ID   AL662806; SV 20; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 161754 BP.
AC   AL662806;
DT   16-DEC-2001 (Rel. 70, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 42)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-273O7 on chromosome 11
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-161754
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Tromans A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 85e6b574461438c38af6a7b6f0dae5ab.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456158.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000020340; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000020395; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000020401; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018190; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018192; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018162; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018164; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018127; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018129; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018131; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018133; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0017945; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0017947; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018585; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018587; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017508; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017510; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0017917; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0017919; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018027; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018029; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018021; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018023; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018099; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018101; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018045; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018047; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0018624; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0018626; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017288; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017290; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017558; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017560; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL662806.20:1-161754; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000020664; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000063166; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000093165; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000093166; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000101306; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000165599; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0028680; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0028686; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0028646; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0028652; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0028604; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0028610; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0028625; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0028631; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0028426; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0028432; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0029124; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0029130; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0028074; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0028080; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0028344; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0028350; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0028481; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0028487; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0028461; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0028467; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0028590; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0028596; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0028445; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0028451; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0029155; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0029161; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0027778; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0027784; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0027918; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0027924; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   InterPro; IPR000719; Prot_kinase_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR000980; SH2.
DR   InterPro; IPR001245; Ser-Thr/Tyr_kinase_cat_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR001452; SH3_domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR001562; Znf_Btk_motif.
DR   InterPro; IPR001849; PH_domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR008081; Cytoplasmic_FMR1-int.
DR   InterPro; IPR008266; Tyr_kinase_AS.
DR   InterPro; IPR011009; Kinase-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR011993; PH-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR017441; Protein_kinase_ATP_BS.
DR   InterPro; IPR020635; Tyr_kinase_cat_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR022168; DUF3699.
DR   InterPro; IPR035583; ITK_SH3.
DR   InterPro; IPR036028; SH3-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036860; SH2_dom_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:1924134; Cyfip2.
DR   MGI; MGI:3650836; Fam71b.
DR   MGI; MGI:96621; Itk.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q5STT6; FA71B_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6QD74; F6QD74_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F7C3H9; F7C3H9_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-273O7 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..161754
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="11"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-273O7"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    4357..4366
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    4459..4494
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a short
FT                   insert library derived from a clone PCR. Restriction digest
FT                   data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    56545..56573
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, c100602847.Contig1, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    72533..72574
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    120246..120289
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, c145402969.Contig1.1, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    120290..120301
FT                   /note="1372 bases of IS186 transposon (X03123) removed
FT                   here. This sequence represents the duplicated flanking
FT                   sequence of the IS186."
FT   misc_feature    129794..129795
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    152965..153008
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 161754 BP; 45329 A; 36661 C; 36077 G; 43687 T; 0 other;
     gaattctcac agttcaataa tgagaaggca gaaaacaacc tttaaaaacg agcaaagact        60
     tcaaaaatag cttatacaaa ctgatagaag aatggccaat aagtacatga aaaaatactt       120
     ggtaacatta gactctggga aatgagaatg ccagggttaa tgatagtcac ccatatggcc       180
     atcagaatga ccaagatcat tctcaagatg gccactgcca agacctgtga gagcacaaaa       240
     cagcgagact ctcagggaga cttggagagt gtgaaatccc cctttttgtg gccattgaag       300
     gaacatgtat tgtgtgagta ctccggtaga aagctaaaat tcagccaggc ttgacagaac       360
     aagtctatag tcccaagacc tgccttggtt agcaagtgag ttcaagagca acttaatgag       420
     atcctatgtc aacaaaacca accacagaac aaacaaagcc aaagagaacc gagtgtgtgg       480
     cccagctatt cttctatgtc catccccaca gcaccagggt taagggtagg atcctgatct       540
     gttctgtgac tggtgctggg atctgaactc aggtccccaa ggctgtgtag ccagtgctct       600
     cacccactga gccaccttgc cagccctcac catatatatt tttaaaattt attcttagaa       660
     aatgtcatac atgtatacat tatgtactac tggctggttt gtgtcaactt gacacaagct       720
     agagtcatca gagaggaagg agcctcagtt gaggaaatgc ctccctgaga tccagctgta       780
     ggtcttttct cagagactga tttgggaggg cccagtccat tgtgggtggg gccatccccg       840
     agctggtgga cctgggctct ctctacaagg aaacaggctg agcaagccag gggcagcaag       900
     ccagtaagcg gcacccacca tggcttctgt accagctctt gtctccagga ttctgccctg       960
     ttttgagttc ctgtcctgac ttcctccaat aaagaaaagc aatatggaag tataagccaa      1020
     ataaacccat ttcttcccta cttgcttttt ggtcatggta tttcgtcgca gcaatagaaa      1080
     ctctgattcg gacacattat gtcttgatca tatctatgct tacccccccc cccccccgtc      1140
     ctccctcagg acttcccctc cggtttcata tcctcctttc ataaacattc atgtattcat      1200
     ctatttatca tgttttaact cagtgagtac agtcagcgct gcccatggcc atgaggtcat      1260
     ccactggagc acggggaagc aaccaatggc cacactccta ctaaaagcgg ctcttactac      1320
     cccaggaact agcagctgtt cttccttagg ggcatttcaa attagctcga tccctcatca      1380
     tttcctagta gcttttgaca gagaacaacc tagattggta aaaaaaaatt agataaaggg      1440
     cagcaagtta aaaagataat acagtttggg gatcaaaata actccagaaa ccacggggag      1500
     cagccgtccg ggagtaggtg gggagagcaa ggtattccca cacccacctc cacaaaggca      1560
     aacttctcct cgctggtata attgtagcgc gtggctctct cgtactcttc cgcggtgccc      1620
     gggcagtcct tgttgcagaa cttgtctgtg gggtgaacca gcttccaaga gtactggagg      1680
     gagaagaaac agccaacacc catcaactga ggagtggtaa acaaagcagt ctagcaacac      1740
     cagggagcac taatgggatg tggggtaaac atactgactc gtgcaggatg gggctggacc      1800
     ctgaaaacac aatgtaagaa actccagaca caaaacacca cacgagctct atgagtctat      1860
     atatggtgaa tctctaaaac tgggatgcat agagtcagaa taccgaaggc taaacgggca      1920
     gggtgacaga tgtgggcttt tggttgtgag cctagcctta acggctgagt catctctcca      1980
     gccccagatg tgggttcatt tatgagattt acttttaata ttatttatgt ttctatatgt      2040
     ctgtggggaa gtgcacgtga gtgtgggtgt cacagaagcc agacgcaaac tatctactgt      2100
     gctggggtta caagaggttg tgagccaatt aatgttggtg ctgggtccca catgtgatat      2160
     ttttgttgtt taagtgatga aactattaat ttaaggtcat atacttctgt aaatatatta      2220
     aatgcaggtt tcagttgggt aagtatggta tatggatttt tatgttgaaa gacagagtgc      2280
     caactagagg cagatgccca tggatgcctt gtgagtcagg ccagtgtgag gcctggcacc      2340
     tcaggacact taccacctcc atgacatggg cactccactt ggatagaagc tgcaggcctc      2400
     gcagggccag gtcaaaaagc tcccggtact cttcatccga cttctggctg tccagccctg      2460
     agcctgtcac cacctggggg acacagaact tcacactcac ctcatgggcc atgtgcctga      2520
     ggctcataag cagtcctcct gtgattccct gcaagaactg tgtgtttgtt atgctccctt      2580
     gctaggtaaa ctcggctttg ataggtgtca tgatgaaggc cacaggaagt gtcatagaga      2640
     tccccactta gcccttcagc aaagggttta accctatctc caccgtattc acagtaggaa      2700
     gtgcgcacca gtaactgcca ggatagcatc tttgcaggga aatgaaacat gaatatgtat      2760
     gcatgcaatg accttcgccc agcactgtga cgtcacagga atcctggctt catagtcaac      2820
     tccgcataca gtgctaatcg cagaccacca aaatggtgtc acagctcacc tactactaca      2880
     atgccccaat taaaaagatc tggcacaaat gtctgtatgt gtaacattcc acatcatata      2940
     catgtatgta gccacacggt atatgtacat ggatatgtat gtatgtgtac atgaatatat      3000
     gaaagttgtc atcaatgatg gacagtatct ttgcaaattt gcatcatcac ttcctgtaat      3060
     ttcccaaatt aatgcttgca gcaacatctc catccctagc agacacctgc atgctcccag      3120
     ctgagcagag ccctctccct ttttgggttg caagcaaaca tcttccctgc agcttaagca      3180
     gtgtcaagat gcccacagtt ttgtgctttt aattaacagt ttcaaacagg gctgatgtgt      3240
     tatgccagtg gttcccaacc ttaatacagt tcctcatgtt gtggtgacca ccaactataa      3300
     aattattttt gttgctactc tataactgta attttaatac tgatatgaat tgtgatgtaa      3360
     atatctatgt ttcctgatgg tcttaggcga ccccatgaaa aaaatcattt gatcccaaac      3420
     gggttgtgac ccacagttga gaaccactgt gccatgtagt gctctatctg caggaaagcc      3480
     atggcagaca tgtttagaac acttccttca aacagaagtc acaaggctgc aaccctcatt      3540
     taatcttaat gattcatcca aaattaccta tctttagaca gaaatggaga tcaaacaaca      3600
     ctctctgccg ataaaaacac tgtggcaaga ggctcatggg aattttgatt tttctctatg      3660
     ggcaaaggct cattactttt taaaatcaga gtttatagtg ttttgttcaa tgctactact      3720
     gaaactcata aaaaactgca ccacatatgc acatagaaag gtgttccttt ggccctaggt      3780
     gtctgaggta gtctatagcc aatgaactca tgcaatgtta gatgagaaat attttgaaaa      3840
     aaatgtcgta tctgtagtgt atgattttgt cattaccccc tatacacagg aaaccaacta      3900
     tttatggtgt gatgtttagc tctcgttgcc aacttggtac aatgtagaat tgatgtctca      3960
     atgagagatt gtctacatcg agtcagcctg taggtatgtc catgggtaag ttaactggat      4020
     gtgagaagat cctgtctaca gtgggtggca ccattcccta aacaggaggt cctgaattgt      4080
     gtttgagtgg gaaattgaac tgagcagaag caagagggca tgcactcatt tctctccatg      4140
     cctaactgtg gacctgacat gagcagccgc ctcaagctct taccttgtga ttgcctcaaa      4200
     gtgatagact ctaacctgga attgtgaact aataaataaa actctttatt ctttaagttg      4260
     ccttttgtca agagtatttt atcacagtag cagagaggaa gctagactat agggcattta      4320
     cacattatat tgttttatga ataatagaga caattgatga tatatttgag tatgcaggta      4380
     ggttatatga aaaacagcaa cttctataag gtactggaac atctatcgac ttcggtgtca      4440
     gtagtagatc ctgaagtaat cccttgtgaa taccaggatg taatagtaat aataatgata      4500
     ataataaaaa taataatatc tctagccaga attagtcaca gatgtcataa acatgtgact      4560
     agaaattcca gcctcaggac caatgattct cctgcttatc tcagcttact ggcacatcta      4620
     gaaagacaga tacaggtttg cactagacat ggtccttgtg aactccaggt ttactgatca      4680
     cactgccagt attttgtcag actgatcccc atttccagtg agctgggtta tggtcataga      4740
     tactttctga gtcggggttc ggaaaagaat aatcagtacg gccatgggcc acatggtgga      4800
     gccagtgagc aaacgtggcc tcttccacac tatggacgct cagattaggg acctatgtca      4860
     gattaaacag cgcatattac gtctctgtga gaaaggcatc tctgggaagg tgcccacaaa      4920
     gacacatgat aatcaaagtt agttctggga tggtaggatt ctatgggatt ggttttgttt      4980
     atctaatttt tcccttaagg ctatgaatta atattatata attgatatgg tctattaaaa      5040
     aaaagcaaaa gctcaaagcc caatctttag tattgggaga gatctttatg gtgcttgcac      5100
     atgcggacca ctgcggtgtc ggttttcaca ctctgtttcc tgtggtacag gctctctttg      5160
     ttgcttgaca ctgcagcaac atagttcact gggctgtctg gtccacagca ccctatgttg      5220
     ctgtaggagc tctgaggtcg cagacgcgtg ctaccactgg ccttgtgtta gctctggaga      5280
     tcctctctcc attgtcctca cgcttgcatg gcaatgttta cccactgagc catctccaca      5340
     gccctttatg gcctttttac ccttctcgga ttccatttac attatttttg caaagatcat      5400
     atgacacagc tatgcgtgtt taaacagtgt taggagcagt attcagaacg ctgtctctag      5460
     ccattgaagg tgacatggga tgagtcctgt gcagctgatg aatacttagt gacatttatt      5520
     ccagacacga cacatatgcc aggcacccca ttaattatct cagtgaacct ttcaatgtaa      5580
     acactgtcat tacctccatt taaaaaaacg tctgaattat ttttgattgg cacagcaact      5640
     gcagatctct atgggacaca gtgtagacat gcaatacatg tttacaacat gtgatgatta      5700
     gacgggctcc ctggtgtacc tatcacccct gatggcattc ttcctatgga ggatcataat      5760
     tatcatcaaa cacaggccct ctactgtgtg atagaacatt aaaagtagtt cctcctacct      5820
     agctatttta gacccatatt tttcttaaat agtggctatt tactaaaagt acaaataccc      5880
     ccaagaagaa agccggaagg aaactctctt tcctatatga ttacctctgc atctgttaac      5940
     aataccttct ctctccatca ctgactccct gcccacgccc accctcctcc ggcattacta      6000
     gcattatggc cctttttgca ggtgaaagaa ttgaggcaca gagatactga gcatccatcc      6060
     tagtctgact ctgagcccac acttccaaca aggcacattc ttacctctgg cagcgcgttc      6120
     tccctactcc atgatgccct ctcttgccca gcctctctgt acagctgcgg accctggacc      6180
     agccacagaa ctcacctcgc tgttgctgta gcgagccagc tcagagatga agcggatgtg      6240
     atcatcccgg atctgaacca tctgctcaca gatgttgtac tgggggctga tgctgctctg      6300
     agtgcatgtc cacctgggga ggagaaaaac cacaggattt gtgcatgggt catggctcca      6360
     ggcaccttcg tgggacaggc tgctcctggt cctcagacaa catagctggc tcctctgggt      6420
     gaaaccaaac ggtaaagtgg ctgcctacac cccagagcct gctctgtagg caccatggct      6480
     agaaagaaga gtcctgtctc tgccttctcc agatttttac cataggtgtt tctggacacc      6540
     agtgcacgat actcaccagg taagtgagaa ggcgagagcc aagatcacag cctctctgtg      6600
     gccacaaaag gacagaatca cagtcgagca aagccaaggg aggcaacctc tctgtctttc      6660
     ccaacaagga cctggtagca tggatgtacc catggtgggt ggctttctat cattctgaga      6720
     ggtgtggtcg gaagctcttc cccaccactc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct      6780
     tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttcctccct ccctccctcc ctccctccct      6840
     ccctcccttc cttctgtctt ccatttcttc cccctcctct cctctcttct ttctcttgtc      6900
     ttcttgtcat tagggaaaaa aaaaacccac cgtggattgg agaggaaata aatgaagaaa      6960
     aaccttcact ctcagccccc ttgctctgtc cagaactagt ggctcaatag acagatcaag      7020
     agaatgggaa gccagtaggc aggtgaaggg tttggacaga actcttattt aaaagatgcc      7080
     aaggggctct cctcaggatt atgaggaatg aaccttcctc tggcttagac gcctctagct      7140
     tttcactttg agctgtttat agagggacac tgttgctcaa acttctgact ctgtctgaga      7200
     agctgatatc tgcccaccca gcctctttct ctaagactgc cagacatgaa ttttcccaag      7260
     gattcatctc tggggctcca gatatatatc ggttataggt caaggacccc tttgcaggta      7320
     tcttagtttt tggggggaca gggttctaat atagctgagg ctggccttga gctccggatc      7380
     ctcctacctc cagcttccaa ctgctgggag tataggtgtt tgtgccttac ccaggctctg      7440
     cgggtatctt tttaatccca gctattaaga caggctgcag caagaggatc acaaagtcaa      7500
     ggttagccta ggctacagac tgagtttact taatgagtaa tgaccccaaa taaaaagtaa      7560
     aaagaggcta tagttcagta gaagtgtact tgcccagcat gggaaagacc tcgggtttac      7620
     ttgtcagcgc tgtgaaacta agaaagacac tggccagaga gtggcaagga ccaatcacat      7680
     gaataggcca ttagttgtct cttagttgta ggtactacag atggaaatct gaatctgaga      7740
     tcagagggac aaaggctgga gccagatgaa acgccccacc cccaacaccc ccctgagagc      7800
     cactaacttt cccccaggcc ttaacataga ttccctagaa ccatggttta tttagatgac      7860
     ataggggcaa gttaccaacc caggacacag ctggaaccat ccaagccaca ccgttaacca      7920
     cgtacttact gcatagtcac aaaacctgag cagagacctg aaccagggtg atgactgctg      7980
     ccatcagtag actcctgctg tcccactgag gggaggggga gtcaccgcag agcaggacag      8040
     ggggtgtggc tgtgctctga gccctttaga gcctggtagc taagggctga tgcaaaaggg      8100
     ctcagagcac tcaagccatt cccctcctgg cactgtggga atccacctgc ccagggctct      8160
     ggggagggag gagggactga agtggtccct cagcgccctg cccaggctgg gcatcctcac      8220
     aggagccaag agacattacg gcaggcactc acttggactt gttctcttca tagtgagcac      8280
     tggtcttaat gtatctggcc agctctatct gcatgtcgcc gaaaaggggt accacctgca      8340
     gctgctgcaa aggaagcaaa cagagcatgt gagatggctc gcgcaggccg gggctgctgt      8400
     accgtcgggg tggaaggctt cagtgtgcac ctggggccgg tagcttgaag gattcctaat      8460
     ggggtagcca tggggtcctg gcgcccagag gaatcccaac cagcacacag gccccttcct      8520
     ctgcctccga ccaactgtgt acttcaagca attgacacca gagagcaaag tgactgatcc      8580
     agggtcacat aggtgactag atgaaacaaa ggaccagatg gctagcttcc tcatacaggg      8640
     tcctttcacc agctcagaag atttctgctg ctccaaacat gactaggagc caatggcagt      8700
     gagctattgc ctgcggtggc atctgagact gtccacctga tacctaaagt gcagacagcc      8760
     gaggacacga ggaagggagg ctactgtctc cctacatctg tctctcctgc agtgggtaca      8820
     gaaccagcag ctttacaaat actatctcag caaagcctgg ctgcataggc ctgcactccc      8880
     agatattcat gacacgaagg caagaggatc ttatgttcat aggcatcatg cgcattatag      8940
     tgagactctg ccttaaaata aagttaaaaa aaaaaagttg ggatatacct aatgatagag      9000
     gccttaattc tcatgggtga gaccctgggc ttaattctaa gtactataaa acctagtcac      9060
     ccaaccatcc atggtctcaa tccatatata actagactga gtcagtcctg cctccctccc      9120
     tcggtactca cacagagatt gacacatagg gaacttagtc tcttcaggaa atcagaccag      9180
     atagagcaaa agccaggatc agaaccctca gctccgggag gtctagttca tgactttctc      9240
     aaaggcacta ggaggcagtg gagccaggcc tggttctacc ttccttcctc ctgcctgaag      9300
     gcagacatag cagtttccca acatggggcc tgttttcacc ctgggcagat ctgtagaaaa      9360
     gctaagaaat caagccacaa gacctctgtg actcacacat ctccttaagc ctcacttagt      9420
     atctgtcacg acacactatc ccctagggca gatctcacat ctgcaggatc caacattaca      9480
     gccatgtcag aacgagggtt cagttccaga cggacatctc tttgttcaaa caccaaaggc      9540
     ttaacattta cctgcgagtt tctcttagag agttttgggg cccaatggtc agccctcaga      9600
     ggtgcttgag agggtacgct taaacagaat gctgtgagct atcgtgccta aagggcaaac      9660
     atgaagccac ttagaatcca gtgtttcagg gctggagaag aggctcagca gttaaaagta      9720
     ctcgctgctc tttcagtgag gcagggtttg atgctaggta cccacatagt gctcacaacc      9780
     acctgcaact acaattccag ggtatccaat gccctcttct ggtctctgtg ggcactgcat      9840
     acatggtgca gacacatccc cagacacaac acccctatac atcagataaa agtgaaatct      9900
     ttttaaaaat tctactcttt tcttctgtct ccatgagctg tagagtgtaa tgaaaattca      9960
     cataggtttt gacttctagg atgcaactat gcctttagag gaaagatttt aggaaagggg     10020
     aaagggacat gcaagaagac ttacaaggcc tcccgtggaa tcccagcgag tcctgaggtt     10080
     gagcatcact cacatgtggg cagtaacctt gctttagtga gagcagctgg ggcctgcgct     10140
     ttatcttcct tttccctgag aatctttaga tgcctgtgac catctccaca gctttctggc     10200
     caatgccatc ctttccttcc accagggatc taggccccag taattctgtg cccctgcttg     10260
     gccccagcac caattactaa ccttaaaaaa cttatcaatt ttgctaaggt tgattctctt     10320
     cttggcatcc agtttgtaaa tgttactgac atttccgtcc atcagataga gaccaaagcc     10380
     catcacctag aatgagaaag gggccacgtg taacatcctc atcacacctc cagagcagct     10440
     aacaaacatg ggggctgtga tgcatgcgtg cacacgcatg tgagcgtgca caaattcact     10500
     ggcatcttgt agagacacac gtgctatttc aaaatcacac acatttccaa attaaaacag     10560
     aaaacacgtg cctaatttca acgaggaatt tagtatatta ttacagcagt tactctgggg     10620
     cagcggctgt ggttagggtt taagaagggt ggcctcgatt ctaaagatga ggaatcagag     10680
     acatagagag gctggctaga gagcttgctg gaaccacaga cacacacaca catgttgttg     10740
     agacgatctg caaagggctt agcctaggat ctccatccaa gtgtggattt atagatcctc     10800
     cgagagagaa aggaccttgt tgtttcccag aggtgttgag aggcaggcac tggaataatg     10860
     ataagtgacc acaaagttct ccagaaaagc aacaatgtga aggccattgt taaagagcag     10920
     atctccaccc gaagatgctg atactcctga tctgtcagcc cacctgctag tcactttagg     10980
     taaaagagca gccgcaggga caggggaagt cgctcctctc tgtaccttta tatctcacgg     11040
     gggtgggggg gagggggagg gggctaagag aagaagcaga ggatgcctat gacagctgct     11100
     tcctgcctgg tgcattctgt cttgcggcaa cagcaccaga ctgtcctgtg agggcttcca     11160
     tcgccccctg gtggcctctg agctcactaa ccaactgcaa agaaccaacc ttgcaacagc     11220
     tcaaaacaat gctggaggcc tgaagaggat agaaaacgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     11280
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg ttggtgatgg tggtgtgtgg gggtggggag gagcaggtct     11340
     atgcagacat tcaaggctga taagagagga aggcccagaa cctgaagtca tctaaacctg     11400
     ctttgagatg gagtatcgta aggcagcctg cggagcatga gacttgggca taactgctgt     11460
     accacccatg tttggactag ggaggaaagg cggttaaagc tggggcagcc tttgctggtt     11520
     tctgacagcc caaggaagct ggagtgagcg agtcacaaaa gccatgctgc cctgggctat     11580
     ggtttcaata tgtttcgttt ccctgaactc tggcaagcat ttaagcccca aagtcacagg     11640
     gccatgactt taagagggtg aaacctgatg gatgtggtag cctacacttg taacccaaac     11700
     gtttgggagg ctgaggatgg ggtactgaga atccaaggcc agcctgggct acagagagaa     11760
     tgtctcaaaa aaagaaatgc ataaattaat aaataaaaag aggttgaaat gtaacctcct     11820
     agttatttaa agataggcct cttggaacag aattggatta gctctttaga ggccccatga     11880
     ctgaatactg gtgtttctat ttggggacac gaaatagttc caccatggca tgccctcaaa     11940
     gaagcccaat atcacgtcca gtctccaaca ttgtgggcta atggcccagt cagtcacgtg     12000
     tgcttgaggc acaagtctaa gaccggagtt cattctctag cacccatgta aaacctggca     12060
     tggtggagca cgtgtgtaac ccctatgatg gagagggaga ggcaagccaa tctctgagct     12120
     tgctggtcgg ctctccaggc ctaatgggtg agccctggat cccagtgaga gacagcacgt     12180
     cagaaaaaaa agatttggct ggagcgatgt ctcggtggtt aagagcagtt actgcacttg     12240
     tagaggactc agatttggtt cccagcaccc atgctgggca gctcacaatc gcccataact     12300
     ctaggtctag gttatctgac acttctggcc tttaaagaca cccacactcg tatgcacaca     12360
     cctatacact cacgcacgca cgcacgcctg gcaggaagct gtgtcaggag gggaagtctt     12420
     accttgagca acatgtgctt ttcactgggc gtcaggtaca tcttattctc atagtaatca     12480
     acacagatgt tgacaatgtc tgccagcagc tcctcatagc ccgggatcac ttccagttgc     12540
     tggtgaagac actaaacaac agcgccaccc actggtcagg cggagcaaac atcttcctgc     12600
     accacccaga aggcccagag ctgggctgaa taagtgagca ctttgatccc tacctactga     12660
     ggtcccagga ggagggagcg ttcctgccag caggggctga cacctgactc cccttggatg     12720
     ctaggcatta gctggttgtc cctgttcacc tctcacacag gagcctaatg gcagacagcc     12780
     agttctaagg gctgagttat gtactcttgg gcagcccagc tttacagata ggccctgcag     12840
     taattgtttc aagggtctct atgaggtttc ttcagacaaa ggcagggaga agacccaccc     12900
     agggagggag tgacaatagg taggtatctc tttcctggta ggatccagga gcatcaacag     12960
     ttacggaagg ttggtttctc tctgtccctt tctccccatg gaggcaaacg aggcctgcag     13020
     gatactcttg gatagcactg ggggaactct ctacagagag caggggcctg agactccata     13080
     tccttctcta gtgacaaaga aggccctact acggccaggc ctttgggatg tcttgggagc     13140
     agcatcacaa tccctcttgt gttggcctgg gtcctgcaga cactcttgtt gttactgaac     13200
     tgtcagagag ataggtccag ctatgacagc cacaaatgca agaggagagg ccgagtggat     13260
     acaacctggc aaactggtgg aggtaactgt gccttcccag gctcttggtc acattctggg     13320
     gggctttttg tctccacttc attaactttc caagctagtc ttatgagata cattctcata     13380
     atagtctcaa aataatatgc ccactttatg gatgagtaaa ctgaatctct gactttgccc     13440
     gaagtctgat aatggaccta tggtcaggct tgttctcaac ctagaaactg atgtgggacc     13500
     cacagccctg tgtgggaagc ttccagagaa ctaaaagggg ttgggggggg aggtcactgg     13560
     gtgtaacttt actcccatga agggcagtgg agacaaatgt ggactgagct tatgtctcgt     13620
     tccttggagt cctctgagcc tcagggccct aggattgctt ccgtgggatg ccagacagga     13680
     cccacatggg ccttgttctc acctgggtga tcctgttgtg attggccagg aacatggaca     13740
     ggttctgaga ttcctggatg gactgggggt ccgccatctt ccttaggaac tgtgctgctc     13800
     tgaaacacag agaaggaagc aataacaggg tgccggggaa tctgttccca cgcctcagcc     13860
     aacaagagac accgtgctaa tgtcactggc tctgaacact gcaggtgttc ccaaggtcaa     13920
     tggaaaatgt gtttggcagt cctttctctc aggccattta cgccctcctg acagctgctg     13980
     ggtattaaag ggcatgaaac cacaaacaaa aaaagcccac tggtatctca gggtatttaa     14040
     cggaaaccag ggagggatga tgagacaggg agtgggggca gtgtccttga gctccagggg     14100
     aactgcacag tgagcccaga agaactgaat cacaggcagg aagcttcatt ttttcttttc     14160
     atgtgctctg ttcattacag gaaaatctca gcatcctatt tttgggttgg tttgtagcac     14220
     tggggactgg acccagggta ttgttcatgc tgtgcatatt gatctctgag ctatgttccc     14280
     aaccttgtta ctatttttca tttttgagat agggtttctg ctaagtttat taggctggcc     14340
     tcgaactcac ttgaactgat gaaagctacc aaggatttca gtcctgtgct gctaggccta     14400
     gccgatgatt ctcctgccgt agctttccga gtagaaaaga tttgtgtctt tccctcaaca     14460
     ttcttacgca cagcattgca cggcaacatg ggatgacaga tggagggagg gaaacggaga     14520
     acacaggctg ggctcaactg tgtcccaact taacccagcc tgacacagct cacgtcacaa     14580
     taactcgtga gaacgggaac aacacgcctg cctggtttag gacacagatg ctggctgtgg     14640
     tcctgatgga agtggcgggc cgtatatggg gaaggatgct gtgctggtgg ccatctgtga     14700
     tatcttgagt tgaccttgag atgggctcta actattgggc aacccaggtt taacatctgc     14760
     cctcttcctt tctgtagctg acttgaaatc caagggaagt atggcgggat aggaatagtg     14820
     tgccagtcat atgagcaacc cttccaggag gtatagacag acataggtgc tcatctgagc     14880
     cttacccaac tccctgggga gctgatattt tgtagtgctc cctgtcattg ggtggctaca     14940
     tcctggctcc tggagatgaa caaccacctc ccaactccag cccttttttt caacgatgac     15000
     atggtcccct aattctgtca tccactcaga tcacctccac ctgactcagt gtctgacaga     15060
     gggattagca agctggattg atagcaatct tggctgggac tttctgaatg catgaggaag     15120
     gaggaacttt tttctggaaa gctggggttt tgctatgggc tggcaggaag ccattgcagg     15180
     ggcctatctg agaaaggaga ccatggagag gcaggtccgg ggggagagct ggtaagagat     15240
     ccagccaaat gcggccactg gggtaactgg ggtaatgtat gcctgacttt gcagatctgg     15300
     gacataaaca ctggcttctg tttctcacag aaaacgacca tgcaatgcct tatgataatc     15360
     ttcctgccat gaggtaggta tggcagaaat tgctctgccc ccctagatgg gggaggtgag     15420
     gaccagatgc catcttggga catcaagcct ggccagcaat aactcttctg aagccccagc     15480
