct attcgtagcc     55920
     cacttttacg acctttaaaa gcaactctag ataaatgaca agtgtattcc ccaccgcccc     55980
     aaatttaaag atacaaggtc aaaccccacc agctctggct gtgaaagccc caccgcctct     56040
     gagttaagag agctggccgt gtcacttgtc agttgcatga ccttggacgc gacatttcac     56100
     ctctccgtgc ctcagtttct ttggctacaa agtgggcttt agacaaaccg tggtcctgtg     56160
     gtcccaggag agaagagtgc ctctgtggct ttgggaagaa acccacagaa ggcgagtcca     56220
     ggcccctgtc aaaactctct gggctgtgag gggcaacggg gtaggtggat gctcagctct     56280
     aggagctccg tgctccgccg tgagaggcgg agaacgggtg acagcctcag ggggttccag     56340
     cgacggaggg tgcagacctc tgtagcgacg ccggacccca acaggtcaca cgctgccctc     56400
     cgccgactag gtaccggcag gggcgcggga ggccgggctg aacgcgatag gctcgggggg     56460
     ctcagagaag gccgaccgcg aggacccggg gctggtcgcg tggccatcgg tccgcagcgc     56520
     acagaggagc gacacccggg cgggcgtacc gcgcggcgcg ccctccgccc gctgtggtag     56580
     aggcgctcac tcacctgaag cgctagcgcg gggccgtcaa tctacagcag cagcggcagc     56640
     agcagcagca gcagcagcag cagcagcaag gagggggggc gctgcgcagc gcaggcgcgc     56700
     tgaggatgcc gggggtttac gcatgcgcaa cgcgcctgct tacgctagga actacagaca     56760
     aaatggtggt caggcctaca gagtctctag cagcgccatc ttggctgtag tttttcttct     56820
     tgcggtgtcc cggaggctgt tgctcagaac tgccaggagg ggatgtgaaa tgttttctct     56880
     gcacacctac ctctccctca tggttgaatt attagtaagc tcttatgggc catgacatac     56940
     ttgttttaac aaggtttaaa gctacactca agatcatctg gcactcctga gcctcaggga     57000
     ttcgatttcc aggaatcaaa ttcctagtcc tcttccatct tttacaaatg gcagccatat     57060
     tatttccttc ttgagtagaa caagagagtt ggttacttca cacaaaacaa acaaaaaacg     57120
     actgaacata ttattgactc aacaattaaa gattttcatt gttaattgtg catatacgag     57180
     catctgtgca gggcagtgat gttcatataa atgtagcaga ttcctactaa agacagctgc     57240
     agaatgttga aatgggagat tacagacatg aattccagtc ctctctacga acagtgcaca     57300
     tctaaacact aagtcatctc tccagactag aatcaaaacg ttgcctgcat gtgctggcaa     57360
     cttttatgtc aatttgaaat aaagtaattt gggaagagaa tctcagttga gaaaaggccc     57420
     ctagtaaatt ggactgtgta gtgtattttc ttagtaatga ctgataatgg gagcacccag     57480
     cctactatgg gtaggtggcc ctggagggga taacaaagca agctgaacaa gccatgagag     57540
     aagctgggaa acagcactcc tctatggcac aagggtcacc atacctttgg gagctgactc     57600
     tttcacaggg cttacatatc agatatttat atttgattca taacactagc aaattagtta     57660
     taaaggaaca acagataatt gtgtgtctgg ggctcacctc aacatgagca acttatgtta     57720
     ttaaagggtt gtagcattag gtaggttggc ctattatcag tttctgccat cttccttcag     57780
     tgaactgtct acctagaagg gtaaaattaa acaaacccag gccaggccca agccaatctg     57840
     aatgaaggca aaactagtat tgaaggcatt ttattacatg atttatattt tttttttttt     57900
     aagatttatt tattacatgt aagtacactg tagctgtctt cagacacacc agaagagggc     57960
     gtcagatctc gttacagatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgctgggatt tgaactctgg     58020
     accttcggaa gagcagtcgg gtgctcttac ccactgagcc atctcaccag cccccacatg     58080
     atttatattt aactgttaac aaagcactga actgcaagtt taccctcagt acatattact     58140
     ggctaaatta ggaaacattg ccaatgttct ataaatgaca caaaaaacaa agcctctctc     58200
     ataaagctgt gaataagcat aaaccatgct tggagctcag taccactgag acaggccaac     58260
     acaaaccact ggcctagcag ctgctgtgta gcccagagcc tgcaactcct gactctagct     58320
     tctacttctt tagtgctgag gtccaagttt tcatgctttg ttttttaaac gttctagtca     58380
     tttttaagtt gaagacatca aacacatttt ccatcttcaa gtttgaacac ttataaacaa     58440
     atgtgatcgg atgtaagaaa atggaggaag gcacagtcac ctttgaggat gactgagcaa     58500
     agtgagatga agacatgttc caaagtctat ctgctcttga aacaacagtc agtaataaca     58560
     tctttgattc tcaaatacag gctttcttgg aagctgtctg gtttccttct tcgttctact     58620
     ctggacagta tcattctatc tttgataact aggtgttaac tgtctgggct tttctatgac     58680
     caccccaatt tccaaataat gacatggagg cataattatt tatttaacca acttaatcca     58740
     ctttatcttt ttgtatagaa agacttatgt gtagccacag ctggagcctg ggtcctctga     58800
     acagatctgg tgtgggtttt cacaaggtga tcagtgaatt cctgataagg agacttgttg     58860
     aacagtttct ttccagaggt caggggtcaa gtagctgtag gtcatggagg gggcatcaaa     58920
     gatggccttg acagagttgc ccaagctggc agcgcagccc ctggctgaag tgcagcagtc     58980
     atctatattg gccaccatca ggggcttctt cagcacagtg cagagacact gctattgcct     59040
     ctgagggcag ggatgagacg caccagcaca gagccacagc agcctgtcac ctagcatgga     59100
     acagtataca gcttgcaaac actgttgccc caatagcctc tctgcacagg ggtgatggag     59160
     agcttggcca aaacgatggt ccctcagatg gcagtggcta cctccttgga tcacctaaag     59220
     ccaacaccaa tgtcacgtga ccactgtagt ctccaatagt gacaaaaacc ttgagtctgg     59280
     tccgttggcc agcagagtct gcgtctgcac tggcaggatc ttcagaactt catcctttag     59340
     ggatgcgccc aggaaagagt caataatctt ggattcctta atgggcaggg agaacaggca     59400
     gatctccaag gacttgatct tcaagttctt aaccaggcgg ccctgcttgg tgatggggat     59460
     ccgttccttg tcttcaactt tacctccatg atcctcaagg tctcacagaa gccactgcag     59520
     cctctaatcc tgagcccctg ggttttcccc aagaagcagc tatagtgatg cttttggcct     59580
     cagcttaggc tagttcccca gctagctctt aacttatatt agcccattta tactattcta     59640
     cgtctgccag atggctggtc acctctcctc agtttgggtg aggttgacac tttgggtggc     59700
     aactctcctg tacctgactc cttcccagag ttcctctttc tggatgtact acgttagtat     59760
     ccagccttct gctacaggct acaggctttt tatcttaacc agtcacaagg tgctttttag     59820
     gaaggcaagg aagggcagag acacactgtc acatagtgta cacttcaaca actaggcaaa     59880
     acttgtaagt ttatttctaa tccagacttt atgtatctgc ttgagttctc catgtggtat     59940
     tccatatgag atagtagctt tcccacctca ttaactacag tatactcatt ttattaagtc     60000
     ttcaacaaca aactataaca ttgttctagg cttttactct ttaaacaaat cctcacagtg     60060
     tccttacgac atagattcta acatccatct aatgttcgag ataagaggtt aaataactct     60120
     atctcagccc caggaaatga caacacacgg tttttaaata acacgccatt cactaacaga     60180
     acttaaaaaa aatattaaaa accccaaaat atggggacta aaggtgcagc ttcttgaggg     60240
     tgcttcccta gcacccacaa agctctgggg tcaattctta gggaggcagg ggtaattccc     60300
     aaaggaaaaa attaaattgg cacagccttt tcttgtcatg aatttagatt ccaggaagtc     60360
     aattcaatat taaaaactaa agcactctac agagattagg acacttcaga aaatgggcat     60420
     gctgtaaagt gtccacacat acccgttatg tgacaacatc ctataatcca ccttcagtcc     60480
     cacactcaca aactttagcg tcagtctttt atggcaacaa cccaccttgg cctctaaaac     60540
     atttccttga ggttggtttt agatgtctct ggattatttt atgggatgaa aagcgctgac     60600
     catgaggatg ttaggagcaa cggacgactg gttctgaagg ccattttgag catcgtgcac     60660
     atcccgacaa aaagtgtcct taacacactc ttctggatac atacatgctg tcactcggca     60720
     acagtgaagt gctgtagagc tgggacattc cagctgactg ctgtgaggta gggtccctga     60780
     caggatcctc atcactgcgt ggaaggtgag ctctggaggg ggagcttgag cagtttccga     60840
     gcaggtgaag agtctaattg gtccatactt ctcttctctg cagaggcaag aggccaaaag     60900
     atacatttca ttaaattcat acaaaatgta ttggacagtg tgccagacag tgaagggtag     60960
     taaatgacac atgaagtctt tgtcctcaag gagatggcag tctagcagga aagctagcac     61020
     ggtgtgacaa ataagacagt ggctggagga accactgtcc catagccagg aaagctatag     61080
     gagagcatcc acagcttgac ttcatgtatc cttgaaaact aaagctatca aaaaacactg     61140
     ggtagcttca tggagtgcat ctatggaatc tacatcgagg catttcctgt catcaatatt     61200
     tgacttccta cgggaagtat aacaagtcta aggacttctg tctggaaagg cagtttgcat     61260
     ctcaaaggtt atctatccat cagatagagc caaccctcag ccgtggtccc ctcaaaggat     61320
     gcacttactg agctgtactg acaccttctg gaggtactga gtactctcat ccatgagggc     61380
     ttgcagctgc ttcactgatc cttggagctc atccatctgc agaggaaagg tcagcatgag     61440
     cagcagtact ctctgactcc ccgcactacc aaacaagctc ctgttttggg gcttgtttca     61500
     gcctcaaatg cttatgccag acattctctc ttggcaccgc tgaaacatac cccacacgtc     61560
     tccaccctgc tctgcacccc aggacactga cccccaaacc tctacccaca agatgccagg     61620
     ccctctagtt ttgtttgact gtaagggcaa agaagctgct agccactgta tgcaaagcag     61680
     caggcctgct cctcctgtat tctctactcc ttctactctc ttgttagtat ctaacatcat     61740
     atatttactt taaaattttc ccggttttcc caaggaagag aggttaatat ccatttttta     61800
     aacctccaaa gctcacctgc atttggagta tccctgaggg ctacacttta aaaggtttgg     61860
     ttgctgctac ttaagtgtta ccacggtgag ggatgggcct ttagagggag tctaggatct     61920
     gtggagtctg accttgaagt gactattagt tccttccctc tttttcttac ccatcaccac     61980
     gaagggagta atgtcctctg tcacatgttc ccaacacaat ctactgcatg accacaggtc     62040
     caaatcaaca ggatttaagc aaccatggac tataactagc aaccaaaata atccattcct     62100
     tcttataagt cacttctggt cttgtcacaa tgtcacaagg ctaaaaaaga tgacgagtct     62160
     agaaagcaag gtaatcaacc taagaagcct gaagcgcctt accactaact ccacgtaggc     62220
     aaagacttgg ttctgatctt gtactattct ctggtagtct ggcttcgtgc taagaacttc     62280
     cttctgggaa gacctgaggt aggctgcagg atccaccttg acttcagtga ttctggtttc     62340
     agttgatcct ctaaaaacaa aacaaaaata aaagcctttt cctggaactt acaatcattt     62400
     cctggaaaca acataagaga gcctttgaga ggcaaaccct gttcccctca aaaatcatgt     62460
     tcctcatagc ctctttacat cacatctgta attaggagct cacctaacat tcttttaaaa     62520
     atttgtttta tggacatgag tacactgtag ctgttttcag acaccccagg aggcggcatc     62580
     tgatcccatt ttagatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggaattga actcaggacc     62640
     actggttctt aacagctgag ccatctctcc ggccctctca cctttgcagt tgagatttag     62700
     ctggggagaa gcagctttca aatgacagct gaaaggtgtg tggcgctgca cttgtaactc     62760
     cagcattagg aagccgagac aggacgactg tgaatttgag gagctgagac tacccatgac     62820
     tgccttggga gaccgtattt taaatgatga acaaaactag ttcagaagct aaatagacaa     62880
     aaatctagtg ctttcccacc tccctcaact taactaccaa agatggcctc tcacaccttc     62940
     tacctcccgg gccacttccc tcatggctgt ctgttttcat taaggcctta accaagggac     63000
     tctcctagct acagctcaaa aaccatgtgc tcactaagga atcctgaaga ccattgttgg     63060
     cacagaacca ggtgaacagg tgcaagacgg ctatgtgccc gtctccctga agaatctgag     63120
     tggtgaccaa aaacacgacc tgaaagcagt tctgtttggg tccctccctt tccaccaaga     63180
     acacagacac tttaagttga ctgaagtatg aaaacagatt caacactcaa tctgtacgaa     63240
     tggatttgaa agaaattcaa atcaaactcc acagggtaaa aagacagcgg ctcctttcca     63300
     gttcccggat ctaacctggg catctcttca ggtggaacct cgttctggta ctgcagtaag     63360
     agccgatccc aggcctgacg ctctaaagaa aacctgtgga attcgagaag ggaaattcgg     63420
     ttaactttcg gtcacatttg taatcattca gggcagcagt aagtacttta ggcacataat     63480
     ctggttataa aattcattaa aaggtcgtta aaggattaga aagctcaact gattcagagg     63540
     atattaattt aatcaagtaa tacacaagct gttaaaatca aattaacacc cttatttcct     63600
     agactccacc ctatcaaact gtccatcagg gctggtgata agccttgtca cttctaaagc     63660
     agacacacaa gtgctgccca ccatgtgcac caggcatgct ctccaggctc ggtcatttcc     63720
     tttccactta ctttgttata tattctttca cctcagctac tgatgcttcc agtgaaaaat     63780
     ctgctgcttt tctggaatat agatgatatt ttgagattaa tatgaattct ctatcaatca     63840
     ctcgcttttc atgagttaca taattttagt agcactaaaa tatattcata gttttttatt     63900
     gttcagaaaa tgttcgatgg gcagtggtgg cgcacgcctt taatcccagc actcgagagg     63960
     cagaggcaag aggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac     64020
     agccaggact gcagagaaac cctgtctcaa aaaaccaaag aaaatgttct tgggggaggg     64080
     gggaataata caatatctac tctgcactca aaatagctaa atagttttta aatctgtttt     64140
     tttcaccaat tcccattcaa atcatggaga ttaatctttc tcaaaatagt tctttactct     64200
     tccttcctaa ctttaaaagt ccatgactac tgcaaagaga attaaaggca aacctattaa     64260
     cttggttttt aagactgtgt tccggttcct cacaatgtag caatctctca tggctcagct     64320
     caattagatg atgatctcta acaggaaaga agcaggactg aaactgccga actgtggaag     64380
     acatacgcgg cttagacagg gtaactcctg tctgtctacc aaggcatgtg cacagggtct     64440
     ctagcaagga ggcagcagcc tgtgcttatt atctacataa agagatgttg ttgggctaaa     64500
     atatctcatg tctgattaga aatgtcactc tcaagaactt gtggaagggg gatcttgcag     64560
     gaattccaaa ttcagatcca gtgcgtgatt tgttccaggg tggagttaga agttgtgaca     64620
     gcagcctcac ccttgaagga ctaccaaggg gatggtaccc tattaacata aactctactt     64680
     attattacta atgtttatgt gtgcacatgc acacgtgtac gtgtgcacat gatacagtgt     64740
     atgtagaagt aagacgtcaa ctttcaacga taaattaatt tccttccaca agggaggcat     64800
     agttaaaaat gaggtcaaca gcttgtgcaa tgagagcgct ttcctatccc cactgagcca     64860
     tcctgccagc ccattctgct aatattcttg cttgcaaaga gcattagaat atgagctacc     64920
     ctctgcatgg caatcagaga cctgaggaat ggtcccctca atctttccac agctgtcact     64980
     tttcactccc caggtctttt gtgtttcagt cctagagtga aatcattagg gtcctctttc     65040
     aaccctctgt cattatccta cctgctgact tcctggagta tcactagctg agactgaatt     65100
     ttctgtgtta tttcctctaa tacaaatatg acaaaaggac ttgacttctt atctctatat     65160
     ctccttcctc atcatctaga agagcctggt acaagccaag catggcagtt tatacctcta     65220
     atcccaacac gtgggatgta gatgtagaag gattacctaa atgttaaggc cagtctagac     65280
     tacagagacc cgatctcagg aaagcaaaaa taaaaaatta cagagcatgg tggaacatgg     65340
     gtgctggaca aacttatgta agcaatgggt taactataat caagctgtaa ctcagttata     65400
     cttaaggaca gaaggggaac tgctcttact cttttgaatc ttcaacaaaa catttttgca     65460
     gtgttccatc atttcccagc ctgtctgtaa aatgtttcaa ttcttcagag agagaagatg     65520
     ctagagaaaa taaatttatg ttataaaata gaaaggccac aaatgttcac aacaaacaga     65580
     tgacaaagat attaaggggt ttcctagtct agggtctctg atcccattct ggccctcttt     65640
     cagacaaaac agtcacgtaa gtatgcaaag actttatttg gggggttgga agtttagctc     65700
     catggcggag aactttccta gcaagttcaa ggtcttgggt gtggcaccca gcaccaggca     65760
     tggttatgat ggattaatta gtaatggccc catgggctcc tatgtttgaa tatctggtcc     65820
     atgttggtgg aacatttttg gaatgattgg ggggctgtgg tcttgttgaa ggaggtgtgt     65880
     ctgtgagggt gggttttgag ggccatgatg ttttatcaca gtaatagaaa agtaactata     65940
     tgtgcatggc gggtgggagg gggcagggga gacacaaata caaaaaaaaa ctatcctttt     66000
     ctctgggtag agagctaaat gggcggcaac tgtattaagt gtttttaata ctctactcat     66060
     gaagaagcag ttaaacataa gatagctata caattttact ttttccaaaa atgtgaatgc     66120
     tatcactgta gagaaagcat cacagaagtc aggcaacagt gaagaatgta gtgataagga     66180
     gcaattttta atgaggtgga gagcctggtt ttaacatcat ggctgtctcc aaaggaagga     66240
     atggaaaggt cagagacctg tctaacttag caactcacct ttcgctctaa aacattcaag     66300
     gctgaagtcc ttagtgttct ttaagaaagg ttcaagtttt tcaacagaga actaagtatt     66360
     aaaaaaaaaa aaagcacttt tagtaaaacc aaagtctccc aagtaagctc tctgtggctt     66420
     catgctacta tgaactttat gataaaaact acagagccgg ggcggggggc aggggggggg     66480
     ggccgcgagt gcacgccttt aatcccaccg cttgggaggc agaggcaggg ctatacagag     66540
     aaaccctgtc tcgaaaaacc aaaaccaaaa acaaactaca gcacctaact ttttcatcca     66600
     acactgttta tacagataag tatatcaaga aaaattctct gttgctcact ctatatagtt     66660
     ttaaaatata tttatataca attgttttta tttacatatt acatacttgt atgtttatac     66720
     acatacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acgtatgata     66780
     tacttttttg tttgtttgtt tcttggagac agggtttctt tgtgtagccc aggctgtcct     66840
     tgaactcaga tccacctgta aggcatgcac caccacacct gacttatgtt ttgattttta     66900
     acttagggaa aacaatggtc atttaattca cacaaatcac ttgctcaccc aaacagtcca     66960
     aagcaccaat gccagaaaac aacttaaaaa acactggtct accatgtagc tagccttcaa     67020
     atgtctacag caatagatct tgacctctca ctctgaattc ccaccacttg ctgccaatga     67080
     ggaaatggta ctggggagcc tctcagctgc tccgctggca gcagcagagc tcagtgcaaa     67140
     ggccactcag ctgcccagga gagaactgcc agcgcgggaa ggcatcttat cccaggttca     67200
     tcactcagtc tgacatctct ctgaagttgt gacaattaca gacaacacca aatgaaaaca     67260
     cttaatgatc cctgaaactc ttacctggaa gctggagagc aggagggcgc ccagccgttg     67320
     gctctgggct aacttcacac tgatggacct gcagagctct gacatagaac agcacgttta     67380
     ctgatcatca aagttagtca gcaaaacaag actgaaaaat ctccctctcc atgtaaccca     67440
     gcttaaggca agctgccttc tgagtaagaa cagaattcta atttttccag gctcactgag     67500
