ID   AL627128; SV 16; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 183089 BP.
AC   AL627128;
DT   16-OCT-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 25)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-133J9 on chromosome 4
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-183089
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Lad H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; d222c5670cb3ab2104af02d3b1979a79.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456106.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028538; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028540; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028541; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028542; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000033379; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000048626; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000078588; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028654; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028655; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028656; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028657; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028658; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028659; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028662; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028615; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028616; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028617; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028618; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028619; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028620; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028623; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028565; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028566; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028567; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028568; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028569; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028570; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028573; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028637; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028639; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028640; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028641; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028644; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028350; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028351; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028353; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028354; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028355; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028358; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029078; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029079; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029080; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029081; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029082; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029085; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027784; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027785; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027786; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027788; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027789; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027792; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028317; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028318; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028320; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028321; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028322; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028325; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028465; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028466; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028467; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028468; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028469; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028470; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028473; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028433; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028434; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028436; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028437; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028438; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028441; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028567; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028568; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028569; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028570; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028571; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028572; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028575; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028460; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028461; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028462; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028463; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028464; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028465; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028468; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029114; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029115; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029116; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029117; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029118; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029119; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029122; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027510; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027511; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027512; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027513; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027514; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027515; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027518; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027863; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027864; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027865; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027866; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027867; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027868; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027871; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL627128.16:1-183089; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000030263; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000030265; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000062747; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000097912; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106410; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106422; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000123994; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000126336; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000131938; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000132043; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000132073; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000149168; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000149868; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000150204; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000153358; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000163288; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000164853; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000166325; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000167287; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000167443; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000169885; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000169990; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000171052; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000171548; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000183773; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0067314; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0067315; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0067324; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0067327; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0067341; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0067350; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0067364; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0067378; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0067379; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0067388; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0067391; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0067405; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0067412; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0067426; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0067277; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0067278; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0067287; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0067290; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0067304; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0067311; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0067325; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0067297; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0067308; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0067321; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0067328; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0067342; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0066964; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0066965; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0066976; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0066989; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0066996; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0067010; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0067777; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0067786; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0067789; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0067803; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0067810; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0067824; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0067348; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0067349; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0067359; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0067374; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0067381; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0067395; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0066913; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0066914; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0066925; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0066938; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0066945; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0066959; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0067046; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0067047; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0067056; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0067059; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0067073; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0067080; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0067094; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0066965; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0066966; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0066977; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0066990; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0066997; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0067011; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0067142; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0067143; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0067152; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0067155; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0067169; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0067178; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0067192; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0066957; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0066958; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0066967; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0066970; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0066984; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0066991; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0067005; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0067959; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0067960; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0067969; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0067972; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0067986; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0067993; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0068007; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0066882; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0066883; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0066893; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0066896; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0066910; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0066917; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0066932; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0066154; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0066155; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0066164; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0066167; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0066181; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0066188; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0066202; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q517; E9Q517_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q8H8; E9Q8H8_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9QA02; E9QA02_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; M0QW50; M0QW50_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q3V0I8; Q3V0I8_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q9CZ48; Q9CZ48_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; V9GX25; V9GX25_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-133J9 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..183089
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-133J9"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
SQ   Sequence 183089 BP; 46949 A; 46025 C; 44936 G; 45179 T; 0 other;
     catatttctt gccccgcccc ccaggacagg ccaatggtta actgaccatg gcttgccaca        60
     aggagcttga caggctgaga caagagtctg ctctgcattc ccaatctcaa gctggctgag       120
     actgtgtagc tcagggtgtt gcctactttg agtaatcctc ctgcctcatc ctgctgccaa       180
     gtgctaaagt ttacaggcat gagttaccat acaatgacaa atggttcact caccaagaga       240
     ccttgttggt tttgcttatg tagccattgt cgtatttgga tctttggagg tagcgtccca       300
     tctagaacag ctcatcgctt tattagaatt ttgtttgact atggagctta ccatatagct       360
     gtctgtttac agcttacacc agaatgggta gattaagacc agagttagga aggtacttct       420
     atggatcaag ctgttgccac acaaactcag ttccaatcca tgtagagcca ggctcaataa       480
     taaaaaaagc atctcttatc ccagtgccat aacactggta aacaaccaaa actagcccat       540
     ctcaaacagc tggaaggcaa ggaataacat gcaatattgt cctttgacct cctcatgcat       600
     gctcatattc acatggaaag gtgcatacat gatatgcaca caaataaaac ctcttagctg       660
     ggtgtgttgg gacacgtccg tctttaatct cagcattcag aaggcagagg caggcagatc       720
     tctgcattcc aggatagcca ggattacaga aagaaacctt gtctcaacaa caaaacaaaa       780
     agaaacaaac aaacaaacaa aaaaccccac tgggctagag agatgctcag cagttaagag       840
     cagactgctc ttccagaggt cctgagttca attcctagca accacatggt ggctcacaac       900
     catctataat gaggtccact gccctcttct ggtctgtctg aagagagaga caatgtgctc       960
     acatacataa aataaaaatt ttttaaaaaa ccacaaagaa aagaaagaaa acctctcttc      1020
     ctgcaggtag gttctaggat caagctgagg cccctaggct tggcagcaag cacctttacc      1080
     tgctgagcca tcccaccaga cctagtgtgt attgagtaaa tacaggccat gtctaactgt      1140
     caagcactgt ttcattaatg gtgtgtggaa tgagtctttt ttatgcatgt gaagttttgt      1200
     ttttgacaat tctaaatacc aatgactcga tacatttaaa ttaaactgca agttgttaga      1260
     aaacagacta tagtagactt cagagaatac taatatggtc attagtcagt tgtgttacat      1320
     taaaattttt aagagaattc cattgttagc acactcctat cctaacagaa ttttaataag      1380
     gtgtatctgg ggctcctgag ctctgagagg gccatatcca gactcggatc tgtgtttgat      1440
     agaccagctt ggtctacaaa gtgagttcta ggacaactta ggcatgccac aaagagaacc      1500
     ctgggttaaa agagaccaac aggaagaaaa gccctatatt tgatcaaggt gaagcagtac      1560
     gtgcctgaag tcagtttact cttaacctgg gctccatggt ataaacagag ttgcaaggtg      1620
     ggagcctgtc tcaaagaaca aagcaaaaat cccatctaaa gtcccatagc aaagccagct      1680
     ataaagacag aaattcaccc ccagattaac aaagtggcaa agtcattgct ctttacctgc      1740
     cctgcaaaca ttgtttttca agacaaggtt cctctgtgta gccctggctg ttctgaatct      1800
     ctaccacgct ggccttgaac tcagatatcc acctgcctct gcctcctgcc tatgggtctc      1860
     tagaggctga agtgaagaag cacaatcaaa agtgtattac ttgctgggca tggttgtgca      1920
     cacccttaat ctcattgttc aagagacaga ggcaggcaga tagttgtgag gccagcctgg      1980
     tctacaaagg aagtgaattc caggatagcc agggctagac agaaaaaccc tgtctggagg      2040
     gaaaaaaaaa aggatattac tgtaactaaa caacatttaa tactgagatc tagattagaa      2100
     atataaagat agggagctgg agagatggct cagaggttaa gagcactgac tgctcttcca      2160
     gaggtcctga gttcagttcc cagcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatct gtaatgggat      2220
     ctgatgccct cttctggtgt gtctgagaca gcaacagtgt cagagacagc ttcagctaca      2280
     tacataaaat aaataaatgt ttaatatata taaagatcat aaacctgaaa tttatataat      2340
     actatatata aagcataatg tcacgacacc aattgtactt ttgaacttaa gcagcgtaca      2400
     tcaatatccc tgaaaaccat gaagaaaata gttacagaat atatacaaaa gaaattgtta      2460
     ctaattttaa cagtacagaa ttagtatttt ggcaagctgg gtacggtgat acatggcaag      2520
     cagatctgtg tgtgagttaa ggggcagcct ggttttcata gtaaattcca gaccagtaaa      2580
     gggctagaga ttctaaaaaa aatttttttg ctatggaggc acatttgtaa actttagagg      2640
     ggaacacgga catgaaactt acccttagtt aaggacttag tggtattttt taaagttgct      2700
     gaagtaagga gagtcatttg tataaattgt actggtaaat tattcatgat ttactaaata      2760
     aacccaaaac ctacaggcat ctaggaaaac tcagtgggtt cctaaaaata taaggaacaa      2820
     gccatgagca tttaaaccca gtgtgcatga gagcaggaat cggaggtggt atgaggggca      2880
     tatgggatga atgtgctcaa tatgcatcat acatgtgtaa aacacgccat tgcacggcga      2940
     acagccaaga tagatcagag tagacttgtg cctgacttgg agtaagactt tcggggaggc      3000
     cgggtgtcag ggtgcaggcg tttagtctca gcactcatga ggcagagccg catgtgttct      3060
     gtgagttaag aggctagcct agtctacata atgaattcca ggatagccag cctttgtaga      3120
     gactgtctta acaaagtttt tggaggatta cttccagggc tcctggcctc ttcccaccag      3180
     gagtggccct ctatttccca aatacttccc accagtcctc gttccggttc caaaataact      3240
     ccccatgttt agattctcct tctgcatgtt agggctcact atttaaaccc tcacctggat      3300
     tgtcacaata gctttctagc cttcaagtga gcctccctat ttaagagcac atttggagac      3360
     ggggttgggt tagaggcttt aatatttgtt attaaaaaca gttgtggtgc caggcagtgg      3420
     tggcacacgc ctttaatccc agcacttgga aggcagaggc aagccagtct ctgagcttga      3480
     ggctagtctg gtctacatag cccagaacaa gaggactacc tagagacctg gtctcaaaat      3540
     aagaaaataa ttaaatttaa aaaaatagca tggtgactca cacttttaat cccaacactg      3600
     gaagcagagg caggtagacc tgagtttgag gccagcctgg tctacagaga aagttccaag      3660
     acagcaaggg ctacaaagaa aaaacatctt tcaacctccc ccctacccgg actccccaaa      3720
     actaccagtg gagtctggca aaggattcaa ataaataaat ttcctcctca acggcagtac      3780
     acaaatctgt ccctacaatc gctctcagat ccctggtcta ccgagagttc tagggcagcc      3840
     agggctacac agagacacga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac      3900
     tctgtggacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatccgcctg cctctgtctc ccaagtgctg      3960
     ggattaaagg cgtgcgccac cactgcccag caacaccatc tttaaactcc cctcctcctc      4020
     ccgaaaaaga aaaaaaaaaa aaaagtaacc caagaactat tagttgagtt tggcaaaggg      4080
     ctccaattag taaattttcc ctccccaccc ctcacatggt ggtatacaga ctcctctcta      4140
     taaagttcag gtgagtcctt cccccccaac acagactcta acgcttgctt taaaacatac      4200
     ttgactaaac aagcctccct tgggctgtgc cctctctccc tccccccccc cccccaccgc      4260
     cagcctcacc ccatccacac cctccattct tcaccaacac ctgcgccacc ctagggtgga      4320
     ccaaagactc accatgggag gctggtgcat agcctgttcc ttattgtcct gctccatgcc      4380
     ggctgagacc caagttgaga acaaacggga ggctgcccgg cccttacacc gtcacaggcg      4440
     tgggtcccaa cactactacg ccataatccc acaatggctg cgtggagttt ttatttgcct      4500
     ctgagcactg ggcggagtca aggccacacc cacccaccca gtcccctccc aactcagcat      4560
     ccatgcaatc ccagaactct gtaggcctta tgcctgcagg gtccgggaaa ccactgaacg      4620
     ttagcacttt tccccccagt ttttattggt tattatttta ttttttgaca tttcaaatgt      4680
     tattccccct tcccagtttc ccctccacaa accccctatc ccctacccca ctccgccctt      4740
     ctctacctag accctctaac ctacagtttt gagcaactgc ttgacagaaa ggagtgttgg      4800
     ggaaaccgcg atctgagact tcagtcaagc cagtctctct gatctcagtg gagaaacaga      4860
     agaaaggctt gataacacag gaagggtgca cagcctctgt agacaaaaga gacaccataa      4920
     tccctccaga ccaacacagt aggttttcat agggctaagg aggagcgcct ctgtccttcc      4980
     tccatgcaaa gtgacgccca gatgcccaca ccgtacaatt taggcatccc acagtattaa      5040
     ccatacccgg tgtgggggcg ctgattctct gtaactccag ttctaggaaa ttgaacaccc      5100
     tcctctgatt gccttgggta ccatgcaggt gaacatgcat gcctgtaggc aaagcactca      5160
     cactataaaa ataaatgtta aaaaaaaatg atttattttg gagagaaata aggcaagcag      5220
     acaggtctct gaattcaaga ccatcccgat ctatatattg agttcctgaa tgggcagact      5280
     ccatctcaaa tttaaaatta agttagtaat ataatatacc tttgaatctg ggcataggtg      5340
     gcacacattt gtaatcccag ggtaaagaca gtaggatgct gagtacagga acagtctggg      5400
     cagtgaggac agcaagactt ggtcctgcaa aaacaaccag ccaaaaaaac aagcaaacca      5460
     ctagcaaaat aaaagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt      5520
     gtgtatgaat gactgtcctt ggtcagtgtg tgacattttt gtgtgtgggg gggggggttg      5580
     tttttggttt tggttttggt ttttcgagac agggtttctc tgtatagctc tggctgtcct      5640
     ggaactcact ttgtagacca ggctagcctc gaactcagaa atctgcctgc ctctgcctcc      5700
     caagtgctgg gattaaaggc ttgcaccacc acgcccagct cagtgtatga cattctaaga      5760
     taacaggtga tgagcagaag ttagtgcttt actgagttga tgggggaaga gaactggggg      5820
     acagagaggg gcacttccct gagtccctgg gcggtggctg gtgggtgccc tttccgtttg      5880
     cagagaacac ttacagagag tcactctgta gggatggatt cattataggc aggatattct      5940
     gaggcatctg attgggaagc aaatctggat gggatgaagg tatcagactt gaagctgtga      6000
     ggatgaagag gagagggctc aggtcacaca cctgggccag gcttggcctg cgggtgatga      6060
     tcagtgccag gcggttagac agagggggag ctttaagcaa catccatttt tctttattgg      6120
     ccttgttctt gtttgtttgt ttttctgtgt agtcctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta      6180
     gaccaggtgt ggccttaaac tcaagagttt cacctgcctc ggcctcccaa gtgctgggat      6240
     taaaggcatg cactatcagg ctctagcaag ctgttcccat cccccccccc cccgcccgcc      6300
     cactcccctg agactctcac tttgtaaccc aggctaacct cagattcacc ctcctatgac      6360
     ttgtggcttg cattgtctga tcaaatcatt taaacctcgt ggctactgtt gttgctgtca      6420
     ttagcgatgt tgctttaaag acttgtgccc tctgttctat gccctctggg aggaagagaa      6480
     gccttttgtg accaagacca cggttttttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgttttta      6540
     gtctgtcaca tgattaggga ataaacagga agctttggcc ttggaggaaa taagccctac      6600
     ttgtggacac cttgcggatt ttttgtcttc ctgggactac taaacctaag gacctttgtt      6660
     ttcattggct tatgaagact aatgagaact tatataaatc caagtttgcc ccctctcccc      6720
     ccaaaaaccc aaaggagcta cactaatact ttaagtggga taaacaaaac agaaatcatg      6780
     tcttgtagaa ggtgctagca ggaagtgttt ttttaagcca ggtgtggtgg tggtggcttt      6840
     ggcggcagct ttggcggcaa acgcctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcag aggcatgcag      6900
     atctctgagt cttgaggcca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctct      6960
     acagagaaac cctatctcga aaaacaaaaa caaaaacaaa acaaagcaaa acaaaacaaa      7020
     aaccttttct tttccttagt ttctagcctc ttaagcattc tgtctctacc tcctgagtga      7080
     tgggattaaa ggcgtgcgcc accaaagccc aaccaaaaat ttttttcttt gcttcctatt      7140
     tttcctgaaa attgaagggt ttttctgtca ggatcagatt tttttaaaaa agatttattt      7200
     atttattata tgtaagtaca ctgtagctgt ctaaagacat accagaactc gagggcgtcg      7260
     ttacagatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtaggt gctgggagtt gaactcagga ccttcggaag      7320
     agcagtcagt gctcttaact gctgagctat ctctccagcc cccaggatca gatttgaaag      7380
     ggggaaaaaa aaactttgaa aaaagaaaga aaaccatgaa gtagggctgg agagagggct      7440
     agacagttaa gaaaaagccc caactgatct tgcaagagca atgtatgcac tgggccactc      7500
     agccatctct ccagtccccg ggtgtgcctg tgcgtgtgta cgtgtgcaga tgtcttcaga      7560
     gaccagaaga aggagtcaga tccttggagc tggacttcca gatagttatg aactactcta      7620
     tgtagcgctg ggaactgaac tcaagtcctc tgaaagagca atgcccctac acactgagcg      7680
     gtctccagag gccgcccccc ccccacctct attttcaggg caaaatttgc attgggaatt      7740
     atttcataac tatacagatt cttttagtcg tatcctctca tttctgtgag tgaaccctca      7800
     ggaatctgtt cccccccaca cttttaatat tttatacttg ctaaccacaa aacctttaga      7860
     actataatgc ataagcaagg ttttcaaaaa tgttcagaca aggcagtgaa taacttcaca      7920
     tgtactgtgt cttctagaca tgggataata accttgcact tagtgtgtct tcaatgcact      7980
     gggtatgcat gtatatatat atatatatat atatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt      8040
     gtgtgtgtgt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat acgcaatatg      8100
     aaccctaacc ctatatatga catatatcca tgaaggtcaa acacttgtac actaaaataa      8160
     aataaaataa aaaataactg gttcttcgcc tgcttgactt tgcatcctgt tgttgaagat      8220
     gaggctgcat cttggagttc tcatcctgtg gtgatttgat cataaaggag gcccccatag      8280
     gctcatatgt tagaatactt ggtccccagt tgtagaactg tttgggaagg actaggaaga      8340
     gttgagtggc cttcttggtg gaggtatgtc atcgagggta gactttgagg ttcaaaagcc      8400
     cactccaagc ccagagtttc tccctctctc accccacttc aactctctaa tcaaatataa      8460
     gctctcagct atgtctccat taccatatct gcctgcctcc atctccctgt gggcctggaa      8520
     tttacaccac cctgctccag agtcgcagtg cacgagctca ggccttgaca caagaagcag      8580
     cccttggtca ttcctaatct ttttctcctt tagtgtgctc attggtccct tcgtatgaag      8640
     atgcctgttt gtgttttaat atttgagttc tcgaaaagaa aaggtccttt tccgtgcgtt      8700
     tgttttattt tctttttttt agaagtagag tctgcataac tctaacctaa ctgtcttgga      8760
     acttactgtg tagaccaggc tgacttcaaa ctcagtttac caccaatctg actctctaga      8820
     ggttcctttt aaaatttttt cctttttagt tttatttatt ttactttgtg tgtattgtgt      8880
     gtatttgtgt gctttgctta catctctgtg caccgcgtgt gttcctagtg cgggcagaga      8940
     tgagaagaag ggtgttggga gcctgctgcg gatcctgggg tccaaacaag tgctcataac      9000
     ccctgagtcc tctccagtca cctcccgaag caatctccag ccctacttca agagttttgg      9060
     ctggttttgc cgcagggtct caggtagccc aggctagctc aaggctctct gtaaggctgg      9120
     agatgaccct gtcctgcttc tgtcttccaa gttccggtat ctcagggcac gcccaccacg      9180
     tccagcttct ctttgcaccc ccagatgttt gaagccaatc cagtgtggtg agttgtgctt      9240
     ctctttggca gtgtgcctaa ggtgggctgt ggaaatgttc ttcacatttt gggctatttt      9300
     gagtctcatg ttctgttttt tggcagaaat tctgttttaa tttattttta tcatttttta      9360
     aaactttttt ttaaattaga tttttttcca tacaatatat tctgcttata gtttctctcc      9420
     ccaacccccc cacccaacta catccacacc ttttcttgct ctcattagaa aacaaacaag      9480
     catctaaaaa gaataataag aaaatacaaa ctttaataga ataaaacaaa caaaagaaaa      9540
     aaattaaaag aaccaaagaa gcacacatag atgcagagac acacacattc acatatacac      9600
     agaaatccca caaaaacaca aaaccttcag aactataatg cataagcaag gttttttgaa      9660
     atgttcagac aaagcattat gagacatgaa aatctccaaa aatacaagtt tgttttgtac      9720
     tggtcttcta ttgctaggca tggaaactgc ctggaccttt agtttgtata cccagtgaga      9780
     ttgttggcta gaacgatgtt ttactcagtg agtagttatc atttggagat agctttcagg      9840
     ttgcgaatga ggcttctgtc tacttctctc acctctgggc cctaactggc ttagactagt      9900
     gcaggccctt ggtttcacca gtttttagaa gtagggctgt tttcaagatt ccttagttta      9960
     atggtgcccc cttccgtcca gattttaaac tacagccttt gaatgctgct gtctcaaggg     10020
     cgctcaaggt ttgacggttt aggctacttt tgtaacaata caaaaatgcc actcaccctc     10080
     ttttttctca ttctctcctc tcctcaccct tattctgtct tccttccctc tgttcccccc     10140
     tcctcctcct cttcttcctc ctcctcctct ttggttttga tttttttttt tctgaaacaa     10200
     ggtctttttt taaagatctt ttatttctta tgtgtatgtc tgtgtgtgca gtgcacacat     10260
     tatgtgtgtg gttgtccatg gagggcagaa aaggccttca gatccagtta taaggctgtg     10320
     agcctcctga cgtgggtcct gggaccaact ctggtcctca gcaagagcag aaagtattct     10380
     gtacctctgg gctgggccat ctctccagca ccttcagggt ctttcaatct ctccctgtgc     10440
     tgtcctgatt taccagggtt ccttttgtta gacatcttcc tctttcaaac tcatatcaat     10500
     atcagtctct aaaaaaaata tcaatatcaa gatgatagat tgatcaatcg atagagagat     10560
     agcatacaaa tatttttcct ggattttgag acagggtttt acttatcttg gagctcattc     10620
     tgtagaccag gatggcctga gactcagaga tcagcctgcc tctgcctcca agagctggag     10680
     ttaaagatgt gcacaaccat gcctaggtag gttttgttgg tggtggtttg gtttggtgtg     10740
     gtttggtttt taacgacagc ctttcagtat gtgttctagt ttagccctac atgtgtggct     10800
     gaggcaggag gctactctga gctatatagt gagtttcaga ccaacctggg ctgcagtatg     10860
     aggccttgtt cccctgtcct cagaaaggat tgtgggtttg tgagacggca agccagtcaa     10920
     tacctgttgt tctttttctc ctatggtaac atggaagcag gcttgaaaac tctttgaagc     10980
     gaagtgggca tgacagtgag ccaacaaatc tttcttgcca gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgtgt     11040
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgagtgtgt gtgtgagagt gtgtgagtgt     11100
     gtgagagtga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgagtga gtgtgtgagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     11160
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgttttcca ggccaactct ctaccactga     11220
     gctacaacct cagccccctc attacatctt taaaacacgt gcctggccca cagggcatga     11280
     gttgttgacc cttgttctac actgatattt gaaatgttaa atggttcaaa tttaggtggt     11340
     cattattatt ctcagtaacc taggagttca tattgatttc ttggagttct ttatatatgc     11400
     aaagtaaata cacatctctg tggcagaaag ggatgggtgg cccagaccct ctcctgagag     11460
     gaagaactgt ggccccactg caggggatgc actaagaaaa cagcttgcag ttgccagtta     11520
     cttctaggtc cctctctctc ttctacagat agcagctgta ccaagggcat gacttccaac     11580
     agtctggtat ctggcgcaag gtgctgttga gacagaggct gagctagctc gtccccctta     11640
     atttaacacc ctctcgtgga cagcgcttgt tccagagttg cttgctggtg actggggtct     11700
     cctggggcct gcatttgctt tctagtctgt cttcaaccca gctgtgctca ccccccattt     11760
     ccttcacagg tggctctccc aactacatct ccagcatata ctgcttactc tactgtccct     11820
     tgtatgtcaa acacctccct cggtgactcg aatttggtta caatgcattt ttttttctca     11880
     gtagaaatct gtctttgtcc ttatctatcc cacctcccac ttctgagacg gtgtctcagt     11940
     gtctcatggt ctcacgtagc cgaggctggt ctcaagtttc ctgtgcaacc tgagataaca     12000
     ttgaacgttt ttttaagatt catttacttt gtgtgtgtga gagagcattt tgcctacgtg     12060
     ttatgcacca cgtgcatgcc tggaacctgt ggagatcaga agagggaact ggggttccag     12120
     atgattgtga gccatctgta tgcagggaac cttaccaggg tcgtcttctg caagaacaac     12180
     aagtgctttt aactgctgag ccatctctcc atgtccacat tttaaggttt attcaggtgt     12240
     ctatgtgtct gtataccaca tccgtgcaag tttctccaga ggccaaaaca gtatgtcaga     12300
     tccctgagag ctcaagttac aaatagttat aagcctcgtg gcgagggcgc tatgaactag     12360
     actctagtcc actggaggat cagtcctctt ccttaaattt tgttttgttt taaattttga     12420
     gacagggtct ctctacatag ctctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctggc     12480
     ctcaaactca gaaatccgcc tgcgtctgcc tcccgagtgc tgggattaaa ggtgcatggc     12540
     gtcatggcag ctttcttcta actttggttt gtatcttagg tatgtggatg ttttgtgggt     12600
     gctccacatg aatgcaaacc tgcagcaacc agaaggcgta agattcccct gcaactggaa     12660
     ttacagccca ctgttagctg ccatgtaggt gctgagccat ctctccatcc ctcagcaagc     12720
     attgccacca ccccctgaaa acttagcatc tgggctggag agatggctca gcggttaaga     12780
     acactgactg ctcttccaaa ggtcctgagt tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac     12840
     atggagatct gatgccctct tctgaagaca gctacagtgt acttacatgt aataaataaa     12900
     taaatcttaa aaagcaaaaa tttagcacct agttgactga tactgttgtg ttgaccttgc     12960