     tcggaaatgc cttcctcaga tcaccctgtc acaacagctt ggtttgagga aggctattct     15540
     attactaggg aataagacag tgaaaagagt ccagggagca gggagggctt ctgacctctt     15600
     gtaggcagag tggtcattct tgacactgca cttcatgttc tttagctcgt ccaagaccgc     15660
     gaacatgttg atgaacttgc ccagcgtcag caggtaggcc tcagagacaa agtccttcct     15720
     gcgctcagcg tgacacagcc gcttcacctc gctacagaag cgctcgatgg ccttgcgctg     15780
     gagacagagg aacagtgtaa ggactcatct gctgtgccag gcagtctttc tctgagatgt     15840
     ccccgtttct aaagctaatc gtgacagcgt gctagaacct gttccaagtg agtttacttt     15900
     atgaattagt ctaaaacaca tttgctaaaa agcgccatgg ccccagtgtg tgaaatgcca     15960
     ggagagacag tggtgcattc aataagcaac tgattagtga gcacctacta tctatctatc     16020
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatccatcct atatactata tatactacta tactctatat     16080
     acactactat actatactat actatactat actatactat actatataac cacgaaacca     16140
     ctgtaagggc tgaggtcaag cagaaatcaa aacaagaagg aaaaaaccaa aactgtccta     16200
     aggatcatat atgccaattg attcatagaa aacaaaataa attctttgca gcagaatttc     16260
     atacttgata tggcaggaaa tgaagaaggg atggaggttg ggaagggctc acaaaactgt     16320
     tcctctaggg agaaagactg aagtcaccaa gaaatgacct tgtagggaaa taatttgaaa     16380
     gagaaggaga aggaccggga caagggaagg aaggaagcat gagccatcct gcaaaggccc     16440
     tgaagctgtg ggaggcctaa ggaagcatga ggctggcctc agctggagta agcatacaga     16500
     agagccaagt caatactgta ggggctgtgg ctcttagagg ctctcatgag ggcgcatgtg     16560
     tgtgtagtat agcctgtatt gtggcctcaa taataatgcg gagctgacag cagactgcag     16620
     gggcagtcag gaaacttgca cacctagggt gcattcacta agtgacccag cactccactc     16680
     acagggacct gcttttcctc gtttgctgtc tactgctgtg attaaacaac actgtgactc     16740
     aaagcaactt ggggaagaaa agatttctta catttcacag cttgcagtct accctgaagg     16800
     aagttgggac aggaactcag acaagaacac agaggcagga actgaagcag agaccacgga     16860
     gggtccacag attgagcagt ctgcttctta tttaatctag gaccacatgc cccggaacag     16920
     cccacagtga attgggttct cccacaccaa tcattcaagc aaatgcctgc acagacttgc     16980
     ctacaggtca gtcaatagag aattctcatc agtcaatcaa ttttctccat atgactccag     17040
     ctcctgtcta gttgaccaaa ccctaaccag ctcacaaccc aagagaaaca aagagcctgc     17100
     aatgatagag aagctcttgc aggtgtccag tttttatccc taacagaccc gaagggaaaa     17160
     acaccctcac ctatcacctg gtaaatggat gaatgaaata cggtgtatgt gtgtgcacag     17220
     tgacatggca ttccgtcatt aaatcaacca accaaccaac caaccaacca accaaccaat     17280
     taggttctgt cacctgctac agtacagacg acaatcaaac acaccctgcc ggctgcaaga     17340
     ggccaggcat gaaacatcat gtcctgtata acttcatttg tagggaaatg tccaaacagg     17400
     aaatccacgg agataaaaag tcatttagtg gttgcctaag gctgaaggga gagggtgttg     17460
     ggtagtatga ggtgatggtt caggagattt ttttcggagg ggtgaaaaca ttctagaaca     17520
     gattacatga tgaataccca actctgtgaa gacactagag catgctgggc tgtcactcta     17580
     cctggtaaat acgatgtcaa aaaaaatctg tcacgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     17640
     gtgtgtgtgt gttgggcatg ggggaggaga gtagttcaaa agcaagaaga agcaaaagta     17700
     gtaatggagg gatatcgaac aatagagggg gaggaagaag aagagaaaga ggaagaggag     17760
     aagaaggaag aggaggagga gaagaaggaa gaggaggagg aggagttgga agaggaatga     17820
     acacagggag ggaagcgtgt ggaaaagagg atctgtgtgc agatgtgagc tcccttccac     17880
     tccaaggcct accttgccca actgccagct cgtctcatca aggaccagca ggccacagcc     17940
     agtccagtta ggctttctgc catgatggaa ttgttcgcca ccaacaatgc tcacaatggt     18000
     gtaatgatta ctctcaactt tcaacttgat ggaaacatac cctgggtgtg tccaggaagt     18060
     atgtttctgg aaaggtctaa ctgaacgggg aaggcttccc ctgaatgtat atgtggtatg     18120
     gcatgacccc atgtccttgg agcccagact gagtcaacag gagaaagtga gctgagacca     18180
     gcttccacct ccccctactt cctgacctgg gcacaacctg accactcctc atgctcctgc     18240
     caacacgctt ataccgctgg gatggactgt acctttaaac tgtgagccta gtacgcctgc     18300
     ccttccttga gattcctggt gatgctttat ttggcattag agtaactaat gtggatggcc     18360
     gcggtggctg ctgagtgctt agagtgagcc tcatgttgct ggggagtttc actgttaact     18420
     gctactgttt ctatgcttag ccagtggcca cagtgcgagg cacatggcag tgaatcatcc     18480
     cagccttcct ttcttccatg tgcacctctt taggggaagc tcttcattta tctctcttgg     18540
     atctgcttcc caaaagagac tttaggctct gggaagtcag gccatctatg acagtaacaa     18600
     cagctgtgaa acactttaag ctgtcatagg gccctcccgt gctcctatag agagaccgag     18660
     tttatctttt ccaccaccct gagaggcagg cttcatttcc ctgtactggt gtgtgcgggt     18720
     gcctgtatcc gtgtatgtgt gaatgtgcac gtgtatgtgt gtgtacacat gtgtataaaa     18780
     tgagtcacac acagttagga aacagcagtg ctgggttttg acctagcatt gctcctgacc     18840
     caggctgagg cacttcccca gtatagtcct agctctggcc tagacacagt agagcctggc     18900
     cagtgtcaat gctctatgca tgggacatat gtaagggtgt gggttgtata tgctgtgtgt     18960
     ggggtacaga ccagctttga ggtgttctct accaccctca cagttgccag tgagtcccca     19020
     ggaagtgact ggctgcccac gccttctgtc cttatacgtt atctccctca ctgtgaaggc     19080
     ccttggccct ctccctgttc ttcctcctct aaaaatgact cttccagagc tcccgactgg     19140
     tctcctgctc ctctgcactc ctccatccca gcctcttccc acctccatct cccaagcatt     19200
     tcctacctag tggccagatt tcctaaaagc tcaggtcaac ccacatcacc caatccaaag     19260
     ctccaggctc acagtgccca tctcatgggt ccccgtcctc ccaccccaag cctccccttg     19320
     ggcctcttcc ttgctttcac tgttttatag ctcactgtcc ttcatttctt gaacacactg     19380
     atccctccag gccttggggc tttgcaggac ctcttgtcac ccagttcgta gctccatgcc     19440
     attgtcccta aagcggcaac tactcgtaaa tactctgcaa cctacaactg ttgtaaattg     19500
     tattttactc aggcctttac cttgtcctaa aaactagtgt gtattttcgt cactctgcac     19560
     tccaagcata cacaaactca ctaggacaca tcctctgtgg aggcagggac acctgttggc     19620
     ttggctcacc cacaggggtg taggtggctc tcaaaaatac tagctggaca gaaacaaaat     19680
     gacatggcac caaagtctag atgtggaagg gtgggggact tcgtgagcct tctgctgtgg     19740
     acccgcccac acaccactca cctgagcctt ctgctgtgga cccgcccaca ccccactcac     19800
     ctgaaagtac atgaacttca tgagcttggt gacctctggc tccagcacct ccaccgtctt     19860
     ctcgtagatc tcgacccgat tgggctgctc attgcacttc acctgtgaaa tcgaaaggcg     19920
     gcttcatcat ctgggctccc agctgccacc tcaggagcat ggctcaccag tggagcacat     19980
     gtggcatcgt gtcgtgggtg aaaatggtta gggtcactgt agcaagaggg agctgtagaa     20040
     gactgacagg ccccacaagt gctccctgga gactggctgt ggtaaagggg ccagctgatc     20100
     ccaacatggg gccctgctcc tttctctgcc ggcctgtgcc cgcctttaca gttggctaca     20160
     ttcgtatgtc catgcatgtg ctctcctctt atcccgatgc acacgaccat gaaccagtct     20220
     ccccagccat atccaagtta atgatgggta acctaagctg agtcatccag ggacccattt     20280
     cctctgtctg gtgcttttag tcagcatgta ccttagtatc acatgccata tgttctgtga     20340
     acacacatgt gccacgcctg ctaataggct ggctgggtgt gagagtgagc caatgcattt     20400
     tttttcttta gtgaatcatt atgtagccca tgctggcttg aaactaaagt tcctcctgcc     20460
     tcctccttct aggtgctgag attacacgtg agtaccacat acactggaca aggataatgt     20520
     tttatgatta tcaatggcta gataactgcc agtgggtcat tcaatggaca aagtgataca     20580
     accatatata ttcgtacaca tataccatta caaacattag aagggctaag gtggatctct     20640
     gtagtgacta tgaaaaggta tcaccacacc taagaggcaa aaaggccaca gaacagttaa     20700
     gtataatttg acacatatta tatttaattt tacctatcta tctatccatc tatccatcta     20760
     tccatctatc tatctatcta tctaatactg ctgggaagga atccaggccc ccgggcacca     20820
     agaccttgag tatgtttaac actcatcctc tatgctttac cactgagcca tagctccagt     20880
     ttggtctctt tctccagaaa aacaaaattc caaggctgcc cagatgacag ttctgtggga     20940
     aaaggcactt gctttcaagc ctgactgtct gaatggggga aaaccagttt ctttagatta     21000
     tcctctgact gacgcatgca tgccacgata catatatacc ttcccgtgag agagaataaa     21060
     taaataaata aataaataaa taaaaattaa gacaatcaac tgtttaagaa aaacaaaacc     21120
     aggctcagaa aatgtgaaaa gtacaaaaaa tttaataata gttgccccta aatatgaggg     21180
     ctaaaaggaa cagagaaggg ctcctctgtt tacttgatgt gcatatagtt tgctgacttt     21240
     gttacaacgg aatccactaa ttatgcaaaa atgtcaatga taataaaatc atctgtattt     21300
     tcaacaagtc caagacagtg taaaaaatga gaacaatacg gttttgtgga aacgatatga     21360
     atttataaaa tatggtcatg ccaataaaaa gacccagaac catctgaagc acagggttta     21420
     gatgaagtga gacaatgtca cgcttgctac tttagatcct ttgtgacagc ctgggtgaca     21480
     agagacatcg actgcctttg aaataaaata ctgtgcccta tatgtgccgg gagggaaact     21540
     gttaagaccc tgggcgtgga ccttgtcagc agcactatgg gaagcacttt gggtcagagg     21600
     cccagatttg cttcccgcca cctggggacc tcagccctct ggtttgggtt caggttggag     21660
     gagcactgca gaagcagtga ggcctctctg aagggcaagg atggtctcac ctgcgggatg     21720
     gcccgggagc agctgcgcca ggtgtacagc atgactgcat agtcgtggcc ctcctccagc     21780
     atttcattct gaaacggcaa agcagtcatc agggacataa aacactaggg ccatggactt     21840
     ctccaggctc tcatcgggac cacccaggat gtgggccatg gcaggcaaga gcagcatcac     21900
     ctgggcgctt gctgataagg atgtctgagc ccctgaatac gaacctatat tccagcaaag     21960
     ttcccaggta agtcacgggc accttatatc ttagaatagc tgatctaata agaacttcag     22020
     tgaaagccag aagaaaggcc acatattctc cgattccttt ggacaaaata cccacaagag     22080
     gtacagcctt acggacagat tgtagttgat ggaaacacgt ggggagagga cctgggttga     22140
     ctgctaaaaa ttctagggtg tctgtatggg gcaatgacat tagatggtgg tgacagttgt     22200
     ataacattgt gaagatgatt aaaaatatag acatatatat tttaagcagt tttcagttat     22260
     ggaaagcata ctccaaagaa tattaggaga caagaattag cattatgctt tctctccttg     22320
     aaaatatatt tagggaaaaa tgaactttaa aatttaaatc tatttatcat attcacttta     22380
     taatacattt taaaggcaga atccaattta acttggagtt tgctacttat tgtgaatctg     22440
     ctcaacagca acagcttcca ttcttaatta agaagtcagt aacatgctgt ccctgaggga     22500
     aacaaccgag agcaacccat gggctgcctg ctttctcttc agtttgggca cacgtgtcta     22560
     aaagaggaac tggcagtaat gtaaggaaca cgtggctatt ctcagccccc accccccacc     22620
     ccgagtgccc tcagcacgca taatttcatt cagttaaaaa aaaaaaaagg ctgcagcaag     22680
     catctttaga tcccaggctc tgtgccagaa acagaactga gaaccaagat gtgcactctg     22740
     ccctctagac agttcagcca tagttgttac ataacaagcc cagaatacag aggtcaagat     22800
     ggcgtggtgg aaagagctct ggatgtggcc ttgggaacct tgagttattg gccatctttt     22860
     atatatgtaa attatatgta taatatagta tattgtatat atacatatat gtgtgtgtat     22920
     atttagagag atagagatat atttctgacg ctgtggatga ccttgaactt ctgatcttcc     22980
     tgtctctact tctcaggtgc tagggttaca acatttccca ctatgcctgg tgtatgtggg     23040
     tgttaggggc caaacttcgg gctttgtgaa tgccaggtaa gcaatctacc tactaagcag     23100
     tgagtttatg caatttgcca cagcagcagc agataacaaa cagaatcacg tttagagcca     23160
     gccggtcctt tagatttgcc tgcctgagcc tgtgacctgg tatctcagag agacctcagt     23220
     ctggttctgc ttccccgacc ccaaagaatc attatggcag ctggagttga ccttcggttt     23280
     ctctcgtgta tacgatcatt acagctgttc cctgaaatcc tcgcccccac cctttcatgc     23340
     ttccagtaac aatcattttg agactctcgt ccagtgtatc tgttccattc attcctcttt     23400
     atagctcatt ccaagagtaa ttacagatca agcatggctg aacctgagtt cggctccctt     23460
     tagtgatagg gtctctattc caagcttgcc tcaagcttcc tatgtagctg agaaagtgat     23520
     cctgaacttt tgatcctcct gcctccacct ccccacagtt gagattacaa gcatttgcca     23580
     gactataccc agtttatttg gtgctggaga tttggttcat acaagccagg gctttgtgtg     23640
     ttctagacag gcactcaaac agctgagctt cgtctccagc ctcctttctg cactttgagg     23700
     aaatgaatga aagtcgtctc tgttacaggc ttgagactgt gactctgttt ctaggtgggc     23760
     ccatttgaaa ggtgactgaa gctcagagga gatcatgagg gcagactctc actcaatctg     23820
     tcatccttat aaagagagga aacttgggta acacacagag acatctgaca cccaggagtt     23880
     tgggaggaat gagcctgagt agccagggaa acatcaggag aaagcagccc tgtcgacagc     23940
     tggtccagga attgcatcct ccagggccgt ggaaagcaaa cacccattgt ttaagccgtt     24000
     tactcatggt attttgctac ggcaaaatga tctccatgtc tagacctcat ctccatcaat     24060
     gctacgtaca gtaccacaca tagacacacc ccaattttgg gcagtctgaa aattctgtct     24120
     ttgctcatgc tgatggtcac ctagccccct ccccatctca tctctgactg cttcaacctt     24180
     ccatgggatg gagagaacca cagaaagagg tcaggaccgt tcccaggttc atgcaaggac     24240
     ttactagctg taggaccatg agcaacccgc ttattaattt ctccagacct cagtcttctc     24300
     atctctacaa taggtataat gatccctttg caagccccag ggttattatg aggctctgat     24360
     gctatcacac agcagattgc cctgcctaca tttcaaagag cagtgtgtac aacatatgct     24420
     atcattacct ccttacgagg ctgtactaaa aagtggcttc ccccacctag cttcctctgg     24480
     ccttctcaag gccccttgaa aagctgacct tcaaaccttt atcacaatgt ggaacattta     24540
     tacagtttta tatttgcctg caataaatat ttcaaaggcc aagctttgtc accagagtcc     24600
     taagtttaga actaaccacc attcagcagt gagacccccg agtcaatttc ttaacagttg     24660
     agaggcttca atgttggcca gctgagatat tggggctgcc aatgacctac ctcacagggt     24720
     ctgtgtgagc attaaatgag acaatgacca tgaaatgcct gcatagaaaa ggcgtttggt     24780
     tgccttgtct ctttcgcact tgattcaccg agaactgaga ctggccccac actaactcta     24840
     aaatcagctc acagcaggca cacaatgcat aacaaatgag ttgggtttgt agaacacatc     24900
     ccgcacagtg agaaaggtcc agggaaatgg tgcaggggcc cacagatgag gagtctagaa     24960
     ctctacaaat gtctatgagg ataaaaggga agaagagaat tctgcccttt tagggtcaga     25020
     ccctaagagg aatggaaaac aactagttcc atttatgaat gatttaggcc agcggcttcc     25080
     ttgcgtcaat aaataatatc ttgcaaagcc acatcactgt catttttagg aggaactttt     25140
     ttttcaggat ggaaaaaggt cccctgacta tggcagagca tacgggggag ctaagcacag     25200
     gtctggtgtg ggaagctgcc catggttcct cctgcttctg cggggcagct gcacatgtgg     25260
     gtcatggaga cttaccatgc tggagtggac cgttgcctgc tcaatgtacc ttgcaatgcc     25320
     cgtgacaaat gcattcctgt cctcgaagtt cgtgtcaaag ttagcctgtg gaggtagagg     25380
     acaggaggga catttggttg ttggaaaaca catcaaggct ggctgggtgt ctagggaaca     25440
     aacagctgcc aacaaaaacc cgcaagcttt ctgtggaaac ctactgcccg gtggctttaa     25500
     atattacccc ctggtcagct aagggcagac aggcagtacc tgcttctcat cggtaactgg     25560
     tttcacgcaa ccaagcctca gaagtaacca tttaattcca aattggcact tttagattcc     25620
     agttaataag gctttactga tagactttgc ctatttattc atgggataaa tgcactgact     25680
     ttatatgcat gtcatcatga attaaaaaac aaacaaacaa acaaactatc taagcacaag     25740
     gaaaccatac ttccagctaa ctaagcaagt ccaaacagct gctaaaagtc aaggtgtgca     25800
     gggcgcctat gcagtcactg agacatgcgt gcctgagggt gcacaggtgt caatgcacga     25860
     gtcaggccac ggatgcactt tttacaacaa cagcctggga agatggaaac acccagcaaa     25920
     agccgaaata gatgtcagtg tgtacaacag gctggaaggg accacgagcc gcctaaccat     25980
     aaggtggttt tactgcactg atgcccgagt aatggccaca ggagaagatt ttctccctgt     26040
     gatttttttt ttttttgaga cagaagtcct ctctgtagct caggctggtc cagactcaca     26100
     gcaaccctct tccttcagtc tcctgaatgc tgggattaca gctgtgagtc accacagctg     26160
     gttccacaat aaatgttaag aaaaagatga attagaagta tatatatata tgcatgtaaa     26220
     atgaatttct attttagtaa aaagaataac tatttatcat atatacttaa caaaatgttc     26280
     atgaacactg agaagggtat gctgggataa gaaatttcta tgttacactt ttccattttg     26340
     tttataatga aaatctctct acatatcact aaaattaaaa tatgcttata tagttgaaat     26400
     tgtgatctct gttaaaagct acttataagt caaatttagg aaatgaatct ccaagtatgt     26460
     gactgatata tgtaattatt gaatgaaatg aaaaaaaatt aattatattt attcatagtt     26520
     caccatttaa gacttagcaa aaaggcccaa tgttgcccca atttccaaac taacacattt     26580
     attctcaaca tgacattcag cctgacacac ccagacaagg ggcttgggcc aaggggcctc     26640
     tagctgcatg gatacgctcc ttactgggcc tgccagagtc atagctgtat gtaatgggat     26700
     ggtggtttat caaaagatct gatctagggc caaagcaaac aactgtgacc cacttccctg     26760
     agcctcgggt tgccatgcgg gcttatgtga gctcttgtca cgcacatgaa ggaaaagtaa     26820
     ttacccaggc agactctaga ggctcctaag ctgcgatatt taattcatga gatcagggat     26880
     gccataatcc gggtggtgca atagcaggaa caggccagca ggaattcggg gtcagaacag     26940
     atcaacaaac actccctagg gcagggaagc ggttctggca cacatttgtt agttaatcta     27000
     ttccttccac cgggatccta gagtgcacga ggactccatc agctcctgac ctttcacctt     27060
     ctcgacacag acccctcctc cctgtacttc agggcaggtc cttttacagg acctctggaa     27120
     tccaggtctc tccactgacc ccgctatttc tattacctgg tacatgatgg aggatggcgg     27180
     gggctcgata catggctgct ggtctgggag gggcagttcc tccagcaggt ccacgttgga     27240
     cagggcatct tccaaagtga cgtgggtggt catggctgcg gcgcctgtct ttcacactga     27300
     tggagaagaa gggagaattt tagacacctc caaataattt ctttgtcctc atcctgtcca     27360
     agccccttct ggaggtggaa agggtcaagg gtcactgagg tcactctcaa attccacttc     27420
     ctcacggtag aatatcttct acctacctac acctttaaaa tctgagtctc acggtcagtg     27480
     agatggctca gtgggtaaag gcactcactg ccaagccaga tgacccgagt ttgatccctg     27540
     gaaccctcgt ggtaaaggag agacccaact ctcacaagtc gtcctctgac cttcacacac     27600
     ccaccatggc atgtaccgga cactactaca tcatgtacac acaaaaataa taaattagat     27660
     aatatataca ttttgaggat aactcagctg agcctcatgc aagttagagt atgcccccac     27720
     atgagtggtg gagaagcaca gctctgggaa gtaatgagac atgtgacaca cacatggtca     27780
     agcaagcaag gacctggatt gatactgggc acagggacat gggccaggac tcctgttctt     27840
     cttaaggaca ttcatcaatt ccattcttag ataatggtaa aggagaaata tccatcatta     27900
     aacagccagg atgatcaagg ggacctgggc ctgggtttta taggctaata gagcagggac     27960
     tatataatag ttaacttcta taaaccagcc ttgtttgcat caatgaagaa gctgccatgt     28020
     cttcccgtgg cctgggaaca ttttatggac cacaccaaag taaccaggcc tcagtaggta     28080
     ttttcatctt ggacccaggc aggatgaagc tgattggatg ttaactcaac tccttgctgc     28140
     tttgctgcct ggcaaccagg gcagctaacc aacccaagct aactgctact ttaagaatat     28200
     agcaccctgt gagcagagga ttcttcttct tttttttttt ttaacacaaa tttacaggtg     28260
     aaaactgatc aaaagcttct aacgcatgac ttagggtata actcgtgttc ccataagtcg     28320
     cctccgaaaa tgatatctta aaccaggcat agtggcagat gcctgtcatg ctagcatttg     28380
     ggaggctgag acaggaggat ccagaacttg aggccagttt gggttgcaca gcaatttgta     28440
     ggcctgcctc tttacgcagc gactgacctc acactgcatc cctcaagtga aacaaagacc     28500
     aataccgtga gttaccacag tgcaatgaga taagaactca agcatacaaa ctggaacccc     28560
     cgaagtctct gaaaactcac gagcacgcgg aacttatcca cagtgatttc agacacaggt     28620
     ggtaattact tagaacttaa gagcatgaag aaaaatcctc aatacattta gtggagggta     28680
     agaaaagtgg agcttgggtc ttgagagaga gctcagcgga ccaggattct tgctgctcgt     28740
     ccagaaggcc tgagttcggt tcctagcacc caagttggct caaatccacc tgtgtatgca     28800
     gctccaggga atctggtgcc ctcttctgca ctaacataaa aaaaacaaaa aaacccccaa     28860
     acctttaaag aaagaaaagg gaaactccat taaccccatg ttgcacttaa agagatcaaa     28920
     aatttcaatc ccaaagaaac aaagccagag gagtcggcca tgacgaagac agcagaggtg     28980
     aacgataacc accacaaacc cccaaggctt acagaaagat cagggacaag gaagccaaac     29040
     ctttgctaca tgaataagag catgtagagg agtgctagcc tagccccaca cggaagtgtg     29100
     gttaaagggc tggaatctct caatgccagg gactgcgccc tgaaaaactg tgtccaattc     29160
     caggccacag gggctgcaaa gagctgtagt gtatataccc aagatcacac ctcaaccagg     29220
     catttccttc aggtccaagt ctggcagggc agatgggggc tgggctggta cagagcagct     29280
     gactaaattc acagtccagt gagtttcaaa cgcaccttct gggcatgtac cctgccagtg     29340
     gcccagccag cctccaggaa ggacacctgg aactcagcag tgaccttccc ctccgccttt     29400
     cttctcatcc ggactcaaat tctaagcgtg gtgctcaggt ctacagtggc atgactgcca     29460
     ggccacacca aagcctctcc tctgccacca cctcctcctc ctcctcctct tcttcacatt     29520
     aatatccttg gatttatatc ttacaaatta tgtgtatgcg tgtgtgcctg tgtgtaggta     29580
     ggtgcacatg tgtgcaggtg ctggtgaagc ccagaagaga gtatcagatc ctctggagca     29640
     ggaattatag gcagctgtga gcctccagat gtgggaacta aactcgggtc ctctgcaaaa     29700
     gtaatatgtg ctcttgactt cttagtcatc tctctagcgt ctctctcatt tctactaagt     29760
     ctacttgagg gagggataat aatttatagg gtatatgatc tatgactaca aagcccaacg     29820
     gttcccttca ttatgtcaga caataataat aataataata ataataataa taataataat     29880
     aaacctttct tgatgccggg cacagctagc attcacctgc ttgcatatcc tatcagccat     29940
     ggggactctg ctccatagac gagtggacag tcagtattta gaagcatagt attaatgggt     30000
     tctggctctg ttttcaccaa gaatcacaca cacacagctt aatccatatc tgctggggct     30060
     ccacccctaa gaccaagatg gcatcggtta aaagcatact gtttcgtcgc agtaagaaat     30120
     ccagactgct atttgctgat ccaactgcta tgaccaccat gccattggcc aggttgcgga     30180
     gagcaggctg tcgatcacac tgttggctgg gtgtgaagtg tgtaattgca gcggcctgag     30240
     aagtgcaaac atccatgacc atggagctgc tgcagccctc ctcagcgaag cccaggcaac     30300
     cgtaagacaa agcagcagct agcccatgcg aaccacacga acccattcat ctgagaggag     30360
     gatgcgtgca cacacacaaa caaacttatt gaaacaaaac tgtaagggca ggctatataa     30420
     agacagctga gctttgagga aggggaaaga agaaaggtga ggccttcagg gccagagaaa     30480
     cggtctagca ttccagattt tacattacta taaaatacgc attaaattta aaatgcaaac     30540
     ccttaaaaat aataggaaag aaagaaatga gtgtgtatag caacaaattg ttggtatagt     30600
     cacgtcaaaa ggaaatgttc taagtgattc tatgcttggg atgtgtgtgt gtgtatactg     30660
     tattagtgtg tgcacataca tgcacatgtg tgtgccaagt gcctgtgaca gccaaggggg     30720
     acattggagg atctcctatt ctcctgtcac tttatttact tccttgagac agggtttctc     30780
     actgaatcca gggctaagct gataacaaaa atcaatcaaa caaacaaaaa ccaaaaagaa     30840
     aagacttcag cgtctcctgt ctctgcctcc cgcagcactg ggattctagg cttttccacc     30900
     ggtgctcggg tggcaagcac tcctaccctc tgatggatct accatctctc cagtctctaa     30960
     ttcggtaatc agatggtaga tacaactggg atacagcttg agaatgacta aaataaagta     31020
     aggggaaaga aagtttagaa aaacacaagc tcactctctt ttcaatgcca cattggtgta     31080
     ttactgtgat gtttgaatgt attatgagga aaagagtgat tatgagatgt gttccgggtg     31140
     gtgttgagac aaaggcagtc tttttttttt tttttttttt tggttgattc tttttttttt     31200
     tttaatattt tttattacat attttcctca attacatttc caatgctatc ccaaaagtcc     31260
     cccataccct cccccccact tccctaccca cccattccca ttctttttgg ccctggcgtt     31320
     cccctgtact ggggcatata cagtttgtgt gtccaatggg cctctctttc cagtgatggc     31380
     cgactaggcc atcttttgat acatatgcag ctagagtcaa gagctccggg gtactggtta     31440
     gttcataatg ttgttccacc tatagggttg cagatccctt tagctccttg ggtacgacaa     31500
     aggcagtctt gacatggctg aaaggagata cacggttacg actgaagaga atcattaaga     31560
     cccaaataca gcaggaaaag gtattgtggt tagcttcgag tatgggcttg atacaacatg     31620
     agatcacctg tgagcagtct cagagagcga ctgtctacac tgggttgacc tgtagtcata     31680
     tcgatggggg attgtcttaa ctgagctgac taacgttgga ggacccagct cactgtgggt     31740
     agcaccattt cttagtcagg gagtcttaaa ctatataagg ggagtgtgta tgtattcatt     31800
     tctttttgct tctgagtgta caatgtgact agctgtcttg gggtcctgtt gctatgtctt     31860
     ctccaaggag acagattgca gcctggagtt gtaagctaaa ataaaccctt tttccttggg     31920
     ttgctctttg tccaggtatt ttactatagc aatatacatg aaactagcac aaatatggat     31980
     aagaagtatc cagaagaact tatatgttaa taaatatgca tatgtgagga gcgggtgtgg     32040
     cagcagtccc aaaggtgcca gggactgtag ctaagtcgta tgacttgcac ctgacttcct     32100
     cctataagcc acaaacatct tgagagctgc acaggtgcac caggatactg gtgaatccat     32160
     tttgatggag atatgcccct gctgccctga ttagctgaag ctgcgtacct ggtgaggtga     32220
     cgtggcctgc tgtgcgtgga tgggaactga gagtataaaa gagtgagagg cccagggttc     32280
     gggagagata taaacaagaa gaaacaggac tgaataaacg tgtgcagaag gatcctgttg     32340
     cagcgtggtt cttcctggcc agttgagtga gcgcaagatg catgcatgca catatgtgtt     32400
     tatattaaaa ttaaaacaca ttacaaagtc cacactgaca caaatacaca tatagaaaga     32460
     tacaaatatg atatttatat gtacagatag aagcatatac attcaagtat gtatttctgc     32520
     ccaccaaaaa agacctagaa acaaatccca acccataagc aacacgcacc ttcagtgctc     32580
     agtcgcagtc tgcaactatg acttcctatt aaggaactga atttgtgagt ccaggcctgg     32640
     ggcagaaaat gtccaggaag gttgagaact ttcctggcat cgcaaggaag ctgactcttt     32700
     aagatactgg ggctgagctg ggcatgtaat caatatggaa gatgatgcaa tgtcttcaac     32760
     aaataaactg aaaggggcag aggggtagag gggacagagg ggtgcagagg gtggatgggg     32820
     agaaggtggg ggcagggatg gaggatatgg aagacgcacg cctttaaatc ccagcactcg     32880
     ggaggcagag gcaggcggat ttctgagttc gaggccagct tggtctacag agtgagttcc     32940
     aggatagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccct gtctcgaaaa accaaaaacc aaaccaaaac     33000
     aaaacaaaac ccaaagaaca aaaacaaata aacaaacaaa caaaaaagat actggggctg     33060
     tagctgtatg tgcaacagat ccagaggaga ccctgactca agcttcctct ctccctggat     33120
     cggaccatga acatccatca cctaagccac agtggaccag aacaagagta aatgccttca     33180
     tatcactgag accatagagt taccaaatca aaacctggtt cttattcctt ggatagtgcc     33240
     tgtgatccaa ctgttgtgta gaaaatggga aaacacaatg agataacttg tctttcctaa     33300
     cccaaataga cttctgggta ggataatcaa ttcagaagaa aaaagacaca atttgttttc     33360
     cattcggaga caatgcctac tgtaacacct gctttccaac ccctaatgaa taagtgggtc     33420
     tatgcactga tcctcaaggg ggccagcatc actaaatgaa aacagccagg tgactcacat     33480
     gctgtctgat ggatggatac accatcacgt gggaagaatg ctggacccaa aaggaacacc     33540
     agaatctctt caatcctttg atttcaattc acattataac acattacagg catgtaatca     33600
     atatggaaga tgacgcaatg tcttcaacaa ataaactgaa ggggcagagg ggtagagggg     33660
     acagaggggt gcagagggtg ggtggggaga aggtgggggc agggatggaa gatgtggaag     33720
     ccgcacagca gtggagggct gtgagattta gtaacctgac acaatgtttg tttggagcct     33780
     ggttcaacta tttggaactc accaccccgc aagcaaaact gtaacactta gggaaaaaca     33840
     aacaaactgg aaactgaatc cggactgcac cctggatact tgggagaaac tgttatttta     33900
     gctgaaacgc agtatcagaa ttatgtttta gaagtgtttt ctagaaatat ctactgaaat     33960
     aggaacaaag tgacacaggg gttcacttcc caataataca agatggggaa gaaaaagaac     34020
     gtaatcatag gtaaggacga gggttgaatg ggtaaaggcg cttgcagcca aacccgggga     34080
     tccaagtttg cttccggatt catgtaattt gtcttttaac cttaaatata tttttacaaa     34140
     atcaggcacg tgtaagaact gttggtgccc tgtgatgcta gtaaggcgtg ctctctctct     34200
     ctctctccct ccctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctcctatc caattgtgtg     34260
     tctgtctgga actttctgtt aaagcctcca gctcagtgta agcacccagt ttttattgga     34320
     attccctgtc ccttcctccc tgcccccact gtcacttacc atggtccttt ctctcacctt     34380
     tcccctaaaa cctgggcttc ttcaggactt cataggctcc aaaaaacatc catttactag     34440
     aataaccctt aaggtgctcc ccttaaaaat agtagcatcc catagtttcc ttgaagaaag     34500
     tcagtacatg ggctgcctaa taaaaccaac aaattaaaag gctttgttta cataaggcgg     34560
     cttttctttt cttcttggaa ctacagcttc tgcaatggat ttgactctgc agctcatccg     34620
     ctgcctaagg gaggtggaaa tcagacattt ttagttcaag tgctggaagt cagtgccaaa     34680
     cccacataaa tcagaaagga ggatgttcta gaagcttgaa cagaggtata tgtgaaacca     34740
     agcgtgtctt ttttggcccg ggaggccagc ctgttatgca acctgagaaa actccatgtg     34800
     tctagtccat gcgcacgggc cgttttgtca ttttggaaaa gagagaaatg aattactcca     34860
     aattcacttg aggcctggtt cacctcaggc agttgtggtc tctcagcttg aggattcagg     34920
     gaagtttgtt taattcagtg tcttcacaac caacctaaag cccctggcct ggctgcccca     34980
     agagaagtag cagctctgag ctgataagta atttgcttct gagaggggaa ggcagaggct     35040
     ccaaggctga gatgactgac agaccgcaac aaggcagggt gaatcctggc accagtgcgt     35100
     gataggagtt aggagaacct ggttttggaa gtgcagggac tctcatttgc agctaaagta     35160
     ggatctcact gctacgctcc ttttgacaac ttctggaagg aatgagaagt aaggcagttt     35220
     taccaaggag gaatagcagt gggtgggtct gagggctggg tctgaagctg ttgctcagca     35280
     cggaaaagcc actggactgt aagctgttat ttaacccctt cgcaaccaca gtttccttat     35340
     ttgtaaaagg atcacaattt ataatagtgc ccgtcctttt ttttttttat tttaaagatt     35400
     cttttttttt ttttaagatt tatttattgg ttatatgtaa gtacactgta gctatcttca     35460
     gacactccag aagagggagt cagatctcga tacggatggt tgtgagccac catgtggttt     35520
     ctgggatttg aactccggac ctttggaaga gcagtcgggt gctcttactc actgagccat     35580
     ctcaccagcc cccagtgccc gtcctttgtt ctgagcattt tataactttt cagcatgtag     35640
     aatacttaac aaggcagcct gcaccggatt aagcattcag gaaataagtt gttagaagat     35700
     aaaagtagga attatcagct tacacaatta tcagcttagt cacaattcat gaatcacgcc     35760
     aagcctccat tctctgaaac agaccgagag ctctcaacag aaatcagaac agcaggtaag     35820
     gtgggagcag aaagacaagc accaagaaaa accatgacgg ggcagcaagc tggctcagct     35880
     caaagcattt gctgtgcaaa cctagagatc tgggttcaat tcccagaacc catataaagg     35940
     tgaaaggaaa ggagaaaacc aactgcaaag ctaccctgcc tttcacacat gcgcacatga     36000
     ctctccttgc aagtgcagtg cacacacacg tatgctcgcc tagttagctt tttgttgcta     36060
     tgaaaaatct ctgcccaaaa gcaacttgga gagaaatgaa ttcatttaac cttattggtg     36120
     atagatcatc atggagggaa gtcaagactg acacttaagc aggagcctgg aaacaggacc     36180
     acaagggaca ctgcccactg gcttgctgag ctacttttct tataaggtcc aggctcacct     36240
     gcctaacgga tggctctacc cacagtggtc tgggccctcc tgcatcattg gcaattaaga     36300
     aaattcttga ccagtgcaca cacaatgcac acacacactc acacactact aaattttctt     36360
     tgtttaaaga ctggcttgca tgagattact tttttgtaaa ggttaaagca gaaagggtct     36420
