ID   AL662823; SV 12; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 215241 BP.
AC   AL662823;
DT   18-DEC-2001 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 22)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-243E17 on chromosome 3
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-215241
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Lloyd D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; c5d567bbe8f3a875c57b49ac14102bf5.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456097.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000027718; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000027719; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000027720; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000037270; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027165; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027166; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0027167; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027125; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027126; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0027127; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027094; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027095; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0027096; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027137; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027138; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0027139; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026880; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026881; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026882; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027583; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027584; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027585; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026333; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026334; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026335; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026857; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026858; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026859; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026991; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026992; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026993; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026959; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026960; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026961; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027103; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027104; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0027105; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026979; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026980; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027642; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027643; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027644; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026066; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026067; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0026068; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026407; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026408; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026409; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL662823.12:1-215241; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000029274; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000029275; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000057272; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000138950; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000144629; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000152564; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000152881; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000161015; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000211820; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0060568; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0060573; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0060574; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0060585; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0060590; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0060591; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0060521; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0060526; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0060527; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0060518; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0060523; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0060524; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0060204; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0060209; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0060210; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0060993; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0060998; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0060999; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0060504; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0060509; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0060510; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0060180; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0060184; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0060185; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0060282; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0060287; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0060288; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0060267; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0060272; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0060273; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0060426; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0060431; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0060432; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0060239; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0060244; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0061177; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0061182; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0061183; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0060060; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0060065; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0060066; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0059483; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0059488; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0059489; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; D6RI50.
DR   GOA; E9PX58.
DR   GOA; F8WI80.
DR   InterPro; IPR002466; A_deamin.
DR   InterPro; IPR018863; Fragile_site-assoc_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR028151; IL-21.
DR   MGI; MGI:1890474; Il21.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A2AB97; A2AB97_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D6RI50; D6RI50_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9PX58; E9PX58_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6Q4Y5; F6Q4Y5_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6YB09; F6YB09_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F8WI80; F8WI80_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-243E17 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..215241
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="3"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-243E17"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    23301..23301
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 120bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    51551..51694
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig_59597, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    52333..52358
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig_59597, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    59097..59197
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig_59597, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    59207..59305
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig_59597, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    75727..75727
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 10bp by restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    104263..104285
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig_210476, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    117830..117844
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence from reads from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    118177..118310
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence from uni-directional
FT                   dGTP big dye terminator reads only. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    121428..121530
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    123124..123189
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Sequence confirmed by mouse whole
FT                   genome shotgun supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse
FT                   Genome Sequencing Consortium, contig_113010, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    131493..131497
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig_59598, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    192232..192643
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig_205934, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    206153..206273
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig_205934, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    206415..206418
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig_205934, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    206720..206790
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig_205934, version 1."
SQ   Sequence 215241 BP; 62443 A; 44841 C; 44035 G; 63922 T; 0 other;
     gaattctttg aacaaaccca aatttctttc tttgtattga ttgaaaagat tctgttttga        60
     ggataatgca ggactcttga ttaggaattt tgatatgttt acaaagaaag actggaagca       120
     gttatgcaaa tagggtctac ctagattgaa cacaaataag acctgcctaa attgaacaca       180
     aatagggcct agctaaatgg aaattgtgat gacataaaca gatttaacat tagattttgc       240
     ttatttgagg ggtgtgggta tgtgtcatgt gtatgctcta gtgtaaatgc atgtgtgtgc       300
     ttttgtgtat ggagatcaga atcaacctgg gttattgact ctcagatgat gtccactgtg       360
     ttttctgcat cttagagctc acctcctagg caaggtggct gaccagagag catgaagtgt       420
     cttcctattt agacccaccc agtactagga ttacgagtgt gtgtcaccat gatttatttt       480
     ccaaggctgt gtatctcaaa ctcaggttct catggttgct attggaaatg cagtcctgcc       540
     tgagccattt cctcagctct ttctttgaat atttcttctc cttttttcct tcttttctgg       600
     tcaaaaaaat tgcttatgaa agtaaatgac agttcctagt gagtgaaagg atagaaatgt       660
     agataagaat agcagaatgt aacaactgtt gaaacagata ttgaagattt cctatctcat       720
     tccctttatt tttatatgtc taaaatgaag tattttaatg atcagtaaat gaaattttta       780
     taaaatgaga gaataaaaaa tactttagac aagtatagta tcttataaga gtaataatgg       840
     tgcctaaaga atggctggta gactgtttta attgaatgat aacagactgc tatgtttgcc       900
     tgtacttggt tcatcctatt atgtttaagt gatgcaggta tgaacttagg aaggagtaaa       960
     gcaactgtgc atggcacact tgtacttcca gcattcagaa ggcagaggca ggggaaggaa      1020
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa      1080
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaaatt cacaccaata aatagagata gctagtttta aggcatataa      1140
     cattattatc attcctttca gacattaacc agtctaacta gaagttctgt ccttttctta      1200
     aatgatttct ttttaaaata ttttgaattt gatttttaaa ttcacccccc cctttttttt      1260
     cctataggag ttatgataga agttctagga gtttagatca agattctcct tcaaaaaaga      1320
     aaaaatttca aacgaattat gcttcaacta cccatttaat gactggcaag aaagtgccat      1380
     cctctctaca gacaaagccc agtgacttag aaacaacagt attttacatt ccaggagttg      1440
     atgtcaaggt aaaaactgaa ttgtatagaa taagagacta aaatattaac agtttatttt      1500
     ctactagata attttctttt gcttactttg taaaagataa aattttctga cttaatctaa      1560
     tatagtcata gtctgaatat aagaatatct aaattgtgcc tcaccgttta ttcacagtag      1620
     gcttgctaaa cctttccatc tataatttca ataagcaata atgtattttt taatttctaa      1680
     aattattgaa ttttagacca ttacgcttaa aatactttaa agacaatttg gattaagctc      1740
     tttaatttta agaatgaaga agttaagtac ttctcagccc ctcacagctg acttacaagc      1800
     agaagctgag tcttccttca ggcttccaag ccagtagtcc tcccagccac atcttctgtt      1860
     tcatggtatt tcctcatctg caaaattttt attttgattt ttctttaata cagctgcatt      1920
     acaattctaa gacactaaag actgaatcac ctaacgcctc cagaggatcg tccttgccta      1980
     gaaccctctc caaagagtcc aagctgtatg gtatgaaaga tagcgcagca tctccttctc      2040
     cttctccttt accttgcact gtgcagagca agactaacac cttacttcct ccccaacccc      2100
     cacctattcc ttcaggtatt taagaggcta cactgtattt ctgtcatgtt tttttaattt      2160
     tcttattttg ctttctctgt tgagattctt taatttctct gtttaagaaa gcattgtcaa      2220
     taatgactat ataaaatcca tatgtgaacg tataggacta ctttagattc tttcttatat      2280
     ttttattatg ttagcatgtt cttaataaat aaaccacatt tttagaacaa tgtatatttg      2340
     ccagagggta gttcatgtgg tttaagtttg ggagctatga tcagctaggg atcaaattta      2400
     cacatatatg agcacactgg tattatctgc agttattatt tgttgtgacc taaactatta      2460
     tccaaaactt acagccttaa tcacattgcc tattgaaaaa tgaacaaaca aatgttaaac      2520
     aaaaacacca agaagagttt ctagattaaa gctaagatgc tggctaggtc acttgaatac      2580
     ttgactgtac tagaaagatc ttccatcatg ttctagtcat gtgaatggct tactggtgcc      2640
     ctaattccac cccatgtgga tatcaccact gagttgggaa tatttttatg acatgacagt      2700
     taacatcctt tgggtggaat gatgaaaaga aaagcaaaac ctgcaaagct taatacctta      2760
     gctttaaaag tcacagatta ctacatttag agtttcttac tgattataca ggccattgaa      2820
     agccagcaag ggttcttgga aagcatctgg gaaatgcata tctcagcaca tgcatgatac      2880
     gctacacaca cgcacacaca cacacacacg cacacacacg cacacacaca tgcacacaca      2940
     cgcacacgcg cacacacgcg cgtctaacat agggattgta agaactaagc aagaattatt      3000
     gaagatgttt tgtttagaaa tttcccatgc tatataagcc ttttaaagta gtcagtaaag      3060
     aattatgaca agaatgccta gctagtgctt accgcttttc aattgacata gtataggtag      3120
     atccattaag aatgaggcac atactagtat tccattgtat aaatggagaa agttagggag      3180
     tatagatttg gggcactttc ctatatttat acaactaatt ttcaaattgg agattgaaaa      3240
     caaagttagc aatgactttg ttgggtactt taatgcattt tatgaagcat aagtacttga      3300
     ctaggaagaa tgaatgagtc atggtctcct atgtaaagca ctattgtatg aacatattaa      3360
     acataagaaa tccaaaagct gtgatacctt cccttcactt tccactaatt catattagtt      3420
     gagagtttct atctttttaa gtgaacaaat ggactagtac cagccaaaca agtgtaaagt      3480
     tgataatttg gaacatagtg tgtgaccaag cacaagtaag aataagcata gtattacaaa      3540
     cattaataat atttagtcta acatttatgt atcatttcta tcctattttt actcttttct      3600
     cttgtagtct tagataaagt acttcactta attaagttgt catacaattc taacttctca      3660
     ttaactggtc atattttgtt gggacatttt attgtgttcc attcagtaca tcacatttat      3720
     caatattcta gctaaaggaa aaggaagtgg aggagtaaaa actgccaagc tctatgcctg      3780
     ggtagcactg cagtcattac cagaagaaat ggttattagt ccttgtctat tggactttct      3840
     tgaaaaggct ctggaaacta tcccaattac accaatcgaa aggaattata caggtcagta      3900
     ctctccacat atgcattctg actttagatc ttatttcata gagtttctca gtgctattac      3960
     acgttgttat atattctatg aaacccccaa cgcacataca gcacaggact tccaggtctg      4020
     tgttcattca gagatgatga acctaaccct caaaagactg gaggccccag ggagtttaga      4080
     ggtcaggtgg ggtggggggt gggtgcatcc acgtggagac tgggtgcggt aaaaaagagg      4140
     tgtaggatgt ggagtagttg gaaggtggat gggaggggcg aggagtagaa tatggaatgt      4200
     aaaaaaaaaa ttaaaaataa aataaaattt aaaaaaacaa aacaaaactg gagaagaacc      4260
     agggaggtca tttcagtctt actcggaggt agagaatcca agctgtggta aagccatatt      4320
     acttttcaag gttacagctt gatagtgaca gcactagtga ttgtatgtcc tatattaatg      4380
     tgtttcttgt gctggactct gtttgtgggc atggcataag tgctgttttc tgtgtatagt      4440
     gtgtgctgtg gtgggaagat tgaatttggg gaaatgaaca tgagatttga gtaggtaagg      4500
     atatgtagcc tgacagactt gaaagcaagt ttctgttatt gatgcatcgt atatcaatac      4560
     tagttaggaa taaggatttt cccgtgattt gcccttgata taaaacttga aactaaatat      4620
     tttaacagca gtcagctcac aagatgaaga tatgggacat tttgacatcc cagatcctat      4680
     ggaagaatca acaacatccc tagtgtcatc ttcaacatct gcatactctt ccttccctgt      4740
     agacgttgtg gtttatgtgc gagttcaggt gaggagtgtt gttacttcat aaaggaaata      4800
     ttttatttta aattttagca ttatttcctt tcagattctt ctgaatcata atctcatgaa      4860
     tgtttgatat ctctacaatg gcttagaagt ttgctaagtc ctgagaagta tatgtaaaaa      4920
     tttgaatgaa tttactattc tgatcagttt ccattttggg tttctaatct tttatgaaac      4980
     aaaattaaaa tatttaagtt taaacctttt gaaagcattt tatcttttta ttagtatggt      5040
     accatttact ctcaccatta cactttctgg atggatttac catataatta agatacaata      5100
     gtatctttta aggagtttgt gtaaaagttg tataatttta aaatattttg ttatttaatt      5160
     caatcttatc aatgcacttt taggaatata tattgtcctt tgacttaatc catttgttaa      5220
     agaggattag aaagatgact gtatccaaaa tttaagttca gattaccagt cagataaaat      5280
     gtttaaatca gtctgtaaaa ataagaaaag tgctggtatc atttagtgca gcaattttct      5340
     acagtaacag tttgtccaga agatcattag tctgagacgc tggagttttg tactagctta      5400
     tgttaaaagt ctgatgaaaa tatactaagt acttaagagt ttataaaaac ttttgttact      5460
     aacacagcag tacttagtgt tttaacatgt gagtacctcc tttaaaagat ctgaccctta      5520
     acgaaaaata gtatggacat aaatatgttt aaggttctga attatccaaa tgtcagtgga      5580
     tgttcaaata ctttgttgta gacaatatct cacactctgt agcccagggt ggcatatacc      5640
     ctaagttggc cttgaacttg caataatgtt cctcccctac caccccttac agcaagtgag      5700
     ccctatacta taatatttag cttcataaag attgttcctt cctgttcata cactttggtt      5760
     ctatgtcatc cttctctttt tatgagttgt ggcattaaat ataatttctt ttaagtgtca      5820
     gatgattaaa catatttagt tgtgtatgtt aaaaaattac atatttcttt taactattaa      5880
     gttcttaaaa tctttttccc cctcctttct acactttagc cctcacagat caaatttagc      5940
     tgtttgccag tatcaagagt agaatgcatg ctgaagctac catctctgga cttggtattt      6000
     tcttcaaacc gaggagaact ggaaactttg gggactacat accctgcaga gaccgtgtcc      6060
     cctggcagta atgctcctca gactggagca aagacctctg ctagcaaagc tggaatgcca      6120
     ggtatagaga tgttaagcca cctggtgcaa ggccaagtac tgttcttaat ggttattcat      6180
     ctatatttta aatagtttta gaaaagcagg atattaaaaa tcgtgacatt tgtaagaaaa      6240
     aaatctatag cagaccaaag ttgtaagtat atttcatgtt agtagaatat gagtcctctt      6300
     taatttatat gtttacctca gcagtaatta gatagcatta cagcttcagc ttgcatgcca      6360
     ctagaagcac tataataact aatagttcat gcatccatgt acttttgaat gtttgtgtca      6420
     cattggatta tacattttag gaacaaagag ttttgcaact ggaaataaaa gatatgcttt      6480
     tatgaagatc tgtccttatc aaattttgcc aagtagcact tgtattttta aatggtaaat      6540
     tttgctgtct acctcctttg tttcgttaaa ggtttgatta taaagtacag ttgaggattt      6600
     cttgatttct agcacttctt cctcactgaa agctctgtgc tacaaatcat atagaaatac      6660
     aaatttaagt gagagcgcag tgttggctag tttgagtggg gagtgacagt agacttgtgt      6720
     aaacagcagt tcttagcaag ggcagcagat gcctttcagt attggatttc acaactgaga      6780
     atctctaact ggaagatagt ggggaaagca ggagcagtat gcagatatct ggccaatctg      6840
     aagacccttc tttctagaaa gaataatttg atttaaaatg ttagaatggc caagtggaac      6900
     acattaaagc aaaatatgtg aatgaactcc gaaacaccag ttccagagaa gcatgaaaac      6960
     tgttaatggg aaatcatcct tcagatttgg aaggtgtcac tcaggcttag gtcctgattt      7020
     tttgtacagt taacttgaat tcaaaatttt accaaatagc cttatgtttg gcttttgaga      7080
     gagagcatgt ttgtccttgg agacttctct gtggctgatg atgctggaat gtctcattta      7140
     caggctcttc aggattaggc agcccacttg gccgaagtcg acacagcagc agccagtcgg      7200
     atctgactgg gtccagcagc agctcatcgg gcctgagctt cactgcatgc atgtctgact      7260
     tctccctgta tgtgtttcac ccctacggtg ctgggaagca gaaatccact gtttctggtc      7320
     tcacatctgg atcaggagga ctaggtatat ttgctcgtag gcatctttgt taatttttta      7380
     agctttcttt tcttagacca catgactgtg gctataagcc aacatgagaa acttgtattt      7440
     ttcccttttg ataataccta tcttacccct gttttataag taaaactatg aaacaaattc      7500
     ggataaactg atgatacaag aatttaaaat tgaagaatgc ttattaaatg atatgtatag      7560
     tataatatag aagagttttc ttaaattatt aaatcaaatt cattaaaata ttatcaaatc      7620
     atgtataaaa ttatagtcca taaaaagtaa aatttttaaa gtatgtaggt tatgcttagt      7680
     aattttaaat gagatcatta aactgttatt tagtaaaact aaatctgcat ttcaaagttc      7740
     aggtctcatt agtgaatatt tcttacagtc atataagtaa atactacctt ttgttattgg      7800
     aatgagcttg tcatgtatat gggcttcaac ctgtctaaac tctgtgagaa atgcaaatgc      7860
     ttcttagatt attctgtcta aattttcact aatttaactc ctgttaattg gtggcatgtt      7920
     acagtatatt ggataatctt ctttaaccag ttgtgtgcat atgcatacat ctgtatgtac      7980
     atgtgcatac atatgggcat ttttcttgtt ttgtttttct cagggaatgt ggatgaagaa      8040
     cccacttcag tcactggtcg aaaagactca ctaagtataa acctcgagtt tgtaaaagtg      8100
     agcttgtctc ggataaggcg ctcaggaggc gcctcatttt ttgaaagtca atctgtaagc      8160
     aagtctacaa gcaaaatgga cactacatta atcaatatat ctggtattct cttttatagt      8220
     ttttaattaa aatatcattt taaacaatga actctatttt taatagtgct taaatattaa      8280
     gtatacataa acattaagct tagtgataaa ggtaagaagt tcagcctagc ctacaaagac      8340
     tctcaactca ggctgttagt gttagaatgc tttctaggta gacatatcca agggtaaaaa      8400
     ataccaaatt aaagaacaaa aaattcttat ttttttattt tccttcttct tggttatgag      8460
     ttcctaaaat ttatgacttt ttatgtgtat cagcttgtag atgtttacat cactaaaaat      8520
     gggatgagta gctttaataa taagtcctac tttgtactag taggtctttg cattgtaact      8580
     tgagtactta aaattaagtg aatataacca tcttgggaat ttagggtact aagtgaaaat      8640
     gtttacaaca ataatctcac taatacagta ttttccctta aggtgataac catttagcaa      8700
     acacttttag tctatatttt atcgtaaact tttgccagat actatgctag gttactagtg      8760
     tgaacagatg taatgcaggt cttacatgtg aacaaaaata ataacacata ttgatgtcag      8820
     gaaaataccc ttgaaagtag caacatgata tttcgaatca gcggtattga aaagggatat      8880
     ctttggagca tctttggcta ctatggctga atcatgaggt ttaatcaaac agttgtacag      8940
     agtagatggg gcaagaggga gaagtcctgg ctaaaggtaa aggtgatgaa atttaccagt      9000
     agctgactgt ggagtcagat tgcactgagg gatcagatat ttattcttta ggtggtgaga      9060
     agccattaaa ggattggcta aaggactggg atgatgcttc agattggtgc tttagagaga      9120
     gtcagtagta ccgcaagcca tgggaggaaa agatgcttga ggatgctgtt taatcagcag      9180
     aagtgagtga aaatctgatg caacagtaaa aagagaaagg ggggaacagc ttcaaactga      9240
     gagaagaaag tcctgaagtt gcacaaggag cagtagagga caaagggtgg ctgtgaactt      9300
     aaatgacctg gaggggaatg gttgaaacca ttaacttaca taactataaa acaatctaaa      9360
     agtgcttata gatctatcag tggatcagct ggtcaccagg cctgtctgta tgtgctcaga      9420
     gtctctagca tgaagaagct gcgggagagg aacagaagag aaagggggca gaaaggaaaa      9480
     ggtgccaaag ctgagcccct gaggagaacc ataagggtgc ttttcttgtg aaaatgtctg      9540
     ccctggacaa aaagggaact aagtgctcct ttgcacacag ctgtttggtt tgcagttccc      9600
     tttgtgcaag ttcatattcc agctcataat cttaacctat tccccatatt cgatgagccc      9660
     tatgttatac taaaagcttg ctttatagct aatctctagc acctttctgt ggcagaacaa      9720
     taatagagcc ctaacttgcc atctcccgaa gaaaggacac agagctaatg atttcgcaat      9780
     gcactctttt tcttttgaag aaagataaaa tgcaatgtat cctggtattt tatctggtgt      9840
     taaaagtttt agaagtctgt tctaagctct aacaaactat ttctgcatca gctgtttgtg      9900
     atatagggtc tgcttcattt aagtacgata tgcgccgact cagtgaaatc cttgcatttc      9960
     caagagcctg gtataggaga agtattgcaa ggcgcctgtt ccttggagac caaactgtaa     10020
     acttgccaag taagtgtgtt atgtaaccat aattagattt cttttcattt gggttaaaga     10080
     aaacaagatc catgattagt aacacaattt ttgttaatct ataccatgtg attcattcat     10140
     ttgttcaaaa gaatgtctgt tgagtccctc taatggcaag cactcagcat accaaacaga     10200
     caaatacctt accctcttga agattaccta ctaacatttt attctataat aatttactcg     10260
     ataacccttg taaatatgga ggtgcaagta tctatggtta attaatagtt aattaaagca     10320
     tggaaaaatg aaaatactga agacatcgta ctgtttttgc ctccatctct tgatcttaga     10380
     tactgttatg acaagctgaa gaggttgtgg ataggaatag tacagttgat acagtggaaa     10440
     atgtaaaaaa tcttgagtgg gtttgttctc tctccagtaa tgtactttct gccaggatta     10500
     aataagatgc tggattgttc tttgcaaata ctgccatttg tgaaaggaat agacaatgta     10560
     gttagaaata gtgtctgggt gaaagaactt ttatcactta atgttcttat ctgtgacttt     10620
     tactttgtct tctactgttg tactagcatc tggtccaggg actcctgatt ccattgaagg     10680
     agtgagccag cacctttctc ccgaatcatc aaggaaagca tactgcagga cctgggatca     10740
     gccaagccag tcagcctcct tcacccatat gccgcagtca cccaatgtgt tcaatgagca     10800
     catgaccaac aataccatgt caccagggac agcagcacag agcctcaagt ccccagcttc     10860
     cataagatca aggagtgttt cagactcttc agtccctcga agaggtaact tttgttggcc     10920
     agtatgcctc cagtgttcct aagataaaaa tcttactcag gtttctcccc aattactaga     10980
     gatggattct tgaggaaaag aaaccagtaa gtaccaaaca cttccaggta ctacctacag     11040
     aagagctctg tggctgtcta gtaacttcac aaagggtagg aagtgaagag ttgccatatt     11100
     gtcaatgtac tctgtaagaa tagctgcttt tagaaacatt ctaacaatgt tgtgaatgta     11160
     ccaaaagatg gttcagtatt gaagaaacaa agtctttata ttgattcaat tgtttgttta     11220
     tttagtcttt tttttccacc tcttgcatgc tagtgttgtc cttgtgctaa tgcctggata     11280
     tatcaaaatg aatgatatag ttcttggcac aaccaagacc aaagtacaat gagcaaggtc     11340
     agtacttggt ctgctcagag tccattagat gaatgccagc cacccagcca atgcctgcat     11400
     ttctgaatgg tttctgtctt tgaggcttct gtttgactga aacattttgg cttttggctt     11460
     ttatgaagaa aatcctggag tgatgaatta tctgtgcatc tgtatctcat gtgcaccaaa     11520
     gccccctcat ctcacctgtt ttagaagcaa tgtgattatt aaacatttgg tctcatacaa     11580
     caatatcatg tctaccttta gattatagaa actagtgggt tttactttgt aataagctct     11640
     gttttaagtg aataaatgtg catttggttt tttttttctg actttagatt caatttcaaa     11700
     aacatcaact cctgttaaca aatcaaacaa agcagcaagc cagcaaggga ctccgtggga     11760
     gacacttgtt gtgttcgcta tcaaccttaa acaattaaac gtccaaatga atatgagcaa     11820
     tgtcatggga aatacaacgt aagctattca gagaaaaata tgtcttatct aatagcactt     11880
     taaatgttcc ttgcagtgtt gtaaagcagt tcaaaccctt ttaaatgcag taatattttg     11940
     agacagttaa ataggtgaaa agttttaaac tttttaatct aaaaatggat taattgtttg     12000
     gacactataa tacaaacaac atgaaataca ttcccaatgg agaattatca gaaaatagga     12060
     tacttttcta gctataaagc ttcattagtt ttaatattca aacatcaacc acatagtatt     12120
     tagttcagct atgttgagct gggtgtgtcg ggtgcatgcc aatcatccca gcactcaaaa     12180
     agctgagata gggtcatttc agttccatta ttcaagacca gcttcaacaa cacagtgaaa     12240
     acctgactca aaaaaaaaaa ggaagtattt aattataaaa tcagatctgt gcataatctg     12300
     attttgccac tggttttaat tcatgatatt accagccaca tatctaacaa tcttttcctt     12360
     ctttttagtt ggacaactag tggtttgaaa agccaaggcc ggctttctgt aggaagcaac     12420
     cgtgatcgag agattagcat gtctgttggt ctgggaaggt cacagttaga ttccaaagga     12480
     ggagtagttg gtgggaccat tgatgtcaat gctttggaga tggtcggtat gttggaattt     12540
     aacaactaca cagcttattt tcaaacatta tgtttgaaga aaagagcttt agaaagttga     12600
     atttgataag tttttccgtg aatatttgga aagtgattat tgattttatt ttagctcata     12660
     tttctgaaca tccaaatcag caaccaaatc acaaaataca gattactatg ggttctactg     12720
     agtctcgagt tgattatatg ggctcaagca tcctcatggg tatcttcagt aatgctgatc     12780
     ttaagcttca ggatgaatgg aaagtaaatt tgtataacgc cttggattca agcatgactg     12840
     ataaaaggta tgtattagaa tgtccccttc taaaaacttt gtgtgactgc tgttaacatt     12900
     tttttttaac attcaggggc aggagaatta gttcagtatt tttctacaga ctaattttta     12960
     tattatacaa ctaatacaaa tgaaaaaggc tgggcagggg aggataatta cttttgcttt     13020
     atttatatca tctctgaaat ttattatata aattgtattt catgctttag tgagattttt     13080
     gtgcatggag atttgaaatg ggatattttt caagtaatga tatcaagatc aactacacca     13140
     gacttgataa aaataggaat gaagctccaa gagtttttca cacaacagtt tgatactagt     13200
     aagcgagctc tgtcaacctg gggacctgtt ccttatctgc cgcccaagac aatgaccaac     13260
     aacctggaaa agaattcaca agaacaatgt aagatttaga gcgttggtat attttttgtc     13320
     ttccctatat gttatattct taagtaacac atttgtatgc tgtacttaga aagtatcctg     13380
     tgggctctcc atcccgtcca ctcagcagaa aactgactgt gttcctagta atggtgtcag     13440
     ctgctctttg ggaaggtatt actttttatc ctccaccaca gcttagctgc agcatatcta     13500
     ctccgtgaca aagttaaaat ctgatatgtg acatgggccg aggacgcaga ataactgagt     13560
     ctgtctgtta acctagtatt aggcaggtta tcatctttca cttagtaatt aagaaattag     13620
     cgtgtattta ttgagcaaca actacatgct ttcatacttc tctaggcaca agagttgcaa     13680
     gatatgccat cactaactca tgaaccttac attcaaatag gagatggaga ctataattaa     13740
     atatataaaa gtcatggttt caggtagata gaagtgctta tgtaaaacac aaagcatggg     13800
     aaggatatag agaaggttaa agtgaaatga tggctatttc agaaaagatg atcaggaaag     13860
     ccttgtctga agtgacattt tagtagaaat gagtcatttg atgaaagata tgagactgca     13920
     tgttgggaaa gttctgggca aagggctgtg gaggtctgaa gctcctgttg ttactcataa     13980
     agttggctta tttgagaatc attactggac ctgggatctt aacccttggg aaggtgaggc     14040
     agtagactac agatcaagtt caaaggcagc ttggataact tagggtaaga ccctgtctca     14100
     gaatgaaatg gtcactatag tctggagata caattcagtg gtagggccct tgcctgacat     14160
     gttctcaatg gacgtgggga tttgagggga aatgagagtc attaaaataa ctgaacagag     14220
     cagaatgatc agtaagaaaa atattggaca ttatctcaga taaaaggcaa aaataaggtt     14280
     tttaatatga tgagtattgt agagttttta agacatttgg tatcatttgg tttaccttgg     14340
     tgtaaaatac tcctttgcaa ataatcacca tagctactgt ggggagaaca gacatgtagg     14400
     cctaataggg atggacacag ggaggatggt acctttaact aggatgacag tggtaaatgt     14460
     gatcagtagt aagcagaatg aagacaactt ggtaactcgt agttgataac tctttacttg     14520
     tggttttggg gttttctagg tacagggttt ctctacatag cccaagctgt cctggaacta     14580
     gctatataga ctaggctgac ctcctaagtg ctgggattga aggtgtgcac cgctacacct     14640
     gagctgtctc cttaattgtg tacattgaaa gcaagctaga aaatgtaaac aaaagtgaag     14700
     ggtcatattc ctgcctcaga atcatcactg tgaagcagct tagagcttaa acatgaacag     14760
     attcctatat attctctaca tatttgtaca cttgtttgtt ttactttgct ttgtttttcc     14820
     agtcagggat tctctgtgta gccctggcct taaccaaagt atcactatcc cttttttaca     14880
     ctcaaacttt ctactttgcc agttacctgt ctctgtcttc caggaacaaa cttaatgact     14940
     gacccacaag taccaagcag tttgtcctga ccatgctcat agtttaaacc tggttgttat     15000
     ctatctgtac tctcctttag tttggcatag ttctttttgt atgactatac ttactaaaca     15060
     aacatggcca gttgtctgca ggacaccata ctctcttcag tgacctgttt gtggtatcat     15120
     tttcttattc ctttatgcct ttatagtctt tataagcact gttgttagca agcataagta     15180
     aattttggtg ctgtgcaaag tttaaaaagt ccttgtcaag accagttaaa tacaatgtat     15240
     gatcctcggt agcactaaga aaaaaatgga aaccgtcaaa aaaggacatt actggaataa     15300
     gtgaaaaaaa tctaaatctg aattctgtga ttgattagcc cttttcaaac attcatgtgc     15360
     atatataaca cctggaaatc tatattttga aagtgctaag aagtgaactc agggccttcc     15420
     acatgccaag ccaatgctct atcactgagc tgtgctcagc ctaggaaata atgagtagat     15480
     ttaagcctgg ggaattctaa gaagctctta ttgtggtgct gatggtgcta gtcatctgac     15540
     cttactttaa gtagaaagca caaggaaaga aacataaaac ccttcattct gggttttttt     15600
     tttttttaac ctgtgaaaag ttgatagaca taactgacag ttgctgtatt tcttgttgtg     15660
     tagaatttgt gtgaaagacc atttaggctc tttgtaagtc aatcagcatt atagacatcg     15720
     agttgtgaga gttttgaaca ctagagcctt cccaaggttc ataccttccc aagctctgtc     15780
     catccttatg cagcatcttt tcctactgtc tattgaacag ttgcttagca ttccccatta     15840
     tttccactca ttatcagaat ggaaaccaca catcatacac atggctatag acccacctct     15900
     ggatacttga gacaatttat gacaaatatt tcttcatttt cttgtagtgc ttgatgctgc     15960
     acaccatcga cattggcctg gcgtgttgaa ggtggtatct ggatgccaca tatccttatt     16020
     tcaggttcca ttaccagaag atgggatgca gtttggagga tccatgagct tgcatggaaa     16080
     tcatatgacc ctggcttgtt ttcatggtcc aaatttccgt tcaaaatcct gggccctttt     16140
     tcatttagaa gaaccaaata ttgccttttg gactgaagct caaaaaatct gggaagatgg     16200
     taatatgata catttccagc ttttattctt tgtgtcttct ggcatgatca taaataagtc     16260
     atttttcttt gttttgtatg ttgatttttg aggaatgtgt gtctatgtgt atggcataag     16320
     tgtgtttgtg tatgttatat gtgtgtttgt gtatgctgtg tgtgcatgca tatgtctatg     16380
     agtgaatgca tgtgaatgcc acagtgcatg tgaagttaga ggacaacctg gggtgtaagt     16440
     gctcaccctc tgcctccttt aagactaggc tagctgactc atgtgctttc agggactctc     16500
     ctgggcccac ctcacatctc actgtcggag tcctgggact agagacacat aacactgtgt     16560
     ccagctttat attgattctg gaattggagc atcgggtctc atacttgtgc agcaaatgct     16620
     ctacacacta agccatctcc ctgacctcct ctttactttt gtttgtttgc agttgtttat     16680
     tttggaaggg attcatttgt gctataacaa acatgtagaa gtcagaggac agcttgagga     16740
     gttggtcctc aatttccatc atgtggattt tagggcttaa aattcaggtt gtcaggtttg     16800
     gtagcaagtg cctttatccc ctgagtcatc tcaccaaccc cttctgactt tttttattgg     16860
     agaaatccat ctctgtttgt tatcctgtaa gtaaaagatc ggggagttca ttgttagtga     16920
     atcagcattt ataaagtata gacttgttaa agaaacatct aaatatactt ctaaacttgc     16980
     cctcgtactc catgttactt aatttagtgc tgctgtgatg gccttagcat gttatctaga     17040
     aatattcctt ataaaaacat gaagacagtg atggtgtgag aaaattctct gtcagacaaa     17100
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaacattg tgttatgaaa cttgagggaa ataatagagc cctgggatac     17160
     ctcaggaata tttgggcaac acaaattggc cttgacaggt tttttaaaaa ggacaccaag     17220
     acatacacag aattctcaaa gaactaataa aaatgtaaaa agagcagttc ctttgagcag     17280
     tttcctattc aaatagtgtt gccttgtgct ttgcttttta acagtgtctt actcagttgc     17340
     ccaggttgtc ctgtaactca tgatccccct gcctctgctt cctgagtggt ataacactga     17400
     ctgacccact ccgaggtttc ttaacaagat ggttgatgtt cttcatttca ctgggataaa     17460
     accagctaac tgtgggcttt ctcacttatt tagcctttcc tactctatat agcttactct     17520
     gttactctgg tgtcatagtt attttctaag ccataaagac agtttatcac ttttagaaac     17580
     atacttatct tgtgttatag gctctagtga ccactctaca tacattgttc aaacactgga     17640
     ttttcatctg ggtcataata ccatggttac caaaccatgc ggtgctctgg aaagtcccat     17700
     ggcaacaata accaagataa caaggcgtcg ccacgaaaac ccaccccatg gagttgccag     17760
     tgtaaaagaa tggttcaact atgtcactgc cacaaggaat gaaggttaaa tatttagcct     17820
     tttggggctt attttctttt ttgttttatt ttgacctctg tcagctgttc aaaaatcaag     17880
     tagagatcaa atgttcatgt cttgatacag tttttatttt atttctgttg atacacaaag     17940
     tggttattta atacaagaaa caatcacctg gtagtacaac attttacagg ttcaaattat     18000
     tctagaaata actgaaacca tcctttaaga attagtttta aataaataaa aattaaattt     18060
     gttaattttg taatatttgg taaatatttt agaattatta gaaaaatgtt ttgtagttat     18120
     tctaaaaatt agacatttgg gaaatgtatt atatggccaa ctaacaaaat gccaaaaatg     18180
     taagattcta cttacctgga ataaaatctc agtaatattc attaattcat aatgtaaaga     18240
     aaatactttt gatgaatttt tcacctatga gaccacttct ctggtctgat aaccaagatg     18300
     acaaggcata accaccaaag ccctccccgt ggtgtagtga gtgtaaaaga atgttcaact     18360
     atgtcactgc caggtcatgt tgtaaataac tatagtattt gccggattgc tcctatgtga     18420
     ttgctttcag tttgcatatg taacattgct tttatcaatc atctgatatt tggcaaagct     18480
     gattagatta agatatgtta cgatttaact gttttactta aaaatggcct ttctaaatga     18540
     aaaatattgc ttataccatg tgattttaga ttagctttca ggaataggca cacactctgg     18600
     aggggtaaaa ttatattaaa aagaaaaaaa agactatagc ctattttgac ttttatacat     18660
     ttggaatggg gttgttgttg aggttttttt tgtcatcttt ttgtttttta agattttctt     18720
     ttaactagga tgttccagga agctgtttat gtatgcacag caataatcct cacagcagta     18780
     gagtagttat aatattccaa aaataggact tctacataat atttagtgtt cagtctatat     18840
     agaccattcg gtttaataaa atccaactca gtaaagtaca catttcttct taagaatatc     18900
     attatttcca acttgtaaag tgactagaat atgatatagt atctttaaag ccatactttg     18960
     tacaatttgg ttaaatctat tactctgaag cctcatttat ttgcctatgt ctaaatacag     19020
     tttatctctt ttagaggcat actttgtttg tcactaggct ctgccttcct ctctcctgcc     19080
     caatcactga ctctagcctt ttattcagca atagctttaa attgggaagt aaggtttaca     19140
     cgacaaagac tggtgtatgt gataattcac ttgtctagag gcaaccatat cttggggttc     19200
     agaatataaa atttgtatac ataccaacag acgaaccccc aacaagtgat cattctctat     19260
     acattgttta aatgcaatgt ggtgacagtg ccctttggtt taacataacc ctttctgttt     19320
     ttatgtatat agagctaaac ttacttcgta atgttgatgc caataacacg gagaacagta     19380
     ctactgtaaa gaattctagt ttgttgagtg ggttccgggg aggttctagc tacaaccatg     19440
     aaacagagac catcttcgca ttaccaagga tgcagctaga atttaaatca attcatgttc     19500
     aagaaccaca ggagccttca ttacaaggta tgtggaaaat atccaattta ataaaaccgg     19560
     tgatgtaagt caaattgatg tttttaccag atatacatag actgtggtaa atttatttag     19620
     cttatttgtg cctttttggc caaatattgg gaagaataat tggactttat ttattttaag     19680
     gaacaatgat acattctagg agtgttttac tacattctca ctagtctgta aatcatatgc     19740
     acatagcagt tgctcatttc ccaaatcttc acatttatat tacaagtgta tgcatttaca     19800
     tggatctatg taaatcttta tcgatggaag aggcctttgc ttcatggaat tttttactgt     19860
     aacatccttt atcgtttcag atgccagctt gaaacccaag gtggagtgca gtgtggtgac     19920
     cgagttcact gaccacatct gtgtgactat ggatgccgag ctcatcatgt ttctccatga     19980
     tctggtgtca gcatatctca aagaaaaaga aaagggtggg ttgcatggtt tttctttctt     20040
     ctttcaatta catgaaaggc aagtgccagt ggattaacat ggagaatgtt tttatggtct     20100
     ggggatagga tgaatgcctt tttcctctgt ggactgcaaa tgtcatgaag tagcacttct     20160
     aaaactacat gacaggtttc tgagtttctg ctggatgcat cgtggtggta ttgaggcagg     20220
     ctttccttat gaccttgagc tcactctgca ttttaggcag gccttgaact tttgatcctc     20280
     ctgcctcacc ttcccatata ggtctaggat agcagagcta ctttgccagg cccaactcta     20340
     catgtgattc tcagtaaata taacttggaa aaacataact tgttcaggcc attctttagt     20400
