ID   AL669814; SV 16; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 198320 BP.
AC   AL669814;
DT   10-JAN-2002 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 40)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-431J18 on chromosome 11
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-198320
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Brown J.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; f929063d4928b4739f0847497a13f638.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456157.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000020159; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000040594; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000053519; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000073052; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018143; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018145; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018146; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018147; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018116; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018118; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018120; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018080; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018082; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018083; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018084; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018085; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018087; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018088; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018089; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0017898; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0017900; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0017901; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0017902; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018539; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018541; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018542; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018543; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017462; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017464; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017465; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017466; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0017871; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0017873; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0017874; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0017875; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0017981; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0017983; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0017984; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0017985; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0017977; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0017978; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0017979; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018053; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018055; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018056; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018057; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0017999; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018001; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018002; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018003; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0018578; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0018580; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0018581; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0018582; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017245; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017246; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017247; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017511; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017513; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017514; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017515; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL669814.16:1-198320; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000020366; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000037522; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000065970; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000101368; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000101371; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000109340; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000129179; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000135350; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000147751; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000207401; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0028508; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0028516; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0028518; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0028519; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0028475; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0028483; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0028486; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0028433; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0028441; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0028443; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0028444; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0028454; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0028462; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0028464; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0028465; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0028255; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0028263; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0028265; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0028266; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0028954; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0028961; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0028963; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0028964; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0027902; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0027910; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0027912; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0027913; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0028175; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0028183; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0028185; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0028186; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0028310; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0028318; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0028320; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0028321; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0028299; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0028301; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0028302; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0028421; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0028429; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0028431; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0028432; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0028275; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0028283; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0028285; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0028286; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0028986; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0028993; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0028995; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0028996; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0027615; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0027617; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0027618; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0027755; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0027763; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0027765; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0027766; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A8Y5I7.
DR   GOA; Q3UW13.
DR   InterPro; IPR001494; Importin-beta_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR006028; GABAA/Glycine_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR006029; Neurotrans-gated_channel_TM.
DR   InterPro; IPR006201; Neur_channel.
DR   InterPro; IPR006202; Neur_chan_lig-bd.
DR   InterPro; IPR008100; GABAAp_rcpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR011989; ARM-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR016024; ARM-type_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR018000; Neurotransmitter_ion_chnl_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR036719; Neuro-gated_channel_TM_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036734; Neur_chan_lig-bd_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:1929706; Ranbp17.
DR   MGI; MGI:2387597; Gabrp.
DR   MGI; MGI:2685092; D130052B06Rik.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q8QZW7; GBRP_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A140LJ90; A0A140LJ90_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A8Y5I7; A8Y5I7_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q3UW13; Q3UW13_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-431J18 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..198320
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="11"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-431J18"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    124678..124784
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 198320 BP; 54886 A; 43228 C; 42775 G; 57431 T; 0 other;
     gaattcatta tgttctaaga cagaccttta gcttttgatt ctcctgcctc cacattctga        60
     gtgctgctat tacagacagt tactgccata cccaagacct gctgctagca cagaacctgg       120
     atctctgtgg ctgtcaggca agcaggctac caaccaagcc acatctccag ccctgataaa       180
     attaactttt actgataaca aagctctctg caaatagcaa attttacaaa tctagtaagt       240
     acttaaaaac taacatctct cactatgcga catacttgag tgactattaa aatgtttccg       300
     aatttcctta aaatctatta tacaagtatt ctgcaagagt ataatcaaat gggaacaggg       360
     tttcctgtca acttccaaag gaattttccc ataatataat ctataaaagc atttgtttat       420
     ttctttacat agacttcgat acccaccact ctttcattac tagaaattta aacagaatat       480
     caatttttat tattttatgt gttgcaatga ctattttacc taaaaacttt gtaaagaata       540
     gtaattccct aagtactcaa aaaagtatta aaaaaaaaaa aaaacagaaa aaaaaaaccc       600
     acctccacca aacctatacc aagaaattga tttaaaatta tggcttaacc tcgattatac       660
     atttgtactt acctgaaggc tagtaatagt aaaattggca attaatccaa tcacttccgc       720
     atactccttc accaaaacta actctcccag ctgatagttt gtctttaaac gagccaaaaa       780
     tcgacagaat tcatgataat tgccaggatc agacaaaccc taaattaaaa tacaaaagaa       840
     aggctcttca aagaaactga taaaaatcca agtatttatt tctgttctga gccctggctc       900
     tcatgcacac tgactgtggc agatgggtag atgcgattac agtgctgggg accgggaaac       960
     aagtgcagcc tgataagctt agtgccactg ttaaatacag tgaggaatct aaagcagagc      1020
     ttttagaagc agcatcacac caagatgaca agatgtgttt gggaactttt acacaaaaag      1080
     cttatgtggg gggtgtgtgt gtgtgtacac attatacaag tgcacaagca caaatcacag      1140
     aaaattattt gaatgtaact acctgtgttc tgtcatccca agttaacatc ctgtctctaa      1200
     acgacaagtc gttcagataa atactgcatg taggtgacag gtgacttttt ggagaaaact      1260
     ttaaaaaaac agaccacaaa agacctttct agagtggcta gaataccaaa ctcatgttac      1320
     ctctatattt aaacactttg cagaatagct ggcatatgac cacattttaa aatgaatttg      1380
     ttgaatacta atacttaaag aatctaaaga attttaataa tgggggctct aggggggaaa      1440
     agtacatatt atctagggaa atttccaaaa atacatctta gaacaagtct tttcatgcac      1500
     aattatgatt ctaaaatacc agattgactt ttccagtggc caagtagctc ccacaatacg      1560
     gctcatgatc gtgagctgca caattttaag ataaagccct atctacaagc aaaatgagta      1620
     aatgcgagcc ctgaactaag agatgtgttc agagatgtac agaggtgtgc aaggtaaggc      1680
     accccaccta agaactactg gggtgtagag ggtgtgggca gtaaggtatc tatgtgggct      1740
     gcacataata cattacacac atatgaaatt gttggagtaa ataaaaaata ttgtaaaaaa      1800
     ataaaatgaa aaaaaaatct cttcaatagc cagggaaaca aacaagcaaa caacaataac      1860
     aaaacccaaa aaaccaaatg ccttcatctc tatacaagga taactgatgg cccaaaattg      1920
     ccagtaactg cgaagcatag agacagctct tcaagctacc atttatgtgt ttacagtcca      1980
     tggcttaact acaaatgttt tcatccataa aaaaacgaac tgaaagtgat ccaattcttg      2040
     ttacacattc tacacctctc atgaatgtct ctgcacgtgt gtgctgacac caaagcgctg      2100
     gagctatcgc agtttatttc taaagctaca aacccggtgt ccacaagagg gcaaaagaca      2160
     gtatttcaaa atttaaagca atgtatttca atattaacaa ttaagtttaa attgtcgcct      2220
     actacaaaaa gcagtcactc ctcagtcacc tcagcagcct aaggagcaca agcaaggaca      2280
     taaagtacaa cgataaagac agacgcggag cacaacacgt gacttctatc acagtcacct      2340
     aaaacaaaca caaataaaac actggaagga acactgaagc tacattgaaa ttctctcatt      2400
     taaaaaaatg attataacaa atgagacctc aggaaggtga atataatact aaatattttt      2460
     cccaaaacat aatatattta aaaatgtatt ctgtaccagt gagcagaaat ataatttcta      2520
     tatgctaaat attaaattat ttcataaata cctgggggtt ttcaagtatc cttttcaccc      2580
     ctttaattaa gttaccaagg tacttggcgc gctcaggact gctaaataag gatcttcttg      2640
     tagaagcaaa ctgaactaag cacgaaagtg cctgaaaaac aacacaattt gttattttaa      2700
     ttttaaaagt ggctatgtcc actatcacca tctacaagcc tctgccccac actaaaacag      2760
     cacttgtaga tattctcccc tcaccctcct ctgcttggag actgcatttt tctatctggc      2820
     tttcaaaatc ttgacatgtg ccgggcatgg aggcgcacgc ctttaatccc agcactcggg      2880
     aggcagagac aggcagattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg atctacaaag tgagtgccag      2940
     gacagccacc tgtctcgaag aaaaaaacaa aacaaaaaac cttgacatgt ttgttttaat      3000
     ttttgatctg cattccttta caaaggaagg cacctcaggg gctggggaga tggctcagtg      3060
     ggtagtgaca cttccatgaa catctgaatg caaagctggt ggtaagggta agagtgagaa      3120
     caaacatgag aatcttcctg tttagaccat actccagttt ctgactttct ttactgttta      3180
     aaaaaaaaca aaaactatcc tccttaaaca gctactgcac aggactagga atcatcagtt      3240
     tagtcaaagc aaggcaccag tgcatggttt aggggataaa gaggcctgag attccatctc      3300
     aatgcctact ctggtgccct ggggaaagtc aattagacac ttgggcatgg tttctgttca      3360
     ggtcagcctc ctgaggacag tgttattaac cttgcaaggc catggtgagc aggaagcaag      3420
     ataagcatcc cttaacaggg ccttgggcta gtcgtctcaa agcagagttc tcttctgcac      3480
     tttttaaatc atgagtatat ttttgcttta tactaaagta taatcatatg acttcatgct      3540
     tcttaaacaa ctaaaagcaa tttcctagtt gaaagacaaa aaggtaaggc acaacctcag      3600
     ataggtaccc tgtgacactc agattaacgc tttcaactct agatttgaga gcttgtttgg      3660
     ttaggaacgc agctcaacag gaaagcactt gggaatacaa gtcttccttt taagtgacat      3720
     ttaaacaaat gcactttaaa tctaagaaca cttttccaga gacacaattc tccaatttct      3780
     ggttgcttaa atactaaaca acattttttc caacattgct catattctca aagttctgtg      3840
     taacaatgaa attttttaaa agtttagcat caagagtaat gagcaccaat caagtgagtg      3900
     gccacctttg tctgtctcag aaaattctga tggagactgc cagtcaaacc taagacaagt      3960
     gtctaagcag gcaaagaaga gagatggtta caaagacagt cctagtggcg cgctggactt      4020
     gagcaaggtg agtactggtt agggagatat tggtagaggt tgggagactg tcctggcttt      4080
     ggcaggagcc aagatcagtt actgattctg agcttaatta caaagtggag ttgactgtta      4140
     ataaatcctg ttaatagatt ctgttaacaa atgtgtaaat ttaacaaaat acattcagaa      4200
     gtgagagaat tactagagaa atataactca attaaatgca taagaatttt gaagtgtata      4260
     ttatccttac ttcagattag aaaagaacca catggacaag gctgagcccg gcaccgagga      4320
     ggatgaggat ggaagacaag ttcaaaggca gcatggggta taccatagac cctatccaaa      4380
     agcaaaacca gaagctagac agacatgcag ctcagttacc acactaacat caaaggtacg      4440
     gggccatagg tgcaattccc caggagtgca aaagagcaac aaccaactac tgagggtctt      4500
     gtatctttaa ggactaacaa atgacttata cttactaact gagacagcag tggtgggagc      4560
     gagtgataca aattgaagaa aagatccaat gtttctggct ctaggaaaac tggaaaaaaa      4620
     gatgattttt ctaacaccat taatttcact aaaagattat caaacacata agaatgtcaa      4680
     gacctttaca tatggctacc cactgcagct agactattat ttatttattt atttatttat      4740
     ttaatactgg ctttgagacc aagtgtctct atgtacccct ggaacttgct ttatgaacca      4800
     ggctggctta gaattaagag atcttgcctc tgcttcctga gcactgggat taaagatatc      4860
     caccaccaca gcctgcttac agctgaacta ttctgattct taagggcttt tttcttttga      4920
     taaatgaaac agtacagacg taaaaacttg ctagtaagat gggtcttagt tctgtacagt      4980
     atctacactt ctaagtagaa tgttagtttg tatttaccct aaaataataa atatggggta      5040
     aggagtacta ggaagcttat aaaacagcag ctgtgtcctg tcccattcat atatttacat      5100
     ttaaaaaatg gtcaccatgg agctggggag atggctcaga ggttaggagt tcaattgcca      5160
     gcaatcacat ggtggctcac aaccatctgt aatgagatct gctgccctct tctggtgtgc      5220
     tcatatatat aaaatcaaca aacctttaac aaaaatggtc atcatacagt ttcacttgat      5280
     cccaccttac cttaactgtg ttagatttta gttctctaac ttaccaatcc catctctgaa      5340
     atatccatcc tttctcttcc cactacaatc acaacgtgtg atacaatcaa ttctaaagtg      5400
     tttacttaca tttataacca tgcaaaaaat aacaaatgag ctgaagaata ttatcattat      5460
     cttacactta caatgatctc tgtacttaag ggaagcacag tggcttggct tagttgtata      5520
     tatctatctg ccactaattt ttgccaatgt tttgtcaaat tcaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      5580
     aaaaaaaaac ccttgttaac atttccatac aaccaatatc actaaacatc atttccattt      5640
     gctatacctg tcacctattg atcaacctca actggtggcc ctttgtcaca tcttgtctcc      5700
     ttttcacatg tttaccatca tcttgtttga agggttcctt ttaccaaccc acttctagtc      5760
     tcttgccttg tatgttaaac agtttgcaga aagctagcac tcaaaggagg gatttggaag      5820
     gacttgcagg tctgaaaaag tgtcttgctt ttaatcattt ccattgagtt tgaaatcctg      5880
     cagcggcctg aggctgctaa cccactctga gtccctgctg ttacagagag gcctagtgcc      5940
     actctagagt caaacccaca gaaagggatt ttttcttcct cgagcacatc aagccgcttt      6000
     tcctgggacc tcataaactc agagctagtg cgcatctttt ttcacccata aaactgggta      6060
     ccggtgcaac ttctattcat attccatcct tcgctgatga gaacactgtt gggtttccat      6120
     ctcccttcca ttttccccta ctctctcttt ctagaacttc cagtaatcaa atcccaacca      6180
     tatggcttca ccttctaatt ccctcacatg tgctcttccg tctatatctt gctttttaaa      6240
     ttctattttg taaatttcat taactttctc ttccaagtta tttactgaat tgttaaatta      6300
     tgtggcaaat gttctattct tgtctcagga gtgctttacc ttgtttctct ctctagggat      6360
     actaaacaca tccttttaaa gtttatttct agccaggcgt ggtggcgcac gcctttaatc      6420
     ccagcactgg ggaggcagag gcaggcggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacag      6480
     agtgagctcc aggacagcca gggctataca gagaaaccct gtctcgaaaa accaaaaaaa      6540
     aaaataaaat aaaataaaat aaagtttatt tctagtcttt gctttgtaca tccaacttaa      6600
     actttctaag attaataaat tagagattca catacagttc caagagctga ttaccacact      6660
     ggtgatctct tataaaaaac aacactctac caccacagcc ggcgagccca gcacaatcct      6720
     ccagccatag agtcaagttt catatgcact cagaggtaca tacatatttt tatcctatgg      6780
     tttttattat tacatgttgg tttatgacat tatcacccat caagatgtag aacgctaaat      6840
     cccttgttta ttaatctttt attcctaaat tggaagtcct ttaataaata aataaataaa      6900
     caaacaaacc tttatgttaa ccctctatct gatatcccca aatctgatgc ttttctagtt      6960
     taattctgca agaaacacag ctataggagg gagatgtcca agcacagagc caacggctgt      7020
     cagtttgtct cccagttgca caggtgaaga tccaaactag aataaagtcc ccttaatgct      7080
     cactctccag tccttacccc acatctaccc tgaggaagcc tagttcctct tgctttcttc      7140
     tgggtgtccc tcctgtcaca cagtaaaccc aaactctgct ctgctcaggc ccagactctg      7200
     attcgttcac cttgaaactc tgccagagcc tctccactag ctatgtgggc agctctagtg      7260
     cttgtctttt tcctgaaatc aaaatataat tgttagtatg atatgaactg gacaaagcat      7320
     tttactactg agtattagta gctgttctga attagaccac tcagaataaa gcagcactcc      7380
     agcacacgct gggttaattc tgcaccttgt acactgacca tgttaaccct tccttctctc      7440
     ttcttacttg ttctccaggt tgttggaatc tgcactgtgc aaagatcgtc cgcagattcg      7500
     tctgctgaac tgcccaggaa gtcaaagttc aggcagctga ggaccagctt taagacctgc      7560
     attaccagac tctgttgatc ttgatcctga agatttaaag gtttggccaa caccttcaaa      7620
     tttaaaaata aacattacaa tgaaacatta tcactaaaag aattgtagct tcatacattt      7680
     aaatatttct ttaatgtgaa ataaaaatta gtaaaataaa atcattgtcc acacatttct      7740
     ataatagact tacttttaaa tttctcttgt aaaatgagaa taaaaatgta ttacatactg      7800
     cagattgcct tctaaagctg atagaggcca aatgtagcgg cgcacacctc taatccaagc      7860
     actcaggagc agaggcagca ggtctcttga gtttgaggtc tacagagcta agttacaagt      7920
     cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgttt taaaagcaaa accaaacaaa caaataaaac      7980
     aacaacaaga gcagcaaaag ctgaggcttc attttcttca agaaaatctg agctagcatc      8040
     ttgtgtaacg gacatgcatt cacctagtga ggccgccagt gttggtcagg ccacagcttc      8100
     tgcagcacag atgtgccagg ctttccataa ggccgcttcc cacagagccg caaagtacct      8160
     cttggacatt aagaattatt tctagagagg cctagacctc tccgagagta atacaaagaa      8220
     aggggaggta ggtaggtagg tagggaggga tatatgtaag caactaacca caggcagtac      8280
     cgttcagtca gatgaggagg tcaagaacat caacgctatg ttatctacct tcgaaaatgg      8340
     tatttttcca cactacaaga atattcttaa aatagtcgtt taactagccc tacgacagtg      8400
     attctcaacg ttaacttaca agcttaaaat gttaatctaa acaacgtaaa cctggaccac      8460
     cctgcagtgt aaaatgtcct cagcactcac ggtctggatt tgggtggatt tcacatttca      8520
     gattttgaaa tttttcacct ggtaaaattt acacaaatat tctaaaattt aaaacactct      8580
     aaagtctaaa acccttctgg ccccaagcgt ttataaagga cccttagcct gtaacagaga      8640
     actgaagaga catgaggcga agctcttaat gcgatgctct ggaaagcact tcacactacc      8700
     acataaacag catgggcagt gtgatggaac caacccttct cagtgcagca gagagagcct      8760
     tacagttagg gaggtcaggt atgctccacg gtgcactaaa aacaagtcgg aaattcatat      8820
     tccccaaaga aactgttaaa agaattttgg gaaaataatg acaaaaaatg gaaaactgta      8880
     gttttctata tgggcaagca gaaaagaaaa ttaaaactca aattagtctg tccaagtaaa      8940
     aatcaacatt ataagaaggt agaaactact attgcctaaa cacaaacact gaattctcta      9000
     cggcgtcatc ttccatactc aggaagtaaa atttgtacag atttaccata tttaagactg      9060
     accacacaag tctcttaaag gaaaaaatca gaggaaaact atgcactcga aattcattca      9120
     aagtagtagg ttcccaagct actctaggaa gccaagttac cagccaactt acctgtttca      9180
     ggagagaaca cgctaacacc agaatgtctt ttagagaagt gtcacggaat gaggtagcta      9240
     ttttcctatg ttttgctgaa ggtctggaat aatcaaccta aaaaggtcaa gacgagttag      9300
     gtttacccaa ggccatggaa aggtaaggca aatgtactat gaacataatg gcactcgtaa      9360
     ccacaagagc atgaagacag agcttgtcaa agactgcgag ggagacttga tggcgatcct      9420
     cagggcggag acagggttag aacccaccca aagaccatca atgtttcagt gccaatgtaa      9480
     gacccagata atagcaccac aaacactgag atggtgggtt catgaactct gcccggtact      9540
     gtatataacg taaataactt ccctaactct caaatgtccc ctacagaaca cctacaatgc      9600
     cacctctatt aaaatactct tcaaattcta acgtgtgaat cagttaaatt ttatatgaaa      9660
     gtatttaaat gtcacagggt ttatattact aaaattttga aaacaaaagt aaaaacatac      9720
     tcaagagttt gattagagcc aatcgtggtg gcccacgcct ttaatcccag cactcgggag      9780
     gcagaggcag gtggatttct gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg agttccagga      9840
     atgccatggc tatacagaga aaccctgcct caaaaaacca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      9900
     aaaaagagtt tgattaggca cacagtgtgt catctcagaa tattttatta gctaacacaa      9960
     atgtttttgt ttttgttttt gtttttgttt ttgtttttct ccaagccagg gtgatctcac     10020
     tacgtagcta tggctgtcat ggaactagct gtgtagatca ggctggcctg gaaatcacag     10080
     agatctgcct acctctacct gaatgctgag attaaaggca tctgccaccg ccacctagcc     10140
     agaaattaac tttctaagag aatttcagtc cctagcctaa aatgtaaaaa ttatttacag     10200
     agtggtatta gagccaagaa cactcgctta atacccatga aatgataggt tttatcacca     10260
     gcactggctc ctttctctga caaatatata ttataataca tatttaatac atatatatta     10320
     catatatgct atatatttcc attatcaata ggaaataagt ccagtcctag tagtaattac     10380
     cactgtggcc taaagttatt gtagatttat tatttatctc ttttgctatt tgaaagacag     10440
     taggaaacca tttttccgct gttttaagaa ttaaagatag atagatagat agatagatag     10500
     atagatagat agatagatag atgtagtgag ctaagaactg attatctgat actttctaaa     10560
     gtctagcata caattcagac tattcttaaa tgctacattt acttataaaa tattaaacat     10620
     agtaggctgg gcagtggtgg tgcatgcctt taatcccagc acttgtgagg cagaggcagg     10680
     cagatttctg agttcaaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggct     10740
     acacagagaa accctgtctc aaacaaaaac aaaaacaata aaatgaaagt gagcattgac     10800
     cattattaga caactcgaac catacgcttc ctggcaggag atgctaagaa agccatagca     10860
     tcattgctga tattcctgat taaaaaatat atataatctg gatttaataa tgaggaaacg     10920
     ttgaataatc tcaaagcaaa agatatttta aaaaacaact agcttgtaag ctttatgtat     10980
     caggttgtat gatggatagt tttatgtcaa cttgacacaa actagagtta tctaaaagaa     11040
     gagaaccttc attgagaaat gcctccataa gatctggctg tatggcattt tctaactcat     11100
     gattgatatg aggaggcata gtccattgtg ggtggtgcca tccatgggcc tgtggtccta     11160
     aactgtataa aaatgcaggc tgagcaagcc atagagagca agccagagca cccctcaatg     11220
     gcctctgcat tagcccttgc ctccaggatc ctccctgctt gggttcttgc cctcactgca     11280
     tttgatgatg aacctttaca tggaactgaa taaataaacc ctttcttccc catgttgctt     11340
     ttgaccgtgg tttttcatca tagcaatagt aaccctgact aagacgggct gtaaagcaaa     11400
     ggggatccgc ctgactaatc ctcccagact gaagaggact aacacagtgt gaaaagcaag     11460
     caccttgaag caggcatcaa ccctaaggac acactggggc tgaatgggga aacaggacta     11520
     aatagcaaaa tgtcactttt taaaaatata atggtagtat cgtgatcatg taggagaaag     11580
     aatgtccttg tagaagaaaa tgtaaaagta ttctctgggg ccatgagaat gcatcatgat     11640
     gtcagcttat caagtgatca agagacatct atgttctgcc ctccaaacgt tactgaaagt     11700
     tcctttgtat tttttaaaag atatttggtt gctctccaag atataataaa gaactaagtg     11760
     aggaagtact gaggaactga ggagtcataa agtcctcact ttcagggtag cctatactgc     11820
     cattgtttgt aaagtttccc actttacaac caatgaacca gtttcacagt tagcaagtat     11880
     gaaggctgga tgcctgtggt tcctacacta gtctctcact tttatgaagt aaaactattt     11940
     ttaacttgta aaagagaaca tcagttcttc aaactcattc acagataagg caaggtccgc     12000
     tcatcatctt cctacccaca agttggctat tgctgacatg gagagaggac ctgccatagc     12060
     agacaatcgc cacagaactg tgagaagcaa aactgatggg cacggaaact aaggtggttt     12120
     taaaatgtgg aaattctata aaatttgtct taattcatca ctgaacagaa atcatttttt     12180
     tttcaattct acaatattgt ggctacactg tgactacaaa gggagttggg cagtagctct     12240
     gcttatgcac acactcacaa agcagtcagg aggacgccag cctctcagcc caaacgcccc     12300
     tttacaaatt actccatgta gaacactact tctacttttc tcctactgaa acccatgctg     12360
     acacaaaagg ggacttgaca ggggacatgt cctcagctgc tgagatcaag aagccctgtt     12420
     gggggaggtg tagtttctgg aaatgctcct tgtgcagggt gaacaaggca agctagacag     12480
     tgacagagct aaaccatctg ttcctggagg ggtcttgcca ttcacccaag gttaacaatc     12540
     aatttctaaa ctgtttgccc tttacttata aacacgtaaa agtttgtgtt ccttcctatc     12600
     tatatcattc atttttatgg ttagtatatt atctacagga gtgaaaagcc cattctctaa     12660
     gtatccaagg aacaagcact gtggggtttt tcctatggtt gtgatttttc atgaaataat     12720
     tctccaacta gtaaaacgaa cacttaaaga cttgaccaac acttaccagt ttcctaccac     12780
     aacaactata cattttgcca caaagaaaca aacttaccta agaaaattcc atgtcctatt     12840
     acaaggaaaa acttaccaag ttcatttcct gtgtcaattc acaaaggatt atcactccta     12900
     ttatgcagtg ttccaccgtg ccctttggga aaataaccaa gtgaagacat gattagttct     12960
     taagcgtcaa ccaggcgata cttttaaaaa tgaaatgtca aggcatcaca gttgcctagt     13020
     aatggtctgt aaaagtgtgt gggggaaagt attgttattt ctgtaactaa aagaattttg     13080
     aactcatttt tgaaggataa attttggtac atgtagttaa ggagaaaatg tatacctacc     13140
     ttagaaatgc acatcactct atacaatgtt tcccagcatt tacaacccat aataaactaa     13200
     gcttcaaaat aacatttaat ttagtacttt ttctacaatc ttaagaatgg ggaaaaatgg     13260
     tttttgttct agaaatttgc ttgcggccta ctgtgatagc tgcattcaat aattaataag     13320
     tagcttagaa actaatttaa atctcttgat ctaatatcag aaaagatcac ttaggctctt     13380
     ttaatatcac tgaacagtgc acgtgtatgg agtcgttagg tgccttaatg aagacattca     13440
     gagtactcaa tgtagtaagg taaacatatg actgtcaata tggcatagtt tccatgatgt     13500
     ttctaattag cttacaattt aattgtaaaa cctccttcaa ttcatatctc atgtgcacat     13560
     tactaacaaa ttaccctatt acaaaatcat actagaaagc atgggattaa gaaatgcagc     13620
     atcaaattac aatgcagtag tacaaaagtg tgcccagatg tgctctgtac atctcatctc     13680
     acagttgtca cccctgctaa cttgcacaga aactaagcaa catgattact aggtataatt     13740
     aagttcatgt tacctcagga ccaccaacga tcaactctgg gagcacagac aatgcatttt     13800
     aactccttat ggtccttcta attcccatgc actcaatcat ggttactctg tgtgcattcg     13860
     ctcaaaaagt tgcatggcgt ggctctctaa ccaactgaca gtctgaagac tttccttcct     13920
     tccttccttt cttttttctt tcttttcatt ttaaagtcct ggaatggcag gggcttgtgc     13980
     tactgtgtct agcttttaca tgggttctga ggactcagaa cgatcatcag acttggcaca     14040
     gcaggcactt ttaccactaa accgtctctc cagcccaaga aatcttaaat ttaaagttaa     14100
     ccaccttgca attagaaatg acacagatat aaaaatattt atcactaaat acctaaatta     14160
     tttacaaagg aagcaaaagg caaacaggaa cagggacaac ttcttagtcc ctccactgtc     14220
     tcaaagctag aattccaaca atctctgcaa gctctgttct ttcttttttc aagtctaaat     14280
     atctaactaa actggtgtaa attaggaatg aagtgttatg attgtatcat gtgttaatta     14340
     tatttatatc atatgctatg ctctcatgat tcacttgaga acattgacat ggtgtgggat     14400
     aaaaagctgt caaaagcctt gctggcttcg cagtctgcgt cactaagtca ccggaacctg     14460
     tgcgtgctgc tcaacataaa ccacagactc ttcatttcta caatgaaact cacttcctat     14520
     ggctgttttg aaaattgagt aattatgaaa atcatcataa atattgcatg tacacatata     14580
     tgtcataaat aaaagcacat tttaaattta gaaacaatgg ttattttcac tcttctggta     14640
     tagtattttt cttaactgac aaataacaaa ggagccaaag gacaaataat gaatgataag     14700
     taagaatgtt tccacagaga gccaaggagc gctaagcgaa agccctactg ctctaagatg     14760
     gcgttaacgc gccttcttac ctggaggaac ttcttcacat cagcaatgat ttctcggaaa     14820
     acaaactcat ccttctgcac ctcaaaccac cccaacttgg tgagtttagc gatgacttga     14880
     atcagagctt ggatgacaaa gggcgccagc ttaggttggg acgccacata attcaggatg     14940
     tagtttccta ccaagagaat atcggtgaac acttaacttc tgagaaacaa aatgtgactc     15000
     ttgtgaagga aaggaggggg caatgacatg taacttgata agtgagttga tccctgtcac     15060
     caatgtgcac ttgctgtgca ggagactctg taacatttac ttggaaaaca tgagcttatt     15120
     caactatatt ctgataaatc ttaggttaat ttaagtctaa tatgaatgtc aattttgtat     15180
     ttgtagatgt catatgcaaa aacctgacaa gtcaatgcag aaagctgcaa gccaaatgaa     15240
     cccagctatt taagtggcac tggactatat aagcagtaca atataacaga gcacagaacg     15300
     tacgcctcgg atggctacga ctcactgttt gtcattatct gtgctatata tacatcactc     15360
     caccctagtc tggcccacga ctttccatct gaccacaacg tcccagcacc tcacaaactg     15420
     caactctaat gagtcctgca accttcacac cttttcaaga caaaagcgcc acatttgctg     15480
     tacggtgcct gtgcttccaa atctcttcat ctgtacgacg ctagcaaaca tttcctgcaa     15540
     gtctatcctt gttcccacaa tcatctttct ctcgtgaaga ctgcagcatt gtataacagt     15600
     cacttttaga aacacataca tcatattaca ataactaaat aagtgaatgc ttaccgtgag     15660
     gctaaagacg ataaccattt ttttaaaact tgatcttagt taagtgacat aaagatataa     15720
     tagcatacaa tactgataag cttgtacaca acgtattttt gaagcattta aagcaatact     15780
     ttaaaaaaaa agttaacaca gcaaaatcaa ctgcaagcta cccaactaaa aatgcttcaa     15840
     cgggaacacc tccaagccta agaacacact aggaaaggag tggtcgtatc tgtctggagg     15900
     agcttaggat atactgaaaa ccaaagacca gcaagtgtgc aggacagaga gatggctctg     15960
     gagtaaagca cttgcacacc tgcacatgca aaaggaaaag aaagaattag aaagggaagg     16020
     tggggacaac cagaaccttt acacactggc tagaccgcag gcagttggga aagctgagaa     16080
     cttcacagaa gtttgcacaa actttacgta taactcagca atttcattct tagggttctt     16140
     cacagaaaaa cagggaaaac tgaaccatga aaaggctcag atgcaaatgt tccaagtgta     16200
     agtgctcgtg gtgacaagaa gtaaaactca aatggccaac aaactcatca actactagta     16260
     aacagatgtt tgaaagccat acataggggc tggagaggtg gctctgcagt taagagcact     16320
     ggctgctctt ctagaggagc tgggttcaat tcccagcacc cacatggcgg ctcagaaccg     16380
     tctgtaactc ctgttccagg agatctggac ccccccaccc ctcacatgca tgcaggcaaa     16440
     acaccagtga acaaaataaa aataacttat cttttaaaga catatgtaaa aaaaaaaaaa     16500
     aggaagggtg taccaatgga catgatgaaa caccattttg cttagggaaa ggtatcatgt     16560
     atgcacaaaa gcactatata tgctatgatc tcatttctat gaacagttac aaaaaaatca     16620
     atgtataaaa gcagaaagta cacaggggtg gggacagaga cagcctctaa atggtgtttc     16680
     tatgatgacg acgtgttcta tagccaaatt gtaagactgt ccatacaacc acaaatttac     16740
     tacatctaaa gcttcctact gaaggcttct aacagattga tcctgctctg ctgggttttt     16800
     tgcaagcact gaactatatt ttatgatgta atatgtatca tggcttggta agctgcaaag     16860
     aagaaagaag ggaaggaagg ggactgagtt ataaagcaag cacacctaac tacacacgtg     16920
     cctgagatga aaaggagaac atccagcaaa gccacgtgag atcacacgcc aaggcagggc     16980
     tgagctggca tgagaggaag acctcggaca caaacgagaa cctggatgga actcatgacg     17040
     ttataaggtc acctaaataa tggctcttcg atgacaagct cataaggaga ctcagtagtg     17100
     tgctaggaaa tggatctgac tggtaatcaa tgggtggcca atgttaatgg tactgtaatg     17160
     gtagaaatta actgtggtga gcacagaagt gggcaacggt gtttatagga gataatgagg     17220
     tgactacaag tgtgccatct cagacagagg actggagttt atctgaaaac gtgaagtgac     17280
     tagtcaggcc atttatacat ttttttattt taaccacaag tctattatta tacatgccca     17340
     ttagatatag catgtcttga caaaaaaaaa aatctaattg actgacagaa aacaagagtt     17400
     ctttactcaa actaaaaagt ataaaagaaa acatttctta ggtgaaattt tcttatacat     17460
     ttctactttc ttttctcctc atatttcatc cttgttttgt ttcttgaggc agggtttctc     17520
     tgtgtagcac tggctgtcct ggaactctct ttgtaaacca ggcctctgcc tcccaagtgc     17580
     tgagattaaa ggtgtgcccc acaactgccc agctcatcac tttttcccaa agagtacaga     17640
     tactgctcaa ctttttgtat gtgtgtgaga aagggtctca aatgtcccag gcttgtcttg     17700
     aacttgctat gcagtcaagg atgaccctga atttctgatg atcttgcctc tacttcccaa     17760
     gtcctgggat tccagccttt caccacatgc ccagtttgtg cagtgggagt taaacatatg     17820
     tatgtgagac agacattata ccaactgaac tacatcccag ccttgctcag cttgtgatga     17880
     agtaaaaccc taataaacta tcgtaagctg agattttcct tactgcatct aactacaagc     17940
     acggtgtagc aacacagtgt agaatatcac tatttaccct tatctataac aaaaagctac     18000
     agcttactgc cactatccag tatcacacga gtgtaatacc tcacatcacc aacccaagaa     18060
     aagatcaaaa ttcatattct gaagtattgt ttacatataa tcaaagtatt ataaaaaaat     18120
     tccaaagtca aatcattgga aattaatatc catgttccgt actctaaaaa ggtttataaa     18180
     agtttataag tcaaataaat aatctaaatg cttgtggcta ttaaggaaat ttgttcagta     18240
     attaagagta caatggccaa ttttccatgt cgacctgact gacttggagt cacctcagac     18300
     tggtaaagca cacttgtgga gcttccaggg aggattggcc atggggaaga acgaccatga     18360
     atttgggcag cgacatccta tggacttgag accttaacag gatgaaagaa gtggaaggaa     18420
