ID   AL627105; SV 13; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 190882 BP.
AC   AL627105;
DT   15-OCT-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 24)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-383D12 on chromosome 4
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-190882
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Griffiths C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 376fb5c821d2ae0a74973c546f50dca3.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456106.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028703; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028706; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028707; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000063882; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028613; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028617; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028574; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028578; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028523; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028528; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028595; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028599; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028309; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028313; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029036; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029040; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027743; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027747; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028276; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028278; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028280; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028424; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028428; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028392; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028396; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028526; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028530; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028419; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028423; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029073; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029077; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027469; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027471; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027473; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027822; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0027826; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL627105.13:1-190882; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000030471; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000030474; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000030475; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000050580; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000064806; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000084338; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000124071; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0067096; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0067118; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0067157; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0067179; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0067052; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0067075; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0067076; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0067098; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0066742; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0066764; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0067557; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0067579; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0067117; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0067139; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0066689; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0066700; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0066711; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0066825; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0066847; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0066751; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0066770; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0066923; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0066945; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0066736; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0066758; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0067742; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0067764; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0066665; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0066676; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0066687; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0065935; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0065957; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A0A0MQ81.
DR   GOA; Q8K1C9.
DR   GOA; Q91ZK4.
DR   InterPro; IPR001356; Homeobox_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR003654; OAR_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR009057; Homeobox-like_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR017970; Homeobox_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR023184; Ubol_cytC_Rdtase_hinge_dom.
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DR   MGI; MGI:1913826; Uqcrh.
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DR   MGI; MGI:2153518; Dmbx1.
DR   MGI; MGI:2441984; Lrrc41.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q8K1C9; LRC41_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q91ZK4; DMBX1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0A0MQ81; A0A0A0MQ81_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q9D2Q7; Q9D2Q7_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-383D12 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..190882
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-383D12"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    77720..77879
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    95180..95256
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Reads generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    95186..95201
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    95515..95797
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Reads generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    134309..134309
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data."
SQ   Sequence 190882 BP; 52096 A; 46086 C; 44255 G; 48445 T; 0 other;
     gaattccaag atgcccactt ctgaatgtca cgaggcctct gagcccaggg ccctttttga        60
     gtcctctttg gggtccaaga acctagccct gaaaggggag gctgctgtgt gtgaaagggc       120
     agccccttgg atgggtgtgt gggagtagct gtgggtgtat gaatgacagg gctggtgtag       180
     gacctcacgc aggcagcagg acagcatctt cacaagtaca gaactatcac caaggagctg       240
     ttggcccaag ctggcccttc tctcaagaga ttcctgtcta gagaggggcc ttacccctac       300
     ctctgagcat tcagtgggct gtctggatgg gagtaaatcc ggaagaatgt gtttctgggg       360
     gtggagcagc tatgtgggag cgtctagatg gcagactgca ggttgtgtat gatatttgta       420
     gggggtgtat gcacacatga acgtgagatg cagagagtgt ggctcaattt ggaagtcagc       480
     atatggggcg ggagcttagg atgtatgtgt gtaatgggtg tataagaatg catgcagtcc       540
     ctgactgctt gcttaggagt cccaaagggt tctcaggtga agggctccac ccccaccccc       600
     accccccact gcatccccca ggcctttgtg aggccaatgt ccccttggag gcacattcct       660
     gctcaccaca gggtgggcag agccacagag caacctgcta ggctgctggg gtgatcccag       720
     gccagcggtg tcaggttccc tgtgccccag ccttccctct tcaaccctct aagagccttt       780
     gttggaagtt cagacaaact tgtcaggggg gcgggcagga ggccggctcc taatcggctt       840
     tcccagaagc aaaggagaat gagagattag gggttggggg ctctagccca gtgcagctct       900
     gtgggaaaga gatggggaag ggttccccag ccctaaaagg gaccatctcc aggccctgtc       960
     agcaggcgtt ccttccacca gagctgagga atggactcct aatctgaaag aacacttcaa      1020
     ggccaagcct taagcaaaag tgaaactcca gattacactt tgaggaaacc tatcttgccc      1080
     attcggtcct ctttaatact ggttggtggg ggcggatata cttctgctca gcttctgtcc      1140
     cctcaaatgc cttcttactc tttacctcat ctgagtctcc tgtgaagcag gctagacatg      1200
     attggcagct cccattccac agaggaggaa gctgagggct ggagaagagc ccacagtaaa      1260
     cagcaagttg aggtgccttt gctctggctc tgtcacaacc agcatttcct ggaggtcctg      1320
     gtctcagact tctctgtatc atttcattca gtcaaatggc tcccgtggcc atctctgggt      1380
     tggcaaccac cgaggttaag agtataaatt tcaaggttag ctgggtcctg ggtaactcgg      1440
     ttttttcatg gatcaggtga ggatgataat aatacttaac ccacagagtt gcggccagat      1500
     taagtggagt gtttaaagga tgcatagcac gaagaacctg ttggatcaag tccataccaa      1560
     caacaaaggc cacgctacca tcttccccta aatataggaa aggctcctcc tacatgccaa      1620
     caagaccaaa ctaagctcag agtcatccca ggtccagtag agtagggtat ccatctacct      1680
     tgtagctgag ccaaagacct aggagcacct agggtcttcc tatcctgctg ttaccatggt      1740
     gattttacat cccaaaccac tcattaatca gcccttctcc tcagctcttg tagaccagat      1800
     tgatgctact gtctcaatgt atgtatgtat gcatgtatgt atgtatgtat gtattgtatg      1860
     tattgtatgt attgtatgta ttgtatgtat gtatgtcagg atgtagcaat ggccacctct      1920
     ctcactccat ctagctcctt gttatgaccc actatgtaca aagcacgagg agtatgcaat      1980
     tatttaaata aaagacagac ctcttcactc acccaatttc caaaatccca ggctctagcc      2040
     ctagggcttg actctaaact cagtttcctt ttgttgttct ttctagactt ttgttgttgt      2100
     tttgtagctg aggtggcctc ccccttctcc catgtgctga gatctcaggt atacagcagc      2160
     atgcccagct tcttagtttc ccttcccacc ttcatctgtt gaccccgccg caccgtccta      2220
     cagtcccacc ctgccccttc cagtcctgca acttggatgg actgtgcctt tcctaggacc      2280
     ctttgctctt gaattcctaa gaagcgcctg acatatgggg ctcaggtcat gtccttctcc      2340
     taaagcacct atccgacctc cccatgctca actaaggaca ttctctgttg ccagttcctt      2400
     atttttcaaa ctctgagtca ccccaagctg cgattgtcag ggcacgtttt taatgcttgc      2460
     ttctctatac ccagcatcca gcatgggact aggcattcag caggtgatca gtcaatgctg      2520
     acagaatgag tgagggattt gaactgcagt gttaccagac aagcttcgtg ccagggaagg      2580
     tgtgtccctc aaagctgaga tatgtaggaa gcactgggtt gctgagggcc tgggtaagat      2640
     ctgtgggaga tttggggtga catttgatct gtcagggagg taaggggggg taatcctcag      2700
     ccccacttgg gagaggaatg cagctcctgg ggtcacaatg acctgggaag tagtgaggtc      2760
     aggacccacc ctggaaaatc cagtagatag cctatctgca aactctccag gcctgttggg      2820
     gttctcctac caagaaggcc tgacagaggg aggtcccagc cccaggtcca tccaaaagct      2880
     cctcctggca atgggtcccc ttgcagacat gctggaactc aaagaaggaa gataggatca      2940
     gtgtgatgag ggacaaagaa tggagatgtc tggtactctt ttgttgttat acttgaaaca      3000
     gggtctctca gtagtcctgg ctgtcctgga gctcactacg tagaccaggc tagcctcgaa      3060
     ctcacagaga tacacctgcc tctgcctcca gagattaaaa gacatgcacc atcatgccca      3120
     gctttctttt tttttttttt tttttttcct tgaaataagt aggggaagca aagatttcac      3180
     accacaaact tctgaactgt atgcttttcc tatggctacc acctacatac cctgtctcct      3240
     ggctttcact ctttcctgct catccggaag aacacaaata ccagtcagta ggcccttgag      3300
     gtcacggcac aggtccccat tcctacacat ggacttccaa caacatatac acacgtgacc      3360
     ttaccactgc agcaatcccc tctccatgtc ctgcatgcct gcctctgata acaaagaact      3420
     caccgcactc aaaggcccct gttccaccag agagcagctc tggacttttg tttttctttg      3480
     tttaataaac tttattatta agaaaaacct cttgcaaata aataaaaaca tcacacacca      3540
     aaatcaacaa agtcgttttg tttgtttgtt tgttttctta gacaagtctc acgtagcctg      3600
     ggtggttggc cttcaaaatg ctcctgcctc ctccaccttt caagtgctgg ggttacaggt      3660
     gtgtgtcacc atgcctagag attcaaatgt gccttcctag tattcagctt tgattctggc      3720
     ctgcttggca ctccatagat tatccttccc tctccacctt gcagaactat catccccctg      3780
     gtcacctggc ccaggttgcc ctctcacctt aggtgaaaca ccccccctcc cccccccaaa      3840
     aaaagctcag aaaagacaga gctgttccca gtgacttctc caatgtgact caccagctac      3900
     agacaagagt catagagagt gacgaaaaac cagcagagaa gccagctgct acaggtgggc      3960
     cagcattgta tcccgtcagc catggcgaga ctctgaaaca ccatctacca tttagcccat      4020
     ggtaggcatc tctgggaatg aagatggatc aagggctgtg ctgccaggtt ctcttttatt      4080
     agccaattaa gacaacgaac aggtcacaaa gtcacaggaa gtaaggccaa aagactgaca      4140
     gatatacagg acagagattc atgctgtgct acgcagggga caggacgagg gaaagtgaga      4200
     ggtttgagtt ttgcttcatc aactaacaga ataaataaat acaatacacg gtgttttgtt      4260
     ttttgccaag gctttgtaca acctctaagc acaagtggtc acaaaacagc tggtttgaaa      4320
     agcagtctat acagccagtc agcctctgca tagaaatggg gacccaggcc cctgaaccat      4380
     gctctaggga aatgaggaag cagggcaaag gagacctcaa acagagcaga gacatacagg      4440
     actcttccta gaagggcttg taagggttta atccttgggc tctctgccct aagtgaccag      4500
     caggcctgag agagattcca tcagcagtgt caggaaggtg ggctcaccca caatttcttc      4560
     aaagaatcgt gccctctaat cctcctaaga agacatggtc atgaagataa aacccacgtg      4620
     tgtcttccct cccttctctg gccttgggga tttgggtcag cacatgagag aacacatgac      4680
     aaagatctaa gagagtttag aaaagcctgg gatagaccag gctcatgtca tgaccagata      4740
     tgacctcagg tggccttgct ctttaggagg ttgggaaggc ttctggaaat ggtaataccc      4800
     agaagtgtta gatcccaagt cccagtgaca atcagtcatt tgcacccagg aatagaaaga      4860
     cagtttcagc cctgcgcctg gttccagatg agacaataca gaaacataat ttcttgaagc      4920
     tgaccacaat agggtaacca tggatcgatc actgatccct ccctaaccca gaaccccctc      4980
     atctccctaa ggatttgcta acctctcatc tccccgtcca agtctctcct cctctgatgt      5040
     tcgcagattc tagaacccag gaagataccc cttcttaaga aaccctcaac tgactttggt      5100
     gctgctgcgt gaaagtggga atgtgagact gcgtcctagg ctctctgcct cacctctcac      5160
     gaggccagtc accttgtgtt ccgtggctca cttctcctgt ttctttcttt catgctttcc      5220
     tgtctcactt tttactggct aaaaccttct cctaccccag tccagactga cattactaag      5280
     gtgagcacta ttggctctgt aggccagtcg tgccaggcca ccactgtgtg ggcgtggggt      5340
     tgagggttct gtggcgagcc aaagggttgc ggaatcataa ccacgaatct attcaagtaa      5400
     tcttgcccac ccctcaccat gggcagggga atggagtagc cccccccccc aaggctcaca      5460
     ctggaatcca agaaaaatag gatcaaatcc agattgtcta acctaaaaag gagccattta      5520
     catttactgg gaaacagagg cagtatccac agagatcttc aggtatgcag gactcactgt      5580
     tcctcagcaa aacaacagta atgttctaac ttacaaactg ggcttctcta agtgcttatg      5640
     ctgcagttat tattattaaa cttaattaaa gcctctgcca tacaaggttg tggcatagaa      5700
     cactgggtgg ttggaaatgg acagaatctt ctaaatcatc ttatccagac aagacagtcc      5760
     tagcaagctt gaaagggcgt ccacagagca gggttgccta gacatagaag aacacaccct      5820
     gccatgccag tgactaacga gacagaagcg cctactccca caccggcctc tgcaacagga      5880
     agccaagtcc tgagaccgta tgtagccata agggttcact cactgagaag ggattctaga      5940
     accctgcaat gaggtctctg ttctactgcg gctgcccctc tgcaatctgg gagcgggtac      6000
     ttccaagcaa agaaagagaa gaaaaggtga ctgtgagccc ctcctaatat ctggagatgc      6060
     tgtggggtta gagctacctc ctgcctgttg ctcctgggtc tccaagtagg actttgatga      6120
     atcttggggc atggaatgga agagttgcct agagagagtt caggttaagg gaggagatag      6180
     ccaagcggag cagaagagaa acaggaagaa acaaaatgac taaaaccaaa acaaaaaaca      6240
     acaacaaaaa caaaaacaaa aaaaaaacct acaaccccca aaagaaacac tgtttgagaa      6300
     tactggacaa taataaagcc agcaccaaag gccaagggta ggtagaggga cagggatcaa      6360
     gacagaggca gtggggctgc aggggagggg ggatcaggag aaaaaggagg atgagagaga      6420
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaatct gctggagtga atctcagggg      6480
     caagggtagt ggcgatgtga gaacagggaa agggggcctg gggcaggcag tgcctgaaaa      6540
     tatagtttta tatatttata tttatatctc acattccaca cttcaactta ctaacggggg      6600
     gggggggagc aggagggagg aggcaatact gaagaggggg tgtagccagt tgctcccctc      6660
     ctccccattt gacctccatg gggtccaagc agggccatgc agagggtgtg tgggtttcac      6720
     ttgggattgg gactttgaat aagggagaca aggtgaaagg actccaggcc ccagcatccc      6780
     tgggctctca aagttagttc taggagaact tggagagcct tctgagaata accatgggac      6840
     cgagacaggg gtacacccaa gaccatggtt gggttagaag ccagacagtc aattggggag      6900
     tgtatcgagt cccagggatg cggcgtgctg cttggcccgg aggcgaaggt tttcaatgct      6960
     cgtggtttta ctgttcaggg cagcggaggc aggtgccagg cctgtggggg gcgccggcag      7020
     caatggggac ccccacacac cctggtgggc agcagcagct gctgacaggg attggtaata      7080
     ggactggcag tgtagggagc tcaatggggc catgttgacc cctaggtagg gcacggcagc      7140
     cgccgcagct gcagccgccg caggtgcggg accgcccact tcaaaagacg agtagtgcat      7200
     caggttgttg gtggccgcca tatgctggcg gaactgctcc tgcagacgga agaggctgag      7260
     tggggatgag gagtaggagt gggaaggacc aaggaggccg ccccctgggg ctgcgggcgt      7320
     tatggccagg ctgcctgggg aatctgcaag cagaggacac aaaacaagta ctcagaacaa      7380
     gagaactagg ctcggaggag aggctcgctc caatcccctg aatcaagcag tgaacatagt      7440
     ctggctagaa ccatcaccac cccatgtcag ccagggcatc ctctgaagtg accctcagaa      7500
     ttgggttggg agggacttag agaagctgca gggtttctcc tacctgggca cccatgcccc      7560
     agttccctga ggaatgcctt aatcttgtcc aggagtaagc aggactctaa tcttctctcc      7620
     ccagccctca gctcaaaggc cttctgtcct ccttgcctag cttagggttt gtgtctggat      7680
     atacagctcg ccagcgctct gtttcttctc accctggcta gggggagggg ctccagccca      7740
     gagcagctct ggggagcaga gatggatgtg cctagtcctc gaaagaacca tcctgggcca      7800
     agagtggtgg cgcacacctt taatcccagc cttctggaca cagaggcagt tggactctgt      7860
     gagttcaaag ccagcctggt ctacagagga agttctaggt cagctagaat tacataatga      7920
     gaccctcttt aaaaaaacaa aacaaaaaca aacaaaaaac catcctgcta gggagtggtg      7980
     gcacgggcct ccaatcccag catttggaag acaggggcag atggatctct gtgaggtcaa      8040
     ggccagcctg gtctacaaat caagttccag gacagcttgg gttacacaga gaaacactat      8100
     ctcaaaacaa aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaaaaagaag acgtatcctc tagaccctct      8160
     cagcagatct cctttccaca agagcgccta atggactaga cctctgggat gaaaaagcat      8220
     aggccagggc tggtgagatg actcagcggg taagagcact gactgctctt ccaaaggtcc      8280
     ttgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg ggtggctcat aaccacccgt aatgagatct      8340
     gatgccctct tctggtgtct gaagacagct acagtgtact tatgtataat aataaataaa      8400
     tctttaaaag aaaaaaaaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaagaaaga aagcataggc caagtcctga      8460
     tagaatgttg agtcagggtg aaatctgctg taacgggaat atcaggtacc agcgtggtat      8520
     ccgcccaaca tacactggta tatctgcact ggttgctaaa tattgaaata actgtaataa      8580
     ttcataaatg gtgaaagaga tttagtcagt ccctcacctg ttccgttctc aacctccctg      8640
     cctcccatgc tctctcctgg aacctcatct agaagatcta tttagacctt tctatggctc      8700
     agtaactaaa gggtggacat gggtcacagg tctgcagtag ccagtcacgc ttctgaatgc      8760
     cagccagtgt ttgactctcc tgctttgatc caggtcacat actcagagtg ctggatttgg      8820
     ccttctctga cctgtggtcc cactctgcct gcagcacaca cacacacacc ccttcccgcg      8880
     cgccctgaat ccccagcccg ccaaacctca cctgccttag ggctgcccct cttgcagccc      8940
     ggcaccttgc tctcagatcc agggctcttt tcagctttgg gctcctcggc acgggagtcc      9000
     tcttcacggt ccagctgatc ttctggggca gactcgctgg ctgactgctc cgacaggctc      9060
     agttgaagtt cagcaggagg atcaccactg ggcaaaccag gaggctgttc tgtttccagc      9120
     tgcgtgtctg aggctggggc ctccaccttg ccttctccgt gggaaccctc ggcctccttc      9180
     tgtttctgga gctgctcttt ctgcaggctg cgctgcttct ttcggaactt ggccctgcgg      9240
     ttcttaaacc acacctgggg gccatggaga ggagcagtca ggagaggaaa aattgtaccc      9300
     tgggtgataa tcctccctaa cccaacgcca tctatttttt gaaataaaca tgagagaagt      9360
     agacatgtat ctcagcactg ccccagtaga cactgactcc tggacaactg gacaccagct      9420
     ggatggctag cacctatctg caagatacag ttgggagagc cggaccctac ctgtacacgg      9480
     gcctcaggaa gattggtaca catggccagc ctctcgcgca tcaccacatc tgggtaatga      9540
     gtcttttgga aggtcttctc cagggcctca agctgctggg ccgtgaacgc cgtgcgactc      9600
     cgacgttgtt tacggtgctg ggagccatag cgggcctcca agatgatgtc ttgaaatgta      9660
     cagccgttgg agggcaagca gagaaggccc atttaattat gggaaataag ctttgaacct      9720
     gactttgctc tgacccactt tggacaccca aacagccgtc agagctgacc cctggtcctt      9780
     ggaaattacc catcctctct cactggctgg gatcggaaat ttttctaacc tgtcaacagc      9840
     ctccattctg ggcactatga cttcctagca ccagacgctg aggcttgtct taaggatgac      9900
     ttaggggaag gctgactggg cagagaccta gtctctgtct ctcacattca atcccatcct      9960
     cttcccttgt ctatgcgtct ctggtagaaa gacatgagat ttctggtctc gtttgctaag     10020
     cagaaagctt agccctggca gggcccacag cacatgggaa aggcttatca cacccagcct     10080
     tgactctctc tgcctcttca ggggaagaga acaaatcccc acactgcaag gttggactgg     10140
     agtaccaaag ctgatgaacc atcaatccta taggcttgcc cttgtgtttg gtaacatgaa     10200
     aaacagccaa gatggtatct ctctcaggct agtgtgtagc tcttttctct tctgcttgcc     10260
     tggtacctgg gctgtaaggt cctatcacac acaaaaaatg gaccgtgtca atgctagaag     10320
     gagctcaaat tgtttttgcc tctgaacagt accacagagt cctcttgtac tccagggttg     10380
     ggaaactttc tacaaaaccc taaaggagaa atgtactgga aaccctagac tttgagatac     10440
     ttctccagtt taaagaatga ccctttataa cttattccaa tcttagccca ggcagacctg     10500
     aagtcacaag tgttaccctt gagcaggaaa gagagtgggg accacttagt cacacccatt     10560
     ctagtggaga gacagcatct cagcatcaga gcagtagtgc tagctccaag gactacaagg     10620
     agtggggtgg ttaagaggag accaggcttc ctcatacagc acctgccatg gaaggcaaga     10680
     tttctataag aacccctaca agggctcatt tcctccttaa aagttggcca tttggaagtg     10740
     ggctaaacac cctaattcct ctgttcctat cagtgtgcat gagcctctgt cccgaatcct     10800
     ctctgcgata tagtccttga gctaaatgtc actggcacaa tggacaaaag gaattcactc     10860
     caaacgaggg aagtagccat aactggggca ggtctacact gactaccacc acactggaca     10920
     ctaatgtcta cactgatcca aaaaggcaac cagggactca gttgttcaga ggcccagcaa     10980
     ggtctaaaga agtagggctg gctgctatgt cttcctgcca ggctggtatc ccaaggtagg     11040
     catggtcctc agaccctctc ccactcctgt gcccagtctc ctgatgattc ttcccccttg     11100
     tggagctttg aaaagtctcc tgcctcctgc ccatcatgct gccctgagct gtcccacgct     11160
     gactcaggtc atcatgtcct cttatggatc tacggacact cggtcttcca aggagttcta     11220
     tgcaatccct tacaactacc gggcatggac atgggcccta tgcaactgaa caggtttgga     11280
     ctgggacatc gtgaactggg cagcatcact tcccaggaac tctatagcct actgtctatg     11340
     tcattaactc ctgctcatat ccattgttat ttctggatat agaccggact gaagactcgc     11400
     tttgtcccca gctggtagca ctagtaaaag gtgatttgat catgaaactg ttaaccttat     11460
     caaggggttg atccattgat ggactcatgg ctaaatggct gctaggacct aaggctaagg     11520
     tggaggaagt gagcctctgt gggtgtccgt gactccttcc ctcctctctg ctttctgcct     11580
     tccataaggt gaacagcttt accatgcatt gcactctctg acatgatgct caatacaatc     11640
     tcacagcaag taatgccagc caatcacagc ccaaaacttg taaatctatg atccaaaata     11700
     aaactcgtct cttcttaaat tgtccctccc catatttcat cacagtcacg gaaaagctgg     11760
     cactgacatc atctgagagg tgaccaggag gacaaccgaa gtcagcttca gcctcaggcc     11820
     tctcttaagt gcctgggact tgctttgggc attgagtact gatgactgca agcattgcca     11880
     tgattcactg accacttcct gccatctatc ctagaactac cactaggtcc caaggggaga     11940
     ggtgaatgta cagatagata gctgagtaca agtctgacct catacggtca tgttccaatc     12000
     cccagacgct ccagtactta ttctctctga gctgaagttt ctttgtctat aaaatgaagc     12060
     agtgaccttc ttcttggggt ttgaatacag gtagagagaa aaagagaagg ggggtggatg     12120
     gagatccaca cagtggcctg gcaattaacc ggtattcaaa ccatgagaac catcatctgt     12180
     atctccccat gttcagtctt ctcccaaggc acccagtcct ctcccatcta cttcccagag     12240
     aaaggtccct gggccagtcc tgtacccgct gccttagcct atctatgagg cagggctaat     12300
     gagcacctcc tttaaaggtt tgttatagga aaccaaaagc tgaggtagct ccaggaccca     12360
     gcacagtgct ggcaagcgag cagtattctg cagatactcg cacagatgtt atgtaaatgt     12420
     gcgaccagag ccagcacagc atagtcatca gttactaagt gaccaagggc tttctaagta     12480
     cctaaaataa gctgctcaca cagccctccc ccctttacct ttcataacct ccttattttg     12540
     gtcccccagc atcttgcttc cacggccagg tccccagggc ccttaccagc taggcgctca     12600
     gccaacgtaa gcgcatgcac tgatggccgg tagtcggggg cgtgctgggc ctgctgggct     12660
     gcctgctggt gcaggttgta catggcgctg agtgagttca tagcgtgcag ggagtagcca     12720
     ttcaccccat agtgctgcat ggcggcatcc gcctgcaggt gggaagacag agaaggatta     12780
     tgaggcgtgg ctgttgaatt ctatcctggg agagacatca gcccccaccc agacctcacg     12840
     tccactttac caagggcttc tacccgagac cagaaggtgg ccttgtcttg cccacagagt     12900
     gggcacttat tcttccattc accccttcat ccagtggttc actttgcagt cagatggctt     12960
     gggctggaat cacagctttg gccttcagag ctttgcgact ttggacaact cacccaactt     13020
     ccctgaccct cattcagttg ctgtctccag aaaaggtcac taacagtagg actaagcacc     13080
     gaccagggtt actgagaact aagaaaaacc ttttcaatat ggcctggggt actatgtgct     13140
     caaaggtgtc ttagctgggc ttggagcccg tttggttagt cacagcactt gggcatggag     13200
     acaggaagat caggagttcc atgttatcct cagatacaga gcaaatttga ggccagtctg     13260
     gactacatga gatcctgtcc caaaataaaa caaacaagtt agtctttgag actgcccaat     13320
     ccgttttctg cattatttgg ccctcttcgt tgaatccccc aggcgctcac gtgtacagcc     13380
     attggcttac tcacacaggc aactcactca ttcaaccaac accattgcat tgcatttccc     13440
     tggagccaag tccccagctg gattccccac tgaggcattt gctctgatga gagagtaatt     13500
     taaaacccta ctctgcttca cagacataaa actatcactc tcgctgccat tcactgccat     13560
     taccgccttt attctcacaa atccccaaaa agcaagcaag ccaagaacca caaaccccat     13620
     cagcagacgc agagaaagaa gaatgctgtt aaggcaatgg tcaactggag acctgccctg     13680
     cgacacatca ctggggttgc tttcttctgt agtcaattac ttcaagaaag atgtgtcaag     13740
     gaacatgtct ctcccagtga gatgtcttgt atgagcaaga ggctgtccag gccccgtcag     13800
     ccctaggtca cctctgaacc ctgctgtctc atctgaaccc tcagcctgca tcagcttgaa     13860
     agtggctttg aagtgacatc acttttggaa agtgactcca tgtttgtagc cacccaaagg     13920
     cacaaaggag gtgtgtttat tccctggata ttggaggtgg aagggaaagc tgagttgtaa     13980
     tgcaggttct tttcttaggg gtacatgacc aggtgtatca gctccccatt cttacagaaa     14040
     aggatggtca catgcttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcatgtg tgtgtacaac caaacatcca     14100
     cagcatgcat acaagcacag acaatcccat acagacactg ttggcaaagt cttcgcagaa     14160
     gctatcttac atgcacagaa ttcaattcaa tgtcacacaa acatttccat agaggtctac     14220
     ccacacagca gatacaccta tacacaggca ctataccaca cactgtacat ttgtttaaca     14280
     actacttatt aaacacacac ctaccaagta ccaatgcccc taactccatg gagtttacat     14340
     ttcagggaag taaggataaa attaaaatga tataaatatt ctaggtctga catcgcagtc     14400
     tgttctctca gctatctaga gactcaggcc tgggatcaga ttcaaggtca tgcttggcaa     14460
     cttggaaaag ctttgtcttt ttttaaagaa tttttttatt ttatgtatgt gagcacactg     14520
     tagccgtctt cagacacacc ggaagagggc attggatccc atgacagatg gttgtgagcc     14580
     accatgtggt tgctgggaat tgaactcagg acctctgaaa gagcagtcag tgctcttaac     14640
     cgctgagcca tctcttcagc ctgaaaagct ttgtcttaaa atggtggtgc atgtagttca     14700
     ttggtgtggc acttgctcag cataagtgcg tataatgatg ccctaggcct cagtcttggt     14760
     ccccagtgta gggctccctt ccttcttccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccgtgtgtg     14820
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg cgtgtgcgtg tgcgtgtgcg tgtgcgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     14880
     tgtgtgtgtg tgattaaaca tacatgcaat gtgtcaggta ggaacaaatg ttctgaatga     14940
     gtcagggaaa gagaatgaca agaaagagag ggaaggttat tttagagatt cttctatgat     15000
     ctaatgcaag gtaagccgtg tgaagctcag ggaacagcct tccagaccaa aggatcagta     15060
     aggacagagt tcctaaagtg caaacaacac caagtctatg agtcaacatt aacaccaggg     15120
     tctggaactg gcgaggtagc tcagcagttg agagcacttg ttcttgcaga agacccatgt     15180
     cttattccca acacccgcat ggtggctcac aaccatccac aaccatccag acatcccacg     15240
     ccctcttccg gcctctggag gcacagggca cgtgtaggca aaacattcat acatataaaa     15300
     taaaacctaa aaagggaaaa caaaagaaca caaggtggtg gaggagacag caagcagacg     15360
     ggttgaggat ggagagaaaa tggctgtgtg ggtaggctgc tgggagacct cttggtctgt     15420
     cataaggagt ttgtttggtt ttttgtcttt ggttggttgg ttggttggtt ggtttttttt     15480
     tgtttttgtt tttgtttttg tttttgtttt tgttttttaa gataagtttc tctgtgtagc     15540
     cctggctgtt ctagaactca ctttgtagcc caggctgacc ttgaactcag agatctgcct     15600
     acctgtgcct tctaagtgct gagattaaag gtatgcatca ccacctcctg gctaggagtt     15660
     tagattttta tcctgagtga gggaaagtcc ctagaggatc ttttacaggg aagtaataca     15720
     gtataatttg ggctaggtgt gtgtgtgaat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     15780
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtac acatttgtgc atatgattta ggttaggtgt atatgtgtac     15840
     aaatgcatgt gcacacatgc acaaacgtac gcatgtatgt agaagccaga aatcaatatc     15900
     aggtatcatt cttcaagaaa cgtccacttt ctttttgaga cagggtctct tattggcctg     15960
     tagcttgcca attatgctaa actgggttgc tggtaagtcc cagggaattc atgtttgtac     16020
     agcaagtact ttatggtgcc attactccat tctccataat ttcttaataa agtttattac     16080
     atttttattt atttatgtta tgcgtgtaaa taggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta gttcagagaa     16140
     ctatttgtgg gagttgttct ctctactaag ctacctcaca agtcccagga ggttgctttt     16200
     tgtttgttca tttgtttatt tatttaaagt tcctcatagg ccaaggcata gtagcatatg     16260
     ccttcaacac caatattcgg aaggcagaga caggcagatc tctggccaga tcaggccagc     16320
     cagggctaaa tagtaaaacc ctgtctcaaa aacaaacaaa aagcccctcc acctcactgt     16380
     gtttctgcag gcagaacaga ctggggcggt ggggatgaag aaagtcagat cattgcttca     16440
     aaatcccagg tgttatccat ggtgtcctct cttcgtggga gggcggtgag aggagagaag     16500
     agaccagctt ctagatgtag tctgaaagga gcatggcttc attgctgttg ggtgagttat     16560
     aagatgtgag gaaaggagag caaaggggac agagagaact gtagtttggg gccctagcat     16620
     ctgcgtgaaa tggagtcttt ttcagaatca ggagcactga ggaagacact aaagtaagaa     16680
     ggaagaggat aaaactcaaa tctggaggag ccgtggcaac tgtgaaatgt gaatctaacg     16740
     cccgagtaag aatgcactgg cagctgcgca tggaagtctg cagctggtgg ctgacgtctt     16800
     ccagcagcta caggagccca ctctatgcat cataaacatg agcagaagtc taaggaagag     16860
     aaggaaaggc atgatgctat ccagaggcag accaatctct gtgatctctg tggtctacag     16920
     atcgagttcc agggcagcca gggctattca gagaaaccat cttaacaaaa caaataaaca     16980
     gaccaaacct aagtctaaca ggataagcca cgacgctcaa gacagacaag taacttagaa     17040
     aaatattaga cacactgatg acatagcaaa tgtgaaaatt aaagagaata tctctaaact     17100
     actgtttcat tttatttgag acaggctagc ctcaaattca ctctgcaacc caatctgccc     17160
     ttcactctgc tcctcttacc ttcacctgca tagcacagac ggacttgaac ccacagcctt     17220
     gtgcatgcta ggcaagcaca ctaccagccg ggttgtatct ccagcctgaa tgtatggagt     17280
     tttagtagag aagcaaaagg atgctcaccc tgagaagaaa caagctaaat aaatgaagga     17340
     aaaactcata aagaagcaca agcagccagc tgacatatga caaaatcctt agctatagcc     17400
     acggggaggg gggcagtcac ttattcttca ccaattagat tatcaaatac agagagcaat     17460
     tatcatccag agttactaca cagggaagtg gtaaatggtc cccccctacc ttgctgatga     17520
     ataagccctt tattctctgc atcaaaagcc tccagagagt atatcatctt tcatttaaca     17580
     atcccatttc tacagattta tccctcaagt atgcagagat atgtgtacag gaatatttat     17640
     cacatcactg cttatgatgg caaacaattg gaaagctaac tgtccatcga gaaaggatta     17700
     gctcagtaaa tgaaggtacg gtcacagccc gcaacgaaat tcagcgcaca gcttaaaaca     17760
     atgatatgtg tctatatgtg ctgatgctcg caatatatgg ctggatggaa gaaataggta     17820
     acaaacaggg tgcctgatgg gatctcattt ttgtaatgta tgaataaata tgcataggga     17880
     aaagtctaga aggttctgcc ctgaaatgtt gacagaggtt atctctaaga gatagcagac     17940
     gggattacag gaaatttcca catttatata tttattgtat ttataatctt cttttatcat     18000
     tggtttgggt gtgagtatgt ggagggttat tcatacattc caatggattc agagatggag     18060
     ctaggtttca aagggagttg caagctccag atgaggaagg ggaacacaac ttgaagaaga     18120
     aaaaaacctt atccatcata tttcccagcc ctgtgaccgc aatgtcactt cccaacaaat     18180
     tcggggcttt attgcttaaa agcatactgt tgtatgcagt ggcactttaa ttcacttaat     18240
     ggttgctgat ctcacagttt ttgatgcaca aaaagtcttc tccctggagg tcgggggggg     18300
     gggtaggttt ttctgtgtag ttctggctag tctggaactc cctaggtagt ccaagctggc     18360
     ctgaaactca gaaatccacc tgccactgct tctcaagggc tgagattaca ggtgtgtatt     18420
     cccaccccag cacaaagcat ctacattaag tgagtcaaga tgtacgtaac tcggccccat     18480
     aaacgcctca ccgcagtggt ccctggtccc ccaagcttgc ccatctggct tccccccctt     18540
     tacctctgca tccagcctgg tgctctgcct cttccccagc acccggtact tggccctcct     18600
     tgtcactttc tcccataagc atctccccaa aatacacact ttcctcccct ttaaccgata     18660
     agttcttact tcctccagtc ctggctcaag gactcctcct caggaaggct ctgttcttgc     18720
     aacctatgag aagactgcct cttccttctc caggctccag gtaaaaagga tgacaatggt     18780
     aactacaaca gcttccgttt acatgacaca cttatgctat gcacctcgca tggctctatt     18840
     gtcccctctg ctggggatgt aaccttagat tatgctcatg ctaagcaacg ctctaccact     18900
     aagccatact cccagcatac actgcttttc tgaattctat cacctacgtc agagtataaa     18960
     gacacttcca gttcccacat tagacagctc ctttgtagca gagactacac ctcacacatt     19020
     tctggacacc ccaatttcag cccagattgc cagggtctca cacaaaatca gggctgggga     19080
     gattaggatt tgatgaatga attaatgaca actatttatt aagtagctct gaaatacaga     19140
     catcaccatc aatccttcca atgctataca aggtagaaac tgctattatc cctatcttgt     19200
     atatatggaa atgggagata agaatgatcg tataatttgc tgaggtccaa gctcccagaa     19260
     agtaatggca tgtttccaca ggtaaagttt tcccatgaac ccccaggcat gcagaatcat     19320
     acctcagcat atgcaactcc tcaatttcta tcatctctga ttggatccta agcaacagga     19380
     ggacagtaaa aaaaatgttt attccacacc agcatatatg cttataaatg tgtgtgtgtg     19440
     tgtgtgtatg tatgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtatg     19500
     tgtgtatgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg     19560
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtagg tacatgtatg tgcatgtgcc     19620
     ctttgagatg aggtttgtgt aaggcaggtc ttcctagctc aactcctttc tctgtggtct     19680
     cttattgtta ttttttaaag aatcagttag tttatttctt tatgagtgtt ttacctgcaa     19740
     gtatatatgt gtaccaagct catgcagtgc ctgtggagac cagagagggg attggatccc     19800
     ctggagcagg agttatggat ggctgtgagc cactatgtaa ggtgctggga actaaaccta     19860
     ggtcctctgc aagagcagta gacgccctta atcgcttcac catctctcca gccaccagtc     19920
     gcatattcct ttcctcattc cagctggaca tgaggactcc agcttcctct caggcctcag     19980
     agggatcctt ttctagggat gctagttccc acgcaagctg catacatgtg gtaccacatt     20040
     gtcatatact cataacttat gtcagtacct atgcatgtcc acacatagaa acagcactat     20100
     tgggatccac caaaaaagtg tgtgcgcatc tgtctgaatt ttatgtatct gtctctttta     20160
     catgcctctg cagctaaaca tatctgtgaa cctctgtaca caaatggggt gtgtgtgtat     20220
     gtgtgtgtgc tcgcgcacgc gagtatgaga atgtaaccag agggatgtac tttaaatgtc     20280
     attctaggaa gtaatgtggg ccctatctcc cactgctggg ccaatgtatc acagctcttc     20340
     caattttgaa caggatgtga gacagatcag gaggggggaa aaaagaaatc taggaggaag     20400
     acattcaaca taaaatacat agatttattt tacccttgtt ttttttttct cctgcaacat     20460
     gtagcacaga gcctggtagg catcttggct tagcaaataa taagtattaa atcaatgaga     20520
     attttagatc aagaaacaat gatcgaggca aagccaccat agctcactat gaggcatagg     20580
     aaggaatgac ggttcagaat cccagccctg ctacctgctc cgtctgtgtg aatatgacag     20640
     atggatagag gtttgtgcca tgtggactct tccccaggaa cacagacagc ctggccggcc     20700
     tagagtcttc agccaagccc agcatatgga atctgcccac atccagttgt gagaaccacc     20760
     taggtgaagc tctgcagagc ctgctggagt ctctaaactg gagcctgcat gctgagcccc     20820
     aggctgggcc ttgcatgggc tcagcccact gcacactcca aacagaatca attatatatt     20880
     taaaaggtgc cgccctgcaa ttcctggcga gccaggagag ccatccatca tggtgcggcc     20940
     gcgtttcaca agctgtcgaa ttgtgcttac attggttaaa agaatcttta tatttcatta     21000
     agcaagcaga tcggcggatc tcccgccaca ggcgccatat agatggcttt aattttccaa     21060
     atctgcaaat gcatccgtta tgtccccgcg tcgctgctgg ctgcggccta atgcccagcc     21120
     aatcgaagaa tcaagcagaa ttttattagg gggcattttt tataaattaa cggcagcact     21180
     cccaggaaac cacatgcgaa gcgtctttga ttaaaaggaa agtggagcct tccctcagtc     21240
     acaccctgct ccggccaccc cacaggccgc ctttacctct tttcttcatc gtcgccagta     21300
     gctttccctc gctttcttct cattgccaca cgtgatagaa aacaaggcag aacaactttg     21360
     tttcacagaa agaaaacaag aagtgtggaa accaacactc tgtaagcctc ccttctcctc     21420
     tgccagttcc caggcatcct gaggcctcag taccaatgat ggttgccttt tactgggctt     21480
     cactctgagc caagtcctgg tctatgcatt gtgttctcac tgaagagact tcaaggcagc     21540
     actgttctgt aggtactact gtccctgttt acactgatga gaaaatgaga tttggggaga     21600
     taaaggtccc ctgcccaaga tctcacagct agcaataggt agcaggaggg caggagccta     21660
     agtctctggg gagttattga gcattaattc tagcataagg ccaagaatca ggtaggcacc     21720
     agtgagaact agccctgggc atcaaacatg gagtaactac ctgagtggag cctattgcca     21780
     gggaattctt tccttgagaa acactgctgc tcttttaacc ctggaagctc taggagaacc     21840
     tctcagggga ttaacctctg cagctatcct tcctacttag cagtttgaat tcccaaaaga     21900
     ctttggcact ggaaggtagg aaaacataga aacatgaata tagaacatga ggccagagcc     21960
     cctcctgcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac aaggtcttgg     22020
     actcagactc ggatgtgctc tgtgaccttg gtctgtgtta cctgttctga taagacattg     22080
     actccttggt ctactccaac agagagagaa acctttacca tgaaaactgt gtgagcaagc     22140
     caggcatggt ggcccatgtc tgtaatgata gatagcactt gggagactaa ggaggattgc     22200
     catgaaggtg cttaaactta gacaggccaa acatcttgtg agggaggcaa aagaagagag     22260
     attctgccct gtgtgagtgc ctaagtttat gtgcattgtg gaattagtac acaagatacc     22320
     tgacccatct tctacctcag agtggcttgg cctaagattt tcagttttgt gcccagcacc     22380
     tgccagacac ttggctttgg caatctcatt aatttctttc ccctgttcag ctaggaaggt     22440
     atttttttat tcctgctact ttgcagatga agaactgagg ctaagaaaga gctcactgac     22500
     tgcttagaaa ctgaaacagc tgagtgtgac cccagtaact gccccattcg cacatatgtc     22560
     cttagttctc agtttggagg aaccagcaat gagcatatga taagctgcat gtggagcccc     22620
     tgcctaccca gcccaaagac cctcaggcac aacatctggg tataggtttg gcactgagac     22680
     attccagtta ctcctcagat gttttttgct ttgtaggagc tcagtgatcc ccagatctgt     22740
     cattgcgaac cttcccagcg ccccaatttt taaaatctaa atcaggtact caaaggtggt     22800
     ggaagccctg ggaccagccc catcttttcc ttaccaggca catgattctt ccccactacg     22860
     tttcccacta ggaaatgggg gcaactcatg aatcagtgtg gctaagacca cagggagtag     22920
     ccaaggagac aacctaaaga gagaggtaag aggtaatggc cagaagtgtg gtgtcatttg     22980
     cttcttttgt gtaagagctt ggaggtctgg ggcacagtca cttccctcag accctcactc     23040
     cccgtgtcat cgcctttgca ccactaaccc tttagtaaac atttcatctt atttctattg     23100
     tccatctctc agtcatctct ggaaccagtc aaggccagat ttttcttgaa aagcatattc     23160
     aaattctccg ctgctcctca ctagcccact gcaccattac cctaccgcca gccaaggagg     23220
     gattgttccc caaagccact atgccattgc ctcctgctcc tctgggaata ttgtctcctc     23280
     atcagcatca cttgagaact catggtcctt cttcatatta ggtttagtaa ccttccttct     23340
     ccaggacgcc tctccaatgc tctaggtaga gtcgggtgac ctctttacat ttctgtcaca     23400
     actttacttc aacaaattat atagtttccc atttgcctgt gtctaccaaa taatcacaag     23460
     ttttaccaac catgcttgta gatacctgtt gatacaagtt atataatact ctctacaagt     23520
     agagagagtt gggggttcgg gggtgggaga tagggcttaa ggcaacctgg cctgtcaacc     23580
     cctggaggag ctcagtagct cagaagttta catacatgtt tttgaatcct cactacaaca     23640
     ttgtaattcc cacttactga ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaagcca agatacagag aggtgagatc     23700
     acctgcctgc ccaaagccac atagctaagc agcttaagca atgtggaatc caagaaattt     23760
     gactccacaa tgtgaactca atattcatca gagttctaag tctggccaat atgagttccc     23820
     tctatctcaa ggtctgaatt ccccagctgg tacttggttc ccagaatgca acacagggag     23880
     tatctggcat cgattccaca aataaacgtg gagccactgt ttggcctaca gtgcatttcc     23940
     gtgtggtgag ttgcagtgtg aaggttcagg ttatataggc gttatagctg cgtggatgct     24000
     cgtgtgagag gaaacagctg agacaggcag gagaagaact tggagctcag agcagtgaac     24060
     tggtggcctg gctcctcctt gtcccacccc agcagggaaa atccacagtc cccaccagat     24120
     aaacatcaag ccaccttctg gccgttgctg ttgaggtagc gggatcccag ccatcctcac     24180
     tgtggagcag cctccaaagt gatcctggag ttggagccaa aaaagcacac atgtgggatt     24240
     gaggtatggc tttagcaggg tcagggcagg agaggttcag gcacgctgca ccagaaaatt     24300
     gctcaaagga aaccctgacc agccctctcc gctcaggggg tggaggcagg agaaggatgg     24360
     ggatgtgtct caggatgacc tagcctgctg cccccagaga agctcagtct cttaaagttc     24420
     cctacacaca ctgttatcca ttaacatcca attattcctc ggtccgagcc attaattata     24480
     aatcagccgc taattggggt aattagcccc ccacaggcta atgggccgag actgtgagag     24540
     gcccttttgc ctacagtcct cgattttctg aggtccttaa tgtttagggt gctaagaagt     24600
     cggacggctg aaatttaaaa aagaaaagaa acagcgaaat gcgactgtgg gagggaaaat     24660
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     24720
     gagagagatt tactgacgtt ttggtgttct caattatggt caagcttccg ctcttgaggg     24780
     cgggttggca gacttgacct cagtctctgc gagtaactcc aggtctagag ataactgctt     24840
     gactctgtgc ttcctgtgtc ctctctcaaa gaggcaaaga gagcgggaga ccaggggcat     24900
     ggcacgactg tgttggaacc gaggaccggg tcagatatcc cgctgttcct gggcagaaaa     24960
     gactgctggg ctcgacgggt ttgcccagac cggggagtac cgcaggcgtg ggccgggccg     25020
     ctctggcatc atgcagaccc aagacccaga gcagtcactg tagagtctct ctgtggagaa     25080
     ggttctcctg actgtagaat accctcttgg agaaggtaac tcaagacatc tggtggggat     25140
     tcgcggcaag ggtctgtggt gctagtaccc agcacgcgat tcccgcactg cacgcagatt     25200
     cctgttggga tggaccagtc ggcagccaaa ccctgacagc tggggcgatg gcgcttagat     25260
     gggggttgga gatcgagtga gctccggtga cctaagggca tatggttgcg gcgcgcttag     25320
     agccgttaaa cagaggcggg agtgaccgcg acaggaaaaa gccaagtgtg ctgaccgggc     25380
     agctagggcc gctcttcctt ttgcttacag aaactgggct aaagctggaa tgagggttct     25440
     gccgactcat attgacaacc aggcaggagg accccagctc aaccaaatga agtgttggaa     25500
     aaccagacgg ataatcaaac cgaggggggg agggcagcgg gaggagaacc cagcacagta     25560
     agtacccttt gacaggaggt gaaacggaga ctcgctcaag gtcagggatg aggggtactc     25620
     aaagcaggag gaatttggag gccagaacac aacacaaccc aaagctcctc atcacccctc     25680
     ccacttcgcc agcctgcccg ctcctaatgg ccgtggcgtc gcccgcggcc ttgattagat     25740
     atttattgct gtcatttaca tgggcaccgc ggggcggccg agcgggacgt ggggaaggga     25800
     ctgagccagg gaggaggggg tgtggaatgg gaactcgggc aaggcggaga gtgcctcctc     25860
     caggactatg gctgggtaga agggtagggt gcctctgcca ggctccggag aaagacagaa     25920
     atggagggcg gacaaaaagt taggctccga tgcccttggg ctgtcaaggt gaggtcccaa     25980
     gtccgggctg tctctctgtg cccagtcgcc ccacgggtta tctgcgagtg tcggtgaagg     26040
     cttaacctgg gagtgtgtga ctgtgtctac caggggatac tgagaatttg tgtctagatc     26100
     tttctgcctg tgtgacttca gtgtgccagg tcactataag ccaggagttc cactcggtgt     26160
     ggcagtcaat gtagactaac ccctttctaa tacagggaag tggggggggg agcactacgt     26220
     tatttgggga gtgggattgc tgcagcaact ggatctagtt ttcctcttgc tttcaaagtc     26280
     tgctaggagc cccagcaatc cttccggatc tgtggatctg tcgctcccca acatcccagg     26340
     caccaaaata tcctcagcca aagccagggc ccagtactca tttcagatct agcatgccag     26400
     ccagaggttc ggtggaaacc cccctcccag ctcagtctct gtgtgttcag accacaagcc     26460
     taactccagt tacctatttt aagcagtgaa ttttgctacc atgtggaatc atagtaactt     26520
     gaaaataaca gagaggatta tcaaggggtc ccacaagcac tcacccgtag cccaggaaac     26580
     tgacccctga gccaacagag ccatcctaaa gctcactttc atttggcctt cgcctgggac     26640
     gggtttccaa ttcttcgaac ctttgccctt cagttccact ttcgactgtg caaccaagtt     26700
     cctgcgtcct tgcaggagtc tgtgcccctg aggcctgacg ggatgaggta aggtgaccat     26760
     cccgtcctga gttgcggtgc tttgcttctt atccaaagac tccaacgtag aggagagaaa     26820
     ttggagcaaa ttatctggat aatttgctct cactaggcag caaattttac tttttccccc     26880
     ctgaccaccc acccacatac ataagcacag ctggttaggg aagaagggta atagaaactt     26940
     atctttaggg gagagtgcct tcccccttct aaaacctaga tatgcaagaa aatgaagcgc     27000
     ggattcaaaa aataaataaa aagaaaaaga aaaggaaaga aaactgaaaa cagagctcac     27060
     tgcaacccac ttaaaacgga taggccacag aatttccttg gccagcgccc tatagagaga     27120
     gccaacccgc ctgcgacgca caggatccct ggcacggcac aaaagaagaa aatgacacgt     27180
     ctcccactcc caccttcgcg aggacagacc gggagattct acaatttcca caactacgcc     27240
     tgcaacctca gtggtgcgaa aacagcctgt ttgccccaag gcctatccag taagtaaagc     27300
     cctcagctct ctgcgacgtc cccaaaccca agttgcctac agaaaaccag tactagtcca     27360
     gaagacccct ggcctcccgt ccgtccgctt ttttctaaaa cgaaaaagtc cttctaccgc     27420
     cccaggcaga accctcgctg aggctacact agaggccccg cggattccca gctttggaat     27480
     gttcccaaaa agggaaaggc gaaaggcccg gcctctagat acaattctcc cagagcctag     27540
     ccttggtttc tccgacaagt cactacacaa ctgcaccacc gagagccctc agccccctac     27600
     caggatttgg tccccagatt gataggaatt tgaggaagaa gatgttttcc ccctaagtgc     27660
     tctaaaggca ccgcccgggc cttggaggcc cctgatcagg gtctgggaac ttaagaaact     27720
     tcagccaaga tccagaaagg tccattagag gccctagctt gtcgccgtcc aagatgggtt     27780
     atggccaccg gaatgagagg cccagagagg agagaccctg gcagagccct tcattttttg     27840
     atccctgcct cccaaacgcc gccccagcct gaattccctg ctggagttcg cccgctccac     27900
     gccagctcca cgccaaaaca ggccgtggga ggccaaacga attccagaga actaaggccg     27960
     ttgcggacca aaaacccacc tgaaagatcc taacctgagg tcgtgtctac gagggcagag     28020
     gcaggctaag cgccaaacca ccccggccaa ataattcgtg taaagtcgca atcccaggag     28080
     acaaggagcc ctaggtagcc agaaaggatg aattctgagc taaatcccag tattgcgggg     28140
     tactcgggaa tagggacgct gggaggtgta ggtggccctg cgggatcccg ggcaaggaac     28200
     ctgggcggag gaccgcgccc cctctccagc ctgggccgcg ggctgcgtga cgcctcgggg     28260
     cgcatctgct ctgcattacc ctgactaccc accccccacc cgccgccccc ttccaaactg     28320
     aaaaaggatt tgtctccgct taatatccaa accttttttg tatttatttt ttttcagggg     28380
     cgaagtaata tcttccaaat gaggcaaaac cgtgacggat ccgaagcgtt ctctgcgggt     28440
     gcctgcgtct cgccggccga ggcttccgtc tccgcctcag cgcttttcta cccacgactt     28500
     gccctccttt ctgcctcgga atttctagtt ctttccttct gtcgccctgg cttcgtgtcc     28560
     gaccctgggg atcgctccgc tccctctttc tccccatgga gctccctcct cctgcctcgg     28620
     atctcgtctc ccctaaggct taagtgtctg tcgccttcca agtctctcac cctcttcaaa     28680
     ctttccgatc cgcccaccga ctcccagact acaggaccgc aaacgaggag aaggtccccg     28740
     gagctgaccg cccgagccct cccagtcccg ccgggtccca ggccgctcct ggctgcaccc     28800
     cgccagcccc gcccgctcgc acctggtctc cttggcccgc gccgccgctg ccgctgccat     28860
     ctacgcgcgt ccgggctgga gctggagttt taaaccgcgt ttcccgggcg caaggcgcgg     28920
     ggccgcgcgc tccctactgg cccctgtggc tgccaatcac acgccactct cgccccggcc     28980
     ccgcccagcc cctctggaac atctacgcag ctcaaggcct aggcagcccg ggtcaaacct     29040
     ttagaggaac tagggacccc ggcagcgtcc atcatttccc cgagaatatc gttccgtcat     29100
     tgctggctct ggatcttggg cggtaaagcc gcaggtcaat ccctacggag ttgaggagta     29160
     ctgagaaacc ttcacctagg tctacctggt ctcccttgac cttggggtgc tctgcgatgg     29220
     cttaaggagg gctttgtctc cctccccagc tgtcacaaca aggttgaact gggcaactgc     29280
     atgcttaagc aaccgcaagc gcaagcgcgc gcgcacacac acacacacac acacacacac     29340
     acaaacactt ctggtaccac aacacccgca cgaacacaac ctgcactcag tactcaccac     29400
     ccaagctcaa cccatacagg gtggaacttc cgacagcagg atgctcttgg agagagttgg     29460
     gaggctgagt ctgccgaact cacttcttcg tgcacataca acacacatgc acctgtctct     29520
     gtctccgcgg gagagggaga gagaaagaga aagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     29580
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gcaatgattc acaaagcgga aaaatccctg gatagggttt     29640
     gaggttcttg tcagcctcct tctccttcca ggtgcaactg attcatagga agaggtcgtt     29700
     atgcaggagg ctgtggaacc agagaaggcc ttgtgtgtct gaggtgtgtg ccaaggggtc     29760
     aggtgtcccc gttaatgtgg gaaccttgta gtgcaagatt ggctactgtg gccatgactc     29820
     tgtggaagcc tggaaggctg tgtctatacg acagtggtac ctggagagaa gggtgtgtgt     29880
     tctatgcttg tgtggtcagt actctgtgca aggtgtcttt ggcctcagtg gctgggacta     29940
     gaatgtgttg tgtctttgtt actggtgctc atgtaaccac agtccatgtg taactgtggg     30000
     attttctttg tgtgttggta aagaagcctt gtgtgatttt ttcgggtcaa gtgtaatcca     30060
     ggtgtctgga cagacaggca gctggatcct agttctgaca ttgctcaggt ctacaagcaa     30120
     actctctggc ctagctctga ggaagtgggc tgtttatttt cttgggggtt aaggcatggc     30180
     ggaggttgcc atacttaaca gtagattttt aaatcccagg ctgagttgag agggccagaa     30240
     atgttggcct tggtggaaca gagggagcca ccagcagatt tagaggttgg accgatcttc     30300
     aacccagagt tagaggcagg gcgcctgagg ggagggggag gaggctccaa agaaagggag     30360
     ggggggcata agaggattag gctgcttaga cccttctctc ccaccaggat cccccacccc     30420
     ccacctcaat gctccagaaa agatttcttc tgccaaagca aaaccgttta ggctcgattt     30480
     aaagggacaa aaaaagcgga ggcgggggct ttaaataacc ttttaatttc tcttcaggga     30540
     tctcggacta gtgcagaagg ggagaggaga gaaggagagg gaggggagtg aaggcctgcc     30600
     tctttggctt aggtaatcaa gattgccact gtacctccac ccacctgccc ttcacacaca     30660
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacgcaca tagatcatcc tgaagaaaac     30720
     catagagctt tgcacacaca tatatactta ttctgtcaca caactctggg cacaagtgca     30780
     tactacttga ttaggccaga aatagtactt cccctccccc atccaatgag aaaccttgtt     30840
     ctagtgaggc aagtgtcttc tgtctttatt cagtgaccca gctatactca ccctgcccta     30900
     gctcccctcc ttggacagaa caggggacca ctgggcaagc tgaagggtaa tggctctgtg     30960
     ctgaggagga caaagtggtt gaggatacca cagattccgt gctgcaggct gcaagtgatg     31020
     agcataggac ccaaccaggc acctgcttct ggaaggatct gtttgccaca aactccaatt     31080
     ccccttccta ttcttcttac cccaggctgc caagacctcc atccgttcag tcatcccagg     31140
     tctgtgttag tcagggttct ctagagtcac aggacttatg ggtagtctct atatagtaaa     31200
     ggaatttgtt ggtgacttac agtctgcagt ccaactccca acaatggtca gcaacagctg     31260
     tgaagggaag tccaaggatc tagcagttgc tcagtcccac aaggcaatca gtggatgaaa     31320
     agagagtcaa tcttccttct tccagtgtcc ttatgcaggc ctccagcaga aggtgtaacc     31380
     cagattaaat gtgtgtgcca ccacgccttt aatcccaggt gaccttgaat ttagagatct     31440
     cccggtctta atcttctgga attcatagcc actatgcccc aagatctcca tgccaagatc     31500
     caggtcagaa acttgtatct cccagtctcc agattaagat cactggtgaa ccttccaatt     31560
     ctgggctgta gttcattcca gatagagtca agttgacaac caggaacagg aatagccact     31620
     acagtggcta agtagccagt atcattctca ttaaacaagc taagcctcat gcaactcaaa     31680
     attccagaca cctggagaag cccacagtgc caggctagac ttaccttcaa agggctttca     31740
     tacaagggga gaccaaggac agagggagct gctgtcactc catcacattc ccaccctcca     31800
     ccctggtttc cacagacatt gtagcccagg tcctggctcc tgagtttatt gtggattggg     31860
     aagaggagat acaaaattcc agatgagctc aactgctcag atagaaactc agggaaagag     31920
     agtaaggctg gggaaggggg ctgcgccttt tagggagacc tggagtagtg agaaacttgg     31980
     caagccacaa tgtggggggt cctgctgggt taacaaaggc acttcaaaaa tgtcactgtc     32040
     tagacagaaa ctgaggaata aaaatggctc aggaccttcc tcccaagtct gctcctctta     32100
     gcctcctcac ccacccaccc acctgcccca ggctgtggct gagacacctt caaagagctt     32160
     aagagaaagg aatgccggga aaaactagga cccaccccca acaaagtgac ctggcttcag     32220
     gggtcgggtg gggaggagac agtaggtgtt gcattgctta tgtgtttgct caattcttta     32280
     acctgttgta tattatgaat atatacccat ttatacacaa agtgtgtttc gatatataca     32340
     tatgtgaaca tgtaggttct gcttaagtat acatgtatgt atgggggatg tttctaaatt     32400
     aaaccaagaa ggggtggtca aggaatgaga ccattcagga actgggagaa gtgagtccct     32460
     acaggtttcc aaggactcca gggatactag gtgtctttgt tgaagtaaat tgaggggccc     32520
     aagtccccct aaactcttat ctgcgatctc tgggctcctg gatgtagagt agcaacgaca     32580
     acctcaaaaa cccgctcccc ccacaggcca tccgaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     32640
     cacacacaca cacacacact gaaagagaac tgcagctcag acctcctccc atcccatctg     32700
     ctcactacat cgggggtttg gagtagttgg gagtagttcg tgggatgtag ctagttagca     32760
     aaggttaccc taaaaagcct aacacagggc tacaacggag gcagactcgc acggctgact     32820
     ggaggttcta tcccactggg gggggggtgc attcaaagga atccaggagc atccagagga     32880
     gtcagaattc tggaggctgg ggtccaggtt cagggtgtgc aagcgagcgc gagcagcctc     32940
     tctgtatctc gggctcgctc ccgcccctac ggccccgcgc tccccagggc agtggctagg     33000
     tggtgggcgg cttagagcta attcgggagt taatggcggt ggccgggccc cctgcggccc     33060
     ccctccacag cccaccccaa cccccgggcc cggccgcggg ccgcccgcat ctgcgccatc     33120
     cacggcgatt catcatcttg atccatggcg cgcgctgacg gcggccctgg ccgcgctgac     33180
     aagactaaca aagcaatttg ccacgagcca tctcctggac aggttattag cgcggccgcc     33240
     gcttaaacag gcctccctac cccttcaccc ccacttccca atcccagcgc ggggcagcta     33300
     cctgctctgt cccctccctt cgacaagcca ctgcccctgg tgctaaagat tctcctgtgt     33360
     cctccaggct tttccatccc aaataacccc ctcaacacac acacacacac acacacacac     33420
     acacacacac acacacacac acccacagtt gccagtggtc ttccttcgtg gttaaactgc     33480
     tccctgctct acctcaccca cctccagagc tctccaaatc tccctgaaac tcctgcccat     33540
     ccctgcctcc caacctgatc tcccgtacga tcagaattcc ctcccttcct ctggaacttc     33600
     ttaaacccat cagtctccct aaatgtgtct gtctttactc cttcaacctc catcaacaag     33660
     agttcgaaac ccctatatat ttccatgcaa gggtaccctg tactactttt gagtaccaag     33720
     tttcctctgc ccactttgcc ccagaatacc tcctgtggga atggtggagt ggcagctaat     33780
     cgcatccatc taatgccaag tggggactat ggagcagaca cttctgagcc gttcaggcag     33840
     aagtcagaga ggtagaaggt agggagagtc ctggcttctg tgaggatgcc ctcattggga     33900
     agatagcaaa tggccttctc taagagacta tggtgccagg agaaaccggt ggactttatg     33960
     agaacagagg ctcacagaaa tgctgagatc tgccctggta cacacatcag aatgaggcaa     34020
     aagcatgtgg ccttccaggt ttaggcttca tttctgggag catcccctct gggaagcaaa     34080
     gaagacaaag aggccagctt tcccacttga gcaacttccc ttcacttgta aggagggctg     34140
     ggagagacag acggatggca ggttcatgtt tgactgagcc tcacatctac tgaagtaact     34200
     atttggtcat ttcagactga agactatttc tccaaggaat tcaggaaacc ttgaaagcag     34260
     cctgattctg taggtgaatg gtggatctgt gtgaagggac tgaatgagtc cactgtgtct     34320
     gcatgactac acagaaccaa gatggtacat gtccaacaga aagtatcaag tgtctccctc     34380
     tgaccgtatg cagggttacc ctgcacatgt gtgcactgcg gaccaactac atccctttat     34440
     gcatacacag aggcttggaa aagatcaaac cagatacatg tatgtatgaa catgactgag     34500
     caaacctagg ataatattct ttaacacaca cttttaatgc acacacacac acacacacac     34560
     acacacacca tccattctca tgaatgtagc ttcccaaact atcagcttct gagactgagt     34620
     ggtatggaga aacatcccct tgtatgaaga aactagagga gctctttttg tgacctctag     34680
     atctaagagg atgatctgtc tgctataagc ctccatcata accagagcgg atacagaagg     34740
     cccgggtagg ggcagggggc tgtatgtgct aagaacctgc cttttttctt ttcttccagc     34800
     caaccaggcc atgtcctcac ccgcagggag gcccagctct gttgctgctg ctgcgccact     34860
     actgtgtccc tgacgtgaaa tatggggggc gcaggccgca ctggggagat ttgtcatctg     34920
     tgctcagcgg gtgactctat ctgcagacta ttagagtata aaatatattt tacaagagtt     34980
     ttagctacag gtgacttgct ctttattact agatgtgggc aaaatcaata cttctgtaac     35040
     taaaagatca tttattttgc tttttgaaac atttttcaac aggggcactg gctaagcttg     35100
     caaagctatg attaagagtt atggtggcgc ctgtttccct taacccttgg aggaccacag     35160
     agcaagctct gagaacgttt gcccatgaaa acccagacac acatcccaga attagcaaat     35220
     accgacacat agataaagtg cacaggttcc caccctgggc cctctgacac agctatcctg     35280
     cagacatcca tgttctatcc aaaataatac aggaatacag ctgaacccat gttcctttac     35340
     atttaaaact cacaaatcaa cccatgctac atgaaggcca ctaatacaca ctgcacatat     35400
     atctctcctg ccacacacac acacacacac catgagacac agatacatgt gaccttctgg     35460
     gtggggactc aaaagggaag ggaggctgaa agatgctgag ggatccctca aatgaagctg     35520
     tgggcattaa caggcaggaa aagaagacag tccatgacag aaagggctcg aaataggatc     35580
     cttggtgcct gggtcctact caaacctctc acagaagtct tctctcctca gtgccttacc     35640
     ccaggacagc tatggctaat catggtgaca caaacttgta attcagcagt taggggctgc     35700
     tgaggcagga gactcttctc aagctccagg tcaatctaag ctatataata acatttagcc     35760
     tcaagaaaac aaaaccaaaa ttgcagagaa acctacaaca aacatttact gactcagttt     35820
     cggagagtca cctggtggtt ctggcacaag gtcttgtgag ttaggctgtc agccagggct     35880
     ctattgtcct aatctccact ggggtaggag agtcctcttc caggaaggct catttgtaga     35940
     gctatggcta ttggctggtg ctgactgcca aatactcagt tgtcttccaa ggggtctatc     36000
     tagcaggatg agatagagat acggataggg atagggatag ggatagggat agggataggg     36060
     atagggatag ggatagggat agggataggg atagggatag ggatagggat agggataggg     36120
     ttgggacagg gacagggaca gaaagagata gagacagaga cagagacaga gacagaaaga     36180
     gatagaggca gagatagaaa gaggtagaga tggagaagga tgagataaag agatagagac     36240
     agatagagaa ctcagtggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tgatctacaa agtgagtttc     36300
     aggacagcca gggctataca gagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa acaaaaacaa acaaacaaac     36360
     aaaacaaaaa acaaaaaaca aaaagaggta gagatagaga gatcaaaaga atgtgaatct     36420
     ttggggctgg cgagatggct cagtggttaa gaggactgac tactcttccg aaggtcctga     36480
     gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac acggtggctc acaaccacct gtaatgagat ctgacgccct     36540
     cttctggggt gtctgaagac agctacagtg tatttatgtg taataataaa caaatcttta     36600
     aaaaaaaaga atgtgaatct ttaataaatt gctctcaagg ggctatagag atggctcagt     36660
     ggttaagagc actgactgct cctccgaagg tcctgagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg     36720
     tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa tgccctcttc tggagtatct gaagacagct acagtgtact     36780
     tacatataat aaataaataa atatttttta aaaactgcga gaaggttcag tgcaaaggga     36840
     aggttcagtg caaaggtggt gcttgtagct aagcttgacc tcctgagctt ggtccctgga     36900
     ccccatgtgg taactaaatg atgtggtaga aggagcgaac cagttcctgt taagttgtcc     36960
     tctgacttac acacacatac accatgccac acaagtgtac acacacacac atatacacac     37020
     catgccacac aagtgtacac acacacatac acaccatgcc acacaagtgt atacacacac     37080
     acaccatgcc acacaagtgt acacacacca tgccacataa gtgtacacac acacacatac     37140
     acaccatgcc acacaagtgt gcacacacac acatacacac catgccacac aagtgtacac     37200
     acatatacat accatgccac acaagtgtac acacacacat acacaccatg taattttgaa     37260
     tacatacagt gtaattttga aaatgttata gtgacattcc atccctttct attccttata     37320
     agcaaataat taagtctatc ccatacatgg gagaaagaaa ttaagctcta cctctcaaag     37380
     gaaattatgt tacagaactt atggatatgg aatgggagaa agtctatgag acccatccct     37440
     agatgattaa attcggatag tcaatggctg ctaagggaag gggaatctcc aggaacaaat     37500
     cccctggtaa aattatccaa ttccaagtgc tctgtcttaa acaaacacat gtacatatgc     37560
     cagccagcat gggatggact aagtagaggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     37620
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtaa taaaaacaga agaatagaag ggaccaggat gggagatggg     37680
     aagagttgga ggtgagagag agatgagtgg aaattatgta aatacagtgt gctcactgaa     37740
     tgcatatgaa attcacaaaa tttcaactac tagataagaa cagaaaaggt ttcatgaaca     37800
     cgatttttct aaagctacca ctttgagatc agactacacc tctgttctgt ctagtgccta     37860
     caagatggta agtacctctt gatgcttcct agaaaacaat ggagctgccc tgtagtggtc     37920
     agacatggtc agggaacagt ggcaactcaa gaaacctgtg tgtaggctct tggtaaggca     37980
     tccatagtaa atagagctgg gacaccagag ccagcccacc tgggtgcaaa tctggggtct     38040
     gctcttacta gctgtatgac cacaggcaag ttgcttaacc tctgtgctta tgttttctta     38100
     tttataaaat gagaggtcct gagttcaatc cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat     38160
     ctgtaatggg atctgatggc ctcttctggt gtgtctgaag acagctatag tgtaatcata     38220
     tacattagat ttctatcagc ctttacccct catgggcatt ctgctcatag ggtcactttc     38280
     tcgcaaggga tttattaggc acctctgatg tgtctcctgc tgatctcata taaccaccac     38340
     caccacctca actaccctga gccccttctt atcactagcc ctggcaggtg acccagctgt     38400
     gctgtgatta gatagaccag gctccacgtg ctccatttga ccctgccagt ccagcactgc     38460
     cttttgtggc ctctctggga atgttctgca atatgttcac cacaaacatt ttatgagcaa     38520
     ggagacagga agaaatttcc ctctatcgac ccacagtcag gcccactccc tccccctcct     38580
     cttaagtctc cttggcaatg ggaaagccaa ggctaggagt gtcaccatct gagcagagcc     38640
     cccaactagc agcagcctcc cctgaattcc cagcgccaca cctcaaacag ctgcgccacc     38700
     cacttactgc tacagagagg ggtgggcaga ggttcggtaa gtgcacaaac ctagggggct     38760
     caaccccttg aaacagacac cttcttaaaa gtcactgtct ctggaagtcc caagacatgt     38820
     cacccaaata ccaataaact ataagaaaat ttgtaggaaa tttttatgaa ggtacattaa     38880
     ctgaagcatc tctattctgg gataatatct ttcctattac gtatgttaag atagcctttt     38940
     cctttatgga atggtactta aggcagttgg tagttttccc ttttgccttt acatgggcaa     39000
     taataataac tgttaggctt ttctgcaacc caccctttga ttgtcccatg aaatccactc     39060
     ttctgcacag acccacttcg ttttgttcag ggctcctgtt gaccttggcc tcagacacct     39120
     agtgaacagt gagaccctcc gcattcctgc ctcagctctg tcagacccag gacaggcccc     39180
     gcttgccagg ccagtctccc tgactgcgca gtgaacaggc tccatccatg ttctaaatct     39240
     gctccagcct ctgctctgct ccctagcact ctctgcccta cctcagctcc cagctggccc     39300
     tggaggtgac tacaggtgga caggtggagg cctaatgctc tccctgcgat gctcctccaa     39360
     gaggctcagt tgaagtcaaa cagggatggc cttttccctt tggcttgagg accctctgga     39420
     tgttccagga agggggagga tttgtctcca gggtttggcc ttccactgag atcttgggac     39480
     ccccccctct tcctgccccc aaggcttggc tgaagcatga ggggcccctt tgtgggggtc     39540
     taatctcaaa gcactgcagc tttagcaacc tttggggatg aaagcaccag gaactgacgg     39600
     ggctgagggg ctgagacgtg gtgtgggggc agccctgcta atccttgcgc ttttgccaaa     39660
     caaagctgcc aggaggggct ggctcccagg agatgatcca gagaaccaat tcccccaagc     39720
     ctaacccgct ctgacagccc aacaaggaga gaccactgcc tgcccccaat ggcctcagca     39780
     gacacaaggg cctgaagggg gcctggcctg ggactgccct gcactctcat gctccctgga     39840
     cagccctctg cccaaagcaa tctgtgtctt tactgctttt cttccagttc agttgctctg     39900
     ctactttagt ccctcatccc caaaacattt caacctcttc ttgttaagat gcgatatcca     39960
     cctcctaaca tcccagttct taacgtccag cccctaagtt tcctgatgct ctaaatccta     40020
     cacctcccaa tagctctttc ctccacagcc tcaactcaaa ccctcttgtc tcccatcctt     40080
     cagcctccct tttctcactc ccacccccag attcccaagc cctcaggtac cccacctcta     40140
     cctctcctaa ttcccagccc caactctgcc tcaatccttc tgggttccat caccaagttc     40200
     cccccacatc cagcttcata gaacactaat ccctattttc ctggttcttc ctctcccggg     40260
     aggacctggt ggcccagtgt ttcactggat gggtctgcct cacccatcca tccactcaag     40320
     cttcccttcc ctgtgcctct atcctgatcc cagctcagcc acggagaagg cagaagagga     40380
     aagcgatcag ctcatgccga ggagccgcag tttccctcca gcaagcactc cgctgcacag     40440
     gaccatcctg gaatctcatg ggtaagcaac acagtggcca gaagaagggg aggggacacc     40500
     ccgaggaact agggtcacca gagctcccta ggctgggaaa cccaggatat agaaatctcc     40560
     acagagctca gagaagtcca ggtgccagga agttactcag gtcaacagag ggtgctaagg     40620
     agccagggtg gccttagggc cacaggagaa gggttgggca agttcagaag gttggattcc     40680
     caggagagaa ctaggggcta acccagccca gagtattttc tcaccatcat ctctgcctcc     40740
     tctactcact aatctgatta caatatttac taacctccca tggtcagctt agggtgaagg     40800
     gtgggggact caactccagt tcccagcatc ctgggaggcc tagaaaggtg ttggtatgtc     40860
     ctgaaatgac tgaggctggc catctttctt gcctgcccca gatcacagag ctatcggaag     40920
     ccccttcttt atcaatctaa ccccttcagg aagtctcccc tgccaccttc tgtttccaga     40980
     ggcctttgct gggcctgcct gctaccccat cacagaacag taataataat gccatactta     41040
     aaagctttgg aggttcctgt cttccttcct gagaactgtg aaggtgaccc ttcatgatct     41100
     gaggatcaag acagtggcac tacaggccta gagcctgctt ccccttcttg gaatccatgt     41160
     cacctagtca ctttgaactc accccaaatt taggtgcttt ctctcccatc cctaccccca     41220
     cccccgggca cataatacac atacaattta tgaatacacc cactgtcaaa ctgtcacaga     41280
     gataagtccc tcccctccca ggcctgtcct tctcctctgt gcacctggca agaaatctgt     41340
     aaggatcatt ttggatatgg tttgccttaa gacttgcttc ctccttaagc tgacatggat     41400
     atgagaattc tttaggccca caacactgcc tgtagagagc aggaaggact gattctcagg     41460
     gggttgtggt ggaggtctct actacttacc tctccccaaa tggctaacct cccttaggac     41520
     tgaggtaagt gtaaatgata ctctccaggg aaccagtacc acttgcttgg agaatccaaa     41580
     gcccctgggt tattagtgtt tgcaggatac aggtaaataa attgcatggt atggcatagt     41640
     agaacatgtc tataatccag aattcagaag agatggaagc aggaggatca ggagttcaag     41700
     gctaatgtgg gccacataaa cccttgaatc aaaacaaatg aacaaaagac ttagggagcg     41760
     tgtgaaggtt tcttttaaaa cctaacaacc taaggcagca tcagaccagg acaagcccac     41820
     ccctggtgag gacactctag gtttccttac agcacactcc ttgggtagat acagctcctg     41880
     agactagaga caaacgagaa gtaccaggga ttcagcgccc cctgctgtca gattttcaga     41940
     aatgcattct tcccgacgtg cccagccaag ttttctctgc atcctccaga gtgcaaggct     42000
     tcttcctctg ccctggaagt cctaggctgg atcaaaaaaa acccttatat caccgggtca     42060
     taatcctcta tagttagctg ggagacagag atggtcaggc tgaatagagg cctcacaaac     42120
     taaaagcaag agtggacgac aaggcaaggt ggcgtacagc tttaatccca gcacttggga     42180
     tccagaggca ggtggatctc tgtgagttca aagggcattc tggtctacat atcaagctcc     42240
     aggacagcca ggactacata aataaaccat gtctcaagac aagcaaacac taaacctggg     42300
     tcaatgtgac ccatagactg tggaattgga agcaaagaga agagagtcta atgaaagaag     42360
     gaagaaggga cacagagaga agagcgtgct gaaccagaca ggtgaggctg gcaggtgctg     42420
     ggaggtgggg aaaggcaaga tgggcgggca caagtgaaga gaggaagaaa gaagcagggg     42480
     caggggggct gcaaagggaa cagaggccac caagggggcc caggagaccg tgccccctgc     42540
     tgccttctac ccacagtcta catctatccc tgcccataag gctctatgtc cagccctgag     42600
     gactgccagc cctgtgactg atggccaggc ccctgctggg ggcaccgagg gcagccactc     42660
     agcagaggca aacagcttga ccgtctgtgg cctctggact ctggggcatg gtggaagcag     42720
     tgggcagaac agattgagtt cggcgtgatg cttagaagcc caggcttggg ggaggggaga     42780
     gctggctatg gctctttctt ccccttcctg gatcagctag tccaacctct tcttcttctg     42840
     gcaaagctgg gctttaagaa gttcagtctt gctggcctag gtgctctggc ttccaacttg     42900
     tcagacaccc ttcaggatag gacagagcca gacaggatag gccttctacc ctctcaccca     42960
     tttgcctgtc ccatagagcc aggcccaaca ccacattcta cattttgctt cattttctcc     43020
     catccccttc aagctgtttt catggacaga agagaggtgt taacttgact ctattgtata     43080
     tcatcgagcc ccaaatgcat ggcttcccaa agcaatgagc tattagaact cctcagtctc     43140
     ctgaggggct tcgttttctc ttcaaatttg gggtccagtt ttgtttgttt gtttgcttgt     43200
     ttgtttgttt gtttgacaag ggctcatgga gcctgggctg gccttgaact cactatgtag     43260
     ctgataatga ccttgaactc ctggtggttc taacccaggt actgggatat gggtgtgtgc     43320
     cacctctcct agctcatcat cctaaaaagg acagttgaag agagggcagg gcaaggagaa     43380
     gcacttagga tgacagtgtg tagctctcct agggtctcaa agcaactgga ctgggttaga     43440
     atccgactat tctgcattca tgcatccggg gttctaccca ctatctcccc tgcctcttct     43500
     gtaccttgtg gttgggctca gccttttact acccttccat aaacacatta cacacaggcc     43560
     aacagatctg cagccatgag gaactgaggt agcccaggaa aacaggcttg agacctaact     43620
     tcctctccaa acccagggaa gctgtcttgt gggtaggtga cctctaggca tctcaggatg     43680
     ctgatactga gaaaagccaa tcagaactcc caaagaggaa acacttagca agcatcccag     43740
     ggaggaactg aacagcttac tttcaagagg ccggaaaagg gagagtgggt gggaggactg     43800
     ctccttgggg ctccttccag acctgaagcc ccaggaccca ttgttttgga aatggaaaaa     43860
     tcacgtgctc cctgctagaa aggaccccac tccctcttcc tcccagatca gtggtcagaa     43920
     ggctaaaagg ctaaataaac tattttcttg accttcctct aaggtctatg gtccccaagg     43980