     tcctgattgg actaactcag ccaaattagg atctcctgtc ttcagaagaa tcaacaataa     36480
     caaacaggct tgtttgggaa tgcagccctc tgctcacact aaagcagagg cttctcactg     36540
     cccagcactg aaggccatgc atggcgtgta aaccacagag taggtgaaca cggtcgtgat     36600
     ttccccactc ccccaccgag gcaggccttg tcactaagat gtctgtatga ctctttcatc     36660
     ttgacttccc atcagcactg ccccacaaat tcaagagggt agcagctact atctgatgtt     36720
     cttcttagat caccgttact gagaaataaa tgcattcatt catgctagtg attggcagag     36780
     gccaggctca caggatatct ttctttctag ttccgtgtta ttttaggcca tgcctgcttt     36840
     tgtatctttt tggaaaatgc taagcacatc acctccttcc caggttggct gcttttccaa     36900
     aacttcctca ggaccacaaa actctcctat gttggaaaga tgaggaaaca gtcatttggg     36960
     agattcacaa atatctagaa gccgggtagt ctccttctat tcagctatcc agctagagga     37020
     cacacacaca cagagacata tacttacata agcatatata tggaaaatac tatgcaaaga     37080
     catgttaaag tataaaacaa ttaaaagggt ctcattagta taaaatggga tggcatttgg     37140
     gtaagcaagc aaaaccatcc tgcttgtagc agagggtggc aggaagcttt gcgggcatag     37200
     aaagtggtca cggcagggta cagctccatg gagacccatg ccccggagtg gagccccttc     37260
     ggacctcaga accagccgag caggcagacg cttatgtatg ctcatctcac ggggattcca     37320
     gagtgtacca cgctgggccg tgcagcctct gctgagtggg ttgggtgtga agagctgtac     37380
     aggaacagtc tgcacagaca aaggccaggc ttcccagctg tcaaccctgt gggaaccact     37440
     cggagctgct tttaggggat aacctatact gaggcttctt atttttctct tatgatctct     37500
     tttaagctaa gaaatgaaga ctaagggtat acaggtgtat aaaacaggta tggggctggt     37560
     gaggtggctc agcgggtggg agcgctggtg cgcttctgag ggttctgggt ttggatccta     37620
     gcaaccgcct ggtcgttcac aaccatccgt ggtgagatct gacgccctct tctggtgtgt     37680
     ccagagacag ctacagtgta cttacatata atagtgaatg ggtccttggg ctaaatcgag     37740
     ttgggccaga gtgagcacgg cccaagggag cgggttggag tgagctaacg gccagagcaa     37800
     gcaaataggg ctgtcagcca gcagggccag aaccagcata gatcctgagt tcggttccca     37860
     gcagccgcac ggtggcttac ggccatctgt gcagctgcag tgcactcata tacatgaatg     37920
     agtgaataaa tctttgaaaa aaaaacaggt gtgcaaatca aatgttttga ttcgaaatgt     37980
     tttcagggaa attcattttc aaacaatttc ttggcattac ataccaaact atcatatatc     38040
     aaagatgaaa gtggtttgca tgatgataag ataaatgtgt gtagtgtgca tacacaggta     38100
     gatgcatgtt cccatgtacg ttagcatgtg tgtgtgaaca tgcatgtgga ggaccaaagc     38160
     tgacatggca tgtattccac aaccactttc tatcgcacac acagaggtag cacctctcta     38220
     atccagaacg tgcagacttg gctagtcttg ctagccagct tgctcaaagg agcgggtctc     38280
     caggctccca cctggacttt gacaccggtt ctgggaacca aaatctgctt ctccagcctc     38340
     cctgccccca ctgaggtcct cactgagcca tctctgtgga ccctgtactc gtttattgtt     38400
     acgtaaatat ttcaccctgt aaggtacagg atatcgtcaa tgtttttcag tttgtctaca     38460
     gtttggtttt ttatttgtca aagctgaaaa cgcatttcag aagtagatac tacagagtaa     38520
     caaatgcaaa aaaccaaaac aaaacaagaa acaacaacaa acaaaaaagc atgtttagag     38580
     ccattttgga aattgttgga aattctgtca taatctcaag ccaaaattca tttcaccccc     38640
     ccccccaaat gcagtaactc agacagcaat tttaacaatc gaacattcca gcacaatgca     38700
     actggatgga gtatgaattt gttacatgct gaggaacaac agaagaaaat gttgaaagtg     38760
     tttgttttct gtaattatac cttgttgctt tttacttggc caaagtaaac tcactacaat     38820
     tggagctgaa gagatggctc agtggttaag agcactggct gttcttccag aagacccagg     38880
     ttcgattccc agcacccatt cagaagctca caactgtcta taactccaat tctaggggat     38940
     cttacactct gtgagcgttg tatgcatgta gtgcacagac atgcatgtca gcaaaacacc     39000
     cagttacata caattaaata caaggagcag gtaacggtgc ctgctgacaa gtctggtgac     39060
     tggagctcag tctctgagac ccacacagta aaaaagaact gactcctgcc acttgtcctc     39120
     tgacctccac aaacttgcta tagcacatgc tcatatgtgt gtgtgtgcgc gcacacacac     39180
     agcccataaa taaatagtaa gtggataaaa tataataaaa ctaaaacttt gtaaatggat     39240
     attcatagca acattcaaca caactgtcca gaagtccagg aactctgaat atccttcaac     39300
     tgacccatca ataaaactgg taccactgta aacatgatag tattcagcag tccagataca     39360
     tacaatgatc ctaaatgcat gcatgaacct tgaaaacacc atgctaagga caaaaagatt     39420
     cacagtgtat gaatccattt atacagtggg tctagaagag ctatggagac acaaacggac     39480
     ttgtggttgc ctagggttgg gtgtgggttt ggaggaaatc ggtgtatgag gtctctctcc     39540
     agacatgtgc taaaatattc tgtgactgtg gttgcacagg tttgttactt actacaaatt     39600
     atggaactgt atggtttaaa tagtagttgc caggttatcc aactatgtct taacaaagct     39660
     gccccccccc ccaattagta tttttaggaa ccaatgggta taacataaaa aagttgggta     39720
     cagagagagc cagagatgaa gcaggagaca gtgggaggga taaacagagt gacagccaaa     39780
     cccctccctg tcgcatggaa aacccctaaa tcggctgtcc agcctctccc ttgcctggtt     39840
     gttgtctctc tgcgacacag tctcattgct ctagagctga cagagatctc ttggtgttgg     39900
     aatgacaggt gcgcatgccc acctccacgc ccacctccac gcccaccgca cagttctcat     39960
     ctcacactgt gcttctgctg cagctccact ctgcaggaaa gacgtccaga tgataggaaa     40020
     ctgctggggc aggggcaaga tagactttga agttcaaaat gaacgacaag aaaaaaagag     40080
     tagctatcct acagagttct cttcccagtg acgcaaaaac caggcccaga catgactctt     40140
     gcacgcagtg acttgtctgg ttaaggacta acacagcaat ctgggaagac agagtttgat     40200
     gcagcaactg acatttaact tgacatgaat taaaaaaaaa atctaaactt tccaatggaa     40260
     caaaacacga aacaagaaaa gaaagagaac atcacttttg gcttgctttt atcagtgaca     40320
     aaccttaata atatagatgt tttacgttaa aacagagatc tcaggagatt aggaaagggg     40380
     gtcggggaac agggtgtgat ttatggcaac aggatgatca atttggaaaa gacttaagcc     40440
     tagagcagcg gtctgagcac atcagagact aagatgcagc tactcgaaga accagcccct     40500
     aagggaagcc ccgctctgca aggctgtcct gcaccacgga gacttttaat actttatttt     40560
     ttttcaaaag catatgcatg tattgctttg agcagaattt taaatttgac tctgaaatat     40620
     taacagccca cagaacagtt gagacacctg gcagtacaca gcccctgctg gctaagcagg     40680
     gcctcatggc ctatcccctg ggagcagagg ccctgccacc tgccacctgc agcagctctc     40740
     ttctcaggga acctgagggt ggagcagaga agcccaagac agcctcccct tgagctcctg     40800
     cagaaagcct atccagcctg cttgtttttc tacaaggacg cagcgaaaca gaccttggag     40860
     caaagggcct tgccatttca ttggctgctt ttctcagttg cttcctgtgt tggtgggtag     40920
     aggaaggcat tttggtgaca accaaaaagt cagcagatgc cacaagctca gggccacagt     40980
     ccccagtcat ttatgcaggg gaggtcatct agccacagca cccacctaat tttgccctga     41040
     gtagggatca cagcagaatg ccacacgagg aaccccaatg ggacttgtat gtaaagaggg     41100
     gagtgagcta aaggaaccat ctgctgagga aaacaagaag ggactttcag gcttggtctc     41160
     taggttggag gatgcagaac ttgcctccat cactggggac ctgaaacctg aacacggctc     41220
     cgagactgac ttaggctccc aaagcactca ctgtgaactg tggagattga gctctggggg     41280
     ctgggggtgg ggtgggaggg gggcagctca gtacgcacag tgcttagtgt gcaagcattc     41340
     agaactgagt cggatcgcca ggacccatat tttaaacggt aaaagttggg cgtggtgatg     41400
     cttgcttgca atgctagtgc cagagaggcg aggacacgtg aattcttggg gctcactagt     41460
     cagcctcact agtgaatgat atccatggtt gcacggtcga cccacagcct ccatttgcac     41520
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacaa gaaaatatag gaaagctaga     41580
     gtgccggtag cctccaccgt gatgtcagag gctgtgtggt aggatttgtt gcaactcaca     41640
     gttcaagcac tgaggtctgc aaacatgctg cattttgtaa agcaggagga gaggtttcaa     41700
     agtgtcccca ccatatcaca tctaacgtgt ttgtcctttc tgcagagcgt ggaaaggttg     41760
     atgcggtcac atcaatcatg tgactactgt acagcatgta ggtttagaaa aagaaaagaa     41820
     aagaaaaaag aaaatgactg tacttggtct tttctccctg ggcctttcta acccgtgggc     41880
     aaatgattct ggtgctaggt gggacatttg tctccatata aggagcatgc ttaaagctac     41940
     acttcctcag cttggaccat ctgcccacgg tggccagagt atacagggtc accagtctct     42000
     tcaaggacat cctggctgtg tgtgcctttg ctcaaaccac agccacagct ttgtggcttg     42060
     tttcctcctc ttctcaagtc ctaccctgtg tccagaccca ggccttgatc gacctattct     42120
     gaatgtaagg aaaacgttgc tcatgtaggc aatggaatgg gtttttagcc ataaagctaa     42180
     aatcattttg tgtgcagaaa aatggacgcg actggagctc atcaaatcca gagaattaag     42240
     acagtctcag ataaggcaaa tgttacacgt cttctctcat tcatgggacc tagattttat     42300
     acagatgcat aaaatctcct atgaacagat cgggaggaaa ggagaagcaa aagtgtctag     42360
     aggaagggac taatgtggtg gggggaggaa gagaaaggtg atgggcgagg tggggtaggg     42420
     gatgggggtg gggaatgctt gaagtaagct acacgctcgt atggaaatgg ccctgtagaa     42480
     gccagtcttc tagaataaca agaataaaca ggtcagcccc tctcacagca gctatactct     42540
     cccacactcc cacagaactc atggtgtgga actctcaagt ctctcatcct gtcactaacc     42600
     gcttcataca cttacagact ctctgggtta ccaccgatgc caggaataga cttcttttct     42660
     gggtctgact cctccaacta gcacaggggg aggggcactg ggcacggcat attcgtcaat     42720
     gtttaatgat gtattgacta tatgagccaa tgacccaaat tcatgtctcc tgttgttttt     42780
     ttgttgttaa gaatttgaaa caatatcatg gtccctcgag gcaccacatc ttcagaagcc     42840
     ttccttgtct actcttccaa gaagctaagg aaacctctgt agatgattct ctcatgcttt     42900
     agtccctatt gcctactata tcatgtctcc ttcccacatg gagctgtaac agatttggac     42960
     actgagggga gacttttaga ttgtaattat tacctcacga ttcccacact gctggagtcg     43020
     atcataaagc atcacatttt aaaggcacac acggaagtat gcctcagtac tgagataatg     43080
     agtttctgag atgagggtct gccctgtata ctctttgagt ttatgggctg tcttagggtt     43140
     ttactgctgt gaacagacac catgaccaag gcaactctta taaggacaac atttaattgg     43200
     ggctggctta caggttcaca ggttcagtcc attatcctca aggcaggaac atggcagcat     43260
     ccaggcaggc atggtgcagg aggagctgag agttctacat cttcatttga aggctgctag     43320
     cggagtactt gcttccaggc aactaggatg agggtcttaa agcccacacc cacagtgaca     43380
     cacctactcc aacagggcca caccttctaa tagtgccact ccctgagcca agcagatata     43440
     aaccatcgca caggcctttg gggaaagctg ggcaattctc tcagtcagcc ttagcttgtt     43500
     tcttaattcc ccctcccccc cagagggacc tggtccaaac tttggagttt cctaaggtcg     43560
     cctcatcagt ccatcacctt tactttctgt agaaagcctc acatcctgtc acagttcatc     43620
     gtaactgtca acataacagg atgtaaactc tgaaagtgac tccaggaagg tttgactaag     43680
     gagggaacgt ctaccctcgg caccgagtga gtggcacctc cccatgggct tcatcacaga     43740
     ataaatagaa agaaatattg atgatgatga tggtggtgac gattaataaa taacaagctg     43800
     agtaccaaca ttcatcgttc tccaactcct gactcagcat acagtgtgac cagctgcttc     43860
     atgctcctgc cgtcatgatg gcctgtaccc ctttcaactg caaaccaaaa gaaatccttt     43920
     cttccttaag ttgctcttta tcgtgtgcat ttttgtgaga tttccagccc tcctagggat     43980
     tggagtctga gaatttctac tgtgagaaga ctggctgctg aggtcagcac ccaatcaaaa     44040
     tgtgccaccc ccaatgaggt catcactggg cctcttcctt ttgggaggtt ctatttgctt     44100
     tcctctgtca tcatactgct tctgagatga cacgaggctt tcaaagtgcc acccaggcag     44160
     catgagccct tcaagaaagt ccgctgcagt cagctctgtc ccctgaaacc atttctctca     44220
     agaatctgca cttgattcat ttctcctctg ttgccagggc ctaaaaagta ctgcttcagt     44280
     ggatgtcttc tgtggcaaat cacacgcaca gtttacaatg gccatagctc caaggctacc     44340
     gcccgaactt ttgcatcctg gcagataacc ttcacaccct gagtggatcc tgatatgttt     44400
     ttacacacat aaggacatta cagaacctgt gagccacaaa gtgcctttcg gtttcttttt     44460
     ggctccaagg cacagagaag ccacagaacc aactcttaaa actgacacgc aaaatacact     44520
     taataaatcg ttcctttaaa aacagaggca tgcatccaaa agaggcatgc tcgggagtcc     44580
     cgttctcttc ctctttccat gacttcttct ccacctgggg cttcacagac attatctcat     44640
     cccagggctt tggtggcaac agataggtga caggcttaat ggaccgcttt ccattgctca     44700
     attgttgaag tcggaaaagg cagtggccaa gttaaaggct ctcaggaagc ctaggaggaa     44760
     tcccagtcct agcctcactg tgctgccctg tccatcccaa gcttgccctt gacatttttg     44820
     aattggttgc agaatgctga atacacagag gaagacattc ttctccggct ctgtgtgctg     44880
     aaacgtgaga attaccgctg ctctcctgcc cccacccggt cctcctgcca actcaagttc     44940
     aaccacgttc actttcagca gttgccaggt gaagccctgg ccaacacctt gtctgatcac     45000
     atgcctttct aatgtctctg gcacgtacct caactgatcc agcagaccaa gtccccttga     45060
     aaaagcacga ttcaggtaag tcccgggagt gaagaggtcc gagaggaccg tgaattgact     45120
     atgcacatga accaaattct cggcgatcgt gtaaatactg catcgcagca ataggggtat     45180
     aaataggaga ccgattgtgt gccacacact ctattcagag ctttcgtgca tctttcattt     45240
     aataagaaca tccaaagatg cactggcccc tcccccacca cagctggcct ccgagtcaca     45300
     ggattcacag tctgcaaggc acaaactgct gccttcccca tccaccaacc acctccagct     45360
     acaatcgcca aggccattcg ccggacccta gatatagctt tgcttctcaa attgacaaga     45420
     ccaaaggcct ttcacaaagg ctccaatgag gtgactgaca tctggtttcg tcaactataa     45480
     gtgaataatt aatacttgcc agtaaagaaa tagactcatt gttatggtgg ccacatggag     45540
     gctacagaaa gagcattttg tgaagctctt ggtggaaccc tggggctaac agtggtccaa     45600
     agaagcctct ttgagcatgg aggccggggc tgagatgtga ggacaggagc cctatactgt     45660
     tttccagcaa tactgttccc aatgctaatt agcctgttgc ctattcatca cctaatttag     45720
     ctttcaggtc aatggcagcc tcagaggccc agtgaccact gagggggcac gataatcgaa     45780
     gggtgcactt ctgttaccgg ggcccttggc tagctgttaa attacttctc catgtgatct     45840
     gatctgagca agagtctcca aacctgtgcc ccaccccacc ccccacttct ggcctaatgc     45900
     ctaactcacg ctttttcttt ccattttcca ccacattagg gaacaaggca gtcttgggtt     45960
     cctatacaac cagtcagaac tggccaggaa ctacaataaa gaagattagt gagctaatgc     46020
     caccggcctg gggctcagca agcagaagta cccaggggca ctggctttgt aagcagcagc     46080
     gtgctgtctg tggcttcgta actgtcaggg cagatggcag ctagctccag taaggaactc     46140
     tccatgggca catttcacac cccacgggca aggagagact ggtgatcaac aaaagccttc     46200
     tgctgacagt aacccctgac ccctctctct ctctgcctct ctctctctgc ctctctctgc     46260
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctcatacaca cacacacaca     46320
     cacacacaca cacacactcc tacagtactc ctgcccacca ggccaaagca gccctgacag     46380
     aaaacgaagc tggcagctgc cacataggcc attctgacca cagtatcagt gccacatcta     46440
     gcttacatcg gaaagtcaac cattagagat agcaaatatt ttgacttcag ctctgcttcc     46500
     tattaaaatg tctcctatcc tcggcttcct ttctgatccc atgacttaag aagcgcctgc     46560
     tctacatcca atgggaaaac cttttgtatt tagctcttca agataaatac cactcactgg     46620
     ctcctttctc aagcaagttt gacaggagag aagggaccca aggagcatcg ggtggagggg     46680
     gggaaagcca cagaaggggg gatggtggta gggacaacta ccttcaagga cttacaatcc     46740
     cgactataga tattaatcta tatttttgtc ctccgacaat ggcgggaggg gggggtgtca     46800
     ctgagtgcta ggcaatggtt cttgcagggc ctgtgcccaa gaataaggct ggtcacttct     46860
     aagggaaggg gtcaagaggt agaaatggtt gcttaggagc aacagtcagt cgtcagtctg     46920
     atccctaagt cttcctgccc aactgtgggg ctgtgggcac taaagaattg ggctagccaa     46980
     gttctaagtc tggactggaa aacacccaga tagtcgcggg agaaaaccaa cagtcggttc     47040
     aaccatgctc cctgccccca cccttagcca caagctactc ctcttcctgt acacacagga     47100
     gggcttacct tcctgaaggt gatgtggcaa tctcccacaa cagacaggtg ggcagctaaa     47160
     tacgaaggaa accttgaccc ctaggattcc atcaccccac ctttctcctc cccaaagcca     47220
     tccaggggag aggcgctagt ataggccaga acgcttcgaa gcaggtcagc catgcctccc     47280
     ggctcatcag agctttcctc tcccaaaccg tgccgctgtg gccccggccc cacccggctt     47340
     cggttcaccg cgggcgccca gtaccccctt gcctgtcagg cgggcccagg cagctctctc     47400
     tggccttggc tgaatgatgg tggccgcgac cgcagaggcg gggactgccc ggcgatctgc     47460
     agtatgtagg tgcagggatg tagccccctc tgggcttgtg gcccctgcag gtatccctgg     47520
     tccccgagac tatccctgcc tctttttagg gcgggtggct ccggcccagg ccacgcacct     47580
     gctgtggctg ccgctgaggc tgctgcgcgg agctctgcgc tgtacccacg acttctggaa     47640
     aacgctccct gcccagggcg cccggggcgg ccgaggggag aagggacaac acaggcctgt     47700
     agcccggcct ccagggacct gaagccgtgt agcctcgggc gccaagccaa gcgcccccaa     47760
     cgggctggga gaagtggcgc ccgcccctcg cgcatcctca ggaacgcatc caccgcctag     47820
     gcagcatttc ggttcctgca tcagccctgt tgtctccgag agtcccttac ctggctcggt     47880
     ggcaggtcca ggggagggac ccgaggctac cgcagggccc cgcgccgggg cgcaggatgc     47940
     ttagccccgc tccgccgctg cgccggcgga ccgccgcgcc ccgcccgcgg ccccgcctct     48000
     ccgcctgccg cggctcctcc cctggccgcg gtgcccagcc ccttcgccgc ggctgctgtc     48060
     acacaaagag ccggaaatgg ctgcggcgag gggctccctg cgcacccctg acctgcaacc     48120
     tcctgaaccc ataccttcca gccttagagt atccagcctc cggactctgg aggtggagga     48180
     gggacgactt tcctgctgcc gcctgcatca ccagcgacac ctgccactcc agaaggaagg     48240
     aagcgtcagc tcctttcgca tctccccggt gtcaaattat tttcatatag tcatttattc     48300
     accacatctt tatcgactac ctgttttgtt ccaagcatct tgccaagagc caggcacgca     48360
     ctagtgtgca gtagagcccc tgctcgcttg gagcttatta tttgccagca ttaactgacc     48420
     taacaggagt ccaatgacag ctgctttccc aaagaaggga gcaggctaag tgagaggttg     48480
     agcccttcca ccacttgaag aataacttcc cagagggcac gggctcagag ggcacgggct     48540
     cagagggcac aggctcagcg ggagaaagcg cttgcagcca agcttgatga tgacctgagt     48600
     tcgattccca ggatccacaa ggtagaagga gagagacagc ttctgtatat tgtgttctga     48660
     cctccaccca catgcatata tgcacattac acagacacac agacacatac acacacccat     48720
     acacacacac aataaataaa tgtaataatt taaaaacaaa gagaaacatc tacttccttt     48780
     ccatttctta gtgtaaaaat gtacagctat tatgtgtgtg tgtgcgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     48840
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcgcg cgcgcgtgcc catgtcgatc ccattgaggt     48900
     agaattgact cgtggacaaa atcatgataa gctgactttt aggcaaacct aggaaggagc     48960
     tgaggagaca gaagcctctt agatgctgct tagggctctt caaagaatcc attgctcctt     49020
     gagacataac tcggagggct ttaggtaggg atgaggccag ctgcattcag tcctgacctg     49080
     aacccacccc agcatggtac tgctctgagt gggagatgca gtacctgcaa taaagggaat     49140
     aatagttgct ctgggtacca tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     49200
     tatatatata tatatatatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg tatataaagt atttatttta     49260
     ttctgtgtgt atgggtattt tgattgcatg cacatatatg tgtaccgcat gcatgcctgg     49320
     tgccaagaat aatctggaac tggagataca gataattgtg agatgccatg taggtactgg     49380
     gaattgaact caggtcctca agaggagtag ccacggctcc caactgctga gccatctctc     49440
     cagcctgccc tcttagggga actaattgga aagtacttga gagcctgatt tatgtataga     49500
     gcaacaagga ataaaatctt gggtcatgag aaccttctcc aatgcttgcc agacgccaca     49560
     aacttagact tgcacagttg ttccctgtaa atggctactg atagaggagc cactgtatgc     49620
     aaatctcagg caaggacttg agaagactta gctgcatctc acatgcttcc cccggggctc     49680
     agaaaccacg ctcccatgtg gtttgatgtt acatcacttg tctaatttaa actgctattt     49740
     cagaagcgat gacttacata tatagcgaca cacatacatt ttccccccct tctgatgcca     49800
     tgtgagaaag ctgtgggggt gtttgtgggg gatggcttta aaaacagaat tcaggtttcg     49860
     tcttacttta aaattcattt tttttcaacc aggatcctca ggatttcagt ccacagtgac     49920
     tgcagacgct tacgaatgag aatccccatt ccttgggttt tcatcctgaa aggcagatta     49980
     tttgaggcgt ttttatcttc tcagagacat atttctccat gttgctcctt ctttgtcttt     50040
     tctcttttca gagagaatct gtttggaaac aatagcacaa aacaactgat attatgtatg     50100
     tggttgtatg ctatgccatt ttattttccc tggctgctgg gttctatctg cccgtagagg     50160
     aggtgcacca tgggcttttt acattaaatg ccacagacct gcctctgtgt ttgagttttg     50220
     caaccaactg aagagcaatc ttaagcaaga cgttttacct ccctctcccg gtttccccat     50280
     ttataaattt aactagtttg gctacactcc aacatgcctc tgtatgcaga gaattacata     50340
     agttgaaaca gagggtgttt gcttctcaga gtaagggtgc ttcattagct tcacacggcc     50400
     cttgggacgg aacccagccg ctagggtggc ctcataggga cctcatgatc tatggtctgt     50460
     caaggttctt cccatgtgaa caaatctgct atgattcagc taaaaggatc ccgttagttc     50520
     cctaaagctg atgtgttcta tcgtctgcct gacccttgca caagtcaagc ttcttgatgg     50580
     gaggctcagt tctctggttc cgtccttctt cggtgctttc tcctaggtca cctgcttgac     50640
     tttgttcatc ctttcggtat ctgccttgct gttactcctc ccaaattcct cctttggctg     50700
     ggctaggtat ggagtcatcc tttatgcttc catatcccat ttactccctg ggcatccttc     50760
     atccttctca tatcccattt actcttctgt tgtcacagct gtgcctacat ttggctgcat     50820
     ccctcaatta gactttatcc gagagcgaag ggatgtctat gtcttatatc ttggaggatc     50880
     ctcagagcct ggcatggact ctggaaaata acagttcaga aaaaatgggt tgaatgaagt     50940
     gctcaaggca aacccttcca cttgaccatt aaaatttatt tgtagctgtt tgtctgctac     51000
     cctcagattt ccttcatatc tcagctcagg cagtatggac agcagtgaga agacatgggc     51060
     taccgaggga gaacagctct gccatttgca aagttatagg ttatatatta gggttagcaa     51120
     cagtgcttgc ctgtagaaaa ggctctactg aaagaccatc accagacacg gctttatggc     51180
     caccagtagt ggagggacat ggatggaaaa cagaacataa taactattac ccagagcatc     51240
     actccattta acctccacaa ctactctatt aggaggatac aatcatgtgt ttcactcgat     51300
     aactgaagct aaagccagtt aagattcttg cccaaggtaa atgaatccaa acctaaactg     51360
     tcttccacaa ctgcatgcct cgtgcccttt cccagagaaa aatctctgta ttcatatgct     51420
     accttattcc aaaacacttt taatgttcat tgctgggaca gagtatattg aagttaaaac     51480
     ataaatgagc tggtataggt aaaggcattt gtggccaagt ctggtgataa gggttcgatc     51540
     cctgggcccc cacatggtag aagaagagaa ttgacttcct caaattgtca tctgaccttt     51600
     atatatgcat ggtgtcacag atgggcccac acacatacat atagtaagta taattaaaag     51660
     gaaaaataat taaaaaatca gtgaagaatt ttgtaagaag gaagaaaaaa aatgtgtaaa     51720
     tgcaaaaggg aggcagaact aattttaatt ccaaatggaa aaaaagacac ctccacatac     51780
     tcactgtgtg gcactttgta tttggttcta agcatttaca ttgctaggaa gcaaagaaac     51840
     acctcatcat cagtcatgca atttagatcg gtcactatat aatgctctgc attgcctcag     51900
     gcccacaaag gggaaaagtt acagaatgct gactggtacc agaccctagc tctttctcta     51960
     gggaagtagg ttgttttatt gtttcttaga ctccaaaatt atttgctaag gggaacattt     52020
     gtccagcatt ggtggtacat gcctttaatc tcagcactct ggaaggcaga gacggcagag     52080
     gcagaggcag aggcagaggc agaggcagag gcagaggcag aggcagaggc agaggcagag     52140
     gcagaggcag aggcagaggc agaggcagag gcagaggcag aggcagaggc agaggcagag     52200
     gcagaggcag aggcagaggc agaggcagag gcagaggcag gtgaatctct gtaagtttga     52260
     ggctcgtctg gtctataagg agagttccag ggaagccaga gctacacgga gaaaccttgt     52320
     ggagagagag agagagggga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     52380
     gagagagatt gattcacatt tcacctgact acttattggg agccagtcgc tgtgtcagtg     52440
     acttacttta ctgtcaagac attgctactc catccatcgg aaagacacac tctccctcca     52500
     cgctgtattc ttgtctctgc attgtttctg acacatcaag ggacctaacc tcccttgagg     52560
     ctctgacctt gatggtaaat tttaatgtaa acaaacccca ctacgatcat ttcagataag     52620
     agctaaaaag gaggatctta gaaaacttgg actgtgacag tgaaaccaag gcacagcccc     52680
     aggccccctg catgctcaga ggccggtggc tctataatgt tgtcacaaaa cggttgtgag     52740
     cactgggaca tggagatggc cagggctgac tcgagctccc attcttctac ttattaactg     52800
     taggacccta agtgatttcc acaactcatt gagccctggt ctctttattt gtaaaattgg     52860
     gaagatatta ctgtaccctc tccttaggca cttgtgcaag ataaatatac cagactaagc     52920
     agagtctggt acatggcaaa tgctcaagaa ttggagctac tgttgctatt attaaacatg     52980
     gactgcattt caaatgatcc ctaaggagga ctcaggactt tgattaagct tcaacagtcc     53040
     aaactccaca tccaaaagta tgtcagcatc ctctctgata ctgattcctc ctctggggca     53100
     ccccctcctg attttattcc acaaaggcca gggagagcaa acagccctag gcaacaatgt     53160
     gcttctagaa ggccaacatg ggaaagcaag caaaagtctg agttgtttgt ctcagtttat     53220
     gggcacatct acccccaaat cagtctttga gcaatttcta taatagctct gagggtgcag     53280
     aggggttggg agtgggttat caacccagag gacgaggagg cagaatctgt cagggtcctt     53340
     cagcaaatgc tcctgttagt gcacctgtgg tgtgctggct caggcttcaa gtctgctggc     53400
     tggttctaag gtagactaaa gtagggaaag aatgtggata tcctcttgca tgctgactgt     53460
     gcttgaagtg accgttcaca catcttctcc cagggaactc ccttcacact gtggctaaga     53520
     ctctctctga tgccttccct gcttcctcag atgcaagtac ttattctttg tgtgtttgct     53580
     gtttttgtgg tcatagctcc atctgataac tcaaaacaac cctttctaat tatagacaat     53640
     tcttgttacc cagaagttaa gttcagtaat gaccatgaac acagtatgaa ttcgtgaata     53700
     ctgagccatt gtttctaagg aaaagaaata aaggataagg tccctccatc ccttgtcaca     53760
     gtttctcagc caatcaaggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat tcttatttca     53820
     tgcattttcc tattcaaaac caacttcatt tagtgcactt tttgaggcag ggtcgtaaga     53880
     gtctgacctt taccacacct tgtagctgag gctcaccttg cccttcccac cctccgttca     53940
     cctccctgct cggattccag gcatatgtca taacactcac tttacatggt gctcaagctg     54000
     ggacccagtg ctttgtgcat gccaggcaag cactctaccc agctcctaat attcactttg     54060
     tattcattac atcatattgt ggttaacagc cctataacta ttgcttaaac caagcttatc     54120
     agatacattt tactgatttt ttcctgcatt ttttgggggg aaaaccccaa tcccttattc     54180
     ttccagtatg tggccatatc aagcactaaa tccaccaaca taaacaacat aaagcacaat     54240
     aatgtggcat taagtagatc acaaaaagac cacagaaaga aagctgagag agacaaaggt     54300
     gtagaatgtt ctgtttttat caactaggaa ctgcatgaag aacatcacaa aattctcata     54360
     gctatgaata agcctcagct aatagtcaaa tatagaatct acaaacagta aggccaagct     54420
     ctctctctct ctctccctct ccccctccct ctccctccct ctccctctcc ccttctcccc     54480
     ctccccctcc cccctccccc tctccctttc cctctctctc tctctccctc ttctctcctc     54540
     tctgtctctg tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt     54600
     ggatatgata ccagcttgtg aactccttgc aggaaagcct gatgtctgta cctgtgtctg     54660
     gttctcccat gcccactcct gaattcttac tttgctggct gcccccgaga ctcgcctctg     54720
     gaccgttcca ggagggtttt cttatcactt atccagttag gctggacaca catgaagttc     54780
     cagccataga tggggggaag ggaggacaga catcctctgt ccctcactca agtttctgtc     54840
     tcttcaaggt ggcatgcttt ggtgactctt tccatttcaa gtgaccacct catgcatttg     54900
     aaccctgagt gacaactctg tcagtccatt tggactctta taacgaagtc ccttggacta     54960
     ggtaattgta agcaacgtca gttcattttt cacagtggta gaggctggga agtccaggat     55020
     caaggctcca gaatattgca tgtcttgaga gctccttctc tattccctga ggaagacagc     55080
     aaggttcttt ttgctgcgtc tttacactgt ggaagagtga gggaacagaa acgtgccagc     55140
     taatctcaat tgagaaaatg ctcccaatca gactgacctg tgggcaaaca tgtggggtca     55200
     ttttctcaat tgatgattga tgtgcctagc tgtgctcaac gtggctggtg ccagttctgg     55260
     gctagcagcc ctgggtgcta taagaaaaca gggcaagcaa gccagtaagc agcactcctt     55320
     catggcctct gcttcaattc ctatctccag gttccaccct gacttccttc attgatagag     55380
     tgtgacctga gaattgtaaa ctgaaattac ccccctttcc ccaagttgct tttggctatg     55440
     gtgctttata acaggagtag aaactcaaag accatgaaga aaccaacagt ctctcccaat     55500
     cttcatataa gacaccaacc ctatttgcaa gagtagagtc ctcatgacct agctacctct     55560
     aactctgaaa ggtcccatct ctgaattgta tcactttgag agttaagtct cagaaggaat     55620
     tttggaggta cacacaattt taagaagtgg ctgtactcct tggttgttac tttcctctgt     55680
     gtcactcctt aggacatatt tcaaagtcac tttgtggaaa agctctcctt ctactgtctt     55740
     aaatcaccac ggtaggtgac tattcatgtg ttaaaataag tttatctcta catttatgct     55800
     aataatattt tcataattcc attgctttat aagctcaaac tacattattt cttggggaga     55860
     agcctttcta aaatgcttta aatttttttt acttatttac tttacacact gctcactgcc     55920
     cctcttccca gtaaccccct cccagaatcc ttccccatcc tccctcccct ctcctctgag     55980
     cagttgggtc cacaccctgt gggtatcccc cctaccctgg cacttcaagt ctctgtgatg     56040
     ctaggcacat cctctcccac tgagaccaga caaggcagcc cggctagaag aacatatctc     56100
     atgtacaagc aacagctttt gggatagcct ccattctagt tgttggagac cctcatgaag     56160
     accaagttgt tacatatgtt acacatgtct gttacatatg tgtggggagg cctaggttca     56220
     gtctgtgcat gttatttggt tgctggttca gactctgaga acaccaaggg tccaggttag     56280
     ttgactctgt tggtcttcct atggagttcc catcccttta ggggcctgca atccttcttt     56340
     ctattcttcc atatgagtcc ccaagctcta tccactgttt ggctgggggg gtgggtgtct     56400
     gcatctgtga gtcagctgct gggtggagcc tctcagagaa cagccatgct agactcctgt     56460
     ctgcaaacat aactgagtaa cattaatagt attagggaat ggtgcttgcc caagggatgg     56520
     atctcaagtt gggctggtta ctggttggcc attccctcag cctcttctcc attcccgtgc     56580
     ctgcatttct tgtagacagg ataaattgtg ggttgaaagt tttgtgagtg tgttggtgtc     56640
     cctattgttc cattggggtt cctgactgct acaggtggtg gcctctttag gttccatacc     56700
     cccaatgtgg cgagtcacag ctaatatcac ccctataata ataatgcttt tcttaatttt     56760
     gtggacaatt tcatacattt atagtgcatt ctaattactg tcatcccact ctctttttat     56820
     ctcctacctg tccatcaccc ctccccttcc ctacaagtct ctttcccaca gtcataacct     56880
     tttgttttgt tctgtgtccc actgacaggg ccatctgggt gaccacaggt ttggaactgt     56940
     ccattgagac ctcatgtact tcctaatggg catataatta aagacaacat ctatcagtag     57000
     cccatagttc agcagggagt tccaagcagg cccttctctc agaaaagaat ctccatatgt     57060
     cttccatcag gtctttgagg agttcatgca atgtgtttta atcacatcca cccctccccc     57120
     actcctccca aatccacccc tttccctcct gccctttttg gttttcactg atcaagatcg     57180
     atttgtgata cctatgcaat cttggatgca tatgaccttc ccctggagca tgggacaaga     57240
     ctttcaaagt gtttaaaact ctccctcgcc tggagtgttt tattaactgc caatagctcc     57300
     tctgcttggg gtgagacttt atgtctgctt ccctggtaca cgtcaggctt tggtctggcc     57360