     tttattttgg gtttttgttt tgtatttttt aatgaagaaa aaatgttaaa tttaccttgc     20460
     agattcctca aaacaaccat ttgggaagag tacaaagtta acaagttaac atagattgga     20520
     ctggtcttcc attaattact cttcatcaga aatataccaa aaattggaca agagtaaaat     20580
     ctatagtgat ggtgggaaaa gtaagatcaa gctgccacac atctcacgcc ttgccctgga     20640
     cagcactgtc tgtcgagccc acctttcctg tcctagcact gaagtgcagc agtcactagt     20700
     taccttgatg ctcatgctgt gttcagtatc tatacaaaat tatacaaagc aagctttgta     20760
     caaaccaacg ttccaagctt cattttcagt ctgcccatat gtgagagccc atatttatgt     20820
     ctctcaaata tattatgaaa cccttgacat tttgtgaaat attgcaaggt gtggttggca     20880
     taagcttata atctcagtga ttcaagagga ttgcaagttc aaggccaacc cagccaattt     20940
     agtgaacttt tttcttaggg aaaaacttaa agagattagg gttatatatc ttagttagtg     21000
     tacttgtgta gcatctggta ggcctagact caatccccag gaatgcataa acagttgtaa     21060
     gacatttgaa tgagaaaaga caaaatgttg tctgtaaaga tttcattgta aagatagtat     21120
     aatagctact taagtatagc tcattattac aatttaagcc aaaataaaca taagcatctc     21180
     tgagaaagtt tacaccatta tgtaagacta gacggaaatc aacaatttct agaacatgga     21240
     gattattaca gcagtgaaac ttccaccaat aatagaagcc agtaagcagc agaactttta     21300
     ggcatctatg ttctttctgg ctgtggtact gcctagcctg ttaccaatca agttacaata     21360
     aaagttgcat agcgaacatc atattcaact gttttaagtc cactttgtgt tctgaagttt     21420
     gtacttaaag agaaatattg tgtttattca attagatcac ataaaagtct atgtgtgtct     21480
     cagatttgat catacatgtg tgtgtattta tgatagccaa ctttaaagag acttttctta     21540
     agcaccataa ggaaaggact gtacccaaaa tgcttcttat tgacactgtt tatgtaacta     21600
     tacaactatt aacatacaaa agcacagatt atacacttac ttgatttggt atagaagtaa     21660
     caatacaact aaacttttaa gtcatcaagc tacaactctt ttgctatgtt gacgtttaga     21720
     caagaaagta ttttaccagg gagttaataa ctcctggccc tccttcaaat ttttattttg     21780
     acacacactc accaaatttt aatctggctt gaagtaggca gtctcctcat tctccttccc     21840
     agctgcgatt acagatgtga ccagcatact caactattag tcatcgttga ggaaatccac     21900
     ctctgttgac tacagtgccc tacacttgct aacacaaatg tgatgtctac attctttatc     21960
     acagtgacaa cctcactgtt cacagaaata ctaagaattg atatttccct tggcttattt     22020
     taagatatct tttaacaggt gtaattaaat gaaacttggc atggtaatag agctagtggt     22080
     ggttcttaag atctggcttt acatatattt attattatta ttattatagc catttttcca     22140
     cctcggattt tatccactcg accaggacaa aaatgtccac ttattataca cgatgatagt     22200
     tcctctgaca gagacagaga agatagcatc acttacacca ctgtggactg gcgagacttt     22260
     atgtgcaaca catggcatct ggagcctact cttaggtaag actttggtgt gcacacctca     22320
     gtatgttcaa gggtaccaaa gtggttgctt ttccaactga tgtgaccaaa tgcttgacaa     22380
     gaagctgaag gtgaaagagt attgtggctc acagtttagg agcaaataca ctgtccatct     22440
     tggtgtcaca atatgaggca gctgctcaca gtgtatacac aatcagaaca agaaaatgac     22500
     aggaagtata gccaggctct aacacctcag aacctgcccc cgacctacac ttggtcgagg     22560
     aaagcctcac ctcctaaaga ttccacaatc cccacactct tcaacactgc cgtcagctgg     22620
     gaaccaagtg ttcagcgcag cccatgagag acatagtgta tgttcaaacc gcaacaccca     22680
     cttcaccccc cacaggctta aagccacccc ataatgagaa atgcatttat tcactgtcaa     22740
     atgttttcat agttccagcg ctatttaaaa ttccaaagtc tcttttggga cttaagtccg     22800
     tttcttaact gtaaactgct tgctatacaa tcaaaggaca agttaatatt tccaatatac     22860
     actggcacag aataaacctt ccccattaca tatggaggaa tggggacatg gcaagggaag     22920
     attgagccaa agcagtactg aaaccaaaca gaactgaaac caaggctcca aaggtgttga     22980
     gtggctccag ttttccagct ctgcctcctg aaatacacac accctcttct tttgggccag     23040
     ttctccatgc ctgcagcttt tctcaggaga catcccactc tcctggcatt cctcattcta     23100
     ggcttccttc gctacttact gcttcacttt cacagtttta tgcagtaagc tcttggcctt     23160
     tctttgcaga gactttgagc cagcatattt ttcaaatgca ggtacaaatg cagtaaaaat     23220
     cttctttatc cttctccccc ctctctccct ctctccccct ctccctctct ctctccccct     23280
     ctccctccct ctcccccctc tctccctctc ccttttgcaa cctccccagc cctacctcta     23340
     ttctctcgag taattggcta tagccacttt tatttaacca atagctttaa attggtgagt     23400
     caggtttaca caacaaaggc cactgtatgt gaacactcac tcatctggga gcaaccagat     23460
     catgggattc agaatttaac atttgcatac ataacaccag accagccccc aagacttatc     23520
     agcacacata aattattttt aggaattatt acaatgaata caaggctttc agactcaagt     23580
     attcaaatat atctgctaaa gtattttatc cagagtatat taagggagtg cagtaatgtt     23640
     catgaatcat acaccttgat agtgaccctg atttctaatt accatttcag attaatttct     23700
     tggactggaa gaaagattga ccctgtaggt gttgattata ttcttcaaaa attgggcttt     23760
     caccatgcca ggactactat tcccaaatgg cttcagagag gagtgatgga cccactggac     23820
     aaggtgctgt ccgttctcat caaaaaactc ggaactgccc tgcaggatga gaaggagaag     23880
     aaaggaaagg acaaagaaga acactagaat agcaattcca tctgtgaaac acttgactct     23940
     gttaatttct attacactgc aatttttttc agcaaaattt aaatggtact ttaaaataat     24000
     tctaaatttt gtggccatta ttgaaagttt gtaagttaat ctgtttattc tagctctacc     24060
     attctgtata cagtaaagta ttgcatgaaa atgtaaattt tgtagaaaac taaattaaaa     24120
     gatatacatc tgctcattaa agtttatgat tgttttatgt gcaatatggt tgctgcattt     24180
     aaagtattac agagtaactg tgaatttttt ttcttcttgg ccataactgt tagaaaaata     24240
     tcttgttgat aatgtcattg ggggtctttt ttatgtagac ttgtataaag atctatttgt     24300
     atataatttg agtaattgtg atgattgtat accacaaaaa gattgtttgt aactattgta     24360
     ataaagtcac aataacggct tcagtccata gttgtttcat atctttgtct catttgctag     24420
     tttcttaata tgtaaatgct ctcattctgt ttcacagtta accatgtagt ttaaaatata     24480
     gtgcttgtaa aattttgaat gcataaaaat acttactaaa aatagttcca gggaaaaggt     24540
     tcccagagat ttcagagcca ttaggtgttg ttcttttctg tggtgagtac acagaggctc     24600
     atttttatca ttacaccgca tttaatcctt ctatatatat gtatgtaaca cttaatgctt     24660
     agaatgtcat aagatataaa tgttgcatat acatacacat gtatgtatag tatatgtgtg     24720
     aaaactgtca tatgtagtag gtatactaaa aagagttgct ttatctaaaa tgatactcca     24780
     gttctcaatg tacatgaata aatattcaga agtatattgt tgataactca ggttgaaaat     24840
     ttgactaagc caggacagtc tttttttttt tttttttttt tccgagacag ggtttctctg     24900
     tgtatccctg gctgtcctgg aactcactct gtagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat     24960
     ccgcctgcct ctgcctccta agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gtgccaccac tgcctggcca     25020
     ggacagtctt aaaaagtgga catgcagcaa aactgaagaa accagagtta gaaaacacct     25080
     caaagaaact acttgtagac ttttgcatag agatgactat taaatattag aacaaacctc     25140
     tagaataatt acatgctcca tcacagaact atgttcaata tacagtgata aaaggggagc     25200
     taattgctga catcagacat caattctgta ttttgccaga ccatctcact gtgtaactga     25260
     ttccatagaa atggagatcc tctgaggtga cacttgtgct ctgacttggc tatttgactg     25320
     ttgaaaacac aggccacagg gaattggaat ctctccagaa aatctcatgt tgggagaaac     25380
     cctaaaacct gagccagcca gaaaggaaac tcttgtcctg ggaagagatt ttgacagact     25440
     acctcgcagg agagtaaagc caaaacaatg atgagtccag gaccatttag atacacataa     25500
     ctctattcct ctactcaaag ctttaacctc acttcaggac ctacaagata cacttagagg     25560
     tgtcattagg tctttgtctc tgttccctca gtggctacat tgaataaaaa tctccttttc     25620
     ttgatttaga tctttgcatt gacttatcaa ggataaaata gtcaaaccgg gcttgttggg     25680
     gcataggccc tgagtctagt aacagtctgt cacatgtcaa actccaaatc ctctgcagct     25740
     cactcaacta tagaggtccc agaggtgtcc ttaaaattca cttctttatt caagcttacc     25800
     acagaagcaa gctgtgtgtc tattttggtt ataaaggcta aaataaactt aaatagaggg     25860
     caagagttaa gcctgccagg agccatgaag tatatcttga cattactatt ataggctgtg     25920
     acttaggtaa taacgaaagc aaaggaattc caggctgtaa tagactcact ggttgaaata     25980
     ctctacttaa cactcttaaa tctattaaca tcctctgctt ttctgatttt ttttaataac     26040
     aaacacaaca ttccatggga tggtagactc ttctatatat tgagcttcta ccagctgttc     26100
     agatacctgc aagttttcct tagttgaggg ccatagatac acctatataa gcttgtcagt     26160
     caacccacat tttagggtag ggttgttagt atttgagcag cccagccccc ttacaaattt     26220
     ggaaactcaa tccctggggt atcctgtgtt tggacaattg acatacttca ttacctaccc     26280
     cagaatcatc taccatttca cctctaattt catcatgtgc tgtctctagt aatgcaggaa     26340
     tctgagtacc ccattgtaaa agatcccttt tccataagtt tatgggtata ttagcctcat     26400
     aagatcttaa attccctgtt tgactttcag gtcccataca tttaacccat agtacacttt     26460
     gttttatttg agatcatttt ccaattcctg tacactttgt ataaacattc tgaagtggcc     26520
     atcctgaatt ccaagatttg gggaaatgat agatcagctc ttgtatccac caaaccttct     26580
     atttcaccac catttacttg caattttaat tttggtctct gatcattaac cttcatttgc     26640
     cataacacac attttccagt acttccaaac ccctctgttt tttctactgg agcagatttg     26700
     cctttaagga aacaatagtt gagcaatcct atctcctgca ttaatccatt acagcaagaa     26760
     gtgttccctt ctctggagga aagtaccata attcttacta ttaacacact ggacattttt     26820
     agatctggct tggtagtacc atatttctca aacttaaaac accagacatt ttgagatctg     26880
     aggctttaag cagcttggtc acagtttcat tgtaaatggc tgaatttaca attaaggcac     26940
     tgggcatttt gatatcagag gccattagca gtaatactgg catgatgctc atgagagcca     27000
     atatcagtca tgccccctat tcactcatcc atgggcaatg cccacacctt taaagatcta     27060
     ataactcgtt tacatttggt gtttacattc tcaaatgcca aggtctctat cagcacctgt     27120
     ctcacatcag ggtctactac atcttaatct ttgcttccca gtgccttaat aaatgaggct     27180
     taataaacaa tcttaataaa tgaggtaacc ttttctcagg tcctcacctt gtcccaagct     27240
     tttaaagcat attgctctat aacagcatca taaattcaaa tctgttcttt taagtctgag     27300
     aaccgccctt cacaactatc tttaacaata ttcattcccc ttgctctatt tcgttggtga     27360
     gggtctgtaa ttcactaaag aatgataccc cagactcaaa ctgtatgcaa aagcaaagag     27420
     tgttttattc tgcagaagtc catcatgctg gggtctacca tctaccaaga tggaggcacc     27480
     aaagtgagct tgctgaccca atttatagca cattaaaaga attcaatagg ctctatctct     27540
     agggacattc cagaaccatt gctagggggc aggggggctg gaaactgtcc ctggggaagt     27600
     atgaaaactg ttgctgacca ttgcccttgc ttctgaccaa gtggtggggc agcttctgat     27660
     ggcagggcag tttctgactg tctgcctgag gcctgagttt ttttcctttt tcagtaactg     27720
     atttgcccaa ttcttggaaa cagagattta ggcctagttt tctgaactgc caatttgaag     27780
     tctgtcatgg agtcaggctg tttcacattg ttccatattt gagtctttct tcctccatct     27840
     ctttaaccat tgtaactgct gactggtctc tagcacagct cttaccagag tcttggggaa     27900
     taattctatc ccagttactt aatatttgtt ttacataagg ggaatgcatt atataggaaa     27960
     ccacagcctc tttagactac ctcagatcta tcatttctat ggacgccaca ttatctcatc     28020
     aaaatcatga tcagcaccat tagcaggcaa gtgctgtaca actgatggtg ccattgttgt     28080
     ccccctcctc tatcagtgca gttggctcaa tattaacttt ctctcaaaat actgtttttc     28140
     tttagccctg tcaccatgca cagcctccct ctcttcccag cctcacaccc tgcttcctgc     28200
     cccacccagg gtctgctggc tcttgaaact gaaagtctgt ggcacccggt ggggctgaga     28260
     tctgctttct ggcctggttt acttctttct ctctttcatt ccttgggaag ctcccattct     28320
     ctcccagtca ccatgtcact cagaaacctt ttatttctac ctttcccagg gctactcact     28380
     tccaagcact tccacctcta cctgaaagct ttccagttgc atctcaaagc ccctcatttc     28440
     cactcatatt cctccaggtg ctcaaccatt ctcccaaatg tttttgggac aatatagaac     28500
     gaggaaaaag aaaagaaaat cccctctggc agcaaagcag gagagaggct tgtggcagca     28560
     gccacaataa aatgcttgct gatgtcttaa aacagaatat ccaacccctc ttgacttgtt     28620
     gtctccttta ccctattaga aatcaaattt cgaattatgc ctagcctcac ctctgggtac     28680
     cacttctaat cctacttttg gctactgtct tatgctcttt tcccttgttc atcctaatcc     28740
     cttccaaccc tcttaacact aggtaggaga aaaagaaggt tggagggaaa aggggttgtc     28800
     ctggtttata tatgcttggc ccagggagtg gcactatttg gaggtgtggc cctgctggag     28860
     tacatgtgtc actgtgggtg tgggctttaa gaccctcatc ctagctgcct ggaagtcagt     28920
     tcactagcag ccttcagatg aagacataga actctcagct cctcctgcac gatgtctgcc     28980
     tggatgctgc catgttcctg ccttgataat ggactgagcc tctgaacctg taagccagtc     29040
     ccaaataaat gttgtcctta taagagttgc cttggtcatg gtatctgttc acagcagtaa     29100
     aaccctaagg catcaatctc cttagattcc ttcctgctga ttagaggtgt gaagttcctt     29160
     gaggcaagta caatccatgt cactgagatt tctccaacta gaagccagca atccagcaaa     29220
     ctgcaaccag aacagcagca gctgccacag cctctctgga ccttcatatc cacttagagt     29280
     ccccataatt ccaaacttaa actaccttca gttgaccgaa tcaaactcct gccagagcat     29340
     gagacaaatc atagttagct gctatggaca atctgaagca gtcccatatc ccacacctgg     29400
     gattaaaaca aaacgtattc acataacatt tctgtttaaa gaaaccaaag ttctcactac     29460
     acagagactc aactccatgc tgtcacctgc tgtctaaagt gtttccttgc cctttaggga     29520
     cctaaactca gacaaaaaca gattcttgac cacactgtta agtagtcttg gaagccattg     29580
     agaatagcta tcagggatct gtattgaacc attaagggaa agttatttcc ccctggtcaa     29640
     aagaatggaa tctacctctt tctctaggtg gagacatgac attctagtct gctccaagga     29700
     tcagaacatt acatactact gtctcctccc aagaccttaa cctctagata tagagagcta     29760
     tgggtaatta atgactgctg aacagtctgt ttcaaggatg agcccttcat gagtgatcaa     29820
     tcctaagtaa tcaaccctaa acacatgcat gtgtaacact tcagtgcgca tgtacatgag     29880
     caaggccaaa tgaactcagc aggctggatg tataaatttg tatgtgcata tgtgtgacta     29940
     ataaaaggca tgaattcaaa aatgagagac acaggaagag ttggaggaga acaggagagg     30000
     tggcaaatta tgtaaataca ggattcacat atgaaattct cagaaactat ttttaaagtt     30060
     tcttcagctg tacttaccac ttctccagaa agactacctc tgaatcctga ttcaccagaa     30120
     tttgggagaa gaagatggga ggagtaatta atgagataac acacttcacc tccccagaaa     30180
     ctgctactct acaattgttt ccagagatgt ctctatgtaa ctctactaat cctggctgct     30240
     ttcagggtta ctcaggaagt ataagtgttg gttattcgtg caagctcaag cagcatggaa     30300
     aggcttcact gctgtggact ccctttgtaa actttgtata ctgtgtaaac tttgaaaatc     30360
     cccaaggcag gaaagtggcc aggtccaggt ctgaggagct ccacaaagta actgtcacaa     30420
     atgtcatctc cagcttctga ataggaccct tcgcagatta tgctaatttt aggtgataat     30480
     tctgaataaa cctcactaat ccctaaacaa gaaacctcac aatccctaag ctccccaagc     30540
     tcaggacttg aattcccacc gatcctcact ctggaaatct ctgccctgaa atgcttctcc     30600
     ttgccccaag aaatcctata taagccctga cgtctgttaa tttactgctg tcatctcctg     30660
     ggagaagacg cagccatgcc tggatttgtt tcttcacaca ctatctcttt tatgagattt     30720
     actgcctggt gtgactctct catgggaaga agccaagaca taatgaagta aagaaaggaa     30780
     gaagtaaaga agtagagctg ggacaaggcg actcagctcc attgctccac tggggatacc     30840
     cccaccccca aaaccaggag ctacagtgct gaagaccaga agctgcaaag tttagtgtag     30900
     cactccagct cagccaagga tattctctct cagggctgct acacctctgc tgaggaggct     30960
     tcctctcaga agctgtgtgg atcttaagct cccatatctt aggataccct tccattgagg     31020
     tacctcagag ctgtgtggca cataggctcc caagtcccag aagacctttc catccaagtt     31080
     ggaaggaaca ccaacaataa gtttcctttt ccttttttct tttttcttta aatattggtt     31140
     agcatgtttt cttagatatg cttggctttc tcactctttc ctaaagctaa cagtgctctc     31200
     ccctttctgg aatattgcat acctgctatt ggtcatgtgt ctgcttgttg acctccattc     31260
     cctgctgaat tcctaaaatt acaaaattgt ccctaaattt ccttctgagt ccattaaaat     31320
     tttttgttaa tttaacaaag aattcatgaa agggagccac agtctttcca ataacatcta     31380
     ctgtccaaca tgggactttc ccaaattttc ctgtaacatg gcaacccaga tggaatttta     31440
     aagctctgag gatagaatag gtgagtgtat tctaagattc tgaactcaca cttctttcct     31500
     tcaccactgc tattccctca attctgagaa aacctcggat cattgtgtgc ctgcaagtcc     31560
     ttgaccaata tagaagggtg acagtgtgac aggacacagc agtgaggagt tctttcatct     31620
     tgtatcttgc tgagatcaat ttaagtttat ctaaaatttt accttgatgg aaaatcctgt     31680
     ggaaaattat ccaactcttg tctaggaaac caagatcaaa atgccccagc taacagcttc     31740
     tgttaaactg cttgcttgct taaaacctct ccttacagat gccaagcaag atatcaggat     31800
     gtagggttgc cttttaaaat cccttatcct aaatacttgg gacttcactt gggtactgaa     31860
     taactgagtt tagtcccagc cagctggaat aaagacttgc aattgtctat aaatatgtct     31920
     gagtggccgt ctctggtgca ctcctattaa caccaacaat tagaccttaa atgatatgat     31980
     ttgtaggtag ttgataatca agttggtgtc ttagggtttt accactgtga acagacacca     32040
     tgactaaggc aattcttata aggacaacat ttaattaggc ctacctcaca ggttcagagg     32100
     atcagtccat tatcaaggtg ggaacatggc aacatccagg caagcatggt gcaggaggag     32160
     ctgggagttc tacctcttca tatgaaggct gctagcagaa tactgacttc taggcagcta     32220
     gaatgagggt ctcagagccc acacccacag tgattcacct acaccaatag ggccatacct     32280
     tctaattgta ccactccctg agcagagcat acacaaaaca tcacagtggg taaatgtaca     32340
     cacaaggctg ttgaaacttt aaattaggtt taactgtttc taacatgttg gtttctaagg     32400
     gactaaaatg cctgctaata caaagtcaaa gaatggtctc agctcacaca ggaatattga     32460
     tccaaatgag acagtgactg tgagatatgc tgcttaagtt ttcaggttgt tcccacctac     32520
     aagtgtaaat gtcactgttt tttctctcag aggaagggat gagatgagag ccataaccag     32580
     actttacaaa tagcttgtgc tgagttcaga gcatttcctt ctctgttcta tccctaggcc     32640
     taggcctgga cgcttctagc ctccatacaa tctaatcttc tgtaagctct gaaggcttca     32700
     gcttacagct tagaatgttt cagcctttga gactgactgc taaataaact cactctttct     32760
     agatctttct gaattctgtc tccctggctc aaatcagcca ttttctgatt catcacttca     32820
     tctatccctc aattagatga cattgtctgg gacctgtact ctttaaatat atctaagcat     32880
     aagaaacaag acttaaaaaa aaatcacaga ccacaggaga caaaggaaaa agtgcctgaa     32940
     tgtatgtggc aacctctgaa tcctaaaaga aattggagat tattacagaa actctgaagt     33000
     ccaaaagaat gtattataat atttcttagt tttagtcaat ttgtcgtggt tatacaaagt     33060
     aacacaaggg gaaacagagg gacttttatc atcatttttc tgtatattgt atattttaaa     33120
     tactctctct ctctctcctc tgtgtgtgtg tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     33180
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatttagagg agaacctata ggagctaatt ctctcctttt     33240
     taggatcaaa ctaagttata atgcttcaca gcaggtgcct ttatccactg agtcattata     33300
     tatatatttt tttccttttg ttccttcaac ttctacttct gttccacgtc tatctttata     33360
     tttgacttta atataattgg attaggttat taaatatttt attcccatct ttatggttag     33420
     caactgttgt ggtaaatctc caacccaaat aagcccaggc aatgaaaaca caacacagtt     33480
     aacatgaata tatgctatgt gcctggattg ggcagatcta ccactacact gccatcttcc     33540
     ccatataaga aaccccttag aagctccact ttcctttttc ttcctcctcc gtggtcctct     33600
     ctctctccct ccttttctcc caaaaccttc agctccacct tcccctcttt tcagcccaat     33660
     caccggctct agcctttatt ttataaatta aggtgggaag aaggtttaca ggaaatcacc     33720
     agagcactga ctcactgctt gtttgtaacc cctcaggagg agaacggaat taacatcaaa     33780
     tataattagc cccagggcta tctgcaacaa gcaacaaaaa tttccggatc attagttgtt     33840
     aatgggcttt tgatgaaaca atttagtcaa gacatgttga taataactaa agaaaaatag     33900
     ttactgcaaa cgctacctac ttacaagaat gagatcgttt ttgccttcag tttcactgtg     33960
     tgctgtggat gaatgttatt tcttgctata ctaggtaaat aggcatcggt tctattggcc     34020
     ttttctcttt ttaaaatggc tttaagaaca tctgcccata tcaaagggtc gatgtcatca     34080
     caatcttgtg ctaacaaaac acaatccttt ggatgcctct ttgattgcat cacaacactt     34140
     gataattcac tatttaaact attttcaact accttttagt taataccttg gttaggtcct     34200
     cttttgacct gtatgagaaa catcttaaaa ggggacatag ggagatcagt cacccagata     34260
     ttagggccat ttgctttcag cctcacgtct ggcttcctga ttgttctttt gggctgcact     34320
     aggggatctt ctgcttgtca gaggcctaac ccctgggccc tttctcagat cttacctgga     34380
     gaagggtaaa gggtatcctt gaaacaagcc tcagctttcc ccggctgtct ccaaggaccc     34440
     tggggaagac gccccttggt agagacactg agtggggtta agaagacacg aagacacctg     34500
     gtgttttatg aaggctacac actcggtgta gacaactgac acaggggtaa gcaaccatgt     34560
     gctgctctgg gacgactggg gacaccctgt gtgcagacaa ctgaagtggg gctatggagc     34620
     catgtagtac tctgtgaccg ctctaggttg tcctaagtgt ggacgactga gttgggaata     34680
     agcggctttg tagcgctctg tgtgtggctg agtgtgtccc taagtcgggc gaggacaagc     34740
     agccacatga ggaggtgaga ggggcaggga cagagaggct gaaccttggg actttgtctt     34800
     ctacaaaaag aatgcaacct gacaaggccg gaagaacggg gtccatagag atgaggcctg     34860
     gaacctgcgc cccattcacc gtgacccagg cccagctaca cacgcagccc acgcgcatag     34920
     ggcgcggggg cggagccaga gcgaaggtcc ttgctgattg gacgaggggc gcccacgggg     34980
     gcgtcggccc cgctcctcag ggtcagctcg aggggccctt ttgaaagacg cgactgaccg     35040
     cgtggcccgc agaggtctga ggcgagaggt cgacggtggc agcgcagcaa tggcgaccgc     35100
     gggcggcagc cgacgagccc cggtcccggg ccctcggctc ggcctgcctc tggcagctca     35160
     cctgccggcg agcctgggcg gggagggcgc gaaggacagc gtcgggggtg cgctggccgg     35220
     gaggccgtcg gtttggttct gtcccctctt gttctcggct ttctagacct tgctaatgag     35280
     gcccctcagc tctgattcac tgttagtggt ggcggtggtg gctttccact gacccttcag     35340
     ctgctcctat taccgtttat agttgagttt aggggacagt ttggaaaagt taattgttaa     35400
     aacacaacac agctttgagg ttaattaaag agggattgtt tgtagccatg ggagcatgtg     35460
     tgtgagggaa aaacttaggt caaactaaaa gtgttgggga gttcctcttc caggattttc     35520
     attttctgtc aatttcatcc taaacaggag agaaaacttc tggaaacaat gactggtttc     35580
     agagttccag ggttcccagc tttgctcaga tgctgaaaaa gaatttgcca gttcagccat     35640
     cagctcagac agtaactttg cccactggat attcctctga aagttgtagt ctgtcgaata     35700
     tggcatccaa ggttacgcaa gtgacaggta caactttctt tttatttgta gaagtaccta     35760
     gatacacaaa gattatggga ttgatagtaa ctgctaagtg atgtgggtgt gggtgtatgt     35820
     tgtctctcat ctctgtggcc gtgtgccatt tggagttagt aactgtgaca tattacagta     35880
     ggaggcctgt agaagtcttt aacttcgcag atcctttatt tgttcctgcc tgccttcact     35940
     gttgaattac ttgaaatata acttagcctg cccccactat ggggtgtcag ggaaagttct     36000
     agacttgcaa gcactttgta ttctacatat tacttcacat aaagaagtag taaacatact     36060
     gtgatactta gattgaattg ggatcagaca gctcagtggg ataggcatta taacagactg     36120
     gtacacaaaa ctagatcgta gtctcaacaa aaccagttct atatcattgc cactctagac     36180
     cttagtgacc tcatctgtaa aaatgactta tctctgagac atcactaaaa ttccattaat     36240
     ttttccatca caaatggtat ttctgtataa tgtgtcctca gtgtgccaaa agacatatac     36300
     agtaacaggt tgtggttgta ggtgtatcca aactgtctag taggaacttg gggggaaaac     36360
     atgcttattg tataagggtt tagtactttg actggtttct ttaaaccaaa ctgaccagta     36420
     aaacatttgt tcttaggtaa ttttccagag ccattgcttt ccaaaggtct ttcatctatt     36480
     tcaaatcctg tccttcctcc aaaaaaacta cctaaagagt ttataatgaa atacaaacgt     36540
     ggagagatca atcccgtgtc ggccttgcac cagtttgcac aaatgcagcg tgttcagctt     36600
     gaccttaagg aaactgtaac aacaggtaag atggaagttg tgcctaatta tcccaggact     36660
     agcattattt tttccaataa aagtagggta tataagcagt tttacattta cttaccacac     36720
     acaatgttaa ggttaaatag gtattttgtg acaaaataaa gacacatttc tgtcagtgtt     36780
     gatcaagtat ttgttctgaa attataagat tctgtgattg tgatgcctga ggaaaaacat     36840
     ggtcagattt caccctgaaa ttaaaggatt tgaaaagaaa aggggcactt gcatggtcga     36900
     tgttgcctct gcagaattat ctggcatctg ccattctcct ttataccctt aaacctgaag     36960
     tacaccttac tgtgtgtatt tgtggaaggc tacaggagta taatcagaag cagaaaggct     37020
     tctggtctct tcatgttgag ggctctaacc aagaacctta ggaacttgct gttaagaagc     37080
     actgactaac atgtgatagt gaaactagct ttgaaatatt tgtgtgcatg cagagagttt     37140
     tttttctgta gttttctaac aattccctgt atggatctca aagatggtat ctctgcaaca     37200
     taatttaaag ctctggaaat tttactgaag attttagata agtttctttg agtgaaatac     37260
     cagtaaactt gacaaaaatg taaactgtag tactttcatt aggtaaacag cagtctcaat     37320
     attagtttaa cttcttagct ttcctacatt attctcagat cacccttgga aatgtaagct     37380
     tttaataaga aagatcaaaa aattcccagt gaagatactt tgctgctctg aggattgcca     37440
     gtgctgttct gtttgttctg tgttctaagt ttgtgaacgg ctagaaacaa gctaaagttc     37500
     actactcagc tttctgatat agaacacttt ctaacaaatg tagtgtgtaa tatacatgag     37560
     tcatctgagc cacttgttaa gaaagtaaag tattacctgg tttaacacgt ttatatggaa     37620
     atacaggtaa acatgggaaa atggtaagtt gagatgttta ggaaagggga aaaaagcaag     37680
     attagccaaa tataggttta agttcatagt aaaattttat gtgtatgttt tagaaatagt     37740
     taatggaaca tgattataaa tatgtgagaa aatgagatgg cagtgtgtgc agtggctagt     37800
     tcctagccat ccctaacaaa gagaagatat ttaagtgtct aacattaaat tctctcatct     37860
     gtaaatttag gagatgatta aattttcatg aggcaaatgc aaaattcaag taaaaggcat     37920
     agtggaaagg taatcctgtt gtggagtttg tgtaaggatg ggcagtttgt ttaattcatg     37980
     gaaacgtctt ttctcttggt tgttttggtt ctttttattt attccctgac ctttcctttc     38040
     ctgagtgtaa ttgattcagt tgtgtactat gatgtcttaa tggctataca aagtttcttc     38100
     aaaaggatca cttatatttt acaacattta aaaattttag ggtattccaa agatgagaga     38160
     attcaatttt acatatattg aaaatttaaa gatgaatatt actagaagtt ttcaaatatt     38220
     ttactaattc tttgttagtt aggtaaatat ttgattgtaa accattgcca tacattatac     38280
     tgtattctga agctgtcttc attgcttgca ttgtatctgt agaatccatt ggctgcagtt     38340
     ataatgcaag ttttggggct gatctaattg taattttaat ccttacttgc tttataaaga     38400
     gttgagttta cacttaaagg aggtcattta atactaaata gttttctaga attttatact     38460
     ggaatatttt actaacattc agacattact tgcaagaata tactgtatta ttgtagcatt     38520
     cattctgggt tctttttcaa ggaaatgtta tgggaccata ttttgctttt tgtgctgtgg     38580
     tggatggtat tcagtacaag acaggactgg gacagaataa aaaggaatca agatccaatg     38640
     cagcaaagtt agctcttgac gagcttctac aactggatga gcctgaaccg agagttttag     38700
     aaccagcagg taaggggaac tgatgtgtat gcttgagtgt gttattccca aaaggagtca     38760
     agacaggctt acttaacacc tgcaacatca taggatttga atatttcttt tcagttgctg     38820
     tttgctgaaa tgtttcatag aattatcttg tatttttatc accaaaagat acaatcaagt     38880
     tttgccagtt ctcatactaa aaggcatagt ctttgtggct ttgacttaaa tttcccaatt     38940
     aatctgtgat ttactgtgtt tattggacat tatcttttta agagggagag acagattatg     39000
     tttaagtcat tttttccatt ttcaattagt tctactgtta ctgactttta aaactctagg     39060
     tctattctgg tatttataag atatctgatg tacaaataaa aacattctat cccgagggtt     39120
     acctttaact ttattggtag tatcttttga tgtacaaaac attttgcttt cgataaatcc     39180
     agttttcttt tgttgtgtgt acctttggtg ccatacccaa gaaattattg ccaaatatag     39240
     tgtcatgaca ttttcccact gtggtttctt tttagagctt tatagtttta gctactacat     39300
     ctaaaaggtt ttgataaatt tttattttag taaaagaaat tagtgtccaa cttcattcta     39360
     ttactttgtg aaaattagtt ttcccaggaa catttgtttt aaaaaaaaat gttatcacca     39420
     ctgtttaaac cacctggatt gtgtctttct gggcactgtg acctatgtgt ctgtgttgag     39480
     gtaaatatta aataagatcc agcacattcc cactctaggg ctggcactgg caggccacaa     39540
     cgctatgctc cagcagggtc ccaccaactc tgtttcacat tccagtcacc aaattgatcc     39600
     tccaacctca aagttagata gcacaatacc cagtaaccca gtaaaatcaa aactcttaaa     39660
     gcttatagtt aaccaatcag atttatgtat caacaaagtc acaatttaca agatgccaat     39720
     acagtaattt cagagccaat tgttaatgca ccagccgtgc tggttcacat ttgcctccat     39780
     tctccttctc tgcaactctt agctccacct cccctttctc tgtccaatca cagccctcct     39840
     ctgcactaat gtaattgaac agggaaaatc ctgcaacatg tctgtcctta taacaataat     39900
     acattgtgtt gattactgtc atattattgt gattacatag ctttggaata agttttgaaa     39960
     tctgaatata tggattttcc aattttagag ggtttttttt ttcttttcat aatggcagtt     40020
     tgtccctgat attttacaat gaagttctct ttgtacactc ttgttttcct tattgagatt     40080
     atttgttcat agtaactata atttaatgtc ttcagtcttt tttctgcttg agccaaactc     40140
     tcttgagtaa atagatttta aatccttcct tctgagtttt caacttgctt ttctcaactc     40200
     taggtgcatg tgtctgactc tagttagcat tttctctaga gtgaggactc ggtaacagca     40260
     ccactctttc ctagcttgtt tctatacttt taactgggtt ttcatctaaa ttagtctagg     40320
     gtattctttc tgctttcttt taactaaatt aacaacatta gcttctagag cctttttgtt     40380
     taaatttttg gatttttccc tttgtgtccc tctggtgtaa tgtcatgaat gtttcttgtt     40440
     tttcacatgc tctttagctt ttaggactga tctggaaaac atttacaaag atttagactg     40500
     aactcattag aaaatttata gcatagtcct acttttttta gtcagatttt tatttattta     40560
     tttttattca gccatagaat tgaatgtcat tttgtcattt gcatgaatgt atgggaccat     40620
     ggaatcatca ggttgagtta aaaagtcagt tgtacaaaaa ttaatattgt aaattttctc     40680
     tcctgtttgt aaattagagt aaaggtaggg tatctaacta aatggaataa taataaggaa     40740
     aatataatgt ggaaagttta aaatgggaga agggatacag tggagtaata gtgaaaaaaa     40800
     agtatgactc aaggacatta ttatgtatgc atgaatatat atgtatgaat ataaactcat     40860
     tatgttgtac agttatttta gcatagcccg tgaaaagcct gatgacagca ttttgaataa     40920
     ttttactcat tttgataaaa tgtttaagtg ttttacatag tattattata aatagaaagt     40980
     gttcctaagt atctgaaata agactctatt gagtttcaga atgttgccac ctttacaaaa     41040
     gaagctaaat tgctgttaag ttccggaaac tcagaaatta atttgaataa ctaatgtcaa     41100
     aataggaaaa ccaatgtgag ctaaggagca tttgatgatg acagagttgg cagaaatttt     41160
     taaagaatat aactattatg tattgctaat gttggattcg tgtttgtttg tttttattgc     41220
     attcttgggt tactgttatt gcaggttagt atagagctga tagctctcag cgctctagaa     41280
     cattgccctt tcattgtttc ctatggtttg gttttattta caggaccacc tcctatccct     41340
     gcagaacctg ttgttacacc tgaagcagca tatgtttcaa aagtgcaata tggtaggtaa     41400
     tgttctgttt agaaaacaaa cccactgaaa aattaaaatg cacagatatg aagatatacc     41460
     ttaacatttt atttagacct ttcatgcttc tgttaaaaga gaagtttccc gttaaaaata     41520
     gcttatagaa agagaaatga ggttggagag gaaatactta aaaagaaatt tgagccagtt     41580
     ccgatggtat ggccatatat aaatcctagc tcttctggga gctgagacag gaggatagca     41640
     aattcacggc ttgccactcc accaaatagc ctgtctgcca gtttagtgag tcttgtctaa     41700
     aaatataaga gggatcttag gcatagcttg gtggtagaat acttgcctac atagtgtgat     41760
     aactttggct cagttgtcgg aatgacacaa aataattggg ggggggcata tccttttaat     41820
     aaggagtcta ttacatacat ataggtacat gttatacata tatacatgca gacaaaaaat     41880
     aggaaaatac atctttaaaa agcatatatg tacacatata catatttatg tatatgtgta     41940
     tatatctagt tgaagttata tgtgaccaaa gactaattaa ttctcattat acttttaatt     42000
     tcttcatttt aaaaattgat aaaaatcaat tacctcatca aattatcatg aggattaggt     42060
     tgataggcat aaaatacatg agtatctggc acacaaaaaa tgtttattaa atcagaactt     42120
     tcattgtttt atcacattca gtattgaata gcagtgtgtc cttgactggt acgccatcat     42180
     ctcctggaag gcaagacatt cttaatttgt ctgttgatga tatttgagag atacttcaga     42240
     cattacgacg tttgcaaagt gaaaagtttc cctttcactg ttatcattca gtcaggcttg     42300
     cttgctttta gtcagccttg tattcatttt cctaagacag acaaagatct caaatgtgtt     42360
     tgtgtggaca ggcagggaaa ataagcacat tcaaaagtca aaatccacca agatataggt     42420
     atagccactt gacctcagag atgtaaggat tcatgaatag cctcgagggc tcagtctaca     42480
     cgggtgattg cataatgttg gaagaggttt taccatttct atcactctct gtagaagttt     42540
     gtaatgacta agggggtaga tttcaaacaa taatctagat cacattaccc tgggaaaaca     42600
     gattatatag tatatgagtt agaaaggata cagtttaaaa aaataatgta aaaataaagt     42660
     ccagtttgga aagttgagtt ttggagccaa ctgtcagaaa aaggtgagca aaaaaatgta     42720
     tgaggttaaa ataggaatca aattttaaag cttttgaaaa ataaagattt gagacccaca     42780
     aaaaatttac tgagtacttc atgttgggcc agttatcaag gtggtcaata gtttacaacc     42840
     tgtgcaacat attttagtgg actatatctg catgagaata gttctatgtt ctctctgaaa     42900
     ataaattgtg gttattcatg acaatgggat tcacttgaaa ttagcaactt atagtcaaag     42960
     aagtggtata gtaaaactgg aaaggtggtt cagtagttaa gaacttctac tactcctgta     43020
     gaggacctcc attcagttcc cagcactcag agaaagccac tcacaactgc ctgaaactcc     43080
     agctccagga ggatttgatg tctctggttc ctatgggcac ctgcactcac atatacaccc     43140
     ccggcctccc ccatacttac acatacacct gataaatata ctccaggaga atttaacatc     43200
     tctggttcct acaggcacct gcactcacat atatatcact atcaagtagg ctttatcccg     43260
     gggatgcaag gttggttcaa tatatgaaaa ttaattaatg taatacacta tataaacaaa     43320
     ctcaaagaaa aaaaatcaca tgatcatctc cttagatgca gggaaagcat tcaacaaaat     43380
     acagcaaccc ttcatgttaa aagtattgga gagatcagga attcaaggcc tatacttaaa     43440
     cataataaaa acagtacaca gcaaatcaac agccaatatc aaattaaata gagacatact     43500
     tgaggcaatc ccactaaaat cagggccaag acaaggataa tgtggaaagt ttaaagtggg     43560
     agaagggata cccactctcc ccttatctat tcaatataga acttgaagtg ttaactagaa     43620
     taataagaca acaaaagaca tcaaagggat gtaaattggc aaagaagaaa taaaagtatc     43680
     actatttgca gatgatatga tagtatacag aagcaacccc aaaattctac cagaggactt     43740
     ctctagctga tacaccactt cagcaaatag gctggatata aaattaactc aaatcagcag     43800
     ccttccttta tacaaatgat aaacaggctg agaaagaaag tacagaaaca attcccttca     43860
     caatagccac aaataatata aaatatcttg gggtaactct aaccaaacaa gtgaaagacc     43920
     tttatgacaa taacttcaag tctctcaaga aagaaatcaa agaagatctc agaaaatgga     43980
     gagatcttcc atgctcatgg attggcagga ttaatatagt aaaaaatgtc catcctacca     44040
     aaggaaatct acagattcag tgcactcccc atcaaaatcc caacacaatt cttcaaagac     44100
     atggaaagag caattctcaa attcatctgg aaaggaaaaa aaaaccagaa taaccaaaaa     44160
     acttcctaac aataaaagaa cttctggggg aatcacaatc catgaccttc aagctttact     44220
     acagagcaat agtgataaaa aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaaaaaaaaa caactgcatg     44280
     gtattggtac agagataggc aggaagatca atggactaga attgaagacc cagaaataag     44340
     ttcacacact tacagacact tgatctttga taaagatgcc aaaaatatat aatggaaaaa     44400
     agaaagcatc ttcagtaaat agtgctggtc taattggctg tatttggaaa aatgaaaaaa     44460
     aaaatgaaaa tagaccaata tttgtcacct tgcacaaagc tcaagtccaa gtggatcgag     44520
     gacctcaaca aaaaaccaga cacagtgaat ctaatagaag ataaagtggg ctcagtcttc     44580
     tgtgaacctt ccctaccaga ggagagcttg cctgctggga gtgctctgac cctgggactc     44640
     aggtgagatc accatttgtg agataaccat tttccctcca gtgtctttct aaggcagatc     44700
     cactcaggaa agcacaggca acagagcttc taggacaggg ttctccagtt ctacatctgc     44760
     agccaggagg tggggctgtt ccacagccat ctgtgcactg gtcttgccag aagagagctg     44820
     gtctcccaag agtgctgaca cagactaaca gactcacatg aggaacaagc tccagccaga     44880
     gactgctaga acatctaatg ccagacatta ccaaatggca aatggcaaac ataaaaatct     44940
     taccaacaga aaccaagact acttggcatc atcagaatac agtactccca ctactgtgag     45000
     tcctagatac cccaacacac cagaaaagca agatttagat ttaaaatcat atgtcagtag     45060
     aggattttaa gaaggacatt aataattcac ttaaagaaat acaggagaac acagctaaac     45120
     aggtagacgc ccttaaagag gaaacacaaa aatcccttaa agaattacag gaaaacacaa     45180
     ccaaacaggt gaaggaattg tacaaaacca tccaggatct aaaaatggaa gtagaaacaa     45240
     taagaaatca caaaaggagg aaactctaga gatagaaatc ctaggaaaga actcagaaat     45300
     ccatagatgc aagcatcacc aacagaatac aagagataga gatcaggtgc agaagattcc     45360
     atagaaaaca tgaactcaac aatcaaagaa actgcacaat gcaaaaaaga tcctaactca     45420
     aaacatccag gaaatctagg atacaatgag aagaccaaac ctaagaataa taggtataga     45480
     tgagaatgaa gattatcaac ttaaagggcc agtaaatatc ttcaacaaaa ttatagaaga     45540
     aaatttctct aacctaaaga aagagatgcc catgaacata caagaagtct acagatctcc     45600
     aaatagactg gacgagaaaa gaaattcctc ccaaaacata ataatcaaaa caccagatgc     45660
     actaaataaa gatagaatat taaaagcagt aagggaaaaa ggtcaagtaa catataaagg     45720
     cagacctatt agaattacac aggacttttc accagagact atgaaagcca aaagattctg     45780
     gacagatgtt atacagaccc taagagaaca caaatgccag cacaggctac tctacccagc     45840
     aaaactctca attaccatag atggagaaac caaagtattg catgacaaaa ccaaattcac     45900
     acagtaatct ttccatgaat ccagtccttc aaaggataat aaaggggaaa ctccaacaca     45960
     aggagggaaa ctatgcctta gaaaaagcaa gaaagtaatc tttcaacaaa cctaaaagaa     46020
     gaaagccaca agaacagaat cccaactctt aacaacaaaa ataacaggaa gcaacaatta     46080
     cttttcctta atatctctcc gtatcagtgg actcaattcc ccaataaaaa gacatagact     46140
     aacagactgg ctacataaac aggacccgac attttgctgc acacaggaaa cccacctcaa     46200
     ggacaaagac agacactacc tcagagtaaa aggctggata atatttttca agaaaatggt     46260
     ctcaagaaac aagctggagt aaccattcta atatcgaata aaatcgactt tcaacctaaa     46320
     gttatcaaaa aaagacgagg aggggcactt cattactcat caaaggtaaa aatctaccaa     46380
     gatgaactct caattctgaa catctatgcc ccaaatgcaa gggcatccac attcattaaa     46440
     gaaacattag taaagttcaa agcacacatt gcaccacaca caataatagt gggtgacttc     46500
     aatatcccac tctcatcaat ggacagatcc tggaaacaga aactgaaaag agacacaatg     46560
     aaactgacaa gttatgaaac aattggattt aacagatatc tatagaacat tttatcctaa     46620
     aacaaacgga tataccttct tctcagcacc tcattttacc ttctccaaaa ttgaggtgct     46680
     gagaagaagg tgcattcttt tgttttaggg tgaactgtag atatgttaaa tctatttggt     46740
     tcataacctc tattagtttc attttgtctc tatttagttt ctgtttcagt gacctgtcca     46800
     ttggtgagag tgaagagttg aagtctccca ctattactgt gtgggattca atgtgtgttt     46860
     tgaactttag taatattttt tttcacgaat gtgggtactc ttgcattttg ggcatagatg     46920
     ttcagaattg agactttctc ttggtggatt ttccccttgg tgaatatgaa gtgtccttcc     46980
     tcatcactct taataacttt tgctagaaag tctattttat tggatagtag gatagcagct     47040
     ctagcttgtt tccttggatc atttgtttgg aagacctttt tccatccttt tactctgagg     47100
     tagtgtctgt ctttgttatt gaggtgtgtt tcttgtatgc agcaaaatgc tggatcttgt     47160
     ttgtgtatcc agtctgctag cttatgtctt tttataggtg aactccagag aggctttcag     47220
     tctgtccagt cagttgacct acatgccttc aagctgtggt gtcaactgct ctgagtgcag     47280
     cagatcctct aggatggctc aggatgtggt ctcttcatgg gaatagacca gctggcagtc     47340
     aactgctctg agtgcatcct atcctcaact gctctgagtg cagtggatct tctaggatgg     47400
     gtcagaatat ggtgtcttca cgggagcaga ccagctaggt atctgcccca gcagaaagga     47460
     ctgggcagaa ggggccaaag ggtggccaag aagttttttt agtgggaata tggggaaact     47520
     atatcagtag ttcaaatgca tttggtttgt actggttctc attggggcaa attctacata     47580
     ttttctgtca tgatgactat gatgaatatg ttttgattgt tacaggttag ggaggattat     47640
     tactattaag tggtatattg aagtatgtaa gatagacagt actttacagc aaaaataaat     47700
     tgccctgtgt ctcagatgag tttgagaatc atatctgact gagttctgca aacataaaca     47760
     gtagtattca gatagtaagg ttggtattga catatcattt ataagaagtt attctaagag     47820
     ctctgtaatt tgtattttac agctaaatat aaccataaca aagagtggaa atttgtctac     47880
     atatctttat aaatcactaa ctaatgtaac tacaaaataa cacatctctt agaaaaataa     47940
     caatcctctt caaattcatc ctgcttttta tttttcctag aagggagaca agtccagtat     48000
     gccaagattt cacagcttgt taaagaaaca tttggtcaac taatttctaa tcactcacaa     48060
     tatctgaaat gtagcagttc attggctgct ttcattattg aaagaggtaa gtccatgcat     48120
     ttggtatatg ttaccctaca gaaaaattaa taccttaatg atttggatca cactgtataa     48180
     tattttatat tctgcttctg tagacagtga ttttatattc atctgaagtg atgttttctg     48240
