ID   AL645861; SV 12; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 212385 BP.
AC   AL645861;
DT   25-NOV-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 29)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-184G6 on chromosome 11
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-212385
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Bird C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 0ab90a76608b8ffd0a4a93de8202a5d6.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456159.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456158.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000020780; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000020792; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000020793; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000034227; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000050628; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000052949; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000070331; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0019422; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0019424; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0019425; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0019428; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0019391; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0019393; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0019394; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0019396; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0019361; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0019363; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0019364; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0019365; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0019367; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0019365; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0019367; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0019368; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0019369; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0019371; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0019171; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0019173; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0019174; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0019175; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0019177; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0019815; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0019817; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0019818; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0019819; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0019820; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0018726; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0018728; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0018729; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0018730; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0018732; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0019143; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0019145; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0019146; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0019147; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0019148; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0019254; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0019256; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0019257; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0019258; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0019260; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0019246; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0019248; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0019249; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0019250; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0019252; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0019324; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0019326; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0019327; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0019328; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0019330; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0019279; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0019281; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0019282; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0019285; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0019853; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0019855; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0019856; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0019857; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0019859; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0018490; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0018492; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0018493; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0018494; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0018496; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0018778; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0018780; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0018781; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0018782; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0018784; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL645861.12:1-212385; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000021133; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000036215; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000055872; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000057676; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000093909; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000100202; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106398; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106413; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106425; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000124281; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000126731; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000133468; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000208602; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0033656; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0033668; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0033669; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0033683; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0033599; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0033611; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0033612; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0033624; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0033589; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0033601; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0033602; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0033613; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0033615; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0033590; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0033602; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0033603; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0033614; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0033617; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0033370; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0033382; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0033383; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0033394; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0033397; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0034086; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0034098; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0034099; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0034110; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0034112; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0033231; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0033243; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0033244; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0033255; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0033258; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0033286; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0033298; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0033299; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0033310; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0033312; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0033427; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0033439; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0033440; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0033451; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0033454; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0033417; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0033429; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0033430; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0033441; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0033444; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0033556; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0033568; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0033569; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0033580; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0033583; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0033427; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0033439; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0033440; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0033454; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0034131; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0034143; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0034144; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0034155; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0034157; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0032926; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0032939; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0032940; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0032951; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0032954; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0032838; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0032850; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0032851; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0032862; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0032865; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A140LIY9.
DR   GOA; Q3V2A7.
DR   InterPro; IPR001841; Znf_RING.
DR   InterPro; IPR004140; Exo70.
DR   InterPro; IPR009060; UBA-like_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR013083; Znf_RING/FYVE/PHD.
DR   InterPro; IPR016159; Cullin_repeat-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR026258; SRP68.
DR   InterPro; IPR032013; DUF4795.
DR   InterPro; IPR034652; SRP68-RBD.
DR   MGI; MGI:1859270; Exoc7.
DR   MGI; MGI:1914635; Ubald2.
DR   MGI; MGI:2442484; Rnf157.
DR   MGI; MGI:2684912; Qrich2.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q3TEL6; RN157_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q8BQH4; UBAD2_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A140LIY9; A0A140LIY9_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F7D0T8; F7D0T8_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q3V2A7; Q3V2A7_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-184G6 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..212385
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="11"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-184G6"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    160883..161070
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Reads generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    161019..161070
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    161256..161307
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    177331..177340
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    182474..182498
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Reads generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    182474..182503
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 212385 BP; 54493 A; 53890 C; 52330 G; 51672 T; 0 other;
     gaattcaatt gagctgaaat gattacgtga aagtgacatg aactgcagag ctcgggagct        60
     gtagggagtg agccctaggt cacagatgct ccaaggtcac tgccagaggc tggctgtggt       120
     ggctcatacc tcaaattcca ccatgctcaa gaccgaggca caaggagtta taagagttag       180
     aggccagcct aggctagcag tgagatcttg cacttgcact tgcacgcacg cacacgcaga       240
     gagagagaga gagaaacaaa aaccaaaagc aaggctgcag ccaaggactg gcttgagagg       300
     agagactggc ggggaaggcg ctgccactca cctgggcacc tcctgtagga ggacatggca       360
     gagccaggag gatctctatg aatctgaagc tagcctggtc tacacaatga atagccaggg       420
     ttatgtagag agactctgcc tcaaataaac aagcaaacaa aaaggaacag aagggctcaa       480
     gagttagact ggtgcttaag agccctaggt gctctcgcag aagaccaggg ttagagtctc       540
     agcacccaca tgacagctca caaccatctg taactcaagt tccagggcac ccaacaccct       600
     cttctggcct ccaggagcag cagggacaca tgtggtgcac agatatgcat gcaggcaact       660
     gtatatataa attaaaattt aaaaatgtaa atgcatataa acacacacaa aagtcaaact       720
     cacctgtgca ggtactggag atttgacacc ttcccagact ctccatcaag ggcatagtct       780
     ctctgcttct gaaaaggtaa aaaaggtata aagtaaaact cggccttggc tctcagtgcc       840
     cttccataca atgggccata aagttctctc cccagagcca caaagtctat caagtgtctg       900
     ccatgccagg cagcagtggt gcacaccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc agagacaggt       960
     gcatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgac agagtgagtt caaggacagc      1020
     cagggataca cagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa aaaaacaaaa aacaaaaaac aaaaaaaaca      1080
     aaaaaaactc aaaaaaaagg gtctgtcatg cccccaggaa tccattaaca gaaggacaag      1140
     attacccctt tgccactgta agccaacacc tggccttgac tgacagaaag ctgacaacag      1200
     ccagctgagg cttcctgttc tgtccccaac tcaacagtca gacagttctg tcaggtgtgg      1260
     cacacccccc tgcagttttg gctataggcg actgagacag gaagagcctg agtttaatta      1320
     cagtctggga acttagtgag atcttggctt aaactagttt ttttaaaaac ccacaagaca      1380
     ttcccagcat gcacaaagtc ctaggttcaa tgtgcagtga accacaaaac aaaaaaagca      1440
     gcgagaccac agctccactg tcggctctga gaccatagcc tccctgctgt agacccaaat      1500
     tctaccatcc ctgtatgcct ggtgtgacca gtaccctaag ccacccacat ccttgacctc      1560
     cagcatccat ggagatgtta ctgcatgtgg tagaagagac tctgggtggg aatatttaag      1620
     tgtttttcaa ttactaaact gcagtcctcc tgcctctgtc tacagaatgt tacaactaca      1680
     ggtgtgcacc acctcacctt tagagccatc tcagtctacg ttaaaatgct acttaagaac      1740
     aggtagaaac tagtcatggc ttcagcttct gtaaacccag ctctcaggag ctggagagat      1800
     ggctcagcgg gtaagagcac tgactgctct tccgaaggtc ccgagttcaa atcccagcaa      1860
     ccacatggtg gctcacagcc atctgtaatg agatctgaca tcctcttctg gtgtgtctga      1920
     agacagctac agtgtactta catataataa ataaataaat ctttaaaaaa aaaaatccca      1980
     gccctccaca ggctgaggta gtgggatcat ctgtagggga cacacacgag ggagggagac      2040
     tctagggtgt ggtataaagt gggaaggacc tcagtaaggc accattagga aaggcggtgc      2100
     ccctggagac aaggggctga gaccactgga tgactcaaga atggccagag aatgaagtat      2160
     gaagtgtgaa ccggagccca gaggcctcta ctgcttacaa gctgatcaca tctacaaatg      2220
     gcccaaggcc cagtgatgac ccctgggagc accccgagga cagctcagac tgggggagga      2280
     caggagatgg gctgacctga tcgggcttga gctcttccct cacggcttgg agggcgtctc      2340
     ggcactcact cagcatggac tcgaacagac gctccttcgt ttcttcactt tcagcctaca      2400
     cagtggcaaa atggagcaag agactgtttt gagcagattg gaggaggcac ggcatcgcat      2460
     ggctcagagg tgccgtatgc aaacctttac aatctgagcc aacctgcagt ttctggtttc      2520
     tttcagattc gagcaaaaga cagaaatttc taatcaatat ccaaccaaga agatatttct      2580
     cctaaatata agactaaatt gtcttctcta gacattctgg gtccattgtt gtacatggcc      2640
     aactctttga gaacaacttc tgggcagaaa tggttgacaa gaaagaggcg acagtattcg      2700
     cccagtacta ggtgtcaccc tcactacact gctcgataaa ccacaaagtg actcattaac      2760
     tgaatgcctg ccacaccatg tttccaaccg aaagaacctg actgagcagg gaagccacaa      2820
     aaggcaggaa gcagatggcc ctgtgccacc ggcgagcaga cccactgaag tgaaagcgtt      2880
     agcattccac ggtcatgttt gactttccac agaactaaca ggcagcctga aaaacaccag      2940
     ccttcaactg gcctctcagg accacagaag cccgcccaga acaccctcca ctcctgtgag      3000
     aggagaagga gcccagataa aaatttctga agatctcttg tgttttccct acattctagt      3060
     gtaaggaaat aactgtaaat tgccccatac ataccacaca gacgctgcca cttacgggcc      3120
     acctgacttt cctgtccctt actaacttgg gaaacaaatc aggaccatgg cctccggtac      3180
     cctgaaggca aacaccaccc catcagctag ctcacttccc accagagcag tgcctgctgt      3240
     ccaacagacg tcaggatgga cagctgctct agccgaggtc ggccatgcag cgggcatcag      3300
     tgtggactgc tgggaccatg gtacattaca tagaacaaac acagcaaggt gctgtcctgt      3360
     ctgctgtgac tccagagaag actccctttc ctcaccgaat cagactctga ggttccagtg      3420
     gaactgtgaa aaccgagtaa gacaggtaaa cccctgtgga gccaccgcag aaagggtcag      3480
     ccctagaacc cacaaatccg cagcagcact gcttcaggtg ggcggggctg agctgtctgg      3540
     ccgtgggcag taaatgagga tctgtcttcc ctcctatcgg taggaaaagt tcacatttaa      3600
     aatcagagga tgcactcttg gcttcttgct ctctgttttc ttcctcctgc tcccccctcc      3660
     attcctctcc tcctccatcc ccctccactg ctcacagctg gcctctactc ctctactctc      3720
     tctctgcctt tctgtctcta ctaccccctc aactcccctc acagtgccct gaataaactc      3780
     tattctctac tattaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatc aaaggatgcc agaacgctaa      3840
     gcctcgtcac tgcctctgcg gtcgcctcgg caccagagcg ctgaagacaa acttccgatg      3900
     ctcccccaca ttctatgtct cagtaaggat ttatgaagat attccacaac aaccaaggaa      3960
     aaggttatgt ctgacgggaa ggacttagtg ggatgttttc cacgtgccac ccacaatgct      4020
     gagtgactca gagaccacca gtatctgaga acttgccacg gatcttcctg cctagggcaa      4080
     aatgtctcca aacaggaagt cttcatatat ttacggctct catttactct agaacctata      4140
     cttgatgcca aggtgactcc cacagggaga cacgcctttc aacatgcagg ggcaggactg      4200
     cactccacat cccagcctgc cacatctgct accgagccag tactcaatgg cacactccct      4260
     gcatagaaac atgtggccca ctggaccctg ttcccggtgt gccaatggca gtgtctagag      4320
     cttggaaatg atgacctgcc tgctcatctc aatcaatcaa cggaactcct ctgggccagc      4380
     cagtgcaggg acacggcacc acagtgtctc cccctattat agacactgct gggttgtttt      4440
     cactggctga caggaatctt ggggagatgg tggtgtgtga ctaagagaca cacaggcaag      4500
     cctggccaca ttctctctcc accacaccca caggagaatc atggggatag gaaccaagtc      4560
     tcacccaacc tgagagagag gctcagaaga aaaaaagata aggaaataaa gaaagggggt      4620
     ttggttgttg ttgtttcttt cctttaaaaa aaagggtggg ggggagcggg ctggagagat      4680
     ggttcagtgg ttaagagcac tgactgctct tccagagggc ctgagcaatc accattacac      4740
     aaccatctgt aatgggatcc aatgccctct tctgttatgt ctgaagacag ctacagtgta      4800
     ctcacataca tgaataaaca aatctttaat aaaaagaatt gaaaatttta tttaaaaaat      4860
     gggggtaagg gtaggaaggt aagtgctgtc cattttactc agactccaaa aagctgggtc      4920
     aggttacctg gtgaagggga aggccaatca ttgggacttg catgatagaa gaagggaact      4980
     gacttttttc tcaggttgtc ctctgacacc agctgtgtgc tgtgggacac acatctctcc      5040
     tatccccaca aaatacattt aaaatgtaat aataaataaa tataacaaac acaatgaaaa      5100
     caggtttgtt ggattccccc caacacccag aactgaatgg ggcataaatg accaagcaca      5160
     caaatgtttt aaaatctctc aaaacgagct gcccccaaac aacctcacag caccactgct      5220
     ggtgaccacc aaagactgaa taaggattaa gaatacaaaa tggcagcccc atgggaggaa      5280
     catcaatatg aaccaaccag tacccccaga gctcccaggg actaaaccac caaccaccga      5340
     gcacacatgg agctccagct gcatatgcag cagaggacgg cctagtcgga catcaacggg      5400
     aggagaggcc cttggtcctg aaaaggctcg atgccccagt gtaggggaag gccaaggcca      5460
     gaaagcagga gtgggtgggt tggtgagcag ggggaggagg gagagggttt taggagggga      5520
     aaccagaaaa gtggataaca tttaaaatgt aaataaagaa aatatccaat aaagtaaaaa      5580
     agggcagcca gggctacatg agataccctg tttcaagaaa caaaacaaat gagcgcgtgc      5640
     gcacgcacac aaacacacac agagcacatt agacagcagg aatgaaggat ggcatgtttt      5700
     atctctccag ttacttctcc cttccacttt ccagctgctg tttaagtatt tctatgccac      5760
     gaagatcact agcgggaaga aatcagcgag ggctaccaaa atggcatcct atttcccaga      5820
     cggtggaggg gaccctatca actgagatgt cggacactga gactaagcag cctgcatctc      5880
     gaaggcatag aggtgacctg aggccctgaa tgaagaccaa cagaaaccat ccgtcccctg      5940
     ttcggtgtcc ccgaatggag tttccacctg tgcagtctct actgcgtgag cttgctaaca      6000
     cccaacctgc tgatgaggaa cagctacata cagcagacag cctcgggtcc atgggcacag      6060
     gctgctggct acactctaga ctcaccctca cacagaacct ggaccaactc cccgcacgta      6120
     aatcatgctc agtaagggag agggaagtgc tgagtctccc gcactcccct ttaatcccag      6180
     ggttagaggc cagctggtct acgtagaagc tagctaggac cacacgatga gagttcggtg      6240
     acatgatcac tacaggctcc aggaaggagc acctatatga tttcacaagt aaaaagttaa      6300
     ttaaggggcc aggcagtgat ggcatacacc tttaatccca gcacttggga ggcagaggca      6360
     ggcagatttc tgagttcgat gccagccggt ctacatagtg agttccaggt cagccagggc      6420
     tacacagaga aaccctgtct cgaacagcca ccccccccaa aaaaaaagtt aattaagtag      6480
     ggctgacaat gacaagatgt ctcaggggta aagagcttaa cccccaacaa tggcagcctg      6540
     acaacctgag ttccatccct agaacccaca caaagaaaag gaaaaaacca actgcacagg      6600
     gccttctgac caccacatac tgacatacac cagagctctt gagtacacac acacacacac      6660
     acacacacac acacactaat ggcccttagg tggagctggg gaacctttgg aaaaggtccc      6720
     aagcagcccc actccagagc ttgtcttccc gtggagttat ttgctggcag ctccttctct      6780
     tcttgaagaa aacagtccgt gcacaaaggc cccgccagca accctgacag tctgcggaca      6840
     gcccttcacc ttgagagcag gaggctgaag aaagcttcag agtaactaaa gtcactgtca      6900
     ctcacagaca gacccgacct acttactgta ctctaagaca ggctgtcacg gcgcagccct      6960
     acatggctgt gacctcacag aaatctgcct ggttcagcct ccctggtggc aggattggag      7020
     gatacttgcc accaagcctg gagacctgaa ttcaatccct agaaagcacg tagtggaagg      7080
     aagaaactaa ctccttctaa gatgtgctct gacttccaca tgtgtacaca cggccccaca      7140
     catggtaagg aaataaaata taataaaagt ttaaaactta agacagtgtt cttagcttga      7200
     aatctatttt taatagtaat taaaagcata ggaaaaaacc ctttgatccc agcactcggg      7260
     aggcagaaac aggtaggtct ctaggagttc gaggccagcc tggtctataa agcaagttct      7320
     agaacaccat ttgctacata gaaatctgtc tcaaaaagcc aaaaaagcaa gcagggagaa      7380
     agtcaggtgt ggccctcaca ctttaatgcc agcactcagg aggcacaggc aggctggcgc      7440
     tgtgagtctg aagccagcct ggtctactca gcaagttcca ggcttcggaa tgagagccta      7500
     cttcaaacaa aaccaaccat ggcgcaggcc gaggtagagc tccatggcag agcaaccgcc      7560
     tcacaggctt tagggtctgg gtctgacctc agccctgaaa acctcttcct gtagcaaagc      7620
     tctgcagact catcacttac ggcgctacaa ccatgtgcaa tataacagtc tgataacagc      7680
     taacaggcag gctggaagag gcacacctgc tattagctgc ttgatgagat agacagaacg      7740
     tatccatttc actctataaa cacacagtta aactctgact taaaggaact gacaatggtt      7800
     ggctgggttt ccttccttat ttacttgaga ctgaactgtg gccgctttac tgtttttctt      7860
     cccaaagtca tcaaaatctt ggtcaatcct gaacggcctt ttcctcccgg tgctagggtc      7920
     tggtctgtgg tctccagcgt gagtagcttg ccgcccacgc cgcaccccag ccccagctgc      7980
     ttaatgagtg tctatccaga tgtcggccct gagtcacaaa aaatccaaac acttgtttat      8040
     gtgtgtgagc ccactcacaa aataaagaaa cgtaaaaaac taaagtgagc tctccagtcc      8100
     tctaagaaaa acaaacttct cagtgctgtt gtgtcatctg ctttacacaa aggaaaaccg      8160
     tggcagagca gaacgcagca caggccggca cataaggaaa atccttcaat tgctaaaaag      8220
     ctgcttccga cccaaagcag cccgggtggg aagtggctgt taagtctgga tgtttgacat      8280
     cctcatgaac acgggtagca gtgcaggccc agtaagtgcc aggctttcgc aactcctgac      8340
     cgtaccccat tgttttaaag atgcccttca cctcctgtgg aggagctcta aagggcctcg      8400
     ctgttgcctc aggagtactc tgggatccct atctttgggg cgacatctgc ttgttcacag      8460
     ccacaagcag gtaattatgt caataagcag cttccagtac atgcatggcc atgacctgca      8520
     gaccacacac agaaccagat attctggttc acccgggctc ttgtgaacgg cccaggaatg      8580
     aggggtggcc ctgagggcaa ggaggtgggg acagcaggtc agactccagg agcctgacag      8640
     cagtgcccct gctactccag cgtgaccctc tgcggtgagc agcctctttg actccttttc      8700
     ccatgactgt cactgtaaat ctaccccata aacgtaaccc cttcacacct gacttcacag      8760
     aggtgagcac cacgggtccc ctcctcacct ggacgatggc ggcctcgttg tcggccaggc      8820
     ccaggaggaa gatcctcact ttgtcgatct tcacggggac cgtccggcct cgccactcca      8880
     cctcactcat ggtcgccgcc tgcttggctc gagtctgagt gatcaaggcc tgcacaggag      8940
     tttaggtcag agctttagca gttgctctgt gacagggaca acagcctgcc aggctctctc      9000
     tctccaacca acaaggacac attgcagcat gcaaaattcc tcattttcaa tgtctccctg      9060
     gtatcataaa ttttaagttt atggaaagtc aaaattcttc ccccagtttt aaaatttctt      9120
     actttttcta tgcatctgtg ttacttgctc agggaggaaa taggttgcca gatataatgg      9180
     ctcacggctg taatcccaac acttataagg ctgaggcaag aggactacca tgagttcaag      9240
     gtcagcatag gttatagaat gagcacgcac acacacgcac ccacacacac acacacacac      9300
     acacacaccc acactcatat gtactaagtt aatgtgtaaa tatttaggga aaaggtttcc      9360
     aggagtggtg gcacacacct taatcccagc actcggaagg caggagcagg tggatttcta      9420
     tgagttcaag gccaacctga cctaatcaac atagcaagat ccagaccagc cagggctaca      9480
     cagtgagatt ataaatcaag tgtagtgaca taatgccttt gatggtgctc aggaggcaga      9540
     gctaagcaga tctctgggat ctgtaggcca gccagaatta cagaaataag gccaaaatac      9600
     aatacacaca cgcatgttga cagtaaacat acatataagt tgaatactta aaatatttaa      9660
     ggaacatctg aatgtagata tagctataaa tatgcataca agaatagtaa atatccccag      9720
     agactggagt gtgtattacc tcaagttttt cagcaaggag cccctctgtg cccccagacc      9780
     ttagtctcat ctgcatgagc tcattgatag ctgactggtc ccctgggaga gaaagagaag      9840
     ggaggggaat cgtttagggt tttgtgcctt cttgacaagc cctcaattta gtccagactg      9900
     acagttcctc ccttagtgaa atggaacaca ctaccagccc gtccatcggc tctgaaggtg      9960
     actctgttca gagcctggct ggagcctcgg gaacactgct aacagcgtgg tctaagttct     10020
     caagggctca atgtcaagct gagccctaag tttagctgtg gactttagaa actttgggat     10080
     gttaatgtag gtgcaactgt acaacagcac tgccacgggg ctgcagatgg ctcagcagtg     10140
     agagcattcg ctgctcttac agaggatcca ggggatgtgt taccctcctc ggacctcctt     10200
     aggcaatgca tgcgcataac acacataaac gtggacagga acagagacac aaatattaac     10260
     atctttcagg gagatgatgg gaagggaagt tgtgcaggtt tggactcagg gagaccttga     10320
     aaattctcta atctttcact tagatatact gtatacctga aacttctcca aaactgtaag     10380
     ataacattgg ttggaaattc taaactgttc ttggggagtg gagaaaataa agggattcaa     10440
     acagaagcca aacagccaag gtctgtagac tggagtgggg ctgtcaaaga cagctcttca     10500
     tcattgtcgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt aacacagtat     10560
     acatcagaca gctctactat tactatcatt acatctaagg ctaacccagc tgtaccgtgt     10620
     ggtgcccacc cttaatccta gcacttggga ggcagaggca aggggtctct atgagtgaga     10680
     ggccagcctg gtctacatgg taaaacccaa aaccaagcaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa     10740
     acactctcag gccatggcta gatgctgaaa cacagggaaa gtcacgcaag cctcccagca     10800
     agccaagtga ggcgaggagc accgcactgg agcaccacac cagagcctgc tcaccaatgt     10860
     tgtatgcaca gtagcggatg ttgggcgaga tctcttctac acgctggttg tacaacacag     10920
     cctgctcctc tgtgaatgca ctggctagct tctcatagat agttctggga gcaaagagat     10980
     gtcagacatt cttaaaatat ggaagctgta tttaagaaaa gaaaactcag gaaaaccatg     11040
     tggttaaaac caaaacccag ccctctgagg gcatctgctg agtaccagga ggagtggcat     11100
     gctctgagaa agaaaatgtc ctagattcca agaagccagt cacagggttc tgcagccgga     11160
     ctgtggctgt aactaagagc agccatcgtt tctggactgg aggacttact tgcatttgtt     11220
     gaaagcctca atggcagatt tccactcttg atgttcaaag cgcaacattc ctgagaggta     11280
     agccgtgtag gcctggagag aatgcaaaga ccaataagca aggaactttt cacatttgtt     11340
     ttgttgcttt tggggtgcta tggaaggaac ccagatttct gtgtatacta ggcaggtgcc     11400
     tgaccactaa gcttcatgct tagcccacaa agaactgcct cagcacaaag acccagtgtt     11460
     ctggccccat gtccctccct ccctccctgc ctccctccct ccctctttct ttttgagaga     11520
     catgcagctt ctcactccga agctcgagct ggccctgaac tcacagagtt ccccctgcct     11580
     ctaccctgag ggctccggac gaaaggtcct gctttggaat aagactgact tttctttctt     11640
     attcaaatgt gtgtgtgagt gttttgccag catatgggtc tgtgtaccga atgtgtgcct     11700
     gatgcccaga gatagcatca cagccccctc acaggagtta cagacaactg tgagctgcca     11760
     tgctgggact gggaattgaa cccaggacct ctggaagagc agcctgtgct ctaaccactg     11820
     agccatctct ccagcaccat caagttgact tttaaagaga aaaacttact aaaatgctaa     11880
     agtgtgatac actcttatga ttcacttctt cccaggaaag aacttcaaaa caaaggatgc     11940
     ccagggcaca gctcagggca gagcatcata cgccaaagga cattgttcat ttcacttaat     12000
     aactggtctc tagaccatca cataagcatc agaggttgga gtaggtaagt gttactgtga     12060
     gagcctcagt ttgcagtttg atccctggaa cccaaatccc aaccgttttc ttcctcaaac     12120
     catgtcaccc tacacccaca cccacatccc agacacagtg gtcagttttg ttcaatttca     12180
     acaccgccag gcatgacggt gcacacctta aaatcctcca gcattcaaga gactgaggca     12240
     ggggagtgtg aacctgatac tactagatgg aaagcctgca ctctcccacg tgactataat     12300
     cttggcactt gtttagcttg gctagatggt tgagtgcagg ttaagcctgg actacataag     12360
     acccagttta aaagaacaaa agtagactcg gagagacggc tcagcagtta agagagttaa     12420
     cagctggctg ctcttccaga ggacccaggt tcaactcctc acacccatat ggcagctcac     12480
     agctgtctat cactcagaac caacattttt ttctgacctc caggggtagc aatcacacat     12540
     gtcctataca gacatttata aatagtaaaa tagccacgca tgaaataatt gaaaataggg     12600
     ctggagagat ggttcagtgg ttaagagcac tgactactat tccagaggtc ctgagttcaa     12660
     ttcccagcag ccacatagtg gctcacaacc atctgtaatg gaatctgatt ccctcgtttg     12720
     gtatgcatac ataaaataat taaaaacaaa accaagttga atataagctt tactgtcttt     12780
     gtctctcact tccagcatgc acatagaatg tagacatgca ggcaaaaagc tacacatacc     12840
     agataactta aaaatagtga gcgttgggca gtggtggcac tcgcctttaa tcccagcact     12900
     tgggaggcag aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtgtac agagtgagtt     12960
     ccaggacagt cagggctaca caaagaaacc ctgtctcaag aaacaaaaca aacaaacaaa     13020
     caaaaaattg agcgtaacca gtattatata tcatctctaa aaaaattcat tgccaaaaat     13080
     attcctggga gctttcccag atataaaata taaacttgtc tacctactca ctaaaagaag     13140
     cctgttttta ttaaaagact agaactaata aaaaaacaaa aaactgaaaa ataagataca     13200
     ctaacttagc ccttcaaaga aaaatcggaa ctatagctca gttgtagttt gtgcctagta     13260
     agacactgct ctgtttagtt gcattttgtt ttgaagtcat gtgtctaatt tccccaatga     13320
     ggtaaacctg gatgatcgtt aagacagaga cctgagcctc tagcttggtc ttggcatcca     13380
     cccggttgct ctcacacaag cgctccagtt cctctgcatg cttcacggct tttcgaaggc     13440
     gagacagcaa gtgaaaccgt ttccgcggct cggtgttggc ttcctgtttg agctgcatgg     13500
     cgtagctcca ggctctttct gcatccatca gcaccagcag caagtatcta cagcagagag     13560
     ctgggagagt gaacaagggc ccagtgcact ctgaggtaca gtgtgctctt atcttttctc     13620
     cttcctcctg cccctccctc aggactcctc ccagaacagc atctctggca ccatccaggg     13680
     ctatacctca cagttatagt cactagaggg catatctcac ggaaaagtct ctaccacctc     13740
     aggttaggcc accccaggag cagaacccag tcagaaacaa gtgcttaagt ggtaggaggt     13800
     tctgttggcc atggtggcac ccactgctaa ccccagcatt cccagggttg aggcaggagg     13860
     atcttaagtt ccaggaaaga ctgggctaca gagtgagacc ctatttcaaa gcaagcaagc     13920
     aagcaagcaa gcaaacatcc aaaaacctca gagacagtta tgctgtggag tgttgaaagg     13980
     ctgcgctgga ggacctgtgc cttcacttac taggctgtgt gactggggaa caccgatctt     14040
     tctgcacctc actctgtgct aatacacaca acactgacca cagccagcac ttcctcagga     14100
     ggctttaaat tgtggtctca ttactttctt tcccctcttt ttttttttgg tttttcgaga     14160
     tagggtttct ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc aggctggcct     14220
     ctgcctcccg agtgctggga ttaaaggcat gcgttaccat gcctggctcc cctctttctt     14280
     ctaatggaaa gtatactcag agccagcctc atagatggtg gcaaagtgct ctctctataa     14340
     ctgagctagg tgcccagcca ccagtttgtt tggttttgag gcagaagcgt attaagtgcc     14400
     caggctggcc ttctcactct gctgcccacc aaagtcttca atctcagatc cttctgcctc     14460
     aggctcccaa atagctggga ttacaggcct gctccttcag gtcaggctac ttaatctttt     14520
     aaaaaacaaa caaacaactc tgtccaagca aaataaagga tcttggggct gaagtttggg     14580
     gcagaatggc catggggaag caattctaac tgggcctcct gggatcatca ctctgtcctg     14640
     ctccttccat cacggattcc atttcaagct ttctgcccag gcaccacaca ccaggctccc     14700
     agcccccact tcccaggcac agggcagctt gcagagcttt agtgttcctt cagtcctcaa     14760
     actcactaag ctgctctccc tccccagcag ccatcctcca tgtcagtttc ctcattaagt     14820
     gcgccctgct cagtcctccc ctcctacctc ctccatgctt agaagtgctc cctggttttg     14880
     catctgaccc agagtgctca gcaaaggcct ctcttacccc tccctcttgt gtcagcatgg     14940
     catctagctc agccccagct atacactgca tcagacttgg ttttttctcg ggaggtgcag     15000
     gtgggctaag gtggtggtgt taagacagga tgttttgtgc agacccagct gtcctggaac     15060
     tacttctgta gcccaggcta gcctcaaact cagaggacct catgcttcca cctcccatgc     15120
     cgggatgaaa ggcgtgcgcc accacccctg gctctaagac gttttttgta aagaactcac     15180
     gctttaggtt ctgaggacct cagtctatca cttttcttat taacaaaacg taaacaattc     15240
     ttaaatgaat taaatctttt tttgttttct ttttgagaca aggtttctct atgtagcttt     15300
     ggctggcctt aaacttataa tagagagcca cgagcctcca ctttccaagc actaggacta     15360
     aagatgggca cttttacttt gtgtatgtat gtgtggtaaa cacacctgtg tgtgcatgtc     15420
     tacgtgcata cagctggagg tcagaggttg atgctgggtg tgtcatctct atagcttgtc     15480
     tccactttac ttttagagac agatctcttg gctgactggc aactggcaaa ccccaggaat     15540
     aatgctgtgt ctacccccca gtactgggtc actatccagc ttttactgcg gtgccaagga     15600
     tccaaactca agttcacatc tgaatggaag cactgtacca acaagctatc tctcagccac     15660
     aaagcttaat acagacagac agacagcaag gaaaccatgt gctccgaact gaagcgctag     15720
     gaactgattt cctggagacg ctctgtacgt attacttata ttatttcaca gactgatctc     15780
     ttccaggggc agggggagca atttgagaca gggtgtcaga gagcccatgc tcagcgccct     15840
     cttctggtgt ctaaagatag ctacagcgct cgtacacata aaataaatac acaagtctta     15900
     aaaatactca aaaacaaaag agagagctct ttgaaattac taagtggtca aggacaaccc     15960
     tgaactctca gtcctcctgc ctcccttccc aagcatggga acacacacgg gtgtgtgtgc     16020
     tgacacatcc acctttttgt gctgctgtag atcgcggcca ggcttttgtg catgtgagac     16080
     aggatctacc cctactgaac tacaccccaa ccccagcagc ggctgctgag caagccactg     16140
     ctgtctcttc acctctccgt gcagcctccc cacagagctg ctcagagggc acaggagggg     16200
     gttcaggggc tggggtgctg tctgcacggc tcaggctggg tgtgtaataa gagacttaga     16260
     gcctgcacct gttatcagtc aggagctcct ccgttacttt cttccccgtg aatttgtgtc     16320
     tgttccccat cttaaagttg agtgttttcc ggaggcgtct ttgtcttcga gaacagtagc     16380
     ccctgcaatg aaatacaaaa cgagatccat tcagccaagc tggtagtact ttggacataa     16440
     tgctctataa taaagtaagg gcaaagttca gaggactgtt catggtgacc actgacatca     16500
     tgtcacctgc ctaacagcta acacacataa gccaatgtga ctgctgggac aaaatacagt     16560
     ttctacacac ccataaatca tctgacataa aatgatattt tcccgattct tggttttctg     16620
     atagggtcta acactacagc acaagcaggc ctggagctca ctagatagcc caggctggac     16680
     cacagatttc aaggcaatcc gcctgtctcc atttaccaaa tgctaagagt acatgtgtga     16740
     gccacatgtc ttgctaaaaa tacttaaata ttgccccatt atcaggtggt tttgtttttg     16800
     tttttttcga gacagtcttt ctctgtataa ccctggctgt cctggaactc actttgtaga     16860
     ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatccacc tgcctctgcc tccattatca gttttttaaa     16920
     agactttttt ttttcttaaa ttggtttatg tgtatgggtg ttttgcctac atgtatgcct     16980
     gtctattact tgttcactct ggtacactca gaggctagaa aaggggtgtc aggtcccttg     17040
     gaattagagt agttgtgagc catcatgtgg gtgatgggac tcaaacctga gtcctctgga     17100
     agggcaatca gtgctctgaa ctgctgagcc accattgcag ccccacaacc acagccttag     17160
     aggttccagg acacagacta ctaaacacag agccaggcat ggcagtgcac acacaacact     17220
     cagagactga ggcaggagga gcaggggttc tacacagtca gcctgagcta cgagactgtc     17280
     tcagaaaagc caaatcaata tataaattag gaaagtgtaa aactgaaatc taccaaaatg     17340
     cccatgatac ttgcttacct ctaggcttaa aaaaaaaatt cattcatttt ggttctattg     17400
     ttgtaacagt ttataaattc gaattctatg tggaactcaa gaaaagaagg aaagaaagag     17460
     ccagccctgg gccttggatt ggaaaaaata ccaaccaagg ggtgtgtcac tacagtctgc     17520
     ctaaagaaaa ggagatgaac attcattatg tagcacactg agtacagttc aactttgttg     17580
     ctggaagaaa aagaaaagag agcacaagag acagtctttg tggagtgtgg cctgcagaag     17640
     agaaagtctc tgtggaggtg tggcctgagg aggagagaca gtctatggag tgtggcctgc     17700
     aggagagcac agctgtggag tggcagcagt tgcggtgcca gacaaatctc caacataagg     17760
     acagtgataa tcagcatatg gttactagca cctgtcagcc tagcgagcgc acttccatga     17820
     aaatctgttg tgtaagaaag ccgtggggta gagctgctcc caactgtcat cgagcagagc     17880
     ctcgttaaac aactgggatg cgcaagtcct gtgactagag ataaacaagc gcagccctaa     17940
     acaagggaga gtgagttatg aattcccttc aggaagggag cagctccaca caggacattc     18000
     cacaggtccc gctgtccctg gaactgcaga gcagcacctg ctcagctcct tgttctccgc     18060
     tctactccac tcttcctagg tcatcagtga ggcccaaatt ggggccaggg agatggcacc     18120
     gaggatagag gtatctgcta ccatgcagat gacctgagtt ccatctttgg gactcacatg     18180
     gtggaaggag ggaaccaact tcctcagctg ccccctcaag tgtgcctcag caagcatgta     18240
     cccatataca aacacacgtg aacacaaaac atataaagac actgaaaaag aagtgagtgg     18300
     agagatggct ctggggttaa gatcaagttc tgtcttccaa aggcctgcgt tcagttccca     18360
     gcagctcatc agacggctca taactacctc tagcaggaac tctagctcca ggggacccaa     18420
     caccctcttc tctactccac ggcacctgcc cagaagagag cagcagactc cctggaactg     18480
     gagctacagg tggctgtgag tcaatctgtc aagccagccc aagtcagact caaagaaaag     18540
     caagatctag ggatacacag cagagcactt acccaagtgc ctaaggttct gggcaccccc     18600