     gagcttgata tctggacccc agccccagcc ccacaaacta ttccccccac ccccaccaag     44040
     gcctcctcag tgtctggctg agcgaggatg ggacgacaag gggccagaaa gggggctcat     44100
     caacatttcc agcaatgcta atagactatc ctcggccaca tcctattact gcacaccccc     44160
     tccccagccc cccagcctag ctggcctgcg cctctcctcg gccccgggga ccaggcatca     44220
     gattggagtc aagattccga gagtgtcatt tgccgccgtt gatggtgccg ataataggga     44280
     tgggcgggcg ggcggggagc cgcagcgcag aggcggattc tctattaaga ctgctgctca     44340
     gtgcagcagc cagaaagaag caggcaggcc tgcgctgggc agacaaggcc agcagagttc     44400
     cataatggga tgggtggctt acctatggca ttgtctgcac cgttagtggg gaccactctt     44460
     aggagcagac atactgggct tagagagtga caaaggccag gagaagcagg aagaaaccgg     44520
     gcaaggcaag ctccagctgc ccctgcagca ctgtctgcct ccctctgtcc ttttcactac     44580
     ccgggaccca aagatcctag ttgatcaata gaacaagata tttttgctcc ctccttgact     44640
     tcagtcttac tgaaaatcag tcctcccaga ggcctaaaaa acctggaaga gtgtgatcct     44700
     ccaaccaaaa agctgagctc agccactacg tgtttttcag ggttttgggt ttttttcttt     44760
     tttttcattt cttttctttt cttttctttt cctttccttt tcctttcctt tcctttcctt     44820
     tcctttcctt tcctttcctt tcctttcctt tcctttcttt tctttccttt cctttctttt     44880
     cttttctttc cccagagttt cactaggcaa cccaacctgg cctcaaactc aaaatactcc     44940
     tggctcagcc tcccaggtgc tgggattata ggtgacagtg aatgttgttc ttatgccttg     45000
     cataccacca tcaccttcac ctcctccttt aatgccaccg accgccaccc aagccaccct     45060
     catgggcatc cctaatccct gcaacccaac cctgtttctg cttgtacaca gtgctcacca     45120
     ttgctctacc cagccagcca gttctatcat cactatcatc accatctgat gtctgatgaa     45180
     gatcttagcc ctgagagttc ctatggttcc tagctgtatt atcttctgag cctgtagcat     45240
     catcaccttt agcatggata tggtattagc tactgtaagg ggcttagtaa ttaaacaagt     45300
     cactgtaagg ggcttagtaa ttaaacaagt caccacctgt gagccgctta gagcactgca     45360
     gggcacatgg tgcccaagct ttcttttctg tgctgttgtt tgtttgtttt tttttctttt     45420
     ttctttttct ctttctttct tccttccttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt cttctttttt     45480
     tgtagtaatt gggattaaac tcagaccttg caacatagct agtgcttgtg catttgtgca     45540
     tgtgtgcatg tgtgcatgtg tgcatgtgtg tgttgtatac ttctacgtac atctgtcttt     45600
     tatgtaatat gctcttatga aagccataga aagacatcta atatcttctt ttatcactct     45660
     cctgtgtacg ctttgaggat ctctcactga acgtggaact caccaactga ctagacccca     45720
     gaagactcct gtgtctgcct tctagcactg ggcttatttg cccagctacc gggcctgtct     45780
     ggttttactt tacgtgaata ctgggcatct aaactcaagt cctcacactt gttctgcaag     45840
     caatttgtcc cctgagccat gctccccacc ccgttttgtt ttgaaacaaa ttctcattag     45900
     ggtaccaacc atattaagtt ttaatttact atatatccaa gccccaggca ggccttgaac     45960
     ttgttaacct ctgtctcagc cttctaagta gcttgaatta ttccaatgtg aaccagacct     46020
     agcaattaaa tattttattt ttataagaag aggacaactg agatagccct agctgatctg     46080
     gaactcatta tacaaaccag gctggtctta aactcagaga tctgcctgct tcttcctccc     46140
     agtgctgtca cacagtaggc caagaactat tttaaggatt tacaggggtt aactgactta     46200
     atcctcacgg taactctgtg gaacaggcac tattcttatc tttatattgt agatgaagaa     46260
     actaaggcac ggaaagctga aataaatcac ctagtgtcac acagctagca aatgtcattc     46320
     ccagaagttg ggcccagggt gtgctcttgc caaatacacc aagctatctc ttgccacctt     46380
     agacatggca agcatggcca tcttttgact gttgccacca cttgcttccc taatttctcc     46440
     acaatcacac tagcataccc tcctccccac tggctacctc cacctccatg actgatcatc     46500
     atcaccttcc tcccagcctc ctgtactagc tcctcagcac tgctactcac agcccaccaa     46560
     gaccagaggc ttgcttctac ccatcccccc agatcctgtg ctctgcgaga tggacgtatt     46620
     ccccactaac actgatcaga cctaggaaga atagacagga atttaaattg ctaccaagat     46680
     atttaggtgc cagccagaat ttaaggtggg ttggagcctg taagaaagat gtgctttgta     46740
     aagctgactc tgtggctccc cagaggccct agaatgggtt aaacaccctt ttagcattct     46800
     gagagcttct ggtgtagaaa gacactttcc accttgcaaa tagctgggct gagaacaaat     46860
     ttgtcatcac agacacaagc tcctatttga ctacttggaa gtttcgtctt ctccaagcct     46920
     tgggagtggc aacacagcac catgctttct tttcccactc cacccagatc cccaactcca     46980
     gtcggtaaat ggacagaggg cctatagtag gacctggaaa ggaagagagg aggaccttac     47040
     tggccaacac actaagtcac agcttttctc gtagggatcc cacgggttct tctcttcctc     47100
     aacaggtaag accatgtctt tttagagctc atcacaactt tccatcccgg tttacaaagc     47160
     ccatcactgt tcacagcctg ttcttatttc gaaggcccat cactgcttac agagcctgac     47220
     attgtttgca gagcctgaaa tcatatgcaa agcttgtaag tgtttgcaga gccaatggcc     47280
     atccacagag cacagctcgt tgctgattct tgagtctgtc agatgctgat aatttgcaga     47340
     gtgtgttacc attttcagag tccgagatgt tactaaggct gttcttattt tcagagtcaa     47400
     gccccacatt caggtctcat tatgatctgt agagcctgtt catcatttcc agagccaggc     47460
     tctgtgttgg gtacagacag agtgctcagg aactgaacag aaaggggaag ctggcctttt     47520
     ctgagtcctg ggtgtgtaga ggccctctgt tggcttttgt gcttcattca gctcacttat     47580
     tattattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta ttgagacagg     47640
     gtctccctat gtaaccctgc ctggcctgga actcactatg tagactacga tggcctcaga     47700
     ttcaccgtct gcctctgcct cccagtgctg ggattaaaga cgtgcaccat acacctggct     47760
     tcagagcttc ttatgatcca cctacaccac tcaggaatag agaaagatga aaggcagtag     47820
     agatctgagt tacataaaaa gaacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     47880
     acacagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agaacactgc     47940
     atgtagtggc tcatgtctgt gatcccagca ctcagatggg tacatagaag gaatgccatg     48000
     aactggaggt tagcctgagc tacatagtga gttctagatc atcttgggtt acagagtaag     48060
     actctatctc aaaaagtgaa aggagaagaa agataagagg aggtggggag ggggagaagg     48120
     aagaagagaa gaggaggagg aaggagaaga ggaagaagaa gaagaacaag aacaagaaga     48180
     agaaggagga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaagaa gaaacacaca     48240
     cacacacaca cacacgggtg ggaggggcag atgtgttgtg gtggcatttg cctgttcaag     48300
     gccagcctgc actacatagt gagttccagg ccagccagag ttacttagtg agaccacgcc     48360
     ttaatgaaag gaaagaaagg aaagcgtctg gagttcaggc aggttctatg cctgatatct     48420
     ggcagtcaag ggctttgcct gattttaaat gcagacgtag tatcaaagca tagttttttt     48480
     ggggggaagg ggaagagtaa gtctgtagcc ttcatctcaa tcaccagcaa tcctcttgcc     48540
     ccaaataagc tggcaatctt catacaatag caagcttgct ctacaaagcc atcatgcaag     48600
     tctcaagcct gccccctccc catcctcctc ccttccccct cttcatgtga cactcctctc     48660
     atttccattg ccaagttaag ccccaggcta gataactgga tggctttttt gaaaaggtcc     48720
     ctgctggctt ccagctgtgt ctagggtaca gagtaaacag aggaagcttg gggcccaaca     48780
     cacagtaggc acaatcaatt agttggtgct gtgagcagga atccctctct atctttgctg     48840
     tatcacctgc cccaccccta gatccaagag ggaacattca cccaaactgg agctagacag     48900
     agtcttagct tcttcacctg ggcacaggag aaggtgtaag ggaaggaggc ctgggggcag     48960
     acctggatcc cactccaatc tgtactcctt acccttgccc ccagcctcag atggacagtg     49020
     ggtttctctc tccaggaagg taatggcttc cgctgggaac caactgagcc actttggatc     49080
     cagcctctcc tgcccaccca cctgcctgca cgatgccaga gacagggcag ggacagtcag     49140
     tctgaatgtc cattccttct gtgagaagcc tgaatgggca agagtacatt gtagcaacct     49200
     ttattaagat ctgactggtt ataggattct ttccttctgc agcatgcata ctctgagcta     49260
     caaataataa taacaataat agaaagcctc acattgggca tgaggatgca tgcccttcat     49320
     cccagcactc gggagacaga gcaaagagaa tctctgtgac attcaaggcc agcatggcct     49380
     atggttctca atcttcctaa gtctgtgacc ctttaatata gtgcctcatg ttgtggtgac     49440
     cccacccacc ataaaatcat tttgttgcta cctcataact gtaattttgc tactgttatg     49500
     aatctgaatc ataatgtaaa tatcggatat gcaggatatc tgatatacca acgccaaggg     49560
     gttgccaccc acaggttaag aaccactggc atagagagtt ccagaactcc atagagaaac     49620
     tctgtctcaa aaaatcagat caaaaataaa taaatgaaag atccacagat taactaccta     49680
     ctatgcaacc ctctctcaca cactgtgtgg ctcctctcta ctgatctcag gaggaaggta     49740
     ttgtattatc ccaagtttaa acatgtagcc agaggtgagc cgtggctaag agaggacata     49800
     ttcattagat agtgtgacag gattcagacc aggcaaggct cagaggagga ggtgtacagc     49860
     tcagacagga actatgaaga tgttgccaag gttccacaga cactgggtat ataaaacagg     49920
     gccttgtcct actctctttc ctcccccaac acaagctaga agaatccccc ccccccgtga     49980
     aagcctctga ggcaaggcat ccatttgagt gggcttttcc ccatggcctg gtcactgatt     50040
     ataaccaagc actctctgaa gctatctttc caggtttatt agtgcccata gtgcccagag     50100
     gaatccttcc tggatgtggc atcaaatctt gtttgctttg ttttttcctt tttttttttt     50160
     tttttttttt tttggttttt caagacaggg tttctctgta tatccctggc tgtcccggaa     50220
     ctcatgagac taggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatccgcct gcctctgcct cctgagtgct     50280
     gggattaaag gtatgcacca ccacgcccgg ctttcttttt ttccttttta agatttattt     50340
     attatacata tgagtgctct agcttcatgt acacctgtgt gccagaagag ggcattatat     50400
     cctattacag atggttgtga gccgccaagt agttgctggg aattgaactc aggaccatct     50460
     ggaagaacag tcagtgctct taacctggag ccatctctcc agcccccttg ttttgttttc     50520
     aagacagttt ctctgtgtaa ccctgactgt cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctggc     50580
     cttaaactcc gagatctgcc tgcctctgtc tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggtatgtgcc     50640
     acaatgctta gtggagccag gaagtttgat tgatttgtgg acttgtgggc agaacttcct     50700
     ggctagtcct gtctggtggg tgaagaggct gggagaaaag taatctatgt cattttccct     50760
     ctctacagtc tgaatgttcc agcttggcct cccaggaacg ctgatccaga aagcttgagg     50820
     caaaaaacaa acaaacaaac agcctatggt tacactggga aagaaaagtc ccaccactat     50880
     caccatggta accagagata ctcaaaataa tttcaccctg acagccagcg tgcatcattt     50940
     atccctactg accacaccca atggccagcc agatcagatg ctaaggatca cacacacaca     51000
     cacacacttc ccataacaac aaaggtggct atgatgtaca cactgtggga aactggaacc     51060
     agaactctgc ttgctaaaga ctcattgacc ccgacccctc tctctatatc aatccaagtc     51120
     agccaaaagg cactcactgc tgcctgaggg gtggaaggga gtgtcctctg tgccacactg     51180
     ccgcactggc agcgcttgtg tccgctgtct gtccatgctg actttctcag gagtttggtg     51240
     tgtgcatgaa gtgtctaaga tgggtgtctc tgtatggtca gtgtgcgtcc acagactttc     51300
     tttgtgattg tgacgattgt ggagctgtgg agctataaga tacacatacc actgcccaca     51360
     aacaacacta tccaaaaaca ttgctaccat agacatatgt ggatatacac tgagtgtcag     51420
     catgcgtata agccacactg acagctttac agcttttgga aatgcctggt ttcagctcac     51480
     ttggagctgg gttctctgtc ccttttccac atggtcctcc aggaaagatc tatgggaaac     51540
     acaaggcagg tgtaggacca agtgtgtcac tgtgggtctc tgctggcttt tccttggagg     51600
     ctcaacatct gaatcgtatc tgtgattgtg agttttcacc agaccataag ccagcacagg     51660
     gtgagtgtga gccacggtgg gtgggcttgg ctgtgtgaga tgtcaacgct gggtgtgtgc     51720
     tcacgagtgt tttggcagct gggctggcgg ctgagccaga gcgcgcgtct gcgggtttgt     51780
     gtgcgcgtgg agactgcccg cccgagggtt gcgcgtgtgc ccgggtgtgc ccggaagaac     51840
     gcggctgcgg tggggcttgc ttctccccag ccccgcgggt ctgagctcac ccagtcggcc     51900
     ggctcgtctc cgccccctcc gcccgagtaa acttttccta aatcctctag ccgcttaggg     51960
     cgagccgccc ccgaggccta atccgcgccc cctgcggatc tgcataatcg ggttagcggc     52020
     cgcgctccct cccgctcccg ccaccgccgc cgccgccgcg cgcgattctc tcgctgtcac     52080
     ttagggaggc tcagcgcgat ttgcggccta atcccccggg atcgctcggc cgccgctccc     52140
     cgaggggccg ccagattgtt cccttcataa ttgattgact ctatttgccg gattgggact     52200
     tcaaagcgcc ggcggcgcgg gggcgcctgg gaaggagcct ggcccgcggc gggcggggct     52260
     cggggctccg ggcttggcgc agtcgctgcg ccccgaggtt gaggctaaga cgctagtggt     52320
     cggcagtgag caagtcttgt ggccatagtg gtgcgggcaa gtttgaccag gagccttccc     52380
     ggctccttca gttacatgca tgacaccttc aaacccatat tctccccatt ttccagacaa     52440
     gcaaagagac catctaccct actcctactt caagttctga agacaccgct gtgagccagc     52500
     tgtttcagtc tccgtggaac ttgatttggt ggaggcaggg gttcacgtaa gaaacgtgaa     52560
     acaaatgaga agaaaagtaa attctccatg gcctgggtgg aggaagaggg ctccttaaaa     52620
     agtgtattag cagaatcgtg atggctggga gaagctaatg ctgagagaat ctaagggact     52680
     aacctgaatc aaggtggatg gaaagactct ggtctaaaaa caccttattt gtattgtata     52740
     tagttaaact gagactgaaa cttgcggctg cttgatcttt ccacttctcg atgtaaatca     52800
     gcctcaaaat ctacacaatc tgaaccctat agcaatgacc agagccaatg attcctgccc     52860
     aacttcacac aaccccacca tcttatgcca gtgttctgct tcctgctggc cagagactgc     52920
     ctagtgggtg gccctaaacg cagagccttc ctggaactat ggccggctct caaccattcc     52980
     tacgcaggca gaagtggacc aaagggaaag ctgtaacctc catggagcct cagccaggct     53040
     cccaggaatc cctacctcag acttgctatc cccagaaacg cttaattaat tcttgattac     53100
     tcactgtctc cggagctgcc attaaacctc ttccccagcc tgggcccagt caggccgtgt     53160
     aattaaatta gcacagggtg aacacttcca ggcaagagcc aggtactcct actgggcctc     53220
     ttaaaacttc cagagagctg aggagaaaac ccgaggttca gagagagcct aagggagcat     53280
     ccaaggtcac tcaaacagga ctgcatcagg ggctccggtg taccacctcc tcagccctcc     53340
     tctctccaga cctctactct aagcacggat tttaaatctt aggtatctct aaaactgaaa     53400
     gagatttgct gctgtcctta aatctccacc agtcctctgc atttggggag gaatgcattt     53460
     gagacagtgg aggaaaactg agatttctat agggtgggaa gaggaccgga agcctttcct     53520
     actcctagaa tccaaggggc agggaggttg ggccatcttc ctggcagggt gccagtgagg     53580
     acaggatgag agggtggtgt agacaggctc tggacacaga aagtgaatga agtgggtgag     53640
     tcactttcct ttttacagag gaaggcagag aaagtagaat ctagcttgaa agaacacgct     53700
     aaaacatgag ttctcaaccc gtgggtcgcg accccacagg gggtccctcc ctttctcaca     53760
     gggggtttcc taagaccttt ggaaaacggg cacacttaca tcatgattca caacaatagc     53820
     aacattatag ttatgaagta gcaatgaaaa ccaccacaac atgaaggacc aaattaaagg     53880
     gttgcagcat taggaaggct gagaaccact gctaaaggca cacagtaaga taaacaaaag     53940
     ggatgtgaac attgagccac ctgttcagct agctggtctc tgctgctgca gaccagacct     54000
     ccctctcggc atccttctct ccctcaatcc tagaagatgc ttgctgacag ccctcctccc     54060
     ccaaacccag ctccttgtca cttcagaaaa tcagaaataa gccttagtga ttagaggaag     54120
     actagaggga gatggggctt agaggcccag gctggggagg tggggaggtg ttaagaggca     54180
     gtgagactca gggtattagg gggtgcaaag ctaatagctg ctttggctgt gcccctcccc     54240
     caaggctaca gtacccaggg aggaggggga agggttgtag agagggaaga atgagaagat     54300
     ggaggaggag gtggatggga agaagaaggc taggacggag agtagctgaa gaggatgtga     54360
     aagtagagtg atgtatttca gggatggggg tggggggtgg aagggaagga aggcatgtaa     54420
     ggaatgaaag aaataattca aaacagtgtt ggacagagac tacagtgggt cattaagcaa     54480
     tattaatagt atggccttaa cattaaaatg ttaaactggg tatggtggtg catactttta     54540
     atcccagtac ttggtgggca caggcaggtg gatctctgtg agtctgaggc cagctgggtc     54600
     tatgtagtga gttccaagcc ctccaaagcc attcagggag gacttgtttc aaaacagaag     54660
     aaggaggagg aggagaagga ggaggagggg gagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag     54720
     aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaaaagg     54780
     aacaagagga ggaggggaag gaagaagcca ctcaaataaa atgtttaaaa tgggagcaga     54840
     gagacggttc agcaagtaaa gtcaattgct actaagactg gcgaactgag ttcaactcct     54900
     ggaacctgca tgatggaaag agagaaccaa ttcccgaaag ttgtcctctg gcctacacac     54960
     tcgggccaca gcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     55020
     gtgtgtatgt gtgtatgcac acacatacct ctaaataaaa tgtaaaaaga aagaaagaga     55080
     gggggggagg gagggaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaagaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa     55140
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aagaaaacta tatgggtatg tgcataatag     55200
     gttcaaacat ggggaggaaa taagaacccc taagttactc gaagtaggat ttagggaaca     55260
     ggaagtgcat ggtggtcagt ttttcattct gcattatttt gcattgtttt cttgagtctt     55320
     ctcaaatcag ttttggctat gtatatttat gaaatggatt tttaaagagt aatgagaggt     55380
     ttgaggcaga gtgcttgcat tgggccggag ggggactagg gggctgcagt ctggctagga     55440
     cagggctggc agttaagatg agcagattgg ctcaaaggag tggaaggctt ttacccaagc     55500
     agtgccagat acattcctta gccttgtccc taccacagaa aatctggcta aggcttgagt     55560
     aattgaaggc taattgggtt ttaggcttgt taatgctcta cgaatgtttg cacggaggag     55620
     agccagtcga tccggataaa tgactccccg tgggacacat tggacacatt ggtggaagaa     55680
     acatgagcag agggagcgtt atgaatggcg agcagcaggg aggatttttc tcaccccagt     55740
     ccagaagcca ggctgggggc tctgagatgc ccctggagct ctgtggggca gcacaagtgg     55800
     taagaaatgg ctagcttaag gaagcactgg ggccatgtcc cggtggaggt gagattcctc     55860
     tagtgtcaga gaggagggca ggagggaggc atgggctgga gccacaccct agcacacacc     55920
     aaaatcctgc atactgacgg tgggtgttct ggtctccacc aggagtagtc ttatcaggtc     55980
     tcacttagta gagagctaag catggtacca gagataggtg ggtactgagg gttacctaat     56040
     ctctactctc ccccacccaa acatacacac agagggttat atggcacaca agaggatagc     56100
     tgtcttttag aaccatttcc tgccccaggt tgtacatgag aaacattgtc cacctcccag     56160
     gctcaggtcc cagacctcca ttccagattc tcctggattg aatccttgcc tgagacccag     56220
     acactgggtg gggaagcccc tgaaggtccc aatccgacca gtagatgttg ctggcttctg     56280
     actgtccact ttacaagaag cactggggct ctggtataat atgctccagg agggatgagg     56340
     ccacaagaaa agtggcttcc ccagtttcct taaagaggtc agatgatgcc aagagagatg     56400
     gcctagagga caagtggggc agaaacacaa tgtcctgaag aaaatgacat cttttttgca     56460
     gagttgcagc ttcaggagga gcagctatgt gctgtaatgc ccaaaatgcc agctgtccag     56520
     gagcccacag ccttcagatc ctcagtcgtc cagagccaga cattctgggt gtgcatttag     56580
     aggatcagct gcacgttgtt tttcctcttc ctcctcctcg ggcctgactt ggggactgag     56640
     gacccctgtg acaggcaagg aaacatttaa tgagtttgta ttcccctgac agcacagtga     56700
     ctgacagccg ccccaggggg tcactactct tcctgtgtcc tgaaagagga tagatacatc     56760
     agctgtgggt ccccttctgc atgtgtacat atgaacatat atctgtccct gtccctgtcc     56820
     ccgcccccgc ccccgcccac tcctgagtgt gtacctgggc agggctggaa ccagagataa     56880
     cattccaact aacagagaca gctgtgagtt aagagagggg aaggaattta ggtaactacc     56940
     ttgagcctag ctctccacct ggttgccttg ggtcactctc ttctcaagac caacctaagc     57000
     caggaggtgg gagggagcct gaggctgccc acggtggggt tggaaggaat ctgggggcat     57060
     ggtcgatgtg gaggcctgag tctgcatggg taatgaggcc agggactgac ttgtcaatag     57120
     catttaagta cttttctccc attttcaggc cagactgaat tatttatttg tttctggtca     57180
     attgctggta atgtcattag catttgtcca tcaaaggtaa ggagcagagt atgagtgtcc     57240
     ccctccacta acccccacat cccaaactgc ctctcagagg tcaatccacc cagttccttg     57300
     cccctgtcct cttctggtcc agagaccaac cctgtgtagt atcatttctc ctactcagcc     57360
     ctgattcgta aaccacagtt cccttttcca ttcagaccag actcccagga cgagctcctt     57420
     tcaccccata tcaaaccctc agatggggat agcccttcgt ggtcttcaat cagttccccc     57480
     agggcttctt cgggccagga tctcagtctg ggtctctata acagagcctt agccctagct     57540
     ttagtacagg tggctctctc cactcagtgg ggtatactga aaggagtcca gaggattagt     57600
     gcccatcgaa gggctgttga tccacaccta ccctcctagc atctaggctg ggggcttctg     57660
     aaaccaggct tctcacgggc agcctaatct gtgtccatcc tctccaatgt aggatttgaa     57720
     gaataaagtg aagggtgaga ttttcttgag agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     57780
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtagg aaatttacag agaaggctct agggaagtac tggcagaagc     57840
     agcagtattg aggaagaggt ccagtatgat acaatggttc tagggactca gtcaactcca     57900
     cagcccaatc taatgtggca tttcagcatt gctccagatt gaaggtgggg ggccatgtaa     57960
     tcctattctt gcatcacctc atgatctata gacttacctg aggagagtat ggtcttgggg     58020
     gagcagctga gggcaaatcc agaggaggaa ctcaaatgtg gtcagcagca aacagtccca     58080
     ggagttgcag gaatgaataa acctaacagc tcccaaggcc acctataaca gacacagtga     58140
     gcagcatgga tagacgaatg ggacatagca gatagctcag tgcatgaaga aataggtagc     58200
     tacaaaagtt agaggatgga ggtagagaaa aagcccagtg gttaaaaaca cttactactc     58260
     ttatgctttg atttcaaact cacttgacca gaggctcaca actgcctgtg gctccagctc     58320
     caggggaact gacaccctca ttacaggcat gacctgacag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     58380
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg acacaatttc aaaaacactt aaaatagttg     58440
     gggatgtagc tggacaaggc agtgggggtg gatacaggag gttgaaaagt tttcagggta     58500
     acaaagggtg atgggcagac agggttggtg atctttcttc ttcttcttct tctttgcctg     58560
     ctggggctgg cagcttcagt ggatgaagaa ggctccccca gctctgcagc tccttctcct     58620
     cagtcgctaa gcaggattag cctcctcttc ctcaggagga gggggctcag ctcctgcatc     58680
     agccaccagc tctggcccta atccccctag ctttctaatc catccacgac ttttcttagg     58740
     cattagcgtt gggctctcag ctcccaaagc accaccctga agatgggagc tgggctctga     58800
     agggaattag gccagcctca gaggatggct gggctgacaa ctggagggac tctgggcatt     58860
     ccatttatct ctctgctttt cccctttagt ccccccaaca cacaatatac ccaccaagaa     58920
     agggtctagg gtcctttcca gaccactgat aaaactaggt gtggaaggac agagtgggtc     58980
     aaaggaagta ctcttctggg ctactgaata tagagacagt accaaatgaa gatatgaggg     59040
     taactcaagg ctggtgcatg agacagggga gttcagaaaa ttgtcatgag aaagatggaa     59100
     gataaactga ggccaaattg agatgggcct tgaatgcgag ctgagagatt cgaatcctcc     59160
     cctgggggaa gtaagaaatc ataaaaggaa agcacagagc catggcttgg tgcctgggaa     59220
     ggactgtcag agactgagct aaaactgaga agtggtgccc caataagacc cagagaggac     59280
     actgcccaag gtcactgagt gccagctcca ggcttgttca ggcagcataa gtaattcccc     59340
     gtgttgccac agggacaaat gtagcctggc tggaggctct atatgcacct gtctgggagc     59400
     agagctatga tgccctggga gataaggtga aaccacagac cattagctac ccatagttgc     59460
     ccttctgcat ctccttctca tctattatat gatttaggaa tcgttgacaa aagaccaatt     59520
     atagtagagg gcaggaaacg gtgcagagtc ggcagtacct tcctctggca ttccccagga     59580
     tgctcctctg ggatggacaa cctgtcagct ccaccccagg cctggagagt gaccatgagc     59640
     ttcttcttgt agtagcctga gcatggaatg tagaaggcaa gaggacatat gagcccaggg     59700
     agtccttggt cctggaaatc aggaggggcc tgttcagtag ctgcttcctc agaaagcagc     59760
     cttcgctctc ttcccaagcc caccctaggt taaaccatct gcaaatagca ccggagcggc     59820
     tcactaagcc ataaacttta ctcaaagtct cagctgttga tcacttctta aaaaaaaaaa     59880
     aaaaaaaaaa gggagaagaa gaaaagaaag aaaaataaaa aagaaagaaa aaaccagatg     59940
     ggacaaatga ggcttaaaaa gatgtcacct tccctgacct cacatagaaa gtgacagcac     60000
     tgaaacgaag gaggccgagg aaaggacatc cattcacaat caaagcagag tagaggacag     60060
     cagtggcaag cctgacgcgt ggaatctgat ggatgtccca gaggggacac tctgcttccg     60120
     ggaagatggc ctcctgagcc tctggtttct cagttggaaa tgagttaata attctaactg     60180
     acaagacaac tatagtccaa gtgtagtagt gtaatccatg tacaggatcc cagtgagaca     60240
     tgggaagggc tggtttgtta cagagagaga gggagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     60300
     gagagagaga gagagagatt ctcggctaca attgcagagc cttcagatgg accatctcag     60360
     aggtagtggt ggacagctgg gaacccccag actttgggca ggcaggggtg ggccgtgggg     60420
     caggctagtc agagtatcga gtgggggatg ggctattaac aggctgcgag gttcatcacg     60480
     gcaggttcgt taggcaatcc agaaggcccc tctcattggg ccctgataat gagcctccac     60540
     tggattatcc atccgatccc acctcccctc agtttaccct gtcaaatcga gtttgcattt     60600
     taaatgggaa tttgacaaga cgggcaattt gtctactgac gaggttaatg ggtgttatcc     60660
     ctgcggacta gggaaaaaga gcccatgccc tttcgtggtc tggcctctgc tcagatcaat     60720
     ggccctggct actgctcttc ccttctctcc tgtgctcaga ctccctgtac ccagaggcta     60780
     ccttacatgc agctcaccac ctccaggcag tcttcccaga agacccctga actgacccac     60840
     ttctagtaat gaggcagggt gagccgggcg gtggtggcac acgcctttaa tcccagcact     60900
     tgggaggcag aggcaggtgg atttctgagt tcaaggccag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt     60960
     ccaggacagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac     61020
     aaaaatgagg cagggtgata tccactgcac ataacacact gagggttcct gaggactgaa     61080
     ccctgtaatc tctcttagag gaagagcctc cactcttgga accagcctct gaggccagag     61140
     ccagagtttc cctcagagct gggttcactc acctgctcca cacagagcca gaggcattga     61200
     ggctgccatt cctgtttcag tgctgggaca ggatcaagtt ggctataaaa gactttgaag     61260
     ccatcaatca cctctaagcc ttggcctcta agacttcctg ataggcccag acattacctc     61320
     cccaaacact gggtccattt ctatgctttc cacgcagaac tgagcaagaa ctcaggtttc     61380
     taggagccta gccaaagcca ggtgctgggc caggacagga tggcttgggg tcgtatgtga     61440
     agatgtctcc ttctcttccg ttttgcagag tcccagcgcc ctacccttcc ccaccctggc     61500
     taatgtgcca caattacctc ctaagtgccc aaacaaatgt ggctgctggg gaaagtgaca     61560
     cgggctccag gtgatggatt cgtgccatcg gggagccggg cggagcgggc cccatgcggg     61620
     ggggcaacac taatattgta tcagcgtcgg cgccggcgcc acgagccggt gatgaatatg     61680
     tgtcacttta cacggcgcac actcgggggc ctggctgcgc aggcatggaa aatagagtgt     61740
     ctgggattaa tgatattgaa aatgatagag agcagattgg aaatggcttc gcctgcccga     61800
     cccgcagaga tggaaacgta cctcacagct atctgcccag gctcggcccc cacctgcccc     61860
     ccccccacct tccattcgct gcagaggctc atgttgcgga ccctgagtct tggtcctacc     61920
     tgccgctgct tgagatgata caaataggga taggtagatt tgtgaacaga aagacagaac     61980
     atcaaaaata aaataaaaat aaaatttttt tttaaaaatc agcccttgaa tgacttttga     62040
     cctgcaagag cctcatcccc atctacctag tgaaccttga ccttgtccac agactaagct     62100
     ctgatcttag ttccagctga gacatgcctc tggccagagt aactctgtgg aagcttggaa     62160
     gtctcacaag aggataggaa ctagggtgat agagaagggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     62220
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ttgtacaggg cagagtgtga tggagcactc agtgtagtga     62280
     attccactgc caggggagaa ctcggaaccc aagctattac tctatggaat gaactagtaa     62340
     ggaaaggaac aggtgtctcc tccactgata tttaagtgtt tatattggtt ttgacgaata     62400
     tatacaaagt atatatctgg aagagtatgt gtgtgtatgt atctgatcac aaacacacca     62460
     gtaggttgtg tctttcctga gcggaaacaa gagtaaggct gtgtgttttt ggtgtttatt     62520
     tttatgtaca atggattttg cccttggttg tggctcacct tagaccactt tctgctcatg     62580
     tgactctgca aaagtatatc tgggagaacg tgcctatgtt cacccaaaga tgagggaaat     62640
     ccgggcaaag acaaactttt ctgtgatcat aggcattcat cacaagctag actcagacat     62700
     cagcaacaga gctatatgct tttccttgta ggagtgggat ccatcatgct gagatttctg     62760
     cagagggatg cccagcttga gaccatcacc ctagcataat atctatcaga ctccattaaa     62820
     caaggacaga cttatacacc aatccactca gtgatactag ttttttgttt gttttgagac     62880
     agggtcttgc taagtagtct agtctgtcct caaatccccc ccccccatcc tccaagggat     62940
     tacagacatg tgtcatcgct cctggcttac aaatacttcc agggtctcct ggtgtggcag     63000
     gtaccctctg atgaaggaaa aagcacagtc tcagatgtca tagacttata atccattgaa     63060
     agagacagat actaaacaaa taaaaggcta agtaaacaga taatgacaga gcagggaaat     63120
     gctacaaagt aaccatttgg atggctgtgg caaagattaa gggaatgaca tgtcactggc     63180
     tgaaatggtc aggtcagctt cgttatagtg acttttgaac tggagatgat gtattcctgt     63240
     ggagagggga aagtgggagt caaaggcctt ggacacagtc taagtcctgc agggaggcag     63300
     agccagagga gggacagaag ggagaacagg gccagaaact atttcagttt tgctcttgga     63360
     aggtatggct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtagctgg     63420
     cctggctttt atgtgagtga tgggaatcca aactccagcc ctcatgtttg caaagcaagt     63480
     gcttttatcc tttgagctat ctccctgtcc cctgtcagaa ggtttaaaga aatatgtaaa     63540
     attcttaatt tgaataactt gttacttaaa tgtgctaact tacacagtta ttgctgaaaa     63600
     aaatgtttac tttcttaagg tttcttgggg gggcggggct tcacgcttgt cgtaattcca     63660
     gcatttagaa ggtattgcta tgaatttgag gccagtctgt gctacatagt aaattctaaa     63720
     aggagactgg aaatggtcaa gatcagcttt ttttttttta agatttattt attattatac     63780
     ataagtacac tgtagctgac ttcaaacata ccagaagaga gcttcagatc tcgttatgag     63840
     tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctagga tttgaactca ggaccttcgg aagagcagtc     63900
     agtgctctta cccactgagc catctcgcca gccccaggct cagcttttag ttatagtgac     63960
     ttttgaattg gaaatgatgg atctctgtgg agagaggaga gcagggacac agtctaagcc     64020
     ctgctgggag gcagagctgg aggagggaca gaaggaagaa cagggccccc ccacacacac     64080
     acccatctca aagagagaga gaaggaacac agcaggccat ggttgcatcc tcccacccct     64140
     acctccaccc ccaccccatg gtcagtctag gatggagact cagtgagaag tactgatagc     64200
     cgtagtcatg gtgtctttca ggaggtgatg gggtcagctc taggtgcagg gtcttgacat     64260
     cccagtgtcc cacacatggt cctcacttga gacagcacca gtagactgta tttccttagg     64320
     gctttctcag cagtaccttg gaggtcttgg cagccttgaa ggaccttttg tggggaccac     64380
     tctcttcagc ctggcctctc tagctctctc aggggccctt cctcaccctc tctttctttc     64440
     ctccttgctg ggttgctgag aaaagtcttg ctcttatccc tctcagtcta gctctcctcg     64500
     gaagcagcag cgccctacct cccaccgacc cctgcaagct ggcaccctag aggaatgggc     64560
     atgaagggga agagctgtgt gaggcccact gtaccagagg gcagagtggc aactgacacc     64620
     acctccagac tgcagctccc aggccacacg cagtgacctc agttcttgga ggagggaaaa     64680
     ggaaccaagg aaccaactgc tccctgaggc cttccccctc cctttctact cagtctggct     64740
     ctgctcaccc acattctttc attctctctc aatctctctg ttccttcctc tccctccttc     64800
     cctgcctctc tctctccctt agtcatttgc agagcggaga tggcctagcc catctgggag     64860
     cgagagcgct gcccggtgac ggaggcgcag gtaatagccg tgtggaggag agacgtggaa     64920
     atttatgaca ttgaaaatga ctgagggaga ctgtatgtgt gtgagtgtgg gagagcaaga     64980
     ggggggaggg gtgggaaggg aggagggagg gcatgtgcac attgccgcct tacgtatgct     65040
     caagacctga ctttcttcaa gggaggacag ccttgttggg gtttaatgcc tggccatgca     65100
     caaagtcaga cagacacaca ggtggtggaa cggtgtggga aggagaaagg agagggggaa     65160
     gcagcaactg ctagcacagc taacaactgc aggagagcca ccggttggca atggcctgct     65220
     tgtccctgcc ggtcccccgc ccacttcagg agttctggtc tgaggaggga caatccccac     65280
     ggggtagaaa agcatggggc ctggagtctg aactagagct tttctaaggg gtgaggccaa     65340
     gaaagggtca gacaccacag tgggttgggg acaaagtaga aactgaaccc aggactcctt     65400
     tctcccagaa tgggttctgt gcccactagg tatcattgtg aggaagacag tacaaatgga     65460
     tcatgacagt taaaggtata gccaaaatga cttccttaca tcctcttgtc aggagagaat     65520
     ctgtttcttg ggatactaag acccctaatt ccctctaccc cagccatctc cagaccactc     65580
     aagatactgt tactaggcat agaaataatt aggcaccctt cagtgatcct ctaaggagca     65640
     ctggggagca cccgaggccc agaacactat acattctttt ctcctcctca actcggccac     65700
     tgcttggctc acatactgtt gattctcttc cctgccacag gaaggttttt aaaccaagat     65760
     tcacttaaca ggtagtaccc aactagaaag aaaaggaggt gactcctaat tctacagtgc     65820
     ccttttcatt tcactggccc tccaccgagt ctcgtccctc accccccttc ccaccttcgt     65880
     cccttccaag gcttgtgagg aggctgtcta cagactggaa acaccagagt tagggacaga     65940
     aagccttccc caaagcacag ctcttctagg tgatccgagg ctccttgctg aatgtctctg     66000
     agggtggttt ccttactctc tcctagaaac tgggattata aatgcctagc cttcaggccg     66060
     tgaggagggt cacatggcat ccttatataa agtgaccggc acagaggagg ctcaacaaat     66120
     gacagctggc atcggatccc tccgatcaca ctgtgtctcc gcttacagct aggagtaagg     66180
     ctgagagctg tggatgaggc aaacaggcaa agcagcgaca gcttgtgagg atgctgtatg     66240
     cttagaagga ggcaaagcca gagccatagt agaagactca agttaaccct aaaagggact     66300
     tcccatcctt agatcctaga gaaagccacc tttcaaggtc accttcatct ctcctcaagc     66360
     ctggtccagc ctgtcctcat cctaaaggca gttcagaaat agcagcagct gccctgcctg     66420
     atgagcagtg ggggaggtga agagttcact gggctcaggg gttgtgggcc gcaggcctcc     66480
     cacccagccc cagtgccctg gcctggccca ttgtggccgc ataaaaggtg acggatggtt     66540
     aataggggag ataacgggat tcataaggga aatttatcgg tcactctggt ggtataaata     66600
     tgtttatagc ggaccaaggg gaaatgaaga agccccaata aatcaccatg aagccaccag     66660
     caactaatag gcaagcggcc tcaggaaccc cagcgttggt gcgtgcagac accccctctg     66720
     gctgcctggt aatggcatgg tggggctaca aactcgacag agactcgaca ggcccacgcg     66780
     atagcaggaa caggactcca ggggccacct ctgctggacc agaactacct tgctttcctg     66840
     tgacaccacc cccactacac tcctcaccga agggaatcta gactcagctg actggaaaga     66900
     cttagtgggc ttgtgggtat atggactagg gccaggagac tcggggacat gggctaaagt     66960
     ctctgttgtc aggccagttt caaaactgga tgctatcact tggtaatccc agcctcttta     67020
     ggaatgtcac catttgcaaa ttgacttgac gtagaaattt ccagttactt ttaagagcca     67080
     caacccattg ctgggtgctt ggcaccttga aagcctgagt ggcagctatt cttgctcctg     67140
     ggcagggctg cccttgatga gaaagtgtga caactagagg atgtccccac acctgtgctc     67200
     aataagaaac ctgaagctct gaatttagag gcctggtcac aggcacaccc tagaaaagaa     67260
     aggctgattg caagctcaca gctcggagca tagataggtc tatgggaaat ttctgagggc     67320
     tccctgtctg tgcttgcaga ggaaatctag gatgttaggg gccctgaagc actcagggca     67380
     aagccaaggg cctctggcag tgactgctgg gctaatgcac aaggcctcag gtctcttgct     67440
     tcctgcttcc tctcccactt cccctgtccc ttgctgcaaa gaaagggctg gcctgtcctc     67500
     agcccctctc acccccaacc cccactcacg ccccccaccc cacccccgca cacactgtgc     67560
     aagtctgaag cagtccaatc ccataggcct gttttgggtc tatgcatttt gccgtcctgg     67620
     tcacatctag gcctaagtcc cctctggcta cttcactcct ccctccatca ctccctccct     67680
     ccctccctcc ctgcctgcct gcctgctaaa agttttacag agctcccttg gcaaatgcag     67740
     tactgagcaa gacagacaac catgatggtg cccattgcct gctagagaag tcaggtccgg     67800
     attaaggaat aggatgtagt tagtgagtgc tatactggag gcaggtgcat gtacagaaga     67860
     aggtacaaac aacgggcagg caagaaaagc acttccggag gagagtacct ggagtgggtg     67920
     aggaggtcaa agaacttcca gggcacagtg ggattggttt ggctattttt tctgtcactg     67980
     ctgaggggca atgcaaacgc ccccactttg gactccacca acactgggtc cctgttcctc     68040
     acacctcctg ccttttcccc agtggttgct cctcatggac aatgcggcag cctgctcccc     68100
     cactttcctg caaggatgga ataacctcct ggagaggatg ctcatcctct ccaggtctag     68160
     tctagaggcc accctttcca gggctgggtc cttaaacaga tattcagggc ttgaaagtcc     68220
     ctaggacccc acttcaaact cactgctttg aagatggaag gggccggggc tgtttttctc     68280
     ccttcccgac cctcactcct taaggttcct cagcccccac ccccaccccc cgcatctccc     68340
     actcctgtct ctagacctct ctccctcagt ctcgggctcc gtggcttcaa ctctcccccc     68400