     ataggcaagt tgttaaatgt gaagcttctc aaaggtaaag acaaaatgaa ctgactagga     48300
     gccaacagaa agctgcagaa tagtaaaagg tctaacattg aaacctttcc ccaccagaag     48360
     caatgccttc tccatatata tgtatatata tatatatgat gataaaaatg aaaaactgct     48420
     tttaaccatg caaacatggt ggacatgttg gcacaccctt ttgtaatggc agaactcaga     48480
     ggtatgagac agggggatca taatgtaaag atcagcctgg tgttacataa ttaggccctg     48540
     tttcaaaaag caagttatgg gaattcatag atcactgaat gaaagccttc tgcatcaggc     48600
     gagacttaag ctaaaacttt aaatactagt ggtttccctg aagaggagag aaaatacttt     48660
     taaacagagg aaggcatgag gaacaaatgt agaaaatatt tattggggca acaaggagat     48720
     gaatttattg ataatacatg gtagtatata tacagaagta aaataaaata tatttaaatt     48780
     ggtaagattt ggtattcaac tacgagatgg cttaaaggcc agtcaaaaat tacatttaat     48840
     aagattaata atgtaaaata tatttagata tgagataatc acagttgaag ctgttgcact     48900
     aaattttctg agtaagaact gggcacatag cgatgaaaca gctgccctgc taggcatgga     48960
     tgcagaaacg tttgatttag ctttagcaga ggagaaatgg aggaaccata gactattaag     49020
     gatgaattca ggaaggcctg agaccatgga aaacttgcct gcactgtata ctatttttca     49080
     aggagaggtt gctatggtga cagaattatc aaaatcccag gctgtaggaa gcaaggtctg     49140
     gttcatcgaa ctcccatgtc gtcctgtcga gtggataagc cttctgcaat agtggatgtt     49200
     ggagacaaag tgtgggtgaa gcttattggc tgagagatga aaaatgatag aataaaagtg     49260
     tccctctcca tgaaagttgt caactaaggt actgggaaag acctcaacaa caacattgtc     49320
     attgagcaag aagagaggca cagtcagtcc ttcaggatta cactgggcag aagatcaccc     49380
     ttgaggccgt cctgaacaca acctgcaaga agtgtggctg caaaggccac tttgcaaagg     49440
     actgtttcat gcagccaggt ggaaccgagt attctctgac ccctgaagag gaagaggaaa     49500
     aagaggagac aaaggcaaaa ggacttgaga agcctgatcc cacaaagaat tcgtccagga     49560
     agagaaagaa ggaaaagaaa aaaaagaaac atagagacag gaggtcatct gattgtgaaa     49620
     gctctgactc tgagagtgac acgggcaaga agatgaggca ttcatcaaaa gacagcaagg     49680
     ccaccaagaa gaaaaagaag aagcagcagc acaaggaatg agggtggaac aagccacagc     49740
     agccctttct cctgcaagga ctcactagtg agagtgtagc ctcctaccct actgacttgt     49800
     cccgacggtc tcagatggct tctcctcatg cagcaagcag attggggccc cgcagggcac     49860
     ctaccaacat tgttttccct tgttgctcct gatcctttgc aagcgaaccc tgcagccatt     49920
     gcattcatgc actcagtgtc ttcatttcgg cagaaggttc tagtcccaac ccggctgcca     49980
     ctgcccaagc tggactcctc tgcaggagtc catgctagag cctcaggtgc tgctgtggag     50040
     ggaagcctgg ccgtgagaaa gcgaccctga cctgccagct gtttggggtt gctgtgggtg     50100
     gactctgcgg ccttcatccc ctcagccagg gcctgtattc cagtgactgc tgaaccagag     50160
     atttgcagcc aaggtcattg ttctgctccc tgtctatcat ggtgtgagtg actggttcca     50220
     tttcaagcct ctgcttaaat tcctggcata aatggaaata tgtttggttt taaactttca     50280
     aaaaaaactg ggaacatgaa cagaaaagaa aaatctgtat ttaaattgat aatatgcagg     50340
     tgatgacaat atactagtac caataaaaat catcacttca agttcatata gtaggatagt     50400
     gagtgactgc catgttcact gaaattttgg aaggtgccat gaagttgtat gaagaatatg     50460
     agagggaatt aaaatgtttt aggaaatata agtgtgtatg tgggctagta aaatctgagg     50520
     gaagccatgc agacatttct gcagtaactc atgtggattc ctagattgca ttaccttgct     50580
     tccttgcctt atcgttttag ttgggttata agaagctaac tagaaaattg atggatcaga     50640
     aaagtactaa gtgagctgac acaggcccca aaagaaaatc acattctctc tcttatgcag     50700
     attttaactt ttaatgttgg cgtgtatgta aataagtgga gtggctatag gttgtgaatc     50760
     taggtaggaa acaagagtta gtattaataa aggagagtag ggcaaaagga tacatgtgat     50820
     agaaacacag aaagagcctg ctgaagcgaa aagcttaagg tagagaaggg accaaaggaa     50880
     gaaaagcaaa agcaaaattt gtttgataaa tgctataata aatgaagaga aagaaaatct     50940
     tctgacttta gcattccatt catgtaagca ggaccttgtc aatcctgcat tgcaggactt     51000
     atcattgatg tcaattcagt acacatttca caacataaag aaagatatat gcatgcatca     51060
     cattaataaa aacaagatat ttattaaatg aggataaagg tagagcttga acagagaaaa     51120
     agggaggcta actaacaact tgctgctgtt ttagctggac atcatgaagt tgtggctata     51180
     ggcacaggcg aatacaacta cagccagtgc atcaagccaa atggaagggt gctgcacgat     51240
     actcatgcag ttgttacagc aagaaggtct ctccttaggt aaggtaaagg atgtggtaat     51300
     gccttcaata gtaatgttat cagaccaaag taactgcata ggaattaacc tgttttcaaa     51360
     tggaacttta ctcataactg agcaaagatt atcaacctct aatccaagtc atttgatatt     51420
     cttaagctgt ggttacattg ctatggtaat tatagtgtct tgtgtaggtt ttcgtgactt     51480
     ccttgaaaac tgagttttaa gagcactaca agattagctg gtaagatgac tctgaagttg     51540
     agagcactga ctgctcttct aaaggtccca agttcaattc ccagcaacca catggagact     51600
     ctcaaccatc tgtagtgaga tctggtgccc tcttctggca tgcaggcata taagcaggca     51660
     gaatactaca taataaatga atcttcttct tcattttttt taatcttttt ttttttttta     51720
     cagttcagtt gttatcttcc tcccagtcag ccctcatccc ataccacctc ccccatctcc     51780
     aagagaatgt acccaacccc cataccccat cccaccagac ctccctactc cctggggccc     51840
     caagtctctc aagggctagg tgcatcttct ctcactgggg ccaaacctga cagtcctctg     51900
     ctgtatatgt gtcaggggcc tcatatcaat tggtgtatgc tgcctggttg gtgactcagt     51960
     gtctgagaga tcttgtcagt ccaagttagt tgagactgct gatcttccta tggggttgcc     52020
     ttcctcctca gcttcttcca acctttccct aattcaatca caggggtctc agcttctgtt     52080
     ttggttgggt gcaagtatat gcatctgact ctttcagctg cctgttgggc ctctcggagg     52140
     gcagccactt taggctcctg tctgtaagca caccatagca tcagtaatag tgtcaggcct     52200
     tggagcctcc ccttgagatg gatcccaatc tgagccagtc actggacctc ttttccctca     52260
     gacccttctc catttttgtc cctgcaattc ttttagacaa aaactatttt ggatcagagt     52320
     ttttgactgt gggatggcaa accccctccc tcacttgata ccttgtcttt ctactgtcgg     52380
     gcatttcatc taaggagagt ctctctcctt cctggtacat ctagagggtc cagccaactc     52440
     ctccctccca aggttgcctg tttccattct ttctgctggt cctcagggct tcagtcctgt     52500
     ttctccccca caccccaata ccagatcatg tccccctatt ctccttcccc taccttctcc     52560
     cactcaggta tacccccccc attaactgct tctcccttcc aagtgggatt gaggcatcct     52620
     cacttaggcc ctttggcttg ttaaccttga gttctgagga ttatatccta ggtattctgt     52680
     atttattgtc taatatccac ttattagtga gtatatacca tgcatgtcct attgggtctg     52740
     agttacctca ctcagaaata aatcttttaa aaagagagca ctgcaagata ttttaaagtt     52800
     agagatatta tctttgaatg attaaagtta ttggaaagta taacattatg ttaacacaaa     52860
     gtaaacttta tcttacttca catctaaatt agatattctt attcaaagat agcaccagaa     52920
     aagcacaggt ttccagttat aaattcctcc agtactctac tataattcag cagagtataa     52980
     gcggtgtatc ctttgctttg agacccattt ggggttaaat gattactcca caggggccat     53040
     atgtcagata tcccagaatt tacattacag tacataacaa tagcaacatt agttatgaag     53100
     taccaacaaa gtaattttat ggttggggtt cttacaacat ggggaactgt attaaaggat     53160
     taggaaagtt gagcacactg atctagactg atatatcaaa agagaaagaa aaaggaaggc     53220
     atcagatccc cctcccccca aaactgatca acaattctgc tcttcacaga ggaagaagta     53280
     gcaggaggtt caaaaaggcc aagaatgttt ctgtatataa atacatgaag agtgggaatt     53340
     gagtgttact tcccataata tacaccaact tttgattctc ttaaaccatt aaacttctaa     53400
     cagattttca ttatagcaaa tatcaaatca agttggagta aatttcgtcc tccagcttga     53460
     gcagttacta gcattctgct gctcttgttt aatttcttta ttctcactgt tgctcttgtc     53520
     tttgctggaa tattttaaaa caaaatgtag atagacccgt tttacctgaa aaagcataag     53580
     taggtatccc tattaaggaa agaattatat aatcttaaaa attattacag tgctaggaag     53640
     atgatcaagt gtgctttctc tgcaagcatg agggcctgct tgcacatccc cagaactcaa     53700
     gtacaaagct ggacatgact gcttgttcct gtgaccctag ccttagggag tggagacagc     53760
     cagatcctga gatctctatg ggcagctaac ctagcccaaa ctgcaagcca aactgcctgt     53820
     aaggggagaa cagttgagga aaggacccat catcctaatc tagcctttgc atgtacactg     53880
     tcatacacac ttcagtacac acacacacac acacacacac acactatctc tctctctctc     53940
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctattgtgg aagcccatag gagttaactc     54000
     attcttgtcc atttttcttt gatgctgatg gaattatctg actttcttaa tgctatctct     54060
     aaagtgtgaa gtttttctcc tccttggcat tgttatacac tttgtacaac ccctaatgtt     54120
     ccctgtgctg tatctgtgcc tttgggtttg tcttcaacag cactaagaaa cagtgttgga     54180
     gatggtgatg gtagtaagat aggaggaact taatgtgata ggaagaaggg caacaagctg     54240
     acccttcaga gctatctcag gaaggaagaa ggagcctggg aaaatgggtc ctttgcaaga     54300
     tacgatagaa actcagatgt gcagtgcaaa gtagtaatga agcagtgatg cgttaatatg     54360
     aggtacaggg cagtccagtg tgaggacttc ttgacgggct taatttttca ctagttaaag     54420
     ttagaagatt cttatcaata ccaaaactgt tgatatacag aggcattgct catgttacat     54480
     ttgattgtaa tactcattaa gatacatcta taataagttt tattaacaaa gttacaatgt     54540
     ttattttagg tacttttata gacagcttct gctcttctat agcaaaaatc ctgctatgat     54600
     ggaaaagtca atcttttgta cagaaccagc ttctaatcta cttactctga aacaaaacat     54660
     caacctttac ctctatatga accagttgcc gaaaggatca gcccagatta agtcacagtt     54720
     gtaagtatta gggaagttgt ttttaaaaac cagtaggatg atcacagtag aatgttctga     54780
     atctctttct caaacaaaaa gggtaagccc atgtgtgtcc atattctctg ttcccttgag     54840
     ctgttacctt tcagcttcag ggcacaacaa atccaccacc accaccagcc tacctccttt     54900
     ccattcactc tgatctatga ctattttcaa aaaatacttg tgtgccacca ctttcttttc     54960
     tgtggtattg aaaactctgc cttgaagatt tctaaagctt taggaaatta tggatctatg     55020
     taatattcat attcaaatac aggagattaa aaactgttgt atggtcaaat gcctttgttt     55080
     tgatgaatac ataacatcag gtagggtgaa ctttgaatag tacacataag aacagtgaaa     55140
     aagaaaagcc taccccagtc tgaccatcta ggaataacca tgggtaatag ttttataaaa     55200
     attctaggaa tttctttgaa aataagatgc atggataaat aaaattcaag aaaaataact     55260
     ttagatttta ttatcatttt accataggtg aattttgaaa aaaaaattcc catttcataa     55320
     ttttgtagtt ttaaaacttt tgtaacagtt aaaattttac tgcactttat tttttaatta     55380
     atttattttt atactccata ttttaaaact ttttatatat aagaacctag ttcttaaagt     55440
     acaagaataa aaatttttgt tactatcatt aattttttga catagagtct catgtagccc     55500
     agactaaact tgaattctgt cttagagttt tattgctgtg aagagacacc atgatcatgg     55560
     tgtcatataa agaaaaacat ttaattggag ctggctttca gaggttttgt ccattaacat     55620
     catggtagga agcacggcag tgtgtaggca gacatgatac tgaaagaacc aagagttcta     55680
     catcttgatc caaaggcaga caggaagaga ttctttccac actgggcaga gcttgagcac     55740
     taggagacct taaagtctgt ctatacagtg acttactttc tctaacaagg ccacacctcc     55800
     taatagtacc actttccatg ggccaaatat attcaacccc ctagaaactc attatatagc     55860
     caaggctgat cctaaacttt ttggcaaggg taagggagtt gagatagtat cctactatat     55920
     acccctgact gacgttgaac ttgctatgta gacaagactg gttttgaact catggaaatc     55980
     tgtctgcctc tttctcccaa gtgctggagt taaaagcatg tactaccgct aggtcttact     56040
     atattaatgg ccataaaaat gttgataata ggaaaattgt gctgaagctt agtgtgttgg     56100
     taaattgtta tgcattactt ttttgggatg atgaatccat tccgactttt ttctttgtgc     56160
     ttgcatctgc tcatattatc ggaattaggt gtgtactggc aaattaaacc tggtagagaa     56220
     caatttttga gagcatgcac attttacttt taagaatttt atttttatta aagaaaactt     56280
     ttttctctct ctagacgcct taatccacat tctatttctg cgtttgaagc caatgaagag     56340
     ctgagtctcc atgtggctgt tgaaggcaaa atttatctta ctgtttactg ttctgcagac     56400
     ggggttaata gagtaaacag tatgtcctca agtgacaagc tgacaagatg ggaggtgctt     56460
     ggtgtacagg gagccttgct gagtcacttt atacagccag tttatatcag cagtatactt     56520
     gttggtgagt ttcagcacat ttggggatat ttagtgcggg gggggggaac catgtgtgac     56580
     ttactagtat ataaccagct tttgcataca tgagacttga attaacaagc actcatcact     56640
     gttgatgtaa ttttttttac tattttatta ggttcttata cctctacctc ccttccaaca     56700
     cttattccac cctattttct tccagccccc caacactagg taggagagaa agagggttag     56760
     agggggaggg gtgtagacct ctataggccg cttcctgctg gttaggggaa ttgggttcct     56820
     tgggggaagt ccagacttca tcattagaat tcccagcagt ccaacaaaat agcaatccaa     56880
     caatagcaag tacaacagca agcatagcag cagaaactag cagcagcagg gcagtggcta     56940
     ccacaggccc tctcagggct ctcgcagagt cctcttcaga ttaaacgatc tgcagctggc     57000
     aaaaatgatg tcccagctag tgcatgaagc aaaccatatc tgtgaagtag cctcttatcc     57060
     cacacttgga gttaaaacaa aaccatgttc aaataacata agaaatcaaa actctcacta     57120
     cacatcattg ctttgttgag ctatttgttt tgttgtctct agaaatcatg cttattagat     57180
     gacttgcata atcttatagg aggccaagaa ttaacatact aaactgcttt attattagtc     57240
     ttcttctgtc ataaacttac agcttcattt acctgatact gaaccccatt tctttatgga     57300
     aaagatactt ttttgaacct cctaaatcta aaagcttatg ctgtgtcttg tcttctctaa     57360
     gaaattaaat gccatttccc ccttcttctc cttacctcat tttaatatat tatgttaatt     57420
     cttttaactg atcaaatgag tctgattaat tggaacacaa ctgacagatt attcatttct     57480
     tagatagaag atgctgttga attttggatt tatatttgaa tggctttcca gataccatct     57540
     cattgaaaac cagtttgggg attttcttct tttaagttag tatgcaaagt aatgggattt     57600
     gttatgacat ttcatgtata catgccatta tacttctttc tgtagttttt tttctatgta     57660
     ataattagca cacacaatag tggaaatcat ggcatttaca tgcacctatg tcattgtact     57720
     gtgttcatat ccatgtctta ttactcacta actgcatgcc cttttctctc ctttcccctc     57780
     cactggtctc tgttggcttt catggtgtgt gtgattttgt ttgtatacac tgtgtgcatg     57840
     tacatataca tgtatgtatg aaaatttaat tcttcatatg agaaaacatt actaaaatca     57900
     cattgtacct atatactgaa ttcccttctc ccattcatct gtttaagggt gcctaggcag     57960
     ttttcatgtc ttgggtattg tgcttactgc tgtaataaat gtgtggatgt gaacttaagt     58020
     ctgggacact tagatttctt tgggtatata cctagggatg ttacagctag atcatgtggt     58080
     gattgcagtt ttagggtttg ttttttgttt gttgtttttg ttttttagga gcttccattc     58140
     tgactttcat agtaagtaca ttcctgccag caatttatct tgtgtttttc tctttctcaa     58200
     tatcctcacc agtatgtgtt gtcatttgtt tccctgatga tagtcatcct gactgggtta     58260
     agatggaatc tcatctcagc ctgatttggt ttacactttt ctgagggcta agaatgttta     58320
     acattttatg tatttattgg tcatttgcat ttcttttgag aattatttat tttatctgct     58380
     catttattgc tcggatgatt caaggaaatt ttggtgtaaa aatgttgagt atttttaaga     58440
     tctttatttt taaatttctt cttcttttgt gtattacatc ttgactgcag tttcacattc     58500
     tttatctccc tgctaatctc ttctctctac ttcccttatc ttccaaatcc accccacacc     58560
     ttcatctatc tcctcagaag ggaataggcc tcctaaggac atcaactaaa taagaagctg     58620
     caatagatca ggcacatacc ttcacatcaa ggctgcacaa ggcaacccag taggaagaaa     58680
     gggtctcata agtgggcaag agagtcagag acagtcccca ctcaaactta ttattcccag     58740
     aagagcacca agctacagaa acataacata tatgtagagg acctagatca gacccctaca     58800
     gacttcctga tctctgtgag cccccatgag tcccagtcag ttgattctga gggccatgtt     58860
     tttatggtgt ccctgagttc tctggctcct ccaatcctct cctccgacct ccaccaagac     58920
     tctccaagat ctacctaatg tttttctgct ggactgtgta tctgcgccca tcagctattg     58980
     aatatagtct ctccaggcag gacaaacttg caggttgaag gttttgtggc tgcacaggtg     59040
     taccagtgct cccatatgtg tgcctagtta tagaagatgg ctgattccag catttaggaa     59100
     tctatgtttt cagagtattc cctaatgagc tttggtttca cctcctaatt atattaatta     59160
     gattattttg attactttgg taaagagttt attaatctag tttatatttt caaagaactt     59220
     acctactctt tgttttgatc cttgtattgc ttctttgtat ttttttcact tttttatttt     59280
     attagatatt ttctttattt acatttcaaa tgctatcctg aaagttccct ataccctcct     59340
     caccccccac cccccgccct gctcccctac ctacccactc ccacttcttg gccctggcat     59400
     tcccctgtac tgaggcatat aaagtttgca agacctagtg gcctcttttc ccaatgatgg     59460
     ccaactaggc catcttctgc tacatatgta gcaagagaca ggagctctgg gggtattggt     59520
     tagttcatat tgttgttcca cctgtagggt tgcagacccc ttcagctcct tgggtacttt     59580
     ctctagctcc tcatttgggg gccctgtgtt ccatcctata gatgactgtg agcatccact     59640
     tctgtatttg ccaggcactg gcatagcctc acgggagaca gctatatcag ggtcccttca     59700
     gcaaaatctt gctggcatat gctatagtgt ctgtgtttgg tggctaatta tggggtggat     59760
     ccctgggtga ggcagtctct ggatggtcca tcctttcatc tcggctccaa actttgtctc     59820
     tgtaactcct tccacaggta ttttgttcac taatctaagg agaaatgacg tatacatatg     59880
     ttggtcttct ttcttcttga ttttcttggg tttgcaaatt gtatcttggg tattctaagt     59940
     ttctgggcta atatccactt atcagtgagt gcatattaag tggttctttt gtgattgggt     60000
     tacctcactc aggatgatat cctccagatc catccatttg cctaagaatt tcataaagtg     60060
     aatgaccttt tcatacttaa tattcacaca tgtaaagtat atttgtagta tgaagccctg     60120
     aaagtaacat tgcaagtcaa agatatgcag ttctgtaaaa tatttcagag agtccctggt     60180
     gtgccttgcc actgattatg ggtgagtgtg cctgcttact cagacccaca ctcatgcttt     60240
     cctcatacac tccatggaga actgctactc gatgcttgtt tagattccat tgttgactga     60300
     tgttcttact atctattcag tatgaatcca tttgattcct tttttcaagg aataggtcat     60360
     catctaagcc tgtgttaaaa gtgtcagtgg agtagagtat aggagtgagc acaaccaatt     60420
     gtggtaaacg gctccagttc ttcctaaatg tcttccttta cataattgat ctttggttca     60480
     cttttaattc tataacaagg aacattacag attaaatcta aatctttgaa aataacttta     60540
     tctcctttct cttaagtctt atggaatgtt agaattcctt ttaaaataag tttgagatta     60600
     cattttattg tgtttgtatt catatgtcac actatatatg tacatgtgga ggtcagaaag     60660
     caacttggga ggagtaggtt gtctccttcc actatgtggg atctggatca gactcagtaa     60720
     gagtcatgtc agtgacccta caattctttt ttcttttttc ttttttctta gatattttct     60780
     ttatttatat ttcaaatgtt atcccctttc ctggtttccc ctctgaaaac tccctatttc     60840
     ttccccctcc ccctgctcac caacccaccc actcacgctt cctggcccag gcattcccct     60900
     atactggggc atagaaccct catgggatca aggacctctc ctcccattga tgactgacta     60960
     ggccaacctc tgctacaatg cagctagagt catgagtccc accatgtgtt ttcttgggtt     61020
     ggtggtttag tccaagggag ctctggagat accagttagt tcatactgtt gttcctccta     61080
     gggggctaca aaccccttct gctccctgtg tcctttctcc atctccttca ttggggatcc     61140
     tgtgctccat ccaatggatg attgtgagca tccacttctg tatttgccag gcactggcag     61200
     agcctctcag gagacagcta caccaggctc ctgtcagcga gctcttgttg gcatccacaa     61260
     tagtgtctgg gtttggtggt tgtatatggg atggattctc aggtggggca gtctctagat     61320
     ggtcattcct tcagtctttg ctccaaactt tgtctttgta actcctttga tgggtatttt     61380
     ggtccccctt ctaagaagga tcgaagtatc cacactttgc cttcttcttg agcttcatgt     61440
     gttttgcaaa tagtatcttg ggtatcccga gcttctgggc taatatccac ttaccagtga     61500
     gtgtatatca tgtgtgttct tttgtgattg ggttacctca ctcaggatga tatcctccat     61560
     ttgcctaaga atgtcataaa ttcattgttt ttaatagctg tgtagtactc cattgtgtaa     61620
     atgtaccaca ttttttgtat ccattcctct gttgagggac atctgggctc tttccagctt     61680
     ctggctatta taaataaggc tgctgtgaac atagtggagc atgtttcctt attacaagtt     61740
     ggagaatctt ctgggtatgt gcccaggagc agtatttctg ggtcctcagg tagtactatg     61800
     cccaattttc tgagaaactg ctaaactgat ttccagagtg attataccag cttgcaatcc     61860
     caccagcaat ggaggagtgt tcctgtttct ccacaccttg ccagcatctg ctatcacctg     61920
     agtttttctt cttagccatt ctgactggtg tgagatgaaa tctcaggttt gttttgattt     61980
     gcatttccct gatgacgaag gatgttgaac aattttttta ggtgcttctc agccattcgg     62040
     tattcctcag ttgagaattc tttgtttagc tccctacaat tctttgtatt gattcttcta     62100
     agcctatgtt aacttagaat atgaatacaa agaacagtat attgaaaact tcattttagc     62160
     tttggaaagg ttttgagagt ctttgatagg agatttaggt ttaaacaaag gacagaaggc     62220
     atgcatggct taccatccct gctgcaatct gtcccattca tctggtgtca gttctagttt     62280
     ctcctgcaag attgtctgac aagttgtcaa aacagtatga aatctcttcc tgagagacaa     62340
     cccccaccct tcctctggct cccaccagga tcccagtctt ttccaatttc ttggcattca     62400
     tcattttagt tgtctgatag ccaaagtgag tggctctagt ggctcttcag aatacattta     62460
     ctctcctcag cagtattagg agaatacaaa gctctttgta ctgttcattt tgttaaccaa     62520
     aaatggtatt ctttgaattg ctttctgtac cgaaattgga acattgtggt cctatagtgg     62580
     ttttaatgtg tggccattag gtatagtaaa ttaagtgact tatgctgaga accagactta     62640
     tttgatcctc cagtgctgat ttcatgctga agccagaaaa ttaagataaa atgagcaggt     62700
     tttttttctg gcagaactct gtaaaaagta ccattccttt gtgggtcaat actggttctt     62760
     tgcttcttta atttgttttt tattttatgt attaggtatt ttgcttgcat gtgtgtctgt     62820
     gtaccatgga cttgcagtgt ctgaagaagc caaaggaggc catcagacct tctggtactg     62880
     aagttacaaa aggttatgag ccactatgtg tgtgctggga agaacagtca gtacttttaa     62940
     tcctgaacca tttctctggc cctcagttct ttgcttttat tcactagtat tacttcatta     63000
     tttccttttt gagcctttta aaatggaaat gttgttatta tgtgatactg atttggtaaa     63060
     atatatggag gtagctacta agaggataga tgtaggatag agaaaattaa aggagaagtg     63120
     agctttagat tggttacagt taacccattg tcattagttt tcttttgttt tttaacacaa     63180
     ccttttgatc ttaaattcct gagtgtattt tgttttttct ttctaggtga tgggaattgc     63240
     aatgacacaa gaggcttaga aatcgcaata aaccagcgtg ttgatgacgc actcacatca     63300
     aaactgccca tgttttactt ggtcaacaga cctcatatta gcttagtgcc caccgcatat     63360
     cctctgcaga taaacttgga ccataaatca ctcagtttga attgggcaca aggggacaat     63420
     tctttggaga ttgtggatgg cctaaatggg aagattactg aaaggttaga attactactc     63480
     tctcttaaaa aaacattgaa agaaaaaaat catatattaa gcaaaagaag gtattttatt     63540
     gaaatattaa aatacaaagc tcaacatttt tacatattac ttattgaatt ttgaacaatt     63600
     tttattgagt gtggccagtt gctagcatca tattcattat aaattcctgt gaggttagag     63660
     cagttatatt aaaggggtaa agccaacatt caaacccaag gaatctgtct ctggaccctg     63720
     tgtttattaa agcatcatct tgtagtaata tcatagaatt tgttctttaa atttgaattt     63780
     ctggatctgg gatgaggaat ctgcattttt cacaatctat ccaaaatatt atgaacacat     63840
     aaatctaaaa tctattgtaa catgttatgc tgctttctat tatgatagcc atggaagttg     63900
     catgtaattt tctagtattt ttctagttca tccctatagt aaggattcca aactggaatt     63960
     cttatctata cgttttattt ctaaaggcat tttttaaaat aaattctata ccttttagat     64020
     atttttgata atattttttg taatattcct gcaatttact attgaataaa aataagaact     64080
     ttggggggta gctagggcgc ggagtcggct gacacctgca agctacccac aagacccgcc     64140
     acgggatctt aagacctctg gtgagtggaa cacagctgct gctccaatcc aatcgttagg     64200
     gacctgagac tgcattaatt agagaaacag aaaacccagc ctaatcaggg gcacaagtct     64260
     cttccggtct acacaagcac cgggatacct tgggcgtgta gtctgcagac acccgtaagg     64320
     tatacacagg actcaccact ggatcttaag acctctgtga gtggatcaca acttctgcca     64380
     ggaaacaggt ttgaacacca gatatctggg caccttcctg caagaggaga gcctacctgc     64440
     agagagtact ctgaacactg aaactcagga gagagctagt ctcccaggtc tgctgataga     64500
     ggctaacata aacacctgag gaacaagatc taaccagaga caactacaac aactaactcc     64560
     agagattacc agatggcgaa aggcaaacgt aagaatctta ataacagaaa ccaagaccac     64620
     tcaccatcat cagaacgcag tattcccacc caacccagtc ctgggcaccc caacacaccc     64680
     gaaaaactag acccggattt aaaagcatat ttcatgatga tggtagagga catcaagaag     64740
     gactttaata actcacttaa agaaatacag gagaccactg ctaaacaggt agaagacctt     64800
     aaagagtaag cacaaaaatc cccaaacggg tgatggaatt gaataaaacc atccaagacc     64860
     taaaaaggga agtagacaca ataaagaaaa cccaaagtga ggcaacgctg gagatagaag     64920
     ccctaggaaa gaaatctgga gccatagatg caagcatcag caacagaata caaaagatgg     64980
     tagagagaat ctcaggtgca aaagattcca tagagaacat ctgcacaaca atcaaagaaa     65040
     atacaaaatg caaaaagagc ctaactcaaa acatccagga aatccaggac acaatgagaa     65100
     gaccaaacct aaggataata ggagtagatg agaatgaaga ttttcaactc aaaagaccgg     65160
     taaatatttt caacaaaatt atagaagaaa acttcccaaa cctaaagaaa gagatgccca     65220
     tgaacataca agaagcctac agaactccaa atagactgga ccagaaaaga aattcctcct     65280
     gacacataat aatcaaaaga acaaatgcac taaataaaga tagaatatta aaagcagtaa     65340
     gggaaaaagg tcaagtaaca tataaaggaa ggcctatcag aattacacca gacttttcac     65400
     cagagactat gaaagccaga agatcctgga cagatgttat acagacccta agagaacaca     65460
     aatgccagac cagggtacta tacccagcca aactctcaat taccatagat ggagaaacca     65520
     aagtattcca tgacaaaaac caaattcaca cattatcttt ccacgaatcc agcccttcaa     65580
     aggataataa cagaaaaaaa caaaaacaat acaaggatgg aaaccacacc ctagaaagag     65640
     caagaaagta aaccctcaac aaaccaaaaa gaagacagcc acaaaaacag aatgccaact     65700
     ctaaaaacaa aaataatagg aagcaacaat tacttttctt taatatctct taatatcaat     65760
     ggactcaatt ccccaataaa aagacataga ctaacagact ggctacacaa acaggaccca     65820
     acattctgct gcttacagga aacccatctc agggaaaaag agagatacta cctcagaatg     65880
     aaaggctgga aaacaaattt ccaagcaaat ggtctgaaga aacaagctgg attagccatt     65940
     ctaatatcaa ataaaatcga cttccaaccc aaagttatca aaaaagacaa ggagggacac     66000
     ttcatactca tcaaaggtaa aatcctccaa gaggaactct caattctgaa tatctatgtt     66060
     ccaaatgcaa gggcagccac attcattaaa gaaactttag taaagctcaa agcacatatt     66120
     gcacctcaca caataatagt gggagacttc aacacaccac tttcatcaat ggacagatcg     66180
     tggaatcaga aactaaacag ggacacagtg aaactaacag tagtgatgaa acaaatggat     66240
     ttaacatata tctacagaac attttatcct aaaacaaaag gatatacctt cttctcagca     66300
     cctcatgata ccttctccaa aattgaccat ataattggtc acaaaacagg cctcaacaga     66360
     tacaaaaata ttgaaattgt cccatgcatc ctatcagacc accatggact aaggctgatc     66420
     ttcaataaca acataaataa tggaaagcca acattcacgt ggaaaatgaa caacactctt     66480
     ctcaatgata ccttggtcaa ggaaggaata aagaaagaaa gtaaagactt tttagagttt     66540
     aataaaaatg aagccacaac atacccaaac ttatgggaca ctatgaaagc atttctgaga     66600
     gggaaactca tagctctgag tgcctccata aagaaactag agagagcaca cactagcagc     66660
     ttgacaacac acctaaaagc tctagaaaaa aaaggaagca aattcaccca agaggagtag     66720
     acagcaggaa ataatcaaac tcaggggtga aatcaaccaa gtggaaacaa gaagaactat     66780
     tcaaagaatc aaccaatcga ggagctggtt ctttgagaaa atcaacaaga tagataaacc     66840
     cttagccaga ctcactagag ggcacaggaa cagcatccta attaacaaaa tcagaagtga     66900
     aaagggagac ataacaacaa accctgaaga aatccaaaac accatcagat ccttctacaa     66960
     aaggctatac tcaacaaaac tggaaaacct ggaagaaatg gacaaatttc tagacagata     67020
     caaggtacca aagttaaacc aggttcaagt taacaatcta aacagttcct tatcctctaa     67080
     agaaatagaa gcattcatta atagtctccc aaccaaaaaa agcccaggac cagatgggtt     67140
     tagtgcagag ttctatcaga cctccaaaga agatctaatt ccagttctgc acaaactatt     67200
     ccacaaaata gaagtagaag gtactctacc caactcattc tatgaagcca caattactct     67260
     gatacctaaa ccacagaaag accccgcaaa gatagagaac ttcataccaa tttcccttat     67320
     gaatatcaat gctaaaatac tcaataaaat tcttgatatc tgaatccaag aacacaataa     67380
     aacaatcatc catcctgacc aagtaggttt tattccaggg atgcagggat ggtttaatat     67440
     acagaaatcc atcaacgtaa tccattatat aaacaaactc aaagacaaaa actacatgat     67500
     catctcgtta catgaggaga aagcatttga cgaaatccaa cacccattca tgataaaagt     67560
     cttggaaaga tcaggaattc aagggccata cctaaccatg ataaaagcaa tctacagcaa     67620
     accagtagcc aacatcaaag taaatggtga gaagctggaa gcattcccac taaaatcagg     67680
     gactagacaa ggctgcccac tttctcccta tctattcaac attgtacttg aagtcctagc     67740
     cagagcaatt cgacataaaa aggagatcac ggggatacaa attagaaaag aagtcaaaat     67800
     atcacttttt gcagatgata tgatagtata tataagtgac cctaaaaatt ccaccagaga     67860
     actcctaaac ctgataaaca gcttctgtga agtagctgga tataaaatta actcaaacaa     67920
     gtcaattgcc tttctctaca caaagaataa acaggctgag aaagaaatta gggaaacaac     67980
     acccttctca atagtcacaa ataatataaa ataccttggt gtgactctag ctaaggaagt     68040
     gaaagatcgg tatgataaga acttcatgtc tccgaagaaa gaaattaaag aagatctcag     68100
     aagatggaaa gaattcccat gctcatggat tggcaggatc aacattgtaa aaatggctgt     68160
     cttgtcaaaa gcaatctaca gattcaatgc aatcaacatc aaaattccaa ctcaattctt     68220
     caacgaatta gaaagaacaa tctgcaaatt catctggaat aacaaaaaac ctaggatagc     68280
     aaaaactctt ctcaaggata aaagaacctc tggtggaatc accatgcctg acctaaagct     68340
     ttactacaga gcaattgtga taaaaacggc atggtactgg aataaagaca gaaaagtaga     68400
     ccaatggaat agaattgaag acccagaaat gaacccacac acctatggtc acctgatctt     68460
     cgacaaggga gctaaaacca tccagtggaa aaaagacagc attttcaaca aatggtgcta     68520
     gcacaactgg tggttatcat gtagaagaat gtgaattgat ccattcctat ctccttgtac     68580
     taaggtcaaa tctaagtgga tcaaggagct ccacataaaa ccagagacac tgaaacttat     68640
     agaggagaaa gtggagaaaa gcctcgaaga tattggcaca ggggaaaaat tcctgaatag     68700
     aatagcaatg gcttgtgctg tacgatcgag aattgacaaa tgggacctca tgaaactgca     68760
     aagcttctgt aaggcaaaag accctgtcaa taaaacaaaa aggcccccaa cagattggga     68820
     aaggatcttt acctatccta aatcagatag gggactaata tccaatatat ataaagaact     68880
     caagaaggtg gactccagaa aatcaaataa ccccattaaa aatggggctc agagctaaaa     68940
     gaattctcac ctgaggaata ccgaatggct gagaaacacc tgaaaaaatg ttcagcatcc     69000
     ttaatcatca gggaaatgca aatcaaaaca accctgagat tccatctcac accagtcaga     69060
     atggctaaga taaaaaattc aggtgacagc agatgctggc gaggatgtgg agaaagagga     69120
     acactcctcc actgttggtg ggattgcaag cttgtacaac cactctggaa atcagtctgg     69180
     ctgtttctca gaaaattgga catggtacta ccggaggatc ccgcaatacc tctcctgggc     69240
     atatatccag aagatgttcc aactagtaag aaagaaacat gctcctctat gttcatagca     69300
     gccttattta taatagccag aagctggaaa aaacccagat gtccctcaac agaggaatgg     69360
     atacaaaaaa tgtggtacat ttacacaatg gagtactact cagctattaa aaagaatgaa     69420
     tttatgaaat tcctaggcaa atggttgcac ctggagggca ttatcccgag tgaggtaact     69480
     caatcacaaa agaactcaaa tgatatgtac tcactgataa gtggatatta gcccagaaac     69540
     ttagaatacc caagatataa gatacaattt gcaaaacaca ttaaacttaa gaagaacgaa     69600
     gaccaaagtg tggacacttt gccccttctt agaattggga acaaaacacc catggaagga     69660
     gttacagaaa caaagtttgg agctgagacg aaaggatgga ccatctagag actgccatat     69720
     ccagggatcc atcccataat cagcctccaa acgctgacac cattccatac actagcaaga     69780
     ttttgctgat aggaccctga tatagctgtc tcttgtgaga ctatgccgag tcctagcaaa     69840
     cacataagtg gatgcttaca gtcagctatt ggatggatca cagggccccc aatggaggag     69900
     ctagagaaaa taccaaggag gtaaagggat ctgcaaccct ataaggtgga acaacattat     69960
     gaactaacca gtaccccaga gctcttgact ctagctgcat atgtatcaaa agatggccta     70020
     gttggccatc actggaaaga gaggcccatt ggacttgcaa actttatatg ccccagtaca     70080
     ggggaatgcc agggccaaaa agtggaagtt ggtgggtagg ggagtcgggg gtggggggga     70140
     tatgggggac ttttgggata gcatcagaaa tgtaaatgag gaaaatacct aattaaaaaa     70200
     actttaaaaa aaagaatttc tgttaatgta tatacacatt ttaaatgaac agagatgtta     70260
     aaagcttaat gcacagagga agagaatcct tttttcttga ggactagaac tatggtaagt     70320
     tatctaggat caagtaaata accctatacc catgcacatt catgtagtcc caagtaaact     70380
     cacttttctt ttagtatatt tccctccccc aagtttacat gctttcgata tcttccttgt     70440
     tcaaggacat ttattcaaga ccaatacaac tatcttggca tctatcatca agcagaattc     70500
     tctgggataa tactcaagat agagtcaaga ataatataga ctaccagaat taataaattg     70560
     tctgtgcttt ggattataaa tagattcaac tttacacatt taaccatatc aaagatattt     70620
     taaccacaga aaataaggac atgacaaaat ggaattaata aaaatgaaat tagtgtaata     70680
     tttttattat ggccaaggtt tgcaaataat aaaaataaag cagtggatat gtctgagtat     70740
     taggctatgt ctcaaagaat ctcaataaaa caagagaaag cccagcccag tggtgctgac     70800
     tctggcacca gaaaggaaga gacagagtcc ctaggttctg accaacctgg gcttctgaac     70860
     aaaagatgtt tgtgtgttgt tgttgttgct atatttttcg atactcaagc ctaaagactc     70920
     tgtcaaaaga aaaaaattaa agtcaaagtc tcgctattca gtctagttag ctggaactca     70980
     gcagtcctcc ctgactttgt tctcacagaa cactaagatc aaaggcatgc accaccatac     71040
     ccagcctgcc aaacagtctc aaaatttttt ttattgaatt atgtatgtat cacattttat     71100
     tatcctttct tctattgagg ggtgtttggt ttagattctt tcaacttccg gctgttggaa     71160
     atatagagca ggcatgtatc tgtggagttg aatatgaagt cactatgtat gcatatgccc     71220
     aggaatggta tagctgggtc atatagtagg tttatttttt gtatttgttg aggattttcc     71280
     atactgattt ccagagtggt tccgtcacaa atttgtaagc gctcctcttt gtctttgctc     71340
     cctggcattg gttgttagtc actctatatt agccattctg cctagagtga gatgaaatct     71400
     cagttttctt agtttgcacc accctcccta tctgctaagt gtgatgaaca ctctgaagta     71460
     tttcctagcc acttttattt attattcaaa acttcagagc cctgtgctac agcacccaga     71520
     gctaatcctg tgccacagtg ctccataccc aaataccacc gccaggagag agcaggtctc     71580
     ccaggagtgc tgacaagcct gtgaacacag gtaagaccac tacttctgct caaattcctg     71640
     gccatagaga gatccgctca gagccaccag gacacaggaa ccaaggaaca actggggaca     71700
     gaatccttct ggtttccttc tgcaccccag aactgaccct gtgtcacagc tttccatatg     71760
     caaattcctc atggagagaa ctggtctccc gggagacaaa cagacctgct tgcagaaggg     71820
     acaagcccca gtcagagaca gcaagaccag ctaacaccag caataaccag atggcaagag     71880
     gcaagggcaa gaacataagc aacagaaacc aaggctattt ggcatcatca gaacctagtt     71940
     ctcccaccac agcgagccct ggatacccca acacaccaga aaagcaagac tgatttaaaa     72000
     tcacatctca tgatgatgat agaggacttt aagaaggaca taaataactc ccttaaagaa     72060
     ataaaagaga acacagctaa aaaggtagaa gccctttaag aggaaacaca aaaatccctt     72120
     aaagaattat aggaaaacat aaccaaacag gtgaaggaat tgaacaaaac caaccaggat     72180
     ctaaaaatgg aagtagaaac aataagaagt cacaaaggga gacaaccctg aagatagaaa     72240
     acctaggaaa gagatccaga ctcaaagatg caagctttac caacagaata gaagagatgg     72300
     aagagagaat ctcaggtgca gaagattcca tagaaaacat gggcacagca atcaaagaaa     72360
     atgcataatg caaaaagctc ctaacccaaa acatccagga aatgctggac acagtgagaa     72420
     gaccaaacct aagaataata ggtatagaag agagtgaaga ttcccaactt aaagggccag     72480
     taaatatgtt caacaaaatt atagaagaaa acttccctaa cttaaagtga tgtctgtaaa     72540
     cataaaagag gcctacagaa ctccaaatag attggacgag aaaagaaatt cctccagatc     72600
     tatcagaatt acaccagact tctcaccaga gactatgaaa gccagaagat cctgggcaga     72660
     tctcatacaa atcgtaagag aacacaaatg ctagtccaag cctactatat gcagcaaaat     72720
     tctcaattac catagacgga ggaaacaaga tatcctgtga caaaacaaat tcacacaata     72780
     tcattccaca aatccagcgc tacaaaggaa aatagatgga aaactgcaac acaaggaagg     72840
     aaaatacacc ctagaaaaag caagaaagta atcatctttc aagaaaccga gaagatagcc     72900
     acccaaacat aaaaataaca tcaaaaataa cagaaagcaa aaatcacttt tccttaatat     72960
     ctcttaacat caatggactc aattctccaa taaaaagaca tagactaaca ggctggatat     73020
     gtaaacagga cccagcattt tgctgcatat gggaaactca ccacagtgtc aaagacaggc     73080
     actacctcag agtaaagggc tggaaaacaa tttttcaaga caatggtccc aagaaataag     73140
     ctggaataga cattctaata ctgaataaaa tcaacttaca accaaaagta tcaaaaagga     73200
     taaggaagga cacttcatac tcatcaaagg aaaaatctac caagaagaac tctcaattct     73260
     gaacatctat gctctaaagg caagggtacc cacattcaaa aaagaaacta tactaaagtt     73320
     caaagcacac attgcacctc atacaataat agtaggagac ttcaacactc cactcccatc     73380
     aatggacaga tcatggaaac acaaacttaa acagatacac gttgaaacta cagaagttat     73440
     agaccaaatg gatttaaaag atatctatag aacattttat cctaataaaa caaaaggata     73500
     taccttcttc tcagcaccta atggtatctt ctccatataa ttggtcacaa aacaggcctc     73560
     aacagataca agaagattga aataatcctg tgcatcctat cagatcacca acagactaag     73620
     gctagtctta aattccagca aaaacaccag aaagcccaca tacacatgga agctgaacaa     73680
     taccctactc aatggtaact tgatcaagga agaaataaag aaattaaaga ctttttagta     73740
     tttaatgaaa atgaaggcac aacataccca aacttatggg acacaatgaa agcaggctaa     73800
     gaggaaaact cagctctgag tgcctccaaa aagaaactga aaagtgtata cactatcagc     73860
     ttaacagcac acctgaaagc tctagaacaa aaagaagcaa agtaaataca cccaagagga     73920
     gtagacggca ggaaataatc aaactcaggg ctgaaatcaa ccaagtagaa acaaaaagaa     73980
     ctatgcaaag aatcaacaaa aaccaggagc tggttctttg agaaatcaac aagatagata     74040
     aaccattagc cagactaacc agaaggcaca gaaacagtat ccaaattaac aaaatcagaa     74100
     attaaaagag agatataaca acagaaactg aggaaattta aaaaatcatc agatcctaac     74160
     aaacgctgtt attcaacaaa actggaaaat ctggacgaaa tggacaattt tctagacaga     74220
     taccaaatac ctaagttaag tcaggatcag ataccatcta aacagtccca taacccttaa     74280
     agaaaaagaa gctgtcatta aaagtctccc aaccaaaaaa aagcccaaga ccagatgact     74340
     ttagtgcaga attctatcag accttcaaag aagacctaat accaatctct tgaaattatt     74400
     ccacaatata gaaacagaag gaacactatc caattcactc tatgaagcca cagttacact     74460
     gcatagtctc ccttggagat ggatcggttt ctgtttaatc aggaacctgt cacaatttcc     74520
     tttcatagag gacttcataa gagatatttt cctactttta tcatgtttaa tgttccaaat     74580
     agattttaaa aactgaaaga aaaagcaaaa acaaaacaac ttcagagcct gttaagttgg     74640
     gccatttatt tctttgattc ttgttatgtt gttgttttag tttggttttt gtttgtttgt     74700
     ttttgagttt tgtatattct gtatgttaat tctctgtcag atttatagct tgaaaatagt     74760
     ttctttcatt cattgggttt ctccattact cacttgattg tttccttatt tgtatggaag     74820
     ctttttagca ttatgaagtc ctgcttctca attgttcact gatattttga caaatgaagt     74880
     cttagcagaa tgttattttc tacacttctg ccttagtgag ggttcccatt gctgtgagga     74940
     gacaccatgc caaagacaac tctgataaaa gcaaacatat aattggggct ggcttacagg     75000
     ttcagagatc agtccattat cagaaaggca ggaagcatga tagcatccag gcaggcatgg     75060
     tgcaggagaa gaagctgagt tctacatcat gttccaaagg caaacagaag aagactgtca     75120
     tcctcagaca attgggagaa aagcctctca aagcccaccc ccacctccaa caaggccaca     75180
     cctctttgct actccctggg ccagacatat tcaaaccacc acatatcctg tatcttatag     75240
     tgtactgcct gttttcttct cagagcttta gtatttcagg ttttaaatta agatctttaa     75300
     cctacctgag tctaattttt gtgctgggtg ataaggttct aatttcattc ttctgtatgt     75360
     ggacttccca ttttcccagc ataatttgtt acagaagctg accttttgtc aatgcatgtt     75420
     gtttgcatct ttgtcaacta tcaggtggct gtcacaaacc caactactac tatgactact     75480
     actactacta ctactactac tactactact aataataata ataataataa taataataat     75540
     aatactgaga agagactatc aacttgatat ggtgacaggg caaaagctgc agggaaggaa     75600
     agagaggtca ttttttttta attaaaaaca tttttaaacg aagcaagcag acagcaacaa     75660
     aaatactgaa ggaggaagga agaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa     75720
     gggaggggga gggagggagg gaagagagag agagacagag agacagacac caatacctaa     75780
     gtgctggaga gctggcttaa tggttaagag tctttgctga ttttgcagag gatggaagtt     75840
     tgattcctag cacccagatc tcagtactat ttgaagtttt tcctcaagcg taagagtggt     75900
     agcagaggtg acaccaagtt ataaattcat atttcctatc accatttatt catgtcatca     75960
     tttcagtaga gcatgtaaca aaggtctact aaggagtaaa agtaaaaaga acagtagatg     76020
     gtttgttgca gcataaaata caactttatt gactcaaaaa tgctactatg attggtgatg     76080
     acatgccagg acgactgttt attgttactg cttttgtcta atatcagtat gctggattaa     76140