     aacttagctt ctaagttctc tgtgagtttg tgcagcttgg gctacaaagc aagtgccaag     13020
     acagccaggg ctacacggag aaattctgtc ttcaaaaaac aaaaagcaaa caaaacaaac     13080
     aaaaggagta atgttattta tttagtgtgt gtagtcaaag gacatctcgc agaagttggt     13140
     tctctccttc caccatgtga gtccccaggg ggtgaactca ggtcttcagg ctgggcagca     13200
     ggcaccttta cctcatgatc tatctctctg gcctttaatg acatttttat atagcttaaa     13260
     catggagatt tagagaggaa gagttgctca gaggtaaaca catggggggg gggtaatagg     13320
     cttctctaag agagagcctc tcccctctct ccccctcctc accaccccct tcttcttctt     13380
     taactggctc tcactgagtt accagtctgg ccttgaactc attatgtagc ccaggctggc     13440
     cttgaattct ctctcctctt ccctcagcca cacaccactt tgtatgtgcg tggatgcaga     13500
     ggcaagagag cagcctcacc tgtcattact caggaactat ctccttggct ggtttgagat     13560
     aggatcttac actgggacct aggccttgcc cgggaagctg gaccagctgg cagtgggcct     13620
     taggaacctt caggttcaac ctccctagtg ctggggtcta ccatgaggga tgccacacac     13680
     ccctactttt ttacagaggt actggggacc agacttgggt cctcacgctt atgtgacaag     13740
     cgctttacag ctggaggctc cccaccccca ccctgtgcct gacccttgat cttgatttcc     13800
     aacttccaaa actatgaggg aatggctagc tgcctcctca gctgttcttc agagttcagc     13860
     ctagcagcct ttactgactg acgatccccc cacacctcag ccaccgtcaa gcgtggcaaa     13920
     tgctttcagt ctcttggctg ggtctcagtg ggcattactt gcttggtaaa cctgaaactc     13980
     cagtgactcc cagttccctc tttctatctg gggggggggg tctctgtgac catgacagcc     14040
     agcagagtaa tgacccacgg gaagggaaaa ggcagtttgg ttggacatga ctcagtcgtc     14100
     agtgttgggt caaactctgg gagtctgacc cggagtcgtt tattttatta atattcaaga     14160
     agagcacagt ttggtgaaaa ctttcctggt gatgaattat ctcaatctgg tgtgcacaat     14220
     aaagcattca gaaatctcct tgaagaacaa aataagctaa attaggatca gacattactg     14280
     cagagaaact ccttgttaag tccatgtgac atcatctata aagatgggtt ctaccggttg     14340
     gctgagaaaa acaagcttat gataagggtc tgggggaggg gccagtgtgg tttctgccac     14400
     tcagcacaaa agtcatcagg ttagaaaaca tgtccacgcg caactttctg ggtgggtaaa     14460
     aggtactgca ttccttccct tgaagaaaca accctgaggg gtaacactcc agagagaggt     14520
     gcctcttcca tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgaa     14580
     tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgaatg tgtgtatgtg cgtacacaca catctaattc     14640
     tccagctatc caactagcta gctatccatt ttggtattct gaggtagagt cttatgcacc     14700
     ctgggctagc ctcaaactta ctttgtagca aagagtggcc ttaacatttc tactacactt     14760
     taaatgattt tatgtgcatg tgtgtatcct gggcatgttc atggcacagc atgagtggag     14820
     gtctgagaac agtttgggga agtcagttcc tctccttcca ccctgtgtgc cgtgtggatt     14880
     gaattcatgt tgccaggttt ggtaggaaac acctttcccc actgagccat ctcacagact     14940
     ttaaactcct gaacctccat cacctgaatg ccaggttaca gtgagcacca ccacgtccat     15000
     cttggaaacc cagtgccaca aaggaaggcc ggagaaagtc actaccttga ctgccatact     15060
     ttaaattcat gacacttaca ccgcgcacac ttaacttcct agcaatgact ctacggtttt     15120
     ttctagtcca tttgctctcc tcttggagtt aattagttca tatcttcctt ccctcctcat     15180
     ctctgatcca tcctaacccc gctgaggatc gctcttcttc cttcactagc aggctgctgg     15240
     agagcactcc cctcccccca gcatcccctt cacatgctcc attgtgaagt ctgcacacag     15300
     gccccaagtc ctcagctctc caggtatgcg cctcacccct cccttgcagt ttcccctacc     15360
     tcctacacag ctgagaccca ctgtctagcg ggtaaagatg ctgtcttgga ctgaagtgtg     15420
     gctcagtggc agagtgcttg cctggaatgt ggagggttct agctttaatc ctcaatacca     15480
     gaatactaag ttagttatag ttttctttgc gtgtgtgttt atctgaggag ggtgtatgtg     15540
     tgtgtttata tgtgtgtgtg tactggggta gggtgtatgg gggaagggag tgttctccag     15600
     tggcctgttt gtgtttatgt gtatgtgtgt tgtactagct ggctttgtgt caacttgaca     15660
     caagctagag ttatcacata gaatggagct ttaggtgagg aaatgtctct atgagatcta     15720
     gctataagac attttctcga ttagcgactt attagtcagg gctctctaga gtcacagaac     15780
     ttagggtagt ctttaaatag taaaggaatc tgttgatgac ttccagtctg tagtccaact     15840
     ccccaacagt ggtcagcagc agctatgaat ggaagtccaa gggtctagca gttgctcagt     15900
     cccacaaggt aagcaggcaa agaagatagt aaatcttcct tcttccaatg tccttctgta     15960
     ggtctccagc agaagttatg gcccacatta aaggttcctg ggtctggaac tcgctttgtt     16020
     ccaaatgact ttgaactcag agatctccct gtcttctgga attcatagcc actatgcctc     16080
     aagatctcca tgccaagatc caggtcagaa acttgtatct cccagcctcc agattaggat     16140
     cacaagagac ttccaattct ggattgtagt tcattccaga tatagtcaag ttgacaacca     16200
     ggaatagcca ctacagtgat caagggagga gggacccttg tgagtggtac catctctggg     16260
     ctggttagtc ttgagttcta taaaaaagaa agctgagcaa gccaagggaa acaagccatt     16320
     aagtaacatc cctccatagc ctctgcatca gctcctgctt cctgccctat gtgagttcca     16380
     gtcctgactt ctttggtgat gaacaacata aaaaaggata ggctgaataa accctttcct     16440
     ccccaacttg cttcttggtc atgatgtttg tacaaaaata aaaaccctga ctaagacatg     16500
     tacacccgca catgtgttcc tgtagaagac aagggtcaag cgtgggtgtc accctcagca     16560
     ctgccattca cctccattga gacagggtct tctgtgggcc tggacctcaa gaattaggct     16620
     cagttggcca cccagcaggc cccaaggacc ctctaatctc tgtgtcctag gaatcacaag     16680
     tgtgcacctc catgcctgtc ttttataggt ttgaagtcag gtccttgcct aggatctgag     16740
     acaggaagat ggcgagttcc agaccagggc tatcatagcc aaacctggtc tctctctctc     16800
     tgacctttac gagataatta cccttacgtg aacatgacac aatgatacaa ggatcagaat     16860
     ctgggtctga tgacagcaac ctggaatccc agcacttggg gtactaaggc aggacgatca     16920
     caggtctgag gctagtctga gcttcacaga agttccaggc tagcctggtc taaataatga     16980
     aaccttatgt taaaaaaaaa aatagtatca aagcatcgtg cagcaactca taaatactat     17040
     aattttttac ttaaattttg tttttgagac agggtcctgg ctgtcctgga gttcactatg     17100
     tacaccacgc tggccttgaa ctcacagaga ttcacctggc tccacttctc aaatgctgag     17160
     agtaaaaatg tgtgccatca caacttggcc ttatttatta tttaaatttt ttgcttcatt     17220
     tggatttttg ttttaattta cctgggtggg ggtcttgcct acatgtacat ctgcagcatg     17280
     cagtgccaaa cagaggctag aagcggcacc actgaaccat ctccagctct aaaaataatg     17340
     ttttttaagt aaacaaaaga aaaatgtgag agctggatgg tggtggttca cacctttaaa     17400
     tgtcagcact tgggaggcag aagctggtag atttcggagt ttgaggccag cctggtctcc     17460
     tgagcacatt ccaggacatc cagggctaca cagagaaact gtcagaggag aaggaagaag     17520
     aggaggaagg aagaggagga ggaggaagaa gaaaatttga gctctatgag ggaaaagaag     17580
     ttgagctttg ttagttagca tttatgtctg gtacctagag tgctgcctga tacatagtaa     17640
     atactcaata aatatttgtt aagtgaacaa acaccaatgt caacttgccc ataaatacaa     17700
     atagataagc ttctaccaca aaggatattt gtaaatattt aggtcattta tttgcaagaa     17760
     aagaaatgtt cgattgatta tgtatttata atattaatta tgggttgttt acatgtgttt     17820
     acaacagaaa aacttatcaa accatcatta atcagaaaac tccactctct ggttttgtca     17880
     actttatccc atttgtttgt taatttagat ttattttgtt ttaaacaggg tctcttgtag     17940
     ccaaggaaac cgtgaactct taagaataac tttgctttga cttacatgta ttggtgggca     18000
     agagatcaca tgggtacagg tgcccacagg ggtacaggca gccacggagg taaagcaggg     18060
     actatcctat cccctggagc tggagtttca ggttgtgaga tgccagaatg ggcgttagga     18120
     actgagctag ggtcctctgc tgctgctttt taacttctga gtcatctttc cagttcctac     18180
     cctgaattct ggatcccccg gcctccacct cccaagtgca gacatagcaa gtacgcactc     18240
     aaatgtttaa agacagcaat gcatgagtcc ctcggcacgc tgaggagact aagtgttaag     18300
     cttggtcctc cccctggtag caccgtccct tccgactgca ccagtctggc tggaggtctc     18360
     atttctaagg tgtaggaaac agggcactcc aacctgaaaa ggctcgtcct ctccagagag     18420
     aaaatgctag ctaaaaaatt tcaaagagat ccaaaatgac tgagggggcc tttgtctgat     18480
     cagctctgtg tggcttttgt gaatcagaaa aatcaaggct ggagagacat tgtcctcctg     18540
     ttcataggaa atgtcgtgtc tctgctaaat cagttctccc gacaacagtg gctctcctct     18600
     gggaacattt ttaaatctag gtcacgaaga aattgtttct gactgctgct ggtataggac     18660
     cataaccccg ctactgcccc tcccccactt tccccacccc tccccccagc ccttaccccc     18720
     ccttctgccc accccagaaa catgctacta ttcccagtgt catttccaat acctccactc     18780
     gttccacaaa tagccaccac cattaaaggg ctttaatgtt tcatttcaaa tggattagtt     18840
     cctgtgacca atagccaatg taatgataat gaatgttgtg ttaatccttt cgaaatttcc     18900
     ctgagttcaa tatatcactg tatctcaatc tttcgctctt cggctgctca attaccctat     18960
     taggctgttg gtggtctttt attggggctt atttcatctg tggtacacga gcttgcttcg     19020
     ggctcctcgg aatcggcctg gcttgtgtga tgaggaggac attaccctgg ttgtgcacca     19080
     cttccagtct ctcccctaag ccacattaca gaatcccaga gaatcggtgg aatggggaag     19140
     ctttggacat taactctccc cacagatgat actgctggtc cattaagaaa acagatctaa     19200
     cgttttagaa caaggtggtg atgtcacata gaataatgtt ctagaagacg ctgcaaaaga     19260
     gatttctgcc actaacagtg tggttcacaa gatatttcaa agggtggctc tcctgcttga     19320
     aaaaaaatac tgatgctaag tttaaacaca tacatattca tacactttat tagggctgtg     19380
     agaaactcag aaactgtcta agagcctaaa acagaacacc ccaaagctga gatcagtgtg     19440
     ttcccatgta gaagccaggt ggtcttggag gaaatgctag ttagtacagg tcctagtgtc     19500
     tgagaactgc tctccacaga ctggaagacc aaagaaagag gcaggcagat ctgggatccc     19560
     acagaataca gttagttggg gacaggcatg ggggttaccc acccaccatc tgagcccaaa     19620
     ggaggacata catactggtt aggaggaccc tacccacgtt ggaaggtacc tggtttatct     19680
     taagctgaga ccaaagctgt tcctgcagcc agggtctggg tgcagctcta tcttctactc     19740
     taatggcttt gtctagttat gatctgctgg gaaactattt gggataaaca accagagtta     19800
     cattgcggag gtcatggcag ttatgacaca agatggctgc agtcatgtca agttgaatcc     19860
     atactggtcc aaagaaggga gaaggagcag ctagggagat ggtccagtca gtaaagagca     19920
     tgtcacgcaa gcgtgaggac cttccttcag aactccagca actgcacgaa agcctggctg     19980
     tgttggcagg gggcactgag gggaaatagc atcctggagc acattgccca accagtctaa     20040
     ccaaattgat gagctctgca ttcagtaaga gattctgctt caaaaaccaa gttgagccgg     20100
     gcagtggtgg cacatgcctt caatcccagc acttgggagg caaaggcaga tggatttctg     20160
     agtttgaggc cagcctagtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggct atacagagaa     20220
     accctgtctc aaaaaacaaa caaacaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa caaaaccaaa     20280
     aaccaaggag agcagtgatc gagcaaaacg cccgatgtgt cttggcctcc acacagggac     20340
     acacacacat cctcatggcc cgagtcacta aggagaatgc tgactggtga ctgagaattt     20400
     tatccagtac agacagcatt atgtgattcc tcagtatact tataaaatat aaacccatta     20460
     aaaagtgttc agttcagtgc cagtaagatg ggtcaacagg taaaggccac aaaagcttgt     20520
     tgacctaagt tcaggacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga cacacacaca ctactgaaga     20580
     gagacaaaaa gaaaggatgg agggaaggaa agagggagaa aataagaagg aagtctgcca     20640
     caccaggaaa taaatcaccg tgacacaatc agcagagcac tttatagcaa aagagggttt     20700
     taacgtgaat gtaattcacc atgaacagga gaagaaagcc tacagccact gcagtaaatg     20760
     cagctaaaag ctttgataaa agtccaacag gcaccgggct gtagctcagt ggcagagttg     20820
     tcacctaaca tatgagacct ctctagggct caattctcag caccacaaga tttaacagac     20880
     gaaaaatatc caatgcacgt tgttttggtt ttgtttcatt ttgcattttc tcttctttct     20940
     ctcttatcgg gttaggtctc actttgtatc ccaagctagc ctagaaggcc ccctttttgc     21000
     cttggcttct tagggaccag gagttacagg tgtgtactac cacaccttgc tgccaacagt     21060
     gaaaaagtaa aaactctgga aggttagcaa gcaccaagct ctgctataga atgagacaac     21120
     tcggacacag cggcatgggc tggagagtta gctcactggt taagagcact ggctgctctt     21180
     tcaaaggatc aaggttccat tcccagcatt cacatgacag cacacaactg cccatgactc     21240
     cagtcccaga agatcgacgg tctcatcccg agcctctgca ggcaccaagc actcatgtgg     21300
     tgcacagaca gacacgcagg caagataccc actcacgtaa aataaaaata aatacacctt     21360
     taaaagctat tttaaaaata catggaggcc ttggagtaat tttagacaga cagtagagtg     21420
     ggacagcaca tacggtggag agcctacaga caaagccgag cccgtgctct cctgttgggt     21480
     cagagggttg tcgttgtaga gcaacgggtt aatgatcgtt cctgtaaatg cttctgagcc     21540
     cagtggctgt catatggact cctgcttcac accagataga aaatcttttc cagcggattt     21600
     gtcagtctct agtaaggaag aagcaagcat gcccagaatc ggagtgtgga aactttaaag     21660
     tgacgaatga caatccgatt tgatggcaca ggttcctaat cccagtcact tgggaggctg     21720
     aataaggacg actgtgaatt caaggtctgt atcctctgct caaggctagc ttggagagtt     21780
     agtaatagac tgtcttttta aaaacatcat gaaggggggc tgaagagatg gctcagtggt     21840
     taagagaact gactgctctt ccagcggtcc tgagttcaca tggtggctca aaaccatcta     21900
     taatggggcc tgatgccctc ttctggtatg tctgataata gctaccgtgt actcatatac     21960
     ataaagtaaa taaatcttta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaccagca tgaagcagat gaggggcggt     22020
     gtaggctgtg cagtgacttg cctagcatgt gcaaggccct gaattcagtc cccaatacca     22080
     tacacaagaa ttaccaacta cagttgttat agggccccag accttagcac aactgactcc     22140
     atggtggaag taccattcag gctgtaaaac tgcatgtgga cagcagtgcc tgccaacact     22200
     aaaacaaagg cctaatctat caaagtccac agttatgaaa agaaattctc taaattgtac     22260
     taacctttct ttttgtctcc tgtagttctg attgtagtag ctaactgttc ttgttaactg     22320
     aagtatgtta acccagaata tggttttgtg cttaaaagct cacactgaga aaggctcatg     22380
     gctacactgg gatccggaac acccaatgta gttgccctcg ggctgataaa gactttgtac     22440
     tggcttaacc ccatgtctga gcagtcttct ctggtgaata cttccacaca cagtgtctct     22500
     ccaagtacag agtagctttt caaagcaaat agagggctgc caagatagct cagaggctaa     22560
     aaatatctgc tgccaaagcc gatgatctga gttcaatgcc aggacctgca cgacagaagg     22620
     agagaactga ctctcattag tggttcttgg actcttgtgc ataccctgac tcaccagcaa     22680
     gaatgacgct gcaacaggat ccttctgcac acgtttattg ggagagctta attgcagagg     22740
     cgaagagacc ccaagcccag aactggtgct gcttatatag gcctaggaga ggcgtgtctc     22800
     acacccggat tggttgtgca tgggttatgc ttaccacctc atttgcatgc ctacatctga     22860
     ttggttaact tctctctcat ctgattggtt aattttggtt aattctcaaa acctcatctt     22920
     ggcagaaaaa attttacggc ctatgtatgt gtggtggcca gtggtggcca gtgctaccct     22980
     gcaacggcac atgtggcttc ccacattgga cctctacaca cacatacatt cacacgcgca     23040
     cacacacaca ctcgcataca cgcatacaca cattcacaca attcttagag aactatgcat     23100
     gctgggtatg catgcatttg ttgagtgcca ctgaagcacg ttttgctgag attcataaaa     23160
     catacttcag gaagctattt tttatgtctg aaatatgttt cacagatctt ggcactgcca     23220
     ccatccttgg gactaggggc tccaagcctg ggagattaag atagtctctg aggtgacaaa     23280
     tgatgatttc ccagagttta acaaaatgtg ccttcagtgg cactccagca acttgtgtag     23340
     tccaggctat cctagagctc actctgtaaa ccaggctagc ctggaactca gaaatccatc     23400
     tgcttctgcc cccaagtgct aagactaaag gtgtgtgcca ccaccttctg gctatgaatt     23460
     cttcttcttt aactttttaa tagtaataat aataacaata ataatgcatt tattcatttg     23520
     tggagcaccc atagtgtgga ggtcagagaa caactcaatg gggtcagttc ttctctcctt     23580
     tcctgtgagt ctcaaggatg gaacttgggt catcagcttg gtgacaagtg ccctaactgt     23640
     tgagccatct taccagccct atgcctcctg tttaaaaatg aagctgctcc tgggctaagg     23700
     agatgactca gttgacaaag tgcttagtac agatgtgtga ggccctgaac tcagagacct     23760
     gggattggtg caaaaagatg cagagatgct ctcttgtgat cccaggactg ggaaggcaga     23820
     ggcaggaggc tccctggctc ttgttgacaa tccagtctag ccaatcagtg agctccagat     23880
     tcagtgactt tgtctcagaa aataagttgg agggggagtg agacggctca gtaggtaaag     23940
     gaggggtggt gagactgctc agtaggtaaa ggctcaggtt gcctagcaac ctgagtttca     24000
     tcctggggac tcacatggtg gaaggagaga gccaactcct gaaagttgtc ttctgaactc     24060
     cacacaagca gcatccatac tctcatccat actcacatac accatatatg tgtgcacata     24120
     ttcatatatg tgcagatgta aaaaaaaagg gggggattgt gttggttagt gttcctattg     24180
     ctgtgattaa acaccacaat cataagcatc ttggagaggg agggtttatt ttacttcccg     24240
     tcacaatcca ccatcagagg aaatcaggac aggaactcaa gacaggaacc tagaagcagg     24300
     agctgatgta gaggccagag aggagtgctg ctcactgact tgctccttgg gccttgcttc     24360
     tcctgttttc tcacagcatc caggcccacc aggcccagag atggcaccat acacagagat     24420
     ctgagtcctc tggcctgaat taccatcaag agaatgcacc acaggtgtgc ccacaggcca     24480
     gtctgctgtg agcagtttct tgactgaggt tcccgcttcc caaaagactc taccttgtgt     24540
     caagtagaca gaaatagcca gcacaaacat taagggcagg caaaatggtt ctgtgggtaa     24600
     aggtactttt cacgcaagag cagtaacttg agctgaatcc caagaaccca cataaagctt     24660
     caaggagaaa actaactcta catagttgtc ttcacacaca cacacaaata attattaata     24720
     tttctgggtt ttttttttcc aaaacaaggt ttctctttgt gtagccctgg ttgtcctgga     24780
     actcaactct gtaggccagg ctggctttga acacacagag atccaacagc ctctgtcttc     24840
     tgagtgctgg aattaaagac atacaccacc accatccagc aataataata ttttttaagt     24900
     ggagagcaat ggaaggatac acccaatatt gacttcaggt ttctacattc atgcttatac     24960
     atatacacaa atatgcatat atgtgcacgc acacgcacac acacacaccc ctcttgtgat     25020
     actaactccc cctccactta tcacccattt tgctgcactg ttcttttgta aaactccttg     25080
     agaagaaact acctagctaa ctccagtgca tctctgctca gtgtctagaa gtatgacaac     25140
     caaccagctg ttccttccca ctgccttctc attgaactag tcattctggt cttaccaatt     25200
     cgttcctaga gtgtcatggt ggtgcacacc tttaatccca gtactcagga ggcagaggca     25260
     gggggaatct gtgagtctga ggctagcctg tctacatagt gagtttaagg gtagccaggg     25320
     ctacttcatg agtatcttat ctttttaaaa ttatttccca agcattgaac tctctgtgga     25380
     gaaagcattg tgaaccaaaa tcttgttaga aatattaagt atgtttctgc tatgggctga     25440
     cagttcaaga atgcattgtg tagctggacg ataggagcaa ataggataga aaccccataa     25500
     acgtgaagga ctagtgacta gcccaggatg ctctaccaaa gtataaatgc tgcttatgat     25560
     ctctttaaaa ataaacaaac aagccgggcg tggtggcgca tgcctttaat cccagccact     25620
     cgggaggcag aagcaggcga atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac aaagtgagta     25680
     ccctgtctcg gaaaaaaaaa taaaaataaa aaaaaaaata tatatatata tatatacaca     25740
     cacacgcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacata tatatatata tgtgtgtgtg     25800
     tttcacacac gtttcatcag ctcccaagaa tagtctccct ctgtcacccg ggctggagca     25860
     cagcctcacc tcaagcgatc ctctcacctt agcctcctga gtgcatggct gtgactccag     25920
     gaatttcagt cagcctgacc caaggcgtga cattatgctc ctcccacgtg gttaccactt     25980
     ccccccccac ccccaccccc accccaagcc agagagcagc cattggccac agcagccaac     26040
     ggggaaagca ccggggaatg ctgggacatg aagtctgaat aaagcagcag acactggctg     26100
     aagcacaccg gaacaagagc aaaggttagg caaagcacct ggaacctctg agattggcat     26160
     gtagtgcctt gacccaagta gataaaaaga aaaataacct ccttactact gcatccccta     26220
     aggggtggag taaggagaga ccccactgag cctcctctct ccggggaagt tctctatctc     26280
     cctatgtctc ttcactggca cctaactaaa tgttccccac ttactgctgg tggggtatga     26340
     gatctagtga gtcttgttct gaagtgtctc ctatccaggg ctatttcagc ctacaagttt     26400
     gacacacgcg agtcgactgg ctttgacctg agaagcaagt gatcactgaa atataaagtt     26460
     cgtgcaggag tgaactctgg ttcctgacag acggtatgtg cctgggaggg ggaaatggct     26520
     gaagaaaata caggcaagga cagaggagac tgcagcgcgt ggtcctgccc tctggaacag     26580
     gtccgggctc ttacctgcac tttagcacag aaatgggctc ctactccagg atcttcttag     26640
     ccatctccat ctctgatatg cctggacgtc atgtgatatc tctgtgtgac ccagaaggaa     26700
     gacctcacca gtctgcctct ccatcttacc cttcacagcc cccacaagag cgagcctaat     26760
     acatttccat tcgttggaaa ttacatcttt ggcacttggc agagggaatt gaggcttctt     26820
     tctcagcccc gatttaaggc taggaaccca ctccactaat gatgtcacca gtggtgaccc     26880
     cagaagaccc atatagaaga gtttgggtgg caattgtgtt ggaaagagag ataggcaaag     26940
     gaacatacca ttttcactca gtatgtgtct tttcttttta tttgtgcatg caagtacgtg     27000
     cacatgtgtg tgtgtcagtg catgtgtgtc tgtgtcagtg tgtcgagtat gtgtgccatg     27060
     gtgcacacga aaaggtcaga gaacagctta caggagtcag ttctctcctt ctaccatgcg     27120
     attcccaggg atagaactta ggtcctcagg cacggtggca ggccccctta cccggtcctc     27180
     aggtatggtg gcaggctccc ttacccacta agccactcta gtgattgttt agcaaaggct     27240
     tgactggaaa gtggaagtct gtggcctcgt tttggtgcca ctccgaagta aacaattgtc     27300
     agagccggga ttctgacctt ggagaacttt gccagcagag cacagattaa aacttcctgg     27360
     tgtgtcctcc tgtgaggacg gaatgtcctg ctccacagtg aggctattta ggaaaatcca     27420
     cccatcaccc gtgaaacgca tatcctcagc ttgagatcag ggcctgggag gaggggagga     27480
     aggaggcggc tgcggagaga gaagcctcag tctcttctgc tgagtagagg gaggagggtc     27540
     caggggtgga ggggggaggg tccaggggtg gaggggggag ggtccagggg tggctgacca     27600
     gtaggctggt gcacacatct tgccctttaa gccacatctt gccaaagcaa gccagactat     27660
     aggaagataa gggaccttcg gaagacacag cctcccatgg agcatgtgtg taatcccagt     27720
     actgaggagg tagaaacagg agaagcaata gttcaaggcc gaccttgagg taaatttcaa     27780
     ggacagtcag ggtcctttgg gaccctatct caagacaaaa tgaaataagc cgtaagcctg     27840
     gtgaggtggt tcggcaaccc cagcactcag gagacagagg tctggggatg tctctagcaa     27900
     catcagccag gtttacacaa ggagttctca gtgagtgcgt gggggtgctc agctgtggcc     27960
     aagctggggg aatcaaccta aatttccact aacaatgggg aaatggtgtg tgtttcgggg     28020
     aaggagacaa ttcagtcctt aaaagatgaa tttctatgat ttgtgataac accaatagag     28080
     gaccttgcta agtgaaacaa gccaggcaca ggaagaccaa taccatgtgg gttttgttta     28140
     cttgtaggaa ctcaagaact tgaagtcata aaaacagaat gacagtcgcc aaagactggg     28200
     tgtggctgga gggaaactgt tggtcaaaga ggagacaact gcaggccgaa aggaaacatg     28260
     aattttgaga tctgatgcac agtggggtga ccattgtgta tttcaaaatt actaaacaag     28320
     tacatttcac gtgtcttgct acaaaagtga taagcatgga gacaggttgc atcagttaaa     28380
     agcacacacg ctccagccgt ccccagcact cactttaata ccagctcctg gtgaacctat     28440
     gtccatttct gtggttacct gccctcacac acagaaatgt gcatgtgtgc atgcatggga     28500
     acacacacac acaattaaga ttcaaataat agagccgggt gtggtggcgc acgcctttat     28560
     tcccagcact caggaggcag aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac     28620
     aaagtgaact ccaggatagc cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaccaaaac     28680
     aacaacaaaa aaagattcaa gtaataataa gctggatggc ggctggtgag atagctcagt     28740
     ggttaagagc actggctgct cttccagaga acccaggctc aattctcagc atggctccag     28800
     ttccagggaa tctgacaccc tcatatagac ataaatgcag acaaaatgtc aatgcaccaa     28860
     ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaacaaataa ataaatagtg agctgggtgg     28920
     tggtggcaca tgcctttaat gcaagcactt gagttcaagg ccagcctggt ctacagagag     28980
     agttccagga cagccaggaa tacacatgcc ctgtcttgaa aaaccaataa aaagaggggg     29040
     gaggggaggg gctttaaaat aataaatctt tttttaataa taagcatgcc aggtgttatt     29100
     agatatatgc tgtaatgtga ctttgtttgt ttgagaagat aataacaaag actaacactt     29160
     tttacaattt agtggcatga tagctacaga attatcatcg tatatgtctt tgtcagggtt     29220
     tctattcctg cacaaacatc atgaccaaga agcaagttgg ggaggaaaag atctattcag     29280
     cttacatttc cacattgctg ttcatcacca aggaagtcag gactggaact caagcaggtc     29340
     aggaagcagg agctgatgca gaggccatgg agggatgttc cttactggct tgcttcccct     29400
     gccttgctca gcttgcttta ttatagaacc caggactacc agccaaggga tggcaccacc     29460
     cactaattga gaaaatgcct tacagctgga tctcatggaa gcatttcatc aagggaggct     29520
     cctttctctg tgataactcc agcttgtgtc aagttgacac accaaaccag ccagtacaat     29580
     gtatctcaat atttatggtc tgtggtgatg ctggcagaaa gaaacctact gtgctatgtg     29640
     tcccatgatg ttgtagtaca ttcctgagat atggctccat ggtacagcat ttgtcaatca     29700
     agcctatgat cctggttcca ttcccagctt cacaaaaaag aaaacaaata tatacatata     29760
     tacacacata catacatata tcatatacaa tcatgctcca tatctaaaac ctgataatga     29820
     cagaaatgat tgtgtctggt ccatgtgttt aatatactac atgttttatt gaaagatcct     29880
     gacagaatgt aaaaggtcac aggagccctg aaattggcaa aatagatttc attgttagca     29940
     gaactagctt cactgattta gaaaaataga gatgcacaat gctctggcca ctccgagaac     30000
     ccgtgtgtct gccaatgttc tgaccattcc ttgaacccat gtgtgtgccc actgctgaag     30060
     tccactgcca ggtgtttgtg atattggttg ctggggaaga gtcagaaaat ctccccagca     30120
     accacagccg gggccaatcc ggagttgcta cacctgcacc aaactctttc cttgtacccc     30180
     tcccataacc atttcttgag aatagatatt gtttagatcg ggaaagcccc tactcccccc     30240
     ttctcctttc ccccctgagg gcctataaaa actgggacct ctttcccctc ggggtcgact     30300
     cctctacccc tgcgtgggat atgagtcgcc cccagagctc tggctttccc caaataaagc     30360
     ctcgtgtggt ttgcatcaag cgtggtctct tgtgagttcc tgggggtccg ctattatcct     30420
     gagacttgag tgagggtctt tcactatgat acactatggt tttataacgt atttttctgg     30480
     tgacaaaatg tctatttact gataaatgac tgtgttctag tactgttgtt tcagccatta     30540
     ctttagagtg tcgcccttgg aactggcctc cacaggcacc aggtatgtgc atggtatgca     30600
     gacacacaca gttttttgtt aaaaacaagg aaacctgggc taagggatct ctcaatggta     30660
     aagtttctct tgcaagaata agagcttgag cagggcagtg gtggcgcacg cctttaatcc     30720
     aagcacttgg gaggcagagg cagaggcaga ggcaggtgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc     30780
     ctggtctaca gagtgaggtc caggacaacc agggctatac agagaaaccc tgtctcgaaa     30840
     aacaaaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aaaaagagct tgagtttgat ccccagcacc     30900
     cgtgtgaagt taccagacat ggaacagcac ttgtgatccc agcactggga gacagagaca     30960
     ggagggtccc tgggccttgc tcagttggta cactccaggc cagtgagaga cacacagctc     31020
     aaaagaaagt caatgacatt tccgaagttg atacctgaac acacacacac accatataca     31080
     gaacacacac tcacaaagaa cacacacaaa cacacacaga taaacacaca gagattcaca     31140
     cacacattaa aaaataaaat tagctgggtg tggtggtgaa tgcctttaat cccagtactt     31200
     gggaggcaga cacagttgga tctctgagtt cgagaccagc ctgatctaca gagggagttg     31260
     caggacagcc aaggctacac agagaaaccc atatttaatg taagcttcat tggctgtcct     31320
     gcaactccct ctgtagatca tttgtgtacg tcatgcactt tgaccacatt ttcccctcac     31380
     tccctctcct actctttcct gagactctac tcaagcttca tgtcccacat acatatatga     31440
     tttcatgaat ctctataaaa tctgggagtc acctttttac ctcatctatt gattacaaaa     31500
     ggccataacg atagaagaac tggataccta agtatcgaag aaactggacc catctcacca     31560
     tttaaaaaca gatcaaagtc ttacatgtaa gaccaaaaaa ccactgtgaa tatgtgtgtg     31620
     tgtgtattat atatataata tacacatatg acagtctgtg caaggatttt ttggtgtgac     31680
     ctcagagaat acactataaa aacaaaaata aacaatgaag attatgatga actaaaaagc     31740
     ctcaggacag tgatatcgat gtcacgagta gaaacaacct cagagggttg gaaatattcc     31800
     caaagcactc acacaatgaa caatatagtc ctttctagaa tatattatgt aaagaattca     31860
     gacatgtcaa tggcaataga aaatagatat aatttgaaac caggcaaatg acctaataga     31920
     catttctcaa gaggatatac aaatggctga caagtatatg aagaaatgct aggtcactaa     31980
     tcagggaagt gaacattaga accattctga gatattattc tattctactc agaatgacta     32040
     ttatcaaaaa agacaaaaat taggccaggc ataatagtgc acacctttga tcccagcact     32100
     caaaaggcag atgccaggaa attgtggggc tgggtgtgta ggggaagagg ggggagggaa     32160
     agagcccacg tccggccaga gttcctgtgc tctgggcaga cagacacggg aggactgccg     32220
     gacactttcc actcggcccc aggtgggcat ctggctgtgt gaagccactg accccacatg     32280
     gcagggggtg gacaaggggc agcccccata ccagggaata ccaggttctc agtctccggc     32340
     atcccacact ggatatggca gaggagctga gagcagaata ggggccccag agcagcacca     32400
     agccccagag atatggaaag agggagagag gttcccatgc aggcaagagt ccttggtctg     32460
     ggccttgatg aacagagaca gtctatggtt ttagagcttt attgtagaaa ggcaggggga     32520
     aagagagagg gtagaaagag aaagagagag accggccatg gccaagagga gagaagggaa     32580
     aaaaggagag ggagaagaaa atctagagag taagcaagct taaagagaga gagagtaaaa     32640
     gggggaaagt aagagattag agagtaagaa ggagagcaag gaaagtaaaa gcttaagaga     32700
     gcaaggaggg gccaagcagc ctctcttata gtgggcttgt tatcttgttg ttgctaggta     32760
     actgggagga gtctagcctg aaggtcagaa gcttgggaaa ttgtctaagt gactgaaagc     32820
     cacgagcctc tcctgtgggg gttgtggggg tggtaacttc cgacagaagc caggggtcca     32880
     ggagacatga gggaacgagg gaacgcctac cgtcccatgt aggtgggaat taccaccact     32940
     ggtgttctac ctcatggact ggagaccaaa ctatctgtgc atagcccatt gccccacagg     33000
     aaatctctat gagttcgagg ccagtatggt gtacatagca agttccagga cagctgtggc     33060
     tatatagtaa gaccctatcc ccaccccacc ccccaaaatt agaaaatgct ggcaaggtaa     33120
     attacacagt tatgatagaa aacaatacag tgcttcttct taaaccagag ctaccacatg     33180
     atccagcaac ccctccaatg ggtacttatg gaaaggaatt gcagtgcatg tgttgaggac     33240
     atctgcaccc catgcttgtt gaagcaatat gtggatactt cctgtgtgct caccagctta     33300
     tgaatggatg aagatgtgtg ttacatagac aatgggatac tgcttatcta caaggggatg     33360
     ctgttctgca ttttaagaca acctgggggc tggagagatg gctcagatgt taagagcact     33420
     gactgctctt ccagaggtcc tgagttcaat tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca     33480
     tctgtaatga gatacagtgc cctcttctgg tgtgtctaaa gtattcacat acataaacta     33540
     aacaaataaa tctctaaaag tagtagagaa tattttgaaa agtcccagag tgaggaaatg     33600
     tcatgtgtct gaggtgatag acatatgggt taccccaatc taatcatttc acatcagata     33660
     tacacattga gccgggcagt ggtggtgcac gcctttaatc ccaacactcg ggaggcagag     33720
     gcaggcgaat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc aggtctacag agtaagttcc aggacagcca     33780
     gggctataca gagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa gaaaggaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga     33840
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga     33900
     aagagtcaca ctatacccca taggtaagta caatgattgt gtgttaattt aaaattttct     33960
     taaacataag ccagttagtg gtagctcagg ccttttatcc cagcccttgg aggcagaggc     34020
     aagaagatct ctgagtctga ggctagcaca gagaaagctc caggacagcc agggcaacac     34080
     agagaaatcc tgtctcaaaa accaacaaac aaggctagag agctggctca gcagtcaaga     34140
     gtgtccaccg cctttgctga gttctgattc catttccagt accacattaa gcagctcaca     34200
     gccgacatgt ctcctggctt ccgtgagtaa ccacatacac aggacacatc agagccatgc     34260
     aagcctatac atagctaact gagtctggtg gtgcatagct ctaatcccag cacttgggag     34320
     gtgaagacag gaggatcagg agttcaaggt catccttggc cagggaaaat ttgagtctag     34380
     cctgggctac atgggaccct gttttaaatt tattctcata taataataaa ataaaacact     34440
     gcacccagct gtgtgtaagc tcaccctaca atgtcacaca gcaatgaagc tccagtcatg     34500
     tccttctcag aatgcatcca atcattaagt aatcaaggat cctacatatt aatcactcca     34560
     tgttattata catataccaa gacaccatta tggcatctca taaatgtata caattataag     34620
     ccatcattca aaataatatt aatttaaact ttccaaaagc tttattgttt gtgaattatt     34680
     attgtctctg agacagtgtg agcatatgtg ctattgcaca taaaactttt taaaagtttt     34740
     attggttttt tttgggggga aggggggttc gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agtcctggct     34800
     gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg ggctcgaagt cagaaatccg cctgcctctg     34860
     cctcccgagt gctgggatta aaggcttgag ccaccatgcc cagcatgaaa catattgttt     34920
     atttatttat cattatgtgt gtgagagagt gtgagtgcat gtattaaaat cagtaggcaa     34980
     ctttcaggag ttggttctct ctctccactg tgggatccag gggtcaaacc tggatcatca     35040
     ggggtcaagc tggggcatca ggggtcaagc ctgggtcatc aggggtcaag cctgggtcac     35100
     tgagcttaca tcgcaaattg ctgttaccca ctgagccatc tctcgggccc ctgtttttgt     35160
     ttttgttttc gagacagcgt ctgtccagga ctaagattta cccatattaa acctaagtgt     35220
     gctgttgtat aagtataatc tcagaagaca gaggcaggaa gctcatgagc ttgaaggcag     35280
     cctaggctgt cagatagtga gaccctatca ccaaaacaaa tgatctctcc atgttatgga     35340
     ttggaaagaa tatcgttcat cttaaaatac agtgcagtgg tctattccac actctatact     35400
     ttctatatgg ttcctgacat tcgagtcctt cttctctgca tgtctcagtt tgtctctgtt     35460
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctgt ctctctctct gtctctgtct ctctcataca     35520
     tacacacaca ccccataata cacataccac atgcatacca catactcaca caccaacact     35580
     acacacacac acacacacac acgggtgcgc acacacacat gcatgcacac acactgctac     35640
     catcagtatt cctttcatac cttcaggtgt acacatgcaa gaattgggta ccattgatta     35700
     taacttgaat atgacatatt ccttcaaaag gctcatctat ggaaggtttt gcccctctcc     35760
     cagccaccag tgttatggag aagcaattaa tcaggccaca aggctctgaa ctaacccaca     35820
     gatgaatcca tccatggatt tctatcctga tgtcatcatt gggaagtggt gggagctaga     35880
     aggtagagct agttgcagta agtaggtcac tgcaggggaa gggtgccttc ctgtctggtt     35940
     gcctgccctc catgaaggga gcacctttgc tccatctgat cttcctgtga tgatgaaggg     36000
     agcacctttg ctccatctgc tcctcctgtg atgatgaagg gagcaccttt gctccatctg     36060
     ctcctcctgt gatgatgaag ggagcacctt tgctccatct gctcctcctg tgataatgaa     36120
     gggagcacct ttgctccatc tgctcctcct gtgatgatga agggagcacc tttgctccat     36180
     ctgctcctcc tgtgacgatg aaggagcacc tttgctccat ctgatcttcc tgtgatgatg     36240
     aagggagcac ctttgctcca tctgctcctc ctgtgacgat gaagggagca cctttgctcc     36300
     atctgctcct cctgtgatga tgaagggagc atctttgctc catctgctcc tcctgtgatg     36360
     atgaagggag cacctttgtt ccatctgctc ctcctgtgat gatgaaggag cacctttgct     36420
     ccatctgctc ctcctgtgat gatgaaggag cacctttgct ccatctgctc ctcctgtgac     36480
     gatgaaggag cacctttgct ccatctgatc ttcctgtgat gatgaaggga gcacctttgc     36540
     tccatctgct cctcctgtga cgatgaaggg agcacctttg ctccatctgc tcctcctgtg     36600
     atgatgaagg gagcaccttt gctccatctg atcctcctgt gatgatgaag gagcaccttt     36660
     gctccatctg ctcctcctgt gatgatgaag gagcaccttt gctccatctg ctcctcctgt     36720
     gatgatgaag gagcaccttt gctccatctg ctcctcctgt gatgatgaag gagcaccttt     36780
     gctccatctg ctcctcctgt gatgatgaag ggagcacctt tgctccatct gctcctcctg     36840
     tgatgatgaa ggagcacctt tgctccatct gatcctcctg tgatgatgaa gggagcacct     36900
     ttgctccatc tgctcctcct gtgatgatga aggatcgcct ttgctccatc tgatcctcct     36960
     gtgatgatga agggaacacc tttgctccag ctgctcctcc tgtgatgatg aagggagcac     37020
     ctttgctcca tctgctcctc ctgtgatgat gaagggagca cctttgcttc agctgctcct     37080
