ID   AL627123; SV 13; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 185022 BP.
AC   AL627123;
DT   16-OCT-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 25)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-351I23 on chromosome 4
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-185022
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Tracey A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 95f6caad3b85235272ceb9bd4e2f1ffd.
DR   ENA-CON; JH584273.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456111.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000029032; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000039410; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000057751; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000097871; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029194; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029197; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0029159; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0029162; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0029107; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0029110; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0029175; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0029178; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028896; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028899; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029624; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029627; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028309; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028311; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028312; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028858; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028861; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0029007; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0029010; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028971; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028974; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0029097; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0029100; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028998; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0029001; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029656; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029659; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0028029; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0028031; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0028032; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028389; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028392; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL627123.13:1-185022; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000030897; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000030898; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000030902; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000070313; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000097759; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105636; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105637; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105638; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000124771; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000152159; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000152947; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000154895; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0069711; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0069734; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0069619; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0069642; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0069631; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0069654; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0069289; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0069312; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0070120; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0070142; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0069797; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0069811; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0069822; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0069228; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0069250; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0069366; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0069388; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0069275; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0069298; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0069445; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0069468; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0069293; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0069316; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0070310; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0070333; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0069270; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0069282; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0069292; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0068455; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0068477; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A0A0MQ83.
DR   GOA; A2A930.
DR   GOA; A2A931.
DR   GOA; A2A933.
DR   GOA; A2A934.
DR   GOA; Q3U5C8.
DR   InterPro; IPR000152; EGF-type_Asp/Asn_hydroxyl_site.
DR   InterPro; IPR000219; DH-domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR000742; EGF-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR001214; SET_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR001452; SH3_domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR001849; PH_domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR001881; EGF-like_Ca-bd_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR002049; Laminin_EGF.
DR   InterPro; IPR009030; Growth_fac_rcpt_cys_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR011489; EMI_domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR011993; PH-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR013032; EGF-like_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR013087; Znf_C2H2_type.
DR   InterPro; IPR026710; MDS1.
DR   InterPro; IPR026823; cEGF.
DR   InterPro; IPR035797; ARHGEF16/ARHGEF26_SH3.
DR   InterPro; IPR035899; DBL_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036028; SH3-like_dom_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:1919351; Megf6.
DR   MGI; MGI:2446219; Arhgef16.
DR   MGI; MGI:3642713; B230104I21Rik.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q3U5C8; ARHGG_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0A0MQ83; A0A0A0MQ83_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A2A929; A2A929_MOUSE.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A2A931; A2A931_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A2A933; A2A933_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A2A934; A2A934_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-351I23 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..185022
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-351I23"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    24995..25254
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    25255..25255
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 350bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    45044..45044
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 600bp by restriction digest data."
SQ   Sequence 185022 BP; 41094 A; 47633 C; 50811 G; 45484 T; 0 other;
     gaattcaagg ctaaactggt ctctacagtg agcttgagca cagccaaggc tagtggaggt        60
     gtggggggag tgctttttag gaaaatgaga gcagttgttc tccaagtgtg aaaaaaatgg       120
     aactgcagcc tcgcctcttg tctccttggg atgaactgcc aagcaaagtc caacccagag       180
     tgtcatcagg gttgtgactc agtgacattt tagcacactg ctggtggaag ccacggcggc       240
     agggtggacg gaggaaggga aaatcctagg agatcctagg aggtgggtgc tgtagccacg       300
     ggttctggcc tggtgtgaat accactcaat tcgtgaaaac tcaggactaa ataaataaat       360
     atatgtgtgg gccaggcatg gtggcacatg cctttaatct ttagcattca ggagtcagag       420
     gcaggtggat cttttagttc aaggccagaa tggtctacag aaagagttcc aaggcagcca       480
     gagctatata gagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa acaaaaacaa aaaaacaacg aaatgtttgt       540
     gtgtggtgta ttaatgtttt gctttaataa atatatttgt gtttcacatg atgctcaatg       600
     tccacagagg ctcagaagag gacattggat ccctaggaat tagagttaca gagcattgag       660
     tgactggcca tgtgggtgct gggaatcaaa cccaggtcct ctaggagagc agtcagtgct       720
     cttaaccact gatttatctt tccagactca agggcaaatt cgatctttac cctgtgaatg       780
     ggatgatcag accctaaagt ggaatgtgac acgtgaccta ttttcaataa aggatagaac       840
     tgatggccca ccctcctcct gaagccagca ctgtggttcg tcaatatgcc caagcccaca       900
     agagggcgcc atgccaacag tccagttcct gcagatatcc tgaggttctt gacagcacat       960
     ttaaggcagt tgcagctaaa ttccaaagta actaaaagga actggataga ttaacctcta      1020
     aattaatttg gaacaatgac caagaattgc cattataaga ccaacaagat tcctcggcag      1080
     gtaaaagtga ctgttgacaa gcctaatgac ctgggtttga cccccgtggc acacatcata      1140
     gaggaaaagg accagttcca tcaagttgtc ctctgatccc tacacgtgca cagcggcaca      1200
     tgtgataccc aataaatgaa tgagtctaat aaaaaaattt aaaagtatct gcagggaaaa      1260
     ccaagtaacg gatttctcag acctatggat acagctatgt aaagccaata cccagagtta      1320
     tatcaggaag gtctcagtgg ccagctcttg ctctgtcttg ttccagcaag gaaggacaac      1380
     tgacacaaca attctagatg cagtcattgg aaacacccag aagcgggtgc tgcatgtgtt      1440
     gagctaggag agaatatgat atcagtagta tcctggtgac cagctagcca ttcgtcctct      1500
     ccctgaatgg cagacaggga tggactccga gtgagaaaat acacacaaca gattgaacaa      1560
     cagagcaagc agccaccttc ctgagccaag tgccttatgc attttcacag gcatgtttac      1620
     atgaggacat tatcatgcaa gtacttgatg aacccggagt gcgctctccc cctcgactcg      1680
     cccctgcact tatttctgag tgatggggag acaagccgag tgcacacctc gtggaattga      1740
     gccgccctgt tgaccatgtt gtgactgtca ctccagcccg tgagacaatt tgaaataatc      1800
     atgtccaacc agctgtcgta atttgttagc tgtaaagttg caatatgctt gctgtgagtt      1860
     acagaactgt attaaataca ttgtcatttg attcctagtt ttatgggggc atttttgttt      1920
     gtttatttgg ctggttttaa gataaggtct cgtctggccc ggtatggcat taaacttctg      1980
     cttaccctga ctcctccccc accccgcccc ctgccccccc cccccccccc cccgccaggg      2040
     caagtgtgtg tagtgctgga gatttgacct tggaaagcat gctaggcagg cactctacca      2100
     actgagttat atccccaggt cctgattaca atgacagact gtaagtgtcc tctctgctcc      2160
     actcttgtgt tgggcaatca gatgctcaac catcacccat gctctgagga gccagactgg      2220
     acaggaaaag ggtctgtctc tctggggctg gggtgaggct ccagccaaca tctgtctaag      2280
     tgacaggtgc ttggagtgtg tggtccatgc ttcatctacc cacacctgcc cgggaacaag      2340
     gactctgtcc ggggatagtg gacagaccac acactgccca tgtgtacgcc acccacctta      2400
     agagacacat gctcgtctta acctaaccac aggaagcacc tgatacccgc caggactctt      2460
     cacctggcac agaggcctgg tgcctggacg ggacatgggc agagatggaa tagcctaggg      2520
     tcagtaaagc tctgacccaa ggaaaccttc aagttgaagg ggtttaggaa ttcacgcagg      2580
     aggccacata cctttgtaaa attagcaaag ccattttact tcgtattgtc tctcttcagt      2640
     aagggcccca cataggtttc gggatactaa aagcacgccc cctcccccac ccaaggagcc      2700
     gagaaaattt cacccactca cctccagact ctggtcctgg ggcacggttt cacagagcag      2760
     gtggtgaact tcttcaggtc cccatccctc atgcacacaa gcattcacac acgccagcgc      2820
     cgggagagac agaggtacag aggagcaagc ttaagcgcct gggcccagtg tacagttcct      2880
     gtacttctcc acagtggtgg gcccctggct gaggagggat atgagatgaa ttcctgggtg      2940
     cagacattgg gagtccccca gagggctcgg gtcagcctct gctactgaga tccagggagg      3000
     gtctggtgat gggtttgagc agaagggtga gtcccagcac aacaatgcag ggcaaactgg      3060
     ggtcctgttt ggggcatcag gtggcaagtt ccaggaccca ttgccctcca gaatctgtct      3120
     gtctatccat ctctccctcc ctccttcctt acttccctcc cttctctatt tcccctgagg      3180
     ttatactcct ctatgtttac tgctcagatc tgaaacctga gttttctaaa ctcactccac      3240
     tcccttcctt gccctcggtt ccgcatctgg gccagcagca ggtctaagct gacagcacct      3300
     gcccagtaat gagacccaca gtcttttgaa atgcgaactt ttgcagcggc atttccaggt      3360
     cccccagcca gaggccccct caagcacttg cttcagggga agaggaggct ggaacaccta      3420
     ccgcactcct cagggatggt ggaagagggc aggctgggtc cacccatcat gtaaaagggc      3480
     aggcacacct ctccagtagg acaaggagga gctgatcctc acacaactat ctgcaactag      3540
     tgaggtccgc taccataccc tcatgggact ctcccagctc agcttcacaa agagcccctc      3600
     tgagtgtttg ataagtcctg gactaagaga tgccacgtac agcgctggtc agtctgcccc      3660
     taaccgcgga gaaagtcaaa tcaaatcaaa gccaggctta aaagacaata aatacctggt      3720
     gcagggagtc gcctcacctc ctagacccct atgcaggtgc ctagtgggac ctacacgccc      3780
     actccacccc atgctaccgt cccaaagcac tcagtacaga actgggaata cgaaagccca      3840
     gagggtggtg tgttacctaa taaagtcagt acccaaagga agtgcccaga ggcactcaga      3900
     ggctgtcccc ccctctacct cccgctctac tatccctccc tgcttctggg acagcggtgg      3960
     cgggcgcgcg gacgaggggc caagggaagg tgactgcaac tccaagaatc caagggtgcg      4020
     cttgcagagg tctcagatct ggatagagcg gtgtttacga agtatggacc gcgcagactc      4080
     gacagaattg ttcacttggt tggggtcaga cctgggactc tcggttgcag agagagggag      4140
     cgcaagtgaa attggaaagc tttaggggaa agtactggga agcgagctta gccttaaagg      4200
     taggaccagg agccggagag gggaggggct gaagcggggc tggaagtggg ctctccctat      4260
     tgggattgtc tgggcggggc cgaaggcgga acgggcgtgg cttgggctgg gggtggggcc      4320
     aaaaggggcg ggagcggggt cgggaaagag ggggctgggg tcgggccggg gggcgtgcgg      4380
     cgggcgggcc tgacgtctgc tgcgtcccgc tccgagtttg ctctccatca ctcctggcaa      4440
     gtgtctggcc gcgccgaacc gagcgcgaag gtctcggagg tccgggcaac tgtcccatct      4500
     gcacctgcgg gaacctcgcg ccccgcacct ggcgcgactg ggttgtggtg ctccgctgtc      4560
     ctctgggggt atggcgcccg tgaagacagc gtctactggc cgtaagggcc gcctgtgagt      4620
     cgaagatccc aggaccgagt gggagcgcga ccgcgcgcac tatgcctgtc ggggtggagg      4680
     cgagggcgtc ttggcgcgtg gtggccctga cgctgctgct gctccccgcc gtgcctgcag      4740
     cctcccagcc gctacccccg cgcccgctgc agccgagcat gtgagtagcg cgagtcgtga      4800
     ggctcctggc ggcgaagctg acccggacag aactcggggc tttgtccctg gggccacaaa      4860
     caatgggctc tttgctttaa ctgaggaggg gatggtctag acccggggtc ccggactgga      4920
     tttggtgccc tcgagtctgc cgcagggccc atagcctccg ggttcccgcc cctgcagcaa      4980
     gggtcctgca gacttagacg gatgccgaac tccggagagg tgaggaatcc aagcccctgc      5040
     ggcgcagggt ccagctgggg agccagcttg gaggcggccg agaggaagca gcctggtccc      5100
     acttcctccc caagctagtc tcctggggtc cgagggcctg cgcaggggcg ggggtgccca      5160
     gagggggctg ccagcactgt tttgtgtgtt aaacacgtgc gctctggggc ctcgggagaa      5220
     ggaattcagt actagaatgg gcaggaagag agggtcaggg agccagcggc gacggattta      5280
     attttgaaag atgattcccc aacaggccgg ttagcggtct ctcttaaact gcaaagcgat      5340
     ccccctctgt tggcctcaaa ggaaaactgg tgcgaagtga gactgagagt ggatgtacag      5400
     atgagaggcc tgccccccct caccagccct tccccgcagg gtgcaaggtg gagccttgta      5460
     aacttggcaa ggctgctggg gcggcacggg gagtggacca gggacccttc aggccctggt      5520
     tggggcttcc attctgccag ttcgggcatc ttctcaccca cagaggagac ttgctgcttc      5580
     tgtccagggc tggcactgac cggtccacta tgtacctggc cgtgaggaca gtgtcatgat      5640
     tccctgggga atgagaggac aagcttccta ctgggacagg tgccctcggg acctcctccc      5700
     tgggtcttgc tttggtcttt gtggccatta caaaaaagag ctggatctga gttggggtcc      5760
     tctcgtctat gaacagaagc aacctatgtc cccgacttcc gctgctcctt cctcttaact      5820
     gagtttgttc ctagggagct tcggtcctag aatgattatt gcactaagcg tggtgggcta      5880
     gggctgccag cctgcctgtc tctttcatgg ttgagagggg ctgcagacac ggtcttcccg      5940
     aggttgggtg gatgcaatct ggcacgagtg gaaactgttg ctggcccttt atgggttccc      6000
     caccctgctc tgtccgttcc tgctgatctc cctgggagtg gagccaaggg cttgctgcct      6060
     gtgtcctgct cacctgggcc caggaagcct ttagctgtta aaaaagctgt tggaattagc      6120
     tgtgaatggg tagcgggaga gcctgactct tcttcctctt gatgcaattt ccagagactg      6180
     ccttcccttc ttcctgcaga agtggctgca tctctgcagc ctgtgcatcc acttgctggc      6240
     tcttctgtgt cccaataaac ctgtgttctc agattgtcca ctttgggtgg gtctgagttc      6300
     caggttgggc taaaaccctg gctctcttcc ccagacctac atctcttggg catctgcaca      6360
     tgggctctag ctggctgggc catcgaggca gtttcatttg gccagaccag tggtgattta      6420
     tctccgtggg ctttgtagga ggggctgctt aatttgctga acacatgcac agcaggtgga      6480
     agccatgaga accagctttt agaggtgacc tcgcaggttt gctcttagtt ccttggagga      6540
     gcaggggagg ggttctggga aggcagccga ggaccctagg aaatacttct tggctgatcc      6600
     tctctgccct gctgcctttc tctcctgggg agttctgatg agctggcagg gcctggcaca      6660
     gctgccgcac ctctttggcc agttttcctg aactgataac tgcagagttt tcacagtact      6720
     ttgccctcct gcccacggcc ccctacagtt ggtgtgcaag ccatgggcct ctgtgggctc      6780
     tagagcagct ctcactccca tcccaggtgc cccgtagacc cccatgagtc tgctggaaca      6840
     gcgtgggtga ttctctggct gctgctgacc acaggtgctc agagtcagtg ggtggagcat      6900
     ggccacctac ttattttttg cctctaagtg acttttcagc ttggaggaag tatgacctgc      6960
     ctgcttcagc tggggtggga atgattgctg aacagcgtag ggttggcatc actccttaag      7020
     ggcttccctg cagccctgtg gaggatggag agaggttgcc catgtgttga agctccgacc      7080
     agctctgctt gaggctgcgc cagccgcttg ttcacataca gcttcaaagc acagggcttc      7140
     ccccagtctg gagccccttt gggcagctag gctgagaaac ccagtgctgg ggctttggaa      7200
     tcagctcacg atgttgaccc tctcctacta cccaggcagg taggaggcaa tccccaccaa      7260
     ctcaagttcc atcttgcaag gtgctctttg ggcatactgg cccggagggc ttaaacagcc      7320
     acattctctg agactgaggc ttcctctagt ttatctctca agtagcccct ctttaggatg      7380
     tgaggacgtt ggatggtgaa tgaccagatg ccccagaaga caggagctgc tgtgcctaca      7440
     gagtgaggtg gggggagggg tggagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtagcagg      7500
     ggaaggactg tgtgtctgct gagcatcctg tgctggtcat gtgcctggca ggaggcacct      7560
     gagggtctct ctctgatctg ccttttcata gtgttgacat gccccagaca accactgggc      7620
     tcctatcctc aaagcctgac acttccccgt gtgcccgctg tacccaggcc aggggtgatc      7680
     catgaggcaa atgaggcaaa tgagggaggt atagacaaat cctcctcctg aagctacaga      7740
     gacagtgtgc ctcccgcttc cacaccttgg tgaaaggtgt cgtcattgcc atgagcttcc      7800
     ctggcctcta actcctgcaa agactgccag cttcttggag cctcactcca tccttcatca      7860
     gaggctctgc agctgggccg aggtcccctc cctctgatgg cactgggtcc accttgtggt      7920
     ttgggctttt cctttcctgc cttggtggga agctgcatga gagggcaagg aacagaaaga      7980
     tgcctttgac ctgctgagga gcttgaatcc cccaccatgt atgcttgccc acacttccta      8040
     gaagaggcac tgtgccatcc cagcccctcg ttcatgccat tgaactgccc tgttgggctc      8100
     ttgtaagagc tttgaagcct ctgggttgct ctcctgtcta tgtagattcc tgcagaccct      8160
     cgtcacatgg ttggagccag tgacatttct ctacatgtca cagatgttct cataccagcc      8220
     atgttgctct ctaaggcctt aggtgcagac caggtatggg aacagagaga gagaaagaga      8280
     gagagagaga gagagagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca gacaaaggga gagagacaaa      8340
     gagagagaga cagagagaga gagacagaga gagagagaga gagacagaga gagagagaag      8400
     agctactctg tggtcatagt agagcagcca ccactgtcag ggagagttct aagtagctgg      8460
     ggagacagac tcggtgtccc ttctcctagg ccccatctcc tgttggcctc caatcagcta      8520
     cactcaccac tagctagagg gcaggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gttcaatgga acttccatat      8580
     gttcaggggt cccatagagg gcagtctcct gtgggcacac agcaaagtgg aggccacaag      8640
     ggtcaaaagt gagggcaggc cagagaaggc tgaggagggc tttccctgtg tggggactac      8700
     tgccctgcgc aaaaccctgc cctggctttg tccccatact cttagcctgg gatcctctgc      8760
     tcacaacagg cctaaaagtc tgggttcaat atttttagct ggccatctat ctgagaggca      8820
     cagcacagct caggaagagg ctgggtcttg ggtccaggtg ctagccatgt ctgattagca      8880
     agtggtctta aaacaattcg gggagtcact gccaccttct ttctggtggt gaaaggggca      8940
     cctcatgggg tgatgcctag agggtgcctg gtatcagcaa ggcagagggt gaggggtggg      9000
     ggtctgtccc ctggggaact gactctgaag tgacaaaaaa aactttccca tcaggttctg      9060
     gaatttcaca gctgctccgt cccgcctggc catggggtcc cgcctggcca catgcatcca      9120
     cagccacagt gcacatgtgg ggtttacagc ataccccagg tcccactgct tcatcctggg      9180
     acctgagagt ctgtcccctg cactcacccc aggcttggca tggctgcttc tgccctagat      9240
     gggaggtttg ggagactggg ggaagtacag tggggactgt ccctcaggag gttgtaggat      9300
     gagttatgac agccctgtgc ctatggctgt gctgtgactg atggatagct agggtttaga      9360
     tgacctggct tcatgctggg caggtgcaga cctgctcagg gctgggagcc cctgatgtct      9420
     gtcttgtact ttcatcttgt ctgcagttgg tccgtgcact tccctgtggg ggtggcttcc      9480
     cacccagcag agccagggaa agagcaaaaa taaagacctc tgggtcagaa catccgtctg      9540
     ggggtggctg gtctgcggcc agagctgatg gttggggtgg tctccgtctc ttaagtgctg      9600
     aactttggac agcacccagc agtcgctgtg atgagcgagg ccctgtagga gtatgggggt      9660
     agaggcagag gccggaggca aggcccctga tggagcaggg acctcagcta gggtaggagg      9720
     aatgggtgac ccctgcttac tctgtgccct gaagagagag agggggaggg aggggctgtg      9780
     tgtagaggat tgccaggttt tttgtaagta cgcaccagat tggaaagcta ctctggtctg      9840
     tgtgagtgtg ctttgtgcta gggactgagc tcaaagcctg gccatgcagg tcgaacgttc      9900
     cctattgttc cttgggcagt gtcaggtact cacctgcttc ccaggccagg tccaaagcag      9960
     tgggtcttgt cttcggtccc acaactcgcc tttgtaccct ctggtccctc aggcttgagc     10020
     gagcctgagt tttgtgtatg tttcctgctc tacatttgca gattgcccct ccggctgagt     10080
     ttttcttaca gggcaggaac cttttttcca cttggtgggc ctggagggct gtcttaggcc     10140
     tcccaccttt ggcactgtgc ttccctaggc tggcttccgg gccgagtgga gggcagaaat     10200
     gtaaaaagaa tcactgtccc aggtgtgggt ggatatttgg ttttctgttg acttgcttgt     10260
     ccccatccct actcctgggt cacgtcacat acccctatgt agtccgagga tgccagggag     10320
     actctgaggt accaggagag agggaggatg ttctgaggcc tgaagtttgg ggacaagcct     10380
     gagctccaac aagacctgta agtcccctct gccctgagct cctgggttgt ccacagggga     10440
     cagcagattc tgcctacctt gaagcttatt agggacagcc ccatgcagct caggatcccg     10500
     gtggatgatg tggtggctct cattccttct tagtctcctt gtcctggagt cccaagtgga     10560
     tgccaggtgg gcaaatgagc tatggtctag catgggatag ttggatacct agtataggtg     10620
     tagaggcata gctgttgcca gtagagaagt tgaatgtcat tgtccttttt ttccaggccc     10680
     cacgtgtgtg cagaacagaa gctgaccctg gtgggccacc gccagccttg tgtgcaagcc     10740
     ttcagccgcg tagtgcctgt gtggaggtcg ggctgcgggc agcaggcatg gtgtgttggc     10800
     caagagcgca ggtacgtggc ggagatcttg aactaatggg gaccagttct cagctcagag     10860
     cagcagcagt gacctttagg gtcaggcagc taggactggg gccttgcctt ggtttgaccc     10920
     cattcccttt actgagggca tggcctttca ccccagattc tagcaggcct gctcaggcag     10980
     gcctggtcac ttgtgaggct ggggaggagc cccggtggtg gtcggaccct caggggatga     11040
     gtgctgattg gccagaaggt agaattccag ctcagccaga ggaggttcca gctggagatt     11100
     cctgctcagc cagctgaccc ctgggcctag tgcccaagcc tgtgaaaacg ttattgctca     11160
     acgttttatt taaagctcaa acttaaggag tgcctctgca tagctgccct ctgcagggcc     11220
     tacctggggg gaagctgggc ggctgggcgg tggggagcag cacagagtgg aatcgttggg     11280
     tgcggaggaa gtggtagagt tggctgcagc cctggccagg gcaagaatgt ctctgacaag     11340
     gaagcagtgt gctcagcagg aattctcagt gctcttgttg ggcctggggt tcatagggtg     11400
     cctgggcctg ctctgcctga ccaaggagct ccaggggccg ctcgagcgtt agtgtgtatt     11460
     tgctgtccat tagggctcgt ggaggatagc aatggaaaaa gtccttgccc aggatagcct     11520
     aggacgcctg tggtaatgtc tggatgtggg aagtgatgag ggatgggggg ggggggggct     11580
     gtagcagctg acctgggtgg gccatgctgc tcaggcctgc agagcacagc cagctcctgc     11640
     ccccatggcg tgacaggctg caggcccaga gaccgagggt caagaggagc ctcccattct     11700
     cagaggtcaa cattttgtac ctctccttcc acccttcata tggtcctgcg tgcacatgtg     11760
     ggtgaagcag gggttgatcc tccatgctat gtctccctgc tcatagcttg tgaaagacat     11820
     ggtggctgga agcccttggg ccctgtggct ggaggttctg tgacagtcaa ggggtccaaa     11880
     gtagctgatg acctactatc caggagggcc acacttccct ggctctgtgc gtgtgtgtgg     11940
     gaggggcaga gcccaggtgg gtaggcgtgg aagatggtta tttggtgtag agtctgtgtc     12000
     agggttttct ggatatctca agatggcttg tgtccaggtt ctgggacccc tcatcatttc     12060
     tgcccagttc aaggcatctg gttcccttca cccacactct ggcctgaaac atagaagttc     12120
     gccccaggtg ggggtcccat gtggcatttc gggttctagg ctccaggtag gggccaacgc     12180
     tacggatgag cagctgtctg ctacagttgg gggcatcctc tttgttggac accggcctgt     12240
     tttcctcctt cgcccttcct actctgaggt gaccctgagt catttgcttg tgtgccttta     12300
     gaggatgaca ggtccaatca tggaggttag aaggtacaca caccagccag gctcacctca     12360
     gctgcctgtg cacagcaaac acaggcatgc tggagacctt gccatctttc ttgctgtctt     12420
     tcccaagcac tgggaaagtt cccccagtcc tcatctggga cagttgtcct gatgtgctga     12480
     cctcagctta ttcctcttaa gccaacccaa gaccaccctc ccttctctag agcctgaccc     12540
     agagggacat tgtttttccc ccactggaaa agacccacca tgtgggggcc tccatttcca     12600
     cccagagccc tggggccttg tctctcttcc taggttcacg aacggaggcc acattggggc     12660
     gtactctgag cctggcctga gtggcacagg tgtttaatat gggagtgagg tcaaataatg     12720
     tgtcatcatt aagtctaact gcaaggggat gaggcacagt gagctctctt gtcagtcttg     12780
     ctggccctcc agcaggctga gcatgtaaca cagccaagtg atgaattcag ccacctgtgg     12840
     ggtcaccagt gggctgagag ggcacccaaa cccgagggac atcactgtac attgtaatgt     12900
     caggctttga gcgtgatgcg attgtgctgc tatagagggt ggcttagtca gggtgtctat     12960
     tcctgcacaa acatcacgac caggaagcaa gttggggagg aaagggttta ttcggctcac     13020
     acttccacat tgctgttcat caccaaagga agtcaggact ggaactcaag caggtcagga     13080
     agcaggagct gatgcagagg ccatggaggg atgttactta ctggcttgct cagcctgctt     13140
     tcttatagaa cccaggacta ccagcccagg gaaggcacca cccacaatga gccctcccac     13200
     ctttgatcac taattgagaa aatgccttac agctggatct catggaggca ttccctcaag     13260
     ggaggctcct ttctctgtga taactccagc ttgtcgggtt gacacacaaa accagtcagt     13320
     gcagagggtt cctctgttct gtctttctct ctttctttgg ctctcttacc aagctggaaa     13380
     ctcgctgcac aacgaggctg gctgaccagt gagctccctg gctcaacccc ttcctccagt     13440
     gctgggttca catgcacgtg tagccatgct cagccattta catggatgtt gggggtttga     13500
     acttagtctt gttgctttca cagtatccct tctcaaccac tgagcagttc ccctagtccc     13560
     taggtttttg ttgttgtttt ttttttgggg ggggagggga ggaacactga gctcttatgg     13620
     ggcagactct tgtgttcgcc cgactcgcca gcaagaatga cgctgcaaca ggatccttct     13680
     gcacacgttt attgggagag cttgattgca gaggcgaaga gaccccaagc ccagaacttg     13740
     tcctgcttat ataggcctag gagaggcgtg tctcacaccc ggattggtta tgcatgggtt     13800
     atgcttacta cctcatttgc atgtctctca tctggttaac ttctctttca tctgattggt     13860
     taacttgtct ctcatctgat tggttaactt gtctctcatc tgattggtta actctcaaaa     13920
     cctcatcttg gcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac aaaaacaaaa acaaaaaaac aaaaccttta     13980
     ctgcctatgt atacgtggtg gccagtggta gccagcgcca cccagcaata gcacatgtgg     14040
     catcccacag cagacatccc aggatgcact ggaatcccag cccctcagac taaatttgct     14100
     tggccaggtt gagaactttt tctggcttca gttttcccat ctgtactgac ctggatgaag     14160
     ctaaggcgac tgcttaggcc attccttcat ggctcctgct accgcctttt aatgggcgct     14220
     tggtgttggt gtgtggcctc accgaagaca ggtgaggcta tgctgacatc atcagcctga     14280
     gaggccagag ggagttcaag agtctctgtg tgagagagtc tttcctgaca tgtcagacgg     14340
     acatccaggc caccaggctg ggaactctct aagctacata aagaggtcct ttgaggggta     14400
     atgaggagtc acttagagaa agtaaggaag ggagagggaa tggaaggagc tggcattcaa     14460
     atcatggggc ctgcacccct cttggaaagc tcagagtatt atggcctcca ttctaacatg     14520
     gccacagcag cctcaaatct gacacggccc cataagcctc cattcctaca ttgtcccaaa     14580
     actttccatt ctgacatggt ccccaacagc ctccagcccc acagagccca agtgagctgg     14640
     tgctatctga agttgagcta ggtttggttc tcatggctgc ctggcctctc caagaatctt     14700
     ttcctccagg ggccttgtgg aggagtgtcc ggggggagcc gcacgtagcc cagccctgtc     14760
     tgcagcccag gcaaggggat aaatatttac gatggccagg ctctagtgct ctatcgctgc     14820
     caaatattgt tcacactgtg gtcagtttct gtccgggcaa gtggtttcat gtcctgccaa     14880
     ggtggtattt tgtaaggcac tcccagagtt tctatgtgga gagtttgttc aggaacacat     14940
     gcttccggga agtggcctca gccctgttta ttggacagag cctagggcca catggctttt     15000
     ggtgtgctgg ccccagaaag cacaggctgg tttgtcacct ggagatacag cctgggccac     15060
     ctgaccattc cccagggtct cgagggacct tgacctgtga ctgttggcct aggtcctgtg     15120
     gctgtagacc ctgcaggcta gaggctgatg gaggaggtgg gagtcaccat cttctttcta     15180
     cctgttttcc caccaccacc tcactgttcc tggtccctct ttatgtctac tttgcagctt     15240
     gtctctacaa acctggaagt ttcacagtct agcccagggg catgtgcgaa gctagatctg     15300
     tgttcatttc ctagagctgt tgtgacaaag tcaggtggcc taaaaacagc tctggagggg     15360
     ccttgggaga tggcttagtt ggtgaagtat ttgtcatgca agcattagaa acttgtgttc     15420
     agagccccag aactcacata aacaatgcta ggcaggcata gcattgcata tctgcaactc     15480
     agtgctgagg agacaaagcc agttgggtcc ctagggtttg ctggccagcc aggctaggca     15540
     attggtgaac tccaggttca gtgagagacc gatttaaaag gtggaaaaaa ataagactga     15600
     ggaagtcact caacattgtc tccacatgtg catgacacgc atgtgtgcac ccaccacaca     15660
     aaataaaaat taaaaagaca agaaagtttt ttaagttgga agtcccagtt tagggctgaa     15720
     gttctgaggg agcagctgtc tccgttccct gctctgtgcc actggctatc ctgtcaggtc     15780
     tatcttgggg tgtcagtagt tgccccatct ctcagggttc cattcactac ccccgtgtgt     15840
     ccccatctta actgatgatg gggtcaatag attttcttcc ctaggtgagt cccattgtag     15900
     gcagacatgg atttggggga gtcagtgttc aaacctagtg tcagaagtga cagacaaagg     15960
     gaccagactg gatggagctc atgaccagca acagcagcca ccggtcatca ctggagcaag     16020
     gaaaggaggc tgaggcagtc agaggtggga aggatggacc ctccagtagc ccagtgggct     16080
     gttgtgagcc accctgtgat gaaggcagac agcaggagcc aggcactggt atgtggggtc     16140
     ccagttccct gggcacccca gcctgctcac cttgtataga caagcaccta tctagggtgc     16200
     tctgagaggg caagcaccta tctttgggat gctatatgag ctgaagtgct gaccccatac     16260
     tgatcaatca atacatcttg tctcttctgt tccaggactg tgtactatat gagctacagg     16320
     caggtgtatg ccacagaggc tcgcactgtg ttcaggtgct gtcctggctg gagccagaag     16380
     cctggccagg aaggctgcct ctcaggtgag tgtcactctc tctcaactgg taccaggaag     16440
     actctgaaca gaggatgtgt catggggaca tctgcctagc tttgactctc taggtgctgg     16500
     cccatagctt ctatacttct agcctctgcc ttcagccaca tgagagatgc ccagggacct     16560
     ccagtactac agttctgcct gccctcttct gttggagcag aattcagaca gaaaaggggc     16620
     agtaagttcc agtatagttt ggtagagctg gaggaggcag agctggcttg gtgcttccct     16680
     aggagggaag aagcagagct gagcatctgc ccatacctgg gacaaagaaa caggtcctgt     16740
     ccatggagca tggctgtgac agctgctgga aaggccttgg catacaggta tgggacaggt     16800
     ggctggcagg tggatgtgag aacaggtggc tggcaggtgg atgtgagaac aggtggctgg     16860
     caggtggatg tgagaacagg tggctggcag gtggatgtga gaacggctgg caggtggatg     16920
     tggggacagg tggccagcag gtggatgtgg gaacaagtgg caggtgactg tgggaagagg     16980
     tggctagcag gtagatatgg ggacaggtgg ccagcaggtg gatgtgggaa caagtggctg     17040
     gcaggtggat gtggggacag gtggctgcca gtggatgtgg agacaaatgg ttggcagatg     17100
     tggggacagg tggctgtcag tggatgtgga gacaggtggc tggcaagcaa gagtggtgtt     17160
     cctttggagg ggccattcct gaagccactg gtatgtctgg gaatcacact cctcacattg     17220
     aaggttaagc gtgatgggat tctggctccc ccacgtcccc accattagaa acttagcttc     17280
     tcgtcctgat gtgacctctg gtgagaaata gggaccagag aagggaatgc ttgctgattt     17340
     ttttccagga gggaagtgag tcactctccg gaagggaaga gagggaagag ggcaggaggc     17400
     cagcctggag gtgacaagac tgggccatgg gccagcactc cctcaggttg gggtattctg     17460
     gcccaacacc agaatctccc tttcttctgt gtctgtctgc tgtgtccctg cttcctgtgg     17520
     cttgtgtggg ggggcacagg cattgaagtc ccctgagttt ctgctctggg gaggggggtg     17580
     tcccctgggc ctgacagacg aggtgccatt aatgggatga gacagtaggg gagcatagag     17640
     catgggtgga tgggaggcag gtggggctct ggggtgtact gggaccagag gacagggctc     17700
     atgtatagct tctggttgtg atgggcagga tggtggggtg gagaaagaaa gtatggcagc     17760
     ctgtagcccc atgtcccctt tgagtcataa cctgagatct ggtgaacatc ccagggtgaa     17820
     ggtgggcaga ggcaggccaa gccaggcttg actcatccat acaggctggc tgtctccctg     17880
     ctgtgcgata gagttagggt acaggtgctg gcttttgtag gcaatgaggt cattatgacg     17940
     ggggtaacat ctgtggcagt gccgtgagta tggccatgaa cacctttctg tctccagtct     18000
     ggttaatgga agcactgggc ctgtcctgtc aggtgcactt gtttgtgagt gagccagatg     18060
     ccaggctgta acctacactt ggaagctccg agagctcagg tggctgtaac tcctggcctg     18120