     gaatgaagtt cacactttca tgtacccaaa ttttcaagtc ttttcaagta ttacattaaa     67560
     atcttattta acaaagtggt tgacaatatc gtagtgaaac ctattgcttt gaatgtcaat     67620
     taaaaaacaa agtagagccg ggcatggtgg cgcacgcctt tattctcagc acttgggagg     67680
     cagaggcagg cggatttctg agtttgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac     67740
     agtcagggct acacagagaa accttgtctc gaaaaaccac aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacaaaa     67800
     acaaaaaccc aaagtagata aaaataattt aggccaatgg tggtggtgca cgcctttaat     67860
     cccagcactt gagaggcaga ggcaggtgga tctctgtgaa ttcaaggcca gccttatcta     67920
     aagagcaagt tctaggacag ggctacacag agaaaccttt tcttagaagg catttgtata     67980
     gcaggcacgg caatgtgctt taatacataa tccaaaagag ctattttctg gggttggggc     68040
     tgttgctcaa tggttgaaac ctcgccttga ttgtacgtag actgaatctg accctcagca     68100
     ctgaaaagta aaaaccattt catataaaca acataagttc cactttacaa ttgaagaaat     68160
     tcaatcaagt aaggaaagta agactgtctg aagacaggct gaagaagcca tgcttcaaac     68220
     ccaagtatgt cagcagggtt ggtagcaagc tgcctgtggg gagctaacat taatagccag     68280
     taccagctca acacctgctg tataacagac atttttcttt cctgctaggc acatctcact     68340
     aaaattttaa ggcaaatatc ttttatttaa ttgggctttt ttttttaaac acagtcttga     68400
     aatatagtcc aggctggtct taaactcctg gcaatcctcc tgcattggac tccaaagtgc     68460
     tgagatcaca ggcaagaagg gccacgcctg gtatggattc tgttttgcta acagatggtt     68520
     aacactgggg catggcccac aggctgctta gactctttgc ccaaggttgt acagcaggtc     68580
     ttgcgcgaat ggactgggag gtgctttaca tgatcgtgtg accgacccag acaactggaa     68640
     gatggacctg ctcttttctc aatgacatcc acttaaaaaa caattgtcag atagtaggaa     68700
     gttggcttta agaattcttg cccttcagct gatcgtcttt ctggccataa gcaaggaagt     68760
     ctggcgggta gccagggatt accaggaaaa ttattcatct tattacctgg gtgatctgat     68820
     gctctgaaat gggagtgaag gtagagctag taatggacaa gccagcactc tcctggcaca     68880
     gctggccaat agagcgcata acactacagg agcaggtttt ggacttggct attttaactc     68940
     agatcccctc cagatatgca gccacccgaa aggacagtga ttcgtaaaga gaaatcccaa     69000
     tggctttaac gcttgagggt ctgctagctg ccaagggtgc gagtactggg gcttattgcc     69060
     ccagcttact gaggacttaa tacaaaggac atgaagccca ggctcaaact agactttcta     69120
     cactaatatc ctgtactttg atcctgacat atcaagtgat tacaaagtta gaaaaaagtc     69180
     acaaattaca ttcaaatatg gcatccctaa aaaccatttt actgtttctt ttttttttta     69240
     gttttgggga ctaaatgtgg ggccttgggc atgagagata cgtacctcac cactgaacta     69300
     cataacctat ccccatttaa tgtattttta tgtgcatctt ccttctgagt catttctagt     69360
     taaaaaggct agaatcaagc aggttatcaa ccccactggc cttctgtccc atcttaggga     69420
     tgagacacag agggaactca aatccctagc atcctagata ggatgacgtg ttaaataact     69480
     agcaaccagg atttctgttc atggcagcta atatgtaaac agcagttaat actgaacacg     69540
     cattcggtgt gtggcactgg gatttataaa caagaatgtt cccacagagt catctccatt     69600
     ttataggtaa ggaactgagg cacaagaagg tgatgtgttc aaagctgcag gactaaaacg     69660
     tagccaagtg ctgtctacct gctacactct ctgacattca tgtcttgctg cctcttagat     69720
     gggctagaaa tccatccatc gctttatgaa cgcagcatcc cacctgtgat gcctgggtgg     69780
     aagggagcca atgacttccg ccggtttact tctttcatgc ttgctcgtct ccaggactgc     69840
     cttctgtctt gaggacggat agactgttct tgaggggaca aatgaaagga cctcaactga     69900
     gatccctcct ggtggtcggc accacaactt tccccctctc cagggttcga gccaaggtgg     69960
     tttttttcct ctgaaacgcc ttgcgtcatc atttcctggt aggcagagga ttgaggcaat     70020
     gcttccaaag gcttgagact tggctgcaat ggacgatcct gagtctcgga catcgtgggt     70080
     tcctggtcta gcatttgtta tagaaaagtc aaaatataaa atcaaagcta cctcagatac     70140
     aaacctcagt aagtatccaa gccaagggtg acaacagaaa atgcacacgc ccacttttta     70200
     actgcagcaa ctttaatata taagatggta tacagttgaa ggaccagctt cctaggagcc     70260
     taggcagaag ggaaggagga cggagggaaa cctatttccc tggtgatgga aacctagaga     70320
     aggccttttt gtaaacccac acacgtgtga ttccaaaggc accaggagcc aaggaggatt     70380
     ctgggatagt tcaggagcct gattcccaaa gcaagaggca ttgaatttca ctgtaaaact     70440
     caccttctga tctggtcact gacgtcatcc tggatgaagg aggaaaacag gaaaatgagg     70500
     agatccgttc gagctccagt ctcacagggg cctcactatc ccataatagg tctcatgctt     70560
     caggtgccct cacttgcctc ctccgagatt ctcagcagca agattactat cactgactgc     70620
     tgtcttcaag aactcggtct acagaaccta tcttagctcc tcactttgtg aggcactagc     70680
     ccccagttcc gtggaaggtc ttaggatctt tgttttccaa acgagaaaac aaacaaacaa     70740
     accccgcatc acttcttact ctctccagat tttgccatgg ctggaaatcc tactttttaa     70800
     tctctgccca catctgtcct tctacccata aaacagagtc atcctcctcc ctaactctgc     70860
     ttaaatacgc agtcacttct ctttggcaga tttggaggcc acacatcttt cctctataga     70920
     actggttgga gatcgcacca catccccatt tccagcacct gtcacagaaa acagacagag     70980
     aggcaaggtc gagtatccat cccgccacct tgcatctaag tctccctccc aaaagaccgc     71040
     tgaatgtgga ggacgcttgg taaaagcgaa tggaggctga gggaccatac tgaaaggaca     71100
     aagactctaa agatctaaat caccacaatc ctcgtgggtg atcacacaga ctccagcttg     71160
     gataacagac attgaagcgc ttctgaggct gtacacgtga cagccttctg acgtcattat     71220
     cccaatcaac aacaggtccc acaactctga gtaagggact ctttcgggag acccaggttc     71280
     ccggggcaca gcagtgtaac cccggctgcc accccagccc tccgacctgt cccaggccac     71340
     tatctggagt caaggacgcc agcagtgccc gggagcgagg agtggccttc tttcaggcgt     71400
     cctgtcagga gaaagtctct gagcccccgg ggccctgcgg ctgggagcgg ccggtgggcc     71460
     gggcagaggc gggtcagggg agaaccacat ccgggtcccg aaccccagcg tgacgccggt     71520
     ctagcccagc tcccctcccc gcgttcctga accagtaagc ccaaggtcac ctctgcaaac     71580
     tcggcgtcgc cgcagaaggt cctctcccgc gtcagtccgg ttcggggttc cccgctgcct     71640
     ccgctactta cgaaactccc gccgaacaac tgcgcgtgcg cagcctccgc cttccgcgct     71700
     ggctcgcgca acccgtgcct ccggcggagc gcctgcgtac tccgggattt aacgttctgg     71760
     cccaagcgca ccttgtccta ccgttttcac ccagctacag atcaagcaca tctgcagcta     71820
     cgtccaggcc tggggattga cctctccaaa acaccagttt gctgactttt cccgccgtac     71880
     atcctaccta tgggtgtggt gctgttccag gccatggctt cccctctatc tctttgattc     71940
     caaaagtctg gacagtgact ttctccaggg agaactggag ctctgagctc agtctgtacc     72000
     ctgcctatct tcctgctcca tgggcccctc ccatgggccc ttaagtacct agcaaagttc     72060
     aagcacaccc cctgccagcg ttaacagcca accctactgc cacaaccccg tgccaattct     72120
     tgcctctgtt cctttgttcg agcatgcttt ttgcctggaa agcctttcct ttctccttcc     72180
     acccttctat gttgacgcta gatgttcagt gctcatgtct gttccactgt cccgtgcctg     72240
     ggagggtctt cttcaggaca aggtatagag gcatcagaat gccccccatg catcaatgaa     72300
     gtgaatcctt tcagatctga accttgtgaa ctgagagtag tacgaaagat tccaaaggtc     72360
     cagttgtggt ggtgcatgcc tttaatccca gtactgggaa gacagaggca ggaggatctc     72420
     tgtgtctttg aggccagcct agtacccggg ccagccaagg atacatagtg agaccctgtc     72480
     tcaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa caaacaaaaa aaacaaagaa gcaaaagatg ggtctggcag     72540
     tggtggtgca ctcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggtgga tttctgagtt     72600
     cgaggccaac ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggatagcc agggctatac agagaaaccc     72660
     tgtctcaaaa aaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagcagaaga tggctagctg     72720
     aaccataatt ttgataattt tgaccatttt gaagtaattg tggtcccttg gaagtttttt     72780
     ggtaagaggt agaaatgtgt attccagaag tttctactct gccattctgg tctaatagtt     72840
     tcaacagcta tctggaagag gtgtgttctt attcctgaat atcacttcct ggagcacctc     72900
     atgtgttgat gtccccaaaa cagaacttaa tattcccggc cagagctggc catgttggga     72960
     cacactgaga tcactgcctc gtggaatcca gtcccagtaa acatccttgc tcggaagtct     73020
     tccgtggctc ccttctgtta ataagatgca tacagattct tgccctgttc cacatcaaag     73080
     tttcatttct taacttcatt tccccacccc ctttctggtt actttaaagc aggttctcat     73140
     gtaccccagg ctggcctcag tatatagcca aagatgacac tgtaacttct gaccctcctg     73200
     tctttccctc ccaagtattg ccaccatgcc tggttttgcc tctttctccc aggctttctc     73260
     tctctgagcc tctcctctgt ttcctgccta caatccacta ccatcccctt tgtctgctca     73320
     acattccaac cctgggtgtg ctcccctggg gctcccaact tccataattg atgctaaaca     73380
     tcttattttc caggcccatt tattatatcc tccatggctg gcacaggtct ggctgttgtt     73440
     agccatccct ctcctccccc aaaccctcaa ggagatctat aaaagttaag cattgggtct     73500
     taggctgtcc aaatatccag aaatgagcta aaactggacc ataggagaat ttctggcagt     73560
     taaataaaaa acagcattcc tccgagactg gtaagactgg ttcccatctg tcaacgggac     73620
     ttatggctac ctatggtgct caccagttag ccaagcccat gctgctctca gggccccatc     73680
     actatcaaaa gtacctattg ctgggcttgg tggcacacgc ctttaatccc agcacttggg     73740
     aggcagaggc aggtgaatat ctgagttcaa ggccagcctg gtctacagaa tgagttccag     73800
     gacagccagg gctatacaga gaaaccctgt ctcagaaaaa aaaaagtacc tatttcactg     73860
     gctagccctt ctcacctcct cctccatcct aagctccctc cggctcctgg gcttcctacc     73920
     ccccccccat gagtcttctc tctcactcct cccccctcct ctatcccatc tctttctata     73980
     ctgctatccc cactgttctc tcccacttct gaagccctgg ccatgtgcag tctacttctt     74040
     tctctgctct ggactattcc agaggcctct ggctgtccag tcttatattc acaataaaaa     74100
     ccttaaccat attatggagt ggtggcattg gcaccttctt tactgtatcc ctcatgtaga     74160
     ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tcctgagtgc tgggattaaa     74220
     ggtgtgcacc accatgccca gctttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt caagacaggg     74280
     tttctctgca tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactctgg agaccaggct ggtcttgaac     74340
     tcagaaatcc acctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggtgtgc gccaccgctg     74400
     cccagaggaa tgagtttctt acttgatagt caacagtgac ttgcaggttt gtgaattagt     74460
     tattttgtaa aggaattttc aagctctggt tagaaacaca aataacttag gctgtctggg     74520
     cctaaagctc tctgctaaac agcttgcctt gcaacatgca ggaaacagac cctgggttcc     74580
     atcccctaat acacaaaggt gcaaatacag cctaattggt ttctgactgc atgcctccag     74640
     aaacactcaa gtacaactgt ccagctccca aatcctcagt ccacaaccct ggtaggatag     74700
     gatacattta gggtgttaac tccacactgt aatgcctaaa agtatctttt ccccatagca     74760
     gattatttta agtctgttat gggaaaacct ggttctattt ttctcctttt tgaatgtggt     74820
     gcatttgttc ctcagcagtg gtgacacact tcctgagaga cactgagtta ccagccagga     74880
     gccaccagaa actccaaccc ccaaccccac tgtggttgcc ccatctgggt gattccaaac     74940
     tagccagctg gctccagttt tcccctcctt ctgagaaact gcaggtggaa tggtgtcagc     75000
     tttcaaatgg gctgggaaga tcagagagca ggcaactgtt tatatgacat actttatttc     75060
     caatctacaa ccattaaaaa cactttgtaa gtttacactg tacagttctc atgtctaaaa     75120
     taagacacag ggcaaggata gctggtggac cagatgctgt cctaccaccc aatatgtcct     75180
     gggaaggagc ctttaaagaa agaaaggcag ggggcgaggt gacagaaggg agaggagaag     75240
     gacagaacag tggaagggat aggtggacag ttggcccaag gatgcccttg gtcccttccc     75300
     tcctgagtgg tccggcaggg cccacgactg caggaccctc accaggaaac caggctgagc     75360
     aggaggggcg tcacagtatt ggccagggtg aggcggggag ccaggatgga gaggagaggc     75420
     agtctctagc tcttccctag gcgctggggg ttggaactga tttttggcac tgtcttcatg     75480
     gtctccctgg aatcaggagg acgaggaggt gtggcatggg agggtgaggt gagcaggcac     75540
     cgaattttgt tcttgcagtc ttaggtttct ttcccttggc agaggccctc tggtccttct     75600
     ggcctcctgc ctccagggac tctccccctt gcctactgtg accaccgatt actcggggag     75660
     ggtgagctgg gctgagatgg agccagagag ataacaggaa acctgcaaga ccattgcccc     75720
     cactccagct tccagaaaga ggaaatgcca cagtgctgtt ctgtgtgggg ccagacgccc     75780
     tgaatctagg agtcccgctg actggttgtt ttccattgtt cctgcccaag ttgcactgaa     75840
     agctcacctg ggcccacaac cctgttgctg ttggcaaact tgtctagtca gaatgactag     75900
     aggctctttc atgccccaga catctgggtc tgctgcagtg gggccaacaa tctgcacttc     75960
     tgccaatttc cctggtgatg cttctactat ggggacagag ttgccattgg tgccccagct     76020
     gccttgatca cattggcaag gcctaactga agaggcacca aaaggtctgg atagatgcta     76080
     ggaatgatgt ggtgggtgag ccccctgtgt gaagaagtaa actaaggcac agagatcaat     76140
     agttgagcca agaacaaggg ttgccaaggc ccagtggatc cagaggctgt agagcccaaa     76200
     acagaaagga tatctgaggc ccataggtca tagagctcct aagaggacca taaaactggg     76260
     aggctcaaac ttgggatagg tctccagact gccagctgag gtctctcgtt atataagtgg     76320
     cacaggtggc tttgcatgtg tcgagataag gactcaactg cctcagtcct tccaggatac     76380
     ttgaaggaaa ccaaagcctc tcccattagg gtccagggag ctagtgaagg ccatgtcaat     76440
     ggggtaggca gagagaagag gagggtcccg ggacggtgaa gaaggaaagt ggtcaggtgg     76500
     agcagggact gtggcccagg atcatgtcct tggtcccctt tcgtggatct gtggactctg     76560
     caaactgcag atgccgctgg ttcagggtag taggttctgc caagatgagc tgatcagcag     76620
     gggagaactg atgggatgga gacagaggca caaaaccaaa gaagagagct ttcaagcttc     76680
     ccctgcttta tagcaaagcc accggaagta ggctgggcag agaagatcca aaggtgaaga     76740
     gcaagtccct gtccactcca catcctccca ggggaaggtg atgctacggg gagactgagg     76800
     acagggaagg caggaggcag agagtgagat gaatctgatg aggaggactg gaggagatgg     76860
     aatagcatga tccatagaag cagcggacac ctctagtgag agaaaataca aaataaacac     76920
     aggacaggat aattccagat ctgagagcag accttggaat cgggagacag actgcacatg     76980
     gcacttccga gatggggcgg gcgggtgagt ttgttgggac agggaggaga ctgctaaggt     77040
     cacatacaaa tccaaaggag gaaacagcac accagaggac ataggaagct gaggactagt     77100
     gctatagaga gcccagggcc ccagaggaga aagcctggcc ctaggttagg gccactccct     77160
     acggtggcag aaaccaggta gggtgtaatg acaggaagga aactatagat aatgataaag     77220
     gaggacggaa ggtgtgtgag gtgggaaatg aactccaacc tagatgggga ttcagccaca     77280
     cccctgagca tgcttcattc actctgtata gaatctttga agagttagga gctctgggtt     77340
     gtgctggtag ctacgccttt gtcatgctca gaggcctcgg gcaagccgca tccttctcca     77400
     catgtatatc ataaaggggt gaggcaaaat gataaatacc gggttctatc tccatgagta     77460
     cctaaatcag gccagtgaag aagggagaaa gcagaccacc agaggtcatc ggcctggggc     77520
     aggatgggag ttactgtgta ggggttagtt agtaattatt atgggggtgt ggtatttcag     77580
     tttgggacca ataagaagtt ctggagatag cagcagtggt ggttaacaaa gcattgagaa     77640
     tgtacttcaa ggacatctaa ggccagcagc gatggcaaat gccaaaggcg atagaggcag     77700
     aaaggtagta ggagattcaa gtccatccgc ggttacacag tgagttggag gccacctgat     77760
     gatacaagag accctgtctc aaagtaaata gtttttaaaa agcctcttag gtgctgaggg     77820
     tgtaactcag tggtaagatg cttgcctcac atggactagg ctctgagtct catccctcgc     77880
     atgtgcaaac gcatgcacat acacacacag aaggactaca gtagcatttt aaaacgtgag     77940
     caggttggtg agattctcct ctggccccct tctattaaag gccaatgagg gaaggaggtg     78000
     cttggagcca gggcaactga ggggctcaat gctataaaga gcatggtcag attcattcgg     78060
     atttatatag aatgccagct tttttttcag acaaacaggc atgatatatg tggtcttctc     78120
     cacagccacc actttatagc tgggggaact gagacataga ctagccacgt gattgggcca     78180
     aggtcattca aagtgggggc agtttaatat tttgtaacta gtcttctgga aaacatgtct     78240
     tatcttaggc taacctggta ttacaccagt cagatccagg gtctgtaaag agatctccag     78300
     ttccacatca gtttgtctct aggagtaatc atgatttgct gataaaagtg tttcacttct     78360
     ggccgggcgg tggtggcaca cacctttaat cccagcactt gagaggcaga ggcaggcgga     78420
     tttctgtgtt caaggctagc ctggtctaca gagtgagtcc catgtttcac ttctcgccat     78480
     ggcctctagg aaactggaga atgaaattta aggctgggta tggtagcgca tgcctgcaat     78540
     tccagaactt gagaggcaga ggcaggaaaa ttaccacaga tttaaggtct gcatggctat     78600
     ttccagaccg gccagggata catagcaaga ttatatctaa aaacaaaaac aagacaaaca     78660
     aacagcaggg ggaggaaggg agtatacttt aaagtatgta attaagacat acccttagtt     78720
     cttgtcctct gatttcccag ttttgtttcc caacagtagg gagagaaccc agggccttac     78780
     acatgtgaaa caagcgtcga ccactgagct accaaccact tgctaaaatc attgagctaa     78840
     gaccttagaa aattgcccag gctgatcttg aactcactcc acagcccaaa catgctttga     78900
     actcaatcct cctgtttctg cctcctcagc agccaggatt taaggcctgt gccaccagcc     78960
