ID   AL669926; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 226854 BP.
AC   AL669926;
DT   14-JAN-2002 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 14)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-74K21 on chromosome 2
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-226854
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Tracey A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 6a0f81b9e12ab9103452da17e79edcfa.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456095.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000027569; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000027570; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000038932; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000049401; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026995; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026996; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026997; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026998; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026999; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026961; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026962; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026963; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026964; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026965; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026931; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026932; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026933; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026934; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026935; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026970; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026971; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026972; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026973; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026974; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026711; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026712; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026713; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026714; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026715; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027416; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027417; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027418; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027419; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027420; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026170; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026171; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026172; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026173; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026174; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026688; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026689; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026690; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026691; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026692; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026826; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026827; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026828; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026829; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026830; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026792; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026793; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026794; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026795; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026796; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026927; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026928; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026929; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026930; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026931; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026811; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026812; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026813; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026814; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026815; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027475; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027476; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027477; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027478; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027479; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025906; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025907; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025908; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025909; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025910; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026242; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026243; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026244; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026245; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026246; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL669926.6:1-226854; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000029085; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000029087; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000037877; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000103059; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000132527; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000161425; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000169630; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0059719; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0059721; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0059727; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0059729; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0059735; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0059752; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0059754; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0059760; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0059762; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0059768; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0059688; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0059690; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0059696; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0059698; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0059704; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0059681; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0059683; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0059689; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0059691; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0059697; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0059370; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0059372; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0059378; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0059380; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0059386; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0060148; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0060150; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0060156; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0060158; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0060164; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0059660; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0059662; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0059668; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0059670; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0059676; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0059342; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0059344; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0059350; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0059352; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0059358; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0059449; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0059451; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0059457; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0059459; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0059465; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0059430; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0059432; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0059438; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0059440; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0059446; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0059558; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0059560; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0059566; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0059568; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0059574; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0059416; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0059418; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0059424; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0059426; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0059432; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0060336; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0060338; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0060344; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0060346; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0060352; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0059230; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0059232; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0059238; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0059241; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0059247; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0058643; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0058645; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0058651; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0058653; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0058659; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; E9Q5K1.
DR   GOA; Q32NY8.
DR   InterPro; IPR008160; Collagen.
DR   InterPro; IPR011598; bHLH_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR012423; Eaf7/MRGBP.
DR   InterPro; IPR036638; HLH_DNA-bd_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:1920497; Mrgbp.
DR   MGI; MGI:2672878; Tcfl5.
DR   MGI; MGI:894686; Col9a3.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q9DAT2; MRGBP_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q5K1; E9Q5K1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q32NY8; Q32NY8_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-74K21 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..226854
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-74K21"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    118666..118666
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 400bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    118667..118684
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 226854 BP; 57220 A; 56000 C; 55785 G; 57849 T; 0 other;
     gaattcctag gtcatataac cacaaataaa ctaggtaaat ggaagattcc aggactaggg        60
     taaaccaggc accccaacct tctccctgac agttgcagag tatgacaggt gacttccaca       120
     ggctcccagc cagcaatgat cctgtggcac cctgatctct ccccttccac ttccatcctg       180
     cctccctgcg gtgtctctgt ccctttgctg ttactgtccc agtcacttct ctctctatcc       240
     ctcgccctct ttctgtgtct gactttctct acctctggat ttcccgagat gcttaccaga       300
     gaccccaaga gtgtgaagcc catcttcact gagcacctgt gctcactgga gcacactcag       360
     catcttatgt gcatcttacc tgtattcact gtcttcgacc ttaggggcta actcctatgt       420
     cttggccaag ctgggtgtgg agaacaaaag cccttggaac ttgcattgct ccctctggga       480
     gctttttcag catggcctct caccatttct cctcccttac agtagaatct tggtgcccga       540
     ggggccttgg gcagcctttg tcccagaccc accaggtttg ctggagagaa aaggcataag       600
     gacttaggtt ccattaaagt ggagacattt ctccttaatg gctgcctttc acctgctctt       660
     gcagagattt acaggcaaat gtgtcttggg cagaagccat ctacatggag gggaaggggc       720
     tactgtgcag agatctgcat tccctagctc tggggacagc cacagactct gttggctcag       780
     taccagtgca tacttccagg taggcttcaa ccttcttggg gcatgcaagt ggcaaaaggg       840
     gatgttctgt agccctggcc acaggcctgt ggatacacac tgtatggttg cctgacccca       900
     tacttagaca tgttcccacc tgaacacaaa gttccccgtc tggaggaagc tcctgggccg       960
     gagtccatgg ccaagtgata gtaaggctat ggatttctta ccttgaatca aggcctcagt      1020
     tgtagcttct aggtcatcac atgacttttc ctggggtaat atgaatagat gtctgtttac      1080
     catggatagg gtaccaatga cagacccaag acaaaaatcc ctccccaacc tgaactctgt      1140
     gagcttgttg agttgcatga gtgaggggtt atttacagaa tgagcaactt agatgtattt      1200
     gcatcactgt aaagcccacc ccagcatgga taaggacttg tggaaacagc atctttggag      1260
     cccccttctc aacttgcagg cagttcctcc caagagtcct ctctccccat gactgcgcac      1320
     tgcatatgta accttaggaa ggggctttgt gtgtcttgta agtctggtga aattcctact      1380
     taggagccct cctcccccac ttcctctttc ttttccagga gggagtgttt caagttagag      1440
     gagacagtta caggtctggg aatcacctgc ctttgtggta tgtaggatgt tggtgtggct      1500
     tccaccagag tacccacagc tggggcaact gttctgaagg tgtccaagaa gctgctgtga      1560
     ggcaggaagc cgttggctcc attttgtttc ctgcttctcg ctagtttgag tgttaagcca      1620
     aggaaatggc tagagttgga aacctcatct cagcaggaca gaagctccac aggaggccct      1680
     ggtccaacta cggatgtcca tatggcttct ccccagatca ctgaggtatc ctagtagttg      1740
     gtcaggtctc acggagatct atactcctct ctctgggagt tgcccacaag catcctttgg      1800
     atcctttgct ttggtgcctg gtgctttggg catctgactt tctcaagaag acacttaagg      1860
     gacttctggc agagtggcat tagagggagt gactatgtgc tgtctgagag tcaggtccac      1920
     agagctaggc taccagctca aacttcttgt ggaagttgtc aaatgacagc ctcttgtgga      1980
     agttgccaga tagcaaagtt gctcctgata cattgtggtg cccacgccac cccttaccag      2040
     cccaatttgt aatccttcaa gacctctagg ttaggggaag cccactcatg tctccattga      2100
     atgagtggcc aggagtgttt gaaggctaga ccatggctga ggctggagtg gagatgtggc      2160
     agatatcgag ggaagcagag gaaaggtgtg tgatttaggg gagtcttctt tgttttaaga      2220
     cagtgtctct caggctttga aacccagtct ctaaggacag aaagggacgt ggtagtctca      2280
     agttcttcca gctctgtaga attagggaag aaagtggctc tgactatgga acagttccca      2340
     gatctctctt ttcccctaga attcatgtct gatttcagtc tttgtcctgt gtgagtcagg      2400
     cctttccaga caaacagagc aaacagggtc tatgtctata cccattcatt tttatccatc      2460
     cattattgat ctattctctg tggttagtcc ataatctatc tgtctaccta tctgtttgtc      2520
     tgtctatatg tatctatgta tctgtctatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta      2580
     tgtatgtatg catgcatcta tttatctatc tatctatcca tccatctatg tatctatatc      2640
     tgtctatctt atatccatcg atctacctac ttatgggcac tgtgttaagt gtctttagca      2700
     tatgaaacac tcagcaacag ccagatggag tttgaatgtc agctgagcac cttgggcaga      2760
     tgagctgaca cataaaactg actataacac tctctcacag tgatggggag agggtgtctt      2820
     ccaaatccta ctcagagact gaggcttttt atagttcagg aattaggtca gattttctgc      2880
     ccaggttttc caggaggccc aagattcggt actgatgaga tgcaggcgtg tctgtgaggc      2940
     ctgggtgtga gggagcctgc aggcatggct gttcctggac aggcaccagg gctccaccca      3000
     tgctcatccc ttcactttct aggaagctct tgtggcttgg cctggccctg tgccaagaac      3060
     aggtagccca gcatctttct ggattcataa tccagcaggg aatcaggaaa cctacacagg      3120
     aagaccaggt aacagtgggg ctcacgagga gtgttaattg cctggttttg ttcaaggagg      3180
     cctccctgaa ggagggagca tgtaaaatga gattaaagag gttgaaacag gggagctcct      3240
     cccccactac ccccaggcct gctgtctacc taggagttgg agtatcctct aggccatggg      3300
     gctttgtgta aatgtgccct attatacact aatggcatat tctgcaggat tctgaggctc      3360
     ctttctctga gatgactcta gattgtgtca acttgacaca caaaaccagc cggtacagag      3420
     gccaagggaa acagaaatag tcgattgggg agagggaggt agctactcat ctgggccaga      3480
     cagagtgaac ggaaggaagc ttttaaactg gggaggaaag gtgtctaggg acctaaaggg      3540
     accaaatact gtacaagttg aggtacatcc gtgcctcaaa gcaggaacag ttctggagaa      3600
     tacacacaac catgtatgca cccctcaaat acctgaaaat atgtgtcatg ctccccacaa      3660
     acacatacgt tcacaagcat gtgtcctaca aacacattcc acaagtacat actgttttat      3720
     gttgtaaaac tcttccctaa gaccaatggg gagtgaactg cacaaagtaa ttccattttg      3780
     tcctgggtat agctgattcc acccaactat ccccttgtcc catggacaac aaaacataat      3840
     attcccatga agtcacaccg cagcttcagg ggatggggtg ttcactgttt tacaacataa      3900
     acctaaacca aactgtttta atcaaatgaa ctgaaaaatt tgaaacttct gccctctggc      3960
     aggcccctgg tgtgctgtag gtgtgatttg gggatttata aaccctgctc cacatctctt      4020
     agtggttggg aggtctttca tgtgtgagcc tgctctcaac tgccagaaaa taaagaactc      4080
     ttgatctggc ctatatggag tggcttttcc tatgtctcac atggttacaa caacacttgc      4140
     acatgcatag cccataagag cccacgtgca cgtgtgtgtc cacatgcaca cacacacatg      4200
     cacagacaca tacacacaca tgcacacaca cacatgcaca gacacataca cacatgcata      4260
     cacacacaca tacacacaac ccacacctac ccaccaatgc gcacacacat acacacacat      4320
     gcacacatgc atgcactata aatattatag atcacaccct ccatataata cataccccat      4380
     aagcaatacc acagtcaaat acacccccac tacatgtttg catctacatc cacaagcaca      4440
     cccccaaaga catgtcatga gcaaggcata tacatccctg cacacccacc ccaggcacac      4500
     atcacacaat gcatgctcgt ccctcccaag tagggtctat caactacact gacacagcaa      4560
     ctggagaggg aaggtttggt gcggccatgt gacttcagcc tgtgccatcc aggatgctct      4620
     cggctcaggt ccatctcttg ctgactctgc tgtggttggg tcttgactgt cactttgaca      4680
     ggacttagaa ccacttagta ggcatagcac tgtgtatgcc tgtcggggtg tttccagaga      4740
     agtctaagag gcaagaccca tgtgaatatg ggcaacatca tctcatgcaa tgggttcctg      4800
     ggacgagcca gcagagcaac cagtactcat tgctctctgc ttcctggttg tgggcaaact      4860
     gtgacggggc tgccttgtgc tcctgtcagg ttgctttcac tgccgtgaaa ggcaggaccc      4920
     tcaaatcacg ggccaaaata aaacttttct tcttaagctc tttttgttgg gggtctttaa      4980
     tcacagcagc agggggaaaa ctaaaacgga gcacttgtgg tgggtccaca gagcatgcgc      5040
     agcttgtttc cagcaccacg gagagcaacc gaggggcttt ccttgggcac ggatcctacc      5100
     ggagtagtga ctgctctgag ctctggcgga caggagggca gaaagccaag tcagcctggg      5160
     ctttcagagc attttaagga tggttttatg cttctttctg tcaagacaga aagcactgca      5220
     ggggcttagg taacagcttc ttgttactga ctgatatgag acaaaaatgg acagtctcat      5280
     ttggggcatg aataaccaat ttcttacaaa tactccaggg ttttgaatca agttttccgg      5340
     taaggatgac ctcatcaaat tcatcttctg ggggtatttt gtgagaaatt cgttctatcc      5400
     tggcacctac ctctgaggca ggcttcctcc ctgaaacccc cccacacaca cacacacaac      5460
     ccacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacattaaa agggagacta aaggagaggg      5520
     aagggagtaa cagacaaggc tgagaagcaa gcaggcaaag gggatggatt cagagtctgc      5580
     ctcaaagctg ctctccgcag ccacctgtca gtgaccagcc tgtgagaggg gctcagggct      5640
     tcttagctct tgggtacttg agtttcatgg ttggcatcga ccatccactc agaaatgtgg      5700
     gaatatggtg agatagtctc atgtaaggac ttttttcaaa gagccagctt cccccgaatc      5760
     tccaccacag ggattagagc tatcctctac atgtgtttcc ttacacaaac aaacaaacaa      5820
     acaaacaaaa acaagccaca gggagcctgg aagccatctg agagcagaga agtcttccat      5880
     ccatggtgga tttgcctgca cagttgattg tctgtgtcag tcagatgggt atagacttag      5940
     ccagatccaa gataccacaa aacccctgtc tccaccatga agaatccctg gctggtattc      6000
     tgagcagagc tatcccaaac aactccactg cagtcacatg agctgatgct gagataccta      6060
     gcagtggcta gaaaggctgg gaggccgaca tcatctcttc tgtactctca cagcaggatg      6120
     ggcctcacgg gagctcacag atcctccaag acatccaagt gagtaagcag aaagccacat      6180
     gtgtctgttt cagagtggat ccagcccatg actgggtaaa ggatccttaa agtggtagcc      6240
     ttaaagctga ggccttgccc tgggatataa tgacctcagc cttgaaggct cagccttaat      6300
     ggggtgtctg agtctgcctg atgctttcac ccaccacttt tgctaatgtc tttgtaccag      6360
     cttgagaagc acctaacaga aggaggctgc taaggagcct tcctgacccc tgcaggggaa      6420
     gtcaatcctc caggggacta ggaccatggg ggagactggg acaagtgaac ataggtaact      6480
     ctgtaccaac ttcctcaagt catatgacaa gctgagggca cgggtggcag attctcctct      6540
     gcttctttca ttttgcgttc agtctggaga tggggtggga ggtcccatta agactgaggg      6600
     tcagagccag gagactgcct tgctcttgga ggtctgggtc agaattaggt tggctcaggc      6660
     ctgaggtgga aatttctagt ttctttggaa agtcagttat gtcaaatgat gttctgctgg      6720
     ggcacacagg tgaaaagatg tcttgctaaa gcaaacaaac atgagagaat gttttcctga      6780
     agcagacaca ggtgaaagga tgtttggaca tagcaaacac gtgaaaggca tgtattggct      6840
     cgccttacat aatgttgagc tcaacttgtg gtaaacctgc ctgccattga gagaaactcg      6900
     cccaagaact aactgctcgt gaggttccag cagcagctca cctcttcagc ggccttgcct      6960
     cagtccagtt agtgagcctg atggtttctt gttggttcat gcctggtgtc tgcctgccta      7020
     gaagactggt ctgcagctgc tgaatcgaac ttggtgtttg ctatgggact gaactgctgc      7080
     cgaagaagat caagcttgta cccaaaggac cgttgctgaa cagttccact tcctccatat      7140
     cctaataact tttctcttcc accacctcta ttgggtggtg gactaaagga gaggttgaac      7200
     ccttattaaa agaaggttgc aaaaaaattt atgcctacac gggccctgtt ccataggagc      7260
     tagcactgag caacttcatg ggaccaacac aagaggcact ttgaatgaac aatccagaaa      7320
     atggtgactc cagaaccaag tttgggacct ggagctgaat gtgtcacaca cagccacaca      7380
     gcaagtcctg gtcacatagc ctgagcacat gtgcacatgg gtggatgtga gcctatgcac      7440
     agcaggccag gggcaatgga agtttcacta ggtataaaat attaaatgtg aaacagcacc      7500
     cagcttacat gtgtacacca cagaagcaca tgtgtgcatg catgtaaaca cactcctgca      7560
     tgtgtaacac tctatgcatg actatatgca cactcaggta tgaaatacat gcatgtcaat      7620
     acacagacac acacacacac acacacacac tccaaaacaa acttgagttt gtaaattcat      7680
     tgccctgatc ctgatgagac ttgatgttca tattttgtct cagtttcttg cctgattgat      7740
     gtaggggtga ctgggtggag cctgagtgcg caaatatgca gagctcatag tactaagctt      7800
     tagacccaga gtccaaggca gcaggtgaga cacaggtcag aatggtgcag ggctaggtac      7860
     agagctgact gtaggaggct agaactgcca cagccctgca ggaggctctg gctgtggctc      7920
     cattagtggc tatctcccag caaagccaga gatgaccaag acacagtagg agggatggga      7980
     cacaggccag gagcctgctc accctgcctc atcctgccag gtggctctaa tatggcctag      8040
     tgaataattc aacacatata ctcagacaga tggggagcca cgggtgccag accaggccaa      8100
     gggcgagcaa ggcgtagatt gaggaaacac tcagggtttg gctgtgccag acaacaggaa      8160
     gagccctgtc tggcctccca gacccttccc acttacatgc ctggcacttt ctgagacctt      8220
     tgtgatactg gttgtatcac tggttacatg acgtgtgtct agacagggtt ccctgcccta      8280
     ggacaaagta ttctgccatc ctgactgggc actctgtgga ggagaagtta caagatctta      8340
     tgttccacca gtccagtctg tctttctact tgacatgagt tctctagaag aaaatgttcc      8400
     aaagcatcaa acaaaatggg gtctcccaca gttccctcga ggggtatggg agcagtggga      8460
     tgacagatca ggtggcccct gaagatccac atcttccagt gttctcaagc attgactggg      8520
     gtggctgtgt gtaggagggg aacccaaatc ctctagagtc ctaaagaagt gtgtcccatg      8580
     tatttttcat ttgcttcctc agccttcgcc cttgaaccct ccacaaagat atctttcaaa      8640
     ttccaatctg tgcggaacac aggctctgag tgtctggagt ccctcttgct gcaggacttc      8700
     acagctggaa gatcctgcag gaagcagcca tagtcagcca ctcataagaa acaaggatcc      8760
     ccctgtggtg ttaagggagc caggtcggct tcataggacc aggtggaaag actgggcgtt      8820
     gagtgtgcca tagggggact tcttatagct tttccttcac ggtgacaaat agattcccac      8880
     tctcaattcc cttccctacc ctgtagtggt tctgaaacat ttgggcctat gtaagggggg      8940
     ggtcactctg agctgcaccc tcgcacagcc tgagaccctc agtgagaaag aagctggaac      9000
     aagaagccat ggaaatgtct actaattctg agtgccctac aatcccctga atctcagcct      9060
     ccttcaactt ggaacattga cacccagagg acatgggtgg ctgggacttc taagactttc      9120
     cacttctaac ctcctccagg tgagacgcca gctcagcaga cagtatgaag aacacttttt      9180
     ctttgctgtt gttggttttg ttttgctttt gtttttgttc cttgagacag gactctacat      9240
     atacctaact gtcctggaag tcactctgta gaccaggctg gccttgaagt cctgagtcct      9300
     gggattaaag gcatgtgcca tcaggcctgg ctcaaatagc acatcttcaa tggggctcag      9360
     tgcaagtgcc taactgccat ataccacctg actgggaatg acgccccaag aaaatctcct      9420
     tttgagggag tgtatctgtt taaatgcata gcttcccaca cagtaggctc aaactatgac      9480
     aaagcatgac ccaagaaacc ccacttcact agctgcatgt ggtcgtacac atctgtgacc      9540
     cctccacccc ccagaaattt gaatcggagg cagatagaag atgagtttga ggctaactct      9600
     ttgcacaaag tgtcaaggaa agcctcagct atacagcgag atccctccat cccccccaaa      9660
     ggactaaaag tttgttacag ctcaagagaa gaaagggggt atgctctcat ctcccaggtg      9720
     tgtgtgtgtg ggggggtgcg gtccacagga gcagcccctg gtcagtcgga ggctaggagc      9780
     agtgagggga cccctgcaga cgctttcccg tggtgtctgc agaaggaaga ggcagggtta      9840
     acacttcagg accagttgct ttgcaggagc ccagccagcc tggtgcggga tcctggcctg      9900
     ggagagaagg gcatctgggc agctgtgacc cagagaaagt gacagagaag gggtgagact      9960
     atacagtgag tctttggatg tctgtagaaa ttggccagca ctgaaagagg ccgcccctca     10020
     gggttagcag gacctcggat ggtaaagcac cagaaacgca tggttaatac agatggcgcg     10080
     gattaaaatt aaaggcagaa agtaaattaa aatgtgtggt gtgcaggcaa agggggcact     10140
     taaatacatc caatttagtc attagctaat caagtattaa ttctttaact gaggaaaata     10200
     aaagattaca gggtcaggca tagtggtgta tccctgtaat cccagctctt gggaagggag     10260
     gtcaacctca agttattctc agctgcatgt caagtccaag actaacctag actacatgag     10320
     acccactctc aaaaaccaac taaataaaca ggtaatcata gatcaatata ttagccagga     10380
     ataagcagag actggtaaga aaaaattcag tgtaagcaga aagtaggaaa tagtaatgat     10440
     cagaggggaa accagtgagc cagcaagcag aaaccataga gagagtcagt tcactcaaga     10500
     tctggctctt tgaaaaggtc agtgaagtga acgtccactc aggctatggg agaggcagag     10560
     gttgtaggta tcaggcacag cagcagctgg ggagatgggc tggaggcttt gaggtaggct     10620
     gtaagatttt taccaggacc ttggaattaa tgcaacagaa ggattccctt tccagctgag     10680
     cctccaggtt tggccagcag agagaaaaat ttaaaaggca aataaagtga gcagggtcgg     10740
     tgtagtgtaa gcaggactct ggttccaacc tcatcatatt aaaaaggagg gccagcccaa     10800
     gtggtgtgtg cctgagttcc aagacacaaa gtgtctgtta ctttcatgat gaattaactt     10860
     tttggaagac ccattaagag tcagttcagt gaggaagtag ttctgtctcc aggatgtctg     10920
     gttatgatct ctataatgat gctggaaatt caagttccac ctccttggct cctagaagaa     10980
     gtaaaaggac tggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt     11040
     atgtgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gtatgtgtgt gtatgtgtgt gtatgtgtat     11100
     gtatgtgtgt gtatgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtatgt     11160
     gtatgtatgt gtgtgtatac gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtacacaaag     11220
     cacatccact gcagctgttt ttggttgttc tggggctggc atttattgca cactctcttc     11280
     tggaagatag tcacattttc ccggttctgg gtgtgcttaa gcacttcagt gtccaacaca     11340
     gaactgggtc cggcctctta actttggaga acactgataa ttttgttggg ctagtgggtc     11400
     gtcctgaatt ctagtgtgtc tgagatggac tttccaacat tagatttgtt ctcagagcat     11460
     atgttggacc aaatgtccct ccaagagccc tgtatgggtc cacatgtaga tggtgtgaat     11520
     ctatctcccg gctctttcct ctcccaggac cccgtctctt gtctgtggac ccctttgctc     11580
     agctctactg gccagaaaaa tggggatctt atcagatttc tctgtgggcg ctgtctatcc     11640
     ctttgtgggg gcttggtcct gagtttcact gacttcacag tgtgcctgtt ttatggagtt     11700
     ctcaagagcc acgagcatcc tattcattcc ttagagtggg tggctcatac caccttgaca     11760
     gagtttgcac ttgaggataa aatgccacca tccttctgag gattcctggt ggagccctcc     11820
     aagaagccag atcaagtgtt gccccaacag tttgccaggt agtaggaagt gccagaaact     11880
     ggggacatag gaaaaactgt aatggactct ttgtggggta caagttggca ctgtcccttg     11940
     agcagaaata agggtcacta gctgatggca agcagccaca acctgtgcag tagggagctt     12000
     gtgcccattt ggtgacacag tgacttcctt tatcatgtca atgataggga gatgtcgtca     12060
     ggcacaggca gtggtggggg tagctgcact ctcactgtgt ctaggggcag cgactgagac     12120
     atctctgaac ccttaggatc agacccctct accatcatac agtttggtct ctcagagttg     12180
     agacaggagg actgggacct gtgcagtatg cacacagcac tcctggacca gccgagccgc     12240
     cttagatgga aaagtccttg tcagacgtga gtctcctcag tgatttaaag gaggagctga     12300
     tgagctcaga gctggtgtgg gcagtctggt cggatgaggt gactggatgg gaagaaaaga     12360
     atgggatgga ggcccctcac ccacacctgc tgtcaagcat tgacaggatg aggcttgagg     12420
     catatgcaca gagtcagctt aatggttttg gagtaaaacg tcttcagaac atgctgggct     12480
     gggaaagact gagggaatca tggtggccct gcagtggcag cttctggcta ggacagatgg     12540
     actaaacagt cacagcagtg accacagact cagatgtccc ttgcccagct tcttgggggg     12600
     gactatgggt actctctaag gaagggccca tccagccagg cccccaatat tctgcctggc     12660
     cccatgcctc cttacctaga gcccaccttc cttgtgagac cctcccaaga tctgcaagca     12720
     ggaccaccat aaaacaccag gcagagagag ccagagagct aaggtacact gggtatgtaa     12780
     gtcacatgtc ctgggaaggg ctattgtcaa ctaggtttgg caggttcaca taggacttgg     12840
     gttctttcta caagggaccc agaaagagac taacatgcca gcctggtctc tcaggcatca     12900
     ggaaattaag cagaagatgg tggaggaggg ctttagcctt ggccaactcc caccagtagt     12960
     tgccaccctc tgcaatctga gcttgaagtc cacatatgca gttactgcca ggcaacgcta     13020
     ctagcaactg agatgcagct catttcctgc ccattaagca agcatactct ctatcctgcc     13080
     aggcatcatt ctgcctcttg atgaagatga ggaggtttgg agtcaggcag ctttgcccag     13140
     atctgcacac cacccacagg cctgtgtgcg tgtaaccccc tcctgctaca aagattcttt     13200
     ggaactaggt gtttgacact ggaatgcaga gctaagattt agcttgagca atgtccacct     13260
     atggatggtg gagggggaaa tgccctaagg atgggtttcc ctgaaagccc cattgccttg     13320
     aatagcaatc tctttcctaa atcaacgaag gttgtaatgc caggctcctt tgagtagagg     13380
     gcaggaggac aaggccatct ctagaaattc tcttgtggcc agtccaggat gcagacatgg     13440
     tccatgtgct tcatgtcaga cccagaacag tgagtctgaa catctgtaga ggggagttgg     13500
     ggcattcatt atagagccct ggagctctgg actacaggag gatgtgtcag aggactcagc     13560
     agctttgcag cccttagcaa acaccatgga cacagaatct gcaggtcttc tcagcaactt     13620
     cctaattagg atgatcctgc tgaactcaga gctaccacgg aggccatgct gaccatgatg     13680
     aatagcactg cctactgaga ccttcttcct ttgcattgtg acctggttga tgggcagatt     13740
     gaccaactag gtggtctagg aactgtaact attcttactt acaaagttgc aaagaaagtc     13800
     ccctcatgtg gaaagttact tttcctatct gaacaagcag tcttttagaa tacaggaaat     13860
     gacactcaat caagagcact tccagaggta cctttacgta gatgttagac agagttaatt     13920
     tttgtttgtt tatttatttt gacagaatct tgttagatag tttaggctgg gaaatcctcc     13980
     ttgcttcatc ctcctgtgca ttgggattac aggtgtgtac cacagctggc tcctcatttg     14040
     attttaagca aatggaagac aggatctgga atcccaagag aaacagatat tgctgggtgg     14100
     tgatggaggc acacagaggc tgaaacaggt ggaggttcag ggagaaggag aaagagggag     14160
     aaagccactg aattagccat taagaaaact tagtggagaa ccccacacag ggtcagcaga     14220
     ctacaatgac cagcacctca tgattcaggt gggtgggcga tgtgtgggtc ctgctgctgc     14280
     agggatcttc ctcccgcccc atctcgagct gggaagtgct gggctggggg ccaaggaaac     14340
     actctggctc tgacagcggg ctcattttta gctggtatta tttcattagc agctttactc     14400
     agccggttgg cagcacccca acccggccac cagcccatgc cccagctaca ggcttgcaga     14460
     gctctgcctg aagcctccat ttacataccc agccagggtg ctccccattg cctgcatctc     14520
     ctttactaag catcctagaa cacctcactc ttccaggccc agccccagga ggcacatcaa     14580
     acagttccaa ccctgaaaac tgggatgcgg ggaacctggg agcggggatt ggagtgggta     14640
     atacacgggc tatgctatag attgaggtgg ctgacgaggg tgtcccagtg aaggctatgg     14700
     gttaaagcct gttttctgac aggagagaat ctccaagccc agccagtcaa agacctcaag     14760
     ggcctgctct ctgtcagtca ctgtccacac taattttaag tgatgtagtt tcctccttaa     14820
     atagcatcta aggggaccag caagttgcca cctcccgaaa caagtccttg atgcaaacag     14880
     gcctcacata aatcacactc ttagttaaac attaatatgt ccactcagac cccaaaccca     14940
     ggactagcct gtccaccaag atgacagggc ccattgtaca acctcactct ctgctttatc     15000
     ccttctcacg tggaaaatta ctgtcgaacg caaacaaggt gtacaactca tggagaccgg     15060
     ctgaagcggg aacagctcat gaacatcaga aaggggcttt ggtgacatct cctctcatag     15120
     ctacacacaa tagaggtctg cgaccattag ggagatggtg tctgtccctg ctatacatat     15180
     acatatacat gcacatatac acattcatat acatattcat atacatacac acacatataa     15240
     acacacatac atacacatac gtatatggac acctgatcgg ccactacacc tctgaagata     15300
     agggatgtct gaatgtcatg tgaggttctg agacaggaaa aggaagcaga aaaaaggcag     15360
     tggcacttga ttcccgctat ggtaagacgt tcatgtacaa cttgtcatgt gttaacgtgg     15420
     gtgtgactat gagcttggaa accctgcacc actagtctga aactattcta aagtggaacg     15480
     tgtccttgga atgggggcag tgcaatagtc tctgtcccat tcgatttcac actaagtcat     15540
     agagagtgaa gatctggagc agatgccctc aggtttctta cccctggaag ggatcctgag     15600
     gaagagcctg taaaatatgt aaacactcca ctagggggcg caatgctcaa agactgctcc     15660
     agggaaatgt cccaaatgcc tttcctgaat tcagtgggtg gttgtcaagt caaagcatga     15720
     cagttatcta aagtactgag agtgtggggg cctctgcaag acaggcagct ggctccctcc     15780
     accccacccc ctagccccag cctctccagg gtcacagaac agcagaattc ccagtcagcc     15840
     tacagctctg taggggctga gtttcatcag agactctggg acactcggcc gcagccgcct     15900
     tgtcccagtg cccactccaa ggctaagctt ctggttggct gtggccatcg agcctcctta     15960
     cagtaattgc tctgatgatg ctaaatgtgt agactgcttt cccggaaaac tgctgacaca     16020
     catgtctggg aaaggggggg ctggtgagag acaacctgat ccataggacg cctgatggct     16080
     cagaccttaa tcaatctcta ctcttgaagc taaaatagtt gtgatttatg aaattctgca     16140
     agtcggatcc ctgcggccca tgcgttctga acagcgaagg ggagggctca ctggacagcc     16200
     tttctgctgt ggtgtatcca ccgcctcctc gacttctctg aggtccctct gttctccctg     16260
     gtctctcagt ctctaaatgc aaatgaatac agcaaactgt atctccgctg ggatctgcca     16320
     cactctcagc tgcagccttc aagagaccta cttgactctt atcacttttg ttctccagca     16380
     gacttctaga acatgacaca caggttcaca cagtggtcct agcctggggc cattctctct     16440
     gcagggagaa atgccaactg agggaagagc cattctctct ggctctattc atgcaggaca     16500
     aacacatttg tattaaggtg ttggttagaa gttgacagga aataccagct tctatccagc     16560
     ttcaatatat ctcctaaggc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgttgtatgt gtggtgcatg     16620
     catggtgtgt gtgttttgta tgtgtggtgt gtgtgttttg tgtgtgttgt atgtgtggtg     16680
     tgtttatgtt gtgtccgtgc atgtaatata tgtgatgtgt gtgtatgtgt gtggtgtgta     16740
     tggtgtgtgt ggtatgtctg tgttgtgtgt gttgtatctg tgtgtgttgt gtgtgtggta     16800
     tgtgtgtgtt gtatgtgtag tgtgtgtgtg catatggagg ccagaaatca agtttcagtg     16860
     ttttcttcta tcactctcta ccctattttt tgagacagga tctgtcactg aacctgaagc     16920
     ttgtcgattt ggttagactg actggcagca agtccaagtg atctttctgc ctttacctcc     16980
     taagtgagct gctgctcctg gctgttgaac atgggtgctg agaatacaca ctctgatcct     17040
     catccttgca gggcagatac tcagtgagcc agatccccag ccagtgatgc atcttctttg     17100
     aagacaggca tgatcataga gaagtggaca aaagactgga aacaggtctt ttcctatatt     17160
     catattcgtc aagctatagg ctcatgatga atgctggcct ttgaatgcat ccaaggcaca     17220
     cagtcagaga atgaattttc ttctgtcata cttaaattat aaacccagtt ctggcgacag     17280
     aactgatgag gggcctgctg gcaagaaaat cagaaaatca gcctcaatat ctgtctgggg     17340
     agaagaacag ggaaggttct aagggttcac gttgacacag tgcaccacag ttccaataaa     17400
     atccccagaa actgtccccg agcaagtaag tttctgcccc aagatttgca cataggacca     17460
     gccgttgagt ttaacattca gtattgggga tgacccatga gagctaaata aattatggca     17520
     agaatgtggg tggcaacaga tgtgatatcc aaacacactg agtgggacca gagggtagct     17580
     cagtggatga aggcactggc tgaggaagcc cggcacacct cgctctgtcc ccggaacccg     17640
     cattcaggct tctgtgagat tatcctgatt accttaactg atatgagaag gcccatctca     17700
     attagagata gggctattct ccactgtgta aggagaggag ggaagctaag aggcacacac     17760
     acatttgttg ctctttcctg tgatcagcca ctttaagctc ctacttcacc tccttgccat     17820
     gatggaactg tgacccgaca taagtccttc ctctcttaaa ctgtgtttgt cttggtattt     17880
     tatcacagca acaggaaagt aaggcacaga caaaaggaga acaggatctt agagttctgc     17940
     ataagttcct tccagctttg ctcacaacag ccaagaggcg gaagccgctc aggggtcgtc     18000
     agtgagtgag gaaatgatga agtaagtata tggtccacac tgcagactac ctctcagctc     18060
     tgaggaggaa aggtattctg acaacacaag ggagcgccaa aggcgtaagg aggagggaca     18120
     taaaccagtc gcaagaggac aaaccttacg tgatcagcaa cttgagttcc cttgagccac     18180
     aaatgccgcc gccgctccag caatgactac aagactgggg agagaatgaa tgcagactgg     18240
     tgtccaacag ggatggagcc ttacagagga gtttaatgct agtgagggtc cccccccccc     18300
     caacgacgtg aattaactga gtaccctcag ctgtgccttt gaaacagact cataagccta     18360
     atgttatgtg cgccttccca gaataaaaac ccacattaat ggcttaccta caatagagtc     18420
     taagcacaga cacatggccg atgcatttca gacccaggtt cagctgtctt ctggagggga     18480
     cgccattacc aaaccagaac acctggtcct gagcccagct atggctctgg gtcagatttc     18540
     tcggctctca gaggtgctgc catccatctg tgtggagaag gagagggcac acagtagagc     18600
     ttgctgtaaa ggtcaaaacc cagactgcat gtgcaatgca ctgagcatgg taggccacag     18660
     ctcccactgt acagttgttc tcaatgcttt ccatggcccc tctgaccctt ggacatgtgg     18720
     actccaggcc ctgtgagccc agtctagcaa acaggtaaaa gtcaacaggt tttgctctgc     18780
     atcggggagt ttgggtctaa gggaaagtca gggagcaggt atcatgggag ctgattctag     18840
     ggtgtgcttc tcattcacat gtcaaaacgg gattaagata gaatacacta tcggcaaagg     18900
     aaggacttcc acacatgtca gaggggaggc cgagtatgga gggccatggg ccagcagctg     18960
     caagcatccc cataacatac tgagtaccca agtgctaccg aagcagaatt cccacgtgtg     19020
     agacaaccgg gccatctgtt agtcttgggg atcccaaacc ttccagcaga gtgagaccgt     19080
     gagtaggtga catggggacc gaatgtgcag acagccaccc agtgagatcg tgttggagtc     19140
     ccttgaaatt cacatggatg tttggccatg tgtgatgctc tggaaaccca cctaataggc     19200
     ctatgcaggc aggcccagaa ctggccatta aatctaggcc tcatctaacc cagacatgcc     19260
     aacacagatg tctgggatac acccactatt agccagaggg gaagccaggg cttccaaaga     19320
     ctcttgaagc tgggggagga gctctcatct gagacttccc gcagtaccct ggagttactg     19380
     acactctggg gcctctccag actgtgtacc cgggtcttga catgtctgtg ctgggctgca     19440
     gcgtctttct ctgtctcctc tgtctctctg tctctctgtc tccctccctc cttcccactc     19500
     ctcctggaga tgaaagcttc aagaagagtc ttggaacgtc ttctgccagg tgccccagga     19560
     gatccacaca gtgtagataa ctctcattgg ctccctccag caaggccggg tgccttgggc     19620
     tcagctgaaa cacttccgcc ctctcctggc tgaggtgggt actacaggga gagactagtg     19680
     agaaaagccg cctgaagccc cttcaggagc ctcaagggct tcaccagatc gtacaaggaa     19740
     agtcctgcgc tgaggcatta aggagagact tgggggaacc ttttggtccc agaaccggga     19800
     aaggaaacta gaatagtcta cagggccagg attttctgta ccgcatagag tcccacattt     19860
     ttataaatgg gaatacgggc aacattattt tctagttgga gaaactgagg ctttgagaag     19920
     cagacacctt tgtgggtgct ggattgacac tctagggcct gtgacaggct tggggagaag     19980
     cgagaacaac aatagcaata aagccaagga cgaagctagc tctggtgctg ctgcacttag     20040
     tagccatgtt ctaggtgcct caccagcagc acaggcccag catgccctgt gcagggtctg     20100
     gccacgcccc ctcgcagatg tctagcactg actctgaagt ccttaccatt aagaccaggt     20160
     ggtatataaa acgtgcaggt tttagggttc gctgtggcct tacggatggt agggctcacc     20220
     tccatgaagt tcattctagg ctttgtagag cgctgagccg cagcttaatc agggcccggc     20280
     ccatatgagt ccccaccatc accttagagc acagggccag tactacacat ggctaccagt     20340
     ccctcctctg taaacaagcc tggttttaat ttgagggttc caggtcataa gccctggtta     20400
     aacatccctg actggatagc tactaagaga ggcatgggac atccaggtgt tgccagccaa     20460
     tgcactcccc aaagcgagga ttcaccacgt accctgctta cttctggagc tgccaggtgg     20520
     tacatgcttg ccttgccacc ccacccccac ccccggcctc ccagatgcac cagagttctg     20580
     aggatcctgt attctgggaa gggaagtgct atgcacccgc tccaactggc caccagattt     20640
     tcatactatt aaagcaagcc tgggcctgaa tatagtctaa atggggggtg ggggtggggc     20700
     gcagcattca ggactaaaca gtcagctgtt ttactccaac cccgggtgtc tggtggtaat     20760
     gtggggccca tatggcctgc cagagcacag aatgcagaag atttagttaa aattacttct     20820
     ctcttatggt tctggggcta gatcccaagg cctcgcgcct gtgaatcaaa tgctcgagca     20880
     ctgagccaca tcccaggctg aaaagcttct ttaatttcta ctaccattct gccagcagtg     20940
     gggcgagctc ttctttctcc agaatgattg aaaaacagct tatggggaaa gattctgtct     21000