     ggagcagggt cccccagcac tagtgaggct gtggtctctg tgggacacct cccctgggca     18180
     tctcccagag accagtgggg ttccggctgt cacacggctt gtgagccact gtaggatgtc     18240
     cacccagagc ctgagcccga gctttccgta gttgtttgtt ttgaagcttg ttttcaacga     18300
     aggtctctcc tagttcctgg tctgaccttg tttgtttaat ggtcccggca gagcctgtgt     18360
     tccagcatct ctgtctccgg atactcttcg ccttccttgt ttatcactgt ctggttccca     18420
     tccttgagag gttggtgtag gtgtcaacct gagcctgtcc cctcccttag ggcctggagg     18480
     cccagcacat tccctggtgg ccacagactc cttcctttga cgaccatttt ctttctcgtc     18540
     agcttctcag tgctggtgct tggggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtaggg ggatcttagg     18600
     gacagtgcca gctttgggga gcccatggat gagagtaagc agatggttag tgtgggaggg     18660
     ggtttagaga taggtgagga acatcccgga gtggctggtt ggcagggtct gcaggggttt     18720
     ggtcatggtc tgggtcccac atccagtttg tgtttccctc tcaaagctgt ccttctggag     18780
     ccggcctcat gctgttggcc acaccctcat gcctctctga aggcctgtgt gtggaggcat     18840
     tgggccaggc aggaatgtgc gacaagcggc cactaatagg ctaggtgcct accctgtatg     18900
     agccaggcaa gggaggcagg aagccctggc tttagttcct tctatgccct gtgatctgtg     18960
     gagtgtcagt ccccaaggct tgggctagtg acacaggtct gacaatgccc atctcagaac     19020
     tgtggacgta atgagtatgt ggacatagtt ctcatggaga ctactgggtg gtatacagta     19080
     ggagctcaaa cagtgtccat atgtccagct attattaaag gagatctgga tacctgttag     19140
     tagtggggga tgataacaca cagggtcact ttgctgaggg ttcaggtgga tctgtgtcaa     19200
     gccatgacat ccagagatgg gacctgggga ttatctgcca gaacagctta gcagtttagg     19260
     gtagttcctc ccttctttgt gaggtctgtg gagctcaaat acttacagag gtttccttgc     19320
     agccgtctgg ctttgcattt ctccatcttg tgacctaggg accctgagaa gcctcattcc     19380
     agccttgctt ctgcttccca ctgttgcgag tgagaggcca ggacaggtgc aggcggagag     19440
     ggcttctgcc tctagtgtaa gtctccggat cctctcagtg cctggagccc ttagagggtc     19500
     tgggtccctg tggtcagctg tgaagataaa ctactgccca cagctccctc ccagttagca     19560
     cgccagctag gaacagcgag aactagttgg ggtcagaagt cctcatgcag gagaggtaga     19620
     ttctcattta tttcaagggc tggggtacac cctattcctc tctcacctct agctccctcc     19680
     agtgggaagg gcagaggccc ggctgccaac tccagcccct ccccagccat tgtgaagttt     19740
     ccttcttcat gcgacctgga aattgtaggg ggacagtgtc agcctgcggg tccgttgagc     19800
     ctcacagtgt ttggcatagg gatgatggag tgatggaggc cagagaatgg caggaagccg     19860
     ctaatcgggc tgtgatttct cccaggacct tttatgggat tgtggctggg aggtgaccag     19920
     aaagaaaaag tgctgggtgg ggtgtcgggg ccaattacca ggcttcccga gagcccttgt     19980
     ggccccctga catgggtgcg gctggaccgc acccccttct gctggtctgc cttctgcttc     20040
     ctgtttctct gaattccgct cttatcccaa gtaggtgaca aagtttgctg gactttccta     20100
     atatctaagc catagctgct gggggtctat gtggggactc tccctccccc ttccaccaaa     20160
     ggaaggggct tggtacacag ccatcaaggt gccagtcctt agcagcagat ccccatcccg     20220
     ctgtgtccac tccctaagag acctgcaggg atgaagctgt agtttgggct ccctcttaca     20280
     ttctcagtga tgctcggctt gaggagtgtg ggcccactgg gctgaggagg ccaaatggta     20340
     agagctgcct cagctccata gggtatgaag ggcactggga aagaactctg caaggatgtc     20400
     taattggctt gtgttcttgc tctcatctct gtctctgtct ctcgctctct caatctcttc     20460
     cttcctcact ctcttgctct gagacagaga gtatcaatct gtagccttgg ctggcctaga     20520
     attcaccata tagaccaggc tggccttgaa ctcacagaaa tctgcctgcc tctggctccc     20580
     tctccctctc tccttcaaag ctagtcgtgc atatccgagg atggccccag actcactgtg     20640
     caacagagga tgaccttgaa tttctaatcc ccctgcctcc acccaccaaa tcacagggat     20700
     ggcaggtgtg caccaccatg ccctgcttct gtggtgttga gtgttgagcc ttgtgtatgc     20760
     tagacaagca ctgtactaat caggctatgc ctccaggcct gcagctctct ctagggtacg     20820
     cattgtggat tccctattat agcatattcg aaactgaaga caagggccat cttcagaaag     20880
     ggaagcaccg tatcaaggta gcacagtgcc tcgatgcgtg taccagtgaa caccggtgtg     20940
     ggtacgccac tccacagttg ccatgcaaca gaggaagcat ggggtggggc acatggcctc     21000
     ctgggagggc gggcagttct ctcgagtgag aaatgtgttg gtggaccagg agcaggagca     21060
     ggatgaagct ggaggtggcg atagccctgc ccaggtccat ggtagcctgt gtgtgcaggt     21120
     aaccttgtgt ggacctgtgt aagacctggc aggatagcca gtatgaggta tagatccggg     21180
     aaatgaggct gacattaaca gaatgaggtc aggatggtgg agggaggaga ctcctgtggc     21240
     tgtggcagaa gcaatggcag ctgagcatct tatagtgaca aaccacccta gtgttagtat     21300
     cttagttcca ctggtaaaat gataaaaaac aaaattagct taagggtttg tgctggttca     21360
     gttttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgttttgct tgtttgtttt atcaacttga     21420
     cacaagccat ctaggaagat ggggcctcaa ttgagcaaat gcctccatca gactgacctg     21480
     tctgcaagtc tgtagggcat tttcttgagt catgattgat atgggagggg ccagctcact     21540
     gtgggcggtg ccacccctgg gcaggtgctc ctgggttgta taagaaagca ggtcttggat     21600
     agcatgggct agacacctca cctgtgtgag cccgctacat gctgcaacaa tccctttcct     21660
     ccccaagttg ttttgattgt gatgttttta tcacacagta gaaacctaag taagacaggg     21720
     ttcatttagc tcgcagttcc agactatagc ccatcactgc agagaagtcg agacatcgga     21780
     gtgagaggga gagggagagg gagaacagaa agagagagac agggagagac agagagacag     21840
     agagaatatg aatgtacata catgcttgtc agtgctctca gctctctctc agttttgttc     21900
     atgaaatgca atgatgcggc ccacattctg ggtggatctc agttaaccga atcaagaaaa     21960
     tctctcttag gcacgccccc ggccgacgcc atccagacca ttcctcactg agtctctctt     22020
     ccctgggtga ttctggattg tgcccagttg gcatgactag ctgtcacatc tggggtccag     22080
     ggcccacaaa gtagcatgga ccagctacaa ggtgccattt aactgaccac atggttctgg     22140
     tcctcacccg ctggccaaaa cggagctagc acaggttggg ggtaaagagt gtagactgct     22200
     gtggagggct gaggcagggc ctggacagga accctttatt ctagcattga gctgaagtgt     22260
     ggtcagagcg gtcaagggag agagaggcag ctgggcagat gggaactgga cacccagggc     22320
     ctctcacacc ctggtccctg tgtctgtagg aagggagttc agtctcttga ctctgccttg     22380
     gcaactctag tctggaggac actgtggtgt gaccactcag acttccttgg gtcctggcct     22440
     tccctggcca ctgctgcttc cttggtgcta gggcgggtga catgcaaggc tgtccagaaa     22500
     gaggccaggc attttcttag atccgtaggc aggtggagcc acttgtcact atggggacca     22560
     ggaggcactg agcctctgac cctattcacc agctgggtat ccagctgttg gtgtgtcagg     22620
     caggtggctt atgcaggtct tctcctggga ctcccgggtc tctccggctg gcttgtcagg     22680
     aactgcagga aggtcacttg gactgcggct cccctctgct tcctgcccca gcttctgctt     22740
     ttccttctct gtttccgttc tggctgcctg tcagccctgc accccagtgt gggaattgga     22800
     tatgtcaact cccaggacct gggcttccct acccccacgt ggatgccaga cctgttctca     22860
     gagcccacag ggccacactg taccactgtg accggctctt gttgtttcct tgaggtagca     22920
     gaggtcacgt gaccacggag accctgttag gttcccatgg cacagtgcag gcatgtgtac     22980
     ctggactgca tgcagtccac ccgggtgaac cagccgtatc tagcctcaca tagattcgtg     23040
     cacaccaaga tgcctcctgc ctgtgtaact gtgtgcccac ttatatgacg taaattcaca     23100
     cacatatgca tgttctacca cactccctgc cttagtcggt attccaacgc tgtgaagaga     23160
     cactgtgacc atggcaattt ttttttaaga tttatttact taatcaagaa atttatccat     23220
     tcattttaag ttttacagtt tagttaaata cagatttaaa aaaaattctt ctctcatatg     23280
     tcccatctgc tttttccctc ccttttcctc ctccgagttt ctccccactt ccctctcccc     23340
     cagacccacc tcctctctgc ctcccatcag aaaagagcag gcctccccag ggtatcaagt     23400
     aaacacagca taacaagcta gctacagtag accaggcgca tacagtcaca tcaaggctgg     23460
     atggagccaa ccagcaggag gaaaaggcgc ttccctgaag ggctatgaga gctgggagcc     23520
     tcttccaagc tgcttgaaat ctacttccaa gctgcttgaa atctacatgg gcagctctca     23580
     ctgttacctg agatacagtt gtgggaattt ccctgagggc ctcaggtcag ggtgtgtgtg     23640
     tgtgtgcgtg tgtgtaacac cattcactta tccacatagt caggttagct gtttgccacg     23700
     ctgcggatgg aacccacaac cttgtatata ccaggcaagt gctacactct tcagtcacac     23760
     tcccaagagc tcttctagga gctactgata gtgactgtgc ttggagtctg ggaatttgtt     23820
     gtgacaggga agatgggcct cactctgggg tctgcatcat ggggtacagg ccatgggatc     23880
     aggaagagac accagccacc tggagcccag agtggtcctg agtgtcaaat gaagcgcttc     23940
     attttggaag gctcaggcta tgttatttat gctctatcaa ctgttgttgg gtaactgggt     24000
     ggcctgaagt tctgtaggct tctcccttat gaagtgtgtg tccctggacc ttcccactga     24060
     cagaactcag gctctcaagc ttggtgtggc tttcagcctg gcctcactgt gagggctttg     24120
     gcaggtggct caatcctagg tggaggccag agggcagggg atgcaccctt ctccatcttc     24180
     tgtggcccat ctgtggttgg gctttgctcg gctgtgattc ctgcctagcc ctttcctgga     24240
     tatccagagc agcagtacac agcacgggct gtctgaaatg ggttccatat gtataaggtt     24300
     cctggtagag aggaggctgt tgggtgtagc atgtgatcaa gaccaacccc agcaagtttc     24360
     aggtgtcagc agtccagaca gaggagtaag caggggctgg ctcgggatta ggggaggaca     24420
     cagtgggcag ctggtcactg gagtgttctc cagctatggg ggactcacag tgttccttca     24480
     tgagcctggg catcagaggt catgatctta ggtccctcca tctgaccttg cgtttcagac     24540
     tctgagggag ttctcaaggc tctcttccca gtcagcagcg aggaggaggc cctctaggca     24600
     gcccagccca ggtgttcggc agattggttg gtgtttttat agtgatcata acatacggca     24660
     tgttactata cttgatgctg taggttcagt ttctgtggtc ggttgtcaac agtgcctacc     24720
     tgatggtctt tctctgtcac ctccttctct gcccatgcta gggaccaagt ccagagcctt     24780
     atgcttgctg agcaaacact ccatcactga gctaaaatca acacatacac agcacacata     24840
     tacacacacc acacacacac acacagccca cacatactac acacacatat acaccccccc     24900
     catacaccac acaatacaca cagcacacat acacacagca catagacaca tagcacacag     24960
     cacataggca cacacagcac acacatacta cacacacaca tatacacata cagcatatat     25020
     acacacagca cacatacaca aacaccacac acatacacac acagcacaca gacacacaca     25080
     cagacacaca cacacacaca cacacataca cacacataca catacagcat ttatacacac     25140
     agcacacata cacaaacacc acacacatac acacacagca cacacacagc acacagacac     25200
     acacacacac acacatacac ataccccata cacatcacac atatacacat acacacatat     25260
     actacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacgtacaca catacataca tacacataca     25320
     gcatatatac acacagcaca catacacaaa caccactcac atacacacac agcacacaca     25380
     cagcacacag acacacacac agcacacaga cacacacccc acacaataca cataccccac     25440
     acacatcaca catatacaca cacacactac aatacacaca ccccacacac atcacacacc     25500
     tacacacagc atacacataa ctcacacata cagcacacag acacatacac catacatata     25560
     ccatacacac atatacacca catacaccac acacatacca catatacaca tagcgcgctc     25620
     acgtgtgcgc acacacacac acacacacac acactatgtg ttctttattc acagttttat     25680
     gcctcctgtt gcttatggga tattgtacct cctgaaggta aggctgaggt ctgttgtttg     25740
     tgaggcctcc tcaggtgtga cctcctcagg tgtgacctcc tcaggtgtga cttcctcagg     25800
     ctcccacctt agaaacctca aagggacatt tgtccaataa tacagcaacc tgtggcttca     25860
     gtgccaacac cttggagagc acaaggtgat gttgccactg tcatgttgtc ctgacacagt     25920
     tacccacaaa gccactgtcc ttattatgta cccacctggt gggagccggg cagggctggg     25980
     agatcttcat ttgctgcccc tgacacaggc ttctgcctca cctgcagtat gtgagtctgt     26040
     gccacccaca ccagccctga gagtctccct tgtgggttgt ctccagcaca gtgagctacc     26100
     agaaatgtag ctcatttcaa gcctctcggt ttgaagcacc ttcatctcaa aatcggggcg     26160
     ttggtgtcat ctcctgcaga tgaccccatg tgccatctat gccgtgtgtg ccacaccatg     26220
     ggaagtgccc acctttgaat gtcgactcct gcctgttccc tgagatgaac tgacacgttg     26280
     cctgaccatc acatttattc gcttgattgg ctgacagcca tcattttaca gtgtaggtcc     26340
     tgcccttgat caggtgaggc tgacacctgt tttggggagc ctctggctca gggaaggcta     26400
     gctatcatcc cactatgagg caggggttag gaagcaggct gagagctgag tgggatgtga     26460
     caggcagggc cactgtgtac agggttttgt gacaagttag tagagccctg ctgaagggtt     26520
     tgccaatagg gagggaggcc aagatctgag ctgtattcag agatatcgat acatcggaga     26580
     aacagcattg aagagggtag agaaccaaac cctgtggctc catagtcttc acgctagagg     26640
     atcagtctgg gcttgccatt tcaccattca aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacatgca     26700
     cacacacacg cacatatatg cagagagaga cagaggaaga ggggaaaggg ggagagcaag     26760
     gaagagggag aaggaaaggg aggaggagag ggggaggggg agaggggaag gagaggggag     26820
     agggaggaga aagagaggga gggagagagg gaatacactt gaagttgcag tacactggat     26880
     agaggtccct actttttttt ttttttaaga tttacttatt tattttatgt ataaataaaa     26940
     atacataaat acatactgta gctgtacaga tggttgtgag ccatcatgtg gtttctggga     27000
     attgaactca gggcctctgc tcactccaac cccacttgct ccagcccaaa gatttattat     27060
     tatatgtaag tacactgtag ctgtcttcag acacaccaga agagggcgtc agatcgcatt     27120
     atggatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggatttga actcaggacc tttggaagag     27180
     cagtcagtgc tcttaactga gccatttctc cagcctgggt tcctgccttt cataggtggt     27240
     ggtttttggc aggacagcct agtggtgccc acaaagacaa ggcagtgggt ctgattagag     27300
     tatttagaag tcatttcttt tcctctttgt tccagaatta gatatttctc tgggcaggga     27360
     gtgggaaaag gcctgggagg gagacaaggg attctttttt tttttttttt ccctaaagat     27420
     ttatttattt atttattatg tgtaagtaca ctgtagctgt cttcagacac accagaagag     27480
     ggcaccagat cttgttatgg atggttgtga gccaccatag ggttgctggg atttgaactc     27540
     aggacctttg gaagagtagt tggtgctctt acctgctgag ccatctcacc agcccgagac     27600
     aagggattct tgaggacgaa gtttgggcaa caggccctta acatggagct gggctcagcc     27660
     tgaaggaaat aggaagacat tacctgcttt agcatggggg aggggtcgtg ctccctgacc     27720
     cctgctctaa cactgactgc ttttgggtac tggccactgg agctaatgtg acaggcctcc     27780
     ctgtccccta agcagagacc aaggagtcag gtgtctggct agcacctgtt ttccacccaa     27840
     gggtggccac cttggctctt ttggtatgga ggtctctgga tatcaggagc ctcctgtttg     27900
     acaaaatggc aagcccagac tgatcctcta gtgtgaggat tatggaagca caggctttgc     27960
     ttttctaccc tcttcaatgc tgtttccctg atgtaggctg ggacctgtcc gggcattccg     28020
     gtgctgaggt gggcacagca tgaactgagg gtcaaaggct gatgacctct ggccttttaa     28080
     cactctctta ccatcctagg gtccagaagc tgatggcctc tggcaatgta actctctctt     28140
     gctattctgt ggctgaaagc cactggtttc tggcaattta gcttctgctg atagccgcag     28200
     aggaaaaaag cttagttgct tgagttcctt tctctttgaa gctggccagg tgagagattt     28260
     agagttcctt gactctttct gagccagaga gaatatcaaa gaaaagaaag aaggaaggaa     28320
     aagagagaaa gtgcaggcac acacagagac atgcatactg gattgaacag agaagggcta     28380
     acatcaactc tttactgttg ttattagtat ttatactttc tcaggataat tgatcacatg     28440
     gttttctaaa cacttttacc ttcataagtt catagtaagt ttaaggcaat agttaatgtc     28500
     atagatctat aagacttaag gggttacaac agaattgttt acatgtcttc ccattaagac     28560
     tgatacccaa ctgaatacta gattaaacag gtaacattca ttatctgcta ctagcttcat     28620
     aggttcatta taagtttaaa acaataattt ttatgtctta atatagtttt gtcaagagac     28680
     aacttatctg ccttgtgtct cattattttg aagtcttgtg tagatagact agtcaatatt     28740
     taattacctg tccttacacc tacaataaat tgtctacttc cagtttacgg cctttaattg     28800
     ccagatagtg gactcactcg tttctaacct ggaaggaatg ttttccttga tcataaattc     28860
     attccaagcc tgcttccttt tcccaatgca attagcccat gacacaggca ggtttacagg     28920
     gctctatttg tggctcttat tctatagggg gcttgggatt acttgtatca acataggagt     28980
     tctataaaat cattgtcagg aattatgaaa tcatcaattt gtctaaatag cattcttaca     29040
     tgaaagtaca tcttcatatt gattttatag gaaatctgcc caatagggag gatgaatgcc     29100
     taggaatcat tagggtgtgt aatagtgaca ggaaaggtat atcattagca agaagcttca     29160
     tcctgggatg aggtctctga ggatcctaca tctcagagct cacccgtcac aaccatgtga     29220
     agcagtaggc cgtctccaaa aactcacttg cttgccatag cctttcctag atggcttctg     29280
     acagatgagc aactcaggac ttccatgtat ggatcataga gtcttggcag gtgctttagt     29340
     taggatttta ctgctatgaa cagacaccat gaccaaggta acctgtataa ggacaacatt     29400
     taattagggc tggcttacag gctcagagtt aagcccatta tcttcaaggc agaacatggg     29460
     agcatccagg caaacaggag aagattggct tccaggcagc taggatgaga gtcttaaagg     29520
     ccatacctac agtgacacat ctacttcaac aaagccacca ccccacccca cccaccataa     29580
     tgtcatgccc tgggccaagc atatataaat caccacagca ggctttggct tgtctttggt     29640
     accttgtaga aatgagttag gattttgctc cacctactgg tcctgtttag ttgtgattag     29700
     gtatggccat gactgaggga cacttcaagt tacagtgtgt ggcataggac tggtgggctg     29760
     actagccata ggccatgata gtgcttaaag ggcttaaaga gggggcgggg ctggagagat     29820
     ggctcagcgg ttaagagcac tgactgctct tccagaggtc ctgagttcaa ttcgcagcaa     29880
     ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atctgtaatg ggttctgagt ccctcttctg gtgtgtctga     29940
     agacagagac agtgtactca catatatcaa ataaataaaa tcttaaaaaa aaaagaaagg     30000
     ggggcttttc tgcatctagg ccctgtccct ctcttttctt atagggccag aaagcagatc     30060
     ataggctgct ggagctgggt ctacatgcgc agggatcgca agcatttctg catccctctg     30120
     catagccctt tctttgctcc atggtggcat gcaccagtgc ctttgtttga atggtggctg     30180
     ctgtgtgcca gcttggtgac ttgagtccct ttgaggcgcc aggcgctggc tgtgtgtagc     30240
     ctgtgtgtag aagaatgtgg atggagttgg gatgactgac cctggtgtgg ccttttctgt     30300
     ggattcttcc agctctggca gcctgtttga tgctgatggg gaaagggggc tctgagtgac     30360
     tcgggcctcg ctgataggct ccccagctgt gacctcagag ctcatattgt ccagacatgg     30420
     tgtttgcaga tggtgttgct cccagagaag ggctggagtg gatgtaaggg gttcctggcc     30480
     tcactgccag ccagtcagag ttcagttgta tttatatcat tgttggaggc tcagcatgta     30540
     gtatgtgtgc ctctggcctg ggtttatagc aatgtgtgct atgcgggctc acataatgta     30600
     tatatacaca ttgttctcag tatgggtgac tcgtgactcg ggggctcttg tccacaagca     30660
     tcttaggtcc tgacatctgt gtcaatgtgc ttataggcac tgggctccag acttgtcatt     30720
     tacatttaca gacttgtcat cgtggggcta gccttgtggg ggttagggtg gatccaggag     30780
     atgaagtcca tccttgctgt gagcgtggct ttctctgtgt cacctctgaa ctttgcagcg     30840
     gtcagcttca tagcatagtg gccacatgag tagaagctgc cttcacggag aggtagataa     30900
     acagtggtgg gtttcatcgc ctgggagaag tagaggttgc ttgtgtaggt ctagtgtgca     30960
     gggtgggggg agggggtggc aatacagtag ggtgtacagg aacgggtgtg tgcaatagat     31020
     gtgcaagtag ggtacaggtg gggtgagcgt gtagaacagg atacaaagtg ggtgtgcagg     31080
     gttgggcatg tagggttggg tgtgcagagt tgagtgtgca gggttgggtg tgcagggttg     31140
     gttgtgcagg attggctgtg aaagattgga ctgtagacct ggattggtgt ataaggctgg     31200
     gtcggtagac taggggtgct gtgacattcc ttccctggga agagataaat aagtgcctat     31260
     gccctcctca cagcctcccc caatggcaaa acaaagtatg attctcaaag tcaaaatgca     31320
     gctcggggaa gcactgaatt tattgggctt acttagagag cgcaggcaag aggctactta     31380
     cagggatgtg ggcagcgcct tattacagaa aatttttacc tcagaacgaa ggacgaggat     31440
     gacttcccca gcctttcgtg gctagagtgt ctccactcag ctaaccttcc agtctgtgtc     31500
     ctcctccagc acaactgaag ccggaatcac atacagatgg ccgagaggcc tggaaggagt     31560
     ggctagactg tcagatggat atccagtgac ccttcccagc cctttccggg aggtctgatc     31620
     tccagggtct cttgctatca ctcctctctg ctgaagatga cgggctgtta cgtgccctgt     31680
     gatagggctg gagaaggctg gctgtgtaaa atagggctgt gacgagtgag acccataggg     31740
     ccaggtgtgc cagctggggt gtgctggact cagtatctat aggcctggat gtgcgtgctc     31800
     agtatagact ggagcctgta gggatgaagg ttgagcatgc agagtcaggt gtgtgaattc     31860
     tgagctgctt tggggacagc ctcatactct ttcctaccca accccacagt cattgtctgc     31920
     tctcttccaa aagctgactt tgggcaccac ggacttagac ccaagcatag ttggggatat     31980
     ttaactaacc tctaaattat aattggttcc agttttgaaa acaaaagctg tatttttctg     32040
     gttcccccaa attcttcttt tgaatgagcg gatgaaggaa gaagggtctt tgtggtgccc     32100
     gtgggcagtg taaggaacag gggcccccca ggagcttcgc ccgctgcctc ctcctccctc     32160
     gctcttgccc tcctcccctc ccccatccca agtcagtctt agctgcattg ttccacacac     32220
     tggctgccag gaagcctgtc tgcagaagcc caggaggccc ctggagcaca aagcaggcct     32280
     gtggagttgg agagacggac cttgggcaca gcctgcagca gacagacatc cccagcagat     32340
     gaggcacagg cctctgggca gcagatcctc cacatgattg tagctggcat caatggaagg     32400
     gttggttcat gccaccttta gcacccgtgt gaccagtgtc acccaacctg ccagggatgg     32460
     tcagcagtca gcacaagtgg agactggggc cagcccaatg gaggtcagga agcagggtca     32520
     ctgtgtgaag gacttcagca atggcaaaga gagtgacact gaaggacaga tggctggagt     32580
     gaccatatct ggttcccact acctctctct taggaaggac cccaggactt ctgccctctg     32640
     tgccattttg gtcagtccta caaggaaagt ggggggagga gagccagatg atgtcctgct     32700
     ccttgtagag ctttagggtc agtcagagcc tctgttctac cagaccagcc atctctgtct     32760
     ctccacccag agtcgtcact gtgtgtggtc tgctctgtgt gggtgacttg gcagcacctc     32820
     catccacccc agtgtctact ggtgacctgc actttgcatg gctggcattg gatagggaaa     32880
     agacaggcaa aaacttgtgc tcagcctggg agttagtggc acagtgacag ctgtccctct     32940
     cctgtaccca tcatggccgg ctttgtggag ctatgttctc tttgagaccc aaggccaggc     33000
     ttgttttggg tgaatgagat ttttctccag ggctcctctt ggcctccgtt tcctctccct     33060
     tgaaggatgg gctgattcac agggtctctg gggtgttgga gaggccagtg gttggggtag     33120
     caatgctgtc cagcagagct tggatggtct atagagcttc taggtagagg caggcctgag     33180
     gcctagtaag cgagattctc aggagtcacg agatgggaag ctggtgaggg ggtgggtggg     33240
     tgagtggagg tcactcatct gtggtctctt tggtagctaa tgggggtctt tcactgtgcc     33300
     agactgagaa ctaaaggggc catgaggccg tcctggggtg aggaggctca acgcttagct     33360
     tggaaggtct cggaaagcca ttgagtcctg ggctgtggct taagggcgcc tggttctaaa     33420
     ctgggataat tgattaatag agggaaagcc accctgccag atgccctcaa tggtgccact     33480
     gtcttggagt aggagactga cccctaactt caggtccaga tgccacccag ggctgctttt     33540
     ggccaccagc gtgagtcaga ggcctgggtg tggctgccct gggactctgg ctgccaggga     33600
     gggtgggaag ggaatgaccc cacttctctg ggcaggtcct tccttgtccc tccatctctt     33660
     acatgcaagt ggcctgccct ggctgtcact gaggcttgtc ccattaagca cctgccacgg     33720
     ggtcactgta ccgagacctg tactatggtg gcccagccca ggctgaatcc ttggaggggg     33780
     gccctgggcc atggttccag cttctctgtg ctgatcctca cagttgtctc tgggcttagc     33840
     caagcttagc gagagctggc tcagtgatga ctgcacctag gggtactctt tgtgtttgtc     33900
     cgtggatcct ggtgtttggg acgatcctag agagcccccg ctcactcctg ggaggaccta     33960
     gctctcctgg gaggacctag ctctcctggg aggacctagc tctcctggga ggacctagct     34020
     ctcctgggag gacctagctc tcctgggagg accaagctct cctgggagga cctagctctc     34080
     ctgggaggac ctagctctcc tgggaggacc tagctctcct gggaggacct agctctcctg     34140
     ggaggaccta gctctcctgg gaggatgaac ctagctctcc agcctccagg gtgtgtgtag     34200
     cctttagtgt tctgtgctcc ctgctgaggg ccaggcctct cagagcagag aaatgcagag     34260
     acgttttctc tctggccaag tgagctttgc gctagctcct ggagaggggc tgacaccttc     34320
     ccctctgagc cacactctgc caatggctgt ccagggacct ctgacaggtg gctcatgtca     34380
     tgtagaactg gaggatcgtg ttatattatg tggttatata atgtggttat atattgtata     34440
     tatatatata tatatattgt atatatatat gttatatatt gtatatatat attacacgag     34500
     gttatattat gtggctcctg atcccacgtg tctgggccag gtgcctcttg gctctgccct     34560
     tcattgccct tcatctctgt cccaggtaga gagggggaga agtgggtgtc tttgacttgg     34620
     tccactcagg tccaggccat tgagaactgt gaataagaaa tatcattcta gaccgggcag     34680
     tggtggtgca cacctttaat cccagcaatt gggaagcaga ggcaggcaga tttctgagtt     34740
     cgaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc agggatacac agagaaaccc     34800
     tgtctcgaaa aaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaga aagaaaaatc attctattcc     34860
     cacagcctgc tgtgctctcc tctcctcatg ggatggccca cagaccccct ctcactgccc     34920
     agcttccaga tgcccttccc agaaagacag aatggtcttg cctctgtctt tatctggcac     34980
     tccatgtccc tcccaccgac catgactccc tgaaatctct gaggcctggc tttctgcaga     35040
     agctattgct ggtgtcctgt catggtccta ttgactaggt aggtcaagac catctctgtc     35100
     ccaggtagag agggggagaa gtgggtgtct ttgacttggt ccactctggc cttgcttatg     35160
     ggaacagtgg cctagacaga tatggctgct ccaggtccct ctgctatgcc cagccccacc     35220
     acatcctctg tacaagccct accttctcca gtgtcagcag gggccagagc attcatgttt     35280
     tcccagtgct tcagtaatga ccaggcttgc ccccctcctc tgtccctaac aaaagcatgt     35340
     ctgtctttgt ctggagtggc tgtctcccag ggttggcttc agaaatgggt ggtcttctaa     35400
     tgacataatt acaaccgtga gaggccaact cccaggcatg ctgcttttga gctgcctggt     35460
     ctgggcattg gcggactggt ggttggcttc tcacgtatat gattaatggt gtctgggtgc     35520
     acagaaggct ccgtctttaa ggatgtcgca tgaggccgtt gggtttctgt actgccccag     35580
     gcttgagtct ttattctcgt tcttttgggt cgtctctcgt gatacttgta tcagattagc     35640
     catgtgaaga gctctcagtg tttctagtcc tttgatttag ttcatccctt gcctcttgcc     35700
     tcaccctatg tgagggtcta tatgtgtcca gatgcaggac accctgtctt cacgggtggt     35760
     ggccagatgc tgtgtcacac aaggagtgcc tgtgttgcct gggatctacg atggctgatg     35820
     ttccatcctc atgtctgtcc gcaaggctgg ggtcatggaa cctggcttgt gagaggaccc     35880
     tgtgggcagg agccccgtct ggtgcacatc cctgggaggt taaggggcca tgcctgtgtc     35940
     taggccactg ggaagtggtc tcctggcagc cgttgtgtca gtgtagcttc tgcccacctg     36000
     tcgagctgca gtgccaattt gacacctccc actggttggg ataaaggctg aaaattttta     36060
     ttctgagcag aagaaagact ggaccaagta agaaagactg gaccaagttg aagggtgggg     36120
     ggaggggtgg ttgcccaggc actagatgga gacacctcca ccctccgtgg gtggcctctt     36180
     ctctctcctg agcctcaagc cctcatggct ctgcctttct tcaactggta gaaggatgct     36240
     aaggggcgag cctccaggag cttctggcaa gcccggagga cacagggtct gcctctgagg     36300
     tggacatggc ctgtgtggga cgctctccct caggagggct tgaaggaccc atgttggagg     36360
     cactgatggt cacctaggtc aggttatagg aacggtgggg ccggtccgaa gaagctggcc     36420
     taggtctgtg gttggagctt tctcttactt cgagggtact gagcaggatg aggctggggc     36480
     cagcatcttg agatgtagtg atgcctcact ctgcccatcc tctctctgtg ctcctacatg     36540
     acaggctgta ccactgtctc cggggcctca ccatcctcaa gccagacaga catcactaga     36600
     agatccccgt gaaacgtaaa tctcactgct cctgggagtg tgagtcgccc ctggagtgtg     36660
     cggtactcaa cccagaggcc tgctgtccag gctgctcagc ctgctgctgg gacctgaaca     36720
     ctgtgtttcc cttactggag ggtgctcagg agccagttac agcaagggga ccctgcctgc     36780
     ttgcccggct gtgttgtctg ctcctgaaag ggcaagcaag gtgcagcctg tggctggcac     36840
     aggggaaagc tgcacgccct gcctgatcag agatttggaa ctctctctga ggctctttcg     36900
     gtagtaagcc tgggactgac cctgtctact ccctgtgccc cagcctggca atgcacagga     36960
     gacctatgag cagccatggg cagcagcttc catgaactgg gagttccagg ctagtctgcc     37020
     agagtcgatt agctgatttg gatcaatcgg gagcagagag ggattttaca ccctgcaccc     37080
     tcagctgtga gcctaagggc taaggagaaa acctgtctat tcacctgtgt gccacaggcc     37140
     attggagcac tcagcttaag ttcctatagt gatccaggct tcagcctgcc tccctaggct     37200
     gcgtgtgcag gggatcctca tccccagagc gcaagtgtgg gctgggcagt ggtcagtgaa     37260
     catggggcct gtttggatcc tgttgtggga gcagagccag gtagggtctc tgaggagaaa     37320
     gccctcaatc ccatggctag aagtggatgg gctagaaagg cggccccttt gtgcctcatg     37380
     aagttcgtgc ctctgtggcc agaatgcggc aggctgatcc accctgcctg gtgtgccctg     37440
     tggagggagc tggcttcagc acctccgtcc ccaggctcca tccagcaggg gatgcacata     37500
     caagcagttg ctggagccct cctgactgct accggataca gtgaacatca ctgtccctgt     37560
     tggtgtggag tccccgtggg ttcacttgct aaacctcact taacatttgg aagagtgaga     37620
     tagctgccct gtgcctcagt ctcctccctg ggaaagagct ccccgtgagt cagatggaca     37680
     gtagacaaca agcttcgtgt ttgacctcag agtgacggtg ggtggcttca gaggtcaaca     37740
     gaggggtacc acctccttcc cagcctgggc tgcttgctga gttctgtggg cccatcttgc     37800
     aaggtccctg ttatgtggct ctcaggtccc tttctggatg cattgcctga cttgtggcac     37860
     tgggaccacc aagccctaag ttcagtcctg cagcccaggt atctccatat ctgttacatc     37920
     tgaccccagg accagctgac cctgtaggct ggtccactgt caccagcccc aggtgctcaa     37980
     aagtgttgga tggacctcgg gggctcacag ctgtggggtg tcttgggtgg gaagggatct     38040
     cagagtctcc ataggccgcc aaggggcctg gcctcagatg gaggtgtgtt taacattctt     38100
     tctagaggca ggaggttctg gcttcttcca gccagaagac acaggtttct aggagcttcc     38160
     tgggagctgg ctctgttcct gctcaaacaa cagagattga cttgtgtctt gtaccctctc     38220
     ttcctggcca tggccacgcg caggcagcac tgtctggaga ggcagactct aggaaatctg     38280
     ctcttagctc atctccagga ttcctggggt gcgagtgtct gttcctgttc cagcaggatg     38340
     attaaccggg aatctgcagg tgggggagct ggcagctgct tcccaaatct gctcttgggt     38400
     cttagcccca ggcattccag agcaaggccc tgccctctgt gccctgtggt gccaggcctg     38460
     tacaccgtca tgagaatcca ggccagctga tagcaggaca ggtaccgtgg ggggaggagg     38520
     tagccgctga ggtgcatcca atcagggctg gccatggggg agctgctgcc caggtcacgc     38580
     tcagaccagc atctctctgg agccaagagc attggagagg ttgctcctcc atggcaggct     38640
     cagggcccct gaatctggga gtgaaggcct ctagtggctg actctgatct caggagggag     38700
     gctgtgtcct ttgataagct tcttgcactg ggtgctaggt ttcagtagca ccagcctcca     38760
     aggccaggat ggagtggtga gcacggtgga tcccaggcac attcgtgttt cctgagtgga     38820
     catggcaccc acagccaggg atcctctatc tctcgaggaa ctgcagtgtg cctgctacac     38880
     aggaacccca aggtcctggg acctcagggc agagaggcct gcaggtccat agtcactcag     38940
     ttaactggac atttcagaag acctatagac agtgggtgct attgggggct gaaccccaaa     39000
     tgtagagata atccagtatg catttggcaa ccccgggccc agagtcctcc ctcagcccca     39060
     gcttatactt tcttggcctg ccttttcctc tcggctcccc tgggaaggcc tcactcaccc     39120
     agctgtctgt gtctgaccct caaggactct tccaaaatgc tgccaaggaa aagggatagg     39180
     tgtggtctgg ccactggcca gcaaggatga catcatctcc tttctaccct gatgtgtttg     39240
     gagacgcacc ccaggacaat cgcttcctca catggacagg aagtggctac atgtcctagg     39300
     acacctccct ttgtgtctgc acaaggcagg cagggtcctt gatgttgact gggccctgtg     39360
     acttgatgtt cactgtcacc cagtgaaaag ggcctgacac acatcagtgg tccgttgagg     39420
     ctgtctgcct tcatggtgaa ctcttttcta ccacagggct tgtgactata tttatttgca     39480
     agttggggtg tctgtccccc ctccgagctc catccagcct atagctgcat gcacctcttt     39540
     actcttagtg ttcctcattc catgatcagc ggtggaccct tgaggtatct ctccatttcc     39600
     caggggcacc cccatccttg agagccttcc tgtgtatgcc atagccagct tgtccactct     39660
     agtcttctgt ggccgcattg ctcctgggta gtatctgggt tccccttggt gatgagaggc     39720
     ctgcaggcag ggtgcagtga agacacaccg tcctcagtta aggaggtgga gctgagaata     39780
     catggcatta gaggtgtctg tccctacgtg gtactcaaag cgacgtgacc catggacaca     39840
     caggaaaagc tactctgcag cccctgtgga ggagagagcc ccccacaggg ctcagtcccc     39900
     actgcctctc cgttgaactc tgtgtgtgat cacacaaagt tgtataggtg ttaggtggcc     39960
     agcgtgccag gcatcctgtg gttcatgggg catgagtttt ctgtaagatt ctcccattca     40020
     ctctgtagat caagataatg atgtttatgt tgttatagca acgtccaggc accgagctct     40080
     ttaggggact tcggtgtggc catcaccttg tatctggaga cgtttgcagg gctgagctgg     40140
     tggcctgctt tcccttggcc gagttgcagg gctggtgtgg tcagtgggca ggggttggca     40200
     acaggctcca acctgtctgt aaccctctgc attctgtctc ccaggactgc acgcttatct     40260
     gggttatttg gattttatat ggggagaaag tgcttggcta caggctcttc tggagcctgt     40320
     ggttggaaca tcccacacct cttggccttg tcaactcagg atctccccac cagttagatc     40380
     agggcctctc tggtactgag gatttgaacc tggccctggc cagctgctct ttcctgtgag     40440
     tttctgggtc tgtagtccag aagtggagga atacaggatg cagaatgaga cctggaattt     40500
     gcaggccggg gtgagcgaga gctcagggaa ggcatatctt aaccacatcc cctatggatc     40560
     tgagactaca cattgggcat gaccgtggtt acatgtggct atgtgtggtg actcctggga     40620
     atgaggagag ctgtgctata cagagtggga atacctgttt gggtacttgt gaccgtacag     40680
     ggagagacta agggattctt ttctgtcact ctgtccagtg ggcggcctcc gaaggctgct     40740
     tgcaaaggtc cttggttagt gtagtctccg tggcctggat gctcagacag cctcatagtg     40800
     accaggtact gcactggaca ggacttggtg cctgttgtac tagttgatgc cctctccgcc     40860
     tctggaggaa gggcctagaa cttaacagtc caaaatatgc ctgttctctt agggttgctg     40920
     gcccctagtc ccttgtcgca agagctgggg cacccagctt tccatatctt tcataccttt     40980
     ccctgggtgg caggaaatct tgagagagga accctgagac aagctgggtc tggcactggg     41040
     cagatttaga ggttcacaga ccctcttctg gaatagcgcg tgttttggtg ccttgtactc     41100
     aaggtggtgt gctggtgccc tctggtggct atgagaggct catgcctgcc tagaatttag     41160
     ggtcatgaga gcagtcatga tcgatcaatc aggacaaaga tagtctgtgc ccagcatggt     41220
     ggggagggca taggcacagg tctgtcaggt gtagggtaca aacgcctgtc ttgaggactc     41280
     tctctggttt tgggggcctg agggtggaga aacagaaggt ccatggagga gcaggtagag     41340
     ttacctgggg aaatggcagc tgggctggag actggggcta ggtttgtcta tgatgacaat     41400
     agtccaggac acaaatagat cccagtgtaa tggggacagg gaaagtgaat ccccattagt     41460
     gatgagccat gggtataggg agaggctgta agggctctgg tatggatgtg gaggtttttg     41520
     gaacgtttcc tgaaccaagg agggtttggg aaggaacaag ctattggggt cctgagaatg     41580
     ggtgaggcag ggaagtgccc tgaggaagag gactcaagcc ttcaggtaca aggcacagca     41640
     ggatgggtag ggccacagcc ctcctttatc agagatagtg cagcctgagc ctgctccact     41700
     caaaccctgt ctcctggtgg ccttatgaag aacaaacagc cctcactccc caaccttcct     41760
     acatcttagt tcctttcccc tccacttttc agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg catgcacata     41820
     tgtgtgtatg tatctgtgtg tgtttctgtg tatatatata tctgtatata tgtgcatgtg     41880
     tgcatctgtg tgcatgcatg tgcatgtatg cctatttcta tgtgcatata tgtctatgtg     41940