     aaagccagat gagtgctggc attactcttc ctcccacttc ccatccacaa agaagtaaag     18480
     acctctaacc tttgtcacaa accccaatgc caactgtgcc caagcacatg gggccagaca     18540
     accatggtat gaatgctata aaaccatgag ccaaattagc ccatcctcct gtgtagtctg     18600
     gacatagcaa cacaacagta aataatactg tttggtggtg gtttgaatat gcttggccca     18660
     tgagaagtgg cactattggg aggtgtggtc tgccgcagac cctctgggcc cctttgtctg     18720
     catggaacgg gtctctagtc tcgagtggac aaagcgtagg atgaatttga cagacagacg     18780
     cacacaggag aggtcctgtg gaatctgaat gtgtatttca aatcgagcat aagacttttt     18840
     atgcagaaga caataaggaa gttgggtgac acaccagcaa ggtacaaaga ggttactgga     18900
     ttcttacata aaacagagga atacaaacac agaaggtcta acaggaacta cctgggatag     18960
     aattcattgt taacaactgg gatcaacgag ggctccaccc aagattcact aaatcttgga     19020
     tgccagggtc aagggcttcg tgcccaggcc atagttccta ttttagtctt ttgtataatc     19080
     caccttctcc ttaggccatt gtaaatacgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     19140
     gtatgggtgt aactcagcta tagtcttaga agccaggtgt gaggtcttta ctctcttagg     19200
     gcaagggctt tcacacccaa gtctcggttc taactaggga gttccattct agctaaccat     19260
     ctcatgaata atgcaatact ctaaaaccac agcccgatct acttcctaaa ccattgtaaa     19320
     ttcctgtata tgggagcgac ttggctttta ttgatagtgt aataccagag gctattctga     19380
     atgtcactgt ctagctcaag gacgttctag gactgttgga acactgtcgg aaggctttag     19440
     ctatgtcaga attcaatctt aaaaggcact tatgataaag agagcaagtg gatccatcca     19500
     ctagactaat gcgggaatgg agaattaaga gaactccaga ctccaggagg agagcttcct     19560
     tgaaactctt tttgcctcat gagcagcttt taggcatccc tgcctgacag gctgactcga     19620
     ctggagtgcc gtggcagtgg tcttgttaaa aacggtgtgg ccagggggct ggagagatgg     19680
     cacagtggtt aagagcactg accactcttc taaaggtcct gagttcaaat cccagcaacc     19740
     acatggtggc tcacaaccat ccataataag atctgatgcc ctcttctgga gggtctaaag     19800
     acagctacag tgcacttaca tataataaat gaataaatct tttaaaaaaa agtgtggcct     19860
     ttttggagga agtgtgtcac tgtgtgggaa ggctttaaga gaccctcttc ctgtctgcct     19920
     gcagaagagt ctgtccttct gctgcctttg gatgaagatg tagaacttcc gttccctctt     19980
     cagcaccatg cctgtctgca cactgccaaa cttcctgata taatggtaat ggactgaacc     20040
     tctgaaactg ttgccttggt catagtgtgt cttcacagaa gtggacccct cactaagaca     20100
     acagctatcg tccagcagat ccagatgagt ccactggtaa actctaccaa acatttagga     20160
     aatatctgcc aagaaaacaa ggagagagaa acctatttac cttattttag tctaaagtta     20220
     ccttctttta ttatctattt cactgcacat ccaggaatgg atcccagggc cctcaagcat     20280
     gctaggcaag cactcaatct ctgactacaa gccctgttcc ccaaattatc ttaatataca     20340
     aactgaaaac actacaagaa gcaattgtct ctcttgaaaa gagttatgaa aattctcaac     20400
     attccaggaa gttgaatgca acaatgtatt aagaattaag gagcaggaaa agcaggcttc     20460
     acctcaatgt gcagggctgg ctcaacacat aaaatcaaca gcctactgaa tgaaaaccac     20520
     atgacagtat caacagatgt aagaaaagca tttaacaaat gcaatgtcca tttatggtaa     20580
     aattcaatga agaataaagc gggacgttct ccacttgaac tagaatacca ctggaaaata     20640
     gcaactcaca tgacatcacg aataaaaatt agagatttgg aaagtttccc aagttaagga     20700
     acaaagcaag aagtgctgtc accattactt caggtttcac ttagctcatg tgctccttgc     20760
     cctacctgca catagggcct tccttgctgt gtagcattaa ctcagtttag ccaaggttgg     20820
     tctcaaatgt cagagcctct gacctcagtg tctcatgcac aaggcaccat ggacacctgc     20880
     ttctgtctaa agcaacttta ctcacatttt gtttcacaat ttggaagcaa ctgaaacatt     20940
     cttcacttag gaacaatcag acaataaaga atattattca taattaaaaa gaaatgagat     21000
     cattaagtcc agtcatgaaa agacatggct tattataaag aaggaaatct gagaaagcta     21060
     cattctctac aattctcact ctatgctact ctggaaaaca gtggaagaca ctgaaagatc     21120
     agggtgagct aaggcgggaa gaaccagcag atcacaggat ttgagtgtag tgaagctacg     21180
     agcagacagc agggccccta tccatcgtgg aggcagggag gataggggaa ctctacagtt     21240
     gctgttcagt cttgctaagg atccaaaagc accctagaaa atgtaagcct atttaagata     21300
     tgtcctgagt caggactggg tttacacagt ttgaaccagt ttttttttaa ttaaaaaaaa     21360
     tgcaaatgca tctgttgcca tcttaagtgt agaactttct acatattgaa ggctggcaga     21420
     aactatcaga aaatgaagca aacgacatcc caggatggct ttgactacta attttgatct     21480
     taaagataac acatcagata ttttcacttt tctaatataa aaatataaat tgcattaatt     21540
     ttgagtttga agaacagaaa tgagacaata acctgttcta ttacaaacaa aaagtaatct     21600
     cctaccctaa ttattagatt tgtctacagg ttcaaggtta tgtgtaaata aaaatgtatt     21660
     attctcaaaa catacatatg gctactctac agtatctatg ttcttactgt atgtttctta     21720
     gctgtgggtt tttaatgtat ccaaactgac tatggtatag caacttgagc aacactacag     21780
     agctggtttc tttctgggca ttcaattgcc aatcaattaa gagcattaga ctctatacag     21840
     attgagcagt tttaaaagaa ctctactatt tccaggttgt atgatcctga gcaagtcaga     21900
     gcctatcata tctgatttac tcatctgcaa actgaaaata atccatcaat ttatttggag     21960
     gataaaccat aatagtgaaa atcaaatacc acatacacaa aatataattt atcattaaat     22020
     taataaaatt ttataattat atattgtctc atctattgta tcatcatcac tgcaggaata     22080
     agacttaact acccatatta aattactaat aaaactaaaa ttgcaatccc aataaaagca     22140
     caacaaataa aaagaaactt tttattttta aaatataatt tgtcttaaaa aaattaacaa     22200
     atcacttact gatgtctatc ctctgttcaa taggtaaagg attgattcgg gtaacaagtt     22260
     ttgaaagaca tgttgctgca aggagctgag cataggatgt ctgtaaagaa cagtaatttt     22320
     tattatcatc acaaaaacag actagtcaaa atattatact gaatttttct aagcaaaaac     22380
     aattctactt ctccaaagta gcaagttatg atgaataaaa tagatgtact tgaaatatac     22440
     ctatgtagac acacaaatgc acacactcct ctctcataaa agatcatggt tgaagaagtg     22500
     tacatagcta tctcaacaac agcaagtaaa tgggaaaaag aaatgtctgt gaaaaagttc     22560
     aactaaaata ctcttaacat ggactagcag ttctgcacaa tctgctctct ccttccacct     22620
     ccaaatatgc ccggctccat gctgcagaag gccctgtcca caagagtttt tcaatgcctt     22680
     tcccacaatg atttctgtgt tccttcagat ttacgtctga cagtacactg tggccatcaa     22740
     ttttcacttc tgtttaaaga tttgtatttt gaacttgagt atatgcatgt gtgctctcga     22800
     gcttctgtgc accacacgtg tgcagttctc acagaggcca ggttccaggt ctgaagccat     22860
     aggcagttct gaagcagctc aagttctgcc tttctctaga gccactgacc atctctctag     22920
     cctctccaat tttctcgaac tctataaata cacgtccatc ttttaaaatt caattctcat     22980
     tctatttcta cgaagttctt gccaaaatat ttttccctct agattacaag ttggcaaaaa     23040
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa tccatgaaac atagcttgtg agctaaaaat ggttctcata     23100
     attttaaaca gttggaaaac aatttggcca ggtgtggtgg cgcacacctt taatctcagc     23160
     actcgggaag cagaagcagg aggatttctg ggttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtaa     23220
     gttccaggac agccagtact atacagagaa accctgtctc aaaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa     23280
     atttaaaaac agtattttgt taacatgtaa aaaatagaaa ccatgtgaac ttcagtgtga     23340
     taatgtttat aaaacaggaa ccttgcccag ggtttacctg tggtccatgg ctgacttcgt     23400
     gtgtaatggc agacctcagc agctcaaacc gcccctgtgt gtgctgaaat gcagctgctg     23460
     ctcaggtgcc agagacttca gcatctagag tgtcatggga actgagccaa cgtgacacat     23520
     accttccatt aaaccaatat atatccccca agccaaagaa aaaaagtaaa agtgggcttt     23580
     aaatatctaa ctttgaaggc acatagttaa attagatggc aaattaatac ttcctcaatt     23640
     gccttctagg gaagtaacct tgtcctaaaa gaatgttcgg tgaaagtttc aaactaagca     23700
     atcatagcaa tattcccaac tcaaagaaag tcagtagtct ttgtgaactt tgataaacta     23760
     tgtcagaaca gcacttaaaa aagaaactaa aaaaaaggtg agtctacaaa ccaaagtcaa     23820
     gtttacaact gatccattag ttaagtaagg gaagctactt tctaatgatg agctaatcac     23880
     ctggtttccc tagagcagcg aaagttacac ttaagaaaaa acaaacttca cagcctttca     23940
     gagaagacaa atgctcagag ataaggacac tgaaacaagg tcagaggtca ctttaaaggc     24000
     aaggcaggga aattgctaag gttagggtta gctttccttt ctttcttttt ttcttttttt     24060
     caaaaacaat ttttattaga tattttcttc atttacattt caaatcctat accctccccc     24120
     caccctgatc cccaacccac ccactcccac ttcctggccc tggcgttccc ctgtactggg     24180
     acatataatc tttgcaagac cattgggcct ctctttccac tgatggccta ctaggccatc     24240
     ctctgctaca tatgcagcta gaggcacgag ctccaggggt actggttagt tcatattgtt     24300
     gttccaccta tagggttgca gaccccttca gctccttggg tactttctct agcttctcca     24360
     ttgggggccc tgtgttccat ccaatagatg actgtgaaca tccacttttg tgtttgctag     24420
     gtactggcat agcctcacaa gtgatggaag gaaggaccat ccagagactg ccccaaccgg     24480
     ggatccatcc cataaaccac caccaaaccc agacactacg gcatatgcca gcaagatttt     24540
     gccaacagga ccctgatata gtgttaactt gcaaaagatg gattgacgtt actaaaactt     24600
     gttcctgcgg ttaatgttac agactcctgc cttccactca ttctagaagt caggaatgaa     24660
     tggcaagtaa ttcaaaaact gctacctttt atgaagaatc tgtggaacta cagaccagaa     24720
     tattttaaag gagctgagga aacattaatt aatgtttcct tagtactcgt acagggatgt     24780
     caggataagt ggtagatggg tcactccagc aacaatgaac actgtgtgtc acacactgcc     24840
     aagccacttc acaagttcct acactgagaa aagctaacat cagtagtaac accagtaaat     24900
     gttctaacct ccactgacac tcccagtagc acatagccag ggatccaaat ataaagaaaa     24960
     tttctgtatc tgaaaatcca ttttgctatt caactaacga ccttccacct aatttttaat     25020
     tgaagagtat tattaatttg caataatgat aggcaagaca gaaaatatca agagaatttt     25080
     aattcgacaa gcataaaaat gccaactgac tcaaggcaca tacactgcaa aacagatgct     25140
     aaaaactgct ggcatgccat ctgacagcac ccaggtttgt gaagagactt ccaatgatgt     25200
     aaaattttag ctaattgtac acctttaata ccagcacgtt caaggtaaaa gcaaggtaga     25260
     ttattgtgaa ttcaaggcca gcctgttata cacagagttc caagtcagtc aaggttacac     25320
     agtgaggcct tgtctaaaga aagaatttca ttacaaatct gcatggatat attaactatg     25380
     aatatctgca ctcaagtcta ataacagaaa acaccaacct taaacctcaa ttaaccccca     25440
     gaagaactgc tctattttta tcagctaacc agtatgacat aaaaaagtat attcaatgat     25500
     tagattttca attttaccaa caaaatttta tgaatatttg ttttctctac tgttatagaa     25560
     atacttatga aatactgaca aagcctaaaa tactacatgg ctcttcatga aaagtttgtc     25620
     acctttcctg taaacaattt ctctctgtat gtagtattct ccttctcatt tcagacctct     25680
     ctaacagtga acactttaat tcgcgcacat agatgcacaa gtcagtagta tggttggctc     25740
     ctcagtagct gctggttgct gagtggacag ctctgagtat ctacaatgaa ggtatgaaga     25800
     agcaggagca ctcttctgaa taccctgata ctcaggttgt tttttctctt tttctttttt     25860
     cttttatttc tgaaatgtaa ttgctagggc tagggatgta acttggcagt agagagctcc     25920
     cctagcatgt aagaggcctt ggttcattcc cagcactgct aaaatcaaca tataaaatgt     25980
     gacataaaac caggccaaga agaacgaaaa aaactatttc accatatgcc tatttctact     26040
     ttgtggctgt ttcctgtatg tctccccagc ttttccagtt cttcctgctt aacccgtctg     26100
     acagaaaaca acaacaacaa gatgtggcaa aagctttgag taccgcagct aaaccaccgc     26160
     taatatcatc aacactggcc tgtcagggtc agccacccat ctcatactta ctgttccttg     26220
     ttctagtaaa agttgacact tgctgagaca ttctgggctg tcaatcagtt ccaagagtgc     26280
     tttctcagcc tctattcttt cagtgagatc ggtccctacg tagagatgag tacacagcac     26340
     ttccaactca gccaaactct tcagaggaaa aaaagaaaga cgtttgactt aaatggaaaa     26400
     taataattaa acacaaataa aagagataca gaaataatgc ttctatacat ccatgcaatg     26460
     cataggtact gagcagtaat accactcact taataccgtg caagagaagc acattcccta     26520
     ctgcccaaat tatttactta caaaatgagt tacacaacgc aactacacat aaaggagaag     26580
     agtccctcct ttacaaagtt aacagttatg tctgaaagaa ggtacacata tgctaaaaag     26640
     ctcaaaaccg aagagtgcct cacacctaaa gggtaagcca agtgaagaat agactagaag     26700
     gcagcacagg caaagcagca gcattgacag ggcttcagat aaaatgaatg tactcatttc     26760
     aagacatgaa acagtggcca gtaaacagct gtgagataat gggcaaagtg atggggtggg     26820
     gagaaagacc tcacacaagc tgccaacagc tcgtttgttg ttcccaaccc taccacctat     26880
     acaaaagatc gaatgataat tctatgtgtg ctagtctggg cttctgaact cagtgcttca     26940
     ggtgaaccat ggcatgactt ctgatcttac agtatttctg ataacactct aactaaagta     27000
     caagttttca tcttataagt acaaagacta actggctcta cctataacta gaacacctgg     27060
     aaacgaccaa ctacaaagtg agtctggcca ccctcttggc ttaagagaat cttgttaaag     27120
     ccacttaata aaacaaatta tttcacttgg aacttgaatt acatacttga caaaaatatt     27180
     ggcagagatt ttcaaaaaca ggtagccaaa tgaacataat gggatattcc aaaagaaatg     27240
     ccaattttgt tcagttctgg cctgaacttc tgtgtgcagc ttatagcttc acacccctca     27300
     aatccacaag cagacctgag acgagagagc cctggcgccc acccttgtat ccaccttagc     27360
     tcctgcacat tccccacttc cctatctgtg ctacaaccca tagccaagat tcaggaattt     27420
     tctgctaaag agcccaaaga tgaagtctca aattgattca ttaaagtgta ggaccttggg     27480
     ctggcgagat ggctcagagg gtaagagcac ccgactgctc ttccaaaggt ccagagttca     27540
     aatcccagca accacatggt ggcccacaac catccgtaac aagaactgac tccctcttct     27600
     ggtgtgtctg aagacagcta cagtgtactt acatataata aataataaat aaatctttaa     27660
     aaaaaaaaaa aagtgtagga ccttgtcagg catgttggtg cctacctgag atcacaccag     27720
     gtgggaggag gcatgagtac tgtccatgct cactgcttca gtcagagttg catgcagagg     27780
     cagcagagtt gcatgcacac cacatacttt actttgcact tactactgta ataacactgg     27840
     aagatagata gctatatccc ctaaaagata gatccagagc ctatttctat aatctttaga     27900
     aagagggtct ttataaatcc ttagttaagg gatttagata aaaatcattc tagctttgga     27960
     gtgggctcta aactctaaac ccaattactg acatccttat aggagaggaa gaacatggtg     28020
     acacatttct acaatctaac actcaggagg ctgaggcagg aagacagaga attcaatgcc     28080
     atcgtgggct acatacaaaa tttctaacaa aattagcaaa agtcttctct gacaggtggg     28140
     aggcagtggc ccccttcctg tcacgttgaa ctttccccaa actgcatagg aacataagga     28200
     ttattcatga agcaggacgt tccttctatc aacccaccaa cacatgggga cacgtgagtg     28260
     cctgcctggg actcgtggag cactatgaaa tgtcagggta aaatacagag ccccaaacac     28320
     caaatgttct tgaaaatgtt accgtcccta aagtgccatt tgcacccctc accaaactcc     28380
     ttgcaaacgc tcgggaccat ggaagttggc catgcttgtg atggtcattc tcaccagtct     28440
     ctccaaaacc cagccaaatt ctctgcaaag ggaaaggggc ttcagatgca aaaagataca     28500
     ggggagaagg ccataagaag acaggcagag tccgggaggc catatctaac accaaaaagt     28560
     tctaaagctg ccaaaaactc tgagaagcta ggccaaaggc ctccagatgg aagcaagcca     28620
     tctgccctct gtctcagcct tctggccttc attcagaact gagaacaaat tggagtttta     28680
     agccacccca gttgtggcaa tgttacaaaa gacctagaaa actaatattt aaaaaagata     28740
     aatgatgggc tggagagatg gctcagtggt taagagcact tactgctctt ccagaggtcc     28800
     tgagttcaat tcccagcaac cacaccgtgg ctcacaacca ccatctgtaa tgggatccga     28860
     ttccttcttc tggtgtgtct gaagacagct acagtgtact catcatatat atacatatat     28920
     atgtgtgtgt gtatatatgt gtacgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgata     28980
     aattacctcc ccatctcttg cctgcattct ggaatcaagc ttgcctgtct tcattttggg     29040
     gttacttatc tcctataaac tgttccttct tctgttagct gagcatccct gaaggcttct     29100
     tcctgagcca cttggaacta actcttcctt caacaatgaa gccagtatta cattggcgca     29160
     aaaggagatt tggattgtga atgttaaata atcataacaa ttttattaat caaaatagga     29220
     accatttaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaggccgggt ggtggtggtg cacgccttta atcccagcat     29280
     ttgggaggca gaggcaggtg gatgtctgag ttcaaggcta gcctggtcta cagagtgagt     29340
     tccaggacag ccatggctac acagagaaac cctgtctccc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     29400
     aaaaaaaacc cactgtcaag gtgctgaaga agtggtagtc attggtaaga ggtcacatgg     29460
     atacaatgaa cacggtggat gagggagaaa ttcaaagctc aatggattca actcctgatg     29520
     ctgtgattgt gcagcatgca gtccagtttt gctctggaga agcggctctt tcctgaatga     29580
     tggccaatgc tgagggcact gcagctttcg gtgcatggaa tggatttggt gagcacattt     29640
     ctcagataca gtggtttgac taggcaggat tcaactgata gtgtgctagg tagcagacta     29700
     cccgacagtg actgtggact tctcatggtg caagtttggc tctgggaagt gctttagaac     29760
     ttcttagtcc aaccactaag ctggtcatca ggaattgtca ttttcctgtc acatggtaca     29820
     atctgatcaa gaaatgaatt cactaaagtt tttagaaaga aaatttaaaa aacaaaatga     29880
     cttaaaaaag agtaagagaa gtcgggcgtg gtggcgcaca cctttaatcc cagcactcgg     29940
     gagacagagg caggcggatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca     30000
     ggacagccag ggctacacag agaaaccagg tctcggaaaa ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga     30060
     gtaagagaga cacaaatcca cagagttctc taaaagcatc tccatctggt cctgagggtc     30120
     atttactgtg tttgtttgtt ttttgccatt ccaattttct tccaatcttt ttggtttttg     30180
     ttgttattgt cgtttggttt tcttgagaca ggatttctct gtatagccct ggctgtcctg     30240
     gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctca aactcagaaa tcggcctgcc tctgcctccc     30300
     gagtgctggg attaaagaca tgcgccacca cgaccagctt tttcttcaaa tcttaaacaa     30360
     ccatgaatgg tccacactga gttctctgca atttctgtag ttgtaagagg atcactttca     30420
     gtggctgttt tccattaagt cactgttaag ttctgatcac ctaccacaat tctcctcaac     30480
     tttagggctc tcaatacttt tttgcaaact ttattgaacc accactgcac tgtgcattag     30540
     aaatccctga gccaacaaca gcagagatcc attttacatg ctgctgttac tgatccattt     30600
     tatactcaaa caagaaaaat cgtagctcag caggtggtgg aacccatgta aagagaaaga     30660
     aaaacctact ccataaagct gtaaataacc tccacacagc accatagtgt gtacacacag     30720
     tataaaacaa gacaattttt aaaaattgtt caaagttgct tgtcttcatc atttccgtaa     30780
     tataaatcta aaataaacag atgtaatgcc actagcaaaa agcatacagt aagaaatgca     30840
     tagtaaaatg atttacaaca taaccacgtt aaagagtatc aaatgacaaa tttccacaat     30900
     gcaaaactaa agtacttttg caccaactgt cttagttagg attttactgc tgtgacacca     30960
     tgaccaaggc aactcttgta aggacaattt aagccccatt taattggggc tggctaacaa     31020
     gttcagaagt tcagtctgct atcatcaggc aggaagcaaa gcaacatcca ggcaagtatg     31080
     gtgctggtga agctaagagg tctacatcta gatccaaagg cagactgtct tcaggcagct     31140
     aggaggcagc ccagcccaca gtagcacact tcctccaaca aggtcaatag tgccactccc     31200
     tgggccaacc atattcagat accacaccaa ccaaatagtt gtttaagtat cccacagttt     31260
     acaagagtat tttcatcttt tcttaagcca attctaaaaa ctagattcct acatactaca     31320
     taaatttagt gtgctcattt ttcagattaa aaaacctaaa gttgacagag tacatgcatg     31380
     taaggtgtac aagatcacag agccaatgac aagtctgtat gcaccaggca catctccctc     31440
     accatgtgtc accctttatt ctccagtcct catccacctg ccaacaatgt ccaatgccta     31500
     cttttaactt cctcttgtat gtctacaaca ccctctagaa aggtactaaa agtaacccca     31560
     gaacagcaga aaccacgtta cacatggccc tagaactgtg gaaaccacgt cacacatggc     31620
     cctagaactg tggaaaccat gtcacacatg gccctagaac tgtggaaacc acgtcacaca     31680
     tggctctgga tcggcaaaaa ccacattaca catggctcca gcagatttct actccatgtg     31740
     tccctctcca gtagaatggt gttggagttt taagaccaga gtcacaagct ccatgctacc     31800
     ttctgctttc ctctctcaat tcctcatgca taactattaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagtggc     31860
     tttgtccaaa aagaggtcta gcctttgccc tcaatttctg gtagataatc tatgtcatag     31920
     ttgacagttt tgggttgttt ttgttttttg ttttgttttg tttaggacaa gcactgacaa     31980
     cacctgatag ccacagattc agggttttaa tgatgatttt gggtcatgat tatgagtgga     32040
     agcagaaact atcaatcatg cctaagtaat gaagcctcag taagtactgc aggtactaag     32100
     agtggttaaa ccttcctgtc ttgcagtggc acacacatat ggagccagga gagcatccta     32160
     ccctgtggca aagagaagct acattttaga accttcatag attaagatta tcctccctgt     32220
     atcctccctt taatcaattt taatctgtat tctttcccta taacaattca caattataca     32280
     tttgataggg tttttctgtt ttgctttgtt tttttctgag acagggtttc tctatggaaa     32340
     ttttgttctg tcctggaact tgctctgtat cacagagatc gagatcaacc tgtctcagcc     32400
     tccagagtgc tgggattaaa ggtgtgcacc accgtgcctg gcagaatttg atagcttctg     32460
     atgaactgtc agacccttag gtgactgtgg ggagatccct caatcggctg ctggtgccag     32520
     gagttttatg aaccgtgtct caccccaatc tggcaaactc caggttcaaa ccaatttact     32580
     tagacagttc tactaactgt ttctctgtag gcgttagagg aactaagtaa aatccaatgc     32640
     cctgggtttc tccgtaggct gcttaggaat gagtggtaag tagtgggggt cttaaaagac     32700
     acatcttggg ctggtgagat ggctcagtgg gtaagagcgc ccgactgctc ttccgaaggt     32760
     ccagagttca aatcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac catccgtaac aagatctgac     32820
     tcccccttct ggtgtgtctg aagacagcta cagtgtactt acatataata ataaataaat     32880
     ctttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gacacatctt ccccgggcag tggtggcgca tgcctttaat     32940
     cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggcaga tttctgagtt tgaggccagc ctggtctaca     33000
     aagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac agagaaaacc tgtctcaaaa accattaaaa     33060
     aaaaaaaaaa aagacacatc tttggaaaag tcccttgtcc agtggagttg gcacaagcct     33120
     tagaatctgt cacagcaatc taagcttccc cagactcact actgagacta cagacagaaa     33180
     acatctgaaa caaatgtgaa gactgaagag caaagtaatc cagtgactgc cacacacttc     33240
     acactgacac ctaccttccc caaatcactc ttcttcacaa taccattatg tgtatttttc     33300
     agtcacattg agatcaccca gcccaaggga ggagctagat catcactaac agtctttgat     33360
     tccagaacta ttcatcaagc aaaacacgca agagtcctag gctgacatcc taaaacacta     33420
     agctttttac caacatcatt gtcataatac tataataatt ctatctttcc tcattctgtt     33480
     cctccactca gaatgcctcc caaaagatca tccagccctg tttcttactg ctccctaacc     33540
     aggatgatcc tgattgaatc tctaggaatg gtatcttcct ctgccttcca agaaactgag     33600
     gcaagcaagg acttaagggt aaaagcatgg aactggcggt ctacacatgc aactctgccc     33660
     tgtggacagt agttatatcg tggagctaca taattaccaa gtgtgaagaa gacactgaaa     33720
     caatgcctta aaatgtcacc ttagtgtata tttctaggaa tgatacgacc agtttgggca     33780
     ccaacatctc acttgtgtaa tattgcactt ggagatgaag gcagtttcca gggcttggcg     33840
     atttaccagg catcgtctaa gtccaaaaag gttccaaagt tcttgtacgc cttctgattt     33900
     actcaagact tacacctgca ctatgaacat ctgaatatct atttccaatt cacagtaagt     33960
     aatctctgtg agattcttcc tgcaaaagtt ctgcacaaga catctattta ctaaagtgat     34020
     aacaaatagc taattccgag ctggggaacc cttaaaaata aaacaaaaca aaacagtaaa     34080
     taaaaagata acagtaagta aaaaagataa aatgtgggtc tatttcctgg ttctaaatta     34140
     ctttagaagt aagaaagcac taagtccatg ggacggacca tcggatccat gtaaatctac     34200
     aaggggaagg ggcattcaga tacactgtca ctaagatccc gcctacttct ctaaggtctt     34260
     ctgccatcca caacttttca aatcaatctt aggatgcaag aacagatttt cacagtatgc     34320
     aacggtcttc cacaattctt tgctttgccc acaccgtctt tagtctgtag tctttcttcc     34380
     ctcactacct gggtatctac atacagttcc tacaattccc gctagagtcc cacgtccctg     34440
     agagtacaag gcagcgagtt tgcccagagg cttatgtacc atcagtagga acccagtaac     34500
     aagtggagac tccactccac ctacggatgg actgccccct ttctgtgctc ccgcgatatc     34560
     ccgtgactaa ttctaccata acagtcttca cgtgtgcagc aattatcgcg cgctctaaaa     34620
     ggacgagggt ggtagctgac gtcgccctgc atcccgagaa cgttccgcca caggagatgc     34680
     acagcggaga ggctcagtat acttctgtgg gatgaagacc ggcagagtgc gggagccacc     34740
     ggacagaccc gcatcccttc agcgtagccg gcgcccagcc ccgaggctcc accaatgagg     34800
     ctgcgcgctc ccggtcgcgc cgcgccccga cccgcgcccg cctccggcca atgacagtcc     34860
     tctggccccg ctgccttgct cccgccgtcc cggcctccga gctcaagctc ccggggcgaa     34920
     cagcgaccgc gggctgggcg taagggccgg atggcggccc ctccgcccca gctcccacct     34980
     gccgggacgc cgctacagcc gcgccaacca gagcgtactc cgcggccgag cgtagcccgc     35040
     tcctctgcgc ccgccccaca ccgttcccag gcaaggggct gggctcgggg tcgcggcctg     35100
     gagctccagg cccacagccc ggcgcactga cctgaaagtg cagcgccatc ttcccggagc     35160
     ggcgcaggcc gcgcggcccg agggccgagg ggagggggag cgaaggcgcc gcgcgagccc     35220
     ggccgccgcg ggatcccccc aagccgctcg ctcccagtgc tcggcgcgct ccgctcggag     35280
     cccgcagcgg gactgggcgg ggccggcgga gcgcggggag gagggggcgt gtccttcggg     35340
     ctcctccgcc caaccgccgg tgcgctcctt ttacaaccgc tgcatcctca gagtgagcct     35400
     ctgacctctg acctttaact tttaactcac caccacgacc caactgcccg cctcagctgc     35460
     ccacttagtt ttggagactg ggtcgtcggt ctcactatga atactgtaat acgtgaacca     35520
     ggctggtctc gaacttgaag tcacagtcat ctgcatgcgg cctgagtgca ggcataggtg     35580
     gtgtgtgtta ctgcccactt tggctcctaa atctgtggta gataggcgaa gagactgctc     35640
     agcagtggag agcaccctcc cacatgttca taactgcatg tagctccagc ttgtggaaat     35700
     ccaactgctt tagcaggcac ctgcatcgct ttcatacaca taataataaa ccttaagtct     35760
     accacaagcc atattgattc ctgacagaac tctgaaacaa atacatgact cccaaatccc     35820
     acatctgcac agatgttctg ttcctctaac acacagcctt tgaccccccc ccccatatgc     35880
     tatccttaac tcttgttccc caatgcccaa ctcccattgt ttattttttt aactttttga     35940
     gtaagttaag ctgacattgt gtatgaggca ttaaaattat aaaattctgg cttgtctgta     36000
     actccttgtc tacactttca catgaactta tattttacac caaattattt catgggaata     36060
     ggagttattg agcagatata tcgaatcaga gttgctcatt accagtgttc ttcatttctc     36120
     cagagttcaa tgcttctatt taacagcctt tttatgtatt taaggggaaa ttttcctgaa     36180
     atgtttctta caacttaggt atattaacaa attctctcag cttttgttaa tttgaaagca     36240
     tttgttttgt tttgtttttc gagacagggt ttctctgtat agccctggct gtcctggaac     36300
     tcactttgta gactaggctg gcctcagaaa tctgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg     36360
     attaaaggca tgtaccacca cgcccggctc atttcatcaa ttttaaaggt agttttgctg     36420
     ggtataaaat tccataatag ccttttgggc tttagttttt taatcttttg atactttaaa     36480
     gatgatattt cattgtcttc tggtttacat tgtttcagtt gaagagttag ccatcaatct     36540
     taattattgc acctttagat aatatactct agagtacttg aagttttttt ctttcacttt     36600
     gtttttgacc agtttcagtt tgtcactaag tctatgtgtt atattcatcc tacttgaaat     36660
     taatagttgt tctcgtgtga tctgacatct tcatcagttt tttaatatta accagtattt     36720
     cttttatttt tttttaagat tgtatgtgtg tgtgtatgaa ttcactgttg ctatcttcag     36780
     acacaccaga agaaggcatc aaatcccatt acagatgatt gaaagccacc atgtagttgc     36840
     tgggaattga actcgggacc tctggaagag cagtcagtgc tcttaacctc tgagccaccg     36900
     atcaaacccc cagtatttcg tttaaatact gttctgttct cccttcttcc tttcattgtg     36960
     ttacatgtat gctaaaactt tttgctacat tattctttct tcttgaactg gtctccatat     37020
     ttcttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg ctcgtgcgcg cgcatatgca     37080
     catgcttaat atgcactgaa tattttctac tgacctgttg cccattcagg agaaattcac     37140
     ttctactatg tctaaactgc tatacaaccc cttgtaaatt tttaaaattt ttttaattta     37200
     atttatttat atgtcttcaa acacaccaga agaaggtgtc tgatttaatt acagatggtt     37260
     gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggatttga actcaggacc tctggaagag cagtcagtgc     37320
     tcttaacctc tgagccatgt ctccagcccc cccttgtaaa ttaattaatt attatagttt     37380
     caattccaaa tttttcattt gggtccctct actgtctaaa taattttcat ggatctgatc     37440
     aaattctttt cctttttact attttcttaa tattttgatc acatgtagaa ttcttataca     37500
     gtagttccaa tatctcaacc actgagtcat tccatttttt ggtatttggc ctggttttgt     37560
     gtgttagtta ttcccctagt ctaatgtctt atctaattca aataatgtag aagaaaaact     37620
     atagaggctt tgagctatat tagcattctg catttttatg ttactaagca aataaaagaa     37680
     gatctcctct tcatccagtg atgcttgttt taggctatga tacaggtttg tttcagttta     37740
     tccttactct tgggctatga tctttgccag gtcttataac tgaagtcctg gtatatttcc     37800
     cttgtacagc ctggacatta gtctatcacc agcaatgtgc agctgctgaa agctttcttt     37860
     aactctttag gtgctacagc tacaggagct ttcctgaagt ctttctcttt gcaagtatgt     37920
     cttaggagtg aactgatgat tgtcaaagac tttgtaaata catcttgaag ttcatatctg     37980
     tgcactcttc tctctaaaat tttgtgtctc aaatcccaaa ggcagccagg caatggtggt     38040
     gcatgcattt aaactcaact ctctggaggc agaggcaagt aggtctctga gttcaaggac     38100
     agcctggtct ccagagtgga ttctaggaca gacagggaaa ccccctgtct caaaaaaaga     38160
     aaaaaaagaa aaaaaaatct cagtcatttg ttccccatct ctagcatcgt atctgctctc     38220
     agtgtattga cactactgac tggcaatgcg tctctgttgc ttctggctgc cacttagaaa     38280
     atgcttggtg tgggggaagg ggttgggggg ctggaggcag tgcttttatt ctctcaagga     38340
     ttgtggccaa ttaagctctg ttcttgttgg tggctcccta gtgccttaag ccattaaata     38400
     tagtctttct acttgtctgg tgcagtatgt gtacacatag atatgctata attgttgaat     38460
     atgtatattc atattaataa acatagacaa attttatgtc tatatagtat tcaaaataaa     38520
     gtatgtacac aatttgtcct aatttgtagt tatgccattt ccagtgggaa ctctactcca     38580
     gagcactcca atgttagttg attgactgtg gcttccactc gtgaccttca gctttcagtc     38640
     tatccatagc ccatggatcc tcacacctgc cactcagcgt ctaagatttt taaagattta     38700
     tatattatat ttatatgagt acactgtagc tgtcttcaga cataccagaa gagggcatca     38760
     gattctgtta caccatgtgg ttgctgggac gtgaactcag gacctctgga agagcagtca     38820
     atgcacttaa ccactgagcc atctctccag cctgccactc agcttctaaa ccgtgacatt     38880
     tttagtatgc tcatccttcc gtttttaaaa gactactttt tcttggtggt ggctcgagca     38940
     ttcacatgcc atagtatatg gatggaggtc agaggacatc ttttggggac tcacttctcg     39000
     ctttagtttt cctttgaagc aggctttcta ttatagtttc cgttgggctg agtatgtgag     39060
     cttcctggag attacccttt ctttttctag tgctctttct tatttcccaa agtcttttgc     39120
     tcctatttcc taagtttcat ttcaatgtct gaatattttt ttaatgccta atctcaacta     39180
     tgataccaca ttctaactct taactccctt atctcaggca ccagtgatta ttttttatgt     39240
     ccttatcaca tatactaaac aatatcctat tataatttcc tactgcattt acctgacttc     39300
     ccccacgccc cggttttttg agatgaggta tctctttgta accttgacta tcccagaatt     39360
     ccctctgaaa ccaagctggt ctgtaactca gagatctgcc cacctctacc tcctgcacac     39420
     tgggattaaa ggcatacaca cgcaccccct gccttgctta cgtaacttct tgattcaaac     39480
     accttctttt ttctttcttt ctttctttct tttttttttt ttttggcttt tcgagacagg     39540
     gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcctgca actcactttg tagaccaggc tggcctcaaa     39600
     cttagaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg aatcaccaca     39660
     cctggctccc aaacaccttt taaaactatt acttaaaagt cctttttctg tcagctccag     39720
     ctttaggttc tgggaggaga aatggctctg tgagtcttgg gtgtttccat gttttgtttt     39780
     gttttttctc atctccaggg gaagaatgac ataaatgtag gtttgtaaag ccaacagcac     39840
     agtttgctgg ttatcttctg aactcaccag ggaagtctag aaacagaagc ccagttaccc     39900
     ttctaccttt acatttaact gactgcttaa gattactgcc ttaacgcacc cctcctgtca     39960
     gtccacaagg taggcatttg gcttcatatc ttttgtcact gaataaaatg taaggtagaa     40020
     ttatgttact atagctattg aaattatcca ggatgtcaga taactcattt ctaccacaaa     40080
     gttcagtcaa aggaaaaaca ttaaagcccg tagtaattac aggattgtct tctattgtgc     40140
     aaaattgcct tctgaaggaa agccaggtgg agggggtggg tgttaatttt tgtgttttgt     40200
     caggaaactg gagtgtcaca cttctggccc tttaggaaat ccatccagtc tctctaagtt     40260
     ctgctttgtt atttctgaga tcaagatgac aagtctattg ttgaaggata tttgatctca     40320
     ctacaaaccc tgatattgtg ttatttcctg gaaaaacaaa caaacccctg tttctagttg     40380
     tggtgtggct catccttcgc acacaccttt aaacccaaac aaagaaggta aagttagttt     40440
     gtagaagggg agcacccatg tttaaaagtg atgtctaatt gagtggtaaa gtgacaaaga     40500
     aagatttgcc aaaataggat gcacccgact ctcacaagaa gagagaggaa aaggaagcta     40560
     cttaagagag agagggggga aagaggaagg aggcagtttt atctggacag ttgtacagag     40620
     acagattgaa taaagaaaac aagttagact caggtgaaga caacacaagc cagagaatga     40680
     gaaggagcca gaagattaga atatattgcc aaagttagtt tgaggccaag caacgcagtt     40740
     caggagaagc agagagaagc cagattgaat cagcttggag aagagtttga gactgaacta     40800
     gccagtcagg aaaaagcatg aaaaggtgag cttattcagc agccagtctc agaggctgga     40860
     aaaaatctaa gtctgggccg ggcagtggtg gtgcactcct ttaatcccag cccttgggag     40920
     gcagaggcag gaggatttct gagttcaagg ccagcctggt ctacaaactg agtttcagga     40980
     cagccagggc tatacagaga aaccctgtct cgaaaaaaac aagattgtac agaggctaga     41040
     agtttccagg actaggccca ggtcagcaaa ctgaaggaat agccctcaga gatgacaatt     41100
     acatcaggag aataaaagtt acttttatgg tctatagtac aaagaacttt ataagccata     41160
     tcacattgct gtaagtgagg acaggagttg aagccattca gtacagtgtt agaaaagcaa     41220
     gcagtagaac cgaataatgt gcacaaactc caatattggc tgctcaaaac taaggctaaa     41280
     tacctaaaaa catagcaaga cacaggtcaa aaccacagaa aggagtttag cacacagtac     41340
     ttgcctgtca cacacaaggc ctgagttcaa ctcctagtac tgcaaaaacc caaaaatcag     41400
     taaattgtca ttcagtttta tgagacaggc agtttaacca gctaagtgat ggcgtccaca     41460
     cagtgtattt catttttata ctgcagattg taatgagtaa ttcccatatg gtctcattat     41520
     atcttgttca tgtccttatt aaagatggga actatgtaaa atgaggggaa aggccaatca     41580
     gaaaagacaa acttcacccc ttagtgctat tgcacaatgc tttttttgtt ttttttccga     41640
     gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggcctg gctgtcctgg aattcacttt gtagaccagg     41700
     ctggccttga actcagaaat ccgcctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggtgt     41760
     gtgccaccac tgccaggttg cacaatgctt ttcactaaaa catagtacgc attcacatgg     41820
     gtacgtaaac acacacacac acacctttaa aaaataatgt gtctttacat tgaaatggag     41880
     taaataaaat gtacagaaaa agttagacaa aaaattattg tagcaaaagc ctattttatg     41940
     cacaaatgtt tgcccccaaa aatagacata ccagtttctc aagtgcctta tttcataata     42000
     aattattctt aaaatttttt atgaaattaa tttaggttgt atcaatccat aacaacaata     42060
     attgttttta aagtaaaatt aattcagagt aaaatacatt taggtacttt gcatgataat     42120
     aggccttgaa caggcaaaaa cataccattt cttaaaaatt aaggctaacc ttgtccaacg     42180
     gtgtggtgag gatacccagc taaccaggaa agtctcttat gagaaggaaa actaaagaaa     42240
     cccaagaaag ccaactccta gctgggcgtg gtggcgcaca cctttaatcc cagcacttgg     42300
     gaggcagagg caggtgaatt tctgacttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaag tgagttccag     42360
     gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcggaaaac gaaaaaaaaa agaaagaaag     42420
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagacaact cctcagcacc     42480
     ttctcatgtc ccccagtggt cccctcacaa gatagttttg tcatatggaa gtgcttaaaa     42540
     atagttaacc tgtgtagaca ccctcactaa taatcccttt caattgtaaa ttgctataac     42600
     ttactgtata gggatatttg tagcattttc taattaagga agaaattaat aatttgtgca     42660
     taagttgtaa caacacagaa ttgtctaaaa tcaaagcaaa ggttgccaac aatagcatcc     42720
     ctcccagatg gccagcattt acatcccaat acctctcctg gcagcacttt gcctccacac     42780
     atgtgcaccg gcatttttct tttatataac agatcatact acgaagctat tttgcacctt     42840
     gactttcctg cttgagaata tatttaaata tccatcatca gtactgtagc ccctctatca     42900
     gatgccactg tatgggttta ctatgagtta tttatttaat cattcctctg cagagaaaca     42960
     ggcttgtctc attcttccac tactttcaat aacatatata gcagcaaagt gaagcacacc     43020
     agcagctagg ggcagaaaag acaaacttct gtccttgtgt tggatatata ttttgaaaac     43080
     tctttctttc tctttctctc tttctttcct tccctcctcc tttctctctc tctttttctt     43140
     tcttcctccc ttccttcctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt     43200
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tcttcctttc tttcttccat attgaagtct ccacagagtg     43260
     aggaaagtac ctacacatga gagaagtcct ttttggggta tcagagtcta agttgaggag     43320
     gagagtctct gtttgggaca cagaggtcct tgtactcaca gaaaagcact aagagaaacc     43380
     aggaatgtta atcatgcaag agtgttgcct caacggaaga gataaaaatc aaatatccaa     43440
     gaggatcctg gggtgaagat ccagtaatga tagtgtagca gaaaccagag gcctcaaacc     43500
     caaccaacgg ctcattgcaa tgagcattgg caaatggaga tatatggaca aagggcatat     43560
     atactgtgtg acacactgtg acacactaca gcttccacaa caagattttt tttttttttt     43620
     gaggggaagg ttgcatgggg agagggtggg tattaaggga tggagagatg agtggagtgg     43680
     aattgggata tatgatgtgc aattcacaaa gaataaaaag ttaactattt aaaaaaaaaa     43740
     caaaaaacaa aaaacccaaa tgcctgtatt ttatctaaaa agcagagagt gaactttgtt     43800
     aatgacctgg tgaccttttt gctacctgtg gaggcagact tcacccaaat tccccagaat     43860
     gattatccca gactcttccc tccctaaact gccacccatc cttagaggat cagtcgcttt     43920