     agaaagtgag aaacaacata tgagagaaag gaggtaaaac tactgttagg gggattttga     76200
     atgttgaacc cagcacctca cacacaccag gcacatgtct cttctgtgtt cccccacttc     76260
     tgctgaaaag tccagaaatt ttataggaaa cctaccaaca ctatcacagt aggaaattaa     76320
     tatagaaatc aatagatttc acatgcatga gtgcatgcta acatttgctg cataaaaact     76380
     acctcaaaat tcggtgattt gaagcaacaa tatattgtta cttctcaatg tttagatcac     76440
     ctgaatggtg attttggatc tggtcagaac cacctcaggc atctggggtc agatgttagt     76500
     caaagaaaac gtcattttgg ttgatctcac agaggattag ctgttctctg ccctttcgta     76560
     ggttaatcct agaacagatg cttgaaagtg aaggagtctg aagagaagaa aacagggtta     76620
     ccctgaaacc taggctccaa actggcacat tttctctttg ttcaccataa caaatcataa     76680
     agctagcaca aattcaaggg gatgcatggt tctgaaaaac tacatggaaa ccagaagaat     76740
     ggaatgtttt atcagtttta atcatctgtc agaaaaatag ctaataaatt ataatgggga     76800
     aaaagttact tagtaaaaag gcttgtgatc tgaaacccag ttttattaga atagactata     76860
     catgtgcatg cacacacata cacatatatg gatggttatg aaggagtgtt ttctaaatta     76920
     aagtttgctt gcaggagctg gtgagatggc tcagcgagta agcactgact gatctcctga     76980
     aggttcaaat cccagcagcc acatggtggc tcacaaccac ctataatgat acctgatgcc     77040
     ctcttctggt gcgtctgaag gcagctccac tgtatttatg tataataata aatacatctt     77100
     taaagtttgc ttgcagaggt gcagtgtaca ttttcagatt tgatccatgt ctccttcatg     77160
     tcacctactg ctctagtcaa aactcaatgg ttgtcctcat tcaagcatgg gaaattcact     77220
     gcttcaattt atattaccat agtttagttt tacttcaaat aacaaaatta ttcaaataac     77280
     aaacattcaa ttttaacttt tgatgtagta tagtaacagg ttaattagct tctgacagca     77340
     attaaatacc cagtatactt cttacctaaa gcttctctac atgtattctt ctgcctaact     77400
     gggtttcatg aatatttgtg gaccttactt aatcactata attgccaaca taagtcatta     77460
     actatgatta ctgtgtgttt cattcctttc aactttagtt ctccatttaa aagtggttta     77520
     tcaatggcaa gtcggctttg taaggctgca atgttaagtc gatttaatct gcttgccaag     77580
     gaagctaaaa cagatgattt acttgaagct cggacatacc acgcggctaa ggtaaggtga     77640
     tcataaaagt acagtgaaga cagtcatgga gacagcaaac atttgttaga cagctctgaa     77700
     tataacatat tacagtactt actttgctta acaccttttt cttatcccca gagaaacaaa     77760
     tgtaataaat ctttttttct ctgcatggca ttattaacta tagaatgtta aatctttcaa     77820
     caatacattg ctgaagataa gtttaatacc aggccctaat ttggacatga tgtagcagat     77880
     gatacagatt ctttttcttt ctaaacagaa ttttggggac gggaagatta gattgcttgc     77940
     acattcaagg caagctctgt agcactgagc taaagtcaca gtatatactg gattttattc     78000
     attaaacttt catttgatat ggcctatcat gtgcgtactt ccatgttacc attactattt     78060
     tgatattcct gattttaata atacagtgtt atattaaagt ctcttaactt tgatggcact     78120
     ggaataacca atcaatactt ttgagctata aagcagtcat attaactaca ggcctgtata     78180
     tatactccca tttacagata tatcaattgc aaacctatgt agatactcct acatacactt     78240
     atatcaatca caatcctatg tacgcatacc acagatagct atatcaacta caagcctgtg     78300
     tatatattcc cacatacagt tataggagct acaagccttt gtacacataa cccacataca     78360
     accaagtata agcttctctc catcattgct gttttcagtg atgtaaagag gctatagatg     78420
     tttttgtaaa aacagtatga aaaataaaca aaatcgtcaa aagcaccctt tcataactct     78480
     ggaaatgaat taaaggtagg aaatttcaaa tatcaaaatt atattttctt gaaaaagtgc     78540
     taggacttta aataagaata ataagtttat gttcttgcct ggagctgctc ccattctctc     78600
     ttcttcatct ctctagtgtg aatggtttga atcgtaggta tagaatagtt accagaattc     78660
     agaccaccaa agtcgtagat ttactaccag aagcaatagg cttgatatgg gacagaggac     78720
     aacaaatttg taggattttt ttcccagctt aaggtgccaa acttggtagg aaatgaatag     78780
     gaaaagctgg taaatccact ggctcaagtt ggagtccttg ttggaagcaa gtggtaaatc     78840
     tgtttaccaa gatgatatgc ggaaatgaaa agactgaaat caatatgaaa ttctctttgt     78900
     tctctggctg atgggaaaac tagagtcatg tacaagatga gctcaagaaa aacaggcaat     78960
     gaatgaaagc caaaagatac ttaaaatata ggtgcaatac taatacactt ccacataggt     79020
     ttgccagacg aagatagaag ccctatgggt ctcctgtttg agtacagtgt ctgctgttaa     79080
     tatcatttgt ctcttaagtc atacaggtcc aaagtaacca ctgggatcct aggcctactg     79140
     taaaataaaa gggaaaaatg aggacgagag catagcagct caacactgat gaagacacat     79200
     ctcaatgaaa gcagaactgt aaagtaacaa cataaacatc agaaagatgt gttctagcca     79260
     ctgtgcatta aaatatcaat taacaggaga atgaaatgtg ggaaattgtc atacacttgg     79320
     aatttttttt acttctgaat taccagtggt tcataggaac taacttctag aaaattgaag     79380
     aaatatcgta gagtgagtta aaaaacacag tatattgaaa ttaatgggtg tttaaagaag     79440
     tatggagttt gtgattccat cctgtgtttc ttttctgtgg aacagtaggc agtggttttc     79500
     tgtctggctt cccccacacc aaagtgtgca cctccacctc atggaagact caatgaacat     79560
     ggacatgagt cctcttaggc ctcagaacta cctttttgac tgtaaactaa aggctgacaa     79620
     agactaccac tttaaagtgg atagtgattc aaatgagcac cagttatcat taagaacggt     79680
     cagtttagga gcaggggcaa aagattaatt acacatcata gaggcagaag caatgaacta     79740
     tgaaggcagt ccaattaaag taacactgga aactttgtac aaccaacagt ttcccttggg     79800
     ggcttcgaaa ttacaccatc tgtggtctta cggttgaagt gtggttcagg gcctgtgcac     79860
     attagtggac agcatctagt agctttagag aaagatgcag agtctgaaga tgaagatgag     79920
     gaggacgtaa aactcttagg catgtctgga aagcgatctg ctcctggagg ttgtaacaag     79980
     gttccacaga aaaaagtaaa acttaatgaa gatgatgagg acgatgatga ggacgaagag     80040
     gatgatgaag aagatgatga tgattttgat gaagaggaaa ctgaagaaaa gatcctagtg     80100
     aggaaatctg catgagatac cccagccaaa aaatgcatga aaatcaaacc aaaatggaaa     80160
     agacttaaaa ccgttaatat caatatcaaa gggtcaagag tccttcaaaa aacaggaaga     80220
     aaaaactctt aaaacaccaa aaggacctag ttctatagaa gatattaagg caaaaatgca     80280
     agcaagtata gaaaagggtg gttctcttcc caaagtggaa gccaagttca ttaattatct     80340
     gaagaattgt tttcagatgg ctgacaaatc tctggcagtg gaggaaatct ctttaagaaa     80400
     agagtttaaa cagtttgaaa tattctgtct tacttcattt ctgtaatagt tgatatctgg     80460
     ctgtcctttt tataatttga agtgagaact ctccctactg tgtttggtaa atgctgtcca     80520
     ggttcagttg ccaagaatgt gttgtctaaa gttcctgttt agttttcaag gatggaactc     80580
     caccgttcac ttggttttaa gtatgtatgg aatgttagga tagcacatag tcatagtggt     80640
     ggtcagatgt ggaaatggta gggagataaa aatatacatg tgaaataaac tcagtgtttt     80700
     aatttaaaaa aagaagtatg gaattgtata gctttaaatg cttatattac aaaagaatcc     80760
     taaaattatt taacttccaa ctcaagaaac tggttaaaag ttggagcata aacataaaca     80820
     aaacggaata gatgatatgt gtcagagtgg aaatcaataa aatttgaagc aaaaagtaat     80880
     aaaaaatgaa atctaaaatt ggtttaaaaa cagtgagttg ttttgccagt ggagggcctt     80940
     gctttcatat agatggctgc tctttagaaa cgtgggcttc agtatatagc ccaggctagc     81000
     ctaactatca acaaccatcc ttcctccact tttaatgagc tggagtggct acacttctca     81060
     agacagcagt gattaaccct ttttcttttc ataaatcctt ttctcataaa agatttccat     81120
     gtagctagca tttttttagc attctaaacc aagtagaact tctttcaaac cttgccactg     81180
     ttcatcaagt aaatttaaat tataatctaa attctctgtt gccatttcaa cagtattcat     81240
     ggcctctacc aggaatagat accattttaa gcacatgaga agagactaag ctacacacaa     81300
     agtccttgtc taaaaataaa actacacacc ttatcagtag accacactgt aaacagatgt     81360
     gctctcatcc agacttaatt gtttcagtca taaatcacta gaaaaataac tcagtatgat     81420
     tcttttgatg gctataagga tttctgggta gtaaatgaat attgactttg gttgatagcc     81480
     agtatctgca ttatcccata ataaagcaat ccaggtattc tttaaaactt taaggcagac     81540
     atggacttat ctttaagtca taactagtaa cttcttcagg gtagagctgg ttactctaca     81600
     ctgagcagtg tggaatgcag tcacgttggc agttctctga gccagagcta ggcgatttgc     81660
     ttcagcttcc tcatctgcac ttgctgcttt acttcacact tggatggagt tgggctcttt     81720
     ccctaaacct caggaacaac tgtagtccag aagatggacc acaccagatg atattgatgg     81780
     tttgcatgga tgatgcctaa atgcattata gtgagaccga aaatggtaca gccacttttg     81840
     gaaaaattag gctttcccct gctccttgcc ctacaaaagt aaatatattt gccatgtaac     81900
     tcagcaataa taccactggc attttgtaga aacaagattt acattaatgt ttagaatagc     81960
     atttccctaa tagtaaaaac tggaaaaatg caagttcata aggtggtgaa tggacagatg     82020
     tgatagattc atacagtgtg ttaattgaca atgaaaaaac aagcctgaca catgaaatag     82080
     catgaattgg aaaatattat gctagcttga cataacatag tgcttactca ttaatctctt     82140
     atatgaaact tctaggaacc taaatttaga gacaaaaaat gtgtagttgc ctgtggctag     82200
     ggccaaaggt agaggtagaa atgaactata ggcctgcagg agacagaatg gaagatatag     82260
     aggtagtgaa gttagattac ccctggactt gggaacattt gcacattcca ataactttaa     82320
     cagagatcac actgggtaag tttcatagtt aaccatactt tagtaacggt agctttgtga     82380
     aggtatatat gttcattagt aaaaaatgat aacatggaaa tagcaatagc agttatctat     82440
     agtttgttat agatgatact tttgtatgtt tatgtttttc tgtaatgaat ttatttaatc     82500
     ttaattaaat aacaagcaaa attgcctgtt taggcatatt tggaaagaat tgttttaaat     82560
     tagcatagga gttcgaggtt tttttcatta gatttttttt ttaatttcaa gttcaacaat     82620
     atggggttat ttacttcgca ggccaatttg atgcaatcag ctttctctct ctctctctct     82680
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctag tgtatgtctg gaccctatca     82740
     agaagcaaag gcgttactga aggcctactt gcagcagcat ggctatggct cctggattgt     82800
     gaaatctccc tgtatagagc aatttagtat gtgaagtaga caacacattg catattaaaa     82860
     atcctttatt tttggtgtat ttgactggta aaaatgtttt aaaatataga gactttagcc     82920
     ctcacagtgg aagttttgca gtggaaatgc ccaggtattg ctaacaatgt ataaatatta     82980
     atgacaccgt ccattgagac attacactcc tttacctttt ataaaaagaa ttacctaatt     83040
     aaacatgtag acattttcca ttatttttgt agacataaag ctattacaac ccttatgtaa     83100
     ttttaaggag ccattgacct tttaatgggt ttaaaaaaaa acattgtatc tgatatccaa     83160
     atgcaggttt ttatagttaa aagtgaaagg caagaataaa aataatacta acttagcgga     83220
     tttagcaggc atttgagtgt gtaatccgtg ccactcaccc tgcttggtga tacaaaacca     83280
     ataatgagaa tgtcactcat ggctcaggat ttcatgagta aaagcataca aacacctaaa     83340
     aaccctaatg acattaggaa agaatctggt aaatgattat gattaataat attctttaaa     83400
     aagagttccc attttaagtg gcctatagga tttataatac atgtaattta cttctttata     83460
     attagattag tagagatttt aatttgtagg gaaataagac attattgagc atcataagtc     83520
     tttgttaaga tagtaataga tgaaaaagac agcttaatca agtagtattt ttactttttt     83580
     attcttcgac cagctttatc aagcatcctt cgttcttaag tttgttcctc ttatcttact     83640
     taaatctcta ctaaatttat gagtcctcct caccctacac aggctgttgt ctcaacttta     83700
     aatgtgagct ggaactattc tgtaaagaca catatctctc agtgttctag actctactta     83760
     ctagactgaa tgggaatttg catttttaca tgttaaaaat gattaaaata tgaacattgt     83820
     cttatggatc aatgtaaata tattagcaaa ttacatctca gttggttttt attatactta     83880
     actatttttg cttatttctc tagttaacat tttcttgtat ttttaaaatc tttttcttat     83940
     aaactgtttc tattaaggaa aatttcaacc tatttctttt attttgctac ttaatagtaa     84000
     aattgccttt gaaaactcaa aatgcttcac cttctcttgg ccactcacat ttgtaacatc     84060
     tgggaaagca gatgtgtagt ctctgaaatc tccttagttg aggacccagg agctgtcctg     84120
     cgataagaat cagtagttat gagctctctt ctcaagtttg cagttctgaa gggaaaataa     84180
     gtcaaataga acctagttgc tttatagcag tattcatttt attttcagtt atttggtggg     84240
     ggcagggaac atgtgcacat aaagtgcagg tacccataga gtcgagaaga ggacgtcaga     84300
     tctcctggat ctggagttac aagtgattgt gagctagcta cctaatgtgg gttctgggaa     84360
     tcaaattcct gtcttctgca agaccagtat atacttttaa ctgcggtgcc atttcatcag     84420
     ccctcaggag aactttttaa tccagagcct tgtcaatgaa tgtgtctaga cactgtttct     84480
     actcatagaa gtttggtttg gaaaacaaag tctaggtata gttaaggtcc caggtgagac     84540
     tttataagga cttaggagag gtcaatgggt ataaggcagt gagccaacag aatggggagg     84600
     aaacagaccc attgactgtg actactgtaa ggaatttcat cttctagttc aagttattta     84660
     tattttattt taaatttttt tacagtccat tcattgcccc atcccagcct gccctcccac     84720
     agttcctaat ccaattcctc ctctccctgt ctccaagagg atgccccacc cacccccact     84780
     aggcctcctc actctctggg acctcaagtc cctcaagagt taggtgcata ttctcccact     84840
     gaggccagac caggcagtcc tctgctgtat atgtgtgagg ggccttgaac cagctagtgt     84900
     atgttctctg gttggtggct cagtgtttga gaaatctcag gggaccaggg tagttgaggc     84960
     tacaggtttt cctatggggt caccctcctt ctcagcttct cctacccttt ccctaattca     85020
     actacagggg tttccaactt cagtccaatg tttgggtcta agtgtctgag tttgtcagca     85080
     gcttgttggg ctactcagag gactgccatg ctagggtctt gtctgtaagc acaccatagc     85140
     atcagtaata gtatcaggcc atggagcctc cccttgagct ggatcccaat ttggtctggt     85200
     cactggacta cctttccctc agtctgttct ccatttttgt ccctgtagtt ctcttagaca     85260
     ggaacaattc tgagtcagag atgctctgtc tttctactgg agatggactc tatgagttcc     85320
     gtctccccac tgttgggcat ttcatctaag gtccctcctg atgagtcctg agagtctcta     85380
     ccttccaggt ccctggtact ttttagaggg tcccccgacc tcccaccccc gaggttgtat     85440
     atttccattc attctgctgg ccctcagagc ttatctcctg tctccccacc ccatactgga     85500
     gcatgttccc cttttccctt tcccgtctcc tctcccacac aaatccctcc ctccatctgc     85560
     ctcccatgat taatgattat tttcttctgc ctaataagtg ggatttaagc attttcaatt     85620
     ggcctctctg cttgttaaag ttcttagatt ctgtgggttg tatcctaggt attctgtacc     85680
     ttttggataa tatcctctta ttagtgagta cataccatat atgtcctttg gagtcagggt     85740
     tacctcacat aggatggtat tttctacttc catccatttg cctgcaaaat tcatgatgtc     85800
     ctcatcttta acagctgaat agtattcgat tgtgtaaatg taccacaatt tctgtatcca     85860
     ttcttccatt gtggaacatc tgtgttgttt tcaggtttgg ctatcacaga taaggccact     85920
     atttactgaa gatgctttct ttttttcatt cttgtttttg gcttctttgt caaagatcaa     85980
     gtgtccataa gagtgtagat ttatttctgg gtctttcatt ctatttcatt gattgacctg     86040
     tctgtctctg tatcaatacc atgctgggtt tttatcctta ttgctctgta gttcagcttg     86100
     aggtcagagg taatgattcc cccagaagtt cttttattgt taagaattgt tttcactatc     86160
     ctgggttttt ttgtttttgt ttttccacat gaagtggaga attgctcttt gaatgtctgt     86220
     gaagaactgt gttggaatct tgatgaggat ttcattaaat ctgtagattg ctttcagcaa     86280
     gatggccatt tttactatgt taatcctacc aatccatgag catgggaaat ctttccatct     86340
     tctcaggtct tcttcaattt cttttttcag ggatttgaag ttcttgtctt acagatcttt     86400
     cacttgcttg gtaagagtgt caccaagata ttttatacta tttgtggcta ttatgagggg     86460
     tgttgtttcc ctaatttctt tctcagccca tttataattt gtataaagaa aggctactga     86520
     tttacttgag ttaattttat gtccagacac tttgctgaag ttgttttcca gctatagaag     86580
     ttctttggta gatttttttt tggggggggt tgcttatgta ttctatcata tcatcagcaa     86640
     atagtgatac tttgacttct tccgttccag gttgtatctc tttgacctcc ttttgttgtc     86700
     taattgctct atctagaact tcaggtatta tgttgaacag atattaagtg ggcagctgtc     86760
     ttagtcaggg tttctaatcc tgcacaaaca tcatgaccaa gaagcaagtt ggggaggaaa     86820
     gggtttattc agcttacact cccatactgc tgttcatcac caaggaaatc aggactggaa     86880
     ctaaagcagg tcaggaagca ggagctaatg cagaggccat ggaaggatgt tctttactgg     86940
     cttgctttcc ctggcttgct cagcctgctc ccttatagaa ccaaagacta ccagcccaga     87000
     gatggcacta cccacaaggg gacctccccc cttgatcact aattgagaaa atgccttact     87060
     gctggatctt gtggaggcat tcccccaact gaagctcctt tctctgtgat aactccagct     87120
     gtgtcaagtt gacacaaaac tagccagtac agcagcattg tcttgttcct gattttagtg     87180
     agattgcttc aaatatccat ttaatttgat attggctgtt tgctatatat tgcttttatt     87240
     atatttaggt aaaagggcct tgaattcctc atctctccaa tacttttaac atgaaggggt     87300
     gttgtatttt gtctgcacta aagctatttg gtcctgggct ggttttggtt gggaggtatt     87360
     taatgacttc taattcctta ggggatatgg gactgtttag ctagtttacc tgctcttgat     87420
     ttaacttagg tacatgtcat ctgtctaaaa catcatatat ttcatctaga ttttccagat     87480
     ttgttgagta agggctgttg aggtaagatt gaattttttt tttaatgtct tcaagtttct     87540
     gtttttctgt cttccatttc ttttctgatt ttgttaattt ggatactgtc tctgtgtcct     87600
     ttagttagtt tggctaaggg tttatctatc ttgttgattt ttatcaaaga accagctttt     87660
     gtttttgttg attctctgta tctggttatc tatggggtta actggcctag gtgtccctgt     87720
     ctggagcttg cctcctgtgt cccttagttg aagcggatct cctgggagct ctgtggcact     87780
     ggctgcagta gatctcctgg tagacctgga agggaagtgg tgttcacacc aggactctga     87840
     ttgttgttgt tgttgttatt gttgttgttg ttgttgtttt gttttgttgt tttgttttgt     87900
     tttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttgtttgag gcagggtttc tttgtgtagc cctggatgtc     87960
     ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatctgcct gcctctgcct     88020
     cccaagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgtgcca ccactgcctg gccagcactc tgatttttat     88080
     ttgtataact ggcattaaat cagtttccct tatgtgtaaa ttcatttatc aaatatgctt     88140
     ttcttcttag cctattaacc ctaatatcat tctactgttc tgacacactt aattactaag     88200
     gacactgaaa tattttgtta attctcccaa accagcagtt taaaatttga ctgtttctgc     88260
     ttactctctc tactcatggc tttatcaacc atagagtttt cttcacgatc tgtacactcc     88320
     tacttctcct agactatttt atcaaatacc tcctttattt ttaatcacat tcattatctt     88380
     tgcttcaacc aactttatta gctgggaagg cataggtata tcattttttt atcagcaaat     88440
     agtgcagccc tccaagcaat attgtataat cacattggag acattggatt cattttagac     88500
     atgatccttt gtaaacatca actcctgaga acttcaacaa atattttttt cctcacaaca     88560
     tcaacttaat tcctctccta gaccttctaa ttgcagccct aggaaaatca gcacaattta     88620
     ccctccacct ctgactccca ttaaccacag agacccacta ccccatctca gccctcctct     88680
     cattcaagtt ctgtagtagt tgaagcaatc ttcttaataa tctgatttta atcttcatga     88740
     aataatagta ctattatagt atttatgtct tggctcatta accacactgt tcacagccat     88800
     ctatgcaatt actaaaatga tattttgaaa atttttaaca ttttgcacat ccagccaatt     88860
     aggccttata atagtaactg taggtgtaaa tcaaccctct ctagctttcc ttcacatctg     88920
     tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacatacaca cacacacatt     88980
     cttcaaagct atacattttt atgtgctcag gaatcacagc tttaatgatg aacgagacat     89040
     ctggaaaaaa aagggtaatc tactaaaagc ccttactttt acatcatctt gtctaattat     89100
     cagtaggctt gctttaacca gcataccttc cttacaggat tttacccaaa aagcctagtt     89160
     attgaggcca ctatcatatc taataccaat gcctgagcct ttgtcatata cttccaaaga     89220
     aaatcgactg aaaattcagt gtgattgtat taatcttagg gagtattaac atcttaagat     89280
     atcaaatttt gcaactaaat ctttagaacc atctacttag ctcttaaagt ctatgtattt     89340
     tcttatttta acaggcatat atttattaca attattccca aatacctggt gtttggggtt     89400
     ctgctgtaaa tagtattatt ttaaaataca ttctctgaga tactgacaaa taaaaataca     89460
     aatgacccca tatatattaa ccatattact aataatccta ttcagctcac ccattaatcc     89520
     aagattcttt catgacagac ctttccttta cacatctgtg agtacaaatt tagcatattc     89580
     ctttcaatcc tcccctgtct ctctccttag tcaccatact tgtttaaacc catgttatgc     89640
     cattgtgcaa aaatggtgct aaatccagca aggtggtaac atacttgtaa cccagcacta     89700
     aagagcaaga gacaagatga acatgaaagg caagctaaac tatgtattga catactgtct     89760
     tgctacacat ggtcctcttg tggagatcat aggacaactt gcaggagtca gttttcttct     89820
     tctaccacca aaccatcagg cttggtagct atttccttca ctgctgagct gtcttgccgg     89880
     ctgctttaaa gctcttagag cagacccagc acagtctata tactcagatt tagagtgctc     89940
     ctactctagg tttgtgaagc tagactgttc ttccctctaa gacacagtct tcttgatttg     90000
     tagcacctaa cctggggtag tccaatctat tagagtttct gatctattga acctggatac     90060
     cttccagttt tgcagaatta ttaggttttg agggtctggt gttccagtgc acattctttc     90120
     tctgactgtt attctttgtt gtagatttta gtacctaaaa atgcttgttg cacagtaaaa     90180
     aataaaaaat aaaattagat tttattgata ctcctgtagc tattcttata gttgccttct     90240
     ttctattact gtggcttaca ttcttacaag gctactttag taaaccgaaa ctctaacctc     90300
     tgtttcttta agtcatcaaa actacagtgc tttctgtgga agctcagctg tatccgtttc     90360
     tagtcacatg tcctgcctgt agttcagagt ctcattttca tggatagcca taagagtcca     90420
     ctctggtccc atgctctatc aaggctaggt gcacaagcct ctgtctgtgt acttggaagc     90480
     tctggatcac atttagtacc ggtatgtttt tgtggaatga acgtgatcag tataaaacca     90540
     tgaccaatct ctgtccttct tgctttaagg tctgctctgg ctacctatag tttatgttct     90600
     gttctgttgg agttgttgct cagggttagg acttgtgtag catgtgctat ttcccattca     90660
     agtgttcatt cttctattta aagtaatttt aagtagacat cagattatat aaatagttat     90720
     atgaatggta ttgtcatacc atgaaatcaa gacataccac ataccaagac atgcacagct     90780
     actactgttt tcattcaata tataatcagt acaattccag agtcctatat gggggtatat     90840
     tttctggtgg tatttctgat acaatgacta catttgagtc ctagcagaaa acagatggca     90900
     tccccaagaa gaagggatca tttataaagt tttggtcaag caacaaggag tctgtaaagg     90960
     atagcacagg taccctagag ctggcaccaa acgagttcca ccaccttaca aggagatgtg     91020
     gaaggaaagg taagatccac aaagaaaatg taaccacaga gccaccttga gagaaggcaa     91080
     gttctgtggt caagagacac agctaaaggc agggagctct ttttctgcat cttagtcgac     91140
     tttgtcagca cccaattaaa aacaaaagag aaggagagga tttttattta tccaggtgag     91200
     gcttttaaat gcagacatca gtgctaaact atagagggca cattattctg tgagatgtgc     91260
     tatgatttat tcctcaaaac ctcatgggat agaaagtggt tcccagtgtg atggtgtgaa     91320
     agtggtaggt aatggtagag ttggtgtata ataattgtat tatggcccag ggattaccac     91380
     tcaatgaatt aatattgttt caggagtatg ggtcagattg tgtgggactg gacaacttcc     91440
     tgcaagaata ggtgattagg tggttataaa tctctttctc tctctctttc tctctctctc     91500
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctcacac acacacacac acacacacac     91560
     accgtctttt gcacacactc ccactgttga ctattgggaa gctaccttgc cataagatcc     91620
     tcacatgctc ttgaacaccc aaaattgtga gaaatactgc tttgtaaaga gtatcaagac     91680
     tcaggagttt tgctataact caaagcagac tgtgacaaag gttttttttt ttttttgctt     91740
     agtatactgt ttaaacttaa aagaaatgaa attatttcct gataagcttt tcttatacca     91800
     gaactaaaaa ttcaatcagc acttaaaagg aaaatgtaag aaatgtgaga tattcctgtc     91860
     ttatgttaca cttctccagg ggaaagtgat tttttttttt ttgcctttgc caaaataaga     91920
     ttttattttg aaagacagga aggacggaag aagtaaaagt gtgcaggtgt agattccaaa     91980
     ccagcaacca tctttatcag gtgaagatga attcttcagt aaactctgag ctgatgttag     92040
     ctccctggag aggagatctt ttcccacaag ccatctttat ttttttttag aggagagctt     92100
     tatttcttga aaacactgat taacatagag ttcacaggaa taactgagaa gttattttag     92160
     cgcttacttt gtgctgtcct aaaaatgaca gacatctgag cttatttata tttgaatcat     92220
     ctaaatactt ttattaatga gtctacctac acatgatatt taacaattca atataataaa     92280
     taatttcaga taaatagttt aaaacatttt tgagcccttg gggcttacaa aaagaatctt     92340
     taaagatcca tatttatcat ctgaagacta gtagttacaa aagatagtaa acaatacatc     92400
     caaaaataaa ttaaagttaa atatttaaat aaatagagag ccttatgtgt tgtaagcagg     92460
     aggtacatag ttattgaggg cttgttgaga tgatgctttg acagaaggct atccatctcc     92520
     tcagaaagtc caccacagtt gctgactcat catcgaattg gcactcaaat gtgttgtcag     92580
     agccctaaaa aagaatataa aattgtaggc taaggtagct tactttgcat ataattattc     92640
     ttcacggaag cttttaggca tttattttaa cactggttaa atatattgaa cattcacatt     92700
     tctgaaatga tcacaattat tgggttatgt tttattatga tatcaaatgg taaagcataa     92760
     aaaataaagc tctccagagt tgattaccaa cgagcatttg atgggaacac tgaacacttc     92820
     tgtagaattc agttgcttga ccactttttc tctggtaagt gtacacagct atgcatcaat     92880
     ttaggcttca ggaatggaga aatgatactt gttatatgtt ctttgctaaa tcttaagagt     92940
     ctattattca attctttccc ccccaagtca gaatgggaac aacccagagt aggttaggac     93000
     aagcatctat tgggggaaat ttggagaatt ttgttataga tatacctacc ctgataccag     93060
     tgtagatgaa tcacaaagtt tgtacatgta taaatattat aaatttgttc tgtggattag     93120
     ctttttgaaa gctaaccctc tttgctaaag gagatatttt aattctgttt ttaggtgaca     93180
     agctgagaag gaaatatttt gacaaattta tgggatggct tttccaaatc tgactaattc     93240
     cttgtaagtc aaatgaggca gattattcct tttaaataaa tactcctttt caaataagct     93300
     gctgtggtct tatataccct ctttacatag ctacttcaat attctaatgt cttgaatttt     93360
     tcatttttaa aaatatgtgg cccttgaaac atttttctag ttctcatgta gctctaaagt     93420
     ttgtaccatt cattaggggt gaactttctg atgttggcca tagattttag agcatccatc     93480
     tttgcatacg taagtactcg attttagagc atccatctta gcatacgtaa gtactcacac     93540
     ctttcaacgt ctagatgatg tgtatttcag cctgctttaa aaacctcaaa tggaagctgg     93600
     gcagtggtgg tgcaggcctt taatcccagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg     93660
     agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa     93720
     atcctgtctc aaaaaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaagaaa caaacaaaca aaaaaaacaa     93780
     aaacaaacaa aacaaaacct caaatggaaa cagtgcactg aaatgtgact ttggtttgga     93840
     aaggactagc ccacaccctc ttggaggctt gctgctactg tctcaccaga gtccatgatt     93900
     cttgtgcatt taaaaacaaa gctctgcagt gggctctccc cgtcctgctc tgtccatttt     93960
     aatggctgcc atttttggag agaaatgtct gtttttctac caataccagc acaacttctc     94020
     tggaaaaact tttcagataa ttttttctga tctgatgaat gtaacaccag caagagttgc     94080
     ttgtttcttg tggaattcta ctccgtgctt tctctcacat ccagttctat gctggtgtgg     94140
     agggagcaga gtgttcatgt tcccagtttc cttgcaggtg atggtaggtg gaaattctag     94200
     catcatccta cagtggaagg attcacttgc acagtgactt taaactttgg ctgactaaat     94260
     gcacagaacc catcaaagac cagaaatggc aagccactta aaaatgcatt tcttctctat     94320
     tttatttcca gattagcaaa taaagcaaca ccttaccttt agttttacaa cagttactct     94380
     gatattgctg atgaaattct cagcatcttc caattgaaag cttttgcttt gagtcaaatc     94440
     cagaacatgc cgcagaggtc caagttcatc ttctaggcac tgaagatctt tcaattctgt     94500
     ggcctagagg agtaataagc ttaaccatca gctcagctca ccacatactg aagagccaga     94560
     aagttagtct gcagtctctc taatcaagag aaggcagcac atagctttta ccactccctg     94620
     tcctctgtaa agggggactg aggtaatcga tgccataaat ctagaagagc aagagctcac     94680
     aaccataagg gtcaccttga ctgttaggcc actctagtga gctcttctgg cttcattaga     94740
     ctttgtaaaa agtctgtgtt tctctaccaa tgcatagcac aagttcagac tattgttcca     94800
     atctacaaag aaatctgcaa ggttcacatt ctaatatcta atcgcagagt tgagaatcac     94860
     agaagggtaa gggacaggaa tccttggatg ccaactgtca taggcctaaa tcttacagat     94920
     taggttatca tggccctgac tgaggggtgt caagatagcc aggaagacac atgtaatatt     94980
     ttttaaattt atacttctct gcaattacta aagatgagtt ttttaaaaac ccatatgtca     95040
     agctaggaag atggctttta aggtaaaggt acctgccacc aaacttgatg atttgagttc     95100
     aattgcagtg acccacccac attgtggaaa gaatggccca actttcatat ttcgtcttct     95160
     gacctccaca gttacactgt gatacacatg cacctccaca catacataca tacatacata     95220
     catacataca tacatacata catacataca tacataaaat gtaaaatcta tttgtcccaa     95280
     tgaaaaaagt cataacattt tggcagaaca cttgggagaa tttttctgat ccatgtatga     95340
     aataatgttt aaatacatca tgcatactta catacatata cagggaaaaa ggatattgtc     95400
     tagctctata gtacactatg atttccataa agtcagctgc tttaagtcta cagtgaactg     95460
     tgttatctcc attttaccaa gtctcacaat cagtgtcttt cccacaacca catgaacggg     95520
     gagcaagggt ggcccggtcg gtcggtcgct cctttcatta accacagcct ttgaattaca     95580
     tgcttctatt gtttttaaaa tcttacatac cgaatgcagg ttaaatgaaa acatcagcag     95640
     aatttaccac attactcttg ttttcaataa ttattttaaa acttagattt ctaggaattt     95700
     caccactctc taaattaaca tgatctctgt tgtttctcta acaatcctta gaggaagagg     95760
     tttgacaaga taacacgtag ttcctgattg gtctgctatt gaccttccaa cttgttatgg     95820
     tgtgtcttgg gtattcagtg tggagctcct tccctcacag aactctccag tttgttactg     95880
     tgggagctga acattatgtg actgtaatta agctggaaga gcaactgggg cctttctttt     95940
     tcatctcctg tagaacagct agaggcaaag ttcccctgac tcaataggaa tgggtcaaca     96000
     gctgcctctt tgtcccctta gatcccattt tgctctaggc ttggatttac ttgggacaag     96060
     ctctttctag gaccaaagtt atccattctc ttttgacttt cgggactaga gcaaatttct     96120
     acccttgctg gagttctaag agcttgtgta agctgttttg tatcacacaa cattctgcct     96180
     ccaaaggaga ccaaaaaacc tttcaatatt gagagatagt atcatgtagt aatattacag     96240
     ctctctagtt ccactagtta aaagagactg tataaatcca aaattgtttt atacatctcg     96300
     gacttcttct ctagcactaa tagtgtgttt atgtgctgtt ggccagacac tgttctgaaa     96360
     cctgacaagt gataagcata gcaatgatca tttatgtaag tgggtgaatg agcatagaca     96420
     acttcctgag gccatgagag ctaggcccta gcagggctgg actccactgc agatcattgg     96480
     ccctagaatc ttaacattgg ttatgctgct cctcaaaaat gcagtcatag gaatcattct     96540
     taaaacagta aagtgtgtgt aaaatgagac cctctcaagt caatttttac atttaagaag     96600
     ctgaaataat gcacctctct caaatatctg taggacaagc ataaaacaga aatcaacagt     96660
     ctttaaatta tcccagcatc aaaatgcaat catcttgcat tttcttctca ttccctttcc     96720
     caacacataa atacacagga aaaatgtaaa gaaaaccatt taaaagaagt accattgtca     96780
     agattttttt acagagagat atcagagaaa cttattttct tcagatgagg tactattcat     96840
     ctggtcacat gttatttaca cgttatacac atgtatgtta ctttgaattc attagagcac     96900
     cagttaaaca cagaaactca ctcacctgct tgggcaagta aaatttgaag gtgagcatcc     96960
     tggggagttt caggttcctg taattctgag aaagcgtaac acattattat taaaggttat     97020
     taaacacagc ctttggcaag aaagctaaag gtattgccta tagatgggat ggctgtgcac     97080
     ttacctccat cctgctcagg agctcctgta ggtccatcaa cagctgctcc aggtgctgct     97140
     gctgctgctg ctgctgctgc tgctgctgct gtgcttccgc tgtagagctt gaagtggagc     97200
     ttgaagtggg tgcgctgttg acaaggagca caagtgtcaa tgtgacacag gatgcgagct     97260
     gcatgctgta catgcctgca ggacttgagg tcactgtgag gagtgattag caagggtgat     97320
     aggcagctct tcagcatggg aggcaattta tactgttaat gctggaaaaa taatatgggg     97380
     gtgtcacgat gttttacata ttacacatat tttcaaagag tctacctgtg tggcagaaag     97440
     cattaccttt gtttttcctc ttctgatgac tctctggaat ttctttaaac ccccatacac     97500
     tgactgaatg gatttaggtg aaatccctct tggtcgggtt agcccacact taggtggcag     97560
     ttttaattca tacaatgaac gccttctgta tgaaacaaat tttcctcttt ggggtggaga     97620
     cacaaaagta actcatgaaa atgttctctt tgtcaaaacc atcctgaacc tgtaagcagc     97680
     ctgttgtggt ggacaaacgc aagaggagat agatgaaaag aataaatctt ttagatttgt     97740
     tgattagaca ggaaggatat tggtttcctg tttcaagatg gttttacctt cttatctaca     97800
     caatgagcta attgcacaca gggtgataga tggcttcata cagttagcca gagaaatagt     97860
     aagctaagga cacctaaaat gcttgttgag cttgaggtac tattttgtcg ttgttgtttt     97920
     aaatttaatt taacatattt tgtgtaagtg tcttgatgtt tattatgctt tttaaaaaga     97980
     gtatgatgtc caacaaattc tcaggaaggg ttgcatctaa ggatgttggt gttattttat     98040
     atgtctctag ttgcactttc atttttaaaa aatattttca cgtgtgtaca cacacatgtg     98100
     ttcatgtgtg tatgagtatg tgcatgtgcg tgcacatgta tgtgtgtgtg agcatgttta     98160
     tgtgcgtgtg tatatgagtg tgtgtgtgtg catgtatgca tgtgtgtatg tatgtgtaca     98220
     tgcatttgtg cacatgtatt atgagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgccacagt acacctgtgg     98280
     aggtcagaga ccaactcttg ctagtaactt ctctcctgtc accttgtgtg actcagaaat     98340
     ctaaacacaa aagtcatcca gtctgtgtgc ctacctctgc tactagcctc tacctagcct     98400
     ttaccactga gccatcttgc caaccttctt ccccctaatt cagtagattt gggtttatcc     98460
     taaaagtacc tgggcactct gagagtaata gctagggact atcccacgtg ttctcagtgg     98520
     gtcacctgaa taggatacat tggattcctt atcctccgtg tagtacactg gctgcgtgat     98580
     ggagtaggaa catagttcca aatcaactgg tagagacggg gtctttctta gggagcttgc     98640
     ctgtggtgtc cccatttcta ataacttgta ctggtctagt ctttatgcag acatttatct     98700
     accatctaaa acatcctggg gtacatagaa agggagaaaa tatgtgcaaa tacacagatt     98760
     aacataagcc tcaccacaca cctaccccat tttgtagatt tgaaaactga ggatgtaggg     98820
     tgatgagatg actaaggggc ttgctataca aaccttgctc tctgatccct gaacttacat     98880
     aaaggtggaa gtcagttctc actgactcca caagttgtct ttgactgcta catgcacact     98940
     gtgggtagat tagataaatc attgaggtta ctcagcctta ttgccagtaa agggtagggt     99000
     gaagattcga aactagaatg ttctgactcc agaatctact ctcacaccat ctgtcttcct     99060
     attgacctga tccttggatg gagacagata acatcctaga aatgttggat gttgggcaat     99120
     gtaaagagtt ttgagatagt tactttaagt gtaattttga tgctggggaa tagtgaaagc     99180
     aggaagacta agcaatgtaa ggaatgttgg cctaaagtct ctcacaaaga acagagaatg     99240
     gttctgggat agttctccaa tcattggaca gtattctaga aaacaacaaa aaactctgca     99300
     tgtatcttgc agtaagcttg acaacttctg gtatcatagt ggccctgttg gcatgtctga     99360
     aggaaagcag gatggggaca aatctcctag tcatcatcac cttctgtgcc ttcagattaa     99420
     gcatgccatc gtgaggggca tctacctaat aactctcagc ctcaatgctc ttgtctctct     99480
     tctcagatct tcagcatctc atcccagccc aagcaactca ggcctcccct tccagaatgg     99540
     aaggagtcag gcccacacat tttcctgtgt gggggctttt ccacacagtg gggcctttga     99600
     tgtcctcatg ggctcaacat ctctatttct ccagctgttt ccattagaga aatttacatg     99660
     gccgcgtttc taaaagcctg tagaatgagt tcctggggcc aaggttcacc cctacagagc     99720
     attgcataat tggcagcatt acaaaggttg gcctcccagt ttcttaagat gcttggggag     99780
     aaagctacca acagctgtgg tgcactttcc atttttaaca tccttgacac agcagctggg     99840
     gtttctggct ggagaggtga tgtaatcagt cgctgcctga ctaccacatg tgtcataagc     99900
     cacagagctc tactgctcag tattagctgt tccagctgct cctagaagtg aaggcaggcc     99960
     cagaccctag agatgctgcc cggggaacct gtcacctgtt gcttacatgg tccactcatg    100020
     caaactactg agaactccac ctcccacaag agtttctttt gcctgatctt tcatgggatt    100080
     aaagctacag tttagtctgg tgtgaggcca gtgtgaattc atctcttgtt actagttgtt    100140
     tggctttcag ttcagaccct gtacttgtcc tttgaaagtg gagcatgtca tttgttcatc    100200
     catgaaatcc gaatttcctt ggggtgatgc tccaacttca tcttttaaat tttatttatc    100260
     gtatattatt tcagtttctc acaaacactc agaaatttgt gacagctgac tccgacttgg    100320
     tcctcaccag gcaagtttta aagtttatga ccttcagcat ggaaacagtt tttatttctt    100380
     tggtattttt aatgtttaaa agttttcgaa ttcatcatct cactgaatca catttaatgg    100440
     atgggaaacc tgatgtttgg ggaggttgag tgactctgtg attctgttct cagttgtggt    100500
     ggggttgtag atttcttcct gctcctctct ctcgtcccat ctgtttatca agtgaaggac    100560
     agtgaagctg aagtcccttt aagacaggct gaagtcaact ctgcagctgt tccatctcac    100620
     tccagcctgc cagcggtggc tagggaattc aggcaaggct ccctgcatgg acagtgcctc    100680
     atctgagcag ctttgggagt ccttggaccc tggaatagct ccattccatt agtggctaca    100740
     aagcctagtg tggaagcaga tgcagtcctg actgaaagtt tagtgcagag ctatatcaag    100800
     gactccagta cctcagcctt ccctctgcca ggctcaaaga attgccaaaa gccttcctct    100860
     gctccaagta caagggtttt caaatgacag accagtgtgc acgataacta gcaaccacag    100920
     ccgccgcctc ctccttgatg cctcaggaca ttcctacaga gacctctgtc tgagagagct    100980
     aacctgcccc attatgcagt tttggggttt gcacagtagg cacttccccc ccatcagagc    101040
     aactacaacc cacccacacc agcttttctg tacctgtatc tgtgtgactg tcctttcaag    101100
     ccctgaggat tcccaataga gacctgtatg ttaggtcaca tactgtttct tgtggctgag    101160
     tataatcatc tgacagcgat gatagacttg caaaactcag cagatttata aaacactttc    101220
     acatctgcat atctcatctt ttcatctcac ttcactacaa atggttaatg aaacattttc    101280
     acatatccag ccactttctc tatgtgttat gaaatacaga taaaagctgg gtgtggtggt    101340
     gaatcccagc atttagagga ctgaggcagc cagatccttg tgagttggag accagtctgg    101400
     tctaagagta ccaggacagc cagggttctc ttacacaaag aaactctgtc aaaaaacaaa    101460
     caaacaaaca aaaaacaaaa acaagcaata aagaataaga aacaacaaca aaaagaaaga    101520
     gagaaagaaa gagagagaaa gaaagaaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa    101580
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaagaaagaa atgaaataca ggtaaataaa    101640
     ttagtaagtc cttctgttgg gatacctgaa ttcttcaaaa tcttgtgaaa ataaagctat    101700
     tagctaaagt ttgtgcaact catctgcacc taatacttcc tgtcaaaagc acccttttcc    101760
     tgttctagct tctttaacag cttgttcttt ttatttttta cagtggtttg tatagactaa    101820
     tgagagactc cttagtactg tcattctaaa taatatgttc ttatggaaat ctagcccatt    101880
     tacctaacat ttcattgttg ggaattggtt ctaatgcttt gccttatttc agctcccaat    101940
     agccttgttt ccagacctgg gcagaggggt ggggtggggt ggggcgggac ttttacattg    102000
     tgtgggctac aggaagggat gtggggggcg gtaggggtgg ggaagaagag gagaatcacc    102060
     aaatcaccat gactcagagg gaaaggatca gatttaagag ctgcaggaga gaaagctcca    102120
     acaatgtaga tggaaaggga atgcggccct atggaggggc tgcccagaag ggcagcaaag    102180
     ataaaataaa gatttagaag gtgttaagcc aggagtacca gaggaaagtg tgtgctagat    102240
     gaggggaagt ttagaagtgc ccaaaaatta ggtttttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    102300
     tctttcattt gtgaattcag agaccatttg ggtgggtgca gtatgctacc caccaggagc    102360
     caaagtggat taactaattc accgctacat ttcataacac attttgtcta aataaaataa    102420
     tccctatttg attattattt aaaaaaaata gttatgctgg agaagaggag ggagtgaagg    102480
     aagtcggaat gtctgccaag gtctacaggg atgaagctgt gtgaatgaga aatagcccct    102540
     gcatggggag gggaggagca cccatccctc agggtcagtg cttatataca gctagggctt    102600
     ccaactaatg ccacaaaggt cactaatttt acacttaagg catatcaacc acacttcagg    102660
     gcaggcccca cacctcagag tagatgacca acacaaactt aacagtattt ttgtacacct    102720
     tcagtctcat atagctttaa ataatttgtt ttgtcttgct aatctgactt gcatttttga    102780
     tttccaattt tgtgtttttg ttgggggcat gtaagagttt cttttttttt taagctcttg    102840
     tttgttgagt attttataaa gagaaagaac ggagctggat gttgagatgg gaggtagaga    102900
     ggatctggga gaggttgaaa gaggcgaaaa gcatgaccag aatgcagtgc acaaaaactg    102960
     tttttcaatt aaaaatagct tgcctgtgta tagtggtgat ggtcagtatg gaccccattc    103020
     ttaattctca cctctgccct tgaccactgt gactgcagtc tcactcacaa cattggacaa    103080
     agaggcccat tctcctcaga tgatggtgtt agagttcttg aaggattcat ctcaccttgg    103140
     gctccttgcc tgcaggtttc cccatgcaga cctctcccca ccgagttaga gcctctattt    103200
     cctacagctt ggaccaacag gattatctta tgtcagttct caagagggaa aacttggata    103260
     gtgtccctgt taactacaca atgaggacag caaaatagcc ccgatgagta ccatggtggc    103320
     ctaaagctcc tttgccaaac tggtgatctg cagcagttgt acagcaacag agaggatttc    103380
     atgattcaac ggtgcacaaa gagcacagtg gacaggacca aaatacttac aagaaccaca    103440
     gctagatttc cacaccagac cttctcagtc caagtgatga atcccttttt tgacaggtgg    103500
     cagccatgtg ctcctgctgt agctacctgt gtgttaatgt gacaacccaa agtcatcagc    103560
     taaactttag gaagttatgt ttctggtctc aaagcaccct ggaaattcta aacctttgtc    103620
     tctcccaaac tttgtcctgt gaggttctag gctgcttgta catccctccc aagagacaca    103680
     accactgccc ttcaatatat agcataatca ttattttaaa cacaagaaga aaaatgatgg    103740
     agtgaatttc ttgggttaat tcattagtaa ctaacagcac ccaaacggag aagtgcatat    103800
     gtgtatgtat ttgtgtcttt gtaagtaatg atatagactg agaactcggc aaatccctga    103860
     cacaatttaa tctgcccaat aaattgtgat caatactgat cacttaagag cacttttcct    103920