     cccccccccc gcaggaccat aaacaaacaa acagcctgag actggcaggc atggagagcc     18660
     acacctgtgc aactaccacg tggtaggcta acttaaacag atcctaactt aaggcttaaa     18720
     cagatcctaa cttaaggcta gcctgggcta cgtagcaatt cagaagccag ccagaattat     18780
     atagtaagac tctctcaaaa agccaaacaa tgaaacatga gccaggtgcc caccagtaaa     18840
     ccgagctctt ggcagtcaat gagagcaagc tggaggccag cgtggacagc gcagatgcga     18900
     gtcagaacac ctaacccaga caccggatct aaagcagatg cgcccgcccg gaggtgggat     18960
     gtagctcagc agtaaagttc ttccaacccc aatgacctgg gctctatccc cagaaaaata     19020
     aagttgcatt tgaaaagggc acattcgcat tctagtatat gaaaaaagtg actgcaggat     19080
     acctagctaa gtaaggggag actggggtca gttgtgtcaa agaggccacc tgaaagggtt     19140
     tctgcagacc aagcctgagt caatttaagc atcaaaataa tattagctga tgtcataaaa     19200
     tcaactggac actacacaat gtacatgaat atactaagag cctaacaaga atgcacattc     19260
     acgggatttc agagttcctt cttataaaat acttagagga gagtgacctt acagggagaa     19320
     tatccctggc tccttaatca aagacaaaca gacctcagca agcactcaca ccatgaagaa     19380
     attattttta ttctttatgt gtgtgagtgt ttgactgaat gtatgtctgt acactacata     19440
     catggagtgc aggcaggggc cagatgagag ctttcagctc tctgagactg gaattccaca     19500
     cgtggttgtg agccacctgg atggtgcttg cttgcttttt ttggaggttt tttttttttt     19560
     ttttggtttt ttttcgagac tgggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact     19620
     ctgtagacca gactggcctt gaactcagaa atccgcctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctaa     19680
     gaccaaaggc acgtgccacc actgcccggt cctctggtgc ttttcacact gagccatctc     19740
     tccagccctc ataaaatgtt aaacttagaa tacatacctt ttgaaaatgc agtataatgc     19800
     tgaaccatct aggtacattt tcccagatag cagagtgagc aggagtttaa caaaggcagc     19860
     tacgttagaa aatgccacaa ttactgcacg gtgtgcagga cactaacctg taccgctgga     19920
     agtctccgtg ccgtaagcca tgctgctgct gcgactcctt aatgatctgc agaactagag     19980
     cctaggtcaa ggaaaagctt ccggggtgag aagacagcag gtcaggcgct gccccaacgg     20040
     cacactgaac tgtgggagcc cagggatggt agcctccgat ccttttgtaa ctttccaata     20100
     gtcactttat caaaggacaa ggctaagttt atacttttat gaactgtccc aactgttact     20160
     attttcagac agaactagag ggcagtactg gtagggagtc tcaaacccag cagattgttc     20220
     taaatgctgc ctcagaggta cccacctgga tctcacatgc aaggagactc cagttataaa     20280
     tgtcaggttc taactacaca gctatatgcc gcagccagtg cttgccaaat ttacatcttg     20340
     taacgctcaa aatctatgat cagcacagtg tcaaccaaga tacgccaatt tccattaaaa     20400
     aaaaaaatcc aagtttttct ttttcctggg cattctaaca tgtagtaaga acaataatac     20460
     cagagcaaaa agcaaagtac gaatccacga gaatttacat acacacacac acacacacac     20520
     acacaaagtg catgttttat ttcagaaatt cctctaaacc acctccattt ggtatgcatc     20580
     tcaaaaagcc acaagggact ccaacaatag tatatgccta ttatctcagc atcagagggg     20640
     acggcgggcg atgagaagca gctcagggcc aaattgggct acacagccaa actctgtctc     20700
     agaaaccaac aaaccagctg gagagggctc agtggttaac agcacttcct gctcttctgg     20760
     aggaatccag gtcggctccc agcacccacg tggaggaact aaacatctgt aagtctaatt     20820
     cctggagatc catatgttct tcaggccttt gtgggcacca ggcacacatg tgatacacaa     20880
     acatgcaggc aaacacacac ataaaataag ataaagcaac atttaaaagt atttaaaata     20940
     acacgttaaa aaaaaaaagc cacatgctat tagaaccaca caaatgatat ataagctaat     21000
     acaaaccaga aaatgtttcc tgagggttgg gaagactgct cagctggtaa aggacttgct     21060
     gttagcaagc atgaggtcat gttgggatct ccccagaacc cacgtaaaaa ggccatactg     21120
     ttgtttgcac acgtaatccc acagctggga tggcaagaga cagaaagatc cctggagccc     21180
     actggccata cagtctattc caagtagtga gctgcacttt tggagggaga cccagtctca     21240
     aaggtagaga attaggaaga cgttgacctg tgacctgcag acacagcacc agcgcttaca     21300
     cctacaccca tacccatgcg gacttggaca ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agtaactcct     21360
     acagttcttc gagaagagtc caacaagata aaatgcctta cagacctact tttgaaaaaa     21420
     caaaaaacta tacacatgat attaacaaac taaagtaact actattcaaa acaggtaagc     21480
     agcagctttc ctggagagca ctctccctcc attttcaaag catctcgctg ttttatgacc     21540
     cagggttcga cagctgtccg acaacagctc cacgctgaaa tgtcaaggct gcagtttccc     21600
     ctccacagtc cggtggctca aggtaccgac caggagctct gtggggtggg cagggtgtca     21660
     accccggctc agccctccaa ctggacatct gaggggcaca gagggaaccc tgcctaccat     21720
     ctctataccc cttgcaaaaa caagctccgg aaagccagga cgagaggcaa accatgcaca     21780
     cgggaatgcc gaaagtgaag ggcaggaggc agcggcgcac ctcggctccg cagcccggtg     21840
     ctggcccccg ccgcctcgcc cgcccccagc cctccgagcg acacgtagtc attgcgagtt     21900
     aggccaccgc tcgaggatac tctccaaact caggctgtcc ccgaactctt tgtttgcctt     21960
     cgatccggct gaagggcgtt cgttttcttt attctcgtct cctccggcac tgcgtccgcc     22020
     accgctccct ccgccgccgc cgccgctgcc gcttccacca ccaccactac caccacccgg     22080
     gatctgcttc tcagcagcca tcttgcccct gagccgcaaa gcacgatgga acggagcagg     22140
     cgagacgacc agcggcgaga gagagcggca ctttccaggc tgggccgatg gtacactgac     22200
     ggactccgcc gcagaccgcg gatgtcttgg gcctctgtgg tgtgttggtg tgcgcctgcg     22260
     cctcctgggt tgaattcgtg gctgttgctg ggtctccgca tttctaagga ttagcctcgc     22320
     ttcaaatcta ccaaggatag gaggacccga gaaagatgcc cacctcatgc atccttgcac     22380
     ccagagaatg gtagtgtacg cctttaatcc caataccgag gaggctgagg ctggaggatt     22440
     gcctcgagtt gaggtcagtc tgggttgcac agttagacct tatttaaaac acacacacac     22500
     acagacacac acacacacac acacacgaag aggcctcggt cagaaggcag tgtccccaat     22560
     aggagcttga gacccgtggc ctcctctaga tcatgtgacc atccaagtat gacttttatt     22620
     aatctttgcg ggcgagtaca ccaggagtct cagtcttgtg ccaatcacgg caggtgaaaa     22680
     gaagctggcc gcgtaactca gtctaccctt ttgtgttact aaaggaggtt gcaaaaaaat     22740
     gtatgactcc aacccttccc cccatcggag ttcagagatc agctagtgtg gagtactagt     22800
     tctccagcaa aaatatcaag gaagactggg cctgggcaga tggctcagtg gttaagaaca     22860
     ctggttgctc tatcaagatg atctgggttt aatttttagc acgagaatgg tggctcaaaa     22920
     ccatctagaa ttccagtccc agggatccaa ccctcttctg gcttcgtagt ctacaaaaca     22980
     catgtacaca gacatacgtg tagacagaat gttcatatac ataaaacaaa ataaaaataa     23040
     aggttaaggc ttttgaaaac aaaaaattag acaaactgct ttcagaaggt gggaggcaaa     23100
     aactaacctc aaaaagtggt cctccgaatt acactcacat actgagctgt gaagcatggg     23160
     cctgcacaca cacacaccta aacaataagc catggagatg gcccagcagg aaaaagaact     23220
     tgctatataa actttttaaa aaagattttt atttatttat tattatatct aagtacactg     23280
     tagctgtctt cacacacaga tctcataaca aatggttgtg agctaccctg tggttgctgg     23340
     gacttgaact caggaccttt ggaagagcag tcagtgctct taaccactga gccatctctc     23400
     cagcccccac ctcttttttt ttcaaagatt atactaaagg tggtttattg ggaagctgct     23460
     ctctgactga gttcacagac cccaagaact gaggccaagt cagttgccat gaggaaaggg     23520
     ggaggggaga ggaacggagg cctgcaatcc cagggtgcag ctaaaaatac aaataaatgg     23580
     tgtcttagag tttctgctga tgtgataaaa catggtggtt tgaataggtc tggcctccat     23640
     agactcatgt gtttgaatgt ttggcccatg aggagaggca ctattaggtg tgggctttaa     23700
     ggtctctttg ctcaatcaca cccagtgtgg aattagagcc tcctcctagc tgcctgtgga     23760
     agacagtccc cttgtccctt cttggcttct ccagccccat gtcagactgt gtgctgccat     23820
     gcttcccacc atgatgataa tggactaaac ctctgaacct gtaagctatt cctcactaaa     23880
     tgttgtcctt tataagagtc accttggcca cggtgtctct tcacaacaat ggaaacctaa     23940
     ggcaaacatc atgatcaaga gcagatttga gaagaaaggg tttatttcat cttaactgct     24000
     ctcaggtaac aaataatcca cctctgagag aagtcaggac aggagctcag ggcagaacct     24060
     ggaggcagga actgaagcag aagccactga ggaacactac ctactggctt gctccctcag     24120
     ccgggcgatg gtggcataca cctttaatct caacccttgg gaggcagagg caggtgggtc     24180
     tctgagttcg aggccagcct ggtgtacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag     24240
     agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa acaaaaaaac aaaacaacaa caaaaaaaga gttcctttta     24300
     aaatatgtca aattgacaaa atcatacata atatatatat gagaagcaag ttgggcggtg     24360
     gtgggcatag cttcaatccc aaccctcaga aggcagaggc aagggctggt gagatggctc     24420
     agtgggtaag agcacctgac tgctcttccg aaggttcaga gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac     24480
     atggtggctc acaaccatct gtaatgagat ctgactccct cttctggagt gtgtgaagac     24540
     agctacagtg tatttacata aaataataaa ataaatcttt aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaggc     24600
     agaggcaaat ggatcttcta gtttgaagat aggctagtct atagagtgag ttccaggaca     24660
     gccaggacta cacagaaaaa aaacatgtct caaaaaacaa acaaacacac aaacaaacaa     24720
     acatctctta aatatctatc ccatttaaat ggaaaagatg ctgcataacc tcgtgatatt     24780
     attattcctt ggccataaaa agaaagagac tactaaccat gtcacagcat ggatgaaccc     24840
     tgaagacatt gtaataaaca gtgaaaggag tcagatgcca aagagctcat attttgtgat     24900
     tctatgtgta tgaaatgcct ggattgggac aatatgtaga ttagaaagat aagcacttgc     24960
     caaaggctcg gggtgaattt tggaggatgc ggaggtggca cataaagtgg ggagagaagt     25020
     gtttaaaaca ttgggtatca cattgcacac aataggatgg cttctttccc aaaacaaaca     25080
     agagcataac atgtacatgt gagtatgacg attgtcaccc aactccataa acataccaaa     25140
     aaccaagcaa atgctttttt taaaaaaaag attttattta tttattttat atatgtgatg     25200
     agtacattgt aactgtcttc agacacacag aagagggcat cggatctcat tacagatggc     25260
     tgtgaaccac catgtggttg ctgggaattg aactcaggac ctctggaaga gcagtcagtg     25320
     ctcttaacca ctgagccatc tctccagcct ccaagcaaat gctttagata agtatttagg     25380
     ggaagctgct ggggaggaga gagcaagtat atcagtgttc tcctcaaagc ccttcagaat     25440
     cttttcatgt tcctgcacta aatgccacta ccctcagact ggaaaagatg gggcccagag     25500
     atgctgctca gctaaactgc ttctctgcca tgcacagagt cttgggtctg aaccccagca     25560
     tcacatgaac caagcttgaa gccataagat ttgggaagtg gaggcaggaa gatcaaaagt     25620
     tcaaggactt tggctacata gcaagttcca ggccactctg cctacatgag accctgtcaa     25680
     tcaatcagtc agtcaatcaa tcagtcagcc aatcaataga tggctagggg agatagttca     25740
     gtcgggtagt tgcccttgca aaggacccag gttcaattcc cagcatccac acaatggctt     25800
     acaaccatct ataactccag ttctagagaa tctagtgcct tctctaccct ctgtgggcac     25860
     taggcgtgtg gtgcatacat atatatgcag gcaaaataat cacatataaa caaatctaaa     25920
     aaaaaattaa aaggggggga tgtggcaaga gagatagctc aatggttaag agcactggct     25980
     gctcttccag aggaccaggt tcaattccca gcacccacat agcagtttac aactgtctgt     26040
     ggcttcagtt ccaggggatc caatatcctg acacagacat acatgcaggt aaaacactag     26100
     tgtacataaa ataaaaataa aattctaatt taaaaataaa taaataaaag gtggctgaga     26160
     aacagggtag gaaagatagc tcagacttca agaatacctc ctggggctgg agagatggct     26220
     catcggttaa gggcactggc tgctcttcca gaggtcctga gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac     26280
     atggtggctc taaaccatct gtaatgagat ctgatgccct cttctggatg acagctacag     26340
     tgtacttaca tgtaataaat aaataagtaa ataaatctta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaata     26400
     cctcctgttt ttgcagagga cccaggctct gttcttaaca cccactccag tggctcacaa     26460
     taaacttaac tccaaataca ggggtagtga gtcctcttct agcctccaca ggcaccacat     26520
     gcagacagtg tacatgcaga caagcagaca tataaccgtc attaaaaaat aacaggccag     26580
     gccgggcagt ggtggcgcac gcctttaatc ccagcactta ggaggcagag gcaggtggat     26640
     ttctgagttc gaggccaagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac     26700
     agagaaaccc tgtctcgaaa aaccaaaaaa aaataaataa ataaataaaa aataaaaata     26760
     acaggacagg cagagcagta cacatctttt attttagcat ttaagaggca gaggcaggag     26820
     gatgtctgtg agttggaggg cagcctggtc tacagagaga gttccagggc agcctggatg     26880
     acatagaaga gaccctgctt caaaaaaaaa aatttacaaa tttgttttgt tttgtttttt     26940
     gttgttgttg ttgttttttc gagacggggt ttctctgtgt atccttggct atcctggaac     27000
     tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcaaact cagaaatcca cctgcctctg cctcccaagt     27060
     gctgggacta aaggtgtgca ccaccactgc ctggctcttg ccacttttct tactcattca     27120
     attgagccat gccagccatg acttagggac ccaccacatt cctacagtag ggcatctttc     27180
     cttcctgctc cctctttctg tatctccctc cacccccaac ccccgatagt gggctgtttc     27240
     ctcgccatta tacctaagtt cagatgtttg gttgtgggtt ttgggtttag ttttcttgtt     27300
     ttcttttctt tttttttttt tttttaaaga tttatttatt tattatatgt aagtacactg     27360
     tagctgtctt cagacaccag aagagggagt cagatctcat tacagatggt tgtgagccac     27420
     catgtggttg ctgggatttg aactctggac cttcggaaga gcagtcgggt gctcttaccc     27480
     actgagccat ctcaccagcc ctcttgtttt ctttttaaca gtgtctcatt gttttatttg     27540
     ggctggcttt gaacttctgg actcaaatgg tcctctgcct tggatgccta agtagctgac     27600
     actatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatcacatct     27660
     agctaaatta tgtttttctg caataaggat atgacttggt ggcagagtgt ttaccaagca     27720
     tgcctgaggc cctggattca atccccaggg gacacacata tgatgacaac tattatcaca     27780
     ttcttttttc tttattttta tttttgataa tgcctttctt tgtagctcaa gctggcctcc     27840
     aactcacaga tattgaccct cctgcctgca tcctggggat tggggttaaa ggtgtgcacc     27900
     accacacctg gaacatccca gtcctcttaa gacaggattt cactggtggc tcaggctagc     27960
     ctgcaactca ctctgcaatc cagggtggct ttgaacttgc aattctccca tttcagtcct     28020
     cagagtgctg ttattccatg tctgggtcaa caaagcccag ttttaggaaa agaatattta     28080
     tggccaagaa ctgaattttt aaaaaagatt tatttagtta ttttatatga gtacactgtc     28140
     tttgtcttca gacacaccag aagagggcat tggatcccat tacagctagt tgtgagccac     28200
     catgtggttg ctgggaattg aactcaggac ctctggaaga gcagtcagtg ctcttaactg     28260
     ctgaaccatc tttcaccacc accaccccct tttaaataaa gattgaatgc tttaatagat     28320
     ttgatccatt aataaactgg tttctagtct tacatctccc tatatttgat ttatttgttc     28380
     agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg cgcgcgcgcg cgcgtgcatg cgcacatggg     28440
     tctttgtgag tgtatgtgca tcatatttat tcaggagccc atggagcaga agagggtacc     28500
     agatctcctg gaactggagt tacaagcagc tgtgagagct gccatgtggg tgctgaaaac     28560
     cgaacctggg tcctctgcat gagcagcaag tgctcttaac cgctgagcct tgctccaacc     28620
     cttctagtat ttcttacctc acacctcttt gaggcagtgt ttccagacca ttccatccca     28680
     gacaagggaa gagagggtca cagacaaggt gatactagta catattcagc gaacttctgg     28740
     gttaagaggg agggaaaata cttagcagat gaaaaaaaaa aaaagatgaa aatttccatt     28800
     ctggccggac atagtggcgc atggctaaag tcccagtacc acagaagcta atgcaaaagg     28860
     gtgagtctgg gctagtttgg ctccacagga acacccagtc tcaaaacaag gaggaaaaaa     28920
     aaaaaaaacc gccctccttt ctgcctcttc tgggttggtc tctggagttc cttgtgtggc     28980
     aggctgaggt attccaagga tttagaaatg ggagaggcct agaaatatgg ctggccataa     29040
     cactttgtgt ttgggggaag ggggcgttga ggggtgacca accacagggc cagtaatctg     29100
     tgtcagcccc ctcattccaa gaatgggatg gatctcttaa aggcgcccca tgtcccacac     29160
     gcaccctgct ccctccacca atccaggaac agtgtgactc gctagtgacc gactcaagtc     29220
     taaagcagag cgggtcccag gacttgagcg cgggagccaa atggagtcag ggtcattcga     29280
     cagctcctct ctcggctgca ggccggagcg gggtaccatc ctatactctg ggtgctcgct     29340
     cctcctcccg tcccccgcgc acccctgctc tggctcttgg agctcgacag tcttgctggg     29400
     gcgctgcagc cagggagcta cgcgctcacc aagacccgga cggctgcggg agccagggcg     29460
     gcgtctgctt tggtgatacc atgaatggct cggacagcca gggggcggag gactcgagcc     29520
     aggaaggtgg cggcggctgg cagcccgagg cggtcctcgt acccctattt ttcgcgctca     29580
     tcttcctcgt gggcgctgtg ggcaacgcgc tggtgctggc ggtgctgctg cgcggcggcc     29640
     aggcggtcag caccacgaac ctattcatcc tcaacctggg tgtggccgac ctgtgtttca     29700
     tcctgtgctg cgtgcctttc caggccacca tctataccct ggacgattgg gtgtttggct     29760
     cactgctctg caaggccgtt catttcctca tcttcctcac tatgcacgcc agcagcttca     29820
     cgctggccgc tgtctcgctg gacaggtgag tgaacattct gtggtgtctg agaactgggt     29880
     acccaggtag gagcttgcac tggagtcgcc acgcaaggat ccagaaggga tgcgtagtcg     29940
     gggagaacac taaaattaca aagtggcccg aggccgtgaa acgcaagggg aaaggggact     30000
     aagactccgt gactaagagt gtcccttgat taagtcggtc ctcagacctc gaaggctgga     30060
     gaaatcggat ttctggggtc tttacgttat tgttgcttga gctaaaagtc tctcagaaac     30120
     attgcagtac tcagaccaga gttggcttgc aaagtaactt gccagtattc aaatgctaat     30180
     tgagagctgc agagaggcat ttgcttcttg gccccaagct cagcacctgg agcgttgtcc     30240
     ggctttaggc ttaggactga gctgtacttt ggatagaccc atgctgaagt ccaaggcagc     30300
     gggagtgagg gctcctagcg gacgtctaaa gccttccagg ccaaggctcc ccgcccggag     30360
     acgcctgcgg tttgatgttc cttccctagc taaaggaccc agaaagagaa acttccagaa     30420
     tgctctgaag gactcgtgac tggaaaagac actagaaaca ggtcctggga aggatgtcat     30480
     tagttccctg ccccttcgca tcacttggcc cttcccacag tagagcggtg aagagaggcg     30540
     gagatcctca ttctctgctt tccactgagt gcaacatgtg ggttctgagt ccgctggtgg     30600
     gacgcacaaa acttcagctt tcttcaggga tttccttgct ctacccaagt cttctccggg     30660
     ttgtctgtca gagagcctca ggcattagag atctgtctcc ctcggttgtc acaagaggat     30720
     aataatcact gcccccagaa gtcctggcat attctacaac ttttagtttt cggtggtttg     30780
     gggatgccct ttcgcgtggt aggtcagtgg ccacattctc agggttggta atggtctagc     30840
     agtgaattag tgaatccttt cgcttacctg tcgtcgtcgt cccccccgcc ccactgtcca     30900
     ctcaggtatc tggccatccg ctacccgctg cactcccgag agttgcgcac acctcgaaac     30960
     gcgctggcgg ccatcgggct catctggggg ctagcactgc tcttctccgg gccctacctg     31020
     agctactaca gtcagtcgca gctggccaat ctgacggtgt gccacccagc gtggagcgca     31080
     ccacgacgtc gcgccatgga cctctgcact tttgtcttta gctacctgtt gccagtgctg     31140
     gtgctcagcc tgacctatgc gcgcaccctg cactacctct ggcgcacagt tgacccagta     31200
     gctgcaggct caggttccca gcgcgccaag cgcaaggtga cacggatgat cgtcatcgtg     31260
     gcggtactct tctgcctctg ttggatgccc caccacgcgc ttatcctctg cgtgtggttt     31320
     ggtcgctttc cgctcacgcg tgccacttac gccctgcgca tcctttcaca tctagtatct     31380
     tatgccaact cgtgtgtcaa ccccatcgtt tatgctctgg tctccaagca tttccgcaaa     31440
     ggtttccgca aaatctgcgc gggcctgcta cgccgtgccc cgaggagagc ttcaggccga     31500
     gtgtgcatcc tggcgcctgg aaaccatagt ggtggcatgc tggaacctga gtccacagac     31560
     ctgacacagg tgagcgaggc agccgggccc ctcgtccccg cacccgcact tcccaactgc     31620
     acaaccttga gtagaaccct cgatccagcc tgttaaagga ccaaagggca tctaacagct     31680
     tctggacagt gtgaccagac gatacctggg ggtcatgctt ggatcttaca gggttgcagc     31740
     taaagaccga ggattgtagg gaaccttctg ttattaaact gcacagattg cgagagtggt     31800
     gacatagccc ttccatccta gcagctggga agtggaagca ggagcgagca ggaacaaagc     31860
     cagccatcaa gtttgaggag tccttgaact acctgagatc cagtttgagc aaaaataaaa     31920
     aatttaaaag gttcatacca tttcatatgc tgtgatgtgt gtgggacttc tgtcatgaaa     31980
     ccccaaagcc cagggtaaaa cgtctctggg actttacagg gtgagggagg cttctcagtg     32040
     caggggactt agcttgatta ctagaagaca gcagccggaa cagaaagcta gcagctatgg     32100
     gttcagtgat gcctagcatg tggtcaccca gaggtgctag ttgttcatgc atcactaatt     32160
     catcagtcaa ctcatatgat caagacaagc aacacatctg agcgggttga agctgactga     32220
     tggacaacag gaatcacgtg tgtttctgtt tagtctgtcc acgcacaagt tcaggggggc     32280
     tctcattggc agcctgatta gtgaccttgt atttgcctcc ctgcctgcag ctgggcagga     32340
     tcgagtatcc agcatcttaa cttttgcttg gggtcaaaaa gtcaccttcc agcaagttcc     32400
     attccttata cactaactac agtgactgat tcaaagttcc tttggcttgg gtgcaagcta     32460
     atttggcaga acatgagtgt cccaagttgg tctctatcta tccctgagtt cttgagccaa     32520
     ggcactttac agtgtttaag gagtaaaagg gcaaagacat cttcatctca cgtcacggag     32580
     tgggctgact ttggccaaag tcactaaagt gcgcagccta taccccaacc ccaattaggg     32640
     tcatacagaa gagataaagt ggggctaaag agatggctca ggagttaaga gcactggctg     32700
     ctctcccaga ggtcctgagt tcaattccca gcacccacat ggtggctcac aaccatctat     32760
     aaatgggatc tgatgccctc ttctgacaca caccagccat gcacacagaa tacttacaaa     32820
     caagtaaaac ttaagaaaga aaagaaacat ggcttgtctc atagcgcagt gtttaccctg     32880
     tgctggaaat ggagcaggaa aggacatgtg ggcaggtgta gtagctgggg ctggacccta     32940
     agctttgtct ttgggtgttt gtagaacatg ttgggtgttt gggaaaaggc atgcttagtc     33000
     caaggctagt ccttgcacag agcagctgcc tccatccagt ggctcaggcc ccactgaatg     33060
     ggctgagtgc aggttgtagc ccagctcccc agcatcccaa cagctggtag cagagggctc     33120
     aaggttttaa gtgttagagt ttgggtccag tggtaaacct gaccccatcc atcagcctgg     33180
     ccacccagat cccgagaacg gggagtgctg gtgagcatgc aggtgtgtcc gccgtgttta     33240
     aggtggtgaa ttccctggtg atgcaggaag gcacaggatc cagtgccaaa ctggggagag     33300
     ggcagaactc agcctcggct agggcttggg cttccttctg cctatgacag taaccaaccc     33360
     aatctgatgt ccccctcccc gaggacatcc tgcagttcgc agtgtcctct gtgttgatgc     33420
     tatggctggt aagtgcccac ctcggggagg tcagggtgga gtcacactcc aaagcatcgg     33480
     ccttcatcag catactaagt ttaagcacac atatatgtgg aagaccaggc ctcactggag     33540
     tcctggtgga actggcaaaa ctggggacct ctcttgtccc agcacaataa tagcctgggc     33600
     tctgaccacg atgcttctcc ctgaaggcta tgggtggacc aggatggcca tgtggagcta     33660
     accagagacc aacggcaact ttgagcttct ccatttccca gggaccacag tgactgcagt     33720
     ctcggtttct accctttcag caacacagat cctggagtgg gagactgggt gggacgtcag     33780
     aaaggaggct ggtctccagt ccagtctggc acagggctct gtggtctatg agactgtatc     33840
     ctcccctcta gaccatcgca gtcttatggc agctgaatgg cacagagcca cacagattgt     33900
     ccgtctccca gcaagtgagt gcatctccag ttcccctagg aggatcttca cagttctcca     33960
     gttcacagct acagctgtca cagccactcc acagcagctg gctcctgtca cttcagtctt     34020
     ttctcctcag agcgaccgct ctccatagcc aaggcaggct acagtgcctg ggccaggagt     34080
     gctcgaccca gaggctcatc cccaaaggca gctgaagagg cagccaccca gtcatatgca     34140
     taaacccacc agatgctaaa ttggcaaagc gctcccagga agcccacagc tgctgcccca     34200
     tggaccctaa tgtttctaga gtgaaatgtg gacggagatg atctgtggtc acttccctgc     34260
     cacgaggcac tgccaagcgc atttatttcc acaaggaaaa ttcatctggg aatctaaggc     34320
     ccgtctttaa ctggaggcca tctgatgtgc tctagaagcc agggaacccg tggatgagct     34380
     ccctcccctc ctgcctgccc ccagaggcct tcagaatccc acagcttctg tgggctccag     34440
     tctctctcgt cataggtcac ccccccccct ttttttttgc atcccatccc ttttagtgat     34500
     ggagctgatg gagactcagg tccacggggt agactcttga gattgtgtca agagagaaaa     34560
     cacagttcat gatttgaaag ctcaggtccc accccagccc tgcctccaga tggtatacat     34620
     gcagaggccc tgtgctctcc ctgcctccag atggtataca cccagaggcc ctgtgctctc     34680
     cctgcctcca gatggtatac acccagaggc cctgtgctct ccctgcctcc agatggtata     34740
     cacccagagg ccttgtgccc tccctgcctc cagatggtac acacgcagag gccctgtgct     34800
     ctccctgcct ctagatggta tacacgcaga ggccctgtgc tctccctgcc tccagatggt     34860
     atacacgcag aggccctgtg ctctccctgc ctctagatgg tatacacgca gaggccctgt     34920
     gctctccctg cctccagatg gtatacaccc agaggccctg tgctctccct gcctccagat     34980
     ggtatacacc cagaggccct gtgctctccc tgcctctaga tggtatacac gcagaggccc     35040
     tgtgctctcc ctgcctccag atggtataca cccagaggcc ctgtgctctc cctgcctcca     35100
     gatggtatac acccagaggc cctgtgctct ccctgcctct agatggtata cacgcagagg     35160
     ccctgtgctc tccctgcctc cagatggtat acacgcagag gccctgtgcc ctccctgcct     35220
     ccagatggta tacacctaga ggccctgtgc tctccctgcc tccagatggt atacacccag     35280
     aggccctgtg ccctccctgc tgtctgatcc ctccccactc caggaaatgc cttttttctt     35340
     ccagctgaac cagaacacaa agccatcctg gcgctgctgg gtcccaggaa ggcactgctg     35400
     ttagttgatg tgtgtgaggg tcgctgtccc tccaaaccac tgagtgtgtt gcctacaaag     35460
     tggcagtgct gcccgggttc cttgtcttcc actcctcccc ctgcaggctc tgctcagtaa     35520
     agctccctca actccctgcc agggctctgc agcgaggccc aggctgcttc cttagcagct     35580
     actgcttttc cacagcacca tggttgctgt ccacatacag ccttagagac aagggcagcc     35640
     ccaaacctgt gccctgaggt gaactgagtg atcaagagaa cccaggacct aatatggaaa     35700
     gtaggcaaag cctaaggatc attgcggtgg aggaccatga ggctcgaggc atggagagat     35760
     ttaacagagc agggtgacaa gctgtgcgcg cacccacagc ggccaggctt gaatggccgg     35820
     gcctgctgta ctgacgatgg ctccagctgg tgccccactc tgtcctacat ctgaggtagg     35880
     ggcagctttc gagtatggca gatccatccc tctaaaggcc tccatggcac ctgggagaag     35940
     tccctgccag gcaaagccct ctaagagggg gtttccacca ccagaggaag cttgggacgg     36000
     gccagaccca acctttaatt agctgagatc tgaagaaagg aggctctgga gcaagaattt     36060
     ctgcctttga ccactctgtc tggaagaaca ttctggagca gccaagaaca gcccctctcc     36120
     ctgacagcag ctcctggagg aggggccgct gaccacacct tccctctcat gggtgtggct     36180
     catgtctgac ccagcccctg gcagggtgtg tgtgcatggt ggacagcctg gtctgtaaca     36240
     gagtgggcct agggatatag acttaagggt gcagtgtagg tcctacagct aggtgagggt     36300
     tacaacagtg tctcagagag acatgtcagc tccactctct aacaggaggc tctcccctcc     36360
     cctctgtgta gataagaaga accaaccatc tcccaagtgc atggtaaggg ctgcccttgg     36420
     aacacagccg ttcccggccg tcctggcagt aggggccaac tttacatttg tgaccctccg     36480
     gtttgaccct gggttgttct gctttgcccc ctagttcccc gtccctcaca ctctcagcct     36540
     aagccactca accactggtg catggcccag gccggcgagt acagaagctg gggaccagga     36600
     aacaggtggc tgagcggctg tccccagagg gtggctcaga attcctccaa acactttctg     36660
     aagcgcctag ctccacagga accagagaca gagcagtcct gcctcctgac agctagcgga     36720
     cccccaggtg tcagagcatt ccagagctca gcatccggac aatgcccttc ctaagagagt     36780
     gtggcctggc ggcctttcct ttaggtctgt tggctgtgat gtggcctatt tctctttgag     36840
     cccattcaca tccatgggtg aagggatgaa agcagaccag ggtgaagcct gccatcctat     36900
     tcttggtatc cacatggctg ctggccagat gcactccatc atggagaccc aaggcgtgac     36960
     aggacctaca ctctgggtga cgctggtgtg cagatgaagg ctgcagggaa ggcgcagaca     37020
     ccaggactat ctgggggtgg ggctcctggt ttgggcacac aggtctctgt tccgaaggac     37080
     ttcacactca cccggctcgg aagtgagtta ccactggttt atgagtccaa tgacatgcta     37140
     ggcatgccgg cagaactggg cagaaacact ggcagactca agcagaggtg tcgaaaaggc     37200
     gatcgatcat gtctcccacc tgctccacgc ggtacttaat gtatttctcc gggtttttgg     37260
     tgaagggcac gctgccatac ctgaccaggc accatgatga gaggtcaggg gagggtcatc     37320
     tccatcctca acctagaaca cctctgccag gcgctaagat ggcgtgggcg ggtggggcgg     37380
     gcctgagtaa aagtcccaaa gcccagggac gtgctgtcta ccccacgact cccccacgac     37440
     cccttgtgtt tccctaagaa agagcacgtg ggccaccggg aaagtgatcg gcgaagggcc     37500
     cgggaggaga tgggctcacc tgtgcagaaa ggccccgtag gtctccttga caatgtcttt     37560
     ctgagcctgt cgaatcttgt ctctctgctc tgtgtctgga atagcccaga ccttctgaat     37620
     cttgcacagc tcttcgagtc catcattgaa cccctggcca ccacacaggt aggaaggagg     37680
     gaccaagaga caaagttaag gctgggtatg gtggtgcaca cctttaatcc cagtttaatc     37740
     ccagcactca gccggcagag gcaggcagac agatctctgt gagttcgagg ccagcctggt     37800
     ctacaaagcg agttccagga tagccagggc tacacaaaga aaccctgtct caaaaaaacc     37860
     caaaccaaac aaaaatcgat aaaagctttg tgcctctgtt gccatcgctg cggccaccat     37920
     ccatgcaggg aggacctgac tcaccttgaa acgttcctta atcatctgcc gctctttgtc     37980
     ccggagctgg agatccagag gggagaagaa ggcagcagag aaagctttgc tcagagcaga     38040
     gctactctgc cctctcctgc cccaagcact gtgccccgcc ctctcctgct gtcctcatgg     38100
     cctcgaacat ctctgttgca gagaggtgct tgtctgtctt tcctaagata caagtatccc     38160
     atctgcttga tacccattcc tggaacaagc ctggccttta ccttgactcc aggctggaac     38220
     acaggtaggt tcttctctgc gatgtagtca gtcaccttta gccagctgcc agacaacagg     38280
     gggagaggac agagaggggc agcttcagac aactgcgtct ttcctaaagt ctgcttgctt     38340
     tgcttttcaa agctctcaat ctaccgaacg aacgaacgaa cgaacgaacg aacgaacgaa     38400
     cgaacgaata aacgaacgtg ggggcagcag ggattatctg ggtcaagagt aagcaaaaca     38460
     gcagagatgc tctccttggg aacaggcagt gtttaagctg ctcgctgtga caattaagaa     38520
     caggaagcag aaggcgctca atacactgaa caaatgctgt cgaccgcagc tcacatcaat     38580
     attgtggcaa attaagatag agaaacagat ggggaaagag gccagataaa caggaaggaa     38640
     gcgggaggcg ctcagaaaga aacaggccgg gggcactaga ggaccagaga agtagccaga     38700
     acctttccaa gctcaagggc tctcatgacc ctactgttct ccagggctaa acactgttca     38760
     catctctgac agctcgctct tcagctatct tagccaggac acttggcaca gctctctgca     38820
     gaggctctgt ggtccctcgg gagcagctcc caaagggagg ctggggtggg gggtggggct     38880
     ggacagagct tctctctcct cacccatgaa ttagagaaaa gaaaaatgtt aggggctcaa     38940
     ctcgatggca cacactatac tcagcctcta gaaggctctg gctttgagcc ctactctaaa     39000
     aacaaactcc aaggagagca acaacagatg ggaacagggt taccacctgg aatgtcaggc     39060
     cttcgctggg ggcctcactc tatggggggc tgagaaggaa gggcatggcc tcaggatgct     39120
     gctggccgct tacctgcgct ggtaggtctg gatctgctgc tcgatgtgct cccggtagga     39180
     gcgctcggca gtcttctggg ttacagccac cagctggatc agctcagacc tggggggaag     39240
     gcagaagaga aagaaagagg ggcctggcca tctttggcct tgcaatagca ccagaaagga     39300
     ggcctcctgt gccaagcctt cctgagctct aaagtaggtg cagaacaaag agagaaactg     39360
     aacacccagt cctaggagac tgtagggtgc atccagccct ggagggcagc ggctggcacg     39420
     agtgcccagc ggagccaagg tcacttactt ctccagggac ttgaggatgt aattgtagtt     39480
     gttgtgtagg aagatggcgc tcagcgctgg atcctcgtac accttggact tgcttagtaa     39540
     gttcagctgc aggttaccca agactttgcc tgtacagaaa gatggggcta catccaccaa     39600
     aagtgtctga tccaaatgac ctgactgtaa aagtatcttt tattcagctc catgtaattg     39660
     tcatctcaga ggctcactgc ccctgtctgc taacctgggc ctaggtctgg aagcttctag     39720
     cctccataca atctaatcta agcttaaaat gttttccgtc tctgagactt accgctgagt     39780
     aatctcaccc ttcttagttc tctctgagct ctggttggcc actcaactca gctctcctgg     39840
     ctcaaactct actccgagct gactgactca atctggcttc tctgggcttc tcctgaattg     39900
     ccctgcttgg cctcaaccaa ctctagcaat ctgttctaat cttcaggctc cttctcattc     39960
     tctggctccg tctatcttta cctgtgtctg gcttattctc tctctatcac tgtcctggta     40020
     aaactgcctc ttccttcttt ctgtctacga ttctctctct taagtagcct cctcttcctt     40080
     tctcttctcg tgagagttgg gcatatcctt ttctgtcaaa tctttgtctg atttgtcact     40140
     ttgtctgcca ctcaattaga catcactttc aaacatgggt gcttccttct acaaactaac     40200
     tttactctca ttgtttagga ttaaaggtgt gtactaagca ctgagccaga ccacaattag     40260
     aaacagggtt ttccagtaaa taacacaatc taggggttca cagtgtgatc aaatatcctg     40320
     cgaccccgga cttccaggga cggctaacca gttcctgaca actgttgctt gttcttctga     40380
     ctaccaggcc tctgaagctc ttctcaaagc cctggctcct gaaccggaac tagccaggaa     40440
     gggaccagga agagatggac agcacggaga caagggaggg agctggccgg gggtcggggg     40500
     acaggggact cacagatgta ggtgctcagc agccgcttgc tgaactcgga gctgtagctg     40560
     gtggccgaag agctggtttc tgagagaagg tgtaccgtta ctatggtggc aatggccaag     40620
     accctcgatg gcccttacca caccccaggg gcagaggagg aaatctcggg acagtccctg     40680
     ggcctcatgg gacaggcagg actcaagtga gagctcaagc agagatagat gggcacctgc     40740
     ggagcctcag ggagcaatgc ttttagactc tttctgcatc ccggtcgggc tgccctctac     40800
     agtaacgggt taaggaacca gcccgtgata gcaggtaggc agttaggaga ggtgccgggt     40860
     actaactcct tcccaacctg gtttccatac atgatggaga gtatcttgcc aacagcaagg     40920
     tctctggata gggtcaccca gtcagtcttt ccaccttctc ctcacaaacc cctgctacac     40980
     tgccaccccc agcacaggaa cctgctgata tggaacagaa ggcagagggg cggggctggg     41040
     ctaatcaggg gttgttccta gggcgctgga cccatcaggg tacagcctgg ataggctcag     41100
     aggcagaagg tagcaatgaa gggagccagg ggaggtgagg gcatccttaa ggaactcagt     41160
     ccctctgccc ctctgccccg ccccagtggg tcctgagggc tggtcccctg ggaacctcac     41220
     ccaccgggtt ttggagggga ggatggggct ggggagtcgc accgcttacc tcgggggtct     41280
     aaaggaatat tgtatgtgtc cccaagaact acggagtgac aggcagtgca cacagagagg     41340
     gaggagggaa atagaggagg ggaaagatgc aaagtgcaaa aaacaggtta gaaatggccg     41400
     ggccacccca agccaagcag accctcccca gagcagagca gccagacagg gacggcagtg     41460
     cacaccaagc tgaactacct caagacctga aacccggcaa agtgcagccc aggacagctg     41520
     gcagctcttg gcttcttgtc cccaaaataa aagcagaggg gcgggtgggc ggggccgggg     41580
     acctcagtgc ttggaatgac ccagaagagc actcttattt atgcgccaac cccacagttt     41640
     ccagcctcac caaggggcag tgaggagata gagtgacagt aggcagacag cacgggacaa     41700
     gcagagaagt atggaggcgg ggcagggcgg ggcgagcacc gacagccaaa ggagcaagtg     41760
     cagggttagg gctcataaga actctaacaa acccggccct ccctcctcat gttcatcccc     41820
     acaaagttca tggggcttag agtcccccca ccccaggctg gagacctctc accacaccct     41880
     gccctcaccc agagcaagtc agtgcctcct aggggcctaa gtccatgtcc ctaggcagga     41940
     ggggacagca gctcagtgtg gtgtaccttg ggaggccagc atggcacctg ctgtctcctg     42000
     gaagtccaga agctgctgta ggaacaggat ggcctggtgg agaaacacac aggagggtca     42060
     gggcagccat tgcttcccac acgtaccctt tccggccaac aggggaaatc ttgtagcagg     42120
     ggtctgcaca gtgacaagaa caactggcaa tttcaggtgt tgtccctgga cccgcctgag     42180
     aagctagccc ttcgtcacca atgcctgctc atggaggcca ggagccctgg gctggcagag     42240
     tccccactgt tgctgtatcc cccagagcct gagctggggg gcttgcccat acgctgacaa     42300
     agccagctct ccctcctcat gttcattcct acaaagtcca tagtgctccc ggtcccccac     42360
     ccccacccca ggcagagtcc agcagactga gtaacaccta cattgcttgt gagctcatga     42420
     acagtgccgt ctttaggcat gttgtattcc ttgtctggat cattctgtag gaaaacaaac     42480
     aaaacagcct ctggttcctg gaaagggctc tgaccagttg tttcttggtt cactctgagc     42540
     cctaatcagc ctgctcatgg cgccatctac tggcacatgg gaagaaacca aagcgctcta     42600
     agggtctccc caggaaatcg gcactgcagg caccattctg agagcaaacc tggctctcct     42660
     gaaggtctgc tctctgagga gtccccagag ctcagggagc aagctgggct ggtgaaggga     42720
     aagggatttc gggcaccttg atgttatcag caaagtcttc tagagctttg gccccaatgg     42780
     tctccatgga ggtgatgagg ccgggcagct tgttcttggt gctggctgct gtgccctgag     42840
     gaaggacatg gctgacacag tcatcagaag tgcggagcac tgccctctcc agcaagcccc     42900
     gagtgtaact ccttctaggt ccttcccaac cctcagcaga gaccgacttc agcaggtgga     42960
     gattaaccac agctcttctg ttaccttggg agcatcttga cttgtccaaa gccccttggg     43020
     agccactcat aagagctgtg ggtgagcacg gaatggtttc ccagaaggga gtaaagggac     43080
     gctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tctatctgtg tgtgtctatc tgtgtgtgtc tatctgtgtg     43140
     tgtctaacag acctcccggc tcacacacct ggagcacctg gtcaaactcg ggcttggtct     43200
     gcttgaggtg ccgcaggatg gggaagacgg tgagcactgt ggagaagtca tggcggatga     43260
     tggctttcct ggcagcagac acgatgttct ccccttcaag catcagcccg tccagggcat     43320
     cctagaagag ggacagggac ggagttggtt cctagggaca gtgggccact ttgcggggca     43380
     tgaaggaaag ccagaatgct gtgaaggatc ggggagggaa ccacaccaag tagagttgag     43440
     ggcttagggc gacaacaggc tgccccaccc tctagaccct gcagtaacag ctacatgggg     43500
     cagtgctcag agcagcgtgg cgggagggag gggtagacct gtatcaagga gtcaaaggtt     43560
     ttcttctggt gatgctcagg gatgatctcc atcagcagcc ggtattcact ctgcgccagc     43620
     ttgacgaagg cactgacgca gtgaatgtag gcgtccgtct ccacgtccag catgtcgtct     43680
     ctccctaggg ggacagcagt gaccctgagt ggctgttctg ggaggaacca ctcaccctac     43740
     tggggtacga gtctccccag ctcctgggct gagcccagac agcagcacag ggaagaggag     43800
     gcctacgatg atgggaagcc gtaagagctg tgctggcaga cctgggagat caggtgctga     43860
     gtccaaaccg tgtcctggca ccgttttcag ctcagcacag gcagcattta tgtccccaga     43920
     tcaaacacta gaggtggtgg gagaaagcgc caagggagga aagttcctaa actgacttcc     43980
     tggatgaggt tgtctgaccc ggtgtgagga ttctgaatgg cttgaaagag ggcagtctag     44040
     gataggcagg tggcagtgtc cattttaaga agggagtcac tgtggtcctc cgctgggggg     44100
     tgggggttcc tatgaaggtc attgccaact tcatcaagcc ctgtaagtgt aagggagtgt     44160
     gggcgatggc ctatgaggcc ggctggcgtg tgtgtaaagg acagctgatt ctagaagaat     44220
     gagctggcca agtgagacgt acaactatga tcccagcact caactggctg ggctacagtg     44280
     tgactacaga gttcaaggcc agcttggagt acacagtgag gctacctcaa caaaagagaa     44340
     caatctgaga agacataagt ggttctcagt gtctctgtgt cgagctgccc caggaggaga     44400
     tgcaagcatg ccaggacaga acagtctggt tttatgtggc atggacaggc tccaagaagt     44460
     gggagatcca ggttccttga cctcggagga gccacctgcc ctcctgcctg cctgcaagct     44520
     caagctgcag ctgctgctct ggccaggccc caggagccaa gcatgtgttc ccagctcaca     44580
     agaggcaagg agacctgggc ccaaaggagc ctgcagaggg agcgaggcca caggccaggc     44640
     tcatccttag agtagagcag gtcatcctgg gaactgcttc gaaggcagtg tctggctcgc     44700
     ctggggctgg gctacggtac tcaccagcca gtggcccgcg cttgtcgttc agggcctccg     44760
     acaggtgctt aactcggaaa tcatgctcgt gacctagcaa gacgttggcc gcacaaacac     44820
     aagcagcatt tatccagggg ccaggcagct gccccttggg tccggggaag aagcccttaa     44880
     tctccaggag cggagcgtga agtggggtta gggagggggc actgaggagg gctctgagcc     44940
     cctccaccac ctcaaagctc actgggaaca gccgtttcaa gcctgattct cagggagtct     45000
     caggaccatg cctgcctgtg tgtttcctga ccaagggaga ccaggagaag gtgcatggcc     45060
     ccagggtgac agagtgaaag tgtcactgct gagggagtga ggacagcctt ctttgtaagg     45120
     ggctgggtcc accagtcagc agatctggct gtccctctct tgacaggaga ggagggactc     45180
     gttcctcagg cagcctgtcc ccttggctac ctgaagtact ctttctacag aggcaaggag     45240
     ccagaaggcc ctggccaact tggtcctgcc ctgctgatct gggcgtgaaa gggctgcccc     45300
     acgacagtgt tctctgagtt gacacaggac acaaggacag ggacagggag aaggagcctt     45360
     aggaagggca gagccaggca ggatcagacc agggacatga aacttgtcct cgggcctgct     45420
     gaggcctgag gggtatcagg ggtgtctgcc actcccaccc agccccgtag gatctgtccc     45480
     acggccctcc tgggggaggc tctgccctgc ctgatgagtg agcgacagac acacagtgga     45540
     agagggggga gcacagggtg attaccttcc agaggaatga ggttagagcc cccctttttc     45600
     ccatctagac catgctggga atactgtttc agaaggttct gagccttacg gatcgtccct     45660
     gtcaccagag ccacacagag aggagagagg aagacctagg gagtgagtga gagagaacag     45720
     cagcggccct ccacctgccc cgcccgcccg tgcccaccct cgctcgcccg cccgcccacc     45780
     caacatcgag catgcccctt aacgcctctg ccagcaggct ctgccagggc caccagacac     45840
     ccttgaggat ggacagaaga aaaggtattc aaacaaccca gagctctaca ctgtccctca     45900
     ggtctggatc tgagtcactt taagcgggac agaaggtgat gcacaaaaac caaccaggaa     45960
     gagcagaaag ttctcctgag tgctactgaa tggcaggcac acttgacgga gcaggcgggg     46020
     gagctaagag aaagctctca cactgaaggg ggttcaacct gggggttccc tggaaaccag     46080
     cctagactcc aggctgggtt ccctgagcat gctcagtgtt gggacataag ccaaacatca     46140
     gtggagggca ggcagcccct cggggttgga agggaagctt cctggggagc tgtaaccaag     46200
     atggaagtcc gacacccaga ggcagaggct cccacaccct ggaaggaatg gtaacaagct     46260
     ggaaagctag ggaggggcca acaggagtca ccacctgcaa agctagccac agtaaagaca     46320
     acatgctctt gccatgggga aaaaagaacc gttagtatca caggtgagta cagatgacat     46380