     tttctggctt tgtcgtttta tgaaacgtat gactaagacg gaagactgtt ttgatgccct     79020
     ttgaaaaccc ttggagtaat ttacccaaag cagagtttgg ctgagacacc ctcagcccca     79080
     gatcacagct cagggctcag ggcactatga acactgactc aggatgctaa agttaggaat     79140
     ggctggtact gtggatgtaa acactggtca ctggtgccta tggatctcca gggggctaag     79200
     cccataggac ctctgtccag aggctgtggt aaggcctaga aatcttcatg atgaacttgc     79260
     tctcagaggt tcaggtgcag tgggtccctg gaactaccct ctggtccaga attggaagtc     79320
     tgtctctggg tttggcagtg gcgagtttgg gatgctttga atctagccag cgtcccagtg     79380
     agtttgtata gaaagcaggg aagaatccag ctatacagtt gatgacttcc tggttcaggc     79440
     tctagggcaa aaactctgtt ttctccttta tagaatgaga gcactaaacc ctatcctgtc     79500
     aaaactgccc ctcaagagtt gcccttgaga gactaaggag agatggggag atggtgacgt     79560
     gaccccctaa acagtatagt gctctaggga ggatggtgga aggatggttg ctattacagt     79620
     gaggagggag agggaggcag tggaactgga tccattttgg gtaagggtaa gagtctgggt     79680
     tctgtccagg taagggacaa agctgagtga cagatgtatc catcaaaggt acagagcgag     79740
     agcagcacgg tggtgcctag aaggtcaagt cttttgagta ctcattcttg tcacctggag     79800
     gccagctggt agatgaatat ccctggatag gccaagagac agggcctgac ttgagcacct     79860
     agagaacaag atctctagag gccagccttg gtgggaggaa ggctacaggg taaagggcga     79920
     taaatgctga tgatgcctta ttcagtcagg ggtccctaaa aggctctgag tctcaattca     79980
     aaaccagtca ccaatgcctc ctagacagtc tcatttggtt tagccctggg aagaggtgag     80040
     acatagctta gtttcaacca tgtaacttag ctctccctcg tgcctccagc caatctgtgt     80100
     caaccctgtg agcacaagcc aggcaatctt ttagaggatg ggaccctaag gttccttggg     80160
     acgttggttc tgggagtagg gtagaagctg gaggaggagg aagaagagga tgaagaggag     80220
     aaggagggag aggaagagga agaggaggag aaaaacagag gtgaacagaa agagcataga     80280
     taggaggagg ggtggagctc cttcccatga ccccaggcct caaggggcgt gcccccatgt     80340
     aagccaggca gttttctgct ttgggaatgt taccaagaca taaaaggcat ttgaagaaac     80400
     aaacaaactt agaaattaca tttcaaaaga gtagagagat ttacaaactg acccttccac     80460
     cccaccccca aagaaaacag aaccagttac caagtaaaat gctaaagatc aaaccaaacc     80520
     aatatttaca cggaacattt tcaaccccac tgagccctat gtccagaggc ttccataggg     80580
     acagtgacaa gtggccttgc acagtggcaa gcaagaatta gaaacggtga ctgaaaaaca     80640
     agacctggag cttgcaacac ctgttggggg ccacaggagc caggtgctga gacagtggaa     80700
     atgcacaacc catacagaga cgatggtaag gctgaacggc ccctaagccc tgaagttcag     80760
     ggctgtaggg acttttctca aagcctccca agctctcagt agctctggga ggtggcagaa     80820
     ggcctctggt ggcttgtggc ctggtgtggt cccctcagct agaaataacc ttagaggggc     80880
     ctctgacctc ttagaggaga gcatttgcat cctggaggga cctggtcctc ggtccaatgg     80940
     cctgctgact atgcccacgc aagttactgg acacgagtca acagctgcta gaaagcactg     81000
     accctgatat actgcccata ggaaatgggg tcgaggggct ttgggtaact ggcccaggtg     81060
     tttctaaaaa gatagcctgg gtacaggtag gtgggagtgt agaggcatct ccctagttct     81120
     ggagcaaacc agctatgcag ctagctggct ctctgccttt ccaaggggac ctctgcacaa     81180
     aagccaatcc atccctggat gagtccgggt ccccagccag gaacaggagg gtggcacgtc     81240
     acatgtgtac aactgtaatt ggttccttgg caccaagggg aggcaatgtg agccctcccc     81300
     atactgcagt tgagttatac tggtgtggtt caggcgactc ctaggggtgt aggaaggaca     81360
     ggcagtcgag tttgggcatg aggagccacg agtggctata aggctaagag aagcgctggt     81420
     gaacaggctg gcaggctggt agacactctc agatccgtgt gcaaagctgc aatcgacaac     81480
     attctacaag tccatcctgt tttcctgcga gttcttactt cgggaatgtg gaaggaacag     81540
     agccgcagtc atctgtgttt gactctcatg agaagaggtg ctggcgggaa gggagggatg     81600
     ggaaggatgg tggaggatgt ctggggagtg atgacatcat tcgggcctgc agtttgtctg     81660
     aagcacttac agtctggcct gtagaggccg ggccacctac cgggtgacga gggaaatgta     81720
     gtgctctgag actaaatggt actggaggaa caaggtgcag agccccagct ccgctgaggg     81780
     cccttctgac aagaccagga gacctgagcc tgctactgag ctgcctcagc cacacggggg     81840
     actccatgct gtcacaagcc ccacactgtc ccagtggcaa ggatacctct aataaattac     81900
     cttaggggct ctgggggggt gagggtgggg taagttaaat tattaaaata aagtaaatca     81960
     ccttaaatat ttatagtatg aaaaattcaa ataaacaatc taggcaaata aacaatgtag     82020
     tcccttgtct tgggctatgt cttggcctct tggctctccc tctggtctga cctatccaat     82080
     agtctctccc aggaagtgtt tctgctgctg caggtctgtg acgccgaacc ctgctaccaa     82140
     gaggccctag ggatcgagac atggcattga ggaatgtacc tctttgtcag gtgctgagat     82200
     agatgctacc atttttgttc tcatgtacta caaaagttgg gccctcatgt ccccatgaca     82260
     agggagtcag ctcttctggc ctcctactct gaaccctaca tactcctacc tgcctcccag     82320
     ttcttgctac atgtaggcac agacaggggt ctccagagct ccaggattcc aagtgtactt     82380
     agccctgaaa tctgctctat catgtcccca ttccctgctc caggcaggtc taacaaccag     82440
     agcagcaggg ctgagaggag ggagcaagaa gtgacggtca cacccaggcc caactcttct     82500
     gagagcctca agccgggccc tgagcaaagt ggaattctct gggtggcttc tcctccacac     82560
     gtggtcagaa gggagcacct ctgccagtct tggtcctgga gcctggccag aaatgcctcc     82620
     ttttctggat ccttctaaga agcggtgtgg gtggtaccag gccccctttg ggatccagag     82680
     ctgacttgct gagctcttca ggtgcttttg aggcccagtc ctggtcaccc aggtttggtc     82740
     gttctccttg ctcactgtct tcccctggaa atcagaggtc actgcccagc agtcagcaag     82800
     acaccttgct ttaccttaat gtgaaagctc ttctgtggca gtggcacagc tgccattcct     82860
     cctggatgga ctgaggctga ggacacgagc ccttgcctca tctccagggt ctgggctgct     82920
     tgaggtgggt gcttggttgc tcagggactc actggggagc tgccctctcc tccccgcccc     82980
     agcctgactc tgaagggtgc agcctgcact tggaaggaga gtgccggatg gtgttgcggg     83040
     atggccggat gaagcaggag gcaagtgact gggcgctaca gtcacatacg gcatcctggg     83100
     gagagacaga gaagagatca gcagcagcct gaagcctggg ctacagccac ccaggcacca     83160
     gaattcagcc atgtctcatg ctgaggcagg agctgcaact ctgctctaga ccatattact     83220
     cctattaggg caacaatgga tccacattct aataaagtct gcaaggcaca gagaaggcag     83280
     acgctgtccg aggttgagat tctcaacact ctacgcagac acgaccagct tggcttgtgt     83340
     ttgggaagtt tgcctgcacg cgtgtttgtg caccgcaagt atggagtgcc cgtagagttt     83400
     ggaagaaggt gtcagatgcc ctggaagtag agctatagac agttgtgagc catcatgtgg     83460
     gtgctgagaa ttgaacccag gtcctctgga aaagcagcca gtgctcttaa cggctgagcc     83520
     atctccccag ctcctgggtc ttagtcttaa aggctctatg gtgttctact gaatggaaat     83580
     acgtattttc caacaccccc acccccaccc catagtgatg gaatttaggg gcttgagcaa     83640
     gccaggcagg tgctctacca ctgagctaca tccttagttc caatttactc tctgtttgct     83700
     tctttgtgtc agggtcacac tgtgtagctc cagctggcct ttgaattcac gatgtagtcc     83760
     aggctggcct caacccgtgg tgcttcagtc tcagctattc aagtgctggg actaagggca     83820
     tgtgctatca tatccggagt actgaggatt ccagatacac ttttgatgtg tatttaggta     83880
     cattcattct ttttctttat tatttgtgag tgggtgggtg ggggggttgg tgtttgtttg     83940
     ttcttgaaac aaggtttctc tgtgtaaccc tggctgtaga ccagacttgc ctcaaagatc     84000
     cacctgcctt tgcctcccac ctgctgggat tattcatttt ttaattatca taagaacaaa     84060
     gagatggtga aaagccttgc tgtagaaccc aaacactctc tcagctctgc cacttgctag     84120
     gcaagtgaca ctctacgaag aatctttctc tcctcttctc aacaatgaaa aatgtattgt     84180
     gtttctcagt gtcgtgagga tccgatcaaa cagggcatgt aaaggatgtg acatggtgcc     84240
     cactaagcac ctaacatgtc tcagtaacac actcctttct cctttctatc tcttttgaag     84300
     tgttgggatt gaattcaggg cttccctgtg ctacgcatgt gtttttacca tcaaaccaca     84360
     ctctagccct gaactgctgt tgctttcctt ctaaaaaata aaaaaggaca tatttttggt     84420
     gcatgccttt aatcccagca cttgggcact tgggaggcag aggcaggagg atttctgagt     84480
     tcaaggccag cctggtcaac agagtgagtt ctaggacagc cagggctcca cagagaaact     84540
     ctgtcttgaa aaaaaacaaa aacaaaagcc aaaccaaaca aaaaggacat atttaaatac     84600
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac agaaagttca     84660
     aggctagcct gggctacatg aaactttaca gaagagaagc aaaacacaga acagcacaaa     84720
     acagaagaat ttgaactttc taggctaatc ccccattctg aatgaagggt aaagtccacc     84780
     catacctcac tgggaaggat caaggatcca tctccatccc gaaggatgcc atccttcccc     84840
     acctgggaca gcatggtggg tctgacctct tcgctaccac ctgccttggc cgccttcttg     84900
     ttcaggatcc tggatacacc ctcgggttga tggtagctgg ctggcgaaag gggctctggt     84960
     ttcttgcagc tttcctcgcc tgctgcagta gtggggctcg gtgcccggcc acacacgttc     85020
     cggaagaact cctgaacaat gccatacttg ggaggctcag gtttggttcg ggcctcagac     85080
     atgcccagtt tccacacaga ctcggtgctc ccagagtgct ccaccacact aaagaggcta     85140
     gaaagcccat cattgatgtt cctcagtaca gggctatccc gtgtggtggt ggagcgagcc     85200
     caggcggagc cattttgctt gccctggtgc aggttccaca ggctgcggtc cttggtgcta     85260
     tccagcttgg acaccgatcg tctctggagc ttgggtgagc cgtacttggg cgagcaacat     85320
     ggccgctcaa tgcgagaatg gaccttgtcc agggaggaag agatctgctt gctgcgcaca     85380
     gacacaagcg aggagctgcg gggtgaccag ctcttgctgt ggaggctgct gcggggtggg     85440
     tcggtctgaa gacctacact gaccgtccga atggtctggg tgcccacggt ggccacgcct     85500
     accgtctggc tggatgtgtt ctttaccttc ctctccagag agccggagcg catggcctgc     85560
     cgcacgcagt tggtgatctc cttcatgtcg tcactcatgt tgcccgacat ctcaaagtca     85620
     tgcaaggcgg ggaaagcagg tccggaaccc gaggtgctgg ccccggatcc tccatccagc     85680
     cgctgccggg agaaattgca aagccaccgg ctgtaggagc tctcggccag cccgtcagcc     85740
     tcggctgact ccttgggctt ggcggtagtg aagaggaagc ctggctcaat gaggatcttg     85800
     ccctccttgt catggaccac agggacaccc aggcgccggg ccactggcgg actatagtag     85860
     actcggattc ccgtcttgtc tggagccgtg tagctgcgct gcatctgtct ccctgcaggt     85920
     tcctgacagg ccaagctacc aatgtggcta cagtcccggg tggaaagccc cgccttctcc     85980
     ttggcgtctt tctcaggctc cactggctca gtactcacaa aggcaaaagc agggccgttg     86040
     ggcagcttct tgttccgggc atccccgcca gcaaggtacg gggagcagtc gagcaaactt     86100
     tcaaactcag acatggagga gactgatttg gtcctgggaa aagtaaagga agaaaatggg     86160
     gttagtggga aataacaaag tggacatgcc gtggggacca agcctgtctt gcctatctct     86220
     tgtagacatc tggctgctgc ctcctcaaac cctctttaca cgcttaagta gcacaaatgc     86280
     taggatcatg gttggcctct gggcagagga aggcagaaac agctctttca atccccagaa     86340
     cacagccctt agcacacaat ggtggaatct ggagttaagt acctggcttc ctcacacctg     86400
     tgctggggga tctctgaggg gttcggcctc tgctggcttc caggttcctc agcaatcctg     86460
     agttccagct accccatgac atcttgatag gatcccagct gcctctcccc cccacccccc     86520
     tcttcccacc cccatggatc atttgaaatt cctttgatcc gctggctgcc ttcattccct     86580
     atttcacatc caggtttggt ttgctactgg aatcctctac cacacatgac tggtcactgc     86640
     acggctctgt gggcatctcc aattcaccca ctagagagag ggaggcaccc aaggcccctg     86700
     tgctaggaat ggcagagtta gatctacacc tggccttctg actccagtga gcccctcact     86760
     ctagaatgtt ctgttctgta ctattcctct cttctttcat gaagggtctt tttaaaattt     86820
     ttttattttt tggttttttt tcaagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga     86880
     actcactctg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcctga     86940
     gtgctgcgat taaaggtgtg cactgccact gcccaggtca tggagggtct taatgatgag     87000
     aatgctattc ttgcatatcc tcttggccat agcatagtag taggcctaat agacactgcc     87060
     taataatccc ccaaatggat atctaccatg attcaaattc cagggagaaa aagagaaccc     87120
     tcaaaggagc caaatggctt ctttgtcagc aagtgcagct gaggctccag ttttccatac     87180
     ccagaatcaa cattaaactg cagcctgcaa tccttgtgac cccaggctct ccagttcccg     87240
     agtgcctggg gtcccaaggg aggggggaac atctggtggt tctcccaact ctcatggggg     87300
     tgggagtgga cacacggagc aggggagtag agagagtcaa agccaaaagt ctatagggca     87360
     tgggccagag ctgtggggta gaggacagaa ttgggggatg agtggccagc acctctttaa     87420
     gccagttccc ccgagctcag cttcagagac accctccttg tcatgggtct tctcacttcg     87480
     tgcctgtcaa aggaagagac aagaagatca gttctggtga ccagtgtgtg atgggtgatg     87540
     acatcagacc cacgtgggaa ctgagcccaa gactccacac gtgagttgtc tcctctggag     87600
     ggtaagacgc cgtcagtagc aatctaactg tctggaccgt tacctctcac ccccttacaa     87660
     tggcaatggg agccaggctc agatatctgc agtgcaaaga gggaccagag aaagagggac     87720
     cacttgagac agaacttttt ccatgacagc cactgtacag ttgatggcca tgacagtgat     87780
     tgtgagattt tcccactctg ggtctagaga cgcagccctc ggggcccatg agtaaccaga     87840
     agcgcatcac tagccctgtg agcccctcaa aatcctctct gcttcagttc tccagaatag     87900
     gcttttgtag ccccatatcc tgagtggggt gccatttctt cacgccatca tgaggaggga     87960
     cgacatgagg gacctgtatg taccctttgt tcctcagctc tgtgttctat taacagtccc     88020
     cctgacctta tgtgtgaatt cctccagtgt caccccaccg acccactcag gatgaggcca     88080
     gggcaatgag gaaatggggc ccggagatgg agagtgactc acccaagacc acacagctac     88140
     ttagaaggcc tgctttctgt tgaggtatga ctgaactggc ctggggtttc ttccacagca     88200
     gagaaccctt cccaagtcca cattcatgga cagcagtcat ggggtagtga ctctggggct     88260
     cgggagccca gggtgtagtg agggtgtggc ttctgggaca gagttagcat ccctctgtta     88320
     catttctcac aagcaaggaa ttttctggta cagtccgggc caataggatg tgggtagcag     88380
     ggatgctctc acctctttcc agctgttgtc ttgcttctcc atgtctgagt gcttcaggac     88440
     ccagggctcg gcagccttct gcaactgaga aagagaaaag tgtgtatgct ggcgggcagg     88500
     gttactctga gcagggccac tccccagtct caattctata agccacatga cccacccaca     88560
     acatatgtcc ggcattggct tctcaataga tagtacctct gagccccgca caaggtggat     88620
     ttggaaacca gtaatacaaa cagctactgg caggcatctt gctgacctgg ctgatagagt     88680
     taacaggagc tgttgctaca ttactctgca cggcagttca cagaacagct agggcggcag     88740
     acaagcagta gctatttcac tcggggacca tgctgcgaac ctgctgagtc ctgaggtgtt     88800
     ccctggagta ccacaattcc agggggccca tttgcatgtg ctcatcagct caattagtcc     88860
     tcatagcaga cataggagcc agtacaactg agattatttc caagtagcag gtgagaggat     88920
     aaagtcaaca gaaggagggc ccagatgtgg agcagttcag acagcagctg agatgacggg     88980
     cgccgcatca ccacttcgct cccacagggg acgactcgcc ctagttcccc accccccgcc     89040
     cccccagctt ccccagtgtt agtaaggctc cccccacccc aaaccctttc agttctgaaa     89100
     aagcaagtag gctttgcctt ccatttccca gaggtgcaat gaagtcctaa gcaacaccag     89160
     gacaggctgg ctacctgttt gcacctgaac ccccatctca agctctgctt acttggaacc     89220
     caatgtaaga caaacagaat gggggtggga gggcagcaac aaaagtcatc tcagcatgaa     89280
     tgaacagcaa tcacagatga agatgtaagc caaggcccag tggggggagg ggggggacct     89340
     aggagcaacg caccattctt gtggctagct cttttattcc cttggctgtc ctgagagata     89400
     agaagattga acagccatcc tccttgtgta gaggaagccc agagatcaga ggggatttga     89460
     ttagcgctag gagccccttt gtggtagttt gaataaaaat gagacccata ggggctggcg     89520
     agatggctca gtggttaaga gcacggactg ctcttccaaa agtcccgagt tcaaatccca     89580
     gcaaccacat ggtagctcac aaccatccat aatgaaatct gatgccctct tctggagtgt     89640
     ctgaagacag ctacagtgta cttatactta catataataa attaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa     89700
     gacaaatatt taaaaaaaaa aaaatgagac ccataggctt atagggagtg gcactattag     89760
     gaggcgtggc ctcattggag gaagtgtgtc actggggggc ggggcatttg aactttcaaa     89820
     tgctcaagcc aggcccattg tcactctctc ttcgtgctgc ctttggatct ggatgtagaa     89880
     ctctcagcca cctcaccagc accaagtctg cctgcaggcc accaagctgc tcaacatgac     89940
     gaaaagggag gaaacctctg gaacagccaa ccagccccga ttaaatgttt ccttttaaga     90000
     gctgcgatgg tcaaggtgac tcttcgtggg gaagaacact gactaaagat actcttccta     90060
     tctgttgctc tgctggttgc ttgaccaagc tggtttcatc tagagcacag cttatacaga     90120
     tgttggggct gacctctgtc atcctagctc aggagaactg agcatgccag gctagtctgg     90180
     gccaaatatt gagatatgta gtctcaaaac aaacaaacaa agaaagaaag gacaggggga     90240
     agggaaaaag gaggaagaaa ataagaaata caggatgcag cttgggcttg aatgcaggga     90300
     aacaaatcag catcaaaagg ttgcaggagc cgagctagga agtcagcaaa ttccataggt     90360
     gggcgctgct gggaaattaa gcacaagagc gagcacccac gagctggcag gtcccagcgg     90420
     tgtgctcaca cctcattcag cagggcattg atttggttaa tgatttccaa atcattaaaa     90480
     aatgatatta aaagttgggc agtggtggtg catgcctaca atcccagcat ttgggaggca     90540