     ccccctcccg tggcctcctc cccagcgggg cgggggaaat cgctccgtaa ataggcggat     68460
     ggcccggggc gctccgggcg cagacactcg tttttagagc cggtaattga ctcctttcag     68520
     ttgataattc atggcttgca tatgcgcttt aatgcgggcg cccggggagg cgcggcaggc     68580
     ggggcggccg tgcgcagagc gagctgcagc acggcgggag cgatcgggcc cgcctggcgg     68640
     agtccgcacc accgggccct cgggtccagg tccccccgga gggcagacgc ccgctctgcg     68700
     gtcctgtctg cggagcagga ctctgggtgg aaaagggaaa ggctgcaggg gcgaggcagg     68760
     tctgcactgg tgaagccttc caggagaaag caagggctgg gaacacgggg acctcttccc     68820
     cacgccgtca aaggggaaac tgaggctgga actgaggcaa tagttcttat cagcagtcca     68880
     ccaaactcga actctggcaa ccctatttct caaagggtgt gggtgcgagg cctcaggccc     68940
     agcggctgta gagatagatc tcttcacacc aagaactttt cttgcttgtg aattaaactc     69000
     ttctgaggta atgacccaca ctgttgctgt ctcacagact cccaccgaga ggccagcttt     69060
     tccctgagaa ctctggattc tgacacctag tcaggtagcc tcctgcctca cacactcata     69120
     gcttagggag cccaagtccc ttccacctgc tcctcacctc tataggtctg caacctccag     69180
     agtccgtggc agaatcttta gtgccctctt agagatgttt ggaggaactg ggcttcctgc     69240
     ccaaggtcac acagtgacag agccaaagca ggacctaccc aagcccagat caagcctcct     69300
     tggctgccag gttaagattg ggaagggagt agaagctgtc ctgttccaga ggatcctatg     69360
     tgcaccccaa cactgacctc agggaggccc ccacagagga actggggaac acagtcactc     69420
     agatcagcgg tgttgctgtg taatgggaca gagattaaag tcatggatga agctggactg     69480
     ggaataagga gaaaaaagca ttagctcaat agactagaga aaagccagcc ctgaaggtct     69540
     gtccccatga cagtacttcc tatttactca gcccctggac ctggcatccc ctgctctctt     69600
     tcctgtagct aatttcatct tcccaaaaat tctactccct ctaccttaaa acctgcgaac     69660
     tttaacccag cgtcaaattg cctaacttgt tcctgcatcc tcctctctgt ccttccaaga     69720
     accgatttcc tcatctatgg attggagctg gaggatctga agaggggaag gaagtgcagt     69780
     ttgcaatggg tctgagagca caaggcaatg gctccgctgt gtgaagctca atgctgccct     69840
     ctgttgtcca tacttggtaa ccagctttgg aaggcaggga cgggaggcag cagactagag     69900
     aatcccttaa ccttcttact aagcatatgg ggggcggggg ggggggcggg ctcttcatca     69960
     gggatcttgg gctccagtag aattgaagag atggaaacgt cttaatgaga ttagaaatag     70020
     ctctgtccag cgtgcactcg aatggttcag agtcagaact gctcctatgg cgtaatacct     70080
     gggtcttcat ctcagccaaa ttcctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc     70140
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatcatct atctatctat catctatcta     70200
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tttaatgtgc atgagtgctt ttgcctgtgt gtatgtatgt     70260
     gcaccacatg tgttcctaat aacctcaaag atcccggaaa ctgacagaga tcacaaggcc     70320
     agctggcaga aaaatctact gagcccctct tcctgctctc tatcttgggc taaggtgggg     70380
     gagtctgtga actgagcatg cacacagaaa accataaaga aaagcaatgc ggtgaagctg     70440
     agtgaagagg agataagagg acactatggt attcgtgaaa agacagcagc acaggtcaga     70500
     ctgagtgggg atcgaggaca gactccagga aggggacctg tcacacaagt gctcgaccac     70560
     tgggctccat ttctagtccc acctggctcc tgacccaggt ctctacctcc ttcatgatcc     70620
     agagtcagag ctcatctccc cgaggcaaag tgatgcattt gcaccagaag tctcacatga     70680
     accagaagtt catggatctt cagagagaag attctggaac acagatcctg ctccatgttc     70740
     acagtcttct ggttaggttg ttgttacttc ctgtgctatt cttctctcta gcctaggtct     70800
     gacctctgcc tcaatatctt gtcccccgat aaggtcagat atcccagcct tgacttctga     70860
     ctttcctcag atctcagtgg aagctgaaaa gaccactaat tcatctatag cttcctgggt     70920
     aatcgtgtaa aatgtagtct ctgtgcaaaa tgctgaccat ggtgataaca tataaaggtg     70980
     ggaatcctct ggatggtcag ggaaacccaa ccaatggcaa ttcctggtca gatcctgagt     71040
     ccatttctgt agagaaggca ttgtcttgac cccaaacata gacccaggac catgagggct     71100
     gagtctcttg gccatgaaac tcacacatcc atataagaac tcaaacaggt tttcattgct     71160
     ctgtgatgta gtgtgtgctt atcaattgcc ttggtgtcca gagccagatc atccagcttc     71220
     agaccctggc ttctgcagtt cagttggctg tatcaccagt ttccaaatag aggcacactg     71280
     tctgcacttc tgtctcctca ctaggactta attaacacgc acacacttgt acacatactt     71340
     atacacatgc acacacatac acacatgtac acacacaaat gtgcacacaa caaacacaca     71400
     cttttttcag gacctcctaa gaaagagaaa gggtttgtct tagggtttta ctgctgtgaa     71460
     tagacaccat gaccaaggca actcttataa ggacaacatt taattgaggc tggcttacag     71520
     gttcagaggt tcagtccatt atcatcaatg caggagcatg acagcatcca ggcaggcatg     71580
     gtgcaggagg agctgagagt tctacatctt catctcaagg ctgctagcag aatactggct     71640
     tccaggcagc taggatgagg gtcttaaagc ccatgcccac agtgacacac ccacttcaac     71700
     aaggccacac ctacttcaac agggccacac ctcccaatag tgccactctc agggccaagc     71760
     ctctacaaac cctcacaggg ctcaaaacac atcagatagt gacattcatt attattttct     71820
     tagaactcaa gtcagcactt ttactggata acttgtgcta aaatcaattt tcagaaaaag     71880
     caactttcaa ctcagacaca tacccactct cccccccccc cacccctctt ccccttctcc     71940
     ctttctctgg gttattttag atcctgtcct tgaatatgct gatggtattt cattttgttt     72000
     ctttctttct ttttgttttt gttgttgttg ttgttgttgt tgttttgatt tttgagacag     72060
     ggtttctctg tatagccctg gctgtgctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggcctcga     72120
     actcagaaat ccgcctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggcat gcgccaccat     72180
     gcccggcggt atttcatttt gtgaacgtct atgaattagc cctagaattc actgatcatt     72240
     tcctacacaa gggcctcctg cttcatgctt ttctgtttaa ctttcagtac aacccttcca     72300
     ggtgcataat ttgagtccca ttttcctggt gaacaaactg agatccacag atgtgtttgc     72360
     tcagagcaat gtccagttca ggtaagtggt aaacttcgac taggaacatt caccctgctc     72420
     cactctccct gcctctaaga tctactttct ctccctttta aattagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     72480
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt cgaacgcccg cacgagtgtg ctcatgcatg     72540
     tgtatgtatg ctatgggtgc tcatgcatgt gtatgtatgc ggtagaatgt gtagaagtca     72600
     gaaaacaacc gattcctttc accatgtggg ttccagggat agaacttggg tcatcagaat     72660
     tagcagcaag cctctttacc agtttagcca tcttaccagc cttggttttg cagtttcctc     72720
     ctgacaagga cagggctgtc acacagatca aatggtgtgt cttcagggat ggaacaaagt     72780
     tttaccagaa gagataaaga gtaagcagca gtggcagagg atgtccctag cctcacagag     72840
     acttgatgtg ccatggtggg ggagtaacca gggggcccct atcagcgcag aagagaagcg     72900
     gagagggagg gaaaagattg tgggagggag ggagtggaag ggggcagtga gcgggatgta     72960
     aagtgaataa ataaaaattt ttaaatttga aaaaaaaaaa aaacactaag cagaggattg     73020
     aaaccccgtg tagagaaaac tgacctcctg ggaacttttg atagtatcgc ccttgcagaa     73080
     ggccaatttc ttctcacctt tatacatggg gaagttccga atgtcctgca tgctcagata     73140
     cgagaaactc tctgcagaaa gacataggaa cactcagcaa atcttactcc ggtaagagca     73200
     tgagtgggtg ccccctgccg gtacttttca gaaccacagg cttgtgggct tggatggccg     73260
     cagaagccca gacctgcccg ccctgggcct tctcccagtc ttccggcgtg cagggaggca     73320
     gggaattggc atcttaggag cttttctcag tacccatcac tgggcgggtc tctttccatt     73380
     actgagtctc tgacttctcg ccctcacttc gaggcgggga ttactctgcc ctgggctcaa     73440
     atgatgaaat gggggtggca gaaaggttaa gtggcttttc caaagctaca gctagtggta     73500
     gcagggggat tggtccgtgt cctcctgtgt accggaatcc agggagagag gtgggtgccg     73560
     tgcaatcctg cgcgaaaaaa gttcctctgc agctgtcact attgtgaagg gagggtgagg     73620
     atgctctggc agagacttgg gggagagtta ggaggatgtg ttcttaacat caggggagaa     73680
     atgccagtct gggtttggag tcagatttca ttctgcaaag agcagtgtct ttgagatcag     73740
     gccctgtgcg agagactcag gaatgtccca ggcattgcgc tgtcctgacc tgtgtgcttc     73800
     aagtgcagaa gacaccactt aaagtagggg aaacagagag atcgcaagag taaacaaata     73860
     tgctaaagcc aaacacaaag tcttttactt tctatttcat ttatatgaaa ctctagaaac     73920
     ttctgtccat ggtgacagga tcagtggccg ccaagagtag aaaaagagtg aactgccatg     73980
     aaacatgatg gaactttgga ggtggcatgc tatatatagt tcggatgtga cctgccctcc     74040
     ataaactcaa acttgcccac ttcaatccca gttggtggcg ctgttcagga aggcccgcct     74100
     ttagtgggtg gagccttgat ggaggaagtg gattgttgat gggtgttgaa gttttatatc     74160
     cgggcctcct ttcccgttct tcctgcttct gggttgctaa tcaacacaac tagactgtcc     74220
     ctctgtcctg ctgccacgcc ttcccaccat gatagaacgc acaccctcaa aactgtaagc     74280
     taagataacc cttctttcct gaagttgctt tggccaggtg ttttgtcaca gcaagaaaag     74340
     ccactaatat attctataaa ttctaaagat ttatcttata tgtttattat ggaaacaact     74400
     atccggtcaa aattaatcaa gttatattca gatggtgaac tttattattt ctaaattatc     74460
     atttaaaaaa aacactctta aagtgagtgg aagctagaaa tgactgctgt aggaaccgag     74520
     ggctcacccc accctaccca agctacaggc ttctttcctt tacctgagaa acatctcgtt     74580
     agtgctcaga cacttgtgtc tcgattcaag tagcacctaa caaactaatg ccacaaccag     74640
     ccaagtcagt ggcaagtcca ggcccaacac agaccctccc cagcctcgat tctcacctga     74700
     ctgcagcccc accccaactc caacctcact cccagcactc agaattcttt gcttctgccc     74760
     tgaactccaa tcccaattca aacaattccg cttcagccaa aacctaacct cagcttcgag     74820
     cccaagcttc acacccagct ccattgtatt ctgtagtccc agctataagc cacctcagta     74880
     ccagtcaatc tctaacctta accctggcgt caggcatgat ctcaaaacct agtttaagct     74940
     aggcacagtg gcgtgtaccg ttagtcctag ctacttctga ggctgatgta agagcatcac     75000
     ttcagccctg gactttgagg ccagcttgag actcatacta aaaagaaatc aacctaattg     75060
     caaagtctaa actcctccct gagtagatac caactctaac cgtgtgatct ttgactgaat     75120
     aaaatggaga agcggagcag agccacagca ctcatgtctc tgtgtcctgg ctgtggatgg     75180
     cagtgtgacc agctgcctca aggatcgact gaattctcag actgcaagcc aaaacaaatg     75240
     ctagcacaag atcaaatagc aggtgtgccc ctgtgacctt agcatccagg aggctgaggc     75300
     aggatgactg ctgagaatct aagactagcc tgagctggtc aagtaccagg ctagcccaga     75360
     ctacattgtt tagtgtgtga ttgagcagca gttctcaaca ggaacaaaag catgtaatgg     75420
     gggccgggaa gggagatggg gatggacctg ggtgcaggag cacagctcct tacagccatc     75480
     taatcctgac cacaccacag aaaccaagct aaggagttat gagagccctg catcttctct     75540
     gctaaggagg gaaatttgct gccttcttta caggtaggct cagtctcccc acctctgctt     75600
     tatcaggctt ctcctggtaa tttaggggga cactgtgatc ccagcagtcc aactctgcta     75660
     taaatggcct tccttccaaa ggaccccagc ctagcacctt ctctccaatc ttttctctcc     75720
     cccacctcca ggcctgggca agcctatcca gtgttctgca tcctagaagc agcctggtgg     75780
     agagccagag ggccctggct gtgctggaga tgactggata aagctatcct agtgaccaat     75840
     gtgaaaggag aaagcctgaa ctgagaatgt gactaaggtt ccttgatcct caagagcaac     75900
     agcctagggc agtgtctccc agggtcaaga cacagaagct gatgtagctg tgtccaagga     75960
     gttggggctc catcctgagc tggcagcaga acttggcaat attgctaatt taattctgat     76020
     ttgagaggga tgaaggatga gcattaaggg agtcctagag tcttgcatca tgatttaaga     76080
     gagcagctgg taacctggac aatctgtggc gggaacagag tctctgcaga aagaccttga     76140
     gaggccattg catgaagctc taatggtgaa agctaagttg caattggata tgcaagatat     76200
     tggagattcc tggcccatga gccatttgtc aaagacagct acaggcataa aacaagaatc     76260
     tatgtgtaca tcagacagtg gacctggagg agaggggctt ctctttcctg cctaggctag     76320
     ggtcctgact cacctcctct aaatagcaac agaggatgca ctttagattc aactctctag     76380
     agtatcagct tctgggccag catttcctgg agcaggtcct gaagatttgg agtggagtga     76440
     gcagatagct aggacctact gtttcaggct agctgaacac tctacacacc acacaccatg     76500
     attggacaga gctgtactta tgcctgcatg cttagtacat gttcctatgc ttgtccacaa     76560
     caccaaagac atacttagtc tgtctccaag gcaacatgaa agctcccagg ctcctctaat     76620
     cattagagtc tagtggatcc ttctcagtct cttggaatgt tagcattcct cagagtgtgg     76680
     ccctctctct tccaccagcc cacacttact agggaacata agcggtcata cctgttcctc     76740
     tatccctggc ctctgactct agacttcctc acccacccac ctacccaaag atggtccagg     76800
     atgtattata tttctaataa gcttgttctt caaacttcca actgatgtca tgtcaccaac     76860
     gcgacagcct tagaaccatt ctggaccctt gtttcatatc caagttctga caacatcatc     76920
     ataatgataa tcacatgtaa gataattgta aaatgtatta caacatcccg tatgtgctag     76980
     accttgcccc taatatttca cctataatag ctcacaatgc tccttgcagt agccctgctg     77040
     gtatgtaaca ttgttttctg gttttgcagt gaagaggacc cttgggccag aaagctgtgg     77100
     gtccaaagac acacaacaga agatccaaaa tcacgggcag cccagttcca aggatcttag     77160
     tcttgtctta tatatttttt tctcattgat gtaacaaact ctctgaagaa gcaatctaat     77220
     attcctcaca tgacctccat aggctcaggc cattccatgt gttatctagc ttccaaagtc     77280
     ccaatacagc tatatgatta tgacattgct caaaaaatcc aaagtccctt ctgaaactca     77340
     aggcaaactc ttaattgtga ggcctcacaa aatagaaaac caagctacat acttcaagta     77400
     tacaatgaca tttgttgggt ttcaaaccca ggacaaggta tattttacat cccaaagcag     77460
     acgtggcctc caggttctcc cagcatccct cagtccctgc ctatcatacc cttcctccca     77520
     actttccagc ccaggggcgg gtctgccttt ccttatataa tctagacatc cctctcctcc     77580
     ctctccctct cctcccctct cccctctccc ttctctcccc cctctcctct ctcttccccc     77640
     ctctctcccc cttctcttcc cccctctctc ccccctctct tccccctctc tccacctccc     77700
     ccctcctccc tcccccctcc cctctcttcc cccagtctct cccctctctc ttcctctctc     77760
     tccctcccct ctctccctct ctccccctct cccctctctc ctctcccttc tcctctccct     77820
     atccctatcc cttctcctct ccctctcccc ctcccctccc ctccccctcc tccctccctc     77880
     cccatcccca tccctatccc tatccctatc cctcctcctc ttccctttcc cctctcttcc     77940
     tccccatggc caacttccct gacctcagtg cttggagcct gtgaacttgc ctgaaagaag     78000
     cttccaataa acctgcattc acatgctcta atctgtcttg aattgactca tttcatgaat     78060
     ggagaaataa tttatcagca ctaagtaaac attcccattc caaaagggag gaagatagca     78120
     aagtaagccc agaccaaaac aagatcaaaa tgcaaccaag cccactccaa accctgcatt     78180
     ctatgtccag aatctgggac tcatgacggc atcatctggg ctccaacaga acacacatgg     78240
     cctctctctt gggttgactc cactcattac tgtagctttc cttggtcggt gctccatgtt     78300
     tttgatgttt ataacaccct ggggtctcca ctgcgattta ggtttcagct ttgtgctctc     78360
     tcgggattgt cacgaaggga gctggaccct gttacacact gtctagcctt agcaactttc     78420
     tagaaacttg atgcaaacct ccatgacctc attacccttc cattttatat gcttgcaaaa     78480
     tcagcagaat gtggacagcg gcacaaagtt ctgctgccaa ctcatgatga cacctgggtc     78540
     cgttggatag tgatagctgt gacaagagcc tacagctgag ccagagaaag tgctttgttt     78600
     agcttgtgaa ttttaagcaa gggactcact ttcaggcagt ctcttcccaa agggatgatc     78660
     tccagtttta tgccctgagc cttccgtggg tggggtcctg tccttggagc acgattccta     78720
     tcatccctgt gcaaagtaca cagtttctcc ttaattgtac taatttcttt aacaactaaa     78780
     gctactttgc cacaacttta actatgtgga tattccattg cttatcaaat ggcacctttg     78840
     ggggtccttg ttttctttat aaacctgtct aaaagcaact aataaaaacc ataccatagg     78900
     gggctggaga gatggctcag cgggtaagag cactgactgc tcttccaaag gtcctgattc     78960
     aaatctcagg aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa tgagatctga tgccctcttc     79020
     tggagtgtct gaagacaact acagtgtact tacatataat aaataaataa atctaaaaaa     79080
     caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaac aaaccatacc ataacctgga tgctaggctg     79140
     tcttaacact tttcccatcg aacaagttag cccattgctt ttgaattcag tctcatgaaa     79200
     acatgtttat tgcttttctt tatttctgtg cgtgggtgta cacacgctac caacacttgt     79260
     ggaagtcgga ggacagcttg ttggagtcag ttgtctcctt ctattgtgtg tgttcaaagt     79320
     atcaatttca ctttggcagg cttaatggcc tttacctgct gagccatctt gctagcgatc     79380
     atagatttgt cagggcacag gcagaaggta gacaaatgcc ttgttagaac ataaaatgaa     79440
     tggtttctag tccaattctc agtaaaatct ttgtttccat tggaaaccac ataagcatgc     79500
     tccttgtttt ccatattcag aaatatggtc ttctactata cacccaccag gactatccca     79560
     ccggactaca ccctctgctt acagcattcc caggctttcc tggcccacag cctcagattc     79620
     ttccactatt tacaaaccag acacaaaggc ttacgaacca aatggtcaca gcaacaaccc     79680
     aactttgcag cactaatttc ctttgtgaat tttcttgtcc cagtgataaa aacatacctg     79740
     aaagagtatt taaggtaaaa ggcaactgaa ggatgggagg attgatttgg gtcacggttt     79800
     gacagggtct ggtccatcat ggcaagaaga catggtaaca ggagcagctt ggggcagcag     79860
     gagtgtgggg tggctggatg tactgcaccc acagtcagaa aacagagtgg aaaattcagg     79920
     ctggaactag ggatgggcta aaccagataa gtggccctcc attcagcaat tctgatagaa     79980
     aatcctacct cctaaaagtt ctacaatctc ccaaaagggc gccaccagct caaaaccaag     80040
     tgttcaaata gatgagcaca acactttgtg cactccccac aaaggttctg cctccttcct     80100
     attccctccc tctatttccc ttgctcatgt ctaccatgcc catctctggt tctgctaggc     80160
     tcctcagtgg ctgcaccagt ggctaaaatg ccgtataatt ctcactcatt ggctccttct     80220
     gggcctcacc accaccactc acaccctaag ccctccccca ggactacact ctctcttgtt     80280
     tgggcaattc tccttcttca gcccctacag agtgctggga ttacaggtgt acacctcaat     80340
     accctactca tttctggctt ctaaaggttt gagctgtgta ggccacttgc tcttggtgtt     80400
     tggagctata accctctggg tctattttgg gcactgtagt ggtttgaatg aaaacagcca     80460
     ctgtaaactc atagggagtg gcactattag gaggtgtggc cttgttggag tgggtgtggc     80520
     cttgttagag gaagtgaatc actaggggtg ggctttgaga ttttagaagc tcaagccagt     80580
     cccagtgcca gtctctcttc ctgctgcttc ctgattcaga tgtagaactc tcagctcctt     80640
     ctccagcccc atgtctatgt gctgccatac ttatacttcc caacatgatg ataacaaact     80700
     aaacctctga atttgtaagc caaaccccaa ctaaaatttt ccttttataa gagtagctgt     80760
     ggtcatgatt tctcttcaca gcaatggaac cctaagacag gcacttactg aacttctttt     80820
     tgcttcttca aaagatctgt ctggacaaaa caaaaggaag gtcgatgggt aacaaaggag     80880
     ttaattctgt ccaagaaggg tcaaaaaagc ctggttaacc caggccactt gtagccttaa     80940
     tggctaccac tacagctctt ggggaaactt tttttggtga ggcccttact aggtgttggc     81000
     ctcttctctt cctgagccat ctgtctctgg gaagtcttcc tccagaaggc tctctgttca     81060
     tctgccgaat tgctcaactt gccatgcatc tgctgcttag agatccacag cctgtgtgcc     81120
     ccaagaatct cactagaccc agataagaac acctgtggtc tgggctacca ttcagctgga     81180
     atatacctcc atagctgtgc caatggctaa aatatggctc ctcatggttc atcaggtaaa     81240
     gagctaaact gctacatcca ctccagtgaa gtctgtgtga caggcctaag agcctggaag     81300
     cagtcatgag gcagagtttc aaggaaactt agtctcctgg aacctttgca ttcccatagg     81360
     atgtacactc aaaacttttc cccgcattag tctggtgtat ggatctgtgt gctctctttc     81420
     agtattgttt tattataagt gcctttaagg attgattttg acatgtagct aagcctccgc     81480
     caatgttcca atatcctaga aagtccttga agctgaccct gagcttggaa ttcagtaaga     81540
     atgttaccta tagctggact gtggtggcgc acacctttaa tctcagcact tgggaggcag     81600
     aggcaggcag atttctgagt tcgagaccag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaagacagc     81660
     cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa aaaacaaaac aaaaaaaaat gttacctatt     81720
     cagtaacatt caaattcact tctagtagag acagtgcaac taatcaggca ttacatttta     81780
     cttgagtata gctagaaaag ctcagggcta gtctgcatag taattactta ggacaatagc     81840
     ggagtcacac ccaaacacag gaatacacaa tggcctagga aatgggtagg ttgtagtatt     81900
     attcatgaaa aggtcagtag aatggaattc ccctggtgca ggtttttcac taggcccaaa     81960
     ggaatagcat aatcaggtat ctactaaagg accctggtgg tgggtttaac aatagactag     82020
     cattgcatca gagcattcac ctggctcctg tgtttagctc atcttaatta agggttgttc     82080
     ctattctcag ctgtaaacat ggcttggctc ccaccatctt tttatgtatg cattttcttt     82140
     gttttatgtt aagaaccagt gtaccttgac agatgtattc tcctagcttt cttgtttttc     82200
     ttctgtatta taagactggt gcttgctttg agaaaataca ttcacataca cactctcact     82260
     gtgtccatgt ctgtcatccc ctcaccaact ccttgcttgc ctgtaaccac tggaaccccg     82320
     tttttctgca gattgaggac ccaattgagg ttcgtttgca tcactagacc cattaggaat     82380
     gttcgagaaa ctctctaggc acaacccttg aatccttaag gaactgtcaa gggctagcct     82440
     gtacccatcc ccagcctgct ccccaggcta ggaaacccta gcaaaccctg acagaaactg     82500
     tcccagcact tcctggtcca caggttcacc accaacacta gtctttgtcc ctcgtgcccc     82560
     actaatccct gttcctacag aagtatcttg acaggaggta cacccatagc caagtatcta     82620
     gcgtgtcagc ctggacccct attctagtct cctctatagt tattgtgtgg tagcttctga     82680
     gacctttggc tctagaacag tggtaaggta gggaaagcag gtcagggagt gcatggggct     82740
     actacaggag catgatgaaa ttgctcttct gctagcaggg caggcattcc gtaaatgggc     82800
     aatcaacaaa atcttgccaa taagtctcct aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagttc aaatcccacc     82860
     ccagagttag gtgtgccagc atacacttat gatcttagca cttgggatgt gaaggatttg     82920
     gaattcaagg ttgtctttgg ctatttagag agttcaagtg cagcctgggc tacatgaaag     82980
     tctacctcat aacaaaatga gcaacaaaaa ccttcaccac taaaatccac cgctcatgga     83040
     cattagcttt ctgcttaaaa tgaaaattat aactcttcag gacttgtgta cactgttaac     83100
     atctataagt ttatataaat actgtgatga ggggctccag ggagtaagag cacttgttgc     83160
     ttttacagag gacacagttt gagtcccagc actaacacag aagttcatag ctctgcatta     83220
     atacttgtgg aggtttgaat atggttggtc caacccagag agtagcacta ttaggagatg     83280
     tagccttgtt ggaagaagta tgttactgtg ggggtgggct tttgagagag cctcctccta     83340
     gctgcctgga agccagtttt ctcctgtttg cctttagagc aagatgtaga actttcagct     83400
     tctctgctgc acaccccact gcctataatg cacaccatca aaacccacat ggaattagct     83460
     gttcccaatt atcaggcatt ttatacattt gacaaacatt cagagcaacc tcagttatac     83520
     atatcaagac atacactcca ggcactaaca caacagactg ctgtgtgaga gagttctcct     83580
     aggcagacac agctcataca catctactca cccaagggag aacccacagt agattaaaat     83640
     aacaatttca cttaagtcca acgttgcaga ccagtgagtt tttatcaaga ttactacggg     83700
     tgaagtgtta caggaacagg gatgacgcaa aagaaattgt gtcacctaga agcccatgct     83760
     gacacagggg acaactcaca aaagctgcaa ccctggagct ctctgtacga cttaccggaa     83820
     gtctgagagg actctggtca gtcttctcct gagcacctgt ttactgcttt gataactcta     83880
     gagagggggc ctcatgaatc gcccaagtca tagcctgtcc acagggcctg tttacctccc     83940
     aagtttcctg agcccctctc cacccttcta cagggaatac ttcaatcaga ggaatctgct     84000
     gtatagtaca ctcaggtgca cacaccactg catacacagg cacaagcagc acgcagccac     84060
     gcacgcgcgc gcgcgcacac acacagacac acacacacat gctccaccac agcacagtga     84120
     agctgcagca ggaggcacat gcagcattca cagtaatggt tcctaggcct ccactgtcca     84180
     cagctggggc cttggccagt ccaggagtcc tctccatcat acagattcgc cacagcagcc     84240
     ccattagcca gacttcctgc tcatcagtct gggcgggatt gctgctctct gggggtggat     84300
     tgatttatcc aactaattag tcccaattaa tattaataca cattcccagc cacttcggca     84360
     gctcaggcag agaagctgtc cactggggcc atcaatcacc aagaggggac agcagaggac     84420
     attctggatc ttcagtacat gggactccat ccccaacccc tatccctact gggctcccag     84480
     agggagtgtg ctacccaaac tgaggactcc aaactggggc gcccaaagcc cagagagggc     84540
     catcacatgc tctaggccac acagcagatc caaggctatg tctcattgct cctttcctca     84600
     ccttctctcc cccaccctaa gaaggattat gatattctat acccagagcc cattttcatc     84660
     tgtcaatccc agccagccag ctgcaatggc tgtgtggatg ctttcaagtc tctgtaggat     84720
     gctgagcgga cattttcagg atagaggtgg gtgaatgtgg acaggagagt gagttgacta     84780
     ggttcttgtc tcggtggaga tgaggacagg ctcacctaag agatggacag actcctcagg     84840
     tctatctcac aactgccctg gggggagatg acccaagaaa gtaaggactg aggcaaacag     84900
     ctaggatgta gggagccagc ctccccattt gctgggtctc ccgctaaaga gggtctgtgg     84960
     gtaaggatgg gaagagagta gaagctatta agagccagaa gcaagggact ggtgagatgg     85020
     ctcagtgggt aagaacaccc gactgctctt ccgaaggtcc ggagttcaaa tcccagaaac     85080
     cacatggtgg ttcacaactc cctcttctgg agtgtctgaa gacagctaca gtgtacttac     85140
     atataataaa taaataaatc tttaaaaaaa aaagagccag aagcaagaca gagtggactt     85200
     gaattaggaa cctgactgtt cctgatattt caatacagtc tgtctcagga ggagacatag     85260
     ccatgcataa gctagtcagc tagtcactac gaccagggaa tagtgagtac cctcaacacc     85320
     cagaagtcag gagacacaga agccaagttt gtggctaaca ctgttggctt tgagcctcgt     85380
     gtcacttgga aacagatgcc aaatcacctt taagacagct cgagcttgtc ccagtccatc     85440
     ctaagctgtt ccatttccaa taccatctgg tgatgccctc aggcccctct ggaagccata     85500
     tgacagctac atcatgccct ggggcacctg gaccttgctc cctcaccttt ccttaggctg     85560
     caagtcccca ttaccacacc aaccttatta tttattcact cttatcatca gcataaatta     85620
     ttttatttat gatcttattt gcatgccctc tctctagaaa acgagttccc taagagcaag     85680
     gaccttggca gcctttggta aagtgtctgg caaacagtag gcactcgatt caatgatggc     85740
     aggtggagtt ctccatccct cccttcactt gtccttatcc agttacatca gcagcgttta     85800
     agtcgactcc actcttcttg aaatacttgt tccttggctc ccattaactg tgagctttcc     85860
     agcttacatg tcacttcaca cagagagcac tccctgatac tcctactctt gcacacatga     85920
     cctgcgggcc aggtagcctg cttgatgtca tcatacccag ggacttctgc tttatagcat     85980
     ttgtgtgacc tacagtgtaa atacacagtt gctggtagaa tgagaaacca ttcaagcagg     86040
     ggctgtttct gtttgcttat cctgagcata gtgggaggaa ttcaatgtgc ttgtgggctg     86100
     ggtggaagaa gtatggagga gctgagggtt ggtagaagtt gatgcatgca gccttcttga     86160
     ccaggaggaa gctctacgtt gatcacagac aaagagatat ttgtccctgt ggtcatgaat     86220
     caaagtgaat taagtagatt agataaaggt agcaggtcag aggcaaactg aaaattccct     86280
     attatggatg gcataggaag taatcgggag gtgccaaaat ggattcgcta gaaataaatc     86340
     tgccatccct ccaacaagcc tgactggcta tctactaagt gccaggtaac atgctgggtg     86400
     ctaggcatgt gatgataaac cttacagagc ccagaccaca agtggtctca ctcactcacc     86460
     acaaggggta tcctaggtcg ccagtacaac ctacatggag gagccgtcag gagccaggtc     86520
     aatactggca agctaaccaa acacagactg gaggagactt atttggctgg gaagctcaaa     86580
     ttgatgacac tggtatctct gtaagtgttc cctgacaggt atccagggtg acatagtcct     86640
     tcctcagtcc agtgttctga cttgtggata tgtaagtaga aaatgggtta cagagatgac     86700
     cctaaaagat atcccagcca gccagactct ggtaacacac gcctttaatc ccagcaccca     86760
     ggcaggcagc cttgtgagct gaaagccagc ctgatctaca gagtgagatc ctggacagcc     86820
     agggctacac agagaaacct tgttctctac aacagctaga gaagtaaaaa ggccaagtca     86880
     gaagagagag aggtggaatg agggaggaag acccgggcgg tgtccatcaa agctggggcc     86940
     aatctgaaca aggaaggaag ggcaggagcc aagtgccaag gacatgtccc tgtgtctacc     87000
     ttgtgggtga tggcctaggg aggctttgga gcaggagagt gacatgatta cagccagctc     87060
     tggagggaca gcacagccct ctcagcaggc tctggttcca aggtcctaat agaaaaatac     87120
     ccagaaaaat acagaaacac attgcttttt ttgactgttg gtggtccttg gcccgtgtcg     87180
     ttcctgctgg gctgtcacat agagtagggg gtcaggatgg aaagtagacc agaaagggga     87240
     gcaaggtcca gacttggtta tggagggcat gtcctgggtt tctgtaggag tccaggggag     87300
     ggcaggtggt tgcctcttcc cgtgctgggc atctcctcat gggtggcagg atcctgaata     87360
     gatggggctg cagtgcagag cgcatgggcc ttaggtcctc cagagctggg cagatgaatg     87420
     accctcaaga tggccgcttt tcaggggtca tcagccgttc cacctcccgc atgaaccgca     87480
     gacacagctc ttcctgccag ggcagagcca cgcactgcac agccacaggc aggcctatac     87540
     cctttttcat gccctacatg ggatacagac atcaggatga gagaaatgaa gtaagaccac     87600
     accataggtc caggatacct gtgctctgcc aaggagagca aggagcagac ctggggcttg     87660
     tgttaaagat ggatggcaca gcctgtgagt gttaggactc tgtcctctac agcagctggg     87720
     tctggggagc agagagctcg gggacaggca ggctttacct tcttcagaat gttgtcccac     87780
     atatccccaa agtagccttt gtagtgttcc atctgggcat cgtcctcagc ggtcacagtg     87840
     gtgacaggca ccacccccgc agggaagtcc aggcagttat agagaacagt gtagctgata     87900
     gcccctaggg ggggaaaaac acactggctg tggcaagccc tgccacccac agtgccaact     87960
     gtccactctg ggcctaagtc acccttgtcc cacacataaa atggcaacct cacccacagc     88020
     taggaaaagt ccttctccca ggcctagggt ctgtggtaaa gcacagaagc cagcaagcct     88080
     cactgatgcc cattctgtgc tgtatccacg cagtttccct gacctggaag gtggttcctg     88140
     ttttcttgga ctatctaaat cccacctaga ttcaaacacc atctctgcaa atggcagact     88200
     ctgcgagggg acctcccttg ggcacagtgc tcaggttaga gagctcatcc tctcctcacg     88260
     tctgccatct ctttagccga caacctagtg aggccccaaa gagcaagatg ttcctccatg     88320
     gatggtgcgt tccctcagaa cctctcctct tctaccccat agctccacag ggcacagggc     88380
     tgaactcaaa aggggacggg ggatgagaac atcagcagag gggcaatagg cctcacctgt     88440
     ggctctgccc ggtgtgttca aatccagagc aggacccagc atgggggtta gcaccacgtc     88500
     caagttcatt gccttccact gggcaatgac ggactggcga tacatctgca gagacacaag     88560
     cgcattgggg gaggtgctcc gatagagcca aggcaccccc tgatgtccaa tggacactga     88620
     ggtggctctc gccctagctc ttgctgttgc atctgttgta gctgagccac caatagatga     88680
     aaagagctgc ctctcttgtt tccaccacag acaaaatact ttctgcaaag cagagccact     88740
     cactaacaca gacatagaca gtcctgagga aactgagagg ggcccaggac aggagtctag     88800
     tctgacccag actctaagga cagacaccag acaaaggaac atcacagaag ggcccaagcc     88860
     acagccactg gggagggaag agaagcaggt cactccacgg ccccggtggg agtagtgaag     88920
     agaagactgc tggtagatgc cctgagcaat tgccccctcg cctgctctcc agggcccaga     88980
     ccttacctca atctcatgct gcagttccca cagcttttcg gctgacctga gcagagagag     89040
     aggaaggtcg tcagccttca cagccatggc catcagcatc agcaacacca tccatcctac     89100
     tgccatcact tcaagatctc attcaacccc aggggagctc tgagggaatc aaggccctgc     89160
     tctccagatg gaaaaatccg ggatttcaag ggactcaggc tgggtgggtt agtgacgtca     89220
     tagataaacc agcactagac catgtctgat tctttgtgac tcttgagcta caagagagga     89280
     tagggcaggc tatccaaagt ccttaatatc tggaggtaag aggactatgt ccgtccacag     89340
     acatcatgct gagaatgggg tggatcatgt cctgcttttg aagaccagca caaagagtcg     89400
     gctagagcag gtccagacac gctcagttca gtttcctaac agttttttgc ctgtttcctt     89460
     gacccacaat ccccacacca ctgctgttca ggctaattcc tttctgaact ttcccccatg     89520
     cttccctctg tgtggctgtc ctgctctgca ctcaggtgac ccatatgaag cttcagggcc     89580
     ccacctgatg gccatcagtc cccctccctg cctggaacac ctcaacttta gcatctgttt     89640
     ctcccggaga ttgttctgtc aaaaccacgt gaactcagac tagaccagtt gaggatacac     89700
     aggggcaggc attgaagttc tcaccgagga cacatactgt tgagaaaggc tgccagccga     89760
     ggaaactgca ccagaacaga cacagggtca gtgactggtg acctctgcca cctcctcctc     89820
     gccctcccac ctcccaggtc caggtcatga cccttttgac aaacaggttt gttaaaaagt     89880
     agaaaggaga acagtcaggg tagaagagat gaagagacca tgcctgccca gacctagaga     89940
     ccaagggagg aaggaagagc cagagaccac aaggtagtgt gagatggggg cccggggacc     90000
     atgtccttgc aaccatgtcc ttgcatgcct ggtgctctca ccagaggctt cagcaggaag     90060
     ctcagcagtt ttttaaacca cctgggcagc ttcagcacta agaccaggtc ccccaagcag     90120
     ggatccacaa agtcgccttt gctggaagac aaaaggctta gttaagatgc cccctcccct     90180
     gcccctcctc actctccagg actgcaaacc ccgtaactca acagttctgt ccacctcctt     90240
     ccctgcccaa ctccactgat agcttccttg gcatctttcc aaagctcact gtttctcctg     90300
     ctcactgggg tgcctggact ctgcctcaca gtagagacta gaaagaggaa ccatttccct     90360
     cagcattttc tgtttagcac tgatgccagc ctacatctct gaatggggct gcaggatagg     90420
     cgccccaaaa acctacggtg agaccaaaga gcaggttcat tgcctaagcc agccccgcta     90480
     tgtctccagg aggcaccttc tcaggcctcc cctctgtaaa cagctgggag gagctagctg     90540
     ctctctagca agcctctttt ttatattaat taattaattt atttgttatt tattaatcta     90600
     tgtatgtatg tatgtatata gttttttttg tttttttttt tttgtttgtt tgtttttttt     90660
     gtgacagttt ctctttctag ccctggctgc cctagacttg ctcagtagac caggctgccc     90720
     tcaaactcac agagatctgc ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg ttgggcaagc ctcttaagca     90780
     aaattgctcc atacacccac tcagaaaaag ggaaactgag gcctgaaaag aaagacttga     90840
     ttcaggaaag gctgttatcc agacccagca cccttcctca acaaacaaca gggaagccac     90900
     tgcatacctg cacaccacag ggagcttagc tcagaggggc tatggcttta ccatccagcc     90960
     tccccttgtg tcttaggtca tctttccgaa gcctctgtgg tgtggtatca ccagattcaa     91020
     cttgcatagc taaaaggaca gcaaggtccc tgcccagatc ttccatgtgt gcaactaggc     91080
     ctgtcctagg gataggcaca gggcctagct actctccctg ggtctgcgca tttttaaatt     91140
     tttactttat tattttatgt gcacaggtgt ttggctgcat gaatctctgt gctttgtgcg     91200
     tgtgcctggt gcctgtggga gcgagggagg gcatcagatc ttctggaact gggttagcag     91260
     tcagctgtga gctgccatgt gggtgctggg aatcaaacct ggatcatctg gaagagcatc     91320
     ccgtgctctg cactgagccc agcccccctg cagtgttcag attccaccct tgaccctcaa     91380
     gcccatcaca ctcacaagtt ttggagaaaa gagcagccac catcactgaa cagcccacct     91440
     gccgacagga cctccagggc ataaggtatg ttgtttggta agaaggggac cagctgcgga     91500
     gattgaaggg ggtaaggccc acagacatta aaaggccttc gcttcccata actcatatgg     91560
     tgcccttgta gccccgagga tatcagcgcc acataatcac aaagctacca agtcagcttt     91620
     attgacctat gacctcatga gaagtctgga ttcacacatg aagttgtctc ggaattaaca     91680
     aaccaagtcc actggcctgt tgcacagtct agcattgagg cacacactca cacatctccc     91740
     agcgcaggcc aaatccccca ccaactattt gccccaatac tctcacctca gccatcttta     91800
     gactggtctt acacagccaa agttctcatc ccaagtgact aggtaacaag gaataaaggg     91860
     acgcgggagg gtctggccat gggagactcc cctgagggaa aggagatgcc ataccgtgtg     91920
     gccagcagcc tcgagactct gcttggtctc catcacagcc ctcctcatgg ctggagtggg     91980
     catggtgtag ttgtcagttt catagtatcc cacacgaagg ggtcgagaac ttctgtagat     92040
     ctagaagcaa acgtaggcaa tggggttggg gcaaaagaga atgactcacg caggatgctc     92100
     agaggaggag acgctccagg ccccccgtag ctacaaggtt acagtctgaa tcctgacatc     92160
     ctttccccct gaactattgt tgtaggagcc acagaccatc agcaccctgt cacaaaatgt     92220
     cttcctggca acttagcagg aatgagggga ttcccaggag tcacaagagg aaaccagggc     92280
     tatccaaagg cagaagccca actatgcatt ctgtcttcag agtggaggtt ctgttacctg     92340
     gcctcactcc cttgagtcct cccagacctc ctcacctctc ttccctctca aaaagggctc     92400
     aggctacaac tgtttgaacc tgtttgctaa ggagaaaagc ctactccacg cggaccttcc     92460
     cacccgccct agctccccaa agtaactatg ccactctcct gcatggggac ccttcaaggc     92520
     agcttcactg agaaatgcaa gaggctggca tgggagcaga gactgcggga attctggaaa     92580
     gtgcagcttg cctcccagcg ttgacatgaa tgacagacag actgctcatc tgtctggatc     92640
     tattcgctgt gactactccc aaaagctttg tacatcgata cagataacct ctgtgatttt     92700
     ttttcctggt tccctgattc tctatcagtt catcagtggg aagcagtcag ggacaccagc     92760
     tcaccatgac tctgaacctc tcgcctaaag cgcctcctct ttctgtattc ccaactatta     92820
     catcatggtc ctgacctgat cctagcccaa ctcctggttg aaagatccag caaaggcagg     92880
     ctccaccctg cccttccctc ttagatacta gggaggcttc agggagtaag ctgttcggtt     92940
