ID   AL645947; SV 9; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 235868 BP.
AC   AL645947;
DT   29-NOV-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 19)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-338K8 on chromosome 11
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-235868
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Matthews L.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; e943b9a60e84cb577c807bb1d797428f.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456159.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456158.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000020721; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0019322; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0019323; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0019290; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0019291; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0019259; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0019260; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0019264; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0019265; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0019073; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0019074; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0019714; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0019715; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0018625; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0018626; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0018627; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0019041; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0019042; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0019043; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0019154; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0019155; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0019145; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0019146; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0019224; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0019225; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0019175; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0019176; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0019751; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0019752; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0018391; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0018392; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0018677; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0018678; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL645947.9:1-235868; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000075012; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000100305; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106746; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000133862; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0033167; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0033168; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0033115; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0033116; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0033100; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0033101; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0033104; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0033105; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0032890; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0032891; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0033603; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0033604; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0032722; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0032731; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0032732; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0032790; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0032798; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0032799; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0032950; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0032951; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0032933; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0032934; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0033069; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0033070; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0032933; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0032934; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0033640; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0033641; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0032424; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0032425; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0032354; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0032355; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A0R4J0Y3.
DR   InterPro; IPR000571; Znf_CCCH.
DR   InterPro; IPR027417; P-loop_NTPase.
DR   InterPro; IPR036855; Znf_CCCH_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:1925705; Helz.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0R4J0Y3; A0A0R4J0Y3_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-338K8 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..235868
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="11"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-338K8"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    11954..11954
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 90bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    14436..14469
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Reads generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly. Sequence from
FT                   uni-directional dGTP big dye terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    15759..15771
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    22023..22075
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig 073402782, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    22076..22115
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig 073402782, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    22116..22122
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, contig 073402782, version 1."
FT   misc_feature    36423..36423
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 200bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    64063..64072
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    196313..196395
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    232406..232424
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 235868 BP; 58452 A; 51926 C; 56300 G; 69190 T; 0 other;
     gaattctctc tctgtagaaa ggcttgcctc aaacttgcag agctccacct ccttctgcct        60
     actgagtgtt gcgatcaaac gtgtttgcta ccattccctg gcttctgggt ctaatttttg       120
     agactgtctc tcactgaacc tggagctctc gctctggtct gagtgactga ctagtaagct       180
     cctgggttct gcttgactct acctctgaat accccaaagg ttatgggcat cagcttccac       240
     ccacagctta tctcctgggt gccagggatc aagtctccag gcttgcacag ttgggccatc       300
     ccagaaccct ctcactggga cagtctcagt tgtgacctaa gtgacagtat ggggaccatc       360
     tgatggcata aaggacgtta gatctggggt tggagagcct gggagacaag agatgtgttt       420
     agggggctgg tgagatggct caggggttaa gagcactgac tgctcttcca gaggtcctga       480
     gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatct gtaacaagat ctgatgccct       540
     cttctggtgt gtctgaagac aactacagtg tatttacatg taataaataa ataaatctta       600
     aaaaaaaaaa gagagatgtg ctcatcgagg aggaggaaat ggggctctgg aaagtaggaa       660
     tgaaagataa gaatcttggg taaaggttgg tgatacatac ctctaactct agtcctcagg       720
     atcatgggtg ggaggcagcc tgaggcacct agtgagaaca aaaaactaat attaataata       780
     attaatagtt catactcacc aataaatatc attaacagat gtcaatcgat taacattcat       840
     ataatttaat ttatcaatgt taaaaaataa aacaatatgt aagaacaggt tggctatttt       900
     tctcccaagt tcttgaaact ctcggcgaaa agcgttaagg gaggaggaaa tggatttaag       960
     agctaagagc tgggcggtgg tggtgcatgc ctgtaatccc agcactcggg aggcagaggc      1020
     cagtctggtc tacaaaagtg agttccagga cagccaaccc tgtctcgggg aaaaaaaaga      1080
     aaaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa aaaaaaaaag tcactaagag aaagaagttt cattgctgtt      1140
     gctatgacaa aaatactccc aacaaaaagc aagttctggg agaaagacaa accccaaacc      1200
     ccaggctcca tccagcccat cactgaaggg acaggggcgg aggtgggagg aacttcattg      1260
     gtggctaccg gacatcctca gccaggatca gagagaaaat gaatgtgcgc attcttacct      1320
     caggtagctc tctctactct acagtccagg agccaaaacc aggcactggt gctgcccacg      1380
     ggcaggttgg gccttctccc atctattaat cctcccagat acacccacag gccaacctca      1440
     tcctgacagc tcctcatgga ggcttccgtt ctgggtaatt ctaggttgtg taaagtctaa      1500
     ccatcctagg ggctgggccg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtggtgt      1560
     ggtgtggtgt ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tttgtgtggt gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt      1620
     gtgtgtttgt gtggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt tgtgtggtgt gtgtgtttgt gtggtgtgtg      1680
     tgtgtgtgtt tgtgtggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgttggg ggcttgaggc tgcactggtt      1740
     cgctctgtgc aggtcctgat cccggggctg gagcctcttc ctcatctcta agagttctag      1800
     caaggccagc tttatttgat gtaaaagaaa aaagtccaat accatccact cttcattgct      1860
     atttgcagtg ttagaaactc ttgagagttc aaataaagcc ttcatataac tcaatcaggc      1920
     tcctgaacac acttcaaggg cctgggattg ggggtggggg aaggctggac tgagaagaaa      1980
     actaattgtg ggcagggagg aatgttaata actactgata aatcagccag tggttctggt      2040
     ctgccatctg agacctagga ctcactcacg tcctattgtt atggtgcaga ggaggtctgg      2100
     cgacccgctg tgcaaaactg gtcacaaggc ttttgtgtca gtaattttgt ttgcatttgt      2160
     tttctttctt ttcttcttct ttttcttttc ttttcaaaat ttttggctgg gagacgactc      2220
     cttgggtaaa gaaagcattt gtggcatact tgtgaggacc tgggttcaga tctccagtgc      2280
     ccataaatat aaagttgaac atggctgtcc tctgaaatcc cacattttag gaagattccc      2340
     agagctttct ggtcacctac tttagctgaa ttagtaaatc cagggtttag ggagaaacct      2400
     tgttgccaaa aagtaactgg agggcaatag aggaaggccc tgagcatcag cctccgcctc      2460
     tgcctccccc tcccaaggct ctcatccatg tgtgtcctac atgaacacat ccacacaaaa      2520
     aggttcacac cccacccacc cactctcaca cgaactaatt atttgtgttt gtttgtttgt      2580
     tttttaatat cctgctttgc caacttggtc tacatagacc tacatggtcc agaacatcca      2640
     ggactacaga gagagttcta tctcaaaaat gctgggctag agtgagatct tttaagaaca      2700
     ggggtgaggg gtagagagat ggttcgttgt ataggccact ggctgctctt acagaggacc      2760
     tgggttcagt tcccagcacc cacatggtgt cttacaacca aatataactc caatcccagc      2820
     aggacatctg atgtcttttt cctggccttc tctgacaatg aggcatgtac ctggccctca      2880
     cacattcatg cagctaaaca cccatacaca ttaaaaaaat aaacataaag ccgggcgtgg      2940
     tgacgcacac ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggcagaagc aggcagattt ctgagttcga      3000
     ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg gctatacaga gaaaccatgt      3060
     ctcaaaaaac aaaaaaacaa aaaacaaaaa acaaaaaaaa caaaaacaaa aacataaaca      3120
     aggacaggcg agatagtgaa atggcactga ataagggcac ttgttgcaca cacacacaca      3180
     tatgcaggca cacgttgtcg tttgtattct tgaatttttt gaaaccaggt cccaccatgt      3240
     aaccccgttt gctttgaact tgctatcaga ctggcctgga actcacagag ctttgttggc      3300
     ttctgccttc ttcagagaga gagagagagc tgggattaaa ggtatgtgcc accacacctg      3360
     gccagtgttt ttgttgttgt ttttaaagac tttgaatgcc acaacaattg agggaaaggc      3420
     tgttttatta tttctgcctc acagggagga agctacagct gaaaagctga ggactggcct      3480
     tggggagtgt cgctcagatc tgcggggaca gcacaaagca taggctaggc ttctgtttct      3540
     gatgccaagg tttcaggtcc aggtctggaa acctgctcca gacttgttct gggagggatg      3600
     gatggcgcct tggagtcagc tgcgtcctat ctgacagttc tgcggcctcc atttccttcc      3660
     tgcactgctg attcaagacc ccaggaagcc tggcttcctg tcggggacag ctagagggca      3720
     ggctgcagag atgcagactc agcagtacag ggttgtggga gcaaaagcct gcagtgggtt      3780
     ggaggcagct gtgtgcacat acgcaccaca cacgtgctgt gcacacatac actgtgacac      3840
     acccacatac taagcacata cagatataca gtgagcaccc tgaacatagg catgcaatgc      3900
     tccataaaca agtacacaag aaatacatat aggtacacag acagacagac agacacacct      3960
     gagtcacaga gagaagggct ttggtaatag acacaaagaa gaacctgaaa gcaagaaaca      4020
     ggaaccgtgg gtaggttaag gcacagcaaa aattctgtaa attcttgctt catgatttct      4080
     gtctcagtgg gcaaagagaa aaatcttttt gtttctgaaa catatcttct gagtttaaaa      4140
     atgtttgcca ggcgtggtgg tgcatgcctt taatcccagc actcaggagg cagaggcagg      4200
     cagatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtga gtgccaagac agccaggact      4260
     acacagagaa accctgtctc aaaaaaaaaa aaagtttaaa ttgaactggg ggtggggggt      4320
     ggcgcacacc tttaatccca gcacttggga ggcagaggca gatggatttc tcagttcgag      4380
     gccagcctag tctacagaga cagctagggc tacacagaga aaccctggat cgaaaagaaa      4440
     aaaaaaaaga aagagagaga gagagagata aaagtccagc ttttatggtt gcaggttttg      4500
     tttgtttgtt tttgattgtt ttgagcccag actggtctcg aacactggtc tcgaactccc      4560
     gaacctcctg cattcatctt tgaagtgcca gaatgtgcaa ggcatgtgct aggaagacgc      4620
     aaaattagga atttcactta actaaggtaa tgtacagttg gaggagatat ttttcccatt      4680
     cttaggatac tgtgttgacc tcctgatgct gtcctctgcc ctcccgagga ttttcagatt      4740
     catgatgtct cacttattaa ctgttggtct tagcgcctga gctatggatg ctctgttcag      4800
     gaagtgatca tcttttacaa tgagttcaag agccctgaca ttattaatga tattctgcaa      4860
     acaggagcct agcataactg acctttgaga ggtttcaccc agccaccaat aaaaacagat      4920
     gcagagactc acagccaaat actagataga gttagtagca aagagaaaat ccttttgttt      4980
     cttaaacaca tcttctggcc gggtggtggt ggcacaagcc tttaatccta gcacttggga      5040
     ggcagaggca ggtggatttg tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacagagt gagttccagg      5100
     acagtcaggg ctatacagaa aaaccctgcc tcaaaaaaca aacaaacaaa aaaccccaaa      5160
     aacaaaacaa aaaaaacaac caaccaacca accaaccaaa caaacaaaaa aacccatatc      5220
     ttctgagttt aaaaatgttt aaattgagat aaatttcttg agtttaaaaa tgtttaaatt      5280
     gagatgaaat tccagctttt attgttgcat gttttgtttt tgtttgtttt gagcctaggc      5340
     tggtcttgaa ctcccgatcc tcctgccttc atctttgaag tgccagaatg tgtgccaggt      5400
     atgtgttatt accaagactc aaatttagga atttcactta attaactaag gcatgtacta      5460
     cctgacaaaa aattaggaat ttcacttaac taactaagta atctcttgca atgctagggg      5520
     ttgaacctgg ctaattttag gctgggcaca tgccattgac cagggaaata gaggcaggcc      5580
     ggctagtgag ttcaaggcca gcctggtcta catagtgagt tccaggccag ccagctttac      5640
     aagtaaagac tctgtcttga gacaagaaca cttagctatt gtcaatgttg ctgctcagca      5700
     gtatttaggg cacacccaca gtcatcagag cacaactatc actcctatca aattctgaaa      5760
     cactcttatc accgcaggga aggtcctgtt cccatccagc agggctgcct cctccctgcc      5820
     ccagcccccg ctaccacagt gacttttttt tctggctctt ttcatatttt aatgacgatg      5880
     cgccttttaa tcatttaaat tgtattattt agttagaata ataatcttgg aaaagaggtg      5940
     ttcacttcag aatgcacagt agggttccag gaatattttg ttaggatgta acaaagttaa      6000
     aaatcacacc aaaccctggc cacaacttaa cctgtgtcca ggtgggagac acaatgactg      6060
     gaaactggct tcactcagta cactggccta gctccagggt cttcatggct tcctccaact      6120
     tcagcattcc tctttgctgg tgcaggcggt acctctcagc catggactga aacatccatt      6180
     tagcccgaac cttgttgttt tgagagccat aaattaagac ctcggtaagt tcttaggaag      6240
     attccagatt cttcagctca aatatggctt ggctcacctg cctgatgtga ggcattcgag      6300
     atccctgtgg gccaaacaga gattttagca ccagtgactg aacctggact tctggatctt      6360
     tcaggtcttc aggaactttc acccacgggg ggggaggggg ggcggcggag gggggtgtct      6420
     ttgtgggtca cgagggttcc catcataatt cctgacaagg agccagactt cagggaaggc      6480
     tagatcaggc tttaccctcc atggcccaca gctcctggtt caggaagttt agcacctgtc      6540
     ccacagtgac ttcttaagat agcagcctct cctgactgct ctggggctgg ctccttacaa      6600
     actgcttctt tctctccagc cagactgagg tgccctcctg gtgagaggca ggagagagcc      6660
     gaccttgctt acagtaggtc ttttactgca ttagggaggt atctcatctc acagatcatc      6720
     ttccttcccc ccccccaccc ccgccccccg cccccgcccc cagaacagta atctgttagg      6780
     aaatcagcca caaacctccc tgcagagctg ggcatggtgg cgcacgcctt taatcccagc      6840
     actcaggagg cagaggcagg cagatttctg agtttgaggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtga      6900
     gttccaggac agccagggct atacagagaa accctgtctc gaaaaaacaa aaaacaaaca      6960
     aacaaacaaa caaataaaaa acctccctgc agtacctttc cgaatccaca aagataacct      7020
     gtgtcaaagc atgagcttgg aaatgattct gtatgatcac agatggggaa accatgtgac      7080
     tctgcccaca ctaagtccag tgttttaacc ccccacccct tttttgttat ttgagacagg      7140
     gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcgctctg tagatcaggc tggtctcgaa      7200
     ctctgagacc tgcatgcttt tacctcccta gtgctggcat taaaggcatg cattgccatg      7260
     ctcagctcca ctttaaacct tttctactgt gaaatccaat ctcttaataa aaagtgtggg      7320
     aaacacagca cgctgtttta ttacaaagta gagagccaca ctacaaaact tctgttcgag      7380
     aacaacacca tcacgagtgt ggaggaggca caagccaatt atctcagacc ttgggaggct      7440
     aagatgggag ggtctcaaga ccagcctgga taatctagaa agatcttgtc tcaaaaacaa      7500
     aaacaagggc tggtgagatg gcttagtggg taagagcacc cgactgctct tccaaaggtc      7560
     cagagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atcagtaaca agatctgact      7620
     ccctcttctg gtgtgtctga agacagctac aatgtactta catataataa taaataaatc      7680
     tttaaaaaaa aacaaaaaac aaaaaacaaa aacaaagccg ggcatggtgg tgcatgcctt      7740
     taatcccagc actggggagg cagagacagg cagatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc      7800
     tacaaagcga gttccagggc agccagagct atacagagaa accctgtctc aaaaaaccaa      7860
     aaaaaaagca aaaaacaaaa acaaatccca aaaaaacaac aacaacaaaa aaaacccaac      7920
     aaacccaaaa caaaacccta aaggaaaaaa ctagaataaa tagacaaaac aaaacttgag      7980
     cttggtgtca gaaacaaata cttgcaagtg aggaagattc ctaatccatc cccccgacct      8040
     gtcctggggg cagccatgac cttggttttt gcatcactct cttttcgcta agcacgtgcc      8100
     agctgctgct gttgtaattt ggttttggtt gcattctgaa ctttctctaa aaggatttac      8160
     tgtctggatt ccagtgttgt atttgcctca acagtttggg aacatctttc atgtctgctg      8220
     aatgtcaact gacctctcat gctttcctac ggttgcatgg gattccagga tgtgtttggc      8280
     catttacgaa gttcgctcct gatgtgtatg tctgttattc cttcaacttg gcacctgtgc      8340
     ccaagcctga ggacgtgaat tggatccctg ggacccacct ggtagaagga gatacaaata      8400
     acactgctgt gggcatttgt aaatatcttt tttgttgttg ttgttgtttt tgttttttga      8460
     gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctggc      8520
     ttcgaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggatcaaa ggcgtgcgcc      8580
     accacgccca gctgaatatc tttttttttt taattttaaa aagagtgtat gtgtgtgtgt      8640
     acatgccctg ttgtgtgcat atggcagtca gaggacagct tccgggaatt ggttcttagt      8700
     caccatgtgg gtcacaggga tagaacctag gttctcaggc ttggcagcag ttaattttct      8760
     agcagctggc ctctgtaaat accttttctc tttctaaaat aaataagtaa attaactaat      8820
     taataataaa attgtgccgg gcatggtggc gcaggccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc      8880
     agaggcaggc agatatctga gtttgaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca      8940
     gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgttttg aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaag aaagaaagaa      9000
     agaaagagaa aaaccaaaat aaataaataa ataaaattga taaaattgtg tggtgtgtgt      9060
     gtgacaactt gggtgaaaca gttttttcct tctaccgtgt gatttcttgg gaagaaactc      9120
     aggtcatcat ggtggccagt gcctctaccc agtgagccat cttgatgagt gattttcctc      9180
     tttttctctg ttgatgctgg gaaacctctc ccaaagcctc actcattctg ggtaaggggt      9240
     ccactagtga ggagcagggc tccaggctta aacatgtctg ccttgtgaca cacagggttg      9300
     gttgtgtctt tccgctgagc acccctctag gtttgtgtta cctttagcag acactggcca      9360
     atggcttgct aaagtccctt cacccatttc tgctctcacc ggttagatct gaaagattcc      9420
     ttgttttact ttcccagtac cactcagttt gggactgact gtccgggcag gagcaaagat      9480
     attctggaaa tgtgcattcc cctctctttg gctatcagat aagttaatgg ccctcaagga      9540
     attaggatcc catgctgggt gaagaaggct cctgctgcca gccagaggga aacttgcctc      9600
     ccaggaagat ttcaaaattt ctgacatcat cagaccacca gtaggaggtg ggtccacacc      9660
     ttgaccaaga ttgcttggtc atgcatgcct tttatcctct attgaaacct aaaccttata      9720
     tcaagactct gaagaaggat tggggggggg gggtcagtgg gctcctttgt gtgtggctct      9780
     tcccacactc agcacacccc ctctctctgc tgttcacact gtctggctct tagggctctg      9840
     acccaaacac caccagttac agctagacaa gagccagtct tttacattct agaccttgtg      9900
     tgtgtgggtg cagtatggct ggtgacgact ttaggttttt ctgtcactga tttttgtgaa      9960
     gctgaacact caaacagcta ctggtcattc tgcttatctt tctgataaat tgcctgttaa     10020
     agacttttac ctagttttct tccctcttca tagatccgta ggattcccct ccctcctttt     10080
     gttttttcaa gacagggttt ctttgtgtaa cctccctggc tggacttgaa ctcacagagt     10140
     tcctcttgcc cctgcctctc cccactgcac caccaccacg tggcatatag catttctcta     10200
     cgttctaaat ctgagctttt atttatttat tttaaatttt tttagtattt aaaaatgtat     10260
     gtattttgag ccatgtggtg gtggtgcacg cctttaaccc agcacttggg agccagaggc     10320
     aggcggattt ctgagtttga ggccaacctg gtctacaaag tgaggtccag gacagccagg     10380
     gctatacaga gaaaacctat ctggagaaac tctgtcttaa aaaacaaaac aacaacaaca     10440
     aaaaaatgta tgaagctggg tgtggtggcg catgccttta atcctagcac tcaggaggca     10500
     gaggcaggct gatttctgag tttgaggcca gcctggtcta caaagtgagt gccaggacag     10560
     ccagggctcc acagagaaac cctgtcttga aaaaaacaaa aaagaagaag aaaacaaaac     10620
     aaaacaacaa caacaacaaa aatgtatgta tatattctat tttgtgcatg tgcaggggtt     10680
     ggagaaatgg gtgacccaag caagtgaaag tcagaggaca acttgtggag gttggttccc     10740
     atctttctca tgattttggc atgaacattt agcatgttca tgaacatgct agggcctggg     10800
     cttttgagca ggtttaaggc agcaggcatg aactgccagc agtggctcat gctgtagact     10860
     cagtcaggac ctagttggtt acccccacag ggacatgcca gtctttcatg ggtgggcaca     10920
     tactcactgt caagttctta gggtccattg ctgggtgaga tgacgagtca tttttctcac     10980
     ctactgagct acatggcggt ttgtgcccca cactataaaa aacaaatcat tgaggaagaa     11040
     gcttccagct cagttctagc ttgaattttg tatgttgtcc ttaagtgtgt tcttaaccaa     11100
     cagggtctta ccatctagtt ctagaggaca accaagacca ataatgatag tgtgtgtatt     11160
     gcattgtagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtaagagggg     11220
     cttgtaggct ttcctgacca gcaatttata gggcacccac gcatagcatt tataacctaa     11280
     gcagtcacag tttttttgtt tgtttgtttt gttttgtttt tttgttttgt tttcgagaca     11340
     gggtttctct gtatagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctcg     11400
     aactcagaaa tcctcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggct tgcgccacca     11460
     ccacccggtt catagtttta attcaatgaa actctttttg ttgttgtttt tgtgtgtgtg     11520
     tgtgtatttt gtcttgtggg tttttttctg tttgtttttg ttttttgaga tagggtcttg     11580
     ctgtgtatcc ttgcttgtcc tggactctgc tctgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaca     11640
     gagctccacc tgcctgtgct tcccatgtac taggattaca gccatgcacc cacctaccac     11700
     tacctggctc aatgggactc tttttatgtc ccctgggaac agtatatacc ctgtgggaac     11760
     aagaatctct aagaatttta cctggctggc tggctttctt gtttccatcc ttccttcttt     11820
     cctttcttcc ttctttcttt ctttttttaa tggttttaag gtgtttattg tcatggcggg     11880
     aaggggaggt aagagggtag tagaggcaga gaaaggcaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     11940
     gagaagaagg ggaggggagg ggaagggaag ggacgggacg ggacgggaag ggaagggaag     12000
     gtaaggtaag ggaagggaag ggaagggaag tagaggccag ccatggccat gtggagagag     12060
     gggagaaggg aatggggaga gggggagcaa gagggcaaga gagagaggca agagtaagag     12120
     agtaagatta agtgcctggc atttctttct actacttaga tttgcaacag cttagcaggt     12180
     tacaatatag tggtttatct tcccagcatc ccctgatcac tgggccctaa catcttcctg     12240
     agtggccgca gagatggctc agtggctaag agggtacacg gcaccaggca tgggtcatag     12300
     atacctttaa tcccagcgct cataaagcaa ggtaggtgag gaggagtttg aggccagcct     12360
     ggtctacaga gagagtggtg ggccagtcag ggttccatag tgagagcctc tcctcttctc     12420
     tctcttgcac ataagtgcat atgcggggtg gggagggagg aggcagggaa atggagaggg     12480
     agacaaagca agcattgctc tttgagagga tccaagtttt gttctcaaca tccatgacag     12540
     gattacataa ctgtaattcc agctccggtg tctctgtggg cacacgcgcg tgcgcgcgca     12600
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacggcatac acttatatat atatacacat ataaattaaa     12660
     ataaccatta aaaaaagctc tgtggaaaaa cgtatgtgtt tgtgttgtgt ccatgcatcc     12720
     acgtgtgtgt gtgggggggg attagtgcac ttgtgtgtgc acatacaaat gccagtgtct     12780
     tcctctgtca ctctccacct tattattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt     12840
     agagacaggg tttctctgtg tagtcctggc tgttctggaa ctcactctgt agaccaggct     12900
     gtcctcaaac tcagacatcc gctgttttgt ctgtttttga acaaggtctc ccttgaactc     12960
     agaaatctgc ttgcctctgc ctctgcctcc caaattctgg gattaaaggc atgcgccacc     13020
     atgcccggct ccaccttatt ttttgacaca gggtttctcc ccaaacctga agctcactat     13080
     ttgagctagg caggctccaa gggcctgcct gtctctgcct ctaaatgcta aggccatagg     13140
     catgcatggc catgccttgt ttttatgtgg ctgctggacc ttcaaagcca aatcctctca     13200
     cttccatacc aagcactctt tctcctgagc cagttcccag ccccagaagg ttctatagtg     13260
     actgtactgt aggaagcgct gaaggtcaaa ggtacaagaa gtacttattt tctagtacat     13320
     tgctttcact ttcaaatgta ctgcagtcat actcacccct actctaggtg gaggggcgtg     13380
     gtttaagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg aaacttacta tgtagaccaa     13440
     gctagcctca aattcagaga tccatctgcc tctgcttccc aagtgctggt attaaaggcg     13500
     tgcgccacca ctgcctggca aaatttgaac tcttaactca ttacctattc aaaaaaaatt     13560
     gaaaaggagc tttgatatgt agctaggggt agaggatttt gcctagaatg tgtgtggcac     13620
     tgggtttggt tgtcagcact gaaaaaaaac aaaacccaaa aacccaaaaa acaaaaaaca     13680
     aaccaaattc tattgaagct acatctcaac tttaggatgt catttttatc tatgattgac     13740
     tgtggtccaa gggatgcagc cacaccttgt acattctaga tgagtgtcct accactgacc     13800
     taccttgatg aaatatttac attttaaaag atttatttgc cgggcgtggt ggcacatgcc     13860
     tttaattcca gcacttggga ggcagaggta ggcgaatttc tgagtttgag gccagcctgg     13920
     tctacagagt gggttccagg tcagccaggg ctacacacag ggctgtctca aaaaacaacc     13980
     cccccaaaaa aaaccaaccc caaatcaaaa caaaaaataa acaaacaaaa aaaccccaaa     14040
     agatttattc ataattttta ttttatttgt atggatattt tgcctggtgt tcatggaggg     14100
     cagacagaag agggaatcaa atgccctgca actggagtta aaagcagttt aagttgccat     14160
     gtggtggctt ggaatcaaac ctggccctct gggaaagcag tcagtgctac aattactaag     14220
     ccatttctcc agctgtcctg ttttcattaa cttgatattt tttaaaaatt gtgttactta     14280
     aaattatgca ccgtttttgc ctcttttttt tgtcaatttg acacaagtga gagttatctg     14340
     aaagagaaat acctccattg cagtgcctgc aagacatttt ctcttccttc cttccttcct     14400
     tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttcccttcc ttccctcctc gcctcgcctc     14460
     ccctcccctc ccctcccccc ctcccctctc ctctcctttt tttttttttt gtggtgagga     14520
     taggatctca ctatgtagcc ctggctgttc ctggaactta actatgcaga ggaggttggc     14580
     ctcaaactca tagacgtcag cctgcctctg cctacccagt gttgagttaa aggtgtatgc     14640
     taccatgcct ggcttgtagg gcttttttag agattatggt taatgtggga ggacccagtg     14700
     cacagtggga ggtaccattt ctaggctggt aggtggtcct ggattgtata agcaagctct     14760
     aaagatcaag ccagtaagca gcattgcaac tatggcttct ccttcaggtt tctcccctgc     14820
     cttaccatct ctcaattgac tgaagataag cataagctaa agaaaccctt tcctctgcaa     14880
     gttgtttttg gtcatggtgt tttatcacag caccagagag caaactagga cccagatatt     14940
     ttcttttttt tttttttttt taaagattta tttattagat gtaagtacac tgtagctgtc     15000
     ttcagacaca ccagaagagg gagtcagttc ttgttacgga tgattgtgag ccaccatgtg     15060
     gttgctggga tttgaactct ggacctttgg aagagcagtc gggtgctctt acccactgag     15120
     ccatctcgcc agcccccaga tattttctat ttacatcttt aaaaattctt attttctgcc     15180
     tgggttgcat cattgtctga gaatgtactc tatttgaatc gtttgaaatt tgttgggact     15240
     tgttctatct gtagcatttc aaagacattc cgtgtgtact tgggaagaac gcatgagctg     15300
     cagtggcggg taccctgtcc catgtatgtc cagttggccg aagcgtgctt gtccatacgt     15360
     gcacgcttct ttcttattaa ttttgtccta atagttaagg ataaagataa cttctatcct     15420
     aactgcagat ttttcaatat cttctcacag ttctgtactc tttttgttga tgtatttgag     15480
     gttatctgta taagtgcaca aaaacttgga attgttatat gttagaattg aggatattat     15540
     catccttacg gtttcacatc atttttgggg ggtgcagggt ctcctgtatc ccaggctggc     15600
     ttcacctccc aagtgctggt aaccaccaca cctgtttctg aggtactggt gatgggactt     15660
     ggtgtgaatc ctcctaaagc tcacaggagc ctgagccaca ccccagcctg ttgttattct     15720
     tttgtcccct ccctccctcc cttcctccct ccctccctcc ctccctccct ccctccctcc     15780
     ctccctccct ccctccctct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct     15840
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttttcccgag ccagggtttc tctgtatagc cctggctgtc     15900
     ctggaactca ctctatagac caggttggcc tggaattcag aaatcctcct gcctctgcct     15960
     ccagagtgct gggattaaag gtgtgtgcca ccactgcccg tctctttctt tctttttttt     16020
     tttttttatc ttcctccctt tctctttccc tctctccctc cctctctctc gctcccttct     16080
     tccttccctc tctttctctc tctccctctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctttt tttttttttt     16140
     tttttaaaga cagggtttct ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagatc     16200
     aggctggcct tgaactcgga aatctacctg cctctgcctc tagagtgttg cgactaaagg     16260
     tgcatgccat catgctgggt tgcttttctt tgtgtgtgtg tatatgtgtg tgtgtgcaca     16320
     tgtgcacact tattgcatgt gcagaccaga ggtcactatc tggtgtcttt gctcagtgac     16380
     tctctagcct gttttttgaa aaaaggaact cactgattga aggaactcta tgaagccttg     16440
     gctgtcctgg aactctctgt agaccagtct ggcctggaat gtatagagat ccacctgcct     16500
     cttttacctg aacactggga ttaaagacgt gtgccacccc tgcctggatt agctgttatt     16560
     ttaaagctta tttttcccat tatttagaga atactttctc agtttttgca atcaaaccca     16620
     cataaataag actttacata tttaatatag tgttattcct gtacgaatga gaaaaattaa     16680
     cttttaccca tgtggctact catttttgca caatacctac ttaacaaggt aagctttttt     16740
     tcctaggttg acagcaaagg tttccaaaca ttcaaactat atatacacat atgtgtctat     16800
     atctatatag tatgcatgta ttagaatatt ctgcatcaat aacgacaaca ggtctttatt     16860
     ttttaattga attttattct gtgtgtttat gatgcgtgtg gggaagagca gagcatggca     16920
     cgtgtggaga tgagaggaca tggttgtgaa ggtgacactc tcctatcttt acatggaatc     16980
     ccaggaaaaa cttatatggt tgggcagcaa gtgcctttaa ccaatgagcc atcttggaat     17040
     cctgctagtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttctt tctttctttt tacatacttt taattttgcc     17100
     atcttttgaa ctgaatattc ttattcaaat tgtcttccca taattagctt ggctaccatt     17160
     caccttcatc actcttcctg tgatttccaa cctgcattgc ttgctttttt ttttgtttgt     17220
     ttgttttttg gttttcgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtaacc ctggctatcc tggaactcac     17280
     tctgtagacc aggctggcat caaacttaga aatccacctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg     17340
     ggatcaaagg cgtgcgccac caccatgttg gtttcattat ttcttcatac ttgtcctgtc     17400
     tccaccttct gaggccacca ttcctactgg gcattatcta agtttctggg gatctgaacc     17460
     ccattcttca tgcttgcttt aactgctgag ccatctcagt ctctatttgc agattagggc     17520
     tataatgagg ttatcttcca ctgcaggtgt aagcaaaggc caattatgtt aggtgaaaag     17580
     gctttgttaa acaaaacaaa acagagaaag aggactggtt agatggctca gcaggtaaga     17640
     gcactgactg ctcttccgaa ggtcctgagt tcaattccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac     17700
     aaccactcag aatgagacct gatgccctct tctggtgtga ctgaggacag ctacagtgta     17760
     cttatgtata ataataaata aaataaaaaa acagagaaag aaatatggct tatgtgtaag     17820
     aatcctgcaa ttgaaaataa gacagagaga cagccgcaac tccctggcgt tgttagcaaa     17880
     atgggaatga ctcagaagcg agtggagaat ccaaactgct ggagacaaag ccgtgagcca     17940
     tgtagattct caaaaacaga gactgaagag ctgaatgcga tggcgatggt ctcatggatg     18000
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagatcg     18060
     gaagattgag agttttaggc caacctgaca aaagaggaaa gagggctggc aagatggctc     18120
     agtgggtaaa ggtgcctgtt ggcaagcctg atgacctgcg atgggtcctg agggcccact     18180
     ttgtaggcta gaactgcttc tcacaagatg gctcagtggg taacaacatt tgctgtacca     18240
     acatggagac ctgagttcac atcaccggca cacacacaga aacagctggg aaaagagggg     18300
     tgtgcttata accctgccat tggagagcag agacatgcag attctgcaag cttcctctcc     18360
     agccagtcta actgaaacgg agagctaaag ggtccccgag agaggagaca gctgagactc     18420
     tcctctggcc cctaaccacg tgtatgtaca ggtgtgcaca cacacatata ccacacatac     18480
     aaatcaagac acatacacac aagctgctaa tcccagcact cgggaggcag aggcaggcgg     18540
     attcctgagt tcgaggccag tctggtctac agagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctata     18600
     aagagaaacc ctgtctcacc ccccgtcgcc cccctccccc gtccccaaac acacacacac     18660
     acacacacac acacaaagaa acaaaccaaa aaaccaaaac caaaccaaac caacaacaaa     18720
     aaaaccccaa ctgaactgta tgtagtcagg ggactacttg taatctcacc acttgggagg     18780
     cagaggcaga aaggtcagga gtcagggtta ttattggcta catagcaagc ttgtggcctt     18840
     cctgttataa gaacattagg tttgaagtgt ctatgagaga tacaaggaag tttcacactc     18900
     aggcgcaaag cacgaaaaca gtacaagaca ctcaggaatc cccatttgac atgaacactt     18960
     aaatccagga aagaggtgac tagacagtat acctgaagaa cagaggccta gagaccaagt     19020
     cctggcagtc ttcaaactaa gaaggtatgg tcatgggtga tgggggagag agaagatggg     19080
     gaaggaagag ggaatcaggg ctgctggtgt ctatcagctc agaagcagaa cagagccaag     19140
     ttaacagcag ctgaattgtc cctagctgaa tgtgatcaga gccatctgaa aagatggtca     19200
     gtccacttca gccatcagta ccttctcctt accctcttgc actgataaaa gtttgccaga     19260
     aaacatctgc taagcatcta tgggagtggg gcagacaata agacaaattg ataagaggat     19320
     ttctaataat ggtagcagaa tcaaatggcc tgttcttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct     19380
     tccttccttc cttccttcct tcctttcttt ttttggtttt tcgagacagg gtttccctgt     19440
     atagtcctgg ctgtcctgga actcactttg tagaccagac tggcctccaa ctcagaaatc     19500
     ctcctgcctc tgcttcccga gtgctgagac taaaggcatg tgccaccaag cccggcggcc     19560
     tgtttcattt aaggggatgg tagatgtcct tctggaggag tgacacaaac agagacctgg     19620
     atgatgagct gatgactggc agatcaaggg aaatattttt ctcagggaaa gatcgtgggg     19680
     tgatgtaggg aagagagagg ccacactgga ctcattatgg aggaagggca atctcatatt     19740
     gatcttgtag gctatggctg ggaacttagg ctcatctcaa ttgtgatgtg aaggcgtaag     19800
     taagatttgt atttcacaaa tgtgaactac aactgtctat ctgagttggt cagaatggaa     19860
     gggcaggccc ggagcgggag aacctcctgg aggaggttct ttcagcacag gtaacaggtg     19920
     gcatctggga caagaacctg ccagaacaca caccagaggc agtgacataa atggaacctg     19980
     tctttgggcc aaagcttttc taaagcaaag aaaggctacc tagcaaagag gcagcttggc     20040
     aggcatagcc cgtgtgcttc ggttgattac ttacttacaa ggaagctcag atcgcccact     20100
     tgaagttgcc aatcatcaca ttagtgcatc ctagtggcta aagaaatgca ggaactggag     20160
     gaggagcagc tagggtaccc tggaaacaag acgtgggcgc cttccttagc agggagagcc     20220
     aagggacagg tagtggacac cctgaccacc ctagaggtgc ccagagctct tgtctccaac     20280
     tcaactgaag cttctcagaa gctctgaaaa gcggtgactc aggggaggtt cctccctgga     20340
     aaacctcttc ctagtccgtt ggaatgactc acctgctccc tccctcaaga gtgaccccgg     20400
     ggccaatccc ttaatgagtc cgcacctcac ccttctcttc aggctgagac aatagaatgg     20460
     tggagctttt ggctccctgc gggcagaggt tgtcagcaat cacccaggta gctaaagact     20520
     gctctggtgg gatccagagg tgactaaaaa aggtagatct aagacccttt gcaccgaaaa     20580
     gagtgtgttt gcgcgatagt gcctgttgcc tcaggatctt tgaatttaca gaaccattta     20640
     acagcaagct ttggtatatt ggagatttat ttattactgg ggattaaacc ctcgctaaag     20700
     ctaaacaaca ggatctaccc ggaagtctcg gagcattttc ttttggacac aaatcttgct     20760
     ccggggaggc gagcatctag aggtcctcaa actcagcagt gctgacactg gaggaagaga     20820
     atgtataggg tgggggtggg gagttaatga acagacctac atttctggca ggactagggc     20880
     tgcaaggagc tggtacttca tggagcaaaa ggggtggtca cctgagctag gtgttgctcg     20940
     cctgaagcaa cgcgggaggg gcggggaaag cgctgggctt gtcttgcaac cagaaagcag     21000
     atgcccgcgg gatgctcgca aaggtctgtt gccggcgcac ggtcgcctcc tacttcctgc     21060
     gtcctggtcg cctccaagcc actctggaca tccccctcct ctctctgccc agagccagcg     21120
     tggcgcccgc cctctacctt gtcccgccgc ctggggtcgc cgccttgtgg gaacaggaca     21180
     gttgaaacgc ggtaggcact accccccaac ccacccgggg gaccccctcc cggcccaggc     21240
     gcgcatccac gccccacccg gactctgcag ccgggttctc ttgagttacc tgcatgggga     21300
     agtcacagtc cacaatttgg actctaaccc ggctgaattc taaagccaca ttcctagggg     21360
     agggggtcct ccgacctaga gggtcgcaga tcacattacc ggccaagagg aggggaccgc     21420
     gcgagtaaac tggggtaaaa gttgcattta gcttaacctt cccagatccc aattgcagct     21480
     ttgcgggcgg attgactcgg cgtttcaccg agttcctggg atcctagggc cccagagtgg     21540
     cttcttagga taccgacact gtccccgcgc gcgagtgcga catgcctggc ggatgccccg     21600
     gggcgggaag cgcgagcggt agcaaggacc tggagctggg ggaaccgctc gcaggcgtgc     21660
     gcattcatgc gctcatgcat ccctgcatac atctatgcat ccgctagccg gctcacacac     21720
     cacccgcgtc cgggacacgc cgtgttgatt gaatgcagga gtagggtatc tggctactag     21780
     ggcaggatcg cggcggggca gacagcagct cgcgtaagga atgggggaga tagggacggg     21840
     ggtgggggga agagagagca ccccaaaggc acagttggaa aactgggtgt gtgagtaggg     21900
     gtgttccttg agaagtctcg caggcgctga agggggccgg gcgggcctct ggggccaact     21960
     ttccggaggg aggtgcagcc ggagggggcg gcgccggcgg cgggaggcgg gagtcggggg     22020
     ccgagggggg gggggagtca ctttaaaggc tctttcttac ccataatgct ttgtggggac     22080
     gttgacaagt ggatccaaga tggcgtagaa agtaatgaca ggtaagtcct gacttccccg     22140
     ttctccgctg cccgggtcgc ttcaggagcc tccagagcca tccggggaga ggcccggact     22200
     ctcctcgggt gctccgggtc cgggacagcg cggccccggg gacagcgggg gatcccgccg     22260
     gccgccggca gggcctgggg agcggggctc tctcagaggc gaggcccgga cgctggagct     22320
     gtttactgtt tcttcccctc ctcaatctcc ttttccctcc gctggggggc tgaggtgcca     22380
     gggacccagg cggtggcccg agggtccttg cacacgcccg aggttcgggg ggacccggga     22440
     gcccgcgcga ggctgctccg gcacgggccg accctggggt ccccgcacgc cccgcgcccc     22500
     agggtcgcgg cttagggtgg ggagcgggcg gcctcccacg ccgcgcgcgg tgcagccctc     22560
     cgggttagca tttccaccca gggtggggcg gcgaccccag ggcaggggac agcacgaaag     22620
     tgggtcaggg ggcgcccctc cccagcagag ggctctgctc aagattcact gtggtccccc     22680
     tctccccgcc cccctcctgg gacatgcgtg gcccgtgagc acatctacaa aaacaaatgc     22740
     acagtctctt cctggaggtg tctccaaagg cccctttctt tccttctctc tctttaccct     22800
     caagggctcg gacacatagt cctaagtagg aactgtgatt tctctcccca aaatgagttg     22860
     agtcttctgc cccctggcct ttgctgaggg tcctcacaga cagggctgga agccagagcc     22920
     ttcagattcc ttttgggttg ggaaccttgt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttgttg     22980
     agctccgaaa ttggcatcct ttctcccttg caaagttaca ctttttagac aagccattag     23040
     gataatcaga agtgtaactt cagagatagt ggatgccggg agcagccggg ggaagaggga     23100
     gacgttatct ggcctagttt gttcttgatt ttgctctctt cactcatatg aatagctttt     23160
     ttccccccct ccttgatttt tttctccctt cttttatttt tgaaagtaag actaatcagt     23220
     gtagaataga tgagtttatt atgtttaagg ttgaagacta ttttctaatc tgttgctgaa     23280
     agaaaatatt ttcaatttta ggtaaaagaa gcaaattttt ttcccctcca aagcttcatc     23340
     ctgtatcttt tttttttttt tttttaaata actttttcca cttgaagtgt atccatattc     23400
     ttttactaaa ggactataaa atgcttgtaa ctggtaacag ctccaactgg tgttgcatac     23460
     catcttcttt ttctgtttgc tccaggaact ggatgaagta attgatcact aatgaactac     23520
     agagccggtg agatgtgcaa ggtgagactg aagttcaaaa actacaccct gtttcccctc     23580
     tttcttgtat ccaactcaag ggtcagggaa agctactttc caaatagatc agtcagccga     23640
     ctgggataca ggcaaggcga gatttaggaa agacatacca tcctttttag tggctcccac     23700
     ttattcatac gtactgaagc ttttctagag ctaaatgtta gctgtggcta tatacttgat     23760
     caatgtcttt tccaggagta attatagttt gcctcttctc atttccttgg ctaactttaa     23820
     tgggatggtc tggatttaat ctgttttcac gtccattgct tgccctacac tgagtataag     23880
     aaattggcta gatgaagtct gcacacccac actttctggg atgtttatga agtatatcct     23940
     tttccatcat gaataatatt tttcagcaag caatcgcttc tatttttatt tttcttagtt     24000
     tttggttttg tggtgctggt atgtttaaga cctaatggcc tcacacatcc taggaaaagt     24060
     gcagaaccat tgagccatat ccttagtccc ttctattttt ccaaagccga atagtaaatg     24120
     cctgatagta ctttagaaca aaaatgatag tgttaagttc tgtgttgctc agggggtttg     24180
     acgactcagt catcacttct gatcatatat ggtgtgtaaa tttattgttt tatttatccc     24240
     atgtaatacg ttggatctgt gtgtgtgcct gagagagata gagtgggggg cgcaggaagg     24300
     gaatcactat agtttctttg gctggctaag taggcaaggc tgaccttgaa ctcctgattg     24360
     ctgtgattaa agttatgtct ggtgtaatgc cttggattta aaggactctt tttgttttgt     24420
     tttgttttgt tttttttgtt tttttgagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggttgtcct     24480
     ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctg gagaactcag aactctgcct gctctacctc     24540
     ccaagtgcta ggactaaagg cgtgcgccac cactgccccg ctaaaggaca tttttaaaaa     24600
     aaaaattatt tattatatac actgtacact gtagctgtct tcagacactc cagaagaggg     24660