     gaggcaggag gatctctgtg agtttgaagt cagcccggtc tacacacagc aaattccagg     90600
     acacttagag ctacacagag aaaccttgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaccaaa aaaaaaaaaa     90660
     aaagaatcta tcagatgtta gggctacaga gatggctcag cagttaaaag cacttgtttc     90720
     cagaggactc aggctcagtt cccaggaccc acacggcagc tcacaaccat ctataactga     90780
     gaaatctgac actagccaga gaatatgaac aggaatatgg tgtgtgtaca tgtaagtaag     90840
     caagcaaaac acgcatctac ataaaaacaa gtaaatcttt aaaaaaaaaa aatccaacag     90900
     atgtgaggag ctggcatgtt tctgtcctgt cattaacagg acattttggc tcgttcttct     90960
     cttctgggaa gtggccttac aggactgaga gggtttaaaa tggcgggctg acaagacaaa     91020
     gatggtggct ctcaggggga ttaggtgagt ccaaagactg gagagtcata agaactggca     91080
     agaaagaagc aaagcgagtc tgcgcactgc acacagacag acagacagac acgagaacag     91140
     tggggaaagc cccctgaagt tctctttctc tcactctcta tccatgtgag agcctgtgac     91200
     tacagcattg taaatactgt tcacatatac acctgtgcac aggacagtag agggctgctt     91260
     tctgctggtg tgtttgtttg gtttggtttt ttgagacaag gtttcatgta aaccaggctg     91320
     gcttcaaact cactaagtag ctgagggtga tgaccttgaa cctctaacct ttctgccttt     91380
     acctaccaaa aactgacagc catgagctgc cacacattgt tcctgtggtg ctgggaatcc     91440
     agcccagggc ttcatgcgtg ctagggcagt gctgtaccaa ctgagtgacg tcacctgctc     91500
     caaatcaaac atggagcctg gactctgtcc acgcggaatg agtgggagtc aaacagcagt     91560
     taaaccgagc aaggctctcc tcggaagaca atgactcaat tagtgaaaac caaaccagac     91620
     agagatctct ccacagatgt atacctgcag agcaaaggga gggagccgga cggaataagg     91680
     attttgtaat acttaggtct tggtttccca ttctggtctg aggactctcg ctttcctatg     91740
     gaaaccactc ttggctcttc ccttttgggt cctgggtctc gacaggcccc accaatgggc     91800
     acaagatcga cacctgctca gtgagaactc gtgagacaag atcacttcct tattgcaact     91860
     gctaagatgt aagatgcgat caccgaggct gccatgtggt gtgctgggaa gggaagggcc     91920
     cgactctggc ggcttcccct gtgccctggg ctccagctat cactgcacca gagcctcctc     91980
     acctgactga ggcggttctg cagctccttc acctgctgct ccacctgctg cttttctccc     92040
     tgcagccgct ccaccagctg cagcttctcc tggctccagt ggcgctcgct cagctgcagc     92100
     tgcctcgtca gctccatgac ggcgctgtag gactctgcca ggaggtgttg ctgctcctcc     92160
     cgctctctct gcagtgcagc cttccagtca ggcccgggcc tctcactggc acccttccca     92220
     gccttcagct ccatctgcag gaagaagcac cagctagctg gatagtggca ggggacactg     92280
     gctccaaacc catactgggg aggtcttcag ggactctctg tgctatggac ccctttctac     92340
     atacaagact gaccccgaac ccaatgttct cttcctaagc ctctgtaagc aaagcaccac     92400
     ttcctgtccc tcaccgtggc tccaaggggc tagataagca ttccacatcc tgctacaaaa     92460
     gggagagccc cggctactga taaccaaaca tttatcagtt cttaccagga gcaccagctt     92520
     ccacgggtgg aagacattct ttattcccca ctgctacccc ttgaaagctg ggcctcacct     92580
     tgtcccagag gccctgcaca gggagatgta cacacagtca cataatacgc tggcgcagga     92640
     atggtccagc atatttttct cagcctcgac ctcatcatgg ggaggcagga aagaaacata     92700
     cagcctcaag actcactgcc catggatcta gaacgctgat ccttatgagg ctggtccgag     92760
     agccagagct cctgggacgg ctgggcctgg ggagcagtga ggggcagcgg ggaacgctgg     92820
     aagaagatgg atacccacag ggtgaggaag agcgcagggc tcagggaaac tcaaggagtc     92880
     tccacacacc aggcgagggt ggaaatgcac ccatgggaac aagaaggtca gaagcctggg     92940
     gggcaagagc aagcctgcta cttaatacct aggagagaaa cctaactcct ctgggcctgc     93000
     ttggccatct ggccagcaga gaccttcagc atgcctgtct cccatggcca cagatggcaa     93060
     ggaaggcacc cggaagccaa gatgtgctgg aggcggccag gggcccagtc cagagaagca     93120
     gagacagcat ttctaccttc ctatttgtca gatcagagtg gggaaacaac ttgcccccag     93180
     gcacacagca gatgccagcc ccctggggat gctggtgaga gcgctgttag tcaggctggg     93240
     tggctgtgag gggagaccca atttgagtat gaggaacaca ttagagccag gtagcagggg     93300
     ctgggagtcc ttaggaagaa agaagaaaac aaatgagggt ggcagccagc agagcccaga     93360
     caggagtgtg cagcctgtta ccaagtacag gtgtgagggc agaggacgcc ctcgtgagtc     93420
     aggtcctgag cttatgtgta ctcttgaaat gggtacagtc acgtcacaga tacctggcga     93480
     ccgtgggacc cagggagaca tggcaaagcc atttgtccca ccagggtgag actcagaggg     93540
     aaacggcaaa gccttcctct gtgtgtgggc gatgttatta gtgtatgaag atgtccgcca     93600
     cagcagcccc ctccaacatt cgcagcctgg agacagctcc cctacagagc gctcctgctc     93660
     agatttgctg agcttgtccc ctgatactgt ggtacaccat aatccccacc acccgggtta     93720
     tctgcattaa tgaccaccaa cttcatggta aataggctga gtttccagag ctccatagag     93780
     agtccagatc gcctgatccc agctatctgt gtatccttgt gtctgtctgt cttttcttca     93840
     ccctctcaac accctagtcc ggtctattag gagccatgca ggatatgacg cgcaggctgg     93900
     cgtggaagcg ttctgtgagt ccacagtgca gcctacattc ctgtcaatct ctctggggca     93960
     cacggtgagg tgcaggggac cctgtgcatc cttagcatcc tcctccgaga cctgcctgtc     94020
     tagagctggg ccgggaaaaa ggaagggacc gtccctaaca agcagggagg cttacctgcg     94080
     aggcgtggcc cttgagctct gcacgctctg tctcccaggt ggccttggcc tttgcgaact     94140
     gctgctgaag ttcagtcaga ccccgacgct cgtcctggag cagccagcac agctccttca     94200
     gggtgacctt catgtcggcc agggtcttga tgcactcatt aggctgccgg cagagtaagg     94260
     cctggtcagg aactttatga aggcagaaag ggcagccctg gcatagcaga ctcacccagg     94320
     agtccagctg gggccctacc agctccagag agctctcctc aggtcctctc accagtaaaa     94380
     tggggctgaa ggcctgtcct aaatagctca gctgagcagc aagtctcata cacaatgaag     94440
     tctattccag gagcagctac tctgcccaaa cgcagagaaa caacctcacc taggcttagc     94500
     gggctccagg ctgcaggtct ctcctctctg actgatgtcc ctcaaatggc gccagactgg     94560
     atcccaaacc tctttcctgg tgcctttcac actgctcgcc ctcactctag ctcactatag     94620
     aaccctaggg ggtgactcca ccgccctctc caacctgtgg cttgatttga cagttcttac     94680
     ttaaggtctc tcttcgtatg tccctggcct ggtatatcct caccctccca caatgtccca     94740
     ctggccagca gcactccagc acatcttgcc acacctcagc acatgctgtc ctctgggttc     94800
     aatatggcct tttttcccta ttctgaattg gacaagcccc tattcatcca tggaaacgca     94860
     cggacacggg acccccattc tctaacactg tttcctataa aacaaacggg cgaactgctt     94920
     cccttacttg tgacattggc cttctgtcac taccctggca tgtcccccta gcactgagaa     94980
     actggtgggc cagaatccaa gcaataagca tccacagacc ctgtgtcctg tcagggctga     95040
     gaagatagca ggaagcgctc attaatgaac gagttacaca cagttaaggt aggacccgaa     95100
     ggggttaaac acaccgtgtt ctgggtccag ctctcccctg tgcaggcctt gttatccgag     95160
     tgctgggcgt tcatctcctc ttcctccatc agcaggtaca gttccttcat gctgttcacc     95220
     tggtttgaga aaccacattc aacaaaccgg gagaccccgg cggcaagcag tccagatagc     95280
     atgtgaccta ctcccaacca ggtactgtta gggacaagag gcagaactca ggtgccacgc     95340
     tcccattctt ccagccccgc gctaaggcta tgctcagcca tacctccagg aagtcatcct     95400
     cttcgctggg cagaaccttg ccctgccgcc agcgcttcag gaaccaccgg agcttcatga     95460
     agagcagcag aaagttgtgc ttgaactgct gggactcctg caccaggatg ttcttctctt     95520
     ggctccagaa cttctgctcc agtcgccgct ggaggctcag actctgcagc tcaaactccc     95580
     gtctcagcag cgccctctgc tggtcttcct tcagctgtca ttgacagggg tgagcaaggg     95640
     aggccccagt tgattgcaga accagacaag ggtagagggg aacactgatg gcaagtgcct     95700
     actggggacc ccccgccagg gcttctacta ccagcagccc attgtatcct gggaagaaga     95760
     actctcacaa gcagcagcag tgggctggag agagcagtca ctaaagtgcc ctctagacaa     95820
     gcacaaagac cagagttcac tctccagaac ccacctatga aagctcagcc gcccagcgta     95880
     gtctcatagg tgagcccagg tgccagggag ggatcccatc tcaaaaccct gagcaaacag     95940
     cctgaggaac gatctctgga caccatactc tgagcaccca cagagcagca ggtgtttccc     96000
     acgtgctcac actggtgagt ggggacggca gagagagggt gggtgcagag caaggcatgc     96060
     tgggttaaag aaggctgaga aacaagaagc accccaggga gtaagtaaca ctggttcaca     96120
     gctaagggag cctgggatgt acagctctga gcaaagcacg actggactgc tctgtgctcc     96180
     tgtctgcagt ctgcctgcct cttcagttca tcctaccacg caccaccaat cggtaaagtg     96240
     agggtatctt ataagggagg agtatgaggc ctgcaggcta tcatgtgttc acggtgggtt     96300
     ccacgggccg tccaatgagg tgctttttaa tttttacact ctcttactgt tttgtatgtg     96360
     tatgggtggg catggctgcc gtggcatgtg tgtgctggtc agaagactca ggcaggttag     96420
     ctctctctcc ctgtgtgggt cctggggatc aaacccaagt tgtgaggctt ggtggcaagt     96480
     gtctttaccc atctcaccag cctcaacatt aaggtttaag aaatgttata gccgggtatg     96540
     gtggcataca cctttaatcc cagcactcag gaggcagagg cagggggact tctgagttcg     96600
     aggccagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg     96660
     tctcgaaaga agagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa     96720
     agaaagaaag gaaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa     96780
     gaaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaatgttat tacaggggct ggagagatgg     96840
     ctcagcggtt aaaagcactg actgctcttc cagaggtcct gtgttcaatt cccagcaccc     96900
     acacggtggc tcaccaccat ctgtaatgag atctgatgcc ctcttctggt gtgtctgaag     96960
     accgctacag tgtactcata tatataaaat aaaatgaatc tttttttttt aaagaaagaa     97020
     atgctattat agatctgatc cacagccagg tttgatacgg gcaccatttc acagacagga     97080
     aactgaggcc aagagatgaa acaagagctg gagaaatggc tcagtggtta agagtactag     97140
     gacccggatt caattcctag cacccacatt aggcagatca aaggaaacct gacacttctg     97200
     gtttctgcag acacctacac agacatgcat ctatgcacat acacttacac aaacatgcat     97260
     atatatatat atatacacat acatacacac atacctacac aggcatgcac atttacatac     97320
     acatctacat gtaattaaaa gtaaaaattc tttaaaaaaa atttttttaa aaaaagacat     97380
     gaaacagaga caggcgtggt gctgtatgtc tttaatccca gcacccggga gacagaagca     97440
     ggaggatttc tgtgagttaa aatcaaccca gtcaacatat caagtggata accagggcta     97500
     cacggagaaa ccctttctca aacaaacaca accaagcaag acccagaaat attaagcagg     97560
     ctcaccgtca cccagaaaac tattaccatg tgattggctc cagctcagtg tagctgctga     97620
     caaccacaaa ctggcagagc gcaggggtgg ggaagcttgg gtttccccag tgttgtcccc     97680
     ttctttttag tagtgtttga tttcttccta tgctgggaac agaacccaga gcttctcacg     97740
     cgctggtcaa gtgttctacc aaagagctat cccatggccc ctttaccttc ccttctgaga     97800
     caagctatag tcagtaaaaa aacaaaaaac acaaacctgt ggtacaaacc cacctggacc     97860
     attttctggt tgaagctgtc agcctcctcc ttccggagct gccgctcctg ggacagctgc     97920
     tcttgcaagc cccggaggct gtcgtgggcc tcggccagga ccagctgaag atccttgatc     97980
     tgcaggaggg aggtagggtg gaggggacag acaaggagga aggagaagac acaggctgtg     98040
     gtcaaagaac agaagcagta aggagtcaac agaaaactgg atgggagtca cctctacgag     98100
     gcacagcact gtccttgcct agcgggtcat caggacaatt acacaaaaca gtacgtgtca     98160
     aatcttccca atataatttt aacatttctc tcttgcaaac gtagctgcag aaaagaaaaa     98220
     tcctgtgcaa actcaatgta agtcacaacg ttgttcatag tctctttaat tgatcaaatt     98280
     aactgattaa atgtaattga ttacttattt ctgatgtaga gtctcacagg ctggtggcaa     98340
     actcctgagc tcaaggtatc cccctacttc agctccccca ggtagctggg gctataggtg     98400
     cttgccactc ccaagctagg gcactgtcta taattacaaa tttagacgca gtttaaaaga     98460
     taaatgaggt ttcagatgtg tttagtggat ctgtatgtgt taagttccat ccagatgttc     98520
     cgtcacagat gctgtctttg agcgttgtta cgtaacagaa ctacggtgaa cgtcggtgtg     98580
     gttaactaca gaatgatctt gcttttcttt gtttcttcat gtaataatgc tgcccagaag     98640
     tttaattgtg attatttgtg gatttcagta actatggagt aagatcattt taaaaaagct     98700
     aaccaaattc tccattttct gggggaaatt gtgttttaaa agcatttaga gctaaatgaa     98760
     gttaatttgt tcttgggctg tcaagatggc tcagcagata aaggtgcttg cagccaagcg     98820
     tcaggacctg ggtttgatcc ctgggaccca catggtggga ggagagaacc aactcctata     98880
     aactgtccgc tgacttatat accatgtgca catacccaca cacaagatag atagatagat     98940
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag acagacagac agacagcaga ctagtaggga     99000
     acacagatgt ctagagtctt cttatgattc tagatgttac ttacaaaaca ggaagtcatg     99060
     agcttgaggc cagcgtgggt tacatagcaa gaccctgccc aaagcaccaa aggggagaga     99120
     agtgttcagt ttgtcaaaag ccataggcac ccattctcct tcctttctcc atctctgccc     99180
     ttccccgtgt gtgtgtatgt gcatgtatgt gcatgcatgt gtggtgcatg tgtgtatcca     99240
     tgtgtaatgc attgtagtgg ctattcctgg ttgtcaactt gactatattt ggaatgaact     99300
     acaatccaga attggaaggc tcaccagtga cccttatctg gaggcttgga gatccttatc     99360
     tagatcttgg tttgaagatc ttgagccata gtggctatgg attccagaag attgaatctc     99420
     ggagtttaag gaacacacct ttaatctggg ctacgccttt catctgggat taaaggtgtg     99480
     gtgggacaca cctttaatct gggctacacc ttctgctgga gacaatatag ggacattgga     99540
     agaagggagt ctagctcttg ctcttgctcc ttcgcctgct tgctgcgtga gactgagtaa     99600
     ctgctagatc cttggacttc cattcacagc tgcgactgaa ccattgttgg gaattgggct     99660
     gccgactgta agtcatcaat aaattccttt actatctaga gactatccat aagttctgtg     99720
     actctagaga accctgacta atacatgcat gtatgtgtgc atatgtgtgc aggcatgtat     99780
     gaatgtgtat gcatgtgtgg tacatgggtg tgtccatgtg cagtgcatgt gtgtgtacac     99840
     acgtgtctgc ttgtgtgtgc atgtgagtcc atgtgtgtgc actggtgctg ggttacatag     99900
     caagaccctg ccttgtgtgg gcacaaggcc tcacacgtgc tgagcaagtg cctcatcact     99960
     gagctgcagc cccatccatc actactttgc tgttattccc cagtaacaac attttttaga    100020
     tgagatgaag tgggcatgaa gcaggcggat caccggaacc tgtgagtctg aggccagcct    100080
     gagcaacaca gtaagactcc atcgcaaaag acaagtgtta agtatttctg gtaacaggaa    100140
     tgttgactct aacacgctgc acaggaacag aagagtggac atggtcccag gcatagcagg    100200
     ttcctgctgt gaaaaaaaat gtggccaata atataatttg gccgtctctg cagtgatacg    100260
     aggcgtgtct tgtacacctg ttctgtatta aaaatctctg cagatctggg caaactgtca    100320
     tgtgcctgta atcccagcac ttggaagttg taggcaggag gatggtaagt ttgaagtaag    100380
     cataatataa ttactgagac cctggctcaa caaagaaaca aaaaaaaaaa acctcttaaa    100440
     tagaagtcag gcgcctgccc ctgcacatcg ctcttgaact gggggttggc gctgtgctta    100500
     gtcatagcta atcggtaaga atgaaggaaa cggagtcaag gtgtaaatga gccaacacaa    100560
     acaaacaagc ctattttctt ctcagaaaac gagatctaag catctcaggt tgcttcaacg    100620
     tagtcatcgt cctcctcttc ttcctcttct tcctcctcct cctcttcttc ctctctccct    100680
     ccccttctct ctgtctatcc atctcctgac tggggatcaa agctaaggct acacagcact    100740
     acagcttagc tccttgtcca gacagtgctt ttcttttctt ttttcttttt aaagatttat    100800
     ttattatatg taagtacgct gtagctgtct tcagacaccc cagaagaggg catcagatcc    100860
     cattacagat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaactcac gacctttgga    100920
     agagcagtcg gtgctcttaa ccactgagcc atctctccag ccccagacaa cgctcttcct    100980
     cttcctcctt cgccatggtt atgaggacat ccagaccacc tcactaggca gttggaccct    101040
     tcagttccag ggagtttccc aggctcagga ggacagggaa cttctcaaag atcagagaat    101100
     cttagcaact ctagggatta taactgttgt ggtgggaaag ccgggcccat gggagtggac    101160
     atgtcgaagg tcacaccacc agaccagcag agtgactcag cactcaggat ccctgagtcc    101220
     atgtgacttg tcacggacac cgacctcatc ctcaacccgt ggaggccagg ccaacaatcc    101280
     tatgaggctc tgtacttgtc tgtggcaaac ctgacaattt tcgagagtga aatgacgtac    101340
     ccgagatctc acagccagca cccagaaagt cacagcatga actcaaacag cctaaatgga    101400
     gaggccattg cttctctgct acataagtta gtcatttcaa gatggcctcc agctcagcat    101460
     tcaggctgcc tcagcgtcct gacactggga ttacagtttg atatcatgtc ccatatccag    101520
     ctaagcttcc tctaactaaa ccacgggatt gattcaaatt cccttttctc tttctctctc    101580
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctttctttc tttctttctt    101640
     tttttgcctt ggctgtcaga agtttaaatg cttaaaacct ataccatcct cctccaaggg    101700
     ccaccctgcc tgctttcagg aggcaatcgg cttccaccca acagcctgct taggcctaga    101760
     cccacctcag aggcataaga atcgttatct tcagctcggt agggcctgaa gttccgacta    101820
     gggtcaggct tggactccaa gtccccggta cggaaggcct ctcggatcct gggctcccac    101880
     tcaagcaggt ctctgaagtc aggtggctaa aagcagaaga gatccatagg gagaggccca    101940
     aggagtgcaa caaaggtccc caccaggcct ctgccatata atgggctttg tccacatgag    102000
     agggagcctg ggtgaattgg ccttcccagg gtgcgaggcc acaactcatt tgcttattgc    102060
     ataacgagca gtggggcaag tggaaacatt aattttgtga atggctctta cgcaaagccc    102120