     cctggcagcc ggccttccgg acagccagtt cccgctgtga gacatcttgg agcccacaac     46440
     gtggggacat aagcagcatt tcagccacag ggcagctttg agttagtaaa acgtactgaa     46500
     gaggtgcgtc atccgggagc ttaaccgcac cgctttccag gagactccca ccaccatacc     46560
     caaccccagc aaggctcctg tccccatagt acccagcagg cgaggggtgg gatgggcttc     46620
     agcgggctca tctctctttg taccacactg gaattagctg ctgggaactc tggcaagcca     46680
     gctcacatct gcttccctcc atgtcccctc ttctgtgaac accttagtaa tgagtcaatc     46740
     agactcctgc tgctgacaac ctacccagga gcagatgggt tgtaggctca cctggaacct     46800
     aaccagcaca ctggctggaa ggcatgggca tgctggcctg gcagcaacca aggccatcgg     46860
     gtacacaatt ataagggcgg atgctgggtt cagtgcctca tcaccaacgg ggccgtcctc     46920
     agagcagaac agatgtccca agagcctgat tccgtcatcc tcacctcagt tttaaaccca     46980
     ctccctcctg ccaactccta aaaccctaca aaatgacagg cacctcagcc aaggtgcttt     47040
     acatctctac agcaaggaca gattaagttc ctggtgagct ttcagatcgc tcctcctgaa     47100
     aggcttggtc ctgcagggtc agtggagact ggggaggggc aaagagcctt ctggagcctc     47160
     cagtgggctg gtcaaggacc aagaagaaga gagcagagag cagctgaggc cctgcagcct     47220
     catgaacaca gctcctcccc acacaaggaa ggtacagagg tggactggcc aggcagatat     47280
     agcccagcag ggagggttag tagagtcact gttctctagt gaggaatcca ggacactctc     47340
     tgaaggacag aagacaatgc aattcctgct gaagccacca agccctgaag gcagcctccc     47400
     tgggtcattt ctccaaacct taaacaaaag gcctgtggtg cagtaggtga cttggctgct     47460
     ctcttatggg cctgggtggg ttgggactgg aaaaggaggg tgtgagccct gctcaagacc     47520
     tgttgctagc agagtgtgtc ccctaggcta gcagagtgtg tcccctaggg taacagagtg     47580
     tgccccctag gctagcagag tgtgccccct aggctagcag agtgtatccc ctaggctagc     47640
     agagtgtgtc ccctaagcta gcagagtgtg cccccgaggc tagcagagtg tgtcccctag     47700
     gcgtgcctga gcagcagctg gcagcccact gcctttctct cctggcgcta ctgcagtaac     47760
     ctagagtatc ctgtctctcc tgaggcaaag gactgccagg ctgacagact ggatgtgagg     47820
     tgaggagggg tggatgacgg ctgctcctag cacactgcag tcttgctgcc cacagtgccc     47880
     acctctcagc cttgttgaag cttatgctgc tctggcttcc ggaaggctag agtgcctgct     47940
     gtttctcacc cagtggtaac acacatcgag gacaggagat ctagggaggc tctgacctat     48000
     ggcctctgcc accttgcctc agagacaatt gagcatacaa gtggccctgc ccctcccatc     48060
     cccagctgct ggctggaaga acctctccac ggggccttgc tgggcagggg acatttgctc     48120
     tctctcctgg gtccctgaga gtgggacaca gtttacaggc atgaactcca gaaggctcac     48180
     cccagagtgg accaagccga cccagactgc agagatccct ggatctgcta gttacttagc     48240
     cggtcaaggt gggcgctcac ctggccgctt gatgggcttc ttggtgggcg tgtctttcct     48300
     cttattgggg atggcggggg agtagggaac cccagaagag gaactgcttt tgcgaaaatg     48360
     ctccttcaga cccttgatgg agcggtccag ctggctggag cggatctggt agtagacatt     48420
     catgaagtct ggagagatag tgaggaaggt agaccatcag ggcaccaggt tggggggttc     48480
     aaagccaggt cttcctgtgt gcccggcaag cactcttcca cagagctaga cctcccaacc     48540
     taccaactca tactttatca actccaattc tgttctgcat tttgtttttg ttattgagtg     48600
     ctgagttctg ttgttgttct atgtacaggg tgtgaggcat atttataggt gtgtgttgtt     48660
     tacagacaac ctgagttcaa ctccagtaca caagcaccta taattcctgt tccaggatat     48720
     gagagactct atctctcatc tggcctcttt gggcaggtgc ctgcatgtga catgtactcc     48780
     atatatccac acagacacac aacatacgtg taaatgaaag gaaaataaat ctaaaacaaa     48840
     aatcaaaaaa caaaggcaac atccagattt aactttgtca aaagcggtgg tgagccatgg     48900
     ctgagagtga acacgcctga gcccaggact cgggaggtga gggcatcatc tatgagtccg     48960
     tggctagcct ggtttacaca cagagttcta ggacaaccag agcttgatag tgacatcctg     49020
     tctttaaaaa gagaaaaagg gttggggtgt gggagggaag aagagctgcc gttcttctga     49080
     cagagggagc cccctcacct tggttccgac catattccac cagccagcgg gagatgcgga     49140
     ccacgtctct gagcacgctc tcgggcaggt gctccaggac cacgtcctcc tgcacctcca     49200
     gctcgtcgtc agcactgatg aggtccagga ggagcacggg ggagaccacc ttgctgtgcc     49260
     gggtcatcag actgcggaac tccgactcca gggactcctt ccctcgctca aacagcagct     49320
     tctgcgagga caggaggagg caggttgctg atgcagaggg ggttctgggg cccctcgtcc     49380
     tctcctgccc tcgggcctcc acgggccaca gcagctcctc ccttatccca cagaggaaac     49440
     gttgggacgc cggacttggt cacttctttc ccttctgctt ctcacgactg atggtcattc     49500
     taagtgtggt agtgcgcacc ctgactccta caactcaaga agcagaggca ggtgggtctc     49560
     tgagtttgag acctgccatg acaacacagt gaggccctgc ccccaaaaca aacaaacaaa     49620
     caaaaaaaca cgtgatgctc gcaggccaga cttggcttaa caagcattat tgattttttt     49680
     tctttcattg tcactgttaa tttgtgtgct tgtcagaaac aaatctgaaa aagaaaaaag     49740
     taggtaagtt gatgtactgg ctagttttat gtcaacttga cacaagctaa agtcatctga     49800
     gaggaaggaa cttccattga aaaaatgcct ccttaagatc cagctgtagg gtattttctt     49860
     aactagtgat tcattgatgg cagaggtccc agtccactgt gggtagagcc atcccatccc     49920
     ctgggctgga ggtcctgggt tctataagag agcaggctga gcaagccatg ggagcaagtc     49980
     agtaagcagc atccctccag ggcctctgca tcagttcctg cctccaggtt cctgccctgt     50040
     ttgagttcct gtctcgacct ccttcaaaga tggatagtga tgtgaaagtg tacacaaata     50100
     aacccttttc tccctaactt gctttggtca ccgtgtttca tcacagcaat agaaaccctg     50160
     actaagttgg attattgcaa gttagtgtca agtgttatca acaagaaagt gaaaaaaaaa     50220
     aaaaaaagac tgagaaaata tttacgaatc atgcctggag aacacagaca aagattcata     50280
     cagcagtgct cacgatgggc aagaagcaga aacaacccaa gagatcaaca tgtggtaaat     50340
     ggctggacac gtatgaaata gcaggtcaat ggttctgtgg gtgcggtgtc tgctgccatg     50400
     cctgaggtac tgagtttgat ctcagagaat gactgccaca gggaaggaga ggggtaagcc     50460
     ctgtaagttg tccttagcgc acatgtgtgc ccacaacaca aatggaacga atgattaact     50520
     tttcctttta tttaattttt taaaatttta tttattttta ttttatgtgc attagtgttt     50580
     cgcctgaatg tatgtctgtg tgcgggtgtc agatcttgaa gtgacagaca gttgtgagct     50640
     gccatatggt gctgggattt ggcccagggt cctctggaag agagagtcac tgctcttaac     50700
     cactgagtca tctctccaga ctgaataaat catttcttaa tgtggtatat ctgtattatt     50760
     tggttataag aaggtattta gtcctgtact gatatagtat gatgcgaatc aatgaacctt     50820
     aaaaacacta tgctgcccaa ggtggtggtg cacgccttca atctcagcgc tcagaatgct     50880
     ctcaggtgac tctgagagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca gagcaagtcc cagcactgac     50940
     agaactatac agagaaaccc tgtcttttgg ggaggtggtg agggttctaa ggcgaggttt     51000
     ctctgtgtac ccctggctgt ctaaagcagc ctcagactca agaggtccac gtgcctctgc     51060
     ctcccacaag ctggaagaaa ccctgtcttg aaaagtacag gcaaaactcc aaaatacaaa     51120
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agattatgct aaaacaaaga agccaaggcc taggaacaca     51180
     ggccagtttg gtaatctttt tgccacgcaa gcatgaaaag ctatgttctc ttcccagaac     51240
     ccacatcaaa agccagccat gaggctggat gtggcggcaa acacctttaa tgccagcact     51300
     agagaagaga tagagctgga cagatttcta catgggacta gtctccaaag tcaaaaccag     51360
     aaaactgtgt gcacacatgt gctatggcat atgtggaaat caaaggatga tttatgggtg     51420
     gtgagtgttt ttaatccttg ctcaggggtc gtgaaggcag gtagatcctt gggactcagt     51480
     agctagctgg cctagcctaa ccagtgagcc acaggtccct ataagagagc ctgtctcaaa     51540
     gagcaaggtg tcgttaccga ggaacaattc atcaggctaa cttctggcct tcacatacgc     51600
     atgcctatat gtatatacac tatatacaca cacgcacatg cgcgcgcgca cgcacacaca     51660
     cacagcctgt ataaagagaa ccaatgtaga aggacgttta gatgctggaa ggaaggcagg     51720
     gttggcacgc ggtgtcagat gggtgcagag cttgagttcg ggaagatgag aggttctgga     51780
     gatgacaggg actgctggga aaactgtgag tgcgtccatg acacccaact ccgactcaca     51840
     caaagggtca cagtgaggac aactgctgtt ttggttttgg ttttcaagcc ctttctggcc     51900
     tgaaatacga tatgtggctc agcttggcct cgcatttgca gccatcctcc tgcctctgcc     51960
     tctcaagtat caagagtgca ggtcttgcct gccatcacgc ctggctgaga tggttgattt     52020
     tatacaattt atgtgtttgt tttgctttac agctttgaga caggttttgc tatgtagctc     52080
     tggccatcct ggaactcact atgtaggcca atctggactt gctgcaatcc tcctgcctca     52140
     cctcctaagt cctagaatta caggcgtgag tccccatgcc tagctaggta caggacgtat     52200
     tttttaccat agtgaagaaa cctccaatcc atatatagaa atcaaatgct aaacttacac     52260
     ttgaaatagt atgatggaaa attatatcac tcagtcccca ggcacaggac ctaacacgta     52320
     cattgtgact gctatgtatc ttcctctttt atccgtttgc ttaacatttg agacatggtg     52380
     tcactacata acccaggcta gtctggaata ccacatatcc caggctggct tcaaactcac     52440
     aagttctagg cctgggccac cacacctggc ttctacagac ttccttaaac tgtcacatgt     52500
     ccctcatgag accgagacag ggactgatgt ccatctgtcc gtcgtctcac gctaacctat     52560
     acgtttctta ccactttgtt gagttctggg ctgtctgggc tattgtcctg aaaatactcc     52620
     acagccttct ggattttggc catacttccc aggtactctt ccagcctacc tgtggggctg     52680
     ggaaagagaa aagctggctt agccttggag ggcagggata acatagacag actatggcca     52740
     cggtctgcgg gagaagaaga gaacgcagat aaggggctcc acgctcacat gggttttact     52800
     tggctccatg ggtccaggag acattagtta tgtgagcaga gctctgcatg gaactcaccc     52860
     ctctcggatg atcttctccg tgtcgctggc tacgtggtag tagctgataa cgtggtccag     52920
     gcaggataac gtcttctcca cgttctcctg cagcctctgt aggttctctg tctgcttgtg     52980
     cacagggatg atagagttct ccagcttcat gagtcggctc tcaaaggacg acaggatgga     53040
     cacctgtggg ggggaactcc tctggctcat ggctcccagg gctgtcctgg aaatactcac     53100
     agacatttct tgtcttttct tggttttcta gacgatacac tgctacccat aggaaggaac     53160
     atagtcgact tgtttgctac aactgcactc ctagtctggt acacggctca ccataaactg     53220
     gttgaaagtt catctgacgg caagaggaac attaagcgaa ttcttccttc aaggagctgg     53280
     agagatgact ctgctcttgc agaggactgg tactgagttc tcagcacgca catctgccag     53340
     cttacaactg actgcctgta actccaattc cacaggatat gacagcctct tctgacctct     53400
     gcaggcactg ctcatttgtg ggacacatac acacatgcaa acactcatgc acataaaata     53460
     aatttgctta tttgcaaaaa gagataatca ggctggagag ccagctcagc agttaagaac     53520
     actggctgct cttcggaagt cctgagttca attcccagca ccacatagcg gctcaaccac     53580
     aaccatctat aatgagatct agtgccctct tctggcatat ggccatacat acaaccagaa     53640
     cactatacat aataaatttt ttttttcaat cacctcagga tagattcctt tctacccttg     53700
     aaagtcaaat ctcaatttct gttctctctg aagttttcct agactgaaca gaaagtagct     53760
     tcctccaaaa tagttgcaaa tatattactg ttacctcaaa caaacagcca acctctttcc     53820
     ctaagggcaa atctcattca acaagtattt tattactgtg taaatacaaa tgcaagcact     53880
     tttaaagcat cttactgtat accagacact gggaagcatg catagacttc ctccacggac     53940
     acactgggag gctgacattg tctgctttac caggtaaatt aaccataact caaggcctac     54000
     caccaggaac cacatagtaa gctgtaggac attgggtaga tctaagacgc attaactctc     54060
     tgagatggtt ttgcttccaa agcccctgtg acttcgctgc ctcgcctcgc ttgaatttga     54120
     caatgacacg gggccagtac caggccatgt acaggatatc acgaaatgtt tgcagaagga     54180
     cagacagtaa caggtatagg gcagcggttt cctcggtgat ggggtggaaa ctggggtgca     54240
     gagataccca tcgctgcaag atatgcccac tgtttactac ccacgctgga gtccctggac     54300
     aggcgcagga cacgtccatc acacgcccct cctctggggc tcaggagcct ggcggcagcc     54360
     tcccagctga aaggctactc accatgttcc tagtgagctg gtcgctcttc tccaggctgt     54420
     ctcggataaa cgacagcgtc tcctcctcct gcgaggggca gagaggagga catcaccaca     54480
     agccgatggt gaaaggcgac caccagcacc cagcacccag caccacggcc tacgcctaac     54540
     cctatctccc cttccacccc ggttcgatgc ccctgagcgc ctttccttca ctttctcccc     54600
     agcgtcacct gcttcagttt gtcctcgatc tcccgccgcc gggcggaagc ctcctgcggg     54660
     ggaatcatag cagcggacag cgctgtcccc actccccgct gttttagctc caaaccctgc     54720
     tcggcttccg tccctgtcac gcccacttcc tccctcggcc ccgcccccgg acgctttcgg     54780
     gggcgccatg ttgggagtgg caggcggaag tgtgttcctg ccggagctcg cgagcgggct     54840
     gcgggtcgac gccatcttga atgtggctgg aagagccgct cacctgaggc atacgtgggt     54900
     ctttcctcgt agccagaggc tggtttgctc gctcctttga aagacagccc cttgctggga     54960
     gactgaagca ggaggccatt cacgagttcg aagccagttt ggatcacata gtaaattcca     55020
     ggctagccta ggctacagag tcagacttgg tctccaaacc aaaaatcaag caaaccaaca     55080
     ttatacctga atttttttta gatcgttttg gctgctctgg aataggttat gtagaccagg     55140
     ctgacttctg cctaccgtgg gctggattaa agaaaggtgt gctctgccaa acccagctca     55200
     cccaagaaaa agcagggcgg tggcggaagg caggaggtgg aggctggcac ggagtggtat     55260
     atagggttta cagttctctc cctcccatgt gtaggaccca gagggattga attcgggtgc     55320
     caggttttgt ggcaaatgcc ttaacctgct gagctatttc accagctcat gatttatttg     55380
     tggattttaa catggtgtat agatagatgt ttcgcccatg ggtatgtatg tctgtgccgt     55440
     cacttgcatg ccaggtgccc tggaagacca gaaggttatc tgatccctct ggagctgaca     55500
     ttacagtagt gagctgtctg tcatgtgggt tctgggaacc ctaaccctaa ctcaggcttc     55560
     ctggaagagt aagaaagagc tcttaactgc tgagccatct ttccagttag ctaaacccta     55620
     atttaggata aaagcgctga ctgaggagac aaatttgttt ttgcagatca tatcttaacg     55680
     gttcaagtct ggagactgga ttccacacag agtggcttac aatggatact tcagaacttg     55740
     tgggatccca cgtgggttta ataacagaga cacagagaca tctgtatagt ataaggctgt     55800
     ttgcctgttt gctggggcag tccctcagct aaccctccag actcaacgcg acttccctgc     55860
     tacgagtccc tggcgttctc tctgctcaac ctccctgtcc tgctcagttc tgcttctgtc     55920
     tctctctcct cctgccccga ctccaacagt caactctagt cctcaaaggc cacacgcctt     55980
     actcatccaa tctgagccaa tcagcaacgg acaacgccta gtctgagcca atcagcagca     56040
     ggacaacacc tagtctgagc caatcagcag caggacaacg cccggtccat atttctgtgt     56100
     tgtcttttgg ctttggcagc ttttgacctt caccaggcag ctttcttttt aacaggctaa     56160
     tctcagagaa acacctttgt ggcaggcaag gaaggacaaa cacttacata tagaaagcag     56220
     gtaatatcgg gcttgggagc tggctcagtg gttaagagca ccaactgctc gtctgaagat     56280
     cctgagttca aatcccagga actacatggt ggctcacaac catccctaac aagatctgac     56340
     tccctcttct ggtgacagtt acagtgtact cacatataat aaataaatca atctttaaaa     56400
     aaaaggcagg taataggcca tagaaatgac agtaattaaa tatcctgcca gcatagcaat     56460
     taacaactga aaatgcaggg cacaattaca taggcatttg atgcaatatg tgtgggttta     56520
     atcatcccaa cttcttcccc ttttagccca agaatggctc tatctctaac atcagtaaac     56580
     tatatactaa ttgtgagaac tgtcggggta agagttatat tcacaatgtc tagtccattt     56640
     gtcctgtctc agtgagttca aagttctgta gagggtttgt gtcaagtgga taagggaaag     56700
     aaatctgaag cacatatacc ttaaatcgtt ttcttttttt aaaaagtttt atctattatg     56760
     tatacaatgt tctgcccggc cagaagagag caccagacct cattataaat ggttatgagc     56820
     aaccatgtgg ttgctgggaa ttgaactcag gacctctgga agatcggcta gtgctcttac     56880
     ccactgagcc atctcttcag ctcccttaaa tccttttctt atcaccattt aagcttttcc     56940
     atcctctgtt tgcatttact gaccttttaa caccttctta gaccctccaa ccttcataac     57000
     ttgcatttac tcaccttaaa acatcttctt accccatagg aggaacaaca atatgaacca     57060
     accaataccc ccagagctcc cagggactaa accaccaacc aaggagtaca cacacccatg     57120
     gctccagctg catatgtagc agaggatggc cttgttggac atcagtgaga ggagaggccc     57180
     ttggtcctaa gaaggctcga tgccccagtg taggggaatg ccaggataga aggagtgggt     57240
     gggttggtga gcagcgggat aggggatgat gggatagggg gttttcagag gggaaactag     57300
     gaaaggggat gaaatgtaaa caaagagagg actggagaga tggctccacg gttgagagca     57360
     ctgactgctc ttctgaaggt cctgagttca agtcctagca accacatggt ggctcatgac     57420
     catctgtgat gggatctgat gccctcttct ggtgtgtctg aagacagtga cagtgtattc     57480
     atatacatta aataaataaa tctttaaaag aaagaagaaa aatgtaaaaa aaaaatctaa     57540
     taaaaataaa taaatgaata aataaacatt tacaaaacca tcgtcttaga ccctaaaaca     57600
     ctttctcaga tccttcacaa ctttagcttt caatctttgc taaccttaca cctcttttgt     57660
     gagtttcact tttctcaatc tgataacgag gaaaactgta agacagactc cagtgagcga     57720
     gacctgtggc ctgcatttta catatgcaga taacccagat ggcagctcaa gttggttgtt     57780
     actgaaaaac tgataaagct gtaactgtcc agtcttcaac atttcactga ggaagcagga     57840
     agttcagaca gagcagcttc tgagtctatg aaaatgacag caacttactg gctatctgga     57900
     tagtcaccca tctatcttct gccaccaggc cagaagattt gacagacttt cctgtgactc     57960
     cagaactagg gggcacagtc ctaactcggc taggcaaagt gaggcattca actccccagt     58020
     gtcccgcctg tccacagttt gcagtgtgag gtcaccaggt gaggtgaagg acagtttgta     58080
     gcccagtgct ggcagttttg ccatgtctga agcaggcccc tggccgtgtt cttctgtgcc     58140
     catcatctta agaggaggtt gggtgctaca acagctgatg tgtctctcta ccatgaagag     58200
     cccccccccc cacctttttt ttgtttggtt gtttttggtt tttcgagaca gggtttctct     58260
     gtgcagtcct ggctggcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa     58320
     tctgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctgga attaaaggcg tgtgccacca ctgcctggct     58380
     atgaaaagac tttttattaa aacatcttaa acagcatatt ctacagatct ctgaagcgtt     58440
     tgaggacccc ccctctctct ctccacaaac cttgcttggt tttagttact tgtttcaaaa     58500
     attcaacagg ggttttaata aggcttattt ctgtaattaa ctacactagt tcctaacatg     58560
     actacaagta tggttctgaa cacattaaag gattttatta tttataggtg attgaccgct     58620
     aacttgcact tcttaaatat tcttaatagt ttacaacagt agctatcgta agactaggac     58680
     tttatattac attttaaatg agttgcattc agccgggcgt ggtggcgcac gcctttaatc     58740
     ccagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggcagat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacaa     58800
     agtgaattcc aagacagcca gggctataca gagaaaccct gtctcaaacc accccccccc     58860
     aaaaaagagt tgcattcaag ttatatgtat atataccctc tacaagagtt gaatcatgta     58920
     tatattatgt tgtaggtaat acaacctaaa atttctatca tacaaaaatc cataccaatc     58980
     taagctattt gagacttgat gcatttttag tttaaaagga gatgcaatcc accttctttt     59040
     ttcatcccca cattttcacc ccctaactct cctagacagg agaaaaagcg ggacagaggg     59100
     gagagagaaa gagatctctg aatccagtct cctttccttt gtttcttccc ctgactgcaa     59160
     ccattaacaa cctgcaacca ccccccaccc ataacccatc aagggaccaa tagccaccca     59220
     ccccgcatct ccagaatgaa agtattgtgt tctatagatt gcttcctgct gtccgggtgc     59280
     aacatcatct ttgggactct aagaaaattg ggatgctggc caagtcctgg gagagctggc     59340
     tgttacactg atgtgcagac tctgtgggat cctctgccgc caagaaagtg cagggtttag     59400
     ctgaagtgct aactgaagca gtttgtgagg ctgcaccatc tggggctagc ggctttgaag     59460
     ctgtcttgga tgcagatttg gaggaaacac caggacccgg caggacgctg gaacagatac     59520
     attgtctcag ccagttagca tccgtctcag catccttgac cgtgagtatg gaatctgaag     59580
     tgtggccaaa tcagctaatg ataattctct gctctctgcc agagcaggtg aaagacatct     59640
     gtaagtcagt ttggactgca taactaaact gtaataggtg ctataaatcc ctgtctatac     59700
     cacgtgaatg ggtggcacat aataatgagt cctgagcccg aggtagtgaa aatgattcat     59760
     tgcagagaca cccgtgtctc cacaacttac ccctcttata gtcggagggt taaacataaa     59820
     cattttaggc tggagagatg acccagcagt taagagcaca gactactctt ccagaggtcc     59880
     tgagttcaat tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcacagcca tctgtaatga gatctgatgc     59940
     cctcttctgg tgtgtctgaa gatggctaca gtgtactcat gtacatataa taaataaata     60000
     aacaaacctt taaaaaaatt gagccttgtt acctgtatag ctaccataga taccataacc     60060
     aggaataagt ttgcgacatt caaagctttt tcggtctgac aaactatcac ctctccttca     60120
     gccagtctct agagctattg tcatgtcgga gagtcagcat ttgtgtcaca tgcgcatgca     60180
     cacatacaca cccacaaaca cacacaaagg catacgaata cacacacaca cacacaaaca     60240
     tacataaagg ccaagctcat ccttgccaac agagcctggg atataagaga ccctaccgca     60300
     aattaaataa atattcactc tggacctaac ttaacaaaac aaggatgtgt gagcctttct     60360
     gcatgtttct caaacacctt caatgtcgaa gtgtaacttg acaggcaact accaagcacc     60420
     aagagcctga gagccttctg tttgcacatt cgtgttacaa aggctatcct tgcatgatct     60480
     cttgtaatcc tcggggtaaa ctacaagttg ggcccagctg tctcccttct gcggcagagg     60540
     aagccagttc cttcggttat actaagtcaa cacagctggt ggagagaggg gacagctgag     60600
     gctcaagcct ctgcttcacc agctagatag cgcgggaatt tgatgctagc aagttcctgg     60660
     cttttgagac agtctgttct gaaaaacagg ttatgttcat tacaatcgta actattcaaa     60720
     agtgaacaga acagggtggg gaatggagtt taaattactc tccccccaaa gcctggttgt     60780
     aagtctctat tacattcacc ccaaaccaag ctatgcgaag attacaagca tagctccagc     60840
     accctaaggg ctacttgcag acagtctctt tcaggaagga gggtggcccc gagagaaaga     60900
     aggagtggag gatgtccctc caccaacagt gtgttcttta gtttaactac tatgggcttt     60960
     gtgtctttcc tgggaaatca attgggtaat ttttctaaat taatgtttcc tggccctgta     61020
     gcaaaagtgg aaatgtgggc tggagagata gctcaggggt taagaatgcc gactgctctt     61080
     ctgaaggtca tgagttcaaa tcccagcaac aacatgatgg ctcacaacca tctgtaatga     61140
     gacccgatgc cctcttctgg tgtgtctgaa gacagctaca gtgtacttac atataataaa     61200
     taaataaacc tttaaaaaaa gtggaaatgc atttaaataa taagtctccc tatgaagctc     61260
     tggctgtcct ggaactcatt atgtagatca ggctggcata aataaataaa taaataaaag     61320
     tcctctgtcc cttttttaat aatacaaatg atattttcat gctggttttc agaattcttt     61380
     aggtttaaag acattagtca cctcttatat gagagctttt ttttcctttt atgattagtt     61440
     tttctttgtt gctggtattt ctctctgcta gagttttcac ttttttaaga cttttgtatt     61500
     tatttatttg tatgagtgta tctagtgatg catgggtgga gtgcggccat agaggccaga     61560
     gagggtgtcc agtgtcccct ctaccactct ctgcctatcc cttttgtgac aggcccttgc     61620
     tgtgttactg tgtagccctg gctgccgtaa tactcactac atagaccaga ctgtatcaaa     61680
     tccacagaga cccacacctc tgcttcctgg gtgctggcac taaaggctgc atgtgccact     61740
     acctccatcc agccttgcct atccctttgg ggcagagtct tatccgaagt ctagagtttg     61800
     cattttctca actaggcctg aagccccagg tcccagtgac ctgtctctgt tcctccctgg     61860
     agcaggaatt ataggtgtat gtgaagatgc ccagcttgtt atgtgggcgc tgggatctga     61920
     actctggtct ttgtggtctc tgagctgtct ctgcaggctt taacttttat ttatccgtat     61980
     ttgtgagaac ctcatgtagc ccaggttgaa atgccagctc ccggtgtatc tgaggatggc     62040
     cttgaattta tcctcctgcc tctgcctcct acctgctggg attatggtgg gcccaccttc     62100
     ccagcttcta gtattttctt tttaaatgct tattcattga accacctgga tttttctccc     62160
     tggtggagat ctagtcgttc ctataccatt tcctcattag ttcgtgatga cctgtgactt     62220
     aaaatgttac ctatagcatg aattaggtct aagaaggtat ttggaccttt tttttctggg     62280
     atttgccggt acactcagca cagcaccacc agaagtccat tagactaacg cagcttgaga     62340
     actgagtttt acacccaaca ccagcgggga gactctttct taggttctca tttcccaaaa     62400
     cacaagtccc tgcattttat tttatttttt tgattatttt tggagggggt gcattttctt     62460
     ctgttttgtg ttttctttag gggacaaaag atatgtagct caggctggcc tcacactaga     62520
     gatcctcctg cctcagattg gaggtcgctg ggatgacagg cttgccaggt gcattttaaa     62580
     cttgtgctca tggcctagca agatggcttg gtgggtaaag gcgcttgctg tcaagccaga     62640
     ggacctgagt ttgttcccca gaatccacag agttggtgga aggagagaac caactcctat     62700
     aaattgtcct ctgatctgga cacacgtggt atacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     62760
     acacacacat aaataaatat aattaaaaat tttaaatctg tatgtacaaa ttgagctctc     62820
     tgagcaaagt ggtttgaaac taggtcctcc aagtgttggg gacatcatta ccaggaatca     62880
     tccgtcctta agggatggac ggagtatgag tcacacccct cccgtgagag gaccctcctg     62940
     ccggcctgac catggtcctg gtattgactt ggatgtggca gtaagagggg ggtacagagg     63000
     cagcaaatag ttccctgggc ttcgcaggaa ggagctaggg taaggaggga ccaggccagt     63060
     gagagcctgc tgggcagatc aaaagcaggc agaggaccac tgtcttctca gctgaccaac     63120
     acaaggagga ggtcagccag accacggggc tgatggagtc accatggtaa ccagaaaaag     63180
     ccagcttgcc ttcccagctg cctcccagct cctagccttg accctacatt ggaggtattt     63240
     agggtactca ataaatcttt ggctaacaaa taagagatgt gtgcataaaa agctgaatct     63300
     gagggtattg gggaccgacc actgactggg acatttgtgt cccagagagg gaaagcagag     63360
     gagactgggt gcccccttga ggtatccacg agtctctctg acatgagaac caaccacaag     63420
     cctacaagca acagtaatgc atgccccagg gtatggcaaa tcagtatgcc ttcctctcgt     63480
     acccacaacc cacaggcaga cctcaccctc caatgcttat ttagggtagg tccaggagag     63540
     gcctgtggct tcgaagcagg actgtggata tgtgggaaag tatgacgtac tggggtagat     63600
     tttggtggag gccacagcac atgccacaca aggcacagct tgcatgtgag gctggatggt     63660
     gagctggctt gcttctgtcg acttgaaaga agcttgggtc atctgagaag agtgaacctc     63720
     agttgcaaag atgcctccgt gggattggtc tgtagataag actgtgggag agcccagctc     63780
     actgtgggca gtgccacccc tgggcaggag gccctgggct gtatacgaaa gcagagtgaa     63840
     ctgggtgaga agctctcttt tatgtatgtg cagcagcgtg catgtgtgca tgagcccacg     63900
     tctgtgggtg cttgtggatg tgaagggcca cgtctgactt aagaaatcat cttccattgg     63960
     ccttcagcat caaccactga ggcaggtttc tcaatcaaac ccagagtgtc gtggtgatgg     64020
     ctcatttagc tcgccagctt gctccagcat tccctgtctc tgcttccgaa ggttggaatt     64080
     acaagcaagt tgccatgccc aactggcatt tatgtgggtg ctggggagtc tgaacatggg     64140
     tcctcacact ttcagggcaa gtacttcaac tactgaacca tcaaccctgc cccgggcact     64200
     tctttgtgtt gtttgagcca gggtctcacc atgtaactcg actggcctaa aagtagctat     64260
     gtagatcagg gtggcctcaa actcacagag atctactggc ctcggcaccc agagtaccca     64320
     aattaaataa cagagggtta ttcaaagggt ttttaagagc atcctcttaa atatccctcc     64380
     cttaacgact aattctggct aggtagcaaa cctccaggat tccactgtct ctgacttaca     64440
     aacattccat gcctggcttc tatgtggatt ttttgaccca tggaggcatc tccccaaatt     64500
     ctattgctat ggtttttttt tgtttgtttt gggggttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttttg     64560
     gtttttcgag acagggtttc tctgtatagc cttggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgtagac     64620
     caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatccgcct gtctctgcct cccgagtgct gggattaaag     64680
     gcatgtgcca ccacgcccgg cttattgcta tattttatta gataggattt tgaactgtag     64740
     ctcagggtga cttggaactc agtgtgtagt ctagcttgga gcaaacctcc tgactctatc     64800
     cccctagttc tgggattaaa ggtctgagcc actgagctca gtttcctttg gatctttttt     64860
     ggggtaggag agcctgggct gtcatggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg gccccgaact     64920
     catagattca tctgcctctg cctcccgagt tctaggatta caagtgtgca ccaccactac     64980
     ccggcttcct ttggatcttt tgtacccctc atttcatgca tttatgtctg tgtgaaggtg     65040
     tctgatcctt tagaactaga gttacagaca aatgtgagct gccataacgg gtgctgggga     65100
     ttgaacctgg gtcctctgga agagcagcca gtgagtttaa cacctgagtc atcgctccag     65160
     cacacctctg aatcttaaag tgggaatcta agctaggccg ggtcagagct gtgtaacaca     65220
     gatccaagag gtgctcgcct gggctgagct tccaggatgc tgaagcagga ttctcttata     65280
     ttcaggacct gcctgcacta cagaagggct ttgtcctagt caggctttct acagagggga     65340
     aaaaaacacc ataactaaaa agcaagtcgg ggaggaaagt gtgaattcag ctagacttcc     65400
     agatgatgat tcatcgctgg aggaagtcag gacaggacct caagcagggc tggaaccaag     65460
     gcaggagctg atgcagaggt catggagggg tgctgcttac tggcttgctc cttatatctt     65520
     gctcagcctg ctttctatgg aacccaggac cacaaactca gggatggcac cacccataat     65580
     acgttgagcc ctccttcatt gatcactaat agagaaaatg ccttacaact gggtctcatg     65640
     gaggcatttc ctcaactgag ctgatgactc tagcttgtgt caagctaaca cacaaagcca     65700
     gccaggacag actttaagac caggctatgt gggttcatgg ttataggccc tatatgagaa     65760
     ccaactacag tcattttcct aaaccagtat actttctaat tatagtttaa atatgtaggc     65820
     cagggtctgg agaggtggtt cagtagttaa gaatgctggc tgctcttcca gaggacccag     65880
     gttctaatcc cagcacccac atagcagtgg tgtatgtagt acctgtttca ggggatccaa     65940
     cgttctcttc tgacctccat ggtcactgca tttatgtgat atacagacat gcacatataa     66000
     cccacacata aaataaataa cttttctata gttagaccat cagatgactg tagctcctgc     66060
     ttttcatcaa agaatgattt tgttttcttt ttcagatgga gactgttaca gacgcgcata     66120
     gctgcatctc atggaggcat ttcctcaact ggaaactgct tcctctgatg actctagctg     66180
     gtgtcaagct gactttatct gaatgcagag aattagagtc tgtggggtgc acaactcaac     66240
     ctggtaaagc tgtaatgcaa cctacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cagagagaga     66300
     gaaagagaga gagagagact gattcacgga acggttgtaa gaacccgagg accaacaaga     66360
     cagtgtcttg tagacacagc aggggaaatt acacccaaga aatctcaaca atatggctac     66420
     ctagacaaga ccaacacagt gacaccagtt ggttcatcag tgggagaaag ttcttaaggt     66480
     ctcacccctg gggggagcta gagggggaag ggcatggtgg gaatgatgta aatacagtac     66540
     tcatgaatga aattctcaga gaatttacaa atgtaaatat agaagttaaa aagagccagg     66600
     tgtggtggca aacaccatta gccccagcac tcaggaggca gaagctggct acccgctgtg     66660
     ctggcttggt ctacatagga agttccaggc cagctaagac ttcgtggtaa gaccctgttt     66720
     cagaacacaa aacaaagtta agaagagtgt ggcctggcta acttccaaag ccctaggttt     66780
     aatccctaga gtatcacaaa aaggctttca ggagttaccc aaccgtgcct ggacactgga     66840
     ggccactaga catacaccct gcccctgccc tccacgatgg atcacttaat cacacatcag     66900
     ccacccaccc agtgccccat ttacactatg tgcacatcca taccacatcc actcacacat     66960
     acacaacgct tatttattta cacatgtatc atttcatatg ctcacacacg tatgcacact     67020
     agctcacacc gttatctttt cagaccacgg cattttccac tattctccta tcctgggctg     67080
     gctctgggaa gggggtcacc actctcctgc ggggagctta gagcccagcg cggtggggaa     67140
     gcagcgagca ggacggcgtc caccaggggg cgcgcgccgc tagggagaga ggaagtgcag     67200
     gcgtcgtctg gaaccggggc agttcttttt ggaccagggg cctgcggtct ggccccggaa     67260
     gtttagtggg tgcccagcgc gccccgaatc ccgtgatcgc tagtctccta gtccagctgg     67320
     tgctgcgggg agatcagctc tggcctggac aggggcgccc tcacagccct gggcgtgctc     67380
     cctcagccca ggtgcagtcc agttgcagtc cccggagtgc tcccatagcc caattgcagc     67440
     tcccagcgcg attccatagc ccagttgcac ctacaagcat gttcccgcag cccagcgcag     67500
     cccccggggc actcctgcaa cgcaaacgcg gcagcacgca ctgctgaagg gcatggtccc     67560
     cagggctcct gttcccagaa tgtgactcag cgctttcaca tgctgggcat cctgatttgc     67620
     attgtttggc agcgtggggt tcaatccaca catgaggaca gaggctccct gactccaggc     67680
     atagggacgt ttgcccttgt tcctgtgcaa gatcacaaac atcgctgggg ttttcaataa     67740
     cctgtctgtg taggtagaga gaaaactagg gaaagcctgg gagggaagag acaggaagag     67800
     atcccccttc cctgctaaga ctgcagaaaa gaaagtcctt ttgagaattt gggattcaca     67860
     gcaaatctat gtcctgccag tcacaggagg gacaaggact gtggggactg gttaaaggaa     67920
     aaaccaccac aggggaatgg cccaccagag aggcacagat gtgtcctgga ttctgaaggg     67980
     tgggaaggtg ggtcccagga agatatctat tctgtgagaa gtaaggcaga gatggctctg     68040
     tcaccagagg agtaagaaca ggtatcgact aagaaagcta aggcacttta gagcagctga     68100
     ctgaggtaag ataatgtggt ttcacctgat ccgcatgtct ttagtccctg cactcaggag     68160
     gcagaggcag gtggatctct gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccagga     68220
     cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct caagacagat aaagaagaat gtggcttcgt     68280
     tgtgactggg atacaagtga agagtccaca ccagtgcccc aggtactgga ggtggctggg     68340
     cagaggcaga ccacattcag gctggggtct ccggagctgc tggatagggg tgggggtgca     68400
     gagaaggcct ttttcctccc cagcacaaca cttgcagatc cttcctctgt ggtgggaaat     68460
     gggaggtctt agtcccttga tccagaacta ccctgaagca agggttctag gaccaaggct     68520
     cggttttact gagtgtgttt aagagcgccc tgcgcaccca caggagagtc ttccagcctg     68580
     aggctcgtcg agtgactgat ggaatgaatg aatgaacaga aaggccaaag aaagatgtgt     68640
     gcagccgcca tcagtgtaca cccgacctgg aaagacatca cacacactga tgtgttagaa     68700
     tggcgggttg catctcaaca gcacgctagg ccaagacagt tccacgtgga cgaggtttta     68760
     ttgggagaag agagagaagg tggcggcaga aagagaagag ggggagagag tgtgagggag     68820
     gggagttctc cttatttata tcgagaatga cgtaactcag gtaaaggtgg aaagtgagcc     68880
     aagtggatgt tgggaatagg gtgcctgttg ccttggcaac cagtctgcag gttttgctgt     68940
     cacctatgtg atgtcatagg tttgggaggt cctgatgcca acacatacca ccagttgtct     69000
     ttaataaaga ctatcgtttt tgggtttttg ttttttgggg tttttttgtt ttttgttttt     69060
     tcgagacagg gtttctctgt atagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagacctggc     69120
     tggcctcgaa cattttacgg ttcttgggac tatctttgcg tgtagcccag gctgacctaa     69180
     ctcataatct ttctccactt ccatatacta ccaggcccaa ctaatagggg ctttaaaata     69240
     aggccagaaa ggagagctag gttgaggcct ggggaagtgt aggcccaggc agggacaagc     69300
     ctgacttata tctccccatg tccccactgc cctctcggca aaaagctcca gttgccgaca     69360
     ggtcactgag tcttgtgttg cggcccccac tccactgtgc cacattctct gcactactct     69420
     tggcagatat cacaggaacc agtccctgcc ccactcaccc tgagcttccc atggggcagg     69480
     ggattctgcc cctgtagtaa taggaaagca agaagatggc ggtgtccaca cagtgccagc     69540
     atgcctggaa gctggcctca cctgtgctgg catccgcagg tcctctgcat ctcagtgtcc     69600
     atatctgtag gcaaccccag aaggatgcca tgtcccaaag actgaagagc gcccttgcct     69660
     ctttctatga tgctatcttg ctgttacaga ccagcgctgt ggcctcccgt ctagggatca     69720
     gggttcaggg ctcaccaaaa ccagacattt tgagccggag gtttgccaga ggcctgggca     69780
     gctaatgtgg cgacctcccc aagcttagga ctcagtactc agactctccc ctgagaagtg     69840
     ttgccaggag ccccaaggag gaggctttgt gtttctgtag aggaaggcga ggtcctggtt     69900
     aggcagaagg caggcagtgc ccgacacttg tcctacgact taaggagttg gggctactaa     69960
     aaggatgagg taggaaggtg acagtcagct cccaacggaa ccaccagata aaggctgagc     70020
     acctggttgg actaggggct cctgggacta aagaaggaaa ggaaaaggga aagggggaag     70080
     atggggggag cccagtgtga ccctcacagt agtgcataga catgatggca gcactgagga     70140
     ggctgaggct gggtgacagg tgacagcgtc aagcgactgt cagtgtgtgt gtgttgggga     70200
     ggtaggaagt ctttgaggtg ttcttgcctg agccgcattt gacagagtcc ttagccccat     70260
     atgaagtagc catcagcgcc ctggacaccc ctgctgggat tcacccccac acctccctta     70320
     gctctgcctt tctctttgca tttctgctga atacccatgc ctgctctttt aaggctgcct     70380
     tgacgtggcc cacttgaaca tggcagatag cccacacgtg taggtctttc ccccaaacct     70440
     gccaaatgaa atgaaatgca aaggaatgtg tgtgttgcat gtgtggtgtg tgtgtgagtg     70500
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgagac agagagagag acagagagag agagagctac     70560
     aaaagccttg ttcaggaatg ttcataaaag cttgtttaca atagccctac actggaagtt     70620
     actcagatat ccatcagagg agaatggcta aacaaactga atactatttg gccataaaaa     70680
     gggacaaact ggagctggca agatggcccc atgggtgacg gtgcctacag caaaagcctg     70740
     ggggcctggg tcaatctttg gaacccatct aaaggtgggg ggagagacag acatggaact     70800
     ctggcttcct aacacacaca tgtgcaggca cacacatgag acagacacac acatgagaca     70860
     gacacacaca cacacacaca catgagacag acacacagac acacacatga gacagacaga     70920
     cactaacaga ctgatataca aagacagaca cactcagaca gacacacaaa caggccgaca     70980
     cacccacaca tgaaacagat acacacacaa acatacagac acacacacat gagacagaca     71040
     catagacaga cagacacaca cagacagaca aacacacagg cacaaagaca cacacataca     71100
     cacacacaca cacacagctc cctcaaataa acaaacaaaa acctggtggt ctccctatct     71160
     gagcatttga tttttgtgac ctttacttca gtgcagaatg aggggcagga ggaggtggac     71220
     agtggggaga ggagatagca tcagacaaga gatttcaaca aatctgaact gacaatggat     71280
     caggactcct gaagccttca ggaggggtga cagagagagg tcacatggtt ttctccccag     71340
     actctgcaaa aggtcaccac acagagctgg agtgtgggta cttggtctgt accccatgtc     71400
     ttcccatgct ttacccacag agtccattcc accaagacca ttcattctcc acggcagcag     71460
     aaccaggctc tggaccaagg gacgccaggc actcccccta cccacagtgc tcctcacacc     71520
     cacagtgctc cttccaccca cagggctcct cacacccaca gtgctcctcc cacccacagt     71580
     gcctggagag aactaactct acaaaccttc atgtatgtac tgtcatgtgg gtgaccccca     71640
     acacacacac atatacacac acacagagtc acacacacac acagtcacac ccatatatac     71700
     acacacacac tcacacattc acacacacaa ataaatacac atactcatac acacaaacac     71760
     acactcaccc ccacacatat gcacacaatc acattcaaac acacacccat actcggaaat     71820
     acacacactc acatacgcaa atacacacaa acacacataa caaacaacaa aattaaaatt     71880
     caaaaggcag gaaagagtta aaatgagtcg aagagctggg agcgctgacc agaagcaggg     71940
     tacttgccta acatgtgtgt ggctctgcat taaatcccct gtactctaaa aacaagtaag     72000
     taactcagtg agaagaggtc tcactaactg cagatggaga acacactgta tcgaggacag     72060
     tggccaagga gactgggtgg cctgaccagt ggccaggtgt cagccaagca gatgaaggac     72120
     ctgaagtgct gtggcacatt tgaggggtat gtgccctgct tctgggtagg aagggggtcc     72180
     taggccattc atctcctggg agggatcata ctttgagcac agaaccccat gaatctgcct     72240
     tctcctggca aaggcaatta gttatcttgt agtgactgag gctcaaggta ctgcgggatg     72300
     ggagaagcct gtgtagactc tccctctggc gaatggctga ccccacccct gtgtccaata     72360
     ccaaaggatc ctctctgagg gcaggaatcc tgtccacctg tccacctgtc cacctgtctg     72420
     aagctgggca gctggaaata ggagatattg gggggctggc caggcctcct ggtgttctgc     72480
     tcccctcccc gtctgccttc ccacctcact ctggacttag ccgcccgcac tcctcacacc     72540
     ctgctgccct ccccgccagc ccttagttcc tgctgtccat ctgagtgacc tcactccccc     72600
     atccttcctt accatttttt ttttttgaca cgctgagatg ttcctcttct gctggggcca     72660
     cagtcttggt tctcagggtg cctacccagt gtcaaggctg gatgaggcga cccagttgga     72720
     gaaaagggtc cccaaagcag gcaaaggtgc tctcactgtt aggagtttca caagcaacaa     72780
     gctacacaag catagcacgc acacccatgc agtcagcctg cagctttctt acacactccc     72840
     ggagcacctg gctagggaag gccccacccg ccacagcagt ggttcttaac cttccttgac     72900
     acccttgaac acagtacctc tggttgtagt gacccccaac cacagaattc cttttgttgc     72960
     tgcttcataa ctgtaatttt gctattgtta tgattttgta gcgtagggct ggagagatgg     73020
     ttcagcagtt aagagcactg actgctgatc ttccagaggt cctgaagttc aattcccagt     73080
     ggctacatgt tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa tgggatccaa tgccctcttc tggtgtgtct     73140
     gaagacagct acagtgtatt catataaata agataaataa atccataaat aaataaataa     73200
     ataaattgta atgcaaatat ttgtgttttc tgatggtctt aggcaacccc tgaaggtcat     73260
     tgaaccccca aagtggttga gagccacagg atgagacctc tgcactgtgg gcggggccct     73320
     cccatatcaa tcaagaaagt gaaccacagg cttgtctaca ggccactctg gtgggaacat     73380
     tttctcatct gaggttccct tttccaaaac ggccctggac tgtgtcaggt tgctatagga     73440
     acgagccagc acatccagga taataggagt gtcaggccca gaagctctgt ttgctcctgg     73500
     tctacagtgg ggtacaggtg tgcaaggaca gctgagtcag gcacagctct gtcctggtga     73560
     ccttgtggcc agggtatgaa tggatgaatg gcttacatgc tgccccgatg tgtttggatg     73620
     gagcatcccg tgtgctgcct tcccattcca tccctaactt ctgtggctcc cacactgcct     73680
     cctaagatgg ctgcaaccag gccctagagg attggagacc agaggaccag gtctttccct     73740
     ttcacgacat ttcctcttca tctggctcac atcttcccca gatcctgagc taaggtagcc     73800
     tcggtcaacc ctcaaggcct ccgctgcctc ctccacagcc aaggaacaca aatatgtagg     73860
     gcagcaaacc ggtctcttgt tctacaacaa ggcagtgcag gctagcctcc aagttctccc     73920
     caggcctggg tactctgccc cagactctgt atacccttgg gtcaagccac agcagcttca     73980
     cgagttttgg ggatgtcctc agtgcaggtg tgtgccagga acccgttaca ttaaaagcat     74040
     ttttgcaaag gctgtgtttc tgtttttcac tccaatgatc cattcgttca tatggtcacg     74100
