ID   AL626808; SV 28; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 203992 BP.
AC   AL626808;
DT   12-OCT-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 42)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-383I7 on chromosome 4
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-203992
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Beasley H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 8d5da1eadcc78073ad30f916f89220b8.
DR   ENA-CON; JH584273.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456111.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028982; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000039936; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000044700; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029144; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029145; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029146; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0029109; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0029110; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0029111; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0029057; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0029058; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0029059; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0029125; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0029126; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0029127; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028846; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028847; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028848; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029574; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029575; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029576; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028259; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028260; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028261; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028808; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028809; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028810; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028957; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028958; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028959; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028921; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028922; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028923; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0029047; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0029048; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0029049; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028948; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028949; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028950; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029606; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029607; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029608; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027979; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027980; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027981; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028339; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028340; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028341; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL626808.28:1-203992; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000038859; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000054459; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000103208; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105686; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105687; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105688; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105690; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000118704; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000122059; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000127273; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000131224; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000134534; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000146612; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000156309; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000177654; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0069360; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0069374; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0069380; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0069424; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0069438; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0069444; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0069331; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0069345; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0069351; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0069344; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0069358; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0069364; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0069001; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0069015; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0069021; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0069836; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0069850; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0069856; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0069481; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0069495; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0069501; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0068947; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0068961; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0068967; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0069085; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0069099; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0069105; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0068986; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0069000; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0069006; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0069160; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0069174; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0069180; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0069005; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0069019; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0069025; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0070022; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0070036; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0070042; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0068963; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0068977; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0068983; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0068167; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0068181; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0068187; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A2A8U2.
DR   GOA; B1AS24.
DR   GOA; B1AS25.
DR   GOA; B1AS26.
DR   GOA; B1AS27.
DR   GOA; B1AS28.
DR   GOA; Q3T9Y0.
DR   GOA; Q8CI98.
DR   InterPro; IPR000341; PI3K_Ras-bd_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR000403; PI3/4_kinase_cat_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR001263; PInositide-3_kin_accessory_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR002420; PI3K_C2_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR003113; PI3K_adapt-bd_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR008290; PI3K_Vps34.
DR   InterPro; IPR011009; Kinase-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR015433; PI_Kinase.
DR   InterPro; IPR016024; ARM-type_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR018108; Mitochondrial_sb/sol_carrier.
DR   InterPro; IPR018617; Ima1_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR018861; TMEM201.
DR   InterPro; IPR018936; PI3/4_kinase_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR023395; Mt_carrier_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR029071; Ubiquitin-like_domsf.
DR   InterPro; IPR035892; C2_domain_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036940; PI3/4_kinase_cat_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR037703; PI3Kdelta_dom.
DR   MGI; MGI:1098211; Pik3cd.
DR   MGI; MGI:1196277; Tmem201.
DR   MGI; MGI:1917806; Slc25a33.
DR   PDB; 6EYZ; X-ray.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; A2A8U2; TM201_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q3TZX3; S2533_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; B1AS24; B1AS24_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; B1AS25; B1AS25_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; B1AS26; B1AS26_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; B1AS27; B1AS27_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; B1AS28; B1AS28_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q3T9Y0; Q3T9Y0_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q8CI98; Q8CI98_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-383I7 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..203992
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-383I7"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    106942..107032
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye terminator reads
FT                   only. Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    110306..110349
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    119609..119609
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 2840bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    119610..119743
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Assembly consistent with restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    128425..128488
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    128563..128571
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    152966..152999
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    190214..190214
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 420bp by restriction digest data."
SQ   Sequence 203992 BP; 52310 A; 49534 C; 51420 G; 50728 T; 0 other;
     gaattctgct cctgacaaga gccagtcata tcccttatct gtactttcca cacctcagag        60
     gctgcaagac cacaggggga cccaggctcc agcagaagcc ttcatctact ctaaaaggca       120
     cacattgccc caccacaggc atgtttccat ggcccagaac caccaccacc accacccaag       180
     tccagccagg cagccaagga cgaaccaagg ggatagtcca tttggacaga aaggctttgc       240
     cggcctgtct tctaagatca tggacctcct tggcagctga tgtctctgtg gaagtcagtc       300
     agtctccctt tggcttaagg gtctaccatt tctccttgtt cgagcaagag gaatcttggg       360
     agcaaaccgg cgacttgaag caaatgataa ttaggaacag ctgacagaca ctgtgtgcta       420
     ggcgattgat tctaacctaa ttcgcctcac ttacttactc taccttggag ctgatcccat       480
     cagctttatt ttacagagga aacagaacac ccgaggagtc gagcaagctt ccagaggcca       540
     cccagccagg aacagagagg acaaggctgg aatgtgaact caacccactc cagaaggcaa       600
     gctccttaaa ctagtcagca atacagaaat tcaccgtaaa tgactacctg taagagggtt       660
     agcgagacaa gtctctcctt gatattcagg gatagagagg gtcttggagc tgttgtatat       720
     ctacttagct tctagagaca gaaacacgtt gtctctgatg taatcatttc agagtatgag       780
     aaaggccatg tgcctgaaaa tgttagctgc agatttgagg atagggactt tggggtgggt       840
     ggacgggtct ggaagcggca tgagcccctc tccctgaagg tcttgtcaga gcctccagca       900
     tccctgcttt agagacacaa accacacaaa ggatcactag ggtaggaagt aacctggaac       960
     accattaggc tactaaatgc aaaaaatcaa ttacagggga ttaggaaggt ggctctcagt      1020
     gggtacaagt gctcactgtg caaataggag cacctgagct cgaattccca gctgccacgt      1080
     caaagccggc cacgggtaag agtgcttgca agtctgctgt tcgtggggag agatgtgaat      1140
     ttcatgagct caatggccag ggagtctaat agaaaggccc agtctcaagt tcatctagag      1200
     accctgcctg tccctctgta gaccaggcta gcctcgaact cagagatccg cctgcctctg      1260
     tctccctagt gctgggatta aaggtgtgcg ccaacactgc ctggctgaga tactatttta      1320
     agggaataaa ggagaaagaa tgatagacag ctgtgttgtc ttctggcctc cacaagtgtc      1380
     cacctaaata cacatgcaga cacacacaca cagagccaaa cactaaacca catgcctagt      1440
     tgggcatggt gagtgaagcc tgtcatcaag gagatcagga attcaaggcc acccttggct      1500
     atgtagtcag ttcgaagcca acctgagctc ccagagaccc tgtctaaaag acgaggccct      1560
     attactcgat attattgaat tacatgaggt agctggagtt gtcaaggtct taaagacaag      1620
     agagcagtta tcaggggcta aagtgggtag ggaaggggga gttcacgttt ggggtagaaa      1680
     ggtctctcct ggctccattt cagataccat ctgtcttgct atgtctggtt cctttaccca      1740
     ttcatgaaat tctaaaaact gatattgcct ctgaggctca ggttaggcag ttagcccaag      1800
     gttactcagc aagaaaagac tggaaagatg gctcagtggt taagggcaca taccactctt      1860
     ggagggaact ggtcaggtct gagcacccac acagggcagc tcacatcacc ttaacactag      1920
     ctctacaggg gataccgtgc cagcactacc catccacaca tacacataca aataacttaa      1980
     aaacaagaag aacttttttg ttgttgtttt gggtgtttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgttttc      2040
     gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgtt aaaccaggct      2100
     gaccttgaac tcagagatct acctgtctct gtcaggtgct gggattaaag gtgtgtgcca      2160
     ccactgccgg gtccagcaaa attattctta aagagcagat gaagctgaaa cctagttctg      2220
     tgctggaggc tgccactctc agcaaggtag cttggctccc aggaaaagcc tgggctccac      2280
     actatggagt aatcctatcc tgccctatcc tgccctgccc tgccctgccc tgccctgccc      2340
     tgccctgcat ggggactgct gcatcctcac cctggtgggg ctgtcatccc ctcccaaagt      2400
     gtcaacgaca gggtatgctt tccctcccct gttatgaaca cactgctcca gcctccacaa      2460
     caagaaaagc aatgtcccat gtagagcgga gagagcctct gatgtcatca tggtccctct      2520
     tgcttcctgc aggcttcagt aacaggggct cctcaattcc cttcaaacac cacaagccac      2580
     atctcatgaa atctctatca ggcaaattac agtccccaag gaggacatgg ggggactcag      2640
     cggcaaagag aggggctact gtcacctcct ctggccatag agaaggcacc aagccagcag      2700
     gtgctgagac tgagaggggt acaggaaaga gaaggacgga agggaacact agaaagctga      2760
     tgccggtcac aaagccaggg aaagggaagc aggagggata cttgggacag tagctcagca      2820
     gagatcactg ggaacagaaa taccagccta aggtcaccct ggagaagaga cagggcaggg      2880
     caggagtagg aagaggacac cagcttcttc ctcggaaaag ttatacagaa tactcccttt      2940
     gctctggtga gctggccggt ggctctcaag ggtgcctttg ccctcgaatc tcgccattga      3000
     ttgaaaaaaa aaaagtttgt gtttggaagt acaagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt      3060
     gtgtgtgtgt gtctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtctgtgtgt ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt      3120
     gtgtctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgtct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtct gtgtgtgtgt      3180
     gtgtctgtgt ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtctgtgtgt gtgtgtgctg      3240
     gacaaagacc ccggtactac taatcctcag cgacactgtc caccttattt taagacaggg      3300
     cattatttat ttatttattt ttggtttttc caaacaaggt ttctctgtat agcctcggat      3360
     accctggaac tcactttgca gaccaggctg gccttgaact cacatagatc cacctgcctc      3420
     tgcctccagg atactgggat taaaagtggg caccaccacc accacctggc agacagggta      3480
     ttattattta atattttaaa aatttttggc tgggtagaaa tgatgtacaa ctttcattct      3540
     agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggtggatct cgaagttgga ggccagcctg gtctacagag      3600
     tgagttccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa cgaaaaacaa acaacaacca      3660
     acaaaaaaag aaatgaaaaa ccagaagatt ttgttttaaa ttgatatgga tgtgtctgag      3720
     agaatatgcc atgagttctg ggcctgtaga agccagaagg ggcgttggct cctctggagg      3780
     gggtagttac aggattctat gagctgccca ggtgggtgct ggaaactaaa ctctggttct      3840
     ctggaaaagc aataggtgct atgcttcact gacccatctc tccagcccta tttattatta      3900
     ttgtttatta ttattattac atatgtgcat ggtgtggggc gtgccgcaac acagacatgg      3960
     aggtcagaat acaactttgt ggagacagtt ttctccttct ccatttatct gggttctggg      4020
     tcatcacgct tgcatctttg agcagcaagc cccttctcct gccgagcctt catgccagac      4080
     caagacaggg tttctccttg gcctagagct caccagctag gtatttatct atcaccagtc      4140
     tttgtattta ttcccactgt tgggactgtt acacacctag ggtgattttc attgttgttt      4200
     ctaaacacgg gctctttggc tagtactcag gtaaagtgtg ttccaccaaa ccatctcccc      4260
     agctcttgag agaggatttt tgcatatata agttaatgaa tgactttatg actattgact      4320
     ttaattaaag gactttaact aatgaaattc aaaatgactt cctgctgcaa gggttcttac      4380
     aagagacaca acaaaccaca catacgggag gagatagcca tatgaggaca gaggcctatg      4440
     agccggggcc tcttggaacc attggcagct cagagaggca agatctaccc tactaaggtc      4500
     ctggaggaga cacggacctg ctgggactct gacttcaaac ttctggttcc tgaacagaaa      4560
     tctgtttgtt tgtttgtttt tgagacaggg tttctctgta tagccctggt ggtcctggga      4620
     ctcactttgt agaccaggct ggccttgaac tctcaatgat cagcctgcct caccctccca      4680
     agtacaagga ggcccgcacc accaccgctg gctgtgtgca atttaactaa caggtcaata      4740
     gatgattgtg agcgaacgtt cctgttatta atatggatac tgaggctaga acgcacaaaa      4800
     ggcacatagg gacacagcag ccaggagaac caaaatctgt tgtttttaag gattcaaacg      4860
     gttgatcctt tggtacagct gccacaggaa ccaacacagc atcccaatag gacctgaacc      4920
     ccaagcaagg tgctcccctt ctgggtctct cctccgttcc ccactcccag tactccctac      4980
     cctcctcctc ctccagttct ctgaaaatgg aattaatttt cccctctgga gtggagctcc      5040
     tggttgtgtg ccacatacag agcacagcca gcaccttccc aagcaccctt ctccagcagc      5100
     agcctgaccc tcacccatcc tcaaagcctt gagggttcgc atgcatattc aaccggaagg      5160
     ggaactttct taggccccag ggacggccct ggccctgggg ggagagcaga gtgagctgta      5220
     ttctggcgca ccccacagaa agtcacacgc ggtgtttggg tgcaaagaga gctcagggag      5280
     gttcccggtt gatgtttttt ttccaccttg aaaatggcag cgtttctgtt atgatggctg      5340
     gggaattcca ccagccactt caatgaccat tcagtctgat cattgaacag caggactgag      5400
     cagcaggact gagcagagat ctgcagtgag cgccggattc cagataaagc tggtgttttt      5460
     ctcactgcca aaacaagcca ggctcctgct ctcctccagg ctagtcattc attactgtaa      5520
     cacgtgccct gtccaggcct ctccttgccc atcctccagg ggcactcgcc ttccggatca      5580
     gacctcatgg gaagcactgg ttccctgggg agtcacggaa gctttcttat ggtcccatct      5640
     aaatgagaca tttgctgggg cgctgcaccc acagaggtga actgaggaac tgctccaaac      5700
     aacagtaatt ttgaaaagag cagccaaagg gagaattgct tcatacattg tacattcact      5760
     tccctctcct actgtgcagt tgaagaaaaa cacagaaaag caggacgcaa accccctgca      5820
     accagaacca ctcaggatcc tctattcgtg gaccccagtc cctcccgcgc ccatccccag      5880
     aagcctgtag tctccctacc tgccttgttc ttagcatagc ctctagttct ggtgggacct      5940
     tagtgagcgt cagttccgat gcagctgagc agagaaggga tggaacccgc agatttttgt      6000
     gtcaatgggg caagtttgta ggagaaagtc cctatggtag gattctacag ccaagaacca      6060
     gcactgctgg gaacctgtgg tgtcagggat gagaacggag attacggaga ttacgtcctt      6120
     actttgcaag tccctttgga gggagagagc cactcctgac tggggaatct caacctcaat      6180
     ctctctctca actctctctc tctcccctcc ccccaactca tcccatatac acctatacac      6240
     cgaagactgt gtcccaagtc ttagagggca ctgggggggg agggggggag ggcttcttta      6300
     agtcctgatg cttcaagttc cactgactgg tgaggctgca agctggcagg tccctgctcc      6360
     tggcagagcc tgaacccaat gggctgctca gaggacccca cattccatct gcaaactgga      6420
     gggattttta agggagctag ataaggccct gggatgtgga cgcttcacac cctgacattg      6480
     caaagcctat ccccagcctc tactcccacc ccagagtacc catgacctcc tctgccatta      6540
     gtccccatcc tgggttctgg attctctacc tgtccgccag gaaagtggac ggccaccttg      6600
     gaaatgcccc tatcccgggg cctacataag gtcatgttgg tctccctatc tcttaaagat      6660
     gaagtgcaga ggaggaagta taaataagaa caggaaacta aacttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      6720
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaagcc ccattcaggc tgatttaccg gcaagagtat tttttttttt      6780
     aaaaagtccg gaaatgcaaa gctggaggcg gttttgccgc cgtaacccag gctcagccac      6840
     agatctgtag tgatctagcc ctcgcctggg tccaaaactc tgcggcaagc tgcacaggca      6900
     gtggggagag aggagagaga gagagaagga gggcccagaa acgtcagtgt ctgctcctag      6960
     ccagtcctga cccttcctga agaggctgag aggaccgcag gccagggtgc agaggatctt      7020
     gacgctcccc tgtccccacg cctggactgc caaacccggt gatcctgctc cggctcagcc      7080
     tcaccgcact acgcctagaa cataatacgg acctcactgc ccgctggaga gcccctgtcc      7140
     ggagatcggg gcgcacagag acaggtgtaa gagagatgct ggtacagagg acatcttaaa      7200
     ccccagggta gctcaggcct gggtccccgc agactggctt ggagggatcc actgtcccct      7260
     tgccagacgc caggaggcgc ccaaagtcaa ggcgcactgg ctgtgcctgc tgggagcgtg      7320
     tgggagaacg gccccgaacc tcctcgccac cttccgatcc agtcttctcc acacttctgc      7380
     gataaatcct gtggagagca cttaccggtc cagcagctgg gtcggcggag ctggcagccc      7440
     caaggctagg cgcgagtgag ccagaggcgg ggcgcgcagc gggacagccc gcctactgac      7500
     agtccgcaca ctccacttcc cactttgttt cctttctaca gataacagga aaaacaactg      7560
     atcctctacg cctctccagc cccgccccaa gcccagcggg ccctgcgagg gtagcaccag      7620
     caggtgcctt cgaaccccag ctctgttcaa aaacaaagtc ttcccttgat gcaaaggcac      7680
     actgccaaat aaaggtctgg agagccctga gcatcgccac agtcactcag aaaacaacaa      7740
     caaagcaaaa ccaaaaccta gacaagctaa gagtactaca gggtgagtgg ctactgtctt      7800
     aggagctcta gaggccagtg tagaagattt acagagacag cctacaagtc tcaaaggtcc      7860
     tttaaaaaca ttagccaggc atggttgctc tagctttgaa tctcagcact tgggcagagg      7920
     ctcgtaggtc tctgagttca aagccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcta ggacagccag      7980
     ggctacacag agaaaccctg tctcaaaaaa aaacaaaaac caaacaaaca aacaagaata      8040
     tctagtggtt ggctgggtgt actgggacaa tctttaatcc cagcactagg gagacaaaga      8100
     gccaagcaga tctctgtgtg tttgaggcat cctgttctac agagtgactt ctagaccagc      8160
     cagggctaca tagtgagcct gtctccaata atcaaacaaa tggagtggac aactagactt      8220
     ccctgcaatc accagagctt cctacctttc tcaatcacct ggggagggtg aggctagctc      8280
     aactcacaag atctttttca gcccaggccg ggaactaaag cactttaaaa caaaaaaact      8340
     tactatgtat tccttgaact cattatgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agagatccac      8400
     ctgtgtctag ctttcaaatg atatgtttaa aggccagagc cgccatgccc agagaaagtt      8460
     cttgctatta tacttatttt gccttcaaca tgcttaagaa tcagctccac cacgaagcaa      8520
     gcccactccc atgatgtagc tatgatcgct cctatgaaca aataggaccg ccagcctgag      8580
     tctcagaggg tatttgggaa tgggcttttt ctagagcttt ctagaaaggt ccacaagaca      8640
     cagtgtgata tggtcggagg ctggcaggtc cttgctccca gcctctcttg agactgaagg      8700
     gtcaggacca ggaccatcag aaactactcc atttctgtct aggaaggaaa gaggatttga      8760
     tgcaagttat tgtatgggcc cagctgtctc agatggaggc tgcagtctct ggacataact      8820
     ggagactcca aaggagttga gtggagggac aggtcccatt caggggactg tctggtctat      8880
     tccaagatgt ccttctcact aggacatcca ggctcacagc ctgactttca ccctatggga      8940
     tctgatgatg tcagagattt ctaccccagt caaggagaac ctggcaaagc cacgggaaaa      9000
     gaacaccgca gggaatgtgc tagccaagac cacagactgt gccagcacca gtcccgggac      9060
     tgcttttggc taggctgcag tttaaacaat gctcctgaca gaactcttca tcagacagtc      9120
     agatgaggaa tacatttgct ccttccaaca tgccttgctg ggagctgggg atgtggctcc      9180
     gctggtagag ggcttgcagg gcatgcacaa agtcctgggt tctatcccag cactgtaaac      9240
     tgaacactgt ggcaggtgcc tatcgtccta gcactcagga ggcggagaca ggaggatcag      9300
     aagtacaaag ccatcctcag ctgtagagca agtccaagtt caaggctagc gtgggcttca      9360
     tgacaacctg tgtcttaggg ttaccgctga tgtaatgaaa caccacgacc aaaggctttt      9420
     aatatggctt acacttccac atcactgttc atcaccgagg gaagcctgga cagacactta      9480
     aaacaggaca ggaatctgga ggcagacaac tgatgccaac gccttggagg ggcgctgcta      9540
     actggcttgt atgacctatt taatccccag ccttcagttg ctattgaggc tgcgcttcac      9600
     caatggcctc tcttggcctc tcacagtgcc aagcctcagc tgctctcccc ggcccctcca      9660
     tgccttcaaa acccgtacca cccgggtgac tctcccacga ccatgtttgg ctgccagtac      9720
     aaggtataac cttggttgac tctgaaccac agcttctcta tgctctcagg aaacggttcc      9780
     cagaagattt catctcaagg atgctggcct cttcttaatc atgctcactt cttagctcca      9840
     gctgaccagc atcttttgtc ccaggaacac aaaggtttca cttcagtgct gccagtttct      9900
     ccttaaccac agctgaccct tcagccccag ttaggcagga gagctgaatc ttcattgaaa      9960
     acaccaaaca gccccgatag agcctttaaa ctttcctctg aaattccaca agccaggcct     10020
     ccatcggcgg cagtgctctc aacattctca acttccatgg ttccacaggg ctctcagtga     10080
     agaccttcca cagtcctccc caaagcacgg tcaggtctgt caaggcaaca ccccactatc     10140
     ctggtaccaa ctaatcttag tcagggttac tactgctatg atgaaatatc agggccaaag     10200
     tgacttaaag aggaaagggt tgcagaggca ggtggatttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg     10260
     tctacagagt gagttccagg acagccacag agaaaccctg tctggaaaaa ccaaaagaaa     10320
     aaaacaaaag aggaaaggat tggtttggct tacacttcta catcactgtt cgtcttctta     10380
     ggaagtcagg acagacactc acacagggca ggagttgatg cagagacctc ggaggaatgc     10440
     tgctgactgg ctggctgggc ctgctttctt accgctcaag ataggccaca cccacaaggg     10500
     gcggggcact cccacaccaa tcactaattg agacaatgct ccgcaggctt gcctagaatc     10560
     agattttata aaggcatttt ctctattgag gctccctctt ctctgatggc actagcttgt     10620
     gtcaagttga cataaaacta accagaacac cttgtttcaa aaaaaccaaa aacaaaaaac     10680
     aaaaaaaccc aaaaagccac aaacaaacaa aaagctggct aggaactgga gtggatgaac     10740
     gtgtttgtta ccaaccctgg agatctgagt ccaacccccc aaactctcat ggtggagaga     10800
     accgactccc caaagctgtc ctctgaactt cacgtttgta tcaccatcac catcatcatc     10860
     accgtcatct ctcacactcg tgtataaact cacacacatg tacaaacaaa cataccaaaa     10920
     ccttttcgaa tgggtacgaa agggtgactg atctaattta cgcctttacc gtacaagatg     10980
     ctgccacgcg ccagtcccgc gcttttgcat tgtcctcttt gatccccaca gcagcccagg     11040
     acaatcagct tcatcattaa gtctcatcat taaaaaggac actcggtcac tttaaggaac     11100
     cacagtcaac aagcagccaa ctttccccag ctcctccagc ctgctacctt gctttgctgt     11160
     ctctgtgagt ttctttgcct aagaaaattc caccttccta aaatcccaag tacgagctta     11220
     accccaggaa cttagggtct ccctcctttt cactcggagt acccactccc cccccccaaa     11280
     aaaaacaaaa aaacaaaaaa aacctaaatc tgacatttga gtagagccgt cctcattcct     11340
     caagttcccg atagcatggc ctccggcctt cttcccctct ctggtttctg atctctctct     11400
     ctatttttaa ctgttgtcat gtgtgtggta gaggaagcta cctcaggttc cctttgaact     11460
     gtaaataaaa cgaactgctc atggcgggtc atctgaagca acccaaaaag gacttgccat     11520
     agcaaagcca ccctcggagc tcacgtgggt ccttctctct ggaggtggat accaccggaa     11580
     gcactctggc cccatttgat gggagaggaa agaagtccta gcccggaagg gtgggggctg     11640
     ccccgtggag agcctgctgg caaaggcctg caacccttgg ttcccaagag ccttctccag     11700
     cagaacttcc cctctgcaga cagccaactt ccgtagcatc tcttgggtgc agcaaacagc     11760
     aagtatcttt gttctgctca acggccggcg gcttcgccac gacacccaca catgcccaca     11820
     ggcagggtta cctcagggca gctactatga gctgagcaca gaggtagcgc aagagtgaga     11880
     agtcccacat cccatcccgt tcttccaggc aggacagaaa ctacccagtg tccctaccct     11940
     gtgagcaagg aaagcatggg caagcatagc tgcattttgg tccagaacaa gaacctcctg     12000
     tagagccaac tgcagttgtg gcgctgtgca acttcaggca agtgacttaa cctctctgtg     12060
     ctttggtctt cctttctgtt atttggcaat gctaatgata cggttttact tttagaatac     12120
     tccataggat tttttttttc ttttttttct tttttttttt tttttttggt tttttgagac     12180
     aggatttctc tgtgtagctc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ttgtagacca ggctggcctc     12240
     aaactcagaa atttaccttc ctctgcctcc tgagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgcgccacc     12300
     accacccggc aggattaaat taatatgtat agaatactta cactgtaggc tggggagatg     12360
     gctcagtgat gcacgaggat ctgagttcaa atcccaagaa cccacataaa aatcagacac     12420
     cgaagcgcac atctgtaacc tccgtgttca cgagatgaga tgggaggtag atacgggaga     12480
     actccaagtg ctcatgggtc agctagcctg ggcgacaccg cagtgaacaa gagactgtct     12540
     ctaaacaaga tgaaagacac tgacagacat ctgcagttgt cctctgacct cctcatgtgt     12600
     gacatggcat gtgtgtgccc ccaacagaca caaatattta agaacaccct tctgtgaggc     12660
     agagtgaacc cccaggatat gattaatttt gagtgattat tattacctta gctattctag     12720
     aacaatcttc ggacattgca gggttggaca gctctgctct ccattggttc tttttctcca     12780
     cacatcatct gttcggtagg ttttaagcaa aatagcaaca aagcctggtt gtctaggcct     12840
     accatagtag ctccttaaga ggctgaggca ggaggattac aagctcgaga cctgtttggg     12900
     ctacagagtg agctcaaggg cagcttgggc aatttaggca gagtgacatt gtctaaaaat     12960
     atgaaataaa aaagggtggg ggtgaggaca gagctgatga tcgacccctt gcctagcaca     13020
     ctcggcccca cccccaccac agttctcact atggtaaaaa caaaatgaaa atgaaaagat     13080
     ctacacacac tctgaaatcc caggccaccc ggagtggcca ccatttgcca ctctgtggcc     13140
     atggaaaagt tcttcagcct tagtttcccc atctacccct tgaagaccaa agctgtgcta     13200
     gggttgggca agcactggct aactcctccc tgcccttggc cctgaggcca ggcaccagca     13260
     gttagttttg aaaaaccttg ttacagtttc cttcgtccag gaattggggc acacacacgt     13320
     ggggtggggt gagagactaa tgcagagttc cagaatcaga gccaggccgc tgcacacccc     13380
     agggctgacc ccggatgttt aatgctgatg cctttggcca ctctgtagct gtgctgggct     13440
     gcatgctaag agaaaaaaag aaaccatgaa gaccaaaacg ataaagtgtc tagctgtgta     13500
     ggctgaggag tccagagggc cctttggggt cactctgaag taaggacttt aaaaaaacaa     13560
     aatagtaaca acaagaaagg tgttactttt tctttgtttg tttgtttgtt ttcctacaca     13620
     gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggcc gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg     13680
     gcctcaaact cagaaattaa ccttcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatca aaggtgtgcg     13740
     ccaccacact tagctctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc     13800
     tttctttctt tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tttctttctt aattcttact     13860
     ttgtagttca gactggcttt gagctcacag agatttgcct gcatctgccc tacaagagct     13920
     aaacttaaaa cgtgccacta tgcctggctt gctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     13980
     tctttctctc tctcttgttg ttgtcggatg ctctgtttaa gacagggtct cgccgggcgt     14040
     gagagagact gtgtctggac atagctagag catagggaga gctcaaatcc cacctttaca     14100
     gtgagacact tcctccaacg aggccacaac tcctaagagt gccccttcct atgaactatg     14160
     aacaagcatt caagtattcg agtctgtggg ggccattcct atttaaacca gcacagctcc     14220
     caggtgaccc aagggctata tcaacttagg caggagagct cagggatact gaaagtgaac     14280
     agagcagagt tgggactgtg acatcggcat gccagtgcag aaggagtgtc cccaagaaag     14340
     aatctggcca tgcccacaca cagtgcttac actctcatcc ctgtacaggg tgtgtcaccg     14400
     tgtcagataa ggaagccaac aaatgaacgt ccagtggcaa cccaattcga tcagagccca     14460
     gattgcttca gccatggctc ttgcaaggcc ctggaaggag cacggtcaga ggattcactg     14520
     acctggggga ggagcacggt cagaggattc actgacctgg gggaggagca cggtcagagg     14580
     attcactgac ctgggggagg agggcttagc ctttcttcct ccctgactcc ttttcttcct     14640
     tctttccttt tttttttctt aaaagaaaaa agtttatatg tttgtttgtt tattgtgaca     14700
     gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgagacgagg ctggcctccc     14760
     aactgctgag attaaaggtg tgcatcaagg ctcctggcca agatttctat ttctgttttc     14820
     ctttatttat tttccttcct ttcttatctc tatctgtttt ttcttttttt ctctctctaa     14880
     tttttattat tcttttgcat gttctttgta ttttgcctct actgtagttt ctataaggaa     14940
     gtcactaggt ccttccccca cccctgccac aagcatgcag gcacacacgc gcacacacac     15000
     atacacacgc acgcacgcac tcacacagtt aggctctctg aggccaacgc atatcacagg     15060
     aattattcag atttcttttg tacaagaaac ttctctagcc aggcatgaca gcacgcacct     15120
     tcaatccccg cactagggag gcagaggcaa gtggatctct gagtgaattc caggccagag     15180
     ctacatggtg agaccctggt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttccg     15240
     agacagggtt tggcctcgaa ctcaaaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcccga gtgctgggat     15300
     taaaggggta tgccaccact gcccagcagc agtggaattt ttaaactggg tttaaggggc     15360
     catcccagca gaaccatggg agacagtggt gctgagggtg attagaactg tagggcctgg     15420
     ctcaagaggt ttccgaggcg aggaatgata gcgtgtggcc tagagcttcc gcccttgtct     15480
     gaactcttag gaagatcatt ttgatgaaat gttcttcaaa ttagccatgg tgcctctcgc     15540
     ctttatctca gcactcggga ggcagaggca gaggcaggca tgtctctgtg agttcaaggc     15600
     cagcctggtt tacaaaaagc gagttccagg acaggcggga ctgttacaca ggcaaaccct     15660
     gtctcagaaa agagagaggc agagacagag acagagacag agactgagaa caagacagag     15720
     agtagagaga aagaaagaaa atggtggttc agggattaaa gggacaacag gaagtggaag     15780
     agagctaaat cctttgttca aggagataaa cagattaaag atattaaatg gggggctgga     15840
     gagatggctc agcagttaag agcattgtct gctcttccaa agggtctgaa ttcgattccc     15900
     agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccatctg tagtgggatc caatgtcctc ttcaggtgtc     15960
     tgaagagagc aacagtgtat tcacagacat aaaataaata aatatttttt aaaaatagat     16020