     tctgaaacaa ttctatcacc ctgtcggtga cccgtgtggt ccctgctcac tcttacttca    102180
     ggaagaggga gactcaacac gggcctcccc tttcaagaag cgatctgaag ccacagcagc    102240
     acagctgaag ccactacccg cccggtccca tgcagtgcag ggccacacac agcaatctcc    102300
     cgccattctc tcaggatgaa aaccacacca ctccacgctc tctgcagccc agcctcacaa    102360
     ctctgtcctg ttccttcgac ctaccgtgtt ccttctctca atgatctgag ccccttcaag    102420
     atctaggaca agttcctggt tgataaaaac catttctcat gtcacattca caggcttgac    102480
     agattgacta attaattccc cctcgctagg cggtgggacc tttcgagtgg ggctcctatc    102540
     cctccctggt tctgcagatc accacccatc ccgtgttaag cacgaagggt ggggaccatc    102600
     cacaaggtat cccagcctgc ggacagggaa tgcagggtgt gaggaagcac actgcccagc    102660
     gacagtagcc ataacatgaa gcccaggccc aggaaaggct gtgtgggaag gatcagaggg    102720
     ggcgctccca gcacgcagcc agcctcaagc atctgcgatg tgtaactaca acgaaggaac    102780
     tgcagctcaa tcctatgctt cgttaattta atttttaaaa tttgtcttgg gagttttggg    102840
     ttgtttctgt tctgtactgg ggatagaacc tgtgccgcca actaaggctg atcctttacc    102900
     atcgcggcac atccccacat ggctgctgca ctgaacgtca ccagtcaaga cggtgtacag    102960
     agacatcggc aggaagtggt aggtaggcac acgaggtgtt cgtttatttt tatatttgcg    103020
     tcaaatgttt acgttttgct tttgcactaa tgcattttaa atttttcaac aagtgtcttt    103080
     tccgttttag tttttctggg tagcctgtca tgggtatcaa ggctaagctt ctcaaaagtt    103140
     gatcaaaaag tttaaaatat ttttttaaat ttaatattat ggactggtgg tgggcggtga    103200
     tgacacacac ctttaatccc agcatttgtg gggggtgggg ggggcagagg caggcagatc    103260
     tctatatgag ttcagggtta gcttggccta cagagtgagt tccaggacag caggactaca    103320
     cagtgaaacc ctgcctcgaa aaaaccaaaa agaagtggga tgtggggatc tggcaagcga    103380
     gctgaccagg taaaggtact tgctaccaag cctgagctga tccccaggac catctgagac    103440
     tgactcctgt gaccaccaca tgtgcacaac ggctccccct gaaccccacc aaatacgtgt    103500
     aataatttta gttacaaaag agatggaaaa aggagggggc taccctagag aaatggctca    103560
     acagttaaga tacattaatg ctctttaaaa ggacccgagt tcagcttcta gcaccctaat    103620
     caaggagctc acaaccacct tcaactctag ctctgggggc tccagcactt tgctctgcct    103680
     tctgtgggta cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacctg cacacacata    103740
     tgcaaacttt cttttttttt ttttttttct ttttcttttt tttcccgttt tttaagacag    103800
     ggtttctctg tatagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcactct gtagaccagg ctggcctcga    103860
     actcagaaat ctgcctggtt ctgcctccca agtactggga ttaaaggcgt gtgccaccac    103920
     gcctggctca aaaatgtttt taaaaagaag gggccaggga tgtggctcaa tggtagggtt    103980
     cttgccttac atgtatgagg tcctgcgttg tgtccccagc actggaagag gagagggaaa    104040
     gggagaaaaa cgggaagtct agcaaaaaga tgggacctca gaattaatcc ctatccatag    104100
     taaacgcata ccaggcagtt tgctgagtcg gcaggcttat tcctagttag gtgagaataa    104160
     ataattgttt ttcctacctg taacagcaaa tagttggctg agagaacaca gccaggcact    104220
     gctgtgttta gtctatagaa tttatataaa gctcaaagac gaataaaacc agagaacagg    104280
     gagatgaacc atggctgcct tagggctggt tatgttctag gtgatgacca ggactgctcc    104340
     ctgcagggca gttgtgaagt tgtgtacctg gggctttgtg tccttctgtc atgtgcctgg    104400
     ttcagaacat gtagcatctt acctggaagt cagagccaag gtctttggac agcatgatct    104460
     ccttagcagg gccctgggag cccaaggcag gcagagcagg gaagggctca ggctgctcct    104520
     tgccagagct ccccaaggcc acatctgcct tgcgggtgaa ggcgttcagc tcctgttgca    104580
     acacactcag ccgcaccagg atggcgtgga tgagcttggc atccctgggg ccctcgctgt    104640
     tgtcaggcgc ctcgtgcagt cgcaagtcag cacactcatt gtccaggcac aggcggaggc    104700
     cgactgagaa gccattggca tcagccacca ggacgtcgat ggccttgctg accaaagcgg    104760
     cctgctcccg taggccgggc agcgcctcgg cttcacgggc cctgcacagc cgggcggcgt    104820
     ggggctccag cgtctcaccc agaggggcag gcacgcactg cgcagagtcc ccagcctcag    104880
     cgtccgtctc cagcatgggg cgtgtgctct ggcaggaggc caggtcacag cgctgcagat    104940
     tggagaggag cacgcggttc tcatactgca gcttcttgac cttgccgctg agctcgccga    105000
     tctgcagctt ggcggctgcc agctcctcct gcgagggctc gctgagcacg gagcagctgt    105060
     cctccgacag cgtcacgtcc agctcgtgct ccgagcggta tttggccagc tcgttcagca    105120
     gcaacttgtt ctggtcctcc agctcagctg aggagcgcct cagcagctca gcctcctctt    105180
     ccacgaactg caggtggcgc cgcaactcgg ctaggctctc cccgcactca ccacccagag    105240
     aagagaaggc cagcctggcc tcgggacccc cgccaccccc gtggtccttc atgtcgtcca    105300
     tctcggctcg caggccacgg ttctccacct ccagctccac tatgcgccgg ctcagcaggt    105360
     tggcctcctc ctccaccagc ttcaggtgca ccttcagctc agtctcacgg gagtgcggag    105420
     catccgccag ctcctctgcc gacagggctg catccaggtc cccatagagc gatctgtact    105480
     tgagcagctc ctccttcatg ctgtcgttct ccttagccaa cttggtgagc ttcttgcaca    105540
     tgagggccga ctcctccttt gcaaaatgca gctggcactt caggtctgca ctatcctcct    105600
     gcagcccaat ggacacggag acaggcaaca acaaggaagg ttagtgtcag cttggaccca    105660
     gccacaggat tctggggtgc cctgactgtc ggagaacaca ggggtgaatc agcttggctc    105720
     tcaaggcctg gaggccacag gatagagagc agggacatca atattgagag cccaagacac    105780
     actacctaca atctggaagt ctgggagcag gtgaccttca gacatgtgac tatggccatt    105840
     cctgccccat ctctaaaagt gggcagagcc gggcgtggtg gcgcatgcct ttaatcccag    105900
     cacttgggag gcagaggcag gtggatttct gagttcgagg ccagcttggt ctacaaagtg    105960
     agctctagga cagccggagc tatacagaga aacactgtct cgggaaaaaa acaaacaaac    106020
     aaacaaaaaa aaaagtgggg agaaacattg ttgtcatatg atgactgcta aatgggaaac    106080
     cgttcaaaag gtgccttggc tgctaacagg attctggcct gtgcacgaca tgacattttt    106140
     atccagttct tccaacaaac ccacagaaca ggaaggcatg aggaaacaga ctggaaagct    106200
     gatttgtctc agtcgggtgg cagtcaagct gcggagggac cgactcccct tgggtctatc    106260
     cgtccctatg ttgggttatc aacttgtggg tccaggagtg tgtaaggatg gggtcggagt    106320
     gggcttggag gaactaaatg gggaagccaa aaaaatgcat aggggaagga gggcaggaga    106380
     gacattggga agggataggg acctctgggg gactactcag gacacttgaa gttggtatgg    106440
     gcatccaaac taccaactgc agggagtgtg atgggtacag aggtcctacc tgtgcagtag    106500
     gcttcttatc tgtcttcccc agagaccggg ttcctctttt cttcaaggaa tgctaaaggg    106560
     aaagaagaaa gcaaactgaa gggtcacaaa gatgacacac atccaaagag gtgtcataaa    106620
     acagagtcat actgagggtc cccactcagc ctgtctgtgc taaccgttac ccacagcgga    106680
     accagggatc accgagcacc ttgtgcagga gagaatgacc acaagtactg gaagaaatga    106740
     ctaggccggg tatggtggcg cacgccttta atcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaggcg    106800
     aatttctgag ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta cagaatgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac    106860
     acaggtaaac cctgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaaaagaa aagaaaagaa aagaaaagaa    106920
     aagaaaagaa aagaaagaaa tgattagaca ccggcacagg ggtgcagtac cccactgcac    106980
     ccatctggcc tctgtggtcc tgttggctgg aaatcagaat ttgtgctctt gttcatcttt    107040
     gatgtttggg gcttttatcc cccccccaat tatactacaa ttacatcatc ttctcccttc    107100
     actttcttcc ctctgaccct tctcatgtat ccccttccct gttctcatgc aaatttatgg    107160
     tctttaaatg ttgctacata tatgtgtgtt cctaaatata taaatacatc ctgctcactc    107220
     cagatgtcac atgtatgtat gttttcatgg ctgacgcttg tctttcatcc gctcatcaga    107280
     ggtttcccgg gcaaatctca gagggtagag cacatagcag tgagctagac agatgagatg    107340
     ctaaggatgc tgtgggcaga aagccctcca ggctgaggac cattcttagt ggtgcttgct    107400
     ggccaagggg gtcgctttat atgctcttct tgtgtggaat acacatctaa agactatccc    107460
     aggtccccac tagctccagc tgaggccatc tatgtgatgt gactcactcc ctcacagcca    107520
     aaggggcttg tctctaaaac tgcatgcaag tctccgcctc acgggaagtg acatttcgta    107580
     ggaccctgaa cacaggatga agactaacta acaaacaaaa tacgggtaga aaactataaa    107640
     cagcacagga gactcgatca tttctgaaaa tgactgagag agactagcaa caaacgagga    107700
     ttgaaaaacc cagaagcgtt ggagggaggg gaatcaatgc attgattaca cgggtaaaca    107760
     ctgcatggaa cacaaaacag gacagcaatc catgctgtgc agctcagggg cagagcacaa    107820
     agccccagtt cccatcccag agacagacag acacagacac acacacacac atacacgcgc    107880
     gcgtgcatta aaaaataggc aatgagctgg gggaaatatc tgcaatagga aagcgggtta    107940
     ggaatacaag aaagagcata gaagtcaggc ccagtgaggc aggagaatcg taacccaagg    108000
     cccacctgac agattttgac cttgtctcat aataaaaaga caaatgaaag actaagggac    108060
     gcagttcact tttagagctt gcccagtgtg catgggactc taggttcaga gaaggaaaaa    108120
     accaaaacca aacaaaatgg tttatgggag gaaaacaaac agatcttaac cctgagaaga    108180
     cactcagccc ttctcaggag ggagacaccc agagcaatgc tactgggctg agcctctcac    108240
     tgatcagact agcgaaaccc tgagccacct cacagtatat cctactggtg aggctcttgc    108300
     taaacaagaa ggtttagttg ttgctggcat gagtgcaaaa cagcgtaagc cgcacagatg    108360
     ggaatttgag gaaatgccac aataattagt gctgcagtta cttgtttaaa aaaaaaaatc    108420
     attcacttcg acacaagatt ccactgaacg cttcctaccg agagaggata attcacgctg    108480
     gcagcgttgg aaaccacagg ttgctctcaa ctttctgagt tgagctgccc acttggattt    108540
     ctgaaaatgc tcccagttga ctttaaatac atgctcacca ccaaccctca cctctcactc    108600
     cccacccttg taggcaaacc actgacataa cacaaacttt gcttaaaatt tatttgtatt    108660
     ttatgtgtat gggtgttttg cccacatata tctttgtata tcacatagtg tgcagtgtgt    108720
     gcagtgccta tggaagccag aagagggcac tagatctcct ggacctggag ttaagagttg    108780
     gctctgagct gccatgtggt actgggaatt gaacttggat cctctggaag agcagccagg    108840
     gctcttaatt gctgagtcat ctctccatct ctgtgagccc tgttttgctc aaacagagga    108900
     gggaaggaac ttgaccagaa ttctatagca aatacaaagc caacctgaga ccaatttttt    108960
     ttttttttca ctttgtagac caggctggcc ttgaactcag aaattcacct gcctctgcct    109020
     cccgagtgct gggattaaag aaaggcgtgc gccgccacca cccggctcct gagaccaatt    109080
     cttgacctag ctcttgactg agttccaaag gcttggtagg agaaaacgca tctatgatta    109140
     gggccagcat ggaccctagt ggtgtagtgg ttttcaacct gcacgcagag aagaatttcc    109200
     tgggggattt aagaaaatac caatgaccag gtaccacgtc aaagattctg gaataactgg    109260
     cctgggttat gtctcagcca ctgaaattta aagtagcttc ccaggaaagc aggtcagctt    109320
     tatcatgtgt gtaagtgtgt ccgcatgggt gcacatgtgt gtgtacatgt gtgtgagcat    109380
     ttatgtgtca tgcacaaatc catgtgtgca tgtgtgcata tgttttcatg tatgtggaga    109440
     ctagaggaca accttaggtc tgtgttcaga acacctccat catttcatcc tgtttttctg    109500
     agtcatggtt gttcatttgc ctggattatg ctaggctaac tgctaaggat ccagggagtt    109560
     ccttactgag tctgggggtt gttgttgttg ttgatttgtt tctgttttgt tggtggtggt    109620
     tgcttttcat ttttggttgg ttggttgatt tctcatgaca cagggtttct ctgtatagcc    109680
     ctggccatcc tggaactcac tctatatatc aggctggcct tgaactcaga aattcaactg    109740
     tctttgtctg ccagtgctga gattagaggc gagcaccacc atcacctgaa gtgtctggtg    109800
     tcttcacatc ttctcggcct actctaagtg agaactttgg gaacacaaat gaggcaggaa    109860
     ggtggagatg agtttgaata caccaggcta cctaaagaga tcttggaaag ggggccacac    109920
     aacaagccct tcacaggagc tgctacacca gggtaagggc cctggaaggg agctcagagg    109980
     gagactacca cagagtgatg tggtgctctg ggtcagactc agcctaagag aactgggctt    110040
     gccatcacag gttgactggt gccttggctg tggtatcagt tctggtgaac ccacacattg    110100
     aagaatccat gacttaggtg atcccagctc caccaaggat tgaagagcct aggctatcta    110160
     aggacctcaa gaggttcaag ctatcacacg cacccatgag atgatataaa aagccagtag    110220
     gaacaactgg gggtcatgat agtggctgac acaaagccgg aacactctgt gaagagaagg    110280
     aagtaattta caaataaaac ctccaaccca atatggcctc cagatgagga acagaggaac    110340
     aaactatggg gtggccacgt ggtaaaaact tattcagtca tgaaaggaac aagatcctga    110400
     tgcccaggca gcatgggcgc cgtgaagaca ccatgtgagc caggacatcc tgacatgttg    110460
     tgtaacaatc tcctcctagc ttaaaacatt ccaccctatt ggaagttcct tacgcaggaa    110520
     gacaactcaa attgattcag gaagttcctg aaactgacca gattcactag gctccttttc    110580
     tgccagaata agtattaaga gctgagagtc cttctcacgt gacatgaaac tgaattccaa    110640
     ggattcttag aggaggaaag ctgcacagaa gactctgaga gctgatcacc tgcctggaag    110700
     aggcttagac cagagttgct aagaaagaac acgctctaac ctgttgagct gcctacaggc    110760
     tgtgctgtgt gttccaggtt cccagctttt gtgagctgtc acctgtgctg gggtaagcag    110820
     ctgtctgtga gtcatttctg ttcctgtaag taactcccat aaaacctgtt ttttcacaat    110880
     gttggactat ggtggtatcc atcctttggc ttatcatggg atccctatct gaggtgaaca    110940
     gatgtatgtg ttttgtctcc ccagtaaaag ttttgtcaca caacaggcac atagaatcag    111000
     atttcatttc tacaaaatgt ccagaccatg caaattctca aagatggaaa atatattact    111060
     gatatctcag agctgaggag ggagtgtggt ggggagatgg gaagaggctg ctaatatgtg    111120
     tgagggtttt ttttaagggt gaaacaaaaa ggttctggaa ttaggcagta gggatggata    111180
     tacaactgtg caacccacta actatgcagc ttaaaagggc aaacttgggc cagtaatgta    111240
     gctcaatagt agagcatctg gctggcacgg gttcagttct cagcactgca aataaaaagg    111300
     acgaaggcag acttcatagt atgtgaatta catctcaatc caaaactgga ttgctgagca    111360
     cagcagcaca catctgtaat tccagcacct ggaaatagaa actggaagga tgccggaagt    111420
     tcaaggccag cttgtgtgca tcgcaaagtc cagtccaacc tggtgtgcag ttagttccag    111480
     ggaagcctca tcagaaaaca catatgttgc tgggtggtgg tactgacact caagaggcag    111540
     aggcaggcag atctctgaga tcgaggtcag cctgctctac agagtgagtt caagggcagt    111600
     cagggataca cagtgaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaacataaat taaaacaact cccctcccca    111660
     agccaaccaa ccaaccaact aaacaaacaa aaaacccagc aaagccataa gtcaggtagc    111720
     taaagccacg cccctcatgc tgtcccatcc tcctcccctc cccgagggat ctttgccaac    111780
     tgatgcttca ggagctgact ctaaaccttc agccccctgt ttaaggttga aatagagagt    111840
     gctatttatg actttctttc cttcctatgc ttatttgatt ccgtggtttt tgttttgttt    111900
     gtttgtttgt ttctataata agcacttcag actgaagaaa acccccaaag catctggcat    111960
     tttaaaggac tatatctatg caacatgatc ctgcacatta cagaaaccct gtgtgcaaac    112020
     gaagcccatc tttatttttt aaagacacag aaaagcacat tgtcaagcac agagaaagat    112080
     ccagaaaaac acaaagcaaa ctgttatcct caggttaggc agatgagcag gggggtggcc    112140
     tgggaaggct ttcattattt tgtatatgtt taagctagat ctgtcatttt gaataagatt    112200
     cctcagtcac gtggtgaaga ttcagagagt acacaagagg aacagagaga tggagcaggt    112260
     cccggattcc tgcctcggaa tttgctggaa ctttcctcag ggtcatgtca ggtatgcgtt    112320
     tatgggcttt tgtggcagga tttttgcctc attaagttta tactgcattt ttaaatttaa    112380
     ggaagcatta cacacacata tacatagaaa ataatgtgtg tgaatacaca gaaaatccta    112440
     tgggaagtgt gtgttcacct ctcaagtagg aatcctagag tggtaaattg caagaacctc    112500
     aaaaggattc tccaggtcta aggtccagga ggacccagcc ccaaggcaga ttccccactc    112560
     ctcaagccac tattagcagc ctgggtgata gctctgagaa tccctggccc aacccttccc    112620
     agcatgagcc tggggtctgt cttccccaga agcctccagg cagtgcccta agttcaggag    112680
     agagctgtct aaactctgtc ccctctgtcc ccaatatctc ctgagcttcc tggctgccga    112740
     ctcagcaaat gtggagggtg tccatgtaag tcttactgaa accagattgc tatgtgcaca    112800
     gaactgacca tgaatgggac ctgggttggg ggagcatctc tagagtgagg tatgctcttt    112860
     gcaccatggc caaaatgcca tgcagacaag ccatatagtc ccctggagag accaccactt    112920
     gggtggagaa aaaaattttt aattttttta tttttaattt taaattgtat agtgtgtgta    112980
     tgtatgcaga tgtggtgtat gcgcacacac ttgtacacac atggaagcca ggatgtcggg    113040
     tgtcctgctt tgtctccttg ctcctttgag acaaggtttt ccactgagcc tggaggcaag    113100
     caaagtgctg gagttatagg tctgcttggg atcatgccca gctttttatg tgggctgcgg    113160
     agatctgaac tcagatcatc atgctgagtc agcaaggtct ctgagcatta cagtcacccc    113220
     aaagccagca aaaaataagt ttagacccaa cagttttcag cgtagctgtt ccttccacgt    113280
     acagctgcca gctctgtggg gggaacccct gtgcgaggga ggcagcaaag gcttctccag    113340
     gcccacagcc agtggctggt tgagatggta acgataatgg tacacactgt gtttagcaag    113400
     cgcctattct atgctgagca cttcccagcc tcatttaatc ttcacaaaca cccacaagct    113460
     gtaggggctg attttccctt tctgtaaaca gagcaagtga gcattgagct gctgtgccat    113520
     ctgcccaagg tggcagtcac tctcaaggaa acagcaaagc caagattcca tgcccaggtc    113580