     aggcagatct cattatggat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaactcag     24720
     gaccttcgga agagcagttg gtactcttac ccactgagcc atctctccag cccgctaaag     24780
     gacattttta tattagtgaa cagttcgtgc tgtgtaccag ggagagagaa gcttgttatg     24840
     gtttttaacc attttctcaa cttaatgata ccttattgtg gttgctttag agaaatataa     24900
     gtaattatgg tcaattggct tattgtatac ttatttaccc cccaacacat ttgggcattt     24960
     agattttgaa gttctcatca tcttttcgta tctagtacat ctttttcaga ataagctata     25020
     ctccccagcc cttcacgcgt gaaatataca gttgccactt tgcccttaaa atacaataag     25080
     ggggtgggaa cttgggaaag ggaggtggac agagctccag agtcttctaa cacacagcac     25140
     ttccacttgg gttgaaactc agcagtgcct attttaattt taatttttgg cagagcaaat     25200
     agagagtttt aaatttgttt tcagcgtgtg gatggaggca tattcttgtc tcagacctct     25260
     cagtttgaac tctcctcttg ttttgttcga aacaaatagg tagttctgtg ggtcggagcc     25320
     acagatctgt tttctgcccc agaagtgttt acttgtagtt taaaacatga gtacttacag     25380
     agtaggttat cttgtggggc tactgttctc agcctgaatt ggctggagac attttttcca     25440
     cagtctccac acatgcagac aagtattatt gttcaaaggg aagctgctgg ttggccacca     25500
     agcagctcgg tacacgaagt attctaaaat gggaaatacc aggggctcga aggttactat     25560
     agaggagaag actgtctttg agccgagtga agacatggct tttttggctg tcttttggct     25620
     gataagcttg ggttctattt ttaggtaagg ttgtattgtg gaggagtcag ttaatacagt     25680
     ctggtagctc tctattagct attacctttt gccgttggta gtaagaaatt tcatcttcag     25740
     atagcttgag tgaattcagt catcactgtc tttaaagtct gcacatatat ccagactgtc     25800
     cagtttcagt gccttgggga tcaatgctaa agaccatgcg aagccaatcc tgcttgtgga     25860
     gggccttggg aaactctaaa gtcggcagca catgcgctgc agagctggct cagtggttaa     25920
     agtctcttgc agaggacctg ggttcaggtc tcatcactta gagtcttctg ttccaggggg     25980
     tccaacactc tcttctgatc tctggtcact aggaatgtat gtgacacaca gacagacata     26040
     tactcctaca cataaaataa aaaagtctac aaaagagtta tttatttatt tatttattta     26100
     tttatttatt ggttgttttt tttgagacag gttttctctg tgttgtcctg gctgtcctga     26160
     aacttactct gtagaccagg ctggccttga actcagaaat ccacctgcct ctgcctccca     26220
     agtgctggga ttaaaggcat gcaccaccac cgcccggctt agaaaatttt ttttaaacta     26280
     cagtgttttc atgaaaagct aagactagca cacaggaatt ctcagggaag ttgtcttaag     26340
     tcttataaat gcacctgtgt tctctgttta ggtagatttg acattaacat gaatgcaaat     26400
     cagcctgtaa ttgcctgtca ctcaaatcca aatgcaggcc cagtgcaaga aataagattc     26460
     atagagttgt ttattttcat aaacttaggt aaacatactt gcaaatgtaa ttggattgct     26520
     aagtcgtatt ttgaaatgtt ttctggaaga gaagtgtaat gtggagagag tggccacaat     26580
     gagcttgctg gtcccttcag tgtgtgggtg tgtccaggtg tgtccagtgg gtgtgtccca     26640
     atggcctctg aatcatgagc tcaccgcagc acgacccctg ctctggccac cgcagggctg     26700
     cctgagataa gaatccggaa tctgatgatc agtgttcttt ttgactacca ctgatatagc     26760
     atgaagactg cttgcatata tgttacattc gtgttgtatg atgtacgtac atacagtaga     26820
     tacatacata tatgtaaata cttacgtgat attcttgtat atatatttgt tatgctttca     26880
     gttacctgaa agaaattgca agtttccaat ttaaatcaaa agccttatca acttgttcat     26940
     gcttgtagac atactggatt cctttcccta agatcaggaa gtctggtgaa acaaacttgt     27000
     cttgcttttg aataaaaaac ctgattcatc atatatagat agcacacacg tgtatatcta     27060
     attaaaagtt ttagtgtgtg tatgcatgtg catgtgcaga ggtcaaagga cacctttgtg     27120
     gaagttgact ctctcgttct acctttgcgt gggccctgca gagcgacctc aggctggcag     27180
     gcttgtgcag tgagtacagt tacccactga gccccctccc ttcttcatcg tctcttgcac     27240
     tgaccctgcc ctgaagtgtg aacgactgag tttatctctg tgccacactt tcggttgtct     27300
     tatcacatct gaattggcct tttcactttt caccctgctt tgtggaaata caccttatgg     27360
     tggaagtgtt cttgtaaaca cagcctgtca ggtgtattta taaataatac agtttaaaaa     27420
     atcacgcatg tatatggtaa gttaaattga gcaacacttg agtgtgtgtg tgtgtatata     27480
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata cacatatata tgtgtgtgtg tgtatttata     27540
     tatggctaaa ataaaaaagg gactggagaa ctagctggct cagtggttaa gtgcatttgt     27600
     ttctctccag gaggacctga gtttggtacc tagcacccac attgggtggc gcacagctgc     27660
     ctgtaacttc agctcttctg gcttctgtgg gtaactgcac acatgtggca tttacacaga     27720
     caaatgacat gtgccattta gttttggaag gcctctggtc ctaaagtgta agtagaaatg     27780
     gaggggggag ttcagcaggc agggcaggtg aagtagacgt tggatgcctg ttctgctctg     27840
     cagtgaccag aagcatctgt gacaagctac tgtccaactg tggattatca gtcttagaca     27900
     ttagtcttag tctgtttttt gttttgtttt gttttttttc gagacagggt ttctctgtat     27960
     agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactttgta gaccaggctg gcctccaact cagaaatccg     28020
     cctgcctctg cctcctgagt gctgggatta aaggtgtgcg ccaccacgcc cggcggcgtc     28080
     tttttttttt ttttttaaag gtttatgtat tttatgtata tgggtacatt gtatgtatct     28140
     gtcttcagac acaccagaag agggcatcgg atcccattaa cagatagatg gttgtgagcc     28200
     accatgtggt tgctgggaat tgaactgacg acctctgaaa gagcagtcag tgctcttaaa     28260
     acttctaagc catcgctcca gctccagaca tttagtctta tggtcaggct ggagaaagtt     28320
     ttggtttgtt gatttaaaaa aaaatattat ttatttttat ttatacaagt acactgtagc     28380
     tatcttcaga cacacaccag aagagggcat cagatcccat tacagatggt tgtgagccac     28440
     catgtgcctg ctgggaattg aactcaggac ctctggaaga gtagccagtt ctcttaacca     28500
     ctgagcggtc tctccagccc cagtttgttg atcttttatt ttctgttttg tttatttatt     28560
     gtgtgtgttt tgagacacgg tttctctgtg tagctctggc tgtcctggag ctcactttgt     28620
     agaccaggct agcctcgtac tcaacagaaa actgccttct ctgcttcttc tggggtctga     28680
     ggtgtgcgtt accactgcgt ggctaaactt tgctctttta tctctggtta gttttatttt     28740
     ctcattttct ttttctttcc ttatgtttga gacagaattt catgtaatcc aggttggctt     28800
     tgaactgtag ctgtgggaaa ccttgaattt tttttttttt ttgagacagg gcttttctat     28860
     gtagtcctgg ctatccttga actcacagaa aaccaccaga ctctctgctt cctgaagttg     28920
     ggattataga catgtgccac tgcctagaga acaggcttat ttagatttac tttgttttat     28980
     gtatgtgact gttttctctg tatgtgcact ccatgcatgt ctgatgcatg cttttggaga     29040
     cagaggaggt ctctggatcc ccgagagttg gagttacaga tggtgtgagc tgctgtgtgt     29100
     actgggagcc cccatcctct gcaggggcac tgagtgctga atcatctctc catccctaga     29160
     cttgaacctt cgatcctcct gcctctgctt cttgggtacc ggagttacag acatgtgtct     29220
     ccgtgtcggt tctaggtatt gaactcagga cttgatgaat gccaggcagg cactctactc     29280
     ccaagtttcc catttcccag atgaggaagt gtaggcctgg agaaactgcc tcgcctgccc     29340
     caggttatgt gactcagtag tagtgtgaaa gccttaacct gcagaggctc aggtcaggcc     29400
     atttggtcta tggctctgtc tgattgagtt accagatgct gggaatagga ttcagacact     29460
     tctgcaatga tatagcaatt gctaatttgt tcttgtgatt ttgtttgtca tgtgtgtttt     29520
     ggagacaggg tagtgacgta tggcccagat caaatcgggc cttaagtcag agtgcctccg     29580
     tcactcgagg ggggttacag atgtgtgcca gcacagctgg cgatctgtga tatttaaaag     29640
     ctgttctctc tttttcagaa attataaaga gctctgatgg gctatttggg tgttacccag     29700
     tgcagtgaac tgcaggtgag tagagatggc ttaggagagc attcctgagg agacaaggct     29760
     caggaagcct gaggaaggga tgcgggagag gcttcagctc atcttttcct tttgttaatt     29820
     tttttttttt tttggttttt cgagacaggg tttctctgta tagccctggc tgtcctggaa     29880
     ctcactttgg tagaccaggc tggccttgaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcacga     29940
     gtgctgggat taaaggcgag tgccaccacg cccggctcct tttgttaatt tttaatgtac     30000
     aaaggaatgg gtttcatggt gacatttttt tcttttcttt ttttttaatg gttttagagt     30060
     tttattgtag aaaggcaggg ggaaggagag acggtagaaa gagagaggcc ggccatggcc     30120
     acgtggagag agggggaaag tgagagagag gagtgctaga gatgagagta taaggtggaa     30180
     gcttaaaaag ctcatggtaa cattcttttt gacatttttt tatacctatg tgtcattgta     30240
     ccttggccat gtttggagac ttcatcttga taagagtgtc tggctagaaa gatggcatgg     30300
     ggcaaggtgg agcgatgcac agctgggtca gacagatgat ctggggttgg agggcctaat     30360
     ggacctggct acttcaggac agattggaca gaaccagctc ttgaggtact gcctgccgct     30420
     ctgtcagtgt tatgtggcga cagcaaggaa tggggttctt cttggacttg tattctgaat     30480
     gagttatggc ccagaggctc agttttgtct cgtgatcaga actggagaga tctaccagct     30540
     tctatgtcag cgttcttaag tgctgactgc cctgtgttct gaaggccaaa tattgaattg     30600
     ctttctcttt atgttggatc atgactgtgt gcatatacac tcatacatat acacacttgt     30660
     ataaaatgca taatatatat tctgtacatg ctcagtctgg aggatttaga tactgagaat     30720
     ataccaaaag acacaaaagg tggggctgga gagacggctc agtggttaag agcactgact     30780
     gctcttccag aggttctgag ttcaattccc agcaaccaca tggtttctca caaccatctg     30840
     gaatggggtc tgaagagagc aatggtgtac tcatatacat aaaataaaca aataaatctt     30900
     taaaaaaagt ttaaaaaata ttaaaaaaga aagaaagata aggtgggact tttcttctaa     30960
     ctgttacact gttgttgttg ttgttttttt tttaaagaga aaccctgtct attatatcta     31020
     agtacactgt agctgtcttc agatgcacca gaagagggcg tcagaattca ttaaggatgg     31080
     ttgtgagcca tgtggttgct gggatttgaa ctcaggacct tcagaagagc agtcagtgct     31140
     cttaactact gagccatctc tctagccccc cccccttttt tttttttttg agacagggtt     31200
     tctctgtata gtcctggctg tcctggaact caccctgtag accaggctgg ccttgaactc     31260
     agaaatctgc ctgcctctgt ctcccacttg ctgggattaa aggcattcgc caccacgccc     31320
     ggcttacact gtttttatag tactatcagc ctttcaaatt atttatgttt tgctgaaatg     31380
     actatttcct aaagtcagtt agacaatttt ttttggtcta ttatcttggt ctttgatgtt     31440
     aaaataggaa tgctacagag ccaggtatat atatcttatt tacctaccta tttatttatt     31500
     gtctatgagt gctctaacta catgtatgcc aggtatatat cttatttacc tatttattta     31560
     tttattgtct atgagtgctc taactacatg tatgccaggt atatatctta tttaccttta     31620
     tatttattta tttatctatc tatttattta tttatttaat gtctatgagt gctctaacta     31680
     catgtatgcc agcatgtcaa aagagggtgt cagatcccat tacagatggt tgtgagccac     31740
     catgtggttg ctgggaattg aactcaggac ctctggaaga gcagtcagtg ctcttaactg     31800
     ctgagccatc tccccagacc ctggtgtata tcttaatctc agcaatcagg aggctgaggc     31860
     aggagggtgg gaattcaagg ctagttttga ctgtatagca cgttgtaggc cagtgtaggc     31920
     catatgaaac tccatttcaa aaatctccaa gtctatatct ctctgtatct ctgagtcact     31980
     gttgtgtttc cttgttttct catgcattgc tggggattaa acgcaagcct tgtgcattgc     32040
     ccatcgaggg ctttactgta actgtacctc tagctcctgt gttctccagg aggccactag     32100
     cactatgaac tttgattttg gctttgggat gcccttgggc tgtgagcaca caggactcat     32160
     ctctgtcact gggctttaaa cttactttcc acgtcttttc aacagtcgta ttctgctagg     32220
     catatgcttc tgttaggtat aagcttgagg tctttttagt tttgttttaa gagagacttt     32280
     tgcagtaaag cccaggctgc cttcagactt cggcccctcc tcctctgcct ctcctgagta     32340
     ttactgggat tacagagcgc actgcactgc tccactggct ttctctctgt ttcattgtcc     32400
     tcaggcttcc tggcccttgg ttctctgatg tgttcccatg tctgtccttt accttcagca     32460
     gtccaccact gagtcagaag agtgttcttg tgactcctgg agacatgaac acagcgtgta     32520
     tactgcgaag tttgcagtaa catgtggcat taacacatag ttgtcttgag tatgtgtgca     32580
     tttagtgtgg tttgtctgct gtggagatgg ttggaagtct atgtggcatg aattattggc     32640
     cattgaaaaa ctatggtagc caggcagtgg agacatatga cttaatccta gcactcagag     32700
     ccagtagcag ggggatctct gtgagtttga ggccagcctg gtttacaaag caaccaccaa     32760
     gtcaacacag agaaaaccta cctcaaaaca ctaaaaagac aaaacaaaac aacacaactt     32820
     aagaaaaaaa agaaagaaag acaggcagac agactaagat ggagaagggc acggaggtcc     32880
     tgtctgtaac cttggggctt ggggagacta gagagttact agagtaacta gagttactag     32940
     agtagtgtta ctagagtaac tagagttaac tagagtaact agagtaacta gagttaacta     33000
     gagtaactag agtaactaga gttaactaga gttaactaga gtaactagag ttaactagag     33060
     taactagagt aactagagta actagagtta actagagtag agagttatta gctgaagcct     33120
     cttgagctgt ctatgaaatc tcaagctacc ctgagatgct gtttcataat ctaataaaaa     33180
     actgccacta gaaaggctga ggcaggagga ttgaccctgt tttaaaaaca ggaaaaatgg     33240
     aaaactgagg tggaggtagt ggtggtgatc tcgaccagga gagcacacaa gctctgggtg     33300
     agcgcaccgc aggggagcag cagacagctc tgctcttgta gctgcctggc gctagctcag     33360
     gcccttgttt cctgggggga ctgcagcttg cttttccttt tacatttagt gtgtgtgtgt     33420
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gagagagaga cagatcctct     33480
     tcagctggag ttgcaggtcc ttgtcagcta cctgacattg gtgctgggat tagaactctg     33540
     gtcctctgca gagcagagca tgctctgaac ttctgagcca tctttccagc ccccggagct     33600
     ttcttagtgt tgaaattgtt cagtgtttgg gtttattacc cataaatagt tgtttttctt     33660
     cttgacattc tgtttcgaaa tgttcatact ttaaattaat tgtaatttaa tattgtatta     33720
     atatgtaata atttgatgct ttgaaaactt actgggtgtt gatgaacatt tcatgttata     33780
     aatttcataa ttttaagctg agtgtgttgg cgcacgcctt taatcccagc acttgggagg     33840
     cagaggcagg cggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tatagagtga gttccaggac     33900
     agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc gaaaaaccaa accaaaccaa ccaaacaaca     33960
     acaacaaaaa attatattaa tgagtgtttt atagattttg atgtatatta ttttacagta     34020
     gcaccaaggg tgtcatgcca gtttacatag ctagcaaata cagattttcc agttgcagtg     34080
     taagtttgat agaagcccat tgtcttgtaa ccttgctttc tggtttagta gtatagaagg     34140
     gctcttggag ctcattgacc tttactgttg tgtttaccta ttcgagtcat ctttgtcctg     34200
     ttctgttgca ttgttacaca atcaaaattg atgtggcttt gcatggaaag gcaagcataa     34260
     ccagctagta gataattgtt gggagggtag ccaggctgag ctgagtgaaa aagcttgtga     34320
     tgaggataca gtctgagtgc gtgaggcagt gggattgtgg tcggagggga cggtcggtga     34380
     ttccaagttt gagcttacaa gcacttactg gacatgtgta cgcagacttc agctatcctg     34440
     gaggcatgcg tgggggcgga gggtgggggg gtgggggggt gcctgagggt cgggtggccg     34500
     aagcaggagg gcttgagctt ctgatgcccc ttgtggctga ggagagtcct gtggtgcgac     34560
     atccctaact catccatgag gtgccgcctg tgcctcagcg cactctgagt cctgctggaa     34620
     ggaactgacc gtcttgttaa gaggatacga gcgccaagga atgaaagagc ggatgagaat     34680
     gaggtggggc ttccagtggg gcattgggtg aactgcttgg ggatttgggg cagccttctt     34740
     gggatattgg gggacattcc agcctgaggg ggtcatatgt aagtcctatg cagccggaga     34800
     gaaacagaaa gaagagggtg tggaaggaag cctggtagag tgggaatggg tggcttggga     34860
     tgcatatcct aatcacatgc atcgtgggat agaagtggag cggggtgata agcgatgctg     34920
     tccgtggttg ggattgggca aggggatgga ctggaggggg caggagggta ttagagactg     34980
     gttggattcg tgactagtcc gattcgtgac tagttggatt cgtggcagtt gaaggaggtt     35040
     gatgagggct tggattaagt tggtggtttt ggaaaggagt ggtgtatttt ggagagtgat     35100
     ggaggagagg tggtgactgg taggtggggg agggaaggcg gtccagtagg aggtcctgag     35160
     ttaggtgaca ctggttatgt tgggagcctc aagaagtaga catggccata gattccatgg     35220
     aacatttcct tctcttcctc accctaaaaa ttcagacggc cctcaaccca gtgtcggtga     35280
     gagaatgatg ggtttttaat ctagacattc tttttttttt tttttttttt ggtttttcga     35340
     gacagggttt ctctggtagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc     35400
     tcgaactcag aaatccgcct tcctctgcct cccaagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgcgcca     35460
     ccacgcccgg cttagacatt cttattatgt aaagctgtgg acataagaga tgtggggaga     35520
     ggagtgcatg agtgcccagc tcttcaatct aagccatctt tgcttctctg tcacctacag     35580
     taagccatgc catggaagtg attccatgac cccagactgt gtgtaagcaa agtagcatgg     35640
     tttggtttct gttcttccag aagacagtta cacacacaca cacacacaca cacactcttc     35700
     cagaagacag ttaaacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacgcatgc     35760
     agtttagtta ctttatgtgt ctagtgtttt cattgcattt atatctgtgt accatgtgtg     35820
     tgcctggtgc ccacagaggt cagaagaggg tatcaggtcc cccggaactg gagctataga     35880
     aggttttgag ccattatgag ggtgctaggg actgaactca ggtcttctgc aagttctctt     35940
     aaccactggg ctatcactgc agccctggtc ttagatgtat taagtgcgcg tgagagagca     36000
     cccgagtaga ggcgctacag aggggaggaa cctgggtgca ggccaggaga agacatgcag     36060
     aattcctcgt tgcttcagct ttgtcttgag ccaagtctcc cgagactcca ggcccttttg     36120
     tttttgccac aataaaactt tttccttgtt gaaaattata aaggatagac gaattgagag     36180
     aaactacaat agtaccaccc agagcttccc atttatacgt ttaataaaca tttggagtaa     36240
     tttcatactt acagaggagg tggagatgta gaacacagtt ctcttgtaag cttcatcaac     36300
     cccctcccct ccctgtcccc cgtgagcggc tccagtttcc atggcacctt tgtcagacct     36360
     gaggaacatt gcttccattt agcagcttcc cttcccttcc cttcccttcc cttcccttcc     36420
     cttccctttc tccctttctc cctttctccc tttctccctt tctccctttc tccctttctc     36480
     cctttctccc tttctttttg acagggtctt ttcatgtgtc cctggctgac ctgaaattca     36540
     gtatataaac tagactggct ttaaattcac agatcctcct gactttgcct ctcaagtgct     36600
     ggcattaaag gtgcgtacca ccacatccat cccaatgcac tattccttct taattgaagg     36660
     tttatttatt tttattttct gtgactacgt gttttgcctg catgtatgtc tgtgcatcat     36720
     gtacatataa tgcttacata gccagaggag agcattgggt cccttagaaa tgaagttaac     36780
     tgccagatgt gccaccgtgt gggtctgaga atagaacctg ggacctctgg gagagcacct     36840
     ctcactctta gccactgagc cgtcactcct gcctccaata cactcttctt gtttgtttgt     36900
     gagatagagt ctcgatatgg cactgtgact ggcctggaat tctgtgtaga ccagactggc     36960
     ctgcaactca gagatctgcc tgcctttgcc tcctgagtgc tgggattaat gtgtgctcca     37020
     caatgcctgc cagcattctt gttttaatga ggaagttgtc tctttcattt tgctttggtc     37080
     tttaagaagc tcagctactt tgaaccatct tagttgcatg cctatatgga taatctgaaa     37140
     ggaaaaacta caaaggaagc ggttttataa cagtaaaatg cagacatact aggtaatgat     37200
     atagaaaggg gtttagcgag aaatcctggg ttggcctccc acccatgatc tccttggcaa     37260
     ttgtctgctg gtgtggccca ccatagccag ccagaaaagt ttgtgttact gtaaaaatgt     37320
     cattgaggtg gttagtacac cccagtgatc ccagctctca ggagcctaag gcaggaggat     37380
     ctgggatttg gagctagcct gggtgacata gtaagttcca ggttatcctg ggctacagac     37440
     cccatcagaa aagtagccat ctttgctaga gttcattctt taaatgtgtg tgtgggtgct     37500
     tgtgttgttg tgctgagcgg aggtgaacgg acaactttgc ctttggtttc ctctccacat     37560
     ttacgtggaa tcaaattggc gctaccaggc cttcaggtgt ccatcttgct ccccggaagt     37620
     tccttgttga gctttcttgc ttcttagtgt gggtgtgttt ttattcactg acagcggtgt     37680
     taacatggtt tcgggggaga ctcagactct ttaggaaata atttggaatc actgaaacaa     37740
     ggttatctct agaggtgcta gcaattttga aaattgagct aaggaaaagt cagtgatggg     37800
     tggaaaaaag aatctcagtt ttagcttgca aataaaccca atccttacca aaacagatca     37860
     gagaagggcc ttcgggtttc tttcatatat ttaaaagatt ttttgtggtc ctgatgttgt     37920
     ggcttatgcc tgtaatcaag aggctaagac aggaagattg ctgtgagagt ctactatcct     37980
     gtgctacata cacaatgagt tcttggctag tctgagttat ggcatatgag agcctatctt     38040
     aaataaatga aacacacaaa aaaataaaac atatattttt aaaagattta ttttatgtaa     38100
     atgagtcctc tgtctatatg ccagaagaga gcatcagatc ccaggataga tgcttgtgag     38160
     ccacaatgtg gctgctggga atttaactca agacctctgg aagagcaggc agtagtactc     38220
     taaccgctga gccatctgtc cagtcctaaa gtagttttct ttgctgtact taaaatctat     38280
     ttggagttta gaagcattat ctctttgtga aagaaggagt ttaaaataga atgcggttga     38340
     taaacttgat ttcttctaat actctcccag aggcgtagtc tctcccaatg cctcttgtat     38400
     ggttagcagc taaaacattc tttttttttt ttaagataat ttaaaaaaaa tatttattta     38460
     ttattatatg taagtacact gtagctgtct tcagacactc tagaagaggg agtcagatct     38520
     cattacggat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaactctg gaccttcgga     38580
     agagcagtcg ggtgctctta cccactgagc catctcacca gccctaaaac attcttttta     38640
     tattagttat tgtgtgtgca tgtgagtttg tgtgcatgca caaacacaca taatcaatga     38700
     acaatttgct gagaacttac tccgccatgt gaatcagatc atcaggattg agctatctca     38760
     ctgctccttg cattttcttt gttttttttt cctttcttct tcccttcctc tccttccctc     38820
     tcctccctcc ctccctcctt ccttctttcc ttccttccat gtatgtatgc tcagtgattt     38880
     ttatgtttta gagaaaaatg caagcctagt tgaatagtaa gtatattact gtaaataaaa     38940
     ttttgttttg ctgggtgccc gtgtatttca taaaaccatt acagattcca gtctgggcaa     39000
     aacagatgac atagaagctg atactgcatt ccttcctagg gctggtattc tagtgacaac     39060
     tgaatgcata catgacagtg ctgggaatgc ctggtatttt agttactcta ggtcatttct     39120
     ttcgacagtt caactaaagt tctttttcct tttctttttc tttctttttt aagatttatt     39180
     tattatacat aagtacacta tagatgtctt cagacacacc agaagagggc atcggatctc     39240
     attacggatg gttgtgagcc accctgtggt tactgggatt tgaactcagg accttcggaa     39300
     gagcagtcag tgctcttaac cgttgagcca tctctccagc cccctcaact aaagttctta     39360
     tagttttagt gaatgtggtg gttattctag agataaaaat ggcagaaaca caacacctat     39420
     ttatatacat aagaggtgta ttgggcattt aagtatttta catataatcc aaggtaatag     39480
     ataccagagg cttaataatt ctgatggaag gcaggctggt ttgaggcggt cactgagagc     39540
     agggcaggtt gtcgctaggt cgagagagaa gctgaggaga atgctgtggg taggtcagtg     39600
     gtgttgccag aggcctgact gtatttgggg tctgtgtgta cggtgttgag aatggtaagg     39660
     ttttgccaga ttgtgagtga cccaagtgcc gaggaatgag cttggacatt actaggtgga     39720
     catcttagaa tcttgtgccc ccctgggtgt gggcaatgct cttaactttt ttctctcaga     39780
     ggaattgtga cagttgcact atgtcgtgag ttccaggaca gggttgcccc ggtgcattgt     39840
     ttctttggca gacctgatgc ttcctgctgt gtctgctggg ccctgcagct catcggccag     39900
     ggagggtgag aggttatgtg ggtcagtctg aatttcttcc tgtggtcata gcacactgac     39960
     tgactttgta gtatagcctt attgtagggt aatagtggaa atcctatggg caaaatagag     40020
     ccacatggct agcttaaaag atgtggattt caaatttttc cagtagttct tctctttaaa     40080
     atgtttatgt tctttgtttt gtaaagaaac ttaaacatat ttactatgac cacacctatt     40140
     aaactttttt atttactctg accaaagtcc aactatcaat aggtttctta catttattgt     40200
     ttatgtgtgt gtatgtatat atgtgtgagt ggacatgcct gtatgcatgt atgtgggcag     40260
     gtgcagtcat ggcatgcaca cggaggccag aggacaactt ggaggaggta gttctctctc     40320
     tccaccatgt gaggcccaga gtttgaactc acgtcttagg tttggcagca aatgctgttg     40380
     agccagcctt accagcccta cttgggactg gatggtcttg aattctgctc tgcagctgag     40440
     agtgtgtttg aacttctcat cttcctgcct ccccctcctg agtgctggga ctacaggtgt     40500
     gtgtcatctt gcccagtttc atatgatgtt ggaaatcaaa cccatgaatg ctaggcaggc     40560
     cactgagtta catccatcat ctccaagaac cttgtataga acttagtctt ttaagttctt     40620
     ctatgacttc attgtttatg tctacatagg atgtatagtc caaaaggaag atgtctcggg     40680
     ggttctgatt aaggatcagt tataggtctg ggatacagct catcgataga gtgcttttct     40740
     ggcatatgtg cggccctggg ttcaactccc agtactgaca tgacacccct gtcccccaac     40800
     gaagaaaaaa agactcagtg agggctgtta gtaatttcag tgaaagaaga gaggagattg     40860
     aatatggcta ttagtcttct aaacctttgc aaatgcatat gggtccttta tgttaattgt     40920
     gaagtaggca gttttgtgtt gatagagaga aagcgaagac agatgtcgaa tcgtcctgac     40980
     tttcgagtga tgacattttg gtgatttctg ttgcccctga gatttgatca cagttgctgt     41040
     ttgctcttta aatcctagag gttttgagat gaaagagcac tggccacact gacagcagag     41100
     gttagtgtaa ggaatgcaac cggttggtgg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtagtgt     41160
     gtgcccatgt gtgaaggcag aggctggtgt tggaggtcct ccttagttgc tttctacatt     41220
     ttttttctga gacaaagtct cacagacctg gaactcccta acacagctgg ctatcaacgt     41280
     gcgtcagttt tacatgagtg ctgggcactc gggtcttcac acttgtgttt caaatgcaag     41340
     aatgagcaga gtgagcactc tcctttgccc cccctcttgg gttgttttca gagacagctc     41400
     tggacttgtg gcatctttct gcttcagcct cctaaattct gggattacaa acatatgcta     41460
     ccacacctag taatgttttc gttttcaaat aaaaacaggc tgggcatggg ggcgcatggc     41520
     tttaatccca ccaggcaggt ctctgtgatt ggaggccaac ctggtcaaca gagcagcaag     41580
     ttccaaggct tctcaaagaa acaagagtgg acttcaggac ttgatttaag gtggtcacag     41640
     acagaggtgc ttggttgcag ccagtctgcc tgccgccctc tgctacacca ttgagttcat     41700
     tttctccagc atttactttg gacccagacc agccgtctgt ccagctatga tggcattctt     41760
     caaaagcaac ctatgttttg tgccagatga cctccaacag ttggcttatt ggaaattgct     41820
     ccttctgagg ctgtgtgctt gcttttcagc ctaaggaaga ggaagtgaaa tccaagcatt     41880
     tttgtttact aataacccac ttattttgca tctaattttt ccactttcat tcttgttttt     41940
     gtttttttcg agatagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact ctgtagacca     42000
     ggctggcctt gaactgcaga ggtccacctg tctctgcctc tcaagtgcta ggattaaagg     42060
     catgcgctat catacctgct cttcttgtta tatttttaat tttttgtgta tgtatgggct     42120
     cgcatgtgtg tttgtgcatg taagtatggt atggtgtccg tggaagctgt gactgctcac     42180
     acagtcatta ttgtttactg agatgaaatc attcctttgt caagtaggtg aagtcacaca     42240
     gagtggtatt ttattttctt taacaatagt actgaattta ttttgtattt ttgggtgttg     42300
     gtttgtttga gacagtagct ctggcttgcc ttgcctcata gaaatccacc tgcctctgcc     42360
     tttcaagtga tggaaatctg aatttctatt ttgtttttaa aaaatatttt ttttttattt     42420
     catgtgcatt ggtgttttgt ctgcatgtat gtctatgtga gataatcgga tcttggaatt     42480
     ataaacagta gtgaactgcc atgtgggtgc tgggaattga acctgggtcc tcagaaagat     42540
     cagtcagtcc tcttaaccgc tgagccatct ctccagcccc tgaatttctt tttaaagata     42600
     attttatttt agtatgtgag tgttttgcca gcacgtagta gagttatgca cggttataaa     42660
     ctgccatgtg ggcactggtt aactgaacct gggtgctctt aacctctgaa ccagttccag     42720
     ctggaaagta ctgagtgtta agtgatttcc attttacata agtgaaaatt tgcaagttta     42780
     ggggaattac cactgccaag tatcatttta agcgcctcac agagtaacca aaggagggaa     42840
     gtattagcgg tcttactgtc catttccaga tggtaaattg agaaactcag gttaagtcac     42900
     ttgctccagg ccacagagct ggtgagtgcc aagctggtga gctttcaagg tagggcctct     42960
     gccttagtct gtgttctgcc tcagggcagt gtaatacttt ccgaggacat atagcttagg     43020
     cagtattagt ttgtttttat tgctacttgt gtttatagca tttgtctagc taggtacagg     43080
     ctgtgagttt tgtgggatgc ttggcgtttt ggtacctgct ttgtctcttt tctttcctgt     43140
     ggcttttgga gtttactcta ggactttatt aagggcaggc aaacacttgc cactgggtgt     43200
     aacccagccc tcttgttcct taaacttctg tttttaatac atacacaggt acacacacaa     43260
     ttaaaaaata aaataaatct taaaaaaaag ggggtggggt ggagagatgg ctcttgagtt     43320
     gtaagccaga ttctgtctca aaaccctaaa acctggggct gagagctggc tcggtggtga     43380
     agagcttctg ccgtgcttcc agaagacctg aattcaattc ctggaaccca cattgggcat     43440
     ctatctcact gtctcttgta acctctggcc tccaagggta cctgcactca tgtgtgcact     43500
     tgatccttat atatacacat aattagaaat aaaagttgta cttgttagag acagttcact     43560
     gtgtgtgtcc cagccttgcc tcaaacacct ttacctctga gccggcttgg tggactcttt     43620
     taattatttg ggacagggtc ttctgttctg tccaggctgt ccttgaactt gcttcttagc     43680
     ccaggcaggc tgtgagtgtg ggatctattt tttgcctcag tcttcctggt agctggatct     43740
     gcaataggtt gtctttctgt tatttatgtt cttatctatc agttcttgac tgaggctgat     43800
     ttttattaat gccgagagac agttttcatt attacaagct ggcagacgtg ctgcagtgtc     43860
     taggagatag aggccgggct gctgttcaac agactaccgt acacaggaca gctttctaca     43920
     gcacagagct atctcgtccc aagcgtttct ggggacatct gtggagtgtg ccgtgaagta     43980
     gtgattgttt gtagtgacgt tctttttttt tttaaggttt agtttttaat ttttcatgct     44040
     tataggtgtt ttacctgtat gtgtgtgtat cataggcgca cagtgctcat ggagatccag     44100
     ccagggcatt ggatcctggg aactagggct ccagaggact gtgagccacc atggctgtgc     44160
     tggaaactga accccagtcc tctgggagag cagcaaaatg ctcttaagag ctgagctgtc     44220
     accccagccc cttatgctgg tcttaggtgt ggtggcagag tcactgcaga atccagaaat     44280
     gaggagtgtt ttcattttcg tttgataatt gattttacca agtcaataca tgtttatatt     44340
     aaggacataa attcaaacca taaatgaaat gtttaaactc ttttgaacct gactgggagt     44400
     tattcagcat gtggaggcga agctaaggga atttgaaaaa agaagtgaac tgaagagatg     44460
     ttgtctactt gttgaattat ctagttagtt aataacacag ttcttatttt tttatgttaa     44520
     atgattaatt tgtttacaaa aaaagaaaat taaaataaag aaacatgcct ttaatcctaa     44580
     cacttgagag gcagaggcag gcagcctggt ctaacagagt aagttctaat acagccaggg     44640
     atacacaggg aaatcttatc ttgaaaaact aaaaaaacca aaaaagttta aaagtcttaa     44700
     cacttaacat gttaagtata aacattttaa gccatatttt gtttttagtt atcttgtgcg     44760
     cgcgggactg gccagcagta acgacgctgc aacaggatcc ttctgcacac gtttattggg     44820
     agagcttgat tgcagaggcg aagagacccc agcccagaac tggtgctgct tatataggct     44880
     taggagaggc atgtctcaca cccggattgg ttatgcacta atcctcattt gcatgttcct     44940
     catctgattg gctactctct ctgtacatca cagagcctca ttatcatacc tcatttgcat     45000
     gtctcacatc tgattggtta tactcttaaa gcctcattat catgcccggg ccaagcagtg     45060
     tctttgcaaa aaactttact gcatatgtac acattggttg tttgtccaaa cttatgcgtg     45120
     gtggccagca gtagtcagtg ccactcagca acggcacatg tggcttccca catagttaaa     45180
     cattccagga gctgggggaa gcagctcagt tggtaaggcc cgagggaggt cgtttagcct     45240
     gagggcggct ctgagttcac gtggtggcat ccaaggagaa gccagttgtg atactgatac     45300
     ttgttatcca gtgttgggaa aacagacagg cagatcctcg gaggttttag gcagccagcc     45360
     tcaccaaatt gataaactcc aggttcagta agagacctta gcttacaaaa aacaaggaac     45420
     ctggatgtag tgaggcatag ctttgtgtat agggccttat ggtgtagcct tgtcagtacc     45480
     acgcactgtc ataggtcaag ctgccctcaa actcagatcc acttcctttt gcctcttggg     45540
     tgctgggatt gaagtatgtg gcaccaggct gctctgttgc atgcttttag tcccaccatt     45600
     taagagggag aggtaggggc ggggatgatg gaggtgaggc tacttttcca gaggaccctg     45660
     gtttgatccc cagcacccac atcctccagt cccagggtgc aggttctctt ttgacctttg     45720
     tggacaccag gtttaggaga acctcccata agcctataat aataataata ataataataa     45780
     taaaataggc aaatggatct cttaaactca acagaggtga gtttaaggcc aacctggttt     45840
     acatggtgag atactatctc aaaagaaggt tgagagtgat tgaggaagat gcttgtgttg     45900
     acctttagcc ttcatgtgct tttgcgcgcg cgcgcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     45960
     cacacacaca cacacctgtc tctgactctg tgtgtctctt tctccaaatt gagaaagtta     46020
     gagaatactg tattgcatct catatacttc ttgtatttgc taactgctga catacactga     46080
     tgctgtgttc ctttggaccc ctcttgtcct gttccttcag ggtgtctgtg tcttctgcag     46140
     tatcaacagt atggtaagct gaagggcagt gctcagttct gatgcctctc atcctgcact     46200
     gcagtttatg gcagcagaac agcttagtga gggcagagct aggttatcaa ggctggagct     46260
     ggggtgtcag ccaagagcat tcttgtaggc cagtgcttct ccaccttcct aatgctgtga     46320
     ccctttcata cagtacctca tgtgggtgac ccccaaccat gaaattattt ttgttgctac     46380
     ttcataactg taattatgct tctgaatcat aatgcaagta tctgggtctc ctgatggtct     46440
     taggcagtcc ctgtgaaagg gtcgttcaac cccaaagggg ctgcgaccca caggttggaa     46500
     agaaactgct gctgtaggct gaggaggtgg cgggacagat gacttccata aggccagcag     46560
     ggagcatgga ggttgtcagg gcagaagaaa gactaagaga attaattgac caagcgaagc     46620
     aggccttgat gcgggtggag aggagggttg gcaggagctg gccctgaagc agtaccgtag     46680
     ctgtcacttc ttacagccag gtcttctctg ccaggctctg ttcccagtga aggcatgggg     46740
     agaagcaggc ttgaatttct gcagcccgtt ttaatgatta ttataccagt gtgagcacat     46800
     gacacagagc acgtgtgtgt gtggtctgat ggtgctcctt ccactccttc cacaatatgt     46860
     gggtcagaca agctgggggc ctcttccagg aagcacctta actgtgccat cttgggggcc     46920
     aggccctctt attgtctcct tcttgaactc tttgactggg gtttctctct ctgatagagt     46980
     gaactagtat gtatggattt attagaatgg cttacaggat gtggctgtct ccatggaaag     47040
     gtgaggggtc cagcaggtgt gtcgcatgca ttcccagtca gtcctagtct tgagagctgc     47100
     ccgtcttccg tctgttggaa tcctggagaa gtagggtcta acactggcaa aggaacatct     47160
     cagcaacagg acagctgaac cctcctgtgt gagtgggggc aagcaggcca agagcaaagc     47220
     ttccttctcc cctgtccctc tatggaggct atcaccagga agtgtggacc acagtaaggt     47280
     tggtctgact tcacatgatt gagatttagt gtgggtctcc cacctcagat aatccagccc     47340
     agaaaaagcc ctcacagctg tgcccgtctg cttgcgtttt agttactatc aaagatgtag     47400
     tttgaaaagt ctttacattt gtgtgaatgc aggtgttgca cacctgccac agagcataca     47460
     tgtggtcaga caagttggtt cgctcctact gtggttccct gggatccgct ccagttgcca     47520
     gtttggcagc agcacctctc tccaccaagc cggctcgctg gctctaggct ctagtgtgcc     47580
     cttagtggtc agtgctgcca tccccgccta ctgaccctcc tcccttcgga gggctggcat     47640
     tgatagatta ctgctttttc cctccccttt catagccctg ggagtcaaac tcaaccctgt     47700
     acatgcaggc cagggctcta ccacttagac gtccgttgtt tacagcctgt ctgtccttca     47760
     tgtgctgtta ctggtgggaa gagcctctct ttctcatggc atttcaccca tagttctccc     47820
     taccgtaccc tactgctttt tggcatcttg agtttaactt gtggtttatc tcctcttgct     47880
     gagttcagct gaacattgat ttcctttttt acacattttt aagtgtcctt gtgggtgcgt     47940
     gtgtgggcgc atgtgtagag gtcagaggaa aacttgcagg agttgcttct tctgcctcgt     48000
     gcttgtcagg gatcagcggg ctgccaggct gggtggccag cacctttacc caccgagccc     48060
     tgtagtgcag ctgaactctt ggctctgcaa agctggcttt tgttcctgct atggtctgta     48120
     tggtgaactc ttgctcacct cctgagccag ctcacgcctc tgatggaatg agtctttctg     48180
     gttgttggga gcctgtgctt tggttcctct gctaacctct gagatcctgg aaagcagtga     48240
     cctcatgtgc tatctctgtg aggctgctcg cacatggcct ggccttctgg gaatgtgggc     48300
     ggagttgaag taatgcccag cttggacttt ggctagcttt ttttaagggt atgaggaaaa     48360
     agtcctacac aatgtggatt ttgattttct tttttttctt ttcttttttt ttttttctgg     48420
     ttttctttgg gggggtttct tttttttcag gttttttggg ggggggattt tgattttcac     48480
     aatgacagca gaagtgtaag actaaagaga ggctgaaact tgaaggttta gacaggaaaa     48540
     ctttcttttg ctcctttggt caaaaaagtg gaatcttgtc ttaatctgta ctttgtagca     48600
     ttcatttatg tttcacttac gaagaattca atcctggtgg ctatagtgag tagtttagca     48660
     tggatctttg ttagatctta cactgtggtg gccgcagtgg ccaggctgcc tgttggagga     48720
     ggccctcaac aagggcgttc agctgctggg gtgggcatgg ggatggagtt tataagtgta     48780
     tctgtctatc tctgtctcat ttttttaaaa acaaatactc ttaagatctt tcattatttg     48840
     aaaacgtttt ttgcctgtgt gtgcctccca gtgtatgttc actgtatgca tgcaggtacc     48900
     taggaggcca tcagatcctc tggaactggc attcgagttg gctgtgagta gccagaagct     48960
     gaacctgggc ccctaatctg ggttctctac aagagcagca agtgctctga gctgctgagc     49020
     catctctcca gccctgtgct gagtctttaa gtcacatcat tcttttctcg tgtttaggat     49080
     ttttgtccct gagtcatgga agacagaaga gctgaaaggt catgtgaaca agcgtgcgcg     49140
     tcactgcaga ggcaggacta tgacatggcc ctccagcact gcaccgacgc cctgctctct     49200
     cttggccagt actccatggc agacttcaca gggccgtgcc cggtggaggt tgagcgcatc     49260
     aaaattgaga gtcttcttta cagaattgcc tcattcttgc aattggtgag tgaatgctgt     49320
     tggtaaaccg gcgatgtgct gttggtggac actttctata caaagctagc ttgggcctga     49380
     acagatacga gggaaatacc tggtgattgc gcaacattct cagctgcaaa caactatatt     49440
     ttaaaacttt acaaactgtg ttatggcact cactcattca agacgtgttt atcgagcaca     49500
     tctgtctgat agacactgtt ctaggacctt cacacgtaca ctggtaagag agagaggcct     49560
     tcttcctgtc gcagtctagt aagggaagag atagaagcag tggctgctgc aggtggctgc     49620
     acactaggtt gacagcatgc tgaaaggaga gagcccagga agcagggagc agccgtgctg     49680
     gagatgggca tttacccagg ctgctggggc cagccagtga gaaggtgcta ggaaggggta     49740
     atgagggtga gcctgtggcg atctggagga aaggaaacag gcagccagtg cagggaccct     49800
     gaggcagagg catcccggtc agatgtgagc aatagctggg ctggtgtgac cagggcagag     49860
     tgagtgaggg taagggtaag ggtagggcag tgtggtctgt caggccttct gaggcattca     49920
     tgggaatggt tgggggctgc tacagctgga gcagagcaag gaggggtggg attttattca     49980
     ccaggaaccc ttagactggt tttcaaaata gtctatttaa aagcccagcg gtggtggcac     50040
     acacctttga tcccagcagt tgaggccagc ctggactaca gagagggttt caggatagcc     50100
     agggctacac agaataaccc tgtctccccc tcccaaaaaa tgaaaaaaga aataagagtg     50160
     gtgggcatag tagtgcatgt ctagaggtag gaggatctct aagttcgagg gcagccccct     50220
     ttacatagtg aatttcagaa cagctaaggc tatgcagaga gaccttgcct caaaaaagaa     50280
     atgaaacaga ctataaaggg atatgatgta tgtaagggga ccactgggga ctgttgagat     50340
     gaccccaaac tcaatgttca gtttataaac ggcagggcag cctgctctgt gtaggaacag     50400
     atttcctgac agcaggtgtg ggtaatgggg ggctctgtgg tgtgaagtca cttaccctgt     50460
     gttttttcgg ctgagtgctt agaggaatgt ggtttgctgg agctggggtg aggaagtcct     50520
     atgtagggag catggctgcg agtttagctt tgtgccttca gatctgacgc cccattgagc     50580
     accgactggt gaggaggagc gggcgcaagg gaggggcttt ggagagagat taggatgtta     50640
     gttagcatcc agggcttggt tcaggtcacc agggagaaga agcaggctgc agacctggtg     50700
     tgatggtggg actggttggg gagaaggagc cgagagcatc gaggactagt aaaagaaagg     50760
     tgagagagcc ctaggccatg tgcggtgtgc agaagatgat gtcattcact cgggtcactg     50820
     ggtcactggc tgcctctggg acggagcagg tgtggcacac actggatgca gtgtgggtca     50880
     ctgttggcca tgatgggagt aactttctta aatagtctga cttaaagaga accccagaga     50940
     gtcaacgcag gagctctttt ttgtttttct tccttcagac agtctcactg tgtagccctg     51000
     taggctggtc tgagcctccc tttgtagagc aggctgctct ccaattggtg atcccctgct     51060
     tttctgactc tgggatgacg gtttataagc ttgcagaggc aactctgtga attctgccac     51120
     aagcaccaaa aaaggagcac gtggaaaatg tagagaagta aagtcacaag tttagtttta     51180
     attttaatgt tatttttttg aaatcatagt tatttttact ttatgtgcat tgatattttg     51240
     cctgcatttg tatctgtatg agggcatcag atcatctgga actagagtta cagacagttg     51300
     tgagccaccg tatgggtgct gggaattgaa cctaggtcct ctggaagagt agctagtgct     51360
     cttaaccact gagtcatttc tgttaagttc ccccttcccc ttacaagaca gggtttaggg     51420
     tttctctgtg tatccctggc tgttttgggg tttgctctgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac     51480
     tcagaaatct gcctgtctct acttgcatgc tgggactaaa ggcgtgcgcc accattcctg     51540
     gcttagtcag aacgttgttt aagttgggaa aaataatagc atgtttgttt aggaatgaag     51600
     cagtggaaag gaaccatgaa aaggtgtggt agagcagaag aagctcggag gtgggtggtt     51660
     ggtcggttta gaaaggagta ggtgtgagga gaggcttctg ggaaggaggt agacacagcc     51720
     ggggacagtg ggattctcag tcattggcct ggccaggtgt gggaggaggt tgtgttagct     51780
     cggaagctgg aggaggtgag aatgatgggg ggtgggagca gggcaagcac actgtggtgt     51840
     ggaggaggtg actctcagag agcatgggcc atccctgtga gtggtacaca gacgccactt     51900
     gccgttctcc tcagagacgg ctcagctcct ctgtgctgcc gggtcttaaa agcagccttt     51960
     aagcatgtca gtttacctgt gtcttttctt ttctttttgt agaaaaacta cgggcaagct     52020
     gatgaagatt gtaggcatgg tatgtttaaa aaaatgggac ccttttctga tttgaagatt     52080
     taaaaaaatt attaaagtga acaaagttta aggtttgact ttttaaaaaa atcttcatct     52140
     gccaatttca aaagctatta taatgttaaa aatcctatct tactgacgtg cctagtgaag     52200
     aattgggttg gtgtctttcc tgctgtgaca ggcataccag acgagcatgt gggcatgact     52260
     gttgacaatt ctgtctcaca tgccacttcg ttccctcaag gagcatttag agtgagttct     52320
     ttaaactcta gcaaacagtt atagcctgta agtgccatgt ttaagaaatg tttcatcaca     52380
     tgttggtaac cgtgctaaac ttaatacgtt gaaaatatct gtcctttctt ttaaacgagt     52440
     cagagtatgt tccttagtag tatgtctgga atgttttgga gttctctttc ctgttttctt     52500
     gtggccggaa gttgagacca ataagatcca cattctctga gtgctcattg tgtggaagtc     52560
     cttttcctgg ccattgctgc gtctcagtgg cgtgtccagg gtcctgaggg tgaagggttc     52620
     agtgtgcctt cccacgctct cctgctgggc tcttcacaca gctcagtggc ttggataatg     52680
     taagtcatgt ttcatttatc cagaactggg gttcaggctg agggatttga cattagtttt     52740
     tttttccttt gtttgtttgt ttgttttttt gcctcctcat ttctttgtgt caaaacttta     52800
     aaaaaagaat taaacattta ttttatacct taccaagcct tgctacatac ttctgtggta     52860
     catggggcat attttagaca ttagttatta atggtcagtg gcctccctgt gaaccttgca     52920
     gtagaattat agtggtttgg gacttaaatt agaattagag atattcctgt catctttgga     52980
     cattgctaaa aaatgttcac taagcagata cagtgccata tagagaaatg tgatgtctct     53040
     gtctcatctg gagaaatggt gtgcttagta agcctgcctt ttactggtct gagaaacaca     53100
     gatgcttatt attatttata tgagtacacc gtagctgtct tcaaacacac accagaagag     53160
     ggcatcggat cccgttgtag atggttgtga gccaccatgt gattgctgga aattgaactc     53220
     gggacctcta gaagagcagt cagtgctctg aaccgctgag ccatcactct agccctcaca     53280
     gacacttata atacataatt ttttttttca cccgttagca aacagtttta aagtggggct     53340
     ggagagatgg cttagcaggt atgagagcac ttgttgttct tggagaggat ccaggttcga     53400
     ttcctgcccg gcacttaaca tgctggctca caaacttctg taactccagt cctaggggat     53460
     ccaattccct cttctgatgt ctgtggccac caggcacaag catggttcat acacgtaggc     53520
     aaagcactct acacacataa aataacattt aaaaacatta agaaacaaaa acaaaacaag     53580
     gccttgaaca tgcttatcac agcgttgctt accacactgt ggcatggctg tctttccgag     53640
     tgttaataca gtgcctgcat tcatgatgtg cagtcccttg agcctgtcat ttccgaaact     53700
     gatgagcttc cagcaggttc tggttggtcc tctacaagcc acctgataat aaacacattc     53760
     ttgtttattg ttgccattgt ttcataccta gtcttgagcc tcactttctg ggctgatttc     53820
     gtactggtgg tgtttttata gatgccgaca gtgtatagtg tgacatgttc ttgccctctg     53880
     caatatgtgc aaatgttccc tgcactcctg atgccaaaac cctgaagttt tgaaactttg     53940
     cctatctcat gtaaaagaat tggccctgtc tctttaattt tcactttcct gatttctttt     54000
     ttctttaaag attcatttat ttattatatg taagtacact gtagctgtct tcagacactc     54060
     cagaagaggg cgttcgttac ggatggttgt gagccaccat gtggttgctg ggatttgaac     54120
     tctggacctt tggaagagca gtcggtgctc ttaaccactg agccatctca ccaacccccg     54180
     cctgagttct tgagaagttg atacagtcat ctcatttggg gaatatgcat aaagatgtcc     54240
     caggagattt taagagttgt gaaaagtcat tgaagaataa atgttggtga ggggaaattt     54300
     tcatttttct gttttattta gttttttttt cttattttaa tataaagaca gcgtctcgct     54360
     ctacatagct ctggctctcc tgggactcac tatgtagagc aggcttgctc aactacttag     54420
     cattttaaat tacactcatt ttaaaacaaa tgaattcaat agccaggcat agtagcacac     54480
     acctttaatc cctgcactca ggaggcagag gcaggcggat ctgagttcac taccagcctg     54540
     gtctgtacaa tagagttcta ggacagccag agctacatag ggagaccttg ttcaaaaaca     54600
     gacaaaacaa aaccaaaccc agatgaatta ccaggataaa agtttaacca ttgcaaagag     54660
     gaagttgttg tgacacatga tggcagtgga gtgcaggttg gacattcatt ctgacccgga     54720
     tcctctaatc tcatgtctag gatcctctcc caaggaaata atacaaatga agggggaaat     54780