     tgtatatcta tgtgtgtatg catatacctg tgtgtgtgtc tgtctgtgtg tgagtgtatc     42000
     tctgtgtgaa tctgcatgtg tgtatctgtg tgcatgcatg tgcatatgta tgtgtgtggg     42060
     gttgtaggtt gtgctcctgc agattcaaat atgactttgt aagcctgcct cgatcttcct     42120
     ccacattatc cactaaggca ggatcttagt tgaatccaga gctcactagt ttggcttcta     42180
     ggatatcctg catctctgtc ttctgatagg ctgacatgag cactggggat ttgaactcta     42240
     gccttatgct tgcatagcga gcatgttact cactggcttg cctcttagtt ccaatacacc     42300
     tgtagtatga tatttgtttg tagaatttat gcccaaacca gatcctgtat agactaaaat     42360
     ccaggtccag gctctctgcc ttcaataagc attctcttaa caaatgttta ctattcttta     42420
     tgtgcacagg gcacatcaga gggactctac tacaggtgtg agatgtggcc tgttcatggg     42480
     gacctgtaac cagcaagaag gcagatgtga caggccaatc acagagacac tcagccagcc     42540
     tggggccaat actgactatg tgatcagggt tagtcagcag gcaaggagac aaggaaaggt     42600
     gtgggagcag cagataaggg tgagcagaag tccccaggtg gggtgggttt ccccattaga     42660
     cacaggtggc ctctttggag aggccttcag ccaagtcctg ggtgccaggg gatagccagt     42720
     gcccggctct ggagcaagtg catggaggag ctgctgatct ggccatgtgt tcgggatagg     42780
     gcaaggcaga tgcttggctg gccagaggat tgcatgtatg cagccctccc tcataaatcg     42840
     ggagagcgta agtggacagc tggccagctc tgactaagtc tgacacccag ggtaggttcc     42900
     cagccaggcc cagctccatc cctggcaggg tgctgagctc tgctggaggg agctgtagaa     42960
     aagggaagag cgtcccagac tctctagttc ttggcccaga aactaagcaa gaggcaaagc     43020
     tggtcatagc tggtcaccag actatggggg aggagggagg gcgaaatatg agctgagatc     43080
     ttccaaacct gggagaacca gaagtcaggg ttcctgacag agtgacaagg ggagattggg     43140
     gcagacaggg aggtagaggc agaggcacac taggaaaggg gctcccagca tgcctggctg     43200
     gcccccaggg tgctgctagc ttggtgctga tctcccccgc tagtccgtcc tcctggcaga     43260
     aaaatgaaag gttcagagtc atggtcatgg cagggagtga agacctggac gtttggggga     43320
     tctgaggaat gttcttggct tcttctgagc cttttacatc ttgtcttgtt ttctgagaaa     43380
     caaatggaaa agaaaaaaaa aaatatccaa agcccattcc tacacttttg gctgctggtg     43440
     tatataaaca gagggaacct gacagttctt ggagagcgag aggggggtgg gagggccagc     43500
     taaggaggcc tgtgctctcc cctggttttg gtcactggtt ctgcagctgc aggggtctag     43560
     gagggaggct cttttcctat gcagtcagga gcattatcta ttccacacct gccctagccc     43620
     cctggggccc agccccagtc ctgaatgagc actgtgtcac ctgctgtgag gtggctgcaa     43680
     ggtcatgctg attcctaatg cctctgtcaa gagcctggag ggctgagtcc tgggctgagg     43740
     gcaggaggaa gcaggagtct ctctgtctca gcgactgtgt ggagcctttg ggtcctgtcc     43800
     catcctgtca ctcctatgtc tgactttcca tgatgtcttc ccctcatttt tctcgggcct     43860
     cagctcttgg ctgagaggaa atcctgagct gttcctcagc tttcgggttc cattagaggg     43920
     caatgtgatc ctcccaccgc tgtcctccct ccgctgtcct tcatgttaag ctggcggttg     43980
     gaggctccct ccatgtcctc tggccagagc cagtggtctt ctccactgca cacaacctta     44040
     gtgttccctg tgatgtctgt cttctgctga ataaggctct ctagaagcct ctgaggagat     44100
     gtcacccagg gccacctctg tgcctggcct aagggtgaaa cacagggtct gcggctttgc     44160
     cctgccttcc agggaccctg gaactgtgga caggcatggg cctgagggca ctggggcttg     44220
     tgtgtgtgtg tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     44280
     tgtgtgtgtg aagaggccag ctgtggagga gactcccttt cttaagcaga gctgttggcc     44340
     agctgctcct gtagctgcca cagtggaggc ctgtgacttt cccaaagagc ttacccagtg     44400
     gtcttagatc tttaggcagg tgggggaggt ctttctggtt atttctgaac caccatgtct     44460
     tgtctccaag ttgccctgga agccatggtg tgtggtgtgt ggcgtgtgtg ttgcatgtgt     44520
     ctggtttgta tgtgtatagc atgtatgtgt ggtaagtgtg ctgtgtatgg tgtgtagtat     44580
     ggtgtgtgca tgtggtatgt aggtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgc gtaactgtga tgtgtgtggt     44640
     ggtgtgtttg tgtgtgatgt gtgggtatgt gtatggtgtg gtgtatgtgt ctgatttcta     44700
     tgtgtgtggt atgtgtagtt tgtgtgtgtg tggtgtctat ggtgtgtatg atatatatgt     44760
     gtggtgtatg cggtattgat gtgtgatgtg tgtgtatata tgtagtggtg ggtatgtgtg     44820
     tgtgtgtgta tggtgttggt gtatagtgtg tatatgtgtg atacatgtgt ctgattatat     44880
     gtgtatggtg tgtgtgatat gtgtatagta tggtgtatag tacggtgtgt gcatgtggta     44940
     tgtgggggtg tgcttgtgat gtgtgtggtg gtgtgtatgt gtctaatttg tatgtgtgtg     45000
     atatatttgg tgtgtgtagt gtatgtgtgt gtgtttggtg tgcatgtgtg tgtagtgtgg     45060
     tgcatgtata tggtgtgtgt gctttagttt tgaggtattg tgggaacaac agttgtgtgt     45120
     gtttgtagtg gtatgtatgt gtgtatgtgt atggtagggc gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcgc     45180
     gcgcgttcgc gagcacatac tggctcccag ccttctttcc ctctccagct tcctgttgga     45240
     aagtatcgtt aaacccctgg ctcatccact gtgcatggtt cactgaagtg aactgagctg     45300
     gctacatact tgtgctaacg acttctgaca tgctggaagg ggggaaggta aagcagccag     45360
     agcttgggca ggtgatggcc tgatgctcat ccccgggagg gagccacacg gtggaaggag     45420
     agaccggagg cctgcaagct gtcttctgac ttccacaagc attgtggcac gagtgttcac     45480
     acacagactt gcacatgaag taaacaaaca gaattgcaat gtgagaagat gacgtttctg     45540
     gggaccagga agagaggggt tggagacagg agatgtggcg ggcacagaca atatgctgca     45600
     ttgcctcatg gaggacccgt gccactcctg ttcaacaccc tggaatgtga ggcacccagt     45660
     gtgagtcctg agcttggggt cacagtggta tgccaccctt ctgcacaaat gccccctccc     45720
     ccatgtgaca ttaataagga gtcgatagag ccgggaggct cagcagctaa cagcacagct     45780
     gctcttccag aggagccagc tttaattctc tgtacccaca cggtaactcc agccccagag     45840
     tatccagcaa tctcttctgg cctctgggga cacaaggcac acatgtgttg cacaggcgtg     45900
     catgcacccc actacccata agcatacagt aacaacagca attctcaaaa atgggaacgg     45960
     aatcgcgggg agctgggcaa ggagacataa agagacccca aactgttcca acaataacaa     46020
     caaagtaaaa aaggaagaga aagaaagaaa gcaggaccac tggatggatg agagggttca     46080
     catttgtcgc cagggcaaaa gcctggcgta atatcccaca taacaggaga gaacggatct     46140
     ctaagacttg tcctgtgact tccacacaca tgctgtggca ttcactcatg tatgtgtgca     46200
     cacaaacaca cacacaccca tgcacacacc acagccattg cctttcccag gggttggggt     46260
     tacaaatggc tgtgagctcc ttactgtagg agctgggtca gttgaactca ggtcctctga     46320
     gagtgcccca cccccatacg tgtaaagggc ctttctctgc ttttctgcat gctgcttagg     46380
     gtattgcctg ttgcttgtgt tctctgagga tggactagac ccatttggtc tctgcctgtc     46440
     tccacgatcc cacaagctgt ttggtttgca gctgtgggca tcacagatgc ctgcgtgttt     46500
     ataaagaagc ttattttagg acagacgagc atccctgact tgtgcacaca tgctgttagg     46560
     gcccagtgct ttacttctgc tgggtctcga gcatcatcat ttcacgatga gttatcaccc     46620
     ccacgtgcag gagtgatgtg aagagggtcc tccgaggcat tcagaaagga gtgtcactgg     46680
     cgcaggctca ggtgaaaggc cagaagctga gcagactggc accgccacca ggtgatactg     46740
     tgatgttaga gagctgggtt gcgacccagt gaggtcacac acacacacac acacacacac     46800
     acacacacac acacacacgt tgttcccaca atacctcagg tctcaagcag aggatctcgg     46860
     caaatgtaga cagtgcccca cccccacccc gcctttcaaa agccagcact tagggaagaa     46920
     acccagtcac acagtagaag cactcctccc acaaagaagg gatctctgca atgtcttcca     46980
     acagtatact tggctatttc cgagagagcg ggaagcattc acgtgtgtgc atccatacac     47040
     agacattcac tctcacacac agacgcaggc attggatcac cctggagctg ctgccctgtg     47100
     cctgggaaac tggtttcttc tgaaccgctt ctactccgag gatgctcctt ccagaaaacc     47160
     ttccccaatc ctctcctcta gcctcttccc tttggctgca ctgcccaagt gccttctcgc     47220
     catcccgtga ttcttcgctt aacccacctt gctctcctga caccaggcat ctcagcactt     47280
     gttctggata gggtgaatga cagggacagc ctctcctccc actagtgtgt gctaagatgg     47340
     ggcggggtct ggtgggaatc agtctggaat gttctagctg tcccgggctg gcaggagtcc     47400
     tgaacattga taacgaccct ggaaggtatg cagatggtgg aaaccagact tgctacaaca     47460
     gcggctctgc tgggcactgt tccctcccct ggtccgagag ccaaggacaa gctccagccc     47520
     agagcagagg cttctccagt gctggcttgt ccttccaagg caatccacat ctactgacag     47580
     cattagcttt tctgttacca ttcagactgg cacaagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     47640
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt ggaggttttt acctcgaggt tctatggcac agattccctc     47700
     actgaatctg agagccagcc tggaggcttt ggagaagtca caccctggcc ttgtgtagct     47760
     tcccagggtc tcacatacaa tggcttgcag cccctttgtc tgccctcaga ctcgggctac     47820
     cacacctggc tctaacctca tctcctgcct cctgtcctac tcacagggcc tctcagggtt     47880
     gcagtggaca cccccaggtg acttggaggg tagcctgttt aacttcactt gctctagcag     47940
     cccagcccag cccagcccag cccagcccag cccagcccag cccagcccag cccagcccag     48000
     cccagcccag cccagcccag ccgagcccag cccagcccag cccagcccag cccagcccag     48060
     cccagccgag ccgagccgag atggtgcagc ttcatgattt taggcctcag ggaagggagg     48120
     caagcatctc aggggccagc actgcagtaa cacactggaa aaacacaaca aggagagtga     48180
     ttgtatgtaa tgccgtagat gccgagcctg ggacattaac atttgtggag ccctgcacgt     48240
     acctatcagc ctagctgcag ctcgactggt gcctcctgct cttcagaacc ctcatttgtg     48300
     tatggtaccc cacccaagca tgtagtgaag gatgaagccc ccctcaggct cttgctgagt     48360
     gtttgttgct ggacccacag gttgttccag gacctaaggg ctggccttcc tgcgcttcac     48420
     tgttggaaca tcaggcagga ggttagggtg ggactgcata ggtggggatg gggtagggtg     48480
     caggctgcct tgcttacagc ccttccccca ctgtgtgtgt gcttcagctc tgggaggggg     48540
     tagcagaact ccaagttcca tcctgtgaag tcttgggcat agcagttact gtatgtgctt     48600
     cctgaaactg gagtgctact tcctgcctct ggggaactca ggaggactct ttgggtccga     48660
     ttatgggcct cacataaggc tctggttata tgggacaggc cactgtaacc ttttcttggc     48720
     cagaatttgg aaagggagag acaggctgcc aacctgtaca tatagccaaa atctctctgt     48780
     gtcttggtca cctgggacag gctgggtctg gccggatttg gagaacagcc ttggctggtt     48840
     aagactttgg tctatctggt tctaggatta taggtcagtt ctagagggct agtgtgccaa     48900
     ctgtagacct ggagtggatg ggccagactc ttccccaggt ggtgatgaga acactttagt     48960
     cgggtatcct gtgagcagtg tgtacccata cttgatgact actgtctcct tgacagagat     49020
     atagggaggc ttgtcctgtc ccctgtcact ccacctagaa gacacttccc tgggagtcac     49080
     tctgcatagc cttgagtgca accccagggg gaactgaggc acatgtcaaa gcagatgtct     49140
     ggcctgagag ccagggtgtt gagatggttc tagtcagccc tgtgagggcc ccaacttttc     49200
     ctaccacagg tcccaggtcc ccttgcagcc aggtatgatg atctgagtct tgtttctggc     49260
     tgtcttgggc ctgtaggacc ctgggacttt gatggctcct ggtttggtct atatagattt     49320
     actctagtgg tccgtctatg tcttcttgtt ctgtgctcct gtatcttaag atgaggtgat     49380
     gaaggaccac agagatttga ggattgccat agtccccctg agctcaagcc agcgcagaac     49440
     tgttgcccag gggacccata cccagcccct cagtacctga tgaagcacca tgcttggtgt     49500
     gaagtgccca aggttcagaa gaacacttgg gcctggtgta tgtaggtgtt tgggtgtcta     49560
     ggaccctgcc aactctgacc ttcatgtggg gaggagcagt tagtcttggc tccagggaac     49620
     cacagtggtt acttcctaca ggtaggtcct agatgcagct cgggggacaa gctgagtggt     49680
     agcttggtgg ctggctaggt gggtaggcga ttgtagtgac agttttggga tttggtttat     49740
     aaaaacacag aaatagtata agaatatgtt tttgttttag tgccaggtgt gggatatggg     49800
     gcttcttcag actgtccaca gcagctgact atgatttgcc tcgtgctcta gcagggaagt     49860
     gattttgcca gctgcaagat ggtttctgcc actgtgtggt ttgttaagta gttgtgcaca     49920
     aaggagaaac aagaagaaat tagataccct gacatgaaga tcaaacttgc ccccaaggaa     49980
     tttgacaccc ctcgtcatca ggaagcagtg taacaataat gcatttcctt tcccaccctt     50040
     aaccttaatc agggatctcc tcccattctt ctctattctt tgcttctctc ttacctagtg     50100
     ttggggattg aaagggtagg gaaaggggtg gagaagggtg gaagaaagaa gaacccacaa     50160
     agtagcaaag acagctacag gtgatctatt ttgagtgtcc ctaagtgaat gaatgtccca     50220
     ttgctgtgtc ttggctatag ttctgagaag tggcccttgg tccctcctgt gtttgaagga     50280
     gtggatagga aaggcccagc agagtttgag ggtctgcctt tcctatctgt gctctgagaa     50340
     agcacaaaca agccaagggg atatggacct gcagccccca agccagtgaa ctggtacctg     50400
     gtgttcctag ctgatgttgg agccctggca ttaggacagg tttggaagat gtaaccaatt     50460
     tcagtcttga gagggagaaa ctggccagga ttcccaaggg gcctgtgtgc catttcatgg     50520
     gtcctcagtg gagggatgga gagtaggcat ggtggagaag tggtgtggcc tgggagacag     50580
     aggctgggat gatgtggtgg gaacaggagc tgggaagaac ctgcctgaga ctctagggga     50640
     agcatggcgc ttgcccaggc cctgatttgg ctgagtgatg aggtctaggc tgttagagcg     50700
     gagagggaac aagatcactg tttatgctac ctggttaggg gtatttggaa aagacattta     50760
     agttttattt acccacatgt atgtgtgtgc ctggtgtcga tagagggcgg aagagggcgt     50820
     tgtgttccct ggaactggag ttacagggac cacgttggtg ctgagaacca acctgggtcc     50880
     tctgtgagag cagtcggtgc tcttaaccac tgagctacct ccagctggtg ctttgtgaag     50940
     gtcagcaacg ggaactgccc ctctaattac aggtgccttg aagcccccac ctgaccccat     51000
     gtgcatcgct accaacctct ggtccagact gcctcagcct ctgccaggca catcccttcc     51060
     catctggctg gactaactcc ccagacccat cctcatcttc tgatgtctta cctgccacat     51120
     aatggccact cctgagagca gccctctctt gtcaccggct gagttgcgtt gctaactacc     51180
     ctgtcactgt catttcctgc atctccgagg ctggcacaga tcccccactg tcttcctaaa     51240
     aagatccgtt cctctgtcct gaggccagac acctgctgta gcgtttggca gggttacaca     51300
     ggaagagaag catggtgtct tcctggggat gggagccggg ggtggggggg cacatgggtg     51360
     ctcagctcca cccaagcaac acccctgagc ttgttcagcc tagagtgttg agcgggcatg     51420
     tcagccctgc agagcaagct tacacagagg ttcccaattg tcccgttgcc ccgagggaag     51480
     ggggggcccc attgcaggct cagaggtgga acattcctaa gaaggaacat tcctggggag     51540
     gtaggaaaga ggcccagcta atgcatcctg ctcagatcgg agcctcctgg agtgttgttg     51600
     gcagagggga tgtccctggg attgtttctc agtctggcac tgcgagtgtc caggagaggc     51660
     tgcccacccc tcctggggga ggtgcttttc caggcctccc aggcttaggt tctttctgaa     51720
     gcccctcata cctgcagccc ctcgcctttc ctcccgagat ctgggtagct gactctagtc     51780
     cagctggctt gcatcagctc ttggctaaga ctcagggagc agccctggcc tgtctgggtg     51840
     acacctggct ataggaagag gggattattg gcctcatgaa cagacagggc ttcataaatt     51900
     ctggctcctg acaggcagcc tgaggcttca ggtgggcagg tgggatcagg tattatagtt     51960
     gtccccacag gctctcaagt tgaggccctg gctgtctccc ctatccagtg ggtgtgcgca     52020
     gcccctttgg gtgtcttagt ccatgttctg tacagcaagg cctcctggtg tgtgtgtgtg     52080
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgttgg aggggggcat cctttggctg agccctcccc     52140
     ctttctgttc ctcctgaaga tctctagaat gggtatattg acaggccaag agcccagttg     52200
     tgaggtcatc aggtcatcta cagtgacctg ggtgaaagta gccaagggca ggctaagcct     52260
     aggcaggaag atcctaggct ttgagttcct tggttaaagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     52320
     gtgtgtgtgt ttgtagggta ggtaaccctg gtctcaaggc gccctgggag tccagcaggg     52380
     ggcatgtcag cctccctgtg tatctttgga agggactgtg tcctctagcc cagcatgtcc     52440
     tctaggtggc ccttgctgct agtcctcagg gctggctgga caccagtcct tggaccaagc     52500
     ctgagctatg aagagtgctt gggcttggtc tccacccact gtctgtgcct taagaggaag     52560
     gggtggagcg gggtgttgaa tgctgcctgg cttggggtgc accgtagctg tggggtttct     52620
     ggggagcagg gctagatgga tgaggcagat tgcctaccat caaactactc tcccagactg     52680
     agactcctat ttacccagga gtctcccagg tcgccttttc aggttcccct gctccatctg     52740
     agagctattc cggaccgtgg tcaccttgtc cgccaggtat caggcccagc cccaggtact     52800
     ttaatgctgt cttgttccca taggcctctg ggtcctggtc actagttttc tccttagagc     52860
     ctggagaaag caggtgcctg gggttggggg agtaacagat gacgtcacca tcataggcag     52920
     ccttgtgagc aggcttggat ttgtgtctca ctatggccgg gggtgaggtg ctacagaggc     52980
     cgtgttccca ctggtaaagt ggggtgctga ggacagagcc aaagtatgat ggtgcaaatg     53040
     aagttttttg ggttgtaacc ttgtgatatc cagcttggag cccagcacag accagtggca     53100
     tgtgatctgc cccagcactt agctcttggg gtctacatct gtttaggagt ggaaggagag     53160
     gatcaacctt ataagccaca gttcccagat agtgactctg ggcagggact ggctccatac     53220
     agctgcttct cctctgtggg gagcgacagc ttccccatct ccccagtttc tagcctctgc     53280
     cccccaacca actctccaag ctgttcttgg tcttctgtat gggatgttgt atgaaagttg     53340
     tctttatcct gtggagctgg ggagagtgtg tgaggaagga gacgttgcag gctcctgttc     53400
     aacacgtgct gtttgctgaa ggttctttgg ggctagcatg acaggctgaa aactagcctt     53460
     gacagaggca aggagggcat acatccctgg gggaggattc taggctgata ctgtttttag     53520
     tgtttttggt agaacttatt ctccaggggg aggggagctt ccccacatca cacctcctgc     53580
     tggcccctgt cactcccaac ctccatccta gatgattaat gatggcctag tgcgccaagc     53640
     atgcagtctg tcccctgggg tttatactgg ccttggctgt ttgtctgtgc tctgtgcttc     53700
     ctagaaacac gctttcttcc ctgcaacggg gccctataga agctccacca tcccaccatc     53760
     ctagggtcct gtgtccaggc ttggcaggac tgagtctgct gggcacctgc cacagccttg     53820
     gctctgcttg ctggagctgc tgtgtgagac agtcccacag aggtacatct gtgtctcacc     53880
     tgaggtctgg atggaccttc agatcttgct cctggcagtc agcctgagaa catcatatgt     53940
     tgacggatgg gcaggtgagg gtgtgccagg cttttcaggc cgagcaccca gatgccaagg     54000
     tggttttctt ttgtggcttg gtattcattc atggagtctc tgtagtgaga tctgagctgc     54060
     agaggggtcc aggccccact tttttctttg tatgagaatc cctgaagccg tggggacacc     54120
     cctagatcat ttcctcttct gtttaaacta agatgacctt cacggtatga aaaccaccat     54180
     gagggttgaa ctgtgcagtt tcagtgggta caagatctac ctggggcact gggtaacgcc     54240
     actccaagac tgacgggaag gctttctagt ttcttaatgc aaaaggtgag tccgcattcc     54300
     tttcccaaag gaacctcgac agataaaccc gactgtcctc cacagaagaa gacatgagaa     54360
     aggatggtcg gaagaaattc aagagaaaag gacccaccat gcagttgaat cccagcgaga     54420
     catcactagt gcgtttcttg ttgatagagt ggccaaaagg actcagaaac cagaagttaa     54480
     gaaagctcag agagcaggct atcagggctg ccaaggaagc aaaaaaggct aagcaggcat     54540
     cagagaagac agcaatggct gctgccaagg cccccacaaa ggcagcacct agacaaaaga     54600
     ttgtgaagcc tgtgacagtc tctgcttccc aagttggtag aaaaccctaa ttaggtagat     54660
     cagagtttaa aataaagatc tgttctaaat caaaaaataa aaataattaa gccaggtagt     54720
     ggtggtgcat gcctttaatc ccagcactcg ggaggcagag gcaggcggat ttctgagttc     54780
     aaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccct     54840
     gtctcaaaaa aaccaaaatc aatgaatcac ccctctgggc tcaggctaca tgggcatcta     54900
     gtgtattcct tgttctgtga caccactgcc tcttgatttt gtccccagct ccggccttgc     54960
     catctctttt ctgtggcata attgtctcat gctaacagag tggcacagca tatagcccct     55020
     gggctggttt ctctcacagc ctaggaatcc ttgggtagct gctccaaaga cagacattga     55080
     catggggaca gccaggtatt gcgaagagga gtgtgaaggt gtcccctggg gggtgtactg     55140
     gtgaaccatt gcagggacat cctagtaagc cgtagggtgt gctggtgaac catggagatg     55200
     ttttcatgag ccatctgtgg taggggacac cctcgtgacc tgtgggggct ttctagtgag     55260
     tgccaagtcc cataggattt ttttttttag acggacagcg ggtgaatata tggtcttgaa     55320
     atgacaatct ttagccccca agatcaacat caggtgatgc cagcccagac tgcaagggta     55380
     gctacttggt gggcttctat gctacactct gggtctagct ccagtggttt cagctgtgag     55440
     ggttcttgct ccaggcaacc atgtgtgtat gaatgtcaca gcctcccagc tgtactgact     55500
     tgagaaggtt tcaggaaggc tccttcccag agcttgggta tcctgccttt gcaggccgac     55560
     actcccggag tgccgtgcac acagacagag ctttaataca tgccgggatg aggcagtttg     55620
     cacatgaatg gtgggctgtc tccactgaac agtttactgt gagcttcaaa tggagtatgg     55680
     aggccttcct tggccgtccc cacctctgaa atggccaact cgccctggtt tgtgtgcaga     55740
     gaacggtgct cagccagaga cctgcccgtt ctgccctgtt ccagtggttc caggttgtgg     55800
     caaagcccag gagggagggc agggttgtgt gttctggctt ctgcccagga gctcttgctg     55860
     gtgtttgggt gttttgtttt ctgtgtggcc ctggctgttc tggaactcac atgcttcgtg     55920
     agttctggga ttaaaggcga ccgctttgcc aggcagtcct gaagctcttc tgtgtggaat     55980
     ttgtatagca tttgctattt cccacaaccc ctgtgggcct gggctggaga cagaaaccct     56040
     gagatgggtg gggatcacac cttctaaggt ttacaaatcc agatgtggat aatcctccta     56100
     tgtagatgct aactcagcag ggctcaggct agcccagcga gggaggctag ctactctgag     56160
     gggtgctcag gatgggggag gagctagcag ctgctatggt gatagggcag caagtgtcta     56220
     tcctgggtac cgggcactgt gacaaggctt ctcccataga catggggaac tgtagagggc     56280
     attcttactg ttgcccactt ggccgacata tggttttgtg aggttcccta acctggatcc     56340
     atacaatact ataagagaac cttctttgtc tgtgaccctg atcctcaagt ccccaccccc     56400
     tttccattcc agtttcccat acagtggtct gaatgacagg acctgagctg tgttgtgtct     56460
     cgtaccctgg cccgccagcc tggcttttgt gctgtctcct caggccagca gacaggggac     56520
     cctaggcacc ccagccatga cctctgctga gactctgtaa ctccccagga attcctagga     56580
     aattcccacc gttggctttg cagggctaga ctggtggctg agctccaaga atcaggaggc     56640
     agccggccag tgtcctttgg ccaccacggt cctcatgcaa ctgcccgtat ctctgaggcc     56700
     cttagcttag ctgtgagagg ttcttctagg aacccttctg acaagctgtg agagatattg     56760
     ggaccaccag gagagcttta agccatctca gacctgagag tgcccacacc tggttctgcc     56820
     aacttcctgt gtatagcgta agcatttggc ttctttccta acaacagcac atgtcaggtg     56880
     gaataaaggc ttatctatgt gcacctgtga catgttggga ttccccttgc cctgagcctg     56940
     cctcgaggtt ggctgtgttt ggggacactg gagggttagc ctccccggag cctccctgga     57000
     ctcagatgaa gcggtatgac caggtgggtg gacagaggca aaaatactga ctcaacacat     57060
     gatgagtcta catatttgta aggcccctgc agtctcaggc tggccagatt gggtggtgtt     57120
     taagcactgt ttctcctgta aggctgagcc caggtaggag tcctccatct cagccgtata     57180
     cctactcaga gcggccatct gtgctctgta cccgtaagag ctgatcagag gaaaaggagc     57240
     tgtgagctca ggccatggca gtcagggtcc ggtagctctg ctgtatgctc actgccttcc     57300
     ctaacctgac gcagctccac ctcattacaa gagcataaaa ggcaaccaga gctgtcatgg     57360
     tgtggccagg gtattgggtc cattgtcagg gtcctgtggg atcctagctt cggagcaaag     57420
     ggaggctgtt ttctttggaa aacctaatgc tgcacaggtg atcttcccgg agcctacagg     57480
     atgctccggg gccaacaccg ctggttgtag ctgctcttac aggtcgattc ccttcgatga     57540
     gctgctcaga tactgtcctg gagacctgct gcactggatg ctaagagagc ggcttccctg     57600
     ggtgcttggg tggaggaatg gggcctgagt ctgttcattt ccctccacgg ggcctgtcat     57660
     gttgtctgac gcccctcccc atccttcggg gacaccgtgt ttccttggcc aagtgctcat     57720
     ctgcgtttct tcccacagat gtggatgaat gtgccaatgc caacgggggc tgtgagggcc     57780
     cgtgctgcaa caccgtgggt ggcttttact gtcgctgccc acccggctac cagctgcagg     57840
     gtgatggcaa aacgtgccaa ggtaggacct gtctggtact ctgccccggg gaagggcaga     57900
     gacagagagt gggtggtggg agcaggggta agctcaagct agaactagga gctaagaccc     57960
     tctgggggaa gggcccacat ccctgtgaca ctgataggaa cctcgcctgt caaagactgt     58020
     gagaggcctg gggctgagag cagcttgcca gctctgaaca gcccctgtga ctccacccca     58080
     gcattgctgg caggccgaca gcaaaatcaa gaccagacag aagtagatcc tggagagact     58140
     cggggaactg aggagagggg gatgaggagg ccctgctgtc cccagcctct cagtctcccc     58200
     tccccttttc tgcattctct ggctgccctc acatctgagc ccagggctgg tttgaacagc     58260
     tgagtccctt ggagcgtttg gggccatcag tgtccagggt cctgggcctg ggtcaagagg     58320
     ctgtctctgc tctctgtatc agatggtcac tgtctgagtc ttagaatgac ctcagttaaa     58380
     tgtcacacca tctccagcta ttcagctgcc catctgtgaa ccatctgcct acaagttggg     58440
     gtctggagag gcattgaggc gggggtgtct gctctgcatg agacattcta gaagagtggg     58500
     ttccctgtaa ccagcaggag cttggaggtg gggaatgtgg ctgtaacact agggtcatgc     58560
     cccagctgtg gggcagcagg aggcctgttc ctccacgtgt ctagcctaaa gggaggtagg     58620
     gcagataagt gtttaatgat tattgtgtct gtgtttctgc gcctgtgcag ccggttcctg     58680
     cagacgccct cagagcccac ccctctgctt gcgggtcgtc ttgccagcag acttgggttt     58740
     cggcttgacc gagcattaaa gatggctcat gattttaact ggcttagtga gtcagctctg     58800
     gggaacagct tgcacccctc ttcttgtatc tgtgagaagg ctgtgcatac tgagtgctca     58860
     ggacctttgt gggctagagt ctctcactgt gtccccacgt cacagaaccc agatagcctc     58920
     cctcagcacc atacgcctga ggcatctccc tctgaaagga gggagtgatg cttaagctgg     58980
     tttaaggagc agatgaaaga cttgatacag cctggccctg ggttgcttcc tgtgagccag     59040
     ttcatctaac caagtgctgg ttatttcccg ccccgagtgc cacctgccct ttggcttctt     59100
     cctcatccaa ggtggaatca ggctccccag ccccatggct tcctgggtgg ggctagtctg     59160
     aggtagctgt ctaatgttcc cagagcctcg ccatatctga actttgggag cctggaaatc     59220
     ccccattctt cagtggcata cggaaaacca cgccaagggc tctcctgggc actgcagatt     59280
     cccagcatcc ctctggttgc tggctggatc cgccaaccac ttgtgtgcct gtctgacagc     59340
     agttacccaa gggaagatac ccagagaacc tgctgcctct ggggccaagc agtgaggttc     59400
     cgtgcctagg gtatctcctg agcctgcagg gaaggctcac catagccatg aaatcatctc     59460
     agaagtccct cacgtgggca ttaggttgtg ggtcaaaaca ttcagcgtca ggatgccaca     59520
     gtgcttagag taggcttgct atccaggggc ctctctatct agtattccca actctgctca     59580
     tttgctttgg ggtgattcag tgggtcagaa cctggctctg ctaacctcat atttcttata     59640
     gctcagaaga gtggattgga agctctgtat agtggggttc tagatagata ttgttaaggc     59700
     atgggaaagg gtgaccccta aagatctacg gagttccaga ggaagtcttg ctgtcttccc     59760
     agccctgtct gggagaggaa tgctctcggg tgtgcgttag agagtgtgtc ccatcagctt     59820
     tctcccagaa gtcggagttt gtagcatgtg ctctggacct ggtgtgctgt gttgatgccc     59880
     attccaagtg agacatagac ttatgggagc tgggcacagt gctagcttcc actcaggcgc     59940
     cccaggcatg aggtagacag aaggtaggaa aggccaatga cctaaggcct aagctgtctg     60000
     tccatccacc cacgggggat gctgaacttg gccttttttt gtgctagcca agctctctac     60060
     cactaagcct tacccacagc tacctttgag acagggtctg actgaatttt ccaggctcct     60120
     cttgacctcg atctgtggcc caggcaggcc ttgaacttgg gatcttcctg cctcagccct     60180
     cctaagaagc tggaattgca gcctggggca ctaggtctgc ttctgtgtta ctgtacgagg     60240
     cattggagtc tccgtttggg gtccctaagg gtagaccagg tctttgtaat ctgacagagg     60300
     tgggtagagg caggggcatg gccagagaac caagtcttag gcggaggcag aatggtgtct     60360
     cagacatgga tggtcctcaa accttgcgtt ctggcggccg catctgcctt ctctcctctt     60420
     cctgcctctt ccctgccccc ccaaccccca ccagggttca tgccccagct ctgcgagttt     60480
     gagatgattg gaggtctaag tcacctcatg gccaaggggc tgctgagagc caggagcctg     60540
     ctgagctctg tgtcccctgc cagtccagcc tcctctggca gacgtgaggc agtacagttc     60600
     tcgggtgcag gctgcctgcg cgtgtgagca cggacagtag gaaatgagga tgtcccagaa     60660
     ggggaggcct gccttgcttg cttgtgcagg gaggtgtgtg cagaggggac ggcagggtga     60720
     gcccagaaac caccaagagt gatgaattgt cgccgtgaaa caggactggc aagggagcct     60780
     ggctggaggt gtcttggccc caaccctgag agctggttca ggctgatata tgtcatgttc     60840
     tgggaggctc tgctggagcc ggggccaaat ccactcagct ggactgggtg gccatagtga     60900
     cactagccac tgccactgcc tctgcgttgc tgggtgggat ctggtctctg tcttgaacta     60960
     gttcttctga acaggtgagc ctcggcctgt gtgtggcaga cctatcaggc ttttcaatat     61020
     ttattttgtt tggtgtgtgt gtgtgtccgt ctgtccgtcc gtcctgtagt ggtgtttgta     61080
     gatgcttctt cactttcttt ttgacacacg gttcctcatt ggtctggaat tcaccatgtc     61140
     ggccagcagc cagtgagccc caggagtctc ctcatctccc ccttctcaga tctgggacta     61200
     gatgtggagg tcaccctgct tggccttcat gtggatgagg caaacacatc tgaaacatct     61260
     tcccagaccc aacaaagctc ctttctgtat gctcagtcat cgccgccctg cattggcaaa     61320
     gccactccag gactcgcctt cggtgccagt gagggttgaa catctcctta agccctcacg     61380
     aaggtgtgtg tctgagcctg ggcctctgtc agtaaaccat gacaaatagg ctctcagatc     61440
     ttaagtcgtt agaggattca ggaaatgctc agaggctgag gccagcatca tgcttgccaa     61500
     ctgccaggcc agcgttagag gcagatcata ggtggagagt ttctgcttgc ttgccagctc     61560
     tgcctgtgga gggctagcct gtgtctcggg tgattaatct cctctgcctt ctctttacct     61620
     aggttctaat gggggctcct tgcaagttca ggcaagctcc aaggccatag tttaccttac     61680
     ctttcttgct gccctctggc ttggagctca tttctaaaac attcctatct gtaagatggg     61740
     tccagtcctt actctaaact gagtagcctg aaggttcttg tgttgttgta acagggtgaa     61800
     ttattctgtc ttacttagtg ctgtcaggat ggtggccaga gcttctcatg gggcagggga     61860
     ggaggcttgg cagccctttc tgattcaggt ctccaggtct accttcccat gcagtgtggg     61920
     attctgcaag tgatgccccg gagggagagg ctcagcctga tgatccaggc tcctgacttt     61980
     ccccagccgt agaggtttaa gagtagagcc gagatagttt tggaatgttc gtgagactcc     62040
     agctcttcat ggacactatg tcatcgtccc caaggaggct cccccaaatc agggttccca     62100
     tgaagcttgt ctcacccgct ctcagctgtc acagtggctc cagtcccatg tctgtcacac     62160
     ccactgatgc acgattgttg cctgagagtt cagccaggtc ctctccgtct ctagggagag     62220
     gaaggaacgt gggaagtgaa ttgaaactct gattaagaag gctgacggca gccgacccag     62280
     gccagctgta ctgatctcta gggaggatta acggtgctcc ttcagacccc tgattcttat     62340
     gcctgtcccc tggaatggct gtgtccttgc accccttttg aagtagagcc ttctctgact     62400
     ctcttgctgt gtagtatctg gaccccagga agcagtgttc ctgtggagtc ctcccaagtc     62460
     tttaagtacc tgtggactga actcttgggg gtagcctggt ctcagtggat gggaagaaca     62520
     gtgactgaag caccctacta tgctcttggc actcacagtg ctggatcatt gatggtaccg     62580
     tgtgatcatc cccaaggagg ctcctttcca aggaggcaga cgtgccaggc tggaaaggcc     62640
     tcccaagctt cacacactgt taaagaactt acctagagga cagagagggt cagtagtggc     62700
     tgctgagtcc caagcaggga tggagacccc agagctggct ggtgacctca gggccctgtt     62760
     ttcagccact tgcatggccc ctgctcccac tggaatccct ccattctccc agggcctttg     62820
     ggaacacgag agagttgtgt tcctttcctg tctttctggt cagcactatc tgcacagagc     62880
     tggcatttgt gtctaccaat gtcctctgtg aactcagacg ctccacagaa tctgcagggt     62940
     ggtagcatga agagaggtta aagcctgtag ccctgtccac ccgctgagga aaacccgagt     63000
     gccgtcgatg aggaacaggc ctcaccggat gccagttctg ccagcctctg tcctggttta     63060
     acatctaatg ctgtgattag tcagttccta ctgttgctcg tccatcaaac gaggaactca     63120
     gtcatagtgg cgagagtggc ctgctgcacc gacagagctc gaggctggcg ggtgtggtca     63180
     cacacctatg ggttctggag tcaggcatga acctggcctt ctggccgtag agtcacatcc     63240
     ttctttctgc cagtgccaga actagggctt tcccagtcca gtgtcccctg gatatggcaa     63300
     ggaaacccaa ttacaaatgc gatccttcca ggcaggtttt ccagagccac ccgtggccag     63360
     ggcctccctc cgtcagaggt gctgagagtt gaaagctctc atttcccatt gctggctcgc     63420
     gcccattcct ctagtgagca aactggcaag taaatccctg gttggggcca aggcaagaaa     63480
     ataatagcct ttaaggtcag tgcgttgcca gcccaatggc aatagtgcga gaggccgatc     63540
     tcacctcctc agagcctttg gggagtgcca tctttggagg gaaccagcac agggagctgg     63600
     tagcctccgg taaacaccaa cccacttctt ggcataagtc cttgtgggca caagctgacc     63660
     tgcaggaaag atctagatgt aggggtcatg aaagtttgag cccccgagtg ccaacttagg     63720
     acagcaatga ctgagggggt cccccatccc agggctgggg ctaagagcac ttgcctaaca     63780
     tatacagagc cttgggttca atccccagga aggcacagat ttcatggttg tttataccta     63840
     caatctcaga ctcaggaagg aatgcaggag gagtatcaga agttcaaggt caccttcctt     63900
     tacttttgag gccagcttgg ggctatagag actgtctcta agaacagctc cccctccccc     63960
     attacaagaa gctgagcttt caaaccaagc ataaggaaaa gaagcggaca gtagaatgga     64020
     gggccttaaa gtgttgtaag aatcctggcc agtatcccac aggacggtca gtccttgagt     64080
     tgcgaaaacg accatcaggt gacgtgggga cgatctttcc ctggttctgg aagcttctac     64140
     acaggacgaa aagtcttccg ggctggagaa agggatgttg caggcacccc ttctcctccg     64200
     tcctcatggc acctcagcag ctttgctccc tagcggtcga agtctccttc tcagtagctg     64260
     agcatttggt gggtaaaggg gatgctaaat ctgccttaaa gagcagtcat ggcttgtgtg     64320
     acctagaaaa actcagtcac tgttatgtct cctggaagtg aagctgacag gcaggccctc     64380
     ctcctggcta gcagatggca gagcatatag acctggttac aggacctgta cctcatggcc     64440
     agttggggtg gagtgggagt ggggcggggc tggggtgagg gcattgcagc agaggtgggg     64500
     tcaagggcag gggtggaggc aatacaggag taggggctgg ggtgggagca gggaggggga     64560
     gaaagcagta caagagtagg ggccagggtg ggggagggag tgggaccggt gggggggggg     64620
     tgtgtggtat agaagtggga gcgggggagg agggaggagg caatactgga gtaaggtcag     64680
     gggcggagca agggcagggg gaacctatac ttagcgcctc agcagtatct cttctccact     64740
     gatgtctcct gcctctattt tcatactgga ccaaccttta cttgtcccaa ggcctctgcc     64800
     tcctacctgt ccctgtgcag ccatgccttc gagctaccgt ttctctcagt tcattggttt     64860
     gaatgaagac tgcacctgcc acccagggcc tcatgggata ctttccctgc tccactctgt     64920
     ctcttcccta aggcatcctg ggaagtgagt cttaagccca gcccctcccc ccatttcact     64980
     tccccaacta tagactctgc tgtatagttg ggttcctgac tccaccgaac ctttagactt     65040
     tagacactag agccctttat aattctagac agagtcagtg ggggtggggg gaggtctgtg     65100
     atcagctgct atgaggagac ccatgtgcca cctcgagccc cgtagggatt tgagtagggg     65160
     aaaccctgtt gagtcagagg tcactcctgt gagtcttatg tggatgcaga cggttcctta     65220
     gagtctaggc agcacatact ccagtggcct tggcagaaca agaattaatg gcccacgtac     65280
     attcctgtgg gtattgtgag gtagcagcat ttggggcttc ttgcaggtgc ccggcaggag     65340
     ctggctgcca acctttgccc tagcatccag caggtggagg aaggcgtgct gagccatgaa     65400
     gatgacagaa agtcatggtc ccagtgatag gttgctggtc ccaagccaca gtctgttgga     65460
     tccaatcatt gtccagatct cccaccttgg ctgcctggta tccagggccc ttcttcctca     65520
     ttgcctagca accttcagct acctgctcac attctctgac aagttagttt tgtagtcctg     65580
     aaaatatctt ctccaaaggt cacatcggga cctccctccc caggtagctt ccatagtcag     65640
     tagagccact ttgtcccctt ctctgagtct aatgcaagac tcgggtgtcc atggatttgt     65700
     cgcgtggtca ctgctctccc tggggcccag ggagacgact gacctccccc agggtgggaa     65760