     cttaaatgga attaaggaga tgatgacctc agggaagact ccatgcaact aagcttccat     16080
     cctgtgaaaa ggaattaaag aacatgttag gcacagtggt acacggcttt agtcccagca     16140
     ctccgaagac agaggcaggc agatctctga gtttaaggct agcctggtct acagaggaac     16200
     cgacaagctc aggcagtgaa ggaaactatc cgaagcagaa agctggtgat gatgtcattg     16260
     aacaaggggg ccatggtcca gccccagcaa gctgcagaac gcggcagttt tggccatgtg     16320
     gttctggcct tagagtcaat gatagaaaaa ggagaatgtg gaatctctga gactaaggaa     16380
     agccgcagag gccaggcttg tgtggcaggg ctgtctctgc atggaggtca ttgcatgaag     16440
     ctgtgaaggt ggagcctgga ttgccttgag gacccccaag aggttagaga tgctggagtt     16500
     gtgggctcct gtcaaggaga gctgctgaca gggagtggaa ctggcccaag agaaagacgt     16560
     atattgcaga cgacaaagct gaaaggagtg tgagacatga cgtcagggca cggagatgaa     16620
     aagcttggcg tttgcccagt tgggcttggt cttctttggt ccagggtttt ccccactgtg     16680
     gtcccgtccc tgcgttttgg aatggcaatg tctaccccgg ggccgttata gtttggaagc     16740
     acaggatctg ttctgtgatt ttgattttat agggggtgac agttaagaga ctgccatgaa     16800
     tctcagaaga gaattttaaa cattgttgaa actgtggtag actatgggga cttggaagtt     16860
     ggactaaaca cattttgcat tttgctatgg ctacaagcct atggaggctg gggagtggga     16920
     tgtgatggtt gacagaggac tggcccctgt agactcatgt gtttggatac ttgcccacag     16980
     ggagtagcgt tattaggagg taggatatgt tgaaggatat gtgtcactgt gggctcgggc     17040
     tttgtcttct atgctgtagc cacatctaga cacagtctcc ttctcctgcc ttcagatcaa     17100
     gatgtagaac tctcagctcc ttctccagca ccatgttggc ctgcaggctg ccatgcttcc     17160
     tgacataatg gactaataat ggaccaaacc tctgattagg ttaaattaaa tgtttttctt     17220
     tataagagtt gccatggtca tactgtctct tcacagcaat aaagcccaaa ctgagacggg     17280
     agtccatctg taatttccca gggaatgcta tgagaaccaa agaaaatagg aaattagctg     17340
     acttgaggcc aggcaagggg aagtagggaa ttctctgttc ttggcttgga ggctggccac     17400
     ccgtattaca tggtaccaga ccggctctgc taggatcatt ggcctcctgt gacttccagg     17460
     ttgggacaac cattaagaaa cttagtaaca agataggcag gcttgtactt atgtctacca     17520
     gccttcctag gtgctgtaag actaggttca ggattattct gtctgttcaa gaaaaagaaa     17580
     gagagctggg gtgtaggtct tatacagtgc ttgtggagta agcccaagac cccagcacct     17640
     gcttctacct ccctgatgtg gggattaaag gagtccacca ccactggcca gtttatattt     17700
     aactttgtaa aggtatattc ttttttcccc gcctagagtc aaagactact aaggctcaaa     17760
     tacatggcag aagacacacc ctatgtggaa ccctaaactg gcacactgct cccggcaagg     17820
     gaacagattt ctttaagaag agccatcatc gggctgatga ctctgaccac tggtccctgt     17880
     aaactatctc ctcctgttag acagcaagcc tggggccttc tggaaactgc tggaggggaa     17940
     gtcatcttcc aagaaatgaa agagaaagcc ttccacgccc atctggaaaa tggtttcccc     18000
     atcccaccct tgagctgaca actcttcctc tactgcttgg aagcccacac cctggggcct     18060
     gcccacttta aggctaaaga ttcaagtgga caggatttca aggcattggc ctagacaaga     18120
     ggtatgactc caaataaaca ttgcagagat ggggctggag agacaatgct gaccttagga     18180
     gctggttctg tttgtttttg cagaggactc aagtttgctt ctcccattga gcagtccaca     18240
     gctgcttgta acttcagctc caggggatct gatgttctcc tatggccttt gcagggattg     18300
     ctacatagac acatatatac acgtaatttt tcatcttagt atatgtattt attttattct     18360
     tctggctatg agtgttttgc ctgcttgcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     18420
     acacacacac acaccacatg tgtgcctgat aaacatggag gtcagaagac cgcaactaga     18480
     gttacaggtg gttgtgagtc accatgtaga tgctgggaac caaacctggg tcctttgcaa     18540
     gagcagtcag tgctcttagc cactgaattt ctccagcccc tatacacatt ttattttatt     18600
     ttagacaggg tttctccgtg tagctcctgg accttgctct gaaatccaga ctggcctcaa     18660
     actcagagag agatccacct gcctctgtct cctgttttgt tttgttttgt ttttttcgag     18720
     acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtt ctggaactca cttcgtagac caggctgccc     18780
     tggaactcag aaattcgcct gcctctgcct cccaagtgct gggatcaaag gcgtgtgcca     18840
     acactgcctg gcagtggtgt tcatctttaa tcccagcact caggaggtag aggcaggcgg     18900
     atctctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagg aagggataca     18960
     cagagaaacc ctgcctcaaa aaacaaaaac aggggctggt gagatggctc agtgggtaag     19020
     ggcacccaac tgctcttccg aaggtccgaa gttcaaattc cagcaaccac atggtggctc     19080
     acaaccaccc ataatgagat ctgatgccct cttctggtgt atctgaagac aactacagtg     19140
     tacttacata taataaataa ataaatcttt aaaaaacaaa caaaacaaaa caacaaaaaa     19200
     ccaaaaacaa caacaaccac aacaaaaaga ataccaccat gttctaccag agccctgtac     19260
     acataactaa gcaaagtata aatttcaggt aatccactag ggctttatga tggatggaga     19320
     tctgagaagc aaactgtgtc atcccatcct tagggacatg gctctgccaa agtcccggca     19380
     ccaggcaggg aatggccatg gccatcacag ctctacaaga aaaagcctgg ccaagaaatt     19440
     ctcaggcagg gctagaagag agtcccacaa tggctaactt ccctgtgggc ggagcctggg     19500
     gcagccttgc ttccttacac gggtaagccc agacaagcta acatcagagc acagctttcc     19560
     acatcgcttc tgtgcctctg ctctacagag tctggtgtgg ttaactgact gatcgttcat     19620
     acactgagga gtcctaggga gccacctaga ggagggacag caaaacagga gaggggcaga     19680
     aggtagggct gaggacagaa ccattaaaga gggcaacagg aatgaggatg tcttagaaaa     19740
     gcagaggagg ggctggacag gtaggtggct cagcagttaa gagcactgac tgatcttcca     19800
     gaggacgtga gttcaatcaa aaaataaaaa ataaataaaa aataaaggaa atctaaagag     19860
     attgaacaag cgtgcatgtg cttgcttgtg tgctgtgtgt gtgtgtttct gtgtatatgt     19920
     gtgcatgtgc ttgcttgtgt gctgtgtttg tgtgtgtgta tgtgcttgtc tctcttatgt     19980
     ttgtgtttct ctgtgttgtg tgtgctgtgt gtttctgtat gtggctctgt attgtatatg     20040
     gtgtatgtgt ctgtttttca tgttgtgcat tttatacatt ttatatatgt gtatatatgt     20100
     gtatttgtgt atgtctgttg gtatattaag tgtgtgtgtt atgtttgtgt atatatgtgt     20160
     cttgtcttgt attggtgtgc acgttgtata tgtgtgtgta ttgtggatga tatgtgtgtg     20220
     tctgtttgtg tgttgtatgt atgtgtgtgt taagcaagac caaaacagga tgaactcaca     20280
     tggacacagt tagcttctag cctgttagtc tggcctgttt ttggcaactc ttcccctttg     20340
     taatcaagaa ggtgggcaac cagcagacaa acttgactca tggccataac ttactggacc     20400
     agaatggagg ctcggattcc agcgaggcca atcaagtcct tcccagaaaa gtagacttgg     20460
     gacctgttga agagacccag gataggtcag ctaggtgggt gtcgcaagtg gggacaggtg     20520
     agggtgcctc agtctctggc tctcaccaga gctgccagta cctgtaatgc tgtcacatgc     20580
     atatttgacc tttgtccagt cgcctgcact cagctcctaa cgtcctggaa aattctgcag     20640
     tggtgtcttt ctgtggccag ggctgaccag gcctgagggc tgctggacag tctgaggatg     20700
     gggctggctg ctaagggaaa ctaactagct gtgtggagag ggtgggaact ttcagccctg     20760
     ccctccctcc agcttactga gaggggaaga aggtctagat gtcaccagcc gctcccacat     20820
     aaatcctcaa gagaacaggg ggatctttgt cgtttgtttt gagaaaaaaa tctcatggat     20880
     cctagactgg ccccaaactc actacagagc tgaggcggac actgatcctc ctgcccaggc     20940
     ctctgaagtg ctaggattac aggcccctgg ctttctggga tgctggggct tcctgggtgc     21000
     taggcaacac tgtacctcaa gagggcagtg ttctgagcgc tttctggtca gtgcagccag     21060
     ggtgccccgt gccctccctg acctgggcca ttcattcctc tctccactgt ctctgtcacg     21120
     tctagtcctt tattacaagt cagaaagagc cagggaacag ttcccagagt tctcagaggg     21180
     gctccagcaa gttagcggag cctgacaggg gggtcgtggg aactgggctt tatcaacagt     21240
     catccaaaaa cagggaaaac aactttgggg acaaggttac ctactacaaa gtcccctttt     21300
     ccgtcccagt taaagggctg gtttctgact gtggtctggg aagcagactg tggatggtgt     21360
     atcgagtgag gccgcagttg agaataaggt agaaatgagg caggctcaca cagtcagtcc     21420
     ctcaggaact ctcaccccat ctgcccttac tgctcttgat gctgccctga cagggaacct     21480
     gcaggtccag atcttcccag gatcaatgtg tggtttgcag taccccgact ctgcatctgg     21540
     ctactcggaa gaattagacc cccccccccc cggcatagat gttacccagc tggccccttg     21600
     ccccagaggg actccacttt gtccttggtt gtatccttgc tttgcagcac tctgtcctct     21660
     gagcagctct gtgtcggact cagctgccct ctaggaacat ggcctctaca cccatcaggg     21720
     tgcggtcctt agtcacttgc tctctgcctg ccgatagtac tggaagtgag tgtgtaggaa     21780
     tgccatggaa tggatgagtg aatgagtgga tggatggatg aatgaatgat gtaattttga     21840
     ataggccggt tggggacagt agctaacgaa tatgaagatt aaaggccacc tctagccatt     21900
     gcagggataa ttctgtcctt caagctggaa tttacactcg gtgatgatgg ggcctgatac     21960
     ccctgaaagc taggaggctg aatttgcttc tgtgtgcatg gagtgcgtgt atgtgtgcct     22020
     gcatgtgtgt gtgtgtgcat gtgtgcgtgt gtatatgtga gggcatgtgt gtgtgtacat     22080
     gtgtatgtgt gtatgtgtgt gtgtgcatgt agagatgtca gtgtcagaca tcattctctc     22140
     tctctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctcct tccctccctc tctctctctc     22200
     tctctgtctc tccttacctt agctttacct cagggagaga tgagaactct ccctaaacat     22260
     gggattctcc aattcagtca agcgggccag acaaccacgg agcctcgagg atctgtctgt     22320
     ctctgcctcc ttcctactgg cattactgag gcctgtggaa cccggcattt tatgtgggtt     22380
     tggaattcat gtatctctga aagcacttta ccaaacgagc catctcccgc cacccggcct     22440
     tctcaatgct tttcacggtg ctccctcact cagcctgttg tcaccagaga agggtctgca     22500
     acagtgcatc cctagctctg ttctcaaatc aaggagacat agctttagag agaggccgtg     22560
     gagggaagcc cagtagcctc tctagccagc tttgtgatgg tctggcttct ctgagcccta     22620
     ggcttcgtcc ctagtggcct tcaccttcac tttccaccct tgattaaaga actgggggca     22680
     aaacccgttg aggggagaga aacgggaaga ggaggccaca gcaggggtcc aggagttccc     22740
     aggtgactgt gtctccacct cccttaccac agccccatag gagagagagc tgggggtcag     22800
     ccggagtctg accgtgggtg tgcagtgggg ttaggcaaag ccctgtggtg agggccttta     22860
     tttggggacc acatatcacg caagcacctt agtcttacta cgtcttcttt cagccacacg     22920
     cagccgccca gtatgcagaa cagaccagag acgctcatga ctggccaggg gttggccagc     22980
     tttttccaca gcggggtcag ggctccctac tcttttctca gactttggtg tctatttgtg     23040
     gtgtgttttt gttcgaggta tgtgtgtaca gtatgcagtg ggggcagggc aggggtgcgg     23100
     cttctggatc catctctgca cttggagagc aggcagctcc gggcctgagc tggagcctct     23160
     gtctggcccc tgagctctgc ggtagatgtc tcagcagggc ggggagacca aagagctggg     23220
     aactctagtg acctgaggat tccccttcct tcctacaccc tgagctcagg cagccgtctc     23280
     atcactatat gcttggatgg catgtataat ttggctgaga cctcagcggg gaaagggact     23340
     ctgatggcct gacttgagct gacaagggta catacagctc cctactctgg aagagcagcc     23400
     ggtgctctga gccatctctt cagccccagg catgggcttt tcaaggggag tcagagccga     23460
     caggggcatt gaggtagccc tcccacctgt ttaggcagct ctgctctgtg cctttgggtt     23520
     ctgagcttag tggccagatc tacagggcta tttattgtga ggccttggga atcaagtgtt     23580
     tgtctcttgc tgacctctgg tcctggttaa ctgtcaactt gatgtagcct agaattgatc     23640
     tggaatcaca atttcaactg aggaaatggc tagatcaggt tgacctgacc cgtgagcagg     23700
     tctgtggttt gtcttaactt atgtaacccc agcccactgt gggcaacaca attccctagg     23760
     ctgggggttc ctgaactgta taaagctgag catgagcctt cctgtcagtc agctcgcacc     23820
     attcccatac ttccttggtc agaggtaatg gctatgcggg ctaacgtgca gttctgtctt     23880
     caagctcagg tcttgatgcc cctcaagacc tgaaatgata gcttttctgc cctctgctgc     23940
     tttgtcgggg tgttttatca cagcaacaga aagaacatag gccatctctc cagcatgcgg     24000
     caggggaggc ggaggtgata ccattgtcag gttgtccgtc tattgggttt cctgttggcc     24060
     accaggcccc cagggtgtag aatcagacaa tacatccatc agctcactcc ttcaagattc     24120
     aggctccaca gatcctctgg accccatcac acagctcttc ccccatcgaa tgggtaattt     24180
     ttcccccaga gggctagccc agcaaacaaa gaaaacacag cctgatacaa gtcaaaggtt     24240
     ggtacggttt ttattttttt gcttttgtaa agaaaaataa catcgtgttt atatatgaat     24300
     caaaacataa aaggccctcc tgggtgcgca gggtgccagg ctgccctgct gggaggagcc     24360
     attgcttctc tttaggtgtt tcctcagggc tggagacaag gatgctgagg gacaatttgg     24420
     tttctttagg caggaaataa aatttagaaa cttgatgcat ccattgtaca aatgtagacc     24480
     aaagaggtgt cacctccaag ctgaaccctt tgtggcagct ggactcatgg agtcctgacc     24540
     tctgactggt acgaggcaat ccaggatagc attgagagct cccgggacag gagtggagag     24600
     gtaaggtcag ggctgcttcc ctacagttaa aaaaaaaaaa aagtactaaa agcacccaga     24660
     gcttgagaga ccacctccca gcagggaggg ctgaaggcat ctgcttcaaa gcacgtgcct     24720
     cacctggcaa cagatgtgta gaaaaataaa gttaaatttt atccctgaat gacagtgaag     24780
     acccttccct tccccatgcc cctcccccac aagaatcccc aggggtataa tacaaataca     24840
     catacacaca cacacacaca cacacacact cacacacaca ctcatacaca cacaggctca     24900
     cacgcacaca gggccaaggc ctgaccccta caggcacatg tagcccccac actatcgaaa     24960
     cagccagtgt taggccaacg ctcctcctcc tccctcatgg gacaggatgt gctccagcgt     25020
     gctccagcaa gcctgcagtg ccctcagcag gcagtggctg gacacgtagg caccaatgcc     25080
     gatggcctgg agccacaggt caagggggac acagattggg acaggatgga ggagaggaga     25140
     gcagggctca ggagtaagta agggagggtc cagtctcatc tgaactgtgc agctcacgag     25200
     caactggtgg gtcaggcagg gaccctggat gagagagaga gggagacaag gggagctctg     25260
     gtgttctcag ggtaacagag ctacttgctg ggaaagtcac aaacaggtgt gtgaggcagg     25320
     agatcatggg tttattgttc agtcccaggc tccctgctgc ccagccctgc ctggagccaa     25380
     cagttggggc gagatgggcg gctgctgcct gatgcaggga gccgggccct ctggagggaa     25440
     caggtgtgag gatgaagtga tccaggctcc atgtgcatct ctcaggggct ttcttcatct     25500
     tggttcttgg tggggctctg cagcagacct ctggtgtctc ggaggcagca gacgggcaca     25560
     ggcagcctgg ttggtccctg ccacagctac agtagcagta gtgtccctgg ggccaggcaa     25620
     gcctgtcaga gatccctggt tttgggttca gagtgtcagc accaaacaca gttgatgttt     25680
     gcagtctgtt gggtggacag caggtatcct gaggtcaggg acttgaccca ggaggtcaag     25740
     gcagagacag agcccctcgg ggagggatct cagcgccagt gtcggaagca gcatgcacct     25800
     ggcactgccc tcgggaaggg cactcggagg tcagcgcagg ctctggtaca ggtaggccga     25860
     ggtgaagaga gcattgactg ccaaactcac agccaggagg ccccggacca gggagggact     25920
     gacacgagct gaaagcagga cacaagtcag aggcagcatg gctggcatcc taatcctcag     25980
     gcagggccta cccccagggc aaactgcctg ctccagctgg ccaggccaca cccagtatcc     26040
     ctccaggaac gttctctctg catggaggag ctggggtccg cttctctgaa ggcctctttt     26100
     cagaaccaat gtgactacat gggcctaggt caggcggcct gtgtctgcct gcacccagca     26160
     acaacagggt taccaagata tcaatgttac aaaggaagaa atgggagttg gtgggaagct     26220
     accctgctca agtgtcagag attaaagggt gcatagaaac caggatgatg gtcagtcatc     26280
     cttccttcat cctagcagag gccaaaggat gctcagttta gggaggctga ggccagcctg     26340
     ggctataagg agaccttgct taaaccaaca tgagcaaggg tggaacgagg cccaggtctt     26400
     ctcatcaaag ccacaagaca cagtctagac ctgacccagg cagcactgag acccccagtc     26460
     aggaaacctc accggctgac ctgtccctcc atccagtgtc ctgccttcct tctcacccag     26520
     gggatgtcac tgggattgac tgatggtctc atatgctgcc tgtcagtagt ccagcaagaa     26580
     aggagccaga gtctacccag gggctggtag cactcttgcc caaccatgaa gcatttggaa     26640
     ggcccaggcc cataccccag caggctcaga ctctccctag tggggccaac ctaggcatcc     26700
     ccagtgtctg ctctaagcac aggagccctg ggctacccat ggctaccgaa catctgacgt     26760
     ggggctgggg cagctgggga gatgaaccag aagaaccacc acagggagta gctttatcat     26820
     tgtccccaga agggggcttg ggactggctc tcccaccctg ggtcacagac ctttccaggg     26880
     agtggtctcc tctgagcacc ctttggtggt ggtgtctacg acgcaggtgg aggactgaga     26940
     cgactcgtcc tctttcttga tggagtggct actgcgggcg ctgtctctgg ccagcatcga     27000
     cctcatctct gtggacagaa gagtgagcat cctgctgtgc tgcagctcga ccccacgggc     27060
     ttccctgcag ctctgctcca ggccctggac aaggtcacac tgctcacctc tcggagcggc     27120
     acagggtcag ggcagcaaat gagcactgag cggtaccagc atgtcctctg ggcagcgagc     27180
     atcactgagc ccgtgtggcc aaatctacgc acacttacag cccagagcag agagccacac     27240
     accccatgtg aaagtctgag ttttaacaga gtccaactaa cttttaaaaa cgcttgtcag     27300
     tgtagaaggg tgcgggcaaa acgagagcat ccatgatgta caggctgaca atgccccaca     27360
     ggtttccagg ctctgaaagg atacagctat ccaccagtct agtgctgagg agtacgttcc     27420
     taccacagta ccaaatgacc tccaagatgg gccaagagct cccatggcag tacctactgc     27480
     gtgcttcagc cccacacata cccatggtgt gctttgtgtc ccgagtgtga ttcctctgtg     27540
     gcagctgggg agactcaatg aagaggctgc cgttgggtgg cgagaactcc tctgagctgc     27600
     tgggggtatt tggtgcttcc ccaggggatg agaacagcag cagtttctgt cctttcaggt     27660
     tgagccgtgc agggctgatg aggggcctgc ggtggcgcaa ggagccagag ctggaggcca     27720
     cggagctggc cacggaaggt gctggggaag ggaggggaga agcagggaag ctgctggaca     27780
     gcagagaaaa gtaatctgca gagagaggac agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     27840
     tggtgacagc agcaggcaca ctggcacctg caccaacact gacattcgcc acccaccact     27900
     gggacctggt gcattccctc agctcacgaa ggaagggtag gtgtaggctg gggagagcag     27960
     aaagccaagc aggaacctga gggaggaagg gccgggcccc accgggaact gagcaggggg     28020
     tgagggtggg gctagcccct tacacctccc tgggctgaga gctgggtttt ggcagctgca     28080
     gactcatatc tggtctgagg tcagctggcc tgatgagcta gggctgcagc ctgcgcctgg     28140
     ctctatccac ggacacagca tgacagtgtc caacccgcaa tggtcctcct acctcacatc     28200
     agaggaagcc taggtacatt ttatttgtct cttgccatgg gctggggttt gaacacaggc     28260
     ccactgcccc taaactcaca gttagcatta tacagatgcc tgtggcctca gggttgcctg     28320
     gaaacagttt tccagtcccc tctgccagct ctgtctcctt acctgaaaga gaaacctccc     28380
     ctgctggaga cacccgagac ggtggccggc tcccgctgaa caggtatcct gagtctgcgc     28440
     agaaagagaa atgcaacata cagacctaag ggtgacgagc cagcaccctc tgtccccaca     28500
     tccctgccac agttaacttc aatgctttca taaaaataag tactgtcacc caggacacaa     28560
     gggacattcc cactctgcca atgaagacac ggaagcctcc agtgggtcac aggaagtcag     28620
     cagtggtgtc tcggtctttg cctcattgcc ttctttccac acaatgtgcc attttaattt     28680
     taggcctatg agtgtttagc ttgcaggcag gtacgcatgt gcactgagta cagtacccca     28740
     agaggccaga agagggtgcc agtctgtctg gaactggagt caatcagtta tgaacggaat     28800
     ctatgaactc tgctgctacc gcacgcttca acagagagat ctgctgtccc taactgtcac     28860
     tgggactgct accttcctct cccaaagagc ttgagacaga acctgttaac ccagctgctc     28920
     ccagtcattg tgccctgggc ctggggagga gtcagctgcc agcctggggc tgcagaagac     28980
     acagggtcta ggctgtctct aagacaagca gacacttctg ccactgcgag tgcttggcca     29040
     actagtccta tgtgctctca gcacagtccc agacacaatg cctccttctg ttgctattgt     29100
     tatgtcagat gctgaggaga acccagggct gtgtccccta ggtaagtgct ctaacactga     29160
     gttgtacacc cagtctgaac tcaaggcctc tttctgtacc ctgatgagaa taaggcacat     29220
     ggtagcagca accagttgat tctttagctt cccgcataga gtaaatcctt acaaccccag     29280
     aaagtgtaca tgactctcct gtcagacagg gaagggaaca ccataggaca cagcgcgtca     29340
     cagttgacgt gagtcgggga gaagcgctgg cagctgggtg agtggtaggc agagcctgca     29400
     gctaggggac cagaccggga actgctcctg cacagagcaa gtcctgcctc tctccctgat     29460
     gttggagatg ctgaagctgc agtaacacga ggtgataaac tgaaggtcaa gggagctggg     29520
     gacagatcca gggtccttgg agcacaatat gcgctcttaa ccgctgagtc actgctctac     29580
     caattcttat tacctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctatg tatgtatcta     29640
     tctgtgtatg tatctgcata tgtatgtata taagtatgga tatatgtatc tgtgtatctg     29700
     tctacctgcc tacctgtaag actctgctat gtagccaaga ctggtcttga actcataggt     29760
     agcctgggat ggcattgaac tctggggttt accaggaaga tgaggggcaa gacagaggcc     29820
     ccagaaaggg ctgggcctta gtctcttcag gctctgagga gcaagcagcc atcaaataca     29880
     actgacccaa acaaaatctc tgttcttcag gcacacattt tccagtaaga caaacaggaa     29940
     atgagaggca ggcggatctg agttcgaggc tagcctgggt ctatacagta aattccagaa     30000
     cagcaaggag tgcacagaga aaccctgaag cgcccccccc ccccaacaaa ccctaccaag     30060
     ctcctgtgac tgtaatgacc aaggcagtga catcaatggc tgcagacgca caggtgataa     30120
     agagggacat ggaaggcatc tgtgacaacc ctcctccccc gcctcctcaa aagagtagca     30180
     ctctaaacag gaagccgtgg aagggaactc ttaagcagcg tgataggatg ctgaagtgcc     30240
     gctctccaca gctgatggct tccagcaggt gtgtgggagg gaagggctca gctctactta     30300
     acggcaggca ggccagtggc ttgaccgtgc tccagggtca acttgttttt ctctattctt     30360
     caaatataaa ttttttaatt taattttttt ttctgagtga ggtgacaaga cttgagggct     30420
     tgactgggca gtgagtgtga tgtgaaatcc ccaaagaatc agcaaaaata tgttggaaaa     30480
     agaaaaagca aaataagaaa ggtaggtagg tagaaaatgg taaccctcag agaacattca     30540
     tttactgaga ctcaacagat actggggtac aggtatgggg gtggtgtcac atgacccagg     30600
     ctggcatcaa actggctatg tagctgaaca ggaccttgaa cttctgaccc tcctatctct     30660
     cttccttcag catgctggac ttacaggtac ataccaccat gcctcattta tatagtatcg     30720
     gggatcgaac ccaggacctt gaaaatgcca ggcaagtact ctaccaattg agttacatct     30780
     ctagtcctct tctgagccct ttaagtatca tttccaaata acacaaccac ccacgaggag     30840
     cattctccta cagacccatg gtttgggtag gcaaacaaga gatttgtcac tgtggctgct     30900
     gagtgggttc acctggatct gagcctggcc ctgaccatct cctcagccag agttcaacta     30960
     cctttttggt agtgccccat cacaagattc ctccctcaca agatcccagg ccagctgtcc     31020
     ccagctcgat tccgtcatca atgctccaag gtcttaccag tccgggtcag aggaggtatg     31080
     gttcccagcg agagggcccg actgaggcgg cctggcagtg aggaggggga gacccgacgg     31140
     ggagatcgga acagctgctg cttggtgaga ggcaggaagc caggtggggt ggggatgaac     31200
     agggatgctg gcgaggatgt gacacttggg tagggcacag ccaggctggg gctggaagga     31260
     aaaaggctgg cagagtctcc ggagaagtac ctgcaagggc ccgtgggaca caaagagagg     31320
     agactgcatc aggaaggttc tggaggaagc ccctgcacaa tgggcccggc ccctcccagg     31380
     gtatgaggtg ggcctgagtc agggtcccac aggaggcgtg cgttagtcga agcaaagagg     31440
     caactgtcca ctgattagga gcaggtggct gggaaatgcc aacgtgactc accccacccc     31500
     acatgccccc tccagcccct caggctcact gcaatctacg tctaccggga gtctcggcat     31560
     taaagcgaca ctgttaccct ggccagcttc atgccaatcc acccttggcc ctgaagcaaa     31620
     cgttcctatc cccagaccag gcactccgct aggctcagca gacctggggt tcttctggcc     31680
     acctcccatt ctttgcctac aagttcccaa cagagcagct gggctcagag acactcggga     31740
     tgatctccaa ctggactgga gcttcagaag gtgctgtcat atctccatgg ggctgtgcta     31800
     atgataatga gcctgtctcc tgcagcacag ggggaggcag ccaggccttg ggtccccaga     31860
     agaggctctt acactttact tgccaaactc aaacttagag aagacccaaa accgccacca     31920
     agctgcccga aagacaggtg acagtgtctc tttaacttga gaacaggaca aatcacacaa     31980
     cagaacctga tggccacagg ccagaatgtc aaccatgctt ccgattaagg cacccaatta     32040
     cagaggggag agggacagag gcagttaata tattagtctg ccatctggaa ggagcttctg     32100
     ctatccagcc ttacctcggt cccaagggac aaacgagccc agcagacaat gtgccgacga     32160
     accgggctgg cagggccggg ccccgtggtg agcaggggta aggtactcat gctagcgtgg     32220
     ccgagtgctt ggggggctac tgctagccaa gctctgcccc acctctttcc ccacttttca     32280
     attttataag agaggtgtat gtagccagat ggtgaatgtc cagagaacca gatgaccttc     32340
     ccagtctctt gcaaaggacc gtgaagccac cagtacttcc agctcagtgt ctgggggaca     32400
     taggaaatca gggcccagca aaattgcaga ggggcattct tggatgtacc ctaactttgc     32460
     tcccagagct gtcttttggg ggctgttaga aaccctactc cttgatcaaa gactgaggag     32520
     gaataccatc cctgtcttaa gttgattttt tttgtggaat ggggttgacc tcagtggtag     32580
     tttatctgtc aggtgtgtgt gtctgggttt gatttctagc aaaatgcccc cccccccccc     32640
     ccgccccaaa gtgtgctgtt ttgccttttc gtttcaggat tacaactgag tctggctgga     32700
     tctcagtgaa tgttccaggg ggaacatgtc caggcacttt agggccagca gaggcgaggc     32760
     tggaacctgg taccacatgc ttgactgtgt atgagcctct gggaggacac tgggcactgc     32820
     tgagaattta ttggtgaagt tgcagcaggt gtcagtcagg tgtcagcagg tgcaaaggca     32880
     tggccaagcc cttccagcag gtggcagcat aggatgctac actaggtctc ctgtgtccat     32940
     tcctgacata cccaggagcc aagggtgatc ctggaaaggg cagcccccaa ggaccagcaa     33000
     gcaacggggg atgcagtgca tggaaggtcc tagccaggcg gggatcccgc tgtcctggcc     33060
     ccttaggccg gcacctaaag ctatgctggg cgttgctagt gtatccccac tctctccagc     33120
     cctgctcgct cttgggccac agccatggtt aaccctggga gtcctagcca ctaagcacag     33180
     gaactgctgc caggtttgaa gcctctctca ggctgcactg tgagagggct gtggaggtct     33240
     gtctccctct tgctgtgaca cagagtaccg tcagcagagg agtgaattcc aaaggtgggg     33300
     aagcttggca ggggctgggc tctgctctgc tctgctctgc cctgggcagt tcctgaggca     33360
     gtctcttctg taagggcgca atgcttcttc agtgagaggt ccccaaatat ctgcatgctc     33420
     aatccccacc cgcgagtctc cttcctgttc ctgtgaagaa ggccagcagg ccgacgcgca     33480
     ctaatccaac cccgagggag gctcaagcct tccccctcac cgcgccatcc agagtggagc     33540
     tgctcaggca gcagctcacc cacaggacag aggagcagct gggcccgtaa gcactcctcc     33600
     tcatcgccag atccccatcc tgctcccaac cccaaatgca gtaccccaaa ccaacccacc     33660
     tcccttgtgg aacagaagcc cttctgaaga acatgaaaga aaaaaagacg cggtacctgg     33720
     tgccaaccgg aatgagcagg acccaggagg catttattga aaacacagca ttcaaaacat     33780
     ggcagctatg gccagtggtg gttacagttg ttagggtcgc tggacaatca caatctacta     33840
     catgacacgg gcttgcactg ggcgcagaca gagggcacgg cgggcgggat ggacaggctg     33900
     cctggggatg gagggtggcc tgctccaggg caagggttac tggagtctgc tctgctcggg     33960
     ccagcgtggg ccccagacgc agacgtgagc agtctccctc cctcctttct cagggacacc     34020
     acctctatgt acctgggatg atcccactct gaacggggac ggcccagtgg ttgtcccagt     34080
     caatgagcca caacccaagg gtgcctgagt ttcctcagct tctgccagcg accccagaac     34140
     acgctttctc caactaacaa aacgttaaag gaccattaat gttaaaaagt agcaggaacg     34200
     ctttaaaagg ccagcaatcc cgacccatca tgctgtctac tcccaccaac aggcagggtg     34260
     acaggctcag cagggattct ggctgctcag agctggctct gtgtatcata aataatttaa     34320
     acacacacat gcacacacgc acgcacgcac acaccggctt ctatctaatg ccaaaaatgc     34380
     agaaattaac accatattgt cagcttcttt gagatccaca atacacagga gaggacgcgc     34440
     agacaacagc cccaccgcct gttacatctt ttttcccgta ggccagttcc ttggaggaaa     34500
     gagacaggaa ggcgttcctc gtcctctcag acagctgtac cccacaaggt cagcagcaac     34560
     tagcccacat caaccagggc ctcacctaca cgtcagagac cttccacacc ctcacccaga     34620
     gcaagctgag ccctgcgatg cctgaagcaa cgcctgctct cctgacactg gcaggccacc     34680
     acatggacgc tgagtaatcc cgggttgcta tctgataacg gagggtcaga ggatagaggc     34740
     ctcaaacagc tttaccacag tggggcctgc ttgcctctca agctccctat ggggttccaa     34800
     ggaggactga ccagccacct cacaaagacc ccagtggatg gtcaggtctg atgtgacact     34860
     cactcgtgtg aaatcttcct ctgccctccc tgggctccag tgcagagggt gaaagagccg     34920
     cacttagagg gatttaagtt agcagacaag cggcagtagc aacaccacca gtgtgagtca     34980
     accgggagcc accagagggc agcatgccag gtgggcggag catgggccta tggtccagat     35040
     ggatccttag acaatgaatg acttcttccc atggccatta ccttcactgc cagtgtgtca     35100
     cctctcgtgg tcctcaaatc cactgaggcc agcacctcag agccttataa gaggacccag     35160
     cacttcccac tccggatggc tgagacaaca gggatttgtc aaaaacccat cagttagcag     35220
     gggcctgagc tgagtcaaat tttgggggaa gctgtgcctg ggaggagggt gaggctgaga     35280
     ccacatgggg ccagcagctg cccccagaga aaccgagggc agaagccttg gcaccctcca     35340
     aaaattattt caaggaagcc accaatgcta gagaggtaca agggacaatg acccggtgtc     35400
     accaacagtc tgttgggtcc tgtttgtgcg gagcggctac tgatctagga tgatccatcc     35460
     tcctcctacc tggcagacca ttggaacttg ctgaccataa ggaactgcgg ggctttctac     35520
     tgcccacccg agaggagcct gcctcacaga cacagccagg gcaggctgga cccaaggacg     35580
     acccttgcta ctccagggaa ggaccctgag ggaccatgag tctcaggaaa gagggaccag     35640
     gaggttcggg ggatgagcgg gctgctctag tcctagctca ccatgctcag aggccatggc     35700
     ttgtaaactg gccggtgtca agcaaattac aagggtacag cagcagtcta caccctcgcc     35760
     tgtggactag gagccagggg gaagcaatga caagactggg tgcctagagc tggcaggaag     35820
     ctatggggct atgacagggt ctcaggccag aagcggtggc agtggtgagc cagtacaggc     35880
     cacctgggga gcaccgagac tgggggagcg ggatggctaa gacagcgagc ggaggggatg     35940
     agcatgaact caaagctgtg ctaagagggt gggagtggga tggctaagac aagttgttgc     36000
     cagcttcagg gggcggggcc gagcccggcc catctgccac ctgtcctccc ccctgcagtc     36060
     actgctgctt ctctgacctt cggggccgga acctccgtgg gcctgtcgat ttcctcgtag     36120
     ccacagctgc ggtgaagccc accaggcagc acagggacgt ggtactgaac ttgagtgtgt     36180
     ctagccagcc gggtgaggca gcctgtagat aatgctctgc caggtgcagc cccagcagca     36240
     gggcccagag gcaggtggag aaggcatcga tccgccggag cctgtgggag agagcaaggt     36300
     aagtgtgtgc ccagaggaca gtacagagcc tccctgtcag ttcccgtgcc acgccctatc     36360
     tccattggac ccagctcaga gatgagaggc cagtgaggcc agaggagggt ctgagaccac     36420
     cctctgagtc acaggctgcc cagcactaag caggtcagtg ctcctacgcc catcacttgg     36480
     cctgggacca aggtgggcac tgccctcatt tgagcttcca cagcctctgt tactctgact     36540
     ttagacatgt gtgaggtgac tgggcccagc cgcagatgcc agcagcaacc ggctcagtgt     36600
     cactgtcatc tgtacttctg cgctgtcctc ctggcccctg gagaacttga acaggcctgt     36660
     ctagagttca gcccagagta ggggaccacc aaggaggcag caatgctttg tgcagacttc     36720
     tgcccaccca gtcccaaggc cccgcaacac acctgatacg gccagccagc agcatggcca     36780
     gcaggcaggt gagcaggccc actgccacaa tgctggtctg gtggctctgc ccaaaggccc     36840
     aggcctcatg tagcttctct gtggcatgct caggcaatag acccagcagc tgctgccagc     36900
     cctccgcctg agaagtggtg ttgtccgagg ccgcagaact gttgccccca ggaggtaggg     36960
     ctgggggcaa ggcagccccc ggggtgaagg gttcgctggg cccatacagt gtagtgaaca     37020
     acaagaaggc acaggccagg aaggccaggg cacggagcag gatgacctgg aatggggcct     37080
     tcactgccga ggaactgaaa ctctgaggga gggaagagat gggtcagtga aaagccagaa     37140
     aggcaccaac agctacccta tgcccacatg tgggatgctg gccagtcctg tttccatgcc     37200
     cttgctctga tgctcaggga ccactgcctc atcccaggct attgcctcac tatgataggt     37260
     ctgtgggaga gggaggggct ctgctgcctc ctttagagaa acatttctac acactgggat     37320
     tttgtgcttc tagatcgttc aatcattctg tcaagttttt atcaaaaagt cctattacac     37380
     ttgactagaa tgccagtaag atatagcgac aactctggaa aaagctcatt aattttttgt     37440
     tagggctgga gagatggctc agcggttaag agcactggct gctcttccag aggtcctgag     37500
     ttcaattccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccatctg taatgagatc tgatggcctc     37560
     ttctggtgtg tctgaacaca actacagtgt actcacatac atgaaataaa taaataatct     37620
     taaaaaattt ttttttgttt gctaagttat tcagactaaa acccaagaag ctagaataag     37680
     aaccaaaggt ctgaggtctg aggacaggag ccacctgttc ttttgagcag acacaggaga     37740
     gtagggacag aggtagtgtg tcctcacggt cagtggccaa ctacagaatg gaaatgacag     37800
     agccagcaga cacaggccac atctgacagg aagtcacatc cgggtggagg aggagcttcc     37860
     ttgcggagtc tctgctgcgc actcgctgtt ctgactgatc ttctgcatgc agacaggctt     37920
     ctcactgcta ggctgcggtc ctgcttactc ctttattact gcttaaaagc ccagaccatt     37980
     cacttacacg ctgtaacgca catctgggtc tgacccctgg cactggtgtg cattgtgtgt     38040
     gtagcccctg gcaagcatct cagccccacc cttggttccc acagccgcga ccagagcccc     38100
     agtgctcggg ttaccgaatt gtgaggctgc catgaggaac gaatacaggg tgtctagaaa     38160
     gtagagggtc agcaaggcag cctcagagca ggcaagtagc agccacacca ccatcctaga     38220
     cactcttagg aagaccgcat ccagctggtg acagcagggg gccaccaggc agctgtttcc     38280
     cagaaaagga gtcttggcac actgcactat gccccacact agggcccagc tcccagacca     38340
     tcttcccccc cgacacccaa cacccaaatg tcccacggcc tcagacctgc ccatgggcct     38400
     ggtcagcctc ccgacgccgg aactggtggc tgagaagcag ggcacgcagc tggcggttct     38460
     ggtgtttgat gtagtactcg acggccgcct ggcacgggcg gcacagcttg tacatctgct     38520
     ccaagtggtg gcggtacacc tcaatctcct catcgtagcg gccctggggt gtggacacag     38580
     ggcctgcatc acagctggga actgggttca gactccggcc ctgcctgtgc gaacggtgat     38640
     ccgagctctc aggagtgagg gctaggagcc gaggccatga cacagggaca gtactgacat     38700
     tctgtagctc acagcctgct caagtgggga cactgaactg acactctgca ttctggcaga     38760
     aggacaacca agcatcaggg ccttccttct ccttgattct gaaggtataa cacacaccag     38820
     agagcaacag ttccacagca gcccaggcta caagtcccat cccttgctcc ctcagagatg     38880
     aagcaaggaa cacagcaagc gagtgaacga gcgcatcaga gggaatggtt agtgtgatct     38940
     ctcgttgggg taaacaggaa gtcacctagc atcaatgctc ccctcacggc ctctctgtaa     39000
     agccctttaa aaaatgacat ggacagcccg gtgtggtggc gcacgccttt aatcccagca     39060
     cttgggaggc agaggcaggc ggatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acaaagtgag     39120
     ttctaggaca atcagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtctcg aaaaaccaac aaaaacaaaa     39180
     caaaacaaaa aaacagaaca gggccggtga gatggctcag tggttaagaa cactgactgc     39240
     tcttccaaag gtaatgagtt caattcccag caaccacata ataaccaata atgagatctg     39300
     acaccctctt ctggtgtatc tgaagacagc tacagtgtac ctatttataa taataaatct     39360
     ctaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacaagaac aaaacaaaac aaccacgaca tggacgcact     39420
     tatgtagcgc atgtgtatga ccatgccagc ggaggcgaga gtaacatggg taagtttgtt     39480
     ctccccgggg accgcaggaa tccaactcag ataatcaagc ttggcgctaa gtgtctttgc     39540
     ccctgagcca tcttggtggc tctccctctt ggcctcctgg ttcattcctg tcccctatct     39600
     ttcctaggca tctttgggcc tcaggtggga ttggctctct tcctctcagg aagccacatt     39660
     gaacagggct gactaatgaa tgagaccagg aggctgccct ctaaggctgc agctggagcc     39720
     cagggcctct acctcccttt cctcagggac agagccatct atcctggcag gctctggttt     39780
     ccatggtgtt gttctcccag tggtcacaag atcagctcgg ctgtgaagga agctgcaccc     39840
     tggaatgtgg gtgggaccct ggagcggcag gtgacagtgt ggctctaccc agccatcagc     39900
     catgtgtact cacctcctcc cgtggtgtga aagcagccag ctgcttgatc ttggtggtct     39960
     ggtggtggct gcaccttcgg cacagcagga cctggctgct cacccactgc tgtggctgtg     40020
     cagggtcccg gggactgggc acgctgctca ccacgtggtt caggtgttcc atgtactgtg     40080