     aggacaaagc atggccagtt tgatgctatg gtgtcagcct tcacataaat atgaggaagt    103980
     ttcttcctgt gttaacaaat gaaatcaatg aaaatattcg tatcagttat actttgtgtg    104040
     acattaacct ggaaaatttg agattctctt ctctcctccc tgtcaaccac actttctcct    104100
     tgcacacttt ccatactgta agccagaaaa tgataaggtg gttcttacaa aaccactgag    104160
     ctaaattaat tatagagcac agccaaaata cttatttttt ccattttatt tttttattag    104220
     atattttctt tatttacatt tcaagtgtta tcccctttcc tagttttccc cctctgaaaa    104280
     tcccctatcc ctcccccatc cccctgctca ccaacccacc cactcctgat tcctggacct    104340
     ggcattcccc tatcctgggg catagaacct tcataggacc aagggcctct cctcccattg    104400
     atgaccaact aggctatcct ctgctacata tgcagctaga gccatgagtt ccaccatgtg    104460
     ttttcttgag ttggtggttt agtaccaggg agctctgggg gtactggtta gttcatattg    104520
     ttattcctcc tatagggctg caaacccctt cagttccttg ggtcctttct ctagctcctt    104580
     cattagggac cttgtgctcc atccaatgga tgactgtgag catccacttc tgtatttgcc    104640
     cagcactggc agagcctctc aggagacagc tatatcaggc tcctgtcagc aaaatcttgt    104700
     tggcatctgc aatagtgtct gggtttgatg gttgtatatg ggatggatcc tcaggtaggg    104760
     cagtctctgg atggtcattc cttcagtttc tgctctgaac tttgtctctg taacttcttc    104820
     cataggtatt ttgttccccc ttctaataag gatggaagta tccacacttt gttattcata    104880
     actccctttc ttaatgactg gggaggtagc tcagcgcgta agagcacttg ctgcacaagc    104940
     atggagacag tccagactcc cagaagccac ataaaaagct gggtatgact gcttggggct    105000
     gtaactgcag cagtgtaggg gatgggtcag agacaggagg accctaagtc ttgatggtca    105060
     ccagtgtagc tgtaagaccc tgccacaagc caataagaca gaccgcaata cagatgtcct    105120
     tttctggcct ttataaccac atacaaatat gtcccacact cagatctcac acaaacacac    105180
     acacattgta cacatatatt aaaaaattaa gttacagggg ctgaagaggt ggttcaacag    105240
     gtaagagcac tggtttctct ctccgaggac ccaaatttga ttcccagcac ccacacaagc    105300
     tcacaaaggt ctgtcactct agttccaggg gatcttctgg tctcctaaca ggcatggtac    105360
     acagatacac atgctggaaa aacactcaca catatataaa agttaaaaag atgaagttac    105420
     aaagtaatga ttatatgaaa ttttagaaag aaacaagcaa aacgatccaa gagtaaacct    105480
     cgatgtggta gaagtgattt gggatgtgtg ttagaagcta agagtgccgc aggtgtctga    105540
     tggttttgtt attctaactt tgagctctga gtttgctact ctacatgtga atatagtcag    105600
     aagccagcat tgtcaagaac agagttcagc gcagagccca ggcaaaagtg ggcagcacag    105660
     ttcagttgct tctcgagtct cagcctcact tgaaagagcc ttggaaattc tgagtctcgg    105720
     tcttgtttag tttctatgct ttgatgttct aatttattcc cctatttctg tggtattatg    105780
     aacacagaag gagacaaaat aatagttctc aagaatttta ttattttcag gaaagacatg    105840
     attattcttt gatttaatag accttagccg ggcagagtac cctctgcctg taatcccagt    105900
     ttcttaggag actgagacag gatgagtgtg aattcaaagc cagtctgaac aacatggcaa    105960
     catcttgact caaaacaaaa cccagcccaa tggggtgagt ggcaatagaa aaatgcaaaa    106020
     agttcttgag aatttcactt attggtaaag aggagaaaaa aagaacatat tttctgcatc    106080
     taatacatag aagagaaagc ctttttgtta ttttatattg agaggaggct ctgcaatcca    106140
     acataacttt ttttactcct aaattcatct ttcacggctg ctatgttggc tgtggtagct    106200
     aaatcttgtg ggctaaaaca ctgcaagttt tgttgacata attgtatagt acctataata    106260
     attaatatga taaacttttg gagtctttta taatgcacta ttttctatcc tagagtaatt    106320
     tgtagggaaa tggaatatca agaacttact ttaaagattt gttaattttt aattatgtgt    106380
     atatgatagg ggtacatgca tgtgagtaca ggtctccatg gggtggaggc cttagatgtt    106440
     agacccctct ggaactgaac gtacaggagg ttaggagcct cctgaagtca gtgatgggag    106500
     tgaacttaga tcctctgtac gaacagggtc tcactcataa ctaccgaacc atttctccag    106560
     cacaccaacc tattttatgg agtagtcatt aggggagagt tagactgaca taaaataatg    106620
     ctgtttctta gagaatatac attcaagtgt catatcccag tggggataac acacacaggt    106680
     tgctgtgact agagccccag agactggaga aagaaggaac acccatccaa actccactca    106740
     caccaaactc caagtccatt ggtcctaggg caaccagagg aaatttctaa ataccctact    106800
     ttgtttagac actgtagaat tgtaaaactt aacttctcac cactgttata gagaatgcca    106860
     ttttcccata acagcaatta attttcttcc tagttggaaa cataatcctg atttttaacc    106920
     taacatagtt gctgttcctc attaaatacc gcattctcca atgctcttgg caataagttg    106980
     tggacagata ttagtaaagg ctggatctct aatgattctt ctgaacatga ggacagggtg    107040
     cctaccaccc tctagggaca acacaggcaa ctctatatga ggcttccaat aatctcttgt    107100
     tccctgactc ctaaattctt tcatatgagt gagaaacaaa catattatct aagccacttt    107160
     tactttgggt tcctggttga actggtctgc tttctgtcac aatactcaca tacctgagat    107220
     ggtttattca taaagaaaaa ggtcttattt ggttctggaa gttataatcc aaaagtaaag    107280
     gaccccattt tgagggatcg ctaatggggg aacacacatc tgggtgagaa tacatggtag    107340
     agcaaccgtt taccttatta gcccggatgt ggacgacgaa gaaagaagtg cagaccgtgg    107400
     gataagcttt gggaacataa ctcctgataa cccgaggagc tcccacagga tttcagctcc    107460
     caaggttcca ggatttcagg ctgatcatag ctttataaat ggtgacatgc cgtgaataca    107520
     tcagatcatg ttatttttta ggactctgca cttattttgg ttaattcaaa atggctaagg    107580
     aatattgtta aatgtcatta ttggctatgg gacataaaaa tgaatagttc tctctggcct    107640
     aagagggtta tattttagta aaagacacac cccccctagg gttgttccca tacaagacaa    107700
     tgactgtaat gggctaagaa agtacttaaa tcctgagtgt aaaatgttct aatttctacc    107760
     tgcatataga cacagataga tgagataaaa ttgacagttc aaaactaaaa tcttatattt    107820
     gtggttgagt tttgccaaga gcattaagat aattttatgg gagtatggtc tttggaacat    107880
     gtagcactgg gggaaccgat atgtacatgt gaaagaaaga ggttagattt ttatttcaca    107940
     cctcaggtca aagaggctca tgaacataac tgtaagagag gaaatgactg taaatgaaaa    108000
     ttatattctt tgacttagcg tatgcttgaa acggttattg aaagaaaata gagatgttta    108060
     caaatactat agaaaggtag ctgtggttgg agaatataat catgtgaatc tgtatgatac    108120
     atgctaccca aaccactaca gttaatatta ggaaacaatt acatcaaatt tctacatatg    108180
     aagatatgcc aaatgcctga ctggcccgag tagcagaaca ttgagtaaac aaaatctagg    108240
     tctgtggttt cggaagtgag ctgtatgttt agttttatga tgtttatttt atattttaat    108300
     agaaaatatt tttaatttat ttaacctaga accctctagt acaccttctt ttgaaaatct    108360
     gaagatgtag ctacatcggc catcatatgg tgatactgag aactgtagtc cctctttaat    108420
     gtcctcatgc agtggttacc tgggaactga caagttgcca cttccctcat catatcatga    108480
     gtctgacttt gcaggtgcag tggtttggga tccctagatg ttcctgtccc cgaaccttgg    108540
     ctccagtggg gagtgttgag ctagtacaac ctctgtgagg tggggtgggg cctgctgaga    108600
     agtaggaaga tcactaggag tcccgtagtc cttgggagtt ctggtgagtt cccttgagaa    108660
     ctagttgttg agaaaaggaa aagcctgatg cccgagtccc tgtcctggct tccttacact    108720
     ggtatctcct atgcacaccc tctgccagcc ccatctgcca ggaagtcctt gccaaagggc    108780
     aaacagtgct gatctgagat ttatcttctg tccatgttaa ctttagctgt caacttgaca    108840
     cggcccacta agcatttggg ctggatctga actctaacct gctcacgacc tggccagctg    108900
     ctttatgttt acaaagttga cttatcattt gtcaaaacaa cagcattcca gccttttctt    108960
     gtaacactac tacaacaatt tatttaagtg acacaaaagc acttcatatc taaaaaccta    109020
     tataagtcac ttttgatctc tgaagcctac aatatcagcc tgatagtttg actagcatcc    109080
     atcctcctcc gccttatggt tataataata aatacaaatc atacaagcac atatattggt    109140
     atatttttat gtatacaact tgtttcatga atatacattg tgaaattgtc atcaaaagaa    109200
     aactaaatga catatcaatc tcttcacata actatttttt catgtgtgtg gtgtgaatag    109260
     ctacaaccta ctctcactgc aaatttcaag catacagttg ggactgtgca tcattaacaa    109320
     gagtcacccc gctgctggaa tatctctatg aagagttcgt cttacacaac tacatcctta    109380
     acacccgtga aaagcagctt tctactcccg ctccccccag ctcctggcaa ttaccattct    109440
     ccaaatttgt ctgctttaaa ttccacattc aagcaagatc atgagggatt tgtctttctg    109500
     tatcttcttt atttcactca gcagtatggc ctccatgctc atgcatctag cgacgagaca    109560
     gtatttgctt tcctttagac aggacttgat agcatcctac agcccacaga cactgtcgtc    109620
     actgtgttca ctgatgggca ggttgcttcg gtatctcagc tgctgtgaat agtgtaatgc    109680
     acttgacgtg ctgccattct tttgaccctt tggtatcttt tattttggat aatatacata    109740
     gaagacaaat tgctggatca ttctatagtc ctagatttag tttttagagg aaagtctata    109800
     ttttgctttg aatgctctac caatggtgta cataggggtc aaaacatgca ttccttccta    109860
     ccaatatcct ttctttcctt ccttccttac tccctcccac ccatttcttt ctctttctct    109920
     ctctttctct ctctttcttt ctttctttct tccttccttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt    109980
     ctttctttcg ttctttctct ctttcttcca ttagttttta caggaagggc ctctttttat    110040
     aactatccct ggctgtcctg taactcattt tatagaccag gctagcctca aactcagaga    110100
     tccacctgcc tttaccacca gagaactggg attttgttta tttataattg ctatcaggtg    110160
     tggggagata atgtcactga aatccgagct gcacatctct gatgctgtaa gaacctctcc    110220
     atgtgcctac tggctatttg cataccttca tggctggctt tcagcttttt aaagtagtag    110280
     ttttctctta aacttcctgc atattactgc ttttgttcct tgagctgtta aacctcttgg    110340
     ggctttgtta ttgttgttgt ttgttagttt gcttgctgct tcagtgatta ttggggtgtg    110400
     ttgctccact tgtgtttgct taagaatctt cccactttcc ttcttttatc actgtaactt    110460
     ttctctgtat gaccagaaaa gatctttgaa atggtctgtt gacttattga aataacttgc    110520
     tgacatttgt tttgtagctt agcatttgat tgttgcagag actatgtgca ctttcagaag    110580
     tcagtgtgtg ttgctgtcta taagaaaaga gatgtattgg cttgtgactt tggtagctac    110640
     gtgatccagg acatatgtgc cagtgttctt ttgtggccca gtcagctgca ttacaacact    110700
     gcaagaagtg gaaagggaag tagccatgta tggatgatga gtgtatttga gcaaaacaag    110760
     gcaaactggg ccaggcctgt gtgccatagg aactaatcca ctcatgcaaa tgtggcttcc    110820
     aattgcctat gtagttgtca gcttggaggc ttattgccga ataagctcac cctttctagc    110880
     tctttctgtt caactcagct attcgagctc aaactcctct ccaagctgac tgagtcaatt    110940
     tggcttctct tttagcttct gactgaattg ttgtacttgg ccttatatta attctggtaa    111000
     attcattttg atcttttggc tccttctcat tccctggctt gttctgtctt cacctgtgtc    111060
     aagcttgttt tctcttcaat tatctcataa aactctacca gtaaaactgc ctcttaagtt    111120
     acctttcctt cctgtcttct cctgagagtt gggtgtatcc tacagagcaa gttccagcat    111180
     acctaaagct atccagagaa accctatctt ggagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    111240
     agagagatat catatgggtc atctggtttt gatgaaccta gatgtctatt tcatttcctt    111300
     aaattaggaa gatattttgt ttaattcaag acctggcaca tgttgggcaa gcattctagc    111360
     acagagctaa gctagacgta gaattttttt tttttttttt tgctattatt tcattaaata    111420
     aactgcctgg tattcccatt gactttcata acagttggtt cccagaagtt cccacaggtg    111480
     tttgttttcc tttttatctt tttgtcaccc cccttaccac acacacacac catgtgattg    111540
     tgaactcact ggtcctttct tctatctgat gaaggctgag gtcaaagttc tatgttgatc    111600
     tcttttttag ggtaatcata atttttaaca ccagaatttc tgctgggcgc tttctgtggt    111660
     ttctatctgt gctggagttg ttttttcttc cactgtaatc ctgacttggt tagttctgtc    111720
     ctatcttgtg acgtactgag attcttttgg acctcggttt ttcacccagc agttcatggt    111780
     tccccatttc tttagggttg ggtaccgaag ctcattttgt tcctttctgg tgctgggttt    111840
     ccctgattct ttgtgatcat tataaccttt tttgatacct gtacatttga aggtgtgctg    111900
     actttttaaa agtactcctg cttaagacac tccatcaccc cctccctttt ttttttttct    111960
     tttgttttac tttttggtgt ctacagcatg ctcacttggt aatgtctttc tccctagtgg    112020
     atccttctca gttccctttg ccatttcctc ctcatttccc atcttctcag tgttgcagcc    112080
     tcctagttcc tcatcaccaa gtctcccctc tgcaccacct ccctgtgccc cgaacgtcct    112140
     tccttcagcc tgactttatt ttcttagtat ctgtacctca gctaaacctg agttctcttg    112200
     aactgtctgt ctttgttgtg gtggtaaaat atcctgacag aagctgtggg gcaattggct    112260
     atacacagac agtctggtct ccagtcgagc tgagatgtgg aaccccagta ggacccgatg    112320
     gtgataattc tcctacatgg gatggtaggt gttccctcat gtctcctaaa accctgcctc    112380
     aagtcgaagt tactgccccc acagcccccc acaagagaaa catgtggcta gcagtcatgt    112440
     agactatgtt ccaagcttct gatcttcagg ctagactcct cccagttacc tagcaaaaac    112500
     aagataacag cccaccataa gaggggctgc ttggccccac cttgctctct ccctcttact    112560
     ctctctccct cttactctct ctcctcattc tctcctcatc ctctcttccc tctctctctc    112620
     taacctctta ctctctccct ctctctttct tgctctctag cctttcttct ctctctttcc    112680
     tttccccctt ctctcttctt ggccatggcc agtctctctc ttttaccttc tctctttccc    112740
     cctgcctttc tacaataaag ctctaaaacc atagactgtt catcaaggcc cactgtgctt    112800
     agatgatggg ataagctttc ctctgatgag ccatttctaa tctgatagaa gaccttcctg    112860
     tgctccagtg aaggcccgga ctaaggactc tcgcctgtgt gggaacgtct ctccctcagc    112920
     cctggggctg agggtgttgc ctcggggccc ctggtatcgg tggctgcccc ttgtccaccc    112980
     ctgttaagtg gggtcagtgg cttagatgcc cacctggggg ccgagtggaa agcttctgac    113040
     agccctcctg agtctgcctg cccagagcac aggaggaact ctggccagac tcaggctatc    113100
     tctccctccc ccctccttcc cctacacccc tcagccccac tagaagccac tcaagaaagg    113160
     aagcatttat tttggtgatg gtttgagggt ttagtccatc atggcaggca gggaattcac    113220
     acatccataa agcaagagct ttgagggagc tggtcatgtt acaactgcag ccaagaagca    113280
     gagagcaaca tctgtagtac taagttttta ataaatcctg acacagggtt cctctcccgc    113340
     tttagaccat ttatgttccc aaaactgaag atgtatatat agcaggaagt tagctgatgt    113400
     tggttgctat gtgtattcta aggctaattt tagttcccca aaactgtttg cacaagaggg    113460
     gttgcatgta gcttcttgga acctgcctcc agtaaatttg gattggtaaa taaaaatgcc    113520
     agaagcctat agctggggag aaaggcgggg tttaggagta tgtatccata tatatatata    113580
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatg tcttaagcag aatagttgga    113640
     cagctgccta acctccatgt tgttagactc tattttctat ccataacacc attattattg    113700
     atttctatgt ttcatcttgg ctgttcttga cccaactgag cagccctttg ggccacattc    113760
     tattggcccc tttccatgat ggctttggtt ttccctcctg cactttcttc ttcttccatg    113820
     gctgctctca tctctctaca ccatcctaag gcatggtgga tccccctctt ctcttctctt    113880
     cctcatagtc ccaagcctgg gaaacctaaa ccccacctct ctctctctct cttctcccca    113940
     gctattggct gctggaatct ttatttacca atcagaatta actgggggta ggttcccaga    114000
     agctacatgc aaaccctctt gtgcaaacag ttttggggga cccaacttag ccttagataa    114060
     caagcagcac aaacatgagc taactctctt cattttattc attccaggac cccagcctat    114120
     gaaacagtcc cctctcaggg gtcttcttac cccagttaag ccaatataga tagtcatgcc    114180
     cacaggataa cctaatctag acaatccctc acagacatgc ccagagggtt gttttctaga    114240
     tgattctaga tccaactgag ttgacaatat tagctgcctc atataacaat tttttagaaa    114300
     tggtttcact taaggatata actaaatttt agcctttcta aaatcaattt tttgattctt    114360
     ttagtatcat atcctgtaaa ttagttgcat tatttctatc ctcatctaga ttccaaatga    114420
     aagagactca gactatgatt tatttattta gcttttgggc aattactgga caatgacccc    114480
     taatctattt ttctagacta gactagctat ctctcagctg tgccccaagt tacttgctgt    114540
     ttgagcttca cttgggctgt ttgtgtgctc catcaatcta tcctcagagt gtacttctga    114600
     tggccacatg cttctgtctg cctgtctaat ggacacctcc tgttcttttc cttcttcttc    114660
     tgtcatccct aaatgtgacc tcacagccca gtaactaaaa ctctgtctcg tctcttctcc    114720
     agtattctat agtaattggc tgtagctacc tttatttaaa caatagcttt acattgagga    114780
     gcaaggttta cgtagcatca cttagtatac atgaggatct tctcattggg gacaatcaga    114840
     tcttggaggc cagtatttag tatttgaata catagcagta ccatgccaac acacaacatt    114900
     gccccctttt atctaattaa ttgactgttt ctcttgcaat aataaatgac atactgtaag    114960
     aacaaatatg agacaattat aaacagtagg agttacattt ataatgtcca gtccatttat    115020
     tttttggcaa ttttagttaa agtattctat atctatccta tcttggtgag tttagagttc    115080
     tatacctaaa tcattttcta gcataacttg tattactaat ctaaaacatt ttcttagacc    115140
     taaaaatatg tttatatatc ctaaacaact taagcttaat tgtgaaacta gaactatcta    115200
     gtcttcaacc tcatcaaaga cctgagaagg aataaatatt acctgagcat gcaggaagtg    115260
     caggcaagta gcttgcaaag ctacagaaat aacacagaaa tgtgactgcc tgaacagtcc    115320
     cctagaattt ttctaaaaca ttggagcatt gtcttcagtc ttctgtccaa gaatattgga    115380
     cagaattttc tttggagcag gaattatgaa gggctagcct accttgttct tgcaaaggtt    115440
     ggcagccaac tttcctgtgt tcaagtctga gcattttgga cagtgttttg tttgcagtcc    115500
     atgcaagggc agtgtttctc agtggcagct tgccatcttt gaagcaaact ccaaatggag    115560
     gttctttgat gctcatatct tctttcaagt cgaaaggggt gctgccagga gctaacatgt    115620
     ctcattatca aaaacgcctt aaattaatta aaaaaaatct ttaaatgtca tattctgtag    115680
     gtctctgatg tctttgaaga ccatctatct atcaacagta tataggcaaa ctttgtttga    115740
     taaccttgga aacaattttg tgataaatta gtctggtgtt ttatatgaac atgtgtttaa    115800
     ttggctaact attcatttgc attacataat tatctgaaca atttgtaata gttgctttta    115860
     agtgggacta gaactttaca ttattaagaa ccatctaggc acaatacctt aagtaagggt    115920
     tgaaagcctg tatacatagt atgttgtaac aaaaagaaca tccttaattt tgcattaaca    115980
     tataaagatc tataccaatg tagcaaaaca atgtaatctt aattcatatc aatatatgaa    116040
     gatctatacc aatgtaacaa aatataacct taatatgtat cagtatataa agatcgatat    116100
     caatgtaata ttattggcta taaaatgttc tttggtttaa gagtagattc aataatctac    116160
     acctcttcct attattccta taatattcct atatttcaca tttttctttt caacccctct    116220
     tcccctacat aagaaggaaa ggatagagaa aagaaaagga gagaaatcct tgagtctaac    116280
     atcctatact tagtttctgc ctgatcaaga ccatttaata agttgtaacc aagcccttta    116340
     ccctaacaag catccatcac aaatgaaatg actgaagttt tgtttggctg tcagtaactc    116400
     ttctacccag taaagacagc tcttccagct ctcactaaat ttcagtaagt ctgttttcac    116460
     atagaaggca gagtgcttcc tagaatttat gtcacaacac ataattctgc cacaaagcct    116520
     tgagtggctt cccaacagtg aaagctagca tcatttcttg ccagcaggaa tgtccccaag    116580
     gcggacagta accttatctc tccctctgtt tattctctca gttcctgtgg ggaactaatg    116640
     tctttcttct aatgtcttcc tctaatgtct tcctctcagt gagacctttt atgatgttaa    116700
     caacattgtt tttttttttt tcctggtaaa taagaatctc ttgtttgttt ttttctttct    116760
     tgtatggtgc agtattgcct gctaacacac agcctgattt ttctgtttct cgtgcttctc    116820
     ggtattcttt cactatagtc tgaactctaa aggcagaaac tttgtttcaa attccaggac    116880
     ctgtatcagg ttctgacaca tggccagcaa gccacaaatt gttgtagaat gtcatcctaa    116940
     agaagtgaga tttcttctcc cagagtgcta gtacgctcca tagagcagtg gttctcaacc    117000
     tgtgtgtggg taacgattcc tttggacagg gatcaaatga ccttctcaca gaggtcacta    117060
     agacattcag aaaacacgca tatttacatt ttgattcatg acagtagcaa aaatcattgt    117120
     gaagtaacaa caaaaataat tttaagttgg gggtcactat acatgaagaa ctgtattaaa    117180
     gggtagcagc tttaggaaag tagagaacca ctgttacaga gcttcttaca ggagaattac    117240
     gtagagtcag cagtgagtga gttccacttt gtttaggaag acaacatgtt ctttcttgat    117300
     taaacttgct tagtgtgtat cacttgcagc ataagagtca acatcagatt tgtgtgcaga    117360
     ctgccactta ccattgcaca gatatgccag ctttcatcag tcatgaccgg catcaaaaac    117420
     aattcagagg agtcacatca gaaggagtgt aggtgatgtg tagagtttat gacaagataa    117480
     agtgatgcac tgttagagcg tgagactgga acaatagcca gagagcacca ccaacctata    117540
     cacttagtca ggctgcccaa accgtccttt acgatctgta agactgtggg gaattgcagg    117600
     ctggtctcca gtcgagctga accccaatgg ccataattca cccacatgac acggtagggg    117660
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    117720
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ttcccccgca tttctataat aaagctctta    117780
     taccatagag agtctctgct ccttcaagtt ctgctgcaca ctctggtcag tgttgggaac    117840
     ttcttcccct atgccctctc tcctaaattt agcaaggtgg ctcggggggg ggggggcggg    117900
     ttccccggtc aggggctgcc cctttctcca ccccctgtcg tgtgggcagg catgctcact    117960
     cggggcaggg tggaaaagca cctggcagtc tcccaacatc tgcctgccca gagtacagga    118020
     actctggccc gacgtggcat atttttcctc ccccaccttt ccccagagcc ccaacccccc    118080
     tcttttattt tgttcccaac ataagacaga caacactcat gggggacgtt ttcctgccca    118140
     atgattgata gacctgtttg aattaactct tacagagatt ttaccagaaa aactccagtt    118200
     agacaatatt tggttggaag ctactgcttg cccctgcacc agctgaaaaa ccctgtctgt    118260
     ccttttccaa actccaccgt tctgatatgg ccagcctacc caagtgcccc ccccccgccc    118320
     cccggtgccc agcttgtgac cgtatttggc cacagtccca aatcctggat aacacatcat    118380
     cacccctgcc taaggtctat aaaacctcct tgcctgagcc tgggcacgtg acttctccag    118440
     ccccgttctt tggggctggt gtacccaccc aggagtcacc cctaataaac ctgcttttat    118500
     actttttcga ttcacttatt gtgtgggcaa aaaaacttat tagacagtaa atctcaagac    118560
     ctttttagga gttcaacttc tatcccagtc taaggtcaga gatgcaccca gatcccactc    118620
     ttccaggtct gactcttcat gctgcagcta tgagggggag aggtacaccc tcaatggctt    118680
     tcaatcctgc tagtgtctac ttggctgtct aacagtctga aagctctcag cagaaaacaa    118740
     tgctggtgtg aaaggcagac ttagttcaag tgttgacagt cttgggggtg ggggtggggg    118800
     gttacagtag aagagaaatg tgtgtactga cattgacgtg cagacacaaa actgtctttt    118860
     tgtgaaattc ctactaaggg agtaaatagt tcatctttcc tttgtaaggt taaaagaatc    118920
     tcctggtggg aacagtattc ctaatctgta cctgcagaaa agtgaaattc gagcctcatt    118980
     ttacacttta tataaaaacc aattaagacc ggatcaaagt ctttaaacat ctggaagaca    119040
     tagaggatgc tcttcaagat actggggagc acgagattta agtagaacag caacagcgca    119100
     ggcactaacc ccacatctca gcagacagaa ttatgggaaa gccaaaacat tctgtacagc    119160
     aaaggagcag tgtggacagt tcacgtagaa tggggaaaaa atctagcagc cacactgcaa    119220
     acaaagggct aaggtccaga attttaaaaa gaatggcaga aatgaaatgc caaggaagaa    119280
     aaaacttcca atgaacacat gagcaaatga actgaataga tgtttttcca aatgggagaa    119340
     aaaagacaaa tgaccaaaaa ctatttttaa aaactttcaa tgtctcaagc catcacagta    119400
     atgcaaatta aagctacttt ttgagactgt acctctgccc agtcacatca ataaatctga    119460
     caacatatgt cggagaaagt gtggagagaa gtttgtcact gtagaaataa gtttgaagaa    119520
     gagtcaaaaa ctaaaaatag aatactgctt tagtgccgcg acttcactac tgggcacaga    119580
     ctcaggaggc tccacacctg accatagcga gatttgtacc gccatgctta ctatagcaaa    119640
     gaattagtat caaagaattg tctagttgtc catagacaaa ttaatagtga aaggtgtgtg    119700
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgagtg agtgcatgca catgtgtgtg    119760
     aatactattc agctctaaaa tgaaatcaca aaatttgcag gaaaatggga ggagttagaa    119820
     atatcataca atctcagaaa gaaaaaaaat atgcctcctt tatgtgcaga atctagccaa    119880
     tagtaaatgt atgtgtgtaa gcaaatgtgc ccctggacac agtagaattt gtagaaaaga    119940
     gatcaagaaa agctaaatat atgggatgaa ggcctgagtg aacagaagga aattatgtga    120000
     aaggatctaa agctagttgt cttctgagtt ttatctctgt tgtgctctgg tggtgggtag    120060
     ataggtccat aaaatcatat tcagtagtga aagctgaaat ccaaggagaa gccccacggt    120120
     ttctatttct atggtttcta ctgtaactgt agtggtttct tgagttgtat ggtctttggg    120180
     tctggttaat ttaactgggt gggttttttt cctgcaagct ttttgttttt gtaataaagt    120240
     ttaagataaa tcttaaaata ttttttgaaa agtaaggtca aactatatct ccaggtaggc    120300
     atctctgtgt tccggtggga gccacctcag gaaatggttc cctgagatca tgccttctga    120360
     gcgactctgg agaaaatctc tcttacaaaa agcaatcccc cttttgtaca tttctagctg    120420
     tttctacctg cagagaagtc tcacttccat gtttacctct tcctttgatg gctgtttaca    120480
     atctgaaacg gaagctcctg ccttcctgga agtcttcctt ccacctggac ctcatttttc    120540
     tcaactaaag cacacggcac tacggctttc tctgtatgat tatgctaagt atcaggaaaa    120600
     aaatgattta tttttatact gggaagtatg atttgtattt cagtattaca gttgaataac    120660
     tttatacttt ctattaatct aaacactact aatgtgtctg ggggaaaaca actctgaaat    120720
     gctgttgctt tcaatcgaat gtcgggataa agtctgtgct gtctggtgga ttggggagat    120780
     gggtaagttt gtagagaagc tgctgcagaa ggaaaatctg cattcaaatc ctcatcactt    120840
     ccagaaaagg ccagcatggt ggcacttcac attaacccta gcactgggca gtgtaacagg    120900
     ctggcatggt ggcactccgt tatgaagtag caacaaaata cttttatggt tgatggttac    120960
     cacaacataa agagtcatac taaggggctg agaagcactg atctaagtaa taaatgaagc    121020
     aggaattggg aacagagtag gtaaaatact acatttatga aatcacggaa aatggttaat    121080
     ataccaccat cttaaaactt acttttctat tctatctgat ttagttttca acctcatgtt    121140
     tcttctacat ttttagatag acagtaggag cccttggggt tgtggagaga ttgacacaga    121200
     gagcttgtga aacctgaagc tcctttctta gtgttcttcc tcagagattc actttctggg    121260
     aataagcaac cttcttccca attaagccag tccgagatag aagaagaagg aggaggagga    121320
     ggaggaagaa aagaagaagg aggaggagga agaagaagga agaaagaaga agagaagaag    121380
     aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag    121440
     aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaaaag atgacaaggg    121500
     agctgttgtc tttaagctct gtccacaaga ttgtatgact tattcttcta caaaactgtt    121560
     gctagaatca ggtttgtcca gcttcctgcc cttgaaccat gcaagagacg ggaactagca    121620
     ggagagtgca agtctatcca aagctggcac tgaaggagac aagcaagtcc acctcagacc    121680
     tctgctcagg gagtttcaag gtacaaagag cttcagtgag agaggaaaac ggaattatag    121740
     aaaaacgaga cgtaggaggt ctacatactg ggcgaggtct ccctcatcca gtggtgagcc    121800
     tccttctttg gacagagcct cacagtggac cttcgtgact tgcagctgga ctcccagaca    121860
     gaaggaagag caaacctgga aggcaaggga ggacaggcag acaagaggca gctgcaaatg    121920
     aatccctgcc tcataactgg ggtcattgtt tcaggggaag atggcaagtg ctttttttaa    121980
     aaacttggaa acaatatttt tctttcatag ttatatatct tactgaggtg gttggactgt    122040
     tatcaggacc taattttttt tcagtttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtc    122100
     tgtctgtctg tctctctctg tctgtctatc tgtctgtctc tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg    122160
     tctctctctc tctctgtgtc tgtctgtctg tctctctctc tctctctctg tgtgtatgtg    122220
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg cccattggtg ttttgctgta tgtatgtctg    122280
     tgtgaggatg tcaggtctcc tgggaacagc agctcagggc ctaatttctg agatacaggt    122340
     gctttgaggc attgctgagt gctggtgtag ctaagaagct ggggaagcat tgtcgatgtc    122400
     agggtgctgc cttcctgaag tgcagtcctg tggcaaactg cttattttga gctgagagca    122460
     aactgacaag aaccagagag cagaaacact ctctgtattt cattttgctg aaagttgtag    122520
     acacatccat cctgatgacc agaaatagca aatattaatc tttacaggca ttaggtcctt    122580
     tttatctgat agccagacat gtacacacaa aacttacaag gaaaacaatt cttaccatcc    122640
     attcttccct atatttttac catcctacaa tttgctattc ccggaagttc agcttcccta    122700
     taagcttctc attggctgtc agctcttgta ccacattcct tctaacccca cggagagctc    122760
     cctggtgcct gtgtgtgtta gcagagctcc tatgcatcaa cttgcttcct tttcctgctg    122820
     atctaacaca tacccgagcc agctgaccta gtaggactga tactttgtcc ctcccctgta    122880
     aagacaatta atgtattttt cttattgatt gcattgattc tttgtacaag agaaatcaag    122940
     atgggagaga cagggaggat agctgctacc tccacagagg agtccagagt cagttgggtg    123000
     gcagtattct ctctctgtct ctctctgtct gtctctgtct ctctctctct cttgtcactt    123060
     tgtctgtctg tctgtcactc tctgtctctg tgtgtgtata tctctgtctc tctctgtgtc    123120
     tctctgtgtc tctctgtctc tgtgtgtgta tgtctctgtc tctctctgtc tctgtctctc    123180
     tgtctctccc tcttgtctct ttgtctctct gtctgtctgt ctctctctct atctctgtgt    123240
     gtgtctctgt ctctgtctct ctgtctatct ctgtctctgt gtgtatgtct ctgtctctgt    123300
     gtctgtctct ctctgtctgt ctctcggtct cgctctctct ctctctctct ctctctgtgt    123360
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtctca tctttagttt    123420
     tcaacaagca gtcctcagaa cacagggctc tcagcagatg tggatgatag tcacccacag    123480
     aagggatgtc tccaggaaga gagacatgct ttcttgcctt tctgctctca gttggtccac    123540
     cctggcccca tctccctgtg tgtgaaggga tttacggtgt ttgcaggaag ctgcagacca    123600
     gttctaacat ccattttcat atcctctccc cagtattcca gcatcagtgg ggacaggctc    123660
     atccaccgag gtccatgttt gtaccaaccg tttcccggct gagttttgcc tgctcagcct    123720
     gcgatacgca tagccatcca cctcctcctc ctcccactca ctgaactgca cctcgcatgt    123780
     agctttagga cttactcaag caacactact tcagtttcct gtccaaactt agcgtcaagt    123840
     tggatgcacc tcagtggtaa cagaagctct gctttgaact gtttatgcct agaactttcc    123900
     gttcgatcct ttcagagcac agtttactga aacaacagga agtcagccac ccatccttag    123960
     ctactgcacc atctctggct gtgctcccca aaccatggag gagacgtaag gttgaaggta    124020
     atataatctt aacatggtgg ctccaacaag ctttatctgt gtaacagaag aaatctgacc    124080
     atatgtattt gctgtgttgg gcccatacct ccacagcacg attagtgtct gtgagtctca    124140
     gccttttctc cgtatagaca taaactatgt gcatattgca ttacctcagg accacaaagc    124200
     aaatgctgcc attcaagtta tcaagtttgt attctgagta gaaaaaagga ggactagcaa    124260
     tcctagttac gttctgtgag ctagatgcaa tgcccagtga ctatctcttg tctgtaggtg    124320
     gctatgaggt gagatctggg taagccaaac atagtttctg atgtacaaac cgaactgggt    124380
     aagtacgtga acacttagtg caatgcgaag gaatttcaga atctggaaat gaacccgtga    124440
     gtggcggtcg acatgagaat acagcacagt ctggttggga ttcactgggt tcctgctggt    124500
     ggtgattccc caggaccata gaccatgtgc ctgggtacct gctgtcctgt ggtttgcttt    124560
     caaacttcct gggttcctgt ccagaaaagt ccaattggtt tgaagaagca ggggtacagg    124620
     aagctgtggt tcatttggtt tcctgttacc ccacaaacag cctacaggtc tgctgtcaca    124680
     gcttcttctc ggtgtccagc ctgaggtctc cagggtttcc ctcctccatc cctttgggga    124740
     gagactttgg ctgtgttggc tttggtaact cagacagttg cctgtggaaa ggacttggct    124800
     ttcctggaaa gagctgtccc ccttcctgct ctgctgccac ccccacccca tccccaactt    124860
     atcccccacc ccacctcatc cccaccccac cccactccca cccttatccc ttacccgccc    124920
     acacaccttt cccccaccct cgcccctacc ccattcccat ctgcacaact cagttctcag    124980
     tgggcaaaga ttctgaagca gccagagcgg agggaggagc agagaagagg ggcttcagcc    125040
     tcgacctttg tcctgattgc ttctcacagt acctgggatt taatcacagg tttgagcagg    125100
     caaaaagacc tgctcaccat actgtcacat tcccaggcta gccctaactg agcagagtta    125160
     ggagtaagaa gactctctta ctgtgtcaaa attgccaggc tctttggatt tccagaggca    125220
     gccaagaaag cgaaggaagc tctcctttta cctgtgtttg catcctctgc ccagttggaa    125280
     cagaacgcca cttcacatag gagcaaatct tccaagctga cttctagaga ggcgccgtga    125340
     aaccccacac actttagctt acagtccgag aacagaaatg ggaaatcgct ccacgtctcc    125400
     aagcctggag aactggcccg tatgcggttg ttttgtaaca ctcccgatgc cctgaatagg    125460
     ttatctaccg ctcaggagtg aattgaccac gagataccac aggggacggg agaagggcac    125520
     ctccgggcct tttagcttat ccctgacccc aagaagagcc tggccagcgt cacataaagg    125580
     accctttggt tatacagcga acagaactgt accatttaga gagtactgtg cattcactgt    125640
     aaaaatgttt tatagaaaga aaagagtgcc aaaaaatatt aaaaagtcat ccatctgcag    125700
     tcgcctccag ccctgacaga ggccatcacc ccacctccca cttctgtgtt ctcagccttt    125760
     ctggactggg gtgagaacca cctagcatgt gaattctgct tttcagcaca gcagaccctt    125820
     ttaatatcat attgtcgtag agcattctca ctgccttccc tcccccggcc cctcccagtt    125880
     attatctcaa gagctgagta cgggatcgtt ttttcttcca gcatgttgct gttgcctggg    125940
     cctctctatc tccactcagg gctttccagc ggtgtgtcac atcgcctgct gtccacagct    126000
     gggaactgga gcccaggctc tgcactgcct taactgcctc ctgtgcttgc acagtaaggt    126060
     gagcgatagc tccaaagaag ctccagggtg gctctgcaac tgtccctgca gctggagtct    126120
     ggggttgttc agtgggggct ctgctgctct gttgatgact tctctggtcc ctgtatcagt    126180
     gtcgggccct ggaggattca cactgtggct tccctctcta ccttaacaac cctcgtttag    126240
     gcatgccagt gaaatagaac catactgtct tcaaagagga gaactggaac tcaccaacat    126300
     gtgacttgcc acccactttg ccccaaggag acagtaccag cttaaccttg ggcccaaacc    126360
     cgcctccctt ccttgcagtt gttaaagtat tttatcaatg agatggggag tcgacggaca    126420
     cagcagtatc tgtggtttct ggcagatatc attaaaaatg ttttctgaag ctcctgcctg    126480
     tgtttaaatg ggttggccga gtgtagagcg ctgcttttcc tggttttgcg agtggtgcgt    126540
     acatcctact gctgagatga ctctatcatc tgtgagaacg cctttctctt aggcacagac    126600
     tatcacttca gacccagtgt tactacatca gtccccgtag gctgttcaga ggggtggtgc    126660
     caggaagaga ctgttaccct ggctctaaaa gtcatcatga acacattctg ctttcctaaa    126720
     gaaatagtga tgctttggaa cactgaagag ggagaaacaa gagggttcct ggggtcactg    126780
     gccagcatgc tgagcctagt tggtgagtac caggccagca agaaaaacaa aaacaaaaaa    126840
     caacaaaaca aaacaaaaca gtgtgtgtgt gtatacacat gtgcacatgc acacacacac    126900
     cactccacaa acttgcatgc atatacatac atatgcatgg gagactgtac acaccctcac    126960
     atacacatac acagatacat tacaattctt atagaaaaac aagatggaag ccaagggcat    127020
     tcaggcaaag tctataaaga ctgatgcatc atgtgacaac tatagttacc catcagagcc    127080
     ccagtcttgc ctcctccctg tgcctcccac tcttggatgc tggcactggg gcaaactaat    127140
     ccattcaaat tccccaagag agctgggcca cccttgccct gtggaagaca agaactcaga    127200
     acagaactct tttttttttt agaacagaac tcttgagtag ggcccaccta ccaatgacag    127260
     tctttgagtt tggtggccct tcctggtacc attagcccaa gcaaaggtgg tagacgtgag    127320
     ctagcagaca tggtacccag gtctctcaga aacaggcaca acactctgag gctttcccaa    127380
     gggactcagg gtctctggca ggacctggcc ttgtctgtct tcccccaaca gagacttcct    127440
     ggaggcaact acatacagcc ttgaaggact gagcaggaag gagggtcagg ccaaggtcac    127500
     agactcaata gcattcagat gtacaaaact acagcattca gaggtacaag ggtcaggact    127560
     taaaacatcc tgcctgatta gcacagtatc agaagagcct catagacagt gagggacgag    127620
     ggaacaaaga tgagagataa aacagaaaca ttgcttcaga cataattaat aatatctacc    127680
     actgtaatga gtttaaaatg ccaggatcct ggcatgggcc ctctataggc cacaagtacc    127740
     cctgtcactg aggtttaaga acatgtagca aaagacagca ctgggatggg cctggtatgc    127800
     acacctatca acccaccacc ctgaggccga ggaagaattg caagctcaag gctgtatagt    127860
     gccaggccaa ccatgtgtca acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa acaaagggaa    127920
     aagacaggtc taaacaggtg ggagagggta tggacatttt cagtactcca tggacacaca    127980
     tttagatatt tacaataaag tccaagggct atttattcaa agaaataatg tagaaattca    128040
     aagaaatttt ccatactcaa taaacaaaag cccaggactc ctgcctgacc ctctgcgtgg    128100
     gagtgacacc agttctaatc ccagcaccct cgttagcaag cagttttgtt ttatacattt    128160
     attttaactt acaggcagat tttccctaaa gttacattcc catattctga aacatgtagg    128220
     tcagagacct tcgattagaa ccgaaccttg agtacatggg aattccagca gacagagaca    128280
     agagaactct gtattcaagg ccatctgggc tgcacagtga gagccttctt caaatatcaa    128340
     acaacaaaaa gaagacagaa aaacaagcaa acacagccct tgagccagct gctgccaggt    128400
     tccaaaagtt ctgtttgggg ctttccagga ttcctacctc cctatgaaaa ggtaagctga    128460
     agtttttaaa tgcggccttc tcctgtgtcc gtgtaggaaa gtgctgccgc gactgtcccc    128520
     acccacggct gtggtatttc aggccactag gagttgtggc tatgtcagag gagtttgtac    128580
     gtcacacagt gcagctcacc aggttcctca gagaggctct gaattgctct ggaaacgaga    128640
     taacagtgtg gttctagcaa tttttcctgg gtgatcttta gggttgtcct gtggttaatt    128700
     tgatctatgg agctactgca ttgtgggtaa ttttgaaaca tggggtgtac ttatctctct    128760
     atcctcagtg acaacattta ggcaccagac ggagggacag tgccaggttt gacttgagga    128820
     cttgaggatt ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    128880
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctcctcaccc aaattaatgt cataaagaga cacaattatg    128940
     atgtgtcttt aagatgaatg ataattaact ttctaggtat tatgtttggg tataaatgct    129000
     ttttattttc cttttccttt atatctttct atgcttgttt attttaattt aatgtctgtc    129060
     ataagtagta ccactgcctt tttaaaagca acaacaaaaa ctgttttatt ttggaagaaa    129120
     tcatttttgc cttctctttc acgattgtgg catgtcttca catgtgcccc cctgctgtta    129180
     ctttccatct ttctcttaca agagaaaggt taaacgagga agacagaaga ggtagcatgt    129240
     ctaaacagac tagtcagtag aaagcaagta gaacaccaaa ccccttacaa gagtgacaca    129300
     cccactgctg tgctgatcag tgagggctct gaagccatgc actgagagtt aggcctgctt    129360
     gtaaccctag gacctgagaa ctgagagcct tagaactgtc tgagtccatt gggagttgct    129420
     gtaaagaccc tgcctcaacc aacagaaaca aacagtacat caagtgtttt gttgaacaac    129480
     agactataaa atacaaacga taaagccatg taaacccagg gcttaagaaa actcttttca    129540
     agataaactc gtatacaata cccacaatag atatcatttt ccttggtggg aaactttggg    129600
     gtgaaagtct taagatgagt acatttttgg ccaatgatat gcacacagtt aggcacacag    129660
     tgcaggcaga ttaattttcc tgcctgcaac gtcgaggagc tcctgtggaa tgactgagag    129720
     atctgtgcct gtagaaaacg gttcatctgt actttggact ttgtgctgcc cagccaggtg    129780
     tgtttccttt ggttgtgccc ccccccccca gtgctttgta gaggttgatt ctgacaggcc    129840
     tggtgcagga gatggtgggg agggtgagct agggagggta gaatagaatg ggcttctggg    129900
     tgagggtggg ggtgaggagg ccagggcaga cccttgtgtg agttctctat gtttgctatc    129960
     tctctgcttc cacttccagc attctgtacc acttctctga tatcctgatg tggggacatt    130020
     accaaggcct atcactttca ctgaagcacc tggcagtaga aaaaagaaag ttctgctctc    130080
     tcccttgtct gtgggaagtg cagtgactca gttctttctt gtctgtagcc ctgtttgcct    130140
     tgaactccag gactgagttt atccagctat acccagagac actgagagat tagcccagac    130200
     tggagcatgc ggtgcaatga ggaattggat ctgacaggcc cacgagtaag ttgggatctg    130260
     tagcaagcag gccttcccag cgagacctct agcctggagc cataggggag tccggttctt    130320
     ccaggtctaa gtccatccat gaccatgcct tcgtaaccta ttagcagaga ataagtaatt    130380
     tacaagacat agaacaaaac tttatttctc acacctctag aagcaaaata ggtatttggc    130440
     atcaggtgct gacagagctc aagtctcgaa ggccaagtct ctgcttccaa gagaccacac    130500
     aaagcatgct gagtactctc atggaaggtg tggagaggcc gcacggaaca aacatcactc    130560
     atcatactgt ttatagcagc ctagcgccaa cacatggctc ctggggcaca tttgatcctg    130620
     gtactctgta agtgaatatg ggaagtatct gggcctaggc gactgtccag cagatgctgg    130680
     ccttgtcagg atcttcagaa gagctgagca ggatctactt gtccggagtt cagaatgagt    130740
     gacactttga agcaagtagt agtgactttt ttggaagccc atgtgaatta gtcagggttc    130800
     tctggagtca cataatttat ggaatgtctc tctctatatg aagggaatgt attgtgatga    130860
     cttacagtct acagtccaac taacccaaca atggccagct atgaagggaa agtccaaaga    130920
     tctagtagtt gctcagtccc acaaggctgt gcattttagc tggtcttcta tataaattgg    130980
     taccctgaag aagtagcctc cagtggatgt gctggcaaag gaagtataaa caggccaaga    131040
     aataatgaac acttccttct tccattgtcc ctatgtaagc ctcctgcaga aggtatggcc    131100
     cagattaaag gtgcgcctaa agatcccgat taagagcttg tatcacccca cctcaagatc    131160
     caggcatatt gtcttactgc ccccaagatc ctggtcacag gtgtgccctc catttctgga    131220
     ttgtagttca atccagatgt agtcaagtag acagcaaaga atagccatca cactgtgtga    131280
     gctgggtgca gattgatgct ggacaccaag ctgagctttt gtgcccggca cttttatatg    131340
     ggttttatga gcagagactg tgggttgtcc ccctatataa taagattctt gttctttata    131400
     acttaatgtt caaatggggg catatgttca ttgttcaact gcaatttccc aaacattaca    131460
     taattctgac tcttagaagt ttaagtgaat atgagtatcc tcccacgctg agaccttcag    131520
     tgaactagac tcatgtgctc actggacttg gggccagatc cttggagttg acccctgacg    131580
     tccctgcctt gtctggctcc acttgttggc tgttgctctg agatttcctg ttctttggac    131640
     ctcagctctg ctgcgttctg gccctcctgg gttgtcatct gtttggctag agcatcttat    131700