     cgcgtccttg gtggtgcacc tgtcaggatt ttccggggcc catacaacca cagggagaga     65820
     gactgagact gtgattgact tgttcagggg tccctgtgtg gctcttgtct ggcgcttgta     65880
     gcgactcctg gcattattat ggtttggggt ctcaggtgct tcctgtagat tcaatgctcc     65940
     ttgggatgta tggtccctag aggaggccgt gggtcaggac tgctctccca ggaggccctc     66000
     catctgcaag ggtagagccc cccttatttc cacctggccc tgccaggaat ggctgcaggc     66060
     aggaaaggca gctggattca tttttcttcc ttggcttggg tgaggagcag ggactggtaa     66120
     tggatttacc agaaaactca ctcagaatga ttccaggagg ctcagccaga ccctgtgtgc     66180
     tctgaggctg ggcgggaacc ttggcacact ctggtccaga aatgacctcc acacaacaca     66240
     gtaggagagg ggctgggagg aatgtctcgg agtctggtct ccgtagggaa gtgggctgag     66300
     ctatatttgg ctgcagcctg cagcctgacc tcctctggag gtgaagggtc agaaagagcc     66360
     agcaggtgca tgtcctgtct aggaggaggt tcaagggtca gagggggttc tttggctcag     66420
     agaggcttgg gtccctggtc ccatgcaggt tccagtcctg ttctggtttc atttctgctg     66480
     ttccgataaa atcccctgat aaaaagccga ttggtggtgg tggtggtagg gagacaattc     66540
     caggttgcag gccattgttg agggaagccc tagtagcaac ggctacgacg tagctggctc     66600
     aagcacatcc acgtcaaaag tagagagaaa taatgtttgc aaacgtgttc agctcagttt     66660
     ctccattcac tccgttcagg cctaactgta taggaaatgg cgcctcccac accagactga     66720
     gtcttcctac tgggattaat tcgattaaga cagcccttca cagtcaactc ggacagtcct     66780
     ccgtgaagac tcttctcaga tgattctggg ttgagtcaag ttgacaatta aaggtaactg     66840
     tcccaagcct ctttgtggcc cttctccctg tagctggaga tgcagttagt atggggctgt     66900
     ccttgactgg ttggcagccc accctgctct gtgtgcatgg gctgtctgca ccttatctga     66960
     gcctggaaga ccttcccttc agctctctta aggtccactt gggagcatgc ctggactggc     67020
     ccagcacagg aggcacgtga agataataat ggatgtcatg cctacccaac caactccctc     67080
     acccaccatg tggtggcttt agacatgaga tttagatctc attagggctg tctctaaagg     67140
     gctctgcttc ctcttatatt ttataccctt ccctgaccgc tggactcagt tactgcttgg     67200
     tccttcacca ggtctacaca ggcagttcta tccagagctg atcctatggg atgttgccag     67260
     gtaggaacat ggacgggcgt agtagaggga ggtaggcttg tcgcttagag tcatctctga     67320
     gttcctagaa tcctggacaa ggtgttacat agattcctat accctcagct atcatgcatc     67380
     cgtgaagcta taccttaccc agtgccactc cgtgctcagc cttgtggggc tgggtactgt     67440
     tcatctcttt gggatttagt aacatgcact taggtgtttg atatctgagt tggaaccagg     67500
     gtaaagagct gcagggaaag gatgttgcta ggagacggac tcacatcaga gtccactttc     67560
     ttgggaaatg ccagttctgc cgcactgcct agagtcaggg gcctcctagc tctgaaggaa     67620
     gtagtggtgt ttgggggagt catggtggtg tttgggggaa tcaagacaga gaagactggt     67680
     ggctgctggc ttggggaggg agctgggctg actggagatg ggcgtggccc ctgctgctga     67740
     cacagacatt ccacaagcgg agccacagcg ggtttgtatt gggaaggcat ttcccaaaca     67800
     gcatccagac cccaaagtcc tatgtctgga tatgtttaat gacactgagg gagatggtgg     67860
     ggacagtagg gtggctttgc aagcccctgg actgtgattt gggccaggac atacggatgc     67920
     aggacatggg aataaatggc cccatttggg ttagagtagc agctgaagtc agtagctaag     67980
     gggtcagtgg gcacgtggct actgatggat aggccagtct ggcaggatcc catgacatct     68040
     ttaggtctga tggggaagga caggtccttc agggaccagc tctggacact gtcatgactt     68100
     aatgtttagc cttagggttt ggcattatta aagggcccaa gcctgacctc cacacttcac     68160
     ccacaggagg gaggcgctgc catggccact ccatattata gggaggaaac tggggtgtca     68220
     tggctgggtt ggggcatgga aaagacaact aggcagggta gtgctgtagc agcagctgag     68280
     agctcacaac tgatctacaa caggaaacca agaaggctaa cttgaagtgg caaagtttta     68340
     acaccccccc cccatctcac ccacagtgat acagtttcta gcactgggtc ctaagtattc     68400
     aaatgcttga aacttacagg ggacatctct ttcaaaccac tacaaacacc acaactaaag     68460
     caagttggga gaaaaagggt ttgttttagc ttacaactct caggatttgc ttgatgacag     68520
     aaggaagtct gagcaggatc tcggcagaat ctggaggcag gagctgaagc agaggctgtg     68580
     gagggaggag ggctgctgct gtgagacaga cttcctgaga agatgtagtc tgcacagtgt     68640
     ctactcactc cagataaggg agctcacgac acactaaagt gtggttgcca ttaaggtccc     68700
     actctggaaa ccgataagtt ttattggggc aacttacaag aatatgggtg agggattaat     68760
     tacaggagga gaaaatgatg caaagacagc tgcaacacaa aagtgcaccc cagcatgggt     68820
     gactattcac aaaagctggg aacttggagc acactgaaca gcctgcaagc agctcaacct     68880
     gtgggagcgt gtgctttgca agtacctttc cagttggcct aagctaccct tccaggcagc     68940
     ttgtctgaga gtgactctta gcggtcttgt ttaccctttg gagggagggg cctagtgaat     69000
     ctggtcagtt tcagggactt cctgaagctc ttttgagttg ttacttttta tccttaagga     69060
     gcttctctgc aggatagatt gttttaatct tgaggaaact gctatataac agcccccttg     69120
     ctggattgcc gtgtttgtag tttttaatac agcctaggac cacctgctca ggagtagcac     69180
     ggctgggctg agccctccca cataaatcat taatcaagaa aatgcctaat taaaggcttg     69240
     cctacaggcc aatctgatgg agacattgtc tcaattgaag tttcttttcc cagataactg     69300
     tagcttgttt caaatgtaca tatacacatg tgtacatgta attaaaaaca aacactcatc     69360
     aggtaagtgg tggcctcctt ccaggacctt gagtttggaa gatgtcagag tgtgttttgc     69420
     ccaagcagga gttagtgtca ccttgcctgc cagcagagga agtgctggct catcactcac     69480
     tggtgaagtg acttgacttg gagagtcctg tttctctaag tgagctgggt acctcatccc     69540
     atgcttctct gattcagcta gagccctaac ttccagacag acaccagtgg gatccagaat     69600
     acaggttggg accctcacat ttccattggc aaatggggtc catgttgaac agtagcaagc     69660
     agtgccatac tatgagagtt gtctgccatc caagccccac ccacaccatg cctattgggg     69720
     aggtttctgg aagcacccca aggcaagggc ttggagcctc tgaggtgtgc cactcaggga     69780
     aggcaggaga ggggggctta ccccgcagac cagcagatcc cagacaggca tgtctatgct     69840
     gtcatgcccc agcaggttgg tgatacggta ggctgggccc cagattccag acaggacagg     69900
     gcaggtggga taatgtgggc tttcaaggct gcctctccca gaggttccgg attgctggcc     69960
     agcaggatct tttctctgcc ttatgtggtc agtgggtcag aggtcatgca cctttctacc     70020
     ccatggtttg gtgacccagg gagcacgaac cctcttcctt cttggcagct atggctaaca     70080
     cagccttgtg ctcactgtct gtggtgttca tagggagata ctgatagctt ccagcggagc     70140
     taattatgtt cctgggatgt cactgctgcc tcctttgtgg gctgccgtca gggctccgga     70200
     gcgtgcatgg acaggtgtcc tgcccttcca ccctggttca gggactcagc ttagagttgg     70260
     agtaccttcc caacagggat tacacggtga ccaagcaccc tatcttatcc aagtttcagc     70320
     atgctgggca catctcaggg tctaggaaaa gggagggcgt ctgtgattga gagggtgtat     70380
     tggaaaatgg tacaggctca agctggaatc ccggacctga ctctcatgca aggtgagcta     70440
     cacagcctct ggctaaaggt ctgaacatgt ggcttcttgc aattagagga agtatcttct     70500
     gcagaccctc acctgtacaa agggctgtgc cccccacccc tgcctctccg gcttgtctat     70560
     actgttcttt agctctctct tggtgccgag ggaagctggg actctttcca agctctcctc     70620
     atggagccca gtggagggta gaagagactg ggacactggg cttagaagcg agggggggtg     70680
     gtggtagcat ctccatgcct aggattccgg ctttgtactg tggcctcaca ctgccccgcc     70740
     tcctctcact ccccaccaag cctcctcagc agggcctctc agccttgcca ggatggcttc     70800
     attctctact ttggtttctc ttctgtgctg gccaggactc cgtgactgtg tatccgtgca     70860
     cgtttgtgtg tgcatctctg aagttgcaca tccgttaatg tcttctgtat gcatttgtac     70920
     gggggtgggg tggggtggga cgcaggggca ggggactgtg tatacacatg tgtctgtgga     70980
     tgtatgtgcc tgcggttttg agtggatcat gatttgattg tgagtgagcc agtaggaatt     71040
     ctcggggcgg gctggcggga ccagcatggc cccctggggg gcttggggcg gggctgggag     71100
     ggggcggctc cctctggagt ctgaggattt ggcctttacc tgcaagggga ggagggaaag     71160
     ctgagaccat aaaggcaaaa ggggcgggac atgccagacc cagagctgct gcctgccggc     71220
     acacacagcc tgagtgcctc agagttggag tgtgtccgac tgtctgtgtc tgagctggat     71280
     gtacactgga gcctggagct ggagccctga acaagatccc tgagctcagg ctgcccactg     71340
     cttcacagac ccggcatgga ggtgtcccgg ggctggggcg ggctggcaat gctctggtgg     71400
     cttctgggca gcctggggag tgccaccagc actcactatc gctatctgtg gaggaactgc     71460
     tacccatgcc acctgagcca gaccggctac cccgtgagca ccaatgacca gaggccaggt     71520
     gggcacccca tgagcagggg tgggtggggt cacaatgtcc ctccctttgc gcctgccccc     71580
     ccccccccct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctcg     71640
     tttacttatg cttgatgtgt atggtatgct tgttctgtct gcatgcatgt atgcgtactt     71700
     tgtgtatgca gtgacctcag gggccagaag agggtgtcgg atcccctgga accggagtta     71760
     ctgatagccg tgagccccca agtgggtgct gggaatcaaa tctaggtcct ctgaatgagc     71820
     agccagtgct cagtgccagg aactgagcac aagattggag agagcaggac cagaagaacc     71880
     cagcaagtgg tcacggctgc tgagtcaggg tccagatgta ccccgagcaa aaagcagaga     71940
     ggtcacttga ctggaggggg ctaccattcc cgcttcttgc tctaagcttc tgatgccccc     72000
     tcttctgtat cggccactct ggagtcaggt gagaaggcag gctggagaga ggtgctcagg     72060
     gaccatgctc ctagaagcta gacctttttt ttgggggggg gggtgctggt gtgagtgtgg     72120
     taggtattgt cattttgcca cacgagcctc tcggttccag ccagcagagc cacttagagg     72180
     ctctgggctt aagactctag tagccactgg ggtgagactc cttttgttct acttcaccct     72240
     gaaatctggg atttgatgca tctgagccag cctctctaca cgtggctatc tatacagagc     72300
     tcaaagctgg caccctcagg aatgtgtgac ttggggctgt ggtgtgttgg gctcttgagt     72360
     gactagtcac ttgcagtccg ggggggagac aagggttgcc tgagactctt gggagatgtc     72420
     cctgtggtga gtcccaccca ggagaaacca gatgctgcct gcctcctctg aggcacctga     72480
     ttcaagggtc cgacagcctc cagctccaag cagatctctt gctcagtggt tcttcccagg     72540
     ccaggccagt atgtcactca ctgccttgta agtggcactt gggagcctgt gtggcatcgg     72600
     gaggctatgg agagcttgga gcccagtccc tgctctgagc ttttgcagaa gcagcaagag     72660
     gaaggcttgt ggagtatggc ttacaagagt gagaacccgg tgccttgttt gtggcaacag     72720
     aaagctctca cttggcatct ggcagagtgg gaaggtcctg ggggcccttg tgttttctgg     72780
     aagccatggt gaagcttgag aaagctccaa gttggtttcc gcggaggcag catttggtgg     72840
     ctggctagct ctgactgttg cgtgccactg ggttaggtag ggattggtgc ccctggtctg     72900
     tcctggtggt gttcttagtg cctccccgaa gcaccaccag gctcagcctc agctaagcag     72960
     gtacttacaa gttttcccag atcccaaggg aactggccca ggttggcaca gcaatgctag     73020
     caagtactgc ttatcttgtc ccgaggctgc caagtcccca gtcactggca acagcagagg     73080
     agggcagaac tacttaaaat gacctctcct gccccccagc cagatggccc ttctctggta     73140
     ctccgtagac agtgggtttg cctgctacca gaagtagccc cttgaacaag caggttccgt     73200
     tctgactccc aggtccgact ggcgggcgtg ttgtgctcag gctcattctc attggtcagc     73260
     aggagggtgt ccatgctaca gtggcagcca gctatctctg ctcttagcag gctctgctat     73320
     cggggcagca tctcgagatg gtcccactgc acagtccgtg tgaccccagc tgcattgtct     73380
     atgtgtggga ggtctgcaca gtcctggaac ctatgggata agaaattcca gggaacttag     73440
     cctctgcacg tgccagggga cagaaagctc tcatgaatct tgccatgcag gcaacctcca     73500
     gcaggtacta ctgagtcagt cggacaggct aggaactgta gtatggaaca gccgctgccg     73560
     agacccaaat taaacaacag agctgtctgt actctgtatt tttttttttc catgaccact     73620
     ggtagttcag tctccatttg gtgccttaaa acaatgcaga cccaggctgg ggtataactc     73680
     agttgggaga atgcttgcct gacacacaca gaggcctgct ttccattccc agcgctgcat     73740
     taaaaactag atatagtagc atatgtctgt aatcccagaa ctcaggagga ggaggcaggg     73800
     gattggaagt tcagggctat ccctggctac atagtgagtt tgaggctagc cttgacgata     73860
     tgagaccctc tctccaacaa caacaacaac aacaacaaca acaacaactg taatcagaac     73920
     acctgcaggc tctggaaatg ggagtcctaa gaggctagaa ttgatgtgta agctgagagc     73980
     aaacctggtc aaacctctgt catctccagt gtgcagaggt caagtatatc ctgggctcac     74040
     agcgggtcct ccatcctcaa taccagccat acgtgtcttc tagtctcaga cccctgctcc     74100
     atcctgatgg ctcctcctct ctgaccctcc ttgtcagtta ttattgtcca tgattttcct     74160
     gtcagcttcc taagtgctga ggtggcagag ctaaccacca ctccagcttg ctttctctga     74220
     cccctccaga caatccagaa ctctctcccg aggccaggtc ctttgctcag tcgtgtctgc     74280
     agtttttatt ttgctgtgca gtgctctgag tgggaaacat ctaacctccc atgctaactt     74340
     tgaggaccac tgagcctgtg gctcctcagg ttatggccaa agctcccgtc gtaggctcag     74400
     caagcagctc agaggtcctc cacactgagt atcgttctgt gctgccgccg tgtggcctac     74460
     tttgtgttga agtgagcagg atttaggtca cgggtcctgc cctgctttca gggtaccagt     74520
     tacctctgta aaagggttta tctcggttca gaagatgcct gtctgtcagg gcttcagggg     74580
     tgtgtcagga gcaaaccctt catcctgagc atgacggtgc tggaggtgct gagagcccgt     74640
     tgtggtgcta cagagctcaa acctacgctg ttaaaaactg tcactctcac agaattatgc     74700
     cctctgtgtc caggaagcac ctttaggaag ggatggaagc tggagtcagt atgccagccc     74760
     ctcttaagag gcactcagga gacagtgcta aaggccctat ccatgcatgg cagatgtgta     74820
     atgggagtga tcatgcacct tgtggggagg gctgcacaca gagcggggct ggtgactgac     74880
     cctgtctcaa aggactgtgg agagctagca tgtgtgagcg aacagggaga cagtagctgg     74940
     cacgcctggg tacggagagc tagcagggtg gtcctgttga gaaacgccta ccttgtgctc     75000
     aggagtcctt cagaggctgc cttctttgtg gtcagcaggg ctcctgatca tgcagctaca     75060
     tgcacactgg ccactttgct tggattggcc tgggaggatt tagcatccct tgccagggtg     75120
     ctgagggtgg ctcagagtca atgcttttaa gcctgttcac cctatcctcg gtgttggggt     75180
     gcaggagtga tgcccaagaa ccccagactg tctcaagttt tacagaccag ctggctgaga     75240
     aagtccctgg cactacctcc gctgagctgt gtgtgctttt gtgacctgcc aaggctgtga     75300
     gctcaagaac cactcttctt cggactccct gagatggatg ttgttacccc agctcctcta     75360
     acgtggggtc tgaaaccctc atgtgccctg actcttctgt ctcaagtatg tcaggctttt     75420
     gttctcacat cagctgagga ctcgagtgac ggttgcttcg tgaaacagga acattcgtac     75480
     cgttgtttcc cgccttttgt gacaggcaca cagagcaggg cacactcatg tggctccagg     75540
     tgagcccttt gccacccagc cagtcagctc ttcactacat ccccattttt gaccggagat     75600
     acctggtcac catagaaact gtagaagggg caccaccaag tgagggggta cactcccagt     75660
     agacaggtcc caggaagcac tgagaaacag aaaggaggat gcttcctgga cagacagaca     75720
     acagacactg tccatgcctg gagtctatgc ttgaccctga agctcctccc tggagccctc     75780
     cctgggctgg ccctaccctt ggggttgtgt gcatctgcta taaagaagac aatggctcat     75840
     gctgaaattt cctctggtag ctcttcctgt cagggcatgc tagccatgga agatgggcac     75900
     tgattatgtc tggggtcaca agggaaatag ataaagtctg agaaggtctt gagtttgggt     75960
     gccgtctgtc tccttggtgc agtgggccta gcccagtgtg tacctagctg gtaactccac     76020
     tctctctccc tctgtctaga tgtggatgaa tgtcgatcac acaatggtgg ttgtcaacac     76080
     aggtgtgtga atacccccgg ctcttacctc tgtgagtgca aacccggctt ccggctccac     76140
     acagatggca ggacctgcct gggtaagtgt cacctgcctg gggctctgaa cctttggtga     76200
     aactcactct ccagaatgta cccatgtctg cagaaggggc ccagttatgt ctgagtgggc     76260
     tggcactggg ctatgccctt gggggctcct tcctaaggag catggctacc tgggagtcct     76320
     aagcgcacct ttactgcact ccccaggtcc ctgtgccctc aggctctgcc cgctctgcaa     76380
     ccatgctgtc ttgttgagag attgagacca tctacggggg ttgatcagtc tgtggggacc     76440
     caggcctagc tgagctgcca ccaagacgtg aggtggggga ctccttgggt tgctctcagg     76500
     aggtaggaag gaaggctgag acttggccgt gtcgattgaa agcatttctt ggtctgcaga     76560
     gcgggaattc tccggaagcc tgcatgtgtg agcatgtgag cttcggtagt ggtgaggggc     76620
     agccagagag caggcccctg gcctctgact atgtagaggc tctgctgtga ggggagggct     76680
     tagtggcctc tcgaggacac agagcccctg acagcttaga gctaaagaaa cacccatgtt     76740
     atgcaaagga agctccacaa tgcactctgg gcctgcggac aggcacccgg cgtaaggcac     76800
     gcacggtggg tccctccctc tgcttctatg ttgttctggg gaagggcacc cctactttct     76860
     actttggaga cctagacagc ttgggccagt tctgaacagc ctggtcttgg ctgccagatg     76920
     gctggtcatg tgccagccct ggggggttgc accccataca cacatgtccc agcctctgtc     76980
     ctctccactc caggagccag tcagtgagaa gcagaagcag atgcagaaat gttgccatgt     77040
     gtttcaggca ggggtaacgg tgatagcaga acccagtgcc tgcctgctgg cccttctggg     77100
     agtctgtggc ttggactctt tagccttggg cacccttgcc aggcagggta ctccttaaag     77160
     agaggtgacc ctggagattg gtgtgagggg tgacccctgc tgctggatgg atccaggact     77220
     aggacactct tctcttgtga ccgtcactga gaagccttga gaggattaag agccaggatg     77280
     acatgtatca ttaacagtca gagaggacga tgcttcttag acccagagtg accggtggca     77340
     ctgctcagag gtactgagct gcgggcctca ggaagcccag gagggatatc ctcttaccct     77400
     gccttggtcc tgtgcctgca tcacccattg ctgttgctgg ggacagacgt gctagattct     77460
     acacccttgg ggcaccagaa ggatgggttc aaggcgtgtg tttattattg atggtcttca     77520
     ctggccctgt ggctgttgcc caacattgtt taagtggatg ggttctcagg gcttccttcc     77580
     actggtttcc acacacccat gcctgcctcc tggcccctcc tacctgagag cttatctgac     77640
     tgcaggagta ttggctggat ggggcgcttc agagaatctc tctctctctc tctctttttt     77700
     aagctgtaac tttcagcgag ggtttttaca cggatgcttc ctaagatcac aatctcctgg     77760
     tttactgtgt ctggggacag caggataatg tcctacatct ctgttaagag atgctagtgc     77820
     aatccttcct cccttccttt ctcctaaggt gtcgccaggc tgaggcagcc tggacttact     77880
     ttgtagccag agctggcatt gagcgtctgt acctccagcc tccacctccc aagtgtcagg     77940
     atttgaggct tgagccacca caccctgcac caaatactct ctatgcttaa tagagagaaa     78000
     aatcagaaag attcccactt ccattctctc tttaaatttt acttatttta ttttatgtgc     78060
     acgaatgttt gtttgtatgt gtgtacacta tgcataagcc tggtacccct caaggccaga     78120
     agagggggtt ggaaccccta gacatagagt tacagatgtc tgtgagctgc cgtgtggatg     78180
     ctgggaatcc aatccaggtc ctctgcaaga tcagccaatg ctttaaactg ctgagcttaa     78240
     aaatgagaat tttaaggact ttgctaccaa gccactgtag taagaacatt gtcccctgtc     78300
     ttggacagca ctccaatggg gacagcaagg ccccacccat gatttagtat gcactctcct     78360
     gggtgctctg tcctccctct catttctgag gtggggacag ccaggcctga ggctgctcta     78420
     gctttttctg tgttctagca tgagccagtt cctcctttcc ccagccatgg aaagtagggc     78480
     ctgcccagtg gggtggtttg gctgatggtc caggagcgtt cctgctttcc cgtgacattt     78540
     tgcagagctc cggaggggaa cggcctcggg gtatcctaac agcaaaaggg gtgccctgct     78600
     tctccgtgtg gctgaggtgc tccgcgtgct gtgcacttgt ctagtggctt ttagtgtgac     78660
     ctgggcacag ttcttgtgta tggatgtttc cttgtatgtg aaggacaaat ggggccagtc     78720
     taagggacca tggctattgc tggcttagcc ccatggcaaa gcggggggga gggggggtct     78780
     cttctcttta tgttacacct gttggctcag gatggacacc cttggggcgg gctctgctgc     78840
     taacacataa catatacctg tggtggtcct gccgccagag tcacatgact gatggaaagc     78900
     tgcccagccc tgcccttggc ctgttcctac ttgtgtgtac ctgtggtaca cggttttcac     78960
     tccccaggct ttgggacggt aaaggacttt acaggctcca gtctgtcccc aaggctccgt     79020
     cctggaggag aaacctcaag gaaagctgct tgggcccccg agactgctgc tggcagtctg     79080
     cttggtctgg ggccaaagcc acaggcagct caaacgtgca gactgccagg ctcttttgca     79140
     aaacccatcc ccacggagcc gccaatgcag ctctgcccgt gtctcccagt tcttccaaaa     79200
     cctggcaggg gttacagttg cacaaggggt cagcttccca gccctgagaa gcctgaggag     79260
     gcctggcctg agggagaggt gggaaaagag aaagcagctg ctgtggtcag tcccttcctc     79320
     tgtctcatga tcctaccctg gctcttcgaa gggcagggac tgcttccact tggcctagag     79380
     gaacaggctg aggtggaaca ggggtgtcga ggttgagcag cccatactgg gtgcagaacc     79440
     cagcagggga ggttaggcag ccacggtggg cattcaggaa aatggcatgt catgggtgtg     79500
     tgtgtgtgca tacttggtga ctgacggtgg tgctggattg aagcgggtag gggagttttg     79560
     ggagggaccc attcctctgc ccttgggtca agtaggccca acgttggttt tgtgattgag     79620
     tgcacctgct tatgggttct atctgccatc tacgtaaccc accaagtatt ttggtaaatg     79680
     ctttgggggg aggaagctgg gaatttctta tgaggcctct cactggattg agtgtgtttc     79740
     cctggagggg tgcagccaga agttaagcct tggcagtaga aaattgccca gggctccctg     79800
     gaaggacagg ctgctctggc cactgatgga gcatagaggg agctctcagc accttatggc     79860
     cacatcagtt gagccagccc caaccctcca ggatgatctg gaggatgcaa taaagaagct     79920
     gatgaacttg gcttggcttg gcttggcttg gctggctgga ggcagacctg gctcttcatg     79980
     tgcagccaac taaatgaccc tcgggtgttc ctgatgaaag gctctctgag gctttggctc     80040
     aagacccaag gttgagcctg gagtacaggt actgcctcct gagactggac aagcgtcctt     80100
     tgttggggca ccatacatcc aagagtgtta accaggttgg cgcaagcagc cccctgtcct     80160
     ataggaaatg tattttctat gagatccagg ctctttctcc accaaaccag gtctttcctc     80220
     cgagctctgc acttcacacc ctgtcctgag tagtgcgact cctgctggct gtgggtggag     80280
     ttgcagccca gctgtggtgg aattccaact ggtcagtgga ggctgccggg accaaacacc     80340
     acgtgggctt aagccacagg gctttatttc gctcatagtt gcaagtccaa gagcaaggtg     80400
     ccagcccttc tggtccctgg cgcggtcaga gccccatctg tgggaccact tccaacctta     80460
     attaaggtat aagacccagc ttctgaacaa tgtcatatca gagggcttca gcctatgaca     80520
     tgacggggcg gagcgggggc ggggttgtgg aggggaaagg gtgggatggg gcggggcggg     80580
     gcctgagttg ggcggggcag ggcgggggcg attagggtgg aaggcagagg tggagcagga     80640
     acacacagac attaagactc taataaagaa tgtcacccaa ctgtagtcat ttgtgtctga     80700
     tcgggaagtg ggccgaggcg gaatattggg tcctgcaggc ttgtatacag accacagact     80760
     tctgtgggct gaaaggggaa tcggggcata ttgtggagac agacccatcc ggccctgttg     80820
     cctggagttc tcaaccctcc tgcctatata tctccagtac tgtgctttta ggtgtctcac     80880
     cgaccctggc tgaggcattt gccttatgag tatgcatcta tatatactta ctgcagggag     80940
     gccagtccct gacttcgctc caaaggtcac tcagccactg acctctccaa aggtctctca     81000
     gcccctggct tctgctccaa aggtctctcg gctttgctca tgtctgacct tgggtctgat     81060
     ttctagcacc acaaccagat gtgagcctct ggccctggtc ttggcagaag ccccgagtgt     81120
     gtgtcttaca gctgtgcctc agtaacttga ggagcctgga gacacagacc ctggccattc     81180
     ctggagctgt gaagcccagc gcagagagga caaaaatctg cctggctcag ctttcccgga     81240
     atccacaaag gatgtgctgg gtgatgctgg cctggctccc tggtgtgcac agcttgggag     81300
     catctgggcg gatgcagtcc tgtggagtga agggctgggg tggttctgag ggtgtgaagc     81360
     tgcactggca tcccaagtct ttagtgccag ccgtggtgga ctcattccgc tgctttggag     81420
     atgaagtacc tttccctcct ggtggatggt gcttcctgct gagacgctga gacgtcatgc     81480
     ccctgtgcct gcccggccct gccagaatgg gcttctggtt cgtattacgt gtcccgagta     81540
     gggacgcagt tggtgtggtg agcatgagta aacagagccc ccaggaatgt ggggccagct     81600
     gaggccacgt gcatgggcgc cgggacgcct caggagggag ggctggtggc cgaacagctg     81660
     gctcaggtga ggtcagccag gcctgggctc agcgtggctt atgtccagtg tagggggtca     81720
     gagcagagat ggggaagagc acaggttagc aagcttacct cagttctgtg ggagatcgct     81780
     gtggcttctc ccttatatcg ggaccccacg tggccaggag atcagtctct gcctccccgt     81840
     ggctggcttc gccccagaga agggggcctc catgtgttcc tccggctgtg tgtcacgtga     81900
     gcgaggagag agctgttgta caagcaatgt ggcctttaag caggcttgct ttgaaggaag     81960
     gccggccttc tcagatcccc gaggcatctc acgaggccca cgcagctgcc agcacctggg     82020
     ccttgcagtg ctgaccccag cagtgccaga ccccaattcc ttaggcagtc attaaccata     82080
     tttccaagct aggccaagga ccgaactgct taaagctgac agagttccca cattctaggc     82140
     ggcatctagg gctgagcatt gccacccaaa gtgctttagt gatgagtctc aggtttgctg     82200
     acacagctct gggcacaggc ccgcaggcag gcagacagcc tcacctccca ggccatggct     82260
     gcattcttgt ggcttcccct ccagagctta gggctaactt cctctaacca caaggccatt     82320
     gccagaggct ccgttgtaac caaatccata ccaggagctg gctgccacgg ctggtggaaa     82380
     ctctatgtcc gtcctccacg ccttgccggg cagagcatct tccccttctc cacaggccag     82440
     ccgaggttat gaaggatatc acccagagag cacacaggcg cctaccagcc cagcccaccc     82500
     ctctaaccac gccctgcagc agaagtccag tcaggagggt cagggtgctg ccctctggga     82560
     catggtctca ctgaggacct atggatgctg ggaagtctgg atgctttggt tgggtgtgag     82620
     gtgtggcctg cctggcctgt gaggtgaagt ggcgcccatt tgtagacgct ccacagctgc     82680
     ccttcctttt gtcctggcct gaggaccaag ggttgatctt gctatgcctc ctagcctgct     82740
     gtcagggagt gagccagctg ctgcttctgg ggtttcgtgt tttgtgctgg ggaaatgcta     82800
     ggcttccatc aagttaggat gatctgtctt gtttccagcc tctaagtggg ctgggtttac     82860
     aggattgggg gaggggggag ggagggaggg agagagagat ctattgtact gtggaccctg     82920
     taggtgattg gggaattagg cttgctggga actgagaaga aggggaggct ggtgagggtt     82980
     catgtgggaa tccatcgtca ttgatcctgc cagtgtgggg atgatctgtg ctcttggcct     83040
     gatctaagct cttcatgtcc ccagccatca gctcctgcac tctgggaaat ggtggctgcc     83100
     agcatcagtg tgtacagctc accgtgacac agcaccgctg ccagtgccgg ccccagtacc     83160
     agctgcagga ggatggcagg cgctgtgtcc gtaagtattg tttgtgcagc tgggagaacg     83220
     agggggtcca ggattcaggg gagaagctga tgtgaggatg gatacctggt ggtaggaggg     83280
     aggtgagggc tgctgtgggc ctgagctgca ggcatggtga gtgctaccag gttttgggtc     83340
     ctccgaacag gaagttcagg atgcagacag cattctggct ctctaggtgt ctgtctgggg     83400
     tgtgggtgga ggagccagcc aggctctggg actttagaat gcctgcctag gagaaagact     83460
     ttgctaaagg agtgtgtggg tcaggaccag agtcccctcc cccacatcat gtggaagtgg     83520
     gacagagcag gtgctgagac tccccagcac aggagggagg gagtgttaat atgagggggc     83580
     cgaggccagc catgtgggtg gaatggcatg gggtctcagg actgggagat cacaaaatta     83640
     gggggcacag ggctgaatag gttacagagc tggggttgtt agtagttcac ggggtcacag     83700
     gagtgcgaag gttacaggat ggagggaatc acagagctgg agccctgggg atgcaaaggg     83760
     ggagagtttg acagggctga gggagttacg aggttgagag gggtacaggc tttggggggc     83820
     agtcataggc ttggctgatc acatgggatc cttgggtcag aggactgggg atcacatggt     83880
     ttggggcttc tgtttcaaca ctgtttctcg ttttgttttg tttgttttgt tttgtcttgt     83940
     tttgttttgt tttgtttttg agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaacc     84000
     cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatccgc ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg     84060
     ctgggatcaa cactgtttct caaagcaaga gatctggggg gagcaggcca ggctcacagt     84120
     cagagctgac ctgggctggc cacccccttg ctggaaggcc gccttcctgc taggcttttc     84180
     ttcttaacat ggtgcacatt ctttgggagc catgacactt gaaagtcgtg ggtttggtcg     84240
     ggtgctgact ctgttctggc agagccttag gagtcccgac cttggctatg gagacttact     84300
     ggggaataga gacttattgg gggaactcag agctgcctcc agctgcgggg gcatggcaca     84360
     ggctggagca gagaggaatt cctgtactga aggggattct gagtcgtcag agtccctttc     84420
     cccatctctt ttctctgcct ccatccctct ggtatccagg gagaagcccc tgtgcagacg     84480
     gcaatggtgg ctgtatgcat acatgccagg aactccgggg ccttgcccac tgtggctgcc     84540
     acccaggtta ccagcttgct gcagaccgca aagcctgtga aggtagggtg ctctgtctag     84600
     cccagcatcc ccgaggcacc tggtgggtgg gtctttgggt gacctagagt gatctcctcc     84660
     ccctgacagt agatgggagg gaggcacccc aaggaatggt ctacaaccca gccaggtttc     84720
     tgcagaaggg agggaactcg ggcttcctat attgtccaac tggcacctag tccttagaac     84780
     ccaggagagg tcagcaaggg agagggaaaa aaagccacct atatacccca aaatgtgttc     84840
     cagcaagtca gtgctggcct ttctcgggac tggtggtgtt aaatggatcg gtgactgtag     84900
     ttggacacta gtttctagaa ttcattcctt catcttgctg gctgctgtca tacagctggg     84960
     ccaaatgtgc tgtcctgatc ttgatctctc tgtagatagt gggtctggga tgaccagact     85020
     tagggagtct gccctttgcc cagtgactac agggcaattg agctgctcct gggctacctc     85080
     caagtgtcat gtcagatact caggtgaccg aagggtgggg aaagtagcca cacacccatg     85140
     cccatcttgc actaggaagt tattactgtt gcaacagaaa agaccccctc gggctggaga     85200
     gatggctcag tggttacaag tactggctgc tcttacagag gtcttgagtt caattcccag     85260
     caaccactta gtggctcaca atcatctgta atgagatccg atgccctctt ctggtgtgtc     85320
     tgaagacagc aacagtatac tcatagacat ttaaaaaaca aacaagccgg gcgtggtggc     85380
     acacgccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggc ggatttctag tttgaggcca     85440
     gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctat acagagaaac cctgccttga     85500
     aaaaccaaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa aacaaacaaa caaacagaaa     85560
     ggaccccctc tgggctcatt atgaaacaca atttgggtca ccaccatctg ctctctgtca     85620
     agccgtgcct tgcaggtatt gggacagcat ggtctacact atggtgtcta agccaagagg     85680
     ctgttaatgt gccctgtgat atcagccacc atcactttcc cattgttggg agtccctaac     85740
     atcccttccc tgtctctccc ttgcagatgt ggacgaatgt gccttgggtc tggcccagtg     85800
     tgctcatggc tgcctcaaca ctcaggggtc ctttaagtgt gtgtgtcacg caggctatga     85860
     gctgggtgct gatggccggc agtgttaccg tgagtcacca ggactggggg ttaccgcaaa     85920
     cagtggactg ggggtgattg gggtactaat gtggctcccc aagaccctag agtcagtttc     85980
     agttgggcag ctctgggtgc gggtccccag gggctgctga gggagtgccg acccctcatc     86040
     tcagctggga tctcctcaca gggatcgaga tggagattgt gaacagctgc gaggctggca     86100
     acggaggctg ctcacacggc tgtagtcaca ctagcacagg gcccctgtgc acctgccctc     86160
     gtggttatga gctggatgag gaccagaaga cctgcattgg tgcgagccgg ttccttccag     86220
     gctgccctgc ccctccatct tcatcgctgc tacagcaagt cttggacttg tttggtgcta     86280
     tggcttagaa gtctcctctc tctgcttgct gctcttgact gcctgggctc agcaggagct     86340
     gcaggagagt tgacaagagt cagcatcagc accacagccc agaaggattc tgagtgcttg     86400
     ggttggcgcg tgggaggggg cgtgggggag ggggagaggt gtccgtggaa ctgttccttc     86460
     cagttgtctg tggttctgtg gctgtacgca tgattggttg tatgtagtga gcaagtgatc     86520
     ctgtacaggc tcacacaagg tcaggtagga ttgtgtacag gcatgtacac aagggtgtgg     86580
     gtgtgcccga gttgttgctg tgagattgtg ggagggtata tgtgtatcca tggcaccagt     86640
     aggctcctgt gtgtgtccca cagacatcga cgactgcgcc aactctccgt gctgccagca     86700
     ggtgtgtgcc aacacccccg gtgggtatga gtgtagctgc ttcgccggct acagactcaa     86760
     cacagacggc tgtggctgtg agggtgagcg catgccgtgc ggtagcagct gggtggttag     86820
     gggttagcct tggccctcct gaggtggaca tgggatccac ctgcttcctg ctctgctaaa     86880
     tggacattga ttaagtgcct gctgtatgct cagacacacc caccctgacc acatgtcaac     86940
     ttgcttatga tctgacgtac tacacacaag ctgtacatgt ggctagtcag gctcgcatac     87000
     agccacaagc atatacttgt atgcaatcat gtactttaag tcacacacac cattgcccct     87060
     tcctcctccc tccttccctc tctctctctg gtctgtaagc actggcttcc ctcgcaaagt     87120
     tggggcatgc ttctgccttc tccttaaatg actctcctgg cagatgtccc ctgtcccttc     87180
     actcttgagg ggaaagactt ctgaggcagt ctctgtggct ggaatggggt agggtggtgg     87240
     tagtgttaca gctgcttaga gggacgagca ctagacttgg tcaattgggt acagccagag     87300
     caggaagggt cctccctgga aacacaaccc cagcatccct gtttgtctgc agatgttgac     87360
     gagtgtgcct ctggtcacag cggctgcgaa caccactgtt ctaatctggc tggctccttc     87420
     cagtgcttct gtgaggctgg ctaccggctg gatgaggacc gcaggggctg cacgcgtgag     87480
     cctcccccta cgcttcccta ccttctgggt gtctgttccc agtagcccac actgtctgtc     87540
     tcctgctgta ggggtggggc cagcaggctg gttgggttca tgattgatag gctaggacac     87600
     agtgttacgg gggggggggg ggagtggggg gtggagggtg ggggtggggt cttgagcatc     87660
     ccatttcaag agctgccgac ctatgacggt gctgttgctg agtcagtggg cggcaaaggc     87720
     tgagaggcct gtgtgttcat ccccagccct agaagaatcc gtggtggacc tggatggcca     87780
     gctgcccttt gtccggcccc tgccccacat tgcggtgctg ggggatgagc ttccacaact     87840
     cttccaagat gactatgggg ctgaggagga ggctgtggcg gagctgcggg gagaacacac     87900
     tctcactgag aagtttggtg aggcatgagc ctgcccttgg cttctcccct tggggatggc     87960
     agttcctggg ctaggctgcc ctatgatgtt gagggctccc agaagggcct accccttaca     88020
     atgtgtaagc tcatctgggg ttcaactggc ctagggtggg aatcctgtgt cttaccttgg     88080
     aacttagagg ctggggatct ccatcgctct ctcctctctg acctaagggc ctgaggctag     88140
     ggatccagtt cagaagtccc tctccctgtc ttcctgcagt ctgcttggat cactccttcg     88200
     gccatgactg cagcctaacc tgcgatgact gcaggaatgg ggggacctgc ttcccgggcc     88260
     tggatggctg tgactgccca gagggctgga ccgggatcat ctgcaatgag agtgaggctg     88320
     ctggtggggt ctaggcagag tctgtgaacc ccaagagctg tgattcattc tgtatggttc     88380
     cccctgccta gctctgggga gaagaatctg agtatgtcca cacacccctc tgtctgacca     88440
     tctgtccact cacccatctg tctatccatc tatcaatctg cccttttacc tacccaccta     88500
     cctacccatc caactgtcta catatccatc catctgtcta ctcacctacc catccatcca     88560
     tctacacacc tatctatccg tctacacacc catccatcca tctatacacc catgtaccca     88620
     tctatccact tgtctaccta cccacccatc catacatcta tctctacaat catgtaccca     88680
     tccatccatc tatataccta tgtacccatc catccattta tccacccatc catccatcta     88740
     cccacccatc catctatctg tctacccacc catccatcga tctgtctacc cacccaccca     88800
     tccatccatc tacccaccca tccatctgtc tacccaccca tccatcgatc tgtctatcca     88860
     cccacccatc catctatctc cttacccacc cagccatcca cccacctatc cattcaccta     88920
     tccatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca tctatacacc catataccca     88980
     tccatctatt tccatactta cccacccatg catccttctc tacatccatg tacccatcca     89040
     ttccattaat cccacctatt caccatttta tcggttcatc cctccctttg ataagtgtct     89100
     gccaactgtt ccccaatccc tgccccttgt aatagacatg gtgctaggat gtggagcact     89160
     ctggaaagca tcagtctcta ggcatctaat gacaaatcaa caaatagcta agactgttgg     89220
     aggtgtctgt ggaggagagc tagtgggcgg gcttctcttg tacaggtagt ggggattctg     89280
     aaccatctga tgggagcaga gccttgctta ggactacata acaaattagt acctgaagca     89340
     ccctgaaaat ggatctatct ccagtcttcc ttatccttcc caaagccacc aggcccttca     89400
     ggctgtgagg atcacctgaa ataggtcatc tgattaaatg ggtccttgcg tgtgttagat     89460
     gtcatgatgt agccattgat tagtgatgtc tgccctgagc atggttgggg cctagaggca     89520
     cagatggcat catttcctgt ttcaggctgt tgtttaaaat ggttgccttt aatgccagga     89580
     gaacctgagt tcggctgttg gtaatcctgg tgtctccctg tcatcccctg tagcttgtcc     89640
     tccagacact tttgggaaga actgtagctc tccctgcatc tgtcagaatg gtgggacctg     89700