     ctgggattgg cttgttgtag tctccattct gggaaggaag gaaggaagag gccctggtca     40140
     gcgcaggccg gctcagggag ggttcagatg cagacagctc tgctctggct ttctctacac     40200
     aaagagcagc aacattcctt ctgatgctgc ctaacataga accccaaaaa tctaggtgct     40260
     gagaagctac ccagcatgca cctcagggca catccctcac ccttgtccct tagaactaca     40320
     caccgccact caggctgcaa gctgtgggca ggctgtctgt tactaagtgt cagtaaaagc     40380
     tacactcaga cactcacata ttgcccgtgg ctacacaatc aaggctgtga cagagaacaa     40440
     accgcctaca aagctaaata ctgcacctgt aggcctgaac tcagacctgc cctgctcatg     40500
     actctaaccc caatctcacc ctcttgtggg gagacaggac aagtggccac ggttccctga     40560
     acctgctctt cctcctcaaa gggagacaca gtgccaggac cagagttaga agacagtggc     40620
     gtggaacgtg agctcagacc agctcagcag cagcctcagc actggccacc cactgacagc     40680
     ccatacctct tgaaagccat tgtactgctc acagtgggga cagtcccaac agttgcgatt     40740
     cccatagggc accagtgtat cgtggttgca gaaccagcag ttgaccattg tgtgtgttgg     40800
     cttcacccta tggaccaaga acaacagttg ggctgggaga cttcggcatc tgaaatggaa     40860
     gaccgcattg caagggcagg aagaggcatc caagatggaa acgaaggccc aggcgcaggg     40920
     tgtggagtgg gaaaggactc ttaaatgcga tctcccagga tgactgaacc gacaacgaac     40980
     ttcggagaca ctcaccgctc tgtaggctcc aaagtatcta cctggagacc cagaactcca     41040
     gcccccactg ttctgggtct caaacactgc ggggtggggg gggcagcaca aggtcaggga     41100
     cagcagctaa gcaatgggcc aatagagatg acacttatag aaatcaagtt ttggagagtt     41160
     gtaagactta agggagcttt cggtccttcc cagaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaatcctaga     41220
     gagccagcca aggaggccaa gtcacagctg cgcagccagg gcccacagtg ggttttgttg     41280
     gtcacacaac aggtggggcc tgcaggataa tcgtggccca aacactgggg atctgtgcag     41340
     cagagggcac acagcaactg cccagcaaat ccagcccagg aatctagaaa caaatgactg     41400
     aagggcagca gctgggagcc ctggtgtcct gaccttgccc ttttgccctg tcctcactca     41460
     gaggccatgt ctagttcagg ggcactgccc agtcttaggt agagtgagcc accacacaca     41520
     gatggccctg ctccttagaa agcatcctaa aagggtgggc cttacagatg tgctcaggag     41580
     ggtctcgctt acacacagcg tgtaagccag gcctgtaaag tgaaccagga acggtgcctg     41640
     ctgcttctgc atgtctcaga ctcaatgaca agacacgagg agttttgtaa cggaaaaggc     41700
     cttctagtca ggagggaaga cagctgtgga agtggggctc tagttcctgg cccagcccac     41760
     accgcctgcc catcagctcc actccctcca tgtacagtgg gcgggtgcag aagggtatcc     41820
     tatcagctgg gggaaacagc accttcctca ctggggcttg ctcttgggaa gtactgaaca     41880
     gagtcctggc cgagtccatg tcaacacacg acagcgaagg ggacagcaac ggtgacagca     41940
     acggggacag ggacatggtg tgctctagca gcccagcctc acacttcctg ctgcctaagt     42000
     tcaggtctaa tggcaggaag agtactgcag ggatggctcg gcagttaaaa aacccactac     42060
     tctcgtggat ccgagcatcc acgtccggtg gctcacaatc gcctgtaact ctagctccag     42120
     gggatctgat gccatgggcc tccacgggca cctgcattta tgtacttacc acacacacac     42180
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag tttaaaaaca ataaaaaccg cacaggctgg     42240
     aatcttcact tcagtccctc acttttcaaa taggttgcgc atactttgct aggacccagc     42300
     acctgacagc ttcgtcggcc cccaagtgga aaatggaaca caggagactg cggcaccagc     42360
     tgtggctgca gggttggaga tgtgctctgc tggggtgcct gcgtttggta ttcctgggta     42420
     attaaccact tgctttgtgg taatttgtac atcttttata ggcctctttg taattatgca     42480
     cgaggcgtgc ctcacagcaa gcagtgtgca ctctcatctg ccctgagtct gaggcaaagc     42540
     acccacctgc cctggggctc cttagccctg ggtctatttg atgggaaagg tcgtttctgg     42600
     gcttgctcag agaccaaaga caagcaagca ggggctgttg ctctggagtg gcaagtctgc     42660
     caggaagccc agcccaccta ggaagccatc atttccacac tgggtctcca gctccgttgc     42720
     tagggaaatg gctcctggcc tgatctggaa gtggaaggcg ggggattcat cctcccccga     42780
     ggccagaggc taatttctgc cagggtggat gcttggtggt gggggtgttc ttttatggcc     42840
     agaacagcca ctgtctgcct tggctaggtg ggatccctgc cccagaagct acctccttca     42900
     cagacagccc caagagggac gtgggcagga gcagcggggc ggctggccag aatctcagat     42960
     cttctagcac caaccagctg ctgtaccatg taaccaaaga aaggggggat ggacatgcaa     43020
     agagccccag cagccacttc atacacttca acactgtccc agggcagact gggcagtcct     43080
     ggcctcagaa ctcacccagt tttgtttcag ggacggtcct cgcagcttcc ctggcaaact     43140
     ccttggtcca cttttctccc tcaagccaac aatcccaatt ctatgacaaa tcacatttgg     43200
     ggactacagt ggaggtgatt agacagcatg ttgttttaac aaaagagaag gtgactcagc     43260
     agaggccagc accttggtcc atgaccaagc ctaggtcata ttcatcgcca tgggtgggtg     43320
     agggacctgg aagccatctc tccaactggt cactgtcatg ttctactctt gggatgctga     43380
     agggaaccca agggagcctc catagattga tccttcgaag gggccagggg caactgcatg     43440
     cctggtatcc cctccatgag atctgaacgc acacagcagg aaacaggaac acgtgtctct     43500
     ggtgatgttt tctccatcag cctaggacac ttaggaaaag caaaacccct gccccacacc     43560
     tcagcatagg tagctacttc aaattctttg gcccaggaac caatcagggc ccatgttacg     43620
     tcacacagga gacactgggt gggcttagtt cgtggggtgc tgagtctgtg ggggaccaat     43680
     gtgcctatct cttcctaagg agcctgacgg ccaagcttag tttcctgggt ccagggaaag     43740
     ctcagcctca caggatgctc cgtctctgct cttccaagta tgacctcatc taggaggaag     43800
     agtacacccc gggcttcaat ggtagcagca gggctgagtg caactctgca cagcctggac     43860
     caaggagatc ccatctccag cttaatctca aagcagcaat gttatccaca gcagcagaga     43920
     acccccaaac tgacccctca ggggacacag ccagccctgg acggacacat gcccatccat     43980
     cacacacact cagtccatca agaaccatgc aaagctttca gagaggacat ctgagcaaaa     44040
     tgcaccgcct gactgtgaca caagaaccac aattcacagg agtggcaggg aacagatgcc     44100
     attagggctg gccaccaaca tgcagggcat atgctgccac ccagaaacag gtgccctcag     44160
     cagcagggta gaaggcaaga gaggaccaac taaaatgcac acatcaagtg gccactcaac     44220
     ggagcaggca gctcagacca gcgagtgctg aggtgagctt agacaaagga gtacccacca     44280
     gagggcctct gagtgctggg acaggctctg cgctacacct gagagagggt atacatatgt     44340
     atcctcatct ccaaacgcag aaactatgat ctcaataaac acagatgcca caggctgtga     44400
     aagtgggaca gtgatgggtg ctaaaaccca aagtgcagtg tgcaaaggga catcttgtca     44460
     cacaggagtg gcagcatgaa gagtagtgga tgcacaggag tgggatgtgg gacctctacc     44520
     ccagacccca aggtccgggg cagccactct ggctggtgtg gcagtgtggg tgtgaaacag     44580
     ggctcctcca cctacagctg gtgatgcaga gcatccctcc aggctctgtt ttcccagctg     44640
     cgaaatggac agaatagcag cacctgcctc attggagcag ctcctgaatg acaggtgctc     44700
     tgtgcatgtc acctgcacag gaatggcagc tgctctcatt cttacagtaa ctgggacaag     44760
     aaaactccat gggtaaggtg gcggggtggc tggctttggg ctctagataa cttctctgca     44820
     accactttgg ccagttttaa aactcaggaa gggctgacct gaacgcagaa acattttctt     44880
     cacacggctc ccaaagcctg gccctatgcc atctctgtga ttagcttgaa aacacccact     44940
     cccctaaagg ctttccaaaa ccaagttcct gcaggccctc ctctggcata ttcaaccccc     45000
     attcttcacc acagctgatt cctgcctgcc acagcttccc ctccagggaa ggggaaagaa     45060
     agctgcagcc tcttgctaag tgaggcttgc ttcagaactg tgagaggcca attcacctgc     45120
     acatgaaacc cagacctcat aaagacagtc acccgagacc ccgtgctctg accaatcagc     45180
     agcagtagtc caaacatggt ccaaaccttc acagtctggt gtcagtatga aaaaagcatg     45240
     aaggggtttt tggctgctcc tgaaagaaat aacacgtccc accgggcgtg gtggtgcacg     45300
     cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg aggtggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg     45360
     gtctacagag ggagttccag gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaaa     45420
     acaagcaagc aaacaaacaa acaaaaaaaa caacaacaaa aagaaataca tgtcccacac     45480
     acacctcacc aagaactcag attcctgtct ctagcagagg caaggcattc gttggcagga     45540
     caggaagggt gacaggcagc cagtcctggc cacaacaagt cccactctgc tcttttggcc     45600
     aaatgccctg agctggcaga ggcagccagg agatgcctgg cttttgggac aagctctgct     45660
     tggcacatga acagactgcc caggctcccc taggcccagg taacgaggga ctgctttggg     45720
     ttggctgatc ttaagcggtc cctctgactc ccaaaaactg ggtgggaaca agacaggaag     45780
     cttgggttga gatctagagt caggcactct ctcagccccc cgggatgtgg ccccctcttt     45840
     caaacacagc tgacatccat cccctcctta ggtgccgctg actcacctac ctctaacaac     45900
     ttttgcctgc cctctcctgc agaagaaatg cagggttaag gagggcgacc tatcaccctg     45960
     attgccagtt caaaccatag ctccttgtca tccagcgact agggtcaagt cccgagcact     46020
     gcacatcccc ggctgtccca aagaggctcc cacgaatgcg tgtatgttcc tatcctcggg     46080
     aaatgtgatc aggtgagcta ttccttcacg ctgctggaga aacgactcca ttctggggtt     46140
     tgaccacggc aagcttggag tactggggtc tgcgtggtct ctgagccatg acaggccagg     46200
     gtattgatcc caaagcccat ccgtgacatg tgtccaagga gtacagcgta cacctctgag     46260
     tggacaagtt ccttaaatgt gtggagcgca ggctcctgcc tcaggctgct actgctcaca     46320
     cgtgccttct aagtactcag ctccaaggct tctccggggg aaagcttacg cgaggaatgt     46380
     tattgctatc gcatacagac catcaagcgc cagctctcat cctcctaacc gatgggcggc     46440
     agaggcccag cagggcagtc cagccaggag cacgggcctc gaagggagga gcaagcagca     46500
     gccccctccc ccagccacgg tcggcggctg ctccccgacg aggcttttag ggggtgaggg     46560
     caaaggcggt ggcggagaat gcgtcccgca ttcgcgagca ggcctggtcc gcccctagga     46620
     ctccgccgtg gcctcgcggg ggcggggcgg cggcccgggc cgcgtgcagc ggggcgcgca     46680
     ctcacctccg cgcaatccgg tagagcacca cgccggcggc agcgcacgcc gtgaccccga     46740
     ggccgcccgc caggccggcg gtggggcagc tagccagcag cgcgctcact ccctccatgg     46800
     cttccgggcc gagtcggtgg gcaaggggcg cgggccgcaa aagagactcc cagcggcccg     46860
     cgcgctccag ctcgcgccgt gaccttcgcc gctttgtagc cggcgcgagc ccgccccttg     46920
     actcggcgcg ctcccgccgc gcagccaatc gcggcgcggg gcgagcctga gtgggcgggg     46980
     cgcctacgga agccctcggc actggctcgg acgcgccccc cagcgtccac agttgcaaag     47040
     ccactctcta gagctggaag gagtcccgcc tgcgcctgca gcctgcgcac gcatgcattt     47100
     gcaggtccta gtgctgctac cttaacgcta atccttgcca atgctttctc cacttagtcc     47160
     tgctttcctg gcgttgggct aaagtcggtc tgtgccgctt cagacgccac agtggttgaa     47220
     aattagcttg cacaaacaca aacgtccaaa gacggaaacg aggttaaata atcacaggat     47280
     agcatgtttc ggaacataat gcagccatta gagtgaatgg ctaaggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     47340
     gggggggatt ggtcctgaag ggattatcct tttttttttc tttagtcgaa tgtagatgat     47400
     tttcatagtt gccaagtttg atgaagtctg tgcacttcaa atagattacc tcggggagtg     47460
     agatggaggg aagagccact tacaggcgtg cttcagcatt tacgtgagct aaattaggga     47520
     tcaagaaaaa ctcactgagg cttggtgatg cacgccttta atccctgtgg aggtaggcgg     47580
     atttttgtaa atttgaggtc agcttggact acacagtgag ttccaggtca tcaggcaatc     47640
     catgggctag taggtaggtc ctgtcctaaa acaaaacaaa ataaaacaaa acatctctag     47700
     caagaaatat ttataccagg ttgggcagat gttgtggcac aagcctttga tttctttaaa     47760
     aaaaaaaagg tcaaaaaatt atggggcatg gtggtgcaca cctttaatct cagtacttgg     47820
     gaggcagagg aaggcagatc tctgtaagtt caaggccacc ctggtctaca gagcaagttc     47880
     caggacagac aggactctga tacacagaaa aaccgtgttt tgaaaaacaa aacaaaaaca     47940
     aaacaaaaac aaaaatctaa aaaaagttta tctctaatta catactatgt ttctgtagaa     48000
     taccccacca acacacacac acacaatttt atgagtgtct cttttttttt aaagatttat     48060
     ttatttatta tatgtaagta cactgtagct gtcttcagac actccagaag agggcatcaa     48120
     atctcattac ggatagttgt gagccaccat gtggttgctg ggatttgaac tcaggacctt     48180
     caggaagagc agtcgggtgt tcttacctgc tgagccatct catcagcccc tatgagtgtc     48240
     tttaagatca agttctctgt gggcaatgat ggcttgaggg tcactgtaat aatctctcgc     48300
     ttttgttggc agctcacctg tccacatgtc accagtcagg aaggaaggag caggttgtgt     48360
     gcagggaatc aatgtaaaag cctggaaggt gtcgcttgta catcagagac aagacctttc     48420
     ccatcctcct tttgctttct attagctctg agtgtgccta gagtgcactg gctcacacaa     48480
     tgcatggcca cgcccacaca tcattcactt tctggatcgg atgccttgag ttccaggaaa     48540
     ggtctccagc agatagctgt tgtctaagag cttcctgaac atcactcaca ccatcttagg     48600
     caccgcatga ctattggcat ctctaagtct taggcaaagg gaaggaaaaa tgatttcaga     48660
     tccagatttc agactcagaa ctcatccaag tcccatgtgt ttaggttttg gtgtccagct     48720
     ggcgaagttc ctggaaggtg acacaggtag aaactttaaa actaaataac acaaaaccac     48780
     caaaacagaa aatctcacct tttatgatgc ctggtaccta ctgaagccag agaagttatt     48840
     gggtccgccc tagaactgga ggctgatggt tctcagtcat cttgtggggt tcagaacttg     48900
     aacccatatc ctctagaagg aaagccagtg ttcttaacat atgagccatt tttctagccc     48960
     caagtggtaa aaacttaaga ggcaaggcct agtcgttagt cactggggtt gtcttgcagg     49020
     ggactgtggg agtttagtct ctcatttctg cttctaggac actagatggc tttgctgtgc     49080
     tgtatacctg atatcatgag ctgtgtctcc agaggccccc aaacaatggc tcaatcaatc     49140
     atggactaga actactcact cagctaaagc aaacctctcc accttttaga ctgaccacct     49200
     caggcattag ctaccagcct tgagttagaa cattcaccac gctttatggc ttcctggctc     49260
     tccttaattc atgcatccag tgggtgggac acacattcct gtaggccagc cgagtcattg     49320
     aaaggtggcc atgtacagtt ggcctcactg ctgacaaggc tgcctgagtt acttatatgg     49380
     ggaaatacct gcccccttgg gccatgcttg gcgggtgcct ggatgaagcg agggctgtta     49440
     aaggcagaac tgtatgcttg cgcacataga tgtacacatg aggcctattt agaggtaaca     49500
     gactgagacg ccttgctgct ctgattggcc cagcttcgat tcatgcaagt aacaggcaaa     49560
     acactcatac acataaaatc ataaatctaa aaaagttata aaaatgaatc tgtagggaag     49620
     ggtgtggtga aacgtgtctt caataccagc acccaggagg gagaggcagg taaatctcta     49680
     aatttgaggc tatcctgttt caaaaaaaaa tgtattttcc ccgtgaactg aacttgggaa     49740
     tgaatgaatg atgggatttc tttccccaca gctccagtga tcttttctcc ttcaaatcca     49800
     gcagcctcct tcccttcctc tccagcctgc tccctttcca ttctggatat tgaagttttt     49860
     ctgttttttc agtaccttgg tgagcctggt ggtgctggca catgccttta atcccagcac     49920
     ttgggaggca gagactgaac tgagtgagtt ctaggacagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc     49980
     ctgtcttggg gacagggagg aggaagaaat gaggaaatat taacttaatg ccctggtgta     50040
     gggaaagcag aaaatttact tatagtagct catataaaat gtatttattg ggaagacaca     50100
     taggtcactc ctaaccttgt ggcttggggt gggtgactgg gtggcaggtg ctactatgtt     50160
     aaacaaatat gtgatgtggg gaagatagaa aaaaaaccgg agtggtgcat aggctgtgga     50220
     gagagtccca actggaaaca tgatggcgac ggtgacagca tgttgttgcc cagtaaagtt     50280
     ggtgtgaggc tgtgcagcag cctggagttt acacaggctt cccctggctc tagtcaacga     50340
     cagaggccag agaggaggcc ctcctccatg gtggtctgtg atgccacgtt ggtatctgtg     50400
     gtccatgctg ctgccctggg ctgcaatgaa gcctgagacc cacgtggata taggcagtct     50460
     gtgcggctga tgtcctccag ctttgctgca gggctgtggg ggtatgcgga cgtgggtggc     50520
     acgtgcagcc acctaaggcc atgtttaggt cctgagtggg tcgctggtcc tgattctgcc     50580
     aggggttgtg ttgatgtctg tggatcatct ggcctcctgc atggcagcat tgttgttggt     50640
     gccatgggtg cggggagctg gtcccacccc tctccagctg tgcaaggttc tcctgagttg     50700
     gtggcttcta gcctgggtgc agaaggagaa agactcagcc ttgcctcggg agccggcaac     50760
     gaacaatgtg accacgctcc cctgagtata tggataacat gaaatggact tttttctttt     50820
     cccctttctt cttcttttga tcagggaggt cacggggagg ggaataggca taggagctag     50880
     ccagtgcagg tgggaagccc aagacgttcc cagatgtaac caatactggt gtggcgtctg     50940
     cgttgacact ttaaagggga agagagcggt aatgcagctg aactcgtatt cgcgcagaag     51000
     gccctaggtt ccatatcagc tttgcataat gtctgagagt agaagtaatt ataaatattc     51060
     aaataaaaac agagcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa accaaaaata aaaccgtatg tatttatcca     51120
     aaaccgcaaa tgaaaacaaa gcagtctagc caagtgtggt cgcgcacacc tgcaacccca     51180
     gcagctgggg aaggctgaat caagaggacc agaccaatgt caccctcggc tccataagga     51240
     ctttgaggcc agcctagact acatcttgtc tcaagggcac ttattcttgc agaggaccag     51300
     agtttgattc ccaggagaac ccacaccctc tcctaaactc cagggcacac caggagccag     51360
     gcagtggtgg cgcacgcctt taatcctagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg     51420
     agttcgagag tgagttccag gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt cttgaaaaac     51480
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagacatact cttgagcaaa cataaagtaa     51540
     aaaacagaga gaaaaaccaa aagaaattaa gtaacctaat ttttaaacat tatgatagat     51600
     aaattaatca ggttttacta ggagtattaa aaacaggaat ctggggctgg agagatgact     51660
     cagaggttaa gatcactgac tgcttttccg gaggtcctgt gttcaattcc cagcaaccac     51720
     atgatggctc acaaccatct gtaatgggat ctgatgccct cttctggtgt gtctgaagat     51780
     ggctacagtg cactcatata cataaaataa ataagtaaat cttaaaaaca ggaggccgct     51840
     gccttgtgcc actgccaagc ggctgtgaga agcgtctggg atggaaacca ttctcttgct     51900
     atgtacttca ggaacatgga aaggtagcca cttgcttcga ctgctagaca cttggtgaaa     51960
     caaaggggag ctggggaaca cagctcagga aacacaggaa aggcaacaaa cgccaatgcc     52020
     gtaggacatg aaaaactcct cctctcaacc tctcccgagc atctgcggcg gaatttgaac     52080
     gaggaggcct cagctgtcaa tcttctgatg tgcatcctca ggcaccaccc ctgtagaagt     52140
     caggttcaag ttccacaatg aaagtgaagg agagatgatt gctgctgttt tcctgcctgc     52200
     cttcttctga acgcaggatc ttacatggaa tccagcaggc tggccctgag cttctactta     52260
     cgcccctgcc ttagccttag gcggtctttt tgatcctggt tacctccctt tagaaacagg     52320
     aagcagatga ggaggtagct tgctgccaag agtgcttgtc cagcatgcac tgagtgcgac     52380
     ggcacatcgt agcgattcca acaaccaggg cgtgaggaag aggagcagca gcagttcagg     52440
     gttggctggg cacggtagta cacaccttta attccagaac ctggaggcca gaggcaggca     52500
     gatctctgag ttcaaggcca gcctagtgag ttccagggca gccaaaacta cacagaggaa     52560
     accctgtctc aaaaacaaaa acaaaccatc aagcaaaacc ccaaacaaac aaacaaacaa     52620
     acaaaatctt taaaaagaag gtatctatac accaccagtc ctccgtcaga atacaagtct     52680
     gcaccagggc tggcaatggc tcctttgtct catggcgtcg ctcagcagca gaacgggcac     52740
     tgcacacttg agagtgtgcc agagctcact caggcttcac ttctggaaat gctaccagga     52800
     ggcaagtaaa ccaatagata agcagctctt tacaagtgcc ttgggttcag attcgggaac     52860
     gaggataaat gcaggaaaat atttataatg tagctaaaag cagtttttat tgtccagcta     52920
     ggtcaggccc agggtgtaca tctgcatttt cagcccttgg gaggctgagg caggagattt     52980
     aaaggtgaag atcagtctgg gctacagcac caagaccctg actcagaaag ggtggggggt     53040
     ggggtggtta aggaagttac actccacccc cacccccacc cccattcagt gtctggaaac     53100
     agattacaga taaacctacc accatggagg ggggagatgg agatgtacag agggaaagct     53160
     gtggaccatt tgctcacagt tgtcaccaag cgtgaccgct ctttcctgtc caccactcag     53220
     tccccacaag tcacgcttct cacttcccca cgcccagcca gaccccgtgg ccggcttagg     53280
     gcagcccagt aagcacaaag gagaacacag cccagcacga acttacatta aatagcatga     53340
     tttaatttac ttgctcctca atcctcagtc ctcttaagtt aaaaaagaaa gttataatta     53400
     actattaacg ttaatgaatt tcaaccttcc agaaacaaga atccaaaagg aaatgtccaa     53460
     caggtgacat gagccaggta ttctatggcc ttcgctgttt cagttttgaa cactaaacat     53520
     caacggaaaa gaaaatctct agggttttca gttttattct tctagagcac aaccatgtgg     53580
     ccctgtcact aagcacgctc tcccagcagg tacacgatga actcgtaggt ggacaggaca     53640
     atggcagtgt tggggatctg ccggatgagc tgagcaaaca gtcctcggta gaaggcgagg     53700
     tagccttcct cccggaacac caggcgcgcg gtctgcacga acgacctgta cttgctgcct     53760
     tcctcgcgga gccgcgtcct gatgacctct gcaggagaga cagggggaag aagtcaaggc     53820
     accaagtcta ctgggcatct tggctctaac ctgacggcgc agtcatatgc aagaaggaca     53880
     acggaaggtt aagttctggc agggcacaat ggcccttaat gcctttaatc tcaggcaggc     53940
     agagctctgg gagtttgaag ccagcctgag ctacagacca ggacagccag ggctatatag     54000
     tgagacctgt cttgagaaaa gcaaaagaaa ataaaggtaa gttcttctta gactgtgttc     54060
     gtctcccatg agtccctcgg ctccccctac tctgtctagc tgaaaagcca cctgggctcc     54120
     ctcccagcac agtggcccag tgctggtcag ccccgctgtt gagcagacct cagagcccag     54180
     gaggcactgc tggtctcccc ctcttcctgc ctttgtgtct tggtggtgct ccagcacaca     54240
     atgggaccta acccttgttc ctgagatatg gtgcatctgt cactgctgtg caggaggctt     54300
     ttgaaaacat aacttgtttg aagtcttttt ttttgttttt gtttttgttt ttgtttttcg     54360
     agacagggtt tctctgtgtc ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag     54420
     aaatccgcct gcctctgcct cccaagtttt gggattaaag gagtgcgcca ccacgcccgg     54480
     ccagattttt ttttttccat ttaatgtata tgagtacact gtcgctgtct tcagacacac     54540
     cagaagaggg catcagatcc cattacagat ggttgtgagc caccacgtgg ttgctgggaa     54600
     ttgaactcag gacctctggg acctcagtgc tcttaattgc tgagccatca ctccagccct     54660
     tgtttgaagt cttaatgaac tgtttttaaa gtaggttagt gggacagtag caatctcacc     54720
     cgtgcatctt ggataaggaa gggtgcagtt cagcagcaga gcatgtgttt aacactcaaa     54780
     aggccctatg ttcaatccct agcattccaa caggaaaagt gttctggctt gggaggcagg     54840
     gcaggtggat ctctgtgagt taccagcttg acctacatag tgagttccag gacagctaga     54900
     tatagaaaaa acgatctcaa caacaaacaa accccacaaa acaacaagaa cattcaaaga     54960
     agcaaaaagg ttcaaatagt agatttatgc agcacctact caaagaagag gcttagtgat     55020
     tcttcatttg gctcctgtat aactttttga gccagggaat attaagtaaa gtctaatttg     55080
     ggctttgtga tggtttgtat atccttggac cagggagtgg caccatctga aggtgtggcc     55140
     ttgttggaat aggtgtgacc tggttggaat gggtgtgtca ctgtgggtgt gggtataaga     55200
     tcctcaccct agttgcctgg aagtcagtct tccactagca gcctttggat gaagacgtag     55260
     aactctcagc tctgcctgcg ccatgcctgc ctggatactg ccatgctccc accttgatga     55320
     taatggactg aacctctgaa cctgtaagcc agccccaatt aaatgttgtt tttataagac     55380
     ttgccttggt catggtgtct gttcacagca gtaaaaccct gactaagaca gaagttggta     55440
     ctgggagtgg ggtattgctg tgataggcct gaccatgctt ttatttgaaa gaatgtggat     55500
     ttttggactt tggatttgga actcagtgga atggtttaaa tggggcttaa tgggtcatcc     55560
     tagtaggaat atggaagact ttgttgctgg gagtaatttg aactgtgttg acctggccca     55620
     agagatttca aaggagaata atttcagaat gtggcataaa gactgttttt gtggtatttt     55680
     ggagaagaat gtggctactt tttacccttg tctgaaaagt ctgcctgagg ctaaggtgaa     55740
     gagacttgga ttgattgcat taattgcatt gacaaaggaa gtttcaaaag agcccagcag     55800
     agactttgtt ctctggttaa gccttatgaa gagaagtttg aacaagcata gcaagcttag     55860
     aaaggcaaaa tataaaatat attgttagta ttaaaggagt accaggaagt gaaatggagc     55920
     aaaatcttat gttctaggaa ataacagatt aagggagtgg gaccttgggg caagacccta     55980
     cccagctgaa tttagaacca gacatggcgg tacacacctt taatcccatg agacaggctt     56040
     gctgatctct gcattcaagg tcaatctaca gagcaaggac caggatagcc aagcttaggc     56100
     agtgaaggat ttagaaaaca taaagctagt gataatgtaa tagcacaagg ggaccgtgtt     56160
     ctagttcctg taagcagcag aactcggcag cttcagccat gtggctctgg ctctagagtt     56220
     aagaatggaa ggaactactg ggaaaattga tgctggttag ctggagctaa ggaattagca     56280
     gtgattaaga agagaccagc atcactgagg tgaaatcttc tggaaattgt tttctgggat     56340
     cacaaagaag ctgtgttgta cctcacgctg tggctggact tggtaatgtg taagagtcac     56400
     tcaggtggta ctgcttgtga aggaatgaag ggatcatgaa gagaagctga agcttagcac     56460
     tgtgagaggc cagggaaggc caatggagaa ggtgaagcct cagctgtagt tgatggccca     56520
     ggactgaagg ggtcatgcaa aggatttgag gcttggcacc ctgaagagag cctatgagag     56580
     gctattggtg aagcctagtt ggagtggaac accccagtat attggagatg tcagtaccat     56640
     gggatgatca ccaagaactg cagccgtagt ggagtggatc aacctgagct tagagtgcta     56700
     cagagggcag agctgaaaag tgatgccagc ccttaggagg agcccaaaag atcaagtgga     56760
     atcccagaca ctgaaacaag aatctgtaac attgaaattg ccttggagac tcaaagatgt     56820
     taaagatgcc agagtcatgg gatacatgtt gaggaaagct gctaacaggg agtggaacca     56880
     gcccaggaga aagcagtttg ttgcagtcaa caaagatgaa aaaggagtgg agatctgaag     56940
     accactttga catcagccat ggagatgcag agtttggagt ttgcccagct ggtttcctgc     57000
     cttgctttgg ggattacagt taattaagtt gagtgaatct cagaagagac cttgaacttt     57060
     gaacttttaa cattgttgcg actgctatag actatgagga ctttgaaaat tggactaaat     57120
     gcattttgca ttatgctatg tttaagtatg gcccctcata gactcatgtt tttgaacaag     57180
     tctatgggga ccagggagtg gaatgtgatg gtttgtatat ccttggacca gggagtggca     57240
     ccatctggag gtgtggccct gttggaatag gtgtggcctg gttggaatag gtgtgtcact     57300
     gtggatgtgg gtataagatc ctcaccctag ttgcctggaa gtcagtcttc cactagcagc     57360
     ctttggatga agacgtagaa ctctcagctc tgcctgcacc atgcctgcct ggatgctgcc     57420
     atgctcccac cttgatgata atggactgaa cctctgaacc tgtaagccag ccccaattaa     57480
     atgttgtttt tataagactt gccttgttca tggtatctgt tcacagcagt aaaaccctga     57540
     ctaagacagg cttctttgaa aacaaaggtt cagtgacccc cattttggcc cagcgaacct     57600
     ttgtgacact gagatggagc caagcaaggt agagtaggcc accattcaca tgacttgtgt     57660
     cgctctgccc tgcagggaca gaatgagcat ctccaatctg aaagtccaga acgtcacctt     57720
     ggccagatca gacatgctca ccatgcttac catgccccac gctggaaatc tctgcatttc     57780
     ctgtcccagg tgtttcaggt aagggacacc caatctatgt ttgtatttca gtctacacag     57840
     tgacaaatga caaagccaac aactgttcta ctgctccagg agaaaagaga actacatacc     57900
     gtgtgggtaa gcgatgcagg aggcacatcc cttagaaaca gcagcagctg ccatgagtcc     57960
     aaagaagcca gaggaacttt tctcagctcc atctgtggag gagacgatcg gagcgtcttt     58020
     caaacacttc tttaagctct cataaatagc aaagcagatg attgtctccg agatcccagc     58080
     gtaggaggcg gtcagccctc tatagaagcc gcggacgcct tctgtctggt agacacgccg     58140
     agcacactgg agtgtgttca tctgcttgca gcccctcacc ctgtcggagg atcaacaatg     58200
     cgcactgaga gacgtaccac accaagtcat aaagggcatc agccatgaca cagaaaccac     58260
     acaggagaag aaacctgtcc ttgttctgag gccccctgac ctctggccca ctgtgaggcc     58320
     agttcaatta gctgagaaac ctgacaggtc atataacaga tggcatctga atctacaatc     58380
     cctgaagcag gcttatagcc tctgacccaa ttctagaaac tgctaatgga agacaacact     58440
     acaacacttg tcagaggaac atttggaatc atccatgtat ctaagagcag gactggctac     58500
     gtaacgtttg gtgcatacac accatgagga tagctgtgaa gatacaagga agctaagcag     58560
     aaagcagaca aaattagata caaggtcaaa caccatgata caggagagaa tgccaaggga     58620
     aaaggttgct gctgtcttcc ttctggttta ctggggatta gactcagggc ttgtgcatgg     58680
     tagacaagag cttaccactg agctatctgc cgggccaatg gctccctctt tctactgctc     58740
     tctggagtgt gatttgtgtg catgctaagg cctgaaccca gggcctcatg cattgaaaaa     58800
     caacatatta tatacacgca tatgtttata tatacatttc ttcttagttt tgtcatacgg     58860
     gattttttta aaaaagattt gtttattcac tttatttcta tgagtacact gttgctgtct     58920
     tcagacacac cagaagaggg cactgtatct cattacagat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg     58980
     atgctgggaa ttgaactcag gacctctgga agagcagtca gtgctcttac ctgctgagcc     59040
     atctcttcag ccccgtatgg aatttttaat ctaggtacat ttcctgatac ttttactcat     59100
     tcgtttactt ttaagtatct attatgtatt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtaca tgcacagcag     59160
     gcattagttt ccctggaact acaatacagg gctggtgtgg tgttgggaac tgagcagtga     59220
     gcactcttag ctgctgacat agctctccag cccatgatgc tgtatcttta tctattattt     59280
     ctaaggtcag tcagaactcc tgccttgatc ttttaaaaaa aaatagtaac ccggagatgc     59340
     tctgtttttt agtattctta ggtctctgtg ctcactttat aaggaaatta acagaaatca     59400
     tctttttgtt gtttctttta cacacattcc tcttgttgat aacacagtgt cctctgcttg     59460
     agaggcaagg aagactagtt gttttacaga gtaaagtggt gttgatccta gaaccgagag     59520
     tgtaaacagt gagtggctca tgcctgtaac cccagagaga gtagagtaat cctgtctcag     59580
     agagagagag atttaagcta aaccactaaa ctcctgtact tgaattaact gtttacttgc     59640
     tcaaaccttt ttgtgtgcct gcgcgcccct cccccccatc cctgcagctg gctcctttga     59700
     agagtgtggg agctgccacc gcctcaagag gctctcctat tctctcccga ctccatccag     59760
     cctacagtgt actatggatt ctccagagtg ctggacaact cacacccctt gtcccaccag     59820
     actataatct tatttgatga ttggctatac tgctataagg tagaaggcat gaccaatttc     59880
     cggggcaacc actggaacaa tatatactca cagatattca cagatctcac ctaaataaag     59940
     gtctaaaacg tcctaagcat tagaaagggc ctcggtcaac acatgcattt atctgttgct     60000
     aaccaccagt gatatcacaa cactgtgaac acttggctct gaggtgaggc cacaggcttc     60060
     caggagacca ggctggccag aagcctgaag cacaatagtt aagaggggca agggactgga     60120
     cactcaggaa catggacatg taggacacac acagcatttt tggaaactac aaagaactgt     60180
     ctcaatgctt gggccagaac ttaagagtta ccctggaagt aactgaccct tgtcatagga     60240
     ttctagcaag cacttcagaa ggcagatgga ctgtggtgac aggaaaccct catcatgggc     60300
     acaagaggac gatgaaccag gcaggttcct ccttcaccct ccacgtatac ctcagccttt     60360
     ccctctccct cagaggaagc tggagggaag atgagcctgc tagtgtttcc agggttcaca     60420
     ttgctgggcc acacagcaca atacaagcag ttccttaaac agcctgggag agcccaaatt     60480
     tctactggaa attagcattc cttcaagaag tatgagtgtg ggtgacagcc cacagaaata     60540
     gtagctgtgg tcttacacaa atagaaacat tttcctgcca cattcattag aacgttaaaa     60600
     ggcattattt agtatacttg gtgttctttg gaaattcaca ggtgttgctg gcctgctgag     60660
     aaatctgatt tacatataaa agaatcatta ttactgtatc acaagttctt aaaatttgat     60720
     gaattcattt caattggttt ctatttcctt aaaacctggc tctagacaag ggtaataggc     60780
     ctaggcctgg ggaggcttga gacagcaaga ctgtaaattt gaagcagcct gaactacaca     60840
     gcaagaccct gtctcaacaa aaaacaaagt ccaaacattt tgtaggttcc accagaatac     60900
     tcaaggaaca caagaactcc aggttagatt caggacagac accagagaca tcggggacta     60960
     ggtccaaagt gccctcgctg gtgtcctggc tggacagcca ggcctctgcg gagtttacag     61020
     catccctcct gacagtgggg ctccacaaag agccccagag aggaacaccc aggaaggaag     61080
     ctgggaccat ggagaggccc ttctgtccat cttcccttgc tctctggggc tcctccccca     61140
     caatgctgtc aggatagatc tcaaatgaca tttctgcata tgcatacagg gctcctattt     61200
     cccgtccaca gcacagcagg acgactccgg gtactgaagg gactgttcac ttacttgcgt     61260
     tctagctgca tcctcgtttt aaccatccaa ataggattca ttaaggtatt tgtgacaaaa     61320
     gctggaggga aaaaacagtc atcactgata tagccagtgt ttgcgaatgc aatccccatg     61380
     cagtggcccg cacggctggg cgcagaagca gtgggttaat tgctctctgt ccgcgccaca     61440
     gctgccgccg ccaagcacag tccttctggc ctctaggtgg tgctatcact tcggttcatt     61500
     tcaatcctag ggcaaaaact atctgaaatt ccaacttaga agctgcagat ccagagataa     61560
     tttgttttta aacatgctca tcagtactta tagctaaccc tgaataagga tgttaaatct     61620
     tccgttacct gaattcaaac ttggaaattt aaggacaaaa acattaaaag cccattggcc     61680
     cacaggaatc attttggtat gccttcagca gcattttaac acattggatc agtcccaaac     61740
     ctcaatgctc agccctcctc taacagctag tgtcctctac atattaaatg agggcactgg     61800
     agggcactgg cttgaaaagc tccttcaagg tgtgcttcct ttacccaggg tgcctctggg     61860
     ttaattttac aagcattaca aagccgatta acagggtctg gattacggct aattcaccat     61920
     ggctcaatct gatttggaat ggtacactgt ccttctcggg gctcagtatt aaggggaatc     61980
     actgttcttg tgttaagaag tttgcttaat attgcttttc tctgactaaa gatcataacc     62040
     tgggttagta attttattga gagtaacaaa ggaaattggt gtggacacgt tgcaggctgt     62100
     taacagaagg aagaaattct aaaatgctaa tctaaattct ctaaaaattc tgttagattc     62160
     aaatggacag aagcctctat gaagaagggc agaggcttct cctagcaatt taggagccag     62220
     tgctttctca caaacactcc ctggggcaag ccctgccctg agctctgcag tgcggacttc     62280
     ctcagaagaa aacagaccat ctggaggcat aaggccttag gtacagcctc aagtaccaca     62340
     caacacataa aaccctgatt cttgctgtgc aagtgagctg tgcagggcag atgcacccca     62400
     gataccttgg ggaatcagaa agaaagcagc tctcactcca cattacaact caatagggaa     62460
     atcaggaaga tgaagaacag aaaagtaaaa tttgtttata aactgctaat agtcatgttc     62520
     tacaaactcc aatacaaagc tttaaaaatg gttttagggt caaaagaggc agggagttaa     62580
     catctaattc ctggaaagaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaaagcaa aacgaaacaa cacttgctag     62640
     ggaacatacc tgcagagcca gctgagagaa tgtgcacagt attgctatta ggcacgaaga     62700
     tgccattgaa ttgctctttg gctttggaat aacatgcaaa gtacacagcc ctggtaggac     62760
     aaaaagagaa aaccattaaa gcattactgc actttaaagt acacaggtcc ctctgcacca     62820
     tctatcccaa agaggagacc acagaagaga gtaatgatct tagccagcaa ggaaacaaga     62880
     ggctggctca cacccaggct gccactgcac ctggatgttc atgccttcca gaaattccag     62940
     aaagtgctga cagccatggc caggataaca gaggagaaat aagatttttg gtaacacaca     63000
     taaaagtcct ttcacactct gtctgtttgt ttattgagac agagtttctc tgtgtagccc     63060
     tggctgtcct agaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctc aaactcatag cctctgcctc     63120
     cagagtgctg ggatgaaggt gtaggccacc actgcctagc tcttttcaca ttctttattc     63180
     tggatggatg ctaatcatct gagtgggagt gaggactgtc attttacagg tgcactgttt     63240
     aacgagctct gctttcatct tgtgttcatc ttgtgaactg cctacagtga ctagggaggt     63300
     gtgcttcatc tctgcgatgc aggagcgctg cttctctttg cctctgctga acagcaggtc     63360
     aatcacagaa tctatttcaa ctaaggatcc tgactactgc tgaacaggat cccaggagac     63420
     cactggtttg gactaagttc tggtaccata tccccacagg aaagacagaa agggagttgg     63480
     gacggtggtg gtgctggtgg tggctgcggt gatagtaatc atttgtgctg aagttgccat     63540
     tcgtgttacc aagtcatttg gccttccaag aaatcaggat tagggaaaag taacagattt     63600
     cccacagggg caagttctaa tcagtgtaac cctttgttgt tctactgttc tctctcttct     63660
     tccatttgag taactctgag atatataacc tttgatgaaa acctctttat cgtctatcta     63720
     aacaagcaaa cataccaatc ttattttata gaataaagca ctggaatttg gccagatttc     63780
     aaaatagaaa aggcaaggaa aacctttaaa gtctatcatt agaggacttt ggcccgtgac     63840
     aacactgcca ctcgtccctt ttatacacac agttcctgtc tattagcact gcccataact     63900
     tcatccagag acactatcta tgcatggata ataaacattt ggaaagtgac cagtattctc     63960
     atcaaaaagg taaatggatg gctcagcggt taagagtgct gactgctctt ccaaaggccc     64020