     tacgtggctc cttggctggg tttgctctgc agctcacaca ctggggccag aacacactgc    113640
     acagcaggag aaccaggctc aaccccaagt ggctggaggt gctcgcccca cccatcaaga    113700
     aggaaagcca gatgaggaac cacagatgca ggctctggaa agccccttga tgagtccgga    113760
     gccgatcggc aactctgtta ggagtgagtg tgagtgtggg agagccaggg cccggggttt    113820
     gaatccctta cgtatctttc ccccggtctc attcacagac aattctactc ctgtgtacat    113880
     acccaagaaa aacacataca gaatcacaaa aacttgaaca tgtccaccac agcattattt    113940
     atgacagcgg aaaagcagaa gccacccaaa tatcaaatat aaggcactct gcccacacaa    114000
     tgcagcatta cccagctatg gggaaaaaaa gcaaaaaaca aaaaaaaaca acgaggtcct    114060
     tcaacatgga tgtccaaact ctgaaagcct tgttctaagt agtagcgccc accaccaatg    114120
     atcacgcatt gcttgatccc attttaatgc agtctcctga ttggagaaat cattagagac    114180
     agaaaacagg ccagcagttg ccaggggcta cggggagtga ggagtgactg ctaacaggtg    114240
     tggggttact cacaagagta aagggagctt tctggaattc ggtcatgctg ataacagcac    114300
     cccaatctat gcaactgaac tgtaaaatgg tgcattctgt gatcactgaa ttaaaaactg    114360
     tgattttaaa atgtccaagg agtagtacct acaaagcagg gacaacgggg ggttaaacgg    114420
     catgacggca catgggcaag gctggcagtg gtgcctggta cagggtaagc tctcagacac    114480
     agcggctgtg ttaggacgaa tcacactctc acactggctc tctgcctgca gacaagggag    114540
     atgatagtgg gaatgaaggg gcagctgccg ttagattctg aagcggcaac ccagctgggc    114600
     cacggtgcca ctgcagacag cagtgaggac atgccacctc ccttctgtct cgccaggagc    114660
     tgtctccacg gcaacagcat cagctcccat tcccagtcgg gtgacagcat cacctcatca    114720
     tctgtcagga tggaaaaggc agatcccaag gataagactg tagctctggc agaagtgctg    114780
     agggaccctt gtctccatag caaccatgtc aggaaggaga gggaggagga gagggcaaac    114840
     agcaaataaa caggctctgg agccagcact aaacactggg aggctccatc aggcttccca    114900
     ggagtgagaa ccaatatctt cagcgcctac tcggtgtcag ggtccattgt gggatcttta    114960
     cattaaaacc ctaaaatcta catttaaagg tccacaaaga ggcatggtga gaagtcagtg    115020
     ggcaaaaggc gcctgctacc aaccctgatg acctgagttg gatccctagg atccagagtg    115080
     tagaagaaga gaaccaagtg cttcaagttg tcctctgatt gccacatgcc tacagtggag    115140
     cacatatgca gacagagaca gacagacaga cgaacagaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    115200
     gacatgaaat aaagttttca aatgttgtaa aattttaatc tcacaagtaa ttcctaagta    115260
     aatcatgggg ttgtttgttt gtttgttgta agacagggtc ttgctatgct atcccagcag    115320
     cttttagata cctagacatc agccatcttc tccctcaggc ttccctgtaa cgggactgta    115380
     gacgttctca tcatgtcctg tttaaggact ttctcttggg gcactgcctc atgtagccca    115440
     ggatttccac acaaaggatg accccaagct tctactgtag gtcatgtctc tatctcctgg    115500
     gtgctggggt agagatgtgt ggagccacgc ccattttatt gggaactgca tattgagtcc    115560
     aggagctcac tcatcctagg caagcgctct accatctgag ctacagtgcc aatccatttt    115620
     tattttattc tttgtgtttt gagaaagtct tacgttgtag cccaggctgg cctcacatca    115680
     cagagcccag ttggttccta actactggga ctgtacattc ttcttattta accgccaggg    115740
     acctgaagag atggcttggc aggtaggaac acttgctgct cttgcagagg actagctctc    115800
     gtcccagctc cctcactgag cagcttacaa acacgatagc tcaagttcca gggattccaa    115860
     tgccatcttc tggcctctgc aggcaccggg acacatgtgg tgcacagtca gacaagcagg    115920
     cacacacata tacccccccc atacacacat acatacacat acacacacaa atatacacac    115980
     atacagagag gcaggcagac agacagacag acagacacac tgcagctcaa gcaggcctag    116040
     aacctccccc ttcaaccacc aggcctagtt tcttaatttc cttctctggt ttacagaaca    116100
     ccttggggag cttgtcatat caatacacat ttttctactt tttaacatgt ggtaaaggtt    116160
     agatgatata aatgtatcat tttaaacatt ctattttgtt ttgtgttgtt ttttttcgag    116220
     acagtgtttc tctgtgtagc tctggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgtagac caggctggtc    116280
     tcgaactcag aaattcgcct gcctctgcct cctgagtact gggattaaag gcatgcacca    116340
     tcactgcccg gcttgaacca ggcctttttt tttttaaaga cagggtctca cagaccccag    116400
     ggtggcctga attcctaagt cttttgcttt tgcctcccag gtgttggtag caacaacaca    116460
     ccctgcttag atcacaggca cagtttgcct ccaaaccctt tcatcagccc aaactgaaac    116520
     tctattccca cccccagtga gcctcgctcc ctcctccccc gcccagtagc tctgctccct    116580
     gtcttatgaa tctcattcac tactctgggg aatctcagat aaagggaact ttacaatatt    116640
     gatcctttgc tttccggccc taaggcttga acccagggcc tcccatgtgc caagcacatg    116700
     ctctacctct gggctgcgtt ccacaaactt cttagtgatc caaaacatcc tcttaagctg    116760
     ctactattgg ctgacatcac agaggaagaa gccgggactt ggagggggaa gtggctgcag    116820
     acatgtctct gctgaggaaa ggctggggca aactcaacaa gctgcagccg agtgcctcag    116880
     tctccctagc tgtgcaagaa caggctttgt aatgcccctc cttttcacca tcagagatga    116940
     aagcgacaag gttgtgtgcg acagttcgca gtgcataggc agcccgaagc cagcaggaag    117000
     cctcccaccc agctccacag catggtgccc tccacagaag cccacagggc aggtcctccc    117060
     ctctccaccc tacatggcac tggcccatag caccaacatg cccagtagga agaacagcca    117120
     aaggactgct ctgccccggg gacactgatg tctcagtcct gaacgtctgg catgccgggc    117180
     ctcttgggaa gcaggtgggt gccccagaag aatgcagccc ggttcgcctc atgagcaacc    117240
     aaccagctga gggccagcta tgcctctggg gccagaggcc acctagtgtt tgaactgctg    117300
     accccaccag gaatcaggag ttacccaggc tttaagcatc acccgggctg atggctttcc    117360
     actgtgaagt cccctgcacc ctgcatgacc ttgagaatct gcctcactct tcctggccgg    117420
     ctgctgctca ctcggccatg gaatgtccac agctttgttg ggcctttgcg gaggtttctg    117480
     agataaactg tctttatgtg agcctaacac acagctggag aaggttacag taggaggaag    117540
     ggctgacatc accatgactg gggacatgga tctgaaagtc acattcagag acaaaagtgg    117600
     gagacccaag cctagcatcc tttttttttt tttttttttt ggtttttcaa gatggggttt    117660
     ctctgtatag ccttggtttc tctgtgtagc aggctgtcct cgaactcaga aacccacctg    117720
     cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg catgagccac tactgcccgg ccctagcatc    117780
     cttcttaaac caagtggcca cagcacacta gtccctaaaa catctccaca caagccagtc    117840
     agtggccctg tcgatgacca gggaacaact gccaagtctt atagacaagg aaactgaggc    117900
     acagggccag gcccatgctg ggcattgctg aacatagcct cagttagtcc cagagagagt    117960
     aaccagggct gaatacagat taggtgctca gcaaatgctg gaagggtgga tggagaaaca    118020
     gcgctgtcaa ggcacaaggg tgcccgtctt cagtccacaa gcaaccaggc agggatatgc    118080
     atcacaccag ccccagctgg gctgccgccc tcacctctct gggacgatcc agctccgtct    118140
     gtagcacctg cttggccagc tctgtctcaa tgagcctctg tcgaagcccc tcgttctcct    118200
     cctccagcct catccgcttc ttctccacca cctccagctc cttgtgaagc cgcatggaga    118260
     tgtccttaga gacctgagcc agggtgggag agagacagag ggcatggtca agcaggagga    118320
     ggacacacct cgagtctcag tgagcatctc tccttggtta cagtgtcacc tcttcaccct    118380
     cactcagcag agaggtctaa agtctcacca agagccatga atctaaggat tatcagatcc    118440
     gatcccaggc actccagctc ccaatatgtt gcccccccaa agctgtgatg atctttattt    118500
     tttttctttt taattttatt tattgtatga gtgctcagct gcatatacat tcgcctgcct    118560
     gaagagggca tcagacttcc ctagagatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgcggtt gctggggatt    118620
     gaactcagga cctctggaat agcagtggct cttaaccaat gagccatctc accaacccct    118680
     ctggtttagt tcttaaagta gcctttatgt tccgccagag ctgtgctgga gtctgaaccc    118740
     agccttgctt ctctctgaca atcactcttc cactaagcag tactcccagc cctgtcttca    118800
     caagagcctg aaaggaaaga gaactggttt ggaaggccag cacaaagcgg gcagtgtgtg    118860
     cttctcggca agtcatttcc tggccttgtg cctcagtgtt cctgacgtat aaaatgggca    118920
     cagcagtagc agaacactct cagggccgac agcaggatca catcggctat tgcttacaaa    118980
     gccttcaccc agtgcctgcc acagtgagtg tctggtgact cgtggctgct gctccccgga    119040
     accgaggtcc agagacgggc atgatttgct ggaggtcaca gtgaccctga ggcctgttct    119100
     gggataaaga acatgctaga atgacacagg ctgggctagt gtccaagcca tcccttagat    119160
     gcagctcaca gaacagcagt ctccaatttc aggtccaggc tcagcaggaa aagcacccca    119220
     aaattgggaa gatcccctca gtcctggccc tgctgctggg cgtgggaaag cagggcaagg    119280
     gggctgaggt ggggtgaagg aagccctaca gagcagatat atgcaaatag gtgccactcc    119340
     ccacgtaggc tgggtcctgc taactcctac ccactagatg ctaggcttta ctgaaggtca    119400
     gagcaggagt gactttctca gggtcctgta catcgggcat gcctgggctg ggctaggact    119460
     ccctggggtt tggaggagcc tgcatagtca gagccccctg aggagcccaa aagcctggtc    119520
     agccagacct gtgtggcaca gacaacctag cactcaaggc tgccaatgtc ggaaatgacc    119580
     acgtgtctcc tccctctgga agggaagagg ccctccctgg ctctgccctc tgcctgggcc    119640
     caagcccaac ttagcacaga cccctttggc aatgtgcagg gaaggccagg aaaaataata    119700
     gttgaaagga aactgggcac agctctactc tctcctcggc ccactgcccc ctctagcctg    119760
     gagctctctg aggacgccag gcagaggccc acaagcctcc cctgtggcca ctgtgggcca    119820
     caaagctctc cccacccttc aatagcaaag aaaagatttt gcagagaaga aaactcgatt    119880
     caaacccagt gccagagccc tgaacatctg gagcctacat ctggtcacca ttacatggat    119940
     acactgttcc cgtggtggca agagggagca aatgccatca tgggtgcttg agtggtggct    120000
     ggaatccagg aggtgctcaa aaaacacaag gcttcttatt tactattatt tttaaataat    120060
     tcagtctatt tagtgtatta caaaagttgt attgatttca tagtttcttg acctgttttt    120120
     gattgtgtaa aatatttaag ggctcactgg gcagctcaaa ggcacgaggt caaggagcca    120180
     tccacacagg gattttgact tttagcctgt gctgggaatg gttagacttt tgtgcacact    120240
     aggcaagtac tcgcccactc aactacatct ccagggacac aaaaaagttt tcctctccag    120300
     gagggacttg agcttgctac tagtcaggga tagccttgaa cttctgatct tcctgtctct    120360
     gtctcccaag cgctgtgcta atcctatgcc atcttgctta gtctatgccg tcttgcttag    120420
     tctatgcagc actcaagacc aaccccaggg cttcgtgcct gctaggtaag caccctgcca    120480
     gctgagtcac aaaagcgttg ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt gttgtttaat gcattcctac    120540
     tgctttgcct ctttgtattg gttttattca ccttggccca ggcccaattt tgggctacta    120600
     ggtcactcag gaagctctgt cctcaccaac attccattca ctcattcatt cattcattca    120660
     tctcgccttg gtactggggt agaagtggta aacctagggc cacgcctatc tggattcatt    120720
     tagatttgtg ttccagcagc agcccagggc tcaccacaca ctgaatgcct agaaatactt    120780
     gttgggtgga caaacaaatc aagacccaga acaagaaaaa ggaggagtgg ctggtggaat    120840
     acatgtggga gcggaacctg ccctagcaag gtgtcaggca ctctcctcca cagcccctac    120900
     cccattgtcc aaagagggtc actggggcca agggtcgtct cccaaacatg cttccattgg    120960
     gataggaagg gctctgtctc caccatggcc tacctgggaa gcccatctgg tcaccatcag    121020
     agttcctgga tcctcttcct tctccatgaa ttccctgtcc ccagggccac atgttaagaa    121080
     agcacccatc cgggctggtg agatggctca gtgggtaaga gcacccgact gctcttccag    121140
     aggtccagag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccatctg taatgagatc    121200
     tgatgccctc ttctggtgtg tctgaagaca gctacagtgt acttacatat aataaataaa    121260
     taaataaatc tttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaagcacc catcgggctg ggcagttaag    121320
     agcactgact cctcttctgg aggtcctgag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca    121380
     caaccacccg taatgagatc tgacataagt acacctcctc tggtgtgtct gaagacagct    121440
     acagtgtact tacatataat aaataaataa ttctttaaaa aaaaaaaaag gccgggcatg    121500
     gtggcgcacg cctttaatcc cagcactcag gaggcagagg caggcggatt tctgagttca    121560
     aggccagcct gatctacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag gactacacag agaaacactg    121620
     tctcgaaaaa ccaaaaaaat aaaaataaat aaaaagaaag aaagcaccca tcccctggga    121680
     agctgcagca ttctaaacag aagagcctac aagcttagat ccctgcatcc agtgccttga    121740
     agcctccatt agagtccgga agaaaagggt accaccgccc atatccaggc ccagatttcc    121800
     agtggtccca gggccctggg ctctcacggg tcacttatag cctctccagg ctataaccat    121860
     aggctcttct caccctcagg acatgtttca tgacagcttt gaatcccaga aaggaaaggg    121920
     cagttgccca aggtcacatg actaggaagg tagcatgggt caactatgaa gctgatgatg    121980
     ccgaagaagg gcaagcttga aggactacaa tgattaacaa tggcctgtca acagcaagtc    122040
     ccaacacaac tttctatgtc caaagagcct gaagggcctt gtgtgcctgt ctcattgagc    122100
     cccgaagtta taagcaggga gacaaagagg agaggcagcc ttggacacac agcaaatgcc    122160
     taaagcacaa acaaatgtgc tcatccatga ggtcactatt cacagtgctg gtccctgcca    122220
     aaggccagca gcagcggtgg cccccagctc ctgggtagat cagtctctgg gctctgaacc    122280
     tgggattgca gtgcgaccct gtggctctga tcttcaagga gagagatgga aatcataagc    122340
     agtacctcag gccaggcaag catcctgagg catgtgtgac caaactcaaa aatcacatga    122400
     tgggtgttgt cacgccattt gacagaggga aactgaggct ccaaggagga agtgatgcag    122460
     gtcacccagg acacagagcc aaggccagag catccttata gaaggatggg gtacatgtta    122520
     ctgacatgtt ctggggctct ctacaggaaa agcagtggat cccagagtcc cccagccgag    122580
     gctcctccca tcacgtgctc ctatgattgg tgccatgcct accacacagg actctatttt    122640
     gtaatttcat tttatagtca tgaaagtctc tatagggggc tggagagatg gctcagcggt    122700
     taagagcact ggctgctcta ccagaggtcc tgagttcaat tcccagcaac cacatggtgg    122760
     ctcacaacca tctgtactga aatctggtgc ctcttctggt gttgaggcat atatgtaagc    122820
     agaaagctac agacatagta aataaaggtt tgtttgtgtg tttttttttt aaagtctcta    122880
     taggatacta aacttatctc catgttccac agtggaaaca ggatcagaga ttgaagcagc    122940
     ttacccaagc ccacacggcc ataaagtggc cagaccatcc tcatgctagc gggtctccct    123000
     gttgagggtc ggagatcttg ttaactgtgt ggaccagcaa aaggagcctg ggagggttgt    123060
     tctggggtgg cggctgggga atctcactaa taacatacca gctcaataaa accaccggag    123120
     ctcaaaagcc ctgcagggca cagggccaag gagcctgctg agcaggagag gaatccctag    123180
     gcataccccc cacctccgtc cccgccccca gtccctctcc acctggttga gaggtgccta    123240
     ggggaagaca gggaagtcag cattctgagg acctccataa ttgcctctaa catccccagc    123300
     acactgggag gaagggtgat ggcaaaactg tgcggcccgc taagacagag ccagaacatg    123360
     agctcagcgt tgcagctgcg ggggtgggca ggagcagcgc gggcatgcag attggctcgt    123420
     tcaaatccta acagaagggg cccttcccct cctcctggag ggctgagccc cacccccatc    123480
     ccagctgctc tggccccgcc caccagcctg ctccccacct ctcttctcgg tcttgcttgt    123540
     ctagggtccc tcccagattc aaagaccagg gcccaaccgc agattcgcct gaacggctcg    123600
     ctccgctctt tccctccctg ctctgtctcc taccgatgag ggaaccgggg agttgttagg    123660
     ttgttttttt tttaaatcgt gttttgttta tgattttttg gataacaaga tcttagtgtg    123720
     cagtcaagga aactggctcc acacaggttc acaggcttgc atagagtctc aacgctggtc    123780
     acagaatgaa cagtgtcctt tctgaatgcc ctgcagggct ggattctcag ggctttccag    123840
     cagcaggtgt gtggcttgct cagcacctgc ctgccctccg gggcccttgg gatctttccc    123900
     caaggaagtc ctggatcttt cccaggctca cgccctcttc ccccttgggc tacctgcaga    123960
     actcctaggc tcctcccagt tctgtaccgg tcgcagcacc ctgagttcct tgttcacact    124020
     ggactgagtt ctgagagcgg aggctggctc agggtcccca cattttgggg gcttacataa    124080
     gacagactgg caatggggac ttctctcctc catccccgac ctaagtggcg ccattcaggc    124140
     tttctcctta ggcagagaag cagcaggttc cagcagtgag gtctgagagg tggatgggcc    124200
     tgacgtcttg accctggata ggtgcttctc tcctctgagg cccagccccc tcctccagaa    124260
     aacggatgca gtaataatag ctactcactg tcagtccctc tggtgtctta gccagggttt    124320
     taatattctg gattgtaggt tcttataccc attttgcaga tgaggacatt gaaatataga    124380
     agacttgatt aaaacctcaa agcccaagta tcctggagcc cagctctgaa ccatcctggt    124440
     tcagctgcag tcttcccata agaagcctgt ggtgctgagc agggaccata agtagggcct    124500
     actcagaggc caaagccaca tacaaagcag acatacaaga aacggcctct tgctgcttca    124560
     gaagggttct tgtcatacca tttcctggct atcctgtttg gaggatgtgt tgatccacca    124620
     ggggtcccca ctttgaagat ggaaaaactg aggcccagag aggcaggata atttgctcaa    124680
     ggcaagcagt aagccacagg cctaacctgg atccccaatg gggtttatga tccaaccacc    124740
     caacgagggc acctgtgaag gttggcagtg accccagact gaccttgacg tcctgttcca    124800
     gacctcggat gagttcccca tcaacctggc ctgtctgggc agcgcggagg ctgcggcgct    124860
     cagccttacg cagtcggtac tgcaggatgc gacaggtttt gctggcttgg tccagctgct    124920
     gccgcaactc ctgcagctga tacacgtctt cctccatgta gacatcccgc atctccagca    124980
     tctcagcccg tagctcctca atctcatcct gaggggtgaa aagaaagggt cagacctaca    125040