     tgacccggtg tcaggagcct gccgctgtcc cccaggcgtc agtggagccc actgtgagga     89760
     tggtgcgtgt aacccccctg ggaactctaa agaaagggaa gcaatatgga gcttgggaca     89820
     gactcctatt cttgttccag ggctttaggc tgtgcctggg agggaacaaa gagctctagt     89880
     gagacatgat gcccatttcc tggaactaac atatagaagg ttaaggctta acaccatggg     89940
     tggaaacatg tttggaatgg attctctggg gaggtggtga gcccctcgga cctgggacca     90000
     tccaagcagt tctgggtgat ggccagctgg gccttgtagg aggaattctg cctgtgctgg     90060
     tggctgcatg gggtgatgtt taacatcctg tctagctgca gcttcaacac tgtgggagaa     90120
     ttacagttca tgggactaac tttctcgggg ggaatagctt tatctttggg tgtccaggac     90180
     tttattcgac cattttacct gttcctgtta ggtcagtggt ttcctacctt cctaatggtg     90240
     caaccataga gttgtttccg ttgctacttc ataactgcaa tttgctactg ttgtgaatca     90300
     taatgtaaat atctgatatg ctgatgacct taagcgaccc ctgtgaaagg gtcattcgac     90360
     ccccaaacgg cttggaagcc acaggtttag aaccattgca tttgagtggg aagatacagt     90420
     tgacagaacc cagctagctg tcttagtcag ggttttactg ctgggaacag acaccacaac     90480
     caagacaact cttataaagg acaacattta attggggctg gcttacaggt tcagaggttc     90540
     agtccactat catcaaggtg ggaacatggc agcatccagg caggcatggt gcaggaggag     90600
     ctgagagttc tacatcttca tctgaaggct gctagcagaa tactggcttg taggcagcta     90660
     ggatgagggt cttaaagccc acactaacaa gaccacactt actccaacag ggtcacacct     90720
     tctaatagtg ccactttctg ggctaagcat atacaaacca taacaccagc ccaaggaagg     90780
     gtcccagggt agtctgagac aatagggtag cagggtagtc acagggtgtt ttgtgctctc     90840
     cccgtcccct gtcccccgtc ccacttactg tctctgttgc aaacacgtgg agactagaag     90900
     aaccataggt atgacaggct ccaggtgtcc gcagggacat ttggcaggta taggatctga     90960
     atttacgtca cttcccagag acttcttctg cagtcctgcg ggagggccac cagatgcccc     91020
     agcaagtgaa atacatcagt atagtgagct gaatggggcc tctggggaga gcaggcagat     91080
     tttggggttg gagacctcat gggtaccttg tgtttctcac accctgggtg tcccttactt     91140
     tggggggtgc attcttcctg cctcttcctg tgactgtatc tgctcacacc tcttcactgc     91200
     cttcctctct ctgtctcaag gctgcctgcc tgtgaactaa ggacactatt tgttattgta     91260
     tctggggagc tacttgggca aggtggggtg ctcttttctc aagagcctgg ggattgggac     91320
     ctggcagctt ttgaggattc aactatctat atcccttttg gtagagacat ggggcagggc     91380
     agagccagag ggacaagggc agctttagcc ctgaggcctc ccaggcctgg gtgtggtcct     91440
     gaccaggtga ggccttggaa ctttccctct ggggtggaga ggttgggctc tacattctgt     91500
     gtgggtcagg ggtcaggaca cttagagttt tgcgggctgg tgagtgtgca cagtgctgct     91560
     ggctctgagg gactggccag cccagctaac aggcctcatc aggaagttca gcttgtgtcc     91620
     attggacatg gctgctcctg tctcctgacc tggatactag gcctctaagt gtgtcttcat     91680
     ctgaggacca tgtgtgggtg ggccaacttc ttgattctct ttaaactgtt ccccacaggc     91740
     tgccccaagg gcttctacgg caaacactgt cgtaagaaat gccactgtgc taaccggggc     91800
     cggtgccacc gcctctatgg ggcctgcctc tgtgacccag gcctctatgg ccgtttctgt     91860
     caccttggtg agttctacta catctgtcta tatatatggg aacacctgct ttgtactgct     91920
     tcacactgtg ctgggagcat tatggtagcc tctatagatg agttgacttg cagttacata     91980
     tcagctggag gcctatatca ctgctgtgtt ggcctctagg tatctggtgc actgacccta     92040
     gactggtgtg actcttagct cacacctggt agtgcaggca agcaagacag gacgtcccag     92100
     gaagcttctg ggacattgat cttggcttgt ggaacaaaac caacttccca gcccctggca     92160
     gagttcctgt ctctgttaca cggactctca gggaaggaag ggaatggtgg cttagcggag     92220
     aaagagaggg tgatggtagt gtttgatatc tgtgaaagat gcttgagagg agaaagccag     92280
     ggttgtccta actggaaagt ggtccgacct agggatagcc tatcagctat gcagaccctg     92340
     gttcttagcc ctaagtctcc aggccacggg ctagaattcc tagaatgttc tggaagggga     92400
     ctcagctaca gcggcatatg gatctcaccc ctgctgattt gggctgactt gggtgggtgc     92460
     tgtagtaggc aggctcctta tggctctgcg tctacagctt gccctccctg ggcctttgga     92520
     ccgggctgtt ctgaggactg cctttgtgag cagtcacaca caagatcttg taactcgaag     92580
     gatggcagct gctcctgcaa ggccggcttc cagggcgagc gctgcgaggc gggtgagtct     92640
     ctggaagaga gggaggtccc aaggccattg agaacctcac ttccatcata caattgtgtc     92700
     ttacctctca ctccgcagag tgcgagccag gctcctttgg gccaggctgc agaaaccgtt     92760
     gcacctgccg gccaggtgtg gcctgtgacc ctgtgagtgg cgagtgtcgg acgcagtgtc     92820
     ctcctggcta ccagggggag gactgtggcc aaggtgggtg actgttcttt ggggatttgg     92880
     ggattagggt tccttgtact aaggagttgc tagagtgtac aactggaagc tgtcaatcga     92940
     gagcctgggt gtaaatggcc cctttaccta ccatcagctc agtggtagtg tggttcctgg     93000
     actgtcacag aggtgcccaa aggagctggt ctgcctgcct ggttcagggt cagcatctct     93060
     gtcgagcttt gcctcactga agctccttgg aaagctctgt gctggagtct gggacaagat     93120
     gatgagaagg gagccagagg tgggagttgg gaggaggagc aggatggctg ccggggcggg     93180
     ggatgcttgg agaatccgac tctgcttgtg ggcctgcagt ctggggtgta caagtgagca     93240
     cagagctgtg aggatcttat ttatttgaca ggcagaagaa tggacctcaa gaccagaggg     93300
     gtacattcat gatatgggtc cttaggtgtc actgggaggc ctgaggcagg gctgggagct     93360
     ggtggcttgg taaatcacat cctgattggt tgcagcccag catatatggg gctgagagat     93420
     tggctagagg actaggaagg gaggataagg ggctgtggca tataccggca ggggacatat     93480
     aactgggtac tatggactgt gattcccaaa gtgagaatct aaggctgtgt agcctgtgga     93540
     atggtaggct ggacactcag atgtttggct taaggcttct tgacccagag ggtatacagc     93600
     catgtagtca caggtccttg aaggaggggc aaaggccctt ggtcgtattg gggtcagtac     93660
     agctgttgtc aacaggccag aggggggtga gcccctcttg gcatatagca attgttgtct     93720
     ctacccattg atcagattgg aagggggcct cagggcctga gtgtgaccac tttagggtgg     93780
     gcaaggctgg agaggaacgc aggagccact agccatcccc tctgtagggg gaaaggcaga     93840
     gaagtcccca gcaacaccag ccagggtcat gggtcagctt ggcagaatcc cacctgtggg     93900
     atgaggcctg gtgagggctc tcaggtcttc ttggcataag agagaatatg cagggcttct     93960
     aactcagcct agaatctcca gacctgacct gctctcaaga ctctttggtc tcaggcttgt     94020
     ttaccagctc tgaatgccct tattcgtaca agcatctggg cagtggacag gactgagcct     94080
     cctaacaaag ccacccagaa catgctcatg tgcacacaca cacacacaca cgcgcgcaca     94140
     cacacacatg cacacaaatg catgcatgcg tgcacacaca cattcatgtg cctttgtaca     94200
     cacacacatg cgtgcacaca gacacacatg cacacaaaca cgtgcatgca cacacacagt     94260
     catgtgcctt tgtacaccat acacatacac gcacacacgc gtgcacacac acacacacac     94320
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acgtagcttg ctttcccctc tcctttccca     94380
     gattctgtgc cacatctcag gcctagtgtt caggggagcc tgcttcccac tagtcctggg     94440
     gcctgcccct gtacccagac caaaaggaac cccccttttc ctttctttat tgaagcctcc     94500
     agtgccccca aggacagacc acaggaaatg acatacatac ttttacagaa atggctcctc     94560
     ttgttattag gtctggaaag tattactgcc ctgagcacaa gcccaggctc atctggtggg     94620
     gaaagctcct gaggcctcga gggaccagcc gtgttgagct ttctccctgg tctgtgctgc     94680
     gtgtttgcca cttgtgcgtg tatgtgtgta tgcatgcatg cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     94740
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtggtgt gtggtgtgtt catgcatgtg tgtgtatgtg     94800
     tatgagtgtg catgcgtgtc tgtgtgtgtg tgcatgtgta tgagtgtgca tgcgtgtctg     94860
     tgtgtgtgca cgtgtatgag tgtgcatcca tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttgtg tatgtttgtg     94920
     tgtgtggtgt gttcatgtat gtgtgtgtgc acgtatatga gtgtgcatgc gtgtctgtgt     94980
     gtgtgtgtgc atgtgtatga gtgtgcatgt gtgtctgtgt gtgtgcacgt gtatgagtgt     95040
     gcatccatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatgtttgt gtgtgtgtgg tgtgttcatg tctgtgtgtg     95100
     tgcatgtgta tgagtgtgca tgtgtgtctg tgtgtgtgca tgtgtatgag tgtgcatcca     95160
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg cgtgtgtgtg gtatgtgcat gcatatgtgt     95220
     gtgtggggta tgttcatgcc tatgtgcatg tgtatgagtg tgagtgtgca tgtgagtgtg     95280
     tgtgtgcatg tgagtggtgt gttgcatatg tatgtgtgtg tgtggtatgc tcaggtacct     95340
     aaagcatgca cacatgttgt gctggatccc tgatgactgc ttgcctgctg gacctctgca     95400
     tcagacctgc tgtttcatcc cagcaaaggg tagagtgagc ggggactaag caggcaggat     95460
     gttttcatac ttcctaagtt cctgtcccag cctcatgctc tcttctccct catccctgag     95520
     ggcatggctg ttgtagggag cacagagtgc ttgccttcac caagtgaggc ttttcggtac     95580
     ccggggccat ctcgggtacc agggagtggc catatgcagt cttgaggccc tgtctttgac     95640
     cattcctatc cagggcactc tgagtcctgc actgctgtat tccttggtgt gactttggtt     95700
     tcagagggtg ggggcccaga catctggggt tcttctttgt atgagccaat tacttcctac     95760
     cctacctcta atcctgccag cgatgactgc agccctgggg ctgaggagct gagtatgaag     95820
     gggaggggac cggactggta gatcttggtt gacttggcta gaggtggtcc cctgggagga     95880
     ccacccagag gcaggaatgg tccctcacgc cttgggagct ctccagggtc ctgatgacct     95940
     taggtcctgc tggacaggct gcctggtcct ccagctgccc ctgtgtctcc tgcctatgat     96000
     tcagactggc ctctcctgct cccttccccc caccatacac actctgtttc tagcctcata     96060
     acgtgtttgg gttttcctgg ggctgtagag aaggctccta gccttgacaa ctacatatgg     96120
     agtgcctgaa gccacctgct ctcccctaca gagtgcccag tggggacatt tggtgtgaac     96180
     tgctcaggtt cctgctcctg cgtgggggcc ccctgtcacc gagtcacggg ggagtgtctg     96240
     tgcccaccag ggaagactgg ggaggactgt ggagccggtg agtggcatct gtatgcccag     96300
     gcagccccag ccctgggctg tgtttgaaaa taccaccccg gaccatatgt agggacccct     96360
     gatcccagat ctggactgct tgggaacccc accatagacc atttaggacc ttagccatga     96420
     ccctgaagtg ttaggttcct tcatagtagc ttcggggagt cgtcctggaa caagcgggga     96480
     tatgggaggt gtctgcagct gctcagcaga gctgtgactt tgcactgagc cctcctggac     96540
     cgtcagctcc ctgcatgggg tatttgtctc tctagaaggc tctctatttt gctgttgagc     96600
     tatccctggg gttaggttta cttatttata ggtggtgccc tgcagctctg gggttctgaa     96660
     accggactct cctgggcagt cttttatggc aacagtggtc tgtttccagt tgtggcaaga     96720
     gggaccttta gtgctgtgtc ggacgcacac cagcgtgcca actagggcac taggaaaaga     96780
     ataactaacc ctgggtgtgg gttctagact gtcccgaggg ccgttggggg ctcggctgtc     96840
     aagagatctg ccctgcatgt gagcatggtg ccagctgcga ccctgagact ggaacctgcc     96900
     tgtgtcttcc tggttttgtt ggtagccgct gccaggatgg tgagtataac tcgtgtctga     96960
     cctcagcctc agcctatggc cctgagtagg cacaccaggc tgccatgctc atcctcctta     97020
     ccaccaacag cttgcccagc aggctggttt gggaccggct gccagatgag gtgtgcttgt     97080
     gccaatgatg ggcattgcca tccggccact ggacgctgta gctgtgcccc tgggtggact     97140
     ggcctcagct gccagagagg tatgtgggtc ctttgcctgc cctttgtcca ctggtccggg     97200
     ccttgcccct tttccacgat gccctgtgtt ctgatgtggc cgtgcagcac actcacatag     97260
     ggtgacatgt ggctctgttg cagcctgtga cagtggacac tgggggcctg actgcatcca     97320
     cccctgcaac tgcagtgcag gccatgggaa ctgtgacgcc gtcagtggcc tctgcctgtg     97380
     tgaggctggc tacgaaggtc cgcagtgtga gcagtgtgag tactggtcta ccacttgtac     97440
     cctgtctctc atcagcaagc acattcatat aagcacacac acacaaacac acacacacac     97500
     acaagtacac ttgcatagcc acatacatgc acctgagtgt tctggtgcac acataccatg     97560
     catgtactgt ctcccatcgg tcagtgggac ttaaggctca cctggagtag cagatgggga     97620
     gtcagggagg tcccatgaat tcatttttga aactgatagt cttttctcta tcctggctag     97680
     ctcccaaata aatgagacag agcctgtaag atttgtttga taagctttat ggcgcaaggg     97740
     ctggacagtc attgatctat tctaatcctc taaactaatc tggctacctt ccagccaacc     97800
     ccctgagatg cttgcatttt agtggtttga tttggctcct tctgctccaa gggtttttcc     97860
     aggatatctt cttaacaccc cccgcccccc atggtgaacc ctctccctct ctctctctct     97920
     atctgccccc actttctcta tctctccctc cctctctccc tttctctctc cctctctctt     97980
     tcttcccctt cctccttccc tctctccctc tgtccctcct tccctcccaa tgctagtatc     98040
     cagccctatt ctctctactg cccagccatt ccctgatcag cttttattgt ccaataggag     98100
     aataaagagg gagcaatgtt ggtttttttg tttgtttgtt tttgtttttt tgtttttgtt     98160
     ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtatggaact cactttgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc     98220
     agaaatccgc ctgcctctgc ctcctgagtg ctgggattaa aggtgtgccc agcaggagca     98280
     atgtttacac aaccttgaaa caggagatac ttagagtaag cattacagtg tcacatccat     98340
     attgcaccaa gatatagggg tggagaaacc agcatttgaa tgatacaagt gcacaacaca     98400
     ttctgcctac actgtcccag cccgggagga gaggaacggg gtccttaggc tccctgtatg     98460
     cttccaagat ttgcggatgg gctgtgagtg ggtcagggta gctggcctta gagacagccc     98520
     tagtgagatc ctacatggat ccttaagaca aggtctggga cccttacctc ccatctgggg     98580
     agagggtagg aggagtgtag ggtaaggtca gctgtcccca ctgttgagag tggaggagct     98640
     tctttgtcag gggctctggc cagacttggt gtcctaatct gatgcaagac tggcctttgt     98700
     gtctcagggt gtcgccaagg ctactttggg cccggctgcg agcagaagtg caggtgtgag     98760
     catggggcca cctgtgacca tgtcagtggg gcctgtacct gcccagctgg ctggagggga     98820
     agcttctgcg agcacggtaa gctgagtgca ggctgggccc tgagtgcagg ctgggcaggg     98880
     gtctctggct ctgggcctct tgtgattgcc acctctgtct gtagcctgtc ctgctggctt     98940
     ctttgggtta gactgtggca gtgcctgcaa ctgctccgcc ggggccccct gtgatgctgt     99000
     cactggctcg tgcatctgcc cagctggccg ctggggccca cactgtgccc agagtacgta     99060
     aggggtcccg tcctgggtac tgtggggagc atgggttctt catgggggaa acatccctgc     99120
     ggccccttcc tggcatccga ctgaggacac agctttgttc atgaggtccc acgtgtccat     99180
     ccctcttatg gctctgatga ggggtggctc tgacaccctg gcagatctac ccagtcccct     99240
     ggttcctcct gcagcagtcc tctggctatg ttcctgacgg ctcctctcct attgcagctt     99300
     gcccacctct cacctttggg cttaactgca gccagatttg tacctgtttc aatggggcct     99360
     cttgcgaccc tgtccttggg cagtgccact gtgctcctgg ctggatggga cccacctgcc     99420
     tgcagggtaa gccatgtgta ggagctcagg gtccagtcct gggtaatggc ctctcggtgg     99480
     gtccatggag ggacatgtgt gcatgggatt agagggtagg tacattgctc atctgtcagc     99540
     atggcctttc agggaagttg gaaaggagct tgactgtggc ctttagtgtc atgcccctaa     99600
     ggccagattg gtgggtccag gataggcctg ggctctggca tcatagaacc agcctggtga     99660
     ggttccaact tgaaagtcag gttgagctct gggattatgt ggaaacttaa ggaactccaa     99720
     aggcctctgc tggccagatg ctgaggtttg cttctgcttt ctgggcctca gcctgccctg     99780
     ctggcctgta tggcaagaac tgtcagcatt cctgtctctg ccgaaatgga gggaactgtg     99840
     accccatctt gggccagtgc acgtgcccag agggttggac cggcttggcc tgtgagaacg     99900
     gtgagcagtc tgacttgggt agaggacatc ctttgggcta ggaggatggg ctatggaggg     99960
     gacagcatcc taggggtggc tttaatgtct tcccttctac ccaaggtgca agaaggttgg    100020
     gctggtgtct cctgggcaga gccctagccc agaaagttag accctctttt ctactccaac    100080
     ctttacagag tgccttcctg gacaccatgg ggctggttgc cggctcaact gcagttgcct    100140
     taatgggggc acatgtgacc gtcttactgg ccactgccgc tgcccaactg gctggactgg    100200
     ggacaagtgt cagagccgtg agtggggtct gggaagctgg gaggttctgc caagggtgac    100260
     ccgattttac tccatgctga agatatggga cagggctggt tctcaccaaa gtggctcact    100320
     gttaaatggg ttcagggcct tcctgctgtg cctaagaggc tagcctgatt ggctggtttg    100380
     cttctatttt ggggagaggc tccagagagg aagctgtggt ctctggattt gaaccttgta    100440
     ctgcccaagg ctccatgatt gcaagatgct gcccaggctg tggcttttct gcccatcctt    100500
     gttctccctc caggcttcaa accccctcag catctggaca agtggacact gggctggata    100560
     cttacctgtc cgacctctct gagtcttccc ctctctgctt ccccttctgc atagccactg    100620
     ccatttgtag acccagccta gagaacccct cactcagacc caagccccgg ggccactgat    100680
     gctgagaagc caagttggga ggcttcaggg agaccctgtg actcttcttt tgttatttac    100740
     tggtcccagc ttctcctccc tcactttcca tgggcagagg ccctggagct ataattccca    100800
     accttctgtc tgtctctcac gctacagcct gcgtcagtgg catgtttggg gttcactgtg    100860
     aggagcactg tgcctgccgg aaaggtgcca cctgtcacca tgtcacgggg gcctgcctct    100920
     gtcccccagg atggaggggc tcacactgtg aacagggtaa gcagagataa gtttatggac    100980
     cattgggagg gagctggtgc tgcacagcca tctcggggat ccccactgct ccgttcccag    101040
     aaagcttacc tcattctaca cttcccacag cctgtccacg tggctggttt ggagaggcct    101100
     gtgctcagcg ttgccactgc ccgcctggtg cctcctgcca ccatgtctct ggagagtgcc    101160
     actgtccacc cggcttcact gggcctggct gtgagcaggg taggtgctcc tccaacacct    101220
     gctttgtgga gagggacaac tgggggattc ctgagggtta ggccaggcct gacccaggcc    101280
     gacctattcc tagcctgcca gcctggcacc tttggcaagg actgtgagca cccgtgccaa    101340
     tgtcctggtg agacctgggc ctgccaccct gcttcagggg cctgcgtatg tgctgctggt    101400
     taccatggca ccgactgtca gcaacgtgag tcaggggatc tggggttctg tctgccattc    101460
     tggtatgtaa ggtagagggg gcagctctca aggttgccat gtgcaggggt gctgcatgtt    101520
     tgagttcacc tccagcttgt gtagcagacc tccacccctc tctctctgca ggatgcccat    101580
     ctgggcgcta tgggccaggc tgtgaacaaa tttgtaagtg tctcaatggt gggacctgcg    101640
     atccagccac gggagcctgc tactgccctg ctgggttcct tggggccgac tgtagccttg    101700
     gtgagaaacc aggttgtgag cctgggtagt atattgctga gtttctgagg aaggaggcag    101760
     ggccctgctg gccagcctac gggaggacag ccccctgccc acctgcttcc cggactctcg    101820
     agttccctgt taattatcta agctagagtg gctttgagga cggtgtgagg gcatcagtgt    101880
     gaccccagag gactccagct tctggccagc tctgtcccag ataactgagc acaaccctgt    101940
     ggccaagcat cctgcccagg aaagggactt tctcctggat catatgcaga ctttcccatg    102000
     tggaatccag gcagagctgg ggtgttgtgg cagtgtgtcc ctgtagagat ggcctgggcc    102060
     cagctcccag cagagcctat tcatgaggaa gatgggggat gctgggaatt ggtggcttgt    102120
     ccctgtcttc tactgtcctg tcactggggc tggtacagcc taggatggat gtagtcagaa    102180
     tggaagcaac tactcacctg cccctctcca cagcctgtcc acagggtcgc ttcggcccca    102240
     gctgtgccca cgtgtgtaca tgcgggcaag gggcggcatg tgacccagtg tcggggactt    102300
     gcatctgtcc tcccgggaag acgggaggcc attgtgagcg cggtgagtgt ctgcagggga    102360
     ctgagcatgc tcgcagttca ctaatatgtc cttgagctat ggagaaggct gctaaagtga    102420
     actcatcttg ggaggggttg tgcccattcc ccagggacac attcacactc ccagccactg    102480
     tgaattccca ctgtgaattt ccttggggct gagaagcagt cctttactta ccacgtggac    102540
     cgcctgccct gctggcacac tggccatccc atgccaacaa gggccccacc cactcaggac    102600
     tcttgagagt tggttcattc agtggcctgc ctgttcatgt ctctgtggcc agtggaagcc    102660
     ctcctgagcc tgggagcatg tgtcctgatg ttttcttgga agggtatttt ctggttcttt    102720
     tctccaagcc cagggacccc aggagacaca agctggaata gtgacacatg ggtagaccag    102780
     gggacagtgg tcctgaccca caccaccagc atacttgcag ctcctccctc acaaaggctg    102840
     ttctcggaac ccttgttctc agcctaggac tggtgtagtc agattagaag tccaaggcca    102900
     ggctgcagcc aggatggcac ctggtcccgc ctcacaacta ggaaagacag ccgtgtgtaa    102960
     ggtggtcagc agcaggccat gcctgaccct gggtctccaa ggcatacatt ctcagccctg    103020
     aggaagtgat cggaagcctt cctgactcct agctggctgt gtgggtactt acttacagtc    103080
     agtcccctga agaccgtggt ccctgttatc agacctgatg gtggctgccc agaattctga    103140
     gggattctgt gagggagggg aaagccagta ctaggcggct caggaagcat ttgtggaacg    103200
     aacatcagtc tgtgtgggga catgtccgaa agcacgtcca gccttggcca gagttctctt    103260
     gttgtgcccg ccttctgccc ctaggctgtc cccaggaccg gtttggcaag ggctgtgaac    103320
     acaagtgtgc ctgcaggaat gggggcctgt gtcatgctac caatggcagc tgctcctgcc    103380
     ccctgggctg gatggggcca cactgtgagc acggtgagtg tgaggggtgg ctggtccctg    103440
     agaaggaggc ggagtttggg ggcctgggag gctgtgtagg ggtggtgagt cagggagcaa    103500
     ctaagaatcc atttgcccgt ccctgcacag cctgccctgc tgggcgctat ggtgctgcct    103560
     gcctcctgga gtgttcctgt cagaacaatg gcagctgtga gcccacctcc ggcgcttgcc    103620
     tctgtggccc tggcttctat ggtcaagctt gtgaagacag tgagtggggc tgtccccttc    103680
     ccgtgtgtat gctgtctagg ctggtcctgg ctcatgaaga cagtggtcat cctctcaggc    103740
     attgctcatg gggagagatg ggatggccag tctctgaggc tggaagggtc tgctcagggt    103800
     cacacaggac aggtggagat gggctcccat gctagtgcct tctgatgctt ctaccttgcc    103860
     atgtgagccc tggctggcat gcagaagcta atggtggaaa ctgggaggga gggagaaagg    103920
     gaggctcgga cacacaggaa aggtcctctc tccgctcttg gatttggtcc tttgcccact    103980
     ctgggaaaac gagggggttt ctgctgcctt tgcttggcct aactcggatc cctctccagc    104040
     ctgccctgcc ggcttccatg gatctggttg ccagagagtt tgcgagtgtc aacagggcgc    104100
     tccctgtgac cctgtcagtg gccggtgcct ctgccctgct ggcttccatg gccagttctg    104160
     cgagaggggt gagtgtttgc ctccccctga cgacccctgt gctctttcct gtcttggtta    104220
     atttggggga agggaacatg gatcccattg cctccaccag ggtgcaagcc aggctttttt    104280
     ggagatggct gcctgcagca gtgtaactgc cccacgggtg tgccctgtga tcccatcagc    104340
     ggcctctgcc tttgcccacc agggcgtgca ggaaccacat gtgacctagg tgagtgtggg    104400
     ctccttccca ggatgagatg taggggtagg gctacactaa cagcaaatat caatcatatg    104460
     ggttgtctgc ctgcctgcct gccaggcctc agactaggca ctgtgccctc ctgtgatctc    104520
     tgcttctccc tgcaccctct gagggctgtg gcagtggcca gaagatgata taccaagcat    104580
     agacatccat cggagctgcc aaggctaggg tcatgctctg tggtagcctt agagtcttgg    104640
     gactctgtct gggtatcatg agaatggctc tagcgaggta gaaatatgtc tctgacttaa    104700
     caatcgtggc catgaccctt ttagaccaga ctgcctgggg ctgtaaaagt ggcctagtga    104760
     cttgtggatt catccagccc tggggacagc agctgtggct actgcctcac caacccaggc    104820
     aacaggcagg aatgcgtgtg ggccagtgct tctccattta agagctcaag gttaggccga    104880
     gcatggtggc gcatgccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaagcaggt gaatttctga    104940
     gttcgaggcc agcctgaact ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctgcagag    105000
     aaaccctgtc tcgaaaaagc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    105060
     agctcaaggt tataaaactc agatatttta gaagtagata ggaactgtta accttttcag    105120
     ggaaaactga ggcccacggt cttctccact cccttcccat aggacatcgt tccacctgag    105180
     ctctccgccc aggtccaggc agatgtgaca gtgctcatgt ttctctctcc cacctcctgc    105240
     ctctacagat tgcagaagag gccgctttgg gccgggctgt gccctgcgct gtgattgtgg    105300
     gggtggggct gactgcgacc ccatcagtgg gcagtgccac tgtgtggaca gctacacggg    105360
     acccacttgc cgggaaggtg agtcaggttc ccagaggagg aattgaagac tcccatctct    105420
     ggtcaggaat ccaccccttg ccccaagacc aagtggtgga gcctgaccag tcagtgagaa    105480
     acttggccat cccttcctgg cacccagagt ccacacagct cccggtggtg atgaggaggc    105540
     ctcaagccac ttcccatggc aggaacaggt tgcactgcca gcctagagca tcaacccttt    105600
     ccccagagtg accctgcaga ttacagtgtg agctcacaga tccatatgca ggcagggatg    105660
     ggcgattcag tatggggggg tgcatacatg aatgcccatg tatctgtgag caatgatgca    105720
     tgttagccag gacatgcaag tacatcagtg tgttgtgagc tactgagtgt gcacacgtgc    105780
     cagcatgtca gagcagtgat agaagcatga gagggcaact atgcatgcac tgtgtgtgtg    105840
     tgtgcgtgcg tgcgtgcgtg cacgtgctcc agatatgcgt cctgctggtg catgcacccc    105900
     gggtgtgtgt gtactgcagg tgtgtcctgc tcatgtgtgc actccaggtc tgtttgtgaa    105960
     ctccagatat gtgtgcactc caggtgttta tgcatgctgc aggtgcatgc acaccagatg    106020
     tgtgtgcact ccaggtgtgt cctgctcatg tgtaaactcc aggtgtgtgc actccaggtg    106080
     tttatgcatg ctgcaggtgt atgcacacca ggtatgtgtg cactccaggt gtgtgtgcac    106140
     aatcctcctg gtgcatgtat gatctttctc aatacctcag caaactcggc ctggggagcc    106200
     aacaagcggc accataaggg cttgggctat ccacaggggt gccttacagg tgggaagtac    106260
     agtcccatag agcaagtgtg catcttcctg gtgtgtgcac acagtgcatg ttctctgggt    106320
     catgcatggg ctttagttct gcattttatg ggtgagtata tgtcccatgt atatattctt    106380
     caggtatgtg tgtgctccgt gtgtacatac atggcttcag gtctacccgt gtgcccacat    106440
     ctttgtgcat attctggtgg tgtctgtgca ccagatgtgt gtactgtgtt gaatccaaat    106500
     gcatgtgtta cctacctagg acaggcatgc atgctccagt ccacgtgtgc actcatggtt    106560
     tattgtacac ttgtgcctga gtgtacccac atgcagagct gaggcagtag tcccttgacc    106620
     cccaagtccc cgaggctctg cgggactgca cctcccacct gcagggcaga gctggggata    106680
     ccgcacccct gtggatagcc caggctctta tggtgtcctt gttggctccc caggcccagt    106740
     ctgctgaagg tgttgagaag gatttctgca gagggagaag ggaggctatg tacctggtgg    106800
     gagggaggtg cctgggtaca taatgctacc cacagtgacc tccagtggta aaatgtggta    106860
     ctacacccta ggacatccct atgtacattt agcatagaca tttatttagc acatctctga    106920
     agataggacc gtggggaggg cattgggagt cctggggtgg gattagctta actttgggca    106980
     aagccttccc caaccagcct cagaaccctg ctccaaccct tcttggaggt tggcagaatg    107040
     ggagctgatc agaccccccc ctccccccaa atgcttacag taaagtggag aaggacctgc    107100
     tggtggacat gtggggtccc ggtgggtgtg ggtaactaat gccttactgc atcattactg    107160
     ggggcagctg tcacccagct agctcatgcc cagcctaggt gataggtgct tgcccagggg    107220
     ctgctctttg gttaagcctg gaggaggagt cccatacgag gatgaacatt tttgcttccc    107280
     tggaccttgg agatggggct ggaccacatg ggggaggggg atgggctatt gtctttacca    107340
     ggctttgctg atgagggaag atgacaatgt tagcctggaa tgtggctgtt ttgagggttt    107400
     ccaccccacc ttattgctaa acctcttttc ttcccatgtc ctcagtgccc acacagctgt    107460
     cctctatcag accagcaccc cagcactcca gcagcaaggc catgaagcac taactcagag    107520
     gaacgcccac agaggcccac tactgtgttc cagcccaagg gacccaggcc tctgctggtg    107580
     actaagatag aggtggcact tttggatcca cacctcttct ggaaagccat ggattgctgt    107640
     ggacagctat ggatagtcat atagccacac acccgggctc catggtcatg gggaagaagg    107700
     cctcctttgg acacaaggaa tccaggaagt cggctgggct tcgggccact gtttacatgg    107760
     ggaccctgca ggctgtgctg tggaatcctg gccctcttca gcgacctggg atgggaccaa    107820
     ggtgggaata gacaaggccc cacctgcctg ccaggtcctt ctggtgctag gccatggact    107880
     gctgcagcca gccaactgtt tacctggaaa tgtagtccag accatattta tataaggtat    107940
     ttatgggcat ctccacctgc cgttatggtc ctgggtcagc tggaagctgc ctgaccccag    108000
     aacttaggca gtggcctgtg gggtctccag caagtgggat caagggtttt gtaaaaccca    108060
     gtgagttaaa ggcacagtgg tgtccccatt gcctgggttt ctgtgctttc tgtagactcc    108120
     gtgggtcctt ccaagagcag gtggcctgag ggttcttgaa tgggaacctc ctgtacccct    108180
     ctgtaatgac atgcatgtaa tgtaatgctt cagtcacctt agggttcttc ctgacttcca    108240
     gctctagggc atgaggcagt gcctgtcaag gtgaattgtt ccagagaaca cattgatgcc    108300
     tgagacacct ccagagacta cagaacaatg tcccagaggg agcagggcag gggtagtgtg    108360
     gaaggaaatc catgcttaac caagccagct gaccccctgc ctcaacacag tgatggacag    108420
     gcagcatcac aggagccagg cctctgctct cactcaagcc ccttgttttg gatctgggtg    108480
     gtggctgcct cctccctctc ccactgcatc cgaggcagct gaaacctcca gggacacttc    108540
     aaaggccgca gtggtgtggc cagtagtggg gagcaagtca gtcggccact gtatagagac    108600
     ttaggttaaa gcagagggat ggagcagaga gtggggtgga gcgttgtgtg aatgtgaagc    108660
     aggcagtatg gggacgaagg aggaattcta aagcacccag agggaaaagg gttttaagaa    108720
     tcagactggc cagaaactct acaagggagg ggctggcagc caggaaatgg tggtgatgtc    108780
     acaggtattg aaaatataca attatatcca gctaaactat caccatgccc acaggttcac    108840
     ccatgtctaa tttggaaata tttttgggaa gagcctaaga gacctcacgg cacacttcct    108900
     acatggccat catgaggaga actgaaattt tccttctaaa ccacaggtca accccaggct    108960
     gggtaactgt ggggcagaca caagggaagt cagagacagg gcatcaccgg tcctgtgaca    109020
     ggcagagagg cagcagctgt agccagcaga ggtaggagat agagaggccc actttagccc    109080
     acctgaggac caaggtccac ccagggacag gaagggaaag agaaacaggg atggaaaaag    109140
     caggctaaca gggcctgagc agatagtgat ccagacttca ctaagagtca tatgatcttg    109200
     gctggcaagg tggttcaggg ggttaaggcc cttgctacca cgcctgacaa cctgacttag    109260
     tttcccctgt gatagaagat tagtgacttc cacgggttgt cctctgacct cctcatatat    109320
     acccccaata aatattgtaa ttattttttt taaagcaagt cacaggatct agcctgtaag    109380
     agccagttgg agggtagaag tacaaccatg gccagaagag ctgcggagga tgtttttaaa    109440
     ggtttgtttt taggattcac gtgaacgagg ctgcctgtgg aggccagagg catcagatcc    109500
     catgggactg gagttccagg gtctgagccg cctgatgtgg gtcctgagaa gtgactgcag    109560
     gtcctctaga atagagtgta ttgctctgac tgctaggcca tctcttcagt ccctgaggaa    109620
     ggagctttac tgttgtgaag gtacaaagca ttgtggctat ccacacacac acacatatat    109680
     ggacacatgc atgcacacaa tacacataca cgaacacgca aacatgggca cacacacaca    109740
     cacgcattta tgcatgcaca cacactcaca tgaataggtg ctcaaaaatc cagggcaatg    109800
     gtggctatca cggggagaga gaaatgcatt acgatgtcat gtaacacact ccatgtaacc    109860
     gttaggttag gcaaaccaaa aagcaaggat ccaatctgta aaagctttag catgttacgt    109920
     gcttgagata tttgtttata gatacctgct tacatttaca tggattcttt atgcccatca    109980
     atagggctgt gggtgtcagg gggaggtact ggagatccaa ctggggccca tcacacacta    110040
     agcagatggt cttatcacct ggctagtggt aagaaagcca acattctctc ctttgaagac    110100
     taacaagccc atcatactgt ggttggttga ctgcctgcct gtttgagata ggccttgcta    110160
     ttagccctgg ctagtctgga gtttgctatg taaaacagtt gacttggatt cagatgtttc    110220
     caagtgctgg cattactgac aggcatgcac aaccgtgccg gaccagactg atatgttttt    110280
     aaatatgaag tggaaaaaat aagggagaag cagctacaga cagtgagaga cttaaagaat    110340
     gtgacgggca gctgtgtgcg agcactcgcc actctcgcag actctcagag gtctagggtt    110400
     cagttcccag caatgacatg gtggaccata attcccctta acctcatttc gagagactct    110460
     gacaccctct tctggcttca ccagggtacc aggcatgaag gccaagcacc ccttcacgta    110520
     gaatattttc ttaaaaagtt aaaaaaaagg ggggggggat agtggggtca aagctacagt    110580
     cttaagtgag gtggcaggga agttgggtcc tggggtagag cccccatgtc agtgtctctt    110640
     gtagccacca gaaggcctga gagagaaacc ctcaccttgt ggctggtggt gatagtcatt    110700
     aggcagcccg gcggcataag gagtcaggaa tgttctggaa ggactagaaa ggactgatgt    110760
     gcagagggga acagttccaa ggctgaagat gaagttgtgt gcacaccttt atggctggac    110820
     tgtttttttc acaatccctg gaggaaaggc caaaggcctg gcctgtctct ggaaatggtc    110880
     cacagcatct cagtatgtaa catgcctctt actaatgtct ccccaagaga gcgaaggcga    110940
     gtgtcccccg ggccctagcc cactctactc tgctcataca gggctgggca ctatggcttg    111000
     ctgagatgaa gggccttcca ctgtctctca gaccagcagc cattgaagca cccatgactg    111060
     gcaatgtcac tgcaggtagc tcaggacacc caagggctgg tgatctggtc ctacaaagcc    111120
     ccaaccaggg cacaggcctc cctggagatg gttagggtat tagaagcctt gatggcctcc    111180
     tgcaagcccc tgaccctgag tgggtttaga gtcagagcct cagccttcca gtccacttag    111240
     ctctagctac tgagtgtgct tggtgacagc ctgctgcttc tccttgacct gttcctcggg    111300
     gcgatcagta gaggaaacaa accagaggaa gtgggtttac accaaggcac ctaagcttct    111360
     gccacaggta cctattagcg tacacacagc atctgtgcgc acacaaaccc ctccccagtc    111420
     accagtgtgc tgtccccttc actcacgcat acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag    111480
     agcagctgca ctggggtgaa gatgaagata tttatccctt ttaggttgaa ggaggtacta    111540
     ggccccatct cagagtcaac ccagctatgc ctactgaact ctggcctggc cctcaggtaa    111600
     gtgggtgagc actcgttctg ctgaggactg atgtcaggct gagcctagac ttggcccttc    111660
     tggctgcctt gggcccttga tttttggatg cacagctctt cctcaggcct gagagatatc    111720
     accgtctgtg cctgtcacat ctatagcaag gtagagcccg gtgggaaggg aggcagattc    111780
     tatagtacat gttgggtgct ccgtcctgat ctggcgctag ccaagcaaag acacaggttt    111840
     cagtaccaga ctgaagggat tgttggagag acctgaacag ccagaccaac cgtgttcgct    111900
     cctagcccag ccctagtcag ctcagaggct gcctttctgg ccgggaggta tacagggcct    111960
     aagatcacca caccagagcg tccccattgt gtcccagttc tcagagccct gtggccaggc    112020
     taagcatgca agatccagct gctaccatcc ctgaccacac aagcggagcc ttgtgcaaga    112080
     actaaggaca gaacatgaga ccagtctcca cctacctgtt atatgttata tttcactgaa    112140
     acaggtggct cacatgtaaa acaaaatttt aaagaaatac ttttatgtta tttagatctg    112200
     taatcacaat atccctgctg gcacctcagg tcacctgcca ccagcaccgt cctctcagaa    112260
     caccagccct ttttgtccca cctgggatgg aggggtgcag ctgggaggta accctatggt    112320
     gtcttcaatg acactgttac ccggtgtagc tcaggtgtcc tgtaagaggc caggctaggc    112380
     tccttccaga atgtgagcct ctgggacttg cctcaaagat gtctaagcaa gccggatcta    112440
     tagatgttca gtgttctgca ctcaaccgtg agcccagggg aagggcttcc catgacaaac    112500
     ccctcatact ccttgggggc aggcaggacc acttgctggt cgggggactg aagctgtgtc    112560
     caccatggct tggcctttga gcagtcggtc cagctacaca tccgtctcca cccgcagccg    112620
     ctccatcctg cgcacgttgc cttccacggc cacacggctg gtgatggagt gagcaaagct    112680
     ctcgggaaac cagccggtct ctccgtcccg aagccgctcc ccgtgtagcc aacctgaatg    112740
     cagacagcag atgagaggga gccctctcgt ctcctccttt gctctggagg gttctagggc    112800
     atgggtgact gttggaactg actgcccctc ctgactcaag agagccaagg gggccttgcc    112860
     caaggccaca cgtggatacc cacgtgcttc acttagggcc cagagtgatg aactcatttc    112920
     gatcccgtga ttccagtatt ctccctttgg aggtactgag tgtggtgtgt atgtgtggag    112980
     tatacatgtg gattcacata catgtgcacc catagtcgtc atgacagttc ctcaggtgct    113040
     gtccactctg tctctcgtca ccttggagct tgctaatgaa gctaggctgg ctgatcaagg    113100
     ggcccttaaa atttgcatgt ctttgcttct ctggcaatga gatgccacaa gccatgtgcc    113160
     accatacccc aatcaggtcc ttatgccaac cgagccagct ccccagttcc cgcctctgag    113220
     gaagttctta ggggggcacg aggcaggccg agtgtgtgct ggttgccaca gcccagtaca    113280
     ctctgcagct gtgtctggtt gacacccact caggggtggc cccacccaca ctcaccgtcc    113340
     tcttcctgca ggaccaggac gatgtcagcc tgttgcagtg tgatctcatc agcctgcttg    113400
     gcaaagtacg ccttggtgac ctctacctgg gggagttctg gggggaaatg gaaagacagc    113460