     tgggcttgca tggggcttgt gcatgtagtc ataagtgctg tgaattcatg cgtgtccaga     57420
     gggcactgtt gtgttttagt cacctgccac catctggctc ttaaagtcct cccatcacct     57480
     cttccacaac gatccctgcg tctctggagg aggtaatgtg atacagacat cccatttggg     57540
     gctgagcatc agcagtctcc tactctttgt acttcggcca gttatgagtt tgcgtgttaa     57600
     tcatcattta ctgcaaacaa ccacctttct gaagggagct gagagatgca gtaatatgtt     57660
     tctgcaccag gtggagaggg taaagggttc ctggtggcga ctggtctggg gatctagcaa     57720
     attcaaacgg ctctggggcc ttgtccagtt gctgcagggt gagttgggtg ggggactggg     57780
     gttggacctc ggtgtcatcg tttaaatact caagacagcc actcacatcc acacagtgct     57840
     tacatcaccc ttagacggtg gttctacgga gtcagctttg atgcattaaa ctttcagtat     57900
     ttcccttaag gccattacta attaatatga attctcacct caaatcacat gcttacctgc     57960
     agatatgtct tcttctaaac tcacttccca tcttagttcc tgggatagtt ctgtctcttc     58020
     ctgagaatgc tgtgtgctgg gagactcagg gagaaggggc ctgcaggagg aattctgaga     58080
     aacaaatctg ttcagcctcc attagaactc tcccatgtga ctagatctca gtcagggacc     58140
     atgcccagaa ctgggtcctc cacacagctc agtgaaaggc acatgccttc ctccccctcc     58200
     ctaatgacgc atagagaagg aactggtgct ggcagtggac ttgggcatct gtgagctgag     58260
     acacatcagg agcccaacac acccaaaccc tgataaccag gcttgcaatc catggcaatg     58320
     tgaagaggag tagctactga ttactgtcag cagtgaccga ggacctctga cccacagtag     58380
     ctgcgtgtca cccacacagc agacagcata taaggatggt cagcggctca gcgctgtgag     58440
     cgagtaccag aaacaaactc gaagagttcg cttctcttcc atcgttgcct ttctcaattc     58500
     aatttattct actgttctca gaaagtattt taaatgcaaa tttgattctc tcttcctgat     58560
     caatgagatt tttacttaga aaatttcgat caatcacctt tttacctaga gagtaaaagt     58620
     tcaccctccc caatttttaa aatacactta gatttatcgt ttgtttcaat gtggccactg     58680
     ctggtcattc ttgccatcca acagcaacac tgaatgtata tttttacaca ctacactaca     58740
     cagagacaca cacacacact gatgccctag aaacaactaa taacttcccc taatagtcta     58800
     ttccttcaac ttgcaaaata cttttattat ttctacccac ttgctttcct aaaaatatcc     58860
     ataatttatc tccaaaacgg aattaaatat catattctct atgagagtgc ttctcaaatt     58920
     tagtgtgcat ggttcctgcc tggctcttgt taaaatgaag agttttcaat cggtgaagat     58980
     gaagccttag gcttacactg ttcactcata acctggctga tggccctccc tctgatgaca     59040
     gtttgaggaa tgaagtgtca ggaaatgtcc cccatgtcaa ccttgccctg accaatttta     59100
     tcactttttt ttcctagagt cttctttata gacagcactt ccattgttac ttcacttgct     59160
     atgttctaat cttactagat gccctagcct gtcttcttgg ctaggaactt ctagtcttct     59220
     gtcttagtgg cctgtgagcc tctgttccct gtgcagagta catgactttc agaaagcacc     59280
     tgataatgtg ctgggtgcat gtgacaggcc cgtgagggct acatagtttt tacttgtaaa     59340
     atatgagact gttaggtatc aaactcaaga acatatcaaa gcagacctgg cctccaggtt     59400
     ttcccagcat ccctcagtcc ctacctgtta cagcgcatgt ctggcaaatc ctgcccccta     59460
     ccctaaattt gtccaactga ctagccattt tggtcaccca gcttttttct tctaccctcc     59520
     ctctctcctc ccacctctcc tcacgtggcc cagctcagga tcacgtttac tctggactct     59580
     tccagatgtc tctctgcttc tggctctctc tcttatcttc agtaaacctt ctccaccata     59640
     cctaggagca gtcatgtctt tcctctttat ttcttttctt cttcttcttt ttttaaggga     59700
     atccacagct ttatatttca gaagtatgta atgttgttac ataataaaat ggggaagcac     59760
     aaaaggtccg agaagttgat ttgggaacag ccattccagg gaaaattgct gacctttggc     59820
     acagttccac ccacagcctt ttcctatgta atttttagcc taacttagat accgtgatat     59880
     ataaactcat atccagcttt cttaacacat cgcaccattt ctctcatatt aataaaaatt     59940
     ctttataaat gtaattttaa taaaaatatt tttcctttct tttttccttt ttctatcttt     60000
     tctttctttt cttctttttt cttttatctt tttgagacag agtttctcgg aatagcccag     60060
     ctgtgtagtc caggctggcc tcaaactcag agatctgcct gcctctgcct ccccagtgtt     60120
     ggtttaaagg tgtgtgcccc tatgcccaac ttaataaaag catatttcat aagagcatac     60180
     tgtagcgtgt ttagacacct tcctgacact caatacttaa ctgggagagt tagtgtgtgg     60240
     gagcacacac agtcaaggcc actgtttcct tgaaagattg tttttgtgaa cccaggagat     60300
     gatgcagaga ttgggtgaga cagagagggg aagcagctcg caggtcctgg cccaggcgct     60360
     ctagcttgcc cagaaggaaa tctataatgg cccgggacag tatggtgttg gccaccacca     60420
     gtcggaagaa gttggccagg gtcccatggg actggtagct gatcatcatg gttcccttcc     60480
     tcacgatgcg ctccttgagc acaggggcca cctgggacag cctttggctg taatctggtc     60540
     tctccttctc cccccccccc cacccgcagg ttgggaggca caaaccataa cttgggctcc     60600
     atgaccaact ctaatccttt ccacttttta atctcctccg ccaagtaccg ggtaagagca     60660
     aaggcctggt caatgtgctg ctccaaccct tgcccaccct gtgccttcca catgagccac     60720
     aggaaaccac gtgaccattt ttacgtaagc aaagtgaggt gtcaggaacc tggaactcaa     60780
     gtcacagggc ctatacttgt aaaacatgta gctttatata tatatttttt tccataagca     60840
     atgattgact tgtggccccc acagagggta agacatacct gcagtatttt ttatcatgaa     60900
     gacaagcaat aaatactctc ctgatctagg cataaataca tagttccaaa cattatgaat     60960
     tgcaaggcct acaaaataca tttcaaacca aaacctttct gtgaacacag ggcaccattt     61020
     acaaaaaaaa tgtaagacag aaaccagcag aagagaatcc catcttccca agcaggacac     61080
     tggagtaagc agtgcacacg cgtccatcaa agccttcgtg catgtgaggt taagagagcc     61140
     aataccaccg tatgggggcc agtctcctaa accacaccac agacttctct cggttccagt     61200
     gtttatcttc cagattggat gtcccagaaa tcgtctctta attaaggttt cccaaaagag     61260
     aataaacaga gatgattgtg gaccagttga ggaagttcat tttctgaatg acagagtttt     61320
     atctggacac agtgattaca gttggaagtg atgcatttga gcctcaagcc agcctaaatg     61380
     ccacgtgact taggaagagg gatctgtgac tctgatcatt tttctagggg ctttgtctga     61440
     acaccgcagg aaaatccagt gtgcctggca ccagggaatc ctccttctca caagagagcc     61500
     agctctaggt tgaagggata attacaggaa acagtctgca ggagactagt tgaaagcacc     61560
     tttgaagctc tagtataaat ggcctcaggc aatgtgactc tggtaggttg ggagaatgaa     61620
     agggttaatt ttgagtggct ccagggttgt gaactcagat ccaggtgagg gtgaagaaag     61680
     agaacagcct atttcaattt ggagggtccc actgggcccc ccagtgctct gagtaggagc     61740
     aacttggctg tggggtgggg tgcccattaa cccagacttt cctgtgttat gcgctcagcg     61800
     gcccaacctc agtaggaggc agcattgaga agagctaaga ggctacactg gagttatatt     61860
     cgggtgtcat ctcaatctcc gtccttccca gttctgtcac tggggcagct atccagcttt     61920
     taaaagacca agtccacttt ctgtaagaca tgaataatac ctcgtggttg ggttggtatg     61980
     aactgtgatt cgccagggat gacctgtgtg caggatatac acatgtcacc tgtgcgagtg     62040
     ccaatcagta ggagacatcc tgtgcatttt ggaagcaccg cccagtgctt gcctctttcc     62100
     ttcctgatag tttgggcaag agcaaacgcc ttcttccttt gctgggctct tgagagcctt     62160
     acatggcaac cttaagactg ctgaacccgt aaaggcttga aagaacccaa agtctcaaag     62220
     tcacaaggat catgacagtg ctgagtggat gccgctcctg agaggctgga atgatgaccg     62280
     ttctgtagtc actgcttcag catcctgcac agaacaggag atccagtcac acacatgact     62340
     caccgtgaaa cagggccgct gggtcaggga caacccaaag gcttcttttg cagctcttta     62400
     cttccaccat cagaggccct ctcattcctg accgacctca gacatcctgt ggtcctgccg     62460
     tggggtctga atgtgtcacc ctgccctatc cacccggtgg agctctctgt gccccatcaa     62520
     agagaggtgg cagtgtgctc tgaaacctta tggcatccgg cctctggcac aagcatccgc     62580
     tccgcctcat gtgaggcagg aagctgtggc tgacagcctt gaagtagtag aacaccctgg     62640
     tttaatcacc tcttgcattt cttagaaaaa gaatgatgct ttcccgctct tccatccata     62700
     aaatgggcac aatgtctcgt tgggccaaat taaaggttac ttgaattatt cttaaaagta     62760
     ataataaaga agagtgtggc ctacgtctgc ctctcctgat tgctaagagg gggaggggat     62820
     gctcccgaga gtgggcaatg gagctttgag tacagcatac gacaagaggc tgggatgggg     62880
     tggacacgca gatactgctc cagttgtggt tcagctgttg gctcagtggc cggccctcca     62940
     cccttttcta tgatgctgca gttgtggctg cataggtgct ggcaccatgg tccaggcacc     63000
     tgtgggggtt tctggactgg tggcagcttt taatgctctg gaaaaaggac attgttcctt     63060
     cactcaggat ttatggctgt gtctggtcaa tgagtccctg ctaaagccca gcttctgcga     63120
     tttcagccag ctggcttaac agctgggaga agggtggccg gtcttctggt ttctggagag     63180
     gaacagagag atgtttgtaa gttccaaatc ctgtgcattc aaactaagct taaagcagac     63240
     ctgaattaat accagcatcc cctctacatt caaaatatga ttccacatag gctgtattgg     63300
     aggcaagatg cccttattct ccataacaga gtctgacacc agatggtcta cttttacatt     63360
     tgcagccccc tttttaaaag agggatcaaa cccggaaccc tacacatgtg acactgagct     63420
     taaatctcag ctccatcatt catctgttgt gtgaacctgg acagatggcc caaacctctc     63480
     tgaacatcag ttttcccatc agtaaaacgg agatgaaatc tagctcataa gatggttttg     63540
     agaagtaatt aaaccatgca taaaatgtac cccaacggca ctaaataaca aaaaaggaaa     63600
     acatttatgt ttaaagctca cactgtatat ctaggatgtt tataaggaaa atataaaatt     63660
     atgttaaatc agagatgctt gaagtcacca ctagtgctaa gtcatctctg cttcacaatg     63720
     tgatctagag attcaacgca acggccaacc gaatctccca gcccgtgact gcatggtatt     63780
     gaccagctga ctctgaagtg tatatgaaga gacagaagtc tcagagaaca aatacaatga     63840
     agaccaaaac aaaaaaaaag cagagttacg gactgatacc acccaacctc agggtttcct     63900
     gtaaagttca ccatcgggtg acactggtag aaagataaac aatggatcag agggatagag     63960
     caggcccagc gagaccctga tgagcatagc aagcagacaa tgggatgagt tagagacaac     64020
     caacagtgct gtacccactc acccacatag gagccagtag ttcaagtaac aaacttggag     64080
     agctcacaat aagtagaccc taacctaaag gccaaagatg aaaccacagg acaagtggtt     64140
     tcaggggtga aatggggagg cagcctttat tggggtggga gagggaggtc agtaataggg     64200
     agaatgacag taaacaacac taaagatgtc tggaaaaagc catcaggaat catattactt     64260
     atttacctaa aattatatgc aatacatata agtctgtgta tacatatgta gtttaaataa     64320
     agttatacca cttgggctga ccatacccca caccaagaac cacagactaa caaaaatcta     64380
     aatactagac atgagaaact ccctttagag ttgctggtca tgggagtcca tgagactcca     64440
     caagcaatgt agacttgctg ttgccctcgg ctgcctcccg gaggttgaag gcaactgccc     64500
     attgctgaag acaccattca ctttggacat aagacatgga ggagccaagc tggctctggc     64560
     ctgaaagtct cttgccttag gtagctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt     64620
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttcttcct ttcttccttt cttccttcct tccttccttc     64680
     cttccttcct tccttccttc cttcctctct ctctctttct ttctttttct ttctttcttt     64740
     ttttcaagac agggtttctc tatatagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ttgtagacta     64800
     ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atccgcctgc ctctgcctcc tgagtgctgg gatcaaaggc     64860
     gtgcgccacc acaaccagca cttaggtagc tttcattgca ctgaaaggtg ctttgaaatc     64920
     ttccaagaga gggaagcagt gggcagtcca gcctagctac gatgcctata gaccacatgg     64980
     tttctagtac agcacaaaag cctaaggatg caggagagtc acgcacatcc tggcgggagc     65040
     caacagctct ctattagatt taaagtcgac ttgaaagtag ggaaatcatg ccctgtactg     65100
     gaaacatacc cagctacctg gggctggtga tgccatagag cttaaagaat aactatgaca     65160
     ctttataaac cagcttaatt cctaactgta ctcttcgtat ctatccttat aagtgtagct     65220
     ttcactcctc attaaaaaag aaatacaaaa aaaatatcca tttgccacag atagagactg     65280
     ttacagaaat ccacaagtgg ttaaatatag ggaataagta tatagctcca actaacacat     65340
     ctatgacatg acctctgtac ccacgactca ggaacattgt agaagggggt cagtatggtt     65400
     gcaagagcca gacgaccagg aaatctgctg tgagactgtg tctcttagaa atgacaggga     65460
     agcttcgccc atgatatctc aacaatatga ctgcctaaat gagatctgaa gaagtatggc     65520
     aacaacagac atgcaaacat ggaacgggga gaatgtctcc aggcctcacc cctgaactgg     65580
     gaattacagg caaatgagga acgctgggag tgggagaagt agtcttcccc aggaatgagc     65640
     ccactaagtg gttatccaag actgaggggc catccctcaa atcttataca gataagtccc     65700
     attaagtgga ctgagtaggt tttgtttgta tatttaagct tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatc     65760
     acatttcaaa agtgaccatg attttgagaa gatgcaaaga ttgagagaaa acaaaaataa     65820
     taaaattaaa tttccattag atcatattgg aagagatctg ggtttgtgat cagtcattag     65880
     cagcaacttc aaaagtgcaa ttcctggagg gaaatgatgc tgaacttgtt aaaactgaaa     65940
     cacttctgtt cactgagaga cccagtccag agggacagtg agatggctca gaaggccaaa     66000
     ctacttgccg ccaagtctga caacttgagc cccatccctg cagccacagg ccgcaggtga     66060
     gaaatgactc ttgcaagttg tcctctgacc tccgtagaca catactaaca atgtatgcca     66120
     cccttatggc tgtatagata tacacacaaa ataaataaaa aacataaagt aactgacacc     66180
     agtaagggct ggagaggtgg atcaggggtt aagagcactt gctgggatca gggtttgatc     66240
     ccagcaccca tagagctgct cacaaccatc tgaaactaca gtcccacggg ttctgaagcc     66300
     ctcttctgtc ctctgtggaa ctgtatgcat gtggtgtgca gtcacatcta caggcaaaac     66360
     acccatatac ataattttta agtaaaaaaa ttgaaggtat tactaagaga atgaaaagat     66420
     aaactgtagg cttggggaaa acatttgcaa aacatataat aataagaaac cctttaaaag     66480
     tcaagtatag gaaataacaa ccccactgag aagtgggcag agatgagcag ggacttcaat     66540
     aagattacag atgacaaaca aacaaaaagg cgtgcgacat ggccaagcca ctaaagaaat     66600
     ggcaattgag acaacagaaa atataattct ccctctcctt tgtacaacag agatgtccaa     66660
     cacaaccggt attgctatgt atgagaagca tcaggactag gcatggtggc acacaccttt     66720
     agtctctgca ctcagggagg cagaagcaga gacaggggta tctctgtggg ttcaaagcct     66780
     ggttcatata gtgaattcca ggaaagctag gactatatag tactaaacaa acagacaaac     66840
     aaaacaaaac aaaagccaga atgaaacaag agcaccagaa gccatcatta ctgctaagaa     66900
     tgcaaaaagg actcaggagg acaatctgac ctgtcaatgt ttagttatat atatattttt     66960
     ttgaggcagg gtttctctgt atagccctgg ctgtctaaac ataatgtcaa catatgaccc     67020
     agcaaccact cctaggcatt tacccaactg agttgaaaat ttttgtccat acatagattc     67080
     accttaaaag attcattttt agtaaatgct tatagcaggt ttacttataa tttctggaaa     67140
     ctgaaagcta ccaagaaagt tccttttgta agcacatgaa taaacaaact atggtatgtc     67200
     cacacaatgg agtactactc aacaataaaa aaaagtaaac aataaaaccc aagaatccac     67260
     acatgcagta cacattgata accacaccct gaaatatcat actgtactcc acatgtatgt     67320
     ataatgaaaa cccatttcta catataaaca cggacaaagt ctggcctgtt tattacggtc     67380
     atctttgacc cccatcctta taggtcatgc cctttctctc gtgatggagg ccctgaaaat     67440
     gtgtgttagg atccatggga ccttccttgt gtactgacct ctttccagca atgattcatg     67500
     atctggtaga catgacagga ggccaggcgg ggcttgtata accgaaagcc agtgctgata     67560
     tcttccacga cctcggaatt gcttcggttt tcgtatggga ttttgccttc actgaagact     67620
     tcccacatca gtacacctag aagcaacagt gagcaaaaca acagctaaga ggaaagtgta     67680
     tgaggaccaa agagactcat gcccgcccac aaacaacagg gccttgtagt gagtattaag     67740
     tccacccctc tagacctctt gaagtacagt ctcaggacca catgagcctt accaggctgt     67800
     cccttgattt ttttcattga ttgattgact gtcctatttt aaaatattta ctttgtgtgt     67860
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcgc gtgcgtgtgt gccatgtgtg cgcatgtgct     67920
     tgggaagtct agagtaacca ccagatcttc tggagcgact caggtgtata tgaaacacat     67980
     gaatttatgt ctagacttgg gtttcatttc caagctctcc cgctctctct cctatcctcc     68040
     tcccagctat aaatatatat atgcaaatat cccaaatcta aagtctgaac catttttggt     68100
     gttaggcatt ttatatacag actcttaact tgtttgtagg cactgaagag aaagcagctt     68160
     cccgtagtac atttctccac ttctgccgtt cattgagagg ctgccccagc tttgtcttga     68220
     cagagcacag accctcagaa aggaggggag gttgctggtg tcctaaccag agctttgcaa     68280
     ggggtaaaac tagaggacta gaggatggag ctccccgaag tctaatcccc aaacactcag     68340
     taagagtcag ctcctacact cgttcgagtg ggggacttct ggacctcatt ctaacacctc     68400
     ctcctgggtc actgacctgc aggctcctct gaggcgcccg caggacctgg aaattcagaa     68460
     cctgactatg acgaggactg ctcagtaccc caaggtctcg ggacttctag tgaggtgtct     68520
     tttgaaagtg tgttattgct gctgttgggt agtgacggct ttaatgtgaa ccctctgagg     68580
     catgggcgag gtggagttca tagaggctac tgacttgttc aagaaagcaa tggggtaagt     68640
     caaacagatt gcgtttatga caaaatccat ggggctacag caggcaggag gctcttagcc     68700
     tgcaggttgc tgtggtttgc acatgctact gtctgcctct ctcttccctt cctcttattt     68760
     tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgcctgtc tatccatctg tctgtctatc cgtatttctg     68820
     tccatccatt catccatctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctt ctttgccgga gacaggattt     68880
     ctctgtgtag ccctggtctc tctgtagacc atgctggcct ggaactcaga gatcttcctg     68940
     tgcctccttc ctatgtgctg tggttaaagg tgtgagccat tatgcccagc tgttcctacc     69000
     tgtttctgtt cttcacttgt ctgtcaacct cattcctgga ctctcttcaa atcacacatc     69060
     tcaagaaggg atgcatttta gactaacctt ctggagaaca cagtagacta cccttgggct     69120
     gatgctagga cttcccaaac tatgttctgc atgtgcaggt gaaggtacgg gtatggctca     69180
     cattctaaac atctttgtgg ggccacgcct tggttataga gtatcagtgg ctctataacc     69240
     cacagagaga tggccaccca ctggacctag ccttcctcta tacttgtgaa caatggtgca     69300
     aggacaattt cctccaagtt cattctgtaa cttctaccct gttaacagag taacagccaa     69360
     gctcagagat gtgtgtgttg aactaatgaa tagagcagaa agattcataa ttaacaagct     69420
     ttgggctcgt gggaatgggc actctaaagt gaagatctta tcaccagttc ttaccctggg     69480
     agaattgatt caccaccatt tcccttgctt gtgccactga agtctgtgcc ctagcaaacc     69540
     tttcatatgg aatgacaatg tcaacaggaa gcagtttttc tccaaagtgc catctttaca     69600
     gccttcatat caaagaggtt atttggtata ctttcaagca cactgttagt gtgcagaaat     69660
     tatgagttag gctgatgtca aacccagcaa gctatttagc ctttcccaca tgcatgttaa     69720
     catcattcat tcattcatac atacattcat tcattcattc gttcattccc acctactgta     69780
     actacctttg ctctccctct aactcagtaa ctcttgttct ctggatgcag ctgagttcct     69840
     atgcttgcga gtccctgtca gggacacagc tccatgaata tttgatttgt tcaagagttc     69900
     cttctagaaa ggcctctcca gagcataacg aggtaaaaca gacccttccc caacccaaaa     69960
     ttctctctgt accagtgttg ctttatttga gccacagcag gtagtgaccc acactccact     70020
     gtagctttca cctgctatct tgtgtgacag tcatctgtct cctctctcca aaagtttagc     70080
     ttcaaaagga cagaagtctc ctgccctatg ccctcctgct ctcagcacct gagcagcgca     70140
     ggagaataac agaccctcag taaaccattg aagagtaaca agagcttaca ggggattaca     70200
     tccaggaatg ttgggcacag catggcccag ctttcaaaag ctgcatattc ccatctcctg     70260
     actcctccag cttgcagtag ctaccacaag actcttttcc cactattatt tttaatttct     70320
     tagctgttct acagacatct agaaataaat gcaacaaaaa gagcccgctt gaacatctca     70380
     ggttgttctc actcaggccc tcagtgggtt ctctctccac acaggggtca gaacaaagta     70440
     gatttgtttg catttgagaa agaaatagct ggcacacagt tccagatcac tcagggctgg     70500
     acgcagggtg acacttacca aacgaccaca catctgactt gctgctatag cgactaaagg     70560
     agaacacctc tggggatgcc cacttcactg ggaatttggt gcccgtggag ctggtatatt     70620
     gatcatcaag gacaaatctg ggaagaggca aggaagaggt cagaatggtg taggacttag     70680
     tctccttcct gacagcggct gacgccacac ccccacatta ccttgtcatc ccaaagtcgg     70740
     acaccttgat gacctggttt tctcccacca aacagtttct ggctgcctag agtaaagaca     70800
     ggtaggcaaa tgagaagcaa aggcatgggt ggagagccag aagaggaagg gacccctgtc     70860
     actagacttt gtttctctgc gatgctatat agccactgca gagggtgagc atcaccaaca     70920
     gcctgctgat agctggagat tcagcgagct agctgaatgt gcaaatgagt ttattttcta     70980
     gttattagag agatgcagcc ttgtccagac agtaattcac tggaattact gacatggtag     71040
     gcaatgatga cattggagtt gcctgcagtg ctccccaagc gagtaatatg aaagtgatta     71100
     acatgaaagc caatccccat aaagttagcc taagtaggga gagtacctgg atcctcccag     71160
     catcccatta ggtaatcttg gaagagtcct gggagacaag agaacccgtg ggcctcacac     71220
     tgagaactac ttccatgttc acctgaggac tctgctgaat attcatgatc cccaccctta     71280
     gaggatccca ggctgcctct cagtggtgca gttttggtag aaaaacagtg cttcagccca     71340
     agtgcccatc aatgagagga ggagtaaaga aaaagtggtg tgtgtagaca tagacatggt     71400
     gggtgggagg ggtactcagc cacaaggagg aatgaaatga tgtcacttgc tgggaaggga     71460
     aaggggatgg aactggggaa catctggtta agtgaaatag ttacccttaa ggacaaacag     71520
     catgttggtt tttttcttca tacatgagat ctaagcatac aatgcttaca taggaaaaag     71580
     tcataaggaa accattgctt cagacactca acttatgcaa acaaagtgtt tcacaaagtg     71640
     agactgtcct tgcctaccgc cttcatcttt acagggggaa actgaggcac agagaaggca     71700
     attagaagtg gttgtaagtt ccacaaccaa tggttggaag aatgtggatt gaaactccga     71760
     gggcacgtgt tagaggaata gccgggtgca gttccaatct gagcactctt gaaacacttc     71820
     cctaccaggg acctcctgaa gtgggtggaa caggaaaagg ctgggggggg gggggaaggc     71880
     catgtggggc gcactactta gtgatgctct ctcagacttg gcagagctac acttcagggg     71940
     aatagtcttt ggtcctgtac ttgcaggtgt tagcccctga gcttgctcgt accaggtctc     72000
     tgtggatgac acaagctttt tccaggtagg ccatgccctc acacacatcc aggcacatgc     72060
     ccagcagggt ctccgcagca aagagacccc gctgacttcg aaggtaatcc gacaggcagc     72120
     cgtgctccat gaactcaaac accaggcaga tgggggcttg ctccaggcac accccataga     72180
     gctgcaccag tttggggtga gagagtttcc tggaagaaaa aggcaagaga taaaacgatg     72240
     acctaaattc agtattctaa aagtgctgac cataagatgg cactgaggta gatgagaggc     72300
     actttaccgg gctcaagggt ctgagaagag aaccagacct cagacccaaa ccagagaggg     72360
     ttgtgggagc caaggtctgg gtgtagcagg gagtcagctg gtttgaatga agatggacaa     72420
     aggccagtgt gggccagagc agagatgggt agtagaggag actagagagt cagacataca     72480
     gcaggtcttg tagatcatgc tgaagtctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     72540
     ctctctctct ctctccctcc ctccctccct ccctccctcc ctccctccct ccctccttcc     72600
     ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt tcttccttcc ttcattcctg ccttcctccc     72660
     tttctccccc cacctctctc tttgcatagg ccacaggtca accatgggtg ttattcccaa     72720
     ggcattagca accctttctt ctgtttcatt cctttctctt tttttgagaa tagattattt     72780
     ttctcacata tatcttgatc atggttccct ttcccattcc tcctcacctt ccctcccgtc     72840
     tggacccacc ccttttctgt ctttcattag aaaacaaaca ggcgtctaag ggataatgat     72900
     aaaacataat aagataaaca aaaacaaaca cattggagtt ggactagaga caaacggaag     72960
     gtaaacaggc caagagaagg cacaggaacc agagacccca cttgtccaca ttctcagaat     73020
     tcccgtaaaa acacaaagtg aaagccataa tacatgtgca gaagacctgc tgcagacctg     73080
     tgcaggcctt gtgcatgctg cctccagctc tgtgagttct tatgcgtttg tgagcgtatg     73140
     tgggctcatg ctgatttcga gggccttgct ttgtttttat ggcttcatgt atgtatgtgt     73200
     actgcatgta tgcctgtgcc catctcctgg aactgcactt gtgagctaca agtcctctta     73260
     actttttctc cagaccccac ctttttcttc cttcctcccc tccctccctc cttccctccc     73320
     tcccttctgt ctttccttct tttctctcct tccttctttt ctttccttct tcttttcttt     73380
     ctttcttttt aaaaacagga acttactggc ctggaactag ccaagcatgc taggctgaat     73440
     ctgcctatct ctgtctccac agcactgggg aatcaagccc atgccttccc atccagcttc     73500
     ttcttcttct tctttcttaa tagcatgatt tctgcagatt tgaacttggt cttagtggcc     73560
     gtgcagcaag cacttcacca cgggagccat ctccatctcc taggccctaa caaggctctt     73620
     tttgtgtttt ccttgtgtat gtagtaggcg tctactactg gggcatgaca atacatcaga     73680
     gtggaatttt acaagcacag ccgggaccct ccttcccagc atgcctgcac atccctgctc     73740
     taactcacat catgacttcc gcctcctcga taaagtcttc ttctgacatc gccccttcct     73800
     gaatggtctt gatggccacc ttgtccttgt tgagccagta gccgagatgc accagcccaa     73860
     actgcccgct gccaatctcc tgcacgaacg ttagctctga gggttggatc acccacttcc     73920
     ctggaacaga ggaagaggga atgcttttag agtggacaat taataagata tgaatctcag     73980
     aaacatctta tctaacctat ggttactata actcaaagat ggcttagagt gtcataggta     74040
     gttactataa cataggatat ggctttgaaa ttgttgtgat gcaggagaga gtaaggagag     74100
     aaaaggtgct aagtatgata aagaaggtaa ccaagaggat tgttacaggg ttccaacatc     74160
     ttttttagct gcatctgatt gaaaagtttt tattataatt atttttcctc ttgagacaga     74220
     ctccccatcg agcccagact ggtttcaaac acgtaatccc attctcacag tctctagagt     74280
     gcacagagat ttgcacatac cagctcataa ttttattgcc attactgcag aggaaatttt     74340
     cttcgcattt tccacttgtt cactgactca tttagaggcc ctctgtgctc acagcactgt     74400
     gccaggcttt gacaagaaca gagcttgaag atgtgggctc acgggggacc cgcacagagg     74460
     cacaactgaa ctgtttctat ctggcagttt ttatttttgt ttatggatat gtgaatatat     74520
     ctgtgtgagt gtaacacaca tgaatgcagg tgctggcaga ggccagaagc aggattgaat     74580
     ctcctggaat ggagttacaa ggggctgtga gcctggagtg agttacaagg ggttgtgagc     74640
     ctggagtgag ttacaagggg ttgtgagcct ggagtgagat ataaggggct gtgagcctcg     74700
     agtgagttac aaggggttgt gagcctggag tggagttaca aggggttgtg agcctggagt     74760
     ggagttacaa ggggttgtga gcctggagtg gagttacaag gggttgtgag cctagagtga     74820
     gttacaaggg gttgtgagcc tggagtgaga tataaggggc tgtgagcctg gagtgagtta     74880
     caaggggttg tgagcctgga gtgagatata agtgaatctg gatgctggga aatgaacttg     74940
     gcccctctgg aagagcagga agcactgtga acttccagcc atttctctag ccccggggca     75000
     ggctcttgat aagtgtttat ttaataaaca agtaaaagga gttaagcctc aattttccca     75060
     ctgacgaaat aagtgggctg accattatca actctgtgat cccatccagc aggacacttg     75120
     aggatttagc aattagtagg gtagccttac ttccagaggg aggataatga tatattatgc     75180
     gttcctggtg catggtacag ccatgtgcct atcaggctga ggtataggct caagagcaag     75240
     cagcatgtga gtatacactg tgtgccgcac atgctggtga cagcatgtga gtgtccactg     75300
     tatgccatac gtgctagtga cagcatgtga gtacccactg tatgccacac gtgctggtgg     75360
     ctgcatatga agagtccgtg gcagtgtttc tccaagtatc taagtatctc cctgcccacc     75420
     taggtcaaag ctaccaggat gcttgtttat aatgtgggat ccaaggccac gccctcaagg     75480
     agtgttttgg taagctgcag ggagtgtcca gcgttttttt tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg     75540
     tttttttgtt tttttggttt tttttttttt ttttttgata agcgtttgga aagatttgat     75600
     gcacactgaa gtttgagaac caccaatgga taccacatga acattttgga tcaagggatg     75660
     tgaactgaga tgtcttaggt tccagtagat agtctagaag ggaacctttt ttggaggaca     75720
     gacttcatat taggccccag agccctggag gtacaggtcc tagttttttt ttttgttgtt     75780
     gttgttttgt tttgttttgt ttttcctggt gctggggact gaactggggg acctgactca     75840
     ttttagacta attttctgcc actgagttaa agtcctagat ctcaaaaact taactttagt     75900
     ctatgtaaac acttctgaat gctgatggct tgtagctctt gtagaagacc cagacccaac     75960
     aagttagatt ataataaaag tctcaaaggg tagatagaac acagtgctaa ggggttgttt     76020
     tctgacattt tccaacagca tttagtagag tgctctgtat aaagcagtgc tcaatgaatg     76080
     cctcatttga agccaaaggg cattgctttg ctcttactaa atgtgtctgg acacacacat     76140
     ttcttacata ggagtacata ggatcactct cctaccttct ctccagttaa tctgacattt     76200
     gaagagcagt taggctaata gcaaatcctc ttagaatttg tcctagacat ttagatatgt     76260
     gagttttagt tcaaatgccc aacatcttct gcttaccata tcttagccct gctgtgacag     76320
     gggctttttg tctccaggag caaactggat agcggagtcg agtgaccaaa cctaggtgga     76380
     tagaaaaacc aaaggctgtg gttagggctt tgccacagcc actgtctagg ttaagtcacc     76440
     aggaaatgtg tgtgaaatag tacttccaac tcccaaagtc ccaccctagc tttcacagag     76500
     ttcttgagag gagccttaag catagtagga cagtgacatg gtgacctcag agcaggtgtt     76560
     gcctgtggta ggcatgggga gcctaggcat ttggaagttt tttgtttgtt tctggttgtg     76620
     tttttgattt gcatcttgag ttactatttc tggccagttg gtgctgcatg aagaaccagt     76680
     ggggtctctg tcctttcttc ccaagtctcc ttgtggggat ccccttctgg cttggtcccc     76740
     tagagcttac ctcctccatt gtactggtga tactggatga ggagagggat ggagtcaaac     76800
     acatacttct cagccacgta gtagcgcttg gggctgtcat ttgtttcttt gatgtgataa     76860
     tgttttatac aggggttctc actgaaacaa atgaacacac acaatcactg ccaggaagca     76920
     gtcgtgatac atcaatacat ctactggcat caggtcctca ctgtcttgag gtgcttgagc     76980
     cagggtgctg agatgtgttg gtgttggtaa tgccacagcc acagaatgtg ggagcagcat     77040
     tgtatgcact gtgagtgcaa aggaaaacca catgggggac ccccccccat ccaccccaga     77100
     ctgaatggct gtcatcaagt aaattgacaa caaatgctgg tatgtgtttg tgtgtgttca     77160
     cacacataca tgtgcatata ccctggggag aaccctgctg gtgggaatgt aaactagtgt     77220
     atcttagtat ggaggtttct caaaaactaa acatacaact accacgtggt tctagctcac     77280
     cactccttgg tacgaaccag aaggactctg agccagaaca gcacagggat ttttgaccat     77340
     gcatgtttat ggctgcacta tacaatagcc aaaatatgga atcctcatat atgcctctca     77400
     atagaggaat ggataaagaa actgtggtgc atatatatac tgtaatttta tttagctgtg     77460
     aagatggcat taggatattc acaagtaaat gaatagaacg caagtaaaga ttagtgtgtt     77520
     aaacaaaata atccagactt agaaatacaa gtatctaatg ctttaataca agtatctaat     77580
     ctaatatgta attctataaa cacatatgga atctggatat aaacacacac acactcagga     77640
     gtctctggca cacaggactg tatgccaata tggtagatag gttttatttt tagcatatca     77700
     agaactggca tttatctatt tccagttgta gatgaaaata ctttcttcta cactacctga     77760
     tatgctcact aaatatagac gcaaatatgc gatgtcctca gagctctgct atcaggcctt     77820
     gccaatgccc agtagaggat ctggtatcca cccagttctg gcccttatta aatctctcta     77880
     gatctgccct tgaacttggg gctttgactt tacaggggca ttggtggaag ccacaccact     77940
     gctagcgagg ctccacatga tgtgtgggtg gatcttgctg tgtctacgct gtcacacaaa     78000
     accagctatc cccattcctc tgtgccaagt gagtggcata ccttatgatg gccttggtga     78060
     aaacagagac tgtgtatgtc ccgggtgtcc tggaatctcg gaccatgaaa gctccttctt     78120
     taccctggat tgggtagaaa gaccgaaagg ttagtgatct aaaaaccaga ctctggcacc     78180
     taaggccact ttcttgcttt gggaaggggg aagcactgtg tggcacagac tttcagtagc     78240