     cctgtgatga tgaagggagc acctttgctc cagctgctcc tcctgtgatg ctctgcctca     37140
     ccagacccta gaaaccatgg agtggagtga ccgtggccat gagccaaaat acaactttcc     37200
     tcttagtgct ttcccacaga cactttgtca gaatggcagg aaagctagat ctcgctgggc     37260
     agtggtggcg cacaccttta atcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcagggg aatttctgag     37320
     ttggaggcca gcctggtcta cagggtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac acagagaaac     37380
     cctgtccccc cgcccccctc aaaaaaagaa aagctagctc tcattagtat acacttggtg     37440
     taatttggaa tgcgccatcc taataacaca ggataaaggc taactcgttt tccacagtaa     37500
     tggttcaatt tatatgccta ccattaatgt ataagagatc tcactgatga gcatcgcctt     37560
     tgatcccagc actcaggagg cagagacagg cagagttctg agttgaaggc cagcctggcc     37620
     tacatagtga gatccaggat ttgccagggc tacagagaga tcttgtctca aaataaaatt     37680
     aaataaaata gaaaataaaa atgaagccag atggatgtgg tggtgtgcat ctggaaccca     37740
     gcactccaac cgtgagatgg aagagaagca gaaggatggt ctggaagctc acagcctggc     37800
     cagcctggag tatgtgtctc agcagaaatt gccagagact caaaaagaaa gtgaggccag     37860
     ctagatggct caactggtaa ggcgcttgct gccaagcctg acaacttgag ttttatttct     37920
     taggatgcac atggtacgtg gaaagttgtt ctctggcctc ctgcacacat acacacaaga     37980
     acatatacac acaggcggga aatacttctt tttttatttt tggttttttt tttttttttt     38040
     tttttttttt ggtttttttc aagacagggt ttctctgtat agccccggct gtcctggaac     38100
     tcactctgta gatcaggctg gccttgaact cagaaatcca cctgcctctg cctcccaagt     38160
     gctgggatta aagggggaaa tacttttaaa agacttatat tgggatgaga gagattgctt     38220
     ggtggctatg gtgggcctga gttccgttct cagcacagcc cctacatgac ctatcagaac     38280
     tatctgtaac tctcatttta ggggatataa caccgtcttc tgacctgaga gccctacatg     38340
     cacatggtac atttacatgt acacagacaa agcacccata cacataaatt aaaaaacaaa     38400
     acaaaacaac agattgatac tcatttgctg aaacctgcac agctttggga ttgctgtgcc     38460
     tggataccag ggaacgaaga aacacagatg catacagaaa agctgagact ctaagagaca     38520
     ccagcaggaa ggaaactcag ccactccaaa ggaggagcta atctcagtag gggatctctg     38580
     gaggggctgc tgtcatcagg aagcagatgt ggcttctact ttctgtacat actattttta     38640
     gctaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacaaaacaa aaacaaaaaa caaaaaaaca ccattcatca     38700
     gcatccctcc tcctactcag ccaatcccat aagttgacgc attgtcatcc ttgaccttca     38760
     atgtggtggt gctcattcgt acaggggtcc attcactccc cacactgatt ataaccacca     38820
     atacagaaaa ctcagctgct cttccaaagg acccaggttt tagtctcagc acccacagct     38880
     gactcacagc tggctctgac cccaattcca gtggatctga tgccctcttc tggcccccca     38940
     aaggtactgc ataaacatga tgcacagaca tacattcagg caaacgctaa aacacataaa     39000
     aataaataaa accatcgggg cagagatggc gcacgccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc     39060
     aaaggcagat ggatctctat aaattcaagg tcagcctggt ctacagagca agttcaagga     39120
     tagccagggc tgcatagaaa ccctgtctca aaaacaaaac aaaaaacaaa acccccaaaa     39180
     taacataagc aaataaataa ataaataaaa ccttaaaatg ataacatgat aaaattcccc     39240
     aggtgtcact cgctcaaagc aatcattatc agctagaaag catgttcgca ttctaggtat     39300
     gctctgtaca catttatttt ccacataagg atattctgaa acagtttcta atgtaccacg     39360
     tgaagtagtt tcttgtaatc catgcagtac agatgactag ctgacttggt atttggctca     39420
     catctgctct tccatctgtg actttggcct ggacccttaa gacagttcag tagccaaatg     39480
     tcttcagttt catttctgac atcttaagtc aactgaaggc tacgtgtaat actcgagagt     39540
     aaaatgctat cacagtggtt acttaaaacc tgctaagtgt atgcacaaaa gcaacgagga     39600
     aggattttca aatatggatt taatcttatt ttatctcttc gagatagttg tcttgtagcc     39660
     taggttgttc ttgaactcaa tatgtagcca aggatgactc tgaatatgta gccaaggatg     39720
     accctgaata tgtagccaag gatggctctg aattcactat cctccttcct ccagctgccc     39780
     agggctggga ttagaaactt gtgccaccgt gcccagcctt caaatactta aataggaaaa     39840
     cagattaaag tttaccacat ttttttcttg tgctggagat gaaatcagga acttgaatat     39900
     acttgacagg caccaaatgc ccataatgaa aatgatttat tattattgtg tgtgcacgac     39960
     acagtgtgca tacgaaggtt aggacagctc tgtgagaagc tgggtctctc cttcagcttt     40020
     aagttagtcc tgtgtgttgg actccagctg cagaatgtgt gttactaggt gtctgtaagg     40080
     agaactttag agctgagggt gtagctcggt agcagagaac ctgcctggca tgtactatag     40140
     ccctgggctg cagtccctgg gttcagttcc cagcactgcc aaacaaaaca atgggggccg     40200
     gagagaagtc ccaggtccag agcactgatt gctcttacag aagacttcga ttcaattccc     40260
     agcatccata agtggctcac gaccatctat gacaccaggt gccggggctc caacaggcac     40320
     atacatgcat tcaggcaaaa cattcagata cataaagtaa aataagcaat tctttctgtg     40380
     tggagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcactct gcagaccagg ctggcctcca actcagaaat     40440
     ccgcctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggtgt gcgccaccac cacccggcaa     40500
     aataagcaaa tcttaaaaaa aaaaatttta agccaacaaa accaaacctg tatattgttt     40560
     taaagccaag aacttgtttg caagaactta aatagtgcat attaaaacac taggattggg     40620
     actggtgaga tggctcagtg ggtaagagca cccgactgct cttccgaagg tccagagttc     40680
     aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatccgtaa caagatctga ctccctcttc     40740
     tggtgtgtct gaaaacagct acagtgtact tatatataat aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaatcca     40800
     tctagtgaag tctcaggtag gccacacttt aaaaaaaaaa acactaggat tattatatat     40860
     aattccaata gccagataat tgtttgaata atactattta taaaagtaat aaaataatct     40920
     caataattat ataggttctg tttgttacac ctagaaaaaa taaaaatata agtcacacac     40980
     aaaggaggag atatttacaa tgtaattggt aaggcatgaa taactagtag atacaaatca     41040
     cacccataaa acagtcagaa aaggggaact aatacagtag aaagttgatt aaaaataatc     41100
     tcaggaaaga gagcatgtac aatgttcgat tttattaata tcagaggaat gtaaatgaag     41160
     actagtctag gataccacac acatgcactc cattagacac aaccctgact atcctggaac     41220
     tgtgtagacc aggctggcct caaactcagg gagattcttc tgtctgtgct gagactaaag     41280
     gctggctttt tattttattt tattttattt tattttattt tattttattt tatttttatg     41340
     ttggttctgg ggatggaact gaggttatca gccttgtgta gcaagcacct tcgccgctga     41400
     gccatcttga tggcttctga acgtctttta actaaagttt acttaagact ttccacactt     41460
     gttatatgta attgcttaat taacaatact tttgattagg tttgtagctc tttctgttta     41520
     gcctactatg ccttcctcag ttttcagctg actttcctca ttcttttttt ttccccctct     41580
     ctgtcctttg aggcaggatt tctctgtgta gcagaggcac tccctcagta gaccaggctg     41640
     gccttgaatt cagagaaccc cctgcctctg cctcctacat gctgcggttt gaggcacgag     41700
     ccaccacctc ctggctcatt ctgtttgttt gtctgtctgt ttgtttgaga caaggtttcc     41760
     ctatgtaacc ctagctagcc tggaaccctt tatgtagatt aggctggcct tgaactcaca     41820
     tgatccacct gcctctgcct cttgagttct agaattgaag gtatacaccc ccaggcccag     41880
     cctctcattc ttttccttgt cggacttgtg gggcagttgg ggatctccgt tcatcttgtc     41940
     accttccacc ttttcccatc ccgctctgtg cctcccagta cagcgcccat caacctctct     42000
     ttctaacagc agcctgtgtg gggttggctt cacttccttg tcaggactac ccaacataaa     42060
     tccaaaccca gtcgggataa ctaaaatact aacccaagaa cctctgagac gtgtgcccac     42120
     cccgctgcag ccagcagcaa gccacgtgta tggaacgttc attaactaca ggtctgcccc     42180
     cttagagcct ttgccttttt ggtctactaa gcaaactcat tcctcctgcg tctgtgacaa     42240
     aagaaaatgt caaataaaat accagagcat gtttcacttt tggtgtgtct gttttctgtc     42300
     acagcactgg ggtcaaatca gggccttgca tgagagaggc aagaactcta cccctgagcc     42360
     ccaagcccag gtccacagga gtagatggta aactgccagg tggtagcagc actcaggagg     42420
     cagaagcagg tggatcactt gagttcaagg ccagcctggt ctacagagca agttccaggg     42480
     cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct caaaaaaaac tataataaaa caaacaaaaa     42540
     ggaaggtata atcttagcac ctgtgaggca gggcaggagt atgagttaca ggccaggact     42600
     cttaaaaaaa atgatgatga tgatgacagc gacaacaaat gcaaatgagg gccaatgtaa     42660
     tggctcagca gataaagatg cttgctgcaa aacccaatcc caggcacttg aattcgaacc     42720
     ctggaattca catgaaagga gagaactggc tcccctaaat tgtattctga tctggacaca     42780
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaagtaaa tagataaact ggagagatgg     42840
     tttcattctg agcattcacg aggtagaagc agaaagatct ctgtgagtct gaggccagcc     42900
     tgatctatat aggatgtttc aggacagcca tagctacata atgaggccct gtatatagat     42960
     aaataggtat aatattgtaa ctaataatga aagagaatga gggtcagcaa ggtggctcag     43020
     tgggcagaga cacttctgca gagcccgaca atctgagttc aatacagaac ccacatagaa     43080
     gagaatctgc tcctacaagt tggtctctga cctccctgag tgacccttac acaaaaataa     43140
     atagaatttt aattaaaaag catgtaatta ttttattgct gtatttgacc ttgggttaaa     43200
     tcccagcaag ccagaactca tactctgtcc caatgtttca ttttgttatt tcagtgtgca     43260
     tgtacacgtg cgtgcgtgcg tgtgtgtgat gtacagatca gagaataact tgtggaggtc     43320
     agttctctcc tcctgccgcg tgagtccctg gagtcacact ctgacagtca ggctgatgac     43380
     aggcaccctc acgtgatgag ctgccttcat gcccttggtt tgtttttata aattatgtgt     43440
     ataaattgtt attttaaaaa acaggtctcg ccgtatatgt ggcagaggac ggccttgttg     43500
     gacaccagtg ggaggagcgg cccttgggca tgagggtgtg caatgcctca gtgtagggga     43560
     ataccagggt gggaagaccg gagtgggtgg gtggggggag caccctcaga gaggcagagg     43620
     gaaaggggaa gggataaggg gtttctgaag gtaagacctg aaaaggggaa aacatttgaa     43680
     atgtaaataa agaaaatatc caatttttaa aaatatcaag gtgctggaaa ggtggctcag     43740
     tggttaagag cactgactgc tctgccagag gtcctgagtt caattcccag caaagacatg     43800
     gtggctcaca accatctgta atgggctctg atgccctctt ctggtgtgtc tgacgacagc     43860
     tacaatactc atatacataa tgtaaataat tcttttttaa aaatcaagct aaaaaaacaa     43920
     aaaaacagga tctctctaat acagataatg ttggcctcag attcagaaac cctcctgcct     43980
     ctgcctcctg agtgctgcga ttaaagataa gatgcccatc cctacctact ctccaactgc     44040
     tttcctcttc atcagtttta ctttataact tttggggcta tctagccata tacatataat     44100
     atatatatat acaccattgc acttatggac taatcatata tatgattcta taaaattttg     44160
     gcttaatgtt ttgatttttt gatgtttatt ttatgtatgc agtgttttgc ccgcacaggt     44220
     atctatgtac cacatgtgtg cagtgcttat gaagactagg agttcgcgct cctggaactg     44280
     gagttacaga cagttcctag ccaccacgtg ggtgctgaga atcaaactca ggtcctctgg     44340
     aagagcagtc agtgctctta accactgagc tccagccccc cgggttaaaa ttttttagag     44400
     gaaaatgtgt tgtcctaatg agctttaact gtcaatttgg cacagcctag agtcatccaa     44460
     gaggaaaccc ttggtttaag gattatctag atcagattgg ctggttgggg ttaaattgat     44520
     attaattgat gcaatagggc ctggcccact gtgggtggca ccgttcctaa gcaggtggta     44580
     ctaggatgca taggagagct agcccacgag cttgagagtg gctggacctg caaatagcat     44640
     ccccctggcc tttgctttga gttccctcta taatttctgt cccaacttcc ctctatggtg     44700
     gactgtgatg ggacatgtaa gccaaataaa tgctttcctc ttctaagctg ctttcagcca     44760
     gagtgttttc atctcagcaa cagaaaggaa accaggacaa tggtatttcc atgaggacac     44820
     tgcagtgtca agtgaacatc ggaaaaagac agggctgtcc ctaaagacat cagtcagcat     44880
     aattggcagc tgtcactgac attactctga ataattgcca actgttcgag gtttttggtt     44940
     ttctaaaaaa aatttttatt agggcataat ttaaatgcaa ttaaacatac aagtcagtcc     45000
     tgccgtcacc cggatccaga taggaacaat cccagcattc tagcaggctc tctcctgtgc     45060
     ctggtagtgc cactttttag tgtcttcact tctttctttc atttatttat ttatttagtt     45120
     agttagttag ttattttgag acaaggtttc tccctggtta tccctggcta tcctggaact     45180
     cactctgtag accaggctgg ccttgaactc agagatttga gttctgggag ttctgagaac     45240
     tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggcg ggatctttcc attcaaagta cagagtatgt     45300
     agaaacaaaa gatagcattt ctctcttatc ttttcgtttg tagctttcat ggttttgaga     45360
     taggatatcc agtgaccagg gctgcctcgg accttaagta acagaggacg gccttgaatt     45420
     cttgatcccc ccctgctgtg actcgggtgg gctgagtgtg catatttgcc accatgcctg     45480
     gttttatgca gggctttgtg cgtgctaagt gtgatggcca gtcttgtttc tcaatgtggc     45540
     acaaggggga agagggaccc tcctttgagg aattgcctct atcagattgt cttgtggaca     45600
     tgtctgtggg gcattttctt gattgctagt tatgcaagag ggcccagtcc actatgggca     45660
     gtgctatccc tagacaggtg ggcctggtct gtgtaaggga ggtagttgtg ctgcggtggt     45720
     gacccacatg cttaatccag tacttggggg cagaggcagg atctctgtgg gtttgaggcc     45780
     agcttgatct atacagaaag ttccaggcca gctaggggta catagtgaca cctgtcttaa     45840
     ccgccacatc caactgcctg ggaatgggag ttgggtatct aaccatgcca gaggaagaag     45900
     gccagaatgc agtggccttc aaggttttac tcagccccct gcttccgggt tccagctttg     45960
     aaatcccttc ttcccccaag ctgtttatct caggaacaga aaaccaagct agaatactag     46020
     ataagcactc ttcccacaga gccccaccca gccccacccg ttctgtttca gagccaaagc     46080
     ctcagagtat acttgacctt gggagactgc caacctgagc taggctgcct gttcacaggc     46140
     acgaggccct ccgttccatc tctagtacca cagatataat ttaattaaaa atttgaaaga     46200
     ggactggaga gatggcttgg gggttataca cactaaatgt tcttccagag gctccaagtt     46260
     tcattcccag cacctccata gtggctaaga accatctgta gtttcagttc caaggaatat     46320
     gactccctct tctggtctct gagggcacca ggtatgcaag tggtgtacag acatacgtgc     46380
     aggcaaaatt ctaatacaca taaaagaatg aatgaatgaa tgcaaggggc attgagatga     46440
     ctcatctggc aaaggtgcct gtctccaagc ctggtgactt gagtttgctc ccagggagtt     46500
     ccaaggtgga aagaaagaaa tgattcctgc aaattgtcct ctgacctaca cacaaaatac     46560
     ataaataagc aaggaaacaa acagacaata aatgtttttt aaaaacctgc ccactctatc     46620
     gctgacaggc acttgagttg ttccagagct gtctgggtgg agcagggctg ctctgaaact     46680
     tttccctgcc ttctgatgag atacacctgg gacaacgtgt ctgttatcca tggagacatg     46740
     tttggcttag agtgacagat gccttgtgta aatatttttg ccatctcaca tggagtttct     46800
     tgcagctcca gctgggtggt gggttctgct ccagggtccc ctctgaatct gactctgatt     46860
     ctatcagttc ttatacgaat cctttgggga atgaagcaat ttcgtgtttg cgtattggtc     46920
     aggaattgct tgatccaaag ttctcttttt ttttccttat tgaaaatttt ttttatttgt     46980
     gtgacacaac ctcatatacc ccaggctagc ctcaaattca caatgtagcc caggatgact     47040
     ctgaagtcct gatcctctcg cctctacctc ccagtgctga aattacagaa cctcacatgc     47100
     ctgccctggt cctggaattc ttgagagaaa tcatggcaag gatagagtca actcacacac     47160
     gaggatggtg gagaaagaaa gaaaaagaga atttgtaagg ggctggaaac agaatgttct     47220
     catttttaaa tttggaggtt tgtgcatata tagatagacg tattctataa aataagatat     47280
     gtctgacata aatagttagg cttgacaaaa aaaataagat tttttttcaa cttctgtttt     47340
     acattagaat tctaaaaata gtgaataaaa aatttgagtc ggggtgctgg actcagtagt     47400
     taaggtcact tgttctgtgc tcagaaccta aatggtggct caccttctgt aagtccagtt     47460
     ccaggggatc caagaccatc ttctgacctc tgcaggcaga catcaggcat gcacgtgaat     47520
     acatgcatgt agacaaagag cactatacac acacacacac acacacacac acatatatgt     47580
     atgtgtatgt gtgtgtataa aacagataca cacacacaca catgaatgaa caaatcaggt     47640
     acatggcaca tgcttgtagt cccagcattc agaaggattg ttgtaagttt gaagctagca     47700
     tggcctaaat ttccagacca accggagcta tgtagagcaa accctgtctc aaaaaatgtt     47760
     gttttgcata gggggctggg tttgtaacgt agtgattaag cacctgccta gcacatttga     47820
     agccctcgat ttctccagca agcctcccac actagttaat taccatttat ttttctttag     47880
     ggaaaaagaa aggccaatac caccgaaatg atggaaactt gggaattgtg tgtgatggag     47940
     tgttggctaa caactaacaa ctggttctct caggaaagcg tctgtggaag ttcccaatcg     48000
     ctgtgctgta agtacttttc ccatggtgaa ccgccacaca cagctggtgg gactagaaat     48060
     tggtgcaacc cctttataaa aacacttgat gccaagtata aacatttgta aacatttgta     48120
     aaaaggattg gaggcaaatt ccactcctag gatgtgtgcc aaaagacatg tgttatttac     48180
     aacaggttaa aactgaaaaa ccagccgggc ggtgatggcg cacgccttta atcccagcac     48240
     ttggagcact tgggaggcag aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tcaaggccag cctggtctac     48300
     agagtgagtt ccaggacagt cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctctct gggggggggg     48360
     gggggggact gagctgggca gtgttggtgc acatttttaa tcccagcatt caggaggcag     48420
     aagcaggaca gtctctgagt tcaagaccag cctagtgtac agagtgagtt ccaggacagc     48480
     ccaggctaca cagagaaacc ctcccttgaa aaaaaaaaaa caagagccgg agagatggct     48540
     cataggttaa gagcactggc tgctcttgca gaggtcctga gttcaattct cagcaatcac     48600
     atggtggctc atagccatct agaatgagat cgggtgccct cttctggcct tcagtcatat     48660
     atgcaggcag agtgctgtat acattatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     48720
     tatatttttt tttttttttt tttttggttt ttcaagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg     48780
     gctgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggcctcaa actcagaaat ctgcctgcct     48840
     ctgcctcccg agtgctggga ttaaaagcgt gtgccaccac gtccggctat aataaatctt     48900
     aaaaacaaac aaacaaaaat cctaaaacaa aagacctaaa aaattagaat acacacatga     48960
     caacatattc atgcaataga atactatacc acagtgaaaa cggacaagcc actgcacata     49020
     gcaagattag actcatgaaa acaagagcct gtgctgtcta accttaactc tatgaaattc     49080
     aaagtcaaat gaaactcccc tggctactgg ttaccagggg aggaccaaag cgggtgtggc     49140
     taggggtgtg cacaaaacac agtttcctag tcactgctag cagcagcatc ctgacacctg     49200
     cagaggcctc tttcccgtat ccttaagggt taaagtcatt actggctgtg ttttgaaggt     49260
     agtcatgtgc aagctaagaa gaaaagcctg caccagaagc cattcctttc agcaccttgc     49320
     tcctgagtgt cccaacctcc acagctgtga gaaatgagtc tgttgctgag gtactgtgtc     49380
     acagcatcct cagcagactc agccagtcag gtttacacag atgtgttcaa gtggtaatta     49440
     tgcataaccc atgattaata cagtcttctg catgaattat ttacttcaat aaagttcatt     49500
     aaattaatgt attcatgtac tatttgcata caaaagaaaa atatcattat catacttaac     49560
     ttttcaacat gtctaatttg tagacaaatc ttactgtgat tcataaatta aactcattac     49620
     acctcggcca aacacacaat ttttttttcc cagagaaatt tagattaaca aaaaaagcta     49680
     ttcatttacg tacttagtgg aagccatcca gatgaagcca aaatacacag tattaaccaa     49740
     gcagttataa atctaatcat actagattag attggaaaga caggctcagt ctccaaacat     49800
     ttattttaag acaaataatt ccccactgtg gaagagcctt aacttatctc ctctgacatc     49860
     cagctccaat gaattatctt cactttgatg gcttcagcca gtcccccttc tgccaagtcc     49920
     tcaaactgat aaccaaccta aattctggat gcttccataa gagggcacta caatctcact     49980
     tctaaaagaa gtaggatcct aaatggcttt tgtgaattcc ttttttcccc ccaacccacc     50040
     cacacagttt cagagaattg tacctcaccc aaggaagaaa ccctcggcat gataaggaag     50100
     tcggacccag ctgtccccag ttcccatgac cctggggctc catagcagga gctcacaaca     50160
     tgacccaggc attctttccc ttagaatgat acgacccttg gctgatgtgt tgttagtgac     50220
     attggtttca tcatgatgtt tttttttttt atttaagatt tatttattgg ttatatgtaa     50280
     gtacactgtc gctgtcttca gacactccag aagagggagt cagatctcct tacagatggt     50340
     tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctgggatttg aactccggac cttcggaaga gtagtcgggt     50400
     gctcttaccc accagcccgt gatggttctt taacaacaac ccagagaaag ccatacagtg     50460
     ttgagttggg tcttgggtca tcatccaaac tttaagaatg atctatgtac ttgtgacctg     50520
     gcacctgtct aagccaagtt ggtttggtgc caccgtgacc acctctcctc ctcttctttc     50580
     ctttctccta ccatccttct tcccagaacc aacccttgct gcctccaccc accaaggttg     50640
     ttgtctaaag tcacaagtct cttatttgtc cagtgaggag agccaggggt ggcttaatgc     50700
     tattaggaca acttgatctt agaaaaacaa aaaagcccga gtgactctgt attgaaagca     50760
     tttctgtgcc tgaactttgc tcactgatag aacagtacct cttgttatgg atgttaacac     50820
     caagctggcc tagctgccaa gcataagtgc attcggggag gtatcctggt gctgagggta     50880
     cagtgtctaa gctgggttac ctctgctcaa gtcctggctc tgttgattac tggctacatg     50940
     gacttggaaa gcctgtgagc tcttcatatc actaccctat gtgctaaaat ggtgaagtca     51000
     acccttattc cagaagcttg gggaccagcc agagatggaa cacctgtcac cccggttctt     51060
     atgaggcagg gggatcacaa gctcaagatc agcctgggct agaaagcaag actctgccta     51120
     aaaatcaaaa aaataaaaaa taaaaactca ggcctccacc acccccagac acacacacac     51180
     acacacacac acacacacta cttaggactg atccaatcct agtaaatacc cagcacaagt     51240
     tggtattatt gtctttcatt aaatcttgta gaaaattcag attgacacct gacacccatt     51300
     cgttctctta cattccaaag taagatcacc ctaagtagaa tagggaatta tatccataca     51360
     ccaactccag ccaacatgag ttacacaagg agcatgtgga tggtaaaaaa aatctgcgcc     51420
     acactaggat ataagcagtc ctcctgggtg acactgggtt gttgatgaca gtccggagta     51480
     aaggactgtg ggagatacag tctggatcaa aatagaccca gggttaatta aactggcatt     51540
     acaagcgtct ggaatcaaat ggttgacgta tagaagaggg ttgaacattg aacattatga     51600
     acattatttt gattatgaac attattttga tatgagtttg gagtaagaca aagtcttggt     51660
     aaaatcaagc tggatttttt ttttttaaga tttatttatt ggtaagtaca ctgtagctgt     51720
     cttcagacac tccagaagag ggagtcagat ctcattaagg atggttgtga gccaccatgt     51780
     ggttgctggg atttgaactc cggaagccct caagctggat cgtaacctcc tcgttaagaa     51840
     cacttcaaag gggaggaaca cgcagcagga gtgtttctga ggcagacaga tcaccctcac     51900
     ctggaagatg gtgccccata accctgatga atcagatgct atgtcacccc caagatcccc     51960
     acaacactca ggtagacaca aatctttcac tagctcagct gctcagcccc ctcctctagt     52020
     taggcgattc taatggagat cttggtgccc tgagagacct ctgacagatg caagcttctc     52080
     tctctttcca aggcgaacaa gtctttaatg tggggagctg tcctggactt tatagactag     52140
     tgggcagcac tcaggaccac ttctgttaca agatagtgcc tcatcttcga agtctgacag     52200
     gtaacctccc tccaggtttc tacaactaaa aatgtgtcca gttacaggca aacatccatg     52260
     gggcagtgct caaactgccc cccgttaaaa ctgtctgcag ttccccaaat tccttttgaa     52320
     tggctattat tgcatcattg gaataatctt gtattagcta caatttagaa ccacccaatc     52380
     tgtgtcaaat acaaatgagc cagtgttcgt caaacaccca gtcagtcaca cacacgaact     52440
     gccgtttaaa ctctgtgttg tctaataccc acagctcctg caagtctgtg tctccatgtc     52500
     ctgtcgccaa acacagtctt gtcctggaga ctcatgtgac tcattaccca gtgccttcca     52560
     tcatcaccaa cagctttgaa ggcagaggcc caggactgtc agcacagatt gtacacagga     52620
     agaggcacag atgcgcatgc tcagaggcag ggtgaggcag gaagcgcaca aaagcaaaga     52680
     ggttcacaga gacagcctgt ggacttcccg aggccactac tggtggggta ctaaatcagt     52740
     tgctggagac ccaccaaggc tgctaagtcc tgtttgtgcc ctcatatccc atccccctgc     52800
     ctgtggatta gatctgggga tggggaaact agattgggag ggtaaggagc ttagacccaa     52860
     cgtgacagct aatcacccac acaaggcctc tgtctaggtc accaagccct gagcatcccc     52920
     acccccaccc atgcagtaag gcacaacagc gagccgagga aggagtctag actcacccta     52980
     attcttgtcc ccaagtgagg aagataagaa atgcccacag acattgagag tgtcagcagg     53040
     ggttctgagg gtgcagggac agagagcttg agtcttctac tagactgttg gaagaaaggt     53100
     cagattacca ccagaaacat gttcttctct aacttgagac accaggagag ccaacagtcc     53160
     ttcctcttct gggacattcc aatttgctca gcccctaagt tactaagaga atcaggctgt     53220
     gtttggagga ggtgggtaca ataaaagact ttaaagagcc catcccaagc ttgccgggca     53280
     tggttgccat ggcaatgccc cagatgctgc agatgctggt ccttgaagtg gggatagctg     53340
     aggccgtgga tcttcacact gaggcgggtt ggggtgagag gtcagggtat ctgggaacat     53400
     tctgctgaga agatggctgg ggctgatcct ccccgcctgt tcaagtccct gtctctgtcc     53460
     ctccctctcc ctctagtctc cactccccag ttgctccctg gagagggggg tcagagtctg     53520
     gctcctctgg aagctatagt ggctcagctg ggcagatgtg ggtaggggaa gcagatggcc     53580
     tcacagggaa ggatgctgtg aaggctccaa acagatttag tctttaaaaa gccaggtaaa     53640
     atatcactgt taagagcttc aagtttgggg actagagagg ttctgagttc aattcccagc     53700
     aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa tgggatccga tgccctcttc tggtgtgtct     53760
     gaagggagca acagtgtatt catgtacatg aaattaaaaa aaatttttta aaaagcttca     53820
     agtttattgg ccataagcat gacatttagt tttactgggc ctgggggtaa ggaccagaaa     53880
     gtaggggctc agatgcaaat tcagctatta aggccctggt aaaggtcaga taaagattta     53940
     aaatgttact tatttttatt ttatgtgtat gggtgttttg cttgcacgtc tgtgtaccat     54000
     gtccataaag tgcttgagaa ggccagaaga gggcgtcagg tccactgcaa ccacagttac     54060
     aatttttagc tacctctggg gtgctaggaa ctaaacaagg gtcctctaca aagcaactgc     54120
     tttttgctgc tgagccagct ctccagcctc agatgaacaa cttcttagtg tacatattta     54180
     gtagaactaa aagtcgtcct tgcggtttac tttttcatta aagaggactt taatgtccat     54240
     ccatttttac gagtggccct ttatctccct gaggttgggt tttaggattt gtaaaatgtg     54300
     tagtaacagt gtctagctca aacactcttt cttgggagta aacgaggcaa ggaacgtaag     54360
     gttcttaaca tggaccatgc tctgtaatta atggccttta taaaaagtat ggcttaaaaa     54420
     tagaagagac agctaagtga agtcagctgg gggatggatc ccaggctctg ggaaggcaga     54480
     ggcagatgga tctctgttaa gttttaggct agcctgggtt acagagcggg ttccaggaca     54540
     gccaggcctg cacaacacag caaaaccctt gttggggggg ggggcatgga taattaagca     54600
     agatcacctg gaattgtgta gctcttggct ggtcagcctg cagctgtatc tgtcctagag     54660
     acagtagcta tggaaaacac aattttcttc ctcaaggagg aaaacaaggg actagaccac     54720
     gtggggagaa ggtgacagca catacatcct gcaagggaga gggaattctg ccaagcccac     54780
     tgggaacaag ctaagaatgt ggagcccgtc tgccttgtaa tgtaagcaat aattcctgca     54840
     ttcaggagag ggaggcctac gggtcatcag gatcaggtca acctgggcga cagatcaaaa     54900
     ttctctctca aaaccactgg agaggtggct cagtggttaa gaggacagac tgctcttcca     54960
     aacatcctga gttcaaattc cagcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatcc ataatgaggt     55020
     ctgacgccct cttctggggt gtctgaagac agctacagtg tacttgcata taataaatag     55080
     agaaatcttt ttaaaaaaag aaattaaaat ttattttact tatcttatgt tcatggatgt     55140
     cctatgtgta agtctgtgtg caatgtgagt gcctgcctgc tttaggggga gccaaaagaa     55200
     agtgtcagat cctctaagag tggagttaca gatgcttttg ggctgtgggt gctgggaatc     55260
     aaacctgggt cctctggaaa agcagcaaga acacttaatg gctgagccat ctctccagtg     55320
     ctgttcctgc cccctcccca atcctttaat atagctctaa taataacaaa gctctaaggc     55380
     caaaaaaatc aaataaaata gggcttttgt tgtttggggt tgttttgcgg gggtgggcat     55440
     gaaagccatg gatctgcatg taccaggcac agtcctgagc ccaggatgct tttcttttaa     55500
     gatttacttt gtaattacat atatgtctat gctgggcaga gtctacaaga cagatcaggt     55560
     gcctccaggg tccagaagag gccgtcagat cttttggacc tagagttagt tacctgtgac     55620
     tgggagctgt cttccacggg tgctggggac caaactggca ctctaaaacg ctcttaacca     55680
     ctgaaccttt gtttttgttt ctctgctgtt ttgagacagg gtatcacgtc actcatgctg     55740
     acctggaatt tactgtgtag ccaaggacaa ccttgaactc ctgattctcc cacgtctacc     55800
     tcccaagggc ttggagagca gacacgtgct ttaatgccag cctcttgttt tgtttttaaa     55860
     gtaattatct aagcccttca tggtggttcc cacctgaaat tctagaagtt gggaggtgga     55920
     gggaggagag ttgtcaggag attgaggcca gcctgcactt ggttaaatat atattaatcc     55980
     aactgagagg tggtagcaca tgccttcaat catagctcaa aggtaggtgg aagaggtagg     56040
     tgtatctctg tgagttcaag gccagcatga tctacagagt aatttccagg gcagccgagg     56100
     ctacacagag gagccctgtc tcaaaaaaca aattaattaa ttcaaaataa catcaacatt     56160
     atgaactgtt aacgaaaagc gtctatttag ctatgtgtgt gttttattat gaagttgtag     56220
     ggattgaacc cagagcattg catgagtctt ctattgcatt tattatctgt ctgtctgtct     56280
     gtctgtctat ctatctatct atctatatct atctacatgt acagcacaca tttgggtggg     56340
     catgtttgta ctagggagca ctaacagttt tgtcaacttg acacaaaccg agtcacccag     56400
     gaagaaagaa cctcaactaa aaactgcctt catcaacttg gcattttctt aattaatgat     56460
     tgatgtgaga gcgcacagcc cacggtgggt ggttctaccc ctaggaaagt agtcctgatt     56520
     tgtgcctaaa aacttagggc ctgtgaaatg actcagcagg taaccctgag aggacctggg     56580
     gtcagctcct gggacccaca tgtaggctta gagttttcaa aacctacttt tataagggtc     56640
     ctcaaacatt ttaacccccc ttctagccca ctgtccaaag ggaagggaga aaagatgggg     56700
     ataaggggac atgaacctgt ttagaagtag ttttttgcgg cagttccaat ctctgtttgt     56760
     caggatacca gcaatccagt tcagtagggt caggatgcaa acagtccagt tcaaaagtgt     56820
     caccaaacac gaatcagcag cagtggcaca atccagcaga aactgccagg cctccaccga     56880
     atcggcagaa gtcagggagc aaccaggacc agccagagtg ccggagccct ctgctgtacc     56940
     tctctcaatg aagcgaagac ataagaccaa gaagcatcgc tgtccagtgc atcctattta     57000
     tactctctcc aaacatcacg tgtcctctga cgggtcacac ctcagcaagc atcacgtgag     57060
     tctgcatcac gtgacacaac cagacctgtc tacttcactc acaaggtaga aggagagtac     57120
     tgactctgaa aggctgtctc tggtcacagt ccgtggctac caccaccaat gcacctcaat     57180
     gaggaagcat tctcacagag aaaacttttt ccactgagcc ctgtgccttc ttccctgggc     57240
     acagtttctg tcctaggttt ccagtaccag atgtgactat cgccctgtgg agcgggcatt     57300
     aagtcaatca gaatttgttc tgtctataac cactcacgcc atggcactag ctggcacggc     57360
     accttgcctg gcacatccta cacactgctc catctgcagg atgactttga ccgctgagag     57420
     gatgactttc ggtcacggtt cgctccggca atcttacagc tccttctggt actacagaag     57480
     ctagcccaca gagaggggat ttttccactc agtcttggca ttatttcttg aattcttgca     57540
     accaaaacat gaggcatctt tagcaacaga ctcttttttt tctttttttt cttttttctt     57600
     tttcttttcc ctttggtttt ttgagacagg gtttctctga atatccctgg ctgtcctgga     57660
     attcactctg tagatcagac tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc cacctgcctc tgcctcccaa     57720
     gtgttgggat taaagacgtg tgccaccact gcctggttag caacagactc ttatcatcca     57780
     gttctgaaaa gcaaccaaca gcaatgacta tagtctatat tgctctagga gctcagttat     57840
     caactccaga atgtaaccca ccaccaacgt aggatgtctt tcagattttt taaaaattaa     57900
     ttatatgtgt atgtccatgt ttgagtatgt gcacatgact gcaggcacct gcaaaagaga     57960
     ggctctcccg acagctggaa ctgcaggcag atgtgagctg cctgatgtgg gtgctgggag     58020
     ctgaactctg ggcctctgga ggaaagctat gagctcttcc ctgtggagcc cctttccagc     58080
     ccctcgcact ggaattctta ctgacaacct tttgactttt ggcacctgtt tttgcttttt     58140
     tgtttttgtt ttgttttaaa taaaatttaa gcacaaattg ttatttttat ttaaaggccc     58200
     aggctgctgt agagtgtaaa aaaaaaaaat cccccgtggg tatcccccgt gccttctcct     58260
     acaaggccaa gagttcacag atgcatgcaa ccctcttatc tttcaaggac tgattttcca     58320
     ttttcttgtg tatttgaatg gctctcaaat gggtctcaca tctgtagaac acatgtgggt     58380
     gaccattcta tcttctatat acaataagac cttttacaga ggatgggcag gatgacagtc     58440
     aagtcccaac caatccatca tcctgtaaca agtagccgag ttacagagac actgtggaga     58500
     agcacgcgga cagcccatcg ccacccactc tgcataagtg tccagggatc acagatcaca     58560
     acaaaggagg caccgagtct ctcccagcat ctaatacaac atgaaagcat tttgcttgtt     58620
     ttaaaatcat tttcattgca gttcctattt tttattttta attgaaaatg ttaaatataa     58680
     ttatgtcact tttcaccctc tttttccttc ctcgtgtacc accactctcc catgtaccat     58740
     cccctgcccc ctctctctct ctttttttaa gacttattta tttatttata tgtaagtaca     58800
     ctgtagttgt tttctgacac accagaagag agcatctggt ctcattacag atggttgtga     58860
     gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc aggaccttca gaagagcagt cagtgctctt     58920
     aaccactgag ccatctctcc agcccttgtt tttgttttcc ttatgtacca cctctctccc     58980
     atgtatcacc ccctgccccc actctaaagc atagcctctt ttttgttgtt gtttatacac     59040
     acacacacac tatatataca cacaaatgtg cagtggaagc tgggcagtgg tggcgcacgc     59100
     ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggcagattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg     59160
     gtctacaaag tgagctccag gacagtcaag gcttcacaga gaaaccctgt cttgaaaaac     59220
     caaaataaat aaataagtta attaattaaa tgtgcagtgg aaatttctgg tttctttgga     59280
     gattcagttg agtcatgtga tgcctctcta gaagctgtct tatgagaaga tgctttgctg     59340
     aggcagacac ttgagaggac ccgtgacgta tggagagagt acaggtagag cccagtggac     59400
     aatgaaggac actcttgcat tggttcgcct tacaacactt tgttggtctt cactgatctt     59460
     tgcttgtcat gactttgtat agataaaaag catcaaagaa cttgctgtgg tactccagct     59520
     gctcctcgcc acttcctcag actcatgcag attagaccaa gcctcatggt ttcttttgga     59580
     tcaaactgct gctactgatt cgtgtttgat gattgccaat tggactggac gtctgtctgc     59640
     tgctaatttg tgtttgatgt tttggactgg actactgata ccctgataac aagattcgta     59700
     tcactccaag aactacttct aaaccgggcc acatccctgt tatcttatta gctattttct     59760
     gctacctctg attggtgggc tagaagggag gttgaagcac ttaagaaccc caattaaagt     59820
     aggttttggg agctggagag atggctcagc agttaagagc actgactgct cttctgaagg     59880
     tcctgaattc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa tgagatctgg     59940
     cgcccttttc tggtgtgtct gaagacagcc acagtgtact tatgtataat aataaatctt     60000
     tgggctggag tgagcagggc taaccggagt gagagaggtt gactggagta agcaggggcc     60060
     aactggagtg agcagaggtc ctaaattcaa ttcccaggaa ccacatgaag gctcacaacc     60120
     atctgtacag ctacagtgta ctcatataca taaaataaaa taaataaatc ttaaaaaaat     60180
     aaataaagta ggttttgaaa aacccaaacc tacataaatg cctaaataca cactagtaga     60240
     cctgatagtt ggaagaggga aatcccatga gccctaccca tagacaaaga actactggca     60300
     agcaaagaat gctgagagtg ggagaaacat tctcccaaga gatgagccct taactgggtt     60360
     atctaatacc aaatagtgag gcctggaacc gcatacacaa gtaacactga acagactcgg     60420
     caggttgtat tcagggtttc gtttaaaatc attccttttt ttaaaaaaag atttatttat     60480
     ttttatgtat gtgagtacac tgtagctgta cagatggttg tgagccttca tgtcgttgct     60540
     gggaattgaa ttttggacct ctacttcctc cagttggccc cacttgctcc agtccaaaga     60600
     tttatttact attataaata agtacactat agctgtcttc agacacacca gaagagggca     60660
     tcagatctca ttacagatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactcagga     60720
     gtcaaatttg aagagcagtc agtgctctta accgctaagc catctcacca gcccatttaa     60780
     aactcattcc tgaaagagca acatcaggta cagcatcatg gatgggagaa ctggcctgtg     60840
     tacaggtctt tgtcctttat agtccttctc cctgagtcac ccaatgcttt gaccctgcgg     60900
     tatcagtatg gggtccatcc tgataagctt tcatttgcct cctttgggct agccttgtgc     60960
     ccaacttctt aagttacacc tatgtcttct cccttaacct acacctgtgt ttgcctcatc     61020
     ttgactaagc agaacttagc tagcactgta ctctagccat gaccagtatc tcctgataga     61080
     tacagttgct gagaggtctt ctggctgagc aaataatctt tatgtccaag agacagacat     61140