     ccctgggtcc catctgagcc aggatacagg gaagatgtcc cttgggatgg gggcctcctt     21060
     tggtggcctc gcagccaact ctgtggaacc caagctgcct gcttccactg tggatctact     21120
     ccagacctcc ctgcctggat cagcccttga cgatcactct tgctccagcc tgaaaggtgc     21180
     cctgtgtaga cactgcccac gtctgatttt gcttttcctt cttcctagac aacaacagaa     21240
     atgtgtgctg tgacgatcaa aggggcccag acagagctag agagagtgga gtggggccag     21300
     gccaggtcac tagtgtgttt cccttttgtt cttcctcttg ctgttaaagt tatactagat     21360
     gtttgtagct cctggagaag ttaccagcac aggctggggt gaaccagtat gggaggacgg     21420
     agggatgcag gatgggagaa agaacagtca agtgtaaggt cctgcccaag gccacctgaa     21480
     acccatcctg tcataacgga gcacctaaga tgccaggttt ggccagaggc aggcctctga     21540
     caggcagttc aggctggtcc caaggaagaa cctgatggga gcatcagtca ctgagatgcc     21600
     cacattccag attcctaata agcaccaaga tattcagata cactaactgg tcacaccacc     21660
     taaaacgcca ggaggcaatt cacaggttct gaagtgaaca agaggcaaga gggccatccc     21720
     cacacacgca gtgtctctat gtagccaagg agtaagagaa atgtctcatg agaaagggaa     21780
     ggctaggatg aggattcact gcccagcatt gagggactgc ggttgaatgg acagtgatgt     21840
     cacagcaaat aaggcagcca gacagagccc tgctcctgag ccccccatca tgcatacaac     21900
     ggccagtctt cctgtcatag ataggggtac caacgcatgc atatggagga ggtcatgcca     21960
     aggaggcctc aagcagttga accttaggaa atgttttgca caggggctaa agttatcctc     22020
     tgacctatat gctatgtatg tatatggggg cagctataca catgcatgca tgcaagagta     22080
     agccagaggt tgttgggcat ctttctcagt tcttctctgt cctatatatt gaggcatggt     22140
     ctgtagtcca gctagccagc ttgctctggg atctcctgtt tctgcctcct gagtgcacag     22200
     aattttaggt cgatgaccat gaccattcac cattcacacg tgctggagat cagaacttag     22260
     ggcctcacat ttatatggca agtgtgttac ctactgagcc attttcccag cccctgaatt     22320
     ctatacttta aaatagtcac ttgggtggat atggtggtaa caggttcata accttgaact     22380
     taggaggtag aggcaagcag atcagggatg caatgtcatc ctcagctttg tggcaagttc     22440
     caggccagcc tagactatat gaaactgttt caaaacaaat acagaccaca cacaaaagcc     22500
     cagcagcagc agcaacaaaa caaacacagg aataaatgtt gaacctgggg tggaggcagt     22560
     gactctggcg tggagcaggg cctgggcccc atcccctgca ccaggtgcta aagcagtaaa     22620
     cttcctgtcc cttttgtttg tgacactgaa acagcaaaga tatccctcag tggctgatcc     22680
     agggagatct gaagacacag gactgcggtg tccacagtag tggaaagatg tctgtacgag     22740
     tatgggggca gggcagggcc cagcttcctt aacccaaaac aagaagccag ccacattcca     22800
     agctttgagc cagttcagac acacatcacc agtcaagtgg ccttgagaag cagcctgtgt     22860
     gttgcgtgag ctgttcctgg tgggtgtgat agcagaactg tgtttgtgtt ctacacatgc     22920
     aaagagcagc tcagcaaggc agtgggaatg gatgaggtca taggaaccca agatttggcc     22980
     ctaagtaacc tgggtgggct gggggtggga gctgttgatg gcctgtgtgt gttccatgtg     23040
     tgggtgttta aatgtttcca gaacaccata aagcaggaac tggtgagcac cacacacaag     23100
     ggctcagggt ttcttcctgg acccaggtgc tggtcaactc caggctccca agtttgtgag     23160
     gactttgtag atgatccctg gcaccattac cattgtggtg tgttcaaagc acattcctgg     23220
     tacccagagc accagaatca tttcttccac agggatctgc tgtgtagggc catgaaaggc     23280
     agcctatttt ggttgaatga ggcttgctcc ggcgatccag tagaaaactc tacaagggac     23340
     acaacaggga gccacgttcc cagagacagg tgcctgacac cacagagccc cccaactcca     23400
     taattctgtg attataagtc actcagacaa tgtctcaagc ttctggcatt ctggctagac     23460
     tccaccccca cagttacctg actacagcca ggtatgctct tccccgtagt tacctggaaa     23520
     cagcaagata gtccagccca ctataaaaga ggctgctttg ccccttctca atctctttaa     23580
     gctctcacct ttcttactct cttctctagc cctccttctc tctctccttc ccccctcccc     23640
     ctttctccac atggccatgg ccagcctctc tctctctttc taccctctct ctttttttcc     23700
     tgcctttcta caataaagct ctaaaaccat agactgtctc tgcttatcaa ggcccaccat     23760
     gcttgaacaa tgggataggc gttcccctaa caagccacgt ctagcctccc aacagaaggc     23820
     cttcctgctc tccagccacg gaccggacca aggactctcg cccccgtggg aaccacccag     23880
     cagcccctct ccccctgcct tctcctccct ctggcccagt gatgatggag tcgccccccc     23940
     ccctcggggg ccccccattt gttctcagct cttccgtggt gtccagcggt gtctgggatg     24000
     catgagactg agaacctgtt gtctaggact gccccttgtc caccccccgc cgagctgggg     24060
     ttcagtggct tcctacagcc agacacccac cccgtttcac atggaaagca tgcagcagta     24120
     ttcccacgtc cgcctgccca ctccctcttt tgcccatgcc cactgcccaa cactgctgtc     24180
     tcctgctgtg tcccctgtta tggcttccgt ggcctgcaaa acctggctca cccacatgaa     24240
     tgcaccagca agaagcaaga acagagatgt ggagaggaaa gtgagaccag gggttcggag     24300
     cttcccagga ccagaaaacc aagcatttct cccgggacct ggaattttcc acaagcatat     24360
     ctgtctctca tgtgacttag ccacatcctc attgcttgag atgaccagac ctcccatgca     24420
     ggaacaggag gaaggggtgt gctctctgcc ttatcaaaga acttttccac tgtggcattt     24480
     gggcccttgg gcccctgctc aacactcccc ccaacttcct gtgggaaccc acattgagtt     24540
     tcaccacaag tttctgaaat gacagcttct tcaccgttgc ctagaaaatg ggagggggaa     24600
     gggggattgc acgcacaaag ctgagacctg tgtctccttc cccttcccca tcagaaccca     24660
     ggtccagctt tggccattac agaattccca tacctagcca cagctaccat gctgagccct     24720
     ggggaaatgc cctgtgcacc cagatgacag gaagtgtcat tcaagaccag aatgacagtt     24780
     ttctaagtgc ttcctctgag actttcaaga cagaccatgg tggacttcaa acacatcaat     24840
     tttccttaga agggccaggc tctgagtaat cctgacatca tgtaaagttt gaactatagc     24900
     cagccaagcc gagagcagtc agagcggaga acactgttac cctaacagaa gataggggtg     24960
     ggagggggaa cccagatgcc tcaagtgggg atgttagggg tcatcttcca cagagagcac     25020
     tctctgctca aggctcccac ccctacacat ggaccagaga ttcccattcc ttgaccctaa     25080
     gagcccacac tttgatctta ggaacttgca tagactgact cctcaggact ccacatcctg     25140
     ttcctttgaa acctcctcat atcataacca caagaacccc tgacactgac ccacataccc     25200
     aggggctaac tttgggaccc aggaacccct ccaggcttca tccggtggta cctggagaag     25260
     ccaaaacagg accttgcttt tctctacaga ggcccacctt tcccccgact cctggttgct     25320
     gagcagagtc agggctgtcc acactatctc caaatatcac atgtagttgg tctgaagctt     25380
     tctggtacaa aatcaacccc ctgggcacca tcctgggcaa gcccctccat acctatagcc     25440
     aaatagccac aggaacttcc atttgtgtct ccctatggtg acaaatacat agttgctatt     25500
     cgtagtgagt ctgaccctgt atcacaccag ggatgcccta acccacagac cgtacacgat     25560
     gggtgtgaat agttctgctc aggagtgaaa gcaaaatggg agcacacatg tgactatctg     25620
     tgctcaggca acacaatagc aagactgagg cccatgaagt ctgtctctgt gtgtgtcatc     25680
     caagctccat ccctgggcct caagcaagca agcaaatgct ctatctcagg ttacaccccc     25740
     agccttcttt ttacttttaa ttcagagact gggactcacc agtttgccca acttggtgtt     25800
     tagcttacaa tcctgctgca gtctaccatg tagttggaat tctaagcctg tgccaccagg     25860
     cctggtgtga agttaatctt aatgtctttt atttaaatct aatagaatca taaaaccacc     25920
     acgtcgataa ggaagcaatg taaggaatga cagatactct actcccttta gcttctgcat     25980
     cttcaaacgt ttgtatttta catccatttc ttgtgtcgat tcaggtactg agtttttatc     26040
     ataaatactg gactttgaga gctggcagga ttgctcagtg cattaagaca attgtcacca     26100
     agcctggcca cctaagttta atccctaaga cccacttggt ggaagaagaa aaccaacctc     26160
     acaacgtttc ctctgacctc cctgtgtata ttgtggcatg cacaaacctc acacaagata     26220
     gatagatgga tggatagata ataaatgggt ggattggtag atggatggat ggatagatag     26280
     atagatagat agatagataa ataataaatg gatggattga tggatggatg gatagataga     26340
     tagatagata aataataaat ggatggatgg tagatgtggt taaaattttt aaaaatagat     26400
     tctggactgg acttagaatt cacaaaattt agccaacaaa gcacaatcga agaggctatg     26460
     gaaacagctc agtcagcgga gtacttgcat tacaagcatg ggaacctgag ttaaattcac     26520
     agcactcacc ttaaaggtgg gggtgggagg aagcaggcac agtggctcaa gttgtaatcc     26580
     tatcactgca gaagcagagg cagttgatcc tggagcttgc taggcagtcg tcagcctcgc     26640
     ttgcttggtg tgttccaggc aaggaagaga ccttgtctca aaaattcaag gcagatagaa     26700
     cctgaggaat gacacgcaag gttgacctct ggctgtcaca aacatttgca catgtgcacc     26760
     ttcttacaca agaatgcaca cacaaagtag acccacgtgc ctaatgctta cgtagataat     26820
     gactagttta tttaaaaaga tttttttttg ctgttgtttg gcaacaggat ctcgctctaa     26880
     tccttgtgac acatgactgt ggctctctgt catttctgaa tgcatactct cctaggtcat     26940
     gtctatgaca tactgccatg gtctttgatt gtcctgtctt atctgctggt gtctccacga     27000
     aggactctgc ccagctccat tgcagccaca gcgtgtggat ggagtcagag aaacaccaga     27060
     aaaaaaaagg aaggaagccc aaagcccctc actgagaacc actgagacac ggtgctaacc     27120
     ccaaccagga agcctctgag gactggagac aaggcctcat gggaaaaggg tactgactgg     27180
     gctcaacagt ctgaaatcct cacactcagg cctgcttgcc accagctggc cagcaaactt     27240
     gtatctgttg gtggtctcac ccactgccta tagttcttca taaactccag ggcagtgggg     27300
     tgtggtgaga gatcaggtct caagacaggt ggtttgggaa cctatctttc tatgagctga     27360
     aagcctgggt ctcaagtacc agtctgtgga atttgttttc tggctatgtg aaggtctttc     27420
     caggttatcc attcatatat atgtgtgtgt atagacatac acacacacac acacacacac     27480
     acacagacac acacacacac acacacacac acacatatac acatgtgcat aaaacccatt     27540
     gcacacaggt atgtcaggcc ctacccacaa gagggaacta gaggagagtc agtttttcct     27600
     tcaatcagag aagagagaag agaggagacc tgagtagaag attcaagggc tgtagactct     27660
     gcataagcct acggagtgac tggattacag tccaacaaga ctgaggcagg aggactgaca     27720
     agaggttttg tctacctgag actctgtctc taaaagaaga gccaataatg gcttcaccac     27780
     caggctgggc aattgtgtgc tgggggcggg ggtgggggta ggagtgggtg gggattagga     27840
     tacagggtct ccacttagca ctagcaagct ggccatgggt aagtttgggc atgcgccccg     27900
     cccccggccc ccagacctcc agacttgcac cagcaggagg gttggccaat tatgtcttag     27960
     gctttaatgg cttagatggt acttaaccct ctctcccagt taccagactt ccaggcactt     28020
     tgaaaggaat ttatacaaaa gggggtgggg gtgggggaat cggctgccac ctaggcagac     28080
     tgggctaggc tgttttctag aaggagttgg tatgtcctat tgacacactg cctggaatct     28140
     gctcctgaca ttgtcaccga gagccatgtt actctgaccg taacttgcat aaccaggaca     28200
     gactggcaca agcatgcctc gctgccagag gcccccagaa atggttgcag ttaaagtcgc     28260
     tagagctagg cattctcctt gtaggctgag accaacccag gaagctgatc tcaaacaccc     28320
     ccagggcaga aacttcccta gtttcctgga tgtaattttc cagagttgag actttcctct     28380
     caggttgggg gaagcacatt tatatagaca ctgccagcac atgcagaact atttctgtcc     28440
     aatcagaagc cacccccatc ccagctgtgg tctcagaact agcacaggta gagacagcga     28500
     gatcaggagt tccaggtcat cccaagctac ctaggggatt caaggccaac atgagactct     28560
     gtctcaaaat aaataagtgc tcttttggag tgactgaagt ttcagtgctg ggtgggcatg     28620
     gagggaagcc aaactctgag agccaaggca ggtggaatgc tgggtctgct tcttctcttt     28680
     ttccaggtac aggtctgggc acatgtgtgc agcccctaca gggtagggaa agttctggag     28740
     gaaggaggcc cacagggcaa agactcatga ccctggacac ctgtcggaca gataccttcg     28800
     ggagagccat acctggtcac agaggcccag aggagacaga tgtgaacatc tgaggctatg     28860
     tgtctgatga tggctccttt cagccccagg acccagaaat ccagtcccca gaggaatgca     28920
     ctgtaccaca tggcatgcct cagatggaac ctgaccaaat caaagcccca aaactgagtc     28980
     tcttgctgga cctgaatgcc ttcttggggt acaggtggca agatttcatg gcaggaggcc     29040
     tgtgtggaca ccaaccaatg gcaaggagca gggactggtg tgctggggtc agatcagtgt     29100
     agagtccatc tgcccagaca gcaactgctt agcactcaga caatgcccac ggggggtaaa     29160
     ggtcatgact tgggccccta ctaaccaaga gccctgctca gcactgatct tcttcctccc     29220
     gggtgggaag gggctagaaa caccaagaac ctagtacttc ttctctgcaa ctgcaaggca     29280
     attctgtgtc gggacagttt taggagaagg tctttatgac tattcagata tgtcgttatc     29340
     agaaaagaga agtggccaac ctacagacaa cactgtcact gccccaggaa gagcagacca     29400
     tgccaaaccg gtgcctgaga gagcagaaca acttctggtg tctagacagg caggaaggct     29460
     gtcccctggc ttctgcagga ggggggtgcg agtggagctg gagaagaact caaacacact     29520
     gtggccccag cctgagggca gcaggcaggt gggcttgcaa tttactctgg aatggtcagg     29580
     tggaggctgc ctttgcctcc ccagaaggag gggaaagttc atgtaattcc agactcactg     29640
     agctctctct ctggctgtga accatgagga gctgagccag ggaggtaagg tggaccacgg     29700
     tctagggatg tgtgagtggc agtgacccgg gtcactctcc ttgggcctca gatgttttcc     29760
     ttcataacca gtcataggaa atccacatca tttgtcagga tgaaattcca atcattcttc     29820
     atccactgtg tgtttatcag ttgacgttgc ttccaaccga accacaacaa cctttgctga     29880
     ggaacagaat tcggggtagg ccatatttca aaaggcccag gaagcacctg ctggacttag     29940
     ctcctcacta gggctggtta gtgtaggaaa accatggcgg ggggtggggg gtgggggggg     30000
     gagagcaagc aggagatgct aactctgccc aaccctgaca aggcattgtg catacagcac     30060
     atggtagggc atctgggttg gagaaatcgg actgtgaagc aggaggtata aagaagatag     30120
     tctcagagac atgagagttc ttgacgcaat gtcacctgac aatctgaccc agagcccctt     30180
     gtggacacca caagacagag cagagctagt cagtttagag cgagggatct gagggagaag     30240
     aggagctgga actgatgctg caggcccagg gtagccctcc ctgcagctca gccctccgac     30300
     atccttcact ccctggcttg gaatccccaa gccctcagct ctcagtaggg atcctgaagc     30360
     ccagcatgtg gactgagagg gaggagaggc aggtgagcac caccaccccc cccccccccc     30420
     gccatggtct aactggacac gtctgctttg ttgggatagg acttttacag cctctccgga     30480
     tctcagaata aagcaaggat gagaccctca gcttctggtc ctcagccatc ctcccactca     30540
     gctctgccac gcaccagccc ccaccagttc ttactgctct cagttcccag ctggccctcc     30600
     ccagtcctag agctggcatg gggcaggaag ctactcaaac ctcctccctt cctgagagtc     30660
     acctggaaat aaggttgaat ccaacttctg atccactccc acttctcatg cccaggaggt     30720
     atctgagagg atctatgatg ctcttggctt cacctatagc ttgtgatcca aaagtgagtc     30780
     ctgggcacaa ccttggattc actactgcct tttcactcct tgtgacctgt caccatcatc     30840
     attgcaatca ttgccaccat tattatcaac agcatcacca tcctcactat caccatcatc     30900
     agcacacttt gcctgaaaag aaagagcaga tctcagttca gtaggaacag acttcagctc     30960
     cccaagctca tggtctgaat gtgcccagga aggagaaaca cccttcctct ccccctcctt     31020
     accacaagag agttaagaga gttaagttca ggtcgtttag aaacatggtt aatgaagttt     31080
     ataagggaaa tgtttatgaa cccttttggg gtttttccat ttccctgatt tgtcacgacc     31140
     agctgtgagt cactggtcac caacagctaa gttaaccggc tggggcagca gctccccctc     31200
     tcctcagcca agcatgaaac ctgctgtcca gaaccccacc cgtcataata gcccaatgtc     31260
     aattcagcca gtcaaggcca aacgccaagc acaggtgagc gctatttact gtatctaagc     31320
     ccaggggccc accggggtgc tgcaggcctc acttctggtg gctcctgccc ctgctttgca     31380
     gcagcttgtt ataccagtgc acaccttggt tatccaacgt gctcaaggag ccagcatctg     31440
     tccttcggtc ctgctgtatt ttgcaatgta gtcttattat caccttgagt tggtccgtgt     31500
     ctagactttc aactgcctga gctctgtggg agactggcat tccaagaacc taggattagc     31560
     ccacagcaag gggcaatgcc tctttaatga cacacactat ggaggcatac tacttggccc     31620
     agaccctggt ggtgacaaag cttttccata tgttatttga ttctgacaaa gctctataaa     31680
     tgtgaagcat tgagacagtc acctaaggaa gcgcagtggg tatcgctcag agtcagtaac     31740
     ccatcacaga tctgctaccc cagattctgg gctggtaatg actatgtaca ccagcccagc     31800
     ctacagtggt cacaatgtct gctgtattca tttcttcaaa aatcatcctt aaagtcatag     31860
     aattccccca ctcagtgact tctggtgact gggatcacat gacaatggtt ttcttgtgac     31920
     tggcccctca ggggccagtg agatggctcc tgggcaaact taatagcctg agtctgatcc     31980
     ctggatccca cagcagaagg agaaaagaaa atctgacctc tggcttccat atacacagca     32040
     cagcatacat gctatgtcac acacacaata ataatgacga atattaaaaa attgaaaata     32100
     gaatcctcaa gtttcatcca cattctggtt tggtcagaat ccttcctctg tgaggctgag     32160
     taacagcctg atacatgagc agagcagctt attcatctat gtatccattg agaaatactt     32220
     gtctcctcat ggttgctata aatagagttg tgcaaatctt cttttgtgtt gttgtctcca     32280
     gtgctttttg caatatgccc cgagtgaaat cgatagaggg tacagaaatt ctatttttaa     32340
     tttgaggaac taccatgcag ccatcctgta ttacatcctc accagcagcc cacaacgcca     32400
     caggtgtatt tccaaggaag ccctgggaac gtaagcctga atgtacaagc aacaatacca     32460
     aaaggagaga aatgaggctg cactaagtta aaaggctccc atgtcgggaa ggaatttatc     32520
     aacagagtga aggaacaacc tgctgggacc aggagaaact atctgggagc tatgctgaca     32580
     agctgctatc tggcatagca aggaggtcga gcaaggcccc agcagtgaaa taaacaaccc     32640
     cagtgagaat ggggaaggac ctctgtggac agttcccaga agaaaacaca gccgagcaag     32700
     gggggggggg gggcgggggg atgataaaag actcaccaag gaaatgcaaa cccaaactgg     32760
     caacttgccc acacctgcta gagcagtaac aatgaaaaga cacagaaaac aagtgttggc     32820
     aaggacgggg acaaaagaga actcttgtgt actcatggct ggatgcaaat tcctacagcc     32880
     attatggaaa tttttatgga agttcctcag aagaaacaaa aacccaacta cagccagtta     32940
     attactatgt ggtccctgag ctcatgttgg aaggaaataa aacaatacac cagagatctc     33000
     tctgccctct catgcgtata gacacattat tcttagtagc caagaaatgg aattcaacaa     33060
     cagatgattg ggggcaggta gatataacaa tgggatagta tttaacctgt gaggaggaaa     33120
     tcctgccatt gcacagccac ttaaatggac ccagaagaca ttaggcaagt ggaaatagcc     33180
     agatgcagga taataaatac tgaatgattt cacttatctg aggagtctac taaaggcaaa     33240
     gtcctaatgt ggttgtttcc agccagagga gggtggagta ctggaggttg ttggaagggt     33300
     ccaagtttca gttaaaagat ggggcaagtt tcctgagcct gctgcctctg tggccaggtc     33360
     cttggtaaca gtgtagcatg aactgtgcac tgctaagagc ttgggctccc catgttctag     33420
     acacacagag caagtgattc acagatctct gaagcttctt gcttaatcct ctcatgttat     33480
     ccatgtatca aaatgctatg ttcggcactg tcatacatgc agtgtttgta agttttattt     33540
     tactattttg ttttaaagaa ggaaatgtct ggaaggtcaa aggcttaggt tctggaagga     33600
     ggtcatactt ttccagattc aatatggaaa accccaaggc atcccagagg cacaggtcca     33660
     tgtagtacta tgctgtctta gttaattttt ctattgctgt gataaaatat tatgaccaaa     33720
     actagcttga ggaagaaaag gtctatttca tcttacaact ctcaggtaac agtgtatcat     33780
     tgaggggagt cagggggcag gaactcaagg aaggaacctg gaggcaggag ctgaagcaga     33840
     ggccatggag gaatgctgat aattggttgt tccctatggc tttctcagcc agctttctca     33900
     tattacccca ggaccacctg acaggaggtg gaaccaccct cagtggaaag ggctgggggg     33960
     tcgggggggg gcttcaggtg tgaggttcgg ggaaagaagg cagtttcttc ttggggatgg     34020
     gccagcttgg gacaagcctg gggatggctc ataggaacat cgtgagggct gtggccatgg     34080
     aggctgagag atgctgagaa cagacaggga ggagcatgac tcttgctggc agagaaagag     34140
     cgggggcaca gattagggca ggtaggaggc actggggacc tggggctaga gaagcccccc     34200
     tcccagagac tgatgatggg gggctgccct ctcctggagg ctgatgatgg gggtttcccc     34260
     aggagactgg gtcatggctg gtgtctgact ctcactgagc agctcacccc cataaccagt     34320
     ggtctccccg gtgaccccag ctgatgtgtg gctgctggac ctgggtactg tgtgaagccc     34380
     atggtattag tcaataccag gctattctcc caaaaggcca tggaggtgat tcctacccac     34440
     ctttgctgat gtatcccata ccagctcctt ctggagcctc tgtcccaggc taacaacaca     34500
     ctagcaggta taatctggac tgactgagaa atcagcccaa gccaagtgtc tacatagggt     34560
     cacagccctc catgagagta tggtgatgag cagagagaga tgcagaaata tgtacaagcc     34620
     tacaggggaa cagcctgcct atcattgctc cctaagcagg gggtcacagc tcagaccaga     34680
     gggaagtatg ggaactggga aaacatccca catattcctg tcacatgcca caagccatgt     34740
     tataatggga ccattgcaat aaatgaaatt tctgggataa aaacaggagg caaaaaacgg     34800
     agagaaatga aagacactgg cagagataga tgaagatgca cagaggggga ggggagagag     34860
     ccccaggggt cagctgcccg cagcctgggg ctgaaaggaa gctcagggcc cagccggcag     34920
     aggagtgaga cagattggga acggggctta gaagagagaa tctctctgag gggcctaggg     34980
     tctcctgaga atctgactgg caccctggag aaggcaccgg agtgtatgta gtgaggtacg     35040
     tcagtgagct aaggcagtgc tgtagggtgc aagctcctgt tggtcaccca agggtaggtg     35100
     attactgatt aaactcaagg tgttaatatt gtgagcggca actcttgcct cacaggtaag     35160
     tctgcatcag ctcctggggc agataactct atgtagagct gatatacaaa agacatgtgg     35220
     gtctttgagt aagggcagag aatgatcagg agaggttgag agcccctggc tgggcctggc     35280
     ttaggtgagc aggatgacct atgaagatgt gtgcagatat cagggcagag gcacaaggtg     35340
     ggcgtgccac tgaccaacag agcaggaggc cacttcatct tgggttttag gtgtagtcct     35400
     tagcaggacc ggtgcagagg tttgtccttc cagcagctac tcatgaagtt gagtcagaag     35460
     ttcaaggcca ggggctggag agatggctca gcagtgaaga gcactagctg ctcttccaga     35520
     ggaccccagt tcaaatccca gcacccagat ggcagttcac aactgtctgt aactcctttt     35580
     caaggggatc caacaccctc acacagacaa gcatacagtc aaaacagcaa tgtacataaa     35640
     ataaaaataa taaattattt ttttaaaaaa aggaccagcc tgggctacat aacagcttca     35700
     aagctagcct gggaaatgga gccagatcct atatcaaaat aaaaatttca gaaactatag     35760
     ggttgtgtgg ctcagtgcta caacacttac ctggctctca caaagccagt acaagcatta     35820
     gaacaagagg gagggaggga gaagaagaag gaggaggaga ggaggaaggg taggaggaag     35880
     aagaagagga agaggaggag gagacatcta agaaggcaaa gaagaaggaa ggaagaaagg     35940
     aagaagggga ggaagaaagg ggagggtata gacttcattc tttcactcaa ggatggctac     36000
     tgccacgacc agtctgagaa agtttgctac tgtatggata ctaagcttag agcagagaga     36060
     cgaggccagc agatgcacca ggacggcctg gcagaggcac tgggctgcaa cttcagtgtg     36120
     gaggaggtgg acaacagaga gtcccagaga agctacagga agtgatctcc acagattcat     36180
     gcagactgag tggagaactg aggtgcacct aagcttgaga gggagtgaga cagctgagga     36240
     ggaatatttg gactgcagta tgtttggggg cagatctgag acctgtgtcc cttgtagcag     36300
     acacagatgt ctatgtaggc caggttgtga aacagtccct gttggtcacg agactgctat     36360
     gggctcccca cagcagcacc tgctccagaa gctgtaagag gaagttccag agacgttgct     36420
     gtaccgggca cctggagggt ggtggcaaaa gaaatctgag taaccagtaa aggttgtagt     36480
     gttttagaaa gggggggggg gcttgggaac tggggagtgg gggtcgagtg atgaagttgt     36540
     gtctcatggg gcaaggacga gggtctgtat agaggtaaag gtgataaccc cagctcctga     36600
     ggtgcccagg ttaaaacaag ctctctagca cagctagacc accaagagta tgtagaagat     36660
     tgaagaaagc catttctagg gtgtgggggc acgggggcat ggtgggtggt gatgccaggc     36720
     ctgggacaag ggaaaagaga ggcagacact ggccatattg aatgcccaga ggaggcccag     36780
     ccatgaccct cagatttgga tctatcctgc agccctgcag ctctggcaaa gcctggagtc     36840
     actctccttc ctgtggcaga ctctctcgac aggaaattga gccgactctt tgttccattt     36900
     tggaacatct agcctcttat ttagccagat ccatttctgc tcaggctaaa gaattgaaat     36960
     gtgaatctct cacagaggag atctgacctc acagggagcc aaccacacag cattgcctct     37020
     gagacaattc ctaaagatgt ttgttatctc tgacagctag cccttggggc agcatcttct     37080
     agctcagatt aagttggcac aagctggtcc tggcttcctg cagggtcctt ggaccttggg     37140
     catagcacac acttgtgaag agagaatctc agatgtcagc aggattgcca gtcacctgtc     37200
     tcaagctggg tttacaaggc tgatcgactc tgcacacagc cagggggtgc tgtgtgtagt     37260
     cagagatctc tgcatactgc caggaagccc ttcacgaagc ctggaaacct ctgaaggaca     37320
     gtatatgcct ctttttctct cttatacaag gcgggggtct tcagcagtga gagggctgag     37380
     agaatggtag gaacgtcacc accttctggt acctctgggg cttaccctga gaggggaaga     37440
     tgccgtggca agagccttga agacaagaca aagacctgcc tgttgacatc tgctcagacc     37500
     ccagcaaagt aacccatgaa gaaatgacta aatagctgca agtaattgcg ataatttgag     37560
     tatttatagt tgatgttttt aaacataaag gcattccaat gcactacaac ctggcctgtc     37620
     acaaggctgg tgcaggtagg tgggctgggg cacaaagcca ctctgccagc caaggaaggc     37680
     ctgacaagac ctgtcaacag cacacacatt tgaagctaag gtaatcacta actaaattcg     37740
     aggtcccagc cacgtgggtt cttgcccatc tctaccctag ataggcaggg caagaaagag     37800
     ctgggcaggc tcagacagtt ctgaatgcct ccagctggca aggacattgg cttctttgaa     37860
     agctatgcac aagaccacac aagtggatca gcactgagat tccgatggag cagggcttcc     37920
     aaggttcagg gactggaaca gttctgcagg gcgtggaatg cccacagcca ccactgtggc     37980
     atgacctccc ccttaccttg aagttcaggg caccccatgt agccactgtg agtcccatct     38040
     gtccagatag gaaggtgggg gctccctcag tctctcccga acctaatttc tggcattggc     38100
     tttcagcact gagcttcttt gccatttgtg ggtggtggtg agatagggtc tcaccactgt     38160
     gacccaggct agtcttgaac tcatggcaat cctcctgcct cactcttcgc agggctaaga     38220
     ttacagacat gaacacaaca ctcaggtcaa atccttcttg tgtgtgtatc aaacttgggt     38280
     cttgccctag gccttatatc agagcaaagt acatgcctag gtgggtacta aagcacagta     38340
     ccatatgcct aggtgggtac tagagcacag taccatatgc ctaggtgggt actagagcac     38400
     agtaccaaat gcctaggtag gaactagagc ataggaccat atgcctacgt agatactaaa     38460
     gcacagtacc atttgcctaa gtgggtactg gctcctggct acatggaggg agaagctgac     38520
     tctaagcttg gacatgttcg gcctgggatc tgtttcatga aatagtattt gagtaaatcg     38580
     tctgcacaac taccccagag caagactcaa ctggtgtcac cagcctttgg gaggaagggt     38640
     agttccgtgt gccagctctg acccccttgc agctgcttca tgcagtgcag agcctctgaa     38700
     acaaagatgg agttgaagct tgtctctcag tcatgtctct ccaggagaca cagaacagtg     38760
     cggatctgtt gtcaggggtg ggccgctcac aaatgcctgt cactgtcagc cagactagtc     38820
     agtggcattt gtacaaaagt ggtgagactc gcagaaagag tgtctcagtt cacattgacg     38880
     gttcagcaga gtagccaaga aagaaaatgg aaagatgacg gttcagacag cttgctgtgt     38940
     gcccggcatg aggccctgtg agaagaacca aaaccaaggc ttgggaatgc cgatgcagtg     39000
     tctgaggcca ggactggcaa gggcagagct ttcagctcac accacactcc actggcgccc     39060
     caggatggaa ttagaacctt gaggacagac aatactttta ccgcctatgg aattttgcca     39120
     ccagggacct tcatgtccct cacaccacag tcttaattgc atggtgtcac catcccagac     39180
     atctggacaa ttccaggctg ggttcttcct aagactactc caaccctgaa agtcccttct     39240
     ctggcatggc tgcctcagga ctgcaccatc ctagtatctt cttactgagc atagttcctt     39300
     accaaataca gcaaggtgtg ctgtcacaca cgtggctcta aacgtcccca aggctaggtt     39360
     tcacctttga ctgtggtccc ctttaacctt ctgaaagatc tactctctca tacaaaattt     39420
     tgagtggagt cctatagttg gatctggtgc cacggtataa tccctttctg ggaggtcaga     39480
     ggatggtgaa ttcaagttta ccctcagctt taaagcaaga ctggaggcac ctgtctcgga     39540
     aagcaaaaca aacctaacaa ggagccagaa aaaaaaaaaa agtaaaacgt caagtactaa     39600
     ctctattcat ttatttattt tgctttttga agacaaggtt tcatactgaa ttccaggttg     39660
     cctttgaact tgtggcaaac ctcctgcctc agactcccaa gtgttgggat tgtaggtgtg     39720
     cactacccca aacagtttag aagccttaac ttcaaacatt taacagagac tccagggcat     39780
     gtcacagctc acagcttggc tgccagtgtg acattatttc atcatttcct aggcatgggt     39840
     caactgtcac taggttgtct cagccctttt ataaaccagg aaaggaagaa ctgaaacatc     39900
     tttaaatgat cagtatacat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     39960
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttc caccaaagca     40020
     ggctcctcag tgaacactgt gtgtgggggg gaatcactca tacctgtcaa agcaccagga     40080
     gaagacctag ttctgaccta agcctttgag gttggccacc gttccacctg tgcccaggaa     40140
     aagtgttgtc tcagcagcct gaccctccct tgccctggcc tttctctttc tactctggag     40200
     atcaactgcc tgccactggc gacgtccaca ggacagcaag cccaggaaaa aaggacatgc     40260
     acagaatgag tttatgtttt agcatttcag catcccaccc aacactgtga caggggacag     40320
     tgattgctca taaaagcata aatatctgtt gggagcatcc aggagtgcca cccccctccc     40380
     tcagcacgca gtgatgcccg ctctgggacc atgggtgccc agcagggctt gggttacttg     40440
     gattattttt ctcttggtta tttcctctcc aaaaaccccg ctgggataga actgattgag     40500
     agcagaatgt tccagggctc ataatcagcc agttcttgtt ccaagcttct gtggtaccct     40560
     ggggttgacc tcgttgggac tccaccccgg acctcccagt tcctccctgg caagatgaag     40620
     ggggaggcag ccatttgaaa ggagatggac actgaatccc acgtgccaca tctctgtccc     40680
     ttttgtcaaa ggttaggaag gtgcagacag ctcccagagc tgccagctgt atcacaagca     40740
     gagggccagc taccatttca gtcaaggccc aacgaagctg actgagaggt gaaggcgatg     40800
     aatgttaact gccttcagcg tcgttataaa gatacttggc aaaaactccc attctcctca     40860
     cgcatccgac accacattca agaccccgta caaggacaag agaggggaaa actcgactca     40920
     tttatggaat tccccacatc acccaccacc ttaactcatg actaatcttc ctccactacg     40980
     tttacatgac tctaggcttc tggctgatgc gtgttactca agaaacatga attctctctg     41040
     caataaacgt tctcccaatt cctttagtct ggtgtctgaa ctttttcttg gctgctaacg     41100
     ggaacctgga tatacactgc atagagatct cagtccagtc aatctctggg acttcctggt     41160
     ctttagtcac aggaaatacc aagaaccttg aggagccagg cacagtctga gaaaatgagg     41220
     gtctccagac ccccaggtat catgaggccc ccagagggcc tgggtatgtg acttggcttc     41280
     tgagggcagg acaaggcctg tgccttgcat taatacctgg atgtttactc tagaatcatc     41340
     tttagatcgt gtctgatgag gaaggttaat tcctgtttga gcttgaggct ggcttaaagt     41400
     tcaggcccct cagcaggcag cactatttgt ctagaactta atatcacagt gttacttttt     41460
     aatctatttt tctggtgacc gctctacagt aatcaaccct ggttactgtc tttaaaacaa     41520
     acttaccctt ttcataaaac acaccagatg tttaaaggaa aaatattgta ccaatattgg     41580
     tttcagggat gtacccaaaa ttaagtgttg gaagcacggt gtccaagcct gctcctgaca     41640
     tttggagcac ttccacgagt cccctttagt gagaagttct actcacacgt cctgaagcag     41700
     aggactcaca atctctcaaa tttgtgttca gcctgctttc tctggcttca ggtcttgagg     41760
     tccatgtacc taagggagat gttgagagag agagagagag agagagagag agactagtaa     41820
     agccgtgtat acctcatggt gcctggctgt ctattcttcc tgatgtcttc tctgagcaga     41880
     ggcagcctca ggtatggagg tcaacacctg gggcagtgga agtgaagctc agcttttttt     41940
     ggagcagaga ctcacatgtt gacaagtaga ccctagaccc tgaagtcatc accagaggtt     42000
     cccaggatag aacatgagta ggttccggcc acacccactc cgggaagaca tgctgataaa     42060
     taacaagtca ggctggaaga actaagctca gcagccagtc tcttctctag acataaagga     42120
     agagccctgc cttagctccc gaggctgcat ggagggtctg tccccaggca ccctgtgact     42180
     agtgatgtcc tcatgagctg acagcagggt ccacactaac tttacttttg tgtagcccaa     42240
     gctgatcaca gactctgatt ccttctgcct ttacttcccc tgtccagatt ataaactctg     42300
     gatgccttgg agagttgggg aaggttattt tgtttctatt gttttgcttt ggttgttgtt     42360
     cttggttttg ttttgtttta tttttatttt taaatccaga caggatttta ttaggtagcc     42420
     cagtgtggct ctcccactaa agattctcct gcatcagccc catgtatgta taggattatc     42480
     ggtgaacatc gccacacctg gctcacatgt attttcaatt aaatgtaata caccccaaag     42540
     ggagacatat atggagagtt tctgccatcg gctgttgatt gtcagtggta tgatgttaat     42600
     ggctagtggc tgtcggctgt tacttggcta aattcagacc agctactgtt ttccatttcc     42660
     ttcagtgatg tgttggaatc ataaaattaa aaaaaaaaag aaaaataaaa aataaaaaag     42720
     gttgtttgct tgattttctg agactgggtt tcttttgtag cccaggctgg cctagaacta     42780
     tgaaagtggg acccttcttc tgccccagcc ttccgaatac ccacaggctt acaagcagta     42840
     gccatcacac tcgtatggct aattatctta gttttacaga tgcgaaaact ggcccagagg     42900
     ggttcagaaa tatgttcaag gtcgcacagc agagaacgcc tcaatttgaa ggtgactggt     42960
     atattctctc tccatctcag gtcaagagta cccggaactg gaaccctgtg ggctcctccg     43020
     gtgagggtgt ggtttggccc agcgccccgt tgcactgaac tcactggttg acctgagcag     43080
     agagtggaga gatccctttg ccgggctgga gctgtacccc acgcctgagg ggatcgctac     43140
     tcgcgccctc caacgcctcg gttccacgct tgagcaggtg gcatctacga cgcagtgaga     43200
     cttgagccat attttcctag cctgcaacct ccagagtgtc ccccaacaga aagaaatcac     43260
     cgcgtgcaaa gcactagcta agtcccgctc tctgtgctgt ccctgacccg cccaagttcc     43320
     gcccctccgc tcggccccgc cccggcgcgc cctcgctact gtcacctctg gccccggccc     43380
     gcccgagcct cgctgccatt ggtggcggtg gtgaggccac tacccccatc cctgcgggag     43440
     cggcttgggc gatgaatgaa gcgggagtgg gctgcgcgcg tagtccagag cgcagggcgc     43500
     agcgcggcag ccgggttcgt gggaaggtga gtgctctggg atctggactg ctttgaggtc     43560
     tcggaccagg atggggacag ggtctggctc cgtactagat gcctcctagg tatgccagac     43620
     tccgacctgc tgacgtcagg agcgcggcag gtgtttgcgg aggctggact aaagcgcggc     43680
     ggagccccgg gtgcgttgtc tgaagacaca tcccggggaa ccaatgcggg gacagagtgg     43740
     gctcaaggga gccggatgca gaattcaccc cttctcactg cacatgaggg aagctgcaag     43800
     tctgcagtgg ggtgggggaa ggcagagccg ctgcgctaga gcgagaggga agatgggagt     43860
     ggacttgggg cgcaggaaag cgtgaggggg ggggggggac cgctagagct gtcggcccag     43920
     gttaaaggtt tgctagtata cgcaggtgcg agcctctgcg ggtctgttca gcgacagatc     43980
     cagtggctgt ggtggttgtt gctaagaccg agggaaacgt ggagcacgga agttgctcac     44040
     tagtggcggg ctttgtccct acgaggagcg cggatgcccg ggtccctgag gcccggtacc     44100
     ttcacgcagc tctccgatgc ccccggacgc gtgtgtacgc caacgagagt tcgggtcgct     44160
     ttgctgcctg attggcacgc ttagctccaa acccgggaac tcaaggcagg gtacctcctt     44220
     cacaggagag gtgagcatct gtaggaaaaa tgagatagag acacatagtc gcaccttata     44280
     gcttggggcc ccaggcgcag tggcttgagt ttagcgtgat gaggattgct ggcctccccc     44340
     agacatggcc ttggggtgtt tctgtcccaa ggtgttgaaa ctgcccattt gtgatggaac     44400
     tatcccaact tcagggcagt gttttttgtt tgtttgtttg ttttgttttg ttttgttttg     44460
     tagtttagta aaccaaggta gctgtctagt cagctgttgt taaagcagct tggggcaggt     44520
     ggacggcagg gaagagaaca cctggtgttt agccgaatta tttataaatc ttagctgtgg     44580
     taatggggac agcaggcgct gtttgctgag cctggcattt gctggcttgg agagggcttt     44640
     ggataagagc agtcccaggc agcattttaa agtccccttg cacagaggag cagcctgggg     44700
     caccgggatg tttggcttgc ctagaaatga cacaggggag accggaggtt tgtatcattt     44760
     gccagccatt ctctcttcaa gaagagagga aagccaggtc agagaaccag cagttaccag     44820
     gacaggacta tgctggtggc caaaggtacc tacctgttgg ctgtgatgag gtgcaagact     44880
     tgccttgcct gcccactagg aaagaccaac aggtactacc tggataaatt cttcctggat     44940
     gatctaattg tagctcattg ggtgtggtcc ccaaagcaga tgctggacaa gccccaacca     45000
     gaaccttccc caatactgca gaggggccag gcaggcaaga cggaggcttg tgactgggtg     45060
     aagagagggg cagggcctgg gccaggacca gcagcataaa gacttgtaaa tgggcccagc     45120
     aggagagcta ccgagtaact gttttgcagc agtttggact ctgtctatgc cttgcttcca     45180
     gacactcaga ttttctcagt tcactgacat atggggcctg ttgttgtgag tcctctttct     45240
     gttacagaag tcttctgact taacctgctt cccaggtggg tgctgttgtg ttttatgaat     45300
     tcataccatt gtgatctcct aaagtggaac aggtcgagtt cccagcctga aggtcctctg     45360
     caggacggag catttgagac atagaaaggt cactgcccac tctggtgctc ctggacaccc     45420
     ctgcttcctc ttgagttata ctcagtgctc ccttcctgat ccccgtggtc actgagagag     45480
     ctcatgggct aatccttgga acctcaccac agaccttgtt ctgagactct ggagaaactc     45540
     tgaccttagc gtggtcttga tgaacaagag ggacagggag gttcaactct agctctcagc     45600
     cactgggagt aactgaacag gccctcaggg attgtgtccc atgtatccag tggccagggt     45660
     tctgcctgac cagtagagcc tggaagcctt gctggtggag atggaggaaa tgtaccagca     45720
     tgcagtgcct gggttgtatc ctgttgtggg tcactgcaga ggcagcggct gatctgggcg     45780
     catcctccaa acctgctgct ctcaggtgag ggtctctggt tttccccagc acccttttcc     45840
     caatcatgga cagctatcat gacctcattc ttgttttcat tacaaagaat tataatcagc     45900
     tggggtggtg ctgcatgcct ttaatcccag cattcagaag gcagaggcag tcagagctcc     45960
     gagagttcaa ggccagcctg gtctacatgg tgagttccag gacagccaga gctacatagc     46020
     aagacccccc tccccccatc ttgagaatac aaaagcaaac aaacaaatta gaattctggg     46080
     catttctata gataagggtg gttcttctca aactactggc cttttaaaaa gctgcttgtt     46140
     cgtggcttag aaaccagaga ccatgggtag gtaaggtgag gcttgcagcc attgtctggg     46200
     cttcccttgg cacaagatgc ccataactcc gggatctgag ggagctccaa tatgctgttt     46260
     cttctcctcc cgagagctac caagctcccc ttccatatgt ccaggccttg cctttgcctt     46320
     gtaattttta aacctgcaag ctttggggcc tgcctcagac actgctcctc agacccaacc     46380
     aagccacaga gaacacttag gactatctga gcatggtcct ctccacccat acctactgct     46440
     ggtattttcg caccctggct atgccagtca ggtctcttat ctagctagag ctgcctcctc     46500
     ctgaacctaa gaggaccctg agaatcatga aggttgtctg tcaccagaat ccttcaccgt     46560
     cccctagact gtagaagagc tgttgcaaga accatcacac caacagtcag cgatgagcag     46620
     ggacaaagca agctactttt gtccccagct atcagatgag ctgagggaca tcaaatgagg     46680
     tatggggacc tttttgaagt ccaggagcgc catgctacag aggttgaagt tacccagtac     46740
     tgcaggtctg tttcccatga gacgtaagtg gcagctgggc tgagtccagt acctcatgac     46800
     acactgcagg agggaaactg aaggtcagag aggcctgtga cctgcctcct gcctggctcg     46860
     gaggcagcct ctaccagccc ctctgcttct aaaatccacc ttgactagca aggcttccat     46920
     tcccctccaa agcatggtgc atggcagaac cttctctgtg tccctggatc tccagatccc     46980
     cagatccaga caggatagga gcaaacctgg ctggctgaga cagcagacct ctgttggaca     47040
     cgtccttctg gtgccagccc tggcgtccct tattcaggtc ccaagtccat ggcagctcct     47100
     gagcaaagcc ccaggtttcc tatactttca gcagagcatg gctaccaggt gtgcaaactg     47160
     ggttgcacta ggtgctttgg tggctggcca atacaccgtg ccccttgtct gagcctcatc     47220
     ctgaagaagg gaacacactc ctcttgtctg taagagggga tacctgggag aaattaggag     47280
     ccagagaaga gtcctaaggt cctggggttg ctgctgacta gtgtgtatgt cagtaggggt     47340
     ttcaggagag aagtgggctt agtttgttgg tgaccccaga gcagttgggt gcagagaaca     47400
     atttcttttg cctccttttt ctggctgaag ctgagaggtg ttggggttgg aagtggggag     47460
     aagagagatg ggaagagaaa tgactctgtg gtttgctagc tcaaagtctg aggaagttat     47520
     aggatttggg cctcaaagtg tctccaaacg aggacagaat tctactagac atcccacctt     47580
     taggacttta caatgtcctg ggaacatcct acagagatcc aggtagcaga gatctggggc     47640
     agaggactac tctgaaattc ttcctttcaa attgcagcat gagctgagag gccttaggga     47700
     ctgctccagc tgggagtcag taaatggatg gataaggaaa taagggagca aggaagagag     47760
     tgcagccatg cgaaggccag agaccttttc tcacagatta ggtggtagca agctgcctct     47820
     ggccactgac ctttctggga ggctctgagg aggcagccag agctgtctgg attcttccag     47880
     aactaaaaga catcatcaac taaaggctgc aattgcagcc ctgaagacag tgcaggggac     47940
     ttgtaaggga atcttggtca cctgtgacct cctaaaataa cgcacatgca ttacccacgc     48000
     ctatgcacac gcctgccctt cccacagtgc tcaggtgtgg ccattgtcag ctgccagagg     48060
     ccccagggct tcatcatccc gggctaatca gcttggccta atcccacagg ggcaggctgc     48120
     tgggctgtct gggtggagcc tgcctggtag gctgagacac agaacaggga aggttggcta     48180
     tgtaaaagag tcataaccct gctgttcccc acctgctcgg actgagaaaa ctcctccaaa     48240
     tctggtgcca acttctcctg gtctcaaata tttgttttcc ctactacaca gctgctagaa     48300
     gtggacgtag atgcaggagc cgggactggc acacaggcag gctccacggc agtaagtagt     48360
     ccccatgaaa aagccgttta gtggtgaagg taggggtaag tcacatggct ggaatcccag     48420
     tgggaaaaag gtctctgtcc ttggatactg tcaggagtac agggccgagg tgagtaaagt     48480
     aatggacctg ccttcctata aatcgaatca gttgggcata tgtgtccagt agatccaggc     48540
     agcccccatt tggtcatgct cacaaagata ttggatgtcc tgtgaaaggc tctccccttg     48600
     tcagctgtgg atgagctagt cccagctcca tgtgttttgc cccctggagc ctgtattgtg     48660
     ctgaacagca gccacacatg gctgtcaagg acctctcaag gactgctcag gtgtagtggc     48720
     tgtgggatcc aggtaatgat ttctgtatcc tgggggcggg tccctgaacc ctggtaccta     48780
     acagaggttc ccaactatgg cagagcagta tcagtgtcaa aggaatagga tgacctcaga     48840
     gaaggaagcc aatgagaaat ctacagggat ttactatcag gaactgactc atgagattat     48900
     gaaagtggaa atgtcccagg atcctgagga cggtaagctg gtaggccagt atcccttcca     48960
     tgcagccaag ccttccagac gtagtgcctg tagactcaat gacgtcttat tcagaaaccc     49020
     ctcagtgaca tgcgcatggt gacatgtgac aaatgcacct atggtctaac attagggtct     49080
     gctccagcca ttccagaacc aacttaccag aacctaggaa gaaacttgag agctagtgat     49140
     ctggccatac cttagcagca cagtcctgct gaaaccagaa tggcggctgt ggttgtgggc     49200
     ccagagaccc agaaattgct gtttgtgtca ttaggttgtt ttattggtgg tgatggtgag     49260
     gcgtatgttc ctgttactgc tcacgtgtgt gctggtgcac atgctaagca tgtatgtgaa     49320
     agtcggagga caccctcagc tgttgcaagc accacctcat ctcagttttt gtttgtttgt     49380
     tttgtttttt tgaggtaggg tctcttatta actcggcaag tagacgaagc tggcctgcca     49440
     gtgagcgtta gtaataagcc tggctccacc tcctcagggc tggaattgta agcgtgaacc     49500
     gtgaaatcca actttagaaa aacaaaatca acaacaagaa agccatgtgt tccagggcac     49560
     agaattcagg cattactcct tgcaaggcaa acacttttac cagctgagct ccggtgtcgc     49620
     tctcaaacat ttatgtttta tttatgtggc tgagtggagt ttatgccttc tatgtgtggg     49680
     tgcccacaga ggacagaaaa gggcatttga tctcctggag ctgaagttat aggtagttgt     49740
     aagacacctt cgggtgctgg gaacagaact cgagtcctct gggagatacc gccttaactg     49800
     ctgagtcatc actacagcct taccggcccc tttttttttt cttttgagtc agaatctcca     49860
     gcttagattg gtcttgaact tgtaatcctt ctatctcagt gtccccacat gctggtatta     49920
     ccggtatgtg ccacaggcct aatcagcttt gccaccctac catggaaaga cagcaaacat     49980
     caggaagtca cgtggctaat atttacagta ggatttcaaa ttgctcattc agtgtgtttc     50040
     aaatatttgt cattgctctt agctcgggtg aaaccagggt gaacttgctg tggggcaccc     50100
     atacctagaa ttcttaggtg gtggctttcg ttttcaggga agaaatcctg tttccttttg     50160
     tgtggtgctg atcacaaaac tgcggtctgt tgcagtatac ccgatctgcc tgtgtagtcc     50220
     tgtgtggtcc ctagcagttg tcgtgggata gggaggagag agcacagtgg acgggaggca     50280
     aacccgagtt taaaggcaaa cgcaaacagc actctggtga ccttgaatct tttccttttg     50340
     attctccctg tgcccaaaga gtctgctgtc agcttctacc ccaagttcta aggctggtgc     50400
     acagtatggc cattctcacc cctctatctg gccctaccct gttcctcttt gtctctcttc     50460
     tgtcctgttc cactgcagtt tgagaaagtg gactaaatgt ctcggccgcc tctactgcac     50520