     taagccagga gtgctctgtt gcccttgggg aggggcagta gtactctgcc cgcggtagtc    113520
     ctccctcctg cagtactcct cccacagaca catggcacca gctgtctcag cacaagatag    113580
     acagcttccc ttggataaag actggccttc cagggataca aggctagaca tctggcaccc    113640
     acagatctac ttttccccct taagagccat ccagggccag aggtgacatt ttgatggtcc    113700
     agccctattc tattccttgg acctcaggct tcctaagaag gacaaataag gttaacctag    113760
     tcacagtgtg tacagcaggc caaggtccag ctgccgagtg aggcaccctg gcgatgctgc    113820
     ggtgtggcct gggttccaac cagctcaacc ccaggactgt aacccacact cacctccttt    113880
     gttggtgatg ccctgccact gtctctcctt gtaggtgagt gctgtgatcc accgggcccg    113940
     gtcactcctg gagggaggcc acagagcatg tagttgaggc ccctccttcc ttcttggggt    114000
     ccgagagtac cggaaactgt tctatgatca ctgactattc tgacctcacc tactgtcctg    114060
     aggtttgctg tgctggcatc aatgttggtg cctgatggca agatgctcct gcctcggggc    114120
     ctttgcatgg ccatgctctg gttgagcact gctcccctct ctgtgtttgc cgcttcgttc    114180
     cctccctccc ttggagtttt gacccatgca ctaccttgac aacaacagca tgcccactga    114240
     tcacgtggac actcgtccct tttctgctta aagctttcac cccagttact ggacagtaca    114300
     gcaattcatt tcctttttgc gttttgctta tggccctgca tggcattgac aagtaagctc    114360
     tcagaaaaga gtttagcaca tcccatcctc acgggactcg agctccatgc aggcacgcac    114420
     gcacgcacgc acgcacgcac tcccctccag ttaggtccca catcttacgc agagtcggac    114480
     gacagcagta tctgctcctg gcggccctcg ctgttatgta gcaggttcac ctggaatggg    114540
     tagggcacgg aggagctgcg gctgctgcct cctggcagca agggctccga gggttccagt    114600
     ttcctgacct gtacgtggtc tagctgcgcg tagtcttgga ccaggtagct ttcctcactg    114660
     tggggacacg ggagactcac cagggctttt cctgccaggg tcagttgacc acaagagtgc    114720
     tcctaacact tgtccccctg ggcctggaga cagaacttcc tggagcttcc gtggccaagg    114780
     agggaaaccc cagcccgtag agagcagagt cctgaagagc cgccggccac ccccgattaa    114840
     ctgaggtata tatagccttg aatgccaagg tcggagcgga ggggttcaga gccgctcccc    114900
     atacctccta acccccagct gctctgtagc ctggcacctg aagaccagtg cctacctttt    114960
     cttcttggtg acaaccagga catcattgaa caggaacaga taacacgtgg gtcggctggc    115020
     gattttccta aagatactgg attcctccaa gaggaagagc tccccacgct tcagcagcca    115080
     gcgagaggcg gagatgagcg ggagggacta gggaaaaagg cgatgggacg gggcgaggtg    115140
     agggtggcgt ggaagggata ctccctaagg aatggccact gagttgcccc acaggatcca    115200
     ttctctacct atacagccgt ggccagccct gattttctgg ggacagtcat ggagaggcct    115260
     tgacacttct ttgcccttga gtcagggagg ctcaagggcc tcctttccca cagggaatcc    115320
     aaggcccaag aagatcaaca gccctagctt gcccccgacc ccaccaggca gattcccaca    115380
     tgcccctaga actcttgctc tagcctgtga ctcctaagat acggacagca gagtaaggtg    115440
     tggggttggc ccagtaccta ccttgacctt gccgaagtcc agctgcatgt tcagtgtgta    115500
     tatctgctct gtgcgctcca tcttgtgagc tccctcgtta cactgcttca ccagctgcag    115560
     ggttcagttt aacacggatt ggtccatagg gtgcctcccc tgtgccccac ccagggtctc    115620
     tcttagcaga gaagctgcct caccttgctg atggccttca gggcttggct ggcagcttta    115680
     taccgttcgg gatggccttg cgtcttcagg cagagtgtct gggggagaga gtagttggga    115740
     agcacccggg cccctcccag gagggcctaa gtggggcaaa atctggaagt gtgggagagg    115800
     gtcctgttgg ggcccaccgg tatgtctaca gcccacagat ggcctctgca cctcaggcaa    115860
     ggagatctgg taccacacat actgcttctg ccaccctggg aaatagcact gtgggaccca    115920
     gaagcattat ttctgcaggg cccagggtgt gtgtgtacat gcctaagtgt gtgtctgcag    115980
     gctacagcat cctgttagta accgcaaagt gagcaagatt aatcacaccg ccttaatatg    116040
     tgttgttaat tacccaatta cagatctgtg agtgtaagga aagaggtcag agaggcaggc    116100
     ggggcctcca ggtgggtttt catggcaaca cccaagcctc ccccaatgct cacatctgtc    116160
     agcagcggca gccgggtcac tctctgcatg gggagaatca ggaaagagat catgggcagg    116220
     cccccacacg caggccgctt ctcgatctcc ttcagaacgt cccggaaggc tgcgttgctg    116280
     ttcctgcaat gtggggcaca gactttggaa agaggtcagg tggggtgggt gggtgggtgg    116340
     gcgggtgggt gggtgggacc ttcgtgggta ggctcagggt gtagaggacc cactcacgac    116400
     agcttctgca gggtgcgctg ttgatagacc tcgttggagc agtaggcgat gtaagggtgg    116460
     aaatgatgct gagcatggtc ctccaagatg tcgctgatgt cctccacgca cacctgagct    116520
     ttgtgccgct gctccagggc ttcaaagaac ctgcggcatc aaagggaggc gtgggtgggg    116580
     aagcaaaggc tcacttttga cacagacaca tgcatataga caaaaagtcc acacagacca    116640
     ctcttggagg cagtatgtac caggtgccca gtgggtcagg cagaaccttg tagaggctag    116700
     cccacatttc cctgcagagg gctgtcccac aaccctcagg ggattctgtg accgatcagc    116760
     tcttcacact gcctttgtac caacacgacc cctatgcctg tccctggctg tgagctcaag    116820
     gacagatatc ctatgatgca atggggcctt gagggaccta gggagaccca cgtctcccta    116880
     gggatgagtc ttgaaacgaa ggtgattctg ccagccaagt tccctgcaag gtttcacaaa    116940
     acgtccaaca cgcatggagt ccagcccgta cgggaatgag ctgggaggcc cgggctcttg    117000
     tcagaggttc cagagaaact gctagtctga ctccgatgag tccggcaggg tggtaacaat    117060
     gtgagcaaac gacatcagag gtcggccgag ggttctctag gtcatggccg cctggtatgt    117120
     gaggccagtg ggtgatcctg agctatgccc acctctcaag gccgtggctc cacctgtctg    117180
     agtagaccct tcccaggcct taggacctga cagaccctct atctgcatgg acctcatttc    117240
     ctataagcaa gtgcactctg agagccagtg gccctcggga agccgtctaa cagtaaggag    117300
     gctcagaagc gcatggcccc ataaatgaac agaagttaag gctgtctgga cacaggccca    117360
     tcatgcacaa gctggcaggc tagacccctc agctgaaatg cataattcct agcgtttcct    117420
     ggaaaggtct agaagggcca gtctcccgat actggcccaa aatagcgcca attctcagag    117480
     gagaccactg tgaatggcta ggggggaggc tagagagtcg cagcccaggg cagcaatggc    117540
     catgctgagc aatcagaggc tgcacagcat caagggacca cactggggcc aggaatctgc    117600
     atgagggtca ctcacttccc gggacccccc tcccctccag tgaattgtgt gggtagttcc    117660
     cacagccggc cactgaacct cttacaggaa gcctctgtct ccagagatac gacagtcctg    117720
     ttccctgtct aaatttccct gaaacttcct aagggagagg gcacccatgg cagcaggctg    117780
     tgtgggctca gcaagtgcca ggctgaccct gacatgcagg agccagcgtt ctgtttggag    117840
     agcccagcct gtgagctagc actctgtgac ctactctttc tgaccccacc gaggcccagg    117900
     caccagcctc attggacaaa cagtgaagcc caggcaaaag gaattgggag gcctggggtc    117960
     tcctggatcg cagcagtagc aaggccatgt gcacataagt gtgtgcaaac acgtataaga    118020
     cgacaccatg ctcagtgctg gggtgagaga tccatcggta gtgtgcaatg atacacaggt    118080
     gtgcacatgt acaaagcact catgcacgca ttcacagaag tactcacaca tacacacaag    118140
     gcagacatgc cctcctcagc ctgcagctgc acgcctggcc ctcctctgat tttaggccct    118200
     ggaattagag cccagtctgg ccaccagaca ctgcagggta gaacatgacc tggggctgca    118260
     actcgaggct atcacctgac tgggtgagga tactgtgggc actcctgctg cccagggctg    118320
     aggtgagata cccattggta gtatagggtt atacacaaga gaagtgttcc ccttctcctg    118380
     agagagagtc taggatgcct tctaccacag tgtgtcccca cagcctaccc tcaatggcgt    118440
     ttacaggttg ccataccttc tctcaagcca acggctgctc caagcttgcc accacgggtg    118500
     caacccaggg cccacccaga gcttactgat atcactacag agatgaccac ctgcaggcag    118560
     ggtttaaagt gacatctttg gggacccagg ggacctaggt gtggaaggac agggtggctc    118620
     acttctgact ggcagacatc acatccaaga tgttggagaa gaggtggtgg tgttccgtct    118680
     gggtcatagt ggccctcagc tcccgggact gcaggaactc agtcaccagg atgctcaggc    118740
     tgtgcagata cgagaactca gaagtgagga tctcgaagat ggcctgcatg agaagacgat    118800
     gctcagagtg atggatgagc tctagggggg agggaaggcc ggggtgtggg gctccttcag    118860
     agggccgtcg tgacggccgc ataggctaca agcccatatc cctgtgttct ctggctcgcc    118920
     aactccagct gcgtggaggc ggtgtctggg actttgcttt ctgggggaag agtaaactca    118980
     gggcttaaca catgctgagc aaaccttcta ccactgagcc acatccctcc tccttggcta    119040
     gaactctggt ccttccctga tgctgcttac aaggcagtga aagggctcag tcctcagcca    119100
     tcgttatacc tggcccataa ggtagccagt atggtaggtg agggagggta acactcttgt    119160
     ttctaattcc cagggcactg tgtgatccat tctgtgtcta gggacagctc gggctatatc    119220
     ctgctcagca caccccaccc ggtggtctta cctcctgcct cttccgttct tccgttgaca    119280
     gcgtgtccag gacacctgac tccagcacct gaggagaaca tgggccaacg agctatgcat    119340
     cacaggtcct acagatgaag tggttccccc ctctatccat cctcctctgg gccaggaaga    119400
     cagagcatcc cggaggagaa agggaagagc ccaggcagag ccgcttccat cagtagcctt    119460
     cagctgtgtc tcctcagcct atcttcctcc ccatggacaa tgctcctcca tctatagagc    119520
     cctagggcca ggtcaggaag acagacaggg agtccagagg gacagtgagt cagactccac    119580
     ctgggcggct gagtcagagg cttgtcaggg gaggtacagc ctgttatcac ttgcactctt    119640
     catcccttgg ggccagtggt ccccaggctg ccttagagtg gctccttcac acctacagct    119700
     atagagcaag tcagggcagg ctggaccgcc acaatgcctg gcctctgcag gatatagaac    119760
     tggatccatt tgtgctttcc tacccatagg ctggggagag gcactgtcaa aagtccaagc    119820
     ttggataggc caggctctaa atattgggca gtgttataga gtacagtgtg ctgggcccca    119880
     tcccagatcg ggggaatcac ctccccctgc ccccctgttt ctagcatcta gcaggataat    119940
     aaatgtatag ctctggacat ttccacttgt ggggcacaga atctgccctg ctgtagacct    120000
     ccctggctgg ggtcccgttc tcaagggggt tccctcaacc ccatggcaag caagcaaaca    120060
     agaagctcca ttgtactgaa atgaaggaaa agctgggtct atcatccctc tgcctgccac    120120
     acccacaggc tgcagaggac aggagtcaca tgcctctaac agcagccagt catgtccctc    120180
     atgccgtagc ccctatgtgc cagggttacc atcctgtctc tgcttttgac tgagccctca    120240
     aagcttgcca ggacccaatt tttggatgtg gagaatatgg ggagagagga gaggctgctc    120300
     tccttacgtc tctgtttctt tgtgaccctt tcctgcccta gtgagatgag ggtcctagga    120360
     aagggactcc ttttgggtca gactgagcag ggcctcctgc tacatagaca gaagacacaa    120420
     ggcaaactgt gtatccccgt ggctctaaaa tctgttaagg gcctgagcca ccataagttg    120480
     gggaaaggaa ggccattggg cctcctgctg tacctgggtc cccctggatg ttcaggatgg    120540
     gagtgggacg gcttacctct gggagctggc tccaggtgag ctgagcaggc cgatagctct    120600
     tgaccacgat ggtggtgtcc gctctctgag ttcccactgg gccggagggc tcatcaagaa    120660
     tgtcatcatc ggactcgtga ctggtgttca aaccccgctc tcggatctcc tgatacagct    120720
     gggggtctcg ggagagaaga gccacctgtc tgcaggagga tttgggggtg gcatggccct    120780
     cccaagggcc ccacaaagct ctcaaaaaca tgcaggctcc gctgtggctc actgggtcct    120840
     acagtggggc acagccagcc tggaagagtg tagcagccca gtgtagaatg tggcactgta    120900
     ggtcaggcca agcgggccaa tcagagctgt gcacggctgg ctgtgtctgg tctgagagag    120960
     gaaggctggg gtactcaggt ggggcctgag tgtgctggtt gccgcccaaa gccgacaata    121020
     ccaccagcct agtctggcat gggccagccc agttgagggc acttctgagc ctgtgcagct    121080
     gctatcatca gagactagaa cagtgcttct gctccataca gggagtttcc cagagattct    121140
     gcaggggctc ggagctaaca tggccaggag gggaggatac tctcactgga gtcactgtgt    121200
     cttggatccg cttagcttcc aagccttaca gcctcggggg gacaaggtag acacaacaac    121260
     ccaggctatt tcttccacac aagctgcagt acccaggaca ctctctttgg actaggaata    121320
     ttccatgcca agaacagaga tgcgtgtcca cctctctgga ggtctgatgc ctataatgaa    121380
     acctgggtct catcggatac tcaagatagt gggaagctgc tctgtccagt ccttgggtta    121440
     caaagtgacc cgaaggacct ctactagctg caacagtcac atcaacaact ggggtctgtg    121500
     ttcaatgtcc tgcccagcct tacctcatct tctcagaccc acacggtccc caggttggcc    121560
     cttcctggcc atgctgagcc cttagcttcc ccaggaacca cttaccatct ttgaaagagc    121620
     ccttgtgcgc acgtttccga ccgagagttt tctgcagaca agaaacagaa acccctgccg    121680
     tcagtagaga gggggtgtgg gagtcagctt cctttctgtt gctacggtag cccagaggtt    121740
     gtaagagatc acccaatggg agggggcttt gctgactcga gaagatactt actaaatgtt    121800
     agctgcacaa gatagagacc aagacaggaa aaagttggtg ctcagagctg gggcctactg    121860
     caggaagact gcctagggag gggtgaatcc agttgagagg agttccctgc atagtggggc    121920
     atggtgggaa tggagcaggg gtctggagac tcctgctggt taaagtctgg ccctgatact    121980
     ggttgggggt cccaactaag gaagggactg gaaggactga gctctgggga aaccccactc    122040
     ttggctggga cactaggttt tcacagacac actggtttca gggaagaaag ttgcttctgg    122100
     ttccttagaa tcagttgggg cctgaaaact ccccttacat gtgtatcctt tgtgtgtgtg    122160
     tgtgttgtgt ctatgtgtct gtgtgtgtac atgtctgtgt ttgtgtgtgc ctgtgtatgt    122220
     tgtatcttta tgtgtgtctg tgtgtattat atctatgtgt ctgtgtgcct ctccacatga    122280
     gtgtctctgt gtatgttgta gttatgtatc tatctctatg tgtgtacatg tctgtgtgtt    122340
     tgtgtgtgcc tgtgtctctg tgtgtgttgt gtctacgtgt gtgtgtgtat tatgtctatg    122400
     tgtctgtgtg cctctccata tgagtgtttc tatgtgcgtt gtgtttatgt atctgctcta    122460
     tgtgtgtaca tgtctgtgtg tgcttgtgtc tctgtgttgt gtctgtctgt gtattgtgtt    122520
     gtgtctgtgt gtctgtgtgc ctctccatat gagtgttttt atgtgtgttg tgtctatgta    122580
     cctgtctcta tgtgtgtaca tgtctgtgtt tgtgtgtggc tgtgtctctg tgtgtatgta    122640
     tttgtctatg tgtgcctgtg tctgtgtgct gtgactctgt gtaggtgtgc gcctgtctct    122700
     gtgtgtctct ccatgagtgt ctctgtctct gtgtctgagt gtgacactcc cagctgagcc    122760
     tggcttagct ccttttcact catctccatt ctgaatcttt ccccagtctc tatctaagca    122820
     ctcctggtcc tgatactgtg gggagccctc tcatctagga ggctccttgt gcctcctaca    122880
     tggtcaccag cccttgacac cctcccagtg cccccgtggc atgggagcag ccacaggttg    122940
     gcacaccagc atgggacatg caacagatac tcaaggatgg gtactgaagg tggactcact    123000
     attgagttga gccatggacg agtgagacca tggcaggcct gtttctaaga ggtggtggtg    123060
     ctgccagtcc cactcctgag aaccaggcat ctcaggtaga tgtgacatgg gatctgggat    123120
     aaaggacagc aactggcacc atagacagag gctttgcctt agccattatt ggctttcaca    123180
     gaagcttgtg gtgaccatgc agcatgctgg gggctatcat tctgatgccc aagtaagcat    123240
     gcttttccca tgatgctgag tgcagctcta agcatgctct tcctatggtc ttcccatgat    123300
     gccgtatgca gctctaagca tgttcttccc atgatgctgc atgtagctct ctctaagcat    123360
     actcttccca tgatgctgag tgcagctcta agtatgcttt tcccacaatg cctcatgcag    123420
     ctctaagcat gcccttctca tgctgctgca tgcagctcca agcatgttct tcccatgatt    123480
     ctgcatgtag ctctaagtgt gctcttcctg caatgccgca tacagcccta agcatgctct    123540
     tcccatgatg ctgagtgcag ccctaggcga cagagggcat gtactcatct ttggagtacg    123600
     ctacagctgg atggcagcct tcacttatat atatggggaa actgaggctc agaagtatta    123660
     ggtaatttgt taggggtcaa aaagccacaa agggccgggc gtggtggcgc atgcctttaa    123720
     tcccagcact cgggaggcag aggcaggtgg atttctgaga tcgaggccag cctggtctac    123780
     agagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctcata aaaaaaaaaa    123840
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gccacaaagg cccatcttag gcccttcatg gaagctgact    123900
     gaaccctgtg actgggatgc ccctgagtct gagggaagca ccttaggccc agagacctcc    123960
     tagctcccta tcctgggaat caactgcctt gaatggctgt taaacagagg ttctcccatc    124020
     tgacctgata agcagaacgg atgggggaag gaaaggctac tactatctga tcatggtctt    124080
     cctgcccagt ggctatctgt agcagatacc tggagaccca gagagccagg accccattct    124140
     gttctgaaca gctgggtcta caccatagct caggaatgag ctctgctcac ccggggcagg    124200
     gctgggggac aggtggtgag ggctacccac tgaccctcct tatcccactg gcagcctgag    124260
     cctggccctg ctgaaagtgt catcagacag gctggctcca tgcttgggtt ggttccttct    124320
     gctgtccact ctggatggaa gcagggatgg aggactccca agagcctgag tcaacctcct    124380
     ccagccacag caatgagatt caaatggatt cggttaaacc aagatggtca ggagcctgca    124440
     cccggcaagg ctcagtaata gcggccattc atgatgccaa atgtgaaaga cgcaggacca    124500
     agctggctcc ctgcctgtga accccagagc tcctagacac actgcccacc ctgctgtcgg    124560
     ggcaggtccc taccttattt ttggctggat accgggaggg aggctgagca gcctcctcag    124620
     cgagagcctg gagcttgggg ccaagctgga ctgagtcccc cttgctactg ggtggccccg    124680
     gccccttcat ggctgccctg taggactggt tcctcaggtt gcgcctcagg ttcccggtag    124740
     taaccatgtc catatccatg tcatccaacg agaagctggg ggctgagaag agctgaggat    124800
     tccgcctggc agcctccttg ctgagcacag ccgccccaaa gctctggtgg cgggctgggg    124860
     acttggtctt ggccttgctg gccacagcca gacttttggg gatgagctgc tgcgtgccca    124920
     tcttgagggc cgcggggctt tgcgtgctaa ggacgatggg ccgaggaggc tcttcgtctt    124980
     ctggtgacgg aggtggcggc aggggttctg aggcatctgg ctcaaaggca gcattggctc    125040
     tggctttcaa ggagctccgg accatgggga gtccagggat agggttcccg ttggcatcga    125100
     ggcgcagctc tgcgtggaag cgatactcca gtagtttctc atccagagag ctgtcagaat    125160
     gtctctggga catgctggtg acagaggagg cctagagaga ggcaagcaag aggtgaaagg    125220
     ctggggagaa gggggatatc tgcatacagc ctccctgggc ccaaccctga tccttgtata    125280
     actgctcttc tctgagatca aagacttggt gggagcagag agtggctgga atgagcctgg    125340
     gggaccaccc tgatttctct gacacaactg ctaagtcctg ggcaggactt agcaactaag    125400
     ggaagatccg tggctgggcc cagaagcaac agagaccagg accagaatcc tggctaggcc    125460
     ccttattgat gtatgggtat tttgtgtatg gttttcctgg agttaatgat ggtttcttga    125520
     gactgcagca aatgctgtgg atgagaccat ggccctgcct ggctctgcct tcttgttaag    125580
     gggccatctg accctgagat catgaggaag agcaagcagg atggaggcag aaagagagga    125640
     cactttccac ctgaccatgg ccctcctgct cagtggcgtc caccacagaa gcagcagagc    125700
     caggatctga gtggagccgg ctgcctcccc tctcctggcc aggcagagtt tccaaggctg    125760
     gctaagaaga ctctcctcac agcactctcc aacacacatt tgtactttca gaagttgggg    125820
     gttcataatc cccatcttgg gagtcccaag gtgaaccctg ggtcacagtg caggtgaggg    125880
     aggcagtggc aggatcttca atcagcctga gtcatagcct ggcgaccgaa agccaccgcc    125940
     aacatgcgat tcctcagcca ctccacccgt gcatcccagc agagcagcgc atgtgcctga    126000
     ggcccgtctc tgactccttt acccttagca ttgtctcccc cacccctgtc tgccaccgtg    126060
     gcccattagg aacctgttag gatatcctca ggtgagggca ttgttcttac tgagcccatt    126120
     ttgcagattt gaagactgaa tttgagtggt ggcatcttta atcattgagt catagcctgt    126180
     caacagcagg cagccttgag tggtggtttc cagaatgttc tatctcctcc tacagcatta    126240
     gcattttctg ttcccttggt accacacagt ctaaggctga gctttggcta actaagagga    126300
     aggggtgacc ctcccgggca gggaatcctg caggcctgag agactgaaat gaacagagct    126360
     atggtctaga tacagcaaga gccagcgtaa aggctggtgt ggaagaaaca ttgtgtgggg    126420
     accagtcagc aagactgacc aatctgctta gggtcagctg tccacttacc tccgtgactg    126480
     ggggtcctcc acacttgtca ggagttgccc tgttgggggc ctggaaacct ggggtcctta    126540
     atgattaaaa gatgccacca ctcagtttca gtcttcaaat ctgcaaaatg ggctcagtaa    126600
     gaacaaggcc ctcacctgag gatatctaac aggttcctaa atgacctgca gagtccagtc    126660
     aaacatccct gactggctgg aagggctgta aagcagcagc caaggctttt ctgaaccaaa    126720
     cagaattcct ggcatctctg gcatctgacg ctgcacttaa gacaggccag caagagtcaa    126780
     ggaactctat aggaccctaa tgtaaagttt ccagggggaa actgcctctt gaaaaaaaat    126840
     tccctttatt tttttctaat aacaaaggag ccagcataga ggaagccttt tatatgctca    126900
     gaactctgta taggttgaaa tgacttgagc ctaagaggac cctagagaca ccccataaaa    126960
     cctcagcacc gaacaggctg gggcaggagg ctcttgagtt cgaggccagc ctgggtcaca    127020
     tacacagtga gaccatctca tcaaaagcca acaactccga gtcccagttg atgagaaaga    127080
     gtcttggtta aaggaaccca cgtcacttgc ctacgtcagg ggtgaggctc aaggctcaca    127140
     ctgacccctt gtcatttgcc ctgggcactg tcccagggtc agctctcagg gtgtggtacc    127200
     tacctgctct gcctgacaga tggactgaac tggacgggaa ggggcagcta cccttagggt    127260
     taccagagtc tgggtgggga ccagggctgt ttggatgggt ccagggcctc aggaactggt    127320
     gactctctga ccttcaggaa gctcataccc accctggagc tccaggcatg tcacacagct    127380
     gcatcctacc ccacattcca gaccccagaa tggtgccaag acttcctata agtccctcct    127440
     tggaggggac acgtggactg gccacattgc tcacattggg ccacactgct acaccaagtg    127500
     caagcaccca ggaaactggc cgtgtcccag ctcacctcca gaagccctgg gttcttttag    127560
     catttagctc ttggctaaaa ttatcccaag aagttgagtg tgactgagcc tagctggccc    127620
     cagggagggg caggctgggg cctagtaccc caagggaggg tacattccta aggacattcc    127680
     aaactggctg aggatgatag cagtcacagt cacaccaggc ctcccccaga gtggcatctg    127740
     ttacacatgt gtggtgtggg gtcccacacc cttaattaat ttgtctggtt tatctaagcc    127800
     tgagaggtta gtttagctgt cgtccaatgg cctagaacgg acttctcacc gatctgttta    127860
     cacagggatc atttcaatca gaaagaacag accacatgga aggccgggtg tttttagtct    127920
     gcctcctcct accagcaaac atccacccct tctgagctta ggcttgcaga atagcatggc    127980
     ccctggcagg cggtggcctt gcccagcaga gggcaaagtc cattacaggg ccagaaggtg    128040
     cccaaaggga acctgtcctg tgagccattc ctgggagtga cttttgtttc caggctggca    128100
     ccacacccac aggcctggca aacagcctgc ctaggaggca gagagcaggg tgatgacttc    128160
     gggtacctgt cctgtcaaac agcactgcaa tgcctgctgg acacatccgg aagctgccca    128220
     gtccctgggg agctcttctg atctccactg tctggagggg gctgggctgt acagccatag    128280
     gtaggatagc tgcagggctc cacgctcagg ggacgcgagg ctgacctgct tgttaatcat    128340
     ttctacgcct tccacagcca gctcccttgt taatttccgc tcccagctgt ccagttgtgc    128400
     ggctccatgc tccttgaggg tctggctcct ctgagcagga gacacttcag ggtctttcca    128460
     ggcactcccg tagctcaggg tcagggttgg gtgggtgggt ggtgtccctt aggcttggct    128520
     ctggctatcc tctggccacg ggggctatcc tctaaaacaa ccccaggcat tgtctcagga    128580
     aggagctggg ggcggatttt taattcttta aacattttta aaatatttac ttattttagg    128640
     tgtatttgca tgcatgcatg tatgcatgca tacatgtatg tatgtttgta tgtatgtatg    128700
     catgtatgta tgcatgcata tcccatgcat gctcagtgcc tgcaaaggtc agaagggggg    128760
     taagatcagc tgaaactgca gttaaagatg attgtgagcc accatgtctg tgccgggaac    128820
     caaccccagg tcctttgcag gaatgggtgg tgatctttac tgaacaatct gtccagcctc    128880
     agattttctt tgtttgtttt taatttttga gatacggtct cactgtgtat ccctggctgg    128940
     tctggatttt atatattaga ccaggctggc ctcaaactca gagatccacc tgcctctccc    129000
     tcctgagtgc tgggagtaaa ggtgtgtacc ctgtgacagg gggtagattt ttgatggtca    129060
     gaacgggggt ctttctctct tcctccctgg actggtggct gggaaggtct agctttccta    129120
     ctggggatgt cgtccctctc gaatttagaa tcttctcttc ttgctgctgt taaggcctcc    129180
     agacttccct tcctcagacg gtgacctgtc ctcctctcta ccctagccca gccctgtaaa    129240
     tgggttttat atccactgac tgactaaggt gctagataga cttcccagcc agcttgtccc    129300
     tcatttttat gcctgtgtct gcatgtgtct taatattatt tcctggataa ttttccttcc    129360
     ctcacctcac ccacgccaga aggctgccac accactgata tatatatata tcacacacac    129420
     acacacacac acatatacat acatacccgg gccctcacct tatgaagatt aattttggtt    129480
     tgtttgagat ggggtcttac tagactgcac agcttggtct tgaatccact ctgcggccca    129540
     ggcagctcct gaatcctcct gtttgaacct ctcaagtgcc tgggattcta ggcctgcgca    129600
     ctgagcctgg caattttgtt taatgcacaa ttccttgcac tgtcctttcc ttctgtaaca    129660
     ctgtaacact ccttctgtaa cagcactaat cgctgcccct agtttcttgc ttttcccgtc    129720
     caccgtccac ctttctcgct ccctcccacc cctcactggg ctccaatcct agcatcccgt    129780
     tcttgttgcc gcaaatgcaa catctcctgt taacctagag ggcaagacat cgcttgtctt    129840
     gctttgtctt gttttccctt ggtcttggtc tctcagacat ggaactttac aaaagctgct    129900
     ttggcttctg ctgtggatgg gaggcccatg ggacacaagg ggggggggtc atagactcct    129960
     tgctccagcc catgtctcca aggggtagtc tttcctctag actggcagac ttctcatctt    130020
     ggttcactaa gacactggca cacgggggcc tcagagtctc ctagtgggct ccagggaata    130080
     ccaacagcca gacgtaaggc cttgcaggct ccttatgggc cacagctatg ccttctccat    130140
     atcctaggca ccccaggctc acaggatagg gggatggaag cacccccaaa gtcaccttct    130200
     acggtgacca ccctctccct aagtctgagc ttttgggatg cagggacagt tccttccaag    130260
     taaccccaca aacactgggg ttcaattcac aaactgatgc tggtactttc tctgtcctgg    130320
     gcccacctcg tgtctcactg atgaggctct ggtgctctgt gagaaccaac ttgcccagag    130380
     gtcctgacaa aaatgagcgg aaactgggtc agagccactc agcagaccta catgccatag    130440
     tgaaggtgac tcttagctgc ttctgctcag ggtgggctga aaatggcccc gtgtttgagg    130500
     ccttagaacc tatagcccat gttctctttg ccacactaaa taaccctaag tgggaacaaa    130560
     tcctggggca cacgggtcac agaaccatga ggcaggatcc cattagcacc agtgagatct    130620
     tgacagacat ctcaggggac cactgtgggt gtggtcctgg atgagtgggt ttctctgcct    130680
     ctggttctct gccccctccc ctttcaggca gatcgcttcc cacaaatctt gtggggtacc    130740
     tatgctgcct tctagtcccc ctaagcctga tttcttccta gcctgagcct gttgcagctg    130800
     gttacagctg gtcataggaa cccaaaccac tgtgaatctg agatttttaa gccctgctgg    130860
     aggccctcca tcatcagctc tgtgcctggg ccatctctgc ctggcaggat ctgcctcagc    130920
     caacccacat tggtggcctt gtgcctgggt gaccctgcct ggctgagcag gagacttgga    130980
     gtccaaattt gtttgtaacg cataccagct agctccattt gttaggtgtg tgttgcctgg    131040
     cgggggagag cagttttgcc cacctggaga caacttagta acagctgaag acatcgttga    131100
     tcacacccac ctgcattctg aggccagagg ccaggacgcc aggagccgca gggcacaaag    131160
     cagcctgtaa cagccaattg gaacaaaagc ttccagagct gaggtgggga aaactggatc    131220
     atagctagcc gttcttcacc tacctagtgc atccagtctt ggcccaagac acccacctat    131280
     cactcctgca agttccataa acccaaccat cccaagcagg gaaggcttct aagttggggg    131340
     gcagccagag tcctgacctg acgggagcct agggccaggc ctccacagtc cagtttacca    131400
     gctgaaaaaa actggtccac agaagacacc ctctagccgg ctctgacttc agcccctccc    131460
     ctaacttctt ctctggcagg cagtgagaag cccagggaaa gcgacctgcc tgggtcaagc    131520
     cctagctggt gagagcacag ggggaggagt caagctctga ggccctatct tgacctagat    131580
     ggttgtcctc aaaccaggaa ctggatgcga tgacaggatt ctggactcag gatgctacgg    131640
     aggggcagtc acctgagcag gatgtcacag agaatgagtg agttaaggca atggcaggat    131700
     ggatctggaa accaaaacca aaaccaaaca tccagaccag gtggtcaaat agaaaggccg    131760
     ccaacatctt ccgcggagcg caccggcctg tctgtctgca gagacaagct atgggaactt    131820
     catgctgctg cctcacctct gtggactcag cttccttgcg cgagggtgaa gaaggcgcgc    131880
     cctgtgggag gtgtctcgct ggagacaact tcccggaata actttttttt tttttttttt    131940
     ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtatactcct ggctgatcct ggaactcact ctgtagacca    132000
     ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atccacctgc ctctgcctcc cgagtgctgg gattaaaggc    132060
     atgcgccacc acgcccggct ccagaataac tcttaacact aacaagtttc ttgctactgg    132120
     gctggagaga tggctcaaca gaaaagagct ccaactgctc ttgcagacgc cctgggttca    132180
     agtcccagca cccacatgct agctcataac tatctgtaac tcctcataac ccctggggaa    132240
     tccaatgacc tcttaagact tccatgggca ccaggcatga catgcctgtg gcgcacatac    132300
     atacatacat acacacaggc acaacactta aatacataca ataaatatat cttaaaaaac    132360
     aaaccaacta accagagatt tctagcttta ggtgtttgga gaagggtggc agggagcctc    132420
     tacctagctc tcgacaccct gttctctggc tgagtcttta ctttttcaaa gccctgagac    132480
     ccttccctct ctcaggccgt gctgtgagcg catggtccga ggcttctctc tggaccatgg    132540
     gcagaaagaa gggtctgtcc ccagaaggga acacagcaga ggtgcattca atcaatgaac    132600
     tctgatggat aaacagaggc ccagaggctc aaggcccgga ggctggagca gcttgcctga    132660
     atccacaaac agcaactttc aagcttggtg cccacacacc tgggtaggga gccattgcta    132720
     tcagggcata ctggcatgca gtcacgaatg gctccacaca gtacctggga ccctgcagct    132780
     ggtcactcaa gtgacaaaca cacccaagca tctacttagg agctaccaaa tcctgtctgg    132840
     gctccaggca tgatgtggag gccgctaaaa tctcatcttg gtggctacca actcagatct    132900
     cggcccctgg gaccaggccc atgcccaaat tcatctttct cgctcaacct caaaatagat    132960
     ctctgctcct tatttacaga tatgggaacc aaggtagtgg gttggggaca ggtgctcacc    133020
     accgtccagt ctataagtgc cgccctctgc tttctgggac agccctctcc ctctggaagg    133080
     cactgcggag cctggctaga ggactagaca ccaaagccac caaggtggga taagggcacg    133140
     agggggtcag gccactcagc ctatctaaac agatcgtctt tctagctccc ggaagagtca    133200
     cttccacgcc cccccctccc gggacttccc aggagtctct gcgttcaagt gtctaaccag    133260
     gtccactgca aagtgtccct tggactgtgg ctcagggcag ctaggctcca gatccccggc    133320
     tttcagccca agagagaggg cggggcgcga tgaagtcgcc gaggtacagg aggggcggga    133380
     gcggagaggg gaatggagca gaggtgctcc gggcgcccca ggtggtcttc cccttggctg    133440
     actctccagt ccccagactc acctgtgcgc gcaaccgagg gtcggccggg agggtgtagc    133500
     ctgcagtgcc gctgggtccc cgcgtcccgg ggccggccgg tcccgccctc tctacttcct    133560
     gcgcggtggg cggtcgggcg agcggtcggg cggagccggg gccaggtggg ctccgccagc    133620
     ggctgcgcgg ccggagggcg ggacgcgccc tgggcacctg ctgcaccacc accgcctcac    133680
     ctggccgcgc cggctgcgtc accgctctac ctgggtccgc ctgcgttcac gtgacccgtc    133740
     tggtggttcg ggcgggagtc cgccctcggg tactgtctac cctccctccc gctcctacgc    133800
     ccgcttcctt ctgtgcctca ctcccaggtc cgccgcctcc tccaggaagc cttcggagaa    133860
     atcccgggcc tgcgggaacc tgtttgttga aagaaagccc cgccctctgc attctttgca    133920
     gctggctgct tcatggcagc cctggccagg atctcccaga acacctttca tggtttaacc    133980
     tatccaccac aacctcattt tactgagaac tctgaaggct ggaaattctg ctagccacac    134040
     agatctggcc gcgagtctcc agatctcagg aaaacagcta ccaagtctat gtagtgtcct    134100
     caagaatgag gaggtaataa cgacccccat gtttaggggg tcaggctcct catgtggaaa    134160
     aggatggggt ctgcaccatt gccctccgaa gtgctaatca aacctgagat cccaagggtg    134220
     gctctgatca aggtgagaag aggagggtag gcaagaggca tagtgagtgt aagagccaag    134280
     aaacgaggga acacgtccag gagggtagcc tgaggcggag gcacagagaa cacagagcag    134340
     ggtggattgg aggcggaggc tggaagtgcc cagttcccat tggagagtgg ggtcctctta    134400
     aaggcagggg ggtcaggact gggctgacac ggccctgacc atcctgactc tgccaggtat    134460
     gtttagtcca gactcacctt ccccaggctg tcccaggttc ctgggagctg gggttacagg    134520
     cagacaccat tacagctatt tttttctttt tctttttttt tttgatgatg caacattgta    134580
     ttcagatggt ttgttatccc caagacccct cagggcatgg ccatcagagc agaacctcaa    134640
     ccactctggg acaagaagag agaccgtatc tgttaaaaca gccacctctc gggctgatga    134700
     aatggctcag cagttaagag cgccgactgt tcttccaaag gtcctgagtt caaatcccag    134760
     caaccacatg gtggctcaca accaaccgta acaaaatctg atgctctctt ctggagtgtc    134820
     tgaagacagc tacagtgtac ttacatataa taaataaata agtaaatatt aaaataaaaa    134880
     cagctgcctc tcactgtggc ttgctctgcc tggctcacta ggctgtgcgt gacagggaca    134940
     tgacctgggt gtaacccgag gtcctgagac acagccagta ctagtcccca tcctgaccca    135000
     cctctgtcat ctgtttttca ggaaagagct gtgacctcac accacggccc tcacacacgg    135060
     ttcatgcagt gtagccccag agcttgctct gacagaggtg atgccggaga ctctgggttg    135120
     gcactttcac tttcttggcc aacagtgtgg ggttgtatgc cctggtgaca ctcctgtcta    135180
     gctacttact gcctgtgccc tggtcttcct atgcttccaa cctcagcccc gaagctgggt    135240
     ggttcctctg ctctttccgg tgtgatatct tctgggcagg gcacgagttg gccacagatc    135300
     caggctcaaa tgggcgtcag tcacactgga tggaggagag gagctcagag tgacctgtgg    135360
     actgagacct gggacccaga actctctggg tctcagctgt ctgcggtaga ctgctcctgg    135420
     gaaaggcgac ttgttgctga ccccttgagg ccattatgag gtattgcacc ccaccaagcc    135480
     catcctcagt ttgcagcatg tcagctcttg cttggcaagg tctcatcacg ccctgccccc    135540
     cttagtatct gacttctaaa gaattaaaag acgggggggg ggaccctcaa acacaagaca    135600
     gttaacatca ggggaaaacg cagactctgc aggcagaatc aacagatgaa aaacaccccc    135660
     cctccttttt ttctaggagc agggtctcac tgtgtagccc aggctggcct gaaatcacta    135720
     tgcataccaa gttggcttaa actcatagag acctggctgc ttctgccttg aaagtgctgg    135780
     aacgaaaggt atcagcacta tgcctaacag aaatgcaagg tagggacaga gaaaggcccc    135840
     ctgcaaaaca ggccagggga gcagaaatgc acatagcaag gcacacacag agaaagccct    135900
     ccccccttgc aaaacacact gcgggtgtgg gactcagatg tcaaagtcta accttctcct    135960
     ggaggactat tggtttttta aagggggtgc taggctggaa ttggggacac ctttctttct    136020
     ttaggaaaag acttgcatgc ctttgtctca agctgccagg ccttctgttt caggtcttga    136080
     gggcaaggaa gaagcctgta atcctctttc tgtgtctatc cctgtctgtc tgcctgcctg    136140
     cctgccagag atctaactcc tagtccctgt gcatgctaaa ggctctgctg ccaagctgta    136200
     cccagctctg tccaggaatc taatgaaata aaaagagcaa tctaaagtgt agtgaaaaag    136260
     ccaaagggag acggtgttgg actatctaac ctgtgtgact ggaggctcag gaagggcaag    136320
     caggacaagg atgtggaaaa ggacacagtg ttttgtccag tcatcatcaa agaggcttcc    136380
     tccagcagca gatgggagtg gatgcagaga tccacagcca gacattacac ggggagattg    136440
     gaggtctcca cagggcccct tcctcagagc gtggaagtcc tgtgagagag tggggtaaag    136500
     actgtaggag tcagagggga tggagagcac caggaaaata gggcccaccg agtcagctaa    136560
     gcaatgctca caagggctca cagagactga agctgcaagc gcagagcctg caggagactg    136620
     caccaggcgc tctgtgtatg tgttctggct gtttagcttg gtgtttctat ggggcttctg    136680
     tgagagctgg tgtgtccttt acttgctctc agggctcttt tcctcctgtt gggtttcctt    136740
     gtccaggttc agtgtgaggg cctttgcctt gtctaattgg atgttgtttt gtctgtttgg    136800
     tttttgtctc ttggaggcct gctcttttct gaagggatct tggttagggc tttattgatg    136860
     tgaacggaca tcatgaccaa ggcaactctt ataaggacaa catttaattg tggctggctt    136920
     acaggtttag agattcgatc cattattatc aaggtgggag catggcagca tccaggcagg    136980
     catggtgcag aaggggttaa gagttctata tcgggttgga gagatggcac tgactgctct    137040
     tctgaaggtc ctgacttcaa atcccagcac cacatggtgg gtcacaacca tccgtaatga    137100
     gatctgacgc cctcttctgg tgcatctgaa gacagttaca gtgtacatag atataataat    137160
     aataataata ataataataa taataataat aataaatctt taaaaaaaga gttctatatc    137220
     ttcatgtaaa ggctactagg agactggctc ctaattggtt aggaggagat tcacattgcc    137280
     catcccacag taacacactt ccgtcaacaa ggccacaccc actccaacaa ggccacacct    137340