     tgagttcaaa tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca tccataacga aatctgatgc     64080
     cctcttctgg agtgtctgaa gacagctaca gtagtgtact tacatataat aaataaataa     64140
     atattaaaaa aaaaaaaggt gaatggagac aacagcttac cgtgcaggga tagcgcgatt     64200
     ctatgaagcc tttaaaaaga attaaaaaac caaggacaat gagctggaga gatggcccag     64260
     tggttgagag cactgactgc tctcccagag aacctaagtt caaatcccag cacccacatg     64320
     gtggctcaca atcatctgta atgggatcag atgccctctt ctggtgtatc tgaagacagc     64380
     tacagggtac gtacatatat taaataaata aatacatctt aaaaaataaa ataaaatagc     64440
     tgggcgtggt ggtgcatgcc tttaatccca gcacttggga ggcagagaca ggcagatttc     64500
     tgagttcgtg gccagcctgg tctacaaagt gagttccagg atagccaggg ctatacagag     64560
     aaaccctgtc tcgaaaaacc aaaaataaat aaataaataa aataaatcca aggatgtaat     64620
     gttatagaaa gtaaacccta ggcgcctttg gaattccttc agactgatgt tcctatgagt     64680
     caccaggaag tcatcttgct aagaaagccg aagacaggga tctgtgtgca ctctaaccct     64740
     gggcatttcc acacccaggg actggtcctc cgcacactca aggtaagaaa ctctccctta     64800
     cagagactgg aacccacggt tgccactgct tcttcacgtc agacttggtt aggcaacaca     64860
     aacagccatt cagcagtgtc actctactgc actggggctc gctcgctcgg cagttacatg     64920
     cttaccttga tggtgcaact ccaaccaaat ttggacccag gcctctaaag agtgactttg     64980
     gtccctcctt ttccaggatt gatctgagta agaaagagac atcgctttag aatctttttg     65040
     acttcaatag ctgcagatgt ggctgcttag gtgagtgttt ggagaacgtg aagccctagt     65100
     gtatcgtcag aacaaacagg gtgcagtggc atagacctgt aattacagcc ctggggaggc     65160
     aggagcggga agatgacaag ttcagagtca tctttggcta tatagagtct gaggctagct     65220
     gggctacacg aggctgtctc aaaaacaagc caagacctct gaggaaggct tatctgggca     65280
     ataagaagcc aagcatcaca gtgtcgccct gaaggaataa agtgtttgtt tagaaggccc     65340
     ctgactctta cttccctctg tagaatataa catcagaagg ttgtagagtc agacaggaat     65400
     gctacaaaga ctgtctagga aagctctgat cctgtttctc agttcctctt ttttgttttt     65460
     gtttttgttt tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtatagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactt     65520
     tgtggaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc acgtgctggg     65580
     attaaaggcg tgcaccacca ctcccggtga attctcagtt cctcttactt cagtctgaaa     65640
     tctcgccttc tcaggaggct gagacagaaa gatcacatgt tcaaggtctg cacacactac     65700
     acagtgagtt cagggcagca aacccctggc ttaagatata cactcacact taccttgcat     65760
     gcaggagact ccaggttcag gtttctataa cctgggcccc actatattat tatgatttta     65820
     ttatttctgc aaacagtctc actacgtagt ccaggctggc ttctaacttg ctatgctcct     65880
     gcttcagcct tctaagtact gggttacatg tgtgtaagac ttctaggtac tgggttacat     65940
     gtgtgtaaga cttctaggta ctgggttaca tgtgtgtaag acttctaggt actgggttac     66000
     atgtgtgtaa gacttctagg tactgggtta catgtgtgta agacttctag gtactgggtt     66060
     acatgtgtgt aaagcttcta ggtactgggt tacatgtgtg taagacttct aggtactggt     66120
     tacatgtgtg taagacttct aggtactggg ttacatgtgt gtaaagcttc taggtactgg     66180
     gttacatgtg tgtaagactt ctaggtactg ggctacatgt gtgtaagact tctaggtact     66240
     ggttacatgt gtgtaagact tctaggtact gggttacatg tgtgtaaagc ttctaggtac     66300
     tgggttacat gtgtgcaata cttcagactg aacagatgac atttctttct ttcctttttt     66360
     tttcttttga gaaagggttt tgctgtgtgg tcctggaact cattctgtag accagattgg     66420
     cctcaaactc acagagacct gcatgtctct gcctcctgag tgctggctgg gattaaaggc     66480
     gtgtgccacc actgtctacc aaaacctgct ttttaaaaaa cttactttta agtgtgtatg     66540
     tatgtgcaca ttcaaaaaga gtgttgaatc tcattttcaa atggttcaga ggagtttatg     66600
     aatgaacaca gggtcaaaat gacaaagcaa gacagtaaca cgttaaaaac tggtgtgtcc     66660
     aaaaaatgcc acaagcaagt catctgtgtt gctcttataa cttctactat ttgaaattat     66720
     ttgaaaacaa aaggggttct ttaacagcag cagcagcaac agcagcagca gtcgggcagt     66780
     agtacacacc tttaatccca gctcttggga ggagaggcag gtgggtctct gagtgctagg     66840
     acagccagtg ctacatagag aaaccctgtc ttgagaaacc aaaaccaacc aaccaaccaa     66900
     ccaaccaacc aaccaaccaa ccaaccaacc aaataaaatg aaaccaacag caccaacagc     66960
     tctttctaca ggccataaca gctgaggctg aagtgatagc atgtaaagtt ataaaaatca     67020
     aggactagag ccaacagttc ttaggccttc atgaacacag tgcttcaaaa tgaaattcgt     67080
     gggagtttca ctggagtcac aggccaaaaa taagccttct ggcttctatc aggcacaact     67140
     taatgctttc aattaaaaca ctttattttt attatcttcc tcaaagagag gactgtttct     67200
     tacaggccaa gctccttgaa caaaacaagt ctctggtagc accttggggt gagcacaccc     67260
     agtgacaaag cgagtggtag cgatcccaat gctgctccac ctgacagcgt gcaggcttca     67320
     ctgatctcca gcaatgagcc ctgtgccacc gagaagctat ctcagaaagt taagggaacc     67380
     cctggctcta ggaagccagg agccctcatc cataatgcat cgcggagcat gtgtcctcaa     67440
     gtgacttgtg ccttgtaaga gctgaagaaa gacagtctcc atagttacac gtttaacagt     67500
     ggcaacaagt caggcctgtt atataagctg aacttctgcc ctatctgggt gtttataaac     67560
     tcttctggaa caatcaagtt cccactatac agagcataca gttttgagag accaatgtag     67620
     gagccaggct cactttccca caggcatctg ccctttcatg ttggaaaagc atgtcaaaag     67680
     aggtcagaga cttgatggag tctgtcactc tgtccccagg ttagacccgg ctgcacagga     67740
     gagacaagca cctcatctca gtgtctacct gagcgaggca gtttctgaaa gacacggaca     67800
     ttaattttca gactgaaaaa ggatgctgga gaaggctcag gggttagtca cgctgctctt     67860
     gctggtcccc agcagctctg tcaggtagct cactttacaa cagcctgtaa atctccagct     67920
     gcaggagttt ccacaccttt ttctggccac ctacaagaat gtgtagtatg cacacacatg     67980
     caggcatgca tttaagtttt tgaaaattat taaaactttt aaaaagacct taaaatataa     68040
     aataataagg tacctcagta attaaaatcc tcacttaaaa atattttttt caaaaaaaga     68100
     gatacctgac aaaacagaac taaacccagg tatacaggaa aggtctgggg cttgtcctgg     68160
     tagtgtgtca cccctgggct tggcttagat ggctgactac aaagcagcta ccttcgctgt     68220
     cctcactgcc acggcaggac actgttcact actttgggat cttgtccaca agaacatcca     68280
     cacagcctaa ggacaggctt tcttcagatg ggaattagga ctcaccatac aaagaaaccc     68340
     tgctgcaaac cttaccttaa agagcatagg aaagcaccca ctaacgacag caacacaaac     68400
     gagtctacat tgagggaggg aggccagcaa gccatcccca tgacctttac tgacctgccc     68460
     aacttctaaa aatcatttgg ttggtaccga gtgctcctcc agtcacacac aacgttctaa     68520
     ggagcctgag gacactttat tattcaaaac aaaacaccgc ccaccttcca gggtggggtg     68580
     agagtgagga gacaaacaac aggaaataag tgacctgtgc tgtggaggat ggagctgtgg     68640
     tgaaggagga aggcagggtg ggtggtgagt gggtggttgg gtgagtgggt gggtggtggg     68700
     tgagtgaatg ggtgggtgga tgagtgggtg atgagtgggt ggtgggtggg tgggtgggtg     68760
     ggtgatgggt ggaggagctc aggttaaata accagatcac tgcaggatac acctgcaaag     68820
     gtgtcaaagc cagagagaat gtctggcaca cggaacttgt gctagctatg ttcctgtgct     68880
     tttataattt attcttgaga cagggtccca ccgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactctc     68940
     tgtatagacc aggctggcct caaactcaca gcgccacctg cctctacctc ctgagtgtcg     69000
     agattaaagg cgtatgccac catggccatt cctgtgcctt taaagtaaca aggaggctgg     69060
     aggggaacag tagagccaca ggactgctga gtgaagagcc ggcaggccca ggggctgctt     69120
     ggaggaggga agtgagcaga ggcctctggc tgctctgctg agcagagtga ggagtatgga     69180
     tggctacatc tcaggccagg gcagctaggg cgctagcact gccgcacagc catggcaatg     69240
     tagccttcat caggacagcg ctagcctgtt ctacactttg aaagcagagc taacaggatt     69300
     tactgtgggt ggagagaagt ctccagagtg gctccaaggt cccagaacta tagctacaag     69360
     aatacggctt cttttaacca aataggccca gggctcagca gggcaagagc tctggtctgc     69420
     gcacttttgt tgggtatgag ttgaagacat tcatgctgtc tatataggca gcagggggta     69480
     ggtgtgagaa accccattcc tcacaggtga ctaatgagac tgctggggga cagctgtcac     69540
     tgagggagcc ctgggactct gctacagcag gaggtgaggt ggtatgacag cagccacagc     69600
     taagaaagcc gaagcagcag ctaacgaaag ggctgaggcc ctgctcttag aatctctgga     69660
     ttaggggctg gtgagatggc tcatcgggta agagcactga ctgctcttcc aaaggtcctg     69720
     agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccacc cataatgaga tctgacgccc     69780
     tcttctggca catctgacag ctacagtgta tgtataataa taaaaagaat ctctgggcta     69840
     gcaccagcta catctccaca ggacctgaag gaggccatag cccagctgtg agctgagctg     69900
     ttgtggtttt ggtttacttt gctcgtagct acaccaaact gtcctagaaa tgggacgtgc     69960
     aataaacaca gttctggcat ctgcaatcgt taacttgcac gtcttcctct cgaaaatggg     70020
     agtaattgag gtccagacac taatctttaa ggctgaggtg aaaaatcaat agaatccttt     70080
     taaaacctga aaggcactga cagcaagccc acgctgcagg agcatcctaa aaacatacac     70140
     aacaggctaa agaaatagag cttgagtgag cgagacaact gtgcacgcac aaccttttta     70200
     attgggcagc atcactgtcc taagaacctg acctaactcc atggttaaca ttttgacctg     70260
     accatagtag aaacggatat tcatgtggaa gtggcagtgt gtgatgtcac agcccctgac     70320
     tgtatcaacc aaccactgct gtgggtctgt ggtgaagtat tggcttttgt gtggtgtgga     70380
     agtggttcct gagttttcaa tgacaaagtg cccttttcct ttggtttcca ctgtgaaact     70440
     catgtaggtg gggctactgg agctaggaga atctagaggc ggagaataca catcccataa     70500
     aacttgcaga agagaagcat tcacatttac cttacaggcc tagtccagcg ggtagctcgg     70560
     gcatttgggt aacgggttct cacgtagagt aaatgttaac tccgcatatg aagcggttct     70620
     tctgaacact tacccacttc catctcacgg tggacaaaca ggaagctttc tctcagtcac     70680
     tgaggaccac agatactgtt tgtttgtcct cactgagctc cgagctgcct cacacacccc     70740
     agctgggtcc ttcctgtgcc tgtcactaac cacctgtttt tgggaatcca ctcgctcagt     70800
     gttgaaacct tgatcctcct cagcagcaac ttttaaaaaa tctgaccagg gctgcagaga     70860
     tggctcagtg gttacgaaca ctggcagttc ttccacagga ccgcggctct attcccagca     70920
     gcttccacac ggtggctaac aaccgcttgt aactcctgct ccaggggact caacaccttc     70980
     cacagtgcag gcgaaacacc agtgtacact taaaaatgac ttaattaatt aaaaacaaaa     71040
     acaaacaagc aaaacaccca tctgaccagc acagtggcac agtgagtaag gacaactgcc     71100
     accaagcctg acaacctgag cctgatcccc agagtcctcc ctccacccat gtgctatggc     71160
     tgtataaggt ggacaggcgg gcgccaggga aggcctgcat gactgggctg cacttacttc     71220
     agaacctgta ggagtccagg cgtcacagac gttggtctca ccattccagc tccactaatg     71280
     gtccccagat gaacctgagg gtaatacacc gtccgaagag ctagtctcga agactgcagt     71340
     cgcgtcttaa tgacttctag tggacatgtg aaaatagcac caactgtgcc cccgcacctg     71400
     caggagagag gccacagcag gatcagaagg cagcacacat ctgtcagcaa atgtgattga     71460
     catctcgtct tttcctcttt aaaacagagt gcctgtgtgc atttcatata acttcaagga     71520
     ctgaaaaata ttaggtgagg ctccagaact aaagagaacc acttcacaat ggcctgtcag     71580
     ctcagatgcc acatggccac ttgtcaacag tttggtgcca tccttctgta actccacaca     71640
     gtattgcaat caatttccac tgttggatat tcatccactc tcaccatgag actcgccatg     71700
     aatcgtctag aaaacacatg aaagcttcac ttctgccctt cacaacaaat tgaactcctt     71760
     ttaaacacat ttcttcttgg tacaagaatg atctcaggct caactaggca gatgctctgg     71820
     gctatactca cagaccttct cctgcctcag catcctgagc agtgagtcac aggtgtgcgc     71880
     cactacaccg accttaaaca ctttccttca agacagtaca cttgtttatc ctaaacttcc     71940
     tctctccacc ttctcttcca cgacactatc tacaaaccat gctggatggg ctacagagac     72000
     atctaaagtc agcatccaca caatagggac tttcctccct ggaacacacg gcccttcagc     72060
     agagcatgtt caggcattgt tcagacatca ggaagtcata tccaacatga accatccggc     72120
     tggataggaa tatttaaacc actgatctcc taagtcagtg gggttttttt gtttgttttt     72180
     gttttgtttt gtttttaaag atttatttat ttcattataa gagtacactg tagctgtctt     72240
     cagataaacc agaaaagggc atcagctctc attaccgatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt     72300
     tgctggaaat tgaactcagg acctctggaa gaggaagcag ccagttgagc catctctccg     72360
     gcccaagtca gtgattctta accttcctga tgctacaact ctttaatcca gttcctcata     72420
     ttgtgtcact cctaaccata aaattacttt gttgatatga cttcataact gtaacttttt     72480
     ttactgtaaa aaccaaactt agtttcccag catccactat gcagcagctt gtaacagctc     72540
     cagaggatct gatacccttt tcaggtctcc acaggtactc acacatttgt catacacttg     72600
     taactaacac acacacacac tcccaaaatt taaagattgt tttgtttttg ttttttgttt     72660
     tgagtgtagt tctggctgtc ctagaactca ctatatacca ggcctgcctc aaatttagag     72720
     atctacctgc ctctgcatct caagtgggat taaagaaacg tgtttgctac caccacctaa     72780
     ctgacaaata gaaattttaa aaggaaaata tggagagagg gctggagaga tggctcagtg     72840
     gttaagagca ctgactgctc ttccagaggt cctgagttca attcccagta accacatggt     72900
     ggctcacaac catctgtaat gggatctgat gccctcttct ggtttatctg aagacagcta     72960
     cagtgtactc atatacataa aataaataaa tcttaaaaga aaatatggag agaaaattta     73020
     cttaaatttt tacaacttaa tcttatatgt gtaaaataaa gagggtacta aaactataca     73080
     gggcaagagt cgggtactaa aactatacag ggcaagagtc gggaagatgg ccccacgtgt     73140
     aaaatgcttg cctcacaagt aaccacggta atgaagaagc agagacaggt ggaactacaa     73200
     aaaagcccac tggccagcta agatagccaa attgttgagt tccaggttct acgagagtgt     73260
     tatggctcgt atatgctcag cccagggagt ggcactatta gaaggtcctg ctggagtagg     73320
     tgtgtcactg tgggtgtggc tttaagaccc tcatcctaga tgcttggagg ccagtattct     73380
     gctagcagct ttcagataaa gctgtagaac tctaggctgg gcagtggtgg tgcatgcctt     73440
     taatctcagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg cagatttctg agtttgagaa ctgcctggtc     73500
     tacagagtga gtttaaagat agccagggct acacaaagaa agcctgtttc caaaaaaaaa     73560
     aaaaaaaaaa aaagctgtag aactctcagc tcctgcacca tacctgcctg gatgctgcca     73620
     tgttcccacc ttgatggtaa tggaccaaac ccctgaacct gtaagtcagc cccaattaaa     73680
     tgttgtcctt tataagactt gccttggtca tggtgtctct tcacagcagt aaaacccaaa     73740
     ctaagacaga attgtcttta aacaaaaaag ttgaccttta tatacatata taccaacata     73800
     tggaggaatg caagaacatt gcaatcttag ggccatgtga tcaaaatctg agaccagtat     73860
     tttagacttg gttcctagcc taggcaattc tgctaccacc tccagtgaca gctgaccaca     73920
     tctcaagaca cttttggttg ttgaagtaat gtcattagca aactggtagg ctgctaaaca     73980
     tcctaaaacg cacaggggag agcaatcacc ctgtcaaagc tggaaagctc cattcgaaac     74040
     aacaagacaa aaagctcatc ttggagacag tgtaaacagg gtggtggcat tgctggcagc     74100
     ctcctagcat atggcccttc ggtcctaacc aggtctgtct cttaagccat acactaggaa     74160
     tgggaccaag gccacttcta cttttaactc tgactcactt aaacccatta acatgatact     74220
     atgtacgcca cctcactgtc gtccagagaa gagcatgtga tttggcccag gatactcatc     74280
     ataaattccc ttagagcaat gactggttta gcgatgggtg tgtcttcaag ctggtcccat     74340
     aactgaaact caagacccac tcagtggtgg agacagagga actgcatgca ggtgagagga     74400
     ccacatggtt atcactggga ggagagcagt cagggctcca tagtaacggt ggagagcttg     74460
     ctccaagagt agatttcctc ttgcttacag ctacaagtcc taaatctaca cctaaacttt     74520
     gcaagaaagc tcacaggaag tttactattg cagacaacgt tcaatgggca gtcagcagtc     74580
     ccgtggagga ggttacattt ccaataacta tgtggagacc tcctggatgt taatttaatt     74640
     tctttcacag ggtaagtttt tcacaggcct tttctcctat gtctgtttcc tcttgtctcc     74700
     tcctgaagtt agaattcctt tcttagtctg ttgtccaact ccctaacaat ggtcagcagc     74760
     agcggtgaat ggaagtccaa ggatctagca gttgctcagt cccacaagga aagcaggcga     74820
     agagggcaaa aaaaatttaa attatgtaca taaattacct ttcacctcag aatttcaata     74880
     atcaggaaat tttacatata tattttcagt aaaaatatgc tgcttcctga gcatataccc     74940
     actcactttg gcactaaaat caaagccaaa gtgcttttta ttttaaaaaa agtttattat     75000
     ttttaaaata ctgtgtgtgt gtgtagtgct tatgtggcaa tcggtcagtt ttctccttcc     75060
     accgtgtgca tgtgtgtgtg tgtacgcgcc tgtgtatatg tagtgcttat gtggcaatcg     75120
     gtcagttttc tccttccacc ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     75180
     gtagtgctta tgtggcaatt ggtcagtttt ctccttccac cgtgtgcgtg cgtatgtgtg     75240
     tgtgcgtgcg ggtgtgtgcg tgtgtatatg tacggcttat gtggcaatca gtcaattttc     75300
     tccttccacc gtgtgcgtgc gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt     75360
     agtgcttatg tggcaattgg tcagttttct ccttccactg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     75420
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtggt gcttatgtgg caatcggtca gttttctcct tccaccacgt     75480
     tggtcccaga tactaaacag attgtcaggt ctagtgcctt tgtcacctga accattgtgc     75540
     tgccccacaa acttgtatca cacttactta tttaatgtgg gggtgggtgg ccatgttgct     75600
     gtgcatgtat ggatgtcaga gggacaactc acagttctct cctgccatgt gggtctccag     75660
     gtttgaactc aagttgttgg gctcagcagg aagcccactg agctacctct taggccccaa     75720
     tgtgctatgt acaataaacc actacccaac tcgtggtaac tgatttccat gctcatgtgc     75780
     tacgcgtagg tacaaaatgg actctaccaa caaacaatcc cagtaggtgc tctgcaaccc     75840
     tctactctgt gggaatttct ctcttctctg atacttcaat aatcattact tgaagaatat     75900
     tagttacttt tggcatacaa tacaatattc tggtaagttt acttaatatc tgacatcagg     75960
     cttatgagtt gccaatagca aactgcatat tcattttacg aaggcaaaaa caattggaag     76020
     tagatggttt tcctttatat gatatgtcct ctattccatt tcatttggaa agaaaacttt     76080
     ctcttaaggt tagaaagatg gctcagtggt gaaagagtac ttgcttgctc ttgcagagga     76140
     cccagggtca gttcccagcc cccacatggt ggctcataac tgtttctgta actcctgttc     76200
     cattctggcc tcagtgggca ccaggcatgc acacggggca catacatata ggcaagcaaa     76260
     acactcatac gcataaaatg aaaatacata aatctttttt ttctttttta atgtttttta     76320
     ttaggtattt tcctcattta catttccaat gctatcccga aagttcccca taccctcccc     76380
     cccactcccc taccccccca ctcccacttt ttggccctgg cgttcctctg tactggggca     76440
     tataaagttt gcaagtccaa tgggcctctc tttccagtga tggccgacta ggccatcttt     76500
     tgatacatat gcagctagag acaagagctc cggggtactg gttagttcat atcgttgttc     76560
     cacctatagg gttgcagttc cctttagctc cttgggtagt ttctctagct cctctattgg     76620
     gggccctgtg acccatccaa tagctgactg tgagcatcca cttctgtgtt tgctaggccc     76680
     cggcatagtc tcacaagaga cagctatatc agggtccttt cagcaaaatc ttgctagtgt     76740
     atgcaatggt gtcagtgttt agaggctgat tatgggatgg atccctggat atggcagtct     76800
     ctagatggtc catccttttg tctcagctcc aaattttgtc tctgtaactc cttccatggg     76860
     tgttttgttc ccaattctaa gaaggggcaa agtggtatat attacacact ttagtcttcg     76920
     ttcttcttga gtttcatgtg tttcgcaaat tgtatcttat atcttgagta ttctaagttt     76980
     ctgggctaat atccacttat cagtgagaac atatcatttg aattaaatac ataaatctta     77040
     agaggaaaaa aaaagagctg gaaatggtgg tgcatgcctt tgatcccagc acccgggagg     77100
     cagatgcagg aggatttctg agtttgaggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtga gttccaggac     77160
     agccagggct atacagagaa accctgtctc aaaacacccc cctccctgcc ccccaaaaaa     77220
     ggaggaaaaa aaaaagcatc ccaaataaag aagaatcata tctttccaca ataagagaaa     77280
     tctaaattag cataccttat accaatatag tttcagcaaa tattaatgtg taacacagca     77340
     ataaagtaat ttctctttat ttagaccaca acaatttata cccgagttaa gttaataagt     77400
     cggtattaaa ttgtttaata ctgactggta gttgtaacct gctgggccca agaaactttc     77460
     atccttagct gggggtggga gtgaggagtg agggtcgggg gtagtggcga atgcctttaa     77520
     tccaaatgct agggaggcag aagcaggtag atctctgaat tcaaggacag catgatctac     77580
     agagttaagt tccaggatag ccaggactac acagagaaac cctgtcttgt acaaaaagga     77640
     ggaggaggag gaagaggagg aagaagagga ggaggagaag gaagaaaagg aagaggagga     77700
     agaagaaact tccattctat tgggcatttc ccaaccaaat taaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa     77760
     aaaatacttt tcatatatac aaatatacta aatgaggaca tcaattatat tcacaatagt     77820
     atatacatag cctgatcaaa atattgctca ttatctttgc ttaataattc ctgtaagcat     77880
     gtgttactgt ttgtcggtct tgggtagtac agtggatgca accaaggact gtgtctgcta     77940
     gcactgcttt gcagtgagct ctatcctcag actgcaggta aggttgaatg gtctctacac     78000
     tgtcccagac aagggaacag ccatctctgt aatgctgcaa agtaaccagg attaaactgg     78060
     tagcaacata gtgcccgagt gcacctgtca gctgctgtca atgatctgtg ggaagacaat     78120
     atattctgaa aatatcaggg gctacacatt ttcagacctt aaagatctac tatattccca     78180
     ttaaaagcct ttttttggag cacgctgggg attgaaccaa gaacccaggg ccactgtcat     78240
     aataaacaca caatctacta ataaagttat ttcctggccc ctattaaaaa atattttaaa     78300
     ggtcatgtaa ttgtatagta tgataacatt tacacaaagc cacaccataa atagtaagac     78360
     tgaaagtatc taatgcagac tgtcaatctc tgaatctacc atagattaat ccagctgtcc     78420
     agtcatctcc agcacagagc agatctagtc accactcttt ggtagcactg caggcaaagg     78480
     gtgccactgt taccagaaca caagtccccc aggcccttga aagcaaatca attcacaagt     78540
     aagggccact tcggagaaat ctagtggact cctcctctcc ctccatctcc cccttaacac     78600
     cccccagatg aggtttctct gtgtaacaga agccctggct gtcctggact tgctctgtag     78660
     actacacctg tccttttttc ttaatgggat ggtttaaacc acagaaagga atggtagtct     78720
     ttatgaagtg gaaacttaag ggttctttgg aaagttggtt ggatggtgtt ttgctggagc     78780
     aaacatgtag ttaaaaggct gggcagtggt ggtgcacacc tttaatccta gcacttggga     78840
     ggcagagaca ggcggatttc tgagttccag gccagcctgg tctacaagag tgagttccag     78900
     gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcaaaaaac taaaaccaaa accaaaacca     78960
     aaaaaacatg tagttaaagt ggacacaggt gtgaaaggct aaggcagact catgaaggaa     79020
     tgtttcactg gagcggacac tgaagggtat aaataggtct tgatggacag tggtgaaggc     79080
     taacctaggc ttgcttatag aggtagctgt gtaatgcttg tgggtctcac gtcttcactg     79140
     atcttcactt ccctgagagg cacagccaag aacctctcct ggtgttcctg ctggtctctc     79200
     ctgctgactt gtgccaaggc tgaggcctgg ctgtctctgc taggtcaagt cactgctctt     79260
     tgctaacctg actctaccta actggactgc tggtgtagcc aatgaggtgt ttgtgagttg     79320
     atcaagctgc tgctgcctgc taacctgtga tatgaattgc tgatttccag acaacacaga     79380
     ccagagttgc tccaaagatc ccctccaccc ccacccccaa tccccaatcc tttttttccc     79440
     actacctctg gtgggtggtg ggttacaagg aaggttaaaa cattaagaat catcattaaa     79500
     aaaaatggga tttcaaaaga aattaaagtt ctatctttat ttgttagagt aacaatgtct     79560
     gagtgctttg acaacactga cactgaggaa agcacaaacc ttataggtac tgttaatgcc     79620
     agaacgaacc tcatccacac agatgcagca cacgctagga ggcaaacgaa aatgctgaga     79680
     ccgcttggga ctagagagat ggctctgtgg ttaagagtac atgccgctct tccagaggac     79740
     cagacttgat tatggccgct cacaaccatc tgtgacccag ttcaagggga tccaatactc     79800
     tcttctagcc cctgatgggc atagggctta tatgtaatac ataaatatag ctgtagacaa     79860
     aacagccata cacataaaat caaatctaaa agatattttg gctcagcagc tgtatctcca     79920
     caggtatgat ttctagcgca cgagaaggga caaagtggcg attagaaaga tgtcatcggt     79980
     gtgtttagga gcttgctata agttatgccg ttcactctgt gatggtgtat ttattcacgg     80040
     atacccactc gcatatgggc ttaaaaattg gatttgccct caccggtctc ttcataaact     80100
     tgggactgaa tattaaacag agatgtacta aaggtaaact gtactcagaa atacactaca     80160
     atggaaatca atacatcact atgaagaaaa caaagtgaag agcaggcagg ggctttagcc     80220
     agccaggcaa cgtggctcat gccttggaat cctagtactt agaaggctaa ggcaggattg     80280
     ctgggagtgt gaggctagcc tgggctatac ggtgaattcc agacctgctc acacaaaata     80340
     aacaaacaga aacaactcaa tcttatattt aaagttagta taaaattggg ttggggcata     80400
     tatacactcg gaacctttcc caaagtgctt atttctagat tttggtctgt ggtggccttt     80460
     ctgttctctt ctctgagggc aacatgctac actgaaaatc tgactagtat atgttaatat     80520
     aggaaataat cttgggaaat aatccagaaa cttgttcctt taagaaaaaa aaaattaaag     80580
     actatgagtt ggccggacag tggtggcaca cacctttgat cccagcactt gggaggcaga     80640
     gacaggcgga tttctgagtt caaggccagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc     80700
     agggctacac agagaaaccc tctctggaaa aaccaaaaac caaaaataaa caaacaaaca     80760
     aacaaaaaag actatgaatt gttttggtgc agtctgtttt ttttccagga tctaaaatag     80820
     attttcactg gttatattaa tttataagcc tttgatagct agtagaagtg tattaccagg     80880
     acctggtggc acatatcttt aatcgtggta cttgggaggt agaagcagag acagaagatc     80940
     tctgtgagtt ctagaccttg tctccaaaaa acaaaacttg tttatattat tataatcagg     81000
     gatatcgtta aatctgtttg ggaacatagc cttcaatgat tattcaacaa acaagggaaa     81060
     ccaacagatt ttaaaagcaa gatctcagac ttctcaaagg cattgaactt agctctctgg     81120
     agagatgcca gctaacaaca gaggaaaggg cttaccagac ccctgggctg acaactttta     81180
     actatagtct gtgccctctt tatactgact cctttcatgc tctaccttaa aaggtgtttt     81240
     aggctaaaat ccaattagag ctctgaaagc agctttttga gggttcattt cttttctcat     81300
     ctgcaagcac agagatctta aatggctaat gaaggaacca gaacttgtta aacaccactg     81360
     cttcaggcac agcactaata aactccctgc ctcttaatga gtcccgcaag cctcactgcc     81420
     cattgcagta ttctctatca gcacgtaaga ggctggaatt ggcagccaga gggcactgtg     81480
     aagggtgtgc agggaaatcc atccagacag ggtcatcaac tatagtagtg agcctcaaca     81540
     caggccactc tgaaactccc ccagttaaga gcaggcagac atacaacata agagaccact     81600
     cagttaaaaa agaaaagaaa agaaaaagta taacaaacaa acaaaacaac ccattgagta     81660
     taaacttatt tctcttggct ttaaaaatat gcctaacaga ctttaagttc cctgggatga     81720
     cacatttata taaagtgagg gtgccttcta aggcttactc tcaaaggtta ataccaatga     81780
     agacatggat aggaggaatg aaggcctgac agaaatggat gaacaagaaa ttcctcctgc     81840
     ctaggcacaa ccattaaagc tatctgacgg gtgaaaggta ctgccagcct gccaggtaaa     81900
     aggaccaagg caccagaaac cctttcatca ccgttatttt ctggataacc ctttcattaa     81960
     ccattacttt ctagtatatg gaactgttta ggtccagtta tagttctcaa gtgaagatga     82020
     taacacagga aaaacgctgc atgttatgta aaacttaaat agctgggcta aatctcaaag     82080
     agctcttcat gaccccaggg ctggggacac agctccatag atagtttgaa aaaccagcac     82140
     caaaagggtc ccaagccact agcagctatg acaaaaggaa aagaaaaata ctatttaaaa     82200
     aagaaaaccc caaactttcg tttttttagg gggttaattc agctcctagt tgtatcctcc     82260
     tatcatgatg tgttcctcca ctgaaaatca ctgaaaggtg ctttaggatc gattagcact     82320
     gaccaacctt ccgaggtccc catttaccgt cccacgtggt gcagaccagc atccgttccc     82380
     ccccaacccc ccatactccg cagggcaggc cacgggctgc cctgcgacac ctgcccgcag     82440
     ctctgaccca gcgcagtacc tcctgggcta gctgccccgg gacctccagc atccgcacct     82500
     ctgcagcggt gagtgaccgc agcgtgatca ggaaaacgcc aggaggccgg agccacaggg     82560
     gctcggcgcg atcgcccctg gtgacagtca caccagccag gaattgttca aaaggagaat     82620
     acggcgagag gcggccggtg ggtgggggat gggaccgcgg acgcgccggg tggaaagccg     82680
     ccgtgccggc tgaccccgcg gtggggacgc cgaagccacg accctcctgg gctgcccgtc     82740
     ctggcttcac cccagtccgc gacggacggg aaacgcggat tcccaaggcc acggcacgca     82800
     gggggagaag gccggggctg aggcgagagc agctcgggcc ccagactcac ccgccggcga     82860
     agagatgaag cagcgtgttc tctttctgct gagtgcccgt cgccatggcc gcgccggctc     82920
     cgcggcccgc cgcagccgct cgtgggacgc gcgaggtctt gagctccgct ggcttcgctg     82980
     ccttcctcag gcagccgccg acgcgcccat gcgcgcggga ggcccaggcg cccggctccc     83040
     tccgcggcgt cgcgcccggc cagtcagcgg cctctgcggc gctttccagc cgctaggcag     83100
     agagcctagc gcgcggccgt cacgtggcgg aggccgggcc gtgacgtcgc ggggcgcggc     83160
     gcggcggagg tgtgggcccg gatcccgtac gcctattgga cggcaggtgg atgtgggcgt     83220
     ggcggtcgtg caacgcgggg cgggatcagg ccccgaaggg ctgctcagga taataagagg     83280
     atgaccagca aactggtcaa agctgcttgg tccttctcag aggctggaaa ctgagtgtgt     83340
     aaccatgccc tatgctccaa acctcttctt ctttttcttc tttttaaaat tatgtttatg     83400
     tgtgtgtgat ttgttttttt ttaagacagt cttacattgc agtcctggac tgcctggaac     83460
     ttgccatgta gaccaagctt ggcctcaaat tcacatttta tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc     83520
     aagtgctggg cctaaaggcg tgcgccacca ctacccagca ccttggaact ttctatgtag     83580
     accaagataa cctcgaagtc acattgatcc ttttgcctct gcctctccag tgctgagatt     83640
     acccagctgt tttttgtggt ttttattgtg tgtttttaag ggatgtcatg ggttcacaca     83700
     tgccactgtc taatggtgaa gaccagagca cagcttgcag gagtcagttt tgcctattca     83760
     tcatgcaggt cccaggaatt gacttgtttt ttgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagttctag     83820
     gtgttctgga acttactgtg tagaccaaac tggcctcaaa ctcacagatc tacctgcttc     83880
     tgcctcctga gtgctgtgat tgaaggcatg agccaccatg cctcacgggt cccaggaatt     83940
     ggactcaagt tgtcggattt ggctgcaagt acatttaccc tgagctcccg atctttttaa     84000
     gaatttcatt ctgtaatatt tccatgtata aacatgtatg gtgattacat attacatctc     84060
     acagctctga gcttaaatag gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacac gtcacctaaa cagcctgccc     84120
     tcctctagcc tacccttagt gttttgtgtg ttcttgatct ttctataaat agcattatat     84180
     ttggtatgta ttttgcagtg tgaattttgt actgtgtgcg ctgatgctcg gacttgagcg     84240
     acccagatcg ctcctcccct taaatatcct ggaccactgc cacagtgagc ctggcatctt     84300
     cttacctcca ggtctggctc ttggctgggc tttgcctggt tgccctggca gcaccctgat     84360
     cacatggctt cggtgactcc atgtgggctc gtgtactcac tctgttttat tcaaactgtt     84420
     tgtcccattc tggaatgcaa gctccatggg agtggggggc cttgttttta cacttcatgg     84480
     ttgttcttaa cagattgttc ctgtcacggt acctgccacc tagtactgcc cagggaacta     84540
     ataaacaaat gtcctagatt gaactgatca ttctactcct cccccaagcc tgctcagtct     84600
     cttctgttcc ctgccctggt agtgactcta tattctgcac aggcaccaag gccattaatg     84660
     tcagcttcta aactgactca tactctctcc cttcccctcc ctccctccct ccctccctct     84720
     cttccctctt tcttactttc tcccttcttc tgcttctgac acttctagct ctgacaagtc     84780
     ttggaactca tcctttcctt ccttccttcc ccctcccctg ctagggactc caggtctgtg     84840
     tgtgtcccac caactctgca gctgagagga agctgtcccc acaggccact cctttgctcc     84900
     tttaccttcc agagtattcg gatgcagaac acaccaaccc attgtcttcc gtctcccaca     84960
     tctgatgaga agcaccgcct ttaaccggct gagctgccag acgtcctgtg tgtacacaga     85020
     gggaaactgg agtaggaggc gagctgtgag caaacacggc agatctgtat ttgatagtgg     85080
     gcattgctta gaaacaactg ctaggctcag tcacctgcaa acacagtgat tgctctatag     85140
     taaagccatt gctgccaggc agagctgggc atagcagcga tccaaatctg ggcatagagt     85200
     tcagtggtag agcggagctc tccatgtggg aggatccata ccagctacac tctaatattg     85260
     gacaaaggaa aggaaaaggt gagattcttc atctttcttg tatctaccaa atccttcgct     85320
     ttcgttgctt aggaaatgag agcttacttt agctgacata gatttttaag tctttttttt     85380
     tttttttttt ttttggtttt tcgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccttgg ctgtcctgga     85440
     actcactctg tagaccaggc tggccttgaa ttcagaaatc tgcctgtctc tgcctcccaa     85500
     gtactgggac taaaggtgtg cgccaccact gcccggctga tttttaagtc ttttaataaa     85560
     aaaaaaaatt atgtgtataa atatatcaca tgtatgccta gtgtccaaga agaccagaag     85620
     aggcagtcag atcccctgga tctggggtta cagaaagtcc caaaccacca catcagtgct     85680
     ggggacagaa ctcaggtcct ctccaagggt aggctgagcc acctctccag ccccagtaaa     85740
     aggaggtttg tagggtagtg gggaacttaa gcagggtgct gccaggctgt taactagaag     85800
     ggagttgtcc ctctctgtgc aggattttgg ggtttgcttg tctatttgtc tgactgtctg     85860
     ttcagagaca aggtctcact atgtagcact ggccagcctg caactctctc tatatgggca     85920
     aagctaagct tgaactcaca gaactctgcc tgcctacctc agccacccaa gcaccgcgcc     85980
     atgccccatc ctagactgga ctttaaacca gaggaggtgc caccctggga acccacccct     86040
     ttccttggct ctaacccttc ggcagagcca gtctcctggc ttcttctcct cgggcctgcc     86100
     agtgcagtgc tgagctggac acacagctga gactccagcc tgcttgtcag caaggcagct     86160
     tgcctgcgag agcttttcca aggtccttca cgtccactat cactgcagac ccatgttgtt     86220
     ggcagccctg ttgttttgtt ccctctcgta gacaagcagg acacatccac ccaaggtcaa     86280
     cagctaaatt ggtggctgat gcaacgctct gtcatgcctc agagtttttg aatgagctgt     86340
     ttctgattcc gggatgccag ccttcctcca ctgcgcaggt tcctgctgga cctacagtac     86400
     ctctccttcc tcctccctgg actaagtatt aagccagctc agagattggc ctcctcgtga     86460
     agcgtgtcta gtccctcttg gctcctgttt cctggaagga tttgactaca gcacctgtac     86520
     tacggaacta cagcaggagg ttgtgaacca cttgaattta ctccctggtg tgtcccttgc     86580
     tgggaaggaa gaactcgggc agcattttca gagggaagtc tgggaatttt tgttgacatc     86640
     tgtgaataag ttatttggct cagcaatgcc acatggcaag agctgttggt ttccgttgtt     86700
     taacacatct actgtttaaa tcagtacttc aggctccttg ggtacagcag agatggaaat     86760
     ggacacaaat ccttcgcttt gggacagtgg cagtgtgctt gcacaaagca ttgtgtattg     86820
     aatccagcat ggcatgaaaa cccgagcatg ggctggagag ctggctcagc agttaagagc     86880
     actggctgct cttccagagg atccaggtta gattgccagc atccacatgt acaggttatg     86940
     tttacaactg cctgtaactc cagtccaatg ggatccaatg ccctctcttc tggcctccaa     87000
     aggcaccagg cacacagtcg tacacagaca tgtatgcagg caaaacacat atgcataaaa     87060
     atagatgata ggtagataga tagataaata aaaatggtca tggtggtata tgtttgtaat     87120
     ccctgaatgt aagaggtcgg tcatccttgg ttacacagtg agttctatgc cagcctgagc     87180
     tatataaaac tttttctcaa aaacaagact aaaaacaaca aaatacacaa ttaaattcag     87240
     caattacaga aaatatatga gcaaatggct tataatcccg aaccatgaag ctggtttaac     87300
     atgggagcat caataatata ccatagcaga ttaacagaag aacaaaggga gagtgtcaat     87360
     aaacacagaa agtgtttgtc acgagtgcac actattctcg ataaaaagga ctcagcaatc     87420
     ttcctgctgt ctaagccagg cgtggcagta cacacctata atcctaaccc ttgtttgctg     87480
     tcgcggcgag tcaccgagga ttgtagaaac ctcttatttt tctctgtctg tgtaaaaaat     87540
     aagaaagtgg gaaaagccaa gtcttgccac agccaattaa aaataattat tttatgtgtt     87600
     tgggtgttct gcttgcatgc atatctgtgt accacctgtg tgccagatcc cctgagagga     87660
     cagaaaagag catcaggctc cctggaactg gaatcccaga aagtcatgag acaccatgtg     87720
     ggggctggga agtgaattca ggtcttctgc aagagcagcc agtgctgtta accagggagc     87780
     catctctcca gctccctcag ccaaagtggt tccctcccgc cccccgagac agagtttctc     87840
     tgtgtagcct tggctgtcct ggaactccct ctgtagacca ggctggcctt gaactcagaa     87900
     atccacctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtggccacca ctgcccggcc     87960
     cggccagcca agttttatta aaagcagaag tgcgtgcgca gacagacaga cagacagaca     88020
     gacagacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacagaga gagagagaga gagagagaac     88080
     aaagcacata gagagacagc ttcttaggtg ggaaggagac ctaaggtagt gtcggagttt     88140
     aatctcagag acaaacattc ttatgtttgg ggggtactgg ctcccttttt gcatcaggac     88200
     tggctggttt gggctagcac agggccagta atctagacaa agaaggagaa gctgattggt     88260
     cctcagcata ggaaaccaat ctagcgtacc cttcttcaaa aatgccactg agaagttctc     88320
     cctggcagga aaacaggcag caaacccttg tcttcaagaa agctaaccac ctttttttgt     88380
     ctaagtggag agcatattaa tctacctaga gcgtcgctgc ccttcctccc tgcctacctg     88440
     tctgacccgt ggtccttcac tcaggaggta gaggctacag gatcaggaat tccaagccag     88500
     cctgagctac atgagacttt gtctggaaca agcctacagc tgacgtcata ctttatggtg     88560
     gccagtggcc gcccatcccc caaggttagc agcacaggtg tgagctcgaa ctcttctcca     88620
     tcgctgcact gggttagggt cccagcctgt acagtcagtt aagaacacac atggaaggca     88680
     caaagattat aggataggtt gtggctgtgg ctccatcttg ctttactccc attctcttcc     88740
     atcctcgggg tgtgtcttca ctctgcagtc tgagtccctt gttctaaaga ggaagagctc     88800
     gggacggcac gtctccatta gccccaccac catggggcgt tggggaagag ggagacgtgg     88860
     aatgttgttt tctggatgtg acagggacgt cccagtcagc tcacagcatc tgtggtgacc     88920
     cacctgcaca gcaccaaact agccaacaag ctggcacaga catcgtagat ggggtgtcca     88980
     gcctccgctt ctttcctgag gagccattgg ctgtggggtc gtcgccaggg gaggaagact     89040
     catccacttc ttaggatgag gccactggca ggtttcccat gctccagagc atgacctcac     89100
     acccgcgcac acataagcag cactgactgc atgagagaga ggggagggca gggggttgga     89160
     aaggggctga aggaacatag gagtggggaa atggggtaga tatgatcaca tttcactatg     89220
     caaatatgta tacacatata aatatgcaca tacacatgta cttgtattta tggtgattgc     89280
     caggagagtt tcacctccgg taggtgtcaa aacaccaggc taccgactca cgttcttagg     89340
     gaggttgctt ctgcaggcag ttcctaaccc ggttctcggt tctcattgta aacatctctt     89400
     cctttacaaa ggctgaaagg cagtctggag atgtcagtcc agggatgtag caaccccagg     89460
     gagctctgct gtctcttcct caacactggt ctcttggata ttgactttct gtgcaacagg     89520
     cctgagtttg cgcatgtctg tctcaaaggg agaagtaaaa gtctcttcag cggcagatga     89580
     tgtaactctt acgaaatccc aggggatttc tataacaact cagacgaact ggcaaattca     89640
     gccaggtcac aggaagtaaa gacaacgtag gaaagaaact tccttttgca gataattggc     89700
     ttatggccaa caagatgact cagcaggtta aggcacttgt caccaagact gatggcatga     89760
     gctcggcatc ccgaacccac acagtgtggg gagagagaca gccctgcaaa cagtcctttc     89820
     acccccaaac atgtgccaca ccacacaaat gcccacgcac atgcaaacaa acgtaactta     89880
     gaaaaaaaaa atctcattat aatagcatcg agagagaaaa agaaaaatca gaaaatgagg     89940
     aagaaacagg tgtaaaagaa tccgtggttc tgtttatata atatggcagg gtgggaggac     90000
     tgactcccac tagacaaatg agtggctggc tgcctggggt gggggatggg aaaggctgac     90060
     tacatgtctt acttagggtt gcgattgcag tgctgaaaca ccacgatcaa aagcaacttg     90120
     gggaggaaag ggattgttcc cttcaaactt ccacacaaca gctctcagtg gaagcagtta     90180
     aacagggcag gagcttagag gcagagctga tgcagaggcc agggaggggt gctgcttacc     90240
     ggcttgctcc tcaaggcttg ctcagccttc tttcttatta gaacccagac cgccagccta     90300
     ggggtggaac cacacacaat gtgctacacc cttccagatc tatcattagt taagaaaagc     90360
     cctctaaact tgctgcaacc tgatctgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt     90420
     tgtttttgag acagggtttc tctgtagagc cttggctgtc caactagctc tgtagaccaa     90480
     gctggtcttg aactcacaga gatctgcctg cctctgtctc tggagtgtta ggactaaagg     90540
     tgagctccac tgccttccag cttctacagc ctgatcttat ggaggcattt tccaattgag     90600
     gttccctcct ctcagacggc ttcagtgtgt agcaagttga cgtaaaacca tccagcgtat     90660
     tagaagctga acgaaacttc caagagtcga gaaaaatgtc ctttattctg attcatagct     90720
     gtagaaacct aatgagaata aaagcaatag aaagttccac tctgaggctg ggcatggagg     90780
     cacacgcttt caatccagca cttgggagat agaggcaggg tgaccagaag ttcagagtta     90840
     tcctctgctg tacagtgagt tcatggccaa cctaggatac gtaagaccct gtatccaaag     90900
     gaaagaaagt gtaaatttgc caggaatgct ggatcgtgcc tctaacctcg gccctcagga     90960
     agcagagagg caggagagga ggatcaggac tccgaggtca tgcttgacta cgttgcaatt     91020
     ttgcggctat tctggaccat atgaaatctg tccccactac cacccaagta cgtcctcttt     91080
     acgagagata cattttattg tatgtacgtt gcatctcagt gaagactaga ttaaaaaaaa     91140
     aaaagcaagg ccagctacct gtactactag cccaggagtg gggtgtagct cagtggtaca     91200
     gtatgtgctt agtgcccacg aggccctggg tttagccgct aacataaata aatacaaaat     91260
     ggacaatata ccacatgtca agttcagaga tgccaaacta agtatgtgtt acccatccat     91320
     tcgtttgctg accccgactt gatgggtgga agaagaaaag tgtccttccc caatcaggtt     91380
     tccaaggcca gtgacttccc ttgacccgat gcaggctccg tcttgtttct tccccttact     91440
     gctgtctctc aagcctctaa ttctctaatt cttgttttcc tgcagaagct gccggcacag     91500
     gcaggcaggc aggcaggcgg gcgggcgggc aggcaggcag gcaggcaggc aggcaggcag     91560
     gcaacgactc gccacgccac cgccgcagtg gcttgggggt ttcattgctt tgtggggagt     91620
     tgtgaggaat tgttgctttg tgagcaccag aggcagggcg ccgggtcatt tctttctctg     91680
     gaggcttctg gtagcttcct gtataatcaa ccgagagaaa gccagtgaga atggtttcta     91740
     tctgggggca aggagagtag taacagaggt gtgtgagtgt gtgtgtgtga atgtgtgtgt     91800
     gagtgagtgt gtgtgagtgt gtgtgtgagt gtgagtgtga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     91860
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gaatggggta aacacaaacg ctgggcctct tcactccccc     91920
     atctctttct ttgaaccaga tccagcctga gccagatttc ccgctgctgt ggtcctagtg     91980
     agattctaca aaccaagctt tctcgttaat gaaagaccaa cgttgtcttt gcttggcaag     92040
     ggaaagccag ggcggcctgt gagtctcctc tgtctgccag gctggaacct gttttccctg     92100
     gctctctgag agttccctgt tcctgttcgg attgtttctt agaaggaaat tacctctaga     92160
     ataaagtcaa gtttaagagt ccgtacttgt gtttcctatt atgttgaatg acgttgaaaa     92220
     ctcaggggtc acccaaagga gtggctggca cctctgtgcc catgtctgta ggctggccag     92280
     tgggtaggtc tcctttcttc ttcctgctat tgtctaggct tcagcttctg agaggctgca     92340
     gaggcaaggc tctgtgacca gagtcacctt tgcctctgtt tctccacctg ctgggtcagg     92400
     tggctccttt agctggtgct ttagagtgag gattaataat gaccgtgtta gagaaggagc     92460
     aacggctcag ctgttaagag caattgttgc tcttgcagag aaccggttct ggtcccagta     92520
     cctattgggt ggcttgtaac tgtcagttcc agagaatctg atatcctcat ctggccttaa     92580
     caggcacatg caagcatatg ttgtaccccc ccccccccgt ctctgtctct gtctctctca     92640
     cacacacaca tgcaaataaa tctttgttat tttttatttt ttgaggttta tttatttatc     92700
     ttatgtatgt gcatacacca ttgtagctgt cttcagacac accagaagaa gacatcggat     92760
     cccattacag atggttatga gtcaccatat ggttgctggg aattgaactc aagacctaca     92820
     gaggaatagt cagagccatc tctccagccc atacatcttt tttaaaaaag aacttttgtt     92880
     tcaaacagga gagactaggc tgggctgtga agaaaaatgt taagaatgtt atagtcctaa     92940
     aagaagaaag gacagactag gcagcagtgg cgcatgtctt taatcccagc actcaggaag     93000
     cagaggcagg tggatctctg agttcaaggc cagcctggtc tacagatcta cagagcaagt     93060
     tttaggacag ctagggctac agagaaaaac cattttggaa aatgagagag agagagagag     93120
     agacagagac agagacagag acagagagac agagagacag agagacagag acagagagac     93180
     agagacagag agtcagaagg agagaaagag acagacagac agacaacaca gagagaaaga     93240
     cagacagaga tcctattgca tgccagccat ggtccaaagg gcatcatgaa cacaaagcta     93300
     cggtcagggg aacagctcag ggtgagcgtc tgacagcaga agcctggccg tgctttacaa     93360
     gtctgcgttg taatggtttt ccagaagtcg gatagcgtat gtgtctgact ctgggcagca     93420
     ctccattttc agatagcaag tgttttgagt agtcacatgc agggacttta taagcacgct     93480
     ttaagcagct ttgtggccag gaaaggtcag ggtgtgctgc cagaggaggt cttgccaggt     93540
     cgcctcttga tgccaacagg gttaatctct cgcctttgtg actttggggt tttacaactg     93600
     cagaagaagg actctgaatc tgtttcactt catctgatgt ccagacaccg actgtgggtg     93660
     agttctcaac gccaggcaca cggggcaaac gttctgtccc tgctcatcgc ccccaagcac     93720
     tcttctcctc cgagtctcac ctgtgctaag tgagcactcc atcactgagc taggtcctca     93780
     gtcttgtgcc tggagtcttg acagcacagc agcccttcgt acaccttatc tatgcaagcc     93840
     tcccaaccac ccatggcttc ttattatcct ccttcattca agccgaagcg agattaggtg     93900
     ccgggagatg tcatattaag gtgcctgctt gcatgaggac ttgagtctgg attctcagtg     93960
     tccatgtaga ggccaggctg atgatgtgtg tatgctaccc cagtgccagt gccaaggggg     94020
     tggagacagg gtgagccctt gagctcatca accatccagc ctggaccaat cagcttcagg     94080
     ttccgtaaga gactctgttg tctgtttaag ggtgagaaag gcattgtctt tttaagggtg     94140
     agaaagacac ttgattctaa actctggctt atgcacacac atgcacatgc tgcaccctcc     94200
     ccccccccca cgaacatact catataagaa atatgcatac aagagagaga aagtgaaaag     94260
     aggaaaggga aggaggaggg agacagacag acagacagac acacacactc acacacacac     94320
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag agagagagag agagagagag agtatttaag     94380
     taacacacag agtatttaag tacattgtcc tgtccagagt cagaaatgaa ctcagcactc     94440
     agctgtctgg gcctgcagag agatgctgag ctggtataga gggtgagcaa ccccctggag     94500
     agtcaggaca catgggttca catctgagga ctctgagccc accactgagc cactgagcag     94560
     tggcttctcc agctataatg agatggacca caatagcatc tacttcctag ggcacagtaa     94620
     ggattacata cgatcagtaa ttgttgggat ttcctagagg aagcacccag ttaatgtgag     94680
     tcacattatt ctcccagttt gggctccctg gctctcagcg tggatctttg ctacaccaag     94740
     tgacaaaaag gtctttgagg accctcagca caagaggaat ggtggctctg acatgagatg     94800
     tcttagggtt ttattgttgt ggagagacac catgaccaag gcaacttttt ttttttttaa     94860
     gatttattta tttgctgggc agttgtggca cacaccttta gtcccagcac tcgggaggca     94920
     gagacaggtg gatttctgag ttcgaggtca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt tctaggacag     94980
     ccagggctat acagagaaaa cctgtctcaa aaaaccaaaa agaaaaaaaa tatttattta     95040
     tttcatgtat gtgggtacac tgacactgtc ttcagataga tcagaagagg gcatttgata     95100
     cccattacag atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttcctggg aattgaactc aggacctctg     95160
     aaagagcagt cagtgctctt aacagctgag ccatctctcc agctccaagt caactcttaa     95220
     aaaggcaaat atttaatcag gctagcttac aatttcagat gttcagttca ttatcatcat     95280
     ggtggggagc atggcagcat ggaggcagac atgatgctga aggagaatcc gttctggata     95340
     catttcgatc tgaaggcggt caggaggaga ctggaattcc acactgggca gagcttgagc     95400
     acagagatct caaagcccac ctccacagtg acatacttcc ttcaataagg ccacaagtac     95460
     tccaacaggg ccacaccttc taatagtgcc actccctggt ttgaagacat gaaggggtca     95520
     tgaagagcag ttgaggcttg ggactgagag accatggaag gccattggtg aaggtacagt     95580
     tacagttgat ggcctaggac tgaagggatc atgcaaagga tttgaggctt ggcaccatga     95640
     aaagagtcta tgagaggcta ttggtgaagc ctagttgcag cagaagaccc cagcgtattg     95700
     gagatgcagt accatgggat gatcaccaag aacagcagtg gcactggagt ggatcaacct     95760
     aagcttagag tgctacagac agcagagctg gagaagtgat gctagctctt tggaggagcc     95820
     cagaagacca tgtgtggagc ccagatattg aaacaagcaa ctgtaacatt aaagttgctt     95880
     tggagacatc aagatgtttg agatgccaga gctgtgggct ctgctgagga acattgcaca     95940
     gggagtggtg gaaccagcct aggagaaaga agtttgttgc agtcgacaaa gatgaaaaag     96000
     gagttggaga tgtgaagact gccttgaaat caaacatgga gacacaaagt ttggagtttg     96060
     cccagctggt ttcctgtctt gctttgggga ttgcagttaa gtgattagat gaatctcaga     96120
     agagaccatg aactttggac ttctaacatt gttgagactg ctagagacct ttgaagttgg     96180
     actaaatata ttttgcatta tgctgtgttt aggtgtggct cccatagact caaaattttg     96240
     aacaagccta tgggggccag ggaatggaag gtgatggttt gtatatgctc agcccaggga     96300
     gtagcactat tagaaggtgt ggccctgttg gagtagttat gtcattgtgg gtgtgggctt     96360
     ttagaacctc atcctaggtg cctggaaggt agtattctcc tagcagcctt cagatgaaga     96420
     tgtagaactc agctcctcct gtaccatgcc tgcctggatg ctgccatgtt cctgccttga     96480
     tgataatgga atgaccctct gaacctgtaa gccagcccca attaaatgtt atccttataa     96540
     gagttgcctt ggtcatggta tctgttcaca gcagtaaagc cctaactaag acagggacca     96600
     aacgtattca aaccaccaca ggagaagacc tgttactccc tagcctggca cccagcattg     96660
     gctgcctgcc ttcagttctg agggatgctg aagcaagggc attaatatgg ctagcttgtg     96720
     ttggagatac aatgatacct agattcacag cagcatccaa ccccgaggag cagggaaaca     96780
     gaacagatct cattcattca ttcattcatt cacccattaa ttcatgtctg cacacaatga     96840
     atgctgattt gccccctttc tccactacaa atctgacttg acctccagaa cacaagcttc     96900
     atggagagtc tcagaggttg caaaagccct aaaaggtctg aaggcagcaa gtcatcgaat     96960
     tcctctgggg agacattggg agggtctctc tgaggaaggg gtacctgaag attgattgtc     97020
     aagggttggg atagtgaccc agggatagag agcatcctgg ggtaaggcct ggagcctgga     97080
     gagaaaggct ggcaagtcat gagtcctgtg gggctggaga atagcagaaa gagagaggaa     97140
     gagaacatgg ggttaccgtt ctatcccaag agcaatggaa actgctgagc agttctggaa     97200
     ggatcaaggg gtgaccaaga cagaccatct tggaggccat gtggacaagg aatctgttag     97260
     cctaaggctg ggttcttgag attaggtggg tggtgcagac aagaaaggac aaccctgaga     97320
     ccagggtcac tggcctgaga tggtgggaaa tggctggctg taaagtgact ctaagtgaca     97380
     agctgaggtt gaggatggga tagccaaggc ttctgtggga gacaaatggc tgacgggaac     97440
     cagcgagggg cctgcacaga aagggagggc atagttcttg tagacaggag ggaagggcta     97500
     atgaccgctc tgacctgggc gttccatatg cacatcacag ctgagcctag gtcatcagag     97560
     gccacagctt atatttcacc tcaacactaa agtttctgat gatgatgctg ggctccaaaa     97620
     ccaagcctga cctggttaca ctttccagct gtggccaacc tagaggttca gagtcaaagt     97680
     gcccgatcct agatccacaa ctgccggcag ctggctttcc tagccactgg tgctgaaatc     97740
     tgggtatcct catcttattc tgctaagcat ttgcctagag gcaaaccaga aagtaaggac     97800
     tgtgggtaag gctgaagggc tctgtctgct tggtggcttc gccgcagttg cacagggcgg     97860
     catttaagag ttccctctgg cagaccagga actgaagtgt ccgacaccaa caagcactca     97920
     aagtaaaaag tcctaggtcc caatcaggga ccccggtagt gacacataca aaagtccctg     97980
     tgttgtaggt gagacagaac agcctcaggc tcaccaagac actttgccat gagcaattgt     98040
     catttgcttg cttgtttgtt tattttaaga aaggctcttg tgtagaccag gcggggctca     98100
     accttgatat ctagccgaag gtgactttca atttctgaat cttctgcctc catctttcta     98160
     gcatacaaat gacagattgc accagcttat ccagtgctag ggacagaacc cagggcttca     98220
     tgcatgctag gcaacccact cttctcacgg gctacatcgc tagccctctg tgccccccaa     98280
     acccccacag ggtcctagtc cttcatgggt atttattttt ctagacccag ttattctgaa     98340
     agaggggatc aaagcacgct gcccagggcc gctaagtccc aaggatttaa agaattcatt     98400
     agcttgtaga aatgatcggt gtctgtgtcc ttccaaagag ctggctccag tcgcagcctt     98460
     ggcacggctg cagtgcacgc aggacagagt aaggaggttt ccatgtgaaa gaagccgata     98520
     ctctggatac aagcaagggg aggggacagg cctgtcaggt cagcatctgg tcacatggag     98580
     agaatatctg tctcatgtgg attcactcac aataacaaaa ccacattatc acagtccccc     98640
     attcacagag gaagggattg aggtaccaag gacctgcttc gtgtggtttg gctcctaagg     98700
     gttagaagtg gcctttcctg ctcccttggg acgctgccac tcctcccttg cagctttcat     98760
     ggctctgccc caaggccctg cccactgacc tgtgggttcc accaggacag gggcacctta     98820
     tctccagtgc cagcccttaa agacactggg aaaccatggt ttcattttgc tgaataaagt     98880
     aggccatagg gcaggggcgg agctctgctc acactgagca tgtgctaggc tctgagtgga     98940
     tttgattccc cagctctgca aaagtgtgtg tgagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg     99000
     tgtgtctgtg tgtgtgtctg tgtgcgtgcg cgcatgtatg tgtaggggag tattgggctg     99060
     gagagatggc tcagtgggta agaaccatga gaacctgagt ttagattcta gggaggttgg     99120
     aggcaggagg atcgctggga cttgctagct gccagcctag ctccaggttc agcgagagac     99180
     cctgtctcat gggagtcatg gaaagagaga gcagggcacc caacatttcc ctttgtacac     99240
     atgtaaacac tcaggtgtgt gtacttgcac gtacaccaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     99300
     cacacacaca cacacactct acatacatat acacacagct tctacccgaa ttcttcctca     99360
     gtgtcagacc cagtgttcgg tgtgagtaag aaatactccc tcatgcagtt ttatctagcg     99420
     gtagagatca actgctaaca aaggaataaa ggttcattaa attatgcttg aattcagcgc     99480
     aggcaggaag gcagtaaaga tgcaatcact gtgaacagct aacattccct ttggggagag     99540
     tgcagagctg acatggggct gagacacaga ggatgcagag aaactacatt ggtaagaggc     99600
     tggggagtct gaccagtggg aacaggaagt gtgaaggccc taaggtggaa ggaagctggg     99660
     attacgtaag agatagaaag acagaggcca gtgtggctga agcctggtga gttgggggtt     99720
     tgaagggtgg aggtggggtc ggggtggggg tggggggtgc agacagagag tggtggggga     99780
     agaactaagg ggagagaagc agctggggtc aatgtcagta agtaggaggg acctacactc     99840
     caggtctgag atcttccaga agcctggttg ctgatggggt tgctgctgtg tgacctacaa     99900
     ggctctgtac tctttggttc ttgtgacact gaatttcaac tggactaggt caaaggatgc     99960
     cctgccagct agtaggccct gggcgcacta ctgggcacac ctgtgagatc aatatttgga    100020
     taggtatcct gagtaaaaga tagactctca gtgttagcat ttcctcctgg ctccgcccaa    100080
     cagttaccta gcaacagatg ccagccaggt aaaagtgggg ctgtttggcc tctctctctc    100140
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctcaatc tctctctgtg tgtgtgtgtg    100200
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtctgag acagggcttt tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctggaactac    100260
     ctctatagac ctatagacca cgctggcctt gaactcagag atccacctgc ttctgcctcc    100320
     tgagtgctgg gattaagggc atgtgccacc attgcctggc tgcacccatc atttttgagc    100380
     atacacttcg tgccacttgc ttttgtcacc ccatttgttg ttctctgaga gactggcttg    100440
     tactggctgg gccccaagtg ttcctgggaa cttgctgtcc cgggagatgt ttcttccttc    100500
     agctgtcctt tgctctaggg ctttccctct ggggatggaa gggggatggg ggtcagataa    100560
     tcttccagga gaggctgtgc cagcattgct caggcaacca ctagatgagc ccatctctga    100620
     atagagaact caagctggca tttctatcct ggttgttaaa gatgaggggg cggggacttg    100680
     gccccttacg ctggtcacac tcccatacct ataccttaga agtgttttgt tcctgaattg    100740
     gtcacaagcc cctatgaaga gtatctggga cagtgactgt gagcaggtgt cacgtctagt    100800
     tatcatttcc caggaggaag agaggtggga tgcttcaact taagttttat attttttacg    100860
     actcatattt gatatcagca attatctcag aggatcaaaa caatggaagg ctgaataacc    100920
     agcccccgca ccccaagcta agcatcatat gttcttcacc tgagctacac acgtcagtta    100980
     gtgcccatgg cctgcttccc acaggaagct gtaagcagat gctgtttctc aatgcctgga    101040
     aggggcttca aagagtattt cacaccgtac agttgtgtta cagtggtgag ctgcaggaca    101100
     ttcagaaact gcttctgaat ttctgcattc acagctccag agccagcttg gctgaggaac    101160
     acaactgtca acaatgtaaa cgtcactgtc cccagagctg gaaatggcag gttacataat    101220
     gcatccattc cgctcacgtg ttctcccaga ccggagctcc agtggctgac ccttgtgcct    101280
     cctccaagag ctggaggcct gatgtctgag atcaagggtg gacagggctg gattctgcga    101340
     ggggttcctt cctggctgcc ttctctctgc gtccttatgt gaccttcttt ctgatgtgtg    101400
     ccctgctgga gtttcttctt ttgctttatg accgcattta acttcaacga cttccttaaa    101460
     caagctctcc aaactcatca cttacccagg gggactcaat caaagaaaca caatgttggc    101520
     attgtgcaaa cctcatggct ccactcatgc ccagacagac agaccatttg ctccctgtag    101580
     ccagaggtgg ctgccactat aatgtgacat gctagtcagt caaccttttg agacatttcg    101640
     agacaggctc tcaagtaacc caggttcttc taacttgctg catagggaag gctactgtga    101700
     gctctattta ttttttaaat agtttaatgt attttagtag caaacttaca ggaagagctc    101760
     agaagacaga caacattaaa aacatgtact tgcatgaagg acaactcagt tagaaaagta    101820
     gagtgagtgt atggaatcca ctggatgata gaaatgctac agacaccatt tagttgctgc    101880
     cgtcaataag aaatttactt attttttaaa aatccaaatg ctggcattgt ccaaaatttt    101940
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtcca gaaaaattta acaggtctat ttataattgt tctagagttg    102000
     aactgttgaa atgtgttcac tgaaacattt ttcttgcatt aatgctttac atcttgcatt    102060
     tgcattaaaa attcactcac aaatgaacgt ggagaaactg ccaatacctg attctgtccc    102120
     ctatgtttcc acagtaccag atctgtaacg atgaggtttc ctctcccctc cagtagaggg    102180
     cgcactctag cgagcggctt ttgtagccag ttgtttcctg ggtgctttac cactactgga    102240
     tttgtgggca gtctgctttg taggagccat ggtatgagaa cctccttact taccccccac    102300
     ccccaccccg ccctttggct ggagctcggc tagtgagagg cggcacttgg ctggcattag    102360
     agggtggtgc agggaaggct gagaacacct actgtgagct cttggtcctc ttgcctcagc    102420
     atcccaagtg ctgggattac aaatttgcac catggtgcca agttaaattt ttaaaaaaga    102480
     tttatttatt tattatatct aagtacactg tagctgactt cagacacacc agaagagggc    102540
     atcggatccc attacagatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgctgggatt tgaactcaga    102600
     agcttcggga gagcagccag tgctcttaac ctctgaacca tctcgccagc cctatttttg    102660
     ttttgttttg tttttaattt gcatggtgct gagggcgtgt cctcaaggag gaaatcaatc    102720
     attttctgat cccctggcat ccagccatgg gtctgtggag tcctgtcaat caagtgtgtg    102780
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtc    102840
     caacagcgtg ttgtggaggt aggttagagg acagcttgca ggaggcaggt gcaggtccta    102900
     atcttctgac gtgtgctgag ccacctcccc agccttcccc ctcccccacc tcccgcccag    102960
     cttaagccag ggagcgctaa ggtcaggttg tctgtgcact tgttatttga tctcagcaca    103020
     cctgtgcagg actctggatc ccatggaacg tggcgtcacc agccaacact gtgtttatca    103080
     atagtttcct gtctccagtc tcagtctccg ctcattttca aagtgactta agaactgaga    103140
     gttgtttgtt tttagttggc aatgccagga ccgcatgcgg ggcctcagtg ttctatgctt    103200
     aggcaacttc actttttttg tttgtttgtt tttgttttta tttttatttt tattttattt    103260
     ttgttttttg ttttttgtcc cagggttttc tctgtgtagt tctggctgtc ctaaagcatg    103320
     ctttatagac caggctggcc tttaactcac agagatccac ctgcctctgc ctcctgagtg    103380
     ctgggattaa aggcgtgcgc caccactgct cgatttaact ttactctttt tttgtttgaa    103440
     ggttgttttt ttgttttgtt tttgtttttg ttttgggaca gggtcttatg tagtctaggc    103500
     tggcttgaac tcactatgta cccaaggata gcctctgcta ctaccaagct tggtttatcc    103560
     tgggatttgg acccaaggat tcctgcatac ttgtggcata agcatataca caaatgaaat    103620
     aatgatggtg gtggtggctc atgcctttaa tccagacact tggcacttgg gaggcagagg    103680
     caggtggatc tctgagttca aggtcagcct ggtctacaga gggagtttca ggacagccat    103740
     ggctacagag aaaccctgtc tcacaaataa acaaatccaa cctaaaccaa acaaacaaaa    103800
     aaagaaaaag aaaagaaaaa aatgagtttt gccaggtggc agtggctcac ccttaagttc    103860
     tgggtagaag ttgcttttgt cctctgtgac atgcacagct cttctctatc acagacgcca    103920
     cctgtcataa tgttctgctt tcacgcacgg ctctaagtga cctttccaac ctgaatccag    103980
     atcccctcag tagagaagtc tgtgcagcag gctcgcacat tggaaaacac cagacccgtg    104040
     gtctaggaag ctccacccct ccccacgatt gcccttccat ctttggaagt gagcacaggc    104100
     ccatcctaga ccaggcagcc cagcccaggc caggcaacag cagaagccag cccagtcagc    104160
     agaactgcca ctttgtagat ctgtcatctg ttaaaatacc tgctatgctg ggcagtggtg    104220
     gcacatgcct ttaatcccag cacctgggag gcagaggcag gcagatttct gagttcgagg    104280
     ccagcctggt ctacatagtg agttccagga cagccagggc tatacagaga aaccctgtct    104340
     caaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aaaaagaata cctactattt agtctactaa atcctttttt    104400
     tttttagatt tttaaattta ttttatgtat atgtttattg tagctgtctt cacatacacc    104460
     agaagagggc atcagatccc attacagatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tactgggaat    104520
     tgaactcaag acctcaggaa gaagagtcag tgctcttaac caccgagcca tctctccagc    104580
     ccgatttttt gtttttctgg ggacactgtg tcctatgtag cccctagtct actaaatcct    104640
     gaagtagttt gttatgcaac agtataacac caacatgcta aaatatatga ttattttctc    104700
     gtttaaaaat ggggctggag acagggctca gcagttaaga gcactggctg ctcttgcaga    104760
     ggacctgggt tcaattctca gaacccaaat ggcagctaat ctgtagctcc agttccaaag    104820
     gctctgacac actattagtt tccttgggca ctgcatgccg atggttcaca gaccaaacac    104880
     tggtacacat aaagttaaaa gtctttacaa agatgattgg ggcctgggga tgtagcaggt    104940
     ggtagagtgc ttgcctagca tacaggagac cctggattct atccccagca tggcatatgc    105000
     caggagtagt ggcacacacc tttaacccta gcactccgga ggtggagaca ggagcatgaa    105060
     gttcaaggta gtgatattgt gcctacctag tgtccttgcc tctcaacaag acggcatcta    105120
     ggggtgcttc taagaagcct atgtaacagt agcacacaga cctgaccatg aattacataa    105180
     ccatatgcca ccagacctaa agtcattcat acagcggatc cccaaatcac cagtgcctgg    105240
     taccatcaag gttcccccga caggagggcg tgagctggag ggggcagtga ggatgggcag    105300
     gggcaactct gcactcctca cagttccaca cttgcaagca cattggaccc tggagtctta    105360
     agctgccccc cgaccctctg tgaagtcttt ggggtttata cccttagcca accagtctct    105420
     tgaggacctc ggtacattcc tgactggtga ttgcaaagga gaagcagtac tttaaaaact    105480
     tgcctataga aatgctcacg gcagcggtgt tcctaaaagc cagacagcca agcaacccaa    105540
     atgcccatta acggaacaga tgggtaaaga agatgcggtt tgttaccacc caacggaaca    105600
     tgactcagct taagggaaag atgttccgga gactgctacg gtgggagaaa cctggaagat    105660
     atctgctaag tgaaagaagc agacactaaa agccacataa tatctgattc tatttatgtc    105720
     cggagtgaac aaacgcagac acagaaagtg gattagcgtc aaaggctaga cgggggatgg    105780
     ggggtgggga gggtgggagc agtatgctgg gctgatggct acggggtatg gcttgtttga    105840
     ggagtgatgc aatgtttgaa aatagattgt ggaggttgtg taactccatg aagatactga    105900
     tggcattgga tgctacaagg gaaactggtg aattgtgggg cacctggata acagctcgat    105960
     aaaactgttt agcaaaagcc caacttcaaa caaaaccctc tgattagtta actaactagt    106020
     taattaatta attttggggg ctggggatca tacctagggt gtgcatgctg gataggattc    106080
     ctggagctgc tggccagcca agcctagctg agctgtatac cccagcccca ggaaatattc    106140
     atttaggtta gagttattca taacagaggt gtttctataa atccccccag gacttcagtc    106200
     agagtctgag tccctttcat gaacacagta gtttgggtgg agtccttcca gccggctggc    106260
     acagggccta ctgaaagctc acccaagggt gtgtatgcaa ctctagtgac atgccatagg    106320
     tatccccaag tctcaggctg tggggtgaag gggattgcat gggaataaga agggagcaaa    106380
     gggctggcaa gaaagcccag ctggcaaact gcttgccttt gctgcaagca ggaggacttg    106440
     ggctctatcc ccagagccca tggttaaaag ctaggtgctc tggtgtgctg ggggtgcaga    106500
     tagggttcct gggactgctg gccagccaag cctagcatga ttggcaggct ctaggccaaa    106560
     gaaaaaccct gatttttgtt tgtttgtttt gttttgttaa aaaaaaaaac caacccaagc    106620
     agggactagg aatggttcag tgggtagaat ggtcactggg caagcatggg acctaagttt    106680
     agatacccaa cattatgcga aagccgggca tgatggtccc tgtctataat ccttgcattg    106740
     ggttgggagg agggtgttgg ggattagggg ggcagagata ggccaatcgc agaactttct    106800
     ggccatggtg tctagatgaa tggtaagctc taggttcaaa ggagaagaca gtgagaggaa    106860
     gacacctacc acctaacaca cacacacaca aacagaggag agagagaggg agagggagag    106920
     ggagagggag agggagaggg agagggagag ggagagggag agggagaggg agagggagag    106980
     ggagagggag agggagaggg agagggagag ggagagggaa agagggagag ggagagggaa    107040
     agagggagag ggaaagaggg agagagagag agagagaatt ttgcaagcaa gcactgcagg    107100
     gctctggctc agccagatga agacactatt gcggctacag agttaggaac aggatccaag    107160
     cagccagcct ggcagcatca gagcccatct gaggcaagtg ccacacagct cctgaggtag    107220
     agcagcctcc acagtgaggc atggcacctt ccctggtatc atcttctcac tgtcaccagt    107280
     gggtgtggaa agaactagat ttagtgaccc tcaactcatc tgttaactgg tccctgccat    107340
     gagcgtgtcc ctcagtggtt ggaattttgg tcctctgtgg taatgttggg aggtcataga    107400
     ctgtcttacg ctctaggcgg ctgtctcttc ttctctcaca tgctcctttc aacaagggac    107460
     catctgcatg tgagtgagag atcccatctc aaaaagccaa cagcaacaat ggtaaatgac    107520
     aaaggaaaag agagatgcag gtctggagtt caggggtcag aggcaagtaa ctgtagcttt    107580
     gtgacagttc ccaggccagc tgggagtttg tctgcctgtc tcaccagaat aaacaaacag    107640
     gctcccggga agtcacatgg ggctgcctct ctctgctccc agccttcctc ccagctagcc    107700
     tgggagccat cagtcccttg ggggtggggg aggcactgga ctcttgttgg tgggtggttc    107760
     ctgttgcagt cacgcactct aggcaacagg tctagttgtt agtgagtctg agcaggggta    107820
     ggacttgttt gtctcatgct ctgatttttc tctccacgcc cctttcccct cagtgagaat    107880
     ctgcacttga acaaatccca gctcaaacaa tgaatgggtc agcatctgtt taccactgcc    107940
     tgacttttat cccactatcc cttgggacaa atatatcgac catgagtatc aaacgtgggc    108000
     tcatggtgtg ggggatgacc cttaaaacat ctgcccctaa ctgtgtcctt ctttagacag    108060
     gggcagaatg gagctttgtt cttaatttac aagtcagaag gaagtcctca gagaaagcgc    108120
     ctttcagcac cgtctcaaga tggtgccagg attttcccat ttacgggtgg ggggtggggg    108180
     tgggggctct tctacaaaag aaatcacgaa ctatttttca taaagaccac ccaggcagac    108240
     tttataatac agttgaaact tttaaaaata tttattattt ttaaattttt gagtgcatgg    108300
     gtgggtgtgg gggtgtgggg tgcatgcacg cacaaaagca caatgcaggt aacttagagg    108360
     ccagaagagg gcagatttct cagagctggc attacgggtg gtcatgagtc attcctatag    108420
     gtgctgggaa ccaaacagta aacctaccat gtgttctaac tgctgagtct ctctccagtc    108480
     taggaattaa tttttttgtg tggggtccaa aaaatgtcag acttttgacc tctcagctct    108540
     gaggagagct ggctgggcca ggtgcagctg tctttcctta gcctcagagg gaagtgtgtg    108600
     tgtgtgtgtt tgtgtgtgta gaaggcagaa attaagagta catgtttttt ttttttttca    108660
     ctcagtcttc atatttttga gacagattct ctcatggaag tttagtaact ttgttaggct    108720
     gacttgccag tgagttccag aagtccacgg gtaccagacc tctggcagtc ctgggactct    108780
     agatgtgcat cacatgaccg atgtgttcac aaggacattg gtcatcagaa cgcaagtcct    108840
     cgtgctgggc cgcaggcgct gcattgacgg agccggttcc atggtctctc agggggtttt    108900
     taaactgaat agtgatgact ggtctcgggc agtggtcagc cgttgatgtg tttacaatgg    108960
     aaaggaaggg aaagcgggga agctctgact ggcatcagcg ccggagccag ggagaggtca    109020
     tcgaagctgc aagcagcatc ctgggtagcc gcacaggata gccgctaaag ggcgctggga    109080
     ttggctgctg tacttccctg cctctcggat ctgaccttga ctcctctgtg actcattcat    109140
     atctctttcc acaacactgc agggtctgag gacagtggct ggctggatct ggtttacttt    109200
     tttgtattcc cagaagcagg atgaaggatc agcccagttt cccaggaaat gtgtgcgctg    109260
     tggaggccgc ttgctgtggt ctctgggttg tagcagagct caaagagctc agagttagag    109320
     agaggtaaga agccgtgaag gggggggggg ggctggagag atggctcagc ggttaagagc    109380
     tccagaggtc ctgagttcaa atcccagcta caaccatctg taatggtatc tgatgccctc    109440
     ttctggtgtg tctgaagaga gctagtgtgt attcataaaa caaaaacaaa acaataagaa    109500
     gctctgagga ggctgtgtgt gggtggaggt gtgggtgtgg gtggaggtgg gggctctgct    109560
     atggagcccg gaatgcaccc agattgcaca gtgtatgggg tatggattca gtaggaagat    109620
     tagacctgcc ctggttcaag ctggttcaag ctggcagagt cagggacaag gcccaggtac    109680
     agcagagcag tgcattgtgg cttaggcttt aatgaaataa tgaaaacagg cctgtggagg    109740
     gaaaaaggcg atccttccag tcacaggctc agcccaaggc tagaaagtca ttataggcta    109800
     ggagtgtcag caaagggacc cagcaccaca actaagaggg agtttactag gcatgtaagg    109860
     ctggctcagt attagaaagc caattaataa aattcactgt ttgaagagac tgaagaaaga    109920
     aaaagacaaa acaaaacaat aataaaaaac caaaaaccaa accacaaata aaaaaaaaaa    109980
     acaaaaacaa agaacaaaca gacagaaaac ccaaaccaaa acaccatgtg gcaaaaacac    110040
     aaactacatg gggtaaaatg ctcagcaact aagagatgga aaggaacttc aacatcataa    110100
     taaaaatcca cagagcatgg ccgatcccag agtggaagac gagaagctgg tggctctcct    110160
     gcagacagca ggcacaaggc cagctcatca ctactgtctg acaccgtacg ggaagtttca    110220
     accaatgcaa taagacaaga aagggaatag cataaaagat tccccccctc ctcttcttcc    110280
     tcctcttcct cccccctccc cctccctccc cctcctcctc ttcctcctcc tcctcttcct    110340
     cctcctcctc ttcctcttcc tcttcctcat cctcctcctc ctccagttcc tataactagc    110400
     aaaaaactga atacagtgag catagaaagg ttataagaca aacatttgac ctgaaaccgg    110460
     cagaaataag ggtcccgaat gaggtgctgt gtgtgaggat caggttaaga agcagagaag    110520
     acacaaaggc aatacctggg gtcaggagga ttaagtataa catcttatat actacttaca    110580
     ggggggagaa cggccaagct acaggtcaga cagtcttggc aaagagaaca caggatgcct    110640
     cagacacagc tgcccaagga cggataacta cctcccaggg ggaagagtcc agaccccaga    110700
     aaccatgaca accttgactc ccctgaggca ttggctgcag caggttgcag gcctcaccaa    110760
     atccgttcct ggtaaggcca aggaagagat gctccccttg tcttgtcatg cgggcttcca    110820
     aggaagtctt ggattggctt ggctccctgc aagcacgcgt agataaagtc attaccttcc    110880
     taatgcatgt atcagacaag tgggatttga aattaaaagc atggccaaga cagctcagtc    110940
     agtcaacagg gtctaaagca agggagtgag gattggaaaa gaagaaaaac aattagacaa    111000
     aattatagca tgactccagt ctgcactgag gctgaaatag cctagataca tccaaaaacc    111060
     atggtcagct cttagatcaa agacaaagca atcaagccaa gtagtgaata aagagatcac    111120
     acgggatagt gattaagtgg tcagcaaaga gatcacacaa ggcattaatt cagcaaagca    111180
     gtaaacaaag ccccgtggtc accgtttctg acatgcttag ctgagccgac ttccttgttc    111240
     gagcccagtg acaaatgcca aattcctaga agcggcacca agagccctca acaaaagcat    111300
     attactacta ggtcagcgac atggttcact gggtaaaagc acttgcagct aagactgtgt    111360
     actggttttg tgtgtcaact tgacacaagc tggagttagc acagagaaag gagcctccct    111420
     gaggaaatgc gatccagctg taaggcagtt tctcaattag tgatcaagcg gagagggccc    111480
     attgtgggtg gtgccatccc tgggctgtta gtcctgggtt ctataagaaa gcaagctgag    111540
     caaggcagaa gaagcaagcc agtaaggaac atccctccat ggactctgca tcagctcctg    111600
     ctttctgacc tgcttgagtt ccagtcctga cttcctttgg tgatgaacag caatgtggaa    111660
     gtgtaagctg aataaaccct tgcctcccca acttgcttct tggtctccat gttttgtgca    111720
     ggagtagaaa ccctgactaa gacaggctgt gacctgaatc tgattcccag gacccacacg    111780
     gtggaaagag agaactgact cttgcaagtt atcctctgat gggcgcatgt gcgctatagc    111840