     attcagcaca ctggccactg tgtttaatgc tttcagtgta gactgggctg ggtggactgc     74160
     ttgtctgccc acaggacttt gctgacacag gaacaggcat gtggaattaa taactcagtc     74220
     tgaaacccac tttaccctcc ctagcccaac gtacccagtt catctccggc actcttcgat     74280
     taaggcaagt tagagggaac cttgatactg tacggagaga gggcagaagg gggcgaggcc     74340
     acagttagag cctgtgggta gagctgggca aggaggacgt tgggcagctt cctggcccca     74400
     gcttaactcc ttggacacac agcagcgctg ggagggggct ggtggttttg gtttttctgt     74460
     tgtcgtttct tgtttggttg gttttgagac agggtctctc cacatagctc tgactgtcct     74520
     ggaacttgct atgtagatca ggctggcctc acactcacag cgatcctcct gcctcaccag     74580
     tgttccacca cggctaagcc tattctgctc actattccca gacagtcccc taaccaagta     74640
     ctcaccaggc ccaaccctgc ttagcttcca agatcaaccg agatggagat tgggagcatg     74700
     caggatggaa gcctcagcag aggcagatcc cagcagggtg gttctgatgg gggtggcagt     74760
     ggcaggccct gcctgggggc tttgctttct taggagctta gcggagctgc ctccagggaa     74820
     agaactttgg gcctcagaac tgaggctgcc tcgcacagaa gagaaggtgg gcacttggac     74880
     catccatatg gccagcgagg tcagcagggc aggccttcca gcgtccctct ttgattcctg     74940
     ctgaatctgg acctgacctt gccaggccag ttcaggcttc tcagcttctg gggacagtgt     75000
     cctttgaggt gtctttgcca gctcaggccc cagcttgccc gcctgtccag gtggctctga     75060
     cctatctcac ctgggagaaa cggaatgaga tgggcacatg tcccatggga ggaaggcagc     75120
     ggtcctcccc ctcccccacc aagggcttct gtgtacttca tctcctgctg agctgcagtt     75180
     cacactcctt agcacaggcc tggctctggt gtcctcccaa agtcccctcc cctccccaac     75240
     acccccccac ctccccctgt cacctgtgtt ttctttctcc tcacacaaga atgtgtctgc     75300
     aggacctggg ctgctgtccc atcccattgt taacaatgct gcccttccac ctccccacag     75360
     gacaggccca gacctgcccc aggggcagcc cattaccccc tgctggaatc cttacacacc     75420
     tgtttacctt tggggctccg ccaaggacag agcaggagct acacctgact cctggccagt     75480
     gtccacttcc ttcctgtccc ttgccctcct tgctgcgcag ggttgggggt ggactccagc     75540
     ccaactctgg agcggctcag atccagttca gctctgaaga gggtttagct tcgaacacta     75600
     ccaagggcaa gggatgcccc tggggacttt cagatgagag ccgctgaacc cccttagtgt     75660
     cctgtcctat agaactcaga gccaggagtg ggaggccccc aagctccaag cttgtggcct     75720
     ttctatggtc agtcctgtca tggtcccagg tggtagtgga gaggatacat ggatgaagga     75780
     gaagctggga aagaccggaa gtctgggggc aggaagggtg ggtcctggct ttcccccaat     75840
     atttaaaaag acatgggttc ggggactggt gctgcaaaac tggggtttga agcctagaat     75900
     taaagaccag gcaggtggcc gggcagtggt gcaggcctgg aatgactgat gctagggagg     75960
     ttgcaggcag cgggaggtga aaggtcaaga cctgtggagg acagagtgag tgcgtggctg     76020
     gagctagcaa cgtagtgaag ctgcatcttt tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgag     76080
     acagggtttc tttgtatagt cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc     76140
     tcaaactcag aaatctgcct gcctctgcct ctcaagtgct gggattaaag gtgtgcgcct     76200
     ccactgcccg ctgtgaggct gcatcttaca aaggaaaagg aactccagca ggagctgggg     76260
     actccagcgc agcgtggagc gttcaccgag tgcttgtgac gtcctagggc caaaccccaa     76320
     cacgacaacg ggtaaatcaa aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata     76380
     aataaaaaaa aacaagggct ggaaagatgg ctcaatggtt aagagcactg actgctctcc     76440
     tagaggtcct gagttcaatt cccaccaact gcttggtgcc tcacaaccat ctgtaatggg     76500
     atccaatgtc ctcttctgat gcctgaagag agagacaggg cactcacata cattaaataa     76560
     ataaatcttt aaaaagaaaa tatgaaaaat ataaataaac ccattatcgt gaaagaaacg     76620
     ggacccttca tgtacggctg agggaaacgt gcccaatcag ctgccatgga gagcagcgcc     76680
     tctaataaac taaccaataa ataaaaacca gacacaaaac tgccaccagc tcccgaatac     76740
     atgcggaaga gggacccatt ttgagagctg gagtcctgaa cacaaagcta cacagcccag     76800
     aggctgtcag gaaaggcagc tgagttgaag gctggtgatg ctggcccagc aaggctggtg     76860
     atactgtggc ccgagtagcc ttatgtatat ctcttagttt tagggaaatg tgtgtgaaat     76920
     gcttagtggt cctgggcact gtgcttggca gttagtgctg agattatact gagcctatat     76980
     gagatgaggt ttagacggct caggggcaag agggcttgat cgtgtaagca tgaggtcctg     77040
     agaagatgtc ccgagcgagc acccgtgtta aaagctgggc attgccacca cacgactaat     77100
     aaccccatca ctggggacgg agacacctcc cttgcaaaag aacttgatga cctggcactg     77160
     taagctgtgg ttccacacga gagactctgt ctcaaggtaa tgaggcagac agccacggag     77220
     gaagacaccc actgtcctgc tctggagaag acaagtgctg caccttaccc cccacccaca     77280
     gcgcagtaga agtatgtggg gacttaagaa aatctgtgct gggcccatta gagactctgg     77340
     tctgattggt ccaaggtaca gcctgggcat cagaattttc aggaactcgg agtgactggg     77400
     aagtgtagcc aagggcgcgc cttgctctgc tctgtgtctt ccgttagtct ttggccttgt     77460
     attcatgaga ggggcggttc tacttgcccc agacattgcc tctcttcttc ccagcataag     77520
     cctggggcag gcagtaactc gccccactgt caatccaggg tgtgcccact ttggccaggg     77580
     ccgaaggctg atccttgagg caaacgggag aaggctgggg ctgcctttgt tcttttagtg     77640
     ctgtggtctg tagagaggaa gggggtgggg gaggcgactg ggggtggggt gggggggagt     77700
     agaacagaag ctttggttgg ggaatggccc cttctgtgtg ctgggtgaag ggataggccc     77760
     ggccagcctg ccctgctcag tgtgagccct tctggaatat ttggaataat tagcaaatga     77820
     aagcagcggc gtgtaaagca ggggaatgcc aggttggcct ggggccaggc tcaaggatgg     77880
     aggaagaaag aaaggggagg ccatggaggc tgggcaggct tgctctggac agcgcccggg     77940
     caatgctgct cctctgcgtg ttgttgttca tgtgtgtgca cctgtgcacg agacaagctg     78000
     tccacagaga agggctgggt gagcacaagg atgctatgta gggtggaatc gagtggtagt     78060
     ggtagagaaa tgggtctcag gcacacaaac ctaagatgag gggcccatcc agacaggagc     78120
     atcctgtttt gctgtcagag ctctggtagc ctggactttc acagttggga gggcaagtct     78180
     cattttaagg cggccttctg cctccccgag cctgcactgg gtctggtaaa cacacatcag     78240
     agcaggatgg ggccttgggg ctcctctgac ctcacaccct gtccctctgg ggaaggaccc     78300
     ggggagggta ttgctggaaa gagtcccggg actcttgggc aggcaagcct gggcaggctc     78360
     tcatggcggg ggacggcttg ggccagggca cactggcctt tgtgaatcct tggggtgagg     78420
     cggggccaat ctcctccctg actcttgttc gactgggcct gtaggcccaa ctgcctcatt     78480
     gtgcagatgg aggtcctaat gtacagaatg gaagggccct gagaaaggcc ctctccttcc     78540
     tagggaccta gcttgaggtt agaccttcta caaacccttt ctgtcttgtt tccctggcca     78600
     ttcccgcttg acatggagaa gaaacaccaa tcctttcctc ccaaagccac cacatttggc     78660
     tctctccttt cccaaagaaa gctggaaata cggccatgtt cagatttttt taaattttat     78720
     tttgaaaaac attttattgt aaagaacttt acatgaaaaa ggttaaattg ctccacgtgg     78780
     agggtagatt caggtcccag ctccaggggt caaggtggag caaggcctgg tccccctagt     78840
     atagacaggg gcctagggct tgtccccttc ctggccccag tgttcccagt gagccgggca     78900
     tcctttcccc agttaagtct tagctataac tacattcact atattagtct ctccccccac     78960
     cccctagcag cttggctgcc cctgacccaa ccaccccaca ccccatcttc ctgatgctct     79020
     tagcctcaag tcaggctgga aggtttgtag cctcccttgt gcaggtgatg gaccagggaa     79080
     aggccctagc gggcttagag accatttcgc cccacttcgc tgcccccacc ggatttctgc     79140
     ctcctttctt ttcccttccc cagtctcttg ccctcactct ctctccctgg ccaaggctgc     79200
     cagggcccct gggaaagctc tgccgggagg ggcctcctgg gaattaattt gttatcatct     79260
     aatgagcgtt tgttgtacct gggaactttc tctgggtaga gacccagaga agcagcagaa     79320
     gtgggtgagg cgaagctttg gtgagggccc tgttcagttc ctccctggcc tggtaggacc     79380
     cttctgggct tcagctctca gagtgcaagg gtggggatgg ggggcaggca ggggcagggg     79440
     tgcttttgcc aatccttggg cttgagggaa catgggtgga tgaaacactg tgtgtatggg     79500
     ggttgctgat gggggagggg cagggtcccc agttcccagt cttctgggct tggatatgag     79560
     gacatcccca gctggcagca gtgtggcctt cagagacctg gcccagtccc tgcctgggtg     79620
     ctgagatgtc cacgggcctg tcttgggagg cagttctggg ccctgacttg agcactgtcc     79680
     ggagatgggg tggggcctga ccttttacaa gaaggcaccc acactggccc agtcctgcag     79740
     gtcagcggcc agggtggcat cccctgcttc aaagatgggt tctgggggca ggcagccact     79800
     accactctca tcccagggat gctgtaggaa ggatgtggcc aagaaggtct catcaaagtc     79860
     caggctgtca gcagcctgct ccgctggagg tccccaggta gcagggcagt tgatgtgccg     79920
     gccatggact gtaagatcca catctccatg tgagctgggg cttagcgggg ggcttagctc     79980
     cagaccctcc agtgagctca gctcctcccc cagtgcgcca gcctcaaaga tggcctccca     80040
     gtcaaagtta cctttgagtg gttccagctc accctgctcc tcctgggtca gcagtaaggt     80100
     gctgggaggc cgcaggacct tggccaccct cttgggcagc ggctgctttc gcttatgccc     80160
     cagcctgccc tctcctgtgc cccagccccc ctcccctgtg gcctcctcaa actcctgaag     80220
     cagctgctgg gcctccctgt tcacggtcag aggcccaccc cagggggcag cgctaggttc     80280
     ctgggaggcc tggcgggcaa aggcagggtg gatgtggact gggggcagcc tccgcttctt     80340
     gaaggcccca ctgagcaggc gctctgcgta ctgggggtcg atgcgccaga aacccccctt     80400
     gccgggctca tccttctccc gaggcacttt gatgaagcac ttgttcaagg acaggttgtg     80460
     gcggatggaa ttctggatac agagagagaa caagagaaaa ggcatagggg tcaggggacc     80520
     ggcagtgaag tggcacccgg tgctcctgca tcctcccaga tgggggaggg gcggatccga     80580
     tgccctgacc aggcagctgt agctcgggga ctctgggaca ccagccacag ggtatgagga     80640
     gcccggagtg catggggggg ggggggggct tttgttctct gttgctggga tatctgcctg     80700
     ctcagtcatc cgagctctga gccacagggt ggctctcagt gccaccctct gtcatcctcc     80760
     ctccctccct taccctgttg cttgcaggtc ctggccaaag ccctcagctc ccccacggcc     80820
     tggactgcca tctccctctg tttgtgaagt gggtgggtta agggaggggg ctgggtgacc     80880
     aaggactgtg tgtttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgttgg gagatttagt gactccttgt     80940
     ttgttgagcc agctgctggc ctagaccttc accccctaca atctcctctt cccacccaaa     81000
     ccacctcagt tgattattac ccagccaagc gcataaggct cttttctggg acctgagttg     81060
     gcaaaggcat tgaataagga gaagattggg gaatcttttg acccagggtt agagccattt     81120
     ggaatgggtt aggactatga tcgtgccctc ttgctccttg gctgccttag ggaagagtgg     81180
     gcaacctcag gcctcgtctc tagaacatgg atcttgatac tggaggatgt tcacagtgct     81240
     gtctctgtct actgagcctt atcttgccct ctccacacgc agcagcttag ttctgctcac     81300
     accacactgg tgtccagggg cccaggctat gctagcaagg caggtgggca gtgagtgggc     81360
     accctttggc cagcagggct gagatgttta cacggcagcc tggcccattg gctgctctgt     81420
     gccaggttct ggagatttag aacccgaagc cactgcagca gaagtgcccc tgtggaaagc     81480
     acctggctca ggtaattgcc cccctaggga ggctggctga gagggtgggg gtgggggcag     81540
     gaaactgggg aggagctgag gtgggaggct ggtcagtggc ttcaggatga cttcctgacc     81600
     cctccacctg gacaactgat ctttgtaccc agaggggctc atctctgccc tactctctag     81660
     acgcagggtg cagaagttgg cagggaggtc acctaggttc catttcagag tccagttctg     81720
     actaattcct cgggcagatc attgtctagg aattttcgga cacgggacaa gaatgtgcct     81780
     tagtgttaca tcccacatga ggctacaccg ggccctattg gtccctcttc tacaacttcg     81840
     tctgtacctc cagggccttg gctccagaca agggagcagt ttcagaacct ggcagagtgg     81900
     tcaggcctct catgaggcct gacctcacag ccaggtgtct ccttggcctt gcagatctgg     81960
     tatgcgagcc tggctaagtg ccagaaggag gtcgtgagga gggagtggcc accacccgca     82020
     cctctcctcc ccctacctgc caggtggggt ctgcatggcg gaagtagcag aagttgtccg     82080
     tgatccactt gtagatggcc gacagagtga tcttggtggc cttgctggct tgcatggcca     82140
     tgcagatgag agtggcatag gagtagggtg gcttcacgtg tgggttggtg gcatagtcca     82200
     cgtcgtcagg gggcggggcc tgcagccccg ggggcgcgct tcgagatgtg cacgacgatg     82260
     tgggcttgcc gggtgtgtgc ggctgcccaa ggcaggcagg gtctgccgcc agcggtgacc     82320
     cgggcgccac caagcccggc acttggtggt agccgtgggg gtctgtgcct cctgggggaa     82380
     gagtgggagc cttggcgttg agaatggaga attcctgcag ccattgcagg ctggtcaggc     82440
     tgtcatccag ggcgtccggc tcctccatgc cgccctccgg cccggcttcc tctccgggac     82500
     ccgctccgca gaggcgcagc cagctctccg ccatgtctgc ggggactctc cgaaggggcg     82560
     gtcaacatcc acaggctgag ccggagtggc ccgccgcgct ctctggcccg ctggtaaccc     82620
     agactccagt tacacagtct ccagaacact cacttccatt ctgcgaccca gggggtcgcc     82680
     tcctccgaac acgaatgtga ggcctgcggg agcaccacgg aactgaacac tcttccccta     82740
     ccccgagagg aaagaggcgc cttagggggg gagcccctca cattcatccc cgcagcctgt     82800
     ggcgaggtca gggaaacaca ggaccctggt ctgatcctgc gtctccacct ctctccatct     82860
     gcccttgaag ggtttgttgg ccacaatgag ggaagagggt aggaaggccc aaactaactc     82920
     ttttccccaa agagtgggaa actaagatca catcccaata gtccaggggg gtcagtacga     82980
     cgcggctggg gcaaagtagg tcatctgatc cttgaaaaga ggtgttagga tgaagggtct     83040
     cgggaaagga aggtcacagg accgagttat ggaggagcag gaagcgatct cccgaactcc     83100
     tcagatttca ttttcgtggc cccactactt ctgtgggcga ccgatggact ggatagccag     83160
     caggtcccga cgccctccca tcccgtggtc cacagccctc ccagtccctt acctggctca     83220
     gagcgcagcc agccagagga aggttctgga agaagttcct cccacctccc gcggttctct     83280
     gtccccagct cgagggctgt gctggcgccc ctcttcgcgc ccccccccct cgcccgacgg     83340
     cgcttctctg agcgccgacg gcccggggac cggcattaag tagacgctcg gaaggcttct     83400
     tctgctgcca tggcgacgcc ccgcccccat aaacagcttc cgctgctgtc attggccagt     83460
     acgtctccaa ggagaccgcg ggcccttgca gctcctctgg cggcaactct ctggaactct     83520
     ctggttctgc cgccctctcc cgcgccaccc agccccctac ccgccaccga gatccgactc     83580
     tgtgcattcc cgcccgaggg ccccgcgctg ggtctcacgg cgggtgctcg gctcccgctc     83640
     gaggccccgg gaacccctcc cccaacgcgt cgggtttgac cgctgagggg acccagcccc     83700
     ggattctgca gaccaagtct cggggaaccg tgcccttgaa gtctttgccc tcaccgggct     83760
     gccagtggcc tttgtctggt ttctggggcc tttccctggt ccccgagtgt cttctctggt     83820
     gcccacaggc aagtttgact ctctgatgcc acctgtcgct tataatccgc agaaacggcc     83880
     acacagctcg cagacacacc gaggcgggta gggtaaccca gcgtctcccg gtaagcagct     83940
     cgcccactca ccctgctcaa gttcccggaa gctggcattc caggggcatc tgcggaggtg     84000
     ctgccctttc agacagtcta ggaagcagag ccagccggca aaaaacagaa aagccctggg     84060
     cctgcaagat tctcaaagag gtcatttgtt ctactgattt agccaggaac tggttaagtg     84120
     atgggaacta ctaagcataa gggattctgg gccctagctt tccctattgc catcagcttt     84180
     ggggttcttt aataattgac gagctgcagg attggaagtg atcgggttta aggcagatgc     84240
     agaagcaggt agggcagtca ggaatggagc tggccttgta cccaggtctg cagaaatact     84300
     aaaaagagcc tgagccactg actgaaacga atacgttcac aaacgaattc acgttgtaat     84360
     taatggctcc cttgcccctg taaacagttt tattcacttt taagaatcat gcagcaatcc     84420
     ataaatattg catcttgatg tccccactgt aatgtgccta taagtgtact ccatgaatgt     84480
     gaggggtaca cagatggcac atacagagca cacgcacgca cacacacaca tacacacaca     84540
     catacacaca ggtgttcagg ccctaaaaca aagtgtgcag ccagcacgcc aacaccagat     84600
     ggacaggact agttccccag tgggatggat ggcttagggt ttgagtctgt gcctggcaga     84660
     tgtcacaggg gatagacact ctggtgggat gaaattaggt aaagcaaaaa ggctctttga     84720
     ggaggccaag atctgggcag taccaagcat ggaaaggtgc agatactgtg tgatgaggag     84780
     ccaacggcac caggagaaca tgcctgactc tgtacatttg agccccaaga aagggatggt     84840
     tcccaaatgg actgggttgt gtggcagctg acagtgggcc accctgtgaa tgggctattt     84900
     ctgcttgcca agaagtaaaa gggcagagtg aggggcggaa tgagcaaggc agagcaaagg     84960
     gtatgctaac ctgggtgcct ggattatgga attcaggctg agcacttgtg aagggagacg     85020
     gaagggctga ttataatggc tttttcgagg gttcctggcc actgtggcta ctgtttaccc     85080
     gaatctcctt catctcagct tcttcccctc ctcccaggtc acaccacact gtgaacaccg     85140
     cttacctact gcctgccagg ggagaagggc tacgtgcagc cgtgcagccg tcccaggctc     85200
     agggaacttc cctgttgttt ctgttctggt ttttgaggag gtgtggatat tgctcagcct     85260
     acactggtgt aaaccttaag tgtgggaggg aggggccctc gggatgctga ggaagtaaaa     85320
     gacgggaagc agggtgttca gaaggggcaa catgggatct gaagctcagc ctgtcccacg     85380
     tcccgcagcg cagcagagcc cctaacagtg ggattaccat ggaaaggaga gctgtgcggt     85440
     ggtgcaggcc tgtgatccta actcttgggc agtaccggca ggaaaacccg aagttcaagg     85500
     tcattcccag ccacatggca agtttgcagc cggactctcc acccccgacc tcccctcagg     85560
     atcctgggca ctggcatttt ggggaaagcc tttcaaagaa cacacttgca agtctaaagc     85620
     tcctcgtatc gcaccctcat aagtgactgt cactaatctt gatccccaaa ccatctcatg     85680
     ttccgctgaa cgactttctg ttccaaaagc cactagatag gcatctactt tagagccatg     85740
     ttaaaaccca ctgaacccaa caatttcctg ccagcttgct gctatggctt tgagtgctaa     85800
     cctgacagca tctctcagca ctggtgagcc cacctctcat ctatcccatc tgaaaggcag     85860
     gggaggaatg cactagggta gggaggtctc ctaatcctct ggccccagag cctccaccat     85920
     tcctttggtg ttcctgtgca ccagtttgag aaccactggg cctcagctct tagcctagtt     85980
     cttcagctat tacaaagagg gcagagaagt ggttagctgg gttcaagacc ccctcagtgg     86040
     ctgtagtgac gatatgggaa gagcctgccc aagcactgca gggaagtggc ccagtaggcc     86100
     ttcctgactg cactggagga ggacaggcct tgcaaggggt atcttcctaa ctgtggacac     86160
     cggaggtgca ggagaccaac tctgttagat ctggcttcca accaatagtt cggtggctac     86220
     cctctccctt aggcgtgggc aaggagctcc tggtgttctg ggaggccgga gtggatggcc     86280
     ttcctcatgg agcaagttcc caaccagttc aagttaggtt tctaattgtt tatgagtgcc     86340
     agagaccaaa acctgtccat gggcgtctaa caaggctgcc aaactcttca gtcttcttgg     86400
     tctccactca gaagagaaag cctacagaaa caaccagccc tgaccctcag ctcagctggc     86460
     ccacaggttt ggctggcacg tattagccca cagagggaag gcttctggtt ctttctgaga     86520
     gggtaagaat cgcggttaca ggcgatgagg caggtgggtg gagggttgcg catcgtcctc     86580
     ccttcatgtg agtaggaagt ccacgagtct tgttgaagat gaccagaagg ctcgtggtcc     86640
     agtgagggca gatggaaggc aaggacagga ggggacgccc aggtggaggt gcagatgccc     86700
     tcagacagcc ataggatccc atacacaagg cctgttctcc tcagggtcct ccaggctgct     86760
     ggaggataag cgccggcgct gggtatggcg acagttgaca gtgttatcct catgctgcca     86820
     ggtacctgga gaaggaacaa cagaggttct gggagccatt ccttaggcca agcatacatg     86880
     gtgtcccagt acagcagcac aggagtcaac acagaatcta gcaggatgtg tgtgacgtga     86940
     gacatctggc tgcatgagcc actcctgaga ggaagagtga ggagcaggtg ctggcaggtg     87000
     ccacggctgc ccctccctag ctaggtagtc gctgcctgta acccatggac agatggggag     87060
     actgtaggtg ttcttcattc gtgaacttac ctagcatcca gcttgcatgt tacatacttg     87120
     gttctggcct tgggagtgtt agttaggagg ctgaactggg ctgcttcctg catggaaggt     87180
     gggtgtacag agagcacacc ctgacctata gcctgtgtct gcaggggggt aggggcgggg     87240
     gtggggctgc agcatagcag gggccaggga agggaagcct tgggtgggag acggtgtatg     87300
     cccacacctt cacctgtacc acttcctcgc ctgagcacct ttcagtccaa gatgctgttt     87360
     atcaccctgg cttctcccag cctctggctg catctgtggc tccaagtgga gactcaaccc     87420
     tgacgcttct gtttcatgct ctgatgcaac ctacctacct tgttttctct tcctagtcac     87480
     acccacacct gcatccactc gggcctcaga tcagttcata ggttccaacg gtctgatctt     87540
     tggcaggtca ccttccttag ggggcttggc cttctcgtat gcccagtgag acaagtgggt     87600
     agcactcaca gattggctgt gaggcccgca tggggcccta cgtaagggtg cccagccaca     87660
     tacctgacta gaaatgacct gtgagcagtt cctgccagct tggtttgggg gagcctcatg     87720
     tgtttcctag gtccctctag ctggcgagtt agctctgttt tgttctctcc aggagagcga     87780
     ctatgtttta tacaatggca ggccctgctc ctttccaggc tcgggatgtt cagggaaggt     87840
     acttcatctt gttggctctg ctcggcaagc ttctgcagga accatttaca ggtttgcacc     87900
     cgggagctca gaaaggtagt gtggccctag gacggagatg ggggcgtggg gcttttctat     87960
     taagtgaggc cagctaactg tatattgcag tcctgagtcc aacttacaaa tggccaaagt     88020
     cagcctcaga ttcagcgagc ctaagacacg aagaaagtcc ttaatagcac atatgctagg     88080
     aggaagcagg tactgattgc ttattttgca tgagtggtct ggtgtgaggc tatatagtaa     88140
     caggcctcag tacagccctg ggaaaggaag ggtacagggt cttgcccaca ggctctccac     88200
     tcctgagcat gagtccaagg agtttcttcc cctctgcagg tggcactctg gggcgtggga     88260
     aagaggatca gggaagagac cccaggtcaa atgagtggtc tgttcagtta tataatttgg     88320
     tagatgtcat acctattcct caatgtttat ggggcaggac tccggagctg cggctgttca     88380
     gtaggagaga ccaaaagcaa atggtaaaca agagagaaga cacacaagcg cacacaagtc     88440
     aaacagcagc agcctcatca ctaccaccag ggtcactgct gccagcatcc atgactcagg     88500
     gcctaacgct gtcccgacca aactcacaca cgtccttaag cagcatctcc cacccaggaa     88560
     ctccggtcag ggctccaggt tgcctgcaga acagtctagg ctgcagatgg gccatgtgca     88620
     atgaagggac atggcgaggg aacgagatgt cctttgccct ggggaggagc cacaggatct     88680
     atggtggccc tcacatgctt gcctctccac agcccactca caaggcagcc tggatcccga     88740
     ggagatgtct gagtgtgccc tcccatctgc ctggatccag gctctctggc aagaaaatgg     88800
     agcttggaga ctagaacccc ttccagggga gggacagtgg tgctttgtat ttggttccct     88860
     tttggggaat cagaaatgag aggaagagac ctccagaggc cgctttaggg acacttggca     88920
     tacctctctg ctgcctctac tcatgtgcgg attaacttac gggctagagt agttaaaata     88980
     tgcttattct gtaacttaga tttcccctca gagtgtgcac tgcagacatc tcattttaaa     89040
     aacaagagtc tggggtttca ctttgtagcc gtcattggcc tggaacttga tatgtagatc     89100
     caggctcccc tcaaactcag aaaatctgcc tggctccacc ttctgagtgc tgggatgaaa     89160
     ggtatgcatg accacatctg tttttttttt ttaatgattt attttttatc ttatgtgcat     89220
     tggtgttttg cctgcatgta tggcatgcct gtgtgagggt gttggatcct ctggaactgg     89280
     agttatagac agttgtgagg caccacttgg gcgctaggat ttgaactcag atcctctgga     89340
     agagcagtca gtactcttaa ccacagagcc atctccccag ccccacatga ctgcatccta     89400
     tatcatgagg cttgaagaca ggagtgggtt tcacttcagg tctctatttg tttagatttt     89460
     actgcacagg tctactcctg tgtcactcaa tcatgtatgt agtttcactg aaagtccctt     89520
     gtctcttcct tacccatcac atagcctacc cagcaccttg tgagcatgct cactgcccca     89580
     cacactctcc tgctagccac ggactgctct ttgaagccac acagactgca gggtcataga     89640
     gttccagctc ttatcacagc gcctgtcaag ttaggctcta gcataaggaa ccagaaagat     89700
     ggcctcagtc ttgggccttt gaagccctgg aagcttcttg gggactgggg gggggggggg     89760
     gggggagagg agtcggaagg cacagaccct ctccaaggcc ctcacacacg taaggatggt     89820
     gatgatggct ttcttggtag agggtgacac acacaatcta agcaccctgt gcccttctcg     89880
     gccttcccct gtctgctctt catgaagggg gtggcaccta ttgaagaggc acagactgca     89940
     ggggcagggt ctgtgggaag tgctcctcac aggagaaaag agcattaaag aacagagagg     90000
     ctcgagccag ccctcagctc tcacggccgg gtcagatgag catgccgtgg aggagtgtga     90060
     acttagtccg gagaggctac acacgactct cctggctttg acccaggaga taaacagaca     90120
     cctccgagta ccttggcacc tttgctactg gtgtgattct aacagatgca gcagagggga     90180
     cacgcttcct ctccacaaga gcccttggac ttttgctaca gagacttaat tcgaatagac     90240
     ttaagagctg tttatacccg agtctctctc ctgaccctgc cacaggtgac tgattccatg     90300
     tttggccaaa ctgggagctc cgtttaatct caaacctgct gaccctagac attcccatac     90360
     ggaaggcgtg ctgctcgctg cccgcttacg ctgctgtgtc cgtgctgcct cctccctgta     90420
     agtgaggatg cactgcgctg acaagcaggg tgatgggaag ggggcttggc gaggaggaag     90480
     cagaaagaac aagcctggtc tccatggcgc cgtgggctcc aacagtggca gcagctccct     90540
     ctgccaaaag cggggctcag cctagaagcc cttgaggaaa ggctggccgg cagaaagcca     90600
     ccacagaccc aggcagggct aggcacaggc accatcttca ccctctgacc aaccgaggct     90660
     gcctatcccg gtctttgcca cagaagcgtg tctgtttttg ttgaacagct cccacgggtt     90720
     ttctctttag aactcagtgt attgcgcatc ggcccttgtc agttaggaac tggaagcttg     90780
     tctagagccc tagcgagagc ccctcaaatg cgcacaccag tgagtaagct tggtgctggt     90840
     cgggctgagc agaggcagga ggccagtgct ggcacagcgt gaacatgaac tttcacacaa     90900
     gtcagaaaac agaaatgagt ttaaaaatga gcaaaccaga cagacagaca gacagacaga     90960
     cctacacttg gcataaagac atggaacata aatggacgga tggaagcaag gccaggagtg     91020
     ggaaggcagg ggtgagcgtg cctggtctcc agcagctcca gcccagcctt aactgggcag     91080
     gaggtggcca tatggatcaa cgccctccac catgcttgga caggaaggga gagcgcctgg     91140
     ggcctgtgcg ggagaagcag gtgacctgat gctgtctctc aggtctcacg gaagcccggg     91200
     acctgggcag tatcttcagg acaaactaaa gagagaaagg ctggagaaag tttctcccga     91260
     gcaactggct tcccttgccg caggcttgca tggggccagg gcctgctggg accatgggtg     91320
     gcacaggctg aaggagagtg gcagccacag aaggccctgc ggcttaacac ttcagctact     91380
     tcgctgagcg agtaaagcac tggaccccgg agtggctgtt ctgaagctga agcaggtcct     91440
     cagtggggga cactgcgggg acgatccagg gaagtgtaag ggacatctgt cccaggcagg     91500
     gtcttggctg ctgcaggatg ggcacactga agtcagtgct caactgtgac ttattttatt     91560
     ttggggtttt caagacaatt tctctgtgtg gcttcggctg tcacggaact tggtctgtag     91620
     accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatccgc ctgcctctgc ctccccagtg ctgggattaa     91680
     aggcgtgcgc caccacacca agcttgattt tattttttga gagactaggt aggtcttgtt     91740
     acgtagctcc tggcctgcag cttgcaatga tggggctgcc tctgtttgcc aagtgtgggg     91800
     ttgtaggcat gggctagcat gcgtgggctt gaatgtacaa ttagcatggc tgctttgcag     91860
     actgtgtttg aggtcagaga aagaaacagg gcacgctgag aagttggggc cttagagaac     91920
     caagtcatcc ccgccctctg ccttctccgc tgggatccga gtcttgcacg tgtgatcact     91980
     ggagacctaa ggctcgtcgg atcagaaagc cattcactga cctacagatg cttttagatt     92040
     tccttgtgat cctcaaacgt acgtccctgg aagagctacg gtttctattc taaaagctga     92100
     ggcttctttt ccaaggcctc cacggggaga gcgggggcga gcggaggggc gtctcccacc     92160
     aagttcatgt tcagcacact gccactcacc gggtaagcag acctcagagc acagcttatt     92220
     gtccagtgct ttcacgcttg cgacgtcaaa gtcattgtta ttgtcacact ccatgcctag     92280
     aaatgcgcat gtcctctggc ctgtaacgga gttaatgcag ttagacaggg gctggctagg     92340
     atttctctac ttcgctgtcc ttaaaaaaaa aaataaaagt tttaagatgg agacaaaaag     92400
     taaaaaaata aaataaaatc atgtgtcaaa aaaaaaaaga cgataaaatc aagtaaagag     92460
     tggacagaag aaccgagttg tgtgggcatg tcgggttctc gcgggcaccc tggtttgtga     92520
     actgagttgt gtgggcatgt cgggttctcg cggacaccct ggctcatttc tttaggtgcc     92580
     cctttctagt tgttccttaa taagtctggt tcctatggaa ggctgccaga cataggtcag     92640
     aagggcagct gcacccgggc tagcctgatg acactgaggc ctgaggccct gaggtgatga     92700
     cactgtggcc tgaggccctg aggtgagatg gtcccctgtt caggcctgtg actcccaggc     92760
     atgagtgagg tgtgcttatg accgaagggc ctgcagaagc agacacagtg cactactcat     92820
     ggctctgggt tgcgcagttc tgcacagcac atcggaatga ctgttcacag aatggtgatt     92880
     ttcactctca ggaggctgag gctgtttgtt actggaggtt ctcagagact gcccagagag     92940
     ctgaggtcat atgaaaggac aagggagagt tgtaggcatt attgtttttt aaactcctcc     93000
     tttctttctc agtgaaaaga aaggaggcaa accctccatg gagactatga agaggtgagt     93060
     gccaacaagc tggccaccat gtgcatctta gaagaaaagg ttccttgggg aagccatgtt     93120
     gggttctgaa atctcttgag aggcagggaa gctcctagcc ctgggcagat gtgctccctg     93180
     ggagcagtca agccggcatg cacccctgac acccctcaag caatggcaat ggcccgtgct     93240
     aaagcaggag catctaggat gacctctgct ggagcaaccg tatccagggc tactgtacgc     93300
     aggccgcggc acacatctgc ctgggagcag agaggacagg gagtctggct tctgggatgg     93360
     gcagagtgac ttccctaacc acccctcttc ctcctcccaa ggcctgcagg gcatgctgcg     93420
     tttccaggct cactggagac aaatctaact gaagagcaaa ccacagcctg tggtgctgcc     93480
     ccccacccca gccagccctg cagggggccg tgcttcaagt cagccacatc cttgagacaa     93540
     gggagctgct ggccgacctc ttaggtgttc tccactaaag ccaaccagac aagctaccag     93600
     agtcctgcct ctcatgtgga agagaccact actccacttg gggttagggc agcccaaggg     93660
     ctcagctaga gagctgccac acgtggtgtc ctctgcggca ccatccacgc cacccccacc     93720
     ctgtggagtc tgtgtctcag caggagctta gcatgtcact aaggtcaccg atatcccatt     93780
     tgcctgacag catctcccac agcggagcac cgccactaaa gccacagtca tccttccttc     93840
     cttcccccct tagcagtacc cagaaaggca gcatgagtga gagcagggac agatctttta     93900
     ccatcttctc gcacaggtga tctgtcctct tcctctatga tatcatttcc ctaggacaca     93960
     agaaaagccc catgagtcta ccgttagagg caccaagcac agacaggaca aatcacgtcc     94020
     tgcccgccgt catgatttcc acggtctacc tccacagcac atacttccca ccatggccag     94080
     gggatgcttg atcaacttca agtctatgct taggatgggt tgtaagaaat acgcttatac     94140
     taaagtacaa ataagagtta aattaagcaa ataaaaatca ggtatgggca taggcctata     94200
     atttcaggac ctgggagaca gaggcaggga ggtcacctga agtaaaaagc cagcttggtt     94260
     caggcagtgg tggcgcatgc ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggtggattt     94320
     ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccaga gctacacaga     94380
     gaaaccctgt ctcaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaacaaa     94440
     aaaagccagc ttggtctaca acggcagttc taggccagac tgaatactta gggggtatac     94500
     atagttaagc cctgtctcaa accagcaaat gagacaaaat ataatagaat ataaaaatca     94560
     tgaggtcaca aagctttcag aaattcatca ttggccaatt actacccaat gtcctgagag     94620
     gccctctgag aaggaaagta aaggctggcc tgcacagtga tggaggctgg cctgcacagt     94680
     gatggtgcat agcataccca gggcatctcc acccacagct ggagacctag cagccctggt     94740
     aaacagacta acagcaggac agccagcaca tcccaggcct gtcagggtct ggcaagggaa     94800
     ggtcactctc tgtggctcat acatggaacc agtgtcccct gctgacagaa gagtgcagca     94860
     ggccagaggt ggaggccact ctcccctcta cctacactcc taaatgatct aggcatgcct     94920
     ccagggcagg ttttccagtg ctcctttgcc acagtcattc ccagctaacc ccggcagtag     94980
     gagaccctgg ctgtgggcaa ggagctgctg cctgacgttc aggttacctc tgcatcctgc     95040
     tctccagctg gaaggccagc gaaattgctg tctggggact ctgctggtgt ctcctgtaaa     95100
     agagcaacga agccccaggg tgtggtcatc acaggctctc cagttaagct cttaaggcca     95160
     caaacccaag cccacagctg tcctcagcac aaggctggtg gcccactgag cgggatctaa     95220
     gggagagcct gctgtcctcc ctgagcattc ctgcccgcac atgggccttg accaagctgc     95280
     ctggcactcc tgtgtgaagc gagagcaagg caggtcaagg agaactcttc ccttacctct     95340
     ccttctgaag gggccctgct agcagctcgg ggggaaggca gggcttctcc ttcttcttct     95400
     gtaccaggtg cgatgtagga gccagacatg gaggacaccg tgtcggtgct gatctgggag     95460
     gaagccatgg acatgactga ctgggccagg ctgctgctgg ctgggtctgt ggacacagaa     95520
     gtcagggcgg ggacaggacc ataattacca aggagcagta tacacttcct acactaggcc     95580
     acaacgaggc atacaaatgc ctccacatgc cctgtcctga gaaaggctca gactgaaggt     95640
     cttctaagac tctgctctga aactcaagga ctgagggctt gctcctgctg ttacatcacc     95700
     gaggggatcg cgtcatgtag gagggtggat aagaggcctg ccttctccag tgtggaccgg     95760
     tttaatcacc agctcactgc tcccatcccc agaggaagtc acggctgtgg accaggtgag     95820
     ggaggcgcat gcagttactc ccttaggtac cttctgggga ggagatggta gaagagagcg     95880
     gagtccctgt gcaagacgac tggtcaacag cccctgagga ggacagggtg aggttctcac     95940
     tctctggagt cacgtcgggt ccctgggggt gaaggacaca ttggaacgtg aacccagcac     96000
     aagccctccc tgcattagga gcagagctgg ggaggaacgc aggagggatg actcttcttg     96060
     tgggtatgag tgacagggga ggcaggcggt gctggcttct gtcagcattc cttttcagcc     96120
     aaggcctgga gtgactctgt cccaggggag tgcacatttc agtcagcacc tcctgcctta     96180
     ggcccagcat ctgctgggca cacaaaggtg gcagctccag tgacacaggt cacccagcag     96240
     ctgtcacaca gggatagccc tggtgtcccc aggcctagga acagctttcc tttagaaggg     96300
     aaagaacaca aaaccaacag ggccctgact gctcacaaga cccctccata tggatgtaca     96360
     gagttcctgc tcagtggatc tgagccactt ctgccctcca cctgccagtc ccccgggata     96420
     cagccttgcc gtcttaggtg cctgcgaagg ggctcccagg gaggcctctc tcaccttagg     96480
     tctgaactac cgagccctcc ctggctccac tggcccaccc gtgactgtca ggggacctct     96540
     gtaagtcaga gctgtcacct tgtccctccc ctgctccaag ctcccactca atgcttctct     96600
     ccctttcatg cctaagaacg ttctaggttc agccaaaggc gactccctct acaacagttt     96660
     ttctgatgtc ccccgctaaa gggaactgca caccatacta tgaaacttcg tggtttcttc     96720
     tgagtacact gccccatctg tcttgagaca gcctcagtag ctggctggca ctgaacttga     96780
     tacgtagcct aggctgacct caaacttatg acgcccttgc tttagtctcc agacctggga     96840
     ctacaggcag ctgtactcca ccaagcattt ggcaggtggg gcaggagggt catcttcagc     96900
     aatatagtta gttcccggca agcctgagct aagttacact aagacgctat ttcactccgc     96960
     ccccgccccc gtgtaagaag tatgtactgg gcagcaacag tgagccacat agagcactgg     97020
     tggttgagta taaacggcat cccagttaga cacgagctct ggaggccaga gcactgcccc     97080
     gtctccgaac accctctgct cctagcttgt tgcttggata gtacatggct aatagggtct     97140
     ggacgttgta ggcaaggtct gggtgaggga cgtacagggt ggcgaactca tggacctctg     97200
     gaagcttgag caactgccgt cttgtaaggc actgcaaggt ctcatgagca gatagaatca     97260
     gggaccaagg agccatgcag gcagatgccc gatgccagta cccagggagg gagaagaaag     97320
     ccagttacct cttcagggtg ctggactgag agcctctgag agagctgagt gtctgactca     97380
     ctgcaagagc gctcatcttc ctcttcgtga agcacagaag aattctggga aatggatctg     97440
     taaaatccca gaagaaaagc agctgagcac agcactgccc tttctctcct gcctcagccc     97500
     tcacaggagg gctggagaag ccaggtcagc tctcgggagc ggggtgggac aggtttattg     97560
     cagcggggtt tattgcaccc cccatctcag ttccttgatc cctgagatac cctcttttgc     97620
     cacagagagt gtgtgtgatt gtgttctatg gatttagatg ctccctctgt ccacactgtc     97680
     caatgtcctc tttccttact ctcccctcaa gcacccatgc ccaccaagtg cacatgcccc     97740
     taagtgccca ttctacgtct tctctggggg aaactgtccc ttcctcacca ccgccaggct     97800
     gctgctcact actttatgcc tctgtatagt gaataccggt gtgaaggttt ctacctagca     97860
     tgtgactgtc acaatgtgga ggagggaaag gcggtcttga aagctctcag agacgaccct     97920
     gcgtgacact ggtgggcacc ctccacttac ttacttggat agactctttt tgagtttgag     97980
     tccttggttg ttgcagtcag acaggcggtc aaggggggac agtgtcctaa cagggggcag     98040
     gtagccatca ctgccatagg acgggagcat tcctgagagg tggccatccc caagaacgtg     98100
     aaggggaggc actgccgggg acgaggtgag gggcccgttg agggcctcga ggagagacac     98160
     cacttcatag cccgggggga tgttctctga ggactacgag aatcagagat aggccaaaca     98220
     ttagtcaggc acttttggat ttatggcaca atcacgtttc ttcatggaca ttaaaagatg     98280
     cattttgtgt ttaagcatcc gtctgtggca tgagacactt ctatgctaaa cgtaaggaca     98340
     ggggaagtgt gggaagccac gggcgcccac gggatgcttc acacagtcta cttctctgat     98400
     gaaaactgaa gtaagtactc actgttggaa actggcaaaa caaatcaaag aagagaaaaa     98460
     taaccgatca cccaaagtaa cttttgttgg caatctagga catttttcaa ttattttatc     98520
     ttgttgctga tttatgatta agctttaaag ataattctag gagctggaga gatgattcag     98580
     taggaaagag cacgtgctgc tcctgagttc agaccccagc acccatgtca ggggctcacg     98640
     gtcacctgta attgctgctc taggggccta aagctgccct ctgaccccca gggcagaccc     98700
     cacccactca agcggtaccc tgcactcaca tgtgaatatt cacacacaga cagacacaca     98760
     tatacataaa ctaaagataa caattttgta ttgtaattat ttagttaaac ataaatatgt     98820
     tcctgtatgt atgtatgtat gtatttggtt tcttgagaca gagtttctct gtgtagccct     98880
     gcacatcttg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctca aactcagaga actgcctatc     98940
     tctgctggga ttaaaggaac cactgcccag ttcctttttt ctttttcttt ttggtttttc     99000
     gagacagggt ttctctgtat agctctggct atcctggaac tcattttgta gaccaggctg     99060
     gcctcaaact cagaaagctg cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcgtgca     99120
     ccaccacacc cggcttcctt ttttcttaag acaggttttc ctgaagccca atgtgatttc     99180
     aaactcacta tgacctccta cctccatcgc ccaggtgctg ggatgacagg tgtacaccca     99240
     tatcccccag ctcctcctat agctgggaat ttcagattca tccttttgta gacattggtc     99300
     caccgcctct gcctccagag cgctgggatt aatagcattt gccaccatgg ctggactgta     99360
     ggaagtgctc taacttctga gccatctctc cagcaactcg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     99420
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgttgg atatggaggt gactgcaggt gacttcagca     99480
     gccagaagat ggcactcgat gcccctgaag gtggctctga gtcacctgca gtataacctc     99540
     tgtaagagca gtgactactc ttaattacaa tccatttctc ctgcctgtga cattttattt     99600
     tattgcagta ctagagaatg aacccagggc cattcatcat taagataagt aatctacgta     99660
     aatactctat cactaaccca caccattagc ttagatttca atcctcaaat tcatttactt     99720
     aaagagaatt cagggcagtg gtagttgttg gttctgaggg agcctttagt tcttgggtag     99780
     cccaacgtct ggaatacaca gtgtaattaa cctctttgtc tttggtcaca gtccttggac     99840
     ttcagccccc tcagtgctgg gtgctggtgt ggtgtgtacc atcttgctag gcttaggttt     99900
     ggttgacaga agatttttat gtgttgtttt taagagatga cctggcaacg tagccctggc     99960
     tgtcctggaa tttactcact atgaggtcta ggttggcctt gaacttgcca ttctccttag    100020
     cctcttggtt gggctttttt aaaaagattt atttattttg tgtatatgag tacactgtag    100080
     ctgtcttcag acacaccaga aggaggcatc agatcccata acagatggtt gttagccacc    100140
     atgtggtgct gagattgaac tcagaacctc tgggacagca gtcagtgctc ttaaccgctg    100200
     agccatctct ccagtccctt ttctttgaca gggtttctct gtgtagcctt ggctgtcctg    100260
     gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctca aagtcagaaa tcctcttgtc tctgcctccc    100320
     aagtgctggg attaaaggtg tgcgtcacta ccgcccggct tgactggact ttttatgtgg    100380
     ttaaatctac agtcccctcc aacctccccc cccccccccc cgacaccgtg aaaggaggct    100440
     ttcttagttt gtctagccgg ttccagaggc cccacccatc tttgcctgtt ctggctgctt    100500
     atgtggctga gatgatccaa agtcaggttc tcaggcttgt gcggcaaaca cttcaccagg    100560
     cagaccacag tcccccctct tctacccaac acccctgctt ttttatagtt gttactgctt    100620
     gagtagtgta ccatccagat tcaactgaat aacatacata gtttattcta gggttataat    100680
     gctttattta gtctgtttgt ttggcttttg ggttttttgg tttggtttgg ttttagataa    100740
     ggtgtagcct tggctgtcca ggaactgata cgtagaccag gatggtcttg aactcacaga    100800
     gttctgcctg cctgtctcct aagtgctgag attaaaggca tgccctggtg tgcctgctgg    100860
     gttttttttt tttttttaat atctaactaa ttgtcccatc tgaaatctac tccataagga    100920
     tcaaattgat aaaggggggc tgcagagatg gctgcagcat gccaggttgt ttagcactaa    100980
     ccctgatgac gtgagtttga tctctgggac ccacatagta aaaggagacc caattcccca    101040
     aagttctctc ctaccagaca tccttcatcc actgccctgg acacacatgc tctaaataaa    101100
     tataaaaaaa taaattaatt taaaatgcaa aaaggacttc ttcccttatg cataactaac    101160
     caatttcccc catactgaat aataaacctc ttccaccact gggccaatcg aggcaggaca    101220
     gtacacgtag ctgtgtcttt ggagggcagg gtgctgtttt atagtgctag tgactggtcc    101280
     caaggccttg cgcatgctag gctcatgcct gatcccagag ccacacccgt cctcgactac    101340
     agctgcagac cttccaggct tcctctgata gcctcatacc ctatgactct aaggtcaatc    101400
     atcttatcta cttggcttcc aagctctcaa gccacaagaa ggatgaagaa aggcagtaac    101460
     tttcttcaag aagtcaagta aagagagaat ttggttcaaa tccaaaacag gcatccctgt    101520
     ttctgctcgg ggcagttgtg agctggatcc cgctggagtg aacgtccaac ccatggctcc    101580
     aggaaatgta gatatcaact gaactccaag ttccaaagga ggaaaaggaa ctgtcgacga    101640
     ttagaattca actttcagtt gcaatattag taagttgtgt aagatttatt tacttctggg    101700
     gagtggtgca cacctgtaac cccagcactc gggggttagt tacacatagg cgggtctttg    101760
     agttcgaggc cagtgtggac tacagcaagt tctagtacag ccaaggctac ctggtgaaat    101820
     cctgtctcaa aaaaatggct tttattttat gtgtctgagt gttagcctgc atgcgtgtct    101880
     gtgtgccatg ggtgtgcctg gtgcctgtgg aggtccagat cccctaaaac tggagctaga    101940