     aatagtgcca ctggctgggc taagccgata caaaccatca cattccactc tctggccccc    137400
     ccataggctt attcaaacac ataaatctat aggagaacat acctaagcat agcataataa    137460
     aaaagtccat ttagtccaaa ttccaaagct ccatagccta cagaagtctc aatgacgtta    137520
     aaaatccaaa gatccatcta atcaatcact taactgcaat ccccagagca agacaggaaa    137580
     ccagctgggc aaactccaaa ctctacatct ccatggctga taacaaagcg gtcttcagat    137640
     ctccactcct ttttcatctt tgttgactgc aacaaacttc tttctcctgg gctgggttca    137700
     ctcccttcta gcagcttttc tcaacagata gcccatggct ctgacatctc aaacatctta    137760
     ggttctccaa gtcaacttca gcttttcaga ttcttgttcc aatgtcttgg atccacacat    137820
     gatcttctgg gcttgggtca cttctccagg tctgccctgt gtagcactct aggctctagt    137880
     tgattctact ccattgctgc tgctgttctt ggtgatcatc ccatggtatt ggtatctcca    137940
     atacactggg gtctcgaaat gcaactaggc ttcaccaata acctctcaaa ggctctcttc    138000
     atggtgccta acctcagctc ctttgcatga ccccttcagt tctgggccat catctgcaac    138060
     tgaggctgca ccttcaccaa tagcctttcc tggccactta cagtgccaag gctcagctga    138120
     tgctcatgac cccttcatgc cttcaaaacc agtaccacct gggtggttct tacacattat    138180
     caagaccaga tgcagcacaa ggtacaacct tggctctctc tggaacaagg cttctttgtg    138240
     ctctcagaaa acactgccca gaacatttca ccccagtgat tctggtctct tctttgtttt    138300
     gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgagacagg gtttctctat gtagccctgg    138360
     ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc    138420
     tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg cactgccacc acccggcgat tctggtctct    138480
     tcttaatcac cactcatttc ttagctctag ctaatcagga tcaattgtcc cagtagtccc    138540
     ttctattctt gactctaaag ccagagccat gtggccaaag ctgtccagtt atgctgcttg    138600
     ctggggctgg aacatggccc ccttgttcta ttccgttatc accagctttc tgttttccaa    138660
     ctccttcact gcctaagctt gtctgtcctg gaacttgctc tgtagattaa ccttgaactc    138720
     agagatctgc atggctctat ctcctgaata ttggattaaa gatgtgtacc accaagtctg    138780
     gatttaagct tttcttcacc tagaacctgc tctgttccag gctggccttg aactcagaga    138840
     gttgcttgtc tttacctact gggattaaag gatcatatta acatgcctgg acctaaattt    138900
     agctgggtgg gattttgccc caaggtcacc actcccttaa ttcaatttaa tatccttgag    138960
     cacaggattc agctccattt cacttcttgg tgccgcttta atgctcaaac catatagttt    139020
     atatttttcc tttctcgttt gctatacctg cttaaaacac tcttcatgag acttaaccag    139080
     agaacaaagt ccatgatggg catttctgag acttcctttg tcaatgcaat taatctgagt    139140
     ctcttcacct tagcctcagg caagactctt agacaaaggc aaaaagcagc cacattcttc    139200
     accaaaatac cacaaaaata gtctctaggc cacatactga aattcttccc cactgaaacc    139260
     tcttgggcca tgtctgcaca tttcaaatca ctctcagtaa caaagtcttc catattctta    139320
     ctaggatagc ccattaagcc ccatttaaag cattccactg ctttccaaat ccaaagtccc    139380
     caaatctaca ttcttccaaa caaaagcatg gtgagaccta tcacagcata ccctactccc    139440
     tggtactaat ttttgtctca gttaggtttt tactgctgtg aacagatacc atgaccaagg    139500
     caagtcttat taggataaca tttaattggg gctggtttac aggttcagag gttcatttat    139560
     catcaaggtg ggagcatggc agcatctagg caggcatggt gcaggagggg ttgagagttc    139620
     catatcttca tgtaaagatt gctaggagaa tagtggcttc caggcagcta ggatgagggt    139680
     ctcaaagcca cacccacagt gacataccta ctccaacaag gccacatctc caaagagtgc    139740
     cactccctgg gccatgcatt tataaaccat tacaggaggt ggaatgggag tggcttgagg    139800
     ggagagggaa gggaagggga gagctgggag aagtggaagg agggaaaact atgattggta    139860
     tgtattgtat gaaagaatat attttcaata aaaaatgaga aaaaaaatca aaatatcatg    139920
     cctggagaaa tggctcagcg cttaagatca cttgctactc gcccagagga tctgaattgg    139980
     gttcccagca ccggtgtcag ggtgcctgta atgtcagttt gaagagatcc aatctcctct    140040
     ggttcctgag ggtacctgca cacctgcaac atacaccaac acacccacac acataaatac    140100
     aaatacacaa atcttctaaa accttcaaat tacagttgca ttagttactg tcctcattgc    140160
     tggacaaaat gcccaacaaa agcaacttaa ggaatggggg acctactttg gctcacagtt    140220
     tcgggggtca gtttgtcatg gtagagaagt catggcggcg ggggtgtgag gcagcttcac    140280
     ataacagcca gagtcataaa gcagagagca atgaatgctg gtcctcagct ccctttctac    140340
     tttatgtagg ttgggatccc agtcaagtgg tcttcctaac aaactccccc ctccccagtc    140400
     tagaaacatc ttcacacgta tgtgcgggcc tgcctccaag tgcttctggg ctcttccaag    140460
     tgacgacatc catcattaca acagtaaaaa tcacagatcc tccaatcaaa gagcctcaga    140520
     acagcagacg ttcaaggcaa agcatgctgg gtagatggat aacaaccagg ctgagtcttt    140580
     agggatagag aaaaactcaa cctggtgtca gagtctacac accaagggca ggatagacac    140640
     ctctcatgct caaaagaaca atcctgttga ccaagatgtc tctttctagt gaaaatttcc    140700
     ttcaaaaaaa atgagaagag aataatgatg tttttaagac agaagctgag agaagttatt    140760
     gcaacacacc cactgggcaa gagatgttgg gagtgttttc agactaaagg agatgatacc    140820
     ccacagaatc tcagatctga accagggata gaagcccacc aggtaacaca agcatgtgca    140880
     taaatgctaa gaaatatttt ttcttgtgct ttaaattgtt tttgaagaat ggttttaaaa    140940
     acaaaaataa tggtatttta aatatataaa taaataatat taattttaaa aacaaaaaat    141000
     aactctggta tctgggaatc acagcaaaag ctcaaacaca agagagggtc tgtcctgact    141060
     gagggcctgc cccaacttcc ctggactata agttgtaaaa ggaaataagc ccttcattcc    141120
     ccaagatgct tttggtcaga cagtgtctta tcagagcaat agcaagacag ggagggacca    141180
     cgacccctgg ctcctccaaa gaaatgctta gtttcaaatg cttgtgtttg aaaaataagg    141240
     catgttttaa attcactatc tacacatttg tcttcaaata tttttaaaaa ttaacacagg    141300
     ttaaaattaa aatacataga agaaataaaa gaatagatta tcagaagcta ctatgatagg    141360
     aaattggtct gtaacataaa aacattattt gaaaagctca atagaattga tatccctaga    141420
     tttctcaaaa agacaggtga gtgggaggga ggggtggagg gagggaggga gggagggaga    141480
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagtcatcac tacagatcat acagacagtc aaggagattc    141540
     aacagcttat agaaaacagc caagcacctc taaaggtgct attcatcaaa ctgagtacaa    141600
     gcacaaatag attatctaaa tggaattgta tatattaaag aattagagtt aaaggttaag    141660
     tcacatttat ttgtttactt agtgtggggg acatatatgt cattgggcat actgaatgta    141720
     tcaaggactc caggaagcag atgttacact tcatgtatct actgttaccc taaaggcaac    141780
     tctaaccaca tcatgaaaat gcccatagaa ctgtaggcta atatattaca tgaacataga    141840
     gacttttaca aaatattaat gagtcaaatc tggtcgtgta tgtggtagat gataatcata    141900
     agtctggctt tgcttttcaa atgcaagggt cttgcgcgtg ccggactggc cagcagtaat    141960
     gacactgcaa caggatcctt ctgcacacgt ttattgggag agtttgattg cagaggcgaa    142020
     gagaccccga gcccagaact ggtgctgctt ttataggcct aggagaggtg cgtctcacac    142080
     ccggattggt tatgcactac acctcatttg catgttcctc atctgattgg ctactctctc    142140
     tctctctctg tacctcacag agcctcatta tcatacctca tttgcatgtc tcacatctga    142200
     ttggttatac tctcaaagcc tcattatcat gaccgggcca ggcagtgtct ttgcaaaaaa    142260
     ctttactgca tatgtacaca ttggttgttt gtccaaactt atgcgtggtg gccagcagta    142320
     gtcagtgcca ctctgcaacg gcacatgtgg cttcccacac aagggtagtt tgatgtttaa    142380
     aaatcaacat cattcaccat attcccaata aaggagacga gtcgtgagct atttgtcgtg    142440
     agctattttg cataggtgga gaaaaggcat tcggtataac ccagcagctg ttaatgatga    142500
     aaatctcagc gatatgtaaa cacaagggaa tcctgatgag ggcaggcata gttaacatca    142560
     aataatgatg aaaggcgttc ttaggctcta gcaagaccaa gatgtccact ggccattttt    142620
     gactagtggg gtttgtagct gttacaacgt gataaagcaa gtgcaagata gttccttccc    142680
     ctcccctatg ccctgaatgc gttagaatga ctttgaaccc ttcccccaca ctctccagtt    142740
     tcaacttctc cccccccccc cacacacaca cattgaactt atccatctca cacatggctt    142800
     tgttcttagg ctttctttta catgtgccca taaagtctat gttcttgctt gtactatttt    142860
     ggaactctgt agatgatacc agacagaaaa tatctgcaca taagctctgt gttggctgaa    142920
     tcctggcaga acacaggtag ccaatggtga gctattctgg gatgctgcca agctggcttc    142980
     tcagaactgt atggccgact gatcactgct tcccctttcc tcccatcctc ccatggtctc    143040
     catcttccac ttctccatgg tcttcacact tcctcttccc gtatgtccct ccaccatctc    143100
     ctttgtcctt ctttatcctt ctgactgtct atctcaaggg attgctgatt agtttctggg    143160
     tagcttgggc tttcaggggt gcagggatcc tccagagagg actgaatggt ttgctagggg    143220
     aacaagacca agggtcagca gacccctgat aacctggcat aaaccttata gtcacactag    143280
     aaactctgtg aattctaggg ctggcctgga ctcctttcta ataggaggac tgggtggtac    143340
     acactgttcc tgggggtggg gtcaagaccc cgttttttgt gcaatgaatc ctccattgaa    143400
     gatgttcagc tttccacaga cacacagttt tgaagtaaag catattggtc atcttgggca    143460
     ttcccttcta cccccttgaa gtccagcctg cccctcccca tggtaactat tcacatactg    143520
     cccttttcag agggtcatat gaatggcatt gccccctcct tcaactcaac atcacatgag    143580
     attcagccac actgtgctga ctcaaactcg ttccattcca tgagagaaga aactacaaat    143640
     catacatacc atcagtgaga tagctttgtg tgctaccaaa tggccaaagt cggagcactg    143700
     acaaaaccaa gtgctgacga gggtgtgggc cagtagagac tcctatggga ctgtgaaagg    143760
     tagtgtggtc cctggttgaa ctaaggccag aagtcctgga gacccagaag ggatggtagg    143820
     aactttgtcc gctcttgagc accaggtctc tgtcattagc cacagcccct cccctcccca    143880
     tagatttgtg gccatcaatc atgtgaaggc aaggccccaa gaccctccac aggcaaagga    143940
     cgggactgta gtcctgtagg ctcaagacag atctccattt taatgagaca cctaaaggcc    144000
     tggagagctt agccaataag ctttccttcc cagctgttcc tccctgcaaa gggtatttaa    144060
     tctcaggccc accctgagaa gtgggtatgg ttttactcat ccactttctg ccatgacagt    144120
     taatgcctta aaaccataga ctgcctcttt tcattgggac ccactgcaga gagccatgga    144180
     gaaggccttt gcctatagag ttactgtcta gtctcctgta ggcttctctg aactcccagc    144240
     tatgactgcc accaagccca agcctgccac tgcacatcaa gccaaggact gtccctgtgg    144300
     gaccagctga agtcccctca ccccacgccc cagccagatc cagtccaaag gctctcactc    144360
     tgccctcagc tctttcgtga ctcccagcag ctcctggatg tcccagaatc tgagaaccag    144420
     atggcttcag tctcgtcgca ggctggggga ctcctgaacc agctccggct gtcctgtgcc    144480
     tcagactaag cttccccacc ccaggagcgg tgtccttggg cttccttatg gccaagcacc    144540
     cacctggaga cagtgtgggg taagtgcagt caactcttgc attctggctc catgagcgga    144600
     ccatgccctg tggtggcaca gactcaggac ccaaaaaccc gacagactcc catgctacag    144660
     atgtgtgcag ctgtgatggg aaacatctgt ccaccatttg atctagcagt tgtgactccc    144720
     attatttact cccattatta taacagtgtt ggaaacgtcc actcatgtaa aaccctgttc    144780
     tcaagggttt atgttatcat tatttataat tgcctacatg ggaggcagcc aaggtgtcct    144840
     tcaacaggtg ggaggctgag taaactgtgg aatatcccag tgtggaatat cattcagtgc    144900
     tcaaaagata tgcgttgtca atctatgaga aaataccagg gaatcttaat gtgtgctgct    144960
     aagtgcaaga ggccaggctg cttggctgca tgctgtgtga acagcacact gtgatgatct    145020
     gaaaaggtgg aattatagag aaaaatgaaa aggccagtgt cgccagagat tatggagagg    145080
     agttgctata gggttcccag aaagcatggc cctgagacag ttgtcagagt ccacaggcct    145140
     tacattagca gcagaaccac acagtaggta caggtgacat tgtggcagtg tttgtccatg    145200
     tttgtaacaa actaatcact gataggtctt aggtccatcc tggggactgc tcaggggcct    145260
     gggtatgagc taaacctctc ttatttctga gcaactttgt tgtgagccta aaatggctct    145320
     aaaaatatta attcctgggt ctggagagat ggcacagtgt ttaaaagcac ttgttcttac    145380
     agaggacctg agttaaattc atagtactgc acagctttgg ggtcatgcac acacagtcca    145440
     gtgcactaaa gagcctggaa ccatgcacac acagcacacg gcattacaaa gcctggaatc    145500
     atgcacacac agtatactgc actgcagagt ctgggatcat gcacacacag tatactgcat    145560
     tgcagagcct gggatcatgc acacaccgca cactgcactg cagagcctaa ggtcatggtc    145620
     atgcacacat accacactgt actgcagagc ctggggtcat gcacacacag tatactgctc    145680
     tgcagagcct ggggtcaggc acacacagca cactgcactg cagagcctga ggtcatggtc    145740
     atgcacacat accacactgc acggcagagc ctggggtcag gcacacacag tacagtgcac    145800
     tgcagagcct ggggtcatgc acacacagca cactgcactg cagagcctgg gatcatgcac    145860
     atacagcaca ctgcacttca gagcctggga tcatgcacac acagtatact gcactgcaga    145920
     gcctgcgatc atgcacacac agtacagtgc actgcagaac ctggggtcat gcacacacag    145980
     tatactgctc tgcagagcct ggggtcagga acacacagta caatgcactg cagagcctgg    146040
     gatcatgcac acaccgcaca ctgcactgca gagcctggga tcatgcacat acagcacact    146100
     gcactgcata gcctgaggtc aggcacacac agcacactgc actgcagagc tttggggtct    146160
     tacacacaca gtacagtgca ctacagagtc tgggatcatg cacacacagc acactgcact    146220
     gcaggcttgg ggtcatgcac acacagcata ctgcactgca gagcctaagg tcatggtcat    146280
     gcacagtaca ctgcactgca gagctttggg gtcatgcata cacagcacac tatacactgc    146340
     agagttttgg ctgaagaatt tgcattgaaa accctgatcc cactctgcca cctctgtttc    146400
     tgtaacctgg tttcctgggg tgggggttag gaatacagga gctacaaaac ctacctaggg    146460
     tctactccta ctcatgggtg ctccagcccc tctgcaaggc cattggcccc accttggatc    146520
     tgtggaatct agcctctgtg gttctagcct cctctgccct ttgcccttgg agtaggtgga    146580
     gttgtggaat ggccttgtcc aacgtggcag gaagatgtga tgttttcccc atcagggctg    146640
     tagtctaggc tcatggctgg ggacccctaa tgtctcagag cccattgggc aatctacata    146700
     acaggccttt gctttctcta ttgcagaaag acacagccct ggccctggct attgtacccc    146760
     aaagcatgac acagcttgtg cagtggaaac ttttgctgca tgagaaataa ggtttaagga    146820
     tccctaaaat agcttccctg caaatggcca gcagttcctt ggcccagagg ggagccgaag    146880
     gggaatgaaa agcccctctc ttcccagaaa acagattctt ctttgacaca ttttttttct    146940
     cctcttaatg ccccatcccc cttttccaaa atggggcctt tttcctcagt cttttatgtg    147000
     gggactgggc tgtgagaaga cagagtccac ttgtcagcaa tcttctgtca gcccctgttc    147060
     ccgttccctc tggggttctc tcaacaatac agccattatc ggcccctctc agattccatt    147120
     gagttttcct ctctctccag ggctaatgag gagcaaggct gccaggttgg acaaaatggg    147180
     acagttttca ctccactgga gccccagagt ggtgagctct gggaaacacc attatggggg    147240
     atctgtgggt cactatcatg gcgtttggga gaggcacttt tgggggtgtg gtcttcagtt    147300
     agctttgaga ttcacggtga acggaaatgt acttcccaag agcgtttcac gccaccctgg    147360
     gcttcaggat cctgggcaag cgccaacgct gaccatccag gcttatgatc tcactggcag    147420
     ttcgtcaatc acggtgggga ggaaacaacc tgcactccac ccacgcccac tgcactccac    147480
     ttggtggtgt taagaaaata taagggctcg gcacccctga tttgggttga ggatcttatg    147540
     ccaagatcaa cttccatttc ttcttttctg gcagcctcaa ggaactgctg atgagggaac    147600
     ctcagagccc tgctcctgga gatatgtttc agagcctgtc ctggtcccta ggagagattt    147660
     tggaaatctc gagagtcgga gaatcattgt ttagggaagg ttcaaagagc aaaccattca    147720
     cccctccatc catccatcca tatccatcca cccatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc    147780
     catatccatc catccaccca tccatccata tccatccatc catatccatc catccatatc    147840
     catccattca tccacccatc catccaccca cccatccatc catccatcca tatccaccca    147900
     tccatccatc atccatccac ccacccaccc atccatccat ccatatccac ccatccatcc    147960
     atcatccatc cacccaccca cccatccatc catccatcca tccattgatc aatccaccta    148020
     tcctatccat tgagccacct atccacccat ccatccacct acccatacat tcatccatca    148080
     atcacccatc atccatctat ccatccatct atctacaacc cattcaccca tctacctatt    148140
     catccatcca tccatccatc catctatcca tccatctact tattcaccca ttcatctatc    148200
     catccatcca cttaccattt atcctcccat ccaccaccta cccatccata tataaatcca    148260
     tcctcaatct gtccttccac ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat    148320
     ccatccaccc atccacttct ccactgccct gcccatccca tcccttcacc taccatctat    148380
     tcattcaccc cctgccatca ttcactcccc cacccactta ttccctggtg cagtagcctt    148440
     cctctgtctg tatctaggct ggtgcaggca ccaagagctc tgcatggagg accctcttcc    148500
     agagcagagg atgccatgag tcaggagatc ctttctgtct tgaggcccaa tcacctgcaa    148560
     gcacttctaa gctgttgatt agagtctaga tacctgtctt gtgtccaaca gtgtattggt    148620
     gtaacacttg gggaaggatg gtgacttggt ggggtggggt gggaggtgtg aggctcatgt    148680
     gacccatcac tgaagtctga tggaagagga aaagccaaag gtgaggccag tggctagagt    148740
     gagtgcggag gcagctggat attcaaggta gggaaaagga cacagaaggc aaagagtggt    148800
     gggaggtcaa agggcagctc caggtgtcat gcattttcaa ggtcaatttc attagcccag    148860
     gccactcaat acagggtctt ttaaataagc aacatcattt atgtgtgcat gtctatgagt    148920
     gtgtgcatgc agtggcatat gtgtggaggt taaaggaaaa cttgaggtag tcaactcttt    148980
     cctgctatcc tgtggctcct cggggatcaa gcacctttac ctctgagctt tctcagcagc    149040
     cctgaacaag tgctcttaag aggtcaccct ggatagctgc tggaaggcag acctgcaacc    149100
     ttggtgttgc atcaaaagca tttactgctt ggcactactg ccccaaaaca gccagacttg    149160
     ctttggaaga aaagagagag agaatgggta actcgcctgg ggcaaggagg agccaagagc    149220
     cagggagaaa accagagccc ctgggcagag atggatggtg gctgttgtga ctattcacca    149280
     gagatgtgag ctagccccag ccttacaagg tgcagaagga gtgggagcag gagcgcggag    149340
     cgtgccacgc ggacttgggg cagctgcact tggaccttgg catttacctt ttcaggttag    149400
     ttcatcccaa ggcttctcca ccagggcagg atcaagttgg ggatcagacg gtggaggagg    149460
     cagactgcag ggggatatcc ctgggcctcc ataagagagg cattctgggt gagtcaggag    149520
     agcccccctg ctccccagta gccctagggt ttttgctctc cccattcatc tgctggggca    149580
     gctccaggcc tagctgggtg aaatacaaac ggagtgagcg cacccagggt gtgtgcccga    149640
     gtggaaagga tggctttgta tagtgctcag acccactaag tctaagcttg agggggtcac    149700
     agccctccta tcctccagag gacaggggtt cccttaatga agcttgcagg caccgaggct    149760
     tagaaaaaca cacagattta ttgcatatca atctcgtgta taaattcatt gtagcatcgg    149820
     aaagattaca tttggtatcc agtcagtcct attctacagc attgacctca aagccaggcc    149880
     ctcctggctt ttacctcaca gaaacctcta cacaagtaca tttgtctttg ccataagcct    149940
     cagaatgaga tctgcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat cacatttgac tattctcaag    150000
     ccgcgtcttc tcgattcacg attctctcac ggcgatttcc atagtcacca ggaactgtgg    150060
     tccatttttt tttcttttta tctttttctt gtgggcgttt tgggactcct ggccctgact    150120
     tagacctaat cacatattca ataagtgcat ctacgggatt ttcctcatca taagaattcc    150180
     acaaacagac acaataatga ccgctaaaca cgagccatgc acagctttat caacacaaca    150240
     gcaatttaca gggaaggggg cagggcagac accagccccc tccttaatgg ttttttaatt    150300
     ttctttttta acgttatatg gaaaccagac atttacattt gattcctttc tcaacactat    150360
     atagttctaa aaggaaaaaa aaaaaaaccc aacaacaaca aaaacagaaa cagaaacgaa    150420
     ctgaatccga tctgaatgta acaatggcaa ctctcataca gggtggagat tctcgcgggt    150480
     gtcagggata tatatatata tttatattta tatttatata ctattggttc aaagtacaca    150540
     catacagcac acatgcacac acacacacac cacgcaccac cacacgcaca ggctttaagt    150600
     tacgtattct gacaccaggg cccccctttc cccacactga agagagtagc tgcgctgtgg    150660
     gagacactga ggaaaccccc agcttccccc agttgcaagg ggatcaatcg cacatctaaa    150720
     gactcaacct ttccccctcc tagaagtgag gatgtgaatt ggtgacagac agacaatggc    150780
     tggaatggtg ggggaagtga ccttgtctgg ggagaattca agaatgtctt gtcacagtat    150840
     cgctcagggc tagggacagt cttcatggct ttcgataccc ggctgatctc cgtggacagg    150900
     gatgtcccag tgtctactgg caggagggag cgctgtctgt cccaggcctc tccaccctcc    150960
     tgtcccagca acagctcgga ggccttttct tccctacctc gaacggcaca gtgaacagct    151020
     cagtaggtct cagccacttg ggcagggaca gggaccacaa tccagtgctt tgagcttcga    151080
     gtctaaaaca cgtgatatgt atttaagcaa gtgcttcgca gacactcact gtggaggcag    151140
     atgagggaga ggaagccaag agctctgggt ctggaccctg ggaggcagag gggtcaggtc    151200
     agtctgggtc tgggtagatt acctgctctc cccggccttg gagagtaggg ccccacaggc    151260
     ttggccatgt catgctctcc cattactgag gtttacaccc tgggtttgca cagggatgta    151320
     cggggtctta ctcatgcagg atctaccttc ctgcaggaca gtgaagccct gcgtttccta    151380
     cctgatcatc ctaggtgtgg cagcaatgac agggcctaag tgtggccttg cccggggcta    151440
     gagggaatgc aagctaggtg gcctcccgat gaatgaattt ctatttgagg aggcaagtgc    151500
     aaacaatgga aagtatcatt gggaaacaat cgtggctgaa cctctgccct gcccctctat    151560
     cctgcacagc aacaggcaag agagccaagt taatggtctg gttctccagt ggccaagacc    151620
     tttgaactca cacctggtcc agcttcctga ctctgagagg gtctcctgta cctgatctga    151680
     tgcttgcttg agccagctgg gcactattaa gactgcagag acgccaggtg ggcagagctc    151740
     actggttgag ggcaatgcag agtagaggca gaatatctgg aactcagtgc agaaaatcaa    151800
     gtgctgtctt tgtcgggggt ggcaagcaag gacggagtcc ttcaaattcc aagtgctggg    151860
     cccaagggga tgactgttca ggataacctg agtttggaat catcactttg tgggggcaaa    151920
     gcatttaact cagcacagat gggactcttg ggttagagat ggacaggggt tgtgcgtgcc    151980
     agaggatgag aagggagcct ttagctgctc tgctgctgtc aaaaaggtcc acagaagatc    152040
     cccatccaga tagactcccc gtaccggaga gagaaagtca taccgcgggg gaaaaaaaaa    152100
     gcacacacct tgctctttct gagaagaaag catataattt ggggtttaca aaagtggggc    152160
     atgtatatct gaggttgaac ttacacagga ctagctccca cctagaggaa actgggattc    152220
     tcaagccgag gcctggcccg ccatggagat gatgtcacga acccatgaga agcatgagca    152280
     gttagaccta cgaatcctta ccactggacc atggcaagtt cctctgcaga gtgtccctgc    152340
     tgcctcaggc cgtccagtgt gcactcgaga gtgtgcttct gagcacggca caggactgac    152400
     tgttccatgc tatgtcactg agattcaccg caacctgcag gggaatggtg tcttctggga    152460
     tatccccatc acggatccca gcgtagcctg gaccactgag catcagcaaa gatgacggtc    152520
     tttgtcccag aacggcctta gcaaatataa aagatctgtg cttggatgtt taagttgctc    152580
     ccagagggaa ccgctgacag gcccacggca tgacacgcgt gctccgagtt tgctgacgct    152640
     cacacaatca caatctcttg tagttttaaa tgacaaccca ggcggtctct gttccttctt    152700
     atcttgttgg gatatgcccc cctccttcca aacaataaaa taaatagaac acttgtctta    152760
     aaatgtaact gaaactcaaa tttaacaaaa tcatatgatt gtctggtaag tgggcagtgg    152820
     tgaccgtgga actcctggag ggagggacac aggggtattt ggcacattaa caccgccccg    152880
     ctccctgggt accgatcaca cagcacacaa ccttatcaca cggtttggtc cttcactaca    152940
     tacttatatt aacatcattt cttcagaata agttgtccaa tgccaaaaat actgttaagg    153000
     aagaaataaa ataaggaaag aaatgaatta gaaaaaaaaa ttacaagtta tatacagatt    153060
     aaggtaaatt ccatcaggaa aagaaattat ttgaaattgg cccctatggg ataatttaaa    153120
     gcccatccaa gcagagaagt agacacgttc tgaccgtccc aaatgagtga ggcatccggt    153180
     cttggggtct gtactgtctc tgttctttgc tgtggcaggt cccctggatc ttcctcctgt    153240
     ccccgtccta ttctcaccag gaacccacac aaagagcaga agtggcgact gtgtgattga    153300
     tctggagtct taggcacagg tagtgcttgg tgtcctggag tggagtagca ggtgggcagg    153360
     cgtcccacac tcagtggcca tggggagggc atcagcctgc cagggttggg gagggtagaa    153420
     ggctggaggc ctccacatgg cccagagccc tgccttcaga agagcagcag tcaaggccag    153480
     tgctgctgct gaaggggaag atccttaggt gtccagcatg gaagacctga gccactggct    153540
     cccgacttcc ccatacaatt ggggagggtc ttgggtggga cccgtggatt cctctgcaga    153600
     gcacacaggg caaggcgacc tctttctcct ggcctccctc tgcaaacctg cagccaggca    153660
     ccacgtccat gaattcttgt gtagtcagca tctgacttag cagagtggct ccatgcccct    153720
     tatcctgtgt cgggcacact ggaatcacct tggcttatac aaacaggtca gagatagaaa    153780
     aaaaattctc cattatttac attataaagg gcacacccga gccgtactcg atgtcctggc    153840
     aggtgtgggt ttgccaataa gctgaaattc caaagcgatg caaaattact tttaaaaaaa    153900
     cattttgcaa gtcttttttt tttttttttg atttttaaaa aataccgtct atttttttta    153960
     aaacccacat gcttaaatag actctatagt caataagatt accaaaaggc ttaatcatgt    154020
     gattctcatt ataaaaatca ttgatgaggt ctctctccat agcacttgcc cacgtctttc    154080
     cgatttcctc tttcatacca tgcagttgcc tggatgtggc caactggctc ctgctgggat    154140
     agagacccca cccttgccca cgagttttct gatccatggc tcctgtgagc agctcctggg    154200
     tggcccgtgc accgcaccca ctgcagatcg tgtccttgag gccagttctg agaggtgatg    154260
     aaggccagcg gctactcaag ggaccttcgg gttctgagtt tcaatggaga agctggactt    154320
     tgcaaagtgg aggtgttgag ggtggggggc tgctccctgg ccccttctcc atctcctgca    154380
     gctggtaccc tggctttgga ctctggccct ggggcctcca ggacctcaga ggtggttgat    154440
     ggggttaaag gctccggact ctgacgaggg tcctgtgatg ttcaaccaag catccagtga    154500
     gctctgggag ggggcgtgga gaggagtgtc ttcagagagg gacagcatca ttgcatatgc    154560
     ctgggggaca cagcacacac aggacaggtg aggggcatcc tagataggta ggcctgagcc    154620
     ttgcctcacc agctgtaccc aacctgtcca gctccgcccc tgccctctcc tccctcaccc    154680
     cacccagtct agatagagaa agagaagcaa aggcattaga gaggctcaga ctcctctggc    154740
     ttgggagagg gagacaggag tacatgagag gagaggggac ctttcctgcc cagagtgaca    154800
     ccaggacaca cagtagtccc tctagaggtc tctgtgcctg cggggatctc ttgacctctt    154860
     gggatgctcc cttgcaattg catctccacc tccccccgac ccttggtttc tctgcctagt    154920
     gactggcaaa agctgatgaa cagatgtctg ctacgggaca tcctggggat tggcaggagt    154980
     tattcctgat tctgtgctag tgagactgcc attgtctagt gggactctga atgaccgtgg    155040
     tgggctgctg tttggagcag agtgggtagt gtctctgagc tgttgcaatt ctaaggtaat    155100
     ctgttgtgtt tgctagtttg ggacaatcat ggggcatcct cctgcctcaa actcaggaca    155160
     ggaggtgcca gggctgaagg ctgtgtgcag catagtatgt gagttacagg tgggcgctgg    155220
     ggatgcccag tatagatccc ccatacctct gagcaaacac tagacagaag tagttagaga    155280
     cgaagacaga cacgcagacg aattggggtg aaagtattta ggtggtgctg ggaaggctgg    155340
     aatgagagcc aagccccttt tgatgtccca acaatggggt ctagagtcct gtagccactg    155400
     tccctgagat gtgaacacag gagtgcccag gacaagcctg cacataccct caaggaccct    155460
     gtgttagctc cagcttagaa accgggacca cctgatggag acttttccta aaacagcaag    155520
     gtagtcaccc atcctggttc agaccagaga tggggagacc cagaagctgg aggagggaac    155580
     agaacccgat agagatgctc cggactgggg ctgggatagg aagaccagga aaacggccct    155640
     cactcatgat atgagagcta tctcacgcta atccgtcttc caagccccat ctgctctcca    155700
     ccaggctgct ggaggctcac agctacgggc tgtctcttca gacaatgaag tgggcatggg    155760
     ggctgtggat cggaatgtcc gtcctccagc catgggagag ctacagccag agttctcagg    155820
     tatcctatgg tgaggaggca tggcggctgc ctgctgtcta agccaagtgg gaatgggagg    155880
     agggacgagg gctctgctgg gtacctacct ggttcttagc ctgcctgtac agggtttgtt    155940
     ttaaaacctc agaatctaag gtggaattaa gcacatcttt aacttcaaat gcttcctcag    156000
     ctgctctgcg gagatccagc cccttcccaa aggtcggcgt cggctccaaa gctaacaggc    156060
     cgcctcctcg ctcctcaaca cacctgcgcc aaggaccagg gagaggggcc tggggtcagc    156120
     tctttggcca ctggtggcat ctctctggtg cttcatggct ggtccccgtg cctgcatgca    156180
     tgccacgggt ctccacgagc cacatgcaca aggagacaga cacactgaca cacagacacc    156240
     tagatgggaa gccacacaga tgtaggagag cggacaggcg cgagcaggaa gggtgagtgg    156300
     gtgcacacgt cacaggcagc aggcaagctg ggcttaggga tgaagggttc agaaggagac    156360
     tttcattttc tgagagggtc ctggctgccc tacccacccc caggaccaag gtgctgggga    156420
     aaaaaatgct ggctccagag ggccagccca aggcatctca aatgctggga atgttaaccg    156480
     ttgctgaaag taactggtaa acagttagga cataagaagt agctctggcc tggccaactt    156540
     ctaaaatcat gggtgctggg ctacagcccc gccagaggct ggaccctgct gccccaagtg    156600
     gatgtggaca tctgcacagc agagccaggc tcccgagtca gggtcagcag agtacaccct    156660
     tcccttcctt ttccccactc gaagcttctg gacaccctac cgggagcata gacccagggt    156720
     cctgaactct ggctagcatc accctaagcc tagtgccaaa gccttgtggt agtagcacct    156780
     tctgagcaga ggtgagacca ggctggagga gatggctact gaatggtcac cctgtattca    156840
     ggttctccct cccagcccat cccccagcac ttggccacgc ccacctccgg gtatggtcaa    156900
     agcccatggt caggctgggt ggttcctcat cctcttcatc ttcatagact ccttggggct    156960
     caggtgtggg ggacaccgtg tcctcctgtg acttcccggc taagctgtca tcatcctctt    157020
     cctccagctc ctcctcttcc tcctcctcta cgtcctctgg ctttgcactg gctgagcctg    157080
     gacacggtgg gttgctgtcc aggtcttgga tctcaggcct gtaatgacag gtgaagaaat    157140
     tggccgtgtt cagggggtct tccttctcac taaaggtggc tatccccgtt tgccttcccg    157200
     gccctccaaa aggagctggc atccgtggtt acgggtccaa aggcaactgt ccactccctc    157260
     agtccctgag gagtgagaga cagagagatg ggattcaggg tagggtccct gaggagtgga    157320
     taccaggcca cttggatgct acacacacgt gcccctagga cactggtgtg agagaatgtc    157380
     caggtcccat cctgctcggg actctgtgat acccatctgt gatacccatc tgtgataccc    157440
     atctgtgctt gcaccgccca aggggataat gatttaaggt tgcagaacct ggggagtgag    157500
     ggctgggttt aggctgctgc tgttgctgct tacaggacac atggtcaagg agggctggca    157560
     tcagggaatg ttggtcaggc cttgcagccc aggctctaac tcaagagcct ctagggtctc    157620
     tggagcctcc acagatttct gacattttct taatgtcttt gagtctctct cagaccttgg    157680
     tcctttgtcc tcagggtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtctt ttcccctttc cctctctctt    157740
     tccttctccc ttcccccttc ttcctccctc cccctctttt tctcttacac acaaagacac    157800
     acacacacac acacacacac agggtctatg agtgtaatca tatgtgtgta cacagaggtc    157860
     aaaggtcaat cacctgtgtc ctccttggtc actatccacc gtgagggtct ctcactggtc    157920
     tgggcttact tatttagcta ctgggtgacc agcaagcccc aggggtatct gacctgcact    157980
     gggcatgtgg tatatgtgtt atactatgct cattcattca ttcattcatt tttttgaaat    158040
     aggacttatt tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagacca gactggcctc    158100
     gaactcagaa atctgcctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggc atgcgctacc    158160
     actgcctgct gcttattctt tttttttttt taaggtgtat ttatttattt tatgtatatg    158220
     agttcactgt tgctctcttc agacacacca gaagagggca tctgatccca ttacagatgg    158280
     ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctggaaatt gaactcagaa cctctggaag agcagctagt    158340
     gttcttatcc attgaactat ctcttcagct cccaccccct taaacacaca cacacacaca    158400
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacg gattttgagg cttgaactca gacccctatg    158460
     cttgcaaaac aaatgctcta ccaactgagc catgtgttca agcctctggg tgagattttt    158520
     tttttttaaa aagattttat ctttttctgt ttgtagatgt gtggatgccc acagatcccg    158580
     aaagagagtg ttgaatcgga tggagctgga gttacaggcg actgtgaact gcttggtatg    158640
     agttttggga agcaaactct agtcctctgc aagatcagct tgattcctaa tcatgagtct    158700
     cctatctagg ctctgggaaa gacttctgtg cactggttcc ttactaacga gagtgagcag    158760
     ccagatctag ttccttcaag gaacaccacc agtttggttc ctgttcaagt caatgaccat    158820
     aacttgtggg ccaggacatg gccatcttgc cagggtccac accagcaatg gacacagcaa    158880
     aaggcaacca gttcttgaat cccatgtcta gagctcctag ttctttctgg ccttcatttc    158940
     tactcagctc tgggggcctg actgggcagt gcctgtggtc ttgggggaga gaggggtcca    159000
     gtcattatca ctgaaggtgg cattttagtg gactgacttg cacagtggtg tcattctgtt    159060
     gcagttgcag gctgactcca cccatgacgc tacctcccgc catgcttccc agacaggcag    159120
     aatcttgaca gatcttgagg cttcctatgt ccctggcttc tagtcacttg tgttgggggc    159180
     cagccaagcc tatgttaagt tcacctcctg gcaccggaag gctctagcta ggtggtgggt    159240
     ctggatcctg tcaccctgca gtggcagtgg aagagaattc agtcctgaca gatccaagga    159300
     caggaagagc cctgggtgcc acactcactg ggtagctggg gtggtaaagc tagccctgct    159360
     ggctggtctt gggcggggct agaggaatcc tgctgtttgg aagcagattt tatgctttct    159420
     tttcttgcct gctcactctc tggtatgtgc tgcccagcag ggaccctagc ggattggtgt    159480
     cagcttcaag aaggagggca gcttctctgg tggaggcagg aacgctgcct tagaggcagc    159540
     tatgcttagc atgctgactg acatggctca cagcagcagc aggaagggac agtcccaggg    159600
     tcagagaagc aaaaggctga gagatcaaga tacatcacag ctgggagttc tgagggaaga    159660
     tctggtgtct cccacagtcc ttggcccttc acctgtatct atctcctcgt gtgtgtgtgt    159720
     gagtgtgtgt gtgtgcgtgc gcgcgtgtgc atgttgcatg tggaagtatc accaccaaaa    159780
     tccagtagga ctctgctgta actctgacac ctctaggggg accctgcccc aggtcaccat    159840
     ctgagggatg gggttagatt tcacatgtgg tccttgagga aacagttcag cacacagaca    159900
     atcctttggg ttggcctggc aggcactggg ttctcactga tcactaaagg ggggactcaa    159960
     cagagaaaga cccagagaat gtgggtaccg gccctagctg agtctgctgt ccttcccact    160020
     agactgccaa gtcgtggcaa cctcacacac acttgctctt acaactgtgg tgacaactgt    160080
     gggggaaccc ccctttggtt cctcagctct caggacaaag ctggctggac cttggagaca    160140
     tcacttcaac aaaatgggct gggcttggga ggggatggcc ctctcttggt ccaactatgt    160200
     tcttatcatt aatattgaat gtgagggagg agacggcggg gagctctgtc agagcaccca    160260
     tgatttggtt agggttgcaa ggatggggag cagtttttcc tcttccttcc acaaatgccc    160320
     cctgttcttc tggacatgtg tgtggggtcc tctggcctgc cactatggct cagaatgaag    160380
     gggcatgtct tgcagtcttc tgggtaccca ggaccctggg aatccatgta tacttgggtc    160440
     ctgtccatcc cagtgaggac gagtcttcat ggttctttaa gtggttctgc tttggggtct    160500
     gaggaagcta cattttgagc ttgtctcaac aacaggggca tactctctag ctctctgagg    160560
     ggtcagggaa ggcctgctgt ggaggtacct tctcacacac agcttcctct gacagggagg    160620
     gcatcaagct gttgaacaag tgagtggctc tcagacactg catcttgaag gacagggctg    160680
     gttccattca gagcactgtg cctaaggcca ggatgagggt aagccagggc atttggtggg    160740
     ctgcagcctg ggccctcatg tgtaattagg gactgccagc aagaccaaag acttgtgagc    160800
     agtaaaagag tttaagacat ccttactgat ggtgtggact ggtctggtct tcacagtttc    160860
     cccaaagcac cagagacaag ggaggtgcag cctgccttgg aggtacagac aagtgtctga    160920
     agaaacacat ctctggagaa ccctccctca tttcttcaaa gtggatggga gcaagctaga    160980
     ccctggtggc acagagctgt ggcccatgat ggctcatgca ataagggatg ggtcctggct    161040
     ctaggttctg ggccagtttt gagtcagcaa gtcatgccac cccccctttt ttttatagta    161100
     tttctttttt tttttttaaa gatttattta ttcattatat gtaagtacat tgtagctgtc    161160