     cacaagagat agcacttttt ttagtcaatc tgatagttca catcagcttt tcccacccct    131760
     agagtctcca caggccaagt gagccagaga gtgtccacag gagcctggac tgacccagcc    131820
     actggtctct gcggagctgg tgctaaccca ctcagagcta gtctgggtta tttcaaagtt    131880
     agctccacac ctgtaagata caaggattga actatgccac ccaacaatat ttatgaagta    131940
     agaaacaaac attattgttg ctgtaggtag tatttgtaat aatttttgag gtacacatac    132000
     tgactttttt ctttcctaca tgaattttgc cctagagtac tcttaactga tcattggttg    132060
     acaggaccat aatgtataca gtttgttttt aaaaagttga aaaaaaaaat ggaaacctag    132120
     agtgaatttg catagtttat gttaattagt cctgtgtgtt cccccttcaa agtaaggaag    132180
     acgaaggtgg acaggagcct tgatataatg gaaagatgcg gacagcctga cgcaggcctc    132240
     accttttggg actgaagttt ttatctggag cagctcggtg ccgtaagcaa aagcgacagg    132300
     gcagtgggga gatgtgcttg agatttgctc ttcccaccct cgttaagtta ccatctgtta    132360
     ttttccgtgt cttcaaaagg ggaaaactga aagtaaagga cgggttctca ccgtgactgg    132420
     tcatgccttc caccgctgga atgagaatga tcaggcaatt tggtttttcc acattcaaaa    132480
     ctcatttata aatagttcag ttttcaatgg cattaagatt gaaagtaatc aacaaaggca    132540
     ggaagcttac tgcaggagag ctgaggttcc cctcagccca gatcagcctg tgatttgctc    132600
     atacagggat gccctgcccc tactcaaaac tgtcttttcc cctccatgac atatctgttt    132660
     tagtcatgca gaagattgcc tcatgtgcat gcctgtggga aggtttttat aataattctc    132720
     aaagggcttg ttcagtcagg gccgctgtgt tttgcttaga ggagaaagct tactgaactg    132780
     aacgtgtttg cagagatctc aaaccggaag atttcttttt gttgttctgc ttcgcatgtg    132840
     tgttggggtg ggggcagttg gtcagtaaag gcaggtccag cagagatgcg ctcttttgaa    132900
     tatcaatatg caagctatga ggagggctcc ccacctctga cgagacccca tattgttggc    132960
     tcttccaatc tttgtcaatg tgatggaggg aaacggtttt ttggtttttt tgtttgtttg    133020
     attgatttta ttgttattct gactttaatc tctctcatta tcagtgagtt aaaatccctt    133080
     ttgcatgttt atttgtgctt cccctgtttt tgtctgtgaa ttcctgactc tgccaagact    133140
     gtgtgtgcaa tggggactaa acaccttaac atgtatatac caacctaggt ctcagtgtag    133200
     tatcagttta tgagaacact gaggtcaaag ttaggggtct tgctcaggaa aaaggaatgg    133260
     cccctgaaac acaaggaagc tgccactgtg gcctcctccc gttagaagag agccatcgct    133320
     gtggagctgc cccagtgatc agacttcagg gtaaaaatga caggctctcc cttgcagatg    133380
     tgcctaggat tcaggcaata gcagggcccc tcactgtgtg atgtatctat aacttctcag    133440
     gggactaaaa gttcatggaa cagcaaaact tacccaggag agagagtttc ttcagggaga    133500
     gaactattca cgtctagctc actgattccc tctgtgtatt gagtcatgga tgcttggcac    133560
     tgccagggtt ctgctggctc cccctttcct ttcttggctg ctaggaacta tctctccatt    133620
     ttcctcttta ttcccaggga cttttctggt attaacctgc taccaagcaa tatggagaga    133680
     aagttaacca ctggtttttc atagttcttt aacacgttgt taaatcagac tcttatctag    133740
     gaacaaagtg aatgtctgcg agcaaggagg ggctgacgtg tcttagcatt gtgctttgga    133800
     tatttattat ccaggtaatt attatgcatc cacttctagg atggtctgtt acctttcttc    133860
     ttcaaaactg gcaggttttt tgtcccaatg ggacattcga ttcaccaaag ctcatgaatc    133920
     tcttagctca gatctacaat gagcagagtg agcttggcat gtgccaagaa accactcttc    133980
     actctgaaga gcaagggaca cagcctgggg gacactctag atccttcctt ctatactgtt    134040
     cttttagaat tcagagtgct ggactagacg acacagatct tgatccacag agaaactcta    134100
     tcatgttggc ttccatggat tctgaagagg agccgaaaga tacttttcct agccatttct    134160
     tatcataata gtttgagaaa tggttgctat caaccaacca cctcgaacaa gtatcatagg    134220
     aaactaaggc acatcaacca atcttttggg acttaagtct ctcctctata atgttaaaga    134280
     acacagtact cgtacagctc tgataatgtc cactgaagca gttatctggc caacttagtg    134340
     gccagctgag tgtgttcaga agacagctgg gatgggtagg gggatctggc aagcacggtg    134400
     ttcctataga gatgtacaga gcaggacaag atggtaaggg ggacatgaaa gctggggcta    134460
     gaatggggag ataaagatag ttgggtgctg ttgaatggaa cagatttatg ttcgttctga    134520
     attgttccag agcaggagca gaagtcaaaa agcatacctc ataaagagct tttaagtagt    134580
     tctattataa aatcagcctc cttgtgagga accaagattt ttgtcagact gatattcaga    134640
     taaccattga tatcgtcata ctaatattca gatagccatt gatatcgcca aacacatgtg    134700
     tgtgaagact ctaacgcacg gcacttgggg tcactgacac ttgtgcagtg tttggtccct    134760
     ggttcttgat ttcaaaacac tggcttaaaa tgtaatgttg aaagcaaagg aaaatgtaat    134820
     aatttgtttc ccagacctgg tatggaacta acttattccc tccctccctc cctccctccc    134880
     tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctcgc tttcttgttt ttattttgag    134940
     agaatctcag tatgcagact agactgacct caaactcaca ttatatcctc ctgcctctgc    135000
     cccctgagtg cgggaattcc aggctcacac tactatgccc agtttcgaac tgtttcttaa    135060
     aggaggagtc atatgagttg atctccaaag tattaaagaa atgtggaatt ttggagacca    135120
     gcagaaagag gaacacagtg tgagagtcca ggacaaaggc agccatgtgc tgtgtctctg    135180
     ggagccctga ttgctgaagc agaagcacgc tcagctgtag catggggttg gtgcttggaa    135240
     taggaatctg gaacttctgt aaaccactaa gcagttataa gcacaaatac tggaccaaag    135300
     caagacagaa caccagctgg gccaactcca aatgttatgt caccatgtct ggtgtcaagg    135360
     tgttcttcat acctccagct ccaagcctcc ttgttgactg ctgttggcag atctagcatt    135420
     cagcagcaat gaacttcact cttttgggct ggttcccaat agtagggttg gggagggaac    135480
     tatgcccaga atgcatgcaa agatccatct accaggtgga catcagccac cccagaacta    135540
     ttctcaaagt aggtgtctgc ccctccattg acactagagt gcttcttgat cataatactt    135600
     acttgaggat tttgagagaa agttcatttg cttgtaacag atgtcataaa cttatatcaa    135660
     ataaatatga tacatatgat ttgagaaaat gacatttttg cacagaatga acactggctc    135720
     tgttcaggta gcctgcccac gctcttgaat ctctcatttg gacatctatt ttcagatgga    135780
     aatgtaagaa gcctatgaga aagcaaaggt ctgatatcct gggaagccta aagcagcagc    135840
     caggctagtg ctagagcagg cctgtgatca ggagcccaga gtggcagatg ttgttaaaca    135900
     tgttctacaa gaccaagagc ttaccgaggg aggaaaagaa tcaggaaaaa catggatgcc    135960
     atgatggttt gtacttgctt ggcccaggga gtggcactat tttcaggtgt ggccttgtcg    136020
     gagtgggtgt ggccttgttg gaggaggaat gtcactgtgg acatgggctt taagacgctc    136080
     atcgtagctg ccttagaatc agttcaagag aatgaagttt gttgctgagt gccagatctg    136140
     ccaacaaaga tgaaaggaac tggggatatg aaaagcgcct tgacaccaga catggtgaca    136200
     tagagtttgg agttgggtca gctggtgctc tgtctgcttt ggtccaggat atttcacttt    136260
     atctggggtt acagttagga cactgcatga acctcagaag agaccttgaa tgttgaattt    136320
     ttaacttcgc tgagactgct atagaccatg gggacgtttg aagctggatt aaatgtattt    136380
     tgaattatgc tatggctagg tatgaccccc ataagtgttt gaacaagcct atgggagcag    136440
     ggagtagaat ataatggttt gaatatgctt ggtctgggca atattaggaa gtgtggcctt    136500
     gctgaaatag gtgtggcctt gctggaggaa gtgtatcact gtgggtgtgg gctttaagac    136560
     cctcatccta gctgcctgga agccagtctt ctcctagtgg ccttcagatg aagatgtaga    136620
     actctcacct tctcttccgc catgcccgcc tgaatgctgc catgctcctg ccttgatgat    136680
     aatggactga tcctctgaac ctgtaagcca gcacgattag atgtccttat aagagttacc    136740
     ttggtcatgg tgtctgttca cagctgtaaa accctcattg agacagacgc ccacacagac    136800
     tgcagtgaac tccctcactg tctgctttct ccttgaacct ctcactcatg tacctgcaca    136860
     aggctttcct tcagtgcctc tgaacccaag gcttaaggcc ttctaaagct gaatgcgctc    136920
     tgactactga gaataaagcc gggggaaaaa tctagaaaaa aataacatgt ttactggttt    136980
     ttaaaattat ttctgtaatt tttgagatta tagctacatc gtttcatctc cttgcctttt    137040
     ctctaatact catatctttc caaaaggaga aaattaagtt ccctaaaaat tatataaggg    137100
     ctaaaggaga gagctctaac ctttgccctg tggacattta caaggtatat gtggcggata    137160
     atgtttgctt tcaaagccag gtgagtgaca ctagacaaga tattccttcc ctggacttca    137220
     gctcccttga gtataggaat atttcatatt gtatctactg attgatctca tagggaaggt    137280
     tttctcccat ggttttaaat ttgagtgatg gttgcatctt aaacagggtt tggtgacact    137340
     cttttgtgga ccaggccacg actgtgactc tttagaaatt tgtatttatt tactctgcca    137400
     atgtctcaaa tacgttacag ctgaagtcta tgttaatttc tcagttgata gctcttagac    137460
     aaaaaggtag catatcctaa attaatatga aggtagacat gatagtaatt ctcaggaaag    137520
     agtatttctc tgcctcaagt tcaccagacc tgactgtgtg agagttagtt gttcctttct    137580
     gactttattg tatggacatt tatataattc agagttctgg aaggttgcat gaactgcaca    137640
     attttccaga ttaaatagcc ttttaaaatt taaattatat aaattagcat tctataatct    137700
     tcaaataagt agaaacaata gaacagtata tatgtacaca catgtatata tttatattac    137760
     tgtctcttaa taaagaatta gcttgggggc tagagagatg gctcagcggt taagagcact    137820
     gactgctctt caagaggtcc tgagttcaat tcccagcaac atatggtggc tcacaaccat    137880
     ctgtaatggg atccaatgcc cttttctggt gtttctgaag atagctatac actaaataaa    137940
     taaatctttc taaaaaacaa agaattagct tatgccttag gctgactaac tactacaatc    138000
     tgtactcaga agtcagagac ccaagaagtt gccatctaaa agccagaagt cctaagactg    138060
     agggaatacc aacacctcag tcttcatcca aagtccagaa aagaacagtg ttccatccta    138120
     attccatgaa gagtttcttc ctgtgcagat attttgttct taggtatact gctttgaata    138180
     aaaatggccc caatacactt acatataagg atgcttaggg agtggcatta ggaagtatgg    138240
     ccttgtttga gtaggtatag ccttgttgga ggaagtgtgc catggggagg gggagggggg    138300
     tgctttggag tttcaaatgt tcaagtcagg ccccatgtcc ctctcttcct gctgctggac    138360
     agtccagatg tagaaccctc agctccactc tagtaccctg tctgcctgtg tgctgccgtg    138420
     tttcccacca tgatgacaat gaactaaccc tctgaaactg taagccagcc ccaagtaaat    138480
     gttctcattt ataagagttg ccatggtcaa gtgtggacac tttgctcctt cttagaattg    138540
     gaaacaatca cccatggaag gagttacaga gacaaagttt ggagctgaga caaaaggatg    138600
     gaccatctag agactgccat atccagggat ccatcccata attagcctcc aaacgatgac    138660
     accattgcat acactagcaa gcctctgttg caaggaccgt gatatagctg tctcttgtga    138720
     gactaggcca gggcctagca aacacagaag tggatgctca cagtcaacta ttggatggat    138780
     cacagggccc ccaatggagg agctagagaa agtatccaag gagctaaaga gatctgcaac    138840
     cctataggtg gaacaacatt atgaactaac cagtacccca gagctcttga ctctagctgc    138900
     atatgtatca aaagatggcc tagtcggcca tcactggaaa gagaggccca ttggtcaggc    138960
     aaactttata tgccccagta caggggaatg ccagggccaa aaaatgggaa tgggtgagta    139020
     ggggagtggg gggggggact tttgggatag cattggaaat gtaattgagg aaaatacgta    139080
     ataataataa taataataat aataataata ataataaaag agttgccatg gtcatagtat    139140
     ctcttcatag caatagaaac cctaactaag acactcaggt ttcaaatgac tgaagaggct    139200
     cccctacagt taaaaggttc actcacatcc agaaatctcc tgggaataat ctctgaccat    139260
     aaagaagctg ccaaaccatc ttgtttcttt ttctttttcc ccccattaat taatttgttt    139320
     attcacttta tgccacacac acacacccat tttgttattt tcaaaagtat ctttagagta    139380
     gactatgtgg aggggagaga gtcctctcag catagagcac ttgcctgagt aatggcttag    139440
     ggctggtttc acggttccct cctttcttct cattcacacc cacactgcct ccatggtgca    139500
     gagagcaggg cctctccacc tcctgatttc cctgtcccat tgccctccac agttcccgca    139560
     ggctacagga cgcagttcgc ctcccagcat ctcccagctc ttctcagcta tgtcctgaga    139620
     aggacttcca cacagagcct cactgcgatg actatgtacc atacggaatt gccctattag    139680
     taaaccaaag aaataaatgg taaaatacaa gttggtttaa cgaatactgt aaaggtgaac    139740
     tgtgcttgaa atctggaggg caggggccat tggctcattc ctcttggctt agtcagtggc    139800
     tggcataatt gcacatcaca ggctctgaag cagtgtttaa tgagttagca gatcattgat    139860
     gttccagaag ataataagta aaaacattat aatatttcat gactttgtga tgtattagat    139920
     tttgttcatt tttgtatact cgaatatcgt tctattttag aattgctttc aaagattcac    139980
     attaagccta gcatacgcct ataatccaag cactgcaggc tgcgtcaggg gagtcaaaac    140040
     ttcaaggtca gtttggtcta tggcaagtcc ccactcaaaa aataaagatt aaagactcaa    140100
     aaagccaatt gttcttagta gttaagagat aatcctagcg catataggta tttttaatat    140160
     ccttaatttg aaaagaaaaa aacagtagat aaatataatt tcaactgaat tttgttccaa    140220
     ataatcattt gaaaagaagt ctggcacttg tggacaaatc tcccttttga aaccagcact    140280
     ttggtactgc taggattcgg ggtaactttt ttctggcttt aggaaaatgc taaaaataca    140340
     agctattgaa ctcaccagaa aagtgaggcc ctgtaatcag acagagtgtt caggccatgg    140400
     tatgttgcaa gcaaatctga atttgacaag aaatagaaag ctttacagca ggtggtctct    140460
     ccaagctcgc catcacacct gactggcctg cagggactaa tgggctcagt tcatccaatt    140520
     tctaaacact ggacccaccc tcagcatgta agagtctacc ctacattaac aaggtctgtg    140580
     agacagtgga aatgttaacc ccacaactgc atttgtgtct ttgtatgtcc ctaccaaggt    140640
     tatcatgaag gagtgaacat tcagaattat tctaaagaca cgtgactgtg tatcactccc    140700
     actgtttgtg gcgattggca aaccacaatg ttccttgggt aaaacttagt gtgcaccatc    140760
     atacagaaca tgatgggtgg gttgtctgtg gtttctcaca agcattctct tagcagagtg    140820
     cattctgaat tattgagtgg ctgatctctg ttgcataata gcccttgttg cagcttgatg    140880
     ctaacaattc ttttcagtta ttacaacaac caaaacaatc ccaccatgca tcccaaatac    140940
     ccctgggcag caatagtacc tcagcttcaa aaattacttt cttagcctat gaatgtggta    141000
     tgaatggcca atactacata tagttctaag tgtatttatt tatacacaca aacatataaa    141060
     gttcagcata tagacttgcc tttatgggga gtacaaacag ttatcacagc ttttattttt    141120
     cagagatttt ctcagtttta tgggcatttt gttgaagcaa aatgtggttc tgaagtctga    141180
     ttcttgtctg atgatctagg ctgctcacgt tggtccatgg ccagccttgc cagcctctct    141240
     ctggaaaagt ttcatcaatc acacttacaa agcaaagagt cacatctgct acctgcttcc    141300
     attgttatca gagggcaacg tgagagaaaa gaaagaaggc aaacaaccta gcttaactat    141360
     tgctatcagg aagaggactc gccagttgag cgatgagaat ctatgcatgc acagaggctg    141420
     gatccctggg gcatgttgct tctgaggcat taaatgacga cacttgatga ctaaatgccc    141480
     ctcttctcat ccgagagaag actgttaagt ctcatttaga gatctcagat cttcaggatg    141540
     ggaaacggga tccagggagc tatgcatagt gtctcagttc ccgggttgtt tctggtaagc    141600
     acaggaaagc ctgcctcctt gtagttactg gaaacatttg atattggata agactccaat    141660
     gtagatgact tcagcttgtt cagctgattg gcaaaactct gttctgttcc tggtgtgagg    141720
     atccagaggt gctgttggct gtatttgtca caagactgtg ggcgccatgc tgtgtgctga    141780
     agtctctgtg agcctttacc caaacccaat cgccgtccta cacctccatt catcaggatg    141840
     aattcaaagg ccttatttcc atggctgtgt cctgggtcca tctgaattat ttgaaaactt    141900
     ggttcattag ggaaaaaaag aggtataggt gagtttagcc cagatttata gactgtactt    141960
     ttttttaaca atatgagtta caacagagct ccacaaatat attcaatgag ctaaaatata    142020
     ctaataagtt tttatcaata ttctctctga aaattagaca tgctaagtgt attttaagct    142080
     tctacgaagc cagaaaatta catttaattc tgatttgggc ataaataaaa tagtgaaaat    142140
     tcaaagaaat aaactaggtc catctcttct ctagccgctg tactgatgga tgaatgcact    142200
     gatggagcag acaccacaat gaagataaca acaccttttg tttcgtcttc agtaaccaga    142260
     accgggctaa cttggttaat gaaaatatga tgcatcaagt aacagatagt acagtacagt    142320
     gagtaacaga cagtacagtg cagtgagcaa cagacagcac agtgcagtga gcaacagaca    142380
     gcacagtgca gtgagcaaca gacagcacag tgcagtgagt aacagacagt acagtgcagt    142440
     gagcaacaga cagcacagtg cagtgagcaa cagacagcac agtgcagtga gcaacagaca    142500
     gcacagtgca gtgcagtgag taacagacag tacagtgcag tgagcaacag acagcacagt    142560
     gcagtgagca acagacagca cagtgcagtg cagtgcagtg agtaacagac agcacagtgc    142620
     agtgagcaac agacagcaca gtgcagtgag taacagacag cacagtgcag tgagcaacag    142680
     acagtacaat gctgtaagta acagacagca cagtacagtg aataacagac agtacaatgc    142740
     tgtaagtaac agacagcaca gtacagtgaa taacagacag tacaatgttg taagtaacag    142800
     acagtacagt acagtgagta accgacagca cagtgcagtg agtaacagac aatatggctc    142860
     agtgagtaac aaacagtaca gtacagttag caacagacaa tgtggtacaa tgagtaacag    142920
     acagtacagt atagttcagt gagtaacagg cagtacagta cagtaacaga ctgtacagta    142980
     cagtgagtaa gagacagtac agtgcagtga gcagcagaca atatagtgta gtgagtaaca    143040
     gacaatatgg tacaatcagt aataggcagt atggtacaga gagtaacaga cagtacagtg    143100
     tagtgagtaa cagacaacac agtacagtga gtaataggta gtacagtcca gagagtaaca    143160
     gacaggaggg tgcagtgagt aacagacaac acagtgcagt ctatagtaaa tgatgttcaa    143220
     atcttgacca cagagttaca taccagctgg agattaaccc tttctaactt aaagatttct    143280
     tgtgttcaga ttgaagctga aattgagcag attatttggc ttttccaaac cgtaatattt    143340
     ttccatctgc aaattgtgaa tgatggtagt atctactaca aagtttttgt ttaaaactaa    143400
     aattaattaa tagagtaaat atcacaaaat agttcccaaa ggctggagat atatctcagt    143460
     ggcagaacac ttatttaaca tgcccacggt ctggggtttg atctctaaca ccacaaaaaa    143520
     taaaaaataa aaaagggggc ttaaagcatt gtaaccagta aataacatgt attggctaac    143580
     ttctattttt ctgccactgg gcctatcggt gcacagctat aatccagcag aaaaattgtg    143640
     gattcaaagt cagcctgata accctatagg agaacaacaa tatgaactaa ccagtacccc    143700
     ggagctcgtg tctctagctg catatgtatc agaagacggc ctggtcggcc atcagtggaa    143760
     agagaggccc attggtcgtg caaacgttat atgccccagt acaggggaac gccagggcca    143820
     agaagtggga gtgggtgggt gggggacctt tgggatagca ttggaaatgt aaacgaaata    143880
     aatacctaat aataaaacaa ataaaaataa aaaaaataaa aaaaacaaag tcagcctgat    143940
     atatacattt gggcactgtc tccctccctc cacaccctac ccccgtgtgt gtgtgagtgt    144000
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtaattag aaaccttaaa atgaccagac    144060
     agaaagtaga aatcctctgt ttattgagct ctctaaactc agatgtcagc agaagaaata    144120
     gtcttggaga ttttgtttta tttaactgcc ttttcttcat taatgagtag cagggcaaac    144180
     acttagcagt gcaactgctg tgtaactgga aggaaagcat tactagcagt gccctagaag    144240
     atgtgggtct aaatcctagc acttcaaact atctgaagct gtcttgtgag actgctgtga    144300
     agagtaaaga acctctttgt aaagtatgtt gtagatggtc tggccacggg gaaattcaca    144360
     cagtgttagt atgagcagga ctagttccct acatagacac taacacaggc ctacagggta    144420
     aataaccagt gtgagatatg gtcagttcat aggggaatcc tcagagccca cagagaagca    144480
     cggcttccca cacactacaa cagctagatg cttgtaaacc cagaatgtcc aagcagatat    144540
     tcctctgtct gaaggtaagg gtaaatgtgc cagtgggtca cagaccaggc tcatctgaat    144600
     caccagggaa ccttctaaaa atacagattc cggagcccag tcaaacccag aaagctagca    144660
     tctctggggg tggggaaagg agaaaaggaa tcttgtgttt ttttaaaaag cacataccag    144720
     ccttggtgat tcccatggta agtcagtgag atgacctctc tgttcccctc aagactgaaa    144780
     ttctgtgatt ctaatcgctc cctctatgtg agtcagagcc cagaattatc gtgcaacatg    144840
     aggtaacttg tggtttcctg tcttaagatt atggtagagg gagaatcgca taaccagcgt    144900
     tgcctaagtt atgaagattg gctgaaacag aggaaagtga aaaaaaaaaa ccagcctgtg    144960
     taaaactata cactagtacc ccgactaata aagtgaacca gaagaaccta ctcgcatcgt    145020
     agacgtagcc tgtgctggaa aggaccctgg tgagacaggg aatgttcaca taggggtggg    145080
     atcaggccaa gacagtcaca gagcctgtga ctgaacaacc acagtgtgga gtatgaagaa    145140
     atacagaaaa agaaagggcc gccaaggggc tagagccatg ccttataaag aattatgggc    145200
     ataaatgctg cctgaaacca atatggtcaa gagaatgtta gaggtcacaa atttacctga    145260
     ttcagtcaaa gcaagaacac caacactcag tgtggcacag actgatgcca gacagaggcc    145320
     ctctggacta ggagtagatt tgtgtttcca acactggggt tgcctcccat ggcttccagg    145380
     ttctagaaag cacataaatc cttagtgaag gttttctgag aaggaattca ggacagcaca    145440
     atattagaca ctcctggttg ctacacacag agctaagtca tggtaatggt gaatgctacc    145500
     ccttagagat aactatatct atatataaaa tatctagatg catggagtca gctttttgca    145560
     ctaggatttt attgattaga ctgtgaactg gttttgggaa tgaacagtta ccctgaggac    145620
     ttcatgtttt ggcaaaacaa ttcaacaatc catgcttcct gctacatata tgattctttt    145680
     gaaacctgta tgaattgcat catagctcag aaacagggtt atggggatag atcggggtta    145740
     cagtgtgtgt ctagcatgaa caagaacaag actcagtact tgatgccact gccacccaaa    145800
     atctactgag tcacacagtc ctagactctc agcaacagtg gagaggttta ggagagacta    145860
     agcccccatg tagggctctc taggaccttg gttagaaaaa gccaagcagt tagtggacag    145920
     aagctagaat catgtgtcct ccggccaagg gcctcttgaa tctataacca tcaccacctc    145980
     accattataa acttgctagt ctgcactgtg gtgacaacct tagagttagt aaagctaaga    146040
     cctgagatga atgcaacatc acgagccgtt cttaaggtct ctatgcccat cctgcttatg    146100
     actctgcagt gtaaggacct cctcctcacc ttttgagaat gccactagaa ggaactgact    146160
     ttgtgactca ttctcggcct cagatatcca tgggtgatca ctacaacctg acgactttct    146220
     ttggtaaaga atgcccaaga aagcccttct ggacttcagc cacgtgtgaa tgctctccca    146280
     atttctattt tgctatattt gtttgatttc tctccaagac cataaagacc aaagaaagag    146340
     gatttcctcc cagatgctaa ccaccactga aaagagcaac acacagctgc taactctccc    146400
     agacaccatc tagctgtaac gtgactgggg ggtggggggg ggaggagggc agtgagcaag    146460
     gcaagctaac tccagtaagg gtgatatact tactaaagga gaggaagctc tggcttcttg    146520
     cagccccgtt gttggaatgg tttctaagtc atgcctgagt gtttgaatca gcagcacggg    146580
     tacttggttc tctacaagga aattaagaca gttgtcttct agatttctca cactttctct    146640
     ttctggatct gcacttgcta ccactgcatt tcccatactg cttggtatct tcagatgttc    146700
     tctcctcact cacttaagaa gtcggatggg gcctgccatt cccctctccc aaggcctcct    146760
     tccaacacgg ccccttctgt tttcctggcc actctaggta ctccaggtta aacacacaaa    146820
     tgtaaaaggc agaagcttgg gccctcgtac aagagagagc attcatcatt tgtccttttg    146880
     tttcacagtg acatcacaat tgtaatattt tccattccag acgttttcct gccaattaat    146940
     ttcattttct tttgcagatg aataaaatcc ctctgtgtat gtgcaccacg atttcattat    147000
     tgatttgtca gtggatggac atctgggctg attcgtttcc tagctatggt gaacagaatc    147060
     ggagtgaacg tgaagtgtct ctgttaggat aaaggctcct ttaagaacat gcccaggagt    147120
     agcacagcta aatcataaag cagggtagac agcagaatgc aggtgataag aaaggacggg    147180
     agggagaagt gggagtggga aggtttcagt gagggcacaa ttgagggcag gggagatgag    147240
     gaggaaagga ttaaccaaac taaggctgta tgaaaaagca atgtaaaaac ctatgatttt    147300
     tttcaatcta attgtaaaat ataatttttg tgaaaggagt ttgaacagag gtactctgca    147360
     tgggtagata atgtgaccat gagaagccat caattacttg tttgtttgtt tggaactttt    147420
     aaaattaaat ataattacat tatttcctcc atccttttcc ttccaacctc tctttctccc    147480
     atattttccc cttgctccct ttcaattcat ggcctcttcc ttcccaatta ttattgatgc    147540
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac gcatatgtat ataaatacaa    147600
     ccttatggat ctatttagtg ttggttgtat gtatacaact tcagtgctga ccacttggta    147660
     ttggataacc agatatgggg gctcatccct gggaggtctt ctcccctttg caacagtcat    147720
     tcgttgcctg tacttttctg tctagaggta gggcccatga gatttctcct gtccacatta    147780
     gtatgtctgt tggtgatgtg attgttcagg tcttgtgaag ccagccgtat tgttgaggta    147840
     tcatggtacc ctgtcctttc tagagactgc acctcacagt aaattcccta ttcctatcgc    147900
     tcttaaaatc tttctgccca gtcttctgtg acatccctga gccttaggtg tgggtttatg    147960
     ttgtatataa ttggagctgg gtacctgtca atcaggtgtt ctctgcattt tgacaagttg    148020
     tggctttctg taatggtctc tgctgcaaag cgaaacttct ttggtgatgg tgacagatac    148080
     atttaactgt gaacataagg atgagtatgt agaattatta gtatagcagc agcagtctgg    148140
     ttttctctaa gatccaagac ttcactatct ctggttagtt agctagattt ttggtaccag    148200
     gcatgacttc cctcctgttg agtggcttta agtccagtta ggcaacagct ggctcccact    148260
     gagatatgaa tacccctact gcacctttgc catgccacat cttgctgggc tggtcactgg    148320
     tattgctcac aggcatcaca gttgggtagg caggacttct gcttcctacc ctgtggtggc    148380
     ttgaatgaga acggcccctg tgggctcata agtttgaatg cttggtcccc agttaatgga    148440
     actgtttggg aaggattagg aggtacagcc ttgctgaaag gatgggccat gggcgaggga    148500
     ggggctgctt tgaggtctca aaagccaatg ccaggcccag tctcacactc tctacctgca    148560
     acctatggat caagtgtgag ctctcagcta ctgctccagt gtcatgcctg actgctgcca    148620
     cactccccat tatgatagac ggtgcatgta gttttaaaag ctaccgcctt tgcctagcac    148680
     tgtggctata ctaccagccc ctcctggctc cccttttgtt ccacccagca tagctctggg    148740
     aggggtcatg atactagccc atcccaagac ccttgaatct gcagataaaa gacacacaca    148800
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    148860
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagctttg ttactttaac ttgtccacta ggcacaattg    148920
     ctgggtgcag atatctcctg cctaggaaaa aaagtgtcct taccaattta ttacctcagt    148980
     ctctcctttt gttctaaact tagtgacttg tttcacctgg cccctgccaa acacccttgg    149040
     ccacccacct gtagcagagg ctgcaggccc tagctctccc cacccttcag gccttacatg    149100
     attgttgtct tcttcttctt cctccaaagc atggcaggaa agtccctctc cttccttgca    149160
     tctgcctttt cctcctggga cccagaagtc ccacctgtcc cctccaccaa gaaattgctt    149220
     aataacaaat caagaagcaa acggggaaca gggttagcat cagaacctcc ccttacagat    149280
     aggcatgtgc tagcctcctg aaaatgtaaa caagccccta attagatgaa gttctttgta    149340
     cgttttcttg gttgtggcgt ttatccatgg aacagtacca aagcactccc gtaatgctta    149400
     catagcacta tgaaaggtat ttctcaagga agagcctaga agctatagat ttttaaacaa    149460
     aagaccagca ccaggtgtgg gatatggtcc tacgacttgt tggccaggaa gatcccagag    149520
     atcctgaaac aatccagata ttgccatttc ttgtgtcttc ccactagagc tacatggtaa    149580
     gactctgttg cctaagtcag cacacgcttt gactatagga cagagggaaa tcaagttagg    149640
     actgagttgg aaactttctt ccctcccact ggttagcttc catagtgtca gagggtgcag    149700
     ggtgggctat gtgagtagaa aatcatcaat agctttattt agcaggtgtg agctataata    149760
     ctgacctatt gtacaaaacg tgccttctgg aaaaatagtg gtttatatgt tctgaagaaa    149820
     acgaactgct ttctgcatgg atttggggcc tgttccacag gaggaaattt atcccccata    149880
     ttgtaaacct tgtcaaatgc ccaaggctgt ggcggatgca agccacagtg aggaactgaa    149940
     tcagcatgat gtcaagctgc cttgtacata ctgtgcagaa tacaatgcac acctttagat    150000
     gactaggggg tgctcagatt tggtcggaga agcctctgcc ttgagtgagt tatgcaggct    150060
     cataactggt ccaagtgcta agaaaaagtg accaccaaac tctcagctct agacaagata    150120
     tgtacatcag tgtggcccta ttccaacccc tggcttaggg aacatcgtgg aagaaagaga    150180
     gaaagaatat agagctgcag gatgaggagg attgctgtga acatgtggaa cacaaccctc    150240
     tggtgacaca agctttgctg ttaactcaga gcagctatga ctatctgtat aagaccagac    150300
     ctgttcatgg tcccttgtaa atagtcgggg gtgctcccga ggctattggc atttcgttgt    150360
     tgttagagaa gggggagcta ttttttttcc aatggagtgg tatttttttt tcggagatat    150420
     gttgctcagt tccttactac agaatgcttt tagtctggga tcatgttgag agaaggctca    150480
     gtaacagcca gctagaggtg ccattcccaa gtcagaggcc tggtggtgga ttgaaggtgc    150540
     tgggtacagc gatgtgcaca taaaaacaca gcactaaaca agctgagcca ggaggattgt    150600
     aagttcaaag ccacactggg ataaatactg tgattcgtca tcacacacac acacacacac    150660
     acacagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagac aatcttgttt    150720
     gtaacaagtc cctttggtag tattgcatgg acttgtgaaa atcgagtctt gataaagata    150780
     cagttgaaaa ggatcgatca cgtctcccca gcttgcttga gatgcctctt agaaagcaac    150840
     acagaattct tggttttaga acaagagtca gagatcaaga aacaaaccag tgtcttgatg    150900
     tttgacctat tctcggaaat ctggttaact gactgtaacc tcaaaccctg cgatgacaca    150960
     ctgggatcct ctcctgctga cctctggagc tgcttcctga agcccccgca atgcaagaga    151020
     aattaggaga gcggaggaca gaatgttctg tgatctgagc acagcagaaa gaagcagaag    151080
     agaatggagt gacagaccgt agctgtccct ctgactcctc ctaccggaac aagcctgggt    151140
     cagaggatct gtgtcttagg taacatggcc aagacggaga gtctcctctg tcatagagct    151200
     caccagtgga gcctcggtga cccgagaact ctcagtttag gggagccaca gagaaacacc    151260
     ctactagaga ccttggtgtt accaagccac aataagccac agtaacactc ctacccatgg    151320
     acctctgggc tgcagacacc ataagaaggt gtgacagatc acagcagaaa tgtgaaggtc    151380
     aactttgcat agctgctcat gcctaattgt gaggaattat gaccaggaat tgaaatcctc    151440
     tggaggtgca catctcttat cctagtagct aggaggctga gtcagaggac agcaaggcca    151500
     tcctgggcta tgtagctaaa ccctttctcg caagggaaag caaaagcaag gtgatttgtt    151560
     tcccagctag ggggcgctat tttgagaggc tgctgaacct tcaggaggag cagcctcgct    151620
     ggtaggagta actcagaagg ggtgggactt tgaaggctag atctcgcccc tggttcttgc    151680
     caccttcatc ttatgctcct gcacccatga gctgaactgc tctgccatct ctgtgctgcc    151740
     atgccggatc aaaaccttcc aaagctgaga gattacttcc tccttgatgc gactgtcacg    151800
     gtgatatact aatatagtga tgcagcactg taagattccc aggacgcctg atgcctgtga    151860
     agaaaaccag aagtgcccgt acccactatg tgcctatgtg tacccactgc gtgcctatgt    151920
     gtacccactg tgtgcctatg tgtggagggt ggcagggttt gagatccttc atgattgcgt    151980
     gcactggagg aaggtttatt tatatcggta attttcttcc tggtcttttt ctggaggtga    152040
     tttcctgagc ttctttacct taaagtaaga gtggacagag accagtgtaa ttgtaagatt    152100
     ataaactgtt aagagtactt cgggaaaacc cactctagcg aaaacttttt aaactgtaag    152160
     atacttctgt tccactatca ccacccatat agttcacata taaaatattt gttttacttt    152220
     ctggtaaaat tcaagatgtg atgctcaaaa gtttgaaaaa aacagagatc tgggagaagg    152280
     aaaaatatca caatcatgcg ttatttttga atgaagaaat gaaacaaaag gaggatgtga    152340
     ctcctaaagt atagagattt tattgtaggt atgaggggga aagcaggcag gggcaagggt    152400
     ctgggcggaa catggcagac taaagtggac catgagagga gaggtgggga gggagaggaa    152460
     gagaggagca gcagctgacc aagagaggcg gcccagtcaa gagaccagca tagcccaaat    152520
     ggctgagtta catagggaag agcagctggg gaagggttgc tagcctcctc cctgggctga    152580
     gaaggtaggg ggaggatcat gccagccagg aggaccctgt agtgctggga gaacctggta    152640
     gccaatcagc tttgatatgt taataagcac ctcagccttt tgtcagggtt tgagacctaa    152700
     cagttctgga cccggggttt ttttttttgc ttgcttgctt gcttgcttgc ttgcttgctt    152760
     gcttgcttgc ttgcttgctt gcttggcata gcctgtcatt ggagggctag agaaatcaag    152820
     gtccagcgca ctcagagact tcactgaatt tgtctccaag atctctaaga tcagatgtaa    152880
     gggctgaagc aggatggtcc cgggagtggt ccagctgtgt cttcatggag gccttcccag    152940
     tgggaagctt cagttcccgg ctccatggag aaaatgcgat atttctgttc ttccttctgt    153000
     caggaaaatg atttaatcta aagaaattcc tcttccaggt aacaatgtag gtttttaaaa    153060
     aaacataaat caaatttctc cttgtgaggt tccagcgtca gtgagtgagg ctgtgctgat    153120
     gagggaggag ggagatcagc cgtctcactg aggaagtcag gaggaggagg aggaggagga    153180
     tgccctctgt gtgttgggtg cagagagctc agcagcgttt taaaccctga ccccaagctg    153240
     acttcgaaga acagattttt cttttcagag acccagaaaa agcctagtac taacttagtt    153300
     aggcttgaca gctgtgcaaa gccatcaacg ccctattgat aactctgtgt tagcttcagg    153360
     ggagaacaag tttacatttc actttctggc ttaccaaaat tccacttgac taaaggccct    153420
     gagtcctgca tgcactttaa cattattttt atttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct    153480
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc tccttttaaa    153540
     tcttttgcga cagggtttca tctagtctat actggtctga gacttgctat atatccaggg    153600
     ttgatcctaa acttctaatt cttctacctg accaagtact cgaattaaga tgtacacacc    153660
     acactcagcc caataggtac actcacagat gagcgtgtgc taatcacaaa tggcagtttt    153720
     cctagggcta gaaggtgcca gaacataaaa cagctgcaag agagacaatg caaagactca    153780
     agaaaagaag agcgttttga gaagatactg ctgctgccag aatgaagttt gcagaggtgt    153840
     ggagctttgt ggaggcaggg ggggcggggg gagtcagagg aatgagaccc tgagaaaaat    153900
     gctgggggta gctttccaga ggggactggg ccaccagcta gggctgcaca cgctaaaagg    153960
     ctttatacag cgtacccact gcccacagta agttttcaca gaagctgttt acttcctggc    154020
     tgcttgctca gcaggaaagg actacaaaaa aatctgtgaa ggaaaggatt gtcaagtccc    154080
     agtgagggtc cagccaagtt tccacccatg tggttttgtt gtgaatgccc ctagcaccag    154140
     ggtgtgagtt tattccacgg ctgactgcaa ttactgaaag attcaatgcc agaacacggt    154200
     tggatgagat cccgcaagga cagcccagtg agaggaggag gcgggaagag gggcctttcc    154260
     tgggagctct ctgtagaatt ccttcctggc tgctgtcctg tgattattga gccccccccc    154320
     ggggggggct gttattagaa gatgggagaa actttttttt tcctaagata ttctggctat    154380
     cctgagactt gctctgtaca ccacgctagc cttgaactca gagatccact tgcctctgct    154440
     tcccgacatt aaaggtatgc gccaccacca ggttgaagat gggagaaaca tttagaggcc    154500
     agtcaagtgg gagctggtgg gtgatagact gttggacccc gggtccctgc tcaccgagct    154560
     gcctaactca tggaatacct tagctttgct cttcatgaaa tagacacgtt tgtttcctcc    154620
     gggtttgctg ggatgtaaca cactaagcat tcccctctct gtcctgtggg caaagccctt    154680
     cagacttagc tggtctgtca gggaagtatg gtcctaaggc tggacacaac agacccttga    154740
     ggtagcaggg gtgactttca cacagctcag cttcccacag aatcacgaaa gcactagtgt    154800
     ttacaactct tacaccattt aaaacttgta ctgtgaatga gcaacacagg gcaagcatgt    154860
     atctctgtat gagtcatagg tttaaaaaca tacaagttga ttaaacaaat aaaatcacag    154920
     gtgaaaaaga ggcttttcac acatccacag ctgttgttta tcactgatct taacactttc    154980
     ccctctggtt gtatagactt tccttgcttt ttctttcatc ttcaatcttt acacttaaaa    155040
     atgggggagt gggggggggg tgtaaggctc gaaaaagtta tactaagagt tgttagtgac    155100
     tttattttta tgccataggc taacttcccc ttaaagggga tttttttttt ctcttcttgc    155160
     ttggttcttt ctttgtgtta caaaaatagg acgaaagcac ttttccccct gttgccacac    155220
     ctgaaagaga acaggttcat tccctaagga aaacccagtc ttctttttgt ttttgtagtt    155280
     gtttctgttt cgtttcagat aaggttggat gtatcccagg ctaagctcaa agtcctctgc    155340
     ggagaagaca gccttgaact tgagacctcc tgcttcggtt tctactgctg ggatcataga    155400
     cttgagcctt gcttcggtgg agctgggatt aatccttggg cctggatcgt gcaaagttag    155460
     caggctacca gctctgctat ccccagccag caaacctggc cttccccaca gtcaggattt    155520
     ttcagtctcc agagttatgc tatagtcagt acacttaact cgttccttcc acacccacag    155580
     catctccaca acgagcgcct gctggataag cgccaacata gaactggtta taaagtcgga    155640
     ccaatcagaa tgtgattttt aaggtaagag atcagagtta tcctatagaa gagggcagtg    155700
     gtgattaatt ttgattgtcc acgagacaga atctagaatc cccaaaagca tgcctttgag    155760
     ggagtctcgg tagcgatgtt accagggaaa cttttggagt tcccttttgg acttcttatt    155820
     tctcattcat gaaagaactt taaaatggat tctgaaggaa gcaggaagac aattttagta    155880
     gcatttgaga gaaaagcaac aggtcggtca ggctgtaaag cttgacagct gtcaggaaga    155940
     ggggatggct gcccttttgg gaaagcaggc aggctcagca atggctgagt cactcctgac    156000
     ccagaagccc cgaaagaggc tccgtggagg gagaggattc tgggaagaaa atggtctcgt    156060
     tgggggataa ccctccaggt gcatcagatt cccggtaggg gtggtctcct gacattgtct    156120
     gataacttcc taaccaggag atctacattg actgtgggtg gcaccattga tggggtaggg    156180
     ttctgggctg aacagaaaga agaaaatgag ctgagcacca gcgtccaccg ctctctgttc    156240
     cctgactgcc cgctgcctca ctctcaaact gccatgattt tcccacagtg aaactctacc    156300
     ctcatactat gaaccaaaag aaacttttcc ttccctaatt tgcttctcat caggtatttt    156360
     gtcccatcga tgagaaaatt aactaataca aagactggac ggtgaaataa ttcacttaag    156420
     ataattaaga gattaagatt aataaaatac attcccttgg acggaattag gcagcctctt    156480
     cctcattcat gtgtgacgtg gggttccagg tacctgggaa gtgctcagtc caccaatggt    156540
     gcattcctgg ctccggaggg aaaccaggca gagagggcac agagaagcca gcttcggaat    156600
     gcttagctgt tctccagctt actgtgttcc aactcccgtt cctgtccgtt ggagtgaagg    156660
     taggtagcat tctgatgtca ggggagagac tatgactgtg tagtcactac tgtagaaagt    156720
     gcagaggcct aggggccaga gcaaagacct cggtcccact acagctgggg acacctcagt    156780
     aaagttaggt ttctggtcag cttcatgaca agtgtttaaa agtaacgcta gagacttaca    156840
     gggtgtctgg agccttttct tgacttatct gctccttgga gtctaatcag gagcttgtga    156900
     agagatgcta gtggccaagc catttcagac aagcttttag gaagtcacct gggtgaggta    156960
     agtgatgatc tttgacctgg agcttggaat tgatccctcc catctaatct ttgaaacctt    157020
     cagataacta gcccctctcg cccatgatgc ttcagctctc ccataatgct tcatctctcc    157080
     cataatgctt cagatctccc atgatgcttc agatctccca tgatgcctca ggtgtttact    157140
     tcacatgagg atgtgaatgc tgtagacatt tgtcatccaa tttttttttc tttttagtga    157200
     gggcctctct cttacccatc aaagcccatc aaagaagcat ttgattcatt gttcaatttt    157260
     cacaaaattc tatactttta tttcaaggga gggtagagta tggttaagaa catcggctct    157320
     gaagtgcacc tgcctgtcca ggtccaattc tgagactcac tagctttgca atcttagaaa    157380
     tcagttaacc tcttggtcct tatgtgacta cagaatcaga taataataac aggggtgggg    157440
     taggagtgca cctggaataa taaaagcaca ataaatatta tcctttaaaa tatattgctc    157500
     actttcctac cagactccct gatttacaat gagaacctat tcatgtaccc aaggaagctc    157560
     catatgaagt cagtgttgtg atctgctgag ttcaattttt ttcttaatta tgaacgatgt    157620
     actatttatc ttaagcatgt ccatttttac aatcaaagtc caagtgtctc caatatcatt    157680
     tttatttatt taatttaatg tataaggtag ttcccaaggc aatgccttga tacaaggaga    157740
     tgtccaggct gaagagactc actgtggatc agtgcagagt gtcaaactgc ctaacccagg    157800
     tgaggatccc actgtatccc cacccctccc aggaagtcac agtggagccc taacctcaga    157860
     atgtgacttc gtttggaaac aggctttcca cacataatta cttgagatca cactggagaa    157920
     ccagcaccct gatccagtgt gtctgccatc tttacatgga gagctatggg aagtgggatg    157980
     tggcaaatac cagaggacaa ccatcagtgg aaggggatgt atatcaaaga ctgacagcaa    158040
     cccaaaagct acaagaaggc aggaagaatt cctcttcaga ctttagggtg gtcaggaccc    158100
     tgtatacatc ttgatccaga aactagaaga gaaaggtaat gaattcctat ggttttactc    158160
     tatctagttc atagtggcgt attatgggag ccataagaaa atatacatgg gggaagcaga    158220
     cactgagaag gttatatgtg aggatctgga cagcatctgg cagacatcac ctccaggtat    158280
     gaatcaggtg cgttaggtgt tgaggaataa caacacaaca aactgccata gcctgtcaca    158340
     ttgtttggct ttagagtagg aatagctacc tgaaagttgc tacatctctg agccgcttta    158400
     cctagtggat tctgaattca ggcttaccat gtccattttg tgcaggagaa gactgaggca    158460
     ctgtggttaa gtcaagctgc aaggcctgca gttcctgctt taaccagtga gcctttcagc    158520
     agtagctaag agcagccttg acagcagagg cattgggttg agctggggag gtgaagacac    158580
     cacactcagg aaagacacac ttgtatgcca cagttctcca ccagccgagg ctaagccagg    158640
     aaacagtctt aagtaaaagc agtcctgggt gtagaccacc atggggtttt caaagtttct    158700
     ctctgtggaa gtgaaaggtg tctcagactg ttgattatat ataatggact gacctttgtt    158760
     ttgttttttg tttttaatta ctgttggtta agtatacacc atgaaactct tggtgttctt    158820
     acaggcatcc ttgttggttt tagtactgct gcagattgga ttacacacac acacgcgcgc    158880
     gcgcgcgcac acacgcacac aagcatacac acatgcatgc acacacagag acacacattt    158940
     tggtactttc ccttctgtac agaaaggggt ggaacagtta taactgtgca catgccatga    159000
     tggtggcaga gaatgcgtct tttttcggcc tgcttataag aactaagtct ctctcttata    159060
     catactgatg ataggaagaa tctcccacag agcagcttct aatttcatac atcttaaaca    159120
     cttctctcct tctctatctt ctggggcaga atgtgttcca acagatacaa aattgtggca    159180
     cagcctctag cctcatctct ttaggtcata acagattcta acatgtgacc ttaactgtcc    159240
     ctccaacctc cacatgctaa agacctgctt cccagtgttg tgctattgag atgtggggag    159300
     cctttaagag atggagccta gtgggagtgt ggccttaaga gtgggagact cttaatcatg    159360
     aggcacaatg taccttttcc atcccaggtt gattaccttg ggcgtgtgtc gtggtgaagg    159420
     aagcggacaa gcagaaggag cagctgacat acagatcgat gggaacattt ctggagcgct    159480
     tgagtacata acttagccac agatataaga aaggcgagta gcagtggcac aggccactta    159540