     aacagccacc atttcaatca cacctgaagc agttgttcat ctgaggtcct gtatggacag     78300
     acagacacag gtcctctcct ttacagttca ccaggcactg gactctacag acatttccca     78360
     accctcagtg ttggagtctg gacacaatta tcctctttga caacaaggtc agcaagtgag     78420
     tgctggaggg attaagtgga tttcccatgg gtttgcagat agtgagcagt ggggttggag     78480
     tttgaacttc ggcacctgag caaattcgtt tccttgctct atgatgctcc agcctcttct     78540
     acctcttttc agaacacaaa acttattctg aaaactccct cagttcctgg atggggctta     78600
     atttctcaag ccctgctcac aaagctgatt tcactgaagg gcagagtgag aaacagtgcg     78660
     atgctactag ttgagagaga cacacataga gagacatcaa gagatacaga gagacagaga     78720
     cagaggaggg tgggtagaag gaagtgctga cagctttgcc tgctctgatg gagtcagcat     78780
     aggcaaacag gcatgccagt tcacatgttc ctgatggaaa ctgtaaaatc tgaactgttt     78840
     gaagaatcga attcctagct cctctcctac cagttgtaaa catctgcaga gcttgttaat     78900
     tatgacttac ttaaattaga cattgtgaag gtcataagtg aaggtcacaa ttagacaggg     78960
     gaccttatgt ggaagtcata ccgtttatat acacagggaa aatatctaca gcgtagaata     79020
     ccagaagccc ctccatccat cagtcccaaa ggaaagtttt tgcatgaaca cacacacaca     79080
     cacacacaaa cacaaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacgcgcaca cacacacaca     79140
     cacacacaca cacacagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagggaatgg     79200
     gtttactaat atttattcta ataagcattc tgaaaataga tttgcctatt ttagacattt     79260
     ttatgtagac tctttttgta agtggaatcc atgtggtttt ctgagagtgg gtccttcatt     79320
     tataatattc tttccaagga cctcctaggt ggtgacaggt gtaaagactt cactcctact     79380
     tgtggctgag tgatattcca ctttagggac agatcacgtt tgttttccat tcgtcagcag     79440
     acagccacct tctggcttct gggagtagag actttttgtt tgatggcttt gctcaacagg     79500
     cattagccac agtttaccat ttgcaaaatt atgcagcttt ggctcttggt tggttggaat     79560
     gtgatgggtt aaacacgaga caggaagaaa cagacctcaa gcagaggcag attttatctg     79620
     gttatgtcat atattctaaa ggaagaaaca gaccagaaag accagaggct caccaactgt     79680
     ctgaagagag gagaggagga gcataaacat ctcttttatc taaccaatga acatctggct     79740
     gtttgtgttg gtgttaccat ttcaaagaag tcattgtttt ctgtaaacaa gttgtgatta     79800
     tagcagtcct cagctgtaag ttctctataa acaccaggtg acaaaggtag ggtcatagtc     79860
     aggtctggca gagcatggga aagcccacac tctctttctc caccgtagtg actgtgggcg     79920
     acatttgctg aaagcaacat ggagtcttac ttggggctga agcagctaag agtttgaggg     79980
     aagcacgtgc cttaccacat acttcctgca aggagctgag aggtagccac aggggcacag     80040
     accctgacgt gtgtcccagg ggcactgact tgaataatgc tgtcagatgg ggcttcattt     80100
     cctctcaaca cagtcaacat ctcagagtga ttttttttat tgcttcattt agaaagaaat     80160
     aaagaggcaa caacaacaaa agattatgtt aggaggtgaa acacgtgtat aaccctggaa     80220
     ggacgggaga aaagagtaac tcctgcactt ccttatgctc actctctctt tctctctctc     80280
     tctctctccc cctctctatt tgcagataca tccccgctgt ggtgaggcca catcactgat     80340
     ccacgttctg aaggtggccc cggcttatca gcctttaata caaaggagat ggaatcgggt     80400
     ggtctttcaa gggaattcta gttgcaacag cttgtagtag tgttaattcc agacgcttcc     80460
     tgattcaaag tatacgtgtc catttcttca cctgcaaaat gacctttgta aggttattgg     80520
     tacacttgaa taatgtgcac agaacagttc ctggaacaca atcccaggac actgactgcc     80580
     agggttatca gttctcatta cttatcatat gctgtggggt agcgtctggt ggaagcatga     80640
     attatattgt ttgtcttcat ctgagacatg tttcagtgtg tgtatctttc tttctgtaca     80700
     gaaaagctga ctttgtagag gggaaatctc aaaacaacgg ttatgttatt caaagatggg     80760
     ctgatgcttt gtggtcttgt catgctgaag tatgctctaa gaatgtctcc gacatatgtc     80820
     tttcattggg gggcgggata aggtggggct cttctctcaa aacaaaccca tttttaagtc     80880
     aacagtgcat ctttggtgac atcttggaac cacagaagta taataaagca aggttaggct     80940
     cctgtctaaa gcataggtca cccaaagtct aagtggcatg cttgaagata gttacagagc     81000
     tcacaggggc cgaccctctc tctagagggt ctaaggctga gggggaatgc tgacactgaa     81060
     ggcagagggc atacagaacc actggaaaca taatatttca tcttaatgct cagacaagga     81120
     acaagtcaca tctcatggct aggcagaggg ctgggttgtt agaggaggtg taagttgaag     81180
     aacagacaga acacatggga gattcttttc catgtcccta aagtaattta agtcacataa     81240
     tctcttcagt gccgccagga gaggctttga ctggataggc ctggagtcca ggagtttgct     81300
     gggggggaag gagtgttgct ttgcatgttt gtgtttatgt gcatgctctt acatgagttt     81360
     acaaacagga gcctgcagag gccagaggag ggaactggat cccctgtgac ctgccatata     81420
     tgtgctggaa agtgaacctt ggttctctac aagggcagtg agcattctta gccactgggt     81480
     catatcctct gggctggagt ttgtgctttt agtttcccca cagatactca tgaccagcac     81540
     agccatgata acttaaaaac acagtaagca tttggtgaac tcattcatgg aacaagtagt     81600
     tgttaagtgt tttgtgctag atacagttaa acctaagttt ccttaatagg gacaaagtaa     81660
     aacatagaga tatacgcgta cagacatata catatcatac acacacacat agtctgtaac     81720
     ctagaggctt tagttaataa cagaggaaat gaatataacc tacctcttaa gaggcatata     81780
     cttatgagac aagaagactc tgcgtacacc agagatgcaa cactattgag tcagatagca     81840
     agtatgtaaa aaatagaaag aagccctcat cccattctta ctttccagaa cccagactaa     81900
     agcctagtgg gctcctctca tttgccttta gacttaccta agaaggaaga gagtatttgg     81960
     taagtggatt caaaatatta gcctgaaaga aggtctcaat agcctgagaa agcaaaatat     82020
     gtttaaatgc ctcaaaagaa ctcaacagca ggagttgctt ttttttttta ttgaggtgag     82080
     ctgtctgaag ttctatactg actttattga ggataatcca gggtcctagt tctgtgttct     82140
     ttgtacttag ttcttatcac actttaccgt tttccagcaa cacaggctga ggaatgagag     82200
     gagctggcta catttgtatc ctaaatccag ttcaggaaaa tatggagcca ggtgatggtg     82260
     gagcatgcct ttggtccaag tacttagggg gcagaggcag gtggatctct gagttcgagg     82320
     ccagcctggt ctagagaatg agtaccagga cagccagggt tacacagaga aaccctgtct     82380
     tgaaaaacca aaccaaacaa atggggtggg agagaaaaca aaatttaggt tacttttgga     82440
     ggtcctgctt ctacagatct accatggaat cttagaatct gtatttttgt tacatttgtc     82500
     tatttcatgt gtgtgtgtgg gggggggggc gggatgtatg caccatggta ggcatgccga     82560
     ggtcagagga caactctggg aatcaggtct ctccctccac cgtgcaggtc ctgggtattg     82620
     aacccaggtc gtcaggcttg atggccttaa acccactaag ccatgtcaca ggcccctcag     82680
     gatctgcatt gtaaacacct gcagcaactc agatatgagg actcttggga accacgggag     82740
     atgaataacc ttggctgaga accaaggaga cacgagcact caagaaggac tcagctcagt     82800
     tccccctgct atgggtacac tgttcaatgc ctttcatcct gctctccctt ttactcacat     82860
     gtaactactg agtgagtcgt ggttcccagt ggggtccagg cacaatatca gtgactaact     82920
     gcacagggcc aggagcacac aggggcagca tccatggttt taacagatca ctgacaccct     82980
     gatgtatact gatgttcagt ttgtcctcac taacaaatgt gggcccagaa ggctgaagag     83040
     aaatccccac agttacccac tgaactgaag gcagaacaga gacctaaaca ggggtcccca     83100
     tcccatccaa tcatgctgcc tttccgctca tccctccttc ccctaagtct aagatcctgg     83160
     agtaaggtca gtctctctgc cagactgcaa aggcttcaga gaaggaactg tagtgggaaa     83220
     atctgtttaa actacaggcc tgttaggcag aatccattcc tgagtagcag aaacaggaaa     83280
     aagcagagct gccctgaagc caaggtcaca gccgcagcca gtgttagcga ccaggcctag     83340
     cgcttcccta ggcctccttt cctgtgctgt ctagccctga taatcctcag aatacctgtc     83400
     ctcagacatg aaagccattg ttaagccaac acaggaaagc ggcaccacac cagcatagcc     83460
     ataatatggc tggaaactgt acaatttctt tttagtcagg atgcaggtac tcactgtgtc     83520
     caaaagaagt ttttcagctt tgtcgcggct gatgctttta ttgtaccacc tgaaagccaa     83580
     aaaacaagcc ttgggtcaca gttggaaaac tttatcgctt acttataaaa catgatgctc     83640
     aaaagtcatg tgtttacttt ctgtttctat cagagccttc aaacactgat agaaagccat     83700
     gaccgtttcc aggtagtagg gtgtttatct ggagaagaaa aagaatgaag caagagctgg     83760
     catcagacta gtggttgctg aagctgagtt tcagggcctt cttagtactc tgctctctat     83820
     tttggtggga gttggaaatt ttccatgata gtgttgtaaa aaacactcac ctcccccact     83880
     tcatatgcca gtgggtggct gcaggtagga gggtgacagg tagccataaa aaaacgttaa     83940
     tagtaatttg caactttagc aaatctcctt tgaaaacaat tgtcatattt tcttcttaag     84000
     attgcccccc cccagacttt ttgcaaagct tttgtaattg ataagtataa ttaataaatg     84060
     gcaaagccag gggccatttt taagaacgaa gttttttgaa tgttgttaca atgtggagac     84120
     atatcttgac catctcaatc acctaggtaa gataaagtgt ggtgggagag aagggactcc     84180
     cccagggcta agaagaagaa aggcaggaaa tgagcatgca ggctcttcac tgtccatgca     84240
     tgtgcatttg tgcaggatga tcagtagccg tgtggtagga tgtacagaca tgcaagttgg     84300
     tcaatagtcc catggggatg tgcaggctca gcacatctct ccttcagctg cttactcgcc     84360
     catccttcct catttcagcc attatggtag tttaaagtat ccaattgaac atgtgctatc     84420
     atatataaga tacataaaag ccaaaacatg aataaaagcc tcagcccagt aacattcaga     84480
     gttctctaga acttggataa taattctcta gaagcatgaa ggctgacata atatgtcact     84540
     tcctggtaaa agaagcctac agggtcttat ttctgggcca gaaagcatac agcaaaagga     84600
     gaatggtcat cagttgacaa tttacttttg gagcttaata aactcaggag aggcgtaggt     84660
     ggggaagaaa tagtatctat gaaaattgtt tggctacttg agagcatcca aaaagaagag     84720
     aaccagggga ttccactgag cgtttaaaac actctggctg agcagactgt acacctcctt     84780
     gggctcccag atggccagga agtgtgtgtg cttcatccca tctaagctcc aagcaatgcg     84840
     tatgagttgc tagagctgtg cttgaaagtg tgactcaggc ctgggttcag cagacaatag     84900
     tgtcaaactc gtagactgag gtctgcttga gttcagtgct caagggagtg aaaaaatatc     84960
     tgcagtgcgg tgttttgctt gtttctgtct cctctgattc ttcctttacc cagggaggga     85020
     tcaaagctca cagagggtga ggtatagtgg cctctcctct gcagttttgc tgtgttgtga     85080
     tttcagttgc ccactcatgg tcccagaaaa tacaagatgg acaattccag aaattaccaa     85140
     ttctaaattc tgagtagcat gatgaaatct cacgacaatc atctagggta taagtcaccc     85200
     ttgaagcagc caatccactt agatgcaata cctacttact agtcacttgg ttgctgtcac     85260
     caggtacagt gccacagtat tgatgtgttt gtgtcaagtg atccttactt catgtaagaa     85320
     gagtcctggt ggcaatttta tggtagtata ttgctataac ttctatttca tcactatcca     85380
     ttagtgttaa tctctcaatg gatctaactt aaagtaagct ctcccatagg ctgtacatag     85440
     aggaaaaagc atagtacata ctgagctcag agctacttgc agtttcagga tacgttatag     85500
     gtcatggaac ccacccccag gaattagtag gctgctggaa cttgttaaag attctgcttc     85560
     taagctaagg caggaaacct ggatccagtt atcttagcag gtggtatact tcttgagatc     85620
     ttatgtaaaa ctcaccttaa agtcatcaaa attgagttaa agaatagaaa gtatggataa     85680
     ctttcttata tctagctata tattaaatat cagaaagttt ccttatgtta tatcattttc     85740
     tagctgggat tccacaaccc aggaaatgca agctggtatg cacagtacaa actggctcac     85800
     aggccatatg gtttttatta taaaaatgac ttaagattcc tttaggtagg gggtatacat     85860
     ttttacttgc ccccaggggt ccatcaattg cctactgctt tattttgttg aggcctcaaa     85920
     tttgcttctt gaatcataaa caaagggatt ttgattaaag gccaagacaa acacagctat     85980
     tcagacaagc cgttctttga aataaacaac cattttttcc cctcaaaggc agtgactata     86040
     aaacaattat ttcagctaag tatctctcat ctatatttca tctcagcaca aacattcttg     86100
     gaaaggatga atcatctcac agccctggga agggctcttc acacatattt gatcaaaatg     86160
     ttgaaagaca ctattaagaa aatgatagca cctggttcct ggcatctatt cagattgcag     86220
     aaaccatgac attagccatt gaatcctaat tggttagcag aggttctggt tagctcatat     86280
     ctttctttct tctctgatgt tctatattta atgagtacta atttgttttt ttttttgtgg     86340
     gagggtttat ttcatcttta ggttacagtc catcatcaag ggaagtcaag gcaggacctc     86400
     aagggaggag cttgaagcag aaaccatgga gggatgctgc ttataagctt attcccaggc     86460
     tcacagttag ctagcctgcc tgcctgcctg cctgcctgcc tgcctgcctg cctgcctgcc     86520
     tgcctgcctg cctgcctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc     86580
     ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttcctccc ttcctccctc tctccctgct     86640
     ttccttcatc ttctcactgt ctcctctctt cccctctccc tccctccctc tctctcctct     86700
     ccctctttta atttttgaga ttataattta attaaaacat ttctcccctc tcttccatcc     86760
     aaagccctcc atatatcctc cctgatctct ttcaaattca aagcctccct tttcactaat     86820
     gttattgtat ctcatcctaa ctagaaccta ttaggtgtgt ataatgctgt gtgtatgttt     86880
     tcagggttga ccatttggca ctggacaaac caatcagtgt gctcttgcct cagttgaccc     86940
     tagctctttg tgtagggttg aggccttgag ggcatctctc catctggttt agcatgttca     87000
     ctgatgtcat tcttgttcag ctcatggttg agctgtcatg ttggtgaggc tttatgggtg     87060
     tagcttctga caatactagg agattcggtt tcacagtaaa ctcccaaata ttctggctcc     87120
     tacattcttt gtgcctcatc tcttacaatg ttccctgagc cttaggtagg agagtgtttt     87180
     gtgcatgcac ccactgggac taggctccac aactctgcat ttcaaggcag gcaagacagc     87240
     tcagctaata aaagcaattg ctgagatagc gtgagttcaa tccctggatc acagaggtgg     87300
     aagaagagaa ccaactccag aaatttgtcc tctgacctcc acatattctt catggcacac     87360
     acaagcacac tcttgtgtgc acaataataa taataatact tggaaatttt caaacttaca     87420
     gaaaagttat aaaacaacat aaaggaagtc ctattgacca tttacctaga tgaaccagtc     87480
     agtggctgaa tgcttacata tttactactc tctgtagata atttagacat atggttaggc     87540
     atatttaatt atatttattt atttattatt gtgtttctat tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     87600
     tgtgtgtgag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagta     87660
     tgtgtatgtg tatgtggttc acacttgcca tgtgtatgag tgtggagatc agaggacaac     87720
     tttgtggagt tgttcatctt tacacacatt tgggaatcaa actcaggaca tcatcagtga     87780
     acaacaaaca ctttattcac tgaactatct catcagccct ggtatatttt tcctgaatta     87840
     cttgagagca gacttttact cctaaatact ctgtagtctg tttccatgaa ttttaatatc     87900
     tatatctcta tatattttct atttgtagat cttatcaaaa ttgtattact ttcccccata     87960
     ctgtgttggt aacaaaacat tttttatggt tataaataca atccagggtt acttgtgcat     88020
     ttaatcacta tattccttca tttcctttaa cagggtccaa tttctcagcc ctttgcagct     88080
     ttcatcatac ttaatttctt ttgaaggata aaggcaatat tttatagaag tattaattaa     88140
     ttcagacttt ttactgtatc cttgtgatta aatttatatt gtgcatgttt tggagcaggg     88200
     ataatgggca atatttttgg agccatattg agatgaatgt ttatcataag atggggtcta     88260
     ccagttagct ctattttgta gttacaattg atttaggaag aaataccttt gatcctataa     88320
     atatactacc attatgatag ttcaccccct ggttgtaaaa ttcattttac aattctttgc     88380
     cagaattgac actttgaaca aaaatgctgg tcttcaagct ttgtcagcct cccacctcca     88440
     tgacttggta ctctcctaag aaagaacttt gtcttgtttg tatagttatt tgcttaccca     88500
     tcaatctact tattatgtat tactcttttg ttcaatgagt tatagtctac tactattctt     88560
     caactgtttc agtctggtca ctaggagttt tttttttttt ttaaacacct cactcctata     88620
     cctgtttgac atgattaaat cactgaaaca aaattaaaaa aaaaattagt tctttgcttt     88680
     ttagtgcagg aagatattcc aagttcatct tgttcttcct gtgccttgac cctagagtct     88740
     gcattctccc ctgcttccag aaatcacagt tctctttagt ggggatacca ctcagaaaca     88800
     ggagctatgt gctaggtata gatcttccag cctccaagct aggtggatac tttgtatgca     88860
     ttctcaaatt ttatctaaca aaaatttaag ctctttttat aagtgatagc ttaggattaa     88920
     acacttagca cagcctaagc agataacgaa tatctgtggg cttgaatgtt gttttgatat     88980
     tggctatact gtttttaaca atgttttcag tcagttgatg tattattcaa tattcatagg     89040
     gattttcttt ctcaactgac agcaacactt gggattcccg gaaacttttc ttctacagac     89100
     tcttttccag gccccaaagg accattccat tataaaagga gtttcacttt tctcttattt     89160
     gagataaacc cttactgttt tagtgatcag agactagaag taaagaaagc aggacaaaaa     89220
     gggaaccatt ggatacttct atagccaacc aataatttat gcttgcccta ggaagaaaac     89280
     cttagaactg tcattctaaa aaactaatcg aaacaggtat ggtggcatgt gactttatct     89340
     gcagacttag gaggcagaga caggccaatc tctgagcttt aggtcagctt gttctctata     89400
     gtgaattcca gaccagtcaa ggtttcccaa taagaccctg tctcaataaa ccaaccagcc     89460
     agccaaccaa ccaaccaacc aatacacaaa taaatgagtc aaaaaagtac agtatcttac     89520
     tcataggttt caaggttatt tggagatttt tctaccaggt aactgcttgg tgcatatcct     89580
     tcatgcctgt aaaaaggaaa acaggtgttg attagcagag gagtgatttt catatcttca     89640
     tttaatagat ttaatccaca gatgttattt aagaatggga accctcagta tttggctttt     89700
     gtgataaggc ataagaaatt gaaatgagat agctgataaa agtaacaaag ctatatttgt     89760
     ggttgaaagc aacatgctcc accaaaaata taaaatataa taaataacac atggctattt     89820
     tacttacaag gctctgcttg ctgcctgaaa tttcctctat tggaaaaaat aactttcaaa     89880
     ttgtattttc tataattaat tttgtgataa tcagtaagtt ttcattttat gccatcattt     89940
     cccagtaagg aaatcaaaat aattaagata taaaaaccca actttcccac cacaggtcct     90000
     taaaactgtt ccaagttggt gctatataca tgtttagatt tcaaatctcc ctaattgagc     90060
     atctttggac aaagaaccag gagaaaaagg atcaggtcaa gctgaacaga cggcctatgc     90120
     ctgtgatctt agtactgagg tggctgaagc aggaagacag ttgtgagttc cacaccagcc     90180
     tgggttacac agtgagttcc aggccagccg gaggtgcagt ttgagaccct gtataagatt     90240
     aaaatggagg tcaaggtcag gctggatgcc atggtgaagt accacatttg agttggaact     90300
     aatatcagag aaatgaaaca acatggcaaa attagtccac attctcacta ctttttacac     90360
     tgtgatagct ttgtagatct tgaagatgct ctgtcttcac cccacagcac cagaatgctg     90420
     gtaaagagtc ctttggtctt tcttggcttc cagttttaac tggtaaaatg gatgatctaa     90480
     actcgattac atgtaaaaat gtctccagat tctgccaagg tacagaaaga tatcctttct     90540
     ctatgctccc gaagcttaac aatagccagt gttggctttt ctagaatcct gttgggggta     90600
     tgcaaatttg gtaaaattaa actatcatat actatgactt accacaactc aacttttccc     90660
     tagttagaat tgggatatat gtgcacatat atgtatgcac ctaaaagact gtcgtgctac     90720
     ataaacaatg cctggtcttc actcaagttt tgttcaaaat aacacagaag aggctgcaga     90780
     agggactcag tgattaagag cacttgttgc ttgcagaggt cctgagtttg actcccacaa     90840
     gcaccaacat ggaattataa ccacctgtaa ctccagagct aatgcataca catggtactt     90900
     cataatatta acacctgata ttagtatatt agaatattgg tcacagtaat tgtttcatat     90960
     tagacaagga ctcttgagat gtttttcatc caaaccccac agtaggtcat tagtatttgc     91020
     ggaaccttgc ccatacatca tttaatgact gctctcataa tggagtctcc tttgctgtct     91080
     gagactttct aacatgaccg ctgctctgga tcatccttgt gtgcattttc ttttcactta     91140
     catcacgatg tggtgtattt aaaatttatt ttaaaaccca agatcataac agagcaagtg     91200
     gaaaatatag gggcatttag acaagttgag gacagtggct taagatgcgg tgcagggggt     91260
     aggggtggag gtggaaacat ctctgctcag cctccgggca gcaggagatg gggcattcct     91320
     tcccatagtc gttttgttcc cacagtagcc atgcacagct tcccttaccc atttttgtct     91380
     tgaaccctcc accagtggat ctcggagctg tccagcaggt agtactcttc atcacaccgc     91440
     agtgcgagct cctgagggtc gttggtttgg tagtcgtaca aggcaatgac cagggtttct     91500
     tcaggttcct gaaatgaccg ctggggaaga gacaacaaac caagcaaaga caagagcagg     91560
     gagtgagtcc atggatcctg gatttagttt aggtcagcct gtcggctctc tctatccact     91620
     ggggtctttt gcagaggcag ttgcattcat caagtaggca ttatgtgtga gttagaattg     91680
     tggagctgaa cagatacaca caacagcagt cccccacttc ctgcattctg cgagtagatg     91740
     cccatcccag tgaattccaa gaagccattt acttttcaca gaaatctatt tgttcctatg     91800
     ttggctcatc tgattcacag gcttgcccag atccatcaaa tcagaggcta gcagggcctc     91860
     aagagcccat tttaccaaca ctttaattca gaaaggggaa tcagatccca tggcagggaa     91920
     tagacacagc ccattcccag agaattcatc tcaatgtttc ctccacagta gcatatgact     91980
     tctttcttct attgcagaaa ccttggccta tgcctatgtc ccataccaca tttcaattag     92040
     cataagatat taatgacatg gagaacagct catgagataa acaactgcca gagatcaagg     92100
     tgagcacact gagaactgag tgacaggttt aggaatgggg taaatatggg aaaaaatcga     92160
     gttaacggtt agaaggtgat gtagtattga gaagtcacaa attctccaag tacactaaac     92220
     tctggatatt tatggagctt gaaataaggt ggtgggctgg gtcctccaga gaaccaagca     92280
     agaccctatg gacctgagtc catgcataga actgagagat ggatgaactg tgttcaagcc     92340
     acctgaagaa ggtaccagag tgatgtgtgg tttatgttac tttagatcca cctccctgat     92400
     taacccttaa gagaaaaagg caaaaggcta gggcagagtt tcagacgctg gtggtacact     92460
     tcccaggggt catggagaac acatagtggg gtgctcagat attaccacgt gtactacagt     92520
     tatttaaaag tcaaaagcca agaatgttct gcagtgtctc acagactttc caacttctga     92580
     atgtcctagt agacatccac atggggaaaa ccctgcacag aatacacaag aggcctctgt     92640
     tgcacagtgg atagctcatt ggatttttac aatattcaga aagaaccaaa ggctgagtcc     92700
     cactttaacc catcacaagg agccagtttt tccaggagtg acactacctc tgcattgagg     92760
     gcttacactt ggtttaaatt agaacgcttt ggggtaattg cttgccattc tggaaaatct     92820
     tattactcat ggaaacacta gaagtgaacc accaataaaa catctctgta tctattgcac     92880
     ttaagttgcc aaatacagtg ggttctgtca atgagtttgg cagtggctta cttcatcatc     92940
     acttcccgta aactcatagt gccatattta cacttacaaa tacaatttat tctgggtttt     93000
     tttctgtctt caatattata atatacttct tgattctctt tagaggtatt tgttttaaaa     93060
     ggctgtacta gttaagattt tttaaaaaaa atttttatta gatattttct ttatttacat     93120
     ttcaaataag atttttaaaa aatttattta ttcatttttc gttttcttca tgcatgtgtg     93180
     tgtgtctatc tgtgtgcata ccacatgagt attggtgctc ttagaggtca gaagagagca     93240
     ttagaccagt tagagctgga gtttcagata gctggctgtg agtatcccat atgggtgtag     93300
     gaacagaact tggatcctct cgaagagcag tcgttgctct ttactgctga gtcatctctc     93360
     taggcactac ttaatggatt ttccctcagg gtaactgaag gatctttacg aaacatgtct     93420
     cataaaatgg gggtattagg tataatgtgg ttgagaatca ctagattaaa tcaagggttg     93480
     gcatttgtag aaaaagaggg ctcaagaagg acagattgag gccctgggta tgtagaagag     93540
     gcttgcagta gatgaaggtc tcgtttcttg gtcattctac tgcatgtcta agaacagtct     93600
     ggcccctagg agttctggtt gtaggtgagc agaactccac tatgctgaga gaccttacag     93660
     gtcaggcaga agtggcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaaagttc     93720
     cttgcttagg agcaagggag aagggcacaa gcagacacat gtatgcggtc cctaggaagc     93780
     tcttctgggt taactagacc tggtatggtg tgctgaactc tgtggatgag agagctggaa     93840
     ataactcagg tttagacatc tggaactggc ctcatgtaca cccacaagat agaaagcctg     93900
     tgattatggg ttcaaatgac cattgatatc ctccatcttc actaacaaca actacactgt     93960
     tcctctggag ggcaattcca cagtcttcct aacgtagaaa aagtcttggc tagccttagc     94020
     tatcaacctg ataacaacta agagttatct tggaagagaa ttgagaattg aggaacttcc     94080
     tagatcagat tggcttatga gcatgtctgt gggggactgc ctcattgttg atttaggagg     94140
     gcccagctca cagtgggcag caccattcct taggcaggca gccctgagag acataagcaa     94200
     gctagctagg aaacaagcag ctgtggttgg ctttcaagtg ggttccttgg ttggaggtaa     94260
     ggctgtgtag actagcaatc aagcctgcct acaagttcct gccttgagtg gatgccttaa     94320
     ctttcctcaa tgatagacta tgacctgaaa tttaagccaa ataaaccgtt tcctccccta     94380
     agctgctttt ggtcaggtta tcttacaaca gcaagagaaa tgaagcgggg acagagcata     94440
     tggcctgaaa gcatgatgtt aaatattgtt tctctatatg acaacctgag atgccattgc     94500
     cctgcaggta agaaggggaa gagagaaatg acaatgtggc aaggaataag agaaacattg     94560
     cagtggtttt agacttgtgg acagcatgga ggactccaaa cccttgtgat gaaagtgctc     94620
     acaaaatacc acaggcattg catctccgag gagccctaaa gtcccagtgg tggagttgga     94680
     ggagtgatgg acaagcagca tattctggct ttattttccc tgacactgag ggcaagagag     94740
     gcacggggta actttagaga gagcagtgag tttgggtgcg gttcctaagg ggagaagcga     94800
     gggcagtggg cttccaaggc acagctgcca ggaggctgct ggagtaatgc tcaggtcaaa     94860
     aagagcagca gacccaggct ctctgcagca atgtgtctct gtggggatgt ctgggtgtca     94920
     gctgaggaga ggcgggagga tttagttttc cttttgagga tgctgtcagt ttgcgacatt     94980
     acttttgttg gctggagttg aaaatcagag gaagcatgcg gggcacaaag tggacgtttc     95040
     tgcgggtgtg tacccgaatg agagcactga tgtggccaga atgtgaaggc tgatagtttc     95100
     cttagttttt cttctccaga gttgcctctt tgtcaagcca tgtaaatcag tttaccacag     95160
     agcagtgctt ctcaaacttg agtatagctc agaatcacag gaattaatga gtacagttag     95220
     agcctgtccc ccagagttat ggctgcagtg gatctgggtg tgttcttagg gctctgcatc     95280
     cttacatgcc ctccgaggtg gctgatgctg ggggcctatg gctcatatct ggagaataac     95340
     cacttcccat ccatacccca gaaactccag gtcctgttag tacctgagta gccttgggga     95400
     aagccttaag acttcttggc acttgatttg ctaagtttgg aagtacttag gaatatataa     95460
     agcattagca ggggtttgtc tctggagtac tctatggtga ggcataaaaa atagcctggt     95520
     accagtgttt gtggactgtg tatagcaagg tgattgttca gaacctcagt ggtccttttg     95580
     gtggatggac ctacttaatt agtggctcta atcctgtgag tcttgatccc ttcaggggtc     95640
     aaatgacctt ttgacaatgg tcacatatca gatctttaca taataacagc ataattatag     95700
     ttatgaaaca gcaatgaaaa taattttatt gttggggtca ccatgacatg aggaaatgtt     95760
     ttaaagggtg acaccattag ggaggttgag aaccactgca ctatatagca cctccaaacc     95820
     caatgtgtta aatatacccc aatagctgtc taccacaagc acacagacct aacagagaca     95880
     gagaccacaa ctgggcttac agcacacaag cccacctcac ttaccctgtt gtcttcagga     95940
     gtaggaggaa gaggcttctt tgaagctgaa acaagaaaaa cagagaaaga aaacgaacat     96000
     gaaaccccag cttttcggag aaaaggggcc ctaggagggt aacagagaaa ggggcagagg     96060
     gagatgatga aatagggatg ccagaatcaa ctttggtaga acctgtcttt tatctcttgt     96120
     acttgttagt gtccaatcct cttttctaga agatactaga agcttcaaga agtcagtatt     96180
     ttggggtttc cttctgtatc ccctgactgg gaaggggaca agatttgggc tcttctttgc     96240
     aggtagagac ttccatgaat acatatgtta ccttctgagc tcaggaatgg gaatatgtga     96300
     ctcagagaca gtgactccct accttctgat gccactgtgg gtttgatgag gtgggagggc     96360
     tccatgcttt ctgagtgggc tgagattgct tttagttgtc ttgaggcatt taagtatatg     96420
     gtctcgatgc ctcattcaaa ctacatacct tcaagccaat ctctctttct ctcttatttg     96480
     tatcttcatg tcttctttca ctcagatctc atctttcttg cttcttttct cttttctttc     96540
     cctatctgct tcctttacct ctatctctta gttgaccata ttccttatgt cacacacatc     96600
     acaggccagg cctcttaaat ggaccaaaag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     96660
     tgtgtgtgag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagta gtatataagg catggggtat     96720
     gtgtgcttct tgcaggttgt agttcagtac aaagatctct ttaagcaccg aagataagag     96780
     aatgggctgt ataggcaggc tggaaaattt ccatctctac acatggtaga tttgaagata     96840
     gcctacatct cacggatgtg gtagataaga ctcatatgtg gatactggag ctcaatccca     96900
     ttggcttgtg tatacagaga acaaacaaag aaatcatata caaccagaac tctggcttct     96960
     gggttgggat tattaaaaat tcaatggtag atcttttgta tccaagaact gcaggtttaa     97020
     tcaccagcaa aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca gtgggagggg     97080
     gtcccatctg gtttctattt agcatgggac ctgcactagg aaactggatt aaccctagca     97140
     tgaccagaat gaaccccttc tctgcctggt tatctgggac tagtcacttt ctctttccat     97200
     ggtgatctta ctctttctgc tcccattctc cctctgtgta gtcaggactg gctatgatgg     97260
     cagaaatgtg tgttgtcagg tcatttcccc tcaaccattc tgctgtttct cagttgctgc     97320
     tagatttcag actcggatgc cttcatcaca aataaaagct actggactcg gttaccattc     97380
     aatgagagct tgttaagagc tggcaatgag ctaagagctt tccaccaatc taatgagttt     97440
     tccaacactc actcaaagca gtggcccatt attctgtctg ctgatgatga aagcactcag     97500
     agaagttaag gaacacataa agtaacgaga aaaggatgtg gctaggactt ttcttttttc     97560
     tttctttttt taaatttcaa agccttatgc tcatagacta ttgatgtatc caacactagg     97620
     gatcttatga gactttatcc caggaatatg atgttctgtg tgcacagtga agtacgcgtc     97680
     tcaaaattgc ttaccatctt gctaaaacta tggggagttg ttctatttaa ctaagtcaga     97740
     agagatggca gtgggttgct gtgtgaaaag caaagttatc agctaagtgg ctgcacctca     97800
     caagcatggc cattttgttc agctactggg gacagcgtgg aggagcttac aaagaccagc     97860
     ccttcctgaa ggtagtcata gtgagttgca accacttgca acacctccgc cacatatctc     97920
     agggcgaggg aaagcctgtg aacgctgctg tggaacactg caagcaatat ggtgataaac     97980
     gcaaaataga agcagactag aatgcaggga ttacatcacc ttagggttct gagacctctc     98040
     tcataccact ttagcactga gggcattagg gccccatgtc accaggtgac ttctccaagg     98100
     gtccaaagaa gtatccttgg aaggaatcag aggccagctc tggctctggg aggcttcctc     98160
     tcaggagcca ggcatcctgc caaccctgta aggagagtca cacaaccaaa ccttctgttc     98220
     tttctgcgcg gatacagcca gcaggatcga cagcgccaag gagtaggcac tgacctctac     98280
     agtgctcaat attattcacg caggtcggca gattgatggc cttggctctt tctttcccta     98340
     gtgcaaggtg aaaagccgtg gttttaaaag tggcgtgggg agtctgtgac tcaggaagcc     98400
     atggaaaacc caactatgtg ttatatccgc ctcgtgttag ggcagtaaaa accacagggt     98460
     gagaaatagt atcagtggta ggagaggctg agagatgaga aaaacgcaag tacagcaatt     98520
     aatcatgtga ccttgaactg cacaaggttg tccatctcac ctgagacagc tatgaagacg     98580
     caaagaacga tgctgtgaag tgcatttgag tagagctaca gttggtggga ggtggaggtc     98640
     tccaagttgc catggtatta gataaaaatc aagacacagt ctaaacccca gggctgagct     98700
     tttgatggaa aaaccaaaaa caaacttttt tttttgtttc tactttgcat ttcttttatg     98760
     gattcatttt ctctgagcct atgtaggtca aaggcaagcc tgaaggtcag gaaggaagaa     98820
     gccagagtta aaattaagga gaagtttttt ctctctccct taagccttta gagttgaatt     98880
     atataattag acatatgcat ggtgtgacgt cactaaaaga aataaatact gtgtacttgg     98940
     ctatctctat acttaaagat ctaagaagac aacctgggca gtggtggcac atattttaat     99000
     tccaacactc gggaggcaga ggcaggcaga tctctgtgag ttctaggcca gctgggtcta     99060
     cagagtgaat tccaggacag ctacaaaaag aaaaaactcc aagactgttc aaattctcca     99120
     acaggctact gaagtacttc tcaaatttta ctgtctacca gtcccccaag gatcttgtta     99180