     acacacaccg cccctccccc cgccaattat gcacaaatgt aataaaaagc ttaaaactat    111900
     taccaattgt attagaactt caaaaatgaa atattaagat acagatctgt gcaagatcca    111960
     catagggaaa tctacagacg ggaactgggg agctggctta gccgtcagga gcacctgctg    112020
     cttgtctggt ttgactgttg ttgtgataaa caccatgacc aaaggcaaca ccacccacag    112080
     tgagatgggc cattacatat caatcatcaa tcaagaaaat gttctacaga ttcatctaca    112140
     ggctggtcag atggagacat tttctctatt gatgtttcct ttcccaggtg atcctagctt    112200
     gggtcaagtt gatgaaaata actgttcatc acagacatca aaagccagcc ccaaagcact    112260
     ctggacttcg gtagataact gatgttgtca gtgtagattg tggccatggc agatggctgt    112320
     ggggtgctgg ggctggaagt gtgcagtttc tccggagggt tcagctctct gctgcgaacc    112380
     taaaactgcc tcgaaaaagt agtctataaa gaacagaaaa gcctggtgtg gtggtgcttg    112440
     cctgcaatcc cagcacctaa gaggctgtgc aaaggatcaa aagttcgagg ccagcctggg    112500
     ctatataggc acgctctgtc tcaaaaccaa aacccaagtg aacaaccaac aaaagtccca    112560
     aagtccaaac aaaaccagtc agctaaccgg ccaaacccta gttcttcact actgaaaagt    112620
     tgggggttgg gattcaaggg ggacactgag gtggaccgtc tattaggtca ctaattccat    112680
     gggcagacag acagatgaca cagcctggca cagtctctga ggaaagttct ggcccacgag    112740
     gcatgtgggg atcccgtctt tctacagatc tcggaggaag gaggattcat gtagctgggc    112800
     tgtcagagga aggctcgggg aagggagtgg ggagtcacaa agccaagctg tttctgatgc    112860
     ctgggtatca aggggaccag agaggattgg ggggatgaaa atatactact ccaagaatgt    112920
     ggggggaaag aataaggggt acctgttata ccacagggaa atgtatggcc aatggtagtc    112980
     ctcctatgcc ctggagtctg gcagcctgag gtctgtatgt tttccttggg gaagggagca    113040
     tagcattcta catctcctca gtaaaaggaa actgtgagcc acactaggca tagcttgagc    113100
     atagaagatc tctaatcctg tccccagagt gacacacttc cttaataagt ccacactgac    113160
     tccaacaagg ccatatctcc taatagtgtc acacccgtga accaagcatt ctaacacatg    113220
     agaccattgg agccattcct atttaaacca ccacagggac aatcaagagg actgacagtg    113280
     gctgagaagc aaggacaggt ggtctctgtc ccctggacag ggcagttgag acctaaggtg    113340
     catggcccac tccttgctga ctgggatcct cattaaattg aatcactata aacccattcc    113400
     cctatctctg cttcctgaaa acacagaggt aacacgagct gcccccagag gccagtacat    113460
     gcactgagcg aggactaaat gggtccctga ggctccttct ggcgccactg tgtccttagg    113520
     tggctgcaga ggaaaggtag ccatggaggt acttagggcc ggactgcatc ggtctgggaa    113580
     gcttttttct gtgtccccag ggccctggct gcatttctct cagctttctc cttccctctc    113640
     acatcacagg ataagactga tggacatatg tgggggatag tctaaaggaa catgccttta    113700
     tctgcctata accaacatca gcagagtgga ccacacctca actgagaaac ccatccagag    113760
     gtggtcatgt gtagatttaa gaatattggt gtctccttgg aaatcgaggt gtgaccagaa    113820
     acagggtaca gggtaggtga tcaagggttg ggggtaagag aatattccag agcattgaaa    113880
     tcagggcaga gagacagtta agtgagaagg ggtcatgggc tcctaggact taggtcaagt    113940
     tagggagcaa gaaggagaga gacagagaag ggctcccctt cttgccccat tttctcccct    114000
     ttgtctcacc agaagcgtcc aaaaatagag ccctgtttgt ttgtttgttt ttcgagacag    114060
     ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcactct gtagaccagg ctggccccga    114120
     actcagagat cctcctgttt ctgtttcccg agtgctgggg ttaaaggcat atgtcagcaa    114180
     cagagtcctt agctgcccag aaaccccaga gttctctaga tacaagtgtc aggttgacat    114240
     catttgaaag aagatgtgga gcttgtaact tctctatgac agcacctgtg tggtttctgt    114300
     tttttatttt agacttaaga tttattttaa ttttatgtta tgaatgcttt gcctgcatgc    114360
     atataagggt accacattta tccactgctc ttggaggcca gaagacagtg ttgggtcccc    114420
     tgaaactgga gttacaggtg gttgtgagcc actgtgtggg tgctgggaac tcaacccagg    114480
     tcctctgcaa gaacaacaag ggctcttaag cacggagcca ttgctccagc tcccaatatc    114540
     tgtttttaaa aaccattctt aggagactgt atctcggtgt gggagggctt gtctaggatg    114600
     taaagagacc tgagttccat ccctgggatc acataaagcc agacatggta gtacaagcct    114660
     acactcccag aaaatggagg atagggtcag aagttcaagg tcacccttgg ctacatggac    114720
     aatttgaggc tagcctgggc tgcatgtggc cctgcttgga aaaaaatatt tttaaatgat    114780
     aaaagtaaca gaaacagaga tctggggacc attgaacccc cctggcttta accgtgaaac    114840
     agtcagcttg ctccattgtt cacgaggaca aaggttgggt tagaatagac acagttctca    114900
     tcctaacaac aggttccaag tgagagagta aaggtggaca gagaccctaa agaccaggag    114960
     attctgatgc agacagatta aaaaatagct aatattttta tcactggtga ggccgtccag    115020
     tggtatcagt attggactcc ggctctaatg tcagtaataa gtatggcagt atcaaggttt    115080
     ctttatattg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgaatg    115140
     aatgcagttg ctatgtgtgt gtttgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gtagtgtgtg tctctgtgtg    115200
     tagtgtgtgt atgcttgtgt gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtagtg tgtgtctttg tgtgtagtgt    115260
     gtgtatgctt gtgtgtgtat gtgtatgtac gagcataagt gtagttgcca tctgatccga    115320
     ggccagcagt tcccactgga attggcgtca gaggtgaccg agcaccattt tgtgggccca    115380
     gggaactgaa cctaagtcct ctcacagagc agcaagagtc tcttggtttc ctgatctttt    115440
     gtgattaaat agttacagtg ggcctagaat gctttctgga gtcagcttta agatgacgct    115500
     gttgtgggag atggcagaga tcagggtgaa aagagactag agttgtgtgt gtgtgtttta    115560
     aatttatttt agttgtttta aaaaatatac cagaaattta aaaaccttta aatgttatgt    115620
     agtaggcagg actagcgttc ttggtgttca aagaggctta gatgactgag gggcaattca    115680
     gtcaaccaca ggcaaccagc acccgcatct ggcaatggag taaatgcttg ttgcccacca    115740
     gggggcgccc gagaccatgc taatccatat aggataggcc cgtttgctca aaagcttgca    115800
     aagtcagggc caaggccatg agctgagaaa cgcggttgac tctgagtgtc actttgagaa    115860
     cctttggttt ccatgtggga gggggaagga agagcgagag ggagaacact tttgttgagg    115920
     tataactcac atatcacata atccacctat tgaaaatgta cactttagtg cgtgtgtgtg    115980
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgcacg cgtgcgtgaa tgcattgtgt agacagggtc tgtgttgttc    116040
     ccgctgtgta agcgagttag ctggcccgtg tgctagcctc ctggaactga gccatctctt    116100
     cttgccatct ccacatgggg attcgaggat gtcagctgca tccttccatg ctaggttttc    116160
     cgtggatttg gatgcttcaa agacttgagt agagttacct ctgacccaga agtcccgcct    116220
     ctagggaatc ttccttctca gcccccagaa accactgtgc cttcttctgt ctctgtgggt    116280
     ctgtgtaccc tgtgcatttc agcatttcat agccgtgggc tacacattgg gggactctca    116340
     gcttctgcct tcctcctctc cgagatagac ttcaaaggct cacccgtgtg ttaggtgtca    116400
     gagcattagc tcttttcagg atgaataatg ccctaagtat gtgtggtctg tactcactca    116460
     ttcattagtg gatattaagt tgtttatcac ttacagttat agtgccgtta taatatttgc    116520
     acatgttttt gcttgacctg tttaatttta atgactttga gacatttata tctttacatg    116580
     ttatgtgtgt ctgtacaaat gtgtgtgtga gtgtgccaca ggacgttagg acgactttga    116640
     gtcagttctc ttctttcacc aagtcggtcc tggggattga actctggatg tcaggcttgg    116700
     ccgcaagggc cttgaccctg atcatttcac cggcctgccg agatgtgtaa ctttaacaac    116760
     acttctcctt ccttcctgtg tgcgctcgtg tggacacgta tgtggaggtc agagggcaac    116820
     ttgcaggagt cagttctctc ctttgacctt aaatgtctca gagattgaac tcagagcctc    116880
     aggcttggca gaaagaccca agggccgtgt tgctggccct tgacttgcta attttaaagg    116940
     gttaatgcaa tgcaaagctc tacccagaag aagaaaacct ctcttggcca gaggtagaat    117000
     cagatttgta acccaaatca gtaagaacca gggtgtcaga tgggaaggag accagggaat    117060
     actttccgta aagtgtaatt aacccagctt ggaccagcga ctgggagctc agggttgcta    117120
     cctgctgagt cagcagtagt tagagtccca tccccactac acacttcgtg ctgccccggt    117180
     acagcaccga gggattgatt tcgggttccc tgggaaaggt gagaccttgg tctgcagtct    117240
     tgttacttcc tgccccgctg atcgaggcct gctgttactt aatccgccag aacctgtgcc    117300
     tacctcccta taatggagcc ctgaatgtcc ttctggatga aacgagatcg tgtgctaaag    117360
     cgctctggct gggtggagca tgatccgcag acatttacgg gagtcctagg atgctggtga    117420
     gcaagcaggt gggccccgtg gttcaggatc cctggcttgg ctatctaggg tgaaggtgct    117480
     tggtgcagga acacagcgat gctgagggtg attggggggg ggggaggctg caggttgaga    117540
     ggaggggaag agagagagag gatgcaggct cagacatgca gaagcccaag ggaatcacgg    117600
     aatcatgggt cctcccatct ggcccaagtc gcgcctgtaa tcagctgagg aggaacgtta    117660
     gagttgagaa aagcgctctg ggagaggaga agacagtcct taccaggggg attttctctt    117720
     aggccttccc acgtggagtt tgctgataat tttggaggga gttttgccag gaaaaggcaa    117780
     taaaaatgat ggagaggctg gagggcccac tgatgaggcg agatgagagg acttggcctc    117840
     tggattgatt tagaggagcc gtggggctgg ggtgggggtg gggagcgtgg gggagctgag    117900
     ctggcaggtg ttaggagagg aagtgatagg acttctgggc acagagcctg cttaggagag    117960
     cagtggcccc aggagggctg tggagatgct aaggggctaa catccctccc atctctgctc    118020
     atcccagaca cactgcctcc ttctcaagct tttttggaag cactggttgg ttttgcagcc    118080
     tggccctcca ggttatacat ggactctagc ctggtgacac tggtcagagg tgcgttcagc    118140
     acggccagct aggggtgact aaaggcttta gtcaactgac aggcatttga ccagttcttc    118200
     taggctcctc ttccccctcc attccttccc tccatcctcc catccctccc cctttcctaa    118260
     cttactcttt tgttccttgc tacctgcctt ccctccgttc ttgcgtcctc ttttcccctt    118320
     cctttctccc cattttttcc ttatttttgg tttttccaga tagggtttct ctgtgtagcc    118380
     ctggttgtcc tggaattcat tctgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactaaga aatctgcctg    118440
     cctttgcctc ccaagtgccg ggattaaagg cgtgcaccat gtttttccaa attatcgaat    118500
     tctaattgtg tatgcatgca ccaccgtgct tggggaggtc agagggcaat tgtgggagaa    118560
     cgtccttatg cgggttctag ggatggaatt caagtcatcg agcttggctg caaatgcctt    118620
     tatccaagga gccacctggc tggcccttcc ctttctcttt tggataattc ttgctatgag    118680
     ttcttcatcc ttctgcctca gcatccagag tgctgggacc acaggtatat gctacttata    118740
     ttatttactt tctgctgctg tggtaacaca ccaaggccag ggcaatttac agaagaaagg    118800
     gttattcgag attacagagg tgtgagtcca gtgtgcggga gaaacatggc cacaggcagc    118860
     aggaggatgc tgaagaaaca tggtggcagg cagcaggagg atgctggagg aacatggtgg    118920
     caggcagcag gaggatgctg gaggaacatg gtggcatgca gcaggaggat gctggaggaa    118980
     catggtgaca tgcagcagga ggatgctgga gaaacatggc cgcaggcagc aggaggatgc    119040
     tggaggaaca tggtggcatg cagcaggagg atgctggagg aacatggtgg caggtagcag    119100
     gaggaacatg gccacaagca gcaggaggat gctggaggaa catggccaca ggcagcagga    119160
     ggatgctgga ggaacatggc ggcaggcagc aggaggaaca tggcagcagg cagcaggaaa    119220
     atggtggcat gcagcaggag gatgctggag gaacatggtg gcagggagca ggaggaacat    119280
     ggccacaagc agcaggagga tgctggagga acatggtggc aggcagcagg aggatgctgg    119340
     aggaacatgg tgacatgcag caggaggatg ctggaggaac atggtgacat gcagcaggag    119400
     gatgctggag gaacatggtg gcatgcagca ggaggatgct ggaggaacat ggccacaggc    119460
     agcaggagga tgctggagga acatggccac aggcagcagg aggatgctgg aggaacatgg    119520
     ccacaggcag caggaggaac atggcagcag gcagcaggag gaaaatggtg gcatgcagca    119580
     ggaggatgct ggaggaacat ggtggcagga tgctggagga acatggcggc aggcagcagg    119640
     aggatgctgg aggagcatgg tggcaggcag caggaggatg ctggaggagc atggcggcag    119700
     gcaacaggag gatgctggag gagcatggcg gcaggcagca ggaggatgct ggaggaacat    119760
     ggcggcaggc agcaggagga tgctggagga gcatggcggc aggcagcagg aggatgctgg    119820
     aggagcatgg tggcaggcag caggaggatg ctggaggagc atggcggcag gcagcaggag    119880
     gatgctggag gagcatggtg gcaggcagca ggaggatgct ggaggagcat ggtggcaggc    119940
     agcaggagga tgctggagga gcatggtggc aggcagcagg aggatgctgg aggagcatgg    120000
     tggcaggcag caggaggatg ctggaggagc atggtggcag gcagcaggag gatgctggag    120060
     gaacatggcc acaggcagca ggaggatgct gagaaccctt cctttaccac agataagaag    120120
     cagaggaaac tggaagtggt ttggggagtt tgatctcaaa gcctagtaac atactttttc    120180
     cagcaaagtc acaccacacg aattccattc aaacaactgg gcaccaagtg ttcaaatgtc    120240
     caagactaca gggacatttc tcttaaacta ccacagtcca ctcccaagct cccacagaag    120300
     agcccacctt gtcttagttt gggttgctat ggctgtgatg agacaccatg accaaaggta    120360
     acttgggagg aaaggattaa tttcactcag cttccataga acagtgcatc atcaacagca    120420
     gcgagggcag gaactcagca gggcaggaac ctggaggcag agctgatgca gaggccacgg    120480
     aggatgctgc ttactggctt gctcctcatg gcttgctcag cctgtttcct tatagagccc    120540
     tggaccatta gcccaggggt ggccccaccc acaaagggct gggccatccc ctatcaatca    120600
     ctaattaaga aaatgcccta cagttttgcc cacagtttgt ttatgaaggc agttcctcaa    120660
     tagaagtacc ccgcttctct cgatgacttt agactgtcaa tttgacatag aacaatccgg    120720
     cacaactccg caccccactt ggccagctct tttacttcta gaatctcttc cccaccccgt    120780
     gaagtaaagg catgtctgtg tttctgacca gcctcatgta gttatcagac agctgtgtgt    120840
     cttacccttt gtgtatttgc cgtcactagg aagctgacgc caagagcagc catgacagtc    120900
     tggtcctggt gttcaagccg ggactggata tgttaatctg ggggttgtcc ccatggatgg    120960
     tatgaaggtc ttgatgtggg gtgattttca gaggaggtga agttggatga agactctcag    121020
     actcgaggtt tcaggtggcc agtcccagag tgtgggaaac acagaagggg aggagccgga    121080
     gagagcagat gtgatgtgac aagcacttgc cagtatctct tatgttgcaa acacggacga    121140
     ggctgtgtgt gtagagtacg aggatcccca gggagctttg aggttgacag aagagagcaa    121200
     ggaacagagg atcagcagac tgcgcagcaa gcatggtgcc atcctctgta tggcactcag    121260
     gcagaaatga gaagagtatt cggactccat agggagtctc agaagttccc agaattgggg    121320
     acatttgatt tgaggaaaaa aaaaaaagcc agttttgaaa aggaaggagg aagaatgttc    121380
     tagaagaact cacaagagag acataaatta agcattgtgg atgttaagtg ggacttcatg    121440
     gtttgggggg atgtctgatt tgattggcag agcacgtgga gacttgggtc tggattagag    121500
     cctttgggcc acggccattg tcagtcagca gcggcttgca ggccagattc agcccgtttc    121560
     tggttttgga gagagcagta agatgaaggg gaattttaca tcgtttctaa tggttgggga    121620
     aagttatttt ttgaatgtgc tatggttcaa attcagatct gtgataatct tgcatgacaa    121680
     cacggctggc tttaaagtca cctggaaggc aggtgaggca ggctctggaa gaggattgcc    121740
     tgaagggacg atctagtctg aatgtgacaa tatgcaatga gctgggagcc tggaccagac    121800
     agctgagaag ggagccagct ggccgagtcc tagcacacca tttctgacat cttttgtgtg    121860
     gtgtgtgtgc gtgtttgcat attcatgtgt gttaggtgtg tgtgcatgtg ttcttatgga    121920
     tgtgtgcaag tgtgcatgca tccgaggtca acacacgtgt ctttttcagt ttcactccga    121980
     gttattgcta aggcagggtc agtctttgaa cctggagcta gttaattcag ccagtctggc    122040
     tgagcagtga acttcttgga tcttcttgtc tcctcctccc tggggctaca gacacgagcc    122100
     actgtgcttg gctttttcta tgggtattgg gggccccaac tcaggtccgt gtgctcctac    122160
     gacaagtact tcactctctg ggccatctct ccagccctca gtgacataaa atttgggata    122220
     ctggggatcc tttgatgaat aagacagaca gaagtcagga ccccatggga gtcattcccc    122280
     ggaagtcacc tgtgtatgtg tgagggaaga gaccatttgg ctcgtgaccc acttctgctt    122340
     ctagagctgc aacagtccct cctcccatca cagccaacag tcacgagcaa gcctgtgagt    122400
     tcagaaggtc cccaccccat ctggaatgtt ctctctggcc tgttgtttat gaaagggcca    122460
     cgagctgtcc tctttgtgac cgtgttccct ctcgctggta gaatgagcgg gccctttacc    122520
     tagagtctga ctcattgttt tggttttccc ttcaggaaca agctgttcac acaaggacag    122580
     gtgtcaaatc ttgtttgctg ggtgggggaa gccaccacgc tgctcccaag ggacacgtgt    122640
     gactctggga gctgcttcta caggcctgta aatagagagg ggaatgcttt gttggggtcc    122700
     catgagggcc aggctgacct gaaggttttc tgtatgaacg ctgtcagtcc tcagcagagt    122760
     ttgctctgga gtcagggtac ccgtgtcaca tggatggagc tggaagacac tctgtcctcc    122820
     agcggcctgt caagcctaca aggtagcttg tcagctagag acacccctcc cccgcaccag    122880
     cagaggcagc ctttatagtg gctgagaaag ggggcctgga tgtggacgga tgaaggaagg    122940
     ctgagtctga atcataggca ggggtgtgag gagctcatag ccatggctgc tgatagagga    123000
     gaggcttatg ggaaaggtaa tgcctgactg gagggtggaa gactgagtaa gcacatgggt    123060
     ctgtggggag ataggaagag cattctggga agtggagaca agagtgaaga agacccaaag    123120
     gcagggaagg gtgcgcgcgc gcgagagaga gagagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    123180
     gtgtgcttct gtgtggtgtg tgtgtatata tatatgtgtg tgtgctggtg tgtgtacatg    123240
     tgtgtgtgtg gttatgcatg ccaagtgtac acagaatctg gcagctgagg gtgccagatt    123300
     aaatgagagg catggactat aaggcctgaa tgatgctggg aagatcaagg acaccaggta    123360
     aggctgggat gtaacttggt ggcagagcac gtgttagcat atgcaaggcc atgagttcaa    123420
     gcctcaccaa actgaaagaa ggtaatgcgc ttctctttcc ttttctctga gtcttaggct    123480
     cacgggactc cattggtcct gagagtcttt gtgagctgtg agcttactga ttttctcgtc    123540
     cgtgttcttc tctgttgttt ccatcacttc ctagactgct gcttctcctg ataatgggta    123600
     ctttggaatt ggaatccttc tgtttctcat ggcctggtac ttccaggtga cctcatgagc    123660
     cacatgccct agaaaacaaa ctttctggtg aggtttcatc tgcacaacat gagggcagtg    123720
     gggaccacca tctgcttttt cttgtcatag gtagaggggt ccattcaata ccttgatgct    123780
     gtccagggca acctggcctc actgggtctt tcggggcagc atttcttgct tgcaccatgt    123840
     gccagaaaac gcaggacttg gaagtcgcat gagtcctgag aagggttggt attcatctgc    123900
     cattggagaa agcctaggta ttttaacttg ttcctggaga aatttccaga aaatttgatg    123960
     ccaccaaaac gcacagtgac catctttcgg cccggtatat gtgcttgggc attatggcca    124020
     ctaggcagcc tagaagatag cattggccat ccagcactag accttgccat tctgctgtct    124080
     tctgcatgct ctcagttaaa agggctcaca accctgtgta aagctgcggc cggaaactac    124140
     ggccaccctg tttcctccag caacagatgc gtgcttcatg tagcttacac acacacagag    124200
     gacggcaaac gcttctcacg gtaaactgtc aaaggctggt tctacttcag gcagagccgg    124260
     atgtaggtac ccctgtgcat aacagtgggt gtctgccggg ctagcgaatg aaggtgactg    124320
     cggcccgagt tcgatccctc gaatcacgca caccgcagaa ggaaagagcc aaagagccga    124380
     ctcctacaag ttgtcctctg acctccacct gtacaccacg caatgctcac tgtgcgttcc    124440
     caagtgtgtg cacgcacaca aatactcaga ggtagggtgg ctgacaagtg tacgatgccc    124500
     cgagttctgt cccagcaccc caagaagctt gccgataagg gatccagaca ttgccccttg    124560
     ccgggccttt ccggcatggc gctgaggttg ttttgggctg aggttgggtc actaacttct    124620
     ccccgcccct ccgtgaccaa ggtgatgatt gacaggatgt gaggtgtgag ctgctcttgg    124680
     agggaggggg cagggcagcc atgtgagcgg agagaaagga ttgtaaaatg aagatgcttc    124740
     gatgtgggca gcaggggggt ggcggcagtg agtgtgagcg ggtgcaagca ggctggggca    124800
     gggctgtctg gtgagacatc ttctagtttc gattgtctga gatatacaga ctagaaactc    124860
     cagagagact cttgatagtg atgaggtaac cacttaatga ggatggggtt tccttttggg    124920
     gtgatgatag ttctgggagg actgggtagg gtggtggttt acacagtgct ctgaattatg    124980
     tcaaacgcaa ctgagttgtt caccttgtag gtttctctct ctctttcttt ccttctctta    125040
     gatttgtttg tttattattt atttatttat ttaatgcatg tgagtacact atcactgtct    125100
     tcagacacac cagaagaggg catcagatcc cattacagat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg    125160
     ttgctaggaa ttgaactcag gtcctctgga agagcagtca gtgctcttaa ccactgagcc    125220
     atctctccag cccgtttttc tctttctgtc tttctttctg tctttctttg tgttggggat    125280
     caaatccagg gtctcatgaa cgcaaagcaa gtgctctgct tctgagccac accctcagcc    125340
     ccaaattact cattttaaaa tggtgaattt tatattacca agtatcatct cgatacaaaa    125400
     taaaaagaaa ccatcctccc tgccccccat ctcaggcatc ttggggtgct caccaccttc    125460
     cggggccacg gggtttgtga ctctttcctt ctgtgattgc tgtttgggat tcactgtggg    125520
     ttttggccag aggggactct ccgggtaatg cagggcgtgg ccctggcagg gtcactgccc    125580
     actgcaggga cacggaaatg cctgggtgtt ttgtccagag gcagaggcgt gtattttcat    125640
     gagatctggt gaagcgaggc tcagcttggt gccaaggaca tcttgttcag gggagaggtg    125700
     gcacttgtgc ttccctgggg acactcaaac actggtacct gttttctttc tggctttagg    125760
     tccgggaggg gctgtaccta ttcagggtcc acagtgctcc agctggctgg ggatactgga    125820
     agttttggtt tcccgcctca cttggcactg ggggtgcttg gtgaggccac catggaaagg    125880
     gctggtttgg gcaaggtcac gctggaattt tgcagggaac aggtctacct cattctctga    125940
     gcctgtgtac attctgcaca ctggagttta ggcagaactc agagctgtcg gtggctctct    126000
     gaaggagcag accgatgcct ccaggaatgg atgtttcgat ccagtttgaa ccctactctc    126060
     tccctccccg caagctggtg gaggcaggac ttctggtccc cagcaggcta gtgctgggct    126120
     catctgctga gagcatggga aacagtccct ttggctgcac tgtgtgcgtg gttcctgctc    126180
     cgagctggag gagggctcgc tgtagcttca ggtcttacct caatagaggc ttctgggatt    126240
     cctgagccta cctcaccata caatgctaag ggtacattgg ttcaaaatct cattatggct    126300
     ttataagatc tgtttgaggt cttgtgtcct acctaaagag aaaggaagat tcagggatgg    126360
     gaccacccct agcttctggg tgctgatagc tcctcccact ttcagccctg tcagatggtg    126420
     gcagggttga aaccctctct ggtgtggatt ctgaaggaga cagaacgagg atcccatcca    126480
     ggttcaaatc ctggcctccc cacctatagc caagggactc tcgatgggcc acctcctcct    126540
     ctgactcctt agatgtcaaa gcggtattga gagtcacagc tggtctacgg ccataccacc    126600
     ctgaacgcgc ccgatctcgt ctgatctcgg aagctaagca gggtcgggcc tggttagtac    126660
     ttggatggga gagtcacagc tgcagtgacc cacaattcaa ggcctcttag aagctcagga    126720
     taggacaggg ggactgagct gggcctcctt ccagctcctc tctactgtat gacgtatcag    126780
     taggctgggg ccactctggg ctaaattcac tttataaagc aacagtcttt ggcttgagag    126840
     atgacagtga ctaagagttt atattgctct tccagagcac tggcagtgag aagtccatgg    126900
     ttccctctaa ctccaactgc aagggacctg atgtgctctt ctgactccct tgggcgtaca    126960
     cacacataca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacact tggcattcac    127020
     atacacatac atacatacat acacacacac acacatacac acacatacac ttggcattca    127080
     catacacata catacataca cacacacaca tacacacaca catacacaca tacatataca    127140
     tacatacatg catacataca cacacaacac aaacacacac atacatacac acacatacat    127200
     acatacatac acacacacat acatacatac atacatgcac acatacataa atacatacac    127260
     atacatacat acacacatac atgcatacac acatacatac atgcacacat acatacatgc    127320
     acacatacat acacatacat acatatacac atacatgcat acacacatac atacatacac    127380
     atatacacat acatacatat acatatacat gcatacacac atacatacat acatacatac    127440
     atacacatat acatacacac atacgtacat acatacatac gtacgtacac acatacacaa    127500
     tacatacata cacacataca tatactcata catacataca taatacatac atacacacat    127560
     acacacatac atacacacac atacatacat gcatacacac acacaaataa aaataataaa    127620
     aataggggtt gagagatggc tgcatgatca agagcacttg ctgctctccc ataggtcttg    127680
     ggtttgactt tctgtaccca catgaagtct cacaaccatc tgtaattcta tttctagggg    127740
     gatcttgtgc cctcttctgg ccttcaaagg caccaggcat gcacatagtg cccagatatt    127800
     gcatgcaagc aaaagtattc ctgagcgtaa aactcaaaaa aaaaaaaagt aaaatgaatc    127860
     ttaaatttta aagcatcatc cttggtctaa gctacatttt cagtataagt accaggaaag    127920
     aaattacccc acctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct acttccctcc    127980
     ctccctccct ccctccctcc ctctctctct ttctttcttt tctgagacag gtttcccctg    128040
     tgtagccctg gctgtcctag aactgccttt gtagaccagg ctggcctcaa acttagagaa    128100
     atccacctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg ggttaaaggg atacactacc accaccatgc    128160
     ctggcctact ccgcactgta aagcagtaag ctgccatcgg cttctggcac cagccccagg    128220
     aagctcagat tggtaattcc agtaaatact aacacccaag gctgcaccta agcagattag    128280
     aaaccacagc cacaggtgtt tttcactcct gctagatgga agccctcagc caggattata    128340
     agagaagggg ttgggggggg ggagagggag gtgagacaaa tgtgcatgcg tgctagagtc    128400
     actggtccat gaaagttact gcagcaaagg cctcctgcct gcagcctggt ctcctgctca    128460
     aatgcagctt cctgcctgta gcactcagcc ctcttcaagc tgaccctgtg tttgatggct    128520
     ccgagccttc cagtcccctg cagatcccac cgtcccctgt cccccacccc cacccccacc    128580
     cccgccgccc ccagacctgt tcagcttgca tttggctctg cttccaactc agcactgcct    128640
     gtctgaccta cgctgcctct ttaaccctct cttagacatc ccgactatat tgtgataggt    128700
     ggtctgagag tttagtaatt acgattagaa tcagacaacc tgcgattgcc agccagctac    128760
     caagtgagac tgggatcacc tggcaaattg tggctggctt gtttatttat acattttgat    128820
     attgagggaa gacacaagat tgtctatgac aatgacctgt ttcaggagta gggcttttgc    128880
     agatgtgact agagagcttc ggatgcagtc atcttggatt tgcgtgacct ctacatccca    128940
     tccctgatgt cttcctatga agaggattgg acccagaggc taagagagaa gaggaggcca    129000
     gttgagacca gagattggag aatatagctg aggaaattgt tcttccacag gctggagagg    129060
     ccagaatagc ttcctcccaa ccccgcagtg tcgcgtgtcg caaagaacac agacctgctg    129120
     atgcctcgat tctttccttc tggcttgatg ggaagtgata cttttctgtt gttttcagac    129180
     acccagttta tggtaatttg tgattggtgg cagcattcct gagagggaga ttgctgtctc    129240
     tcaagcattt gccttagagc acgcagtaga tgctcattaa aatccagaat cgcctgtgcc    129300
     accattcctg aggacactgt gggcaacatc aaggcatcta tgtgagcttt cagggaacag    129360
     cctgtgaccc tgcaggggac ccaggtagca caaggaacac cctgggtctc caagggtagt    129420
     cactcaagct gacatagtgt tttgcctagc attcctggct ggagccctgg aaggacagag    129480
     ccagagggag agggcagagt ctgcagctgg ggaaggcagc agcagggttg ggttgaggct    129540
     ttcaggagga atgcttacca ccctgagtca tggcatgtag gccaatggcc atcgctgaca    129600
     catcacaccc cagagggagg cgggcagtga cctcatgctg gttgtcaaac actcagcaag    129660
     cctcccagta ccgcccagtg cttcagcatt gcccagaggg agctgtctcc acccctcccc    129720
     tgcacactcg ggccaacaag caggacaagc agacatttgg gccaagacgt tagatgcttt    129780
     tggggcgagg tgaatggttt ccacttccca gagggcaatg ggatcataaa ctctggaata    129840
     caagctacgc agctgctgca gctgcaaaga gcaagcactc tgggatcagc tttgcaagac    129900
     tcagtccctc ctgcctcttg cctgtaaaaa atgatggttt acagatgggg aaactgaggc    129960
     ccagaggctc tacatctctg aaccaaaggg catcctggaa taggagcagt ctgaaactaa    130020
     gaatttattt tgagaccgag tctgctgtaa accctgggcc aggatcctca ctctgccctg    130080
     ggtctaggag gggctggagt cagtctctag atttttgagt tttaaaatct gtttttcttt    130140
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttcttcct tccttccttc    130200
     cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct ccttctctct ctctctcttt ctctctctct    130260
     ctctctctct agcttatagt tttttgagac agtgtttctc catggagccc tggctgttct    130320
     gaaacttgct ctgtagcctc aaactcagag atccagctgc ctcagcctcc caagtgctag    130380
     gattaaaggt gtgtgccaac accgcctggc tttctttctt tgaagattga tttgttttca    130440
     agttgtatat gtgtgtgggt atgtgcacga acgccagtgc ccacagaggc cagaagaggg    130500
     tgttatgtcc cctggaaccg gagttagagg tggtagtgag ccacttgact tgggtcctgg    130560
     caaccaaact gtggtcctct gcaagagcag caagtgttcc tcactgctga gccgtctctg    130620
     cagctcctgc cctggagtgt gatgtgtcag ctggcagtgc tgaggtgggg acccaggacc    130680
     ctcattcaca ctctgtgctc tgcttctgag actcgtgcga ggtcccaggg agcctggcct    130740
     tgttactctt acctgggagt aaaggtgtct gctggcagcc ataatgcata tcctctcctt    130800
     agaaagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag ggagggaggg agggagagag agagagagag    130860
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag aaagagagag agaacacttt    130920
     tcccaggctg tggatttgtg gtctttactt acgaccttga actagaattt tagcagagcc    130980
     cgctaagaca ggaaatgtag catccaacat ggaatcccaa acatccaggc atcttgaaac    131040
     cctagcctgc cctccatcca ccaaggagag ggttacagcc ttcactacag ctgtgccaag    131100
     ttggtccgca gaccttgacc aggatctgga acactggcga ggcgagctgg cgctccccaa    131160
     gctcctgctc atttatttta ccatcataac tcgaggccaa tatttaagca tctcctaggc    131220
     aacagcccaa acctcccagc cattggaccc cagccagcca catggttggg atgagggcaa    131280
     aggggtggag ccaagaaaat gagtcacgcc ctaccccctc cacaccacct gggaaaacag    131340
     tgacccaaaa aacaaacctc ggtttctcgg acagagaaac tggttggctt tttatttttt    131400
     attatttttt tcatgtggtc cttcggcacg atgctctgaa caccagcaga atattaacat    131460
     tttcattgtt aacattttca ctgttgctgt gctggttaaa ctttgttgac tttttgaaaa    131520
     aaattttttt tttttgtcaa gaataatatg caagcaaaaa ctgaacaaac tgttcagtgt    131580
     actgctctag gcgattgtgt gaatttcccc agcagaacct atgcttagtc agcacatttt    131640
     tgtgagggtc aatgtgtgat cgacccttgg gagttgccgg agcccctggg caagaagtat    131700
     taccctaact tctcaccaca gcctggtttt gaatcggatt atccactctg tcctaagtgt    131760
     gtggaagcca acagtgtttc tcagcttcgg ccacactgct cactccctcc aggtcaggga    131820
     ttggaggaca aatggagcca ctggctgtgg gggatctgct tcagctgata aatggtgttg    131880
     gggtgtatgg ctttgggaat gcttcaggtc tgtgctgggg agatggtttg gccattaaaa    131940
     tacttgctga ctaagcaaag ggagtagagt ttgagtcacc agagtcaagg taagtgctgc    132000
     gtgggcacag tggctggcct gtaatggctc tcggtgaagg tggaggagac agaggttcca    132060
     ctgagcctga tagaggaagg tttccaatgt ccgataatca acttttgtgt ctcaacatac    132120
     actttcctta tgtggagttc acctacatgt gaacatgcat gcacacatca tggacactac    132180
     acacacatat acacagacat acttcacaca cacacaaact ccctcacaca aacacacata    132240
     cacagacaca cttcacacac actcatacac atgcatacac agacacatta catacatact    132300
     catacacaca cacatacaga tacacacaca gacacaccac tcacagcata tacacatact    132360
     tcacacacac acacactcta cacacagaca caccactcac agcatataca catacttcac    132420
     acacacacac actctctcac acacacacat acacagacac acttcacaca ctcacataca    132480
     cagacatact aacacagaca taccactctc acacacacac agacatacta tatacacaga    132540
     cactaataca cagaaacact acacacacac tcatacatag atacactaca catacacaca    132600
     tatacataca cagacaaaca atatacacag acacacacag agaaacacta catacacaca    132660
     cattcacaca catacactac atataaactc acacactcat acatagacac actacacaca    132720
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cactcacaca cagaaagaaa gacaaagcat catttataca    132780
     tgcatcttgc agctgagctt tcctgggtct gtgtctacct atgcaggggg ataaagtcac    132840
     aaccccaggc agggtcttct aagacctgag gctcccagaa gtccttgcag cttccagtag    132900
     gagcccaggg taacctcaca ctcttgcttt gatgccttgt caatacaggg ctgcagcagc    132960
     tgctggaagg cgtgctttgt ccccgtggct cctcgctgtc tgggcagtac atccttagaa    133020
     cagctctggc tcctttgtcc catagttggg gaggggatgt ctattcatgg tgccagggag    133080
     tctctaactg tttaaattga aagaccagcc ttttgaagct ctgataatta cagtcttcag    133140
     ccattgtgaa atatagcagc ctactttaaa aagtgagatg ggagatagag accatataga    133200
     ccctacagat gacacaggtc ttacagacag acaacacaga ccctatagac agacaagacg    133260
     ggcgctacag acaacagaga ccctacagac acatgacaca ggcccaacag acgatgagac    133320
     aggtcctata gacagacaac aggccttata gacagacaag acaggcccta cagacacatg    133380
     acacaggccc tatagacaga tgagacgggc cttatagaca gacaagacag gccctataga    133440
     cagacaacag agaccctaca gacacatgac acaggtccaa catacagatg agacaggccc    133500
     tatagacaga tgaggaccac tacagaaagc cttaaccaac caatcaaaat gaagagttat    133560
     agaacccaat gctgttgaat gaatctacaa aaccactccc atgcctaagg cttgggaaca    133620
     ttgaggaaga gggatagaaa gatcataagg gcccgaggaa gagagtttgt ggtgagattg    133680
     tacctcctag gaacttcaga agctacacgg gtaaagtctc actatgtgac catccacaca    133740
     caagccaaag tacatcaaca aacatacaaa ccaggatggg acaatcccac aaggcctcat    133800
     ccccacacca agagctactg gaactgagag ctctgagagc agaagaggtg gttgacttcc    133860
     ccagagaaga gcacgccgtt tggcatccag ggccaacggt cagccctgaa aacagacaca    133920
     aaagtatcat tgtatggatg caataggtta tatttgggaa tacatatgtg aatatacaaa    133980
     tacatatatg tatgcaataa taattgatga gaaaagaggc ttttagtttg aaggagggta    134040
     ggaggggtgc agaggggttt ggagggaggg aagcgaaggg agaaatgtaa ttaaattaca    134100
     atctcaaaaa aaaaacccac aaaaaaacca aacccaaacc caaaatacag gcccaataca    134160
     aatacaaaac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac gcgcgcgcgc gcatgaatgt    134220
     atacatatac acgcacacac gcacattcac ataatacaca tacatgcaca catgtatatg    134280
     catacacacg aatgcacaca cattcacata catgtacaca cacacacaca cacaccctgg    134340
     agtgtcattt acaagcaaaa aatacaggtc ctgattttat tatcgttatc aacagattca    134400
     acgactaagt aatatgtata ttttaaatac gaaccaaaag ccactatgcc agatcagaga    134460
     tggcggagca agcaaactac cgcagccaag actgacgact ttgtttccca gaatcgacat    134520
     gatctgtgat ctgactcccg cacattgtcc tttgacctcc acatgcgcat tgtggcatgg    134580
     gcactcctgc ctacacctcc tcacatgccc ataaataaat taagaaatca gaaagtaagg    134640
     cagacacagc agcaggggac gtgtaaaatt ttacagtgct cactctaggc ttctgtgctc    134700
     tgtggaaggc tcgtggtgaa ctctggctgt ctggcacaga ccgtggacac tgagagagcc    134760
     ttatgcaaat agccttcttc ccagagtgct ctgctccagg gggactctac agtgccatga    134820
     tcctcccgct tccttgacat tgccttgtct cagtctcatt tcctcctgct ctgccttagc    134880
     tggaggacca gcacctctgt ccggctgtga caggacccct gcctggagct tcagggatac    134940
     ccttggctct tgggaatttt tttctagaac gtccagagtg gcgcttggcc ccctttagcc    135000
     tcttgtgggt tttccttttc agatgaggca ctactcctca tgagccactc gggagtataa    135060
     tacaaatgaa aaaagacggc acatccgtgg tttctccttg ggaggtgctg tgggttaggg    135120
     aaggggtcct gctaggatgt gggggtgtta tcttggtccc acttcagaga gactcactta    135180
     tgtgccagcc agcagcttca acccctctgt tcctggaggg cgttcatggt ctcgctgcct    135240
     attctgctct gttttgttta tacaattagt ccttgtgtgt aattatgtgt atgtgtctgt    135300
     atgcgcccat gagtgcaagt gtccatggct gtgagtcacc tgatgtgggt gctgagaatt    135360
     gaactctgaa agggcagtat gggctcttca ccacagaacc atgtctccgg cacttttggc    135420
     tggtttagct atcaacttga tacagcttag agtcacctgg gaagtgaatc taaacgaggc    135480
     attatctaga tcattttggc ctacgggcat gtctatagga ttgtcttgat tattaactga    135540
     tgtaggaaga ttgtcctggt tagtgtcatt actaatgtaa gacaccagga ccaaagcaac    135600
     ttgggaggaa agggattata tcactcacag ttccatagaa cagttcatca ccagcagtga    135660
     ggacaggaac tcagtcaggg aggaacctgg aggcagcagc tgatgcagag gccatggagg    135720
     ggtgctgctt actggcttgc tcctcatggc ttgctcagcc tgcttccttg tgggctgtac    135780