     acttggtcta ctcaagggag agagctgccc agccctcaac caagctcaat ctctgtatta     61200
     ttttatattc atggctacca atagatgttc attgactctg aacatccatt gtatagggga     61260
     tggggggtgg ggtgggggta ggggttcttt gtagagttct ggctgtcctg aaactcactc     61320
     tgtagaccag actggcctcc aactcaagag atccatctgc ctctgcctcc aaagtgctgg     61380
     aattaaaggt gtgcacgacc atgtctggcc caaatacttt aaacatttac agaagtccag     61440
     ttctcctgca tgaccctcac ctggaggtgc cattagccta atcctgacct catttaggta     61500
     agggaggggt gtgctgtagg gatcacccat ggcttttggt ttgggcttcc ctcttatggc     61560
     cttgtttttt gttttttttt ttttcttttt ctttttaaat tatgtgtctg tgtatgggga     61620
     gatgcaccag agtgcaggtg cctacagagg ccagtggagt taaatcaccc tggagctggg     61680
     gttacaggaa cttgggagca gttgagtgta gttgctgggg atctcactca ggtcctctgg     61740
     aaagagcaat gcgtacttta accgctgagc cagctctcta gccgtgcctc ccccgcccca     61800
     aatggtgaac tgttagtcac accttataaa gcctttaaaa ggctcaccag caccaacctt     61860
     gggtttccac ttgtcttctt tcgaaggagc ccagcttgtt gtaaatctac ccacacaaat     61920
     ccaagagtca cagagaggcc cctttgcctg gcttcctcgc atcttttctg tcttagcacc     61980
     tgacgggcct gcacacatgc tggtctaagt tagttatacc tggcaaagcc tctcctcttc     62040
     ccagagatca tgtcctacca caggggctca gtaacatcaa gtcccctata aacatttgta     62100
     aacaatcagg tcatatttgg ccccataaaa tgggcatcaa atatgtcctc tcacatgccc     62160
     acttctctct gttgtcctcc tgtccctgcc atccatgggg gacctcagct ggtgataacc     62220
     aagagtctct aatggcccac atgagccagt ccatcagaga ctaactccac agctcagggt     62280
     gtccagcctt tgtctcaagc aaggatgtat gattgtatta cttacttttt ctgcattcgc     62340
     agtgcttaga ctcttcccat tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     62400
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaccct ccccacagcc tcacaagcca     62460
     gctggtgaga agctcttttt actgctgtgt ttaaagtctt ttcccagctc agccagctca     62520
     ggtgctgtgt atcccaagat tagcgtgggt ttctgtgctg gaccattgtg aaggcctccg     62580
     tctgtgtatt gaatctcaga tattttttct tctttattaa aggtctggcc tgagatattt     62640
     ctatctttgt gtttctattg ttgtgataaa acaccatgac caaaagcagc ttgaggcgga     62700
     caggatttat ttcactttat acttccaggt ccgtcactga ggggagtctg ggcaggagcc     62760
     caagcagggc aggaacctgg gggcagatgc tgatgcagag aagcagtgct gactggtttg     62820
     ctcctcatgg cttgctcagc ctgccttcct gtagcatcca ggaccaccag cccaggggtg     62880
     acgctgccca cagtgaactg ggcccaccca catccatcat caagcaagaa aatgtaccag     62940
     agactcatct gatggggaca ttttctcgat ggacgctccc tcctctagct tgcatcaagc     63000
     tgacaaaaca ctgaccagga cagtatcttt tattctgtcc gctggggact ttttctccgg     63060
     actcttgatc cttcttatgg actctaaggt tttgaatccc gtgaaaagct ccttagcagg     63120
     aatttaactt gcaccctctt ttctgagtat cctgttggct gtacgatcag ccatcttcca     63180
     tctggctgct cttccacaag cgaatctcca ctgagtaatc atctccacct tacaattctt     63240
     actacacaca gcagtggccg tgtcacctca agcaacctgt tgacactctt gtcccttggg     63300
     tgtcactctc caggcctgag ggaattttat cccataaaaa tgtcaagatc cccacctcca     63360
     tgcatgtcca cagattgctg tatcctcaga ctgtcccacc tcaattccat ccacagctac     63420
     ccctagccag gaccatgcaa atgctcctcc caaactcatc tatggctcca tcagtccctg     63480
     ctttgggcac cgttatactg tgccacacta tgcctggaga aacatgaaca cacatctact     63540
     caccctgcat agggaacctc tgacggaaca aagcacggat ataccagaat ccaacttggt     63600
     aagtcggcga acttactggt attacttata ggaatatggg tgaggagtta ctgacagcat     63660
     cagaagtgac tgaacggcag ctgcatcaca aagtccatcc cagcacccag ggctgtgtca     63720
     gaaagctgga cacctgagac tcactggaca gcctgcaggt acaacagtgt cgccttgatg     63780
     aaggatgtct ctctctctct cttttttttt ttcttattta gtttttattc gtaatcataa     63840
     acttaacttt gcaactcagc tagacttgaa ggggaaagag gaaaatatgg aacccacaga     63900
     acttcagtga gagcagagat gataggacat tgcgagcaga tggggtgggg gtgctctcct     63960
     gagctacaga aagaatggtt tgatgggtaa aatgcccgaa agtcaaaaga aattatagtt     64020
     gtccacagtc agaaatggtg atcttcttgc tggtcttgcc attcctggat gcaaaacgct     64080
     ccatggcttc cgcaatgttc atgccttctt tcaccgtccc aaagaccatc cagctattca     64140
     gtcttggcag tgcacataaa aaactgcgaa ctgtttgcgt ttggtccagc atttgcaatg     64200
     gacaagatgc caggacctgt acgcttcagg atgaagttct catcctcgat ttctctcctt     64260
     tgacagacct gccgccagtg ccattatggc gtgaaaatga atggcacatg aatcctggaa     64320
     taattctgta aagggaggaa cccttatagc caaatccttt ctctccaggg ctcagagcac     64380
     gaaagttttc tgctgtcttt ggaactttgt ctgctaacag ctcaaagaag acgtgcccaa     64440
     gggttcactg tcggccgtga tgtcggagta cacggtgggg ttgaccatgg ctgcagcaag     64500
     cagggaaaag tgacagtagc gtctgccgga tgtctcttct tggcagctca gcttctctga     64560
     gagaatctct cagtagttct tactgtttct gtaagtttga gaagggagga acctactccg     64620
     tctggtcagc ttcagggact tcttgaagtt tgtaagttgt ttacttcctg agtctaagaa     64680
     gcttcccgga ggaatggagt gttttgcctc cctttagaca gcagttctca accttccaaa     64740
     tgctgcgacc ctttagtaca gttccttatg gttggtgaca ccctccccca accataaaat     64800
     tatttttgtt gctacttcat aactgtagtt ttcctactgt tatgaaacat aacataaatg     64860
     tttttggagc tagggctttg ctaaaggggt tacgaccgac ccacaggttg agaaccactg     64920
     ccataggaca tcttgcatct taagacaatg ctttatctca caggaaatgg caagcaccaa     64980
     ataacctttc cagttaattg tggatattct tgatgttccc ggaaagctgg agatgatagc     65040
     ttcctgaaga taaatagcaa tgaagacttt tcatgtttta gtatattaat tggtctattc     65100
     ttgtgcggtg aggatcatga gctcaaggtt agaatggata acatgcaaga gactgtctcc     65160
     agaaaggtat ccatcaatct gttttgtact ttaaacagct catttacaca gcatgatttt     65220
     gtaagaggta gtaaatcatt tgaagaatac tgcttaacca tcttacatag ctctctttct     65280
     ctccccacct ccctttcccc tccccctctc cctctctcca caaaattctc atgtagccca     65340
     ggttaggcca gaactcatca tgaagctgag gatactccaa ggtcctaatc tccccacttc     65400
     tacctcccaa gtgttgggat cacagtcaca tgccatcatg ctcattttcc cttctttttt     65460
     gaggcagagc ctcacagtgt agcccaggct ggcctaactc aggatgaaat agaactcata     65520
     gaaattctcc tgcctcagcc tctcacatga ttaaatgttg atacatctcg ttatacaata     65580
     tcagaatccc agcagacatg cacattcaga acactaccac tggtctcatc aggcctcaga     65640
     agctttaaat tcaaggaaac aattttacca attctaattt ttatgtggaa ggtctaattt     65700
     catctttggc aacaaacact agtgctttat ttcttggact aacaccctca ttcgctcatt     65760
     ttagagaaaa ggtctgacaa atactgtagt ctgagaatta cagctcatca tgttgggaaa     65820
     tccagctcat gagcttccag ccatcccagg ccctgagcac acctccggat ctgcctcctt     65880
     ctcagggatt ccccactttg gtaggtgggc actctgcttt ctgtgtgggt cagcagccca     65940
     atattctagt aaataaacta tacttcccat tttaccacac acaatattat aaagccatgg     66000
     gctaaagtgt taagtacagt caatcattaa gtggggtgtg gaggcataca cctgttctct     66060
     caggaactgg acacctattc tcccagcacc tggacacctg ttctcccagc acctggaaac     66120
     ctgtaatccc agcacctgga cacctgttct cccagcacct ggacacctgt aatcccagca     66180
     cctggacacc tgtaatccca gcacctggac acctgtaatc ccagcacctg gacacctgta     66240
     atcccagcac ttggacacct gttctcccag cacctggaca actgtaatct cagcacttcc     66300
     aacctgtatt tccagcactt aggaggctga gagaagacca ggaccttggc tcacaaagca     66360
     agtcagttgg ggctggagag atggctcaga ggttaagagt atattttgct cttgtagaag     66420
     acccagattt gattcccagt cactgcatgg tggcttccaa ccactcataa ccccagatcc     66480
     agggatctga tgctctcttc cgactgctgt agtcacctcc atgcacacac ataggtaaaa     66540
     catgcataca cataaaaaat caggacatct ccaaacaaac ctagccctca gtccctgttt     66600
     ttttgggaaa aaaaaaaatc caatgcatag ttcctagtca gttgccaagt tccttgaccc     66660
     ctatttacat gccaggattt ctactcattg tcactctggt gtcctcagtg aaaatatcag     66720
     caagtcaaag tgacagctaa tgatttgttg ttagcaaata gcttttgcct gtggatgccc     66780
     tgaaaggatc tttgcacttg atcagttaac atctcagaat tgctcaagtt aaagaatgac     66840
     aacagctaac ccaggcatgg cggtgtatac ctatgacccc tgcaataaga cgacaacctc     66900
     agcactgcaa tcccagtctg agaaggaagg cgcagtgtga atttgaggcc agcctgggtt     66960
     tacatagtca gctgcagcct cagcctagat aataaaagaa cacaatagcc acatttactt     67020
     ttttgtttgt tttggttttt ggtttgttcg ttttgttttg ttttgttttg ttttgagaca     67080
     gggtttctct gtatagtcct ggatgtcctg gaaatcactc tgtagatcag gctggcctcg     67140
     aactcagaaa tctgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg gctaaaggag tgcaccacca     67200
     ccacctggct ccatatttac tttaatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcac     67260
     gcgcgcgcat gcatgctcag gtgagaggat aagcttagat actggtcctc cccttcacct     67320
     tgctccaggc aggatctcct ttttatcatt gcacttcatg ctccagggta gctggcctgc     67380
     ttctgtggat tcattctcct gtctctgcct cccataagca tgctggtatt acagaccttc     67440
     atttactgct ttgggcatcc acagaggttc ggaattcacc tcgtcaggct agtgctgcaa     67500
     gcaccaagca ctttcacctg cccagctggt tctctggccc attttctttt taaaggactc     67560
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagctat cactccaagg catgtaaaat gctttcataa     67620
     atatctcatg gaaaaaaatg aagaccaact ccatctgtgg tactatttgc tttacttcct     67680
     caaaaaataa aagtcggggg aggagaggag gagaattcgg cccccaggga ctgtatcagg     67740
     catgtgaagc gccatccatc atgtatgtca tggtgagtga cacagtcctg ggactcaaag     67800
     cctagtggtg ctgggaacgc agggccctcc gcccttctct cttcccacaa ctccactagc     67860
     tgcagaatgt ccataataca gtcacacagt aatgttctct tttggttttt ggtttgttcg     67920
     ttttgttttg ttttgttttg agacagggtt gctctgtata actctgtata gttctctgtc     67980
     tgtctgtctg tgtctctacc tttgtctgtc tgcctctctc acacactcac tgctgtagct     68040
     actctcacac atcataagtc acaagctgaa ccatgtgtat gttacagcta cacagtcaca     68100
     taaaagccat agaaaagtcc caacagccaa cagccaacct caatgtgtcc aaaccaattc     68160
     ttactgattc atagtcacag acagacagcc tcaacttcac tcatgaccct cagagaccag     68220
     catggcccct atgttaaaca tggtctgcct caggtgccca tgttcacaca cactctaagc     68280
     agtctgtaca tactctgata gcatagactt tggacacatg ccagcccggg ctcaagttca     68340
     atctttacca ctgattactt gtatagttat ttaacctgta tgtccttagc gctagaaaat     68400
     ggagattact tttactttac aaatttgatg tgaagataac aaaacaacca ggcaaatgat     68460
     agtatggtaa tactgtctga cccagggtga cctgaggagt cacggtaact gccatgtgtg     68520
     gctcttgtcg ccagagggca ccagggctcc aaggtgtctg tggaatttgt tggaagtaaa     68580
     tgtcccagga aggctgggat tcctggcgtg tggggatatg tgcagactag ggaggtgtac     68640
     aggtgtatcg aggctgggaa gggtctggga aacccagcta gggcccctgt gtgattctgg     68700
     gcatgcaggg cgtactccag gagaagaccc tgactgggag ggagcatgca cagttcccac     68760
     acacgaggct cccttctccc actcccccac tgggcaaatc ctttaatccc acacaatgtc     68820
     gggcttccgc cattgctcct ggcacagagg aatcccagag acatgggttc caagtctcag     68880
     tagttgagga cctggggagg ccaacgctgg gaagcaggac tctgagcacc aatccacacg     68940
     gctcacagag acagccttcc ttccctttcc tgggttgcgc cagaacttcc tgaccctgct     69000
     gtctttcctg gtacggagcc agccccagct ggcctttccc ctcttccagc cggctccaca     69060
     cctgctcccc ggggccaggc cctggtaaga ggcttatcag acatgtgtct gggacagata     69120
     aggcacacac cccctgtacc ccacatgcct tatccagccc tgccttctca gctgcttggc     69180
     cttgtagaaa ggcttgccag cagaaggaac cccacccacc taggcaacag gccaccctgt     69240
     ccccagccct ccctcgaggg ctctcttccc agcaacctca ttccctgtga tgtcatcact     69300
     tggggggaag cttggtccat cattcatgtc caagagaagc tgggaaagtg ggatcagaaa     69360
     gaagtgctcc ccaggcacca ggtcagcagc tggattggga gcagggggcg gtgtcacagg     69420
     atcctccccc agggtagagc tattttggtg ttggctgctt cacacataac cattcctctt     69480
     cctgtcctcc ccatccatag aggctctggg ttcattggga acagcaacag tgggaagaat     69540
     ttatcccacc atagggaagc actgggtaac cagcctcagg tctggagcca gccctgccct     69600
     cctcagggag actcgatatt tgggaatccc agggaccttc catcccattc cttggaacag     69660
     cactgtggag ggaaggatca ttggaatggc cagtctgatg aacatagcac cttagcatag     69720
     cctgctggtg acacacattg acttgtggat accgctcctg gtgacataac agcacggtat     69780
     ctatggcatg cccatgagct cagtatcact gccatgttct tggctacaca tggaccccag     69840
     acggccttgt attggactat acaccaacac tccaacaagg atacacatcg agaaccccat     69900
     gtgtggacgg gggagacccc tctttctcgg agccacgttc tcagagagtg acataattct     69960
     cagcacacgg tggacactca gaaatatttg gttaagtgct cgctaaattt tacaggtcct     70020
     gaggaaaagc cattctaact gcggcccctc tccaggccta ggtgggagca tggagggttg     70080
     ggtgggggac atctccactt ttgtcactgc tacctccagc tcacttcaat catggctact     70140
     cctcggctta taccagtcac agagagccac ctctcctctt ctctggtgac ctatgccaat     70200
     ggtgttctgc aagttggatg ccaagaatgt ttagacatcg tatacttgtt cagcatcatg     70260
     agtacagact tttgagtcct ccacagtgct gggaatgctg gcttccttgg cattgtaagg     70320
     ctctgttaaa ggcatttaag aatctaggca ttgactgctc tggagacttg gaaggctacc     70380
     tggacagggc caaggttgat gcttcctgtt tgcctgatgt catttgtggc cactgaggtc     70440
     ctgcctggat tgacttaagc tgtcatgagc gagggtgaca taagatgacc caagagacac     70500
     gtggagcccc agtggaactc atggatttaa acagctgttc cacactgggt cagggcaggg     70560
     aaggagttgt gtaatgatgg tttcaagttc aagagaggat gattctgaga gcaaagccaa     70620
     gacaggatcc tcctgacaat gcttcctagc cccctaggct gggactgtaa ggaggtaggg     70680
     accactaatc aagccatgtg caaatttaaa gtacagaaca ccaccaattt ctcagtagtg     70740
     ttctcggcac acctctatca aggtgcctct aaaagtggct cgaggctgct agccctcttc     70800
     tatacctatt tgggctctgg ttaagtcctc tgatacatac gatttaatcc tgctggcttg     70860
     ttggtgacaa cagacaggca cccagccaac actgggggat ctgcagctgg gcccagccct     70920
     cccaggaaat aactctgtaa ctagaggttc ctgagacacg cctcagcaag caatgggtgc     70980
     ggtccagtac tgcctgccca cttgctgtcc tgtcctcagg tatcaggcct ctgatctggg     71040
     cccatccttc ctcctgtcta tcagacctga ccaccatcct ctcccactgg ctggccatgt     71100
     cttttcttcc tgtaggccag ctgcccaggg cggggacctc cccatggatc atgaaggcca     71160
     tcccagctct gacctgggct aggcccagac ctgtctcccc tgagacttca ttctgattgg     71220
     aaaaaaacat acactctagt tcctgtctcc cagagacagc tttttaccgt ggagtgtctc     71280
     cttcaagcct ctccttagga cctactacga gcgactgtgg ttgtctgaag ctttgtacta     71340
     atcagataac atacacacat cttttttgct ttgtcactgt taactagcaa aaaacctcat     71400
     agtcagcatg cccaatttct ccaaatgccc ctcaagataa aaatcttttt cctcagccgt     71460
     gctgtggtgg cacacacctt taatcccatc acttgggagg cagaggcagg tggatttgtg     71520
     agttcgaggt caacctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggct atacagagaa     71580
     accctgtctt gaaaaacaaa caaacaaaaa aagaaaatct ttttcttcaa accctgaact     71640
     taagcactag attgcttctc aaatcccaaa ctttctagta ataccaattc tgcacgcctc     71700
     cttctcctcc tcaaacctcc ctgggcctca gcccttggca gacaggtacc cttgtatccc     71760
     taaatcagct ctccttcaca tgggttcctt agagtggata agggacctac ttttcactag     71820
     gccattaata agagaggtag aagagaggac tgccagaggt tcaaagccgg ccaggagtac     71880
     atagcgaatt ttgtgtcatc cagagctgca tacatggtgg ttactgtctc aaaaaccaaa     71940
     ccaaccaaac caaaccaaat caaaccatcc cagaagcaaa taaacaaaaa ccaacaaaac     72000
     aacctcctcc acatagaaag ctcagcatac aagctgttaa tcccagggct gtggaaacag     72060
     aagcaggtgg atcactgagt tggaggtcag cttagtctat atagtgagaa caatgtcagc     72120
     cagaactaca tagtgagatg ctgactccag gaaaaaagaa agaaaaaaag aaagaaaaga     72180
     attcagggag cggagaaggg ctgtgtgtga gggggtacca gcaggagggg ctgaaatctg     72240
     gatgtaaaga gaataaagaa agaaaacttc aaaattcaaa ataaagtttt aaacattttc     72300
     ttagaaccat cctaatgcct tttaggtcca tcgcatccct ataagttaga tggaagcccc     72360
     tccctcagcc ccaaccttcc ctttacctgg cagcttctcc caagagcctc ctgtccatct     72420
     gtcttgggaa ggagccattt tggataatct aaagaggagg caggctatga gagaccataa     72480
     acaacttgta gaggaaccca agtcctggta gggaagatga gaagtgttta gatactatct     72540
     ggtcagatcc aggacttgag cacacacaca actacacagc ctgctgcagg acccacagtt     72600
     agactcccag aaacttctac ataagcaaag ttaaaggcca caggtggtgg tggtgcacgc     72660
     ctttaatccc agcccttgga ggcagaggca ggcggatttc tgagtgcaag gccagcctgg     72720
     tctacaaagt tagttccggg acagccaccg ggactataca gagaaaccct gtctcaaatc     72780
     ccccccccca aaaaaaaagc ccacaggcac aacagattgc ttaggtagat ctgcgtgtgt     72840
     gtcccctctc tactctatac aaaactctgg taattagttc gtgggagact ataaacccca     72900
     agcaggctta taactgctgt gttcacgggc aaactcaaaa gggacataag tgccttccta     72960
     gatctgacca aatctcgaga atgaacagat tgtgagttcc atgacagcag aaagcagtat     73020
     ataagaaggt agttctggga aagggctgtg gttgagccgt ggggtagaga gaggcccaac     73080
     tgaagggagt gtgctggctg ctgtcttttt cagtgattat aaattaataa ggtggcttct     73140
     cacaccagtt gatcttgtgc gcggctttga catggatgcg cctgctcttt ggagactgga     73200
     tgtcaataaa caagcaagtt tcctggccgg aaaatggtga gaactcgggg cacagagtgg     73260
     aatccggagc ctgcctctcc agaccagggc cttttgcaga gcacctgcga agcaacagca     73320
     gtcctctggc aatcagtatt gtctggtttg atagagggtt ggcagcttgc tcaaggtaag     73380
     caaatgtggc agcctgttcc atttgctagg caccactgcc aatctggagc aatgagtttc     73440
     acgtgggtat gcatttcctt aagtcattct ctccattttg cagaggagga aactgaggct     73500
     caacaaagca tcttttggca gatactgcaa tccaggcacc tgaagtaggt aggctctgtg     73560
     gcacaactaa ccaggtaggg ctgatcaaat cagtggtgga gaattcgggg agaaagggct     73620
     ccccagcctt gcaattccaa ggagtgggcc ccaggcttta ctcagctgtg cccacagtct     73680
     ctagcggcgc tactgcaaag ggaacggaat ttgctcttga cgtctctcta gggggaacgc     73740
     aggcgcagaa ggccaggggc ctggcgggct aactgcagcc ccagcccccc aaagcgcccc     73800
     aggccttttg gcttcgttcc aagcctagcc cgaaggggag gacatctgct tcctccaagt     73860
     gtcccaactg aagggcagag aggcgaagga gaaggggact cctttgccga gccccactcc     73920
     caggggttcg tgaggatcaa tcatcagaaa actagagcca cttgtaatct tattccctgg     73980
     taggaggagt ctgagtagtc ggcacgcggg agggaggaga tgggaccagg gcgggggagg     74040
     gcggccaggg gagccgctca gggaggggag ggacttggct aggtttctca agccttcttc     74100
     actctccaaa ctttcaccaa actcttagcc cccgcctccc cgaaaccaaa acacaacaag     74160
     ctctggagga gcggcaggca acgcggcggg gcgggaggac tggcggctgc agagagcctc     74220
     gggaggctga tgcaactttc cctttaagaa agccacctgg gcgcaccgcg gtgcggaccc     74280
     agcacgcctg ggccgggggc agcagtatgg taagagagct gggggaaggg ggctttgcgg     74340
     cccgagccta ggtctgtcca gccgtcgttc tgggcgtttc tgtgactctg ggaggctgag     74400
     ccccaggatg tgtatggatg tgtgtgtggt gcgtggatga gatagcgttt gcttgcgggt     74460
     atctgtggct aagagtgtga gtgctcgcac tgggatgtct gtctcgccgc gaaggtctgg     74520
     gtaggtgcgt gtgtctgtgt gtcatcgttg tcaccaagga actaaagcag acgggaggga     74580
     gggtgatttc ggaatggagg gggtgcgttg cgtgccgacg ccggctcggt cggaggtggt     74640
     tggtacgggg ctgtgcgcgc agcgccggaa ccgaagagcg tcttcggtct ttctggggcg     74700
     ccagtgggtc tgccgcggcc gggagccggc agcggggtct gtgccccgcg tgcagcctct     74760
     cgccccacct cctctcccag ccgtgctggc tatctatctg ggcgccgcag ccggcggcct     74820
     tcctaatctg cccgcccact cgcccgccgg gtgccggttc ccgcgcgccc gcggttcctg     74880
     ggaagcagcg aggaagaacc ccagcgccct ccggttctct tttgtccgcg gctcgcgtgg     74940
     ctgcagcgtt gagaagggat tgcggggcgg agagtggttt tgggggactg ctactctggg     75000
     gggaaaaaat ccacgccctg ccactcgagc cttcactcta gccttccttc tgggcatgct     75060
     tgcggcgagt gcgggcggcc acaggtgagg cctggtttcc cgcagctccc gagcgcctgc     75120
     tcccagcctg taccccgcag caggcagcca cacacgggcc ggagctgagg ccagcgagcc     75180
     gggagggggc ttgcccgcag acccgggagg ggccgaggac gggcgggggc ggggcaaggg     75240
     ggcggagacc tcggcacccg ggtacttttc caccgcgggg ggcggggcgg catcctccac     75300
     gccagctgag aggcgcacac gtggtggctg atgtaacgcc cgccccccaa cacaccttgc     75360
     acactgatta aagcgaaccg gtctcgtttc gaggaagtgg gcactccggg cggtgccatg     75420
     actccaaaag tgaccgcgcc ccacactgcc agcccgtccc gggccttcaa gtccggccgg     75480
     gcagctactt aaaggggccg caccccctct cgggtctgtt ttccataggc cacgcccctc     75540
     gctagtcact cttaaaggag ccgcgtaccc acctagcact ctatgatagc tccctcacaa     75600
     agcctgttct actttttttc ctttttttct tgttttttgg ttttgtattt tgagacagaa     75660
     tttctctgcg tagccctggc tatcctgaaa cttgctctat acaccaggct ggccttgaat     75720
     tcagagatct gcctgcctct gcctcccaag agctgggtct aaaggtgtgt gccaccactg     75780
     actggtttct gttctatttt ttaaatgaag caagtctgag gctatgactg ttagaaagat     75840
     aaaggataga gggcaaggaa tgggcaaaaa gaacacctaa gataaagaca tctccagaga     75900
     ggcaaaaggt tagagagcgg gtgataggat tggttaggga ctagcggaga acattgagcg     75960
     tgcccaagtg tttcaaagac ttcagagaaa acgctccctt cctccttatg ttcagcggga     76020
     ctacagtagt atagttctca ggatatagaa gaaccacacg tctgccctgg cagacctctc     76080
     cagacagagg gggtggacag aagccagcat cttgcatata ttgcattctt gaagggtacc     76140
     atggaagggt cgactgcaga aggaggagga aggcttcatg aagataatgg catggggtct     76200
     ggttttgatg ttggtaggca atgtattgac cagtgaaaac tggggaccag agacccttac     76260
     agagggaact attgcccgag caaaggtggg gatgcaggaa gcccctgagt ttgcagcaag     76320
     tagctggctt ggtgccccag acaggagact ttatgcacac aacactgtgc taacatccct     76380
     gtggtagtga atagagacgg tgtctcctcc ctccgaattg taaagtactg gagacctgtt     76440
     gcctctagtt actagtgagg gcttagttca tatagacccc taaaattggt ctacctaggg     76500
     gctggaaaga tggctcagtg attagggatg cataaggggc tggctggtct tccagacggc     76560
     cagggcctgt agttcctggc agcagtgtca ggaggctcac tattgcttgt aacttcagct     76620
     tcagggaatg ggatgtcctc tgttggcact ctcccaacct ctattccacc cccgtattat     76680
     gcattcacac acatacatat aaataaaaat ttttaaaaac tgggtggtgg tggcactcag     76740
     gactttaatc ccagtacttg ggaagcaggg gcaagcagat ctcctgggtt gagctagccc     76800
     tcaagcagtc aaggctacac aaagaaaccc tgtctcgaaa aagaattaaa agtttaaaaa     76860
     aataaaaaca acaacaaaaa aaaaaactta aagaaaaatc tgcctgcata ctgcccttgc     76920
     aggggacaca caggttccag caaccatgtt gtgggactca taaccacctg taactccacc     76980
     tctagtggat ctgctccctc ttccctgtac acacataatc aagaatacag ataaatatat     77040
     gcttataagt tggtccacct ggctgcttcc tgctcaccaa gaaatcagga gcttcaccgt     77100
     gggcaccttc gtgagggagc cagaagacca gtactacact ccgtactcca gcctttggaa     77160
     ccacaacaaa agcaatgcct tccctctttg gagatgtgtg tgtgtggggg gatcatttga     77220
     caatcccatt ttgggaagag gaaagtcaca agtgctaaag ggctctgtga ccctcctccc     77280
     agcatcagtc ttgggggctc acactcagcc caaagcctgt ctgtccacat cagacctcct     77340
     ctcctatctt taaacctgca gcatcttatc cctggggcaa ctaccagctt cctctcactg     77400
     caccaacagt aggcagagac ccttcctttt ctctcaccac ccgcaggaag tcacttcatc     77460
     accgagttcc atctcattac tgtttccatc tctcttatcg tgtcctcttt ccttttgccg     77520
     tcatcagctt caccagccaa ccctcttcct ctctgtcaga gctcattgat ggttttcttc     77580
     cacaactgct ttagtgtttc cctgccattt tatctacacg gatgcatatt ccctctctga     77640
     tatttaactc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg cgcgcgcgtg tgcatgcagg gcccaagaag     77700
     aaggcatcag atccctggga ctggagttac aaatggttga gagccacctg taagtaagaa     77760
     gcaaactcca gtcctttgac ggactagcca gtgctcttaa ccactgaccc atctttctct     77820
     cttccccttc ccttatgggt tttttttttt ttttttggtt tgtttgcttt tgttttgttt     77880
     tgttttgttt tgttttgttt gtgagacagg gtttctcagt gtaaccctgg tgtcctggaa     77940
     ctcacgctgt aggccaggct ggcctcgaac tcaaagatcc acatctacct gcctctaagt     78000
     gctgggatta aaggcatgca ccaccacacc tgacggtttc cttttttgtt tgtttgtttg     78060
     tttgtttgtt tcgagacagg gtctttctat gttgcccaag ctagtctcat acttgtgggt     78120
     gcagatgacc ctaccttctt agcttcctga gtatctgaga ctatagacaa gcactaccac     78180
     acccaaggag ccgtgctttc agaatgtccc ttccagcaat ccactctcct cccagctgtt     78240
     ctgcctgaaa gcctttaata gccaccggtg gcgtcaggac taagatggac atccagaccc     78300
     agaaggttct tgttctgctt gtctgtttcg ccttcctctt gggctaccag agctttgcca     78360
     gtttcatttt ctgcagtcac ctctgccctc tctgcttcct gcccactgcc agttgtcctt     78420
     ttgcccagag aagcctcacc tgctatggag ttcacagagt ccctccaaca ctgtttatcc     78480
     acgcttgact ccccgctgcc tttcctggaa cgcaggaagg tagagacacc tttgtgtcct     78540
     tggtgcctag cacaggtctg cccagggcag acctgcagta accatatgtg aacaaatgaa     78600
     tgtagctgta gggagcctta gaatgccccc actcccccag ctaagcagct caggctgtgc     78660
     aaaaccctag aaggggactg aaacttcagg gtttgaagaa aatgaatggt tggaaaggga     78720
     agaaaatatg gagaacttgt aatagacaca gaaactaggc agagacaact ctacactccc     78780
     cgccccagtt ttaagggaat tctcggctac attctccaga ctgagaaaag tcagagtcaa     78840
     agaggtcaga aaacgctcag aatcctacct agtgagtacc tgaggccaaa tccagcccag     78900
     acctatcaaa tcgcagacct gccgtcttca ttatactctg cagtgaccat gacctgctgc     78960
     tgctggtcgg tgttatgcca tgtctgggtt ggaacaggtc tgggatcgga gtgttccagc     79020
     tcttcagcac ctgatgagaa gcctggtgta atgtaggcat ttgatgggtg tgcccccccc     79080
     cccccactgc tatggctcca acccagggcc ccaagcactg ccgctgacct ctaccctagt     79140
     tctccgtctg aacatccaga tgtgcagatg gatggggcca ttccctggaa atggtaaagg     79200
     caggagaagc agcaaggcct cataccccct catccttctg gtgcagatga ggtcatctct     79260
     ctgatccctg ctggtgcaca agccacccga gggcagggac tgcctaggtg tgatccacag     79320
     tgtctggtgt aactttgctc aagccttcca ggctaggtgt tggcctctct gggtctcttc     79380
     aactataaac ctcaagagaa gtgccagagt agccccagga gacaactgtg gatgcagacc     79440
     gaccgaggac attctccgtt taccgcgatg cccagaggac atgacttcca gcccaggaga     79500
     tggcccataa caatattgcc caccacagct gctatcgtct ttgtcattat tggtccttgg     79560
     cagaaaaaga ggcagcagtg ttgggaaagt caggtctact tggcaaaggg ttgactgatt     79620
     gagcaggaca aaggtatgat tgccttttga ggggcacagc cctcttgtga ctgtcaccaa     79680
     aagaccaaag ccaggagcat gacttcttta agtgaacacc tttgagagag agtccagccc     79740
     taggcactgg ctgcctattt cccaccttat ccctgcccag agaagaggaa ctcaagccag     79800
     gacaaagaaa ctcatgagtc aagagctgat ttgtttaagt aaacagtggc ctacctttcc     79860
     tctgacttct atgacttcct gtgggtgaga ggtggccctt gacaggtggc tattggtgag     79920
     caagtgaccg gactctttaa ggctttctaa ggttgatccc tttcgagacc tagtctgtcc     79980
     acacttggca ttgacggtgt gagcttcgcc atgtgtctcg ctcctcccat cctcccttcc     80040
     tcctctccag ctcacttgtt caccgcatgg ctcttagatg cttcctatgc aatcccaggt     80100
     tggcaagacc cccactccag gacctctgac tcaccaggtc cccttcagtt tagctcagcc     80160
     cgtccttgct agctgaccac tgtgccagga cctaggccca gaagaataaa ggaaactcag     80220
     ttctaagccc tcaggtaacc actgactcag ggctgatagg cttctgacca aatgtatgta     80280
     acgtgagatg ataaggacct ggtaaagatt tgtacaaacc agaatggaag aagacacatg     80340
     ctcattctgc tagagaagtg tgtcaggagg gccacggaga agaggtggca ttcaggccca     80400
     gcagtaaagg acttgtaaag tttcacttgc aaagtaccat tggagggact gtgttgtaaa     80460
     agcaggaggt gtgactacat ctggtgtgtc ctgtatgacc agtgacaccg ccaaaagtcc     80520
     agccaccctg gagcccaagc tgagtgacac tagggttgga ggcgggcatc gtgcttgcct     80580
     gactggggag ggagtgccac tgatccaagc tgaatgcccc cccctcttcc tggggaaagg     80640
     ttgcaaccac tcacacagat gatgaaggac ttggacccca tcccagtcct ctgttcattt     80700
     ttttaatctt ttataggatt gggcatctgg agagtcaaaa atagaccttt gcccattggg     80760
     acagaaagcc tggagaataa gggatctggg gggtgagggc tgagaaggca acaaggaaag     80820
     ggctgaaccc cagggtcatt cagaagggag ttggatcagg aatggcctgg cagacagagg     80880
     gaatgggtac tgagagaggg atgttaggtt cttctagctg gtggtgtggg ctctgcatca     80940
     taagagtgtt ctgttagagt tcaactctgt tcagaccaca atgtctgcag aggcctcgtc     81000
     tcacggagac ccacaggctt atgctggtat actgtgaatc cctagctaac aggcatcctg     81060
     gggccagctc acctgggaca tccactctgg atattggtgc tgtatcatac tccagccccc     81120
     attgcctgcc tcctgcctgg gaatggcttg ggctgtgaaa ccatcccagc ctcagaaagg     81180
     tataagaaga gactcccact tctgccatgc agctctcttc agagaccctg ccattctgcc     81240
     tgtctctggt gctgggacct gaattgtcat cagaggccct gccccatgct tttctgtgtg     81300
     tctgcctgtg gcattagtaa cttttctatt gtctatttct gttttctccc ctccaagggc     81360
     ttctctatgt agccatggca ggcctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg acctcaaact     81420
     cactcacaga gatccacctg cctctgcctc cggggtgctg gggttaaagg tgtgtaccac     81480
     caccacccag cttagtaatt tttctttttt aaaaaaataa tgatttattt attattataa     81540
     agtacactgt agctgtcttc aggcatgccg gaagagggca tcagatctta ttacaggtgt     81600
     tgtgagccac catatggttg ctgggatttg aactcaggac ctttggaaga gcagtcactg     81660
     ctcttacaca ctgagccatc tcaccagccc agcccagtaa tttttctaat aaacttctta     81720
     gtcctggtaa tccctctcag acctacttat ctcctccccc taaaacaaaa cagaacctct     81780
     tccatagtac ttgttctgga gagcccagag ggcctgtcta gggtcttacc ttactctgtt     81840
     ttctccacag ctcttgaggc ctgttgtctg aaaggcactg aacgcaagag tctgcaagtg     81900
     tggtccagat ctccagatcc cccaacccac tgccaccatg gtaggaaaag gtgccaaagg     81960
     gatgttggtg agtacagggt ccagacttta gggaggaggg gctactatat aaacactgcc     82020
     tgggagacct cctaccaact gcttgccttg acatgggggc ctaagagatt ctacggggcc     82080
     agggttggca ctaccagggc tcccaagtgc cagggctgcc ccaggcccgg gcaagcagcc     82140
     ccttacccag caggttagac agcactgggc tccaagtctg caattaggca ggttctacca     82200
     cagacccagc aaaggcctgc caaggagctg aggcctttta tcccatcctg gtcataagag     82260
     gtactctcga gtggacacag gctgtcctgc taaaaagaca gtagaacact cgtgattgtg     82320
     cgccatgccc acccaaggct gggcatgctc agaccctgtc cagtttcccc cacttgtctg     82380
     cagccttctc actgcaggaa ctaacagatg ccttccaagg tttctcaggt aattccattc     82440
     ctctacgtcc cctgccacag cccttccttt gctcttaacc ttggagctca aaagagggtt     82500
     aagtccctcc acacccccac tttttgagat agagtcttgc tttacagctc cggtgtccta     82560
     gactccctgt gtggatgaga gctgtctgct tctgcctccc aaaagctagg aggaaagaga     82620
     ggttctgatt ctttctccag ccctgttcag aacctcacca gtctctgtct cagtccctca     82680
     tggctgctct gaactgaacc cctgaacaga taaagacgca cagctgtgtt tggccctggg     82740
     tcgagttctg gaggaagaag tgagagtccc tggtagatgg gccaggtggg atggggtgca     82800
     ggagctagaa ggaagttgca gatcctgccc tcgaatgcta ggttgtacgt tttccccttt     82860
     ggatcttgtt tcaaggagaa gccaagatgg gcaattattg aggtggaagc cagtgacaga     82920
     tagcccctcc catagcagcc cccaccctat ctgtgccttc tactgacttc tatattcagt     82980
     taaaggctgc tcggcttgag gtctctactg agccctctcc aaatgagttc tgcctctcac     83040
     caaagatttc tgtgattcta gagctctggt ctggggaaac agattgagag aggttcaaat     83100
     cctttctcta gctctgttca aagcctttag ctaccagccc ttgacccagc ccctcaagcc     83160
     tgctctaaag tgacccagcc caccccctgt tggaagtgta cctgggccaa tctgaaatca     83220
     ggatctcagg acatacacag atggggaacc accccacctg cacactcggt agcgtggatt     83280
     ctgtcttaag acccaaagag gatccgacct tttcctctga gaagtcttag attgttgtag     83340
     gcccaagtgc ctcctccttc catggagatt ctgagccaag tgaaaccctc tgaacatgaa     83400
     cattccatgg ctgcactttt tttctctggc atgaccctgg aaaggctaga cagacaggag     83460
     agatgggggg taggagttag ggtgcgtggg caggacagag gagcatgaat catgaggttc     83520
     tacagtccct gccctggctg agcttccggg gaccctgtcc tctgctggct agccgggtca     83580
     gtctgtctgt gggagggaac gctgccttgg gactcccatt cccagcacta ggatagccta     83640
     aagatagctg aggcttgctt tcttcagtgc cctctgccct ttggcttcta cccattgctg     83700
     cctttgaggc tcatagcatc tgtcccatgg gcaccccctg tagatgcatt tattcctgcc     83760
     tccgttcaga tctgctcatg accttgggct actctgttct tgggtctgtt tggagcagat     83820
     gctgcctctt tcgttcggtg tttgtctcta ggatacagcc tcagaggtat actgggcagc     83880
     catcccctgc caatccccac tcttctctct aacccgagag ctaagtcagt acctcttggt     83940
     gttttcctaa ggccaagggg atgggcagag ggagttcctt cccgataggc tgtttcttgg     84000
     gatgccaggg gaggtcgaaa gagggtgtcg agggatgtgc gcgtaagctg atggccctcg     84060
     gatctttctg gttctctatg gaagtctcat tctgtttgtg ccctgttttg tagagagttg     84120
     acagtcaaca tcctactgtg gagcccttgt ttctcttatc ctttgcccca agtctcagtg     84180
     tgaggaggtg accctctcag gtctcttctg tgctatcctt gatacttctg cttggcctct     84240
     ggagcaggtg tcccaagaag caagtcactt gccagcacgt gcccgggtcc acatgactgc     84300
     tgcacgtgtc cctcccccga ctttcagccc agatggtctc tgccaggcca gctcagctgc     84360
     cttcctcacg gctcagtggc tcctaggatg gggccgcaag agaacccagc tggccagggt     84420
     gcctcgaagc aagggagcag ctgggacgct tggggccaca gggggtagat gaggcagtcg     84480
     ttgcatgtag acctagagcc tacacgtgtg gggcgggaca atgtctccaa ggacaggaga     84540
     tggaggagga cagcctaaaa cgggccacac aagtaccccc accaccccag tgttagcctc     84600
     accatctcac gctaagtttc catgtcagcc atcttggtca ggtgagcctt acttcttccc     84660
     atgtctttaa acacacagat tgccttgaca ctgcgaagtt tcccagtcac tctgacccca     84720
     gggtccttcg tgccagagtt tctaactccc agaagactct gcaagtgcca caggccaccc     84780
     gaggctgccc caccctgacc tgttccctta tattttggca tgagaatttg ggtacctccc     84840
     gtctgcagca tctatgcagg tcctggcaca cagtgggtac tggctcacca agcctagtct     84900
     tggcatttag caagtgctca actagtacag gcttggcaca caatgggaga tcaccaagca     84960
     aagagggctt agcacacatc ggacactccc ttggtaaagg gcctgacagg gttgggtata     85020
     agtctcagca tgtagccaat gcctggctag tatagactta gcacatgttg ggtgttcccc     85080
     ttaccccagg gctcagtacc cagtgggtac tcatggaaca tggtgctggg tacacggtgg     85140
     gtatccaacc acatctggtc cttttctaga acaggatttg gcacacacaa gttattcatg     85200
     tagtgaaaga ccctagacag tagctcacac aacatgagct gacacacaga actctcagta     85260
     ttgggcatgg cacatagtag gcacttttct gacagaacca ggggaagcac acagtgggtg     85320
     ctttcctagt acacatccga catatataca ttcttcaggc cttggtcttg gcaaacagta     85380
     gatattctgc tattgcaggt cctagcgtac agcgagtgct ttcctaacac agagattgca     85440
     cacagtgaga ttttttttct cagtacacac ctggatcaca gtgtatttct ttcaacctta     85500
     cgcatagccc tcagttggcg ctctgctgac acaggctgca gcacacagta cctgctttcc     85560