     tgtatccaca ctggtgttca ctctggtgct tgctgagtgt taaagtgaga ggtagttggc     54840
     tctcaacaag gaagagcttc atttattata gtttccgtgt ctccgtgttc cctacttctt     54900
     ttaggtgaca ccaaagaact tggaagtggt cctttttttt tttttttttg agacaaggtt     54960
     tttctgtcta acagccctgg ctgccctgga acttgctctg tggagcaggc tggcctcaga     55020
     gagccactct gtgtcccaca tgctagtatt aaaggcgtga accaccactg cctgctggaa     55080
     gcggtccatt tgtgtgtgag catcatacat ggggccagag gttgataaca ggtggcctct     55140
     accgttctct gatttttctt atttagggca catggtattt cactggacct ggagctcctt     55200
     gcttggtgag gctgacggcc aacaggctcc tgagagtctc ctgtctgtgc tttccctgtc     55260
     ccccagcact gggggtacag acctgtactg ctgtgccctg cttctacatg tgtgttgggc     55320
     atctgagctc agcttctcat gtttgtgtac ccactcttaa ctacattatc tagaaagagt     55380
     tgtcttccta cccctgttat aaagtctgtc caaaagcatc tctacggtgt tgatcatttc     55440
     aagtagacat tagacactgt tggctaacag tactcatgca gttagagaat tctggtttca     55500
     catataattt tttcagtact cagtaatgat gttatttctg tgtaatgtaa ttggtatggc     55560
     tagaccagtc agttggctaa caaggaggag gaagctcttg ctgggttcct gttaatctgt     55620
     tacacagcat agttacacag aggcgctctg aggacaggcc tggagagcta tcacgagtgc     55680
     cccagacagt gccttcttct gtacatttta tagagtctga cgctcacttt tctattgtgg     55740
     ggtcagtttg cattttcttg tatatgtatg tgtgtgtcat tttaaaagta aacagctcat     55800
     tagccaaacc acattgattt tgatacatta tgttgcattg aataccagtg ccaagaagca     55860
     ggtgatggtg accttcaaat ttaattccta ctttcttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt     55920
     tagatttatt tattattata tgtaagtaca ctgtagctgt cttcagacac accagaagag     55980
     ggagtcagat cttgttacgg atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc     56040
     tggaccttcg gaagagcagt cgggtgctct tacccactga gccatctcac cagcccccta     56100
     attcctactt tcttgaaaca tcacagaata tcactaaatc aaaaaacaat tctatgtatg     56160
     tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatcta tctatctatc taatctgtct gtctatctat     56220
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctgagtttag tctctggctg     56280
     gcttggagct tcctatgtag accaggctga cttggaactc aatttatttt atttactatc     56340
     taggaagttt gcctccatta gcagttctaa tgcaatttct ttttttttta atatttattt     56400
     attatatgta agtacactgt agctgtcttc agacacacca gaagagggag tcagatcttg     56460
     ttctggatgg ttgtgaacca ccatgtggtt gcagggattt gaactcagga cctttgaaag     56520
     agcagtcggg tgctcttacc cactgagcca tctcaccagc ccctctaatg caatttcaag     56580
     agcaattggg aattagttaa gctctgtgag gttgttagtg tagtgcacct tgtaggtaaa     56640
     tactttccat agcacgtgcg gaaggatctc tctaaaattg gtttcattct tagcaaactg     56700
     atgttagcgt gtgttctctt tttagagtaa cttgatgccc ctcagaagat actaatttgg     56760
     catccgtggt atcagggccc tcacagttgc catgggtttc tcctctccat ccatatgttc     56820
     ttctgaaatt ctgtttgatc ccatgggagc tctagaatgg gtgtctgttg ggtgggcaca     56880
     cagtccatta gtaactggca tctggaggaa gtgcaaaatg ttctttcctg aaataactct     56940
     tattatattt ataatatatt tattatattt gtttctctca ctctgttatg tgggatgtgg     57000
     gactgagtga gctcaggtca tcaggttcag ctgcaagcac ctttacctgt tgaaccgtct     57060
     tcctggcctt gtgttttgaa atgttttaaa gtaactatag acaaggagaa aaggacctct     57120
     aaatttttca gtatgtatct ttaaaacaca gaggccattg tgcataaaca caatatcttg     57180
     tattagacag tgatttttaa aaatattatg agacccagtc cataatctgt tttacttggt     57240
     tgctcttaat atatttttat agctgacttt aattgaaact caacaaagaa ttataaagtt     57300
     ttgaaggtag aattcaactt tagaaaatag ctgtcaattc cttataaaga tgggtatgta     57360
     atgtgtcttg ggtagaacat aaagtacaag gacttgagct tatggctttt agaagcagac     57420
     tcagggtgct gttgggttcc ggttttgatg tcggtgacca ctggctaagt gatgtgctta     57480
     aatcagtttt cattatttga gtgtaaaaca gggtaggaac acgtaatgaa acgattctaa     57540
     tgcttttgaa attttcatta tacaggaaac ttagaattgt attaaatgtg tgtgtttatg     57600
     tattcctgtg tgtgtttgtg tacacacatg tacatgtagg tatatgggtg ctactgtgtg     57660
     tgttaaggcg cgcacgtgtg tgtatttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtatgtatg     57720
     tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtgtgtgtg     57780
     tgtgtgtgta catgtgggta tatgggtgct cctgtgtgtg gtagggcctg tcaaaggaca     57840
     acttagtagg gcttgttctt ccaccatgtg agtgttaggt atggagcgca gattaccagg     57900
     tttggcatta agtattttta tccacagagt cagtcacctt gctagtaccg taggactttg     57960
     tatactaaca aattcaatga attaatgatt tgtgatattt tagatgaacc ttgattatta     58020
     taaacatggt gaggtgtaca gttctgaaac cctagccgag ttttgtcaag ttaaatagtc     58080
     atcgccacaa gttcatgtta gtgagacttg gcctgtgaag cacgcgatgg tgcagccagc     58140
     aacccctgtt aggtggctcg cccgggtcct aagaaattgg caggttactg aacgagcctt     58200
     gggtggtttt cctaagggag atgctgacat ctttaatgac ctttcttctc agtagaattt     58260
     agattagata taggtacata atcctggagt taaaatgatc attttatggt gttttggtgt     58320
     tatggttgtg aaaagcagta agctttgatt ttggcctttt tgggggctac tgacgtgtga     58380
     tttgatgctc tctaatcatc ctgggcagct acaatgagtt acaggtccca gttagctcca     58440
     ggatcaagag gccaaataac cagtcccctg cagcaagtgt attatgttgc tagcattgct     58500
     agttggggta tttgggaaaa ttggggcttt tattttattt ttttggttgt ggtggcagac     58560
     tacctcccca gggccaagtg ttagacaggc atttttaagc tgagctttct tccagctcct     58620
     aaaggcactt ctatttctaa ttatgtgtat atgtatgtgt ctgtgtgtgg gtctgtgagt     58680
     tgagtgcagg tgtctgctga acctggaagg ggatgtcaac tcccctggat cgggaactgc     58740
     aggaggtggt gagctgccta accccgggct ggtaactgaa ctcaggtgcc ccagacaagc     58800
     agtgtgtgcc cgtgacaccc gagccctctc tccagtcttt aaatgtactt cagaaaacgt     58860
     gttgtattag catctattaa ctacacacag taatggcttt catcatggca tcctcacata     58920
     cgtacgtgat gtattctgat cgtattaacc ccattacact cttgtcttct cccagctgat     58980
     cttttccatc tgactaagtt cccttccacg ctcctgccgt ttcccttttc ctttcggttg     59040
     actcaatgag tttaattagg gtgcacagaa gcacgggcaa tttaccagag tggagaaaag     59100
     ttaaatgcac tttggtttac attatttgca gtttgcactg agtttatcag gctgggacaa     59160
     cattgtaagt caaggagaat ctgtagtttt tacagtaatt aaaaggcttt gttggaaata     59220
     tatttagttg ataggataat agtgtttaat cacaatatct caggtcaggg cctctgaaat     59280
     ccattgtttt atttaatcca gttgtcttct cagttttcta gatgtggaaa caggctgtgg     59340
     tgagtcagct tgttttaagg cacagcggca gttgtgagca ggactgtggc tttgatgtga     59400
     gactgtggcg ggaagccatg ctgctgtctg gagccacatc tgttatgtgt ctctacttca     59460
     gggctttaca ttctgaacaa ccaggaaaag aacacagaga aagaaaagcc agtcttttat     59520
     tctagaaata aaaagctgga ggctctatta ttattattat ttttggtatt tattttgtta     59580
     tcttcagtta tgtatgtctt ggtcagtgtt ctgttgctgt gaagagacat cctgaccaag     59640
     gctccgatta gaaaagaaag catttaattg agggcttaca gtctcagagg ttagaggtca     59700
     ttattgtcga ggtgcggtgg cacacagaca gaaatagtac tggagaagta accgagaact     59760
     gcaccctgat ttgctggctc agaaagagat tctgtgctag gcgtgcccac ccccagtggc     59820
     aagcctcctc cagtactttc taatctttca agtagtgcca ctccctggtg accaagcatt     59880
     caaatttatg agcctatggg ggccattctt cctcagatga ccgcagagtt tatgtgcttg     59940
     tatgtgggta tgttgcctga atgctgatct catgcatgtc gtggaggcct gagatgctag     60000
     atcccctggg tctatagttg caggcagtta tctaactgcc tgacagcatg ttgggaacca     60060
     aatttgggtc ctctgcacgc gcagcaagtg aagagcaagt gtccttaacc ccggagtcag     60120
     ctccctgact gcacctcgca gtttggctag tctgtcctgc tgctgaggtc ctgggatttt     60180
     cctttcttct gcctcagccg cagggttatt ggcatgtgtg gccctgcctg gcttttatgt     60240
     gggtgctggg gattcaacct caggtcctct tgctgtcaca tcaagtgtgg ttttttgttt     60300
     tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg     60360
     gaactcactt tgtagatcag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccagagtgc tgggattaaa     60420
     ggcatgtgcc accacgcccg gctgcatcaa gtgttcttat ctgctgacct acttctccag     60480
     ctgtctttta aaaaagacgt tttctagaca caaagctttt cttttttttt tttttctcca     60540
     gtaggagttt agaatttaag tttttctagt tgaaacaatt gcaggttggt aagttgtaag     60600
     gagaggtcac atgtatgctt tgaatccttg tccatgatgg ttttgacttc tgttactcta     60660
     gtactgtatc aaaaccaata aattagtgtt agtatgagtg tgtatagcat gtgccacttg     60720
     tgttgatttg tgtagccacc aacaacccca gcacagtgtt ctgttaccat aagacctcac     60780
     cgtgctgtct gtcccacacc caacgctcgc taccattcct gacccctgcc aaccacaagc     60840
     cactctcatc tgtcacgtgt catcttgtag ctgctgtcca agcagagatg tagcatgttt     60900
     gacctgaaat ggttgtgttc attcactcag tgcccttgaa tgggtccaag ctgggacaat     60960
     cagaggttcc gctttgatct cttaatagga attgaaggct ttacggaatt ggattttgac     61020
     tttcagtctg atttccctca aatgtttatt tacatttgta cataaatctc attttaaaag     61080
     ttctgttcca tttatctgta tttgttttgt gtatgcacgt atagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     61140
     tatggcagag aataacttgt gggatgtggt tttcgccttc caccctgagg gtcagactca     61200
     ggctgtcaag cttggtgaca gctcctttcc ccactgagcc acctccacag cctgatgtat     61260
     aggacttgta tttaaattat gaatatttga aagcttagtg tttaaaattg cgggtctttt     61320
     gttgttgctt agtgtgaatt ggtatggagg aaatgaactg tgaaccaggg tgaactcagt     61380
     tgtaggattc tcgtttgtag tgactcttct cagagggttt actaattaaa caacggtagt     61440
     tgtacataaa tcttcagctt tatttttgga gacaagttct cttgccaagt tgcccaggtt     61500
     ggcattaaac ttgctgtctt gtcaaggaag gccttgaact ctctctagag tgcggtgtgg     61560
     atgcagttac aggtccgagc cacttgtgct tagttaggag gatgctgtaa aagaaatgtc     61620
     atgtccgtgc tgactgggta cttactagtg ctaaccctgt gttacttggg cgtgagtgtg     61680
     actgggggta taaccagggc ctggtgcatg ttgctcttga ctgtgggcta cagcctcaga     61740
     cctgaaattg catttgtaca taagcagaga tttaagatag agtatacctt gccttgtgaa     61800
     atctcagtaa gtcttgtgcc gcagtaacaa gagaaagaaa gtgcctgtta gcactggaga     61860
     cagaactttc tgtcgtaggc agacacagaa gggtgtaact ttagttattt caaaccgtat     61920
     tcttaataat gcttcttaac cgctttagcc tcccttgtgc ccaccaccca cccaccagag     61980
     gtagggagga agaaaggatg tgtgggcggg ggtgagggga ggcaagtgga cctgtttaga     62040
     aaggctcttt ggagcaactc ccatctgtgt tgtctggaaa tcagcagctc agttcacagg     62100
     ttagcagtgg tagcttgagc cactctagca gaatagcctc tctcctgtgt ctgcttcagc     62160
     tcaaagttct tcacgagtct gccttcgttt tacacctgtg tccactttag gaaaacactc     62220
     cttcacgtgt ttgccccagc aaaccaccat ccaactgcca aagaaccttt taagtttcca     62280
     cttccaaaga gaggcagagt gtctgcagtc ttctttggtg agccagctag tgagaacagt     62340
     aaaaggcttg caacagagat ctcacgattc tgacttctga aactgaggag gagagaaggg     62400
     agtttcagga tagaaaaagc cccttttaaa ctcagctttt cttcagatgt tttcatttgg     62460
     taagttgtca ctaagtgtca caactttgct gtggtcatac ggcaggtgca tctctggaag     62520
     tttagggtct ttaatgaaga gggagttgaa gacactaaaa gcagtggagt tgtttcctgt     62580
     actgtgcaca cacacaggct tgtttgtttg tttgtttttg ttttttccag acaagatttc     62640
     tctgtgtagt tctatagaca ggctgtcctg gaactcacag agatccacct gcctctgctt     62700
     cccaagtgtt gtgattaaag gcgtgcgcca ccacagtcca gctcacgcac ataaagtttt     62760
     caccgtgcta agagtaaaag ctttattcaa gcatgtatga atgtgtagca tgtgcatgcc     62820
     tagtgctcac taagtcagca gacagatcag attccctgga actggagtta gacatggttg     62880
     tgaaccacca ttgggtcata ggaactgaac cctggtcctt tggaagagca aacagtgatg     62940
     tcacctgatg ctcagtctct ctgtgaaacc cttcagttgc tatttattta tttatttatt     63000
     tattatttat ttattaatga tagggtctta ctttgtagcc ctagccagac cagtacttat     63060
     atagacaagg caagccttaa acagagagac ctgcgtgcct ttgcctccca aaggttggga     63120
     ttaaaggcat tcaaatgcca gctgaatttg tgtgtgtgtg tgttttttaa aatcatgttt     63180
     cttttattta tttatttttt gtttttttct tttttaatta tttatttttt aaaggattta     63240
     tttattctta tatgaaagca cactgtagtt gtctccagat gcaccagaag agggtgtcat     63300
     atcttattac gggtggttgt gagcctccat gtggtttctg ggacttgaac tcaggacctt     63360
     tggaagagca gtcagtagtg ctcttaccca ctgagccatc tctccagccc cttgtgtttt     63420
     tttttttaag attaatttac ttttatgtgt gtgtgtgtac ccgtgcaagt ttatgtacac     63480
     tacgtgtgtg caggatccca ctgaggccag aaaaaggtat tggatccact gaaactgtaa     63540
     ttatacatgg ttgtgagctg ccatgtgggt tctgggaagc atacctgggt cctctgtgga     63600
     aacagttagt ccttcagact gaggagccat cccacccgcg cccctgcatc tgtttctata     63660
     cactgtcctt ttcacaaatc tgtgacttgt gtggcaaatg aattgtcaaa aacctaatga     63720
     ctgatactta ggaagagtct ttatgattat ttatttgact tattttgagg cagggtttca     63780
     acatgtagcc ctggctggcc tagaacctac catgtaggcc aggctgacct tgaactgtag     63840
     ataatgtgat tgctgtggca ttgtgtggag gtagatgtca gaggacaaca ggcagcaatt     63900
     ggttttccct tttcacaatg tggtttcagg gcataaaaca gttgtcaggc tcggtgacaa     63960
     gtatatttac ctgctaagcc atctttgcag cccttggtag agagctcaga acataataaa     64020
     cacacacgtg catgtttaga atagtttagt attttttaaa aagatttatt tatttatttt     64080
     atgtttgtga gtatactgtc actctcttca gatgcaccag aagagggcat cagatcctat     64140
     tacagatggt tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctgggatttg aactcaggac ctctggaaga     64200
     gcccagtggt cctgagttca gtgctcttac ccgctgagcc gtctcccggc cctggtttac     64260
     catttttgag acatagcagg tcttgtcttg gagcatgact agtacttact gtgtggttta     64320
     gcctggcctc aagattatta taatcctcct gcctcagctt cctgagtact caaattacag     64380
     atctgggcca ctatgctgga cttagaacta aaaagttcac tgctgcgcgt gtgtaggatc     64440
     gatgcgtgtg ggcatgctct gtggtgctct gtggaagtcg ggacagcttg tgaagttgtt     64500
     tttttcccta caccttagtg tgttccaagt caaactgcgg tttccaggca gttgtgtagc     64560
     aagagatttt tcccagctga tccatcttgc cttccttagg atttaaacat tttttttgat     64620
     tactgtcctt gaagcagtga ttctaaagtt attgtatcgt ggtacagatt attttattaa     64680
     tttagttttt ttggcatttt aatttttcta aagaattttt aggtcagtgc tttcattagg     64740
     ccaagctcct tattaataaa agactggaaa ttaaggaaat aattatttct tttgtcaaaa     64800
     attaatatta tcctgttgca gaaaaagttc aacttttatt gtccctcaag cttcagatga     64860
     tgtttctctt tgcaggtgac tcttgcaagg gagtccagtg tccttgtgaa cagttgaagg     64920
     ctgtcggccc taacatgact gttcttgttg aaagggagat gggtattcct ttagaattac     64980
     ccagtttcca gtccagagca tcccgtgtat ctggaaggat ttgagagcaa cccagggctc     65040
     ggacagaaag ggactaggag cttgggttgg ctgttggccg aggtgaggtg tgcagcagcc     65100
     cgccccatcc tgttcagcag gggcatgctc tgtgcctcac ccggagttgg tgggaagaga     65160
     attcatctac atggaatttt aactcaaaga ttattatttt tttataatcc caaagattat     65220
     atatattcag agagccaagg tagacccgtt ggcagcaccg cagtttggcg gtgttacagg     65280
     gcacagaagc agggctctgt gctatcggct tttctctttg cttcggccct cattatgtct     65340
     tagcagacag aaactaaatt gcatttagga taaacagtag gaagaaaagc cggtacagct     65400
     acttgtctgc atgatggaag gaaggaaatg tgattttgat aaattctgag acattcaaac     65460
     actactgcaa tggaagggtc ttaggaagta agagttgcag gtttgtgcaa actctgagat     65520
     ccataagagg cactcagtag gcagcacttc agcctcataa aatattttgt ggtggcacat     65580
     gcctttaatt ccagcctctt gtatgtttat gggcatctct ttctttaggt taggtaagtt     65640
     ttcttctata attttgttga agatattttc tggcccttta agttgggaat ctctgtcttt     65700
     tctatacata ttatccttag gtttggtctt ctcattgtgt tctggatttc ctggatgttt     65760
     tgggttagga gctttttgca ttttgcattt tctttgactg ttgtgtcaat gttttctgtg     65820
     atatttcagc cactgagatt ctctcttcta tctcttgtag tctgttggtg atctatgact     65880
     cctgatctct ttcttaggtt ttctaactcc agggttgtct ccctttcttt attgtttcta     65940
     tttccatttt tggaccctga atgggtctcc tttttggttg tgttttcctt taatacttta     66000
     agggattttt gtgtttcctc tttaagggct tctagctgtt cacctgtgtt ctcctgtatt     66060
     tctttaaggg agtaatttat gtccatctta agtcctctat catcatcatg agatgtgact     66120
     taaaatcaga gtcttgcttt cctggtgtgt tgtggtatct agggattact gtggtgggag     66180
     aactgggttc tggtgatgcc aagtaacctt agtttctgtt gcttctgttc ttatgcttga     66240
     ctcctgccat ctgattatct caagtgcttg ctgccctcag tatatcctct ttgctcagcc     66300
     tcttgcttaa ctggatatag gtgtgcactg ccgtccccta ctagagccct ttaaaaaaca     66360
     ccgactgctt gttttcttcc tgtttcattg acagttcacc cgtgtgtgaa tgtggtattc     66420
     tgaggctgtg tggtgtgtag tgatcagggc ggctggcata ccacctggaa cggttgtctt     66480
     ttctctgcat ggggtggatg gaagatcctc tctactctct gttttgaagt ccacaattga     66540
     atgctgatgt agttctctgc tggccacaga acttgacaag tttttaccca gctgcccact     66600
     ggagagcttt agagggcatc tccctaggtt ttgatgccag aagcggtagt agggcccacc     66660
     cattctttgc tgtgttcctt cttgtccttg gcgtgtatga cttagaaggt gcctactgct     66720
     ttttccttct gtttggagtt actgttttag catgtataaa ggcacactta cgatgtcttt     66780
     ctattataag caagaaaatt gtgtctgcat gtcctgtggc taatgatgtg tttcttcctt     66840
     ggcagtgctg ggggaaggac tggccaaggg agagcgtgcc ttccgggcag tgctgtgctg     66900
     catgcagctg aaagggaagc tccagcttgt gtcctccatc cttgccaagt cactgtcagg     66960
     ggagtctctg gtacgttgat gagcctgggt ttgaacgctt gcaaatgctc atgtctgact     67020
     cctcaggaga gcaggaggac agagtgtgta tttgtgtaca atgtctaagt tcatgaaaat     67080
     cccaagattt ttggtttttt gagacagggt ttctttgtgt agccccgact gtcttggaac     67140
     tcactctgta gaccaggctg attttgaact catagagatc cacttgcctc tgcctcctga     67200
     gtactgggat taaaattgtg tgccaccact accaccggtc caaatggttt cttaaaaggt     67260
     atgttgagca gaggctgaaa ccatctttgg gtttaaaatg ttgatatgtg ggggctggcg     67320
     agatggctca gcaggtaaga gcactgactg ttcttccgaa ggtcctgagt tcaaatccca     67380
     gcaaccacat agtggctcac aaccactcat aatgagacct gacacccttt tctggtgtgt     67440
     cttaggacag ctacagtgta cttatgtgta ataataaata aaatcgtaaa aaaaatgttg     67500
     atatgtattt atttcttaca gggttcttat tgttggtctt gtgttttcga gactagatct     67560
     taataagtag cttaggctgg ccccaagctc agagtgatcc tactgcctca accctaagaa     67620
     tgctgggatt gcaaatgtga gccaccacac ctggcttctt agttttcggt tttttgagac     67680
     ttggtctcat tatggcccag gctgtccttg aactcacaat cctcttgcct cagccctcct     67740
     agtgttgaga atgtgtgctg ctatacctag ccagcatttg taactttagt tacttacttt     67800
     ataacatgtc taaatatctt aaactgagta ataattactt tagaatctga aaatgtttgt     67860
     gtgttactat gtttattttg tagaactatc tagttaaatt tagacttgat atttttttaa     67920
     atacatacat tttctagttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttgctata atgaagtctt     67980
     cctttttgca gcgtcataga gttgataatt tataggaatt tggaagaaag aactttccca     68040
     ccagttggta gctgctacaa ctttctagta ttttcaggca tcaaaatgaa aacagagaag     68100
     gaagaaagta tatagttacc aagcagtgta aattctctgc caattatgct ttaaatcggt     68160
     agggattttg aaagccaaga gcatggctgg tgacaaaaca gcaataggaa cgtatttggt     68220
     gtgttatgaa gtatactact actgacccac cacggggtga gtgaactcgg gggtaattcc     68280
     cgtgcactga actacttccg gaatttggtg atgtctctga tttcacaaga tttacacatg     68340
     tgagcacagc agagcagtac agctaggtct gaatagctgt caagatgtag ttgtgtattc     68400
     tttccttctt ttgttgcggg gtctcagttt agcttgtctc agtttagcct agactctgag     68460
     acagacttct gctgtatgct tttctgagtg ctgggatcac agttgcaaga gaaaagtgct     68520
     ttctgagaca aagtgtctct gtgtatataa cctgggctgg ccttagtctt gggtcctccc     68580
     agacctttca agaacaatag ttacaggtat gcccagcctt aagccttaaa aggtattttt     68640
     tctttgtaag ttaattatat tactatttat ctgttgggct tttaaattta aaaccagtga     68700
     agagtaactt gcttttaatt ttcaaatttt ctgaaatttg aatatcaaaa attaaaacat     68760
     gaatagtcca tctctaggca ttatactgat tctctgtttt ttctaacttg tggataacca     68820
     ctgaattcag tattttgcat atacagacaa tccattagga ccaatggaga agggtaatat     68880
     taggtttgct tttctactgt tttattttgg caaccatttt atggaaattt aaaaaatatt     68940
     ttttgagaca gggtctcatt tatgtaactc tggctggtct gaactcactg agtagaccag     69000
     gctggcctca aactctgaga tctgcctgcc tcagtcttgc aagtgttgag attattttaa     69060
     gctggtacat cagggagtgc agagtgtgtg cttagcagaa gcgacagctg agtctttgtt     69120
     cctgttgggc ctttcccttt cccagctgca tgcagctcct tagtgacaga gtggctgtgt     69180
     ggaggcaggg acaggagagc tgtggtgagc tcagctgagc tgagctgtga gaataaggct     69240
     gacactgatg gtttcctgtc ttcacttcac ccttgcagaa tgggatggta acgaaagatt     69300
     tgacaagact aaagacactt ctcacagaaa cagaggtgag tccatttcgg gaatctcttt     69360
     gggcccatta aaccccgtga gtcagtgagc attccgtgct gtgtgtcagc cagtatgcaa     69420
     ggtgacaagg gggccttctg tgcaactggt tggaccccac ccttagaaca gggttttcca     69480
     ggtgtctgta tcccaggtct tttgttttgt ctataatttc cttcttcttc ctccttatcc     69540
     tcctcatgta tatatgtgtg tggtttgtgt attcatacat gtgtgggcaa cccatggtca     69600
     tgagtgtata cgtgtgcaca ttcatgtgaa ggcctcaggt ttttgtgagc tatcttcttt     69660
     gattattctc tatttattga gacagggtct cttgctgaac ctggagcatg ccaattctgg     69720
     ctagtcagct agccaggtgt ctctgggatc ctttgtttct gcctcctgag tgctcggatt     69780
     gtaggaggtc acagtgcttc cctgggcttt tagttgggtt ctgggttcct tcacatttgc     69840
     atagcatgct cttcatacac ggagtctcat ctctcagact cccatccctg ttattattta     69900
     tgaccctcaa aagaaagtac ttgggaaatt ttaatttttt attttcctgg gcagttacaa     69960
     accacaaaac tgaaaattta aacaagatag tctttaaatc atccatgtct tttttttttt     70020
     tttttttttt taaaagattt atttatttat tatgtaagta cactgtagct gtcttcagac     70080
     actccagaag aggcagtcag atcttgttac ggatggttat gagccaccat gtggttgctg     70140
     gggtttgaac tccggacctt tggaagagca gtcgggtgct cttacccact gagccatctc     70200
     accagcccca tccatgtctt tttaagtgac agggaagtct gtgacttaaa gatttttatt     70260
     tttatttttt tgaaaatgaa aagtatcaag gttaacaggg acagaagtgc tttggggaag     70320
     cacttgcagg acatggaaga caggccacag tgcataagga ttcacagctc atccagggcc     70380
     acagtgcata aggattcaca gctcacccag ggccacagtg cataaggatt cacagctcac     70440
     ccagggccac agtgcataag gattcacagc tcacccaggg ccacagtgca tgtaaggatg     70500
     cacagctcac ccagggccac agtgcgtgta aaaacacata gctcatccag gtagatagga     70560
     aggtttttta ttttgatttc ctattttatg tatttattta tatattttgg gccacttatt     70620
     tttgaagtta aaatataata atataatttt ctcctttcct tttccttctt ccaactcttt     70680
     ctaagtacct tccagggatc tctctcaaat gtaggtcctg tgtttctagt ttctgttcct     70740
     gttatttgtt gtatgatttc aggtgttggg taaccggctt gtgggctcct ccccaggaaa     70800
     ggctgattct ctcactcctg gctcgcactc ctcggttgtc tgtagttggg tctatgtctg     70860
     gagttgagac accatgagat ctcctccttg ttaacatagc tggaggtgtc cctcgagttc     70920
     agataatatt tctgtgttta tgctgtgtag acctcgatca tggaacttag gagtgatctt     70980
     tcagtggcgc ttttgtgaaa gctcgagggc ttgtggcata agtaatcctc ctggtgtgtt     71040
     tgtttcccta tacttattaa cttattatag tcaatttatt ttaccaatgt ctgggctagg     71100
     gtttgtttgt ttgtttgtgt tttttttttg agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg     71160
     tcctggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatccgt ctgcctctgc     71220
     ctcccaagtg ctgcgattaa aagcacgtgc caccactgcc aggcctgggt tagcttttaa     71280
     aaactaaaat tagtattagt agcctcataa tgacagacac tctgtagaaa ctggtgattt     71340
     tgatccaacc ccatctgcaa agttcatttt gtcagtcata ggcagtgtgg cgacaatgtt     71400
     attttagata tactcagtta gcattaccac cattctttct gtggtataaa acattccaaa     71460
     tttcatctta ctatgaggtt tcctcctttt gagtttgaaa ggctgaggta tggctaacaa     71520
     gaagcctggt gggccagttg gagaaacaag taggtgaagt gcaccagggc aggccatggt     71580
     tagttagtag tgacagaagc ccaagcaggg agaggagggg ttggataata ctgcagagaa     71640
     gcctggaggc cagagtgttg gagccgggac agatgaggga agaccagagg agacttgata     71700
     caggcgatat taacaaatac ccagttggtt cagggagaag taagaaaagg gacagggcag     71760
     cagcatcagt tggaaggaga gtatgacagg tggagaggtg ttctagatct gcctgggcac     71820
     actgggaact gctcagaaga gaggagtttc ggatgacttt taagaggcca gccggaggct     71880
     cagcaggcag aactcacttg ctgccatatg agttcagttc ctgggacccg tgtagtagca     71940
     ggagagaaga gactcttgca aatagtgctc tgaccttcat atgcttgccg tgccatggtg     72000
     tccatacact tacacacata caaaacaaag aaaatgtagt aaaaagtgtt gagaaacaag     72060
     atttcagcat gtggctatct tcaggggacg ccctttcttt gaggtgagcc ctcgagaggt     72120
     tcagatttgg agtgaagttg atgaattttg ttttggacat actgtggaac acttacgtga     72180
     tcctctgttt gcttgtcatg tgagagagtg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtgtt gatgggaatt     72240
     taaaggtcag ctgtgtgctg ctagaggcag atcttccgat catcagcgct gagccatcag     72300
     gtatgctact tcagggttgc ttactgctgt aggcactggc tcatccagac ctgactgtgt     72360
     ggagcccaag aggaagtcag agctaagtgt gtttgagcta tttgtcttag gaagatagag     72420
     agaggagacc ccagtcttgc agcccattat agaaagaaga cctgtcccag acagaggagg     72480
     acatggccac aactgtccag gaaggcccca gttgcttaca caccattacc tgcaggaatg     72540
     gaggagccct cttttttttt tttttggttt tttgagacag ggtttctctg catagccctg     72600
     gctgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat ccgcctgcct     72660
     ctgcctccct agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt acgccaccac tcccggccat ttttttttaa     72720
     ttaggtattt tcttcattta catttccaat gctaccccaa aagttcccca aagcctcccc     72780
     cctcccactt cttggccctg gctttcggga ggagccctct tgctagttgt ttcccaggtg     72840
     ttaggttgaa gagtgaggcc aacatgtgga tggtgtgtgc cagttaaggg ggttccgagt     72900
     ttagacattt cttcagctca caggttgctt tcacactgca gggaaggtat ctggcaagtt     72960
     cttccttttc atgcttttat ggtgaaacag aaagaacaag aaattattat ctaaaacttc     73020
     caagtagaca gatttttctt tattttttta aaatattttg aatatttgtt ttatttttat     73080
     tttatcttta tgtatgtgtg tgtaccatgt tttagcagtg accacagagt caaaccctga     73140
     tcctctggaa gagcagcagg tgctctttac cgttgagcca tctctctagc cctcttcttt     73200
     tatttttaat gttgaaaatg cccaaattta aaccagcagc agtcaggttt ttataaaatc     73260
     ttatatctct cttatttgaa aaattacaga cagcaacgag taatgtcctg tctggatgtc     73320
     acgtagaaga cttagatgaa ggtaagcact aaatattgtc ataacttcag gcagttctta     73380
     gtcccgccct tgctgctttt ttgaagaatt gctgggaaat acagtccctc taattggaaa     73440
     tgtggagaag gctataagca tttacaagta ggtgtgagga agcagatctt tctctgggac     73500
     cttttcctaa gatagctgag gaatgacaac tgcccggtaa ctccccctcc tctgcctctg     73560
     tttctgagtg tttagatcac aggtgtgtac agtgagcctg ctcccccgtg cccattccat     73620
     gggtagtgac tctcatagaa cacacacact ggcttctcag gcttcgcctt catccttata     73680
     gtcggggtta gagggaatat ttattaaagc tcagtagttc tcctgtagtg gctgaagcac     73740
     aacttttaag cttatcctgg cagaatcttt tctgtcccct gaggagaggt tgtaagaata     73800
     gaaaatggct gcttaccctt tctcctctag gccttatttt cctgggctta tttggaacat     73860
     catctaaatc attcaggtca tttgtactca gaaatatacg cacttagctc ctatatatgc     73920
     ataatacaat aaacataata tacgcactta gctcctatat atgcataact gcttgcactt     73980
     catttctctt atgaagtgtt cagaggtgat gtgccccaaa cagatcataa gagcttctca     74040
     gtgtcgtggg tagagtttgt acacaagacc tcctgcctgg aaggtcagtt ttcatgtggg     74100
     aaggagttct tcatagatgt gcatccgtgc ttgagaacga cacgtgccag cttccctcct     74160
     gagttctcag agaagagact gccctgggag gaagcccacc ccctgccaga tgagatcagg     74220
     ccagcagcct gacttagctg ctggctaatg gcctctgtca acagagaatt tagctgctgg     74280
     gtagaggcac ctttgccgtg cctttctcat accatctggg atgatgcatg tagagatgtg     74340
     attcttagac agaagatgtt ggaatgacgt ggtagcctca cgtgatgtga ttatgtccac     74400
     attcctcctc cgtagggtcc tgtaatggtt ggcatttccg cccaccgccc aggggcatca     74460
     ccagcagtga ggagtacacc ttgtgtaaga ggtaaggtag aaattgtttt gaaacaaatt     74520
     acacagctct tgtgaagagg aagttaattt ttctccactt tttgaaggca gtgatttaaa     74580
     ttcaaagaag ataatatgtg aagaaagaaa aaggataatg gtcaagggaa atggcttatt     74640
     tcctatttgc agcagaagct gcgcaggtca acgtcaaacc catggtatta ttaaagagcg     74700
     gctgtgaaca tgtagcctgc taagactatg ttcagaagtc ttttatgctg gctgaactta     74760
     attgccgctc tttttagtgt ggaatttact tagatgtggt aattggggat gaaattagtt     74820
     cctataaact gaaagagagc acagaaccag tcgtattcaa ccattttaat aacttttctt     74880
     aaaaagtgct gtcatgtaat tcttataaat ggaatttatg agtaccttat atttgaagca     74940
     ttttcagaat taattatgta attcattatt aataattaat tatttctaga aatgtagaca     75000
     gtaaaccaaa gccttatttc caaagatggg cttttcagtt cctttcatga gagtgagtgg     75060
     ctggtgtggc tttgtggaga ccatgctgcc tgggactgtg cggcatagtg accggggtct     75120
     gacacgtgct ctgatgagac accgacagga cagccgctgg gttctgtagt ggaaataagg     75180
     agctgaagta gtaaacactg caggtcttgg tggtgccaag ttatgggaga gagaacatga     75240
     tcctttggaa aagaaacctg agaactagag tccagatgtg gatagaaccc ctttttgaag     75300
     agggaaagaa ttttgtaaaa tttattttta tatgtgagtg ttttgcctac atgtttgtct     75360
     gtggaccgtg tgtatgcctg ttcccacagg gtccttaaga cagattctct ccttggacag     75420
     cagttatagg cagttgtaag ctgccattcc aggcttgcga attgaatctg ggtcctttga     75480
     aaaaacagcc aatgctcttt atggccaaga agttaaataa tttagaaatg ttgaacaaca     75540
     cattcctgta gcatgaagat agagtgtata cacaacaggc aaatacttta ttttgcacct     75600
     tttttttggg aagcaaatga gaatttaacc agcaacatta ttctaggttc acgtgtttcg     75660
     tggtcacttc agaaggagcc attagctctg tgtccttgga tgtcaacatt tctgtattta     75720
     ccccttgaaa agaacggagt aaccgttaca tgaatttgtg actctaacta taaaactttt     75780
     atcctaaatg tttttgaaac ttagcattag ctcgtagttt cagtgaagca atacagaaag     75840
     aggaaaagca ttctattgga aagtaaaggt agagcgctcc cagccctgcc atacagtgtg     75900
     tccttcccat gcagtgtgtc cctcccatgc agtgtgtccc tcccatgcag tgtgtgcatc     75960
     ccatgcagtg tgtccatccc atgcagtgtg tgcatcccat acagtgtgtc cttcccatgc     76020
     agtgtgtgca tcccatgcag tgtgtccctc ccatgcagtg tgtgcaggca gtttcgggaa     76080
     gcagatcatg gctgtgtgaa catagcccac tggatgtcag tgttgcttca ggaagaccct     76140
     gcactgaaag gagctgtcta acagaacaca ggaagcatgc attcttctgg tctcaatata     76200
     ctattgtacc atgtttctga gaacaaagtc agtaggtaat tatgaaaaat taaaagtcac     76260
     aatgatgatt aattctgggt tacagatcga tgctttgact gtcatgaatg ttggtctgtc     76320
     accctctaca cccttcattg gacttgacag tgataaatcc tgcctctcag aagatgttca     76380
     tcttattttt gaggaggcag aaggcaaatg ctggaagtat atgataacag tctttcccgt     76440
     tctgcttagg tttttagagc aagggatctg taggtacggt gcccagtgta cttcagcaca     76500
     ttcccaggaa gagctagcag agtggcagaa aagatacgcc tcccgactga tcaaactgaa     76560
     gcagcaaagt gagaataaac agctctcagg cagctacatg gagaccttga tagagaagtg     76620
     gatgagttca ctgtctcctg agaaagtggt aagtgcaggc cacctccggt ctgcctctaa     76680
     accgctcgct gggctctgtt ctgcattctc gtgtgctaaa gtgcagcgta tttctttagt     76740
     tgactagaac gtgtgcctag taaccaaagc tggaccgttt gttaagatgc agggcagaag     76800
     cgaacatttg cctggacgat tgcagctcct gcggtaataa cctttgttca gggaggtttt     76860
     ggttctcagt ctgtagttaa gtttcttctc tgtcttgttt agctgcatct cacacatatc     76920
     actcttgtaa gagtgaccag aagggagtgt gtgacatccc ttggtcagtg agtgcgttgt     76980
     catagtgtgt gctcatagct cacacgtgct actttgctgg gttctcactg atggtcctac     77040
     cctcagacca taacaggaat cacttttgct ttcagcttag tgaatgcata gagggagttc     77100
     aggtggagca cagccctgac ctgtcggtca ccgtcaacac caaaaaatcc caccagacgt     77160
     ggacctttgc tctgacctgt aaggtatgac gcccatccta attaaagact atcagtttgg     77220
     ttcagtttct tggactttta aatgtctgct aagagagtgt tgaaagtggt tcattctgag     77280
     tacatttttt ataggttctg cattgtgtca aagtgggttt ctgtatgtcg gccattaaat     77340
     ataccttttt ccactttgaa gtaagatccg tttaactata taatatagaa cattttctta     77400
     attacttggt aaagaagtct gacatatatt acattctaaa cttggaacat aggatggggt     77460
     tcatggctta taataaacta tttgataatt taattattca gtctggcagt tctaagattt     77520
     ttttcaacaa aaacctgttt ttgtatttca tttgatgaag tcacaaattc tgtaatagtg     77580
     tgtctttaat ctgtcttatt tttaattttt gtttcattgg ccttgcccat gctaggcaca     77640
     tgttctaccc ctgagctgtg tgcccagccc tcgagagggg ttgtgccgtg cttctcctct     77700
     taaactacca tgtacagtct aagacctgag tagagttaac ctttcagtga gcctgtttgg     77760
     tgaagaagtc ttgtgttctt tttggtggta tttcttcctg ggaccatctg gattgtgaga     77820
     tggagagtct aagagtgttt agctttagcc ctgaacctga tcccatgctc tcaagggtaa     77880
     cgtcctcgag gctctgtaag catactgaga aattgaccta aggtggcaga ttttgccaca     77940
     ggcaaagacg gtccagggag gctgttgaca gagcatgcat atatcatttt ggaaactttg     78000
     ctttaatcat tctcttttgt ctttgttttt ctttttcttt tttctttttt ccttaaatag     78060
     cttctgagca tagtttgttg tgcaacatag taccttagga acatggcgtg tagcaggccc     78120
     ttcagggaat attttcatcg aagagcccaa atacaattga attttcaccc cgtgtactca     78180
     atgaactatt ttgacttcct tgtagcctgc aagaatgctg tatcgggtag ccttgcttta     78240
     tgacgctcat cgtcctcatt tcagtatcat tgccatatct gccggagata gtactaccca     78300
     ggtatcacaa gaagtccccg agaactgtca agaatggata ggaggaaaga tggcccaaaa     78360
     tggattagat cattacgtgt ataaagtcgg gatagcattt aacacagaaa tatttggaac     78420
     ttttcgccaa accatagttt tcgactttgg attggagcca gtactcatgc agagggtgat     78480
     gattgacgca gcttctacag aaggtaacgt tcagaccctt ccctgcggta cagtgtactg     78540
     aaaggcaaga ttaaaagata tgtattgaca gagagatagg gagtaaaaga gaaaagttcc     78600
     catggtaact gacatgttca ctgtgtaatg gccacaaaac gggtccggtt gtgccttggt     78660
     ctcttcagtc agtggccagg taaatctcac cttgaggtcc ctgaacttaa cttacatgag     78720
     ctggtaaatt tggtttgttt tgatgtagca atttcatgtt cgagtaagat gattttagta     78780
     tagccaaacc ttttagtatt tgactagaat gtctttctac tggcaatgat gtatatacct     78840
     acagtgtctg tttccatttt cttctgagtg ttcagttagg tctgctgatg ttagtacgtt     78900
     atctttaaag ggaagccctc agtgtcaacc ttaagtcagt gtgtgccttc actgcggtta     78960
     aggagggcag ggtatcttac caggatctgc ttggtgcttg ggaagtgtcc ctggttcagc     79020
     acagaagcac ctgtatgctt gacactccag ctaatttgct ttgtatattg ttgcctgtac     79080
     ctgcatttga tgcctgtagc caaaagagag ggcagtcagc ccacactgac ttctttggcg     79140
     ctacgtgctt taatttattg aacaaatgat tgaggatttc cttaataact gtgtagtgag     79200
     ctgtatgaca tttgctgctc tgctgactgg aactaaccgt aatgtggagg atgcttatca     79260
     ggtaccactg ggacccactc atgagaacct ggagtagttc tcttctcgtg agctcacact     79320
     aggatgttaa gtggtttggc tgtggggacc aggtggtgga attggtttat ctttcgcttt     79380
     tttttttaag ttaaggttaa cagatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tacatatcca     79440
     ttcatttatt attttttttc tggaacaggg tctcactaag tagcccaggc tggcctcaaa     79500
     ttcacaagtc tcctgcctca gtctccccag tgctggaatt acaagtgtgt gtgaccatgc     79560
     ctggccttca ctggtgttac atttgtgcca agcttttgca attaggcgat gtcttctttg     79620
     tgtgtgttaa tataacctag acttcatttt atctcatttt ctgccttgtt tggttccatt     79680
     tacattttat ttgcttatat ataattttgt cattttctca gtaggaacaa aaatgttaat     79740
     ttccatagcc aaatagacat gtcagtagat aaaaataaaa gcacagggtg tagcagatct     79800
     ttttatgaag gactagatgg taaatatttt cggagttgtg agaaatggat cctaggcagt     79860
     tgttgaggaa cgggtatgac tgcacacacg gagcttcaga gctgcactga tttacgttag     79920
     gagggtgaca ctgtaggagg aaaagagaat cagctcctct ctggcctccc catggagttt     79980
     gttttagaag tttgttttca gagtagtgtt taaactgatg agaaagggaa ggggcacttt     80040
     gaccgctgta agtgcggtgg tgacatcaca ctgagctagt tgggaaatct ggttttctcc     80100
     tatctctttg gctctgggta gaggtcttaa caactctcct tgatgggcag cctttagaga     80160
     gtggagtagt gtaccttcct taggagctga ggactagaag taagaggtgc gtattactca     80220
     tagcgggcat tcagaagagc agttttcagg ctggtgagat ggctcagcag gtaaaggcac     80280
     tgcctccacg cagattgggg aggggcacac agtgccatgg gacacttgtg gagggcagtt     80340
     ttcaagagtc tgtttccttc taccttgtga tcccagggct cacactcaga ctgtcaggct     80400
     tggtggaagt ggcttgatca ctgagccatc ctgccagccc ggactctact atgataatct     80460
     tatccttttt cattattatt attgttattg ttgttattag tgtgtgtgta tgtatgtgtg     80520
     tatatgtatg tgctcacgtg ccatgggtat gagagtgctc ttcagaggcc taaagaggac     80580
     attgcttgga gctggtcaca ggcccctgag agctgtccag tgtggtatcg gaactgaacc     80640
     tgggcttttt ggaagatgtt tcttaactgc tgaatcatct ttccaacctc ctcctctttc     80700
     tcctcttctt cctcctcccc tcctcctctt cttctttctt tttttttttt cctgagacaa     80760
     attcttacta tgtagctctg gctgtcctag aactctctca taaagatctc cctactctgc     80820
     ttcgtgtgtg ctagatttaa aggtgtgcac cactacaccc agcttagttt tcttatctta     80880
     aacttggtat cattgacgat ggtccttctc ctttgttcca gtgtctttta ctgtatagat     80940
     gtatttgttt ccatatgatg tgagttttag caggattctt gagtaacaaa agcagacagt     81000
     catagcataa tacttgtttc ctttttcagt ggcttttaaa ttttttcaaa cttctttttc     81060
     tttttgtgtc tgaatctttt gcctgaatgc ctatctgtca catgcatgac tgatgcccac     81120
     agaggccagg agagggtatt ggattctcta ggactggagt tacaactggt tatgagctgt     81180
     catgtggatg ctggaagagg agttaatgct tctaactgct cctttgcagc cccttaaaga     81240
     tatattcagt gttttacact cttagtacag agttcttatc agcaaaggct ttgaggcaag     81300
     ggcttggtgg aagttgagct agcattcgtt ctctacactc cttgtagccg caagaagtga     81360
     tgcagccgga ctgtgtcttc tctcatgtct tggaatgctt gtgtggacag catccagaaa     81420
     cacaggagca agacaagcag tcgccttgct gagctggtgt cagggtcata gcctggtcct     81480
     ttttacttca tggtcagcct aaactggtat gaagaccacc tcttactggc ttgctctcag     81540
     cattgttttc taagttccca caaaacagcc catgaggtct gagcactcag tggcttttcc     81600
     agcccaaaag ttccaaaatc cctttacaat cctcctcaga acatggtcaa gtctatcaca     81660
     gcaacacccc tactcctggt acaatttcta tctgagctcg ctcttgctgt gttaaacacc     81720
     ttgaccaaaa gcaacctggg gaggaaagaa tttatttctt ttaaacttcc agtccacaac     81780
     tcattattga agttagtcat ggtagaaatt caaacagggc aggaacctgg agacaggagc     81840
     tgatggagag accatggagg aatgcttact gttgtgatct ctatggctta ctcagtctgc     81900
     tttcttatag aaaccaggac taccaatcca gctcgggcag aggggtacca cccataatgg     81960
     gctgagccct cccaccccag tacctaatta agaaaatgta ctacagacac gcaaagtcat     82020
     ggaggcattt ttctcactga gaatccctct tcccaaatga ctctagcttg catcaaggtg     82080
     acataaacta gccagcataa ctgctaagca agttttatat gcaaagcatg ctgacagtgt     82140
     ccacgctcct tataaagtta aacatttggc cctattgggc catctgttct gctgtgctta     82200
     gccgacattg tgccgacctc gtgtggtaag gaatgccgcc cgctctcctt cagtcctact     82260
     gggcctcagc caccaaaggc cgttgccttt cacacttatt gatgatggta tttcattgaa     82320
     ttagtgtgac tcagggaggc tcacagtaga gttacatggc agatggtatt ttcccaattc     82380
     attgttcatt attgagctaa aacccttcct tagttaattt agcttttgag tggaattaaa     82440
     agcacagctc catagattcc tctcccccac accatcgttg ttatgggcag catccaaaac     82500
     ctttttattt atgggccaag agggaattag ggtatatctt tcctctaata gctatatggt     82560
     gatctttaaa ctgttggaga aatgtgtgtg acttaaagtg tgctttcttt ttaaaattca     82620
     gttgttttcc tggttggtga gatactgagg tttagaaaat acactaagta ttaaattgtc     82680
     tttgggtaaa ctcgaagact agcagtcaga atgtgtggta gaaggcaccc gtgagggaag     82740
     gagcagcttt ccttgggtac tacatactca ctccactcat ggcaaagttt ggaattgggt     82800
     tttggctgtc tggaagcagc ataattaaaa tttgtcttag attttagtct ggaagcatga     82860
     tatttatttc tttgctgcga ctctagcacg acatgataac atcagcccaa atttagttca     82920
     ccttagaagt tattggcaat tggccaaagt tgatggcaaa tgaaggacct tgtagttctg     82980
     tgacactgta tggccagcaa agctttagaa acagggtttt aaagttagtc acgcaggtca     83040
     gtgtacgcta ataaaagcgc gtggggaagc tgccagctgc cttcactgtt tgagtctgtt     83100
     tatgtgcatt taaggagtac attcggtttt gtttttagta tttatttatt aatttgtact     83160
     ttgacagttc catacttttt aattttattt tttgagacag agtctctatg tagccctgaa     83220
     tggcctcaaa tttacagaga tctgcctgct tctgccttca gatgctggga ctaaaggtgt     83280
     atgccatcac acctggcaca gttttgtgtg cttaggtagt gtttctctgt ctgcgcatgc     83340
     acgtgcgcgt gcatgtttca gctttctatt agcctctttt atttatttat ttatttattt     83400
     attatatgta aagtacactg tagctgtctt cagacgcacc agaagagggc atcggatctt     83460
     ggatctcatt accggtggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggatttga acttccgacc     83520
     ttcggaagag cagtcgggtg ctcttatcca ctgagccatc tcaccagccc ctctattagc     83580
     ctcttaaata gagaaaagag ggaccaatgg ttgacatagc gaggaaggct tgctgttgcc     83640
     tctgggtagc tgcgtgggag aggaagggta gtggaatgga agccaaggtg ccaattggga     83700
     agttactgtg tgcttgtgtt gatttgtaat gtgagtggcc aaaactgtaa aaccagagac     83760
     caaaactttg gtcttttaag gaagagtgtg gcgtgtgatt ttgaaattag gaaggatttt     83820
     atctcacttt tagttaatag agctgctttt aataagttgt gtttattgaa tgtgtctggg     83880
     ccatctctgc ttttgttttt cctcattgcc tttttgtgca gtctctaggc cccattaaaa     83940
     gtactattta aattggatgc atttcatatt tcaaagtgaa gctttccttt ggatactata     84000
     tcctagtgga tagtagatgt gtggctgaaa tgtgagcagg ctcttgaagt ctttatatca     84060
     tagaggctaa ggacattggc aagcatctct tctgtcacat tagcgttctg gttgagttgg     84120
     ttatttttgt aaaaaaagat ttatttttag tactttaaag ctatatgtag gtttgcttgt     84180
     ctacatggga gtgtgtacaa gggggaatgg aggtgtcctc agagacagtg gcatcggttc     84240
     cctggagctg gagttataat tgtgagctgc tgagtgtcgg tgctgggaac tgaactctgg     84300
     tcttctggaa gagcagcaag agctcttaac tgctgagcca gctctgtagc tcagagttgg     84360
     ttatttttaa gagtggcatc tctttcatgg tgtagctaag tatagaagta tatctacttt     84420
     aacttctagt ggacttctct ctctctctct cttttatttt aaagatttat ttatttattt     84480
     atttattata tgtaagtaca ctgtagctgt cttcagacac tccgggagag ggcatcagat     84540
     cccattacag atggttttga gccaccatgt ggttggtggg aattgaactc aggtcctttg     84600
     gaagagcagc ccgtgttctt aaccgcttag ccatctctct agccccctag tggacttctc     84660
     ttaaatgtat ttacagcttc tgcctacttt ccacatctca gggtatgcgt tccatgggtt     84720
     tgtaattcct ctcagccttc cttggagatt attgttacaa gggttaataa ggaatgccca     84780
     taagtactat taataagcac tgtttgctaa taagtgctgt cgggctctcc taagtgttgt     84840
     gagtgctggc ccatgccgtt cagttcttgt ctttccagag tgtggttcat ttgaagatgg     84900