     gacagtggtg agctggcagg tggatgctgg ggattgaacc tgggtcctct acaagagcag    102000
     gcagtgctct taactgctga gccatctttc cagccccagt cttaggatgt tttactagaa    102060
     catgatccca gacagtctaa ataaaaccct tcagcacact caggtttgat ttcttgatgg    102120
     aatgccgtca gatggcagga caaactgggt gtgctggctc acacttgtaa cccctgtgct    102180
     tggaaggcac aatcaggaag accactgtga gtttcagatc tggtctggtc tacagagcaa    102240
     gttccaagcc agctagggct acagtcacac tctttctccc aaataaaacc tacagagaaa    102300
     tatcaagaac gcagagaaag aggtgccctg gaagggccgt gcttctgagc ccagcttact    102360
     gaatgctcct cagagtccga ggtctgggaa gagatgatgg ggttaaagct gcttggggac    102420
     agagggccca gttttttcct catggctcgg atctgaagca gtgcccggaa ggctgtgaag    102480
     aagaaaacag gccatcagga catcctgttt caggattaag gataagcagg cgctcagaca    102540
     gaagccatgc gccctccagc attagtccat ttgctatgcc cggcggggga cagtgttctg    102600
     ctgttttgtg cccgcccctc caggacttac gcagccggca gatggggcag ttgttggcct    102660
     ggtagcgcag ggtgtctgcg caggtgttgc agaggcagag gtgccggcag ggcaggatca    102720
     aagtatcgcg gacgtcagag agacacacca cacactcagc gctgttgtca ctgacgtcgt    102780
     cctctgccac ctggccagga ggagacacag ctcatcactc atggccttcc atctctcaca    102840
     agttactcac aagtcagtga ggctgaagag cagacacacc ctgggagctg tatctatgct    102900
     gacgctggac tttaatttat gcactgtttt tgttttcttt ttagttttta ttttatttta    102960
     tgtgtatggg tattttgcct tttgcatgcc aggtgcttgc agaggccaga agagggtgcc    103020
     agatctcctg gagccggagt tacagattgc tgtgagctgc catgagggtg ctgggaattg    103080
     aacctgggtc acccagaaga ggaggcaggg ctcttagctg ctgagccatc tctccagccc    103140
     cgtgaatggc ttttgctgct tggaccctct gcctctatta actgccagcc tgaaggtgag    103200
     agaatggact aacccctgag ctcattccct ctgaaggtct gaacagaagg gacctaggag    103260
     agcccagaga tgaagtgaag ggaaaataca agaccctccg ggagccagag ctcagctaag    103320
     ctgcagagca gaagggtgga cccacaatga gaaccttctc ataggactgg gctcccggcc    103380
     ctcagccctg gccagagcct ccaggagaga gcaaatgctg aattttgaac aaacctcacc    103440
     ttggaatctt gtgtgttgta cttgttttca atcccataga tctcctgaag aaggtagctg    103500
     accccatcca cctgaagagg gaagagtgaa ggccaaggac aggctcagca ccgagagact    103560
     agggcagagg gctggccatt tcccaaggta acccaggacc accgcttcac aaagaaaaga    103620
     ctccagggcc tagaaaggat gctttttttt tttaaaccaa cttatgtttg catttgagag    103680
     ggaaagccaa tggaattttt cttctaccca ctatcatatc caactgggag catgcaattt    103740
     cacacactgt agctcactct tacagacagc tagctgtaaa cagcattgac tcaagaggac    103800
     agagggatgt atgtcaaagt gtaagcattc gctataggag aaaccttagt ttgaatacta    103860
     tagaaatagc agcagagatg ggcaaggtgt gtggctcagc tgggagagtg tttgcctaga    103920
     acgtatgaag cccagcactg tgtgaccttg gtgtggtaga gcatcagaga gatggaggcc    103980
     agagaagcct tcagtgtcat cctccactca cactaagacc agtctgggac acacgagact    104040
     gacaggaagg agagaatggc aaggacagaa aggaagacag aaaaggaaag gtaaggcagg    104100
     cgtggtggct aatgcctaca gtcccagccc ttggtaagct aggcaagagg actctcatga    104160
     gtttgaggcc agcctgcact acatggcaag taccaggcca gctgggatta catagccaga    104220
     ctctacctca agaagaaaag gcaaagacag agacatgcag gtcctgggaa gacatgccag    104280
     tggtacacat ccacgaagcc agcctcgtgt tttctctatt ttataagaag ggtttttttt    104340
     ttgttttggt ttggtttttg gttttctgag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc    104400
     ctggaactta ctttgtagac caggctagcc ttgaactcag aaatccacct gcctctgcct    104460
     cccaagtgct gggattaaag acgtgtgcca ccaccgcccg gcggcttatt tctttttact    104520
     ttaggtgctt gtgtgtaacc tgagtttaca tacatgcacc atctgtgtgc aggtgctcac    104580
     agaggcccaa aggtgccagg ttccctggaa cagcagttcc agcactcagg agttaccagc    104640
     cgtggtgctg ggcactgatg gcccttcacg aggacagcaa gtgctcttaa ccactgagcc    104700
     atatctccag ccccagcctt cccattcctt ttaaaattat cattattact attgttatta    104760
     ttttgtgaat atggatatag tcatctcatg gagaatgcgt gtggaggttc aatggacagg    104820
     acagctttca gaaacggatt ctcttctttc tatcacaggc tacctgctaa gccatattgc    104880
     tgccacatac cttccccatt tcttttcttt ttcttttttt tttcccgaga cagggtttct    104940
     ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc aggttggcct cgaactcaga    105000
     aatccacctg cttctgcctc ccaagtgcta ggattaaagg catggaacac catgcccggt    105060
     tcctttgact tttcttaaat gggatctctt gctgttttgc ttaagctggc ctcagcgtcc    105120
     acctcacagg cattagcgtc ctcattcagc ttggttttga gatgatatct cctttttttt    105180
     tcttttaaaa aaatttcgct gggcgtggtg gcgcatgcct ttaatcccag cacttgggag    105240
     atagaggcag gcggatttct gagttcgagg ctagcctggt ctacaaagtg agttccagga    105300
     cagccagggc tatacagaga aaccctgtct caaaaaccaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaattc    105360
     tttttaccag gcagtggtgg tgcatgtttt taatcccagc actcgggaag cagaggcagg    105420
     cggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggtc    105480
     tcgaaaattt tttttttctt ttctcctctt aaaaaattaa atcttcccct cctctctttt    105540
     tttgtgtatt ttatgacaca aggttctctg tgtagtccta gctgtcctgg aacttgcttt    105600
     atagactagg ctggactcag attcatggat cgaactgtct ctgcttctca agtactgaga    105660
     gcaatcacac acacttggct ctattcctct tcctcttctt cctcctttct tcctcccttt    105720
     tttgtttgtt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtttt gagacagggt tttctctgtg    105780
     tcgtcctggc tatcctgaaa cttgctctgt agaccaggct gttctcagac tcatagagat    105840
     gcacctgcct ctgtctgcca agtgctggaa ttaaaggcat gcatcagcgt atctggtttg    105900
     gtcactactt ttttcaaacc atcctttgtt tgtttgtttg ttacaggttc gtactttgta    105960
     gctctggttg gtctggaact cactgtagct aaagctggtc tagaactcca ggtaatgttc    106020
     ttgcctctgc ctcccttctg ctgaaattac aggcacaagt caccacacct cgagcctcct    106080
     accctccttg ccaacgtcac tggctgcact tgtccctagc cctccgtgac atgtcctcct    106140
     cctgttgcag aagtgtaaaa tgttggcaca tggtaggggc tgggccttcc aactgacatg    106200
     ctcacatctt gatgctcact ctcctgggag gcagatggcc aatacgctga atctcagaaa    106260
     aggagttcga ggataaatta tgctcagaac tcagattggc cctgaaacag gctcagtgct    106320
     ttatctttgt gtttgaaatg tttctcatca tggcatttta agtaaaaaga gctctccttc    106380
     accctaatgt caggagacaa acattattct ttcccttttc aagataaccg tggcctggga    106440
     ggcaccaaca attccaaacc aataaaggca ctaaaagcca gtactccctc ggggccaccc    106500
     aagcagcttc taacagacac aagggactcc tccaaacatc ttctttcatt aaaaggaaaa    106560
     aaaatagggg agagaaacaa gagcgcatag ttttacaaag ttaaaaaaaa tcacaaggaa    106620
     agagagaggg aagcgctagg agccgctggc ctcagagact caccacttgc ttctgcttga    106680
     ggggcttcac acagaaggtc ccgtccgggt gctggaataa aagcctgacg ttagttagga    106740
     ccaggacggg caggggcact gtggactcgg actcagtaag cgtggaatag tgaccagcta    106800
     ggcccactca tgaggtgaag atcatggcag tggagtggcc aagctagacc ttcccgaggg    106860
     cagccctagt gtgcggagct tttcagcttt ttcacatgaa aaagaaatgt caaacagagc    106920
     atgttcctac cttctcaaaa gtgcccagaa gcacgtggca gtggccaaaa tactctgaaa    106980
     gaaaaggcac aaggctgaag aaggccaacg agacagcctc agtcctctcc cacacgcccg    107040
     cttcctcgag aacccacggc ttggtggagc agcagtgctg ggtggtcatc tgcaaggctg    107100
     ggctctaaac accattacag actccgccct cagagcaggg tggggaggga aaggaaagac    107160
     tcacagaggt gtattcaggg tgggaggcta tcgtaagagg ggagtgggca catgaaagaa    107220
     atcagaagtc tccttaccat ctccttcatc caccacagcg tgcactacca gagggtagac    107280
     ttcacggtcc agatcaaagc caagctgcag ggatgaaaag gaaatgcaga tgatgaacta    107340
     cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtgagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcgcgtgtg    107400
     tgtgcatgct catcagtccc tcagaaggca ggtgctgccc agaagcgcta acctcctctc    107460
     tgctcccatc tgtcagactc gcagctgtct aggtctgttt aactgaaggt ggtttatttc    107520
     ctcttaagaa accaaacaag ccagccctca ctgcatcaag ggtccctagc ctgcagctct    107580
     tttcctttca gcatggcttt ctcacagtgt ccttgactaa ctgactagct ttggaataga    107640
     aaaacgagca aggataggta tagttttaat ttgaactaag cagtccgtcg atgggcctga    107700
     aggggccacc ggggacaaca gctgagcgtg gcatcccagc atctggacag gctgtctgcg    107760
     gctggcacag gcactcctgg caagagatcc tggacctggc agcttacctc ctcttcggcc    107820
     cactccgagg ggtccacggt atgggagggc aggcagaact gctggcacac ccctcgcttg    107880
     tagtgcacgg tctctgactg caggctgttg tcttttggaa tgtagctgtg gatggagggg    107940
     aagcagagcc aaagttagag ctcagcccag acagcctgac agttcccact gtctcacacc    108000
     tgtgctcgct cggtccagca gcactcactc agggaagaaa aacacttttt ctaacttttt    108060
     tttttcacta gtctggtact attactagac ttccatattt aatctacaca tccacagtaa    108120
     agagtgaaga tccgaagaga aaatctaaat tcaaggtcca gaccccgccg ggttgtagaa    108180
     aagagtatgt ttgttcccgg gtgggtagag gctaggaggc ggctggctca cctgctatgc    108240
     cgtcttacct ggcaatgcca ttctggaatt cctcagtggc ctggtagtag atggtgatgg    108300
     ctacccgggc atctgtgtca aaggtgaact cgacattgta gtggacctta gctttgcctg    108360
     cctcttctcc gtggctcttc acttcctcag cacatctggg aaaccccaag agacagcctt    108420
     tgggggcagt ggatcgggac tttgttcttt tattttctgt gtagccctgg ctattctgga    108480
     actcactcta tagatcaggc ttgtcttgaa ctcagagagg caccgctact gcttcctgta    108540
     gctgtcttca gacacacacc agaagagggc atcggatcct atcacagatg cttgggagcc    108600
     actcaggacc tctgggagag cagtgagtgc tcttaaccgc tgagccatct ctccagcccc    108660
     tgctactgct tccttagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgagcgct gccaccagga ataggtcaga    108720
     aatattaaga tttgctcttt ggggctagaa agttggctca gcagtcaaga gcactggctg    108780
     ctcttgccca gggcctgcgt tcagttccca gcacccacag ggtagttgac aactgtctgt    108840
     agctccactt ccatgggatc tggcaccttc ccacagacat acatgcagac aaaacaccaa    108900
     aatgaacaac aaacaaataa acaaaaaaca ctcttagtct tctctaacca ccctcatccc    108960
     cccctccaaa agcaccacat acttctcagt gtggctattg gcatggttgt gccatctcag    109020
     tgtggctatt ggcatggttg tgccatctca gtgtggctat tggcatggtt gtgccatctc    109080
     agtgtggcta ttggcatggt tgcgccatct cagtgtggct attggcatgg gtgcgccatc    109140
     tcagtgtggc tattggcatg ggtgcgccat ctcagtgtgg ctattggcat ggttgtgcca    109200
     tctcagtgtg gctattggca tggttgtgcc atctctctgg ggcatttaga ttgtttactg    109260
     catctcacag gctgagtgcg tacgccagaa catggttctt tttcacttta atcactgagg    109320
     acactggtta gaaaaggcca ggcttctcct tccctccctc ctctaccctg cagcttcttc    109380
     tggactcacg tatgagcatt cagcctcctt cctaaacagc aagcacagtt actgggtctt    109440
     ggtctctcgg tcgtaggcac cgtcttacag acttgctact acagaacggt ttgtctcctt    109500
     cctccctgcc ccacagggtt ctgcggtcct cacactgtag ggaaatcaca actctacctg    109560
     cacagcacct agagccttcc ttgcagtgac ttcataaaca cgctagacac ccagctcggc    109620
     acagagcgag cggtgctcgg tttctctccc tgcctaacct cctgcactca ctacagcctt    109680
     gttaatcttt tggtttttcc atacactcat tctgaatttc tacccaaact ctgatagcta    109740
     tctgcacact tctacaggca tccagctgca caggtggtct tctctccgtg tctctgtctc    109800
     tcttccgtgt tttgtgctga agcccaggct ggcctcaaac cctgttgtcc tgccttcgcc    109860
     tcctgactgc tgagaccaga agtgcacagc accataacca actaaaattg gcttttacac    109920
     tcctaactca agcagctcat cagtacacag gcttgttggg gtgtctgcaa acgttccctt    109980
     tcttctaact agagttcttt gattttagat ccacagaata gagagagtac ttaaaatgcc    110040
     ggtgcaggca ggagaaggtt catcctgtag agagcactgc ccacggtcat gttccaagtc    110100
     accccagcct gaggaggcct catcttagga gccgtgcttc agcagcagca gcagcagctg    110160
     tcatctgagc gcgggcagga ggccgtggct gtcaggagct gctctgactc ctgtggagta    110220
     cctgttgccc cacaagcaga agggcacctg ggacctggcc tgcgcccttg gggacttact    110280
     tgacaagtct cagcgtgtcc ttccggatgt tgatcaggct tctcagagtc ttcacaggtt    110340
     cttggggagg cggggcagcg taagggaact gtcagagaca aagtgggagc aggagtgtat    110400
     ttataaagac atggctgtcc ccaactggaa gatgctcttg ggtgaatgaa aaacagtgag    110460
     gcaggaggag gaggcacact cctgacagag gaggcagcct ccaacacagt aagtaggtaa    110520
     gcttgctgtg cgggaaaacc aggattcaag atggtgtcaa aaaagcagga tttatctgtt    110580
     tttctccctt catatgaagc gtatatgggt tagtgttcaa tacttggaaa actaatttaa    110640
     aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aaccctaaca actcttattg aagttctaaa    110700
     caccaaagga ctcactgtgg ccaagttaac ggcaaaaagc ttctgcattt tactgcaggt    110760
     gacagggagg agctgcaagc cctatctatc cttcagggga gacaaccaag tgtgcagggc    110820
     agaggcttgc aaacaccaaa gaacaaaccc ccttagctga tcacatagag cagtttgtta    110880
     accctgatcc tacaggcacc tgggggtcag cctcatttac acacatacag tgctggctcc    110940
     atcattcaca cactttcttt tcccatcagg atctctggat tcagagttct gagacagtga    111000
     caaagggaaa caggaatctt tccctgggat gcgtaacata ttctcagtat ctgtgttctc    111060
     tgggcaatag tgattcaaga atctaccaac atgcagtggt gcagatgtgt tcttagggag    111120
     tggagaggca ctctgtcacc gctggaacaa cacatggtgt acacacacac taagatggct    111180
     caggcagcgt tatcttacac tatcaaatat gctgactgcc cctgatggaa ctgtcacttg    111240
     ctgtgactgt ttcttgggaa gctgactgac tagagtccgt agctttgcag cacactgtgg    111300
     gtcttctagc ccaaggctgt acccgcacag tgctgctgca gagaacagga ctcagagtca    111360
     tgttctaatt gtgcttacac acacacacac acagacacac acagacacac acacacacac    111420
     acggactgga tggggttatt gtgtcgggga aacaacttaa tacaaagtaa agtgcatcag    111480
     actttcagtg ctgtcaatgt gactgctggt aattcacatt cttgaatatg atccttaaga    111540
     aaacacactg aagtgcgaca gtggaagggc acgcctttaa tccagcactc agggaacaga    111600
     ggcaggctga ccctgagttt gaggctagtc tggtatacag aactagttcc aggatagcca    111660
     gagctacaca gagaaaccct gtttcaaagc aggaaaagaa aaatcaaact agatgtggta    111720
     gcacacacct tcaattccag tacttgggag cctgagacaa gcagagttag tggccagcct    111780
     ggtctactgg tctatatagt gagtttcaga ctagccaggg caacatagtg agaccctgtc    111840
     tcaataaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aagggaggga gggagggagg gagggaggga    111900
     gggagggagg gagggaggga gggagagaag aaacattctt aaatgtttaa aagtggacac    111960
     attgaattac taaatcaaag agtagcacag tataacttta aatattcagt tggcgtggct    112020
     ggagagatgg ctcagtggtc aggcacactg tctgctctag cagaggtcct gagttcaatc    112080
     cccggaaccc atctggactg ccataggatg cctcttctag cagacaggtg tgcatgcaga    112140
     tagagcttgc atagtcgtaa gacagacaga tcctgcctgt aaaacctcta cagggaaggc    112200
     agaagaacga ggagcggaag cttatcttaa ggcaaatgct aagttccagg ctaggttgct    112260
     ctgtaagact tcagttcaac aagaaaaagg ggacaaggca tggtggtgca caccgttagt    112320
     cccaacacga caggcagagg caagaggatc tcggtgagtt cgaggccagc ctgttctaca    112380
     tcctgaaccc aggacagcca gggctacaaa ggacttacaa agaaagaccc agtcagaaag    112440
     agaaaggggg aggaatgctt ttctttagct gcccatgctg cagtaagtac cagccaccaa    112500
     gctgcgacaa cttcaactca gtgacccgag gagaggaggg aggaggactg gaggcaaaag    112560
     gagaaggggg ttcagtggga aggagagtgg ggtgaatgtg atcctaatat actgcagaca    112620
     cttaggaacc tgtggtgagt acttaccccc tgccccggga taaaacactt tgtaggcatt    112680
     acatacaaac attttactac aattataggt gttttgtttg aaacagtgac ttacttattc    112740
     tattgccttt gtagcccgga ctggccttgt acaccccatt ctctcgcctc agcctcctgc    112800
     ctagcttaga gtacagcatg aaccacaatg cctggcctgc aacctcttac ttattttatt    112860
     tttggtttct tgagacaggg tttctctgta tagccctggc tgtcctagta ctcactctgt    112920
     agaccacgct ggccttgagc tcaaatccgt ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa    112980
     aggcgtgcgc caccactccc agctcttgtc ttaatttttg ttttcaatgt tttttattac    113040
     atttgactta ttttatgtta ggcacatgtg ccatagcacg catgtggagg tcagaagaca    113100
     acctgaaagg gtcaattctt tcctcccacc atgtaggtcc cgggaatctg cacccatcag    113160
     gcttggagca ggcacctttc cctgttgagt aatctctctg gcttctactt tctgttgttc    113220
     tttgagacag agtcttacat agctcaagac aagccttcaa ctcctgctcc tcctgacttt    113280
     catcctcctg agtgctgggg taataacatg agccatcaca ggcagccaca aaagcggcag    113340
     gtatgtgtgc atgcgtgttt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtttatgtgt    113400
     atacatatat acatgctttt taatgacaaa gcatgatatg cttaagcaga aaactttaaa    113460
     aaaaaaagag gcgcaagctc ggtgaccatt ttatcacaca ctatcaaaat gaatggaaac    113520
     agtccgccct ccctcgctgg gctctcactg tgtgaaggac tacacgctct ctctctctct    113580
     ctctctcatt ttaaagacat ggcaaacagc tccaaagtcc actatgttga caccatgtag    113640
     agatgactgc atgctttatt aagcagttgg ctttcctttt tgctgatgtg tgttgtagac    113700
     gcacgccctt gtccctgcgt tctgcacgct tgcttgtttc tttgagaaaa attcctagga    113760
     gtggaattac tggatcaaag agtaagtgta ctcttaagac gttaatgctc ggcgagcagc    113820
     cggccagggg gctttaactg ggggaaatgg gaattccagg ccagctctca tctgacgccc    113880
     atttcttcgc cccctacttc ctaggctgca gtactaaagg aatttaaaac caatttaaaa    113940
     taagcttaag caaaaagtaa ttaggcagaa aaatctgaca catactctaa atctgctcta    114000
     aagccaaagt aaatgacttt gggattagcg ttctctcgtt ctctcgagca gcacagcgac    114060
     cacttggttt gtgtgggtgg tgccattctc ctctggagac acccagagcc ttgaccctta    114120
     agaaaccctt aaggaccctt atttatttat ttatttattt tgattttttg agacaggggt    114180
     ctctctatgt agcccaggct ggtcttaaac tcacacagat cccccgccct ctgcctccca    114240
     ggattgagct accaccacct agtttgtaat gtttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag agtttgtgtt    114300
     ttttgagata atgtttctct gtgtagcttt ggctgtctgt gaagttcctc tgtaaaccag    114360
     gctgacctca aacttaacag atctgcctac ccctgtgctg ggagtaaagg cgtgtgcccc    114420
     caccacctgg ctttaggtag taaaatctca atggatttag ggaagggtgc ctaaatacag    114480
     gataaggaaa tgaggctcag gtaccctcaa tctaaccttt tttaaaaatt tttatttatt    114540
     tatgtatatg agtatactgt agctgtatag atagttgtgg gccttcatgt agttgttgag    114600
     aattgaattt aggacctctg ctcgctccag ccaaccctgc tcgcttggtc cctgctcact    114660
     ccagcccaaa gatttattta tacataagta tactgtatct gtcttcagac aacccagaag    114720
     agggtgtcaa tctcattaca gatggttgta agccaccata tggttgctga gatttgaact    114780
     cagggatcaa atgtgaacaa acccataaca aaaagggaat acacataagc acttctgagg    114840
     ccctactatg tgccatgcat cctttgtatg cattctcctc ccagttgtgt gtgtatgtgt    114900
     ttgcatatat gtatatgcat gcagtagagg ccaagggaca cttttttgtt tgtcttttgg    114960
     tttttggttt tttttttgag acagggtttc tctgtatagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca    115020
     ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatctgcct gcctctgcct cccaagtgct    115080
     gggattaaag gcacatgcca ccactgccca gcacaccttc agttcttaac ccaggagcca    115140
     cccacacttg cttgagacag ggtctcgact tgactagtga ggctggacag tgagttctgg    115200
     gcatctgcct gttctcacct cccaccactg ggattccaag tatgtgcctc tgcacccagc    115260
     tttttctgtg gattcctggg accaaactca ggccctcagc acctcaccac ccgggctgtg    115320
     cccccatccc tgctttactt taatttttaa attacggtaa aatacataca tgacatttac    115380
     atgtgaacta catcccggca cgcagctcag tggcataaat tatgacacat atgttgtcca    115440
     gccttagccg ccatccagcc ctaggccatg cactcgtact tcctattcta agatgaggca    115500
     agtctcctct cccagcagcc tgtgagctcc tggaggagag accagcccag aagagaaact    115560
     caaaatccga tggctgactg agcaaatgca gaatgtcaat gttaacaacc tcctctggca    115620
     gatgaagctc aaggggctaa gggaacaact cagagaggac acttgcttag catgtacaag    115680
     gtttagattc agttcctgat agcataaaaa aggagaaagt aggtgatact cagaaggtcc    115740
     caaggccaag gaacagaaag tagaagcatg gttggaatgg acaaggaagt gtgaaaggtg    115800
     aagtcctttc aaatagaatc aagctccacg caggttctgg aagctggctg ggacaccata    115860
     gagctcaccc ttctgcttag acagcagcag ataccaaagc acacggcccg tgcttccaca    115920
     ctttaacagg aataccggag gtctctgctg agaacggctt tcttagaaca cagcatggca    115980
     aatgtctttg tctatgagat ccaacggaaa gtgcagaagc cagcaactcg gatgctgggc    116040
     ttgtcaatac tggaggacat tgccgcttgc ccaaaacgca caaagagatg ttactggtgg    116100
     gagagcgaag acatttaccc atttgctcag cacccgcact acgtctgagc actgaacctg    116160
     gcagtgaaac gagcaaggag ccaagcaaac tgaatctgag aaatgactga gatccaccag    116220
     cggcctgcca atcaaggcac ctgtgtcagc agagcaagac tcaggcttca agcctggcgt    116280
     tacttccttg tacatcagga aagtgccacc tggtgcccag tgagggaact gctggtttag    116340
     gcacccgtct gaaccggtga gcaatgcctg tgcttacata caaatgtaca tgactgtaaa    116400
     tgcttatttt aaaccacttg ttaactttac ttaaagctga aggaaagaaa tttcatttct    116460
     gtcatagaaa atacgttcac agcacacgtt aggtaagaac aaaacaggct gggtacagtg    116520
     gcacatgctt ctaatctcag gatttcatcg gtggaggcac gaggataaga gttcaaggtc    116580
     agcctcagct atacaagaag tctgaggcca agctgggatc aaaaagcaaa accaaaccat    116640
     accagtgttt gactccattc gtaaagtgct ggttgtcccg taaagtccca gttttccata    116700
     aagaaagatg ataattcatt cataaaaata aacaattcgg gctggcgagg tggctcagtg    116760
     ggtaagagca cccgactgct cttccaaagg tccagagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg    116820
     tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa caagaactga ctccctcttc tggtgtgtct gaagacagct    116880
     acagtgtact tacatataat aaataaatct ttaaaaaaaa aaaaacagtt cacttcaata    116940
     aatagctttc ttttaagttt tatttgtgtg tatgtggagg tgtccttggg agccagaagg    117000
     gtctgtgacc ccgagagctg gagttgcaga tactgtgagc cacctaactg agtgctagga    117060
     atcaaactca ggtcctgtgc aagagcagca agtgctgcca gaggctgggt ttcttctcca    117120
     gccccagaag gaaacagcag ctcctgactt cctgcacaca cacacacaca cacacacacg    117180
     cacgcacgca cgcgtgcgcg cagcgtgaac agcgtgagct ggggctgagc ctgcagaccc    117240
     tcacagaaac ttaagtgcag gtttggcttt gttcgcttcc ctctgactca cttcattgac    117300
     cggaatgctc tggcctttct ccacttagta gaaaccattc atattttgtg accaccatgg    117360
     gaacaggcca acatcatgaa aaggaggggc cgtagagggg cagtgttcag cggtgaagga    117420
     cacgtgttcc tcttgaagag gacctgggtt caatttccag cacccacatg gtgtttgaga    117480
     atcaactgta actccagtcc cagggaatct ggcatgctct tctggcatct gccgcgcaca    117540
     aagcactcat aaaataataa aagtaaagaa taaaataaaa aataatgaaa catgcatggc    117600
     tgaacaagtt tgtattccaa ttgaagcata gagaatttca gttcaatcgc tactgtctaa    117660
     aaaaagagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggcaggcag gcaggaagga ggcagggcag    117720
     gcaggcaggc aggcagagaa tgatcacttt gaactactct agagataaag cgcagcagca    117780
     gtgtcaggat acagcagtga gagctgttgt gggttgccct gggcctgttt gtactctgat    117840
     aattctgctt cctcaagagg ggccgccctg acaggagtgg atcacatact cacgtgattt    117900
     catgtgaatc ttctcccccc tcccccaatc gaactggtca ataaagacta gagcctgtgt    117960
     ctggatagtg gaagggaaag gtgggactgg aggtcagaga gaatgaggga cagagagaga    118020
     aggatggagg aagaggaggt gggaggaaga tggagcagaa ccacgtggct tggagaagct    118080
     gaaggtagca aggggtctcc tagctggggt agagagtaga gtggtggtag agctgcccaa    118140
     tctaggcgta tggcttatac atataatcac tgggctgtgg gttttttaca cggagttagt    118200
     ggggttagaa gtatttttgc aaagacacaa tcactcagtc tacacttagc tcttttcctt    118260
     tctttccttt ccttttcatt tgtttgaggc agtctcccct gcctcaactt cacctttatt    118320
     gtttgtgtgt agttttcttg ggttgttttt tttggggggg ggcgcgggcg gggaggtggt    118380
     agatctcact atgtagcctt ggctgtcctg gaactcacta tgtagccttg gcatcagcct    118440
     caaactcaca aagctttgcc tgtggctgac tcgggagtac tgggattaga gaattgtgtc    118500
     atcacatccc cttccttcct tcctccctcc ttccctgccc cccttccttt caacagtgtt    118560
     tctctgtgta gcctggctgt cctagaaagt gctctgcagg ccacgctgac tttgaactca    118620
     cagccatcct cctgcctcat gggccctatg attaaaggtg atgccactgt tgcccagctc    118680
     atcatttttt aaaactttct tttgttcatg tttctagaac catcaactac tccgttaaca    118740
     tcttatataa acagaagtta tgaaagccag gaagctgtac aaatctttaa atttcatttt    118800
     ccccactaat atccttactc aaatttcata ttacccccta gcctcacata atcaaaaaat    118860
     gtgaacatac agaaacgttt aaggaattct gtagtggtga tcagagcatc acctgaaatc    118920
     cacgcttaca gcacacgagt cgggcatggg ggcgcacgcc tttaatccca gcaccaggga    118980
     ggcagaggtg cgtggatttc tgagtttgag gtcagcctgg tctacaaagt gagttctagg    119040
     acaaccaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc tcaaaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaacaa    119100
     acaaaaaacc tgtatgctac agcccagctc ggtggtattc cctgtaatcc cagcgcttga    119160
     gagatggagg caggaggatc aggagttcaa ggctacacag taatcttagg gccaacctgg    119220
     gctacttgag aggaggaaaa aaaaaaacag cagtatgttt gctactgtgt tctgcccttt    119280
     acagtgtact attttcaata aattaaataa tttttagaac tcatgttcca cttttatttg    119340
     acgcctgatt ctcttctgct ctctcactat ttctaatctc tcagctgcaa acacagggaa    119400
     gctttgcagg gactgcctta ggctagcgaa gctttggaat gccgccctcc cccaggagct    119460
     tctcagggga gaccagctta gtctccactt gaaaacttgg gtgagaatac ggactgctct    119520
     gagcagccat atccttgaaa tagactacgt gcctgctgca gagtggaata actgctctgt    119580
     gtcagctgca ggaaacccct ttcccctcat ttcccgccat actaaggggc tgatcagcaa    119640
     tttaagaaga tgtggtcacc aaagcaacaa gatgcaaaaa cttcttcgcc caaaactatg    119700
     aaggtgaccc ccaaccaagt gtcgcagaat gactttgagc acaaaaatgc tgtgtttaga    119760
     tttggctacc aaagcaattc accaagaaag caatccctat tagtgtacta attacattgc    119820
     aaggtctcct cgcactaagg acaggaccaa tgtcatggcc atatgacatc atccctaatg    119880
     ttgacttttt ccaaaatatg taattaagca attatccaat taggcaattc tctgtaagca    119940
     taataggtaa ccagcatgtg aaagcagccg atctcagagc gggcaaacac agactcctgt    120000
     gcgttgtgct taatgatatc cagtgcaagc aacttctttc ttcttgggtt tgccttctga    120060
     ctcagcactg ctctgactct gctcaggtga taaactcact cactggattc aggccctatg    120120
     ggaagacgcc tcccttctca gcagactgaa gcaccacctt ggcctcccat ggctgtaaaa    120180
     gactgccctg cagaaggtgg gctgctttta attacaagag cttctggact aagagcaact    120240
     aacttcaggt ggagatgaga ggggaaagca gtcttctctt ccttccaggg actggggagt    120300
     actgaggaat ggttggaacc actgctcttc ctccacacac acttcctgac tctcagcagg    120360
     agactaatag taacacagct cacaaacaaa agtctgcttt cttttttttg ttgttttttg    120420
     tttttttgag acaggaaaga ggctgaaatg gccgggtatg gtggcccacg cctttaatcc    120480
     cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggcggatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaga    120540
     gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg tcttgggggg gggggggttg    120600
     ggggggaggg ctgaaatgcc tgacactgta catgaagcct acgctcagag aggcaagtac    120660
     cagggccagc tgagacagga tattaaaatc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    120720
     acacacacac acacacacac actttttcca aagaaacatt tgaaggtgcc agcttccagc    120780
     tttttaaaaa cagagacatt tctttttgtc caattactaa caaaggcagt ggaaccaaaa    120840
     tattctccgt ctccatctca aaaacacaca agaaattaaa acccaagatg gccttcacct    120900
     tgggagactc caggttggct ttctgagtcc cactgaaatg atgactttaa agctcctgct    120960
     gtgagagccg agataaatta taagagttgc aaggtctcca gagtgcctga gagaaaagat    121020
     actctgaggc tcctaggatc aaaatctcat ctctagctcc agaaaagaga agctgtatga    121080
     aaccagcaac agttaattct gtaagcctat tactgtgcct ggccagtgcg tctggaaatg    121140
     cagccgttgg aagaaagcca ttactcagtc agaaactatg agatgtattt tctctagctg    121200
     ctcctgaaat tcagatatcc tacttaagga gagcaatggc acaaaataaa gtcacagtat    121260
     acacagcaga tgcagtatac acagtatata tagtatacac agaatacagt ctatacaact    121320
     acatagtata tagtatacac aacatacact gcacacacaa tataaacagt atacacagca    121380
     tacataacat acacaatgac actgcataca cagtatacac aatacacaca gtatacacga    121440
     atacacagta tacagtatat acactataca cacatacaga atacaccgta tacacagcat    121500
     atacaatata cacaacatgc atagcataca gtatacactg catatactgt ataaacagta    121560
     tgtctcctag acttttctaa gttattaaaa caaagacatg tgaaaactga tgaaaatcaa    121620
     ccctgaagct aatataacaa gacgtcactg actttgtccc gcagagctcc tgagcctctt    121680
     gaaacctctg actgcccttc tgacagcctc aagagcaagg agcagctacg ttaaatcaac    121740
     tagctggatt actttctttg gcttttataa aagtctaaga tgctttaagt catgtacact    121800
     gaaatctagt agctacaatt gcaccttctc gatagtacag gtcagagaca aaatctagac    121860
     ctcccaaccc atcaagttca gggcatgtgg gctccccaca ccctgagctc tccctgtcct    121920
     tcctgagggc tctgcttttc tctgtcctca ccacctcccg gtcctgaccc cttgagccac    121980
     acgcttcaat gccaccaatg cttttccatg caagcttttc tccacggctc tgcttctctg    122040
     actgactcct tgcctgccag taggatgcca agcttcagct ccacggcagg tcatgcctgc    122100
     aatcttgtaa tccctacttc tgaggcagaa gctagagagt tgacagtttg aggccagtct    122160
     gctctactta aggagatcct gtctaaaaca aacagacaat caaagggcca tgctccaagt    122220
     ttactcaggg cgtaaagcaa ggacagaaat cctttatgaa gggcttcgtg ggccagcaag    122280
     atggctctgt gggtgaactc gcttgctgcc ccgctgacag ccgagctcca tcctcagtac    122340
     tcactcacac aagtggaaag agacccaact tctctaagtt tcctcctgac ctccatgtga    122400
     gtgttgtggc acgtgcaccc ccaatcccgc cacacagacc acaaatacac ataaaaaaaa    122460
     atccccaata agtaactgta ataaaaataa ttcatactac ccatccccca acatcattaa    122520
     tgtaagttaa atttataatt ctcagcctgg ccatttatac aaagactctt ttatgcttaa    122580
     taacctgtaa agaatgcaca actccataat taagtaagaa gtccaaggtt cagcaggact    122640
     tagtgactgg cctctaacaa aatatggaaa agtggaagtt ttcagtagat aaacctgtac    122700
     tgtctggatc aagtgatcaa gattgatcaa ggggctggtg agatggctca gtgggtaaga    122760
     gcacccgact gctcttccaa aggtcaggag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca    122820
     caaccatcag caaccacatg gtggctcaca accatctgta atgagatctg acacccagag    122880
     agatacagtg tacttacata taataaataa ataaatcttt aaaaaaaaaa aaaggattga    122940
     tcaataatgg gtccaggagt actatactac aataatacaa gaaatactat agtacacaga    123000
     atattgtatt cctataatac aagggattct ataagaaata ccatagtaca aggaatactg    123060
     tagtactaga aatactatag ttcaaagaat actataatac tgtactacag taatacaatg    123120
     aatactataa tataaagaat accagccggg cgtggcggca cacgccttta atcccagcac    123180
     tcaggaggca gaggcaggag gatttctgag ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt    123240
     tccaggacag ccagggctat acagagaaac cctgtctcaa aaaacaaaaa caaaaaaaag    123300
     aataccatag tacaaggaat atctctgaaa tgatgtaata aggacatcac agtactcttc    123360
     aaaatctaca gctcacagtt gtggtgtggc atacctttat tgtcagcact caggaagcag    123420
     aagcaggctg attctgtgag ttcaaggcca gcccagtcta catagtgaga ccctgttttt    123480
     aaaaaatata aattaaaaat ctgtaactca gactttgaaa caggtcatag aaaaacagga    123540
     cccactggtg aaacgtgtgc gtgggtttac acaagttgct ttacccacca atcctctgtt    123600
     tccttaagaa taaaacatac agtaagaagt tacccaataa tttatgagat taaaatttgt    123660
     attcatcaag atccaggaag gggtgagtga gaaggctcac agggtaaact caccacatgt    123720
     gaaacctgat aagctgagcg agttcaagtc ccaggacccg cagagaagga ggaaactctc    123780
     aaaggtagtc ctggaatgtc gccttgaata tgtgatacat gtgtgcacat acaacacact    123840
     aatacatttc ccttaaaaat gactgctgga cagtggtagt gaacactttt aatcccagct    123900
     cttgggaggc aaaagatctc tgagttcaag accagcctgg tctacaaagt gagttccagg    123960
     acagccagag ctacacagag aaaccctgtc ttgaaaaacc aaatcaaacc aaacaaaaga    124020
     acaaaaaaac caaacaaaca aacaaaaaaa ccctaggctt tccccattgg aactgcctgt    124080
     gagttgagag aagtgtctag gtgtcggctc ttcaatgtca aagaaggaac aatacactct    124140
     cagttttggg atgtatttcc cttgctgggc tgttttatgc agcaaagcaa caattttttc    124200
     tgcaaagtca aaaaacaatt cataaaagta gtttttcggg ctggagagct ggctcagagt    124260
     tagggtcctt cctgcccttg cagggagcca gggctcagct ggcagcacct gcatggtagc    124320
     tcacatctct aactccagcc cctgggcatc tgcaccctct cctggcatcc atgggctcct    124380
     gcacacacat ggtgcacata agctcaccca ggcaaacaca catatgtaca caaaaacatt    124440
     aaaattgggc tggagaaatg gctcaggggt taagaacact gactgctcta ccagaggtcc    124500
     tgagctcaat tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca tctgtaatgg gatctgatgc    124560
     cctctcctgg tgtgtctgaa gacagcgaca gtgtacttag atataataaa taaataaatc    124620
     tttaggccag agggattgag cgaggtcgtc cggagcgagc cgaggttctg aattcaaatt    124680
     cccagcaacc acgtgaaggc tcacaaccat cagtacagtt acaatgtact catgtacatt    124740
     aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataagtaa gtaaataaat cttaaaaaaa aaaaataaga    124800
     tacagctgag gactatgttc cacagttagc tcactcttag ctctgccttc tacaaaaaat    124860
     aagcatataa ctaatttctg tatatcagag ctcctaagcc acttgctcat ggactggcta    124920
     gaaaatgaag taagtatgcc acttagagat gttgttaaga ctttttggcc cagaagggct    124980
     tttatagcct tcagtagaaa gtagaactgt ctcattaaaa tttatatatc tttaaaagta    125040
     gaaaattctc tgggtgtggt ggtacatgta accctaacat tcagaaggca gaggcagaaa    125100
     gatcacaagt tcaaggcctg aatcacacca aaaaaggaaa agaaaaaaaa aaaaggcaga    125160
     aaaatgaagc aaaattttct ttgaactgca acagtagtaa gcactgtttc ccgtaaggga    125220
     ccacgacggc aacaggaagc gggtgagagt gtccgtggtt tctaagacat ttcgaggaaa    125280
     ttcctgcagc cagatgcttc agagctcatc tgcccaacac cacagctgcc ctgggctctc    125340
     agtggcactt tccagagaga ctcccaccac acagcacctt tccccacgat cctgtaagag    125400
     tgtctgagcc cagcttgcca ccttcctagt gcaccacaac tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    125460
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgct attctgggac attatattct ggaggggaaa    125520
     acccactttt gggccacttg catgatgaaa ccagtacaga cagaaatata tactggcagt    125580
     gtgtgcccca gggtgactca ctagactgag tattgcctct cagaccacat gtgcacaatt    125640
     aacactcaca aatataactg aaaaaagaaa ggtcaccagg tagatctgat ttcttttgtg    125700
     tgacaagggc acacgccgtg cagcctggct ggtccagaac tcactatgta gaccaaggtg    125760
     gtcttgaact tttagcatcc tctctctagt ctctgccccg tgagttctgg gtgggccaca    125820
     ggactggacc tgagggacac acttacttat taagttgtct tgctacttag tatttcttaa    125880
     gctaactgat ttaattacca ggggtgacat cggaagtcag gtcagggcgt tgcctctgtt    125940
     ctcccactga cttgacggag gacactcaga caagtcatta taaatgtccc tggacatcag    126000
     tgtccccatc tgtagaacaa gaattacagc tcctgtgtat cttaaaggga aactgagatc    126060
     aaatgaaaat gctttgaaag gcatgtcacc agcgatcagc aatggtgaca tgatcctcaa    126120
     tagcacattc tacctgggat acatgctttg tttcttacat tatttttgtc tttcataatg    126180
     cccacacata tacacacaca tatacataat taaaaatatc aaaaataaat ctttaaaaat    126240
     aatgtatagc tgggcagtgg tgtgacacac gactttaatc ccagcactta ggaggaagag    126300
     gtaggcggat ttctgagttc gaggcctgtc tgatctacag agtgagttcc aggactacca    126360
     gggctacaca gagaaaccct gtcttgaaaa aacaaaaaaa gcaaaacaaa acaaaaagta    126420
     caaatgaaat ataagcaatt aagtatctca tctataaatc cctgagcact tggagtaaac    126480
     acaattagac tgtacattac tttgctgtga ccctggagag actgtgtctt cccagaaata    126540
     tttactctgt ttgagacgca aacttccaac agagacataa attccaactc tgtcaaggta    126600
     ttagcacatg cgttcaatcc cagcactcag gagtttgaag cagacagaga tccgtgagtt    126660
     ctagattagc caggactgca cggtaagaca ctgttttaaa agagagaaag ataatgtttc    126720
     agttagggtc cccattactg tggctaacca tgaccaaaag caacttgtgg aagacaacat    126780
     ttaattcagc ttacagctgt cagcctgaga gaagtcacac gatgaggcat tttctcagta    126840
     gagcttctgc tcctgagatg acttcagcat gtgacaaggt gacaaacaaa caaaaataat    126900
     taattaataa aaccaagatt tccaaacccc ccaaaacctt gagttggtcg tcccttcctg    126960
     tcactcgggc gatggcagcc aaggatctgt ttcctaccct cataggttgg ctctctgcag    127020
     atgacaagac acattaggtg ggcacagagc actgtgcact aagcagcctg ggacggctct    127080
     ggtggctcca ctggaagtag cccactttca gtgagtcctg aaggaattta aacacaaaaa    127140
     caaaaatatc ccagcagggg acagcctgct gtcttcttct gtggtgacac acaggacaca    127200
     gctactgtcc ctttagatga actttggtgt taacataatc ctagccctac aagggctgag    127260
     gctgattagc agatgaagaa ggtaagtcct gcctacataa gaccctgcca acaaacaaaa    127320
     catttgaaga aaaccatagc tagctagaaa tgagtacgga ttaaattatt ttcttttttt    127380
     gaaacaggat ttctctacat aaccttggct gttctagaac tcactttgta gaccaggttg    127440
     gccttgaact cacaaagatc cacctgcctc tgcctcccta gtcctaaaat taaagatgtg    127500
     caccacaccc agcctcagat tacatttctg ttacactaag aagcccgagt ctgtggagta    127560
     ctcatccctg taagaactgt catgatgcta cactgccttg gtttgtggct agtgaagtac    127620
     ttaattgtct caccaagctg caaaacccag ctgagtgttc tgcacagctc tgggctaaca    127680
     cagattgaag ctcagaaagc ctgactgtga aagacagaca aggaaaaaac ctgtggcaag    127740
     actgaaccca gataaactgc gcgtcacttc ctattactaa cacgactgaa aatgatactg    127800
     ggcattaaaa ctgttaagca aaatcttata caaggaaatc cttgtcctgt acttcagacg    127860
     ccttaaccag gctgttcatt ctttccccag tataagcggc acactattta aagattttta    127920
     aaaagatttt atttatgtat aggagtacac tgtagctgtc ttgagacaca tcagaagagg    127980
     acatcagaat ccattacaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga tttgaactca    128040
     ggacctttgg aagagcagta ggtgctctta accgctgggc catctctcca gccttggcaa    128100
     cacactattt atagttaaca ttttcaatta catgtctatg gagctgactc tcacttctga    128160
     gttgtagctt ggagaagcag ctgaaaatat gaagttaagc agggcgtctc agctcccaac    128220
     cgcacagatc tgaaatggga agagctgagc ctgaggaagg ccttgcattc accgcagcac    128280
     acacacacct gcatgcacgc atgtgcccgg attatgctgg aagcagcgta ctgggataaa    128340
     aaacgtctaa gaagaatcaa cactcggcga gtctgggaga ggaagtgata tcagacttga    128400
     gtgaagagac aagaccgagg gagaccctgt gtggcagaat ctggtggtgg tcagactcac    128460
     aagttgcctt agacagtgcc ttggcacagt ggtgtgagtc tataatccta gcacttaagt    128520
     cagaggctgg aggaacaagc tcagaggtag ctgggatttg gagactaaga atgtctcaga    128580
     gcagagcaaa accccagtgg tttgtacaga tgggattttg gagatggact gcccatcagt    128640
     cagatagcac agggcctcca ctgtggagga ggggggtgat agctggtccc tggcattctg    128700
     tgaatttccc tgcaaggtga agggagacag gaaccacgtg gcatttactg cactggtcgg    128760
     tttgatgcct ctggaacagg aggtatggga gaggtggttc cagcaggact gtagagtgga    128820
     cggtggttac tagcagccat ccatgatgaa aggagaaaac gacaacctca gatatggtga    128880
     cagtcaacaa cgtaaaccca actctgacca ccagaaaacc ttctctggaa acattgaatc    128940
     acagccacct cctgcaggca caaagcagta gttaagagca gcagaactta ggctgcacac    129000
     ctgcaatccc agcacccggg aggctacagc agaagttcaa ggccacctaa gctatacagg    129060
     agatcctgac cccaaacaaa acaaacgaaa acacaggctg gagatgcagc tcacctaact    129120
     ggtagaatgc ccacctcgca tggaagacac gacatgaaat tacagactcg gtggtgtata    129180
     cctggaatct cagctccgag gagggtggag caggaggatc aggaattcaa gtgaattggt    129240
     ggccagcatg agatacaaaa gacagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagaag    129300
     aaaagctgta gagttaagca caagctggcc tctcagtgaa gccaagtatg ctatgtgaag    129360
     ggccttggta ggaatggagt gaactccatt tgagatggag atgtctgggt atatttactg    129420