     aaaagaatat tctgatctag tagactaggc agggccatat atattatatc tataagtagc     99240
     tcctagatag tattggtggt tgaccaatga ccacactttg agtgtatcag ttttgacatg     99300
     gaaaagcatg aaaggggtgg tggtagataa aggtgcccca atgagaattc tggaaacaga     99360
     gaatttagcc atccatttct aacgccctgt ggatgggaag ctgcaatggt ttcctcttta     99420
     tctctttccc aaagtcttac cattcttgga tgggtcgtag ggagcacagc ctacagcagg     99480
     cttctccagc tgggagcagc acctccaccg cccatccatc cagaaattag ggtgatactt     99540
     ggataccagg ctgttgttat tcctcgtttc tgaaagaatt ggtagcaact gaggacccat     99600
     ttctaggccg gttaatgaag catcacccat cttcccactc cctgagactg gaccgcgacc     99660
     cctgtcccaa gtcctaatcg gaacagtcag acaaccccgt aggttattta ctcggggagc     99720
     atgggctaac tcaggcggca gcaggggata tagattcttt tccatatctt cttccagttg     99780
     tctgtgtgtc cataggatgg ggagccctgg tctgagcctc agtttcacca tatttccctg     99840
     ttataccatc tactaggtga gtgggctcta taatgaagcc ttgggtgggg gttaaggaga     99900
     aagtggggag gtgggcgttc ccatctctct cactttgaat gacagcaact ttgccttttt     99960
     attttcaatt aagaaaaggt ttcatgtcct taaaactgag gacatactta aagttcagat    100020
     cctcttctct atctcctatg tcccaggatt ccaggtaggt accaccatgt catgtctgta    100080
     tagtgctggt gtttcaaccc agggctccat gcagggtaat taagtagtct cccaactgag    100140
     ctgccccgag gccctctaaa ttcgcttctg ttctttctag gcttatggct ttgcagtaaa    100200
     atttgttagg aataaatggg agtctgatag tgaaaaaaaa aacaaaaaaa caaaaaaaca    100260
     agaaacccct taacattagt caatctctaa cgatcctttc agttttgaaa ttcatatcaa    100320
     aaccaaactg taagatacag gagagtgagt gtagctgggg ttctttattg gctttgacct    100380
     ggtgtccatt tgtgagccat ggctaccggg ctcgagggca ctttgtagtt ggtgtagtgc    100440
     ttgctgggtc ctatcccatt ttagactgat ttgaccccag aaacgtgtaa gttaccactt    100500
     tagccttatt ttctagacaa gagtgctgtg gctccaggca gagtgagggg cttgcttcct    100560
     ttcttctcat ggctgcttgg agacaggtct cctgacacac tgcgggcttc aggctaaagg    100620
     taagcaggta ctgttctcaa gtgagaactt ttaaaggtac catacatgtc ctagctcatt    100680
     tgatcctcac aacagcccta aggctgtgct taggtaactt ttatagccga ggaaatggag    100740
     gcacacaaag atccaggtaa aacactaaca accaacactt tccagatttt caccacagca    100800
     gcctgtctcc acatcccacg gacttaaaca ctgggtgagc tctaattatg ctgtcaggaa    100860
     tttgaggctg aggaagtagc taaccaggca tggcggtgca cacctgtaag tctagcatta    100920
     aggaaatgga ggcaggaaga tcaggagttc aaggtcagcc ttggctactt agacaattgg    100980
     aggccggact gggttccata aacccctgac tagaaaacaa acaaacaaac acacacagaa    101040
     acaaacaaac atgctaatgc ttccatggca ctggctatgg ttgctagttc taggtatttt    101100
     atcactggcg ctgtgcagag agattccgag tgcccttccc tatcttgttt aacagctagg    101160
     gagactgcag ttaggaactt gcttgagaac agaaggaaga ggcggatgcc accctgtgat    101220
     ctaacgggag gggctcccac tctaaccttc cttgttctcc tagagtaagc aaaccatttt    101280
     taaaatgcca gatagtaaat attttagttt tgagtaaata ttttagtttt gactggccaa    101340
     gaggcaaaat caaggatatc gtgtgggtgc ttatatagtc ctttgaaatg tcttaaaaat    101400
     atagaaactg tttttatctt gaagccgtaa atgaacaggt ggtgagctgg atttggtcaa    101460
     tcccttgttg ctgctcctgg gcccatgaca gacagtgacc aataataaat ggataaaatt    101520
     tgaacaccag ctgctcatgg agtcccctgt gttccttcac ggagcccaag cccagcccag    101580
     gatcaaggcc ccagtgactc atcccaggag tttaattacc ttctttaagg gtcagcaccc    101640
     agcgctgccg actctcacag tctggagcaa acacatacag gagatagttg tcatgcacga    101700
     cctgtaagta cacaagagtc tatgatgaac agggtaccca gacatgggga gcccatgtca    101760
     ggtccatctc agtatttatc atcatttaat ctgggtgact tgggaaccag tgtggttttc    101820
     atcaaaatgc ctgggtgctg tgtcatgggg gtgaccttcc gcaggctagg tggcttctct    101880
     tgggtgtcat gccaccaggg ggtataaaca ggagaaagaa aagttggttt cttgactaga    101940
     taccatgttc ctatctgatc ttaatttttc agtcattaga gaaaccttcc cagtgtatgg    102000
     aagagtaggt tattagatga cagaaattga ctgaagattc tctttaaatt tcttagtaaa    102060
     gcctgtgctt tagcccaccc ttcctcactg gtagcatcct gtagaattca agcgagagtc    102120
     taaagcagga aactattaac caagccatgg gtctttgaaa tgtcattagt accggacatc    102180
     ctcctcaggc atttgtgatt ggcacattta attactggca atttctgttg tttcttttac    102240
     tttcgtcttt gcaacttcca cctcaggctg agtgtggtgg ggcatctgta atcctagact    102300
     tgggagctga ggcagaagga ttccaagttc caagccagcc tggtgatatg aaaaagaaga    102360
     agaaaaaaaa aaggaggggg gagggaagaa gagacaggag cgagagagat ggggggaggg    102420
     gttgaccaac tcactggggc tacattttta gtttttattt tttttaaagc tcttttctgt    102480
     gtctcattta aaatggacca tctgggaggg aaatgaagct cagagcttga acacctacct    102540
     gcctagtgaa tgctcaggac cctagattca attcccagca ctggaaacaa aatagctaag    102600
     gaatatctgc cttctggtgg gcaaataaga gaggtgtctg agaggagaga actacaaagg    102660
     gtagtgaaca agataaagag actaaaaggt acatttacca gtcaatggag aaagatctgt    102720
     gagccctgat agcacggctc tctagtagca ggtggccact caacatttac aatgtagcca    102780
     aagtagtaac tggcaagctg gattttagaa tcagtcagcc cttctttctt tccttctccc    102840
     cctatcactg tgtgtgtttt tgagtgtgtg tgcatgcaag cgcacacata cacatatcat    102900
     gagagtgcat catggcttga atgtagaagt cagaagacaa ttctcagagt tctttccacc    102960
     ctctttctga gatcaaagga tgcaactcag gtcaccagac ctgcacacaa atacttctgc    103020
     ctgataaacc attttgctga ccctttgaaa actattgctt atttaatacc acttaaccct    103080
     catcgtcatt tatatttaaa cattcgcttt ctgcaggtgg cagaagcaac catctccaga    103140
     tgtttttcag attgtgaaat ttcagaaacc ccaggcaaga gacaggaatt aggacctctt    103200
     caaggctggg gctgtagtaa gtggcagagg gcttacataa catgtggaaa gccccaggtt    103260
     caattcccag caccacggga aaccaagaac ctcttcaaga atctatgcct ttgtggaatg    103320
     aatgaatgaa tgtcactggt tggaagaaca caaaagcctg cctgtgggct tggtctaagc    103380
     tctccacatg ggggagagtc accctttgtc catcttccct tacaagagct gaggattcta    103440
     accatggtcc aggctgtagt cctgatgggc ttacctgaaa agggtattta tagtggcacg    103500
     ggatgctaat gtcactcttg acaatctcca cacacttgat tctggagagt tcaatggagc    103560
     ccttcaacgt gcgcttcttc tgtgaggaga tattacatcc acttaagtca gacaggagac    103620
     actgttttca tgtcaattgt ttccagagaa ttactactga gacattaagt ccctttaagt    103680
     gagagaggag aggatgctct aatgctgatt gtttccagaa atttactatt cagaaatttt    103740
     ccttcccttt gtaagccagc ctcagtgttc ccaaacaaac atcccaaagt tgcttcctga    103800
     ctccgtctga aagggactcc gtgcaagctc ttgggagaag ggcctttaaa gggtcatgat    103860
     ggtgactgct ttttctattc agttagcctt agtgtcacac accatggtcc tattgacata    103920
     gcaatgtgtg taaaactcat ggctgggctg agctatgtac tcggtgggag cagtcatgtg    103980
     tatgacaaca ttccctgctc tgtgatctct atgagctaat tagtaattgt gcttaggctt    104040
     ggcaggatag tgagacatac tgttcgtgat gtcttggcca catctggctt tcccatgccc    104100
     ctaggttatt caaagttcta cagtaacacc tcggtaccat actcctgttc tgtaactacc    104160
     tttggccagc cacttggccc ttccccataa aactgttctg gtcccaggca tgtgtccttt    104220
     tggagcttac tagatgtgtt ttctgaatga ctgatggtat gttgtttgat aatgatgttc    104280
     aacgtttacc tgtgtacaaa tgccattgtc cttaggagat gggccacctg acccagtgag    104340
     acagattcta tttatgggac tatcctctct agggaaaatg agtttgggaa atgcctttgg    104400
     atggcagagc ctttcttggg tgcctagaat atggttgcca tcgaaaacag aattttagtc    104460
     aactacggag tcatctgtga aacacgtcat tcaattgcat tctttctgaa ggggtaaaac    104520
     cagcacaaca gaggcagggc ggggtccaag aggctttgct tgtctcttgt tagctccaca    104580
     aacttgggtg gttcatctaa cttccaagaa cctttttatt tgtttggttt tgttttgttt    104640
     tttgggtttt tttggttttt gtttttttgg aaacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg    104700
     tcctggaact cactctatag accaggctgg ctttgaactc agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc    104760
     ctcccaagta ctggggttaa aggcatgcac caccactgcc tggctccaag aaccatttta    104820
     ttcatagctc atgaggacaa ttctttcccc ttcgggttga ctggagcata aggtaggagg    104880
     gtgtcactac actgcctggc ttgtaacagg gacatttaac aaagggcact ttcaaaagag    104940
     gttgaggaag gactggctat tgcaagagaa ctgtgacaca agagtagact tggttagcac    105000
     tggggatggt agcaccaaca atttctccag aactgaaatc agtattcagt tctttttgag    105060
     cctctgcctg ggaaccagtc ctcatcttct agctgagaca cagaacaaat gaaaacaatc    105120
     aagatgtgag aagcagaccc tgttgaatgc agggtaactt tgtggcactt ctttcccaat    105180
     tttctttgca aataatattt tttaaaatag agaaacatgc atattcacag ttacaaataa    105240
     aataatatgg aaaattacat gtgaaataaa tatttatagg ggatgcgtta tccgccccct    105300
     ttcatgatcc tgatgcagtc aagatgaaca gtttgtttgt ttatatgtgt attttgcgag    105360
     tgcacacatg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgagtg tgtgtatgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtctgtatg    105420
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatttg tggaaatgag atgagctcct caactgctct    105480
     caaccttagg tttttgaggc agaatctctt actgaaccta ggacctgact agctagccca    105540
     tgagcccttc ctgtcaccat ctccccagtg ctgggattat aggctcacac tgccagtgtt    105600
     ttctatatgg ttgccagggg attggaactt gggtcattgt ggctacatga caagcacttt    105660
     actgatggag tcgtctcctc gatgtattta tctttcccta gaacaattgc tggatacata    105720
     aaaaaaaaca aaaacaaaca aacaaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa aaaaagagcc    105780
     tctgatttac atattggcct cacagtagct ttggcaatct agttgtgtta aactccagct    105840
     tccacagcta gaaaagaggc cccatgtggc ccatcactga agtcctcagg agccatggtg    105900
     tgtacatcag aacagaagtg cacagaggtc tgtccatcct gtaaccattg cagtccctga    105960
     ccactggtga gctgatgtcg cttcgtggct gacatcgttt gtctccttct tggagagcct    106020
     ggtagaaggc tcaaggcaga atccaaacag ctctggctaa tgacccacct ctctctgaaa    106080
     actactgagt tccatggcac attctcagtg cctagtgcag tggttgatcc cttatggtgc    106140
     ttggctaaga catcacactg gactcagttt aaacaatccc aattacattt aaagctaatc    106200
     tatttggcaa ttctggaaat gtttgtcgaa ggccagagat gaacaaggca ccactctgag    106260
     tccagtaaac aaagcaatga acattgtcca ctctctcatg ggggtcatag acaggcctca    106320
     ctaatgacga gttcactttc agtttctgac ttcactgtgg tgtaaaaacc atactccata    106380
     gccagacata gtggtgcacg cttgcgatca tagcactctg taggctgaag gagaagcact    106440
     gggggttcca ggccagtctc agccacatgg caaaaaataa atacatagct tagcactgca    106500
     gttattctag tatttaagaa acaggcagga ggattactaa aaatctgata gcagccttcc    106560
     ctacatagtg aattctaggc cagctggggt ctacacagcc aggtcatacc tcaaaaaaat    106620
     taaagcactt atcaatcaat aaaagaaaag aaacgtatac ttcaggattt ggactttact    106680
     cttcttctag gccagtgatg tcttacatga tttcactgtc atctcctcat acttctgggc    106740
     agaaggctac agctactgag ctgccacgtg atcatgagtg gcctcgaggc tctctgcagt    106800
     gagctgcact gctaggctgt ggattttgta ggccaggtgt tcatctcaca gtaggttaat    106860
     aaggatctcc gtgtaactcc ttcatacatt tggaagatca gaaaggcaac gcaagagccg    106920
     aaaagactat ggtataggta gatgtcacga ggacaggcct ctggagagag ggtgccccca    106980
     acagaccggg aagtctagca ggggttgtct gtgaccagat aggggtgagc actctctaca    107040
     aggtgggcca ctagagcaga gtgcttggca gaaaagtgct gattaagcat ctcctcgtag    107100
     ttaggtcata aagtgcaagg aaatgtagct ggagtcaaaa atagggcaaa agttctatgt    107160
     gaattccgaa gcaacagtgt ctaataagga tggaagtaga atgtgaactg tacaggcaat    107220
     ttcaagtttt ctagctgggc acggtagcct ctatctacaa ttccagcact tacaaggtcg    107280
     aggaggggta atttctacaa gtttagaacc agcctgggct atataactag ggctagcctt    107340
     ctcaaaataa tttcacttct gtaaatatgt tcagaaaagc aatagcaaat aaaactaatt    107400
     ttgatttaaa cccaaacatc tcaattatca tcacatcaaa ccgagcataa catcgatcgg    107460
     ctgcgtccct ctttagtctt aacctttgaa atcctgtgct ttccgcacac ttcagcttgg    107520
     acagcatatt taagcacgca aaagtcacgt gatttccaaa gaggagtctt cctttctgtt    107580
     ccgagggttc ctagtatcca ttcattccac acatgggctt gaagagacat ctgtgcctta    107640
     accgtcattc agatgagtct tcgcggtcag agagacctgg ctgtccacca ctaacctcat    107700
     tttcagtctc tggtaactgc ttgagtctcc tctccaatcc atctgtccta tcagtctctc    107760
     tggagacctt gacagtagct ctccctgaat ttcacaagat tggatctggg aaacaacagg    107820
     catgcttgga tggtccctcc ctaactggtc aatgggagca gtgggtcagg agctaaacac    107880
     agttcggtct ctgggaaatg atggtggcct gtaatcttcc caaacaactg tgctatttct    107940
     gaaaaacatc agggtgaggt ctgccaaaaa acaaaacaaa accacgaaag tcaccagaag    108000
     agggagagac catgtcagcc tgtccccact cttccttgtt ttctggctgt ctgcaccaca    108060
     caaggtcgca agactttggg tagcattgtc tcttttcttg ccatgttcaa agctatacca    108120
     actcaggaaa taacgtcaac agttaacaaa tggaactttg tgaagttaag gttcggcaca    108180
     gtcaatgagt acagctaact gaataaagaa acagtctcag agaaaatctt tgccagccgt    108240
     acacctgaca gaagactgta gaatacataa agaactgaag agtccccaac cacagaaatg    108300
     taaacaaacc acccaataca tgcgaccact aaatgaacat cttgtcccca ggagagaaac    108360
     tctgatgcca ttaaacacat gctcagcttc actgtcacag aactgcaaat cgaaactttg    108420
     ttgtgattct atcttagccc agtcagaatt tccaacatta gagagacaaa tcaaagaaat    108480
     gcaggggagg gggtggcaaa agagaattct tatagagtgc tggtagggat gtaaactagt    108540
     tcagccactg tggaagtcag catggtgcgg tctctagaaa ccaacagtag gcctaccaca    108600
     caagccagtg attcctgagc atttccctga aggaccctaa gtcacggaga aactacacag    108660
     cattattgac aacaactaag ttatggactc accagggtgt ccatcaacag tgggaagggg    108720
     gaagacaaga ccctagagag acacaacaga acatttgttt tcagctacaa agcaaaacaa    108780
     agttatgcaa gttgtagaaa aaaattgatg caattggaga caaccccagt aagccaggct    108840
     cagaaaaata aggttgtacg ttttctctca tatgcagttc ctggatttta tgtagtcaca    108900
     taaaatcgtg tgtgcattta ggaaatgaaa gtagaaatga aactgcagag aacaaaggtg    108960
     gtggaggagg ggtgggagga ggggacggtt gtgtgcatgc acaccacaca atatatactt    109020
     gtgtgaaaac gttctcacaa catactacca tgcacaacaa ataatggaga agttttaaaa    109080
     ttataacaaa accataagga cataatattt taaggagtgt tgccttgtcc catgtgttta    109140
     tagagatagc ttatggatca aacacaatcc aaccgggctt atgtacaaaa ctgcacaaag    109200
     accgtgcaag tgaattttag gccctctttt tgaatcaata gtttttataa aacagaattg    109260
     ggttttgagt ttcagggaga gacgggggaa agtaacaaaa gataatcata ttttaaactc    109320
     ctttctacac tccactgcac ttaacatgac ccaacaaagt gctgtttctc cagtacatag    109380
     atgagaagtt tgagtttcag gaaggccagc ttccttcatt catagtgaag agaaacctcc    109440
     gactgtcata cctgctctta tgctcacaga aacctttcat tacccagact cagggcaggc    109500
     tagtcgcata gcccatttct cccagccgtg gctcagtgcg gtattgtctc tgctgcactg    109560
     gcttgttcag agctgggttt gggtgatgtt ccctgatttc ccagcatgac agctcctttt    109620
     gtgccgtcac tccttgtggc gcacagtgga tacatcaata tgaagttaca tgccacacac    109680
     cctcaagagg acatttatag gtacctgata acagaatttc tactttggta gggcagagcg    109740
     gaggagaagg gatgtcttca tgtcaggcag ggttcaaacc ctggctcgtt cttcacatcc    109800
     ttaggccaaa ggtttcaacc tcttagtaac tttgaattaa aaatatttta aagaagtatt    109860
     tacgttcagg gtggttttgc cagcaagagc aaaaagtgct cgtaactgct gagctatctt    109920
     tccagtccct ttgatagctt gtttggacaa aaatggcaaa taatgatttc tcagataact    109980
     cagaggatag gaaacaccta cataaacatg ccggtgaatt gaaatcattc gggtgatgaa    110040
     ctgtcactca aatgcttctt gtctcctctc ttccttcctt tcctttccct atccacaaat    110100
     aaagcctgca tcctcttgtc tttctgggtc catactttgc atgaacgttc ttttaggcac    110160
     ctaggtaatc aggaaacatc actggggaag acggcagcca cacttagctg gtgagaagga    110220
     aaattgtgac agccggagta gttttttttt tccctagtaa tttgtaaaat taggataaag    110280
     ccacagaagc ggtgacttcc tggcctcctg agtgtgtctc tctgttggcc caccctggtg    110340
     tcaggctttg agaagagcca ccagcagcat tcttgattct tagataaaaa tcaggatttt    110400
     aacggggcat ttcaagggac ttgctcaagg tctcattcag ggctaggtta gctaatgctc    110460
     catctgaaaa tctgcagtgg tccacggcat tcaacctggc atcgtgtgaa atagagctta    110520
     catgactgac aggcgggcac tgctttcccc aaggttagct tgagagtttt tctccattat    110580
     tgtttcgtct tctgtgtggt gcttgctcgg ggcaacccac acattcatct ccattcaggt    110640
     ggtaaactga gacctggaga atcaggattg tcgtggtccc tacagtgaca gtaacactgg    110700
     acaggtgggt gcagggcctg ctgctcacat ctttccctca gtaggtttgg ccctttggtg    110760
     ctaagggatg ctgacggctg ccactgagca tcaacatgac ctgtgctgca ggaaggcccc    110820
     aggagaaacc agaccactac agtcttggcg gaaaaggcgt agtcatgtca aacgtcagtg    110880
     cactttgtaa ctagctgcgg ttgctccttt cctttctcca gcctctcttg tctgagccca    110940
     gttgtgtaaa gatggaggcc agggatgagt taaggcagat ggcacggctg cagcacctgc    111000
     gcactgggga gctgtgcttc ctcccacacc tgccttcctc tctttccttg tttccaggag    111060
     atctctcacg cagatgttag cagtggtcat ctggctttcc cttcggggat gctttcttgc    111120
     tgtggtttac tgtggggctt gatgtggaga aaagcctctt ttaatgctgg ccatcttttt    111180
     aacagtattg cccccaacta ggcaaaaggt gggaatttta caaaatgaaa agagacagaa    111240
     gtatactctc gtttaacttt tggaggacaa ctgaggtttc cctaatcaag tgatgatatt    111300
     ttcttataaa aatattaaaa atagagacca gtggggtgga gctaaagttt gaaaataagg    111360
     ggcagaaaaa gagtaatata taagaatata taaaaatata tgtatgtatg tatttgtata    111420
     tatatattct aataatatat attcttaaat ttattcttat gttataagaa tatatatatt    111480
     ccttatgtta taagaatgta tatattctta tgtttgaaca ttttaccaaa aacatacatt    111540
     tattttattg tattaagtta atgaacacaa atatatttgt cctgtgggac ttatcccatg    111600
     gaaacaactg ctaaaacgta taaagacatg aaaaaaaagg atgctcacca cagcgttact    111660
     tgctacacta gaaaatcaag agagacttaa acattcatca acaggcaaat gcttgactta    111720
     gttatgctct tcattcaaca actctggagt cattaccaag gaagagattt gttctatata    111780
     aaggaacaaa agcatacgtt aagttaaaaa aaaaaagaag atttaaagca atggctgaat    111840
     cctcacattt tttttttttt gaaaaagatg aaatagatgt tagtatagac aatatccaga    111900
     aaggtaataa gggaggaaaa aataaaacga ttgcaaggtg ctaatactgc tttttctcat    111960
     gaggcaaaaa tagaagaatt tcataacaga agtaatatgt ttctatgata cttgaaggag    112020
     tttttaagat agaagcatag aaagagatga aaggaacaat ttcaaaagta ttttaaagca    112080
     tccagaagca ttgaaaacat atttaataca gcagggatag atgggtagga gggaaaggta    112140
     aagaggttca aaatgaagag ctgggtgtgt aaaatgacct ctgccctggt gacctcataa    112200
     ccccattcac aagaagctgt atccgggcag tagcagccat ctgcccttct gtatctttgg    112260
     atgttcgagg tcacgggagt tcctctgatg ttctccatgg gcagccgttt tctttattca    112320
     tttggttcaa gaaaaatcac ggagttttag gtggacatgt atatcttgta agtgaggcaa    112380
     caattcagca ataattttta agtccgatcc ccactagata aaaagccaaa aacaaaaaac    112440
     aaaacacaaa acaaaacaga agcagagaat ggaacaaaaa tcttagttta gatctgattg    112500
     tgagaagtat atgtcgctgg acatgttaga gggagcctgc agtcccagca tttgagactg    112560
     aggcaggatc ataaactcca ggttactctg gtctccaaag caggacctgg tctcagaaag    112620
     aaccaagtgc cacgtggtga gcataggtcc cccaggtcct gtgaaccatc tctcggcatg    112680
     tctcgtttgt gacttctctt ccaaagcctt ttcaggggag ggcatgggag atgtttagtg    112740
     agtttggaaa tgtattactt tattttattt ttaagcccta aagagtcggc agctgatgta    112800
     gatagggaac agcttcattg caactcagga gatcgcttca caggggcaat gtttaatggc    112860
     gattgttaat tggccaactg aggagcagta ggcaagagtg ttgcatcagg tatgtgcgga    112920
     ccccatgaag gtatgtgtgg aactctccat ggaaatgtgt taagatgtga gctccagaat    112980
     cagtggcaga tgaataatgt tcttctggga gaggaaaggg aagttaacac taggctggtc    113040
     caagagcaca agcactcctg caggttatga acagctcaat aggaaaatgg gcaagaggaa    113100
     tccaaatgat tctcaaaaca tgaagagaca cttggttact atgacaacag aaatgcaaat    113160
     aaattccact tagattattt gatgcctatc agaccagcaa agatcaaagc atcagataat    113220
     ggttgctgag gttttgagaa taaggttcac acacatggct ctggagaaag tgagtctttt    113280
     gtggacagcg atttggtcat taaatagcaa ctgtacatat ctttttaact caggaagtcc    113340
     acatctggtt gttctttttt tttttttttc ttcagagggg tttctcagcc tctgtactgt    113400
     tgaccatttg ggtagggctt ctacccactg aacatcagta gcaatcatat ctccaatctc    113460
     caatgagact aaatgtccat aggctgcctc taatagtcac agttataacc attaaaagtg    113520
     acatacaggt tattcattct tgttgcttgt aaaaacaaaa cagaagcaca ctaaatgtat    113580
     aatggaaaca tttaatccac ataatgagcc attttccatt cattaaagat gaaaaggctc    113640
     tttacagagt ctactatgga cttatctcca aatgaggctg ctaaccaatg gagagaaaaa    113700
     aaaagagtag tgtgtataga ttatgcagct gctatataaa aaaaagaaag gaaagagacg    113760
     gttttgtttg tgttgtatgt atatgaatat agcatcttgg aaaagtctgt aagaagttga    113820
     ttgtatttgt gaacttcttt tacattttta agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    113880
     tgtgtgtgtg tagatggaca gtacaattta tgggagttgg ttccctctct ctaccacctc    113940
     tgccctaggg cttgaactca gatgtggtag caaatgccct tatctgctga gccaccttgc    114000
     tggctcatat cggtcgatgt ggggttagag aaatggggtt tggaccaagg aagggaaatt    114060
     ttattattat acatagcatt tggtaacttt aaaaactatg cagatagatt atgtactcag    114120
     ggagttttgt aatgtcctgt caacacacca tttctgcttc tgtctgtttc tgtatggaga    114180
     tgaaggtgta catatggcga cgaggagcct gcaagtgaga gatccagcag gcccaggaca    114240
     tggcccaggc cccaacatta gtctgttaca gaatctgacc ggatcaattt gaaacaggtg    114300
     aaaaagcacc aggaaaagtc ttggcctaat gcccctgagc tctgcagtgc atcttttttt    114360
     ttttagagct caaaggtatt ttattttctc agtatgctat attactatcg ataagagcta    114420
     cgggatgctt catgggtgca agggccaggt gtaccttccc tactgctcta gttctttgcc    114480
     ctgacaaagt gaggataccc tttctctttt cattagactt gcatttcctc agaaagagct    114540
     gaggccagtt tggggcagca ggctcatttg acccccatca cccacacagt agaagaaaac    114600
     taacttccag aagttgttct ctgatttcac ttgcggactg tggcctgcag gcacctactg    114660
     ctatactaaa taatcaatgg aaaaaatttc ttatcctatg gtattctaca cacagaaatc    114720
     catcttaaaa cctttaaaaa aggaacagtt ctctattata tgtgtattat aatgtatttt    114780
     cattatacct ggagacaact tgaatgctca tccatatatc taggtacata aaacaagtaa    114840
     atttatcttt gcaacaaatg gattgaacca ttaaaaattc agatatatga gagagtgatt    114900
     gattagtttt gagcccctgc atacacacag aagcacattt aaaagaatga atgtggaagt    114960
     agaatataaa attgtcatgc attataaata tttaaaatta tattcacaca gtaatttgat    115020
     agttttagac aaaaagctat acaataagtt atataaaata ttttgtatct agttttatta    115080
     actacttttg gtagtatgat aatctaaaga ctttctactc tgttttgtgg tattaatcaa    115140
     cattgattta attaaattct aacttgtttt ctgtcttcat tgtgagagga tatctggtcc    115200
     tgacccaggt tataaaacag acagatttcc acttatcctt ggttctagac aagtcctcag    115260
     gaagacacaa tagagttaaa atatgaaata attacaaagc aaattgtaga atgagatatc    115320
     acgtgttggg tcaccagcct tgccccagct tccttgcgtc ctggccttcc ctgtgtataa    115380
     tctgccatcc ccactgcagt cagaacaaac acttccaaat ataaaacaaa cgctgttgct    115440
     gagtgccctc caccatttgg tagcttccta ctgttgggag aaagtccaga ctttgctgtg    115500
     tcccacagcg gctctttagc ttggcttctg caacctcaaa ttgcagcctt ctcttgaact    115560
     atgcccagat tctctctgtc ttttatttac cttgggttgc ttggcttgct attcccactg    115620
     cccaggatga gattctaggt tttgtgtttt gttttcactt gactggcaca tccatcatgc    115680
     ctcaaactct gactctggcc tagatataga ttctttccta accatacttc cttccaactc    115740
     tgccccagtt gctgctgagg tctgccatag agcctgccca tgtgtatcta ccttgtgctg    115800
     taatgtacat cactatgggc tgtctcctct acctgtgtat gagggcaaac accttgccca    115860
     tgttattcac cactgtcgtt gtcacgccca cctcactggt ttcgacatag taggtattag    115920
     gaaatgatta agaaacaata caaattaaaa agtgttttca gaaggtccta tgcaagctgc    115980
     caggggagag gaggactcgg tagccctacc cagctgttaa agcctacaaa ccacaacact    116040
     gactactgta gcaagatgca cccttgtgca atagtgacac tttcatctta ggagtaatca    116100
     gcacctgctt agtcgagctt acagcccgtt tcatgggaga gaatccatgc gtaacactat    116160
     aaacctagcc aagcagccag ctggagaagc atagacccta caggagaacc tagtattgcc    116220
     attttcttag tgtaagtttt aactgtattc taaatactta tccttatccc tcacagataa    116280
     gtatagttcc catctttcat caaaaaagct tcttttttgc agcagataga cactattaca    116340
     gaagtccaca actggtcaga atgcagacag taagtgagag tgggctactc aacaaacatt    116400
     gatacatctg caacacaacc cctacagcta aggctcaggg gacatcacca aagagggaac    116460
     acaattattt taaaagcctg gggacctgct aggtagtgct gcctagacat gacaaggaaa    116520
     atgcacttgt ggactctcaa caacacaatt gcctggatag cacaagcata atgaaaaaaa    116580
     ccagttgaca tgcccccata gatgggggga ttccaccagg ttctacctct agtaagagtt    116640
     actgtaagtg actgctaaac gatggagaat ctgtttcctc cagggttgag ttcctctata    116700
     gattgtctaa tcccacgtgc tcagccctga acatgttcac aggagcaatg ctacgtggac    116760
     tcattagctt atatgtaaca ataataatta aagaagcagc cacggattag gggagggcac    116820
     aggagaagtt ggaaggggaa agaagggtag acgtgatgta gacacagtac acaggtatga    116880
     agttctcaaa ataataactg aataaaaatg gacatgaagc tgggatgtaa tcatatttta    116940
     ttgtgttttt gacttccatt tctctggtgg ctagttaagt tgagcacttt cccccataaa    117000
     cttgattatt ttgaatttat tctttctaga agaatctatt cttgtccttt aagcattttt    117060
     caaattaaat tgttttactg ttaaagtttt taagttcttt aagtagtctg tatgcagatc    117120
     ccctttcgga tgacttagac gagcatgtaa atatcaatcc cgtatgaatg gctgtagaaa    117180
     tcatgtggat acacagtctc atgccgtgtt cccattctgc tggatctata gaacctgcgc    117240
     tgacttccaa gggcagatag gcagtctaca aagggagtct atgtgcattc agaagcagtt    117300
     tcctcccctg ggctgctttt gtgaagcttc tgggcatcat gaaagcaacc ccccaactca    117360
     cctcctggca aaaaacacag cctgaagacc tattttttct gatgtctgca taaatcactg    117420
     acagatggaa aattttatta ttaatagtta aagaaattag gtaaagatag agcaggtggc    117480
     ctatgaaaat ttgagaagag cttaagctaa cttccttagg actcaagtgt gttggacctc    117540
     ttgttttgac ctcaatgtgt gagtcttgtt tggaacccat agaaactaca gtcttgagtg    117600
     ttccaattaa tcctttcttc caaattaagt gctcttctcg acagtatttc tctgaggctg    117660
     attttttttt tttctgcagg aaataatgaa aaggtgtgca agtcactcac agagattctc    117720
     ctgcctctgc ctcctaggta ctgggattaa aggcgtgcgc catcacaccc agcttatttg    117780
     taagcttttt aaagatgaaa ggggaaggta tgagctaggg aagaggcaga aagaaaggag    117840
     caaccagcct tgttgcaacc ttggctcttc caaaagccac tgtggagtct gtggttggca    117900
     gagaaagaac atcccggtag tatgcgtttc aaggttccat tataatcctc agtgcaaggg    117960
     caccaaagag aaaatgaact tgaagcactg aaagttcaga gaggaagcag atgtgcggga    118020
     ggcacaccga gcaagtgtgg tgtcaagaga aatcagacag atgggcagag aaggctcttg    118080
     ggagccatag ccaggaatta agtattctga gcagtcacac agagctttta gagagtggtg    118140
     tctgagtgct aattttaaaa ctccactctt ggtgttgtga ggatgacagg ctcatataga    118200
     acctcaactg tccatgggac cccaggtagc atcagtgaaa tcacatgggg ataaagtggg    118260
     gagggaccat ggctggtaaa aagtctctag cagaaaggct cagtgagttt aaagaatact    118320
     gcctgtggct gggcgcatgt ggtacgtgcc tttaacccca gcagcactca ggaggcagag    118380
     gcaagtggat ctctgtgaat ttgaagctga tctggtctat agcaagagtt cccggacctc    118440
     cagggctacg tggagaaacc ctgtctcaaa aatcccaaac cagggctggt gagatggctc    118500
     agtgggtaag agcacccgac tgctcttctg aaggtcagga gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac    118560
     atggtggctc acaaccatcc gtaacgagat ctgacgccct cttctggagt gtctgaaaac    118620
     agctacagtg tacttacata taataaaaaa aaaaaaataa atctaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    118680
     aaaaaaatcc caaaccaaac caaaccaaac caaaccaaac aaccaaacaa ccaaacaaag    118740
     aatactagag tgcagaaggt gtagctatat acccaaaggg agaaaaataa acccaacgac    118800
     tcagggtgaa ggggaaagga acagagtcca atggttcccc agaaacagct gtgggcttct    118860
     cacaggcttc tctctgacct agctgacagt tccaaccacc caactcccct ttcttgctca    118920
     agacacggcc gtgactattc cttttgtgga aacttcttcc tgtattctta tatcctaaat    118980
     cctcccttct gatcttccac atcgtgagat tgctttttag tacggagccc ttttctaact    119040
     gggctcattt gtgctaccct aactctgctc catgtcgaat ctatattttc ttcttcattc    119100
     tctccctttc cccttctact ccctccacag gaagaaacaa aaacaaaact aaacaaacaa    119160
     aaagctaatc actgctaata ggcaggaagc attgtggaaa ctgatgggta tcatctgata    119220
     cttgtcctta taaagcttct gtctaatgga gcctcacatt agtaaatgga gcctcacatt    119280
     agtaaatggg ccattatgac tttggcatag gccctcagga aaaagcacac attgctatgg    119340
     caagaatgta ataggaggtt gacccagtct aaagaattta atgaaggctt ctctaaggaa    119400
     gggacattta gacctgaaca ggtgtggtgt gattggagct cagagcaaag acaaagaagg    119460
     acatgtgtcc tggatgctgg tgccctgggt caattggaat aatcctgtca taagcatgtc    119520
     tgcttataat gagaaccatg ccaaccgatc acattcacaa catgagcact cagccaggct    119580
     gctacgtgca gtatggtggg gcaaggtgac tgtcacaggg gtagcagtac tagatgggac    119640
     atgtggactt ctgccgggaa ggtgactgag gaaatgctgg tgggctgcag ccaccatgat    119700
     gaatgtattc atgctatttt agacacggaa cagagctcca gagagtgaag cgggaagaga    119760
     tttgtcctgg agtgtgcaca gaagagacag agctcagaat gttcttcact gtgacagatc    119820
     tggagaacac gaggtgtcac ctgtggaacc ctttaccgag taagagaaca tggcgttttg    119880
     taataactag gcagtaacgc taactgtaag aagcaccatt tactatggaa ctgtgtgagc    119940
     tctggagaca taacggacct cggggaagtt atttaaaccc tctgcacttc cttccctggt    120000