     tgtaggtgag ggagcataca tgccatggtg agctgcctca gcagtcctaa gattacctca     84960
     gtctggggat cacagcagtg gagctacagt gggagatgag catcctgagg agcacatctg     85020
     ctccccgtcc tcatggggga ggggccttac cttcttttcc ataagtgtca ctcaagacct     85080
     ttaagcactg taagttaggt ggtggctcat tatacagttt aacaaaggtg ggtgttttgt     85140
     tttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttgaggtaa gaggactgga gcagggtttg     85200
     gtggctcaca catcttatcc cagtagtcaa gaataatcaa gaagctgagg cagggggata     85260
     actgcaaatt ctaggccata gagctataaa ggaagactct ctccctaaaa catcccccag     85320
     gcccccagta attgcccacc ttcaaaaaca agagaaaaga aaaaaactgg agtaagagga     85380
     atgaagagca gaggcagaag ctgcctgagg ctcctgggag agtcggctct gtgaagcctg     85440
     aggctcctgg gagagtcggc tctgtgaagc ctgaggctcc tgggagagtc ggctctgtga     85500
     agcctgaggc ttctgggaga gtcaggtctg tgaagcctga ggttcctggg agagtcggct     85560
     ctgtgaagcc tctcctcagg agcctccagc cgctcacaca ccccgtcttc tgggggtgca     85620
     cactgcagct gtcttcaggc ccttgcttta tggccacagc ttccccctcc ttcctggtca     85680
     ttaagagagt gttgtgtgag gtggctcata acctggtccc tgggcttggg aggttggggc     85740
     tgaggagagc cgtgagttct gggctagctt agcctacaca gtgaaattct ccccctcctc     85800
     tccccctcct ctccccaaaa agaaacgaaa taagaaggaa cattgtttga aaactttgtg     85860
     gtgccacttg ctctaataat ttcttaaaac caaagtacga aatatgacat tatctacata     85920
     aaatgtcaaa acatgcctat gccatgttcc taaaatctga atacttccag tcagaagtag     85980
     agaagttgag tttctgtata atttgtgtag attttaacct aacaacagtg gtgttcttgg     86040
     aagaccattt taggtctgtt gtcccagcac cttaaggaac acaggaatag tcagtgactt     86100
     ttaaatgaca taagaatgtg ttgcatagtc taaattcact taaagaaaaa tatagctggg     86160
     cagtggtggc acatgccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcagat ggatttctga     86220
     gtttgaggcc agcctggtct acaaagtgag ttccaggaca ggcagagcta cacagagaaa     86280
     ccagtttctg tctcagaaaa caaacaaaaa acaaacaaac aaaaacaaaa aaaaaggaat     86340
     aaaaaagaaa aatataatgt aattatgaaa tgtaaatttc caaccttata atagaagttt     86400
     aacatccttc tgcccttcta caaaatattt ttctttctta gtacagggac ttattttata     86460
     gctctgactg ccctggatct tgctcttatc taccaggctg gccttgaact cacacatttg     86520
     cctgtctcct aaatgctgag attaaagatg tgtgccacca tgcctaaatg cctaacccag     86580
     tgaagagcat ttctttactt aaatctttct gtctctgtct cttttctctc tgtctctctg     86640
     tcgtgttgta gtcccgtgtt gtcccccccc cccccccccc catacactta tggatgtcgg     86700
     aagagggtgt ctggagctgg agttatgctc tggaagtcat cctctggtcc tctgagcaga     86760
     ggcaataagt tgctgcctcc tcttagttgc tgagccatct ctccagcccc cagagtagtc     86820
     tgaagtgtaa gctaatgggc atcttcacgg ttgtgatcat tgtacttatg cttccatttg     86880
     agaaagagca acactcttag aaaaatgctt tcacaaggat caaatgttag aaattaagat     86940
     gttaggatat ttgctactgt tgtgaatttc tttgtgagtg acagggcgct tatgtgccta     87000
     tgtggcatct agagattgca gcgtcagagc ttggggtgta gttcagtggt agatatgttg     87060
     ggctctgggt ttcatctcca gcatcaccaa ataagaaaca cacaccaaag cactaagtgg     87120
     atgagaagtt gcagtcatgc ctgtccgaat tcagacatag cttggtgtga cttttcctga     87180
     gctctgtctg aagtagggaa gcctttccgc ttatactaaa actgaatctt ggcttaatga     87240
     gtccgttaaa taccttttca ccttttggcc aattctcgct tttctattga gggtaagctc     87300
     tacccagaaa gtctcaggta gggccgcgtg agctcactgc ggctttcttt catccctgct     87360
     agttcatgtt acatctcttt aagttcctga ttttgatatc gaactctgtg taacgtgcag     87420
     ttttgcacag tttaacatgg acttttcaga agtgacattt aaatggcttc cagtcacatg     87480
     ttcccagaga caatggtgtt gtacgtttga tcttctaaca ggttggtgtg ggtggcaaag     87540
     tgatgtccac acaagcaaag cccagaactc tgcagacttt cgttcttctc tgtgtttttg     87600
     gggcaggtcc tggtagagtg cggaggaaag ggactgtttg ttctgcctcc cgtagaacag     87660
     tctgtcacac aggattatca gttcttcctc ctgcacatca cattgctctt gactgaagag     87720
     ttaagttctg aatgtttccc caaataactc cctgtggtat gacctaacct aatgtataaa     87780
     aaggtgttct taaatgggtt cctaataatg tattttgtta agaaagtcaa aatatgtctg     87840
     gcatggggaa agcactgtca gtgagtttgg tgctgtttat ttctaagggt tttatctcta     87900
     gtataagaag ctgttacaga agtgagcact tgcacatctg agagtttgat gtcatgttcc     87960
     ttcatgaatg tgttccatgt ttttgtgtag atcttgaata cctgatgcat gcaaagcggc     88020
     agctggtaac cacagccaag cgctgggact cttcttctaa gactattgta gattttgaac     88080
     ctaatgaaac tactgatttg gagaagagcc ttttgatcag ataccaaatt cctctgtctg     88140
     ctgaccagct gtttacacag tccgtcttag acaaatcatt gaccaagact aactatcagg     88200
     cacggctgca cgacctgctt tatattgagg agatagccca gtataaagaa gtcagcaggt     88260
     atgttctctg agcacctctt ccctccgctc tgctttgctg tccccacccc tcctccctct     88320
     ccacctgcgg cccctcccct ctttccacct gtgtcccctg tccactcctt tcctttcttt     88380
     cccctttaca gtgttgattt taactttaca atggacatgc ttgagtgagg atgggtgtta     88440
     aataactgtt tttcactagc tgtgtttttc atttagctaa ttacctaatt tagaaacagg     88500
     gtcttatgtg acatcatggc tagcctagaa cttactatgc aggccttgaa ctctcatgag     88560
     tctttctgcc tctgcctctt gaatgttacg ggtacagaca tgggccagca ccagcgcctt     88620
     ggtgctctgg attctatctt taacagaagt gcaagtaaga cttatgttta gtgtgtatgt     88680
     gtttagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tattgtatgt ttgtcataga accttactga gcgtctgctc     88740
     tggggtcagc tctgctcact ttgggagtat aaaactggtc cctgctcttg agaagtttta     88800
     cagtgagtac gggccatgct atggtataca cctaacgggt atttgtggag tcaaaggaca     88860
     aaaatggaag ggcaagccac atcttctgaa agttttttga agagtgagat ggtttagata     88920
     gaggaaaatc atttgatgat gacatgtcat tatgtccacc ttcttatgct ttagtcacag     88980
     gcacacacca agagctgaaa cctaagactg tcagtttaag agaagtagtc tgaaatgaaa     89040
     gtgggagcga gtgaaacgat taacaaggcc attgttattt gaaagtactt ttcttctgtt     89100
     tatgtaaaat aggatgaatc ttcaaaattg aacctcagtg agatgagatt acatttttat     89160
     atcaactttt ccttttaact atagtctagc caatacattt ttttcttcaa actgacttat     89220
     taataacgat tcagaaactc ttatcctaaa ggaaaggcaa acctcaaaag tgcattgtgc     89280
     tgctctgcag gtctgatggg gtggaagctg tcagagcatc tactcatgtt cagtatgcaa     89340
     agggagtgta atgtattttc attatgctgg gactgtgtct tggccctttt gggctgtgcg     89400
     cttctctctc tctctctgga gtctgactgt agagcctagg ctggtcttga acttgtcagc     89460
     cttacttgtc agcctttcgc cctttcctct tgagtattat atatattaca ggtatgtgct     89520
     ggcccattta tacaagtctt tgttttgaag attttattta gtgtgtgtct gtgtgagtgt     89580
     ggactcataa gcgcccaagt gctcctctcc tcccacgctg gttttgaggc agggcttctc     89640
     ctgttttgct gccatactgt atgtgagtgc tcctggtcaa ctctcctgtc tctggccctc     89700
     actgagacca caggcgttgg ctactgcatc cagtctcttg agtggcttgt ggggattaaa     89760
     ctcagctcag gcacctagca cttttacctg ctgagctgtc tcctcccatt tgtgtcactc     89820
     ttaaaaggct tgaatttatt gtgcctgtag tctgagctga agaaatcata ttttattaac     89880
     acatgaatat gcatgtgtgt tgttcccatt atcatacttt tttcttagga aaaatgccac     89940
     gtgagtattg gaatgagtag aagtgaccag atgcctggcg tgatgacaca cactgttaat     90000
     ctcagcgttt ggccacttga gctgcagagg gagacggagc ttagtgaagc ccaggacagc     90060
     cagggctcag tagcaagatc ctatttcaaa atttaaaaaa agcacaactt accagacact     90120
     tgggcctagt gctacacacc tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttaat ttatttattt     90180
     attatatgta agtacactgt agctgtcttc agacgcacca gaagagggca tcagatctca     90240
     ttacgggtgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactcctga cctttggaag     90300
     agcagtcggg tgctcttacc cactgagcca tctcaccagc ccgtgctaca cacctttaat     90360
     cttagcacaa aggaaacaaa accaagagga tcatgggttc aaggccagcc agcagttttt     90420
     gagctagagc tcagccacac tgtgagactt gtttataaag cttcggtgtg caggagctaa     90480
     ggacagtgcg cttgggctcc ttgaattttg agaggctctc aggattttca aggtttattt     90540
     ctcccttaaa aggaaaacaa ctttagccat atgttgataa gcattcagtg attctacctt     90600
     ggaggaattc catccagttc tgagagatgc agtttttaca gaaataggat ttagggctgg     90660
     agagatggtt ctgaggcgct gccttctgtt cccagcaccc acatcaagtg gctcacaact     90720
     gcccttaact ccagctacag ggatcccaca ctttggcctc tgggagcccc tgacacacac     90780
     atttctatcc cccatacaca cagaatttta aaagtaataa gtataaatct taaaatcaaa     90840
     gaaagagcca ttagctgaag ctcagcttta catgagcttg tgccgtgcaa gcctaactgg     90900
     cctggctact cagtccaccg gcccgtgggc ctacagtgga tgtgaggctg tgtgtcaccc     90960
     tctgtgggtt accttgcttc tccctctgct gcagtagacc aggccttctc ttgttactgg     91020
     cctgattctt gttcatgtag tcggaaaaaa tctcatgaaa ccaaacttac tgtatagctc     91080
     tggcatttga aaattgaaat atcacttcag agataatgag ctaacaaatg ctggcattgg     91140
     ccctccgtgt ttcttaggag ctagaccagt gcttttacag tagttggaaa ttttgttggc     91200
     tgttattgtg cctcctggga aggctgagat tacatagact ccaggattga tccagaatgt     91260
     ggtgtgcaac agtggaaagg attgtctctg ttcatttagc accctaaatg ctttgtattt     91320
     aaagtgtttg aatttcaaag tgctgttctt taaaggattc atcttatttt gaattctgtg     91380
     tctgtctttt tgtgcatgtg caagtatttg catgtaagtg caggtgccca agaaggccag     91440
     aggagagggg cagagcctct ggagtggggc ttcattagag ttatccaggt taaagaggcc     91500
     gagtggccag cgacttaacc attagtagga acacacagtg cctccagaat cagggctttg     91560
     tgacagtatt gtagaggaat agcagttggt gagagaggaa ccttcagtgt aactcagctt     91620
     ttagcatgga cacacggaat ggtggagcct tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttggtttt     91680
     tcgagacagg gtttctctgt tgtagtcctg ctatcctgga actcattctg tagaccaggc     91740
     tggcttcgaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgtcac acacatggga ggggtcaggg gttatttggt     91800
     gctacatgtc tgggcatgga gaatgcagga acaaaggcat ccattaggga gtaagatgag     91860
     ggcacactgg gctttgagaa ggtgtccgag tttggatgga aatggaggaa tagaggacag     91920
     acggcagaaa gcctctggac gtttgcagag gagggagttt aaagaggagg gttgctgcaa     91980
     atacaaggga ggtgatttga agcttggaca tcactgttag ctatagagag ctcctgtcag     92040
     tcagcagtgt attagaggta gtgctgtctc ccaaccctga gccagtttta attaccccag     92100
     gtccttctca gtgtatggaa ggcagctcta tttaaagaaa gaagctttat ctaaagaatc     92160
     attcaagaca caagattcta actatcctgg actagctttg tagaccagac tggccttgag     92220
     ctcacagaga tcctcctgcc tttgctttcc cagtgctggg atcaaaggga tgtactgccc     92280
     tgacccccaa gcccctgctg tgaacgtttt aactgtgtaa gctagtctcg attctctgtg     92340
     atgccttcag atgcatagtc tctcatagtc ccatgcacgt gtgggtgcat gagggtcccg     92400
     atggctgtct actaaaatag gcttggtccc cccctccccc catcattcct gcactagagt     92460
     cagttcctta tactaactag caaacttgta tttcggttgt tatttgttag cattactgaa     92520
     agggaatgtt acgtctggat tctttgggaa agacttacct cgcaggcact gacctgaaag     92580
     tccgctctag ctttagttca gtgtctttcc tcctaggtta ggcgctatta aagtcttaag     92640
     tatctcaact atgttgtaag tggttctcct attaatgtat tccactttat tacttataaa     92700
     gtagtcaccc atagtttact cagacttaca agaattattt atttgtgctt gtgcatgtgt     92760
     gtgtatgaga ggcagggctt acatacaggg gtgagaggag tcagtttgca tcttctacca     92820
     cgtggctact agaatggaac tcaggatatc aggcttggca caaggcactt ttactcactg     92880
     agccctatca ggggccccat gcagtctttt aaaaatgcat accttcaacg caactaatgc     92940
     ttatgtaact tgtcttcagc ttgggttaaa ggcagaaaga tatcatctat agagttgcta     93000
     acttgtacag tgtggaattg atagagtttc atattcctta tgtttatatt tgaatttctt     93060
     tgttgtgttt ttctagttct tacagttttg atactcaaat tagttttctg cttttgattt     93120
     aggttcaacc ttaaagtgca attgcagatt ttagcaagct tcatgctcac tggagtttct     93180
     gggggtgcaa agtatgctca gaatggacaa ctttttggtc gtttcaagct tactgaaacc     93240
     ctctcggaag acactttggc tggacggctg gtgatgacca gggtcaatgc tgtttattta     93300
     ttaccagtcc ctaaagagaa gctcgttcag tcccagggaa ccaaagagaa ggtttatgaa     93360
     gctactattg aagaaaaaac aaaagactat gtatttttaa ggatatccag ggaatgctgt     93420
     gaagagctta gtctgcggcc tgactgtgac atccaggtat gtttgcaggc agtgccttcc     93480
     ttctcccagg agtgtgtcac ctatgccagc ggtcgccctg gaccagaatg catgtgactt     93540
     tgaagtctca tcctggctgg ttggaactac agcttcagtc accttttgag tttaaggaac     93600
     gtgtagtctg ttccagtctt gtagaagctc tagacttcga catcagcaat ggaagagcag     93660
     atgttttgga aactgcagca tccagagcca tgagatgagc atgcgctcac ttcccttctc     93720
     tttgcatgaa tggtgttgga agcctatgct cagtctgcca tatttaactg gaaagctagc     93780
     ccagcttttt aaaataggaa acttagggac cattattcat agtcagtctg tacagtgtta     93840
     taaggttgat tatcattcat catgcgatat tacacacttg tttcgatgct atcaaatgta     93900
     ttttctatgg gcatggtgga tccagatacc ctttatctgg tgtttgtaag attttagttc     93960
     ttagtatgta aaatgaggtt aatgatagat agcatgtata ctgttagtat gatcacacaa     94020
     ggtcatccat ggcagctgct tattacagtg cctaatacat gcagccagtg ttttccgcac     94080
     taattgctca tactaattcc atagtttgaa agaaagtcta aacttgtcct gcagaaggtt     94140
     gtctccatga agtatttagt ggtactcctg atatccatgt tggtgcaaaa gtcttttgta     94200
     aaaatgtcca ttttgtattt caggttgagc ttcagtttca gttgaaccga ttacccctct     94260
     gtgaaatgca ttatgcacta gacaggatta aggacaatgc tgttttgttt ccagacatca     94320
     gtatgactcc taccatacct tggagtccca acaggtatga aaagagattt cttagaaaaa     94380
     gaagactgtt aatattaaat tgaatgccta tatcagttga cacatacttc attgatttat     94440
     tgattgctgg tctcccctcc accctttaag acaaggtctc atacagtaac ctggctggac     94500
     tggatcttat tatatagctt aagctaacct ggaacttgtg gcaatccttc tgccttagcc     94560
     tctctaatac tggggtacaa gccagtatcc tgagctcaag cctatgtctg tcaggacatg     94620
     aatgaaatgt ttggccttta gattacaaat tacttctgtg gcttctctca ttggttacag     94680
     tttaatagaa cactgagcag ctttgggata ttcccagact gacttgcatg tgacgaccat     94740
     gaccttttac agtgggtcac atatatatta cggagctctg ggatgtaggt gatactgtga     94800
     tctcacaaac tggagggagt ggatagactt ttcttcggaa actgctgaca agttaggagg     94860
     tgcgcagcta ctgctctgtt tacctctctc acctccaagc gcagttaagg ctggtctgtc     94920
     ccaagaacat gtagctgtgt gaatgttctg ttcatctttg tcactggcta ctgtcccact     94980
     aacctctgcc ttcctagctc acttgatgtt aatctaagtg gctttccaca acacagagga     95040
     ggttgtgtgg ccaggcaggg tagtggccct gtcttgctgg ctgaggtcct ggtgtcttta     95100
     ctgatggatc tccaggatgc cctgcgtgtt gacaagtgaa gagtaaacac agaggcccgg     95160
     gcgcttcctt ccctgttgta gtcaggccta gaaatgcata tacagatcca ctcagcattg     95220
     cattgccact gctcctaaag acagaacaat atgataatga tatgctccca gcacaagctc     95280
     ccttactgcc tcaccctact tctttttttt tttttccatt ttttattagg tatttagctc     95340
     atttacattt ccaatgctat accaaaagtc ccccataccc acccaccccc actcccctac     95400
     ccacccactc cccctttttg gccctggcgt tcccctgtac tggggcatat aaagtttgca     95460
     agtccaatgg gcctctcttt gcagtgatgg ccgactaggc catcttttga tacatatgca     95520
     gctagagtca agagctccgg ggtactggtt agttcataat gttgttccac ctatagggtt     95580
     gcagagccct ttagctcctt gggtactttc tctagctcct ccattgggag ccctgtgatc     95640
     catccattag ctgactgtga gcatccactt ctgtgtttgc taggccccgg catagtctca     95700
     caagagacag ctacatctgg gtcctttcag caaaatcttg ctagtgtatg caatggtgtc     95760
     agcgtttgga tgctgattat ggggtggatc cctgggtatg gcagtctcta catggtccat     95820
     cctttcatct cagctccaaa ctttgtctct gtaactcctt ccatgggtgt tttgttcccg     95880
     attctaagga ggggcatagt gtccacactt cagtcttcat tcttcttgag tttcatgtgt     95940
     ttagcaaatt gtatcttata tcttgggtat cctaggtctg gggctaatat ccacttatca     96000
     gtgagtacat attgtgtgag ttcctttgtg aatgtgttac ctcactcagg atgatgccct     96060
     ccaggtccat ccatttggct aggaatttca taaattcatt ctttttaata gctgagtagt     96120
     actccattgt gtagatgtac cacattttct gtatccattc ctctgttgag gggcatctgg     96180
     gttctttcca gcttctggct attataaata aggctgctat gaacatagtg gagcatgtgt     96240
     ccttcttacc cgttggggca tcttctggat atatgcccag gagaggtatt gctggatcct     96300
     ccggtagtac tatgtccaat tttctgagga accgccagac tgatttccag agtggttgta     96360
     caagcctgca atcccaccaa caatggagga gtgttcctct ttctccacat ccacgccagc     96420
     atctgctgtc acctgaattt ttgatcttag ccattctgac tggtgtgagg tggaatctca     96480
     gggttgtttt gatgatgttg aacatttttt caggtgcttc tctgccattc ggtattcctc     96540
     aggtgagaat attgccaaat ttctcaatgg gcgtcagtct acatgtttcc agaattttct     96600
     attccctgat gctttggtgc tcactgtctt ttttttttct ttttcttttt ctttttcttt     96660
     tttctagaca aggtttctct gtgttgccct ggctgtcata gaactcactc tgtagaccag     96720
     gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc gagtgctgag catgtgccac     96780
     cttgcctggc tcagtgctca ctgtcttaaa tgtagttgtg atctgattat agaaacccag     96840
     ggctccccag ccctcacttg gctccgtttc ttcgcgtcca tctttcttcc catgcttaca     96900
     actggtgctg aagctaatat atctgtagca ttctgttgct cgcccatcca gctgtctgta     96960
     tttatgttgt ctggtccaac ttgaacaccc tttccagagt tagttttcta aaataatcat     97020
     ggcatttcat catgcgcaag tctctggctg aggtctgagt gtggtctgca ctctgtcaga     97080
     gggtctcgct gccttccagc gtatcttctt ccgttcttgg cctctgtaat ctagctgggg     97140
     gctacgaaat gccaattgct tcgacattta tttaggcctt cctggactga tttggctctt     97200
     atgtttctct tactcctttg aaaactttta aacgttgtgg taaaatccat gcaaaaaatc     97260
     ctctgttctt agccatttta agagtctagt gtgtaaactt taaatacatt gatgtgtgag     97320
     atcctcaggc cttttcagtg tgaccctgat tctgtcactt actgtgtctc tgcctcttta     97380
     cctttgtgtg gctttctcta ccaagtaggc tttgcccagg acccgctttt tgtagacctt     97440
     tggtccttcg gagtcatagc agcttaggtg ctcactctcg aaggcagatg aggatgcttc     97500
     cgtttcagtt tggagcacgt ttcctgagcc atgctgcagc agagctgggc tctccagtat     97560
     aacttctctc tgcattcatt tgtgtcagtt gtgtacattt caactttccc ctggactcag     97620
     agctctgtaa agtatgaggc tatgtctcat ttattttgaa tatcaagagg atcttgtatg     97680
     ttgactgacg ttaatgttca tttgaagttt aagaggaagc gtagtttgaa atgtgaggac     97740
     ccttgtgcag cttttggcat tgtgacttga tttctcattg catttaagaa tacaattaac     97800
     tgcccaagtg ccaggaaacc atcgcacagc agatgctttc aagcaggacc agactcacac     97860
     cactgcagtg tgcacagtag tggaaggtca cctgtctggg gatacactga ggtaccggta     97920
     gccatttaaa ctcttttctg gaatcaggga gtgtagacag aaagtgaaat tgcaaggctg     97980
     ttcttgacca tgtagcctgt acactaatag cagggtgcat ttaaaaataa aataagctaa     98040
     tttggtgttg gaaggaaaat aatttttgct ctgtttaaaa aattttgccg gtggtcgtgg     98100
     aggcccacac ctttaatgcc agcacttggg aggcaggggc agaggcaaag gggatctctt     98160
     gagtttaagg ccagccaagg ctacgcagag aaaaaagccc tgtcttgaaa caaaactctg     98220
     ccaataaata aatcaaaaca caaagcaaag aaaaaaaaga aaaaactcaa aacaatttct     98280
     ttatagtgag atgagacttg gagagggttt atatttttag ctgtagagac tgaatattat     98340
     agtgagcatg tttaagtctt ttttgctaaa tgctggcaca ctgatgatag tttgtttcaa     98400
     tgtttggctt ttttttacat attcagtatt cattgcctga aattatagag gtgactggca     98460
     tcaataaagt ctctgatcta ctctggcctc accacactga aacagttgat aagcagaatc     98520
     cattccataa ttaagtaaag agatatagat tagttacaga attgatcctg taagtttgtc     98580
     agtaatatct tagctttgta gttaatgtat ggagtcttat gtcttcagta ttctttaact     98640
     catccatgct ccaagatggg agtggttagt gtgtgccgtg ttctttttaa tggatataac     98700
     tcaaccaatc ttttcctaaa atcaccagaa aagacagaaa tagaaggtag cgtggactgc     98760
     acttttgttg ctcagttatg tttccaaata actttacatg aatattttag ctcattaggc     98820
     tttaagacag ccattgaatg tgagtgttgg tgtgtctgta gacaggtgaa ggggtgtgga     98880
     aggcagggca tcttgggact gcctgagtca ggtatgggtg tgagaaactt ctctgagctg     98940
     acctgctgtt gtaagttagg ttgagttata gaagcccagc ggctggtaac ccagggctgg     99000
     gccagggcca gggccagggc cagggccagg gccaggagta ctgtcagatt tcctcctggc     99060
     ctggaacaac atgctgggtt tttgtttgtt tgctgggttt ttctgatgct tcttgttggt     99120
     tatgtgatgg ccacttgata tttatttgcc atgtgctgtt tgccgccaga ggagaactca     99180
     tataagatgg gctttctcgg cttaaaacca aaaaattagt aaggtgtata tgtatatatg     99240
     tgcatgtgta tatgtgtctt tatatatatg aaatgagaga tagagacagt gacacacgag     99300
     agagagagag agagagagag tgagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agatagagat     99360
     gggctggttt gagaaacttc ctcccacatc agattggcca cagttgggtc tccagcaaaa     99420
     gcagcgggaa agcagagtgt cgtgtcgtgc ttagctaggt tctgtggagc aggaaggcag     99480
     aggaaaaggg tgctggggat gattttgggg gtaaccatgg cggtgtctgt ctcatgtaag     99540
     gtctgggcat ggtagtcccc tcgagctcag gccgcattgc cagtctggga agaattgtga     99600
     caaggaagct ggctcctgca cagcaatatg tatagagttc cttttttctt tcagtgctga     99660
     attgccaaat tcagaaaact aagtagtggc atgtttttat cttcaaagtt tgttttctaa     99720
     gatattttag atttaaagaa catctttggt ttgagtttaa cacactgtaa cagttgtaat     99780
     ttttcaacag ctcagactgt tacagcattt ttcaagtgta agtagtttct ggtctatgta     99840
     gagttcggcc tcactgagga cttctggtct cacgtctgtg ctcttgtctg tgggtcgttc     99900
     tgcagacact tggcagtact ttcttcacat tcttcctgtt tctgttcgta ctttcaccat     99960
     tttaccgtaa ttgttgttgt agttagtact ttggttggag ttgtgacgaa gaatactgtt    100020
     gacccttgac ttagtttgat ttgtcccagc atctggtgtc catttaaatc ttcaaattat    100080
     acacacgcca tgggaggggc cggggcgggg gtggggggga tcgcagagcc cacgtgctcc    100140
     ggcagtaggt gctcctcact ccaacagcag gagccctgtg gaggctctgt gtgtgggcta    100200
     ctcgaaaata ctctgtctgg tttgatacct tttataaacc tctgcttaat caatcaagat    100260
     ttataaaact ttgatatttc tcaactaggg agatacagat gtttttttcc cttcctttgt    100320
     gatctaagcc tgtctggaga cctttcagta agttagcagt agagacttag ttggttttgt    100380
     attctatttg ctgtggaggg aatggcagct tcctcacttt gggaaatagt tttctgcatt    100440
     ttcgaaatat caccagcaaa tagactacaa aagtttgatt tctttagatt agaatctaac    100500
     tcgggttagt tttgatttca tggcagaaca ccttcctttg actctgattt atctggaaag    100560
     gtttgggagt aagcgttggt tattgtcgat gctgtgcact cagggcgagt tagtgtcgtg    100620
     aagccgacac cgctgagatg tgtgtttaaa acagcaggtt tgtattttct acagacagtg    100680
     ggacgagcag ttggatcctc ggctaaatgc aaagcagaaa gaagctgttc tggccatcac    100740
     cactccactc tccatccagc tgccgcctgt cctcatcatt ggaccctacg ggacgggcaa    100800
     aaccttcact ctggctcagg cggccaagca catactgcag cagcaggaga ccaggtgagc    100860
     cgagggaggc atgccctgtc tcttcaccag gcagagcctc tctccttgct ttagagagag    100920
     aatgagggca gtgagacagt tttcatcctc ttcctagcct caaagcgatg aagtttgtat    100980
     tctcttagaa catgctgttg taaaagttgg caggcagtgt aaactgggca taacggcttg    101040
     tgcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga gccagctgga tctctgagct caaggctagc    101100
     ctggtctata gtgggcagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc tgactcaaaa acaccccctt    101160
     cccccccacc ccccactccc caaataacaa gaacaagttg acagtgtaga cacggtagtt    101220
     tgacatagct gttatacatt atgggtatat taaaagtcta agggctgggt ttaaaaatcc    101280
     ttactatgga ctgtggatag atttaaagat tatttggggg agctactctt tagcttagag    101340
     taacataact cccaaaggca ccatgggtcc tgttgaatgt gagcggggcg cgggaaatgg    101400
     acgtgtaaga tggccactgc tctcttggtg ttgaactgcc tgactagctt ctgttgtgtc    101460
     attcttttta tttgcaccat ttatttcagc aggattctca tttgcaccca ttctaatagt    101520
     gctgctgacc tctacataaa ggattattta catccatatg tagaagcagg caatccccag    101580
     gcaagacctc tcaggtattt ctaaggctta ttatgtatct gtattgtact gtgttgttct    101640
     taagaaaagg tgtctgtaaa gatggcgggg ctctgggagc atcaactctg cattggcatt    101700
     tggaggttat gtcattggaa aaaaatcttt taaattaagg caaaaaatgt aaaaattgtg    101760
     taccatttct gaaacattat gtatacagaa agacatcttt ttttaagttt ctcatgtaaa    101820
     actgttgtta tggttggagt agattttggt atgtacatct aaaagatagc ataagaaaag    101880
     tggttaaaga aaattgatta gcttaaatca aattgagttt gattaaaatt ctggcacatt    101940
     gtgtacagca gagtagtcat gtgatgacag ctcttaatgg gagtgaaatg ttaactgtgg    102000
     ttgtttgcgg aagccgcacg ttagagaagc atgacgcatg gaaacgatct ctgcggcact    102060
     ccgaggacgg gttccaggct tcttgctgcc acgtacaaga cagggtttca aaggacattt    102120
     taggttcggt gactgtgaac acaaaatgca cttatataca gattatggga aaataaaaat    102180
     cttttccttc agaaaacact gcagaatcat attataccac ttacttttgt tatgtgaaat    102240
     aatgtttagt tttgccatgt tataaactaa tatatcatgg cctattgtac aaatgattat    102300
     tgattattgc ttttttttat taggtatttt cctcatttac gtttccaatg ctatcccaaa    102360
     agtcccccat accctccccc ccagccccct acccacccac tcccactttt tggccctggc    102420
     gttcccctgt actggggcat ataaagtttg caagtccaat gggcctctct ttccagtgat    102480
     ggccgactag gccatctttt gatacatatg cagctagaga caagagctcc ggggtactgg    102540
     ttagttcaaa atgttgttcc acctataggg ttgcagttcc ctttagctcc ttgggtattt    102600
     tctctagctt aattattgct taaaaattag tttctagcta tactttgatc cataatttat    102660
     taacctctca cttctacttg agcccaggca tggaaataag aagttatgct attcagttct    102720
     tcaattcctg ggaccacagc cccctttgaa agtgtttaga gcagtggtgt agcatgttaa    102780
     cacagacacc catactgtgt tgtcctctcg ctctaggaca cagcagaaac caccacagta    102840
     gaagatcctg ttgcatgtaa taataaaaga ccgtgcttac tgttctctga gtgaagattt    102900
     tactgaagga tgcagtgaca gaaggctaag gcctctaacc tctgacctca cagaggacaa    102960
     ggaggagctt tcgttttacc ctgcctgttc tccctagtag tatttattgg tagatcaggt    103020
     gcgctcgagc atgggtgtgt ctgtgcgtgt atgtgaatgt gtgtgttgtg tgtgtgtgtg    103080
     tgttcatgta tgtgagtgtg catgttgtat atgaaatgtg gtggtctcgg atgtcaaggt    103140
     gctcctggct tagaaacagt tgagggaagc ccttatggac atagcatggg gtgtttgatg    103200
     tttaagagtg tagactctgt taattctcta ggtatttcca tgtggaatca ttttgggctt    103260
     tgaggatcca ccatgatgca tctgcatata tgtaatagta actgattttc cagtcgagtg    103320
     tagtcagact ggcccaagtg cagaaacctg ccccacccgc agcagagatt tcatttcttc    103380
     ttgactctaa gagttgttga acccaaggta gaaaaataat ttatttccca atgcaaggct    103440
     caggctattt catgcagtac acaggagaac ggggaaatgc ctagcgcccc gagagtttgc    103500
     tttatgcagc cctgcacatc cactgtggcc ttctctccgg gaaaggtgct accctgaagc    103560
     agaggctgag cggtcgtctt gagtgtttag gcctcactct agcattagct caggttaact    103620
     gatagttttc ctactcagta ataactgcga gagatttgag agacagagag gacaagaatg    103680
     aatcactgct ctggaagacc agctttgtct gagggttttg gaacctcaca gcctgtctct    103740
     gctaggcaag ggcttgctgc acccctcgcc aggcaggaaa tcagctttac tggaattcca    103800
     gagacagaac acaagagggc accagatgtc cgcagatgac tgagaaggaa cacaggcctg    103860
     ttgctacgga gcaaggctga ccacagactg gcttcttccc tgcactctgg tatagatgtg    103920
     gccctgggag atagttggag cagccattga gtaacaatag tagtgaatag ggcaggccca    103980
     cttgttaggg ttaaaaatca tgcaatttct tgtacttgcc aattgagctg aacctaaaat    104040
     atatggcgtt ttttgacatt ttaggtttga gtttcagttt ttattttatt tagaattggg    104100
     agatttgtac ccctgtgcct atactacaca tacacgcaaa cctcctctgt ccccacatgc    104160
     acaaacaaaa agaaatagaa ttgagttgtt tttgtaaggc acataaaaag ctggatgggg    104220
     gccacaggtg gctgtggtct gcacttgtga tgccaggcag atggactatt gccaatctga    104280
     ctgaggccag ccttgactgg gtgaggagtt agcaagagct acagtgaaag tttgtctcga    104340
     agttataaaa cagacaaatg aaaagaaggc aaagcaagga gaagaaggag gaggaaagca    104400
     gttttctttt tgttagtggc tctgaggata aggtgttccg agcagtgcac ggggccggcc    104460
     atgccgagga agccaccgct gctccgccag tgaacagcag ctgccgtttg ggtagtcttt    104520
     aaagaaaaat ttgcttaaaa aaaagggggg ggtcatcagt tcatttgtag ttgcttattg    104580
     tatatgaatt tgttacatgt ataagacccc agtgaattaa aattatatat actagaccat    104640
     atttaaggat tagtttaagt catggaaata tgtaaatatt ttgttttgag gaaatatgta    104700
     aatatgctgt cacatgtata tttatgtatg tcttctttcc cccctgtggt gctgggaacc    104760
     cagggctctg agcgtattat ataagcttta ccctgagtta tatttatatt ctcagttgta    104820
     tattttggat aatgaactta aaagcatcat ttgccactgt taatactctg atttgaaaac    104880
     ggctacattt gttttatttc tttctccact tttgtaaaca ctactgccat tcgtgcagtt    104940
     tccaaagcca gaggcagccc tcaggaggga gggacagtgg tccagtaggg cggattgttc    105000
     tctagccact gtgtagtgag tttgaggcca gcctggctca gactctgttt caaaacaaaa    105060
     ccaaatcatc cattgcctta atctttacca ctagttcatt tatgagtata tctagttgca    105120
     ttctgttaac atatctagtg aatccagttt gtatatttct gctgcttccc aagccaccct    105180
     catctcctgt ctaccctggc actaacctga cattgctccc tgctgcttct gctccctgca    105240
     gtcccctctc catccccgtc cctcaggacc gggttagaat ctccatgtat gagatgatga    105300
     gggtccgtca tgagctcctc tttccgtgtt catgtctgtt ggcactgtgc agacccattg    105360
     acgttggcca caggggtagc cagcacatgc cggaaaccct gcccccatct gttaagtgtg    105420
     ccgcccttaa actctgccta agtaatttct gcccagagat cagagaattt agtgacatga    105480
     gtcattacag ctgccctgtc cacttgatgg ctttttatca aacccaaagc aaagccaagg    105540
     ctgctgtggt tgctcccgag ccctgtgcac tctgcctgtg tgctataaca tagtcagcag    105600
     ccagtaggtc tgtcatgtag gtggatgggg atggtggagg ctggatgtat gggttgtagc    105660
     tgtccatcag agtagtctat agctgaggcc tgttcatatt ttctactgta gttacttgaa    105720
     aagatgacat gtcttaagat ttgcatttag agtttttgat aaagtttatt caaaaattta    105780
     ccttcagatt ccagaagcca aggcagaggc cttttaaata ataattttaa gaacttttct    105840
     gaagtaaaat tattacaaac tgttctaaag taaaaatatt ctaagcatgt aattccatgg    105900
     tttgtagtag cataaataat taaaatcaga gtcaaataca ttttagtaag actgtaattg    105960
     aaaaaggtaa tttaagaatg gaaggtttca aacttaattt aaaaccattg ctcataaaac    106020
     atatatttgt gtgctaattc tgttgcaaga ttaatctgaa tacttaaaaa gttaggtatg    106080
     tggtggcacc tatacttaat gttgaaatct tgtaaaaata tgtgccaggg aaggtcatca    106140
     cgggcgtatc gtggcagctt tctactacag ccttaaactc tgagagggtt ggaatgatta    106200
     tggatgggat tcatttgtta atttttggca ctgtgctctt aaatgacagt gtagtgtttt    106260
     catcttcagc gactatgaac actctaacag gaggtgccgt cttctctcta gggtgtattt    106320
     ccggaatcgc tgggtgaaga ctgtccaccc agtcgtgcat cagtactgct tgatctcgag    106380
     cacacagtcc acctttcaga tgccccagaa ggaagatatt cttaaacatc gagtggtggt    106440
     ggtcacactg agcacttccc agtacctctg ccagctggac ctggaacctg gtatgcccac    106500
     ttgccacagg tggctgtctc ccagtgacag gttcctgtgg gccacatctg gccaggtctc    106560
     tttcatcgga atgcagcttc ctgtgtcctt ttattaactg gtttcttgtc tgcggctgct    106620
     tttatgatgc aggatcttct gcagggacag aagctctttg gcccttgact gaaaaacatt    106680
     tgccatttca cctgttctct agttggtatc tgttcactag tgatcagttc aaatttggac    106740
     agttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgatt ttgttgaggt    106800
     ttttgctaag ttgcttttga atcttgtttt tttttttaaa gatttattta ttacatataa    106860
     gtacactgta gctgtcttca gacacaccag aagagggcgt cagatctcgt tacagatggt    106920
     tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctgggatttg aactctggac cttcagaaga gcagtcggat    106980
     gctcttaccc actgagccat ctcaccagcc cccgcttttg aatcttgtaa tgtagaaata    107040
     gcaattatgg cacttgatta aggttcctta tttttaagga tttatttgtg tgtgtctgtc    107100
     tgtctatgtg tcttcatgca cacttgagct agaatgtgcc tgtctacatg cacaagtgag    107160
     tgtgcaagtg tgtgtgtggg gcgcgtgtgc atatgcctgt gtctgtgtgt ctccatgcac    107220
     agatgactcc atgcacacac acatgtgtgt gcctgtggaa gccagagagc cctttaggtg    107280
     cctctcctgt cactctctga ctattccttt gaggcagaat cttccgtgta tctgaggtca    107340
     tattttcttg gctaggctgg aagccagtga gccctagtga tttccctggg cctacaggta    107400
     taggtgggat gccctgctca ttgtgtgggt gctgcaacat gctgttaaca gaacttaaca    107460
     tcatgcagca agcactctta catgctagga ctatgtaaaa atcactcttc atttatttaa    107520
     actttttatt tttgtggttt tgagataggg tcttacttta taattataac ttatgcttgc    107580
     attgagcttg ctattagccc agactggcct taagctcaca ctcttccgag tgctgggctt    107640
     cccagcgtgt gagccagcat gcccagctca gtctgattta tatgagcaca cagatgtaag    107700
     ctggtgagtt gagtatggta gaacctgagc atgagaagac cgtcgaatgt ctttagcatg    107760
     ctcttcagca gggctggccc tgctcttcct gtaattgcca actgctcatg actttcccat    107820
     ctcctgttgg aattgccttt aaagccactg acacgctcta ctgcaggtct gagtcctgga    107880
     aggcacaggc cagtccctgg cacctggccc agggcataga cacctggagc accctcccca    107940
     cccccaccca atttaagata aaaggttaca tttatcttaa atgaaggtat tggcagctaa    108000
     ctttttcttt tccttattga ggccaggttt aatggtaaaa agactttgga attgataagg    108060
     gtggtgacta gcctgggtac aaaggaaggc ccccattgga tgagactttc tctgcctgcc    108120
     tgtagctctt ggttggccgt gaggcaatcc aaggatgtgt ttcagaggtc agagcacagt    108180
     ggcagcatct ttgtaaatgg ggctctgtga tgccgagctt gggaatgctt actcccccct    108240
     cactagatgc tgatactggg cagtgtgtgc agacagttgg ctgctgcagc tctgcttgtg    108300
     agaggggagt ggctgggaag ggctgggatg gagccgtggt cactgctgtc caggtgctgt    108360
     taggttttat tccagtccat tctcactcca acactatggt ggttatctta cagtcaacag    108420
     aactaagacg caaactaagt cattttaatt aattagttaa ttaattaatt gccctttctt    108480
     tccttccatt tgctttctca tcttatactt tttttctttt ttgtttttta tagacaaggt    108540
     ttctctatat agctctggct gttcccaaag ttattctgta aaccaggctg gcctcgaact    108600
     cagatctgcc tgcctctgcc tctgaagtgc tgggataaaa accaggcagt tgcctttaga    108660
     aaaaaaaggt gcctgcttaa gtagtaggca acagtttgat gatttatgcg gttcctgaga    108720
     aaatgttaac aaaagaaagc atacttaatc gttttaacct tttcttttaa aagcattaag    108780
     aacatttatt tttcatgtgt gcacgtgtgt gcacgtaagt gaagttgccc acagcgtcca    108840
     gaagttgtca catctctgga gttcaaagtg gctgtgcact atctaccatg tacgctgggg    108900
     aacaaactca gtcctctaca aagagcagta cattggcttt taacctctgg gtcatctctc    108960
     cagccccagt ctttaaaaaa aaaatcctgt tttaagctga ttgtctggat tgaggttggc    109020
     cttagactat tcatgacttg ggttaatgaa acaaacttta cctagcagcg cagagagcag    109080
     ttgctctgtg acagtgttct cctgtgttgt accttctagg gttcttcacg cacgttctct    109140
     tagatgaagc tgcccaggcc atggagtgtg agaccattat gcctctagcc ttagctacta    109200
     aaaacacacg gattgttttg gctggtgatc acatgcaggt aggtgtcatc ttagtcactg    109260
     tctttgtgag ttacattttg gtgttcaata ttctgttttc taaaacacca gttatgatac    109320
     ctgtgagtgt cttagccaat gttagccttc actgcagctc ctttagagtt aatttttatg    109380
     gttagtatgt agagtagtgg gtttcattat ggaagaaagc cttgttgatt attaatatta    109440
     atacttgctt gtcatagtct ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat    109500
     ctatctatac atttacttat ttattgagac aaagttttac tatgtagccc aggctggcct    109560
     caaagcatgg cttcatgtaa gttctgtgat tacaggtgtg tgctacaata gccagttgaa    109620
     tttattattt tattttttta atcaaatcct ctaaaaatgt tatttgccta gtatgtatgt    109680
     gcccacacac acacatggtg cacatgcagc ggtcagagga ccccttgcag ctggcagttc    109740
     tttccttcta ccacgtgcct tcacaggatc cgactcagct catcaagttt gatggcaagc    109800
     acctttaccc actgagccag ctcaccagcc cccagtttat tataatagct tcatataaat    109860
     tagtaatatt ggttttgtca tgcccgtgaa acccttttca gatctctgtg gaagcagttg    109920
     tgcgggttgt gttccgtcat ctcgtctttc agggttgccg gcctttggta gtcagtgacg    109980
     agtttagtac tagcataaag cagttgattg gttttggtga cgtaatgatt tctgctcttt    110040
     acattagtaa gtcactgtgg gagggactct gtgtaagtgt agacagtatt gctgtgctac    110100
     actgagaagc gagagctcta gtctggttcc acggaatagt aaaatggttt gtagacaaaa    110160
     tgagtaattg ttttttgttt ttatattttg gcttgttcct gcatttagta tgttaagtta    110220
     tacataagtt ttagtgttta agtagattca aaaatactat tactacaatc cggttaaatg    110280
     ttctccatct gtttgtctgt tacagctcag cccttttgtt tacagcgagt ttgccaggga    110340
     gagaaacctt cacgtttcgt tacttgaccg actctacgag cattaccctg ctgagtttcc    110400
     atgcaggatc ctcctctgtg agaactatcg ttcccatgaa gctatcatca agtaggtgtg    110460
     agctgtcccc tctgactcac acttcctgtg ggctgtggga gggaacccgg caagcacatg    110520
     gccaggcaca ggtgatttat ttgtggtctt ttgggggtct cagactttgc ctaacttgtt    110580
     gtttgtaaaa gaatacatga aaatccagag ttgtgattct tcataagaaa taaggcagtt    110640
     tgagtactaa aacttaaggc ttcactgagc ctgaaatatt tttctatcca tttttctata    110700
     gatttatttt cctatgaatt aatatgtaat ctatatgaaa aatggcatac ctctgttata    110760
     tgttctaaga gaaaggaaag gaaattcaaa gggaaaacct ctaacgttga ctttttaaaa    110820
     gagtcctctt aactacagta cacgtgtgaa agacacatct acggaacagc tgggtggcga    110880
     gtcctgtgat cagcatgcgg ctgaaggagc cgagcattgc cagaaacaaa ccctgcaaaa    110940
     gcttcctaca gctagcgatg ctggtcttgt catgcctgtg gagaccatct caggtctccc    111000
     tggaagcagt tctgtcatct tttgcggtga cattgctctt ccacggttgc cggccatttg    111060
     tagtcagtga tgtgtttagg actagacagt gtggtttttg ttaaggttgg agactgcagt    111120
     tggttcgttg tatccaatac catgtgtttt tgtgtttgta tgtatagtca tatatccctt    111180
     atgtatagga tggagtctga ggactgtcac taaattttgt cattatgtga acgtcataga    111240
     gtgcctctca ctagtgtaaa cagtgccacc cgtctcctaa ctcagtctca tggaaaaaga    111300
     aacatgagac acgtgaggct gcctgtgtgc tgtgacagag cccctttaga ggggtgtttt    111360
     tacaggcgga aggatactct cggaaataat aaaatacagt aagaacacag agcaatcgtg    111420
     cagtcatttg gagtaggata tactgtgcat ccctgtcctt tgtgggttgg tttgctccag    111480
     catcaccaca cacacaggga gctcttggtg ctgtgtgctg gctgtcctag gagtcttcag    111540
     ctccagtgta agccatgggg tccattgttg accagacagt tgttagtgac acttgggact    111600
     gtatgagtgg gagtatgtta gctaagaaca tgtagcttag gggacttcct cacagagcag    111660
     agtgttcagc tagtagtgga cgttcctcat tgcctttgta ttctggcttc aattcttaca    111720
     aaatcaatgc atttaacaat ggtgccatag ggaccttctc tgttatcact gtcagtgttg    111780
     ttaggaaatc attggcgtca caggtattca gtgttgggac aaaattaatt gtgggcataa    111840
     attagtgttg gaattggatg gagtctttgt aggtgaagta gacttggctg acagatgctc    111900
     tgttctgctt cctctgcagc tacacctctg agcttttcta tgaggggaag ctgatggcca    111960
     gtgggaagca gccggcgcac aaggacttct atccactcac gttctttacg gcacgggggg    112020
     aggacgtcca agagaagaac agcacggcat tctacaacaa tgcagaggta ctgatttaat    112080
     atgtctgctc ggattttagt gagcattcgc tttggattta gggttgacag ttcatagttt    112140
     gttgatttct tttacaagaa aattgagcaa actttccatt tatttattta tttatttatt    112200
     tatttattta tttatttaac gaatctacaa gaagcaaaaa aaattgattt tctttttata    112260
     gcaatgttaa aacagaaaat gcaactttgt taagaaaagc caacgtattc tgtcatagcg    112320
     cattattgtc tcaagactga tttcttgctc agacaaaaag gagacatcag ttttaatgag    112380
     gaagtgttga gtcacagagt cctgtgcttc agagagacca catggtcgcc agcattgacc    112440
     tcacggcctc atctgagcct tcctggcttt ctttcccaat ttctggtttc cagagaggat    112500
     gcaggtgtcc tgaagggtcg ctcacaggaa agcagtctag gcaccctgag gttaaggttc    112560
     tggctatcac agggctttag gaaagtggag ggagtgtgtg gctgtcttta gggactggat    112620
     ttctaatctc tgcttgtggt gtttacagag aaatggcttt tgttgcctaa caggaactcc    112680
     tctatccctt tacagattga tcggagggtt atagttagaa tccagtgcaa aaaagcgtca    112740
     gtgccacttg ctcaaaccct agcccaagcc agggagcctg gcattgtcac tagtctgtac    112800
     cgtttaattt tagaacaggt aaacttttcc atggtggcct tcggctctcc tttgttgttt    112860
     tgtcccctga ctggaagcca ctggcctggt catgataggt gggaggactg acacctaaaa    112920
     tccagaaggc cctcatgtgg caccagggat catacccaca agggatcgta ttcaaccagc    112980
     agggcactgg gcccttttcc ttctcattct gttttcaggt attttccaag ctccaggatg    113040
     tgtatagcac agctttcctg gactgccagt tttattcaaa gtattttgga aaagaattaa    113100
     ttttatatta tgaaaatgca aaggcaacat ttgtgtgacc tttaaatatt agacatgtaa    113160
     ctttagagaa acttcaaatg actttgaact taattaggac atgattgttc agttctgagt    113220
     tactgctgtc aaaattttga ggtacattgc ccagggcctc ttccatggac agaaaaccag    113280
     gttttgattt actgtagctg aatcaaaagg aaaaaaaaat aaagtgtata ttaattaggt    113340
     aattaatggt gttaattcat ttacatatat aatatatttt gatcatattt atatcccctg    113400
     cattacaggg tagactttgt ttgtttcaaa acagagtctc actatgtatc cctgactgga    113460
     acttactgta taggctagac tggcctttaa ttcaaagaga tctgcttgcc tttgcctccc    113520
     aaatgctggg attaaagtcc tgcaccacca tgctgggcct tactttaatt attttactta    113580
     tatgtacaca tgggtatttt gtttctaatg tatttgttta ttttactact attatttgta    113640
     atttgacttt tattcttaga ttataattat atcatttcct cttctctttc ctccctccaa    113700
     ttcctctcct ccatatatcc cctcactgtc tttgaaattc ctgaccttcc tctattttcc    113760
     ttaattgtgt gtgtgtgtcc atctgtctat ctctatctct gtctctgttt ctatccctaa    113820
     ctatataaat gcaattcagt gtctataaac ttccttgtct gtgtgttttc aggactgacc    113880
     atgggtactg accgtgggta agcagttgat gtgcttttcc ctggggaagg ctatttctcc    113940
     tgctctcagc agttgcctat gattctgtgg tctaggattg aggcctagtg aacttcccct    114000
     ttctgtgtta gcatgtctgt tggtgttatc tttgttcagg tcatgtttag gcagtcatgt    114060
     taggtgacac tttatgtgtt agcttcatgg atgtttttag gagacagatt ctcatagcaa    114120
     actttctatt tctctggctc ttacaatctt tccactcctg agttgtgttg tggataagta    114180
     ttagttcgat acaactctgc attttgatca attgtgtttt gttttgtttt gttttgtttt    114240
     ttttgttttt tttgtttttt tttttttgta atggtgagag gtttcctgat tgaggagtgc    114300
     aggtcacact tctatctgga tctaagggta gttttagaat gtagctatga tggattatgt    114360
     tggttgtggt ttctcctccg aggtccatga ctttacttgt cctgggtagg tggctacgtt    114420
     tccattaccg gaaatgatga ttggatgggt tggatgggtc ttaagtctaa ctctagagct    114480
     gttggttact gctaaggcat gtgtgccagt attgtaccca ggaggttatc atgtcatgct    114540
     ggtcattgtg gtttgtacct ggatgccacc attggttgct ctccgtgggg agcctgcatg    114600
     gtgctttctt gtaccatgaa agctagtcct cagggaggtt tcagctctgc tccagctggg    114660
     tcctctgtcc aaagtggctt cagcaattgg ggtttatctt ccacttctgg gtaacagctg    114720
     gagcctatat atggtgttgg gagactttta gacaaccttg accagtaact caaaagagga    114780
     tttcttgttg ctggtgctgg tattttgtta gatagtctct ggttgggatt ggtatcagcc    114840
     cagatgggga aagctcattt aaactatgta agtaagtata tgagcagaca tacgtgcatt    114900
     atatatttag ttgtttaatg ttgtctctaa ggacagcagt atatatctaa ctggaatcca    114960
     tttcagatct atgtaactaa atttcactga tatggagaaa cccctacata gctccacgcc    115020
     tccctccccc agcttttatt ttcatacata ctgtgtcagt gtttaataag ttgttaaatt    115080