     gaaaactata aaccccatat taactgggtc tatgaagggg gccactccct ctccctgaaa    129480
     atggagaaat ctgcccttac ccttctcccc tttgcttaag ggctacacaa taagtgtaac    129540
     acctgataag ggaatacttg ccctacagac cttgtcccca tttgccctcc gggccactgc    129600
     catagctagg ctcaaatatc aataagaaag gaaggcttgt tgttgttctt tttaatgtca    129660
     ggggtgttga gggacctgaa taatacatcc cctggcatgt ggtgactctt tagagaaagt    129720
     ctctacgcag aggcagagga gcatcgcact agaacaggcc agggaaactt actagctagc    129780
     tatacctttg ggagggtcca gaagatgctc tagtggctac agcctagact ctacctctcc    129840
     tactggttcc cagcacaagg ccacctctct atgcatcagt actctcttcg tgcctactga    129900
     ggcccggggt cttgtctgga taacttgtca tctgtattct ttctcacatc tccgcaattt    129960
     tcctatgtta ccagaatgta tattaattga gccccaatta aagagctact ggtgaggagc    130020
     tgaagagatg acttggctgt tcaggtcatt tgctcttgca gaggacctgg gttcaatccc    130080
     cagcactcag acggtgcctc gtaactgtcc gtgactccag tgccaagtga tccgccactg    130140
     tctgctggcc tctgagggca ctgcacgcat gtggtacaca cacatacaag caggcaaaac    130200
     actcatacat acagaataaa aacattttat ttaaataaaa gagaaactat aacgacgatg    130260
     ttttccaggt gcaaaggaca gaagtccaga cctctatcag gacaggagag cactgcagga    130320
     cagccttgcc cctcccactg ccgctctccc tccaagtact tgaaggaggt gcactcactt    130380
     gcttggatga atcgctggtg cttctgtctg acccttctca tgtcatgtca cagctgcagg    130440
     acaggttgcc tgtggcaggg gctgtacttt atgtctttct atcactagag cctaacatta    130500
     gcctagagtc ccagggaggt tcaaaaggat attaagagaa tgagggagcg gatgaggcca    130560
     gcagatcagt gtttgtctgg cagacaggga caagggactg atgacagttg gctggctgtg    130620
     atgactatga aaggaaatta attattgtct caaactgtga aaaactaaga gaagaactgg    130680
     gaattaagag tgcttagtgc actccttttc tccggcggcc gggaagatgg cggactttca    130740
     gatggagcct gcttaccaaa agcagcctac gatctttcaa aacaagaagc gggttctgct    130800
     gggagaaacc ggcaaggaaa aactcccttg gtagtacaaa aatatcggtc taggcttcag    130860
     gatgcccaaa gaggccattg agggcaccac atagacaaga aatgcccctt cactggtaat    130920
     gtctccatcc gaggtcggat cctgtctggt gtcatcacga agatgaagat gcaggggacc    130980
     attgtcatcc gccgggacta tctctattac atccgaaagt acaatcgctt tgagaagcgt    131040
     cacaagaaca tgtctgtgca cctgtccccc tgtttcaggg atgtacagat tggagatatt    131100
     gtcacagttg gagagtgcag acccctgagc aagactgcga ttcaatgtgc tcaaggtcac    131160
     caaggctgct ggcaccaaga agcagtttca gaagttctaa ggagactctg gccaatgccc    131220
     tagaacaaat aaagttattt tccaatgtaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga    131280
     gtgcttagtg cagccaggca gtggtggcgc acgcctttaa tcacagcact ctggaggcag    131340
     agcaggcgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctgctctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc    131400
     aggactgcac agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa aaccaaacca aaccaaacaa acaaacaaac    131460
     aaacaaacaa acaaagagtg cgtagtgctc ttctagagga cctgagtttg cttcgagcac    131520
     acacatgaag cagctcacag ctgcctgtta actctagctg tgaggaacct gatgtcctct    131580
     tcaggtctcc aaggccacct gcactatatg catacactca tacagacata cagatattcg    131640
     taattaaaaa tagtaaaaat gaagccgggt atggtggcgc ttgcctttaa ttccagcact    131700
     tgggaggcag aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac agagtgagtt    131760
     ccaggacagc caggactaca cagagaaacc ctgtcttgaa aaaacaaaaa aaaactaaaa    131820
     atggcagaaa gtgttttttt gagacaaagt ctcattgtgt gtagctcaca ctcacctcta    131880
     actcacagca agccttccgc tctggccttc tgtgtgcacc cggactgtag gcgggagcca    131940
     cctccagaaa cccaatgaat ctggggacct ggggttcgtg gtttgccagt aaatataccc    132000
     agacatctcc atctcaagtc taggactaga gcgccaccac atctggctta caaataacaa    132060
     taataagata aactaaattc ttccctgcct ttcagaggcc tggtgactaa ccatcacctt    132120
     aatctattca gcccgtcgga ggccaagcac acttggtatg ccagtcacgg cccttcagac    132180
     acgggcccgc tgtcctctcg gtttcccctc tgagtggcac ccacacagct ctgtgctggg    132240
     agccacaacc actgctcctg tgttgcgctg gaagacacag tcgctgttcc tgctctgtgc    132300
     ttttcttgct gctgtcaggt cacttctggt gcctccccag ctctccggcc ttggacatcc    132360
     tgctcaagcc tctcagatgc ccttgctcta gaaaacaggc ccgcactctc catgccagga    132420
     cacctaatct tctctcccag tgcttgctcg gcacatcaga gtgaggggtg agtcggctta    132480
     ctcaaccctg ctttctgcag gaatatcaaa tggcagcaag gctgactgaa agctcctctt    132540
     tctctctccc tgcctcccga cctcactcct acggttacta tgtgcaagcc cctacttcac    132600
     aagttaatac actagtaagt tcctgttaac aacctggcct gagatgggta ctgcagtaaa    132660
     atccaatcat tttagctagt tagaaaagtg aggcaggggc tggagagatg gctcagtggt    132720
     taggagcact gactgctctt ccgaaggtcc tgagttcaaa tcccagcaac cagttggtga    132780
     ctcacaacca tctgtaatga gatctgatgc cctcttcagg agtgtctgaa gacagctaca    132840
     gtgtactcac atataataaa taaataaatc taagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagag    132900
     agagagaggg agggagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag ggatgtgagg cgcctaggca    132960
     ccatagcaag accacatgca caagttgagg accagaattt gatcctggaa ctcacagcgg    133020
     gaggagagga ggaattcctg aaaaccatcc tccaccttcg tacgtgtgtg tggcatgctg    133080
     gcaaaacatt ttattctttt tcttttatgt ttttttgaga cagggatttt tttttttttc    133140
     ttttttgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagtc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc    133200
     aggctggcct caaactcaga aatttgcctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg    133260
     tgtgtgccac cacgcctggc accaaaattg tttttcttaa gacagaaaga aaggaaaaaa    133320
     ccttgtgtct aagtcagggt ttctattcct acatagacat catgaccaag aagcaagttg    133380
     gagaggaaag ggtttattca gcttacactt ccacattgct gttgatcacc aaaggaagtt    133440
     gggactggaa ctcaagcagg tcaggaagca ggagctgatg cagaggccat ggagggatgc    133500
     tacttactgg cttgcttccc ctggcttgct cagcctgctc tcttatagaa ccaagactac    133560
     cagcacagag atggcatcac ccacaagggg ccctccccct tgatcactaa ttgagaaaat    133620
     gcctgagctc atggaggcat tccctaactg aagctcctgt ctctgtgata actccagctg    133680
     tgtcaagctg acacaaaacc agccagtaca ccttgtctct agctgagtgt cacggcactt    133740
     ctaaaaatca gcacttgaaa agtagaggca gggctggaga catggatggg tcatcagtta    133800
     agagcaatgg ctactcttcc aaaggacctg ggttcaattc ccagcaccca cactacagct    133860
     cctaacagtc tgcaactcca gctccagggg atctggcact gtaatgaaga cacacatgca    133920
     ggcaaaacac taaagcacat aaaataaaaa taaacaaagc actaattttt ttaaaatcac    133980
     ttaaaaaaga aagaaaggaa ggaacaaaga aagaatggaa ggaaggaaga aagatagagg    134040
     tgaagatcag aaggagttca aagcctctgc tacacagcaa ggttgaagcc agcctgggcc    134100
     acctgagacg tctgtcaaaa taatgtgcct gctcagtggt aggatgcttg gcagggcatc    134160
     cccctgcaca catgctaata agagcataca attgcagaca ctgcatttgg cacagctttt    134220
     gggcacatct ctagaagact gggaagccaa gcacacacgt gctcctcggt tcttattggc    134280
     cttgctgcag agtgtacgag gggcaaggca tgaaacaaac cacttcagag aacacagcat    134340
     gaggggaact gtcaggactg gctaaaatgc agcagtttcc ccaggaactc gaggaatgtt    134400
     acatggactc ctggccgcaa gcagagagga cagcgagagg acagtgtggc agagacagct    134460
     cccactgact aagtaactta gagcttcact ggttttcttc tgcaaactaa ctctaaccaa    134520
     gggggcagag aggccagcag ctgctctgcc tgcactttcc aggaccggga tggactctac    134580
     tgtgtatttc tttgctgtgg ttcccagagg cctttggaag cccagggcat cgcctactac    134640
     agcactgaag aagctgggag tggggtgcgc atttataacc ccagctctat gcagataatg    134700
     caaaagcatc ttgaatttgg ggccagtctg cactacgtag gaaaacactg ccaaaaccaa    134760
     ccaaccaaac aaacaaacaa aaaaaaaaaa ccaaccaata ccttgaaccc aacgtacatg    134820
     ctaagggtgc agagctcaac ggtaggtgac ttgcttccca tgcatgaggc tgtatgtttg    134880
     acatgtagca ctctaaagac aagccaataa acgataacgt aaagacacaa cggatggtcc    134940
     atctgcccac aatgagcagc agctgaagag ataactggag gagaggctgg caaatatagc    135000
     tgtcactgtc ccaggctgct tctcatccag caatctgaag gcatcttcca agcactgcac    135060
     tcctctcaag tcagcaccat ccctgcttta taagtgtgca atctgagacc ttccatggtc    135120
     tcacagaggt taacggcaag ataaaaaata agactttaaa ccctgattcc cactctcttc    135180
     cgccaccttt ctggacatcc acacactcat tcatgcaaat ccaaccctga gagctgacta    135240
     acagtctgcc ttgaggcagt gtgcagggcg gggggggggg gggggggcgg gggccgatcc    135300
     ctagcctgga aggcttctct gcagcccact gggaaaagat ggcaggaaat acctgttaaa    135360
     tcctacagac ccggggagcc aggaagtctg tggcatttat atctcaatgt gacaattaat    135420
     ttcaatgcgg ttctcattct gtcatcctcc ccctcccccc tctggaaaga ggagtggctc    135480
     ttgccccctg ctgctggatg gctttaaaag gctgtcttct ctgctctgta acttgatgct    135540
     cacgagcaga cacccagcgc tgtcacttga gagtcgagtc agttctacag aactaaagcc    135600
     ccgtgtctac tctcagtttc aggatgtccc ccaatcaaac ctaaagagca ccctggcaaa    135660
     gccagaggtc agctcagcag atggaattac acaccacatg cttactctct gagggaatgc    135720
     tccaggaggg cacagcaatc cttgagccct tttagatctc aaccaaacct acaaagtgct    135780
     cctggtgatc cacacaaggg ttcctgggca gaatgtggga cagactgggt gtgcctgacc    135840
     atgacccaac agcagagtgc tgaggctctg aagcacggtg aggtcagaag ctgactggct    135900
     ccctggcagg cttggtaata ttcaactctg tggctctgtg cgcctgctga atgagcgccg    135960
     ttctcattag gctgaagaca agatgagata acacacatac actgcctaag acaactgagc    136020
     taggaagggc tcaatacatg tgagtagaga gagggagatg cacgctacat tcatcctgta    136080
     cactgctttc tattttagag acagtgtctc gtgttataga ccggactggc ctcacaatga    136140
     ttctcctgcc tcaatatccc aagtgctagg gttgtttgct catttgcttt tcaagagagg    136200
     gtttctttgt gtagccttgg ctgtcctgga actcggtaaa ccagactaga atttaagtca    136260
     cagacatcct cctgcctctg cctcctgagt gccaggatta aaagtgccac catcactggg    136320
     ccagagtgct agagttatat agaaatgaga catcactgct ggactatttt ggcttttttt    136380
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttg gtttttcgag acagggtttg tttctctgtg    136440
     tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt agatcaggct ggtctcaaac tcagaaatcc    136500
     gcctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgtgatt aaagacgtgc gccaccaccg cccggcctat    136560
     tttggctttt gaaagtgtct ccacataacc caaactggcc tcagacttga ccccctccca    136620
     cctcagcttc tgaagtacca cattataggc atgaacccca tagctgactt aatatgattt    136680
     agaaaaaaaa tctctagggg ctggagagat ggctcagagg ttaagagcac tggctcttcc    136740
     aaaggtcctg agttcaattc ccagcaacct catggtggct cacaaccatc tgtagtggga    136800
     tctgatgccc tcttctggtg tgtatgagga cagctacagt gtactcatac attaaataaa    136860
     tctctgttca gcattaaaca cacacgatgg gtactacaga aaccaacata ccaacaagaa    136920
     caccaatgtg aatactcctc cggggtgggg gtggggagcc tcagagttaa ggtcaaggct    136980
     gctacctagg aattcaggag gagctcagtc acgcagggtc ctgcacggag atgtaaccga    137040
     ggtgactcac ctgggggaaa gtgtgccatc ataagtacac ctatatacaa gacgcttttg    137100
     cttgtcttca agtcatcgtt acaggcagaa gaggccatct aaatacacgc acgcacagac    137160
     tggcctagaa cttgctattt ggcccacact ccccatgaat tcacagaact catctcagca    137220
     ctgtgctgag agacatgcct ctgcaccttt acttagaaaa ttagtataca aagtactatg    137280
     gtaggagagg ggtcacctgg gacaggatga gagccagcat tggcaacctt cctgaacaca    137340
     atttctctga gtcactcagc agccccaaat ctctaaagcc gtccctagcc taaggagggt    137400
     gtgggaagcc gcccccacat tcgccgtcac aagatggcgc tgacatcctg tgttctaagt    137460
     tggtaaacaa ataatctgcg catgagccaa gggtatttac gactacttgt actctgtttt    137520
     tcccgtgaac gtcagctcgg ccatgggctg cagccaatca gggagtgatg cgccctaggc    137580
     aattgttgtt ctctttaaag aggaaagggg tttcgttttc tctctctctt gctttttcgc    137640
     tctcttgctt gcttttctct ttctcttgct tttctctctc ttgcttcttg ctctcttttc    137700
     ctgaagatgt aagaataaag ctttgccgca gaagattctg gtctgtggtg ttcttcctgg    137760
     ccggtcgtga gaacgcgtct aataacaatt ggtgccgaat tccgggacga gaaaatccgg    137820
     gacgagaaaa aactccggac tggcgcagga gggatacttc attccagaac cagaactgcg    137880
     aatcacgttt ataaaggttc ccgtaacaca gactgttgag aaggattcaa ctgccgaatt    137940
     cagaactcat cagctgggga acgacggtga taaaggttcc cgtaaagcag actgttaaga    138000
     aggattcaac tgtatgaatt cagaactttt cagctgggga acgaggtaag tctgatcttg    138060
     aactttctaa ggaaattcaa gacagtctat cagaagtaaa gtggaaaatg gctttacaag    138120
     ttatgtttgg ccttaaattt tttctagtgt tagaagccct tctgttcctt ttcacatgtt    138180
     atatagtgct taagataggg ctgaaaattc tagaggaaat tcaggacagt ctatcagaag    138240
     taaagcgggg agagagagta ggagcaagga gaaacggtaa gtatacaggc ctttccaagg    138300
     gtcttgaacc cgaggaaaag ttaaggtcag gtaggaatac ctggagagag attagaagaa    138360
     aaagaggaaa aagggagaag aaaaaagatc aattagcgga ggtctctagg agaaggagcc    138420
     tgtgctctga agaaacagac tgggagaaaa aagcggctca ttatgaaaga aaaggatacc    138480
     agccgccaag taaagtgcta actagtcatt taaggaaaaa gccaaaagcg gctggcgaag    138540
     gccagtttgc taattggcct cagggcaatc ggctaccagg tgcactcccg ccctatgcgg    138600
     agtccccgcc ctgcgtagtg cgtcagcccg tagtgcgtca gcaatgcgca gagaggcagt    138660
     gcgcagactc attcattccc cgagaggaac aaaggaaaat agaacaggca tttccagtct    138720
     ttgaaggagc cgagggtggg cgtgtccacg ctccggtaga atacgtacag attaaggaaa    138780
     ttgccgagtc ggttcgtaaa tacggaacca atgctaattt taccttggcg cagttagaca    138840
     ggctcgctgg catggcacta acgcctgctg attggcaaat gattgcaaaa gccgctctcc    138900
     ctaatatggg caaatatttg gaatggagat ctctgtggcg agaggctgca caggcgcagg    138960
     accgagcaaa cgctgctgct ttaactccag agcagagaga ttggactttt gacttgttaa    139020
     cgggtcagag agcttattct gctgaacctg ataagaggta tcaatggaag gtcttaccac    139080
     agggaatgtc caatagtcct acaatgtgcc aactttatgt acaagaagct cttttgccag    139140
     tgaggaaaca attcccctct ttaattttgc tcctttacat ggatgacatc ctcctgtgcc    139200
     ataaagacct taccatgcta caaaaggcat atccttttct acttaaaact ttaagtcagt    139260
     ggggtctaca gatagccaca gaaaaggtcc aaatttctga tacaggacaa ttcttgggct    139320
     ctgtggtgtc cccagataag attgtgcccc aaaaggtaga gataagaaga gatcacctcc    139380
     ataccttaaa tgattttcaa aagctgttgg gagatattaa ttggctcaga ccttttttaa    139440
     agattccttc cgctgagtta aggcctttgt ttagtatttt agaaggagat cctcatatct    139500
     cctcccctag gactcttact ctagctgcta accaggcctt acaaaaggta gaaaaggcct    139560
     tacagaatgc acaattacaa cgtattgagg attcgcagcc tttcagtttg tgtgtcttta    139620
     agacagcaca attgccaact gcagttttgt ggcagaatgg gccattgttg tggatccatc    139680
     caaacgtatc cccagctaaa ataatagatt ggtatcctga tgcaattgca cagcttgccc    139740
     ttaaaggcct aaaagcagca atcacccact ttgggcaaag tccatatctt ttaattgtac    139800
     cttataccgc tgcacaggtt caaaccttgg cagccgcatc taatgattgg gcagttttag    139860
     ttacctcctt ttcaggaaaa atagataacc attatccaaa acatccaatc ttacagtttg    139920
     cccaaaatca atctgttgtg tttccacaaa taacagtaag aaacccactt aaaaatggga    139980
     ttgtggtata tactgatgga tcaaaaactg gcataggtgc ctatgtggct aatggtaaag    140040
     tggtatccaa acaatataat gaaaattcac ctcaagtggt agaatgttta gtggtcttag    140100
     aagttttaaa aaccttttta gaacccctta atattgtgtc agattcctgt tatgtggtaa    140160
     atgcagtaaa tcttttagaa gtggctggag tgattaagcc ttccagtaga gttgccaata    140220
     tttttcagca gatacaatta gttttgttat ctagaagatc tcctgtttat attactcatg    140280
     ttagagccca ttcaggccta cctggcccca tggctctggg aaatgatttg gcagataagg    140340
     ccactaaagt ggtggctgct gccctatcat ccccggtaga ggctgcaaga aattttcata    140400
     ataattttca tgtgacggct gaaacattac gcagtcgttt ctccttgaca agaaaagaag    140460
     cccgtgacat tgttactcaa tgtcaaagct gctgtgagtt cttgccagtt cctcatgtgg    140520
     gaattaaccc acgcggtatt cgacctctac aggtctggca aatggatgtt acacatgttt    140580
     cttcctttgg aaaacttcaa tatctccatg tgtctattga cacatgttct ggcatcatgt    140640
     ttgcttctcc gttaaccgga gaaaaagcct cacatgtgat tcaacattgt cttgaggcat    140700
     ggagtgcttg ggggaaaccc agactcctta agactgataa tggaccagct tacacgtctc    140760
     aaaaatttca gcagttctgc cgtcagatgg acgtaaccca cctgactgga cttccgtaca    140820
     accctcaagg acagggtatt gttgagcgtg cgcatcgcac cctcaaagcc tatcttataa    140880
     aacagaagag gggaactttt gaggagactg taccccgagc accaagagtg tcggtgtctt    140940
     tggcactctt tacactcaat tttttaaata ttgatgctca tggccatact gcggctgaac    141000
     gtcattgttc agagccagat aggcccaatg agatggttaa atggaaaaat gtccttgata    141060
     ataaatggta tggcccggat cctatcttga taagatccag gggagctatc tgtgttttcc    141120
     cacagaatga agacaaccca ttttgggtac cggaaagact cacccgaaaa atccagactg    141180
     accaagggaa tactaatgtc cctcgtcttg gtgatgtcca gggcgtcaat aataaagaga    141240
     gagcagcgtt gggggataat gtcgacattt ccactcccaa tgacggtgat gtataatgct    141300
     caagtattct cctgcttttt taccactaac tgggaactgg gtttggcctt aattcagaca    141360
     gccttggttc tgtctggaca ggtccagatg actgacacca ttaacacttt gtcagcctca    141420
     gtgactacag tcatagatga acaggcctca gctaatgtca agatacagag aggtctcatg    141480
     ctggttaatc aactcataga tcttgtccag aaacaactag atgtattatg acaaataact    141540
     cagcagggat gtgaacaaaa gtttccggga ttgtgtgtta tttccattca gtatgttaaa    141600
     tttactagga cagctaattt gtcaaaaagt ctttttcagt atatgttaca gaattggatg    141660
     gctgaatttg aacagaccct tcgaggcttg ccatcattca ggtcaactcc acgcgcttgg    141720
     acctgtccct gaccaaagga ttacccaatt ggatctcctc agcattttct ttctttaaaa    141780
     aattgggtgg gattaatatt atttggagat acactttgct gtggattagt gttgcttctt    141840
     tgattggtct gtaagcttaa ggcccaaact aagagagaca aggtggttat tgcccaggcg    141900
     cttgcaggac tagaacatgg agcttcccct gatatatcta tgcttaggca ataggtcgct    141960
     ggccactcag ctcttatatc tcacgaggct agtctcattg cacgagatag agtgagtgtg    142020
     cttcagcagc ccgagagagt tgcaaggcta agcactgcaa tggaaaggct ctgcggcata    142080
     tatgagccta ttctagggag acatgtcatc tttcatgaag gttcagtgtc ctagttccct    142140
     tcccccaggc aaaacgacac gggagcaggt cagggttgct ctgggtaaaa gcctgtaagc    142200
     ctaagagcta atcctgtaca tggctccttt acctacacac tggggatttg acctctatct    142260
     ccactctcat taatttgggt ggcctatttg ctcttattaa aagaaaaagg gggaactgtg    142320
     ggaagccgcc cccacattcg ccgtcacaag atggcgctga catcctgtgt tctaagttgg    142380
     taaacaaata atctgcgcat gagccaaggg tatttacgac tacttgtact ctgtttttcc    142440
     cgtgaacgtc agctcggcca tgggctgcag ccaatcaggg agtgatgcgc cctaggcaat    142500
     tgttgttctc tttaaagagg aaaggggttt cgttttctct ctctcttgct ttttcgctct    142560
     cttgcttgct tttctctttc tcttgctttt ctctctcttg cttcttgctc tcttttcctg    142620
     aagatgtaag aataaagctt tgccgcagaa gattctggtc tgtggtgttc ttcctggccg    142680
     gtcgtgagaa cgcgtctaat aacaggaggg gatgtcagcc tctcgggcag tgcagcccac    142740
     tcagctttct actgttgttc tgccacaggc cagtctgcct cccttgtctg ttccaagatc    142800
     atcaaactca gtcacttcag ccctgtgtcc ctagcaccta ccacagagct ggcactggca    142860
     gttgctcagt gactgtcaag tttacaaaca caggggtggc ttagacttaa actctgcacc    142920
     tccctctagg tgagagtcct ttcccaccag cccagtcagt cagttcccaa agccccaccc    142980
     aagtccctca gctcagcacc caagcaatcg ttggcagcac tcactcccac tctcattcct    143040
     gcagaactca gtcactgtag accttctctc ttagctaacg tttcctgttg cgtgttctag    143100
     ctgccccgct catgtggaag agagagttct ccaaagcagc aagaggcaaa agactgattt    143160
     acagcaaggc agatctactt ataagacagg gagcaaattt catgtaaaac attggaaagg    143220
     tccctggacc aggcacacag tctctatatg ccagcttcta ccgctacttg tctttcactg    143280
     ataaaataaa atgagaggga ctgcaagtcc cgggacaggt agacacggtg gcccaggctt    143340
     gtaatcctgc attcaggaag ccaaggtaga cagacttgag tctagaccac agagtgaggt    143400
     ccaagacagt ctgtcctacc aagtgaaccg attaagaaaa taaaatataa taaacttggc    143460
     atggtagtcc acacctttaa tcccagcact cagaaggaaa ggcgggtaga gctctgtaag    143520
     ttcaaccaat ctggtctata taacaaattc caggacagcc agaccagagc tatggaatag    143580
     agatgaggcc tggagatgga gcactttcat aaggccctat accaccacca ccccccaaaa    143640
     aaacccaaaa aacaaaaaaa ccaaaccaaa cccagtatgt cctccctcgg gtaggtcttc    143700
     atatgaagaa cagtacctgg gccttcctct gcaccctgac agctgtttta taaagcctca    143760
     agcagatgca gaatggtccc catttcaagt ttacagagcc taagggttga ctctggagcc    143820
     taacattgcc ttgcatttct cagcaatcct cttgcctcag cctcccaagt gctggcatga    143880
     ctgcgtgcaa ctccaaaacc agggaaactt cattcattca ctcaacaaat atttgccaag    143940
     gcttttcgtt ttgaaccagg ctctgtgcta ggtccaacac acgacggtaa acacagttct    144000
     tgccttcact ggtcaggact gctaaggaga tgcccttaga agtgggaatc ctcaggaaag    144060
     ctccctcagc ctggccacac cgaacccgta gagccccctg ccacatcagc aaacttgatt    144120
     ttaacagggc tgggtgcacg ggtcactgta ggcccacagc cagtaaagag agtctaccct    144180
     taccgccacc ggcctgtttc ccaggaagtt caggtcgctg ttctcgccaa acaggtaacc    144240
     ctccggatgc gtggagtcaa acttctctcc tcccatgatg aagtggctgg caaaatagct    144300
     gcctggagag tgacagacaa aaagagtcag acaagcagag tgccatgagg ccggacggag    144360
     ggggaaatgc cgtgagaaag gaagaggtta gggctcccaa caaagaatca gacacattgc    144420
     ttctgatttc agaacctggc acaaaatcag caaaacctca tcagaaccgg aaacgacaaa    144480
     caaagaggcc atttctgttc ttgtaccaag cttgagtcct tccttaaaat accattaacc    144540
     aaaagccaac aaaatccatg aatggccact gacaaaccga cttgtatttt gctacttgct    144600
     gtgagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gcgccagagg    144660
     tcagtatcat cgggaccagc agctcaccaa ctagactaag ctggctggcc agtgagccca    144720
     gagattgacc tgtttctccc tccccactgc tgggtctaca aacagaccac acacagtttt    144780
     tcacaagggt cctcatgctc acttagcaaa cacttcaact actgagccat ctcctgacac    144840
     cctgcttggt tttgttttct gaaacaaagt ttcatctgtg tagtccatga gggcctagaa    144900
     ctcgctatgc agaccaggct agtcttgaac cagagatctg cctgcatatg tctcctaagg    144960
     gctgggtcta aaagcatgca ccaccaccac atgccctccc ttgtgaaacc ctggaaggtc    145020
     tagaactcat gatcttcctg tctcaccccc caacccccac cccagggcta ggatcatagg    145080
     catatgctac caggctcagc ttggtcctga ttcccccccc ctcaccttga ggcggttcct    145140
     gagcatttga gaatcttgac tagaggtccc agcatatata cgcatgtatc atctttgcct    145200
     gcagttttta aatgtaaagc tcatacccac cgtcccccca cctgcccctt ggcatttcta    145260
     tacacccttc caatgcagac tctccacact gacttgctgt tgaacaaggg aggtggtcaa    145320
     cacaatggtg tgtgtacctg cagtcctagc acttgggagg ctaaggcata tcttagatcc    145380
     aaggccagcc tgggctacaa agtgagatta tctcaacagt caacaagaca cttgaggaca    145440
     cgggcaagcc tagtgtgcgg gttctcaggc cgtgggtccc agaccactct ggattgagtg    145500
     accttttcat tgggattgtc taagaccatc ttgtatatta tatcagatat ttacactgtg    145560
     actaataaca gtaggaaaag gaaagttaca gttatgaagt tagcactgaa aataagttca    145620
     tggttggggt tacacaatat gaagaagtaa ctatattaaa gtgttgcagc attaggaata    145680
     ttgagaacca cttatctggt ggcatatttt aactttgata gggacacacg ttcctcttat    145740
     tctaatatct tgggtggctg gtttgtttgc tggttttggg ttatttttaa gacagggtct    145800
     catgtagcct aggtaggctt caaacttgtt taagaggctg aagttagcct tgaactcctg    145860
     cctctacttc ccaagagcta agattacagg cacgttgcac cacatcctgc gccctcaaat    145920
     ttctctaatc tgaccctagg ggagaccatc cgagaaaagg actcagactg cagaaatttc    145980
     tgtcaatatc cccatatact ttgactctca aattaacgca aagtacttag gaacccacaa    146040
     agccttgtgt gtaatccagc tggggtaaat ataaacttgc agtcagccgg gatttttgag    146100
     attcttttca gtgagctgaa agactgagtt ttcacacttt cagctagaga gaagccacag    146160
     gaagggagag ggagaagaca gatgtaacag aaaacagaac tgaacattca gatcttcctt    146220
     tctagactcg gagcctgagt tcagaaacac ctactaaatc tgaccatgtg gctgagatca    146280
     ctcaccaaag agtgaggccg ttcttaaact acagatcagg aaaacacttg caaagggcag    146340
     tgatgcccga accaaagtag caatgagctg ctcctcgaaa cctgctgaac ccagaaacgc    146400
     agtagctggc tgccacagcg cagcccgcaa cgcgccccag gacagcacct ccatccattc    146460
     attatgcatg ctgcacactt ccctggccct attttccaag cgcattattg atagagggga    146520
     ggagcctcgc tgccttcggt agaaagtaag tcttctcaaa tgaactggcc attactgttg    146580
     gcaatgagat gcattcctat atagcaggaa attatctgtt tcttagacat caggtgaaat    146640
     tagggaaaaa tgatctggct gggtgtgcga ttgtgtgctt atatatagtc tgagctacat    146700
     attgagagcc agcctcaaat aaccaaacca accaaccaac caaccaacca acaacaaaac    146760
     ccaacctaaa agcttaccta acatctctgc atggtcctgg gcctacgctc agcactgcaa    146820
     acacaagaca agctgtttgt ttgtttcttt attaacgtgg agggtggttt gtcccagtaa    146880
     ggaatgttaa gaagccatct tggtaaccaa agttgtccag atgaattcag tgtgggacct    146940
     gacagtagtc agacaggaac tactgagccg cgagtggtgg agcacgccgt taatcccagc    147000
     gctcgggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga    147060
     gttccaggac agccagggct acacggagaa accctgtctc gaaaaaccag acaagtgggg    147120
     tgggagatca ctgggactga ttggtttacg tagcacagtg atctatctaa ctctgaaagc    147180
     caggagctct aacaacccta ggcatcaggg taagcaggcg gcagggttct actagaaatg    147240
     cattttgcct ttccttcttc tgagacaggc ttatgtaaca tgccgacctc aaagtcatta    147300
     ggtagccgag ggagacattg aactgctggc tcttctgcct ctacctccta cgtgctgaga    147360
     tcgcaggtct ctgccaccat gcctggcgaa tctcaccaaa ttttataaga agggggtgag    147420
     gacggtggtg gcctgccttt aatcccgata ctcgggcagc agaagcagtt ggatgtctgt    147480
     gatcactggg agttccaggc cagccactct gtatatagag agaacctgtc tcaaaaagat    147540
     acataaaggg gctggtgaga tggctcagcg ggtaagagca cccgactact cttccgaagg    147600
     tcaggagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatccgtaa cgagatctga    147660
     ctccctcttc tggagtgtct gaagacagct acagtgtact tacatataat aaataaataa    147720
     atctttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gatacataaa gctgaatgca gtctttgtct tgtattaaaa    147780
     tcaagggcta tctaatgtgg cggaacaaac ctataattct tttttttttt tttttttttt    147840
     ttttttggtt tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc    147900
     tgtagatcag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc gagtgctggg    147960
     attaacggcg ttgggattaa cggcgtgctc caccactccc ggctccagga gacagaggaa    148020
     aacggatcgt cagttcaagg ccatgtcagc ctacatattg aaattccatt aaaaacaaaa    148080
     tcccaccaaa ctttattgag cagcagtgtg tgcctgtgtc ccagacacat agtaagcgcc    148140
     atcaggagga tcaccgtgtc cgagagcaca ggacagcccg ccctcctcct acccccaagt    148200
     caagttttga tatacaacat ttcaaaccat ggccaataac acacagacta aaatgatttt    148260
     tgaggggcat ggtggggaat acaagtcttt aatcccagca cagaagcagg cagatctttg    148320
     tcagttggag gccagcctag tctacagagt gagttccagg acaaccaggg ctacacagag    148380
     aaaccctgtc ttgaaaaaaa aaaaactcat ttgtggagat tcccattaat caaagatgga    148440
     actcaatact atctgcaaag attataacat ctctgcctta ggccccatga gggccctgtg    148500
     gatcaaagac cccagtgact gaagaaagac tgtggctaag aagcatcaga agcgaagaga    148560
     gactgtgtaa acccaaatct ctgtcccaaa ctcaactgca tctgacaatc tgagagagat    148620
     gaggagcagt ggaggaggag gagcagccac acatctcagc tgtgcagttt gtatgtacac    148680
     acagacacag ggaagagagg ccagggcgtg cagcctcggg gcacaaacct gtctggcttt    148740
     tccttttcct gttctgcact gcggttaaga gagacaaagg ctgagatgat aaaatgctca    148800
     ccctgataaa gcccggggaa tgtttccttt ctggcagagg caaaccagga ctgtaaatca    148860
     gaccctttag tctcaaaaac attctgtttt ctacaccaaa ctaccatctt ttgttttgct    148920
     tatcttgtag aggaaccagt atactcagca cacagtcccc tgcccaggat aaaataggga    148980
     atgaaacaga actcaagact acactgcctg tcataattct acaaacaaaa acctgacttc    149040
     tagccgagcg tggtggtgca tgcctttaat cccaaaattt gggaggcaga ggcaggcgga    149100
     tttctgagtt tgaggccagt ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac    149160
     agagaaaccc tgtctcgaaa aacaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa aacaaaaaca aaaaacccaa    149220
     aacaaaacct gacttctgaa cctagataga aaatttaaac catagatatt tttaacatgt    149280
     aacatgtaat tactatgtag catactgtag agccaaacac aacccccccc ccccgtgaaa    149340
     aatgatgagt ggcaaaactg gggcaaaatt ccaagcccaa accttcaaat tttcaagtcg    149400
     taaaaacttt atattatata gggcaaacat gcaaataatt ttagatttta gcaatggcta    149460
     tctcatgcta atggttcctg ctgggtagcc tctttgcata ttttccctta ttaacgtcac    149520
     agtataaata aatgtcctgc ctgtaagtgg aaaatattaa tcttggactg tttagagtaa    149580
     taaagttata tacgtgatta ttccaataaa tggatctgta ttttaaaata actttattta    149640
     atgtagctta acaacaaagc ccaataaatg taattgggcc acacagctgg tagatgccag    149700
     cattgggata aaatctagct ctgttttaag ctaaagcctg tattttgaag accttatcac    149760
     aaaacaaata aataaagcca acccctccct cccaaaggaa gaggacagtt gttattactc    149820
     atgcagtaaa tggtctttgt tttaataaat aagcaagacg ggagggttaa tgctgaggtc    149880
     tcagaagtga ctgactgggc tggggttggg caggaggagg gaagagctgg agacactggt    149940
     aaagcgcttc ccatgagagc agacatctaa gtttgagtcc cagtgcacac gtaaaaagct    150000
     gagaacagcg gcctatgtgt gcaatgccag cactggtaag gaaaggcagg tgggttccag    150060
     gagctcaggg acccagccag cccagctaaa ttgcttagct tcaggttcag tgaagagcct    150120
     gtctcaaaaa ctaaggggat ggggagcaat ttgaccccca caagaagcac acacgcacat    150180
     gtatgaacac atgtaccaca cacatattga cacatgcaaa aatgaaaaca tatgtatact    150240
     caaaaagcat gcagctgttc atagtatcat atttttaaaa agatttatct atttatctaa    150300
     tgtatgagta ctctatctgc ctgcaagaca gaagagggca tcagttccca ttacagacgg    150360
     ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggaatt gaactcagga cctctagaag tttagttagt    150420
     gctcttaacc actgagccat gtctctagcc ctcattgtag ttttttaaaa tttacatgta    150480
     aaaaaattaa ctttattaca tatgggtgcc tgcatgtatg tatgtgtacc acacatgtgc    150540
     caagtagcca taaggaccaa aacaggccat tggaacttct gaaatggagt tacccacaat    150600
     tgtaaactgc caagtaaatg tcccacgagc aggaacaggg cacaggtctc tcagtagggc    150660
     agcaggagct cctaaccggt gagacatctc tctagtcctg cactgtttct ttaaggagta    150720
     agtcacactg gaacaatcca atatccacta atcagtaaat ggagaaacaa aatacagtaa    150780
     gtttttcttg tttttttttt ttctttttaa acatttatta tttttttttt tttgccatgc    150840
     tgagaagtga gcttaggggt ccacagatgt cagagagaca ctgagctaca ctctcagctc    150900
     taacttttaa atttttaaaa tattatgttc cgacaacaca atatattcag tgccttaaag    150960
     gactgaattc ctgtcacctg ccaaagaact cggctaaact ttccacacaa gctcagtgga    151020
     agacggcagc ctcgggtgtc cgctgtgatt ctgtggggtg gggaagagag gcagcccaca    151080
     gagacagaga acaggacaga tcgcagtgtt gaggacagca gcgagttttt gtttcctgcg    151140
     acaaggcctt agtagatagt cctgaatgac ctgggaatta ctatgtgccc caaactagcc    151200
     tagaaattgg agcaatcctt ctgcctcagc ttcccaagaa ctgaaatccc agggtgtggt    151260
     ggttcaaatg agaatggccg ccacaggctc acatatttga atgcctagtc aatccgctgg    151320
     cggactgttt aggaaggatc gggaggtgtg acttagttgg aggaagtgtg tcagcaagaa    151380
     agtgaggtct aaaaggcccg tgccaggccc agcgtctgga tctgtttgct gcctggatca    151440
     ggatgcaaag ctctccggga tgcaccacca cacctgccag ctgcccacca ggatgataat    151500
     gaaccaaccc tctgaaactg taagcaagcc atacacacag caaatgcttt cttttgtaag    151560
     agtttccacg gtgggtgtct cttcaaaaca agacctttga gttaagatga gggtgtcagc    151620
     caccttgtct gaggaggcaa tgagaattaa ttgtaccagg cacagtggga cattttggag    151680
     ggctaaaatg ttctcaactg gattcgtggt aatggtgacc cagaccaccc catatttaac    151740
     atttacaagt taatttataa gactgcggaa ttctttccaa agtggctgtg ccatgtcaca    151800
     ttttccctta gcaattcata aggactctaa tctctgtgtc acatttgata atttctgcct    151860
     tttttttatt ttaggcctcc tagagggtct aagtggcacc tcactgatgc ggaggcgttg    151920
     ctttgttctg caggggaggg ggtgcgacag gattttatgt agtccaggct ggcctcctcc    151980
     agcttgctat gtagacaagg ccagccttga actcctgatc ctcctgcctt cacctcctga    152040
     gcccccgcat gcctgactcc tctctcatgg acatttccat tacattccta tcatattttc    152100
     agtgcaggac tgcagctgct tttccttagt gattatatct ctgtcttgtc tttttggctc    152160
     ctctgcgtca tctttaatta tatgtgtgtg tgtgcatggg agtgagggcg gctgcagagg    152220
     ccagtgctgg ttccccagga gctggagtta cagatggtgt gagcctcctg ctgtagctgc    152280
     tgggaactga ggtcctgtgc ggagagcagg ctgagttctt gatcgatgag ctctagcccg    152340
     gtgtcttctg tcactgtccg ttctcgtcat cttgttttct tctcctcctc cttcaaaaga    152400
     tttattcatt tactttatgt atatgagtac acactgtagc tgtacagata gttgtgagcc    152460
     ttcatctggt tgttgggagt tgaatttagg acctctgctc gttcccgtca accccgtttg    152520
     ctcagtccct gcttggccca gcccaaagat ttatttagta ttattattat aaataagtac    152580
     actgtagctg tctgcagatg caccagaaga ggtggtcaga tctcattgca gatggttgtg    152640
     agccaccatg tagttgctgg gatttgaact caggatcttc ggaagagcag ccagtgctct    152700
     tactcactga gccatctccc cagacgtcct cttcctcctc tacctcctcc tctttctctc    152760
     tctctctccc tcacccactc tcatttttca aaacaggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt    152820
     taggctgtcc tggaactcac tgtggacagt gtggcctcaa actcaaatag atccacctgc    152880
     ctctgccccc caagtgctgg gattaaaggc acccagctcc agtgtctttt ttctaatgac    152940
     ttattgtaat attgtgacat gtacgtggga gtctaggtgt gggtatgtgt gttttgagtg    153000
     ctggagtcca cacaggtcat tggatctcct gatgcttgag ttagaatggg ttgtgatctg    153060
     cctggtgtga gcgctgggta ttgtcctctg aaagagcgct ctgtgctttc atccactgag    153120
     ccatttctcc ttccttcctt cagtccttcc ttcctttctt tttgtttgcc tgtttgctat    153180
     tttgttttgt tttttgagac agagtttctc tgtgtagttc tagctgttct gaaacttatt    153240
     ttgtagatca ggctggcctc aaactcacag agatccactt gtctcttcct ccagagtgct    153300
     gggattaaag gtctgtgtca ttaccagccc ttcttttttt gttgtttggt ttttcgagac    153360
     agggtttctc tgtgtagcct tggctgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggactc    153420
     gaacttaaag atctacctgc ctttgcctcc caagtgctag gattaaaggt gtgcgccacc    153480
     actgcctggc tctttctctt tctttctttt tttttttttt tgtgggtaat ccaaatcaaa    153540
     tactttctcc tatgtctttt atgataatac atttaacttt tagcttaagg tttgaaattt    153600
     aacttcagta attcatagtt cacctatttt aaactgtata atccagggag agtgacacat    153660
     gtttataatc ccagcattta ggaggtggaa aaaagaccta tccccacagg ggctggagag    153720
     atggctcagc cctctgcagt taatagcact ggctgctctt ccagagaacc agggttcact    153780
     tcctagtacc cacgtggttg ctcacaactg tctcttaact ccagtttcag gttatcccca    153840
     catagacatg aaggcaaaac atcaacgtac acaaaagtaa aaccctaatt tttaaaaaaa    153900
     agaatcagcc aagtgtggtg gcacacacct ttagtcccag cacttgggag gcagaggcag    153960
     gcggatttct gagttcgagg ccagcctggt cttcagagtg agttccagga cagccatata    154020
     ccgagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaccacaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaca aacatatcat    154080
     atgaaaacaa aattatagaa aaagatatat cctcaacaac atagcaacat agctatatgg    154140
     gcccttgtct caaaaaatgt acatatatat atatgtgtga gagagagagt ctgtgtgtgg    154200
     gtatgcccat gtgtgggagt ccacagaggc cggaatacac attcagagag tgtgtggttt    154260
     gtagtgcatt cagggctgag tacaactcac ccttatctaa ttttagaaca ttttcactac    154320
     cctaaaagaa atccattaac agtcatttct ctctactcct cctcctccac ttccggtgaa    154380
     tctaccttgt ctctgtattg cgtcctcttc tgatgtttca tgttgaatgc attcagtgcg    154440
     atatcttgaa tttggcgcct ttcacttagc ccgtgtgagc agtcctcctg ttgaagcacg    154500
     ggtgctgctc tccccactgc ccgggaagat tcctgtgtgt gtatcgtgcc tacacatcat    154560
     tgttccatcc gtcggctgag tcatttctac ctttcactgt tatgaaaaaa cgatctgcgc    154620
     aaatgccgtg tgaatttact cctttgggtg acgggcattc accataagtg gtatgactgc    154680
     tgagtcagac agtaactaac cacttgagaa gttctgaaat cgtttaaaac tggttttctt    154740
     ttacgtgtga ctttgatgct agctctcaca ctggcgcagg ctaacatgga acgtacgctg    154800
     tagcccaggc tacccctctt aacaccgaac tgttcctctt acttcaatgt tgagattacc    154860
     atgagagctc ccgtgtcttg tgggtagggt tccgggcctt ccatttgcct acatccttaa    154920
     caactcttgt tcctattttg tttttcagtt gacagctatc ctagtggatg tgactaatta    154980
     tctagttgta gcttacttct gggaggatga agaactactt ctgtaaccca ggctagtctt    155040
     aagactcttc ttcctgcatt ggcctcctga gaactgggat tataggcatg actcaccata    155100
     cccacctttt ccctaggggt agatattgtc tctcttcatg tgcttatcag tcattgtcta    155160
     tcattttttg agaaatgtct ataaagaact ttgccttttt ctttcttaaa aatttatttt    155220
     tatttatgta cattgctagc ttgcttgcat gtatgtctat gtgagttagt tttgagctgc    155280
     catgtaggtg ctgggaattg aacctgggtc ctctaggaaa gcggccacta gccatctaac    155340
     cagcccccaa tactaaatct tttgtttggt tgggtttttt ggggggggtt ggggtggggg    155400
     gctgtatttc aaggcagagt ttctctgtat agccttggct atcctggaaa ttgccctgta    155460
     gaccaagctg cccctggaac tcagagatct gcctgcctct gtctctcaag cactaggact    155520
     aaaggtgtgc gccacagagt ccagctaatc cggttttcat gctattacag aagttcttcg    155580
     tgtattctag gtagaaatcc tttactgtag gcatgacttg aaaatgtttc tttccgttct    155640
     ctctggattg ccttctcacg ttatgaccca tttttagtta aatttttggc tgaggtttcc    155700
     acccctgctg gtgttagtgc acggctattc tcacacacca agcaaggact ctgccactga    155760
     ggcacattcc agcttataaa tggtcaaagt acagcggatt atctgctaat acaaaactat    155820
     cccgacacaa tttcttgaaa agccttttcc tcttcactgt tttattcctc cgcacagact    155880
     gtttttgata aacttatact cacgaggaga gggggatggt cgggagagga ttccaaagcc    155940
     agtaaggcta catgaataca ggagactttc tcagaaaagg tcaactgaga ataaatgcat    156000
     ttattccttg ttcagaattt tctcccattg atctaaaata tgcccttgtt gtaatgaaat    156060
     gataccatat tgtcttttaa aacatctttt aaaaaagatt taatttttaa agtgtgcgtt    156120
     tgtgcaccca tgagcacaca agcacatgag tgtacatgcc caaggagttc aaaaaatggt    156180
     gttaaattct ctggagctga ggttacaggt ggttgtgagc caccctgtgt gggtgctaga    156240
     aagtgaattt ggatcatcgg caagagcagt ctaagctcat aactgttaag ccatccctcc    156300
     aacttggtta agaacacttt taatgagccg ggcgtggtgg tgcatgcctt taatcccagc    156360
     actcgggagg cagaggcagg tggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtga    156420
     gttccaggac agcctgggca acacagagaa accctgtctc gaaaaacaaa acaaaaaaca    156480
     aaaacagaac acttttaata gcactaaggg ccctgtgtat accgggcaag cattctactt    156540
     ctgaagcata ttcccagcct tcatatattg tattaatttc tctatatata cagctatttt    156600
     taaggttttg aaaagctttt taaaatgtat atgaaccttt tgcttgcata tgccacatgc    156660
     ataaaccacg tgcatacctg gtgcctgagg agactgaaga gggcactggt tgccctggga    156720
     ataggattaa gaatggttgt cattatatag gtaccgggga ttgaacaggg tcctcgaaag    156780
     agcattcagt gattacaact gctgagccat ctttcacacc cttcttacta tttattttaa    156840
     catcaagaag tttatcgtca gctgcgtccc aggacagcct gggctacaga agactctgtc    156900
     aaaaaggtac gggtagtgtg tgtgtatggc tctggttgca tcctagttgg tagaacgcta    156960
     gcttctcatc tctcatatga atagagccct ggatttgctc tcctgcctgt aatcctagta    157020