     ctcacctgct gtgctgccaa agccttcccc atgaggctgg agatgcccca gcctgggatg     50580
     ggggacacac ttgctttggg accagggaga tgacttaggc agggaaaagt ttgagaacct     50640
     gagctggacc ccactctcta tgtaagagga cattcatggg gatacgtgcc tgtaatctca     50700
     gaataaggga agcaagcaag caaagatctc taggacttgc ttagacatca ctgagctcca     50760
     ggtcttgtta gagaccctgt gattaaaaca ataaggtgga ggtggctatg agcccctccg     50820
     tgtcttagct ctgttcagtg cttggtggtt ccatccagta actctgactt cagtgtcttc     50880
     aggtgtggcc acaccttcag agtcggctgg aatccagtcc ctgggaccag gctgtatgtg     50940
     acccagtagc tgcagggctg tggctgggag caaggtgtga gggatgggcc aacagccact     51000
     ctggctccag gaaggctgat cccagtggga tctgaatgtt cacgcagata ggggagcagg     51060
     taaaagttta ctaatgagaa actctgttca cagatagacc cagtgacaag acagtctctc     51120
     ggccacctct actgcacctc ggctgctgtg ctgccaaagc cttccccacg aggctggaca     51180
     tgccccagca cgcgatgggg gacacacatt tcctctccct cccgaagcac ctctttacta     51240
     gcacgtcctc agccacggac agcgggtgtg acactccgcc cagcagcaga gcatccccag     51300
     cctccctgcg ctctgcccac ggcaccctgg gctcctccag ccaacccctg tttgagcccc     51360
     aggctgagaa gcggagtagc cagacagccc gtgaggtgca gtatgtgtcc tcggggccac     51420
     agaactcact gtgcggctgg caagccttca cgcccaagtg cttgcaggtc ttcaacaccc     51480
     ccaagggctt cctcttcttc ctgtgtgcgg cctccttcct tcagggcatg acagtgaatg     51540
     gcttcatcaa tactgtcatc acctccatcg aacgccgctt cgatctgcac agctaccaga     51600
     gcgggctcat cgccagctcc tatgacatcg ctgcctgcct atgccttacc ttcgtcagct     51660
     actttggggg caatgggcac aaaccgcgat ggctgggctg gggtgtgctg gtcctgggaa     51720
     tcggctccct ggtatttgca ctgccccatt tcactgccgg ccgctatgag gtagagatgg     51780
     atgaggggct ggggactggg acgtgcctga ctaatcagag tcatgtggag tgtaaagaca     51840
     gtgcctcagg cctgtccaac taccggctga tcttcatgct gggccagctc ctgcacggtg     51900
     tgggtgccac gccgctctac acactgggcg tcacgtacct ggatgagaac gtcaagtcaa     51960
     gttactcacc catctatatc ggtgagtagg atttgccaag gaatcagggt gggtaggcag     52020
     aagggatcag caggtgacat gaaatgaagg tggtgcattc tgggggcctg gctaggtgag     52080
     cttatgtccc tccctcggcc atatgatcca agtgtcccta agctaccact tacaaccatc     52140
     agggcttttt accaaaagat aggagagtgg atgtcaactt tcctaaggag ccccataatg     52200
     gttcagacca gagatctcag cacagcccta tactaggtgg gcccgctcac gtggctcagg     52260
     ggctccaagt ccttgggcag agctaaggaa gggttagctg gcaaccatcc tctctgtagt     52320
     ttggaaagaa tcctgtgcaa agataagtgg ggggaataga ggcaggctcc ttctgtgccc     52380
     tgtgtgtacc tagcctgggc ttgctagctg ggaagtaaat aaaagttagg aatgctgact     52440
     tccaggcaaa gccacacaac agctcacggc ttctatatcg tggcctatga ccttcgagac     52500
     aactgcatgc catgcagctg agtgcaaagt ctacccaggc ggcctccgat tccatatcct     52560
     ctcagctcag gctcatgcct caggatgggc agtagggagc cagtcccagt tgcaggctac     52620
     acagaggcac acttgtctac agtggtctac tatggggcta caggtacaag aacatggtgg     52680
     aggtatctct taggaggagg gccccactga gtggcctgtg acggctgcac actatttttg     52740
     cttttctagc catcttctac acggcagcca tccttggacc tgcagcaggc tacctgattg     52800
     gaggagccat gctaaacgtt tacacagaag tgggccaacg gtgagtaatt agatgtcccc     52860
     acctgcctgc ctcagtacct gggatgctgt gggccccaaa gagtagttca gatatacagc     52920
     atgaagatag agcagggaaa atctgggcta gtcttggata caggactggg ggtatgcaga     52980
     gagacttggg gtctgtgagt ggcttccagg gcagacccag agtcaggctc gagatgggtg     53040
     gaggggtgtg gattcaagat cacgtgattc tgaagccctg gccatgtgtc ttcaaagctc     53100
     tcctcttgaa gtgacaggca acgagtctgt atctttagtg tgtggtacta atatttgtaa     53160
     atgtaattgg gagagcgggg agtaggaggg atgggaggag acaaagctgg ggtggccttt     53220
     gctgggtact gcccagcaag gctgtgtggt ggccttgccc taccatgtcc ttccatggaa     53280
     gggtagctct catttgagtt ttcctggtgg ctgtgctggg tttggggcac cattccacct     53340
     taggactctc tctgcagatg gcgccggcga ggtttctagc gctctgccct ctcacttgcc     53400
     gcctctagcc ctgggttgat actatggggt caagggtgcg tgttctatgc agagcctgag     53460
     gtaggtcaag gctcctgtct ttgcatctgg atgtgttgtg gtccttgggc tctgggttct     53520
     gagttaatat gcacacgggt gggagcatga tctagaccct ggggcagctt cctactgttt     53580
     cagaacagag ggtgtacaag ctctgctctc ctggcattgc catctaaagt ccttcctcca     53640
     ttcttcttcc tgacccttgt cccgccatcc caccatcccc caccccttgc tccctccgca     53700
     ccctcttctt cccaagtatg aaatcctatt ggccagtcgc taccttccca tgacttctcc     53760
     tgttctgaga gccccctctc tcccgtgcag atggcagtcc gacgcctaat ggtccctgtg     53820
     tgagtagctc agtgaactcc agctgagcct tctgtcccct gagctctgtg gccctgagga     53880
     tgacagctgg tgtggggagg gataccagct gttacttgaa gctcctgtcc ccaatgggcc     53940
     ttgcccccaa ggtctcagtc tgaggcccag ttgcagcttc ccggtgtctg gcagtcaggg     54000
     tctgagtgag gagctgctct tttagggaat ggccacatta gaaggcttct ccagtctgaa     54060
     gaagaagtga acatagagtt gtgaccccaa gagtctctgt tgccctctgt gaagaggtcc     54120
     taggggaatg agcaggctaa cccatacagg tactggaaaa gacacagggg cactgatcag     54180
     taatccgagg accattgctt cttccaacag gacggagctg accactgaca gcccactgtg     54240
     ggttggtgcc tggtggatcg gcttcctagg aaccgggatt gctgcattcc tcatcgccat     54300
     ccccatcctt ggctatcccc ggcagctacc aggtgggttc ctggccctgg cacagaggtc     54360
     ctatctagga ggcagaagat acccctccct gtcatgttcc cttctctctg tcctttcaac     54420
     taacgaggcg tggaggcttt gtcaagcagc ctgctatccc cttctgtgtc tctacttgaa     54480
     atgacccctc cacctccatg cctactggat ccatatgggc cttgctctca tgtctgcagt     54540
     tctgtcacat gacaactcca ccttttctgg ccacaccctc aggccttaga ctgtaatacc     54600
     gcatgagcgt ctgcatacac tgtccccagg tcctgaagag tggaggagtt ggggtcaggg     54660
     caacctccat ggtgacatcc tctggaagcc ttagctgtct actgattctg tccctccagg     54720
     ctcccagcgc tacgttgtta tgagagcggc tgaaacacag cagctgaaag accacagccg     54780
     cggagcagtg agcaatccag cttttggcaa gactgtcaga gacctgcccc tgtaaggagt     54840
     gtgtgttgtg ttgtatgtgt gttgagttgt gtgtgttttg tgtgtgtatg tgttgttagt     54900
     ataagtgttg tgttgtatgt gaattgtgtt tgtgtgggtg ttgtgtgttg tgtatgtgat     54960
     gtgtgtctta tggtgtgtgt tatgtgtgtt ttcttgtgta tgtgttgtgt gttgtgttgt     55020
     atgtgtgtgg tatgtgtatg catgcgacca gtgcactctc cataccatcc acagcccttt     55080
     aaccctcttc ttgacccacc aagcactgtg agacatgggc agcagaagct cctggctgaa     55140
     ggcacgggcc tggttgagac cagaaccact gtgtgaagcc ccatagagca gatgtcttcc     55200
     cagtggtatg cctccctgtg tacctgcagg ccttgaggcc ctcctcagag agcccctcag     55260
     atggtataga ccaccattgt cctttcttgg gtatcttgct attagaagct ccaaggagat     55320
     gcgattctgg actcctcccc cacaggacag agaaccacag ttgcagaggc ctcttccagc     55380
     ttttggctct cccactgacc ttcgtccccc ctctgccctg gggtagtctt tttccatgct     55440
     taatgttttc actccatcac ctcttttctg tgtgtctgtc cgagctctgc tatccttaca     55500
     gatcaagaaa cagtctctga gctagtgggg tcttggggga cagtgtagat tctgggagtt     55560
     cctggtatct acctactgtc tcttccttac acaattgaca tttcaaaaga cctacatgag     55620
     gcaaccttag gatgggttgc aaccccattg cttggcctga tcttatgaat ggcggcaact     55680
     aactgaccac ttgggaaggc tcttgtaggt ggggctgagt tccacagtct gtccttaaca     55740
     cagagaagga agggtagccc ccagggatcc cagaataaag ctaggcaaac atggagatgc     55800
     aagttcttac aggctttgta tttcattact gttcagctca cccaggacag cctacctaag     55860
     agggctgagc cccaggcatg actgaattgg ctgagggcct acaagccatg gtccaaaagt     55920
     ttgtcttaaa gttggtctct cttcacccca acaacagagc gtctgctgtt aaaccatttg     55980
     gggcagcata gcatggcacg ggggctttgc tcagctgggg agcctgggcc tcctactgtg     56040
     ctttatacag taagaggttc atgcccagca ttagtgtctg aagctaggcg ccgttactga     56100
     acaagcccac aaatgcgttc cttccttaag atcatgaagg tcatgacagt tctcagtgca     56160
     aactcaagaa tctcagcctt cactggggtt aggtaatatg tggaacgtgt ccacacggcg     56220
     aagctaccct tgtcctcaac caccacagcc tgaagctaag caagcctagg caatcccttg     56280
     ggagtgaacc agcctgtacc tggttatccc atgccagaca taggcacaga accagcaggg     56340
     gaggcgctct gacaggccag catcctgagc ctggaggtcc ctgttggggg tcacggttcc     56400
     ttcacaccca ctttccccag tcagaacaca attgactgga aagacttttc aaccctcagg     56460
     tcaagaagta aaatttaaaa gaattgagtg taccctacct cagaagggat cctgtgtgtc     56520
     tctcactagg actggtctga ccgctcagtg accctggttc attgtctagg aagcggtagg     56580
     ttcttgccag tctgcacgct gtcatggacc ctgctgatgg tggggctctg actaatcctg     56640
     gcttctcttc agagcatggt atattttggc ccatatcctc cctatgcaga gctggagtgt     56700
     ggagctgtgt gctgctgcct ccactggtac tcagaactat cgtgccctag atcttagatt     56760
     tggtgaagag aatgagtctt atgggggtaa ggatgtggag tggccactca caggaggcag     56820
     gagcaggcac cataagcctt gacacaccca cccctaagac ccaatcctcc tcccaggctt     56880
     ctggaaatgc tttagtgtgc agaagccagc atagttactg caccatgagc tgacttcaag     56940
     ggatgaatgc cctggccccg tgtgacctgc gacttgggat agatgaccgt aggggacaat     57000
     gatccgctgt gacctccagg cttaaggtgg cagctgtcca agaaggacta agttcaggct     57060
     ctgctcccaa gagctctaat agctcatgat cagcctcaca gttggcacac agtcctcact     57120
     caccccagga aacctggagc ccgactccca gccagcaggg aagctgcagc ctgactccag     57180
     gccagcagga ggcagagcct tcagaatcgc ccgcctgtca gatgggtgtg ctgtcacacc     57240
     ctggtcactc tgccttgcgg aaggcacttc agtcaccacc tcaccgtgtg gctgatgtct     57300
     ttgacattcc agacagagtg gcaaatggag ggaaagagcc ctgcgtggga acccagctct     57360
     gacagtgctg ggaccttgga ttcttaggac tccaggccag agtcactgtg ggattaacag     57420
     actgtatctg accaccaagc ctattaccac tcctacagcc accatcccct aagtacaagc     57480
     caagagaaag ggagcaagcc agaccgactc aggactcctt gaaggtggcc cctgtttcca     57540
     aacccagaag atgcctgcct cttctctcta tagcttgtgc ttggcaacct gtacctctct     57600
     tggtgactcc tacccagtct aggtccctat accttggtga cctcttaccc cttggtgacc     57660
     cctgcccctt ggtggcccat cttttggtga gccccatccc attagagacc tcagcccctt     57720
     ggtgagtcct acctcctaga gaccccattc ttttgatggc ctagctcctg ggtgagtatg     57780
     agtcttatgg gggcctaccc ccccagtccc ttagtagcac ccttcctagc cctgtccagc     57840
     cctgaacttg gtggtcacca tctctctacc ccttactcag acacttctgc tattttgtcc     57900
     cgtcccagtg cctaccagat gcaattacta tcttcatcca ttcatggtct atccatgtcc     57960
     gcacactgaa actggaaatc ggccacagca gtgacatagt ctgtgtaatt ggttttaata     58020
     gctttgtgga cagggtacca aaggtttaca gtggggccat taattcacta cctgccaagc     58080
     ccagcttctc acccactctg ggtgtctctg ggctagatgg gggtaccact tcactgccct     58140
     ctcaaaccca gtgcctttcc tgtgtgggtg gcctcaggaa cggcaggttc cttgcatgca     58200
     gtctggcgca tgctgaccct tctccctttt tctggtctct cttcccttta ccccagctcc     58260
     atctggctcc ttctaagaaa ccccacgttc atcctgctct gcctggcagg ggccactgaa     58320
     gccacactca ttgccggcat gtccacattc ggtcccaagt tcttcgaggc ccagttcagc     58380
     ttgagtgcct ccgaggctgc caccctgttc ggtaaggaga ccctgagcat tggagcgctc     58440
     ttcagggaca ggtggagctc ctgcaagtac taacctcagc cttcaaactc caagtggaca     58500
     gtgctccaag acggaaggga aggccaactc ctgcatgcaa gccactttac ctaccactcc     58560
     ttacagaaag ggtttgggcc aggctgtccc catgggccat gcagttggtg ccccagagtc     58620
     ttagggatct aagtttgagt caccgtacct gcctgacaga gctctgtgcc aggctggctt     58680
     gcagggacca tctagagtcc ttactctaca gatcatggct tccctaagct gagggcaggg     58740
     tacatccttg atgagagagg tacacctctg cctggagatg cccccatgcc ctcagtggtc     58800
     agtgctgaga tcagcctagg gcactgacca gtatggatag aagccatcag atgcagccca     58860
     ccttgcaggt cttgtctggg tagtgagagg gtatcatatt ggtgactcca ctctctccag     58920
     acacatcctt atctggccca gatgcccaca cctgatagct cccttccatt ctttgcactt     58980
     tcctatgctg acaccctcac cccatgtaca cccaccctat gcctttttca ctgggctctg     59040
     ggcttccagg tccactgcac agagagaacc caccctactc ctacagctat ccctgagcag     59100
     agatgggcag ggatgattct ttccattcct cagtgtccgc actaatgcag cagaaatgac     59160
     aggatcaggg ggtttttggc cctcactaag tgagtttctt cttcaggata cctggtggtg     59220
     ccagcaggcg gtggtggtac actcctaggt ggcttcctgg taaacaagtt caagctccgt     59280
     ggctctggga tcatcaggtt ctgtctattc tgcaccttga ccagcctact agccttcttt     59340
     gtcttcctca tgcactgccc caatgtgcac atggcaggtg tgaccaccgg ctacgttggg     59400
     aggtgagcct agtagagacc ctacacgtgg gggccctgcg ttcctgagga gggctggcac     59460
     cgttggggag ggggtgaagg tcactgtaac atgtgtaggg aagtctacca ggaagcctga     59520
     acacctgcta acataccgcc tgatgccggt tctgtagcct cctgcctaaa ggacagctgg     59580
     acctaaaggc agcttgcaac gccatctact gttgccagcc gaagcactac agccccctgt     59640
     gtggctcaga tggcaccatg tactactctc cctgctacgc aggctgccct gctgatgccg     59700
     agacagacct gggtggccag aaggtgagtg tggccacgcc cacatccccc tctctggccg     59760
     ggacccggaa acttctgcct ttgtgtgatc agcactgttg ttgggctccc caggtatacc     59820
     gaggctgtag ctgtatcctt gagaaggctt cctctggctg gggcaatgct accgcaggga     59880
     agtgcgcttc cacctgtcag agcaagccct tccttctggt tctcgtgttc gttgtaatta     59940
     tctttacatt cctcagcagc attccagcgc taactgctac tctacggtaa gaagctctct     60000
     caccgcattt tcttttgcag taccagcagg tggcgctcta cagatgctgc tgggccctcg     60060
     ggtagctgca ggccctggaa atgggcctca ttctagtggc atcggagttg actgtctctg     60120
     gtccccaaag aggtgcttgg cacctaggga ggtggtgatg tggccttgaa cttgcccagg     60180
     actcttgctg gtgtatgggg tatgaggtgc acagccaagc ttccatgggc tctgatagcg     60240
     caatttttat tgcaggtgtg tcagtgatcg gcaaagatcc tttgccctgg ggatccagtg     60300
     gatcgtcgta agaacactag gtactgcgtg ggggtgagga agccgtgtac acttgtgcag     60360
     tgcttcaggc ataaggaacc aagcatgagg ctatgggcca cactgagaag ggctttttcc     60420
     ctaactgccc actagaggga cacattgtcc ttctatatac cctgtaggtt tcttagcctc     60480
     aacataaaaa ggccctcctg agaaaccatg gtgcgcctac ccaatgccag ttctgcaaaa     60540
     agggagttaa gtctcccctt tgcccctgga accacaaatg gacaaagtgg ccttgcaagg     60600
     gtcttccccg atgacctatc ctttcttcac ccactaggat attaagtgaa ctctctcctt     60660
     tggcaggcag tattccgggg cccattgcct ttggctgggt gattgacaag gcctgcctgc     60720
     tgtggcaaga ccagtgtggt catcagggct cctgcttcgt gtatgagaat gaagccatga     60780
     gccggtacat gctcatcgca gggctcactt tcaaggtgag atggctcctc tggcgtctgc     60840
     ctccacctct gccctccccc ccccccccgc ctccccacca tgctcctacc ttgccttata     60900
     taaaggctcg gccacggggt tagggccacc ctgaatccag gagacttcat cttgaggtcc     60960
     ttcctcagcc ctacagagac tgtgttgtta gcggtttcta aggacaaggg tggtacatgc     61020
     cttttagggg accctgtcta gtccgtacca ggtctttcca ccttcccttg gctcctactt     61080
     ttaaccaaag gtggttctca ttctttaagt gaagcactgg tgtctcatgc ggggctgatc     61140
     atacagaaag gcgtgtcttt gttccagaaa gagtaaggca gagtattaca ccggcactca     61200
     cagctgggca gaatccccag gctggccagg accaacgtct cctcctgtct ccccaggtgt     61260
     tgggcttcct cttcttcgtc gccgcctact ttctctacaa gtccccttcc gtgtcctcag     61320
     atggtctaga ggcctccctg cccagccagt cctcggcctc tgacagtccc acagaacagc     61380
     tccagagcaa cgtgtgacag cgctggcctc tccacatttc ctgaggactc ttcctggaaa     61440
     ccctgaccca cccccacagg gcggtaacac tgaggacctt gcaaaacctc acactgtgtt     61500
     ctggggtctc gcactgcccc acactgtgac tgagcagcct ctgaggcgtt aaggaggaag     61560
     tcacgtgtgt cataggggtc acatatgaac cagacacatt ccccaagccc tggagtctga     61620
     aagggggtca ctacatttca tagaccatca cctgatcctg atttcctgtg tctactgaga     61680
     agccccatgc agggcagcag tgccctggga atgatcctgt ggagccagct attgggtaat     61740
     ttgcttgaat ctgcttactg cctgtcctgg aagcccggtg gcctccatgc ggggcagcag     61800
     cgacttgaat cgttatgtcc agacgtatat tttgcactga atggtgttta tggaatcagt     61860
     tttgtacttg atcatgtgac tcatgtccaa gcaaactgca ctgaggattt gatcccatct     61920
     gaggtgccac gcagcttgtg tggacagtgt gtttctatgt ttttggttag agtgtgtaca     61980
     taatatattt taatatttaa accaatgatc cttgtgtgat gttttatgtc taagcgtctg     62040
     atttggcagg tctgtctgcc cacatttggt ataggtttcc atagcaatag ggtgtctcag     62100
     gtattggctg gagtcacaac actcctgggg cttggggtgg gcatccccac tgcctttgtg     62160
     accagaagca agacaataat agtacaggct cccactcact ggccccaagt agacaggcct     62220
     taaccagacc tctaaacctc ccctactttc tgaatgactc agaccctatc agcaaacctt     62280
     gaggctgggt agccagacac ttctttcagt aaggtatgag ctgtgtatgt gaccatatgt     62340
     atactgtgca gatgcaagtg tattcggcgt gagggtgtaa gtataaaatt gagagacttg     62400
     cacacactca agcacacagg cacatagaga tggcctcctc tgccggcaac ccaactccag     62460
     agaaatgaag gatgcagggc ctctctctgt cccacctcat agccaagtcc ctcacctcta     62520
     ctgagaaaat gccgggctgg agagatggct cagtggttaa gagcaccgac tgctcttctg     62580
     aaggtcctga gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccaccc ataatgagat     62640
     ctgacgccct ctcctggtgc atctgaagac agctacagtg tactcacata taataaaata     62700
     aaataaatct aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa     62760
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaat gccaatgtgt     62820
     tgtttgggat ctcacaagcc tgtgtgttga gggggttaat aggagatgtg tgtataaatt     62880
     catgcatata gaggtcagag gacagcctcc atatcattcc ccaagcccca tccaccttgt     62940
     tttttgagac aaggtctctc actggtcaaa gtagactagg ctgtctgccc taggggtcta     63000
     cctcgcttct ttccctagca caaggattgt gagtgtgtgc tgtcacggct ggcttttcac     63060
     accagtgctg gctggggatt gacctcatgt cttcatatct tcactgcagg caccttctct     63120
     actaagctgt ccccactagc ccatgagcat caccctccgc tgtgaccagg accatcgtac     63180
     ctcttatcac aagtagacaa tgcaggtcac agcacctaag ggccagagct caggctgtct     63240
     cagagttcct gtctggagaa gtaatgggcc cttcaggaga acacaaggtg tcttagggga     63300
     ttatggctgt gaacagatcc catgaccaag gcaagtctta taaagaacaa catttaattg     63360
     gggctggctg acaggttcag aggttcagtc cattatcatc aaggcaggag catggcagct     63420
     tccaggcagg catggtgcag gaggaactga gaggtctaca tcttcatctg aaggctgcta     63480
     gcagaatact aacttctaga cagctaggat gaggttctta cagcccacac tcacagtgtc     63540
     acacatactc caacaagacc ataccttcta atagtgccac tccctgggct gagcatatac     63600
     aaaccatcac acaaggcaac gccctattac agagagcaac acagacactc cgacactcca     63660
     ctgcagagtg aaatgcagaa cacatgtccc ctctctcaga aaggctggct gttgctcata     63720
     taggctgtgt ccagcggttt gcctggtact catgctgggg tctgaacact gctcctgacc     63780
     acatttcaca cctgacatcc tcgtgtgccc cacagagtgg ctgacagagt ccacggcagc     63840
     cttttctgac tatacctgga cacctcattc tgttttctgg acaccttgat atcgtcttca     63900
     cctttttagc tgagacactg atactcagtt gaccccacct agagaagcaa cattagagaa     63960
     actccatcag atggctggct ggcccttcca tgacacacaa gctaagatgc tcactccttt     64020
     ttgaagattt cacagtttaa gtgggtgtct tagttagggc tttactgctg taaatagata     64080
     catgaccaag gcaactctta taaggacaac atttaattgg ggctggctga caggttcaga     64140
     ggttcagtcc attataaggc agaaagcatg gcagcatcca ggcaggcatg gtgctggagg     64200
     agctgagagg tctacatctt gttccgaagg taaacaggag aagactaact tccaggaagc     64260
     taggaggaag ctagcactca aaacccaccc ctacagtgac acacttcctc taacaaagcc     64320
     acacctactc caagaaggcc acacctccta atagtaccac tccctgagcc aagcatattc     64380
     agaccaccac actggatgta ttatcatctc ttatgtctgg tcacccttag tgtgggcatc     64440
     caggcacaga atggtctcaa ctcagaaaag attacttctg aggccactca ggtgacaact     64500
     gagaaaggag tcaagaatca tcaatgcagg gatagacccc cccacccccc agtaccttcc     64560
     ctggtatccc caagatacca ggactcaggc cattccatct ttgtcccttg tggtttgctg     64620
     cccaagacag ggccacagga tctagcccac taaggcacaa ggatctcggg gacttggctt     64680
     tcagtgactc acgctacaca aggcacacag ggctagcttg caggagcatc tgtggagtgc     64740
     aaggactcag tcaaggtgcc tcacaatcca aaagccatgg ggatggaaac gttttggctt     64800
     gcaaaagcaa agagacaaag cacagataag aagcacccac catgcctgac tacacacctg     64860
     ggctaagctg agtgggtgtc agaaaaggct gccctatggg gtcagcagct tcctggatcc     64920
     tgactctctt gagttggcaa ggttagaggc tcacttctgg cctgagatat ttccaggaga     64980
     ccataactgg gctgtcaaag ctgtggtgtc cagttggctt ttctctggtg ctcacacacg     65040
     ctatagcaga gaggttccgg gattacagtc ctgagggtag cacagccata tccttatatt     65100
     cagttaaaaa caaccaagag acagcagaac cgctttaggc ctcaggtgac acctcctctt     65160
     tcgtggttag cagacatctg accagatgat tgtctctttg gttcattgct cccagatgga     65220
     aaggaagggt ctccacacct ccacaggggc tgtgtacctg gagagctaca tgccaggggt     65280
     tgcacacctg ggagctgaat gcctggagat cacatgcctg cctgtgcatg ctatgacctc     65340
     agctcttccc agcaggtcgt tctgaacaga acactccctg acctatgtca aatgccaatc     65400
     taatatccca gcataccatg tcttcctcaa attggtccca actcccagag cacaaaaccc     65460
     tctgtgtcct gtaccaaccc agtggagacc aaggtcatct cttaggcatc gtcttctcac     65520
     ttctgagctg gtcagtctct gctccttcag cagaggcctg gcaggaacac atcactacgg     65580
     tatggctggg ccggtgctcc cctcaagact gctccatgga gctgaaaact tgtacatccc     65640
     ctcccggagg agctgcttac atcacctccc gggggagcta ctcatgtgca tattctagag     65700
     cagctgaatc atgatccaga aacccatgtc cttcaaaaaa agaactacac catggagccc     65760
     aggtccttgg agaagcactg attcccagag gcctctgagc caggtgtggc aaaggctaca     65820
     gttggtgcta agagggacag gagagtacag aacctcagga caccacaacc caagaccctg     65880
     cctatggccc tgctgtgtcc acgtgtgttt agggtggatc agacccttcc ctgtaacagc     65940
     tgatgacatg tgtgatctga ggggccctca aaggcccatt gtgaccgctg gaagatgctc     66000
     aggtcactgg tggcatgagg ctctgttcct gcaaccctta tggttttatg agagacagtg     66060
     gctgtaaagg aagcaagccc catgctgccc acagctctgc ttcctggaga gtaatccata     66120
     tagccacttg ctctagccca tgtcccctca ttcccactgc tgtccatgat ggtaccttca     66180
     ccagaacctg aacctgcaga ctgtgagtct ctgaaccttt ggtatgtcat tacagtcatg     66240
     aaaagactcc tggctccaaa ctgaagagag aggcatcaat gggccccagt gatggttgaa     66300
     gcaatgacct catgcagacc tgcgagatgg gatgttttac atatagatga ccagtggtgg     66360
     gcatacatgc cacaacaaac agagtttgaa atgatagcca gggaactccc aggaacacaa     66420
     gccagagagt aaagcctcta gaatgagcta agagagtacc acacagccac tagctctgca     66480
     gtctcagcca gtcctgctgt ggactgtgaa gccatcctgc aagaggaacc tgagacaagc     66540
     agagggttac ggaagagaca gacattgcag gcaccccaag gatggagaat tagggtgttg     66600
     ctgagtgggg aactcctggg aaatggaggc catctggtgg tggggcaagt ctctaggctg     66660
     tgcaaataag ttcagctgag tagctttctg gtcccacctc catggctgtg acagggagtg     66720
     gatgggatga gaacagcact ctaccagcca agctctgcca cagccagagg ggagccatgt     66780
     aagaaatcag gccacacttg acccttgctg aggtgaccac caagcctggt gtgaacatct     66840
     gcctttgttc tagtcacacc caggcccaga cactccagaa tcactctgct ctgaccacac     66900
     atgcacacac acacaaagca agcacacaca tgcatacaag cctatgtgta agtggtgtgt     66960
     gcctacctaa atatacactt atccatatac acacgccagt atgcatatat acattcttgg     67020
     cccctgtccc tgggcctttg tacaagaact tccagcttct ccaggacact cctcactgac     67080
     tgctgtgacc aaagttaggt ggctggaatc ttttattaat atctacaaca gtgcctggca     67140
     tagagttggt gctcagtgtt tactggatgt tgtatgggac caggagctgt cagctaatgt     67200
     cacccatggt caggaacaca gaggaactgt tggcaagcag aggctggcca tctcaacagt     67260
     ctcacacaca gatctgagga catgcaacca gggctagctc aatcctagga ccttgtcatg     67320
     ctaggaccac ttgtgggtgg aagctggaag tccgtagtct ccacaggtca tgtatgagtc     67380
     agtcagagga tttcaggccc caagagctct ccgtgtatgc tctgtgagga cccaagatga     67440
     gctgagtaca accccatgag atgattgttt gtgctaggat tgactttaat cagcaacaca     67500
     ttagaggggc tcatgtgata acaacttaat gactgttaca gggataatct attttattct     67560
     cagctggttc ccgtggtaat tacatttctg ttgtgtttaa ttcataactc gatcatttat     67620
     tccaagttgt gttggccttg gactacaggc tctcgggaac ttccccagaa ggagctcaaa     67680
     ctgagtgctt cctctctgcc tctgcttcat ccctccctcc ctctttcctc ccttgctttt     67740
     ctctcccttt tccctccctc cctcctctct ataatcgtgg cagttgaggt tggctgtctc     67800
     agatgagggc acatcctctc ccatggattg attcctctca ttgagtgatt cctgtacaca     67860
     ctgtaccctc taatcatgca agggcttcgt agactcttta actcatgcct cagtttccct     67920
     acttccagaa aagggtgata ccatggcctg gcttcaccaa ggccttattt ctaatgaatg     67980
     caggttttat taaataacca aaggcatcct caccctggtt tgacagagaa agaaatggca     68040
     cagagtggtc agctcgtggt ggccacacgt ggcaccaggt gatgcctgcc aggcatgtac     68100
     cctcctctag gagcttccat cttcccactc tgttgtacta gtgtgtcttc cgtgtttgat     68160
     accgacatct ctaagcagat tgagagccac ctgcttctaa caaatgtagc tagctagcct     68220
     catgttcctt caggatagtc tcaggtagcc caggtcctca gattgtcact gaagccaagg     68280
     cctctgatat agacccccac cttgtcccag atccaccccc atttccagga gaacggttta     68340
     attccaggag aggagcactc agtgattaac tggcagcagc ccatctgctg ggcaattacc     68400
     acacctggaa gtcactaatt aggagcctga ttagccccag gccccttcct caccccatga     68460
     ccaagcaaat gtagattgta tctcatgacc atctaggaaa cccaacaaga acagttgctg     68520
     ttaatttctt actcttccca gaggcctctg tggactcctg caaagggacc aagggacaaa     68580
     caggttggct aggggacagc caggacctgt cagaaaagag gtgagaggag aggggacagg     68640
     gtgagaggaa ggggctagca ggggtgagtg gcaatgggtg agcaggaagg gtgtggagag     68700
     gcatgcaggg tctgagcaac cgctgagagg agctctgaag cagcgcagtg caagctcccc     68760
     cccaccccca cgctcctttt cacttgtctg agacaggtgg gtttctcctt ttgtcttgat     68820
     tgctcttagg aatcaagaag agaataaatt caggaagatg taccacacag tttgtacctc     68880
     tcaaatagct cccctctagt tggattttga ccaggatcat gataaatgcc cagaacacac     68940
     attgccatga ttctgttttg ggggaagcat caggtccctg gttgaacagg gataggctgt     69000
     gctttggagg ctacgccttc attcacacct ggctctgggt cacctgggag gggctctcca     69060
     gatttttcca agggttagag ctgacctccc tcctccctcc ttctttcctc cctccttcct     69120
     tctctctttt ccctctttct ccttccaact tctgccctca cttcttactc ctgctctctc     69180
     tctctctttc cctccccctc ctccctcctt tctccccagc ctctcttgcc ctctctttct     69240
     tcttctctcc cttccctccc ccaattgttt ctctccttct cttcttttct tcccatctat     69300
     agttatggag cccgtaaaag gaacctctag ccttttctct caactctgtg gctgagaaag     69360
     tcctaaggcc tctgagctaa ggaattagga ggagagctga gtgggggagt tcttccgggt     69420
     gggtggtagt tcctgggtcc agagcctccc tccatggctg ggtgatcttg gcccccacat     69480
     ctgggtagag ctgctgtgtc ctcgagcaga gccgcccaca gactctgtga aaaatgagct     69540
     ttgcatctct ataaatctcc cgcacccctg tgcgcagctt cctggccggg atgacaggtg     69600
     atggctaaat agctattcac aaggcattat ctccaagcac cagctcaaat gagccttttc     69660
     tccgtgcgca gctgagacag gcgcgtccct ctgtttgccg aggacagcag tcgaccgtgg     69720
     agaggcgtgc agtctattac cccactaata ccacagttgt gactgaacgt catgttctac     69780
     agctccggaa tgacgaaaac tcagccatgc tgaaaagcag ggaggggaga ccgggaggaa     69840
     aggggaagga ctggtaacga gagagaatga ggcacaaaga gagaaagagg ccactggaca     69900
     aaagggacac ccatccattc cctccactga ggagccttca ccatgtagtt gccaaaggct     69960
     tttttctgct acccacaagc ccccagtcca gcggttctca acctgtgggt cctgacccct     70020
     ttcatggttc aaatgaccct ttcatctgca catcagatat ttgtattatg attcataaca     70080
     gtagcaaaat gactgttatg aagtagcaat aaataatttt attattggga gttaccgaga     70140
     ccagaattgt gttaaagggt tgcagcgtta ggtaggttga gaaccactgt cccaaataga     70200
     aactcttgct cctcacccca atgcacttta aggggtttgt tgagggggag gggagctgaa     70260
     acattatttt tctgtgtagc cttggctgtc ctgagatctg tagaccaggt tgtcttcaaa     70320
     ttcacagaga ccaccatcct ctgtctgcca agtgctaaga ttaaaagtgt acacccccac     70380
     tgccctgctg agcattaggg tttgcaagtg tgtccctgcc tataagctgt gtggccaaac     70440
     gcttcctctg tgtagccctg accctgtgca ccctaagcct gtttatccca gcctcttacc     70500
     cataatcctg cttaccttag ataccttgct caatctcaat gctactcact ccttatttct     70560
     ctcacccctt actctgctca ccccgaccct gctcaattct gacctctgct tacctttgat     70620
     tacactaaac cttgacccca ctcactgttg accttgttga cccctgactc tactcatctc     70680
     taaccacacc ctcccctaac tccatctgcc tcccaggtaa gcccagcctc tctctctctc     70740
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctt ctcactcact cgcttgctct ctgcacattt     70800
     cctcacaaat gagagagaca gagatacaga gagagacaca gacagagagc agctctgttt     70860
     ctgtttcctg agttccttgg gagcacactg gattcctctg catgtaaaca gaatagcttt     70920
     gactttgaag gaaggctcgg ggctctaaac ccttgaaggc caggctccaa cttcacatgg     70980
     aggctgatcc taggggatgg gaggaatggg ggacggctgt aacccctacc ctataccagc     71040
     cgattgtgaa ggcagtggtt tgctgcagca cagcttgctg ggtggcggcc atggcccagc     71100
     cgcatggagg caccttgcac acatggaatc cacagaactg gttgtgggga cttcagcatc     71160
     tgaacaggct gggtgcctga ctaacaagag gaggacttat tttgtgagaa actcattaaa     71220
     tccttcaaag aaggtacatt agcacctatc tcagcaggag cccacatcag tactttagtt     71280
     tggaaaggca gattcatcac aaaagcccct gaagttaatc tctcagccag gtgtggtggt     71340
     gtaccccgca ataccagcat tcagaggcat aggcagagga ctgccgaggt ccaaccaacc     71400
     tctaatcttt ctctgcatgg atgagcataa gctttatggg tgcaaaccag gcttcccacc     71460
     atcctgacta agatgggttg tgttctgtgg ctcctgtctc tctcctgggc tacatgtctt     71520
     cctttgctat cctgtcttct tccatggttt gtgggtttgt gtgaaagtca gagctgggaa     71580
     aggttatcct accatcgagg aggccagaca cacaagtgga tacctgcaga ttgctgggcg     71640
     atgaccctgt agtctctagg actgggtgag tggtgggttc ctttgtggga tgcaatagaa     71700
     gggactatcc cgtcccagca ccagtagtct gcccagcacc ttggtcactc aggtatctcc     71760
     atcttaccct cacccctttt gggactgatt ctttttcaga aatgtcttgg tagtctccaa     71820
     cccttttaga tgatctggaa gatggtagcc atgcctaaaa ctccacggag gttgagaagg     71880
     caagactgtt acctaattac tataggggcc ttggtaggca gagaggatcc tggccattga     71940
     cttcccaaag gctcgtgttc ttgctgatca gagggcacca gagtttagaa ggcaggggaa     72000
     tggaacataa ggaaaggcta tggttgtaga ggagctagcc tgatgggagc cctgtgtgaa     72060
     aagctggtat ggaggaagga gggttaaagc agctaacctc cgactgactt tactacacac     72120
     agctgtgact ctgctaaccc tgaccttccc tcttccatgt ggaggccaca tccctcagct     72180
     gcatgtctgt acacctctgc cctgaaggac agcctggcag agcagatgga gtccttagct     72240
     gaactgtacc gtgactgagg tgaagaccct gggccatcct cccttcctga gcctcccttt     72300
     ctgagcctca ttccaatgca tcgccttacc tgcccctgcc ccatgggtcc cgggcccaca     72360
     ggggtctgca ggatctcata tgtcccagga tcaatattgc tctcccaacc cagggagaat     72420
     tttccctcca gggaaaaacc agcttctctg gtttgacctg gtgacctgct ccctccctgc     72480
     tcagaggagc tggagtcccc acaggaaagc agaggaacaa aagagaccag cagccacact     72540
     catgtaatcc caccaatgca cagagccctg ggcagaaggc ccactctgtt ctcctatgct     72600
     ctctctcagc tttcaccatt tatttcacag cagaggggct gtggggacat taacattcat     72660
     gtgcgcagca gtgaaacgcc acggcaggca gatgcttcag agaggattcc ttggtaatga     72720
     gaaggcaaca ccctaccagc ttccaatgct ctgactggct gtttcacaga acccaaggtg     72780
     gagaaaacag ctccatcaat ttgttttggt gtgctgattg tcctgtggct ctgctggtgt     72840
     ggtgtcagag gattggtgcc gtgaccccca agagcctctg ccggctccag tattttccag     72900
     atcacagcta acctcactgt gtccttccta tctatggtac tgatatttcc tgacaaaatg     72960
     gagaatccct cctctgtgca taggcagttt cagagaggag ttcagtgaca gccttccagg     73020
     gatgtccctc agcactgttg aaggagaact ggctgcaggt ggcttctgga tcaccagcca     73080
     cagataagaa agccccagaa gagtcaagtg ctgcatatcc cagactggga tctcttgtat     73140
     gacttttttt gaggagacac aaacaaacat ctacccaccc cagacagagt acttgcaaca     73200
     catggaagaa acatttccac tcaagtctac taccatagcg aactggtgtt ttgggattcc     73260
     ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc     73320
     ttcctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc ccttccttcc ttccaatatt tatttatata     73380
     tatatattta tttaatgcat atgagtacac tgtagctatc ttcagacaca ccagaagagg     73440
     gcatcaaatc ccatttcaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggca attgaactca     73500
     ggacctctgg aagagcaatc agtgctctta cccctgagcc atctctccag cccttttggg     73560
     gatttctgac aggaacatgc atgactgagg tatccactct tgagaagcct acagagagct     73620
     gcatcccagg gcttaattgc acaatatgta ggcagctcca tacttttgaa ggatctccct     73680
     ccccagccac tgttactgct tatataaccc tgggtcttgg ggatcttgta aacttcagga     73740
     gcttcctgtg tcttgtacat tttatttact tcctgaatat tacaggtctc cttcctcttt     73800
     cctggggttt taatttggag aaaatcacta gataacaaat gtgctcaggc cctcaggact     73860
     gttcagcaag ctcttgtgca caggtctaga agaccaaaag ctgggagact gtagtacccg     73920
     atgcagtcct tgttactacg tgcatgtgag atgtccttca caggcttaca tgttcaacac     73980
     ttggtcaact ggaagattct aagttcagag agattgtgga atctgggtag cagggcctag     74040
     ttggcagtca taaactacta gagacagacc ttgagggttc caaccctatg ctgtgtctgg     74100
     tctcaattct gttttctggt cattggcagg tgagagggtg gatctggtcc tgctactatg     74160
     gtggactata tccatgaact gtcaaccaaa ataaactctt cctcccttaa gttgcttctg     74220
     tcagatgttt ggtcacagca atgagaaagg ttaactaaca cagtcctcag aatcctcttc     74280
     aagtagcatg cctacacagt ggtgtcctgc tgtgcagagg agttacatgc tcaggcagtg     74340
     gtaaccttct gttggggggc tgacacagag gcaaattccc tccgttctgc tctcactcaa     74400
     ccagaacagc tcaggaacaa tcaatcatct cagttatcca gcctcggaat ttccagagaa     74460
     aagggaaatt attcacatgt gacactgtca agattttcca gctcgtcatg aactatgggt     74520
     catgagcttg ctcctggcca ttcccctttc ttctgttcac ggtgttggtc tagtcttatg     74580
     gttgtagtag aagcctcagg atttaccatc caaggtgccc catctgtgct caatcacaca     74640
     gccaccatgt cagacgccag ataggggaac cagagtcaga ctatctcaaa gaacaatggg     74700
     agcagggcag aacacaggtg ccagggactc aggacttaga gcactgccat cctgccaccc     74760
     caactcttcc ctgggctact gaccagtgag agtggcccgt ccaccctgca agcacagcag     74820
     gaggatccca catgtctatc ttggacagtg cctgtgaacc tggtccattc ctgaggcgtt     74880
     tctaactgcc tggcagggaa aaatagagag atccagtcca ctctaggtcc tgcaggcctt     74940
     gctacaagaa acagaaaccc tgggacccca cagaagaagt agggtaagtc tcaaaacaaa     75000
     gggacctctg tggtctgggt aagcatagga gagcttctgg catgtagtga aggttaacaa     75060
     agagttagtg ggctctacag atttaacatg gccctgcaag atgactcaga taataaagat     75120
     accaagctgc taaaccagac agcctgagtt caattcccat gattctacac tgtggatgga     75180
     aagtatcaac tcctccctca cattatggta tgtgcacaaa caccacacac acacacacac     75240
     acacacacac acacacacac aaataagcgc ctctatcact gaactacatc cctggtactc     75300
     caaggcttct gtaaaggaaa agtagacctc atcccacctc tgtttgccgc tgtgctcatt     75360
     atagatggat gtgcactcaa acatcacatt gtgtacatgc agacggaggg agggaaggag     75420
     agagggaagg cgagcctcca agggcttaga ctcctgcaag attcccgcta gatcccgcca     75480
     ttgtaatggt aatgatgttt gagtctcccg ggcaagcact tgtgaacgtg ttggagagaa     75540
     aaggtgcgat ttctatgggt gtcataatct gattttgttt taactgctca tttatttggg     75600
     aacacagttt tcttaagcgc actaatgttc cttttcccct ccacggtgat atttttaaga     75660
     gccagattgt agagccgcgc ggtgcagagc cttgcgggtg cactcagaga tttcttaggg     75720
     aaaccggcag ccggcagcag catctgctgc tcccccagag aaaggggggg ggcattaagt     75780
     ctgacaaact cgggcttttt ggacatgtaa ctatccagcc ccttgctcca gtgggctgtg     75840
     ctcttcctgg ttccggaacc aagggaggtc catcttgctc cttggcactg aaagtggttc     75900
     tctgtttatc ctgcattgga agatggacaa ctggattagt tgaagaatgc acgggcacag     75960
     aagctcctgt tggtttgaat cactcagtta gaagatattt atcactaacc acatgaagat     76020
     ctagccatag ctctggtagc tccatagccc ctctaagacg gtcactgagg gggtcttctg     76080
     tgatgaaagt ccaagttctt tgtgtcttga acaaagagtt gagcaagaca cagagaagca     76140
     gcaacaaagg attcagtttt cgttaaacgt gaaagcagac cacatgctcc atagagtggg     76200
     aactgtgcta gcaagtgagt ctcaggagtc actacttatc tctgggccca gggtcttgca     76260
     attacacagg gaagggagtg ggtcagcaag ggcagacctc tccctgacta atgaaggtga     76320
     ctgtcatccc tgaattatat cacatattta ctgtgcataa accatcccat gatcctgtat     76380
     tatttttttt ccttagtgta catgtgagtc tcaaggaaaa ttccccactg ggtttcccaa     76440
     ctgtggttgg atttatttgt ttgctggagg gaatttgtac agttcaaggg gttatctgac     76500
     agagtacaag gggaggtctt tttattatta ttttgggtcg tttgtttgtt tttcaaaaca     76560
     aggtttctct ctatagccct agactgtcct ggaactcact cagtagacca ggctggcctt     76620
     gagtgctagg attaaatgtt tgtaccacta ctaccccaca ggaagtcttt tccaatggct     76680
     gggtcctgga attaactttc atctgattcc tagtcaggca tgttggtctg acccttcctt     76740
     tctggcccat gcccatcctg ggctaatctt cccatcacct tctgtactgg aaaaaaagac     76800
     acagtaatag aaaggatgat tttttaaaaa atttatttat tgtatgtatt ttatgagtgc     76860
     tgtcttgcat atatatatac ctgcatacca gaagaccatc agatcccagt acagatggtt     76920
     tgtgaaccac cacagtgttg ctggaaattg aactcaagga ttctggaaga gcagatagtg     76980
     ctcttaaccg ccaagcctgg aagatagttt attaaggaag aaaaccattt ttaacttgga     77040
     attgggtctg agctagagag gctgtcatcc agagaggctg gttgacaggg ccatatgatc     77100
     tttctatgag catatttgag aatatgagat gttcatagga ataatatttg tacattattc     77160
     atgttttctc tgatgtcctg ctttgtccag cccctaatta taggattatt tcccaaataa     77220
     agatgttcca gttcctaagg atgacataaa agtcaaggct ccatgtggga aactgggacc     77280
     aaagttcaaa gttcaaatca aatctccatc actgggaagt tgcaagggac ttaggagttc     77340
     tatgccaggg actacggctg gaaactaaac acaggtttct tactgtgtca cagcacagtg     77400
     atgtgttaat atgatgggat atttttggct tacagtttgg gagagaatag cccatcacag     77460
     tcgggaaacc atgcgaattt cacagcaccc gtggctccga acttggtcca aaacctgcag     77520
     ggcttgaccc cctcaaacct agaagcaata tcctgaaagg tattaccccc taatgtttca     77580
     caacccccca aaacacagcc attggctggg gatgatgtgt tcagcacacg agtctgtggg     77640
     gatatttcac atgcagacca taatagatgg gtatcccgga tggcaggggt ggttacagtc     77700
     acaaagcccc ttaaggcgaa gagcattctc tctgcgctca ggtgctgaaa gagttgagaa     77760
     ggatggggcg tgccagtgtg caaagtgtgc atctggcact gagctggtcc tgggtcggga     77820
     ctggctgagt gtttggcatg gtaatcaaca ataggcagag ataggatcac agccatgcat     77880
     ctcttgaagc agctcattac ttctagagat aaaaacatga caagcagata ccgtaaaccc     77940
     ccagcccatg ggctaagctg tttcactcca cagcctgagc cgtatctgag ggctaaggtg     78000
     ccttggcaga tttgggcatt ctcaagcaca ttggagatgt gtgaggtagc ttgttagtaa     78060
     caaataagtt ggcaagtaaa accttgttgt tctgcagcct gttcagaaaa agccaaagaa     78120
     gtaagcacag ggcttccaag agtcctcttt gataagccac aattcccctt atgttttcag     78180
     aagcagtcat ttccatgaga aagttccaga agtttgtcaa atggcatgtc tattcattca     78240
     cttagagcca catatttgac tgtggctttg caagagtatc tcatgacttt cacttatcag     78300
     ggtctagtgt atccttctct gtccacatgt cagagtctgt ccagtccctc tctttcatag     78360
     aaagaccgag gtgtcgcagg ccacgctgtc tgccccaggc tttggtcaca gatagtagtg     78420
     tgggtgacag ggcccagagc tcagctcagt tcccagccat ttcatactcg atgactctca     78480
     agacagagct ctctaggtcc tatacattca cagagggagc aagattcacc tcttggagtt     78540
     tggttcaaag tgttgctatg ctgtgggtat actggcatgt gatctcatct cggaaatggt     78600
     aagacacaaa tgttcaaatg ggtgaaatgg aaacaaagta gtgtgaatgg atacattgag     78660
     cgattctgtc aataccgtgg gtctgaccca gctcccttgt gaaagaacca gaccttatcc     78720
     acacaatctc tgcagtgcca cagcttagct tatccacgca gttgctgtct gcaccagtac     78780
     gggaagaact gatctgaaga ctaatgagcc agccagttgg gctctaacaa ccttacctgg     78840
     tctggcttcc ctgcaatcag caacatgaga aagtggacct ggcttgatga cattgataca     78900
     tagaaccaac tctgcctaga gaaaggactg tctggagcag actcctgggc agcagctgga     78960
     aaccttccct tccccactgt cccgtctgat aagctgatcc tgctgtgtct ggggtgttgg     79020
     tcactgcatc atctctatta atagtgggat ttgtagtagg cagcatggat tcaggctaat     79080
     ctcagaaggg gttagagacc acagatagcc atgtgggtag ttgcccctgg ctctatgact     79140
     ggccccaatc aaggccctgg acacccaagc ttgtagtcac ttgggagaaa tgagtgctgt     79200
     ctagactcca tggatagagg aaacaggact gtgtttggtc tccctagaat tctgtccctg     79260
     agccccaaag gctttgtcca tattatggtg acctggctcc tctgtatgtg aagattggca     79320
     tgtgtgattt gtccccaagg tccctagcta tttaacaagt gacagttgtg actggtacta     79380
     ctgaactaca aagatgatcc tattttaagt atcaggcaga acttactacc tggaacacac     79440
     ccaatgttga gtccaggcag gatccacatc atgggcataa ccaaggctgc atccacacac     79500
     accctacccc cagcccccag ccaaacctag ctggcccctg caatgggtga tgtggatagt     79560
     cgggaactag gatcaagggg agtcaaagag cctggccagg cagcttcaga ctgcctttct     79620
     tccccctgga aggcatggga agaggctgcc cgcagggctt agcacctgca tgttattttt     79680
     agggaaagtt ttacactcaa ttatccatgt taactcaaca taatttatcc tctgaaaaga     79740
     aaacatgcaa aaagtagaca taccagcccc tgagcattgc ttaggtcagg gcgagtcagc     79800
     agagacccca gtgtgtgttc tggaaggtgg aagacagtgt cctctgggtg gggctgccat     79860
     gttgtgccaa gaacagatgc ctggcatctt tgttgtttat tattattttt cagcctggag     79920
     gatcagaact cagctcctgg gtatcagacg tgggctctgt cactgagcca tacccagcag     79980