     atggactgat ggtccctgtg ctatggtcag agtcaacact agattctagg ccttgtagct     43980
     atagaaccca ccctcatggt cacatgtact aaaagatttt ctctgttttt taagcaatta     44040
     atatgttttt attttatgtg catcagtgtt ttgcctgcat gcctgtccct gtgagggtgt     44100
     cagatcgtgg agttagacag ttgtgagctg ccatgtgggt gctgggaatt gaactaggat     44160
     cctctggaag agcagtcagt gctctttact gctgagctct ctctccagct tgtaaaagat     44220
     ttcctatata gtcatatctt aagctttatt gtgcaccaga aattggactg actggactgg     44280
     ttatttccag ttgtaccctg tcttactctg tgctgtgtgt gttttaagtt tgctcacagt     44340
     gaagtgcccc aagatctgac tcaggataac aaagtcaacc tgcatgggtt ttcattctct     44400
     tctctttacg cagtttgctt gcctgtctga catctgctca agtgtctatg agcattttga     44460
     cctcttgagt tggtgtgact agaatataca cctatatgta tctgaatccc aacgggtatg     44520
     agaagagcgg ttatgctaga gtagaaagga gctgagttag agactgagca tgtggggagg     44580
     tgtttatgtg gaggctctat caaagggggt cagggcccaa ggagggtgag atatccttat     44640
     agagaatgac ttgacaatgt aattagtcag ttggttacat actagggtgc tgtttggata     44700
     aacaccccaa ggttcatgtg ctaaatgttt catcctcagc gtgattggaa ttaggggtga     44760
     aactggtcag tgaagctggg ttgaaagtct ttgaatccta tgagagcatc ctctggaaga     44820
     ggaccctggg acccagaccc tcctctgtct cccacatctc gctatcctcc acctgctagg     44880
     gagtaaacag tctcctcaag ctcacacttc tgccatgatg gaccttaaca cccttaacac     44940
     ctacagcagc aaggaccgaa agtttagact gtgaccccga attaacggtt ccttcttcat     45000
     tcccccaggg gggttgtcag ggtgactgaa agcaaacaca tccaaattta ccctttgttg     45060
     ctttatcaca aagtaggtcc tagccaggtg ttggtggcac tcacttaaga ggcagagaca     45120
     ggagactctc tgagttcgag gccagactag ctgactgagt aaattccagg acagccaagg     45180
     cacccagaga aaccttatct cacaaaacaa aacaaagcaa agcaaaacaa caataacaga     45240
     aagcagatta ttttaggcat tataaatgct ttagtgggtg tgtctaaatg tttaggatta     45300
     ttttttaata tatatgatgt attaaatatc acacacatat catacttgct ctataggctt     45360
     taaaactttt agcaagccag gcatggcaca cgcctttaat cccagcactc aggaggcaga     45420
     gacaggcaga tttctgagtt cgaagccagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc     45480
     agggctatac agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaaacaa acaaacaaac     45540
     aaacaaaata cccaaacttt ttgcaatatc atctagtagc tgggcattat tcaaatttct     45600
     ccaatgcctt cacatttatc tggtttgtct gaatcagaag ccagccaaag ccacattaga     45660
     gaatgattgg ttttttttgt tttttgtttt ttgttttttg ttttggattt tcgagacagg     45720
     gtgtctctgt gtagcccagg ctgtcctgga actcactttg tagaccaggc tggcttcaaa     45780
     ctcagaaatt cacctgctgg ggctggtgag atggctcagt ggttaagagc actgactgct     45840
     cttctgaagg tcctgagttc aaatcccaca accacatggt ggctcacaac catctgtaat     45900
     gagatctgat gccctcttct ggtgtgtctg aagacagcta cagtgtgact tacatataac     45960
     aataagtaaa tctttaaaaa aaagaaaaga aaagaaattc gcctgcctct gcctcccatg     46020
     cgctaccatg cccagcttag aaaatgattt ttaactctct caatccatat cagggttttt     46080
     ctcctgctct tacttccttt gacaatagat acatgaatct tttggaagaa taaatacact     46140
     actcaactat gctgcatttc atgtttggat gattggatcc ctgtggtatc tgtctttcat     46200
     cacatctttc tgaacattgt attggtatca ctatgaaagc ctgagtccct aacatatagg     46260
     atgtctttca gacccatctt ttttatctga gggactctca ggtcacttag agaagttttg     46320
     aatcaaggga gagaaacaaa gtagaagttt tctgtaaact gacttggtga gcttcaaaag     46380
     tgatcatcgg tgacctttaa tgagttaaaa aattaaaaag tagactctgg aaggaaaact     46440
     tagccttctg agaaatcatt aatgataaac atgtcactgg tgtcagggtc tctggagtca     46500
     caatgtgtca ctgtggttct gaccctctgg acaaaatgat ttgtttctct caacggaact     46560
     cattcataat aacaggtcag agctaattcg agcttttatt ttgaatatgt agatcataag     46620
     caaaaacgtt ctccctgacc aaactatgca aacggtgtaa ttctctggag gtttgatttc     46680
     gttcagcaca tacttcactg taggtcgttg caagacctgc tcacagtaca taaagttctg     46740
     atgctgtatt agggcaggct ggtcttacta catgggaagt gttacttata aagccatatt     46800
     tcattctgag aatctgcttt ctgtagcctt gactattccc tggtcaaaat gtgatgtagg     46860
     agggaaaatg gcatatgcag aggacttttg aaaactaagt gaaatgacca tatcctgaga     46920
     tatctgtatg tgtgttaaag tgcatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg     46980
     catgtgcgtg tgcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgcatgtg cgtgtgcgtg tgtgtgtgtg     47040
     tgtgagagag agagagagag aaacacagag gagacaggga cacacacaca cacacacaca     47100
     cacacacata cacacagaaa gagagagaaa tcctgtggat ccccagtgat gaggcaactg     47160
     ttgagctgag cttgccccat gtgttaacag ttgtttctgg aatcccatat tgagtgtttg     47220
     atgaacactt cagaatggca cagagcatat gctaggattt ggaaaacctg taagagattg     47280
     gagcgcctta gttctcaaga aagaattata ctaaaatagg gctgtaaaac tctttgtttt     47340
     tcttcaacct tccagagaag tatccaagtt tttgtttgct ttggcttctt tatcctttta     47400
     aggaaaacac aactgtatgg agaactttat tttgtcttct tatggctttt tagtgctctc     47460
     aaattaatgt ggatgatttc ccattgacat ccaaagtctt ttccaccaac ttatcaagca     47520
     acgaggattt acagcctgca cacatctgtt tatcaaagga tagatatttc tgactctcac     47580
     accaaagcca gctttcaccc aattaattag gtactctgtc tgctctttta aaaatgttag     47640
     tctagcatag acctacttta tatttattaa gttgttttta tctttttttt gcttcttatt     47700
     tttaattcca tctgaatgtc attaaataga gtcttaggtg attttgcaca cctctagaag     47760
     aagtacaaaa attccattat tgctttgaaa tttaaaagca ccaaaacatt tcctgtttct     47820
     cagtaaagtc gtatagtgcc attctatttt agggaatttt cttatgcttg tataattgta     47880
     tctgtggagc agcgaatcaa gttctgggca gctgactaca tggctgagga ttgcagatcc     47940
     tccgggagct tactaaccca gagatcaagt caaattatga tcacagcata gggccttagt     48000
     gttccattct gacacgggtg ctcacctgca agtctggctc cttgaatgta cagacgttct     48060
     catgggtttt tgttttatgt tattgctgtt ttggtggggg aagggtgggc acagatgatc     48120
     acaggaatca acacagtttc cagacagagt ttgcaggctg ggaacagagt cctaaaccac     48180
     actttgtaac ccaccactcc cctccccaga acagtctgag ccagggctca taagcacaaa     48240
     gagaggagac tttaccaagc acagagccag gcattgaaca ccactgcctt gccatgacct     48300
     ttgtttcatt tctgaggcaa tgaattacag ccttgaacct ctgcttttca gaaaaatacc     48360
     cgtgtctgtt tctctcccac cccctttccc tctaacacat ttccaaatct gatgccgata     48420
     agtttaagcc aacattggta tctgattccg agtctagaga agataaatag gatatttaaa     48480
     aattcacaaa tggtcttctg ggatgcaagt tttataggga cagcttttgg gtttaaaaca     48540
     gactgtgttc ttgacggtgc aattgtgcat tttgcctcct gggtggcttt ggaagccaaa     48600
     tcccaagaca gttattgtat gagaatagaa ttgctttacc acctaatagt gaagcctggg     48660
     acatattaat gaagaaaaat tacttaaagt ataaagttta ttatcatatg tgattaaaaa     48720
     attattatag ggaatgaatt tccatttttc cttcccccct ccttccctct gtcttagcaa     48780
     aaaaataata ataataactt ataaaatata ttttatgaaa taccagagta tatctgtggt     48840
     cctgctaatt ggcctctatt catctgagga tctagtgagg atctgggaca tgatttaaca     48900
     aggtctggtt ctaagagaac ctgctaagca gtaataaaac gggatattgg taaaatgtgt     48960
     tctcaaatcc cactaactgg gcactgaagg aattacaaga attcacaagg acaaagggaa     49020
     gaggagatgt ctccattgag ttgcaaatgg cagaacttag gaggtgcagg aagctggaaa     49080
     acaacagaaa ctatgtagcc actcagaaag agggcagggc cacaaagatg caaacatcta     49140
     ggaaggggta tgtcatgagg ccagccatat tattccttag tgatctagaa gctaatatgc     49200
     aactgaataa atacacacac acatgccaca gaccctctgg gtccctttgt ctgcgtggaa     49260
     cgggtctcta gtcgcgggtg ggcaaagcgt aggatgaatt gacagacaga tgcacacagg     49320
     agaggttgtg tggaatctga atgtaatttt tcaaatcgaa catcagactt tttatgcaga     49380
     atacaataag gaagttgggt gacatacctg caaggtacaa atgaggtaac cggatgctta     49440
     atgactctta cacagaacag aggaatgaaa tcgcaaagac tggcaggaac tgggcaataa     49500
     aataacttag acagagtcag ccctatctaa ggtcagctat agtcttagaa gccaggtgtg     49560
     agatcttttc actcctaggg ctagggcttt cacacccaag tcatggttct aactagggag     49620
     ttccgttcta gctaaccatc tcatgaataa tgcaatactc taaaaccgca gccccatcta     49680
     cttcctaaac cattgtaaat tcctgtatat gggtgtaact cagctatagt tctaagtatc     49740
     tattctggtt tctcctacgg tcagaaactt ctttcttcct tggtgatggt agattcctgt     49800
     gaagggcagt gacctaactt ttactcaaag tgatagtgta ataccagggg caatactgaa     49860
     ttccaaaccc aaggtcttgc tcaaggacgt tctaggactg ttggaacact ggctttagct     49920
     atgtcagaat tcaatattaa aaggcactta taataggata atcctaaaag agagcacgtg     49980
     gatccataca ctagactaac tcgggaatgg aaaattaatg tatgggttag agagaacgcc     50040
     agactccagg agtgagtttc tgtgaaactc ttctgcctca gtgagtagct tccaagcctc     50100
     tcggcttgtc aagctgactc aaccagagcg cgtggcacac acacacttat taaagtgaca     50160
     gaaataaata taccagacat ctggttttga ttatgtgttt cacttgagtg aaaaaactta     50220
     aaaacaatgt caatctgtga ccctctggag ataggattat gacaggaatg agatgtcatg     50280
     aaaataataa tacagaaaag taagagccct ttgcagataa cccaccacga ggtaagaagg     50340
     aggaaaacca gcaaagagaa aaaggtgtcc agggatagca tgccattcct gcagggcatg     50400
     tcagagtctc agtgtcttca ataggggtcc ctcagccttg ttttctttct ggaatcctat     50460
     gaggcaagtg gtcaggtttc atcttctgag tgacaaagtg ggggaccttt ctgttgggac     50520
     attaacttat ctgagagtta caatcttcag ataacacaca taccccttag ctcagataaa     50580
     ttttacatta caattgatag caagaaaaca caatccttat ttgaagcttg actctgacat     50640
     caccagcaag tgacctcagg taaactcacc aacttgatct taaaatttcc tgtaagttag     50700
     gaaaattgtt gctgagttgt gatgacgaca aaattagatc cgtatgcaag agcatccgag     50760
     ggagctggag accttaataa atagcatcgt tgttttgttt tgttttttca ttagttcata     50820
     gcaatcaata gttatagcaa aagtgagtcc tcttagaata attaagttac tctggcccag     50880
     taacctttgg ccaaatatta ctctgagaat attgtattgg cttgctttag actcttgcta     50940
     agtgacctag ctgttgcctg agaaacagtg acttaaacga gacgcatgga tttctgccta     51000
     agtgtgatag atgaggccag ataacagaag ggaaaggggg aagctcatgg aagagggagg     51060
     aaagggaatt gactttggtt tttccgaggg tgagtgtcat ttttctttga tttgacacca     51120
     tgtcttcttt gatcacttga ggtctaggta tcaaatacca cggcatgctt cataaaagca     51180
     gcaggcttga ccgggagggg aggaggggtg tggttgaaag gttcagagat agggagggaa     51240
     gaaagaggta gtgcttagca ccagttgcca gcctggagag gaacagccat gacacaacag     51300
     tgtgcagact gatggaggag gcaggacagg agtatctgga gacacatact gggattcaag     51360
     cccctcccct cccctcccct cccactggtt agtttccttt caaacctcac aactccaacc     51420
     ttaacccaaa gagctagcct atgatgcagc tatttaaagc cctcatttga caaatgagga     51480
     aatataagca gagaggcaac ataataattt gtccacagtt gaagtctcag ccgagtggag     51540
     atttgtgccg gggtgaatct cgtgtctaag tccatcggct ttccctgttc tttcactctc     51600
     tctttcccag gacatgattc atctttatga aataagtgca tgcaatcttt tgtgaggcat     51660
     aatgcagtgt ataaatctgg gacattttag gcattatttc acatttgaaa accaaaagac     51720
     acctaaatgt cagaggagtg gtgagagtca ggtaacacta aatgcatttc gtttgctttt     51780
     tgctggtggg acagtcggaa agataaggtg aatgtggggc tgaagtggag agccgaggag     51840
     accagtggaa aggtggtgag ttttagcatt tcaagagaaa agcataatag tcatattact     51900
     tcgtggtact agaaaaatgc tcagtctccg aatttgtttc ctacattata aaattgtatg     51960
     tgtataatgg gatctttctg agttttaaac taaatgtccc agacgctgct ttagctttga     52020
     ccatgacagc acaactccat gcccctttct tttattaaca gcctacaggc agaggaaaca     52080
     cagcacacag gcccatcacc tgagaagcca ctgtccaagc gtgtgctgac tcaagtcgat     52140
     gtctagtctg aatctccagc aagcgcccag gtgaagcctt agagctgacc cgagccgcgc     52200
     ccgcagtgag aacatacgct cctgctgtaa aattaaacat ctatgctttg cagagaggta     52260
     ggggtgcatg tctttaatcc cagcactcaa gaaacagagg caggcagatc tctgtgcgtt     52320
     taaggccagc ctggtctaca gagtgaattc caagacagcc aaggtaacgt ggagaaaaac     52380
     aaacaaaaaa caaaaacaaa atcaacaaca acaacaaaaa tttacacttt tcgatcaact     52440
     atcagcatgt gtttagcaag tatgtgcttt gtgaacagtt gggcaatggg gcaaaatata     52500
     agccatattt acatctcttt caggattttt aaaatctgaa gagaatgtaa atgcttgaaa     52560
     cagtaagata ttatatcgag gagctatgag gcttctttat agttgggcga ggagaaagta     52620
     tcacagtaac tctctgcctg cagatggata ccatgagagt ggacactctg attccgagct     52680
     ggggcacggt agggaatcag ttttcttatt ttagaagtat gggaatgggt tgtagaggct     52740
     taatgacaca cccaaggtca cccaaccctt aagccaaaag agctggaaat aaaatctgtg     52800
     aagttccatg agagacagag ttaagccact gatcttggta gtactatgct gtggcggtat     52860
     gggtgttcct gaaggtgacg aaggtgctga tagtaatgcg gaagattgtg tagggactct     52920
     tttccttaac aaaaaccatc tctgctatct tttttttttt tttttttact agtgtagttt     52980
     attctggatg taggagaaag actgagtggc ttcaatctat aaaactagga caaagagagg     53040
     gcctggggca tcccagtgtg ctcttggcct gtttgggtct tccccgtgtg cagtaaagag     53100
     gacagaagca aagaatccac actgaactca cgagcgaggg tacaaaaata cacaggagtt     53160
     ccactgaacg catctggcaa gcatttcgtc ttcccttaaa taaaataaat tcccttaata     53220
     aagccaatgg aggcagagtt ggtggtgggg ggtgaggggt aaagaggaca ggaatgattt     53280
     atgtcagggc cagaagaagc ccttgacggc tcagaacgac ctatttggaa ctgttcaatc     53340
     taaagccaag ttatacactg gtttcccttc ttgtgccaat cttacattta aaaaaatata     53400
     acttttatga atatcatcat tagtgctata agcacaggga agtataagtt aattctacag     53460
     taaagtgatt attaaatcca ttagtcatat actgggaatc cataattaac ttattcgcca     53520
     gcatcaagta aatgattcta ctgtgtgctt taagaaagca attgttcact aatatgcaaa     53580
     atacagcaga actattagat cataaagcca tgcaatctta taattaaatt ataaatttta     53640
     catattttaa taatgtgctt tatatacttt aattgttttc tacgcaagat taaaaggagg     53700
     tgccatggtt tttctcagac atattatatc ttgacctgaa ctatgcaata cttaataata     53760
     attgatgagt atctaccagg gatgacagca gtctttcagg aacagcagat atttctttgg     53820
     actattccaa agaattaaaa tgaaggtatg cattagtttt aagtggagtc acagctatac     53880
     ccttgggctt tctttgtttc cccccccccc tttgctgtta taaccaccat aggcatccac     53940
     attctatttg caggccacat caatggactg gcccctattc taactgcctt agttgtatgt     54000
     gtggaaaaag gcaacatgca cattaaattc tctgcaggga acttgtgcac ccacatgagc     54060
     catctgttgt tgttattgta ttctggatta aataatgatg ccattattct ccatgtgcag     54120
     aattaaatgt atttgaaaga actgggaaat accacagatc tgtgttatgg ggagttgttt     54180
     cagtttttct aaatcctgat tgctgcagag ggtccccctt tcttttcctt tggatagtgc     54240
     taaactcttg ctggcatggt tactctatcc cagcccgctt ccagtttcta gaagtaatgt     54300
     gcatagaaga tgccctgtgc ctgaggaggg taaatggttc acttattcct ccagtcattc     54360
     agcaaacata tagagaatat agcagacact cgaccctgag ctcagcgtta gaggtatagg     54420
     gttgaaagga gggatggtat tatttgactt gggcccagga ataagcccaa cttgtactgg     54480
     atgttttaag cacattagcc tgcccatgct tgctataaca acacagcacg gtgtggtgac     54540
     ttgagagaaa tccatgtttt cgcttgtttt gttttgtttt tcgagacaga gtttctctgt     54600
     gtagctctgg ctgtcctgga attcactttg taaaccaggc tgccctcgaa ctcagaaatc     54660
     cacctgtctc tgtctcccaa gtgctgggat caaagttatg tgccaccact gcactgtgaa     54720
     atccattttt cacaacttca tagctttgaa gtccaaggtc aacgtgctca gcacacttct     54780
     tgtagattag aatcacctga agatccctta ggcctggagt tagaaatgcg tgtcagctgc     54840
     catgtgagtt ctgggaatgg gtcctcttgg tcaccaggcc atctctccag ccctgtttta     54900
     tcctgtgcct tcatctcagc cacactctca cttactgcag gtttattatt catatccagc     54960
     tgctggtcaa atgtatccga tggctgttaa cagggagaga gagagaacat gctcatacaa     55020
     tgtttactat tgcatagttc tatgtgattg ttccatttta ttattgttgt ccttaaactt     55080
     aatttgtaaa atcagtttta tcacaggtat gtattggaag aaaatggtgt atgcagattt     55140
     agtgctaacc atgattctgg gtatcttctt gtaacagatc ttgagagagt gttaggtctc     55200
     aaacccagga caggttatag ggcgtggctg ccatgcccca ccctctaccc taaacttctc     55260
     caagccccag ggctggggtg cttccctcaa ttgaccttca ttgttttatt ccagtcattt     55320
     ggttaccagg cccttttgtt taccctttac tctcccgcct cttgtcccct ccctggctgg     55380
     ctcaggactc ttccacttgt ccttgcctct agctttgttc tccctttttt gttttttttt     55440
     ctcgagacag ggtttctctt tatagctctg gctgtcctgg aactcatttt gtagaccagg     55500
     ctggcctcga actcagaaat ccgcctgcct ctgcctcccg agtgctggaa ttaaaggtgt     55560
     gcgccaccat gcctgccact ttgctctccc ttttatctac aataaacctc ctcctcttct     55620
     ttctccttac ccattctctt gctcctcctc cctcccacct gggagccttc aggccccccc     55680
     ttttttccca ctcattgagg tgactattgc attcaccttc taaaggcaag atcttggtac     55740
     cttcctactt caaaatctca gacttgagta aaggaattat gatttgagta cagattttca     55800
     catacatatg gctgtcatgt tccagaacct ggaatgggaa atgtgaaaag aggatgatga     55860
     tgatgatggc agcttgatag ggatgtgtag atatggatca gttgaggtac tgcacataga     55920
     agtaagttac aagtcagatc tagaagccaa ttggcctact gggttgcagt ttgtcttctc     55980
     tgtcttggaa tgcagattaa aatagtcctt acttcttaga ctattataag gattagatga     56040
     gtcaatttaa caaaaagttt gtgacaggat ctggcacatc ataacaatgg tggcttataa     56100
     taatagtaat ggaataataa taataataat aataataata ataataataa tatgtggtgg     56160
     cttgaatatg cttggtgtgc cttgttggag gatgtgtgtc attgtaggcg gggctttgag     56220
     tgctcaagct ccacccactg tggaaaacag agcctcctta gttaagattg ctgctgcctg     56280
     cagaagccag actcctcctg gctatcttca gatcaagatg tagaactccc ggctcctcct     56340
     gccccatgtc tgcacactgc catgatgata acagactgaa cctctgaaac tgtaagccag     56400
     ccccaattaa ataaatgttt gcctttataa gagttgccag ccgggcgtgg tgacaccttt     56460
     aatcccagca ctcgggaggc agaggcaggc ggatttctga gttcgaggcc aacctggtct     56520
     acaaagtgag ctccaggaca gctagggcta tacagaaaaa ccctgtctcg aaaaaaacaa     56580
     acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa aaagagttgc cttggctctt taagctctca cctttcttac     56640
     tctcctctct agccctcctc tctctctccc ttcccccctc tctctacatg accatggcca     56700
     gcctctcttt ataccttctc tctttccccc tgcctttcta caatagagct ctaaaaccat     56760
     tattaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agagccgggt gtggtaacac aggtctttaa     56820
     tcctagcact cgggaggcag aggcaggcag gcgaatttct gagttcgggg ccagcctggt     56880
     ctacagagtg agttccagga tagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctatct tgaaaaacaa     56940
     caacaacaaa aaaagttgcc ttgggctgga gagatgacac tgactgctct tccagaggtc     57000
     ttgagttcaa ttcccagcaa ctgctaggtg gctcacaacc atctgtaatg gaatccgagg     57060
     tcctcttctg atgtgtgtct aaagtcagct acagtgtact cgtatacata agataatttt     57120
     aaaagactca aaaaaatata tttaaagaaa aagagttgcc ttggtcattg atggtgtctc     57180
     ttcataacaa tgaaaatccc aacttagaca tatggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     57240
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gaattggtcg ttgtagtatt taaccactgt     57300
     tcctagaatg catctgttga tggattcaca ctgcttggag cagcaatcct tggagcgttt     57360
     ccacctatct ccagttttcc ttgaacataa ctgataaacc aggtgccgag tgagtgctct     57420
     gagaagtaac tgttgtgagg gctcctcaaa aaaaaaaaag ctgtgcagga gaaacaagag     57480
     tgtttggccc tggaaatcta gggcttttct ctgcctggct gtatggagag accatgggaa     57540
     tgtagaaaca acagagggct gctggatgcc acagagctct tccaaaggat tcagcttttt     57600
     acccagggga agataatgga gcccaaggaa gaacccactt agaaaaggga aatgtgtgaa     57660
     gaattcaggt cccaccaggc ctccttactt ggatcctcct actctctgac aatctaaaac     57720
     aatctaaaca atccaaacta aacttggctt ctgaaaattg gctgacagag caagggcttg     57780
     tttaatttga gttttggaca caatttgtgg cagctccatt attgacacat gggggactta     57840
     gctctgtcct gtttatataa cagtagttga tagatagtga cttcatagtt ggatatttat     57900
     gagagctttc atttcaaata atatagtttt ggcctttggc aatgttaagg ctcttacctc     57960
     ttattatgga gaagctaaat ctttgggata ttgtaactgt aactgcaggg tccctttgat     58020
     ctacctggaa gaactgcaaa agttaatatt tttgaaagca atggaagctt tattataaaa     58080
     agtctcattg ggaagttatc tgtccctaaa acatataggc tcccagaagg tcagatggat     58140
     aaaagagcaa cttttcatcg tctttttccc cttatgattc ctatcccata acaaggtaat     58200
     ttaaaaggag cagcagggag ggaggtggga gtctctagct ttcctttaga gaaacctagt     58260
     accttgtcct ccagctaggt cccagttctg aggaaagctg ctgccaaagt ccattgttca     58320
     tagttcaagg acaatagccc catctgtgtc aggtatgagg cttctgctga caaatgctgt     58380
     cccatccctg aaaacaacga ctgtacttgg ggtggccttc ttcgctccag ctctgagagc     58440
     acatcctatt caacagcatt gagatccttg ggattctgtg ggttttaaat cttggaaata     58500
     tgatgggaga gtctcggtag taaggaaatt actggttaag attagatggt gttaatccct     58560
     ctgccggaaa ataagatcat gccttagggt ttccattgct gtgaagagac acgatgacca     58620
     aggcaagtct tataaaggac aacatttaat tggggctggc ttacaggttc cgaggttcag     58680
     tccattatca tcaaggtggg agcatagctg tgtccatggc tcaggagttg ctgagagttc     58740
     tacattttga tctgaaggct gctaggagaa ggatctcaaa acccacccct aaagtggata     58800
     cacttcttcc aacaaggcca cacctcctaa tagtgccact ccttgggcca accatagtca     58860
     aaccaccaca gatgactacc acgattttga gccaaatttg aagcaaactt gatttttatt     58920
     ggagtgcaac gccagagatg agaccagtga ctgcctctta agaagggtta aagagagcag     58980
     cccttaggac tcttttaagg agtaaaatca ctagccattc aaagcagatt tacagaagac     59040
     aatagagctt taaggaaaca gaaaaacaca aacaaaacac aaaagccagc cttcatcaag     59100
     tagtcaactt gtgattaggg agggattagg gaagggttag gcgttccccc aaatcaaggt     59160
     cataggttgg ggccagtcag gttccaggaa acagacagaa gcttactttt aacaatacaa     59220
     cataatggct cctgccttca aaatggagtc aggcagattt ctcagtgggc aatagcccta     59280
     gctgtgtcag gtcagaggct aatgctgccc catccttgaa gacaaccgtg gcacttgggg     59340
     cgactttctt tgcttcagct ctgagagctt atcctatata acaattctct tcacagatgg     59400
     accctaggag tctgtagaga agtgccaggt tgctctctgc agctctctgg aaaggaaagg     59460
     ggtggagcga aaggctgaga aacaaaagct gtctgagttg gggaaaacac atcaagagct     59520
     aaatgactag acaaacaaca aaacaaaaca aaaaacagac aaaaaaccca acccaaccaa     59580
     accaacccaa actgggcatg aagcaagggc agcagacagc ttagtagagg ccttaatctt     59640
     tctcattcat gttttaataa tgtagaaaat taaacagggc ccagagcaac tgctcgctct     59700
     ttggagagat cagtgagaga agctatactt ggaactggcg ctgaagtccc aaccaccatt     59760
     actccagact cggactgtat tcggggataa ggcctgtaga gggatgatta tgtggaaata     59820
     agagcattag agtgggttca aatccacagt atctctgtaa gaaaaagaaa gttagacata     59880
     gaacaaatat aatgagaagc ttgtgtagag acaggaaaaa gatagtcacc tatgagctaa     59940
     ggatagaagt tttagaagaa accgtggctc aaggacttca accttactgt gacacacact     60000
     tgctttgttg atagaccaaa atgcctgggg gaaaaaaatc agcttaaggg agaagggttt     60060
     atttttggct catggtctaa ggttatcctg gtgacagggg tttgaggtag ctggtcacat     60120
     tgtatctgta ggaggaagca gcggagactt tctccttctt atttagtctg ggaccctaga     60180
     ctacaagatg gtgctatgtc cacactcagt atggatcatc ccacctcaac cccatctaga     60240
     tgatccctca cacacaacct agaggctagc ctgatctaag ggcataccca gaggcttgtc     60300
     ctctagatcc cattaagcta gatgatctag atgatccctc acacacataa cccagaggct     60360
     agcctgatct aagggcatac ccagaggctt gtcctctaga tcccattaag ctgacaacta     60420
     atattaacca tcacagctaa tgaactgaat tgttggacaa taaatttctg ttgagctacc     60480
     caacctatgg aatttattat ggtggtgcca gcaaactctt gagttgtttg gaggaagaaa     60540
     gggaagagaa aaaaattaat ttacaaccat gcaaatcacc aaatacaggt ggtgccactt     60600
     aaaggaagat ttatctttaa attatgtata tgtgtgtgtt gggaggcatt acatgcattc     60660
     aagtgcaggt gtctatgcag gtcagaagtg ttagacctcc ttggaattgt tagagtgcta     60720
     taaaccacat tctggagtta tagatggttt atgagcagcc caatgtatgc cctgggaact     60780
     gaacttaggt cctctggaag agcaatatat gttcttacat gctgaacatc atatgttaca     60840
     tgctgaacat gcatgccatg ggaacacttt tcaaagcatg aagtactaaa tgttgagccc     60900
     tgtcatgctt tgtgcttgca ttcttctaca ggctgaatca gggttcccct gcatagctcc     60960
     caaagtctaa tacctcacgc gagttgaaag gttaggtttc aaagatataa actcagactt     61020
     ctggctttca tctgtctttt gtcttaataa gttttaagaa agagttactt gtcacgattc     61080
     ctttaatatc aaaatattaa aaaaatctgg ttccaaatat atttttagca aagactatgt     61140
     cttcctattt cccatacatg tttcaagtat caatgtggtt ctaacagaat tttctcatat     61200
     acctgcccca ctgtagtcta tgaaacaaaa gatttgaact gcacagaaaa gataaaaacc     61260
     cttcctggga aatgataatt aagtggaaaa taagtctcta gggatccagc cttgtgggca     61320
     atatttagca aaacctttct tttttttccc attttttatt aggtatttag ctcatttaca     61380
     tttccaatgc tatgccaaaa gtcccccata cccacccacc cccagcaaaa cctttcttaa     61440
     acaactttca tattgtaaac tctgctcact tgagagcaag ttttaataag agtaaggcca     61500
     aacactggtc accttcttgc ttcctgcttt gtgatgtgat ctatttcctt aaagacgccc     61560
     ccatcatagt catctaccac aacgggatgc ccccttgccc gagccccacc ttgctgttta     61620
     gacttctcgc acccataatt ataaaccata aaccttgttc cttcagagtg ttatcctgct     61680
     ttagggatct tattacagga atgcaaaaac aaaccaatat aagtgctttc ttcttaagga     61740
     catctcatgt tctcctgcag caaggcataa gcaaaaagat tggataggca tggtggtgta     61800
     tgccttgagg catgaggatt tctgtaagtt caaggccagc ccggtctaca tagcaagttt     61860
     caggacagcc agaaatacct aaagagattc tgtctccaaa aacaagcaag caaacaaaca     61920
     aagaaataat agattgcagg actcctagaa tttccctggg ccgaggaatc gtgcaaatcg     61980
     gtccctgttt cagttttgca aggagccagg ctgatattta ttgtcagtag cctctataca     62040
     gagtttgatg ttgctgtcat ctgtttattt tagaagagtt tgggaatggt gtaaatgaga     62100
     attaaaagat tattatataa aagtacaaaa gcctgggggt ccacagggta gggactgaca     62160
     tactaattag aaattccagg aactcttcac acttttagtg gcactaatct tctacttcag     62220
     ctgtcaggag agagcaagtg ggttttattt taagctgtca ggccaacttt agtgtttgct     62280
     gagacttaaa aaaaagagag agagagagag agcatctgtt tttgaaaatg gaaacctggt     62340
     gcttgatacc cactctttgt ttttaagatg ctcctaaatc tagaggactg gatccattag     62400
     gtgccaacaa aagccagtta aaccagatcc tatgagcttt gttttgtttt ccccaataat     62460
     gtgtctttta tttttataca gcaacctctc agcggtagtc ccaataaaaa gagctatcat     62520
     ttaccgtgca cccagcagca tgccaggatc agcggcagca agtgttctgt acacctcgca     62580
     tctttgtgtg catcagacat gttgtatcac tgaagcccac gagggtggct ctctacagag     62640
     aaggaaataa aactgaatga ggttaaacca ggccacagac ctttgtgatg gagggcagga     62700
     ccaggactta aacccaagtg gactcaggtc aactgcccca gtccacagat ggagctcctc     62760
     acaaggtcaa ttcagcttgt ccatttcacg tccatgtcag cctgatgagc tactgtttgg     62820
     gggatggtga gtccagccag cttgtctaag gtaggaaaga gaaggagatg tgctcctatt     62880
     gtttgttctc ttttctttca tccttattat tgtccaacag gttcatattt gagagacttc     62940
     tgacaacttg taagaagtaa gtaaataaac gtgctgaatt aagtcctacc aaacagacca     63000
     ggtttgaatc ccagctcttc ccacgaatat agccaccagg caaccaccta actccaatga     63060
     gtcatgactt cccttgtttg taaaatgagt taatagcgtc ttagagggtt agagtcagga     63120
     caagagatag gccagataag gtccttggta tgtggttggc ttttaataaa ttgctgttga     63180
     ctggtgtctt tgcaaccagg actcctgctg ttttatgtga ctcataacat caagtctatc     63240
     taaaatattg gagaagaagc aaaatgagaa gccactggta gacagcatta tggtgatcat     63300
     tcttaatatt ttccccaagc aactgcatac aagttgtttt atgccagtgt tcaatctgga     63360
     aaacgttata aaactttgag cagacaatgg cacgctagtg cagtgcttgc tgaagcacca     63420
     tatgcctttc tgataaagat ataactttat tgctttttat gtactctctt gtttaataca     63480
     gtaagcaaat gggagataat ttgaaatact tttaccaccg tttacagtgt cagaacatgc     63540
     aacttacctt taagaatgca aatgattcat tgctggcatt gtgaagacaa caaatgcatc     63600
     tttttttttt tttgagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gccaaatgca tcttaaaaac     63660
     aatcacttgc atggtgccga agggatcaga ttcttaggct cttccctctg tggtaatgaa     63720
     gtgggatggt cttgtgaact gtattcttgg agcatctgag ccgggtcaaa tatatctttg     63780
     tgatctctgt aggttctttc agaggcaggg ggtgaaaagc tggctcctct gtgcttgaaa     63840
     agaagtattt aaaattcctt tgggaagaag aatgatgttt gatggcaaag agtccaaaga     63900
     tacacccctg gtttagcggg taaaatagtt ctggcagagg gagagggact gtggagtcac     63960
     aggtaacaac agatcattgc acagtgtctt tcttcatgga acggtagctt ttccttgcac     64020
     tgatataccg tagtcttata accctggttc ttggtagaca gaatctgagg tgcatgcatt     64080
     gcatcctttt gggagagctg gcagggacca atgaagagaa cactgagttg aggcggcatg     64140
     gcttttagac gcggttgtgc tgtttcctct gggatgtatc ttgtggtctc tgacccttac     64200
     ctatattaat atgggaatag actgattgaa cctcgtgatg tcctagctac ttcttaagtc     64260
     taactttcta gagatgtaaa tgatgtgtgt gtgatcacgt gtccaactcg ttagcatcca     64320
     tttaaatgaa ttatgtcaca tttccagaac accttcatat ttttaatctt atttttaacc     64380
     ctcccacaaa cctgtgaact aggaagggta aatgcttttg tcccatttga tatattagga     64440
     aacttaggca aatagagatt aagttaatgg cggagtccag gtctcctgac tctcatttct     64500
     gggttcctac actaaattaa gcttggatta gtctattggg ataagtgtga aagggtatac     64560
     agctgaattc tttgtggaaa aaaaagtaag ttgataaatt atattaaatt actacagtag     64620
     atagaaaaca aacttgtatt tccctggtgg agaatttgcc tttgaacccc actgtgaaat     64680
     ggattagaac gttttgttag gatgtaagca atgtacaaat gcagaaaagg tacccatctc     64740
     atatccttct aaatggataa ttcctcctgg gacttcttta cattccgaag attcatttat     64800
     tattgcattc taaggactga gactttgaat gccactgcat ctgagtctac gttttattgg     64860
     tggcacctgt ggttatcact ttccaccctt ttcctctccg tttcctttgt tctgcttcat     64920
     agacaagatt tgatttatga acgagagctg tttgattctt caagatatag tttggtgaat     64980
     tggttcaata acttgttatt gaaaagcaaa atccatcagg gacgtatctg cctacttctc     65040
     aaagaagact ctcttagaga ctctttattt accaccagcg cctcagccct ggattttatg     65100
     aggacatagc catagtttgt ttgtttgtca cagatgtctg tgaaagggtt caatctaaaa     65160
     gaccagcttt aaggcatcct gtaacatttg agaaattaaa caaatgtctt aattcacaag     65220
     gtaacgtgca catccagatg gtgaggccgt tgcctttact gcaacacaga gccgattggg     65280
     gtcagacttc cagaagccat aagagtgaga aaggagcctt taatcccagt acttgggagg     65340
     cagaggcagg cggtcattga actggaggcc agcctggtct atagagagag ttccaggaca     65400
     ttggggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcga gaaccaaaca agcgaacaaa agaatgggag     65460
     agatcagtgt ttggagctcc cctcttttga aagtcagatc tgaagcatta ctgtttctca     65520
     actatgctcc ttctcattcc tatttgacaa ctctccccaa cccccagccc ccacccccgc     65580
     ccccacccca gcccccaccc ccccatcccc tcacctgccc cccccacctg cccccatccc     65640
     cacatccgtc ccgtcagttt ttaaaggagg ctttggaatt gtatacttga cctcctcaag     65700
     aggttatcta caaggcattc tacctgccgt tcccaccctc tgtaaaagct gaacactgtc     65760
     acgtggggtg aggtttgctc acctgggatg ttctttggtt ccttcacttg gttttcaact     65820
     cagtgtctca aacacccggg attggaatga agagcagctc cgccctcgga cacgccctcg     65880
     ctgttcagtt gcagtcttac attggatgcc attttgtcct gctgcggtct tctcagactt     65940
     agacttttac ctgttccttc ttgacaccga catagaagat tcaaatgaga caaaggggaa     66000
     aaaaaaaacc caaccctgtt tcccgtctgc tgcatacatt attcatgtat tcagccagac     66060
     tcttccttgt gacagacaca ctgtataatc tttccctgaa aagttctccg aaagtagttt     66120
     tcttccagct gttttccttt tgtaccaagg catttggagt tgacatctgt ttatacacac     66180
     acacacacaa acacacacac acacacacac acgcacgcac gcacgcacgc acgcacgcac     66240
     attggggggg gagacagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     66300
     gagagagaga gagagaggag agagagagag aagtcccagg cctaggttaa gactctagga     66360
     tcgggctggt gagatggctc agtgggtaag agcacccgac tgttcttcca aaggtccaga     66420
     gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac atggtggctt acaaccatcc ataacaagat ctgactccct     66480
     cttctggtgt gtctgaagac agctacagtg tacttacata taataaaaaa taaatcttta     66540
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaagactct aggatcggtt gcctataacg cagcactgtg cactgatggc     66600
     tcttatggtg agtaagatgt gggaagcatg gctttaaagc atgtgtgccc aagcccttga     66660
     caccatctcc agagtgaatg agtctctagg acagtggttt tcaacctgtg ggtctcaacc     66720
     ccccacaggg gttgcacatt tatattgcag ttcatgagag tagcaaagtt acagttacaa     66780
     agtagtgatg aaataaactt tctggttagg gggtgtctta gacagggttt ctattcctgc     66840
     acaaacatca tgaccaagaa gcaagttggg gaggaaaggg tttatttggc ttacacttcc     66900
     aaattgatgt tcatcaccaa ggaagtcagg actggaactc aagcaggtca gaaagcagga     66960
     gctgatgcag aagccatgga gggatgttcc ttactggctg gcttcccctg gtttgctcag     67020
     cctgctctct tatagaaccc aagactacta gcccagagat ggtcctaccc ataaggggcc     67080
     tttccccctt gatcactaat tgagaaaatg ccttacagtt ggatctcatg gaggcatttc     67140
     ctcaactgaa gctcctttct ctgtgataac tccagctgtg ccaggttgac acaaaactag     67200
     ccaatacagg gggtcaccac aatatgagga actatatgta ttaagggctg tagcattaga     67260
     aaggttgagc accactgctc tagaattgtc tagaggcctc tagaggcatc tagtgttcta     67320
     gaggactcac aagactcagc atatagttgc atacatgggc atatatatat atatgtatat     67380
     atatatatat atagagagag agagagagag aggggattta taggaaagtc agcaagggtt     67440
     atagatcatg gggcacaatc caggggaaat aagagccttc ctcagttgaa tcagccagta     67500
     cctgcttaat tcctctggtg tagaattcca gcaactagga gatggtttgc actaagatgc     67560
     tcactagaga gttggtgccc tgacttttac caggtgccag tcacatagca ccttttgcct     67620
     attgtgctcc aacattctag actgatggct ttggcagagg actaaggaat cttagactgt     67680
     ttttattggc tagaaaatga tggaacctcc ctcagacccg gattgcccca tgttagccga     67740
     ggaccaaccc tacaaatgca ttctaaactc cataattact acactccctt ccctataaga     67800
     ctgtatagag aagagataaa acaaatattt tcttttttgt tttgttttgt ttttttggag     67860
     acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgtagac caggctggcc     67920
     tcaaactcag aaatccgcct gcctctacct cccgagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgcacca     67980
     ccacgcctgg ctagaaatac tttcaaagtg tgctaagtga tggcagtatg ctagttgctt     68040
     ttgtatcggt gcagcggtat ctgtaactcc agttttaggg atatggcagt ctcttctagc     68100
     ctccatgaca tgtacataca gacacacaca cagctcccaa acagattaaa aaacaaaaac     68160
     aagaagtaga gagcaggttg caaccagggg caggtataat ctttaaaagg ctactcctag     68220
     ggatctcctt ctttcagata agtgccactt cctttgcagt tctttttttt ttttaatttt     68280
     tattttatgt gcattggtgt tttgcctgaa tgtatgttta tgtgaaggtg ccagatcttg     68340
     gggttataga cagttgtgag atgccatgta gctgctgcga tttgaacctg ggacctctgg     68400
     aagtgctctt aaccactgag ctatctctcc agcccctaag tcccacttcc taattgtttc     68460
     tcagcctttc aaagtattgc caccagctag ggaacaagtg ttcaaaacat gagccttggg     68520
     ggggaacata tcagattcaa accataaaag gcagaaagag aaacttatat atgtgcatac     68580
     ggggcagagg ttcaatattg ggtgtcttcc tcaattgctc tccaccttac tttttttttt     68640
     tttttttggt ttttggaaac agggtttttc tgttagcctt ggctgtcctg gaactcactt     68700
     tgtagaccag gctggcctca aactcagaaa tctgcctgcc tctgcctcca agtgctggga     68760
     ttaaaggcat gcgccaccac gcccggcttc caccttactt tttgaggcag ggtctctcac     68820
     tgaacctgta gtttgctaac tcatctagac tggctcctgt tttcatttgc ccagttctag     68880
     gattacagtc ctcatgcttg gctttggtgt gtgtgcacat gtaggtaagt gcatatatat     68940
     gtgtgtaatt gtggtgtatt tgtgtatgct atgtgttgta tggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttt     69000
     gtgtgcatgt atagtgtccc gctctgtcac tttgtcttat tcccttgaaa caggatgctt     69060
     ccctacaaca ggagctgggc tggctggtag ccaggaagcc cttggcaatc ctccttcaca     69120
     gagcacttac ttcacagcgc tggggttaca agagtgtgac cacatcagga tttttgtgga     69180
     ggttctgaga aaggaaaaca gatcctcatg cttgcatgac aagacatctc cttagacctt     69240
     cctggggatc ttaataacaa catccacctg cctttatttg agaaggaggc aggccaaggc     69300
     agaaagatgt gaaccactca actcccaaga cctcttggat attggcctgt tttcactaat     69360
     agaagaatac acagcatgct tacaaacact taagccctca atggtcatag ggaagcagat     69420
     gaacactcag ctatgcagat atattttcaa aatttatgtt caattttcca aatagaatag     69480
     tctttttttt ccccctagat cctggaaagg caccactata aacagactag atggatggtc     69540
     atggaaagct gtgagccact ccactccact ctaagtctgc ccaaataaat cacaattgtg     69600