     ctgtctgatc aatggcctat cttggtcata tttggatagc caacactcca ctctgttctc     93000
     acctgaatca gcctacttgc caggtagcct gttttctggg gaaataggca ggaatactcc     93060
     aagaaatgct acttcctaag ggaaaactca acctgggtcc acaatttcct tccaaggagg     93120
     tttaagtagt ccctaactgg tggtcctctg cagctagggg gaaagtctag gaggctccaa     93180
     acgcaggcac tggtgccacc tggtggccat agctatagta gcagctacca tcctgcctac     93240
     accacctgag ttctagagtt ccctcccctt gcccattcct atcctcactc acctcctccc     93300
     tgaagggcaa gggggggatg gtggagtcca agcggaacaa atcctcacaa agtagggctt     93360
     tcatgcacaa tgccaggcta tccacatccc gtgccatggg gccaacagaa agctgcactg     93420
     taggaaggga agggagaggt gtcacttggc ccgcaatgag ccctaggtct gagtaaggat     93480
     tggtctatgg gtccagagtg agcaagaaag gacagtaagg attgacacct acagtggctt     93540
     ggcaatctgc taacacccac gggaaaaaca ggggtaaagg caaatcaaga tgtcaccctc     93600
     ccccccatac acaccctcca gggtaccaag agtaccatag acctcactca cctgctgtct     93660
     gtccataaac acagctcttc aggccactct tgctggtcag aaacacaaga tattggaaac     93720
     aagcgctggc taccctatac gcaccacaag accagccatg gctctaaact cccagcaatg     93780
     gacgtgaaac catgcataac tggttgtaac taatcccctc ccacaccctc accaaaggct     93840
     ggttagtgaa tccctcctgc agcctagaga gcagaaaggc cgagccaagg ttgtgctttc     93900
     cttaggtctt ttcaagacct ccctgtcccc aacgtacctg aggcggttcc cagtaggctt     93960
     gaggccacag atgccacaga aggcagaagg gaaccggatg ctgccgccga tgtcagtgcc     94020
     taaacccaga ggggagcctc cagatccaat gagagccccc tcaccccctg aggaacctcc     94080
     tggactcttg gagggcttcc acgggttcat ggtctggcca aagagggggt tactgcagtc     94140
     atagctggag gaagcaggag aaggtcagcc caggtcacct catcaactgc ctctgtctgc     94200
     tcccacctca ttggttagac cagctccggg ggaccaacct tagcatggac tgggggacgt     94260
     tggtgtgcac aaagggcaca gctccctgca gcttcagtac ctgcaccacc acacagtcac     94320
     tctccgatgt cacaccctcg ttcaaactta agcccagtgt ggaagcatgg cccttagaga     94380
     aagaagacag cgacaatgcc acaggaccct tcaacagccc agcggcatgc ccaccaccac     94440
     cactaccaca ctggccggac agaccaccaa ggcatctgga cccaagctag atgcagacac     94500
     agaggcagga caagcagggt gtaccttgta gctgaagcat tccttgaggc tcacggggac     94560
     gccatagagc aggccctgcc gtggggcctg ggacagctga gtctcacagt cagtcagata     94620
     ggaggtcaca cagttggtcc ctttgttcac ttcccaggcc tagggaaagg gatacaagga     94680
     agccagcttc ctctcttttt aaaattcctc tttctatact tcctgtaagg gaaagggtaa     94740
     ccagaagcat ggcccagagg ccgcaccagc ttcacccagg ctctctgaga gactcggggc     94800
     caggccaggc caggctgtcc tcagaagtgc tcagcagaga gttgctagga agataaccac     94860
     tggccacttc tcccttactt ccaagccata tctctggcca ggcagataga tagacagaag     94920
     gctgtcagaa gcaggcctcc atgtccactc caggttatga tgagagtgag tggctgcaca     94980
     gctaggctag accagactct gacactctgt tctctgtcta gtgccaggct ctgctggccc     95040
     ttagccaagc tgatcctccc ctttccttgg gactcttgag tcacacagat gactgacctc     95100
     aatagtgaaa taagggtggt tgttgtgttt taaaagaaaa ggaaagaaag gaaatgagag     95160
     gggaggggag gggaggggag gggaggggag gggaggggag gggaggggag gggaggggag     95220
     gggaggggag gagaggagag gagaggagag gagaggagag gagaggagag gagaggagag     95280
     gagaggagag gagcggagca gagcagagca gagccaaggg tatgtttcat agagccaggt     95340
     ttggtgaagt ggaagagggt gcctctgtgg gctcatactg aggcatctct tcctcctgag     95400
     gtgccagcca tatacctggg tattgtagaa tatagtatat tctgggaagt acaatggggt     95460
     atagtataga atagagtcta tttagggcat ggggagggga gttggctggg aagggaggag     95520
     agagagagaa agaaagagag agaaagagag agagaggagg ggaggagagg gagaggggga     95580
     aggggaaggg gaaggggaag gggaggggag gagaggagag gagaggagag gccagccggg     95640
     aagaggggag gggaagggga gagaggaaga gagggagaga agaggcagag agagcaagga     95700
     gggggcagac agcccctttt atggtaagtc ggccctacct ggctgccagg taactggggc     95760
     agagcctaga aggaatgata tcagttggac cccaagaatt gatagaatga cagcagacat     95820
     caacaacttc tagccacaga cgggcccagg gtcccagaag caaaggaggg gacaccgagg     95880
     ttcagtctaa cgataccccc cccccccgct cctgagagac aactggagaa aagagggttg     95940
     tgtggccaca ttcaaaactg caggcaccag ttacaagctg tccaagacaa gaagggagga     96000
     gcctgagtac aattaaatgc tgctgtgaac tataagtccg ggaccggagg gggctttcag     96060
     ggtcgatgac acagatgaca ctggctgctc atcctttcta acagtgtcat aacacacctc     96120
     cccctgacac tgacactcac ttggggtcac cagcacactc agaatataac agaatgcata     96180
     atttgtctta ctcctttttc ttacatacat tccctgagca cttcttatgt gaaagatcat     96240
     gtgtttggca cggaaactta aagggaaacg atatctatca gggctggaga gatggctttg     96300
     tggcttagag ttctttctaa gaactgttct tccagaggac cctagtttgg cttccaggac     96360
     ccatgtcagg tggctcacct gtaactcaag ctccatggga cccagtgttc ccttctgact     96420
     ccaagagcat ccacacacac ccacaccccc ctcacagaga cagatacaga tttctaaaat     96480
     cttaaagaat taaagaacaa cccctgccca caggacctgg agagaacctg aggaaggaca     96540
     gagttgagcc ttgcctgtga gtagacaggg agaggggggc ctagtagggc agacacaggg     96600
     gaggttttgc cagtcagcat ggagggacaa gcagagagaa agagaatcct gggacaaggc     96660
     cccagcacaa aacaaggcag accctgagtt caatgtctcc aagcacccaa ggccttggat     96720
     gaagacagaa cctgacaggc acctgctcgg aggctgccag gctgcggctg cttccagagg     96780
     aagagagcag gatggttaaa ggtgggtgga gaacagggag agaccagaga aagacagaag     96840
     ggaacaaaac agacttggtg accagaggtg gaggcgggag agggaaatct gggctgaaag     96900
     ccaggcttct agctaagaca acatgctcag tgtccacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     96960
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacgag ctccttccct ccctggtagt     97020
     ccctggcact gaagttctac catgacccag agcaggacaa ctccaggcca ggttttcccc     97080
     tcagcctgtg aagaaacagg actaacttag ggcttacctt tcccaggtag gtaaagagca     97140
     cagcttctgg ggacagttcc ccactctgta acttctgtac cagttggagc aggggcagag     97200
     ccagcaaggc ctctgaatcc aggtcaggat tctgcgggta acacattacg tcaatctagc     97260
     aagtgcaact tttttttctt ttttcccatt aattattcac tttacatccc aatctcaccc     97320
     ccccccccat ctcctcccaa ttccctcctc acgcagcccc tccccgcttt cctcactcag     97380
     tcctcacagg aaacatgctg tcacttgctg atgccctgac agaagatacc ccctgcagct     97440
     ctgacactag aacccagatc ctagcctagg taggcttttg acccaccagg ccagtgcaaa     97500
     tgtagcctct ggaagactgc tggagatgaa acacggtgag ggacaggaca ggagttgctc     97560
     ctagcacccc tgcctccgtg acctgccagg cacaatgctg gtttgtgttg ttttgggtcc     97620
     ccgcccccac tcacatggtt agttctcatt ttcttttctt ctgtttctga caggtttttt     97680
     cccctgctac ataatgcatt gagatcatat ccccaccccc attaccttct ctcatttctg     97740
     atttcccttc cccttgcccc actgcactca tatgcctctg cacgcgcgta ttttttgggt     97800
     ccgctggttt ctgtttggtg taatggtggt ggtggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     97860
     gtacaaatca tgtacagctg ccgtgcgctc actactgtaa cagccacagc agacctagcc     97920
     agaagatttt acagtgctcc tccccacttg ggtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgttta     97980
     agacaggttc tcgatatgta gaccaggcta gcctcaagct cacacatctg cctgcctctc     98040
     ccaagtgcta ggaataaaga tatggttgta tttggttttg tttttctttt tgagagaagg     98100
     tctccgttat gaccaggcta gctttgagct ttcaagatct ccctgcccca ctgctcaaaa     98160
     gagatagaat tacaggcttt gggctggtga gatggctcag cgggtaagag cactgactgc     98220
     tcttctgaag gtcctgagtt caaatcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca accacctgta     98280
     atgagatctg acatcagcta cagtgtactt atgtataata ataaataaat ctttggtcag     98340
     aagcaagcag ggactgactg agtgagtgga gttgaccgga gcgagtgggg ccaactggag     98400
     tggccagggg tcctaaaaat tcaattccca acaactacat gaaggctccc aaccctctgt     98460
     acagctacag tgtattcaca tacagaaaat aagtaaataa atcttttttt aaaaagttgc     98520
     gggttggtga gatggctcag tgggtaagag cacccgactg ctcttccgaa ggtccagagt     98580
     tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatctgt aacaagatct gacgccctct     98640
     tctggagtgt ctgaagacag ctatagtgta cttacatata ataaattaat aaatctttaa     98700
     aaaaaagttg caggctttaa catcaagcct atgatcttct atgtcttaat taactttttt     98760
     ggggggaggg gtgttcaaag acaaggtttc tctgggtagc cctggctgtc ctgaaactct     98820
     ctctatagac caggctagcc cacttgactc tgtctcctga gtgttgggac taagggtgtg     98880
     cgccacaact gcctggcacc ttgattaact cttaccgaca ttcccattac acagatttat     98940
     agagactgaa atgaaaagaa aaagagtgct gtgtttagga ccagaaacgt aaggagtggg     99000
     gctgaaggga tggctcagtg gcgagcagag ttcttcctct tgcagaggac ctgggactgg     99060
     tttacatgat ggctcacaac catctgaaac tcctgcaggc accaggcatg catgtggtgc     99120
     tcatatacac atgcaagcaa aacactcaca gacatgaagt aaatcctttt cttaagaaag     99180
     gtaggcagtg atatcctacc cacccagtac ccgctgcata caagccccgg cagggaagta     99240
     caaccacaag aaaggcccca ttaagattcg aggtgtgtgg ctgaagacca aacccaaagg     99300
     ggaataactg gcacacccat ttctagacag gcatgaagag cctactccgc tctgacacca     99360
     cagcagtaaa caaaaagcta tgcccacatg aacttacgtg aggcaggggc ggagctgaga     99420
     aataataact gtgctgacac aagccagtcg tctaagaggg agcctcagct gaggaatggc     99480
     cgccatcaga ctagcctgcc tgtgggggca ttttcttact taaggactgg aggcagtgcc     99540
     accccaggac tggtggttct tggtgctgta aggaggccag ctgagcaagc caaggaaagc     99600
     aaatcagtaa acagtggatt ccccctggat ctctgcttcg ggtcttgcct ggaactgccg     99660
     ccttgccttc ccccagtgat ggtctataac ctgtatgttg aaataaaccc aacttacttc     99720
     agattgtgcc gtttattgca gcaacagaaa actgagacac aatcaaatat gaattttaga     99780
     tagtgacata ttggaaaaaa aaaaacaggg tacggtaggg aatggtgtct tctaagaaag     99840
     gaggttctaa gcccataccc acgtgccagg tccctggggt cagctctacc cacaaacatc     99900
     ctcctgggtc ctcttccagg ggattagacc aattagtgaa gactggatca ccaccctaca     99960
     gctcagcccc ctcttcccac tcctgcaatc ccccgttacc agatccaaca aatacttagg    100020
     cacttcttcc tcctggcttt gctgaggtct tctgaggtat gagaccacaa gccagtgtcc    100080
     tcagtttccc ttggatagag atactacatt ctacactcct tgggctcctt tgttgctcat    100140
     tcatttggtc agtcagcaaa caagtgcaaa ggcctgccga gacaggccgt gcatttagaa    100200
     gtaaacaagg caaggtccct gcattcagaa aaagcaacat ctcagtaagt aaatgagcca    100260
     caagtagaca gcttgtggta aagtgagacg gcagataaac ggccttggca gaaatgagag    100320
     gatgctgtgg atggacgggt ggatggatgg atagatctcc ttgatgaggt gacattttag    100380
     ccatgatctc aatggtggca aggggagaga cacagagccc cctccaggtt cctctggcac    100440
     ttgtattccc tctctatgac cagagaaggc ttgctccctg tggcttccac tccttgtgtc    100500
     tgactccctt tgggtgctcc acccaccccc ttcttcctga tcttccacca ggcttcacac    100560
     aagggaattc atagatgttc accccgtcct tctgcaatca ccatctccca cactttcaat    100620
     tgggctccac ctcaggacgc cccaggacag gcaagagcac atccacattc acgtgaccag    100680
     tgaaacaaca ctcattcttg ctccattctc ctctccatcg caaccaacag gtcatcaagc    100740
     cttcaagcag ctctggagat tgcccatcag cttcccctct accaagaccc ttgtccagtg    100800
     tcatcctttc ctccccacac tactgccctg cccaagccct tgcctttgtg acccaccctt    100860
     ccttatagat ctatacaagg gcaaagtccg aagttttttc agaaagtatc tagaggactg    100920
     gagggatgtc tcagaggtta agaacatagt gctcttgcag aggacccggg tttgactccc    100980
     agcacccaga gcctgtatct ccatatcctc tgacctccat gggtgactac attcatgtgc    101040
     atatgcccca cacagacaca cgtgcataac taaaaataat aggataatga tagggaggtg    101100
     gagacgggga gatccctgga cttcactggc cagcttgtct tgctgaattg gtgacttcca    101160
     agtccaagga gagactgtct caaaaataag gcggacagtg atagagaaaa acatctgaca    101220
     tgtggcctcc acactcagga acacacatac acacaaatac acatgggagc gtatatacat    101280
     gcacaccaca cagacacacc cagggatata aaaagggaac atttacccac tctgcccaga    101340
     ccccagacca tccagaaagg aaaccaaagc tgacaatttc tgataaacag aacaaaggaa    101400
     tgtgtgaaaa acacgcgatt gcacatgtgc agaacatgtc actgctgtcc atactcgttt    101460
     tttcacagag caatcatatg gcataaagca ctgcctcttg cctctctctt cccacaatga    101520
     acgcaaactg tgcttcatat tgtttccagg tgtggaggct tctgcttgta atcccagtac    101580
     ttgtaagtgg aggcagaagg attgccatga atctgatgcc agcctgggtt acatagtggg    101640
     ctgttgcaaa atacacacac acacacattt ttacaaccaa aaagtaaaat aagagtctaa    101700
     gaatacagct gtgctgttcc ctcctggcgt tcacaaaggc ctgggtctga tccccaacat    101760
     ctcataatac caggcatgat acatgggagt ggtggcgcat gcctttaatc ccagcgcgag    101820
     gcagagggga aggcagcggg atctctgagt ttaaggccag cctggtctac aaatcaagtg    101880
     ccagggccac caggactaca tggagaaacc ctgtttcaaa caaacaaaca aacagcagat    101940
     gtggttgaag gcagaggatc agaagtttaa ggtcatcata tatatatata tatatatata    102000
     tatatatata tatatatatg tatatatata tacatataca tatatatata tatatacaca    102060
     tatatttcaa actcagcctg gaatacatga gtcattgttt tattttaaaa atgcctgaaa    102120
     atagatcaaa gaaagtcaaa atcagcacaa ctaccctgcg gcatttacca ttggcagctt    102180
     gcctgccccc ctcctcctcc tcttcctcaa taaagatacc tgcaaagtcc ctcccgtcac    102240
     ctcaaagtta tcaacaaccc ctctggtggt ctgaatagaa agtctatggt ctccatagac    102300
     tcacagattt gaatgtttga tcacagggga atggcactat tagatggtat ggccctgtta    102360
     cagtaagtgt ggctttattg gaggaattat gtcactgggg gtgggctttg aggtttcagg    102420
     tgctcaagcc aggcccagtg tctccctctt cctgctgcct gtcactccag attagaactc    102480
     tcaactactt ctccagcaac atgtctgcct gtgtgccatg cttcctgcca tgatgatgat    102540
     ggccatgata atggacctct gaatctgtaa gtcaacccca attaaattct gtcctttata    102600
     agagagttgc cagtggtggt ggtgcacacc ttagtcccag tgctcaagag gcagagctct    102660
     gagttctaag ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccagggc tacacagaga    102720
     aaccctgtct ctaaaacaaa acacaacaac aaaagagatg ccacggtcat tgcagagcac    102780
     ggtctccaca acaacagaaa ccctaagact cccattctca cacaaatttc agtgccttcc    102840
     ctgttgacag cagatgacat ggttactaac agctattttt aaatcttcag ttagcatcag    102900
     gcaattgaga catcatctct ctcccaaatt accaaagtaa ttctgcacca gagacagaga    102960
     ccagtctgtg aataataggg agcttgattt tgcatgggaa acagagagcc aggtactgct    103020
     ttcctccagc taactgtgtg gccacccagt atggagacat gcttaaagaa tgagctgctg    103080
     cacccatctt ttcagcactg ctcctctctc aactgtttct ccctctcctg aaccatctag    103140
     tgtcctaatt tcagactctt gggtttttat cttttttgtt ctgttttcag ctgtctccgc    103200
     ttgctcacaa cgatggtgaa gatattctta atggtgcaac catgctttca attcaccaat    103260
     agaatcgttt caaagaaacg taccagaaag gcttggagac gggccagaga cagagccgca    103320
     atggatccgg tgaagggaga gtcatttgta ggatcagtaa acttttacca agagaaggca    103380
     tgagacagtt caacaaaacc acatgtgcaa aggccctggg gcaggaatca tgtcctgtga    103440
     catctcttcc agctaacagt ctatgtcttg tggttcttgt ctgcagtgta gaaacaatgg    103500
     gggggggggc tggagagatg gcttagaagt ttgtagtact gtctgctatt ccagaggacc    103560
     tgggttcggt tcccacaatc ccacatggta tctcataacc ttctataact gcatttacag    103620
     gggatttcat gcccctttgg tctctgtagg taccaggcat gcacatggtg cacaaacata    103680
     catgtaggca aaacattcat acaaataaaa aaaaaacttt aaaagtagta tttttttttt    103740
     aaagctcact tggtgggtat ctggggaaag taggagaaag gttgttgttg atagacttcc    103800
     attgttctac agtaaccaga aatacacctc tccctagagc tgctccagag tctggaaaag    103860
     taaaccattg tgtaaaccat tgtgactcag agatgctcat gtcctacttg ccatctagcc    103920
     tgtgtctacc ttggcacaca gctaactttg tatagtacct atcagaggaa ccagacttgg    103980
     cacacagcta actttgtata gtacctatca gaggaaccag actgctttgt cctcccagaa    104040
     cactgggtcc gatctcccca ggtgcccctt gctattcagg gatgggctga gaaggcatta    104100
     gaagagagac gtcagaggca gcctcaggtg ccgcctttct tctccaagga agccagggcc    104160
     cggcaggaga attctgcggg gtgaagaagg gaaggggctg aacccaatct gcgctgattt    104220
     tacaacaaaa gcctacctcc taagcatccc caaaaggtct acacgaaccc ttagtcaggt    104280
     agggtaggcc aaacctgaag tcccaggtat caaaggctga aatgggaggg tctcttgagc    104340
     gggtctctag ctcagtctgc acagcaaggt agtgggagaa ctgaacaata atatgaacac    104400
     aagcatgttt gctacaaagc acagagaaag ataagtgcgg taacgcactg tcagcacgtg    104460
     ggaggctgag gcaggagaac caggagttca aatgcatcct atcctatatt atgagttcaa    104520
     agccaggctg gaaagcaaga caccctgtct aagacaaaga aaacaagcaa gcaaaaccac    104580
     cacctttggc ttctagccct gaaaccccaa aggtagtttc ccttgttgaa aaagttaaat    104640
     ttggtatctg atggtagatc ttgatccagg aagttgtgca aacagcattt gcattttaga    104700
     gccaaaactt ctgccctaaa acattctttg aaaaaaggat ccttgccagg tggtgatggc    104760
     agcagcggca cacatcttta atcccagcat ttcggacgca gaggcaagtg gatctctgtg    104820
     aattcaagtc cagcctggtc tacagagcaa gttctagagc aaccaaggct aaacagagaa    104880
     accatgtctc gaggaaagac aaaagaaaga aagaatgaaa gagacaaaca aacaaagaga    104940
     aagagcaaat tcgtcagttc tttaagagac tgaagggcaa ttattttaga caaaatcggg    105000
     gaggtgcaat gcaggaagac ccagccttct cccagccgcc cagccaaatg gattccttat    105060
     ggctagaagt catccttccc gtaggcagga actgtgggca gactcccgcg cctgctcacc    105120
     caagctgtgc tgaaagctgg ctgcacagaa ggacatggag gagcagccaa ggctccccag    105180
     gcctagccca gaatcagcat gaggatcctg agatggtacc accaaggaat aaccaaagaa    105240
     cctgtgctcg ctcaggtaga ggtggcaggt atgggatccg agcctcccaa actaggaggt    105300
     gccagctcca aacactgcct gggtaggctg gaaccaaggg acttttattt caatagagac    105360
     ataagatgca tgctggactt agtgaggagt aatttagagt attacagcca gccaaagttt    105420
     tgccggcatt cggggcacag ctgggtaacc agagaccagt cagtcctcct aatagccctc    105480
     cactgccttg aactagcgtt ccacaacaca cttggtttta cttcttgctc aaaactcact    105540
     caactgagac aactgaggac ctgccaaatg caattttcac ctgcattcct ccctgatact    105600
     gacccagaaa cacccttctg actcctgaaa cacatctaga gttcagattt tgggatttta    105660
     actggggtca gtgtttgtgc cacaggagga aaaggtcccc ctcctgcaga tagacatctc    105720
     ttctccttcc caccgactct gttatcacat cccccgaaat gtacacactg aaatgtctaa    105780
     agggggaatg gggagaagcg aagcctgttg accgggtcat ccagagaagc cgctggaagg    105840
     aggctcacag aaggggttgc gaggtgtttt ataagcgggt ggcagaaacc tagaagattt    105900
     acagggtggg gcttggccac taactccctg tatacagagg cgtctatttt catccctctt    105960
     ttaagatctc tatgtacaaa ctaacaaaca tgaactttaa accctggacc atcgacgtta    106020
     catcttgggt catcactcca tgattccaaa gtcctaaatc cttatgaatt ctattgattc    106080
     tcacgctagc ggtttttatt tcccccagcg ttttgatatc ggttatcgag atactctgga    106140
     gtgggacaaa gctcctcttt gacccagtac agcgcccagc ctccaccacc tgtccttttc    106200
     ttttccgctt ccctttgcgc tgcacctggc gcagaaagag tacggaatgc attagctcga    106260
     ggagggggcg attctgttcc ggggctcaca tctgcgctgc ctgccagccg gccctctggc    106320
     gtccgggcag ttgaagtcgc agccttgccc acgccatgct ccccacgcca gcccacccca    106380
     gccccggcgc ccgccttcac ctgcagccgg aagcgctgca ccgccttgtc catggtctcc    106440
     aggccggctc gctgcttctg ccgcgccctg gtcaccgcgc cccgggcggt ctggctcctg    106500
     gtccatcgca ggaccaccgc cgccgacagc aagctgcagg ctaggcaaac cccggagagt    106560
     ccagacagcg cggtccacac ttcgctcagc accatgatct cctgcagccg accgccaccc    106620
     gagaggactc ggcacgcgca caccaacagc tccgctgcaa aacccggcct ggatcgcccg    106680
     cgattccgct tgagggaggg gcaggcgcag ccgcgggccc gcggggagcg cgccgttgcc    106740
     cggcagcgag agccaagcta gcagctccaa cggtcaaggt caagcctaga ccccttctgg    106800
     cccggttcct ggcgtgccag cgttttaagg caggcggaac agacgagctc cgcgtgggcg    106860
     ccctccaaag caccagggcg gccggtttcc ttgacccggc ctctggcttc gtctccgccc    106920
     tacagccgaa aactgggcta agccagggtc ctcagaacag gctggtcaga acagatcggg    106980
     tgcagtgaac cttatcaacg tctcagcatc atttttcctg gctctggact gcaggaagtt    107040
     ctgaggtgtg gcctctcatt ttctacccac cctccagatg ttgagccttt tactctgggc    107100
     tatctaccta cgtctttttc ctcatcccca cagctcatcc tctcttgggc cacacccagg    107160
     aaacaacaac tttgtctgaa ccaatgtcct ctccccgatt tggggggagg gggcggcgta    107220
     aattagggtc atgcacaccc taattgtggc tagattgctg tcacagaatt ttatgcgact    107280
     catctcatcc atctagaaat cctgtgagaa aggcattttg cactttacta gtgaggtaac    107340
     ttcaggacaa gaagggttga atgacttttt tgagtcacac tggtggctga ggaagattca    107400
     gactgcagtc ttagtcaaag caggtgctta accattaagg ctgtatctgc tgcctctgga    107460
     agtaaggcac tgtgggtagg gtgtctcaga actctggatg gaaactcaag tccctgagtt    107520
     gcttcacctt tgaatcatat cacatgggtg gtaattacgt ataccttaga ggagtgtcag    107580
     gagcctgtga ggttccatca ttaaagccac tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    107640
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    107700
     acacaagctg gcctcaaact cacagagata tacctgtccc taccactctc ctaaatgctg    107760
     ggattaaagt tgtgagcaac cacactggcc tttcttttct ttgtaaaggg aaactacatt    107820
     attacttttg gagtaattta gctgggtgtg cctgcaatgc ccctagggat atagatcggg    107880
     agagtggtca tttcttagcc ctagtggccc agtttgttct ccttagggac tccatttaca    107940
     aagcgcttct ttgtgtttgc tgtaatgatg gcttctctaa gcagtaaatt ccctgggaac    108000
     ctattaaatt ggatttactt tacaaaagag gtggaagtgg aggtaagagt ggatttggag    108060
     gactcagcag cgagctctgg gctgattaag tctggtgtgg aggctctggt gggtggcctg    108120
     ctagagagag gatccccctc ctgatacagc tcactttctc agatgctatg gttcagtctt    108180
     ccactgaccc aggctactga atggcagtcc attgctgtga gttgggggga aaaagaaata    108240
     aatacagacc tgataagagt cttagaaagc aggccatggg ggtgcagcct tataacccca    108300
     atacttaggc tagagggttt caaactcaag gtcagcctga aacttaaata tagaatgatt    108360
     ctctctccaa aacccccaaa ccaaaccaaa tgaaaaacca cccaattaaa agatcgtgct    108420
     gcataaatcc aaagggtcct ggattctggc acttgggttg gaaagccagg aattcagcat    108480
     ctagcactct agagtcagac tgcctagtta tccctccttg tgtgattttt ctgagcctta    108540
     cagtttcctt aattgtaaaa taaagataac aatacctctc gacactctag cacttgtata    108600
     agaaattagt ggatgtaaca gagccattat cagtctagca tgtagccacc cacgcatgtt    108660
     agccaaaatt agtattgcta ttagaaaaat aaaagtccta ctgagaggga ttttctggtc    108720
     tgagaggctc aggaagcaga ctgcctggat tcaaaccttc taaatctact acttaccatg    108780
     actgaaatca cattaacctc ttctgcctgt ctccttcacg gtaaaattag gataatacat    108840
     aatcacagag ttaacacagc cttaaacaag ttagctcacg gagagagatt gcattagcat    108900
     ttcaccaatg ataagataat agtctgataa atgttatctc tttcctttat gactgtgatg    108960
     caactcaggg tttggaaaaa ggcagtgtgg aggaggattg ctccatgcaa ggtggagcat    109020
     gaagcccaga atggaagagc aggttcatgt gacgctcact ggggagaggg ctccaaggct    109080
     ctctaccttg gaaggtagct cactgtgagg tgaggcaact gcacaccatt gtgggaacca    109140
     gaagtgcaag tcccttgcac cccctccatt ccttcaaggg agagttgacc ttcatacaac    109200
     accactacaa tgactcttgg tggcttccct gaaaatgatt agagtccttc cctaattaac    109260
     tggtgacctt gagccaagtc ctgtgtctta aacatcaact gaagagataa gttaatattt    109320
     ccctaagctc cctgggaggt gggaagaggc aaatatgtct agggatagga gtaccccccc    109380
     aaaaaaaaaa gtcagctatg catattccag agggttttga aatctttgtt ctaggagtta    109440
     ggggagggtt tggggtttct agtttgcttt gttgtttcat tttgttttat tttttggctt    109500
     ttagagacag ggtttctctg tgtagacctg gctgtcctgg acctcatttt gtagatcagg    109560
     ctggcctcta cctcccaagt gctaggatta aaggcatgag ctacagctgg gcgtggtggc    109620
     gcacgccttt gatcccagca ctcgggaggc agaggcaggc ggatttctga gttcgaggcc    109680
     agcctggtct acaaagtgag ttccaggaca gccaggacta tacagagaaa ccctgtctcg    109740
     aaaaaccaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaggcat gagctaccac aaggggcacg gggagggggt    109800
     ggccgggggg ggggggatag cgtctaaatt gttgttctcc ctttcatctg tgtgagcttt    109860
     cccaggggct acagaggaaa acacagacaa acagacacac acatagacac aggcacacag    109920
     acaaggagac aacaggtctt gctgcaagga attgtggaga tagatagata gatagataga    109980
     tagatgttgt atatattata aagagacata attaaatcat ttccctcttt tccctccaaa    110040
     tcccatatat ccctctttta ctctttcaaa tttataacct tatttttttt cttacatata    110100
     tgtatgtatt tattcctgaa tacataacta taacctgctc cgtctaaatt gtgttactca    110160
     tatgtatgtt ttcagggcta accatttggt attagataac caactggtgt gctgttccct    110220
     gggaaagact ttctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctca gcattttagt tgcctgtagt    110280
     tctttctcta gagttgaggc cttctcctta gcataggtgt catccttatg gctgtggctt    110340
     taatgtgtgt tactccaaaa ctgctatgtt gagacccaat taagaaggca ttagaaggtg    110400
     gggcttttca gaaaagtgtt agctcaggaa taatctcacg aagaatatat ttttaaagac    110460
     tcgtttttaa tggttcttat ttacgtgtgt ctgtttgggt taactgccgt gcgtgtgtgt    110520
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt    110580
     gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgtgt    110640
     atgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcgtgtgcgt gtgcgtgtgt    110700
     gtgtgtgtgc gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtac ctgtagagac cagggagggt    110760
     agaaaatccc atggagctgg agttccaaaa ggctgtgagc caccccaatg tgggggtgct    110820
     aagaacaaac tcgggtccct gtgagagcag tatgcaatca atatcaacac tgatgagccg    110880
     tttgtccagc ccaactatat taataacctt ataaaagaga tgctgcgata aaaagaatga    110940
     gataataaag agttctaggg atggggtatg tatggctcta acagagccta gcatgcataa    111000
     ggaaggagag ctgcctgccg ccttccacct tgcagtcttc ctttgcctct tcccgccatc    111060
     tgatgcggca gcaacaagat gccacccatg ggccagaaca agtgcccact gaacaccaaa    111120
     tctactgatg acttgatcta gacttcccat gctctaagaa ctgtaaggaa agtttttttc    111180
     ttctttgtaa atttcccagc ctcgggcatc ttgttagagt agcacatact ggaacttctt    111240
     ccagcccagc atgtaaagta agagtcatat gcaaaagcag tgtcagcatg ggctgcttcc    111300
     aagtcacaat gcactgttgg gtctttagac tcagtcgcct ggggcctccc agcacccttg    111360
     taagtttgga gtttgacttc tgtgctgtag tgattgtgaa atggctccaa taaagctggg    111420
     agtggtggct gtaatcttag cactcaggag gtggaggcag gatgcccaga tgcgcaaaat    111480
     catcctgaac tacaaagtga tgggctgtgt agcccaggct ggtcttgaac tagtgacccc    111540
     tctgcccatg cctcctaagt ggtaagagta ccccagcact gccagagaac aagcccaatc    111600
     tagtctgcca gagagagaaa gggggtggga gtagcagagc ctagtgagag tccagttata    111660
     cctgctcaga tccttacata gcacagatta atcaggtagt cagagctaca gacacagggg    111720
     tgaatcccac caagcccaca taagcaagca gaaccaccag ctgactaacc cacagacaaa    111780
     ataaaaccaa caatcttgtt acagaacact agcttaactg gacatcatga tctacacctg    111840
     tcctcccaac gatgctcaca aggctgaaac tagagtattg tgagtttgag aacaacttgg    111900
     gctacatagc aagcttatgg ccagccccag caacacaata gaactcttat catgaaaaga    111960
     aaggggaggg aggagacaga ccactaaatg ccattgctca cgttagtgac agaggagcat    112020
     aaactcacta ggagcatgac ttaaaactgc ctactctgtg ggaaagcctc aatcctgtct    112080
     ccaggtctgc cacagactac agctgttatt aaaagcttgc cctgagcttg gaaatctacc    112140
     agccatgcca tgccctaatc tgttatcctc attctgtttt ttaaactgtg ctatgttacc    112200
     tttgcatgta cagaaaatgg ttttggtttt atttttgtgg gctttttttt tttttttttt    112260
     tttttttgag aaagggtttc actctgaacc aaaactcaat gtgtagccca ggctggcctt    112320
     agacttacag caatcctttt gcctcagtct cccaagtcac catgcccacc ttacttaaaa    112380
     tgttacatct gaggccaggt agtggcacct gccattaacc ccagcactca gaaggcagga    112440
     ggaggattag cttgctctat accaagagtt tcaggacagc aaggacgata tattagagag    112500
     accctgtctc gaacaagcag acaaagggtt atgtttgttc ttttctgtaa cttaactgaa    112560
     attgtgagat caatcttaaa catccaatac tttgtttcct caactgtaaa agtgaactat    112620
     ttggccacaa gaactaaatg agctaatgtt taaagtcctt agaacactac ctgacatgtg    112680
     tcattaaata atacaaaata gtgtgtgtga aaatgagcca caacaatggt agtgaattag    112740
     agaaacactt tgatcttgag gtgtcatagt gttcactgtg aactggagac atcactgtga    112800
     tgagccagct cacccgcctt tccaccaact cttccaacca agatggtatg ggagatagct    112860
     tgtgatggta tgggagatag cttgtaagtg gcaaaccagt ttttgaaatc cagatatgca    112920
     aaaaaaaaaa tgctttcatt cttgagaagc cctaatggaa tattccatgc tcacattgta    112980
     ttccacagag aacatattca tggtagactg tatgtagatc aatgatatat ggagaactca    113040
     tctgggaaaa taggcttcac aaatcaagcc tggcatggtg gcttaattct agcactcagc    113100
     tgaaataggg aagagggact ggaagagagg gagggatggg ggagggagga gggaggaggg    113160
     acagagagac aaactttgaa tgagaacgtg ccccattggc tcatatactg aacacttggt    113220
     ccccagttgt tggaactgtt tgggaagggc tagggatggt ggccttgctg aaggaggtat    113280
     gtcactggga gcaggctttg aggtttcaaa agactgtcat catcctgtta gctcactctg    113340
     ccttgtgctt ttcaatcagg ttgtgagccc tcagcacctg ttctaactgc ctttagtcat    113400
     gcctttgctc tgccatcaca gcctctaacc tctgtaaggg taatgaaact ctgttttata    113460
     agatcccttg gccatgatgg tttatcacag caatagaaaa gtggcaacat aaaagtaaaa    113520
     aattttgaaa acacttgtga tagtttgaat atgcttggcc cagggagtgg tactagtaga    113580
     aggtgtggcc gtaggtgtgt cactgtatat atgggtttta agaccctcac tctagctgac    113640
     tggaagtgag tcttctgcta gcagccttca gatgaagatg tagaattctc agctctgcct    113700
     gcaccatgcc tgtctggatg ctgccatgcg cccaccttga tgataataat ggactgaacc    113760
     tctgaacctg taagccagct ccaattaaat gttgtcctta taagagttgc cttgggagcc    113820
     gggcgtggtg gcgcatgcct ttaatcccag cactcgggag gcagaggcag gtggatttct    113880
     gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg agctccagga cagccagggc tatacagaga    113940
     aaccctgtct cgaaaaacca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagttgc cttggtcatg    114000
     gtgtctgttc acagcagtaa aaccctaact aaagcaatac tttttaaaaa tatatagaaa    114060
     aactcagggc tggagtcagg gctcagtggt taagagccct gactgctttc tagataagcc    114120
     aggttcaaat cccaccaccc acatggcagc tcaaggctgt ctgtaactcc aagatctgac    114180
     tcccttgcac aaacatgcat gcatgtaggc aaaacgaaga tattttttaa aagatttttt    114240
     aaaaaaatat aaaaactcaa tttcctagat gttttggagt ttgttttggt tacatgtgtc    114300
     gggtgcctgc cacatatgtg tagaggtcag aggaacaaca ctgtgaaggt ctttcctttc    114360
     agggatcaag ctcaaatcat caggcttagc agtaaacgcc atgacctaat gagccatctc    114420
     accagccctc tttgagaagt tttttttttt taattaatta attatttatt tatttattat    114480
     atgtaagtac actgtagctg tcttcagacg caccagaaga gggcatcaga tctcattacg    114540
     ggtggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg gatttgaact tcggaccttc ggaagagcag    114600
     tcgggtgctc ttaccaactg agccatctca ccagcccctt ttctttcttt cttttttctt    114660
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttgagaa gttttaaaga aacacagtga    114720
     cattgggaaa gatgaatttc agtaaaacga gttcttttga aattggcgag tgggatttca    114780
     aaggcagtct tggtttccta agtatggccc cctgagcatg actaccattt gaagcctctt    114840
     ccttagcttt ctcaagcagc aaaacccctc cttcacgagg tccaagtaat gggagaagaa    114900
     aacaccttca acatagacct tgactggtga tgtgtaaatg gatgtctaca ttgagtttga    114960
     agaagcatat cctttcattt tatttttaag gtaaaatttt taaaaggtag aagggagtga    115020
     ggaaaaaggg agggagggaa gaaagggggt gataaggaga aacagaggga gggaaggaag    115080
     gggttagtga gcctcacagg acatttaaaa tgctgactag agtttcccca gttaccaaga    115140
     ttctctcaga gaactggggc cctgctcccg caggttctag tcaccttcag tgtccccaga    115200
     agctccccca cccctcatga ggctcgccct ctagccctgg gagctgccct ctcatttctg    115260
     gtttggagga atgccccagg gactgtcctc acaccatcag tctggattct ctgtggccat    115320
     acccttggct tgtctgggtc ctgccatagc tgcaatactt ggaacacctg tcacaactga    115380
     aacatctaag ggagacaaat cacttgctca gaagatgctg tcacatcttc ataacttgaa    115440
     gcagcatatt tctctgtatg tgatggttct gacagaccag taaacaccca catgagaaaa    115500
     tcctcagcca ggcgtggtgg cgcacgcctt tgatcccagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg    115560
     cggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacaaactga gttccaggac agccagggct    115620
     acacagggaa accctgtctt gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaagaaagaa aatccccagc    115680
     ctgactccct cagtatttga ggttccactg ttatcctgca aagactctcc ccttggccta    115740
     gttcccaaca cttctgtttg tttgttttct cctctaacca aaacccccac tctacaataa    115800
     tactgcctga caaactcact cttctccaag acccagttca tccaggtggg gcagcccttg    115860
     tctgcaatct gtggcagcag cactggggaa gctgaggagg tcagcctcgg ccactgggtg    115920
     aaagaaaccc tttctgaaaa gcaaatagag tcagtaaagg acacaaatgt ccagatgaaa    115980
     ggtcccctgg atccagatgg caacatgtac acttactgtc tccattaaaa tagcaaaaat    116040
     aacgccgggc atagtggccc atgccttggt ggcccatgcc tttaatccca gcactcggga    116100
     ggcagaggca ggtggttttc tgagttagag gccagcctgg tctgcaaagt gagttccagg    116160
     acagccaggg ctacacagag aaatcctgtc tcaaaaaaca aacaaacaac aacaacaaca    116220
     acaaaaaatg acaaaatagc aaaaatattt ttttaaggca gagttgttgg taaaacagaa    116280
     acattcagct actagcagat aggaggcaat atccaactga aagaaaagac aaacaggaaa    116340
     agaaactcag catgagacag cagaaggagc caaggtgctc ccccaggatg ctgtgaagaa    116400
     gccctaagca aggatggtgg tggcacgcac ctgtaagcac tgcactcagg aagcaagaag    116460
     caaggtgctc tgagtctgag gccagcctgc ctcaggaagt agaaaagggc tacatagaag    116520
     agaccctgtc tcaaaaacag acaaaagatt aataggttat ttgaagttat aacaataacc    116580
     atcaatagca gttaaaacag agatccaggt taaatgagaa ctgtaaaggc acagttggta    116640
     ctcatagttc aagcgactgt ggtcagtgtg tgcagggatt cctttataat ctactaggtt    116700
     tatttacttc cagtcttggc tgaagtttct cctgctccag gaggatttct ctcaaaatat    116760
     cttggtctgc cttgaggcca gccactcctc tctcttccca agactctcag agcctcacct    116820
     gctggggtgc gactgagcac tcgccagtct ggacctttcc aggatctatg gctacatcag    116880
     catagtgtag ctggacaacc ttgtgaatga actctgcagt tagagactgt gtagcatcag    116940
     tgactccttg gttcatagca gcgacggtac acacctttaa tcccagcact tgaaaggcag    117000
     aggcaagcag atctctgagc ctgaagctag ctttgtctat aactgagttc caggacagcc    117060
     agagagacac agagaaacct tgtctctaag acggagttgg ggatgaagcg gggagggggg    117120
     ggtggatggg gaaaaaaacc tgcatcaatt aatgtggggc caaagtagta attttttaaa    117180
     ttatgtgcat gggtgttttg cctgtgtacg tgtgtgcctg gtgcctcaga agatcccctg    117240
     gaattggaat tcagttggga accatcatct gggtgctggg aacagaatct tggtcctctg    117300
     gaaaaacagc cagtgttctt aaccagagcc atctccccaa ccacagtagc agtattttta    117360
     acaatcacct gagatgtgat tgtattctct gtactttgac gaacactagg ttctgtgtat    117420