     agcaaccccc tgctcggctg tcccactctg tcaagctctt tatcttctca agagattcag     80040
     tttatcctga gagcagactt aggaccctgc ccctcatcat cctggatgat agcttcctct     80100
     gtctctgtcg ctgtcaagac tggtccccgg agcttcctac ccctccctgt ccccactcct     80160
     ggtcttctca ccaccagcat ggactggggc tgacaaggag atgctttctg tatccagcca     80220
     tcctgaggtt ttctcctagg atatgaaaca agactagtgg gctctccagg atggacagag     80280
     gcaagagcag gaggagccct gagcctccac tggccatcga tctactcacc caggctcttc     80340
     tggcaagtgg gcattctgag atgcccactc agtcctagag gaggggccca gaagagtgtt     80400
     gtgtgtgcac acagttgatt ctattggctc catcaaaatc tttcattgct ggggcaaggg     80460
     ggaggttgaa atggagtctc tttgtgtagc ttagcctgac cttgatggcc tgattcttct     80520
     acctcggcct tctgtgcacc actcccagct ttaaagctcc tttaggagct tctgtctgac     80580
     tggagttata gagtgcttac tggacaagag ccctacgtgc ttgctttgca atagtgtctg     80640
     tttccttact ctcggaagca aacttcccac agacgcacct gctactttgt aactcttcaa     80700
     ccacatccct gaatagacct ccctggtcta tataaccagg atgttagtga atctgatccc     80760
     ttctggaggc cccataggct cccacatggt tgatggaggt aggttccact gcttccttct     80820
     ctcctattct gccctctctg cccaacatag aaacccttct tggtttttgt ttgtttgggg     80880
     gttgtggttt tgttttgttt ttgtttttgt tttttttttt tttcttgttg gttggttggt     80940
     tttgttttgg gggggtgttt ttatttttgt tttttgggtt ttttttggag ggggttgttt     81000
     ttgttttgtg tgtgttcctg ataacacagg ataaacactt atgctaaggc agttagcaag     81060
     ctgcctcaca ggtcttctgg gtgtctggag cccatcattt tcctgaccac attgcactgt     81120
     cccaagataa tagggccagt ccatgaacat caagcagttg gcactgctac tttgtagata     81180
     aggaaaccgt ggctctgggt ctagagattc acccaatgga ggtagccaag actgaagcca     81240
     ctaggtcaga tcctgaccgc tttgcctgac caagtagagc agacttgccc aggaggtagt     81300
     gccagcctta ggggttgagg gtcccaagct ccagccaaga ggagacactc tctccaaaac     81360
     tgtagaaaaa aaaacaagga gagtggatat ggtattccat gcttgcaatt ctaagaatgc     81420
     taaggcagaa gaatagcctc gaattcaacc cccatttcac ttacatgata aaagaccttg     81480
     tctgaaataa aaacaaacaa aagaacttaa gtatctgcag atggagcaga tgaccaaagg     81540
     ggctcctctc cctccacact ttggttattg tcctgggcaa agccagtgcc ttgccctaac     81600
     ggaagagggt ggggcaaggt agcgggttct ctaagcaggc tcagaaggcc tctgccagcc     81660
     tgtgtctacc aatgaagacc ctgggaaaac ctgggctgaa ggcttagcat gagacaccca     81720
     tgtgtgcata aaggcagttc acaggaagac aggagtgctg agtggactga acactggaca     81780
     agagaaacac agaagtcaca gaaccttgag ttcaaggggc agagatgtct ttgagaggtc     81840
     agaagaacgt aagccaacca gtcttaggtg ctctgtcaac acaacaactg atcaggagtg     81900
     gggaagggca ggtatgcatt gcacactcca ggcagacctt gggaaatgtg ctgatgttgg     81960
     cagccaccaa gcagagcata actgaaacac gtgattaaaa tgggcctgtt ataggcagtg     82020
     agggctggct gaatgtcctc aggtttggac tagaaggttc tgggtgtttt agccacagga     82080
     aatgaagaat ctctggatgt cttgggtggt aggagagctt caatctgact ggagcctgtg     82140
     ctgagtgctt actgggtata gtgtctgttt ccttactctc tgaagcaaac ttcccacaga     82200
     tgtacctgct accttgtaac tttgcagtca cagtccagaa tagacctccg tagtctagaa     82260
     caagggtgtt actgagtatg gatatatcta tcctagtgta aagaccaggg atgagtagaa     82320
     ggagagacca tggttaaact actaggtctt caggataggg ggtaccagta ctttgtgtgc     82380
     agtcccccat agcttccctg agctagcgtc tctgcctgct tagttctgaa aggtctctgg     82440
     attacagctt taaaatcagg gcgaggcaat cataatgacc ctcactgctc gatagcccat     82500
     tccaaaagga cttcagacct gagggagggt gacttttggg tatatgaata ggatggccac     82560
     agcatcatcc tgggaaagag tcccctgggg aagagagagg gggtgtggca tctccctgct     82620
     tggcttttcc agctggctgg agcaggtgcc ttgtgaatgc tggcatttcc tcacagtgac     82680
     attctgtgtt gtttgaagag tgtgtactca ctgtaagaca ctctcagtgg cttcacaggg     82740
     accacaccat gtgcactgta cacatgggga aaccgaggtc cagtggattt atttgccttg     82800
     tcagagccaa tcaacccgac aaggtagagc taggattcca gacctcttca atacagattt     82860
     catgacatcc tacccactgc caacaacatt atattctgtg gccctgtgtg tgtctcttgt     82920
     agtcacatag tgcactctgg gcagccaccc cactccctct cctggttcct accccagaat     82980
     acagcttgtg actccagaga gctggccaag gctggagggt gatctggaaa tttgaaaaac     83040
     aagggtgacc attttacagc ttgaaggacc tggacctgga ccttggggaa tctgccagaa     83100
     acccccagag acgctgtaag catcgccaga catcagggag aggcggtggc tactccccac     83160
     actctgtgag cattgccaga ctgcagggag aggcggtggc tactccccac acgtgtacat     83220
     gtgttgctct atttttaaga ttcctccttg gaaggcagca ggccttggaa cacatgcagt     83280
     tccaaactgt gagatggagc atacagctcg actcttcaga ggattcgtgc tgactatcct     83340
     cactgtctac atacatttac accccaccca cccacagcca cacaggacac caaataatag     83400
     aactaaatat aagccaggta gggtatacag acccacattg cccgagcttg agaggctgag     83460
     gcaggaggtt tctgagttca aggccagcct cagtatcttt gagaaactct tgtctcaaaa     83520
     atagaaaata gggcccagag agatttctca gatggtgaag acactcgcca cagaaccaga     83580
     caacctgagt ctgatctaca ggacacacag actagaaggc aagaactaac tcccacaagt     83640
     tgtcctctga tctgtgtgtg caggcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     83700
     cacacacagt gtagcatact tgtacctgta cacacagtat cacacatgtg cctgcacaaa     83760
     tgcacataca tacacactat gtcacccatg tgcctgcatg aatatacaca cacgtgcaca     83820
     ctcacacact caaataataa ataaataaaa tgttgaccaa gaatagtgat gcacgtcttt     83880
     gatcccagca taagaagtaa agacagatag atctctatga atctacaaag tgacatctag     83940
     accagcaagg ttacacagta ggtctgtgtc tcaaaacaag aagaatataa ttttaaaaat     84000
     taatgaagat aaataaataa ataaatggat tagagatgtg ttcagtgaca gagtgcttgc     84060
     ctagcgcgtg caaggtcctg ggttcaatcc cagcacttca aaagcagaaa aacaaacaaa     84120
     taaataaatg tttgctgtgt tagtgtctga gttttaaagg tttcttagaa agcgaaaaaa     84180
     taactaatgc aatgaatatg attgaaaatg catttacctt ttttaaagag ttcttttatt     84240
     tttaattatg tatattaggg gtgggggtgt gtgcacatga gtcagatacc agtggaggcc     84300
     agaaagaggg gctcgatctg ggcctatgga gctggagtta caagccacct tctgtggtcg     84360
     atgggaacca agctccaggc caattgtagt tgacaatgag ccatctcttt aacattttga     84420
     actcattaag aagcctccta taatagtgat ctaggggcca gagaaaggag gcacggaatc     84480
     tgagcagaca cggcctcctt ttactggggc ctgttggaca caatgagtag gtgacaccac     84540
     tgttgtctgt gtctgtgtga gcagtgagtg ctgggggtca cagggtcagt tatcaaacca     84600
     cacaaacaag gatgtcagct cctaggaagg tgcctgctgc agcctttttt tttttttggt     84660
     ggctctttga acttggcttt cacacgaaga taatagctta aaattccaca taatgatggg     84720
     actcagcctt atccatatca caccagggac ctaggaggct gaaatcatcc tgtattctag     84780
     ctacgtctgg aatcagtgga cttgggcctt gcagcagagg agatgggtca gctctggccc     84840
     tggaagtggg tccagaccag agcagctggg actccctaca gcccacccag gtttcctgat     84900
     ccccacacag tggtgactcg tgcgtctaga gctttgcttg cccatagcta tgaggtgctt     84960
     cgatctgtcc gtgtgcagct ggagcgattg gtgttatagc cgggtcacct atggacacat     85020
     ctggatccag gcttgactcc ggtgcaaggt gctcaatgac atgttactca gagagggaac     85080
     ctgttgggaa gcatggattg gaaatgaaaa tgtgcaatta aaggttctgc gtgagccttc     85140
     ctggctcaga gcacaaagaa caatctagaa gtatccggag tcgtggccac tggggagccc     85200
     ctgtgagggc ctgcaccatc tctatgcaca tccagggctt ctggatggta ttttcctagc     85260
     tggttttaag caaatacctt gtcataatat gtgtgctaag ttgccattta tgattttttt     85320
     taaaaagctt tgacgctatc ggaaaagaaa gctttggaga cacaaggctg gcttagccaa     85380
     aaggtcagga ctagaaaact aaacatgaac tcatgctgcc tttgagatgg cctctcccac     85440
     gtggctgcag ctcctgttgc caaacggata tactgctgtg gtcaccgtct aggaccctcc     85500
     tctggggaat cccctgatgg aggaggccag acggcactgt tggtggttga gtttgggtga     85560
     gaccaaggac accacagggg agtgagacat gggatcatat atagcctagt gctactactt     85620
     cctaatcatg caggccctcc ccagccctcc ccatgctcat taagttggtg cacagaatct     85680
     gtcggagaac aaatctagtc tcaagcccac cttacccgca gtcaatgggc aagcagccac     85740
     aacccatcag ggcaggtttc aagttccctt ccacaatgga agaagctgag gcttgcccaa     85800
     atattagaag cctggtcaac ccctacaccc tcagcctgct gtactggctt ctcttaaggg     85860
     gacacagtag tttcctttgg aaaccaagtg tttaagcact gcttttcatg tgttaacatt     85920
     ctgtggaggg caccagcttt tgtgtgagta ggcactgaag cctgagggtc gctggctgcg     85980
     cagggatccc tggtctgggt caaagcctca cccacttctc tcattaccct ttctctcccc     86040
     cactcaggac ccctagttcc agcgcagcag gtacagccag ccaggtccat gcagggacgg     86100
     caatccctga gccttccttc cctcctgccc tgggactctc caggatccag ggaggagttt     86160
     tctggaggaa gagggcagga gaaaggctga gagagccaag tggggaaata gaggcaaggg     86220
     ccctggggca agcaagatgg cagcaagcct ggaagctctg gccagggccc ctgccaaaga     86280
     ggacaagatg aaaagacctt tgttccccgg gtccctgact ggggcagggt cccctgagaa     86340
     aagctgtgct gggctgagtg cacaggcttc agggtttcct gcaaggacag acgcagctct     86400
     gtgtcgccca caaacctgcc cttcccctct gaaacgacag ggcaccagct ctgagagtca     86460
     ctgctagtga ccaaatccag gtggctacag gagggcagaa ggtcccatca tacccaaagg     86520
     cagctaagac cgtgagactg cgtggagaga tgggctgctc taacttcctg ctctatgctt     86580
     tccttcacca gacccttcac aggctagagg gcccccctgg gtgcttctgg caccccacag     86640
     gcacccagaa gggaggaggt cgaggcagtt gtacaaaggc cctgacttat cagcagggtg     86700
     ccgcctcctt ctccgccttc ccctcgagta caccctcgtg tcactaaggg agctgaagac     86760
     ggctacgggg agctttcttt ttggggtggg agaagttggg accaacgatc gtgaaagaaa     86820
     gatcgtgctg cccaggagag gttgaaagga aagatccaat atcccctcat tctccctcgc     86880
     ctggtaggga attctgcttc ctggggtact catcctagcc caggtggtcc ccgggagcgt     86940
     gcaggagcaa ccgtcagcca gtatccgggt ggggagggga cagtggctgt ggcgtctctg     87000
     actctccaac acccaccctc ctccactgct gggcgcgccg cgcagccgcc agctcagtgg     87060
     aagcgcgagg agcccggcag gctccggcgc agcaggaggt gtgcgaagtc gggtgcggga     87120
     agagctccaa gcagaagagg gagaacgagg gtgagcacgc tgggcagccg tgcgtgcgct     87180
     cctctctgcg ccacaggctc gcccaacgaa gcacaagcca gcagggtcgc ggtcctgagg     87240
     acatcgctgc cacccaggag tgcagagaac caaccacaga atctggaggt cggtagcagc     87300
     cccgatctag gcaggctcgg agccaggggg ggtgccgagg aagaaccgga aagcagatcc     87360
     cagactctga aggagaaaga agagtggatc cctgagccgg cacgtctcga gccccagagc     87420
     tcccaggatc tcctggatag ctggcttcgc cgccggacgg cacgcccccc ttagcttcca     87480
     caccctctcc tctgagcgcc tcctcatctg cccctggagg gactttcacc ttcaaaggtg     87540
     caggacaaag ccgcatatct ggcgcccacc atgcacctca acagctccgt gcagcaggga     87600
     gccccaagtg aacccggtgc ccagcccttc ccacatccac agttcggact ggagacgatg     87660
     ctcctggcgc tcagcttgag caatggttct ggcaattcct cagaatccat cctggagccc     87720
     aacagcaacc tggacgtgaa cactgacatt tattccaagg tgctggtgac cgctgtatac     87780
     ctggcacttt ttgtggtggg cactgtgggc aactcggtga cagccttcac tctagcgcgg     87840
     aagaagtcgc tgcagagcct gcagagcact gtgcattacc acctgggtag cctggcactg     87900
     tctgacctgc tcatcctgct gctggccatg cccgtggagc tgtacaactt catctgggtg     87960
     caccatccct gggcctttgg ggatgctggc tgccgtggct actatttcct gcgagatgcc     88020
     tgcacctatg ccacagccct caatgtagcc agcctgagtg tggagcgcta cttggccatc     88080
     tgccatccct tcaaggccaa gaccctcatg tcccgcagcc gcaccaagaa attcatcagt     88140
     gccatatggc tagcctcggc gctgctggct gtacccatgc ttttcaccat gggcctgcag     88200
     aaccgcagtg ccgatggcca gcaccctggt ggcctggtgt gcacacccac ggtggacaca     88260
     gccaccgtca aggtcgtcat ccaggtaaga acatctaaaa ggggactctc tgagctgtgg     88320
     cacattagag ggcacaccag ggcagctggt ttcccgtctg gctgtttctt tctattggag     88380
     ccacacagag acttttagca gtgtcacctc agaagtcccg gtgattcaag gcaccacctg     88440
     gggagagaca cagccgtgtt gccttgtgga aagaactgtg cctcagaagc actttattct     88500
     tctcccttgt cccaaagtag gccccagtga catcatactg agcaacatat ggagagcgct     88560
     cagcaaggct cctcttagga ggttgggaag gggcggggca tagccatcaa ctcctcctca     88620
     acttttcact cccagttgca tgcccctccc tgcttcctcc cctcctgttg aagggggctt     88680
     gagccccaat cagtgacttc tgtttactgt aagcccgagg atactctcag ggaagaaggt     88740
     tgccatcagc catcaggaat ccctgacttc ccaggctgag tccccaaggc cttctggctg     88800
     cctctcctgg acccaaatcc aagagctgga gctttaatct tggaattgtt cccagttgag     88860
     ttacactttc cctgtctgtg aagggaggtg atcaaaacat ggtcaggagg gctcagagag     88920
     gggtttgcag gcccccagtc tgaagcactc caggcccttg ctgctgttag tgctgtttct     88980
     gcagagcaat ctgaagtgtc tttggtatga cgaggtaaag aaaaaaagat tgggatgata     89040
     gactacagtc ctctgcggtc tgagcgtagc accaggggac cagatgggag ccctcctcgg     89100
     aagttaccag cagagtaact caacatggca gaaagctcat caggagcaga ccttgaggtg     89160
     ggaagggggc atccacaggg gcagccagag cagaagtgac attttaagcc aggcatggtt     89220
     gattgtgcca atactccaga ggctgaggca ggaggattac aagtttgagg caagctggaa     89280
     agtaagaaca acaaccagga aggaggcggg gggggggggg gagggcaggg ggaaggaagt     89340
     ttagaataat ttcttggctg tagatcctgg gcaactgtag aaatacaggg agggttctct     89400
     ttcaccacag ggtggtcaag aaaagcagca aatgagagga tctggctgag ggctcctgcc     89460
     atgttagagg gtcctccagg gaagctggct gtgccatctg tctgtttctt tcttcaccaa     89520
     gccatctata gactcccaga tcctcacagt gagattctgt ggtcacatgg tatgtccagg     89580
     caacacccag acaccagaaa tgctgggtca gttgtaaccc acattccgat gccaggcaac     89640
     tcaacagtgc atctctgagg tgggccatgg ggataagtgt ccctgtgtga ggtcccccct     89700
     gagctgccac tcctcagggg gactgagtca gtgcccaatg tttctaacaa ggtcctctgc     89760
     atttaggcaa gtgcacattc gttgggtgtt ccacgtgaca agcagtagga ttcaaatggc     89820
     tccttgcttc ctttgaggca acaggcttct tcctccaagc tcctgtcttt gatgggcttt     89880
     gtaggaaagg gggctttcca gtccacactg ttcccagccc ctccagctgt agggcccggg     89940
     ccaggggcaa gcacaactca tccgcatccg cttgacaaaa tcctttctga gattcctgca     90000
     gaacccctgt tggagcccag aactggatcc acatatgaca gggtgtttcc tccctcccaa     90060
     cgctctcttg cctggggctt gtcattgctt ggcagcttcc aggtccattt gacagggtcc     90120
     tggtcactgt ccatcagcaa tgctttttga gcacccatcc tgggcgaggc tcccctcggt     90180
     agctgtcata gcgctggctg agtgtttact aagtgcctac tggtggcctc tgtgcccccg     90240
     gagagcagag cttccgcttt ccctcagaag acacagcctt attcttggag cgactgatta     90300
     cagcatgctc ttcatctacc tggtgttaac agctgaccag gtctctctgg ctgggaccac     90360
     aagctgttct gggtatttga tgagaccatt cctagggaga ggcatgggcc ctctcactcc     90420
     tcctaaacct ctgcctgcta tctaaagatg tgttttgttc ctgagctcat tggttttgca     90480
     gtgcccacca agatgtctgg gtccatgaag cagatgagcg tggctgcctt ctgtcctact     90540
     tgtgtctcca gtcagggctg gctatgccat gtctccatcc tcatggccat atttggaagt     90600
     attcaagtgt tggcctcttt ccaaaacagg gacatccctc tgccttagtg ccttttgtga     90660
     ggactgctac tctgaacact ttaaagattt caattcaagc acttgtaaac agaagttatt     90720
     taaaaaatga gctgagagtt aggtggtaaa cttctgagca actgagaaca gtttagaggc     90780
     tgagtgtttg gggcatagca ggatagggta gaaccaagca ggcagtggga aaacaataga     90840
     tgaaccctga tgcccagctc ctcctgaagg ctcaaggtct ggctctggta ccaatggaca     90900
     ggaggaagaa ctggagactt ggggacttcg cagtgtctga gggttcccca gtactgtacc     90960
     tgagccacat gcgtccctgg caccacccag gccagcttcc tgctctgacc ttgggtctta     91020
     cagtactctg ttgctaacct tggagtttgt gttccagctc agataggtcc tgtgttctca     91080
     tgtccaggta gtatgcactg atggaaagat acatggaaag acatgtgagc ccaagggctg     91140
     tgcccatcct ccccatcatc tgctgagcta cccttaaaga gcctcttttc caataaaaat     91200
     ggaagcatcc ttcttgcagt cagacccaac agcagcagca gccctggata aggtacacac     91260
     tccctcccag gggcaggaga ggctaacaca gggagaggtg gtgccccaag tctacagcag     91320
     atcaatagca aagtgactga catgttgaac agcctctggg catgactaag gaagggggaa     91380
     cattggtttt aatagagttt acagaaacac catctggggg aaaggtcgca ggtatgtgta     91440
     agggaatatt gaatattgac ctccttgata tatgcttgca gtgtttaaca gtcaaagttt     91500
     gattttttta aagttactgt gtgtgcgtga gcacaatcac acagacactc aggtgaaggt     91560
     acatgcgtgt ggagttcagt tccctccttc ttctgtggat ccaggtgtca aatacagctt     91620
     gtcgtgtttc tcagggagaa ttttcaccat cctgataact gaagttttta tttcatttta     91680
     ttttatttat ttttaactcg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg agagagagag     91740
     agagagagag agagagagag attggaattg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     91800
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtagcca tactctctgg ggctggagtt tcagagctgt gagctgcctc     91860
     atataggtgc taggaaccaa attccagtcc tctggaagag gaaaccaccg agccatctct     91920
     ccagaccctg atcaaagttt ttaaaagcac aacatggtat atattcctgg gcatagtggt     91980
     gcatgtttgt aatctcaact ctcaggaggc agagacaagg atatatatat atatatatat     92040
     atatatatat atatatatat tcagaccctg acagagaggg cccagggtgg ggtggggtgg     92100
     aacttggctt atgaaatctg gcatccagat ggtaggtcat gattgaacat aatggccgag     92160
     actgtaaagc tttgaggagt aaggaagact gagatagtct tccaggactc acctcacctt     92220
     gggaacaggg tgatctggcc ttgtggctgg cctggcctgg cctagcaaga taggacatga     92280
     aggatgggga cctgcaggca attcaggtgg ggtcggcact gggaccttgc ttcttggaaa     92340
     gcaacagcgg caggaccacc tattcatacc aatcagaccc gggagagcca gagccccagg     92400
     cacttgttca atgtatccag cagactgctg gtgcttcttc tggggattta gcgtctgtga     92460
     gatgggtgaa gaggagggaa catgggggcc cagggttggc acgagtcctg gaggaagagc     92520
     ctctccacag gcgctcaggg ggctgtccag gtagctccta tagtagccaa gcactgggct     92580
     cccaggtctc accctcagaa tgatacttcc tgaagagtca tctgcagccc tgtggtgcca     92640
     agggcacagg gggttgtcct ctgagcagag ccttgtgtca tcatcttgat atgttgtact     92700
     gggaggcaga gactctggct gatcaagtct gataatatga cagagatgcc cccacggtca     92760
     catgcaaata gtgggccagg ctggcatgga ggctctgtca gtactctgga ccatgcacca     92820
     atgttggagg cctgtccatc tgcatttccc aacccatgat tatacaacct tgcaggattt     92880
     tctggctgct tgtctttaaa ggaaggagag attctcaaac ccttccctcc ccaagttgct     92940
     atcagtcagt gttttagcac agccttcaga agtaagctag aacaggacag gctgttgatc     93000
     agtgtcttag ttagagtttt actgctgtga agagacacca tgaccaaggc aactcttata     93060
     aggacagcct ttatttggag ctgactttca ggttcagagg ttcagtccat taccatcaag     93120
     acaggagcat ggcagcatcc aggcaggcat ggtgcaggag gagagtttta catcttcatc     93180
     tgaaggctgc tagcagaata ctggcttcta ggcagctagg atgagggatt taagcccatg     93240
     cccacagtga cacacctatt ccaacaaggc cataccttct aatagtgtca ctccctggac     93300
     tgagcatata caaaccatca cagtcagact ggccaagttg aaactaccct cttcaaccca     93360
     gacacctgtg ccagggctgg tttagatggt aaattagcag agattcccaa agcctgagcc     93420
     atcacttagg aatggacagt ttgggggcca ccccagagca gcagttcaga gctgggttca     93480
     aatctcagct ctatagatgt tccgccacaa gacgcaggac acagcttcct cacctgccaa     93540
     ccattgatga gttaattcat attagatgct tgcaactgcc agagcctgga ggcgctctca     93600
     attcacaacc tgcaggattc cttccactcc agggaacaac aaagaatctt cggcaggcag     93660
     gcaaggcctc tttgtagaac agcagagcac aagacactat taccccagac tgctttcttt     93720
     cccagagcct tagagcgctt ccatcatcca tctttgacac ccctacactt tgcaggacac     93780
     caggtcaggg gcactgccag ctggccagca cctgaccacc tcctttgaga ggtacttgct     93840
     gcctgaggca gagtccagga caggtctctc caacattctg agagtgtgga ggctttacga     93900
     tcagggatac agcttggtag gtcaaaggtc tctcataggc tcccagagag tcgtgtgcag     93960
     catcaggaaa gaggctctgg gacagaccta tgctgcatga gctggaggaa ctgggagaga     94020
     gctggggcgg ctggagccat gagcattagt ggacagacga cagtgtggct tttacgccag     94080
     gaaatgaaca gcaccaagct tcccagcaga accatatgga ggcgtaatgt tttaagagta     94140
     cagatctgtc tttctgcctt tcaggaaaca atgtagggat agtgagagcc gtgaggaagc     94200
     agctgactta ttccattact ccagaagagt ggcttagact ggggccagga gggagcaaac     94260
     agagacctga cgccggatcc ctccctctct ccctccctcc cacccttcct cctggccctc     94320
     tcctcctctc cctcttttct tctctctccc cacccccctg ctcctgcccc acatcaacat     94380
     ggtttaaaag cactggcagc tcttccggag ggccagggtt caattcccag cacccacatg     94440
     gcagctcacc actgtctgtc actcagtcct aaggcatctg acatggcccc tggtctcctt     94500
     gggtactgca tgcttgtagc tcgtaggtat acactcaggg aaatgctcac acacataaca     94560
     cttccagttt ccctgagttt ctctattgtg tctttaattt aatttatatt aaggttttca     94620
     tttcctaagt ctgtttcctt tgagtttaat ttgttcttgt tcagtcctgg gctgactgag     94680
     tgcttttctt gttttgtttt tctgagatag ggtctccctc tgtaacccag gctgaccttg     94740
     agtttgcaac aatcctcctg ctttaacctg ggattacagt gtaaatacaa catgctcagt     94800
     ttattagtct agatttctta tggtgaagac ttagattatt ggtttaagaa tgttgttttg     94860
     ttgttgttgt tgtcgtcgtt gtcgtcgtcg ttgttgttgt tactggggca gggcttttct     94920
     atgtagtcct ggctgtcctg gaacttaact ccccaatgtt aggttaaagg cgtaagccac     94980
     aaagcccagc acgaacttca ttatttattg tacaaacaat taattctcca aaattcctcc     95040
     tacgttctgc tttagtgaca tcttaatttt tttttcgaga atgtatcctt tcttgttcaa     95100
     atattttctt attccactca tgggttgttt agaagtgttt ctacttccta gatgcttgga     95160
     tatctctcct ggatctgttg tgctatatcc atttctaacc caaccctttt tgtctttgaa     95220
     ggatatgcaa atgatataaa tttgtgatat ttatatcaca ggatataaat ttagtttgtt     95280
     agagactgct ttatacccaa gataatagat tgcactggtg gatattgcac aggacagtag     95340
     cagaaagttc tgttgccaat ggcagattat tctgtaaggg ccgatgggtg tcactggcct     95400
     ggtcctgtaa tacagtcatt ttcttttatg agcccttatc ttcctgttca ttgcagacag     95460
     ttctgtacct cagacaatgt ggtcacaatg ctggcttttt tgttgttgtt tttgtcttga     95520
     cctaagatct tactgaatag cccaagctgt ccccaaatga gcatacgcct gccccagcgt     95580
     ctcacatgtt gggataatgg atagatacca gcatgcctgc cccactgcct gttaaaacct     95640
     tggcctttgc ttcttttggg tcatcccttt aggttccgct gtgatcacca gatgatacag     95700
     gggaaatcaa ggtcccctct ttggattctt agtctcacga acaaaagaat ttaagaatgg     95760
     attcagattc agatacaagc tcaaggctaa tcccattaaa gtctaaagag aaaaactccc     95820
     agggcaggcc cagtgtcaat ctcagaagct gccgggagaa aaatggaggg ggaaaagcca     95880
     tttaagcctt caggggagtc agaaaagtag cagacacata gctctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     95940
     tgtgtgtgcg tgtgcgtgtg cgtgtgcgtg tgcgtgtgcg tgtgcgtgtg cgtgtgcgtg     96000
     tgtgtgtgtg agggtagctt tggttctggc cagcatccaa aacaggcaga aaaggggggg     96060
     gggggctggg agggattatt tctgattcaa gctgcttcag gaaagtgagc ccatacagct     96120
     ggatctcacg gtggtttgtg gggtccgtgc actggggaat tctggaaatg aaaatgacag     96180
     tatctctcta aagggaagat tgttccctct atccctgtag catagtttaa ggagagccta     96240
     ccttcctaat ggcagtccct tggacaggcg attgatcagg cccctcagga attttaggta     96300
     ttcactcagg ccagagattc caaacctgtg gcccgaagga gtcagttttg ctgttgttgt     96360
     tgttgtttgt tttcttaatg ggccttcact gtgacgtaac aatcccatgg atgggtctaa     96420
     tgattgtctt ttccttgggg gagagtggta ttcctggatc tttcagtagt aactttagat     96480
     tgtttcctga gcatttttaa ctttgctgtg gtgttttgga ttatgttaat accctggaga     96540
     atgctggtat tttcttgagg tgggcagcca gtccagtgtg agctgcacct tcagttatac     96600
     catctgttga tgatggcgct gacatcagct ctgtcactaa gtccccactt cttccctgta     96660
     tactcagctt ggtcctggct catggctgtg gctcagttct caaatccttt attgtgtgtt     96720
     acatgcatgt accatttgaa gacagtccca ggactcatga tgggtcagac atagattctg     96780
     gtcagtctgt ttctatctcc tctcagattt cctcgcatga tcctcagttt ctggggcttc     96840
     ttttctccat cctgtatcca ggtaagacag agtcttctgt ttggtcacgt ctctatttgg     96900
     tgctgtggta aatgtctaga agggctgtct ctgcacctcc ctaagctttc agaatctagt     96960
     aaagagaggc ctgtgatgag gtccatatat gcctcccact tctaccttgg tctaccttgg     97020
     ggtctgctcc aagtgacacg tcttcttgtc agtgggtcac cttttcctat ttctctgtgt     97080
     atttgattgt tttaaaattg atgataaata ctgtaaatga cacattacag ctatacacac     97140
     atacacacac acacacacac actatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     97200
     tgccttcaat gttactgtaa caattccatg gatgatggat ctaatgatcg tcttttcctt     97260
     tagatctttc aacagtaact ttagattgtt tcatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     97320
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtattg ttagggtaag gtctgagtgg gtattcctct gttgaaagat     97380
     cagtgtgata atagcctctc ccctctggtt ttactctcta aggagtcttc catgttctgt     97440
     ctgcacctag ccctacacaa agcacagaac ccacagagaa gccctgtgtg gattcacagc     97500
     ccaatccctg aactcaacct tgtcagctta aggacctagc ttgacaaagg cctcggttcc     97560
     caaagactcc atctcaaaag tgtccccaaa cagtggactg gtgacgagcc tgtggtgctg     97620
     ggagtggccc acagcctgtc agaacatggg gcctaagcac ctggtaatgg tttatgggtg     97680
     tttatagcag cagatcttgt ccagtacctc aaatgaaagc cttttccaga ctttaaacac     97740
     tgcctacata gacaaatatc ccaggcagct aagatgcaaa actttggctt gaaggaatta     97800
     ctacagcagt gttgtaaggc gggcataaca aaggggctta gccaacaaat gttcagcgac     97860
     tcttacacta cggcttataa aaggagtagg attgtttgga tttcagcatg tttagccagt     97920
     tgtctgtgaa aaggtgaatt tattgtaaat tcctgtaact ctcctttggt gtatttaaag     97980
     gttaagagca ttcttgggag aactttgttc ttgtaactca aaatcagttc ttctctttaa     98040
     agatgctaca cttccagccc ctcaaggttc agagagccct ggagctgttt ggaaataatc     98100
     tctccctggg aactgttagg actaaatgct tacagccagc catcagtcca gcgcatagtt     98160
     tccaagagtt cagtagaccc acacatcccc agctcctgag agtctgtgag aacactgcaa     98220
     agcacatctg ggtcatgtca tttgggaagc tgtggacccg atatccgggc cttcgagctg     98280
     gtctggatcc aggtgggact agctcattta taaacctgtc tgctgcaggc aggatctaca     98340
     cagtaggaag gaactgtcca gggtcagatt tattgccttg gggagaagag aagccatccc     98400
     atctggcgat agccctctag aacctgcctc tgggaccctg ggtccaactc attgcaggac     98460
     cacagctggt ggcctctgcc agttgttgcc tttgaaaaca caaaacaagg tgggcaggac     98520
     tcttcccacc ctcaggatcc tcaggctcag ctacctgaaa tttccttgtc tgggctgccc     98580
     tcagtctgag agctctgtca ttgcctcata atctcctgtt ctacccaata accctggggc     98640
     ctagcaccac tctcaggaaa agcattcgga atgctatgaa gccagctttg aaggccattc     98700
     cactcctgca tggtgcccag gggagtactc ctatgtcggg agtaagacac cagtgtccct     98760
     tagctgaaag acaaggaaaa attaaggaag aagcctaaag cgggggtggg gtggggtgga     98820
     gtgagggcta gccatagtct ctgtgtgtca gctggtgtgc gtttggagac aggaacagaa     98880
     tgaccatcct gaaagcctcc tctgtctctg cagacctcaa acaagtttga gaccccagat     98940
     tttgcctaac ttcagaatcc attttgttga ggtagactgt actcctaaag ggacttccct     99000
     tgttagggtt ggactaaatt ccaagatgtg aagttggtga tgtgcctcgt accagattct     99060
     gatttggagc cctgccctac tgatccaagc agaggaggac tgtctggcct ctgcacctta     99120
     gaggctccca catcactcag atgctggagc agtaatctgg ggtcaccagg gtcgcacccc     99180
     tagcagaaga aagcatttct ggaacagctt agcaccccta gggtccccag gctgtcaaat     99240
     gcgcctgtac actggaagca ggtaattgca gggctcttag gcacgttagc gcctgttaaa     99300
     cttcctgcaa ttaattttcc tgacagcttg tttaaaagga gccgtctaat gtattaaaaa     99360
     tacctgtgtt tgtggcagat catccaggca gtgctcatag agcttctaaa gaaagtcgcc     99420
     aggggtagat gcccacattt taaactgctc taacctcaaa ctagactgtg cctgctgtga     99480
     gaggcctgga gcctccgaga gtctctagag catgcctgag acctgcggct gtcataaccc     99540
     agggcttgac cacactgctg actcacagct gtgggatata ttctctcctc gtcccaaaga     99600
     ccggaggtca agttccaggg tgtctctcag gcccatgttt ctttcgggga ctttaggagg     99660
     ttccttcctt ttcttccagg aatgatggac tcaagtgtcc ctggctcaca gccacatccc     99720
     ttccgtcttg gcttggtctt cacatcccct tcttctctga atatctgctc tctagcaaca     99780
     tttgtcatga gatttagggc ccaccctgag ccaggacaat tgcatctcaa atctgattat     99840
     atctgcacag acaagtacaa ctatagtcac gtgtgcacac acacacacac acacacacac     99900
     acagccacca tcatgttatc tcagtatacc ttaaagagag aggcagagac tggattccag     99960
     gtctgatctt gctggttcca gggcacaccc actgctgatc ctggagctat gcctaaccag    100020
     tatacacagg ggaaccttca aaacaggaaa agaaaaacaa actagaaggc tccggatgca    100080
     acctcagaaa ttcccacccc agtccacaaa tgttgaagat gactcctaag gctagcaaga    100140
     cagggcctca agctgcgctt ctttctagac taccttgcca gggcaagttg ggacacaggg    100200
     aggacaagct gtaaaccctt ctcatacagt ctctgccttc tgggtgacca cttggctgga    100260
     acagccccgt tatcttctgt tttgctgcat cctatgctga gatgttaacc acagctgtta    100320
     ttctctctgg gctcctggat aaatgccagc gaggccccca ggagaaggca gacgggctcc    100380
     tcacttggct gcatcttccc caatggtatc tgtactgact ccccatagct gcctctggat    100440
     cccatcacta cccacacctc tcactggcct gggatggaaa gggcccctcc acttgaccag    100500
     cttaccttat ctgtctggct tttctagttg ccagggggaa tgtgctagct aatttcagca    100560
     gaatcctgtc cacggtataa caaaagcaga cacagattgg tcctggtcac agcacagagg    100620
     gttgtcaccg ccacagcatc cgtagcttga gtcctaccta ttggctcctg ctgtcttgca    100680
     acttgaatca tgtcccaaag aatctctgct agggcccagg tcagtgaagg taacactatg    100740
     aggacaatga aggccagcag tgctggacat tactaggctc agtttccaat ggaagaaaga    100800
     aatgatgctc gtttgtcgta gggctgctcg gcttcagggt gtcctcagac acaggctaga    100860
     gagccaggct ctaggaagat gtggcagggc tctggtcaag aggctggacg ctcttccttg    100920
     catacctgaa tccagttctg tctgcctcct gggccttgtg gctccccaag agactcattg    100980
     ccctgttcct gttgtggggc agtactaaaa caagttctga gtggtataaa ataggcctac    101040
     ccaacccacc tgtcggcctg ggacctgacc tggaccattg caacattatc ccacagacag    101100
     tgaatggctg tgattgacac cagaaaacat ttcaaccctt cccgtggcct cccactgggt    101160
     tttaatggct ttcttccttg acctttgtaa ctaattcaca acacaaatgg acatcctggt    101220
     gggccctctg atcctggccc aaattgtcag cagggttgcc ttgtaagcag tcaaatctca    101280
     agcacaaggc tacatagcaa gaccctgtct caaaaatcaa aattaagaca aaatctgagc    101340
     acagaaagtg gagggaataa agccaggagg ctccacggag gcgtgggtcc tcaggagtct    101400
     gtgaagcaga ttcctgctgc aggagctgct ccagttcgtt cctcctgctc taaaaagggt    101460
     cctgtcagag tttcaagtga ggaggacaga tgtttaagaa agaaccagga gatgtgccca    101520
     tggggcccag ctctactctc cctgggcgat ggacgccacg ctagcagcct gcctgcagtt    101580
     tcccagaaac ctgtaggcct gctgctcccc tcagaagcgt ccaggctttc ctcattactt    101640
     tgctgtttgg gggtcaagca gtgccgttct gcacaaatag tggggtgctc cctgctgccc    101700
     ttttttgatg gtatggtaca gaccatcaaa acatgcttct aggcccagct gcactagccc    101760
     atcaggactg gggctgttgg aaacaaatca ctgtttctgt ggacctgtct gtttctctga    101820
     gtctgtcagg aaactgggcc tcttaggaaa caagtgggtt caagtaccag agtttggcaa    101880
     gtagtgaact ttggaaataa acagggctat cgctgcctgg atccatagtc ctccttcctg    101940
     agagacaagg accagccagc agccaggtct aatgcctgct ctcctggtga agctgctgag    102000
     cagtagctga gcctctaatc ccgcattgca gtgaccatgt atgttccctc ctcagctgct    102060
     tctgtgcacg catcctgagg gtctcatgag gatataggac tacctcaact gagggatatt    102120
     ggggtctgga tagtaggaag aggtggaagc ctgagctgaa gggagagaag caatgcctta    102180
     agggatgcaa tgatccctcc cagcatctga tccatgatcc gataatatcc cagcatctga    102240
     tccatgatca ataatgatcc cagcatctga tccatgatca ataatgatcc cagcatctga    102300
     tccatgatcc gataataatc acagcatctg atccatgatc aataatgatc ccagtgtctg    102360
     ccccaccccc acccccagct gctcagaagg accccaggct tccctcctcc tctgccgtgt    102420
     gtttaatgca ctcatgagct taaatccatt gaatgaacaa atagaaatca ctctgtgagc    102480
     aagaaagcct cctctccaac attcaccagc cttggtccca agaattctta tggctctgtt    102540
     tctaacactg gagagagctc atctgtaatg tcccttcacc agagctgtgt ggcttttggt    102600
     acaaacaagc tgctgtgccc tcattgcctg tccacttgga gctgctgtga ccagtcctgc    102660
     tcgagtcctc tgtggaagac agcacgtgct caactggagc aggcctctgt gtctcactca    102720
     aaaaaacgaa agaaaaagaa aacggaacac tgtgtgctgt ggagggagca gctcccagag    102780
     atctggagtt tccaccaagc tgatttgggg ggagttgcaa gtggagttga atccacccta    102840
     tcacctggtc agtccagccc aagacccctg tcatgtagca cctgtgccca aaaccaacct    102900
     tcactgggtc cttactcagg acagtgggac tttgggagat actgaaattg tcagatttat    102960
     tttgaaccaa ctataccttt ccagttagca ggagatggac ccccaagatc tccttggctc    103020
     accccagtct tccaaactag atccagagaa agccatatac aaaagtaaga gataaatgtc    103080
     aggacctgtc cagacccagc tgggggcctt tgggtaacag ggagtccact ttaaggtgct    103140
     tgctggtccc caatccatac acagtttaaa tgttccttcc ctggcctgtc atctacaggg    103200
     tcaccctgag cagcctctct gctgtggcct taatggactg catgcatttc tgaagcagct    103260
     ggttccactg agggaggctg ggaaagaggc taaaacagag atgcaggaac tgaagtccca    103320
     tccagcccct gaggagagat gaaacacagg aagtacagga agccagggac tccttttgct    103380
     tgaggggagg tacatcagaa acacacagta ctgggggtgg cctctagtta gaaggacttc    103440
     cagttgagct gagagcctga taagggagtt tcacaaaaca gggatcttgt aagatacaga    103500
     ccggccctaa gacttctgca aagtagcaac taaacaaagg aaaatcctga cacagatgat    103560
     actcagaaag acaaagaaca actggaatag ttatccctgc tggtgggatg caagagtaca    103620
     gctggaaagc taaggggttg ggaattatga ctttttaata ataattatac acacacacac    103680
     ttgcctttgt gtgcacttat gtcagtgtac cacgtgcatg cagtgcctga ggaggtcaga    103740
     agagggtgtt agatcccttg gaactttaat tacaggtggt tttaagccac catgtggatg    103800
     ctggggatag agtctagacc ctctagaaaa gcagccagtg ctcttaacta ccgagccagc    103860
     ctcagaagtt acaagtctta atgaaaaaat tttagagtga tttttgtaat gtgtttgttt    103920
     gagacaatgt ctcaggacac accccacact tgtttagctt cctctgctgg agaaatcttg    103980
     tgttgtgagg ttcattgtca caattaacaa gtgttgacaa attaatcaaa attgacagct    104040
     cataccgggt tctcacctgg agtttcacat tctgtggctt tggatagatg catggtaccc    104100
     catcatggac aatagctgta catggagccc ccaaccaatg ctctgggctc taccagagcc    104160
     ctgggcaaca tttttattca aagccaactc cacattttat tttccagaag atcatacagc    104220
     tggagtcaag gcattctttc aggtcagcct ccttcctttg ctgacgttca ttcaaagtcc    104280
     ttcatgtctt ttcctggctt ggaagctcat ttctttgtat cactgaatta gatgccatta    104340
     ttgtttagtt aaggaagaac atctcatttg cgattatgac taaagcttct ataaatgtat    104400
     ccgtgcaggt ttgtgtgtga acataagctt tcagcttcct taggttttaa aaaaaaaaca    104460
     aaaccaaaga cggcaatcat gtaaccttag gttatgaata ggttagttgt gtaagacagg    104520
     cacctgttgc ccacagcagc tgtgctcttt tgtgttccac cagtcatgag gagcattcca    104580
     ggtgcccttc ttcaggattt cgggggtggg ggtggggtta gaatattcct gttttattcc    104640
     attgctgtat tagttatttt tttctcagtg ctatgagcaa atgtagtgga ggaagggctt    104700
     attgggttca ccatttgagg gtatacccca tcacagagtg gaaggacagc tctgagagtg    104760
     gctgtagatt catccctagg aacgtaaggc aggtggttac attgtatcca gaagcaagaa    104820
     ggggaaaatg tatctgcccg ggctctgatt gctccttttg tctccatgtt actcagttca    104880
     gcattctaga cactgagttg caccctccac atctctttcc tccattaaat ctctctagaa    104940
     acaccctcac aggcatcccc acagatgtgt ctcccccgtg agcctaaacc cagtggaatt    105000
     gaggtggtaa tcaaggcttt ccgtcctgtg cagtgtaaca gacggcacca caccaggtgt    105060
     atagtttttc attagtggct gatcttacat gaggtccctg tttagacttt ttgcccattt    105120
     ttttctttgt tttcttattt atttttaaga gttctgtata ttttggatca gcctatcaga    105180
     tgtgtctttt gcaaatcatg cctcccaggc tgtggcttgt tatttaatct ttgttatggt    105240
     tttatgagag gaatttacaa tatagccagg gctggcctcc aacttcccat cctcgcgcct    105300
     caggcttcta atgctaatac agatgttaca atattatgct cagtcttgtc ttgtcattct    105360
     tttaacaata ttattaattt taataagatc cagtttattg gtttttcttt catggaacat    105420
     tcttctgttt aaaaattcag ctagttgtgg tgaattacat ttgtaatctc agtatttggg    105480
     atgaaggggc agaaggatct ggaactcaag taagtcgtct ggggccacat gaggccctat    105540
     ctcaagaaaa ctaaataaat aattaaatat tcatcattaa acatggggct agtcaacttt    105600
     tcttatgtat tgtcctgagc tttatactta ggtttgtgat cagttttgat gagtttttgg    105660
     aaggtgtaga acgcatcctt tcacatatgg ttgtcatggt gactcttcct ccacagtcta    105720
     ccttggtcac agagccctgt gtgggtccat ttctgggctc tttcttggct tcactgacta    105780
     caccatcttg gctatgtagc tttgttgaag gttttggatt tagccgtgtc aatgtgagca    105840
     tataccaagt gtatacaggt cttcagaggt cagaggagga cataaggtcc cctgaagctg    105900
     gtgttaccat gttgtgagct gcccaacatg ggtaatggga actgaacttc tgccctcttc    105960
     aagagcatag aataccctta accagcaacc tatcactcca atcccttcat ctgtttctca    106020
     gtgtaggcct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctagcctcg agactcatct    106080
     gcctctgctg agattaaagg tatgcaccac caccacccaa cagagttcct ttatcttttt    106140
     aaaacaaaat caaggtttgg tttttttttt gttgttgttt ttttgttttg ttttgttttg    106200
     ttttgttttg caggggttgg gggagtgggg ttgatactag ggatagctag gcaagtgctt    106260
     taccattgag ttacacccat tccatatttc atttttatga tataaatagt attttatttt    106320
     taaagttttt acattcatta cttagtatac aaatactgta ttgtggggct ggacagatgg    106380
     ctcagtcgtt aagaacttat actgctctgg cagaagggac ccaagttcag ttcccagaat    106440
     tctcattgag tagctcataa ctctctgtat ttccaggtcc atatgatcca acatctctct    106500
     ggcttctgca catgcacatg tatgtatgca cgagttctca cgtgtacacg tgcgcacgcg    106560
     tgtgcgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtacg cacacacact aaaatattta    106620
     aaaacaagca gacacagtat tgtatttttg tatttttaac tccaattatt cattgttggc    106680
     atacaggaaa gcaattggat tttgtttatt aaccttttat cttactttcc cataatcata    106740
     ctagtttcaa gagtgtcatt tctttggtat tctctacata tatgtctatc tacacagaga    106800
     gctctctctt tattcccaat gcacataccc accccctttc ttgtcttatc tgattggcta    106860
     gttcgttcaa ggttaagttg gcatggttct aggcatgtgt tgctcctcac cttagtggag    106920
     ttataatctc accagtagta agatgttatc tccgtttcta gcttgctaag agttgagtca    106980
     tgaataggct ttggaatttg tcaaaagcct ttcttgcacc tattaaagtg attgtgtgaa    107040
     tggtaaccag gggaacctgg gggtggggga ccccatttca tcataacgta taactctgct    107100
     atgttgcttg ggtctctttt gtgcttatcg tagtcaggtt tactattgct gggaggaagc    107160
     accatggcca aagctctgga agggaagggt ttgtttggct tacacttcca catcacagct    107220
     catcatcaaa ggaagtcagg acaggaactc aagcacggca ggaacctgga ggcaggaact    107280
     gatgcagagg ttgttaaagg gatgttgctt agtagtttgc tccctgaggc ttcctcagct    107340
     tgtttttgta gaacccagaa ccacttgcct ggggtgaccc tgcccacata cacagtgagc    107400
     tgaacccttc cccatcaatc attaattaaa aaaaaaaaag tccttaaaag ccaggcatgg    107460
     tggcacatgt ctttaatgcc agcacttgag aggcagatgc aggtggacct ctgtgagttt    107520
     gaggacaggc ggtctacgaa atgagtttca ggacatccag agctgttaga caaagaaacc    107580
     ctgtctagaa aaaaaacaaa agatagatga tggatggatg gatggatggg aggatagata    107640
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagatagc attttctcag ttgaggcttc ctcctttccg    107700
     atgagtttag cttgtgtcac attgacataa agtagccaga gcagagctgt tatgacaact    107760
     gctacagatt agatgcttta caatgatcag ggactttttt tttttttttt tttgcttcat    107820
     ggctctgaag actgagagat caagatccag ggaccacatt ttatgctagt cttctttttt    107880
     tgtttgcttg cttttgtttt gacatagagt gtctttgtgt aaacctggtt gtcctggacc    107940
     tcaatatata gaccaggcag gcctcaaact cacagagacc cacctggctc tgcttgccta    108000
     gtgttgggat cgaaggcatg taccaccatg cttggcttgg tgacaacctt cttgtgcttg    108060
     taatgtggca gaggcatcat agggtaagag ggagggaaag aggacccgac ttgcttttat    108120
     agcaaactta ctccaggata ttgaaattaa tctatctgtg agggctcatt ctcaggactt    108180
     aaactctctt actgggtcct acctctcaac cctgttgact atttaatttc caacccatgg    108240
     actttgggta acactatcat gtgtgcgcta ctgtgtttga ttcactagta ttttcttgag    108300
     tgtttttgta tctgtgcccc taagaaatga ccatctacgt ttatcatttg tgtgtgtgtg    108360
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtctggttc tggttctagg gtaatgctgg    108420
     cctcattgag tgggcttcag gtatgccctt agcttctgtc ttctcagaga gactagagag    108480
     agctctatca atttctaagt gtttggctgg agtcaccagt gactggtgac tggtgcttcc    108540
     tgttttagaa ggctattgaa tattgattag acttccttaa taaagacttc taatgtctgt    108600
     ttcttctttg ggcattttgg tggattcagc atttgcccat ttcatctatg ccaggcatct    108660
     tcaatctgtg ttctgtaggc cacatgcctt tcaggatcac ccagccctga gtgtctgggg    108720
     cagttggcag gcttcaggtt ctggaatgtt ctttgatgag aaaccactat gggaatcaat    108780
     gggacttgtc accgcaccgc actgacaagg caccaaccac aagcagtctg tggtctgaat    108840
     gccttgaaaa gagtgagtgt ctcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    108900
     tgtgtgtgtg cacgtgaata ttcatgtaaa catcagactt gcaaattcaa gcaatttaaa    108960
     tgtcatgagc acctgtggct gccttgtgga gaagatctgt cagagaaaat gcatcttgac    109020
     tacaaccaca gcaggaggag cctccagtcc tctgcacagc cctcaggcat ccctcagagc    109080
     attcacagcc ccaggagagt gagaattagt gctaacatgg tgagactaca gttgtgatgc    109140
     tgtggtttcc tccaaagcaa ctggctgggg ccacaagaat cttggggaca gctgtgtttc    109200
     cctgggcagg cagctcctcc aggcagtttc tagcccagcc ttcccattcc tggttcacaa    109260
     aaaattctag aaagcgcctg ctctctgatt cacctgcagt tctgggtgag atccagtggg    109320