     ccccacacat cagtcaccaa ctaagaaaat gccctggagg tttgtctgta gtctgattgt    135840
     atggatttaa aaattgagtt acccccctct aggttgactt tagcttgtgt taagttgaca    135900
     taaaaccagc cagtgcattt gaccccttat taacttgaca cacaaacata tcactttaaa    135960
     gccacaacct ttcttttctc atttgtcccc aagatcacat attaatataa acatcacaac    136020
     ctaaagtatt tccaacagca ctcgggaggc agaaacaggt ggatttctga gtttgaggcc    136080
     agcctggtct acaaagtgag ctctaggact gccagggcta tacagagaaa ccctgtctcg    136140
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaccaaaaa aaagtatttc caagctggcg tgtgccatgc ctttaattcc    136200
     acctgatgta ggtggatttc tgtgagtttg agaccagcct ggtctacaga gtgtgttcta    136260
     ggacagctat ggtaacacag agaaacccaa ccaaataaac gacaacaaaa aagcatttac    136320
     aaacttaaaa agtcccacaa attcacttga aaagttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ctccaaaata    136380
     tcttttaaaa tcaaaatttt gtcaactgta agctcctgat aaaataaaaa ttaagttaga    136440
     tttctttctt atttcaagag gggaaagtca gggcacagtc acaatcagat taaagtaaac    136500
     ccaacagtat aatctagcat tgtaaaccat ctaatgtcca atgtctggga ttcactcatg    136560
     gtcttctggg ctactccaaa ggcctaggtc acttctctgg cttggccctt tgctacatac    136620
     acagcttgtc ttctaggctc cggccagctc cactccatgg ctgctgccat tcttggtggt    136680
     catttcatgg tatcggcatc tccaaaatgc tggggcccct ggctgcaact gaacttttgc    136740
     tcatatcatc ttctgggcta tttacatggt gctgaacctc accttctctg catgactcct    136800
     tcaacctggg ggccttcaac tgctactgag gttgcgcctt caccaatggc ctctcccagt    136860
     gccaagcctc agctccagtc cacgatccct tcatgctttc aaaactggta ccacctgggt    136920
     gactctcaca ctaccaagtt cagctgccag cacaaggtcc aatgcttgct gcctctggaa    136980
     gatagcattc tgaggaaaca cttcccagaa gatttcactt caatgatact gctctcttct    137040
     tcatcactgc tggtttctta gttccagctg accggtgtca attgtcccag taagcaaagg    137100
     tttcacttca gtggttatga tatcttgata atcacagctt agtcttcagc cccagatgat    137160
     cagacaccac agattcttag ctcaaaatag caaacggctc tgataaagcc atttagggac    137220
     tcttaaaatt ccctctggaa cttcacaagc caggccccct tcatctgcac tgctctcaat    137280
     cttcttatct tccaagttcc cagagaagag ctctccaagc tctgaatact caatggcttt    137340
     tctagcccaa agtcccaaag tccttacaaa atctttcccc aaatacatgg ccaggtctgt    137400
     cacattatcc cacttctggt actgaatttc tgtcctcctt agggttatca ttgtaatgat    137460
     taaataccat gacatgtcca atttttggag aagaaagggc ttatttcact caacttccat    137520
     agaacagtgc atcatcaaca gcagcgaggg caggaactca ggcagggcag ctctggaggc    137580
     agagctgatg caggccatgg agtggtgctg cttactggct tgctccccat ggcttgctca    137640
     gcctgctttc ttatagaacc caggactgtc agcttaggga tgggaccatc cacaatggac    137700
     tggacctttt cccattaatt aatcattaat taggagaatg tcttacatac agatttgcct    137760
     acaacccaat cttatggaga ctctttcttt ctttcttcct tcctccctcc ttccctccct    137820
     ccctccctcc ctccctccct tccttccttc ctttttggtt tttcaacggg acaagtttct    137880
     ttgtgtagct tctgtagatc aagctggcct tgaactcaca tagatccatc tgcttctact    137940
     tcccaagggc tgggcttaaa ggtgtgcact attactgctt agcttttctt atttgaggct    138000
     tttcctttcc tttccttttc ttttcttttc ttttcttttc ttttcttttc ttttcttttc    138060
     ttttcttttc ttttctcttc tttttctttt tgttgttgtt ttgtttgttt ttttctagac    138120
     agggtttctc tgtatagctc tggctgtcct ggaactcact tcgtagacca ggctggcctt    138180
     gaactcagaa atctgcctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgcgccacc    138240
     acgcccggca tttgaggcct tttcttaatt gaggtttcct cttcacagat gtctctagtt    138300
     tgtgttaagt ttacattaaa attattgagc acaaaaaccc agcccatgct gggggtccca    138360
     ctccctaggt agggaattct gaacagtata ggagaggaga aagctagttg aaagcaagcc    138420
     agccaagatg aaatgattct ttctgtcctt gattatacaa cttgttgcca gaattcctgc    138480
     cttgacatcc tcaaagcaat gaactataac ctggaactgt aagccaaatt aaccctttct    138540
     tcccactaca ctgcttcccc caaggatatt ttgtcatagt agaagaaaag aaacccaaat    138600
     gctgattctt actccttgga gagatctcca aggttgctga tttttccttc ccttctacct    138660
     ctatggacat cttctgcgtg accaacctca tcaaaagcta acacacatgt agagtggatg    138720
     tggtggtgca cacctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcagactta tctctgtgag    138780
     ttccaggcca gcctggtata caaagtgagt ttcaggacag ctaaggctag acagagatac    138840
     cttgtctcaa aaaaaccaaa aaattaacca accaaccaag caaacaaaga gagtacacat    138900
     gttcttctct ggccccaaat gccattgaac ttatttcccc acaatggcat gtgcatatgt    138960
     gacacggatt gtaggacgag gggtggtggg gaggtggaat gtgatcctac ctggaatggg    139020
     agctagcttg atttctttgg ggatacccag actcagtgag gacagcctca cgaggagaca    139080
     tatgcaggac catggggctt ggtttaccag ttgtctctag gctgctgctc tacaagccgc    139140
     cctgccttcc tgttctctcc tcattctttc ttttcttttt aaaataatcc tggctgcata    139200
     ttttctctaa accaaaccat ctgtttactg ggttttataa gcagtaataa agacagtgag    139260
     ggcccaaggg ccactggggt gtagactttt tctgcgtatc tctccagaca gcccttgcaa    139320
     gagcctgcat gctataggac aggcatgggg gtggcacatt gggtggactg tcctttgtag    139380
     aggttggcag gactgccctg cctccctcct gctaccattc ctgcagcagc accgagggga    139440
     cctttgggtc acctgcctgt ggcaagtcgc ctgctacatc aggagctggc atggacaagc    139500
     tgggaaatga ggtggctgca agccgggccg aggaggtgcc aggagatcac tcggagggaa    139560
     tgttctgagc agagaggatg ggcggaccca ggaaaacaat ctgacaacaa tgtcagtgcc    139620
     taggtgacag aggagaagcg aggcatctgt ttgggaacac atctctgcat ttgcttccaa    139680
     ggccttagta atccaagcgg cagtgagtag aacatttact tgggaaacta tgaaaagtcg    139740
     tataacaatg ttcccttcac agctttcatc atcggcttgc tgggttccga gtgccgtctg    139800
     tcacctaatc agaaccagag gagtgcaggg ctgtctggca ggcaggcgct agccactgct    139860
     gtggactggg ctcagcccca ctgtgtgtgc agtgccttcc attccagaca cccccccacc    139920
     ccccgtgtcc acgcactagg ctctggaagt ggctggagta ccccgtcgtt ctcacgtggg    139980
     gaggaagctg gcaaagcggt tgccagcagc ttcaaaggct gcccacgggc aggtcagcca    140040
     gaagacaaaa atcccagttc agctagattt gccttttagt ttatatttta tggtgttttg    140100
     tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgcctg tgtgtgagtg tgtgcacact cgcgtttatg tgtgtgtaca    140160
     tgtgcacatg cgtttgtgta tgtacatgtg tatgtatgac acttggtttc ttcctcaatt    140220
     attaatatat ttgaagattt atcttattgt ttgcatgtgc gtgtgtgcac acatgcatgt    140280
     gtgtgcatgc tgatgtccac agaggccaga agagggcttt ggaactggag ttggggttgc    140340
     aggtgggtgt gtgctctgat tgagtgaact ccagcatcaa gctctcttaa ctgctgaacc    140400
     ttctctctag accctcccac ccccttagtt tttgagacag agtctttcat ttaagtctca    140460
     ttcagctagc ctggctggcc agcaggtccc agggacctac ctgtctccat tcccagggcc    140520
     tgggttacag gcacggagcc ctgtgcccag ttctttatat aactgttgga gatctgaact    140580
     cagaaccttt ttttgtagca aacactgagc ctgtcccctc tgccctgatg tggcattatt    140640
     ttatgttcat gtgggtgttt atgtgtgtgt gcttgtgtgt atataagcat gtgtgtatgt    140700
     gtgtatatga gtgtttacgt gtgtgtgtgt ttgtgtgtat ataagcatgt gtgtatgtat    140760
     gtgtatgagt gtgcatgcat gtgtgtgtat gaatgtgttt gtgtgtgtgt gtgagtatga    140820
     atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttca ggcaaaggag aagagcatga agtgagaagc cgtgtgccca    140880
     aacatcctga tttgcctggg attgagcaga gtctcagatg taggactgtg ctaaaacccc    140940
     caatgttcca agcaaagaga aatgagttgg tcactgtcat gggaggggtg tccctagaga    141000
     ggaaagcgcc cccaggattc atggtcagtt ttcactgtct gcccttagaa aaatcaggaa    141060
     atctttgaga tttaactaca tgaaatagaa tgggctagga gtcagccagc cagctaaagg    141120
     ggccagggac taggctcctg tgtgaggagc agccatcgag gaatcccaga gaacaccctt    141180
     ctctagtctg ctcagcccag gggcgtcagg cgggagatgg gcaatgttag ttgcctgatt    141240
     tgtaaagaac ttttggtaaa agctcttgag ttcttgaaac tgctacctta ctccacagcc    141300
     agtagaggcc acagcaacac acctgatggc caggctggcc tctgggcagc cagggcaggg    141360
     cataacctct cagcagcaga ttctgtggag gctgtcagtc ccaaactcca gctggctgta    141420
     gccacaggtg cctggacttt aatgtcacag tttatttgga agaagattaa agctggtctg    141480
     atgaaagggg acttctgagc tttcagtcgg aaagcagctt ctgcagggca gccccgcctg    141540
     gtttgtctgt ccatgtttga aggcactgta gactcaatac tgtctggatg tctgctctga    141600
     cctgcagcgc tcctctaaat actgtgccca gggaaacaag ccagacacaa aggctgcagg    141660
     tcgggtggct ccgtttatat gaaacgtctg aagcaggcgg agtcacagat acacaccgga    141720
     ggttagcagc tgctgggtag attggggtgt gtgtgagtag tgaccactgc agacgggacg    141780
     aggttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtggtgttc tggctacagg ctgtgactat    141840
     agtgaaatcc actgagttgt agacttgaac atgacaactt gacagaattt aaatgacatt    141900
     tatgtgtttg tgtgtacatg gacctgtgtg tctgtggagg acaggacaac ttgagagagt    141960
     ccgttctctc cttcctccat ttgggttcca gagatggact gcaggccacc aggcttggtg    142020
     acaagacctt aactggctga accatctctc ttgctctcct tgttatttat cacttataca    142080
     agcaatactg tcatgggtat cttagcatat atagcttttg gactcttttt aaaaagtttt    142140
     tgtatagggt tgagccatct taccgatctt aaagtgaatt ttatgctgta taaattatag    142200
     cttagttaca atgtttattt accattagga ggtcaattct ttttttttaa aggtggtcag    142260
     tttttaaatt ggtctaagat tttgcaaatt ccctccctcc cctcctctct ctcccccctc    142320
     cctccccctc tttctctccc accttctctc ttcctctgtc cctctctctc cctccttatt    142380
     tctttccctc cctccctctc ttcctacttc ctcccttctt ccttccctcc atctttccat    142440
     ggctgggcat tatcaaccat acagtcataa tggaaacaac tgatgtcatc tggcattctg    142500
     gagtgtcaaa ttcaggggtt cagttttttt tttagatgta ttcaatgcat tttgacttct    142560
     aataatattt tctacctatg tttaaggaga cataattctc ctgtaggcaa ggaacaattg    142620
     tacacatatg caaaacaaat accttgatct atacataccc agtgctataa aaaaacatta    142680
     attaaaatag atttagaggc tgaagggtta aggacattgg ttgccttctc agaggaccca    142740
     ggctcggttc ccagcaccca ctggcagctc ctaatcatct ctaactccag ctccagggga    142800
     tttatatcct cttctggcct ctgtgggttc taggtataca caaagcacac agatagatat    142860
     tcatgcaggc actcacacat acatgttata aaataattat gtctttaaat gaagactacc    142920
     tatcctgttg attcaggtta cactgtgaca acttcactat cacttcaagg aatatcttca    142980
     agtacagtta tcctctgaga tcccaggggt cggaacgcag cagaggagct ggccaaccca    143040
     caacagtgca cagttaagct tgtaaacact tctggaaagc tcaagacata tttataggaa    143100
     tggaaagcag attatggctg cttggaactg agggagcaaa caggatggga gagggtttga    143160
     atgatctatg tcttattgtg ataatggggc ttattaccag agtgtgtgta tgtgtcacga    143220
     gttatttacg ttatgtctta agtatgtgct gtttccagct tcccagtcat acgtgtgtga    143280
     tgttcttatc aagctcttca gaagcccgag ttttagacag ccgtctcctc aaagagcccg    143340
     ggactcgcac atatgcagct ctgctctgtc cacatcccgg gcatctcctg tgcttgacgg    143400
     agacctagag acatccctct cctcactgtc taatctgtga agagaggggt gctgtgctat    143460
     gggacaggaa agctgacagc atcctatagg tctgagcctg tcagagcaag gagatgttac    143520
     tggtgggctg tagaagagga agccagggag gtttgagttg agagtagtgg aggtgccctt    143580
     cctgctttga agatgggcgg attgaagata aaggaatcaa agctctatca gttgctaagg    143640
     gtgacccctg caaacagcca gctgggaaga ggaaacccca gtccagccct acaacttcga    143700
     gaagctgggg cttgtgcata tttgaacgga ggtgggttct tacacagctc ggagaggaca    143760
     gcttctccca acagactcgc ctgtttggct gagaccccac acagagcctg ctcatccttc    143820
     tggcctgtca cactggtggt gacacacgaa gctgatacgc gggagtctgt attagtcagg    143880
     gttctctgca ggaacagaac aaatagaacg aaaacatgtc ctatttatag gggatttatt    143940
     agaatggctt acaggctgtg gtttggctag tcacactatg gttgtctcct gacagatagg    144000
     tcaaaaatct ggtacttggt cagtccataa ggctgggcat ctcatctggt cttcactctc    144060
     cattgtaatt ctgaagacgt aggttctaat accagagaaa gacagcacag cagatgaact    144120
     caccagcaag agtgagggta acaataagat gcaaaacctt cgtcctttca cgtcctctta    144180
     tatgggggcc ccagatttag ggtaggtctt ctcatctcag acaatccagt tcaagaaaaa    144240
     cctcccatag gtgagcccag ctgcttgggt ttcagttgct tccagatgtg gtcaagttga    144300
     cagccaagat tagtcatcac agtgctgttg agtttaactg gaggcgagat ctcaatatat    144360
     agttcaggct ggcctcagac ccttcatcct cctgcctcag catcccgagt gctgggcgtt    144420
     ttaaaattta ttttaaaaat ttcagtcttg gggatcaaac cttgagcctt gtgcatgtta    144480
     ggccagggct ctactgggat attgctttaa atgcttgggt ctgagctggc tttataatgg    144540
     ccagatacca gtgctcaggg caggacttag tgaccatccc atcagaagca atggctacgt    144600
     cgtagttttc ctccagcact tctttggtgc ctttaaagca aggtctgtgt gtggcttgct    144660
     gacttctagc tggaactggc attttactag tgttgtttag aatcttcctg gaaagatctg    144720
     acaatactgt tatttgttca acatcactga ccaactttta gggatcagaa aaagtaaaga    144780
     gagtgctaac agcctggcca tccctctgaa agttaaacat agagttagca tcccagagtt    144840
     ttcactccta agtgtgcatt aaaggcagat gacaatggac atgcaaagga gactgtgtac    144900
     acaagtgttc atggtgacat tattcatatg atagccagaa agtggtgggc aacctcaatg    144960
     cccgtcagcc aatgaagtaa taagctaatg agttgtagcc acacagtaga cacttcctca    145020
     attataacga ggaagagtgg acacaggcta cagtaggaat gacctttcat gatgttgtgg    145080
     cagtggagag aagccaggca ccgaagacac tgttctagtt tcctttgtga tgctgtccgt    145140
     gataaagcac tctggccacc aggcgtggtg gcagttaaag ctgaccagga cacatccagt    145200
     aaggtaagat tgtgtcacat gaagtgtgag gagtggccag atccaagaag gcatgaatta    145260
     gtggttgcta ggatgagtgg gaggagacct gaggctgaga gaagttgcag tttccctgtg    145320
     tgccgtgatg aaggtgtgcc agcgtgggca gtcctgagct tgcttagctc tgtgacaagg    145380
     cactccttga ggttgtgtcc ccacaaaccc atccaagtgg aagagatgtg aagtaaaaag    145440
     gttcaacaaa tttgtcacag ctcagcaaca tggcatgctg cgagtatcgg tgggttctct    145500
     agaggagctg cagtcagcct gaggcttagc ccaccagtgt cttaagagac agttacctac    145560
     cacacatcat atcgtgggga aagatgagga ctcaaaggtc agagtgtagt atctaccaaa    145620
     tgcacatctc tattgtaatc agaacagcca tccccatcgt aatcagagta gctgggtgac    145680
     ctgccagaga ccctcactaa ggtagatccc atcggctttc ccttccgagt cactgagatg    145740
     ccagccattc ccagttgtgt gttattctgc ctcagcttct gcttattctc tgagatgcta    145800
     gcatatacca aaggtggaag gttgctgagg ggaggcacca gctatgcagc tgtgggaagt    145860
     caccatccgt gacctgtgag agtttctgtt gtggttatgt gtgggtcatc cacagtcccg    145920
     tatgtatccc ttcactcatg gtctgtaagt aagccctgta aactcggtgt tttgttgctg    145980
     tgaagagcta ccatgaccac ggcaactctt ataaaggaaa acatttcact gcggctggct    146040
     cacagttcag aggttcagtc cattattgtc atggcaggca gcatggtggc acacaagtag    146100
     acatggtgct ggagaaggag ctgagattct ctatcttgat ttgtacacaa tcggaagaga    146160
     actgacttga gcttccaaga cctcaaaggc cactcccaca gtgacacact tcctccagca    146220
     aggccacaag tcctaatagt gccactccct atggaccaag cactcaaaca caccattcct    146280
     attcaaacca ccacaccact ctagggttga gtgggtagat gtttgtttgt gtccccccag    146340
     gaatagttca caaagactcc caaggctctt ccccacagcc ccgtttcttg ttctcagtaa    146400
     atatagaagg atttggtatt agttatttct ctcattgatg tgacaagatg cttggcatga    146460
     agccatgcaa ggaggaaggg tccatcttgg ctcacagttt gaggattaca gtcatcgtgt    146520
     tagggaaggc cgatgatgaa cacagactcc cttacagtcc ttaccagagg tttatttcca    146580
     aggcgattct aaatcccagc tgaggaatgt tcccatttaa ccaccacaga ccttttcaag    146640
     tctgatggcc agtattttta aacttcaaga aaaataatgt acaaaattgg gtgtatgaat    146700
     actgaaagcc aacacaccct gtgggttttt tctagcgagc ctatgctagg gcagaatccc    146760
     atggatttct gagagttgtc taatggtcct tcagactctc tctgaggagg aagtgctggc    146820
     ctcctccagg tgtgaacatc agggcatagt gaggactgtc ttccctaacc cttccagcca    146880
     ccagggatga cccatccaga aatcttggga tgctcatccg ggggagtggg gtttgccacg    146940
     aaacctatca cctgcacggt gtgtatagca gatctctaat ggctctcagt tcccaccaag    147000
     agcactccat accaaggcta tgtgctaaca ggtgtgtcat tgatggaagt cgatttggaa    147060
     aggcgtgcaa acctgagtct ggagagattc cagcagcgtg tgtacagatg tgtacagaac    147120
     tcccaggaac ttcctctaga catcccactg ggtcatgaaa ggatcaaatc tctcttttgg    147180
     ccttttgtgc acatttcctc tgcagccggg gaaagccctg tgttgatgtg tagaagccat    147240
     gctctctctc agatactctg aacctctcaa tcttctgggg accaaccatt cagccatcca    147300
     acctgtgtgc ttttgttatg ggagtacaga gatatgggtt caacttcgat gatccatgat    147360
     gtctgtgcag acacagcttg gtaggaaacc catggcccct gtggcaatgt ctgggtagga    147420
     cagaggaggg actcttttcc tgcgactgtg ggcggctcct gggaacaaga ggccttcagt    147480
     ctcctgactt tcctttggcc tcagcccttg tagagtgtgt tcatctctct ctctctctaa    147540
     gatggacacc tccctctttt cttggatgga atctatatca tgtctaagtg gctccatcag    147600
     ggaaggtgtg agctctgagt ggccacagga ggaactatgg atcttgttct tccccatggt    147660
     ggggctaggt cccctcagtg ggatgccctc tgggtgcatt tggtcctatt ctcaccagag    147720
     ggcgccacga ccctccttta tcactgtcct gacctctgtc caggcacacc ttcactggtg    147780
     agtctcacag ttcagaacgc caaagcctag ccttcaccat tcctaccaga gagccaaatg    147840
     atctccttag ggggaactga cttttctttg ggaaaatgag caatttttga gtttggcaac    147900
     atcctcaata tcagtataac aggaactgac ctctctcctg tatttccatt tcaatttagg    147960
     tctaaaaacc agccccagcc ccttcgagga cagcatggga ctctgcatga ttaagagact    148020
     ccctgggggt caggcacgat ggtgcatgct tgaaatccag gcagctgtac tcaggaggcg    148080
     cacgagttca aggttatcct aagacatagc aagtttgagg ccagcctggg ttacatgaga    148140
     ctgtcataaa acaaacaccc aaacctgcca gagattaaaa caagataaaa gaccccctcc    148200
     tccaaaaaaa caaaaacaaa aacagcctct caagacatgg ccctggcaga aagctgttgg    148260
     gtaccactct caatcagact gacgcaagct gccatcccga cagtggggca ccttctctta    148320
     ggaggtagtt ttcttttttg gtcactgtta gttgttaagt aggagacggc aattaaggcc    148380
     tttaagccaa cacagatggg gcttactccg cattggtacc agacagagga gggtggcctg    148440
     gtgaaagaat tcctccagtc acagatcatg ctgtctacag gaccccatga gtgaaggatg    148500
     cccagaagag catttgggag aactaaatat atataacata cgtgtgtgtg tgtgcatgtt    148560
     tgggtgtgtg ggaagtgtca gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcatgttt gggtgtgtgg    148620
     gaagtgtcag tgtgcgtgtg tgcatgtttg ggtgtgtggg aagtgtcagt gtgtgtgtgt    148680
     gcatgtttgg gtgtgtggaa agtgtcagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg cgcatgtttg    148740
     ggtgtgtggg aagtgtcagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt gtatgtgcgt gtgtgtgcat    148800
     gtttgggtgt gtgggaagtg tcagtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgca    148860
     tgtttgggtg tgtgggaagt gtcagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcatgttt gggtgtgtgg    148920
     gaagtgtcag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcatgtttg    148980
     ggtgtgtggg aagtgtcagt gtgtgtgttg cagagcggaa ggttctggat tggatatcac    149040
     ctgcagtaca gagtttactc cccccccccc ccccagaact ctatcttggg agaatctaca    149100
     tacttggccc ttgacctttt acctcaaccc tgacccttat tccagctcta atcctcattt    149160
     tagtcctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttgta agtgtatgta tgtatgtaca    149220
     tgtgtgtgag cctgtgtggt ttccaactct ctgctaggca gctggcgtag ctgcaccatc    149280
     tttgcatgta gatgatgcta ccagaagagg tatccaacct ctatgatccc caggagggga    149340
     tgggtaggtc tgtgggtgga cccacaaatc tccattctat ctgaccttct cacatgaatc    149400
     ctgaaaagcc aggtaaactt tggctggccc tggggtcgcc ccattatccc cctccctcct    149460
     gatacccgcc gccatcactc tccaggaata gctgcatccc ttatgttgac tcttgggttc    149520
     ttgctcccta ggactggatg gatgttcact catggtttcc acgacactgt tcctcctggc    149580
     cactgtaagg aacaaggcct tatgctcctg gccccagggc ccactcagca cctggcattc    149640
     ggggccacca gctgaaccaa ctgtctgggc cgtgagggtg ggaaatgctg ttgctgcagg    149700
     atttgaagcc ccctccccag agagggcagc attgagtggc agacctcttt gggctcattt    149760
     tcctacagtt cctagtagag atcgctccct tttcccatat cagaaaacag ctgttctgct    149820
     ggctcccccg gcatgtgcca gcactataaa taccccccag ccttggcaca gggacctggg    149880
     gaacttggga agttagagcc ctgggctgtg cgggcagtgg gagggagaag cattgcccaa    149940
     cttcccccct ctcagcctcc aggcacaggc tggccctgct tcccacgggc taggaaaccc    150000
     ccgcagtcct cctaggaatc tggcagagac agcttcagca gccctggtgg tgtttaacac    150060
     actgtctagt gcggtccagt cagctcccac tgttggagac agtgaggctc agtgggagcc    150120
     aaggcactgg ttccagctgg attcttatag gggggagtgt gaacaggaag gagtagcttt    150180
     tgttcatgat aggattggct ttatttaggc ttgatttttt ttttttttga tgagttctta    150240
     tataacccag gctagccctt gaactaaccc ttgtctgagc aaggccctcc tgccctgttg    150300
     gagcaggtgt gtcattgtgg gtgtgggcta taagaccctc attctaacct ggaagtcagt    150360
     cttctgctag cagccttcag atgaagatag agagctctca gctcctcctg taccatgcct    150420
     gcctggatgc tgccatgctc ctgccttgat gataatggac tgagcctctg aacctgtaag    150480
     ccagccccaa ttaaatgtcc ttatacgggt tgcctcggtc atgatgtctg ttcacagcag    150540
     taaactaaga catggatctg gaactttctg tgtagcccag gcgggtctca aacttgtacc    150600
     actccttcct gcttcagttt cttccccagg agcaggagag aggggagatg gctcagtggg    150660
     tagacgctct tgccttgcaa gcctgagcac ctgggcttga tctgtgtaac aatgaactaa    150720
     tgacctcaag ctgccctctg aaccccatgt cataacattg tccccctaac aataacaaac    150780
     aaagaaagaa cacaaataac ataaagagga gagaggaggg agggaggcct ccttcagggc    150840
     accctttgct tagcttgcca gtgtaagctg agctcacctg tacctcagct gcctgctaag    150900
     ataccctgct ctgctgttct tatggactac gtgagtcagg cgccctctgg tgccatggtt    150960
     tgcttactgc agcctgagag ggcgatagct cagcaagcag ataaaggtcc agcctgacaa    151020
     ccctagttca gtttccggaa ctcatgtgct ggaagaagaa aactgagccc tgcaagttgt    151080
     cttctgacct ccacatgtgc acggcggctt gtgtgtaccc acacacatat gcaaacactt    151140
     acacatataa taaattaaaa attccattta gaagttattc tatttaagcc agatttgctt    151200
     ttattctatt acagccttta ttataataca atttattcat aaattgtgaa actcactaag    151260
     aatctaagtt cttggatttt tttttcttct tcttacttta agatcaccag ccccctgcta    151320
     ttcttgggat gctttccctt gttaacaaac taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaaa    151380
     gaaaatcact acatctagat aattagtcac tactatagca aaatcagagg tttagccatg    151440
     gaaatatgaa gagaaagtca ggtgtgagtg tgcagccagg tgtgatggtg catgcctttg    151500
     aactcagaac ttgggaggca gagttgagca gatctttatg atttcagggt ccctgtggtc    151560
     catatgatct aagtctaggt tggccaaggc tacatagtga gtctctgtct caaaaagaga    151620
     aggaggaagt aaagaaaaga aaagaaaaga aaagagaaga gaagaaaaaa gaaaagagaa    151680
     gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa    151740
     gaaaggagac acacatcgct gtggaagaag tctgtctaat tctgattcca acgttctgga    151800
     aaagacacaa ctgtggaaac aggaaacaga tcccgagtgg cctggggttg ggatgcagcc    151860
     tcggcttaca caatttattg gtcactgaaa ctcccttgta ggatacaatg aagcagaagt    151920
     atacttgtgg attgtgaaac tctgacaatg aaccctaatg tgatatacac acttggggca    151980
     ataacagtgc ggtcacgtgg tttcatgggc acgggatgtc ccagtgggtt caggatgttt    152040
     atggcccagg agctcatgtg cagggtgggt aatctcaact ccctactgtc tgcacatttg    152100
     actgtgaccc tgaaactgct ctagatggca aggctagttg agggggtcct tccctagggt    152160
     gcatgaagcc ctaggctcca ccccaacacc tctaggctcc acccccagca ccactaggct    152220
     ccacccccag caccacttcc acccagtgca gtggggtggt acatgcctgt aaccccagca    152280
     ctcaagacag agaggaagga gattcagaag ttcagggtca ccttcagcta tatatcaaat    152340
     tagaggtcag cctgggatac atgagacccc tcgccctcag aaagtaaact tggctaagtg    152400
     tgttcctata tagatgtgta aagagggctg ggtacatttt cttagaaaag tctttgccat    152460
     tttgtctcca aggtctgcca acaaacttcc tcagtgtttg aaggagatat gtggcagcag    152520
     aaggtatttt cttataagga caccgttttt tgttttttgt tttttgtttt ttgttttttg    152580
     ttttgttttt ttttacttct tccccatctc tggctccaaa tctgtgggca gaggaggagg    152640
     gctccccttt cctcccaccg gcagagaacc ggcccaggtc agcagagcac accgatcctt    152700
     agacacaggg agtgttattt agtctagaaa ctcacaaagg aaatatctgt ttgcacgtga    152760
     aaaatctctg gaatgtctct gctcccctca gtccaagggc cccgtctctg caagaccacc    152820
     gcgaagagcc cggcacaaac cccacagtca tggccttgct ctggtctgag atccgctgcc    152880
     agtccaggca cctggctcta ctgtgccatt cagagtcaga gttgttcttt ccagtcgcct    152940
     agggtgagag ggtagacaga ggggagggga ggggagggga ggggagggga ggggagggga    153000
     ggggagggga ggggaggctc tgaggttggg agagattgct agaggaatga gggatcttgg    153060
     gatgttaagc cagagtcctt cagtgcttcc ctgctctgac tctagttcag gctttagact    153120
     ccttttctct gtcatgtctc tcttcctctc tcttcttttc ttcctcccct tctcttcttc    153180
     tgtagccacc caggatgagc ctcctgcttc cactttttgg gtgcttggat tataagccag    153240
     tggcaccatg tatacaacac ctgccggcag cggctaactg atctctgaaa gtttccttcc    153300
     tgtgtcctcc ttgtcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcttc    153360
     ttttagtata cttatttagt ggttgtggtg gtggtgctgg tgctggtgct ggtggtgtgt    153420
     gtagaggtca gaggacaact tatgggattc agttctctcc taccaggtgg attcggggaa    153480
     ttgaacttgg gtctccaggt ttgatggtga aagcctttat ttgtagaagc attttggggt    153540
     ttccttcctt tctcaagacc tgattctcca aaggcctctg aggtttatac atgtgggttt    153600
     attaatatag gcatgctgga tccaaagtac tgggtgaggg ggtaaagtag atagttttct    153660
     ctctagtgtg acaatagcaa ttttcttcat ccagtcttct ggcccctctg tcccaagcaa    153720
     gccccagcac cctttgtagg gtcatctagt ctctacctgt gaccagtttc agcaatagac    153780
     aaatgactgt gatcttgata tgtacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    153840
     cacacatctg tcttcctttc cagtcagcat gcagagggaa gcaccctgga catagaactg    153900
     gtgctggaaa agaagtccaa ggtccagagc actcagcgga acacaagaag tgttcccgaa    153960
     ccaggtatga agactttaaa tagatgtcag cttacagtgc acttagaata acaacagctg    154020
     gcacggggag gactggcctt tttcggaagg ctcacattta acttccagac aatcccaggc    154080
     cgactcaaca tcacatgagc tcaccgaggc aagcacagcc tcgtggccca ttctgtccac    154140
     gaatctcaaa tttcgaattt caagagttga tttcctaagg tctatgctaa acgtctcaca    154200
     ttccaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cactcacaca cacatagaca    154260
     cgtatataca cagagacact cacacacagt caaacacata cacagaggcg cgcgcgcgcg    154320
     cacacacaca caaacaccac tgtttttttc aaaatgtagt cttacttggg aatgttatga    154380
     catcaagccc ttaaaaatgt agacagtttg gtttcaaaag acttgatggg gcaaatctca    154440
     aatctcagac ctcttttttt ttttttcttt tgcaacaagt ctttgcttca agtccatttc    154500
     tgcaatcagg cggggcagag gcttagtggg tggggctaag gtcacaaaac caagatgtct    154560
     agtgttggcc ctgcggccac tcagatctgg aaatattctc ccttcaaaac agaaatcaag    154620
     aggttacttt ggggtcactc aaaactctta aaagactttt tcaaacgaaa attagttcag    154680
     atctgctggg agaaccctgc gcacgtctgt gggttagagt cttggaggac ccgggctact    154740
     ttatgaactt cagcagggcc atgtacattg ccaaaggcag gaggctttag ccatgagatt    154800
     gaagagagca aaggtacaaa ctttgcccag ggcttgctag agtttggagc aaatcccccc    154860
     aaaatcatgc attggaaatt tgatctttga tgcagaagtg tcttagggtg agatactctt    154920
     aagtttgttt ctttgtttga gacatgttct tcctatgtag cccaagatga cttaaaacac    154980
     acaatcctcc tgcctcagcc tcctgagttc tgagtgttta agccttttaa gagtgttagg    155040
     tcctgagtgc cccaccctca tggagggatt actgttgtca ctgggagaat ggggtctttt    155100
     taaaaaggaa tgggaaggaa tatggagcca ggcgtggtgg cacacaccgt aaatcatccc    155160
     ggcactcaga aagcagatgt ctaccagcca ggactacaaa gagaacctac caaaaggaaa    155220
     aaaaaaaaag aaaaaaaaga aaagaaaaaa gacaagccgg gcctctgttt ccatctgtcc    155280
     acgactattt atttagataa ggtcttatgt atcccaggct gtctcaaact tactgtgttg    155340
     ctaagtcaat ttctgatctt ttgcctctac actttgagac tggggttcca tcttgggctt    155400
     caagcaacat taggcaagct acggtaccaa ctgagcctcg gccccagccc aacgtgtgtc    155460
     cttacaaggc atgttttgaa ccttttgaga ttttgtattt gtccttgtct ctgtggggga    155520
     caggcagaga gggcactctg gcctgtgaga tgtcttcacc tttgagggtg gctttcaaga    155580
     cattgagtca ctctcatttc acccatgtag agctatcctg aggggtggca gggggtgggg    155640
     gtgggggtga cgactaaaat aaaccctgtt tcctggcagt tctgcagccc ctgagggggt    155700
     ggccaggagt acagtgtggc aataccaaag gggcaggttg cagaaggaag caaggcatgt    155760
     gggaaacttg gctgtggttt cttcgtgtgg aggctgcatc aggctgggct ctgcttctcc    155820
     agggagtaga cagaggagcc agaccccaga gaacacccag gggtgtggtt aagccagctg    155880
     agccgcaacc tgggtgccct aaggctaaca cagagggtgg aatggtgacc tggacatggt    155940
     ctgctgaccg gggtccctgc tcctgagccc cagctgtgct gggaattgac ctcattcatg    156000
     aagtaaacac tgaatcagat accagcgggc ctaaccctgg tggagtggaa acagctccga    156060
     tcttttcatg agtacgaagc ggccaattgc tcttggcaag agcccctcga agggtgtcaa    156120
     ccagaatgag ttcatgagca tctcttgcca gcttcatcgg aagccaattg cctggccgtg    156180
     ctcgaaacga tttgtattaa aacgccttac ttacattttc agattccagc tatcatcctg    156240
     ggaggcagag cagtccagta tctggaagat ggtactggga aaccaccggc tgacaccgga    156300
     tcccggccac atctgtctca gtagtcagat gttcccgggg gcaggggctg tatggtgtgg    156360
     gcctgtctca tgatgacgca gtccaggctg ggatctgggt cctggtgttg gcgtgtcctg    156420
     tttgcggtca tagacacctg ctgtaagtgt ccacgctcgc cttggtgtta gtcagagact    156480
     gtgagctgtg ctccccattt cccttgctca ttctgtgtgg tttgtacagg agatgacagt    156540
     gagcctgcac tccagtgtat gaggtcacct cgcagtatgc tttcatccat tgggagagaa    156600
     ataatttctc ttcttttaaa gagttttttt ttttttttta acaaaattgt gtgtgtctgc    156660
     aagaaacccc agagcccaga agaagccacc aactcccttt ggagctagag ttatgggtgg    156720
     ctgagagcca cccaacatgg ctgctggcaa taaaacttgg gttctctaca aggagcagcc    156780
     atgcccttaa ccactgggct atctctccag ctctgagaaa taatatctaa ttattcctcc    156840
     catagcctca tttacagata gaacagtggg acactaacat tcagtagtgc ctacaacttg    156900
     gaactagact gcttgagttt aagtcccagc tcaaccgctt ataaggacag ctcactctcc    156960
     ctgctctgtg ccttgggact aaagggttga tccgtatgca tcaatcacaa agagcttttc    157020
     cagggcacag ccgaaaattg acaagcctcg gccacagtct gcttgtcctg ctatgacaaa    157080
     atagcaatga ctgagtaatt tataaatact agccatctac ttctcctcat tctggaagca    157140
     aggaattaga ggtcaggtgt agcatttggt gtctggcgag agccttcctt atgcttccta    157200
     atgggacaga aggcaggagg gaaaggacac ctgactcaca ccctctgggc cgtccctaag    157260
     aacatctaat tcccaatggt ggcactctgg tcacctccca aaggcctttc cgcattgctg    157320
     ggattaaatt ccatgtgagt tttatagggg acaccatccc ccagggcagg gcaacctcat    157380
     taccaccagt gagctagagc agacacagca ataaggaatt ttggacatct tgtacggcta    157440
     agtacagaaa gtgactgtca gcaccaggtg tgctcagtct tgggacactg caacatgaca    157500
     ttgccacctg caactgagtc acaaaaacaa acaagcaagc aagcaaaaaa aaaaattcac    157560
     aaaatagcac aaagttttga gcaagttcaa taattttgct ttagacagca cttataacta    157620
     tcctgggcca tttgtggcct caggtcggat acggcactgt atcagcaact gttttccagg    157680
     tgtgaggata agaatctaga agagggggct ggagagatgg ctcagtggtt aagaacactg    157740
     gctgctcttc agagggcttg gtttcagttc ccagcaccca cgaggtggct cacaagtgtc    157800
     tgtaactcaa gagccagggg acttgacatc ctcgtttggc ttctgtgggc accaagcatg    157860
     cacacagagc acattcattt attcaggcaa aaccctgata tacataaaat agaaataagt    157920
     aatctaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaagcca agagatcagg gtgatcctgt catcatatca    157980
     gttaaatggg gacccaatgt cccctttcgt tcttgtctgt tacatggagt gaacatctgt    158040
     tctttcctgg gaataatcgt gtctggcctc gattctgaag tgactcaggg tgtaacgtgc    158100
     ttggggtgat atccttgggt aggctgacac tttctcttgc agggctgtgg aagctgtttt    158160
     gtcttggctt ctcatggttt cagttgctgc tgtttgttgg ccttgaaaac acttttctcg    158220
     ttctcagatg aaaccatttg acagagccag gctggtcttg aacttacagc aactgtgttt    158280
     cagcctctca agtgccggca ttacaagagt gaaccactac tcccgttttc ttctgaacct    158340
     ttctcctatc acactgtccc gtctgagcct gaaagatagg aggtctaccc agaggctttc    158400
     tcatgcatga cttgaaaggg agcttaggac agacaagctt tgacagggga tcctgagcac    158460
     ctctgataca tcagggtgct gtgatgagcc atgaagccca gaggcaacaa gctggattta    158520
     tgtgattttt tttttttgag gcaggatttc atatatctca ggttgttcct gaactctgct    158580
     gtctttgtca gggttgctat tgtcatgatg accaaagtaa tttcaggagg ggagggttta    158640
     tgtggcacac attgtagtcc atcattgaag gaagacaggg caggaattca aacaagagca    158700
     agaacctgga ggcagacgct gatgcagagg ccatggaggg gtgctgctta ctggcttact    158760
     caatctgttt tcttactgta tccagaccca ccagcctagg gatggcaccg cccacagtgg    158820
     gctggctcat cagccactaa gaaaatgctc caaggtttgc ttacagcctg ttcttatgga    158880
     ggcatcttct caattaaagt gcccttctct tagatgacta tagcttgggc cataatggag    158940
     ccagcacatc tacagctgac aataaacctg cctccacctc ctgcctctgc cgccccagtt    159000
     ctgagaatgt gtgccttgtg aattaaaccc agggcctcct gcatgctagc tgagcactct    159060
     atcaactgag ccacatcctc acaaactgag attttaagat ctcgagtgag accagtgacg    159120
     tctagggttg attctaggca gaattctgta gcaagaggtc acgcccatgc ttggctggta    159180
     tataggaagg tgactttgac tccctaacga atgcctttga aagttttagg aaacaaaatg    159240
     agtgcagcga gcatccaagc tgctcacggt ggtttttcta cttttttttt tgaaactctg    159300
     atggaccaaa acacagtgac gaaagcctac tgaagctcga ggcgtatctc taaggaagga    159360
     aacactgttt tgcacagcta aaaagggcca gaactagaat ttgtgcccat gtcctatgtc    159420
     ccaggtaaag gcttctttat accactaaaa ttctagggca tggtgatatg ggatccaata    159480
     gataggacag tgtcattcca aagaattctc ttgtggcatg ccaagaaatt ctgtccttgg    159540
     ctttaatctc cttagcattc tatcaacaac ttggatgagg ccaaagatag cttcttatcg    159600
     actgtgcaaa tagccccaga cggggaagga tggccaatct gttggaattg caacattggg    159660
     atccaaaatt atctcaagag aaaggaatgc tcggttaatc ccagtgagat aaaactgaac    159720