     acgttcaatc tcctgggcta ctaggaatat ccataagcat ttgcttctat gttagcagtg     69660
     cgttctatga gactttaatt ttcatcacca agaagcacct ctctgcatct acaaacctcc     69720
     catgattacc tggtagagga gagccatctg cttatagcag gcggatggca acatcaaagg     69780
     ctggagacga ctgcttctta ttacttattg tttattccca aaggacgttt ccagatggtg     69840
     aatctgggca tttccttatt caactagcaa gttttcttcc ttctaaacaa ttagacactc     69900
     ttttatgttc acttaggcct atttgcttgt attcagttcc ctgactcagg taaaccatag     69960
     agcagcctgt cccttacaaa accactctag aaaacctaag agtaacaggc acaaccgttt     70020
     agcctggcat ctcaaggtgc gaagtccctg gacttttttt tttcacaatc ttagttacct     70080
     ctgatatttt ttctttttcc catttatata tattattttt taaaatgtga gtcagaattg     70140
     gactaatttt tttaaataaa caaatccatg gtaacctaat tttaaaatat aatttgtata     70200
     agtaagtata caaatacatt tccaaaaaga atttaatgtt ttgggttttt ttttttttct     70260
     tttttgagac ggggtctcac gtagccatgg ttgacctggg atttgctttg tagaccaggc     70320
     aggcctctaa tttactgaga tccagcgtgc accaccatgc ctgggttaat gatatacata     70380
     gtatttaaaa tcattatgct tttgtttttg tttttttttt tgagacaggg tttctctgtg     70440
     tagcctgtct gtcctggaac ttgttctgta ggccaggctg gccctcaaac tcagagatct     70500
     gtctgcctct gcctcttgag tctgggatta aaggcacgtg ctttactctc ggcttttgaa     70560
     ttatttttat ttggtgtata tgggtgtttt ggctgcatgt aggtgtgcac cgcatttatt     70620
     gtcatgtttg tggacactag gaaaaggcac cagatgctct gggactggct ttacagccaa     70680
     ttgtcagcct ccatgtgggt ggtagaattc gagtcctctg ccagaacagc aaacgttttg     70740
     aacagagtag ccgtcactcc agacccttat ttttatattt ttatattttt aaatttaaaa     70800
     atagataaaa tgtattcatt tagaaaaatt taagtccttg gaatggtaca gaaatcatat     70860
     caaccacatg tcgaatatgt tatctataca ttcattaaac tataggaaaa attttacttt     70920
     attttatttt attttatttt attttatttt tttgagacag ggtttctctg tgtaatagca     70980
     ctggctgtcc tgagcacgct ctgtagacta ggctggcttt gaacgcacag agacccacct     71040
     acctctgcat ccagagtgct gggatcaaaa gcatgtgcta aaactcgatt tttaaaatgt     71100
     accctttaag aattaaggat ctttacagca atatgtatca tgaactaatg aaaagtcact     71160
     atgtaccagc agctgaggac agtcctgtac ctgaaaaggt aacacccgcc attgaagaaa     71220
     ggtcatatcc caaccctaga cattaaactg cctctaaggg taggtcattg tccacacagg     71280
     gtactgaggc ccctcaccgc actgtgtttc tcccgtggtc ctccctgcat ggctaggccc     71340
     tgcactgcat tgtggtcctc ccgtggtcct ccctgcatgg ctaggccctg cactgcattg     71400
     tggtcctccc atggtcctcc ctgcatggct agggcccaca ctgcactgtg gtcctccctg     71460
     catggctagg gcccacactg cactgtggtc ctccctgcat ggctagggca cacaccacgc     71520
     tgtgcatggc tgctcctcag cttgtggact gcagcatctt ctagctcttt tcttctgtgc     71580
     tcatttctct gtttccccat tttcccggcc tgcatcagaa atgaaccttc tgatatttac     71640
     ttgtcattga ctgccttcct atagttacac aactccctcc atggagacat ttgatattct     71700
     caataacaat gtagttaaaa aacgtatttc cctggcttag aatatttctt actgcacctg     71760
     gtaaaaatca tctggatatt tgataaagtc cttaatatag ttacctaaaa cagtggctct     71820
     caacctgtgg gctgcgaccc ccccccccca acaaacctat ttccaaaagt atttacataa     71880
     cagtagcaaa attatagttg tgaagtagca atgaaaagaa ctatatggtt gggctcacca     71940
     caatataaga aactgtatta aaaggttgca gcattaggaa agttgagaac cactgctcta     72000
     aaactactat tttaaataaa acttgtgtag ataatactct gcataggcag aatatttggg     72060
     acagatgtaa ggaattagca gtttttactg agaattccaa tgttgtctcc tactatccaa     72120
     agagcagcgt ggctctaaaa tctaaaggtt gcctctctcc caaaaactac tctcatacta     72180
     aaaattgtat ttcttctcat gtgtgaatgt gaatgtgtgc tgtctggggt ggacgcggta     72240
     tggagacact ctattagcac tatactatgt atcttttgta ttattctgca gtcaccaccc     72300
     agtagctcat actatatatt tattttatag tttcacatat ttacaacttt tatttttctg     72360
     tagcttaaaa tgaggcctca gtgaagttat attttaaaca tttttatttt taaaaaaaaa     72420
     tgcacaggta tgacctactc actcaaccac acttcccctc ccctagcccc tccccttagg     72480
     aatgtatatg acagatacaa aatacaaaga gattctacta agaactctaa tggcgcaact     72540
     acacctattg tactccaatg aacaaagcga atcctaaaat agaaacatct gttaagcgcc     72600
     aggcactcaa gctcacagaa acggaacgat gggcagagcc atgctgatga aaaggagggc     72660
     ccgtgggtga aggacgtgaa aggaaagaac atctacagcc ccggtttgtt gtagaaagga     72720
     cagggaaagc tgagggttca ttagaaaagg aagggaaaga cctgaagaca gcaagagtct     72780
     ttgaaacaat tgaggctgca ttggaacctt atataggcga ttcccgtgga gcaagagaga     72840
     gagagggcac acaagagctc ctaggtcagg gtgaccctgg ctgaactcag aaaagacagc     72900
     tcacgtgggt tgtgcaatgt gtctttccat cgttcagaac agtcggaacc agtcagggcc     72960
     agtggtctgc tgctcaggca gggtaatcca ctcaaagtag tccagctaga aaggttggga     73020
     aaaggtaact atttaagata agctacttgt gtcccagtag tgccgcttct tatctaatag     73080
     acatcactcc tgcctagtca ctggagcaca gggataaaag ctcctctttg aaggaggcag     73140
     ggcctttgcc accggcaaaa tgttccccag catcttggtc aacaggtcag cagagaggac     73200
     aggttgacag agcactctct ggtctacttg gttcctagcc agtatgtgag taaaggtggc     73260
     tagctagtac acttgactca gcaagtcttc atggacgcat tctgtattag gaatccagaa     73320
     caagtttcaa aacttcctcc cgttttcctg atgtggaaaa ggggttttta cataggttag     73380
     gactaaggtg tataaaaaca aaataataag atacgtggaa aaacggcatg aagccctgga     73440
     ccccaaagga tttatgtttt tttcttttag tttattgatc cactaatttt attcatttac     73500
     atctgatttg tgaataatag gatgtattag aatttgggga caattcttct gtggtattaa     73560
     ataacactaa gaacccatct ggtattaggt tgatgaggca aggtaaccac caatgaattg     73620
     acgcaaaccc acatttcata tttcaaggaa aaacaaaaat tagaaaacac tggtgtttaa     73680
     ataggcaaga gagcatatta taagggccac agagatgtaa tcagtggcac tatgaattct     73740
     ttagaaaata aaccccttaa tatatgtaat catcttccca catttttatg gagtgaatgc     73800
     agaccaggga tccagagagc aaatagccct gagtaggttc gcagtcttgg gttctgtgta     73860
     tgtgtgtgga gggggtgttc tgtccaaaat tgaagaagaa aagggttgcc ttataatgac     73920
     tctattatag aatctggtca cactagggct tctacacaac ttagaataat tgttacatta     73980
     gcccatttgt agctttctaa gctgaagtgc acacacatgt tctagaatac ccttaacctc     74040
     attatgtgat gcaagagttc aatggcgtct caaaaataca tgtagtatgc ccagtaaaat     74100
     acattggcca acataaaaat caaaggaaat agtagtttgg agtatcgatc cacattgctg     74160
     gggttttgaa ttgtgaaata atcaatgatt ctgctgatct tctctcggaa gacaaactta     74220
     aacttgtcgc tggctttcat tgtcaagtca ctatagttga cattgtcacc agagatttca     74280
     atgctggcaa agctaatctt ccgtttaaag ctggagatgg agctgttgat gatgttggtg     74340
     atattgactt cttccgagtc cttcgctggc ccctggttca tagacaatag ttagatcaga     74400
     agacaggaaa cagtgaggta cacagatggc atcgtgaaaa ggtgtgtggt caaggtagca     74460
     gacctgggcc taaatcttag tctgttatta ttcgaaattt tagtgaccta gatcccttta     74520
     aggtgtgatt tccttgtctg gaacatgcta atgatatgaa ttgttccttt gtgagacgaa     74580
     gggggaagat taagaggcat aaaactgtgt aatgcaccca gtaggtattt ggtaaatttc     74640
     tagtctgttc cagggagaag agattcttag agataatgga aacccattgt gtcatgtgat     74700
     ctttgttaca cacaaattcc cctgcaaatc aggggaattt ccactagtca acaaggtgca     74760
     gatagcagac aatttgaggt cttggctgag ttgctttacc actttggtat catcttcctt     74820
     agttttggga tactcagatg tgaagaatac agcatataac ccatagtgca tctgttatta     74880
     catgcataca catgagggga catactggtg tcttctggag aagatcttgg gaactctcca     74940
     accttcacct gccagtctag aaagtctgga ttggtttgtg ttattaggga agtctatacg     75000
     gaagaaaaca catgaaatca cactctgcac ttggtggtac aaatgttctt tgtctttggg     75060
     gcttggattg gtcacaacaa ccaaacacag taacagagcc attggttctt ccggttgcat     75120
     cttcactatt agatgcttgt gatcctagca cacagcttaa ggtgacactt ttctgaaccg     75180
     gatccctatt atttttgttt gtttgtgtgt atgaacttcg gtacattaat atttattaaa     75240
     cttagtctcc aaattacccc agggtctggt agagctataa agagtaatac ttaatggggt     75300
     gtcctgttgc ttactgtgtg aggaaagcaa ttcatcacac tggagcaaag aggttttggg     75360
     atagattgcc aactctactc tctactctcc ttgtctctgg gattttgtta caaagtaatt     75420
     tctcccatac attttttgat aacctaatac ttgtataatt taagaatata aaatggcatc     75480
     acaagaatta agtaacaact atatattaat ccaaagtgtg tgaacatcta agcatgtcta     75540
     ctttgatatt aggctttttt ttctatagat gcttattctt attctttcat gttgcatatg     75600
     aataatagtt tcctgctaaa aaattaaagt ctgatatcct attttattgg gtaaaaagaa     75660
     ccaataaatt tgggtcaagg ggcaccatga cttccaaatg tgcccacctt agtggggata     75720
     agatccatta gaacaaaggg acttaaaccc tgatcacctt cagagcaagc agtccatgcc     75780
     cgtccaagtg atggatcaga gacaacgccc tcaaaatcct taccctatct ttgactgcca     75840
     tctgctgtaa ggagctgtag tgagcaactg catactccag taaggcccca aacacgaagc     75900
     tgaagcagat gcctaggtac acatcgatgg cctttatgaa gcagttggtg ttgggtaggg     75960
     atgtgcggga gccgatcatc agcgttgtca tggataacac cgttgtcact cctggaaaaa     76020
     caagtaggca tgttccatgc tggtgttcca tgaacacaat cccccactac cctgccccaa     76080
     cctcgatcat ctggctggtc agttccactc agaagcaaga tgagggtagg actcaggaaa     76140
     agtatagatc tcatcttaaa aagtctgtca tcttctggaa ttgagttgat ttattcatct     76200
     tgaacagaaa cgtaagtgac atagctttct aaatatgcca tctcctgtct tctcttagag     76260
     atggatagcc aatctgtact cacaacagac tgtttgctca caagctcgtc tctcctgtca     76320
     ctacaaaaca catttaaaaa gacgatcctc ctgatactac ctttctatct gtgcaaaggg     76380
     atttctcaag atactagctc ttctaacggc ccccaactgt caatgaaaat atcgatagaa     76440
     tttcaaaaag cacctgattc acctagttct tagaaattgc ctgcaggaac tgcttaccaa     76500
     tgcaggttct cgcaggaact gaatcgaggg agatccaaaa ggagacccag gataacacca     76560
     ccaggaaggt ggaagggaca taggtttcca gaatgaaata caggacgttc ctccgaagct     76620
     caaattgcaa aaccaatctc gtatagtttc ctaagagtgt gaacaagaga taagaaatcg     76680
     tgtctattct tgcagaagaa tacctgccct atgagatgct taatgaaatc acaatctcat     76740
     tgcatcttct ggtaccaaaa tctagtcaac tatgagctgc cattctggtt accataagtg     76800
     acctttacat tgtctggcga gggatttaca gggctgctgc tatctaatgc ccacactcat     76860
     gttcttttcc ttatactttt ctttagcaaa gaattccttc agcaccagga gcactgattt     76920
     tcttcacatc cagctcacta gacagaaccc cagggggcaa acctatgttt ctcagtcttg     76980
     cattcacaag gtaagctttt tttgtttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgttttttt gttttttcga     77040
     gacaggattt ctctgtgtag ctctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtgga cccggctggc     77100
     cttgaactca gaaatcagcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggcaatcgcc     77160
     accacaccct gccacaaagt aagctgttaa tagattcctg gttaatgaag attatttaag     77220
     acagcccatt gttttcaaga tgactattaa atataattta gctttcgtgt gtatgcatgt     77280
     gtatgtgtgt gtgtgcaagc atttgtatgc ttgtgaagac cagagagcaa tcttgggtat     77340
     tgttgctcag gcaccatcta ccttttggtt tgagacagga tcttgacctg gcctggagct     77400
     tgccaagtag gcttgagggc tggacaggga gctgcagagt tctgctgtct ttgcctttct     77460
     ggtactggaa ttacaaatgc tgtgtccagc ctgttttttt ttttttttaa actccagggg     77520
     attccgggga ttgaactcag tcctcacgct tgcaaggtat gcgcattact gaccgagcaa     77580
     tccacccagc ccctatactt taatttttgt tgatttcgga ggtatcattg caggatcata     77640
     cttaggaaat gaccagtgta cacacactac atgtggagat atcaacaggc accacccatc     77700
     ctgtcctttc tctaggcaca gctgtgccac acattttttt ttaaggtcat ctagactcaa     77760
     ttaagtacat ggtaaggttt tagagaatat aaatattgat gagacggagc attcctaact     77820
     tgaccaggag gaaccgagaa gaaaacattg ctgtttgtat ataaaaatca taccatttag     77880
     aaaacaccta cttaaagcca acaactccca gagacccagc tttgtacatg atgaatcagt     77940
     aatatcaata atggggtgat catatggtat tgctgctgtc ttcttcacct aggaacatgt     78000
     tattaaagtg accagtgctc tcattagaaa catgagtgac ttttatgcat gagggagtgc     78060
     tgtgtttgag cagtcggaaa atcccagaag ataaacagtg aaacgtcagt gctggccccg     78120
     aggtttactc tccagcagac catgtcaacc ctgatgtcaa ccccgagtgt ggcatgtaca     78180
     gaaaactagg tcccatgcca gctccctttc cctactccac agtactaatg agtactcgcc     78240
     cttcacagga atagaggtgt ttttgcctgc acatatgtct gtgtacaaat gttgggtccc     78300
     ctagaatagg agttacagaa agttgtgagc catgatgtga ctgctaggaa ttgaacctgg     78360
     gacctctgga agagcagtca gtgctcttaa cctctgagcc atccctccaa ccccttctct     78420
     aaggagtttt tattccatgt gatggctcac aagagttacc tgtctcctgc tgggatacgg     78480
     tgaccagggt gaaatactgt tggattgtgt actgagcaag gcgcaggttt tcaagtccac     78540
     gcaccgagtc attccctctc agccaggaga actccacatc attgccatcg tatccccctg     78600
     gcaaacaaga gggagccctg gtcagtgcaa ggatgctgca gattgagctg gtgtgggaaa     78660
     tgctacagtg gagaccagca agacttctct cctggtggca ttaagtctag aggagcacac     78720
     catgcaaaaa gttggccagg agcctcaagc actgaggggt gaaatccttt gctatgccca     78780
     tttttcattg gtgttgagaa gtagttctat tgtaagcatt gctcaaacct ggtggatgat     78840
     aaaaatggct tcgttcacta ctgaacgaca cttacaaagc atatgatcac agggacccat     78900
     gttagattct gcctgtcagg gcagtctaag ctttgataac gttgtctggg acttcagaag     78960
     tggtctattc atatttccca ttagtataaa tgcaaaacta aaacagtctg ttaccagcca     79020
     ctttatatct gtcaatattt gcttttgaaa aatgttagct ttactagtat ctgttgatgg     79080
     tactgctaag ttacccttta tgagccctta cacaacacat ccctcatgat ctcacaatcc     79140
     tgtaggatag acatctctgt gcttcttcag atttaagatg gactttggtc tttacatgtc     79200
     tgaaattgta attgatccta ctattagttt atgtgtgtga agcagagctt gcaatgtctc     79260
     ctaaaaatat gcttattcac taactattgc accttagact tgaggaatca ttagcccact     79320
     atatgggaaa actctcgggt tctaaggggt ttcttaactc tctcaggata cagacaagca     79380
     agagacaaaa ctcagtgctg tgccttgctc aggaaagggt agtctcaaag ctcatggatg     79440
     gtggtgtaat catttcagta tctattactt agcaagcagt ttctgggacc cttgcaacac     79500
     cgtcctctct acccccggcc gagaagatgt acgcatagtt aataagcaca ggaaagagac     79560
     ctaacctcat cagtcactag gaaaatgcaa agcaaaacca cacagtactt cacactcgtt     79620
     aagatagcaa tcataaggac aagaagagga aaacattgag gatattgacg agctcaaaca     79680
     ttgtgggtgg gagtgtaaga tatacaacca cttttgcgaa acaaaatgcc taagaaccca     79740
     aataataagg gtatcagttg aatcagaaca gtaaccctag atatttactt aagggggata     79800
     aagtgccagt cacagaaaga cttgcacaga acgtggagag cttttggggt cacttggcag     79860
     gaatttgata tcaggccagg acaaagaagt aagctcaagg tgggaattgg actttgggcc     79920
     aggtctcagg aaataggctc agatgaagaa tatttacatt tgagttaatg cagagctcag     79980
     agcagctcat ctgaggcatg tgtggcagtc cttttgtctt ggccatcctg attggtgttt     80040
     acaggatttt gtttattgcc ttgcttgctc cttgacctat aaatggtctt attattttgc     80100
     atgtacttaa agtggtataa aagcagactg gaaaaaaaat aaactcactt tcgcctcaga     80160
     actgcctggg gtcatgctac agtgttgtct acattttaat cctcgctcct gccctggaga     80220
     acctgttgac tgactgagct ggcttggtca acagaagtgt tcatggcagc cttagctaca     80280
     gcggccagat gtgagaacaa cccaagagcc cattcacgga aaagctggaa agaaatagta     80340
     ctgagcaatc aaagggaata aattactgat aacaggtcac tgtattctat gaaaaacagc     80400
     agacataaaa cggaatgcat cgttttggtc ttacttatat gaactgttca ggagagaaaa     80460
     cttcatagca gcagaatgta agtcggtggt acctggaggt gatgggagga aactggggtg     80520
     ttcacaagag gcacaaggga cctctggagg tgacaggaat gctccaacaa tgcaacctag     80580
     caatgactac acacactgat aattttactg aaaactttgg gtcacaaata aattaaagat     80640
     gggtgaattt atctgggaag tggtggtgca caccttaaat ctcagaacta gagaggcaga     80700
     ggcaggtgga tctctgattt tgaagccagc ctggtctaca gagcaagttc taggacagcc     80760
     aaagatacac aaagaacacc tccccctcat caaaaaaaaa ggtgaatttt atggtacata     80820
     agttatagac caataaacct gattattgga agatgactga acaagcctgg tcctgttact     80880
     ttttccattc cagttattaa gaagctgaga ctcggggggg ggggggctgg ggggtgtcat     80940
     tagctaacat catacataca actggtgata ttgcccatcc gtggccacaa acataaacat     81000
     cttccttcat tgcttcaaag gttactgaga tatgatgctg gtgttgggac caacactgtg     81060
     ctaagaagca tcattatgga gtcagtaacc agtaggcatt atcttgagac atctgagctc     81120
     ctttggaacc atccaaaact gaatggaagc tagccattga aattacgctg gaacctcaga     81180
     ggaatgaaga cagctctcag gagatgaaga gtgcaaattt ctgcctgggt acttggtttc     81240
     acccttagaa ttaattaatt aatttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt     81300
     tctttctttc cttccttcct tcctccctgc ctccctccct ccctcccttc cttcccccct     81360
     ccctccctcc ctcccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct     81420
     ttcttttttc aaggcagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta     81480
     gaccaggctg gcctcaaact cagaaatctg cctgcctctc aattgctgag attaaaggca     81540
     tgtgccacca ctgcccggct agacttacag tttctattta ctaccatctt ttgtccctga     81600
     gtgaatgtgg gcgattaaga tgatgtaaat tcttttcttt agtggatgtg tgtgtgtgtc     81660
     ttactgaggt gttgttgttg ttgttgttgt ttttgttttg atttttttgt gttttatacc     81720
     taaatgcctg ctaataagca ttctgaggaa gcttcctctg ttccttgggg atggtgtctg     81780
     tgcgtgcaga gtgctgaggt ttcctggaga atcttgcccc tgggatttgg gatgagccca     81840
     gtcgtgacac atggaaggca attatttctc ctgtgctgca tgggaatggc ttttcttctt     81900
     gacaacctca agttgccttc tgccaccaaa tgactgcatt gcttcaagaa gggtttgcat     81960
     gcactgtatc aatagaatag ttagcctgcc taagccttta attaaatgtg tacgtctgaa     82020
     aaatggcttc ttctcataat ggttcttctc tcctggagtt gcccatgtgc gcccttatgt     82080
     gtagagtagc cagtggtccc caaggcttgc ctgtagttgc tttctacttt gatgccttaa     82140
     tgagtcacat cagtggctac ttccctagca taggtgccca cacctggtgg ctattcagag     82200
     aagcttacta aggcaacgcg agactgcttt atcaatccca agggattgac ttgacctaaa     82260
     cccacttagc gtgaacccac attttccatt ttaggaaatt cctaggttat aatttagatg     82320
     ccctgtttac tctcagcgct ctgttgaagc tttccctaca tcaagtaagt tcttttacac     82380
     gctggaggca gttgcatcat caatgtcagt gatttgcatt gcgtatttgg cttttctgct     82440
     ctagtgctgg ggactgagcc agggcctttc ccttgctagg caggcttccc tcgcacccca     82500
     gcaccccacc ccgacacacc ccgacccctc tttgtgctcc ttaccaacct ttgctattcc     82560
     tttgttcctg tggttctgtg ccctgctttt tgtcctctca gctagctgga acagatctgg     82620
     atccctcctc tgatttcagg tggcacttcc ctctgggcat ctctgacccc taccaggctc     82680
     ccatagcaac attacctttc ccggttatca ctcagtcttt cagaattatt ttaagtcctg     82740
     tgctctctgt aaggagatgg acttcttgat gacaggtgaa tcatttttat ctttggattg     82800
     caagcatttg ccaccgtgtt taacagagaa caggcgaaca gttgttgaat ggatggacta     82860
     acagaagata ggcagatggg actcaatcag ccatccagat tagccggaga ctttagtggg     82920
     aaaatatgtg gaactgaagt attagacaga gtcaaaatat tttccttaag acccagagga     82980
     aaagaaaaca ctggccttca tcctaagaaa ccaaaaggag gaaactgggt ctgctgtctg     83040
     atagtcacgt tgtggttcag tctgatagtc acgttgtagt tcagtctgat agacacgttg     83100
     tggttcagtc tgatagtcac gttgtggttc agtctgatag tcacgttgta gttcagtctg     83160
     atagtcactt tgtagttcag tctgatagtc acgttgtagt tcagtctgat agtcacattg     83220
     tggttcagtc tgatagtcac gttgtagttc agtctgatag tcacgttgtg gttcagtctg     83280
     atagtcacgt tgtggttcag tctgatagtc acgttgtggt tcagtctgat agtcacgttg     83340
     tggttcagtc tgatagtcac gttgtggttc agtctgatag tcacgttgtg gttcaatctg     83400
     atagtcacgt tgtagttctg tctgatagtc acattgtagt tcagtctgat agtcacgttg     83460
     tggttcagtc tgatagtcac gttgtagttc agtctgatag tcacgttgtg gttcagtctg     83520
     atagtcacgt tgtagttcag tctgatagtc acgttgtggt tcagtctgat agtcacgttg     83580
     tagttcagtc tgatagtcac gttgtggttc agtctgatag tcacgttgta gttctttttt     83640
     ttttttttaa agatttatta atttattata tgcaagtaca ctgtagctgt cctcagacat     83700
     tccagaagag ggagtcagat ctcgttacgg atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg     83760
     atttgaactc ctgacctttg gaagagcagt cgggtgctct tacccactga gccatctcac     83820
     cagcccccac gttgtagttc agtctgatag tcacgttgta gttcagtctg atagacacgt     83880
     tgtggttcag tctgatagtc acattgtagt tcagtctgat agtcacgttg tggttcagtc     83940
     tgatagtcac gttgtggttc agtctgatag tcacgttgtg gttcagtctg atagtcacat     84000
     tgtagttcag tctgatagtc acgttgtggt tcagtctgat agtcacgttg tggttcagtc     84060
     tgatagtcac gttgtggttc agcttactgt ttgggaggat ttgggacgcc caaacaatcg     84120
     tcacatggtc cctcagtctg ggaagtatgg tgattatcga tgcatattag aaaaacctag     84180
     agatcccaca caattcctta aaaccacgta atggcataca ctgggaaaat gtacacccca     84240
     gttcacaaac aagccagggt aacacaatcc ccatgggctt tgctggccag tagaagactc     84300
     cttggaattg tcctgcccct acctgggctc cagccccagt atttctgctt ctcgagttcc     84360
     tttagaaaaa tgataaattg tgacgagtct taatttgtgt aatcataagg taagaaaaca     84420
     acacttgcag gtttgtttgg aagctaccta ccacaaaggc agagtgggat tatcacctta     84480
     gctgttcctc ctaccatcat tttccaacta gcttccctac ttcctcagtt gcacagtaag     84540
     gaatagctgg aggctacagt gaatttccat taggacaagg aaaagaaagc ttccgaggcc     84600
     tcaggctgcc tgaagggaac gaggcatatt tagtaacaaa tggaaagggg gctaatgacg     84660
     cccaggactt ctgcatcagc ttctataggg tcctagggtt gatttggttt tggtagaaca     84720
     aaagtggtta tgtggacagg catagccatt gaatgattca tctggagtca tagaccctct     84780
     gaggataagt agcctgagag atctgttttc atcaagaagt tttctataaa atagaaatac     84840
     tcatgattct atggttatgt atgtctgcga gaggatacac tcctgggaat ttgacaggga     84900
     attagctctt ggaggctcct aaaagttctg cagcgatgac gattgttctt attttaggct     84960
     atgtagacca tgccgtgtag tctctatccc aaatgctcag ttctgttata acagtgtgac     85020
     atatgcaaat gactggtcac ctctctctgc aatacaactg catttccagc aatgggtgat     85080
     gggccagatt tggcagatga attcagcttg ctgatcatga cctacctaca ctatcagctg     85140
     tgttaaagca ttttcttccc tcatctctct cctcacagct ggggacattt ggtactaacg     85200
     cgcaacagtt ctccctcaaa gatacaatgt tgcagtttgc cttcgagcgg aatccgactc     85260
     tctctggaag tattggctga acagctcaat cctttatgga tcaaagacag gtcattgaca     85320
     taggatactt tacaaaaaaa agatggaagt cacccaggaa agtcacctgg ggccttctcc     85380
     aggatgtata ctcacaactt tctagctgca gcttgcaggt ctgtgtgtcc atggggtatt     85440
     tagacagatc catgttacat gtaactgttg ttgtgattct aaaaagaaaa agaaaagaaa     85500
     aaaagaaaaa aaaagaaaaa gaaataaaac aaataagcgg gctcagaaag ggagctgcca     85560
     ggagagcaaa ttcacatttc ttttggaggg ctgccctgag acaaggtttg ctcagactct     85620
     tctggggaca tgtggcttgg agcctgcatc caagcattca ttcctgaggt tttccgttct     85680
     caggaacatg cattggattc agtaaaaact ggatgcagac tggaagaatg ctggcagctc     85740
     agaggcaaaa catccacaac atgacagaac acactcactc tccagcagaa tatattagta     85800
     gaaaaataga aatgcatttt tagctttagt caatttattt tatgagtatg aggacattgg     85860
     gtcctctggg actggagcta ggaatggttg tgagccacca tgtgggtgtt ggcactcaaa     85920
     tctgggtcct ctggcagggc aacaaggact gagccacctc tccagcttct ggggatgctt     85980
     tgtaaaattc aaattaactt ttctttcata taatgtattt tgatcacatt ctttccttct     86040
     ttagttccta cccactcaac ctcacagtct cattctctct caaaaacaaa taaacaaaaa     86100
     taaagacaaa acaaacaaaa accctctcaa acaaacaaac accccaaatc caaaccaaaa     86160
     tgacagcagg aaagcacaca ggtaaaacca aaccaaacaa accgcatgga ccctgttttg     86220
     catgggctaa ttattcctga gcatgaggcc tgctctgggg tatggttgac acctccagag     86280
     tcactgcact ggagaaaatg actttttccc tcacccagca gctgtcaatt acaaatagct     86340
     tcctggttag agtgggaact tggtgaacac ttcctcttcc tggggatgct tttaagctta     86400
     ggttttcagt gtaatcttca tgataaccct ttgcagggct agaccagtga tcactggatt     86460
     tgcttacact cgcaaggctc tgagtgacag agcccagaca ggagtcctgg tctcctggat     86520
     ccttggtggc atcgagatat agagaaatca gaggacacag ctcctgggct cacctaagtg     86580
     tgctcaacta atagagtgaa gtcctcacag tagagatttt aaaaggcagg ctgctatctt     86640
     cctttttaac attcacactt ttaccagatt tattaagtac agtgctgggt actctagagg     86700
     cagatatgtt catggcacag tattcaactt gatggcactc tacatcccct taagggaggc     86760
     agagagaaac tggttgctta ctgcaaacca gtctctgtac ggaggacatc acatgcatta     86820
     atcctttgaa tagttctcta taagaactgt tattactttt gtttagttgt tgaggaacct     86880
     gaagctcaga gggtctagta acttgccgac gttcgcagag ctgtttagga caggagtatc     86940
     atggcaagtt ctttgtcaac tgtgattcat tggtaactgt gctatatgct gtagcacata     87000
     gtggatgcat accctcaggt acacaagtat acatgcacac actttgtgtg caaacaggtt     87060
     cccatggaag cttggaaaaa aggcagattg gagagcaaag gagaattagg cttcttaaaa     87120
     gagggattgg ggtttgggct ggtctctgta aaactcaggg ttgctgaggc atgcccagaa     87180
     atgctgttta tctgttcgct cagtccttgg tttataactt caggtccttc ttgtgattaa     87240
     aggtcagtcc attcatattt actaattgat ctgctcccca aggactcaga aagtcggagt     87300
     gtgcacagcc cctgcacagg ataaatcatt tgttcaggct gccttacaca tctcccaaag     87360
     cctcgttcct gttccaaccg ttgaggggaa tccataagat agaaggaacg ttaggtcttg     87420
     gcaatttgga gaggtgacct gtagctgcaa gtaggtagaa tctttgggat tcacaccttg     87480
     ctttttttgt acaaacatgt ctcagacacg cagagatgct atgtagagat accctgctct     87540
     actgagccat gggaaaggca aattcctaac atagacttct ctgcttgctc atttctccct     87600
     tgtcttccct ctctcctctt ctcctacttc ttgtcccctc ctcctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     87660
     tgtgtgttct tgcacatgtg ggttactagc attgggatgt cttccttgat taatgtttac     87720
     cttatttatt tgtgtatatg tatgtatttg cttgtgtgta tgtttgtctg tggttacata     87780
     tgtatgagag tctgcaggaa cctgcatatg tgtgcattca tgtgtgtgtt tgtgtgtttg     87840
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgca catggaggcc agaggttggg     87900
     tatcttcctc aatcattctc taccttctat actgaggcag ggtctcttag tgaacctgga     87960
     tcttatggat tcaggtagtt tagccagatg tatttctcta gagatcctgt ctctatcttc     88020
     caaagaccga gtgtacagag aggggctgcc atgccacccc acttttaagt gactggtagg     88080
     gcttagaact ctaatcctca tgcctgacca acaagctttt cattcaggaa gccatcccga     88140
     ccacacccta ttttactttt ctttcaagac taggcctctc attgaacctg gagcttgaag     88200
     cctagggctg gactggatgg ttaggaaacc ctaggatctt tctgcctgcc tctagccctc     88260
     agcactgggt ttttagatgc acaccctagg ctcagctttt ggtctttgaa ctcagatcct     88320
     catgctagct ttctagctgc ttttcttcct ttttggctaa ctttcctcat cttaaaggct     88380
     tagttcataa cccaatgaag catattttaa cattatctct aaccattaac ctacaacgga     88440
     ggactcaact tgggtcctgg caccggatac ttcctttgtt tacaagccgg tactctcagg     88500
     gacggggctt gtcagttctt cctgggtctc ctgcttgggg cctggaacct agcagctact     88560
     cagtaggtac atttgtagct aggttctaca gagaagccct tctgaatggc gctggcatgc     88620
     atacaaaaca ggaatttgtg aggaatgaga acaggatttg gtattggcca aagtacacag     88680
     ggtgtacatg tcttttccat gcgtgttttc ctccaacccc agactcccag atgcctgctc     88740
     acctaagtgc gtacaggact gtgccgttgg agaagaggcg gatgagcctg tttcccactg     88800
     tgacttcatg gaggaaggac ttcttggact ctacaatgta agtgtctggc acccagagga     88860
     actccacaag gcgggcatct agagtaaagc tcttgttgcc ttcgaacact agccgtgggt     88920
     ctgtccaacg ctgccggagg tatatagtgg ctgtgtagtc ctagggggaa agccggaaat     88980
     gcaaacgatg ggcatgatta gggagacccc aaaaacagaa ggaaaggggt taagtttcac     89040
     tcccctccct ccatatatat tctctatata tgcatatatt atactggtgc ggtactcatc     89100
     ggcagcaatg aaagaacaaa gtgcattatt tattttagat aataactcct attgtcaagg     89160
     ccgactttca gagtcttgtc ctactattgt atgacataaa gctcacactg cccgagaaca     89220
     cagtcatcac tgaactgatg aaggttttga tgacttgggt tgcaaactgc cttcctcctg     89280
     gcttcatctt tcccaagttc ttcctctcac attggtcatt acattgtaag ttttatcagc     89340
     tgtccctcga ctgaaagacc gtgtggacat gtttttattc ctcagtcaat cggtcacttc     89400
     cttttctact ttctctcttc ctggcctttg agtctgttcc cttcctgata cccagaaaac     89460
     ctataaacat ctactgtctc cacttacaag acagaactct ggcatctgcc actctgtttc     89520
     tgatttactt gaaaggacat tacaattgaa agcaaggaga gggagcgggg gaaggggtgg     89580
     gggtggcact ggttaccatg ttactctctg agatgctaga gatgctggcg atgtccagag     89640
     tcagtgctat ccgaactggg tcacctgaga aggaagaaaa aaaaaacaga aagacttaca     89700
     tagaaacaca aacacaagct ctcctccatc taaccaccaa ttgcatcctc tgctccattt     89760
     cagactccgc agccggtgta tctacattag tgggttggaa acaaaactcg agaaattata     89820
     aaagcaatac ccacatatta gaaatatttg aataatctga actataaaaa taaaattaat     89880
     tttatcttcc caggagcaac cagttggtat gaaaaatata aagagttata cagggacatc     89940
     atgattcata agggaggtcg caccattatt aattaatggg tattttaaaa acattttaag     90000
     attaatttac ttatttcaga gagaaagaga gagagctggg gagtgccaca cactgtggga     90060
     gttcattctc atctctactt tgctttaagg cagggtctct ctcttattgg tgctacacag     90120
     caagcccaag gctgcctggt cagagagctc tgaaaggtct tcagtctcca cctccatctc     90180
     ctcatagggg tgcaggggtg ccaggattac agatatgtgt cactatagcc agcatttaca     90240
     ttgattcagg gaacagaact caggctgtgt ggcaagcact ttcacccctg agccttctcc     90300
     ctggcccatt aatgcatatt ttaaagaggt tagtggtaag gttcttcttc ttcttcttct     90360
     ttttttttta aagatttatt tattattata tctaagtaca ctgtagctgt ctttagtcac     90420
     accagaagaa ggtgtcagat ctcattacag atggttatga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg     90480
     attcgaactc aggaccttca gaagagcagt cggtgctctt aacccctgag ccatctctcc     90540
     agcccggtaa ggttcttctt atgtggaaga tttttactgt ggtgcctata ggggctgact     90600
     gtgtagagtg ggtcagaggt ttagtcacgt gattttacac attgacttcc ctttctttcc     90660
     acaaagggaa cttgccatgg cacggcatgg aagactgacc aaagccaagc tcctgctggc     90720
     cccacaggct ttcttccttc attcactttc agaagcccta agtttcagct tgccagaacc     90780
     gtgccaccat ggctggtctt agccacagtc tttagtgagc cccagccctg gggcttaggg     90840
     agatttaaag actccgctga ggaccatttt cagttctgaa gactggagca caggggccat     90900
     tattctcaga agccagccag gccaggcctc attcaactag agatgtggaa gaagggccta     90960
     ggagtgtgaa ccgtgatttt agaccttggc tctgaaatct tctagctctg cgacagcaag     91020
     agggaataca tgcagagtgc ttgccagttc tctccaggag tctcagaaat gaccccctgc     91080
     acacggcctc cggcctgaca ccatacctgc caggctctga cacctgccca tcagtagtca     91140
     tccaggcttt ctcattctct tctgtaatcc cagctaatgt tggggagggg acaactttgc     91200
     tcgccaggtt aatggataaa ggcgctctca cttgtattaa atagctgaga gagccccagg     91260
     gaactgtgtg gtgttggata gcttttgaag attcaactct ctctctcttt ctctctttcc     91320
     ctctctctct ttctcacaca cacacacaca gagtggggtg gtggggggag gggaagggga     91380
     aaagaggggg agggggaagg gggaggggaa gggagagaga gggggagagg gagagggaga     91440
     gggagaggag aggagaggag aggagaggag aggagaggag agagaagaga gggagctatg     91500
     catctattgc tgccctgtga cccccaagca cattgttata cctctctgtg acatttcctt     91560
     gtgtgctaaa tgatacataa cttgctgttc tgattcccaa cctaaattca cgtggaagtt     91620
     taattgatgt aactgtagta agaggtggga gctttaagaa gtgattgggc tacagggttg     91680
     cggcctagcg gtcaggactg gtgctgttaa ggaagaaagt tcatccctcc cttgtcttct     91740
     tcagcgctct caccttttac tgcgggatga tacggcagcc agaccattaa atgctgaata     91800
     ccagcattta aatactggac acgctcctgc atttgggttt cttataaatt acccaggtcc     91860
     aggcattatg ctatagctgt acaatacagg aggctaagta cctatcatag aattggagag     91920
     catgaaaaac agtggggccc atcagcttcc ctctctgaag actgcacagt tgaaagcaca     91980
     cagaattcta gtccaatggt gttttgggct tagtctcccc ctaatagtct agcctaagcc     92040
     tggtcacagt tggctgtctt tatgccaact ttcatatgtc ttatgaaagc ttgctttcat     92100
     cccctgaaac tatacaaaca agctgtgcca ccagagggca cctttctcct aggaaaatgg     92160
     taaaagccaa ctcctgggca gtgtgtgtaa gtgcccactt gaagaccatt gctttatcct     92220
     agaaaatact atggaggttt tgtctttcaa ggacttcagt ggccaagagg ctgggtgtcc     92280
     aaaagctaca ggaagtaagg gcacatccat gggcttacag ggtgcccagc aagacaggat     92340
     ccattaggag atggagtgga ctgtcaccta gcatgctgtt gggccttctc tcctctgtcc     92400
     attcacttca ggtagaactg ggtctcatat tcctttaagc ccactctagg agcctcgctc     92460
     tcagaacaat ctctttgccc aacatccctg tccctggttg gcctgttgcc atgcaaacat     92520
     gagcagtact gtactgactt agttatttga gggctatggg gcaagaaaaa ctgatctagg     92580
     caagctcttt agatgcacgt gcttgttgct agtgtaaggc atgggaaccc gggcatgtgg     92640
     tgactctcta ggtccttgac ataaaggact cagatcctct ctgtgggacc agatgttgtc     92700
     cagatctaca gctgagcagg tgagagtgcc tgagggtcct ggtgtctgca ctgaggaatc     92760
     tgccagcaac tgtgctgtaa ggctgggcag gcaagtggta gcatggacct cagccatgca     92820
     gaaatctacg catggtagca ttttaaggca ggggtgatcc aaaatgctca gaggcagagt     92880
     cctctgctgg gtggctttgc ttagggatgc cttagaggtc ttcccaaaca catttccatc     92940
     gtcacgccta tttaagacaa gctgtccagg cttccttgct tctcttgtct cctcaccttg     93000
     tggcctgaga gccctttcag cttctctctc taagcttact ctttatagac caacaaatac     93060
     cttgaagaat caatgccctc ctgtcatctg accaccagtg gacttgtatt cacatgctgt     93120
     cctagatctg accagagact gtcaccatta gaggagagag gcagtagggc aggtacagta     93180
     tagcagggaa atgatgtgac tcaggggtgt gcttaaaaca aggaggtggg ctatgaagga     93240
     atcagggaga acccttcaga ggatggtagc cttgtctcca agatgtgatg gaaactgcca     93300
     tgtttctaga aaggcaagtt ggaagggtaa cttaaggcag ataaacagtc tgtgcaaagg     93360
     cacagaagcc aggagagtaa ggatgctggt gggtgtttta gtggcatatt ggagaatttt     93420
     gtgggaggag agaatggcag gctgacggag gctaggctga ctagttcctg gaatgcctag     93480
     gctcctggga cacgcgctta gatttcaagc aggcagatga cccaggagga gatccaggtg     93540
     gaaatgaggg gaggccattg taggtggcag tctgcaggca ggaaggcccg gtgggcaatg     93600
     ctagtgaccc atggtgaatt cctggaacct tggatgtagt ggggaaggaa gagagtggca     93660
     caggttgcca gaggctcctg cacccaccac catggtggag accacacctc tatcttgcaa     93720
     gtggaggggt agagtgcttt ttgtaaaggt agcacgaaaa atcacagaca atttttttta     93780
     tccatccttc ccaattccta aaccagttgc ccatcaggac ggagtcagca aagccccctg     93840
     aagtcctctg ctgcattttc tcactgtgtg aactgatgcc ctggtcataa aggataacct     93900
     accaccgaaa ttgggcctga ggaatttgtt atatcctgca gtgaggttct caaagccagg     93960
     taaggaaagc ttgtcacttc tgctgacctc cacattgacc tggttcccct ggatgcacgt     94020
     cctggaaaag agaatgactt ttgatgccta tgttgttcaa atattgataa acatacattg     94080
     acatgagctt aattggccct cccttgtgtg tgtgtgctcc ttcgtgtacg tgtatatagg     94140
     ttcacatagt aattttccta agtagaaatc tcatgttttc tagttaatga atttatttct     94200
     attttctttc tcacttgcta tagagaaaac tctcatgata attggcaaac cctccaagta     94260
     tctttttttt taaattgatt aattgattat gtatgtatat gtatgcacag gcatatgtac     94320
     ctatacatgc acatcatgtc tttctctatt tctctctacc tatttctttg aggcagagtc     94380
     tctccctgaa cctgggactc aattttcttt gccaggctgg aagacagaaa cccccagaga     94440
     tcctcttatc ttcttctgac tcggaagccc caaaatttac tagcatttat ggggtgccaa     94500
     gcttgttaca tggacactgg aacctggact ccagtcctct tgattacaca gtaagcaccc     94560
     ttagccactg agccatctcc cctatttctt tcaccaaggg ccttattgaa aacaaacaaa     94620
     caaacaaaca aacaaacacc acaagtccat ctacctgtga ccattttaga aacttgttct     94680
     ctaaaacaga atgaaccaca gagatcttgt tgttcgggtg cttcgggaaa tgaggggact     94740
     aggttttggc ttgccacaag ttaaatggga aatgcttgca agccttcctg tcacatggtc     94800
     atagcagagc agctcactct gagccattct gaggtagtgc cgctcacctc tgagtgagga     94860
     gactcagaca caggaaggcc aaatagaggc tgtagctcat gttgaaggag ctgattcaca     94920
     cacaaaaagg ttgaaggagg aatcacctag ggagacaaga tggggcgaga tgagggggat     94980
     agtccaaagg ttcacctccc tccagcctgg ctgtcttcat gagttgccag gggcagtatt     95040
     ttcccaacat gcatggggaa cagcctcgtt gcaactgttt agtttagcac ctgcccactg     95100
     tgtgtcatcc agtacactgt catttgggag gctaatattt ttacccatcc cagatatgag     95160
     tggaatttat acaatggctc atcagaacta gcacccatag ccagtccaca gcacatattt     95220
     gtctgtgtat tcgagaagct ccacactgtc cttactgcat ccctgtttaa cacctccaac     95280
     tctacattct ttttttttct ttttttttca gatttatata tttattacat gtaagtatac     95340
     tatagttgtc ttcagacgct ccagaagagg agtgtcagat ctagttacag atggttgtga     95400
     gcgaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc aggaccttcg gaaaagcagt cagtactctt     95460
     aaccgctgag ccatctcacc agcccccaac ttacattctt gctgaccaaa ccagacattg     95520
     tcctgtttag tccagcatcc agaccttcta ggcatgttgt attcttacct aaccttcccc     95580
     atgcacagtg ggcaggtcca tccctgtctt atatcaagga aacaggctca aggaaagcac     95640
     attcaaccta cgaatgccag aggtgagttc gaatctagag ctggctgcct tgtctgatgc     95700
     ctccaggacc agccacagcc tatgcttttc ttggcctgaa gatgctcagc accctcataa     95760
     tctcctatac cccactgcag gagtactgac accattcgac tgctatgtgc caatgtgcac     95820
     aaaaggaccg tcgaacaaca tgctccagag gcctggctcc ctcggtgtgg gatctacaga     95880
     catccgtcag agagcaggga ttgctagcta acagagcagt cttggacatg ctatgctggt     95940
     gacatacacg gcagggtggt ggcctcaagt tcaggcctct tcctaggtat tccattctgg     96000
     tacctgctta cctgtgctaa ccctggtgag tcctcccact ctctagaatg taagagatct     96060
     ggagctttgg gccatattga gccacttatt tattaagtaa catgctgttg acaaaaccaa     96120
     taattactca ttatagaaat aaaaatgaac aaaagttcat taagacagaa gtgtatactg     96180
     tagtgtatgc cagggcagat gtatagggtt ttttgttttt atttttaaag atttatttat     96240
     ttattatata taagtacact gtagctatct tcagacacag cagaagaggg catcagatct     96300
     cattacagat ggttgtgagc tatcatgtgg ttgttgggat ttgaacttag gacctctgga     96360
     agagcagtca gtgttttttt tttttcctga gacagggttt ttctgtgtag ccctggctgt     96420
     cctggaactc actctgtaga ctgggctggc cttgaactca gaaatccacc tgcctctgcc     96480
     tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggcatgcgcc accatgcctg gcgcagtcaa tgctcttaac     96540
     cactgagcca tctctacagc cccagatgta tatttttatg agatttactt ttattttatg     96600
     tgcatgagtt gtttgtgctg gcatgtgtgt ctatgcacca tatgcatgca atgcccatgg     96660
     aagccagaag agggcgcaga attgtcttgg aacagtagtt acagatggct gttagctgta     96720
     tgtgggtgct gggatttgaa cccaggtcct ccagaagagc agtcagtgct cttaaccact     96780
     gagccatctc tccagcccca gtacatattt acagatagga acaaacatgt ccctatggtg     96840
     taggatgctg agagtaggaa caatcagtct tacgtgtgta gggagttcaa tctcagtatg     96900
     ttcctaaaac tgctttaaag aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaaa aaaaaagaaa ttgattttaa     96960
     aagacctgtc tcaagaaaca aaggaaatgc ttagtccctc tgtcatttct cataccccag     97020
     atgttgctgt tgttaacaat gtttcttatc ccaacataca cctgtattca caaacacaca     97080
     cacacacagt tttgcataaa aaattaaaaa gggaagttga gtgcttttgc gctttgttac     97140
     tgctttatat gtataaataa acacatttac gcataaaaac tgaaaagcag cgcttgtccg     97200
     tggttgttcc tttgccccac ttgggtagag agctgctgtt ttctgaacac ctgctatgct     97260
     accgctaccg cttcctgagc taagtccctc tccagtcttc acagacctct gacctgacca     97320
     agatgattct catctacaaa ggagagagct gaggctttga gaggaagtga tgtccccagg     97380
     gttacccagc aggtaaggcg cagctcaagt gtaagtagcg atccaagtct ttcccttagc     97440
     cacagaaacc agaaaggagc tcttgtctgt ggtagctgca gcttcccatg tcagcttcta     97500
     cagatctgcc tccctaagac agcagggttg ctcagaccat gaacatgcga acacttttat     97560
     gccacgtgtc ctacttatga gtaccaatta ttttcagagt ttctactttt ataaagtcag     97620
     caatgaccac cttggcatgc aagatatact ctatcctgtt ccttttcaca gtggaaaaaa     97680
     ggtggctggg ggggtggggt ggagctctaa agactgataa agaaatggag gcttgctcat     97740
     ggccactgga aaccacacac caaaaccatc agctgtaaaa ccagcattca tgcttgcttt     97800
     ctttcatgct ttttcctagt ccctattact ctccttgccc ccagcataca atttaagagg     97860
     gtccatggaa aggcttgctt accctccatc tctttaacat ttcaaagggt aagtgagctt     97920
     ctcttaaaac ccagatgcat gaccagcaga ggtcctgtct ggtgaggtca gagatacgag     97980
     agcagaaagg tttctgctcc atcagagggg agcaagccat aagtcccacg tcctgtcacc     98040
     accctgcatt aggagctcag gcagcttgat gtttggtgta atgagaaagt gagccaccag     98100
     ttcccctcaa gaggatactg cagggccagg gtgggaactg cagagatgtt tatgttaatt     98160
     tgattctaga agagtgtgtt acaacttggc cagttggata taggaagctg acacctctag     98220
     aagctgataa aaatggatgc ttgccgggct ggagagaagg ttcagcagtt aagagaactg     98280
     actgctcttc cagaggtcct gagttcaatt cccagctacc tcaagatggc tcacaccatt     98340
     tataatggaa tctgatgcct ttttctggtc tgtctgaaga tagctatagt gtactcatat     98400
     gcataaaata agtaaataaa tctttttaaa gaaaaatcga ggcttgccca tggccactgg     98460
     aaaccactcg gtttttcccc taagcccttg gtatctgcga atttttccca gtgtggcctg     98520
     aactggtcct gtcctcatct aaggagactc ctcagttttc ccaccttctg taagaatctg     98580
     aatctgcctt tatcaagaac atttggggaa ccatttagtc tttatcttca ggcttgctgt     98640
     gaaataggta tttcctggtg accagtctat attaggaaga caatattgac aacttgggcc     98700
     tccaaaactt ctctaaggac atgtaggctc tggtggctgc attctttctg ctggctctac     98760
     taggggccca gtatgcctca gtgtagcatg gaagagcagt gggcaagcct gggtgtcatc     98820
     ctggctatct ggttcaggag aggaacctcg gacttgtgat ggattcagcg tagatcccac     98880
     tttagttaag tggccactgt ctgaacagta tttcccaagt ccttgatctg tacagaggtc     98940
     acatctggca ccagtttact agcatggttt tctcgggcag ggcccacacc actaacacct     99000
     ttctcacttc agcctgacat ggagaactca gaacataccg ggcacaagaa agcagtagtg     99060
     agccgggcgg tggtggcgca tgcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga agcaggcgga     99120
     tttctgagtt tgaggccagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac     99180
     agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa agcaaaaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa aagcagtagt     99240
     gagttaggag gctagaatgt gacatctttt ctatgatgga gaaagtcctt ggttccccag     99300
     ggatcacatg tgaccctgct ccttatgtca aatccacttt ggggatcagg tcctggaagt     99360
     tcagcaggag tcaccagccc atatagctga tgagccaatc ttcaaggtac tatttatatg     99420
     tctactgctc ttgatgtagg ctcagtcctc tcttttggat acaggcatca gagccagcac     99480
     ttagtggtga tcaaagacca tgagagggta ggtggagatt ccagccttca gcagttgcgc     99540
     ctgcaaggtg gattagctga atcctctggc taaaatctcc tatctgtgtg tagaggagag     99600
     cctgggcttt ggagttagat caagctgagt catagttaac ctctcagctt tggtttccca     99660
     cctgacaaat cagaataaac ataaacaata aatagtactt tccatttgct tcactggttc     99720
     tattctcggt gtcttccgtt gggggattta gtaatctcac tggttcaaga acaatttgaa     99780
     gctgaaacta ctccttgcat actcggctgg taccacccaa gaagaacagg tcacacgcag     99840
     gacttgagtg tcacctggga ggcagtgact ctgagaagca gaggtgattc tgatgggaat     99900
     tcccacctct gctccatcac agaaatgcct gagtgctcta tgctctagcc tccttcacac     99960
     tcacttctgt tccctcatcc tgtcacttca gtgggtgtgt catgtgtggg taggcaggtg    100020
     tagttgaaag gtcttagtgc cctgaatctt ccccaagaaa accatgaagg tgtgccttgt    100080
     gcctgttggt ctagcctggc agcagagagg aaaatgatga catttccagt gccaggcagg    100140
     gtagtgccaa cctgggtctc tcactctgac agagggcatc gcactacact ctaagacctg    100200
     aggcagagtt agggctcagc agattccagg cctgcctccc tccctccctc cctcccatcc    100260
     accccagcag ggctcacacc tgcagctcct tactgccttc tttccaagca caagggatgc    100320
     cagtcgttcc cttaccaggc agctgttaca gcaggtgttt ccagatctca ggcaggactc    100380
     tcacacagag catactcttt tgggtctcca gggtcctttt catctcagtc ctgactcttt    100440
     gggtgttaag tatgcaccca gtctccgatg gagtggcgcg ctctctctct ggagaagttg    100500
     gagctgctga accaggtata ggtgggtggg gcctcctcca gctcctccct tggtggagct    100560
     ctgactggtc ttgggttgtt tgtgagaatc agccagctct tgatgtgctt tgattatctt    100620
     gctaatctat gctttgattc tgggttcccg ttttagccac actcccaaac ctcagctgag    100680
     aaagacttgt gtgatccaag atgtcttaag agttcagtgc atggatccac cactttgata    100740
     aactctgctt tcaggggacg tgcctccaac actgtgcaaa gggatccgag ttagcctaat    100800
     catcagattt gcatccacaa aacaacttaa tttgtttctg agagcctcag tcctggcttt    100860
     gccttggctg agtttgtttg ggattaacat cgtctaataa tatgtgttac tagagactat    100920
     tcagattttc cagttgcaaa gacacagaaa atgctaagga ttaggaaagt ggtgctcaga    100980
     agaggtgggg ggtaattctg gagatttctg gtctcatttg ctgtatccca gatccctaga    101040
     gaatatcctt taagtctcaa acaaattcct tcagggaact ccatattgta gccagtggtc    101100
     aagggtagaa gcctctggaa gttggtgtca tacctgagag ggctgggaac cagagggagg    101160
     ggcagggaga gggcagaggc tatggcagga tgcctagagg caccttcttc cttcttggca    101220
     atgtcaaggc caccctgggc caagctcctg tgcagaccct gcccagtgtg gagcagggag    101280
     gtagaataaa cagagggagc aggagctagc ggcaggaagc agaaggaagt gggcaggagg    101340
     ggaggatctt agggtacaat gtactataga tgcttctggc tctagaccaa ctcgcttagt    101400
     gttcctctgg agtctggcca gccccccacc cccaaacatt tctgtgcttg cggggagggt    101460
     gtggatgctg aagagaaagc cctttcacat cacctgagtg accccacttt cacctggcaa    101520
     cctgaaggtg gccagaacag gaatgactga atagccgttt caagttctac ctgaatgccc    101580
     atggtttggg gctaattctc agaatttcta agaagttctc acataaacag agttgtcaca    101640
     aagacaactg agatctggga ggctctgtgg gagggggaac tgggaacaag ggtttagctt    101700
     tgggcaagtt gcttaatcta ccgggagccc gcatcttatg tgatgagaga ggtccatcct    101760
     cagcagggtt gctgaaagaa ctctgaggtc acaggcggtc acaggcaatc acaggcggtc    101820
     acaacacaga gttgcatctc aacgtctctg gcatagaaga ccctatgcac gaggtgctcg    101880
     agaaactagc cttctctcat tctgtctttt caatttgctt ttcttctgct gtcataaaca    101940
     ccatgatcat tttctttcta ctgtcataaa cacgcaagct ggggaggaaa gggtttgttt    102000
     cagcttacat gtcacatccg tcatagacgg aagccaaggc aggaacctgg agcactgacc    102060
     accgagaaac aaagcttgct agcttgctgt ctggtctcta gctgttgctg ctgctgctgc    102120
     tgctgcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc    102180
     ttcttccttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    102240
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctc cttctccttc tccttctcct tctccttctc    102300
     cttctccttc tccttctcct tctccttctc cttctccttc tcctcttctc cttctcctcc    102360
     tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc cttctccttt    102420
     atcccgggac cacctgccca aggatagatc cacccgcatg tgggttgagt catctcacat    102480
     caatcaataa taaaaacagt tcctcacaaa tatgtagtct gtacaatccc tcaattgatg    102540
     tttttctctt tcccggtgac tccatgttct agcaagttga caataaattc taatctgctt    102600
     agtacttaca agtttacatt caagtttaca tctacccatg tgtcatgtgt gttgctgtgc    102660
     atgtgtgtat gtgtatgtag atacctgtgt atatattttt tgcattttca tattatctat    102720
     atccagtcat ttataagcta cctgtctgct catcatctaa tgattaatct cctgatcaga    102780
     ttgttgatgt ttccaatgct tagttttgta gtgtgtatct ttgcaaagag tcagcaaatt    102840
     atattattat tattattatt attattatta tttattatta ttattaaatg aactgattcc    102900
     acctgggagg taagacaagt cagatatttt aaaaggtttt tacttattgt atgttcatga    102960
     gtatgctgtc actgtcttca gacataccag aagagggcat cagatctctt tacagatggt    103020
     tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctggtacttg aactcaggac ctctggaaga gcagtcagtg    103080
     ctcttaactg ctgagccatc tttccagctc ccgacaagta ggatttgttt ttgtgtgttt    103140
     gtttgtttgt tttgttttgt ttttcgagac agggtttctc tgtatagcct tggctgtcct    103200
     ggaactcact ttgtagacca ggctggcctt gaactcagaa atccgcctgc ctctgcctcc    103260
     caagtactga gattaatggc gtgtgccacc acacccggct ctgacaagtc agatttgaag    103320
     ttactaaaac gagtgcgact tttagattga cagaagacat gggtggagct ggcagggaca    103380
     ttgcattggt tttcagtggt ctcgggcagc tttgctcctg agtccctaga agtcctggca    103440
     gccacctagt tccaactatg atctccagtc ttaggatgct tgaggtcagt agtatttcag    103500
     gatgtccagc tatgcagact gatcgctcac aggttacacc tctcagcacc cacctcccca    103560
     ttcctcgagg ccacacgccc tcctaaaatg catcctggaa aaacaaaggg cagagtgagt    103620
     cagcctgtac cgtgtgaacc tagtgcttgg taccatgtga acatgcattt gggacctgga    103680
     taagccaccc caatgctgtg catttggatg gagcactgct agtctcaagg tttttttgtt    103740
     tgtttgtttg tttgtttctt tgggtttttt ttttctttta ctgcacatac atcatctgcc    103800
     tttaatagtg ttgtgaggca agtgtgtctt gtttccttcc ttcaaattac attttaattc    103860
     gttttgtgtg catgtgtgtg tttgtggggc agggtgccat gtgtgttaca gtgtgcatgt    103920
     agagattaga ggacaacttc tttccacctg gcaggttcca gggatcaaac tcaggtcacc    103980
     acgcttggtg gcaattgcct ttactcactt accatctcag cagccccagc ttatgtcttt    104040
     attctcattc tgtagatcag agccacccag ctaaggtgcg gtagagccag ccagcacagt    104100
     ctggaacttg gtcttaggaa ttgagtcaac tgcattatta atgtacccat tgctcctccc    104160
     agcacttgtg aaactcaatg gccattgact tgcctgtctc tatcacttgc tcatctctat    104220
     tactaagcta aatgctgttt gaggtcaggt cttattaact ggtatgtctc taataccagt    104280
     tggccttatg tgagtcctta agaagtctag agagctaaaa ctgggcatgt atcttagtgg    104340
     aggaacactt gtgtagcaag gctctgggtt cgattcccag tagcaccaac caaccaaccc    104400
     acctaccagt ccaccaacaa accagccagc caaccaacta ccaaatctac agagcctgta    104460
     aatctagtgg aaaaagcatc aagccataca agtgaatctg ggccgcagta gagtattgtt    104520
     tgctatttat atttttctag ttaattaatt aattcctttc tttctctcct ctttctcccc    104580
     ctcttccttc tccttatatt tcttctcctt tttgttaact ttactgaact aaggcctcaa    104640
     gctggtacca ctgagctata gctacaacta cacacacaca catacataca tacatacata    104700
     catacataca tacacataca tactcacctt ttttgtaaat gccctcaata ccaaacataa    104760
     atattctgaa tctgtatgct taaaggacta gagaaaaagg aatggcacct ggtaacatct    104820
     cttttcttgg ctttgtcgcc acacttcagg caagccatga aggttcccct atgggatcta    104880
     cccagagaag ccatgtttac ctcaattaaa tgctttattt tcttctgggc tacagacttc    104940
     acagatcatt cataagccgc aaacacagtc actgttattc tttttttttt gtcttgaaat    105000
     tctcgtgcaa gtcagatgtt cttctgggca ttaaggtcac agcaggatga aagcagtttc    105060
     tatcgagtgc agacaaacgg aacatgaaca atacattcat agggcaatat tggaaaggaa    105120
     tgcatactgt ggagctgtgt taagctgagg aagggtgggg gatgggggtt accttagagg    105180
     agtgggaatc agaaagcttc tttgaagatg tgactttatg gcaaggctgc agaaaggggc    105240
     aggtgtgctg ttgtctgcct cctcctgcct cattttcttc tggtcagtaa gctttccgaa    105300
     actcttctag cagatcgcta gaaacactcc tcctgcttaa catcctttga tgataatgtt    105360
     tcttctttct tgtcctgaga cagacagaca gacagagaga cagacagaca gacagacaga    105420
     cagagagcag agagagagag agagagagag agagacagag aaacagacac acacagagaa    105480
     acacagacag acacacaaac agaaagacac acacacacac acactcacac tcacacactc    105540
     acactcacac actcacactc acacactcac agtgtgtgtt ggagtcagta gctgtggaca    105600
     tttgctgaat gcattgctct ccaaactccc ctctattact ttgttcccac ctgcctgctt    105660
     caaacacact attattctgc caggactcca gcaggattct tgggatccct ccagtgctgt    105720
     cctccactgc acacacacca tgttgacatc tgtcacacca taaaccataa gcttgccccc    105780
     acaccaggtt atgagccttt tttggaaaat tgttacaccc ttccttaatg cacagcacag    105840
     aactacatac atagtgttga atggattggt gaataatggg aaagctggtt tctctttgtt    105900
     ctctgtcacc ttactgagct ctgtccaaca cggctcatct tacaggtgag aaaatcagac    105960
     ctctccccct ccttccaata tccagtcacc ttactgcctt cttgagttta ctttcggggt    106020
     caactctctc tttttctggc acatgatcac tgttaccttt tctaatgttc cttcacagca    106080
     gaggccacac agctgccacc ctgttcaaac ctctctcagc tgacccagac ctttctccta    106140
     gtaacctcga catctctctg aggtccccaa cttgatactg gctgcagctc ccagttgccc    106200
     ataccttagg agccattcag taagccagtg aggctgacct gtagttcact ctacactact    106260
     atgtgacccc aggtcctaga gagtcagaca tggccttgac gtttcctaga tgttgtctaa    106320
     agtacatggc ttggctctat taaacttgaa tttgctgtct tagattgctt gacttaccac    106380
     cttgcctgaa actgaggcca gccggtctga gctggtcatg cttggaaccc agagaccatt    106440
     tatccagatg ctctccattg ctcaaggcac atttaactta ggtcggactt tgcctgcctg    106500
     actccaaatc aagttccagt aatgtttgct gttaacatac agagaaaata gttcagggtt    106560
     tgtggcctta tggtctctct gttgtagcat gcagataggc acgggtaatg agcaagtgaa    106620
     taggtgagac cgtttcatta aattttattg taaagccagg cctcaggcag gctttagttc    106680
     atacctgtag ttttctgacc tctgctactt actgacttat ggactctcac agactcatgc    106740
     atgtgcctag agccactgcg atcttttggc atcagtgctc tgaacatggt agtttctata    106800
     aattcccaca tcaaataaag acccatgttg tctttttatt tccatagcat gtaatgtaca    106860
     atacagtgaa tatatgtata tatacatata tatttatatg tgatatatac gtatatattt    106920
     atatgtgata tatgcatata tatttatatg tgatagatag attaatggat ggatagatag    106980
     atagcctcaa ggttgctttt tcttctgaag tcattggctg actcatagca gggtcccctc    107040
     tataagaacc ttagcaatgt catcccaacc agaggcagtt atattccatc tccctgcccc    107100
     cccccccaat ggtggcaggg gagttcctga aaggggctag ttgggtacca aagaaagaaa    107160
     caccaagcca gggagaggag cccaaagcat ttataagggg accatacagt tagagccttg    107220
     cagtgactct tgtgacagaa agacaaagga gatttttctc ctttgctatg tctacagcaa    107280
     gggggcggga catgcccttc tgagagagtc aggaatttgg ctcagggcgg gggctggttt    107340
     cgatgtgatg tgtatggcaa tgtggttaac ctcttggcgt tttcaaggta caacctaaac    107400
     agctttctcc gtgcctggga atattcaagg cttggcttag gttcaaaccc atggagacaa    107460
     agatgcccag ggctgggtta tagacaggtt agcttctatt cccctttcca ctccaaactg    107520
     attgttttta tcacatctgc tttaggagac acggttccct tttgaggcca gaagtggtag    107580
     ttattgtact ttggcagata cgtgagaaag atgaatttaa gagaggaagg ctatattttg    107640
     aatgttgggt ttggaggaca ccaccatggt ggtggtatag gcttgtaggc agcaatgggc    107700
     agcagcagtg gcaacaagag cctgttcaca tctgggcaga tcaataggtg gagaaaggtg    107760
     aatggtggta cacaacagcc tttctccttt ttattcagtg ctggactcca gcatacgaga    107820
     aggtgctgcc ctagttgggt atgccttcct tctcagttaa acttctctct agagacaccc    107880
     tcaaagactt acccaggcat gtgcctcctg ggtgattcca aatgtcacag tgactagaag    107940
     gttatcacac caggcaagca tcagagactg gactatatct tcaggctaat catggtctcc    108000
     accctgtgtc ctgtgcttcc aatccttgct gtgcttttct gggaactctg actcagagct    108060
     ctgcgtccat atcattttta ttcaggttgt aaatttcttt tctgcaaggg gaacatttat    108120
     ccccccttct tccctctttc ctctcctcct tcattcggtt caagtataaa acagatatag    108180
     cctgcacccc tctgaacttg cagctcagaa aacattctct gaaaagggtc agatggtgtt    108240
     ttcagtttct gtgcatctca cagtcttgca gtttctcaac tctgccgttg agctgtaaaa    108300
     acagtcacag atgatacacg aagccatggg caaggatgca tgtcgattac accttattta    108360
     cagaagcagg cagtgggcag gcatggtccg ttggccacag tttgttagct atggctgtta    108420
     atatccacaa ccacttcatg ggttaaaaag ctgcaattct gcgaacctga acccaggaga    108480
     agagaggatg agagaagatg agatcacttc acccttctgt tagcaaaggg tgaagtgtta    108540
     aaactgaagt cactgggaca caccaaaggg agggtcactt aattctgtct agactagatg    108600
     ggagccttaa gagaatgatt tgtatcggag gagtggagag aaggaaggtc agttgtgtaa    108660
     ctataggatg ttgtgctata caagttctaa tgtggcctga actaaggggt atggtcatcg    108720
     cctgtcactt cctccaacaa caggaagggc tgagttagac aatcactaaa gtttgtttgc    108780
     ttttcccaag gtcctagggg gagttcacct tccccaaaga tcaaagattc cggggaggac    108840
     agtgtgaagc tggggtcaag gtggaggagg ccagtaaatt cccagccatg cttattcacc    108900
     aaggtattaa tagtacataa acctcggcca ggaaacttta gggtgttggt tttcatgtct    108960
     gggtgtgttt cttgtttggc atgaaacaca aactagagaa aaagggtttt ctcttcctgt    109020
     tttgcctgcc attacaaatc aacaccagct ctgataatct gataagccca attcttcctc    109080
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tttgtagaga aaaaatcctc accctataac    109140
     tcagtcttga acatgtgaga ccaattctaa catccaacca aatccttccc atcaaggaaa    109200
     agagcagact gaagatacag tcaacagtat gggagaatgt ccttgacagc tgtatattta    109260
     atggggctgg tatctccaat gtattaaaca actaaaaaaa aaattaaaca ttagacccct    109320
     ccaaatgggc aaatgaaatg aactgactct tctttagaat gaatttgaaa tgaccaatta    109380
     acatatgaaa aaaaattacc ggtccaacat ccttagccac cagagaaaaa gcaaatcaat    109440
     aataaacagc acatgctggc aaagatggtg tgggggtttg aatgggtttg gcccccatag    109500
     attcatgtgg ttgaatgctt ggccacaggg agtggcacta ttaggaggtg tggccttgtt    109560
     ggagtaggta tggtattgtt ggaggaagtg tgtcattgtg ggggtgggct ttgaggtttc    109620
     ctatgcttta gctccaccca gtttggaaag agtctcctcc ctgctgcctc tggatcaaga    109680
     tgtagaactc tcgctcttcc agcaccaggt ctgcctgcat gctgccatgt ttcccgccat    109740
     gatgataatg tctgaacttc tgaaattgta aggcagctcc aattcaacgt ttgcccatct    109800
     aagagctgcc ttggtcatgg tgtctcttta ccacagtgaa actctaagac agatggtgtg    109860
     aggaaaccct tatatacact gttggtggga atgcaaatta gtccaactac tgtggaaata    109920
     agggtggaaa ttcttcaaaa atgtgaacat gcactgccat ctgtgtgtgt gtgtagggag    109980
     agacagagac agagagagaa agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag aaacagagag    110040
     gtgggtatct tagagttact actgctctgt tgaaacacaa tgaccaaaaa caacctgaga    110100
     aagagttatt ctgttatact tccaggtcat agttcatcac taagggaagt cagggcagga    110160
     actcaggcaa gacaaggccc cagagatagg agctcaaaca ggggccatag agtaattctg    110220
     cttactggct tgttcttcat agcttgcctg gtctgctttc ttatagaacc caggaccacc    110280
     agcctagggg tggcaccacc cacagtgggc tggaccctcc cccatcaatc actaattaag    110340
     aaagtgcttg ccctacagtg tgtctccctg ctgacataaa actagcgggc agaaggatca    110400
     agggtggatg gggtggggtg gagaaattac ataacaaaaa atttaccacc tccaaccatt    110460
     ttaagtacaa accccagtgt cataaagtgc attcctgggg ctggtaagat gactcagctg    110520
     gtaagagcac tgactgctct tccaaaggtc ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg    110580
     gctcacaacc acctgtaatg agatctgaag ctttcttctg gtgcatctga agacagctac    110640
     agtgtactta ggtataatca taaataaatc tttggaccag catgagtagg gttgaccaga    110700
     gcaagcagag gtcctaaatt caattcccaa caaccacatg aaggctcaca accatctgta    110760
     tagctacagt gtactcatac acataaaata aataaataaa tcttttaaaa aagtgcattc    110820
     cctcatgcaa tagtcagcac catccacctc cagggccttc taatcgtctc atgtgagacc    110880
     ttcaaacagc agctctctgt tcctcccaag ctactttctg tttctaggaa tctgaccctt    110940
     gtaggtacat ctgattaatg aagtcatagt atttgtcctt ttgtgtcttc tttctttctt    111000
     tctacactgt agcttgtatc aatgaccttc cttttaaggc tggatgataa ccccttgcct    111060
     gtgtactccg tattcccttt atctatttgc ataaagatgg accctgggat gcttctattt    111120
     tcggctacta tgaggaaatc tgaacatcag tacatagatt tctctgtaac ttcttctttg    111180
     tgttccatga tgtacatatt aggagctcac taacctttga gactagtcca tatatctccc    111240
     ttaagcttcc tataaataaa aagcactatc actacatatc tatccactca ctagggtgag    111300
     aactggacta gagatcagag actcgggttc cagcacaact ctagctttct gggcttttgt    111360
     ttgccttctc tagaaagtga cggctggtgt aagtctgttg gtttcacagg catattgtgc    111420
     acatctcatg gctgtgaggt cagccctgag catcagctgt taacaataca ccagacagtg    111480
     gttgtttctg cattccaagt ttctcattca tccttgggac atctgtggtt ggactacgtt    111540
     gagtgtgacc ctttcctctc cagcctgatg tgagtgggtt taggttctac actagttttg    111600
     ggggtgagtc ttgattggtt taagctaaac agcatatcct actctgtttt ggttccagtt    111660
     ctattgggta gaccccagaa tgaagtaatt tcattctctt ctatgtttta atttctaaga    111720
     ataaatcttg tcaaggaact cagtaagatg gataagcaca gagttgccca gttgaagtgg    111780
     gatgtagggg agacccacat ctcctaggca ttcccacagt catcctctgt atccacagga    111840
     ctttgaaaac cactgaccaa agcagcgacc ctctaagatg gtggcctgca tgtctaaggt    111900
     cctatgttta ttagctttgt ggaccccaca caatgttctt tgtgctgctt cttactttct    111960
     cactttgtct ttttataact ttttcgtttg attggttggt ttgagaagcc tttgtgatat    112020
     gagccatgat cttttgcagt ggcactatgt gcctgtgtgt agaggggtaa gctttggctg    112080
     ccattacaaa atatagaata catcatagac tatatgggtt aactagtggg cacttctttt    112140
     tgaggctggg gattccaaga ttgggatggt ttggtaccca atgaatgccc tgcttgtttg    112200
     tagatacatg ctctccttct gcatcctcac actaggatgg agggtgaaca gcttgtctcc    112260
     ttttttatat cagcagaaac cccaccacgt acctcacttt catggcctta gctaaatcta    112320
     aatctttcca gtacctccta gttccattgc attaggttgg ctttgacata cacatttggc    112380
     agggagaagt ggctcatgtg gtcagcggca aacatcaggc taaagttcag attgtagaca    112440
     gcccccaagg taactgctac ccccagcagt ttgggaccta ccggtgctgt tgagtgcttg    112500
     ggatgctggt gggcatgata tccttgctgc tctaactgga agcagtacct ggacttgctg    112560
     gtctcaggag agtgagctgc ccaggttagg cacctggtat gactcattgg ttcaccaagg    112620
     cattgcattg tcactggttc cctgtctggg gtgagtaaac gtttgttagc atgtatgcag    112680
     gatagtgtca cacaacagat ctcagtcagt tcttcttact cccactccaa caatcacatc    112740
     gtgtgttcca atattctcga acctagccat tgttcccctt accccaagct tagttttgcc    112800
     atcttagcat ctttcatggt tgagttgttg attgggttta ttctttctca cctcttggcc    112860
     ttctagaaat tacgctcctg ggaggtaaga tctctgtgtg tttggctccc tggagtgttc    112920
     agtgtctggt gtagaagagg tacaggagaa ggattcctaa ggcaaacatc tgattctaga    112980
     atgctccaaa attacactgg agtgctggca tgatgtcaca tgtagaaaat cttacattat    113040
     agctttatgt ggtgggtcac tgtcaaacca tcaaaccata ggtgtgcaaa aaataccgtg    113100
     taaaatgact ttcagtttta ctgtataagc tgtgtctgaa ccacacttaa gctatctgat    113160
     acttgtgtaa agacttcaaa atctgaaaaa gaaagaaata aagtgtctta gggctttact    113220
     gctgtgaaca gacaccatga ccaaggcaac tctttttttt tttttttttt ttttttggtt    113280
     tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggttgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccaa    113340
     gctggcctcg aactcagaaa ttcgcttgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaagggca    113400
     tgtgccacca tgcccggcaa ccaaggcaac tcttataagg acaacattta attgggctgg    113460
     cttacaggtt tagaggttca gtccattatc atcaaggcgg gaacatggca gcatccaggc    113520
     aggcatggtg cagaaggagc tgtgagctct acatcttcat ctgaaggttg ctagcagaat    113580
     actggcttcc aggcagctag ggtgagagac ttaaagccca tgctcacagt gatacaccac    113640
     ttcaacaagg ccacacctac tctagcaggg ccactccttc taataatgcc actccctagg    113700
     ctgagcatat gcaaactatc acagaataga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagagagaga    113760
     gagagagaga gggagggagg gagggaggga gggagggcga aaacacctga aattcaaaac    113820
     atttttggcc ccaagcattt caaattaaga atactcaacc tgtctgcata ttttgttgac    113880
     caaatcacag cagctctatg ctgttgggat ttttgggatt cctgtcttag gaaatagagg    113940
     gccaggaggg aaactcttgg cctgaggaca ccaatccagt gaggttgact gccaaatctg    114000
     agtcccctct cagcttctgg ctgccacact gagctctcag cctgtggtgt ttctctgatt    114060
     tgtggactca gaaagctgga aaaagaggcc atttgacttg gtgacaggaa gcttatttgg    114120
     aatcatgtac aaacttctag tgtcctgatg taaggggtta aggattcctg gcttcaagtg    114180
     gaagggaaag gtggaggaat caggggagga tgaaagacac tggagggctt tgaggcacag    114240
     aggcttgtct ggacactgca gttactttga gaggggcctc aaagatcagc cagtcctagg    114300
     aggttacaga aataaatggg gtctggtttt gtcagaggct cctgcccacg tactgtagag    114360
     atgcacttac aagcacagcc tgggtgcata aagttctgat gcctccaaca gcgttccttt    114420
     ttaagcatct gtgtagctcc ttcacacatg gccaatgcca tggccgtgtc agaagccatc    114480
     tggtcccctc tgtaggtgct gtgtttctta cctttgaacc attactgtgc ctgcctcaga    114540
     tcctacaaga ggccacactg gagcaagacc tgcctgcatg gccattagtg gagtcctcat    114600
     ctctatcttt tcccttctgc tctgaggctg tctttcatac ccaagccacg ccctgcccag    114660
     ccacaccctc tgcacactct gcctcttccc tactcttgga agttgtgtcc ttcatttccc    114720
     actgcttcta atttaagatc acgacctctt tctgagaaac acacacatac acacagatgt    114780
     tctatactac atttggcgca tgtacttaca cacccagata catatagcct gacacactta    114840
     tatccacttg gttctctaca tagatgtata cttgaaggca tgccatacat gtctacccta    114900
     tctgctattt gcatgcaaca gacatgcatg tatgtcccag gccttcttcc tcatacatgc    114960
     acacagacct gcatgtcctc taaacccttc catctatgct tacacagaaa ctccactgcc    115020
     ctctattgcc atacctactg actcctccac atccccctca tgccctctct gatcacacag    115080
     cagctgggag cccattctcc atctagagaa cagggacaga gtgctcctta agcaggccct    115140
     gttgtgtgtc atgctctatt tgtttcctga ttttcattca ttcactaaaa tttctctccg    115200
     gaccccagtc cctagaatgg tgttcggcac ccagtgagca actgagggtg gcttcatgaa    115260
     tggaaggagg ggttcttttt ttttttaata ttagatattt tctttatatt tcaaatgtta    115320
     tcccctttcc ctgtctcccc ccagaactcc ctaccccacc cctctcccct gcctctatga    115380
     gggtgttccc tcaccctccc accaatcctg cctctcctcc cttgagttcc cctacactgg    115440
     ggcattgcgc cttcatggga ccaaggtctc tcctcccatt gatgcccagc aaggctatcc    115500
     tctgctatat atgtggctgg agccatgggt ccctccttga ttggtggttt agtccctggg    115560
     aattctgggc tggggggtgg ggtgggggtg ggtctggttg gttgatagta ggaaggaggg    115620
     gttctaatga gccccgacta tggttttctt ttttctcttt ctttgtttct tttttttcat    115680
     tactactttt ttccttttta aaaaactaat cattccattt gtttacatct caattatatc    115740
     ccacttccca ggtacccctc cacaaacttc ccatcccata acctccctct cctctcaggg    115800
     cttgtgcagg ctcatggaag tatagttatg cagacaagag gaggacaggt cgggtcgatc    115860
     tgtcagggtt ggtgaatcac aaacaccagg gtgcagagca gaggttctta ataggggagc    115920
     atttgtctcc ttttcccagt agacatgtca cagttactat ctggagactc gtgattgtcc    115980
     catgtcaggg atggatacta tcgggtagag tcctacgatc cacagaattg ccaacaccag    116040
     cacttttagg aacccctggt acagaaaaga agctggggac tgggaagaat gtgaatctca    116100
     attctgtcat ccaagccatg tgacccttgc ctctggattg attactcata tgtcacgggg    116160
     atgttgtgag acaggtgata tgtaaatcat gtcgctaggt gcagggaagg tactcaatac    116220
     acagtcttct acagccatag aacccagaaa agcgtgccct gctttctccc cagctatctt    116280
     cctagctcac ctcctagggt cacctggacc tcctggctgc agaagtgtcc ctgttctgct    116340
     gggctcctcc tggcgaaaca catggctatc tggcagggag ccactcctct tcagaccaga    116400
     gacacacaca gcttggggta gatataggac gatgtggtat gcacaaatgt gtgtgtgtgg    116460
     tatggtgtgt gtgtagggta tggtgtgtgt atgtgtgtag catgtgtatg tgtgtggtct    116520
     ggtgtgtgta tgtgtatgtg gtgtgtgtgt gtaggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtagtgtgta    116580
     tatgtgtggt ctggtttatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtggt gtgtggtttg gtatgtatgt    116640
     gtgtatatat tcatgcacat ctgtgtgttt ttgtccctga tttgtttgac agtaagaaga    116700
     tggaactggc ttgtctcatt cagagccaca tttgtatctc tcaacgtgtc tggaccctgg    116760
     gtgcggtcct gatgtgaact cacaagcaaa gtgtcctcca gacctcagcc cacagtccca    116820
     agtgtgtttg ggtttgatcc tccatcccag gatgtgttcc ttaccccatt cactgtacag    116880
     ccccattaca ctactgataa cagcctctgt cccccactgg actgatctga aaacaacctg    116940
     aggttgcttc atgtttctca ggatcacatc ttctggtttc aacactcagg ggaagctttc    117000
     acctctgttt gaacagcaaa atgtcacgat gctagaaagg gactgtcaaa gacactattt    117060
     ccaccaaagc acaggtccag aggagaagcg caatgggagt tgctgtaacg cctctcttct    117120
     tcctcatggc tgaggaggtg tctcctggca ctcacaacct tgcagccagg cctgtccaaa    117180
     cagaccttgc agggacatcg tttacagctg cagggcagcc ggtgccacca ttccagtctg    117240
     ggctgttgtg ttctgttccc tgtattcttg ggacatttgg aataaatgga aagagaaggg    117300
     gagcccaggg atgaaggcaa caagaccgag catccaagtg agggaagtac agccgactgt    117360
     ggagcccagc ttactgtgtg tgctgtgtgt gttgcgtgtg ctgcatgtcc tgtgttgggg    117420
     gcgacatgtt ggagatgagt ctgcatcaga ataaaatcat aggaaggcaa ctctggggag    117480
     accccgaagg gcccacagtg gcacttaaga gtgtcctgct ggaggctgtg ggaagccaca    117540
     catagccttg aaggaagggc atgatgggag ccggtctgca ttttagaaag cagactgtgg    117600
     ggctgtatgg tggaaggagc acatggaaga ttgccagagg gaaagctcca caaagaccac    117660
     gggaaggaga taactgcgca tgtgctgtgg ctgcgtaaag gagctgaccc tcacggacga    117720
     acaagcgaag ttctcgtagc ccgtataggt tcacattgtg tgttctttgt cagcagacag    117780
     gctgagccag gggattctca ttctctgaga aatctcaaag gctcttctat tacacaacct    117840
     cctagttcaa ctgatgcttc tgtttaatca cataaccatg tgctccatca actggtgcat    117900
     gcttttcttc ccagtatcaa acgaacgctc actgaagtca ggggctgtgg gtgacttgtt    117960
     cattctttcc ctttccttgc atgaatatgc ttggtagaga ctaaggagta aatacattgt    118020
     agaaaacata ggtttttctg caagctcttt tagaaacctc catggctgac acatgggtat    118080
     gagaagccca agaaatccag gcaaatcgcc gtgtggtggg gaggtcagct tggagatgta    118140
     tccagaaaga caatgaattt gctgtagagt atgctccagg ggtgggaagc cgatcccaga    118200
     gggtgtcgta tttttatctc atttgtagga gtcaggtggc ctcttcccct ccttgcctag    118260
     cttctctctt ctcttctctc tagctctcct ctctagctgt tctccagagg aaattaatgt    118320
     ctaaatggca gaataattag ctcccagtcc tggcatgcat taaccttgaa ttgatggtgt    118380
     caactaatgg gagagggagg ggagtacttg ggagtcatgg caaccctagc tgaatgcctt    118440
     tctccaggac ctggcatgaa gagtccttga accttcttcc tcttccagat gagggatatc    118500
     attattggtt tctcatattc catgttcaat atcaatggtc gtcgttattt cagccacttt    118560
     cccattttca aataaaacaa cctatgacat cctacaaaga tagattgaac acttctggtg    118620
     atcttgacga cagggaaatg ccaatcacaa ccttcactta ctacctaggc taggccagac    118680
     aaattgagtg gcttgtctga atgtctgatt tttcttatct gtaaagcaga gatgatggca    118740
     gtacccatct cataggctgg ttgtatggac cagatggagt ttcacgctat aatgtgggtt    118800
     gctcggatac acttgattta gatgagtgtc ttgaccccag actcttcctg agcctgttcc    118860
     tttctcttaa gatagagtgg tactcgtgga gaaggatgcc actgcacagc cctcagtttg    118920
     ctgatactat gtacatctag ccccagtgtg gtttcttgtc acctaaaaat catggtttat    118980
     ttattctccc catggtacca gactttcccc acaatcatta tagtaatgtg acattaggct    119040
     gatgtgactc cccatctgca gttgcctcct cagatgccct ttgtcttggc aacaatctga    119100
     atcagccaac gtggtagtcc tcaacatact acattacacc tggcggaacc cttccatttc    119160
     tgtggtttca attcaccttt cccacaatac cataggagag ccaggggaca tactatccag    119220
     ccattttata gatacaaatg cctctttgcg tatctgggca gatatcacac gataaacatt    119280
     tctggaacac atctggtaca agttgctgaa gctcagttga tggatgtctg tggtctaggt    119340
     gtcattgttc taagtggtgg ctctgggttc aagggccact ctgtgctgag atcactgggt    119400
     cctgtaccat accacacacc tctcttgagt ctgcccagtt ccttaccctg aggcccagca    119460
     ttgatgacca aacgtagtga ccatttccgt gaaagcagcc cgctcagccc aggtctgctc    119520
     cttgggttta tctgctcctc cttcgtgagt agttactcat agtttagact ccagtcctct    119580
     tggcaggagc cctgccacct ctcttgctgg catctgtttt ctgggttcac atagtatttt    119640
     tgaacttgcg tgtactacct ggtgtctatc cagtttcttt gactacatta tgttacagtg    119700
     cttcatgcct atacccatat tctctcacat gatatcctta catgtacagg aagccaccag    119760
     gtgagacacc aagaagtcag gggctcgtca tatcatccct gagtcctcag agtcaagtcc    119820
     tgaccatggg ttcagtccac tgaaggatag aggactgagc ccattttaaa ttggtcactg    119880
     cctccccttg aatagtgctg gtatcactca ccctttgggt gtaattgagg gaggaagggg    119940
     ccaaggagag gaagtgtgga tggagaaagt tattaaaggt ggaagccgaa aaccaggcct    120000
     gccacccctc tgtttctcaa ggtgcagtgt tttaatattg gaggcttctt gctgataggt    120060
     gttcaatagc tataaaagcc tgtgcctaag tcacctctcc cccactctgc tcattccctg    120120
     ttccccccac agaccctggg tcaggaaatt agaaagacaa aaggcagcca ggtgacttgc    120180
     tcagaggaaa tgaaaaggaa ccatgctgat ggtgttccta gcacccgcca ggccgactta    120240
     ctatgagggg atattatccc catgtaaggt gggtcagtgg tctctaactg accctcactg    120300
     aggtccatgc tgtggctgag aggtgggtgg ccttgtggga gaaatatagt ttctgaaggt    120360
     gtaaatacat ttgagaatgc cgtgactcca gattcaatcc agttccaggc agaagggcct    120420
     taatgttaaa gaagcaatta ttcggggctg ctcactagag gaaagttaaa gccagcttta    120480
     ttcagagact gtggcaatgg gctgtttgta atgaaggagc tagattgggc tcaaggctca    120540
     actcccagta ctgtatgggc aaatggttgt ctctagccac gggcaaggat gaagcttcaa    120600
     gaatgcaaaa taatgacaag aaagtttgaa aatgtgaaat ggccaataga taacatcagg    120660
     agttaagaaa gattctggaa aaaccgacca gacaggattt tagctggagc caagccaagt    120720
     gagcagacat catctgtgac atggtggaaa gtgaagaagc gtaggtatcc aggatgatct    120780
     ggcgtcaagg ctgggtgctt tctgttgaaa ctggatttta gaaggaattt cacagatggg    120840
     cctcattgag ggttcaggag tctgtctaaa gtcagacaag caaagaattg gtgtcagtag    120900
     gctaagaaac agatgggtca ggagatgcag gaagaatttg gagaaggtaa gtatctatgt    120960
     aggctcactc tgctctatgt ctatagagag atactctact cagggaggtg tgcaggggtg    121020