     tagcctagtg actgacacat gcagaaattc tcttagctca gaaactacac atgcaacagg     85620
     gaagtgacct tctagccaaa acagactagg caacagtctc ccattggtcc tgatgtgtaa     85680
     aggctatcca tgcaaaatgg aatagcacgg tccaaaggga aagggacctg gcttctggct     85740
     ttctctagtc ttgggtccct ccccgctccc ctcatcgtcc ctgtagccca tcttctcagc     85800
     tctacaacct cttctctcat acagcttctg ctagccttcc ccacacccca catgccttag     85860
     tcccagctca gcaggacctt ctctctagag ccatagagga caacaaggtc cctagactcc     85920
     ttgcccctct ggaaacatgc ccactcttat taagaaaagt cagaggctgg ggctggggga     85980
     gtcggcttcc ttaagtgggg atggagcagc tggattccac taatgaggcc tcattacggc     86040
     cagggcccag ctgggctgct gcctcctgtc cccatggcca gagccaggga aagccatcca     86100
     gccagagctg cctgttctgg gcactcagcc cagtgcaggg cagccagagc ccaccctggg     86160
     tggaagtggg catttgggca tcatgggtga gtgggccttc ctggagccag tggcccagcc     86220
     aaggccttgg ccttcagtcc atgcctgcag gaagccaggg cgcgtctaga ggtcttactc     86280
     catgacacag tcccagcgag cagctgtgtc agtggggtct gaagccactc aggagactta     86340
     cttacgcaag gtccccacaa actggagggc agagtgttct gaactcacag gactcctctg     86400
     agaggccagt gttagtaggt atggagtgtt taggcagagg ctggctcata gtaagcacct     86460
     gatagatacc atctaaatat gattaccaac gctcactggc ttcagttatg ggtacacaca     86520
     tcatcctacc tagcttagag aagcagaaac tgaaagcaga cagctgagca agcttcctcg     86580
     ggttatatgt ggtgagagac tggacatctg gggtttgaac ctaggtctgc ctcattattt     86640
     gttttgcctg tttggttggt ttggtttttg agatagggtt gctcagcctt tgatgtcctg     86700
     gagcttgttt tgtaagccag gcatgctttg aacatagaga tcaacctacc cctgcctcca     86760
     tattggaatc aaaggtgtgc ttcaccccca catagctagc ctacccgatt tttaaacctg     86820
     tgcttttttg tttgtttaag atttgtttta cttttttaaa agcatgtgtc tgctggggtc     86880
     gggaatatgt gcacataagt gcaggagtct gtagaggcca gaagagggtg tcagctcccg     86940
     tgagacacct gatgtgagtg ttgggaccca aagttgggtc ctctctaaga gcagtatgta     87000
     ctctaaccac tgagcaatct ctccagtctc agaccctatg ccattatgac tttttttccc     87060
     ccgtgaggtg acgcttacaa gttcccagga gagctatgct tacaccagaa ttcatccatg     87120
     cgtctatttg tcagctattt gctaagaccc cactgtgtgc caggcctttg aagtcctagc     87180
     aatctccaga gggatgtgta ccttcttagt accagaacag tgtgcctgcc ttctcaagtc     87240
     tctggcttat ggtgtctggg gaccagggag gaactgacca atgtgtatgg cctcagagga     87300
     gaacaattac atgggttaca tgatggaggc tgacacacag ccctctctta gaactggata     87360
     tggcacacag taggtatttt ctaacataga acctggcgca cagatcaggt gtggctaaca     87420
     tcctccgtag tcatgagaca ttgctggaat tacccagcct actcttcaga tgccaggcag     87480
     tgcagctcaa aactccacag gtccttattc cacacctgcc tcccttggtc tggaccttgt     87540
     aatgaccatt gtctaagtcc gtgctgtttt tgttaagata atggcacagt cactaggccc     87600
     tcatcacagt cttctatgaa gataccccat caccttggtt cgttggggaa atccttggtt     87660
     caccagaaac aggtgcagcc atgggacccc gaatgtccta gtcatgggac cccgcatatc     87720
     ctagtcttca ccactcactt actctaaata ccgtttgccg tggactgcgc cctccgcctt     87780
     cctgtgccag caccatcggc agatcctgta gggaacaaag caagcccaac actcttctgc     87840
     agccacctgc ccttctagga acccactggt acccagtctg caggctcagc cctagaggac     87900
     agctctttga agggataagc cattccactg tcctgtccta tgctcattct gcgtgtgtgt     87960
     gtgtgtgtgt gcgcgcaagc gtgttacttg ctgaaaacaa gggaacacca catcagcccc     88020
     atgcctcgtt ctccagctcc ggagcaccct cgctgggctg catcaggact ggccagaggg     88080
     ggagggtcag ggagggggta ggctgagctt ggggaggaga tgaggtgaaa gtaattgacg     88140
     ctgcccagcc cggcagtggg agaggcaggg gatgtgtcgt cagtgtcgtg ctggagctgg     88200
     cagaggtgtg aatgatcggt ggagacacgc gtgctgcgag tgctcatccc gggatggctt     88260
     cggctcaagg acctgtggcc accccttccc cagaacaggt cagttacctt ccagaaggtc     88320
     aaggccccct ccctggtacc aggcaggctt ggtggctagg ttggtggtgg ggcaagggac     88380
     taagtggtct gtgccaggag gggcaggcac agccagtgag tgagacagac accagccaaa     88440
     gtgacccaga aagctggaac tgcaaaggag tgcaggaaga gttagttgtg tggtgggggt     88500
     gagaggaggc gagtgggggt gttagggctc ccccagccca aagacctgct gagaatctgc     88560
     cctgagtatc aaagctacat tgtcccagct cccggggaga cgggccggag gtgcccagga     88620
     attgtactaa tcaatacagc ctcattgtct gagccacggc agttactcct atggggagag     88680
     agggtgtggg gggacaggga gtgtggtaca tgggctcagt ggtgagagct ggggggaagg     88740
     ggacaggcag aagtctctgc tggaaggaga gagacccttt gccaatgtcc agggcaagcg     88800
     cccgcatggg gtgggagcta tgtatcccca gccatggaag ttgagactta aggaaagatg     88860
     agagacaaca gtatagctaa cggcaatgag ggtgagggtg agggggctgg gaaggctgcc     88920
     cttctcctct ggaggacatc ctgacttgac cttctaaagg caagagaagg aatgtcctcc     88980
     gaggccatgt gggctggctt tggggaatca ttatgtaggc tgctctcaaa cttcaggact     89040
     gcctagagcc aaggaaccag ggccacttcc cagagtacca tcctactgcc aaccgatgag     89100
     gcagaggctg cccacagctg cctctgcgca gtcttccagg ctgccaggct tcttcaggaa     89160
     ggaaggtgag ggcatagcag ggcctaccca gcagcctcat cactctctcc aggacctgga     89220
     acagagcctg gcatgcttag gttgccggtc ttctgtcagc tgcctgcaga attggcaggt     89280
     cactctctgt caatcagggc tctgtaatga gccagtacca ggtatatcct tgcctctctt     89340
     agctgccata ttccggcctg gacgctgcag gcgcctagaa ggggtcctgg gaggggccta     89400
     gcgttgtcct gagcattctt tgaagtagaa tacactcagg atgggacagg ttttttatca     89460
     cttctgttcc tcccccaccc tcccacccac ccacccctgt caccccagcc tctggccgtc     89520
     tcacagctat agatgagctc tgtgattgag aatcttggtc ccacttgatg tcctgcaggt     89580
     gaaggatgaa agcctgccat tgcacatgtg ctgcctgaga gccgctgtgt gccctgatgc     89640
     cagcaggaga tcacgtggga gaacaggagc aggggattgc cttgggttac tttggggtcc     89700
     tctgaggcag ccctgactat aatagctgcc ctgcctcctt tccccactgg ggctctgagc     89760
     aagttgcctg tgatctgact tggttccaag tcagtctggg ttgtgaggtc ttgcctgctc     89820
     tcctccgttg agtttgtctt ggacagactt catcccatga gcaaaccctg gggccagaga     89880
     gtcctgaacg agaagactgc tgggtcccag aggagccggc ctgtcagggc agctccagag     89940
     ttcttctgta tccacagagg gcgggcagag ggagttcaca attcacagaa atatccactg     90000
     aatgctgacc taagagggtg ggagtcccca ggcagagcag aggcgtagct cgggttctgg     90060
     ggctgggctt ccgtgtccat atgaggaaga agtgaggggc tcctgcctca tattggctgg     90120
     cgttgcatca gagctgggcc tgcttgctct cccttgatgc ttttctgggt tttcacataa     90180
     aacttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttttaaagc cagttgtagt ggctcacacc     90240
     tgtaacctta acattcagga ggccaaggca ggttcaccgt gagtttgagg ctaacctggg     90300
     ctacagagtg aaagtttttt gggaaaaaaa aaagcaatct acaaggctgg tgggcactaa     90360
     tgggaggtgg aggtggagag acattcagaa atagttgagt tgaggctatg agatagctca     90420
     gtgcataatt attcacaaga ctcacgactt gactttgatc ccaggatccc aaaatggaag     90480
     aagagaacca gttcctgagg agttctctga tctgtatgtg cacactgggg cacatataca     90540
     cctacacaca cacacctaca cacacacata cttacaccac atacctactc tttctctctc     90600
     ttagtattaa atatttaaaa ggtgttgttg ttgttgttgt tgttattgtt ttgttgtaaa     90660
     ggaatagctg gattgcacat gaggtagagc cacagaacat tgggagacct gaggaggctg     90720
     ccggggctaa gcctaccagg cctacagcag tctgtcctcg gtttcttgaa ataggggcac     90780
     tgagataact atggtagaag agacttgccc caggcttcta gagagcaggt tctagacttt     90840
     ctaggtccta acctcacact tcctctcttg gccaagcctg gagcagagtg gaagatcctg     90900
     atgccaacag ctcttccagc aaataagccg ggcagaggtc tgtgtaacgg actcccatga     90960
     gcgattggac tccgttcaga cagccaggtg caaacagtgg ggttgtttac ctaatagaga     91020
     ccacagccct ggtgtgagga tgaatacttc agtctccatg gctggctctg agagtgcgtt     91080
     catgtgtcca tgcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg catgtacggg gcagtcaggt     91140
     ttccccactc agttgtggga tgaaaactct cagtccattg tgcccagcct gagggagctt     91200
     aagtacctgg taaagtaccc ttacctgaag aaccacctac acaggccgtg ctctttcagg     91260
     cagtggactt tcagagaact gccaggaagg gtggcaaggt acagacagag tcagaggaac     91320
     ttgtgtgcca gatcacaagg ggaatcccac ctcagctgtc acattcccca ctaaagagtg     91380
     agcagggggg agaggggaag ggcatcgagg ggcagccagg gtgacatata gtgggcaggg     91440
     caagactgga actcagccca tgcaagttct taggcagcag ccaggcagac agtctgggtc     91500
     aaaccgtgag cacaaaggac ttcgttcttt cgtaggcatt ccagagccaa cggaatggtt     91560
     aatattagtg acgaagcaag tcaagaaaaa agggagggtc ttaaaatagg aaagatgatt     91620
     caaggagggc aagaaattat acagcattga aaatatggag ctgggctaac cctgtggtaa     91680
     ggtgtttgct gagcagttgt gaggacacac atgtcccgtc cccaccccac cacacacaca     91740
     cgtagggaag tgagagggag tgagcccttt cctggattga ttcgctggga catggaaggc     91800
     tctccagagg agagttagac aaagaacaga tttggagcac tcaagaagcc cccatagaaa     91860
     ggtgggcttc ctctgtcgac tgagaactta gaccatctag ctacttaaga tgcacccaga     91920
     atggagacca ggggcccatg atgagtgagg cttctcacat cagtaccacc gtgccattgg     91980
     gatgagcaag agaaggagac cctgttttca gacagcccta atttcatcaa gaacttcttg     92040
     tgagtgccta gtgacaggcc ccggtcaggc tcctatcctg gggcgtcagc ttccctcatt     92100
     gcgtgctccg ttgaatcagt tagcacacgg ctcactggtg tacaggctca gtggtattgg     92160
     tcttgccagc taaaccctga cttttgagga ctggaggagc ctatgacaca tggctgggga     92220
     ctttacacgc gcccactccc accccccacc aatcagagca gaactcaggg attcaaatgt     92280
     ggtcctgcag gacttagttg gagaggccag gagtctgttc cttgtggtcc tggatcagaa     92340
     gagaggcttt gaacttagat ttggagagat gagtgtcttt cgggggcctc gccctttcct     92400
     tgtcctggac cctcagttgt ccctttacaa cgggaactac tgtcctgtga cccgaccgtt     92460
     agactccgga gctgctacag tcctgcattg tgctcctaag taaacaagcc cagaacagaa     92520
     taaaagtgtt attgtagggc caacagatag gagccctatg tggctgatac tcgtttgggt     92580
     gcagataaat caccccaagc aggccccatg cccttcaaaa cctggtccct tggccctgtg     92640
     gtatacatac acctgcccca agatccctag aggtggtgat gttggattct atagggggtg     92700
     tgtcgcagaa ggcataccaa agctggcacc accatctccc agtgcacagt gtgcctccac     92760
     gtcccttcac cagcaagcct tgcctggacc tcaccctgca gtctctgttt ggactcatgt     92820
     acctttgggg ctttgagaaa ctccatttag tgatcatgct aaagttgtat ataggacaat     92880
     gtgtgctttt tgtttgtttt gggttttcaa gacagggttt ctggatgtgt aatagcattg     92940
     gctgtcctgc tatctgcttt gtagaccagg ctgacctcag actcaaggca atcttcctgc     93000
     tctgtctccc aagtgctagg attaaaggtg tgtgctgcca cgcttgttga taatgtgctc     93060
     tcagttcact aatgctttct aacactgtat tgtttccaac tgagttgaca ttgcctcgca     93120
     catagtaggg aatttgtaag tcttgatatt tggtgaatga atgagtgaat gaatgaatga     93180
     gtgagttaat gaatgcagat gccttttagc ttgccagttt gctctgggtt ctctgagtcc     93240
     ccctcgtccc cctccctaat tcctggtgct gtgccctaca gcctcctttg aggaactgaa     93300
     gggcaacatt ttctgagctg aactggattc atgggacagt cctccccacg attcacggga     93360
     cagtcctccc caccaatgct tatctaccag gcctgggtgc tactcagatc tgtgttcctt     93420
     acaggccttt tcaaaaggca ccgaggcccc agtgaagcca ttcagctttg tctgccaaaa     93480
     ttagggtctg agagtatgtc agagcgacaa gccacctttc taatcattgg cgagtggctg     93540
     ctgaacttga agatgtcact ttcacatgac agtgtcatgc cagtctcttg gccacactgc     93600
     tccagccttg atccggatgt cttttagagg aactcctgtc ctttcagggc cgtagttcat     93660
     ctctgggagg ctgttggtgt acaaggacac tgtgtgtatt tctttactgg tgactcctag     93720
     ggtccttagg cttcccaatg acaatctcgg gcccctcaag tctggcttat ggtgaatgac     93780
     tcacactcat aacgggagag ggttcagaga ggagtggctt ggggaaaggg gacacactaa     93840
     gggactttca gaggtagttc tacatctgaa gaaggaactc ctcgtggagt gtcctcagtg     93900
     ggtcctggac agtttaaccc agcacttcct gcactcaggc cgaataccca tcagggattc     93960
     atctgcaggc caccctctca ttcagtgaca ccctttcctg gaaccacctc tgtttccttt     94020
     agccaggcct gtcctcagag tctggcacgg tgcccacagc tctggtctcc tgtcctaact     94080
     catagcccag catctcctgc catggctcag gtcagccccc tctgatctct agtgtcttgc     94140
     ccaggtctgg tctagcctag atgcacagcc ccctcttcca cccaggcctg ctcaccgtgt     94200
     gcccccagga agaagccttc tctagggata agtctagcca ccgcctgccc atgggcagcg     94260
     tgcttagcct ggcgatgtgg taggcgtcgg gtggggggta gctgtccgga cacaggcccc     94320
     tttgtttccg gcttgacttg gctgcttggt atgaggctca gcttctcatc aggtccttag     94380
     cctgagagga atggcaaggg tttagagggg ttagggggct cttggctcag gctccctcct     94440
     cagtgtcccc tttcctgctg taaccagctc ctcaggtggg ctggtatacc tggcatggag     94500
     tgctgagggc tgggcactgt ctggcagctg tacctctcct ctcttctgcc aggctggccc     94560
     tcaactcctt ccggccgaga gggagcccca gggtatgtgg cagggtgatg tggagggcca     94620
     aaggaaaacc gctgggagcg actcagaggg tcagacacgg ggcacaaatg cctttactga     94680
     tggtagcttc tttcctgtcc ccacagaatg gtgctgtgcc cagcgaggcc accaagaagg     94740
     accagaacct cacacggggc aactggggca accagatcga gtttgtactg acgagcgtgg     94800
     gctatgccgt gggcctgggc aatgtctggc gtttcccata cctctgctat cgcaacgggg     94860
     gaggtaccca gtgggcacag ggcagggacc acccagttgg gtagagccca cccaccgggg     94920
     cttgggccac catctcccca gaacaggtgc cactccagga agaagctggc ctctggccct     94980
     ggtgtttacc cccatccctt aggcatattt tgcctaaggt gcagaccacc ctcagatcct     95040
     gccagcctgt tctctgtgcc tgatctgcta gcctgctcct tgaaagctag aagtagagga     95100
     aaccacttga atttcctggg ttctctgtct taacacccca tatttcaaca gtctcccaga     95160
     ttgtacagag atatttgagg atcccagtga cgtgtgtgtg tgtgagagag agagagagag     95220
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagaaat caattggtta aagcttcaaa tcctacccca     95280
     acatggcagt ccggggcagg atttttctgc agagcagact tcctggggag cctctgttca     95340
     gttcgaagac agggcaggca gggaatgtgt gtcagcccca gacagctgct cagtgcaggc     95400
     aggctcctgt cccagtacta gtgaagcacg aaggttttac tgtgggtttg gagaagggga     95460
     cccagggagg ggtacctgga gcctaccctg agccctgcct cctcctcctc ctctgtgcca     95520
     ggagccttca tgttccccta cttcatcatg ctgatcttct gcgggattcc tctcttcttc     95580
     atggagcttt ccttcggcca gtttgcaagc cagggctgcc tgggggtctg gcggatcagc     95640
     cccatgttca aaggtgaggt tctggtgggg cacgtgcaca ccagatgcgc acgtgtgcat     95700
     acacacacac accccagacg cgcacgtgtg catacacgca cgcggaggcc actggcttgt     95760
     ccatctgtac aaacacgagc atccccttgg tgctgacccc aagcgcaaca tcaatggcca     95820
     aggccatgga cacctgctgg ctggagcgca ttcatgttta ctcggccccc acctctgtct     95880
     cccgcctcgc agagacacaa aactcctttc ctcccctaac ttaccaaggc ctgaaccttc     95940
     ccatctacaa ctctccatta ggagccgtta acatttagct aggcctgcga ggctggcctc     96000
     tcactccatg gtgctcaccg tgcctttccc acaggcgtgg gctatggtat gatggtggtg     96060
     tccacataca ttggcatcta ctacaacgtg gtcatctgca tcgccttcta ctacttcttc     96120
     tcgtccatga cgcacgtgct gccctgggcg tactgcaaca acccctggaa cacacctgac     96180
     tgtgccggtg tgctggacgc ttccaacctc accaatggct cccggcccgc tgccctgtct     96240
     ggcaacctgt ctcacctgtt caactacacc ttgcaaagga ccagccccag cgaggagtac     96300
     tggaggtgag gggacctggt ggcagccctt agacctccta cccccatctg gcagccgtgt     96360
     tttcatcacc tgcatgtagt gtctgccgtg caggggacag aggcaggttg gggtggcaga     96420
     tatgcagagg gccgtggaag gcttggaggt gaactgggag tccttacggc gtaacagtag     96480
     acgagggctc tggaaatctt aaggctccag aggccagtca gaacaagggg agagagcatg     96540
     tgatggaggg cgtcatgagg gaggtcccag aggaccagag gtcattctca aagctgtggg     96600
     agagccctat tgagattcac atgaatggat ggatcctgtg ggctttgagg tggccttgaa     96660
     ggggcactac gttcacagag aactaaccag agttaagctt cctcttcata ctgtagaaca     96720
     aaaggagcca tgagcattca ctaggccagg gatgccagga cagccaggcc cgttctgttc     96780
     agaggtgaca aagagactag tgtctctggg ccctctgaag gaaggcaact actggaggtg     96840
     tctgtctgga ccaccttatc ccaactggca gatggaaggc gcagtggggt attcttccta     96900
     catcttactg gagagtcctg gggcaaagga cctttgcatg tgggaggtag acctcatcta     96960
     tttattctgt aggtgtctgc tctaaaggct ctgtgtgccc atggcggtgt aaaatggtcc     97020
     agagcctctg tcccgagaaa tcacatagtc tatagagaaa cagatagttc agtgcattag     97080
     gagcaggtgc cctgcctggc acagaagtat ggaagtggca ctaagaaggt gctggtgact     97140
     tctgagagat ggggacaagg ggagctggtg ataactgccc agaaatggga ggaaagagtt     97200
     aggaggaatt cacaagtagg tgggcacaga ggccacaagg aggcaaactg acgccaaggt     97260
     tgggaacaaa tgggacactg agaaaagaga caaggatggc accatcatat ggtgccagct     97320
     tctacggcag ccaaaaggct tgaccatttc cctgctgtgt gatggaggcc aaaggtgagg     97380
     tgtgcatggc tctgggcgca cagaagttgt agcaggtcct ctaaatccag tgctgaaagt     97440
     gcaaatccca cacagctgtg gggaggggcc actcccagag aggagatgag gaagaaaggg     97500
     agagagaaat ctcacccaat cagatgaact gtccaccagg ggtgtgatgc gcacaggatg     97560
     gcccagacgg aaaggcagaa tatgaacttc cctggagctc cccaaagcac aaaccctgca     97620
     tgccaacctt agcccaggca gatgctccag tgttgcctgc ctcaggggca aagctcctga     97680
     gactggagcc agtggaatca gtggggaata gctctcagag aatctgccta gcggggcata     97740
     ctgaggggac agctgggccc tgctccgcac ctggggctgt gccaggccta cctacctagc     97800
     tcagttccta ccccccagtg gctccctgct gccacctcct ggagagcctg gaaagatatt     97860
     ttctccctgc tctactggtg attgaccact gccccatgcc cagatccatg catgccaggc     97920
     aaatgcctca tccctgagct ctgtccctag ccgccttctt acattttcat tttgaggttg     97980
     gtcttgaact tgtgctcctc ctgcccaagc tctagagaag ctgaggttgt tggcctgcat     98040
     caacaggtgt ggctgagaaa tggtccttaa gggagcagtg tggttggaag gagcccaaag     98100
     ccctgtgttg gattctctcg agcaccagag gagaagaata gagctgccca ggcttctctg     98160
     attggaggag ggaggaggaa ctggtactcc tactcactag gtggcagtgc attatctcag     98220
     caagccttgt tagctctgtt ttcagatgta tagactgaca tccaaggtta agaaactaaa     98280
     cagttttgga catggctggg ctgtgtgtac caggccccgc cctggctctg cctggttgtg     98340
     tgctcccagg ccagtggtgc tctgccagtg ttcctaatcc gaggtgttcc tttgaaaagt     98400
     ggcatgatgt agttatcagt ttatgaatga agacagcagg ctaccagaaa gacgaggacg     98460
     actggggtgt agctctgtgg taaagcttgc ctagtgtttg aggtcctagc tttgatctct     98520
     agtacctaaa caaaaataga cagacagaca aacagaggcc tttaaatcaa gagactctgg     98580
     aaggccaggt ttccagccac tcctccctgc ttacccttgt tgccctctcc ccagacttgt     98640
     tttacactct tctgtgctgg tttgagtgtt gcttccaagt tctaagctca tgaccagcca     98700
     ctcggctcca cagcctctgt ggcagccagc acccgacacc gtggactctg atcccagccc     98760
     caccccaccc ccaccctggt gtctcattcc agcttcattg tcacactgac atctcaagtc     98820
     ctgggtctcc cactggccca ctgtgtattc atgggaggct accaaatctc cctaagtctt     98880
     gggtgttcac ccctcaaatc tggatggcta taattcttcc ctcgttgctg cagaggtgac     98940
     acatgctaac gtggtataaa aaccagagct cagcggcaag ggctcaaggg gctggatctg     99000
     tgaacaatca gaagaggcag tctctctctt taagccagtt actgtccact caagaaaaca     99060
     agatctctct atatatatgg agtttaggat cttttgcttg ttttattttg tttttgacat     99120
     agggtcttat atagccctgg ctggtctgaa ctccctatgt agaaccaggc tagctttgaa     99180
     ctcacagaga gcctcttgcc tctctgcctc ctaaatgctg agattaaagg tccatgtgtc     99240
     acttctgccc cctgctcccc tttgaggcag gatcttactc atatctggag aaatgtcaag     99300
     caggaaaaga ggtgattgtg gtggcccgcc tgtagtctca gctactggga ggctgaggca     99360
     ggagagtata gagttaaagc ccagctgtgc tccctagtag acctagcctc agtaaagaaa     99420
     aggggtggga gaggcagaat aatcttaaga gggcgtgcat caggagccag cttacaaata     99480
     agtcacgttc caagcgctct gaggttaatt gtttggctca aaagcacatg gtccaaagaa     99540
     aaacaagaac taaatgtggt acaacctaaa ataaagctag aattcattcg atggttccca     99600
     ggctaaccat ctgagctctg cagcccagta cagtaacgct gtactcatgc actaaaaata     99660
     acaccgcggg ctgccatttt agcatgtgct attcgggaaa gtttgttctt tcaatccttt     99720
     aagtgacaag ggttttcttg acttgaatgt tggcacttgg gaaacgtgaa tcaatagaag     99780
     cagagggagc ctgtggttat tctgaaggtc ccacttcacc agcactggtg tctgacatag     99840
     gagcacccag gcaggcctgg cctaggctgc cgccacccct aggccgttgc cttcagctat     99900
     gaatggcctt gtctgtctat ctcagtgggc caatagagtt gttttctgtg tgtgccccga     99960
     agagggaaaa ggcaggaaag caaggccaaa gtgaccctat gaatcctgga cctctccctt    100020
     ctgactgctg attcctgtgt gactgagcaa ggagagggtc ttgtcagcct cagacactga    100080
     cagttgagag aattgggcag aggggggaga agttggacag caccctctac aggccatgct    100140
     gttaagggtg ggctgggacg aaggtcgaaa gccaaaagga ggctgtttaa gtacacttgg    100200
     gtgtcaggca ggcaaacacc aagttccagc tctgacaaca ttgtccatga agatccaaag    100260
     tcatatctca tcccaggtca ttaaacatgt ctgcatgaga tctgagagct gatctagcat    100320
     agctaaggat gctgagcagg gggaaacagc ctccaaatgg gaccaatact gacaggaaag    100380
     aaaggagcca gttttaccta gttctctcct gtgtctcggg ctggtgttgt gatgaagaaa    100440
     ctggggctgg agagtgtctt ccttacctcc tcttcaccgc tagctagcct cgagcattca    100500
     tgggcctctc tcctttttgc cgcccaaccc atttgccagt gtccactccc tcaagatcga    100560
     atactgtccg tcagtggcag gcaccgggga tgtatagcca ggaacaaagt gagcaaaaac    100620
     tgcgaccata gaggacagta gacaaaagcc ataaaaaggg ctggggttgt agctcagttg    100680
     gtagaatgcc ttccttccat gcgtgcatga ggcccacagt gccccgtaaa atctggcaag    100740
     ccccagcaat caagcagagg aagtggtagg ttcctaagtt caaagtcatt cccaaccaca    100800
     gagctcaaga ccagcctggg tgacatgagc ccttgtctca cataaagcaa acaaaccatc    100860
     aagagcgaaa catacgaaac aggagaagga cgtgtctgct gtcgaggagc atggagaagg    100920
     gggaggcatt ctaggctggg atgagagctg catgtcacga tataggatca ccgtgaggag    100980
     tggccatctc agtaaagact ggaggaagta ggggtcacag acaaggccag ctatatccta    101040
     tagagggata tagtgtaaaa cgtggccggt tgttcacatg tgaaaaaaaa tctcaaggtg    101100
     gcccaaggcc ttatgtgcat agctctctag ggggaagaag cagctacttc agacagaggt    101160
     cctggggcat gctaacgtgt ttgagaaaaa ccacagtcag ccagcgcagg taaatctaag    101220
     caaaggggaa ggaggaagat gagagatccg agatacggca gttctgggga cactggatcc    101280
     tgtagggcct gtagccagtg agaggcttct gagagccact gcaagacatg gggccataga    101340
     gaggtatgac tgtcccaaag caagcaaaca aaagcctcaa aagctctccc attgccctca    101400
     ggaggaaact ggaaaattct tcagtctcgc tttcacaacc tcttacaacg aggccccttc    101460
     ctgtccactg cctttctatc gtctctatct tctctccctg ctcgagctaa ccagcatgcc    101520
     caggctccca tactagctcc tgccccccac ccccacccca ccccaatgct ctgcccacca    101580
     ccccttcgcc cacatcctca ctccataatc ccagcctcat ccctttaggg aggccttcca    101640
     tccaggctct ctctccaggt gagacacccc ctcctgtgtc ttgtccgatc tgtggtgtcc    101700
     ctcctgccca cagcagtcca acttgctctc ttccacaagg acaggaagaa gcctcctgta    101760
     ccatcctagg gcctggcaca ctgcgtatgt gattgacaga aaaagcacag cctgcctggc    101820
     atagggcacc aggcagagcc acacccacat gggggaggag ctagaactgc atcatccctg    101880
     cttcccactg agctcgctgt cagagctgga gcagatggtt agggtatacc taacagcttc    101940
     ctggagggtg cacttttgat aggatgagtg ggcattccta ctgtggaatg cacgtgaaag    102000
     gacctgagct gagcccaagc agagacttgg gagtcatcct gtcccaggag gaaagactag    102060
     ctcaaacttg atttaatctc tcagagccct tgagggggtc ccagggcaga ctgcagggca    102120
     gaggcctggg gtcctcaaag cagcttccgt tctcccacat gcaggcttct ggggtcttgc    102180
     agcatggggc atggatcatg agaattggtt gctgggcggc agaggctggc cctcagtgac    102240
     ggtcacctcc ccatccccag gctgtatgtg ctgaagctgt cagacgacat tggaaacttt    102300
     ggggaagtgc ggcttcccct cctaggctgc ctcggcgtct cctgggtggt tgtcttcctc    102360
     tgtctcatcc gaggagtcaa gtcttcaggg aaagcaagta gcctccccag gcagggtttg    102420
     ttcccaccct gcctctccta tctgggttgc cggggttagg gaggtaatgc gggggttgga    102480
     gagggctcta ggggaatcca tggcgcctgt cttgtcccag gtggtgtact tcacggccac    102540
     attcccctat gtggtgctga ccattctgtt tgttcgtgga gtgaccctgg aaggagcctt    102600
     cacgggtatc atgtactacc tgaccccaca atgggacaag atcctggagg ccaaggtggg    102660
     atgtggaggg ttgatcccca aagggaccaa ggcgggtgca tctaacatct gcctgcagtg    102720
     gctcactggc catcctttct gcaggtctgg ggggatgcag cctctcagat cttctattcc    102780
     ctgggctgtg catggggtgg cctcatcacc atggcgtcct acaacaaatt tcacaacaac    102840
     tgctaccggt gagtgagcac cccccgcccc ctgctccctc agcctggagg cttcccgtct    102900
     tcccatcctc tccccagcct gaccctggat ccacagggcc attgggctcc agtgcagctg    102960
     gctgcctccc agtgacctcc tgcacccatg accttgaagt cttgaggatc ttgtatctcc    103020
     agtgtgaaag tagaaggcaa agcaccagcc aaagaggggg aatggggtag atgaagggtc    103080
     aggaaccctg gactcgactt taaaaggccc agatagacaa ggagttaggg ttacctttct    103140
     ttttagaata tctaatccct gtgtcttccc ctggcctaaa ttgaggaaag ggaagcaagc    103200
     tgggtctcct aaactgtccc gttttccctc cctcagggac agcgtcatta tcagtatcac    103260
     caactgtgct accagcgtct acgccggctt cgtcatcttc tccatcctgg gcttcatggc    103320
     caatcacctg ggtgtggatg tgtctcgggt ggcagaccat gggcctgggc tagcttttgt    103380
     cgcttaccct gaggctctca cgctgcttcc catctctcca ctctggtcct tattgttttt    103440
     cttcatgctc atcttgctgg ggctgggtac tcaggtatgg ggtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg    103500
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttt gagggagtgg tctgggacaa aacgcgggcc    103560
     cttattctga tagccgtggc tgtagttctg cctcctagag accctggtca ctgccattgt    103620
     ggatgaggta gggaatgagt ggattctgca gaagaagacc tacgtgacct tgggcgtcgc    103680
     tgtggctggc ttcttgctgg gcatccccct taccagccag gtaagaatgg agatgtgggg    103740
     gtgaggcggg gctgcaatcg ccaggcactt gggaatggat gagtagccta gtctgtggaa    103800
     ccctggctta cctgcccact ggcccacagg caggcatcta ctggctgctg ctgatggaca    103860
     actatgcagc cagcttctcc ttggttgtca tctcctgtat catgtgtgta tccatcatgt    103920
     acatctatgg tgagtgctac ccttccgtgg actcgagtgt ccgtctcgga ctggcccact    103980
     ctgttctcct gagctgctga caatatctcc cacccctgtc tctccagggc accgtaacta    104040
     cttccaggac atccagatga tgctaggatt tcccccgcct ctcttcttcc agatctgttg    104100
     gcgctttgtt tctccggcta tcatctttgt aagttcctgg gggggggggg ctcccaggta    104160
     gctctagctt tgggcatcta agaaggccag atagtcagat gcatgcacac tcagagaggt    104220
     gccaggtcct ggccatgggt taggaagtgg atcttgagcc ctctgtttga ctgaagccag    104280
     taacatatgc tcagagctgc aatgtcaggg acacagcctc actccatgcc attactgccc    104340
     agttgcctcc aaggggcctc gggagtcatt gggatcagtg tggcttctgt ctactttact    104400
     gttcacacct aggccccatg gaggctgccc ctaagcaggg agacacatgg gaatgtggca    104460
     gcatttctcc acagccccag gacctgtggg tacagggcta ggagtcaggt tgactctgtg    104520
     atgggactaa gccctcaaag gctgggaagt tgaatggcct tgaagggagc acccccattt    104580
     ctttgaacat caagcatcag gggaatgtat cagagcacac tgcactgctg ataggattcc    104640
     ctgcaaggcc ggtccttcct ccaccctgtt cacatgttaa cttgagcaac actctctgga    104700
     tcatcaattc tccccactct aaggcacagg gatgttaaat aagcccaccc cacacttaat    104760
     aaggggcaag aaacctgctg caggcctgtg ggctaaccca ggcgcatttt gctgcttctg    104820
     tttgaagtgg gaggtggggc taatggccta atcatcacta tatgagaaaa gagggtcaga    104880
     gggctcactc aatggcaggg cagtgtccag agctacctgt gtcttgctca gttctccgaa    104940
     ttgtggaaag cgctagacca gacttccaca ctggctcata tttctgaaaa gaggtccctg    105000
     gaggaccgag gcctccaccg catggggtgt gggatgttcc tgggcctggc acagacaaca    105060
     gttctggcca caggcccagc attgaaacag gaggagcgga agtctccttt caaggctgag    105120
     agggcagaga gggcgggaac cactgcccag cgccatgcct tctgggggcg tggcattggc    105180
     ccagaaccag gacgctctct gagggctggg gagctgcact ttggtacctg agtttaccca    105240
     ccaagggcct tccctgggtt ctgtggattg tctaggcaga gagattgaat caggcagtgt    105300
     ccaaaagctg ggttggagtt acattaagat gaggaattca ggccgggcag acatatttct    105360
     cttcggagct ttatgtgcct gtgacagctc ttcttgacaa accccttcct tccttcataa    105420
     ctgcagtgaa aaaattcctc acatacatca ggctttgtta agccaggtgc ggtggcgctc    105480
     gcatttaatc tcagccttgg ggaggcaagc cattgtctga atttgaggcc agcttggtct    105540
     acatagggag ttttaggtta gctagggtga cacaagtgag accctgtcct gaaaaaaaaa    105600
     aaaaaaaaac aaaagcaaac acacacacac acactcactc cactaggtta gtaaagatgt    105660
     cacacacata tggtgcccta ggttcagtgt ggggaaggtc agaggaactt aagctccggg    105720
     atgcccctaa atgctgacag gcatggcgag tcctttctac aggtcctctg gtgtggcctg    105780
     tgagccacct ggccaagtct cctgtttctt ttagatcttt agctctcctc tttccagaga    105840
     ggtatgtgtc tgctactgga cacagcatct gtagcccctg ggcaccctcc aagctgtcac    105900
     aacaagctgg cttgttatca cagccacagt gaggcaagac tttacgtagc ttgctcctcg    105960
     gcccccttcc tgatctgagc atctcccggt acaaatcagc tcaaatagat aaatgagatt    106020
     gtgcaagacc tcagacccac agtcagtgcg gtaacctcaa gtgtcaggcc atgcagaaca    106080
     ggaagccgag tgattttgag ttaaacagat gggaggtgcc atggagaagc cttttaggag    106140
     gcagaaaatc cagaaaggct tcctgaaaga ggtggcactg gctcagggct tgacaggaat    106200
     gccgaggatg ggtctgtaga atgaacagag gcggctaaga cggtctggat gtggtgaacg    106260
     cctagggcag ggagatggga ccagcaaatc acaggccatc aggcagagct gaagcctacg    106320
     gctaggaaat catccttagc tctactgcct agagaggacg gctgcttttc aaggtggcag    106380
     ccgcttactt gttctctgcc agttcaggac tctggcaaaa accgtgtctt catgcccagc    106440
     ccctccctgg ggtccaactt ctttcacgaa ggtgttgaca gttgcctatg ccccgagcca    106500
     caccaccttt tgctgaccta ggaggagggc cagcctgggg tccaggaggg gcgctactcc    106560
     gcctcacatc atcctctcta ccctctctag ttcattctca tcttcacggt gatccagtac    106620
     cggccaatca cctacaacca ctaccagtac ccaggctggg ctgtggccat cggcttcctc    106680
     atggctttgt cgtctgtcat ctgcatccca ctgtacgcgc tgttccagct ctgccgcaca    106740
     gatggggaca cacttcttca ggtgaggagt gaagatggac tgaacgggga cgctggacgg    106800
     gacgggcagg cgaagtggaa acacttcgag cataagggtt ctcttctgac acgcttttca    106860
     ctgcgccccc tgcctgcagc gtttgaaaaa tgccacaaag ccaagcagag actggggccc    106920
     cgctctcctg gagcaccgga ctgggcgcta cgctcccact acaaccccct ctcccgaaga    106980
     cgggtttgag gtccagccac tgcacccgga caaggcccag attcccatcg tgggcagtaa    107040
     cggctccagc cgcttccagg actcccggat atgagcgcaa ttgttgcaag gggagaaacc    107100
     ccacccaacc cttgctccca ccacggagac tgggaggcgg acaggtggag gcctgcccca    107160
     tcacaccctg tctgggatgg ctgctgtcac cttgaccacc actgctcatg tccccagtgt    107220
     ttacacatcc tttggatgcc aagacagcag ctgggggtgg gaaagcgatg ggggaattgg    107280
     ggggagcggg catggggaag cagtgtccaa agcactttgg aggaggcctg ccaggcttcc    107340
     tatggcctct gataccctca tgctctgccc tgagctgttt cactatggga taagaggttc    107400
     tgtgtccaca tcccaccggt tcccctcagc ctcgtgacca gtgttcctga ccccagaaca    107460
     gaccctagcc tctgcccagg aaaatctgta tcttcctcct ccagacaagg tgagggcccc    107520
     ggggctgtac agtgttactt gttggactgc accactcagc cctgtttatt tgtgtaatta    107580
     ttttttttta aattgtatta cctgtggttg ccatcccctg ccccagcctt gggtccagtg    107640
     tgtcttccag gcctgcctgc acctcacttg gctgctccag ggtctctatc ctttgttcca    107700
     accctggttg tcaggcccag ccagcaaagg cccacgaccc agcagcctgc ccaaagcact    107760
     tgtttatgga gggaaagaag gggacttctc tgtaggaagc ttgagcccag agccctgggg    107820
     aaggggaccc tgttccacat tcccttgccc accctccacc aggtcggagg cccagtcttc    107880
     ccagacgtgc taaccccatt caatgtgcca aatggcctca gtccatgtgc ccgtcccccc    107940
     tctgcagtca gagcaccttc tcccaagacc cgcagtccgt ttgtccgtcc tctgtgccct    108000
     ctgcagtgac agccctggcc aagccacttc taatcctctg tagcaataac ggtgtgccgc    108060
     ccgccgctgc ccagtgtgtg cagaactagg gttttaaagt ccgtaggttt taatgaaatt    108120
     tctattcctg tctctgagct gctgatgtgc tttgtctggg tccctagggg acgaaagtca    108180
     agctgggatg ggaacctctg tcctccaagg ctctgtggag gcttgtgcag aggagaaggg    108240
     gccaaaggct ttgatggtta gaacaggtgt cctgccactc agttctagat agcactgacc    108300
     tgacaagggg tggggctggg accagaccaa cacacagctg ggggagggag ggagaaacat    108360
     gtgagcgcat ctgagaatga agcagaaatg gagctgtggc agctggaggc aacaacagat    108420
     gggcgagtct cagcagaagc ctgttttgtg acccttcagg tcggtgcctg ggatgctgca    108480
     ctggaaactg atgtggaagt tgtctctttg cgatagctgt accgaagttg ccgtccccag    108540
     cggcgggtgc ttgtctgtcc ttgagggtgg gggcagcgct ccgaaggagg tgtaggcatg    108600
     tagccatgga gacaagggaa gggtctaagg ctgggaatgg atgacctcaa aggcttctgc    108660
     ctgcacagga tgggtagatg tgaggtggtc atgatctgag ctgcactcta catggcccac    108720
     cctgtgtctg tcttggtgta cctgtgcttg gcagcggtac aggaaggccc cagagagacc    108780
     tgtagctccc gttccatggc cgccttctga tccttaatct ctgtggaagg gcacagctga    108840
     tagcacctgg ttcttctaga gtatttacag tagtatgtac agtatgaggc aaagggaggg    108900
     gactgggtac ctccaggggc tcgcctgggg accttacctc ccagggtagg catttgggtg    108960
     tccttagagg gctggcaagc ctgcatctgc tccatttcca gacagtgctg tggagagagc    109020
     tgtttcagtg gccctgcctg aagttagaga ccaagagcct gaatatgggg ctcaggaata    109080
     agaccatgaa gccacttggc ctatcaatca tgatatcata tcctacggaa agccaagctt    109140
     agtaagatag cagctaggca tgctctcaga cttaggtgaa aggatgcagg agacctaggg    109200
     ctatcaagtg gactagtcta ggactgccaa tcatggcctg ataggagaaa tgggcataag    109260
     acaaccttga tatgcacata catatagaca cacaaacatg gtccctgcta atcagagaag    109320
     ctggggaagg ccaagggctg tgctcacctg caggtcagag atctcgttct gcaacatgtg    109380
     acactcttcc tccagaaggc ttctagacag gagcacaaac agccagagcc agtgaggcag    109440
     gacctaccca gctgaaccca ctgcatggcc ccaccctcca gaacctccag agccaagaca    109500
     gctcctccat cctcaggcac attgcccttg gggtgctgcc ttccagcccc cactgttccc    109560
     agttacttca gtcttgcacc cccacaagca ctaccttttc taccctggca ctggacctgt    109620
     ggctcatcca atagccccat attacagcct gcttataacc ctcccttggc tccccttgtg    109680
     ccaggctgaa atcctagggc cctgacccct cttggttcct gtaattggct acttgctagt    109740
     tttgtagcag tcccactaac tgcccaacac acacacacac acacacagag tctaccaacc    109800
     tggcacacta cccctttctg gcagtcccag ccccttaatt tccactcctg tcttcttgcc    109860
     cccaatctat acactcaggt gccctgaagc ctcacctcag gtgtctgaca acttggtcaa    109920
     tattagacac attcagttgg tccttgatga cagtgaggtc cctgggacag gtgctgacag    109980