     tccataactg agtgagtaca tttccagttg aatgtccact gtgtctcagc ccagccccat    159600
     caaccttctc caaagaccat cctacctctg tccccacagc ccaccatgac aggttactag    159660
     cacagctaca ctgtgcggct gtctatgtga tgtgtatgtg tgtgctttat gtgtaaaaag    159720
     agcacgtatt gccctaatgt ggcatcactc cctttgagaa gcaagcctca ggcaagtccc    159780
     cctatggcct caccaggcaa actcaacgtc attcttttgc ctcatggcag cctcaaagaa    159840
     caggatgatg gaagagccta tgaaagactg agaaacctat agacacacac tctcttggta    159900
     cttcaagagt gtgggcttct cacacatggt aactcatttt taaaataaat ttgtgttttt    159960
     aaagatgttt tagtgaagtg ttgatgttat tacaataatg aggtataatt aaatataccc    160020
     cccagtaagt catcacctta taatcctaac tgtttattct gagaaaagaa ctttagattc    160080
     atcttataaa tgtcttgaca agagataaag aacatttagg ttgttcccag tgtgcagaaa    160140
     tagtgaccat ttgatgtgac cttttgatat tgtacagaga attgataggc tttcatttct    160200
     ttctatgtcc taaagaaaag ttgaacttga tggttatgtt attttatgat actataatta    160260
     caaaacatgt tttgaaaatc aacaggctct catctgactg tgttgacctc cgcagcaaag    160320
     agtctagcgc atagggctgc attgcgactc atgagctagg gactgtttcc tgagatataa    160380
     aagatcattg aacatgtttt gcagacttaa aatagaaaga caggttttat tttttttccc    160440
     catgtaggag agagtggaac atttcaaaat tggaaactta aaaagaattc caagataaaa    160500
     gaaagtgaga cctgaaattt ctaagtagct ctgcctggct tactcagtcc tcaagtcatt    160560
     tctcataatg acttcggtaa gctgtgttcc cgcttttata agacctctta tttacagtct    160620
     tcatgaacac caggagctaa ttgagaaaca gcaattatga agttacgata cgcactgtgc    160680
     tcccaggctt catggttcat gtgttacctg tacaattcca tcagataacg cggctctcct    160740
     cacctgtccc cccttctgag cttgtaaacg tgccgttatc tagaatagac aagatgacac    160800
     ttgtcctgtc cagaacagac aagttgacac ttgttctgca gcttttgaac ccttcctgtg    160860
     attcttgagc acacactcct gctgacatcg tggccgccgt gagtgagggc atctgggaaa    160920
     gtgctaactc tcttagacat ctctcctaag tcctgcgtgg tgatctgctg cgtgcctcca    160980
     cctcattctc tcaaattcag ggaagtcttg gactttattt tacatgctat agccacagga    161040
     ttttattaat tttattataa taatacttgt attatttttt ataatcacag tctgtatcca    161100
     ttacctgaat gtcagctgaa aagacagctg tccaccttat tcatcctgtc ccagggtcca    161160
     gtacatggga tttagcaccc agtaggtgct tagttgtgag tttagtgagt agctggacag    161220
     tgatgtcatg agggctagtt ctctgctcag tttccttggt aaaaatgttt ttcccatgtg    161280
     gttttagaat tgcttcgatt gtgacctgag gctcccatga ctcattcagc caaaagcacc    161340
     aggagtttta attactgtaa aaggcaatgt cttcaaaaga gaaggtgtct gcctacagta    161400
     actaaacaga aaccacctac catacactgt cctgttggcc cataaactgc aaaagaacag    161460
     gaattttcca tttttagcta aagattacca ttcagcaagt ggcttcaatc accttggaag    161520
     atgctcaaac cagaagaaaa cagggaacag ggatgatcta caacccattg agcaaggtca    161580
     tgcctagatc ctagatgtga cccacctttg tgctagaacc tttatgagtg acaaatgatt    161640
     ggaatttcct tgcctgggcc ctcaaaaacc cttgctccta tacaaagggg aaacccacac    161700
     tgggaaagag agactgtatc agaatgaggc cgtggaaatc agccggcaag tcttgggcac    161760
     ttggctgtga ctttcccagt tcctccttag aggaaaatca actgttggtt ttaaagaata    161820
     gtcatagaat ttaactattt aaatggtggg atcatttcaa aagaaagagc ctcatacact    161880
     tcttatgcct ggctttgtaa agacatttgt gtctatatat acaacatgta caactggagc    161940
     tatagctcca gccctaggct tcttctccac agtggacagc atgtggtgtc attaacactc    162000
     actgccttta ggaagcctga gaaacgtccg ttttgatcag aacttgagaa ggaatgcttg    162060
     acttgggggg ggggctcatt tctccaggcc tcttcttccc tgatttatat catccttgtc    162120
     tgagtggcca tggtggccag gcttggacag gcagtgactg agtgggagct gcactgggca    162180
     ggagttttgg gaagtgaact ggtgaaggtc tgggtggaga gaggtgatga aaggttcagc    162240
     ccccaggtga ggtgttcctg gctgacagca ctctggtgat gaggtagacc tctacaactt    162300
     gggcactgtc tctgagccag ccaccttttc atagtaggtc tgatcccgca taatggggca    162360
     gcctcagacg ctgcaccact gatcatcacc ttcctggtta ctccaagcaa caggagagaa    162420
     ggaggatgac aagatcctcc tccgccaact ttctctaatg tctgtcacca gaatgacatc    162480
     atctggaagt gcctaaggaa gaatttggga gacaggacat gcagcgtttg cattgtctca    162540
     gtagtcagga gaccagtccg atgcagaaat gattaagatg caggtttcat aaggaatgag    162600
     gagcaaagga gttaacacag gtttcttcta tcaagttgtt catgggagag aaagggaaac    162660
     aggagaagca gagagtggag aatggtctat atgttcttca aagatcctca aatcaggggt    162720
     gtatggaatg agaagtggga gcaagaggag catggggaca tcagaagact ccaaacatcc    162780
     cccctggtat gacaattcag atggcatgtt gttagcccag agagaaacat gccagcaaag    162840
     ctgactgcga gagagatgcc atcggtcagc tatccaaatg gaattattga atagacagga    162900
     tgggaatcta gggataagaa aggaaatcag ggcaggtttc caagtcactg atgcctgaag    162960
     tcacagctct agtctgtggt gggggctgtg ggtgtcacat ttaatcagca aatacaaagg    163020
     ggggcagaaa accaagtgga agataaaccg gagagcacag actaaacacc gaggaagaaa    163080
     ctagcatttc ttatttctca gagacccagg ggaggctcac agcgtgagaa ttatagagac    163140
     gatgctacca agaggccaag gagatggaga agcctgtgtc ttcagcacac atgacctctc    163200
     agttggtagt ttttggcaga agagcagaca gtacgtggaa gaatcatgtt acctccaccc    163260
     atcagctttt tctgacaacc agaatgtatt tcctcttttt ttccttttct ttcttcatgc    163320
     tctgccccaa gcacactgaa atttgtttcc ctccttgtaa aatcacctgc tcacatcttc    163380
     acacccctgc tcaccatcca ggagactcag agctttcttg gctgcagtaa aagaactctg    163440
     ctgtcatctg aatatctgtt ctctgggaca gaacacttct aacattgtca gtgagctttg    163500
     caaaccacac cccatggaat cctcgctcta cccacaaggc caggaagtgc atgatagatg    163560
     gtcctattct caaagtaaaa aagaggaatt ggtaaaagct gggaatcgtt acaaagttgt    163620
     gtgtccactg acctatagtc ccttggacct catttataaa ggcacataga accaaatcct    163680
     gcctactggg taaatgttaa agggttacca agaaatacag aaaaaaacaa acaaacattc    163740
     tttttagaaa atggctgtat gaatcccagc ttagtagctt gagagatagc tcagcagtta    163800
     agagtactaa ttgttcttcc agaggtcctg agttcaattc ccagcaacca cccggtggct    163860
     gtaatgggat ttggtgccct cctctggtgt gtctgaagac agctatagtg tactctcata    163920
     cataaaatta aaaagcgaat cccagctgag aaaccagttt aagtaggaag cctgggacag    163980
     gttctggctg ctgctgatca ggctaaaggc aggaaatatg gatcagaagg tgcttcaggc    164040
     ctcaagctct tgagactctg tggaacttgg cttgggggtg tagtcacgtc atattgaagt    164100
     ttagattcta atttacagtg ggcactgtat gaaaagtccc tgcaagaata tacgactaag    164160
     gatgttccct aacttacagc cacttactta gagtgagaca ctgaactgga gacctgcaag    164220
     ctcagactct attcttgatc ctcccacgtc gggttggtta atattatcac tgcatggtcc    164280
     acaggggacc tgaggggctg tggaggctgt tggctgtctg cctaacacct accctccttc    164340
     ctccttagta gctgactgtg aacgttcaag ctgaaatgaa tgaccatact tctcaggctg    164400
     ctgtgtatag ttgttatcca ctggacaaag tctggccacc tatctgtcct ataagtgctg    164460
     tcctataaga gggagccctt ctccattgtc ccacctcctg ctgatactga acaggtaatg    164520
     gacagctctg gctgtagtgt tgtctgtaag gaagccacac taggtgaacc ggacagtaga    164580
     gtatgtgaag tctgttgatt ctgtggggtg gataccggtc agctgggatg ttcagatgtt    164640
     tgtcactgga aagacttaaa tctatgtata taaggtacca taattggtgt tacttttagc    164700
     tgaatgaatt attatttaat ctaaataata caaactcaag gtgaggtggg gcgagccaaa    164760
     cacaaggaaa gcagaaggag aacctgagag ggaagaagag ggctaagtca acaccacgaa    164820
     acccagggga aggaactgga agagggagca tagtgctggc tgtgagggga gactgcttcc    164880
     tctgtagccc agcactcttc taacacggaa aacaaccctg ttcaccagtc ctcatggatt    164940
     atacacacat acttattata cacacatact taacattttg gaaaatctgg ggttcagatt    165000
     attctgccat tctaagaatc tccctggcaa atggatggac ctgtagggca tcatcctgag    165060
     tgaggtagcc caatcacaaa agaactcaca tgatatgtac tcactgaaaa gtgggtatta    165120
     gcccagaaac ttagaatacc caagatataa gaaacaaatt gcaaaacacg tgaaactcaa    165180
     gaagaacgaa gaccaaagtg tggacacttt gctccttctt agaattggga acaaaacact    165240
     tatggaagga gttatggaga caaagtttgg agctgagacg aaaggatgga ccatctagag    165300
     actgccatat ctggggctcc atcctataat cggcctccaa acgctgatgc cattgcatac    165360
     actagcaaga ttttgctgaa aggacccaga tatagctgtc tcttgtgagg ctatgccagg    165420
     gcctagcaag cacagaagtg gatgctcata gtcagctatt ggatggatca cagggctccc    165480
     aatggaggag ctagagaaag tacccaagga gcttaaaggg gtctgcaacc ctataggtgg    165540
     aacaacaata tgaactaaac agtacccccc agagctcatg tctctagctg catatgtatc    165600
     agaagatggc ctagtcggcc atcattggaa agagaggtcc attggtcttg caaacttttt    165660
     tatgcctcag tacaggggaa tgacagggcc aagaagtggg agtgggtggg taggggagtg    165720
     ggggggaggg tatgggggac ttttggggta gcattggaaa tgtaaatgaa gaaaatacct    165780
     aataaaattt tttttaaaaa aattaaaaaa aaaaagtctc tttgagcgga ggctaatctg    165840
     agccacaaag cttcacaaat tgtttcatgt tagtgtctga caaggatcat aggtggtagc    165900
     acaaaaaccc tgtgtggaga gcctttcctt attttctgta ttaatataga attgctatat    165960
     taaaagttca ctcctctgat attgctagct tctagaacca tactgaacca tagagtattc    166020
     tccttttaac tgaattttct gcaccataca agatcaaaca gcagctttgg ttttgatgat    166080
     taccattgaa aagctttgta aaatgtttgt gttgtcgaac tttgtagata ccagacacac    166140
     tgtacctgtg cccgtgtctt gtttcatttt cttccctttg agatagaatc ttactatgca    166200
     gtcacgatgg ccttggagtc acaaggtcct ctgccatatc ctctgtgtgg tggttggaac    166260
     atgcttggcc catgggaaat ggcactatta ggaggtgtgg ccttgttgga gggagtgtgt    166320
     cactgtgtag gcaggctctg aggactctta ttgctcaagt tccacccagt acagaagaga    166380
     gcctcttctg gctgccagca gaagacagtc ttcagctgcc tgcttccaga tcaagatcta    166440
     taactctcag ctccttctcc agcaccatgt ctgcctgaat actgccatgc ttcccaccat    166500
     gatgatagtg gactgaacct ctgaacctgt aagccagccc caattaaacg tttttctttt    166560
     ataagagttg ccttggtcat agcgtctatt cacagcaatg aaaccccaac taagacactc    166620
     tgaactgcat cttttgatcc ttaatttata gtagtttaag aatatttgtg tatatctaca    166680
     aaacaaaaag taaaagttga tccttggatt actttcatca gacccctgga tgtaactttt    166740
     tgcattgcag gtgagacaca aagccctggg gattaagaga aatacttaca tgcatgcaat    166800
     accaacagag agtcacaata aggcaaattt tgcccaagta taaaatgcca actacttacc    166860
     atcttttaca atgcaagatc tcaaatagtg gagtttaaaa taaaatacca aacatagaaa    166920
     tcagatttta aacatagtca ctatgacctt tcctctcctg acctacacaa acaagagtca    166980
     aaaactggaa tatgactcag cagtaatccc ttgcccagca ggtgtgaggt cttagtacaa    167040
     gggacaaaac taaagattta catttactct attttatata ctttagttaa ttgttggaca    167100
     gtgggtatgg gggaaagagg gagtgggaga aaacccctgt cctgccagag ttctgatgct    167160
     ctgggcaggt ggacacagga ggactgccat atgctttcca catggccctg ggtgggtgtc    167220
     tggctgtggg aagccactgg accccagctt ggtgaggggt ggacaagagc agtcctaggt    167280
     ctctgggcct catagagacc agagataaca ggttatcagt cttgggcatc ccacactgga    167340
     ccccttggaa gagctgagaa caaatcttgg cccccggggg ctgcgggctg aagggtggaa    167400
     agggcaggaa gagagggggc actgggtggt tcccacatgg gcaagagtcc ttagtccagt    167460
     ccatggctgg agcacaagaa ggccttctgg tgggaggtta gacgtggttc tttagggaaa    167520
     agcctatccc atcgttcaag catggcggac cttgatgagc agagacaatc tatggcttta    167580
     gagctttatt gtagaaaggt agggagaaag gagagaaggt agaaagagga agaaagaggc    167640
     cagccatggc cacatggaga gagggggaaa gggagagaga gagaaggagg tttagagagg    167700
     agaataagaa aggtgagagc taaagagagt gaggaagggc ctagcagctc cttttatagt    167760
     gggctggact atcttgctgt tgccaggtaa ctatggggag caaagaaggg gtacactgga    167820
     aaggctggaa ggaagaaagg ggaggaagaa atgatgcaat tttaatttca aaagatatta    167880
     taaataaaaa taatttcatg agtattataa aatttaataa tattaaacac aggtctgact    167940
     ttgactctcc aatcttcttt atcttatcta gaaggtattt ttggacttta aaatgttatg    168000
     ttacaatgtt gaattctata tttatgactt attaataaat attaactgtg gggctgtgat    168060
     aggcagtcta ttttggttga atgaggcttg ctccagcaac ctagtagaaa accctacaag    168120
     gggtggaaca gcaagccaca ttcccagaga caggtgtatg acaccacaga gcacacagac    168180
     aatgtcccaa gctcctggca ttctggctag actccacccc cacagctacc tgactatggc    168240
     caggtatgct cctccccata gttacctggc cctgagtaga tggctaggtt tccagtacca    168300
     gacatggtta ctctcttgtt gattgggctt taagtccaat tagagttatt ggttaccacc    168360
     aaggtgtgta tgccactgtt gtatccatag ggttatcatg ccttgctggt gattgttgta    168420
     gtttgtagtt gagtaggact gttgatatgt tgatagcttc cctcccttgg aaactcacat    168480
     ggagcttgct ggtaccatga aagcttgtct tcggggagaa ggatttcagg tcagatccag    168540
     ctcaggtcct ctgagtcctg tgtgtgaagt ccatggtgtc ttcagcaata gaaacgtagt    168600
     gtgagcatgg agtgtaagca acaaagtgtg agcactgagt gtgaacaatg gactgtgaac    168660
     aatggagtgt gagcaacata gtatgagcat ggagtgtgag caacggactg tgaacaatgg    168720
     agtgtgaaca atggagtgtg agcatggagt gtgagcaatg gagtgtgaac atggagtgtg    168780
     agcatggagt atgagcaact gagtttgggc aaggagccta taaaggccat tctaatttta    168840
     accaccacaa ctagcatgcc ccttggtatg ctaatcggcc cacagacagg cattggtccc    168900
     ttctagcagt gatgaagaaa tagctccatt agtagagggg aacgggtccc agaatttgga    168960
     agagtggaat ttcctttgga cctgacaaaa ccatcgagga aggtgagcct gttctctgtc    169020
     acctcgctct tccttttttt ttccaggcca ggacacctct gtctcccttc cttcttcaaa    169080
     gtcagagaca agagtggatg gcgttcatgt ccgtatgtga ctctactggc aaatccccca    169140
     gagacctccc ctctgtgtgc attcttgttg ctggccttca gggggcctct cagaaataac    169200
     cagtgcaata ccccatagac atccccacag gccaatccag acacacctcc ccaaggcttt    169260
     cctctcatat gactctggct gtgcacagtg tcctttatca tcaatgactg tcttgtggtt    169320
     attctaccac tctcagccca ggagtacctc aaaaaggttt gtcctcttgg ctccttctgg    169380
     ccctattctg actgttctca tggccctatg tcctcaatta ttctggtttc ttcttcacac    169440
     aggtgccaaa gcctgtggaa gtccagtgag tttcctctca aaactcaagc acaggacaga    169500
     gtgtgtaacc agtaggtaga ttgctcgctt agcatacaca aagccctggg tttgatccct    169560
     ggtactgcat aaaccagaca ctggtgtagc acacactcat aaaactagca catgtgaggt    169620
     ggacacagga agagcagaaa tccaaggctg tcctcagcta ctcctgacaa gggaatgctc    169680
     tgtacatgtt cagtcttata tttttaacgt ttttatttgg agttagttgg actatagaca    169740
     tagaatctga ggagcctgaa gtatctgaac tacatatagg tccttcttcc caaggtccac    169800
     tctgttacta aaataccgag agacttacgc aaatgcacct ttgtatgtag actgctggaa    169860
     tcagagcaaa gtacaatcac ctcttcagtg acctcacagc aggaggagcc tcacacaggc    169920
     acatagtcag cactttctgc aacagttgct tggcgctctc cttattgtcc gcctgctctg    169980
     aactcttcat ggactaatga atgaattagc taagtcaatg aataccacca gcaaagttct    170040
     tttcttgaaa acaaaacaaa acaaaacaga agccacctta aaatggctta gaaactcagc    170100
     cacttttaat tgtaagcaac tagaagtgca gcttacatga actttaaaat ataagaaatg    170160
     tctgttacat ggctttaaga aaagattaat ccaagtttgc accaaaagtc caatttctct    170220
     tttcttcttt tacttggtgt cacgtaagaa tgaaaagggg acatctcttg gaaagatttt    170280
     ctcagcagct aggtcagcca gcaactggta cccgctgctg cacagggctg tcaggagagt    170340
     atactaactg gcccacatcc tggccttctc tagaacccag gattgaggtc agctctacca    170400
     aaaaggtgtt cttgaaaaga tgatcctagc aagggtgtga actcaaagga tagatagcat    170460
     caggatgtgg tgatgtgtta ggggcgttct gactcgagat ggaatggaac tcgtagagag    170520
     tgctccactg gccatcttgg cttatgggct ccttgcttat ttcttctttt taggcctctg    170580
     cttgtcttcc taaagaggaa atgccaaggc tctgtgatgg gaagagcttt ccatagctgc    170640
     cagttcatat gctgtaacta cagatccaag ggttttaatt ttcattgatt ccagatccca    170700
     catgacacag aacaactcct aagtcgccct ggtagggtct gtgccacact ttgggcaacc    170760
     aattgttcca gctttctgtg tatgaatgct gtttgcaatt aggctttctt tcttccactg    170820
     tgtgtatctc agttgtctct gatacctgtt ctgaatcgct ggggttgttt ttaaccacaa    170880
     attataatca ttttaatttc ctcaaatagt ctcctctttt atagtgtgtc cccttattca    170940
     tgtcattttg actgagctca tgaaaacagc tgttgtttat ttaagtttct agaggtgaac    171000
     cttgatgtgg tttataaaaa gataaagagg tataagatat gttctaatgg gagtgtgggg    171060
     gtgtggtggg tgtgggggag gggatgcctc agggggccca tgccatggcc atgagcatgt    171120
     ggagagaggg ggaagggagt cgggagagag ggggagcaag agggagcctc aagagagcaa    171180
     gaggcaagag agggaggaga aggcaaacag ccccttttat agtggaccag gcctacctgg    171240
     ctgttgccag gtgactgtag ggaggagcat acctgactgt tgccaggtaa ctatagggtg    171300
     gagtttagac agaatgataa cattcccctg ttttggttta attgaaaaag aaaaaaatta    171360
     aagagaggtg atggcaaagc aggaataggg ttgttgtgat atctggctgc ttcatgctgg    171420
     ctttgggctg acatgtccct agggaaccta gaagaatggg tatgggcgat gtttgtccag    171480
     tcttaggaga gttggctgtt tccttgctgt ccagggtctg tggaaccgtc tgaggattgg    171540
     tcagaaggta cagatccagt agaagtagaa gtctgtgtct gaaaggagat ttggaggttg    171600
     tttctctggg gctgtactgg atatagtaag cgcctagact tgacaagatg ttaaaatata    171660
     ttattatagg tagagaataa aattaagtat gtttaggaga aagaaaattt ttttttcgta    171720
     agatgtacat ttgaaaccca gaggaatccc accctttgga ataggtagtt agtgggaact    171780
     ttgggcagat gtgcttgtct ggatggagtc tgttgggtcc atgagaggta gctctgggta    171840
     ggtttcctgt agcctgtaag tttataaaag agataacaac gtgagtttac cacatgaaca    171900
     gtctttaaga tgagcctttt gtggagcaga aggaacaaga atttgtgatt aaaaagttga    171960
     aaaagttaga tcgtatagag gaatgttcta ttagagttaa tgttaggaca gtggcatagc    172020
     aagaagagga aatatgaagc atttgattaa tggaaacaga gtctcgataa ggagataaca    172080
     gattacatct gtgaaagcct ttttctagct gtcaatgtag tcagaagtct gagaaagaat    172140
     aaacaaaaac ctaccagtta tttaaaaaaa tgccagagtc cactagccaa cagtccccgg    172200
     ggtctctatg gcaacctggg cggtctgtct gtcaagcaca gaagatgcag ggctttttct    172260
     gtggaatgaa tacgtgtgac atgagaaatg gtttaccttt atttagccaa gtcatttgac    172320
     tcaaggtatc cgattttgtc cactgtttct cggtgattat catatcacaa tcaaggcagt    172380
     atcgtgtatc tgtgtccact cttctgaaac tatctaccat cctgagccaa ctgttaaagg    172440
     ctttgaggat tctccctgtt gtaaacttaa taattagcaa acttctgaca ggattgaggg    172500
     ctatactgat tggttataac tgaataggat ttaatgacag tagtaaaaat catattaaaa    172560
     caggatagaa atgaaaatct taagctggct gtcaggcatg ggaattgcta aactgtgaag    172620
     ctaggggctg gctggcgcac tttggtctat agagctaaag tcaggtggac tattgatcga    172680
     tctttaggaa ccacaataat gacttgtgcg ctcccactgt tgaaggtgat ggctgtagac    172740
     tgcactggca gcaggaatcg tgtgtttaat ttgatgagca cagggccaga cttcctgctt    172800
     gctgttggaa gtcatgaggc aggacttcct atgtggccca gtgctctcag cagtcacttg    172860
     tggcagctgt cacttgtggc gtgtggcact gctagccttt actttacaaa cccccagcag    172920
     agagggagag ggaaagagaa ggagaaaggg agaaagggag ggaacccctt gagtgtgcag    172980
     gaaggtgggg agatagacac atgatcaggg attggtggag tgtgagcggg ctgaggaaga    173040
     cagtgagaca gactcagagc tgagagtaag agtgggggag ggcagcagag tccctggcag    173100
     gagacagagc cagacctgcc tttcaggcaa actggctgga ctagtagttg cagcaggctg    173160
     caaatgagag agggggaggg gaaagtttgc cacatggatc attagcaaga aagtgccagt    173220
     ttagtgttga tgtagagata ttgttttaga ccaagacatc ccattaagta gggaccaggc    173280
     agagaaatac tgacccctgg gcgagagaat agggttatta gctgccccta ccagtgtcct    173340
     gaggacatta acaacctaag agagattcta gcacaggcca gaccaccagg tcgacttgtg    173400
     atggctgggg gctaacgctc agagcctgtg ctcttgagcc agttcatcca aacccaggaa    173460
     tttctcagct tcgagaaact gtctacaagg agagggaaat ctcacccaag ggaaaaagtc    173520
     ctaaaacgag ggtcagggaa aaactgaatg tcttccatcc tcaaggacaa cacaggggta    173580
     gctccgagct caggaactct cccctgggac catgcagatg ggaagggatg ggggcttacc    173640
     agttctgggc tagcaagcgt ggatctcttg tggtgactga ggtgggatgt ctcagtgggc    173700
     ccatactgag gcatcccttc cccatgaggg accagccaca caatagtata gtatagaata    173760
     gagtttattc agggcatggg aaggggagtt aagagggtag tagaggcaga gaaaggcaga    173820
     gagagggaga gagtaaagaa gtagaagctg gccatggcca tgggcatgtg gagagagggg    173880
     gaagggaaga gcccaagatg gcaagagaga agcaagcagt aagcaagagt aagagaggga    173940
     ggaggggggc aagcagcccc ttctatagta ggtcaggcct aactggctgt tgccaggtaa    174000
     ctgtggggat ggagtttaga tacaatgcta actaacctgc cattaaacta tatatggatc    174060
     tccttattcc caagtttttg gtggcaaaac tcaatctatc tgcctaatgg cttcattcta    174120
     ctgatatcag gctcccttgg gaactcacag tagagctggg ctgaagggac ccaggacaca    174180
     gccccagagc aagagccata tgagcaggga ggaaaaatac aaattatact caacactcag    174240
     aggcagagct aaatcctgct tttctttact ttgttctggg tgcacaccct atccccagag    174300
     ccggtgatat agtaaaggat ccagacccag acacggcccg gtggctgtca atcacaccag    174360
     ctacactcaa aatccacttc ctcacagaat gctagggggg ggcgatgatt gagctctgta    174420
     ctcagtgttg tcctttcctc aggctgagat gtactcttat ggatggtcct gcacataagc    174480
     gtaggactaa cctcagtgcc tgctgaagca cgctccctcc cttctgcaaa ctgtgcagac    174540
     ctggccttcc ctgactcctc tgctattcta agcacttcct ttcctttcag ttttagtgaa    174600
     tctttgatgg cggattagat actagggaaa ccctgctcta ctagggcatc caagcaaccc    174660
     tgctgtgtct ttcaaatatt tcctgttgct tttctgggga ttcctccctg gtgaggtcct    174720
     tggtcagtct atccaggctt ctttcggtag aacaaaggcc agatccttag ttgctcctgg    174780
     cgccttctta tctaaaaata gccttgcaaa cctgatttta tccattttct ataaattccc    174840
     agggagcccc cgtagtgctc cttaaggtct aagtaatagt gacagtttgc ttttatggct    174900
     gagctgtggt cataacgtat tctctttgcc agcacaattg gaacaataag acatttacaa    174960
     ccagtgcgaa agtctagccc ctgtcataag ccagccactt agagatcata atgtcacctc    175020
     catatcctat agctaaagtc ctcaggaaac acccagctgt gccaacttag ggggtctaac    175080
     tcccactaac tgggggactt ggtcaaatga tatatatgta tacagagaat ggattttaca    175140
     ttcagaggcc tccttactct gcatatcctt acaatagtgc ctgaaacaga taattctaaa    175200
     aaatacctca taatcataat tgctttatgt cttgtatcca aaagaggcaa atcaaatcaa    175260
     tcaatcttaa tcaaatgcaa gcctatttca gaacgcatgt cgcaggaccc tgttaggtaa    175320
     gctgtgggac tgacgacttc ttcatggaaa ctctggcttg aatatagaat tatctgtaag    175380
     gagggaggaa ggaggacaga aaagatcaag ctcctgacag aataatttcc ctaaggacgc    175440
     accaagtcag atgattggtt tcttcccctg cactgccccc ttgtggtaaa atgtcgttag    175500
     tgttttggta gaaagaggaa gtaaaggaga cagcgatgaa gggaagtcgg gctccaaaga    175560
     ggagctgcca gccttcaagg agcttgtggg gaaccctgcc ctgccagagc ttcctgttct    175620
     ttgctttgtg gccctgtgag aggcggcagc tgctgctgcc ccaccctgac cctttctctc    175680
     ctcatcagat ctgagcagcg taaccaaaga tacatggcac agacctcagg agcccgcagg    175740
     aaaggagcgc cttcctggaa cggtttacct tgcccagtcg tcctggacgc tcccaaagga    175800
     ggttctgtcg ttgttagcga tgtacatcag tctccagtga ggcacataac gcttcagtga    175860
     acatctcgtc caaagggaca tttgaaagaa caaaagaaga ccagaaatat ttctgaagga    175920
     gtagaagctg ggaggggact ttgggacact tctttcaagt ttcctcctct gctaagagaa    175980
     atctacaaac acaggggatt gtgttattcg cgtcactgag agcaagagga gaacgtctga    176040
     tttgggcata gtattccaag cacagtttat cgaagtaact ggactcataa atacaaagtt    176100
     ggaaagcatc tcatgtgtac tgggttctcc ctgggagcaa gtgcctgtca ctgtcagggg    176160
     agacctctcc tggagggcac aaatactgca acgtgtcagt gatccagttt caggagtgaa    176220
     aaataatgtt ttgtgcaaat gcattaatat tcttcaaaat ctagaaagac atcagaacta    176280
     ggaaggtaac tattgagtgc aaactagctt ttggatgccg tattacttct taataaaatt    176340
     ttactaaaac tacaaccctg aaaataaatc agatactaca aatatatcct tgtttgaagg    176400
     cggtgataga tacctggtac ggaccagatt gtgtcagtga gcaggatcga cccttcccca    176460
     gacacatttt cagtcaacac tttcctgttc tgagatgagg tccaaggagc gctgggtgct    176520
     cagatacact ggggctttgc tctgtaagca gcctgtggtt tctggggtcc ccagcagaac    176580
     cccagggctc tctaccccac attttgctct ggaaacccaa gagtcctgtt gtgatttatg    176640
     aagtgacaga gttaggaaga aaggcagctc ttggacccgt agcccaacca aacacacaag    176700
     ctgtggtcgt cgccccagac aactgctctt cagcaggctt gagatttctc cacagagagc    176760
     agagtccttt catgtgggca aagaacgact ttatcagaca gaatgcctcg atgcttatga    176820
     aatgcttcct gagagggagg aagtcaggct ataattgggg cagaatttac aacagcgaaa    176880
     tcacatttgg gcaagttctc tcttattgca aggggcctcc gagccactag agatgcttca    176940
     tagattgcca ctgtcacctg ctggctggcc tccaactgcc atgaggccca gggaggggaa    177000
     ggcaggtagg cccctgaatc aaggcttggg tggtacccag aacactctgg atcacatgac    177060
     cgacttggtt cttagaggac aaggtttgga aactttgatg tataggtcta aagcctcagt    177120
     aggagggaag ttgggtggtg tctgtctcac ctggtgcagt ggcagtgagg ctgtaacaac    177180
     tgcccagtca ctagcctgaa gcagatgttg tatttagtgc taaggtcacc tgtagtttat    177240
     atgtagctct tcttgttcac atgaaacata gaaatctact tgacagcccc aaacgtcact    177300
     gccactattg tgtttcctaa ggaatacagc tggaagctca tctgttcttg agccaagtct    177360
     ttcccagaac acatgggtgg gtctgactgc agagaaatgg agaagatggc agaaatatga    177420
     agatcagaaa gactgtccaa aggacagaat aacagacagt aaagggccga gatggatttc    177480
     atgaacaaaa gcaaaactca aagtgcacat catcttgcgg ttgggaagtc catctccttc    177540
     tgctccttgt gggaaatgaa gccaatgcca tatcaaaaca aacaaaaaaa tcttgcagct    177600
     taacaatccc aaaagcttac atcattttaa aatctgtgca ctcaacatag taatgtctct    177660
     tttttatctc aagaaggtgt tcctgcataa ctgcatacct tctaatgaat agactcacag    177720
     aaataaaaaa taaagcaatt tttgttcttc cccacaggtt catgtgaatg actgatgtct    177780
     attgcataga ggcttacatg actcttgggg tccccacccc cacactctac ctccctgcca    177840
     cccccacccc cacactcaac ctctctgcca ccccaggctg ccttaccacc ccaggctctt    177900
     acactgtggt gttcagcact tctgtcaggg tgagttccac aactgggaac ccttggcatc    177960
     agaagctact gggaacctta cattaaaatg gagagggaaa aaatgcgagt gtatgcgggg    178020
     tggacatgaa aatcaaaggc tgatcggagt gagtgttaca gattgtattg ctatgagatc    178080
     tcacaggggg ttcctttcag ctccatggcc ttgctttctc tgttgaatga attcatatga    178140
     gacatgaagt ggggtacaga acagatgaca agtagagatt atcacaaaga gacaagggac    178200
     aagagtggcc agtggccaga gagaccactg tgaaggaaaa aatgcataat gtggtagtcg    178260
     acagtgaaca ggtgtgcgta tgaaggcttt atactactct caagcattta tgaaacatat    178320
     ttcactgtcc gggtgattga caggcccatt tgggttcact cttcaggggg agggacaatg    178380
     gtttgtctct attctttact agaaagcccc aattcctccc aagccagaga taagactgag    178440
     atcccattct gttggccaaa aatcatgtag tggggtagac ccataagaat gaaagaaaag    178500
     catctataaa aatagccata tttacccaga ggaaatgagc tgctcagaac gggactcact    178560
     gatgcacagc cacctggacc ttccgacctt ccgtacagct ttaaatcttg aggggcaatt    178620
     gggaatcttt cctccttctt aaaattagta ttaccagaga cacagggccc ataagtgatt    178680
     gtaaaggaca ggcctcatcc tcaatgactt tcaagcccca gagtctctat caccatacct    178740
     aaaactctgt tacattaagg aggcttttca aatgttttct ttaaggcttt ttgttttttt    178800
     ctgtatatcg tggattagcc aagttttttt aaaaaaacat gatctagtga gattttgatt    178860
     aaaaaaaaat tcagttttcc taacattaca taaagaacta aggagttttc attgctctgg    178920
     gatgtactaa caggtgcatc cagccctttg acattgcaat agaacactgc ccgtctcaaa    178980
     gctcacactt gagaacctca tcgtgaaatt atgaaaaaat ataaacatgc cttatgatgt    179040
     ctcaactagg ctgacaattt tgtgttggac cacattctta gcactcctcg tggtctacag    179100
     gatggacatg cctagtgcat gatgggtagt aggtttctga aagacattag agagaggaaa    179160
     tttgaaggac tggtcaacct gttgatgttg gtagatgttg ggggtcagtg ggaagtgttc    179220
     ttgtattcca gaacaaggaa ccgaacaggg acattgagtg gtagcaagca aaacagagga    179280
     ctttattgag aaaatatata ctccaaggga agaagcagat cagaaccgca caaggtctag    179340
     aaactcaact gccttattgt tcaaaggatg gggcttctat gccattctga gctttggagc    179400
     tcattcaaat agccttggat cctcagacat tctcagcctg ttacgcggtg ttctaggcac    179460
     aacttcaagc acccatgcct tgtgtcatct taactcccac tcaactgtgt tttagtaggt    179520
     gagccacagg tcacctacag acacgcagaa ttgcctctgc ccctgggcca gtggttagcc    179580
     caagctggac tttctttcca gctttctcct ttgtcgatag gcttcccttg cttgctaact    179640
     tcacagcttt tatgtaaagc cattctggac tcactttcca cccgactctc ctgcctcctg    179700
     aagtctgttc ttcaggaaag tgaagagcag ctcttcccct taccatactg ggcagagaaa    179760
     cagacatatg tgtggtctct tctgagactg cacctctaga ctcccaacaa gttcatttca    179820
     agttcttgtt agagttggga ttcaaatcta tgacctggac tcatgtctta tataaataaa    179880
     cacctatgta gccatgggga ggttcaacaa acactgggtg acctctgtgt gccaggtcac    179940
     acaacaggca tcagacatac aaaggtgctt tacacagtga tcaggaaact atgctaaggt    180000
     atgagctaga acttcaaaag acaaaacttc tgacagtcag taaacatcta aatatgtgca    180060
     acccactggc aattaatgct aatatgagat ttttttccgt caacaaagga aaaacaatgt    180120
     ctgtattcag tgtgagagac aataccactt ttccagcccc ctgatgaaat aacacagtga    180180
     cagaagagtt tggcaaaatg tttcacaaag ctgggcatgg caggacatgc tgccaatccc    180240
     agcacatggg aggtggaggc aggaggatta ggaattaaag tccagcttct gctacacagc    180300
     aagttcaagg caagcctgtt ctacacgaag catccacagg taaaggtgct tttcgctaag    180360
     tctagtgacc caagttccca tcccagaacc cacccaagag taggccggaa gaactgattt    180420
     atgcaggttg tctcctgacc tccatctgtg tgctacggca caggcctgtc tcccaaccaa    180480
     aataaataaa tacagttttt tggaaacgtg tccagagcaa tacaacatga cttacggtag    180540
     aaaactggct tggcccagac tgtggcttcg ctgatgccta cctatggcta ggctacctaa    180600
     acattgtatg tctcctgcac cccctctcac cagctctgag ttttacaact cagtttggct    180660
     atggatctct ctctgtgtgt ctctccctgt ctctgtctct ttttttctct gtccctctcc    180720
     cttctcttcc ttcccccttc ccctttctct gttttccctt agcatctcta gcagtgtggc    180780
     attttctgat tattctattt taggacctca cccatcacaa taaccatgtt aattttgatc    180840
     ttcaaccagc attttccacg gatctgctcg gcggaataca tgtctttaga cctaaagagt    180900
     ctcattctat tctgaggttg cttttgaagc ggagcgaagg ctgtgtactg aactgttgac    180960
     attttccaga agtgattcaa gggctgttac catatttatc ttcaaaacaa cttttgtagg    181020
     tttctcataa tgctctggtg tttctccgca ggctttgcgt tctggttttt gttgtaacat    181080
     cctctgcaag atatttttga caacaaagtt tgtctgattc agtcttcttc tcatttctga    181140
     gacaaaccag tgattcacct ttagtatggt gcctcttgca caagcttggc tgtggcagct    181200
     ctgtcactgg ggtctgagtt aggacagaaa gatgaaagag ttatctgagg gacatcggct    181260
     ttccaatgcc ctcctcactg tttctgcttt ctaggtgaag cccctggctt gtctaatccc    181320
     tgctccagtt aaatattcag agaaagagaa gcacaggcca cttaaagtca tattcttcct    181380
     cacatttcat accaagaagg gcagagtatc agccatattg tatgccaaaa catttcattt    181440
     gagcctaact actcaggctc attcaaatga gagttagcaa agggctcttc agaaatgtca    181500
     gagtagctgg gcatggtgac acacaccttt aacccctcaa gaggcaaagg caggcagatc    181560
     tctgagttca agacctgcct gttatacagc atgagttcta ggacagccag gctacacaat    181620
     caatcaatca atcaatcaat caatcaatca atcaatcaat caatgagata agtaagtaag    181680
     tcagagtaat agaaagcaat ggtcaattgt tgtgggtcag tttccatgta cagaacctgg    181740
     agatattgtg agggaagacc ctgaccagtg gaagttcttt tgccaaagta gcatggtttt    181800
     gagtggcctg ttctgacccc ttcacagcac acaagcaaag tgtctgcctg tctaacaagt    181860
     gttccttgtc tctattaaag gtacaccact atggtgtatg taaagagcag tctctggggg    181920
     aatctggttt gcaactcatc agcaaagggg gatgctgtag ccagcatttc caacatgaac    181980
     cttcaaagtc ccgtgccaag tgtctcatgc tgtaagagac aacaggagct gatttcattc    182040
     acacacagat ttcattctgc ctgtcaggat tgcttattac ttgtggcatc aggtctgttt    182100
     gatccatgcc atctctgacc aatgagtggc tccttctagg catggggaac acatggttct    182160
     gtcttccctg gttggtgtac ctcaaagcgt ctggtacaaa gctgcagttc cttcttcaaa    182220
     ccatgtcaat caatacacag gtgatccggg caggtgactt tagacttctg cctacatgtg    182280
     gcatatgctt gcctatgcac acagtcatgg ggttacggga tcattaatag tctccacggc    182340
     ataactttaa gcatgttctg tgaaatgttt gatccaattt ttagatatgt tgctagtcct    182400
     agccctggaa ataagcccca gatgtattgg taacccacag gtccaagcgt ctggctagga    182460
     aagagttggt gtttttcttc acatacacat gcacacaaac atagcgtggg tttctcagag    182520
     cttgtgtttg ctcttctgca gtcagcattg catttgcttt tgtgccaacg gtctgctcac    182580
     gtccctacaa atcactgagt cttttctctt tcagctgtag cttctgtatg gccagagaag    182640
     cttgtgagct tctgacgggc tgtaccatct atggccagat tctactgcat agccccctaa    182700
     tgagaagaca ttcccaccta ccgaatcatc taggcaatga ctgtgcctct tggagggtat    182760
     ggggaaatat ctagaggcat cttattgaca cagtttagga cgaggcggtg ccagtggcat    182820
     ctaagaatca gaagacaggg acatcatcat tcatccggtc taatatgcca atggtgttaa    182880
     aggagagacc cctcttctag caatgtgcag cagtcggtgg tcctgaaatt taaatttcaa    182940
     ggcctcctct aagcacatgc tctcagcaat gtccagtgca tggggattct tcggcgtggg    183000
     ttggtgtttt ggctgacgat gttttggttt tgtcttctta gacttctaga ctttttgtgt    183060
     cagaagaaag tttctttttc cttcttgtag tgaaaacttt ccaagacaaa ctatgttttg    183120
     catttttaat tctttcctac tggttgacat tataaagcac ccaagagaac ggattgttac    183180
     ccagttttta ctcacagccc cctaccctga tgtcctgtaa actaccagtc tcaaaaatag    183240
     aatggcaggc taacggaaat gagaggaatg gggtcctttg ccccaaatct ccaccaccca    183300
     ctgttgcatt aaacttgtag aactcccccc accatgtcac tcccccccaa gcctcccttg    183360
     gctaacatcc ttagcagttg ccggtatcac tggggaaaac ggcttccctg agctgacgtg    183420
     tccctttgca gccttctccg ctctgaactc agcttgacat tgttcacagg gaaagccttg    183480
     gtgacctccc caagcttcca agatgaactt caaacccata ccaccattcc attctgctaa    183540
     ttttttgttt ttaaacaatt tacacagtaa tttatacttt tgggcattta agaggtactt    183600
     gtccttgaaa aatgtaagag aaagatatag atattgttct acatttgcct gtgggtctgt    183660
     ttccagtggt ccttgcctct gacttcttcc tggatatctg agtatcatct acattgattt    183720
     tctttagctt gaagcactta cttccattgt gcggggactc tattagccca tctaagatag    183780
     gcaatgcttc cacattttct tcattctcat gggacatttt aactgtagag tctggggttg    183840
     agacttttga agtatgttaa aaatgtgatt ttttttttat catctatttt gcttttcttt    183900
     tttttgtttt ttgtttgttt ttgttttttg agacagggtt tctctatgta gccctggctg    183960
     tcctggaact cactttgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatccgc ccgtctctgc    184020
     ctcccaagtg ctgctttgct ttctaatgag aagtccagcc tcttcctccc cactatcctc    184080
     ccctgtcaag ctcttctccc atctaaggac ttgtgtgagt gtttactttg gttttagaag    184140
     tttgattggg atgtttggct ctggttttct ctgagttcat tccgaatgag agtctgtggg    184200
     ttacttaggt ctgtctgtaa atgggatttc aatcagcttg aaaaaatgtg gccaccatgc    184260
     ctatcaccct tgttctgctc tatcatctcc ctccctctgg cttcagcccc cagaagccca    184320
     gcttcacaca ccagaccagc tgtcgtctgt acaagcccgg gtcactcatg cttctatgct    184380
     ggttcaagtg gaaacgttca atcccatcta aaaagtcatt ggctttttat tctgttgtct    184440
     tcaccctgct aagtccatcc aatgagctcc tcctctctga tgttacagct ttgggtgtct    184500
     atagtccata gctttgcata ttctctgctg ggacagtatt tgttcattaa gactattccc    184560
     ctgtgtcctt aaaacattcc tatcaagctg ctttgaaact gtaacctata tgtgctgttg    184620
     tttggactta agctggcctc tatttcttct gggtgttttt cttctgatga taagtagtat    184680
     gtctcccctc tccctccctc cccactctct ttctctctct tcctggtgga gggggtgtaa    184740
     agggtacatt ctacagcaat tcgtagaagt tttgcactct atcatcttcc cctagggaat    184800
     agtgatcttt ttaattgaat gtttaagttt tgactcattg tttgaacttg tagagacatg    184860
     attttctatc ttactagaca ggtttgcttt tgtctgtctc tgtaacttga gtggaatttt    184920
     gagtttgatt tttagtcttt ctaccaaagt ctagcccctt cagggtttca atgaaaatcc    184980
     agtctattca ccatgtcctt tctgcctggg agactcatat gccagctctc tccacagaag    185040
     caaacaccag ctgagatctc tgtctgtcca tctactcctt gtccacaggc tccttgagtc    185100
     agggactgtc tcaagattga ggcagggcat gtgcagttct ggaagcttct tcccacacgt    185160
     cctcaacctc cagctactct gccccactaa gctatgcact ctggtgcttt ctaactgtag    185220
     agtgcagctt tctcctaaca ccttcatgat aaagtcacga atacatatat tctcaataca    185280
     gatgcctttt agaagagaat ctttttattt ttgcccactt ttaaaagacc ctgttgccat    185340
     gggtgcatgt gtataggtgt gtccatgtgt gcaggtacac atgtgagcaa acatgtagag    185400
     tccccagaac aactcagctg tcattctccg ggtaccgtac accttgtggg gtgttttttg    185460
     ttttgttttg atgaaggtca ctcactggcc tggagcctaa tgctttagca aggctggctg    185520
     gccagcaagg cccagagatc tgcctcccca gtgttgggat cataagcatg aatagctacg    185580
     cagcttttta aatgtgggtt ctgggaattg aactcaggtc cttgagtttg cggactaaac    185640
     actttgccta ctctgcttcc cactttgggt tacttttaat tccatacaag taatgacttt    185700
     ttcactgaaa ctttcagccc agtgtttatc actgttgcct gtggatggtt gcttaaatgg    185760
     agttagagct ttgccacaat gttgtgagca agcacccaaa aggagccaca taataaagag    185820
     tgttaatgtt gtgtgcaata tttaatgcaa tgcagtgctg gagaccgaac ctcagggctt    185880
     catgcacact aagtgctaag cactcaacca gctgacctac tcccacagcc ccattttgat    185940
     gccttttagt gatgtcaata aaaccaacaa aggttggtag cattcatctg taattgtcga    186000
     gcgcgccccc aactcgccag caagaacgac gccacagcag gatccttctg cacacgttta    186060
     ttcagtcctg tttcttcttt ctctatatct cccttgttta tatctcccct gtttgtatct    186120
     ctccctcgtt tatatctccc aataataaca atcctctctc gaataataat ccttcctcta    186180
     acccgggcct ctcactctta tatactctca gttcccatcc acgcacagca ggccacgcca    186240
     cctcaccagg cacgcagctt cagctaatca gggcagcagg ggtaaatctc caccaaattg    186300
     gattcacctg tatcctggta cacctgcgca gcactcaaga tgtttgtgtc ttatatgagg    186360
     aagtcaggtg caagtcatat gacttagctg cagtacctgg cacctttggg actgctgcca    186420
     cacccgctcc taacatctcc cccttttttc ttttttggca gagagaatgt ctgtagatag    186480
     ccccccgcag ccatgcccct tacccgtcct tgggagacaa acagcattgg tttgatccct    186540
     gtcttaggtt ggtgacatgc ccagggagtc ttatcactga ctacttctct atcatgccaa    186600
     gccacacctg gggagattgc gttttgcttg cggcaggtgc atcaaaaggc caggatgtta    186660
     attaacttat ggccagatct taattgctgc aagcaagcct catgggtgaa ggtagaggtc    186720
     tgatccccag tgtgcaagca taggggccct acacaaaacc atcccttagg ctcatcaccc    186780
     agagaggtct tggccagctc ccgtgtcgtt tttcctgggg gaagggaact aggacactga    186840
     accttcatgc aatcagacat accttccaca ggatgccaac agcaagctat cctctgtgca    186900
     gtgcttagcc tcgcacccca cggcataacg cagcataatt tcttttagag cggcaaaccg    186960
     aatctgagga gattgtcctg cctccactgc agcaaaagcc tacgctacca tggcgaaagt    187020
     gcaggacccg cacactctgc acctaacaca tgtgccaaac acaaaaaaca cacacactat    187080
     aacaagcata catcccaggg ctctcatccc cgctcatctt ccctgaagca agggatagat    187140
     ggccagcggg gctatctctt taaggggaat tcagggatca aaaagcatgg aaaaatttga    187200
     atgtcatgtc gagctggtat cggcttctgg aataccgaaa ggatctctca tcttggctcc    187260
     atcctttgtg cttgtgggat catccaccac atccacaggg gcaactggat caggagcctc    187320
     attcttgcag tgtctcacca atctctccag cacccaaaga agttccgtct ggtcctgtgg    187380
     aaacacacaa acagaccctc tcgcccacat caacacctga tccggtcgat cctctccaaa    187440