     cttgaaggtg tgcgttagtg tgtgaggaag gccaaagagt tcaatggctt cctcggctaa    157080
     atggtaaagt caaggccaat cagggagaca tgaaaccctg tcttggaaaa aaagaaaaat    157140
     gattgccaaa ggcaggtctc ctttgcttgc tcctggtatc agcagggaaa tggtcagaat    157200
     cacacatcca ctatgctcat ttcctgtgga agtccttcat cagctggagg aagttccttt    157260
     ctaggtctaa tttggcaagt gttgttggtt tcattttgtt tattttagtt tggtgggttt    157320
     ttttttttgg ggggggaggg tgtttccaga tagttttttg ttttgttttg gtttttttgg    157380
     tttttcgaga cagagtttct ctgtgtagcc ttggctgtcc tggaacccag tctgtagacc    157440
     aggctggctt cgaactcaga aatctgcctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg    157500
     cgtgatccac catgccaggc tagtttggtt ttttgagacg tgatttctct ggctagctct    157560
     ggttgtccta gagctctcta tgtagaccag gctggcctct gccctcagag tgctagagtt    157620
     aaagatttct aatcacagat aaatggaggt tcctacaaat gtgttgtctg aatctactga    157680
     ttacaaccat gcagctttgt actttattta ctgatataat aacagtaact gatatcatag    157740
     tttaaataga gttcacgcta ataggacagg gcctgtgtga ctctgcattc ttataattgt    157800
     tcgtgtatac aacttacctc tgacactaaa tgattggcac tgaacttttt ggaagaagtt    157860
     taatttaaaa aaagatttat ttattatata taagtacact gtagctgtct tcagacacac    157920
     cggaaaaggg catcagatcc cattacagac ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggat    157980
     ttgaactcag gacctctgga agagcaatca gtgctcttaa ccactgagac acctctccaa    158040
     cccgaagtgt aatttttaaa tagtgattat tttaagactg tatagttatt catttttaaa    158100
     tgtattccag cactcttgca acaattaaaa attctagctt agcaagacta attaaacagc    158160
     caaacactgt attacacctg aaatccttat cacttcagag cccaaggcag agatctcaat    158220
     agttcctgat aagataatag taagatggtg actcaaaaaa aaaggagaaa gagaaagaaa    158280
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaagaca    158340
     gacaaattaa gagagagatt aagccgggcg tggtggcgca cgcctttaat cccagcactc    158400
     aggaggcaga ggcaggcgga tttctcagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc    158460
     caggacagcc agggctatac agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa aaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    158520
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gagagagaga gagagattaa aagagggagc cgctagttaa    158580
     gagcccatgc tgctcttgca gaggacacaa gtagtttagt tgccagctcc cacactcagt    158640
     agctcacaat tgcatacatg cctataactg cagctccaaa gagtccaatg ccgctgcagc    158700
     cacacacatt cacacataat taaaaaaaaa tagattcttt ttaagaggaa gctactatgg    158760
     ttacattcta gattatcaac ttgcctagtt gataatttgc agacatcctt ggctacaaaa    158820
     atcactctga ggccacccag tgctaaataa gaccctgttt caaaaacaac actaaaaaat    158880
     gaagaagtaa aaatgagtta aaattaggta aaacatttca gagattggca gagtggggag    158940
     catttttgaa ttgttaaata ctaaatgtgt tagttaagaa aggctttgga gccagatgtg    159000
     gcagctcacc ttgtaatcct cctgtttgga aggggaggct aaggcaagag gattaagtgg    159060
     aggaagggta aatattctcc tgaggcagcg gactctctca caaactccaa gctcagcaaa    159120
     gcatgctcta tcttctgatc gataaaaggc taaggcactt aagaggaaaa acccaactgc    159180
     tgctgtgctt tttagttttt ttttttaggc agggtttctc tgtataaccg ccctggctag    159240
     aactcggttt gtagatcagg ctggccttga actcacagag agatatatac atacttgcct    159300
     cccaagtgct gggattaagg cgtgcaccac cacacctggc ttcatatttg tgtttttaaa    159360
     agaacaaaat gctagttggg tatagtggct cacatttgta atcctatggc tggggagcgg    159420
     ggctagatca gcctcctttt tgttgttgta ttggttttat tttgtttgag acagtctcac    159480
     tgtgtagccc aggctgaccc caaatttaac aatcctgcct cagccttcag ggcaccaaga    159540
     tgcaatttta atagataaaa gtaaccatgc ggtcattatt agcaagaggt ttattaaaaa    159600
     cactaacaat cgctgcttaa tgtcagacct ctctaaagtg gttctcactc atttctgcta    159660
     ggactcattc tctggcacaa aagcagcaag acagggagct actggcactc actccgcagg    159720
     gaggcaggtt cattgtctgg tcccagcttc cacctggcag aaactggatg tactgctgag    159780
     aaatcagctc gactcattag catgtcttta ttctaccaag agagaatggg accctgtcca    159840
     attctgacac ctcactcact actcccgcat caaaatccac accaggtcct caagccagag    159900
     ggaaggtggt agacacgagt cccgggggtc ttgagatcag caagcaaaaa aaaatttttt    159960
     ttagataaag gtgatgataa aggacatgta gctgggtcac tcgccagcag cttgaacagc    160020
     agtcctcact caagtggact actttctcat ctgctgtcaa aactctcctg caatgctgat    160080
     gctgatggag gcattgactg tttcaagtga cagtgtacga cagaaaacac ttttgctctg    160140
     tctccagcca tctccttgac agaaactagg aaaggggcaa tccaagtgac tcttgtcaga    160200
     ttcctacaca tctctgttaa cttagtttct cccccaatcc ccgccctgat agtctccaga    160260
     aaagcgaaga actgcttaag caagttcgtc ctcccgcact actcctcacg ctcgcagaaa    160320
     cgcacttcta gctgtcccaa gggacatgga tgcgacagcc cggggacaac acctggcaca    160380
     ggtgcctgtc agggatgcct ctccaacccg cagccgctgc aacgccgcat ccccggcggc    160440
     gcgcgtccct gtcgcagagc agattaccac ggaggacgcg agcggtgacc tcggtgaccc    160500
     tgcaggcacc tgcagtcctc cgcgtggcgt cgccgaggcc cgggatgggg agcgcccccc    160560
     gccctgcatc ccgaagacct cccccgctcc gcggccgact cggggccgcc cgggccaccg    160620
     cgttgcccgc ccgcagcatc cgacgcgcgg cctcccctcc gcccggcccg tggcgcgcgc    160680
     ccggccctca ccggacttgg gcgggtagcg gtacacggaa ttggacggga tgtccacctc    160740
     ctccacgccc gcgtgctgcc ggctcgtcag ggcccccatg gccgctgcga tcgcggcgtc    160800
     gcccgggctc cggcgtccga gcctcagcgc gccggccggc cgcacgcccg gtgcgggggt    160860
     cggctgcccg ccgcggcccg ctcggctgag gcgctgctgc ggctgaggct gcggggagcg    160920
     gcccgcacgg cgcgcaccat cctccgccgg gcaccgcggc ggcgcctctg cctgaggggg    160980
     ctgcggggct gagcccgggg gcgccgccgc cgcctcagac cgcgtgatgt cagcggcggc    161040
     tagcgcgcgg ggggaccgcg gcggcctcag ccaatgggac ggcggggcgg gagcgcccgc    161100
     gggccggcca gccaatagga aacgagctgc ggtgggcgcc cgcggcgcgt gcttcgcgcg    161160
     gaggttgcgg cgcggatgcg gcctggggct cggcggcagc gacgggcaag ggtctgagtc    161220
     tcccggagct gctcggccac ggcgggtgga agaagcatgg tccccgccgc acccgagcgg    161280
     tgtcccggtg ggattattgc tccgggtgcg cctcccccgt ggcaccgggg aggcctgcct    161340
     cgagctcgcg cgtctttgtc cctgaatccc acagcgagcc gccccgccct ggcagccaga    161400
     gccccgcctc ctccgcgtct gtcgaggtca tagcccaggg gcgagcatcc acatccctca    161460
     tgcccctacc gcctgaaccc caagtgctct gccaacctca catcccaaat gtcaccaaga    161520
     ctgcataggg gatgttggga tggtcagcta agatgtggcc atccctccgt aaatgctgtt    161580
     tgtaacctcc ttcctgggac agctcgggta gcctttaggg tttggattgg taggcattaa    161640
     ctcaagatag tcactctgag cctgtccctt gtgaactgtt ctctggagac actggaaaga    161700
     gccttgtgtg gcctatcagt gaacagtcct cgaatcaaaa agggaatttg atagggcaga    161760
     tctaggactt ccctacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacagtg    161820
     ggcaggcaga agacgtcatt gctcagttaa ttacagacat ttatgtattt gtgggtatga    161880
     tgaggttttg gggatttttt tgttttgttt ttgtttctct ggggggagac tgatcaaggt    161940
     tccgaactgt ttcagcatga cgtcaacttt caacaacata cacagtagtt tggggtgact    162000
     gattcccttc tttaggtttg taaaactgtt ttgtagatct gtctgtctcc tgatctcttc    162060
     tcttctcttc tcttctcttc tcttctcttc tcttctcttc tctcaccccc ccgccccccc    162120
     ccgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ggtttgcagg ggttggtgtg    162180
     gtttaagttt tgttgttgat gttaacattt tatttgtgtg ttggcagggg ggggttcctc    162240
     tcctgtatcg ccaggtgatt ttagaggtca aaggacaact tgcagaagtg ttttctcttc    162300
     aactgtgtgg attctaggga tatatctcag ttcctcggct ccccctccac cttgagacca    162360
     gatctcatgt agctctcgtt gacccagaac ttcttgtaac caatgtggcc ttgaatttct    162420
     gagtctcctg cctctgcctc ccaagagtat tttgcatttt cattcacctg aatttaactg    162480
     actctgtgtt aaagttactt atgaaaaatt gccttggttt tcccccaagg tcccctggaa    162540
     gccaggcacc cactcctatc atgcacatcg ggtgataatg agggaggcca agtccctgct    162600
     ccagacaccc tcatccaggt cacagggctc acctgaattt ggagctctcc ctgcagcccc    162660
     ccagccctaa ccattaggct tccagaggta tcttagggga gagctgtagc ctccctctat    162720
     tttcctttct ctacacacag atccttcctc acaggtgcca ggtgactgcg tgtggctcca    162780
     gcctttggga agtggagaaa gctggatcaa gaactccaga ctgcataatg agctagctca    162840
     ggccacatga aaccttggag cgtataaaac agcaaaaacc acagacttgc agacaaaagt    162900
     gacacaacca tttctatttt tgagataggg ggtctcactg tgctgcccac ctcagtactg    162960
     ttgattacag gatcctctgt ctggggctgt ggacagaagg gccagcagtt aaggctcttc    163020
     ctgttcttac aaaggaccta agtttgagtc ccagcaccca catggtatct cagaaccatc    163080
     tgtaactctg gttccaggga atgtcatacc ctctgttgac tctggggacc tgacactgca    163140
     cattgtgcac agacatacat tcaagggtaa caacgtacag ccaggtttcg tagtgaatat    163200
     ctttaatctc agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggtggatct ctgtgagttc aaggcccacc    163260
     tggtttacat agtgagttcc aggctagcca gggctgcata gtgagaccat gcctttaaat    163320
     aaataaataa ataaataaat ccaataaaca aaaagtagcg acactcatag gacctcagcc    163380
     tgcttggagc ctgatataga ttaattccta tctcccatag cgcttcccat cctagaaggt    163440
     gatgcctcct cccatgagga aatcataccc acagccttgg aaaagtaaag agacataaga    163500
     tagagcagcc acggcagtga ggctccgggc caggcttgtt ttgtttgctt gcttgcttat    163560
     ttagaaagca aaaagcaact ttatgtagat tgcagctggg ggggaggggc tagcagctca    163620
     tgtggaattc tagaggctct tttgaggtcc tggactatat taccacaggg acaagcaggt    163680
     agccgctccg taccctattt taacctctca cacatctaga aatccagtgg atgaagtaga    163740
     tgttacctat cccttagaaa cctcatctca gtttctttgc ctaaagataa ctcccagcct    163800
     gtggtagtgc atgcccgtaa cctcagcctt tggcaagcag gtctcatagt agcctcagct    163860
     ggccccagac tcttctgtag ctcaggatgg ctctgaactt ctgatcctcc tgcctttacc    163920
     tccccagagc gaggtttata gacatgcaca gccatgatca atttattcat tgctggggat    163980
     gctgggggtt gaacccagag ctgcgtgcat gctaggcaaa cactccacca actcagccac    164040
     atctcctcac cgccccccac cccaaactca ttgttttaaa agtgatgatc agaaacagaa    164100
     aggtatagtg ctaatttaga gggagttctg gatcaacaag actgtctaag tactgagttt    164160
     gaattctagt ctacagcaca gccacactca tacagttctg gatggagcgt ccctaggaca    164220
     aaggacaaat cagctaatct ctccaaggag cctgggctgg agctgcagag gcctgcttcc    164280
     ctccctgggc cttccttagc tctgttctgc tcactcattg gagatctggg ccagggagaa    164340
     tgcctgaggg agaaaatgac tcagaggaga ggaagagccc agaagcggct gctatcaaga    164400
     gagctataaa aatgctttta actttaaaaa cctggtccag gaagggtcac acactgggta    164460
     gggaagttat gtgtgaatgc aagtatctca cctcctttgt gtaaataccc gctctgcacc    164520
     atccccgaga gagtgccctc agacaacccc accttccaag gtcctgtggt tcctttaaac    164580
     atctgtgaaa ggcagaagta aaagcttaga cagttccaag cccttcccaa tcatggtcta    164640
     ggggagaaaa aaaagatggg atccagaggc caagtaactt ctaggacagc cagttcctct    164700
     gagctttcca tcttgttcct ctggcttctc tgcttcccat gcagatgtgc attttccgtt    164760
     ttataaccat atgctcactt caacagttcc cccaacagga agggctggga gcctgcaggt    164820
     gagagctgac agatactgac tgccctggag cacagcattc cctaggcaac agggccaggg    164880
     aggcaagcga tgcctctggt gacctataag agttcacaca ggccccctgc cactgggcca    164940
     ggagattaga ggcctggtct ggataaaccc agatcctcca gacccaaagc cagggtctgt    165000
     tcagcaacac tcatgctccg atccttttct tggtgtttgg cttcggtggg ttaaaaccaa    165060
     catcaggctg gggagatata gtccttagta gaatgcttac ctccaaagca gacacgagac    165120
     caagaagcat ttggctatgc cagcaagcca aacaagcctt tcctcactgt ctgtggagtc    165180
     ctttttattc tccctagaca tcacatgtcc cccacaggtc ttgcctcaca atgtgtctgt    165240
     gtcagctgac atcattctgc caatcagccc tcgtctgagg aagcagaaac tgcagcacac    165300
     caccagaagt cttttggttt ttctctcttt ggagtcccca caaatggacc tcaactacac    165360
     aatgtaaggt ggaccaatac atgcatgtcg ttatcgaaga acccttcatc atgtgtcctt    165420
     ccgagtgcta gctttagcag aacaccctct ctcctgtgtc tgcttcagca aaatactcct    165480
     tcatgtgttt gcctcagcca aacaccatct gacagaactg actttccaaa gaaaccttaa    165540
     gtttccactt catacagttg tcagggttct gatggctgca aacctccgtt ggatctgttg    165600
     ggtctttaac ttaactcact tttccagtca ggagcaaaat gaacaatgtc tatgaggccc    165660
     taagtagcag ggactagtga gagcttagtg aggcccatct agggtagatc tctctcttag    165720
     catcatggtc ccatgaagcc ctttccttgt ggtggttctg gcctattgct cagacatttg    165780
     gcattggaaa cgtgaggtat tgtttctact cagtgacgac tttgaagaaa ttaggggtga    165840
     atataatcat gatgaagcca gacatggtag tttgtgtcta taatccaata ctgagagtct    165900
     gaggcaagat ctctgtggaa ttcaaggaaa gcctgagcta catagtgagt ttcactccaa    165960
     cctggtctac caagtgaacc cctgtctcaa ccagaaagtg tgtgtatgtg tgttgagggg    166020
     gctgaagaca gaaagatggc tcagctgtga aagcctgact gcctaagttt gagcaccaga    166080
     acctacaagc tgcagagaga caatcaactc ctggaaatag ttcttggacc tccacttgta    166140
     tgcccaagac acacacaggc gcaagcgagc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    166200
     aaacactcac acagacatga agagaagaga ggttaggagg ttggttctgt tttgctttac    166260
     tggtgtaaca gatggtttca atcacacagc agaccttgtt tctgtgcctc atgtccactt    166320
     ctgtctctgc tgtcttcctt tggtttgggg tttgcccccc acctggggca gcaccttcta    166380
     cacgataagg tcaatgagca aagaatgtgt cgctaaggcc tcagctcagc agccattcag    166440
     ctgcctctac actcttggtg ggggaaggga ggaaggccaa ccaggcaggc atagagccca    166500
     gcatctgtct ctctttaccc agagaagcca gaatctgggg gaggcagtgt ggtcacagcc    166560
     cagacctcta acaaaataaa tactccactg tggttgctta gaagatcaaa gggggaagtg    166620
     agaacaaatt ctcctccttc tcccagtgtt tctgtgtttc tattctctcc cccccccaat    166680
     cttccctccc tctcctttcc ccaccccagg gctacatagg ctcccaacct ctcctagagt    166740
     ttcttcaaaa ttcctgttct agctggatca tgtaacttag aaggagcctt agagaggcag    166800
     acctgaagga ggaacagggc agctagatga cagaagtgcc ctggacccag gagtctccca    166860
     tgcacagcct gtgtgtcttt cttccttcct tttgctttgt tcttcaggct gagctatgag    166920
     aacaagtgaa ctcaagggag gagctcagaa atccacccca agtgtgcgtc tgtacccagc    166980
     tgtcccatcg catgcgagca agcagtgtac tccactccca aaaactcccc catggctggg    167040
     ctcaaatgga aataagaaaa ccactcttgg ggctgaagag atgacttagc agttgagtgc    167100
     acttggggct ctagcagaga actgggtttg tccccagcac ccacaaaagg cagctcacag    167160
     ccatctgtaa ctcccactcc agatctgaca caattgggcc tccgtgggaa cctgcattcg    167220
     tgtggttcac ataaacatat gcacacacac acacacacat atatatatat atatattttt    167280
     ttttttttaa gaaaaccttg cgagctgtaa ttgacacctg tataatccca gctgtatcag    167340
     gaggattgta tgttcaaggc caacctgtgc tagatcctgt ctcaaaaaaa aagggggggg    167400
     ggaagaagga gaaaaggaga agttgattta gagacagaga cagcagagga tccagaagga    167460
     attcaaggtc atccttggct atatagtttc agattagcct agacaatatc atgaaactca    167520
     gtcttttttt aaaaatgggg atatggtggg gctggcaagg tggcttagca gttaagagca    167580
     ctgactgctc ttccaaaggt cctgagttca aatcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac    167640
     catctgtaat gagatctgac accctcttct gtctggtgtg tctgaagaca gctacagtat    167700
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatgt cacaggttgg ccttgaacac    167760
     acaatcctcc tgatacagct ggatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    167820
     atatagggat atggtataac ttagttggca aagtgcttgt ctggtagcat gaggtcctga    167880
     ctttgatccc cagaacccac atttaaaagc cagacatgga ggattgcaat cccagtgcta    167940
     gggaggtgaa tcctggggct ggctgagcag ccagtcggcc tagcctaatg agcaaatagc    168000
     aggtcccagt gagagacagc ctcaaaagac agggtgggtg gtacctgaga aatgacaatt    168060
     aacttacaga ctcacctgca cgctcataca catgcaagca tgcaccctca catgtgaact    168120
     caggagagag agctcacagc caggactaca acatgtaacc tcattaaccc atcaacccca    168180
     cccccatggt cttctaaccc tcctagacat acacagcgac caaagacaaa ggaggaaaaa    168240
     ggaaagaagg caccaagggt gagggtcagg cttaacaagg acacggagca tcaggtaact    168300
     ggcagtctgt cccaggagag tccactgctg actgaccagc cgttcattac aattacacat    168360
     atactcctga gctaattgct tgtttatata agtgataagt gctgtccagt tagggccctt    168420
     caaagagcgt gcggagccgg atgagacaat gtacagagtc catccctgtt taccacctag    168480
     gtgctgttgg aagccttgga cccctcctac gcaccatgag gtgtgtattt attatttgct    168540
     tagtcatctg cggttatctt ttatagttaa gatgaaatct gcgtctgaaa agaggtctga    168600
     gcaagacata gcccacacct gttattcctg cacgcaggag gctgagccag aaagtgggag    168660
     gattcagggt cgtccttagc tacacagcaa gccccagtcc tgtgtgagct gtgtatgacc    168720
     ctttctcaaa aaagaatgtc ccaaagtcag acatgatgac acatgcttta atcccagggt    168780
     gcacccccat acaaagtaga ttaaaacata ataaaaaaat gttttaaaat ggtcttctta    168840
     ggatagtttt accaacatgc atctttaccc aatagctttg gtggctggct ctctcttgct    168900
     ttatggaaga cacttactgc ggccccccaa ccctgggcaa gttcctctga ttcccctgag    168960
     accccaaatc agcctgtgct tgggaaaaat gcttccatgt gtgcccttcc tacacagcct    169020
     tcctgtctgt catgatgaac cccacctcag ctccaatccc acctgctcca tgacaccacc    169080
     tatgtgccca cacagcccac agctgacttt tcttcctcag caagcctagc gtgggaattc    169140
     tgctctgttt aactctcatg ttacttacgt gtaagtgctc ccaagtctcc caaagccaaa    169200
     gggacagata atgtgtacct attgttccca tttcccatag gaagacactg tggctcacct    169260
     aggcacagga agcaggaact cccctgaggt ttatgtgagt ccacacccag gttcctctca    169320
     cacatggcca gtcataccgt gctcaagggg aaaggctatt ccagcacacg gcctgctggc    169380
     tgctggaaga gtgcttctct ccggtggccc accagtgact cagaccacct cactgctgcc    169440
     tcactgaccc tgtgactgtt accttgctct ctccacggtt actattcctc ctccttcctg    169500
     agacaggatg gaacggattc tggccagctc tagcatggca ggcatggctc aggcaggcct    169560
     tgtccttctc ctccaatttc tctgccttgc taaaaaccct tagattgcat tcctaaagct    169620
     accccccaag gtctattccc ttacttggtc agtttctcct cctgaggcta ttaaggtcca    169680
     cctatattga agtccatcag ccaaaagcca cctttggctc acctaatcaa catacccaat    169740
     taaaattaaa cacctcatcg tagcacaggg tttcatcctt ctcctgcttc ctctgtctcc    169800
     tgtctttgtc ccgtatccct gtcctctgtc cctctgtggc aaataaatct cctctgtgct    169860
     gagaacttga tcttagggtt cattacaagg tctgttttgc tattttggtt tttgctttaa    169920
     gatttcattt cttctttttt ttcttttctc ctcctcctct tcttcctcct cctcttcttc    169980
     ctcctccttc tttttaaaaa tgtatttatt tattttatgt atgtgagtac actgtagctg    170040
     tacaaatagt tgtgagcctt catatggttt ttgggaattg aattttagga cctctgctcg    170100
     ctctggtcaa ttccacttgc tctggtcagc cccgtttgct ctggtctact ctgcttgctc    170160
     agtccctgct cgttctggcc caaagattta tttattatta tacataagta cactgtaagc    170220
     tgtcttcaga catgccaaaa gagagtgaca catctcctta cgggtgattg tgagctacca    170280
     cgtggtagct gggatttgaa ctcaggacct ttggaagagc agtcagtgct cttacctgtt    170340
     gagccattta gccagcccca gagcttgttt ctgtctttgt ttcctgattt gtgcatgtgt    170400
     ggtattgtta ctgttgcttt tgtgccctag gtcagactaa atctcaccat ataccccagt    170460
     ttgtctcaaa cccacactct ttatcctagc tccggagact tctgccatct aggatctcac    170520
     gtatgatgca ctatgcttga tccagtgggg ccttctaaat tcaaatacgg aaacaagata    170580
     gcagcaagtg agggggcatg gtgagaggac agcaaagagc agggtgtgct tacagcctag    170640
     cactttggag gctgatgcag gagcattgtt gttattttaa gagagggctc tcatgtagac    170700
     caggcctcca actcacagag atctgcctgt ctgtctccca agtgctgggc atcaaaagcg    170760
     ccaccccacc tgggtttcct ttctggtttt gtttggagac aaggcctcat gtagcccagt    170820
     gtccttgttt ggtgtaacct cccccctaac ctgaagcagg ctgaaccaga cctcaacttt    170880
     gctgccacta aggagattac ctagggtgga gcctgcctcc ctagatcact ctattgttca    170940
     gccactgttg ctgctacctg ctaggagtct gcctagctat tccagagact acatgtggtc    171000
     acctgcagct gggttccaag gatgaattgt cgggaatggg ccttccccct cctttataaa    171060
     gcatgtccgc cattaaacat ttgaaccttg agcagactaa catgtcttgg ttccattatt    171120
     tctcgaccca ccaagatttc ctcttctctt tcagctccag gctgcctccc aggctcaaac    171180
     ccagatatga gagctgcagg ccggccccaa cagtttggtt tctcttgctg actaaaagca    171240
     acttgaagaa gaagagactt gtttcagttg agctcacagt cggtcgttaa gggaagccag    171300
     gacaggagct ggagacagga actgaagcag agacatggaa gaacgctgct tgctggcttg    171360
     ctcaccctgg cttactcagc ctgctttttt ctacaaccca ggggtgacat cacttggtgg    171420
     tttgcaccct cccacataaa tcatcaatca agacgttgcc cccaggcttc ctaccaggtg    171480
     acctgatagg aacattttct ctcgagggtc ctcttcacag atgactctag cttgtgtcga    171540
     gcccacagaa aaactaacca acacacccag gctggcctct acttggctgt ttggtagaga    171600
     tggccttgaa ctcctgacct gtctgcctca acctcccagg ttcatggctt catggaaggt    171660
     cccaggtgct gaaatctcag tcaagcatca cctcacctgg catcatggaa ggctttgttg    171720
     gttgttttgt ttgtgacagc atctcactct gcctggaact caaaatcctc ttacctcagt    171780
     ttaccaagtg gtagaattct cggtctgtag caccacccag actcctctgg tctacatctt    171840
     tctccaagag ctctggcaga gatgtaatgg aaccgctgag aacccagtgc tatttgaatc    171900
     cagtgctttg tgagcccatt tgcctgccag gccaaacagg caccctagcg aattgctcat    171960
     tctttccatt tcagttttgt ttggggtttg ggggttggtt ttgctctggt ccttctggtg    172020
     gctccaaaca cagcactatc agtggctctg ttctgaacta ggggcagctt gaaggcagga    172080
     ctgggatttt tctctagctg catgtcagct tcagagcatg gcagagctgg ccgagcctgg    172140
     catatatgtg aaactgacaa ggcacatcct gggggtttcc cagttctgat acgcacaacc    172200
     agtacacttg tgcacagtga gcacttcctt cctctttcgc ctaaactctg gccctgtgtt    172260
     tattaacagc cccacgctcg ctgggtgcag agagtaatca gtgtggcctg cactcagagt    172320
     caggagacag cactccacgc ttcttcacct tggaggttcc tggttcctaa agacaaggag    172380
     gatctagcac tccttgtaaa actataacac cataagcttc cggtccaggg ctccaggggt    172440
     ggtttctgtt tctttttctt ttcctctttc cttttttttt tttttttttt ggagggggac    172500
     atagtttact ctgtagtctg ggctgtacta gaacatgcta tagaccccag gtagccttga    172560
     actcctggca gcagtcctcc tgcttcatcc tcctgactgc tgggactaca gacatgatgc    172620
     ctgacttttc caaaaccaat ctctgtctct ctgtctctgt ctcttctctc cccgactctc    172680
     tcttctctcc ctcgccccct ctccctccct ccccctcctt ccccctctct cctgccctat    172740
     gttcccctct atcacatgat tacttcctat gtccttgaaa gttactgaga ccttcttatg    172800
     agagtcttta tatctcttcc aacatttctg tcttttctgc tgagtcctgg ccagcttaaa    172860
     tgccctccct ggactgctct gcactccagg accacttgcc taggggtgac atcaccacgg    172920
     tggtactcag gagataatgg caggaaaaac aaaacaagtc ctcgctgtaa gtagtaggac    172980
     agccaggact acacagggag actttgcaaa acaaaacaaa aacctttggc ctctggatgt    173040
     ctgtgtacac acaagcctac ccatgaatat gtacagacac accgataaaa taataataaa    173100
     aaagtaataa ttgtttaaaa gtccctccat gggtccggac agtagctcag tgcttatcta    173160
     cctggagcag gcatttccag ttcccctaga ggggcggtct gaatgagaat gcccctgcag    173220
     gctcaggaat ttgaatattt ggttcctagt tgggaaactg tttggaagga ttaggaggtg    173280
     tggccttctt taaggaggca tgtcaccagg tatgctcagg cacaatctct ttttgcctcc    173340
     ttagtttgga aaagatggaa attgcctgcc tgctgccgtg cttccagcaa tactgaaact    173400
     ctaagcaagc ccccaactaa atgcgttctt ttataagctg ccttggttat ggtgtctctt    173460
     cacagaaata gaacaacaac taagacacct accattccaa aaagaaaaag aaaaaaatca    173520
     aataaaacta taaacattac gacaataatt ccagaactca ggaggagact gaggcagagc    173580
     cgggcagtgg tggcacatgc ctgtaatccc agcacttggg aggcaggtgg atttctgagt    173640
     tcgaggccag cctggtctat agagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctaca ctgaaaaacc    173700
     ctgtctcaca agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagaaac tgaggcagga    173760
     gaattgccaa aagttcaagg ccactttggt ctacatgagt cccagtccat attgatgtaa    173820
     agaccaagac tctgcctcaa aagtacctaa ataaataaag ataagtgaat tcgtggctgg    173880
     tcagagtggc acatgcctgc aatctcagca cttgggaggc agaaacagga ggaccaaaaa    173940
     catcctcagc tacatagtga agtttgcggc aggcctagac gacataagaa attgtcttac    174000
     aatagactaa ctagctagct agctaactag ctaaataaat aaataaatga taaacaccca    174060
     gattccgaga taaacaggca agcatgaatc tactccattg cccaataggc taactgtctg    174120
     tgaagtcggt ggcagctttt gctaatgtgt tcctacagcc tttctttctt ttcttttctt    174180
     tttatttttc tgagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt    174240
     agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatct gcctgtctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt    174300
     aaaggcgtgt gccaccacgc ccagctccta cagcctttct tcctcaacgt ctgagtatga    174360
     gggagaaatc tggacttccg agaagtcata taactcttct ggaccctgaa ccaggaacag    174420
     aaggaagaac gtgtgctcct tcggagttac tccacttcgt tgctggcatt cagcccccag    174480
     ccttctccct gactgtgggc gtggttcaga atggaagcat ccgggtctgt ggaacaactg    174540
     cttaaatcag ccttagcggg ctggagagat ggctcagcgg ttaagagcgc cgactgctct    174600
     tccaaaggtc atgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcataacc atctgtaatg    174660
     aaatctgatg ccctcttctg gtgtgtctga agacagctac agtgtactta catataatac    174720
     ataaataaat attttaaaaa aaatcagcct taacaccaag ggggatgggg atgggggaaa    174780
     ccctaaccct aaccctaacc cttgaggata acaaacaata aggccggctg catttcaata    174840
     aaactttatt tacaaaagca ggccccaagg gtgtagcttg ccagcttgga agcctccact    174900
     tcagggaaga ttccagactc tggaaaatga tgtcactgcc ctgagggtag tttttcttga    174960
     cctactgaac ttggctcggg tgagaggtaa gcctgcaggt ctgggttact gccgcctagt    175020
     gaggtctaac ctggtctaac ctcctgagcc tgaggactct tagggccaat ctgacagcac    175080
     tggcaggttt tccccagaga aaagaaagtt cacccttcca cacccagacc aggtgcttgt    175140
     cagccctggt ctcttccagc tcagacctgt tcctgcctca ccaccttccc aacctgtgtt    175200
     tcaaatgcat atttttttgt tttgaggggt tggggttgtt catttgtttt tttttttaga    175260
     tggaggggag ggggtctctt tgtagccctg gctgtcctag aactcactct gtataccatg    175320
     ctggccttga acttgcagag gtccgagtgc cttttcctct gagtgctgga attaaaggca    175380
     taggccaccc ccattttgtt tatgtgaggg ctgggctcaa actctggcca tcctgcttgc    175440
     ttgtcaagaa ctttaccgag gcagccatct ctgaatttcc atgcagatgt ctactgtgcc    175500
     ctcacacact tccctcacct ccccatcccc ctcccgtttc tctcctcctg tcagtccgac    175560
     tggttccccc tgagcaactt tacctctact tccatgtata tgattttggg tactatgtaa    175620
     aaatctagga accatgagca agagataaca cacacacaca cacacacacg tgcacacaca    175680
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacgactt gcctttatga ggtcctctta tttcacttac    175740
     tatgattctc tccattttcc tataaatggt ataacttcct tcttgttctt attggccttg    175800
     ttgttgttgc tgttcgtctt cctcttcttc ctcctcttcc tcctcctctt gttggttttt    175860
     caatttaagg tttctttgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggag ctcacttctg tagatcaggc    175920
     tggcctcaaa ctctgagatc catttgcctc tgcctcccaa gcgctgggat caaaggtgtg    175980
     agctgccaca gccactgcca ccactgccac cactgcacaa ctttgttctt tatggcttaa    176040
     ctaaactcca ctgtggccgg gcagtggtgg cacacacatt taatcccagc acttgggagg    176100
     cagaggcagg tggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tgcagagtga gttccaggac    176160
     agccggggct atacagagaa accctgtctt gaaaaaaaca aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa    176220
     caaacaaaca aaagaactcc actgtgcagg agatggagac ctcagaggat acaagcactt    176280
     gttgctcttg ctaaggggcc tgggttctat tctgagcgcc tacatggtag ctccctacca    176340
     cctataactc cagtttcagg ggatctagtg ctgatttttg tgggaaccag gaacacacgt    176400
     gatgcaggac atacctgcgg gtaggtggac attcatgtac atacaataat agttatgaaa    176460
     atatttcatt cctgccagga agtggtagga gaagctcaga aggcagaggc aggtggattt    176520
     ctttgagttc aagcccagct tgttctacag agtgagttcc agcatagcca ggactataca    176580
     gagaagccct gtcttttaaa aaacaaaacc caaacaaaca tatacagccc atcttggctg    176640
     ttggagacca aggctgtttc cataactcag ccgtgtgaac actgaagcat gccgtgtgcc    176700
     tgtgttagag gagtctgtga tgtgcaagag tctgctgtgt tgtgctctgt tatcttggag    176760
     tccctccagt atataaccaa tagtggttga ttgggatttg agatgggctc ttgctatgtc    176820
     cccttgtcta gcctctaaat tcacagtggt cctcctgcct cagactctag agtactagga    176880
     tcacaggtgt gctccaccat gtccagctcc taaacaggtc ttcctttggc cttgctttgg    176940
     tctgtgcttt ccggtctcac aactcagctc cttcgtttac ctaaaggcct cccaattcct    177000
     gttctttacg ctctaatgag cctgcctcct cagactattt cctcatgatc tgtaactgct    177060
     agtttgataa gaattgcctc atgaagtcat ggagaagagg aaaagccagc gctctcagag    177120
     gagttctcac atgctccagg ggctgccact tagatcacca cccaccgggg gagtagctgt    177180
     gaacgaggaa ctgagtctca cactggcacg ggcaggtgtg gtcaatgagg atggtgagag    177240
     agctggagaa gaattgaggg gagtttgagc attgagactg gtgacagaag cagggtttgc    177300
     atttggttcc tggagtgggg gtggggcttt cggtctcccc cccccccccc ccagtataca    177360
     tttctctatt aaagaggaga ttcagctact ctcgggtctg tagcctggtc tcagcaggca    177420
     gaggttctca ctggggagcc ggaatggtga gctcttgacc tctccagtcc tttcccaagg    177480
     agagtgttag agtgttcctc gtctgtctgt cctttggtct gagcaggaag ccagcatacc    177540
     cacccaccca agaaggcgga gactggtcct ggaggctgtt cctcaatcct ccctttgtct    177600
     ccctgcccct gtagattgct aagacacacc cagcaaccaa aggtggggtt accttatcac    177660
     ctggctgtca ggtacagcac agagtgtcca ggccaccgtg ctgctctggg ggaatgcctt    177720
     caacagtgct aggagtggcc tggcctttgt cctttgtgag gcatgtgaca gtttgtggaa    177780
     aacataatct ggtataaacc agcatgaact catcccttgg gggggatcag ccttggctct    177840
     tctgtctcta accacaggga tgaaaggtgg ttcctatctt gtcagtacta tctaggccct    177900
     agattcgaag gagattccag tgggccggct ggactagaaa ggagaatgtg ctatttgaag    177960
     agtatgcaca cctgtctaca taataagttc tagaacagcc agggccagat agaaagacct    178020
     tgtctcaaaa caaaaacaaa caaaaacgaa aacaaaacca aaaccaaaaa aaaccacttg    178080
     tgctctcaga actcagtaag agatttgtgt gtttaggcca gtctgggcta tggatggaga    178140
     actttatcca cagctcaggg ccaagcaagg ctacataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat    178200
     aaataaataa atgaataaat ggggggggga actagaggaa gacaggcagt caggggaagg    178260
     ttgggaatga aaagaacttc tgtctgccca accttgatct cgttcattgc cacaagaaag    178320
     gagttccgtg ctacctgacc ttggtgagat ctgagcgctc tccaagcctt aggcttatta    178380
     ggaacctggc actctcaaat tctctttctc tcagttatgt tggagctgct tgggtccggg    178440
     gcgtagaaat gaggaagaac ctttaatgct ggtgtggctt ctaattccag cacctggacc    178500
     aggtcagttc agggtcagtc ttggctacct agtgatttca aagccagcct gggctacgtg    178560
     aagaccctgt ctcaataaac aaagtgaaat aataaaaatt ataaccagtg aacaaacaaa    178620
     caaaaagaag tggaagggag gaaaaaagga ttaggaaatt gaggatgcag taaatgtggg    178680
     ggtgctggcg ccctaccctt ctgcccttcc agacccttgc tgcctcccta gagaatgcca    178740
     cagagtctct gaaaacagtt gcttagaagg ggccctcttt gagctccact gaggagataa    178800
     ctcatagtaa tggaggtagc agggtgtgac gccacttgct acttcgtggt actggtctgg    178860
     tgtcccttag ctgtttccag gatggtctga agacaaaagt aagagatgtc tggctccccg    178920
     ggaagtgctt agcgcagggc tgccgagtgt tatcatccac taccgccagt ccgcctacgg    178980
     tcttactcac acagatctcg ttatgcacgc accacacaag gatgtttctc ttattagctg    179040
     ctgtatcatc cctagctctg tggtcctgcc attgatgtaa caaggatttt gttctctcgg    179100
     aggctaccag ttgtgtttca tttgttatta atggcatgtt tttattgcag tgtttcactg    179160
     gccttgtatt gtcctctcag attaagataa taacaccttc ggttaataat accttgcact    179220
     tgattcgctt tcatctccac agctcaaagt cctcaacaaa catgacctca tccattcttc    179280
     cccgctcccg cccaggagcc ccggagcccc cgagccccgc cccggagccc cgagcccggg    179340
     gagtgggggg gtaggggctc agtggtgctc cttcggctcc tagccattca tcttcaacca    179400
     gattctcaga agccttaagt attgattaag cccttccacc tgtcaggacc acagatcaca    179460
     cgcttatttc tggagctctt cctgcctcct cttgggatga ccttcgccca cagaagatca    179520
     cctgagctcc agcccctcag gcttaggagg cttgcccgct cttcccagca gtccacagct    179580
     gggtcttgca ccgggtaaac attagctgat ccttagagat tagttgcctt aatgtccagg    179640
     aaacaacaga tttttcagtt tttatcttcc ttgagagctg gataattctt tacatagcct    179700
     aggctagcct acaagtccta atcctcccgc ctcaaccacc cagatgctgg gaattacaga    179760
     ccttcatgta cccccatagt agcgggtgtg ggaacttttt aatgaagacc tggaggctat    179820
     aggcacgttc tcttaaaatg tctgtgtcca aagtcgactt tgctactcac cgccccggca    179880
     tgctggacac ctgtaggtac ttgtgaatac ctgcagccca caatgacagt gcttccttgt    179940
     tctagggcag ctcttggccc gagatccctg gaagtgcagg ctgctggctg tgcctttgta    180000
     ttttcacttt gcagttacct tgggggagca gggaaagacc ttgaaactct acaggggcca    180060
     cctagcctac acaaccacat ctctgcattc aagcaacccg tgataaaata atatcaggac    180120
     agaaaattgt atcggtacag acttttttct ttttttaaac atgcacagat ttcccctccc    180180
     tatttcttga acaatacagt acaactatta gtgcttacgt tctattaggt attataaggc    180240
     attttagagg ttatgtacaa tatatgaggc tgtgtagggg ttatgtacaa acgctatgct    180300
     gtgttatgct atgctacata aaagaagttg agtgtcaaca gctttagggg accctgaaac    180360
     acggctgggg ggggggggtc tatacttgac ttcccaggca cacttacagc ctcagcccgt    180420
     gggcgttttg gggatatcta aagataatta tagtactcct accccttcaa aacaaacaaa    180480
     caaaacagaa gacaaaagaa acaagattaa ctcatccttg cgcccaaagc tttttgttct    180540
     cttcttgtgg agctggggag gtagccgggg cttctggtag gctaggagag ctctccagcc    180600
     agctgtgcat tcattggtgt gcaaacatca gttgtaacct tattcttagc tagatacttt    180660
     ctaaaaaacg ggcaagttct cttaaagaga acatttagtc cttttaggta aaataaaaag    180720
     agttcagtga gtaaaggcgc ttgctgccaa gtttgtcaac cccagtctgg ttttacaccc    180780
     acaccatgga aagcgactct cactgcctct gccttcactg gcaaagaaat agaagtgagg    180840
     tttgctttct tctgttctgt ccttctgttc tgcacaccct aactagttag aaccttcgct    180900
     gtaattagtt ctgatgaaaa acagtatatg tcttcctgaa acaggagcct tcacagtaaa    180960
     ttcccaatcc gatcctccag atcagggtgg aaacagttcc tgcccgctcc ccatggtcta    181020
     gaatccttgg ataagtgggg ctcttatacc atgtgtcatt ttttcctacc agccaacttc    181080
     accatcttgt gtaccttaaa tcatctttag gtcactttaa tacccaatac aatgtaagtt    181140
     tcatgtgaat agatgtatca atgtcctctt gatcagggaa taatgacaaa gaaaatgtct    181200
     tcatgctgaa aacaggtact tttttttttt tttttttttt taaagcataa ggtttttaaa    181260
     ccccgaggct ggattatgca aagcatgccc tggcactggc tattcccccc cacccccgtg    181320
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt tggagagttt    181380
     ctctatgtag ccctgctggc tgtcctggaa ctaactcacc atgtaggcaa gactggcctc    181440
     gaactcagag ctatccgaat gcctctacct cccactgagc cctgaaatta aaaccatgtg    181500
     gtcactacgc ctggttcttt tgtgttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgtgg tgttaagaaa    181560
     ttgaacccag gatctgtctg ccatgtttca aaagttttct ttttcttttc tttttttttt    181620
     aagagagact gtttagaagc tatttaaaaa tttaaatact cttgagagtc gagtagctgc    181680
     gaaggttctg tgtgttttct attttgatcg ttctgtttct cgagatgacc acatctttca    181740
     gaggaaatga gtcaaagcca ctccgtcttg cttttccagc tgagcatgtt cagtttcaat    181800
     gaagtaatga atgaacttgg ccagcaccac ccccacgcct acaacagcaa acactgatga    181860
     cctccaccaa tcagaacgcg gtcagggttt tcgagttgag ttcaaacagg cctacggtag    181920
     gccaatcagc gcatcacgcc ccgcctcccg atggcggccc cagccaacca ccaactcgga    181980
     ggagccaaaa cacggaggct ggccaatgcc ggggtgcccc cgcggcaccg actccgccaa    182040
     tgggcgcggc caggcgagga gagaaacaga gcggccgggc ccgccgcagg attcgaatcg    182100
     aacgtccgtg tgggagccgg cggctggctg ggctgcgcgt gggccaatca gcggcgtcgg    182160
     ctcacggccc ccgaacgttg ggcctggcgg ccccgccccg cgctgttgtt tgcggcgtcg    182220
     gcgcggccgc gcgagccgaa ccacaacatt cgccgggcgg cggcggagct gcgagcgtga    182280
     gcccggggcg gccgcccagc gccatgtcgg tgaacacgga cgagctgcgg caccaggtca    182340
     tgatcaacca gttcgtgctg gccgcgggct gcgcggccga tcaggcgcag cagctgctgc    182400
     aagcggcgca ctggcagttc gaggtgtgca ccgggccggg gtcgggagcg cgcgtgggag    182460
     ccgggggccg cgtagggggg ccgcggcggg gggggggggg gccggggcgg ccaggcctcg    182520
     ctcacgccgc tgcgtcccgt attttgtccg cagaccgccc taagcacgtt ctttcaagaa    182580
     agcaacattc ccaacagcca ccaccacccg cagatggtaa gtgttcccca gggccgcgga    182640
     gggggcgctc ggtgcggcag ggtcgctgtc agccgcgccg gtgacagcca tgttgccggg    182700
     gagcggcgcg ccgcgaatgt aaacaaagag ccaaaatgtc ttccaggaaa gagcgctccc    182760
     aggccggcgc tggctcgccc aactttggga cccgcctcca ggccgctgga tcggggcctg    182820
     aggccctgtg ctgggcgctg tgccctgggt gtaagggcct tggtgttggg gaggtggggg    182880
     tagaaggaag ggaagacggc ttccagcagg atgttgcgat tctgatagca gaggatgggg    182940
     aaggggctcg aggataacca gacctttggg gacttcgggg tggtggggga ctgagggatt    183000
     tgtgtcttga tgcaaaacac acacacacac acacacacac acacgactga ggtagggatt    183060
     tgtgtcttgg tgcaacaaac acagccgtgt gcacacacac acacacacac acaccaccca    183120
     cccacccagt gctgcaggaa gcaggggagg gatagatcca ccctggctcc ggaagtccaa    183180
     ctctacccac aaaggtaggc tggcccttcc aaagcctcca gggaacataa cctttatgga    183240
     ggatatacag atttatatac ctaaggtgag gccaagaatt tcttttaatc tcagtatgtt    183300
     aagaaacaaa acagtccagg aaatagttct tggagcctgg atttgtcctc ttccaacttg    183360
     gctccaggct agagcctttg ccctctggcc agtgggtacc ctgctttcct gaggccaggc    183420
     acatcccttc tctgctctaa ctcctagtta gctattagct ccaaacgtgt aggagggcct    183480
     gagcccagga gaggggtggt aaaacattat tccctaagag atctgccatt ggactttttt    183540
     gttttttttg gtgtccttgt ccccaggaga caagactaca tgtggatctt ctgctgtatc    183600
     ttgttctcag cacttttttc ttctgacaaa aacgagccgc ccccccccct ccccgcgtgg    183660
     tggcgcacgc ctttaatccc agcactcagg aggcagaggc aggcagattt ctgagttcga    183720
     ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagacagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt    183780
     cgcgaaaaac aaaaaaaaaa aacaaaaaca aacaaaaaac gaggggggat gctcaggaag    183840
     gagagtctgc ctcagtttaa actagctctc aacatttgga gtaagattgg aaaatgaatg    183900
     atgctgtggg ccccagccac tgcggccaag ctcttagaaa attcaggtgg gattcatcat    183960
     gcccaagacc ccctcctaca tccagccatc cagacctcca gcttcctaga cctgggagtc    184020
     ttctgctttc atcctgctca gtgtcttcct atgcacaaga ctattcagaa aagcatagcc    184080
     atgctgaagg gcctggaaca aggaagccag caagccccag cttgaactgg attccctccc    184140
     ttcccccacc tttgtcaatc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtctgtc    184200
     tgtgagtgtc tgtgagtctg tgtgttctcc ttggaagctt cccttgggag actgctggtt    184260
     ttgtaactca gacgttataa tcagcacacc caggagggac ctgtgctgga ggcctcgcct    184320
     gcacagtagg gaacagcagc cctgttctga gagtcagtcc agtttttaag acaaaataat    184380
     tagaaaactt aaataaaaac attgaagcca gcacttggga ggttaaggca gcaggatggc    184440
     tgtgaactct aggtcagcct gggctatcta gctgcatact gtctcagata aatactttat    184500
     atgaagaaaa gtcaacacaa agtggtgata actgctaaac gattgtcctg tagattgcca    184560