     aaatgaaagg ggatataaga tagggtggtt ctcccttgat actgctcatt ttggtttaaa    109380
     aaaagcaagg catggaggct gcagagatgg cacagtggtc aaaagcattg actgctcttc    109440
     cagaggtcct gagttcaatt ccagcaacac aaagtggctc acaagcatct gtaacgggat    109500
     ccaatgccct cttctggtgt gtctaaagac agtgacagtg tagtcatata taaaataaat    109560
     aaataaataa atcttacaaa acaaacaaaa aaacaaggtg tgtgtggggg tctttttctc    109620
     tctcaggttg tttgtttttt gttttttgtt atttagtagt ttctcacaga acccagactg    109680
     gcttcaaact gctctataca caaggctggc cttgaactct tgactctcct gcatctgctt    109740
     ctccagtgtg gaattacagg catataccat ctagctatgg ttcccgcatt tggctggggt    109800
     ttcagctatg ccgaactgaa agttcggagc tgagtgagta aagttcccat gacaagcagt    109860
     tgctgcaagg attaattgct gtgcggagcc tataattact acacatcggc taacggctca    109920
     cttggtgaaa gagagtcctg agctcagtct caacccagag actctattga ccatcttcat    109980
     gtttcagatg aggaagagaa gagctaagga gggaaggtga acacaattgt gggacctggg    110040
     acctgtcccg tgaccagcct gtgaggctaa cccccaggct cccctcctat ccccgggctc    110100
     ctcccatccc caggctcctc ccattcctgg gctcttccca tccccaatct cccctcccat    110160
     ccccaggctc ctcccacctc cgggctcctc ccattccctg gctcctccca tctctgggct    110220
     cttcccatcc ccaggctcct cccacccctg ggctcctctc caatccctga actcctctca    110280
     tccagctcca aggcttggcc tagccttact actcaccatt tttaaggttt gaccagaaag    110340
     aactcaagag gtagcgaatc ttcactaaga ctttgaagtg tctctctgga gggtaagctc    110400
     tattcatacc cagtgaaatt ttggtgcagc tggctaggtt tgcacaagct ctgatgatgg    110460
     gaccttgaag agacagaaag ggaggtagag ccaatttctg gaagatgtag caccccctcc    110520
     ttacctagtt cgtgtgtttt ataagtggtt taagatggat tacccatcct tggccttgtt    110580
     cagagtcata tattctgaca ggaggtatcc tagagcccag ggtctcaaat gacatgacat    110640
     gggtcaagga ttctctgtag gaattacaag aagatgatat gctgccctgt ggacctataa    110700
     gatgaacacc ttaaattttt ccctgcaggt ccttacagaa gagcagatag ctgcctgcac    110760
     atggctgcac ccagatgccc tcttaagaag ggcaagtagc tttggaagca tccggaagaa    110820
     agggaacata gggtgtacaa tatgttacta atactctcac actttgaaat aatgttttgg    110880
     atatatttta ttaaattaaa tgtcattaaa attatttaca gccagccatg gaggcacaca    110940
     tctacaattc caatgcttaa gagacaaggc aggaggatca actgttaagg ccatcctggg    111000
     gtgcacaata acagcctatc tcaacaaaac gaaacaaaat agaaaacaat acttgtttct    111060
     agacacacac acacccatat gtgtgtgccc atgtgtaggt gtctgtgtgt gtgcctgtat    111120
     gtgtgtgtct atgtataggt ctctgaatgt atgtgcctgc atgtgtgtgt ctgtatgtat    111180
     atctgtgtgt gtctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc ctgcttgtgt gtgtgtgtga cacttctggt    111240
     gtcattcctc agataccgtc catattgttc tgttgcatgg tctcttgctg gtctaaaact    111300
     cacctgttgg caaggcgact ggccagtgag tctcggggat cttcctgcct ccgtctccct    111360
     agtgctagaa ttgctctctc acctcacacc aggattttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttaa    111420
     acagggttct cagcttttca aactcatatc cttgtgacac aagcaaagcg ttttaccaac    111480
     tgagccttct ccctagggta gcactacctt taaaatggtt gctcattctt caccacctac    111540
     ttcgtgtttc tcctgcccca ggaaagggca cttggtaggt actctcctgc atacctgggg    111600
     aggtccagag cctgtcccac gcattcaggg caggatgtcc tcttctgagg aaccctcatc    111660
     agttctgagg aaaccagcat tgaataaaac tgacggtcag tcagtcctgg ggaaggagag    111720
     taactcagaa caagcaacct attctcatga acagtgtagt acagaagcca gaagaccaag    111780
     gccagctcca gtccttgctg ctccgtgctg gccctgacag gttaccaggc gctgcattcc    111840
     tactcaggtc ttggagaccc agcagcatcg gatgctcaga ggaagctgcg ctggaaggcc    111900
     agcctgtccc cacaggaact gccaaacaga cccggcaccc tgggcagccc aattcacaac    111960
     tacacaaatc cccaaactcc agtgattgca gaggaggaac caggaggaac ccccagcagg    112020
     agaggataaa cgtcatattc acctcaaagc ccggtgacat ttgagtggga ctgtttccct    112080
     ataacaacaa caacaacaga tcctctgcgt tcaccctgga aacactcagt ctaacaaatg    112140
     aactgattat gtcattgtga caaagttgtt attggaagga agatgagatt tcttttgaaa    112200
     tatgacagag gattcagagt ggaacaatct aagtccaggg agcttcctta agccctcttt    112260
     ttgaggttcc tcccctacgc ccatcctgag gggtacagcc tccaccctgc tggttccctg    112320
     ctttcgacag ataatgtagg gttagggtac ttgtaatgga tggtgataga gtatccttta    112380
     tcagaaggga tgctggctcg gggctggaga gcagccctca caccttcacc cagaacccca    112440
     cagtgaagga tgtaagatca tcactagctg aggttttctc ccaaggggtt tggtctggat    112500
     tctgtatcca tctaccaccc ctttactaag gccctgctta caggcaactg cttcccaaat    112560
     caatctcctg atctcgtcct tccttggaac cactgcgtgg tgactggaga ctgccgttgc    112620
     ttcagtggaa agttcgctct atatctcatc cctgcaggaa ctggccaggg atgggtcctg    112680
     ggacctgtgg aggcttggag caccaactga ggcaaagggc cctgggggct gcccttagat    112740
     gtccagttca aatggagcca gacaggtaca gcattcctgg cccaggtctg ggtgactatg    112800
     cttggcacta gggaggcctt cagcgctgga aggcagctct cccttaacac agtggaaagc    112860
     tgtaaggcaa actgcctctc ttgcctcaac aggaaaccta cattggtgct gagtttcccg    112920
     atgagcaaac aaggctaaga actgggagaa caatgggaaa gaggtcagac ccagccactg    112980
     gagactcaga atcaccctga aaatccctgc atctggttgt agggcaatgc cacacagctc    113040
     ccagggtaca atctaaaacc tttaccaaag gggcatggac ccaggaccac acatcttccc    113100
     cagggtcatg gtgggattcc aggtcccagg accttacaac atctggcaac ccctttgtgt    113160
     cttcaagtgc tggatgagcc agaagcaaaa taggagcaga agcagaaacc atgcagtcac    113220
     acgtgcctac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acgtgtgtgt    113280
     gtataagaag acatgataca aaatgggcac aagcacacgc atgttcacac ctgcaggcac    113340
     agacacacag gtatattcac agatgcatgc tcatgccatt gtagctgaac cagaagttgc    113400
     tgattgctgg cgcctctggg acagcctcgt ggacacagtc atctcttaga cctcagggag    113460
     cagggaacac aatcttacct tggtccagta ccataggatc actttgcctg attctaccca    113520
     agtatgaaca gcagcaaaaa ccaagctctt ctctaccagg acttacagag aagctgccag    113580
     gtctctggcg aaacctgagg gttgggtctg atgatgaacc ctctcttcaa gaaagtgtga    113640
     acctttgttc tctgagctct gtagaagccc cagtgtgacg tacacagtgc actgacttgt    113700
     tcaagcccag cccaatcctc aggctgatga ctgggaccct cccttcccca tccccttttt    113760
     cctttgtatt actggaagca ttagaaagtc ctgctagagt tgtcatgtta ctggggaagg    113820
     gagagagtgt cccatcttgg gcttattaat gtctcaacag taaaagaact taaaaatgga    113880
     ttcaagcgct taaggataat tttatgatca tttaaaagga aaactccagg aaaggcaagg    113940
     tgtaactctt gtcaacttcc caaaggagag ggaaaagaga acactatgcc ttttttactc    114000
     aggcatggac gtttggccag cagtcagtca tgtggcagat aggcaaccga gtggccaaag    114060
     gacagatgct ttagagagag gatgaggaag cttgggtacc aaagggagcg tacagaggct    114120
     ccggcagcat tcggaggaga ggacaaaaga aggggaagtt aaatctttcc agcttggggt    114180
     gcaggctggc agatctaaca gaccccaatg gcggttctgc agccatttca ttaatagcag    114240
     gaattctggg aaggaaaagt aaattatttc attaaaggga tagatattct tctcatctcc    114300
     ttagcacagc ttcaggtgaa tctgccttcc agaggggtgt tcccttagct aggcagctta    114360
     cctgcccaac aggattgact gttagaagag acatggcatg tccccctgca gagaaagctg    114420
     tgttctttag tctaggaggc accggttttc ccttcccata cagctaggga ttgtgtgtga    114480
     gtgtttgttt gtttgcttgc ttttgaacag agagaaacta gaagagtcag gcatgagtga    114540
     gaagccataa ccggtttctc acatgcttgc ctccaagatc acagtttagt catctccttg    114600
     agggctgaga ctctcaggac ccaggaggcc ctggtgtctg catcatgtct gtgatatgtg    114660
     tacctatgtg catctgtgtc tctgtccaca gtctttccac gtgtgcttga gagcctatgc    114720
     atgtgtgcag cctccaggac gcagagtcat tgtgcggata tgactgagca agctagatcc    114780
     ccccatcccc cagtgtgtag gacaccggct ggagacagag ctgcataaag gacctgactc    114840
     actagaggct cagggaaatg gccaattgga tgttctccct cccacctaca gctgaccttg    114900
     actccatttc aatcacgaga atatgccatc aacactaaac ctagccttga ggtggatttt    114960
     ctcctgcgtc tgctatggtc cgggagaatt tacagaccag agcctgagtg ccttcaagtg    115020
     gccatttcaa agccatcaaa ggagactcat ctagcctgca agaacaagat tggccgggca    115080
     gggaatgcta tccggcagga gcccggctgg atggctagat gcagctcctg catgccaatg    115140
     cctggaacaa ggcttcctac tggtgcagtt agcatccagg tcaatgacag agcccagcag    115200
     cagcaacgtg gagaataata gacctctgac tctgatgagg acgcagctca gcctgcctgg    115260
     tgggtgcagc atccaccttc caacagaata gagacaagga accgcccttc ctcctctcct    115320
     ccttatcccc ctctctcttc cccctccccc tcctccttcc cttctccctt ctcttcccct    115380
     catccccctc ccctttcctt cctctatctc tcacgtgctt gtctgagaca ggcgtgagga    115440
     aggcaggggt ttactctgaa tccgactgga atgaaacaaa tctcatttca cgtacacctt    115500
     gaacgtgcca gacaaggcat cccagtgggg gtgactgaca gctcaggaca ttcaacagaa    115560
     tgtggatcag ggcgccaagg gcctgtagaa ggatttgtcc ggagaatagg ttctgcaggg    115620
     acatttctga ggggataaag ttccagttgt caggtagaag gtgtccagag gagccaggct    115680
     tgggatgtgg gtgtcaatgg agacatgttt gaggagattc atataactgg agtaaactca    115740
     cctctcttca cacagtgtgc acaactatag gggtgttgcc ttcagagcct atggaaccag    115800
     gcaatgccca gcttggccat gaaagggttc ttgcctctgc caagcataac ccatccttgg    115860
     ggctgtttta aactactttg aatgtgaagt aaaagagcct aggggatggt ttctcttcag    115920
     attgcctacg ggtagagcag gtcctcagcc atgcatgcca ccagcccatt ggccatcctg    115980
     gaactggaag ccatggacag aagacactgg tagatgttgt tctcctgcct gtaggtggga    116040
     tcttgcttct cactctcaag cacgtgtttt gatatctcct cttgctcctt caagctcttc    116100
     ctatacactg ggcactggtg tgagaacaca gtcaatggtc atgttggtcc ccatttttct    116160
     caaatggact gtgacatgac cggtacccag tgtgcattac atggccataa gcctgagtct    116220
     ttcaggcagg agacaacgag ctgggacaat gctctatcat ggacagggta gacacagcct    116280
     actgtttatt aacatgttgc ttgtggttag tttgggctgt ggtggccaag ctgagcagtt    116340
     gtgacagaga ccatctggcc cacaaagcaa agtcactctc tttctgaccc tttactgaag    116400
     acatctgtgg actcctgctc taggatgtca gaggatggag agggcggacc tcactcagag    116460
     caggattgaa atggtcccca ctgccaggtt agagctcatg atgacctgcc tcttcttaac    116520
     tcaggcttct ttgctttgtg agcacaatgg cagggcccac aatggtcact gtaggggctt    116580
     ctcgctgcca gacaggaccc agtgctgggc actgtacagg agccatactg tgtgcttgca    116640
     aagccaggac tccacaaccc cagcaccatg gcagagccgg tgcaaagtca gtgtgctgca    116700
     gtccacctga gggccgggac ctcctttcag gtgacacccc acatggcctc acttccagtc    116760
     acagtgttca tccctctcta cccgcacctg ttcctaatgt gggagccagt cctgactcct    116820
     gctccaggtt gtgcctacca tgtaggcagg gcaccctaaa tatgcacaca gctgtgccag    116880
     tttcctgttt cacaggccaa agctcctgcc ctgtcaaccc ctcctggccc gaaagatcgc    116940
     agcccataga caagtgtcaa gctctctgaa aacaggctca cccttcacaa tgtcttgaac    117000
     tcatctctgc ctcccaccaa ggctcccccc tctcactgcc cggctcctcc gacttctgca    117060
     agtaggacac cttgcaagca tgaggtattt gataagtgac cttacctaaa ggagcttggg    117120
     acatgcaata ccttacacgg tgccagagga tggagcatgg agggatattt aactagcccc    117180
     aggggagaga tggacaggca catatgttat ggaatttcca gaaagagcca ggttgaccac    117240
     ctcaagtctt gcagcctgca atacagccta cccccagctg agaacagtaa ccagaaatcg    117300
     cctgacagct ggagtcagtc attgctaaaa tgaccaaggt tccttctgct gtctatggca    117360
     gaagatcaag gctggcaagc taatctgaga ctgtgggaga gctgtgagcc cgggggaggg    117420
     ggagactcct caagcccctg gctctcaaga cccagaaggt tgactcatgg ctggcagtgg    117480
     gtgggtaagc cctatactgt tctccccgct gccctagaag cagatagggc ggaagctata    117540
     gcatgccagg tccgccctgt cttcagaggg tggatccgcc cttctgctgt ctgtgacgtc    117600
     aaagctcact agggatcctg atgggaaagg ccagggcagg acagctgaag gtgatctgtg    117660
     ccaccctctc ctgcatgggg atttggggga cggcagccac agagtgagac tggaaggaat    117720
     tcagggtcac ttaataagat caattttggt tttcctttct ctcttccacg cccccccccc    117780
     aacctcctcc cctatctaga gagaaaatca aggagcttat acccagggct ctctgattcc    117840
     cactctggag agtgtgaatt tgcacgctgt gccattcata aaacaaaaaa agcctctttg    117900
     ttattgaaaa agaaaaagct ccaagtggga gtaaaggaca aatgaatgtg ggactaatga    117960
     ggtaatggga cttggtgggg cttgcagact gggaggagca gagccgctta acagaagtaa    118020
     gtgctttgct ccacctccaa agccccttcc cactgggtag catttgggcc acagtttaca    118080
     gtttagtctc ctcatcttcc agcctcagga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat gtgtggtgtg    118140
     tatatgtatg tgtggtgtgt gtgtgtgtga tgtttacgtg tgtgtggtat atgtgtgtgt    118200
     gtggtgtgta tgtgtgtctg tgtgtgtgtg atgtatattt gtgtgtggtg tatgtgtgtg    118260
     tggtgtgtat tgtgtgtggt gtgtatgtgt gtgtggtgtg tatgtgtgtg tggtgtgtat    118320
     gtgtgtgtgg tgtgtgtgta tgtgcatgtg ctcacactag tatgcggatg tgaatgttca    118380
     catacatgtg catgtgtgtg cctgtttgtg tgtatgtgtc tgtgtgtgtg gtgtgtgtac    118440
     ttgtgtgtat atgtatgtgt atgtggtata tgtgtattgt atgtgtggtg tgtgtgtgta    118500
     tgtggtatgt gtatgtgcgc atgctagtgt atgcatgtga atattcacat atgtatgcat    118560
     gtgtgtgcct gtatatatgt gtgtgcctgt ttgtgtgtat gtgtctatgt gtgtggtgtg    118620
     tgttggtgtg tgtacttgtg tgtatatgta tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg caggttgtgt    118680
     atgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt ggtgtatggc atatgtgtgt atggtatgta tgtgttgtat    118740
     atatatgtgg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgag tgtgtggagt gtgtgtgtgt    118800
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtaggttaat ggttgatgtc agatgacttc ctctatcact    118860
     gttcacattg gttttttgac atggcctctc cctgactcta cagcttacca actggccaga    118920
     tggatggcca gccagtctcc gccagcctcc ccagtgttag gattacaggc ttacatctct    118980
     gtgcctgaat ttttaaatga gggtttaaag agcaagtgct ttcctggaca atctgtctct    119040
     ctggccctct gctgccattt cagagctttt acttctgccc gccttcagat gtcccacagt    119100
     cctacccagc agaaagctgg ctcaaggcag tgtcccctac ccagaggtga ggctcagagc    119160
     ctggtcatcc aggaagaggc cagagcctgg atttgtacaa gctatgagtc ctctgtccca    119220
     cctaaggctc tgtggtaggg actggaagac ctctaccaga gtcttccctc acactttaaa    119280
     tccttttcct gtgggtgaag acacgccctt ctgtgttcac tgtaatcaga tttattgagc    119340
     agggacacag cactaatccc attgagactc cgatgttgaa aagccagatg tccacgggga    119400
     agtgcagtgg ccagctttgg cagtaggtgg taattacaaa ttgggaggaa caggcaggat    119460
     attcgctgca ctacccacac aattacatgg caagaaagca cacagcaaat tgtagggctg    119520
     gagattccgc tgtaatgggt gtcctgtact gcccatacac aacgtacact ctgagatgca    119580
     tgtgtatcct gcttacaacc actgagcccc agcaaccaac tttgtcccag gcttgcaaag    119640
     ccttgctccc aagcccagct gagggctttt catgatcact ggaaatatga agctaatgtc    119700
     catgagtccc aggctttctt ggcatggaac agagagcttt cttggatggc tcagcctctg    119760
     tcaagggctc caaatacact gtgctgagca tttggccgga tgtttaatcc ttcagtgtca    119820
     aattaacgcc ctgaagctta ggaaaatgca aacaaaaggc gtatcggcaa acctgaatga    119880
     attgccttgg gtttttgaag tagagacaca acagatgcat tttagcaagt gggagttact    119940
     ggtcaggaca ctcttactca tgagaagaaa ggctactgtc ctagcctggt gtggacacag    120000
     tcatggaatc cgtccagcca agcactgcct ttctgactgc agtacaaagt gagccttggg    120060
     tacaagctgg ggctctttcc tgctctacta ctgttgggta cagaggtgag atgtgggcct    120120
     ggcagtaccc agcccaccca ctctccactg tactgccact caaactgctg gggattttga    120180
     agtcacttgc tgctgctcag cagatgttcc acagatttga acattctaat agtcgttttg    120240
     gctgacatat atttgagggc gtggcagaca gacttcagtc ctccctgccc tgaagactta    120300
     ctctcctacc cagatggttt ggggctaatt ttgagagagg ctagaaacat tgaagcatct    120360
     tgtcacctgt ttctgccctc cacccagtaa aaagaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag ccccatacca    120420
     gctgtgctga gggttctgga ccaaggccag gccctgcacc caccctgttg tactaagctt    120480
     tctccaggga cttagaacct ggcacaagtg gacaagagca gagctgttga gaaggccatt    120540
     tctgtaattc gattgaggcc tccaggctga gtctgtggtc tcctgacact caagctggtg    120600
     ccaggcctac tgcacagcca ggcactggca ggatgtggat gttcgtggtt ttctgttgcc    120660
     aatttctcaa ccatacggca gcctctgcac ctctggacag caggaaggaa gagtctggct    120720
     ctcacattga aagtggccag gacacagagg tggggggtcg gatgtgccat ctcctgggag    120780
     aagaaggcta caaggggtcc tgcctacact ctggtcacag ccctcttggt atagctagct    120840
     gtctgtggtg ctgtctttcc atctgggact tgagaaccac ccagcaaatc tgctgtttgg    120900
     actctgtctg aggtccaggc tcttccaata atcccaaacc agaaaagaag gacagggacc    120960
     cacagcggag tgaggtcaaa ttaaggaagt gaacagaagc tgtcccaaga gatgcctcct    121020
     ggaagcgaag gggcgctttc atacgctcac tcatgaaagc aagagcctac atatacttca    121080
     tctggctgga gtccggttcc tacctgacag gttttcttca gagcccttct gagcagcctc    121140
     gagcttgtca agggtttggg ccactctcag atccctggca agtgtgacag agatccaaat    121200
     ggagacagga gcaacatgac atcctagacc tgcctcccat tggacattcc agaagaagtt    121260
     gagccaacat tttttcatat acctttagtt ccctcctcct tattgaatag aaccccggtc    121320
     tcggacatcc tgtggggtct ttcagatgat ggtctctttg tcttttccac agtcctgtcc    121380
     tgaggataat gcaatgcagt cactctcctg tgaaattctg gaccatgtca ctttaagaga    121440
     accccccacc ccgttgtgtt ctggtgagat gagaatagac ccaccaaata cagttttctt    121500
     ttgtccctaa catccccaca tctgggaaaa actggtggct ttggtgtgac atggagggct    121560
     cttgttcaca cctgggcatc tactgcaggg cactagacat agagttggtg tggtgggact    121620
     gttatttcag gtcaaaaggg gcacctgaag cgtgcactgc cagcccctgt acaggttgat    121680
     caggttttgt tcagagccaa gctgggcctt agaggaactt ggggagccac acacaccttg    121740
     cttcccttta gtcccttgga tatattctcc ataaactgtt atctcagggt gcccagtatc    121800
     aactagtgcc ccaggatcag atgcgtgggg actggccagc tagctgcctg cctcggtggt    121860
     agccattcca gttcattctg gttttgttat ttcaaacaag gctgcactgg aaacctttga    121920
     tatcaggtgt ttctgtagtg cattatgcta tcattcgtgg tcccagcaga agtggagaag    121980
     ggtggagaaa atgtgaggac acaggctagc ccagcagggg attgcctcct gtaagggtgg    122040
     caaacgagcc ccagccagtc aagcaggttc ctgtgccctc acattttctg cccaggctgg    122100
     tccataaggt cacataggga cttcgcctac ttcaccctgc tgggtttctt tgttttggtt    122160
     tggttttttt gtttttgttt ttgtttggtt ttttgttttg ttttgttttt cagctcttag    122220
     gcattgcagc ctcttcagct ccttctcatt ctttgtgggc tgctggctgg agtgagtaag    122280
     ttcagatttt tatctaaaca atgggcaggg agaagcccca gtattgttct gcaggagaaa    122340
     tgcacgtgag ggtcagagct tcagtgcagg gatctgagac taaggccacc tcttggtgac    122400
     ttggggtggg tggggagagt atactccact gtcacatgta cccacatctg ttgacacaca    122460
     ggctatatac atctccccca tacaccatcc gtgtacaagc ttgaacctac catctcttac    122520
     cactgtattt tttctaatca aacccttcaa tctgcccccc ttcttatcca caaaaaaata    122580
     tagtcttatg gagggcagca gctaaactag ccctgtttct cacaggtgcc atcccagctt    122640
     cctgacaaga actctcggct tgcttctttt gcccatcctg atggtaatcc tgggtgctac    122700
     tgaaggcacc caatgatggg gacacctttg gtcactctaa gattccctgg ttgttgggtt    122760
     ttttaagatt aatttatttc tattatgtat atgactgcac tgtagctgta cagatggttg    122820
     tgagccttcg tgtggttgtt aggaatttga attttggact tgtgctctct ttggtcagcc    122880
     ccgctcgctc cggtcagccc ggctctgctc agttcctgct cactccagcc caaagattta    122940
     cttattatta taaataagta cactgtagct atcttcagcc gcaccagaag agggcgtcag    123000
     atctcattac aagtagttgt gagccaccat gtggtttctg agatttgaac tcaggacctt    123060
     cagaagagca gtcatcgctc ttaccagctg agccatctca gcagccccta aagttccttg    123120
     ttgagatatg gagtctctct gggacctgct tgaggtcaca gatacccaag gatataggat    123180
     tcctatctgt ctacacccta acctccagcc cctagtccac cccattcatt ctgctccttt    123240
     ctggagagcc ttccttgtgc atgacaattt ccagcactga gaggaccaat agtagtcagg    123300
     gtggaacaca aggcaagaac tccaaaggct ggcatgctct tggggtccac tgtcctcccc    123360
     agcgccccaa tccagctttg taaacatgat caataagctg gtggcccaca gtagcctgac    123420
     acctaactgt tcttgggtcc tgtctcatcc atgggagttg gtgcatatgt ctaaaacaga    123480
     aggagaaaaa acaaagagat accaggagag acagacacac agaaggggag gcagaggcag    123540
     agacactgtg tggtatgtgc tgtccttcgc taagatcagc aatgctgagt ctggtttctc    123600
     tccccaggat gtatgcatcc taactgtgta agaggttccc tccacaggtt attatcagcg    123660
     ctgccccctc tgacttccct gttcttggtc atgtccctcc ctccccattg ctcagggtca    123720
     cagatcatgg tgatctgggg tcatctgcct gcatgttccc ccaggacacc ggggcctggt    123780
     ttggaaaggc acattaaaga tgctgtggat gcttccagcc gtgtaggata gcattgatgc    123840
     atcctgctgt gaactcagca cgatcctcaa gttgacagag gtgacagatg tttctcaggc    123900
     tatcctgtgt ggccagggct gccgtgcccg tgcgagttgg aagcagacag ctggaaggct    123960
     gaggccacac cttgtgaggg tcagaaaagg cctgcgcctg ggaacctcgg gtttaggagc    124020
     aatgactggc cactgagggt ctggaactag ctgcctcatc ttgctgctgc tttgctccag    124080
     ctctggccag tcctagaggt agctgtctgc cgcctgtgtt catcgaggtg tggtatttta    124140
     aatgttttga cattttaaat ccgtgttgga tacatccagt gtgtttaatt ccactgtgac    124200
     tcaccaggaa tcaaattagt gtatctcctg ggatggggca cagctgggct cacagcagac    124260
     agaggacttc ttgcttgccc tccatgggct tccaatggag tgagtaagca cacaggagga    124320
     aaaactgtgg ctcctgaccc cctagggaaa gatggaacag gccctctatt ctcaaggtca    124380
     gaggagatgt ggcttgggga gggcataaag aacccaagag ggagatggtg ctgaccttct    124440
     ctggagaggt gtgtaccttg cctgttgagc agagatttgt gcaaatggca tcttgaactg    124500
     cctctttccc aggccctccc aggggtggtc tgtggatacc tgggagtgga gaaaggcctt    124560
     cacaggtgct tcaactaagt ctgaaagagg cttgggaagt ccaagccaac tccagcaccc    124620
     tgagtttcca cgcccctcac tcccagcatc tggtcacagc tctccttgca taagtcagga    124680
     gctttgtgtt ggccatattc tccatgtgct tcaactagga catgcgcaca tttgtgtgat    124740
     ttttttttta atgctccaag aagcctcctg aaggcaaggg tcagctggac gttacattgc    124800
     tgaaaaagcc gggctgaact catacaggcc aggaaacaaa tccatgtccc tccatttctg    124860
     agttatgaag agaacctcag agattccgtt ttcccaaatg cagagtggaa cacagttgga    124920
     gttatcacag agaaaggagc ttcaggtgag gaaatgcctc catgagatcc agctgcaagg    124980
     cattttctca attagtgatc aagggaggaa ggcccattgt aggtgatacc atccctgggc    125040
     tggtagtctt gggttctata agagagcagg ctgagcaagc cagggaagca agccagtaag    125100
     taacatccct ccatgacctc tgcatcagct cctgcttgag ttccagtccc aacttccttg    125160
     gtgatgaaca gcagtgtgga agtgtaactt cccacaactc cccaacttgc ttcttggtca    125220
     tgatgtttgt gcaggaatag aaaccctgac taagacagtg agtggggcta gcggtcccca    125280
     gagcttgcta gccatcccca gagctcgcta actgtcccca gaggtctgag agacaccacg    125340
     tgggtgggag gttgtttgaa ggcctcagtg tgaactgttt gcatgcagag tgggagctaa    125400
     ggactcagtc tcactggaca gaccatgctg agatctggag tcctggacat gatattctca    125460
     gacccaggac tcagagcctg gccctttgtc agaacaccta aggtctttcc cagccccagg    125520
     tagcagaggc tatgctgatc tctttgaagc ccgttggaat ggagaggagt ggagtgcagg    125580
     ttgaaagctg aacctgggga ggagctcgag gggagggccg ggtctggtgg gcaggtcaga    125640
     tagcctctgg ccctcctaac ttgtcaagta cctcccaact ccagctctga gcacaaaggg    125700
     tgatagtccc tcacctgggg tctggggggt aagcatctgt gtctgacagt cacctcttgc    125760
     tctctgcagg ttaacacctt catgtccttc ctgtttccca tgctgatcat ctccatccta    125820
     aacactgtga tagccaacaa actgaccgtc atggtgcacc aggctgccga gcagggccgt    125880
     ggtgtgtgca ccgtgggcac ccacaacagt ttagagcaca gcacgttcaa catgtccatc    125940
     gagccaggcc gtgtccaggc cctgcgccat ggagtcctcg tcttacgtac gtaaccatag    126000
     acccaggggg gaacagacag tgctgtgggg gctcaaccca gagccgagtg taaagacata    126060
     ggatggaatg tgggtccaag ttcagcatcg ttgctctgtc ctctttgtga cggcttcaca    126120
     tcctcactta accaaccaga ggccggaagc caactctaag cttgaagcct tactaacata    126180
     cataggtaag ctttcttgta aatcaagaat ctgtcaggga agcaagtata ccccaggcac    126240
     aagcataaat gaagtcacat gaccagtcct ggcagctggg gacctccatg gaggtaacat    126300
     ctagctatga aggactagaa ggtcctggta acagacctgc aggcagaagt ccaaacaaac    126360
     ctgccaagca gatgcctggt ggttagacag ttcgcagcaa caatgctaag tagaggggta    126420
     gacctgaatc ctgcagctga cgcaaccttg ggaatcattc atcagggatg gtggatagga    126480
     aagacccagg acagcagtct ttttatcctc cagatccatg tcttgctttt tattttcctg    126540
     tggctatggc tccttcctgg tcctgcccct ttcaggtttg cttcccagca gctctagata    126600
     caatctcaag gacaaaccat gtgacagtaa gaagtccccc agaccaggcc ctagagccca    126660
     gagtggctgg cacaagacct gagtggatct aggtggcctt cctcacagat gtcctcgtct    126720
     atacccaaag gtagcaactg tgataagcgt tcattctcaa acacctcctc ccaaggacat    126780
     tgctggaccc cagagcagcc acctcatgtc cccccactaa cttagtgttt ctcagagtaa    126840
     ctggaagagt gagtggtgag tcctgtcctg gttccaggag gaggctgagg ctgaaggtag    126900
     agaggcgcac ccaagacctc aagcagaggt gtgtctgggg atatcagtgg tcagtaccac    126960
     ctgctaggac atatctgatt aagggcacct gtcaactgca tttttcatct tgccatgaaa    127020
     ggcccaggcc caccctccct actgagttgt cttatagcct tttgtagacc ctacctagct    127080
     atgtcagtaa caagaaagag acagagacag agacacagag agacagacaa gagagaaaca    127140
     gagaaagaca gagacaaaga gacagagaga cagaaaatga gctgaccctt tctgtcctgt    127200
     gcaaagaaca ttacctagga aggatggcct ggttggcatt ctttgtgctg ggtctagtca    127260
     ctgttggctc aaatagtgca gtgtgctcag ctctcctatg tcagcccagg ctgaggatac    127320
     tgtgacagtg ctttggggga cttagagaca gccactgggt gcctccttag agacccaaga    127380
     tagcatagat cctcttctag caaatttgat tgtgatgaaa actgaaggcc tcaggggttc    127440
     atattacaca aaagaggaaa ctgaggctgg caagctgaag gcgagaacca gcaccttgga    127500
     attgtccttg tagtgactgc cttagtaaaa accccaaatt caggcttcct ggtaactgct    127560
     aaccttcaag gttgtcccaa ctaggtgaac ttggcatagc ctgacagaaa aactggttct    127620
     ccaccaagtc tctgcaaggc agggttgcag tgtaggcggg ccagacagaa gactatgtaa    127680
     acatgctcat agctgtccag cagaactgtt ttggggtacc cgtcaaccct cttggctgag    127740
     aaacccaaag ggaccccaaa gattccctct ctgcaagtgc tagaatctct tacctattta    127800
     atacttgaat ggtactccac tgtacagtgc tcacccatcc aagttcctgt tgtgtgcatg    127860
     aatcccatga ccacagacta gtagggcagt agatccacct gtctgatcac aggctcccag    127920
     gtctcttcca cctctgtgat tggctgggaa agatactatt gagaaatgga gtgcacgtat    127980
     tcttttcaat ttctgttttt aattcttcca ggttgatccc aggaaagggg gtgatgaatc    128040
     acgtgatgcc tttttttttt tcttttgaat tgctgtttgt cacaatggct gcagcatgca    128100
     acattgttgc atttgttgtt aggttgtttt gtgtgtgttt gcttaagtgt gtggaggcca    128160
     gaggtcaaca gcaggtgtct tcctctctca ctcttcactt tctcttttga gatgtgtctc    128220
     tcaccgaacc tggaactgat tgattcagtt gtgatccatt gcctgtgagc tctaggcatc    128280
     tgtaagcctc ggcctcggcc tgcagtctcc tagcactggg ttacagacac acgctgtcca    128340
     ccaggtgctt tgttggttgt tactattttt tgttttacta caaaagaaaa gaaaacagcc    128400
     catgacctca ggatgccatc tttgtctccc gtgactcagg atgtcacctt tgtcttccat    128460
     ggctctctcc tgtttctgag ggcaatgacc tcaggatgcc acctttgtct tccatggctc    128520
     aggatgccac ctttgtctcc cgtggctctc tccatgtttc tgaggcagtg actgtcttgc    128580
     aggtgctgtg gtaatcgcct ttgtggtctg ctggctgccc taccacgtgc ggcgcctcat    128640
     gttctgctat atctcagatg aacagtggac tacgtgagta tttgaactct agcagacagg    128700
     gacagacagg gctaccatga gccccacaat ccacaagcct gtctggaacg aggggcaagc    128760
     tgatctgagc ctgtggctcc aggggggatg attatagaca agaggtcaaa gcagacagca    128820
     gacactcaaa gtcattcctg agacatttat gtcagagctg aaggttcttt tggtcatagc    128880
     tactccaggc cagactggag ggctcaacag agtcacagga agagctgtga tttgtcacac    128940
     aaagggaaaa gacatagaga caagctcaac ctccagctgc aagccacttg tgaaggttgt    129000
     caactgggca aattgtagga gactcagtgt ccaggttctt gaagagactg gtcacagagc    129060
     cccttctgct aagcatgact caggctccca ggcagaaagt acgcaatcat aatgaacctt    129120
     gtttgcacaa atgagtcagc tgacggtgag agcagtcctg agtgccaccc agccagtgaa    129180
     cctactgtga gccatttctg tagcagagca gggctcccta gcatgtgaga aacatcacca    129240
     tcagactaat aggcaccaac ggacaagaca tagctgctgc tcacatgaag atactaaaga    129300
     gcagagaagc agccctaagt gaaggtttgg gaaggtcagg gttgcctgga gatgggagtt    129360
     aagatcatca tgaatagatg tagcacgcac agatatcagg agccttagtg gttcctgtcc    129420
     ttgtgtggtt tgggattagt gggccctgaa gccttaagac actgagaaca ggattctatg    129480
     tagacaatca agatgggctg ctgagagaga gagggcatgc ccaactgggg ctgtggtcaa    129540
     agccagatcc tctagatatc ctatgaaaaa ggcattaagg atgctttggt aaccccaagc    129600
     tgccacactg cgcatgcctg gcccgtgagc atgcctggtg agagccacag gagtctaaac    129660
     atcctctcct cccccaacag gttcctcttc gacttctacc actatttcta tatgctgacc    129720
     aacgctctct tctacgtcag ctcagccatc aatcccatcc tttacaacct cgtctccgcc    129780
     aacttccgcc aggtcttcct gtccacactg gcttgcctct gtcctgggtg gcgccgccgc    129840
     cgaaagaaga ggccaacgtt ctccaggaag ccaaacagca tgtccagcaa ccatgcgttt    129900
     tccaccagcg ccacccggga aaccctgtac taggccatga ggaggtagcc tgtgcacagg    129960
     gcagcaactc ccccaacccc ccacccccac cccaaagcct cccaaggtta agtagtggcc    130020
     catctaagcc atgccggtga ggctggggca ccctcagcgg aggcttcttt cttcccagtt    130080
     tctctttctt cccttcctct ggttctcccc tccctagtcc tttattcttg ccccttatcc    130140
     ctctcctacc tccaccttta aaaacagaaa agaggcggtt tctctcctgg ccctacaaaa    130200
     ggcctttaac aagaagaaat tagcactcac caaggacggt ctcctttgtt cccagactaa    130260
     tggatgtttt agaagcaaga aatgaaagca ccacattggg cctggacaga tgagctgttg    130320
     taaccataac agcaccttgg aactgcactg gcagggcgag acagtgtctg atgttggact    130380
     tgggttcaga gacacaggct ccatctcagc ccctttatgc ctctactcct gccctggtcc    130440
     agcagatacc atagcactct ctgagcctta tgtccagacc ctttcttggc aggctggtac    130500
     actgcccttc ccagagtggt ccagagaagc cccaaaatta ctgtgtaagg tccagggccc    130560
     acagctggaa gctgtgggaa tccatgccac acctggatgg ctatggccca ctaaagagac    130620
     cccaattccc acatgcccag gaaggataaa agggctggcc tggaatcaac acaggacaag    130680
     cttcaagtgg ctttgcacgg ggaccttcac ctcttggatc tgcagaagga tggaagataa    130740
     gtggggtcca gcctccccag tccaggtggc tttgctgggg acatgcatgg ttctgcgtct    130800
     catatacaga tgtatagact aaggtctgac agcagctggc ttcaggctgg gacttctgag    130860
     aaggggcact gagccaggtc ctcagcaaga tgccagtgtc tgagactcca caggtaaggg    130920
     gaggccaagc accccagcat ctagctggcc agcagccctg gactgaggca tatgtcaatt    130980
     tgttaaccag ccgccaagca gccaccctgg cccaggttct aggcgcctgg aaaagcaggc    131040
     acccttcatc tctgggagct gtctccaaac aagacaggcc cattcagcct ccagccaaca    131100
     agctggctgg gcacttggag acagtcccag gatgccatgc accaacaagg tagaagtagc    131160
     aggagagtca agtgtagcct tttgcaaaag agccttagct ctgttgtctg ggagagagat    131220
     ggctggacat gcagctgctc tgtaaggatg aaattgccac gggacatggg aggctcagtc    131280
     acagcccagg ctagcctctg ctccctctga actataaaac aatgggtgaa aagtcagggt    131340
     atctgtggtc acccagagaa atggggaggg tgttcaagta cttgaacccc acaaaacact    131400
     gctactagta atgtgattcc tcaggccatc aagggcagga cctgggtgag tccggatcaa    131460
     ggctgacacc aggaagatgt gatcacccaa gagggaagcc cctcctccta agaaatgtct    131520
     gcatgggagc ccctcacagc caccttgccc agtgagtggg tcaaaggcta gcggttggtc    131580
     atgaggattt tgacttagac tcaagccagg cagcccagcc ccaggactct accctgggtt    131640
     tctagacctt aagccattct tctgagcctt gatttcctca tctcggcgga ccgggactgt    131700
     cttgaaggac tcagcctgga gtacacagaa gtgggacacc tgaggctggg tagagccaat    131760
     gccctcttac atgattcctc agaaatgtgg tggcctcatt ataggggtgg tccaggcagt    131820
     caccagaagt ctctgctgta gtctatagca tcttgtctgt gtgcttggtg taattaggga    131880
     catacatcca tgcaccacca gacacacctg tgaccctggc tgggtatcct atgctctggg    131940
     ccaagtgaag atgaaaatag ttctggaggc tgtcctgagc atcctggcta gagtctcatg    132000
     agcccagtcg tgatgtggaa acaagtcgtg tgccccaaat atctgtcaga atgccaccca    132060
     ccctccacac ttcaataaaa gaacaccctc ctcatatgtc tcaataaaga ataaaggaag    132120
     ctgtgtatat cgagtttggg cctttatatt atgcatccat ttacacatct gttcattcag    132180
     gcaggcacag ctggtgaaca taagccatgg tgggggtcat gtcttcttaa gactgaaggg    132240
     atcctgccct cctctttgtc ccccacacat accttggact ttctgttcac tgccatccac    132300
     cattggaata gctagacagc agcctcgtcc ggccccgctc ctgaggaggc cccgcccccg    132360
     aggaaacgga tgtgggcttc cggaagctgg aagcggaagc gggcgagcac tgtggacccg    132420
     gagtctctgg gagctgaggc taagaggcgg gcggagccgg cgatggtgga gaagtttgac    132480
     catctggagg aacacctgga gaagttcatg gagaacattc agcagctcgg catcattgtc    132540
     agcgacttcc agcccagcag ccaggcgggg ctgagccaga agctaaactt tattgttacg    132600
     ggcttacagg acatagataa atgcagacag ccaaggttca cacttgttcg cacctgctgc    132660
     cagacttcat gcctgttcac acctgctgcc aggcttcata tttgttcaca cctgctgctg    132720
     aggttcacac ttgctcacac ctgctgccag acttcacacc tgctgccagg ctttacattt    132780
     attcacacct gctgctgagg ttcacacttg ttcacacctg ctgccaggct tcacacctgt    132840
     tcacacctgc tgccaggctt tacacttgtt cacacctgct gccaggcttc acacctgttc    132900
     acacctgctg ccaggcttta cacctgttca cacctgctgc caggcttcac acttattcac    132960
     atctactgcc aggcttcaca cttgttcttg gcagacagtt gaatgatggc tgttttaaaa    133020
     ctgattaaac attaaaaaac aaaaattttg gaattttaga caatataatt ttcctcagcg    133080
     ttaagaagtt tatgtccaga atgaagaaga aggagcaatg cttccagcct tcacttaaat    133140
     gccaagtggt ccaatctgag cagggctgca ctcacggtag acaggcacca gagaggacaa    133200
     catgatgatg gtgatgatgt tgactgtgaa catttctcaa tcttgcctcc aggacagtaa    133260
     aggagactca aagccaacag ggccctttcc cacaacctca gaagctgact ccccaaccac    133320
     ctgactctct agaccctctg gcctgagcat cactagcctg cctagattct ctctctgcct    133380
     tgggattata atcggtttta agttgaggct accattgctt tgatgaaaca ctatgaccaa    133440
     aagaacttgg ggagagaagg gttcttcact cacagctcca tgtaacaatc catcaaaagc    133500
     agtgagaggg gaactcaagc agggcaggaa cctggaggca ggagctgatg cagaggccat    133560
     ggagggtgct gctgactggt ttgctcttca tagctttcac agcctgcttt cttgtagaat    133620
     ccaggacttc catcccaggg ttggccccac ccatgttgag ctgggtcctt cccatcaatc    133680
     agtaattaag aaaatggtca acaggctggc cacagccaag tcttacagag gcattttctt    133740
     agttagggtt cccttctctc agatgactac ggtttgtgtc aagttgacat aaatctagtc    133800
     aatacgttac cacacacaca agttcacctg ctcagccccc tccatcatcc tgcttgctga    133860
     ggagagagga aagttgccgt cttcacaggt ggagcagggt gggagaccag cggtctgacg    133920
     agccctgaag acagagaaga gaattgtgtc cacttgctta aacactggat gacatgggta    133980
     ggtgtgggca tacatgtgta tgtacacaca cactttaaat aaatcgaaga cccagggccc    134040
     ctggctttgg aaccacttag atgcttttag actgaggcat gcccttttgt gccttctcct    134100
     accacaggca gggacccata ctccagccct gcccaggcca ccagggcagg ggcacacatg    134160
     aagaaaggtg ctaagatggc ttccaggatt cctttctctc ctggaatctt agtggacctc    134220
     ataatctcag aagcatgtaa gtctctaagt ctgctgatcc catcctccca gccctacctt    134280
     gccctgcgga accagaaact cagacctagg aatctgtact cctaacctcc taaggactgc    134340
     tccaacagga tttcccctga agtctaagag tcaccacatc ctccccagtc tctcattcat    134400
     tcattcactc attcattgag cctgttgggc ttccttgagc tgacttcctc tcctttctga    134460
     tgaaggtgtg aggcttccgc atattacaag gaagttcttc cctcttgcag gcatggagaa    134520
     ctggatggct ggcatacagg tccaacagac accaaagaaa tgaaacacta gtaaaactcc    134580
     aggctggtca caaatgtgag actcagggac aaccagcaca tagccttgac acccactccc    134640
     ctctgaacgt acaatcttag cacagcccct ccctgctctg atcatgtgag tgtgtctctc    134700
     attttgtgcc ctggacagag aaggaggctg ccagctccgc caccattgct aggcaacagg    134760
     gcagggcttg ggagcgaatc ctacgatcta aacacatttg aaagaagaaa gaatgccaag    134820
     cttcctgtgt ctgcgaagct cccctcccca agtccccctc cccccaccac tccctgcaat    134880
     tatgatctga attcccattt ttatcaaaac accatagaaa ccacgtccag gctgagttta    134940
     caaaagaata ctgctgcgta caccagggca ggggggaact gggggggggg ggtaaggggg    135000
     aatatgggag tggggagaca gggagaggca ggggagcagg caaggagcaa ggaagaggca    135060
     ggcagagaca gagagggcag aggtgtgctg tcctaggatg gaagggactg tcagctctga    135120
     gtagagtaag aaaagcttcc cagcacaggc acacgtgcac atgcatacca cacacactaa    135180
     tacacataga tacagataca catgccagct gcacacacta ctgtgtgaga attcttactt    135240
     aaatgaaaac ttcactttcc ctagcccaga ggctcaagag ctctacagcc ccggggtcag    135300
     cactatggaa ggagccactg ggacctctat cccatggaac agcctcggtc tatgggtggc    135360
     tgaaggcatg tgatgaaggt ggcttgaggc ctgagactaa gctagggaag gaatggagca    135420
     gacagtgccg tccacttctc ttcctggcca gatgctgggg agccaagccc aagcatccac    135480
     atgagaagta acacaaacat ctgtgctttc tgcctcggcc tcctcattcc caggcaccat    135540
     cccagctgaa ggaccctcct ccttggagat ctccgtggtc tgcgtggcta agcaatagag    135600
     gcaacagttc actcttccaa atcccagcct tgccctttca cagacagcca ccgggtgtgg    135660
     cagtgcactc aggaggttcc aggccaacct tggctataga ggaaacttgg ggccaacctg    135720
     ggttacttaa gatcctgttt caaaaagaaa aaaaaaatga aaacagcagg tgggttcaga    135780
     actgtgggtg aagtgactga caagcacaga gacctgagtt tggatcccaa cacccacttt    135840
     ttgccagaag cagtgcggct tgtgtcttta aaccagctct gggtgagcag agacaggggg    135900
     atcccagcag cttgctaacc aaaatactga gctccaggtt cagtgagaga ccttgttata    135960
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatgg agattagtgt ggcagcacac acagccttta atcctagcac    136020
     tcaaggccag cctgttttcc atagacttca ggcaagctag cactacagta agaccttgag    136080
     tccaaaagaa atatatgtat atatttatac atatttatat catacataca tgtatatatc    136140
     atatgtcata catacatata tcatatgtca tacatacata tatcatatgt catacatgtg    136200
     aaagaaagat gacatttcaa gatctgtaag tcatataaag tactcagaaa ttgctggttg    136260
     tttgtgagcc tagaggctgc ctggggctga gaaaaaacaa acaaacaaac ctgggtatgc    136320
     cccgtagtta aaacactcct gggaatatct tgaccataag ataaagggga atgtgaagac    136380
     ataacagggc tatctgaact gagtcaacaa ctcacagaac tctgacaccc tgcacgtaca    136440
     tgtaattttt ctgctgatgt ttgaataagc caatagtgtg tcactatgct gaattccaca    136500
     cccctaagcc ccttacccca taaaaacccc tagctttcga gcctcgtggc cgacatctgt    136560
     tatctcctgt gtgggatgca tgtcgttcca gagctctgtc attaaacaac ctcatgtaat    136620
     tacatcaaga tggtccttcg tgattttttt ggggtgcacg ccgaaacggg aatggagtgg    136680
     gggtttcccc actaggtcct atcacatgca tatacatata ttcatgcata tatatctata    136740
     tatcatatat catacatcta tccatatatc atacatatat catacatatt atttacatgt    136800
     ggtatatgta catgatggag gactaaagag atggttcagt gattaggagc atatagttcc    136860
     cttgcagaga atctaaattc agctccccac atctatgtca ggtagttcac aatcacctgt    136920
     aacttcagct cctgaaggac ccgatgcctc tagcacagtg agcatagtca tttatgtaca    136980
     cagacccaac atatacacat aaataaaaat aataaattaa aaaaaataag gtggagacct    137040
     atcaaggaag ataatgggtg tggggattgg gggaagagtt taaaacactc tcttgtctga    137100
     ggccgaggct ttcccacaaa tccacagcct gcacaaaaga tagatgtata ctttcattgt    137160
     ctgtatgacc agatgatcac tcaccaagca ggctgtgctt cctggcttaa gggacactca    137220
     gacaggagac aaacatgttt ccaatacctc gcttgccttc taaagagctt gtgtaaggag    137280
     gaactgaatc cagacaaagt cagccccagc aaacaaccaa gctccagcag agattgctta    137340
     taagcagacc aggcagcggc tggtggcact taatagatac ttggctctat tgatcaaata    137400
     aatggaagaa aggccacttc ctttgccaat gcagcggatg gaagggctgg gcagtctaat    137460
     caataatctt ccacatgcac agcatggaag tgtgtcccta atgcaggacc agcagacagg    137520
     gagggaatca gggttccact tctgtccatg acatttccta ggacaggaga gcacagggtg    137580
     ccatgataga gatgaactca aagcctccat gacctttggg tagacgcttg tgtcttccaa    137640
     gctgtggcca cctgcacagc tctgagtaga gtggacatac ttagacatac atgtagtagt    137700
     gatctacata ctgggaactg gcagcatctg aagaaaaaaa aaaagacctt gtgcacgcat    137760
     tcctactccg cagccatgct gcagacaggg atggacagat tccccaggga attggtgggt    137820
     ctgggtgttc cagtctgggg ctgatggaca gaggagagca ggtaggagcc gagtttccta    137880
     tgctcggtag tctctcccaa agcactgcct acacctcggg actcgtgttt tatgggtcta    137940
     ctgcactctg gtcctctcag tcccctgggc ctcagggatg tcagaagttc catggctccc    138000
     agagctgctg tctcttgagg ctggacagat gccctgagct ctgcctcctg gtttcctatc    138060
     atgacctttt accagctgtc caacactgtg gttcatttgc ccccatagct cttctccaag    138120
     ctgttgattc tggggctgtc tataccaggt gcagatacca cagcagagcc tgtgccagag    138180
     taccactccc aaaatgaagc caagcaggga actcacctgg aaatacgtgg tttccacagt    138240
     agcccacaaa caactgtggg aatcagaggg aggttcaaca gcccagctcc ctcctctgtg    138300
     ccaacatcac agaggtagct gaagcccaga gccccaagtc agaggaggtt ccagctgccc    138360
     ttgttatcag agggtttctt tgtgatgtag ctgccttcag tgaccctcac tcctgttagc    138420
     gacaccagta gactcaatgt tctccaaggc agatgtggac ggagcactgt ctttagtttg    138480
     tcagttatct gatatcaaca gatgtttctg tgtcttgtgg ggcatgcagc gctccaaatc    138540
     cacactgtgg aattagttca tgtgctcatc agggtctgtg gtgagactct gcagctcccc    138600