     gggatgagag tcactcatct tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtctgtgtg tgtgtgtctg    121080
     tgtgtgtctg tgtgtgtgta ggggctgggt tttggtgact ctgaggagtg taaacaaagc    121140
     cctgttaatt gtgataatct aggttgttgg acctaatgtc cccaacatat catttggagt    121200
     aaaccttttt ctacctcttc tggcccctgt gccatataac catttggacc acatccccca    121260
     caccaaagag acctctattt gactacgtct tgggtttcag ctctggtttt agggaaagtg    121320
     attcatctgg gagctggcat gagaccagga ggctaggtca gtcccccaag cagagagtgg    121380
     caactccctc tacctccttc tgatagtcca agggaaattc caaactgggg cccaggttga    121440
     cctcatcctc ttcccagcct tcacctctag gaagactagg cattgctaac ttaacagaca    121500
     gcctgcaggc aggtcttagg gtgagagtct aggatacccc tgaagcaggt gcctacctga    121560
     gacttgctcc caaggagaga atgttaacat tgttctatac tgacccctcc acagcgactg    121620
     tcctgtccca tctgatggtg tgtgggtctc tttgcaggtt gtgagcagtc ctgatcacat    121680
     aacttatgag ctggggaaat gctcttggat tgaaatgtgg tttctcatta ggccaacatt    121740
     gacttatatc tactctgggc cacagtttgt ggcagtgctc tcagcacttg ggacccaaag    121800
     atgtacaaac catggtgaga aggatatctc ttgaacagca atcaattaaa taagagaaaa    121860
     ggttgtagac atgaatttgt gattgaggga aggaacgtct acttactaat ccagtttttg    121920
     ttgctgttgt tgttgctgta acacaatgcc agaggctggg tacttagggg ctttattagt    121980
     tcacaagttg ggagactgca atcaatacaa atagcatggc actggatctt tagggatgcc    122040
     tatctgcatc acctcattgt agtgatagcc cacaagaagg aacaccagtg gaaggggaga    122100
     acactgggca ggacaggagg cgagactctg gaggagagac ccgtcatctg tctttcctct    122160
     gggccctgct cagaagaggt cacgtcaccc ctcaacagtg tcacactggg aactgagctc    122220
     cgagcacaca atcccagggg aacacactaa aagccattgt agaggaagga gttgatgagg    122280
     gaaaggaggg agggttttgt gtataaaatt tctggggatc ctggaaaggc tcaggtaggc    122340
     agaaactgaa ctagctcttg aagggtaaac aaggcagcct atgtgggaga ccagaggctg    122400
     agggcaagag tgtgtcccag aaagaccctg aggtggtcag gatgaaggca ctagcatggg    122460
     gacatgggca ggggcttcag gaggacacag tagcatgcat gttgtcaagt aagccacaag    122520
     agccagcaga gggctgagct tgacaagcac taattcagag gccgcacgca actgcagtaa    122580
     gatttatctg taactcacct tgaaggatga gtttatattt ttctgtcatt cccacagagg    122640
     ctgccagact tagcaaatac aaacaatgaa catctaaggg aagtctgaac ttcagaatga    122700
     tgatcaatat ttcgagtcat gctcctttga catttgtcca aaatttaaat tcagttcggg    122760
     tttctatgtt ttctgtaacc gttcggctcc tagcccaaac ctgagggaaa atggccccac    122820
     atccgctttt ttctctggcc agagagcaat tacttacact tgtttgtaca atgccgctct    122880
     ctctgcttga attggttaaa acaatggatc aaaatatacg tgtatctggg gagtcctgat    122940
     gtctgccttt ctggaagact gtgagaaatt ggatccaaat atcggtattt cttgatgatt    123000
     aactatgagc aatgtttgcc tctgtgcacg ctctcctttt gaacagatat gtcggattgc    123060
     tgagaacgtg agccagccac ttgcctgtgc ttggggcccc gcactgtcaa tcccttcact    123120
     tttcgtgggc tcttttggtg tctgtaacca ttacggttaa tgtgtaatta aactggaaaa    123180
     cacctgctgg aggccagggc ccgactctgc tccataaaca gcaatttact gaatgagcca    123240
     gtaaataaac aattcctgcc agctagagag aggccactcc tcacccctat aatttagaat    123300
     aaagttaacc ccttacaagt tacagaatat tatttaaata aggcacacgg acgaaaacca    123360
     cctataaaca tagtctaaga ggctgtcttt ggaaagcccc agatggaatg gagctgaccc    123420
     aggagccggg tgggaaacct tgggatgaaa acccctagaa ccctgagggc actgaggact    123480
     agtagtttta cagagagatc agtcacccag aagccttgaa aagaaagaac accatagagg    123540
     actgcgggat gttatgaggg ccttccagcg gagacaaggc tggggctggc cagatgggtt    123600
     ttcagatggg tatttagatg gtaggtctcc caaggactct aagttgtgaa gagcaaggtg    123660
     ctagcccctc tccttcagac acacatcctc ctagactttc atttcaggcc aggaagtgat    123720
     acagagacat cagtagagac actttccttc ctctccctcc tctaacccct gtcactttct    123780
     ttcccttccc cttcccacgt tctctctccc tccctcctcc caagttctct ctctcccttc    123840
     ctcctcccct caccctcctc ctctttgtcc ttgttgtaac tctgtgggtt aatccttatt    123900
     cctacaaaag cctttgtggg tttggttggt atgagtcaat tttcgcaaag gctggtcagc    123960
     tctcagagaa ctggccaaac caggttgctg acttggaaag gcctagaatg tgtgtgtgtg    124020
     tgtgtgtgtg tatgtatgtg taggacagca agtgcctatt ccacctctgc atggttcctt    124080
     tgagaccctt agcaagcccc agtggcccca ctctccctac ctggacagca ctggggttgc    124140
     aggtgaacag agccacagca agttttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct    124200
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctctctctct ctccctccct ctctctctct    124260
     ccctccctcc ctccctcacc ctcctcctct ttgtccttgt tgtaactctg tgggttaatc    124320
     cttattccta caaaagcctt tgtgggtttg gttggtatga gtcaattttc gcaaaggctg    124380
     gtcagctctc agagaactgg ccaaaccagg ttgctgactt ggaaaggcct agaatgtgtg    124440
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg tatgtgtagg acagcaagtg cctattccac ctctgcatgg    124500
     ttcctttgag acccttagca agccccagtg gccccactct ccctacctgg acagcactgg    124560
     ggttgcaggt gaacagagcc acagcaagtt ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt    124620
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttctct ctctctctcc ctccctctct    124680
     ctctctccct ccctccctcc ctccctccct ccctccctcc ctccctcccc tccctccctc    124740
     cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc ttcttgagca    124800
     atggggactt aagctcagat tccaagcttg ccccttcaca gcctctcaac catactgtgt    124860
     gaactcttac agattgccga gaaactcttg acatgaaggg tgtataaaca aacaaaagca    124920
     ttcttgaaaa ctaagcagct aacagcaaat agtatccaga aaaaaaaatg ccattggttg    124980
     agaaaaaagg tgtgtcccct tcaggagaaa taaggtgagg aaagatagga aagagagtgt    125040
     gctggtcctg tggcggaagg atcaaggacc tgaatccctt ccccagccac ttcagttttc    125100
     cctcatgctc ctttctttca ttgggctgaa aaatgctccc tgaaaccttt acactaagca    125160
     ggcttctctc agcaagatgc caactgacca accttctgca tttctagaga agagccacca    125220
     gtgctgtgga gcagggactc ttttacaatc atcctgcaca ttgtatgtgt gtgtacaggc    125280
     aaggactctt atctcaggtg agggcagact gtcacttcaa acactgtact gctccagact    125340
     gaagattttg tggatgctga gtcaaaagaa tgtctaggcc tagttcaggt tttcttttct    125400
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct    125460
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt ctcttcctcc tcctcctcct    125520
     ccttctcctc ctctcctcct cctcctcctc cttctcctcc tcctcttcct tctcctcctc    125580
     ctcttcctcc tcctccttct cctctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc cttcttctcc    125640
     ctcctccaac taaattgctt aagactgctg actttaaaaa gggagcaatt aatttattgt    125700
     tcatccatcc attaaggaca tattaactga gagattgata aatgattgat actgattccc    125760
     tttcagccca acaacaataa atatctagct tgcttagttt agtggtaact aaaaatgtat    125820
     gatttggtac ccaggacaaa tattgatgtg cttgaatggc aatggccact aggtcttaag    125880
     gaggagagtg gagccatgta agacaaagtt gggaggagtg gcagaagaga tacccagact    125940
     caggcaagga tacaggatcc cccccccccc ccgcacacac acacacacac acacacacac    126000
     acacacacac acacacacac agacatatac acacacacac acacacacac acacactgcc    126060
     aagaaaccaa aggatggagt ccattttgtt ttgaccagct actcataatc atgaggcctg    126120
     ccctggagtg tggttgatac acccagcatc actccacaga agaaaagtga ctttctcttt    126180
     tccagaagct gtcagtacaa atagcttctt ggtcagggat gggacattgt gcccgcccac    126240
     ttccccgcta agtgctggga ccctgttggg cttgactttg accaggtgtt gggcatgtca    126300
     tcatagcctc tgagttcaca tgtgcatcaa gcctgttgtg tttccttgga gttctctacg    126360
     ttctgccacc ctcacccttc ctgcttcctc ttccacatgt atccagaagc cttgagggaa    126420
     tgctaatata aagacatccc gtttagaaat gagtactccc aagtctttca ctcgttaccc    126480
     attgtccagt gtgcaccttt gggtttatta ttatctactg caagaagagg tgagagttaa    126540
     gtgaacacga atccgtgggt atagaaatat gtcattaggc gtcattttat tgttatgttc    126600
     atttagcaga aaaagaatag taggttttta tcctccagct tttgatctaa ctagtctcag    126660
     gttcttggct tcattagtgg tgtcagatat agattccatc tcatggggcc tttagggctc    126720
     cacctcttaa atcaagcaaa gaggcagttg gttacttcta caacatgttt gccattattg    126780
     aatcagtgga catattttgc aggtaggttg gcactctcag gatttgtagg tgggtgagta    126840
     tgtatcgtgt atagtacctt ctaatatcac aaatgttagt caacagtagg aaacctgata    126900
     attgagtatc agattaattt cttcatattt gatgatgtaa gaacacggtg ttttcagcaa    126960
     taggatcttg ccaccaggtt gtggaagtaa ccaatgcatt ggcaataatt cctggttttt    127020
     taaatacaaa agtaaataga aaatgctgcc tggtttaatg gagcttacaa cgaggtaggg    127080
     gaaaagacaa gtgagtagta acgtttacaa atataaagac ttgctgtgta attcattctt    127140
     tgtgacctcc aacaagccct ccacacaggg ccagatagct ttcatccatg ctgtggattg    127200
     cattgcagga gtttggagaa gttgtttcat aatggaacag tgagcctgcc tgcttcttgc    127260
     tttggaggga cacagagtct gtatgtctcc tgaggctatg tgctccacag acattcttaa    127320
     atagataatt tgtaagtaaa gaaagaggca gtacctcggt ttctacaacc cacaggataa    127380
     aatatgctcc ccaacagtta ccagattatc ttctgagaat acaatgtttg tggaaacagt    127440
     gaaaagatac taggagaaac cctctgggat accatcatca tcatcaccac caccatcacc    127500
     accatcatca ccatcaccat caccaccacc accaccatca ccaccatcac caccatcacc    127560
     accatcacca ccatcatcac catcaccacc atcaccacca tcaccaccat caccaccatc    127620
     atcaccatca ccaccatcac caccatcacc accaccatca ccaccatcat caccatcacc    127680
     accatcacca ccaccaccac catcaccacc atcatcacca tcaccaccat catcaccacc    127740
     atcaccatca ccatcatcat caagacatgt atgtagaggt ctctacataa ccttgggatt    127800
     ggtggtcctc ctgccccagt ctcccgaatg ctgaggatgc cagcattcag agtgccatgg    127860
     aagctgtccc aagacattct tctctttgct ttagaaagaa tacaatttag ggggaaagct    127920
     accctgagcc aggctggcaa cctaagggta tgggggaagg tagaagggca gatgatagca    127980
     cctagatcca tccaatcgtg tgaacaccca ctgtgtctcg gagtaggtgt attgcaggat    128040
     agtcaccctg ggatgacaag gtgtcaggga tcaggaggga aacatgccac ctccaattca    128100
     acacgctggt ctgagggaag gaaggacatg aaaatctgta gcgcatcttt ttgaactttt    128160
     ctctgatcaa caattatata acccttactt catttaacat actaactcat tttattttca    128220
     ctgtgacaaa acatgcatga tataaaattt gctgtggaag ccaccttaca ttttgtgcat    128280
     ttttaggaga cattaagctc ctgctatcta cttctagaac tttcccatca tcccagacag    128340
     aaacccagca ctcattgcca attgttctcc agctccttcc tctgcccttg acaacgattg    128400
     gaatccactc ctagcctctg aggatgtgtg tattatggct acacatcata atctttttat    128460
     ataagtacca ttcattctcc cattttacag acagagaagt tgcagttcag agcagtccat    128520
     gtgctctggt caaggtccca gaggccggag gtgaagaggg taacgttttc tgcactgagc    128580
     aggaaagaaa ggaggaaggc cactcactga tagggccctc aggatcacac ccttcgttga    128640
     catgttccaa ggctggtctg ggactgagga ggttttccag agagaagggg agaccatttt    128700
     ggcaatacta caggccccag caatgggagg ccatctttgc tgtagtggta gctggcagtc    128760
     caagaccaga gtagcttctg caatcctgcc tatggaggcc tctagagcag cagcctctga    128820
     ctgccccctc ctctcagtcc tgacagcttt gctttctggg gacgctccac aagcaggctg    128880
     gccaggccac tcctcttgga gcaggagacc tgcttctttc taacacaagc cagtggcccc    128940
     aggctgcctg ggggctgagg gactgaggga ctgaggaaca attcatgaat ggccttggat    129000
     cagaggtacc tggtcccact gagagttgtg tgaacctttt gttcccttcc tgggaatgtg    129060
     ggagaagctg ggctgacagc tgcatgccca ctgtgtcctt aagccctggg acctttgcct    129120
     cctctcagag ccttacttag gctattaagg gacactttct gggccttcat ctaggccaca    129180
     gagacttgca gagcctcttg tcttacgtgt gggtttatgg tgggtgtttg ggtgtgttcc    129240
     ttcattgttt ctaaaaccta gaggctcatg gtttctttct cagactcttg gtcccccact    129300
     ttcccagcat tgccatgtag taggaaaaac agggctcaga gtgactcaac ctagcctctg    129360
     tggaggaccc tccccttttg ggcattgctt tcactcaggg tgtggcacca ttggtcctga    129420
     gggtcctcag aagggctatg gttgcagcaa gcagagagct ccagatgggc tgtgctgaag    129480
     cagctgttga cagggttctg ctagccccca gggcctctgg aactcgatca tgacagcatc    129540
     tgtctgtgtc tgctcccacc agatggatga gctgggaggt aaggcatgtg gcttcctcct    129600
     ggcaatgtct gtctgtgaat gtgaccctgc agctgtctgc ccacctcccc catacttcat    129660
     ctctctagaa ggagtttcca gcggtaacct gacctcacgg gtgagcctac tccttggggt    129720
     caggactgtg accttcacgt tcctggttgg ggtgagtctg gatggagggg aagggtgggc    129780
     gcaggagatg tctgactgtt gacaaggttc tgttgacaga gtgaagcaga gcaggggtgg    129840
     gagcgcccag ccttgccacc catggccaag tgaatttagg caaacaaatc cttttgtttg    129900
     gaggagtccc tactttgttt gtacagggga gctttagtcc ctatcttggt cagttgtact    129960
     gaggcttaat tgagaggagg cacagagagg aacccagata aaatacagca aatgtatata    130020
     cttaccttac tctttgacaa ttgtattatc atcaaccttt tctagaagga gggctaaatg    130080
     tggagccagg tatggaacag acattggaaa ccctagcact cagaaggctg gattccatgt    130140
     ttgagcccag ctagggctac atggcaagaa tcctgtctta cacagtgaag ccaataagca    130200
     gagtgaacag ctttatggag agccgagtgt cttggagccc tttcctggga cacgcctctg    130260
     taatgtcgcc ctggttatta tgtctgagtt gcaggggccc ccaagcttta tgcttgtgac    130320
     cctcagcaat ctccctgaaa accaggcttc tcaggctcta gctccacagt tgtcttacta    130380
     aaggctgcaa gctgtaattt gctcctgcag cagggaaggc caacccctac ctccagcctt    130440
     acctggagct tcttagatac ctcagctgct ttgggtttga gtggcagctt cacccctagc    130500
     cacccatgcc attgtaaccc agggcaggta tctccaccaa tcctgccttt gttttactgc    130560
     tcatgagaga ttcagctctc agcttaccta gccgtgcagg gccacagggg aggacaatga    130620
     cacccacggg gaggactcag gaagagcaca catgagggac acacatgagg gagggaaggg    130680
     ccccatagct ccgagtcctt acaaagactc ctgttccttg gtttacccag aaaccatctg    130740
     gactcaggca cggtgtgcgc gaagggtaag acagcgtgct cacctcgtag attcgggcga    130800
     ggacggtggg aggagggagg aagagtgtga acacttcttg ctgcccctga gtgctggtct    130860
     tcctcccgca tgctctccct gtgcttattc tttatctggc tgagaagtgt gggccagaca    130920
     cctgctttca cttcccactg aaggaaacag gttaggagag atactgacct tgtccaggtc    130980
     tcacccagca tgaatgagtc tggggtcagc gtcagatctg tatgaaaagc ccattattat    131040
     ctagtgtctt tctattgtgt gtgttgtcca ggtcttacac agaaggaacg ttttaattaa    131100
     gacacattgt ctaagttgcc ctaattaatc gtatggtagg ctataaaaac taaaacctag    131160
     gctctccttt gccaaatcac agcctgcccg ggaagcttgt aggtcaaatt gctgacaccg    131220
     agctgaggct caaccagcaa tatgtcctgg ggatttggcc gtaggtgacc atcttatgga    131280
     cttagtaaaa gtagaaagac tcgtggctga ctctagggtg gtaactacct tgcattaaca    131340
     agtttacttt gacaaagagg cagggtgtgg tggggctatc cttcactatt cttcacatta    131400
     caaactactt agaaatcaat ttgcctagaa gcaaatcgcc cagaaggttc atgaatggct    131460
     ggccaatagg tatgggcata caacagcctt cagtgtgaaa gttgggtaaa gggaaacaca    131520
     ggagttagag agatggccca agtgtaagga gagaggctat tgtgtggtac ctgtggtaac    131580
     tttgtgattt ttcttataat attatgtgat tttattgttt tacattgtaa caaaatacac    131640
     ataaaactta gcactaaaat gattataaaa gtgacattaa cttcatttac cgggttgtac    131700
     agccatcacc actatctagg tctagaacat tctcatcacc cctaatagaa actcggtcaa    131760
     cattagcatt aatagtctaa tatttctccc cagtagctca ggcatggctg ctctgctcag    131820
     gaaacaggtt gtttatactg gaaggctttc tctctctctt ctctctctct ctctctctct    131880
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctccct ctctcaccct    131940
     gagcctggtt gaatgacgga agcccaaatt tggggttcct ctttaggcag gggacagtaa    132000
     cacaagtcaa tccaatagct tctacttgtc accgagagac ccttatgtag aacctcttat    132060
     aagacctggg gctctagctc atgggaaacg gaacgtctcc ttggtatttt aaaagaccca    132120
     tcacctgttc cccgtgtgta catactaaag ctcaaggaga aacctggctc ccagcaaatt    132180
     ctagttactg acctcgggga atagatacca agttatatat aagtggcatc aggttagctc    132240
     catagttttg tcaaggtcgg tgtgcccttc agtgtagctg aaaccttggg gagactagga    132300
     aagaggtggc cattcggctc aacactctca agtgcctgcc atgtacagag gctgcgaaca    132360
     tcactgtgtc tgtgccagga gatgataaga caagcctggg tcttaagggg atcttgacat    132420
     ggggagcagg ggcttggggc cgaagtcccc acacaatgat gccatggaag ctcgtgagca    132480
     tatctcatga ttggtaacta ttgtgagtgt cctgaagacc catcttaggt atgtcctaaa    132540
     gagaatcaaa tggtgccgtg gcatgaacac tgatcgaggg gagacacctc tagggtggtt    132600
     cagatgtgtg gcttaggaat ctaaagagag aagtatggtg ggggtagtta ggctggaagg    132660
     aggaataggc ttcactgtga agatcctgag cacacggatt tccctctaaa cagggggagc    132720
     agtgtgcacc atgctggaac agccccatcg cttagtgatg tcacagtgca aggccttcca    132780
     cgtgtgtttt atggagctgg agattcctat atactatgta caccgcacag tgcttgataa    132840
     agatgataaa ggactgccac tgctttgcac agttactgcc cgatgtgttt aatcaccctt    132900
     ttaaagcgtg cttcctcacc ttgtataaaa accattgtaa aacagtgcct cgtgtgtgac    132960
     cgggggcagc ctcggcctca ggaggccacg cataatgtat cggtcaactg atattatcta    133020
     ggttcacgag gggacaatct atgaggctca tgcaacttct aagttgcctt tagttatgtt    133080
     tcccggacag actcttcact gttaatgctg gcgcctgtca accatcactc tgttgccctg    133140
     tccctgaggg cttgctgtgt gtcagggact tatgtgtgct ttcatggtgc tctgtcacta    133200
     gtgcccttgt tagcctagtc ttacagatgg gggaaactga ggcccaggac aataataagt    133260
     ggctgggttt ggataggggt gcagctcaaa ggtatgtggt cctgtggcac tcttctgcac    133320
     ctgcctttca cccagtgggg gaggggggca gcatggagcc cagggagagc cattttgtaa    133380
     taattgtaat aacttgcctc tgacgttggt gtttgcctac tgtttcaagg gtaggttgtt    133440
     gtgcagtggt gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga gagagagaga gagagagaca    133500
     gagagagaca gagagagaca gagacagaga gacagagaga cagagagaca gagacagaga    133560
     taaatgagcc ctctaaaggc tctgagctca taccatgaaa ggtttgttat gaagactctc    133620
     atttcaacta actgagctgt tccaccctgg atggacctgg ttaatgtcat tctctattct    133680
     gagagtcacg tttcctacct ggaggtagca gggatgctgt accaggggcc tggtggcacc    133740
     aaagctgcct agggcttagg gcggagctca ggattctggg gtccaagtgg aagacagcct    133800
     tgctcctagg atagcctctg taacaagaga caggcagaac tgtgcccagt ctcctctcca    133860
     ggaaagagaa tatgaacttg ctaccttaag caggactttg tatctctact tctcagatgg    133920
     ggaaaatgag gcctaaagat ataaatagca acgtgtacag attaggggtc tgagccctat    133980
     tccagtggct gacagtagag ctcacaggct ttctcccatt ctcactctgt gagtgaaata    134040
     ctctaccata tctgttttat agatgacagg ctcggaggag tagaatcact tccctgggaa    134100
     cacacagcaa atacctgcaa cactgggatt ggcacccagg cctctctcac tcctcaaggg    134160
     caaccttcca tcctggttca tctctgggtc caagaatgag gaaaacctgt ggtcatctag    134220
     ccctgtgatt tccagggcca cttgcagctt gtgggtcatg gcgaggaaga aacaaggagg    134280
     gcatgttcct ttcttgtcat gttcttccaa gccctgggca tacaaaccca ctctacagtg    134340
     tcagggtgaa tgcaagacaa acacacaagg ctgggtcaac ctgtgagatc ctcttgacct    134400
     tgagtaagcc acatacttgc aaagtgggat ggtgagccct gctagcctct ggggatgctg    134460
     aggataggag gctatgtggc cagcccagac ttgtctgcct gtctgcctcc accagtggag    134520
     gtggcacaaa tagcctctat ctatctatct atctgtctgt ctgtctgtct gtctgtctat    134580
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctacctatct atctaccttt ctttctctct ctctctctct    134640
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct gtctgtctgt ctgtctgtct gtctttcttt    134700
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctctctca ctctctctct gcatctatgc    134760
     atttatgaat ctatgtatct atgtattatg tatgcatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta    134820
     tcatctattt atttattttg ctgttctctt ctctatggct cccctccatt ctcctgtcca    134880
     gaccagcagt tagcatctct gtgactggtc tgtccagttg gaccacattt ctcccagatc    134940
     catagctcag cagccagctt ccccctctct ggagatctct gactttttca cctaacttct    135000
     ctcatctcct gaggggacat tccagagcag acaacccagc tatctgtttt tgtgataaaa    135060
     cccaaaagta agtcctagaa tatttgctag acatgtatgc attaatcttt gcagccctcc    135120
     tgggaatttg atcctctgtc tacttttgac agaagccaga cccaggaaga tgtttgttca    135180
     ggggcacgca gctgagcaga gaggtgtgct gggaaggcag ccattttccc ctctagacct    135240
     gcccagcagg tactactttc cgatggtctc tgtctgtgct ctgcacttgt agctgggagt    135300
     ctgtacaaac atggaccttg gccctggagt ggctgcctca tctccaaact tctaggactt    135360
     ttcagccctc agaagaaatg gagcagcttt gctgcctgct tcagtttcag cccatccttt    135420
     aggggacaag agcccacatg tagaaatttg gattctcctg atcttgagct aggtatagta    135480
     gggcttagag gaggctctgg gctagggtgc cccgaggcct tggtctgcat tctgggagcc    135540
     gcctgtgcaa agcagtttcc tggataggag agatcacagg ctagcttttg gcccagcatt    135600
     atccatgacc atcacttggt cctgggtagg gtttttagcc tgcctcacta tcttggtttt    135660
     taagatagtt gccaacacac tgatgtttca tgcgtgctca aaactaagtc ctggaccgga    135720
     ctgattttgt aatttgcagg ccaactacaa cagaggtatc gttcctttgt tcacaagtca    135780
     ctccaagtgt caataaaatt aaacctcggg cctgtgtcag caaaggaccc tacaggcaca    135840
     aagtccccgc tggctcccaa gttgagagct gggtgtggct ctggacctac ttttgtcagt    135900
     ttggcccact agtgagagcc agaggcggat acgatgcttt cgacggggag cttcctccat    135960
     ctagcggcgc aaaggagaac agcaccacga tctcgcggtt tacccctgcc tatttcttat    136020
     ccccagggta agagtggcca catccttccc accttcccac catcctctag gattctccag    136080
     atctctccct gtcaccagct ctttggccca gtttttttcc ggattttaat tcgaaaaccg    136140
     ttcaatactt caagtgaaaa ttagaatata aaaacgtaca ttttaaaaca aatatatatc    136200
     tttgctagag atcaacgttc ttttacctga aaacctttca atcaagtatt tcagaatttt    136260
     aaccttttct tcttttcttc ttccagattt tagaaatgta gttcagtccg cagatgttac    136320
     attagccagc aaaggtctgt gacagcattc tgttccctca caaacaaaca actgaaataa    136380
     atgaatattt aaactaagtg tgatgagcag attcaatttc tatttttatg agacttgaga    136440
     gcaaattagt tctgccacca agcttatgaa aaccctggtt tcggaatttc ttggattttg    136500
     aagttacaat ggcagatgaa ggagagctga cttttctcaa cttgtatgac aagatctgaa    136560
     tgattgctta aacaaagaac ctgtttttac aaattcaaaa aaaatcgtgc aattaaaaaa    136620
     atacattatg aattcggaag tattttctct tcaattttct cttagctcag cagggctaaa    136680
     cctattcaca cagagcacac atggtgatct acatggccag ggtctgttta agcacacccc    136740
     cgtccataag aagggggtac catggtcatt cagaattata aacggaggga agaacatctc    136800
     ttgattacta caaggaggct gagcttattt ttcaagaagt atactctgac ttgtgagcaa    136860
     ctttcccctg cagagacaca gcaaggcaac ttttactata ggtgatgttt tcatctctga    136920
     atagcccagt ggctctcagc ctttgtaatg ctgcgacctg ttaactcagt tcctcatgta    136980
     gtggtgaccc caaccataaa attacttcat tgctacttca taactaaaat tttgctactg    137040
     tcatgaatca taatgtaaat atctgatatg tgaccctaaa ggggttgtga cttacagatt    137100
     gaaaactatt gctttagaag tttgtttggg ttttttttgt ttgtttgttt tttgtttttt    137160
     gttttttttc atcaaaatgt cttaccaggt ttgaagataa acaggttacc gtgatattcc    137220
     taattagtta cagtactaag aacaaatatt tcagaaaatc catcgacttt cataaaattc    137280
     tgtctgttca gaagtcaaaa ttattcaaac taacgatact gtgtttgtaa aatcacttgt    137340
     atctttctgt atgtagcgat tccttctgct gagtgcgaag aaggctgtca cggaggaaga    137400
     gtgaaggtgg agcatgcgca gcactgactt ctgtaggtct gaggacaggg gattccagcc    137460
     agaggtcctc tccaggagga tgggttaccc ttaggaaaaa caggagaaag aattggagga    137520
     gagggccacc tgctgtgcct aggatgtcat tagacctagg gagctgtctg tggccttgca    137580
     aactgagatc ctaagaacaa cgggagagcc cgaagactcc ccaggcactg tcttagctga    137640
     agactcccca ggcactgtcc tagtctcagg ttgtttcctc catactgaaa tcactaagtc    137700
     agcttaagtt ttcttctccc atttatgcta atgtcttcca ggcataaccg aggatgctcg    137760
     tgttctgcta acgttggcag cggctgcact cagtacagag catcttaagg aggtactgtg    137820
     tttctttctg cctctttgcc ctgactgaca gctttgccaa catatttgat gtcaccgagg    137880
     ggcacttcca ccttgggtag tggaccattt atctactgtg tacagcacaa tgactttctc    137940
     agatgaccta acagtacctg gaaagtgtgg ccctccctgc gcagtgacac agtgacacag    138000
     tgacacagtg acctttaccc actctgcatg gtcactctag gaccggttgt tttgcaccgc    138060
     tggcattctc agcgtatgca gatgaatggt gttaattcca cagattccaa gaagttttcc    138120
     tggggattcc aaagagcact tttccgtagc tccacaattt catgtacaat ctggtctcac    138180
     tgcgtctaga gacaccaatc ccagcatagc ctctcttcca tttccttcca ccttcttagg    138240
     acattcattc aatcttgtag ctcaagctgt cttgtacaat atgtctggat gcaaatgacc    138300
     ctcatagaca gtcttacttc ttgattaaat aagtaaaacc atgtaacttt tatcacctct    138360
     aactacacct aaccacagtg agaggttgat ttgtgaggag ccagagaaat tcctgttttg    138420
     gaaagctgtt gagaatcagt cattacaaga gttcttttct ggatattacg tggtgtgtgt    138480
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gcgcgcgcgt gcgtgtgtgc gcctgtgaag gctggaggtc    138540
     tatgtcagat gtcttcttat gatttactta tcgccactgc cgccgccacc accaccacca    138600
     tcattattat tgaaacaggc tttctcactg aacttagagc tcactgattg gttagatcag    138660
     gtggtcagta aggccccaag tttctcctgt ctttgccttc ccagctctga ggttacaggc    138720
     acatgctgcc accctggctt tgctcatgga ttttgcgcat ccaaaggcag gtccccatgc    138780
     ttgcacagtg aacacttcac ccactggtgc ctttagccag ctccacagac cagtgttgtc    138840
     tccagtcgcg gcttcaatac aaggtaaggg tgaatgaaga tgccccagtt ggtaacaaaa    138900
     agaaattgtt ttcacaggca taattgaatt tagaagcatc tattttgtgt acccatagtt    138960
     tattcatttt tatcaccgag taatattcca ttgtgtggac tatgccttgg gttcatctat    139020
     gcatcaccca ttgtcaggca tttgagttat tttttagtta tctagctgtt cgaaaaggct    139080
     attgtgaatt tttgtaaata tatgtgcttc cattctactt aaatacgcag gagtgaagtg    139140
     ggtgataatt gggtaggtac gtattacact tttaaagtag tagctcttga ccttcctaaa    139200
     gctgaaattc tttaatacag ctcctcatgt agtgacccca accataaagt tatttcattg    139260
     ctacttcata actatgattt tgctattgtt atgaattgta aggtaaatat ctgatatgca    139320
     gggcatctga gatgtgaccc ctgtgaaagg gttgagaatc actgtcttaa agaatgggtg    139380
     agatttctct tctattaatc ttttctatta acactctcat gggcatatcc agagatgtgt    139440
     ttcaatggtg attattaaag ctctttagat tacctcggct gtttctttaa aacagcagtt    139500
     ttaaacacat tgccactagc agagagtaag ttggagctcc tccacgccct caccagcacc    139560
     gcatgtgact ggtcttaact ggagctaggt tggctagtat atggtgggtc acagtttgtt    139620
     taccttgtgt tccctaatgc tgactaatat gacttgacct tcacactcac catcggttct    139680
     gtttggataa agcagccgtt tgatttcttt gctccttatt gagtttcgag aattctttat    139740
     aaattgtgga tctgagttct acatgaaaca cgtgctgtgc agatattttc tcaatattta    139800
     gcttgcccct tcattttcct catggagtcg ttcaaacagc agatgttctg aagaactcaa    139860
     aagttctaaa agggaagaaa tgagaggatc taggaatgct aattacccca atttaatcag    139920
     gatacattgt acacatgcat taaaatatta cactgtactc cttaaataca tgcacacgtg    139980
     acatgtcaat taaaaagaaa aattaaaaaa cgaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacca aagagcaagc    140040
     gttttcatcc tgagagagtt cattttgtca tcttgcactt ctgtgattgt cttgtgtgag    140100
     aaatgttttt ctaagtaata tcagactttc tcctacattt gagaatgtat atctacgttt    140160
     gtatatatac atctacacac acacactcaa gtcttaagct taagcttatc attcatttga    140220
     gctaattact ttttcattaa tttatttgct tattcgcttt acatcctgat cttagcccca    140280
     tctgcccccg cttcccccag tcccagcctt acaccccttc cctgtttacc cttcccttct    140340
     tctccaagaa gggaaggctc cccatgggca gtaacccagc ctggcacatc aagtctcagt    140400
     agaactagtc acatcttctc ccactgaggc cagacaaagt agcccggcta ggggatagga    140460
     atccaaaggg aggcaacaga gtcaggacat gtcctgcccc ctgttgagct aattcttata    140520
     tatggtaagg tacatgtgtt tttgtttgga tgagaatgtg cccatacgtt ccggtatttg    140580
     agctcttggc cccagctgac agtgctgttc agggacgtca ggggaggtgc agccttgttg    140640
     gaggaagttt atcgctgggg atgggttttg agggtttata gtcttatttc acttccggtt    140700
     cacactctgt cctccttctc atcgccttgc tttggctaca gctcaccaca tctcatgcag    140760
     catcatggac tctccctgtg gcaccacaag acaataaact tccataagtc gctgggtgtt    140820
     ttactccagc aacagagaag tagctcacag atagggtatc tttgcttcac acatagactt    140880
     ctgatttccc ccagtgcagt ttctgttttt catctattct ctctgtgtct tggttattga    140940
     agctttataa taaaacttaa aattaaggaa tgctaggcca ttcattttgc tgttgctaaa    141000
     aaaataattt gagatagctt aggtaagtcc tttaacttcc atacaaagta tggaataatc    141060
     ttatcaattt tgaaagttaa aagcccagtg ggattttagc tggaattgaa tctaaggctg    141120
     gatttgggga gacacccccc accaatactc agaccttcaa cccctgaaca ctttcacttt    141180
     ctctatttaa ttgtgttaac cttccatgga gcaggacttt aactgggtta attaagtgtt    141240
     tataatttaa tacatttgtt actatttgct gtttgcttca gcattgtgat tggtattgtt    141300
     tttctaattt taatttctga ttgtttctac tgtaattgag ttgttgtgta cagatcttga    141360
     attccgtttt cttactgaac acaattatta gctacagtat gtatctaata tatgtgtgta    141420
     tgtgtgtata tatatgtatt tgtgtatgta tgtttgtgtc tgtatgtgtg tgtatgtttg    141480
     tatatatgtg tatgtatgaa tatgtgtatg tatgtgcatt tgtgtatata tgcatgtatg    141540
     tatgtgtatg tatgtatgca tatatgtgtg taggtatata tgtatatatg tatgtatata    141600
     cttatttgta gattccactg ggttttctga aagcattttc atgtcatttg agagaacaaa    141660
     cttgtacttc accctctttc tgcatgcctt tgtttgcttc cttgccttag cacacaggcc    141720
     agagcctcta gtgcaatgct gagcacaggc gacaagagtg agtctcatgg agttccacag    141780
     tctagctcag tgcttctcaa cttccctaat tctgtgatcc tttagtacag tgcctcatgt    141840
     tgctaatttg tagctttaat cttgctactg ttatggatca taatgtgaat atctgacatg    141900
     taggatatct gatatataac ccccaaagag gtcatggcct acagcctgag aacctctatt    141960
     ctaggggcaa agcacccaga cttcaacttg taagcgtgat attgacacta gattgttttg    142020
     ataagtggac tttattatat tataggatat ctcttatgta tctaaattgt gttcagttct    142080
     gatcactgaa gaataatttt caaattcatt tttttaatct attgggttag ctatattatc    142140
     atttttcttt attctgataa tgtgctaaaa gttttaaaaa gatgttaaac cagcctcatg    142200
     ttcttgaagt aaactccact tagttataat atgtcattgt atttttaata ttattgtgtt    142260
     tgatctagta gtaattttgt ctgtgcttat gagagagata ttagtcttca actagacatg    142320
     tccaaactgc tgtatacttg catcaggcaa atgctggcct tctaaaagag tttggactac    142380
     attctttcat cttctgtttc aggaaacaat tgctgatggg ttcatctgat ttttctttaa    142440
     atattggatg gaattcacca atgaagtaat atgaacctgg agtatttttc tctgtttggt    142500
     caatttattc tatttgtttt tagtttttaa gtgtggtgaa atatgtattc atcacattac    142560
     ccattgacct tgcttcagat ggagtcttgc tatgctagct ggttttgtat tcaggtttaa    142620
     gctatcctcc tgcctcacct tcctaggtag ctcctacaca ggtatatgcc accatacggg    142680
     gcccttattc tcttaacaat ttttaaaggc atagttcaat agtgttaagt acattcacag    142740
     atttatgcca ccaccttcca gaaccttctg cactgtgaac actgaagctc tatgcatttt    142800
     aaaacaaggt tgttccttct tcctgtatga ctgagttcat ggctggttga tcttcaacta    142860
     aagttccaag aaagtacggt ggtatctcaa ccgttcaggg aaaacatgta gtcatgcaaa    142920
     ataatcaagg caaatcctta tttcaaacat acaatatcaa tttataattg attaaatttt    142980
     aaatgtaaaa tgtaaaactg aaactattaa aagacagcag aaaaaaggtt cttggtgcag    143040
     aattgggcgt taatgtttaa atataaccca acagtccagt taacaacatc aaaactatgt    143100
     taaggggacc tcatcaagct acagtcattt gaatatcaaa ggaaataatc aacagagtgg    143160
     aagacagcct atatgactga aaaaagttag aaaactacat atttgataag gagtggatgt    143220
     gtaaaatata taaggaattc aagtaaccca aaagaaaaaa cccacctaag caacccactt    143280
     acaagtagac aagtagggtt ctctgtgaga ttgaatggga gtcaggtgta gtagtgcaca    143340
     cctttaattc cagcactcga gaggtagaga cagaagcttc tctgtgagag tgaatataac    143400
     cagaacaagg tctacagaac aagttccagg acagccaggg atactttgtg agaccccctt    143460
     ctcaaaacaa acaaacaaac aagaagagac taatgagtat ctcaaaggtg ctcctcatca    143520
     ttaatcataa aggaactgca gatcaaagtc acaatgagac attacattaa acctgttaga    143580
     atggccataa taaaaaacac aattgtagca agttctggag gaaagaagag aaagggggcc    143640
     cttaaacact gttggcgagt gtaagttaat acaaccactg taggaaacag tgtagagttt    143700
     cctcgatgat gtaaaaataa accaccataa aatccaacaa ttttactgat gactgcattt    143760
     accaaggaag tgagattaat atctgaggag acacctgtgc taccatgttc actgaagtgc    143820
     tattcacaat agttaagaca cataatcagt gcatgtgttc atcaatgaca gatggctgaa    143880
     gacaatgcac tatgcatgct cacgtgtgca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacact    143940
     gtaatgttat gcagtttgaa gaacagataa atataaccta acagcccagt tattgctgcc    144000
     atttctggta ctatattaat agacagatag gaaagacatc aactgtaaga agcaaggcac    144060
     agaaagaaaa cactgcatga tccagtaatg ttatgatgat tagtcttcat cttcagcttg    144120
     attggatttc aaattaccct gaagacacag ttctttgttt ttccttcaag acagggtttc    144180
     tctctgtgta gccctggcta tctttgaact cactcggtag accaggttgg ccttgaactc    144240
     agagattcac ctgcctctgt ctccttagtg ctgggtttaa aggtatgtgc taccaccacc    144300
     cagagagaag acacacttct gattgtgtct atgagggtgt ttccagagag gcttcactga    144360
     ggaaggaaga gacaccttga atatggaagg caccattaca tgcactgggg tcctggcctg    144420
     aaaaagaaag gaagagagag atagagagat agaggcagag agatagatag atagatagat    144480
     agatagatag atagagtgag tgagtgagct aagctccaga tatatttccc tttctcttct    144540
     cttgtttcac ccaggtgcta ggaatctgcc tgtcatcatc atcttcctca ccatcgtggt    144600
     ctgtacccca tcaataacct tttgattagt aactattaac aaactcccaa ataagtgcta    144660
     tttttcttta ggttgattac agcagtgagg aaattagctg ctaaaacaga agagtgatag    144720
     agggttgcct ctgtggtcac ccttacatgc agttcttggg ctgttggaac tgtgggaaag    144780
     gttggagatg tgagcagaag agcctgagcc ttctcaggga gcacagcttt gtgggcattg    144840
     gcctgtacag gtgacccgtc tacaccgtcc tgtactggtg atctgtctac actgtcctgc    144900
     acaggtgacc catctacccc gtcctatcct ggcgacccat ctacactgtc ctgtcctggt    144960
     gacccatcta cactgtcatg tactggtgac ccatctacgc tgtcctgtac tggtgacctg    145020
     tctacaccgt cctgtactgg tgacctgcct acaccatcct gtactgctga cccgtctaca    145080
     ccgtcctgta ctggtgaccc atctacaccg tcctgtactg gtgatttgtc tacactgtcc    145140
     tgcacaggtg acccatctac cccgtcctat cctggcgacc catctacact gtcctgtcct    145200
     ggtgacccgt ctacactgtc ctgttctggt gacccgtcta caccgtcctg tactggtgat    145260
     ctgcctacac tgtcctgcac aggtgaccca tctacactgt cctgcactgg tgacccatct    145320
     acactgtcct gtactggtga cccgtctaca ctgtcctgca ctggtgaccc atctacactg    145380
     tcctgtactg gtgacccatc tacactgtcc tgcactggtg acccatctac actgtcctgc    145440
     acaggtgacc cgtctacact gtattgtggc aggctccatc attatgctta actacagttt    145500
     atttatacct tctggttcta gacaacttct cattttcata taacaatgaa aaattcatta    145560
     gatctagagc ctccacactc aataacatta ccaacattgt tcaagagtcc aaagtctctt    145620
     ttgagactta agataagctc ttctatcaat caaaagataa cttacatact tttggggcta    145680
     gaaggctaca gagtaaggat tcccatttaa cacctccatc ctaaaaggga ggcatggggg    145740
     aataaaagga gaatagagac aaagcaagat ccaaacccag aagggcaggt ggctcaagat    145800
     ggaatccaat agctttgggt agccttgccc tgaagtaaac atggccctgc tccacactat    145860
     gcctgcatct gtcctcagtg gatgttgcac ggtctgccat cttcgatgtt ttgaagtctc    145920
     cactgcgtgc tggtgtttgg cttcccagct ccacgaggtc acctttcagg gcttccttgc    145980
     atgagataag acatgcagtt ttctagaacc ttggtgtcag ccttcacaac ggtatcactc    146040
     ttgcttggtt cacatctacc aagctagtgc catgtagatg gtactcttac attctgtcac    146100
     catcagtatg aggtgtggcc tggcctcctt gcactgtaga cacagtggcc tctgtgagct    146160
     tccgaggagg ctcagtctga gaaatgcttg cctaggcagc tgcttaccat catgagaccc    146220
     tttcagtggc attctcagct taagttctct cctttaaaag gaatttatgt cttcaaaagc    146280
     tttcatgggt atggtcttgc cccccagggt acctttctta tggcccagct tggatgtaat    146340
     ctctttacca gttatagctg ctctcatagc ttgtctgcat cttaaagctc actgttcctg    146400
     ttttatttct gttgctatga gacaaaaata acttggagaa gaagaggaga tgcagtccat    146460
     tatggctggg acaatgtggt agcggatggg tgagaatgtc agccatattg gatctgcact    146520
     caggaaataa gaagtgatga atgttgggac tctgcccacc atggtctctt tctccagtct    146580
     gggaacccac cccattggat ggtgcaccca cacttagagt gggacttcac tacccagtta    146640
     aaactttctg gaaatgcccc ccagagatga catatctaga gctttatttc ttagatggtt    146700
     ctaattacag tcaaattgac aataaaggtt atctaccaca acatggtaat aagttataaa    146760