     tctatcaata ctttcctgcc agtggcttaa gttagctgaa gtgaaaaagc accagcatga    117480
     aggtgacctc acagggtgct ggcagattct cagctatctg ctccgtgtgg ctcagcttca    117540
     ccctcagcca tctcaggacc gctgccagga ggcggatgct tcatgacttc tcacctagcc    117600
     caggtagaaa cgctgcttcc acagaattga agacctagga agaaacccag gctcagtcgc    117660
     acccctgcag gtgaggctct gggagtcttg ggaagagaga ggaccaggac attttgagag    117720
     aaatcctcct ggagcaggag aaacccactg gttacttatt ttgagacagg gtctcaccgt    117780
     gtagtcctgg ctgtcctgaa acttgctatg tagaccaggt tgtgctcaaa ctcagagatc    117840
     cacttgtcta tacccaataa atgctgggat taagggcatg agccgccatg cctgacagct    117900
     acctaatttt tgataggttg tcaaaaatac acattgcatc aaagatagca tccttaacaa    117960
     acggtgttgg ggaaaaatgg atatccatat atgggagaat aaaatagatc tttcaatcac    118020
     tctgaacaca aatcaattta gaatggatca aagatcctga tataggaact gaaagcgtga    118080
     ggggataaga tgaagagcca ggcttggaaa ggcaggcgtg gcaagcacac ctgtaacctc    118140
     agtaccaggg aggcaaaggc aaaggcttca gggcatcctc agctacatag cacgttaaaa    118200
     ggcagcctgg gctggaccag tggttcactg gtgaataata ctgaccgctt tccagaagac    118260
     ccagattcta ttctcagaac ttacatggct gctcacaact gtctcactct ggttccagga    118320
     aatctgatgg cctcttttta ttttgacagg gtctcactat ttagaccagg ctggccttga    118380
     acatgtatca taatgactgc ctctaccgcc cgagtgctgg cattaaagga agagccatca    118440
     tgaactgctt gatgtggctt gtttttcctt tacttttaaa attacatata ttgtatattg    118500
     cttaatatgc tgtcaatttg catttcccca atggctaagg atgttgaaca ttaaaaaaaa    118560
     aacaaaaaac atactgagcc gggtgtggtg gtgcacgcct ttaatcctag cacttgggag    118620
     gcagaggcag gtggatttct gagttccagg acagcctggt ctacaaagtg agttccagga    118680
     cagccagggc tacagataca gagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa aaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac    118740
     ccacattaat catttatatt gcttattttg gaaactattc aactcatttg ataatttgtt    118800
     gattggaaga ttattttttt aattttatgt gtatgggtgt ttctgcctgc acgtatgtct    118860
     gctcttgttt attttttgag acagagtttt tctgtggagc cctagctatc ctagaactca    118920
     cgatgtagac caggctggtt cctgaactca aagatccacc tgcccctgcc tcccaagttc    118980
     ctgggattaa aggtgtatac taccacttgg ctaaaaataa attttaaata aaacatacat    119040
     tagccacatg actcaccaac tccaacccta aatatttact caggaaaaaa acgtgaacac    119100
     ttaaagtcat gtgtgtaaat gttctcagca gtgttacgga taacaggcaa agtggacaca    119160
     gcgagaacca agcaatcagt gagcaaaggg agtgcagtca ggataaaggg aatgaaagca    119220
     tcaacacaga caaacgaacg tcacgggatg tatgagtcca cttatgtatg cagacatctc    119280
     ccaaggtcag gttgcatgac ttgacaggct tcacagatca cctaagtctt taataagaaa    119340
     ggacagcaaa aaggcacagg caagcactcg ctactggaga gatgagctac ctatatgcaa    119400
     gttccacaca cagaccgcac tccaagagtt ttgctgttgt ctgttgtttt gaagcgtttg    119460
     ttaggaaagt ctcactttat aagcttggct ggccttgaac tcattgtata gaccacgccg    119520
     gccatgaatt atctgtgatc actctgtctc tgcctgccaa gactgtagac tccatgcacc    119580
     accacctggc tgcttatttt cgtttttgca cactggagac taaattcaag accttatacc    119640
     tgccaggtaa gtgctttacc tcagagttac atctctcacc ctgcattcat tcattattta    119700
     ttgttttttt tctttttttt tttaaacata caattttatg tttagcaaat ataaccactg    119760
     ctataattaa ttcttgtaat ttctttgaac aaaacattaa ataagcatgt taacactttc    119820
     actaatgtca tagaactgtt attagcatat ttattggttt tcaaggcaag gtttctctgt    119880
     gtagacctgg taaatgctct agccctgtat ttatttattt gtttgttttt caagacaggg    119940
     tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcaactctg cagaccaggc tgacttcaaa    120000
     ctcaaagaga tttacctgcc tctacccagg attgaaagag tgctgggagt gaaggcatgt    120060
     accccccacc actgggtcta gccctgctat tttgatttgg gttgggtttg ggttcttgga    120120
     ggcagggcca ggcagcccag gcaggactgg aagtcactga gttaatcttg agcacctact    120180
     atgcccgcct ctacctacca agtgctacaa ttacaggcac gtaccacatc atcgaggatt    120240
     tttgctatgg ttgaatcctg gctttgggaa agttcagatc agaagttccc aggagggttt    120300
     catgataccc caacggaagt aattaagccg aaagcaccta accagttaga ccagttgtaa    120360
     acccacagaa atgatccggg gtcaccatgg gatctttaga ctttaaataa cctaatgctc    120420
     tcatcttatt agaagcgaca taccaaaagt ccagtggtcc agaaaaaggt gaaactttca    120480
     tctagttata aatcaacccc atcttctaac catagtgata gaaggcagat cagctattcc    120540
     ctgagactag aaacaaaaga agtgattgag accagaaggt aacatttaag gatagaagta    120600
     ttttcaatat ctcttggtga ttctggctat attactaaat acaaaactca ttaagcagca    120660
     ccttgctgga ttgcaaggta atatgatatc atacatcata cattctattg tgtgaatatc    120720
     cagtttattc atccactttc ttgcacagcg acttgtggcc tgtgtctggg ctttgcttgt    120780
     gagcagggct gtataagcat ccttcagaag tgcgttggca tgcatatgca tgagtgtctt    120840
     gaatttatcc ttagcactgc agtaactgag ttagagggca gggtgtgttt aattacagga    120900
     gacaaaccgt tttccaaagt tgttgtgata gtctgagttg tcaatatgac tggattaaaa    120960
     gatgcgtcag actagtgaaa cagatctgta tgcctctagg gatgtttcaa acggactggc    121020
     ccatgggaca gtgactagtg aggaaaagat ccatcctgaa tatgagtggg cccctcaaaa    121080
     gggcaaactg cccaaatgat ggaggtaagt aggggaaggc aaccctccaa ccagcaagtc    121140
     tctttctgct cccaagtgat accacctact gccattactg cccaacacac atcagaacaa    121200
     ttcttcagtt cttcaacact gattcaatag cagcaacttt ccaggaagct tccaaacttc    121260
     agtgttggat tgaagcttct caggcatgct tgggaaccta cttatctctg cctctccagt    121320
     gtgcagatgg cccttggtgg gctacccagc ctcttcccaa tccaataaat cccccttata    121380
     acacatacat atgtgcatgt atacttgtgt gtgtgcacgc atacatgtta ttggttctgt    121440
     tcatctagaa aaccctacct aatacagttg ttttttctta cctgtcagtc aattagacca    121500
     tggtccaagg gccagcagac cctctcctcc ctagtgattg ctgcttagca tcaggtgaat    121560
     atccaagagg cagaaaccca ggcaccaaaa gtattcagca atactaaata cagggcaaac    121620
     agcaggcagg gattgtatgc catgaataga ggctgatgag ggtcctactc agatgtcagc    121680
     caagtgccct gcacttctag tctactagct tcacttgact taaagtctgg aaggccttcc    121740
     aaggtcctca gttataatac aaatctcaag aaaggagatg tcttaacctt tgctaacgtc    121800
     cttctcaatg gatactttta atactcaaat aggattagca gggaaggcat gaaagatgaa    121860
     aagaatggta ataaaggagg gatacaaaag tgggaagagc caataaatat tccagttatt    121920
     gacaaggcac gcacacacac agttgaccat aagcaatgtt tactgtttcc tggctctaaa    121980
     cgttgctttg ttctgacaag tgttacaaaa caatcagcac gcaagtcacc ttacgtaatg    122040
     tcaccccaaa acaccgcgtg tgaggaaagc ctgctatgtg gaagaactca gaactctaga    122100
     ggatgtgcag atgagccaaa gcaggcgcca gagctgggcc acagactaga aataaaatca    122160
     agactcttga aataaaatgt caggaaactc cgaggtactt ggagagcgaa aagaagtagg    122220
     ttgccattct gaagatgagg aaatccaact atttaccatg gtcccaacca tctctctaac    122280
     agctccatag ttgtcatata ggaattccca gaacacttgc tgatatatga agaaataaaa    122340
     gaagaaacat acaaaaccaa cctgtaccac aagcagcttt tgcagccgca tctgaagacg    122400
     agccagagca ctcaggaaag ctctctctgt aagaggatca tcagccacag gctcaaccgc    122460
     ttcagttact tattccttaa attagaccat gtgccatatg gagacacttg gggaggctgg    122520
     cgggcctgtg ggttgattaa atggaactca ccagtgtggg aggactggag gcctggctgg    122580
     gcactttgga gagtgtgctt ggcggcttca gctgacacat aaacataata gaacttagac    122640
     tgatgtgatg tacccaactg caggcccacc cttagagcac ttcaacaact ttattggcta    122700
     aatgtttctt cccaaattta cagcttaaac tatgggctca ttcacagatt ctgtcttaat    122760
     ccctaatgga gcaagggcct tagtagaggc taagagacat gagacatgag ttagaaacct    122820
     gctgataatc cagagctggg cagcagtccc tactgcctgc tgtttgcaac tatctttaga    122880
     tgtaatggat ggagacaggc cttgggatac acctgccact agcctcagtt tcaatggagt    122940
     catcaccttc ctacttcagg gacagggtgg cactatggca gcctatgcag tttgcagaag    123000
     tacataggtc caaaattgac catgaggttt ggtattacca gctccccaac ctggcaggat    123060
     gggaagaaac agaatgtgtc catgaaaagc tttcggaagt gagacaggtc ttccacttga    123120
     accttgatgt tgtattgatt ggccagaagc tcaatggcac cttgcaccac atactcattc    123180
     tgtaagtgag acagtgagca agttgaatag acaacgtgac ctcctggttt ggtggcaagg    123240
     agtccagccc tgaaaccaag aaaaaaagca ataactagta tacttctcgg aagggtgaga    123300
     gcaacacggg gctaggaaca caggtagggt ggtctactac ccagtggagt ggcagaagat    123360
     gaggctttcc tctaggagcc ttgctggatg tttgcttggt tctttccttt gtgagctaca    123420
     accctgttat atagcacaga gtagcctcca acttgccatc ctcctgcttc agccttccaa    123480
     atgctgggat tataagcaca taccaccaca cccacctcta caaaccctcc ttcaaagaat    123540
     ccttgatggg gctggagagg tggctcagca attaagagtg catactgctg ctgtggagga    123600
     cccaagttca gatcccagca cccatgtcaa aacttcctac aactccaagc ccagggggct    123660
     ccaaaatctt taacctccgt gggcatctaa tagtgtgcac atgccaatat gaagacacgt    123720
     atgcatacac ataattatca ctagctaaaa gaaagaccct ttgaagcctg attctagtta    123780
     tgagctaaat cctaataatg gctatcaaat gaattctctc ctcagtcata cagacccctg    123840
     gagaccttaa cccccttcac ttttttctcc tctttctttt ctccctttct ctttctcttt    123900
     ttctattcaa tcctcacccg tgcccacccc ccacccccgc cccctgcctc ccaccctaag    123960
     gtctcattat atagccccag ctgacctaga actcacaatg tagtccagac tggcctgaaa    124020
     atcagagatc ttcccatgtc tgcctctcaa actctgagat taaaagcatg caccatgcct    124080
     ggcttctttt taaaatgaat aaatggaata gttttgtttt attatttaag aaaatatttc    124140
     ttacttattt tattttatgt gtatgtgtgt gcctgaatgt atggatatgt gccatatgtg    124200
     tgcaggagcc catggaagtc agaagaggca tcacttcccc tggtagtggg ataacagatg    124260
     gttgtgagaa gccatgtggg tactgggaac cagacctggt cctctgcaag agcaaatagt    124320
     gctcttaact gctgagtcat ctctccggtc tcctttttct ctctgagata gggtctcact    124380
     atgttgccca ggttagcacc taggataacc cagactccta ggctcaagct attctactgc    124440
     ctgagcttct aaaatatcta aggatagctg acagaatctg cttttcaaaa atgctggcac    124500
     tggcactagg gataaaatga tgaagtagag tagttattat tctagaaaga accaactcat    124560
     gaagcctcct gcctccaggc aaatctccag ccaaattctt acatatgatg gtcttggctt    124620
     ccagtccccc agcagagatc tcaggtgact agaccctaat ggctgagatt ctgtaactat    124680
     gttactcacg caagaagctg cacctgcagc ataggcaaca tctgtcgctc cttcttcctt    124740
     gaccgctgaa agatgttgtt ctcttcctca tgaagggaat ggcggtccgt ggtacatggc    124800
     acatctacta acacctgccc agaatggtaa aagataaagc attaaggctc cttctaggat    124860
     cttctgactt aggccccgat gacagagttc agtggagacg ctccgtctac ccatcccgcc    124920
     attgcagagt ccccgacaag gattctcatt gtaacctgat agagaactgt gaaacagtga    124980
     gcgggaaaaa tagtatattt agaaatattc atggttgatc aaaaagcaga ggcagaggca    125040
     agaggactgc tacaaatctg aaggtaacct agaccctggt tttctagacc agccacaggc    125100
     acagagtaag accctgtctc aaaaagtaaa attaaattaa attaaaatat atgcatggta    125160
     gtacatagtt agcgttccag tacttgagag gtggaggcag gagaatgagg agtcatagcc    125220
     agcctcagct tacagagtga gtctgaagcc agcctaggtt tcataagacc ctgtttcaaa    125280
     acaaaagctg catataaata attgtaatta cataactgat atcaacttaa gaaataaaag    125340
     cttgccaggc gtggtggcgc acgcctttaa tcccagcact cgggaggcag aggcaggcgg    125400
     atttctgaat tcaaggccag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctaca    125460
     cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaaaaagaa aaaagaaaag    125520
     aaaagaaaag aaataaaagc ttagtacttc aaggctctgt ccttcgctat ttggtgaaaa    125580
     catccaattt acatatggta aacactcaat ttacatgtta cataataaaa caatcagaat    125640
     tcaaaattat cgtaaaacaa tgtcagggta caaggcccta ggttcaatca ccagtactgt    125700
     tctaaaagaa aaaggggagg agggactgaa gagatggctc ggagttgaga gcacctgcag    125760
     ctgagtcaga tggttcacct gtaactgcag ttctggaggg atccgaagct gtggccactg    125820
     acacacatac gagtgcacgt gcacacacat gcgtgcgcgc gcgcgcgcac acacacacac    125880
     acacacacac acacacacac agtagcaaag gctggccttg aactcacaat tctcctgcct    125940
     cagctcccaa gggatgacag gtatgtacca ccacatctgg tttccaatat ttaaatattt    126000
     taaagtaaga aatacaaaat cattcattaa tttaccagca gccttttcta tactaagcac    126060
     ttgagacaga caaaagaatg tcttaaatat ccctatatgt atgtttgaca aaggtaaaac    126120
     aatctttgga aagatatttt tggcatagaa gtaaattaaa aataacccaa ttttgccagg    126180
     tggtggtggc acacaccttt aagtcccagc actcaggaag caaaggcagg tggacctgag    126240
     tttgaggcta gcccagtcta caaagctagt tccaggatac ccagggctac atagagaagt    126300
     cctgacctga aaaacctaaa acaaaaacaa aaaacctgcc cagtattcaa tattgatcta    126360
     ttctttggtg aactaacaca gtatacacat agtaagaaaa aggaacagga cacggtggtg    126420
     ccctctgtag tcctagcatc aggaggtaat ggcaagagga cgcaaatttc aaggtcatcc    126480
     tttgctataa aagctagtgt gaggccagct taagctacat gaaaccctgt ctaaaaggaa    126540
     agtggggcaa agggcaggga aaggagagga agctgtgaaa agtcttacaa tctgcaaaag    126600
     gtggctggac tcaggcgatg gagtgagggt gttggggtcc tgtgccctca tgcacaggac    126660
     caacagagtt caaggagact agaaaataag cggcaaacag atccttattt tggtaccaat    126720
     acaccacaga tatcgcttat cagtgtcaac tgtgaaagct gccagcctca tccagggcag    126780
     gagctgttca acatcagcta tggcacaagc attgctacag cagaaatggt ccaatgtgtg    126840
     gttaccagcc atatgccagg atggctcgct agctcatatc agcctccagt gtgcttttac    126900
     acttccccct tgaaaaaaca tggagaaaaa tatgttcaaa taagcatttt attattggaa    126960
     ataaacttta acttgggaag ggtgggatgg aggaaacctg tgaatggaag ggaggggtga    127020
     tggacatgca gagtgctgga ctctctccaa ctgatggaca aatatgactg aagaagaatg    127080
     gggttatcag gtctgtcgag gcctgaggta gcatttttct ctgcatctag agtgtctaac    127140
     acttcctttg cacactacta tttcttcaac aaataaatta atgaagatat cttcaaggac    127200
     caaagctatt tcaaatgtca agtaaactgg gagggaattc attctccatt gctccacaag    127260
     gcatagctaa aatcagtgaa cagaaaatga tgaggaatct ggcaacgata acaatgttgg    127320
     atatttgctg taatctgaaa ctgtgcaaag gcattcttag ttaaccacct atgggacggg    127380
     caatacaatg taccacactg aagaagttaa acacaattca aagtttaagt tactcacaaa    127440
     aggcaagtca tgaagccagg actccagtcc aaggagcctg aatcaaaaat gttagccctc    127500
     acccacatgc catgcagtct acacattttt ggttttctaa gacaaggttt ctctgtgtag    127560
     ccctggctgt cttggcattt actctgtaca ccaggctgac ctcaaacttg gagatccgcc    127620
     tccctctgtt tcttgagtgc tgggattaaa ggtttgtacc accactgcct agctatatac    127680
     tttgtccatt ttatactgtg tacaatatac agtgatcata aatcatgttt taaataagtg    127740
     agtttatagt gtgctaatta aaagaaaata actaggggct ggagagattg ctcagtggtt    127800
     aagagcattt gttgctttta tagagaaacc aggttcaact cctagcatcc acacagtggt    127860
     ttacaattgc ttttaattcc agttccaggg aacctggctc cctcttctga tctgagggca    127920
     ccaggcacac atgtggtaca cacatacccg aaggctaaac aattatccac ataaaaataa    127980
     ataaatctaa aagaattttt taaaaggaaa taaataactt aaaaatatta agagtttcaa    128040
     caacatacac aacaggggac tgtgagaggt actgcaagtt ttattaaaaa ctgaccaaca    128100
     gggctggagt attggttcag cagttaagag ctgttctttc agaggtttag agttcaattc    128160
     ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaacatc tgtaatggaa tctgatgccc tcttctggtg    128220
     tgtctgaaga cagctagagt gcactcacct atataaaata aataaatctt taaaaaaaaa    128280
     aagacagaca taagcaatac taacaggata gagaaaaaca tgctcattgc cagagaaagc    128340
     aagattggcc aaacgtctaa agcacttctc aaactctgtc aaaatcttaa ctgatggaaa    128400
     ccattaacca gcaattttac ttcaaatgca taaaactatg gactacacct gaggatattt    128460
     taattaatta aaaagtcata gatgtcagaa tgaataccac atgctgccat ttctattaag    128520
     aaactcacaa atctatattt tcacatacaa attacgcaaa gactataaaa aataaaaata    128580
     gttatctgaa ggaagaggaa gaagatggct gtgtacagtc taaaaagaat gttattttcc    128640
     actggggatt ctcttatgcc tcctgaattt tgcaccatgt gctattttaa tattcagaaa    128700
     taaaatgttc tcattcatac tcatcattgc aagaggttgc aagaaaccaa gtgacttcag    128760
     aaataaaata tgcctaataa ctttttccac acgcagttag gttcaaattc tttttgctgc    128820
     caactatctc taatgaaaac agtagccagt catctaagct gaacttagag ctctgcaaat    128880
     ggcactgtct ccaagtcact catggagaac tatctaggtc caaaaacagt tgcacacatt    128940
     caaaacctag ggctagatct tacccctggg atcagaggcc agaggacaga gtcagaggtc    129000
     acttacccta tcataggtgt ccccctccag ttctccccac ttcctgccat cccatgaggt    129060
     aactcggact tggttccctt ccctaatatc ttgaggcaca taactgtgaa ggaccttctg    129120
     cagtctgcct gttcgggaag tggagaggtc gttggcagct agattacctg tggaaataaa    129180
     gagtcttcag aggctctgac aacatcatca catcatacca actaaaggtg ttaatggaaa    129240
     acaagaccaa ttcttagata aacccagtca acaaagaccc ccaaaggcgg ggatgcttgt    129300
     aatatatgtg gtaccaaatc cgtcactcag gggtagtggt cacaaagaca aacatctatg    129360
     gacaggaaaa gtggatagtg tctaggggtg cagggtattt actgtagtta cagcaagttt    129420
     ggggaatttc catacaggtc agcaagttgg tattttaaaa actgcatttt tggcataatc    129480
     tgcagttacc aaacacaggg gcaaagccac ctgaccaaca ggatggctgg gttatcaata    129540
     tgtacattga ccctgctgtt gttgcctgac tggctgttgc tgggggtggg aagtgccaaa    129600
     gatgtttgct caagtggact ttgtggtttt cctcctggaa ttggagttta acccctggaa    129660
     cttcaaaaaa tggagttggt tgggtcttac aatgctgtga cagagtctta ttctgtagcc    129720
     tagactagct gtgaacttga ggtcatcctg cctcagtgct aactcgtaca ctagccttgc    129780
     cgttttgttg cttaggtttg gtttggtttt gatacctgtg gtacctagac tgttcttgaa    129840
     gttttcaagc aattcagttt cagcctcctg agtagctggg actacatgtg tgtgacccaa    129900
     tctctttgaa acacttgtgt cttctcgttg ggtttctatt gatgtgataa acaccatgac    129960
     caaaagcaat ttggagagga aatggtttgt ttcagtttcc agttcttcat ggagggagat    130020
     tagagcaggg agtcaaggaa aaaacctgaa ggaaggcaga aactgaagca gagaccatgt    130080
     aggaactgct gacctgcttg gtccgtttgc tttcttctat accccagggc cacctgcgca    130140
     ggggtagaac ccacagaggg ctggacccgc ccataacaat cactgcctca taactgctga    130200
     ggtacctctc tggcctccag gcaatttgga tggaggcctt ttctcagttg aggttcctct    130260
     tcccagataa ctctagcttg tgtcaagttg aaaacaggac aatatgtctc tcttggtctt    130320
     cagtacatac tatagattat tcacccgaat ttactattat cttactcctt aataacagaa    130380
     ccccaattat atagagaggg cattgtatac ctttcctagc tttctttttt agagatgtat    130440
     ttattttata tatgtgagta cactgcagct gttttcagac acaccagaag agggcgtcag    130500
     atcccattac agatggttgt gagcaccatg tggttgctgg gaattgaact caagacctct    130560
     ggaagagcaa tcagtgttct taaccactga gccatctctc cagccctcct agcattcttt    130620
     tacaactcag tatgattggt tagtgaactg tagacactaa caccatgtaa gacctctgag    130680
     aaaacgtgtc tagaaggcta acaatcattt ccttctgcct caaaatcaaa tggctgactt    130740
     tctagcagtc attctaaaaa tgatgcctaa accaaaccaa ggagcagaaa taaaaacagc    130800
     agagtcgggc tggtgagatg gctcagtggg taagagcacc cgactgctct tccgaaggtc    130860
     cgaagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggta gctcacagcc acccatagtg agatctgatg    130920
     ccctcttctg gtctgtctga agacagctgc agtgtactta catataataa ataaataaat    130980
     caatcaataa atcttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ccagcagagt ccctgatgag tgtagggcct    131040
     ccacaccatc ccttgacttc ctggatagtt gaagcttttc agacaagcat cacatgtctg    131100
     agagacatat ttcttcttag aagcttagcc acttagtttt ctttgttata aaaccaagcc    131160
     taataatgga ctactttaca ttctcttatt aacttttaaa atttgagtgt atatacatct    131220
     atgtaagtgt atgcctgggt gcacgcctga taaagccaga agagggcatc agataccatg    131280
     gagttgacgt tatataggcc attacaagct gcctggtgtg ggtgctgaga gccaggagtt    131340
     cataactgct gagctacctc tctagcctcc accctctctc tgacagacag gagtttaaga    131400
     aatatctggt tggtttcagt tctgctatat gaaaaacgtt cctgtgagat tgatgttaag    131460
     gcaggcctag aggcacatag cttgtagtgc cagcatctgg gaggttgagg aaggaggatc    131520
     aagagcttga agacagggat aagaaaatgt gactctgggg ctggagagat ggcttagtgg    131580
     tacagggcac tgactgctct tccagaggtc ctgagttcaa ttccaaacaa ccacatggtg    131640
     gcccacaacc atctgtaatg aggtctgatg ccctcttctg gtgtgtctga agagagcaac    131700
     ggtgtactcc tatacataaa ataaataaat aaatcattaa aaaaaaaagt gagttcaagg    131760
     ccaacgtggt ctacagaatg agttccagga cagccagggc tacacagagg aaccccactg    131820
     ggagtgacac tcagccacag aggcacatgg gaatgaacag tactgaagag ctagagggtg    131880
     ctactaggaa gaggtttagt gtccccataa gaaacatccc aatttctaag ggcacttaac    131940
     atttaaaaaa atcaaacact ctgttcagga ggaaacaaac tgagaaagaa aaggtagctt    132000
     ccagttccac ttccatgtcc aacctttgta cgacttacca cagtaaatcc taagtcccac    132060
     gcttgccctg agacccagtc tatgttcctg tgacccagtc tatgttccgc ggccaagaag    132120
     ccaggcctgg gtgagtacct gggatgaaga agggatgctg ctgggttagt gcaccttgga    132180
     aacacttctc ccttgccgtt tctctcctct cccttacttc tcccttgccg tttctctcct    132240
     ctcccttcta acgggaatct cacacagcgc agcacagcgc agcatccagg atgggctcac    132300
     aactcacttg ctaaacttgt gccaacagct ttttctcttt tccttttcag cttccagaag    132360
     ctgaaaacaa tttactcatg agaggctagg ggctaactca aactgtgcca gccagcttcg    132420
     gagtaacaag aatagaaggt tgacacctaa cagaaaggca tgtggcggga gaagtccagc    132480
     aagctctaga tcagatgtga aaagcacacg tgcctattcc tcaggactca agaaaaaggt    132540
     accttttttt tttttttaaa gatttatcta tccaaaaaca aacaagcaaa caaacaaaaa    132600
     gatttatttg tcactctctt cagacacacc agaagagggc atcagatcct attacagatg    132660
     gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgctggaaaa tgaactcagg acctggggaa gagcatgctc    132720
     ttacccgctg aacactctcc agcctggtaa gttctacttt aaggcagcct ttagccaaag    132780
     cctggctaaa aggagcacct atgaacacca gggttaccta cgataccaaa acacacgaag    132840
     aagcttcagc ctgttcccaa agaatttgga atttttattt ttgtttttta agtcagggtt    132900
     tctctgtgta gtcctggctg tcctggactt actcactcag taaaccaggt tggcctcaaa    132960
     ctcaagtaga tccacctgcc tctgcctccc aaatgctggg actaaaggca tacactacca    133020
     ccaccaccag aatgggattc ataatcttga ggaaggagaa gacacatatc cattaatgct    133080
     ctgaggaaag gctaataatg ttaatgtgct aacaggtgat gctcatggca tgggtgcaca    133140
     ggaaggagtc attctgaaca agccagtagc agctacgaga gaacatgtcc tgcgggtatc    133200
     acacccaaac tgaggctcaa aagctaaaag gatttagata acacagccag gggaggatgg    133260
     gggctctaaa gggaggtaac gtgagcaaag gtagcaggtg tgctggaagc ctcgaaagct    133320
     taagaatgac atagaaagct gaaaataaga ggttggcaat acaaagaagt gagactttac    133380
     cttacagaca aattagcaaa tacaaaaggg tgagaggatc acgtggtgga tttatcaggg    133440
     cccggattta gtctgcctgc agaagccttc atcagccatt tttttttttt ttgaccaact    133500
     gacaataaac ttagtaaata ttattatccc cgaccttggg actaaattta tgacattcag    133560
     tgtgccctcc ttggtgaagt ggggaatccc tgcatgccca agacaccatg ccactgactt    133620
     acggcaacaa cccgtctgaa gtaatgccag cgttttgccc ccaggagcag cacacagatc    133680
     aagcacagtg tctccatgct gcagaccaag agccaggaca gggagcaagg aggcagcatc    133740
     catcaggtag tagtccatga gacccaggct gccaagtctg gaagaaagaa gaccatcaca    133800
     ccgaccagga gccaagctga gcaagtacat gcccttatta tttcccagac actcattcat    133860
     ctatacagca tccacagtac tcagtcattc acctatacag catccacagt actcagtcat    133920
     tcatctatac agcatccaca gtactcagtc attcacctat acagcatcca cagtactcag    133980
     tcactcacct atacagcatc cacagtactc agtcactcat ctatacagca tccacagtac    134040
     tcagtcattc acctatacag catccacagt actcagtcat tcatctatac agcatccaca    134100
     gtactcagtc actcatctat acagcatcca cagtactcag tcactcatct atacagcatc    134160
     cacagtactc agtcactcat ctatacagca tccacagtac tcagtcattc acctatacag    134220
     catccacagt actcagtcat tcacctatac agcatccaca gtactcagtc actcatctat    134280
     acagcatcca cagtactcag tcactcacct atacagcatc cacagtactc agtcactcat    134340
     ctatacagca tccacagtac tcagtcactc atctatacag catccacagt actcagtcac    134400
     tcatctatac agcatccaca gtactcagtc actcatctat acagcatcca cagtactcag    134460
     tcactcatct atacagcatc cacagtactc agtcattcat ctatacagca tccacagtac    134520
     tcagtcactc atctatacag catccacagt actcagtcac tcatctatac agcatccaca    134580
     gtactcagtc actcatctat acagcatcca cagtactcag tcactcatct atacagcatc    134640
     cacagtactc agtcattcac ctatacagca tccacagtac tcagtcattc acctatacag    134700
     catccacagt actcagtcac tcatctatac agcatccaca gtactcagtc actcatctat    134760
     acagcatcca cagtactcag tcactcatct atacagcatc cacagtactc agtcattcac    134820
     ctatacagca tccacagtac tcagtcattc acctatacag catccacagt actcagtcac    134880
     tcatctatac agcatccaca gtactcagtc actcatctat acagcatcca cagtactcag    134940
     tcactcatct atacagcatc cacagtactc agtcattcat ctatacagca tccacagtac    135000
     tcagtcattc atctatacag catccacagt actcagtcat tcatctatac agcatccaca    135060
     gtactcagtc attcatctat acagcatcca cagtactcag tcattcatct atacagcatc    135120
     cacagtactc agtcattcat ctatacagca tccacagtac tcagtcactc atctatacag    135180
     catccacagt actcagtcac tcatctatac agcatccaca gtactcagtc attcatctat    135240
     acagcatcca cagtactcag tcactcatct atacagtatc cacagtaaaa cttttaaaaa    135300
     acaagatcaa tgtctcatat cccaggctgg gctcaagctt gctagaaagc tgagaatgac    135360
     attgaagttc tgatcctcct gctgcactga tgaactatgg aattacaggt ttgagctacc    135420
     acacctggct tatgcaatat gggtaaaact cagagttttg tgcatgctca gtaaacattc    135480
     taccaattaa gctacatccc catctctgag tgatcctttt taaaacagtt taatttactc    135540
     tgaaatagcc ttgctagccc ccttgctagc ccttctctgg gccacacaca ctcctcaggc    135600
     cttacaattc ctatgccttt tgtcgtaaca cttttccttt aaatatccct gatgtgcatc    135660
     cttacttctg tcaggcattg cctcaaagtg acctcttcag agccactggc agttcctatc    135720
     tagtctgtct aaaataacag cttctctttc ttatcaccct ctatctccag ctgcactatt    135780
     tttctttaaa gcgcttgttc ctcactttaa gttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    135840
     tgtgtgtgtt cctttatttt cccatattag aatatagctc tgggagggca aagatttttg    135900
     ttccctggaa tgtcctggct agttttgtgt caacttgaca caggctggag ttatcacaga    135960
     gaaaggagct tcaattgggg aaatgcctcc acaagatcca gctgtaaggc attttctcaa    136020
     ttagtaatca aggagggagg tccccttgtg ggtggtgcca tctctgggct ggtagtctta    136080
     gttctataag agagcaggct gagcaagcca ggggaagcaa actagtaaag aacatccctc    136140
     catggcctct gcatcagctc ctgctccctg acctgcttga gttccagtcc tgacattctt    136200
     tggtaattaa cagcaatgtg aaaaaaggaa gctgaaaaac ccttttctcc ccaacttgct    136260
     tcttggtcat aatgtttgtg caggaataga aaccctgact aagacaccgg actacttccc    136320
     aagacctgaa accatgcctg gtacatagca ggaattcaat tttatcaggt tacactttaa    136380
     gatacaaagt acttcactgg ttcagaggga atggtcatca actatatgca ctggggctac    136440
     ctgagttggg cctgatgaag aaatcagagg ccttcattag gtaaaaaaat ggaagaacat    136500
     tctaggcaaa agagaaaaga atgagtaagg tacaaaagaa taaaaactca aagcttcctt    136560
     aagaattagt gagaagaggg ccggagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgttcc attccagcct    136620
     caagcctacc attcaagttc tggtatcata agcttatacc actatatcca ccttcctatt    136680
     ctcaaggcat aaagcacaac ttagcacttg gctgtacagt cttttcccac tgaacttcat    136740
     acacacaagc accacctctg gaagagacaa agttctgttt tttttcaggt ctatcactaa    136800
     cttgcactcc tgggcaaccc ctatttccta tcagagtcca cttcctctcc tcctcctctc    136860
     acaggtggct gacagggcaa aggagaaggg gagacacatc ttcactggga aggatgcagt    136920
     gagttgctct tgtgaaaggt agatgttttc tgcagaatgc agaacaggct ccgagtgcag    136980
     gttctggggt tcaaacttgc taggactaaa taccaaatac accacttgct ctctggatga    137040
     tcaaaagcaa gtagctttct taatttctct gtacctcaaa tataaaaaaa gagcagctat    137100
     tatattccca tcagggtact gacaagagag agagtacaca tacagcactt gggcaaacac    137160
     ctagtctgca aacactagac ataccaacaa aactggaggg cagggctgag ctcttcagat    137220
     ccacttgtac caggcactca gaatgacccc accattccag cccctacctg gcaggaggaa    137280
     agcggctgac gtcccctctg gaaaaagtga agcatcgaag atttgggctg cagtccaggg    137340
     atggagttgg agagaggcca ctctcaggct ccagtttctg gtgagagatg gcttcactga    137400
     cgaagtcctt ggcactcagc tgctccagct tagcactcac actatcccaa gcagcaaaat    137460
     tattgaccaa tgcaccatac ttctgctctg agagaagact aacacggatt gatggccaaa    137520
     gatccccaaa ctgtacactg taggtcatgt caaaattctg cagagcaagc cgactggccg    137580
     tgaattgtgg ttctgtggta gcctaagaga gaaagagcaa gtgtattaat cattccagtc    137640
     ttgactctta tctcttatca tgtgacttta ctgcagtttc tgttgctgtg atgaaacatc    137700
     atgaccaagg caacttgaga aggaggttta tttcatccta cacttccagg tgacactcca    137760
     tcactgaggg aagccaaggc aggaattcaa atagggcagg cactgcagga gctgtcagag    137820
     agcccacaga ggctgctgct tgctggcttg cttactcatg tcttgcccag cctgctttcc    137880
     tatagaaccc agaaccacca gcccaaggat ggcaccaccc acaataggct gggccctccc    137940
     ccatcaatca ttaattaaga aaatgcctta cagctggatc ttatggaggc aaattatcaa    138000
     ttatggttcc ctcatttcac ataactctag gtaaattgtg tcaagctgac ataaaactaa    138060
     ccagtatatc taccaatacc tcagacctcc aaggcaaatt caagtccact cagtgctctc    138120
     tcctatcttt gcatcttgct tctgcctacc aaaggaagaa ctgggagaga atgaagttag    138180
     ccttcatatc acagattgga agggacacat acctctcata gtaactctag gggtcatcaa    138240
     aaaagagagt caatgctagg cagagtggtg cacttgtaat cccagtactc agcaggagga    138300
     tctagagttc aaagctaacg ttggggctac aaaagcaaat tcgaagccag ggtgagtaat    138360
     acatcaggaa tctcttgttg agatggcttt ttgccactaa gcttgactac ttgtgtttga    138420
     tctttgagac ccacagggca gaaggaaagg attgattccc ttacttattg tcctacctcc    138480
     caaggtggac cgtagcacat acatgcacac atgcacataa accataccca caccaataaa    138540
     taaatgtcat tttaaaaagt ctcctatatg gggctggaga gatggctcaa cagttaagag    138600
     cactgagtgc tctttcagag gtcctgagtt caattcccag caaccaaatg gtggctcaca    138660
     accatctgta atgggatcca atgcactctt ctggtgtgtg tctgaagata gctacagtgt    138720
     actcatataa ataaaaataa ataaatcttt ttttttaaaa aaaagtctcc tataatccta    138780
     ctgctctgga ggtagaaaag agggtcattc ttggttatat agaattcaag acaaattagg    138840
     atacaagata ctctatctca aacacacaca caaagacaca tagaagcatc tcaaaaaaaa    138900
     taggagggag agattggttg agggcttaat ctgagatgta cctcaatgtg tgtgctctga    138960
     gatgtgtgtg tgtgcacctg agatgtgtgc tcagtgtata acagtgcttg cctagcacaa    139020
     gcaaggccct agatttatac ctagcaaatg tgaagggggt acttaagtaa cccaagggag    139080
     aacttttgaa gaaactgtga aggtcctggg gaaacttgag gcttaaagct ttttatgaca    139140
     gatggtttct ctgcataaac ctagctgtcc tggaacttga tttgtagacc aggctggcct    139200
     caaactacag agatccacct gaccctgctg ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg tgtgtgccac    139260
     catgcctggc acttctattc tttacaatcc tgttttcaaa gcttgttatt gtctattagc    139320
     ttatgagaga gctctatggc agtggtgctc aataggatac aaataattct ctgccgggcg    139380
     tggtggcaca cgcctttaat cccagcactc gggagacaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt    139440
     tgaggccagc ctggtcttca gagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc    139500
     tgtcttgaaa aacaacaaca acaacaaaaa caacaacaat aattctcttt cccatctgat    139560
     agagcaatga gtcactcacc taagataatg cagtgactgg acgacgtaat gcacagaatt    139620
     atagagctga gaggttttag gtttcccagg aaggcagaat aaagacagtt cacagaatct    139680
     ttaggtaaga attaaagaag aatgactgct attggccaac agtgaaggac ttgagtcaga    139740
     ttgaaaaaag aactgaagac ttcagacgag gagttggccc tcattgtaac aactgagata    139800
     ctactgatgg cagtcttgtt aatgcacctt ctaccctcgt ctgggttttt gttctggtca    139860
     gaacatgcat tctggtcatt atttcttctt actgtgagga ctcttaatct gtcccacact    139920
     tttcctatgc tggagactct tgctctggct ttcaatttta ccatctgcag gactctggct    139980
     ttgcttccga cttctcttat ggtgtttgac acccatgttg gtactctcat tacggtcctg    140040
     agtactgctt tggagaggac tactgctccg gctccgactt ctgctctgaa aggcacccct    140100
     tcttagggga ctcttgcttt gattatgaag ggagctgttc ttgtttgggc tctgactttt    140160
     gttttggtgg ttaatctggc tgtcactact ttgatagtca ctacaaacaa tagttgaact    140220
     gacagaagtg ctacaggtag aggaggtctt ggatggaggc aaagaacagc tgtaggggat    140280
     ctgggaggga ttgttcagtg ggactggaga agtcacagca taggtatgaa tgccacaggg    140340
     aacagtagtg gggcaaaacc gagctcgagg gacaacaggt aaacatcggg ggtcaaaggg    140400
     tgttctcaaa gggataaaag aatagatgtg ggtggaacaa ggaggcgcca cagacttgat    140460
     atgggatggc ggacccctgg gagcagaata agtgccacaa gggagaaccg caggctgagg    140520
     gagaggtata gactgattta ggggactaga gagtggggat aaatgggagg tgggaggaac    140580
     cacagaatac atatgagtat tgcaggggga aactggaggt ggtacgtggg gactactctt    140640
     aggatatcta ctgggcaaag caggattaca aggcgagcta tgaggacagg aagtaggagc    140700
     aacagttttg aggacagcgg tctctggggg aggttctttt gggcaggaat ttgaagtagt    140760
     tgtgatggct ggctccatac atggactaaa gaggccaaag gactgggagg gaggctgagg    140820
     acaggtgttg gtcttatggg atttagaatg gctaggagga gtgtggtggg gtgtattgtc    140880
     tagggaccga cacttgtagg gattgcgtcg tgattcaggg gatttggggg acttcatttg    140940
     agggggagct gaggtaggag ggcggggttc attataacct ctgggtgact gaggtggagc    141000
     tacacactgg ttgttcaggg gagatgggaa atacggggaa ggattaggac actgaggaag    141060
     aggtggtcct gtggtgcagg aaggaccaga aattatagta cctggggtta gtaagaggta    141120
     agagttcccc ccaggctccc acagaaagga ccctacacag ggcttctgga gagcctgagg    141180
     cagggatgag ctaggagaac cagcactctc aggtggtagg ttgataacac agaaaggact    141240
     cctaggggca gatatctggg aatctgggca taaatgggaa taatgaatac agccctcttg    141300
     aggtgagatg ggagagccag acatgcctgc ctgagaagaa agtggagggc cacagccatt    141360
     tttcccaaga ggtacatcaa gctgtggttt aggttcacaa gagtttggag gcatagggtt    141420
     gtcgtggtaa gggttgccag agggtgggga agatgctgaa gaaaggggag gatcattgta    141480
     acttcttcta gagggacagt ggggccctcg gtgagaaatg gatgcagggg ttagaggtct    141540
     agtttccaca gatcggtgag caaggggagg tgaaattgca aggccaggtc tcaggggccg    141600
     atgggtaaga agaggtgaaa tgatggagta atttccctgg gaccctggca taaggggagt    141660
     cgaaatcacc gggcctgtct ccaaggttat atgagtaagt tcaggggaag ttactgggct    141720
     ggctctaggg gcctgatgaa tgagaggtgg ggaagtcaca taacaaagac gcggacttgg    141780
     agggcatgaa cgctgagatt ctggggaatc aatatagttg caacataggt tccgctgatg    141840
     aggagagggt gacccctgaa ggctgaatcg gtcaaaacaa ggagaggatg aaccagctgg    141900
     ctcttgtctg tacagccttc ctaggagtgg agaaaagggt tcaaaggggc acctctccgg    141960