     gtgaggttac catcaccctc tctgtgttgt tcattccagc ccttcaggga acaaatgcca    110040
     cttctagagc cttttgtttt tctcaggcag gccacctaac agtgcaaaca atagccccag    110100
     agccctggct tgcacctggt agttctgcca ccttcactgt gtgacctcag ggaaattgtc    110160
     cttttgagtg ttcattctgt cacctgaaaa gctggggaca atgctcagct tataggattg    110220
     tgggaggatt tgaataagaa actggcacag tatacttgtg cacatgagga cattaatccc    110280
     tctctgtccc cagctgagca tgtcatttgt cacctcctcc cagctcttcc tgtacctcca    110340
     gcccaagcct ttggtctcat ctgctaggcc tgaaaataac tgttcactgg acatggcctc    110400
     ctgttctccc tccagcccct gcctacaaaa ctctccattt tatctgcttg gaaaactact    110460
     cccttccgcc aggctgggca ggtgtcccct taaggacttc agcctttatg tgccgagccc    110520
     tatcacaagt ggctataaca gtgtccagcc ccagttgggc agagtcttct gtttttacct    110580
     gggctcatca gctctcatcg ggagttcctg ttgtgttgag tcacacctgg tatcctctaa    110640
     ggcaaagcga aggaccctgg gactatactg ggcccacatc tgggtctggt ccctgaaagc    110700
     atgtgcatga agggacctga ggacctcctt tcaggaaaca ccaggaaagg tcaccctggc    110760
     tctttatcag gggcagccca tctggtgtcc cggcaaggag gccatggctg agaatcccac    110820
     ctgccctcac tgatagcctt aaggcggagg ccttggagta actgtcggag ttcttggcga    110880
     atgaggtccc tcaagagggg gggtggtgcc agtagggagg gagggtcaga gttggaaact    110940
     tgagaagact ggatctcttg gagcagcgcc tttagcatcg ccacctgtaa ggagagctgg    111000
     ggtaccttgc cactggggca gaggggacgg gtttaatgtg tgttggttga gggttgccaa    111060
     gggatgggag gagctaaaca gagagcaagg gcaggcagtg agaacaaggt gttggggggg    111120
     gggggggcgg tatcaccaaa tagggttagg gacctggtgg tggtaggaaa tcactagagt    111180
     tgtgatcact aggaatgtgg cccaccccca cccaccggac tcccacctcc tctcgcaact    111240
     ccagactcag gtccactgct gcctccccca gaatcctctt cacttcaggc cgctccggga    111300
     gtggaacatg ctcctccacc agctcccaca gtgctgggga gtccccgggc atggcctgca    111360
     tgggtcgcgg cctcctgatc agatctacag gcccggaggt cagagtgcta gatttcctgg    111420
     gagaccgatg gttgctctgg accagagcca cgcccaccaa gcccttccgg ctgacatcga    111480
     taccccgccc ctttctgcca aagtccccac accagaattg tgctgtcttt tggtggccta    111540
     ctatgagcag acccttcagg gtgtggggtc cttgcctctt ctgggggaag cctggctgtg    111600
     ggaatcggcc cttagcccct cccctcctaa gagtcggtca cctgggaaac catccgtgcc    111660
     ctgggatcag ccctcgaaag aggccctgcc cctgcccgca gtggctaagc accctgtgct    111720
     tatcccaggg cacctttctg cctctgaggg agaagagctg agaaatctgg ccccactggt    111780
     ccgctatttc cttatcccta ctagtttgaa agcagtgtca agataaaact ttctccctgt    111840
     aacagtggaa gtggcagggc taggaaattt attaagttac tagaagaccc tagccaggtc    111900
     acctcccaca acacaaacta gcttcgggaa tccagatccc gttcacagac agacaagggg    111960
     gctgctccgt taacgttttt tactaaagca cccacacaag tttctgtgca acatataaac    112020
     agagcaggcc ctggggctcc tgcctcctct ctaagggagg gaggccagat ccattgactg    112080
     atccaggccc cacctgtccc tcatgcaaag gtcaacccca tggtcccagg aaacaacaca    112140
     gcaccccttc tggtcccctc ctgggggtgc tcctcagtag gtggctcacc aaagcttgcc    112200
     ccctacaatg ttgaatgaaa aaggtttccc ctcccctgga agcatgaggg gtctccagat    112260
     ctgaggaatt cccccctgga agagacactg ccccctagtc aaacctccca ccttttcagg    112320
     ccctagggga ctcgagggga gtggggaaat tgaggcacag agaggtggag tgacctagcc    112380
     caggccactc cgcgaggcag tgcaggggct ggcccaaccc taaaagtgag gaggtttggg    112440
     ctgggaaaag taggacagga agaggggttg accccagaga gggccataag tggggcttgc    112500
     ccaaacgccc ctcaaagtga atgctggaac ttctaggtgc agctgtctat tagactcaga    112560
     aaacagctca cagtcacagt cttggggaca acccttagag cagctgtcag ccaggctgga    112620
     ggtcaggcct ctggcaggca gccttccata ctagaaaagc atggagggcc ttggtccgtt    112680
     agtgtcagcc ttgagtgagc cacgacatgg gctgtccaat gtccactgtg atgttggtga    112740
     agagcggttg ccgagacact tccaagactc ggtaccgcac ggatccaatg ccgtcccact    112800
     tcatgctcat ctttgtgttt tgaatcttat taaacctaga aaaggagacg agttcagatc    112860
     aaggctaaca gtctctgctc aatcctgaat ctctatggca aaggcccggg ccatcctctc    112920
     ccttcaggga caactcgcca gaagcccatt gctcttatat ttgctctcaa aataaagacc    112980
     gcagcccctt cagtcagaaa gcttaacaac aacctctccc tcacaggtct ctccattcag    113040
     acctcctccc cccactgtat gtatgtatgc atgtatgtat gtatgcatgt atgtacgtac    113100
     gtacgtacgt ttgtttttat tatgggggac atgagtggag gtcaaaaggg tgaagctggg    113160
     cctttccttc tacctttgca tgggttctgg ggactccagg cttccctgtg agcgcctcta    113220
     ctcactggac tctcttgctg gctcgtctgt agtatttgag gcatcccaca tgtaccccca    113280
     gggcagtctc tgtcccctga gagacatatc atcttccctc taacccttgc catcttgttt    113340
     ctctttcatc agtcactctt tccatcttca ttccggatgc cagactgcac tctgagcaac    113400
     agggacacag ccgtgtccag gacatgcaag gcccttcctc tcatggtgag tctgcttcac    113460
     taagggagac taggcaaaag aaacatcaga gtgctgcatt accaagtgac taccttggga    113520
     gaaggatgtg acactaagct gaaggcagag gggagagcat ttcatgcaga ggtcaaaaca    113580
     ggctagcctg ctggttagag cacgtgaggg cgggactctg taagtcataa cgagtagttc    113640
     gtattctgtg agcaagaaga cagagaatct taacccagtt tcagcagaag ggtgggatgg    113700
     caagggggag gcaggaaacc ccttgcagtc accagggcaa gatcagggag accaggctaa    113760
     ggtaaaggtg aagaaagggg cgagcagacg ggcgcaaacg ctttatgggt ggtcctgaca    113820
     tggcttgatg atctcaacct gtagggctgg ggaaagaatc ctaatttttg ttttgttttt    113880
     caagacaggg tttctctgtg tggccttgga tatcctagaa ctctctctct gtgtaggcca    113940
     ggctgacctt taactcatag agatttgcct gactccacct ccctgccagt ttgactatga    114000
     ctctgcggca ttaaaggcat gcaccaccac tacctggccc ttgccttaag tttgaggcaa    114060
     aacattagaa ccaccatcat acttccttag tctcaaaatt tcatgcagtc aagccatatc    114120
     cacacccaag cagacatcac taattgatga ctgaatggga ccatgggtcc tggctttatc    114180
     tgcctgacat tccttccctg ctgacgggtt tcacctaaac cacttgcttt tccattggct    114240
     ccctggactc ctgggcgggg gttggggggg gcatgcttct gaattccaac cccatcagtc    114300
     tataacccat ctctccactc ctagagtctg aggttagagc agaaagtcag ggcacagaca    114360
     taagtctccc ctgccagagt ccctctagtt ttatgaattt aggcttggtc aaggttcctc    114420
     ctaggtccac acagcagcta ggtcattcct tcctctttct tgagcacaga aaataagacc    114480
     accaaacaaa ctctgtctcg tttctgttaa gggactttct aagaccctca aagccctctg    114540
     ggaaaaaagt taaaagcccc ctggtactca gctacacagc actaaagccc ctgccatcgc    114600
     tcccagcctt cagatgttta agaaccaagt agctttaaga tttcagaata tggcaggcat    114660
     gctcagaatc agctcttaca cagacaagtt ccttcatcca ctctggtctt ctccatcagc    114720
     ctggcaacac agcactggta aacgtatatg cccgagggaa ctgaggcaga tctcagtgaa    114780
     ggggtaactt ttccagttcc cacgacctca ctcatctctc tgccaggaaa ttacctgttc    114840
     tcatgaccta ggacataact attttccttg cctagtgtga gcctcatgag ggtcgggagg    114900
     acaggaactc ggtgtgactg cagaaggctt ggcaccactc acagatgcat ctggaggctc    114960
     aaggagtctg cttagatttc ccatgcctgc caggcctttc ccagccggtc atgaatacct    115020
     aatgtgggta tctcaaccca cacaggagct ggggggctgg agagatggct cagtgggtaa    115080
     gagcacaggc tgctctttca gaggttctga gttcaattcc cagcaaccgc atggtggctc    115140
     acaaccatct gtaatgtgat ctgatgccct cttctggtgt gcgtgaagac agtgtactca    115200
     tatatactca tatatatata tatatatata tatatatctt taaaaaaaaa cgagttagct    115260
     gctctgatct cagaggcgtt ggcactgtct caatcctccc tccccacact tcctctattt    115320
     ggcacacctt tgttgggttc ctaggatcta tggctagcac ccactatcat cttgtctgct    115380
     ctgacagggc ccatataagc aggggtcatg catagcaccc cagtggtgtc ttcgagagca    115440
     ctgacggaaa tgtgcctaag caattacaac acaagctgga atctaaactc tagtcacctc    115500
     tacgaaccag gccaggggtg ccaggagtca cctttagagg tcaggggtca ggaacatctg    115560
     ggtcatttct aggaatcagc tgcctctgga aagtactcct caggagtcaa ggatgctcag    115620
     aggcctcctc tatggggtca gagatcaaag gcatttggga tactgggagg tgacgtctag    115680
     gggtcagggg cacctggggt gctggggtca cctctgaggg ttgggctcgt tatgtttgtc    115740
     ccggtcgtgc ttgatcatgc ggtagcggcc aatccggaca tccgggcgtg agatcttcat    115800
     cccagtcagg gagatcctag gatgggagac aggcagactg aggaggcacg gggaagggga    115860
     aggaacccca tccagtctgt gcctcctcac tccctgacca gcctgctctc tgccccacct    115920
     ctactaaccg gttgaagatg tcatcatcct cgccacccca gccccagtac tcgttgggaa    115980
     agccattgat cctcagaaac tgggccttgc tcaggcccga cacacctcca aagtagctag    116040
     catagggcaa cctatgacac aagagagcag gtgttagggt tgcaaggaga ttcaagatgc    116100
     aggatcatag atggtgtgta gggaccatgt gtaacaagga cccagggagg tagtgcatac    116160
     atagaaggat ctgaaccagg ggccaaaggc taggaggaga ctgaggctgg gactcagggc    116220
     ttgggtgaag tgggggtggg taggtctgag tctcactaag agagtctcac cggaagccaa    116280
     acttgtccat ggcgatggca aagtggcggg gctggtcacc acaacggtac agattgcggt    116340
     catccatagg gaccaggtcc acatcactga agatgaagca gtcataggca gcatcctcct    116400
     tcagtgcctc taggaagccc acgttgagca gcttggctcg gttgaaggtc tcctcgccat    116460
     gctggcgaat gggtggacgg acacagattt gctctggggc cctgaccggc aagtacctac    116520
     catttcagct tccctcgtga ttccaggggc ccacacaatt gtcccccacc tccacaactc    116580
     cctcagattc tcaggaataa gcctagcttc tcacctgaca acccccattc acagtctggc    116640
     tccagtctcc tcttggatgt cttaagaatc tatggcccaa ccacattaag ttgcttaggc    116700
     accaaaggac atgctggact ttttgattac caggcactgg ggttgattag cacgtccccc    116760
     tagctagaaa gctcgtgcct ggaagggggc tgacttccaa acacacctcc aggccccatt    116820
     ttcacccgtg tctactgaac cactatttag agagctacat tcattcattc attcaaagac    116880
     accctgcgac tttttccttt gtaccaggtg tgcctcctgt gtgccagtgg aaagtctagg    116940
     gacaaggagt cctggtttct cttcctactg agcctacagc tgtgatgtga gacaaacaag    117000
     gaatgcccta agtgtccgga gctgaagtag ctcccctggc ccgagttgat tcacttccaa    117060
     ctccctgggc agccccggag acaacgcagg aatgtgttaa atgatcttgt cttcccaaca    117120
     aaaagacaag caccaggcta tcagcagaca catctctgtg agttcaggac ccacagagac    117180
     aggactgcag gggctctggt catgcaggcc caggcagctc tggacaaaga ggggaaagct    117240
     gacaagaact ggcctcttgg cttctgctac aaccttcgct aaaagaagca cgtgcagcag    117300
     gcatctgtga gtgggcccct cccggccccg ggcgagcctg agaggcggga gcggtttcat    117360
     ctgagcagtg aactgaacta cacctgctcc ctgagcgcca ccagccctgg ctgatttacc    117420
     atcatccttc cagcctcact ctaaaggccg ggagccctgg gtctttccca cacacctcat    117480
     aaataagctc atttcgctct ctggaggtaa aacaacaaca acaacaaaac aaacaaaacc    117540
     taaaaacaca cacaaaaaca aaacagcctc cttccagaca tcaccctacc ttttgtcatt    117600
     cctcctcagc agagattttt tttaaagagt tgtctctaat tagctatttt gtcaaatctg    117660
     attccttctt cttcaaccca ctgcaatctg cttccgcccc caccatgccc ctgaaatggc    117720
     tctcactagg cccaccgtgt tgctaaatcc actggacatc cttggtccac atccctctga    117780
     ctcccccaca gagctcacac acagctgcca cacttccttc ctgcctgcct gctggccttc    117840
     cagggtatcc actcccgagg ggctcctgac actctgcggg tccacctcct gggcctcggt    117900
     agccactttc atttctccat caaaaccttc aactgccccc accccaatat tccatgctct    117960
     gcaggtacgt caggtgtcgt ggattttaag aaattcctag cttggtgaga tggctcagca    118020
     ggtacagtaa ttctcggcat gagcctgaag acctgggttt gatgcccggc ccgccacgaa    118080
     gttgtcctct gaccttcaca tgtaatcaca acaacatatg caggttaccc ctacttcaaa    118140
     acaatgtttg aagtgttctg tggtggtatg tgtgtaaaca aaacaaacaa tgataagaag    118200
     caatctctaa attatgcgct aatgagatag ctcagttgat aaagcattcg ctgcctaagc    118260
     ctgaccactt gatccaggaa cctcaacccc aaacccatat aaatcaggga aggagagagc    118320
     ccacaaagtc ctctcacctc cgtatgcatg ccatggcttg agttcccaca cgcatgcgca    118380
     gtacacacac acacacacac acaagcacct acacatagtc cataataaaa attgtataat    118440
     aaagaaacgt ctacacacca ttgtttccag acccctcctc tccttcagag acgtctagtc    118500
     tgactccctg caaactgtcc tacctctacc tcccgcaggc gcgtattaat ccagacaaga    118560
     gagcatcccc agccacgctc ctccatattt ggcctacctt ctctggtccc cgtcccactc    118620
     acaggtgtgg ccacgaacac agcaaacagc caagactgaa cccttccttt gtttccacaa    118680
     ctctctcctc tctcacagtg atgtctccct ataaactgcc tcacccgagc tccttcaccc    118740
     gctctgtctg gctgctgtaa tcccttccta attggtcaca ctgcttctcg gcaacccctc    118800
     cctccattct tcacgtgtag ccacaacaac atagacaggt tacccctact tcaaacaatg    118860
     gtgccccaca agctcaggct agacttcaac tgtcaagcac acttttcaag ctttccttga    118920
     tgtggccttc cccagttccc ccagctaacc tttgctaccc agcctgaatg ttgaactcca    118980
     cccctcagcc aatagttcct atacacaaga gatcagttct cttcctaagc tctggtcttc    119040
     taggctcctc ttcctagaag gttcacctcc ttctcttcct ccccttactg cctgctcatc    119100
     tctcctaagt gcagggctga agcaggcttc tgtgttccca ctccaattac aactgtatcc    119160
     cttcctcctg agttctccag gagcagggaa ggtacgcatc aggtcttctc tgagacccga    119220
     tgcctgctct aggcagggct tagatgctta agaaacctga gggtccaggc tgcctgtgtc    119280
     tttcagagtc taactctccc tctcttcaag acccttgcca gtgcctccca gttggtacat    119340
     actagacctc caccaccttt gtcttaacat ctcttttctc tctattttac agtgacattc    119400
     caaagaggtg acaaaacaag ccatgtacac actgcaatgg cacatgccaa catttatatg    119460
     ttcatatccc ttccacacac atgaccttcc tgtgttcatg acaaacatgc actcttcata    119520
     tctatgtaga ctcacacaac catgaacagg caaggaacca cagctttctc cagccctgag    119580
     tatccaccaa caggcacgag ggtgtgcatc ccacgtccac atccctgagc aggcacatcc    119640
     acaggtgcac gtgagctcct tgatggctac tgcacagcta acggctgcag accacgcacc    119700
     tggttgatga catagacacc gtagcgcagc cgctgccgcc tcaacatggg gtgcagatag    119760
     tggagccaat agcgtaggtg gtgctcccgg tgtctaaagg ggatgatgac tgccaccgtt    119820
     tgggctgggg tgcagtcggg tggagaatag cggccgccca ggagcacgcc tggattttcc    119880
     ctctgcaccc gttccagagg catgggtgag gtgaattcga tgaccactcg gcccactgca    119940
     gacaggacag tgtcaagagt cagggtcttt gccagaatcc agggacacta gccacctggg    120000
     agtgggcaac agagccccag gaattgccct ctttcaatag acctggagcc ttggtgtccc    120060
     acggttcagc actccacttc cctagtcaca tgggtcaggt cctcttccca cccctacaat    120120
     aggtaggccc ctctctgcag gctcaccaag accaggcggc acgtcaggac agggcggaat    120180
     gactggagct gtgggaccag gcctggcact gggcacttca ggcagcccgg agctagcggc    120240
     agtggcgttg ggccgagagc agttggtact gctgctggct gcagggtaga gggcatgggc    120300
     tgggcttcgg gtactgaagc ggctgaaaaa ggccaggtgc tgggcataga cgtcaaagta    120360
     gaggatgacg gccacaagga agtgcagcag gcagagaagg agcacagcct tgcagacccg    120420
     ctccagcgtc ccccccagca gtctgctcat cccgcaagtg gccaatggcc cgcccaatgg    120480
     gcccaagcat ccggctgaca gcctgaacag agggagagag agatcccaca ggtcagacta    120540
     ggacaggtga tgagccccac ctgcttccga cttggctgct cattcccagc tccttatcca    120600
     tacttacctt tcatacacct tgacactcac gggcttgttt gtgttctacc tgcaaacaca    120660
     ccaacaggcg ctggcaactc agtatctgct atcctaggca caccccagca ctcaaaccac    120720
     ctaaccacac acataaaccc tcaccgtaca actccgtgca cgcataccca caacagtaca    120780
     gacaggggaa tttgattacc caggactgta cctcggcacc aaaccacttt tatccacagg    120840
     ctccacctgt ggcccaggga ccagcaacat cacaggacag aatcctcaac acaggacaca    120900
     tggtttagag aatggatcac ttactgagtg cccatcacgt aaggaattct ttatactatg    120960
     acttcattta gtccttccga gggccatgaa gggaagtcac ttagacccat ggccagtttg    121020
     agcactcagg tcccaacagc aagcaggcct agccaactag gaccaggctg agaaggagcc    121080
     ttcagcactc aagagtgccc tccacccaaa aaggagagat gtttaaacag gtccttccca    121140
     ctggaacaag gggcaagagc ataccccgtg gggcaagcaa tagagagccc ctcacctaag    121200
     atttcaggct agctagctag ctctggagcc tgattagcaa agctagttct gattcctgaa    121260
     atggggtaca cttggaccct agaggagtaa agttcataca ctggcagagg tggtgggggc    121320
     tgggggtgcc cttgctcgaa ccaggtctcc cctgtagttc caaaaggtca aaaaatactt    121380
     ctggccatgc tcctgagagc agaatatctc aaacagtcac aaaatcacat agactgcttt    121440
     agtaccagca gtcggcatcc acactcaagg gacacacaga gacctacata tagagctaga    121500
     cacacttggg gtgacagtaa catacggagc cacatatatc aacaaaccgc ggctcggact    121560
     tatacaagcg tagccataca cccagaccca cgtgcaagta ttcccaaccc ctccctccag    121620
     ggcaggggct ctgggtcagg ctagccacca aactgagggg tgcgtctggg cggggctggg    121680
     aggctgaaca cgtggcacct cgggacgggg gaggcagtag gacaggtggg tgtggagccc    121740
     tggggagggg tgcatgcagt gggggatgtg gaagtggggc cggggccgag cgcctctgcg    121800
     agacacaagg ccggggcgag cgaggacaat gagggaggcc ggatgggggc ggacgccgga    121860
     gcccaggagg ctagcgggat gggggtaggg tggggtgcag ccaggccggg ggcagcgccg    121920
     gtgcctcgct caccgggtcc tgggctggga tctgtgacgg cgcgcgggcg gccccctagc    121980
     cgggccgggt ctggaatgtc ggggccctgg gtggggggcc gcgcgcgccc tcctctctcg    122040
     cagcgctcgg ggctcagcag ggggcgccgc tccagctcgg gtagggatcc cggctccagc    122100
     agctgtggac ggctctgtcc cccatggccc ggccccaccg cccggtcagc ggtccccgag    122160
     gctccggggc cacctcccgc cgccgccgcg ggccatggag ccgagccgcc ccgggaggca    122220
     gggcggggcc cggcagaccc acggaccggc ggaccgacgg accactgcgc tgccgcctcc    122280
     ctcccgcgct acggctcctc ggaggggcag gccaggccgg cgcgcccgcg cgcgcgcccc    122340
     cgcggccccc gcctccagtg cgcccgcacg cgccgcgcgc cgctccgccg cccgcccctg    122400
     ccgttggccc tgcgcggccc agccagcggg gaggtgcgtt tgcggatgcc tgagacccag    122460
     gaaggacgca ggaatccatc aggttcctcc atcagcttgc tttagggatg ggaagagacc    122520
     aggagccgga tggctaaggc ccttcaggta tttgggacgg ggtctggata gtgggcaatt    122580
     cagagggtta gggccttgcc aactctttcc tgggagcatg agtcaaggtc agccaaccag    122640
     ggctgcctgc tgggtaagac ccctaaaggt gttgactgaa aaggacttat taggtaaaag    122700
     caggttgggt aagatttagg gtggtgttgg aatcaagaat tgtataggaa taggcggagc    122760
     tgaacaaggc cctaggaact aagaccatag aagaggtttc tggaagggtt aggtgttcat    122820
     actggactat caaatgtaaa acactgttct ccaggaaaat ccaggtgcgg ggagtttcag    122880
     gagtatagcg acagagagga gaattagctg tagtgagttt gggtctagtg cacaggggtc    122940
     caaagacata gggctaggag gatctcagag cccagactct tcaatgaaga ggtgccagca    123000
     ttacagccag cctagcaccc tgatctgcca cccaggagcc agcaaggtcc agagcagaga    123060
     tgatgtgtag acagaaagtt acaggaggtt ggagtgagtg aacaggtcct ccccttcctt    123120
     tgtgaaaggt gtcgcaaggg gccaacagaa gcctcactga ctgggacaaa taccaagttt    123180
     atttcacaaa cactaggaag atgggctgga tgggggttga ggggggcaca ggtgcacagc    123240
     tgtacacagt caccatcagc agcccactcc ccacactggg gttcagtctg gactgcaatg    123300
     cctccagagt caacaggcag caagaggtga gtgcagggga gaccctgaac accaagcccc    123360
     agaaaggctg agggacacag ctccagctgt cccaggaaaa ccagcaataa ataacagtag    123420
     ggcacggccc cacccataca ggtcatctag tcacccatct tcactctgga ggtctgcaaa    123480
     ggaaaaacag gacaaatcag gcagggacag tgaccagtga caagaccaga accagcaggc    123540
     cagtgggtgg acagacggac agacacacta tgacagacaa acagacatgg acagtaacaa    123600
     aggagctcag ctgtacaaca gagaagacaa gtcccatgga cagtgttagt gtcgccaaga    123660
     gtcagcccag tcaagcaccc aagtcacaaa ctcacacact ggaaaatatg aatttagaca    123720
     tgctagtcta ctgacaagtg tgtcatacat acagaacaca gaccctgaga gacagaaact    123780
     ccacaaagac attttcagag gcagccgagg aaagagatgc taatggagag acttaggaaa    123840
     gatgcgtgca tctagagcag gagacaaagg gggaccaaga gatgggaagg ggaaaaaagg    123900
     gaggcacttc tgttcctctc tagggggact cgcacctgaa ggattgcaac aatgacccca    123960
     aagaggccaa tggcactgcc aaagatctcc acgatgagaa tttttacaaa gaggctgggg    124020
     ttctgtgcat ccgccagggc ggccccactg cccacgatgc ccacgcagac tccacagaac    124080
     aggttggaca gaccgactgt gaggccagcc ccaaacatgg agtaacctgg aggataagaa    124140
     gtagctcgtg aggtggaggc aagcaggaga ggaatggtcc agtgtgggct agcagggcca    124200
     gtcccacccc aactctgcag agctgagact ctcagctatg gagccaggaa gcaggagtaa    124260
     gtgtgtaagg cccaggtgtg tacgtgtggt agaagcaagt gtgtaaggcc caggcgtgta    124320
     tgtgtggtag ggtgtctgtc tcactatgtc attatgtagt gctggctggc ctcttaactc    124380
     acttggtgct acccccgtcc caggactggg gttaaaggcc cagagcacca tgccgagtga    124440
     gctctatgtt acccacttac ctgcatggta gtttcgatgg ccaatggcct tgggctccgt    124500
     agcactgaaa ggctgtgagg ggcagaataa gtcctcagaa ggcattcctt aatgcaccta    124560
     ccttttcttc cctccgatct ttagggaaag cataggcatt tcaatggata cccgtccccg    124620
     ctggttttcc cttacctcag ccatgttgct gatgacaatt gccatgatga tgccatagat    124680
     ggccaccgct tcacagaaga taatactggc aacagtgatg gtaaatggtg ggggaggggg    124740
     agggaaactc tttaagaagg aaatcagcca tttctgcaga aaatccccag ccaactttcc    124800
     ctgactcaca tacacgctac gatgagacgg gtcacaagcc agcatgtcac ccgaccccca    124860
     tcgcagctag ttttgacatg cagaagcctt tacacttacc taaccaagtt cttggttttg    124920
     attctggggg ctttcacccc acccccaata atggatgagc cggttatata gattcccctg    124980
     gtgaagggta agaaactgat taaaggagcc caaggagttg ctgtccccag gatgattaag    125040
     aacccagtga tgattccacc tgccacgact tggcacctcc cactcgtccc gccactccaa    125100
     cactcaccag gctgctccaa ccacagacag agaaattgct aggccaatgc ccagattcga    125160
     ccacatgaag ggggaagttt ccgtcaggaa cctggtgtgg aaacagggaa gaaagctatt    125220
     gagctatgga caggaaaggg caggagtggg gaggccacac aaaactcagt gtccacccag    125280
     ctccagccca ccagtcccag acgttgcatc tctagatttt ctatttccca aaggtccgtg    125340
     tgtctgaaga gctgggctgg ggctcagacc aaagcaggga gaagaggctc ctaggagaat    125400
     cctctccatg ccctccctta ccatgccaca tcaaagcgaa agcccaggtc aaagatggtg    125460
     tagcagattc ctgaagcaat gaggaaagga gttaaagggt tgctctttcg agacacagtc    125520
     cccaacctag gaaaaaaaaa aaactgccca actgtcaaac tgtcagccac ctacatctag    125580
     acaagcgaag agtcccggag cgaaacagca cctccaccca ggcctccatt tttttttttt    125640
     tttcggccac tccctaggta acccgtctta atgacaccaa gccccttcac gggccggagg    125700
     gaacgggcgc tgcgtccagg ccgcgccaga tcctgccggc ccaatcgctg tttacccaac    125760
     aagctgtgaa tgggtggggg agggcaagga ggaaaaaggg gaagcggggc gcccaaatat    125820
     gcggctcgcg gagaggaggt caggaacctg gcgtcgcgac cctggaatag ccggtgtgac    125880
     tctcgcagcc cagggccggc ctcctccgtc gcgggagggc accgcgcggg gccggctccg    125940
     gctgccacct gccccccgcc ccaaccagca ggccaccttg ggccgcctgg gccccgctca    126000
     cccacaacga ccatgcaggc ccagaaggcc acaaagatcc cgaggtagag caactccagc    126060
     cccgtcatgg cagcggcgac ggcaggggtc ggatcggtgg gacctgagct aaaccgcgtc    126120
     caccgtccgc cccgcagtct gtcggcccgc cccgcagcgc cacctgaccg gcgcacgtga    126180
     tgcgccgacc ccacgtgacc cccgcgcaca gtggctggct gcctgaggcc gggccctggt    126240
     agacgtcatg ccgcggagca ctgtggtggt tgtagtttcg tcggacgttc tccgtgacag    126300
     gtactggctc tccacctgcg ctgctggttc cctaacttcc caccggactc ccagtttact    126360
     caccaatcac tgcagatcct tccggtctgt tctagtcctg cctagttcct tctgcttgaa    126420
     gcaggatttc gcggtgccta gctaatgcct gctgttcatc ggaggtcatt ctaggttgtc    126480
     ttttccaacc cagaggtagg gtggaatgcc agacgcgaac gcccacgatg tccaggtgat    126540
     cttataaggc catgccattc tcctgttcaa attccctgtg gatcctattt cactcgcgac    126600
     agaatgatcc ataggatcct aaagtatgca aagcaggcac tgtaacagag ctaagctcca    126660
     ggtccctaat agactaccca ccctatcaga cgcagcccgc ccttgcatct gcccctctct    126720
     cttgcttcca gactttgctc tccttcaagc ccttccttac ccattctgtt taatattcca    126780
     accccaatct ccctttaacc agtccccttt cttttccaga tttgtgtttt cccataattg    126840
     ttatcccttg atataatttt cctctggttc ttatctctgg ttgatatagt acattttgtt    126900
     tctgaccact ctccctaggg ggccgaagca ccatggttca tgttggactc actactgttt    126960
     ctagcgcctg acatacaggg gagttctcat aacatgcaca cagaatacat gatggatgct    127020
     cattttaacc cagtccccat gtcagttaca gctctgcctt taccattagc ctgtgtacta    127080
     catgatctgg atggtgccaa tataagattc ttttgctaat gtggacaata agtaaatttt    127140
     gttttcttct gggatccaat acacaaacac acacacacac tgggaaaccc taggaccaac    127200
     tctctggttt ttgttttgtt ttttgagaca ggatttctct gtatagccct agctgtcctg    127260
     gaactcactt tgtagaccag gttggcctcg aactcagaaa tgtgcctgcc tctgcctccc    127320
     aagtgctgag attaaaggcg tgcaccacca ctgcccggcc cataaaacca actctctacc    127380
     aaggacaagc actctatcaa gatatacccc aacaactcta ctttgattga agcacccacc    127440
     atgttgactg agtctttgtt taggcccaaa tgttcgtttc actctgttta ttctgaatat    127500
     tttttctcta taagatccag cttaagactc ctctgtctgg gttgcctctt gagtcccctt    127560
     caggagcctg ctatgagagc cagctgcacc tggggctccc ttcacacaat tatatttcgt    127620
     ggggttatta tttcctccca agcacatttt gaggacagta atctggttaa atataactca    127680
     catatccacc cacaggatct gtgtagaaca gagctttagt gaataaagag aaacaggaga    127740
     aaaagtattc cgtttatttc agtgtctttg ttgtccccaa gaaacaagtc taactaagtc    127800
     aatgtagccc aacaaagtcc tgaaagcagc cacataagtg cttgaaatgt aattagtgta    127860
     atggacaaat actttttcat ccactttaaa tggcaaaagt catgtgtcca gtgaatattg    127920
     tcttggacag tgcaggttta gaccagaggc tctcaatgag gagtagttac atgacatctg    127980
     ccaacctgta gagataatct gggttatcct agctcagttg gggaggaagg gaggtgtttc    128040
     tgtttctgtc agctgaacct atacatcctt ctctatatag agtagcctct gcattaaaga    128100
     attactctgc ccaaactgtc aacagtgctg agggaggtgg aagaactctg gtctggatca    128160
     tccaacttct gcccctgacc aagggcagaa ctcctgcaca ccaggaactg ggatgagccc    128220
     tgggacccct ccctgcacag gctataagct ggacagctcc acagagagag ctacctacac    128280
     tccctgtgtc taggcatcaa gtgtccctgt gacaggacga gacgttggtc agggagaaca    128340
     ggtcccggca gacttatcac tctggctctg gcctcccaag gtatcagctg ctcccctcat    128400
     cctcgtaggc gatggcgata cctcgtcttc ctctgacggc ttctttcact ggtgtctggc    128460
     ccaagcgtgg ctccagcccc tgccagttcc gagaactaag gaatgaagct gcagagggaa    128520
     agaagataag ctgtgtgggc tggacctggg caaaactcta gcgggggcag ctgcttgcat    128580
     gtttacctgc agggctgctc tccgccagct ccagttgggg cctcggaatt aaggccgaac    128640
     atctagtgtc atctgatgac ttccaaggag gtggtggtcg gagctcccca gaaatgagtg    128700
     acacatctgg ggtatcccac aactctgact caggtggagg gagtggcaca tggaagggag    128760
     aacctgacgt agaaggagaa aagaaagcta tcccggtttt ttcaactcca accccaactt    128820
     tcaaacccag atgcggcctt gccactcacc aggcaacagc tctgcataat gtgtgaggtg    128880
     gggagccagg cctggcgggg gccaggcagg gttgcaggca gcctccaatt cacatggcgt    128940
     caatacaggc cgaaagaagc cacccgaagg ctggggggct agtgccccca ggggacaggc    129000
     taacagcaca aagacgtcca tctcagggaa gttggcaagc ttggcgggtg tgggcttccc    129060
     cacggctaac acatagctac gttttccagc agcttccgtc agtttccgca agtgtgccag    129120
     tgcctcacgg tgtcgagcca cacctaatgt gcctgccagc agcccaacca cacgggcatc    129180
     tctggccctc tctatgagat acagtcttcg tgctcttagt ctcccagcct tggcaccctg    129240
     gtcttgtgtc tgtcctgtat ctggacaaca ggaaaagaag ggccgccctg gtgtccaacc    129300
     caagagcagt ctgctcaggt cgggatcaag gctggagtcc gagcttgctt gagaagcccc    129360
     tacatagaag gcaccatatt cttccagacg tctccctgga ttcaggggga agcagcgccc    129420
     aaaacgctcc agggactcag gctgtgagct cggggatccc actggcaggg gaagagctgg    129480
     gcgggagatg agcagatctt ggtactttgg gagcaggagc atggccaaag gctctgaaag    129540
     aggtgcatca gagttgaagt ctggcaaagt aagagatgtc tcatccccag atgcctcaat    129600
     gtgaccctaa aggacaagcc aggccaactg aggccaagag ctctaggtaa gtgtgcttaa    129660
     ataggaggaa ttaaggcatg aagctgtgga cccacccttc tttccctcac aggtataatt    129720
     tctcacctag ggcatgggca caagctggct cactcagcag taccaccggg gctgtcggat    129780
     ctgggttctg ggcttcaaag gcctttgcac agagctctaa agcaacgggt cgctgaccaa    129840
     ggacaaaggt gatgggcagc tgcgaggctg gggggcttaa gcaggcagga ccgaagtgca    129900
     caagggcttg agctccagcc tgctcggcgc ccagcacatc cacacagcag ctgcagggga    129960
     gagagcattg gtgagaggtg ttccctacct ggagagaaga gttgtcatca atgggaaatg    130020
     tggccagtgg agaaaatggc accaagctag gaattcactg tgactgaggg aagctggcat    130080
     caggagcttc tcatcgtgca aacacggtca ctggaggcag acactgtggg ctgggaaacc    130140
     ccatacctgc cataagctgt gtcccctaaa atgaacatct tagctcctgt gacttcctcc    130200
     agccgggcag ccaccgctcc cgcatctcct agtaactggt cagggaactg caaagtcacc    130260
     tgtaaataca agccacaagt cagcgacaac ctcactcctc caccaacagc ctctgcaaaa    130320
     aaacaaaaaa caaacaaaaa aacaaacaaa caaacaaaaa aacccactaa acatcccaag    130380
     cccctacttc taaggaggca gccagcccca cagagttgtg ggtaatccgt gcgatacggg    130440
     cggatcccga cccaaagtcc caatctccgc aacccatacc cagaggagag cccgcgcccc    130500
     gcgccccctt ttcgcgcccc cttctctgaa ccagacctca cccgctgaca acctaaatcg    130560
     cagacaaatt tcgtaactcg ctccagctca tacacgcggt ccaggtcttc aggaggagtg    130620
     aactgtcctg gaacgcccgc ctcccgttgc agggctgcct ccgcagggct gctgaacgta    130680
     gactccattg ggcgcagctt gggtggggtg agatgcagct gcaccctcaa aagtcctcga    130740
     ggtcacagca gctctgtttg tggatccgga ccaacctgtc ctcgggtcct aggatccaaa    130800
     ccgtacgctt ccaaattccc ggctctccac tacacatgga cctacggaga ttacttccgg    130860
     gttcaaggac ttcccacaga gaaccaatca ctagcctctc actcaggacc aatcggaagt    130920
     gccgcaaagc cttgtgggtg ttgtggttcc actggctaaa gcttcttccc ggatacccta    130980
     aggccagcct gccggtgccc tctaatttct aagtcactaa ttcagtgtga gcaggcgcta    131040
     tctgctgatc atatttaaac gcgcgcgcgt gtgcacgtat atacatacag tgagagcaag    131100
     ggtccttata cagctcagtt cttcagggtt ggctgcaagc tccctaatcc accaagccat    131160
     cttcacagcc cccagaatct gaaacagggt cttgctgtgt gaccgagctg gatctcccag    131220
     tactgcataa tttccaactc agtgcccaca gcttgggttt gaatatttgt gagcaggtac    131280
     ttactgccag acatcgtaaa atgtctctat gtcctttact ttgcctgcta gagaattgtc    131340
     ccacaacctg ttgtcctcac ggtctgtcaa ccaaacactg acccttgcta agttcaccag    131400
     ttcatcatta gaagcaagaa ttatcccata tagataagaa aaacaaaacc atgtctgctg    131460
     gttctagaaa ctgggcttta gagcccgaat ttattctctc gccccacctc cttgggactg    131520
     aacctggggc ctcgtgcatg gaaagcaacg actctctggc tgagctacat cccacattct    131580
     cccacacgac ttcttatcat aaggagggat gggagaggaa gactctcttc acgtgatgcc    131640
     gtagggaaaa aggactgaaa acatgtggcg catctctgca tcctccagga gagctgagaa    131700
     atcaggactg tgggaatggg actaacgggg ctggagaaat gtttcagtgg ctaagagcac    131760
     ttgctgtgct tgcagtgggt tcagttacca ccacccacat ggtggcttat aactatgtgc    131820
     aactccagtt ctaggaggtc cctttccttt ttttttgttt tgtttttttt tcgagacagg    131880
     gtttctctgt atagccctgg ctatcctgga agtcactttg tagaccaggc tggcctcaaa    131940
     ctcagaaatc cgcctgtctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg cgccactacg    132000
     cccagctttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgtccctt ttctaatacc tgcaggcaac    132060
     tacactcagg tggtgcgcag atataaactc agccatacac acatacacat ttttttttaa    132120
     ttgggactga ggagcgggat aaataatgaa gtggaagaca ctgatgctac tagctggctg    132180
     aggaagacac tggatggaaa agaatgaaag gcagaatcag tacaaaagct ggggaagatc    132240
     agaggatggg atgcagttac cccatccagc aagtggattc agatgtcatg gatgggagtg    132300
     gggcgaactc agcccgttct tctgatctta ctgatgggta accagaaggg cagggcagac    132360
     agaactacag ctgagaaaat aaaggaagaa gtccggctgc cgtgcgctgt ccgtggtcct    132420
     gacggactga tctgatctgc cttaaaggtg ctaagaggga gagctagggg tacacaggca    132480
     acgttaggta acccttattc ctcctttaag ggatgaaagg ccttccagtt cctctcactc    132540
     caccttactt tctacagccc tcctgaccac gtgcaagtgg tgttctaaaa caccttatca    132600
     aggtgcaggt ggtacactgg ctgcagccca gctctctgac cccttgaaat gtactcaata    132660
     taaatgaaca taaataaaaa taaaatacca taccacacat ccatcctgga aatctaatct    132720
     ccacaccatt tcttcccata ccccaggtgg atcctgaagg cacatattct caacagaaat    132780
     gcaactttct ccacacagcc attctgaacc cattctctac tgagtacatt agctacgatg    132840
     gggccagcct ttgtttggct tagaaccagg gacctagtac tcagattagg ttgctgatta    132900
     aatgtatgca tgaatctaac aggagtatat atgggctgct gatgctgctg tactgtagcc    132960
     tctcaccctg ggagcaagaa caggcagtat ttggttccag gctaggcagc ttggatggta    133020
     acaccctccc tgagagctag gtgtcccctc cattctttgt tttgtttttt gagacaggtt    133080
     ctcattattc agcgctggat atcgtggaac tcactgtgta gatagaccag gctgaccttg    133140
     aacttacaca ggtccgctgg cctttgcctc ccaagggcta ggattaaagg catttggtac    133200
     cacaccctcc ctatgtcccc actattctaa accaaggcct gggtccgagc atctttccat    133260
     tcttccgtca ggcttgggtc catgtaggtg atggaggaca gagaaaggag gcagaggcag    133320
     cagtaagagt ccaggtttac tctttgggaa caggaagggg taagaagggg tgaggcggga    133380
     cacacatgtc cctcagtagt cagctgtgta gtccgtgcca tgtagccccc ggcagagcag    133440
     tgtaaattcc ttcaccatct ccttcacccg tctcttgttt actcgctcac tgtagggaag    133500
     ggagagcata tcagctttgt ctaccaacac catcacatcc acaccccagc tcaggcccac    133560
     accagctctg ctcaccgaag tatctgctgg ctaaaggtgt ccttctgctc agggctgaga    133620
     cgggcagatg gaaaaccagg tggctgcaga gcctccttga tccacatgct caggaggctg    133680
     aagcagtgtt tgttcagggc gaacaggatg tcggcaaaac agtccatgag gctacgggag    133740
     gcctggcccc cgatggcctg aggaagaggg gttctcagtg caccagagcc tgtctcctct    133800
     gtagcaagga ggcctagcca tatcacaggc tctctgggat acgtccacag ccaagctgtg    133860
     taagtgagca ctgtctttta agagactgca gatcctcaca gcaacgttca aacatttaac    133920
     cgtgggagaa acagtcggag aactcaggaa accaaagatt cagcaacccc catccccaca    133980
     acacaatgcc agccgcctca gcagtgaagg tctccccaca cccaaccact tactccagct    134040
     cacctccagc actgctatga gcagcatacg gccatcttcc tgtaccactt tccccacaga    134100
     ctctatttcc ccacatcgag gcagcagctc agtctgcagg tgagaagcct gtcagcccca    134160
     gctccttccc acctctccga ggtcaagatc tgcacaccac acccctaccc tccgagtact    134220
     ggggggaatc aggggtcagc atgggactca caaagaagcc acaggaggcc ttgacagtag    134280
     gtgcctcagg gaacttgagg gccagcacgg ctgtgggaga gggagaggga agtcagatgg    134340
     ggcctagtga tgcaggggaa ccccaggccc gactttccac ttggccccac ttaccacact    134400
     ggaacacagc tttgacatcc agtcgctcac acaggaacaa atctggcttc cgcttcaaag    134460