     gatgtcatgg cagtagccag ggtgcctgaa tgctggccac actcagaaag ccagctgggg    125100
     ttacaggctg aataccacca cccaaagaca gccacagcta aattcagggg atcctaaata    125160
     tatgccttcc acagcaaagg gggctttgca aacgagacta agagaagggt ctctagatgg    125220
     gagtattatt cttgaccatc tgggtgggcc atgagaggga agttagtggg agcgagcaat    125280
     gtgagggaga aataggggaa atactgacag gttgtgcagg tagagaaagg gccaccagcc    125340
     agggagtaca ggtggcctcc acagtgtgaa ccatccacaa gggccaaaag gcccaggaga    125400
     ggatgctgtt tgtctcagaa cactcagcag acatgtgagc caccaggact cgagtctcaa    125460
     agacctggaa gataatttac agccacacca ctcttacgat ttggatctta aagcgccccc    125520
     cccccccaaa gtcacttgct atgggctgag tattcctcat ggttctactg tgaagcagtg    125580
     gaccattttc aggaggcaag ggagagacat ctttggaaag ggcccttgaa aggctattga    125640
     taccctgtgc cttgcttcct ggtcaccatg aggtgacagc ctcctgcgtc acgctctccc    125700
     tgccttgatg gctctgtgtc acaggaggaa caaaatgatc ttgaacggag gcctccaaaa    125760
     gcatgggaaa cacagccttc cttctcttgt catagcgaca gagggaacag tagaggcttg    125820
     tcgcagacag aagcaatggg aaacatacac cagggatcca ctccacaaac attcatgagt    125880
     gtctgctaca taaccgacac tgtgtagcac acaaaaccag ggaaggatgt tagcgcagcc    125940
     ttgtttggaa aacaaagtaa acaaaaagca aattcagata ctgttaagta agtatcatgg    126000
     aggcaaaaat aacaaagtaa caatgtgggt tacatggcag tgagcgagga agggggccat    126060
     ctctaaagaa gggacatcta agccaaggca agaagcaaca tccagaggag ttccaggaag    126120
     agggaacagt gtgtacaaag gcttagaagt agaactcaat gtatccagac actgcaagac    126180
     gttgagtgta gtggtgcatg ccttgaagcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caagcagatg    126240
     tcaagggcag cctggtctac agagtaagtt ctgagatagc cagggctaca cagtaaggcc    126300
     ctgtctcagc tgagaaaaca aagacacatc aatgggacag gtaagatggg tcagggtgct    126360
     gcccaccaag cctagtggct tgagtttggt ccttgggacc cacgtggtag aagagaggag    126420
     agaacccact tctgtaagct gtcctctgat ctcctcatgt attctgtggc acatacatgt    126480
     acaaagaaat gtcattttaa aagtatattg gtcaggtagt gtgctgcacg cctttgatcc    126540
     cagcactcaa gagacagaca gaggcagaag gatctctgag ttcaaggcca gcctggtcta    126600
     cagagtgagt tccaggacag acaggactac ccagagagaa ccctgtcttg aaaaaaaatt    126660
     tttttaatca aaaacatatt tatttaataa tggtgcatac ctttaatctc agcatctgaa    126720
     aaaaggcaga gacaaaaagg caggatctca gagcagagtg acttgatttc agaccaggcc    126780
     agtctggtct atagagaaag ctgcaggcca gccaagtctt atacatagtg ggactattgt    126840
     ctaaaaaagc ttttgtttgt ttgttttaaa gatcgagcaa gggtcaggca cggggatatg    126900
     gaattaagaa gatcatgatt tcaaaaccag cctcatctat gtgagactgt ccaaaaccca    126960
     caaggctggg gatatggagg gatcagcctt gcaggcctgg aaggtctggt tggagttttg    127020
     agtgggggat cttcaggtga cctcgctcag gaagcccagc tactgccacc tctgtcacag    127080
     ctcctatcgg tgcctcaccc acctcagctc atctgaagct gtttggcagt tgctctccca    127140
     gtgactgtgg gaatcttcag gtcgccctac ctgcctgccc ctaccccccc cacacacaca    127200
     cccagcacct gcttagcctc ctgcacactc tcaacaggta ctaacagaac gaacgaaaac    127260
     atgcctagct aaggaagaga gaataagaga gacttctcac tgtgaaagat gggacgtgac    127320
     tcccagacac tacacagagg ggggatgtgg acgcctccca gaggaaacac ataattatgt    127380
     ctcataagaa atgtggaaac tgagtcacaa acatgaataa tatttgctgt tagctttaac    127440
     gagattacac acagaaggga aactgagtca ccagggacca ggccctgacg aaggctctgc    127500
     tcccaggaga agctcacaag gttggtactg atggaagcag ggagacaacc agaacagaaa    127560
     ggctactctg gagggctgga gtcccctaaa gaagatggga ataaagggga gggtgtaggg    127620
     gtgggatccc ctctgctccc cacaccctgt gctcgcccca gggatctgat agtctggaaa    127680
     aggaaacacg gagacctctc ctcacacctg cctgccagcc tccactgggc cgagcacagg    127740
     ctgtgggtcc acactgcagt gggaccagaa tatgtcctgg ctgcaatggc tccctgtgag    127800
     gggaaagggt gtggcttgct ggattgatgg acaggtaaga agccaaacta tccaggccac    127860
     agcacactcc aggggccctc ccatccatct gcctaacttc tggaactatt tctcagaacc    127920
     caggaaagga agacagaagt gacaaattgg cggctccacc ccaccacatg ctgtctctct    127980
     caactcacaa ctgatccaag tatccctgtg cagcaccaga ctgtgtccag agggtgtgtt    128040
     caccagcaac cggagtgggt gaccctgcct actggctgca gaggagcagt catctcaaag    128100
     tacccagagt caccacccca caccatgcca actgggcaga ccagcgtgga cagggaggaa    128160
     gtgagacagt cggtgggaga aatggggaag tgaggagccc atgaaccagc tcagctggca    128220
     gggaaggggg caggaaggaa ggggcaggaa gtgaaggcag acagctacat ccatggccca    128280
     ggctgcaggg ccttgccaac cacgagcagc tcacatgtta ccctgttatc ctgacaacac    128340
     ggtaactggg aggatgtgag ggtccaagtg actctaggtc agaatgagtc aaggggaaca    128400
     cagacatact caagctcagg ctgatgggat cacaggtgga gatgtcgctc catacagatc    128460
     acaggaggtg acatccctct atattttaag taacgggctt ttgtgaaggt agtccaccac    128520
     ggtcaaacag aaagttttga aaaatacaga aaacatcaat cacaatttct ctatctggtt    128580
     ctgaatgaca agtgttcccc aggatggtat agctcactgg cagtgtctgc caaacatgct    128640
     caggggtgtg gttctacccc agggctatgc aacccccacc ccacacatat tcccaatcca    128700
     cacctactaa gcagaaactt caggggtggg ttccccaagt gattccgagg caaggaactt    128760
     ccttcccact ttcttcccca cagaagacaa gagccccatc tcacggcaca agtccctggc    128820
     tctgagcctg acacaggcgt ctagggaaga agtgactgaa tggctatccc caacagctgt    128880
     ctctcggggg aactgccctc accacagtgc aggctgttgt gggcatgcca gttctgtatc    128940
     tgagggggtt ggggcgctga agcctctggg ggcttgcccc agctgcgggc aaaacaccca    129000
     ccagcccctc ctggcacggc ttgagttgac aaaagcaggc ttgtagccca catgggctgg    129060
     acactgtagt gcttaggcag agactctggg tatctgggtc tgaggagggg gcagggaaaa    129120
     gacagaggct cggtgtccac acccagccca gagatcttct gggcacctgg gccctacagt    129180
     cagagttttg cctttggagg ctctggggtg acaggtccag ttggagagag ctgagacaca    129240
     ggcctcctgg tttcttcaca gacagtccag aggccccaca gagatgccac ctcttgaact    129300
     cttctatagg acatcaagaa agagggatca atctcataga acaaggttct gaggttcccc    129360
     cttcccagca tgggggcact ccaaatctca ccctctacct cagatgtaaa aggccacact    129420
     gtgcagtgcc caccctggag tctgaggggc ccccagttct caaccctaca ccctgaaata    129480
     aattagaccc ctagactgtt atcaagccta aggaagctga agaaaggagt caagcagccc    129540
     cgccaggctc tgactccctg ctgccctctg tcccttagac aacatctaag tccaggttgc    129600
     agacagggag tagaagggag ggcagggtct agggacagtg cagcctgcca tgatcgtccc    129660
     tttgcaaggc tccttggctc tgttcggaag gcagtgtctg ttgactagtc tgaataaaag    129720
     caggtggctt tcaggctcat tcccctggct tccacctcag gtccaagccc ctaacctctg    129780
     accccttgcc aatctgttcc ctattctatc ttgcacctgc acccagctat actaggactg    129840
     aatggctgac cctggcccta cagggaggct cacaaacaca ggctcatcca cgcacttctg    129900
     agtgttaaat ctcttgctaa ccctgtgaga ggcatcgaaa atgctcccat tttgcagagg    129960
     gggcatctga ggctcagaag tttcccagag ctgttcaagc tagggagggg tgaagctgga    130020
     ttacatacaa ggcagtggcc ctgggccagg gcatgcgaac tgcattcttc cagctttacg    130080
     caggccgtgt gctatgctct actgaccttc accacgagaa ctcccagctc tctcggcttt    130140
     ccagaacatt cctctctctc ttccctgttc agaacctaca ccctgaactg caggtccctg    130200
     gtggtaacga cttacggtta catcggcttg ctcctcgtcg ttctacctct aactgcctga    130260
     ggaagggcag ggcagagtga ggctgggtct cacccacttc tgctccccaa catccctagg    130320
     atgtggaatg caacaggcac catgggcagg tgtgaacaaa agagaaaggc tattggcctg    130380
     cctggtctct ttccatagcc tggagccttc tgtccttttg accccagatc tagggcttgt    130440
     gtgaaagggc agggagagcc caggctgact ccagtgccac ctcaggagga tagcaaggtc    130500
     tgcctgccca gggaaccgca agcttcccac acatctccta catgtcaagt acctccgtga    130560
     gggctgccgg caggaagcaa cctctcagag atggccagtt cccaggactc ctgggaaact    130620
     ggcccggaag agtctctaag ttcaggctgg gctcgaggac ccaacatgaa ctcacaatat    130680
     tgctaataat aggcttgcag ggttgcaagg gactccacag tttatacaga cattcctggt    130740
     gaatcacctc atgagtcctg cagaaagcaa ggcaagccag gaatccgttg tacagagaga    130800
     gctgtgtgca tcaagggacc gggcctgctg agcctacccc aacaggcaga gccctgaagg    130860
     gatgcttccc tcaggtcccc tcctctctgt tggctactca acaaagttgc atctttattt    130920
     gcaacaacct cttgaaattt gcatctcctt ccattgtgga ctcaagaaca aagtgaggtt    130980
     gtatcagaag cactcaagac ttggacacca aagaaattgc taatatcttc atatcctata    131040
     acggttgttg caaaaatgtc aaaatattgt ttatactcat cagtaccttg taattacagt    131100
     agttaaagca gctatcagaa tccaagagtt aacaagcaca taactatatc atagttgtag    131160
     catactttag taattgtttc aatctagctt gaatctcctt ggatttggag gttaacactg    131220
     aaagacatta tcctgagggt ctcagcagag gttataacct ataatagggt cctataacag    131280
     tataacttat aacagtaata gggtccatgc atagaataca atgccagagc ctctattctc    131340
     ttgggagcac catgatctgc aaagcctggg ttattacccc agcccctgat agctcagagc    131400
     atcaaaaggg agaaacaaca ctggggagat ggctgggcgg gcaaagtact cgctgtgcaa    131460
     gcacacagat ctgaggtcat ccggcaccca tggataaagc caggcgtgga gacaggcaga    131520
     tccctgaact tcctggccag ccctgacttc agatccaagg attgattctg tgccgcctac    131580
     atggatgtaa gatgattgac tgtccctgag aacacagagg ggaatggctt tggtgaagtc    131640
     cttccttgta caggagtgca gactgtgtgc atgatggatc tggcctgtgg gaaatgagga    131700
     ctggacacga catccctttg cagacacaca gcaagtggca gtgggtagtc tgaccccaga    131760
     gacagtccca accaagaagg agccaagggg acataaagtt cctgaagaca agaggatgat    131820
     atgtggagac cctcaactcc ctcccactgg agaataactc ccagtgccac cctggaagcc    131880
     taatgaccac atctgagatc ccagttgtgc ccaggcaggg tcagaagctg ggaactgaca    131940
     gcctatcgca gtgagcccac agacagcaca cctgggcctc ctgctctgtc actgcctcct    132000
     aactctttac ctcagaaaca cagacttcct tgggcacatc caggtgtttg aatacttagt    132060
     gagtgcctac agcaggcctg gtggccgggc ccagattctt gtcatggtga cccttccttg    132120
     acctcagtaa gctgctccca acttagtaca agacacagta attctccctc cctctctttc    132180
     tccccccacc cccatcgctt ctccagctcc ggggattgaa ctcagcacct tgcatattag    132240
     tgcttgctct gtaccccagc tcccaaagag tgattttttt ttaatgaact atttatttat    132300
     tttatgtatg tgagtacgga ccagaagagg gcgtcagatt ccgttacaga tggttgtgag    132360
     ccaccatgtg gtcgctggga attgaactca ggacctctgg aagagcagtc agtgctctta    132420
     acccctaagc catctctcca gcctgtgatt ttttttttaa tacttaaaat gtgattaaaa    132480
     ctgtttaaat gttccctgct ttaagccctc caatgataat caaaacgtgg ggacagccca    132540
     cgtgactcct gactcacaaa tggctaagct gtgaccccac catgtaacac cagcagcagc    132600
     gaggggtggg ggtgggggtg gggtgctctg gaagcctgga gcagccgggc tttgactcct    132660
     cgaaggaagc cagccacagg agatgctgag ggtgccatgc atgtgacact gtgaatgggt    132720
     gaggctaagg gacagagaac agatcagtag tcgagggagg gctctggttg tagaggaagt    132780
     ttggctgaac aatgaacact tctaatcccc cactcccttt cttttttgat tgctaaggat    132840
     taaacccagc atctctcaca tgtgaagtcc aggctctggc cctgagctac tacatcccta    132900
     gctctcaggt ataacttata tacagtaaaa ataaaattaa atttaaaaaa aattaatgta    132960
     tccaattagg ggcctgtgag ctggttcagg gagcaaagac ccttaccacc aagcttgacg    133020
     atttgacttt aattccaaga acccacttga tgggagggga gaaccaagtt ccacaaggac    133080
     ccccacatgc acgcccacac tcacattaat taattaacta agtagataga taaatagatt    133140
     gaagaagaaa tacaatccta atgtacctag tttataggcg ttagccctta tcttgactgg    133200
     ggttaacagt tatagtacat ttatcaaaac ttattttaca gtgagacctt tttttcaaat    133260
     agacataaag caaagcagaa acagaacctc cggggggtct cgttcatcac gcagagcaaa    133320
     cctatcctag gagctcaggc tccaccaggc ccaaccctga ctcccttcac ctccatgtcc    133380
     cttaaccacc cctcacgtgg gccacactca gccacccgag tcttcctgca ccagcagaaa    133440
     tcacctggcc tgtcacagcc ttcagcctct gccattcctg tgtgggtggc ctatggcacc    133500
     tcctgtcagg cctcctgcca agccgtgcag cctacccttc tccttccctc acactgcacg    133560
     acacagttct attagtgacg ggtattttac tcatttgtct gcttggttgt ggaagaccca    133620
     cttcagtcac cagagaacgg gcacatatag aggggctcaa gaaatagcca tgagggaaca    133680
     gaacagccag gctgaaggga ggaccaccat cccactgagc agctgcagca actgtttaga    133740
     ctccgaggcc aatctccacg gaggcttcaa ctcccagcac catgacaccc gaccgcagcc    133800
     gtgacatatt ccaaatctta cccaaatgga tcatttcctg cccagctcaa aagcagactt    133860
     agggatggac aggaaaagct atgctctata tggggccagg gacttcactc taatcaacca    133920
     ctctacaaag gaccaggggc tccgctttgc cctcctcctc ccacaccact tggctaccat    133980
     ggtcctcccc tgggccaagg cccaggctgc ctacccatct gccaccctgg ctccagacca    134040
     cttgtcaccc actctggccc tggcaaccta ccccagctat ggaagagctg accagcagtg    134100
     gccacaggga cagcaggcca gccccaccca aaaggccaga aaagccatct gctgtccctc    134160
     ctcctccccg ggactctgac agggctccag atgagatcat cacagtcaga ccccaggaga    134220
     aggctgcaaa gagcttcact tccctcccag tttgaatgca aacactccag gagaagggga    134280
     actcaaagac tccttgtcct ttacagaacg cgcagtgagg ccaagaagga ctctgggttc    134340
     ctgcctcctg ttcaagctca acccagctta gcctctgtgg gcagaggttt gggggaatca    134400
     gggttaagtg tcacagagga agtcacatcc agccatgcat caccgagtta caggatctca    134460
     atgctcctgt tccattggca ctggggatat ctgaccctag agatctatga ggtcccactt    134520
     ctctgggccc tgcctctcca acaccagaga gagcagacag actgaccacg gcaggctcat    134580
     gccaacagca cacagttagt ccctccctcc ccagtaggca agaagcctga aagcagaggc    134640
     gtcaggagtc aggacttagg ctcattttga ggctcataaa tgggacaaca gaagtaacaa    134700
     cagctgggca cttccaaggg tatggcatgt gccagacacc agcagaggtg agaagctatt    134760
     ctctctttct cattggtgat actttgtggc aagctctatt cttaccctgc ccacttccca    134820
     ggggaaccaa ctgaggctga gggagggaag tgaggttgtc tccaggtctc tctctctctc    134880
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    134940
     tgtagcctag gggcagcgcc ccgaggccct gggctgctgg gcacactcaa ggaagcacag    135000
     acactgtctc tcctgtcctg cccaggaagg aaggcagctt tggatcaggg tttgttgaca    135060
     acatccccca acctctgggc ttcagccaag tctgtaacag aaaagggcag ggagtcgagg    135120
     cttgcagaat caccgagaac cacacggcct gaatccctct tgtcctttac agctaatgtg    135180
     actagcaagc aaggtgacgt aatgctcggg ctgcagttta agcctggtta gaaggaaggg    135240
     gctaagcacc ctggaagcgc cacactgcat gcagaagcag gagtggctgc tgcgaagcca    135300
     gaaatgtcct gttaacaagt ctagtcactg tgagctaaat gtcccaccga ggagtcccca    135360
     cagctcctag tacctaacac aggaaaccag gcctggagca gtccccagga gatcatggaa    135420
     aggggacagg ggaatggatc cataatgaaa gggcaaagag gacactgggg gcgtctgggt    135480
     gaaaaggctg gggaagcaag acttaaaggc agctcagccg cgcacttagc catgggctgg    135540
     gacaggagga tggtgcctag gcaaggcaga ccagggaggg gtgaccaaac aaagtctggt    135600
     gctactgaag agtcccaaag agccacggag gctcaggcag ttggggaatc acagcacaaa    135660
     cacatacaca cacatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    135720
     tacacaccag cagttgggga atcacagcac acacacatac acacacacac acatacacac    135780
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac accagtcacc tttattttca tctgtagccc    135840
     aggcaggaga tgttttacca ctatcttgga atgggccccc aagggtggtc cttcaccact    135900
     aagcgagcat caccaggttg caaatgagac acaggttttg gccatcaggg gaggagtgac    135960
     ttagggtaag tgagctgcca aggagaaatg tgtctacaca tttctggagc tgttgaaggg    136020
     taagggctga caaccaggat gagtgaaaca cagaggggac caactcctca cacaccggct    136080
     ccctcctgtt gaatgatcat ggtgacactg cagaacattt cctggagggg gaacagggag    136140
     caaagcacag gcccagatgc agcccaggct tggtccagat cccaagcttt cagaccttta    136200
     gactgagaca agggagggat gaacagtagc ttctacctcc tccgactcct gccccagctt    136260
     ggaaagccag caaaggcagc cacagtgctg accgcagggg ccccaccttc ctgcaccaga    136320
     ggggtgtgta tagactacag atgatgtcat atgttggagg ctaggggctg gccacagtta    136380
     gaaccctggc tgacagccag ccctttgcct tgaacttaac caagcccttt tctggagtgt    136440
     ccctctgcca cagaggctac ctagagcctg gagtccctcc catcttctgt atacaggaca    136500
     gaaatgggct ctcatgtgtc tgaactctta tctcccagag tatctgcaag aaagggattg    136560
     aattccctct atacagactg gaagactgag gttccaagag gcaacatgca caggaaggga    136620
     cataacaagg tgtggcttgg cctcggacct gattctaaag acggagtgtg cctgtgggac    136680