     tgggggtggg gaggagagga ctgggggcgg agggggcggg gtggggatcc gtcgaggtaa    142020
     gcacggagaa gaaatggtga ggcaagagaa aggttctcta gagtaagggg ggttggtgaa    142080
     tctgttgcct gcatttggag aaaggccagc attacaggaa aggtggtcgt tgaagtcttt    142140
     cccgggcgcc acaggcacct cgagagtgag aacaggggtg aatcctttcc tgcaggacga    142200
     cggagactca ggagggaagg agtagttgtt agggcagtct gcttgaggtg aagttgaagg    142260
     ggctgaaatt ttaaggagga aaggagggga agagttcatg ggactggagg ggaagggtaa    142320
     gagggaggaa agaaaaggaa aaagaagggt gggaagggca agataaaagt aagcaagaaa    142380
     aagtaacatg aggcgatgta acgtcaccga atgaaagctc aggccgtgac ttaacagaga    142440
     ggggcggagt cagggggctg cttacgcaac aggaagaggc ttgtggttaa taaaaggaca    142500
     ggcaggcgtg agacaagagc tccaagaagg ttacggtccc tggagttcat gtcccgaatg    142560
     caactgtgag tgacgggaaa cgcaagggct ggataagtct ccctctaatg tcagacctta    142620
     cccatttctt cttatatcga tatctccgcg ggaccggcgt gaagtccacg agcttcagca    142680
     gcttccgaac acatcttaag acgggcgcag ccatgtcaac taacaacgcc aataattccg    142740
     actgaaactg cagctgcgct ctcgcgggtt ccgggaagga ttgagggctg cttagaatat    142800
     cagcggcaga cagggcgggg ctaggcttgc ggcgccccca gggctccgcc tacctccaca    142860
     ccccacccac cagaatcctc ggggcgcaca cgaagcggtg gctgtgctag agcatctaaa    142920
     ggagctccta ggaagttgca gggaaggcct tctgggctca acctgcatgg agaaagctgc    142980
     cgaggtagaa cgaaattaga gcagactata gacagaagcg gaattgctag gaagccatag    143040
     aagccagttt caagatcttc cttttagacg gttcttttca agactcggta cctaattttg    143100
     tgttctttct gagactatca aattgactac gccgcttagg atccaagaag aaagggggtg    143160
     atcactattt ttagaaatga tcgtttggct gagcagagtg gcatatgtct ttattccagc    143220
     acttggaagg cagaagcaga cggatctctg tgagttccag gccaagcttg gttttcatag    143280
     ctacaggtca gacagctttt ctgtaacctt acatttattc ttataatgta ttgccaccca    143340
     ccatatagta taatcagcta agtcgtaatt ttttaaaaat gttaagtatg tcaaactgat    143400
     ctctggaagt tgtggggcag ccaacgtctt tgaattagtg agctccagat tccatgagac    143460
     catctgaaga cgtgtggtgt tgacctgcag ctgccattca tagaccatat gcacatatgc    143520
     atgaacatat acaaacatat aacacactct tttcttttcc ttttgatttt tgagacaaga    143580
     tctcactaca tagtcgtggc tggcctataa ctctctatgt acaccaggct agcctggaaa    143640
     ttatacctgc ttgcttccgt ctcccaaggg ctgggattaa aagggtgtgc ccaaactgta    143700
     actcatacaa atatagaatg agcacctgcc aaaaattgta ctcatcatcc aagtcacata    143760
     cgtatctgtc attatctttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttggtttt tcgagacagg    143820
     atttctctgt atagccttgg ctgtcctgga actcacttta tagaccaggc tagcctcgaa    143880
     ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa gcgctgggat taaaggcatg cgccaccacc    143940
     gactggctat ctgtcattat cttaaacaat aaaagtaaaa taagacttaa acaagtgaga    144000
     atttgagttt caaaatttta gtgagccaaa tgaggccacg atggcacatg tccttttgtt    144060
     tctttttttt tttaagaatt ttttttttaa gatttattta ttattatatg taagtacact    144120
     gtagctgtct tcagacactc cagaagaggg agtcagatct cattacagat agttgtgagc    144180
     caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaactcag gacctttgga agagcagtca gtgctcttaa    144240
     ccgctcagcc atctcaccag ccccttttgt tttgtttctt gatttattta ttcactttac    144300
     atcccaatca ctaccccttt accaactccc ctcccacaat gcctccccca ttccctcttc    144360
     tcctcctaga gggtggaggt ccccccccag ctatctcccc accatggcac atcaggtctg    144420
     cttggcaaaa cgtatcctct cccattgagg ccagacaagg cagcccagct ggaagaacat    144480
     atcccacaga caggcaatag cttttgggat agtctctgct ccagttattt gggacccaca    144540
     tgaagacaga gctgcacatc ttctacatat gtgcggggag gcctaggtcc agctcgtgta    144600
     tgttctttgg ttggtggttc agtctctgaa agtcccaagg gtccaggtta gttgactctg    144660
     ttgatcttcc tgtggagttc ctatttcctt tgcagacaaa ggttcatatc tttaatccgt    144720
     gagctcctgg agtctgagtc aggtggatct ctttgagtta gagaccagcc tgttctgcag    144780
     cgagttgaag gtcagctagg gatatatagt gaaaactgtc tcaatttttg ttgtttttgt    144840
     ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt tttttgctgt taatgtaatc agaggaatgt agtgagaatt    144900
     ttggtttctt tgaaaaaccc agaaatatgg gaatatattc ttattttaac ctcaagtgtg    144960
     ggacatgggg ctgcttcata ttgtccacag cagctatgat ttgcctcatg ctatagcagg    145020
     ggtgtgattt tgccaggagc agataattta tgtgattgtg tgacatttgg aattctgggg    145080
     acttttcaga gggtatataa atgctaaggc ccctagaggc atggtgagta gttgtgtaaa    145140
     accctgaccc tcagtcagtg atacttactt caagatgcct ctgagtgaga caccgagatg    145200
     tagattgata caaaagcaag aggtttattt tccagtgcat tagggtcacc cctcaatcag    145260
     tcacaaagag agtgacaaga agtagaccct gaatggctat tacaagcagt ttttatacat    145320
     tttagggtta aaggttacat cagcaaggtt acagttattg gttaagcata ttgaccttta    145380
     aatctattgg ctagcaagca tggcatgcat ttgaatgtct acctgggact ttccagaggg    145440
     tgaggtgact gtcaatacat ttggagaatt tttactcaag aatgttcctg tgggtgaaga    145500
     atggaacttg gcctagcctg aaccccaagc aggagggaga aactgtaatg aggatgtggg    145560
     actggaacag tcctgagggg tttctggtgg ttaaataatt gtccatagaa gtagaaggaa    145620
     ttagatatac tgctagagaa gatcaaactt gccccaggga acttgatctg cctaatcagc    145680
     agaaaatagt ctaatgataa tattgtcccc ctttcctttc tatctttttt ctcacctatc    145740
     tagtattagg ggattggaag actagaataa gggctgagaa ggatggaaga acccacaaag    145800
     tgcccaaagt ctgactacag agggatgctg aaatgacttt gctactagtt gcagaattgt    145860
     aatatcctga gtattaaatt gtaatgtgta tgtgctggag agatggctca gtggtttaga    145920
     gcactgactg cacttccaaa ggtcctgagt tcaattccca gcaaccacgt gatggctcac    145980
     atccatctat aatgggatcc agccccatct tctggtgtgt ctgaagacag ctacagtgta    146040
     ctcatataca taaaataaat aaatattttt ttaaaaagta gtatatagtt tagtagaatg    146100
     ctttcttagc atgcatatat tgaggcccta ggtttgatcc ctcatactga caaaatcagt    146160
     aacaacaaca aaaccctata atgtttgcaa tggccttttc tagtatatgg aaattaactc    146220
     tgccaaggac cacccaccct tagcttggag agggattctg agaaaggggt gtttagaagt    146280
     ggtaaaaaca actcaaagtc aaatcctggg tccaagctga caacctatgt tctgatggaa    146340
     acagctttcc agcctgcttt ttctctgttc tgctttctct gaagatctcc aagcatctct    146400
     ccactctccc tctacacagc tttctcttgc tattctctgc tcaagacagt tctccaagca    146460
     gttctttctt tggtgttcta caaaagtctc tgggtagctc atctcttaca gatcataaac    146520
     ccagtctttt atttaatata tcaatccagt catttactcc aggttccctt ttgactatcc    146580
     catgaatcag cattctatga cccagctcct tgattcttgg gagacagcaa gcacatattc    146640
     ctttttttgt atgtaagtgc actgtagctg tcttcagact caccagaaga gggcgtcaga    146700
     tcccattcca ggtggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg gaattgaact caggagttct    146760
     gaaaaggtag tcagtgctct acagccccaa gcacaccact tcttcttctt ctccttctcc    146820
     tcctcttctt ctcccttctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctctt cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc    146880
     tcctcctcct taacattcca ggggcaggaa ccatgtcatt ctgttcctac caaggctatg    146940
     ttggacctgg cataaatcca tctttactgg tcagaattca ttagcactac cacaggtaag    147000
     tataattaca ctgccatcag ctttgtacaa gttcacttca gttcctacaa agacatcaga    147060
     tctgaagaga tgctgtggtt aagagcactc gttgctcttg tagaggacac aggttcaatt    147120
     cccaggctca ttaaagatgg ttatctttaa ttccagttct agataagatg ccttctgaca    147180
     tctgcaatta tcaggcactc aatggcgtaa attcatacat gcatacatac atgcatacat    147240
     acatacatgc aaacaaaaca ttcacacaaa tcttttaaaa gaacaaaaca aaaatatgta    147300
     agttagccta ctccctataa aataaataaa ccagagatgt gccctggcac tacaataaac    147360
     aaagtcttag caattttcat cagtgtattt ataagtttgg gcaatttttc cagatatgcc    147420
     ttacctcatt acaatgttga gttattatta tgtacttatt ttacaacaga gtttagctat    147480
     gtaaccctgg ctggctaaaa attcagtgtg tagacagtct tgctctaact cacaacaatc    147540
     ttcctgtttt agcctcccaa atgctccaag agtgaggatg tgggccttgt aaaatggttt    147600
     agtgtgtttt tacacctgac agtctgtgtg taatccccag gaccacattg tagaaggaga    147660
     aaaccgactc ccaaaattgt cctctgactt ccacaggaat gtcatgacct gtgcccccca    147720
     cagtgtgcca cccccctgtt ctttaaattt taaaaattaa atgggaaagc aaaagagggt    147780
     tgaattgcat tcttgtggtc tcaggtcttt ttgttacatt tttacactgc tggggataca    147840
     gtctaagacc tcatactgta ctgctgagct ctagtcaatc tcctttcttc actctttgaa    147900
     ttactgaaac cctccaaaag cttgttcgtc tactaaagtg tgatggacta gaggttgata    147960
     aaattttgtc atcatattca ttcatttatt cattcattcg ttcattcatt cattcatttg    148020
     gttttataag acaggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggccatcc cagaactcac cctgtagacc    148080
     aggctgacct caaactgaga gactctacct cctgggtgct gggattaaag gtgtgagcca    148140
     cactgcccag ctgttgtttt agttttagct tggtaaagtg cttactatgc aaatatgaga    148200
     cctgagttca gatcccagca cctcataaaa agtatggtgt ttacaatctc agggccgtgg    148260
     agaaagtcct tgggacttgc tggccagcca gtctagccaa tcagcatgct ctaggttcac    148320
     tgaaagattt tgtctggaaa aaataagata gagagcaatt gagatagaca tctaatacga    148380
     accattaggt tcgtgcacac atgtatacac aggtacacat atgttgcagg tttttccctg    148440
     tccaatcata ttagggcagt ggcaggcctg tgattggcca ggaaaaggga ggcggagcta    148500
     gggttggtct caggagggag agaagaacta gaatggaggt ggacatggtg ttatcaaaag    148560
     gttagaataa ttaggtttaa gttttatcat tatcaattgg ctctgaaatt attgtattgg    148620
     catcttgtga aatgtgatat tattaataca taaatctaat tggttaacta taagcttaag    148680
     agtcttgatt cagccaggcg tggtggtgca cgcctgtgat cccagcactc gggaggcaga    148740
     ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt caaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc    148800
     agggctatac agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa aaacaaaaaa acaaaaaaaa aaaagagagt    148860
     cttgattcta tcgggtaatt aggtgttgag ttggctgatc ttggggtgtg tgggggtgct    148920
     ttgtggaagc aagaggaact cgggggagcc atcgtctgag agatggcccg gcaggagccc    148980
     tgtgtccacg ctgcgccaca gagttggtgg gccaagagcc cacacaagtg agatcacctg    149040
     gcgtgggggc taatcccaga gagttggcgg cggcagcagg agtgcaggat catagcctgg    149100
     cacctctgcg aactggcggg ttccttttaa aatatttccc gcaactcaca tacataaaat    149160
     aaaatagtct ataacacatg aagtattttt atgaaaaatt gccaaatttt ccaaaagaaa    149220
     tatagagtag tgggtttttt ttgttttgtt ttgttttaat atgttattca ttatttatac    149280
     cagtacactg tagctgtttt caaacacaca ccagaagaag agtgcatcgg atcccattac    149340
     agatggttgt gagccagcat gtggctggct actgggaatt gaactcagga cctctggaag    149400
     agcagtcagt gctcttaacc gctgagccat tttttgtttg tttgttttgt tttgttttac    149460
     aagtcttttt ctaacagagg tggggaaatg ccttatcgct tagtagtgtc tttcaatatc    149520
     agttcctgca gaggaactga ttttagttcc caacacccac ataggtagct tataaccacc    149580
     tgtaactcta gctccagagg atgagacaca cagctcatct ggcctctctg gctactacac    149640
     tcacatttcc ccaacacata cttaaaaaat aaaatagact gttaaaaaat taaacaaact    149700
     ttctgctaac tttccgttta atagaggaca gagtaacaca ctttcttctt gaatctgttg    149760
     aggtattgat aaatgcgttt cctttaagat tagtgacaga agattctgaa ttatatcaag    149820
     aaatttctat attctattac actaaaactg ggttagcctg tacttggaat aaatctcttg    149880
     cctatacagt gggttatttg taaatcactg gttcactgaa ctatgcagat cttccaagtg    149940
     cttcacattc attagatcag aaataaatgg gacatgtgtt gtgaagcttt tcctagggag    150000
     atgtgaataa gaacctgttc actccagata gggtcccaat aaaaggccaa aataattccc    150060
     ctctagtcta gcttggtgag gctccttgca agagcatgaa taaagggcta gggacaggcc    150120
     aatgggcaaa ttaaaggcca ttcacactga attggtattc tttcttattc cttgtgtgtg    150180
     tggccccttg cataccaaag gccagaagag gacatcctag tgtcctgtgc tatcatgctc    150240
     tgtgtcacag agtctctctg aacctggagc cactagctca cctggtagcc ctattatggt    150300
     tttagaagta aggtcttgct ttgtagccca ccttggcctc aaacccctga tcaaaacttc    150360
     ctgcttttta gcttgcttag aagtcagatt acagtcacta caccctacat gaattttgtt    150420
     gttgttattg ttttgttttg tctgagtcag ggtttctctg aaacaaccct gacagtccta    150480
     gactttgtag accaggctgg ccttgaactc agagattcac ctgcctctgt cttccaagtg    150540
     ctgagattta aaggcatgca tcaccacatc ctacaagtag tggctcttaa ttagaggtga    150600
     ttttgtctat ccatcaggga acatttggaa acatctggag atagtctgga ttgctacaac    150660
     ttattgtgtt tctattatct catagaggga tattgctaag cacatgggta acaagacagc    150720
     acttcccaac aagaaagaat tatcagaccc aaaaatacca atgatactga ggctgagaaa    150780
     taatatgggt agactggaga tatgcctcag caattaagaa tatgaactat tgggggctgg    150840
     agagatggct cagtagttag gagcactgac ctttcttcca aaggtcctga gttcaaatcc    150900
     cagcaaccac atggtgtctc acaaccatct gtaatgatat cagacaccct ctttccatgt    150960
     gtctgaagac agctacagtg taattacata taacaataaa taaaatatat ctttaaaaaa    151020
     aactattctt caaagaagat ttgaattcac tccccagcac ccacatcagg cagatcaaaa    151080
     acctcttgta actcctgttc cagagagact caatccatgc cttgtttgtg tagtgtatgg    151140
     acacacctct gcaggcatct gcaataatgt gcacatacca cataaagtac aaactaactg    151200
     agaaataatt aaaaaccaaa ttgtgtttgg catggtggtg tacatctttc attctagcac    151260
     tttggagaca aaggaagaaa ctggtggatc tctgagtgag gccagcctgg tctacaaaga    151320
     gttccaggat gggctggaga gatggctcag tggttaaaag cactgactgc tcttccgaag    151380
     gtcctgagtt caaatcctag caaccacatg gtggctcaca accatccgta ataagatcct    151440
     cttctggtgc atctgaagac agctacagtg tactaatata taataataaa taaaccctaa    151500
     aaaaaaagtt ccaggatata actcgatcct gtcttaaaat aaataaatca atcttaaggg    151560
     aaaaggggag ctgttctgat tcttgcctca gttccattgg tttgttttgc ttttcaagtt    151620
     caagttgtta tttaggtgaa tctaggtgca tacatgtagc aagtactctc cagtgggttc    151680
     tggggattga acttgggtca ccaggcatgg gtgtagcagc ctctacccac tgagccatct    151740
     cacaagtccc acttttggtt ttagcaggca ggatctcgtg tagttcaggc tggcctcaaa    151800
     tgtactatgt aactcagcaa gacctgaact actgctcctc cttcaccttc caagtactgg    151860
     gattacaggc gtgagagcca ccatgtctgg cttcttggat cagtgttgag tcctttaaag    151920
     aattgatgga aaccaccagg tagacaggat gcagcaaaac agagaaatct atgggttcca    151980
     gatgctatgt gataacatcc tcagtgttta gattggtgga agctaagggt cggtgaagac    152040
     ctccccaaag gctttacata tagtcacagg aatgttacag aagtgaatga ctattaaggg    152100
     gactgaaggt ggcccaaggt catctgcctc tagatggaca acattacaac tctttaattc    152160
     aaatcagtct agtcttacag aatctttgac ataaacatgt ttcttgtttg tttcctggga    152220
     actttctaat cacagtataa agttcaacaa gagtttacga gactgggtta caactcaaat    152280
     atgcccaatc ctgttaagtg tagaaagtgt tcagtagcgt tcagttccag ctgtccagta    152340
     gcttttgcat cagggagctt taccttattc ttttgtagtt tagaatttag cgagactcaa    152400
     gtatcttcta agcaaaattc tgggtagttt cctcctttga ataacacaaa tttcatagtt    152460
     taataatacc aggtgatggc atagggcgag tgaattggaa acttaagggt tctttggaga    152520
     gtcagttgtg ttagatgatg tgttgctgga caaccgtgaa ggagtgtttt cctaaagtgg    152580
     acacaggtga aaagctaagg cagacgtgtg aaggaatgtt tcgctgaaac agacacagga    152640
     gaaagtatgt cctgctaaag catgtgaaag gacatgtgat gagggattct ttgctaacaa    152700
     cagacatatt ggtctgcctt atgttgcgta gttgagctcc atttgttggg actccataga    152760
     gagaaatgca ccagcccccc cccccccaac aaaaacaaaa aaccaaactt ctggtggtgt    152820
     gctgcatgca gtttgccact tcctcagact tgggctgatt gacagtggta tcagctgaga    152880
     caagacccct agagaaaagg agtataaaaa atacctctga cagaccatga cagaggctga    152940
     gctgatcttt gatttgctga gaggcacagc agagtcccct gctggtcccc cctgctgact    153000
     catgcctggc tatctctacc agataatatc accgctgctg attcttgttt gctatcctga    153060
     ctcaaccaaa ctagactact gatatatcca taagatgttt acaagtaaat caagctacca    153120
     ctactgactc ctaataaact aaattccagg tttcctggaa acacagatga cagttgctcc    153180
     aaagaaccat ttctaaacag gtccacttcc cctgtatcct ttctttccca ctacctctgt    153240
     taggtggtgg gctaagagag gttaaagcgt ttaaaaacca tcaagagtag gttttttttt    153300
     tttttttaat taaagttaca ggggtaattt tttttttttt aagttttgag acagtgtctc    153360
     actacctagt cctggctggc ctggagcttg ctaggtagac caggctggcc ccaaattcac    153420
     tgcacctgcc tcccaagtgg tgggattaaa ggcgtgcacc atagcaaaag tctttaccac    153480
     agtgtatctg atgctctcct cagtctcact agttggactt aatcagacta ctaatttata    153540
     tacaaggcat taattttcat tcactatcta gatttttatt tttctttcct ttattaattt    153600
     ttatttatcc tctcattcat ccacttttaa tttttgtttt atgttttttt gtttttttga    153660
     aacagggttt ttctgtgtta cctggctatc ctgtaactag ctctgcagac catgttggcc    153720
     tcaaactcaa gaaattcacc taccttctgc cttccaagtg ctaggattaa aggtgtgtat    153780
     taccacagcc tggctccttt acttcttctt cttttttttt tttaaattct tttagggagg    153840
     tttatgttgc tcagttacta ttaaactcct tggttcaaat gatcccttag ttccccaaat    153900
     agctgagata atcctagtta aggagtcaag gcaggagaat cactatttgg aagctgggat    153960
     tatgggaata tgccaccatg ccttcttttt aaaaatctgt gtgtgtttat ggccatggta    154020
     gaggcagagg tggaacaggg tggagctaca tgcacatgtc acagcacaca tgtgctggtt    154080
     gccaggcatg gagacaagta ttttcttttt tttttttttt tttttttaaa gatttattta    154140
     tttattatat gtaagtacac tgtagctgtc ttcagacaca ccagaagagg gagtcagatc    154200
     tcattacaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga tttgaactct ggaccttcgg    154260
     aagagcagtc gggtgctctt acacactgag ccatctcacc agccccggag acaagtattt    154320
     tcatccacaa cactataggg tggcttcctt tttaaagagt tttgttttta tgtttgtgtg    154380
     agcactcatg tattcatgca tgtggtggct agaagtccat gtcaagtgtc ttcaggcttc    154440
     tgagggtacc agacacacat gtagtatact tacatacatg caaacaaaac actcatatat    154500
     gaaataatat aaatctttag tgtagtggtg tataccttca atcccagcac ttgggaggca    154560
     gaagcagctt ttatgagttt gaggccagcc tggtctacag agttccagga cagtcaaagc    154620
     tgtagaataa gatcctgcct ggaaaaaaac aagaataaaa caaaaaaaag taagaactct    154680
     ttaagctagg agcatgcctt tgatcctagc actcgaagca ttgacaagca gacctcttgt    154740
     gaatttaagc tagcccagtc taatctacaa agcaaattcc aggccagcca aaactacaca    154800
     atgagaccct gtcttaaaac acacaaataa tttttaaaaa ttattttatg tgccttggtg    154860
     ctttgtctgt atgtacatct gtgtgaaagt gtcagatctc ctagaacttg agttatggtt    154920
     acagactgtc ttagtgaggg tttccattgc tgtgaagaga cacgaccacc aaggcaagca    154980
     ttaattggag ctggcttaca ggttcaggtc attttttttt ttttttttaa agatttaagt    155040
     acattgtagc tgtcttcaga cacaccagaa gagggcatca gatctcatta cagatggttg    155100
     tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggatttgaa ctcaggacct tcagaagagc actcagtgct    155160
     cttaactgct gaaccatctc tccagccccc tcagttcatt atcaaggcag gaaacatacc    155220
     agtatccagg cagacatggt gctggagaag gagctgagat ttctagatct tgatccaagg    155280
     cagctagaag gatttcaaag actaccgcca cggtgacaca cttaaacaag gccacacctc    155340
     tctgggccaa gcatattctg tatggtagac agacccatcc tattactagg gattatttac    155400
     ttgctaggta acaggaatta gttacatttt atcctttaca tgtatgggat aggggtgggt    155460
     cttttcatgt agcctcagtt ggctttgaac tcatcctgct tcagactccc tgttgctaag    155520
     attacagaca tgcataacca cacctcatac aaagttcaac ccggatacaa gtcctagaac    155580
     cacaacaaca acaacaaaaa taaataaata aataaaaaag aggggagggg gtagggagga    155640
     atctcaaagg aactgagttt gtgtcaccta tctgtaatat gaaaatcagg aggctgaggc    155700
     aggattaaaa atctgagaac taacaagtgc aattttgcaa gacttacaaa gtaaaataga    155760
     aaggtgagat acagtccagt ggtaaggtac ttgcttagca tgtacaatac tgtgggttca    155820
     attttatggg ggaaattttt ttttaatatt taaaatataa taaaataata aagtaagggt    155880
     atggcaaagg aaggacaaag agcaagtttg cagatcagtt tattaagatg aagtcactgc    155940
     tagtcacaca gaagagaagc taccgccaaa gtcagtgagg ttctcgagaa ctcactccat    156000
     cagacaccga cgtccagaac cacaaggaac tgttcctgat tcccagtgac aaggctgagg    156060
     aggacgaatc tgcacattta cttcaagttt ttaaagagct tgtgggccac ctagacaaga    156120
     aaaagaaaat aatgtcatgg actcctgtcc cagccaccgt cagccacagt cgcagctgga    156180
     cctcgctcct caacttgaag caaaaatgcc tacagagact gagagatgca ttgagtccct    156240
     gattgctgtt ttccaaaagt acagcgggaa ggatggaaac aacactcaac tctccaaaac    156300
     tgaattcctt tccttcatga acacagagct ggctgccttc acaaagaacc agaaggatcc    156360
     tggtgtcctt gaccgcatga tgaagaagct ggacctcaac tgtgacgggc agctagattt    156420
     ccaagagttt ctcaacctca ttggcagctt agctatagcg tgccatgatt ctttcatcca    156480
     aacttcccag aagtgaatct aatcctctca gttcccatcc aaccaccaag tcatcacctc    156540
     ccccgacccc atccacacct gcactgagcc cagcacacct accacaacat gtatcccacg    156600
     cctgctggcg aaaataaaac aatgccattt atttaaatgt aaaaaaaaag agagagaaaa    156660
     taatgtcatc acttagcttt aatgtcacag ggcacaggtc cttcctggcc tgaacagtag    156720
     agctcctgtc ttgaccctca ttcttcagca tgttatccat acgcaggccc taggaactcc    156780
     catggggtac ctgactgtcc tgtctgcaac tctgaagttt ttttttatcg tttacttctt    156840
     ttagaagttg catgttgggg ctagagagat ggctcagagg ttaagagtac caactgctct    156900
     ttcagaggtc ctgagttcaa ttcccagcaa ccacatagtg gctcacaacc atctataatg    156960
     agatctggtg ccctcttctg gcccacaggc atatatgcag gcagaccact gtatacttaa    157020
     taaataaatt aaaacaaaaa aaagaagaaa gttgcatgta ctctcctgca agcttccact    157080
     acatcaccac acaaatctgt ttttacaatt accttggcag gaatgtgcca ccaccctact    157140
     agaaatctaa acctttttgt atttctcttg atatgtatgt gggaatggaa ctgctgctca    157200
     gtgttaactg tggccatatg ctagatccct gcttaactct tttttttttt aaacatttat    157260
     ttattgttat atgtaagtac actgtagctg tcttcagatg caccagaaga gggcatcaga    157320
     tcttattacg gatgattgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg gatttgaact caggaccttc    157380
     acaagagcag tcagtgctct taaccactga gccatctctc cagcccccct gcttaactct    157440
     ttaccctaaa gaaaaagatc tccctgctta aaccaggctt ggcttcaaat agctggcctc    157500
     cagtgacact cctgccacag actcataagt ggttaggact accaatgtgt actaccaccg    157560
     taggcctctc taaggaactg ctaagctatt taacacatcg gctgtgctac tttttatttt    157620
     ttcagcaaag tgtgaaattt ccacttttcc tgaatttcta acatgtaata ctacccttta    157680
     gacactctac gccctacagg tgaccaaacc cagacctcac taggcaagtg ccctactatc    157740
     tacatataga atatattctc aggaagttgg ctacccaatc aattgtcctt ggcttttgag    157800
     gcaagatctc attctataac ctagattgga ctaaaattat gtagccaagg ctggcctcaa    157860
     actcatggca atccttgtgt ctaaatggta agtactagga ttatagatct gagccactac    157920
     acctagctta cctagtcact cactctagag tccaggctgg cctcacagac agatcacctg    157980
     cctctacctt cctgtgctag gattaaaggt gttgccacca gtgcccagcc ctaaccagtt    158040
     tttacagaac caatcttatc aaattctgca tatgtgtagt atgtgtaaaa tactgttaca    158100
     tgaaagtgtg aagcacaaac ttactttaaa aagaaaaaaa ctatacaaac aactaggtac    158160
     aagacactga aggcacatat acacagaaag attagactat tcaaagtata aaatctgagc    158220
     ctggagcgat gatcactcag tggttaagaa cactagctgc tctcatagag gactttagat    158280
     atgtttccag tacccacaag tcagaactgt ccacaagtcc agttacagaa acggactttc    158340
     agcacataca tggtgcacag gcatacatgc aggcaaaacc catacacata aaattatttt    158400
     taaaatatca atttttttaa gttttttttt taaatatata atcccaggct ggcggtgtat    158460
     ctcagtggct agagcatttg cctagcatgc attcggactg tgctttatct ccagtactaa    158520
     aagaaaacaa tgtatacaat ccagcatcct tagtatttaa caatgcatgt taggtcatct    158580
     ttttccctgt cggagtctgt ttcaatatgt acagtggaga caatgacacc tccagcatat    158640
     gaggtaagga tgggacacct atgtatataa aatgcttctc acataacttg acattatggg    158700
     cctatagtaa atggttagat gtatctgctt agagcataca cactgttcaa actgatagcc    158760
     actgtttagc tttgcccttt ctgtcttcag actgacttac acagtggtcc cgtgcatgca    158820
     agaagtcaaa gagctcctct gtacaatcct cttctgtctg tgaccgggaa gacacgcgat    158880
     tatcacacaa ctctagtcgt tcccgggcct ttacacactt ctccagctgt tcacagtgct    158940
     ctctcactgt tgttaggggg tcctgatgaa gaaacagggg gtgtgggggg agaaaaggaa    159000
     caaaatggaa gcttcaggag acatctacta aatataaaca agttggtctt tgggcagtat    159060
     aatcaacaaa gaaaggcgct actctgagtt actacccagg ccagcaggca gagccatact    159120
     atagccagag cggtacctat ttaatacctc ctggctcttt gatgcttaag cagtagggaa    159180
     gtttcaaatt tctgccttcc aaggttgccg gtatacactg aaagcctcag ccctatctga    159240
     gaaacgagag agtaaaggga accttgccaa gcaggaagta catcgactgg aggcatcgtt    159300
     taacccagca ttaggattca atttctctta tgcaaaactc aggcctggcc cccaacttgc    159360
     aaagtcagaa aaatgcaaac atggagaact aagaaaattt ccttctagag ttctttacta    159420
     aacacacaca gcagatcagt gccaggcctt caggatgctg attcctggta ggaccaaaga    159480
     agccccagac ctaaaaagac atagctttct aaggctcaca ctcccacaca acctactact    159540
     gcacaggagg tattaaaggc ttgtcccagc attttcccca agttgtcaca gattccttaa    159600
     aataccctgg agtttcaata cagctcagcc ttccaattct agtaaggtag ttccaaactg    159660
     gaggccgctc ttaccactag ttcttcctct tcttcctaca aaagggaaag aaaattaaat    159720
     tagcagccat tgtataacat gcatttccct aatcacactt ataccataat tatgaacaag    159780
     agactatcag tcacattctt ttatgatgtt ttgtcatcct agcttcaatc tcagtgctaa    159840
     atcttgcctt cccagaacta gctaattttt agggataata tacatttgcc tgggaacata    159900
     cctttcatgt accaatctaa gacccatcta ccaaatcact ttcttaagca aaaatctcag    159960
     acaccaactt tgtatcaccc cgatccagag ccaaaggtca acaaggaacc agcaccacag    160020
     ttcagagctc accgaaatta ctcaaactac ctaatcctta aactgattaa gcttgttcac    160080
     cttgcctcca tcattccgcc ccacaggaac caaggctccg aaccttgttt tccctgtgac    160140
     tctttattcg tgcttgatat ggtctcactg tagcccagac tggcttcatt tttgtaacag    160200
     accccctacc ttcccttccc aagtattgaa attaaataca tgagtcacta tatccagttt    160260
     ccttcccaac ttttataaaa atactggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt agcatttgca    160320
     catgcgtgcg caggtgtagg tgtgtgtatc attgtgcatg gcggccaacg ggaatgggcc    160380
     atcaggtatc tatctacaaa acaaaaacaa ccacaacctg ccttcattta accaggtgtg    160440
     gggtgctctc ttgtaaaccc aacacttaaa aggcagagga ccaggagtcc aagtttgagt    160500
     tcagtcaacc tggatgatat atgaccctgt ctcaaaacta taataacaaa caaacaaaca    160560
     aacaaacaaa aaattgccgg gcagtggtgg cacacgcctt taatcccagc acttgggagg    160620
     cggatttctg agttcaaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggct    160680
     acacagagag accatgtctc gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac caaccccccc accccccaaa    160740
     aaaaaccaaa acaaaacaaa taacaaccta taataactaa aaaatagcta aactttgttt    160800
     atatcccaaa ccaagtttag aggaaaacta acttaaaaat attttcacta tttttttttt    160860
     aactgcaggg gtgtgtatgt gtgtacgcac atatgaaaat gcaggtgcct gtagaggtgc    160920
     tctcaagttg aatttggaat atgaatatgg tcaaacctaa atccttcttt agtcaactta    160980
     aagttataat cactgccttt taacttgcag ataaatataa gaaaagggaa caccaggccc    161040
     cacataatct atttctaatt ccactgtata acttttaatt agtttccttt ctttccctaa    161100
     ttgtaaaaat tacctgttgg agcacaggtc ctaaatctgg cacatggcac agtgatctgt    161160
     ctgctgtaga tacaggtatc cacagttggg agaagataaa gacacacagg gaaatgagct    161220
     caacaaccat gtttcccaaa tcctaaccaa gacagtaccc tacaagtgag gacaggaggt    161280
     gccactgtaa cctctgctct ttactctttt tgtgattggc aaggtttctc ctaagtgtaa    161340
     agatgttaca tagaatatag atgctagttt ttcatcaata aggtttctta aaacgccttt    161400
     caagaattta ttaaggggct ggagagatgg ctcagcggtt aagagcattg actgctcttc    161460
     cagaggtcct gagttcaatt cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat ctgtaatgtg    161520
     atctgatgcc ctctttgcta gcagggctgg agcaggcaag caggcgggca ggcaggtggg    161580
     ggggtggggg ggatataaaa aaaaaagaat taaagggata gagagatggc tcagtagcta    161640
     agagaacttg ctgttcttgc aaaagaatca gctttgactc tcttttttaa agatttatat    161700
     ttaagtatat gagtggttta tctgcatgta tacctgcatg tcagacagaa caaggcatta    161760
     gatcattaga ttagacagaa gagggcatta tagatggttg tgagccacta tgtgcttgct    161820
     gagaattgaa gaacagccag tgttctcaac cactgagcca tcactccagc cccactagat    161880
     ttgactctta acacccacat gtcacctcaa gaccatctct acctccagtc ccaggggatc    161940
     caacaccatc ttccagccac atatgtaggt aaaacaattg tatgcataaa aataaactat    162000
     tttttaaaat tcacaaagaa aaagtatccc cctaaaaaga tcctctgaca tcagagctca    162060
     gtggtaaaga atacctgagg ccctgggtcc aagtcctaaa accatcaggt aaaattgctt    162120
     gctaccaagc ccgacaaccc gagtttgatc ccaggagccc atgtgaaagg acctacagac    162180
     agaagcatgc acaaaccaac acctatacat gctcacaaaa gatggctcag cagttaagag    162240
     cacttgtctc tcttccaaaa aaaccctggc tcttcctagc tcctacatgg ttgctcacaa    162300
     acgttaactc cagttccaga agatctagtg ccctcttatg gtctcagagg gcatcaggca    162360
     ttgcaagtgg tgcaaaggta tacatgtaag caaaatacaa atatacactt aaagtaaaaa    162420
     taaaatcggg gggggggggg gacacacctg aaattagcat tctagaagca agacaactgt    162480
     gtcatttccc aattggcatt actataacaa cactaatgtg ctaaaaacac catgctaaac    162540
     aaatccaaat acaggtctaa ttctgtttcc accaatgaga aaatccaaag tcacactgaa    162600
     taaaaagatt tcatctccat tcattatgga tctttcacaa aattaattta actttcttca    162660
     ttttattatt tgatttgttg gtttattgtt tttttgagaa aggatctcta tagtcctggc    162720
     tgtcatggag tttgatatga agaccaggat ggctctgaac ttacagagat cctcctgcca    162780
     ttgcctcctg agtgttggga ttaaagacac ggaccaccat gcccaacttt cttaatttta    162840
     aaacttctat ctgctgtggt atcctgttaa actttctgag aatgaaaact tgaaaaaatt    162900
     aagggataaa taatttgcca actaattaat ccattaagcc ctgatggctt gtcctgaagt    162960
     agacaagaca aatgcacagg aaatggaagc aaagtgagtc tcgggctaga gctctggctc    163020
     tcaagcctgg acgtctgcat tggagtccca gttgtattgt cttgctagtt gtgtgccctc    163080
     attcaagata aacttccttg cttgctgcct catgtaataa aagtgacaaa aatatataat    163140
     gtacctgata tttacctcat ggggaaactg tgcaagttaa gtatcttagt gcatataaag    163200
     cactcagcac ataagcagcc aatatttatc acaatgatgc tcaacttggg aaagagctcc    163260
     ctcttgcacc acagaattac actacacatt cttaaactgt ccccaaaggc acaagtcctc    163320
     ggccatctcc atcccaaaag ataaagaacc gctttttgtt ggagatgctg ggaagcgaat    163380
     acagggcttg ttaatgctag gcaagagctt taccatgaag ctacacccca actcctgaaa    163440
     gcacttttcc gaagactagg gtccccgaaa tctccataaa taaattctga cctaagctac    163500
     gttaaagact aacgttagtt ttttgcttca cgcacttatc aagttagaac ctcaaaacat    163560
     ttatcaaatt agaacctcaa aaacctgggg gggggttgtt tgtttgttta cacaagttta    163620
     tcagtgcagc attataaact ccagttacac tttcacattc ctggtttggg gaagccaatc    163680
     ccgagaaaga ctagctatta atctgcccaa ggtcaaccaa agaattctga aggtaagtaa    163740
     cggaaaccac ctctctggac cccgcaaacc ctaggctata aacccggact aagagagccc    163800
     cgggaggtgc tttgttgagc taggtcccgg gcccgccaac ctcgaagcct tacctctttg    163860
     gggtctccag atccagtgag catctttcgt tcgtcctcta gtcccatgtc gggagccggt    163920
     ttgggatcca acaagcgcaa ccagagtagt actccacttc aggtttaaga aggactagta    163980
     agggtcactc gacggatatc cggcgacctg gccggaagtg cggcatactc ctcgtagtcc    164040
     cgaacacacg cacaaattgg gctgtactac tcgctagcta cgagacgtag ggggagctgc    164100
     tatatacgcc tgcaaagaat ttgctaagaa acatcctttc ggtcacttct tgcccaaatg    164160
     tgttgatcta cagtattttt ccaagtagta ttccctaaga tacttgagtc atctgctcct    164220
     ctgtttgacg atcttttaat gttgtttctg ttcttcccca tatcccttat ggagcggtcc    164280
     taaaagctga cctcttcaag atggcggccc gcgggtgtca ttctcgggct cgcgcacctc    164340
     cccaagatgg cggcgcccga ggcctggcgc gcccggagtt gctggttctg tgaggtagcg    164400
     gcagcaacga ccatggaggc cacgtcccgg gaggcggcgc cagcgaagag ctcggcctcg    164460
     ggccccagcg ctccccccgc cctgttcgag ctgtgcgggc gggcagtgag cgcccatatg    164520
     ggggttctgg agagcggggt gtggggtaag tcgcggagtg aggggcgacc tccggcagcg    164580
     agcgggggcg gcccggcggc cagggggcgc ggggggcgag gccgagaggc ccggggccag    164640
     gcccagctgg gagccccggg agttcgatgg tggagtcgga acagaaattc cgtgactgac    164700
     agggcgggac ggagtgaagc ctgagaccga gggagccggt gaagccgagc cgcggctcgc    164760
     ctggggggcg cggggggcga ggccagaagg cccggtacgg ggcagagctg ccagggccct    164820
     agcgacgggg gctggagtag caggccggag ccacaggctc ggaactgaca ctgggctgga    164880
     ccggactgaa cggaggattc tcggatctcg aaccgacggg gcagggatgg ccgggctgcc    164940
     ccggggcagg gaccgacttt ggcaggcccg acccgaggca aggaggccag gcccgcagcc    165000
     acctgcgctg ccggcccggg gcctccgctg tccgccgggc acaccaccgg tacctggact    165060
     ccgggagccc cgcggatggg cggggtggga cagcccagtg gagagcgagc gagggaccgg    165120
     agtcgcgggg agaagccgaa aaggctggga gcgccgtggc ctgtttgacg gcccgagcga    165180
     gggctgaagg gagcgcaccg acgccccaga cctcgctgct aaactgagct gcgggtctgc    165240
     ccgccgagca ggtagcgccg gtggccttct ggatggaccg gggcggtggt ggagaaggta    165300
     ggaaagtgag tggagggctc cgggagacgc tccgtaagca cggacaggct cgggagaccg    165360
     gccggcggga agggccgaag aggcctcagg ccgggcaggg gccagggtat cccggactgc    165420
     ggagctagag tcgggtgaga cgcgtcatgg ggaagaggcc ttgggccgaa taggagggag    165480
     ccgaggcctt agttgtgaga gcggccggta cggaggggct ggacccggct agacagtccg    165540
     ctccgctccg gtgtgagcca aggccttctg ctccccgacc agatggcaag gaggccctgc    165600
     tggaggagga taccgcaggc cagcggcctg gcaacttaag cggggaaagg gtccacgacg    165660
     tgaaaagtga gagtagagag ttaaagagaa agttagggcc ttcaggggag acaagggagg    165720
     gaggccatgg gcctgacaga attggtgcta gtggagtagg gtcaggctga agttggatga    165780
     gatcacaggt cgggccagac ggaaggtgga ggaggagagg gtaacatcag aggaggctcc    165840
     tggccttgga gtgtgcaggg gatgtgccac cgggactatc caaggtggtg gtgacatctt    165900
     tgccagaagg caggccctgg tccgttaaga actgagagtg agggttttgt taagccccag    165960
     gaggtgggtt tgcaggattg ctgccccaga ataggttgta aggccttaga gtggccagca    166020
     ctgctgagaa ggcccaagcg ccttccagga ggtgggggtg ggggagaaga gatggataag    166080
     aagtcctcag gccctgtgtg agcagaggag attgtggagg ccccgtgcca agctgcgcag    166140
     aaaaaggtca ggctgaccct atggtgaatg gaaggaaagg cctccctggg gttgaacagg    166200
     ggctcagaga agtcctggaa atgtggcagc ctgttatcag cctggagagt ctttagatgc    166260
     tgatcttggc tagaagagga gttgggtgtt aatggaggcc ctgacttgca aagaggaagc    166320
     atttaaaagg aaaaaagtac ggctggaagc aagcaaggaa cctgtcttaa gaataaagga    166380