     tttagacact ccagaagagg gagtcagatc tctttatgga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg    161220
     gttgctggga tttgaactcc ggaccttcag aagagcagtt gggtgctctt acccactgag    161280
     ccatctcgcc agccccttgt ttttattttt tatttttttg agacagggtt tctctgtgta    161340
     gctctggctg tccaggaact caatctatag accaagctgc cttgaactca gaaatcgcct    161400
     gcttctgcct cccaactgct gggattaaag gcgtgcactg gcaagtcatg ccacttctat    161460
     gagcctctgg ttctcctctt caaaactgga gacccttctt gaaatttctt agggtttaga    161520
     gaacttctat atttcaatga cttctctgat cagtttcatt tcctgggata tggaggtgtc    161580
     cgtgccgaag ggagagtccc cacgtaaagg agacactgac atttggatgt gaggtgtcag    161640
     agaacacctc tgtagcctgg ctgaattccc cctctctctg tttctatgtc tctgtctgtc    161700
     tctgtctccc tctccctctt agtggaaaag tggttgcagg tgtgcacatg gggaggttgg    161760
     tagggaggac tctgcttgtt ttgggacctc cttcatatgg gacctagtac catccagggg    161820
     tggagattca tgcatcctgg acaataccat tagaggagct gagtctagac ctgcctgggt    161880
     tggcttattt ttcttaccgt ttgtccattc gagtggatgc ctggttcatc tcgctgttgg    161940
     cgatgaagtt tcggatctcg gagaagtaag aatcttcctt ctcatctaaa agtgcatggt    162000
     tgtccgactc ggaggtgggg gaggaggcgc tggtgcccag gtggttcgtg agcaccccgg    162060
     agtgctggct cactgtggat gggctgagtg tcaggggcat tcttgggggc atccagccct    162120
     cactcagtgc caatgtgcac ttggggtgat ctcagggaac tgtttcttag aaagttgttt    162180
     gaggggtgat gttgcccttg cttgccaggt ctcttccctc gcccctcctc cgccacgccc    162240
     tctgccgcca cgcccctcct ccgccacgcc cctccgccgc cacgcccaac accccaccca    162300
     cctggtgcgc cctcgtgttc gtgcttcttc aggtgccggt ctaggttggt ctgctgcccg    162360
     aagcagcggt tgcacagatg gcacttgaac ggcttctctt tgttgtggat gttcctcacg    162420
     tgccgctgga ggttggagga gatgctgaat gaccggtcac agtacttgca cctggaaaac    162480
     aggtgcgcct tgcctcagag gagagatcaa gtgccgtggg agctgtgtcc actgtggagt    162540
     ccccgaggtc acctgactac ccagctggag agttcagaca tgtcctagga ttctattctt    162600
     agagacatct aggccaggtt ttaactatcc ctgagctcta tactggaggg agtaagatgc    162660
     tgagatagtg cgaggtgaca ttctttattc agcctcaaga gggcagcctt gagccaccga    162720
     aagatacaga aagctgttct ggctggttac cctgagatgg gaaagcagcc ctctgctgac    162780
     tgaagaccct gaaccagccc catttcactt gggggctcgt ggtggctatc taatgctctt    162840
     agtaaccctg gaggtcaggt ggggggattt tgggactgtg gtttcgatgc tgaggccagc    162900
     tagtagccat attgaatcct tcaagctact atgggctcct gtgtgctcag agtattgcct    162960
     gccacacccc cactaggttg accaagcact tgggaaacca ttttaccaga gagcatggcg    163020
     cagttagaag ctgtggtcag tgagagacgt ctgctgtgtg gctgccctcc aggcgtggcc    163080
     tcgttggccc taacagcaga gaacagaggc cggctctctc ccagttttat aacagggccc    163140
     aagcaatacc cacaataaag aaaccaggcc caaaacaaag aacagtgcgt gatttaagaa    163200
     gggaccttcc aggctccgca gcacatgtga ggcgccctgg aaaggagcga gctgtgcctt    163260
     gtgggagtct gagctgcggt gcattgtggg agtctgagct gacagggctt ccccgagggc    163320
     tgtacacaca gacggaccct gcagcaggga ttctgtctcc gtggtgtatt tttttctgca    163380
     tccatgtgca tccatgcagt gtgtgtttag tataagtgca tgtgtgtgct caggtatatg    163440
     agcacacata tgcaaaacag tcgtcagaac gcctttgggc gcttatctgg atctcggagg    163500
     cacacacaca gcacttgaaa accgtgtttg tgcgagtata tactttcata tttgggaaat    163560
     gagccctgct aggtgacaac acaacacaca agatttccag cgccagtgct gtgagacagg    163620
     ctgccttcct ctctagagcc agagcctgct atgtcagcct ccgtgagggc aaagatgggg    163680
     ggggggcttt taaaattttt ttcacccaca tggatgtgtg attgttctaa atacagcagg    163740
     cttgcattcc tatgggctct gccccactgc gatttggggc tggtggcagg ctctagagta    163800
     gcacactggt cacgagcctc tgtcatgtgg ttgcggacgt gcccgaggac agcaggggca    163860
     cagccaggag gggctgtgtc aaagcagttt ttatagcact gtactatcca gtacaggagg    163920
     agccaggctc tggatggacc ctggaggtct gtgtgggccc ctgcccaggg tgtctgactg    163980
     tgtttctgtc cctgttgagc ttagaatact cagggccgca tttattaact ttgcccttgg    164040
     actctcagag cctgcgaatc ctctggtcct tggatgcccc ataaaaacca aggaagttta    164100
     aggccccaga gaaagggatg ctactctgag aggggccctt cctcctgtcc aggcccttcg    164160
     ttcaggcatg tgaccttcca accttgaact cttgtgtcgc ccccttgtgt atggttccct    164220
     tcttcagtag gtcccttcag cctccagcct tgtctgaggc caggctcccc ttgctcctgc    164280
     tatactttta actgcctcac cagacttgtt tatcacaggt ctgggcctct actgtatcct    164340
     agggagtcct gagtggcctc tggggcacat aggtgtcctt ggacacagcc tttcttccac    164400
     agtctgggac acaatgtgac tcacatgacc acctgcaaaa tatgcccgga tgtgactgtt    164460
     ggttcgcaca cctgatgttg cacagcctga gcaatatcag gtctcggtcc tgcttgctct    164520
     ataaccccct gtggatgcaa catttcggaa ggaatttcac ctctcacctg ctctccccac    164580
     acaccctaaa acatagcgac accttgacag ggccaggccc agctcttcct gctttttttt    164640
     tggggggggg gcggggaggg tgattgctca ggaaaagaaa ccttgatttg tatctgcgga    164700
     gtaaagccaa ggctaagctg ctcatgggac taggagttcc ctcaacagca cgagtcccct    164760
     gcagatgcca caggtcaccc aggcagccct ggtctggcct gcccgtccct cggaagcacg    164820
     tacatatagc tctttttttt ccttttgttt tggttcctcg ggaactgcag agacctctga    164880
     cagcccctct tcctatgcag cagcaccggc atgggaatgc tgggatgggg agggaggttg    164940
     gagcggcaga ggccttcgca gagctctgct tgcagggtgc tgaatgtagc ctctccttgt    165000
     tctaatctaa ataaatggcc caggcagaga cgtccacttg aaatttaggg gagcagagag    165060
     ccccagggct gcgagggagc agagttcgct cagcagctgg gctctgcact gtgaataagc    165120
     tgacaggcgg ctagggaaat ttacagctgt gccgcataaa gcaacacgcc attgtgctcg    165180
     cagagaggag agggcacggg cagcccagca gacagctttg ggaggacctt gctgtgacca    165240
     tgcctgtggc cgttgcagag acgtgaggga tgcacagggc aggagagggt gaaaccagac    165300
     ctctcatcct ggtttctggg ccgagtagca tctttcttga gacataggag ggctacagcc    165360
     agccaccact gctacatcat tttaaaagtg aggacagata aggaaagaag agaattaaaa    165420
     atgttctaag aataaaaaca aatgaggagg agtcttgcag gagccacctg tagcccccgc    165480
     tggacaccaa gtcggctttc ttcatataag acacagaaca ggagatgggg aggagatggg    165540
     aggcgtgcgt ccacaaagca ggagtcacag gcctgctcag gagctccagg ttggtcctgg    165600
     aaggccggca tccaagtatg acacaggcta cgcccggcag ccaggaaagc ctctatatca    165660
     aagttggaag gaggcatact gggggttcag tccttttgtt ctcaattctt aatttttcta    165720
     tttaaaaatc ttaattaaaa atgtaaatgt gtagggtgtg tgcatgcatg catatgtaca    165780
     tatgtgtgtg tgcattcctg tgttatgtgt agagtgtcgt ccattattgc ttccccacac    165840
     acactttgtt tttgagggtc tctcattggg tctaaggcac agcgatttgg ctagactggc    165900
     tagccagaaa gttccaggga tcctcctgtc tcagcccacc tggcactgga actaaagggc    165960
     cacacggcct tgctcagctc ttatgtgggt actgggatgt gagtgcaggt ctcacgtttg    166020
     caagacggtc ttctccagcc tcagttggtc aggtctttct acctctgcga tctaagttct    166080
     gtaaaacttg catgctggtg ttttaggacg taagagtgtc tttaggtatg ttttctccaa    166140
     ctccaggaga agacgccaaa gccagggtaa gttgtgtgta aagggctgtt ccctgtctag    166200
     aatgtgtagg aaaagcagag gccatcccag aggtcaggac acaggggaca tgtgagaaac    166260
     tgagaaattt ccaacagcgt cctgataact caaggtaacc ctcttcatct gccttttgga    166320
     gggccccagc ctctgcagga tacatatacc gacatgcaca cacagtgacc gtgcatatgc    166380
     atactgacac taaggtaggt atcataccta ggtgggagtt gagcatcctt gccaagccct    166440
     gtgcaatgga ttcctaggtt gggctataca ttctccagtt ccaacttaaa ctctttccag    166500
     ttatcaaaga aagactaggc aaggtcccta gcagtatcaa gaggcacgct gcacgcttta    166560
     aaccccttgg cgaaggcctg cctcgagcca gataaagcca ggatttgcaa cacaaacttg    166620
     caaagcaatt attgttacca aagtcgaaac tctcagattg gagggagcaa aagaaatcaa    166680
     tgataattaa attcttctat aaacacggcc cctaccctct gggggctctt agcgcgacac    166740
     gttgtccagg agtcggctct cattacagaa aaaacacagg gctcgtttct gggcgaggac    166800
     cagaccaaat aaatctttct gttgcttgcc tttgttaagt tgtaagtcac tattttcaga    166860
     gagcagacaa ggggggctgc gtgtcaggga cggctgggga gcatgggaca cagaactaga    166920
     aagagcggtc atttaccggc gcagatgtgg gcccgtggcc accagggatg ctctgtgtac    166980
     cccagcgggg cttggggatc acacccacat gggatccctg ccacaaggag gggcacaaga    167040
     ggagtcctca gggctctatc atcacgtggc tacttcctgg tggcacaagc tatgtgtggg    167100
     cacggtacag gagtctaatg tcatcggtct aaaagcaagc cagactcttt gtttcccaaa    167160
     gccctagcca gccagacaca ccccagaatg tgttgctaaa ctggtcctgg cagagaagtg    167220
     gccatttccc tgtttgtctc agggtgacaa ttgcccaagt tcggttttaa aaggcctact    167280
     ccctgaaggg gagagcatga caagaaaagg cgtcctcctc agaccttctt gagcaaaaac    167340
     aaaggctcaa ggacaaagag gacagggact ggggtcagaa gagtaggcag aagtggcctt    167400
     cggttccaac ccttgaagaa tctcaggccg tgtttaagct atagcccctc gtttttgaca    167460
     cagggatccc ctgggaggtt gtccatgtcc caagatactt tggtaacaca tgcgtagtct    167520
     ccccactcag ggctccccta gggaatcaag gataccccat atttgttaag agctcacacg    167580
     tggggagggg gtggcttaat ggttgtcgtg acagagatag gactaggtgg gggactggct    167640
     agctaaggtt ctcccagaga cctgtggaga ctctagcttc aagtcacacc cctccctgat    167700
     tttgaatgcc tgccctggtt gacactttgg atacaggaga caggctctct cacatcctct    167760
     tttgggagta tggaaggaga cttccatcaa tttcctggat agtccctgcc ttctccttac    167820
     attagagatg gagggtggtg ggccaggaga tggaggcaga aagtgtcaga gccaggcctc    167880
     tgtccactgt ctttctggtg gccccagccc tgtgggtgga tcttataggc atttccttga    167940
     aagaatggga ctacgggtgc acacaaacta gtagggggaa tccctcagat accaacacga    168000
     cgttgatcct acctgtatgg ctgctcccct gtgtgtgtcc tcagatgtct tgtgagattt    168060
     gcagatctgg ggaagatctt gccacagtac ctgaggcaga gggaagagag gaggagaggt    168120
     tttagggtag tccacacggc ccctttccag atttctgttc atccagagct caactctgag    168180
     gcttcctact ggggtctcgc cagcatcctt accatctcta ctctgccttg agcccagaca    168240
     tctcacaaag cacagagtgg agggaccagc gtcatgccct cagtcctggg agccacagtg    168300
     gctgggatca gctagggagc ccgggagcat gaactcccaa aaccgcgagc aatggcttca    168360
     gcaccaggct caccatcctt cctaatactg tgcccaggct gcgcagctgc tctctggcct    168420
     ctgaacttaa ctaagctgca cgcggggccc agataacaca gccgagagga cagttctaga    168480
     agcctaccca gatcacgcat gcgcaaacac ggcctcgggc ggatggggcg cctgtccgct    168540
     caacctctgc ttcactggaa ctgcaactct gggcttttcc agaagcaagt tcgcgcgcgc    168600
     gcgcgtgcgt gcgtgcgtgc gtgcgtgcgt gcgtgcgtgc gtgcgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    168660
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcac gcgcgcgcgg ccccttccca ccagccccca agggaccctc    168720
     ggtgtttcac ctgcacgtgt atctctcctt ccccttcctg aggatgggat ccgagagcgt    168780
     tgggggtggg gagcggaagt tgaacgggtg gtgaggcagg ggctgcaggg agctgcctga    168840
     gtcggccttc atggctgcaa agctctccag cttctccgtc atggtttcta tggctgacat    168900
     ctgcgggcac agggagggag agatcgatga ctcagcataa ctgccgtctg tcttcagaga    168960
     gcgtgcaccc gggggtccct gtgtctaatt attatcaata acctctggat ggccattgga    169020
     attacagcca cagcttactc tgctcttgtc cttcttagga ttgggactat aatccagggt    169080
     catctggagt gagtggtctt ttcagtatgg taggcagaaa ttggttaaaa ccccaggcta    169140
     tgcaggctcc attgagactt aaggctttgg tgacagggac cttgaagctg tacctctccc    169200
     cacctgtgcc aagggaacca tgagaggctc tcttcatacc tctgctaaat gtctatcccg    169260
     gaaggcacgt tttatctggc agaccacaga gatgggggca ggtgagagag gcaaaagaag    169320
     acggggtggg gcaggtacca ctgaagacag agggaaaggg ttcagcctct cagagtgccg    169380
     tgagtgttgg gagaaactga gcctagatga agaccccact gcacacacca gggggacatg    169440
     gacgaatgag cagacaaggt atcacctccc gatccaggct cccgtccatg gccagctgcc    169500
     tcccgggagt gtttattgct tagtgctagc gccaaacaca aggcacttgt tcactgatgt    169560
     cagaatccag gacccagctg cccatggttg aacaaaggct gcatgtcaca tgactgtaat    169620
     ccttctgcac gactccagcc acgaagccct tcggcacctt gttgggatgc ccaacgcatc    169680
     gttgtgggct gtttgctggg cactgacaac agggaaggga gggctttgta ctgccgctac    169740
     ttggaagcct cataacacag tggcggagac atttggtatc tggggaaaca gcagtacagc    169800
     tgtaacagaa gcccacagaa agcggcgaat ggatggacac tttgcccagc caccctggtg    169860
     agacctcccc atggccactg gacggctctg tgcaggcaac agagatgcag gctttgcctt    169920
     gttaatagag gactgacaca tgaccctcat cagaacatac cacatacact ttctgcgtcc    169980
     atgctcactg gagatggaac tgcctggctc tctaggctgc tacctggcct ctctagtgcc    170040
     tttttcaaca cctgaaaggt aggttctcag ggtgacactg aggctcttgg ccataagtct    170100
     taatgatagc ttatggatat agcacggatg cctgttttgt ggaaaccttc tttgcatggt    170160
     tgccaggctc ttctatctga gtgacacagg cagccaagct agcctcagac catttaattg    170220
     gtgaccacaa gtcaccacct ttctgcctct tcgtcctggc ctgggacaca agggcaggca    170280
     gaggaggttg gcccatggga gcagtgggca ggagggacaa tgggcagctg gccccccaca    170340
     ggcctctctt cctcaggccg ggtggggtgg gtcctgcctg cctggcctgc tctgccccat    170400
     cagacattcc cgtgagctcc tagtacaaac acaaacaccg gatacgcctg gctgcctggt    170460
     cggctttttc cagccggccc tgggaaaatt gggggaagct attaaccaaa ctccgcggcc    170520
     ccatggaaca atgggaggct ctaagtttag ctgtgaactc agccagggta caggtttcag    170580
     gctggggctt acccaaggcg ggaagctcag agaagaacaa tgccccatgc aggttttttg    170640
     gcctgaagat tccctgttgg tgagggaggc ttaagggcgg tgacctgcag ctcacaggag    170700
     gggggccaga cctcatgcag tgaggactgg ggtctgggat acttgaagga ctttgccttg    170760
     ggctgtgggt tccccaggag gcatgtggcc tgggggcaca ggcagggaca ttagcaggat    170820
     agagggcact atacctgact tgtagactgc tagccttccc ttccagtccc taggacggtt    170880
     ccttcctgct cagtctcccc cctgcccctt ctcacgaaga cctgctctgg tcctttcact    170940
     gaagaatgct aaggtatggc ctactgcagg aatactagcc ccaacatctg tttccttgtg    171000
     tccaaaactc tgctcctctt ggcacctgta tcagtaatgc atcccttctt agggcctggg    171060
     gtccttgcaa ctgtggggct cctttgggca agaggccttt agacagaccc aagtgcttcc    171120
     ttatgagagc aacccttccc tatgtgttcc gggtccacaa tgacctgtgg gatctcagaa    171180
     agtcccctct gcctcttggg aaccagaaac ctaagtccca gagcctgttc acacagcgtc    171240
     tctaagtact cccatctcag aggcccatag tggttgttac ctgggggtgg aacagaagtg    171300
     gggacggccg caggtacttc tctttcagga ctcccacagg gtctgccacc ttccgctttt    171360
     ctaccctgct ggacggcaac acagagggtt acatacccca ccgagccact tgctcctcag    171420
     taccacacct gtgctggatt gacagtcaga ccaattatat atggaggtgg cgatggggct    171480
     atccagctaa ctcctacctg aacttcaatg ggcctccagg ccagtggggc aagccgcagc    171540
     tgctcattta cccagactcc tcagctcctc aactgcatct ttatctaatc agtgattttt    171600
     ccacacaccc catgtcccct caaacagtta ccacctcctg tgtttgttgg aacgtttttt    171660
     atgctggagt ctagaatgtt ctttgaaggc tctgtgtgca ccagcctcct gcttgctggc    171720
     ttgcacacct gtatggtagg tgcttccctc aaggtctcca gcatacccac aagttactct    171780
     gcatcacccc agggcttatt gcctgcaccc caaataccct gtccctgcca gaaactggca    171840
     gggtacactt tgcctatttt gctgacagat gcgggtgaca gatttctgtt ctggggaagt    171900
     taccagagac tccctacagc agccagtcag gttgtacctg aaaaccttca atggctgctg    171960
     gagactgcaa tgctagaatc ttcctcaagt gtcggcgaca acttgctaaa caaatctccg    172020
     tggtcagtgc aggtggtagc cgggtccttt ctttcgcccc catggttggt agaagtccat    172080
     gaggtgtttt gttcaaacct gctgaccctc ttgctcccaa ggacgccaga acaagctgtt    172140
     cctatcctct tgctgctgag gacgcaggaa cagaataagc cgttcctagg ttgctcacct    172200
     gtaccccacc tgggccccgg ctttgactca ttttgcttcc ttctaccagt tgaagccttt    172260
     gcctccctgc cttctggggg acagcagcag acatggcaat gtgactgcca gagggtcaca    172320
     gcagccctgg gttcccaggg gagacccaag tcatgatgca gggacagtga ggatatcagg    172380
     caaagaactg gggtgactat gggatggaaa tgaaccctga gacacttggc tcttggcaac    172440
     agtggccagc ctggggctgc actcgggtag ccagggccag cccattgcag ggagggggtc    172500
     tctcatggca cgagttccgc ctttgaatta tctagggatg ccggcagtgg cagagaaagg    172560
     gacccaagtg gcaggaggag ggccccagtg atggtagcag atgcaggctg agctatgagt    172620
     ctgtctgaac ccagtatgtg gcaggcagct cagggccctc cttaaggtca ggctgcatct    172680
     gccatcacct caggggaccc tgggaacact tatttgccca cctggactgg acccattttg    172740
     cagaggacct tctgcagagg cgtgtccagc cagctctcca gtgcccacag acctcaggtc    172800
     ctaaggacag ctgttcagcc tagcctctgg acattatgag tagagaccac atgagaagat    172860
     aaagggggct ctggggtcct gtgatcagtt gccatgactc tcttttccca ggctgaccat    172920
     agttccttgc agcttatggg aaaatgtagg agggtctaac caatttggta gaaggggtgg    172980
     gcagggggca gaaggaaagg ctgagaggag gcttaggcaa agttccctcg gtcatgggat    173040
     ctaaccagaa gtctttgtct ctaactacct atgtctgtac aaacccaagg ggcagcaggt    173100
     acctcttgct tcctgtctca gtgaaatgcc agcctccctc ctctctttcc ctctctggag    173160
     ccttgacact tccttatgta aactgttggg ggcacgattt taaagaaaca ccttgatggg    173220
     tatctttctt gtttcctggg attacaaagc cagaatccta tagaaactag aagcttggtc    173280
     tgggtgggga aggtacagcc tggggccaga gtgggtacct gtggagaggt agccgtgtcc    173340
     cttgggtggg tatctgaggg aaggtagctg tgtcccctgg gtgggtacct gtgggcagag    173400
     gtggttgtgt cctgtgggtg gtactgtgta gtttgcctca cttgggattt cctcacaatt    173460
     ttatctcctc ctcacctgct taccttttta agaactgtga atccatcacc ccctcggccc    173520
     caacctcaca ccatggccag ctccaaggag acagcaggca cccaggcctg ttccctgaac    173580
     atctctccac gcatgctcac acagatgcac tttgtgcttg acaaagcaca caaggtcaat    173640
     atcaagtaca caaccctctg ctagaccacc cgcttcgtac tccctgggac tccctcacat    173700
     ggctaagcag gtgacatata cttgcaggag tgctgtccag acatggaacc catgcctgca    173760
     ttctaagccc acttgcctct ttgggaggct caacactttt ccatacatca gggagcagac    173820
     ttagacttgc ccttcattgg aaccagtatc agagaggcaa gaattccacc ctaccaggac    173880
     cagcaactcc tttgatttgc tctgggctac cagacctccc tcccaccccc acccagtgtg    173940
     gctccagggt cgggtgaggc cacagggcag tctctcagaa ggcagagctg cagggagatt    174000
     gacaagtgct caaggcagag tcaagtgccc tggctttggt gggaggcaga gacctgctcc    174060
     agaaaagatg ggggaggtgc tctggatggg gtctaaccga gaacctcaag gtaggttaga    174120
     agatgcctga gttgtaatca gtgcaaggga accacacatg tcctaaaggt ggccttccta    174180
     gcaggggctc cacctgaagg agcatggaat ccccataggc atctccctga tgccagcaaa    174240
     tgcacacaga agagccttga gttaagaggt tgaaaaagca agataagcag tgtccctgcc    174300
     tagctccata gatatcacct ggtgccccgt ggagagcgag ggagggccat gttaatacct    174360
     gtagatggga tccatgaaga acggtgaagg cttagcataa tgcaaggagg gctgctgggg    174420
     cagctgtgct gggcacacct taggcagccc ctcgctgacc cccggcttcc gttcaccgta    174480
     gacgtggttc ttccgcggct cacggccacc tccgttctgg cttgccctgg ccctgctgcc    174540
     gatgctcagg tccagtggct gttcctcgcc agatgagggg atgaggggga ccttgggtgc    174600
     gagcagggcg ggtttggcct cttttggttt ggtggtgagg tcgaaggggc actccgcact    174660
     ggggccgccc accttgaggg catcccgggg tgactttggc tcagccttga ccagcaagtt    174720
     gtgggcgagg gctcggtccg taaaggggta gagggagtgg ggaaagttag gcaggaactg    174780
     gaaggggaac acggagtggt agggtagtga gcccagcttc ttctcctgca tgctcatgaa    174840
     gccaggaccg aagtatttct ccgcgatgga cgcgatggcc ttgatggagt cgccggcagc    174900
     tcccgaggcc gtcagcagct gttcctcggg tggcgggaag aaggaatgct gtgagtagaa    174960
     ggccggtacc tcggccacac tgttcatggc cccagggggc acagatgcac ccccaaactc    175020
     aggtttgctc tccactggct tccccttgtc cttgcctttg tctctgtcac tgtccaggtc    175080
     gctgtccagg tctgaccccg tgcccgtggt agtgtccaag tctgtcccgg tcgtggtgtt    175140
     gatatcctca aagtcactgc catccgacat gtcagggctc ctatttttga ccttctccgc    175200
     atatgcgtct tccaagcggc catcaaattt ctcctctgac ccggtggccg ctgtggcacc    175260
     ctggctgcta ttgctgaccg cggagacaag gggcagggct gggtttccca gcgggctggg    175320
     tagcttggcg tcctgcgcgt ggttcagggg gctcttgagc agcggcgtgg gaggtagcag    175380
     aggtggtcgt gggtacaggg atggaggaaa gatgcccggg aagcccggag tgagtgcggg    175440
     gaaggccgga ggagcagccg agaagggcag gctcccagga tgaggtctgg aggggaagta    175500
     ctcgctgaag cctaggcccc cgtggttgag ggtcggggag ggttttgtct tgtccatcat    175560
     ggggctgggg gtcaagggca ggcctggggt gaagatgctg ccaggcgtgt aatggttctt    175620
     gccctcgcag aatctccgat gcttgttgag ggaggaggta gtgctgaaca tctgcccaca    175680
     gtccttgcac ttgatctgcg tcctgcagtc ggcgtgcatc cgcttgtgcc ggcacaggtt    175740
     ggagaactgc gtgtaggact tgtggcagac ctcgcctaca gcacccacag gaggcaaaca    175800
     cagatgcaga atgagatcac gaggaacccc acagacagag gaaggtaggg gtggtgccca    175860
     ggcattccat cccgaggctg tcccccaggg accagacggg actggcaata accatgcctt    175920
     tctctgtggt cttgaccatg tgaaccatgg cacctcagcc ttctgtggtg ggaagctcgg    175980
     catctttatt ggttgctgat tctcactctc gaatatggct aacggataca ctaagcttgg    176040
     ggaggctgcc tgtcatggtt tgaatatgct tggcccaggg agtggcatta ctaggaggta    176100
     aggccttgtt ggagtagggt gtgtcactgt gggtgtgggc tttaggaccc tcatcctagc    176160
     tgcctggaag ccagtcttct cccagtgacc ttcaaatgaa gatgcagaac tctcacttct    176220
     gcctgcacca tgcctgcctg gatgctgcca tactcccacc ttgatgataa tggattgaac    176280
     ccctgaacct gtgagccaaa accaattaca tgttgtgctg gataagagtt gccttggtca    176340
     cggtgtctgt tcagagcagt aagaccctga ctgagacact gtctgtgcgg tccaggctga    176400
     gggcagagcg agggtccaca gcaccagtct cactggtggc taggagagga ctagctcaga    176460
     atgtctacaa gacttgcctc aaggtagtga cctcagtgat agctatttct acaaggtaag    176520
     cagtcctgct tccttgacta aagtgtcctt gctttctgcc tttctgtcct agatgccacc    176580
     aggatgtccc agtagtcctc agggacccta gagttagggc ctgggctcct ggttgtgact    176640
     gacaagtttg gggactggct aacaataggt gaggctctgt ctatgtcctt cagggaaggg    176700
     gctaggtatc tatgctctca aacatggaag ccctactagc taagagcttc catcctgggg    176760
     cgtccagcag ggtctgctct ggctgacaga caccaggtga tcttacaggg cgggggaaca    176820
     ccagccagat gtcaccctcg cccagaggct tggaatactt cacagtcatc ttcctgaagc    176880
     ctgggagctg aaggccagca aagcccttac ctgtcctttt tccttctcca ccaaaagaaa    176940
     aggaggtata tgtgtttatg ttgcattctt tcatacactt acactctgtc tactcatctc    177000
     tcttcccact gacacactca cacttacaca cacataccca cacacacaca ctctgtctat    177060
     cctcatctct cccctgcccc ccacaaacac acacacacac atacacacac tctgtatatc    177120
     ctcatttttc ccctaccccc cccagtacac ccccacacat acacacacac acatatacac    177180
     ccccacacaa tacactcccc cacacacaca ccctttgtga ctctccacac aggacagctt    177240
     gctttctgta gcatggtaga aacagtgatc ttagcctgtc tcttgctctc ctgccctctg    177300
     caaaccccca tccgtggctt cagccgggct gtctttttct ctgaggttat cacacacttt    177360
     aatcacaata tctatttata ctagctgccc tgccctcctg gtcatcatgg caggacattt    177420
     tctggctgaa aggagacaaa tttcgcttca tttaatcaaa tcttcccttt tggggatact    177480
     gttctgggag aggcaccaca tttaggtggg ctataaataa ccttccccca ttcctggttg    177540
     cccacaggga accacaaggc agatcccaag ctcaggctac ttagacagaa cagacaagca    177600
     acacccctga gacctctgtt atattcctag acatctcctg ctaccgtcac tgaaagcaag    177660
     cctccccctt aagggccttc tgggacagag ggacccttgg ttcccaccta ctactcaaac    177720
     tgaggacgag gggtctgtgg tatgtgggtt gcagagacac ctgggcaggt cccaagaagg    177780
     gtaggtccta gctagacatt aagaatgact gccaggcagc tcagagccat ccaaagaagg    177840
     tggctgtttc aggaatgggg aggaagtcct ggctgccgca ttatgctagg tttgaggagc    177900
     agagcccagt gcacctacaa gaacaggaag ggaccctggt cagagctcac tttacctctg    177960
     ggacatgtgt gtaggcatgc acaagcatag gcatgtatgc atgcttgcac atgtgtgcac    178020
     accaacacac acttgtgtgt atttgggggc aggtaatagt gtcaactcac tagctcatac    178080
     cacacactct cacacacggg tacgtatgcc ttcaaaggtt cttttctgga aagtaatcac    178140
     gggaatggct ctgtgaccca gactctcgct ctctttgctg ccctctcatt cacacatgca    178200
     catctgagct tcctgatcag aaatgtgctc tctccgtctc tgctcagtga agtgaggatg    178260
     tgggggggtc cagacactgg ttgtacaccc aggtttcagt cgtcaggtag acgcagagtt    178320
     tgctgataag caggtggtgc ctggccaccc ggaccttttc tgcatgtaac agatcttttt    178380
     ttggaaggcc gtatcactgg acaccccttt actggactgt agtctccccc acccccatgt    178440
     ttcctacatc cctcaggcat actccatggt caaagcaagg ttgcagagat gggctagacc    178500
     acagacaaag gaggggtcaa agatgccagg agatccctag gagataccat gttcagcaca    178560
     tgccacctgt ggatgggtgc attcgggagt tccctaggag aaacactgct cagagcatgt    178620
     cagctgggat agtcatgctc agagatccag ctggggcttg gccagcatgg gataccaggg    178680
     agagctgggt gaaaacacct gaggacaata actagcccct tctgcagaaa tctccatcat    178740
     tattagactg tccctcgcct actatcttcc tctagttatt gcaaagaaat ctagaggtat    178800
     ggggagaacg tgggatgtgg gaaggggaga ggaggcggcc agctaacaga gtaacggcgt    178860
     ggtgtcacat tccctctacc aaactaggac cagccataaa ggcatctgga tggaggaggg    178920
     tcctcagggg gggccagagg ggccaggccg ggcactcaca tatgaatggc ttcaccgtgc    178980
     tgtggatatg cttgtgctgt ttgaggccag aggatgtggc gaaggtcttg ccacagtcag    179040
     ggcaggcatg ggcccgggca ccgacatgct gtgagcggat gtgacgctgg aggttgctgg    179100
     ggtccgtgaa cacctgggga gattcaagcc attagcgaat gcccctcctt aactccaccg    179160
     taagcctagt ggtatgaagg cggggccctg cccctctttc ttgctgctct tatactgagc    179220
     tggccaggat acctcttgct gtagtagtta ttaccagagg gccttagcag ggtgctggat    179280
     ctctccggtc tcagttactc tgccagtggc ctcagaatac cgtggcccca aggctccgaa    179340
     agatacacat tgtttttgta gaacactatc ctgggtggtc tttggtctgg gggcttcacc    179400
     ccgcaaacct tgtcattgca cactggtagg ggcacaggac tgtcctggag aagacactgg    179460
     tcttgcctct gtttcctgca gggctgtttg gtttcaggga cttcctgtcc tttccactaa    179520
     caaagaggaa cctaaggacc tcaggacatc taatccacca cacctcatct catttcacag    179580
     cagggtggag ggaggtgagc agcgcatgct ccatggggtg ggcgcctggt accttgacac    179640
     agttttcaca ttcgaagcgc ttgccactgt cgtgagacat ctggtggcgg atgaggttgg    179700
     acttccagtt gaaggccttg ggacactggt cacatttgta ctcacgctct tccgtgtgga    179760
     cgatcatgtg ttgctccaag ctgtgtacag gggatgggaa tcactatagg gtccgtttgt    179820
     ctggaagagg aggtcctcta ccctgtatgg cttgttctcc tgtatgtggc cccttggagg    179880
     ccccatcaca ctgcagggag attggaatgc gtgcaaactc tacctctgtc aggtcactgg    179940
     gacgagggca gaggaagaag ccagtgcctg agctaccttc actcaaggct accccactcc    180000
     ctagccagcc aggggcagaa tcatcacttg ttaggtgatc ccaactttag ggctaagttt    180060
     gagtctgatg ctgtggtaca caactataat tctaacaccc aggaggctga ggcaggtcag    180120
     tttggagctt gaggccatcc agtaccacac atcaagaccc taccttgaaa aaataaataa    180180
     caataaaaat ctcagcttgg gcctaggagt aagagcttca gggtggcaac agtaagacag    180240
     ggccatggtt caaggcagcc ctctgagaag cttgccggct gagtacatac aatcgaggca    180300
     cggtggggaa tgctagagag ggtcttaaat gagatatgtc acagtggtaa aacagctgct    180360
     gggggtgggg gggcgctcct cttggcggca ctagcaactc ctaatcccct cctccctggg    180420
     gactctacct cttctgtccc cgggatgacc gttaatcttc atgagcaaag cagtaatata    180480
     tcacggcccg ttaattacgg ggcccagcca tccgcgtaga gcagaaacgc ctgctcctct    180540
     agctctcaga gattgtatct tttccctgtt gttaattgtg atttatgtgt ttatgtaaag    180600
     aaaacacgga ccctcctcag ccctgctctc ttgctaagcg ctcaggcagg gatctgccca    180660
     cgcatttatt cacagtcatc tgttcagggt ggagggtctg ctgtccccgg ggagtctgtg    180720
     atgggattgg tggtaaatcc cttgtaatca cagacctgtt agcggcctga tgggattttg    180780
     ctctgacttt gcaaggttgt ccagagcaaa ctcttcaacg caggggcact tagcctggag    180840
     aagttaccag actcctccac tccccggagc actggggcca gagctctcag ctcttctacc    180900
     cccagctgag gatgctcttt tgtcccaggg gtcatatagg tcccaaggcc cccagtgctt    180960
     gggtcctcaa ccctgcctgg cctcagtaca gagaagggca ggttgggatt gctccagctg    181020
     cctgagtctg gctgccactc atcctgaagt tccctttgcg gctacctctg acgtcacccc    181080
     aggcaggtag ctgccatggg gtgggggtgg gcaaacctca caaaggaaaa ccttgcatga    181140
     ttgtgtcctg ggttcactaa gaaggtctgt gcatgtccag agagccaggc tggcttatat    181200
     cccctccaca gtgggttact gtggccttgc aactcccagc ctggggcctt attgcagaag    181260
     tagcactggg gccagccaga tggccagacc catactgatc tgtgcttttt ctgtcttcca    181320
     ggctgtctcc acagccctga ttgtgtaggg cagtggtgcc agcggaccag gacctttatg    181380
     gtaagaatca gaaaacgtct gtggcttcca gccatgtgca ccccacatgg ttcccagttc    181440
     agggaggtgg cacacaggag cccttagtct ctcagcccta gagcccaggc ctgacaggga    181500
     ggtgggctgg ggaatcacag gggctgccaa ctggaggtgt gggaggtggg gcgggtggca    181560
     cctgtacttg ttggggaaca tccgctcgca atccttgcac tcatgcgctt gcccgtcgct    181620
     gcccacgcca aggccctcgg gcttgagttc ctcccctagg ccctcgtaga gctgggctcc    181680
     tgcagagctg cacgcgtact tcttgtggcg cctcaggtcc agcctgcact ggaagagctc    181740
     atcacactca tcacagcgga atgtggggtc ctctgcaaga cagagggcaa agaggtgggc    181800
     cagagagcca gacacccacg cctggatcca caggggacca cagagaccca gcccatcccc    181860
     attgcctgcc tccccagggc ttccatccac cctgggctac tcctaaccag cttccttcca    181920
     gcccttgtcc tggctgccca ggggtgcaga gatcacagga cagatgaagc cacgcaggag    181980
     gaccccatcc ctccatcgtg gaaacactga gcaaagtcag gctcctccct gcctccctag    182040
     cggccactgt ggattcaagg aggccctgcc tcagagcaga gaaggaagtc aggccaaaga    182100
     gctttgttta tgaattagga ggaaaaaaag aaagaaggca gaactccatc gcatataata    182160
     aattattgtc gtcaaggtca aacaaattaa aggggggcag ctattattaa gtttatgagg    182220
     cagcatcccg agcacagtgc caaagcaaac aattagcctg gagctgtaac cggggcgggg    182280
     tctctgtgcc ctgccccgcc ttcctgcggc tgcaggccct tcagctttca cccctgcctg    182340
     gagagagaac acctgctctc agatctcgca caaagagggc ttatgtgcac atgtgagcat    182400
     gagtgtgtgc attttgggca cactctgacg ttgcatgtgg atgtgcacgc tcacacacta    182460
     ctgtgtttgc gggagtgtct cacacgaact gcatccatgt ttgcaaagcc acatgtggac    182520
     gagagtgcgt gcctgggcat ctgcactcag acattagtat gtgtacatct gtgtgcctac    182580
     ttgtcagtgt gggtacatgt ttatgtatat aactacatgt gtgatgtgtt agcatgtttt    182640
     tatatttgaa cacacatgta gcatatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atatatatat atatatatat    182700
     atatgcatta aaactgggca tgtatgcatt cacgaacacc tatgtgtgat tctgtatatg    182760
     tctgtttgtg ggctatgtgt gcacgtgtgt atgtgttcta cacatctgaa gacacagatg    182820
     attatttgtg aggtgtttgt gtgtacatgt atgcatctgt gaatatgcag gtctatgttt    182880
     gcatgtgtgt gaatgggcat gtattaggga tctgcatttg tgtgtgaata tgtgcacctg    182940
     tgtttatgaa tgcttgtatg tgggaggtat gcttgcatct gtgtgcatgt gcaactgtgt    183000
     gggaaggtca taaggactgg cctggtaccc ggcactgagc agggacttac gtcagggcag    183060
     gggcgggcgt gctgctcccg accccacttc tcaccagaga gagactccca ccataaccac    183120
     agaatgtttt ccgtctctgc aggacatggt tcgcttctct gtgcccggaa caacatggag    183180
     ttttgaggag ggaacctctc ctccatggaa gcgtcgtagt cctgggctgt atccggcaat    183240
     cctaacaccg ggtcccctgc agagccaggt gtcagaggca cagctgagcc tatgcactga    183300
     tacccatgtg acaccatgct tactggtcat atctgggtgg cagggaacgg acatgtgtat    183360
     gcttagggat gactgggtgg acagtacttc tgacccagat aatccaattt ttgccagggg    183420
     ctagacagcc tggcctcact ggcttacctt agccatatct ctttttgggg gtgggggaaa    183480
     tgaaactatg gaaggaagtg ctatgggtcc tttgggtaag tggaattcct tcctacataa    183540
     aatcctgctg tgctgtactg tgctgtgctg tgctgtgctg tgctgtgctg tgctgtgctg    183600
     tgctgtgctg tgctgtgctg tactgtgctg tgctgtgccc ttctctgctg agctgggaaa    183660
     acaaggattg tattcttgcc ttggcttgga gatctccacc cctaacatct ctagggaagg    183720
     ccctgaactc cttcttaggt gtcagagtgg gacaacacaa ctcactgttt ggggtgggga    183780
     ggaggcaggc acaggtgact cacacacaca gtaaccactt tccatgtcta cagaggaatc    183840
     aaatacagtt caaaggagct cttctcagag cagcacggtg tgaaaactgt gaaccgtaat    183900
     aatgcccatg aggaggcttg ctgggctctc tcagggcagg caatatgcca agaccctcca    183960
     cccaaggtgg accctccacc ggaggtggtt agctgtgttg ggggatggct ctgtgcactg    184020
     ttgcagtctg gatgttgctg ttgtcacgat tacctggagc ctctcctgtc tcagagatgt    184080
     ataaaaatca tttccatcat ttctgactag ttagtaaaga gccgattcaa cctatagtca    184140
     gtcaggcaga ggagaataga gcaggccttc tgattccaga gtgttggggg ggggggtccc    184200
     aagcaagaag agagaggcaa gaaagaagag agagaagaag agaaggacct ggaggataga    184260
     cacgcagatc gtcaggggag tcgccatgag gacacacagg gagcagagtg caccagggtt    184320
     gcaggtgaag gaccagacca tgtggctggg aagtccgcag ccataggtgg ttagatagcc    184380
     aaatatctgc ccagcacagt gcctgcagct tgttaatgaa cttattaggt ctctgtgtca    184440
     ttcattcaat agctaaaacg ggctagagca ggcacggaaa cgccctgttg ttactcggga    184500
     gcaaacgtgg gtgaagagaa atcccacgga atcacttgtg cacagctgta gttggccttt    184560
     ttcactattt gggagtgaga tgcagggtac cagggctctg acttcccaca gagggctatg    184620
     agggcaacag tcagatccta tgagaattcg aaggtgttca cgccacccct ggtcttcaga    184680
     gtaaaaaccg cacaagaaag gaccccatgt ctgggcaccc caggtatatg ctatcacaga    184740
     atccgtgtgg ctctacagag ctgctcctga gaaccaaaag ggaatggacg tgaggatccc    184800
     ggagtcagga atgagacatg cttgtgtctg tcagtctttc tagactcaga gagtctctgt    184860
     agttaacgag gaacctgaca tcactagcca tctctctcgc tggccaaggc ttatggttct    184920
     gactgggaat ttggccttaa aaactatttt atttttaaat taaatttaaa aagttgtctt    184980
     taggcagcgt cttaccatgt agccctgctt ggcctagaat tc                       185022