     tttaaagttg ccagcaaaat attccacagt cttttccttc cttgctgtat agtcaccagc    138660
     agctcggagg aaaccttgaa tccccagact ggggatttcc tctcctaaca ttcatggtat    138720
     gacctgacac agcacctcaa acatggttgt cacaggtgat caagcatgtc cacccttcta    138780
     ctgctcagtg gactccagtc gtagaacctc tctccgccca cccacacgcc acggggacca    138840
     gggggactca gattgtgtgt gtcacttact tcttgaacca gaagacccac agatctgaaa    138900
     taattctctt accttcagct tttcaaccct agactctacc tggccgtccg gcaaagccca    138960
     aagccctgag gtccaggcag agctgtttcc catctctgcc cccagcgtat cctaggtgtc    139020
     cagtggagac caatgagcag acattgcaag acactttaac ctgatagggg aggaggttcc    139080
     cgagagggat gtaggctcca agcacattgt tttggaccag cagtgagctt gaccaacagt    139140
     tgctacctct gctcccgaaa atagctccac tcagccacct aactgccgtc ttcaggcccc    139200
     tcacaggcct cttctctccc cctttgactc aggagtcact agctgtgccc tctactgagg    139260
     ggtgcctggg tctgcttccc caccccagcc ttctctggct tcctagcttg ctgtgtgctt    139320
     tcttattctc tcataaaagc attcattcct tggtgaaaat gctaaatatg caggagtatt    139380
     ccacacaact gaagtcttac taaccccact cagggctaat caccactaac agatgggcga    139440
     gcatgctgcc tggcgttctc cgcagctgca gaaatatata tatatatata tatatatata    139500
     tatatatata tatatatata tatacatata tatatatata tatacacaca cacacacaca    139560
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca catatatata tctaacttgg gaacagttca    139620
     cacacatgct tgcttgccga ggttcagact gctcctgcca acagccccat ctcagtagct    139680
     cacatagcac ctccttccca atgtacaatc ataaaccctc attcagattc tgagacaaga    139740
     tggcttgctg acatctgaaa gcagagtcac ctgacttgcc tgtgtggtgg tacacacctt    139800
     tcctcctagc acttaggagg cagggtaggt gggttcctat agatctgagg gaagtctggt    139860
     ttacgtagtg agttccagga cgcataatga gactcttgtc taaaactgaa ataaaacaaa    139920
     aagcctgtgt ctcatgttat gcagagaggc ctcctgtccc cacggaatcc aagcagagaa    139980
     ccacacctct ttattaggga cacagttggg tagcaggggc tccctgtcat ggtagtttgt    140040
     tcattaagga gcaataggta gagctgggga gatagctcat ctggaggaaa actctggcta    140100
     tatatgtgtg aggacctgag ttctaatccc aggaccctca taaatctggt tgcgtctgca    140160
     acctcggtgc tcctgggtga gataggaagc aagatcctga gagactctcc tgactcgtgg    140220
     accagctacg acggcaaaca gagtggtcaa ctgctcagag ggtctggggg gccaggaagc    140280
     ttccccagca tggagaagag agtagggggt ccttcctggc agggcacttc agagccggca    140340
     aggggaggga gtgaggggag ggagggagcc aggtgccctg gtcaggggaa tctcacagct    140400
     gactgactaa caatcgggcc acctctgctg ctctactgac tagcaaacag gtgtttattt    140460
     atacaggttt cacagaacaa agacagacta atcattatgc cagatgtgcg gattatgtgc    140520
     ctgacatttc attacatgtc cagggttaca agttcagtca aaattagaaa atacaagcaa    140580
     aacagattct tattattatt attagaccta taactccaac ttaaagactc taaagactac    140640
     ctcctccaaa gcaaacgcat ttgtcatatg acagcctgct tttaggctgg caggatttgt    140700
     tgttcgaaag cactccagag aaacaggaaa tatctgcact ggtcttgtta tgagtagcaa    140760
     acactaatgc ctagattctt ttactatatg tttcactata cacactctaa agtaggagaa    140820
     gcttatttta gtccatctat ctatttactg agttttattc ctccaggggt gtaccctgta    140880
     tgacccctta tctttaaact acatttatag agatctctaa gctataataa aaagaggcct    140940
     tgaatctgta acctgttctc ctggccagcc agagtttgtc aattgtctgt ttgcccttta    141000
     tcatacgatt tgagttacct caggggcaga tactccaaga aaattcctag agtgatggcc    141060
     tcacctagct atgtgcttat cgatgctgaa tgatctccag ggcatcagga agactttcat    141120
     atgtggccag atcgtttata tttaggattt tcctaagaaa acccagacat aatttttctc    141180
     agaaaatgat ataaaatgaa tcataattca gaaagtcccc agtaattcag cacacagagt    141240
     ccaaacccca aaggctagag ctagaagcac agcaattgca gcatttggct cagctttgct    141300
     ggaactgtca tgaagctgtg ctggcttcat gattcttgcc gttcctagtg gatatggctg    141360
     taccagggaa catcaaagag gaaggtgagg accacagaac ctgaggttgc cctctgactt    141420
     ccacgtgtgt gctatggcat gtatgcacct acattcatat acaaacacat gtatatatgt    141480
     atgcacacac atcacatgta tacatgtttg cacatgcatc atgcacatat atgcgtgttc    141540
     atacaccata catatgtgta catacatcac acatacatat gtgtgcacat atacacacat    141600
     acatgcatac atgtgcacat atacacatgc atacgtgtgc atatatacac atacatgtgc    141660
     acatgcacac acatacatgt gcacatatac acacataaat gtatgcatat ataccacaca    141720
     caccaccacc accacacaaa aaggaggtga agaaggaaaa ggagggacca tcaagatggc    141780
     tttgtgggtc aaggctctta cctccaccct gacaacctga gttcaatccc taggatcagt    141840
     cccacagcct gtctcctgac ctccacaagc atcatggtac atgcatatac acacacaaat    141900
     aaatatgtaa atatgtaaag agtggacaaa taaacaaata taagctctcc agtaattacc    141960
     caataccaat cagttagctc tgagatcgta ttcatacaaa gtaacatcat acagattgaa    142020
     caagttatat ttatgtattt aagaatataa tatatacaca catatgtaac aataattttt    142080
     ttaaaagagg ctatgagtct gggggagagc tacatggatg tggttggaaa agggaagaga    142140
     aaaatgatgc aattatgttt aatttcaaaa ttattataat aaataattat tttatattaa    142200
     agaaggagga gaaagagcca aaggagaaga agacacaagt agctgtattc tcagctctga    142260
     tgaggctaag gcagaggatt gctgtgaatt tgaggccatc ctgagccaca aagcaaaatc    142320
     atatctcaaa aaaattaagt atgtgtgtgg ttcacttggc tagaatgatc acaaaccagg    142380
     cagagtgaac catgccttgg gaagtggagc aggaggatca gaggctctca gtcacctcca    142440
     gttgtacagg gaactggaga ctagcctggc tacaagatgc tcttttgagg gctggagaga    142500
     tggcacggtg gctaaaagca ctggctgatt ctgaattcaa ttcccagcaa ccacatggtg    142560
     tctcacaact atctataagg acatctgatg ccctcttctg gcacgtgggt atacatgctg    142620
     cagagtactc acacattaat tttaaataat atttttaaaa atatactctg ttcccataaa    142680
     taaataaata aataaataaa taataatgaa agaagagact ctgttcccag atgttttctt    142740
     caggaatgta gctgagtgtg gtggtgcgca cctctaatcc ccaaattcag aaggcagagg    142800
     caggcagatc tctgagttca aggccaccct ggtctgcaga gcgagttcca ggacattcac    142860
     agaaactctg cctcctctca gggagagcca gctctcccac cctctaccac ccccctctga    142920
     caaccctgga agaggaggac ttggggtcag gtggagactg tcactgcccc ataccatttt    142980
     cattacttgt gtgtggtgtt tgtttgttga gattttgttt ttttcgattg gatattttct    143040
     ttatttacat ttcaaatgtt atccccattc ccagtttccc cctcttctgg gaacccccta    143100
     tcccatcctc cctccccctg cttctatgag gatgttcctt cactcaccca cccattccca    143160
     cttccctgcc atcgattccc ctacactgag gcatctatca agccttcata ggaccaagga    143220
     cctctcttcc cattgatgcc tgacaaggcc atcctctgct acatatgtag ctggagccat    143280
     gtgtactcct tggttgatgg cttagtccct gggagttcgg tggggcgggg gtcgggggca    143340
     gtctggttgg ttgatatttt tgtccttcct atggggttgc aaaccccttc aactccttca    143400
     gtcctttctc taactcttct attggagacc ccgcactcag tacaatggtt ggctgcgagc    143460
     atccacctct gtatttgtaa ggctctggca gggcctctca ggagacagcc atttcaggct    143520
     cctctcagca tgcacttctt ggcatccgcg ttggttgaga ttttgagacg gggtttcact    143580
     ctgtaacaca ggcctgcctg gaacatgata tttggtccag acaggcctca accgcttgat    143640
     aatccttaca cttcaccaac ctgagcccta ggcttacagg agtgaatgac tgcacctagt    143700
     tcactctatt tttttaaagt tttgtttgat gataaggttt tgcagacagt gggaagtacc    143760
     tggttcccac tctcccactc agcctgtcta tttataccac aacttcctct tcctgtcatt    143820
     tgaagagtca cattaattgt tcctagagct cctgctagac atcaggccct aggggtcatg    143880
     aatgagacac cacagttcct gccccttcat ttccacagtg ccacaggcag acggtgtcct    143940
     cggaaatcaa cctccaagtc ctcacctgct cacctgagac tggggcctag tcaaaggctt    144000
     tgcagatata aagggctaag gatcttaaga tgaaatcctc atggttgggg tgggccctga    144060
     ggcacaggac agatgttctt attagaagat gagaggacac agacctcagg aaagtggtgt    144120
     gaggacaaga gagctgggct caccagtaag gatcgtggca cctgaagctg ggagacagga    144180
     agggactccc cgttcctccc ctgggttctc taaggaactg agcccaacta gcaccttgtt    144240
     aggaatggct ggcctctgaa ctttaacact atagtactgg ggggctgtag aaatgaccta    144300
     gagattaaga acacttgatg ctttttccga ggactcgggt tgggttctca gtacccacgt    144360
     ggtggttcac aaccatcttt aactccaatt cacaggatca gaacctaatg gcttcttcgc    144420
     accaggcatg cgtgtggtgt aacatacgca catgcacgca ggcaaaacat ctacatacaa    144480
     agtaaaataa atgaatcttt ttaaaaagaa gaaggaaaaa acaaagaata tactcctatt    144540
     ggtttaaggc ttctgattgg tgctgtgtca cacaacccca agaatctcaa ccacgggtca    144600
     caagctcatg aattcactgt catcagaata cacatgatcc ccattgctgc cagggcctgg    144660
     ctgtaactgc ttccggagct cacgagagcc agcacaggtc actgctgtca ttcagccgtc    144720
     ttctccaggc tgggactgtc cctctgactc ctgctccagt ttcgtggaga atgctgtctg    144780
     cctggggcct gttcgtattg gcttcatttg tcatttctga gccaacctct ctgacttcca    144840
     tgactcatga tgtccaccat cattctgtgg acactggccc tctgaccagg cttcgtctta    144900
     ggcacaggcc acatcagaca ccaacatata gtcctgtctg tgtgttctgg ggcacacctg    144960
     ggttcttcct ggtgtatcat agggtcgtct ttcccccatc tccaaagcag gttataggtg    145020
     ttggagccat gaggtacatt aagaagtgac tggtgacact ttgaacctgg tactactact    145080
     gctccacact ctcactgcag agccatagca gagctatata gcctgtggcc agcactgaca    145140
     cctgaacatc atcaatccct tggccaacag gccccaggca gacagcatat tccaggatac    145200
     tgaagcggga gttagagaga cagtcacaga ctcattctct cctacagaaa atgttagaaa    145260
     tctttcaaac tcaaggcagc tttgcccagc atcatggcac atgcctgtta tgccacagag    145320
     aaatctcagt caagaagatt gcaagtttga gaccagcctg ggcttcatga gatcctgtct    145380
     tggaatacag ccctgtttct gcctctccgt ctctgtctct gtttctgtct ttctctctct    145440
     gtctctgtgt gtatgtatga gtgtgagtgt gtgtgcatgc atgtgagtgt gtgtatgtga    145500
     gtgtgtgagt gttagtgtgt gtgcatgtgt gtgagtgtat gtgagtgtat gaatgtgtac    145560
     atgcatggga gcatgtgtat gtgagtgtgt aagtgtgagt gtatgtgcgt gtgagtgtgt    145620
     ttgagtaaat gtgaatatgt gtgagtgagt gagagtgtga gtgtgtgtga atgagtgtgt    145680
     gtgtgtatga gtaaatgtga gtgagtgtgt gtgtgagtgt gtgagtatgt gagtgtgagt    145740
     atgtatgagt aaatgtgagt gtgtgcgagt gtgtgcggga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    145800
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt gtatgagccc cctcttatgt agtccaggct ggtctaaaac    145860
     tcaggagcgt aagagacccg tctgccctgg cttcctgaat gcagagaggc caggaataca    145920
     gtaccctaag tctttttttt tttaaccttc ctttaggtta aaaagagatg aagtacttcc    145980
     agatgctcat tcagtaaaca gcctttaact cacgtgcatg gttcatacgt tttaatttgg    146040
     ggccagcaag atgtctcggc aggtagacgc acctggtggg tactgataag gtaaacaacc    146100
     taagctgcaa ttttaaaaat taaagagagg atggggctca ataacaaagg acaaaagtaa    146160
     aattgagctg gcaggattcc attggtccct ttatttttta aaatattttc tcttatcttt    146220
     ttttaacata tttaccttta ttttacatgc attagtgttt tgcttgtgtg tatgtctatg    146280
     tgaacatcag atcttggagt tacagatggt tctgggctgc catgtaggtg ctgggatttg    146340
     aaccagtgtc ccctggaaaa gcaatcagtg cccttaacca ctgagccatc tctcttgacc    146400
     atttccttat taatttaacc atttcaatta atgttttaag tctgtataca aaataatggg    146460
     tttcattttg actttttgaa aaatatgtta ttttttttat atttgtagag aggtagctgt    146520
     accatatgta tgcatgtatg cagtgcccct gaaggccaga agagggtatc agatcctctg    146580
     gagctggagt tacaggtggt tgtgagtcac ccactgtggg tgccggaagc tggactcagc    146640
     tcctctaacc ccctgagcca tcactcctgc ctccacacta taacattttt gtttgagatt    146700
     aaaaatgtgt gccaccatgc ctggctttat tattgtattt tcatgtacat ttttgatagt    146760
     atatttaatc tagccctatg tgtccaaagt gttattcctt tgacataggc ttggtataag    146820
     aaatggctat ttttctactg aatctgaaat ccaacatgca tcttatatct ccacacactc    146880
     aattttgaca tgaaatttgc attggtaata cttgatccat atttagattt tgtaaattgc    146940
     atagctgagg agataaaccc acatatgttg ttccaaacaa cggttgttta ctgaagtttt    147000
     ccaatcactg aatgaagtat gaaattttct aatttaattt tttattatta cttaggagtt    147060
     tattgatatt ggggttttgt gtatgtatgc acatatgtgt atgtgtgcac acacaccatc    147120
     ttcatgcact gcccacagac acaaggagag agtgttggat cactaggaca agggttacag    147180
     atggttgtga gttgccatat gaattctggg aatcaaatct tgctcttctc taagagcagc    147240
     cagtactctt aactgctgag ccatctcttt ttaagtttaa gttgtttaaa acaaaagctt    147300
     agttagggcc aggcagtgat ggtgcacacc tttaatctca gcactcagga ggcagaggca    147360
     gaggcagagg caggcagatc tctgagttca agaccagtct ggtttacaga gtgagttcca    147420
     tgatagacac tgttacacag tgagactctg tctccaaaaa aaaaaaaatc tggagaggtg    147480
     gctcagaggt taagagcact ttctgttcta aagaggactt ggatttggtt tcaagcacct    147540
     acatcaagtg gctccctgat gcctgtaact ccgattctag gggatctggc gccctcttct    147600
     gtactccata ggtactgcat gcacatggtg cccattcaga ctcgcaggca cacacgaata    147660
     tatacataag ttaaaaaaaa ttaaaatgtt ttaaagaata aaagtttata gtccagttct    147720
     tcagctgtgc agtccccttt ccaaatgatc ctcatgggat ggtggattga tggctaatgt    147780
     ggatcgttta atcccagctt ggcttttagc acatagtact cattaaatgt gtgctgagtg    147840
     gtgtgagcag atatgtagat acaggatgga ctgtggggac tgatggcaag gcctgtcacc    147900
     ccagggatct gggcctgatg gcaagacctg tcatcccaga ttcctgggaa gctgaggcag    147960
     gagaattgca agtccaagtc tgggcaagtt agaaaaatat atctcaaaac aaaacaaacc    148020
     tcccaaaaca aaaaacaact tacaaaaagt aaagtagagt ggtggaggga tggagagatg    148080
     gctcagtggt taagagcact ggttaagtgg ttaaggtcct gagttcaatt cccagcaacc    148140
     acatggtggc tcacaatcat ctgtaatgag atctgatgct cctctggtgt ctgaagagag    148200
     ctacagtgta ctcagataca taaaataaat aaatctttga aaagttgtgt gtggaatata    148260
     aatcagcttg ggcctaatat gtgcagagct ctggttttaa ttcccaatac tggaacaaaa    148320
     atcaaaataa gaccaaaaaa caagtagatt atgaatgatt tcagacatcc taatgtgacc    148380
     caagacccca gagcacaggc taactccctc ctggggcatc tctggcgcca catgggaagc    148440
     ctcctgattg tcactgccat ctctccggag ttctgatgcc caggagctgc cctagtcagc    148500
     tctggcaggt aatgcagata agaacataag gcacccacag tgacacactt cgcaaggccc    148560
     agcgattaga ataccaactc tgaaggaggc ctgtgctccc ctctttcaga cacagaagaa    148620
     ctgagaatag aggggtgagc ccttgttcaa gacattatca gaacacaagc taggacccct    148680
     gacctggata tggaggcaag agttacatcc aaaagaaact ccaattcccc catttccaca    148740
     aagcaagcca atctgtccaa cctggaccct aagaggattt ctggcggcta gatacaagcc    148800
     agctttcttc aaacttgtga gttctccact accaaaggga gtcaggcatt tcctgtatct    148860
     ctgacaggag ggacataggg ctacctgtgt cacctatcag cgcacccaca cccatattgt    148920
     cctccaggct tgaagcccat gctagcaacc tagcccttct ggcatccttc cgcctctaac    148980
     accctccctg cccccagctc acgatcatcc ctcctggaag ctactcatcc ttacataacc    149040
     cagtggctct cactgtttct ctcctttcca ttccttcttc tgttcttctc accatgttat    149100
     ctcttctgca ccccctccta tcctctctca cacagatagc cctggccaag tccattccac    149160
     tggctgtgtt cagtctactt ctttctcttt ccaattcaga gactcttcca gatgtcctct    149220
     ctcgtatcta caataaaaat cttgctttcc ctttccctta accataccat ggagtggtca    149280
     tgtatgctat acattaagca catgtgaaca tggggtgaaa gcagaacttg cagcccctta    149340
     ccccaagagc cttgtctatt tcctgtcccc gcaaccaaac agacaggact ctgatgtctc    149400
     acaggaagcc agtcagtgtg gtagcctgtg tcgctggctg tttgtccaag ccggtcattt    149460
     ctcttaaagc caaattgcct ttaatcacct catcctctgt ccggcagtct ggctcctcca    149520
     agtggcttag tcattcatct gcattagaga accatgcttc cagaggcctg aagaaacacc    149580
     cacttatcag gttgatagct ctgcaaggcc acacttataa cctggaaaca gggtacacac    149640
     ccgatgctat cccatgatgt ggcccctacc ctatttttgt agactctaat ctgtctgata    149700
     acctagatcg tgacctgtct gatcaacctt gtgatagcac agatgctgac ctatctaata    149760
     gtgtgaattt tagcatgtcc gatggcatgt attacaacct gcccgaggtg accatactgc    149820
     tgaagagaac aggatgcccc ctcctctagc caccatatat gcctattgct gactagagtt    149880
     ccccggatct gcacacctgt ccccacagtc catcctgtat ctacatatct gctcacacca    149940
     ctcagcacac atttaatgag tactatgtgc taaaagccaa gctgggatta aaagcatcca    150000
     ctgctgctgt acccacgacc acccaccacc caccgccaac cccagctaag gttattcttt    150060
     accaaatgta gtttctttac agcatattcc tctggaaaca gctttattta atatctattt    150120
     gcttgtgtat atgggtgttt tattcgcatg tgtgtctgca taccagaaga aggcatgaga    150180
     tctcatggac tacagttaca gatggttgca agctgccatg tggttgctgg gaattgaact    150240
     cagtggtcat ggagggtggg gtgacagata ccttagtgca gttctatgcc acgtgccaga    150300
     ctgtctctct gggctagcag cttgcattgc accagaggct ctggcagtcc taggaactga    150360
     gtcccctctc atcccttcgc ttatggaccg acacctcctg aataattgtc ccccgggacc    150420
     aaactggtac agaggaaaag agattcagcc agggtctggg atgtagcaga gacttaaagg    150480
     cccaccttac tcttatgatc tcaccttctg ccttgacccc aagcagcgca gctggggtca    150540
     caagagacct gacctttcac gaggcagcat ctgtggtcaa aagttgtcac acatggtcat    150600
     accatggagt tccttgtgtt ggccctggcc ccctgctttg catgttcttc tgcccccaaa    150660
     gcctgcctct accggaagcc ctaccagtcc acccctttgg aaatggtgag tgttggccct    150720
     aggccaccct ccggaattgg tggtgatagc tcaggctaca ctccagcgtt ggtggtgata    150780
     gctaatatcc cctgtgcttg tcagtctcca ctgtctcaag ggagagccgg cattggcact    150840
     ctgcaagggt taccaggaag aacaataaat gcacaaccga aagcagaaag aggaaaatta    150900
     acttccctgg ttaaaaaggg agagaggctc acttctccct cagcttttac tttgcatttg    150960
     taattgagat gtacttgacg tgtgtgtaaa cctttgtaaa agctaaataa gcctctagcg    151020
     ggcattcaag ctgggagtct ttcaggagga tggggagcca tccatctctt tgaaattaac    151080
     accagggaag atggcgcttg ccccacagtc cctgcctgag gctgggagct aaactgcctc    151140
     ctgtctgaga agcacccgga agtttgtttc ccaattagca agcacagatg ggccccacca    151200
     tctccaggtg ggtttgggat gacatgcatg tgacaaatgg tgctgtcaag tcctcccact    151260
     ggaggagctg gtaactgtgt actctgaaaa catgcatgcg atgcctgtct gcctggctga    151320
     aggcagcaag aagctatgtc attgcaggct gtcaacaatc gcctgggatg tactgtgtag    151380
     tttgggctag gctaagggtt attggtcatc ccatgttgta actgtttcct ttcttctgcc    151440
     ttcggggaca ggggtttctg tagggctgga aggattgttt ttatgttcac cccttatgca    151500
     caagctctct cagctccata tgacctggaa gaggggtggg gacagccctg tagaacccac    151560
     cagatactgt gttcctcctg acatgttttc tagctttttc ttgacttttg tgccctagat    151620
     gaggtgcctt cgggtgctgc tgagaaaggg gagcccagag gaacccaaga cacccgtgct    151680
     cccccaaaag gcaagaggtc cttccactac tcacatccct ggtacacacc caccccacac    151740
     ccaccccagt agccagacac cctgcttccc acacaccagc taaacgtgcc tgcgattctg    151800
     ttcccagtca gtcagaaagc caggttggtc cataatttaa ggagcaacta ctggaacgtg    151860
     tggtgcgttt aattcccagc acccatgttg gatgtcagtt ccaagggaag ttccatttcc    151920
     ccaaactaca aaaggcagcc catatatcca gaaatatatg tggatcttag aaagtaataa    151980
     ttcaggaata ttggaggggg gagtgtgcta gccatgggga ggtttggaaa tgctcagcag    152040
     attagaaaat tactgtttca ctcatgtgtg cacatgcacg tgtgtatgtg catgtgtatg    152100
     catatgtgtg catgtatggg catgtgtgta catgtgtgca tatgtgagca tgtgtgtgtg    152160
     catgtgtgca tttatgtgca tgtgtgcaaa tgtgcattgt gtacatgaac gtgcatgttt    152220
     gtacgtgttc ttttatagca gcaaggtttc tccccatccc ccactatctc ttgctctctc    152280
     cctactctca ccattctctc ttctctgaca gacagccctg accaggtcta gtctgtttcc    152340
     ttttctctct gctctggact cttccagatg cctctagata tatttttttc tctctcttat    152400
     gcacaatgaa aaccttccct taaccatacc acagggtgct gtcttagtca tcagaccatt    152460
     ttgaatactt ggtctatctt gtgctgagtt agtacttcag ttctttctta cttatttatt    152520
     gtgtatacgt gctgtgaggt gggggtgcca tgtgtggagg tcagaagaca actttctccc    152580
     ctcctttgtt gaatctgggt ctctctgttg tttctgccat actgcatact acttagcgtg    152640
     gatctcctgt gtctccctcc ttctcactgc aggcatagtg gaatggcaca gcgatgttat    152700
     tacatctgca tctttaattt ttttttactt gtatgggtgt ttgacttgga tgtgtgcctg    152760
     tgtactacat gtgacgatgc cctaggaggg tgaaataagg cactgaagat ccatctggag    152820
     ttacaggtgg ttatgagcta ccatctaggt gcaggaaaat gaacctgggc cctctggaag    152880
     agcagccagt gctcttaact actgaaccat ctttctagcc ccccccccaa catatctggc    152940
     ttttaaaaat atgctctggg ttatgaattc aaatcttcag gcttgctgtc ttgcctacct    153000
     agtacctcaa ttttaagatc taaagactga ttcagtcccc tgattctggt actcattgat    153060
     gacatagtcc atggccaggc tataatttta atttttccaa aatctatttt caatgatggt    153120
     tcccttttag cccagcatcc accagaggta gtggggaaca aaggatatgg ggaagtgggc    153180
     ctgtttagaa aggttctttg aagcaactcc catctatgtt gtctggaaat cggcatttca    153240
     gttcataggt tagcagcgac ctctcgatcc actagaaaac acttcacgga tacaccagca    153300
     gtcaagttcg gtaaacacat catcagaagt ttctttttgg tgtgtttctc tctatggagt    153360
     cctgacaaat gcagctcagc catgcagtgt aagacaggcc aatacatggg tgttgttagc    153420
     aaagaatctt tcatcacgtg ttctctctca cgcttgcttt agcagaatat cctttctgct    153480
     gtgtctgctt cagctacaca ttccttcacg tgtctgcctt agtctttcac ctatgtccac    153540
     ttcaagagaa cactccttca cgtgtttgcc ccagcaaaac accatccaac caacttttca    153600
     aagaaccctt aagtttccac ttcaccggcc cttgaaaaag caagcttggt ctcctcctgc    153660
     cgttctttca gatatcagag actgttctac caggagactg gagattttat tcataacgtg    153720
     tctgggggga tccagaatcg gaagaaacat cttcaaagtt aaacatcaac tcaggcgttg    153780
     ccagagttgc tgatgtttgt agccatacag ccagattata aggacagaaa ggcttctgga    153840
     tgcaacacca gggggcgctc ttctatcact ttgcccagga cttacagccg ttgtccttgg    153900
     gatcagcaaa gacctgacca tcactctcag tttgttgatg atgagtgcca taatgctgtc    153960
     ttcagctgcg acttccttct cttagatgtt ggagatcgga gtttgagatt ttggactctg    154020
     aatcccagta gttactgatg agctgccact gatctctggg gggagggggt ggggaggaag    154080
     ggggcggggt tgggggaggg gtgctgtgga aatggttgaa gtcaatattg gccccagaag    154140
     tgctatattc aaaataggtg atgtcaaaac tgcctgcacc gtggagattt tcctatagga    154200
     atggctacag tagcccagga agacacagtg ctgctggatt ccctgccaag tgtgcgctct    154260
     cttccatatc ttttaggaat gaccaatgct gagaaagaga ggctgattct cacactcttg    154320
     tagatagttt tgttttcttc caggatggtt gataaggcaa gtagttatct tctcaggact    154380
     ctgtctgtct ctgccaagtc aaaggatctg agagagagtc agattagcac atcccacctt    154440
     cccaacctcc cgagcaatct gggaaagagg cctgaatctc tattgagcaa ctttattggt    154500
     cactcagtca aacaatcaaa cagatataca ggtcgcttct cagtggctgg gaatgtgact    154560
     ctcactgtat acagctcttc acagatgtgt gcatcaaaat acatgcagca cacatacaca    154620
     cctgtccaca gtcctcacac aaaggaacac atccttactc tcttttgttc cactcttcaa    154680
     gtaatctgag cagtcacagg ttttgagagc tcaattggct tgccagtcta tccacagagg    154740
     caagcttcca atgcaatgag agggcctgtc gcaagccaac agaatataaa atggcagatg    154800
     aagaaaccga agtccatcta tgacccctgt gtctacacac agggtctctt ttatccagac    154860
     tctctcatga atcgcgcgcg cgcacgcgcg cgcgcgcgca cacacacaca cacacacaca    154920
     cacacaaata aagcaaccaa aacatttaaa ttcatttaaa catttaaaat tcacatttat    154980
     attctcagct gttcaaaatg cttggcgtgg agctcacatt agcagacgtg tccatttgtc    155040
     tgtctttata gggatattca aatttcaaac ccacgtttat aacatatatg gaatcacata    155100
     tcgcatacct cttgggatca aagtcgatgt ccgaaattca gaccaaggtg aaatggatct    155160
     ttttggaaga ccttatggtg tctccagaat cttgaccaga ctaacacaga acacaacgtc    155220
     aacttaaatt cacaatcagt accccagtgg gaaaaaagac agatttcctg tttggtaatc    155280
     ttcttggatc aaatatacaa atgaaagata tttggtcctt tcttggatta aatgaaaaaa    155340
     gaatggatct gaggagatgg ctcagtgatt aagaggactt gttctgcttg tagagagagg    155400
     acctgagttc agttcccaac acctacatca gaaggctcac aaccacctgt aattataact    155460
     cccgaggatc ctacatcgtc ttctagcctc tacagggacc tacacatgtg cacacacata    155520
     aacttcagtt ctccccctcc tacaagcttc ctacttctct cccctggaga agtgtgtttg    155580
     tcctgagagg tcattgtcct gccctccacc ctcttctctg attcctgcct gagaatcaga    155640
     gagcctggct acaggcttgt gctataaact ccctcatcct caaaagcatg tgacaagaga    155700
     cctccctgcc atgaaagcct tgatcccctc ttttcagaac ccctactaca ccatctgtct    155760
     atgggtgccg aagtcttctc agagcctctg ccatgctgtt gtctgtcagt ctgtccatat    155820
     tgttgataac tcttctaata aactccttac cccaacaatt catctcagtg tcctctcaaa    155880
     cccatgttaa agaactctag ttaaggctaa gccatgaatc caagctgtcc ctgggataga    155940
     gctttattcc tgaccctcca gactaacaga gggctagaaa tgggaggtgc tagggcctgg    156000
     aggtggtctt ctgttcccag agagcacagg aactctgtcc aatgtagtca ccccacatgt    156060
     ggtctccaca ggaaacatat gatttctcct acctagaaag ccactggcat ccaggtggga    156120
     acagctttga tggcctgcag ggtaagaatt gggcaggagt gggcagcagc ctttctacct    156180
     actactagct agagtaagga gacaggaggc caggtagtct attcttcctc ctggggtcca    156240
     ggtttgcccc atactcacac tggagtttct ggttctgctc tgaaaaagct cccataagaa    156300
     acagtgaagg agacccatgc ttgccagcct tcccctaccc ccagcctgct cagtttcagg    156360
     aaactgggat gtgtcagctg tctgttgaga tttcataagc aattgcaatg tgtcaagctt    156420
     tgaaagaaaa catcaaaaat acttttcatt tcctcagcca aagaggaaaa gcacacaccc    156480
     gaggcagaga aggaagaggc tctattctcc acatccacac tccacaagct tggggattta    156540
     caaagtatga gagggcctct tgccctggac ctcgaagctg gcaaaagtcc aagccgtagg    156600
     aaggcagcca attaggtaca gctagccaag cagggagacc tgggacagcc cagctcactg    156660
     ccaagaacaa atgaaatccc tggggtctat caatgaccca gctagccagc ccatttctcc    156720
     atctctactg cagccctgag agaacctagc cataccagcc tcagtgacca gaaacttcaa    156780
     ggaaagaaaa gccccctaag gagactggcc ttgagtccct ggacaagcca gaccaagaca    156840
     gtgcctttct taaagctcac agcgagcgtt gctctctaac aaccgtgtga ctggaagctg    156900
     tgagaactct gtggctcttg gaggcagccc gaccacagca gggacagacg cagtatccaa    156960
     cagggatgtt tgggctccat caaacacatc tttgctccag ttaccaacac ataaatgagc    157020
     agcctgtgtc gctgtggaca agtgagaatg gctctcctct ctgaatcacc caggtcattc    157080
     aggattgttc ctatatatac cccatacctc tgagacccag atgatctgtg gttctgagag    157140
     cagagctctc agcccaggag ggaaggaagg gcttataagg ctagatggaa ctagatggat    157200
     caaggacaaa aggtccctca ttctgagata gcactagcct acacccctgg cctagagctt    157260
     gtctgtctgt cctctctcag cctgctgtgc aggggtcacc acacagacct taggaagatg    157320
     aactaatgag gcacttatcc cagcgggtgg cagagtatct gctccaggtc cacataggtc    157380
     accccgatga accaagagag tgtaagaagc ttgtgcacag gggccgaaca gaaccgtggc    157440
     ctctgcgctg ggagtcacaa tctctgtaca tagtcgaggg caaaggactc tcaggtagga    157500
     actacagaga gctgagccag ggatgtctgc tcccatgatc tgcggttatc agagctcagt    157560
     ttggaagctc caaccacaga caagcctacc accagctcac agctcctggg ctctcagtat    157620
     ctgcaattca catcccattt ttgccggaca gcatctctgt cctatgagcc agtatggagc    157680
     cgagcaggta agactcaggt ccatatcctc catagggtgt ttggcacagt ggtgacccat    157740
     agctcccttt tctccccaga aagccctcag tttacttgat aaatgattcc tttcttcctg    157800
     agaaccactg ggcaaagtga cagtctcctt agagagagaa tagatttaca tctgggccaa    157860
     cagaacagat tccaagacct agggatgtgg tcctctccag ccccatggag tccctgcctt    157920
     cagcttcagt tccgcacact ccacagcccc agaaccctcc agttgctccc catccatcaa    157980
     aagaagcttg gtctgcttta cgcttaaccc cctcagatgc cctctaacaa gaaaccagaa    158040
     ggaggcaggt acagggagcc agtgtccaaa agagcaaagg atcaagatct gcccttttgg    158100
     accattaagg acacctgtgc tccctccatc cctaagcctg aagatgcagc agcctgtctc    158160
     tgccttagct tctgggatcc cagagccact tgcatccaaa ggcttcatct ccctatgaac    158220
     aaaggcagcc tacatctagg cagtgctggg gagaccccag tgcttgagaa caaccagatg    158280
     cgatcctttg gagccaggtt aaggaaggtg tgatggtttg tatattcttg taccagggag    158340
     tggcaccacc tggaggtgtg gccttgatgg aataggtgtg acctggttgg aataggtgtg    158400
     tcactgtggg tgtgggctta agactctcac cccagttgcc tggaagtcag tcttccacta    158460
     gcagcctttg gatgaagatg tagaactctc agctctgcct gcgccatgct cccatgctgg    158520
     ttactgccat gctcccacct tgatgataat ggactgaacc tctgaacctg taagccagcc    158580
     ccaattaaat gttgtttttt ataagacttg ccttggtcat ggtgtctgtt cacagcagta    158640
     aaaccctaag acagaagggg attagccctg ttgggcagat cttttatatt cctctctgcc    158700
     ttccctacct ccacagccat agcctctgcc tacagacatt tgtggctcaa agtgagaaga    158760
     aactatttta tttaagaagc agcaggaaac agtgacttca tcagaaatcc taactctgtg    158820
     tgctgagaaa gccagggctc aggccagcaa tgtgtgacat tatacatgtg ccttattgct    158880
     taaaaagaaa ggggcagtaa cagtatggta gccttccatc caaggtctct ttcccacagg    158940
     acaccttttc aatctctctt tctgtgtatg tgtgtgcatg tgtgtacatg tgtgtgtgca    159000
     tgtgtgtaca tgtatgtgta tgtgtacatg tgtgtgtgca tgtgtgtgtg ttttctttat    159060
     tgtatgtatg ttttcttttc atttttaaaa atgtagacaa agaacataaa gtcaggtggg    159120
     ggaggaaatc tgaaaagaat tggggaagag ggaaagaata tgatcaaaat atattgtata    159180
     aaatgtttta gataatgatt taaatttttt acatgttaaa ccctgtaact acagttttag    159240
     atgacaaaga tatttattcc ctttgttctg tctagtatag agaggagcat gcagcctcaa    159300
     agctgaccca gaaaagcaat ttctcttctc tctctgatcc cgccctcaaa tatatgaagg    159360
     gctcccagtg ggacctgata aaaagcaacc cttgattccc aagttctcat gaaaagacag    159420
     gagaggttta ttttgttttc tgttcccttt tccataaggc cattcccttt tgaaacgtcc    159480
     ttttccatca gacttacaac atttgtccta tcctctctct ctgagatctt tctcttgcat    159540
     tggtcccact caagggttct ctgatgactt ggaccttaaa ttcctgagtc ctgaaatatc    159600
     ctcattgact tggtttttag ttgtcaacat tatctttgcc agaggcatca gaacccccta    159660
     gaactggata taggcagttg tgagcagcct gacctgggtg ctgggaactg aattcaggtc    159720
     ctttggacaa ggggtgtatt ctcttaacca ctgagccatt cctccaggcc ctatcttgcc    159780
     ttttgctttt atcttattgc tgttatcttt tatcattttg tttcttcatc aatttttaca    159840
     tagacatttt gggcctcttt cagtaactct tctgtttctg tccttccagc cttcagtctt    159900
     ctatgttttc actatgtgtg tccagctgtt agttacaaat ataactttag catccctcct    159960
     cccatggcct cttcttcata caatctagtg tgctttctca tcagatcaag gaaacagatc    160020
     aactttacat ggggtgactc aagggttata tattgttttg ggttaaggaa gtaggaatat    160080
     ccaaggtggg caaagtgtac ctcattagca tgggcatttc aggaatctcg ggtctagctg    160140
     aatgtgttct tatcaggaga aaggaagttg acactataat ctaactaagg ttacatgatg    160200
     ttcctcaggt agaggcattt ggaagctaag gtcagagacg gggaagccct gttgataaag    160260
     gacatcttgc attttgctct aagcccagaa ggctatctaa acattggtag gctttgacat    160320
     taattagcag ggttttccta caacatcttg gtcagaggct taatcatcca atttcctatg    160380
     ctgtaaagtg ccaggataca tcaaggagaa gctaaaaact agcaggtgat cctcctgaga    160440
     tggttccaca ataggtttgc tcctgcaggc aaggcccagg agatttcatt ttaggaaaga    160500
     ttcttgctat taatatgctt tttctgttat tattaaatat atataacaat cactagatat    160560
     tagtccaccc ttttgagcaa atttctgcag gacaacaaag atgtactgtt ttgtagtgat    160620
     gctatataga caaatagatg atttcttaat tcttaataat gatcctataa gaattcctag    160680
     aattatatta gtaattatta agctctttta tagtaggact gctattaatg tcctttctgg    160740
     tatgaaaact gcaatgagaa ctctgccagt cttcaagtgt caccagttaa ttgcttctga    160800
     gatagaaagg agatatctgc aactaagagc acattccagg aagttgtaaa accattaacc    160860
     agaggtcata aaaagggaac taaggattta ctatagatgc taggacaaaa gataaaatat    160920
     tgactgggat catctataca aaacttcact tttaatttag ccacaaaagt tatggtcttt    160980
     aactctccat gaacctgaag agctggtgac agatgatgaa tgtttagcca gataatcatt    161040
     cttaatggat atatctgtaa acattcttgc tcaatttatg atttgaattt atgtttgaac    161100
     ttctagtgaa gttttgtaaa agaaaaaaag gggggatttt tgtaaaacaa aaacaaaaac    161160
     atgtgatcta ttccaggaaa ggttaaaaaa gactaggaaa gatgacatta aggacatcag    161220
     agcaggagga gagagcaaga ttagaaagag aacacagagt agaataactt ggaaattata    161280
     aggcaactta aaatattaag agagcaatgc gcagaatgca gaggggaaag ggaaaaaaga    161340
     agctgcagag agagcaggag aacaggcagg cttctactta ccatgggaca gaaaaagtct    161400
     tttcttaata gcaaggcagg cttagtcttc caaagaaaac aaagctttct tcttacagac    161460
     ttgggtttaa ttcatttagc aataaaaggg tagaagccct ttctttctct atgcaataaa    161520
     ggttgaagct catttttcat ccagaaagaa tgagttcttc tgcactggtg cttggtcttt    161580
     tgctccatat gcttatgtaa gtatggatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    161640
     gtgtgtgtgt gtatacacgt atgtaattat gagatagtat gaaagccgag cccaactggt    161700
     tcaaatggag atttttgaat gtgtgtgcat gaaactgtgt atgaatttat gtgagtttaa    161760
     tccatatttg ctagtataaa agttttcttt ctgtgcaggt gactctcttc tcctggttca    161820
     gtaaaagttt cttgctccaa ccccccaccc cagcctgaca agcgagaggc atccggtcaa    161880
     gaaggaacag gctctagcaa ttaatccttt acttaattac ctgatccact tttcttagag    161940
     aactttcata ggaaactttt tagagagaac atagaaataa aagttgaagt catttttctt    162000
     cctaggactt catgtaacag ggctgggagt tagagcccca cggttcccaa tagaacaaag    162060
     gctactttac ttaatcccct gctgttttaa gatgaggtgc taaatgccag agactgctgg    162120
     ttttggagga acacaggcac ttcagctaca gtagcaaagt gacttagact taagatgggt    162180
     aaacggtcta ttattaaaca gcaaccctgt ttaataatat ctcctaagac caagccttat    162240
     cccccacaga cactcttccc tctccactgt ctcaagagga accaagaaga aggaacaacc    162300
     gctggggcta gccctggcaa taaagcatca aggagaccct tcactactta tgggtcaagg    162360
     tcctagacaa taggaccacc ttattctgta tgaaagaatc ctccagatcc ttggattgaa    162420
     tatggaggtt tcttatactc tgccagaatt gccaactgtc tccagccagg ttcctcagag    162480
     gagaccagaa tggaggaagg agagcccaca cttgctttct gttagaaaat gcatttcaat    162540
     catactcgaa agatctgcct ggaagtttta cccaccaagg ctaccctgaa atttgtaatg    162600
     ttttcctacc ttgatttatg catgaagtta cccgtttgct gcagagctga catggggccc    162660
     gtatccccat gttaccaact tacttttgat tttgggattc cattagttct gaagtgggag    162720
     agtgtttcca cacccaacac tgttgcaatg aggcagtggg atgcacctct caggatgaaa    162780
     accctcagcc acatgtttga cacattgagt gtcaaacaat ttaggaatag gtctgaagtc    162840
     tcaagaaaac aaccatacaa tcctaagtat ttcagcagag caaagtgttt tgcttctgca    162900
     ggaggatgca taccatgcta aaccaacacg caagcacacc ctgtgggttc caaggtttct    162960
     gtttgtttgt ttgtttgatc cataatacaa ggcatcctat gcctcactct gaatattgag    163020
     aactcagcat catattctta tttgattggc tgattgaaaa cattgtggtt gctagggaga    163080
     aatgaaatga gcatatattt ttattttggg aaaatgcttt acttgggagg cattcttaac    163140
     aagtggtgtg cttgcaactg ttgttgaggt gcggagttaa tttaccaaag cagacccggc    163200
     ctccaagttc ttccagcatc tctctctcag tcccttactg ttacagggca tgactggcat    163260
     atcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca ctatgcacaa    163320
     agactctcac caggtaccta gaactcacag acactctcct gcctctgcct cccaactcct    163380
     gggataatag gcatgctcct ctatatccac tcctcaagta gcattttctg agagactaca    163440
     ttgcccttct ctccgtgaga catccaagtc cagaaattca tctgatacat gaactccagg    163500
     agtcagattt tttttctact tttggctctt gtattttccc tgtgtttcat atggcctctt    163560
     tcaggtgacc agacctagag ccgtatgcac agagcccttc tgacccctct aagagttcca    163620
     tgtcctagcg ttcaaagaac tgggtgagct ctgtcaactt ctgtcttcac acacctaagg    163680
     ccactggttc agcagcagct gtcatgctga cttcaagttc tttagggacc ggtggccact    163740
     ttgctctcac cagaacactc ataatgcttt tctcctatct gaaatgtcag cctttggcca    163800
     cagtgccacg tggggaggct ggctgacatt tcctctcttc aggtttgtcc tcgcttcagt    163860
     gcactttgta tctatcaagg tagcctttga ccctcagttt tcagatttgc atagcggtta    163920
     caaagctgca gtgtcctagg actgctttaa gggctctact ggagcagaag aaactttgtt    163980
     ttacactgtt tctttttgta aaaagaaagt tccctctgca aagagaaaac tgttctctgt    164040
     gttggttctg gggcaaaaaa tagagctagt ctctggaagc tggattagca gggactatgt    164100
     cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta agagagagag    164160
     agagagagag agagaaagag agagagagag agagacagag agacagagaa tgtgtcaagg    164220
     ccataggaca gcatgaggtt taattccatt caacttgttc ttgaaacggt ctctcgctgg    164280
     cctggagctc caccctctac cacttagcca aggctccacc aggaatttgc cagtttcaac    164340
     ctcttcagca ctgagactgc agatgcacac cacaatttat tttaaaggtt tatttacttt    164400
     tacgtgcatt ggtgttttgc ctgcatgtgt atctgtgtga gggtgccaga tcctcgggaa    164460
     ctgcagttac agatggatgt gagctgccat gtgggtgctg gcaattgaac ccaggtcctc    164520
     tagaagagca gtcagtgctc ttaactgctg agtcatctct ccagccccac attttaaaat    164580
     gtagattcta ggaactaaac tcaggtcttc atgcttgcca ggcaaccact gttctgactg    164640
     aactatctca gaatgactcc ttatgtctgt aaaaagaatt gcttctacaa agagaacact    164700
     cattgttacc tccattggtc cacagagaga gcagagctga tctctgaaag ctggattaat    164760
     gggcaccatg ttaatccttt taaaggtacc ttcagctttt cttggtcgca ttggaactcc    164820
     ttgagactga aatttttagt aacacaggca tagcccctat ggagggagca atagtcacat    164880
     tactgtcctc gagagctctg aagtcatgat tgcccagggc cccagggatc tgagctgaga    164940
     ataatggctc tctccatcgc acaacaggaa agccttaatg ttacagagga gaaggcagcc    165000
     ctgtgggcag agatgttgct gacatttggc tgagtcatga gtaatgttca aagccaacat    165060
     caataaacac tctaagatca agaaacagaa acccctagac gacaaaagga agggtctgag    165120
     ttcatgaaca gctagctacc tgcatactgt ccagggtcaa atcccaagct actagctcca    165180
     aaccagccag acaaatcttt ctatgcaggc tccttccagg gaagactact tacctcactc    165240
     cccattgcct ttgctgttct atacctctcc attcatagga aactaacagg gcttcctggg    165300
     gacagaaaaa gggggagtca tacaggcaga aaatgtggag gacaattctg ggctcaccac    165360
     ttccacagca gagagcagct gatcatattg tgaaacctgc ctccctcact cgggatagca    165420
     gatacccaac attctcaggt acctctttcc ccatcttcca gaggccaata gggacattgc    165480
     ttttaaggtt tctttgttgc gtgacataat tgacagatgc caccactggc ttgtgagcag    165540
     agacactctt cctcatccct cagctgggtg ggtcaggacc tgggaaaagc tgcttggctt    165600
     tctaaatcac ccctccccag ctggacaaag gttctgccag tcaggtgtgg ttggtaataa    165660
     caaatggcta tgacagagca gttgttgtca cacatgaaga cagcagatag acagggagct    165720
     cttatatttc ccaaaactaa aaaacaaaga tggttaactt cagctgagcc ccagctccac    165780
     cccacatgac cttcagaaca atactgctgt ggggtaggat gtctcagggt gctcctggaa    165840
     gctgatcctc taaagtaagc acactgagcc aaagccggga aagaaacact tgccttctgg    165900
     gtatcaaggc aatccttcat aggccccctc tgaagagctg gatcctatta aaacgctaaa    165960
     gtggctcagg agtgcacctt tccttgggtc ttgttggtgg ctttcagagc tggaatagag    166020
     gtttgcaaag agttggtgag cactgccccc tacaggcaag acttggcagc ctggctgccg    166080
     caggtcctcc cctgaaggcc tttgtaggtc cagtgaagcc cttaactttg gaagacaaca    166140
     agcagcttta aggaggatgg aaataattac ctaggtcctt taatcacacc aacttaccat    166200
     aaacaagaag atagaggggg tggagctaag ctatgttatt caggacacag gtgtcctact    166260
     tagctgcaat cccagtagga aaagactggg cctgagctgg aaactcaagg gtcctatctg    166320
     atggctgctt agttctaggc tccctacttc caatgctcca cagcccatag gagaggacag    166380
     cgtagctgtt cttagtgttc agatggtgtc cagaggatga cccattacca tcaggtgaac    166440
     acagcagaac aggatccaca gcaggctgac tccaaagtag agcttgtcct ctagagtcct    166500
     gggtctcctg tatgtgctaa gggaacaaaa tggggccagt catgctgtgg gaaattttac    166560
     cacttcagtg atgcagtctg caaagagaca atgtgaccaa aggcagatgg atggcatctg    166620
     accagagcct ttacaaatgc tcctcccatt gaatccagtt cttgtgacca agagagaaat    166680
     gttcctttgg gaatggagat aggctccttc tagttaacag tgaccacctc cttccagaga    166740
     caacatcaga tcctcagaca agcaatgcca tttaggaggc tggagatgca cctcagttgg    166800
     tagggttctt ccctggcatg tatgaagccc tgggttcaat ccccaggata tataccagca    166860
     gatatctgct accctagcac ttaggaggta gaggaatggg gactgaagtt caaggtaatc    166920
     tttggccaca gaatgagttt gaggccaacc tgggatacat aagaccttga ataagaaata    166980
     acagttggtt gagacctaga catggtctgg ggaatagttc acactggtca aagtaaacta    167040
     gactggtgta taaactatta ggcttgtata ttcattaaat gaaggagagc atttctatgg    167100
     cctttatttc tcacctgagc ccagtctgaa cccttcacac taggatcaag aatcccagca    167160
     cttgtatcta tcttgtataa aagacttaag cagcaggagt cgcaacaaat gagaaaggac    167220
     ttgaccagtt ggctagtaga tatatatcat tgtctacttt gtatctggga agtaaggagt    167280
     cttgctacaa agctgattat atcctggcca cctggaacca cctgaagacc tcacggagaa    167340
     gacaaatctg ggcaaacttc accagccatt tctacagaaa gttggtggtg tgccacacag    167400
     acacctgctc cagaccaaag aaatccttct atcaggtttg aaggaacctc tcagctccca    167460
     acaggtgtga attcactttg aagctacggg atcacacaca tgatcatggg ctaatggttt    167520
     ctctacagct ccttgttaga gagtgataat cacaggagcg ctacaaaacg aacaagcaca    167580
     gcttcctctt aattcatgct tttggactag agagcctaca tgttcatgaa aataagaagt    167640
     tagcgtggga tagtaggcgg ggtcttagct gctgaccttg atgctcagct acttcctact    167700
     acctaacaga gagttctgca gagacctgct gtggcttcgt ggagagaaag aatgaagtca    167760
     tccttctctc ctaaaccatc caacctgtct ataggcatca agtctatatt gccagtcacg    167820
     cgttctgaag taacagacgg atgtttgcaa atgtcatggc tggtaggatg tggtctgagt    167880
     acagagatcg cacaaaccag agaggaccag ctaggataga tgaggttgag ggttacatag    167940
     ggaagctccc tgaagaagga cgcactccaa attgaaggag tatcctacct ggtaggggtg    168000
     agactaaggt ggaccggaac cagaagcagt cagcagcaga gtctaccatg ccttagatat    168060
     tcagagaata accaggatat tatcaatcag ctcctgggca cttaatatgt ggcagctctt    168120