     ttataaatga gggtgtaaga gttcctactt acaggatgat tatagtgtct actcacgaca    120060
     atccacatga acacacggac acacgggaag tgctctatgc tagtcactgt tcagtattag    120120
     aagggtggtg accttcagct cattaaaaag aaaacaaaag ggaacatcca tggctgtttc    120180
     gagatcccat agcattatgt ggcttataac gagtcacact agacctggtc tttgacccag    120240
     atctatatgt gtttttgata atgctactta tggttacaaa agcaggaagg ggccatctcc    120300
     ccacctgtcc tctttcattc agggatgttg catgggttag attgcagctc agggaagggg    120360
     aacagctctg ggcaatagct ggggtagtga tcctaaatgt tctttctgcc cccccccagg    120420
     gggtggtagt gatgtattcc acgccatagg aagtgtagta aacttgaccc ctaaaatgca    120480
     gagtcattag ggtaaagaat ccttctttcc catagggcct ctcagaatat gacgaggatg    120540
     catggtgtgt aagatgagca taaagcttgc aatatacttc tcttagcttg tgctcttgtg    120600
     agacagagag agccatcagg gccctgactt tgcaaatagg gaaatgcctt aaaatgaaat    120660
     gtcttgtcag agatactaca cctagaaagt gagagaggtt ggatttgaac ccagctctta    120720
     ccagctacac tggcttttcc accctgtact gtttgtctcc atctgtgcta ccccttctat    120780
     cccatgctca gggccctctg atttttctct ttttcttacg gttcagttgt catcaacctc    120840
     cccagagact atacttacgt ctgccagtgg tgtgctaggt ttggcttata ctggcctatg    120900
     agagcaagct gctacatttt caggaattta tgatccacac tgattaactg aaatggccaa    120960
     gggattcctt ttttgaaaag ggctctcatg tattgaagac tggcctcaga ctcactatat    121020
     agctgagcat gaccttggac ttctcgttct cttcttctgc ctcctgagtg tggggttgta    121080
     attgtgcatc cccatactta ctttacgcag ggctagggat tgaacccagc ttcatgcatg    121140
     ctcagcaaat actcttctaa ctgccctaca tcccagctct atgaaggggt tatttataac    121200
     agagaaatca acaaacgcta caaatcaggg ccccaccgct cccctctagt aacacagtga    121260
     ctctcacgtt gtaccagcgt gctaccaggc taaagaactg cagatgccag agaccgcttt    121320
     acaagacacc gggcaggtcc agagaacatc tgatgctgtg ctcgaatgtg aagggcaccc    121380
     tgtgtctttc gagccactgc ttcagtagca tgaagcccag aaccacttct acagcacaat    121440
     tcatgacata tatatttgtt cttcatggaa acagccaagg gctacagaac ggatcgtttg    121500
     tcatggagtt gttcttcccc tttctaattc ttcgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt    121560
     ctctcgagat caagtcttgc taggtagccg aggctggtct ggaatcccag gctgtccctg    121620
     aactttcttt tttgttttgt ttttgttttt tcgagacagg gtttctctgt atagctctgg    121680
     ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc    121740
     tgcctcccga gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg cgccaccatg cccggctgct gtccctgaac    121800
     ttaattgatc ctcttacctc agtcccctta gtactgggat tacaagcaag tgccaccata    121860
     tccagcttgt gttagaaatg tttttttatg attcttaaga ggtaaagcgg gtgtggtggc    121920
     acctacttat gatctactca caatcaagac acactggagg ctgaggctag aaggcttcaa    121980
     gttccagctt gggttatata gtaacattat cacatataca tcactaccac caccaccaac    122040
     aacaacaaca tcaacaagta aagagaaaag ggtccatgaa tttgaatgag agcaaggagg    122100
     atacatggaa gagtttggta gagggaagga aaagcagaaa taatgtaatt atatactaat    122160
     ctcaaaaatt aaaaactatt ttttaaaaac tggttaaagt gtaaaatcca tttagagaaa    122220
     agtcatttaa aggtgcgtgg ctatgctctc actacgtaac atgaatttca tgttgcgttc    122280
     acagaaacag agagttgatg ccatgtgact tattagttct atgtggggaa tcccccaggc    122340
     ccacagctcg gcacctacct ggccactcac caatggggcc taaacatatg ttattctatc    122400
     tgcctctcat ctattggtaa gttgtaagtg agaccctgct gaagacaagt gattctcgag    122460
     aggtaggcat tcttttccct gacacttatg aggctaggcc tttcccccct ctaagtgctt    122520
     tgctccacat tcacggaaag cctcatagac tggacctcac tcccctcacg tggatcttct    122580
     agcgagacac cagcagggaa cagaagcctc ctcatctcgg tgagcaccaa gctaaagcct    122640
     aagtactcat cagtgcccag cccctctaaa gatgcagaaa tactacaacc atatggtgag    122700
     aaatcaaaca agcttcgaaa agtgtttgtg gagaattaaa caagcgtcac tgtgtcaaaa    122760
     acaaaagatt ttgaaagaaa gagtggaact tggggttgct gtctagtcct tgtatttaca    122820
     aaggagacga gtctgatgga ggacatttgc ccaggctgac tcactcagtg ggaagtgcag    122880
     cgacgacttg acccgcaccc tgtcaggaga catctaggat aggttaaggt tagcaggggg    122940
     ccttcctaga ggtggtacgt tggatttttg gcatggtgcg caatgggtga gctttatggt    123000
     aaggccaaag agatgtcatc ttaggattgc ttcttacaac tgatatgcct ttcctgtcat    123060
     tatgcaacta acagtccctg ggcattagcc caccctattg atcagatttc cttcagatca    123120
     gcataaagat gaatgttcat gaattaatgc tgtttagatg aattaataat gattctatag    123180
     aattcccgat ttgattcaaa taattttagg aagttttaag agatggtctt agttgctttg    123240
     ctagaaagtt gtaataaggt tacagtcaag aatagaatgt gcccactcct cagaatagta    123300
     agaaaaggct gcataataag aaatacaatg agcttttaat aattatacta aaaagagaaa    123360
     tagacttggg acaaatttgt gttcaaggaa aaacatttag gcccaaggat acaaccacag    123420
     atatgaacta tgataagcca gggccatgta aaagctttga acttgtaaca agcatataga    123480
     atgaaacact cctttgagct aaaatatcaa catctttttg taacttcaaa tttgtgtaac    123540
     attttatctc tgaggtaatt ttctaaagaa atttttgtct gagaaggtat aaaaaagcca    123600
     gaggaaagaa attaagttgt tagttggata gtttggcttg gggggggggg ggctctgccc    123660
     atccatccat ctatctatcc agatgtatat gtctgtttgt ctatatgtat gttcgtagga    123720
     gtatgtgtgt atgtaagcat gcatgaatgc ttgtggagtg tatgagacag gtgattgggc    123780
     ccaacaaaaa tgtgaatgtg ttaacgtgca aataagaatg tgaatgaaag tgtaaatata    123840
     tgtgtgaatg tatatgtgtc tgcgcatatt tgcctgtata aagcatctta attctttcgc    123900
     ttcccttcct ctctggttca cagagttaac cagcctagtc agaggggctt ctggctgcct    123960
     ggactgagaa gggtgtgaca tcaatatacc attacctaaa tcaccctgcc gttagcagca    124020
     agtgtcagca gatccagtag cttctggcct cggagtaact tgcagtcaag atagacctag    124080
     gttattttag aaagcaaccc tactctcaaa agaccaagtc ttgccccagc caatgctctt    124140
     ggcccttggc tgcctcagag aggacttagc catgggctaa gctcccagca ccacccagtg    124200
     ctcctgtcac actgtagtat taacacacac tcgcttgctt ttgttgttat tgctgtgcac    124260
     gaagatgtca ttagacgcct ccagctgagc cgacacactc tagcgggatc cctggtctgc    124320
     aggcagaaac tctgtgttcc acacccccag tctcctgaga tgttttacca caaagagggt    124380
     tgttccttcc aactttagaa tgtcacttta atggaagtag gaccccatgg cctcagggca    124440
     gtgatgacca ttgagataag cagagttcaa gtcgtgaaaa tcttacatag gacctccctt    124500
     cacagtctaa gaaccacttc ttttgtaaaa cagggaagtt gagctaggtt tccccttacg    124560
     tcttaataag ccatagttaa tattttactg tcctacagac tgtagatgcc acatatactt    124620
     catgtttaca taaacttcaa gtcctatcca caacattcac cacataagaa atgtatgaac    124680
     gttaaaccta cagattttag aattgaaata gccaaatcta actgacactg gagtctcaga    124740
     actctccaca tttcttccga tctctaactc tacttggtgg cttccaaaac acactgtacc    124800
     tgcatcccag gtgttcaagt ttatctcagg aatcagctca gtccaaacac agaacaaagt    124860
     aaataaacaa aataaataaa caaaataaac aaagcacaac gtaagccttc tcataccccg    124920
     tggcggtcct caaagtaggc caggctggct ttcgttaaga caaagaaacg aactttaaaa    124980
     ttcgagggag aagtccttct cttctgttgg gacttcttga tcagctgttc ttccaggagg    125040
     atgaagttgt tcatggtcca gttctgaaaa gtgatgcgcc ttgggcatca ccccgcagtg    125100
     cgactgaagg agaggagcag cggagactga gacaggatgc agttgatctt tagagagtcg    125160
     ttcaaaggca acttgcctct aaccttatct tttctatcag catcagccag cctcaccgct    125220
     gagctccctc ctctgatgtc aaaggccatg accacatcct ttcaaaattc accaagctgg    125280
     gaggcacatg cgtaccctta gctatatggt ttgaaaaaga agtttgaaga aacctagaat    125340
     tataagagga gttcacttat aattcttcta gctcctggtt tagccttgac aacagttaag    125400
     tcatgtaaac aagggactaa gaacagggat ccaggggtca atggagctca gcttgtatgt    125460
     aagtttccca ttgctattat catggactgc ctgccacagg cttagtggct caaagcgcca    125520
     tagagccaca aggctcaaag cgccttacaa ttctctagtt tagaagtctg aaatgtgtct    125580
     ggttgagtga cagtcatggt gactgtggga ctgtgcgcct ttcttgcaga tctctagggg    125640
     acactgcctc tgcgaccatc ctccctactg agggacactc tggtggcctc tgtcttgact    125700
     cttttactcc atcttcaaac ccccaaactg caggtcgagc cctgcttgct ctgtattgcc    125760
     aaaatctctt cctcctacct ctgctccatt taaggatcct gagaaccaca ctgggccctt    125820
     ctcacagtgg tcgtctaggg caggctccct attttaaggt cagcagatgg gcgctataac    125880
     tccatttgga atgtaaattc ccctttatca cccaacaaca cacagtcaca ggttataggg    125940
     attagggcat gcagagatct gcacagggct gtttattcta cctatcggtt tgaattccat    126000
     ctctactacc taccactgtc cagtggcttg gaatatcagt tccttcatct atgaaaggaa    126060
     gcaacagggg tcttgtatga ggcactgcag gggccccttt ggacaccgtt ggtgtgcctg    126120
     gcttccttct gtgtatgcta cttcaaaaat gcagtgtcct gtgtctgaac actctctctt    126180
     gtctctttct tttccagtga gcgcctatga gatactgcca gcctcgccga cctgcaacgt    126240
     tctctgggaa gcctttcaga ctttcccaca tggaatcctc tctcctattt tcctctgcca    126300
     taaggactct aatgaggagg caggacacac agacagacag caagctacct ccttgtaagg    126360
     gctctttggg aactaaagct tatctgccct gtggacaatt cacagggtct gacctttgag    126420
     tcaggataat gttatggtgt agaacttatg tgaccaggaa gttaatagcc aagaagtccc    126480
     ggggcaggca gaggcagctc atcagagaag aacagaggac gagacaaagg gagggaggca    126540
     gtacaacttt cctgtgtagt tttagatgta attgctaatt gcagcctcct ttcacatcat    126600
     acattggatg ctgctgaata atgaaggcaa aaagaggcgg ggagggaaga ggaagagagg    126660
     aaagggaagg ggaggggagg ggagagaagg gataagctga gattttaaga cagaaaaata    126720
     tgtacaaaag aggtagactt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ggtttttcga    126780
     gacaaggttt ctctgtatag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggc    126840
     ctcaaactca gaaatctacc tgcctctgcc tcccgagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgagcc    126900
     accacgcccg gccagaggta gactttttaa actacagttt gtagcaaaaa atactaattt    126960
     ccttctcttt cctttctcta gggtaactga ttgcctgaag attatctgga catctgggca    127020
     gcctgcctaa agacgacatc gtttttagct ttttctgtaa cttggtatag ccatacaact    127080
     cttttctgaa caagagaata tggcagaaat ggaagcatcc tggcgggatg tggtgctgtg    127140
     catctgtaat ctcagctctc aggaggccgt ctcaagaaaa gcaggggggt ccttaaaggg    127200
     catctcctga tctcctccct ttcctactac tgactagggt gtcaacttga tggttggagc    127260
     tggaagaact attttatact acatactgtg gaggttacac gtgagagcaa tggatccccg    127320
     ataggaggag tctgaggctg tgatgaccac agatctggtc actcacgcta gcagtggagt    127380
     gcctcttcac acttcctctc agacgagagg ctcagaagca gaggatcatc tcttttaaca    127440
     taaaaagaaa cacaccatta atattttctc gggccctgtt attttagttt ctgttactgg    127500
     tagcataccc aactctaata tcatgtagtc tcatatacta tcttctcaac tataatgtaa    127560
     attactttgg aaagggtagg tttataccag attgattcag gtgcaatgat tgacagactt    127620
     tatatggtac tttcaccagg gaaagcagaa tatgaggtac cactgtcctt catttgcaaa    127680
     gtctccatat agtacaataa gcaataattt cattttctac aacatagagc actgcaaact    127740
     acttacaggg actattctat gtccactctt aaatgtaatg ttagaacttc caatattttc    127800
     tctgtcatag taagaccaag aatctcctta tttttatttt ggttttaaaa gtttagttta    127860
     caggagacaa attccaaaag ctcatactgg cacctgtaac cagcacgagg ctacatggtg    127920
     atacccagcc tgaatgaaaa gcaaacacta atgcagagga agctggggag acgccacagt    127980
     ggttaagaac acttgcttta taacacgagg actgtagttc aggtcctagc atccacagaa    128040
     caagccagga atagtctcct gcatggcagc tctttgaagg gtagagacag gtagatagag    128100
     tcctagagct agacggctgc cagcttagac gagaaacaga gagaggcctt gcagccactg    128160
     aagaacacag aggatgatag aagacacctg aagctttcat ctggcctgtg catgggtaca    128220
     cctgtacatg tggccataca ccacacacat acacatatac cacacgcaga ggaaaaaaac    128280
     aataaaagat caataactaa aatcccaaca atacaagaga actctgatta gccaaggata    128340
     gaacagtttt aagcatcaaa aaaaaaaaag tgtgatgagt tagttgaaaa gaaaactgaa    128400
     aacagcccat cccagtgaca actttcagag ggcggtgaat agccaactta atattctgga    128460
     gactgaaaac aaaaataaat gagggtcttc tgcttctcat gaaagagtac acttcagttt    128520
     agtcatcaac tatttaataa ttttaagtga agcaggaaag actactccac aatctgcacg    128580
     tggctgatga ccctagtgaa tgttaaactc gctgtgtcac aggtcagtac ggaaatgtac    128640
     aatcagtaag aagtgaccgc acagtgacag gctgaccatc ttcccaggac agacacaagc    128700
     agatgctacg tggtttctgt tgtaatttgc taggaagcag gcaagccacc cacacagatg    128760
     ccttgtcgag agagaacaga gtcacatatg actctggtca gaggtttaga tctaaatctg    128820
     acctgccagg aagctcaaga gatgaacatg gaagagaaca ggaaaagacg taactgggta    128880
     agtccagaat acaccaaatg ctaagggcaa aaaaaccagg atccccatca aataaaatgg    128940
     gtgggaatct gtcgatgaga aaaagacctt aggacatggt tccaatatgg gcagacttag    129000
     aattcagagc caaacaatta gctgtgtaaa ggtattatga gccatcttgg ggaatttaaa    129060
     cactgactgg gtatgtgatg aaatctagga accactgcta cattttaagg catgctactg    129120
     acactattgc tgcacatttt ataggtgtgc actaaatgat tgacacaata atccagtgct    129180
     gagatctgct ttgttagcat gcagtggagg ccagggagga gacataggaa atgacgttcc    129240
     tgaagtgaca actgctgtga ccgggtgatg aacactgggg tttgttactg tagtccacac    129300
     actggcatct ataatgaaca ctaccgacca gcagaccagt tcctggtcag agttgctcat    129360
     ccaaactctt aagcacgggg ctggagaagt ggctcagcag taaatggcat acactactca    129420
     tggaccaaga ggacctggtc tgctttctag gatccaggac aggtggttta caactctaac    129480
     tccaaggcat caggtaccct cttctagact ccatgtgcac ctgcatccac attcacatat    129540
     ccacataaat atagccccaa cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacggc    129600
     aataaaaagg aactctgagc acctatccta tggactgctg gtcttgcttt accatatgac    129660
     acacactgac tctccctttg ggtctacttc ttcctccctg aggtaccagc tgcatttctg    129720
     ctgctcaggt tcaggctcag gagagaggaa aggaggagga gggaagagga ggaggaggga    129780
     ggaggaggga ggaggggagg ggaggaggag ggggaggagg aggaggggga ggaagaggag    129840
     gaggaggaga agcaaaggca tgaaactgaa tatgacgaca ctggtgaccc acggttggca    129900
     cccttggggt gtgatgtaga tacacaaact ttctttgtgg aaaactctag ttccaagttt    129960
     tgttgttttt aagattttcc tgctgagtgc ccttcattgg tcccactcct tgttcattga    130020
     tttttacatc tcttcccacg attccagcac tcctgccctg cccctgctga tgaaccacag    130080
     atcccaagga catctgttct ctctgttgtc aaataaacag ctgtccatag gcgtttgcca    130140
     ttgtcttcct gggatgtaga cacacttgtt acatttccaa ggcccaatca aactaccttc    130200
     aaagtctctt ttacctggct tcaggggaat acaagagttt aggactcttt tgtctgactg    130260
     atggtaaaaa aaaaatttac agtaccccaa gatcagtccc ctgattcttt aagccttggt    130320
     ttctgaagtc tggaagtggg agtggtagac atttaccagc agaactggtt ttgtctcttc    130380
     tgtgtcttag tggatgagac agcacccata gtttggaatt cagaaatatt tcactccttg    130440
     aattatacct tttatgagac tttggagcct gagacgaatt gagaaagcct tacttaatga    130500
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agaaacaatt caacttaatt    130560
     gtgtgtggtc caggtacatt gagcttgcca ttccttggtt ctgcgctgtc tccacttccc    130620
     agagctgctc tccatggcat gaagatggtt gttaggagta acagtgtgac attttactgt    130680
     gtggcctgga tttcccccct aatacttcca aaaagcatct cagaaagaca aagtagaaaa    130740
     agcctagatg tccattagca gatgatgagc taagaaatat gtgtatataa tacacacaca    130800
     tgcacacaca caaaatggga ttttatttag cactggagaa aaatgacatt tacagggaaa    130860
     ttgatggaac tggaaatcac catgttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacaaaaact gagtcagatt    130920
     cagaaagaca aatgacacaa gttttttttt tttttcccct cataagtgga tcctagattt    130980
     aagtgtatgt gtgtgtgtgt ggggggggga agaggtctcg aagggaggga tgaacacatg    131040
     tgacaggagg gcagaaggtg gctacttggg gaggtggcaa aagggaccgc caagcagggg    131100
     agggggtata ggagggggaa agggaggaat aagaccaggg cagcgtggag atgtcagtgg    131160
     agaccgttac ttagtacatt gtgttggaaa gctaattttt aattaaagaa gaaatgaatc    131220
     ccagtgatag gaatgaggca ggacactctc tgtgggacac taggtaaggg ctaagcattg    131280
     ttgcaatact cttaacctca ttgttggtgt taatcatatg gccttgaagt gctcattgta    131340
     agtgatctac atttttcttc atctcctttt ccttcagctc caacttcctt agcgttagca    131400
     ttcatctgca ttcacattca tctgcattca ctttaccata tagcaactta acttcttaat    131460
     ttgcaactgt tgctctttct ctagttgcct tgcgcaaaaa gactgttagt taaataccca    131520
     cctggtccac cctgatgcac cagctgttct gaaactacag gtgccacatg gaaaccaccc    131580
     tgcacacagg gctgcttgct ctggttcctg gagctgtacc atgttcaatt tgtaccatgg    131640
     tttgttttat tttgtttgtt tgtttatgta cttatgtatt catttactta ttttttgcta    131700
     tatcccaaac cttggtgaat gctagatggt tcttaaccct ttcctcctag gccagggaga    131760
     gaaagcactg accacagtgg cctagcgctg cagctggtac aaaggggagg gtgctgtgat    131820
     tgttgccaac acaagcctgc atgggaaatg ttctgtagtt ggtgcaaaca cccatcttta    131880
     gctagataag taagctccta acctcgcttg gagagtgtac tggtaagtac cgccgcgccc    131940
     cacccccaag ccgcatgggc tgtttgctct ccctgctgtt gccacactag gtccccgcaa    132000
     tggtttcttt gcaatggtct tttcttaacc acttctagag gactgccctg agctgagcta    132060
     gggaggggaa gagagaagct gttggcggtg gaacaacaat ggtgggggaa gttctgcagg    132120
     gcaacagcaa tggcgacctc agactagctt ccgggctgag ttgtgggact gacatgcttg    132180
     gcagctgaag gaggggcaga gccacaagac cgatggacag cagcagcagt gtgaaggagc    132240
     aggagtagct gcctcccagg cgatggcaac tgtgaccagg actatagggg ctgatcattt    132300
     gagagacctt cctgggcagg aggaagaggg aatggatgga gcatgaacag ggcagagaat    132360
     tgaggccgac aatgggcaat gggccagaga agagagactg aagactctag ttattggaag    132420
     atctccaggg acctctcacg ccttaaggtc agtatcttcc atatagcagg cctgtaaact    132480
     gtaatattgg tcacttctaa gagctgtgga atcctgactt ctaaggcata tagacaagaa    132540
     ctgtgtggtc tgtagagcta aggctccgat tcccagagct ctgtgtggga gctgtaacag    132600
     tagagtgtgt caccaaccgc tgctcccacc tgcctgctgc tgccaaatgc caagggattc    132660
     aagagctgct gaaggcctga tcaagtgctt ttctgtcact acctgtgatt tctaccagac    132720
     cgtatctgct tggtctgata acaccagtat cttccttcag tcgttagctt agcttgggga    132780
     gggtgtttat attgggaaca agcaaaagaa aattattctg aatactatca ttttgttttc    132840
     agactccatt taatcatagg gaaaaactaa tttcaaggtc ccaggcccta ggggagctgg    132900
     ggacttccca atagctgaaa agtttctatt ataaaggaag cagttgtctg agtccagacg    132960
     tctcaaagac aacttctcca tcttgctggc aggatcaaac taagttccca ggctcaggaa    133020
     ccacctccta tcctgatgga tggacggaaa ctcctttgct caattcctta tgtcaaaaaa    133080
     gactggacac tgctacagtt tacccagacc ccttctcttt atggtctcat cctttaaata    133140
     cactgtacaa cctcccttca gcttccgagt ctgttctgtg gccctgatct atcagcagtg    133200
     gcttgattac aatgaatttt tgttgtctgg gttgatctgg tgtttgagta ggttggattt    133260
     agctggactc cacaatcata tagaccatgg tcatacagcc aaggcaacgg gatttggtta    133320
     tgaaattcta agtcttcctg ggttagaggt gccgtaggac tcagctctat ccagctgtct    133380
     gcattgagtg tggagagggg gtaattctct aaagaacacc agagtgcaca tgctcacttg    133440
     tgtgagtaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacgtacata cgtacgtaca    133500
     tacgtcaatg tcagaaaatt tatatagcac atttctaaca agtggaacca gaatggtaga    133560
     tatatctttt taacttacat aaagcaaaat aatgttaaaa tatttaaatt tctaacttaa    133620
     aataaagaat aaagtaccag aaattttctg tttgactaga agtcagtgat agggcatcca    133680
     gcagatctga tttgcatccc caggcataca tcaggcagct catgaccatt tgtaactcga    133740
     gctgcagagg atccaatact ctcttccagc ctccacgggc attcacacac atatggcata    133800
     ctttcatata gggatacaca tatatgcata gaataaagaa gaagaagaga ggaggaggat    133860
     aggagaacaa agaaagagga gaaggaagag gagggagagg agaggagagc aaagaaggag    133920
     gagaagaaga aaaggaagga ggaggaagaa gaggaggagg agaaaaggag aaggggagga    133980
     agaagtggaa aaggagaaga ttcagaaaaa aagagaaatt attgttagtg atagctgaaa    134040
     tgaccaggaa gcttagaact aagggttttt gtttttgttt ctgttttttt aattatttat    134100
     tttattctat tttctgagac agggccttag tatataatcc tcgttgttct ggaacttgct    134160
     atgttgacaa agctggaaag tcacagagat gcttcagcct ttgcctccat aacgctggaa    134220
     ttaaaagtgt acctatcaca tagatataac tgagctggag agctagctta tctatgaaga    134280
     gcaatagctg cttttcccga gaacccaggt tcaattccca gtacctacac agtggcttac    134340
     aacagtctgt aactagtccc aggaaactca gtagccagca aagcatagac atacatcgag    134400
     gtcaaacacc catacatgta aaataaaaat aaagatggaa aacagaatct aaatacaagt    134460
     ctagttataa aagtgtttca tatttttgat attataatca agtcagcaaa tgaaatttaa    134520
     actcacttct agcctcactt tttagagata attcagggac tagttctaaa acgcatcatc    134580
     agggaagaat tttggttgag aggacagctg agtaaggctg agcagggcag gggaggaggg    134640
     agacagttgg agcataatat tgggcagtac cattcttttg atcagctgtc tgctgctgtc    134700
     ttgtatacca gcttctttcc tttcagcccc aaggcaccag cgagctgatt tgcatgctgg    134760
     ccctcagggg gagatatagg ttcctgtggt ctttccagac tgcacaaagg gaaagcagaa    134820
     atcaagttgg cttcctcagg tcctagtgcc caggcgcagt gcggtttatc ctacgccacc    134880
     tgccttgcag cacccaacat gaaagtactg tggattatat tttaggcctg gggatttacc    134940
     cagtaggcac gtattgtgta tagtatgaaa atctccccac cttcacatcc tgcctagctc    135000
     acaacatctc ctccctccac cccaggctgc agactcattg aaaaagctat atatagctgc    135060
     ctctctgccc agggttcaaa atactaatgg ggaacaaact ctattgatct gtaacctctt    135120
     tgcacagtaa atgtttagat tctaggttgt ctatagccct gcatgtctgt actcaacatg    135180
     ctacatgcgg ttttgtctct ctttcttcac cttgctcata tctcacttag cccaatttaa    135240
     aacatacaga tgaggaattt tagaatcagt tttggatggc attctttctt acaaaaaact    135300
     agtgttggtt ttaaacacaa tgatgagtat tagatacatc tgttctgctc ctccacaatt    135360
     tctctagcgt ttgtctattt gccccttgtt gggttttttt ttttttttgt gctcttatga    135420
     atgttctgca gcttatagac tctctgagga tagatcataa cccatatgtg taccccaatg    135480
     ttccttttaa aggaaaagta cattaaaagc atgtggagta gacagtgtgc acttactgta    135540
     tcttattaaa ctgttactta acattccccc tcggaagttt atattatccc acagagtggg    135600
     tgaaaatggt ggtattgcat tgattacttg ggaattaagt attgcattct attacctttt    135660
     ttagaataac accatttatt aagaatagca ttggtggcca gggagaaggc tcagaaggca    135720
     aaaggtgctt gcttggggac ctgggttgtc ctctgatggc cacaggcatt caccggcatg    135780
     tatgtgccca catttactta catgaatgca catataccct acatacacac attgtgtatg    135840
     gacacacatg cagacacaaa acacacacac acattcacac acatgggtgg gatcgggaag    135900
     acacactacg tttagggcct tcgagtgtaa gttatttagt taaggcaaaa acatacacca    135960
     gcagctgtta ttttttttaa tttttaaaaa ttttttattt ttattctttt ggtttttcaa    136020
     gacagggttt ctctgtgtat ccctggctgt cctggaagtc actctataga ccaggttggc    136080
     ctcaaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgtc tcccaagtac tgggattaaa ggtgtatgcc    136140
     accactgcct gacagcagct tttatttttt aacatattag taagatatgt ctcacatgcc    136200
     aaaaagttga accagtgaaa acatagaacc caattatttg tagcctattt ataacttgta    136260
     cagccatcac acttcaacct tccgtgaagg ctatagatta ctgattgaag ttttagttct    136320
     gtgaagttcc ttaataacct gtcagccttc attcaagaga cacaaatgat ttccactgag    136380
     cagaaatgtc aaccccaagg ctcatggttt cagtgccgtg gagacaagca accaggtttc    136440
     tctctgacct ggcaacagta ctctaaactc ttttctctaa tgctggtgtc ttttcctaat    136500
     tctcacctga acccacttca acatccacaa tgttccccca ttagtgaatt acatcgattc    136560
     ctatgcttgc ctgagagctg tggttcgcac tttctgaaat gtgttttgac aacctgcata    136620
     ctcttgacat agtgatgggc acaccaggat gggcaatcaa caaacatatc tcaatgttgg    136680
     gccatctgtt tgattttcaa ctctggaaag agggaggaca ttgccacaca gctttaaaaa    136740
     ccagggagtt aatttaagta tgaatttgga ttttcattct catgctatgg aattctgtgc    136800
     aagcgtgagg tctaaataaa gctatttctt gtgtctatgc ttgaatctct gttgttctac    136860
     agatgtggct tgccaggtct tttgtgaaca gttgtgaatc acaagtatta cttcttttca    136920
     tgtagattct gggcgcactg agacaaaata tgtccactta gcaggataca aggagaaagc    136980
     tgagtcctgt aagttgtcct ctggcctcta cacacacaat gtggccaact gccccccccc    137040
     ccccacatac acacataaga gtttttgtaa gagatgtgta ccaggttgta ttttttaaaa    137100
     acttcaatat taagctttgt tcaagtacta agctttgctt aattattaac tcgtgtaatt    137160
     gtgtgctttg ggaagtaaac ttagaaagcc aagacataat gattgcaatg cacacccaag    137220
     cacggctcta tcttgaaaag ctagagcttc tacacccgtg ctgtgtattg tctactgtcc    137280
     ttttcctacg tgatttccta actacttggt aaagccacta cctctgcttc agtacggctc    137340
     accctgaaag cctctggggc aggcagcttt acctgagagg taaggggcgt gctgaggctg    137400
     ccacagatgt ggacaatccc tgctggcaat ctggcagtcc taggactatc tgcctcgtga    137460
     cttccactcc gaccccactc ccttggctac actccgtttc tggcctcagc ttcctcggag    137520
     tttccttcag cgtgccaggc atattctgct gcacggctgt ggtttctcgc tatgcctcca    137580
     ggaagttctt cctcaagctt gactcctgcc tgtcttttcc ttgatcctct ttatgccttt    137640
     gctcaaaggt cattttctcc tactcttctt tcttcttccc catccccatc ctcttccccc    137700
     tcctcctctt cctcctcctc ttcctcctcc tcttcctcct cctttcccgt aaccttctca    137760
     tctttctttt ttcttttatt gaagatagat tttactcatg caatatattc tgattacagt    137820
     ttcccatccc ctgcctcttc ccagtccctc tgcacgcccc acccccatcc agatcagccc    137880
     tttctgtgtc tcattagaaa acaaatagac atctaaagaa tgatgaaaat aagagaaata    137940
     agactgaaca gatcagacta tgacaaaaac aaccagacaa ggaaaagagc caggggtggg    138000
     tgggtgggtg gaagcccaag aagtgcacag agatgtcaag gccctaatat ctgcatgctc    138060
     agggatccca taaaaaccca aagctgggtc ttgctgagtc ttcttcagtt ctccctggta    138120
     gcactcctgt cccacaagcc tatttacctt tctccacagt tcttatctgc atcagacacc    138180
     ctgtatcaca cactggctta cagtgtctcc aaagcaccac aagaccaagt tcacttttct    138240
     gtttcatcca ttgctgcttt ctcaggacag agtatgttca gcacagagta tgctgctaat    138300
     gatgataaat tagggacatt tatgttgcat agtgcttatt attttacctt ccactagtgc    138360
     aagtcaattt actataattt taaccattgt atgatttggg agttccattt ctttcattcc    138420
     cctgtgactt tagtggagtt gtctaatttc tctgagcctt gatgtcaccc cacctccacc    138480
     ccatacagta agatagttag acctaccttt tataagaata ttaagaagaa aaatcttttc    138540
     ttaacataaa ctgattagga ccatgcatgg ctcacagtta aactctcaat aatattaact    138600
     atgatttatc tcagttttaa attctttaaa tttagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatac    138660
     accatgatga atgtgtggag gttagagggc aacctctgcc agatggtttt tttccttcca    138720
     tcatgtgggc tcctgggatc aatctcaggt cacaggttta gcaacagaag cctttatcca    138780
     ctgagttatc tgaccagtcc tgtctcaatc caaaaggaaa taataaaaat gttccgtgct    138840
     agagatccaa ctcagagttt cacaggcaaa tctctcattt tattaagtca tctatgatgg    138900
     acttcagaga atatatactt tataacacga atagtataat atataatgta catcatatga    138960
     agacagggtt gaatgacaga aagtgagcaa ggagcgggag agaaacacat gacttatttc    139020
     ttagtcaata atatctaata ttacgggctc ctaatcatta tcccctgaca agtcactttg    139080
     ccattctttc tggagaagtt actcaatatc cttaggaaaa atattttagt tttcctgtgg    139140
     taaacaactt tactttttcc atttccttcc cttattggta atgaacaaaa tgcttgttgg    139200
     taaaatcttt gttgcataag tgaatgggag agttggtctc agtggacaca ggtccgtgtt    139260
     tactgaaaag ttacggacgg agcaccgcac atggaggtga atgtgagggc agaacataac    139320
     tcattctgtg actggagttt atttcaacat ctttacacag tcatcaccaa ggggtgggat    139380
     agggagtagg ggtgggtggg tgggtgggtg tgggtttact tcagagatat ttttctaact    139440
     ggaggagggg gatttcagtt tcatcacctt ctgccaagta aagaaagata tatttgctac    139500
     aatttctctg aaaagctatt ccaagaaccc aaatgtcagt ggttgatgag gtaggcatag    139560
     gggtgaggga gatggcagga aatgcgggga atcctacagt gattcgggca cctctgctgt    139620
     tcctagtaac acccaaaccc acacactgtt gactattaag cttctctacg tgtgaagagc    139680
     tggagttgga cagtccacag cccgacatgg agaaaagctc tgaccccagt taacaagact    139740
     ggcttagaac ccagtgttaa actctgaccc caagcaagaa tctgcagcct tggtttcctg    139800
     ctgtaactta tggctttgaa aaaattagct ttctccaaat ggaaaagtga cccaaaaagc    139860
     tgtagagata ccaacagtat tgataaaatg ctagccttga cacatcacag aaacttctgg    139920
     gggccattcc tttaacagcc atggaaagcc tgccctgact gcgctgttac acactgaggc    139980
     cttggtgagg gagaatccag atggagggct accactaaca agccacaccc caccacgagg    140040
     attctgtcct caggaggtca ttcaggtgaa gcgaggacag tcctggaaga agcacctgta    140100
     ataagtctaa cgatggaact gaagaccgca acttggatgc tgacaaaagc gaaatggctt    140160
     ataacttagg cattccaaca gtctgatttt taaactgctc agcacactca catctatact    140220
     ctgactgctg gtggtatggc tggggtatgg aggagggtgt tggtctgatt tgaggggtga    140280
     ttgcttaaag ggcaggacaa aggggtatgt gctggtgaca ggtcacaaag gacggcagag    140340
     gataactgtg caggtgtgag gacatgtggg cagaaacctt gctgggagat gggcaattgc    140400
     cttcactccc tccctttctt gggaacacga tttgtggctg gccgagatgc ctgggatgaa    140460
     gagaaccatg agcagtgaat gtttgctacc ttattacact gcccacagtt accgatccat    140520
     gggcgtgttc aacacctcca tgggaaacct acaacgacag ctgtacaagg gaggagagta    140580
     tgatattttc aagtatgcac caatgtttga gagcgacttt atccagatta gcaaaagagg    140640
     agaggtgatt gatgttcaca accgcgtccg aatggtgact gtgtgcatcg catctaccag    140700
     cccggtcctt ccactgcccg atgtcatgtt gctggcccga ccagctaaag tctgtgaaga    140760
     acatgccaga cgagcccgat tcatcaaggg gaaaggttgc aagccttcaa agactttaga    140820
     gctcaccagg ctgcttcctt tgaagtttgt caagatctct gttcacgatc acgagaaaca    140880