     tatccagaca gaaggtccac ctacaggtgg ctgctgagga ggcataggga ggcggcacaa    187500
     aagctaattt gccttcctcc tccacctcgg ctcttttatt ttgtcctttc tgtccacctg    187560
     ataacactgt gtctcctttc tttttccttt ttctttttaa gcccttctcc tcttccgaca    187620
     tactttcttg ttgctctgta aggattttct gacctgtctt gactgcctct cgattcaaac    187680
     agtaacagag tccatatatc agaacaaaca agaccaaaac tatcagacct acccacaaag    187740
     ggtcaatggg agaaaaaagc ataactacac agcgaggatc tcttgatcac tacactgagg    187800
     ttatcatagt tccttaactt gtccccaaac catgaacctt tagttacctt gtacctgctt    187860
     cctggcaacg ttatattcgc ctctatttta tccaaggtcc ttcccaaact cctgggttac    187920
     tttgtgccta cttcctggca actttatgct cacctctact ttatccgagg tccttcccaa    187980
     actcctgggg tcgcaagttt cactcaccgt gaacttaccc tgctggcaac cactgactgc    188040
     tgaaagttct gaactcggtg ggggagtcgg ttccccgtac gggccaccaa ttgtcgcgtc    188100
     tgctctcgac cagcaagaac aatgcgacca ccagtccttc taacagcagt ttattcagtc    188160
     ttcatctttc ttctttctct tcatcagtac cgttccccag ctgaagagtt ctgaatccac    188220
     gccggatcct tctcaacagt ctgttttaca ggaactttta ttaaccactc cttccccgtg    188280
     atgcagttct gaatcctccc tgtagcaggg ggtcttcgct cgtgcctgaa gatgtttctt    188340
     gtcccgggtt tcggcaccaa ctgtcgagcg cgcccccaac tcgccagcaa gaacgacgcc    188400
     acagcaggat ccttctgcac acgtttattc agtcctgttt cttctttctc tatatctccc    188460
     ttgtttatat ctcccctgtt tgtatctctc cctcgtttat atctcccaat aataacaatc    188520
     ctctctcgaa taataatcct tcctctaacc cgggcctctc actcttatat actctcagtt    188580
     cccatccacg cacagcaggc cacgccacct caccaggcac gcagcttcag ctaatcaggg    188640
     cagcaggggc aaatctccac caaattggat tcacctgtat cctggtatac ctgcgcagca    188700
     ctcaagatgt ttgtgtctta tatgaggaag tcaggtgcaa gtcatatgac ttagctgcag    188760
     tacctggcac ctttgggact gctgccacac ccgctcctaa catgtaatcc tactcaggag    188820
     gttgcagtag tagaaccttg aatgaaaggc cagcctgggg tacatagtga gatcctgtct    188880
     taataaaaca aagataatag cagtgcccaa tacgttcgca attattctga cattatgagt    188940
     ttacatggta aataaaaaat aatggcatgt tgttggtgtt ttattttgtt acttttagag    189000
     caaacctctc atatcaaatg actggttaag tggtcatagc tccccttatg ctgtcaggaa    189060
     agaacagaag agatagctca catgctgggt caggggcctc agcagcccag atcttagcat    189120
     cctgggggaa aagaggttct ctcttcaaat aattaaaaca aaagttatag aaggcttcgt    189180
     gttggaggct tgtaaagaaa atttggggtg ctactactgg agggtgggta aggccaacag    189240
     aatgtagctt gggacttact tactgctccc cactcttcaa aaggaataaa actgggagca    189300
     tggctttact gcagggcact tgcttggcac acctgaggcc tttggttcaa ttctccaaat    189360
     cagcaaaaac agaacatgca gagtgctaaa tgatactgaa gtggttgaga ccccgaaaca    189420
     aggttgaaga aaactacatc atacagaaaa taaagaggag cctttgacaa gcagggcctg    189480
     ctgctgagag aggtgtctgc aggagaagac ttgcctgctg tgctcagttc agttatggtg    189540
     tccttgagcc tttcttctat ggtagccctg ggagcacttt agcgtcctgc ttcataggaa    189600
     actgtattaa aacacagtcc cacaaggcca gcacagaggc aggggctcct catgggggca    189660
     ctgccctgag agaaatgctt tgaaaacgag gtaaggccaa gttatcaata cggttgccgc    189720
     cagacacaga gctgtattcc cagacgtgtg gaccagtcca aggctcttct cctgccttgc    189780
     cccatttcac ctgtgtgagg gttctgtggt cttagagtgg cttgagacct taagaccatc    189840
     tcaaggtcca cagtaccttt ctggcttcga agaaatgaaa gcggaagggc tgcagttctc    189900
     tgctttgagg actccagaaa aagagctgaa agtcagtagc caggcattct gtctgagtga    189960
     ggaccaagag ctctgtttcc tcaaagctca cacatggcat ggcagcagta gctttcaccc    190020
     ccatgtctct ctcttcacac cgatttattt agagttctct gtgtgagaga gtgtgtgtat    190080
     atgcacatgt gcgcagaagc atgtctgtgt gtgcagaatg acttgtatgt acatgcagaa    190140
     gcacatgtgt atgcatagaa ttgtgtgtgc acgggcaggt gcacgtgtgt atccacgtgg    190200
     aggtcagagg gcacacccaa gtgtcattcc ttagcttgtc acgagccttg atttttgata    190260
     ccaggtctca tacttgagac ctagacccaa caatttggct tcagctatgt tggctggcct    190320
     gtgaactcct gggattcacg tgtgtttgcc tccttggcac tgggattaca aacttaaacc    190380
     tttttttttt ttttcctttt aaacaaatgt gagttctagg aatcaaactt gggttctatg    190440
     cttacacaga aggagtttta ttaactaagc cattgcccac accctttcct ggttctgaag    190500
     ctgcctttag agctgacact atctcataag tcaatggttt tgcaggcgtg gggtgacaaa    190560
     gtgtgttcct ttggaacccg ggcacttgaa gtgtttgcat tctccctaga ggtggcagca    190620
     tagtctcagt gtggagggaa acagtgtaga gctccctaga ggagatcagc agtgatgccc    190680
     gagcacaggc aaaagctgcc atccatccct aagactcacg gtgaatgtaa cactgtggtc    190740
     acagctccag cttttatcca tcctcagtgg ttaggattta acttaaccag ctgttatcca    190800
     tcatcaatga ctttaaaaca aaacttttac ttcatgctag acagctatta agttccctta    190860
     tcgttagggg agcagtgttc tagacgatct gtggactggg taatgtgatg ctctttccat    190920
     cctcgctacc ttctgccctt ctcccctttg taccatcagc ccagtgtctt ctctcttctt    190980
     aggttggact catccatcag cagatgtcaa cacgttgact ccatccttgt cgtttcctcc    191040
     aggctcccac aaaacagtga ttggcctcaa gtgagtcaaa tgggaaagag catgtgtgag    191100
     gcctggaaac cactagccgc caagaatgtg agtgtccgtg tgtggttgag tctgtttgta    191160
     gcctggaggt tgtctgtggc tggcaagtgg gttggaagga gaagagagta cctctgggat    191220
     gtcaaggact cgggatgcac gttagcaact tcatattcta ttattgagca ttctctcttt    191280
     agggtgcaaa tatatgtcta gaaattgggc tcctttgggt taagtaagct taaaaagaat    191340
     taaattgtaa ctatgaaggc aatactctag atcaaatata gtagatgtat aattgtgttt    191400
     agtttcatag gctctgacac atcctaacgt tactgagaaa ccatgtcatg atgactacaa    191460
     aactaatctc ttctctacct ttatgttttg aaaaataaac ttagaagaga aaaggtccct    191520
     gtgacatcag cagtgggggt tcatgtcagt gccacgcagg tctgtcccat cagttctgtg    191580
     agctgtgttg cctgatcctc tgtgtgcttc gaggacatta gaaattattt gggtctggag    191640
     tactctcaac acacctgaag ttcagcgtgt gtgaatggct gtcagaggag acacccagac    191700
     ccttttgcct ccaaagtagc taacaagcct taggttccag cagtcagggc agtctggagc    191760
     tccagctgct gtgaccatgc cctggctagt cagttctgtc tctccttctc tttccttagg    191820
     aaatcacagg actctagtgc tgtggtagtc aattaatctc tactcacatt gaccgatggc    191880
     ggcgggcttg gtgcacgttc ctcgatacct gcctcagcgt tttgggtttc taaatgaaag    191940
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacgcac acacacacag    192000
     agctttatat tttaataagc cttaagcagc tcaatgactg ggctactttc taacctctgc    192060
     atggctgatg tactttctga tgatcccacc tgattactta ctaaaacctg tatcccatct    192120
     tgctgccctg gacccagacc tgcagccctc ctgggccacg gtccctggct cttacatgtt    192180
     ggctgtctct ctgtcctgca gctactcctt tccctgcatg gtgactgtct cctgcctcct    192240
     tcctctgtcc cttgcccagg aatcctaaaa gtccttcctc tgtctgcctg cccagccatt    192300
     ggctaccagc aactttattt accaatcaaa accaactggt ggtggggaca ctcagtggct    192360
     tacatggaga cctgtgggtt cccaatgtaa ttttggggac ccaactaaca taatacaagc    192420
     attagaccaa atccacaaca ccctagttct tcagaaaaaa cagacataca gacacataaa    192480
     cacagactca cacagacact taggtgtata cacatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    192540
     cacacacaca cacacctctt ctcttcctct ctcagattat aaaagtttta atactcataa    192600
     tagtcgcttt tgctggtgta tcaaggatac attgaatgat tagaaaacat taaattgatt    192660
     tatctaccac taaaagaact ctctctgcac attataattt ttttttgtaa tcctaatgct    192720
     tcggagattg aatcaggagg attgccatga gtttggagcc agcatgggct atgtactgaa    192780
     taccaggcca tcctgggttg cacagtaagg ccttgtcttc agaaagaaaa acaaagcttt    192840
     agaagtacaa atgccttaga tggaattccc ctggaatgtt aggaagagaa gaccaatgtg    192900
     cctggagtcc attggaaagt gaaatggggt ggagacacag agggagaccc agtagcccta    192960
     agtggcaggg aaacttggga tttgagttga gggagtgaca tattgtgatt tctttttata    193020
     tatgcacaca caccacagtg tgtgtgtgga gggccagggg ataacttgca ggagtcagtt    193080
     tgctcttcct accttgtgtg ggtcctaggg gtcaaattcc agtcagcagg cttggcagag    193140
     agtgttttta tccacggagg cgtctcacag gccccagagg ttgggttttc agggagttat    193200
     tcaagttgct ttattacaaa taggttttag tgaggagcaa ggacaggcat agagaaatag    193260
     cttagaaagg ctctataacc atccaaggga gagatcctag tggcctcgtc ttagcagccc    193320
     atggggtgaa gtcagaggag ggaaatgact ccagtagcta tggagggtgt ttaaaatgct    193380
     ccccaaggtg agcagccaga accaatgttc gaatatgaag tagaccatca gataggtggg    193440
     cactccacag acaggttccc gagcaggtgg aggcactatg tgttgcttga ctgtggctcc    193500
     gggctccagg gactcagtgg ccaggcctcc agagcaggtg agtgccgagg ggtctggaag    193560
     tgtggaggcc cggcttctgg tacagaggca gtaggaatat gatggtctag ctaggtgaca    193620
     ggtttccatg cgtgagagtc tgggctgtga ccatgagagt ggcagtgggt aaagtacaca    193680
     agtgctcaca tggagatggt caaggttctg ggagtttccc actgagaatc ctccccactg    193740
     aggtcacctg agaggggagc agagattggc aaggaacata cctaagtcct tgatgagcac    193800
     agcctggtaa cccacagacg cagacaagaa acattgagaa taagagacag atggccagat    193860
     gagagcgaca tgaacccaga actgcagtct acatgggaca cacttgtgag acaagcaagt    193920
     ttcaaccact tcaagcctgc caggcattca gagggtggtc tgcaaagaga gtggggtctt    193980
     tgagcaagaa cacgggatac ttctatctta gtggcagtca ataagaagta aacatctgtg    194040
     ctgtagccat ataaaaccta tgcacccacc ttttctacca ggttggttgc attaaggaca    194100
     ttcagagaat cacaacagac agttgttctg actgggtagc atttaatatg atcaggtctt    194160
     aaataagaag ccatgaacac aaacattcaa aaccaaatac ataataaata atcattaagt    194220
     tataaagtac atcattcata ttaaaactaa attctcaggt gtgactgtaa ataaaacaga    194280
     gcaataacat agatcaataa tgctatgaat ttattcacaa agaaaacact ttcagctaca    194340
     gtattaacgg ccataactga tttcctctga actcctatga cctacaacaa cctctctctc    194400
     tttctctctc tctctctctc tctctctcta tatatatata tatatacata tatatatata    194460
     tatatatgta tatatatata tatatatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatatccc    194520
     ttcccttttt gaacaactaa atatcacact tgggataaaa tttaactcaa aagtgtggtc    194580
     aggtgttcct gtaagagtac tcaaaacatt aaaactcaga catacgaagt tcagaataaa    194640
     atacagaata gacttaggaa agccccacat tcttgttcta cagataagag aatgaaaacc    194700
     aaaaaaagct tacaccagtg gcaaccttca tggacacaca acagtgtgtc aggtccaatg    194760
     tgttcccacc cacagtgaac aataatgtca aaggactggc tgagtcttga gcacagagag    194820
     gttcaagact gctgtgcaat tttgtctagt ttactctaaa gcgtagcttt cccatggcta    194880
     gtggagaagc cttcactggc ttttccaaac gatacaagct cttagcctgt gctgcattga    194940
     attatttgta cttcttgatt agaaattgtc agtgatttaa aaggctagaa caataaacac    195000
     accaaaataa atacattgtc ttaaatataa aaatcacaat gtcaagaagt caacagttac    195060
     acagccagaa acaacaaaag aataaaacat ggagactccc ctctctgtcc atcattgctt    195120
     tgtgaaggac tgcatctctg cttcagcttt cgagcagcaa actcagcaac caatgctagc    195180
     accattggac acttacgtgg gctatgtgtg tataatgtca tcaacagtca cacatttaca    195240
     gttacacaag ttctttgcaa tacatatttt taaagtttaa gagaatgcgt tggttctgat    195300
     tgtgacactt ttctgggaat cagttaacac tagtctgtgc tatcttaggg cggtacacgg    195360
     gatctctgct tgttttaaag gcactgtgag gtacagacac ctttttcctt agatcaaaac    195420
     catcccccag gccatgcttg gatctcagat ccattttaac cataagaaat tctcaaagcg    195480
     atgataccac tccagggaaa atagctttgt agacttttta acttgacatt gaaacatact    195540
     gttggaaatt atatcaaatg gcaaaactat ttgctcaatt tagcctctgt ggttaaaaga    195600
     ttgggatgtt cagtaaaagt ctgtttaaaa ctggaacaga acctctggtc tcttggctca    195660
     tctcctgatt ttgattttaa atagatggtt ggatttaact tatcaaaagt gtgcatgcaa    195720
     tgtgtcttaa gtgctgaact tgtttggatt gctttttctt agaagtttca aagaggaaag    195780
     aaaggaaagg atgtgggaga ggagactgag gctggagcta gcagattcat cacaggacac    195840
     ccataaccac ttgaggtgag agctacaaac ttgaaaattc tacttggctc cagaagatag    195900
     tgaggtttgc acttccacag gctttcattg ccatcttcac aagattaaac tattagctta    195960
     taaaggaact tgacattggg aggaaggcaa cttaagcctg cttcttacta cacccttgcc    196020
     tctttagaaa aacagtgaaa gccaggggtg accctcataa taggttaaat tttgatagac    196080
     ctaatagaga agaaaaactg tacctatctg gaaagcctct cttgtagagt ataaagatgt    196140
     tagttatcaa tatgctagat gtttgtggta atgagtaaac tcttcagaca tgctttcaag    196200
     tacaaagttt ttcttaaaga ataaagactt caattttcaa tttcatctta tgcttattat    196260
     ttccagctta catcattccg ttaggatcat aagaggtctt actctcgcag atcgacaaat    196320
     tccctagctg tatttttgct aaaagcttta gttttcccct tccaatcaaa gaatgtcaca    196380
     gttgggcaat aagatgaagc cacagcttga gaagcaccag aaatccctga cacgggaagc    196440
     tgggctcttg ttgagttgag attttccatg ttgacagcat ggagtctgtg cagggaacca    196500
     caatgtctgc ttagttaatg ggcgaaagga tcttaaccta tagcttttct gagttgttct    196560
     tatcataacg tatcgtactt ctccacttgc aatcccaaga ggcaagatgt actcctgcat    196620
     tcgtgagcgt ctatagtgtc cggcgtctcc tcagtcctcg ggaatcttct cggatcctca    196680
     ggaatcttcg ggtcctatgt gttctaggag agatgctgat gaatcatctg tgggaacgag    196740
     agcctatgag tcactgggca caggaggtac ccggacacaa catggaagtg aaagaaatgc    196800
     atttaaggtg catacctttt gaaggagcca ttttagtctt tctaggaatt ctttgggtgt    196860
     ccttttctca tacgaatcac aggaagggca tttctgtaaa tcaaaattaa tcaattaatt    196920
     aattaattaa ttttaaaact ttaaaaatta ttttttaaga actaacttca tacttcataa    196980
     aatacttatg taaaattcat ttcttctctt gtgaacataa atcatattca gtaacaagca    197040
     ttaggaaaat tctgtaaaat tgttctggaa accacgtgtg attttatcct cagagacaac    197100
     tctgaatatt ttggtgttta aattattata tccgtttttt gtcccctttc ttcctcttcc    197160
     tcttcctcgc cctcctcctc ctctgcattc ttgttaccct ggttgttata tgctgtttgc    197220
     tgttagtttt taaccaatta caagggtttc ctgggcttta gatatgcttt cagggcagga    197280
     tttgtggtgg ctgctctgtc gctccccctc ccacccaccc ccaccctgca cagatggagc    197340
     acttactatt tttagataca gaagtggtat ctagctttta tgtacaagtc tatagagatc    197400
     acctgggcag ataatttttt catatatatc aaatttctag atcttatcaa gtagattaaa    197460
     gggataaata cctcaaggac tatatatcat aaaacatgtt tcctctttgt gcttcgacga    197520
     gtcttaccac tattgggcac tgtttccaca attacaagac aggatttcct cttttaactt    197580
     ccattcactt gattattagg ggtactgagc aaatgttcca aatgttcgaa tgtggctgac    197640
     cttcctccct cttcatcagt ctccctcccc cctttctcct ccagtcttat gctcattcct    197700
     gttccaatac caaaacaact ggctgctttt taatgctcag tcacatggta tcacggtgag    197760
     aacatctgga ggcagcatgg catctatgtt cttcttcatc ctgacacagc tgtttgtgaa    197820
     acctggagaa agttggcctc tttacagttc tcactttctt catgtctaca caaaggagct    197880
     tggtgtagaa gagttgggtt ccaggtctac agtacacagc accatttcgt aagtttttct    197940
     gagtttcata gctgtggtca atttgtcacc accaccccct ccatttctcc ttccttcctt    198000
     tgttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc tttccttcct ttccttcctt tccttccttt    198060
     ccttcctttc cttcctttcc ttctctccct ccctgcctcc tcccctactt ccttcttcaa    198120
     agcttcctga acaaggtctc acccagataa cccagctgtc ctggaagtct caatcctcct    198180
     gcctcagctt cctggtgctg acctcacagg gacacactac cttcctaggc agttcttttc    198240
     attgtgaaga aagtttcaga gggacatttt cacataataa cctggccaag caatcagaag    198300
     aaacaagact ccttttcata atgtaattat gatttcattt ttgtccatgt ggcatttctt    198360
     gaaggacaga caaccaatga atatgacaga gaaacttctt ttctgtcctc tctgcaggtt    198420
     ctgattaatg tttgaatgag ttgattcttg agtccctgaa ttgcacataa gttggccaaa    198480
     gaaaatatac aagaaaattc agggtcccaa agaaacagga acttggactt tttcagcccc    198540
     ataaaaaggt acaccctttt aaattcatca ttgactctgc ttttgcctgg gacagtaata    198600
     gattgatctt ggtattgtaa gctctctttt cttgtcagaa agctgagctc tagtccccga    198660
     taaagatgac acaagctatg gccagcacat gggcaaaagg gaaaatatct tgtaacgtct    198720
     aacacattct cttcctaatg gcttcttcac ccccagaaac ttctgttaac atactgccga    198780
     gggagtggtg gccagttcta gtagggtttc tagacagaca gtaaagactt attggaggtg    198840
     acaccacttt tcaaagtaga ccttgtatgg agtaactctg caagaaggtg ggagacgctc    198900
     cagctgtgtg gatgtgtgaa gcatagtatg ttacaactaa cgggtaagac ttatcttaat    198960
     aactaaatgc tccatgctag tgataactgc gaacaagaaa gatgacagag gacaatctta    199020
     cagctatgtg cttctgtttc tttcctcccc tcctggcagg cagcctcctc ctgagctggg    199080
     ccacgaggtc aatgatgaat gtcttattgt ttccagggtt tgatggcttg agtttggcct    199140
     tctgaaaaca ggcaaaagct gcatgctcac agtgcccctg aaaggagaga caattagcat    199200
     atgttaatga ccttaaagat aattagcata tgttaatgaa cattgttcca aaggttgaaa    199260
     atgacattcc agccctcagt ttctgcttgt acatttgtgt tgagaatttt tttaggggct    199320
     ccattaggtc tggtcatatc cccacttaaa ctcagcaaaa gacagggttt tttccatttg    199380
     gacagcttcc ctgtctggga gaaaaaggag ccatttccta ccgcacaggt acaagcagag    199440
     ccctcacctt tcataatttt ctttgcctgg tgctatgctg aagtcactct gaggttgaag    199500
     cagtgggtac aagccttgtg gagttgaatg tgaatgtgtg tatgtgcttg tttgtgtgtt    199560
     tgtatgtgtg tttgtgtgtg aacctgatgt gtatgtgagt tatgtgtgtg caggtttata    199620
     tatgtgtaca tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg tgcctgcagg tgtctgtaga agtgtgtggg    199680
     aggtattgaa gagaatccag gacgacacat acataggcaa acagtctacc actgagctag    199740
     cagacccagc atttctatct gtgacagaga atttagttta ggaacacaat gactaaactg    199800
     tgaggctgta aattgtgagc agtagcagct ttgtggagat gatccaacgg tctggctaag    199860
     aatctgtcac ttgtgtccac tgtgcacaca ggtgtctccc tgggtggttt gcctagagca    199920
     gcgctctagt ctgcagtgcc tgatgcaagt gctcagtgac tgtttgtgca gctcattagt    199980
     agatgaataa ggtaaggcca ctcctgcagt ccagtctaag aggcatttca cctgctctgg    200040
     ccaccataca tctcgtaaca tctcagtcat tgccttgtct cagtagggca ggattcccca    200100
     tgaggggtca aaacacagaa gctaagactt gcttaaccag tgggaaggac agccttcttc    200160
     agaagagctg tgtcggagac tggacaagta aacagactaa gccttctctt tgcgtctgtc    200220
     aaataaccac tgcccaatga ggaagccaaa tcttaacaac agaaagcact ggaagagcac    200280
     ggtgggcaac agctcttcca ccgagctgac tgaagcttgg ctctgggaga gagagcatct    200340
     gaaaccatct taactctgat ccaagagctc ctgcctgggt tgctgtttct tttagcaagt    200400
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgtgc atgctagtct tcctggaagt    200460
     tgctgcatct tcatgccacc aatgtgcatt taagccacta gcttccaccc agaagcctcc    200520
     ctccttccca gcgatcttgc tggaatcctc tcagggacaa tcagctgaaa gagcagctag    200580
     cctgctttgc attttccaac ctgtgcactt ggccaccgtg aatgttgact aataacagga    200640
     gcccatcagc cttgctttgc ataggtagca gcaagcccag caaggcttat ctagttcctt    200700
     ctatcaggta gcttgcctgt cactagggca aagtgccggc cttcccatgt ttgccaaaat    200760
     gcttatttaa tagaaactat ttataaacgt taattatagc actttttttt ccttgaaaac    200820
     cacatgttca tgtttgttga agtttttttc ttttctcttc tttttgacca caaccggctt    200880
     aacttactgg aaaaaataat attcatattt aaaggggtaa attttccagc tgaaactgaa    200940
     aacgctaact gcttcatctg tgatgatctg agaaaccagc atttcccaca gaggcttaat    201000
     ttgctgagtt aacgttttca tttgcacact gaaagaagac tacgttccaa agaagcttgg    201060
     ggaggggtcg taagaacaaa ctccctgtga ctatcctgcc aggaatggcc aggctcagcc    201120
     ctcacaacga gaacagagga gaggcgtgat atcaggatgt gaatgtgcca ctcactgtcc    201180
     ccacccttcc ctgtctacta ctgacagaca atggtttggt tttgtcctac agggagcagc    201240
     ctgtctcaga aatgtgtgat ctggcgtggg gatcttcagg ctacatttca gggcagggca    201300
     gaggcagagg cagaaaagca gtggagaaac aaggcctgct gagtgcctga gggatggaga    201360
     gttggtgggg agatggaggg aatctggagc ctccgagctc caggaggctc gaggtagtca    201420
     tgtctgtgtt tcctggctac ttttctcagc tgggcctcag tagagaatat gaggaatttt    201480
     ctagaccgtc ttggctcttg cagactggaa ggttcagtag aagccactcc tctccttagc    201540
     agagaagaga ttttcataaa aggcaacctg gcttgctagt tctacaactg gatagctgaa    201600
     aagataagat cgatttccta cagcctattt ctgacaaaaa ataaaaggga tttttttttt    201660
     aatcttttgg aaggaaagtc ctggctaagt cagcatggat tatcctatca gatgttaggt    201720
     ggcttgcctt catcacactc acagacacct aatggcaccg atacttatat attgggctgg    201780
     ataactttgc tgtcagatcc attccacaca ttccacaaca ttcactagca tccatggccc    201840
     ctagggacca gattagcacc ctcagcccat ccccaactgt gccaaccaaa gtttccccac    201900
     acaatgtcca tgttcacccg gggagaggca gcaaaccctt ggataaatga gaacaagaga    201960
     cacaagggag ggggtcggtg acagatctca gtagctttgt agaatttgtt acagaccctg    202020
     ctttggatgt tagctctgaa aacttggcac atagcttcta tagtccttac tgccttcctc    202080
     tgtctttgca ttgcctgccc atgtagcata agggtgttag agcagtactc attgcttcat    202140
     aggcaattct gtttggtcaa atcatcagaa agatacaggt tcaatgagac aaatcctctc    202200
     atggagatgt aagattttca aacatctttt gttagaaaat acattactag agactgggaa    202260
     gggtgcagag agagaggaca gagtgtgcgg acaagactct gcatgtatac aatcacaggg    202320
     aatcccatca acttgtatag gtgatgtgta ttagcaatgt taaaattaaa gtgactacag    202380
     gaaaagtcag acttttaaag gtatctttta ctaagaaagt gtattcaaaa agtactcctt    202440
     gggtcaactg agctgaaaat gagggatttt cctgtgttct actttccaag gtgtgggctg    202500
     caggcaggca atagtcaaac acagcgcgtg agatgctggc aattagacac actgagaaat    202560
     gttctcactt attggaaatg tcctttcaat aagtttgaat gagctacttt cagtttagag    202620
     gccactcatt tgaaaggacc tagtaaacac aagaatgatc atgtgcagag ctggagagtg    202680
     aactgtggag cagaggggcg gcgtgactca ctcactttct aaactcttac gctgtcattt    202740
     accataattc tcttctttga gtgtctctgt gtggtgccct cattactggc aatactctcc    202800
     ttgttttccc gatttatgca attaaaggcc tagctgtgcg agcatttccc cagtttcatt    202860
     tacattggta ccaagctgaa gaccagaata aagatgttct cagggcagag acagcagaag    202920
     cccctccaca ctgaatgcca agccactcct ccatgggata tgagtggcac aagggttgga    202980
     atgagctgta gaggctgacc ctttgggaag ttcatcaaag acaagaagac aggagacaaa    203040
     gagacaagaa gacaggagac aggagacaag aagacaggag acaggagaca ggagacaaga    203100
     agacaagaga caaggagact cacggaggtc caggtacacg ggaattacac tcagagactt    203160
     gtgatttctg cactccactc tgcctgcctg gaaatctcat cctttctttc ttttcaaaga    203220
     tttgttatta aaatgcaaat gctgcctctt atcttaaata ggattacaaa gacagttcca    203280
     gagctgtcat atcccaaggc tctgaaaaca gaattatctg ttcctcgttc agaaactgat    203340
     cccagcactg ctttctatca ttgcttgttt gtcttaggag ggtaaacatg tatcatataa    203400
     ggatatgtca taataaggat taatattata taattataaa taatttataa tacttataat    203460
     atcattgttt ggttcactaa taaatctatg gatacatggt caaaatggaa atgaatattt    203520
     tgccaattat taatccccaa agtcattgaa aataagcata accattctac tgacttgtta    203580
     gactctaaac taacataaaa tacattttca gaaataaatt caaccgatct tacctttaca    203640
     tcttgtggag ctgatagaag ttcaggatcc taagaaaatt aaccaaagag tattagttct    203700
     gagttggtga tacaagtcaa aaggctcctt ttgcattaat taaaaaaata ttatttaaat    203760
     tgcattgtga caaacatggc cttaccaagt cattttcata gattttcagc tgttcaacaa    203820
     tgtcaataag gtgacgaagt ctaatcagga ggcgatctgg cccttggggg cttgatttat    203880
     gggccactgt ccccaagaag atgactacca gacagacaag ggtcctctcc atgccaccag    203940
     aactgagtct ccaggagctg atgacagggc cttggtctgg ttctcacttc aacctgactg    204000
     tgcacaggtt gtcgctacgg ctacctattt attcatccct caagaagagg ccaagccctc    204060
     ccattgcagc ctggaaatct ttgtatagtg gatgagtgtg agtaactcgt ttttcttttc    204120
     cattggctag gtgtacgtgt gcgtgtgggg gcagggatgg atagagtcca caaaatgtgc    204180
     cccatctgca tcttagacag gaaaaagaga cacatgggtg aattccagtt ttcagcattc    204240
     accaaggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ggcacaggag    204300
     gcaccgtcag atttcagaga agtaaacaca aacactttga tcttttgctc tgcatccctg    204360
     gcacctcacc tggtttgtct gacagtcata aaggcacttc tgcaatgagt aaagcagcgg    204420
     catggccttt attggaactt tttatggggt gatgactatg ctttttgact gaaccatcct    204480
     gtactccatt gcaatgatgg aagaggttac ttcttaggaa gaattaaatg atgggctagt    204540
     tttctaacct agcaagagta ttttagatcc ttatcttttt gtaagggtgt taaaatagga    204600
     tttgcttcca attttcacca gtgtatcttt aaatagcact aatggtgcct cctgacactt    204660
     tatgtaacaa tatggattgt aaatacaata aacagttttg atgaactaag tagacagcgt    204720
     gctctccgtg aagaccttgc tctatcttca ttaaaataag gacccccaaa ttctgtccga    204780
     tttatttgtt gcttgtattt aatgcaccaa ttaaacaaat gaaaagggta aatgctcctt    204840
     tctgtccaag tttaaaaagt atctccaaac accaagagca aaagtatctg taacgtctct    204900
     tttcctccta gggctgtgct ggctactcct attggacctt gtctccactg ggtctgagca    204960
     gcatgcttct aattgcattt gtgaccaggt agaggctggt gaaaggctca ggaagcagaa    205020
     gtggttttag cacccgcctc tcggctgcgt ttgctgacct tcgggttctt tgcctgctgg    205080
     agaaagttga ggattatact ctagctcaaa ggatgcttag gccatagtta ggtatgtctc    205140
     acaaagaagc ctcttgactg taggttctga tctacctgct tgtcacacac ttacaacctt    205200
     accttcctgt agcccagggt attatgcagc cagtgtggag tttgtacctg atttactctg    205260
     aaggttggac tgtgaagtcc aataatatct attcaagcta tgatcttctg caggagatga    205320
     gcattcttag tctgatgaaa agatgcttct gatactcatt caattctgta agggacgctg    205380
     ctgcgagaac ttattaacca ataaggattg aaggtcatct tgagctgaaa gaagtgttca    205440
     caagccccac tcctaaccta gaagcaatct ccaattgata gccatttgta aatgaaaatt    205500
     cagtttcctc caagggagtc tcactgggga aacaaactac tctttagagt gggctaaggc    205560
     ccagcagtac aagccaacag aaaacagtgc aatggttcgt tcggaggttc ttgcctcatt    205620
     gtgtcatgtc tgggcttttt ctttttaaaa aattatctta ttttttattt tagattttta    205680
     ttactattat tactattaat tattttcttc tctttttttt atactacaga ccctttgcat    205740
     atatattatg gcttcaagtt tagtgttttt gtggggtttc tgactgtata agcaagcgca    205800
     cacttgtttg tgcctctgtt tctatatgct tcttgtgcct tttcttgtcg acgttgtccc    205860
     ccctccccgt ttgcttgttt tgtcctattc tgatatgata gtttttgttt catcttatta    205920
     tattttattt atcattatcc ctcagatgcc tgtatgtttt ctaataagag acagaaaggg    205980
     gggcggattg gaatggaagg ggaggttggg aggaactggg aggggtcagg gaggggaaac    206040
     cataatcagg atatattgta ttagaaaaat atatatattc aataagaggg aaaaatcaaa    206100
     caaaattata ttgctaacca agcaaacaca aaacaactca aagtaagtat cttgaaggcc    206160
     ataaggtcag gggcacagtg agctcataga acaaagaggc tgcatggtgg ggctaggatc    206220
     cccaaagcag tggtcctcaa cctgcctaat gctcccacca tacattattt cattgctact    206280
     ttgctacttt gtaactatac tttagttact gttatggacc gtagtgtaaa atccgtgttt    206340
     tctgatggac ttggctgaac ccctgtgaaa gtgtcagtta acctccaaga gggtcgtgac    206400
     gcacaggtta agaatgagtg ctctagagtc agtctattcc ttggtttccc cagcctctga    206460
     ggacacacgt ctcccatgat gctccctgta tgctgtgcag gctggttttc tgttacctca    206520
     tctactttga tcttgacccc tggactgcct tcctgtggta tcttcagcac tgaagaactg    206580
     caccccaggg actcccactc ctagcagctc ctgggctgga atgtttgggc agggcacttg    206640
     acacttgatc ttgacaggtg gcttgtagca aatgctagga ggtcttgggg catgacgggg    206700
     tctgtgacag gatcaagagc agtggtttcc tatgggcagc atggctttgg atgctgatag    206760
     taccactaaa gcaatgccac atgtatggct tagcattgat ctacctcttt tctgtatgtg    206820
     tctgtctgta cctccttccc accctcattt aggatcagtg tctaaggcct tctttttttt    206880
     ctttttcttc ttttttttcc cttttttttt taaaaatgga tactttattt atttacattt    206940
     caaatgttat cccctttccc ggtttcccct caggaaaccc cctatcccat cctccctctc    207000
     cctggtttta tgagggtgct tcctcaccca cctacctact cccacttcac tgccctgtca    207060
     ttcccctaca ctctggcatc aagccttcac agtaccagag gcctctcctc ctattgatgt    207120
     cccacaaggc catcctctgc tacatatggg tcttgggcct tcttcgtgtg ctgtccttag    207180
     ctctttcctt gggcttgtaa gtctataaag cccccacttc ccctcaccag agcatgccaa    207240
     ggtcatatgg caattcattc ttagactcta gattcgaact caggtagtct gcttttgaac    207300
     tcttttgttt ttattagata ttttctttat ttacatttca aatgttaacc cctttcctac    207360
     tttcccctcc aaaaatcccc tatccccttc tccctccccc tgctccccaa cctacccact    207420
     cactcttcct ggtcctggca ttcccctata ctagggcaaa gaacctttac aggaccaaag    207480
     gcatttcctc ccattgatga ccaactaggc catcctctgc tacatatgca gctagagcca    207540
     tgagtcccat catatgtttt ctttgactag tgatttagtc ccaaggagct ctggggatac    207600
     tggttagttc atattgttgt tcgtcctatg ggggtgcaaa ctccttcagc tccttgggta    207660
     atttctctag ctccttcatt ggggaccctg tgatctgtcc aatagatgac tgtgagcatc    207720
     cacttctgta tttgccaggc actggcagat cctctcagga gacagctata tcagggtcct    207780
     gtcagcaaaa tcttgttggc atctacaata atgtctgggt ttggtggttg tttatgggat    207840
     ggatccccag gtggggcagt ttctggatgg tcattccttc agtctctgct ccaaacttca    207900
     tttctgtaac tccttctatg ggtattttgt tcccccttct aagaaggaac gaagtatcca    207960
     cactttggtc ttccttcttc ttgagtttca tatgttttgc aaattgtatc ttgggtattc    208020
     tgagcttctg ggctaatatc cacataccat gtgtcttctt ttgtgattgg gttacctcac    208080
     ttagcatgat atcctccaga tccatccatt tgtctaagaa tttcagaaat tcattgtatt    208140
     taatagctga gtagtactcc attgtgtaaa tgtactacat tttctgtatc cattcctctg    208200
     ttgagggaca tctgggttct ttccagcttc tggctattat aaataaggct gctatgaaca    208260
     tagtggagca tgtgtcctta ttacaagttg gagcatcttc tggttatatg cccaggagtg    208320
     gtattgctgg atcttctggt agtactatgt caaattttct gaggaactgc caaactgact    208380
     tccagagtgg ttatatcagc ttgcaatccc accagcaatg gaggagtgtt cctctttctc    208440
     tacatccttg ccagcatcta ctgtcacctg agtgttttat cttagccatt ctgactggtg    208500
     tgaggtagaa tctcagggtt gttttgattt gcatttccct gatgactaag gatgttgaac    208560
     atttttttag gtgtttcccg gccatccagt ataccttagt tgagaatttt ttgtttagtt    208620
     ctgtactcca tttttaaata gggttatttg tttttctgaa gtccaacttc ttgagttctt    208680
     tatatatatt ggatattagc cttttattgg atttaggatt ggtaaagatt ttttcccact    208740
     ctgttggttg ctgttttgtc ttactggcag tgtcctttgc cttacagaag ctttgcaatt    208800
     ttataaggtc ccatttgtcg attcttggtc ttacagcaca accctggatt tagaaaacct    208860
     aggaaagaga tcaggagatg caagcatcaa caacataata caagagatag aagagagaat    208920
     ctcagatgca gaagactcca tagaaaacat ggacacaaca atcaaagaaa atgcaaaatg    208980
     caaaaaggtc ctaactcaaa atatccagga aatccaggac acaatgaaaa gaccaaacct    209040
     actaataata gcagtagata agaatgaaca ttttcaactt aaaggaccag aaaatatctt    209100
     caacaaaatt atacaagaaa acttcccaaa cctaaagaga cagatgccca tgaacataca    209160
     agaagcccac agaactccaa atagactgga ccagaaaaga aatttctccc aacacacaat    209220
     aatcaaaaca acaaatgcac taaataaaga tagaatatta aaagcagtaa gggaagaagg    209280
     tcaagtaaca tataaaggca gacctattag aattacacca gacttctcac cagagactat    209340
     gaaagccaga agaccctgga cagatgttat accctaagag aacacaaatg ccagcccagg    209400
     ctaacccagc aaaactctca attaccatag atggggaaac caaagtattc catgacaaaa    209460
     ccaaattcac ataatatctt tccacaaatc cagcccttca aagagtaata aagggaaaaa    209520
     ctccaacaca aggagggaaa ctacacccta gaaaaagcaa gaaagtgctc tctttaagct    209580
     ctcacctttc ttactcccta gccctccttc tctctctccc ttcctccctc tctccatgtg    209640
     gctatggctg gatggctggt gtctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    209700
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct tttctcttcc ccctgccttc tacaataaag    209760
     ctctaaaacc atttaaaaaa gaaaggaaaa gaaaaagaaa gaaagtaatc tttcaacaaa    209820
     cctaaaagaa tatagccaca aaaacagaat ctcaactcta acaacaaaga taataggaag    209880
     caacaattac ttttccttaa tatctcttaa tatcaatgga ctcaattccc ccaataaaaa    209940
     gacatagact aacagactgg ctttgtaaac aggacccaac attttgctgc atacaggaaa    210000
     cccacctcag ggacaaagac agacactacc tcagagtaaa aggctggaag acaattttcc    210060
     aagctaatgg tcccaggaaa caagctggag tagccattct aattgaacaa aatcgacttt    210120
     caacctaaag ttatcaaaaa aggcaaggag gggcacttca tactcatcaa aggtaaaatc    210180
     taccaagatg aactctcaat tctgaacatc tatgttctaa atgcaagggc atcatcattc    210240
     tttaaagaaa atttagtaaa gctcaaatca cacattgcac cacacacaat aatagtgggt    210300
     gacttcaaca cctcactttc atcaatggac agatcctgga aacagaaact aaacagagac    210360
     acaatgaaac taaccgaagt tatgaaacaa atggatttaa caggtatcta tagaacattt    210420
     tatcgtaaaa caaaaggatg taccttctca gcacctcaca gtaccttctc caaaattgac    210480
     catatgatca gtcacaaagc agactttaac agatacaaaa tattgaaata atcccatgca    210540
     tcctgtcaaa tcaccacgga ctaaggctga tcttcaataa caacataata tggtcctcct    210600
     gtggtggcat ctagggtact ttcctgtacc aaagacacta gcaagtaggg gtgtaggcaa    210660
     gagcttgact tctccatgtt cagtgagatg tataggtgtt atctttagtc atgggggctt    210720
     gatctcagtt tgtggagagc aaactatagt cttggcaaca ggatgtgtta tttggaaggt    210780
     tcctatggaa cccttttggc caacaactca aatagatata acagaaccct aatgctggaa    210840
     gcttcatttg gtgacaagag atattcagtt ggagctttat ttacaccatt atttggcaat    210900
     cttatttaga ttgccttcat atatggatat attttaggaa gcttctactg tattatgttt    210960
     ccatgatgcc cctcaaatgg cctttgattt cagctctctc tccccatatt tcctctctca    211020
     ttccactttc ccctccctgt ctacttgatc ctcccaatcc atgaccccct tcccgttcat    211080
     ccataactag ctattatatt tatcctccct agggaaatct gtatgttctc cactgggtct    211140
     ctaacctctg tggttccacc aattgcagct tggttagcat tgacttcaca gatgatatcc    211200
     acatataagt gaaaacatac catatttgtc ttttggggtc tatgttactt cactcaggat    211260
     gatttttttt ctagttccat tcatttactt gcaaatttca tgatttcatt ctctgtaatg    211320
     gctgggtaat atttcattgt gtaaatgtat cacattttct ttttctattc atctactaag    211380
     ggtcatcgag gttgtttccc atttctgact attatgaata gagcagtaat gaacatggtt    211440
     gagcaagttt ccttgtggta ggacagagca tcctttgggt agtgccaaag agtacttgga    211500
     acttgaggta gagtgatttc catctttctg aggaatggac acactatttt ccatagtggc    211560
     tgcacaagtt tgcacttcca caagcaacaa atgagtgttt ctatttctcc acatcctcat    211620
     cagcatgcac tgtcacttgt tttatggatc tttgtcattc tgatgggagt aagatgatct    211680
     ttctgatatg ctcttggatt cagtctgtaa gtattttatt gatacttttt acatctatgt    211740
     tcagaagaga agttggtgta taattctctt tctttgttga gtctttatgt gtggtttggg    211800
     tatcaaggta actgtagctg cataaaatga attgggcagt gttccttttg tttctatttt    211860
     gtggaataat tcaaggagtc tgttgttatg tccccttttc catttgtaat tttgccaatt    211920
     tgtgtattct ctctctgacc tttagttgat ttggataagt gtttgctatt cttattgatg    211980
     gtcagatagg attcagggag ttatttcaat tttcttgtac caattgagac ttgctttgtg    212040
     tcctaaccct aacccttagt atgtggtcaa ttttggagaa agttcaatga agtgctgaga    212100
     agaagatgtg ttcttctgtg ttttgatgga atgttctgta aatacctgtt atgtccattt    212160
     ggtttataac atctgtagct ccattatttc tgtttagtgc ttgtctggat gatttgtcta    212220
     ttggtgagag tgaggtatta aagtctccca ctatcaattt gtgaaggtcg atataggatt    212280
     taaggtacaa gagtgttttt ttttttaatt tgtgtccttg tgtttagggc atagatgtta    212340
     aaaattgcaa tgtccttggt gggtattgcc tttgatgagt atgtaatgtc cttctttgtc    212400
     tcttctgatc agttttggtt tgaagtctac gtttttcaga tattaaaaca gtggctccat    212460
     tctgcttctt atgtccattt tgcttgtttg tccttttcta accctttgcc ctgatatgat    212520
     gtctatagtt gatgttgagg tgtgtttctt ggttacaacg gaaggctgaa tcctgtgttc    212580
     acatccattt tgttagtttg tgccttttta ctggattgta ttaaatcatt gagactccag    212640
     agactaaaca tcgagtctag ccttctcaga attgagaggc cttcagtcag aaccaacagt    212700
     atgcttcaga gccacaaaac taatcttgtc ttttatttga gtttaccact atattgagtg    212760
     gtaaggccat atttattgta ggtgcatagg caaagctggt tctctgctta aagcacagcc    212820
     attgcttctc tgcacatctc aatggcttcc actcattaac ttatagttat tttttattat    212880
     gtggaggcac taggcctgcc ataacacctg ctttacaaat gaaacttatg agatgaatgt    212940
     atcagagatt actttgacta cagtataaat tttgtgtttt cttgtgtgtg atttttgtct    213000
     ataagaaaca caggctgaga attctctgtt tagctcagtt tcccatttta atagggttat    213060
     ttggttctct ggagtctaac ttcttctggt ctttgtatat attggatatt agctctctat    213120
     catattgagg attggtaaag atattttccc aatctgtcca ttgccatttt gtcctattga    213180
     cagtgtcctt tgccttacag aagctttgca attttatgag ctcccatttg tcaatacttg    213240
     atcttagagc ataagccatt ggtgttctgt tcagaaactt tccccctgtg cccatgtgct    213300
     ccaggctctt cctcactttc ttttctattc gtttcagtgt atctggtttt atgtggaggt    213360
     ccttgatcca tttgatcagg acttgagctt tgtacagaga gataagaatg ggtcaatttg    213420
     cattctgcta catgctgacc accagttgaa ccagcaccat ttgttgaaaa tgctatcttt    213480
     ttttcccctg gatggtttca gctactttgt caagaccaag tgatcatagg tgtgtgggtt    213540
     catttctggg tcttcagttt tattccattg atctatcttc ttgtcattat accaatacca    213600
     tgtagttttg ttttgttttt ttttatcact attgctctgt aatatagctt gaggtcaggg    213660
     atggtgattc ccacagaagt tctttttttt aatttatttt ttttattaca tattttcctc    213720
     aattacattt ccaatgctat cccaaaagtc ccccataccc tcccccccca cttccctacc    213780
     cactcattcc cttttttttt tttttttttt tttttggccc tggcgttccc ctgtactggg    213840
     gcatatacag tttgcctgtc caatgggcct ctctttccag tgatggctga ctaggccatc    213900
     ttttgataca tatgcagcta gagtcaagag ctccggggta ctggttagtt cataatgttg    213960
     ttccaactat agggttgcaa atccctttag ctccttgggt actttcgcta gcttctccat    214020
     tgggagccct gtgatccatc caatagctga ctgtgagcat ccacttctgt gtttgctagg    214080
     tccaagaata gtctcacaag agacagctac atctgggtcc tttcgataaa atcttgctag    214140
     tgtatgcaat ggtgtcagcg tttggaagct gattatgggg tggatccctg gatatggcag    214200
     tctctacatg gtccatcctt ttgtctcagc tccaaacttt gtctctgtaa ctccttccat    214260
     gggtgttttg ttcccaattc taaggagggg catagtgtcc acacttcagt cttcattctt    214320
     cttgagtttc atgtgtttag caaattgtat cttatatctt gggtatccta ggttttgggc    214380
     taatatccac ttatcagtga gtacatattg tgtgagttcc tttgtgaatg tgttacctca    214440
     ctcaggatga tgccctccag gtccatccat ttggctagga atttcataaa ttcatattgt    214500
     tgagaatttt attgttgaga atagttttca ctatcctgga tttttttgtt atttcaaatg    214560
     aatttgaaaa ttgttctttc taattctatg aagaattgag ttggaatttt gatgaagatt    214620
     gcattgaatc tgtagattgc ttttggcaag atagccattt ttactatatt gatcctgcca    214680
     atccatgagc atgggagatc ttccatcttc tgaggtcttc ttccatttct ttcttcagag    214740
     acttaaagtt cttgtcatac agatctttca cttgtttggt tagagtcaca ccaaggtatt    214800
     ttatattgtt tgtgactact gtgaatggtg ttgattccct aatttctttc tcagacagtt    214860
     tatcctttga gtataggatg gctactgatt tgtttaagtt aattttgtat cctgccactt    214920
     tgctgaagtt gtttatcagc tgtagttctc tggtggaatt tctggggggt cacttaagta    214980
     tactatcata gcatctgcaa atagtgatat tttgatttct ttctttccat tttgtatcct    215040
     tttgccctcc ttttgttgtc taattgctct gactaggact ttgaatgcta tattgaatag    215100
     gtagggaaga gtaggcagca gacagttgtc tagttcctga ttttaatggg attgcttcaa    215160
     gtttctctcc atttagtttg atgttggcta ttggtttgct gtatattgct tttactatgt    215220
     ttaggtatgg gccttgaatt c                                              215241