     gttactggca tacattactc tttctcagtg gctgatgata atcatgtagc agcttggaag    146820
     accacagtca tttgtttctg gggaaaaaca ccaacagaat tcagtgcaga ctttgtacca    146880
     agttcaactt ttaggtttgt ttagtttgct ctgcaaagta tcttaacacc tggttcacat    146940
     ccagacatca gtgggaggaa cagctcttgg tcctgtggga gttccatgtc ccagtgtagg    147000
     gaaatgccag ggtgggaagg tgggagtggg tgggtaggtg gtggagccct ctcatagagg    147060
     cagggggagg gggtgggata ggaggtttct ggaggggata cctggaaagg ggataacatt    147120
     tgaaatgtaa ataaagaaaa tatccaataa aagaaaaaaa ttgggcagat tttatttaca    147180
     agtccagatt ttcagctttc ttttgaaaat ggttagggct catagcatca gatctatatt    147240
     ccaaaatggc agcaatccct tggtcggtgt cttgtttctt tatactgagc catgtgttct    147300
     ctgctttgtc ccttattctg ttaacctact tgacttcatg tacacattga acttgatagt    147360
     tcctgagcta gtgcttaaga atgaagcaga gttctgagtt aaagtcattc ctttactact    147420
     tacggttatt tgatcgtacc agcatgtatg taagctctgt tacatgtaca cgtggcatat    147480
     gtaatctctg tgccatggct tcctgattat accacaggga taattataca gccaacccca    147540
     aagtgataag gatagaatag tatgaactta ggaggtgaac tatttagcat gcagtaacta    147600
     ctcagtacgt gacttgtact tttataatcc gagttcaaag tgaacagcag agtggtgtgg    147660
     gagatgtgac actaagcttt ctctgctcag cttgacttcc atcccactgt gttgctgtga    147720
     gtttttgttt cgtgtgttat ctgaagtagt aaaatgatgt cctagtttct tcttttctag    147780
     ctgctgtgac aaaatacccc aaggaaagaa acttaggaag aaaggagttt attttaagaa    147840
     gaaaggagtt tattttagca catgggtcca tcttatagtc catcatagca gggaaagcag    147900
     agcagcagaa gtttgaggga gctgctcaga tcacatccat gatctgagag caaagaacag    147960
     attcatctcc ctgcctccac tcttacacag ttcaagattg cctgcttagg gaatgacatc    148020
     actcatagtg agcaggcttt cccacctcaa tgtaatcaag ataatctcct ataaatcagc    148080
     ccatggacca acctgatcta tacgataact cactgagatt ctttttcagg tgatcctaga    148140
     ttgtatttca ttgacagtta aaactaacca ttacacatgg catatgacaa gatgtggatc    148200
     acagaagatc caagtaaact tcctaaagca atgaagaagg aagttattgg tatttgttga    148260
     tgcacgtctc ccaaaacaca atagagcttc atgtagctac agatgaagcc agaggtagca    148320
     acatcaagag tcaactcctc acagagtgtg gtggttcatt ctgcatgtgg gaggcagagg    148380
     caggtggatc cttataagtt tgaggtcaga ctggactaca tagcaagttc taggctagcc    148440
     agaggacaca gtgagatcct gtctcaaata tgaaacaaac aaacaaacaa caaacaaaca    148500
     aacaaacaaa gagtctactt ctcttcatct ctctgccttt gtgtcaggaa catatgttga    148560
     ccttgcagaa aataaaatat gtaagtgtgg actgtgtatt ttacattgtc ctgcagataa    148620
     atgaacaact tcattgcatt attgtgctca aaagccttaa caccgctggt attgaaactg    148680
     gttcctgttt tcagtctatt cctaagccaa tccttgcagc cagcggcatg ggaggtaaca    148740
     gttggttggt ctggcatact tccatgtgtt tcatccatag aactggagtg aagtcatctc    148800
     tccagcattt tatgggtctt caaagtccca ctcagtgggt ttggctgcca tcagagtatc    148860
     ctcaactcca agttttagac tagagtacag agcttgtttt gatctgccag tgagcttctc    148920
     caagaaatca tatggctgtc ttaacactgg ttcttggctt tatttcccga agagaaagag    148980
     tgatttggtt aggacccatg gactttttat ggctgttttt acttgtcgct ttcatggcag    149040
     ctgctttcca actccttctg gtgtttgtgc gccactaaag ctaagactga gctgcagctt    149100
     ctcccagaaa taaaactgct atggatattg taggttggct aagcctactt ccagctatgt    149160
     tagcagatgc ctcaatattt ctggaaacca tcttttcatc tccaaaacag attcctagga    149220
     caacagggct gttaaggagc ttgtgagggc atgctttctg ttactgaaac aaaatcttga    149280
     aggctagctc cttcttatag caaagaggtt ttgttaggtt acgattttga aggttgcaag    149340
     taccaagttg gctagcccct ttggttcact ttctaaagtg agcctgcaat ggcaggtggc    149400
     attgtgactg gaacgatcac atagtaagac atagcaagac atagtaagac aaagatcaca    149460
     tggtaagaag tcagaacaca agggagcaga caagtttgct cttttataac aagccagtat    149520
     tgagaagtaa ctaatatggg gtattaatcc attgagaagt acctaaattc cttccaagga    149580
     cagcacaact agtgcctagt tgtcttgtag tacttctgca tcttaaatgc tctaacacca    149640
     tcccatactt gagtaacaag accacagtac cagcatagga ttttttggtg tgcgtcgggg    149700
     atatgtccaa gccatagcaa gacttaaaat atatgcagag agaatttctt agtgagaggt    149760
     aacattaagt tgagctatct gctcttcaga gacacataat ttactacctt gtataatgta    149820
     tccaggttca cttctattat gacacaccct tattatcctc agtgaaagta attttgttat    149880
     ttgtttcctc gcactagagt ataaggctca tgaaagcagg acatatatcc atctggctgg    149940
     ttgtaggtta ctactgtggg aaattgaggg cagtgttgtt gaggatgcta ggacacaaag    150000
     gagacctcca agatccctca ccgagagggg aaggatatgg ggtattaatc cattacttcc    150060
     caagatactc tgatgaccta cacattccat cctgctctgc ccacaggcag agtgggacgt    150120
     ttgtgaccag agtaaatctg tgccagagac ccctccacca aagtcttagc acttgcagtt    150180
     ggtagcagct gaacccacct gcacagtgtt ggtgagtgct gagggatggt tatatggata    150240
     aggtagccac agcatctact ccacagttga ctggcaaatg gtgaccattt tgggtgattc    150300
     aggaggacaa gcttgagata gggccagtgt ccttggtgtc acaacatgtc actaagcccg    150360
     gacagcctcg tcctttcatc tgattattaa tttgaaggat gctttaaatc ttcccattct    150420
     aatattttgt ttgaatgtcc tgaggggctc aaggctcatt tggcctctta ctgtggtctg    150480
     gctaacatag ggataaaggt aatagccctt tctttctcct agagtcaggc ttctcaacct    150540
     taggtgcaca ctggtgtcac ttagagagct ataaagtagc ctggacctca gggtcccacc    150600
     aacagagaaa aactagaata ccacatctct cttaactgac tacaagagat ttttgggaag    150660
     tgttctcagg tttttggatc atgtggaatt ttcttaaata gtggggtgct acatggagga    150720
     ggtcccccca cccctctgag cttcagggtc ctcataagta aaaccaagaa tctaccttct    150780
     gtaatgttct actatgagca tgaaataaga gaattattta taaaacttat aatacagccc    150840
     tggacagata atagcacttc cataagcctt ttcaaggaag ctcttgttag agcatttttt    150900
     aatgtgtaag gaaatattta atgtgataac acacggaaaa ctaagataca tgacattgga    150960
     cccacgtaat cattttatgg ttataagatg gaactacttg atcagtcttt ggactctaca    151020
     tcatcatcag agaggactgg tccttttcag ctctagttgt gccatatgag gctctggtat    151080
     ttttttatat tggagtcttg ggaggagcaa tcctattaga aaagaggtgc tgtctggaag    151140
     taccatttgc acatgatcac agtatttgaa ttgcatgcta atgaagatgg tttaagggtg    151200
     aaagcatgtg gccccaagaa agtactagta accagaggcc aaatgggtgg actaaccacc    151260
     ctttgtcaca acttgcctct cctgagccat agagtcatag aagaagtaat tgagagtgta    151320
     cgaaatagtt ctgtttattg attagaacag ggtataaaag tacagcgttt cgcaggcatt    151380
     ctggaccttc ttggagggac atgcagtgct gggtttgagc aggggatgga gaggagggat    151440
     agaccactgg acagtggttc cccttctggg catgttaaga gacttgctct atgaccacag    151500
     gtgctagtgt gggagaatca tttgtcccta cctttgaaaa aaatgacatg ggcaatttgc    151560
     atcatctgat atcaccatgc ttaataattc agtcctattc tacatgtgtt aggtgctgcc    151620
     tctcccaata ttttcatggt aagctctaat tgttccgtag aacactcttt cttcccacca    151680
     gaggaagaga agcaggcaca ttggcttggg aggccatcgg aggatggtgc acatttggct    151740
     cagattcatc agagtctgcc tgacttggag gcagtgagtt ggggatatgt gtaagcataa    151800
     aactgtgcac tattgattaa gctcaagcag aggggccttc cacagggcag cagcatgaag    151860
     agatgggcat gcttccaaaa caaagtcgga tctccgctcg tccctcagag acagagccac    151920
     gtggtgccag gttttgtaga aagtcttcag cagagaattc ttccaaagtg taaaaggtat    151980
     ttctgtccca agagttggtg tgtaaaattg gaacaagggc agatcagggc attaaggtgt    152040
     ttgtcagtgt ctctgagagc agaatggcca gtgtcctcag ttacatgaca ttttggaaca    152100
     gctgtagaga tctcatgatg ttgtcatcct ggggagagag gagtgggaga gaagatggtt    152160
     agagccatgt gaggctcccg cccaagagct agataacgag caaatcccaa gtgtaagctt    152220
     cctgtgccaa agcgagtctg cagcagtatt acaaacttgc ttttctttaa gatgctccat    152280
     caatgagttg catgacatga ttttccacat ctacgcggat tggtcgcagt ttttcctgtt    152340
     catttgatta ctgtgattaa ttacactgac taattcttgg atattaagcc aaccttgcaa    152400
     cttcccatcc tagggctatg atagcctgat tttccatccc agggttatga taacctgatc    152460
     aatcaagctg agaaagtcct cttttattca ctattctttg agattagtat tgtttctccc    152520
     tcacacattt ggaagaattc actacagaag ctatgtaagc ctgtcatttt ctttgggggt    152580
     aaagtgtaaa ttacggttca aagcctttga aacataggat tgcttacatt tttgctttct    152640
     ccatgtattt gttttaataa gctgtgtttt taagggaatt tgtacatctt aacatgaatt    152700
     gttaaattta ttgaagaata attatctttt aatattggta aaactgatag tagatattat    152760
     tatatttact tttgatatca gcaatttgag gacttaattt tttttctctt tttactctgt    152820
     cttgctaagc acatgtccat tttattaatc ttcgtcaaag agatatcttg gctttgctca    152880
     tattagctct tgtctgtgtt ttatattttc tatcatatac tctttaaagt atatgatact    152940
     ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct caaacttgga    153000
     gatttgccta tccctgcctc ctgagtgctg cgattaaagg tgtgcaccat cacacatgac    153060
     tttctaaggt ataaatattg aaggcacaaa gttcttaaat ctttagattc caaatactac    153120
     acttctatat tttgaataaa atatggtgaa aatatgaaaa tttgttaaag tggtattcaa    153180
     ggaaatagac ctgtatgtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgtat ggtgtgtgta tatgtgtgtg    153240
     tcccactgag tttaaggtta ataaagcaga cttttgatag agaaaaccaa gagagacaat    153300
     gtaaattgtg aggatccgag tctttgtaag ttcctgtgtg ttctggagtt gggcagcttg    153360
     tgctcaagcc caggcctctt acttcctgcc tgtgttactt atccttgctg tgcctcagtt    153420
     tccctgtata tgaagtaggg ttgagtttaa tattcaccta ttgtgagatg gtgaataaag    153480
     gaacagcttt ggaaggagta gctggggaag gtgacctgaa aacctctctt acctggagag    153540
     ccaagaaaga gcgcttccgt tgggtgtgat gtgggacagt agcatgacag tttaaactcc    153600
     atctctgtca ctcatcgcac attaaccata catcttagca ctgtagtgcc tcagttttct    153660
     cttaataaaa tgggcatgac agacatggct gcttagcctg ttcacaatga ctaaatattg    153720
     aaatagttct cactccactg gcaaagctgc taactcaatt gtattatcaa catgcttcct    153780
     tctggctgcc taggaatgaa cttgggatcc tcagactacc caaagacctg tcaggctgag    153840
     ctgggtcact ctaggacagt ggcaaaagtc agtttaaaaa ggtcagaatg gaacttgccc    153900
     taattgttga gtacctggaa caccatcgtg tgggacatct gcctgcaagg ttgtcctgtg    153960
     gctgaagctc tttgtgtgct actactttca ctcccagacc ttgcaggttt tgggggagct    154020
     tagactgctc ttgtggaatg agatggagcg caaaccttgt aagtagatga gtgcatttcc    154080
     agttcactgc ttggcagggc accagggcca gtttgttcgt gagacttagc caatgtatgg    154140
     tccaaggaac agcagtgtct cccatgggga gtgcacagag caagcctggc cttggacctt    154200
     ggcagaccct gcctgtattt tagcggaagc ttcaaggagt ctgatttgta taagcaaatt    154260
     ctagatgcct tggtcctggg catttgaatt atgacaattt ctagactctt ctagagtgtc    154320
     tgtgattata gcttgaaaac acacatttgg gggaacttca ggcagtttta tgcacactgg    154380
     gttgagaatc ttgctgaagg tcttccagct gttcctctga ggaacaggta cagaggaggc    154440
     aaatagggca ggcccaccta ttcagccagt ctatttcatg acggcttgct gggcctttcc    154500
     atctcccaaa cctgtgcttc tgctatctgc ttagtcctgt gctgagcagg ccagggcaag    154560
     gcatgaagat gctaggcttc tgagtccagc ggttgtaggt gtgtaagatt tcagatcctc    154620
     ccctctatag tctcaacccc ccagattccc ttccctggtc ccgagatctc tccttacctc    154680
     ctgacatgat tcaagaaatt catctaacgt tacaatgcca tctttatttt tatccatttt    154740
     ctgaaagaca caatagagag gtctttaaac aacctggtat ttcacatttc tctgaatttt    154800
     ctctgtggta accccagaat taggatggtc ttttgctagt cagttgatta ctggttatag    154860
     tattatggtc ctcatgggct tccttatatc aaaagattgg tctcaacact tacatcattg    154920
     ctacattatt attatgctga catcccaaca tgtaatagta tgtttctgtt attataacaa    154980
     aataactgag gctaggtgct gtataaagaa aggaggtttg tttatcttat tgttctatag    155040
     cagtggtttg caatcttcct aatgctgcaa ccctttaatg cagttatgtc taatgcacct    155100
     catgttgcgg tgacccccaa ccataaagtt atttttgttg ctacttcgta actttaatct    155160
     tgttactgtt ataaatcata atgtaaatac tttggcaata gaggtttgcc aatggggtca    155220
     tgacacacag gttgataacc actgttgtct ccaagaacac aacaccagtt tctctctagt    155280
     gagggcctca tggggggaat ggcatcttca tagtggacac atgtggaaga agtcacacaa    155340
     tgaaacagga agccggagaa tgtggacggg cctgacttgc tcattcaacc caggctctcg    155400
     gcaatgacag cataatatct cttgaggcag tgctccccag ggccagtcac ctcctctcgt    155460
     acccaggcca ctgaggattc cacgacttta aacattgcca cctggggagc aggcttcata    155520
     cacccaagcc acttccaaac cgtaacagat gtgtttgcac acattctgct ggccgttatc    155580
     tggcagaaag aacattggga acaacaggtt ctggtccatc tctgtacagg ttttctgtgc    155640
     aaactttcaa gatgtcagag agatctcttt ttttttccta gctgcaaatt gggaggcttg    155700
     ggttggagtg agctctgacg ttctttggta tgctctattg ctagactttt gtttcgtttt    155760
     gttttcagat taagtgcagc tatgagggtg ccacttgtgc aagctgtcat caacagcatc    155820
     cacccatcaa gatcaaggct gagctctccc acttaaggat cttgcagtct ggctttaccc    155880
     aggattccaa ttacattccc ctttacaggc cagacaaact tgctcagtat gtacacagat    155940
     gcaatagata gagtcttctc tttccactca gcccctgaaa agatttttat gaaagttacc    156000
     actgtagtta atgatgatgc acccctgttc tcttccgtga cactggcctg cttctcagga    156060
     gcatctcctg gccaatcagg ataagcccgt gcacaggtgc atacatacct ggaagaagac    156120
     atccacatgc tgcctgggag tgtcctcttt gagcacagga taggtgtatt tccccatcat    156180
     gtcatagatg gctttgacta tgtccatcat ctcctggaag gggacatgga ggtacataca    156240
     gttgggaccg tgagatcata tcttcttggg tgacagaatt taggatttga ttagggttcc    156300
     tctagctaaa cagaggggtt atgaggaccc tttgaagcag aagagtggga gttaagggag    156360
     aggacgaaac tccctcccca agagaaagtg ggggcagcca ctctgccttc agacatcttg    156420
     ggcaggctgc ctcttcttgc tttgccctca gggagggatg acattggatt ctccatttgc    156480
     agactgagac aatgaagcat tcctctgact tagaggtaaa tgagtgtttt agactagcct    156540
     taaaaacacc ctcatagtta ctattgacat tttaagttaa gaaaaaaagt agccaatgcc    156600
     aggagtaccc acaggacact ggggttttct ctgaagctgt aattaataat tttagactta    156660
     cagaaaactt cctgtagctg tcttgttact ggtggttact tgaggaaagg gttgtctgtc    156720
     ggctctctga tttgtctgtc aacacagctt gacagcaaac agatcactat gctatttgct    156780
     taatgcaaat tctatcttct tttgaaaaag ttaatgtttt tcatcacaga ttaaaaaatc    156840
     ttatcagatt ctgtttggtg tttcaaatta ggaaaagggg accaacagcc aacatccaga    156900
     gggcacttga ggctttcttt aagtagatta ttaataattt tagatgtact agaatacctc    156960
     tctaagcaag cggtgccttc tcttcatttg tctatgtact tagttctttg gacttgtgga    157020
     tatctattat attttgttgg tgatgatgca ataatatcat ggtttgtttt gttgattaaa    157080
     tcactgtagc tttgactatt aaaactcctc taagctgatg tctgtagctg tttgaccttc    157140
     cccaacgagg attcaggtgc attttctatt tctcctttcc cgatcccaag acaaacagct    157200
     ctctaagaag actggctcct tttttttttt tttttaaatt ggagaaagat gcttagaaag    157260
     aaggtctgta tgtcaccgag ggtcatttct ttagtaggct cccaacacat gggactagga    157320
     aatgaaatgg gcttgtatcc agatcttcat ttcaagagag atggtacctt acgagtcttt    157380
     cacaccaatg tggccattga gcgagtttct gcttgaaacc gttttatcca agaacagaca    157440
     gaaaagtaat tttgaatgct tgggatcttc actgtctgca agtttgataa gaacgttcca    157500
     gcatggtagc taggaagagg tcttaggaaa ctacttattc acactaatac gccctccact    157560
     aatgctgcca tctaacgatg tctaatagac acgaatgggg ataatttggt ctactttgcc    157620
     cattataaaa agggagtcgt tagtaagatt attcagtgat gggatggaaa aaaatgtact    157680
     gaaccaaagc tgaagaccag gaggcacaaa tcccatctga ggctcctttc tgtagatgtt    157740
     ttgtaaagca gtatttggat actttaattt agaatatcat acgtgaaaca tgactctaag    157800
     aacttagctg tctagaaaat tgatggaatg ctataataat gctttataac atgatttttt    157860
     tgtttttgtt ttttgtttca atttactttg ttttgtttga gacagggttt ctctatgtag    157920
     ctctggctgt cctggaactt gctctgcagc ccaggtgggc ctcaagcttg cagatccacc    157980
     tccttagcct cctgagtgct gggattaaag gcatgcacca ccaccaccca gctataaagt    158040
     gatgttaaac acatgaaatc atatacactt gttagttgtc tgtgatttta agtggtcacc    158100
     ttctatttaa tgagttttga aatctgggct gggaagatgg ctcagtagtt aagactatgt    158160
     tctgttctta caggggtctg ttcccagctc catgctaggt ggctcacaat tgcctgcaac    158220
     tctagcttta ggggatctgg tacccttttc tggactttga ggggtctgtg taaacccacc    158280
     cccttatata gtaatataca attaaagata aaaatttaga aatttagagc ctctgtgatc    158340
     ccactgttga tctactagct ttggtttctt gtgagtgttt aatgcacaca gtgaccactt    158400
     ctcactgtgt ttccacaact tctttgcaca tccaatctgt tcattgtgtt taattgtaat    158460
     ttgattggga gaactcttta tgtactttgg agatgtataa atttgtttat aaggcatctg    158520
     gaagtatgca ccatgtgcta gatcctcttc cgaggaaatc caaaggcaag tgaagcagat    158580
     gtgagtgctt tcttagctag tgtccagggg gaagcgccat cacgtgcaga tgttttaaca    158640
     acactgtgac ctgatttcca actttggcca tgccattttg ttgaggtgaa gaatttaaaa    158700
     atatttagaa cgatgttacc aatacttttt ctttgtgttt taattttata tttttccctt    158760
     tctaaattta gttgcgacac ctacttctcc ttttttgggg gaaagacaaa gactttatct    158820
     catcttacag atgactgtgc atcatgaaag gaaaccagga caggaactca aggcaggagc    158880
     ctggaggcaa gagctgaacc agagaacatg gagaaatgtt gcttcctggc ttgattgcta    158940
     taatactagg tgggttttgt ttttttgtta aaagtcacct gtgtatctat aattaactta    159000
     cacctgtgac attcagaaca ttcattcatt tactgctaaa atagtctagc aaaccagttt    159060
     ccttggattc atctgtttca ttactcacat ctgtttgagc tcttccttgt gttccctctg    159120
     ttatgagtgg aattactaac tggttctcag cttcttcttc agttatccca acccacctga    159180
     gcccccttgc ctcctcacac agcatactac cgcatagttc cagtttcgac cttttgaaaa    159240
     ttatctttcc tattttcaac tggtgatttg cctagttttc cctctaaaaa caatttttgt    159300
     tttggttaca aacaaccaaa tttgaaatta gttagagaca aatagctatt tttagagtat    159360
     cttagttaca actttctaag cagtcataac tgagacatgg gccacccagt ttatttctct    159420
     ttatatgtta agtcaccata catgatcttt agttctaatt gtttaagtag tttctcttgt    159480
     ctttcccccc caacccgcta agtacaaaat catgccattg ccgaacatgg agcctctcac    159540
     ttataatccc agtattaagg aggctgaggc aggaggatca ccatacattt aaggccagcc    159600
     tggactacat agtgtgttcc agtcaacttg agctacagtg tgagacctct ttgaaaacaa    159660
     ataaataagt agagaggaga aaatcttgtc attaacaaag actgccctag cttcccagat    159720
     gtgtgcttct gttccactgt gtctcagaag cattttgaag cactagcaga tggtgtgggt    159780
     cgatagcaag cactctggtc ttcatctctg ctgtagccga gggcctctga gacgtcacta    159840
     agatgtgaaa agctatgtag agggtacatt ctattatgct caagatgaat tttactccca    159900
     ctttattagg agtttaaaaa ctgaccaagg atataggtaa acttgatgga atatgatttt    159960
     ataattaaat ggcttgttct ttttatgtat ggatgtgatg aatttgtttg tttgtttgtt    160020
     ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctatcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag    160080
     gctagccttg aactcagaaa tctgtctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggtg    160140
     tgtgccacca ccacccggcg aattatttaa tagatatgct atactattga attctgcaag    160200
     aaacctgctc cttaccatgt gtgctccttt aactagagag ctaaatctaa cttcctggca    160260
     tttcgtttag aatttgtgac acatatttta agtgaaactg gattcttgtt ttctttcata    160320
     taccttgccg aagttttaac ttttttcatt caacatactt tgagcacatt ctatcatcta    160380
     ggtgttccca tgttacaatg agatctccct ttaaaaaaca gggcgtattg gagtatagct    160440
     tgattatagc aaacttactt aagtctcctg cttgataaac gttggtaaat gtgtacatct    160500
     gtgccgcctc ctggattatt cttatcacct gaacaagctc ctatgttgtc tgccaacctc    160560
     tggcatggag ctgatgacac attagtaact aaaggagttt tcattttcta gaatttgatg    160620
     tgcatccaat gatactgcat ggcgtcagag gccgtctata tccagtgtgt gtgatggctg    160680
     cagagcccag agccactatt gcctgtggca gtggtttctt tctttctgtt cccgagcacc    160740
     caggggatgc atagacagct gtttatcatc atcctcttga aagacattta ggttgcttgc    160800
     aatttggggg ctatttagat aaagatacta agcaagtctc atgtaggtgt ttatgaattt    160860
     acatattttc atttatttta ggtaaatgtg tagaggtggg atttctgggc catacattag    160920
     ttggatgtta actttattta agatgctaag atgtttccta agcagcaagg gttacactgt    160980
     ttcccatgag cagtgtgtaa gagttcctaa ctattcctca tccttgtcta cacttggagt    161040
     tgttggcctt tttattatgc agtgcatgca taactattgt ttattatagt ttttaaaatg    161100
     tgtacttcct tgaacaccat acatatggaa ccattttccc tgggtctact gtccacttac    161160
     taatatcttc tgaagtattt atttcactta aaaatctatt taaagatttt gttgtattgt    161220
     gattgctttt aaaaacatta atttatcttg tgtgttggga catggatgcc acagtatatg    161280
     ggtataaggg tataaggtca ggggtcaggg gtcaatgttt tcctactagt gtgtgggttc    161340
     cagggattga actcaggtcg tcagatttgg cagcatttgc ctttgcctac tgagccatat    161400
     tggtggcctc ttgttaccta ctttcagtgg acttgtttat cttcttacaa aattatgaac    161460
     atttcttaca tatttggacc tcagtctctt gacatataat aataataatt tacaagcctt    161520
     tcccccaatc catggctctc atttcccttt tctttccttt attttaaaaa tttttctttt    161580
     tcttttttta aaaaaagatt tatttatttt atgtatgtga gtacactgtt gctgtcctca    161640
     gacacaccag aagagggcat tggatcccat tacaaatggt tgtgagccac catgcagttg    161700
     ttgggaattg aactcaggac ctctggaaga acggtcagtg ctcttaactg ctgagccatc    161760
     tctccagccc tcatttccct tagcttaatg agatttttga taacagaaaa ttgtaacttt    161820
     gacgaagaaa agcatcaaaa tttccttcat gatctcttct tactcgccct aagatattct    161880
     ttcccactct gaactcgtga ggacgtttct tctatgtatt ctttactaca atggcttttg    161940
     ctcttgagtt tatgtgtata tccgcttcat gttaatgctt gcttttggca tgaagtaaag    162000
     gtgaagatgc ttgcttatct tcaggtggat gcagaggtga ctcagaacca tctgttcaag    162060
     accttgttgt attcccattg gttccagtta tctttttttg agatgacaat atggacaaac    162120
     ctatttaagg aagaggatca aacctagggt cttacacttg ctaggcaact gctgtgcagc    162180
     tgagccacag gtccaggccc gatttggacc atccatcttg atctggtaag ctgtgtttaa    162240
     cgcaacacca ggtcttctga gcagtcatct ctacacgttc atgttactct tgggatgagg    162300
     tagctccagg cctctgcctc gttcatcttt gttgttgtgg ctcttgcatt tatagtcaca    162360
     ttttagatca gtttatcaac tgctataaag ggtctgatgg gtattttggt tgagactaca    162420
     ctgaatctac aatatgattt tttaaaagaa tctccatttt aacattgttg ggtagtcaca    162480
     cagatgagca tggctcatct gattacttag gtcttaattt tcatcaatat tctgtggttt    162540
     tgtatgtata agtcttaaat tgattttgtt gaatttataa aaaattttgt gcatatggat    162600
     actatcataa gtaggattat tttaaacata gtacacacac atattgcttt tttaaaaaat    162660
     agaatttata tctggctacc ttaataaata agttcatgat ttttttttta gtagtttctt    162720
     tggtattcct ttgcagattc tttgagatgt ctatgaattg ttttctatga attcaagctt    162780
     attacagata aaactttatt tttttcttac ctcagtttcc ctgtttcatt cttggccttg    162840
     ggggaaatta tgcaatattc actgttaagc agatattagc tgtagtgttc ttaaaaatag    162900
     ttatcagata actaggctga gaaaaggatc ttttattctc catttgttaa aaagtttacc    162960
     ataaataggc ggtgattttt atcaagtgct ttttctgcat ttatttagtc aatatagttt    163020
     ttctttttgt tgtgtaaata tagtgaatga tgtggatgtt tgagtgttaa gccaaccttg    163080
     cattcctgga atgaactttg ctctgttacg ctattctgta ttttttaatg tattgataga    163140
     ttcggtttac taaagttttg ataggttttt ttgcatctgt catcgtgaga aataatggta    163200
     gttgtcttct ccatcagacc ttttttattt caaatttcag aatcggggta ttgttggatt    163260
     tacagaaaaa cattggaaag ttccttgcgc cccagctttg taggtctttg ttagaagtca    163320
     ccagaaaatc atccgaggag ctcgaacttt tctgggtttt taaatgtgaa ttgtatttct    163380
     cttagggaca gggagctact taccttttcc tgctgtcttt gagccaccgt tagtagttag    163440
     tgttttctga aaactctgct ctacacccca gctccccgga ggtagagtgg actctctacc    163500
     ccagccttcc accatctgaa cctgacaacc ttccaggctg aagcctgtct acttttcttc    163560
     cgtatcttcc tagcctgcag ccaccaacaa gcctctctgt ttggagggca tgtgggaacc    163620
     ccatcttcta atggcagttt cttcttcctg ggatactttt cctgactttg ggggtgcctt    163680
     tcccttggta tggcaatacc gaattagaca gccccttgct gactcttacc aaaacatcta    163740
     cctgtcattg tacattttgc tgtgattgtc ctttccactc cactgcccca tgacagtcag    163800
     acgtgggccg attgctggat gtctccagca tccaggaagc tgaatgaatt ctcaatcttt    163860
     gttgaacacc cgtgtctgga tgaataggga acatggctgt gtgggcttct tcacttcttc    163920
     tgtgtgttca tctcatgtcc cctgctctca gctcacttac ctctttgttt atgtagccgt    163980
     ctttattgat gtcatacaaa ttaaacgtcc accttagttt ttcatggact gtccctctca    164040
     gtaaaatcga cagagcagtc acaaagtcct aggaagtaga gaagaaggcc tctgttaatc    164100
     acctcggggc tggagagaag cctggccacc aggctggatg atggtgcttt tccaaaatgg    164160
     cacctcccac accctcctgt taggcagatg gaaatgtcca gtctcagcct ggcccagtcc    164220
     tattttccat tccctatacc tacactgttg cagtttctga tgcccactga ggacgactta    164280
     agctctgact gtgtggacac ctctaggcag ttaattccac cttccttgct gatcctaacc    164340
     caaggctgca atggttgcta acatccgagg gactgtacat tccagtgaat aggagctcag    164400
     ggtgagagaa cacactgcct gtgttcaagg cctccctggc cacttttttt ttctctctct    164460
     gatcttggaa aagccactct gtctctgcct cattttcttc ctctgtaaaa tgataataaa    164520
     taataatccg accatgcctt gtaaacacta ttataaaagt taagcaggtt aataaatatg    164580
     aaatgctagg tccagaggtt gcccttcggc atacagagca cagggagctc tctaccaccc    164640
     tcaagcccag tgtttagaca aggaaattgt cttctccgac ttcaattgat gtttgttaaa    164700
     tgaatcaagt ttcttgtctt aactgaagac atttgataat taactctttt cattaggacc    164760
     gtcatatttg gaaggagagg caatgtggaa acagggaact cccagactgg acccacatac    164820
     tatacctcga actttacaga gcctgtctgg gtggtgtcga aggcattgaa gaggtaatgt    164880
     gcatatgtgc tggcatctgc aaagaagagg ggaaagcagg tgagtggggg tggagggaag    164940
     gctccccaga gggcagaggc agcaggggtg gggccagaga gaggaaaggg agatccattg    165000
     ctcagcccct ggagtttagg tgagaagtta gttctagcaa aaggttagat aggttcttgt    165060
     ctctctctcc actgtgtccc ctgcctgttc ctctgtgacc tggtcctgtg tgtgtatgtg    165120
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtggctg aataaagata tcctgagcag    165180
     gggtccttgt catggcacgg cacttccttg tgaggagaga cacagtgagc actgtttctg    165240
     aggtgttcat aaactgggag tcaggtgcta gcctgaagtg aaactactcc ttctcagccc    165300
     aaagaaatcc tacactgagt cccacaccag ggagacacct gtgtactgct ggaaaggccc    165360
     aaggaggatg tgggacactt gagtctttat tttgttaggc cccgggagag gtgttctgca    165420
     ctgtccaggt gacacctgtg gacagatgac accagaaggc cacaggagga aggatacctt    165480
     gccttgtgga gctgttccta cttggacagg tggtgggggt ccggtgcctt cgttaatctg    165540
     actttgtaaa taagtacaac tttacgctgc ccacagttta ttttgctcag tgattgttgt    165600
     ggtctgtagt acttactaat gttgtttacg aaatttcaac ctgccttagc tgtttaagga    165660
     accaaaatga caaagctttt gtcccatata cttttctatt cctgggctgc catattcaag    165720
     ctgtgtgatg gtgagtaaat tgcttaatgt ctctgaaact ccgttgttcc ttctggggtc    165780
     atgatgcctg cttcctggag ctgttatagg actttctgac actgcaatag ccattcttct    165840
     tctagaggag gccccgtttt gtttgtcaga gagttttgta ttttctagta agaaaagaaa    165900
     aatctcgcca tgaattctcc tctgacccca aagaagacag agataaagaa cagaggggtt    165960
     ggggaaggga aggctgagca ctggagagga tgccagagag tggttttcca agggtgttta    166020
     ttactcacct ccgtgaggga aaaactgagc gtagatctgc ttgaatgttt cttcattgac    166080
     cacaccgcta gggcactcct gtggtgggag agaggggggg ggggagaggt ctgggagtct    166140
     gtagtgaggt ggaaactgag caggttcttc gtgccctctc ttgggcagag actgggaaac    166200
     acatgtatcc tgggtatctt taggggggcc ttggaggcaa ccctatcatg aaaagctggt    166260
     ttgcaaggga gaggaagtca ttacagacta gggactgggt tgggaaagtc ttggctttag    166320
     ggctagaaag atctaggttt gggttttggt gaagcctgct ctaggatttt tgacttctcc    166380
     aaggtgggct gtgatcttga acacaccaac ccgtggaatg tggctaacag cttcctcaat    166440
     attaggtggc actgagtcta tggtaagtag actcagccaa gtgctcaatt ggacaattac    166500
     ctcccagggc cctgatccac ctcagctggc cactattaac atggcctctt cagcactaga    166560
     aagaagaatg cccaatggga gcaaatcaga ctcaggacca acatagtcaa gctgtaggtc    166620
     aattgaccaa gctctagcag gaggcaacca gaacagctct tctgctcaac tccacccagt    166680
     gatttgggaa taagattgtg ctctaagatg taaactttaa actcaaactc catatccagg    166740
     ctggagtatg agatctttca aagcatccca gaaggcagct gggctcctct gaggtcatac    166800
     caccctgtgg cacttctctg cagtgggtga ggttcctgtc tgctgaggct ttgtcctcct    166860
     gtaagcttac tttctcacca ggcgtgggtt catagcagtg gcctccctga atctctgcac    166920
     tctggggacc ttggcatggg aaaagcttag gcaagtggca aaaatcacag caggcctcca    166980
     agtgtcttgg gcgggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgttgtg ggggtgtctt acgtttttga    167040
     atccccggta caagacttgc agttctctct tggtgaagtt cgtctgtgcc tcaagctgct    167100
     ccagtccctc aggccggtgg caaaccatgg tcatctctag ctcatcctca atcttgtctg    167160
     gaagcagagg ggacggtgtc agaacgtgac cgcctccgtc tctgtcggac cagtctgagc    167220
     tgttcagaga gtgtggggaa ctagggcttt gggcttgggc tgggtcgcac tgcaggtggt    167280
     cctgggcctt gagccccact cccctgccca ctcagcctgc ttcacaatct gtccactgtg    167340
     ttgctctaga agtgacaaac agtaaagggg agggaccatc agcttctcag atagggagct    167400
     gagggtagaa gtgttcagaa cacagccaca ggaaaacatc tctttcaaat caccttcttt    167460
     acatattcaa atggatgctc actaacagcc acaggcaaca gagcagaatg agaccctcta    167520
     aataggaaag ggaagaaacc ctagctattt tcaaaagaga tgaagtttca ccatgtgggc    167580
     tagcaaggga ggtgctaggg agacttagaa ggaagttcag gttatatgct atgttaaata    167640
     tgactttaaa gaatctgaat atattttaca cgctattgtt ctataatatc tgctaaggtc    167700
     tccttaagta ccagggaagt gacttcagta tgagcatctt tgcataaagg tttccaggac    167760
     acttgaaagg ttctataaac agtcatagag agtaaggttt caacctccca catgtgctga    167820
     aatggtgtct aatggtacac tgtttgtttg caaagtgcct gtcagctgag tctacttatc    167880
     ttccttcaaa gcaactcgca gttcatccct cagtggccct tccaggaggt tagacccaca    167940
     cagggatacg tgaatactca ctttcttcgg gccctgccaa aatactttct gtaaatctat    168000
     tccaggcaag gatcgtttac catctaccct actctgccta tcgtcacaca ggcatcagca    168060
     aatccatata tcgaacaact ccagcttcca ccttgtgaaa accagggtga gctgagcagg    168120
     ctgctgggaa cacacgaacc acacagcaca atggccagtc agagaggacg caggatgggt    168180
     ttgcatcgca gaaccaggtg agcaggagca gtgattgtag gcgttctgta cgtggggttg    168240
     ggctctttgg gccagatttc ctctgctacc gtgacgctta aatcccaaca caaaacaaat    168300
     ccatcaaaat ttatattttg agcagagtcc cagtggtaat ggatgttaca gtaaagcctc    168360
     aagaatgcag caagccaagt ttaattgtga tctttcttgc gtgctgggca ctactcatca    168420
     cctaatcctt ctgggatgga ggcagatact gattgaatat aaataagata ctctgtttat    168480
     gttacattgt ggcaagtgtc caatttcctc acaactctta caaagccttt atttgttgta    168540
     aggtttgtag gtaatgagtt aagcaccaat tacctaaatg cagaaggctt ctgtgtaaat    168600
     ctaagggcca gtgtccagaa aggaaagcga ggaaggggga ggtgcacaca ggtgtaatat    168660
     ggaaagctca cagtgtctca tgagacctca aactcatcct aagaaatcag tggttggtta    168720
     gtcttagcat aaaagtccat gtgtctttaa ctatgtatat tctgaagaaa cttcagaggg    168780
     gctgtagagg cttataatat accccacaca tttcctccca gaatccactg gggggaatgc    168840
     ccaggtagcc ctggtaaagg aagaagaatt agaatataaa tcttaaaata taaataagaa    168900
     aatggaaaac tctattttgg aaagagatga tttgttttcg aagggctcta cctgcaaata    168960
     tttatctgac ccagaaggaa aaagatgctt ttatgtgtgt gtgagtgagt gtgtggtgtg    169020
     gcgctatttc tcaatctcct gtagtctcct tataagctaa ggggattata aactttcttt    169080
     gcagaagttt aaagtaattt ttttccaatt tggaaccagc attcacttcc catcaccttg    169140
     cttaaaaagt gctaattagc aagacaccaa ctattaaacc cactttattt agatgaggag    169200
     tcactcctta ttaactagtg ataggcttgc tatctgggag gcaggattga gttctaggtt    169260
     aaagagattc agcagactat cttagctagg gatgttaaag taagagagag acccttgaac    169320
     cacagggcag cgacctcctt ttccctagat cacttcctct tcaatctaga gggtccttcc    169380
     cctacctgcc tccatcttcc ttatctacca agatgtcgaa ttgtgaatat atctacaaag    169440
     atatatctac aatatctaca taagagttag tcttatgtag agacattatt ttcattatac    169500
     atgtctatat tttgaaacag atatgtaact tcttcatttg aaggataagc tggtttgtgt    169560
     taagcagtat aatattgatt gggtctttcg cgccatattt gttagcattt atttggtggc    169620
     agaatgtttg cctaggcaca gaattaatag cccttagcaa tgactggtgt gtatttttgt    169680
     aaatgttatg cgctctgaaa ggaaaaaaca cacaaaaaga ttttgttttt gttttgccaa    169740
     ggccagtgtt gctgcctaaa aacaaaacat tgatgctata aaaagttaaa agcttccttc    169800
     taaacagccc caagaattga cgtcttcact taattttgtt ctgttctgtt ttatttgcaa    169860
     aatggtaagg gggtgttggg aggggatggg tggttttttt ttttgcaagt ttgtgaaggg    169920
     gaaaatgttt tgatttgttt cttactgacc tgaatgtgtt ggatcttcac gtgtcgtttt    169980
     gttttggctt tattgatgca cggaggcttt tgaacagtag agtgaaatgc tagacacgga    170040
     gagcttgttc tgtttgtcct ttctatattt ctgtagttaa cagaacattg taatgcgcct    170100
     tgcagcttag taacttgtaa tcaattcaat tgatattaaa aaaagagaga gagagagatt    170160
     ctgcaggctc tgagctgtct gttatggatg gccaggcttt tgctttccgg ctttgcactt    170220
     gactaatgct cagtctgtgg tcacagtcac catgggggaa gagtcaggtt attggggctc    170280
     atgatgtagg gaaggaagta gccacccatg gacacttagg ggcttaaacc agcaagtaaa    170340
     catgcaactt acataacaat caagtatacg catacatgta tgcaaacagt ctcgtgaaat    170400
     cttttgaagg taaaacttga tgggacaatg ctgtctgact gatgagatgt ccttcagcct    170460
     gggcaaacct gtgctgctgt gaccctcacg agtcatggcc tgtcactgga aaacagtaat    170520
     ttaactcggc cacagcttct gcagcttgct cccatttggg cactcctctc ttccatacca    170580
     ccttgtaggc tcattgttcg gggccactgc aaataatata tctattttgg aagggtgata    170640
     ttcacatctc tcctgtccac ccagggactc cctggatgtc tcaggacaga gccagtagcg    170700
     ggaggacatt gcccagctcc atggttagac agaatcagaa ctaacacaca gggagcttcc    170760
     ttactgtttt ggttcttgtg agtctttgat gccaaatttt ccttgatgtt attattttca    170820
     ttattaaaga taacaatgaa ctaattatta agaccgactg agtttggatc aaagctaaca    170880
     ttgaggttaa tgctatggga agttctgttt gataaacatc aatgagatta ttttcttttt    170940
     gtcatttctt ttagaattgc tttcatgtta ttctgtgtat ggtggaagta aggggtatgg    171000
     tgccctcccc acttgatatt tagaaatcag ttaccttaat agaaaaggta attttctaac    171060
     tacacgtgac tcacagggta aggcatatct accactaggg gtagatgtga gccagaaaga    171120
     taaattatac aggatgatac agtggacaaa attgcgtatg attcagagta attaaaaaaa    171180
     tatttagggt ttcaggttat tcagggtata ggatggatga aaactttaga ccatcttgaa    171240
     aaaccatttt gtatcaagtc ccctttagtg ccagtgagtt ctgtgtcttt tgaacagagt    171300
     tcatgcaaat atcttctgtt actattctcc cccaagatct gccactaacc ccttttgtct    171360
     gagacttggg tcacaagcca acaatgacaa ggctcaatct ttaattccat ccagtctggg    171420
     actgttcttt cagattcggc ttcctgtatc ccctcggtgg cttcattgga gcacagatgg    171480
     taagttggtc acaatgtgac cagccttgag gtacttctgc tcttaagaag catcacactt    171540
     gtgtacaagt caggtccaca gattgtgagc agtagggacc cgcatctggg ggtacatgcc    171600
     actgaagtac cttctcagaa gatggcaaag tccatgaccc aaaactttga ccatctcctt    171660
     cctggcttag aatacagttt ctcccgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    171720
     tgtgtgtgtg cgcgcgtgtg tgtgcacgca cgtgcactcg ggcatgaggg tgtgtgtgca    171780
     ctgtgcacat gtaagcttat tcctgttggg cagaagcaga atctgggctc ttttatacac    171840
     acccacccat ctattccatt ttgaggttac aaaattgtga tcctcttagc ttgtatgtag    171900
     tccaaagaga aaaatatata taagctccta ttttatatga aataaataaa atacatttta    171960
     aactagttgc caatgtttat ggagaagaaa tccacaacca cgtttgtatt ttatatttct    172020
     cttggaaaat cttcaccagg gcatcatctg ctggagctga gcaggggcaa ggtactctgg    172080
     ggagctagag tcattagggc cccccacctc tctgagacag tgtatctcta tgtatccctg    172140
     gcagccctgg aactcctctg tagaccagct tggctctgaa ctcacagaga tacctgcctc    172200
     tacctcctca gtgctgggat taaaagtgtg cgccaccatg cctggcttca ctttgggctc    172260
     ttttaacaca ataagctgtc tcctgggttg agtgtgggtc ttcatgcaca ccctcttctc    172320
     ctccccacca cctgcctttc tcctgcctta gccacacagc ctattctcta acagtctgcc    172380
     tatttaaagt ttccactttg tctcacaaag aatgtgaagt ggattgtagg aactgaataa    172440
     tagaataaaa acagataaag aaaaatggct tcagaaagtg ctgatgcaat tggagtttca    172500
     gaccatgttg ggggaggaga gcagagaatt tctggtcatt tgttctgaac aattaatata    172560
     cttaagctat gcgaagatca tatgcctcag tacagggcaa tgccagggcc aggaagcagg    172620