     cctgcaggag gtggagctgg taagcccagc cccagccggc tccaaggacc atcctcccac    134520
     tcacctgcca cccagtctcc taacttcatg tatcctaggt acaggatatg ccacccagat    134580
     ctctgaggaa cccacatcac cccagagttc agtcgagtga ggagctgccc cagggatgct    134640
     gaatacacgg taggtaggtc tgaatgcaca gtaggtaggt ctgaatgcac agtaggtagg    134700
     tctgaatgca caggtatgag tgtttaggtc ccagtcaccc cctaagcaaa cagcttcccc    134760
     ctcccttccc aaaggttcca ggtagctggt agtgactgtg ttttgaatca cagaagtgga    134820
     gcctctcggg cttgtggaag ggtagcagga agaagagtta gcagttggac aggaagatcc    134880
     agcccagcat ccactcccac acccttcagg aagaggaaaa gtagaacagg agatctggat    134940
     ccctcatccc ttctttcctc caggatgctc tctgttcagg gccttctcag ccatccccca    135000
     tcctaggagc cagtgctgcc atgggggtag cagatggatg ggggcagatg gcctgccccg    135060
     agggctactg gacatggttg gcacatcctt gagtcgccgc agaagacatt cggcacaact    135120
     ccagcagtcc ttaaacactg cccccagcac acatcacata gacccttcca gcccctcatg    135180
     aatacccact cgatacctcc atgtttatat aagtgcaaac aaccctacat ataccccacc    135240
     ctgaaacgct ctacttgcac acctgttaca ccttcataga cactcttctg catttacagc    135300
     atgctttcat tcccattaca cagccaaccc tcacacatcc caaaccatcc acacacaaac    135360
     agccctctcc cacaggtaga ccataccaac atacccgcaa atacactaag acaccctcct    135420
     ggccaaagac acaccttcac agacacccac acgcatgccc atccagggcc agaataccag    135480
     cattcttcac tccttctccc atatccccac tggactgtag gctccaggag agcaagaacc    135540
     acacccactg catgtgctca tattctatca gagtcacagc attactacaa actcagtgga    135600
     tgccctgtgg gataagcaag cagaaagata gccattaact ccaactcaca gaacccttcc    135660
     agtccacagg gactctctta cagagaaccc atcacaccta cctccaccca cccatagcct    135720
     gacacatctg ccaagccatg ttcattcaat gttggcatgc caacaactca caacacattc    135780
     ttattctcat caaaaactca cctctccagt tcagacacac acacagaacc aacacatatc    135840
     catagtcaat atccatcaac tgtctaacat atcacatgtc cacatacatt caatgtaggg    135900
     gccgccctca tcatcatcgc tcatcccatt ggattcacac ctatctcagc gtccagcaca    135960
     atgcctaatt ataccagatg acttctgttc ctttccaaaa ccaaactcca aacatacaaa    136020
     ttaaggtcaa catacttgag agcacacccc agacacacaa acacatccta gggaggtctc    136080
     aaagtggagc ctggacccca cctccagcag cacaaccttt ccaccagatg cactctggac    136140
     tgcacggtgt acattcgcct tgaactctgc tctttggagg tgctcccagc ctacctctta    136200
     ggagcaagct gggagcactc aggcaggcag tccccggcgg gagcacggag acagtgaagc    136260
     ccaggccctt caacttcaac cctactcttg acagttctgg gtaagctggc cacacaggaa    136320
     ctgttgggta cagtcgccac cccctcccgt ctccttccct cccttcagga tcagcctctc    136380
     tggtctttgt aggtgactga gctagttgag gcaaaggggc actaaagggg gatgttgggt    136440
     tgtcaacttc cacggaaaca gatgaagaaa ctctattcaa ctgaacagaa aaaaaaattt    136500
     gtcaacagaa agctaaaaat aggcttaaat tgaatttcaa cataagagaa agagagagag    136560
     agagagaaca gaacgtgaat gaataaaact aaaacacacc tgtgccagga gttgcataaa    136620
     tgaatcaaca atatcaggat gatccctggg ccctaaaata taataaagat ggaacttaag    136680
     aaaaaattat acaaacagca actcaacctc atatagttat gtgggactga gagcccgcgg    136740
     gagacagcat ggggcacatg agcagcagga agcaagataa agaaacaaaa catacaaaaa    136800
     ccatgaactg ggagaagccc aacagaaaga gacggcagag tgaaggacgg gcctgcccca    136860
     gctcccccag ggaccttcca cctactcccc gttccacctc aagccagtcc cgcagtgatt    136920
     tcttggtgct caagcaattc tagactccac agagcttagg gaacagtctc cacactcttg    136980
     ctgtggcttt gattggccgg ggtagcccta tactgtttct tggcatatac ttccctatca    137040
     caaccatcta agtggagggc acagctggct gtaggttagt ccatggcact tcgttttgag    137100
     gcttggctgg aggccctggg aagtccaggg catgagacct cgagtaagtg tccccttgag    137160
     tttgatgact ttagggctct tggtctggct aagataagac ttttgtttgc ttaagctaaa    137220
     gtactcttat ttaggcaggg caggaccctg ggtgctacaa ggctgcccag tcatcagtag    137280
     ggccagggga ataaactgca tcttaaggta atgaaagaga gctccaaccc agcaaagtcc    137340
     ctccgcatgg cagacttggg agatagccag actcaggact gagggcagct cagtatctgg    137400
     acataccaaa agaggaaaac agtcattgtg tcaccccatg caggacccag cgggaaggca    137460
     aaggcttgag ttagactgaa actggaatag caaaccaggt atggggacta tcgtacccaa    137520
     caagacaacc aacaactctg acaaataaca atgttggctc tccctgcctc ggctttgacc    137580
     aatcctggag gaagagcaag gctgctcccg cccctggctt ctccactctc agtgggatgt    137640
     aatagaaagg cacctgcctg agataccact gagtagctgt gtgatcttgt gtaagtcaca    137700
     ggtgttctgt ctccccacct gtgacccata acctctcctt ttcctccttc cccaggctac    137760
     taggagccac gacctgaggc tgatcttcta tctctgaagt ctgtgtcact caggtcctgg    137820
     aaaggtctga tctgccatat tagaacagtg ttcctactgt tagagcagtg tggtcagtgt    137880
     accgttccct tactgcttgg gccggatagg gtgggagaaa ggttctgggg gcagggagcc    137940
     ctccttgatt caacagtgcc tgagactggc ctcattctgg acacagggac tgtggtagag    138000
     aactgtagta gaggagatgc aatcctgacc cgagaaagtt cagtccatga agaaagacag    138060
     acacagagat tattaatctc ttggcctgtg ctttatatca gcagtataag tatggtggag    138120
     tttttgttca tagctacaag gacccagctc tatctcaaag tcccttgtct gaggagtaac    138180
     gcctgccttc tgtctaggga atgaatgagt gagagtccac ccagtcaagg gcgtagcact    138240
     tcccaattgg aggagcaact catagagttc aaatagggca tggtaaaaag agtcagtgtg    138300
     gcttgattgc tcccatcagg agagaacttt agagatacac cagagctcgg tcctgtgggg    138360
     atgtgacaat aacctgagga tggcagcatc tgaacgggtt aggccagaga ggaaaagtgg    138420
     tcatattagt gttttatgaa gtacagtatg attgctggat gctggatggg ctggagagag    138480
     gggcgcatgt gcacagagga gtttatggag ttaagtgagg cagaggctaa actgagaaag    138540
     ggctcgtgga gggggaggag cagtggaccc tctgagggat gaacagaccc aggatcaatg    138600
     ggactgactc atccggaaag ggggcataag gaacaggaga gatggagtgg aggacagtca    138660
     cactctggat ctgtgccatg gcccacaagg gaccagacac taaccatatg agatgtgagc    138720
     actccgggct ccagcggaca cctctgctca acctcaaagc tcaaatccag gctaggctca    138780
     tgggactgac agagtagcat tgcctctgtg ccaggttaga acccaggtta gacaggaagc    138840
     ctgaaggcca gttcccaact ttctcaggca gaaggccaca gaaagaggga ctgggaccac    138900
     tcctgaaggc actttgggct ctgaaaggac taaattttga tatgaaaaga ggaatcagca    138960
     cttgagtact tcatatgcaa aagcccaagc caggacccaa ggaaccggag tccctgaact    139020
     gacatggaaa agaggttcag tgaagggatg tgacttaccc aaggtcacac aactagtttg    139080
     gtggttatgc cttagattct aggtctacct ggtttcaaag gccatgctcc tccaacttct    139140
     tactatatcc caaaggcaat gagccagact agtgacccaa gtcactcaga gactgagccc    139200
     agcttccccg ggtagccagg ctggtctgga acgcaggcag gctataagat accattcacc    139260
     attttgtcca cttcaacctg aagtgtcaac tacctatagg taacaattgt gctgtgcttc    139320
     attccccaag tttcccatca agtcccatgt gtgaccaggg tatcaagaac agagtggggt    139380
     agcattggct ccccagtgga ggaagcagag gcggcggcgg tggtggtggt ggtggtggca    139440
     gagatcctga tgggcagcag agaccctgat gggcacttac cttgctggaa gagactgagt    139500
     gtgacggaag tcaccagcag gaagagggcc tctattgggg gaaagtgggc aggctcgtgg    139560
     gcaaagatgt ggaccagcta caacaaagca gggggtgctg gtcagctgag gtccgcctca    139620
     ccaggacaac atccctggaa cacaggtggg gaccccagcc atggcagcca tctgacacat    139680
     tcccacccag ggacaggtct ctaacaagat gacacccaga ccacctattg cccaaagcag    139740
     acggcttacc tgccgggtga ggtcaagagc agaggcctgg ggaacagtac tgtacatccg    139800
     acccagcatc tcacagagct gcggcaccat gggggcaaag tcatccagca gtgtcttaac    139860
     agacttctca aagatggcgc ataccgcctg gggagggaag cgagaagact cttgtcagca    139920
     ggtcatggga gggaggccta agaaaggaac cttgtccaga agtcccgcca agccctgcaa    139980
     accaagcgac attaagtgtc ctactcctcg ggctgaaaag aaggggcaaa taacgctcca    140040
     caaaggagca tgggctcgaa ctttgccact taattcctgc tactaacttg gctaccattt    140100
     cttctcaggg gactgtaaga gcaaccaaaa tctcaactca ggaaccaaag ccaggtctct    140160
     gacactacga cagacatctg tgacttggct tatggtcact ctcctctgac caagcacttc    140220
     tgtgatactg gagcagtggt ggtcggggaa gggagagcgt cttcacagaa gacacgtgtt    140280
     cctgtcagtg ttgcggcctt ccctccttgt tctctccaga ccacactgca gggagcagcg    140340
     aggaagcaat cctttgggcc aaaatcagcc cgcgagggcc agggctcacc tcaaccacct    140400
     gggcgtcatt cagccacttg ctcagcacct tctggatgag ctggaagacc tgctgcagca    140460
     caaccaccac ctaaagacac agggaggagg aagatgccac cgccactcag ctgccacccg    140520
     ggggcctggc agtaggcagg agacaacggt tcaacccatc accctcaact gcacactgag    140580
     gatttgggac ctaggacccc tggggcaaga gatgatgtgc tgaacccccc aacaatgaaa    140640
     gagaagaatg tcttgaactg taggtcattt cagaagactc agaactacaa agcagaggca    140700
     tctttagctc ttgataaaat tgtgacagct ttgcaaacaa aacaaaacag aaatctctct    140760
     ctctatccat ttctgctcat aaaaaccaaa gcaataggct accccgtgag gaggaggtgc    140820
     tgtctcacca aatgtgcgtg gggtagggag ccccacggga tgcgtggata cgggcagctt    140880
     atggcagagc agagagcagg ctgaggtcct gggagatagg gagggcagga caattactgc    140940
     catagaagaa aagggtggtt ctgtgggatc atgggagccc aggcttggcc tagagcccaa    141000
     gtagtaactg aggccgaggt gtagagctga gctgaggcca gggtatccct ggctttcttt    141060
     ttttccagga gaacctgggg cgtgtaaggt caatagctaa cgtagtccct ggcacttgtg    141120
     tagaactttg ctgtctgtca acctatctca ctcaggcttc ctctgctcca acagtcctgc    141180
     aatgagcagc cgcagacccc agtggccatg gctttgggag ggaagctgaa gcttgtccca    141240
     tgtcatatag tttgacaggt cacctcaagg gctggggatg tggatgggtg gcagagtgct    141300
     tgcctagcgt gtccagggcc ctaggtccaa tctctaacac cacaaaaaca agactgtcaa    141360
     gttacaaaca cctttgatcc tagcactcag gaggcagagg caggaggata tctgcgctca    141420
     ggccatcttt gtttacatag caagttccag gccagccagg gctatctagc aagaccctgt    141480
     ctcaaaagaa aaacaaaaaa caaaaaggca aagaggtcag cccaaaaata tgccaagtta    141540
     ttacagtgtt tatcactctg ccctgcagga atctttctgt gcacttcctc tcaagaacta    141600
     ctacgcgtgg acacatgagc atcccgagtg cctgcagagg gcagtgaatg aggacagaga    141660
     ctctaaagag aaggggttga acatgagctc agaatacagc tcagtggtac caaaggataa    141720
     tgtccgtgtg taccgggggg tggagcaaat aaacctcaat gacatcaccc cgtcaggatg    141780
     aggacagaga agacattatc cgtgggataa gcgatgcaat gacgtggcca catagaaggt    141840
     ggaaggccaa aggacctctg aggggtcagg gagcaatgct aacattaccc acagacttga    141900
     agggtgacaa agacattgcc acaaggaagg gagcaaagac aatgtcacct accgggttgg    141960
     gtccttgtgg cactggcaac ttccggagtt cagggccttc atgatcatcc tcatgatgac    142020
     tgacgtccag tgtggtaaag aggttggaaa gaagccccaa gatgtggaca atggccagct    142080
     tgttagaggg attaggctat agggagaatc gaatcaagct ccagatctcc caggcccagc    142140
     ctgagtgaca gcccaacatc cccacactcc tatgctgaca gagaagcccc tgagtcccag    142200
     cactgcccca ggtccccgag ctcactcact atctcttctg ccagcttctc cagctgttgg    142260
     atgtagggag agatgaggga gtgcaggttc ttcaggatct cctccacctg cagggctgac    142320
     agcaggaagc ccagggcctg catcagccac atgcactggc ttgtctgtgg gggcagaaaa    142380
     cagggacggt ccatcctgac cacggcttgt gagcagagag gagaatgacc ttctcgggaa    142440
     gggttgtaat ggcgaggaga aggcagaagg ggtgagcgat ccccaccaaa agcccaaggg    142500
     gacccctaga aagcttgagc cgtaccttgt gaatctgctt catcagcaca tcctgagggt    142560
     agagaataac aaatcagcgt gggccagggc actgtgaggc cccgtcccgt ccagggaccc    142620
     cctgcatacc tgggagacag ctacaatgtt ggcagcatag ggcggcaggt catacttgca    142680
     ctctcggcag atctttttga gggtcgacac agatgacaca gacagctcag gattgcctag    142740
     ggcatgcagc acaaggggca gaacgctgtt gatcatgacg gggtggtcag ccagccattc    142800
     agacagagct cctagagaga ggaaagaaaa ggctctctga ggcaggcaag acttcaggat    142860
     gattaagttc cagttccagg ccacccagag agctcggggg acagtgtggg catgaaggcg    142920
     gtgatgctcg agcatgagcc tcatcactga aaagcagaaa gggattactc gacggaggcc    142980
     cagcgctact gctgctccac agactgacag cagattagca tcgctgagat gaagctccgt    143040
     gcactgcaga aaagatccca gcacttgcca gacagttagt tggctgcaat gctgactgta    143100
     tgggggaaga tgtatctctc tgagtttgga caggacccag gccagccatg cttagggatg    143160
     ggtgctgtag ctctgagaac atagtcatgg aggtatgcca ggcctcacca atggtgaaca    143220
     tgacagtatc cgccaactgc acgttgctga tgctgatccg tgggatgagg ccaatgagcc    143280
     ctggtaccac atcagagtag ttgacatcga tggtctctgc aatggactgg aagccataga    143340
     gcagggcttc tgtgtgctgg gaaaagaggg taccgtggct tgacttagat gaagggtgca    143400
     acaacttagg gagggcagag ggaatcagga ttgggaggta cctgccagga gtagggctcc    143460
     tctgagctgg tgagcaaacg gcccagcttg tcatagaggt tgctaagcag ctcagccccc    143520
     agcatctcat agacatacat gagtgtgtct gagatgtcca ccctgaaaag caaaagaagg    143580
     ccttttatac tgcctggatc tttacagtaa gccaggagcc tacccaagga ccctcatgac    143640
     cctgcaaaat tgcctatagg ctagagaaaa gaaccctaga agccaggcag tctggcttct    143700
     ccccttactt cattggggtt ggcctgctgc catcacctgt agatacggaa ctgctccttt    143760
     tcgtctgagg accagaatcc atactcctcg tcagaaggga actgggcctt gtgcagaagc    143820
     acgtccacca gctggaagta gactggccgg tacacctgct ggtacacagc ctgcttctct    143880
     gcctcaaagg acagaatgtc atcctgagag agccaggaaa gacagtcaga ctgcctcctc    143940
     ggcagcctca gctgcccgtg acccacctcc tttcgtaaag gccccatcca tctgacggtc    144000
     acacagacat acctgcagtg tgtaccagaa agtgagagtg agggagctgg tggtctcgtt    144060
     gacaggatag tggccaggga tgccagtgca gaacatgatc atgttgacga gtgccaggaa    144120
     gctctgccag tgctctactt ggtctagcaa ggccctgtgg ggtggggttg aggcgtaggg    144180
     gcacagttag ttcactgtac ctccccaatg agggtccata acttgaacct ttgatgggct    144240
     ctgccatccc accagcagcc accccgctcc ctaccgagag tggttctcgc ccagggccac    144300
     agcaatacgg cagatgccat gggaggtctc catgtcccca ttctgcactg cctgccgcag    144360
     ttgttcctgc agtcccagca ccagaggaat gagtttcagg agtgtgttca cgtacctaga    144420
     ggcatgaggt aaggcggtcc atcagagatg tctgcccagc cccgccagct ttgagagaaa    144480
     ggcaatctcc cccgccttta ccaaagcctt cctatcaaaa agagaccaag gctgctttga    144540
     tgctgctcct gctgagaact ttaggtcaga gatcttcagg agagctctgg gcaggagcac    144600
     aagaaagtcc aagttatagt ttgaagcccc tctggtaggg ctggaagttg atgctgtcat    144660
     gggttaatgt ttggagggaa ctgggataaa gagaatcctt ctctgtgtat gatagtgtga    144720
     catgaatttt ggagactcag aggctagact gttacaggtt gaaaaatctc ctaagaagac    144780
     atgttgaagg gctggggaga tagctcatgt cgtataatca tgaagacagg agtttgatct    144840
     cccatgtcaa aaaaactggt gtacttgtga taccagtact ggggagacag agacaggagg    144900
     attccaaggg cttactggcc tgccagccta gcctactttg taagctccag ccagtgagag    144960
     gtccagtctc aaaaactaag gtagacagct ccttaggaac tacacaaagg ctattgtgca    145020
     cgtgtgcaaa cagataatgt tggcatctta taaccccccg tacctgaaaa tgtggcgata    145080
     cttggaaaag catcattgca cataaaagta tactacaagt gtgctcctaa tccagtatga    145140
     ctcgtgtcct tataagacag ccatgtgatg gcagagacat catgggacaa tgccaagtac    145200
     agagaaaggt aaacactcaa gctgtgcagc tgcaagccaa ggaatgcaaa agctgccagc    145260
     aaaccagaag ccaggaggag gctgggaaga agtcttctaa ggtttcagag ggagcagagg    145320
     ctggctgaca cctccatttc agacaagaca tctagcctcc acaattgtgt ggcaatttct    145380
     gtcattcaaa gccacctgtt tgtggtgctt cattactgca accccaagaa aggaacatag    145440
     tgttagggga cactggacaa gggtgtccat gtcaggaaca ctgttaaagg agactttgga    145500
     aggtagtgac agtgacagct cctaagggca ccagttccca ctggctgcca ccaagtccta    145560
     actcgtgctg tctggtggca acatgatggg agtgaactag ctgaatttag agctaacagg    145620
     taagacggac aggacataat gactggctga gtacagagga caactccgga atcactgaga    145680
     catggggaag gcagacagga acaggaacac tttgacaaga ggtgaagctc agcattagac    145740
     aagtcgtaca aataggagtt ctcagaaaga ttaggacata aaaccctgat gcccagtgta    145800
     taggtcagag tgatgcccag tgtataggtc agagtgatgt ccagtgtata ggtcagagtg    145860
     atgcccagtg tataggtcag agtgatgtcc agtgtatagg tcagagtgat gtccagtgta    145920
     taggtcagag tgatgtccag tgtataggtc agagcgatgt ccagtgtata ggtcagagcg    145980
     atgtccagtg tataggtcag agtgatgccc agtgtatagg tcagagcgat gtccagtgta    146040
     taggtcagag cgatgtccag tgtataggtc agagtgatgc ccagtgtata ggtcagagcg    146100
     atgcccagtg tataggtcag agcgatgtcc agtgtatagg tcagagtgat gcccagtgta    146160
     taggtcagag tgatgtccag tgtataggtc agagtgatgt ccagtgtata ggtcagagtg    146220
     atgcccagtg tataggtcag agtgatgccc agtgtatagg tcagagtgat gcccagtgta    146280
     taggtcagag tgatgcccag tgtataggtc agagtgatgc ccagtgtata ggtcagagtg    146340
     atgcccagtg tataggtcag agtgatgtcc agtgtatagg tcagagtgat gcccagtaaa    146400
     taggtcagac gaagactcag atttgggaat cgctagctgg tagctgaaga ttcaggagtc    146460
     agtaagagct gaccaggagg aaagtatggg atgagaaaaa tgtccaggtc agagttctga    146520
     agcacaagaa cagggagaga aagccaggac tcaaagggga cggagactaa gcttattcca    146580
     cccacttttt ggggacagga tgaagcagag gaagttatac tctaagagat aatcagatgt    146640
     ttgggacctc tctgatgtcc caggcagtgt cgctgtagca atttatgtac ctgggcagga    146700
     agggggactg agggtccata ttacctggat tttctctaag caagttgcta ggcaacacca    146760
     tctggatata gtgaggtgaa aggacataaa gaggcagcca gaccaggaag gctgtctttc    146820
     ttctcacaac cccattctag attctgctag caaaagctat ccataccaga tacccccagt    146880
     tcagagacag ccctaagggg tatcgcctgg agacagctgg gattgcttca gtctcaggat    146940
     cctgacacag gctgcaccac cagacaatgg gtaccttcag gccaggctca aacacaaaga    147000
     gtcaggggca gggccaaggc tatgacccat aagctcccta gcagttgaga tggagctcta    147060
     cagcatcccc actgacttcc aaggtatcca ctacctgccg gtttatgcag gcagaagcta    147120
     gtcagtgaag gttctcagca tgtttcgagt ctcaaatagg ataaatcaag ggcatcataa    147180
     actagaagga cgcagaggat agctcaaggt cacacagcaa cttaagacac agatcagatt    147240
     gagaaactct taaaccactg tagatctgct tccctttcat ggcccaaata caattccctg    147300
     cagaggatca gtgcaaacct cagtttgtat ctccagtcct tatgacggga gccccaacac    147360
     cccatccagt tcacttcccc ttctccccag ttccctatga gaagttattc tggcattaaa    147420
     aatgtatttc aaaagacgag catggtggtc cacaccttta atcccaacgc ttgggagaca    147480
     aaggcaagat aaaaattcga ggccagcctg gtctatgaag tgagtaccag gacacagaga    147540
     aatcatgtct tgaaaaacaa acaacaaacc aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa    147600
     aaggtgtatt ccgggggaaa attcaaagga gagagccagg aagcaggagc aagtgcaggg    147660
     gaacagaaag aaagatgact tgagtgtatg ctccgctgga gggaaggtta ataccaggac    147720
     accaggaaag atagagacga gatcacccag ggtaattact gaaggtcact ttcttaaggc    147780
     aaatatagca agctagattg gacagagcag agccccagtg ccaactcctg gcttgttata    147840
     gcccacccat aggaaaactg ccagtgtaga tttcctgcca cgagtgcttg agcgctctga    147900
     gcaaacagaa tgagactgag gccttgaagg tttctagact tgctaaggga gcctgggagg    147960
     acggctttca tggtcaaggc aggtctatga ggcctggctc tagctggtca gctcctgcag    148020
     ctggagcaga gctggttgag atgtcttggc tgctgctcac actgagctca gcccagacct    148080
     acaattagag ctctgggagc agagctgaga aaatgggaag agttgctaag caaccaaggg    148140
     gcttcaacca atgggcgcct agaaggctat gggtttccgc actggcccct tgcttgctca    148200
     ttcgttcaga agagaagggg catcaattac ttgctaaagc ccttgagaca agctgggtgg    148260
     gtaaactttg ggtgtatcca aggatacccg acatcaccct ggtacttacc ctgatagttc    148320
     tccttagcca ctacctaagc ccactgtcca cttgagcttc atgctgccac aagagccccc    148380
     acatgagact tgttatctat actacgctag ggagccagca tcttactaac acaatatttt    148440
     actatctgtt cttgcaaagg taatagccaa tattaacgaa tacaagtgac aatatgaagt    148500
     accaggcaac tacactcaat atctcatgct ctcttattta actttcatac caaaacatgt    148560
     tttcagccaa tatcctttga ctttttcccc cctctttagt agtgggattg aacctagggc    148620
     ttgtacgtgt tcagccagca ctactactaa gccttgatat ccacagccct ttaaagtttt    148680
     aaagaacagc aactgactat gttacctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    148740
     cgcgtgtgcg tgtgcgtgtg taggagcagc tctagcctac tgcatgtaac agtttctgtt    148800
     ccttaatggc ttaaagcaaa cagctttagt cagcttaaca gtaactgtct gcttctctct    148860
     taaaggaaaa aaggttacca ttaaacttat cacaaatggt agaagagcaa aatcatcaca    148920
     tacagtcccc aatttaaagc atgtggcaca gcacatatgt actaatggga gctgctgatc    148980
     tcccgccctg agtaaaggcc acaaaagagc tgccattact caaggaaccg aaacactctt    149040
     tactgaattc caagggccag cttggacaca gcgtcctgtt ccaacactac aattaccctg    149100
     tgctttgtat gattgcctcc atttttgctt agaagtggtt cactcaaggt ctcacagtta    149160
     gtaaacatac tctgcaattc aaactcagac acaactattg acaaggcttg agccattagc    149220
     cacgcctcta cagcttccct ctccatctct acctaggatt cccaaaacct ttctctcaag    149280
     tgtcagggtc aggtctctag tcttgttctt ctagcctaac ttaaacccaa aagaatccca    149340
     acagaccatt tttcctttct ttctttcttt tttctttttg ttttttcgag acagggtttc    149400
     tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctggaactta ctctgtagac caggctggcc ttgaacttag    149460
     aaatctacct gcctctgcct cccaagtgct gggattaaag gcatgtgcca tcactgccta    149520
     gcctcaacag accatttttt tttctgtata aaatccttca ggaaatttat actggcttca    149580
     ggaagaaaaa aaaagggttg gagagatagc tcagtgatta agagcactgg ctgctcttcc    149640
     agaggtcctg agttcaatta ccagcaacca catgatagct cacaaccatc tgtaaaggaa    149700
     tcagatgtcc tctttcggtg tggctgcaga cagtgacagt gtattcacat acataaaata    149760
     aataaatata tctttaaaaa caaacactta tttaaaagaa aaaaactctc gagcttggct    149820
     gccaaggtcc tacatgattt gacgagtccc tggccttgca gttgagtggc taatgaggac    149880
     atgcacacgg atatataaag gagtcacgtt atgggcttgg aagaaaagcc aggaatctca    149940
     ctcaagagct cgagatgccg cggtggagaa gaccacgctt ggccttaaga atcaccggga    150000
     acttctcggt gatgcgccag gctcctgctc aggggctggg aaggagcggg accgtatcga    150060
     agcacagcaa gtcaggaaag tgacatgagc tgaaactggg ctgtgcacct cgtgggggtg    150120
     gcatctttat gactgatgag tttgaacttt aaacatggag gagagccact ggttggaaag    150180
     gaaaagatta gagcctcatt ttcagaccgt caatctgact gttgggctga tagagggtac    150240
     aggcggggca agcaggaggc tgtcgagaaa tctctgctaa agtctgggaa aagagacaat    150300
     aacagctggg attagggagg tggttacaga aactggaaat aatagatctg caatattatt    150360
     tgctgggagc aggatgctac ggacttagtg actggctgag ggcaagtgaa caggccaatg    150420
     tgttaatagt ctaccagata atttagttgt ttaatgtctg cctcactttt gccacagtga    150480
     gaatagggac cgtgtctcgc ctgcatcttt tgtctccgta ggatgacgcg tatgacagac    150540
     accccattga tgcctacggg atggatgggg cgctcccttt ctgggaagct ggagagtaac    150600
     tcacctttgg gcatcaggtt gggagatggc attgacaatg gcctccacgc tgctgtcaaa    150660
     gagctctgag tcctgcagag cggcgaaggc agcctgaatg agcgcctcac agtcctgcag    150720
     gggtacctcc agctgcaccc aactggagaa gcacttgagc accttctgac gcacacagct    150780
     aggagagctg ggctgttgta gcagttgctc cagcaatggg aagacagtcc cacactccac    150840
     agccaggctg gtccgcacca gacctttgcg gtactggggc aagcggctgg tctgaaactc    150900
     ctcgggcagt actgtcagca actctagcag ggccaggcaa cggccctggc tatccaccgg    150960
     cgagtcctca gcctggaaga gccgaaccat atctgccaca gcacatggcc aagcgtcagg    151020
     catcatgctg agagctagtg aggccagcgc cacgcacagc cgagtcagca caattttgga    151080
     gccgctggca aagcgggtga tctgggtgaa gagctgtgcc tttaagcttt catactggtc    151140
     ggtggggatg tcgctccagt agcgagagat cttgatgtgc agggcactgg ccccaaagta    151200
     ctggatctcg ggcaccttgt ctggctgtag tagctgccag ctgaagtgcc aggcctgtgg    151260
     agagacctgg gcctgcatca gccacttctg agccaggttc ttgttgtcaa tattggggtc    151320
     gtagtagagc tggtgcagcg cctgcaggac agcacaggac tgagcaggtg ctggctactc    151380
     tggatcctgc cagagcccag aacagagggt gggactcggt cctgcaagat gctgcctctc    151440
     cctgacttgg gggaagacgg agtgagtagg aagggagaga gctcaggatt ccgctgacct    151500
     tttgaaagcc tgaatcttgc ccatgctcta tcatattctc ttcttatagt acaaacgggt    151560
     tctgagaggg actctccaca ggaaagcaga aaaggccggg gctgggctcg tcccacaggg    151620
     aggtatgtaa gggcaaggcc taggaggagg gaatgactcc acggggaata aatgtaagct    151680
     ccagacaagt acagaacagc ctgaaggagc ctggctcttt agatacagct cctcccattg    151740
     attccaacaa gcaaactcca tctgctcccc caggatcatc ccgaggtcac tccagaggct    151800
     ggcactaaag ccagtatgaa atctgagaag gactgcttca ggccaggtag ctctggaacg    151860
     gatacactgg aagggagggt gggaacatac atcttcagag agtacaagta agtctccaat    151920
     cagatgatgc agagaggcct tggccagaag cagcctaagc aagtgcctac ccgggagctg    151980
     tcagcagcag aatccccaag gcccaactcc attgggactt catgcagaga gaaaacaatg    152040
     gctcatctcc ctggcagcac atgaaaccaa ccatgtgcca ccatgccaac actgtccagc    152100
     cccaagggcc agccaggttc cctaaatgga ctccatccaa ctaggattaa ccaaatctgt    152160
     accctcccgc cccctgaaag ccagttatgg ctactgtccc ttgtacagcc agccactcaa    152220
     ggaagcaaaa ggagacaaga gaccgaacaa gaagatatgt gttctcaaca tttgttaggt    152280
     aaacaagcct caagaacaac aaatgttttt ctatgactgc cccttgctat ccagtaggat    152340
     acccctacct ctcggatcat ccttgggagt attgggggtg gggcgggtgc attcctgcat    152400
     tccaggctgc tgggagaaga atagaataga aaaagatggc ctgggcaatg gagaagtctg    152460
     gaaggaggcc atggcagaaa gccatgtggg caggtaagga aggaagggcc ctgtaaagtt    152520
     gccagcagag ccaagcccct tggacccagc acaaaacaag agagccaggc acactcctgc    152580
     ctgtccagga ccggtttgac ttccatccaa taaggaaaag accctttctg aagataaatg    152640
     aacatataac tcagacgggt ttagctccag atatctttgt gagcctttga ctgaaaaaaa    152700
     gtgagtcggg tccaggatca ttcagcatcc gtgtggtttc taacgtgggg gtgggggtgg    152760
     ctgagtggca ggtcttgtga gtttctggtt ccctccagaa ctccgcctgc ttttctcctg    152820
     gatctgggca ggagccgatt tggttataag tctaaaccct tcagcaccct acagggaaca    152880
     acctaagatc ctagagtatc tatccgaaag gggacctgtg tctacagaaa gcccaaaata    152940
     gcccattagg cactgcaaca ctgctgtcca agccggctgc ccaagagaga tggtaaatac    153000
     caggtgctct gggggcatca tcccagcggg cactgagccc gcgtctgagc tttggcatta    153060
     gtgtcagtcc ccagaacttc tgctctgtca ctggagtgcc caccccaagg ccctcatacc    153120
     ttctccacgt tctccacagt gaagtccaag gctggtgctg ctccagcccc tgcagccccc    153180
     agctgctcct cccgccgctc catctttgct ccctgcctgg cagggaggtg gaccctgatc    153240
     tctttcttgc cccagccctt tggctgtcgg ccccctgcta gaccccggct tgagtacccg    153300
     ggaggtggtg ggatgagggg atgcccaggg cgggcatggc tgccgaggcc tgcccacctc    153360
     gtttggaggg ggagtgggtt gcagaggtca aaagatgtgc tcttcggaaa gggacccgct    153420
     aaggcggctc ccagaaggga ggcgtccgtg aggtactccc agacaagggt cctagtggga    153480
     ggtcacagct ctgtcccttg aatcaaaagt cataggggag ggaggcctat aggggaaaca    153540
     gaggccctgg cccgtgaggg gtcacagaat caacggcctg tacccataac accccagtct    153600
     ggacgagctt ctagatgcta tgaggtcagg ggggctggga gatcacccgg gagagagccc    153660
     ttcgcgagat acggagacgt ccaaggaagc acgggattgc agtttcgtga gtctggggca    153720
     gagtcggtag agttggggga ctgagatagg tcccctccgt tcgcctggcc cgcgatctgt    153780
     tcgcctcccg gcgttggccc cgctacggtc gctgcctccg ccccagtgac tgacagacag    153840
     gccggcccgg ccgggacggg gcggggacct cagcaagact cgggctgtcc cgagcgcctg    153900
     tcgccagtac caccaactta ggcccccacc cacgcttgtc ctggcccggc acggccaagc    153960
     acatcgagac acggcacggc ggaactacgc ggaaactcat tccgggtctt tggccctgtc    154020
     ctcgtgctag ctcgcgcgcc cccgaacagg cgacggaacg gcacaccgcc aggggcccct    154080
     gcctgaagca aggacccgcc tctatgcacc ctgggaaatg tagttttcgt cggaccggaa    154140
     ggtggctcct gaggagggag gcttggagca cgtgggttgg gggtcctatg gaaccctatc    154200
     ctattctcgg cttagggcag aggaccatct tgctcagtca cattgcctag gagtgcaact    154260
     cttgcgaaga cgtgattcat ggggcctttg ggtggagttg gaagccaaga atggagggga    154320
     gagggtcacg tttggtcggc gctcaggcac agggaactgg ttgtgttggt gaccatcagc    154380
     acccgctaaa gaagaggaaa gataggagtt acttggtgcc ccacaattaa aaaaaaaaaa    154440
     aaaagcactg tggatctgct cgggagcaac cgggaaatca tattattctg cgcgcgcgcg    154500
     tgtatgtgtg tgtgaaacga ggaggagaag ggaaatcgtt aaggttttca ttatgtttca    154560
     agtaagaata gctcatggct ttaccttagg ttttgttctc tctctattct gctgtggcgg    154620
     gttggtttgt tttgagatgg agtctcttgc cttggggtgg ggagtgtacc tctttaatcc    154680
     cagcactccc gggattacag gagtgtgcca ccaagatggg tgtctgaagt gctgtgcctc    154740
     ccgcgcaccc tgtcaactga accacatcct ccaccttctt tgttttcaag cggggatctc    154800
     actatgtagc ccgggcttga gtgggtattt ttattcattg tcttcagcta aaatggggaa    154860
     attgaggttg gaggaaggca agccctgctc ccagcaggca cttcctctcc atgctcaact    154920
     ttttctttcc ttgactcctg tcagcaggaa aggaaatgat ttcaaacaga aggatctttc    154980
     tttttctttt cttttctttt tttccaagac agggtttctc tgtgaggccc tggctatctt    155040
     gaaactctgt agaccaggct ggcttccagc tcaccgaaac ccacttgtgt ctgcttccaa    155100
     agtgctagaa ttaaagttat gtaccaccat gcccagccta aaactttttt tttttagata    155160
     aattatatta agctcaattt gggcttacta tatggcttct ctctccttat tgactaaact    155220
     cttcccaaca cagccttcta gcagtagcaa agttgggtaa gaataagaag ggctggcata    155280
     ccgtcaggag gagcagcaat tttgtaaacc tggggaggaa acagattaag acaagagctg    155340
     gagtcactat acagggcttt acatgtgtcc caccacacca ggtgacactt gtgctctaag    155400
     ggaggaagct ggctctggaa gtagctgctg aggccagaga aggtcgaaga aacttgacaa    155460
     gatcttgacg aatcctcaaa gcctgggaag gagaaggact cacttggctg ctagaggaag    155520
     tccatccatc acaatgagtc agcaaatcgt tgtccaaaag gaaaaaaaga aaatgtttta    155580
     agcgttttaa agaagccaat tggatccctg tgagtttgag gccagcctgg tctacagagt    155640
     gaagtccagg acagccaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc tcggaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    155700
     aaaaagcacc agctgctctt ccagagacct gggttcaatt cccagcactc acaaggtggt    155760
     tcacaaccgt tttagggttt ctattggtgt aacaaaacac catgaccaaa tttggcagga    155820
     aagggtttat tcatcttaca atcccatatt atagtccatc tctggagaag ccaggacagg    155880
     aactcaagca tggccagcca gtctgcatac cagatgctat cctcagagat ctttggccag    155940
     ccaagtcgtg cgcagagaag agcagcagag ggctcagcta gcaagcagag gttcagggac    156000
     gaagctgcta gtggtgaaag ccttgggaga gcgttctctt cccaggaatt gttacagctc    156060
     ttgtgacaga tgctctcagg tgacagagta attgccacac accttgattc cttctggata    156120
     ggatcttata tacagttttg ggatgggttg gggtctgaca gcaggtgctt cctattggct    156180
     tctttggaga tatttgggat gcctcatcta cacgtgggga ggagcttgga gtcactgccc    156240
     ctatgtgacc catggtctct ggggctgggg ctccatgacg gacctgacat caagagcagg    156300
     cgaagctctt acctcccctt tgggtcctgg ggcttccaac ccagctcaac cttatcaggc    156360
     ttcctcacag tctactgccc cacacaggac tggaagcagg aactgataca gatgctatag    156420
     tgggctggtt aactgtcttg cttccttccc atggcttgct cagcctgctt tcttctagaa    156480
     cccagaacca ctagcccaga gatggcacca cctaccatgg gctgggccct cccctttgaa    156540
     cactaatgag aaaatgcctt acagctggac ctcatgaggc atttcctcaa ccgacgctct    156600
     gtgttgactt gtgtcaagtg gacacaaaac cagccagtag ctccagttcc ggggaaatga    156660
     ctccgtctct ggtctccact tgcaccgggt acactgtgct gcacagacat acgggcaaaa    156720
     catcagccca taaaaattaa ataagtaaat aaatgaaatt tcatatgaaa aagggaaggt    156780
     atcaaggctt tgttaaggga aagctacttc ctcctgatcc aaagaatgga atctgacttc    156840
     tatattggct ctgggttaga gacatgacat tttggtctga ctcagcagct aacagcactt    156900
     cctgttcaac ctgaggactt gagttcaatt ctgggacccc acatagtaga agatgactga    156960
     ttcccaaggc ttgtccatgt gtacatgccc cactcaacac atacacagaa tgaatgaatg    157020
     aatgaaccga gttttcagaa agttgatcta attggacctg ccaatcggct ggctagaaga    157080
     ccggccctca ggaaagctga ttcaccttaa gacaagctga aaggatggga gaagttatcc    157140
     cctcagtgga ataatgtact tggaccctct aagaactctc tcacagacag cagttccttg    157200
     tagatctccc ctgctcagcc tggagtttga gttgttgctc agagtatccc ctcttccttt    157260
     tctttctatc tcgttttcaa atgctggccg aaagcccagg catgctttct ctgagactct    157320
     ggactttctc actgttcccc tgcagatatc ctggctttct tcagctgctg ccaatctcca    157380
     tgcctaaagc aaaaggccta actgtgtctc ctctccagcc cctgtccccc accccacgcc    157440
     tcatgccccc agcagttgtt gggacaatca gtttctctcc cattgcttct ctctggcttt    157500
     aatgaaatca ccagctccaa gcttctttct gtgtctgttt tcaaactatt ctatcaatga    157560
     gaataacaac tcaaaacaga gacccctgac ccgccttaac attcccatca ccgtacatgg    157620
     gaactggtga tctatcagaa gcatactgtc tcagtttact tttctgatgc aatgataatc    157680
     ctggggctta cccgctctga ccataggcca tcatagaggg agaagtgaag gtaggggcag    157740
     aagcaggaac ctagaggcag aaactgagga agagaccaac cacagaggaa cactgcttcc    157800
     tggctcaact tgcagaaatt gctcggctta ctaatgcaac ccaggaccgc ttgccaccca    157860
     catcagtcat tagcaagaag atgcctcaca gacatgccca caggatgatc tgatggcggc    157920
     aactcaactg agagcctttc ttcccaggtt tgtctaggta aacttagaca taagcatgaa    157980
     attgacaaaa tccaagcagc acatacgctt taaccaaacc cactgggaac cctttagtgg    158040
     tccctcagga caaaacgcaa gtgccatagg ataacactaa agccctgtac ggttgtctcc    158100
     agccctggtc tttttttgtt ttgttttttt gtttgtttgt ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt    158160
     tgttttgttt tgttttgttt ttcaagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg    158220
     aactcactct gtagatcaag ctggccccaa actcagaaat ctgcctgcct ctgcctccca    158280
     agtactggga ttaaaagtgt gcgccaccac tgcccagctc cagccctggt cttaatccgt    158340
     ttcttcccca ggtttacaaa gctgctcctc ctgacagtat gccagccctt ctcagacttg    158400
     cctaactgtg ctactgcttg aaggctctat gttaggaaaa gtctaatcaa tacagagaga    158460
     gaagccatac agtaagctca aatcaagttt aatatagttt aggggtttgg tttggttttg    158520
     tcttgtttta atgtattagg ctaggtatgg tggcacacac ctttgatctc agcactcggg    158580
     aggcagaagc aggtggatct aaatttggag caagcctagt ctaaatagtg agttctggga    158640
     cagccagggc catgtagagg acctgtctca aaaagaacaa aaataaataa aaatgaaaat    158700
     aaggttttat tagcatacat tagtcatata taatggtttc actgtgacat tttcatatat    158760
     tcataatgtt atatataatg tatttgaatt atatccatct ccattttcca ctggtaattc    158820