     gtgtgtgtgt atttctattt taaaattcca agagaagaaa agggacaaac atagagagtt    115140
     tactacagca acactccccg tttatgggga gctccatgat ggtgagcatt ctagctgtgt    115200
     gccctgccac gaagctacac accagcctat ataatatcca cggagtgctt gccatctctt    115260
     cacctctcta tgggtttgtg tgacccccct ggcataattc cccacctgcc tcatttgtgc    115320
     ttaactgtca cacacagtgc accgatacat gttgtagctt ggcagtcatt atttcctaca    115380
     gttgctctta gctcagttgg gaggaggagg gaaagggaca gctgtgccct gcctctggtg    115440
     gccctcaggg tcacgctccc agcggctctc tggatgtgca ctgctgtgtg ctgacatttg    115500
     ggtttagact gaagcatgtt ctttagcatt tctggccggt tcttttgcta gtagggaatt    115560
     ctctcaggtg ctgtttatct agaaatgtct tattttgccc cagttttgaa agttttgctg    115620
     gatgtaagat ttctggtcat ttttctctct ctccatactg atttcccctt ctctttttgg    115680
     cctctggttt tgtttgttca tttgtttgtt tttgtgtttt tgttttttgt tttttgtttc    115740
     ttttctgatg agaagttata tctttgtctt agagtccctt tgtaaatatg gttgttttta    115800
     agatttcact tttgtctttg actttgagcc ttttgactgt gctatgtctg ggtgcacagg    115860
     ttcactattt ctatttctaa atcacatatg agacaggttt ctctgtgcag ccctggctat    115920
     cctggtactc actatgtaga ccaggctagc ctcaaactca cagaggtcca cctgcctctg    115980
     cctcctgagt gctgggatga aaggcgtgtg cgtccttgga taattttatt agtatacatc    116040
     tcttgtaaag aggagcaggt ttcattatgg cattgtcatt cgtgtatatc aagttctttg    116100
     gtggtgttta gtcctctctt cccctttctt attcctgata accctcctct ttcctctccc    116160
     cttacattgt acctgtgaga ggtaacatat gctgtttgtc ttggtgaggt tggtttgttc    116220
     cagacttact acggtgatct ctagttcatc cattttcttg ccatcacccc acaccccaca    116280
     aaagaaaacc tagcatattt ttttttcctt ttttgatggc tgaataaaac cacacttgtg    116340
     tgtgtgtgta tacttatatt tgtattatac tttgttactc cattcatgga cagctggctg    116400
     tgagcagtgc agtggcgagg caggtgtgat ggcatctctt gcaagctgac tttgattctt    116460
     ttggctagag cccagaagca gtgaggctgg ctcttagggt cactctaatt ttaatttttc    116520
     agaagctttc ctaccagttt tctttgaata tatttaatgc atttttttct tttctccctc    116580
     tgatcttttc taatattagg cacatgttgg aactcaatga tgttcttttg gtaattttct    116640
     tctttagttt ttcttactct gtgttgtgta tcctgccctg cttcttgctt gctgagtccc    116700
     tccatcagca ggtactattt gggtgctgct ggagtatttt ttttcatctc aggtgtcttt    116760
     caagttttag gggcgcaaat tgctccaatt gtgatccagc tgaagttggg tttcttggca    116820
     gtgttgccag ctcgtgaggc ttgctttttg ctgttaatta tctgtctgtc tgtctgtcta    116880
     tctatttatc tacgtacaat ttcaagacag ggtttctttg tgtagctctg gctgccctgg    116940
     aacttatgtt gtagaccagg ctagccttga actcagaaca aggtatcctc ttgcctctgc    117000
     ctctagaatg ctgggatgaa aagtgtgtgc cactgcctgt gtgtcaaagt ataggtctgt    117060
     gcgtctgagt acagatgcct gtggagccca gaaggggtga ggtgctctgc agctggggcc    117120
     tcatacatac aggtcagctg cctggcaagc ctgctgggga tcagactcag ggcttctgga    117180
     ggacgagaaa ggattgtcaa ctgctgagcc ttttctccgg cctccagtag aatcttctgc    117240
     atttagacca aggaaagttg aggccattgt tgctcactgg ctgctgagtg gacataaagt    117300
     aggttttttg tcctaagaag gacttccctc ttctcctgtg tgtttggttg gtgtggtttt    117360
     ttttgttttt gtttttgttt ttgttttttg ttttgttttt cgagacaggg tttctctgta    117420
     tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt agaccagggt ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc    117480
     acctgccttt gcctcccaag tgctgggatg aaaggcgtgc tccaccaccg cctggctgtt    117540
     tgtttttaaa cttaatgttt ttattgatta tttggcaatt tcatacaatg caccccaatc    117600
     atgttcccag tcctcccagg tccactccac cctgtgacct cccccaaaac aaaaggagaa    117660
     gaaaaactta ccaagtccaa cttgtgctgc ccatatactc actggagcat ggtcaaactc    117720
     ccagtggcca gccccttaaa gagaactgag tgtgaccatc ctctgctcgc tcccaccaga    117780
     agccatcagt tggggagagc tacacttcag catccttatc acaattttaa aagagctctc    117840
     ttcatctctt caatgacttc ttgtttagac tgtttctttg ttgggggaat ggggtggggc    117900
     aggagagaag ttgtcacaga attcttacat atctcttgtt ttcaactgtg tctgcagtca    117960
     tcagtaccac tgcagaagaa gtcgccttgc ccctttgtag tcagtggcag cattgaccat    118020
     ggaattccac atggtttctg gctacagcac aggtcacaga caccatcatg gcccttggtg    118080
     ttagcttgga catcacatag gcagcagggc cgtggatcct agcatgtcat tagaggcagc    118140
     gtggatatca gcatggtccc ttggtggtag cacacaccac agacatccac acagcccttg    118200
     gccgcaacat ggtccatgaa tgttgacgtg gtctctggtg gcagcatact gtccatatca    118260
     ctttgctccc actcccttcg gcacctccct tgtgcacatg gctctgttct gccatctttc    118320
     cttccagttt tgtgagtcta ctttttaaat ggatcttccc ataggacctg cccttctcta    118380
     gttttctggg gacactgtga acctgcagac ttctctgcca ctgctttgtc tcctctggga    118440
     acttccatgg gtctctcggg ctcctcagag ctgctctgtg gtcccatgtc gggtgccagc    118500
     tttgatccca gccttgcttc aggtttttat ccttgatagt gttcctgggt ctggctgtgc    118560
     agtccctgct ccttcacaca caccccagta gcgtatagat ggagtagatg ttgaggtgga    118620
     ccagcctgga acactggctc taggcccaga aggccttcca ttctcctgcg gtcttgctca    118680
     gatctcccct gtgccatagg atgtgggcac ggggtgtagg ctctatgcag ctgctgccag    118740
     ctgcgcaaac cagcttttgc agtggtaaac tgtggggaat gcagtctaga atgtttgctg    118800
     gctgctaaac cacctgcaat accccctcaa cacagggatc tgagggagat ggaaactgct    118860
     gctgggacag ttcaggaagc agtccccagg gcgcatgccc cagctgctca ctgttcttac    118920
     agagtctgca gagcttgttc ctagatcctt ctttcttgct tgcaaggtct ttgatcagtc    118980
     tccagtgtct ttgctgattt tgactggtct acagcagatc tgtcaggagg cagttttcat    119040
     tttgatacca ttttatgcta cctaaaatgt aagaacatga atggagggaa agaataggct    119100
     agtggttagg gtgttgcttc acagtgaaaa ttctgttgtg gttttatatc tgcctttcac    119160
     ttgacctgca tatgtccact tggacaaaga catgcttttt atattcccta ttgcagtagg    119220
     cactgtgatt tcaaatagaa atgatagtaa ataaacacta tgagttaaaa gacatcattt    119280
     acaatttcca ctttagccac tagagtcttt ctggctctgg attgaacttg ccagccagcc    119340
     agccagatag acagaaagta gatataggta gatagatagt aagtagatat atatgtaggt    119400
     ggatagatag atacatagac aggtctgttt tctaagtaag aatcttttag gagttaatga    119460
     acatgtttta ttaacctgtg ccaaacattg aaacttcttg ataattcatt gagtaaagta    119520
     gatcaatcca tactaaaact ctatgtaacc caggaagcag gagctaaaca acctattttc    119580
     tcaattactg tagaaagttc atgcaatggc ctggtggaac ttgtatcaca aataggaaca    119640
     gatcctgaaa gtctatttga aatttgtcta gtccctgtag aggtttgtgt cacctagcag    119700
     ctgttggatg gttgacttag ctatatcagt aggggacagg gtgacagtac caggccttgt    119760
     cctcctggga ctctggtgca ctgactgact gtaagaacct tctggttggc tgggtagttt    119820
     ccttggcttg ctctggagag gactgagaac caccaagttg gtgtggagtt gctttcctcc    119880
     tgccctgcct tactgtgaca ctccatccct ttttacttta agaatagagc caatggaagg    119940
     tgtggccatt tgcccagcac attatcttag tttcagtatt tctactagtc acattgtatt    120000
     aggattttac tctttgaaat gtgacaacaa tgttaccttc catgttcata tcaggaatgt    120060
     gccactccga cttgtagatt ggtttttaaa aggcatttgc taaaatgtga tcctatatca    120120
     gtctgtttcg gttaccatat tctttaccca aacaccagtg gtaattttaa catgtgtgct    120180
     tgtttaaagg tatttgaagt ggtggagcgt gtagaagagc taagacggaa gtggccagtg    120240
     gcatggggaa agttagatga cggcagcatc ggtgtggtga cgccatacgc tgaccaggtg    120300
     tttagaatcc gagctgagct tcggaagaag aggctctcgg atgtgaatgt ggaaagggtg    120360
     ctcaatgtcc aaggtcagtg tccattggaa tgagtcacgc tgttcaaatg ccttaaggtg    120420
     tgtccacatt ggatttttaa ttcctttaaa taataggttt ttaagaaatc taatattaag    120480
     gaaagaaaga aatctcatta ctttttttga gctggcagtg atacaagttc tttaatatta    120540
     aatttacatg tttataaagg ttccaatacc caaattaagg tagtattaac aacccaagca    120600
     gctgaagggg tttgcagcct cctaggagga acaacaatat gaactaacca gtatctctag    120660
     agttcctggg gactaaacca ccaatcaaag aaaacacatg gtgggactca tggctccagc    120720
     tgcatatgta gcagaggatg gcctagtcgg tcatcaatgg gaggagaggc ccttggtcct    120780
     gtgaaggttc tatgccccca gtgtagggga attcctgggc caggaagcgg gagtgagtgg    120840
     gctggggagc agggggatgg gggagaggat agggtatttt tggagggaaa actaggaaag    120900
     gggataacat ttgaaatgta agtaaagaaa ataaaaaaat aaaatagaaa aaaaagagag    120960
     aaattaaaac aaaaggtagt attaacaaat tgactttatt atcatagtta tataatttca    121020
     caaatatcta tatgatacag ccctaacatc atataaataa tacatgctgc tgtattgcat    121080
     ttggggacta acttgaaata tgttatctgt agacttcctt aagtgactag gtgtctgcaa    121140
     atttgttttc actgttcatg aaatgagttg ttttaaactt tgtgcctact aaatatttga    121200
     agcatgttat tattatttta tctttttatt gattctttgt gagtttcaca tcatatacct    121260
     tagtcccact catctcccca tcgcttcata tctgccattt gtcctcgcac tctcccccca    121320
     aaataaaacg catacaaata aacaacaaca aagtaaagca tagaaaacat gtcactgaag    121380
     ctgtagtgtg tcacagtgtg tctcccagtc cacccctctg tccacacctt cacttgcagg    121440
     tactctttgc agtgagtcat tggtctggat ctgtggccta tgtgactcca tcattggatc    121500
     ctcactggga ctcctcccag ttatcttgtt gttgccctgg gtcatggaga tcctgcagct    121560
     ttggaacagc aggactggcc ctttcacttt ccccagccac tcttagatgg tagagatttt    121620
     ggggtgggac accacagagt cctgggtctg ggcctgcgtg gtggcagagc tgctcactat    121680
     attggccctc tcttatcagc accaccagat aacttcccag cactgctctg gctaggtctc    121740
     atgtcctcgg gacgggctca accacaccat gcctccagaa ccagatgaag cagtgttaga    121800
     aggtgaacac cagagaaagc ctagtagagt caggtgcatt atgcagcagg aatagtgacc    121860
     tagtgtctgg atcatgggga gcaagaattc ccttctgccc catcccggcc tcacttcgct    121920
     gggtgcttct gtaatggaca caaatgctct gcttgaagag aagatgtaaa tgtaagagca    121980
     tgtaagatgc tctattcttt atccacatgg gtgggagcag gtgaaaatgt ggaattggag    122040
     aagagaaaac tagagaccaa atatttggag ccttgtggta caatgagggg atgttagatt    122100
     acggtaagaa acaatgttcc gaagccagac tccataaagc ttctttgtga agccggctgt    122160
     gtttgttctg cttggcagag gactgagtgc cctgcttcaa ggagagagga ctgagtgccc    122220
     tgcttcaagg cgaaggctgc tgtgttggat ggctgctgcc ctagataatc tcacagattg    122280
     actccaacaa taggattagg aaaaacatca agcgaggcat ggtggtacat ctctggaatg    122340
     tgagcattca ggaggccgag gcaagaggat cccaacacgg ggttgaggcc agcctgcatt    122400
     ggcagtttag taagacattg ttggcatgtt ttcaaaagca aaacaaaatc ataaaataac    122460
     ctctttttat gtgtatggta aaatgtgcac aacaaaactt acccattttg agcattttat    122520
     gtgcagttca gtgtggccag tagaggatcc tgtggtgtag tcctcaccac catctaccgc    122580
     aagaactgtc catctttgca aagggagact ccgtgcccat taaataatac ctgcattcct    122640
     ctcctgccct tggctaactg tgctctgctc tcctttctct ctgtgggagt ttcagtactc    122700
     agtgcctctt gtaattagat tcaggcagta cagtctgagt atctcttacc cagagtgctt    122760
     ggggttggtt agacacgttg agatctcagg ggtccaggtt aggggttttt ccctcaactt    122820
     acatgtgacc ttttgtgact aggttttgtt cactgaatga agtgcctctg agggtcattc    122880
     acatagtggc atgtctcagc tgggccactt gtgtgtaatc acactggagt gtctgtgctc    122940
     cctgggtcac atttcttggc atcatgatca aggcttctgt gagcctggga gcagcgacct    123000
     catggagacc ttgcttgcag tttggtagga tttgtctgaa gtggacttgc tggatcagat    123060
     ggtcacggtg gttcatttgt gaggaactgg cagagtttca gagcagccat gcactcagag    123120
     ctgcatgtgg ttaggatctc tggtgtctcc accagcagct gtcgttcagc cagtacggtt    123180
     ttgaagatgg aagacttact gcatcagtga tggcagagtg atgatctgtc tttctttcaa    123240
     tgtttttcta ggaaagcagt tcagagttct gtttcttagc acagtgcgta cacgccacac    123300
     ttgcaagcac aagcagacgc caattaaaaa gaaagagcaa ctcctggaag actccaccga    123360
     ggacttagat tatggttttc tatccaacta caaacttctc aatacggcca tcaccagagc    123420
     acagtccttg gttgctgtgg tgggtgaccc tgttgctctg tgctctattg gaaggtgtag    123480
     gtaagtgtgt cactgaactg agagaatcta aatagaagta tggagtaatt tacatcttta    123540
     tgcatgtgtt tgtctgtacc atcacacagt gaattaaagt ctggcttact gttacctgat    123600
     gatgttagtg agagatctgt tattcaggtc tgttgatggt acatgcatgc ttcatttccg    123660
     tcggcaagca gtcagcagtt agacctcagt gtacttaagt ctgcgagcag tcagcgatgc    123720
     ccccgagtgc gtttgtactc tgcgctctac tctccgctcc gcactcttcc ggtctggaga    123780
     tggtcagtga gcaaaacaca cagacatcgc tgtcgtcatg gtggttacac tctacagggc    123840
     aggaaagttg actgacgaca aacggaatga gaacactgtg tagaatttga ctaagtaaat    123900
     gagagtggag ggggagggag ggagggaggg gagaggagca cttaggggta agagatgggg    123960
     tgttgactag aaaggctgca ctcagaggag gcctccccag gaggctgact ttggaagtga    124020
     cagggtgagc tcaggggtta cctgtggcta acgtctctag aagagggcag ctagtgcccg    124080
     agcctgagcc gggctcgtcc cgtgtccttc agtcaagcac agactaatgt agtaaattgt    124140
     ctactgtctg ctgcctctcc ctgtcctgct cgtccccttg cttaaaactt aatttatggt    124200
     tacatttatt ttaaatgatt tcatgaatgt atataatata atctagtaat tctcagttcc    124260
     aagttgtgat aattttgtag tcattttctt ttaaggtttc tgcttgtttg gtttgagaca    124320
     gggtctctat gtagctatga ctgtcctaga actttctatg tcgaccagac tggctttgaa    124380
     ctcaaagaga tcctcctgcc tctgcctccc aagggttggg attaaaggca ggtacttctt    124440
     tctcatgtta ggattactct tgactcttat tttattttat aattaatttt attttgtatt    124500
     gtgtgtgtat atatatatat ttgtgtatgg gcatgtgcac atgagggcag gtttctagac    124560
     ttacaggtgg ttatgaacct ctaggagagc agcaggtgtc cctgagcact gagctgtggc    124620
     tccagcccct cctccgtgtg gttccaaggc aggtctctcc atctggagct cacagctgac    124680
     tgttctggct ggctaaggac cttgtccctg cccagctcct cctctgtact cttgtcccca    124740
     ctcctcaggc ctgggccccc acactggctc cttcttcact gtcccctgag ctatctgtgc    124800
     agccccatgc tcatagcgtc ctctacaaga gaaagctggt aactaaagag gctgtgctta    124860
     gcttagggaa agagcttttc ctttacaaaa ataaacatga aataagctca taggtttcat    124920
     agctcagcta ggagcagttc tgcggtcaca tggtatcagt ctcctgtcgg aacactgttg    124980
     cagtttgttt ataatcacaa tgacaaaatc tggggaaagg cgtgcattcc agggtacaga    125040
     actctgctcg agtccttgcc tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    125100
     tgtgagagtg agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagat gcatatgggt    125160
     attaatacca cagcctgtat ctggatgtct gcaggcaact ttgtgtagtt gggcctctcc    125220
     ttccacctca tgttggcaca gcagcacttt cgtctgctgg agcacctcac cgtgagtcag    125280
     gattaagtgt agtagtgggt ctcctaactt cgctcctgtc cggagaattt tgttttagtt    125340
     gctcaactgt ctctccaaag tgtgttggtt aaagtgttag aatgctgtgg ttttgccatt    125400
     tgtgtttatg tttacaatta gaaagacttg gatgcaaaca gctctgtgct gttagggagg    125460
     tgactgggca cagtggagtg tgcagacaca ttgctgggag ctctccttag cagcctgagt    125520
     gttgctgaag aagctgtcgc cttttctgaa gacagaccac tgcgagcagc ctaggactag    125580
     caattttagt cttttcctga ctcgagttgt tactttctct acgcagataa gtgaagaatt    125640
     cttcctgtgg cctgctgttg agttgggcag ggctaatttt tagcttgagg ctgggtcctc    125700
     cgatggctta tttccaactt catcttggat ctacaaagga ctgcagttaa ttcatgtgct    125760
     aagcagagtg cttgcggggg agtagtaaac tcttgaggga gggagatatt gcacaatgcg    125820
     aatggtgatt gcctctgtca tttggatagt ttaaatcatg gctccagctc atgggttgat    125880
     agtgataaaa tcaataataa caacttcacc aaccaaccag tacagttaac agtacaggct    125940
     gagtccagga agggatgtga cgccgggtcc catcagaatg atgggtgaat tcttagaatg    126000
     tggcttcttc agcacctccc agcttgtgtg ctgtttatta gagagtgatg tggcattctc    126060
     aggtgtcacc ggggtttcca gaagtgattc ctgtgtatta caccagctta atcttgttct    126120
     ttttgttatt gttttgaata gaatatgcct gttagtctga aaaagatata atgaacttct    126180
     tcctcccctg ctagcaaata ttagtgcagc agctgttcct gacgaccatc cgtgtcggat    126240
     gctgtctgtg ggctgtgcac acattgcccc gtttagtcag accaacgacc gtccagcgtg    126300
     gctgtttatt ttcattttaa acagagcgcc tgatgcagtg aaatttaagt aaatcggctg    126360
     aaggccttat gtggttcaca aacagttgtc agagtgactt caaaactaag gcctttctca    126420
     tgaaagaatg actgcatgac aaactgtggc gaggctgggg agtgagaagt ggcaggagca    126480
     ggtggcacag tgatgtcgtt gttccacatc acagacttgg agaaattctt ccttagagtg    126540
     gatttcttca ttagcacgtg tcattaactt ggtgaatata aacatttaat gcatgtgtag    126600
     aatatgaccc aaacatgata gtatgttcca aggacagtga aggaatactt actttgtgtg    126660
     tgttgtgtat gtatatatgt acatatacat gaaaacaaaa ctaatacaga atcaggacag    126720
     atttacttag actcatcttt ttagttatta caagcagtgt tcagctacag aaacggtcag    126780
     gaaagtgctc gcctctgaag cacaagggag gcaggggaag cgcggggagg acctgtttaa    126840
     ttttcctgtt acacttacag cacatcctcc cccatctccc cagaagtctt tgtgtggggc    126900
     agcctagcct gacttcagga cggtgagaaa cctaccttgt ctataaaatc aaaaatcaaa    126960
     ccaaagcaag gttgactcct gaagctgacc tctggcttcc ctctacatgc acaggctcag    127020
     ccacacacag gcactcactc actcacatac acaaaatgaa aagtagcgcc atgttttctg    127080
     atatatgtga aattccatta cagtgtatgg acataagtgg ctttctagct agcgttgctt    127140
     taaaacagtg gtcagtatag taagagattg ccattttagg gagcatccaa ggatgggagc    127200
     ctttgaccac agttgtgaat tctcatctcc atgaacacgc ttgacgttct cacatgatct    127260
     tccactttct gttagaatgt cctcacgatg cctgtgtgag tggctgtctc gggggctcac    127320
     tgggcacctg gtgccagttt ggcgatctga gcttcatcct gatggacctc acaggtcatc    127380
     ctctgacctc cattcacaca ttatggcaca catacacatg tgtgtgcatg tacacataca    127440
     aacttgcaca cactcaggaa cacacagtca gaagtgtaat acacttgtaa gagcttttat    127500
     ggagaggaca acctaatttc ttttcagctt taaaactaaa acttttggga taggcaagat    127560
     ggctcagcag gtcaaggcct ttgccacata aacctagaag ggggaaccat tgtcctctgg    127620
     cttccacata cgtgtcatag aatgtgctcc tctgaaacaa acaaaacaaa acaacaaaca    127680
     acaaacccca gattggtttt gtaagaaata gtgcatgctt acctaggctg catgaggccc    127740
     tgggtgcctc tccagtaccc ttctctctct gtttttctct gaaagtttag aagaaatttc    127800
     atgagaactg taataaggaa tgttagtaat gctgtctcct ccacgctgta catgtggaag    127860
     ccagcacaag gagagacatg acagatgtct ctgcactgca gcaagggtcc cagcctcggc    127920
     tgtttgccct gtcagtacat gcacgctctc tctctctgaa agctagattc ttttttacgg    127980
     ttgtcttgtt ttgcctactt ttcaaactat attttacata atttatttag ctcttatcac    128040
     ttagttggtg atataagttg tgtttatgac aagcatttct aagagaaaaa tatatgagta    128100
     gctggttatt tttcagaatc ctcatgcaga ttattttctt catgactcca ttttatattc    128160
     tgatttggtt ttattaatct agcatatcca ggttcgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    128220
     tgtgtgtatg tatgcacacg tgtgtgtgca catgtgtatg catgtttgtg gaagtctatg    128280
     agaaaatacc ttcctcactt tacaccttat tatttatgtg tcaatatgta tgtgccattt    128340
     gtatgtggag cctacggagg cgagaagcca ggtcccggga gctggagttg aaagcccttg    128400
     tgccatctga tgtgggtgtt agaagctaag gttgggtcaa gcgctcttcc acccatccca    128460
     ccttattttt ttgagatggg tgtgtctcat tgaacctggg gcgcaccagc tccacagatc    128520
     cccgtgggtt acaggctcca ccccagcctt tatttgtatg ggcgttgtag ttcagaactc    128580
     aagtcttcat gctatgcagc aagcatttta ccaactgagt cctctcttta gccgcataca    128640
     aggttccttc taatctgtag ttcatagtaa tatgcatata tattttaatt ctctatgtat    128700
     gtagtatata gatacagtcc atttgttatt tactgatgag ttctgagaaa ggcagttttg    128760
     agtgctgtca ccatcaaagc aaataccagg aaggacagcc atgatactgt ttggcagaaa    128820
     tcatcacttt atgtatgcag tgtggtatga ctaattgtta tgcagagtgt cactctttat    128880
     agatgtgagt atgtgcatgt atcattacaa gtatataaac atgtatgcat atgtgtgtgt    128940
     aagactagaa gtacagattt tctataaatt gagctactct cagttttgaa aacctcatta    129000
     catggttcat aaatacatgg ttcataaata catggttcat aaatacatgg ttctgtatta    129060
     gtgttgtgag gcaaagtttc ttatggtctt gttgtatata gtatgctcct aggctatcta    129120
     cacttttgtc attgagaaag attctatcta cactgtactt agataaatat tagccttaaa    129180
     gatttgaggt aggatgaagt ggaaacttaa agggttcttt ggagagtctg ttgtgttgga    129240
     tggtgttttg ttggggcaaa cgtgtgaagg aatgttgtcc taaagtggac acaggtgaaa    129300
     gactaactcg tgaaggaaca ttttattgaa gcagacacag gtgaaaggat gttctgttag    129360
     agtatgcatc tgaaaagaca catgatgaag gattttttgt taataacatg tatgtatagg    129420
     tctgtcttat attgtgtagt tgagctgcat ttgtctggat tccattagag agaaacacac    129480
     caaaaatctc ctgtggtgtg ctgtagtttt tttgtcgctt ttttggactc aagctgattg    129540
     gcacagtgat gtcactgaat cagacacacg tgccgaggca agacccatag aggatacggg    129600
     acgtttagag ggtagagata ggactcgaca gacagtgacg gagtcagaac taggtttact    129660
     tagagaacta gctgtataac acttgtgggt cttgtgtctt tgttgatcat tgtttctatg    129720
     agagaggcac aggcaagaac ttgccctggt gtccctcctg gtccctcctg ctgactcgag    129780
     ccgaggctga ggcccggctg tccctgctag gcagtgccac cgctgtggat tcctgcttgc    129840
     tatccagact ctaccacact agcctgctgg tgcatccaaa agtgtttgtg agtggataga    129900
     gctgctgcaa acctgtgaac tgaactgctg attttcagac aacacagatg gcagtttcta    129960
     aacaggtcct cttcccccat atcctttctt ttccactatc tctgatgggt gatgggctac    130020
     aagggagata aaaatattta agaaccatca aaaataggtt ttaaaaacaa ttagttactg    130080
     ttggtatcca acgtggggca gtgggcagaa tttgaactta tctttagtta cttccattca    130140
     tccactggta cttgtaacct gaatttctga atctttcccg cagaaagttt tgggagcggt    130200
     ttattgccct gtgtcatgaa aaccacagct tgcacgggat cacgttcgaa cagatcaagg    130260
     cacagttaga ggctttagaa ctcaagaaga cttacgtgtt gaatccactg gctcctgagt    130320
     ttatcccccg ggctttacga ctgcagcatt caggaaacag tagcagacag cagcagtcac    130380
     cacccaaggt aaaggccctg ctttacactg gcttgttgtt aaagtactgg aattagggtc    130440
     acatttggtg gccacagctg tatttgcaag gaactttgct gagacttggg tgctggggac    130500
     catgcttact gttcagtcgt ccgctccagc tgtgaggtgg ctgacaacct gcagtacctt    130560
     tgcctaccct ccagcactcc tcccttgata ggcgcgaggc cggcagcaga tgtgaataca    130620
     accacagcgt aaagggttat tactaaagat atttattaac ttgtgagtga gtgagtgtgt    130680
     gtgtgtgtgc gtgtgcgtat gcgtgcatgc cacacatcta tgccatgcag atatgaggaa    130740
     ggaggtcaga ggacaacttg ggagtcagtt ttgtctttga gcaaatttcc ttcacctact    130800
     gattcacctt accatcccca gtgacacact taaagcatgt tgatacaaac tcttatgtac    130860
     agaaattaca ttttaaaata atttttcaat aaagaaaagc aaccgtttca tttcaagtgg    130920
     tatttggaca tagttgagac aacttgctgg attcttgaag atagaatggt tctgcggtct    130980
     ggaagcagcc tgtttagaat gggtagagct gggggtaggg ggaggtcaag gccattttca    131040
     gttttgagct acagttattt tgagcaaaga cagctggctt gtttactcca gtgcatgaaa    131100
     aaaaattctt gcatttagca tcctgaaaag cagattctga aactggcatg tgtgggattc    131160
     actgcagtct gctgatgact ttattgactt tataaaaaaa aaattaagct tactatctga    131220
     atttaaagag tatattagca ttggtcttcc aatatctaac atgtgagcaa taatgaatgg    131280
     cttaatattg tgaagatctt tttagttaaa taggggctaa gctcaagagg agtgttaatg    131340
     cagtcatatg ttcgtagctt aattaaaaca cgctgttttc cttctgtgat ttggtgttgt    131400
     tggagggtaa agcattctgc actaattagt tgcttctgcc tgccacgtgc tggatgctag    131460
     aagcatagat aaccaagcta gcacgagtcc ttttgaggca gatgttggat ggatgctgtc    131520
     agggtggcgg agcaggagat ggagtcagag acacacagtg ggcttcttgt tgaggacatt    131580
     actgagtgca tagaggcagg aggcttggag aaaatgtaaa caaaacaaat aagaacaatg    131640
     aagcccaagc tagctcaact gggctgggtt tttcttttgt tagttattgc ctggaagcca    131700
     ataactagcc tgggctacct gacacctcat ctgagaaaaa cacattattt ttaggtcagt    131760
     aaggacgctc tgcattatat gactgtagtg agtacctggt accactgact tacaaagtgc    131820
     tgaggatatc tacatgacat accatctgag aaaagtgcat tttttataaa ctagtgagga    131880
     agctctgcat tatgtgacta tagcaaatgc cgggtaccac tgacttaaaa agtgccgagg    131940
     ctatcctgtc tcacagttta agagtcttca gcctgtgacc ggttggcccc ttggattggg    132000
     tcagaagctg cctgtcctgc tgggacccac cacttcatgg ttgggaagca aaactgagca    132060
     ggaagagagg ggaccaggtc ccacagattt ccccacggca cggcttctgc cttgaagctc    132120
     tcgcacttgg cccctcctct tacagggccc ctcacctact gaggatcaag tctttggggg    132180
     gtggggcatt tcagatccaa actatagcaa gcttttacaa agactatggg acacaagaga    132240
     tcaggggaca tttttgtggg ggaccacagg agcttagggt atgtgaaagt ccggaattca    132300
     aggctagcaa cagctagaag cacttggcac gccaacatga tgacctgaga tggcttttct    132360
     gggctcacga tggagggaag aggataaccc ctaaaccctc tcccctcccc cataacacac    132420
     acctagacat acacaaatag acagacaggc agacagacac ccataacaca cacctagaca    132480
     tacacaaata gacagacagg cagacagaca cccataacac acacctagac atacacaaat    132540
     agacagacag gcagacagac acccataaca cacacataga catacacaaa tagacaggca    132600
     ggcagacaga ttttatttta tttttgagat agaatctcac tgtgtatcac tggaacttga    132660
     tatgtaaact tggtctgtct gcatctgtct cctgagtgtg ctgggattag catggttgta    132720
     tgctaccatg tctggctctc gccagtattt tattttttaa ttgtgagtct atgtacacgt    132780
     gtatgggttt gcacacatga atacagtgcc tgtggagact agaagagaga gtctgacccc    132840
     ctggaactgg agttcaactg gcagttgtga gccactggac ttgggtgctg gggactgaac    132900
     tcaggctctt tgcaagaaca gtgcatgttc ccaaccattg ggctatctct cctgtcctcc    132960
     aaattagtaa acatttattg aatgaataag aggtgggggc acagaatgag tgatgaaaaa    133020
     ggtaaagact taaacaaatg aatgatagct gatacaagtt acatttcttt atagatataa    133080
     caggtgggag ctgtatttgc ttatagagat cccacattag catcttagcc acggtgagcc    133140
     acatgctgag gtttattgtc agatgaaatt aagaattatt atagagggct ggagagatgg    133200
     ctcagcggtt aagagcactg actgctcttc cagaggtcct gagttcaatt cccagcaacc    133260
     acatggtggc tcacaaccat ctgtgatggg atcagacacc ctctcccaga gtgtctgaag    133320
     acagctacag tgtacttaca tataataaat aaataattct tttaaaaaaa gaattattat    133380
     agaataactt ctgcacatag ttgctctagc tggctgttac attcagattt tgattataaa    133440
     ataccaaact gtattttacc caaaccaagc aaatctgctg cttacagtta accactaaat    133500
     caaagtatgg tgggtcgctg tattctttga gcttcattga gtgtaggatt agacataaag    133560
     acatgacacc tctgtgtgtg acaggacctg gtttgctttt gcctttagta tatcacattg    133620
     ccagagtatt gtctgtcagc taccaagcta cccactttaa aaggatgaac ctcagttatg    133680
     gctacctttg tatcagctcc ccactactgc acagcaccac cattagcgga gggacttaag    133740
     aacatgagct tggttggaac tggcttgctt catttctctg ttctgggttt tcaaggttgg    133800
     gaccaggctg ttggctgaca gagctcttag atacctggaa ggaatctgct tcctcactga    133860
     tgcaagtggt tgccagaatc aggtcctcat ggtttaggac tgatacccct gtctcctcgg    133920
     tgaccgtgat catctgaggc aggctaatgt atcaccatac gactctgggt gtcattgctt    133980
     atttactaaa ggtcccagtg atgggtattt ggatctctta agcaactctc acacatggat    134040
     gaggaacatc tgtgcccata tccctgatta tttcatttgg gtaaatccct ggaagtgcaa    134100
     ttacagtatc aattctctgt acatccttgg tgcttctgaa ctctatcgcc aaactgcctc    134160
     ctagcaatta actgaagtaa gtccctcccc aaatcatcag ggtcccttgc tttttttcag    134220
     agaaaattga attctttgag atactatgaa tcatactaaa gaacagaaat cacactgtgt    134280
     tagtggttct catcttcttg aggagagcac ttgagatttc ctttttgaca aacaactttt    134340
     atgttttgtc atttcatttt tagagcaatt tgagggatgt taccatggag ttgtagagat    134400
     gatatttttc attgtagttc cagaacttgg aaggcagaga ggaaggaggg tcattgaatt    134460
     tgtggccagc ccatgatata gcaagtttca gaccagtcag gctacattaa agaaaaaaac    134520
     aaaaaacaaa accaacccca aatttgttaa taaagagttt gagaggtggc agtgttccga    134580
     ggggagagtg cttgcctctc agcatgcacg aagctccacc ccagcactta ggaggtagag    134640
     acagaagaag acaaccaagg ttacccttgg ctacctaacc agtttgaggc cagcctgggt    134700
     tacataagac cctgtcttaa caaaacagga gctagagaga tagctcagag gctgagagac    134760
     tctgctcagt cacaagggtg ggagtttgca tcctagcacc tatgtaataa gcctggcatc    134820
     ttccaaatcc ctgtaaatga aacgctgaga gattgaatcc ctcctcttaa cttctgtgcc    134880
     taagcacctg cctacaactc tgctgatgca cacacatgca ggctcataca ggagagcgcg    134940
     tgagcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaagga aatcttcaaa    135000
     atacaaaaca taaaaggatt ttagatgtcc ttagttttga agcagaaaac tgaaaatgca    135060
     gcaactttgc cgaaaggcat ggacctaaag aaagtggttt tgacgacagc ctcatacttt    135120
     aaaaatctta attgtgggta tttatatttc gtttgtgtgt gcttaggaag tacttgggtc    135180
     tctattgtta aaacataaag atcatttatc atatatttgt ttttgttttt aaaggtgaaa    135240
     agcctctatc atccccagag tgatcatttc cagagtgatg gaattggtga gtagaaacgc    135300
     taactccaga aaaacttgct tttgaaagac ttaatcaaga aaaaaaactg ccatgagaga    135360
     gaacgttctg tctgcgtgtc tgcctctcct ctcctcttcc caccctttac accccctccc    135420
     caatctctca ggcatataca aatacaagct ttgtatcctt agtgagttct ttattctctc    135480
     atgacaatgt gttgatttct gaaaagtgac tggattgtag caaccagcat gcatagcctt    135540
     ctacatgaca taagtgttca cgaggtaact ctgtcctata aatgtttcaa gataaagttt    135600
     attaggatgc tcttgagtgc tgtggtcata cttgtgtaac cttcactccc catgtggcta    135660
     tgtcccaagt cgtatgtggc aagtcaggac ctgattctga ggaaccgtcc gctctggtct    135720
     tgagactgct gttcagagtt gtgcggtcat ggttcgctgt gttgaagact cacctccagc    135780
     ttctcacgag ttagcactgc aggctttgca cagcatcctt cgcacagctg cagctgatgc    135840
     ttgagcgcac tgtggagcgg ctgtggaggg gtttcatggt tcatctggga tatgtgttat    135900
     tgctattggg tgattagagc atttctgtcc aggtcaatgt gtacagctat tgagtctcct    135960
     ttttgtttgt ttgtttttca gttcagccca atccttccgt acttattggc aatcctatta    136020
     gagcatatac tcctccgccc cctcttggac cgcacccaaa cttgggaaaa tctccaagcc    136080
     ccgttcaaag aatagatcct cacactggga ctagtattct ttacgtacct gctgtctatg    136140
     gaggaaatgt agttatgtcg gtgcctttac ctgtaagtgg atgcttcaaa tactttctcc    136200
     taaatcagta gcggcggtgg cagtcccagt gagggtttgc catcctttgc ttttccgtgc    136260
     tgggcactga accaagggtc tcatgtatgc agcagtcact gctgagccac acccacgtgc    136320
     ttttatttta tttttgcctc tctagcatcc ataaagtgac tcatgtttaa tttttaagtt    136380
     ttgaaatggc cagagatgtg aatgactaaa tgtcactggt tggtttgcca gagactatga    136440
     agaagtctgg gggtctcctg ttttgattca gaagcctttg aaatcttgta aactgttttc    136500
     ctctgaggag agcagtataa ttgatgtttc tgtttcgtct tctgcatttt attctcagtc    136560
     acgaactgtt gccaagcagc agggttattg gggagccaga gaccttcagt tctcttagag    136620
     accttcagtt ctcttgggtc tcagttggtc tggggaatcc cacgctgtat gacatattag    136680
     agctacacta cggaattctg aggtttttag agggcttcca tctgattcat aaattcactt    136740
     ttatttcctt tttgaaatgt ttggtgattt ttttttaact tgtagagaca tgaatatctc    136800
     taaatttaga agttttagcc taagaaacaa tttatttgat tgaagtgagt taatttcagt    136860
     gagaggtgat cttgtcagag tgctttgaca ctcctgcctg tgcccacaaa gagaaccgct    136920
     gaactgcaag cattctcagc ctgtggtagg tcacagcctg gcagccaagc agagtatggt    136980
     cggaggcaag ggtttcttgc ctgtgcctca gcggcttctg attgtagcta tttctttctg    137040
     gacagcctgg caacatgata catggtctgc tttaaatagt ctgtctgtta ggatttctgt    137100
     ttcattttac taggtcacag agcttttagg atataagatc tctgagagtc tgtgtccgcc    137160
     agttaaaaca gtgacaacgg cagatatcat tttcatccct gtaatgatca tgcatatcta    137220
     ggcaagctct tctgtctctg tgacttaagg tagagttgag tccatcagaa gcattcatta    137280
     aaataatgat ctgtgtgagt tttgcctgcc atgagccctg aatgattgtt actcacgtaa    137340
     ggttagagtt gggactcctt agttttctcc tccaacctta gacccagtct gttaagctat    137400
     ggaactgtga agtttgactt gagaagatca ttttcatgat gctctgtgac gtgtacctcc    137460
     atgtggaggg ggaatgattc aggagtataa actgcgttga tgtcttgggg aataagtact    137520
     agtttcaagt cctcattttc cctaacctgc taaggatttt gagagccagg ttttggctgg    137580
     taagggcata atcgcagtcc tgcccattgc tactgtagag tgatgaccat ggtagtgggg    137640
     taaaagtgtc agctctgtgt agctgctttt gcttatctgc agcaatgtat ccgtttgtgt    137700
     tcagaaactt tactcagttc aattactttg tttctcctaa taattaggtg ccatggacag    137760
     ggtaccaggg taggtttgca gttgaccctc ggattatcac acaccaggca gcaatggcct    137820
     acaatatgaa cctattacac acacacggac gtgggtcacc gatcccttat ggtcttggcc    137880
     atcacccacc tgtcagccta ggccagccac agagtcagca cgcagagaag gatcagcagg    137940
     agcaaaaccg aaatggtagg tcacagtcct cgggaacttg ttctttcagc cctggtgcca    138000
     ggtccttgac ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    138060
     gttgtgaggt gaggcctgag gcactgatcc tgtaagttgg tttgtttatg ctgacgagtc    138120
     tgtggtcatt tgccccagga ccgtctatag aaaagtttgt tctctcacca ctgagcttcc    138180
     tcaaagctag aatcagctct ttttgggggg gtgggggtgg ggtttcgaga cagggtttct    138240
     ctgtagccct ggggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc aggctgtcct tgaactcaga    138300
     aatctgcctg cctctgcctc ccgagtgctg ggattaaagg catgcgccac cacgcccagc    138360
     taatcagctc tttttcattg gcacatgttt gtgtttgtgc tagacatgcc ggcctgagta    138420
     ctctagcatt gtccatgttg cttaggaaaa caggggtttt cctaagtgct cccactttgt    138480
     tctgtctgtc ttgtccaggt tgtttgccat acacagttca gaatcagctt atcttagaca    138540
     aaccaaccaa ccaaccaacc aaccaaccag ccaccaaaac caaccaacca aaaaatccaa    138600
     gaactaacca gcagagcttt tgattggaaa gcagctctgc tccaacttaa cgctgtacca    138660
     ctgatttggg ttataacatt aggtctttat agcagttttg gaagacttgg gaatttaaca    138720
     acaccgagcc tctgagtcta tggacagaat gcatgtgccc ctatgttttt aggtcttact    138780
     ctctttctcg gtttaaaagg aatttaggtg tgaagccttt gctgtggtgt ggggcagaag    138840
     cctggtggtt cttagcatag ctgtcttcct tgctaataca gtccagattc tgagatggta    138900
     ttgctgtgtt tttatttagt tcagtatact ttgtaatttc tcttaaaatt aagatagagc    138960
     catgtactgg gtgggtggtg cttgcctgta atctcaacac tgggaagact gaggccagag    139020
     gattataaaa tccaagctaa cctgggctac agtgtaatga gaccctgtag gctctgtgtt    139080
     ttggctttga tagtttctgc tcttttactc tttagcttgc ctagtttttc ttacacactg    139140
     tttaatcttc tggccaccca ttggttttta gcttgggtgt taccatcctc atttcttgac    139200
     atccgtggtg aggcagcttt gacatgatgg ttgctttgcc aggtcctaga gctgctgcca    139260
     tgttgtctct cagaacgtgc ctgcatcagg cctctatgaa acagggctga attctcatag    139320
     aggaaagctt ttcctacccg agaggttagt ctaggctact acaatcaggt tttgaaaacc    139380
     gtacttttgc tttctgtgta atctgtggcc tacttatgct taaaatgttt gcaaactata    139440
     acttggattt cttttggaat atctttattc accatatgct aacggtcact gtgacacagt    139500
     acctgagatg aacaatctct aaaaaggaaa gatgtgtttt gactcctagt tttaacagat    139560
     tcagcccata cttgctttgt cccactgttg tggggctgtg gccacacagt gcattatgac    139620
     ggcatgtgtg tctccatgtc ctaaggtttc ctcttcccca taaaacacag gctggagaac    139680
     aaggcagttc acacttgggc cttaagggag cttttagatc caaactctca ctatcaggtt    139740
     agagttcgtc agtaaattga gctgataaat tatttagatt tttgcttaat tatatttgca    139800
     attgaacaaa gtgttgaacc tttgtaaaca ggcaggaatg ccaaggcctc ttatgtgtct    139860
     ggtttttaaa atatgagact gtaaattcct ggagagtgga ccattttttt tttttatttg    139920
     ctcttttcag gttgtttgcc ctgtcatttt tcatttataa cttcttccat tttgcagaga    139980
     aactgcagct ctgagaatgg aggagtagaa tgcacatagt agggtaaagc agcaagtgca    140040
     cgatggctaa actactctgc tccgtctagt gttgaatagt cactagcact gtcacattca    140100
     ctggagaaaa ctcatgaggt ttaaaactat cttcttaggt aaaactgata caaataaccc    140160
     tggacctgaa attaataaga tccgaacacc agagaagaaa cctacagagc ccaagcaggt    140220
     atgctgctca cgggaacgga gagggttctg gggtggggga ggtctggccc agagcatctc    140280
     ctgggtctct tgagtctctt acgaactttc tctcagggca actcagtggc ctgtgcctcc    140340
     tttctcctct cctgctgtct gccattatgt tatttccttt gcacatgtgt atctcctcag    140400
     atcctttctt ttttaagttt taaagatgta ttaattttac gtgtataagt gtcttgcctg    140460
     tatgtatata cgtgtaccac atgtgtgcct gtggaggttg gatgaagcca tcagagctcc    140520
     tggaactgga gtcacagatg gttgtgagct gccaggtggg tgctgggaat taagcctggg    140580
     caactgatga accatcatgt ctccgttcgg attttcttat ttcagcaata gacttgactt    140640
     tatagactcc tcatgataaa gatgtctcac tgagagtgac cttagacagg gaaggactgt    140700
     ggcagtgact tccttagtgc ctggccttgt cctctctctg tagatcctta actttgtgtc    140760
     tgcccgtttg tctgccattc atgcttttgt gttggggcag gttagagagg accgtgtcag    140820
     tggttggatt agtgcggctg gcagctcgtg tgctctagtg tcagcagggc ttggctccca    140880
     cctttcttgt gcattattcc tctctccagg ttccttagtg actcttcccc agcctgtttc    140940
     ctcatgatgt agagatgact gctgtcacca ccatcatccg ttggtgacaa gaagtctcac    141000
     tttttataca tccttaagcc tctttgcttt gtcatcccag ccttagatga catcctctgg    141060
     agtttacagt ctcccctggt cccatcacct cactgagtcc atgttctcac ccttctctgc    141120
     tgtgcagact cttttgccca tcgatcctcc ccaccctgct tgccgtgcag ttactctagc    141180
     ccaggaggtt ctcagaagac gctttctcct ggggctgtag ctcagtggga gtgggtgttg    141240
     atctagcaca cacatgaccc ttgttcaatg cccagcacca caaaagctta gatagataga    141300
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagatacc ttcaccccta atgccttgtc    141360
     ttttgtttct ccctacactg gcacaggcta gacctagctc tctgcacctc actgtagctg    141420
     tgagctccat ggactgtctc acacagctca tagttctggg gtgttcagca tttggctatt    141480
     ttacttctat tactttcttt aatacaacat ctcttcttct tgcaactctc tgttacacgg    141540
     ccttctttct ttatttgttg ttgttgtttg tgttttataa aatgtagtgt tatttttatg    141600
     ttactctgct gttacatagg gcataacatt ttcacaaggc gtttttggga ctacagtcaa    141660
     cgattagcaa acacacaata tagtggtcca gctctctaaa gaacagtcac tggacaaacc    141720
     ggacaccctc tcccatgtgc acaagtctgc atggaaaagt actgaagtgt aggcttggac    141780
     ttgtggactt tatttctcct tcctagtgta tgaccttctg tcttaagttg ttcccatctc    141840
     acctctcctc atgacctgag tccttgagtt gtgatttccc agagttctat gtggtcccac    141900
     ttctctttga agtctatggt tgatggccat aaactagtct aagtgtcttt aagtacccac    141960
     ttactgataa agacttctga tttagatttc gtcttctgct ggagcagttg ttctctgtct    142020
     ccagttacaa gtatcccagg agcatctctg agtgacaagt ggtaggaggg actgcagtgt    142080
     aagggaggca gccaagaggt gctcagggga agcaagctga cagtagagtc tgaagcagcc    142140
     tgtatctacc actgtcaccc agctgcctct ggtcttatgc ctcctaatac caaggcactg    142200
     aattaaacag agcttggagt acttttttca tgtttcttgg gctccaaagc aaagcatcag    142260
     gatataaagg aaatgaaaca tgattatcag gtagccttgt tagatttata gcagaaatgt    142320
     aaagacaata tcataattct aattttgata gcacctagaa ccatgctgcc tccaactttg    142380
     tctggtactg ctgcttccac ttcagggtgc tgacgtgcat ttatctctca caacctttcc    142440
     aaacactgat gcttgagagc atttctgtgc agcctctccc atcacacatc cccgtttcaa    142500
     gatcatagca tattgtggtt atgagcttcc tgtgtgtatc aaagtcacaa gtaatgggac    142560
     cagttaaaac agcaacttaa ccataaacaa ccatgacctg taaccatggc gtcatgtttg    142620
     tggtgtgcac actagccgtg tctttttgag agagttgtgt ccctagctaa tggagcttcg    142680
     tcatccacaa gacccttgag tgctatgagg aaatgtttac ttatgaagag cctcaggtag    142740
     gctctgagga gcgagcaaca tggacagcaa ctgctcagga aggccaggcc tgattctcaa    142800
     ggattggagg gtatacgtgt taaggtgggg ctgctcttgg tgtgtgattg gcactgcagc    142860
     taactgcggg gatgcctcgg tcagttccca gctctcatta gaaacccggc gcctccccca    142920
     ctcagccttg ttttcttgag caccctgatt agcatttcag actttagcag agcaaacacc    142980
     ctgcagttct cactgaccat tttagcactg aaacttacaa ggtgacacat aacagctgat    143040
     ggagaggttt aacagctgga aaagaaaagg tgccacttta cacaccgttt ttggttctca    143100
     cagcacatac agtcaaactt gcatttcaag atagcaatgc tccttaacgt caaacctttt    143160
     gatagtgctt ctccgaagct tagtgggatc agacttgatg tgtgctcagt gcagagtcag    143220
     tcagtataat tgatgtcaag agtgggaaaa caccatggaa agaagtgaag ttctagctct    143280
     gaacacaaca tgtgtacccc acatctgctg tgcagctgtt gtctcagcct tggattaaac    143340
     agctcagtct gttagagcat tcttctctcc ctagagcaac cagtcctctt gaaatggtca    143400
     gctccgaagc cattgctttt ctgaagcctt tacatttctt agtcctagta tctcacacga    143460
     ccccctcttt tcagtgtctt gtgtgtcagc aaaggacctt ggctggactc taggccaggg    143520
     cttggcaagc tgtttttgga aagggctgag caaggatgct tagacttcat gtccatgttg    143580
     ctcttcagtc ttcagaatca aacacaatgc acttagtagg ccctccacaa atgttaaaga    143640
     taaagaattg caaactatga cgaaagtcag ctgccattat gattctacaa aggtgccatg    143700
     gtacctgttt ttccacttga aagttgcttg agacatggtt tttattaatg ttgatttgtt    143760
     tgaagtagat tagatatatc aagacataaa atcagtggga aagagcacat tttaatgatt    143820
     tatatctgaa ggaaattaat ggtcctcttt ctaagggaga aactgtgaaa ttggaaatag    143880
     tgtagcaggg attagagtgg ccattccaat aaaatggtag cagcttttat tcaggctcac    143940
     atttaatatg ctgtgtttcc tgtcatcttt tttaatttat gagaatatat gcaggtaact    144000
     gagtctgcac ctacagttct catcctgaag aaagagtgag cgagagagct tgttacataa    144060
     ccttcaagtg gggtgtggtt ggggaaggat gaaaagccac caaacttggg ccttctgcag    144120
     tgaaaaaaat gtttctgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gttttctcct ctaggttgat    144180
     ttggaatcaa atccacagaa cagaagtcct gaatcccgtc ctggtgttgt ttattccaac    144240
     actaaatttc ctcgaaaaga tcatctcaac ccaagacaca taaataatct ccctcttcct    144300
     gcaccacacg cccagtatgc aatccctagc cgccattttc acccgctgcc tcagctgccc    144360
     aggccgccgt ttcccgcttc ccagccgcac accttgttaa atcagcaaca gaataatttg    144420
     cctgaacaac caaatcagat ggcacctcag ccaaatcagg tggcacccca gccaaatcag    144480
     atgacacccc agccaaatca ggtggcaccc cagccaaatc aggtggtcca gcagcagagc    144540
     caggcacctc cacaggcccc acagccagca cctcaactct ctcctgcatt tcaggcgggg    144600
     cccaccaatg catttttcaa taatgcagtt gctcaccgac cacagtctcc tgctgcagag    144660
     gctgtgggtc ctgagcagcc gccccctccc gggctgcccg atggccacag tccactgaga    144720
     gccatcacac agcctggccc catcctggca tcacctttga acaactttgt tgatgagagc    144780
     tctccaggat tgcctataga agaagctttg ggtaagcttc cctgtcacaa tgtcatgtct    144840
     gaagtgtccc cggttatttg ctaaccatga catgtcctat agggtattaa gtgtagtcta    144900
     agattgactc atgtctccag ataatggcag aaaacccaac cagttggtat aacacagttt    144960
     gacttcaggt gttatgtgtg tgatgagtat ccagttgatg ccctttacac tgtcacaaag    145020
     gagggggagg cagcccaaag ctgtgggcta tgggaggttt acttgtaccc agctagattg    145080
     tagctgttct ttgtctttgt ggagaaaatc tggatataaa agtcttttta gaaattaagc    145140
     tgaagctcca aatggacaaa accgaccttt cccaccgcct ctgcagatgg agtgcatgga    145200
     agcgtagctc tggagacgct gaggcagcag caggcgcggc tacagcagtg gagtgagcac    145260
     catgcctacc tgagccaggg cggcatcccc tattcacacc atcaccatcc tcacctcccg    145320