     aggttgggaa cttgctttat gacatgtccc agatggtaga ttatgcttca cccagccgta    168180
     cagtaactaa gccaagttct gcatgccaac caagcagagg caagggcacc gcccctgtga    168240
     gatcataact cccagctgca tcatatccac atgatagcag tgaccccaca cccccttatg    168300
     aagctttatt gggccacacc tcccctgtgg cattgtggga acttttccac cagctacgct    168360
     ttcacagtgg gaaagctgaa gcctggccac agactgctgt ctggctctga gctctgagct    168420
     gtcccagaca atgagacagg tcagagccag caccctccat ggttccctgc tgtgagcatt    168480
     gtctggttac aggcctgaat gaggggcaag tggagtgtca ggactggatt caaggcttgt    168540
     ggcagccagc aagtgatcct tatcaagacc caagagttca gagctacagt ggccccatag    168600
     cacaaaggag aacaaaggtt ctcaacatct tagtctgaga ggcatcagtc agaaaaggga    168660
     ttctgatgcc tggcaatggc tgaggaatgg gtaagtaatg aaacctggat gggtggcagg    168720
     gtaggaccca tggcacagct gactggggtg actcaggccc agaagcaacc atgttcttaa    168780
     ggctgctgtg cccagccctt ggccctatcc aatcccatgt agagctacta acacctgcct    168840
     gaaattctga cagtctgagt taatcatcca accacttctg gagtggatcc actgtaggga    168900
     cagaatggag gtacaggtag gtagcaaggc cgacaggacc tggatttctg tcttctgatg    168960
     ccaaggaagc acttaattct gggactgtcg tgcactcagg tcagggctac tgaaagatat    169020
     acagagcttc actcctacaa aatgtgattg ttgggcttta aatttttaaa ttatttatgg    169080
     tgtgtgtgtg caagtgtgca tataccatgg aatacatata gaggttagaa tacaactttt    169140
     tttttttttt ttacttattt tatttatatg actatgctgt agctatcttc agacacacca    169200
     gaagagggca tcagaaccca ttacagatga ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggaatt    169260
     gaactcagga cttctggtag agcagtcagt gctcttaacc gctgagccat gtctccagct    169320
     ctagagtaca actcctaaga attgctcctc tcctgccagc tctaggatcc aggggtggag    169380
     ttccagttat gggctgtgca caaggatctc tattagatgg gccatctcac tagcccatgg    169440
     gatgttgttg ttgttattgt tgttgctgct gttgttgttt aaactatttt tcttaaacag    169500
     ttttagtgag atgtaattta catattgtac aatttatctc tggcaaggag agacacacct    169560
     tcacttctag ctgagttctt ttccaaatta cctaaccagg tgaagcccag atttttgggc    169620
     cgtgtgtgtc atgctatgca gacttggctg actcagaact cctgcctctc tctcccgaga    169680
     gctagaatta caggagtgtg tcaccacgcc catctggtgc atttttaaag cataaggttt    169740
     gttccctcgc cttctccgga cagagccgta ggcagtaaaa ggttcaacca ccaggagtcg    169800
     ctgctgcacc ggaagccagt cttcgctgcg cctgcgcgga cgcgggcacg cggcgttctc    169860
     cagcccggcg agtgcgcgcc ctccacacca agtgcgcctg cgcggagcct gtagtatttt    169920
     cccccttctc gcgccgggcg ctcgtcaatc gccggcggcc atgggggagg ccgaggtggg    169980
     cggcacgggc gccccaggcg acaagggccc aggcgaggca gccccgagcc ctgctgagga    170040
     gacggtggtg tggagccctg aggtggaagt gtgcctcttc cacgccatgc tgggccacaa    170100
     gcctgtcggt gagcgccgcg ccgcgcaccg gcgtgggggt ggggcgggat aaaccgtcgg    170160
     gcgggctggc ggagcctgcg acctcccacg ggacgtggcc tcccactctg gggtgcccta    170220
     ctagtctaag agcctatgac tttcctgccc gagaagccct ctccctgggg acactcctga    170280
     cttccctgcc cttgagacac tcctacccca gggaacgcct ccattccccc ccaccccccc    170340
     acctctgcag ccccctgtcc ttggacccgc ctactataca caccctagcc cctggaacac    170400
     ccacctgcct tgtggcacct ctcttcccct ttgacatgtg actcctgcaa cacttgcacc    170460
     tgcgggtttg cccactcctg cccctccttc ttcacccatg tcctacgcac agaggtgctg    170520
     tcctaaccct caacccactg tcctacctct caggggtgaa tcggcacttc cacatgattt    170580
     gtatccgaga caagttcagc cagaatattg ggcgccaggt tccatccaag gtgatctggg    170640
     accatctgag cactatgtac gacatgcagg cactggtgag ttggatcctg gcctgcccat    170700
     ttacgggctg accgtggagt caagtcccag atcctgtcag ctgtggtaca ggacagaacc    170760
     ctcttctcac ttggggtttg gtatgcagag cagaggtgat ctcaaaggat gaggctcctt    170820
     cctcagaaaa gcttaagtcc tgttgtgaaa agcacagact agcgatgatc tctgactact    170880
     ttttcagggc acctacctac tttagattgg gtggcacaaa aatcgtcgag gtgatagttg    170940
     aggtctgaga tgacaaagaa gccttcagcc accgtaaaaa gcagtaatgg tacagcgtca    171000
     gtataggagg gtccagagtc gtttgagagt ctgtatactg tgggagccag actcctcctc    171060
     ttcagagagc ctagagatag ctgtgtcttg atgggtagct aggtaactgg tttggagagc    171120
     tggcagtggc tgatggttct gcaggtaact agtaaccttg ctagtcaggt ttgtctgtct    171180
     tgtctggtag gcagtgagac caggtgacca ggatgggtag agctgtaggt gcctttggtt    171240
     gttcatggta cccctggata cattggcctg gtgggagtgt tacagtggtg agccgggtca    171300
     ggtccttgtg tgcacatcag cagagctgct gtgtctccag ggctcactca gcggcatggt    171360
     cctctcctct agttttgttt ggctggtgct agcctggtcc tctctaatca tctgaaaagc    171420
     ccagctgagg tggactctgc aagctggagc aaggacccca ccagctcgca gcctccagcc    171480
     tgcttctcct gtacatctta gtgagctgag atcctatttt ctgtttcttg aaaatacaaa    171540
     aatgctttgt gccggcagca cgagtctgag attcttccat tcccaaatcc agagaggaac    171600
     tttgtccttc cagatgagat cattcaggaa gtccgagaag gtgagactcg gccaccacca    171660
     gggctgggaa taaaaaaagc ctcaccaggc caaaggtggg gcggtctggg gcctccaggg    171720
     aggtgtaagg atcctgctca gaccatacct ccagtggcac ctgggaggtt ttgggagcca    171780
     agggctgggg agagcggtgc tcaaaggcag tctcctgatg gatgccgtct cgtgatggac    171840
     gccgaggcct gtgtgggcag cgagaatcgg aagcagtcat ggccagaccg tcccccagcg    171900
     ctggccacca ccgtgggttt ccagtgaacg gcagctgtct cctccacagg aaaagtggtc    171960
     attgaagaag aaatgaagga ggagatgaag gaggatgtgg acccccacag tggggctgat    172020
     gatggtgagt gtgaactgcc ctttggagca aacatgtctc ccccccagtc tcctcaccgc    172080
     aggccagcct caggcagagt gaggtcaggt agccatggag tcaagagtga atggtcactt    172140
     aaagatgaac tcagtgcagg tcatcttagg caggatggcc cctgggggcc atgaaggaag    172200
     gaaccaaggg ccaaggatgg gggcctctga gggccaagaa ggaaggggcc aaggccggga    172260
     gcatcaggtg ggctcagaca ggagaccccc tgggactcca ggtttctctt caagcccagc    172320
     tgttcagggc acttacccag gggaacataa ctgggtacaa agagcctgat gtacctctga    172380
     tttctctagc tgaacaggaa aatgagatga gtgtctgtat attctatttc agccaaatga    172440
     ttttgtttct cagttttttc atcttcaggg agcttgggga aagcattaga aaaatccagc    172500
     aaagacaaag agaagaactc ctcagacttg gggtgcaaag aaggggcaga caagcggaag    172560
     cgcagccggg tcactgacaa ggtcctgact gccaacagca atccctccag ccccagtgct    172620
     gccaagaggc gccgcacata gacacctcat cctcaggtgg ccacagagat gctccaactg    172680
     cctgtctcca ggtccctggg tgaatgtggc catccagcag agatgctagt ggggcttccg    172740
     ctgtgtcatc agacctccag agcacctgat tggcccaaaa gaccagcaag acccttgtct    172800
     actctgcaga tggtgaagcc tttgaggcag cctcttgctt tctcctgtgg gtcccttgtg    172860
     cccacagtgt gtagagaaga gcaggtgcat ggggccaggg gaccaagagt cagcaagcaa    172920
     taagacgcca ccctcactgt cctcaggagc caggcatcct ccctgggtgc ccactctttg    172980
     catctgcttt tcctgtaaga ctccactgtg cactggcatc cagagaaggt gtctttggag    173040
     ttcacacagc acacactgtg cacagaaggc ctccccatct gggaaataga actggatatt    173100
     ttgcctcatt cacttgtact gtaatagtgt atataactta gttggtattt cactatttaa    173160
     tttttaagaa gcctatttta ctagtgtttt gtatgaagaa aaatactgca gaagttaaac    173220
     ctgtgatgtg tttttttgag ctgttttgtt ttaaggtaac tactgaaata agtctggctg    173280
     tttttatatg ccagatacag agaattttta gcggttattt ttgtaatttt agtaacttgg    173340
     aaaagaccaa aaaagggagt ggaacaaagg aaccgccatt agactgaaaa aacaatggcc    173400
     tgatggttga agtacatttt catttgcaga atattaaagc actaaaaaaa aaaaaaacct    173460
     atcttggaag ttgtatgatt tgctactaaa ataagttggt ttttaaattt ttcctacaga    173520
     gggaaggttc cccactccag gattcataac cgtagagtgc actcaagatg acttcttggc    173580
     atcactggat gcagtgatga aggttatgag ccttcatcag tgacttgcag gacacccacc    173640
     tctaaccccc aaacccaacc cctgctacct ggctgctgcc tgttgtcctt ccatagccaa    173700
     gtccagctgt tgggtgggat gggcacagtg tcctctccag accatcttga ctactgcctg    173760
     cgactgaaat ccctgctgcc atatgcaggg ccccaggcaa tgagaactaa gctggcccac    173820
     accagccact cacttctagt cagggcagtt gggttaccat aagtgtacca ctagacccag    173880
     cttcctggca tagagcatcc tgagttgaca caggagagct gacctagtct agcctgtcgt    173940
     tttctaggaa tgaccagcag tgggggggtc tctgggtctc tctccctaga gcctggacaa    174000
     ggtcctaatt gaacagttcc ctgcagccta ctgggattgg gcagaatgta aaggcctgca    174060
     gccctgagat caagtgcagc actgtagact atggtcagac ctagaccagt gctcgtgtgt    174120
     tcagtgcaag agacggaaag cagtgttaca gtttgttttg ggaaatgctt ggggctactc    174180
     caccctgtcc ctacccagtg tccactccta gaggcttgtt ctgtggaaga agcctagctg    174240
     ttgaatccag cgctagcagg agaaatgggg agcagatggc gatgaccctg tcgagcagta    174300
     tgtgacgatc aggatggcag ccctctctgg tcaggctcac tcttctaaac ccgtctgaaa    174360
     gaacaatcta ggggcatgaa agcatgcagg tgggcctggt caaggcattt gccttgagtc    174420
     tattattttc catttgatcc ccaacagccc agtgtcccaa tctaaactca aacctgctgc    174480
     cttcctgagt tgttctgacc ttgtggctca caggcatgtc cctatgtccc tatgagagat    174540
     gtcactgaca gctgggtcta tgtatactgc acttagctcc aggcagcatg gcatactgcc    174600
     tcttgcaaat attactgtca gtccacggca catccatctt tcagcttcct aggacagttg    174660
     tgggagaggg ggtgtctacc caaggcacaa ctctgagttg tcccaagcac ccactaacac    174720
     cccatgcacg gtttccctat ctaatggcat tttaaccagg tcccagcctg agcatggttg    174780
     gtgtcggaag cagaggggat gagatcagag gcagccacag agtttacatt ttttttttaa    174840
     tttaacaagc atatatattt gtatgggtgc acatgtggag atcagagaca acgttcataa    174900
     gtcagttctt gctttatact gtctgggtcc cagggactga gggagtctcc acagtggccc    174960
     atcagtcttt gctttatact gtctgggtcc caggctgagg gagtctccac agtggcccat    175020
     cagtctttgc tttatactgt ctgggtccca gggactgagg gagtctccac agtggcccat    175080
     cagtctttgc tttatactgt ctgggtccca gggactgagg gagtctccac agtggcccat    175140
     cagtctttgc tttatactgt ctgggtccca gggactgagg gagtctccac agtggcccat    175200
     cagtctttgc tttatactgt ctgggtccca ggctgaggga gtctccacag tggcccacca    175260
     gtctgatttt ggtggtttct gaggttccaa ctcaaggaac tatggaactt taacatactg    175320
     tagtctctgt tacatactgc attgttatag ttattgttat actctataaa tatatagaga    175380
     caatatgttt tcaccttgag attcccagaa tgttacaggt tcgaatttag taaagaaggc    175440
     cacacttgaa ggtcataaac atatacatat aagcctgatt aacattattt ggaatatggc    175500
     tatataaaag gattattttc tctatgtagg cagtcttaaa gcaaattttg tcaactatcc    175560
     tagaattgag aactctcaac tggtgagaaa cttcaaccat ggtggactta gggtccttta    175620
     ccctgctgcc cacccatgtc tcccttacct tccattgctt tcttgcttca aacagtatgt    175680
     tacataacaa ggtcgagctc atggccacag tcggcagtag aggccaccta acatccaaag    175740
     gctacctagc cacatgagcc caggaaatct gcagtgggca ggagtgggac tgaactcaca    175800
     aagcagaggg agtgtggaac tggctcaatt gggaaaaaac aaaaacaaaa acaaaaacaa    175860
     aaacaaaagc cttgataaca ggagaacctg cgtttgatta ccacctagaa gctgcgcttg    175920
     gtggtgtgta actgtaatta cggtgctggg gaggcagaga cagtagtgtc ccagggattt    175980
     gctgcttagc aacctcaagt aacctatgca ctccaggtac ctaaccctaa ccctaaccct    176040
     aaccctgaat gaaagtgtga acaagctact caggaaatac tcaataccga cctctggtgt    176100
     ccttgggcag ccaaacacac acagatacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    176160
     acacacacac acacatacaa agtgagctat acagagggca gccaggaaga tctgcagtta    176220
     gacaggtcga caaagattag gaacctgcac ccagacggct ggcaggaaga ggcacttccc    176280
     gtaggactga agagaaacct tcctagcatc cctctctgga tagtctgcag ggaagtgaaa    176340
     tctcaagggg gcggacctgg ggctgagtcc aaagtggtgc gtcttcccgg aggggataga    176400
     ggcaggaatc ccggtgcacg cgcctccagg gttgtccttc tgggcggggg gcggggggca    176460
     ctgccttctc caggacaccg cttcccgcct agctccgagc gtagcagccc ctgctggggg    176520
     actccgcgca agggcggaaa ctgagcggtg ggcgggacct ggcgccgccc cgcccccgcg    176580
     cttcctcctc tttcactttc ctttccgcgg aaagcgggtc cagcctgtcg agtatggacg    176640
     acccggaatg cgattccacc tgggaggacg agagcgagga ggacggcgag gatggccagg    176700
     cggatgatac gaccgatgag gacacgggcg acgatgacgg cgacgcggag gaggcacggc    176760
     caagcctgtt ccaggtgcgg tgcgggagga ccggagggcg acaggacaac gccaggccgt    176820
     gatcgccggg cccaggccgc tgtcccctag ggggacgccg ggcccaggcc ttggcggacc    176880
     gagcgctggt gacgtcaagg aagcgactga tgggggtcgt ccgtgggtga cgtcagagcg    176940
     cgccccaggg cctcatcctg cgtgggtggc ctttcctcag gttgccctcc ctccacccca    177000
     cactcagccc ctaccccact tcagacagcc tccactggct cagaagtgac cccggcctag    177060
     gacgccggga gcaggggtct gtctatctgc ccttagctct ggtaactttt gttgccaccc    177120
     ggagcatgtt ccgttatact tttgtatcaa gccgcatgta aacctcagtg gcgttctgta    177180
     agacgcactg gcctgcttat agctgtgatt ccgggtgtga tggagaacct agaaaaacga    177240
     gagtgaggat tatgacccca aaatccattc tccccatcgc ttcgatctct agttgtctgc    177300
     tctgtatggg aaagcagccc cgaatctgga gaagctctca ggcaggccag agctagcctc    177360
     tgcctgacca cattgggatg aagctgaggc tgggtagtca ggtttgtagt gcaggctcag    177420
     gcccctcctg tgggtggtaa ggcctcccaa aagctctgat agaactgctg tttctccaca    177480
     aaaggtctta gatcctacct gaaacagtag tcacttaaga gcctatccca ggcctggtgg    177540
     cacagtgtct ttgtcacact gggccaggga gaagcagggg tttacaaaga tgaggcttca    177600
     ttcacccatc catcagaccc atccagaggc atctaggttt ttttcttgag gctgtggctg    177660
     gcaaagtagc tccccttggg gatacagccc agtgactatt cacagaatca taggacgaga    177720
     aatactacag tactcagaga ctagggttgg agtgggggca cataaagatc ttggaccaaa    177780
     atgaggttga ccagcagacc aaggaggaga tgcagctggg acttaaagac agaagagcat    177840
     tagccacaca cctgggcagc ttgcaggcta gattaggcca aggctcccta cagaggaaaa    177900
     ttgagtactg agaggtgcag aggtggttgt tgaggctatt ctagtgccac tgtttgtgtt    177960
     caaaatgaag gatgttcttc tagggtccag atctgtcttc tcagaaccct gggtggggac    178020
     cagaagaaaa aacagaagca cccattcctc ttacatagag ctcagtgatg gttggcccaa    178080
     accgtgctgc cttcatcctg gacactttcc agtacctcat ccttgtattt tctccccagt    178140
     ctaggatgac aaggtaccga aactggcgtg ctatgcagga catgcaaaga taccggcaca    178200
     actacccggt aggtacatgt ggctcctacc gaaagtcaca gccctctccc caaatagaac    178260
     atcccctggt ctgctgaaaa accagctttg ggttcttggg tgtgttcctt attgtctgga    178320
     agacaaaccc atcgtcattt cagatccata cccttctagt tatagagtgg tagagcatgt    178380
     tgcccgacct gagcctcaga gcctagcttt aaaatgaggg tctagcttca gcctcctgac    178440
     agaacatgtg gctcagtgct tctcacaggg ctccctggct ggtacgtggg atcattttca    178500
     gaccatctcc tctgtatcca tgagttagtt gctagcagtc cctgtggtat tttggaggta    178560
     cagaaaggga gctaccatct gtggcctctg ttggtgggga gatgaaggtt gagttgtcct    178620
     ccaaacctac ccttgctcac agaaaggatc ccaggctgag ctttgggatc ttggacagct    178680
     atccccactc ctgactgcat gaatctgagg ggctctcaga gagagctgtt tctcctgagt    178740
     cctcagccag cctttctctg gcccttcagg atttgacaga tcaagactgc aacggagaca    178800
     tgtgcaacct gagcttctac aaaaatgaga tctgcttcca gccaaatggt acctgccctc    178860
     gcagccccag caccttctgc ccttggccgg ttgtctaatc tattagcact ctgcttcagg    178920
     ctgcctgttg tcctcaatcc aataacatgc ctacagacca ccgaggggat tggagcttag    178980
     atcttaggat attagattga agggccagag aataagcttt cgaggtttta aatggtggtc    179040
     tttctgtgta tcccaggctg gcctcaaact caggatcttc catctcagcc ttccaggtac    179100
     tgaaattgta ggcaggtctg agctactata tatgtttcat gacataaaca tttgaaacta    179160
     aacagtaagt agagttctat tggtgcttgt tacacccatc cacacatgta gttacttttt    179220
     gatatagcct ggagaaggcc atgtgtctac acagccaaga tgtttgctgt ctggcccttc    179280
     aaagacatct tccctagacc atgctccata cttagtctct atggggattt ctcttgagca    179340
     cagagcttcc tgcctgagaa gatatatgtc ccagagagga attattgcac cccttaccta    179400
     cagaagtagc ctagttacct aaaactagtg tgtgcttata tcagatgagt tatggacagc    179460
     tctgctgagt cctgagaatc ctaaaggaat tgagggctag gcagtgattt tgatagatct    179520
     gtcctctgag ctatgtcaag gtggccactg tagctgactt ctctccatgg ggtgtccagg    179580
     ctttctcatt gaggacattc ttcagaactg gaaagacaac tatgacctcc tggaagagaa    179640
     tcactcctac atccagtggt gagtggattg agccttaggg aagtggggct ggacactgag    179700
     gtgggagttc tcatgtcatg tccaggttca gatgagggct attgtgctca ggtctgtggg    179760
     caggctttta tgtcctggga ggagttggag ctggactaca tcggacttga tttttagcag    179820
     gatgtgaatg agataccaca aagcagactc agaaacgatg ccatttcctg gcaagaacaa    179880
     cattccttgg cttgaggaca acccactgat ctgctcccag tatcctcttg tcacggagta    179940
     cgttgtggga ataattctgc agggttaatg acaagaaaga acaaactgaa tccctaggaa    180000
     agatagctct gcccctcagc tggtgaaagg cacactggtc tccgccattt tgactttcta    180060
     ccacccagcc cactgagcac ataggctggg gttctaagaa gctgtcttac ctgctttcgg    180120
     ccgactgcca tccttaccca cttccttggg taagaaaggc cagttagctc ctcccagaga    180180
     tgaaagagag gcactgagtt caaaaaacga gttgctgcct ggcactcaag tccctgtgtc    180240
     ctcatcatct tctcaggctg tttcccctga gggaaccagg agtgaactgg catgccaagc    180300
     ccctcacact gaaggaggtt gaggtaagaa ttccacctat gccagaatgg gggagggagg    180360
     agagataccc ctgcctgcag tcaccctgag acagtgctgt cctgtcttag gccaaaagag    180420
     ccccatgatc ccacttttgg ggacctcaga gaaaggaggc cagctctaaa agactaagta    180480
     gtagagataa gggccaggag gtccctggac aacagcaagg aacaccttgt ggcaggtggc    180540
     tcaggataga ggtgacccca gcctctcgga gaagaaagct ggaggtgtgt tttgtcttac    180600
     cctcaggctg aatcagggtc taagggaaaa atcaccctac ctggtaccca ggggcccacc    180660
     cagtgttcct tgggaacagt gatgagtgag ggccacctga gtcccagggg attgttttct    180720
     aggcatttaa aagctccaag gaagtcagag agcgtcttgt ccgggcctat gagctcatgc    180780
     tgggcttcta tgggatccaa cttgaggacc ggaacacagg cgccgtatgc cgtgcacaga    180840
     acttccagcc acgcttccac aatctcaaca ggtaaggaca agacctgctg tcaccctccc    180900
     gtccctgttg cttcccttta gtatctgggg ctgggtttta agcagagagg tcaaatgcag    180960
     gctctgatgc ttgcttcgcc cagagtgtag tgctctctgt ggcaggtggc tcaggataga    181020
     ggtgttgtag aaattgtggg gtgatggaca aagcagttcc ttggcttggg agtgtttaat    181080
     cccttccatc cacccagaaa gctaggcaag ggaggcctcc agatggcata gtcactctgg    181140
     gtcagccctt cctagctttc agcaatgttt cccagacagg agtccatgga ctgggccatc    181200
     tcccaggact tgcagatcct gtccacaggt caagggtacc caggtcattt ccctaggtgg    181260
     ggacctgaga agactctaga actttgagat ggacttgact ggggatgcct tggccagata    181320
     gggcagggtc caccctacct cttgtcacct accttcacag ccacagccac aacaatctgc    181380
     gtattacacg catcctcaag tcgctgggcg agctgggctt agagcactac caggcaccgc    181440
     tggtgcgctt cttcctggag gagaccctag tacagcacaa actgcccagc gttcgccaga    181500
     gtgccctgga ctacttcctg tttgccgtgc gctgccggca ccagcgccgg gagctcgtgc    181560
     actttgcttg ggagcacttc aagcctcgcc gagagtttgt ctgggggccc cgtgacaagc    181620
     tgcggaggtt caggccccag actatatccc ggccactgat gggactaggg caggcagata    181680
     aagatgaggg ccccggggac ccctcccaag aggctggcac ccagggtcgg acctgtggat    181740
     ctggaaggga cctgagtggg gacagtggaa cagctgagga tctctcactg ttgagcgcaa    181800
     aaccccagga tgtgggaacc ttggatgggg accaaaggca tgaggctaag tccccgagtc    181860
     ccaaagaaag caagaagagg aagttggagg ggaacaggca ggagcaggtc ccaggggagc    181920
     cagatcctca gggtgtctct gaggtagaga aaattgccct caaccttgag gggtgtgccc    181980
     tcagccctac cagccaggag cccagggagg ctgaacagcc ctgtcttgtg gctagggtgg    182040
     ctaatgaggt aagaaaacgg aggaaggtgg aggaaggagc tgagggtgat ggagtagcca    182100
     gtaacactca agtgcaggcc agtgccctgt ctcctacccc ttcagagtgt cctgagtccc    182160
     aaaaggatgg gaatgggcca gaggacccca aaagccaggt ggggccagaa gaccccaaaa    182220
     gccaggtggg gccagaggac cccaaaagcc aggtggggcc agaggacccc aaaagccagg    182280
     tggggccaga ggacccaaaa ggccaggtgg agccagagga cccaaaaggc caggtggggc    182340
     cagaagaccc aaaaggccag gtggggccag aggacccaaa aggccaggtg gggccagagg    182400
     accccaaaag ccaggtgggg ccagaggacc ccaaaagcca ggtggagcca gaggacccca    182460
     aaagccaggt ggagccagag gaccccaaaa gccaggtgga gccagaggac cccaaaagcc    182520
     aggtggggcc agaggacccc caaagccagg tggggccaga gcaagctgcc tctaagagcc    182580
     tgggggagga tcctgactct gacactacag gaacctcaat gagtgagtca gaggagttgg    182640
     caaggattga ggcctctgtt gaacccccaa agccttagag gtacccctca gtcctaatta    182700
     gcccactgca gggggtttct gtcccagagc tctgttgttg gctcttcttg gtgccccaca    182760
     gtgctggcct ctccctagtg gtcactgaag tggccaccag agggactgag gccctgccct    182820
     cagggaaggc caaggccttc agaagcctcc ttacctcact gtgtcctcca ctgccctctg    182880
     agccctgtgt tgtgaacaga ccctaagggt ctaaggggat gggcctcttt tcttcgtctg    182940
     gtgccaagtg aggccttttc tgaataaact ctttaggctt tgtcttttgg tgtggccgtg    183000
     ttctgtttgg ttgcctgtga cccttagcct tctcttttgt ccccagttga gagcactgtg    183060
     gccagtgcca ctcgtggtat ttttgtccac aagctcttgc tgggaacagg ttccaagcgc    183120
     aagtacccaa cgcgggcctc tcctaagtat acagccttct ggaacctgga tgttgtggac    183180
     tatgccatta atcccgaccc tgaagaggga gagggaggtg aatctcttga gtttgaagtc    183240
     agcctggtct acaaatcaag ttccaggaca gccagggctg ttacacagag aaacactgtc    183300
     ttggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcaaggctg    183360
     gatcatcagc cccttagctg tcctggcttt ttcctctttt gattccccaa ttcaaacctt    183420
     ggagaggagg gagacacatg tctttgtgta aatgaagtgg cagtcaagca cagttagccc    183480
     tttgttgaac ctaggtgccc tttcttgaca aggtcacagt acagggccct cctaaggcta    183540
     gctcaaggag gctatgagtc cctggcacct tagctgacat ttggctcatt ggtaaggctt    183600
     tcatcgtgac ctggaagtag atgctctgag atgcatagaa ggcatctggt aacctcagta    183660
     gggatccctc tgatcccaag tgaccagtta tctctgacta gataacagat tcaagttgga    183720
     tggggaatac aacacttgaa agtgaggaga gactctaggc atgactggcc attctagctc    183780
     acttgaaccc ctcaccttca ccaaagcagg taaacagcct cattcagttc tgcacgactc    183840
     aaaggcaggt gctgcgaggt ctgcagatat aggggggtgg ggggtggggg tggggggtag    183900
     gagggaggcc tgaaggccaa gtctgcctca gtgttaactg ttccctagac ccactctaaa    183960
     ggccatctgt gtctcatctg agtggcttcc accagttagt tgtccaatac accacatgct    184020
     aggtgctggg gtggtcagaa gaaccttccg gtaggaggta cattacaggg gccatgatat    184080
     cctagtcttg agttgaatta aagggtcacc tgttccagcc catggaatgg gctgttgaga    184140
     gttcccaact gcgtcctctg ctgtcttaac tgcttccctt atcacatgtt tctgatgagg    184200
     tgttctgatg tgtctcaggc tgcttgagag caaggctttc taagctttgc cttgttcact    184260
     cccgtgtgtg ttcacaggca cctgctgcag agctgagctg gtgcttggta gtggagtgag    184320
     gatctattac ctcacaggca ggtgaaagct aaagctttcc attggggcca ttttgcttat    184380
     aaccacaccc ttacccttat ccaccctatt ggtgttaacc cctgtcatgt gatccctacc    184440
     tgcagatatg ggacttttac catgtcctgg aagctcagat ttgcagaaag gacaggtagg    184500
     ctgggatcct gcagcctcag gtgatttcag tgtttgaaag attcaaggga acgagctagc    184560
     tagggagtta gatgagctag ttaagagcac ttgttacttt tgtagaggac ccatgttcaa    184620
     tacccagcat ccacctgggt gtttataacc atctttctga cttctgggca ccaggcatgc    184680
     acatcgtgca catatatgca ggcaaaacat tcatatgacc tagtaaaata atctgaagaa    184740
     agattaaggg agattactgg ggacttgctt ccaggtctta actttgggtc cttctctcct    184800
     ctagcagcct tgaacttctg gcagcttctt aactcttcca gttcatcttg ctccctcctg    184860
     ggtcacaggg tgccgcgtaa gaggctttcc agtggtggct gaaaagagcc atccaatacc    184920
     acctgcacca gaacctggtt ctaagctcta gagaaagggc cggggtggct agcaagaagt    184980
     gctggactgt cactatacag aagccttgcc atggtaggct ttgggaaggg agatctaccc    185040
     acagggatcc tcctaggatt tgggcggctt gggtgtgtcc ttcgcagttc ttaaaagatg    185100
     cccttcactg tgggggttct tccaggagag gagtgggaga gaaaagagtc tttcttgtgt    185160
     gctgaaaggt gcgtgtgtaa cgcgcggtcc tgggataatt ttaactcaag aggagggcca    185220
     gaaaatgttg ctgggttttt tctttccagc ccacgcggcg ccccgccggc tcaggtgggc    185280
     ccggctgaat gaggggcttg tgcgcgggtg gggcggggca gggcggggca cacggcctcg    185340
     cgccgccccc agcccctctc cccaccctgc tgcccgtcgc tcggcgcctg ccgctcagag    185400
     cgcctgccag ccatgaccgg agcgcctgcc ctagccctgc tgctgctggg gcagctcctg    185460
     acggccacct ccgcgcaggt gagcgcgggc ccgcgggtgc ttatggggtc ggggataggg    185520
     ccggacgtcg aaccgaacag cctgggacaa ctcgagtccc ttgggccaac acctgagtcc    185580
     cgccgccaag gaccctcgag gacatctgtg gcagtctctt caccgcctct ccggctggcg    185640
     agttctggtg atgcagctga gctccacgga caccaggaca tgtcaaccat gatcctaggc    185700
     ttccatttgt cttcacccaa ccgggtcagg ccgctgccaa gcgctgccac cactgccacc    185760
     aagctctgaa cacacaatgt tgcctttgtt cctggagact ccctgcgggg ccgcagcaca    185820
     gccactcctg gcgcaaagga ggataaactg ccttggcgcc aggctccagc gcaggagact    185880
     ggggtttttt aaggcaggca gggaggagga ttatgggcca ctgtcacagg acccagagtt    185940
     tcttgggctg gggaagatgg gacggaaggg ctgacatgtt ggaaaagaag cctacctaat    186000
     aacttatctc aatttcagaa agtgggaccc cgaggccccc ctggtcccca agggcctcct    186060
     ggaaaacccg gcaaggatgg cattgatgtg agttgggaga ggaatgggga aggtgccctg    186120
     agactcctgg ccttgtgacc aaacccaagc gcctcttctg agagttaggg tggcacaaga    186180
     tacccaagtg gagctcaaag gacctcgttc gtctttgagg cagatcctgg ggtacagatg    186240
     agagggtggt ccttgagcta gaaatttggg ccctgagacc catgtgctcc tatatttcag    186300
     gggtgtgtga catgttactc tggagacata ggtgtctttc tggggctgag aatagagaca    186360
     gtctgggatc ccgcttgacc tcagagatgg tgtctttggg atgtaccatc cagttatgat    186420
     cgaaacattg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tggcatgtgg ggggcggggg gggggggcac    186480
     tgaagtcttg cagctccacc acaccttgtc ccatcatcgg aagtggaagg cttcttctca    186540
     cgggtcactc aagcttccag tcactcattg gttcacctag gaactccata gaggactatg    186600
     ggaacctgca ctaagaatgc cctgagctct tctcagactc ccaagagtcc caaaacctag    186660
     ctcaactgta atggcagcag gctccctcac acccctcctg ggccgccatg ttcgacctag    186720
     gtggcccagg actttaccct ctgctgtagc tgagcaccct ggctctgagg ctcttaaagc    186780
     ttcatatgaa agtttcaccc accggtaggt gtccgtggag ggtaccgcta atgggcctcc    186840
     tttctggaga atgggtgagg aagtgctcac atggagtcaa gaggctgctc agctagccac    186900
     agccactcta taaagctctt aggtcggtgc agagggacca tacggagtgt cacttggagg    186960
     ctactgtgcc gctgtgttcc tagatgatcc ccaaatgctg tgtggctgag ctgatttcta    187020
     gctcacccca tccctggcta gcttgcagag gagagttccc caggtataga tgagagaatc    187080
     tggggacccc acaatgtctc cacaggccca gctttgagga ctggattgga gaatggccca    187140
     gctctagggt gggttcctgt tttcagggct tatatgtgct cactttcatt tccccaggga    187200
     gaagctggcc ctccaggtct gcctggcctt ccagtaagtg tccctggttg gaaaggggag    187260
     aggtggacct gtcctcactg ctgagggcct gtgttgccct aggagaggcc tgagggcaga    187320
     gcctggaagt gggcaggagg ggagctcttt gtgccagtgt tcagagaagc cagagaagag    187380
     atagtggtgc tctgtagtgt ctccccactg tgcctgtgtg ggcccctcac cttggctgaa    187440
     gatcctcagc cactgatgtt cctatgcagt ggtctgttac tggggatgct gtttggtgaa    187500
     catccagttg atgggactgg ggcagtcttc tggggttgca gcagagtggc agggtgagca    187560
     gccatcacca tggctggctg gtacccaaca tggggaggac ttatgttcct tgatgggggc    187620
     taaagcctag agtctgattc ctgttgcata actctgccct ttcctcccac ccagggaccc    187680
     aaagggacct cagggaagcc agggaagccg ggagaggcag gactgccagg actgcctggt    187740
     gtagatgtga gtgtcccctc ctcctgcgtc cctgcctcac ctcacccctg tcccagcccg    187800
     gccaaggcta gggctttccc tgctgtcctg cagctcggct tattcaggca ggaaactgca    187860
     tcttgacaga agttgtggga gttcccaatg gggtccctgg ccttcatccc agactctgcc    187920
     agcttctggc tgagacagaa ccagtttcct gtagtctgca gccccatcag ctcttgctga    187980
     tccaagaaca agggcccatt gtcaggcttc ccgccccatg ctggccacac caggtgtccc    188040
     tccgagcctc ctgatgcctt catggatagc ggtgttgtca aggcactggc tccagcactg    188100
     gccagcagga tttagggctg agctgctgga cccgtgttta gtcatcacgg gactggatag    188160
     cagattttcc acgtgctggc cccacccact cccagagctt tgggtgaact ctgtgtgtgt    188220
     gtgtgtgtgt cttagtcagg gtttctattc ctgcacaaac atcatgacca agaagcaagt    188280
     tggggaggaa agggtttatt cggcttacac tcccatactg ctgttcatca ccaaggaagt    188340
     caggactgga actcaagcag gtcaggaagc tgatgcagag gccatggagg gatgtttctt    188400
     actggcttgc ttcccctggc ttgctcagcc tgctctctta tagagcccaa gactaccagc    188460
     ccagagatgg tcccacccac aaggggcctt tcctccttga tcactaattg agaaaatgcc    188520
     ttacagttgg atctcatgga ggcatttcct taactgaagc tcctttctct gtgataactc    188580
     cagctgtgtc aagttgacag acaactagcc agttcagtgt atgtactgtg tctctgggtt    188640
     catagttaag agtctgtggc tcattcttcc tgtggcatgg catgtgcttc tcatttggtg    188700
     gcgtcttgag cccactctcc gcctccctct ccagggtctg acagggagag atggacccgc    188760
     aggacccaaa ggtgcccctg gagaacgggt aagtgtctaa ttccaatagc tgctgtccca    188820
     aggttaggtt cccaggtggc tcacaaggcc atcagggtag gaattctgtg gatggtgtcc    188880
     acaactgact gggccctgtg ccattgctcc actttggggg gtggggggat gctgagtgca    188940
     catcccctgg gtcctccccc cccacagaag tcccacagct acacctggtc agcatcaact    189000
     tggcattcag agcaggcgga gctgtgtggc ggtgatggga gcacaggcgt ccctcctctc    189060
     agcatgggaa aagccacttc acatccctga gtctgaccat cttcactgaa ttcctcattc    189120
     cctagcaaac cagctctctc ttcccactgt tcctgagagc agagctgttt ccttctcctc    189180
     aggagaggtg gttgtgagca cagagcaccc cagagagcaa gaggggtggg tggggcacaa    189240
     ggacagagct agcaagggaa ctcagatgtg tggaacacct gaatgaaagc agctagctgg    189300
     tggccagctg ggctgctact tgcttagcct ggggtgggcg gggcccaggc tgtctggggg    189360
     gggggggggg acagacactg tgactacaag tgtaaggacc agcttgtacc cactttttgg    189420
     taagccaatc atttcagacc tgtctaccaa gctggtcatt ttctcacata aaccggggcc    189480
     tgaagtctca ggaacctttg taggctagtg ttggcacagc ttcccagaag gcaggctggg    189540
     gtccctagct gtatggctca tgcctaccct tctgtcttgc ccctcctatt ggttctgccc    189600
     actagcaact tttcctccat actcaggcaa gtttctagga cagcagaacc ttgcatggcc    189660
     tctgttccct atagaggttt ctctctctga tccccacctt gacagagtta tgacttaggc    189720
     gccaaaggaa aggaagtgca agcaaaggct ggactttctt ccctgtgtac tctgacccct    189780
     gttttccttt tcagggaagt ctaggacccc cagggccacc aggacttggg gtaagtacca    189840
     tcctctcctc cctgtggagt tttttttttt tttaagattt atttattatt atatataagt    189900
     acactgtagc tgacttcaga cgaaccagaa tagggagtca gatctcatta tgggtggttg    189960
     ctgggatttg aactcaggac ctttggaaga gcagtcagtg ctcttaccca ctgagccatc    190020
     ctgccagccc gtccctgtgg agtttttatg gtggcgtggc atccccgagg ttccttgtag    190080
     cttctcctat gtcctgcgtt ctggcctgga ctcctggagc tttatctggg ctatgatctc    190140
     tgtgttagtg ggcggtacct aaatcaggta cctcactttc cctgaacccc tacccaccat    190200
     gccttgtgtg tgttaggact cacctatgtt ctgacctcat tcttggcttt gcagggcaaa    190260
     ggcctccctg gacctcctgt gagtatttac caccctctgg cccctcccaa gcatgttcgt    190320
     tcctggagcc cctctcaaag aagcccgttt tctctggaat agcccagatc gtggtggagt    190380
     ggtctcctta ggggacatcc tgactactca catatggagt cctggctttt caaagggcag    190440
     gtggcgctgg tgggaatccc ctattcaggg tcacaggtta cccatctcac tcttttttac    190500
     ctcctccagg gagaggcagg agtgagtggc ctcccaggtg ggattggtct acgtggcccc    190560
     ccggtgagtg actactccct gtgccgccac tgcaggggtg catgtggtcc ccacacttaa    190620
     ccagaggtgc cttgttcctc ctcctcctcg ctatcccttc cctcttcctg tacactttct    190680
     cctcactctt ccctcccctg aaccccaaac tccctgacct ggtgggcact gacagaagcc    190740
     cagacagaga gccgcctatg actcagggtg gcagacagac agataccagc ctggcttcat    190800
     ccagggagga ttcaagagag ctgtagtgtc ctccattttg ggggaagctg gtgacctcac    190860
     tcagtgggca agctctcttc tgagtcatga attctctgta gggaccctct ggacttccag    190920
     gactgcctgg cctcccagga cctcctggac ctcctgtaag tactggaggg gactctgtca    190980
     ggcatactgg gctgggcccc accctgtcag gcatactggg ctgggcccca ccctaatccc    191040
     tgcccaggct ccgtgccatt ccccaggagc aggtgggaga caggaactgc tatagcattc    191100
     aaggtcacct taccccaagt atagatgatt tctgttgtca cccacaccac aaatgggccc    191160
     gctgtacctt gcactggtca ctggggaggg agataggact gaggatttca agcccctatt    191220
     agattaaagt caaggacaaa gtgtaggagg gtgaatacac accagcttcc tctttgtatg    191280
     ttgaagggaa accctggagt cctccctgaa ggtgctactg atctgcaggt atgcatttgt    191340
     gatgattatg ggatgtttct gctttggaga acaagtcttg cctgatgcca ctgagtgaca    191400
     aaggtggagg agtgtgggtg tgggggtgtc ttccttccaa gacagcattt ctactcctag    191460
     agggacctgc ttgctcagca agaaggcctg agaggagctc tgagtactgc agatggctcc    191520
     aggcacaagc ctggccacac tgcctacatc tgcattgtcc ctaacaaagc tgctagccgc    191580
     aggaagctga caccagatca gtacagatcc ctcaggtggc aactctgctt cctgcagagt    191640
     cccctcttag ctgctctctg tgtaggtgct aagtagcccc tgcactgggt gactcacagg    191700
     ccaagtctgt tgcagaaggt ttctagttcc taagagagag tttgtgtctg gttccatccc    191760
     ctactggatg cagtttcatt taacactgat agtcatctgt ccacgtttct tcacccttat    191820
     ccggcatccc tggcatttgc tttagaaggg gaaagtaggg ctcttctaaa tgagcctctg    191880
     ggatgggttg gtgggtagaa gttgatagct ctgctatgca cccaggctcg acctggccag    191940
     ttcagtgtga agcgagctag aaatctccca tcagtttcct ggtgtgtggt gtggcatatg    192000
     ccgtcaaacc agagattagc actgtaggtt gagttcatgt ggcattcctc ccaacagcca    192060
     ccaggtgact ggtggtcaca agatgaaggg ccctttgttg agttgcagag gtatgtaaat    192120
     ggctgctttg aggctgagcc tgtctgtaga gaagtctgtg ctgtgtgggg aaggtgactg    192180
     gctgccatcc agctctcagc agtcacaatc acttcacctc atgcccacaa ctgaatgggg    192240
     ccctgttcag acttgtctcc atcactagag ggatggtcct tcgcggttct cccactccct    192300
     cctgctggtc tctctcggga tcctgcctcg tttgtcttgg aatggtctga tccttctgct    192360
     ttttcaacag tgtcccgcca tctgcccgcc aggccctccg ggacccccag gaatgccggg    192420
     gttcaaggtg agtgggcagc tacaggtgat aggctgagca catctccact gatagaggcc    192480
     actgggtccc cacaggctat gcccttagag cttttacaga gtctgagcct agattcagta    192540
     ttgttagagg gggactcacc ctgacttctc taccccagtg acacactgga agctgctgtg    192600
     accaggctag gcctggccta agagatcaga ggatgcagag acagagagga gacagggctg    192660
     atcctaaccc aattcttctt gaggcccttg ggaagcacag acatagaccc tctccggcct    192720
     cagtttccct gtctggttcc tggccttgga ttctgaatgg catgctcctg ttcccactga    192780
     ctggatgcac agaccttggt tctgcatagg cagatggagg tggggagggg gttgggcgtg    192840
     catgggtctg gggacagtga cttctgtgtt tgttctcagg ggcctactgg ctacaaaggg    192900
     gaacaaggag aagttggcaa agatggtgag aaggtaaaaa ccgcggtcca cgtgtggtta    192960
     actgacctag agaaaaacgg caaccatggt aggggtggtg gctgggggaa gggcctggaa    193020
     cctcatgtgg ttgttctgaa taggtgcctg atgctgatat ttcctcagtg gggcctggct    193080
     aggcagagct gggtgacctg gaaccttttg tgtaaacaga tccccctctc ccctgtctga    193140
     cctcacatgg aagctcctgg gatgttgagg gtccctgagg acacttggct ctgggcttaa    193200
     agtgttcatg gaagcctctg ccattctcca ccatcggcca ctgtcctaga aggcccctgc    193260
     ctgtccttac tgcattctgg gaagaagtct gggtggcagg agtggctgag tccagactgt    193320
     ggctgtacag actgctgggt gtagggtagg cacttccccg cttgaccagg aggagatgcc    193380
     taggaaaacc tggtggcctt gcttgagcag agacccctga ccctcccagg caatggtgag    193440
     gtcaccataa tttaggttgc ctttttacag ctataggcaa gtatcccctc ctcatccagc    193500
     ctccatggct cggttctaaa gtaggagggg tgcctgtcat ggctcaggct catggcaggg    193560
     accagtgggc agcggacaga tgctacaact agggtgaact gtctgactac tgctttttct    193620
     gttgtagggt agtcctggcc cccccgggcc tcctggaatc ccaggcaccg tggggctaca    193680
     ggtgaggctg gggagggacc aggatggtaa ggtggagacc cctttgatgg tcaccccaaa    193740
     ggaagctagt ttagatttga gggacagtta accagctctt gtgagagggt cacatccagg    193800
     ctgacaccaa ggctagtgtt gccccctcca agggcctcag ctgatgtcag gcacgtttag    193860
     ggacgatgat aaagccttgg gggactcaga ggccagactt ggggtgctgt tcaggtagac    193920
     gtgttgtctg gtccctgtag ctctggttct gtcccctcag ggcccacgag gattaagagg    193980
     acttccaggg ccactcgggc cccctgggga ccgggtaagt gctgtcgcct ccatggaggg    194040
     ctttgggtcc actgaggaca gccctgttca ttgggtgtct ggaatggttc aaaccccaac    194100
     tctgctcagg ctcaagagtc tcaccagtca gcatcaccaa agctcttcct ggctggcaac    194160
     ttgaggctgt actgaagtcc ccctctgggt gtctgttcct atgggaggac ttcttatgcc    194220
     atctctcctt tacagggtcc cattgggttt cggggccccc ctgggacccc aggagcacct    194280
     gggaaagtgg tatgtatgta tctaggctgg aaggtggact tcacaccagc ctagaccctc    194340
     tgacccctcg actttaccag cctgctgctg gttcacagac atgccaccct ttgtcccact    194400
     gggctgcccc tactctgtcc caggatgagc tgttcgtaga tacacaggag actcgggaca    194460
     tagcaagggt ggtatatcca tgaggtccag ggcacacgag aagtaacaca ggacaatgtg    194520
     gcatgccgat gacagagagc tggagtgtgg gacatccagc ctgcatggga aatctgcctc    194580
     ctttgttgtc tagatatgag ctggggacag tggtggcatg tcactgtccc atgtgacctt    194640
     ctgcagcagg aagctgcctg tgaccaggtc tagggagcta agccaggcaa aacctgggga    194700
     ggccttcagg caagacccac agctttcctg ccttctctgt gttgttaacc ctgcccctac    194760
     tcccctgttg ttttcttagg gtgacagggg tgaaagggga ccagaagggt tccgtggccc    194820
     taagggtgac ctggtaagtg agggggagct tgtttctctg tatctttcta tgaagagcct    194880
     gatgtaactt ctgtggctag ggtggatgat ccttagaggg cccctgcccg gggtatgaag    194940
     gctctctatg ctctgctcta tcctggaagg ggtataagct gctagaaatg gggcctggat    195000
     ctgaagggtt caggccctgt ccctgacccc tacaaacacc aaagctcaca tggaagattc    195060
     tgggcccctc cagagcattc agcagtgaag agcctgagca gaggctgggg aatgggccac    195120
     tgagctcaat tcctggctct agtctagccc cagagtaggc tgacaccatt gccagccctg    195180
     gttgataggc agacatttcc ttcctgcact tcactgtctc atactgccct gctacagtgg    195240
     aggctctgga gtgaggcatg ggagcaggag ctaagtagac acccaggttt ctcctgaaca    195300
     gaactggcta ccaccaaaca ttcacctctg gcagcctcca gacctcttct tccccaccca    195360
     agaccagtgg ctgagcagtg gtacagtgtc cacagcttct agatcacccc tggtgacaga    195420
     gcctgacttt acaggctggg atgagccatg acacacccta gggaaagcac aatacacctg    195480
     atgtaccaaa gctgggccta tgtggctgag cctgggggga caggcaggat gagatgtttt    195540
     ttggggtctc aacttcaggt gcttatgtcc catgtttcct ttagggcagg cctggtccca    195600
     aaggaatccc tggaatggct gggccaggcg gagaaccagt gagtatctcg gacatacgca    195660
     ggatcaagcg ttgtgttgtg gccacacaaa ctgcccccag cattgcaact cctcttggct    195720
     gagctatcgc catttgtaac tattctcctt aggttctctt tccatagtcc tttccattct    195780
     cagggccctg cttcatagct gtgtgaccta tgtttccata ggtcaggacc ctattcaaaa    195840
     gtgcctgtgt tgtatatagt ctaaccttcc agtgtctcct tgccattcaa actgctggga    195900
     ttcttcagct cccagaaacc ccagcactct cagcagctcc cagaaacttc cagaaaccca    195960
     tagtggcacc tagcagcccc agtacctgcc agctacttca gtactcccaa aagtacccac    196020
     caactactca agcagcccca gaaacccata gcctccccag ccgtttccaa catctccagc    196080
     agttcctgga aatccacagt agcacccacc agctcccagc agccagagac accactgcac    196140
     cccacagtag ctctcatctc ccttttgctc cagcctgaag ttctacagcc actgtacccc    196200
     tacagaaatc agtattctaa gatcagactt acctgactcc tgagaagaaa gggtgatagg    196260
     tcaggcaagc aaacaagatg tgtatgctga gggtcctgaa catcctgtgc gcactccctt    196320
     gcaagatctc tgacagtggc acatagccac ttagccagga aaacacagcc actgtcaggg    196380
     actcaagaca tttttagttt agagggtaag gaaggcattt ttcatgggga caaggtgttt    196440
     ctctgtctga agggcctaac atcatccctt atccttaggg catgccaggc aaggatggca    196500
     aagatggtgt gccgggactt gatggtgaga aggttggtgt ccggctggat gcttgctggg    196560
     aggaggtgga ggagttcagc ttcccaaggc ctcagcatca tctggcctca taccctactc    196620
     actgtcctta cagggagagg ctggtcgcaa tggtggccaa ggagagaaag gccccaatgg    196680
     gctgccggtg agtgcccaag ctagataggt tagttgctct ggggttagct tctgcatttg    196740
     tcctaggaat agatctactg ggatctagca cagccctgga gctagaagtc agggatctac    196800
     tttagcatat ctgtactctc acctgtggga cacgtgaaaa tgagcctgtg ttcatcctgg    196860
     aggctgtggg gtcaccctga gaacatttcc tgggagtgct cgtagggcct ctgcatcagg    196920
     ctgaggagac tttacccctg gggtcaactt taccttttgg gagcactctg cctggcctat    196980
     gcacaatgtc catgtggaca ctatgcagcc acactgtgaa cattctctac atgcatgccc    197040
     tctgtgggct cagtggtctg ggctctgatc ctggctccca gccctgaccc tagctagccc    197100
     tagcactatc cctaacccag actccagtct tgacccagac cttgacttta actctgaacc    197160
     tggtcaggct cctctcttga ctctgacccc taatccctgt tctggcaggg gctccctgga    197220
     cgagcagggt ccaaaggcga gaagggagaa ccggtaagtg actgttttcc ccaggagaga    197280
     ggagccacag ctgtgtgggg aatggaggga acatagaact cactgtctct tcacttgtat    197340
     agggtagaac tggcgagctg ggtgaggctg gcccctctgg agagccaggt atccctgtga    197400
     gtatccatag ccccttccct gtgtatacat aggaggagga tcttgtcctt ccgttttctc    197460
     ctcccctggg tggacacaag gactctaccc ctctggtgtg tgttcagaga aaacctgcct    197520
     ctctacatac gtgcagggct accgtgctcc ctccctgtgt gtacacagga gcctgtcctt    197580