     agtgggtggg ttggggagca gggcaggggg agggtatagg ggattttcag agaggaaact    172680
     aggaaagggg atagcatttg aaatgtaaat gaagaaaata tctaataaaa atatttgtat    172740
     tcctagaaaa aaaagaaaaa atatacttaa gctacatatc agtaaaagct ctgagcttta    172800
     tcttaatagt tgttcaatta gtatggaagg aaaaaaatat gagtgtctta ggaggagcaa    172860
     agctttcctt aaaccgcata cctaagagaa atacccctag ctgtttttac atagactgag    172920
     tttgctaaca acgagaaaca aaagctgtga atgagaaagc taattgcaga atatatgctt    172980
     gattgagaag ttcttccttt ccaagtaatg tgaccgagac agtcaaaatg gtgagatagt    173040
     gttgacttta tttatttatt tatttttacc tctctgatac tggtaatacc accaggcgat    173100
     gtctaggaaa aagtaagaaa acattttacc aaatctattc atttcaaaag cacaacatgt    173160
     ttattgtcat tggagaggca ctctgaggaa cccctgatca tcacccaact tgacctacgc    173220
     aaagggcctc ttctcagcat agcagagcct ggctctccca tcccttcccc gcagtcagaa    173280
     caggcaccag cactgggtca cctcccagtg ctcacactgc cagcagggct catccagcat    173340
     gctcggagcc atgcagtcat gcagcctgaa gagatgaggt ggcgtgtggc agaggatgtg    173400
     gatgtggatg gcttctggga tgtaccctca ttgcagagtg gctttgaaga caccctccac    173460
     catgagaagg ccccactacc cctctcttgt ctgggattaa gctatggatc ttgtgggata    173520
     gttcgctttc gtcatcaact atcgacggag catcggttat tctttatgac aagtaaaccg    173580
     tctgtttcct gcctcgtgga gtttacaagc tccatcgttt ggcctccctc ctcctctctt    173640
     aagtgtgatg agcagtccag gtggagcaga gaaaaagtgc tgttggtggt aagacttggc    173700
     atattagggt gtgtgacaga gtagatgcag gttaaccctt ttactgtgcc ctggatgaag    173760
     caaaggagag aaaccagacc tacacacccc accccacccc tgccaacaca tacacacaca    173820
     caagccatgt aagctgggtg agtctgcgtt cctagggagc tctgctcagt gccttcctgc    173880
     tggcctttca ggtctatgtg ctgctcaact gtgctttccc atgcgggctc cttttttcat    173940
     tccctcctgt cttgctggca cgcttgacca aaagtgtgtc agacagtcca gacagcatcc    174000
     tcagtgtgtg ttagttccct cagccccaca aacccagact ggaatggctt ctgtctacac    174060
     tgctcctaag agtggcagtc cacactgctg ggtatctact gtctcctagt ctttgtccac    174120
     gggggacatt tattttactg gatttagttg cctccttgat tacttgatga gtgacatttg    174180
     agtgtgagtg tgtgtgtgtg agtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta cactcatgtg    174240
     tcatggtaca tatgtgaaca tcagaggacc acatatggga gatggttttc tcctttcagc    174300
     acgtgggtcc tggagaacaa actcaggtcg agtttggtgc taaacagctt tactccttga    174360
     gctagttcat tagctctaat gggctgtatt taacattgta atctccttct ctctgcttct    174420
     gcatctctgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt acctgtatac    174480
     atttgtgcct tgggaggtca gaagagagca ccagatccct tgaagctgca gttacaggca    174540
     tttgtgagct ctctggccag agtgctagga ttcacgaggg agcagtaggt gggactgact    174600
     gctgagtcag ctccagcccc atgggataca tgttttagag cagtattaga tttgtagaag    174660
     aattgcctag aaatcactga gaggttttcc tgttaacatc cagtgttggt gtagggtatt    174720
     tgttaaagct caaggactaa tgactgatga gctgatattg atgcattagt gacaatggaa    174780
     gtccattatt catattagat ttcaatcatc atgctttgtg attctatagg ctttgacaaa    174840
     tgcacatcaa gggtcagttg ctctcatata taaagagaaa tgttattgcc ttgcctatgt    174900
     gtttacaaat gtaaattgat cttctctggc ctgccagaaa tgtgatagat cctgaaagga    174960
     atgacaagat acaacatctg cctacaatag tcatggtggt gcggaggcat atgagcagac    175020
     cggaggctgc aagtgagctg tgaagcatca tcggcaagta gtctagatga gcataggaga    175080
     caggtgtgac agatgtgcca gacatgagaa ctggagattg actccttggt gaaagagggt    175140
     agaacacgtt caaccagctg atttcatgtg ccgagttcct acattcagat tgttgagaga    175200
     aaccatcaat aaaagatgta tcttccccaa ttcttagatg ctaccaatga atttaacttt    175260
     tagaacatgt aacatgttcc agcataaaca tggctatggg taggatactg tgaacgccta    175320
     gcctctagct cttcattggc aaaccattcc agagcagcag ggctgtagct aagaacaggg    175380
     acctgaaggg aagaagtgaa taattaatgc cacttcctaa aggtacagga ccagatggga    175440
     gagatgtcag agaaggctcc agagagagaa taatttagtt gagtcttata gaaaacaggg    175500
     acaaaggggt cagcatttct gaaaacacag aagctaagag ctcggatatg gggttatttt    175560
     atagctgtgc tggatcctac cgagaacaac tgggaagaga gttttaaaat gtctcctccc    175620
     tttgaaggtg ttaaagagtt aagagcggcg cctgcctcaa agcagggcca cccccatgcc    175680
     agtctagatc gagattttct ttcttcatta ccttcctgaa gttgaagact gagccaaatg    175740
     ttttccatgt tagaaaagtt atgttcatca tttaatgaga atttcttagg catattaaag    175800
     acaggatgca ggggaaatag atgaatacag caacagacac gtaggtggtt tgggtattag    175860
     atcagacacg gaactaaaag caacagtgga tatatgctca agaacacaga ttctaagacc    175920
     tggagtatcc catcagagaa ccagaatgca aacaaaacgt taattaagca ttgtaggatt    175980
     gagaatagat tacccagatc atcagctcac cagacttatt tccaaacagg tgaaatggaa    176040
     attgactatt tggtggacag aaaaggcaag atataaggaa agagagagag ggaaggagga    176100
     gggaatggag gaagagaatg tagaatatat atgtgtgtgt gtttatatat gtatatacat    176160
     atatatgatt aaaaactacc ccaaaggatg gagataaata atgctgataa agcaatattt    176220
     gaagagccac taaggacttt tgaagatggg agaaacataa agagccacag attcaggacg    176280
     ctccataaac cccaagcaac ataaagacaa agaaaaccac atggaaaacc ccagagtcaa    176340
     actgctcaaa accaaaccta agtataaaat cctcgatgca agatgctaat cattagataa    176400
     ataaaaacca caccttaacc cgatgctgct tgaaggatgc tccaagcaaa cataaatgaa    176460
     gaaatcctgc ggtggcttag ttctatcagc tacactagat ggtaagatga gaagctttgg    176520
     gaaagataaa aaggagtttc gtgggttgag aaggttggtc atctaggaga atgggacaac    176580
     cctaagtcag gatgaattaa caatatcatt tcaaatatat taaagcaaag actgagctaa    176640
     aaggaaaaat aacccttcac catcaaaacc ggagatttaa aaggtctcct ctcagaatca    176700
     tctcctgaca gttggtgaag gcaggggagg gaagaatcaa tccctttcag gggtcacaag    176760
     tgtgaccaca cttcagtcca gcgcctctca gccttcccaa tgctgagagc ctttaataca    176820
     gttcctcgtg ttgtggtgac cccctaacca taaaactatc tttgttgcta ctttataact    176880
     gtaattttgc ttctgttagg aattgcagtg gaaatatttt tttgagccag aggtttgcca    176940
     aaggggtcat gactcacagg ttgttgtcta ctgttccagc aacgattcta aagtcacact    177000
     gtgggttatg ttttttttta aaaaaagagt tggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    177060
     gtgtgtgaag agggaatctg ggagaagctg gaagggagaa atgagggtat ggatattaca    177120
     ggaatatatt gtacatgaaa gagtaagtaa aaatattaca ctacacatct aaacagccca    177180
     gcccagcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacctaaa cagcccaaca    177240
     cacacacata cacacatcta aacaacccaa cacacacaca tctaaacagc ccaacacaca    177300
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacatc taaacaaccc aacacacaca tctaaacagc    177360
     ccaacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacccc taaacagcct aacacatcat    177420
     tattagcata ggagatttga tcaataaaac atgtgaactt ggcctcattg atgtacagtt    177480
     cctgcccaag tgtcacaaat acagagcatt cttttgcagt gcgtgaagaa catttaccca    177540
     cacagacctt tcccggggac ccggagctag tttccatgat gtctgaggca ggacgtgttt    177600
     tgtaaacagg aatgaagcat gctgtcacaa agccagagct ctaaaaagtc ctcagcatag    177660
     aaccaagcat gcccctggat aattcctcat tccctaaatt tatcgcatac taatttctaa    177720
     gtcactcatg tctcagaaac acttatgcta tcatgcacta aagtacaata acaggaagtg    177780
     tcaaaacatt tgggctgttg ttgaagcgag attcaaaagg aggtttttgt ttttttaaag    177840
     atttatttat tttatgtatg tgagcacact gttgctgaca gaccagaaga aggcattgga    177900
     ttcaattaca gatggttatg agtctccatg tggttgctgg gaattgaact catgacctct    177960
     agaagagcag ccagtattct taacccctga gtcatctctc cagcccttca aaaggaggtt    178020
     ttaaaaactg aaaataattt acatgacaag gtataaacag tacggagcac cacagtctct    178080
     cctaaaatct tatttccaat ggttcagtat ttcccaaact atgctgggca caatagaagc    178140
     cacattggca atcatatgtt ggcattcaaa atgtttccct gttcctcctt gtagatacgt    178200
     atgagtgctt tgttctgggt gcagtcggca gtaatttttg atcaatagct tcttccaaca    178260
     atcagggcta aagatccttt actttcacac agcagagagg ggaaagtcca gtctctttta    178320
     gaaatcttaa ggcttaaatt ctcacagctg aaactctgag gtgagtgcaa aatctaccca    178380
     gacacaaaca gctcatcagc tctgattttt ataacttaac aacaagtccc acgagtgccc    178440
     cagctgagcc tgataaagat tttctgagtg ttccggatat ttttcccagt cctcttggtt    178500
     caataaaact caaatcatgt tttgcttcaa gcgtttgttc tcttaatctt gaaacccctc    178560
     ctgccctttt taagcaaaat tgaatttaca catttctcat tcatttacac ctctgtcctg    178620
     aaaacatttc taagaaacag acccatggac acatctttac tttctgttaa cgttagatgg    178680
     aagccgagga tcagtgacct caaagggtct tcagtacaga gcctacttgg gctcattacc    178740
     ctttcgccca atggcagggc acacttggtc ttctgatcca cagggcactg aatgcgtggg    178800
     gatgagcttg tcacatgtcc cctgcagctt ctgggcaggt ggtgcttact gccagagatt    178860
     tcctttcaga atctagcaca gccattagaa gtccacatag tcactgcata catcatgaca    178920
     tccaagttct gtttgtgaca ggagaatgct acattcattt agttttttgg agcaagtttg    178980
     aaaagcagag ggaaaagatg tacttagatg tcagtgttgg ggaagcagga gccctatacg    179040
     gtgcttctgg gcaaggagct ggccgtgtcc atcacatccc cttctccaag caacaccttc    179100
     cacagctgaa cctgtggcga tgctgcagct gagacttcgc ggcctccctg gagctagctc    179160
     atcagccaca ggcagaagtg tctagatgat actttaagtg gaccattttg tctagaaaaa    179220
     gtgcctgaga tgaaagtttt gacagtctct ccagcagtct ctgtggctct agggggcaat    179280
     tagtcaaaca aagtccaaat cctaccacca gccagcattc agatggcggt ggggaagccc    179340
     ctacgggctc tcctttggac tcagcaggac agtgaccctc atcctccagc ctgtggagct    179400
     agcgtgttaa tgagcatggc tggtctgggt aacagacagc aatctcaaga gctatgctat    179460
     ccttgcagga aatatcagga aaacatgggt gttggttttt tttttttttt ttttttttaa    179520
     tcactcctct tgactaagaa acggtgatga cgattcattg taaatgaaaa gtcttcagga    179580
     aggaagggtg gtggttcttt tttttttttt tttcttcctg tttaagatgg agacatgaag    179640
     gagtaaagag aaattgaaaa agaattgctc tgagtgagtg tccgagagga ttcatctcaa    179700
     gtgagcatag catttattca aggtggaaac tcgttgaatt ggtgaggcgt gaacaagctg    179760
     agcagtcaga caacttgcta ggaaaaatgg tctctaagta gagcattagc cttggtgggt    179820
     ttttaaacgt ctaatagctg ctcttgggag ggaagaaaat atcacttatt aatgtcctta    179880
     ctgtcaacat cccaccacga ctcaggatat caatgtgaag tgaagtgaaa tggggaagaa    179940
     gattccccca ggataactgg gccccagcat actaccattg ctattttagg acatgtgaca    180000
     tatgtttagc tatctcaaat cactgtgctg aagagtcaaa agttaatttc atccagtcct    180060
     tgtaatccaa gatacgaagc cttcttcctg ttgctagtgc taacatcagc ttccgcacat    180120
     catatgggat atctcaagca gagacgtaat ggaagggagc agagagagtg tctgctgtat    180180
     caagtgcctt gcttagtggg ctcagagagc atagtaataa ttttagaatt gatctgatca    180240
     tctcactgtc cctaggaggt acacagttat tagactaata tgagttataa tcatatgtgc    180300
     cttgtggctg taaatctagg tgagataagg tctgtaccat gtctgtgtgc acaataggtg    180360
     ccaaaataca taattcaatt cttgcttgta tcgtgatggt gatttgaatg gcgttctcaa    180420
     cagcagaatc caatggtcag gtagttagac actgtgcagg tcatggttat gcatatttcc    180480
     tgatggatct agttaattaa atggacttct ttcccatatg ggggaatttt cttgttctgc    180540
     aatttgctct gttaaaaggg cacatgattg tcagttcggg ttggacactg actggctaac    180600
     atgcccatta ttgtctttat taactgtaat ggcttttagc agacccaaag actctggatg    180660
     ggagagcatc aagactgaag gcagcatgga acagggcaag gtatctatgg gtaatgagac    180720
     cagaaacagt gcctggaaca ttagcaaata gacataataa ttgacagcca tcgagaaaat    180780
     gtcctgcctt tttctccctg gagtttatca catggcttca tgtcctctgc ccttaataat    180840
     ccaaacagtt attgcgtgta ttgttttggt ctatttctta gctggataag gccactggac    180900
     attaccctta gctggcgcat gaactgccaa attcggggac tgcagtcagt cagtttgtat    180960
     gagaatgtgt gtgcctgccc agaggcagga ggcaatgtca agatagcatc ctcctttcta    181020
     ggactcagtg tggaagcctc ttaactgtgc acttaataaa tgaagccttg gcagacacac    181080
     cttgaattat taatgaagtt attcagcttt gattgtttcc ttcttttggg gaaaggttat    181140
     tcactcaatg cctttgctta gactacacaa tacatcacaa ttgggcatat tttatgtgca    181200
     actttatggt gataatagtt ctgtctcatt tagaagcaaa tcagacatta tgaacttcgt    181260
     gatttattaa tatattgatc tccagaaatg tcagtgcatc tcacatctcg tcagagagcc    181320
     gggagcaatc attggagagc caataaaaat gtaaaatgaa ccatcataaa aagagaaaat    181380
     acagccggtt tcaaagcccc gctgtcttcc taaattgttt caggacccag atcgttacca    181440
     caaaggcacc cctaccaacg aaacccagac gagggggggt atcagggagg gttctgtccc    181500
     acttaaatct actttgagta aaaatagagt gcgtggactg aaatagaacc caaggggtgg    181560
     ggcgtgggct tgacataggg gaggcgctgg ggctggctcc tagatggtcc ctttctgtga    181620
     ggttctccac tacacacgct acttgcctgc tgaggtaact tcaggcaaag cccagattca    181680
     tgctggcata gaaagatttg tttaccttga gtgtgaccct ccacatcccc gccccgtacg    181740
     gatccttgca acagctttgg aatctaatca catgcaaacc actgtttcta ttagagtgtg    181800
     ctgacactga tcccacccat tcttgaaacc tgactggagt tacatagtaa gcactcaatg    181860
     tgagttaagt gaagagcatt actggagtac ttagtaagca ctcaatatgt gttaagtgaa    181920
     cagcactaca ggagtgtagc aggaaataga ctaagagtgt tgtgttactc atgtggccaa    181980
     ttctgtaatt tgacacttta gattgcaaat cggtagtatg ccagagcacc atcattagcc    182040
     cagttctttt tactgtgaat tccaccattt atctcacata aaaatttgga atgttggctt    182100
     ctctagaaat gcctgccatg caaggcctcc attcctatgt ggaaacacag gcagcaggga    182160
     agcagcagta aagtatggcc agaacacaca cactttctgg taagctccaa tccccagcac    182220
     tcattagccc ttcaacagga agtgcaggga gcgcttagtc actgtgactc attcatacgc    182280
     cctgtgcaaa gttacaattc ctacccaacg acgtcgctcc tctgcccaat actatgtttt    182340
     tccaattaac ttttaggttt ttgtggcagt ctagaaatat gatcaaagtt catctctttg    182400
     agttcccaac caacacagaa gattcagatg ccccggatag actcaggaca tgaccttaga    182460
     tatgtgcttc tgtctgctta tgtcacatgc atcaaaacta ggacagacct atgggtcctg    182520
     ggctcagaat gggttagctt tatgttttag actgttgtgc ttggtttagc tcctgtgagg    182580
     aatacattca attatttcca tttcacagag gaggaaactg aggctcagag aggaaataga    182640
     ctatttataa acggggcatt ctgggagctt tgtttacatc atttcatgca atcccctgca    182700
     ggttttcaat atcactatca catgttcatt gttagtttat ttctcagtga tgtgttttca    182760
     tccccatttc atctggagac acggggtcag agatatccca aaggtgataa gtggagagca    182820
     gagatcagtc tcagtacctg ctgatgtcag atgctctaca gccatcccga gagtctgcta    182880
     gatccattct cctacagccg tgtttgtgtc tgtctcacac aagttgtgga ccagatttct    182940
     ctagtcaagc ctcactactc ttgtaaattt gaggaaccca gactgaggtg tcaggaaggg    183000
     aggtctctaa cagttgcaga agtccatttc ccacgtcccc ctctgcctct gtcatctatc    183060
     tagattgcta cctttgtttc catttcctga acatccaggc agccttcact tcagttaatg    183120
     tgtctaaaac ccggggcatt ctaaccatgc agagggaatt ttattctgcc ttctatgttt    183180
     gcaagctagg gtcctggaag gaatctggat ttagccaagg tcataacact gactctctgg    183240
     catggacgat gaaacataga gacatcattc cagcaattca gtgttgaaaa ggatagtacc    183300
     atcaattcac catccattca ctgaataatt tccaagtctc tagcagatgt tatccagaca    183360
     ttattaaata agacagtggc caccaggcac aaatgtggtg ttggagccct gatagaaaat    183420
     aaatagggtt ataagactgg agagaaacag gttgtggggg gcactgttgt atacagggta    183480
     gccatggaag gtaagatggc agttgggtgg gctgtgagca agaagagaaa gacagagact    183540
     ttgtgcctag atatcgttga gcttgaatcc cagcacagca gaacctgagc agtctcttct    183600
     gtcttcccag tcagagggtg cagcagcaga cagatcacag ggacctcaag cctccctgtc    183660
     tgaaggtcaa ggcgacctct gcagagaagg cctggcatct agtgagctct gctctggtgt    183720
     cctccccact tggaggcaaa gcctccttgg gggcttagtt tcctgctgga tgtctttgct    183780
     gggctgtgag ctgggtgaga cctagggaag cttacacagc atgagtaacc tgggatcaag    183840
     ctggggggct ggctggaagc cttttgtagt tcaggagggt ggatgagccc ctgattaatt    183900
     agccatatga agctgtgaat acattagcag gtcacagggc tctgaggcta tttaatctgc    183960
     ctagtggtct gtagtagtaa gtgctgatcc tggcataatg ctttaatgga actttccaga    184020
     tggagttctg ccctcaagtt ttcaattctt ctgaatgcct cacagggagg tagcaggacc    184080
     tctcagcatt tagtcctcag ggaagctcac tataaagctt cattggggat taagattctt    184140
     taaaaataag cctcacatac aagagacagc ttcaagtcat cttagcatga cacctctcta    184200
     gtgcttgcag cctgcacctt cacttcaact tccaaagccc ttcttcacga agaccacatc    184260
     ttggaggatt ctgtgactgg ggtggagata tgcctttccc gtcagtctgg tgtgtgtgtg    184320
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgctgtgt ttgtgtgtgt    184380
     gtttacttac acttgcacat gcacacacac acatacatgc ctgcctgcgt tccacagtgt    184440
     gtgtatgaaa gtcggaggac cgctttgggg agtcagttct ctttccattg attgagtccc    184500
     aggatcaaga ctcaggttgc aaggtttgtc ttcaacttat ggattgtttt aaagccacag    184560
     atataaatag cattgagaat ggttcctgtc tctgtctctg tctctgtctc tgtctctgtg    184620
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc ttgtgaaggg    184680
     ataatagata aattccatgg gaagaagggt ttggtacttc tgggcttgtg ctgtttttat    184740
     tgaataaaat atgacactgt tgtggtcact gctgcttatc accatctgct tttgtgtctt    184800
     ctcctccata aacttcttgg ccctgtgact cagtttcctg gtggaagcag atactctgtt    184860
     cagtatcctt gatactgagg agggggaagg ccaggtaagg aataaagaac ggcattgtgg    184920
     gtagagagaa cagcctttgt aaggccttga ggaggaggag ggggaggacg gacagactga    184980
     tgagtggtgg ctagtgtgtc agggatgggg tcagatggca tgtgtttaaa aagaaaagga    185040
     ggtccagagg agagtaaaga agccttgccc tgtcttgtct tggacctagg agccatgttt    185100
     gaagttctag cagcagcaaa tagcaaagca agcccagagt tggtttacat gtgctttgag    185160
     aagaccacag agagccatga attacagtat taatggctct gtgaggtctg gtgtcagtca    185220
     taggagaact gcgatctaca ccactcttcc tcattggcta gaactttgta gagatggctt    185280
     ttccaggctc gctctctgcc tgaggccttt gcttgctccc tttgctgggt tattgcagcc    185340
     aagggccctg atgaatcaca caggtctgag gccctccact aggtcccagt tctctgaaag    185400
     tgagggcaag ggaaaaaaca tccatttcct cttttcagtt aataaaagct acaatctgag    185460
     gtatttgagg tttcagctag gatagcaaag ggcttgagaa tccctgtttc agccttggct    185520
     ggagacctga ctccgtggca ctgaatatta taaggctgaa aaaaaatctc tcaggactga    185580
     aatttttttc tagctaatca gtaacttcct cctttactcc cattttaggt gccacatgac    185640
     cttgtgtgga gaaataggtc tccatagttg taatcgaaag gtaaagatta atcacgaaga    185700
     aaagatgtga tttttattga agcaaactgg aagaaaatac aatgcaagga aaccaggtat    185760
     cgagactctg gccgctattt gcaaatgtca tgaaacagga aacacatgtc tccctcctcg    185820
     tctatcatat catatcacat catcacacat cctattacat accacatagc atattacatg    185880
     tcacataaca catatcacat atatcacatc atatcatatc acatattgca tcacatcata    185940
     tcacagcata ccacatatca tgttgcacat cacataacac aaatcatata ttgtatcata    186000
     tcacataaca caaatcatat aacacatcat atcacattgc atcatattgt atactgcatc    186060
     acgagtcttg cgttgctcta ttccttcttg ctaagatata ttggcacgtt gcgggagtgg    186120
     ttatcactga gggtgactgt ttccttcctt cttgctgagg tgtgttttct aacttttctg    186180
     cctatgactt tgcttttcca atacgaagaa atccataaga gcctttgcct aggatcttca    186240
     aaggcaaatg tggaggagcc ccaagaaacc ctggaggggc aaagcctcag gcttggggta    186300
     catcactgca atgcaggctg ggaagccagg cagttaaggg cagaacctct ggcttagata    186360
     tcctttctga tgccgcctca gtcacctgtg tcatttctca gcttgtgctc ccacatcttg    186420
     gagagggtat ggctaatata cacattgcca aactcttatg atattgtaat gaaatactaa    186480
     gagaagatgc catgggcata gggtgttggt tagtaagcgt tactcagcta ctaatgcttc    186540
     tctgctttga gaatgcagcc tggctgggaa cagtggacca ggcaggggaa ctgactcaga    186600
     ggaggacttc ctgagacaat ggggactgcc gttggagtgc tgatcgggaa gctgctcatc    186660
     actatagcaa caaagatttc agtagtgtgt gtcatgtgtt acctcttgtc accatcctga    186720
     aaccatgtta gctacatgct accactcatt ataaaggaag aacccacgac ttagggatac    186780
     agggtgatct gcccaaggcc acgtatcatt cactagatct gaattcaaat ccaagccagc    186840
     ttgatgtcga agtccacatt gttaactgct gtaatcactg agcaagttgc ataaccatat    186900
     ataatgattt aaatccaaac attttcacta gatgcaacct ggcttgtggt agtcactgcg    186960
     cccctcaaag cctcagtttt ctcatgaaga atgtaaatga tgtagttcat ggctcatagt    187020
     cctcagaagg atgcaacgtg caaagatagg acaacctgag cactgagcaa catcaacatc    187080
     tgttcaccat gcagatgtcc ctggtaccct ggctggtccc tgagaggtca tgcttacagt    187140
     acctgggtta ggtttttttt tttttaggca gtgactccaa gccatgctgc tgaaaaagca    187200
     attttttttt tttttttttt gctctggctg tgtggataga tttttaatat ttaattagag    187260
     agaccttctg cttggagaga gggcaggact tgttattaaa tcctgctgct tggtctttct    187320
     cacttgcccg tgggatcatt cattcatttc cagtcacaca atttaatatt gcaacagcta    187380
     atggggagat gttgataatt tgtaaaaact ggttggtcct gaggctgtgg aagaagcccc    187440
     tcgcctgggc ctgctgtgtg agccaaagca gattctctgg agaccagggc tcccgagagc    187500
     tccatgttca ctctaattgc actcacaggg tgccttctga gtgtcaagtg ccatgtcagg    187560
     agccgtgagg attagaaaga tggtcatggt acagctgcaa ccccgaggtt gggattcctg    187620
     catgcattag aacaatagtc tctgccagca gatgtacagg ctcaaaaagt ctcctttgtc    187680
     atttcctaag cacagcactg ggaattagcc ctcttaagat ttggctccaa ggaactggca    187740
     tctctcccta agacttactt ctggagtgta ccagcctcca gcctgtagat tggaccttgg    187800
     cgatagatag gctccctgtg tgaacatgtc gaaaggtctt ttggagacaa tgaagagcag    187860
     ataactgtgg agcatctagt gagcgcccat ctcattgata ggcatcggtg agccaagaca    187920
     gacatggtct tgttcccaga gactaagagt tggtacatga aggagagaac ccaagaatag    187980
     taggtgtgaa gagttataat gttgggaaat actgcaagag tgtgtggtgg cactgtggat    188040
     ggagtagctg ggatcaggga agtataggca tgtaggggat gcttccccta gggagtaatg    188100
     atggggagga aattcaaaga aatggaattt agtaaatggg aaggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    188160
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcatgctag tgcattataa cagggcagga ggattctgtg    188220
     tgtgaaggga gagtaagaga ctttcagaaa cctcctctgc agatgcatgg gagcagaagg    188280
     aaataagatg cattcaaggg gggtgtatct gatcctgtct tcactctaaa gccttctatg    188340
     gctcccattg cttgagggga caggctatgc ttttgaacgc aacatccaag ctcctttatg    188400
     acctgcttgg cttcctctct cctacccatg tcacctttct cctcttcccc ctccctctct    188460
     gtgcttattg cttcttcagt ctgactccct gactgacact tgcacactct gactccctga    188520
     ctgacacttg cacactctga ctccctgact gacacttgca cactctgact ccctgactga    188580
     cacttgcaca ctctgaccct atgattgaca cttgcacact ctgacttcct gacacttgca    188640
     cactctgact ccctgactga cacttgcaca ctctgactcc tgactgacac ttgcacactc    188700
     tgactccctg actgacactt gcacactctg actccctgac tgacacttgc acactctgac    188760
     cctatgattg acacttgcac actctgactc cctgactgac acttgcacac tctgactccc    188820
     tgactgacac ttgcacacac ttgtacatgc tcctgcctcc ctctggtgcc ttcttcactg    188880
     ggttgtttcc aggtctccgg gtctatccca ttgtatccct cctctccatt gctccaccca    188940
     cagagtccac agttgaatgg tgctttctct agtcttgaaa cactgtagta tgtgcccaga    189000
     cctatattgg aagcacttca aatgttcttc atggttctga gtgtgaaggg gaagggaaat    189060
     aaatctcaaa gtaacttctc agcggaaagc tctgtgtcaa aagcatttca taccctaaat    189120
     tcaccaagct tatgaggatt attttgtaat ttccacttct tctgtcatga aagcttggtt    189180
     attagctgtc aggcttatac acccttgttt ccgtcagcct agggataaaa tgtggggctc    189240
     atttggatgc tagagaacga tgggactatc acctcagttg cttccctgtg atgatggggt    189300
     gaactttaaa gattagagag agcttggagt ttccccaatt gagacctgat ctaattctgt    189360
     tttgccattt aaaatatacc tgtttgtaat gtcttcatat aggtgttatc attagcacta    189420
     gtcaacttga tgcacccagg aaaagagaaa ccaatttcaa aaacaaaata cctcccatca    189480
     gattggcttt tggcatgttt gtaaggcatt tttcttataa ttggtaattg atgcaagagg    189540
     acattagccc actgtgggcg gctccatctc tgagcaggtt gccctgggct gtgtaagaaa    189600
     ggtagctgag caagccagta agcagtgttc ttccatggtc tctgctttag cgcctgcatt    189660
     gaacccttgc cttggcttca ctcagtgctg gtctgtaact tgtaagcaaa ataaacccct    189720
     tcacagcatc aaagaaacaa acttgcacga taggatactg aagacaaacc atctgtggtt    189780
     cattgggaaa catgtctcag gctcattaaa aacacatgaa tttttatagg atggccatat    189840
     cattcaagat tgccagccaa aaagcactcg ctattattaa tttattctta atagacatct    189900
     ttcttacaga ttagcactct aattactcct gaaaaagtgt gcagctgtga cgtgagactg    189960
     ctgattaaag tggtccagaa actaaatcga agtcttcggt tgcgagcact tcagccttct    190020
     ccccaccttc caacaacagc atctgttatc ctggagggcc aggcagatta ccatttgtcc    190080
     ctatctgcct gaggagtccg aggttcagca gtgagtcagg gtacttcaca gtaggctgca    190140
     gccctctaca gtaggctggg gtattttata gcaggctggg gtgctttaca gtagcaggct    190200
     ggggtacttt acagtaggct aggctattag tggttcctgc aaaggcagtg tgcaaaaagc    190260
     acaggggtga aagacgtgag gttgaacatc ttactatgtg tttcttgtaa gcctgcatct    190320
     tcttggtttc ctctaggtca gtagttctca acctgtgggt cacaatccta ttggggttgc    190380
     atatcagcta tcagatattt acattatgac tcacaatagt agcacaatta cagttataaa    190440
     gtagcaatgg aataatatta tggttgtgtt caccacagca agaggatgtg ttaataatgt    190500
     tgtattacag gatggcagca ttaggaaggt tgagaaccac catcctaggt cattcctaga    190560
     cctttcttaa tgtgtgttaa tccttcctcc aaatagaaag gtggctgcca cagtaatgta    190620
     gctacagaag gggagcttaa agggttttct atgtatttac taagggagca ttcatttaca    190680
     tgtcagtgga ggctcatttg tgtcagtgtg tgtgttcacg gtgattggtg attgagcctc    190740
     tcccgttgag ggggaggaat gaagtgagct ggctgctgag cccagggact ggaatgattt    190800
     taatcttacc tctgtcacag acttcctgtg tggcttcact actctggtgg cattgcctta    190860
     ttgtgaagga cacttgtttc tcagggcctt tcgggggata ctaagtctgt aagaaaccag    190920
     gtacttgttt ccgcaatgtg cagagggtgg gtggtaggtt gtggagcatg tcctgcccct    190980
     ttggtctacc tatgtgtaag taaaggtagg attctaaacc atgtagacat ttgtggtcag    191040
     gctgcctagg tgccagtctg cctccatcaa caaggtacaa tgtgtatgtc tgctgccctg    191100
     ttcccaagaa tgtcaacaat acaaagaaga tgggccagca ggagtgactg agaggacagg    191160
     agactgggat gggaaacctg gggttgggct ccaaccccca gttctggtat agtgacttcc    191220
     attttcttgg tcctcattac cttctgctac aaaccccaga aggacactgg atttctgtgt    191280
     taccaccact ggttggctct ctttattttc agtttattaa tcagttatga accctgtctt    191340
     gagtatggtc tctaaagtcg tttgaaccta tgctattttc attttatatg aattttctct    191400
     ccagatagcg agtttcatta aacatattca ttttgtggaa gtcaacgtta ttttaatcag    191460
     tcctaatcta cttctcttaa tcacctaatt tcagcatcaa aaatcgctta acgtctgcac    191520
     ttgtttaaca agcccatcaa agcatccatt cctatcacat tcagatgtta gcagaaaaga    191580
     cagagggcca tttattgaat gtctgcctgt aaagataaat tagatttgtg cttactggtc    191640
     tccctccatt gccccaataa tcccgtgcag taatgtggcc ccccattttg ccattcaata    191700
     cgccagctct cagctggagt gatgcagagc gtcacgagag tcgttattca cccttgtgtc    191760
     tgaaggagat tagacttctg gtgattctgt aatggtggtg tggcttatgc aatgtgatga    191820
     tgattgatgt aacactggga tgtgcttctc tttctgccct cccctttacc catcagtaag    191880
     atgaagtcat tctgtctgga gctgctgagc attgagtccc tgcttcacca gggcctggag    191940
     ggtgttcaca ctgaccccct tgctttatct gaaatatttt gggagaggct tgcagactcc    192000
     ggaggcctct ggggatccca cccagcagct ggctgggtgc tcttggggca gaggaatctc    192060
     ataggataaa gcatgagaac agttgtggct tggtggcgac ctggatgaac agcatgctgt    192120
     atatttaatg ccaggcatgt ttatttgcct ctggccaatg agcgagctgc atgcttgggg    192180
     ctcttcactt aggtggttct tggggaaaat tgagggcatg tatatcaagc aatttttgaa    192240
     ttatggctct attagcatct gtgaatgtct ccctggggaa gccagaaaag ctctattagt    192300
     tgagcagttt aaagcaggat tggaggaagc agtgggggaa tatcccatag ggagcaataa    192360
     ttataaacag cagttccatg taaacaggtc ttaatgtgtt ttctatattg aattcctgag    192420
     agcgaggtct tgtggcattc cagtgccccc tccagggcct cgcccctgca cactagcacc    192480
     tgggggccag tttggggaga tgaagaagag actgggggtg ggaggactgg ctttccaggt    192540
     gccagggcct ggtttgccca cgggctgccc atgggccatg tgatagcaat ggccactggg    192600
     agattgcttg aaagtggtgt gggcaagtca tcctactctt tgtgtccccg taaaggattg    192660
     tagacagctt taggactgag tcagggtctc attccgtgta tttcagttaa aagttccaaa    192720
     atgctgaagg tgggccctac cactccattt acagaagaga gtcacgaggg agcagatggc    192780
     agagctccgt ctgaatctat tttattctaa aattttcatt ctagggttat ttctgtaaga    192840
     tcagataatt tctatacttt ccaaggtctt gtgtggacaa gcattctatg aaccgtacct    192900
     tgtccacaca agaagctcaa aggtctcatt tggggttttc agaacctctt taacttattt    192960
     agactataaa cccctgggaa cagaagtctt cctcattagt tttgtgtttt gtggctgctt    193020
     ctaactccta tattatggag gttaaagacc tgggcccaat gcatgaacac tagaatgtca    193080
     cgcaccttct tatattaatg aaggaaaatt ccgggatcat gagacttcag ggctgggcac    193140
     acctcacatt ttgtctgttg gttttcaaac ttgcataaag gtcaacattc ttcaatggaa    193200
     ggagatcacg cgtgggagcc cagtatgtgt gacagacaga tggttgggtt aaagtggaat    193260
     attgggaaga tgaagctttc cttccccaaa tcttatgagc tggtatctta ggatcaacct    193320
     ggatgccact gatttaactc acactgctca ttgcgcagct gtaaagtgat tccctaaggg    193380
     cccgagggtt ggtaaccaag gaggaaagcc aaagtctggt agatatgagc aagaggtata    193440
     tgtgtggtat gggtactgga gtcttttttg gtgaatttgg aagcattgtt gtgggctaca    193500
     aaggcatcca caggtataaa aaaatattgg tgagaaatct ccacccagtc taaccactct    193560
     tcattcattc attcattcat tcattcattc attccatcat tcactcattc atttagcacg    193620
     tccagaccac ctgctctgtg ttgggttgca cacacgatgc ttcttcagag ccagctgctc    193680
     cccctgtctg caggataaag taggcttgca ggttttcttc aagttgggac aatagccgtg    193740
     gagcagaaca gagagtgaca tgaaacaatg caaaggtccc acagcaaggt tctcctacag    193800
     ctcagccgaa ttgtgctcag ggttcctaac tctcatctct gccttgaggt gacaactaga    193860
     tttttgttaa ggcaatcatt gtacttgaga aaggctgagc tctgcaaccc aacctgagtc    193920
     ccagcttcct tcctccttca ttgcgtggcc ctaagccagt ggctccaact ctttgtgttt    193980
     tgtgagtgag atgggggaag agatggtgtt cacttttcaa gggtcaaata gagtaacagt    194040
     cctttggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtataaaact caagagcagg    194100
     aaaaggggac acaggatggg caatttttga tgctgacact gacagactaa aagtagaagc    194160
     caaggagagg ataaatagag gccagctcca gggtccatca cagtagggag tcctgagagt    194220
     caggggagag gcttgggatc ttggggctag agactgagaa gaagacagat aaagagaggt    194280
     gaggtggggg tcgagaggaa cagcccatgc atagcctaac tctctccttt gtgtgttccc    194340
     ttgagggaag taaaatgaca atgtgactca cttgttgtca aggatagcag attgatggag    194400
     aacagcgctg aacacactaa acaaatgaaa ggctccagtt tactgagaat ggagctccca    194460
     tccgttgtgc acatctgatt tagctacagt gctggtttgc ctgggaattg tatcctggat    194520
     acaactcaag tgtggggcag gctactatga ctctggtttg ccatgaggag ttcctggaaa    194580
     atgaaggcta agtgaactcc taataggaaa tgattacaga gaattattta tacattaggt    194640
     aagccagaga gcaccgtgct tacctgagga ttgggaggct cttttgttaa cctctctctc    194700
     tgtccctctc gacattaccc atctcttcca tccctgccat gttttctgtc tatgctcctt    194760
     gtatctctca ccttcctatc ttacttctat gttctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    194820
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctccc ccccctgccc tgcactggag atgttgtgaa    194880
     catacttggt agctctcatt ttcttccttt actatattta tattggttcc tcttagtgta    194940
     agcatcaggt gccaatccca tgtcagtagc agtctgcccc atgattccta gcatttgaat    195000
     tcaagtatcc taatatcatg ttgtcctgag gatcatgata ggatggatat acaggcttgg    195060
     cattctggag ctggagagac agagaggaag caggaacaca gagggtgtag tagacatctc    195120
     actttgtatg gtaaggggtt cctgaaaaga ttcattatga attcattgtg caattagata    195180
     taagtagaaa gggaaaactt agagcagatg aactgaacaa attgtttcta tttctttgaa    195240
     caaagtcact ctggttcaat gcagttcctt ccttttgcat atatctttct acttttcccc    195300
     atcagcattt atatcctgat tctcaatatt ccggtgctat ttgcctcagt tttaggagat    195360
     tctcagatgc agagtaacta taggacaagc agagacacag cacttggtca gattgggtgt    195420
     cttcaagtca aatggaagat agaaggctta ggcatgggta gctctcagtg ccctctggag    195480
     atgggaaggg ctgggatgac ttctgaacac aggacattct gctggtgaag gagaatggga    195540
     ggtgcctcct gctcatacaa gtagagacat tggccccacc taataggatc cagggttggc    195600
     cttaagctga atgagatgca ggaagagctt cctattagct ttgaaataag ggtgttttgg    195660
     gggtgcatca aaatgctgac aatgtgaaat gacaacataa tgaatacact tggtagacag    195720
     gatggggaag gaagaaagga gggaaggtgt ccttgtcttc tcatatcctg gagaagctgg    195780
     gtcatagaca ctgcttaaag gaagcagaca agcaaccagg gctaaacatg tttacaatat    195840
     ggctacccta aaaatgggca aagggaagaa gggacaagag agaggtttga ggttgcagag    195900
     gagaaataca tcagtgttac tttgctcatt aagagtttct ttttaaagat ctatttttat    195960
     tatttaaaaa tgacctgtat atgcatgtgt ctgtgtgtgg ggtatgtgca tgtgtgagtg    196020
     tatatgccag cagagtccag aagagggtgt tggatccccg gaagctgtag ttataggcag    196080
     ctgtgaactg cctggtgtgt gtgctgagaa ccagacacag gtcctttgca agaacactat    196140
     gtactttaaa ccactgcgcc atctctcccg tccagggaaa gggatatgtt tttgctatga    196200
     ggagttcgac tcactggata tgctgtctta tttctggcca tcagtcttaa ggtaaatctc    196260
     tgcagtccct cacgttggtg ctgacaggag atcaggccca ctcctcctca tctttcctct    196320
     aatgctgaga aagtgtaacc tgagtcctta tgttactagc attctggatc aataggtcta    196380
     tccatttctg agcttttacg tgtatgtatt ttgtttcata ttttattata gcaaatgaag    196440
     aaatgctttg aaaggctaat gcattatttt cctaaggctg tcacaacaga ttactacaag    196500
     atgatagcta aactagtaaa catttatgct cattgcaaga ggccagaaat tcaacatctt    196560
     atgttgaaat gaaggaattg ccaaggccat agctttgagg gtctccatag gaattagttc    196620
     tttgcctcct ccagctttgg gcacagggga ctgccagcac cctttgactt atcgacacat    196680
     cactccaagc cccgtttctg tctttatcct gtctgtatct caactctacc tgcctttcag    196740
     gacatttgta ctggcatctg ggacccaccc aagtaatcca ggataatctc atctcaggcc    196800
     ctttaactgt gtcacatctg taaagaacct tttcctttta atgtaactga tacacattcc    196860
     agaggctcac agagctctct ttaggctacc actattcatc tttctacaaa cctggctgta    196920
     tcaggacatg aagattttac caagagaagt aaccttgatg ctcactgaat ggattggtaa    196980
     tactctgggt gttccaggca caatttaagc ataaggattt agacagaaga aacaaagtcc    197040
     tgaaataagc tttgaatgac ttaatactcc atggtcattc tgtatgaaga ggggagctca    197100
     agtctcaatg ttttttagac ctataaatct ggttcatcag tagtatgtca tttttgttcg    197160
     tatcgtagaa ctgtttttga caagtctaac actgtgtgga gagtctatga agtattagac    197220
     aaatgataca cctataaata atggttgaat tcaggcacat atgatggatg gcaggcttct    197280
     taagaacctc attcagtctt ttcactatca actgggttta gcaagtctcc agagtaacag    197340
     agaaacagta catgtttctg ctatacagaa tgcatagaaa attgattcaa gggccctgaa    197400
     gagcctggat tctcattatt tccccaagaa ttttaattat tgttgctgct attatttttg    197460
     gttgaagctc ttctatagct tgtgttacta ataatttcct gaatgagttc tagggataaa    197520
     atagaaccat cctttgttta gacagatgta ggatatgact acaggggaac cctgcttgag    197580
     agacacagat gtcttacgca gtaaggtgac ctggaatagc aaatgccttc tgaagttgct    197640
     atgtagaact cacagacgtg gctacacacg actctccagg aaaacagtga tcttagctgg    197700
     tggagatgaa gttattgaga agcaagacag ctaatgaact gataaagctt tctgatcttc    197760
     tagcatctga tcacctgccc tcaccccacc ccaagaagct cttgacatcc tccactagat    197820
     gaaagtgata atgagttcag ttggtcggca ggcaccgcag tgaaagccga gtatgtatgc    197880
     tgacagagca tacaggaaaa aggtatttct aggattcttt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt    197940
     tattgagaca gggtttctct gtatagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccat    198000
     gctggcctcg aactttgaag tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc gagtgctggg attaaaggca    198060
     tgtgccacca cgcccggcta tttctaggat tcttatttgg gaaacttcta tactaaccgc    198120
     tctaccaatt cttccctgtc aaatccatgg gaaagaatta tattgcccaa ggatatagcc    198180
     atagcaatgc ctgttttttc ctaatgaaca ctacattctg tttattagaa tgcttccagg    198240
     tcaaagaagt gtgaagcaca gaggaagcac agctataggt aggaaggttg gccctgcctc    198300
     aggtgtcttt cattgaattc                                                198320