     ctttccaact aatctttctt ctttcatgct gtgttcacct ctctctctct ctctctctct    158880
     ctctctctct ctctctcttt ctctctccct ctccctctgt gtatgtgtgt gtcccaatgt    158940
     atttcactag ggttggttac aggagcatgg acatttacca ctgaagaaaa tgtctccccc    159000
     tcctgttggg gtgacttaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    159060
     ttgtatcaac tggttataca ggtgtgcctc tatatttcaa tttttatttg cggtgtgggc    159120
     cgtggcccca ggctggcagg atatataaat gtttgctgct tcttcatctg cccccacccc    159180
     caaaagacaa gctgctgtgg tggaggtcac agtagccctc agtctggcca aaaggcaaca    159240
     ctacagatgt tgtctctctg tctgctgatt ggttgagagt gggtagctgt aaaatctctc    159300
     ccactatgct aatagctttt cttttctttt cttctcttct cttctcttct cttctctttt    159360
     cttttctttt ctttcttttt gtttcttttc ttttttaatg tttttattta tttatttatt    159420
     tgcttttgga gacagggttt tactgtgtag ccctggctgt cctgtgactc actctgtaga    159480
     ccaggctggt cttgaactca gaaatctgcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgt tgggattaaa    159540
     ggcgtgcccc accactgcct gtagctaata gctttttgta tggaaaagaa gcgtggcatt    159600
     tgagggatgg agagttgtcc gctttagctg aggcaggaag agagggtcag agggttgaaa    159660
     cagaatgggc accgggcagg gaggtaaagc agagagcgcc tcgggtggag actctggcag    159720
     gggagtctgg ttcagttaga tggctcactg agaccatccc agcaaacagg ccaagagcct    159780
     tatactatac aagtgtctcc atgtctttat tattaaaccc caagtaggac ttccaaaagc    159840
     ccagcaatat tgttccccat gaaccattaa ctgactataa attgccatgg agggatgtgg    159900
     cctcatgaga ggcccttgac aatccatacc agggtgttga tggaaccaat accgtgcaga    159960
     taaccatgac tgctgacttg catcctttgc ttcccttctt ctgctgattc cctgggcctt    160020
     ggagatggtg gtatggctgt cccatttagg gttgagcatc caagagtcac ttgttctcat    160080
     cactgaccca ggatgtgtct cttcagttat tgatgcccac cacaaaacaa aacaaaaaca    160140
     accacgcttc tctgaccaaa actgacagca acactaattg aggggcataa acatagttat    160200
     ttggaaggca atttgctggg cacatcaagt caatttagca aaacaacaga ggtagcgact    160260
     cccttagggt ctgtgagttt cctagccatg aatttctgac taggtttaca ataacagata    160320
     tgaattgtcc cttgtgcagt ggacctcaaa tcctatcagg aagtggttct ttacccccat    160380
     atcttgtttg ccattatttc accaatgggt gtatcttgtc tgacaggtca gcagtgtagc    160440
     atgtggggct cacaactgag gaagactgtt gatggtaatt cccttccaga agcctacaca    160500
     gaattctttg gttctagccg gaagggagga agctttattt ctccatgtcc tacaagccag    160560
     agtgcatggt atcttcagca acagaatttt agcatatagt ttcagcgagc agccaacggg    160620
     agaggcagtt gttttagggt cagtggataa gctcaaggag tctaggatgt tgcccattgt    160680
     tgctgtcttg tgccttcaag ccagggttgt tgaggggaga atactggagt ggctgggaag    160740
     ccagagagca gggaaagtta ttgagtcgca gcacacagaa ggtggacaag ggtggagagc    160800
     agagctgaag gtcagaagac agaaggaagc ttggcgttgc atggagaagc actggatcgc    160860
     ttagggctca gaagggtccg ggatgaaggt aaatgtgatc aagcggtgtc agcagggcat    160920
     caggaactga accccccccc cccagagtag ataatgtgtg tgtcgcatcc agttacagag    160980
     ccctagggcc tcacaaaatg cagagaaagg aagaggaatg caaactcaag tcagaaggag    161040
     cagctggggt cgtgagaggg aacgtgaggg tgtgggatca gagagccaag ggaagttttc    161100
     taggaagtgg ccacggaggt ccctgaaacc tcagtaaagc ctcttttaga gaaggaaagt    161160
     cagagaagac actcctgtcc catcttccat agctccatta tcagttcttt ttatgcgatt    161220
     ctattctggt cagtataaat tcacaggaga catgcaatag agaaaggccc aagtgtggag    161280
     tgtgttataa ataattgagt cctgatatca gagcccgggt ctgttcagag aaatcaatcc    161340
     agctacataa ggtacctaga acagggcatc acatgggggc caaggactcc atgaggcctg    161400
     tgaatgagct tcagaggtat cccctgcccc ccacgtacac ctaggcttcc tgaccagatg    161460
     tgcatatatc agtaaccttt ctggcatttg gtgggggaga aggcccatgc tgtcactggt    161520
     ggtctcagaa ggctctactt ccaacgtagg ttgggaccct tctgagaatg acaaggatac    161580
     aaccatgggt cacagagtct cttacatctt tttctgaact ttctttcttt ttcaagatga    161640
     gacgctagtc tgtgcccaga cactacacca cagagatcta tggactaagt tagggttcct    161700
     tgggtgggaa aaaaagagag tcactgatac aggcacctgc cagagcaggt aactgggcat    161760
     aggggagtga gtggaaccca gaaccacaca tcccagatga aatgaaccta gaggaaggtt    161820
     tgaggtgttc cctacggata gaaaaacaca tctcaaagca cacacgttca gaggagactg    161880
     gtggtaggtt ctaagaagac cattcactgg gaagtgtggt tttgtgagtg aaacagaaat    161940
     cgaggtcaga aatggaccta taaagtaccc tgagcctcga ggacctaacc cagtgtgctg    162000
     cctaggctgg tcacgtgact agggacctca gctggcttgt aatcaatcag gtgcggccct    162060
     gctgctgttt ctttgtacag gaagcatcgt tttccagaac gacctggtag ttggacttgg    162120
     aaagggatgc tgacttccca ggggaatgag accatcttgg aggaggtacc aggctgtaag    162180
     cacagtgcag cttcaagttg gaggcggacc ccattcctta aggactgaca gtttggggca    162240
     tgtcaagagt tagcactttg ctggggcgtg actgatcata cttcttatgc tgggggggat    162300
     gctgaagcag gaggattgct gcaagcatga agccagattg agctaaagta agaacttatc    162360
     tcaaaaaaac aagcaagcaa acaccccccc cacacacaca cacaccaaaa agaaagtgac    162420
     aagacccagc acttggcttg gctgggatct gggcagctca ctgtgaacac tgtgaacatc    162480
     cccatgaacg atcctgaaca gcagtgttgc tgacagcttt tggcactaag ctcaaagtct    162540
     tgtcagcagg gttctcccta gtccaaatca ccttagaact gaaggaattt ccccaacccc    162600
     ttcaaacagc tctctgtgag cggtaagggg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    162660
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtaaactga ggaattttag tcagtttggt ggcagagaat ggggccaaag    162720
     gtgtatctga gggtgcaaac ccaccaaggt ttggggagcc tataggactg ggatggagac    162780
     tacagaaggg agcacaggct tggtttgcct tgttaaccca ggatggaccc agtcctctga    162840
     attcttgctg cttctttgta gcctgggtga agggctcctg tggcaaagct ggtagactca    162900
     ggtgggaagg aagcacttgg cagacaaagc taaatggcct aaatggccgg gatcctacct    162960
     ttaacctagt cttgcctctg agctttcata taccctggct acaacctcac tgctgacagc    163020
     ttgcaaatct gtcccaccca ggcctccctc ctctgctcca gacaagcacc cctcccaatg    163080
     accttggtct ctgggagacc acatccttcc caaatgtgcc tatctatctc ggaggcccca    163140
     gaactagtca gtcaataaag tgcgtataag aaagtgcatg agaagtgagg atctgaatgt    163200
     gatcgtcttc accctcataa aagtccaatg ttgaggctca agcgagatgg ctccttggat    163260
     aaaggtacct gacaccaagc agaatgacct tagtttgatc cactgtgacc ccatggtgga    163320
     gggagggagc tgacgtccat gagtttgttt cctgacttct aaatgtgtgc tggggcatgt    163380
     ctgcctaccc tagcacagaa aataagataa acaagatgaa actgcaataa aaaatttaca    163440
     tgtttgtaat tccagagctg gggaggtaga aataagagga tccctggggt ttctggccag    163500
     ccagcctaga caaagtggcc agcattaggt tcaaagagag gacctaggca gaaggcaact    163560
     gaggaaggaa gacagggcgt tgacctcaca caaaactaca aataaaaagt gtcctgtctt    163620
     gttttaaaga agaaaaatca atgtaaatgc ataggaccag gaagacagcc tgcctgcctc    163680
     tctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tcccttcctt    163740
     cctcccttcc attttcagac gggtgtcatg gagcccacgc tggactggaa cttgctgtgt    163800
     aaggatggtc ttgaactgat cctcctgcct ccaaaccccg agtgctggat gacagtgtga    163860
     catcacgcct catctgagac actgaccatg tcaagggcca cacagacaag ctcagatgac    163920
     tgattggcct tttggggaga agccaggggc aacaccgact tccttgccag gagaaagtgt    163980
     gttcctctta gcttccagct gcctttcatc ccgtcagcca ccacatcaac tgcagtgact    164040
     acccatatca ttacttgttt attgtctgtc ctggttcaag cttaaagaca gagattatgt    164100
     tccttttact tctatatctt ctttccttga gacagactgt catgtagctc aggctagcct    164160
     aagattcgat atgtagctaa ggatgccctt gaatttctga tccttctgct tctctcttga    164220
     gcgctggtat tctgggtatg tgccactata ctctgtttat gtggtgctgg gaaccaaacc    164280
     aagggctttg ggcaggctag gcaggagtcc taccgactga gctacatccc cagcctcacc    164340
     tctgcatctt tagtgtctaa acggtagctg acagctcatt gccactgttt gctgggtgaa    164400
     taaacggtta tgcttgttca tcacccaaaa tccacgcttg gttgagaccc tcagcgcttg    164460
     cctgtgctcc tgtcctcacg aaacttcctt cctgtgaacc agcaccctcc ccacccctac    164520
     cctggcccct ctcccatcct cagcccttct tcagatattc tcttgccctg ggttgcttca    164580
     ggggttgact tgtaagcaaa gcagcctgtg tagtcctcaa ggtaggtcct tgcatggtga    164640
     gacactgaca tagatggagc gggacaaagg gacaaaacag gcttttctgt gtgtttaccc    164700
     actaagcagg ggtcccaagt tgccagtggt cacagtgtga cctttctcca tagaaaacta    164760
     tattgtttat ttcccatagg taccccaggc cccaagtact gtggattgtg catctttgtc    164820
     acctatgtgt gcctcccatc catctcagag acacctgcgg ggcaagaagt aggcgatcca    164880
     ggtagcacta ctgagtcaag tgtaaaatgt ggatgggggg gtggggtggg gcacatcttc    164940
     atctagcttc ttctaccatc ccccatgtcc aggaaaggat ctgacaaacc agcaaagtaa    165000
     ataaataatt tagaaataat aaatagggct tcggcttcca caagtgaaca cgggactggt    165060
     ttcagcacag gctggtccag caacgcgact acaatgtata tatgtatata tatctcttca    165120
     aaattcattc cccaggacag agggccattt ctggattctc ccagaggagt tctctttagc    165180
     tgaggtttct cctgtctgta gagctgtgat ccatgaacaa cttgggactg ttggtcagtg    165240
     gttccgacat ctttcactct gtctgtcatg ccgacgacgt ctgtcactca ccggcctggg    165300
     gcctgagctc tgcagcctcc atatcctgct gagttgaggc tcctggttag tgaggcccgg    165360
     tggagctgtt ccaggtaggg caacacatgg gtctagtgtg caaaggcttg gagatagatc    165420
     atcctcagcc cagacagccg caggcagtgg cggagaggtg gtccacggtc ctccaggtgc    165480
     tgttcacgtc catgaaggag acggcctcat agcgagtggg ccggcagcag ggctggctga    165540
     tcggccggga cccgggaggc gaccgtaggg ccccagcgcc cagtaggctg gccagactga    165600
     gatcgtgctg ggagcgtgct cggcggcacg agccgctgca gaagcggaaa cgtatcagct    165660
     cgtcggagct gtggcctagg ccgagcgcac tcaccggcac cagctgcgag cgcaggcggc    165720
     agccgcgcgc atctgtggtc cgtgcgcggc tgctccgggt tcctgcacgc gccgcgcgtg    165780
     ccccgcggag cgcagcggga ggagactgga gcgcgggacc aggcggcggg ggtgcgggct    165840
     gaggagactg aggcgggggt cgcagggttc tttcgctgca caaatgcgca gtgtgtcccc    165900
     ctggaatgag gcttagtcac tttcggaggt gtgggtgggg ggtgtctaga gctagcctcg    165960
     cccttgcccc gccctgtcgc gctctcacct accaggcagg tggtccgtgg ggggcgccaa    166020
     gaccggtgag ggaccgtcgc gagcggcggg gctgcgggac attgggtcca gggaagcttc    166080
     tgtgacgcag ctcagcaggg ctagaacagc tagggttggc caccaggctg actgcacaga    166140
     gaaaaggaga cttagggagg aacaggacac tttgggggtc gggagggggt cttgtcttgc    166200
     ccagatcaga gaccagtcta gtcgggctcc tagctgggtg gcagagtgta aggaagggct    166260
     tagatttaat aggcatttgc tgctcccagg agcccagggg aggaattacc tgagggcacg    166320
     gaccatcagg agaaatcccg ttcctttcct ccaattacgg cccctccctc ttggcatttc    166380
     ccctttcata tctgatccct gcggccctaa gctatgtcct actctctttt tttccaagga    166440
     aagccagcga ctcacctgcc acctaggccg gaggcagtgg gacaatgcag taggctctgc    166500
     aagtcccagt tccatagctt tcggctccag aagctcccat cagaagcctt cgtggacccg    166560
     tttccccacc ctcttcctgc ggcagcttgc aaactgaaag atgagttagt tatcctttgg    166620
     ggtattcctc cttccactcc agtctctcga agcgacccag gaggttggag tagctagagt    166680
     caactcagca gcggtagctg cgatggagaa ccttgctctc tgtgttaggt gcttggcagg    166740
     acctgttcct tcgcgatgcc acaaggtcaa tcaatggctc acttctccag atgggcaaac    166800
     aaagctcagc tgagctcaga gatcgtctaa ggcctcaggg gggagactca cacagctgtg    166860
     gtcctgtctt ctaagaccct tctgctctgt acttcagggc tgaaggtacc agggtggttg    166920
     gagaaagtag taacttgagt tccttccact ccatgctcag cgttcactcc ataccttggg    166980
     ggaggaagca gagccctgaa gaatttgagt gtcagttggt cacttggatt atctgatgac    167040
     ttgcaatctt ctttctggac ccagtgtcac ctgaattctc tcttatgccc acagatgtct    167100
     cccaagagct tgcctattat ctggggaagc gatggtcctt ctgaaaacac agggcctgga    167160
     ccatggcttc ctgtggccac cagggggcag agcttgtcaa gcctgcggat ttaaggggag    167220
     ggggcttttg cacacgctct gcacatttag gtctgagcca ttgccagaag gaccagctag    167280
     tccttcacac caacctggtc tcagagggct gaaccactcc gagatccggc ccaagcctgg    167340
     accatctgcc tcctgtggat ctggccccct agccttgctc ctaggagttt cccccataaa    167400
     ccatccttcc tgaccccagc ccgcacctcc agtctttgtg aaccactgct cttggacccc    167460
     tagaactttt aagaattctc attagttagt ctcttcttgg gtcccagatg taaccctcca    167520
     tccttttgct ggcacacaga atacatggag agggggagcg acatatgatg actccaggat    167580
     aagacacaca cctcccaggc ctttatctag ttcctccaga gctaggcgtg tgcccgttgg    167640
     ctaactagat taaaatccct agagaccaga ctggctacta ttctctcaga tggagggaaa    167700
     gtcagacaag gcagccctgg gatatctgcg ctagggggag cctaggagca agtccctcga    167760
     ggacagctct gaccaatttc tcctttctta ccatttggga tatttggtcc tccagccctt    167820
     gccaccccta tccaccagcc ctatactcac caaaggggtc ctggtccgtg tccttctagg    167880
     cgcctctcct gggaccagtg ctgggctttc ccccgaagct caagtggatc atgcccagag    167940
     ttgtgcacct ggcagcgcct cttttagtta aaagtggggc cttggcagcc ggtctgtgcc    168000
     ctgtggcggc agcgggagcc tcacattaca gccagccagg agggttaaca cagtccaaga    168060
     agctagcgac aagaactgga ggggctggga ggggcaaaga gctgcgctga gggcccagaa    168120
     gagagaggct gagagaaaag tggggaggaa gacctttctg ccctttctcc tgccctttga    168180
     gcgtccatca aggggatggg caagaaggct ggcttacctt gggtgcaggg ctccaagccc    168240
     cagtcgcagc gagggctggg gcccgaggga cttgttgctg gcagagcccg cgggccgcat    168300
     ctgggggccg agcccaactc catccctcag cagcctcctg cccgccgccg tccggtgtca    168360
     aattccagcc ccggcgtcac cagatcccgg ggtggggccc agagcgcccc cgccccgccc    168420
     cacctttcag ggctcacctg gccgctccac cctccggatc cggtccccgc tggctaggct    168480
     aggtccctct aggtgggggc tagacatttg gagaagaccc caggaggcag agtagagatc    168540
     gcgggctgca gcgagacgct gaaactggga attcgaagtt ggtagtcaag caaagtaggg    168600
     aactgggagg cctggccgag ggcgggagag cgcgagggag ggcggcgaag gaggggcagc    168660
     ctgaaggaga gttccaactt gggctgcgca gacatggggg ttctggctag ctactctgta    168720
     tcctcaagtg gtgactccgg gaccctcaga aggttcagct gcctcggagc gacagggctc    168780
     tgcgttgggc tcccacggtc caaggatacc ctgtttgctc agttttaggg tcggggcctc    168840
     agagggactc gcgcacatcc agtgaaggca gtgaatgatt gtgtgtgtgt tgggggtggg    168900
     gggtgggtgc gaccagggat gaagaatcag aggacctcag agtattgaac tggagtctga    168960
     gatgcgatga ggcaatttgg caggtgtctg gaggttggtt gatggccatg atcagaattg    169020
     ttctaccaac tagtctggag ttcatcacga agatgctgga aactactgac ctagtctgag    169080
     tgtggtcatt ttcgttgaat gcctgcactg gagagagtgt ggttttgaga caagcaagac    169140
     agaagaggga tgcaggctgc tggggacaat aagataaacc ctgagcaggg ttgtggggag    169200
     ttgggggttc caggacccaa tcccctacat tcctttttgc ctgattggac aaagtgaggt    169260
     ggtaaaattc taggaactgg ctttccctag gagagggtca gatgtggggt tggcggttgg    169320
     gggaggggga catgtgaaac cagtgttgga catgctgaat tagaagggtc tgtggactct    169380
     cctgctagaa atgccccaga agcagctaaa tttgtagccg ggagtaaagt gaaggcagtt    169440
     gggctaatga tgacaacttg gtatttgcca accaatacgt gcaaaaacag atgctgagag    169500
     tggggaaggg tacccagtgc atggacccga tgtgccctga tcatgtacca gcacctctgt    169560
     ggaccttgaa gaactaccca tggggctgga gagacagctc agtgggtaag agcactgaac    169620
     tgctctcccc aaggtcctta gttcaattcc cagcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatct    169680
     gtaatgggat ctgatgccct cttctggtgt atctgaagag agcaatggtg tactcatata    169740
     tatatataat aaatcttaaa aggagaagga ggaggagggg gagggggagg gggaggagga    169800
     gaaggaggag gaggaggagg agaaagaatg gaagaaagga agaaaagaac tacccacatc    169860
     tacccacatc tgggccacat cccaatctga atcagacact tggggtgggc aggtacatag    169920
     ttccaggttt tcacctgtga ttttggcaca tagccagggt tcctaaccac tgattttttt    169980
     gtttgtttgt tttgttttgt tttttttttt tttgagacag gggtttctct gtatagtcct    170040
     gcctgtcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccacctgcc    170100
     tctgctggat taaagttgtg cgccaccaca tccggcccct aaccactgat tttgagagag    170160
     cagttttgtg cagtgcttga ggctgaagtc tgtgagggtt atcctcagac tccacaaggc    170220
     tgcatggggt gaggcacata ggacaacacg gatggacaca cagcacatac atacattttt    170280
     cttttcccat aaaactggct gctgaattga ggtggccgtt gcagctaggg ctaccactga    170340
     caggcatata gctgaagcta tgtgtcccat ttactgtcgt agtggccagt gtctgacagg    170400
     aagctacctc catcattaca tgtctctgat tctcagatct acctggggtt aagagggctc    170460
     agattctaga gcctaaggag gtgaactggg gcagggatgt cctttctaaa gttaccaggg    170520
     gtgtctaggg ctgggttggg ggctttcctg ttttctgttg aagtgcaaat aaggagtggg    170580
     ccacattcat ttctaagggg agccatggat ggcaagaatg gaggtctgtg agtttctctg    170640
     tgttgtgtgg gcctcttttg ctggcctttt aattaatttt gtgtgtttct gtgcctggat    170700
     gtgtgtatgt atacaacaag agccctagag ttcagaaggg gacatcagat cccctggaac    170760
     tggagttaca ggcgattgtg agccttcagg taggtgctag gaattgaacc tgggtccttt    170820
     gcaagaacaa taaatacttt taaccactga gctggaggat tcaaaggtcc tatagtagac    170880
     acgagaagtg aaagggaccc aggagttcat gggctgcaga gaagaccctt gtgttcagtg    170940
     cagtttctgt ttcttccaga aaagtcagag aaaacaacag gaggccagat tcagaggaga    171000
     gctttattgc ttccgtgaga gctgccccgg ctggctgcgg cagcctgggt gaggtcctgg    171060
     agcctcactt ccctctggtc ctgggtagga cccatggagc tggcagtccc agcaagaaac    171120
     ccagaccatc tgacagttca ggaaggatta ctgccccatg gattagggac agctatggac    171180
     ggagccattc attcccgtca ggctgggctg ggccttgcct cctgagttct ctctgctctt    171240
     gtccaagagc tgtcctgttg gctttaaagg gatggctctg gggttcccct gtgggacact    171300
     ggtggctggt gagagggagt acttcatctt ctccccaagg aaggccaaag agtgtcgtga    171360
     gctggagatg gctgacatga gatgctatcc acctcccggt ccctgaagca tggtcaccac    171420
     acctccatcc ttcagggagt tcactggtac cactgtctga tgggccctct agtgggcctc    171480
     tttctgcaca acaagtggac caaatgtgac atctaattta aaaataaatt atccctcccc    171540
     tccccatacc caaattcaca aaatgataat acaccaaaca ctgattagag aaatgattct    171600
     ggtagcattc ttgctaccaa atgtcccacc tcctgcatgc tgggcctgct ggccacagcc    171660
     agtggcctcc tggccctctg gcttcatgga cccaggcagc aaggcagggt gctggtctct    171720
     gaagctggcc tgcagtgggc acagctctgg ttgccttgcc aaggcctcac tggccctcgg    171780
     gtctcttggc actgtccctc tctgggtggg aaggctcctg tgcaggtggc agctgcttgg    171840
     tcctggcgtg agcctctctg gcctggtgtc cggcccactc agataccgct gcttaagtca    171900
     gtgatgacac gtgccttcac tagcttccgc agaaactctt tctctcgctg gatgttgtgt    171960
     gtccaggact agaaggggag agatggagaa gtcatgaagt gggtaatcca gagggctgtt    172020
     gggacacagc cttgcttaac cctgagctgg tgttctcttc cagtcaccac cctctgaagc    172080
     tctgtgactg ggaatacaca ggtacacaat tgttcaacaa tacccctcaa caaacaagcc    172140
     cggcacaccc tcgtcacccc agaggaactc tgccctgggc tccttccaag tcttgagtgg    172200
     tctcagcttc ccagtcccct ctgctcagcc tcttgttccc tcagacaaca gcccacagct    172260
     ccttggcagc acttgggttc tagacaccct gagggcaagg aggtgaatca ctggcccgca    172320
     cagcaagggc aggggctgct gctctggcct gatgcaatcg gttctccagg caggtaacca    172380
     gggagcctca ggagcacacc tcgtctttct ttttaaaaat gctctccttt ttgaagctaa    172440
     acattaaaaa tttatttatg cttgtttgtt ttcaatgtat tattaacttt ctccctctgt    172500
     gtgtctatga tgtgtgggtc tttgaatatg ggcctgagtg gaggtcagag aatgaccctt    172560
     gacaatgcgt ttcctccttc tagtgtgggt tccagagatt ggactcaggt caccaaggct    172620
     tacatggcta atgcttttac ttacggatgt gtctcacttg ctctgggttt ttgagaccga    172680
     gtctcactta gtagcctggg ctggcttcag actcactatg tcatctaggc tggtctcaaa    172740
     ctcatgatcg ttgtacctca gctttccaga tgctggaata cagatgtgag ccaatatact    172800
     catttgcttt attgttctaa ggcagcatct cactaactcc ctttatcttt ttgcctctac    172860
     ctcctaagac catcccacca gactggctcc caaaggctaa gcacttccca taccatcatc    172920
     cttgaataaa ataaacccaa agtgctatac acgtaaaaac ttcatcctac taagttagag    172980
     aagatgccac cttccagggc ttaatgggat tggattcctt ctgattccca gaattctccc    173040
     caggaagctc cgatgactaa ggctctcaaa ggaaaggctt gactgaagga atgaaggaat    173100
     gagtgtcttt agcctcatgg ctcagaccca gctggcctct gcatgtgtca gcactgggcc    173160
     actccacgcc tgtacccaca gatactattt actgtattaa gaactagggg ctgtccagcc    173220
     cttattttga ttcccataac actctccgac cttccaaacc tctggaatct aaaactcagg    173280
     cagtccccaa ccagagaccc tatagtcctc tgctctgagc gtccttgagg cctcttgaat    173340
     gaaccacaga cttggctgcc ctgaagcctc cacatcccca agtggtagtg gtttccttcc    173400
     cgacaatccg acaatccaca gcacaggtgg tccagtctcc ctcagtatcc cccctgatct    173460
     caccatctgt cccctcagac ccctagaaaa acctagacca ggctttgtca ttctgccttg    173520
     ctgctgcctc tggagttgct ctccttgttt cagacccctg ggtgactcac atccattctt    173580
     tgaaggttca aatcatcttt ccagaagttt ctaagggcag ggatggctag acacacagta    173640
     ggcactccat gagatttgtt caatgaaatt acattgatct ctctctctct ctccttcttc    173700
     tctctctcct tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctt    173760
     tctctctctc tctctctctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtaac tgtatgactg tgtgcatatg    173820
     cttgtagagg ggagaggacg gtgttgtcct ggtctatcac tgtatcatat tctctgaagt    173880
     cggggtttct cattcatctt ggagctttgc tggtgttcag caaaccccag tgaccctcct    173940
     gtcagctgct tgtgcagaca tgcctgactt ttttttcaat taaagatttt attttaaatg    174000
     atttatttat tcttactata tatgtattag tgttttgcct gcacgtatgt ctgtgtgagg    174060
     gtaacatcca ctgggactgg agttacagac agttgtgagc tgccatgtgg gtgctagaaa    174120
     ttgaacccag gtcctctgga agagaagtca gtgctcttaa ccattgagcc atctctttag    174180
     tccctggaat tagcgattgt attttcatca atatttaata gtgcaaaaca gaaattccaa    174240
     acaaatttaa attctcctat gaattccttc cttgactaag aaattgaaaa ctattggaat    174300
     gaagacagat ctctccttga ctgcttgccc tgattttact gccctccaca gttaatgggc    174360
     ttttatggtt gaagctttga ctaagctggt ggcttgttat ctgtgctaca aattgaaggg    174420
     agccatcaaa tacaagggtt tgtctcttag aaggtaggtg aaagtccatt agaaaggctt    174480
     tcatctttgt tgaacctctt gactaaggag accatgttag acctaggaca gcaaaattac    174540
     tagaaaataa aaagaatttg tttataaacg atggggaaaa acttgccctc tgactttcat    174600
     tactccctca tttctgtcaa aaaagatgaa gatgaccctt ccttttgcga attcttgggg    174660
     tatatcacct tttgcggctt ctaaacaata acatgaagat caaggagatg aggcaaagct    174720
     cccttggtag gggagcaaca ggaaactgtt agaaactgga ctatgtcggg gttgaagaga    174780
     tggctggtta aaagcactgg ctgctcttcc agtggacctg ggttcagttc ccagcaccca    174840
     catgacagct cacaactgtc tgtaactcca gatctagtgg atctgacagc ctcacacaga    174900
     catgcataca ggcaaaatac caatgcacat gaaaataagt aaattattaa aaaatactga    174960
     attaaaaaaa aaggggggct ggtgagatgg ctcagtgggt cagagcacct gactgctctt    175020
     ctgaaggtct ggagttcaaa tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca tctgtaacaa    175080
     gatctgactc cctcttctgg agtgtctgaa gacagctaca gtgtacttac atataataaa    175140
     taaataaatc ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaag ttgaactgct ccccccaacc ccccaaactg    175200
     gttaaaattt acacaactcc tttgccctgg gaaaaaaaac caaggtaaaa aaaaccaagc    175260
     tacatagaag agtgagccca gagctcttta aacttttacc ccagaaaaat gatggagcag    175320
     tacatcgggc tccagacaca gtgaggagtg gccacaggga agaactctag aaacctaaaa    175380
     gcaagcacgt cagctatgat gacagcactc ggatggttcc agatgagagg gtggtggagc    175440
     aggccgcagg aacctctttg ccacctggga atgcagttac actcgcagac tatctgatgt    175500
     aactgtgtgg aacttccgag tccactggag tatggataca gcttcaggag aactgatgag    175560
     gtcaggtggg gctggtgagg tggctcagca gggaaaggca ctcgctgctc aagcccgaca    175620
     acttgaggtt tatccttagg agtcatatga aggtccacgg ctgacctctg acattcggac    175680
     ttcttgggat ttgaacttag gtcctcatgc ttatgcagga ggagccacct ccctggactg    175740
     aaattagatt ttacaggcaa aaagcaaagc acagcagttg ctgccaccgc caccgccacc    175800
     gccaccgcca ccgccaccgc caccaccacc agcaccacca ggttcattag aatggccaag    175860
     cagggattca agcaaagatg ggcactcata aaactgttta tactgcgtct tctctttctc    175920
     ccagcagaag tcaccaaggg atgagtcagt ttcaagagca cccactagga gtcactgagg    175980
     gctaacaggt caatagagta ctggatattc cactacatta ggaaattatt aactttttta    176040
     catgtgatat cagagtggtt cttatctttt agagttacag aatttctaac cttaatgctg    176100
     ggtctaaaag ccattttccc agtagttatt gggaagggga gcatgagggg aaagacttgg    176160
     ccatgtctgg gtaactggga catgggaact ctgtgctctc caccagccta cgcttatgaa    176220
     ggtgctggac agtttgcttc cctgatcaaa gagtaggcac ggggatgcag agatggctca    176280
     ggggttaata gcacgtactg ctcttgcagg ggatgtgtgt tcagttcctg gcaatgctgt    176340
     cagcggctcc cagctaaaac ttcagctccg ggagatctga caccctcttc tggtctcagt    176400
     ggaaacctgt actcatgtgc gtacatagag ctttattccc agaacacata tagcatatca    176460
     gcacatatag acacagtaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    176520
     cacacacact taaaactaaa tcttgaatga aagagaaggc acaaaagttt gtcctggatg    176580
     tagcttttag accagggact gtctgcccca ttctgggctc tttcctagtc cctcctccac    176640
     acaggtgagc tgggagcctc ctggagccag acactgctgt gcactaaggc aggatgtgac    176700
     cagacttctg tgcatccact gcagtccatg ttttcagcag ggtctctctt gatagtcctt    176760
     attttaattc atttatttta tctcaagata tgtgggtttt tttttttttt cgagacaggg    176820
     tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctaactttgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac    176880
     tcagaaatcc gcctgcctct gcctcccaaa tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgt gccaccacgc    176940
     ccggcgatat gtgttttttt agctgggcat ggtggcacat gcttttaatc ctggcacttg    177000
     agaggcaaag gcaggtggat ctccgtgttc aaggctagac tagtctacag tgagtaccat    177060
     gacagccatg gctacacaga aaaaccctat ttcaaaagaa aaaaaaaggg agagagagat    177120
     tcattttttt aatgagtgag tatgtatgta tgtatatatg tatgtatatg tatataccat    177180
     gtctgtaagt gtctacatgc tatacgtgag ttgggaataa agttgtatgt cttcttaact    177240
     actgagcctt ctctctggat ccagccccat cttttctact cctcctgagg cagggtttca    177300
     ctcaagctct ggctggcctc aaactcacag agacccacag agattaaagg cctgtgctac    177360
     aatgcccagc ctaatgctga ttattaaggg ctagaccaag agatggctca gcggttaaga    177420
     gcactgactg ctcttctaaa gttcctgagt ttaattccca catggaggct cacaaccacc    177480
     tgtaatggga tccaatgacg ccctcttctg gtgtgtctga gacagctaca gtgtactcat    177540
     taataaaaca aataaatctt ttaaaaaaaa aggctagacc aaagctgagg aatgtggaga    177600
     ggggagggga ggggagggga gaggtatgga gcattaagca gtaagaaatt aggttctggg    177660
     ctggtgagaa ggctcagagg gtaagagcac caactgctct tccgaaggtc tgaagttcaa    177720
     atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atccgtaatg agttctgact ccctcttctg    177780
     gtgtgtctga agacagctac agtgtactta catataataa aaataaacaa atcttaaaaa    177840
     aaaaaaaaga agttaggttc ttctttcaac acaaaaggtt tctgatcaat cagaccatgg    177900
     tggagaataa tagtgcttgc tatgtagcct aagacctgag tttgatccca gaacccacca    177960
     tgggaggaga aaagagtctg aaaagctgtc ctctgacttc cactggcgaa ccatggtaca    178020
     atgcacccca caacagtaat aaatgagaca aagaagaagg catctccagt ccatcagctt    178080
     tagcattctt gagacgggag gtgaaggcag gagggggagt gaagggttta atggggggaa    178140
     gagtgcagag gagctgtttc tgcaaccaca cccaccctcc aggctcagag agaggccacc    178200
     ccagcagatg ctgaggcctg agaaggcttc accttacccg tctcccagcc atatcctggc    178260
     tgtgggattg aggggtccgg agagctagaa gctacttgta ccgacggttt gcctgggagc    178320
     ttgctaagtg agctctgtgc ctggtacagg gaagggtgga gtgggtatgg gggtcttcct    178380
     gggagcaaga ggcattgttc acttgtgggt catgtaaggg gcaaagaagg ggcaaagggt    178440
     cttcccgggg aaggcggtct gtggaagagg acgatctgag ctggggacaa gagactaaaa    178500
     ctgacagttg tgtagcaagg aggtatggta aggcactggg caaggggcag gaggcccatg    178560
     aagggaacat tcagggatag agcccaaaag ggggtgggga gggggcgggg gttctaggcc    178620
     cagggcaggc cgggaagagg atgcacagac agctagaaga ccgcatgctg ggtagactgc    178680
     agtggctgct tagctgtgag tggtccttcc aggaactctg ggcagcaaaa gctgctgcca    178740
     gttcccctta gcattcattt atacaatgcc agaattcacc ctttgtactg gatgcccact    178800
     tccggcttca cccaaagact gcccctttgc ccagtcctca cctctttgat ggctgccatg    178860
     cgcacagttt catagtagtg caggggtgca ttgggtgtgt tcatgtcata gccaaagccc    178920
     gcgactgcca cttcatcaca gccgtgtagt gccatggtca ctgccacact gccaagggtt    178980
     gggatgttct ggagggagag aggaagcagg gagagttctg tggagggggt ggggaagatg    179040
     gggctgagac cgccattgct aatcaagccc acttccaaga tgggccttct tccccagggg    179100
     gcctctttcc ccaagcactg ctaccacttc ccttccaagg ctcctccgcc tagacttcct    179160
     cctcttcccc tcccaggaat ctcacccctc tgcccatgag gccgttgttg aagggcagtc    179220
     caatgagagt gaaggcagcc tcctggatga agtatgggtt gaggatgcgg atctcagggg    179280
     gctccttggg cactcgggtg gccacggact tccagaagcc atcagatgca ctctgtagac    179340
     aacagagcac aaggagacat gcgctgggca cctggtgatg tgctcagagg agaggggata    179400
     tgtattgaag gacaatccga ggtctggggt agaaaccagc acaggaaggc ttcggcagat    179460
     caggggtcat gggacgtgtg accaacatat atgtgttggg gaaggatgaa catatggtag    179520
     acccatggtc tgtaagaaag gacacaaagg gagttttgag gcaaggtgtg ggacaccgtt    179580
     gggagtgctt ctctggcctg agtgttgggt cgggtatcct tgggccacaa gggagacctg    179640
     caggcccagc tgtcccaccg ccccaccaga agctagagcc caccagaagc ctgccctctt    179700
     ttgcctatct gctctgttga gctcgccgag cccacctcct tctgtctttc ttggctctca    179760
     gtcaactgcg ctaaagtgga cctggaaaat aaagacactg catgagctat cacagaacat    179820
     cacagcaaca ctcagacccc agtcctgcgc ttgaccagag ctggggcttc agccctgttg    179880
     tgtgcagaat agatcattct ctctgttgtg tgcagaatag ttcactctct ctcacggagc    179940
     ttggtcataa atgtggaatc actgcctctg aaagatccca gtgtctgacc ggagcccaca    180000
     gactcctctc tttagcctct cccttcctcc tatccaacct cacagagacc tctgacctcc    180060
     agcttttcct ggtctagatc ccaattcagt cacttcagct actctctcat gagctcccct    180120
     ctctatcctt acaccagggc cttcagtatg ctggagggag cagtgagtcc agcaggggcg    180180
     caccattact gtggcttcta aagcagaaag tctggtactt gcctagggga catgaaagaa    180240
     ccaactaaac ttagagtgga aaagaactga ccacatcaag agggcacaat caccaagtac    180300
     aagaaaagag gctccgtggg taaaggcgcc tctccctacc ctgaccactg gagtttgact    180360
     tcagaaccca cagggtggga tgagagaacc aagatgttct ttgaccccca taggcatcca    180420
     cacatgtata caagtgtgta tgtgtgtctg tctgtctctc ctacccacct cacacagaca    180480
     tagacacaca cacatacaca cacacagaca cacacactaa ataaatatag attaaaaaag    180540
     gagagatgcc ccattttcaa gcacctttac ctgctggtcc gcctcactgg ccctaaaagg    180600
     ctgttttact tctctccctt tcttttttct ccagcactgg ggatcaaatc cagagcgtca    180660
     agcctgttag taaatgttct acgattaaac cacacgccca gtccaacttt ataagcattc    180720
     ttatatatat gtacttcaga acatacacag agtgcacaga cacatagagc ttaagataaa    180780
     taaatccccc cccaaaataa tacaagcaaa ttcaagagag aaacaaacgt gtggagaaaa    180840
     gtttatcaca aacaataaga ggttcatgtt ttaaaagtcc atgaaaacca gccagacatg    180900
     gtgatgtatg cttgtaatcc cagtacctag gagtctgagg cagacggatg atagccttgg    180960
     cttctaagga ggctagcttg ggctacatag taagaccctg tctcaacaac acccctgctc    181020
     caacagacaa acagaaaacc aaaaactatg aaacaaataa acaaacacaa tgagatctca    181080
     tagaaatggg tagaagatgt aagagaaggt taagcggcta cctagggcca ttctcaggct    181140
     agctaagcat aaggccaatt ccccatcctc ctagctttat tacagtggtc catatggtgt    181200
     gaaatgccag gaaagtctcc aaaagtttgc caaagtagtg cagctgagga atactggata    181260
     catccccata aaggaaaagc cagacatcag aactacgttt tcacatagat atcatttgac    181320
     atctacattg tcacatcttt tcctccttcc tgtctcctct ctctactcca tccgtcttct    181380
     gagccagagc ctgggagtac aggcaggttc tcctgtactc cctggcccat cctgctctgc    181440
     catctgcttc ttgcatctta ttccataaac aatggctctc ccgcaaagcc actgttgcca    181500
     ccccaggttc acgtcttatt actggcccac tccatgtctg ctaagcaccc cagagccctg    181560
     gagaaggaac ggaacatatg tgacacgtga aaacgatcgt gaaattccag ttgcttattt    181620
     aacacacatg gaattgagta cccagaagct cagtctctgc ctcctgggcc acattaccct    181680
     gccagaatga tctttccaag tacaaaccag ctcgtatcag tggggcggcc actcagctca    181740
     caccccaagc cctccgcagc cactgctagc tgactcctcc atgcctctgc gactgctcat    181800
     cgccagtacc cttgccctgt acccacccga tgcatccacc cagacctgcc tcctgctcat    181860
     ctcctctgag atcctgtacc ccaaggaaaa agcccctcct agtgtctgag agatgacaac    181920
     atagagttaa gggctttggt cctgggcttc agcttcagct ctgctccctg ggactctgag    181980
     cacagaagag attcctaatg gttaaaccag agacactcag tatttaccat tcgggctact    182040
     gggaggatta tccagggctg ggctcttctc tgactaattt ctgtagccca gggcccagca    182100
     cagcttgtgc agggcacggt tactgaaggg gctacaagag tctcctgtag ctccttcatt    182160
     ggcctcagga gcagaatggc acccagttgg tttgagcccc tcatccctgc ctctgcttca    182220
     aacattttcc ctttgtctcc cacccaaggc aacatttctt tctctggcag ctgtttcctc    182280
     ctttcatcgg tcagatcaaa ggacaagccc ttgaggccaa attctgggtc tcagcctatt    182340
     acattaatca actaggtgcc agctcgtgcg gcttctgcgt ccctccctag gtctgtggct    182400
     gtgtgtgaaa ggagtaaagg tggggtcagc agggtgacat aggaccagca tggatgagaa    182460
     caggctgagc catgggatgg tgtgatggag aagccccttc ctgaacaggc cagcctgtga    182520
     tggataacca cgagtggcag atgtgctggt cacatgtctc agacctgtct tttctctaga    182580
     gctcagcagg ccccaacagt ccacccccag ggcctgcagg ggtgggggag gggaggtatg    182640
     agcctccatc acttatctct tctttcatct acttcataga cacaagcgaa acatgttcaa    182700
     agtcacacaa cctatgagtt tgtgcctaga ctgaaaccta gtgtcttggt cccaagacag    182760
     gtgtctttct gccaggccat tatatgctgt tcctgcttag ggagtctgca gcacagatga    182820
     aagacatctc ccctaaacag aacaacattg gcttgtgctg taagatcaag aattgacacg    182880
     tgggacctca taaaattgca aagcttctgt aaggcaaaag acactgtcga taagacaaaa    182940
     aggtcaccaa ctgattggga aaggattttt accaatccta aatctgatag ggaactaata    183000
     ttcaatatat acaaagagct caagaagctg gactccagaa attcaaataa ccccattaaa    183060
     aatggggttc agagctaaac aaagaattc                                      183089