     catcttcccc acacacccat tggcctccac cagccaccag tgagggcaga gtggaaagtc    145380
     gccggcaggg ctgacgatga aacagagaca acattctcaa ggtattccag caggccaggg    145440
     ccagccctga tcactacctg cgtgtggtct gcctcactgt agccttttag cttcagattg    145500
     gaagacgctc tcaagtgacc ctggtgtggg ccttggcggt tgctacagtt ctcttagttg    145560
     actctaaaat atggagaatt tagaacgcgc tctcattaca atctgggccg aatctacact    145620
     tttgctttat gatctgttat gcaaaagaaa ctgtcactgg gtatgggtgt ttttattgtt    145680
     tgtttgttta cttagtaaat aaaaggataa tggggacaga agtcaatttg tagttaaaac    145740
     ttaaaaacta tgagtttctt actaactttc tatcaagtag gcagatactt ttcgggagct    145800
     gcaggtgttc tcggggttca tgcctaactg actgtatttg tggccagcat catgtgactt    145860
     agtatgaacg gcttcttcat cccctctgaa caacgcccac tgttactgtg gccctttaag    145920
     gttttttatt catttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttaacatttt tttctatttt tattttttat    145980
     ttttattttt ccttaaattt catgtgtatg agtattttgc ctactgcatg gtctgagtac    146040
     tgtgtgcatg gctggtgcct gaggaagcca gaagtgggca ttggatcccc tagagttaca    146100
     ggtggttggg agccaccaca tgggtgctga gacctgaacc tgagtcctct gtaagagcgc    146160
     aagtgtcctt aactggtgag ctctctctcc agcctcttag ttactgattt tgtgtatgtg    146220
     tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg agtgtggggt cagaagacag cccacggggt gttggtcctt    146280
     ctacagtgtg tcttccaggg ctcaccttgt cagatttagt ggccagcatc tatatctgct    146340
     gagctgtctc cctatccctt tccagttttt atgttgaagc aagaatggat cttttcatgc    146400
     aaaggttaaa aacaacaaca acaaagcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaccaa ccaaagacca    146460
     aaaaccaaaa agcagttagg taattgttgt ctttcccaat gggatccagt tcagtaactc    146520
     ttgggtgcca gtttgggatt aatttatgcc aaccttaatt aggtcctgtg atttggtttg    146580
     cagaaatgac actggaggtt gactctgctc cccttaatgt ggtggggact ctccactgcc    146640
     ttccttcaca ctctctgtct ccatgtaggt ttcaagactt actcagagag ctgtcccatc    146700
     gggatcaagg tgacactgga gaactagctg aaatgccacc acctcagtca agacttctgc    146760
     agtacagaca agttcagcct agaagtccgc cagcggtccc gtctccccct tcctccacag    146820
     accacagtag ccagtttgct aactttaatg acagcagcag agacattgaa gtagccaaca    146880
     gcccagcatt cccgcagcgc ctcccgcctc agctatttgg ctcccctttc tcgttgccat    146940
     ctgaacacct tgcccctcct cctctgaaat acctggctcc ggaaggagca tggaattttg    147000
     ctaacttgca gcagaatcac ttaatagggc cgggctttcc ctatggccta cctccattgc    147060
     ctcccaggcc accacagaac ccttttatac acatccagaa ccatcaacac gctgctggtc    147120
     aagagccatt tcacccactg tcatctcgaa cagtgtctgc ttcttcgctc cccagcctag    147180
     aagaggtaac ctttcagtgc tcttctgtct ggggattagc tggctgtgag caaacactgc    147240
     ccctgtgaat cgtgtttacc cacttgataa aaggatgttt caccagacag agtatcttta    147300
     aaaaataatc ttttttgaaa attattttaa catgtatctt tttgtgctgt ttcaggtttt    147360
     ataggtggta ttgttgaaac attaagtcac ttaaaagtat tttatcactg ttttggcatg    147420
     tttttacatc ggaggactct atatctgaat agtgttggcc tttctaatct caggacatgg    147480
     accttagtgg cttatctttt attaggttga tcttgctaac tagtactttt taaaggtact    147540
     gttatttcta gtgagtggca tttccaagca ctggttctct ctgtcttcct gagctttttg    147600
     taggatgata tgtatgaagg tagtaggcac atagtcagac cagtttccaa atgcctgaac    147660
     atttagtcaa ttaacataag gccggctgcc aagggagtgt cgggagacag agacagcttt    147720
     gaccgagata actctcactg atgggaagct tgtcgtgatt tcaggggtta actgccaagg    147780
     tggggctaga gagatgctca gcactgaaga actctgagtg ctcttccata ggacctggga    147840
     tcacttccca gcacctacat gatgattcac aaccttctgt aactccagtt ccaagggagc    147900
     agttgcgtct tctggattct ttagaaatct gcaggcaaaa catgcataca catatcaaaa    147960
     caagcttccc aattgtacaa tgtgtcgact gttattgtct agcagttccc agtcagctta    148020
     tagcaactaa ggatcagaga gtgtaaaggg atggtaggta attgtttaga ggtgttttat    148080
     taaaacaagg taaagttaca cttttatttg ggctcagtat gtggcctaaa ctggtcttgt    148140
     attcaagtcc tctgatcttg gcctctcacc cttggattgc aggcatacac ccccaaacca    148200
     ggcaatggtg aaatgtgaat taaacatctt tctttgagac aggatctcag tgtgagtttg    148260
     agatggcctt gaagcagaaa ttgtccttct gagctccggg attacaggct tgagccacca    148320
     cagctggctg acatgttctg atgtaatctt ccagggagtc aaagcaaacc ctagttctgt    148380
     gaggacgagg cctcctctgc cccccgcaga cagggcttac tttcaaggct gccacagggc    148440
     tgaagaacag agagtacgac ctttaccaca gaacgtgttg tttttatgaa ataaattctc    148500
     tggtttttct tgactaaata ttctcattga agctgcaagc ttttagtttc ttagctcaaa    148560
     gagttgtttg atgcatttga gtgttgtttg tttttttaaa gatttattta tttacgatat    148620
     gtaagtacac tgtagttgtc ttcagacaca ccagaagagg gcatcagatc ttgttatgga    148680
     tggttgtaag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga tttgaactca ggacctttgg aagagcagtc    148740
     agtgttctta accgctgagc catctctcca gcccccgtgt ttgttgtttt taaggagaag    148800
     gactgagctg ctttcccagt cccaagtgtg gccacacctc tcttgctggg tgcataccta    148860
     acaccggtgt gaggaccatg tcccagttct catgggcgtc acagtgtata ttttgcaagt    148920
     aactcttcat actgagtaaa tctgcttgaa tcactgatct tcttaagttg tccatggttt    148980
     tggagtttaa gttctttatt ctctgatgtt ttcagcgatg gtctctttgt gtcactgtga    149040
     gtatataaat aggtgtcttc atttgtcact gacttcgttc actttgcaaa aacacttggt    149100
     catcttgctt cttacactgg gttcgtgagc gatgactaag ttgcagcaat tgaagaaatt    149160
     ctttgacagg ccaaacatta tttttaccac attgtggatt tttgacattt tcaatgtatt    149220
     agggtaattt ctgtgtgttc aaagtgattt tgcatgaatc atctcccaca gtgaatggca    149280
     tatgctctca ctgtttattt ccaaccattt aaagcaattt ctttaacttt aacaattcaa    149340
     agaaagttgt ttttttttcc cctactgtgg attcttttgt tgccagaaac cttggcagat    149400
     taatctcagg ggatgaaagt gctcacccta accgcttacc ttgagtgcag atttgtcctt    149460
     gtccctgcac tagttggagc cccaccgcta actagaccta gcgttcttgt caaacaacag    149520
     agtcttcacc tagcgttgcg ttgtgctcct gtttcagtga agagcaaatg cagtccgcag    149580
     agctctggtc ttagctggct gcctcccagg gctcgggatg tggtgacttt tgggtgccgt    149640
     tgaaagtttt cccaggctgg agacatggct agtgttaagg gcacttactg ctcttacaga    149700
     ggaccagggt cccagcaccc actgtggctc acaactgcct acaactccag ccccagagga    149760
     ccagacgccc tcccggcctc tgcaggctcc tgcatgcaca tagagcacat gtgttcatgc    149820
     aggcttacac atacatgtac acagaacgat tgctcttgaa ggctgatttt gatatgtgtg    149880
     aaaatgttca ttttgcatga tgactgatag tctcacctct gaggaagcca ctctccaggg    149940
     tatcctgtag tgaagtcact ttccggactt ggtgcttgtt ttcctcctgc agtctctgtt    150000
     ctgtacccga gtgacactct caattcagac gaggcttaat gctgtgactg tgaacctgga    150060
     ggtagtgtga cgtccctctt cctcttcctg tttctatatt gtgtggaaga ggaggcgaga    150120
     ctgttttaag actttcctac tagaagttta gaatatcatt gtcaattctt tctcttcctt    150180
     atatacctct aaaacctcct ttagatttct atttgaagta tattaaacgt atagcttaaa    150240
     ttggaaggac tttttccctg aagtgctttg ggttgctcct ttagggaaca gtgtgctctc    150300
     ccatgtgttg gttgttctcc ctctctccgc tctcgaccgt tcgttttgtg tgtttctctt    150360
     taaaatcttc cgtgttgtca gttctggttc cttgggatgc tgttttgtct catgctctgc    150420
     tcattgttgt agtgcaagct tctcccatta tacctcccag gcgtttcatt gtgaaaacaa    150480
     atcctcattc tccttaagtg gccgtagatt tgtcaagtta agaacttccg tttcccgcag    150540
     cctggcagtg ctgacactgg cacaaagcgc gcttctccgt ctcagatgcg cttcactctg    150600
     aaatagtctg attaaagaaa taaatggaga aaatgaaaaa tcctcttcag attgtcactg    150660
     taccaataag aactggtttc tgaaattgca catttttgtt tgcagtgatg atattatcat    150720
     agcagcctcc ttagagaatt ggctccctcc cggctagggg tgtggctggt agtggagaga    150780
     ctgctcactc agtcttctgg tcccggggag gggcgggggg tggggggtgg ggaggtgggg    150840
     gggtggcaca gcggtgctcc cggctgctca ttctggttgg tggtcagtca gtcagcgtta    150900
     aagaggactg tgcctctgtt gtggccctgc cttggaatac ttcctgtttt aggtcccggc    150960
     tgttgaacag tttgcttatt ttcatgtttc tctctagcac ctgtggtttc ggcattagtt    151020
     agtttggatt tcactgtgtt ctccagccat gcttgctcct gagttcccct tcagagccaa    151080
     gtgttatgct ggagggctgt catcctgacc aagggctggg agatttcacc tctcctccct    151140
     gtagatgtac atattgatgg cttgtgattt gtgttgtgta accagctgga gataattgtc    151200
     ttcttacctc agtaaaaggt ggtgcctgaa aaacctccta gaacaagaca tagtcatcaa    151260
     cagatcagta agctagagcg ctcttcgtgc ctaattgtca aagctaatca ctgagatgag    151320
     ccattgggcc ttaattaaag cccctggcac cataatgtga gctgggatcc cactagagca    151380
     ctcagtctta ccttggtgat tggccttggg gcataattat aaatatagaa gtttttatta    151440
     ctatgctaac ctttcctcca gtcatttatt tatatgcatt catatgaaag aatttgctga    151500
     ccttaacatt acagataggt cttagactag taagcaagct gggaatttta cttaaattgc    151560
     caactatatt aatataaatt tgtacacaaa tttagtaact ttcttacgta tagttcatat    151620
     taactatagt tcacacattc atgtttttga aatattagta ttacagctta gtatttataa    151680
     agaagtacta gccctaaaat tttaaagtaa caatcacgtt tggtgacata atgatgtcat    151740
     agttcaacag ggagaatttt ttaaaaagtg tttttatttt gtgtttgtga atggttgcct    151800
     gtgggtgtgt gtatgtgtac catgtgtgtg cctagtgcct aaggaagcca caagagggtg    151860
     ttggttccct ggaactgagc tgtgaatagt tgtgagctgc agtgtggatg ctaggaactg    151920
     aaccctgttc tgcaacaggg ttccctgaga gcacttattt taaccccttg tttaccactt    151980
     attttaaccc cttgtttacc gtcatcatta ttgagtagta gggattaaag ctagaccctc    152040
     atgcatacta gaccaagcgc tgcttcctga gctatagctc agctgtgttt tcactttaaa    152100
     atagagtctt accaagtcat gcaggccagc catgggcttg gtgtccatag ccaagttgga    152160
     cttgaacttt ccatcctcct gcctcagcct catgaataac tggggtaaca gacttgtacc    152220
     gacagacctg gcaattcatt cttttccttt tttttttttt ttattgcatg tattttattt    152280
     gtgtgtgttt gtgtgggggt atgggggtga aagagagatt ttaggtcaga ggagagcccg    152340
     ctggagtcat cctctgtgtt gtcaggctgg ccagcaagct ttacactgag ccatctcagc    152400
     agctcctggg aacttagttt taaaggagac tgaggcacaa agatgttgat cttatctggg    152460
     gtcgtcatta atgaagtgga ggctcgtgct tggcaggaaa gtgtagggga caaggagtaa    152520
     ctacagctct catgatgctg gggcaaagca catgttcctg ggacaaagag ttacattttt    152580
     agccatctaa aatttcccct tgttgtggga gtggaaggag caattcttcc attctggaaa    152640
     tctatctcat tctaactgct gaatgttcgg attttcagat gacgaactct gagccctcaa    152700
     atctccgaaa ttaacaataa gcaattcatt ttccagtact aagagctgag cgaaagttct    152760
     cggatgctct tcttttgaaa agctgaaaat cttaattgtg gtcattttga tccttcagag    152820
     agaaagctca ttgctccaag ttgaaggttc ttctgaattg tttcatatcc tgctcaaact    152880
     ggctctgtct tcttgtaaga ggtggctgga tggtccaact gtccacacta aggatgagtt    152940
     aagaagttga ggcagcccag agtgccacag taatgcagac agacttctct cagctgtagt    153000
     gttgccttgg ttctagtgtc tcctccgtga ctcactgttt gggtgtagga aaacacggtg    153060
     ggcagactcc caagtgtcct ttcctgagag gggcttcttg cacggggcgt ctcttcatgt    153120
     ggagccgagc tgacgagtgc tctggtcgga ggcacaggtg tgtatctccc tgacctgcct    153180
     gcaggtcacg gagacacaac atcccagaca tccctcggcc acctgaggtc atcccatcct    153240
     ttggtaatct tcatcctgag ctttccttgt ctttccttct gagacttctg tctcagatgc    153300
     tggatgtcta ggattctcca ggtctctttt ttcccttgtc atattttaaa atgctatttc    153360
     ctaggtgggg gaataatttc tttttcaagt tcgtttgtct ttctattata ttttacattg    153420
     gaattttttg gtgagagagg cttagtgaat ggaatgaagc ttttccatca ttaagaaaaa    153480
     aaaattaagc aattattttc atcaccttcc ccgccccccc acccccccac ccccagtcca    153540
     gtgctgacca ttgccccggg gctttgtaca tagtatgcag gcactttacc tcctatccag    153600
     accattaccc atagaccttt gttttttgtc tacaattgta atacgtagtc tatgaatatc    153660
     actagggctt attgttttat tttgctttat atttgaaata aaactaagtt agagctgggt    153720
     gtggtggcat atgcctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcag aggcaggtgg atctctgagt    153780
     tcgaggccag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctata cagagaaacc    153840
     ctgtctcaaa aaaccaaaaa aaaaacctaa gttaatattt tgagaagcac ttttgggcat    153900
     cagttttcac ttgactcagc ccttgtctgt cacactgtaa tcccttcatc ctgcttttct    153960
     ctttttagat gtctttgtac cacacggtag gtatgctact tccagggtaa gattataagc    154020
     ttgtggggat ttaaattaaa atgttagtgg agctcgagag tgtttcatag ctggaagttt    154080
     cttcaaatgg tgagaaaatg aaaaagattc atttaaataa ataatcagtt attgccagag    154140
     cctgacaaat acagaggcgg atgctcacag ccaaccattg gcctgagcat ggggtcccca    154200
     atggaggagt tagagaaagg actggaggag ctgaaggggt ttgcaacccc ataggaagaa    154260
     caacaatgtt gtcaaccaac cagacccccc agagctccca aggactaaac caccaaccaa    154320
     agagtataca tggagggacc catggctcta gccttgtatg tagaagagga tggccttgtt    154380
     gggcatcagt gggaggagag gctcttggtc ctgtgaagtc tcgatgcccc agtgtagggg    154440
     aatgcctggg tgaggaggtg aggatgggtg ggtgggtggg agagcaccct tatagaagca    154500
     gggggtgggg gatgggatag ggggtttctg gagggtaaac tggaaaaggg gataacattt    154560
     gaaatataaa gaaaatatcc agtaaaaaaa gaaaaataat aaccagttat taaatatgat    154620
     attctaacag ttttcatgat acagaaagac atctatgact tttaaaaaag atttattttt    154680
     attttatgtg cattagtgtt ttgcttgcat gcatgtaagt gtgcttgtct ggtacccaca    154740
     gaggccagag agactgccag atcccttggc cctgagtcat gggtgattgt cagttacctt    154800
     gtgggtactg ggaacttaac ccaggccctt tgcaagagca ttgcatgttc tgaactgctg    154860
     ggtcatttct tcagccactg tctatgagat gttaataaga aaatttcaag ccaaatatag    154920
     tacagtttgt tttcagtgaa tgtgcatatt caagtgcaag tggaagaagg tgcacgggga    154980
     tgtgtggttt ctcatactgg ggatggtaac ttgggctgag gtgagatgcc aggcaccagt    155040
     ctgacccact gcttgtagta gttctcagca aacttcctgc atagcagctg ttgatggctg    155100
     tggctttagt cttttgtttc agtagagatg ccaaatagta cttctaaagt ttaaaaattt    155160
     ttattctgca ttttttttct tatgaaggag aacattgaat gtgataaaat actaaatact    155220
     aaaatacagt ctatatggaa aaggcagata aataatttat tgtcctgtat tcattcgtag    155280
     gctagtaatt cagtgtgtta gcaggatgca aggatggctg ttgaggcttt tttcttcttg    155340
     ttttcacttt gaatgtcatt ctgaatcaag catcattatg tatttgaatt ttcaacgtat    155400
     tgtagttaca ctttttgcta tcttattctg tatctggacc ctactctttt atgaatccca    155460
     ttctggttcc tgttttccag atgtctgtgt ataatgcaga tcaatgctta ttgtgtgtta    155520
     gaaagtaaga atgcagcagt ttgaattcat gtatcgctgc cacagcaaca tcagagtgaa    155580
     tgtgtaatgc ttaaagtaga aaggaaacaa gatgccaatc ctaagcctcc accttcagaa    155640
     attgtacaag gaagagcaag ataaactcca ggaagggaga ctgatgaaga gagtcagtac    155700
     tgcagagaat actagagaag aaagagtcgg tgaaacccac agttggttct ttgtaaaggg    155760
     aaagtagata gcatttagca agactagcaa gggtctaact tctgcatgcc cctttttctg    155820
     tctcactctg cccgcttaat acctagatgt cattatggaa cctcatgcat gccgctggtt    155880
     agtgctgaaa ctcgtctctg ctttgaatcc cgtgaatcca tgagttgaag gccgtaaagg    155940
     tctgggggac tcctgcggtg cttccggtgg gaagctgtgc cccatctctg tctccccaaa    156000
     tgctgatatc ttggggtctt gtctggaatc tgtctgaagc atggttgatt cacttgaaat    156060
     gatgctattc cagtgtctat gctcaaactg tatctatcat gtctccatgt tagtgtagac    156120
     aggttagagc tttggtcctt gagtagataa ggtcgatgac tctgtttaat tgtagaaatt    156180
     atagaaaatg agatacttgc cttctgtgac cctaagactg aggatccaga gtctcaggga    156240
     taattgaggc agcatagaaa gatggaaaat caagggggga atggagggaa aggagtcctt    156300
     ctgctgactg ctaatcacag actccctagg tgtcccgctc taggagtgag gggcaggtgc    156360
     aaagctggaa ccttttcttc ccattggaaa acagtgagct gtgacccagg ctttcagcct    156420
     cttctgttct tctgagtgcc cccatctctc aacccttgca cttgagtctc tgtgcaagta    156480
     ttattaatgc ctctccccag cccggaaaga ttgaccagag gaaatagcca ggaacaaaag    156540
     gaaggatgtc accacagttg aggtgctttg gaaggatagc aaagtaagct tgcaaatcgt    156600
     cctcaacagc atcagtaaga cgggccactt ccccaaagcc acaaacgtcc aaaactcacc    156660
     aacaattaaa taaaagtcag gagggatcat ataactgtta aaaattgaat ttatggtttt    156720
     ttgtttttaa aagagagaac taactctctg ggccagagct gcttcactac tgaatttctc    156780
     taaatatgta aagaagaaaa tctaccaatt acagtcatcg ccagagaata gaagggaaag    156840
     tctgccaata tatttgcatg aagccaccat tactgtatcc aaagcaagac agagacagta    156900
     caaaaaagaa aaatataggc tgatttctat gacgagaact atcctcaaca gaacagcaaa    156960
     ttgaattcag ccaggcgtaa agagaacaat gcaccatgac cctgtgcagc ttatctggct    157020
     ggtgcagtac ttgaaagtaa atcagtatat aacctaccat gttaactgtc gggggggggg    157080
     aatcacatgc tcatatcagt agatctctcc ccctctggaa acagacaacc cactaccctc    157140
     ctcaccacca acccacacgc attcatacaa agtagaaaga aatttgcaac ttctgaaagg    157200
     catctgcaaa catccagtag ccactcctgt aggcagcggg aggcgacttg gagcctcaga    157260
     gagagaggtt aaggcagtcc caccacagtg gtgcttgcct gggcctaggt ggtcaggaca    157320
     agcatgggcc ggctaaagat ggggaagaaa agggcagggg tggggattgg cagcaaggca    157380
     aagaacaaaa gaggaaagga aagaggggag ggagggaggg aggagaaaga aaaaggcagc    157440
     agggcggagt ggctgatgaa ggctgcaggc aggcagtggt acgaggaaga aaaggttagg    157500
     aatcgaggct gaaagaagca gcagccttag ttttatttgg tgtataaacc atcctcggtt    157560
     gctgtctgct gctttgccca catccacctg acctttgagg atccacggat ggagatggct    157620
     ttcctgcacg ttcacctctg tgtattcaac agttgtacct atagacccca ccttttattc    157680
     tatttatgta actttctgat ttttcttttc tctcgttgaa gctccgaggt tgcagtgtct    157740
     gccgttgtct atattacagt tgtagctgcc cattaaagac agggcttatg aagtccctgg    157800
     ctgaggtctg tatgaccgta tgcagagttc tgtgtcacag agctcttttg aggcccttgc    157860
     caaccaacat tagtgcatta gctttcacac ataaaggctc aagagtgtga tccccgacag    157920
     acagcggcaa ggcagaattc ccagtatgac aattaaaaaa cacttgatct ttgtttcaag    157980
     agctaattgt ctttgttaca atcgctcggt cactggaggg ttgtctggcc cggagaccac    158040
     actctctgct cagggacagt tggctctcct gttgagcatc ttctactgtg ctgctggaat    158100
     tcaacacaaa gcagcagagt ctccacccac agtcagcttc agaaagatct ggacccctgg    158160
     gaagaatttc ctctaaagaa taaaattaaa agtgaatgta aatgttctaa tgagaaacag    158220
     gacctaaatg agatacacgt gggaaaggga attggccagg tggcagcgac cacttctttt    158280
     cctaagtttg agcgtgacct ggccttatag ctctctggcg acagaaaggc tctccccgac    158340
     ccattcccac ccctgccgtg tcccctcctt gatttctgtc cttggactga aatactgggg    158400
     ccctgcagtg ctctctggcg gcgctctctg gcggctctgc cctgtgttac ccaacacata    158460
     cttataatgg tgaaagatgt gtctgaatcc taattgaacc caagctgaat agcaggtttt    158520
     acgattactg ggtcaattaa aagccatatg tccttgtgat cagatgtagg tcttttaatc    158580
     tatacacagt tggctcttaa tattaaccag gaatcatcct acattcctag catattccgt    158640
     tctctctaca atcccaagag gacgtgagca ttgcaaggta acccactgag tttaggccag    158700
     tttcccaagg taatgttggc aggtataagg caaggcctga tgtctagtgc cactggctag    158760
     cctctaggcg ggctggtctg cacagtgatt ctgtactgcc tgctgttgga gctgatacca    158820
     aatagccctt gtcaggaggg caagagaatt ttgcttgtat aattttaggg aatttagaaa    158880
     gaagatatgt taattatgtt ttaaacatat gaaaatgata ttttggagaa cataatgagt    158940
     attgtgtgtc ggctgatcaa cggggagaaa tatggctcag ttaggaaggc gtatgcaaga    159000
     tgggaggaag caggtcttac cagcaggagt gaagctggga aggtccagat gagtctcagt    159060
     ggttctgttc tgaagctctg aggttcagct ggcttgccct ccaactcata catgcacgct    159120
     gccgttttct agaataaccg tatgactgta taactaaaga caactggttt atacacaagc    159180
     ccacaggctg gcatgtgtta ccacggggcc tcatagagat gaatttcacg cccaggtttc    159240
     ttgacgccat gttgtagtgt ctgctgcatt ttatttaaat gggagaaagt gaagaggagg    159300
     gaatatgcac aagaaaattt ccttaagaat ctgtctcttt ttttgtgagg ttagatcacc    159360
     atgctctgaa ggtggtgttg gatgtgggag taggaggcct gacttaccaa acatcctttt    159420
     ctttgtgtag tatgagccca gaggacctgg tcggcccttg taccaaagaa gaatctcatc    159480
     tagctcagcc cagccttgtg tggaagaggc aagcgctccc caagacagcc tggctcaggg    159540
     caaagaatcg cagggccaca gcaacccacc tgccttcaac ttcccggccc ccgagtcctg    159600
     ggccaacacc acctcatctg ccccctacca gaacattccg tgcaatggat ccagcaggac    159660
     gagtcagccc agagagttga taggtaagat gaatgggtga gtttccagaa agctgtgggg    159720
     ttttttttgt tttttgtttt ttgtttttta actccttagc acctgactgc atatggggca    159780
     gtttcccatc agttcctccc acgttcaaat tactcaaaag tcactgtttg ttcttgtaat    159840
     ggtatgtggg tgcgctcgtt ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctcagaat    159900
     gcagtgctat ttacatttca gaaggttgca aacaagctaa gtgttaatcg atgataacac    159960
     tgggaccaag ttttaaagac cttgaaagtc aggtggtaga aaatgtgatg tttagctctg    160020
     cttctcccct ctcattaatc catactcacg tagaatgtga gagctaggtg tgttggtgca    160080
     catctgcacc cccagaacag ggcaggctga ggaggaggtt caagagttca aaaccagctg    160140
     agctacatgg caagatcttc ttggaaaatg tgttacaaga agggagagtg gctgtaacaa    160200
     gtggacccgg gtaccactgg gccagatgtg agagtagagc gtacagcaca ttactgcaga    160260
     tgcaggcatg ttctggctta cagaaaccca accgcagcct cccagaccat ccctgggtgt    160320
     ttgctgctcc cgtgggcatg ggtgttcttt tatggtgttt cttcaagaga ggggtttaaa    160380
     gtgtgttgtg atgaagttgt gtatgcttgg actaaactgc ccatgtgctt acgctcctgg    160440
     agatggagga gctcgtggag gagtccctag gcgcatgtgc agaatgcacc tgtggttaaa    160500
     cctgccgctc ttctctgctt gtagctccac ccaagactgt caaaccccct gaggatcagc    160560
     tgaagcccga gagcggggag gtgtccagtt ccttcaacta ctcgatgctg cagcaccttg    160620
     gccagttccc acccctcatg cccaacaagc agatcgcaga gtccgccaac tgcagcagcc    160680
     agcagagccc ggcagggagc aagcccgcca tgtcctacgc cagtgcgctg cgggccccgc    160740
     ccaagcccag gccgccaccc gagcaggcca agaagggcag cgacccgctg tccctgctcc    160800
     aggagctcag tctgggcagc agcccgggca gcaatggctt ctactcctac ttcaagtgac    160860
     cccgctcgcg ctgtcctcag agaatatgcg gttcctgtcc agtctgcagg atggaggtgg    160920
     cggctctgtg tgcgtgcagc cctccattac gttcactgcg ctctcagccc ccttgctgct    160980
     agacctgcgc ctacgtttaa aagtatattc cattattttg catttttgat gtgagtcaga    161040
     attttgacag cttttatgta gaataaaaat atttttaaat ttgtgtattg ttacatatgt    161100
     ttgcatcaag ctagcagcta agaggttaac tgtgcaacta taaaaaaaag aaaaaaaagt    161160
     ttgtctaaaa tgtatttaaa aagaaaaaaa ttgttaagta gcatttacat ttattcaata    161220
     atattaccac atgctgggtt tctgtaccag aaatggccag ttgatgtaca aatgtatgtt    161280
     atttttgctt aaattcagtt aaaaatttaa aaaaaaaaac aaaggggcag catcttctaa    161340
     gaccccctcc cccctttttt gtgatcacag gatgctgcgt tctaaaactt tccgagtttt    161400
     agacgatctg tgacgtgctc ttctctccat cagcataggg gaggccaagg ctgcctttgc    161460
     ccgagtattc tgcatgccac cactgggttt tgaaatgtga aaaagaaaaa aggaaaaaaa    161520
     aaaaaaaagc aaccctggtg gcatagtcag ttttctttgt tttgtttttg acaagcaaga    161580
     cttccagctt gtctttaaca ttgaggtgag agggtttggt ttggtttaaa caaatgggga    161640
     agctgaagca tttttaggat tgttggtgct tagtagactt gataactatt ttaaaactgc    161700
     gtgaatttag tgaaaaatat tttttctcac tctgcatgtg taagtgttcg tagcctggcc    161760
     ccctcctcca gggcagaaag acctgtgcca actaacggtt tgggttgctt ttcctccatt    161820
     aacaatgttg gtaccttatt gatgtttacg ttaagatgat gtgacctaca cagagcaatt    161880
     ctaagatctt tctaagatgt tacatacaca gagcaattct aagatctttc taattgcttg    161940
     tttgagggat atcattaaag gaaaaaaaaa acattgtcaa aaattgatga aaatctaggg    162000
     tatgtttcag atcctttgaa tcatctgaaa ttcccccctt gaactcatta gaaatatgaa    162060
     atttaagcaa ctgtccgcag agatccacag cctgccagtt gttttgaatg aacgttgaag    162120
     gaagaggttg tcctcacgtg ttaacacatc cgaaacaatg aatgtccttt gtcatttcct    162180
     gatcccgtag ctctaatttt gtatttctga gaaatcttga gactacaatc tatctttttt    162240
     tttttttttt cctttttaaa ctaagatgag gccaggggga tatttcaaaa gaggccgact    162300
     ttcctgccga tcacacatac ttttctggaa gacttttgat agaccatttt aagatgggtt    162360
     ggatgtggca agggggcagc agaattagtc tgtgtgacta gaggttagtc tattgcagcc    162420
     agccacagcc ccctgtgtgg gctacacagg ctgcgattaa aggctacgtt ggttaagggg    162480
     cagcaaactc ctgcactgat gatacagcct ctcagattca gttctgcctc tgtgctcagg    162540
     actgggctac tggaacctgg cttcctgttg ttcctgtctc gggctacatg cctcttctga    162600
     gctgccaggt atggacggac ccacagacta aagtggtgtt cacagatccc ggcaggcacg    162660
     gggatccact gagtcaggac accacattct gcgtgacatg acatcatcac atgctggcgt    162720
     gacgcaggca gaatgagaca acttttgcca caggtctctg tttgctaact ctgtgcccaa    162780
     gtaggactca cccatgatag agctgtctgt gtcccatagg tgagtgcccc cacgcccacg    162840
     catgcagaca cacaggacaa agtacatgcc gggcaagagt tcagagccat cctgctaatt    162900
     cagacagagt tatactgtca gttttcgggt cacctctcgc caggagatca ttgcctactt    162960
     ttttgttttt catacttgaa cctttaaaaa tatatgagtt ttttaaatta tttatattta    163020
     gttaaagtca cgtgtgcacc ctatcatctt atataagaca ctgatggtgg gaccccgggg    163080
     atggggaacc cgtcaggttg cggtgacatt ctcaacgtgg ttatgtctaa gaaatgacac    163140
     tagctacttc cttacttgac tgcgctgttg cgagtgtcgg tgcgttccca tctctctcct    163200
     gcttctgcag ttgggggttt ccttccgtcg cttcacggtc tggttagagt acttatccct    163260
     ccttcccagc gttactcttg tcttcccgtc caggctctaa aaagcctatt tcttacaccc    163320
     agcacctcgt aacagtcgac agcagacctt accagaagag ccattgcgag ctctcgcttg    163380
     gggctctctg cagtcacccc ggtagcatta gcagggttag tcagcctccc ggaaatagct    163440
     tgcttctttc attcaacttt agagttcaga tgggacatgt gtacatacgt gtgtatatac    163500
     gtgtttgttt acatacataa gcacacattt attatttttt taaggaaaac ttgataggtc    163560
     tgccatgcct tttcttctcc tgagtttcct ttatggtttc ttctcttctc ttcatccttt    163620
     cccgtcggag gcgtttcctt gtccttgcca gtactggttt tagccattgc agtacaaact    163680
     cgaggtgttt ctttcttccc tttctgtccc tctctccttc atctttctct tccagttctt    163740
     ttaggtgata attcagagta ttcgcgctaa gtttgttccc ctcccccacc cccccaccct    163800
     ttatctcttg atctaaaaat aaattcctga tgagaattga caagcctcat tcactgtatc    163860
     atgggtattt tctggtgtgt ttttttcaaa gaagtccatt gtggccccac gcttgctagt    163920
     cacgttatct cgtccttgac cagtcagtcg ttagttattg atcatggaga ctaaggatct    163980
     cggtcttcct gtcgtcacac agacatgctc gctgtctggg tcatcttgtg tgaggagaac    164040
     aaaattgtct gctgtgggtt ctttttcttt tgccttgttt ctaatcaaga tcgtaggatg    164100
     agttcaggtt tgatgtaagc atcaactggt cctttctgtt cagagaactt cagggtaagg    164160
     aaaatacgcg gaagtctccc agagtaagca ttccccagta aacatggcgg tctctggagc    164220
     ctatgcattg gagaggtttt cctctttctg aaggccttga ggttctgagg aaactgtctt    164280
     tttaatcttg agctcatatg ctgtgttatg ttgctgtagt gtagttaatg gttctaagtt    164340
     tggtatgttt cattttgaga gcaaagctga aaacataaaa gaatgtatct ctctagccac    164400
     cgcgactgcg agtcagggtg tggagaacaa ttttaggcta aatctgaaca ttcccacgat    164460
     tgtcatggga aatgttagat ttcctgaact aggtgatttt ttgtttgttt gtttgttttt    164520
     ttaaggagat gctcatgagc gaaagaatca ttgcgtagtg gagagtttta ttagtagaaa    164580
     aattatgtag aaacataagt ttaaaacttc ccatagagta aaacatacac attactgctt    164640
     taaaatatta cctaggctgt ccatccctcc cccacccacc tctccacctc ctcacactta    164700
     aacccgcctt ttctcagtga gtagatccgg gtttgtttgt ttgtttgtta ttcttgcctt    164760
     tcccataatg tttgacaacc ctgctcccaa ccgccccatg tgtcctgctc acatctgggc    164820
     gcaggtgtca tctgatcagt attcacactg cccagaagtt agagaagagg caggtggtgc    164880
     ttgctctcct tgttcagagc atcacttggt gtgtccctgg tagcctggta cccagagtac    164940
     ccgtcatacg ggtcctcaga gcatccactc catcaagcct tcacatttcc ctctgcgact    165000
     tgacagaggc ttcgaggttc acacttgcca gttttatccc tcgtttaact agcaattcca    165060
     agaccacaga aggaggggat ttttactgaa gtttagcatc ccaataaaac atcagaaagt    165120
     ggcattatat catcaactct aagctagaat atcaggtcaa acaattttta tgtttaaagt    165180
     tttagtgtaa cattcagata tttcgaacct actgaaaata tctacttaac aaaacctgca    165240
     ttgtttaaaa aagaaaaaaa gaaaaagaaa aaaactttat gtcaggaggt acataataga    165300
     agactctaga cttagacttg tgagctgtgg ttctaatcca gcccatttgt ccagtggtaa    165360
     gcttgaagct tctgaaatga gtttcaagag agcctacaag tcttatagtt tcagtcatca    165420
     gagtggtaga ccagacttta cttgcaattt gttcaacaga gagattttat tttgatacaa    165480
     atattaaaca taatgcatag taagttttat ataattctat gagttcatta aacaatatta    165540
     tgagattttc agtattttgg ggggggcgtc tttttggcta tttctacctc atatgaggtc    165600
     tcttctgtat tttatttagt atactagcat gtgcttgcct gccttagaat gatgtacggg    165660
     aggggaaatc aatattacct tttaagaaaa attttgattt ttatggaata attgttttaa    165720
     tattttaatg tttgaaactg aggggggtaa gggtggcaga taacatacag tggtaactat    165780
     ttacaaacct atcatatttt aagattttag aattgtgagc aagatcaaga aaaataaagg    165840
     gggaaaaaaa agtgattatg aagctgaagc tggcctcagt tttccctgga cgggttgttg    165900
     agattgctgg gcccactgcc agggtggcgt cacagccgtc caggaagcgc actttgagag    165960
     tcaggagggg tttatctctt tactcgtggg ccattttaat catcctggca cctcaagtgg    166020
     cccgttcgtg ggaagagctc tctctccctt tggggtctct gctactcctc attagggtgc    166080
     aggggcgctt tcatttctgg agtgagtttg ttgttagtga cgcagctgcc tggctattgt    166140
     tcggaagctg tgcgtttgtg ggatgtgctt agagtcgacc tcgatccctc cacatggaga    166200
     cataattgtg gaaagaagcc atcggatgcc ctgagagtgt gcttgcactt gcccaggctc    166260
     ttagtcccgg tccttcggtg gcagtgactt ggggcatcgg aaacattaga cagtccccaa    166320
     tgaatggagc ctatagtttt taatcttatc cccccctttc ttattttgta tgtgtgttgg    166380
     ggcgagggca aaggatttac cttcgtgtta tatgtttctc aggttaacaa agttattttg    166440
     ggttctctgc cgtgcctgca ggtgttaggg agagcctggg tgttgtatgt ggcaggaaaa    166500
     aagcaattgt ttctgactcc ttagctacct tgaagacctc tgtatgtttg ccgaagagtt    166560
     gaggggacac accacccgca tagcatgagt gactcctaag tcagagcaga catgggtgag    166620
     cacgttagtt ttgagaaaga aactgcctac aacataatca acctgacagg tctttggata    166680
     gttttacatt tgtgtgttgt gtttaatgtt cagcctgggc tgcagcttgg cgggtatcgg    166740
     gttctgcttt ctggtttcta gtctggcttt gaatttactg ggttgctagc aagaaaacaa    166800
     atctattttt aagggaatag aatgtagaac ggcgtaggcg tagaagtata atacacagtg    166860
     accatcatag atttacacag ctttagagtt cttagccccc aggacttcct acataaaagg    166920
     cccgggaagc tctagctgca ggttgctggt gtgctcagca cagctttcct ttatgcactc    166980
     ccagcttata agggacttcg gtttatttgc gatttgcctt gcatgatacc actttgtatc    167040
     tttcaggagg tcagaggact cttttgtcca ggttgaagtc ccaaagtgtc agttttacct    167100
     aagattgttt ctcaacgacc ccccctcccc ccgccgccgc cgaagggtcc ctgatttcca    167160
     tgtatcagga aggtgactgc ttctatctat ccatgtatat gacattatgt acatcaagta    167220
     ctgaatctga tttctgtgcc agccatctga cctgattctt tgagacccat aaaggtactg    167280
     gttataggta atagttgcat cccgggagaa tagagtggtc caaatacttt ctctgaatta    167340
     taaagctaat ggggtttgca ttttagtaaa gcgtcctaat tgtcagtgat gcaggatctt    167400
     gctttttaat tttttttttt taaatacaat tctctaaatg tggtcagtaa tgtatgggat    167460
     cagtcacata gtagatgcat tctggatctt ctattgggaa agccttcata agggaggcca    167520
     tatgtaaaac caccctggtc cgtttacctt acaagcacca cttatgcagc atctgactca    167580
     gcataaatct atggcaaaac cacaacagtg actctgtccc tttgcggtat accatgcctc    167640
     gtctgagagg ctctaatacc ggaagagttt attcttaaaa gtaaagatgg ttttgtatca    167700
     taagataacc cccaaagctg gccaccaagg cttcctttct ctgttcttcc tctttcctaa    167760
     ctcgggtttt ggagtctcct tagcttacgc tactttctta ggactttggt ttttgttttt    167820
     ttgtttgttt ttttttgagc ccaggagtct acagtgtgac ccttgtcagt gaagttcttt    167880
     tgttttaaaa gattcatggt aacacaaaat gtattttact gctacaacta aaatgtattt    167940
     ataataaaaa aatgcctttt taataatttg gagagtgttt cttttgtgtg gacactcgtt    168000
     ctcggctccc tcttccctcg aaacttaaag gtgttaaaga ggctggcgca cgtttgatta    168060
     agttcatcac agacatggtg acgctcaggg gagagagagc ccagtgtaaa agggaaagtt    168120
     gtgacttgac agagatctgg gacatgaatc accaacttca gcagtagcta aagccttgag    168180
     gcacaaatgt cacctggcag gtgacaggca acataaggag aaaatgagct ctcttgaagg    168240
     tctcgttctc caggtctgaa tttatttatt tgtttttagc aaatgtttcg aatttctctc    168300
     cacaagtctt gtagtcatca atactgggct tgggtgactc agaatgtgag agctcattaa    168360
     tctagtatac actgatacat taaagtaggg ctagtactgc accacacaat tacacagagg    168420
     attgcctggg atccatcagg tttctattgg agaagtgttt gcatctgtga tgctgctgct    168480
     ctgagaagca ctagtgggtt tcagacagcc tcctgtgcca tattttatat ttaacggacc    168540
     gttagtatga caccatgagt ccagcttgaa tacaccgcgt gcggggttgc tgttgtgaat    168600
     gagatgaggt agtcggcctt ccccagtgac cgcagccaat atgtgttcat gattttttag    168660
     actacttttt gtgttgtggg tgttctgata tgtgtatgtc tgtgcactag tctatccctg    168720
     gtgcccgagg aagtcagaag agggtatcag atcccctgga actgctgtta tgaatggctg    168780
     tgagccctga catgggtgct gggatctgac cccagatcct ctgcaagagc agccagtgct    168840
     ctaaccactg aacagcttcc tctgctgcag gtagaccttt ggctctgtgc tccctggaca    168900
     ggatgggcgc ctgcctctgg attttaaaaa agaaaaacag tttctcccat gttaagtgtg    168960
     ggttcagagg cccctcgaac tgtgtgctct ctgctttgca gaggtaatcc ctgaagaagc    169020
     acaaggctga ctcttaggag cttgtaactg atggatcaga agagcaaggt ggaaaatccc    169080
     ccggagcgca gttggaaggc tgggctggca ggacgggact ggggagtgtt gctgcccttg    169140
     gtgagtctag agaactcaag gagcctttag cccattcctg actacactgc ttgaatcaca    169200
     tggctttgtc ttatccagtc atcctccacc agatgaaaaa ccttaggact tgaagaactg    169260
     accattgcgt gaccttactt tatgtctgtc ccaccaactg cctgcgccat tctctgaaga    169320
     cccacggtga ttccccaaca ccatcacagc cacctttctc ttctcccctc ctcctcttcc    169380
     tcttcttctt cctcctcctc ctcctccttc ttcccctcct ctctcctctg cctccctccc    169440
     tccccttcct tccttcttcc tttctttttt gagacaaggt ttcactattg taatactgtc    169500
     gggcttgaga ctcagaacct accaggctgg cttcgaagtg cagggattaa aggcgtgtac    169560
     caccacatct gccatcacag atgtcctaca ttcttttgtt ttaaatctct ctctttctct    169620
     gcttatgcga caaagaacac atgtgtgtga gcgtataagt gtgtgtttgg gtttgagagt    169680
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc atgagagcat gctgtctcac atgtggagct    169740
     cagaggacaa cctcagctgt ctgtcctcac tttccaactt gttggagaaa gacttaatgc    169800
     tccccacatc acatgccaaa ctaaacttgc aggactcttg ctgtctccgc ttcacgtctc    169860
     atcctagaag gacggggtta cagatgcgta gcatccagct ttaaatgggt gctgggatct    169920
     gaacccaggt cctcattctt catgagaagt gttttaccca ctgaattatg tcctcagcct    169980
     taagattttt tttttctggt actgggggtc tcacccaggg acttgagaat gctatgaaag    170040
     ccctctacca actggctctc tatggtcagc tcccaagcct cgttccgagg tagaaagcac    170100
     ccccaggcta cacagactgg tcgagactga cttagttccc tacttggtct tggaccctgc    170160
     cttttcagcc ctgaaacccc agccctcaag actactctgg aatgttgtac ttagtaatta    170220
     agactaggta aattccactc cctgtacccc ccagcttgaa ccgcagcccc tctctcagtg    170280
     gtttcagcga agtcttgtca ctctttgtat tacagttagg agtacatgag ctctggatga    170340
     caggggcctt caggagtgtt tgctgagcca ggtgtcaagc aagctgtgtg ggaaaaataa    170400
     tttaatgacg ctctcccact tcactgacta cagtgtgtgg ccagatgaca gtctcaagag    170460
     ggacgcctgg cagtgaagac ataaggagta tgatgtcctt actcactcca tgtagcttcc    170520
     aggggagaca gcaggagctc cccaagttat tttctgtcat attgggtgtc ccagaacgtt    170580
     ttctttcagt gacactgtgg tgacgtcaat tctgatggct gctccttcct ttagcatggc    170640
     ctggcctatg ggtatatacc tatcatgatc atgtagcgtt ctggaaatgt gattaaactc    170700
     ccccttttct aaagctctga ctgatgtgaa atccacagag ggagatcatt aacttggctg    170760
     gaagctgcag ttataagact tgtgttctaa gcccaccctc ggctcattaa acctgatgct    170820
     ccgccaatgg atttaaacgg tttcaggaga cctctgctag tcccccagta caaagtggca    170880
     ctggctggtt gtgggtagat ggtccagagg agccagtgat ggactctgta ctggctggtt    170940
     ttgtgtgtca acttgacaca ggctggagtt atcacagaga aaggagcttc agttgaggaa    171000
     atgcctccat gagatccagc tgtaaggcat tttctcaatt agtgatcaag ggggaaaggc    171060
     cccttgtggg tggtgccatc tctgggctag tagacttggg tttataaaag agcaggctga    171120
     gcaagtcagg ggaagcaagc cagtaaagaa catccctcca tggcttctgc atcagctcct    171180
     gctttctgac ctacttgagt tccagtcctg acttctttca gtgatgaaca gcaatgtgga    171240
     aatgtaagct gaataaaccc tttcctcccc aacttacttc ttggtcatga tgtttgtgca    171300
     ggaatggaaa ccctgactaa ggcagactct gagggtggat gtggctggct gggtactcat    171360
     aggaaaccag gggagaagac aacttgtgtg gtgtttgttc cctaattaaa caggagtact    171420
     gatgacaagc tgtggatgtg ggtgggtacc taagggtatg gaccatagac ctggcagagc    171480
     aaattctagg aatgttccaa ttagtacagc aatctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    171540
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc cctcccccac aacaatggtc ttgctattgt    171600
     agctcaggct agccctcaaa ctcatgaaat ccttctggct cagcctccta gatgctggga    171660
     ttatgcgcat gcgtcacgat gcctagcaag ttttgttttc aatacataga gtcaggggac    171720
     tcaaagagaa acggaggcag aggactgggg ctttgtcggg gttcctgatg tttcataaag    171780
     ctaaccagaa gtgattgctc tagcccattg gctttcccaa gagatggtgt catagattca    171840
     gtctccgtag ttctgtggcc aaatttaaag caagtttcat agcctggaac aaagtgacag    171900
     atacggtgat tagcagatag actttagctt gtgggaatac atttgttcct caaggtctgg    171960
     acaagtgtgc cccatagacc catgggctaa aggacacagt cccaagccta tggtgcaatg    172020
     gaaggggtgg gccctttaag agatgaggcc tagtttgagg tccttaggtc attgggagca    172080
     caacactgaa gtggattatg ggatggctga gaagctaaat ctgccctaat gtgttgtgcc    172140
     atcccaagtc caaagtgaag gcgataatca gtcatgtgac gcctctgaga ctgtgggcca    172200
     aagtacttcc ttctttataa gttgatttgc ccaaggtatt tgttacagtt atggaaagct    172260
     gaccaatgca aggtgagcct gtatggaatc tagtaccaaa cctgagggat tggctcacga    172320
     acagggtgga ggatcaactg tttaggaaaa aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca gttcatgatc    172380
     tagtgtaatt aaaggtgact ttgtatcttt ctccaagctt ggagaaatct gtctggacca    172440
     aaggcttccg ttggtgtgct ctagcttaga aaatcatttc ctcttgtgtc tatggagccc    172500
     tgagctctgc tgaagagggt gcagtggctc agtcttacta atctgagtca agctgtgtgt    172560
     gtggagaatc cactcctgtg acagagacag ccgaggctgg ggagctgacc atgggagccc    172620
     tgccacaccc ctttcttaca gcaaaggcct ctgggctctg ttgcttctcc tcatgacatc    172680
     cttgcatgac gtgtgccctg cccgttctcc ctcagggaca ccaccttgtt catggacaac    172740
     actagctcat gagctcacct cacagcctgt cctgaggctt tgtgaactgg acactgtgca    172800
     ggtcttaggg aaaggatcag tgcggtgaaa gctctagcta ctacgatgat tctgaagaaa    172860
     acatgggcct taccttcaaa gatcttagaa gcaggaaggt cagtggactg tgccaagatg    172920
     ggctgagtac agggcactga gaactcgagg agagaggctt gtcacacaag ggactggaga    172980
     ataagtcacc tccacaggtg ccaacctcat gaccctctga gggtccactg agtgttctca    173040
     attctcagag aatttagtcc ttacttaaag tcactcagca ttgaaggatg agaaaataac    173100
     ttctccatca ttgtgtcccg gctcacatag tatctaacat agcacacagc cttgaccacc    173160
     gtgctggtag acaataagcc ctttgagacg cttccatcct gaccctaaaa cctgtgtgta    173220
     ggtgtgtgtg cccatccgtg tgtgtgtcga tgtgtatcca tgtgtccgtg tatgtgtatg    173280
     tgtatgtgtc tgtgcgtgtg tgcgggtgca tacacatatg ctaagctcca agatctcttt    173340
     gttctgttac agggaaagaa ggactttggg ggcagattat gtgaaggaca cacaggtggg    173400
     gagactctct agtatagcac agggtccttc caagaaactg tctgttggat gaaattacag    173460
     gcctgccttc ctttgctgtg agtctagatg gccataacct tttgtttgtt tgttttgttt    173520
     tttaattttt gtaattgtat tttaattaca gcatctcccc cttcctcttc atccctccag    173580
     ccctttgcat acacccagct ccccttcata tgtatgtttc tcattagttg ttattgcata    173640
     catatgtgtg tttgtatata cgtatatatt cccaaatata actcgcagag tctatggaat    173700
     gccacttgaa tgcaggcttc caaggctgac ggtttgggat cggacaacca aatcgtgtgc    173760
     tcttccctgg aaatggctgc agcttctgct ccaagcttta ctcccagctt ggagttcttt    173820
     gtgtaggggt gaggcctagt gggctttcct tcatgcagtt tgacctgtcc attggtctcc    173880
     tccttgttta gctcatgttt gtagggttat gtgggtgagc ctttcaaggt gtagccaccg    173940
     atgctactcc gagacacaat ctcacaacaa aatctctcca tcttctggct cttacaatct    174000
     ttcctcctcc tgttctgcaa tgttccctga gtcttaggta tgggagtatt ttgtaggtgt    174060
     agccattggg actgagctcc atagcgctga atattgaacg gttgtgactt tctgtagttg    174120
     ggctctgtct gttgcaaaca gaaggatggg aactacactt accaggatag acccttcagg    174180
     aggacataga aagtctgggt atggagtatg tggggggggg gtggaagggt gggggcgtgc    174240
     agagagtcct agggctggat gccagtaggg tgggtcttgg tgagagccta agggtttcac    174300
     ttctgcattc tctttcactt ggagcagatt ttctctcaga ctcaatggaa gcctctttgg    174360
     agtggtttct tgccattgac tgagtggact aggtggcagc ggcagtggca gcttccactg    174420
     cattgcccac gtttctacat gggcagcatg cgctttggat tcatggatcc tgtttgccca    174480
     ttctctttga tctctctctg tctctctctg tctttctctg tctctgtctg tccccccccc    174540
     ccatgcatgc acaaggggaa gccagaggca gatgccagga gtcttcctct aactctccac    174600
     gttactcctt tgagacaggg tccttcactc ttcctggagc tagacagttt ggccagactg    174660
     aagtccccat gatgcacctg tctctgccta cccggtgctc atagacatgc ccacttttaa    174720
     gtggttgtgc cccaaagaag gagggactgt gctgtccatc ctcaactcct cagccaagct    174780
     ccagacaaga ccaatgacca actcctgaga tgttaaagaa gagtctataa ttagccacta    174840
     tccagttgtc tccagaccta cacgtcttcc ttctagatta ttcttctaga atgaagacat    174900
     gtccttttct tcttctgtat catttccaga tgagttgggg gttaatgacc cccagagatg    174960
     gccaaaatgt actttgtgtg ataaagttat gaaccctcgg agattaggga agagtgctat    175020
     gatttggatg tgaaatgtgt ccccaagggc ttagaaggtt acggcttggt ccacggtgtg    175080
     gcaacattca gcagtgaggc ttgggaggtg gctggatctc aactatggat cagtgcacct    175140
     atagatatag agctattggg atctcaacca tggaccagtg cacctataga tatagagcta    175200
     ttgggttctc aaccatggac cagtgcacct atagatatag agctattggg atctcaacca    175260
     tggaccagtg cacctataga tatagagcta ttgggatggt agacacttca tgaggtgggg    175320
     ttcagtcaaa ggcagtagga tcttggggaa gtgtcataaa agatgtatcc tgtccctgtt    175380
     cccttccctc tgtttcctgg ctgccttggg gtgagcagct ttatttcaag gtgtgttctc    175440
     tcccacgatg ttccgtcttc ccacaaggca agaagcaaga gtcaggtgac tggggcgagg    175500