     tcctgttgta tatggagact gccttgccta tgcatactga ggacgtgtct ctccccacat    197640
     tgtctacaca ggaactctgc ccttccttct atgtgtatgt gtggaccctg ccctcttgct    197700
     gtatgtatgt gtacacaggg actctgcatt ctccatatgt acacagagac cttgtccctt    197760
     ctcacatatg tcaaagggga tcctgacctc ctcacctttt tttcccttac agggagatgt    197820
     tggtgttcca ggggagcgtg gtgaggctgg tcacaggggc tccgtggtga gtgggagtac    197880
     atagcccctt gggaaagtca cagagacata gttcatgggc aggaaggggt agcaattcgt    197940
     caaagcctga atggtaggag aagggtgaat ctggccttct ttatccctca ccccctggaa    198000
     taatggtgcc atgctaggct atgcttgcct ctgatccttt atgctatggt gcagctgaga    198060
     ccctggcaga tatagatgga aattccctta tactataacc tgtgaagtca accttcttta    198120
     aggccttgta gaaggcactg ggcattggta cctgacacgc agctaatctg acaatttaga    198180
     tatagactat gtaagccctg agatccgttc cccacactta gttgtcccag aacatgtctg    198240
     tgcatgtgcc tccaaacata gcaatttgga gagatggctc aagacttgtt cactgtccac    198300
     tcagtggccc ctcccatgga ggcacagctg ggcttcctga gtcacaaaga ctcctagagc    198360
     ctccaggaac tccctgaatc tcacaatatc cactcatatc ttggtctttt agggagctct    198420
     tggcccacaa ggtcctcctg gtgctcctgg catccgtggc tttcaggtgg gtaaagttgg    198480
     agtaaggttt gagccattga gccctggtta gctggggaaa ggagcattcc tggctgggtt    198540
     ctcctgggtg ctgactaact gggatcgtat ccaattcaca gggacaaaaa ggcagcacag    198600
     gagaccctgg ccttccgggc ccccaaggcc tacggggaga tgtgggtgac cgggtaaggg    198660
     ttgttctctt gcacctccct gctctaacca gtctacatag actcaagcca gcagcagccc    198720
     actccttccc acgtgggtgg cagggatggc agcaccaact atgtggacag gtacccttga    198780
     ttcttttctt gctcattctc ttggtgttct tgggcaagaa gggatctagg gtccttactg    198840
     ctctatcaca agccctgcat gcaggcctag aagaatcagt aactggggtg aggggagaag    198900
     tgtaaacttg agactctagg tcctgggctg catgcagttt ggtgtgagct cagacctgaa    198960
     tgaccccagt gtttcaaaca tgtaactttc caagagtctt tgctgatggt gctgcagtag    199020
     ccagtggcat tggtgttctg cagggacagg atccagggag ttatgactta ctcaggttct    199080
     caatggttaa tagataatgc ctgggtcccc tggaaggagt ctgggggtct ggtctgggtc    199140
     tagaccatac atcagatctt tacaggctat gtgactgctt tcttgatctc cacttggcaa    199200
     ggacaaagca ctctttaaat gtgtgcatgc aatcattgga ggctctaggg tacctgtgca    199260
     gacacaggga gccacagaaa ccagcaccac acagcaggga cagtgggtgc tttattagcc    199320
     tctaggcagg aaattccagg ggttagggaa tttgccaata gctctgagga ctctaagcta    199380
     gtggagggaa atgcttgcgc tgagccccag tcccagcagg gaggacgctt tactgacttt    199440
     ctctttggat agctcttgcc ttcactttca catttacttc tctttttaaa aaagatttat    199500
     ttattttaat cttatgtata aacttgccca catggatgca tgtgtaccat atctatcaag    199560
     agccaaagga tgtcagaggg aatgtcagtc agtccctgga actagagtta cagatggatg    199620
     tgagccactt gatgcaatgc tgggaaccaa acccaggttc tctacaagag cagtgctcga    199680
     tctatgtctc tctctctgtc tctctgtctc tgtctgtctg tctgtctctc tctctctctc    199740
     tctctctcgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgaatga gtaaatgagt    199800
     gtgtatgaca gagagggggc agggagagag atccaagaca gcagtagccg atctattcga    199860
     tgtccactga gtgataggca gctgctcttg aaaggaccag tagggcatgc atggctgtat    199920
     actactgtta tctatggact tgggtttggc aactggggct agggtgctgt ttctaagacc    199980
     ccttccatag gaggaatttc tatacctact gtaggtggaa ttcctgcctc tgctatgcag    200040
     ggccatgacc ctccccccat ggggattccc agggttcctc taatccagaa ccttctctct    200100
     gcctagggtc caggaggtgc cacaggccct aagggagacc aggtgagaat acagtgccgg    200160
     gtcaagtcag ctctaggcca gctggctgtg ggtttacttt cagagccatt gagaggctcc    200220
     gtcatctcta cttcccttca ctttgctcct gttcttccat ccttgcttag cacaacttgg    200280
     gcatcagcag ggacacagtc agctgcttta ctgggtacag gttgtaaaat gttcactttg    200340
     actttccttt ctggccattt agttcccaac aatggcgact ctattattaa atgtgtttgc    200400
     cacaagcttt ggctcattcc ttggctagct tgtaacttat ttaacccatt taaactattc    200460
     tatgtctacc acttggttag ttacctctct tcagtcctgg cctgcttctt tctttgagtc    200520
     tcctgatcat ttctcttgaa tctctcttta ttctctttat tcaatcctga aatcaactaa    200580
     ctgctggttc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc acacacacac    200640
     acacacacac acacacacac acacaaaatc tcctcaatct ccccctttat actctatttc    200700
     ccagaatcct ctctctctct ggaggtgtca cacctcctat ttcctgcccc agctcattgg    200760
     ccattggctt ttcttttttg acaggtgata cttataagag attctttcta cgacaagtag    200820
     ttgtccagat gatcactata tgtatggcct gggtgaaaaa aaaaatctac cactgattag    200880
     ggaagctggc tttgtaaaag gggtgaagtc tggactctaa gacttaagtt gtaaaagcag    200940
     gttagagctg tgtgggttct ccctgaagcc ctttccttcc tgaaacagct cagagggtgg    201000
     actgtggttg gtgccatcca tcctcacaga gactgcttcc tctgctctga gtgatccagg    201060
     gcttctcaat ccagtaccat caaggtgcta ctagcaggaa agcctcacag tacaaataag    201120
     tgacttcagc tctgtagtct gcgtggacgg tggctctgag ggttttgtgt tgctttggga    201180
     actccatcta gtgcaggatc ctggcctgga ctctggcttc attcaatctt gggatcagta    201240
     atagacaagt ggcttcaggt ggggaggagc cattggtaac gttagtgtgt catccccagg    201300
     gcattgcagg ttccgatggt cttccagggg acaaaggcga gctggtgagt atggctgagc    201360
     cccttactgc gaactgagag ccacctggtc agtttgggtg gtgactgtcc cattgatgca    201420
     gtgtctgagg atgatgggta aggtagaact aacacccacc aagtacctag gccttgccat    201480
     ctcattttgt ggtaggggag agtggggtcc aggagacaca ggcagggtgg ttccctgctg    201540
     gctgaggtgt agaactctct gggaaccttg tcacattctg cctgggaaag tcaccttact    201600
     tgaatcagtc actgctgagg tctaagcaga gaaaacctct tttacagagc tggaacctgg    201660
     gcctattata aaacagaacc ctgactgagt ccttgggtct ccgatgggaa gccctttctg    201720
     gcttcaaggt gaccaggaat ttcagttctg tagtaatgtg tttccttttt gtccaagtgg    201780
     cacagagcta gcctaactcc agtgatcatg ctgttaggta gcaatcattg gccactgtaa    201840
     acctcttaca cctttaatgc aaacaatcac agttgattgt tctttatctt agcaaattct    201900
     tgacagagcc ttagaatcag ccccacctga tcacccttaa actgatggat tggtagggag    201960
     ggactgtgtg ggacagagcc cctgccagct acaaacctct atgtggtgct ggtgaccgta    202020
     atggtgagcc agtggggaca tcaccatctg tcctttcctg cctccactgc agatagctca    202080
     cagtattgag cagggcccaa tcaatccact tacacacttg aggctgatcg aaatgatgag    202140
     gccccagcta gggaagaccc agagtcacag ggcagaggtg ttcaactcag catttataat    202200
     gccacagtga agagactcaa agtgagacgt gtaagagcaa gttctgtgca gccacttgaa    202260
     gtcaaatttc aggggaaaga ggtacgaaaa ctgcattggt aggtaagaga gacaaacacc    202320
     cttagcagcg tgttcgtgtg tgaggcacat gagtggtgtc ttccactgcc acgtgctagg    202380
     tcagctttca gagctacttc cacacaaccc atagttgatg catgcacctt ctcttcacag    202440
     ggtcctaatg gccccgttgg acaaaaagga gaggtgagta catcccagat actttaacaa    202500
     cttatccaag gagcccacag gctcccatcc acctctgtaa ggtgctatct agatatgtgg    202560
     tggccactca ctcctgaggc cttcctaagg agggctcact ctgactccct tcctcttgtt    202620
     tttctgcagt ctggcagccg aggggaactg ggccccaaag gcatccaggg ccccaatggc    202680
     accagtggag tccagggtgt acctggtccc ccaggtccac tgggcctcca aggtgtgcag    202740
     ggtgtcccag gcatcaccgg gaagcctgga gttccggtgc gtagcttttt ctttctcttg    202800
     tgttgtgggt tttggacttg tgctagactt agatcatgtt tgggtgttgt ttttgttatg    202860
     tagtgaacta tcagttgttt tgggagtgag gtactaggta ggtcagaact actggtgcac    202920
     tgcctcacct gctgatgaac ctgggtgaat ttcagggcaa ggaagccagt gaacagcgca    202980
     tcagggagct atgcgggggt atgatcagtg gtgagtctcc tgtgcatacc ctgcctttca    203040
     cacagctctg accttctgtt atccctacct tacctgtcct ctgatctcca ggagggctac    203100
     cctctcccca gcgcttgata cagtgcaggg tactcagagg agctctgact aactactgag    203160
     ggtaacaatt acaaggaaga acccgggtgg tggtggtgca tgcctttaat ccctgtactt    203220
     gagaggtgca tcctggagtt tgaggacagc ctgatctaca gagtgagttc caggacagga    203280
     agaaaccact gtgccctttg gctagaaggg acactttctt gaatagcttt gaacttctca    203340
     ttccagcatg tgagatagtc caagagaagg gaccctcctg tctcccctgg catactctag    203400
     agcagataaa gtaatcattt ttggtcagta aatgaaatcc ccttctgaca gagagctggc    203460
     tttgttatac tttgcatgaa gatgtttggt aatcctctct gaagtatgca cttgacactc    203520
     tgttttccaa aagagcaaat tgcacagttg gctgcacacc tgaggaagcc cttagcacca    203580
     ggctccatcg gcaggcctgg tccagctggc cccccaggcc ctccaggccc tccaggctct    203640
     attggccacc ctggcgctcg gggtccccct ggataccgtg gtcccactgg ggaactagga    203700
     gatcctggac caagaggtaa gtagttgatt caagcaaggc atggtcatgc tgctgtgaca    203760
     gcggtgtctc aggcacatga ggaaacccta gttttctgta gcactgaacg gcacaaccct    203820
     gcccttttgt gctgagatac cttcctcctg aggtccaggg aagagaggac tcaaggaaca    203880
     ctcaggttca atgtcacctg gatgagagag tgctatttct gcccttgatt cacacctcat    203940
     ggtcatgaga cctgagaacg acaccgcagt ctatatgact cacttagaaa tgctattata    204000
     aagatgcagt caacaatcac cctggttata ccacacacac tctagggctc gttcagggga    204060
     gggctgcgcc tttgcgcttt tggagccagc acagatcatg tcttaccatt ctgtgggaat    204120
     cacagaacct ttagtgtgat atatttttca aatatcacca gaacaaaatt tgtttgggtt    204180
     gtaagcaata aataatagta ccccactttc actctgaagc ttacgttaat ggagattggt    204240
     ggcacaggac aatgtcagtt gcaaatggtg aaaacaagta attcagctgt gtctaagatg    204300
     gtgtgaattg ccgggcgtgg tggcccatgc cttaaatcct agcactcagg aggcagaggc    204360
     aggtggattt ctgagttcaa ggccagcctg gtctacaaag tgagttccag gacagccagg    204420
     gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcaaaaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa acaaaaacaa    204480
     aaagatggtg tgaattagat cagaccttat ttcttgcctg ctgatgtcac agctattgga    204540
     gcaagctgtg gacagctggt tggaagacag ctggagcatc agacacaagc tggggttgta    204600
     atgccctact gtgtgaactg atggccacca gccttttcca aagcccattg gaattcatgt    204660
     atttgcctta tgttgccctg gtgacaagtt tgaaaccccc cctccccgat tccacttggt    204720
     gctgactgat tggccaatag cgtcctcctt cccaaaagta gctttaagaa aagaatctgt    204780
     atgggaagcg attctctgag tctatcgtca tcttcaaggt tagccttaaa aactctggta    204840
     tgcagatgga cttgatataa tttgcacatc atttccacct gttcttaaaa tccttggaaa    204900
     ttgaggaatt tcaacactag agagaaaaca tgaagaattc atcttgtctc agtgcagtgt    204960
     ctgtcccaaa tcaactttcc aatgactgtt ttctctgcca ctcctccaga gtatggcctt    205020
     tgtaggcagc ctgtgccatc tggtatcatg tgagtgacta ccattttaaa agatgtatag    205080
     gaccaggcag tggcagccgg gcgtggtggc acacgccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc    205140
     agaggcaggc aggtttctga gtttgaggcc agcctggact acagagtgag ttccaggaca    205200
     gctgggacta cacagagaaa ccctgtctcg aaaaacaaaa caaacaaaca aaaaagatgt    205260
     ataggatttc caaagggaca tctgaattcc ttctaggcta aaattaaaac tcagaacatt    205320
     ttgtacctgt gtagatgctc caaaggccat gacagggata cagaggttcc aagaagcctg    205380
     ctgggatggc catacaaaca cgttttctat ttgaaagtgg gcttgccaca ctgttcattc    205440
     tgtgtgaggc actgggcacc tttgtttttg agtgtgcatc aagatgctga gagcccactg    205500
     tggagaatat acacgtgtga ttagacctcc tcaaacacca agcacaggcc atggttattg    205560
     ctgtactgag acctccttgg aagcacagcg tcgaattcag atccaccaca tggaacaagt    205620
     gagctgccag aaggcgttaa agctcacaca cagggcagcc tccccagacc actggcaact    205680
     gcagacacca ccacccctcc taacagcagc agggtataat agttcaacaa gtagcaatgg    205740
     ccttatactt gaacctcaat cacacctgca tatgccactg tcttagaatt caagagacag    205800
     cagaaaaccg ccctggttgt ccctgtgcca ctggaggttg tttgcttttt acttttgctg    205860
     tattgaggag ttgggaactt aaggttaggc cttatgcata ctaggcaagc gctatgtcat    205920
     agagcagtag ccccagccct gtgcaagcgt aacagaccaa agcagaggtg aaggaactga    205980
     agaacacgta tggggatttt tttttttttt tttttgagac agggtttctc tgtgtagcac    206040
     tggctgtcct gaaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctc aaattcagaa atctacctgc    206100
     ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgtgccact tgggattaaa ggcatgcctg    206160
     acccccacgt atggggatat ttaaaaatat ggtagtgccc gatgtgactc cagcacttga    206220
     aggaggcaag agttggaagt cagcatgggc tgtatagtga gctataggcc tggaccacag    206280
     actgagatgt tgtctcatta aaaataaaaa taaagcaccc tttgatcagc catgaatcaa    206340
     aactcatatt gaaaacatga acacgggctg gtgagatggc tcagtgggta agagcacccg    206400
     actgctcttc caaaggtcca gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat    206460
     ccgtaatgag atctgactcc ctcttctgga gtgtctgaag atagctacag tgtacttaca    206520
     tataataaat aaataaatct aaaaaaaaaa ttatttaaaa aaaaaaagaa aagaaaacat    206580
     gaacaccaga taacacaact gtctcagagg cataaatatt tccaacaaaa ctaaaattcc    206640
     accagtgatt ttggaggtaa gggtggtatc agttgatgtg ttggggatgt aggtatgcta    206700
     acgctgtcag acttccacaa agctgcactt tggtgaacag cctcacttct taaaaaagca    206760
     gcaagctctg tggaaacaag atgggaaatg ctatcactgt ggatgggcat ctgctctaac    206820
     ttgcctgttc ctttcctcat tgcagggagc cagggtgaca gaggggacaa gggagcaaca    206880
     ggtgcagggc tggatgggcc tgctggggac cagggctacc aaggtaggcc actgtcatca    206940
     cacagttctg gggaagggct ggaaatggtt ttcgtttggc aaagcattaa ggacctgttt    207000
     aggaactgct tctataatct cattagtagg taaaaccagt catttttctg tacctaactt    207060
     tagctaagta ggtttagtta agatgtatcc tactaaatat accgcctgtt ccagaaaatt    207120
     atttttctct taattgaaca cacatacatt gaatgattat ttttacttca tgtatgtgtg    207180
     agcctatctg tgcacatgtg tgcacacaca tgtgcatgca cacgcaccac agcatacagg    207240
     gagagtaggg gacaactttg tggagtcagt tctcttctac ttttacatgg gtcctggata    207300
     ttaaattcga gttaccggac ttgagtgaat acttctacct gctgagttat cttgatggcc    207360
     atgtttcaat gtcttaatgt aaaacctgaa tgctctgggc gaggcgtggt ggcacatact    207420
     tgtaatctca gcgccaaggt aggatgaatt tatgacacct gcaggcccac ttaggaattt    207480
     catctgcacc tgtgtatctc tctgggttcc tctagccaga tacagggaca gatgtgcctg    207540
     ggtgaccctc ctgacctcct ctcctttgta aggtgtctcc cacctcataa gactcacaag    207600
     gtttactcct cctcctctgt gaggtgtagt accctccctc cttcatgagg tatatagcct    207660
     ctctccctaa ggcacttctt ttcaaggcac ccctgcccct ctcattattt gctttcctaa    207720
     ctgtcctgtt ggcaacccca ggctacatgt ctacctgtgt gaccttaagt attacctcta    207780
     agctgccact cccagatgta tcctcacact tagagcatct catgaatggc tatggctcac    207840
     tgcccctagg taaaactctg tcacttcttc ccaggctgcc caccaacaac aaatacaccc    207900
     ttaaaaaaaa aaaaagattt gcttatatat tttacaaacc tgggtgtttt tgtctgcatg    207960
     tatatccttc caccagaaaa ggccatcaga ttccataaga gttacatgtt accacgtggg    208020
     tgctgggaat tgaactcagg acctcaggaa gagcaacagt gcttttaact gctaagctat    208080
     ctttctagcc cctcctaata tactcttgat atgtacccca caagcccttc tgagaccaga    208140
     gtacactgtg tcttcaggac acacattctt tgtgactagc ctggcctcag ctgtgcctac    208200
     ctgctcacct cctacccagc cacctgtctt tcccctgctc ttttgggctc tgcctgaaat    208260
     cttcatctct gacctcttgc actgttcaga agtaagccac taaagagact ctccaagtag    208320
     cctgtgaatg gctgctatta tgggcttctc gtggccccta actgcactct cctggtttct    208380
     agggcctcaa ggtgtacctg gcatcagcaa agatggtcga gatggtgctc atggtgagcc    208440
     tggccttccc ggtgatcctg gccttcctgg agctgctggt gctcagggta ccccagggat    208500
     ctgcgacact tcagcctgcc aaggagctgt gttaggggga ggtggggaaa agtcgggtcc    208560
     tcggagctca taaaacaagg acttcagtag gaaatggctc catatttcct actgaaatac    208620
     gagagcactc cagcaggcag cagggatgag cggtgtggct atggacagaa atggacagtg    208680
     gctggctaca gttggtcctt catggcctgc tgcttggccc caagaacatc tattggcagc    208740
     actgtcactg tcccatctcc aagatttatg gcagcccaat acctcagaca caggccttag    208800
     ggatggagac tttaaaccca gcatctggga gggatggtgt tatctaagag ttttgtacaa    208860
     ttccatgaga taaaaacact caagagactt gtttacataa catttatata aagcctatga    208920
     tagactacca ataaagtgat cttctaaccc ttcagattag tactggttat agtgtgatga    208980
     aggcaaggaa cttaatgtct actttgcctg ctttctattg caaacttagt atctctgatg    209040
     cctagtgttt attcaaggaa ctacactgca ccatctgtta aaataaataa agcgactcac    209100
     tgggaacctt tgttccaaac atacagttta ttacacataa agcactgcct cacaatatgg    209160
     aaatgtgggc attaaagcaa tgtactgcga aaatgtttat gggcaaaagg agctttaaaa    209220
     gaagtctctg gaaaattctt agcaaagttt taaaatggca ctgcattttc caatagagta    209280
     ccatgagact ggaaataggg gggacagaac aaatgaaata aagtttccaa acctcttcta    209340
     gttaagaaca atttaccttc ttccaattgc taaaggggca catttaaaat gtaaacaaaa    209400
     taagtaaacg gcaatgtttt ctttagtctc aagactcaag aaattaccaa ggatgttaat    209460
     tttttaaaag ttatcatgtt aagaacacat gatggtgtcg gacaggtaat tgaaaaatta    209520
     ctaattatca agatgtcttc atcctcaaat ggtcatcgga cattagtggg taagtatttt    209580
     gtttagataa atactttcac gaaatgtgct ctcaacgtcc ttactggagt cccacaactg    209640
     gagccgcatc cctcgagagg actcagagct gaactccggg atggcaggca tgtgcatgat    209700
     gccgcaggaa cggcggttct ctcccaggtc ctgggtcagt ccagtcactt gatctccatg    209760
     gcagggctgc tctgcaggct gccctgtgca gggcaggtca ccagggattc gggtctagtc    209820
     agctttagcc ttctgccagt tttaccgcaa aacacgctct caaattccta aagtcaagaa    209880
     gtgattgtta atgcactgag ttcaaaggaa tcaatgcttc tagtttcaaa agtacaagag    209940
     actgaaatta agaggcatgt aaactattca aagtacagtc ttctaaggta tcacagacat    210000
     gtacactaat ccccccagta cagttatgtt gtatgtgtta tttttatttt ttacatttgt    210060
     taagtgtcca ggttggtggc tatctcttca catacactgg agaggattcc ctggccagcc    210120
     aagggctagg tgcagtccct gaggttcctc tgaatagacc aaaagcagct ccctgccagc    210180
     tgctagactc tgcttgctca cccaagctct ccctgccttt taaaaagcat tatatctaaa    210240
     ggctaggcaa ggctaactcc ctaaacacag gattggcccc agtgtcacca gatagctacg    210300
     aagtctgatg acccaagcat tgggggacga caactcagga aggctactct agaagataac    210360
     aggaaaaaga agttaaccat ttccataact ttgtgaaatg cagaatgtgg gaattcctac    210420
     aagataactg accccgagag gaaaggggga caaatatttg ggtctcaatt gaagcacaca    210480
     atagagacct gtgagtacag aggcatgggg gatggccatc cacaaatgag agaaaatggt    210540
     aagaaatgtt ctaactccct gaagtgagaa ggtagtgaac taactcttag gctgggctca    210600
     gggatgtggg ccttcagtgt tctattgccc atttgtattc atttagaaat taataaatct    210660
     agggtttgta tgttttttgc tctggtaaat atatttacca aataaatata taatggtttc    210720
     atcactcgca agttaaaaat tccaaggtat aaagtacatt cactaaacca gaagagtctt    210780
     ccaaaatgtc tcttatcatt ccaaacagca actttgtcct cattaaccat ggcatcccac    210840
     tgcctgccct gatacacacc agtttccatc tctgagtctg acctctctag gcacctcact    210900
     ctggtgactg gcttatctca ttcagcttgt caaagggtgt ccatagagca ggtgccagaa    210960
     cgtcaatcct cctcatggtg gaacactgtc gtgggtgtcc ataatgcttg tccactccgt    211020
     tgagcactgc tgccatgaat gctcagagcc aaatgtcagt ttgagtcttt tcaacctctt    211080
     gggttttttt atactgcgtg ggaattgctg ggtcatgtgg taattctttt ctgagaactg    211140
     gcatactgtt ctccacggta gctacaccat gtctaccaac agggcacacg taagtgttag    211200
     agttcctcca aacctttcct aacactggtt gtttttcttt cctaataatt tgacagtggt    211260
     atcttagtgt ttagttttgt tttccagcac tgggggtcaa gtccatggct gtgcaagtgt    211320
     tccaatactg ttatatcctt ggcctcccag gagagagatg ttcttgaagc cagggcagaa    211380
     agccaaggaa tgtcctgagg acccacctgg gcccatctct ggctcaacac tatgggaaca    211440
     gcaactaaaa gcttctggga ggagacctaa gacctgagag gaaggtggag ttgagagggt    211500
     actcatgtcc caggtttaat caccaacata aactgggtgt agtggcatat gcctgtaatt    211560
     ctggcacttg agaactagag gtaagatcag aagttcaaag tcaagctcag ctacaaagag    211620
     tctgaggcca acctgtacta catgtagtat gaggtcttgt ctcctaactc tcctaaaaag    211680
     gagaaaagaa atgtttactt caaatgcgcc cactaggaat agactagagg acaaaaattt    211740
     taattcagga aggacagaag aagaatgagt agagcaaaat acaactaaaa gaaccaaacc    211800
     aaaccaaaag gggctggaga gatggctcag tgcttaagag cactgactgc tcttccaagg    211860
     tcctgagttc aaatccctgc aaccacatgg tggctcacag ccatctgtaa tgagatctga    211920
     cgccctcttc tggtgtgtct gaagacagct acagtgtact tacatataat aaataaataa    211980
     aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaac caaaaacaaa actaatgcat acagaataaa ccaaggaagc    212040
     tggagcatgg cccttagtaa ggagccaccc agaacagtaa ataggcacag atcaggacaa    212100
     agagtacagg gatattttgt ataaaatact ttatttttag aacaaatcac catagttttg    212160
     gccactcagt gacacacaag ccacaggtgc ttgttgggtg gcgggcagat acttctggtg    212220
     gcatgttcta aaggggggaa acttctacaa tgaacagcag tttccccagg agtgtttgaa    212280
     aagtatgact ctcttgctgg cctactgctg catctgtgcc aaccatgttc cccaaaggac    212340
     ctttggaaac ctgtagtcat taagctgcat gttccaaccc cagaaccccc gagtacaggc    212400
     tgtgctgtag cagaaggctc tatacgagcc tcagcaattg ctctggatgc taggttcttt    212460
     atccacactg cggagcccat tcagtgccgg tcgcagtctt tcctcttctt gggaaagttg    212520
     tgtttattac ctgctgtatc aactccacat ggaccccaac atctggtgaa gtcattggta    212580
     gagagggttc agctccccag tgcacccagg cagcgcaacc ccacaggctg cacaaatgac    212640
     acttacctgg tatgggtctg ttttgcagca ggggctgtac ttggatgaga tcataaagga    212700
     tgcagttaaa tggatgtaca ttctctatca tgtacataat acagcttctg gtttatgcaa    212760
     accagagcat ggggcagagc atttattggt aggcagacag ggcaagggct gccagctgtc    212820
     aagggtagat tagatcctca ggagtctttc catgagggcc tcagaacctc tgcaaggaag    212880
     atggtactca aaaagactgg gtgcagtctt tgctaggtgc gtctttccta ccctgggtgc    212940
     acaaggctga atctagactg gaaaggatga tggaggaacc taggactcag gaacatatac    213000
     cactgtctac ccaaacagag ggcactgcac acaaagggca cactgtccat ctgccttggc    213060
     tgttcaggtc caggatccca gtctgagcca ggtgcacccc ataattaagt tgagaagaca    213120
     gaccaagaag acccccaaga ggtgatgtcc taaaagccag tgcaggaagc caagggatgg    213180
     ctccaggacc tgcctgggcc cctgtctggc tgcacgctgg gaggagcaat gagaagcttc    213240
     tggaagcata cctgagacct gagaggaggg ctaagctgag agggtgcaga gggtgtttct    213300
     gagctaacag caagcagggc aaagagcagg gtagtgccat cagagggcaa cagacccaca    213360
     gagttcccca gaacactatg agagatcgca gcaattttta ttcagttaga aggcctggag    213420
     tcaagccctg tatggcagga tgtagtctgg gagtaaccag gtaagggtgt gacttcatag    213480
     caaagaggtc ttccttggtg gcaagaggaa gggagagcag atgagccatg ggatggcagt    213540
     gggtgttgtg atggatgagg aagagacttc tgtaaagagg gagccagagg aggctcagca    213600
     gccttgaaca ttttgctgaa gtttacagcc acaaatccct aacagccttt cacactacaa    213660
     tgaaatgtta ccagtgacca gggaaatagc tgtggagatg ggtattactg ggacaagaag    213720
     caaaatacaa acatcaacag tgccaggtta cagtgctcac taatgctcca catgccagtc    213780
     ttgaccacag cactctgctt atgtaagaca gtgtgcaaaa ggcaaacact ggagagcaaa    213840
     gcgtgaggct ggtaaatcca agctagaaaa gtcggatatg aaagcttcaa cagtgaaaat    213900
     gtgacacacg gtggcaaagg gatgacaaat acttctgact tcttcccctc atattactgt    213960
     atatcaagac ttcaaagggt caaagtttta actctaatca atggagttct gataaactat    214020
     tctagctcct gtatagtact gctattatca tagtcacagc tcaagatttt aaatttcttc    214080
     tggttgcctt ttaagtatag acttacaaga gacttctcat tgtgctaaat ttacatgtat    214140
     ccagtgttct ggatagggag aaaaagcccc ttttcacagt ttgtagtcaa actaaaaatc    214200
     aagaccaagc aagcttttgc cccttctgct ccacagaaga ttcatcttcc ctgagctcac    214260
     cttaaaaaaa atgttcatgc agagctggag agatggctca ggggttaaaa gcactggcta    214320
     caattccaga ggaccaaggt tcaattccta gtaaccacat ggcagcccac aactgtctgt    214380
     aactcctgtt ccagagggat ccgacatcct cacacagaca cacatacagt caaaacacca    214440
     atgtacataa aataaaaata agtaaattat ttaaaaaaaa aaaaagtttg ggctgaaggg    214500
     atggctcagc cgttaagact gctctcccag aggtcctgag ttcaattccc agcaaccaca    214560
     tggtggctca caaccatatg caatgggatc tgatgaactc ttctggtgtg tctgaagaca    214620
     gctacagtat agtcatataa ataaaaaaaa ataataaaaa taatgttcat gcttttaacc    214680
     caaaatcatt tcccaagcct ctactctgac acaaaggtat gagtctactg ccttctctac    214740
     ttatgtatgg agttcagtac agattacagt gataatacta acatgtctaa aacttatctt    214800
     tttataaact taaaaagatt ctcatagccg ggcagtggtg gtgcacacct ttaatcccac    214860
     acttgggagg cagaggcagg tggatttctg agttcaaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga    214920
     gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc aaaaaatgta agaaagaaag    214980
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag    215040
     aagaaaagaa aagaaaaagg attctcataa gcttcaacgg ccctgcaaaa cgtaactaca    215100
     gagcccttga cctccttgca gctggtaagt gtggcatctg cattttcctg ggagagaggt    215160
     gctgctacta catcaagtac gtctggcctg ctggagaccc atatcgagtc actccacaaa    215220
     ctgaagaatt ctctccattc cactctttct gggagtcttc actccttaca cggctagctc    215280
     cagtcagagc cgatggtact aatctgtctt ttcttctagc tccttgcctt ctcttcttct    215340
     tccaggaatg gatttgcaaa gtcaacagga tgctagttat ctaaatgctc ttacacccat    215400
     aaccagccca cagactctca accccccccc ccccacattg tcccttgtca gcatgaagta    215460
     gccagatcta aaccagcacc cctaaactta aaaggttggg atgtttaggc tggaatcctg    215520
     cacaagctgg gaaacccctt ctactctcct tcccccaacc ccacctgtac tgaaaaactc    215580
     aatcaaagaa atggctctaa gaacccagtt ccacattctt ggcagctgtt gtaacctcct    215640
     cccctgatgc tgtcagccac ccaaatgccc accgaagaag tgctcagctc ttgaccatat    215700
     gggggcacaa cccagcttat ggctgatctc catcatagcc tgggtgcaca acttcctcag    215760
     ccctgatctt caggagcagc gcctaataaa cctgccccta tttactttta atctggtcta    215820
     atctggtcta tatctgtgtc actgagggag agaaaaagcc catcacttag gtataagatg    215880
     gcatctgtaa ttcactacaa aaatcattca cacacacaag caacctagga aactgaccag    215940
     gcctggatgg agtcttgtga tatctatgtc tgaaatttta aaattactat taattttaaa    216000
     agtaataact atgtctgaaa tttaaaaatc accaccagtg gcccaactct acagaccact    216060
     ggccagatct cttcaaacct caggggtggt gggattatag ttgcttagac tgaggggtag    216120
     aatcaaacac agtacatgag ccatggctag acagtgggat tagaggaaga aactggatga    216180
     acaaaacaaa aacttccaca ggtcatttta agaattctta cagaagcgtc agtaaaactg    216240
     agtgttagac tctgtcacca gttctgtgga gctgttatga caagatctat ctagaaaaag    216300
     ttctggatga agatagaagc ctgtaattgt gtctaaactg tgtgttgggg gagagaggga    216360
     gctcagttat taagagcact ggctggtatt ccaaaggacc caggttcaat tcccagcacc    216420
     aacacagctg ttcccaacca tcttaaatcc agttctagga gattcaaaag ccctcttcta    216480
     gcctccatgg gaaccacagt cacgtacagt tcacagacaa acatgcaggc aaaatattca    216540
     tacacataat aaatgtatat gtgtgtgata atatataaat tcctaagtat aacttactta    216600
     atctgtatga tatcatttgt agtatatgta tggatgaagt agcagcacat cagctgaggt    216660
     taggtaatgg cacaggtatt cttggcccta cagatgcttg tgatctcagc tatgcggtgg    216720
     tcatctatct acatcataac tcttctgcca gtacctctgc atctccatta ggggctggat    216780
     agacctgaaa attcagcatg cccaacccaa gatgggctac aagccatccc taaacctttc    216840
     cattgtgtct cacactccgt acccaacagc aatgctgagt attgctggct actccctccc    216900
     ctgccctctg gccaaatctg tctccagagc tacagctgca gccttctacc agaacccagg    216960
     agcaagtaat gaatatgaaa cgtggtctaa ccatgtgttt tctccatcca aaatcttctc    217020
     atcaaaatcc tcaggaagac cctggaacca ctgcactctg gctgccaatc ctgtgttccc    217080
     tccaacccta gaagtatagc tgcaggctct gctgtctcct cagccatgac acatgccaat    217140
     cccacttgaa aacatgtgga actgcagctc cctggcctgc atatcctaaa attcaaagct    217200
     cccctgcagt cctactggcc cacgggggcc tccaccccat ggcactcact gtgtactgtc    217260
     tcctatttcc ctctgaacca gcaggagccc tcctcttcac caggtcccta gaatctggag    217320
     taggtgccta ttatattaca actgctgagt gaactcttat tactgaatcc taaagaacaa    217380
     gaatatacat gcaaataagg ggtaaaaagt cagccgggcg tggtggcgca cagctttaat    217440
     cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcagacaga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca    217500
     aagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtcttgaaa aaccaaaaaa    217560
     aaagaggcag aaagttgttc agccctgaaa acatatatac aaatgatatt atacagatta    217620
     agtaagttat acttagtagt ttatatatta tacacacaca catacatata tacattcaca    217680
     tacatacaca tatacatgta acagttataa aaaagagacc atgaatttca aagagaacag    217740
     agaggtatat atataggagg gcttagaggg aaaattaagg gggaaataag gttaaaaaaa    217800
     aaaaccctta gttttaaaag cctcattttt tgatcatata attaagattg tattcaaaat    217860
     attataaaca cttttttgaa ctggattata tcaacagttt accacaaata ggtacacaaa    217920
     gccaaacact aagtcttttt aacaaatagt aaagctttat tgtaagacag accagcagtc    217980
     tattctagca aatgttatca ataaccataa agatccaatt agagtaaaca ccactctaca    218040
     tacactccag gtgtacttaa aaaaagctca gcaacaatac attgtacaga ggtaaatgcc    218100
     actcagacac aagtgacaga aagggacaaa gacaaggatg gcaaggtgca gttcagtgtg    218160
     gttggctccc tggaggcctc tcaggtgccc ttgccaaggc tccaggtctg ttgtgccatc    218220
     tgaacctatt tccagcacat ttctgctggg ctccacacaa cacggcacaa atcagtaccc    218280
     aggtgtgatg gctattcttg gttgtcaact tgactacatc tggaattaag cacctgggca    218340
     cagctgtgag ggattttttt tcctaactaa atcattgagg tgggaatatc cacctttaac    218400
     ctgggccaca cctgcttact gcctacataa aggacttgga agaaggaagc tgctctctca    218460
     cttcccagtc tgtcttcact ggcattacag ctatttcttc aggattccag tgtgtactga    218520
     agataagctg agacctcatc aacttaacaa ctactggaat gttggacctt ctgttggtag    218580
     acagccaggg taggactagc tggaccacag gctgtaagcc attctaataa atccccttta    218640
     tatatgtcta tataatatta tatggagacc cattctataa ggttgtgttg ttcctctaga    218700
     aacccccgag taatgcagat tttggtacca gaagtggttc tggagctaca gaagtctaag    218760
     ggcagatttt taaagtatct ggaataggct tctcaatttg ccaacaccta cagttactga    218820
     agccataggg gcaccagcac atttgaagac ctttattgtt ccccttttcc ttgtgccaaa    218880
     cctttagtgt tgaagatgtt gctactcagc tggataaatt actgacacct ctcctggaag    218940
     ctcagagagc actgaaagtc catggtgtga actattttac agactgaagg agacaaatgc    219000
     attggatttt cccgattcac caattatgag tggcaataga tttaatgatt ctgtatataa    219060
     aactttcaac aatttgtggg gaaaaaaaat aagggaaatg aagatgctgg ttgcttgttc    219120
     ctagcatctc tggataaatt gacaaaggga agaatgagct ctgtgatagt attaaccaac    219180
     gtctaacatc tcagcataca gtggagaaca atgaacttag tgataaaatt gactggcttc    219240
     atgtgcagat aaacagtcta aaggtttcta agtgtgccct ggaagaggat cttctctcca    219300
     gcagccacag agcccaagtt gcagaaaatc aaatcgaagt cctcattata aggttggctg    219360
     aattatggca aaaattcaag tctcagcctc agagggtgtc agcgattaaa gtaagggcat    219420
     taattggtaa agagtgggat cctgtaactt gagatatgga tgcatgggag gaacctactg    219480
     aagccaagaa ctttaaactc tcagattctc aagggtttat ctcacctgaa gaagtagtct    219540
     ctgcccttcg aaaatgaact cagacctcaa ctcctggaaa gactgtcttt tccacctttg    219600
     actgaggaaa ttaattgttc attgtatgct aaaccagcag tgactttgtc taaaggaaat    219660
     gtcaggcaag acaatattga tgcccctcag aggcactaac agctgccttt agacctataa    219720
     ccagacttaa agctaagcag gctcctacag gagagtgtgt gtagttcact ggaaagtgga    219780
     ctacaataat ggagagcata atgaatttgc tagttcattc cagcagatgt ctggggaata    219840
     tatgtgggtc tggattttaa ggatgcagga taacggtggg tagtttaatc agataaggtt    219900
     aggtttattg atatgggccc tctgaatgaa gattctaggt ttaatgtgga aggacttgga    219960
     gatgcttgat atcccttggc ttagtgttga tataggaatt ttaagggtca gggaaacggc    220020
     aatgctagag tgggtacgct gtgtaaaacc taattctcca taagggaagg cccagaaggc    220080
     acgcccctgc actaatgcac aacggtgaga gcaccagcat gctggaagct ttgttgtcac    220140
     cctttccctg tgccagacct tagtgctgga ggtgctgctg ctcagctggc taaattaaat    220200
     gcagtgggtt tgaggcctga aggaacagga gccaggtggc agcactgaat cgacaaaggc    220260
     agggtaacca cagttatcat aatgggcatc gtagacaaaa caatgtctat aatggcctga    220320
     cttgtaatgg tcagcacagg tctttggtat gggttaatca atcatagtgt ctctaggcat    220380
     gaaataggta agaaactaca tttttgtttg atctacctaa gtggaaaaat tctcaaatga    220440
     aaggctacac tggattgtgg caaaatggac tcttggtcca tgtaccaatt tccagacatg    220500
     agccactctg cagacccaga accccttgaa tgaaggagaa ccaggttctc ctgtggaagg    220560
     accctgataa aataagtacc tgattttact gttagccttt ctcagtcctt ccccagacag    220620
     acttacagcc ttttacaagg gtaactgtac actggaggaa atacagaatg ggtagtagag    220680
     gaagctgatt ataaatatag ctaagtacat gtgaccagtt gcagaaatga agattataac    220740
     tggcatgaat atttttgtca tattttgtta aaaatgtttg tagaaatatt tgttttcttc    220800
     tcttaagttc tttatcatgt aatataaaat caattataag aatatcagtg gttatcatat    220860
     ttaagtttga aatactaaaa ggacattatc aagggacatt atcaccaatt ctaaatttat    220920
     aatgtgtttg tattaggaac ttatataatg gtaggtataa ttatgacatg gttaaatatg    220980
     taatgtgttt gcaattgtac ttgggaatag ttgtatcatg ttaggtgtaa ttatgacctg    221040
     gttattgttt catttggaaa ttaagcatga cagaaggaga tgattgtatg gcgagttgac    221100
     aagaggtgga attgcaatgg ctgttcttgg tttcaccttg actatgtctg gaattaacta    221160
     aaacccaagc agctgggcac tcctgtgagg gttttttttt tccccttatc tctcttaatt    221220
     aaatcatttc aagtgggaag acccattttt aatccaaatc ttttgaggtg agaagatcca    221280
     cctttaatat gggctagcct tctttctgct ggcagcctac gcaaagtaca tggaaggtgg    221340
     acgcttgctc ttggcctgct tgctctggct ggcaattcca ttttttcgct ggcattaaag    221400
     cctacttctt ttggattcca gtgtgtactg aacattcttg ggcctttcac tggtaaacac    221460
     cattgctgga ttagccggac cgaagcctat aaaccattct aataaatccc tcttttctct    221520
     gccagttctg attctctaga aaatgctaat acaccagggc ttcacttact tctctaaggc    221580
     cttattaccc tgaaggacaa aggctacagg ttatgaccac tagaattcag atatcaaaac    221640
     ctggcattgg ggtctcctaa attgcagcac aaaaccaacc cacaattgct ctttcttcca    221700
     ttgcatccca gggctaagcc aactcccaaa ccaagctgtc ctagcaaaac caggagggct    221760
     ggccagccat tacaacccac gtatgaaagg agaggaacag agtgtcagca gtccccaaga    221820
     aatcagaagt gtatgggttt caaaggctca gcctggcctg gttaaacaca ccacaaaaat    221880
     ctaataattg tccttctgaa ccagaagccc tgatttggca tttatctgca cacactcatg    221940
     tcttttttgc tattcttgct ttcatttctt tcaaagcttt ctttttttcc tttcttgtgg    222000
     cttcataaac actaggtaag tactctgcca ctaaactaca tctgctgtcc ttaccaagtc    222060
     ctgagaggaa aacatcatat cctgaatgtt tcagacccaa cataacagac agtgcacaca    222120
     ggtacactgt ggtatctgac acttgacagt cgtatacttc ataagcaatc tgagttgtga    222180
     ctatgacttc agtagtgaca tcaacaggga gaactccctt catactggac tttacatctg    222240
     acctcagagc ccagggtacc cagtgcagtc taggaagagg gatcaaaggc aacgctgaca    222300
     actaaaacaa aattctcaag ctctgcccac ctgccaatca catcgagaat ccccatcgtc    222360
     actgagcaaa ctcaggaata ccgaagtcca tttcatgaat actcaccttt ttaagagagt    222420
     ccccatgtct ttcctgaatg tacttcagga atgctgtggt ccactgaagg gttgttgctt    222480
     tatctgtctc cgcattgcag aatggaacta aaagattcag ctcatcacag caaatgcgga    222540
     ttctgcgcct gcagtcaaaa tccacagcag tcatacgggg caggtggtga cgtgcaggag    222600
     caacagggtt catcattcac tcaaagaaag cagaatgcat agagggcctt tgccactgag    222660
     cactgaggct attgctgccc atggtcccca gagcacctgc aatgcccgat ggcctctggg    222720
     tccctatact ttctctgttt acttctcatg gccgagttct ctacatctgg gatgactgca    222780
     aatatctgaa ctcagaatca caattctgtg tgcactcttt ctgggtaaat attttttcat    222840
     ttttaaattt ttctttcctt gcagcgctgg gtgctgaacc cagagccaca ttgttactca    222900
     gggatcctga cttgcttacc aggtacagaa acatgtactc agaaacatgc gtagctttca    222960
     aaatgagtgg gccatgatgg tactacacac ctctaacaca gcacctcaga gtgaggcaga    223020
     agaatcataa attcaaggcc agcctgggct atgtaataag gccttgtctc ataaaaacaa    223080
     acttgtcccc tcctccccgc tttttaaaag aaaatttagc gcttgggctg aggatgaagc    223140
     tcaatagtag gatgcttgcc tactgtaccc tggggtcctg acttccatca ctgaaaaaaa    223200
     cttcttgaga gaattggcac accctgtttt aagctttacg tatcatatcc agtagtaaag    223260
     ccctctgtgc tgacacaaac agttaaacaa cagtactgct cactttacac atcctcaccc    223320
     acatacagca gagtcaatgg taactggcac tcgctggatg tgctctgact tctggttgag    223380
     agcccaaact cctttcctag gagctcaggt cgttctgacc tcaagactgt gataggtagc    223440
     aaccttatcc tacagacgag aaacctcaag aaacactgaa ctcattggaa gccattacac    223500
     aaggagttgt tgagaactca atagagcagc tatcctattt gtggtcactc agcacacgtc    223560
     agggtgagca gaactggcta tacaataggc taagcgaagt atctcaggta tgacatgacc    223620
     tgcgtatagc tataacaaga aaaatgcctg ggctgtatag aaggaaaccc tgcctcaaag    223680
     aagatcacaa cggggcttgg agagacattc agcaattaag agcatgtttt gcgccgggcg    223740
     tggtggccca cgccttaaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt    223800
     cgaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctattg agagaatccc    223860
     tgtctcaaaa aaccaaaaac aaaaacaaca aaaaaagagc atgttttgca gaagactcaa    223920
     atttgatcac cacacccaca cagtgactcc caaccatttg taattgcagt cctccaggat    223980
     cttcacagca acaccaggta catacatggt gcacatacat acatgtgggc aaaacactca    224040
     cacacataaa aaagtatata aataaatctt aaatttacag agagggaaca cagctggaga    224100
     gaaggcccag gggctagctc ctcttccaga ggacccaggt tcaattccta gcacccacat    224160
     ccataattct acactcagtt agaatccaat gccctcttct ggcctccaca ggcatacaag    224220
     tagtatgcag acatacatgc tacagacaga caaacactgt atcaagaaat ttttttaaaa    224280
     ataacaaaga agaaaggatc tacccagttt taatacatcc ctctaaaaag caataaatca    224340
     ccttggctca acattcaata atgggacttc aataactcaa tactatctca ttaaatattc    224400
     agtgctggag agatggctca gcaggtaaga gcactggctg ttcttccaga ggacctgggt    224460
     tcaattccca gaacccacat gtctgtaatt cttgttccag ggaatctgac accctcattc    224520
     agccatacat gcaggcaaaa taccaacata cataaaataa aaataaataa attaaatact    224580
     attattactg agttaaaaac agacatgaaa taatcataag taaccaaatt gattattatt    224640
     attgagcatc ataataaaaa tccaacttca gcagggcagt ggtggcgcac acctcccagt    224700
     actcaggagg ataaagcagg tagatttctg cggcttctag gccagtctag tctagagagc    224760
     tagttccatg acagccaggg ctacacatct caaacaaaac aaaataattc cagcttccat    224820
     acagaaaaat gtacaacctt tatactaccc tgaggagcac aaataaaact caaggaaact    224880
     cactgcagta acagttttaa cctcctcttt ctcaacattc tttttttctt tttttttttt    224940
     ggatgcagtg tcttgctact taagactggc ttagaattca ctatacatcc cagactgtcc    225000
     ttaaacttga ggctatccaa cttcatcagg gcggtgtgcc tcctaaatac tacagtcaca    225060
     aatgtgtgtc tccacacctg tcttccccaa aacaatacga agctacctta tctaccatgc    225120
     caactaacct gaaggcccaa ggctctcctt aagcacctgc tgacaaggct ggcctttcac    225180
     ttgtgtctgg gaacttgggc ttggggagat tagtgagaag taattagtga gaaggacctc    225240
     acctgtgcag agaacatggc tcacactggg agtctggtat ttagagtgtg atagcgacta    225300
     tcatgtgatg ggcaccaata tagtctctga tgacccttcc tgtatgatgg cctcattggt    225360
     ggcttcagag tatgccatca gagtaatcaa ttaggaggtc ctatgccatg tagtcagtca    225420
     gagcatgagc ccaccagaga agacagagtc taggggctgt ttgtaaggct ccctccaaac    225480
     agagggtaac acaaaagtca gcaaacgcaa acaactgtat gcatgatgtg tggagctgac    225540
     agcccaccac tattacctcc tatctcgttc cattcggtta tgcctctccc gacgctgaga    225600
     ccttcctccc tggggtccgc tctgcgtctg ctcccccagg tttgactgtg aggactctga    225660
     agactgccag gtgccctgtg atgttgaaga gccttcacct acattctgaa tctctccaag    225720
     ggctcttcgc tccacgcttg tgtccagctg gcggattcta ctccgattcc tcttattgat    225780
     tgcttgttta catagcgctt cttctttgca aaagaagaaa aaagcggcca tttagttttt    225840
     tattcttaac tttatcccaa ttaatgttga atatctttgg catcttgttt gggcttgttt    225900
     ttttctgacc aagcgtctga tgaagcccaa tttgccttaa ctcacaatgt agctgaggat    225960
     atctgtgaat tcctgatcct tctaagtact gagactacag atgtgcacca ttcggttctg    226020
     gtttttccca tgtgtgtctg tatgtacttg tccatgtaca tacatgcttt gcatttcaat    226080
     ccaatattct aacactatca agtaggaatt aaagaaataa gaagctgtgg tgtcagagac    226140
     tctgggcagt gagctctaat cctgcagcac actgcaaact ttgattgaaa ctcccctttt    226200
     gagtgccatg caaccaacac aactatgcca gcttctccct ctttttattt ggagctcagg    226260
     ttcttaagtg ctctaccact gaactaaaac ccccattcct tccttttagt caacatgaat    226320
     gtaaaaacag agacattgct ttctttttct agaacttagg atggaaaaga atgtattata    226380
     tatttttacc aaaaaatatt ttcttcatat ctaattattc taatatgata actgatactt    226440
     tacacgaaaa caaaacttaa gcggttcata gttaaatatg ttctcaggct aaagtgagtc    226500
     cacaaaaacg caaaaaaaaa aaaatcacag tttttatact ttattgtgca catagaacag    226560
     aaataagaca aattcactca aacaacaaga ggggcaggtg atagcctctc ctacaagcta    226620
     caaaaagcca acggtcctta ataccagctc tggataacat tttaagagac agagaaaagg    226680
     ggccgggcag tggtggtgca tgcctataat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcagggtgg    226740
     atttctgagt tcgagaccag cctggtctac agagtgagtt ccaggacagc caggactgca    226800
     cagagaaacc ctgtcttggg gggaaaaaag agagagagac agagaaaaga attc          226854