     gccacagttg gaaggctgtc acagatgata agggtcctca gttgtatgag gggggggggg    184620
     caagaaggca ttcgtaggga gaggggaaac ggccatgaca ggggctcaga attgagatta    184680
     taggaggggc tttaggaaat ggagttcaag ccttgctttc accaatgctg taggcctaga    184740
     gacctgtctg agctgccccc aggcaggtgg gtacagtccc ctttaaccct ctaggctgtt    184800
     ctctggagaa gagacctggc ctctctggct tggttgactg gggaagtcgg tcacgatgct    184860
     gtgatgcaac tggcctccac cctcaacccc ccattcattg tttcctgctg ccgagaagtc    184920
     atgggggtgg gcagggaatc atgagaggag ggaagtgtct gggtggggcc agacctgcct    184980
     aaggccaaag gccttccctt cagggccttg gagcagacaa tgttcagagt cccctaagag    185040
     ctgatgtggc acagcctcag tgggggtggg ggggtccctg ccccaggctc tggctttgct    185100
     ttaactaaaa tgataaagct ttagcatcct gtcctgtgtc tcagcacccc acccccagtg    185160
     ccctgtgcct tggggaggag ccagtgctgc taaaattagg agaagttgaa aggactccct    185220
     ggcctcctga gggagaagca gctttgaggt cagaactagc ccctgtaggt cctgggctct    185280
     gacccacctg tctcctagga gtgtgccgct ggcatctgga gctggcatgg ctgttgcgtg    185340
     tttggattag gagcccagac ccgaggaggc acttaaccct gactgcagct gggctcaggc    185400
     ttcagggcct gggcctgggc ctggacacct gccttgggtg catgttcaat tgtgactgac    185460
     ccttgggcgt cagcctcctc ctctgtgtta cagaaagaat aactgagcta accagatccg    185520
     cacatcggaa gtgatgagtg gagagaggca ggggccaagc ccagtcgcct gaatggaagc    185580
     tctaagaaag cgcagctttt ccaaggctcg tacagggagg agaccctccc cctggcctgc    185640
     accccggcgc ctaacaccct ggggacatct aagggtagct tgtggagaaa gccagctggc    185700
     tcccccaagc caggaaagga gctgggcagc agtgtcctgg gctgcccctt gtcctttcac    185760
     gacgacaccc tagctttgag ttggaattaa ccattgacgt ctcatgcccc ttgccgggtg    185820
     tcttcaagct ttgggcagcg agcacactcg ggttttgctc ttccatgtcc ttcactggcc    185880
     ccagggaaga taagggtttt gagtcctatt gaagttgcca gtgggcaaga ggcaccagga    185940
     tcctgccttc cctgcagtct caccaacacc tctcttctct tcctgcagat gtgtaccccc    186000
     agcaacaccc ctgctacacc acccaacttc cctgatgcat tggccatgtt ctccaagctt    186060
     cgaacctctg agggcctgca gagcagcagc agcagcccca tggcagccgt ggcctgttcc    186120
     ccccctgcaa acttcagccc cttctgggcc gcatccccac ccaatcacca ggtgccctgg    186180
     atcccgccct cttcccccaa caccttccat ctccactgcc cacagcccac gtggcccccc    186240
     ggagcatcgc aggggggcgc ccctcagaaa gccatggcag ccatggatgg ccagagatga    186300
     gactggacgc cactgggctg gagcaggggg cagtccaggg ttgtggggac acagatgagg    186360
     gctgggaggg ggggaacgca agagggcggg gggtttcttc acgatcgcac tggaagattt    186420
     tataagagtt ttgggggggg ggggacagta aacgtcctga gccacttggg ttcttcagga    186480
     gtttctctta gggaaagttt ttttttcctc tttttaatat ataactataa tatatatgaa    186540
     tataaattta gctaatgttt gtgagagtgg ggcctgcaca cgtgttcctg tcagaggcaa    186600
     ggctcacatt ccttgccagc acctctttct ctgcccaatt gaggggaaca aaagggtgtt    186660
     cacagatgga gcgagcttgc agccgcgtgg ctgtgctgct ctgtgagaag gcgtgccagc    186720
     cattaggaag ccccaccgcc aaaggaggtg cacccaggag ggtcctcaga atcatggact    186780
     tctaccccat tgctggtaga caattttcat ctctgctggt ggtggcctct tgttgactct    186840
     gaaacttgtc accttgtcac cagctagatg tcaagacttg gctgccctct gatgtgggtg    186900
     cttctgcccc ttccctgttc taactgtccg acaggctccc agtctctgtg tgtccaggcc    186960
     agaggaccag cactcaggag agtctgcctt tggattgagt tcccaaatta gagtcatcgc    187020
     accagggtgc aattttaatt taaaaactta aaagactttt ctaacttccc tagtttgtgt    187080
     ttttgttttt gctttggtgg ggaaggtcag tggggtccct ggctgggggc agggcattgt    187140
     catttggctt ttcctaatga ggatgcattg cccaccatgt ttggtggtgg tagtttctga    187200
     gccagcagct cttagcctcc tgcaggatgt caagcgggcg acccatccgc agtgagttgc    187260
     tcctggaggc tcctgtggag ctaaatctct gctgcccctc aactctgagg agccaaacag    187320
     cagaatggga aagaccagaa ccaaaatgaa atgaaactta caggccccag ccaggaggcc    187380
     aacacgcgcg catgcgcgca cacacacccc tacctctcag gtggagcaga gcaatgggcc    187440
     cagctacctt ctactgtatg tgacacatgg ctggacttgg gagctgggtc tgtcctttcg    187500
     gttttgtttc ctagttacaa ccccctgggc ctcctcacag attcccctgc ccacctgtgc    187560
     tttcccaggc tggaagggga aatccctggc aggtatgtgg gtggccaggc aggggctgcc    187620
     tgcgcggcgg tgagggtcca ttcagaagta ccagcttggg ggaaagggtg gggctgccgt    187680
     gcctaggtat gggatggtgg aggctggccc agctgaggga atgtgggtcc tgtccctctg    187740
     actgggaggc cgtcttccag accgggggag actgagttgg cctgaaatgt atgtcattgc    187800
     cagggaggca ccagtatggg agacataggc actggggctg ggacaggccc tgactctgcc    187860
     cttgggtcca gaggcgagct caatagtcta gggatgccta caggggttta gccaggccat    187920
     cttttccatg cagtcacaag tgtgaccaca ggagacttga gagggacagt aactttattc    187980
     tccaggggca gcctccaccc tggggcaccc ctggccaagc cctttgcccg tggtgagaaa    188040
     cccgtttctt ggctgtttcc tgccgctctt tcctgtgtga tttttgtcgc cccctttctc    188100
     acacctcaag ggtgaacatc ttgccccaga tgctttccgt gtgagagagg ggggtgtgga    188160
     agctggtgtg ggggttgccc catctcgccc tctgcacacc tcaatccaga ggtgggaata    188220
     atagcaactg ctttattttg agaccggttc ttgctgcgta gcccaggctg gccttgagta    188280
     gtgtgattac ggtttcttgg accccccccc cccaagttgg gtcaggctct cttgtggacc    188340
     actaagatct gcccggaggc cctagattaa gaggtgacta ggtagcagtg agggctcttc    188400
     atcggatcag accctgaacc tgaagactcc tgaatatcga gtgaccacag gcatggagca    188460
     agcatactgg gctgagagtc accttggaaa cagaccatac agtctggact gagccaggcc    188520
     tgatctctat cttgccagcc tagccaaggc agccatgcac aaagcccctc taccagggct    188580
     ggctttgaag ctgccatttg tagcagctga tgcaaggtga ctgtaggaca caacttccaa    188640
     acgcagggtt ggagtggaaa cctggcagtt gtgtttgtgc ttctggctgg aagcccagtt    188700
     tggagcagga gctaccccaa gcctgcgacc aggaagcagg tggcagtggc ccctcagctc    188760
     caagtagaac tggtgtgcag acactgtgga cccctgccta cccagggtgc cccagaccag    188820
     ccatggactt gcactgtcag ataaccactg attagaccag gccctccctg tccttaggct    188880
     cctagaacca ggtctgaagt cttccccagc tattcaccct gtctgagtgc atcatcccaa    188940
     cctccctggc cacacgcatc ctcttgacag ctcggtggca cttaaaagcc ttagctctcc    189000
     aaccataaag cagacctgcc gtccagggaa tggtctgccc ctcagatgag gaggcctaga    189060
     agcccagagc tgctcagctg acagcaggta cctacctcct tgggttgttt tgttgttgtt    189120
     ctttgttttt caagacaggg tttctctgta tagccttggc tgtccccgaa ctcactctgt    189180
     agaccaggct ggccttgaac tcagaaatct gcctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggact    189240
     aaaggcgtgt gccaccattg cccagcgacc ttcttgttct tgaggcaggg catcagagag    189300
     atcccttggc acccaactcc tttttaaaaa tgtttattta tgcctccgtt cagtgagcag    189360
     cggtggaccg tggtccccgg gtgggctcct ccagcccctc cccgggaggc acgtcaatgt    189420
     gcatgttcag cccctgttgg ctaccctgca gactggctat gtctgtaggg atggatgaat    189480
     ggctcacatt cgactgcagg agacgcccct cagaggagac tggtctgtct ttcttttgcc    189540
     ctgaaggaac tgcaagacag gaggggctca gcttgctctg tctggttccc cccatgccca    189600
     ccagggttca ctctagcttg ctcaaggccc aagcaagttg tgaaccccat tagcctggct    189660
     gttaggctgg gccacacagt tacaagcatt cgtgggtgtt cctaagcaaa tgcttatggc    189720
     ccttccgtga tccttgcaga aagaacctgc ctcatttatg cctcctgtcc ttttaggggc    189780
     ttatacaagc ccagaaatct ttctacatca gtctctccag ctcccatatg gtaagtattt    189840
     ctaggtagaa gtcgaaagcc tgttaaaagg agccagggcc cagtagaatg acagactcct    189900
     gctcttgtgg cctattcttg gtcaccggtg atgacccttg aattccacct tgaccactta    189960
     ctgttcagcc tctcagtgcc cctgttccct tagttgttcc tggggctaat gttgatctat    190020
     acacatcagt gtaggtgtag tgtaggctgt tgcatagaca aaaactacct aggcagcctc    190080
     gatgtacctt gatggtacgg caccacgggt accacacaca ttaccttgtg ccatgggatc    190140
     ttccagacgc agggttggaa tggaaatacg ttacagagct cggaggtcta acatacaaag    190200
     cttggggggg tgggggaggg gacagtgtac aaatgcattg tgatccttgg gtctcctgca    190260
     agcatttgca aaataccgtg tggggttgtt atcaagctgc ctgcctctgg ggagagagct    190320
     gttcctgcac gtagacatac ccatgatgag gagagagatc ggtttagtca cctggcagcg    190380
     tgggtcctag cctcacattc tagtctagca aggaccatag gccttgtgtg gtggaaccca    190440
     gagggcccta gccccttggc cttttatctg atctagcttc tcaaggaaga cctgggactc    190500
     taggggcttc ccagagctag aggcagagag ggatacctat aggcaaggga cgggtgtgta    190560
     tttgcgcgca tgtcagtggg gggcgttgca catattcagg gcttgtagcc tggctcttaa    190620
     aacgtttgtg tctgagcagg gaagaccttg ggcctgcggc cagagctggg tgcatctctg    190680
     tccccgtgtc ttcttgtgtg gagtaggaca gtaacagtgt tcacctcaca gacctggcac    190740
     acaccaaaca ttcgggaact gggttttctc catcctccct cccatcacat ccatgagctt    190800
     cctggccctt gctgtctcta gcctgggcag gaggaaagct ggagggctgt cagcaaggac    190860
     aggaaggctt ggggacagtg tccaggctgc cgagagaaga aacctacctg ctttgctgtc    190920
     cgctatcatc tgtgcactct gaggccgaga gggtggcgag atcatgttgc ccaggcttgg    190980
     ctgcctgtgt gcgtggggcc gggcatgctg ggcctgctgc agctgctgca gttgttggag    191040
     ctgctgcagc tgctgcagtt gttggagctg ctggagctta gccttgttgt gttttgtcac    191100
     tcctggggct gaaagggcat aaggaggggg agcaccagtg agaactgtgg ggaggacctt    191160
     tggggaacag gagccggctg aggtgggggt cctccacatg ctgagtctgt ggctgtgccc    191220
     ccttagagac tacatgtcta cctgcccatc agtctgccct cccgcccgct cagatttact    191280
     gaggaccttg cgtagggtct gagtgagttc cgtcctggac tcgcgtttca ggaaagagaa    191340
     cataaggaag gcacaaggca tgatgggaac ttctggtatg aactggaagt tggcctttgg    191400
     gagcctggtt tggtactggg atcacataag catcctttgc tgagttttgg aaagtctgtc    191460
     agggcttggc tgtattgtta cagggcgctg aggcggagga ggtgggaaaa ctcagctgtg    191520
     gaggtgtgaa ggccagcaag aaaggacaag gccactgcca ggggacaggc caaggtctgg    191580
     gtgctgctct ccactagaaa gcagccactt ggcttcagga ggagaaaaag tctttagggc    191640
     ccagtgatcc aagacatgcc cataccagga aatagacaac tgtcctttgt cacccaagcg    191700
     agaacctaga aggaactcaa ggctgcctgg accactcacc atctttccct aggatgcctg    191760
     gcaaccgtgt atccatccgt cccttgtaga tgtgtccgtc gaggcccagg atgtcaacct    191820
     catcatgcta gagaggggta tgcgtgtcca ttagcattgt aacagcctga gtatccccca    191880
     ggaaggcctg gagtgcagac actgtcagcc agcagtgctc agaaccgccc tgccttcccc    191940
     tgcccccctc cccccagccc tatgcctcac cccctgaaat gaggcctgag ggcacatgcc    192000
     tgtaatcctg gctctctgga gactggcagc aggcttccca ctgacttcaa ggccagtctg    192060
     ggagatatat agctagtacc agtccagcca ggactgtaaa tagcaagact cactctcaaa    192120
     aatgaaaggc ccctgcatgg agtctggtct gagggcaaga tggaaggagg tactgtggaa    192180
     ctctgcggcc ccgtggtgga aggtggtagg gtagtgcctg ggaatcaggt ggaaggatgg    192240
     cgttctaccc agtggcaagc cagacctgta tatcctagct actttgggag tccgaggctc    192300
     gaggatcgtg agttcaaggc ctgcctcagc aactttggag aggtaacttg gcagtaacct    192360
     agcaacccct gggacagcaa gggagggagg gaagaaagag gaccagttga tgggacttta    192420
     ggtggttttc cagaaggggc atggcgggac tatccttccc atggctcctg acagaccttc    192480
     atggcgatct ggatctcctc cagtggagac aggtgctgcg ggcggtttcg ccggtagggg    192540
     taggtgaggg tgtggctgcc cccacagcga cgggatacag tcgagtagct gtaatctgct    192600
     gtgtctgctc ccctgggatg tagacagaca cggggtgggg gtggggggtg gggggagtca    192660
     tcactttgag ccacccagga gtgttacctg ggacaggctg gtaagtaagc ctgaagctac    192720
     acacaacgtg tcacaccgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgcacc    192780
     agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg cacactcaca gtacaccctc acccttgttc ccatccccaa    192840
     ccccagcccc caacccccac cccacaatgg acggggggcg ggggggagca gaagccaagc    192900
     ttggccttca tgggggcctg tgtgtccctg gactctgtct gtcctaccgt ttgtagcatg    192960
     ggtggctgag gcactgggtg tgcagcagct ctcggatcat ctggctgctg gccttcacag    193020
     agcctccgaa gtggacctgc accttctcca tgtccatcag catccgggag tgcatgctgt    193080
     gcagacgccc cacgcttctc tccatctgtg acatgtcaac ccgagggaag ctgctgccca    193140
     gcttcaggct gtgagaccca ggcgtgagga aagaggtcag cccaggacca ggcaggacct    193200
     tgtgggcttt acccttgctt tggctccagg cccctgctgt gcaggagcag gtgtgaactg    193260
     cactggccct cgggaactga ctgagggctg agggtcactg ggcagctcaa cacctctaaa    193320
     agtctggtaa gggaccacca gacttgctgg ggaaagtttt ttccctaaca caaaagcccc    193380
     cttccccaac aaaataaacg cttaaaatgt caaaaaccca caaaataaac aacaaaaaca    193440
     aatacaaaac aaaaaaggaa gttcaggtcc tccatggtgc ttccggtcag agtccctcta    193500
     ggctactccc agtgtgtatt ctcaagtcat ctctgccccc tcccacccct gccctccctc    193560
     cccctcccct gcccaggatc ccactgtccc atactttctg ctttgctgtc ggatctgctc    193620
     tagttcaaac acagtgtaag gccggacgga acggtgccct ggcatgctcg aaattatggg    193680
     ggtcacagag atgactctgg gcagggacag agagaagggg gaggggcgtg agagagagag    193740
     aaatcccacg tctaggccac ccacctccat gctctacggg acggccctca ctactcagta    193800
     tgggccccat aggaaggctg aggggaccag ggacagagat gaacccagga caagaggcga    193860
     gacgagtggg tatggggaga tgcatccctg cttcgaagcc ttctccctgc caccagatgc    193920
     tgtggttgag gtgtgcccac tcactgtcca gtcacagttg tctccaaggg acggtcacag    193980
     gacaagcagt ggaaatgagc caagagctgc ctgtcaggaa tgggacacag ccagtgagat    194040
     ccagagagct tgtccccccc ctccccccgc cccagcagga cgggtggcaa atcctgccct    194100
     acttcctggg aattcaactg gtgctaacca tcccttgcag gcacgcattc tgaaccagct    194160
     agccagccta gtagcttgta tgtgcctctg gtgccccctg gtggacatga gtgggatttc    194220
     cctaagccag tttccaaagg gacaccttgg aggtgtgtct ctgcccccag aaatccagtg    194280
     tactgcaatc taaccccaag agccttgcac ctcctttctg cctttcccca ccactattgg    194340
     aaggatctgg ccaagttact caactctaaa atgcagtccc tccacctgat tgacagttct    194400
     gggcagaatc agtcatgcac tgctcacctg gggcccgccc agcattcccc attgccttcc    194460
     gggcctcacc tccgcatggc agccgcctcg tcggcctggt agagtggagg gcgctctttg    194520
     agctgctgcc gcagtgattt ccagcggtcc tccagcatct gcttcaacgg atccagctcc    194580
     aggcggtcca gctggagggt ggacaccagg tgagctcgag gcggcaggga gatggggttg    194640
     tggggtggag gtgggaggga tcgatctatg cttgcagaga gcggtggtgc cccgatggca    194700
     gggccaggaa tggcgagcga gcagcccaac ctgtcctgtg tcttttccca cccccacctt    194760
     gctgtccatc tctgccagga gcttatccag aagtttctgc cagtcttgct cctgtccgct    194820
     catcttggcc accagttcct gcatcatgtg gttcagctgc tctgtagtgg catcaaactg    194880
     gatccggctc actttggatg ccagagcgct cttgtcggct ttctgtgtga gagaccagca    194940
     tggggtgggg atgttcctcg ggcagtctgt cctgtgtctc cgtgtctccc ggctccccac    195000
     acatccctcg ccctccccac cccaactcct ccacccccat tcccctcaca atggctgggg    195060
     aggagccaga ggctcacctc atcaatctcc atctccaggt gctctctgtt ggccttttcc    195120
     ttatccagcc tttctatccc ctgatacagc acctggaggc ccgcgggaca gagaaaggga    195180
     agagtcagca atgccgagag agtgagccga gtgagcggca tgggtgggtg gggcgggcga    195240
     gcctctgcca ctgctcactt caatgtcttt ctgcttctgc cgatggtcct caatgaggtt    195300
     gctcgtggta atgttgagct tctcacagtc accctggact tgtaggatgg cgctctgcac    195360
     gtggcccagc agctcctcat cctgcagcag cgacagggga gtttttggag gctgctgggg    195420
     caacccatga agcagtccca tgggtaggct gcctttagaa cttagaatgt gacacccccc    195480
     cctccccccc atgctcagga agataagttc tagaacaaat ctgggctacc acacaaggcc    195540
     gtcagaccct acatcatgga aagaaagaac tgactcctgc aagctgtcct ctggcttctg    195600
     caagtatgcc atgcaatgtg cacgtgcacg gatgcacaca tgcatacacg caaagaaacg    195660
     cgtacacgtt aaaatcaaaa ccatcatcac ccagcacatg cgctcccttc aaatccattc    195720
     tggctttctt cagaggcatc caagacagtt gtgtcctcct ctggatgttg tcaccaatcc    195780
     ccctacatgc tggtagactg gcatcagtgg cctttggggg catccaagag gtgactgaag    195840
     ctcacatgtc ctatggctgt cccatgatcc ccgagaggtg aggtgtgggc aacagtgtga    195900
     accaaatctc aattcttgca tccaagagca agatctggtg gtgaccctca gcccggcagc    195960
     aagccttccc tccaggggac atctgcaaag tgttggaaac actggccacc gaggggcagt    196020
     gtgtcctgca actgtgcctg catcctgtga taggcactgt gtgtcccacc cacactaagt    196080
     ccacccttcc catacactcc taactccaca tccagccacc ctgtgacgga gctgggcaga    196140
     gagaaacact cacctggccc tgcagcttgg ccttcttgga gggtctggag gcagcgaggc    196200
     cactgaccat gtcctgtagc tgctcgtagc gctggaccag cagactgact tggtggctca    196260
     catccagact gcaggccgga caggtggcct cggggtcgat ctggccgggc actaggcagg    196320
     cggtggactt gtgtggggtt atgctcatgg agagcagcgt ggaggagctg cccagcatgc    196380
     tctcaatgat ggttctgagc ttgtccagct gcatgcggga cagacaagaa aggcggggca    196440
     gggaggtggg gtaagggtat tatgtctcac caatggtgtg gcatattctg cctgtcccct    196500
     gctgtgagac aggcagtcgc cacctcctca gagcgtcaca gaaggcgctg cacacagtac    196560
     acagttgatc tctacccagc acatggtttt tcaagtacct ttgccgccag caggcagcat    196620
     taatgacaaa acccgctgtg ggaggggaac tccattgggt taatgcacac agcttctgta    196680
     gctaagtcct gtgttctccc ggggccctga tgacgcaaag tccttgcagc acaaggtgtg    196740
     agcagtggac ttgcacatct gtctcaccca ggatgtaagg tctaacaaca aaggaatgtg    196800
     agaggtgcag atgaaggtac agggatatct ctgggtctgg aggggcaagt ggcttccagg    196860
     gcaagccact cagcctggcc ctcctgtttc cctcttctcc ctatggtctt acttggttac    196920
     caccaatgac tgttggtcct gggtggtcag ttggattcaa gaaccaccag cctaaggatg    196980
     cctcccagtt tccaaaaggg tcatgatcat gtcacaccat ctgcttccta gtggtcagtg    197040
     ctaccagaca gtctctctag agctttggga aggcgtttga gacagtgtga gagacacaca    197100
     agttgctgga ggaccgaaat agaagagagg tgtgcagcca ggaggggtga gggagaaagg    197160
     cacacatgaa tgaagttagg cccaaggagt cagtcaaagg aatggcctcc ctccgactgc    197220
     cctaaactgg aagtttgctc tccagttgca gccctacact caacacattt cccttgtgtt    197280
     ctgagctcac agggtcagca gcttgctaag gatgggtcct gagctaaggc ccatgcagca    197340
     gatggctgcc agggttgaaa aaggcatacc gatctctgag ttaaaacaat cccgagaaaa    197400
     gctaggtatc tcagtagaac cttaaaggat aaaaagcagg tctccaggaa aaaccaggag    197460
     ccagaggaca tttcagaaag agcagcctaa gaaggtataa acatgctggg agaaaggcag    197520
     aaggccaggg agccaggagc cagaatgagc aggtggtgta gaaggtggaa cctgctggaa    197580
     aggatgcaaa ggtacccgga gctgggcatg gagtgtttgt gtgggagcct gggttccatc    197640
     ccagcactgc agaaggaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aagcaaaaga gatgggggtg    197700
     ggtggggtgg ggcatagggt ttctttaaaa gttcattgtg gtcctggacg gtcccccaaa    197760
     gctgccgagc tcaggtgtgt actttgggct gataatcgag ccgataggtg acctttgact    197820
     ctctggacct cctcctgcct gtagagagat ttttaatcca gcaacatggc tgctctgata    197880
     ggggatcata tccaaagata tgatccagac agaatgcaaa catgccctgg ctggaataca    197940
     agccatgccc aatgaaggta aggttcgatt gtagaaggaa gcactcatgt ctgaaagtga    198000
     agtctaattg aggggtggac aaagtgatga acaagagaaa gagttgacag aatgagtcag    198060
     acataggata cgcccagctc acagggaaac agcacaggaa agagaagcta ctgaagagca    198120
     gaaggggtgg cgggggagac agaggtgtgt agagggtgga tctgatgcta aggtcttgtt    198180
     ttccaattgg ttcttgatct atcaataaag atgtcagggg tcaattgttg ggtggaaaga    198240
     aagaggcagg tcttctggtt cccgagaggg gaggtgaaga gatgcagagg aagaaagggt    198300
     tgttgatgtt gttttttttg tttttgtttt tttaccatgt tttggaggga taaaaggtga    198360
     acagccatgt gagatctagg gcagagcagc cataggccgc ttccccaggt gggaggttag    198420
     agtgttgagc caggagtatt gggaaggacc caaccattga gtcaataagg caggttaaaa    198480
     ttgaacaatg tgtgtgtttg tgttttttat ccaaggatct aatattctct gggcaagggt    198540
     tggtaagtgt ggcctgttcc cagagcttaa agcagggtag caaaaactac acactgcaga    198600
     ggtagtgtgt ggtatgtggt gggtggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tcagttttac    198660
     tgggacagtt tcacagagac aggctagaca caggtgaaga cggaatgagc cagagaatag    198720
     agagctagaa gatcacaaca gattgccaaa gttaacatga ggccaggcag agcaattcag    198780
     tcagaatcca agagaagcag gattgaatca gtcagcttgg aagattagat tatacagaag    198840
     ctagaagatt ctaggcctag gaatagaaca gaggggaaaa aaatgctctg ggctcagcct    198900
     acactgtgaa tttgcacatc ttgggtatga ctcttgtctc aatccttcat ctgaagagat    198960
     aaaaccaaca tttacatctg cccttacagg acaatccact tggagtcatg aaggaacttg    199020
     gatgagttag tgcggtgaaa atactgccat ataaggcact gagtttgatc tctccagcac    199080
     gatgcgtttc agcacagaaa gcacctgagg gccagtacac acaggagaag gtctaggtat    199140
     tactagttcc tggggaaatg caaatccaag ccatagtaac actccacacc ctgtcacttt    199200
     ctaaaaggag agaagaggag ctggagaaag ggctgagctg ccaagagcac tggtgttgct    199260
     cttacaggga ctcaggtttg gtttccagca cccacatgat ggctcctagt gaccttaact    199320
     tcagccccaa aagatctgcc acctccttct gaacacccat actcatttgt gcacacacca    199380
     acaacacatg cacacacata cacatacaaa acacaaacca cacacatata cacaacacac    199440
     atatacatat acatacacaa acacacatac ataaacacac acataaacac acatacacgc    199500
     acaacacaaa gacacacaga acatacatac atataaaaac acaaaacaca cacatataca    199560
     tatacaaaca cataacacac atgtatatat acatacacaa acacagcaca cacaaaacaa    199620
     aacacaacat gtacatacat acacacacac actaatacac atgcatacac atatatacat    199680
     acacaggcac acatacacac acaaaacaca catataaaca tatacacaca atgcacacac    199740
     acaccacaca taaacataca cacacacaca agcacacaca ggctccaata attaagaaca    199800
     aatagaataa atcttaaaag agaggggtaa gtgttgacaa agacatggaa accggaaact    199860
     ggcatgccct gccgaccagg gcttcatctg gggaagcagc cagtgaactt cttgagtgtt    199920
     cagtcaccgt accatgcgga ggctctactc caaggtccgt gcccaagaga aaaggcacac    199980
     gcgtgttcac atcagcacga atcctagtag ctaggagaag caacccagct gtccacctga    200040
     tgggtagagg gagaaccttc tattggccac agaatagatt attttgagtc acaatgaaag    200100
     tggacgccag agttggaaag acagctcagt gtctaagggc acttactgct ccctaagggg    200160
     acctggattc agcacctgca tggtggctca tctatgactc caggggacct gatgcccttt    200220
     tctgggactc caagaggact ccacacatgt ggtgcacata cgtgagggca aaagttccaa    200280
     agcatgcaat aaaataaaag acagagtgtc gaagagctgg ctccgcgatt aagcgcatgc    200340
     gctgctcatc cagtggaccc gggctcaggt cccagcatcc acatcagggg gtcacttgta    200400
     actccagctc caggggtcct gtgcctcaga attccctgag caactctcct cccctcacgc    200460
     atgcacacac tcacacatta ctaaaagtaa ttgtcaaaca agattgacac catagagaag    200520
     ctactgaggg gcaggaagcg ctcctggggc ctctcagcct cacaaagaag tatgggcaag    200580
     ccaggaatac tgagatcagg agagcgtctt ctctagggga atcatgccaa tatcaatggc    200640
     cagtcctgac aacatacgga cgaggaacac tacacggaac gagcaggatg cacttttata    200700
     tttttacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cagaatggaa    200760
     gaaaaagaag ccatgaattt gaaagagaac aaccaagtgt atataggaca gcttgtggga    200820
     aggaagaaag ggaaggagga aatgatgtaa aatgttaact tattaaaaaa ataacaaaat    200880
     atgattaaaa ggtgtttttg tttgtttgtt ttgctctttt gggttgtttg tttgtttgtt    200940
     tgtttgtttg ttttaggaca cggtttctct gtacagctct ggctgtcctg gaagtcaccc    201000
     tgtagaccag gctggctttg aactcagaga tctgcttgcc tccgcctccc tagtgctgga    201060
     actgaagatg tgttttatga tatataaatt aaaggaaata cacagtagga atcgggcagg    201120
     agaagagcct gtatcaggca ggggaggagc ctgtatttca actcctgcat tggtgcccct    201180
     gctcggaccc agctgagcgg cagtcaagtg ctcccactgt tctgcactgc tttggatgcc    201240
     ctccgaggcc tgtgcatttg aacacttggt ccatggctgt tgattccttt gtgttggtgg    201300
     aaatgtagcc tgccagtctc cggctctggc agccagactt gcctatcctt ccttgccgtg    201360
     aagggctaat cttctcgaag tcccttttcg tcatggtatt ttatcacagc aacagaaaag    201420
     tgactccaca cccccccccc ccatggctgg tctccaggtt ggtgagggct aggttgccaa    201480
     ccctctaccc tgaccctggg aggggccctg gaccttggcc acagactgtt cacctgatcc    201540
     tgtaggtaaa gagacgcctc agagacagag ttctccatgg tggccttgcc tcggtcctgg    201600
     ctctctctca gctcgttcag ctccttctcg atgtcagaca cggtgactct ggagcggtca    201660
     gagagcagct cgtcccacca ctgcccagaa ccctttgctc agaagagcag aggcctggct    201720
     gtgggacaca cagcacaata aggccaccag gagcctctgt ctagggatcc caagtcagag    201780
     agggggtggt gtggtgggtc atagcccaag gagggacact ggcgttcctc ccagtcctgg    201840
     tgctgccatt ttaggaatgt tgaggtgggg ggagtccttc taccagatct tgtaaagact    201900
     aggacaccct gaggagccgg tacaatccag atgagagaca atgaccattg ccggatgtgg    201960
     ggaggtggaa ggctgcctct atacctgagc cttaaccatg aggccagatg caccacccta    202020
     ccccaccacc ccacccccga ggtggcgaag gagtgtcacc tgaggatgcc cagctgcaag    202080
     ctcagatggt taggtttcac tcccttccct ccggtggtgt cagcagcact gtccacaaac    202140
     ttctgtatct tctctagcta caagcataga ggaagccagg tgtcagacag gcctgagtgg    202200
     cggcttcccg aaggccgccg actgcttgtt cagcccctct tctatctcat gggtgaggcg    202260
     gtgggtaccc agcagcctcc tgcaatggcc tccatcgcta gagagttcct aacagtgctc    202320
     gcgattgtta acttagaact acggaagccg accctcccat acgcactttt gccttgtcct    202380
     gccgaacttc cttgttcaac gtctttaggc tcttcagctg ctctgccagg tcctggggta    202440
     tggtcttttt gactacggga tatggaggcc agcatcaggg agtaggattc cctttgggct    202500
     ctttaatctg ttttacagtc tttcaataat gaactgagcc cagaggtcaa gtcagtagat    202560
     tacttgatcc tgttttcact ggatcaagta attgggcaag gaggtagaag aggagaggac    202620
     acgtgtcttt caacatggtg tttgactgct aggtatctat ctcctgctgc ctctgccatc    202680
     tctagctact actagagctg tgactgggta gtggtgagct tcgttctgca gctctccccc    202740
     tgacgccccc cctccccccg tgctatgctc tcaccttgca caccttcatc tctgctgccc    202800
     tgacaaaggc ccagaagcct gcttcatgcc tctctcaagt ctaccccaat cctgctggct    202860
     tggtctcaca ctctgctata tacacatctg gcctccccac aggctgctgc tgccgccgcc    202920
     acctgtggag tcaggtctgg gtaggagtgt gttctgcccc agggagagag ggagcgaggc    202980
     tactttccct ctgtggcaaa ggatgctcac ctatcattgt gatcaggtac tggattttct    203040
     cgaagtcagt ctggccggcc agttcctcgt ccaagtcttt caactgttcc ttcagttcta    203100
     aatagaggga gatgagctcc ccgatcaggc gcagtgtttc caccgccatg gggaagcttg    203160
     gaggcagtga ctcctgccgc tgctgctctc gacgagtctc gcttactgat gagaactgct    203220
     ggagatagtt ccaggaatcc tgagtcctgg agtcggtgat aacttgttct ggggcagttg    203280
     gggcagccga gtcaaggtga cttagctccc aagagacctg ggtatccacc tcaactctct    203340
     ggacttcttc aggcaggcca gcctcttcta tatcatactg aacttcaact gtccttgtct    203400
     tggctttttg acctgagatc cgatggaccc cttcaggaag tataccttgc ctggtttgga    203460
     gtgctgtagg aagctgatat aactggggca attgtggttg ctgaggttca acctccattg    203520
     ttggaaagcg aaggtctatg cttggtgtta caaagtctgg ctgagttgga gtgggttgtc    203580
     tgaaaccacg tggaagtgta gcaggttgaa atataccacg aggaaatata ccagggtgaa    203640
     taaaaggagg tggggccaag tcaggctgac ccaaaccctg agggcctgca ccaggctcaa    203700
     ccatcccagg ctgtatcctg tccagcctag ctgccccagg ctgtaagaaa ccaggctgat    203760
     ctgccccagg ctgtaagaaa ccaggctgat ctgccccagg ctgcaacaaa ccaggctgat    203820
     ctgccccagg ctgcaacaaa ccaggctgat ctgccccagg ctgcaacaaa ccaggctgat    203880
     ctgtcccagg ctgcaacaaa ccaggctgat ccatgccagg ctgcagtaag ccacgccttt    203940
     cttcccctag ctgctccatg ccaggctgca ccaaaccaag ttgagctgca cctggctgca    204000
     tcaggccata cggagtcagg agagactgca ccaggcctcg acggcttgta ctaggctgca    204060
     cctgcctagg ctgaagagtt tcaggctgca ccgggcctct ctgatccgtg ataggctgca    204120
     ccatcctaga ctgagccagt ccagcctgca gcggaccacc ctgatccacg acaggctgga    204180
     ctaacctagg caaaactcct ctgggttgca agaagttacg ctgaagatca gaagggtcca    204240
     caaaaccata ctggtacatt ctaggctgta ccaagccacg ttggtccatg ccaggctgca    204300
     taaaagcact ctggtccact ataggctgtg ccaagccaaa cttgtcctca ctaggtgctc    204360
     caggttgtgc caagtcaggt tgtgccacac cctgccgggc cttgccaggg tgtgccacac    204420
     cctgccgggc cttgccaggg tgtgccacac cctgccgggc catgccaggg tgtgccacac    204480
     cctgccgggc catgccaggt tgtgccaaac cctgccgggc catgccagat tgtaccaaac    204540
     cctgctgagc cattccacct tgggctaaac cactctcatc tgcaccaggt tgtactaaat    204600
     cacgacgact cattccaggt tgtatccact caacttgacc tactccaggt tgcatcaaag    204660
     cgcgctgact gtcactaggt tggagtaaac cacgtgctac accgggctgc acaaaaccat    204720
     atcgatcaac tcttggctga accaaaccat actgacctat accaggttgg cccaagccaa    204780
     gtgagtatgc aacaggctgc ccccaaccac taggaagtat accaggctgg accatgccag    204840
     gctgaactgc acctgattgc aacacaccag gctgaactgg accttgctgg accatgccag    204900
     gctgaactgc acctgcttgc aacacaccag gctgaactgg accttgctgg accatgccag    204960
     gctgaactgc acctgcttgc aacacaccag gctgaactgg accttgctgg accatgccag    205020
     gctgaactgc acctgcttgc aacacaccag gctgaactgg accttgctgg accatgccag    205080
     gctgaactgc acctgcttgc aacacaccag gctgaactgc acctgctcga aacacaccaa    205140
     gctgaactgc acccggctgg accatgccaa gctgaactgc accggctcgc aacacaccag    205200
     gctcaactgc acccggctgg accatgccaa actgaactgc acctgcttgc aacacgccag    205260
     gctgaactgc acctagctgg accatgccag gctgaactga acccggctgg accatgccag    205320
     gctgagctgc acccggatgg accatgccag gctgagctgc acctgcttgc aacacaccag    205380
     gctgaactgg accctgctgg accatgccag gctgaactgc acctgcttgc aacacaccag    205440
     gctgaactgc acctgcttgc aacacaccag gctgagctgc acctggctgg accaagccag    205500
     gctgagctgc acctggctgg accaagccag gctgagctgc acctggttgc aacacaccag    205560
     gctgaactgc acctggttgc aacacaccag gctgaactgc acctggttgc aacacaccag    205620
     gctgaactgc acctggttgg accatgccag gcagaactcc acgtggttgt gccaggccag    205680
     gcagaattcc atgtggttgt gccatatcaa gctgatctac atcaggctgc accaaactcc    205740
     aggctgtacc aggctgtacc agaccaagct gatccattcc aggttgaagc aaaccatcct    205800
     gacttgcacc aacttgcatc aacccaggtg catatgcacc tggctgcacc agcccgggct    205860
     gaactgcacc aggttgtctc agctcctgct gatccattcc aacttgtact aagtcacgtt    205920
     gatctacact aggctgtacc caaccgggca gatatgcacc aggctgtacc ccgccactct    205980
     gatctgtgct tggttgaacc caaacaggct gccctgtgtc tgtttgtatt agaccttgct    206040
     gatctgcacc aagttgtgcc aaactaagtg gaaatgcacc aggttgaatc aagctaggct    206100
     gatctacacc aggaggcacc aaatgttggt ctgtgccagg ctgtatcaaa ccacccgaaa    206160
     ctgtgctagg ttgtcctaaa ccttgctgac ctgccctaga ctgtgccaga ctctgctgtt    206220
     ctacctcaat gggcactgaa ctacgtttct ctgcaagagc ctgcaatgaa gcccgccgtt    206280
     ctgtccctac aggcactgaa ctgcgccgat ctaaaccagg ctgcgctaca ccacgctgct    206340
     ctaccctgag ctgttctgca ccaggttgta taaagcgtga cgttaagctg gactgtctaa    206400
     aaccttgttg atctgtacta acttgcatca aaccaagtga caccaaggta cgttcatctg    206460
     aaagagatgg agagaatgca cgttggtctg taccaggtgt taccaaaccc cgctgatcca    206520
     tatgttgtgg gggcagtcct tgctggcctg tgcctggtat cggcaatcca tgctgatcta    206580
     cgcctactgc tatcaaccct tgctgagccg tgggccatgg tccctgacca ctgtcacgca    206640
     cagcagcctg ttccgtgccc tctcggtcca ttccaggaag catcatgcct tgctgatacg    206700
     tgctaggtgg aactgtacca agctggattg tactcagttt tttcagttcc ttgtcaggtc    206760
     ctgatggtgg cagcccacca ctctgagctt tatcaacagg tactaattcc tggccataca    206820
     tttcgggggg ctttacacca agctgacccg tagtggtggg catcacagcg tctatcaatc    206880
     taggctgatc catgccaaat ggttccgtcc tgggtatccc accacgttga gtctgaccag    206940
     ggagttgctc atctcttctt gcatatgtct ggcgatctgt ctcggatatg acctgggatg    207000
     gctcacgggc catatcccga aatgcagtag tagatctgct ttgatctctg ctggagattc    207060
     tttctatacc accagtggaa tccagagcct ggtcagcagc tctgagaaac attccactcg    207120
     gaaggaggtc acttgaggta aatttgtgct tgccaacggt tgctgtggac gaatccgagc    207180
     tctgggtaac gagaaaggga aactgattac aaccactaag aagctgaacg gaaggccgtc    207240
     ttggatactt gactgggatg atttaagact gttgcagtga agcaaccctg tatgtgtgtg    207300
     tgcgcacgcg tgtttgtgtg tgattttgtt atatttgtgt gtgagtgtgt gcctatgtgt    207360
     gtgagagaaa agagagagag agagagagag agagatgggt ggatgttggg gataaacctg    207420
     ggccttgcaa atgttagctc ctctactact aagccatatt ccaagccctt tggttttact    207480
     ctttatctca aggcagggtc tccataaatt gaactcatgc tgtagcctag gcaagccttc    207540
     agctgttggt ctttctgctt caatagttgg gattaccagc ctgctagatt ttgttgttgt    207600
     tgttgttgtt tgctttaaga cagagacttg aattccctat gtagctgaca ataacaaact    207660
     tctgatcctc ctgcctccgt ctctggagtg ctgagattac agcaatcacc ccatgcccac    207720
     ttcatctgtg ctggggggct gatctcagcc ctttgtgcat gagcagcaag cattctacca    207780
     actaagctac agccacaacc cctgaacttg ctttttatga caacccccaa ggtcagcctt    207840
     gaacttacaa ccttccttcc atacgtacta tgtccttcca tatagctgtt ctctgtcccg    207900
     ctgcctctta cagaggcctt ttgtgatgaa gtcttttctg caagatccag gggactctcc    207960
     ctcaagatcc tggacttcat cagacctaca aagttccttt tgtcattgaa aggtcagaat    208020
     ggggggtggg gttagcatag tgatgtagag gtttctgggg ctgctgactc cttacaggga    208080
     gtacaggcac attcgatgaa atcctagaaa aaacggacac agcagctaca gaagtggtgg    208140
     ggaaacagag agtccctggg gtggggtcac tgttatttac taatgggtga acacagctgg    208200
     gttctagggg gggaaatgta acgtggagtt ttctcattga gggagtgcct gaggtggctt    208260
     ggtttgtaaa aacatctgcc accaagcctc accgcagtgc aagccctggc acccacgtgg    208320
     tagaaggagg gaaccacctc taggattgtt ctctgacctc cacataggca tcctggaatg    208380
     cacacagcca tatataggca cacagagtaa atttaagtat aatggaagta taagttgtaa    208440
     ccccaaccta ataatttaaa gaatccagtg cctctaacaa gtctcgaata tatatagcac    208500
     aaagttttgc tcaagatttt gaagcagttg acatgggaat taatttttca taaaccatag    208560
     ctcttgacct gcagtttagc tgttcccgta cagcagggac atcctgcagt ctaggcagac    208620
     tgacaccctg cccacaggct tggcaaggtt ttcctccggt tttgacgtca aggtacttgt    208680
     ggagatttgg aatttgggtg ccttaagatt atgaggggca aaatcattta ctggctattt    208740
     cctctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatact tgtggaggcc agaagaggtc atcatggtgt    208800
     ggctttctca gtcttccttc ttggtctgtt tgaggcaggg tttctcacgg aactgtgagt    208860
     tcacatactc agcatgggtg gatggccaac accccccccc cagatcttcc ttccttctcc    208920
     ccccccccac cccagaacat ggattactgc ctacccctct atgacagttt tttttttgtt    208980
     tgtttgtttg tttgtttttg gtttggtttc tctgtgtatc cctggctgtc ctggaactca    209040
     ctttgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatccgcct gcctctgcct cccaagtgct    209100
     aggattaaag gcatgcgcca ccactgccca gcctatgaca ggttttacac ggactacaca    209160
     tagctcttcc tgctgtgctc tcgtcacgcc tgccctggat ttctctctct tttttcctcc    209220
     aagcttctat ttggactcta agctgggtcc gcacagtagc aacaggtaga caaagcgtaa    209280
     agttgtcatt ccaaacctgg gaatttatct gggttactcg tgccaatgtc atcctggaaa    209340
     aatgttttaa atatctacaa agtaagtagt gaaggtccaa acagcagaat atgagacagt    209400
     ggaatgtatg agagatgttc tctggaatac cacccagtgc tgctgcccat ttgctttacc    209460
     cctttggagg ccctccagcc gtcaccaatc acttgttcta gctcttccca ggtgaccatg    209520
     gtgatttctt caccacccgg agcaagaaga ttcagcctcc gacttaatag atcctgtgaa    209580
     taacatatca tgatacagac agacacgtgt ataagcacga gtgtacagac acacgtggtg    209640
     taagtgtgaa tgcacacaca gagacatgta agtaggaatg tacacacatg tatgtgtaag    209700
     catgcatgca catccgttcc ccgcagtttg ggaccaacag gattgattgg gtgctaccaa    209760
     cagccacagc ctcaggaaga gtcactggct ttcagtgacc agccagaggc acagaattgg    209820
     ctgatgggtg ctttagctca catggattct ggatagagcc ctgagcaaag atggcaagga    209880
     cttgcacttc tacccagaag tagtgccgct tagtggcaga gtgcatatgt cccctaccca    209940
     caaaggacac agatattcag ggatgggagt tgggaccagg cctaaagaga agccaggctg    210000
     aagggaagtc ctctacctat ccctcaggac ccttccccca gagcttgctc atattaccag    210060
     gtattcttct cggcttttaa ctagtttctc cagttcatta aaacgttgaa ggagttcctg    210120
     gaaacagagt ttagaaatgg accattgcct cagccctcct gtgtgcacac acacacacac    210180
     acacacacac acacacacac acacagcctt ggtgtaaagg agaaaaggaa atgagaagcc    210240
     tatgggtctt agtgaaggta cagtctctgg ttcctagttt ccacctagtt ttaggtgaca    210300
     tagaaagcca ggttcccagt tattattatt attatttatt tattattatt attattattt    210360
     tttttttttt ttggtttttc aagacagggt ttgtttctct gtgtagctct ggctgtcctg    210420
     gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggccttg aactcagaaa tccacctgcc tctgcctccc    210480
     aagtgctggg attaaaggtg tgcgccacca ccacccggcc aggttcccag ttcttttcct    210540
     ggtcagtagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagt agtgaaaaca gtgaccagtc agagttgacc    210600
     ttggcttctt tgcttgctac tcattatcta aagcttccag ctcgacagct tgaagtccgc    210660
     cttgtctctc caaaagcgag ggccccggca agtgattggg acttcaactg atggttgtga    210720
     gccaccctgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc atgacctcca gaagagcagt cagtgctctt    210780
     aaccgctgag ccatctcact agcccccctc aactattctt tataacttgt gctgacctcc    210840
     gggatctaaa cagattctaa actgatcttt caaacactaa agtttggaaa agaccagaca    210900
     tggtgctgca cgcatgctga ttaccaccgc ccttgagagg tgactagaag gaccaagcgg    210960
     tcagaggcca gccttgacta cacagttaag ctcaaggcca gctgggctac gaggagaccc    211020
     tgctttaaaa aaactgaaca aaggaaagga cagcaacaac cacagagaaa gtggggtcca    211080
     cttcccagag ccaagaccag agatgtgaca gttccccagg cctgtgtgag gctcaggctg    211140
     ggttaaaagc cagagatctc ccagggctgg gcctcctttg gcctgtcttg tgtccttttc    211200
     tctcttgggc ctctctccat cctttctttc tggtggctcc tctttcctct aaaggctacc    211260
     tgtaacccct tggcctgatc tgtgtgagaa tctggctttg ctttctgtct cctcgtgctc    211320
     acaggacact acatgaagaa ccctttggga cttctccctc aggaaaaccc aaggcaaggt    211380
     taaagtgtcc ccagcttgtt gcagcttgtg tctgtgacct tgatgaggca ctgctatccg    211440
     actttccatc cttaccgccc tcatgaggac tgacccttgg gtcagcaata tacatgtgcg    211500
     ctccctgatt cctctactct cccttgcagg gggtggagga agctctgagt gaaatctttt    211560
     gtgaatgtgt actgttgaca cgggtacagc tgagtagggg atcccacatc ctcagagcca    211620
     tgggggaata gtaaacaccc aaccctccca ccaccaccac caccacacac acacacacac    211680
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacgt acccataagg ctcagggtgg tggtggtggt    211740
     gaatcatggc tcatggcaaa gccttttttc tggtctctgt gtagatgtta acagtgtgtg    211800
     tgcagaaaac agccacatct catccctaaa tatttataga ctggaggctg ctcccctaca    211860
     gagatgacct aaacctgtct ccttgtacat ctgtgtgcag tagccctacc tccctgctca    211920
     actgtaagca ataaacacac tgagcttctg gggtgtggag atttctccag ctgagagctg    211980
     gtcaaccctg agtttctgcc ccacccccac ctcccttcct tctccacctc ccgccctctt    212040
     ctgtgtatcc atggggtgtt ttcctcagtc ctctgctgcc ccctgcaggc tgagcaaaga    212100
     cctaccactt ctccagttgc cagactggct caaaacttgc agctgactta gttggcccgg    212160
     ggcttgcagg attcttcatt tctgcctccc aagtgctgct ggaattacag gcagtaaact    212220
     accattcctt gcgcgctctc tattacttta cttagtgtgg tggtgtgaat aagaatggcc    212280
     cctgtagccg agcactggtg gcgcacacct ttaatcccag cactcaggag gcagaggcag    212340
     atggatttct gagttcaagg ccagccaggt ctacagagtg aattc                    212385