     cctttgaaac tgagctcaaa atcagtcctt cctcttttag gccatctcag gtgttttatc    175560
     agtgatagaa gctaatgtag aggtcagcaa atttttccca agaaggacct gaaaggggaa    175620
     aaccaatgtc gggggcgatg gctcagtggg taagaacact cgctgagcat gcatgaggac    175680
     ccgagtccag catctatgcg cagctgtaac ctctgaactg ttgtgtgtga ggcaggagag    175740
     cctctgaggt gtgctggcta tcagctcagc tctggggtca ttaaaggacc ccctgtgatg    175800
     gcaagaatga gcacagtttc cctcatgttc aggtatttaa gcgcttgctc tctgattggt    175860
     gggactcttt gggaagtttt aaagttcact ctttagaacc tttaagaggt gttgccttgc    175920
     tggagacggt atgtccttcg gggtgggctc tgggaggttt atagcgttgc tccacttcca    175980
     gtttgttctt tctgatttgt gtttgcagtt gaaagtgtga tcgctccgcc tcccactcta    176040
     gctaccattc ctgactgtgg tcacgcctct cctgccatgt tgaactttct ccagaagcag    176100
     aagccaaaag aaactcctgc caccatgccc aacatgaaaa gacattttac tttgcagggt    176160
     aaaatatttc tcttgtgaag aaagcagcca cattgaacac cctttggaac gggtgtggct    176220
     gtgtgccgat agaacttcat ttatagtcac cgaagtttga atcgcatata attttcacat    176280
     catgagatag tcttcatatt cacgacaggt tcttctgatg tctctcaagc gataaaaact    176340
     actctatatt gcaggctgca taagaagagg cgggccaggt catttccaca ggtggatgtt    176400
     tccctgccca aatgtgctag aatgagcgcc atgagaatcc agtattctct gcaaggacca    176460
     caaagggtcc tcactgtctg acagttaagt atgacttctg tttctggagg ctaagttcag    176520
     tacagtaaga gtctgaggag acagctgtgt ttagtgctaa gtgtctgtga acagcttctt    176580
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    176640
     cttcttcttc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cttcctcctc ctcctcttcc tcctcttcct    176700
     ctttctttct cttcctcccc ctccttatcc ccgtcctcct ccccctctcc cttccccctc    176760
     cccttcttct ccctcctcct ccccctcttc cctctcctcc tcttccctcc acctctacct    176820
     ccacctcttc tactcaacaa gaatctgcca ccagaatctg agctgagacc atggggcttc    176880
     agagctgaga ggggctgggt gactctagaa ataacccctc ctatttttaa cacccttgcc    176940
     caagccacaa ggtttctagt ttcattccaa acaattccag ggctcagacc ttcaagttgg    177000
     aattcagaac ttctaagcta acctgcctct tctctaaaag tcttcaatac ccaggcagtg    177060
     gttctcaacc ttcctaatgc tgtgaccctt taatacagtt cctcacatta tggtgacccc    177120
     cccccccatc acaacattaa tttcattgct acttcataac tgtaattttg ctactgttat    177180
     gaattctaaa gtaactatct gatatgcaaa ccctgtgaaa ggggtcacaa tgcacaggtt    177240
     gaaaaccact accctagagg acacaccttc ctttctttct ccagggttta gggtgctggg    177300
     cagtttatgg ccaggaatac cagcaattgc tgtgcaaggc atatgggaaa aaaaggaaac    177360
     atttccgaga tcttttattt caaaccacag atcctatcca gccaaaaatg tctcttggga    177420
     atcctggaag ccaaggagag atgttcagtt cacagaggag gggttcgtat catggcggag    177480
     aagagtgggg gaggagctga ctcaggacac ccgcgatgct cagaactgca gaatgagaac    177540
     aggctgttcc cggaagcttt ctaaagatga ccagaccaga tcgtcacagc cgtcaggcat    177600
     ggtgggcaag cctgagctgg ggcaggcacg gaggagggcc ctttcatata cctgctggcc    177660
     tgcttcctct gaccctgggc aggtctgcgt ttgtgtccat gtgcactgtt tgtagaggag    177720
     ctcagaggga gagacacgtg agagacaaga ggtcagggca gaggtgaaac tccctcctca    177780
     cctccgaaag actctggttt gatctagtgc tctggctcag cgtccatgca ggattcccag    177840
     gggttctgag gcatccgagg cagggagaag agcaggagga acagcccacc gaggaagagc    177900
     aagatgaacg cggcacatgc acaggcgaaa gaccacgaat agtagtgctc tatccagacc    177960
     gtgtcctcgc tgtcaatcat acgcttcacc gactgcctca tgacctccac ggagacgatg    178020
     aggcagagcc ctggggacaa agccaagagt cccagtgact gctggtgctc ctgctgccac    178080
     ctcagtcctc ccccaacctc tgttccctgc ctctgacctg gtcctgagag ggaactgctt    178140
     ctagactgtt ctaagcagga atctacaaaa gtgatccacg cctaccactt cccaaacgtc    178200
     cagttcccac ctcctgcagg aggttagtca gagacccgcc acatttcctt ccttctcttg    178260
     ttaatcactc actgggaagg tttggccagt gtccttccca agggaagtgt cactggggga    178320
     aaaatgaaca aagcaagcct tctccctccc agccctcctg gggtcacctg agttctgact    178380
     gaatttgttc ctgtgtggaa cctgagtcct cttcccactc agacactgca ggaccccacg    178440
     ctacctgcga aggcataaaa catggatgct ggcctcagca ggtaatcacg cttattcccg    178500
     aaggacagaa atgcgcagat ggaacccaca atgatgaagc cgaggctgaa gatggcaatg    178560
     gccgctgctg agatgctgta ctctgcaaaa gagagggagc ctcagagcga gagcctctcc    178620
     aggcacttcc tactgtcagt gttcttagcg aggaggttcg aagttctggg catccaggat    178680
     tcccatttta cacccgaatg agcgaggctt actcaaagtc tatattctag ggcagagtgg    178740
     ggacaggtgc tgtcgacgaa ctcatccgta tcttccccgg ggaactaaag tgtagggttc    178800
     tctgaaaaaa gggcctcagg aggaggtggg acaccacgtg gctggagatg ttcttagagc    178860
     caaaggcctc ctgagtgaca ggcagaggag gtactgagct gtaggtggtc tgtctcagat    178920
     tgacaagggg actccggaag attgacagtg tgtgggtgtg gatgtgtggg ggctgcctaa    178980
     gaatccatca gagtatgtgc ctctgtgtct gcatgtgaga atttgtatga gtgtgtgtgt    179040
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gagagagaga gagagaatct    179100
     gtcagtatac gtgggtacac ttgtatgtac ctcatatatg aggatctctg tgtgtgtatg    179160
     cgtggtgtgt gtgtgtataa gtgttccctt tattaggctt tcagtgtgta tacattttcc    179220
     atgtgtgaag gtctgctggt gtatgcatgc atgcatgcat gagtgttccc tgcattaaga    179280
     ctcttagtgt gtatgtgtgt cccatgtgtg aggttctgtt ggcatgtgta tgcatgcata    179340
     caagtatgtc tgttccctgc tttgtgcatg aagacccatc tgtgtgtgca tgtgcggacg    179400
     tgaggatctg tagcacgtgc atgagtgtgt ctgagtcagc tcttacacgc tgtgtggcgg    179460
     ctcattctcc cagaggccag gctgtacctg ctaatgaggt ctccgagttc tatggatgaa    179520
     ggatgggatt atcatgtttc ctcagctcag ggatctatta agtgtggcca ggactcccac    179580
     atcctcacag aggctctcac ccatccattc atccacccca gaatcctgct ccagcactgt    179640
     aggtcctgga acccttcaaa gctccctgcc ctggactctg ctggaatacg ttccagctgc    179700
     aacttgcagc cttctggcag gtcttcttca cccaccgtcc ctaacaccaa cctgggcggg    179760
     gaaccacccc ttgtgtgtag ggatgtgaca gggcacagcc tgcagctact tttcatcctg    179820
     agcaggagtc agcaggtttc tgccaagtga ctcccggcgg ctcagcagcc tgtgacagaa    179880
     attgcttccc accgcccctg cttccaaggg cctcaccctt ttgagtggtg aattcaaaga    179940
     tttccgagct ctcccctggg ttgaagtgcc tgaagtagga gcagttcttt tctgtaaagg    180000
     aacagacagt ctgtgagccg gtagaaaggg caggtgtttc gccacagggc acagaggggc    180060
     cctctggctc tggctacctg tttccgccca cattctgaat ctgggccaaa cagttccctg    180120
     acttttagca cagcatttca gcagataagg aaagcctcca aaaggaggct gagatggcct    180180
     cagggagtaa agggtgatgg aatctcaggg cggacggtgt gcaaaccctg agctcattag    180240
     gcagttaggg taactgagac ctgggctcat gttgttccca aagtaggggg catgcaagct    180300
     tagcaattaa ccagtgatct ctgcacatgg atccatctcc caggcaatgt ctagaggcca    180360
     aggattgtac caaaagccct cagctcacaa gccacaagac acagcagtta tccagtacgg    180420
     aatattaaca gtgatgagga agcaccttga tcaaaccaga cctgaacccc aggtccattc    180480
     acagtgggac ccagggaaca gcatttttca aaagatttcc agggcctagg gaaatggctc    180540
     tgctgttgaa gtgtttgcta cagagcatgg gggttccctg caactgtgta aaaagctggg    180600
     ttcagtgatg ggtgtctgta gtcctggcac tggcagggag gtagattcct agaactcatg    180660
     gaccagcaga ttggccagtt gccgagctcc aggtcagtga gagacccagt ctcaggaaac    180720
     aaagcagaga gcaatggggg aagacaccag atgtgagctc ttggtctcca tatgcatatc    180780
     tacacaggcc catatgaatg tcacacgtgt acacacgcac atgagagaga gagagagaga    180840
     gagagagaga gaacagtttc tagaagattg atgcttatcc aggttggcaa cccaactttg    180900
     ccccacaaag ggctcttctg tttgctgctt cttcagcccc tcggcacctg aatcacatgg    180960
     gcctcagaca aaatcttccc cagcaagctt cttggccact gagcattgtc atgacaacta    181020
     tagatgacct gtggacagtt agatttgaga cctgggtgtt acggggcagc aggagggggg    181080
     ctgagaggaa atataaccgt gatgacctta tgcctaattc cacttccagc ttttcctttc    181140
     tttagtctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctcctctc    181200
     tccctctctt tctctctctc ttctctctcc ttttttgaga tagggtttct ctgtgtagcc    181260
     ctggatgttc tgaaagtcag tctgaagacc agactggcct caaactcaga gaaccacctg    181320
     cctctgcctc ctgggtgctg ggattaaagg cgtgtgccac ccctgccctg ccctgccctg    181380
     cccttagtct cttttacaac tagatatgac accaaaatat agttgcaatc cttgtggaag    181440
     acattcaata ttctttattc atgaattact gaattaagaa ctagaagaat gggttatttt    181500
     taattctctc tctctctctt tctccctgtt tgctttgttt ttttgttttt gttttttttt    181560
     tttttggaga cagggtccct cgtagcccag gatggccttg aattcactgt atatccaacc    181620
     atagccaatg gtaatcttgg aattctgatt cacctacctc caccacccaa gtactgggac    181680
     tttaagttct tgccattgct tctggcttac atggtctggg gatggaacct caggctctgt    181740
     acaacctctc ccaagtgaac tatatcttgc accctatttt ctgcttccta agaaaactaa    181800
     actaggttgc tttttattta tgtgaggttc tgcctcggtg tctttcctgt gtttctgttt    181860
     cccttagtat aaaagactta ttttcaatgg cattgagtgt cagctgaatg ttcattccaa    181920
     aaggactggt ggcgccctgt ttcttttaga tatgtgcccg gggatgccac cattatgtgt    181980
     ttgaacagga tgaaggttcc ttctatctga ccgtatcatg ttactgctcc ttaatcctgt    182040
     tccttcccac gcctccaaag ttcaattgcc gcttctccta gggtggagga cacagttgcc    182100
     tggagatggg atctggccta gcagcggtga ctcttcccgg cagccagccg ccttttccca    182160
     agcgtctata tttaaatagc ttttcttttg agccaagtta cctggggtgt ctggcgagcg    182220
     gttgtgatgt cagacttaac actgctcctt tctttcagca tccacggcta ttttaaagca    182280
     taatgcagcc ctcttatatt tatgagaacc cgttgctgta gatcctcttg aatcaatgcc    182340
     tcagaacggc tcacgctctg tgacacgtct ccccggggtc tccctccgga caaaggaaca    182400
     tttctgtctc gttctttaag ggccaatttc agttgccatt gaaaaaccct ccaagaagaa    182460
     ttgaccgact caagtgtatt tcacggtcag ccgctcgccc agctactcac tccctgtgag    182520
     ttaagagctt tcagagggag ggctgtgggg ttcaggtagc cttgagactc tggtgacccc    182580
     agatagttga cccttgtggg ctgcagaggt gactcctgtg tagcatgttg gggacacagc    182640
     caccaccaga taaatgccag gcttcactca gggctgacaa caatatacag acacattctg    182700
     gatatcaggg cagagatgtc tgagcctggg tgcaatggag taggttgtat tcctgtgggg    182760
     accaggcagg tggtactggg ggacactttc ccttgggtag cacatataat gtctctttct    182820
     ttattaaaca tcttcaactg tgggtgatgg taaggtgtgt taggaatgct ggaagcctca    182880
     gtttctctcc agtatgctca gctctggtcc agaggataga caggctgacc tacttttctc    182940
     ttgggtttgt cacaggaaga aggcccccat attcttggct ttcaacctgt gagaactata    183000
     tcccctccca gtccgtgtgt ctgcctgaca gagaccacga gccctttcac agttcccatt    183060
     ggtcccaaag atggagtagt cacatcagac caaccaagct agcatcttta gcagagggca    183120
     gagggtctca tctggtgggc acatttcatg tgacttagtt ttctccatat ttatcctttt    183180
     gaaagatggt agtatttggg gcaactgagc atcaaggaaa gtctaaaaca cacggctcaa    183240
     tcaatggaga acttcctatg caagtctgag gacccgcaaa ttctcagaac cttcgggagg    183300
     tgggatagtg gtggcctgca cttgtgatct caggctgtta cgacagagac aagcacgtcg    183360
     ctggggatgt ggccagccag cctaaccaaa tcagtgggct ccaggctctg tgggagaccc    183420
     tgcctcaaac actgaggtga ggaataactg aggcacttca ggtagatgtt tgtctttcag    183480
     gcaaatctgc acatatgtgt gagcacacct acacacctac acacctacac acctacacac    183540
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacccct catctgaagc aggccctgag    183600
     tggccacttc gtcacaggta aagttggagc ggggaggctt gcggtgatct tttgcttgca    183660
     gatattgaac cctcctgctt ctgcctctcc gatgccgttt cttgtctcca atgctaggta    183720
     taacaccctt gcatagattt gggggcctct cagtctgccc tggtgccctc tgttccccca    183780
     ctgtgctgat gccaacagtg cttcagagca agtaagcaga ggtccccgcg ccaaacagat    183840
     ccaggactgt aattagagtc ttcgagctta ctggcagcca tctctcttgt cactgaaact    183900
     gccttatact gatcccaagg ttcttcttta tacaagacgc agtgatgtag aaatgtgaac    183960
     ggggctactc cttatacaca gccacatgtg gtggtgcacg cttttatccc ggcacatggg    184020
     aggcagaggc aggcagatct ctgtgagttc caggccagtt tggtctacag agtgagtttc    184080
     aggccagcca ggattacata gtgaacccct gtctcaaaag gaaacaaaac aaaaacagtg    184140
     agcccagttc agactttcct agagactggg acagggggga tggctgacta accccacagt    184200
     atggctcagt cacgagctgt gcagaatcct gggtggcatt ctcgaagaac cagagtagca    184260
     ggcaaatgga gctccaaggt gaagctgagg tgacgggata gctctgagtt attactgaga    184320
     agttccctag ggtagcaggt agtgcagagt taacatatgg aacacaactt gatatgtata    184380
     acccctcagg aactattggg ttagagctgg ggagaaagtc tcacatagga tgttcgtata    184440
     tgtgtttggc aagcttataa agatgccgtg tgctctctta accaccgctg aagaattcct    184500
     aagattccta agctgggggt atcccaaggc cttcggcaga gcctcatagt gttgttcttc    184560
     tggcgggggg tggggtgggg gggatttcta gttaaagctc cagccttcaa catgagatca    184620
     tgtgggtagg aaagggtgcc tcagcatgag ttcatgtggg tagaggaggg agccttagag    184680
     attcccaggc tcagtgacat catgttctta cacccacaat ccctgcactg aggagagatg    184740
     tgggtgtaga gaaatgggat gctggggttg ccctagagag gcaggacctg aaagaaacaa    184800
     gggcagccag aatgttcctc gtggggttta ctggctgaca cacagtctcc cctataaact    184860
     ggggaagccc ctcctcccac tcaggagacc ttggaactga gctcaggtgt tgatcttgga    184920
     cagagaggtc cttctatggc tcttggtgga cagtggaaga tttacacgag gcagctgctt    184980
     tccatcctgt gagaatggtg gagtgaaacc accttgtatg tgctcttggt ctggctgcct    185040
     cagaccatgt cgtgtcctat gtggggctcc ttgtggcccc ttgagttacc acactttagg    185100
     gacatagtgc attggaagtt ataggaagct ctggagaaca aggagcatca ggagttaaga    185160
     cgtgtattga gcctctcttt gttaggtagt tagcccgggg caaggccatg cttgccttca    185220
     gtgttctttg gtggtgtgta tgatgcagta actgagtcat ctctccagcc tcaggaaaaa    185280
     gctcttgatt aatggtggat gttgcggggc tcggactact gtgggtggta ccatccctgg    185340
     gcatgtggtc ctgggtagta cgagaaagca agctgaggaa gccatgggaa gcaagtcagc    185400
     agacaaacaa atgcttagga ccagattcct gttctctaac tacataacct cagttaaatt    185460
     gttcacattt tcttagcgtc acgtccatca tctgtgacgt gggataacgt cactgccttc    185520
     atctgtgacc tgggatgatg atgtgtatat atatatatgt ctcctgcagg tttctgtgag    185580
     attggatgag ttggtatggt tgtgtattgc ttagcagtgt ggatagttct gagcaatgcc    185640
     ctgttaggca atgttgtcat tgtgtaaacg ttatgtcgtg tgcatacaca aactgggata    185700
     actatgacat cactaggtga cataatacca tgaggcgatt cttttacacg tggtccatca    185760
     ttgacccaaa tattgatatg tggtaagcag ctacacatgt gtggactcct gttactgcca    185820
     ggcttccctg gtgttcaggg aaaataatct gattatctta tcaaggatct tatgtctgtg    185880
     ataagtgact gtgctggttg gtttctgtca acttgacaca aattagggtc accgggaaag    185940
     ggaatttcga ttgagaaatt gcctccatca gaatggccta ttcgtatgta tgtgggggca    186000
     gcttcattta aaatatacat ttcatgttta tgtatatgcg catgagtgta tatatgcaca    186060
     gcatgtacat tcagtgccag aagaggtcag gagaggggat cagatcctct gaaagcatag    186120
     ttacagacag ttgtgagcca ccagctgaat gctggcaacc aaacttgggt cttctgcaag    186180
     agcagtgtat gctcttaacc actgaaccat ctctctggcc tcaggaacgt tttcttgatt    186240
     aatggtggat attgcagggc ccatccactg tggggtggta ccacccctgg gcatgtggtc    186300
     ctatgtataa ggaagcaagc tgggtaagct atgcaaagca agctagcaag cagtattcta    186360
     ctcctctgtg gcccctgttc agttcttgct tctgtgttgc tgtcttgagt tcctgccccg    186420
     gcttccctcc agagtggact gtgaccagta agccgaaaga aaccctttcc tccccaagtt    186480
     gtttctagcc agtgttttat ccgagcaaca gagaagcaac ccaggacagt tgctaatctt    186540
     agtttcattt cctgttgctg tgataattgc aggttcatag caggaaagtt gaaggagcag    186600
     gaatttgaaa cagcaggtca catccaaagc caagagcaga gagccgcaaa gtaatgtatc    186660
     tttcataagc acaccagaga ccaacgtaga taactcctca ttgaagcatt ctggcaattc    186720
     taaattgcat caagttttca aataagtcac cagaattgta catgctttct gttttgagca    186780
     ttttctgcat cgttaaccaa tttggatgtg atgtatggag gtatggattt atttaaattt    186840
     acactaccca gaattcattt gtaggttcat gcttttcatc tagtctgaga tgcgtttagc    186900
     tattatccct ctcctctttc tcttcttctg gagactccca tgatatatat gatggtgtct    186960
     cacacatgtc tgagacattg cccctttccc tgcggaacct cagtggacat tttttaaagg    187020
     tcatagactt tccatttgcc tgctcagttc tgcttttgaa tccctctgct gaactttcca    187080
     cgttaattat tgctttttac aaaaggattt ctatttgatg ctttaagatt attttctttc    187140
     tcttgattgg tatctatttt atgaggcggc tgcccccttg tttattctcg agatacggtt    187200
     tctggctgat ttaaagtgtc cgtttagcta gggctggtga ggtggctcag caggtcaagt    187260
     gctgaccacc tgacttgagt gtgggcttcc agaacccaca cggtggaagg agagaactga    187320
     ctcacgtcat ccgctgacat tcccccagaa acaaacgaac acccagataa acaaatgtaa    187380
     aaaaagtctc tgtccgcatc tagacatcct aaaggctcgt tcaaattcac tctagtttct    187440
     ggctctcctc ttcatgcacc acccaaatca tcttaggtct tcacatggct tgttttctgt    187500
     tttgtttttg tttgcttgct ttcgaaggag ggtctcacca tgtagcctcg actgtcctga    187560
     agttccctat gtagtccagg ctggcctcaa agacacaaat atcctacctc gccagtgctg    187620
     ggatcaaaga tggatactgc catgcccttc ttaatggctt gtatttgtta aacatacaca    187680
     caacatggca acccgggaag tctgcttctc cttcttgatg cttgttcctg ttgctgtgtt    187740
     ggagctaatt tcgagatgtc tatattcttg agcatgaaac ctctgttcta gtaacttggc    187800
     catcagttga cagaggtgtt ctaacatgta tggaacctac ttatctccca gtcacagctt    187860
     tgtagttgag gacttttgca agatgaggaa aaaaaaaatc tgcataatgg cagtgttttg    187920
     gagagggact ctgcaagagg cccaacctgt tctgcttcct ctagcgtctg ccagactctc    187980
     ttggctttgt cttgttttac tgagataata gtagttttca cggaggaaat taaagcacct    188040
     taaatttgac tttctcccaa cttgcctgct tttcttgaat aagcacttgc caggatgcgc    188100
     taagattttg attaatttcc agaattctga aaataaagag tctgtttctt cttcctttcc    188160
     ccctgaattc tcatcgctgt cgatgaggga gaagattcag tgggaggagg ggtggtggag    188220
     gggtggtgga ggggttatct ctccctcatc tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttggtat    188280
     tacccaaagt taatatacac aaagccctca taacacagag ccctatgcgg acatgctgtt    188340
     actacaattg tttgtaaata atagcacgcc gtatgagccc ttttacagaa aagagaggtc    188400
     ccagggaaca cagaaaaggt agatgtggaa ggaaattgat gcccgttggc tttggaagac    188460
     aactggggga ggatagggtg agtgtcacaa gtgtgggcag cgtgattcac agctggtgag    188520
     ggcaagaagg cagacaaaca ggctctgctt aggctcaagg gcaagccttg cctgttggtc    188580
     ccctgagatc ggtgttcttg ccagcctgtc tctctctgtg tagacatgcc tcatctgctc    188640
     tgactttaaa aggcacatgg ctcaaaggac aggtggacag aactgtaatg tcccttctca    188700
     cgcacgatcc cagagaagct gcctcgccct gttctgccct gcccagggag ttggccggat    188760
     gatgcatctg tttacgagtg tgtagagtgg ccaagggctg tgggcatcag gttatacgat    188820
     atccttcaag cacatgctca caccactcaa tgccctccat gctgagactc tgtttccaag    188880
     actgcttaca aatctctgga tccccagcag tgatgagtga cgcctgggtg tcctgaagca    188940
     agagctaaga aagaggaggg aggagaagga tgggagggcc tgctctgcac tccacatgca    189000
     gactgctggg tctttaagaa tcaggactga gtgcttgaac cacaagcgtt aggcaggggg    189060
     acagaaggca ttgttctcta tgtcaggatg gaggccacac atgctgtgac ccactgaggc    189120
     ctgggttcca ccccccagaa ttgcataaac tgtctagatg cataactagt tggagaccct    189180
     gtatcaaaac aaaaaaaggt cctttaagag ggcagtggat agctgtggct ccagcctggg    189240
     cctcttttct gtctggcatg ttcttttcta ccatgcatac ttcgctcgct ctgaatccca    189300
     ggggctctat actggcagaa tagagatgat gtatcacact aacacccaag ctcccaggca    189360
     aggacctgcc tgcaaggtat gggtagggat tggaagaata cctttcaacc actacagaag    189420
     gaaacgtgga gaatccgagt gatgtaaact agggaagaaa acatagtagg accacgggct    189480
     taacaaagca tctacacact accttctgtt ttatagccat gcggcagctt tgacccaccc    189540
     caacccccaa ggagtccatg cttggtccat gctctgcctt caccaacttg acattctcag    189600
     tacttaagaa ccaggaacct gggatttttt ttgttacgca gcctgacaaa ctaggtagga    189660
     agaatcttgc ctatactttt gcctagagca atggcctcaa cctccctaat gtcaaggatc    189720
     ctttaataca gttccttgcg ttatggtggc ccccaactat agacttattt tgctgttact    189780
     tcataactgt aatctcactg ctgttatgaa tcatgtaaat atctgatatg tagggtatct    189840
     gatatgagag ccccaagagg ttgtgaccca caggctgaga gctgctgtct cagaggctaa    189900
     gagccagtct gccccatagt ttcctctagc ctgaggtctt tgggttacta gcctgtctgt    189960
     gtagggagtg aacggaccta agacaacact gagtctttct gagtgtctgc tgttggggcc    190020
     agaagtccct ggtctggtcg accagaagtt tctggagtct cttaacttac tggtccagcc    190080
     acctgcactg gatgaagaac ataggcctta caagatggag ctggagacaa atgccctagt    190140
     tttctacctt agctctggcc atacaaagta cctcaggctg tttccatctt gatcctttgc    190200
     agaaaaatct gccaacaaac tctgctccca caggtaactt atcttggagt cttgaaagga    190260
     caagaaatgg aaagaagtag aggaaaatgg aacccttacc ccctgatggt gtgacgtgct    190320
     cacaactctt gtctttgttg tgcacggcaa cccgagcggt gcagatcctc cagaggccaa    190380
     agtgggctgc ctcgcacgtt tcattgtggt gctccaggtg tggactcagc acggcccagt    190440
     ggtcagtcac cacggccacc atggcgagca ccccgcccac caggatgaag aagagggtca    190500
     cacgaacctt cgctgttttg gtctgtgaca tggcggtcgt tgaggtgtgg gtgctctggg    190560
     cagggggcag cagcagtgtc tcccaggcag ctagctagat ggtggcagtg gctacggagc    190620
     tgggagtgga agctaagttt agtgtgtctg gctgagccag agtgggctgg ccttggggct    190680
     gagagacact gggcagtcgg agcagctgct caggcgtgtc atgggcctga ggaagacttc    190740
     tattaatgct tgtcactagg cgtggcactg aggattcctt cggctcaggt ttcagggctt    190800
     ttttcccatc tgagggctag aaataccccc caccctgtcc cggaggaggg ggagagagag    190860
     agagagagag tggatacgga tagtggtggg tatctgatgt tcgaaaacgc caagctcttg    190920
     atagtggcct gagagatcta cagagtagac ttaggttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    190980
     gggtgtgagc agtggtcaac aggctcatta gctgtgtggg tgttcagaac caaaagggga    191040
     accccaagag ttcttgacgg cacaactttc ccgtctcacc ctgccaaggc agctaccaac    191100
     accagcagtg tttgtgagga cctcaggaaa ctgtctgcag gaaagcagga ggaacttcca    191160
     cagagcccac ctcccaagca agctctttag tggcaagtcc tacctcgtcc cctgggtccc    191220
     aggaacattc tatctgattc ccaggcctga gcctagcttg acacaggtca catgttttac    191280
     tattgtcatc tatctgcgac tgggcccaga agagcagctc tgcccctgag gttcacgagc    191340
     ccttgtgctt ttcagatgtt tgtgaagagc tctctgcagc acccagagca gcctcgaggg    191400
     tcatgaggcc aggaagtgga ctggaccgga gctgttgctt tgcactgtgt tcagagacag    191460
     gcaagaaaga gtttccattc tgttcccccc tcacctctca tgtagcctct catgtagccc    191520
     aggctggccc cacacttgct atgtagccaa ggaatcctcc aaattctcac cttctctgcc    191580
     tctacctccc aagtagatta ctttgatgtg ccaccatgag gtgctggggc tcgaaccagg    191640
     gccttgtgca tgcccggcaa gcaggctacc aactgggtta tgtcttgggg ccattttatt    191700
     ttcaacaggg gtagaaagag attgattcat aggtgaccca taagaagcaa acgagatgca    191760
     gatagagtga ggaacttggg aaggttcggg acccctgtcc gatggccttg tgtttcctag    191820
     cccagctcct gaggttctgc catctgtcac tgtctcagct cagcaggtgg ccctttttgg    191880
     gtaaatccac aaggttgaca cctgactgga actagaaccc aactagagct gggcagggcg    191940
     ttgcacctcc aaaatctcag cctcaggttt atgatcggaa ggctctcgcc aggtgtaagg    192000
     agcattcaga tgctaaagtc actcagtgct gaccccactg agaataggta ctgtagcttc    192060
     tcctcaggga gtgcttgttg tcttagtggc cctctgctgg agaccagcct tctgatgggt    192120
     gggtatgagt gtgggaggtg cagctggcgg aggccactag aggagggctc tagagagcta    192180
     tggtgagaag ctatggaggt tcagcctgct ttcagcgagt cctctggctt ctgataatct    192240
     gtcatgccac aaaggctctc gtcgcctcca ctgagccctg gccgacatgc cgtcctcacc    192300
     atggtggact gagctctctc aactgtgagc caaggaaatc cttctcccct taattcactc    192360
     ccgacagcca ttccgccaca gacaaaagca ggctgtcagg tgaatcttcg cactaatcca    192420
     cgggatgagc acaactgtca cccccacttt gtagataagg acacgcaaac tctggcacaa    192480
     ggtgtcattt gtccccggga aatggggaag ccaagtgtca taatttcata ccttgaactc    192540
     tgagccaatg gctggaactg ggagaaactt tttaattaaa gagtcttgga gcagatgggg    192600
     gaatctgcag cccagagatg agcactgagc agagatgatc agaataggct atgggaggta    192660
     aattgagacc tgccacctgc atgtaggagc ttgtgttagt gtgattccat cagaactgtc    192720
     gcttttccat gagagcctgg tccccgggca taatctccca agagctccac tacaaacctc    192780
     tccatctctg ctgcttctcc tccctgtcct cacctctgta ttctcaaccg gacatcgagt    192840
     gtggctgacc cacagtcgaa cgttttgctg acagacactt gctgttcctg ctcagctcag    192900
     agaaagacaa agtatctagg aaaaaaaaaa acctgcttaa ttttagcaat tgtgggcttg    192960
     tgaagtgtac aagtacattt ttaacttcca gacattgggg caccctttgc tctcccacac    193020
     taacttttga ggggggtgtc ttagaatagg gtagagctca ggggtacatt tagtgtcatc    193080
     caggatgcca ctgtagagcc atgaaggaag ccaggcactt agcaacttct ttctgcattt    193140
     tcctctgcag ggggcaggta tgtgcctgag ttggccaccc tggagagtgc aggcattaaa    193200
     cattgatggc ctttgccttt tgaagccgtt tctgtgtgaa gcacgccact tggttgacag    193260
     ctccagcgac tgtagacgag tcgatttttt tcttctgtgc taaatccccc ccagatacac    193320
     cgttttctgc tcaaaggcca ctcacaagct tctaggtcag ctcatggagg gccttgctag    193380
     gtcaggaagg aggttcagaa gttaggcttt tgctgggagc cagggcctgg tgacctccac    193440
     attgcctgcc cactctgggt gcttcctgga gagccaggca ggagaacatc tcccatgggt    193500
     agcaggagag tgggcagatg tttactgggg acacagccag tggccccagg atcacacccc    193560
     actgggccag tctccagttg tgtggcttcc agcaggacct gagcctcttt aagccgccct    193620
     ttcctcctct gtaaaggcag ggcaatgggc ctggagggag ctggtgccga gattaagatg    193680
     atgggtttac cagcttagcc catgacagat gctaggagct gaattatggc tcctataatt    193740
     cacatctaga agtcctaagc gtgacagcga tgatatttga atggatgagg tctgaggaga    193800
     gaattaggtt taggcgaggt cgcgccagta gagtcccccg atgggattgt aagatgagtt    193860
     cagggctgtc tcagcctctc tcttggtcat gtgaggacac aaagagaaga caactgtctg    193920
     caagccaagg aatctgagct ctctgaaaaa tcaaaacatg ctggcaccag aactgtgagg    193980
     gaatacattt ctgcttattg aagccaccca gtctgtggta tttttttttt ttatatcaac    194040
     agtggttgat ataacagcaa gcagttgatt cagggtagtg ttatttgtag attacagatg    194100
     tatctatttt cctggatgag cgagaaactt ctagaaggca agtgccgagg caatgctagg    194160
     tactcattct agatctgctc caatggctca gtctggacct gaacccatgg caacatcttt    194220
     gtaagtggtt actgagtgac tgttggatgg atggatggat ggactaaaag aaagggacag    194280
     tagatcatat actctagtcc actagatgac ccaaaagaaa tattcatgtg ttgaaggtca    194340
     cagggaccta gaaatggcaa tagtggtcca tctggtaaca cttggataat ttacctctag    194400
     tttctgaggg atgttttaca caatggaagc aggcaagcat ggtaatggtg ttgcagcttg    194460
     gggtggaact tggtttgggc aatgcacaca ctcctgttct aacaatgttc tttgcaaccc    194520
     aggaccctca cctgctctga gccatatgtt cccctgactt catcaatgga gtaagtttct    194580
     cctcccttag caacttcttg ctaacttccc cttttgtggt tagcttctat tcaaagtact    194640
     cagggcatgt cagggaacag gagacagggc acccattctg gcagggctgg tcttgggtgc    194700
     atgcgcagta aggcagactg tgttctgagt gaacttttag ggaatacccc tatttaccat    194760
     ccaatgaata tgcacaatgg agcgtgcata tgattaaagt cagccgcatc atgggaagag    194820
     atatattcct tgctcctgac cttgccagtt taactcaagt tagataccaa aatgctaagg    194880
     tcgttcatac tagcatcaca ttcttatttg accttaaaaa gaaattctga acatgaagtc    194940
     acaggagctg tcctgactgg caggagttcg tatatgtagc gacacgcgac attacacttg    195000
     acctcattac tttgctgggc aaggcacgct gaaagtctgc acctggtctt gtctaaactc    195060
     tgcagtctag actgtcttct tttgctaatt tgaatcttca cccttaaaga tgaattggta    195120
     aattaaatta aaacactaag tggagcaaac agtcacaatc agggtaaaag cattttcatt    195180
     ctgtgagttc ctcttgtggg ccacggagct cgtttgaggg agagctcacc ctgaacgtac    195240
     aaaggcagga atagcgacac gggttagcat agactgggag ggagatgagg agtggactgg    195300
     aggatgggag gcaactggga cgaaaaggac ccagatttta aaaattgcat gtagtttaca    195360
     aaaggaaaat gaagggaagg agaccatcaa ggtcagacct tgtggggtcc tagaaaccac    195420
     gtgaaaagac agaatgttcc agaatgttga gaacagttga agtgtttttc ctcttgttat    195480
     ttactttttt aattaatctt ttaaaaattg gactaggcat ggtggaacat agctttaatt    195540
     ccagtacttg ggagacagag gcagatggat ctctgtgagt ttgaggccag cctggcctac    195600
     aaatgagttc cagggcagcc agagctacac agagaaacct tatgccaaaa caacaacaat    195660
     aacaacagca ttttaaaaaa tatttattta ttttatgtat aggagtgcac tgtagctgtc    195720
     ttcagacaca ccaaaagagg gcattggatc ctgttacaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg    195780
     ggtgctgggg attgaactca ggacctctgg aagagcaagc agtcagtgct cttaactgct    195840
     gagccatctc tccagcactc ctgcccccta attttaattg tactgtatgc atgatggggg    195900
     caggggtgcc tcatgccatg gcatgcccgt ggaggtcaga ggataactgg agttggctct    195960
     ctccgaccct ttatatggct tctggggaaa ctcaggtggc cgagcttcct tgagatgcac    196020
     ttttacctgc tcaaccattt tcccggtttg tctcttgttc ttttgagaca gggtttccat    196080
     tcagagtccc tgaactcact gcctataaca ggccttgaac ctgtaatctt cctgccatag    196140
     cttcctgagg agcttgggcc ccaggcctga gccacaaggc tcgcttttga gcaaggtagc    196200
     tacatatctt acggaactaa ttacttttct attaccgtga acagacatct tgaccaaggc    196260
     gacttataga acagaggttc tcaacctgtg ggtagcaact cctttgaggg tagaatgacc    196320
     ttttcatagg cattgcctaa gaccatcaga aagcacagat gtttacatta caactcataa    196380
     cagtagcaaa attacagtta tgaagtagca acgaaaataa ttttatggtt ggggatcacc    196440
     ctaacatgag gaaacatatt aaagggttgc cgtagcctta ggaaggttga ggaccacggt    196500
     tctagaagga agaatttatt ggggtttaca ggtgcagagg gttacagtcc ttgaccatga    196560
     gggtggagaa catggcagta ggcaggcatg gcattaggca ataggtgaga gctcacattt    196620
     taaaacaaca gccacaaggc agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    196680
     aaagagagct cataatggca taagcttttt aaacctcatg gctcaccccc agtgagtcac    196740
     ctcctccatc aaggccacac ctcctaatcc ttaccaaaca gttccaccaa ctagagaccc    196800
     agtgttccag tgtatgaact atttatgggg ccatttgcat tcaaaccacc acacttgcat    196860
     caaggctgtc tgtccataag tgatggaaat gagactgaaa tgctaggatt ggtagttacc    196920
     aagtgaacca agtcaggtgc caagagggag agggcctgtt tggaaacccc ccaggtgtag    196980
     acacaaaagg atttgacgag agactgaccg tgggaaagag caaagactgg ggtcatggag    197040
     gctgtggcgg tttgaatatg cttagcccag gaagaggcac tattaggagg tgtggcctta    197100
     ttggaggggg tgtgggcttg ttggaggaag tgtgtcactt tgtaggtggg ccttgaggcc    197160
     tcctatgctc aggttccatc cagtgtggaa gagaccctct tcctggctgc ctgcagaaaa    197220
     gtttcttcct ggctgtcttt ggatcaagat gtagaactcc agcaccatgt cttcctgcat    197280
     gctgccctgc ttcccaccat gatgatagtg gactgaattt ctgaaactgt aagccagccc    197340
     taattaaatg tttgtcttta taggaattgc cttggtcatg gtgtgtcttc aaacaatgga    197400
     aaacctaact aaggctttgg taggcagtga tgttgttgac tacaacatta tactggaggg    197460
     agaaactgag gtttaggttc agatactatg ttccttagtc tagtctgttg ttataatcag    197520
     gagccttaaa ggcaatgtct tcgtttggta gtacatctcc tttttaagtt acagtctagg    197580
     gtgtagggtg gtagggtgac cattatcttc caggaaacca tgcatctagg aatctgccct    197640
     cttgttgctc tgccatgcga attgttctca ctcgtgaggt taaagctggc ttactgttgt    197700
     catagaaggc tcaagaggaa gaaagagttt gccagttcaa gtcaaatgtt ccaaatgaac    197760
     actcaagttg ggcaacactc ttgaattggc aagaatgtaa actcactgtt gccagtggac    197820
     tggcgggtct atctgtccat ttggagaaaa tcacaagtag gcagactgca attccctgag    197880
     agtcagcaat tttgagtgta aggtataggt tactagaaga cagcagctga gaagatgagg    197940
     tgtgatgaag acccagatgg aaaagtgccc gctgattttt aataaccaac agacaataaa    198000
     gcaacaccac aaatataatt tgtgattata gccaaggaat ggctagcagg taaggaagga    198060
     cggacagctc ccataggcca ttcccatgac atgcttagct tagaaaggaa gttcacagga    198120
     gagcaaagtt ctgaagggct tgtaggttag aagaagatta atttgctatt tgaaaagcta    198180
     aatcgaatgt gtttatatcc ttgagcaaga ttcaagaagc ctccagtttc cttggtgacc    198240
     taggagatca aatcaagcgc ggagtgaagt atcaggaggg ttcagggagc tgggaaagtc    198300
     aatacagccg ttgtgaggct ggggtgacag cttagatggg ccaccaagaa tggttgctgg    198360
     gagtcagctt cgtgctcagg gagtcggtca gtgatgtgct aaggcatggc caggaccccg    198420
     tactcatttt ctgttgcttt tagaaccgtc acacactcag tggttcaaaa gctccacatc    198480
     catcgatcca ctgttcaggc tgcttcaccg ggaggatgtg cactggccat gttcctccgg    198540
     aagtcctgtg ggaagcaaat aaaccctctg tgcgtgcgtg cgtgcgtgcg tgcgtgcgtg    198600
     cgtgcctgcg tctccgcatc ttcaaagcca gcaactctgc agctctgacc tctgcctcca    198660
     gcacattcct ggatcttctg cctctctctt tactttatga ggacttttgt gctagcacta    198720
     ggaccacatg ggtaatctag ggtaaccgct tcagcgcaaa atacttagca ttttaaaaat    198780
     gacttactgg attattcatg tatgtgtaca tatatgtatc agcataggag agaggctcag    198840
     agagctagga ggccagggag ttagtcattg agtgacttac ctcacggaca gtactcttct    198900
     ttcttatgat ctgggtgggg ctcggggcat aaaggaagtt ggtcgctaga gatatcatct    198960
     ctgacacacg tgcaggaata gtgaagagga gttaggggac aacagtgata ggaaaggatt    199020
     ggggtgtccc attcatgcct gcagaggttt ttttgtctga ggggagggtt tggagtgacc    199080
     cacctttggc accggatgct gcctcctgta actccaaacc tgggagtaca ggactctcgc    199140
     tttcctggct tctgttcctg agaatatctt gccagttttg ttggaagctg cacgtctcag    199200
     gcatctctct tccagcatgt tttcctatag gtccccagag ctctcttttc ccttaccacg    199260
     taccttctgg ggctgggcag ctatactggg aaactgggca ggagcctttc cgggtgggta    199320
     ggggaggcgg ggtcgttata ggaggctgtg gaaatggaaa agaactcagc ggagagatct    199380
     gaagatgtaa ggagttctgg agagcatcgt ggaaatgggg gatgggtggg aggtgggagg    199440
     ggaaatagag ctagggtaga gccccaaaga cagccatctt gaaagcaact acagcagaat    199500
     ccttgctacc acatcttgca accaccattc ccagtcaaga acagaaatat tttctcttga    199560
     gctcagaaag ggttttccat ctcctgagac ttccactttt ttcccttgcc atccagactc    199620
     cccccaccca cccccaatgg ggggggtcta ggctatgaaa cagagaaaaa ccacggggct    199680
     ctggcccagt tgaactaaac tgagaaccct tcagtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg    199740
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tttgccttct gagagttagt tccccacctg atgtaaaatc    199800
     ccagggtcat cccacaggct tagtggcaaa tgcctttacc cactgagcca tcttgtcagg    199860
     cctccagtct gtatttagtg gctgtctgat gttcctaggt ttggagtgat ttacctctca    199920
     gctctgttag ctgatgggct aggctatatg gtgggggaga ggggaatgca cttgggagtg    199980
     tggctgagga caggcaagac tatggtctgc tgggatgaag catcttagga tatagaatta    200040
     cctagcagta aaggttctag gcatgtctgg gaggatcctc cagactaggt tagtcaatgg    200100
     gtgtgtctgt gagacatcat ctagattagg ctggcctctg agtatgtcag agaaggatca    200160
     tcttgctcag tgattctcaa cctttctaat gctaggaccc tttaatgcag ttcctcatgt    200220
     agtggtgacc cgcctccgcc ccgcccctgc ccagccataa agctattttt gtttctctct    200280
     catttctata attttgctgc tgttataaat tacaatgtaa atatctgtgt tttctgatgg    200340
     tcttaggtga cccctgtgaa agggtctttt gacatccaaa gggctcacga cccacaggtt    200400
     gagaaaccct ggtctagttt attttaattt agatgtgaag acccaccctg aatgtgggtg    200460
     gcatcatcca aagggctggg atcctgggct gaatagaaag gaaagtgtgc acgaagccct    200520
     gtgacctctc tcagcttcct gatcgtggat gtaaggtggc cagccacctc aggctcctgc    200580
     cacgtcatga tggactgcat cctcaaaccg agcagtaaaa gaaacccttt cttccttctg    200640
     ttgcctttgt cagttttttt ttttttttat cataacaggg aggaaaaata actaacacct    200700
     caggtgtgga agcctggggt tttcatcagc ctcagggtta aggatggaag ccctgactga    200760
     gaggtcacca gatctccacc aactggaggt cgagaatcct gggtctcggg tccagtcagg    200820
     tgccatctgc cggtaagcaa atagcaatgt tcagcaatag gacaccaatc aaatatccat    200880
     ctctctgtcg tttgtagcca ctaaatattg gtttttatgt tgggcccata gctcagtggt    200940
     gaaggtcatg tttaacatac ttgaggctct gggttttatt cccagcacag caaaccaaaa    201000
     atattttttt gaagaatact taaagatgtt gctgggggga ctgggatgca gctcagctgc    201060
     tggaacactt ggataggatg cacagagcct tgaattcaac cccctcccca cacacattgt    201120
     ttaacttgca tgtggtggta tatacctgta atgccaacac tttgagaggt agaggcagga    201180
     gaatcagaag tttgaagtta tcatacataa tttccaagct ggccagggac acatgaggtc    201240
     ttgtaaaaaa tgctgtgaga agagtcttgt gatcaaaacc agcaaataga gacagaggca    201300
     tctatctcct taagctatgg ctcctctgac ccctctctgt gtatgcatgc atgcatgctc    201360
     acatgcatgt tttaatctct gtgtagtgta ttcgtgtaca tgtgtgtgta cttgtatatg    201420
     tacgcagagg tcagaggtca gccctgagtg tcttcctcta gcattctcca tcttcatttg    201480
     agacacggtc tctcaccgaa cttgaagctc attgatttag ccagagtggc tggctggcag    201540
     gactcataag gttctcccta tctctgccca tctcagcact ggggtaaggg tgtgcgctgc    201600
     catgcctgac tttttctgtg agttttggga tcccaaaact caggtctact aactggacaa    201660
     ccccttataa ctttttattt tttaaaggca aatgtattaa ctataaacaa ttttttttgt    201720
     tgttttcgtt ttggcttttc aagacagggt ttttctgtgt agtcctggtt gtcctggagc    201780
     tcactctgta gaccaggctg gctttgaact cacaaagatc catctgcctc tgcctcctga    201840
     gtgctgggat taaaggagaa aggcaccact gcacaactta accatagaaa ttttaaaaca    201900
     gaaatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgttgtgt gacagatttg    201960
     gttattacaa ttttatttgt aggttctgag tattcctctg gcactggtat gtcccctaga    202020
     atgctactca ggggacaaag gttagagagg acaagcctct ccccttcagg tagaagcagc    202080
     aggtggggtc cttaaagcca gctccagtgg ctccactttg gtgacacagg acaggtcctc    202140
     tacttgtaca gccaggcttc tggggcccct gggctttttc agcttggtgt gtgagcttta    202200
     tgaagtcaga aattccccag gagggaatag aggttgctgg atgggacttg aagaataata    202260
     tccattacta tccacaagtc tggggcacat gaaggtgaag taagcggctg tcagtggaag    202320
     gagctggcca taggaaggct ctaccagacg caggtattct gtccaagagc aatgggtgtg    202380
     ggcaggtctg gttctcaagt gttgttctag aacaatccaa cactggaaac tccttgagag    202440
     ctttcggtaa acgctcttga gccttcaaat ccgatcttta aaaaagattt gcatttatta    202500
     tcttaattat gtgtagagta gatgtttatg tctacatgtg ggcatgtatc cctgcgggca    202560
     ggtacctgca gaggccagag gtaatccgat ctttggagct ggagttacag ttagttgtga    202620
     gctgcctgat gtggatgctg gagaatgaac tcaggtcccc agtaacagta gtacctactc    202680
     gtaaccattg agccatctct ccagcccttc agatgaaatg tctaaactgg attttttttt    202740
     tttacagcag ttccttgttt agaatctaac tcattctctc aaaggcccct ggtggcaagt    202800
     ctccttgtct gcaagcaggg atggggctgt gacaggctga tggttgccca ttgctgctgc    202860
     cctaggggga agggctggga tttgtcagga cctttcctgg cccttggcca cagtgccgca    202920
     gctgccggat gtgggcaggc tgggaagaca cccccgagct gtgtgcccgt gtgtcacgct    202980
     gggcaatgct tctgagcttg ttcaacccta taacactgtt tccaaaattc agggacagac    203040
     ttcaaggagg ctccccatcc ttcatccccc gacaggggcc atttccccct ttcctttcct    203100
     aacccccgat ttctaatctg gaaatgcatg gctcaacaat caagaggaaa aaaaaagtca    203160
     gaaatcctcc catgtggtag gaaaaaggaa cgtggagaat tagaaaagta aaggtcttag    203220
     gtttgttgtc tagacacaag tcccctgcag ctgctgtgtg gtctcacagg agtgaccatc    203280
     ctgttctgtg ccttggtttt cctctctgca gtcaggctag cgtgcagctc tttgccttgg    203340
     ctttactgat gtttgcaaca gtccattccg agggtaagag gctattctgg gcactgaaca    203400
     agatttagca gcgtcctttg tgctcccaga agacccacat gcaaccactt caaggagaaa    203460
     cgtctcaggt gttggcaagt gcccaccatg gcgcaagatc tcttttccca caggagagcc    203520
     actgggcagg gcggctttct ttcttttagt agttatgaaa ttaaaaaggt tgccttgctt    203580
     tctttcattt cttctacaca ctctccccat ctttgaaatt gattcctcta tgctgggcag    203640
     gtggacgagg ccaggccagg ccaggccagc tagctggtca tgtgctcact ggtgttgtgt    203700
     tcttgtgtaa tagaggcatg ggctcaaacc tgttcctcac ttgagaagag tgtgacatgg    203760
     gtccatctta taccaaagac tggaacagag tcctctgctt ctatatccgg agcaaagatg    203820
     tggccagata atcatgtgag acccagggag gggctcagga cacatagagg ttggtactgt    203880
     cacaggcaaa gacttcactt ttaagtgcgc atacctcaaa aggtttggga gtagaaaggc    203940
     aagaaaaggt tccaaaggtg tctgcttggg gcagagcctg gccagctgtc cccctaactc    204000
     ttttcccctc ctgtaggtca cagccctact ttctcttgtg cttggatgta gccatgtgac    204060
     tgtgttctgc ctgacagtga gcgaaaagga ggtcacattc aaacccaaat cacctgcttt    204120
     caaattccac ctgccacagg gcaaactcca cagcctgggc tggagtctct gcatgacagc    204180
     atagaccagg gcctgtctcc acgctctact gggtggactt cacatgggaa atgaagttct    204240
     tttagcttca tcattaatac ttggggctgt taagcgtata gttggccttc tcttatgtaa    204300
     tacaatgaag gctatacatt gaaggctaga atggaagcta ctgagctagc ccagggctgg    204360
     gcggggagtg tttttgagtt ttcttctttt tagaaatgga tgcaaagcca ggcatggtgg    204420
     cacatgcctt taatcccagc actggggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg agtttgaggc    204480
     cagcctggtc tacaaagtga gttccaggac agcctgagct atacagagaa accctgtctc    204540
     gaaaaaccaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agtggatgca ggctggcaat    204600
     ggtagcacac atctttaatc tcagcacttg gcagacagag gcagggggat ctctgtgagt    204660
     ttgaggccag cctggtctgc aaagcaagtt tcaggatagc cagaaccatt acacagagaa    204720
     accttaacac aaaaagctac aaataaaaac caaccaacca actaaccaac acaaataaga    204780
     caaatgtctc tctgtgtgtg gggtagtggt tcaaatgtgt gcatgtatac atggagacca    204840
     tcctcagaaa ccctgtcccc gttctttgag gcagggtctc tcattgacct tgaagagcac    204900
     ctgattggcc agagggagca ccagggatac tccggactct gccttcccaa tactgagact    204960
     gtcagaaccc accaccttag gctgggcatc gttaagtgag ccctggggat cgaattcagg    205020
     tcctcaggct ttcaaggcag gcactctact gactgagcct caccccttcc ccagagccct    205080
     gaaattttat tttcattaag gaactacagc attggtttct gtgttggttc taaaagacct    205140
     atctctgcaa attatggagg cagcactttc agctcggcta aacacatggc cacatgactg    205200
     caggaggtgg cggagagtcc ctaaatgcag cctggcacga gagtcagccc aggatggctg    205260
     cacagcttct gctgagacag ggtttcctcc aggctaagaa taaacagtgg acatgggtgt    205320
     ttggcacaag gtgctaactc caggcagaac tggctccagg ctaacaacac agccagtcta    205380
     cattatggtc actggtgggg cttggcaaaa gcccgaactc cccaggctgt gggacctgat    205440
     ggctcaacat actcagggac atgtgtttga aagagggata agaaaccagg acagagttca    205500
     gacaggctgg gagagggcag aggtatgggg aaaacagatc tcagtcctta gcgtggtgcc    205560
     cttccctgga accaggatgc aagaagcctt tgaaaaaggg aggagagcat ggtttgagag    205620
     agaccagcag agccagccca tcactcggga agaaaattcc agatcgcagt cctacgagac    205680