     ctcacagtct tccttgcttt tgccttcatt ggcaccctga gatagcagca attttgtgcc    136740
     tagtgctagg gccacctggc cccagccctg ctacaaacca acaaaactat cttccagcca    136800
     agggtctact gctcaggtac ctagtgtcct tcctaagtcc tcctgacctt ctactactcc    136860
     tcaaccccaa cccctagttc catgactctc acacccatga ctcaactatt ctttcctccc    136920
     tctcgctctg tcctttcctg acaggtctca ctatgtagta accagctggc cttgaactcc    136980
     tgccccagcc tcctgagtac aaggactgag cgtacatacc tccacacctg gctccagccc    137040
     tcctttccaa acctactatc catttctagg ccagaaccat agctgatcaa ttaagcatac    137100
     acatctactt agtgagcccc tgcaaggcgg caggccctta tccagaagct gagcactgag    137160
     gcagccaatc aggcaaatcc ccagctgtga cacctcctcc tccaggaagc ctgctcagct    137220
     gctcttaggt gcgtatacct cttctcactt ctagactagt tctagactag gcatgggcac    137280
     cctctacaga tcagggcatt gcggcctctg tgacttgcag cagagggagg cagggtatgc    137340
     aggaaattcc aaagggatta gaagagttac cctgaggcac cgttccttct gtggcaggct    137400
     tgacatgtgt ctatttccct tagtcccaca gggcgtggct ctggagcctg ggcaacttag    137460
     atgcagtttc tccagttatg gagacctcca gactccacct gcagccctcc tcagctgggc    137520
     ccctgggacc ccagatccag acagttacaa acccagtcct gacgccactt atggtcccgg    137580
     cagcaagaca agaagcctta tgaaacagct ggaaacagaa gagtcataca cagtagctcc    137640
     ggggaacact gaccaagagt tcctgtgttt atgtgcgtag gtgaaatgtc accgtcagtg    137700
     taaatagacg tgcgtgtgca tgagcatgta tgtctgggtg ccctggttaa gcaaacacca    137760
     tgtctgacat ctgcatgatc aacccttgtg ttggtgctaa tgtgtgcgga ggttgggtcc    137820
     atcctgcctg cgaacctctt tgtgggtatt catgtgacat ctgttgaacc ccaggtactt    137880
     gtgcaaaggt tgcttgctct ctgaggaaga ggtggcactg ggtactggag tggatggtgt    137940
     ctgtgtcccc tgacaagtct ctgggatcct atggatgctg gtgcgtatag ataatgtctg    138000
     tgtgcacgta tgtgcacact ttcccgtgta tatggacttc ctgtgtctga gagtgtcttc    138060
     aggctgtgtg agggagtgtg tacttcccag cctggcgtct cctgctgcta agtgttgtgt    138120
     ttggtagtgt gtggcatgaa gggtctgtct gtcactttcc atgtggatcc acagtgaacg    138180
     tgtctggagg ctggtttctg gaagcatata gcataagtga gtcactgaat gtatacatca    138240
     gccaggcatg agtaactgtg ggtctctagg cttgagctct gaagaagtgt gcatgtgttt    138300
     atgtgtacag ggctgtgtcc agggacacag gcccagcccc ttgcagagtg cgccgagctc    138360
     tgtggtatcc tctggccaca gcagctgccg cccacatttt ccatcctgct ggagctgctc    138420
     ccccaacctc caagccctgc tgcacccccc ctccccagaa gctacaactc agggcaggaa    138480
     ccaggggaca tcgctgacat ggtgacaggc tgggtccctc ctctcctatc tcccaggagc    138540
     tttgaaggaa ctgcctcagg catgccactc acaagactct gggctacatc agaggaaggg    138600
     agggaggaag agagggaaag gatggtgatt gggttggcac atttactgag caatggacac    138660
     tgcatcctca caattaagag gtccatgaca attcaatccc cattttacag acatgtataa    138720
     aatgccccag aggcacaccc ccacctacag gcttagatag atatcaatca gccttttagg    138780
     tttttgtttt ttgagactca gtcttagccc aagctggcct tgaactcact acactgccga    138840
     ggatagcctt cctctgcctc ccaaatggca ggattacaga cgggcgtgtg ccagcattcc    138900
     aggcttattc ggatctaggg atggagccag ggctttgtgc atgctgagca gacactgccc    138960
     caactgagct tactcaccat ggctgcctac aaatcttggc ctggcacctg gcccacagga    139020
     ctcctctcac caacctctat ccaagaccag acacgccagt agcgatcaaa agcacagtct    139080
     cgccggccac atggcagaag gatatggacc aagagtgaac agcaaggttg gaatatgggc    139140
     tgtatgacag aatcctggag tctccacttg cccatctata taatggcaat cgccagtcag    139200
     taagggcttt tctctgggac ctgtgactcc cagctggaac ccccaggcag gggcctagtc    139260
     tccccactgc cagcctgtgc aggggggaat gtgatcttgc ctgtctatcc tgcctgaagc    139320
     gggagggttt attaaccctc aagggctgag gatgcccacc ctcccgactc ctcccagttc    139380
     ctccgaaaat gaacaaacag acatcctgtc tgctcattgg cttgaaatcc taacagttcc    139440
     tcacaataca aggatctcac tttcagatgc tttcttcact atttacatct accctgatta    139500
     ctgagaaaat ccttggagag tgtccaggca caccccatcc gtcatctcca ttatacaaat    139560
     gaaacaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaac aagagcatcg cggagaggtc cagcccttga    139620
     ccatgaccac acagcaaagg tagaatcagg gctccaagcc agatctttga gctccagtac    139680
     tctgagatac aacatggccc agggggacaa ggggaacggt tagtggtcat agggacctca    139740
     ggccactggg tcaaagtcag acccagttaa cctggctgct ctacagctaa agttgtattt    139800
     ctgggtccta aaaaccacat cggatgaccc ccccaccccc ccaccccccg cagacacctt    139860
     gactagaagg gacctcatgt cagactgtag ccaccacaca tacctcccca gttgcacccc    139920
     agggatcaca accaacacta agaaccattt acatgatgct cccaccaacc ctatgcctgt    139980
     atccaggcct ctctgcatag ttcaagtgac accaagctca ccaccttccc tgcagaagtg    140040
     ctttctgtct tttcactggc agaggctaga ggttctgcta cctctctaac ttaggtccta    140100
     gagcaggggt tcttaagaca ggagatatgc agttacccaa gggtccttcc tggttgacag    140160
     tttacccaca ccgtgccacc cctagcgcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    140220
     acagggaggt gaacctgacg agagagccag ctagagtcca gggcattccc tggactcaga    140280
     aggtcagtct gcagtgcaca ccctggggat ttggagtcat tttccttcta acccagtttc    140340
     tgtacctcag atgtaaagta gtttagagaa acaggaaaca ctcaggagac tgcttctccc    140400
     tgactcccag ccctggctgc ctggagcagg tcgccttcct gctctggcta agccagcccc    140460
     tggcactgtg acaacataac acctccagta agaagctgcc ctgtaggtgt acagtccaca    140520
     ctcccagggc ttttactgta tctccgtgag ggcagacact gtggaaaaca gccctgcaga    140580
     gcagtgtggg tactgcctga atgcatgcag caagagttgg catggctccc ttcctcactc    140640
     gcccaacttt cttcagtcta gaatgttttt cttgcagctc ctcatttggc tgtctacatc    140700
     atctcccaac tcctggcctc catgagtcct ctgccccacc tccacaaagc tcacccttat    140760
     caccaggcgc attgtgtttt gttgtgacta ttgtttaact cttggtgtca cagaggctct    140820
     ccctagttca ctcatactcc aaaatctgct ctaagcaaac agtgactgac tggatggatg    140880
     gatggatgga tggcctcgag gtaaggagga agaccccagc ctgatcccat agaatccaca    140940
     aaagaatgtg acagatgcac aaggcaccat gctctccatc ctgagagcag caggagatct    141000
     cagccaccgc atctgaagtt tcctaccgtg ccaaatgctc tagctacgtg cacatttaat    141060
     ctttaaggat gatctgtgtg tacttattca agtcttaaga tgagaaaact caggtccaaa    141120
     catggtaagt aatgtgccca agattacaca gccaggaagc tacagatcca acaggggcct    141180
     gaagctttcg cccaaaaact caactgaatg gttggcagaa agtgaggctc agtctggccc    141240
     tggaactgga actcaaccca gtcttggtct ctaggagaac ctggactcga cccccagcct    141300
     cctgggacca ctttcccatc tacatactca tgggtagctt cagatggagt tagggactct    141360
     gtctgaccac ttcctgggag cacaggaaag ggcccgggat ctgggcagga agaaaccaaa    141420
     ccaagaactg tgagttgtgc tcatctggtg ctcgggtcca ggtctggagt agctcaggct    141480
     gggaattcag gaagccacga ggagcatctc ggaagactga ctccatcctc agggcctgca    141540
     ctctaaccac tgacttcaga agacttcgcc ctctaactga accccagctc ccaaatgtca    141600
     acagtgagta acacctttgt gaagacttac actcccattt aactgaaaaa aaaaaaaaat    141660
     ggaggcctgg tttggggaag gcccaggcta caaacaggtg gtaaataatc ctttgtcaga    141720
     tagacctgtg tcctctagtg tacaggagtt tcctgagaac atgctggata gaggacccaa    141780
     aggaaagcaa gagggacacc ccaacatcct aaggaagact cccccgacag tagaagcaag    141840
     aggcagttaa gtgccacagg gcagacatgt cattagagtg ctgtcaactc aatggctcct    141900
     ggccagggca ctctgggtgt tgtgccaggc catcaactgt caagtgcaga caatactgta    141960
     gcctcttcca gcagcggcag tgcagcccgt gaagatccca gcttcccaca ccaaggtcaa    142020
     gaagccaggg caggactgtc cccatagctg ccaccatgtc aaagaagagg cagccagagc    142080
     atgggctgca cctaggtgcc cagtcaccga cgattgcttc tcccagacag ctctccaggc    142140
     ccacacacag agggaatacc cctaaccagc aggacagttt ccctcttccc acagggagca    142200
     cgggccaagt ctgcccaaac ctctctcaga ggggacagaa gacaatatcc tgggattgag    142260
     gaagtggcct ctgaaccagt tctcccacga catcatcctc ccaggctgtg ggaccgttag    142320
     actgggcgga agtggactcg agccaagggg atgttcccag atgtcacgct ttcaaactgg    142380
     atccgcccca aaaggcaggc gaggacaggc ctgccgggga agccctgggt aaggacttag    142440
     gatggtgttc tgcctctcct tgccagggga tagcacggtt tccctggcag cctaacacac    142500
     ggacattggt tccagaacag agagccgaga aagcctgctg atctgggacc ggggtcctgg    142560
     gcaggttaga gggggggaag gtcagccttg gctgactatc cccactcacc catcagaacg    142620
     tgtcctctaa aacagtttta ccgcgggtgg gaaagtgcac attggggtcc tttactcggt    142680
     gtcttatcca taatcctcct caccggaaaa gtgggaagag aaggtggggc actctccctg    142740
     cttggtcagc gccctggact cttgagcccg gatgaccagt cctctcccgc ccctgcgcct    142800
     cccccatccc ccccaggtcc ccaccttgag atagtcgttc tcggaacgca gctcttccag    142860
     ctcccgcacc aagcctccgg gcccacagtc cagcatctcc tcggtgaggt cggagaaggc    142920
     tagcgaggcg ctgagtggca agcggctgct gcccaccgac gatgcggcca ccgacggctc    142980
     atccggggag gcgggaggcc gcggaggctg ctgccccgac tgcgctggct ggggcggctg    143040
     cccggtgcgg gtccccgccg ggccgcccgc cgcagactcg gcgtcgctgc tcagcgccag    143100
     ctccaggccc aactggcgcg cctcctccga cgcgcagtcc gacacctcgg agctactgtc    143160
     cgtgaggctg ggcggcggcg gcggcgggcg gggcccggta ccgggacgag ggcgaccctt    143220
     ggcgcggacc cccgtgcgca ccccggccac ccgaggcccc gtgcctcggg taccaggagc    143280
     caccgcgcgc cccttcttgt cgggcctcgc cgaggacgcg gtgccacagg ctgtagcgga    143340
     gcccgggcct gtgccgcggc ggcctttggc cagagaccag ccggccacgt ccttgggccg    143400
     ggctggtgat ggcgcgcggt ggcttttctt cctctccgcg gcgggcgcgg gcgcaggcgg    143460
     ggggccgtag ccccgcgccg atgactctcc cgctggcgtc tccatcgcgg cctccccggg    143520
     tctcagcgag cggcgcgcat ggcccgggag tggccggctt gggtgtccct gcggcgggtc    143580
     tcggatgcgc tcccgccgct caggccgcga ctgcgctccg gtctcctgcg tccgggggct    143640
     gcgctcgggc cctgccccgc gccgcgcggc ctctccgcca ctcggtgctc tcagcgcgcg    143700
     gcccgatctc ctccaggcgc cgcgactccg actccggctc cgcccggtgc ccgccccctc    143760
     cgcctcgccg cgcccccgga gtgcgcccgg accccgactg cagcctgctc ggcgatcgcc    143820
     gcctcggact cccagtccgg ctgaggccag ggccccggct ccgcccggcg cggcccgccc    143880
     cccacgcagc cccgccagct ccccgccccg ccgcctcggc tcgggggcgc gcggctcggc    143940
     gaacaaaagg cggacgcggc gggagcagcg gggagggacg cgagcgggga gcgagggagg    144000
     gatccgcgag gcaacagcga ccccctcgag ggtcaggcgg gcccgggcag ccgcggcctc    144060
     ggctcgctcc cgccgctccg ggccgccggc cgctcctctg cgggctgggg gatcacaccc    144120
     ggccgaggag cctggaagcc cggcgtcgcc gtaggggcct cgtggacgac aggagagact    144180
     attccctggc agaggccccg cggacctcaa agggccggag ccagcatcca tgcacaccca    144240
     gcaccgcgcc gcgcgcccct tgtgggtgct gagcctgcgc gaactccgcc ccctttaact    144300
     gggcatgaca aacgacccca tcctatagaa ccttaaactg aacacgacct ggcacgcggt    144360
     cggttcttgg tctgagaagg aagcaggatg gatcctacag agtatgctgg actccttttg    144420
     cctcgtctat ctgtccgctg ccattggaac cgtggcgttc cgcgtgcatc ttggatcttg    144480
     cacaccctag ttgcctatga acccgggcat agtcttgtct ccccgacccc aatttcatgg    144540
     tctttgcgat taacttcagg ctgtgccttg aggatgccag accgttaggt gcttaggggg    144600
     caggttctag gccggttagg ggctggcatg ggactgtgac cctgaatacc aacagggtca    144660
     gattgactcc accacagact ccaaggcccc agtattggtg ggcatggttt ctttcctctt    144720
     gagctattca ggctatcaga gttaatttct cagaatccct tacaccttcc tcacctctgc    144780
     cctctccaca ctgtgcctaa accatagtaa gttctttggc cctgggaagg cactcatcag    144840
     catggtagct gcccagtctc ttgccaccca gaaggtagct cgtacacaca cacacacaca    144900
     cacacacaca cacacacact atgcagcctc tttttcttcc tttagaccct tctcggtctt    144960
     tctctcccct tctcttttcc cccttctttt ccatgggttc ctcgtcctcc tcttcttccc    145020
     tcatctttac tttggctcct cccctttctc ctaacctgac ctacatcatg gccaactagt    145080
     tcaaggtcta ctcctttttc ttttattgac ccaccatcca cctcgaagta caagcaggtc    145140
     tgcctagcac ctgggaaccc tgaggaccct ggggagtcct cctacaccca agccgcggag    145200
     tccagtccta gcctgctcta atgggtccat tacaagttca ttatcgtgat tgtccctgct    145260
     cttaaggggc tcattgaagt gatacagaga gaatgtgcag ttcttgaaac ttgttgcttc    145320
     ctatagaaca tgggtttttg cagtgtgagg gcatatgcat gagaccatcc tcagctgggt    145380
     aggcactaat gcagaccatg ctccatattt caacaaagaa tcttagaatt ctccccccac    145440
     acctctctct caagatggtg tctcatttta ttgccaggct ggccttgaat tcatgggctt    145500
     aagctttcca aacagctggg agtacaaaag tctgtcaact cttgtctcag aaggattaag    145560
     gaactttttt ttggcttttc gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggct gtcctgaaac    145620
     tcactctgta gtccagactg gcctcgaact cagaaatcca cctgcctctg cctcccgagt    145680
     gctgggatta aaggcttgcg ccaccaccgc ccagcaggat taaggaattt atgtctggtt    145740
     gcattctcca aaaagaagca catgatatat attccaattg ttgttgtagt agtagtagta    145800
     gtagtagtag tagtagtagt agtagtagta gtagtaatgt gtgcatgtca cacatgcata    145860
     cacacacaca caagtgcaca catgccacag tgcacataaa aggtcagagg acaactttta    145920
     ggagttgctg tcacccatcg gatcgctagc tcttctcata gccatcctgg cactgccaac    145980
     agcctcaggg tctgcttcct gccctccagc ctgggcagaa gacctctgtg gcatggcatg    146040
     gcatggcatc tggcaagccc tcactcacaa gctttctctg ttgctccctc tctccatccg    146100
     tggaatccgg tcaccacatg aaaagtacgg ttaggtctca tggggtggtc ccgtaaagtc    146160
     cgtccagcca actctagctc tagtccccac tggctaccgg accttacaga agcttccctg    146220
     acagcctgga gccaccacca gtgaggagta gagaagtgaa ttctctcacc agccctgcca    146280
     cctaaactgt agaacaactc tctgaaggca ccagggtttg cctgccccaa tttttttttt    146340
     tttcacacag tagtgggtta ctggaatgca cagccaaagt cagacatccg gtcaaggagg    146400
     aagccttcga tggtggcttt agtggcgggg atggtgaccc aaatggaaga ccagcttctg    146460
     ctttcccatc aagctaccaa actgaccaac aggatggaaa ccaagtagaa actaactcac    146520
     taaagtgaag attgttttca tcatacaaat catgaaagaa ataagccact ggctggtaaa    146580
     tggaacccat gtgaacgggg ttattgggga accctctcga ggaagtgacc tgtatgctga    146640
     gttagccaaa gggcctggga agagaatctg gggcagactg aagagcaagg gcaatgtccc    146700
     tggaggagga gagagtgtga cagatgttca gggaggggtg attagtgtgg ctggaaaccc    146760
     ctgggagata aaggaacgga aagcacggat tggattgttc ccagtgcagt gacaaacact    146820
     ggaacctcta agcagggagt cacagcatct aatttacatc cggaagtaga tctctctcgg    146880
     ctgacaagaa cagcttaggg gttgaggaac atgactgtgg gggctaagcg ggctctgatg    146940
     catctagaag ccatagaaaa aggatacatt ctgctttaaa gagccagaca ctgttggccg    147000
     gaagcgagga ctcgagtgag tgatgtcaag ttcatctcct gtcacctgct ttagagacag    147060
     agcagtgaca gaacagccac tgtttgcttc agcaggaagg acaggcttgg aggtatggaa    147120
     gggtaagaga gcctcagttc atagaggact gggtcagttt gaagcatccg tggagatgtc    147180
     caaagagaga cccagaggga ggatgtcagg caggtgccat aactacctga gttcagagga    147240
     tagcaggatg gcccagtaag cacaggtatg tccccttctg gtcattttct cttggttatt    147300
     ttcaacttgt gttgctgaaa tcatacagaa ttgtagattc cgtgcttagt agagcagagg    147360
     aaacactccc cacacattcc taaacccttt gcaaaaagcc tccattttca tacttgaaag    147420
     taatccttgg tgtgagtatt tcaccggcac tcacctttcc cctccagtag atacattgtt    147480
     tcctgaccgc taggtagagt ggatacatcg tttcctgact gtgctagaca cagtggatac    147540
     attgtttcct gactgcgcta ggctaagtcg cattgatgtc aacctctaga aacgaaggag    147600
     agatggctca gcagttaaga gcatgtgttc cttatggaga ggacccaggt tcagttctct    147660
     atacccactt ggtgactcac aaccaaccat ctgtaactct agttccaagg gatctgatac    147720
     ctcttctgat ctgctgggca tcaggaacac ctgtggtata ggtagagaca agcatgcaaa    147780
     atgctcatac acataggata accccctacc cccaaatctg aggcaacaca gtgaatgcta    147840
     ggtcacccat gaggatatag agaaaccctc tctcaagaaa ttaaacacca gggatatagc    147900
     tcaattgtag gatgcttgct tagcgtgcta aggtcctggg ttccattctt agcaccatac    147960
     acaacaaaag tcattcctgg ggtgacggtg gccttctgaa ggggaccatg aacagtctgg    148020
     tggcagagaa aggtgaagag agctgcatgg cagaggaggg ctgctaggcc cctggcccct    148080
     ggattccaac ggtggcatct ctgaaggggc tgtcacctga caagggggtg ttcctgtcaa    148140
     atcacatacc aaatcttcag gacatgagga cacagaacag gacagcgagg caaacctcac    148200
     tggtctctca gagtgcttgg tggtcagtta ttaaatgtag gggaaggggg ctggaga       148257