     gcagctgcgc ctgaagcttg ccacaggccg aactttttac ctacagctgt gtccctcttc    140940
     tgacgcacga gaagacctct tttgttattg ggaaaagctt gtctatctcc tgaggccacc    141000
     aatgaccaat tgcatcagta actcaacgct tcccactggc gagacaagcg ttgacaccaa    141060
     aagcacactt gtaagtttct aaagattcaa acagtgtggg gagctttggg aagcatctca    141120
     gtgggttcca cagagaggtt agggctgtct ttggcccacc tgggaaatgt gttacaattg    141180
     ttatggaata tatatgtgtg tgtatatata tatatatatg tatatatata tatatacaga    141240
     catatatttt cttcttttgg atgcaagttc tcaagatgta ttccagcctg gcctggaact    141300
     caactcacta tgtagctgag actgactttg ggttagccat cctcctgact tagcctctca    141360
     aatgttgagg ttgctggcag gtgctaccac agctaaccaa aataattttt aatatgaatg    141420
     tggtagagtg tgacattgat actggtatct aatatgtaat gatctaattt gggtgattgg    141480
     ttacgtttat caccccatat atcggtcatt tccttgtgct gggaatattc aaaatcctct    141540
     tgttatttag ataaataagg gtaatgactg tcaatcatag acattcatag aatacaggac    141600
     atagggagct attcctctta tctattagtt atattctcta cgttcctgct ccccagtagc    141660
     ctgtccagga cctggtagcc actaatctat ttctgaaata agctttttag tgtagaacac    141720
     atttttggtt ccttcccttg agccatgtgt gtgcatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    141780
     gtgtgtgagt gtgtttcaat aagcacaatc cccatgtgtg tacatggaca actagtttta    141840
     aggccatcaa gatatcaagt gtatcctctt gagccaacaa tccatctgta gaaatgtgtc    141900
     ctgcaaagac aaacacaaat atggaaaata cattctgcaa cagtgtttcc ttttgcccta    141960
     gaattacaca gttgtgtata agtggctgtt gactgcagtg cagtgggagg gatcttgtca    142020
     tgggaattca gatatggttt cagtaagaag cccctgggtt tgagccccag aatgagagag    142080
     gaactgggca ctctggcaga tcacctctat cttactgttt cttctcctct tggcacaggt    142140
     ctcagagatc cgtggagaag gggatcagaa ttctaggcct caatcatccc caactgtgtc    142200
     agaagccact tctgctgcat ttgcaggagg agagaggaca caaccggctg ctgcagctgc    142260
     tgttactcca gtatctgcca aagcaagggc ggcagggacg gcaggggcag cagcagggac    142320
     ggcaggggca gcagcaggga cggcagggcc agcagcaggg ccagcagcag ggacggcagg    142380
     gccagcagca gggacggcag gggcagcagc agggacggca ggggcagcag cagggacggc    142440
     aggggcaaca gcagggacgg caggagcaac agcagggatg gcaggagcaa cagcagggac    142500
     agcagccgag acagcaggga cagcagccga gacagcaggg gcagcaaggg cagcaggtgg    142560
     ccccatggct gcagcagtag cagccccctc agcaggtatg acaaaagcgg agacagctac    142620
     aagtccgact tcaggtgtca taagcctggc agcaacaaca accaagcctc caggttcagg    142680
     ccaggtagcc gcagccatga taggatcagc tgccaaagat caagtaggag gtgaatccag    142740
     caaggccatg gcacttgctg caaacatcac cttagaaaat gtagacgtgg ccttggcagg    142800
     agctgccaat tctatttcgg agtcccctcc tgcagggggt gatgctagtg gctccccaga    142860
     caccggcctg aacgtggcat ttgcaggcag catcaagacc aagtcgcctg ctgaagataa    142920
     acctgaagct cccctcgtgt caaccttgca gagcgaaggc tacatgtgtg aaagggatgg    142980
     gagccagaag gtttcccaaa ctagctctga agcaaaggaa aagagagagc gacgagaaaa    143040
     ggacagaacg agtagcagga aaagttccca ccaccgcagg acaggcatga gtcgccacag    143100
     ttccaaggac aagagccgga aaacatcttc ctaccggtct gtatctggga aaacgagaga    143160
     ggacaaaggg aaagggcatg gcagattaag gggcaagaga cacagctcct ctcacaaaag    143220
     tgagtccagg actggtcaca aaaccaggaa gaaccgatca ccagctggct tggggtctgt    143280
     gagtaagaga gctactaaga ttacatcatt tttcaggagt ttcctagtaa ggcctactcc    143340
     aaaagcaggg gacacctcat gtgatagagg aggggtagac attgtgacaa agttggtaga    143400
     gaagaagcag gacatagagg ccgtgatgga gaaaagcaag gattcagagt tcaaagatac    143460
     cgtaatctct gagacaatgg agaagatcat ccttgaaacc aaatccattt aaagaagatc    143520
     cagagctgga agcagcccca gagaccaggg ctcagaggaa cagtagggag ccaagtccag    143580
     cttgcttcca taaaggcact ttcaataata aaggttacgt aactccaaga gaattgtctt    143640
     ctttgcactt ctgtgtcacg caccttcagt gacttcacaa tagctctgtg acattaactg    143700
     ctccagtgag agaagccctc ccactgcagg ccctgacaag ctaatactgg tgcaagagtg    143760
     gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt ttttagcccc ttctgtcttt ggttccctaa ggggaggtca    143820
     tgggtcactg ggggaacttg tgtacccatt ctcccttcct tcccaaatgg tcattcaaga    143880
     atgggaaaag tgagtctcgt ccatatttga ggggatagat acagggcaag aagatgctgt    143940
     ggccttattg tgtaattggc ataggggagt ctatgatcta ggtcaatgtt tcttaaactg    144000
     taggggcaag tcctgaatgt agaatagcaa acagacaaac aacaatgaca acgacgacga    144060
     caacaacaac aacaacaaaa atctggcaat agttaaagct ttctgaattt gtaaaaacaa    144120
     agcaaaatca aaatgaatga atctgagata actttgcaga gcagctttga ctctgaactc    144180
     acaacacact tctcattggg catgctgtca tagtattcac caatgaaagg tgtctgactg    144240
     aaacaccagc gtaaaggcta ctgccagcta ggggctgcag tgtttttacc agttctctgc    144300
     tctcattaaa aaaaaaggtt taattataga aaacaaaaac gtgtgttttc tacccccctt    144360
     tcagcagtat ataaatattg ctgaaatgta ttctgtgaac atgcttggct tggaaaagtg    144420
     ctacttgagt tgctgataag agagtcataa aatattgata aattcatgtt ggcttgagat    144480
     cagggaggga caaattcttc atactttctg aaaaagccct gaacttattt gtcattttgt    144540
     agtatttacc tatgccaagt gtcaatctga gaaatgataa ttattaaatc aaagctatac    144600
     tttgattcaa gtctgaaaaa tgttgatgtt ctttcttttt tttaaaaaaa gatttattta    144660
     ttatatgtaa gtacactgta gctgtcctca gatactccag aagagggcat cagatttcgt    144720
     tatggatggt tgtgagccac caggtggttg ctgggatttg aacttgggac cttcagaaga    144780
     gcagtcggca ctcttaacca ctgagccatc tcgccagccc cgaagttgtt ctttcttgaa    144840
     gtatcacatg ttcagtcaag atttgacttt ttagagattt ttcattattt taaatcgtgt    144900
     gtgtgtgtgc ttgtgcttgt gcatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcctgtgtgt    144960
     gcaggtgtcc tagggactag aggctagatc ctcatggagc cggagcttca gacagttggg    145020
     agatacccaa catgagtgtt ggggtctaaa tgtaggtcct ctgcataagc aggacatgct    145080
     tagtcactgt gacatctctc cagacccaat atttaatttc tatgaaaaaa ataacatgta    145140
     tctcattcat atgccaattt gctttactct ctgataaaca atatcagaga gtaaagcagc    145200
     ctgaatgttc acacactgca gcaactcatc catggggtag attaaatgta ttccaaagaa    145260
     ctttttattg gttctttgtg aatttcacat cctgcacccc agtcctgctc atctctccat    145320
     tctaccctct actcttgcaa ccttcttgtc aaaataaata aataaataaa taaatgtcaa    145380
     aaaaaaaaaa aaacaaaccc caacccaacc aaaaaacatc tcactgtgga agctgcaatg    145440
     tatcatagtg tatcccacag tatacccctt tgttcacaca tcttgacttg caaatgttca    145500
     ttgcaaggag tccttggttt ggttcgaggc ctctggtttc tgctacacta tcaacaatga    145560
     atcctcacca ggacttctct cagatatcct gttgttgccc tgtgtcatag agatcctgca    145620
     gcctgaatgt tcacacactg cagcaactca tccatggggt agatgttggg gcaggccaac    145680
     tcagggccct gaatctgggc ctgagtggta gctaagctgg tcagcccatt agctctccca    145740
     cacccacact accagggtga actctccagg actgccccag ctagctgacc aaaaagtgga    145800
     aggccagctc tcctgctctg cccttgccac cagggctgtg ctgcccagtt ggaatgcaga    145860
     gtccactctc tgaagtactg tagctggtga ggggtggggc cagctctcca gcctgcttca    145920
     ggggtagcaa gggaagggag tgaggagcag aggggggcgg ggcatcattc cagtgacccc    145980
     atgctgccat atgattggcg acaggtgggg ccagttctgc atagccctca gacatcaacc    146040
     cagctccagg cagcagcagc tcaaaccagc catgtcccct tggcctttgg ggataacaaa    146100
     ctttcagctg cagggctaca tgtattctgc ttctctttct ttttccattt ctcccccact    146160
     tccttgctca tcttagaggt gcccagggcc tctgggtgtc tggagtggtc tcaggagtgc    146220
     tatgccctac ctgtaccatg tggtacttaa tgaaggttgt ctcgggcatg cttcacttgc    146280
     ctgggtcaca tggcatgaga tgtgggggtt ggctcaggct tgctctgctc gcctggcttt    146340
     gtggcccttg ggtggggctc caaagaacat tttttaaagg ttttttcttt tctcttgaga    146400
     atttcctaca tgcacataat aaaatataac atctatcacc cattttctcc ttcaactctc    146460
     cccatatctt ccccaacaag tcaccttctc aacttttatc tttttttttt aaataatcta    146520
     gtaagtttag ttagtactgc tcacatctgc aagggtgtag ggccatccat tggtacatgg    146580
     aatgctccta ccaggtgaca caccttctcc aacaaggcca cacttcctaa tccttcccaa    146640
     atagctccac cagtctgaga ccaagtattc aaacgtatga gcctttgggg gccattccca    146700
     ttcaaactac cacatctctc ctgtagctca tgcctaggag cctataaaag agcagtcatt    146760
     ctgtaacaaa tggtgtaatc ctccgaaagt aacaattccc cttctccaag cagctctcac    146820
     ggccagcagc tcctcagcct ggagaacatt cactccacct ccgccctgag tgtgtgactt    146880
     gaccgtgtgc tgagaaccac agctgctgcg gggttacaaa atgcaataac cacatcaggc    146940
     ctggaagcca gcattccacg gacctcgtcc ccatcctcca gctcttacgt tcgtgcctct    147000
     tcgtgctcag tattccttga gcatttgtgg tgaggtatat ggtatgtatg ccccatcagg    147060
     ggctgagcac gcaggctctt attctgaaca cattcattag tgttcatttc ttcattgcct    147120
     actgcccatg gcatgaagaa gcttctctgg ccaaggctga gagcagccca ggtctatggg    147180
     tatgaacata aatgattgcg gtaaatctcc tcccaaatat gccctggcaa tgaaaacaca    147240
     acacagttaa tatgattaca tgctgtgcgc ctacattggg caggtctacc actacacaac    147300
     cttctttcac agcttatgag accccttagt ttctccaggc catgtgcttc tgctctgctt    147360
     ttcttcttct tcctcctcct ctgtgtcctc tccctcttcc attttctcct tcctctctcc    147420
     ccttcacctt ccacccccac cttccctttt atctgcccaa tcatcagctt tcctttattt    147480
     tacaaattaa ggtgggaagc aggtttacag gaaatcacct gagtgctgac tcattccttg    147540
     tttgcaacca ctcacaggag aatggaatta acttcaaata taattagtcc cagggctatg    147600
     ctcaacattt ccccctttct gtccaattaa gactattttt atctctgata taattgaaca    147660
     taactattat tattttgtaa tttataaagt acaagaggcc taacacccag tccatcatct    147720
     ttgttaatta aacagaacct ctgtcatcta tacttactta aaagacttat aattctacat    147780
     ctggctatgt cttggcttta tattgaatgc catctgaaag ccatcctctc aaaattgctc    147840
     ctctcaaagt aaaaagcctg ggttggtctt gcgcgagccc gacgctgcta caggatcctt    147900
     ctgcacacat ttattcagtc ctgtttcttc tttctccata atctcccttg tttatatctc    147960
     ccttgttttt atatctccct tgtttatata tctcccttgt ttttatatcc cccttgttta    148020
     tatatctccc ttgtttttat atctcccttg tttttatatc tcccttgttt atatccccct    148080
     tgtttatatc ttccctgttt atatatctcc cttgttttta tatctccccc gaaccctggg    148140
     cctctcactc ttttatactc tcagttccca tccacacaca gcaggccacg ccacttcacc    148200
     aggcacgcag cttcagctaa tcagggcagc aggggcatat ctccatcaaa atggattcac    148260
     cggtatcctg gtacacctgt gcagctctca agatgtttgt ggcttatatg aggaagtcag    148320
     gtgcaagtca tacgacttag ctgcagtccc tggcgccttt gggactgccg ccacacccgc    148380
     tccccacatc tccccctttt ttcttttttg gcagagagaa tgtctgtaga tagccccccg    148440
     cagccatgcc ccttacccgt ccttgggtga caaacagcat tggtttgatc cctgtcttag    148500
     gttggtgaca tgcccaggga gtcttatcac tgactacctc tctattatgc caagccacac    148560
     ctggggagat tgtgttttgc ttgcggcagg tgcatcaaag gccaggatgt tgattaatct    148620
     acagccagat cttaattgct acaagcaagc ctcatgggtg aaggtagagg tctgatcccc    148680
     agtgtgcaag cataggggcc ctacacaaaa ccatccctta ggctcatcac ccagagaggt    148740
     cttggccagc tcccgtgtcg tttttcctgg gggaagggaa ctaggacact gaaccttcat    148800
     gcaatcagac atgccttcca caggatgcca acagcagcta tcctctgtgc agtgcttagc    148860
     ctcgcacccc acggcataac gcagcataat ttcttttaga tcggcaaacc aaatctgagg    148920
     agattgtccc gcctccactg cagcaaaagc ctacgctacc atggcgaaag tgcgggccgc    148980
     acactctgca cctaacacat gtgccaaaca cacacacact ataacaagca tacatcccag    149040
     ggctctcatc cctgctcatc ttccctgaag caagggatag atggccagag aggctatctc    149100
     tttaagggga attcagggat caaaaagcgt ggaaaaattt gaatgtcatg tcgagctggt    149160
     atcggcttct ggaataccga aaggatctct catctcggct ccatcctttg tgcttgtggg    149220
     atcatccacc acatccacag gggcaactgg atcaggagcc tcattcttgt agcgtctcac    149280
     caatctctcc ggcacccaaa gaggttccgt ctggtcctgt ggaaacacac aaacagaccc    149340
     tctcgcccac gtcaacacct gatctactcg atcctctcca aatctccaga cagaaggtcc    149400
     acctacaggt ggctgctgag gaggcatagg gaggcggcac aaaagctaat tcgccttcct    149460
     cctccacctc ggctctttta tttcgtcctt tctgtccacc tgataacact gtgtctcctt    149520
     tctttttcct ttttcttttt aagcccttct cctcttccga catactttct tgttgctctg    149580
     taaggatttt ctgacctgtc ttgactgcct ctcgattcaa acagtaacag agtccatata    149640
     tcagaacaaa caagaccaaa actatcagtc ctacccacaa agggtcaatg ggagaaaaaa    149700
     gcataactac acagcgagga tctcttgatc actacactga ggttatcata cttccttaat    149760
     ctatcctgaa accgtgaacc ttaacttgtc ccaaagccat gaacctttag ttaccttgta    149820
     cctgcttcct ggcaacgtta tattcgcctc tattttatcg gaggtccttc ccaaactcct    149880
     gggttacttt gtgcctactt cctggcaact ttatgctcac ctctatttta tccgaggtcc    149940
     ttcccaaact cctggggtcg caagtttcac tcaccgtgaa cttaccctgc cagcaaccac    150000
     tgactgctga aagttctgaa ctcggtgggg gagtcggttc cccgtacggg ccaccaattg    150060
     tcgcgcctgc tctcgaccag caagaacgac acgaccacca gtccttctaa cagcagttta    150120
     ttcagtcttc atctctcttc tttctcttca tcagtaccgt tccccagctg aagagttctg    150180
     aatccacacc agatccttct caacagtctg ttttacggga acactttatt aaccacttct    150240
     tccccgtgat gcagttctga atcctccctg tagcaggggg tcttcgctcg tgcctgaaga    150300
     tgtttctttt cccgggtttc ggcaccactt cttgcgcgag cccgacgctg ctacaggatc    150360
     cttctgcaca catttattca gtcctgtttc ttctttctcc ataatctccc ttgtttatat    150420
     ctcccttgtt tttatatctc ccttgtttat atatctccct tgtttttata tcccccttgt    150480
     ttatatatct cccttgtttt tatatctccc ttgtttttat atctcccttg tttatatccc    150540
     ccttgtttat atcttccctg tttatatatc tcccttgttt ttatatctcc cccgaaccct    150600
     gggcctctca ctcttttata ctctcagttc ccatccacac acagcaggcc acgccacttc    150660
     accaggcacg cagcttcagc taatcagggc agcaggggca tatctccatc aaaatggatt    150720
     caccggtatc ctggtacacc tgtgcagctc tcaagatgtt tgtggcttat atgaggaagt    150780
     caggtgcaag tcatacgact tagctgcagt ccctggcgcc tttgggactg ccgccacacc    150840
     cgctccccac aggttggcca ggagactatg tagtttttca accctatcag aaatccaaga    150900
     atgctgatat taactgaaaa tatatagaaa gcctaaaaca gcttccaaaa cttagctaat    150960
     ccatagagac cactgatcac ttggacagtc ccttacttca acatgttgga gcatcggtct    151020
     tcagccttct ggccaaggtc atctgacaga cttaaagaaa caagtgatag atctagtgag    151080
     gaaaccccac tcaattttcg attcggcgtg cacccaaaaa aaatcacgaa ggaccatttt    151140
     gatgtaatta catgaggtcg tttaatgacg gagctcggga ctgacatgca tcccacacag    151200
     gaggtaacgg atgtcggcca cgaggctcga aagctagggg tttttatggg gtaaggggct    151260
     taggggtgtg gacttcagca cagcaacaca ctattggctt attgaaacat cagcaaaaaa    151320
     attacatgta cgtgcagggt gtcagagttc tgtgagttgt tgactcagtt cagatagccc    151380
     tgttatgtct ttacattcct ctttatcttt aaggtcaaga tgttcccagg gatgttttaa    151440
     ctacggggca tacccaggtt tgtttttctt ttttctcagc cccaggcagc ctctaggctc    151500
     ataaacaacc aacaatttct gagtacttta tatgacttac aggtcttgaa atttcatctt    151560
     tctttcacaa gaatattaag gactagccta ctctgtctca gcagaatcaa gttgtcctaa    151620
     cctgtaattg tgtcctttct ttggacagta ttatgtctgt agatgaatga ggcaattctt    151680
     gccagtttca ccacaactgg agtaactcaa agatgctcag tttcaccggg cgtggtggtg    151740
     cacgccttta atcccagcac tcgggaggca gaggcaggtg gatttctgat ttcgaggcca    151800
     gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcga    151860
     aaaacaaaaa acaaaacaaa acaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa agatgctcag tttcttcttt    151920
     gaatccaaga cagggaaagc tgtcaggaac agactggtct caacaagaag tgaataaata    151980
     acattaaacg tcacattctg tggacttctg acgttttttg aaaaccagct atctatgtaa    152040
     agtaatttag attgttctgt taactactct cagccatttc taattaaaat tactgagaat    152100
     actctaacaa taaactcaga gccatgaatt tcctatttag ctcttaactc acaggcttaa    152160
     acttctcaga tctgtttata ataacagcaa tagaaggact gagttcaagc cttgtacttc    152220
     aaaattttta gtatcaaaga caacttataa taaccacccc cagtcccaaa acctagagaa    152280
     ctgggacgat gactcttcat aacttcttta agctgaatat gggcgttgag atattttaaa    152340
     gggagtgaga agggtaggga aatggggagt tggttgacct taaaaaggcc acaccaatga    152400
     ttgtattagt ctctgatgtc tgtgtcctga cggatctaga tgaaaaacca agacatcagg    152460
     agttcaggca ggtcagttca gcatgtctga cgatgaaatt cactaaggct gtatattctg    152520
     taatatataa atctcaaaac gaaattttag tatcatcaag ataacctttt tgtttgattc    152580
     tctggaatct agttttcagg gggtctccct ctatcaaatc tgatccatag aactctggaa    152640
     ggtgtaaata ccttagtcat cttttccaaa aacacaaaga caaaaccttt tccccaaatc    152700
     agcatatctt tcagctggta accaggaaaa cctgtagctt gccctctgtc ccagaggaac    152760
     aataaaacca ccacaatact caaatcacac acattttagc ctatttaggc ctttctaatt    152820
     tgtcatgtca ggatttaaac ccaaaattcc cgtgggccca cattagacag aatatgagtc    152880
     tcctgcagac tttattatat catctttaaa acaattcaca cttctatttt cctttcctct    152940
     tcctcccctc ccctctcccc tcccctcccc tcccctcccc tcccctcccc tcccctcccc    153000
     tcccctcccc tcccctcccc tcccttcccc tcttcttttc tttcttttcc tggctggtca    153060
     catctttcag ccaccacagg aaacaaagag agggagaaca gaaagtgagg cgagattata    153120
     aaatctcaaa agccactcct agtgatgtcc tctctctagc aagtctccac ctctgaaatg    153180
     ccccatgacc ttcccagata gcactgccag caagagatca gatgttcaca tgcatgtatg    153240
     tgcctttgag agaaatctct ccatcaacac accatactta cccacaacta attcaattat    153300
     ttttggcaat aattttacat gtatacctat tttaagcacc tatataattg gagtctcata    153360
     agaatttcct gagccgggca tggtggcgca tgcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga    153420
     ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacaact    153480
     agagctacac agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa cacccccccc cccaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa    153540
     tttcctggtc aaaaagcaga aagagttaag aaggcttcat ctagattagg actggcaggc    153600
     catgtttaag atgaccaaat cttgtagatt gaatgaaaaa ttgaaaataa gaaaaggaag    153660
     gacgtgattg ctcttaggta tgggagggga gaaggtttat tgcagatatg aaggagagca    153720
     tagccagagg cagacacatc caagagagtc cagagtgaac ctgaccttga gccaggctgt    153780
     gtgaggagag aggagaggtg ggagaccagc agaccagtag accgagaggc caggaaggta    153840
     aagggtagaa acaaaaaggg ctagggaacc caaagggctg gattatatag gaaagagcag    153900
     ctaggggaat ggcagctcag ctcctgggct ggagaaattt agaatagggg acatggtatg    153960
     tcagccatac cctgtaacat gaagggacta agggatgctg ggagaaactg gtaattaggt    154020
     ccacattgat atgttaaata ggcaccccag ttagccattt gtcctgagtt tgagaccaaa    154080
     tacagagcac ttggaatttt gatcaagatg aaccaagttt gtatgtacat gtgtttcata    154140
     aatacctaca gatgtgagca tgtgtgtgca tgtaagccaa aagttgaggt caggtgtctt    154200
     cttcaatctt cctccacctt acttttggga cagtgtgcct cattgaaact gaagctcatc    154260
     tgtttagaga ctagctggcc agtgaacttc agggatttcc ctggctcagc acctggcttg    154320
     taatgtgttt gctcaagatc caaattcagg ccctcctgct tgtgcaacaa gcacttaact    154380
     gaaccatccc cctggccctg agtaatgttt tattggatac agctgtagcc agtgttctct    154440
     acggctgttt tcatgttaaa atggaagatt tgagttgctg tatattctgc agcctacctg    154500
     gtttaaatat ttactatctt gccctttaga gaaaagtttg ttgtcccctg gtctaggaaa    154560
     tgttaacgat tctccttcct ctgatgtata tataccctgg agaaactctg agaaacactt    154620
     atcaggagcc agccagaaaa atgtttgtag aaaaacaatc tgtaataaga agaccttgga    154680
     cacagaccaa atattcatca aacaggaaaa ttcataagct gtgagatatg gctgcggggc    154740
     cctattattc ggcagtcgat acaaacagca gcaactcacg cttgcatgag tgaattttat    154800
     aacatagact aataaaatcc agacaggatg attacatggc attgcatttg cagagcaaat    154860
     aaacacagga acagagacta cagaggtggt ccccctgttc agatcactgg ctgctctttc    154920
     tgtagactca gggttaattc ccagcaccca catgaccctt cataaccatc tctaactcca    154980
     gttccagggg atctgatgcc ctcttctgac ctttgcaggt atcagacata catgtgatac    155040
     agatatgcat gtatgcaaat tatccatgta cttaaaagac attttaaaat acaaagcaaa    155100
     caaaagcata caatgcttgg aggacatatc tgctggaagc ctatagaaaa acaaagaagt    155160
     gataaacata aaattcagga tagaagtgac ttacagagtg aaaaggaggg tgcatgatgt    155220
     cagaggcaca cgtgcaagga tttcagcagt gataaagtcc agcgagtcca ggacagccag    155280
     ggctctgtta cagagaaacc ctgtcttgaa gacaaaatta caatgaacaa ataaacaaca    155340
     aagtttatcc cttttgattg tgttgaagag agctttatga caaaccacat tattttgaaa    155400
     tgcctttcat aaatataaaa ttaaaatttt aagtggcatt gcaaaggaat ggtcataata    155460
     tgtaactatt tcaatatata tatatgacac aagataggac tgggaataga gctcagaggt    155520
     ctatagtctg aagttcaatg atcaattcac agcacccccc ccccaaagga aacggaatac    155580
     tccacagtaa tgcatactaa ttaagtatat aaattatgta taccacacaa gtaacacaca    155640
     agtaattcca aagtatgcta tattatacat gaaattataa aatgtaaaaa cctttagtat    155700
     aaactgcctt atttaatttc taaactgtat aatataaagt ttaaaaccca catgtgttca    155760
     tattgtttgc atggtgaagt tgggttacca gggacacctg aagaccttct ctgaagagta    155820
     aatgtgtgga ggcaggagtg atagctttaa gggcactcat tcttgaagtg gacctgggtt    155880
     tgactcttag cacccacaca gcagctcaca accatttgta aatcaagttc cagcagatcc    155940
     caaaccctct tatgacctcc agggcaccat accacatggg acaaacacat aattgtacga    156000
     aagcagcagt tctgaatctg tgggtcacaa ctccattagt caaatgacca tttcacaggg    156060
     gctgcctaag accattagaa aaaacagaca tctacattat gattcataac agtagcaaaa    156120
     ttacagtcat gaagtagcaa caaaaataaa tctaaatttt aaaaaagaat aaatgtgtcc    156180
     gcagaggtgg agagaaagag aaacaaggta tttggagggg aacggtaggt gtgcagtaac    156240
     aagaagcctt cagcagctgc atggggcaag tgcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatc    156300
     taaccttggg attttcaaca ttcaaaggtc aacaaatact ggaaacctgg atggctgtgg    156360
     agttgatcct tcaacagatg gatgggtaca gatggaatga gaagtgtact ttaaaggtct    156420
     gagcagtgct ttggagaagt ctttgggaat aagagtagtg ggtatgcagg ggaaaggaga    156480
     aggtaaagtg ggagcctttc ccaaggcttc aatccatagt ccagatctac agaagctcaa    156540
     ctgtctcagc tacaaacagt ttagtctctt gttcgtcgtt tctccttctc ctagtctggt    156600
     tttggcactc ttgccgttgg tagggctttt ttaaaaacat gactctacta ctttatccag    156660
     tatgcaggaa tgccaagcag acccataagt aacacacata tcactaaagt gaaatggagg    156720
     tcgcggcctt gctcagcaca gcatgctctg ctacgagtcc ttccagcatc ttctatctag    156780
     ataagccatc aaaggaaaca tgcacaaatg tctatgtatt tcaaaacaac aggtcccttc    156840
     ctctggagag agatagcaat cggtttatca agttagatcc tcatcagata aaggctgatt    156900
     ttcttagcag caatatttat caccatggca acagttctac tgcaagtaca gtgaagcaac    156960
     aggctgctga ttaccaacca gtgttccaaa ctgaaggtgc agactcacag agatgcaacg    157020
     agaacagaga gggtcttttg ccaagagcag taagatcact caggttgtaa tgtcggagtg    157080
     gtgtctttac ttttgtgtgt gtgtggtttc tttgtgacag ttcttactgt gtagaccaag    157140
     ctggtctgga acttgttata tagttcagag tagctggaaa gtcatggaca tctcatctaa    157200
     gcttcttaaa agtggaaatt taaggcatgt tgcaccatat cagccatgga acggatgcct    157260
     aaagctaaaa acactgcaca ggcaaggtac tgaaggtgag ccatcgccat cgtggctatc    157320
     agggtgagac tggtgagaga gatgctgggg gacggggaga gagaagcagg tgacaggaaa    157380
     tgtaaaactt tgagatccat gtaagggaag ccacaaacca actataaatt gggctatgta    157440
     gggtgagaca tgtgggaggg gggaaaggca gaggaacatt aaagggacca agaaaacaac    157500
     aatcttacca ttgtggtcat caagcagaaa gccataaaat atgggaagca aaatttgatt    157560
     gaactgaaag aaataaattt acagttgtag ttggatttcg atttttagtt ctctacattc    157620
     ctctctcaac aacataatga gcaactagac aaagattgtc atgcatacag aataaccaat    157680
     gatactatct accacaaggg tccaggctgt gtttccagaa tattccactc accataggct    157740
     gaaatgcatt attttaaagt tgttacaaag catggacaag acattcatat tctaggcctt    157800
     agagataagc tcaacaaact taatagagtt gaaattatgc tacatattat ctgactgcaa    157860
     tgaaatccag ctggagatca ataacagaac gataacagga accaaacatc ccatagattc    157920
     aaaatctcca cagcacagtt ctaactaccc gtgatcataa aggaagtcca aggttccact    157980
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtttgtttt cagtgctgga gactgaattt attctaccat ggagctacag    158040
     cctcctcagt ctttatatag cctgacggga aataagaaat gcaaagactt gaagtaaaaa    158100
     atactatgaa gtttgtggaa tacagacaaa ccagtgtgga gacaaatgcc cacatcatct    158160
     gtatacaaca gaagacagaa gtctcaattg aatgacttat gttctcatcc caagatgaaa    158220
     actgcaagag aaaatccaaa gaaataaaaa tacagtcaag cccagacaga gaagatgcag    158280
     tgtgacaaaa gcaaaggtca atgaagctga aagtgagaca acaaaagctg tcacatgtga    158340
     caaacacaaa atagatatta aactgccatt ttaattcaat cccctcaaag aagaacctaa    158400
     ccaagatggt ttcgatggac aattctacaa ctgaaagact ccgaaaggag cccctcactc    158460
     aggcctcagg ataatagcgg acacccaaga attcatagta gaccgagctt gttgcaaacc    158520
     acgtgaggct ttattcgggg aaagccagag ctctggggac aactcatatc ccacgcaggg    158580
     gtagaggagt caatctcgag gggaaagagg acccagtttt tataggccct caggggggaa    158640
     aggagaaggg ggagtagggg atttccagat ctaaacaata tctattctaa aatgattgat    158700
     tcctcaagaa atgggtatgg gagggaaaca aggaaagagt ctaatgaagg tgcagcactc    158760
     cggattggcc ccgactatgg ttgctgggga gatttcctga ctctttccca gaaaccaata    158820
     tcacaaacac ctggcagtga ggtgcagcaa tgggcacaca cctggtcaga acattggcag    158880
     acacacaggt tcgaggagcg gccagagcat tgtgcacctc tatttttcta aatcagtgaa    158940
     gctagttcta ctaacaatga aatctatttt gccaatttca gggcttctgt gaccttttac    159000
     attctgtcag gatctttcac aaccagttaa aagaaataag cataggacac agtcactagc    159060
     caactgtaat tctagcactc tagaggctga ggtaggaaag agaaatgtgg agggagatct    159120
     acttaacatg gtgccttcta gaagatagaa tacttgttcg tttatctcat agagctagta    159180
     gtgttctgat tccaaaacca aagagtacaa taaaaaaaaa gggctaggta tggctatgca    159240
     tatatgttat cccagtatca aggggactga ggcatcaaga tattgagtta aagcccagag    159300
     atacacaatg agaccttgat tcaacaaagt agaaaaggag atggagacat ggctcaccag    159360
     ttcaaaacac ttgctgctct tgtagaagat ctgtgtttga ttttgtgcat ccacatggca    159420
     gctcacaacc atctgtaatt cccagtatca ggggatctga aaccttgtct gacctctgca    159480
     ggcaccgggc atgcacgtgg tactcataca aagatgtagg tacaacactc atacacataa    159540
     tttaaaaaaa aaaaaaacaa ctaagaaggt aaaccagtat tttttggaga tgaaaaaaag    159600
     gaggagaaag aagagaacaa tggactaatg tccatcatga gtacagacac agatccccag    159660
     caaactatta gcaaataggg ttctacaatg tatacaaaaa atatatacta tgaccaagtg    159720
     ggttttactc taaaaatgtc taaaatcaat tgctgaattc actacatagg cacagaaaaa    159780
     aaaaatcaca caaccacatt aatcattgaa aaagaataaa tgacagaatt caacagctgt    159840
     tcatgacgaa ctctcatata acagaaatag agcttcaata tgaaacagca caaaacccct    159900
     tgagctaaca ctgtacttag tgatgaaggc ccatgtttct ctataatcaa agccgagtaa    159960
     gaatgtctgc attccctcag tagagtgcct ggagctgtgg acagtgccct aggcaaaaac    160020
     acagcatcat cagatggaga aaacctgagt gctatatagg tactccctag gtattcacaa    160080
     tgaagttcca agaacagaga tgcatgaatt caccaagttc acagaataca aaatacaagt    160140
     atttacatgt gaatctaaaa tactgtacac agctccaagg gaaaaaatct agaagtctaa    160200
     gccagtggag agagatatcc aggtcatgaa ttcaaagttt tagtatttct gtctttccca    160260
     aagtatttta taggtgtggc atgctatcaa ttaaaaccct aacaagatat ttttgcacac    160320
     acaaaattac ataaaattta tccacatgag aaataaatac aaccactcag aaaaaccata    160380
     aaaaataact aagcagtagg gataagccta tccaatttca agacactgta cagtggtagt    160440
     caccaaggct atgtggctta agacactgta tagtggtagt caccaaggct atgtggctta    160500
     agacactgta tagtggtagt caccaaggct atgtggctta agacactgta tagtggtagt    160560
     caccaaggct atgtggctta agacactgta cagtggtagt caccaaggct atgtggctta    160620
     tgtggaggaa tacacacagt gttgctggaa catgatggga tctctgaagt acatgagtgt    160680
     agagatggct ggcatcctcc ttgtaagata caaaaacaat tcaatgggag aaaatctttt    160740
     cagcatatgg ttctagatag caacaaacaa agaaaacata aatttttatt taatttgaaa    160800
     ccttattaaa agtcccccaa agtgagtcaa aactcattca agatatactt aaataaaaca    160860
     taaaattaca agaaatgtta agggaaaaaa ccataggagt tgttgaaaat gtagtccata    160920
     aaggaaaaca cattgatcat ttgtacttct tcaaaattaa aaacattagt cctttgaatg    160980
     atctcagtaa gcaaataata gcaagttgaa aactcagaaa atattaatat ttgtaaatca    161040
     aatatcccat gaaggaatag tttcaatgtt ttaaaattgt cagatatcaa cattaagaaa    161100
     actgtctggg gttgtagaga tggctcatct gtgatcaaag agggtctgag tggtgttctc    161160
     agtgctaaat tcaggtggct cacaaccacc aactccagct tcaagggacc caatgactct    161220
     gctggcttct tctgtcacag cactcatggg caggattccc ttacccacat aaccaaaact    161280
     aaaaataaaa tacttgaaaa attaaaacaa actatccaat aaaacatggg taaaaaataa    161340
     aaataaaaag tttcaccaaa aataaacata taaatccatg aaacccttta gggaaaggct    161400
     aattaaaatc acaatgttat aattctaagt atctattaag atagttaaaa actataagta    161460
     aatagggaaa acataaaaga gtgatgcagg agaaatgatg ccactcatct gccatatatc    161520
     aataatgggc atgtaaagag gcacagccac tatggaaaac atttagtagt tccttaaata    161580
     ccaaacacaa atatcatata gcaatttcac tcctgagtat ttatccctga gaagtgaagt    161640
     tatatctcaa tttaaaaacc ttcacatgaa tgtttatggt agctttcgac ataataaaaa    161700
     atagccctga atgaggacct tcagtggtta agatagcctc ttaactacca tgtc          161754