     aggaatggtg ccatgggata gggaggtggg cagaactaag ggaaatcact aataatcttc    205740
     cttcaggcct ctgataccca gcaaaagcca ctcgagggag aagctggtga ctcatagcag    205800
     ttgttggagc ctgtgcaatc tgccaagtat agcttgggtg gatggggtca accttgtgct    205860
     tctctccctc tcttaccctg cccctccctg tgcaggggca gtggcagctg gctgccccga    205920
     ctgtgttgta tgtgtgtgtg tgtggggggg gggtgcaggg gtgtggaggc tgttcagtgc    205980
     tttaccagca aagggaagcc tgctggccat ttttctcagc tagtgtctcc ttcaagaagg    206040
     cctcttgcaa cctggtccca gggaaggaca ccaaactagg aagctgagtc ctgttgatgg    206100
     catatctttg tccaggccac ctaaactctc tgtcctggtt acccagcccc ctttcttacc    206160
     atcttataaa gataccgagg aaaaagtgtc cctgggaatc cttagctaca agttgccatg    206220
     ccctggggag ttcagggctt tgccaagtcc catcattagc tcagctgctc ccagcttatc    206280
     catggtaaag catctcaatg gcaaagcacc tgcagactaa acggagtctg gtcctcagat    206340
     tcaagacaga gacctcagtc ttgttcacat ggtgtctgcc cccaccccct caccctcttt    206400
     ctcttgggtg ccccacgtaa gtcctacacc tgggacacta gacactcata aggacctcaa    206460
     aggagcatgt ccctcacctc cccacatcaa gaatagaaca ttttaaaaat gtttttattt    206520
     cattaaaaaa aaagacagaa ctaacaatcc caaaccattg atgggtacag agtcacaggg    206580
     gcttaactgg tgaaacacat tggggagggg ttgggacaga agaagggtag gaaggtgggc    206640
     tcagacctga gcctgtcagc aggaaggtcc agttctactc cctttgtctc atagggagag    206700
     caaagctgga gaccaagttc tccagagtga ggccggcagt cagcaggagg aaggttgcaa    206760
     gggctggggc cactgaggcc ttctccctgg gttctacccc cgtctctctt cttcctatct    206820
     ccttcttggt ccctggagtg ggcctgtgca ctctgcctgg aaccggacaa gaggtaggag    206880
     tcatcggaac acagcttttt taggtggaat catggaaact tctgggacca cagttgggat    206940
     ggtggtagct tgcatggaag tttaccacag gctgctgctc tattgccaga agagacatgg    207000
     gacagctcct gggtctccct gggggctggg gcttccttca gccttgttag atgtaataat    207060
     ggtggtagag gagaggggag ggtgggtggg gaggtaggca gggagagggc ctgcagcagg    207120
     gacagaccac acatgtcttg acattggcgc tcatttgcgg cacatgcttg gacacatact    207180
     gaggagccaa cctggccagg agggcatggt tctgagcagg caaaggagcc ttggcatgct    207240
     catgtctcag ctcaccatct cataggcaac cggctggagc taggatatgg gttgtcttct    207300
     tccggtggtg gggcgggggc aggaaaggac agatggacct gcgtctgaac tccgagttag    207360
     cctagggggt gggggtcggg gggctccacg agcaggtgac tgaggtaaga attggcgtgt    207420
     tgtcacttct aagtaagaca gttaccgggg tcacagcaga ctactgttca aaagtggatt    207480
     aagaagtctc aaaaagtaag aaacgactga tctttagaaa gcacgcgtgt tatagaaaag    207540
     agggtgagtt tcactttctg gagagttctt tcgaacctgg acacactcat ctggttattt    207600
     atttattttt cgtccgcctt gaggaagagg gggattggtt ggacaaactg taggacacag    207660
     aacacattct tggattcagg caaagacaga aagcccagca tggcaccttg agtcaaatgc    207720
     tcaccgagtc ctggtgtggg cagaataaat tataatggca ggagttgagg ggaggtggtg    207780
     ttgctctttt tcaggataaa gaggtgagta cagcttggtc ttctgacgat gttcttcagt    207840
     atgccaccct cataaccact tggaaaatga tgctctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct    207900
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttcttccttt cttcctttct    207960
     tcctttcttc ctttcttcct ttccttcttt ccttctttct ttctttcctc tgttcactct    208020
     caggtttccc tttcaaatct ttaagcttgt acatctgtgt cagaacacca ggttggaagt    208080
     gggagtatgg ctccgtgccc cagcagggcc ctcaggggac agagtggttc ctcaggccag    208140
     tgtggaagga cagagtcaaa ggccacatgc ccaccatccc tcagatccgt gaaaccctct    208200
     ggacctccaa gattagtcag tatgtcctgt acattctgag ctcagcggaa acttccagaa    208260
     gcaggtatga aagccagcag agcctccgaa tttgccctgg tttcctgatc tcctgaggtg    208320
     gagagcagca ggccccagga cagctcgagg ccgaagcacc agttagccat agagctttct    208380
     cttcagaatg ggtgatattt acaaccacca gctccaccag ggggccagac agaggctgag    208440
     ggagacacag aggggaatgg aatgagctta ggctcatgtt gggctccagg acacaggaac    208500
     atctgggcag gaaacagtcg atgggaggcc agaggtccca gtgcccggaa gaagcctccc    208560
     tgtggcccag tgcccagcga gggaggatgc gtttgacatc tggcatgact ggtttcttgg    208620
     ttcccaagag gcaggctgat gcagcttctt gaaaattctt gggcctcttg agaagttcca    208680
     aaaacccaga gggcagcaga acagcctacc tcgggagaaa gtcagccttc tgtttctacc    208740
     ttatccctga ttccaatctc cagactcccc tcactctgag ctagcccatg gcgtcttctg    208800
     gaggccaggg aggatcgcac tcagctccac ttcactgtct ataatcttaa gggtcaccct    208860
     gttctgtgtc acacaaacag ccaccttggg ggaggcctgt gccgagaggg gtgggcgggt    208920
     cacacgggag tcgtccgccg gttcagcatg ctgacatgga aaccttcctt taggtcctgt    208980
     tggaagaagt catgcatctg caggaagcca gcgtcctggt ccggactgta gctcgcagct    209040
     gtggtcacct taaggggttc tctggatagc gtgtacatgg acagctcacc catgggaatg    209100
     gctccggtga tcttcaggcc cacgggagat gcatccctgg agggtgaggc ctccgtggac    209160
     cttgaactgg acctggaccg ccgtcgccgg tacctgtagc tcggcatcct ggcgtaagga    209220
     gaggaggaag aggccttaag gaactcccgc ttggtcttaa acctcaactc tttatttttc    209280
     tcaatgtaaa tgtttacagc caggacgccc acggtctccg ccacaataaa cgacagggct    209340
     ccaaagtaaa aagaccagcc gtagttgtaa tggttctttt tgtcttcgtc acgtttgtca    209400
     ctggggtcgc ccgtgttgct ggaaatgtag acgatgatac cgatgatatt actgaggcct    209460
     gaaagaaagc ggggcaggga gagagatgga ggttagactc acaacaggaa gaagagaatg    209520
     gagaacaggc tgctgaacgt gggatggtgg ccaactttct cctcaatgaa tatttatgta    209580
     ttatggtcgt cgatctattt ttatttttcg agacagcatc taatgtagcc caggcttgcc    209640
     ctgtgtttat gtaactgaag atgacctaga atttccaatt aaccccccac ctcccaggtg    209700
     ctgggattac aagcatgcac tacctcagct ggcttggtaa ctaattcttt tttctttcta    209760
     cccttttttc atccctccct tcttcctttt ttccttcatt ctctttcctt ttgagaaggc    209820
     ctcatgtagc ccaggctggc tcagatgtcc ctaggtatct gaggatgtct ttgaactcct    209880
     ggtcctctgt ttaaatactt attttatgtg catgtggatg ggtgttttgc ctgcatgtct    209940
     gtgtaccact tgtttgcctg aaaaggcagg aagaggaggg cagcagattt cctagaactg    210000
     gagttagaga tggttgtgaa ccgccatgtg tgtactggga atcgaactct agtcctctat    210060
     aagagcggcc agtgtcctta accagtgagc cacctctcct agtctggaac tcttctgcct    210120
     ctacctccca ggtgctggga ttagagctgt gcaccaccac cacagccagc ttggtagcta    210180
     gattctccct ctacgtccag tcacccctgg gtgttcatga gagatacagc tctcagcaga    210240
     acccaaaatc tgtgatgatc acctccctta gagtactgca gcatttacct gtaacccacc    210300
     cgactccccg atatacttta attcatctct aaatagcctg gaacagccaa cacaaatcta    210360
     tgctaagaaa tgaatgcgat tctgtccttc ctattccagc acccccaccc tgtctttaaa    210420
     gagcaaactc ccttgggtct tggcattcct gaggcgtcac attcttccct catatccaac    210480
     ccagccagct cctgaccctg ttagaggttt gaaaagcacc cagcaccctg ttgtatttta    210540
     cacacctgac tttttgatat gaagtgcaat ttcggacacc atcaaattaa cctctccaaa    210600
     ggacgcaatc tggtgatggc gttcagtgca cggacaatgt gtgtgaccct ttgcgatgtg    210660
     tgaaaaccca tttgtaatgc tgtcgtctcc tcaaacaaaa acctcatccc tgccccagtc    210720
     ttacacacct ggcctcttca agttaacccc acactgggat ttcagactgc cctcccacca    210780
     ggatgcacac tcttggcatc cacgaccatg cattcaggtg ctccactaca gcctcagctc    210840
     ctgtctggag gggcagcccc gcatacctgc cgccacaaag aggattcccg cgctgaggac    210900
     aatattgttc ttgcggctgt agatcctccc agcgccgatg cagagccctc cgagcaggag    210960
     cagaatggtg ctgaggatgg gaaagacact ggaggctcgc acaatgccta ggccaaggtg    211020
     ggaacaaagc agacactgga gtgagtccag ccagcacccc tgccacggcc ataggcatct    211080
     ctcccaggag tcctgctgct agacctgggc aaaaaaatgc ctctaggttg gctgtttact    211140
     ttctcagaag ccaactgaca cacattatca cacctgcctg caggtcgccg ggcctcttct    211200
     tgggtgtggg tcgcatttcc tacagaggag agggatcaga gtccctcagt ggcattggag    211260
     aggccacagt aattaatgct ctggttggga cagtactgat acaacagctc acagccccct    211320
     aagctctctc ctgaatggtc ccataggagc atcagaaggc tggggagtgc tctagagcga    211380
     gctctgacca atggttgaga gaaataggct ttagcatatt aagtgggact aggtgtgaga    211440
     cctgctctgt cacacactct gtgttcttgg ccaatcggtt cacacttcaa agacttactt    211500
     tccccacttg tgaaaaatgg ctttaattgt tcagttccct cctcatcggt aagcgatacc    211560
     ttctaagttg tgattcctac caggaccctg tgttttctca tagactcaat gataacgtta    211620
     acattttaca ttttcattta atgttgctgt cgtgtggacg cacaggccac agcccgggtg    211680
     tggatgtcgg aggacaggtc tgtgaagtta gttcttctga cttgatgcga gagttctgtg    211740
     actgtgatga ccctaggtca ccaggctcgt acacatggca agtaccttta cccagagcca    211800
     tcttgccagt ccactatgat aaaatctaat tgacaaatca agtatagaaa gtgactatcg    211860
     cgcggctaat aataaaatgg gaagactaac actgtaacaa aagttaattt aaaaacctat    211920
     gggttcttta tttctggcat tttccatttc ataagtttaa attgctcttg gctaaaagct    211980
     cagaaattaa agccatgaat ttgtgggggc cactgtgctg tgcctggttt tgtccttgtg    212040
     gggcaattag cacaaggctg gctgcagtat gcactttcaa agtggctagt tctgttcagc    212100
     aagtcaccgc taggcctgat gtgcaagctc acaacctgtg tgagtcacag aagaggcggc    212160
     agggcagggc acaataagat actgtccatc acactagcca gcagaaccac gcctgaatcc    212220
     ttgttctgcc cctgaccagc agggttggag gcagggccag gaagttcagc gactgcccga    212280
     ggcaccgttt cataacttgg ccacagtagt gacatcaagc tggaaaggtt ggccatgtcc    212340
     tttccctgtg gatgtggttg cccctgggaa aaggtattac atatgtgttt agggacctta    212400
     caggcctcaa gatgagacca ttctgaatgc acccagggct caatttctgt tgttttcagt    212460
     tacgtggttc gtgatggttt gttacagctt ccccccccca accccccagg aaatgaatgc    212520
     ccatcagagc acacagtagg cttctggtct tcaccccgag cgtctgggta gatgacaagg    212580
     tcagaggaag ggaacagagt catgggagat gctcagcgct tggcctcctc tgtgttctcg    212640
     cagtcctaga gaaatccgat ggcgtgggcc ttggtagagc tttggaggac tgtgagtcag    212700
     gaaacacggg caggtgcccc tcctgagcca gctgactggc ttggggccgt gcggcctctg    212760
     aaggcggtgt ttgtctcctt tttgtacacc cacagtgtga gcccctgctc cacagagaag    212820
     ggattgtgtg ggggcattaa atgaaaacgc ctctctctgc cacttcctcc ccgactcctc    212880
     ttagctttct tgtagtcgca gggttctggg aggaggcttc ctgtgtgctt ctcaaacatg    212940
     cctctgagcc aagatggcca gactcacgtc ctcaccctgc cctgccttcg gcggaccagc    213000
     cagatggtcc agagggaaca ctggagccct gtggctcagg gacacccatc caggtgaggc    213060
     ctgccagcac gtgcctcttg ctacacggac tcagatgctc gggtgtcttg ccacacggac    213120
     tctgagaagc tggagccagc cagagccagc catgccccag tgaccacatc cagccacggg    213180
     ggggagggga tgataaatgc ctggaggaag atcactgtct tgtaacctac tctaagcccc    213240
     actgtggact cacagttgcc tggacaccag cactgtagct tggcacaggt gtcagccatc    213300
     taactggaaa tcccgaacct aggagggagg tgccaggccc cggacaagac aggcagggat    213360
     gatggggaca agacacaccc gagaaagaga ctctccacag ggtgtgaggt gttgacttcc    213420
     ttagatccca agctgttagt gtgtgatgct ctgaggtctc caagtatcca gtgcaactca    213480
     aaattcatgt ccagcccctc ttaggaatgt gaggctcaga gttgacttgc ttcttgcact    213540
     ttctaaggta agactgaggg gctgctgtct cacaggcctc ccgttaccac agaaccttct    213600
     gtgctcttca aactcctata ctcgtgacac cacacggggg ccagagctgt ttccatgtcc    213660
     ctgtatccca cgtgcttagg atggtgataa gcccgtgaca gagttacatt aaatgaatga    213720
     agagatagat gacatcatcc tatgagccac cagagacctc tctccaggga tcctctacac    213780
     agagaccaga gggctgaata ctccagggta gcctgggaga cacaggccct gtggccacag    213840
     ggactacgac catcacaggt ctcagagttg gtatgccgct ggctccaggt ttccctgtgt    213900
     cttggaggaa ggtggaaatc aattttcagg gacctatctc tacagccacc gatggacaca    213960
     cattagcttg ttatgaacct ggccatcttg tacatttgag atcacatcct ttgtgggaga    214020
     gacaactgtc atatcgccac tatcactcca aggcactccc agacccctgg gtacccaggg    214080
     gacactgctg gtgggaggac ctgtggcatc ggggctgagg cttcagaccc ttactctgtc    214140
     cttctctatc ccatcctgga ccccaggagg ctgactgaat ggaccaaacc atcaaggctt    214200
     ggaggacagt atcactgatg gagataatcc ccaaggcttc cctctgccga gctgcaaaat    214260
     gaagaagctg ccatactgtt gcctaagggt ctcggctctg tccttccagc tccctctcgt    214320
     gagctctgca tcgcagaacc ggaaggatgc cactcacacc gtaatttatg caaggggaat    214380
     tttttgagtt tcacagtgtg caatctcctt catctacagc caccctaagg ggacctcatt    214440
     taccacgtag aatgtgagcc tccagaatgt cgaatcagag gacaggaagg caacagggaa    214500
     gaagataggg aggtgggttg gaggcagggc tctggccgta ttatttcagg ttctgggccc    214560
     ggctggagcc gcctcacatg gcctcagctc catgggaacc gcacactatt ctacttcatc    214620
     cgatgactca tgatccaaat cctttcttgt agggggaaaa aagacccata atcaggtgcc    214680
     cggtgaatta tgctctctct aaggacgcac tggtatcgat tctctatgtg tgaggctggg    214740
     cctgagcccc agggttctgt gagaagcagc tttgtgtctt ctggctgatg gggaggaggg    214800
     aacgacacag aaagcctagc atccattttt acccttctct gcctgtggcc tcctcccttc    214860
     tcgaggtgag gggtccagag gtccacagat gaactctgaa cagactttag gagcaggggt    214920
     agcccattct ttggggttca gcatatggtg tgggtaccaa tggggaggca taactcagtc    214980
     acaggatcat atgggaacaa gggcttaagg gcagtccata ggcagagccg tggctatgta    215040
     agttggggct gaagggactt agggacacct gtcagaggag gccctgccag cttcatcccc    215100
     aactgtggga ttcttttttt tttttaattt caattaattt acttatttac attccagtca    215160
     ttgcccccgc ccagtccccc ctctcacagt aatatgtgta tgcccctgat ttgtggctca    215220
     gtctctggaa gctccctgga atctgggttt gtgggggtct gctggtctcc ccttcagctt    215280
     cttaactgac aagattcttc acagaagcag tctggtgagg taatccctac ataatgtgcc    215340
     tcagatgctc caccccacgg gaaggtgtgg cctgggcaga gccttttagc ttttctcagg    215400
     actggccttt acagagctca ggctggcctc aaagtcacta cacagcagag gacgaccttg    215460
     gcctcctggt cctcccgcct ctacctcttg agtgttgaat attagtctga acagttatta    215520
     ccagagagct cgtatctttt ctttttgtaa aattggagac ggggtctcta gattcagttc    215580
     tagcctcaat ttactacata gcaagtgttg accttgaatt tctgaacctc cctccacgcc    215640
     tctggagggt tgagattaca gcctgtgcca ccaagctggg cttaagctgt gctggctggg    215700
     gatggaacca gagctctgta cgtactaggc aagtcctcta ccaactgagc tacatctcca    215760
     gtggaagttc ctacccttag cttcacttgc tctaccagta gtcctctgaa gctgttccta    215820
     atggcttggg cctcagtgtt tgtgggcctt ggcccttgat ccactgtgcc taccttcaaa    215880
     tacacagtat gccaggccac tcttgcacta agcccaccct ctgagctcag gacttttaaa    215940
     tcaaaacgcc cacaagcccc cagggcgaag aactggggcc aagtccacag ggctcacctc    216000
     tctagcccct cccttcctct cccctcctca tacaaagcag ctgaggtact tgtcactcac    216060
     ggaggaggta ctcggagctg tcgtggtcgt aatcattgtc ctctgggaag tggttgatcc    216120
     ggaagcagtg ccctctatag atgcctggag gaaacaaggg gagacagact gtgaatgccc    216180
     cgtgggttca gacaaccatt cattccagat atggaaactt tgggcaggtc acaggggcag    216240
     agagaagaga gggtgcgtct caagtcccca ctgcgtagtg tcccttgggg acgcagacac    216300
     gcccagaggt cttgcacact gggatgaacc tcagtcagag ctgtatcatt tctggttacg    216360
     cctcagaatc ctcaagggtg acaacacacc tcactgtcag gataaaaggt cccaaacagc    216420
     gggcaggatc cccagaccca aggggattct agggttgctg cctgaaaaat gagcaggaat    216480
     ttgttcccca gaagaggcag agggcctttc agtcagactc ctagaggcgc aggtcgggtg    216540
     gtgcttatac agagtggagt gaagtcctcc ctgcaagtgc tagaatgggc tcagattcca    216600
     atcccctctg tactggctgg ttttgtgagt caactagaca caagctggag ttattacaga    216660
     gaaaggagct tccctccagg taatgcctcc atgagatcca gctgtaaggc attttctcaa    216720
     ttagtgatca agggtgggag ggcccatttg tgagtggtgc catccctagg ctggtagtct    216780
     tgggttctat aagaaagcaa gctgagcaag gcagggaaag caagccagta aggaacatcc    216840
     ctccatggcc tctgcatcag ctcctgcttc ctgacctgct tgggttccag tcttgacttc    216900
     ctttggtgat gaacagcaat atggaagtgt aagttgagta aaccctttcc tccccagctt    216960
     gcttcttgta gttgcgatgt tttgtgcagg gatacaaacc ctgactaaga ctctcttatt    217020
     ccaattgaag gtagagagcc aagaaacttc cagaagggta caatgttctc ctgtctggac    217080
     ttctcctctc cacttggaaa agcggtcttc acagtgtaga aaaacagaat tcctggttca    217140
     ttcaggaact caaggacagg acagttctcc cttccagaat cttccatcca ttttctccca    217200
     atcatctgtt gcctatcggc ctacgaatgc ccatcactaa acataccaga agaaagggag    217260
     tcacatgggg gagggggagg ccatgccact atgtgcctgt gcctgctaac acctcatgcc    217320
     tactcaacca catgactcca gcagccgatg gccagagccc ttcctcccca actccttaac    217380
     tggtcagagc tggtctattc ccagctgtag ccagtttttc tcttgaagct gttgccaagc    217440
     atcctactgg cttccagcag tccagcctgg cttcacagtg ggtggggaca gtactggagg    217500
     ctggaagtgt gccaggggca catctgtctt cctgtgtgtc ccactaaggt ctccgtgcta    217560
     ggttgggagc ttgtcactct cctacctgga gacacatgag ctgccgacca gctgcccccc    217620
     tccaagctgt tcctccccct cctctcttca gctgctgctc caaagaccca tgtgcacagg    217680
     agcagccatg cttccctgga cccctggtca gaggtgcagg agacagacaa gagtctcaga    217740
     ggaggtatct tgggtggggt gtgttttctg tgcgaactcc gttaaccttg agttcccttg    217800
     cctatgcagt gacgataaac ctcatctcgc atctctcatc ttaactctca ggtcccttag    217860
     aactacagat gataccggcg gggcactgag gtggttcttg gcctctgggg atgtgtcagg    217920
     gagattcgct gctgggccca gagctgccct tcttctactt catgtgtccc tgagtggctg    217980
     agtcagcgag caaatgcagg agccggtgaa ggagaaggac taccagaatg gactgggccc    218040
     aggatgcctg cgggtaggta gactggcaga gatccgagtg ggccagtcgc agcctcattc    218100
     ctaggacctg acccccacca gattaaaaaa aaatgttccc acagacccag aaccagcctt    218160
     taaaggagtt gggtgagcag agctatctgg ccctggccct gcccaccccc caacacttcc    218220
     tccctccctc ccttccttcc taccttccat cctccctccg tccctttctc tcttcctttc    218280
     cttctttttt ttttccactt catgggtcta aagaaaatca ccaagtcaca catgcttgtt    218340
     ggaacaagtc aaataataag aggttggaaa agaagaaaac aatcacttca gctcgacaat    218400
     cctgcagctg acttgtctct gtggaccgtc tccccacacc ctcctactca catgcataca    218460
     gggagaggtc tcccctagtt ttaaggggtg ctgcgagttg atcccaagtc cttgctcata    218520
     ctaagtacat attctactcc tggacccctc tgcctcttaa aaaaaaaagg aaccttattt    218580
     tgaattactg tagattcata tgcccattta aggcataatg agagggactt gggagatggt    218640
     tctatgggta aagtgctcgt cactcaagca tgaggaccga gtttgagtcc ccagcacccg    218700
     ggtacaaggc ctggtatgct ggtattctgt aacctcacag tgcagggtgg gaaggtaggc    218760
     aaagagatcc tgggcacacc agccaaccag caaagtctag ccaatcagaa agctccaggt    218820
     tcagtgagaa acctccatct caaaatgtga ggtagagaag gctggggttt cagcatggag    218880
     gtgtgaggac tagagttctg atcccatgga aggatgacta agtctgatgg gtaaggaggc    218940
     ctgtaacctg gcctgtaacc ccagggtggt gtgtttataa tcccagggtg ggtggtgtgc    219000
     ttggggtttg gtggggttta ccaccaataa gatacagaga gttcagagca agctggttac    219060
     ttaagatagc tcaaacagtg agatctggtt tcagctagga actgcctcaa tacataaggt    219120
     aaagaacaat gagagaggac ccaacagtaa ctcaggtgca cacatagatg cacagacata    219180
     ttgcacacac atatacatgt ccactcacat acatgaacac agacacacag acacacatat    219240
     acatatacag gcacccatat atgcaagcac acacacgtgt gctcacacac aaataagcat    219300
     gtcaataagc catttcaaag acaacttctg gcctctacac atgttggtgc tggtgagcac    219360
     acacatatac aaccatatgc acacctacat agagaggaag aaataatatg ttatgggatg    219420
     taccttcact tggcttcctg gtaatacctg aggaaactag cacactgtca catccagggt    219480
     ggtgacactg acctcatgtg tgatccagag ccttccatca caaggatcac cttcaggtgc    219540
     cctttgtttt cagccacacc ctctgtctgg tctaccccag cctcttctga acccacagca    219600
     atcaccatgg ggttctcagt tgtggcagct ttgcccttta aaatgtcaac actcggactg    219660
     tatggcacag taacctttag tgggtggctt tttgtacttg acacagttct gagattatct    219720
     cccgtgtgtg tgttggtggc ttgtgccttc catggctggg cagtgttcca cagcttagaa    219780
     tctcatcctc tgctaaatta tgacccgtga gggaggtccg ctgtttccga caattctgct    219840
     gtgggtgttc atgttcaggc cttgggaaaa aatgtttatt gcccttctga aacaaatgcc    219900
     caggggtgca attgttgggt cacatgacag caacaccctt agtgttaagt gagactgtcc    219960
     tggaactcac tctgcagacc aggctggcct tgcacagaga catctgctcc aagcatcctt    220020
     ccgacatatt tcactgttcc ccatgctaca gctagaaaat tatttaacta aatttatgag    220080
     ttgattttta tggcactggg gatgaagcct agggcttcgg gcctgctaag ccagtgctct    220140
     gtcacttaac tgtggcccat gtccttaagt tattttagat agactcggaa acaagacctc    220200
     tcagttttcg tagcctttgt tttgcttgtt ttgagacagg gtctcactat gaagccttgt    220260
     ctggcctgat cttacaaggt agcctaggct ggccttgaat gcttgtctct gcctcccaag    220320
     ggctggaatc agcaccatca ggccaggcct gtaactttgt ttttaaagtg ctgggattgg    220380
     agcacaaagc cttgtggatt aagcaaatga cctgacacca agcgacatct atagcctgtt    220440
     aactcattgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcatgt gcacatgggt    220500
     acacatgtgc gtaaaggacg gagaccggat gtcaactttg ggtgtctttc ctcagggact    220560
     actgaccttg ctttttgagg cagggtctct cactaacctg gaacatgcca agtagcctag    220620
     gctggccaag tagcctaggc tggccaagta gcctaggctg gccaagtagc ctaggctggc    220680
     cggcctctag agagctctgc ttctccaggg ctggaaccgc aagtacctgt caacactctt    220740
     aactttttac ctggatgttg gggattgagc tcaggaattt atgcttggat agcattttag    220800
     cggctgaatt ctctccccaa tggctcactc ttaagcacat tatctgcagt ggctgcagga    220860
     atgtctgcat gtccaaatcc atcagttatt gctcgggggt tctgttcata cacggtgggt    220920
     cctaccatct gaggataatg attaaaaggg agtctgaagg cacgtactcc gtggtagctt    220980
     ttctggtcct ccctgcccct ttcctccctc ccccttcctt tcccttctcc ctgcttcctc    221040
     acacgcctag agagactggc atagattaaa gagatgggta tcattgcggt tatgctttgc    221100
     tgccctcaga ggcttcccgc agtctaacct gcaggagcta cgaaggtgcc tatgccagtc    221160
     agctttccac cactgtgaca tgacgtggga gacgaccaat ggcaagagga aaggctcatt    221220
     ctaactcaca gtcagggctc cagtctgagg tcctttgagc ccgtggtata ggacagggga    221280
     catcgtgagg agagacagaa gctgtgtggc cccattcact tcatggtggc tgggagcaaa    221340
     gaaaaaggag ccaaggtctt tccatctcta catgggccca cccccaatta accaagcttg    221400
     ttttaaccag ccccacctct taaggacccc actgcctccc aatagagcca caggctgggg    221460
     accaagcttt aaaagccggg ccactggggg acattctgaa gttccaatat agcagatcct    221520
     tattttaaaa gaggtcttgc agaataaatc aagctatgag gaggtcactc agggttttgc    221580
     aggacctacc ctaattcaca ggtgggcagc tagatccact acaatcaatt ctaccccatc    221640
     gctgtctaag gagggactag gcaacggagc agatgatccc ccactgtttt tgcccctatt    221700
     gaccctaaag agaaagagag tactccctga cctcaaagct aagaatttga gatattttcc    221760
     cctaagagtc tgtttggtca aacatctctg gttatttttt ttttttttca cggtggctcc    221820
     aagagccttc ttcattcccc ctccctgtca tggatagctg gggaaactcc atgtcctgaa    221880
     gccacccaaa gttgacttct ggcctccaca catgcaccca tttacacatg tgtgtgccct    221940
     tgtgagcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacactac acacaccaca    222000
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacact acacacacac acacacatac    222060
     acacatacac acagagccta gtctacatag caagttcagg ccagcctgag agaccctgtc    222120
     tcaaaataaa caaatcaaca tctaggctgt atcctccttc tccagacccc ttgcttccat    222180
     taatgggacc tagcattccc attgcctcag tttccctggg aatttcttcc acaagagtta    222240
     cctgtttaca tgaagctcaa cagttttagg cctaggggcc tcacatttat ctctgtcgag    222300
     tttaattttg ttagcattgg cttgaggcac ttaacaggga gaaaattaat ggctgatgag    222360
     agaaccaatt cttttccagc aagacggaat gctgccaggc tgtcagctct ttttagtgcg    222420
     tggttcattg cgggaccctg gactgacccc actacaagaa tacagaggca ctaggagcag    222480
     ggtgctcaca gcaacataga ggccctgatc aggaagatca ggaagctact ggggtaagaa    222540
     agtttgtgag tcacatggcc ccagctgagt catgtcttcc tctgttaaac tcaggaaggg    222600
     gacagagggg ctgctcctgc ttgaagtcat ggcttcctgt ggagatgtac atacatatca    222660
     gtgtgtacac aggcatcccc tcatctcctt gcaccatgag ccacttttcc tgaagatgtg    222720
     tgcatgtgtg tatacatata cacatgtaca tatacaatac acacacacac acacacacac    222780
     acacacacac acacacacac cacgtatacc aacataggaa atatctatat tctaagatat    222840
     gtccactgtt atatatttct gggtggtagg gtaatgaggg agctaagttt gtgaattcct    222900
     ttgtgtttcc tgagctttct gccatgccag taaacaaacc acaaaagctc atttaagagg    222960
     ctagatcctt ccactgtaag aggaaacatg gtgatggagg catatttgaa atgaccacag    223020
     atgccctggc tgtggaagct ggtgaaccag gcaagaactg tggtagtggc aggaatgtgt    223080
     gtatgtgttt ctgtgtgtgt gagtgtatgt gtacatgagt gtatgtgagt aggtgtgtgt    223140
     gtgcgtgaga gagagtttgt gtgtgtgtat atgtatagta tgcgtttctg tgtgagggtc    223200
     tatgagtgtg tataggggtg tgcatgtgtg tgtgagtata tgtgtaggtg tgtgtgtgtg    223260
     tgtgtgtgca tgcatatgca cttgcagtgg catggggtag cttgtccctc cacgatcctt    223320
     ttgaaggtca tacctcaggg ctatgctatc acagagattc tgggtgaccc atccgatgga    223380
     ctcaagggac tgcagagaca cgactttcag tacaaaagct gggtagttag tcactctttg    223440
     agtcatttga aggatgttgg cgcctgacac cagccttggt gagaggcaac ttagcagcca    223500
     ttctaattaa gggaatccca gggaacagaa tgccagctgc tgtcttaaca acagtgatca    223560
     tccacaaaat cctttatctc ctgcatagtc ttccccagct ggtacaccac tggagcccct    223620
     caaactagga gaacctaccg ggagcataca gatgccctcc tgcccacctc acgtctgctg    223680
     cagccgtcag cctcgtgcat atgtcccctg tccatcctga gactcagcca caccaattat    223740
     ttcttgcttt ttgctcacag ccatgggtag cttgcctggg ggaacagctc tgcaggcaac    223800
     cctactcacc cacccggtaa accttgtgca gaggaggacg gaatgggagc aggtggagaa    223860
     acatttccag tctctgtccc ctgggcaact ggttctgggg tccattctaa atgacttctg    223920
     ggaagttggc gccagggctt cctacttctt caggtctggt cctctagggt ggccaccttt    223980
     aggatgtgtg ctacctgtag acaaagctgg gcttgggctg aggccaaagc tgatgtgctg    224040
     tgtggattct gtgaccagcc tgttgcatct ctataccaag gctcctttgg agatggaggg    224100
     aggtgccttg gagagatcta aagatgttct tgtacaagcc cactgcagag gaccaagggt    224160
     ggagccacta gacagttgta tacacatttt atcagatgtt gggaagctgg agaagagagt    224220
     gaggccagct gtgtgcttgg tagagaagct gcatggatcc atgtgcatct ctttgctgac    224280
     tctttgctcc ttgtcgaatg ctctacccca ctaccctgaa gttgcctcca tctgcaggga    224340
     gggtgggcag cgtggacacc aggctagctt aagggaatgg gcagtgtcta agtcttggga    224400
     tgaaagtcgg cttcatattt gccagggagg gtggggcagg gttgagttgc tctaagggct    224460
     cagtgtaaat ggggtgtgga agaggcaagt agaggatggt gctctgtggg acatgtctgt    224520
     tcattcacaa gccattcgtt cacccctctt caacacgcat tcattccttc atcttatcca    224580
     ttcctcagtg ctgttttcct tagcttgctc atcacccacc cactcattca ttcattcatt    224640
     cctcagctgt gtgtatatat gtatatatgt ggtatatcca aaggtgtgtg tgtacatgta    224700
     tgtatgtgta tgtggcatat tcaaaggtga gtatgtacat atatgtgtgt gtgtgtggta    224760
     tattcaaagg tgtgggcatg tgcagtgtat atatgtggta tattcaaagg tacgtgtatg    224820
     tatgtgtgtg catagtgtat atatgtgata tattaaaaat gtgtatgcac agtgtatata    224880
     tgtggtatat gctaaggcat gtgagtgcag tatatatatg tggtatagtc aaaggtgttt    224940
     atgtgagtgt gtgtacacag tgtctttata tggtatattc aaagatgtgt gcacagtgtg    225000
     tatacacaca cacacacaca cacatatata cacatacgta tatatatgta tatatttgaa    225060
     ggtatgtgtg tatagcccag gctggtcttg aactcacaac cttcatgcat caacatatat    225120
     catatatata agtgtatata tatatatata tatggtatat tcgacggttt atatgtgcag    225180
     tgtatgtatg tgtatattca aaggtatttg tgtgtgtagt gtatatatgt agtatatgtg    225240
     aaggtacgtg tgtgtgcagt gtatatatgt gtatatttga aggtatatgt gtgtgcagtg    225300
     tatatatgtg catattcgaa ggtgtgtgcg ggcacccacc cttatgcatg cacacaggcc    225360
     aaaggatgac atttggcgtc cttctttagc agtctttgcc ttgttccctg aggcaggttt    225420
     cttactgaac ttgaagctag gcctggagcc atcatgcctc agatccactt gtgcctgtct    225480
     cccagcagct ctggggtcat aggcacccac tcagccacct ctggatcttt atgtgggtgc    225540
     tagtatccaa gctcaggtcc tcaagcttgt gtggcaagtg cgttactcca ttgagccatg    225600
     cctcagcctc ctcagccgta tttttgcaga gtgtttaaag attaccaagc acactgctag    225660
     atgctggaga ggaggtgctc ctgcagatct cctgccgtga ggatgaattg aaacccaaga    225720
     agataaaata aacgcccatc catatcactt taacacgtgg cacggacaag gagactggca    225780
     ggcagcagcg gacaaaggag ggttttagca gttgactata gtctagaaac tgaagccgag    225840
     ttcagggctg gatggtggca gagagtccaa atccagcgaa aggctcttgc tgaggctcct    225900
     accttccaga gtcacatatg gaagactgaa aaagagcccc agatgtcaca ccaaacaaca    225960
     aacagtaagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgatattct agtcacccaa    226020
     atgtaaccac tgtatgtatg catcagaact gtgttccata agtctgtcca gatgcatcgt    226080
     tgtatacagg agagaactta gccaggtgca gaggcataga ctgtgagccc agcattctgg    226140
     aggttgatgc atgaaggttg tgagttcaag accagcctgg gctattcagg tgagacaccc    226200
     tctcaaaact tacaatcttg gagatgatgc cttttcaagc cagaggacct gagtttggtc    226260
     cccagtacct atgtaaaaag ctgggcatgg tggcacagct tgtaatccca gcactgtgga    226320
     ggtgagatga agatctctgg agcttgctgg gcagcagtct acccgaatca ctgagccctg    226380
     tcttaaaaaa aaaaaaatgc tggatgggtg tgtaagccca gcaatggaag gcagagatag    226440
     aagatctcaa agtaagctgg ctattgagac cagcccaatc tgtgagctct gggtctgact    226500
     gagaggcctg tcttagtgaa cagagaagaa gatggatcaa catcagcctt aggccttaac    226560
     atgtacctgc atacatgtgc acacatacat gtgtgaacac acacacaccc catactaaaa    226620
     aggagggagg aggaaaatgg atggtgccta aggaatgaca caagttatcc tgttacacac    226680
     acacacacac acacacacac acacagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    226740
     agagagagag agaaagagag aacacaggca taggtagaga atgcccagac cagtcaaggc    226800
     aaggacaaag accacacctg gctcaacatc ctgccacctg tgtctgagtc attttatcaa    226860
     ctgcaagctt tacatctgat gaattttgca aacatttcct acttaggcaa tctccaaatt    226920
     agtccaaatt agaaagagtt cattgatgga gcaccgtgat ggggtggcaa cgtggctcac    226980
     agctctggta cacaggtcaa acggtccaag tctttatctc agagctgggt ctcctggccc    227040
     tgtgcatctc tactgccatg gcttcctaga gctgttcacc catgggctag cttccattcc    227100
     atccccagca tgaagccaag aaacagcata gcagccctga gcaaaggttt ccatgcctta    227160
     cgtcacccca ggcaggaaca atttgggact ctgtagctca agttgagatc tgagaggctg    227220
     ggtggcttca gcgaagctga ggggcaagag gtggcggcag ggtttcctca tgacaggctt    227280
     tttaggagtg aaacacttga catcacttag cacccacgta tgctaggccc tgtttggagc    227340
     acccatgttt tatcaacaca gccttcatac taatcccagg gtagacagga cggccaccat    227400
     gctttgcagc tgactaccta cctgggattt gatcccagtc cactaggcct cagagaccag    227460
     gccttcctac gcagacagca catactcagc actgtggttc tgttcatcgt gtgcacatgg    227520
     gcacaagcta cagtacatgg ctagaagtca aacgagagct tttgatagtc cgttctctct    227580
     tcccactgtg catgcatgtg ttctgcggat cacactcagg tcggcagcat cggcagcaag    227640
     caccttaacc agctgagcca tctcaccagt ccctcagacc atgggggaac ctttctaaag    227700
     gctacctcta aacaaggtca aattccgagg tgctgcagtg gcatcaatga aagatttggg    227760
     gggcaggggc atcgtttaac ctggaacaga gatttgggag agggtacagt ggttgggcgt    227820
     gccagtcaac aaacctggag cccagactgt attcttttag gctctgtatc ctgccttgct    227880
     cctcactccg aggtcctcct cataatccct ccacttctac gcccatctcc aaagaaactc    227940
     cctaatgact gtgatttccc aattggcatg ttctggtctc ctgcgggttg gctgttctcc    228000
     agtggcagtg aggcaggctg ctggggaagc tttcctgggg tccctacagg gaaataccag    228060
     gctccgagaa gcagagggct gggctgcact ctgcccagat tctgggcctt tagtgatact    228120
     ttgagacccc attaaataat cacagacttc actgtctcca tgcaatttct gtgtcccgag    228180
     cccttgctat tttctaggca atgggttctt ggggctgtag ctcagtcttc tcattatact    228240
     tgcttttctt tcattgtgca catgggccgc cgtggggcag gtttggactg ttcacaagtg    228300
     atacatgcca tgtctgagat gggctctgga gcaggaagtg tacccattta tctccattcc    228360
     atcctgccct gcccttacca ttcccaagca atggaaggga gacaagatgg ctttccacac    228420
     tctggtggat ggctgtcctc taacaggacc actcgcgtta gattgttaac tccagcaggt    228480
     gacccgctat tgtgctggct gttttccaca tccctggtat ttctgctgta gtaaaaatca    228540
     atgatgacag agattaaggc atgtgtggct tctgcttttt cttttggagc ttcctattgg    228600
     tagttcctaa atggtgacga aggaaaggag aactctttat aggagagtcc agggcctcag    228660
     agaacacaag accgaggtac ttggctgagg ctggggcact gaggtcagaa atgctgtttt    228720
     tttattccaa tgtcatgagg aagaggtgga ggtagaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga    228780
     agaggaagag gaggaggagg aggaggtgga ggtggaggtg gaggtggagg aggaggagga    228840
     gaaggttttc aactccttac ttctcagact gttttttttt tttttgttgt tgttgttgtt    228900
     tgttttgttt ttgtcttgac tggatagctt aacaaagagc tatctatgtc ctctccatgg    228960
     acagcttgga ggctggaaag tttcttcagc taaatagcga ctctaagacc cactctgtaa    229020
     aattttaagc taaggaaggg catttaagac agggtctctg taacccaggt tgaactcaga    229080
     ctcccaaggt catttgagga tgatctcagg attctgactc tcctgtatcc acctccagag    229140
     tgctgggatt gcaggcatgc cctaccactt catgcagtgc tgaggatcga acccagggct    229200
     ttgtgcacgc gaagcgagtg tccagctatc ccgattacat gcctggctct cttgtctctt    229260
     tccatagcct taacttagca ccaggatgga ccttgtcctt ctgtgatctt tagggatttc    229320
     cgattagatg gggctcaccc tttccccatt tctttaatcc agtgttccta tatggatgcc    229380
     aggtcccgtg ggagtcaaag gacgtagatt ctgtctggga ggacaaacgc cttggatggg    229440
     gaggtggatg gatacctttc ctgaaacagg gacctagaga tttgtgcttg ggggtagggg    229500
     tgggaattga ggctgcaaaa gtaggcaaga ctcagttaca aaggcagcca gaggttctct    229560
     ataaggaggt tgcatttaac gctccccact ccagcggact ataatgaggg gaagatcgta    229620
     tggtgagacg ggacagtgac tggcagctag aaaaccccct tctgactcat gccctgggag    229680
     tctctggcta gtctctgggg atcctggatg tcgctggtgc tattctcagc ccggatgggc    229740
     atcatttggc cttgttaggg tttgccctac cctagggctc ttgggtgtct gcctctactc    229800
     ccagaggagc tcagctgcct gggggatgac aggctgtgct cacccagcac taacaagctc    229860
     tctcttcatc atgtcttctc acattggaac cccttgtaag gacacatttc atcctggctc    229920
     taagtcagca gcttcctgca gctgcccgag gatcttgggc agcctcttgc cggctgctgt    229980
     cagagcaagg ggcagaaaga gattggggag gcatgtggat gggtaggtgt ggggcttcag    230040
     aatcacccca tccctcccct cacaggctgt cagtaccggg agaagtcttg gaccacaaaa    230100
     ctgtactgtt tgcaaacctg atagaaaaga aaaggggcta caggaacttg ggcccgggaa    230160
     gaaggcatct gctgtggttt ggacccccac agtcatgtgg gagcattggt tcctactatg    230220
     gtgatgtaat gtaaagaggt gatgggattt ccagatacag tgggatgcac ctatgctctc    230280
     aacactcagg atggggagtg tcttagtcag ggtttctatt cctgcacaaa tatcatgacc    230340
     aagaagcagt tggggaggaa agggtttatt cagcttacac ttccatactg ctgttcatca    230400
     ccaaaggaag tcaggactgg aactcaagca ggtcagaaag caggagctga tgcaaaggcc    230460
     atggagggat gttcttcact ggcttgcttc ccttggcttg ctcagcctgc tctcttatag    230520
     aacccaagac taccagccca gagcactaat tgagaaaatg ccttacagtt gtatctcatg    230580
     gaggcatttc cccaactgaa gctcctttct ctgtaataac tccacctgtg tcaagttgac    230640
     acaaaaccag ccagtacagg gaggaaggaa ggtcacacca aattggaaaa aaagaggaga    230700
     gaacctgaat tgagactatc actacagagg ttgccagttc ctgaatagct gggggaggtg    230760
     gtttttcagg ttcagcagtc aaggaacaca gagatcacta caactgtagc agaaggggac    230820
     ccacagtgca tcttcagctg tccctagaac ctggcagtgt catgctaatt atgttgccca    230880
     aaaaacctgt ttgcagtgtc cagcacatag gctaaaggaa gcctgcccct ggttggctct    230940
     ggttgggaaa taaagttgcc agcggccaat ggctgggcag agagaaagag gcgggacttt    231000
     taggatgccc aggcaagaat gcaggggata aagagggaag tccatcatga gaagggccat    231060
     gccaggaagg tgcagaaggg agagatggcg gaaatgtagg taccaagggg aaagtggcct    231120
     cagaagggct ccccagatgg gttcatgggc agcaaagata aaatagattt agtaagtatt    231180
     aattcaggaa tatcggaggg gagtgtgtta gctacatgga ggctcaggag tggcccagtc    231240
     attgagatag ttaaggcata ttaaaatata aagggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt tttcatctgg    231300
     gatccagaac attgtggcag gtggcgaaga cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacgcc    231360
     ccaagagttt agagcgggtt caaaatatta ccactgcagt gtgatccacg tgaggccggt    231420
     catgtaggca tgcataagcc aagagacagc atgttggaga gaggtggatc aatgttccag    231480
     aaagttgccg aggtcagctt tcctgcaagt cccagggcac agtttcatga agtggggtat    231540
     aaagcatcag ttgcagtagc aacttgggga tgttggagat gccaggacca aaggacttct    231600
     gtggaggcga aatggaggtg tggggtagag tcagcccaag agataggcta tgtgtgctgt    231660
     ccaaagcaga accagagagg tggagccacc cagtgccctt tgtacccaga tggtaacacc    231720
     ttgagctcca gatgctggcc atgggacttc cagtcttttt cctgctgggt atgtcttgtg    231780
     ttggctcaat ctttccctgc tatttttctc atatcctcct tttggaatgg gaatatttac    231840
     ttgatatcat caaatgttgg aagaatgcaa cagggactta gagtgatagg agagtgttgg    231900
     aactgttgca gttatgggga gggttgaagc tggaatgaat gcattctgca ttacgagatg    231960
     accacaaacc tactggggcc agcggcagaa tgtgatgaac ttcaaaggat gagccaggtt    232020
     gtcaaggtgg ggaggggtga ccgtgtcaca gttacccacc atgtctgtga ggttgtaagt    232080
     gagtgggtgg gcagacccat tctgagcatg gatggcagcc catgactgga gttctggact    232140
     gagtaaaaag gagagccaag catcggatca ccactctctg cttcctgatg gcagatgcaa    232200
     catgaacagc tgccccccta ggccggctgc catttctctg ctgtgatgga cgacaccctc    232260
     catgttggag ccaaaataaa ccttcactcc cttaagttgt gtctgtcagg cattttgtca    232320
     tagtaacaag aaaataatga acgcaggtac tcacaagccc cttcctttgg ttagacttcc    232380
     tccttccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctctc    232440
     cttccttcct tcctctctct ccctcccttc ttcctttttt ctatcccccc ccctctttca    232500
     ttgagacaga gtttctctat gtagccctgg ctgtcatgaa actcactgca gaccaggctg    232560
     gtttcgagtt cagcgatcct cctgcctctg cctcctgagt cctgggatta aaggtgccta    232620
     accagaggtg ggattctttg aatcaatatt gacatccaaa ccaaggtgtc tctttagggt    232680
     cttatgccat ggacagctag atacaagggc aaagaaatag gctagccacc cgccatgtgt    232740
     ctctctgttg tatgacttct tcctttggga ataagactct cacacagaac cacctacagt    232800
     ggccatctta ccaatcagac gcttcctcat gaatatagat cacagagtca gaggagacct    232860
     aggagatgct ggggaatttg taagtggagc atacttggct catggtggag gtccatggtg    232920
     gaggcttttc cctcccttgg tcttggctga actcttcccc gcacattctt tccttaaaga    232980
     atggtctatg cgtgcaatca agaggaccct agctccctgc tagcggaacc ttagtttgtg    233040
     gggaggattt gccaacctga tcctggttag ctcgaaagcc tgggctccac tctactccac    233100
     agggaaggtc ggtaacactg ttctgagatg tggaaaataa gttcagttcc ccaagagagc    233160
     acaggcctcg agggacagga aggaaacgga atcagaaaac agtgtagccc gccatctcag    233220
     agaacatgtg acaagtgtct cccagcctct ttaggtctca gtcacctaga aatttaccag    233280
     cagccaatca tcttccacaa gcacctctga gtaccatcac tgaaataggg gttattcaca    233340
     gaccccatgg agctgctata atgagtccaa gatggggggc tggagagatg gctcagtagt    233400
     taagaacact gactgttctt ctagaggtcc tgagttcaat tcccagcaac cacatggtgg    233460
     tttcttctcc gatgccctct ttctggtgtg tctgaagaca gctatactta ctaattaaaa    233520
     taaataaata cataaataaa tatgagtcca agaggaagag gagacaaata aatggcagat    233580
     tctcttctct tgttgatttt ttttttaagc ctccttgctt gctcacaggc tacggtgtga    233640
     gccctcatct tccttcctca gggctggcta cctttacagg aaacaccagc ctgcatgagg    233700
     gctgtcttag tttggtttcc catcgctgtg ataaaacacc ctggcaaaag caacttaggg    233760
     gagaatgttt ggctcacaat tccagttaca gctagtcatt gctagaaagt cacagcagca    233820
     ggagcgtggg agaaccggtc acgtgacacc acagtcaaga gcagggtgca acgaatgcct    233880
     gcacgctggc tagtggtcag ctgactctcc tttccataca gtccagggtc cgtcccacaa    233940
     aacgctacct cccccactca gggtgggttt tcccacttca attaacccaa ttaacaaatc    234000
     cttcccagac ataggcacaa gccaacctaa cgtagataat tcctcattga gacttctcag    234060
     ctgactctag accatgccaa ggtgacagtt ctagttatca caggggcctc agaggcgact    234120
     ctgggcatga tattcaatgg cccatctcct gaccccgggg cttctggctt tctccatccc    234180
     ttctgagctc agagagccct tcaagggcag cacagctcca gccttgcctc ctccagtgca    234240
     gggctgcaga actgccggga ttttccaggc ttcctgccga gattcataat tgaaccgagc    234300
     cagagagatt tccccgacca atagctgtct tctcccccag cgctggggaa cggtgctctc    234360
     tgcgatttct ctacttgtat ctgctccata actactgcct ggatgaaagc ttggttgcca    234420
     agggttggcc tttttttttt tttttttcct ctttgctcct tctttctttt taatgaggaa    234480
     caaatatggg gctcggaggg ggcaaaacag ctctctgcag aatccagact tttccgtagc    234540
     tttgcttctg cagatctctg gaaagttatg ccccaataac ctgagagttt taatgggagg    234600
     gcctgcatag ggggagagag aatcatagtg gagacgtata aacttctcaa aggagcccta    234660
     gggacgggca ccttcatctt cttcacttta cacattagga acccgaggcc gggagaggtg    234720
     aatggccatt tccatggtga caggctaact cgtggaatgg ccaagcatgg atctctgggt    234780
     tctcacgctg agcatacttc tgctcacccc acagttctac ctttccagtg ctcctgatat    234840
     ctacgggaca aggacagtgc cacagctaaa cattctgtaa gacactggcc tcccactcca    234900
     acaaactcca acatcatcct caatgccaaa agtggctttg gtgatgatga gtcagggagc    234960
     taagggacca cgcccatcgt agacatggct aacccactgc actgctattc acttagtctg    235020
     aatctctctc aacacagcgc tccatccacg ggtgactagt agagacacta gctgttctgc    235080
     catggctgaa caacatagag atagaggctt cagaaggcag cctctagggg ttgccgtctt    235140
     ggctctgttg tcaccagcca gctgtaggat gtaggtccta actaaccttc ccatgcctca    235200
     ttttccccat ctgtgaaaag ggaatcttca acaggggtac acctcagagc tgtgtcacct    235260
     tgaaggtgac acaagggttt tgcaaggttc ctgagcctgg catacagcaa gtgcatcaaa    235320
     catgccatgg gatgccataa ccaggcgacc aggtggcagc tgttctacca gagagccaag    235380
     cttgtctgtc tcttccccag ggctaccatg gtgtcctcct tgttctcata tggccatgac    235440
     attgtgactt taaaacaaga ggtttgcctg actcttaggc ggtccctcgc aatgactggt    235500
     tttcctccag ccccactgtt aatggactca caagagcagg ctgcagctga acgctaaacc    235560
     ttgcaaaacc ctctgctaag ctcttcccaa tttcccattt aagccttaaa aatgcctgaa    235620
     gaagcgggtg ctcccgtggc tggggatgcg gctcagtggt aaagggtttg cctggcattt    235680
     gcgaaagccc tgggttcgat tcctaacgtg ataccccgtc cccacagagg gaggaaaaac    235740
     tcctgtaacc ctgttatatg cagagaaggt tcagagaaga caggtaattt gttagcagtg    235800
     tcccaaggaa ccaccccaga attctctaga accatagttc ctggcctcta tgctcccccg    235860
     aagaattc                                                             235868