     acagtagact ttgtagtttg aagagatgag aattcctgtg agaggtgtga gaggggattg    166440
     ctaagcagga gggagcagag tccaaaggaa aagggggaag ctctgaaggc atggcttttc    166500
     tttctgtgta ctcatcacta cttcattgtt cccagttgag aagagacagg agaacctgca    166560
     gtgggctaga tccagtaaat agccacccag tcagtaagaa cttgactctg taagaacttt    166620
     tagaggtgcc aagaaaaagg cctgtcaagc gctgctgttt cagagggagg cctcagggtg    166680
     agctagggag cagtcaggaa aggcttctgc cattagtgga ctagcactga agagagggga    166740
     gtaagtggag gcaacccaag tgtgtagtga gagacagtgg gccagggaga tgctcagcag    166800
     gtcaggccag acactgccat cagcctgaca acctcaaggc cattcctggg acccaactag    166860
     cagaattgga tctgcaagtg actgtcctct gacctcattc ctgctgtgtg ccacatctct    166920
     cagtgatctc tcatgatgag aaaagttcat cgatggtaga tgaccttaaa tatcagggtg    166980
     tgagatttga actttatctt gtatggagta gagagctttt gaaaggtttt gatcagagta    167040
     tgtcatcggg ggggggggag agaagaggag agagagagag aatataaaga tagatgtcag    167100
     agaaacagtg tgtcagatga tagacctaca ttactataat agcacaggga attaatgttc    167160
     tcattcaaca ggtacagtga atattaatga gtacctaata gataaaaaaa aagtacacta    167220
     gattcttagg cctcatgatt cagttattct tcaagtaaag agaaagtaca ctgaggaaaa    167280
     gctgtgtgtg ctgactcaca cctgtaatcc tagttctcag gaggctgaga cagaaggatt    167340
     gcctcaagtt acaaggacgc taggagaaag accctgactt taaaaaacag aggtacggga    167400
     aagagagtat tccttttaca caggacagga cagttgggtt cctagcaccc atatcagatc    167460
     aaaactgcat agaactccgg ttccagtggc ccaacacctt tcagcctctg caggcaccct    167520
     cactcacttg cacgtacctc tatatagaca cacatataca tgcaatttta aaataaaata    167580
     ttttttaaaa tgtaggtcaa agaatgaaag ttttggtata actacaagat cgtaagctta    167640
     atagagtaga gatgcataga cagaatgaac ataataatag ccagtattca ttgatcttat    167700
     gggcaggtat tgtgttaaac aaattacaag catgatcttt aatgtcatga ggtagtcatt    167760
     tctaatctat tccctcttca tacaactcct aatacacaca ttttgtttta ttgaatcagg    167820
     atttcgcttt attatccctg gctgtcctgg tactcattat gtagctccag ctagcttgaa    167880
     cttgcagcag tcctcctgcc tcagcctccc aaatgctgga gtaagatttt ccccaacttc    167940
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctgccgg    168000
     gggaagaata aataaaggca atccataatc aagactagct ttgaattcct gatattcttg    168060
     gttccaggga aaaactggtt ttgtttttta aagtataatg aattagagaa gagttatctt    168120
     taattttcat gagtatttac taccttcata ggaaggtagt agctcagagt atactcagag    168180
     cccagcccag cctaggcaga agtttgctga cctcagtgag caagcagctt agttttcctt    168240
     tcctctgaat ttccagctgc cttaagatag ataatgttta gaacccaaga agggaaaaag    168300
     taaactttgt gttttggttt ttgtagccct cccaggccca atacttcaaa gcatcttacc    168360
     tctgctcaat atatattact tggagaggat tgaggaaact gctctcaaaa aaggtaagtg    168420
     cctttcttac tctttctcag tcaatgattg acaacaccat ggtattcttc aggtaactga    168480
     taaccaatta ggactttgtg atcttcaaaa aagtaccttt aatcccagaa tttaggaggt    168540
     agaggccagt ttatctcctt aagtttgagg ccagcctggt ctacggattc agttctagtc    168600
     cagccaaggc tacatagtga gaccctgtct caaagaacaa aagatagaaa cacctgcata    168660
     gtactggaga gacagcttag tgggttaaga gcacttgctg ttcctaggaa aaacctcggt    168720
     ttgggtccca tgtggcagtt gacaaggaca taattctagt tgcagcaatc tagcatcctc    168780
     ttctggcctc tgtgggcagc agacatgtag tataatatac ttgaagacaa aacataccac    168840
     atgaaaaaaa gaaatacttt tttttttttg gtttttcgag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc    168900
     cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggccgacc tcaaactcag aaattcacct    168960
     gtctctgcct cccaagtgct gggattaaag gcatacacca ccaccaccca gctttttttt    169020
     tttttttaag atttatatat tttatgtata tgagtacact gtagctgtct tcagacacac    169080
     cagaagagag catccaatcc cattacagat ggttgtgagc ctccatgtgg ttgctgagaa    169140
     ttgaactcag gacctctgga agagcagtca gtgcttttaa cttgattggc caagcagttc    169200
     taggtactta atccagagaa attcatttac tcacttgatt ctttttcaac agccctatga    169260
     aatagatatt aattataatt tatagatggg gaaacaagta gctttcccat gatcatatag    169320
     ctttagaata gtttattaat attcaaatct caatcatctg tccttagagt cagtcttggc    169380
     tactcagata attgtattgc tcctctgaag gcagagaacg tgaaaagctg atatacttca    169440
     ttcatggtgg gcggcaggca gccaactgta atacctcttc ctacaggtct ctctactcaa    169500
     gccatctggc gccgactctg ggatgaactg atgaagacaa ggccttccag tttggaggta    169560
     agttgaggta ccaagaagaa ctccagccta accttgcata gtaaaagcaa gtagtagtac    169620
     atacaaacaa actgagaact tctgaagtat ccggagtgga actgggagct gagttcaggt    169680
     gatttgtcac acagttttgg ctcatttggc ttttagcatt tacttgttca ccattattac    169740
     agggtacaca aaacagaaaa ggctatgaac cccatggaat gcagacccat gattccttga    169800
     gtttttgaca gaattgatgc aaaaaactag caaagaatta aaataacagg acaaaccaac    169860
     tcatctttgc taagttcaaa aattcagttt gcagccaggc gtggtggcgc acgcttttaa    169920
     tcccagcatt caggaggcag aggcaggtgg atttctgagt tcaaggccag cctggtctac    169980
     aaagtgaatt ccaggacagg cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaccagaaa    170040
     aaaaaattca gtttgcaagg ccttggtaca ttcatctagc ttaagagaag ccaaataaaa    170100
     aggattaagt ggggaaggtc tggagagaca tatggttcag cggtcaacag cgctggctgc    170160
     ttttactgat aacctaggtg cagttcccag caccttcatg gcacctcaca actgtctgag    170220
     acaaactcca cttccaagaa atccaatgcc cctttctggc ctcactgagc accatgccta    170280
     catggtacat aggtatacat gtaggcaaaa caaccataca cataaaatta aaataaaaag    170340
     gactaaggac tagtcatcgt ggttgaagct gctcactgta tactgatctg tgtgaacata    170400
     ggtgagagta tatataggac aagggagagg ggtagtcctg cctggttttg cagtagtcag    170460
     cctatgtgtc cctataataa ggagaagaaa cattgatcag aacttcaaga ttatccttag    170520
     ctacatactg tttcacggcc agccttcact gcataaaact gagaccctga cttcaaaaag    170580
     actcctgtga agtaaaaaac attcaatgtc ataataatat gtggaaaagt agaattttac    170640
     ctcgttagta aacctttttt tggttacaga atgtcattca gatatcaaac agacgcctga    170700
     aatatcaaac accttaatgc tttattggtt ggaacaaact gtcacaatat ttattattca    170760
     ctcattcatt tatttgttga ggcaggatct taactatata gtactggacc aggctggctg    170820
     gctctcccag gctcacagag atcctcctgt ttctgcttcc caggttatgg gattaaaggg    170880
     gttttttttg ttgttgtttt tgtttttgtt ttttgttttt gttttttttt tttttagttt    170940
     tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtatagccct ggctgtccac tgcccagctc tgttataact    171000
     ctttagtggt caatctagtt atgtaagtca ggggcctttg aaatattcag gtcttagctg    171060
     ggcgtagtag cacacacctt taatcccagc actcgggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg    171120
     agttcgaggc tagcctggtc tacagagtga gtgtcaggac agccagggct acacagagaa    171180
     accctgtatc aaaaaaacga aacaaaacaa aacaaaaaaa aaaccagaaa tattcaggtc    171240
     ttttgactag aaatcagcaa caagtatact aaaattggaa taatacagag attagcatgg    171300
     atgcttcata aacataaaat catgaagtac tgtttttctg tgacatagga tcatactatg    171360
     tagaccagtc tggtctaaag tcacagaggt ccacaggcct ttgtctcctg agtgatggta    171420
     ttaaagagct attaggtcca acctcactct gatggtgttt tgtttataat tctctctttc    171480
     tggaatttat agcatgtaaa agttgacata atcgcttaga tttattaata tttattaagt    171540
     ttaatgtcaa aaacgttcga aacaattgaa gcattcatga gactaaaggt ctggcttagt    171600
     agtagagcac tttcctagca gatgccaggt ccaggggtcc atttctagaa taggaaaata    171660
     atagtcaata gcagaattgt tgcagcttgt atttcaaata ctaaaatcat cctaaaaata    171720
     tgttgttggg tatggtggta caaagctaca ttttttttct ttatttattt atttatttat    171780
     gtatttatgt atttatttat tttttttttt caagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc    171840
     tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt agaccaggct ggcctggaac tcagaaatcc acctgcctct    171900
     gcttcccaag tgctggaatt aacggtgtgc gccacctctg ccaggcacaa ggctacatct    171960
     tgaaagaata aaataaaaac atttaaatac atggtataat gctcaaattt gtctcagtgc    172020
     cataaaaacc agtatgtata taacattata cacacactcc agagttggcc tatacctgat    172080
     ttttagttcc aaatcatttt tctgtctttc tttcctcttc cagggataca gaatagtcca    172140
     gactttgaca tattattgtt ctacaacttc taacaaaact aagttatctg aactcttaga    172200
     gataggattg tttaccttta tactaagaaa gttggggagc atggtatgtg cctaggctga    172260
     ctgcaagggg ttcatgctat gagaactatc accctatgag atcatccaaa ataaatatat    172320
     gtcaacagga ccaacctatg gtagttccat gtgtgtttaa tgtgtttaca acagaatccg    172380
     gtgtactttt cttattgacc aaaaatgtca ttgtgaaggt gaagtcacat gcagagtcag    172440
     aaagccaaat tcaaatggag gttctgaagg gtgaagagat gcctcagtgc ttgagagtag    172500
     tggccactct tccaaaagag ccatgtttag tttctagcat gcacatcatg tattacagct    172560
     gtgtgcaagt ttagccccca gggtccaata cccttttctt acttccttag gcactggaca    172620
     aagagacata aatgaaggca aaacccctgt acacataaaa aaaaattcac tcagagcctt    172680
     ttttaagtgg aggtgggggg aatggggatg atactggaag catacctgta gtgcctacac    172740
     ttaaagaggt agaggtagaa aggataagaa attcaattca ataacaacta ctgaccagct    172800
     ctggcaacaa aacctcacac gctttctcaa caatagcaga tagatgaaat tggaagaata    172860
     aaaatggaca aaaatctgtg aacatctatt aatactaaca agaagtattt agtcgtgtcc    172920
     cccccatttg tacacttact ctcatcacta tcagtgtctg agctgcgagc tcatggagga    172980
     caggccaaag tggacaaatg ctatctcatt agcagtgcat cattcccatt atccccatgc    173040
     aagagggtgc ttaattcagt ttgtactcta gtactctagt ccacaaaatg agtttcttgg    173100
     gctagatttc tcagatatgt ttcagcgcca aggatttttt gcacatattt taaaagtagc    173160
     aatggaataa aataacttct gttaaggatt catgagaagc cattgagaaa accactataa    173220
     ctatataata accttcacaa ttactgtttt ggtatagttt ttatagatgg ttaaataggt    173280
     cttcctatag ttagtacaca ctagacctag cttgaagcaa tctggctctg gagtatttgt    173340
     ttctgttaat tgtgccatgc tgctcatgta gttaccatgt ttgaggtatt acacttttat    173400
     taacagatct gaaaaaatcc aactgtttta cctacatgtt cactatccct tgcagcagaa    173460
     acaactgcaa tagcttgggt cacactctca ttcatatttt tcatggccat ataacttgcc    173520
     tgtaaaattg aaggtttatt aacgtttgaa acaggatctc attatgtatc tctggctagc    173580
     ctgcaactca gagatttgct cgtatgccca ggattgaagc catctacttc catgctcaac    173640
     tttgtaaacg attcccaaga ctgtatgtta agctatctgc atgcctataa tcccaagatg    173700
     ctgagggaag cttgagctac atagcaagat cttactctaa aagacaaaaa cctgtatgtg    173760
     ggcaacaaat atgtagggaa agtgctagtg aggccctgaa ggactcaaga acatcctttg    173820
     ctaccactta aaactaagca gaaaccgggc gtggtggcgc acgcctttaa tcccagcatt    173880
     tgggaggcag aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctgatctac agagtgagtt    173940
     ccaggacagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaaaaaaca aaccaaacca    174000
     aaacaaacaa acaaaaaact aagcagaata tggagaaagg ttcagtgtta aaaatctgtt    174060
     gtccaagggc atttgttgaa ctcaagttca attcctagta ctcacatagt ggccctttct    174120
     gattcttcaa actaggcacg ttgtacagtt atacatacaa gcaaaccacc aatacacata    174180
     aaattttaaa atttgttgtt taacatgcac aaggctttgg gttcaatgcc caacattcaa    174240
     aagagagaga agagaggttt agttggtttc ctgcttccct ggtgtcctcc aagtaacaag    174300
     acatgtaggt tgactcaagc atgaaaggac tcctaaatat taccaaagca ggcagatcta    174360
     gcacagaagg ccagactttt gcctgaggat gctaagggcc taacacctga tttgaaatga    174420
     gggtgtggct ctggtaagaa agactgacaa gggtaaatta aaggtcagag agaagtgttt    174480
     tgtggtagta tccctcctga ttgataatca gctgctgtgc tagttaacac ttcatcttat    174540
     ccatttaaca atctttatca taaagtaggt gatagtatct atatcttaga gaagaaaaga    174600
     ggtctagtat atgaatgaga attggagcct gtactgaagc cagcaggctc tatctactac    174660
     aaggtaggga ctagatgcat tatattagca attgtaagac tgagttggat gtggtggcgc    174720
     atagctactg tttcttactt ggaaaacagg cagtagaatt aatgtaaggt gataaggctg    174780
     tatctacaga acaaaaacct tccagtgctt gtaagagtaa agtcacttgt ttgacatgcc    174840
     tggcaccctg agtttgagct ctagaaccta cataaatata aaactgactc cactaacgtt    174900
     gtcctctgac ctacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacactg    174960
     cagcacatga acttccctag cccacaacca taaaacttaa tctgaattaa aaaaaaaaaa    175020
     actctggggc ttggtatctt tcagagttag gtagcccttc ttaatctctg gtggacatta    175080
     gaatcatttg gggggaacag ttttaaaaag aaagatgttt agctagacat ggtagcacac    175140
     aactttagtt ctagcagaag cagacagatc tctgaaatcg aggctaacct ggtctaaaga    175200
     gtgagttctg ggacagccgg gactgttaca aagagaaacc ctgttacaaa gagaaaacca    175260
     aaaaataaag atgtatgaac cttgcttcag atggtacatg tagaatcacc aagtctggaa    175320
     agctgatgtg catttgggat ggtagtagaa gaaaacaact gctcaggaaa tttgggtgtg    175380
     cataaaatat tgaaaatctg ggcagcagtg gtacacacct tggatcccag gaacagatgg    175440
     atctctgaat tcaaggtcag cctggtccac aaggctaatt gtaggagcca aggctgtaca    175500
     gagaaactct gtctctagaa gagacagaaa aaaagaaaaa agtgtgtcct tcagaccttg    175560
     tttttctgag gcaaggtaaa tgttgggtgg gcatgacacc tgcctataat cccaacacag    175620
     aatcagggct cccaaattaa ggtggcgaaa gtagtcaaat gaactctgac cctaccttaa    175680
     aaagtgaagt aagcaaagta tcaaacgcac ccagtattga ctttggcagc cacggggcac    175740
     acatatatga acacataact tgcacacaaa ggttgcccct tggaaccaga tttcttgggt    175800
     ctaagtcttg attgatagct tacctgtgat aatatctgtg ctctctccag gcttaggttc    175860
     tgtttcagct ggggaaagtc cgtggtacag taaggatggc atgtgcagat ccctaggttt    175920
     cagtcccagc acttgtttgt ttgttttcga gacagggttt ctctgtagac caggctggcc    175980
     tggaactcag agatctgcct gcctctgcct cccaagtgcc aagattaaag gcgtgtgcca    176040
     ccacacctcg ttcactccca gcacttaaga tttttatttc aattgggtac tggctttggt    176100
     tccagcattg cctcctaaaa agagctcaca gctacctgca tctccagcca cagggattcc    176160
     aacaccctct ttggacctgt ccagacactc ataatgacct gtatataaat actagatgga    176220
     agtgtcctat agcaaggttt acttaatatg catacaacag acaaagaaaa ctgttaggct    176280
     taggggatag cttaatcagt aaagtgtctg atcccctgag ctcccctaaa agtgtgtgca    176340
     cactaggtaa gtgtgatgga tgacctgctt ggattcccag agcccatata aaggccaaac    176400
     aacataactg tttgtaatcc cagtacaccc cacaccccac tgagaaatgg aagatttccc    176460
     agaaactcag gacagctacc ctcaaataat cagtcctttg tcatcaatgt acatgaacac    176520
     aaaagctagg catagtggtg ctcttaaaaa gtttgactgt tttacttgca tttatttatt    176580
     aaatgtacat gagccttgtt tccacaggga ccttggatgc cctaaaacag cagttacaga    176640
     tgctgcaagc caccatgtag gtgctgggaa ctgaatctgg gtcctctgca ggggcagcta    176700
     aatgctccca gctgcttaga catcccaatg cttttttttt tttttttaaa gcagtgtttc    176760
     tctacagtcc tgaaactatg tagatcaggc tttctgactc aacaactgct aggattaaag    176820
     caccacttcc agctcctttg atgggttttt gttggtgatg gtttttattt tcccaaggca    176880
     atgtttttct atgtggccct ggctgtccgg gaatttgctc tgtggaccag gctgcctaac    176940
     attcagacct gccttctgct tcccaagcgg tgcacacttt taatcccagt ggtggagagg    177000
     aacagatccc ttcagcttct ggcctggtag cctagcatat ttgccaagtc tcaatccagt    177060
     aagaacctct taccaaaaaa ggtggacagc acctaaggag ctatgctgga cgacacaggt    177120
     gacacaaggt atcacttgtc agacaaggga cactactgta gttaccctac agaaagcact    177180
     aatatggtat gttccttcct gtttatatcc cttgcttatc tgtaaaatgg ggccaccagt    177240
     aatgcatacc tcaaaggtgt gaacactaaa taaatttgca gatttaaact aaagcctatc    177300
     tcagtgagta ctcagaaatg tttgctacag gaaagaaact tagagggcat ttgacaaatt    177360
     tctggtgttt tctttgctct ttagagtgtg acttgctggc gagccaagtt tatggaggcc    177420
     tttttttccc atgttctacg tggaaccatt gatgtgtctt ctgataaacg tctttgtgat    177480
     cagcgcttct cacctctcct gcacagctcc cgtcatgtcc gacagctaac catctgcaac    177540
     atgctgcagg gagcaactga gctagtggca gagcccaacc gtagggttct agagaccctg    177600
     gccagttctc tgcataccct caagttccgc cacctgctgt tctctgatgt ggctgctcag    177660
     cagtcacttc gacagctgct gcatcagctc atccaccatg gggctgttag ccaagtgtcg    177720
     ctgtactcct ggcctgtgcc cgagtcagcc cttttcatcc ttattcttac catgagtgct    177780
     ggcttttggc aaccaggccc aggtagcttg ccttgccgcc tctgtggtga agcctcccga    177840
     ggccgggccc catctagaga tgaagggtcc ttattgctag gctctcgcag gcctcggcgt    177900
     gatgcagcag agcgatgtgc tgctgcacta atggccaccc ggcggaagag tgaagtcaag    177960
     cagatgccca gggctgtacc tcccactcgt gtaacacgcc gcagcacaca agagagcctg    178020
     gcaataggtg gaacagactc taagttgtac ctcccagcca cctcttatga ggcttctggc    178080
     acaaaacagc catctgctcc agctgcagcc tctgcctcct cttccacatc atccaaacgg    178140
     gctccagcta gctcagcctc acagcctaag cccttaaagc gtttcaaacg agctgcaggg    178200
     aagaaagggc cccgcacccg tcaggggtct ggtgcagagt ctgaagacct gtatgacttt    178260
     gtttttattg tggctggtga gaaggaggat ggtgaagaga tggagattgg ggaagtagct    178320
     tgtggagctc tggatgggtc agatcccagc tgtttggggc tcccagcact agaggcatcc    178380
     cagcgattcc gcagcatttc caccttggag ctattcacag ttcctctctc cacggaggca    178440
     gctctgacac tgtgccatct tctgagttcc tgggtatcac tggagagcct tacactttcc    178500
     tacaatggtg agcacctgaa ggaacagggc tgggcttgca tctctcaaaa gcactgtgcc    178560
     taatcaagag tggagagtat gattaaggag gtggaaatgt ggttatttgt gtctcgtgga    178620
     ggcaaaagag aaatacaaaa gacacacagt gttaggaaag gaaaatgagg tctgtagtct    178680
     ggatttacta ttggaggaaa ggccaagggg ctgagaagtc agatagatat agagggcaat    178740
     ccagacacag acagggctct gaatttgtat cgcatcagtc aaattaaagc aactgaccag    178800
     ggattttttt aaaggaagga aagaaggaaa aagattataa aacagatcaa caacctataa    178860
     gacagtcttc tgtccttatc cacttaatca aacaaaattt acaatctgac taaaactacc    178920
     taaattgcta agtattatta tagaaaccac atgatgtgcc attcatggcc attaacctcc    178980
     taatatcctg cattgtatct gtaacagcaa ttcccagtcc atcctgccag ctccaaactc    179040
     ttttacttaa tagatgacct tacaaagaaa atataagtca tacataaatt ccttcaacta    179100
     gcctacttct gagttcctcc tttccttcgt gaccacaata aaagagacct taagctcata    179160
     ttgtagatct ctatttcctc ctcctctgga gaggcatgtt tttcaaatgc tctagcagtt    179220
     ttcatacgct tgggctatat ctaaaattaa atattctcaa aatactagct aacctaagtt    179280
     ttaatactga ccttataaag tggcttgccc caataaccct gcttagcaaa cggtagagcc    179340
     agtatccaag ccttcaaaat ccattgttaa atcactatat tcccttcttt ctactgcttc    179400
     tccaccacca gaacattaaa tcctggtctc taccagcact ctgtttcttt ccctcccctc    179460
     ttcaggatgt agttatctct gctctctgca ctcagacgtc acttacatct tcaccagcac    179520
     acagaccttg ctgctcggtt tcccatgctc ttttcccact tcaccttcat ttactatttc    179580
     ttcctggggc caatgtagtg gtacatgttt attataaact ggggaggctg aggtagacat    179640
     atctctctga attcaaggct aagtgagttc aatgacagcc aaggctacaa agataaaccc    179700
     cctaaaagaa caaacaacaa caaactccta ttatttccct gagatatttc cattatctca    179760
     atggttctct tcctaatttt cagtatctca gaatccttcc gctttatctc cttttctaga    179820
     caattgtcca ttcctgtagc ttcaatgggt actgatacta atatcccctt gacccagctg    179880
     aagacattag ccctatcttt tttcctgaac atcgagatcc aattattcag cgtactatta    179940
     ggtattacct tccaactcat ttccaacctg aatacactat gactgtgcta agccttctgc    180000
     ttacaaagac atcacaactg actcagttgc tcaaagaaac acagattctg tctcttccaa    180060
     aatatttagt cactaagccc tactttgaca ttttccaaat ccagttatat ctgtatccct    180120
     tagtttaggt tactattact cctcacctga cttaatctca gcagtccttc ctccatacaa    180180
     tccattgttt gtactgcaca agtattcctt taaatgcata gcttgaccca tttgttcatt    180240
     cacagtccag tccttcatag gccaagcatg gtagtatttg gaagataatg gagttaaggc    180300
     tatcataggc aacatattta gtttgaaaaa acatgagatg cacattgtct tcctacataa    180360
     tataggcact gttaaactca aaatccttct gcctccacct tccacatggc attacaggca    180420
     cgcaccacca ccatacctcc agatcttatc agattgtttt cctcgtggca ctcctgcttg    180480
     cccctcacgc tttacatacc ctgtattcca gcttagaccc tgttgctcac acttcaggcc    180540
     tctaaaatgt caagtttttt tcctgccaac actttcttct cccttgtagt tatctccttt    180600
     ctagtattta aagctgaatt gggatgtctt actgagaaac cccgctgttc agtatgcatc    180660
     ctttacacat ccattgtact cctgcttcct cggttcctag attgtcttat caggctatgt    180720
     ggacaagaac actatgtgct ccttgtatct aggagaggga aaaagtgttg gttaaagttt    180780
     acctcaatga atacatcaat agcagcatac aatacaaaga ggttttcagg gttacttaag    180840
     attattatta cgcatgctac catacctttg aaaattcttt gtattcattc tgtggaaaat    180900
     gctttggttc tgtttgtttg ttttctgtta tatcaaaccc aacaacgcat gcatagtagg    180960
     catgtactct accactgacc taatgtatat ccagtctata attttctgcc attcccacct    181020
     atagttccct gggttagaac accattactt ctgtttacaa gtacacacca tgacctatga    181080
     gatcaacttt ttacagctta gctttcaaga ctttccacag tgttggaccc agtacctgac    181140
     tgtagagcta tgtccagaca cccagtctac tgtcccacac ataacttgct tactcctgga    181200
     taggacctga ttatccaaaa ttttctcacc cttcaaggcc atgaatcttt agcaagctac    181260
     gtagactcta tatatctaga tacctgtgca gctctctggg tctactacta ctgcctcaac    181320
     catatcccgt gtttttggga ttctcctgat gtctcttaga gtctcttagc agaaagcaat    181380
     ttgctagtta actgagaaaa aggtaagaat ggatgaataa ttacgaattt cttaaaaata    181440
     tgacctatag ccaggcatgg tggtgcatat agccctggag aagcaagggg aggaagtgtt    181500
     aaggtctgaa gcgttgtctt aaaagtaaaa acatgggccg ggcagtggtg gcgcacgtct    181560
     ttaatcccag cacttgggag gcagaggcag gcggatttct gagttccagg acagcctggt    181620
     ctacagagtg agttccggga cagtcagggc tgctcagaga aaccctgtct caaaaaaaaa    181680
     aaaagtaaaa acatggaatc ttattaaaag ctcaagactt ggtagtaacc aatagaaata    181740
     tttatggagt ttgcactgaa tattctgctt aaatttccca catctgtaac ctaatctctt    181800
     tggccatagg tctgggctct aatatcttcc gcctcctgga cagcctacgg gccctgtcag    181860
     gccaggctgg atgtcgcctc cgtgccctgc atctcagtga ccttttctca ccactgccca    181920
     tcctggaatt gacccgtgcc attgtgcgag ccttgcccct gttgcgggtc ctgtctattc    181980
     gtgttgacca cccaagccag agggacaacc ctgctgtacc agagaatgct gggccccctg    182040
     gacacatagt tggggatgaa gaaataccag gtaaagtagt gtgtatgcac atacacatac    182100
     ctctaattat atgtacagtg gcatttgggt gggtagatga agggaacatc atctgcggat    182160
     ccatttcctc tcaaccctgc tgacaatttt gtttcccctt ttataagatg ccattcttta    182220
     aaataacctt aaattaaaaa gatcctgaga ctgctgtgag catgaccagg acagctgtct    182280
     ccagaaaggg gatgtaaact gataattctt catctagatt cagcggtcct tcattacgtt    182340
     tctatttcct tttatgtctc ctcttgtagt actgtgcatt tgctatctgt ctgcatgtgt    182400
     gtgcgtgtgt ctgtatgtat gaggaggcta caagttgaca ctaggtgtct ttctctagtc    182460
     ctattcttaa atcctactgt agaaatcagg gaacaacttt tgggtttcag gtctgtgcag    182520
     agactaaacc tagatttgta cagcaagcac ttttacctcc tgaataaaaa gtttttgttt    182580
     ctaattctgg gaattgaact tgggacttca cacatgctag gcaaacatcc tacctttgag    182640
     ctatatttct agccctctat cttttctttt ttaaacattt atttatttca tgtatgtggg    182700
     tacactgttg ctgtcttcag acaatccaga agagggtatt ggatcccatt acagatggtt    182760
     gtgagccacc aatgctggga attgaagagc agtcagtgct cttaaccact gagccatctc    182820
     tccagccttt ttttttcccc ttcaagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg    182880
     aactcactct gtagaccagg ctgacctcga actcaaaaat ccacctgcct ctgcctccca    182940
     agtgctagga ttaaaggcgt gtgtcaccac tgcccgggct ccagccctct ctaatgtttt    183000
     tgaaaatgtg tctctttctg aacctgggaa ctcaccatgt tggctagact ggctcaccag    183060
     tgaatccaag acctgcctta ctctaccttt ccagtgctgg gatttcaggt ataggccacg    183120
     acaggcctac catttagata agttctagga atccgaactc agggcgtcac atttacacag    183180
     caaacaaccc ctgaggagtc cacccaagcc ctgcatattc tttatttgct ttgtcttatc    183240
     tctgaatgca aagacaagat tttatgttta gtggtccatt tctaggattt acatataatg    183300
     tttgacacat agcaggagca ggataagata ataaaccatt ttcctagtga acctactaca    183360
     tgtagaagta gaggccagta agataactta gcaagaaaag gcacttatca ccagacctga    183420
     agtaccctca gaatgcacat tgtagaactg actcttgcaa gttgttctct gaaccccaca    183480
     tggtcactgt ggtacacaca tgcccacaca tcacatgccc atacaacaca tgcccacaca    183540
     tcacatgccc acacatcaca tgcccataca acacatgccc acacatcaaa tacatggttt    183600
     gttttttatt tttttggaga cagggtttct ctgtgtaacc ctggctttct tggaatttac    183660
     tttgtagacc aggccagcct tgaactcaaa cagatcacct gcctctgcct cctgagttct    183720
     ggaactaaag ggtgtgtgtt cccacaccta aaacatatgt atttttaagt gaagtagaga    183780
     aaactaagtg gaatgtcctc ttcctctcat acagaaaact gcctcgagca gttggaaatg    183840
     ggatttccac gaggagccca gccagcccca ctgctctgct ctgtcctcaa ggcctcaggt    183900
     tctctacagc agctgtcact ggacagtgcc acctttgcct cgcctcaaga ttttgggctt    183960
     gtgttgcaaa cactcaaagg taggaatggt gaaagtgggt aggtagggac ctaacattgt    184020
     tccctgggaa aattaagccc caccacccat ggtgtgtgtc tcctatccag aacacaacct    184080
     atccctgaag aggctgagct tccatgatat gaatcttgca gactgtcaga gtgaagtgct    184140
     ttttttgcta aagaatctga cccttcaagg taagttccta acccagagcc tgcgcattcc    184200
     tgtgtcctta ctgtagcttt gtcatgatct cagtctgcaa accactgttt tcccaggtct    184260
     ctatcttcct tgactataaa ggatatggaa cctacatgac cttccttcta atatcccaag    184320
     ttttagtaca tcacccagtt ttgttttgtt ttaaggggct gtcagaaatg gtggtagcac    184380
     cttggtggtt tcaatttaaa aaaaaaaaaa gatagtgggg agaaataaac atgctactgt    184440
     gtgtgggtgt gactagtcag acactcactg tgactagtct ccccccctgc aaaagcatca    184500
     gtgactatat atagagagcg ggaagtggat aaaaaattta tcctcagaga tgttcctcaa    184560
     acaggctcaa tgtcctattt gaattgagtt ccaatattgc tcggatctat atagattatc    184620
     cttttcagat ctgtataaat gttcacagta ccttgctagg ccaacctagg acaggaggac    184680
     agcaccaccc ctgcttcagt catctgaata ttctactttc tcttgacaga gattaccttc    184740
     tccttctgcc gtctgtttga gaagcgccca gtccaatttc ttcctgagat ggttgctgct    184800
     atgaagggca actctacact gaagggcctt cgactaccag ggaaccgcct gggtagggac    184860
     cataccctgg agaggaggaa gggagaaggg agggaaagaa ggaactagga actagaaact    184920
     tttggggtaa aggtactgac caggttgtaa tataggtatt tgagtactgg gtattcagaa    184980
     ctgctaggac tagggttctc ccaggttgga gctgggatag gatacccttg tttccttgtt    185040
     tgtgagtaga gttaatgagt gttcctctct ccctcgccag ggaacgctgg cctattagcc    185100
     ctagcagatg ttttctcaga ggattcttcc tcttctctct gtcagctgga catcaggtat    185160
     gctaggggtt aggagacaag ggatggggga agaaaaggat atcaatgtag acaaaagcct    185220
     agttgcttcc tggatatcta attcatggca tccctaccag ttccaactgc atcaagccag    185280
     atgggctttt ggagtttgcc aaacgactgg agcgctgggg ccgaggagcc tttggtcacc    185340
     tacgcctctt ccagaactgg ctggaccagg atgcagtcac agcaagagaa gcaatccggc    185400
     gactccgggc tacctgccac gtggttagcg actcatggga ctcaacccag gcctttgcag    185460
     attatgtcag caccatgtga tggggcccat acctcacagg cccatcctca gtaccatcag    185520
     cttgcaggga ctgagccgtg ggctgcccag aatccccaac cactgattct gtcatcctct    185580
     ttctgccact ttgtctattt ctgtttcctt ttcatcttcc cttgcactga ggtcctggag    185640
     gccttgatga ggcccagcaa aggcattccc accgctgagt tcagaggctt tgggccactt    185700
     actcagtact ctgggaaccc caggccagga ggttacgggt ctctatcgtc actgaggaaa    185760
     acacccccta cccctgctct ggggtttcct gcttcattcc tcaagcaggc acccaggctt    185820
     tagagaagta taggaatgcc taacaccagg cctcttccct cctgggctta ccaatgtgtt    185880
     cccaggcctc agtccctttc atgcctttat tcctttcttt ttcttttttt tttttaaacc    185940
     aaaaaagttt ttcttataaa ataaattttg ggcaaacatc atgcagccct tcttgatgat    186000
     tttctcccag agaataaaac tgagcagagc ctcatgaggc agagaacccc ctttccctgt    186060
     atcctttccc aaacaactac atccagacca gctgattatc agtgaagacc gcgctgctcc    186120
     tcatgagaac gctggtggaa gacgaaggtg atggctgtag atgaagcatc ccaggcagcc    186180
     tggagtacct catcctggag ccctcgttta tctgtgctgt ggttccactg agccaggtct    186240
     gaagtgcagt cagaaccatc agggggtggc cagacctgac ggttgtttac acaacggcgg    186300
     caatgcaatc tggggtcaga ggacagagtt gtggtcacta cggatttctg tgctggtcag    186360
     gtagcaaaga gataatgaca aggaactcca catacctgtc atgtgtgtca ctgaggcttg    186420
     cttcatccag agtaaacagc tctttaagct caccaagaga aaagtggcgc tccacatcct    186480
     gctcctcgtc caccacacag ctgctcagag ccttcttgtg gctctgccgc tgaaagatct    186540
     tctcctcaat tgttcctgcc tagaaatggg atgaaatgta gaactcaacc attcctgtag    186600
     atgctgaggg agcaggaaaa cctaggggct gcaaacatct tgagaaagag caattatctg    186660
     ccttagcaga gatccatttt cctagttttg gagccaagaa ttgtgctgct ttgtctgtcc    186720
     cgaccatttt cagcatcagt ggagagtgtc agcctggcta aatgggttga gtgtaaacag    186780
     gttatctgta tcaaagtgcc ctccacacca agcccaactc tcattcagta tcatccgaca    186840
     attttatgtc aggtcatata ctagtaatag gatacaagaa agaatgaagt atgatcgcta    186900
     tcacagaggt cacagagcac ttcattcaat atgcagacta actatataaa tagatttgta    186960
     ccattgcaaa aacctgttaa gtaatactca gggtctcatg aaaggaatga tcgaagagtt    187020
     gaggagttca gaaagcactg aaaacagatt ctctctgagc tgactccaga aaaaaaggtg    187080
     gactagaagc caagagcaac aaagagggtc agttcttcag aaggctgagg caggaagagt    187140
     tcttggacaa ggtggaagat tctagaaaca ttaaggtttt aaagtaaaca tgtaagtata    187200
     agaaagctag aaaggatgaa agagtaagat gatctctact aaagccttga aaaccagctg    187260
     gagagatggc tcagcggttg agagcactga ctgctcttcc agagaccccg agttcaatgc    187320
     ccagcaacca catgatggca cacaaccatc tgtaatggga tcttatgccc tcttctggtg    187380
     tgtgtctgaa tacagctaca gtgtactcat acacatactt acagatagca gtcggtagat    187440
     atagcagatc ttcttttgac catcacgcca gactcgggcc atagcttgtt catcattggc    187500
     tggattccag tcaggatcaa acatgaccag tcggttagca ccaatgaggt taagaccaca    187560
     gcccccggct ttgctgctca gcatgaaaac aaaatcaggg ctctgggaag aaaagaaaca    187620
     agaaaggaga gcataggatg cacacacttg gaaactaaac tgggatcctt cttagctcca    187680
     ccaacacttt tctatactca cactgaggac cacaggttgg tctgcctatc attcaatttc    187740
     ccaacccaca aagtcagttc ctaagccaga ttcatcttat cacacccacc agaacacaaa    187800
     acaaaaataa agcaatgaaa cacaaccacc acacagctgc tctgtcaaca catccttcct    187860
     gcgcttgctg tacttaccga tgggctattg aagcgctcca caaccttggc tcgcttctta    187920
     atggacatcg tgccatccag gcgaacatac aagtaccttg agggagatcc aaatatcaag    187980
     acccaagaag cataaattaa ttggaactat ggctaccaag aagactagat taaccatgct    188040
     tgaggctgct cacgcatagt ccaaggcttc cctaagagaa ggacagagaa gggcaggaat    188100
     tctgatctgt gtaaagacag agctattgcc atcacagtca tgaggtaaga gaaagtcctc    188160
     atatagccac accttgataa acatccaata atcagaaaaa tctaatcatt ttcctagagt    188220
     gtcagtgagg aagacacatc cctttgctag ccagcctggt taggttcttc cctaccttcg    188280
     aacccggcac agcttttcaa agagatccaa tgtctgagta taattagaca ccagcacgac    188340
     tttgtcactg ctacggcttc gagtcacggc cagaatgtaa tcaaggacca gcatcttacc    188400
     tgggaaaagt ggctattatc agtcctcaca attggtcatc ccagtggcct gcggtggtta    188460
     tacttgatac cctgctttca gacaggatag cttcagcaca gaggtaattt cctagcctta    188520
     tcctatattc cctcctccaa ggagactgac catctgctaa ttgggtgggc tcacctgaca    188580
     actgtggctc tacagcttta gagttataac caggtgggaa gatacccaaa gtgccctcaa    188640
     agccatcctc ctctgccaca cacttgtcat agattagagc tggatctgaa aaccaaaaaa    188700
     agaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacaa accaccaatc aaccaaacaa atccatagga aaatgctagc    188760
     acctttgatt gtctgaagct tgtacttcag tgctcaccct ctggctatct ggcgctgaca    188820
     taggtctcac aactagactc acctggggta caccctccca agttcccaca gggtgtagcc    188880
     agtatcatct ggaagcctca ccatcactca ctacaatgtt ctcccaacaa caaaaggaac    188940
     catctgttac ttttctttct gcctcttgtt caagaggatg ggtgcagaca agcactcaca    189000
     tacacagtcc aacacatctc aagcactaag gatgggctgg gcagaagact ataaaattgc    189060
     caaagtaaag gtgtcattca gaagagtcca catgtggcct ccatggggtc tctagagaag    189120
     ttctggtgaa ggtcagcagc ctattcacaa gaacttccgc tccctgctca ctcacacaga    189180
     agataccggg tatgggtgca ctcacgatta cacagcttct ttagagaggt gatagaagac    189240
     agggaagaca cactcatctt gccctcacgc aattcttctt caggcttagc ctgtctcaga    189300
     aatctcttgt atagctcagt ttgaaggggt gtcagcctga aaataaaagg gcaggtgtag    189360
     ctcaatagaa aagactggag cacacacaca gctaccctga gaacactgaa attcagccac    189420
     acttcagaag ctaagcttta acccactcac tgtccgcctt tcaagcaagt tcatacctac    189480
     aacaaaccac ctgctcaatc ttcacgggca gatacttaga gaggatatca gatgttctcc    189540
     gtatcaggca cctaggggaa atgggaaaag gcacaaggga ggtgaaactg atgcagcaga    189600
     ataagaacta aaggacaaaa gactcactct acttatagta aatatttatt tatgggcatg    189660
     agtcctcttt ttttttccaa gacagggttt ctctgtatag ccctggctgt cctgaaactc    189720
     actttgtaga ccaggctggc ctcaaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctcccga gtgctgggat    189780
     taagggatta aaggcgtgcg acaccacgcc cggctgtgag tattcttttt gcatgtatgt    189840
     ctacacactg tgttcatgcc tggtgccctc agatagagga agagggtgcc agctctcctg    189900
     gaactggtgt tacagatgct accacatagg tgttggaaat cgtctgcaag aacaactcgt    189960
     gtacttaacc ttaaccacta agccaactca actctccagt gcctaagcta taggtcttta    190020
     ttgggaggcg tccatctgta tttgcacagg caccagctgt tacgtaactc cagccagtaa    190080
     gtccttatct gtctagacca gaaagaataa agaggcatct tctgcacgtg cctggaatcc    190140
     catcatctgg gaggtagcct cggatgcatg agatacaatc tcaaaaacag agacgaggag    190200
     gagggacagc agcctcatag gacacaataa ccctgctatc taaaattggt agccatgaag    190260
     ttgggagggc agaacactga taatgaaatt tatcaacagt tcataccaat aacaggagtc    190320
     caggatatac ctgctcttga atcatttgaa acccactgga acaaaaataa gcactcttgg    190380
     cctgggagcc acactaaaat tcttcagctc tttaacccac cacacaactc atctacacat    190440
     agaaagccta atgctttagg caaaaagcaa ctgtcgagaa ggttctgaag cccgaacaag    190500
     gatgcgtctt gttcaggaag gctaactgaa ccacagaaga gcttcttcag ggggttgata    190560
     gaacaaaacc agaccacagg gctactcaaa ggagacttat cctgtacgac catgctattt    190620
     atacagagac aattcgtggt acagatccca ttcctaccct caaacaccag acctgaaagg    190680
     ctccagacag accaagccca cagatctagc agttagttct cagacggcct ggaaggcaat    190740
     tggctgagca gaggcgagcc tctcacctgt tcacaatacc gatgagctcc cgcagacgct    190800
     cctccccacg ctgcctgtct gcctcactgg cagctgcatc tcgactcttc aaaattggca    190860
     actcaaaatg cttcttgaat tc                                             190882