     gggaatacgc gtaaggcccc cgagtttagc tccaaaacct gactgaagaa gtgtagggag    159780
     agtctggaga ggagtccaat ctccctcgta atcaaagaaa tgcaaattaa agcaacagtg    159840
     agataatcgt ttccccttat cagattggca aagattaaaa ggaggaaaat tcctggagtt    159900
     gctggggcgg agaagacagc aggcgatctt gtaaattgct tgtgggcttg caccccagaa    159960
     cgccctctct ggaagataat taggaaactc tttttcccag aagtttcatt tatagaaata    160020
     tatctacaga caagttggga aagattcatg tacaaggata ttcctcaaaa gcaccattaa    160080
     gagaagaaaa ctattttgga agaggaagaa gtattcagtt tggggacaga agaccaggag    160140
     gccacagaag ggtaccacac agctacggcc agatgctcca tgccttaaag agacagactc    160200
     agccttcctg cagagcaccc aagttgtaag ccaggcaagc ccgctgggat ttaggagaca    160260
     tctctctcca ccacttaatt ctacttctgt atctcttttg aagaaaaaaa gtcaatagag    160320
     tctgccagca aatgtggggt gggatgaagg cgccattgga gttggtagtc tggaaagctg    160380
     gaagaatgga taggccattc tctgagacaa agtagcatcc taggctggag agacacagat    160440
     aagtcatcat ataaaaatgg tgactttaca cccgacaaag tggatgacgc cgtcatgcga    160500
     atgaacggag aagcaagtgg ccagtgcctg tctgatatgt gctacaccag ctccagtcag    160560
     aggtcagagg tcagaggtca gaggtcaggg atagagccaa caagtgaggg aggaggagga    160620
     actagaaatg gaggaacgaa gtcaaatgtg tgtgatccca gaatccagac gcagacagtt    160680
     ccacagagac cgtccctgta gagaaagaga aggactgaga ggagacagag agggtttagt    160740
     cagggaggag aaagctggaa gatgaatgta gggatttcca aggagtcaca ataaccagaa    160800
     catcgaagat ggggagagag ccatgaaaga atgcttttgg gaaggcagaa acgacagatc    160860
     tccatgccga gggtgggaaa gcctgtcaca aaaaccccga ggctgcatgt tctgtatggt    160920
     tgggagaatg agcctgacca tgatgctctg cattctgagc gagctcatta agtatacggt    160980
     aagccggagt aaaataaatg gcaggagatg aagagcagac caacatcata gtgggcgctc    161040
     atacacctag cagaggccaa ctggggaagt tgaggctgga gttcctgcta gagccttctc    161100
     tccatggctg agcttctggc ttctctctcc cactgcaggt gctttcatgc gtgggatagg    161160
     caatagtggg gtcgtttgcc cgcgtttacc tcacagtgtt tttaaggata tgatgtcttt    161220
     gccgtttgtg ctgtttctgt tgttctcttc cctcctagtc acagacttag ggggtcagcc    161280
     ttgtccctgg acacttgaca tggacgcggt tgggtctgaa gtgtatatgt gtgagataac    161340
     gtatcttcca gagccacctg ctcagcgact tcaaacagaa tttgaaaata tataccaata    161400
     cagtgtgact ttgcacttcg gattcctggc atttgtcttc ctggttcttc tttccgttct    161460
     tgtttcttcg gtgtgtatgt tgtgtgtgtg cacccgtgtc atgtgtattt gtgcatttgt    161520
     gtgcaactac ctggcgatga atttaagcct cactggagcc tttctgcctt aaacagagtc    161580
     tcatctgcat ttttttggga aaagattttt aaaaaaatta tttctttgag acagggtctc    161640
     tctgtgtgta gccctaactg ttctggaact ctccatgtag accaggctgg cttggaactc    161700
     atagaattcc tcctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctggggtt aaaggcatct aactacacat    161760
     gtctggctaa aaggacttac taatttttac tttatgagtg tttacctgca tgtatgtata    161820
     tgtataatgg gtgtgtgtgg gtgtgtgtct gtctgtctgt ctggtgcagg tggaggctgg    161880
     aagtggtcat gggatgccct ggagttacat atagttgaga gcctctacgc agtgcttagt    161940
     aaccatagag acttagataa gaacggtcct catagactca cagatttgaa tgcttattgt    162000
     cttagtcagt attctattgc tgtgaagaga cagacacctt tgcaactctt aaaaggaaag    162060
     catttaacca gggcttggct tacaggttca gaggcttaag tccattatat tattttagga    162120
     agcatggtgg cacataagca gacatggtgc cggagaagga gccaagagtt ttacattcag    162180
     atcagcaggc aacaggaaga aaaagagaca ctgggcctgg tttgaatttc tgaaacctta    162240
     aagcctaccc ccagtgacac acttcctcca acaaggccac acttcctcca cactcctatg    162300
     ggggacattt ttattcaaac caccatactt aagtcaccga ggagtggaag gaactctgat    162360
     aggattagct gaatcaggag gtgtgaccct gttggaggaa gtgtgtactc agggtgggct    162420
     ttgaggtcca gtctctctct gcttcctgca tgtcaggatg tagaactctc accaacctct    162480
     ccagcaccat gtctgtctgt gtgctgccaa gctctctgtc atgatgacaa tggactaaac    162540
     ctctaaaacc cacagttgaa tgggttcttg gttaagagtt gccttggtca tggtgtctcc    162600
     tcacagtgac agaatagtaa ctaagccagt gccctgatcc atgtcctctg catgtgtggc    162660
     aagtgctctt aaccactgag ccatctctcc aacgcccacc atcactttgc tgttttaaag    162720
     agagagcttc ttggctagac cagactggcc ttgaactcac agagatcaga ctgcctctgt    162780
     ttcctgaggg ctgggattag aagcacgtac caccacaccc ctcatataga ttttgggatt    162840
     cttaccttag gcctgtaagt tgctgaactc attcttacac tccataggaa acaaagctct    162900
     atggaagttc agcagaaagc gctctagaac agtggttgtc aaccttccta atgctgtgac    162960
     cctttaatac acttcttcat gttgtggtgg ccccaaccat aaattatttt cattactgtt    163020
     tcacaactgt aattttacta ctgttaggaa tagtaatgta aatatctgat attcaggata    163080
     tctgatatgt gaccctgatg aaaggggtcg tgatcctccc agggagaacc acaaaacact    163140
     cttgcccctg tgggcttttg aatattggcc agagtcagcc aatccagtca tgggggcggg    163200
     gctaccacgt ttcccatctc tacggcaacg actctgctct ttgagcttcc ccatgacgtc    163260
     accagcacac gctgtctgcg tgagaagccc agatgtagaa gctgtactag caggtgtgaa    163320
     aggaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagagc atggcctggg acactgcgca tgtgccacct    163380
     caggtcggcg ctcacttcgg cttcagttcg cagtctaggg tttgctggaa cttggctcct    163440
     gtaatcttag ccgcagatat gagatgctgc agcgtttctc tggcttgctt tgagccgccg    163500
     gcgggcgata cccgcatagt gctctgttca tcttgtcgtt aatatccatt ggcgtgcctc    163560
     caccatgcct agcctctctg actgctacat gaactcacaa atcgctgttg ctagcaagct    163620
     ggccatcttc ctaacgtgct cctgagctct gtgggccaag gagagcctca gccacgcgtt    163680
     ctagagtcac aggtaacaca gaacaggcca ctgtggactt gagaattttg actatgtaac    163740
     agacctggca ggaatgaaga tattctaaag agatactggg cgccagaccc gggaaagggg    163800
     ggagactgtc ttctagagag atctacacag tcctaacacc ttgcagatgg ccctgcaaaa    163860
     cagactggag cggatcacgg gtgggaccac acctttctgg agactgatta gttatgcata    163920
     gctcctgtct tctctttaaa cagaaacctc atgttagaac cctgaagacg ggtttatagg    163980
     gtacaggacc tctttgtccc ttttccttac gtggccatgt cgcatgaatc ttcttttctg    164040
     ctttttactg ttatttgttt ctgtaactga ctcactgggg acaggatgct gagtctagat    164100
     tgtcagggct gctaggacct aggctctgac cccggcaatg ccagtaacga tagagcagcc    164160
     attctgcact atgcattgtg cagatattcc cagtgggttg ggtttcctat gcggatcgca    164220
     ctatctttgc cacaaatgat agcgcggctc gctgataaag ttgagcacca gctgtgctag    164280
     gcagttgtta ctactcatta agacaataat ctagggccca gcagggagct aagaaccaac    164340
     ttgaaattga atcctagccc cacttttttt tagatctttt tatacaatat atgctaacct    164400
     tactttcctc ttccccaact tcttccagat tctacccacc caaatccata ccctttcttt    164460
     ctctcattag aaaaaaaaaa aaggcacgta aaaagaaaat agaattcaaa caaacaaaca    164520
     ggaagaagag agagagagag ccagaagtgc aaaagaaaca cgtactgatg cagagacaca    164580
     cacccacacg cagaaatcct gtaaaaacac agaatcagaa accatactgt ataagcaaag    164640
     agcctcttac ctcttaatta atatgtgatc ttacctctta attaatatgt gatcttaggt    164700
     gagctaagac cctctctgta ggtcaattta atgattctta aacatattca caagtccacc    164760
     tcctgaggtt ttgagagctt ttctattttc ttttgtcttc ccatcgataa aatggaaaag    164820
     tgttgtgcat ttaaggccag cctgctctgt atagcaagtt gcaggacagg cagagctaca    164880
     taagaccctg tgtcaaagga aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag gaagtgtgtg ggggcctcag    164940
     caaacccagt ccttataggg aggccagctt tgctaatggg aaatcagtcc cctgttcagc    165000
     acatggcttc agtggtcacc cacagattcc caaattatca taaaagcagc tttatccaga    165060
     cactgcattt tgtgagtctg cactcggagg ccaagttata tttaagcaga gcttcccctc    165120
     caatccagac agcggcttga aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaccaccta tgtccagaag    165180
     caaaagaatg cctttccttc gcttgcacgg tgacttgcag ctgactatgg ctgggagttg    165240
     gagggtggcc tagagccggg gctggatcct gcctgggatc ttgtctgagg agccgccatg    165300
     tgctgtcagg tctcagagcc agtgtctgac ttccttgtta ccacaaggcc tgtggtttcc    165360
     aactctgtct gcatctgagt cccacttaac caacagcggg agagaaaaca gacgcgaacg    165420
     ccggcagcca cacacagcca cccagacgcg cgcagtcttc agaggaagtg gagcaccagg    165480
     tgttctgggt ttcctgttcg atgcttccac agctggttga gtctgtggct gtggtttgtc    165540
     tgtctagggc tcatgtgaaa gacaaacgcc tggctgacgg gaaaccttcc cccatctctg    165600
     actgatcagt tatacagaaa tctggcagat cagagatttc ctgaaacact cagacccgga    165660
     ttctcccaga aagacgccca agtccccctc tccccaagga gcggccataa gctgttgggt    165720
     ggccttctta ggacctgggg acaatggaaa atacttcaaa tgtgccatga ttttgacctg    165780
     gtgagcaaaa ggaggctgag gccaggctgc ttcagacccc agtcctgagc ctggcataga    165840
     gtaggcactc agaaaacacc taacaagggc aggcatggtg gtaaatgcct gtggtcccag    165900
     tgctcagaag gctgaggcag gaggatggat agagcccaag aattggagtc caggtttcaa    165960
     acagcaagat cttgtttcaa gataaaatag gggctgagaa agggctcagt gagagaaatg    166020
     cttgcagcac acacatggga gacctaagtt tttgtccaca gaattcacat aaaggccggg    166080
     cgtggtggtg tgtccctcta actccagcac tgggatggca gggtgtgtat ggagggaaga    166140
     ccctggtagc ttgggccacc aatctggctg aaacagcaag tttcagattc agaaataaga    166200
     tggagaggca attgaggagc gacctaccaa cctatcaatg taaacctcta tatgcatcca    166260
     cttgggcaaa tatacacaca cattcacatg tgcatatata ccttacacac atgcatacag    166320
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    166380
     acacacacaa gtaatacaac acagccactc atgcaacatc tggaggaata gctgaagggt    166440
     ccactatgtc tctgggagtt gggtctaaaa gccccggctt agcatcatgt ttcatatgca    166500
     gcttcggatt ttagcagaca aggctttgag gcagtgctat gttgctgatt tcctgattgc    166560
     aagtccttta aagccacagg cctgcttttc ttatctgcgc aagagatact gcttcctagg    166620
     ggtgcatgga tttgcttggc agagtcatgc ccatagcaac ccctcagtaa ggctggctcc    166680
     ctctctctcc ttgcaatgat gcagtttatc tagggagagg ttactaagca aacagggtgg    166740
     aacagataac agccaggtaa ccatagtaac gatggtcctg ggacacctgc ttgtggagca    166800
     tggtgtacag cagggtacta atgtttgcgg ggatgtgtgt gtcatcaggc catcctgggc    166860
     ctctaggctc tctaaggagg ctcctattgt tctcctctgg ctgtgcagtg gggttagggg    166920
     ttaggggtga gtatggctta gtctccttag tgaccaccag cggttatttt aatccttgat    166980
     tgctactgtt actattcagt atgcactgga gtcccttaac aagggtccct tgatgcagca    167040
     ggcctcacag gtctgtcctt cacctgtatc tctgcctatg aaatgcaaca tccgcaactg    167100
     accgtggaca tcagttttgt ctctggaatg gacccatgag gttcaagtgt catctctgat    167160
     atttatctgt gcagtgttgg gcaagttcat gtcatctctc tgtgcctctg taaagacggc    167220
     acatgtgcct ttaggtaaaa tgacaactgg atggtgggga gctggggaca ccacacgaag    167280
     gtatgcctaa agcatccaga tgcagtggca tggtgaagga taagtgacag ttagtcccct    167340
     ccgttggcta cctggccaga tttggagcca gcctggggta tatgaaaaaa cccagtctca    167400
     aaaagacaaa ataggtacta ggtccctccc gcccatctca tgttagtgtg agcaccacac    167460
     tgaatgttct cctgctgcag agagatgcaa aggcaggcac aggctcagag ctcaagctgc    167520
     agaggtgtcc cagacgtcat ggggcttctg gatggaagct gggcactact cttggggtaa    167580
     aggctgctgg ccagacgaga aggaagtggt ttgcttattt ttcttatgca agtccgtctc    167640
     tgtcccagtg agtgatgtgg cagacatccc agagtgtgtc acgagctgaa tcagccagag    167700
     aatgttaggt aatgctgcag taacaaacag cccgtggggc tggttggcga gacacaataa    167760
     cagcttattt ttttttccca ggctataggt tccagtgggc tagcgggcac ttctcctcca    167820
     tagcttcacg caggaagcca gcacgtgtgt gtgcaggcta aatgacaact cacatgccat    167880
     tcttcctcaa tgtccaattt tttaaaaaaa taaatatttt tttcatttat gtgtatttga    167940
     tgggtacctg tgtttggctg aagagatctg aaggggatga tggatcccct ggtactggag    168000
     ttataggaag ttgtcagcca ccatttgtgt gctagaacag caagtgcttt taaccactga    168060
     gccatctctg tagcctctgt ctccccccat cccaccccca tttttaagct aggttctcta    168120
     actaccaact gcttccttat tacacaaggc tgactgacta gaaagctcca gggatcttcc    168180
     cgtcctcatc tctgcagtag tcactttaca agtgtatgct tggcttttcc tgtggactct    168240
     ggggattgaa ctcgggtcct tgagcttgca gaacaagcac attactgact tggctatctc    168300
     cccagtgctg gatgctattt atcctctctg gaatgtgcac ctctgccagg cgttagctaa    168360
     gagacactgg caggcatgtg gggcttttga gaacacatat ctccggtgct tagtttcact    168420
     gacctggtct cttcacaact cacagcaagc atgtacgcct tcactttttt tttttttttt    168480
     ttttttggct tttccagaca gggtttctct gtgtagacct ggctgtccta gaactcactt    168540
     tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tctgcctgcc tctgcctccc gagtgctggg    168600
     attaaaggtg tgctccacca ctgcccagct acgccttcac ttttttgacc atcatctttt    168660
     ctactctcaa gatacatcta ggagtgagga gggcagtttt gctgtggcct aagccaatct    168720
     ggaactttcc atgtagtgta gtctgccccc tactttgcag tcctcttggc tcagcctccc    168780
     aagtgttgga attacaggta cgtgccactt cgcctagctg aaaaatctct tggtctagat    168840
     tttcagcttg ggcacaagga tcggtggttc ttaagacaaa aaggagaact ttctgcacac    168900
     ctcggagaaa aacattaggt ttcaagtaga ccctgaaacc agtcaaacta ctggtcatct    168960
     tgcctaggcc ttccaaggtg ggctgagcat ttcccagcat gccaagaagt acgccaggcc    169020
     ctctgaggcg ctgtgggtct gggctaggag gctgcctgcc aagaaagccc aggtcgggga    169080
     tacacagatc tcaaagtgtg cctggccgcc cacaccgcca ttggtcctgg tactttgtac    169140
     agaactcagc caaaaccgat ccagatatct ttggaaatag agaaggctgg actggcatcc    169200
     tgcaatttgg ggcagttttt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgg tttttttttt ttcttccctt    169260
     caaatggagc acgtagcttg ggaatttgcc ttaagaaatc tttcattcct agattgtcag    169320
     tggagaaatg gttcttattt atttaacctc gaatcaagcc gcagccccca ctcctgggct    169380
     gcttgggaag ggttgtttta aaatagctga gcaagctaaa aatgcctggg ttgacttgct    169440
     ggaaggctcc gaagcaagca gtctggcaca ggaagcccct gacttttcca tagaataaga    169500
     ctggtagtgg ctgagggtgg gcagtacggt gtgggagggg acgtggactg tcagggagat    169560
     gcaaagcctg ggttagtctt agattccaga tcagctgggc tgtctttgta gttgacctgt    169620
     atgatgggat ctgggaatgt gaggagacag tgtaagattc atgtgtgcgc gtgtgcatgt    169680
     ctgtgtgagt atgtgcatgt ctgtgtgagt gtgtgcatgt ctgtgtgagt gtgtgcatgt    169740
     ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcat gtctgtgtga gtgtgtgcat gtctgtgtga gtgtatgcat    169800
     gtctgtgtga gtgtatgcat gtctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc atgtctgtgt gagtgtgtgc    169860
     atgtctgtgt gagtgtgtgc atgtctgtgt gagtgtgtgc atgtctgtgt gtgtgtgtat    169920
     gtctgtgtgc gtgtgtgcat gtctgtgtgc atgtgtgcat gtctgtgcac ttggtgtgtg    169980
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgttgtgg ggaaggcagt cacactgtat aaccttggat gaattggagc    170040
     tcattttgta gaacaggctg gcctcaaact cacagaggtc tgccagcctc tgcctttcaa    170100
     gtataccacc acactcagcc tgagttacag attttgtgag ccacatgtgg gtgctgaaac    170160
     tgaatcccag gccctctgca agaacaagtg agccatctct cctgttcccc tgttaagctg    170220
     ttattaccaa gctgctgctg ttgttgtttt ggggccaggg tattttatca caacaggaga    170280
     gatgaagctg tgacacaccc tcccgtttcc acctccacag gtttggggtc agaggcacac    170340
     ggtgctatgt ctgactttga catgggtgca gagatctaaa ttcaggtcta caagtttgca    170400
     aggaagatgg tttttactga cagagctgtc ttgccagccc ctggagggtt cattcttcaa    170460
     gcctctgtgg gcagtttcac actcaacaaa cttgagcgcc tctcttcttg tctagcctct    170520
     gtcttttggt gagaggacag acagacagtt cttactctat tggtttaggt tgagttgact    170580
     caaagtctgt ctgtcccacc gatggttctg ccaagtccca aacctcccca ccactgtgag    170640
     acactgtcac tgcggaacat ggagttggga tgacgtgagc acattggacc cgccagcaca    170700
     ttattgtggg gaattcttcc tcatccaagg tgggctatga ccaaaggcgc cccatcagaa    170760
     tcttctcaca ctgtttcttt gagtcttact atctagacag gatggtggcc gagggctgct    170820
     ggcagccatc ttgttggttt tagagggaag ttgtttgagg ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    170880
     tgtgtgtagt ctttcttggc gttacttgaa ttcttggaca cagccatccc tgaggcagcc    170940
     atgtaaagcc ccgggcttta cagttatgca caccagtatt gccttccttg cttaggtgtg    171000
     aattcctgcc acatgacaat taaaaagcca tggttaaaat aaacaggttg cccacaaagt    171060
     gtactaacaa atagatttga tgttggcctt ctactggctt cacgaatgtc cacatttttt    171120
     taaaagtgta aaatctgggc atagagagat agattaatgc ttatatttac tgttcttaaa    171180
     agggaaccag gttcagttcg caacacccag tcaggcagca tacaattgac tgtaactgca    171240
     gttccacagg atctggcatc ctcttctggt gtccttgggc agccatgtac acaggatata    171300
     tagacataca atcagacaca catgcacaca cacatacaaa tgaaataact aaaaaatacc    171360
     ctctaaatat ggatataaaa aacaatcaat atgtggtatg cctgcccgta ctcccaacta    171420
     cttgggaggc caaggtcaaa ggattggttg agtctcaaag tttatatcca gcccgagtga    171480
     cccagcaaga ccctttagca ataataacaa agataatgat aaaagaaaac catatctatg    171540
     tttattatga gtgcaagttt tctgtgacaa agctcttttt atattcagaa gcctgtggat    171600
     tgtttgacct tggctgacta gaacatcaag attctaagag atggaaggtc acagataaac    171660
     agccaaagta ggtcaggcca gctccagccc cttataacaa ctgtatcagt tagggttacc    171720
     tttgctgtga tgaaacacca tgaccaaagg caatataggg aggaaagggt ttatttaatt    171780
     catagttcca tataaccatt cgtcatcaac aacagtgagg caggaactcc aggagggcag    171840
     gaacttggag gcaggagctg atgctgaggc catggaggag gctgcttatt gactttctcc    171900
     tcgtggcttg ctcagcctgc tttcttatag gacccaggac taccagccct gtggtggcac    171960
     cacccatcat gaactaagcc ctcccagatc aatcactgta ctggctggtt ttgcgtatca    172020
     acttgacaca gttggagtta tcacagagaa aggagcctcc tttgagggaa tgcctccagg    172080
     agatccatgc ctccagctgc aaggcatttt ctcaattagt gatcaagggt gggagggccc    172140
     attgtgggtg gtgccatccc tggctggtgg tcctgggttc tataagaaag caagctgagc    172200
     aagcccaggg aagcaaggca gtaaggaaca tccctccacg gcctctgcat cagctcctgc    172260
     ttcctgacct gcttgagttc cagtcctgac ttcctttggt gatgaacagc aatgtggaag    172320
     tgtaagctga ataaaccctt gcctccccaa cttgttttgt acaggaatag aaaccctgat    172380
     taaaacaatc agcaattaag aaaatgtcct acagagttgc ctacaaccca gtctcatgga    172440
     agcattctgt caactgagag tccctcctct ctgatgactt gagcttgtca gctcagctta    172500
     tcagaaaagc aaagctagcc cggaaggtcg gacttcccac cttctgtggt tgcctatccg    172560
     aagtcccgcc tacttccttt gcttttgatt atccaagctc tcgctgcttc tctatgctga    172620
     cctagctgac acccatgcgg gatgactaag tttgcattct ccggccttgg tcactcatat    172680
     ttagctcata agtaagtcgt cttatttcct ccaaagcagt attttatgtc aacaatagat    172740
     aaatgaaaag atttgggatg cgtaggttgg agtcagcttt caccaccatg atgtccttgt    172800
     gagctctgtc cacttaacat gatctagaga catctggaag aaaagcctcc atgaggattg    172860
     acctgtgggc ttgccttgtg ggggactgtc attattaatt gatgcaggag ggcccagcca    172920
     acagtgggaa gcaccattcc ctaggcaggc ggtcatgggc tatatgtata tgaagcctga    172980
     gcctgtgagt gacccagcta gcaagcagca tcttccatgg ttcctgctgt atttccttgg    173040
     ctgtgagtga gtgacctcat cagaggcacc gtggtagggg acagcaagtt gtcctgcctt    173100
     ccgttcctgt gctgatgcct cccagtgacc tggaagtgta aggtgagaca aaccgtttcc    173160
     tccactgttt gcttttggtc agtgttttat cacagcagca gagacaaatt agaacagaca    173220
     tgtaattctg ccaggcatag gtacagacgg ggaacacagc agcaacatga ctgtcccgtc    173280
     aatacttcca gacagtcctg tgaggtctgg ccactcacac gcttgctgcc tgaaggtttt    173340
     ggaggactca tggatggcag aagggtgaat acacctccct tggatgtggg aggagcagag    173400
     tcttccttgc tgtagctgga tgtggcctcc ccttctgcca gccctggaaa tcagccaatc    173460
     atcgtggtcc ttcacccagg gctgaaagcc cagtaccttg gtgaacctga cctgactagt    173520
     tatgtaaaca gaattctgtc tctaaaaccc agccaactaa ctaaccaaac aaatgagaaa    173580
     aaaaagaggg gaggttatct tgggggagta tcctcatctc tccactcagc ctctggctta    173640
     aggatttgaa gttcttgact taatttctcc tctttgccag tgttgcctgg gggcaggcag    173700
     gcctggataa catccagtcc gctactcgct gttgactgtc ccacttgccg atgccaaaag    173760
     cccctgatcc tcctgccata acgcacgtaa agtgcccatc ccataagtta gcttttcaaa    173820
     cgtgggctta gttttctcac tcctagaagt tagctgtctg cttgataatc cacacaatac    173880
     acataagcag tgctaggctc agaggggttg agccacccat gaagaggcat ggctgggcct    173940
     caaactcggg ccccaaaccc agatttcctg cctatacgaa gcagagagag ttgcattgat    174000
     atttctcatt tcatgtcact gaattcataa tatccgggta tcgtcgatga actggcttga    174060
     acacaatttt cttccatgag ggaccaaagc cagggctttg cagtgtgcca cttagctaca    174120
     tcctcagccc agcagagtga gtataaacat tgctggcagg gcagtggtct ctctctatac    174180
     atcatggctg ctgggacagg gtttcccatc tctgcacaga gggcccagtc aggttggagt    174240
     tcaggcctct gagctcagtg aggacctggg atgcacaagt ggagttgtgt agaggttgcc    174300
     tgctggcctc tggagccaca atccacccgg caccctgtgg ctgtttgcct cctgggctcc    174360
     tctggatgtc agttgccagt ctgattgctg tgatgaaata ccaagccaaa gcaacagaag    174420
     gctgagtctg gtaaagtgct tgccatgcaa gagtgaagac cctcatttaa tctgtagggc    174480
     ccttagttta aaacagtaac aataagggct ccgggcaagg cgctgcatgc ttgtgatccc    174540
     agcaccagcg aggcggaggc caaggccact gaggtcctcc ggttagtcag cttagcctaa    174600
     tccgtgagct ccaggccaaa caaggagtct gtctccaaac aagacaaaac agaaaccaag    174660
     gtgacctagc taggaggagc cacacagact gtgcctgagg agccacacag gaggttaacc    174720
     gcgacacacg taagcatacg tgcgcctcca cacacatctc ccctgacaca caaatgactt    174780
     aaggaagggc ttatgtgctt catagtttga ggccatcttg acatagaaga catggcctcg    174840
     ggaggggagg gagacctaca ctgcatgggc agtcaggaag cagagagaaa ggaacaaggg    174900
     tggccagttt tctctcattt tcagtcagac caggccccag cccatgggaa gatgctggcc    174960
     cctctcagga gggggggggt ctttcttctt tggttaaact tctctagata tgtcctcata    175020
     gactcaccag tgtgtgtctc ctgggagagt ctaactccag tcaagttggc tgtgcagctt    175080
     ggctgccatg ttcatgatgg gccttagatg ccgccctgtc ctgggatggg gctatcatcc    175140
     tgccagcaga gagcctgccc gtccccagga gacagaaagt tgctcctttc ttgaaccagg    175200
     tacaagttgt ttgtttctac actcctcagt cccctcgtcg ttcttaagag attttgagtt    175260
     cactttatcc tcctgttgtc tcctgtggat ggagctgcac tgatgggaga aatggcccgt    175320
     gctgatggaa aataggcaaa tgatgtggat tggctgaggt gcgggtcagg ggcaggagat    175380
     cacatcccac tgctgagcga gtgagcgagc gagtgagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    175440
     gaataacttc atagaatctg ttttttttcc ttctaccttt atatgggttc tggggatcaa    175500
     acttaggtcc ccaggctggc aagtatcttt acctggtccc caggctggca agtatcttta    175560
     cctggtcccc aggctggcaa gtatctttac ctgcccagcc atcttgaaag cccctgcgtt    175620
     tcttctaata acattgggta ggattaaaaa tgacttttgt tgtttttgct ttagacaggt    175680
     tctcacccta tagccccacg ggcctggagt ataggacctc cctgtcagcc tccccagttc    175740
     tgggataatg ggcgtgtacc actatgccca gtcactcatg gtggggacct tggatttaga    175800
     ctaactctgt gccttagtcc agttccgcta ctgtcacaga atcccactgg cggcgtagat    175860
     tctaaagcag gcatccattt ggctccagag tccaggaaat caaaggccac agcaagttgc    175920
     ctgcttttag gcagggcctt tgcactgcac tgtcccaggg cagaaacaga agtccgggcg    175980
     ggctgagggt agcctttcag caaactggct tgccagtccc cctcttatgt ttttaaccac    176040
     acatttttct tttaaaatat tttagactta tttattttat gtgcatgagt gttttgctta    176100
     catgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgct tggtgcccac agataccaga agaaggcatc    176160
     agatcctgtg gaactagaat tatggatggt tgttctggga attaaaccta ggccatctac    176220
     aagagtggta tacgctctaa atcatatatg ctctaaatca tatacgctct aaatcattga    176280
     gccatctctc cagcccctcc ccaccttagt ttttgagaca gggtctctca ccagttcaat    176340
     gaggccagca gccattgagc cccagggatc ctcgcctctg catgcccctc cccctagcac    176400
     taggaagcag gtgtgcactg ccatgcaggc ttctcatggt cgtgctgagg atgcaaactt    176460
     gggccctcat tgctgcaaag caaacatttt acccataggg ttatctctcc tctccctaca    176520
     taaacatctt aagaatgatg actttgtggt aacaacaaca acaacaaaaa ttgcaagacc    176580
     agcatagcag tgttgaaaaa caccacccta cacccaagaa tctgcatagg agaaagtggg    176640
     gagaaaaaaa agaagaaaag aagaaataaa aaacaaaacc aacccccccc aaaaaaaaac    176700
     caaaaaaaca caaggcagca agacattcct ggctaacaga ccctgggggc tgataatttc    176760
     tctttcccac tttttaaaat ctcgagcatg aataacctct gtcgagatta attacacttt    176820
     aaaaatattt ttatttttta atctcgagag ttctattttt ggcgaaaacg agacaaacaa    176880
     ggcaaagaag aaaacaaaga tgttaacgtt tctcgtgttt ccctccagcc ctttctgtgt    176940
     tcctatctcc acgactaaaa atagatattc tttggactag agaagaaaaa aatcccaagg    177000
     aatttgggag gctctctgcc tggctctgag gttctggttc cccggaagtt ccctgcggcc    177060
     tgggaagggt ggctgctgct tcaggcttct gggattagag ctactgttag ctcaggctcc    177120
     tggccgggtg tgggcccatc acacacaatc cggggacaat gctgttcccc tcctcagctt    177180
     tcccagccca gcctccacag cctcctctgc attctctgtg tcattaattc actaagtact    177240
     ccagggtcag cagactctaa ccagtggacg gcttttccac caggtttggg cacctgttgg    177300
     ctcccatgta aactttgtta tctggactca ctgggttggg caatcaagag aaggttgggc    177360
     tgggtttggt ggctcatctc aaggcaggca tgagaatgag gctagcctgg gctacaatgt    177420
     gagactttat taaaaacaaa aaaaaaatca ggtttgggcc tgccgatggg tctgctggag    177480
     cctgtcatat cttgctctga ccaggttggg acaatgtcac agggctctgt ctggactgac    177540
     tctctgaaaa cctgctggta ccaggggctc tccagggcta tcggctcagt cacattctca    177600
     gccccctccc ctcaaggccc caggatatct cccctcttct tcctaggaaa tgctactcat    177660
     tctgaggttg gtgaagtgtg gacggggact ccccgtgtct gtttctgccg gcctgtcctc    177720
     cgtctacagc ggtgactccc tctctccggt ttcaccccct tgcctcccat gactgcctcc    177780
     ccccccccag cgtggtgccg tgattcagaa tttctatgtc cctgcctgca ctctgcctcc    177840
     tgcccacccc agccagcccc agcagttcac cgtaaccaca gctggctttc cttttccgtc    177900
     agaggtgagc gtgaatcagg agtcaccagg gtccgttccg agttggctgt tttattctga    177960
     aggcaaagca ggtcagggct ggccaggcca tccttgctgg gtcagggtga ggacatgggt    178020
     aggggacgct gctctgggga ccaggccagg agtggatgga tgggtgggtg gggctgggag    178080
     accgggatgg ccatgtgaag aactgttctg tagcatccac aggctagccc cactttgccc    178140
     taagtcccca ggggacagca tagaaatata ctcatttttt tgttattcag tgataggagg    178200
     gagaacttat gctcttttct ctaaaagttt aaatccatac caaaaaaaaa aaaatcccag    178260
     gaatctttgt atgtacaatg tgcttttatt actgttttta attttaaaat tttgctttta    178320
     ttttagttat ttttattgta tgtatatatg tgtgagggag aaggagagac agggagggag    178380
     gacaggaggg agagagggag ggagagagag agagaaaaag agagagagag agagaaaaag    178440
     agagagagta gtagtctggt ctgcggaagt taagtggacc ttccttggct acactccctc    178500
     tccccagtga gactttgttt taagtcgaca tggttctttt aaaaagccac tgttaaggcc    178560
     atggagaacc ttcaaatacc aaggtaccta caaaactgac tcaaaagctg aagccacaca    178620
     acagctgctt gccaaggaga ggccagtcgg gaaagcatgg gccaggtccc ttgttaccat    178680
     tagattcctg tgacttcaga agggtccact caagcctgct cagactaggg gacggtggtg    178740
     tgctggaagg accagcgtgg agatagctca gccaatgggc atcggtgctt ccacgagaga    178800
     cccaagaccc attttccctc ttctcaggcc cactcaaagg tcgctgaccg cagacacagc    178860
     tgcagctctg gttgcaaggg ctagctcaat taccaagcac gtggcgcagg ctggcctatc    178920
     agaatactct caggaccctt ttccacctga ctgtggagca tctgaaaagc atggcagtcg    178980
     aagagctgag agatggaaag ctttggattt cagatgatgc gctctggctg tggagcaaga    179040
     tggaggctta ctgacatcat gtgaactctg tggaccttag acctctgaag atgaagctgg    179100
     cccacttgtg agcgttcctg aaacaagctg gtggactccc tctatccctt gcagccttgt    179160
     gctgcagagg tcagaagagg gtgtcaacta ctctagaact agaattacag atggttgtga    179220
     gccaccatgt gggtgcgggg aactgaaccc aggttctctg caagagcaac aagggctttt    179280
     aaccaggata acctgcttgg agaatttcag accagtaaga ggcactgtcc aggaaagggg    179340
     gttagggata gaaagttggc ttgtcagtta agagcactgg ctgctcttcc agaggaccca    179400
     ggttcagttc tgagcaccca catggcagct cacagccttc tgtaactcca gtgtcctcag    179460
     atatgatgcc ctcttctggc ctccacaggt actgcatgtc tgtggtgcac agagaagcag    179520
     acaatgcact catacaccta aaaaaacaac aacaaaaaca aaatgaaagg cttgaagcta    179580
     ccttggaaaa taaaaatgtg gataacacct aaggtatctg aaactgagtt cacaactgcc    179640
     tctaagtcca gctccagatg accccatgcc ctcttgaagc acgagtcatc tatgtgatgt    179700
     atgtacatac aggcaaacaa aacacttata catataaaat gagacaaatc tttaaataaa    179760
     aaaaaaaaaa aaactaaaac aaaaactaaa aaccaaaaaa accttcaaac aaataaacaa    179820
     ccaaaaagcc cagaaaactc aaaccaatgt tcttccctct tggagagttt tgctctagtt    179880
     ggggggaaca tccaatacat ttggacctga ctcccgtgga ggaggaaatg ggtgtctccg    179940
     aaacaggccc acggctccag gccttgcccg ggtgcacagc cttatgacgg ccattccagg    180000
     aaaagcccag agttcagggg tgaaggcccg taattaagtg agtgtgctat gtctgctcca    180060
     gctgttccct gagcccttcc actcttcgcc aagccttgtg gttcacacag catcagagcc    180120
     agctgtggct atagctccac agagcccctt cctcagcctg catcctcagg gcatccgctc    180180
     cagactgcgc tgtcccctga tcttcctttc ctgaacacga tggcggctct cagctggggt    180240
     gactttgccc ccctcctcct cccagctgca ggaaacagtt tgggtcataa gtcagagtcg    180300
     gggggggggt gcagatacag ttcagttgtc agagtgcttc cccagtgggt aatcccagta    180360
     tttgggaggt ggggacagaa ggatcagagg ttcaaggctg acctctgcca catactcagc    180420
     tcaaggccag ccttctcctg agatacatga aagtgtctca gaaaaaaaaa tcaatcatca    180480
     atcaatcaat caatcaatca accaaccaac caggtaggct ctcgccttgg gtgtggatta    180540
     acagagatga attcatagcc cagtgggctg acgggaggca accgagattt agaagtgtga    180600
     atttagtaca ggaagtaggc tctcagacgt gtgtctgagg gagcgagata tcatctatcc    180660
     ccttgcatct gccatccgac ctccctgctc cactctgtct gtctgtctgt ctctgtcctt    180720
     agccaccaag aggtgaatag ctttactctg tctctcagac atgtggtgct cacgtgtgtg    180780
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttatt tgttttcaaa atgcattgat gcatgtttta aatccccaag    180840
     aatcaacaca atattatatt ttaaaagaaa gtacaagatg tgacagggag ggttgggtgt    180900
     gggggagggt tgggatgtgg gggagggttg gggtgtgggg agggttgggc atgggggagg    180960
     gttggggtgt agggaagggt tggggtgtgg ggaagggctg gagtgtgggg gagggttggg    181020
     gtgtggggga gggctgaggt gtgggggagg gttgggatgt gaggggtggg cttctagaag    181080
     aaaggcagaa tggagggagg gaaagagtat tctagacagg tcctggaaat tccagaatat    181140
     gctggaattc gtgatggagc tggaaactga catgaccaag cagcaagaca agtctcaggg    181200
     tcactggaag taggtctaag acccgcctac tcagatatca cattctcctc acattgagtt    181260
     caaagaacca ggaaggaggg agcttacacc tgatacatca aggggggcct ggacgacatg    181320
     ggccggatat ctgagcattt catgagtctc atgtctccga gataaacaga gagagagaga    181380
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gcaattcaga acctttgcca gggttcagga tgactaggta    181440
     tccagcagcc ttaaatgtga acttcgtggg aactggcaag ggccttttta atgcatgcat    181500
     gcacgtcccg tgcaacgtga ggtaattctc ttccttagcc cgcctgaact ggcttcaggc    181560
     tgtggctctg ctcccctgta tgctctgaat gcattgactg ctaggcagca cttgctgatc    181620
     ccagagtgaa aggagaggtt cagggttaga accaatggaa aaaaaatgtg agtccaagat    181680
     tcaagctcct gaggatggaa ccgtatatat gtatgtatgc attcatgtat gtatgtatgc    181740
     atgtatccat gtgtgcatac atgtatatgt gtgtaagcat gcatacatgc atgtgtgtat    181800
     tttgtgtata agtgcactct gtctgcatgt atgcctgcat gacagaggag ggaatcaaat    181860
     cctattatag atggctatga gccatcatgt agggactggg aattgaactc aggacctctg    181920
     gaagagcagc cagtgctcct aaccttagaa ccatctctcc agccccttga acaagattct    181980
     taactgccac cctccaaagg taagctgagg cctgggaggt gacagactaa tgaaggtgca    182040
     aaggctccag gtccaagttc atgtcctgac ccaggtacct gtaagccatg accttgggca    182100
     ggcacatggg tcctttctct gagtccccat tgtcctaact caactgagga taatgatact    182160
     gcatatagct gctctttagg ttacagggac gcagggcctc tggtgtagca ctgggtgtat    182220
     ttccaaatgc ttcaaggatc gagtttatat ttatgcactc atgcataatt atttacatca    182280
     tcagtatgct ccttgtgttg cctttgctta tctctctggc atctacgctg gtgcctggaa    182340
     cacagtagct gaataattat gtgctgagcg agtgagggac ctcagaacag gctcagcctg    182400
     caggtaagcc agtaaggaat cagatccccg gattccctaa ggtcggctca tctcacgcct    182460
     atgcgtccga gccaccgtga agacccttgt ggtaaacaga caagaaactc gagaatggag    182520
     aaagctcagg ttatggcttc ccgtcagcgg aactctagac acctgtttct accctacctg    182580
     ggacgggagg tggagggcct cttgggatgt ctatggattc cgactcgggt caagggtcct    182640
     tgtctatccc atgcgggcag agaaggtcct gggaaatggg gatcatgatg aggaaggaca    182700
     taatctgccg ccactgagtt tcaggtctgg gacatcgagt gtgcctggtt ggcattgcca    182760
     aaggacacga tgtccccaga gtcatgccag aggacagaat tcagactcca cagattctct    182820
     gggccaatat acctccgaat agctggggtt ctgagatgtc ccgttgccac agataatttg    182880
     aagctacatt ttttaaaaga aattttattt atattttatt acgtgtagag gtggcacatc    182940
     cattgtgtgg catggatgga gggcagagga caacttgtag agtcagctct ccctttccac    183000
     tgtgtgggtg tcaggcttgg cggcgagcac ctttcaccac ttagcaatct caccggtcct    183060
     gagtcttctg tccatgccag ggctctttct gttcccctgg tctccaccag aagctacaag    183120
     ttcccatccc ttccatacca tctctcatac ctacagattc tacctcctag accccacaac    183180
     cgcactctgg aggcgggagc tactgttgcc tgctggctgt ctgctgccag accttctctg    183240
     cccttttcct agttcagctc tgactgatcc cctcactttt tgtgcagtga cttgaggctc    183300
     agccataggc actttgccat ccatagtctc ctaagccttt caagacagct gcagagtcaa    183360
     agacccctcc tcctttaaca cataagcgag taccttggag gatcctgggt agtctcttga    183420
     acgtcccaaa gtccattttt atagccagaa atgtgaccct gtttcaggag taccagttaa    183480
     cacgctctcg acaattaatt tctccaacag ctccaaacac tagtcactgg ccctattttt    183540
     gcttttaaca caggatccag ccaagagccc tccccggtcc ccaggcctcc cttgtttgtc    183600
     cccctaggct ttgctagttg ctctggcaac tccccagagc cttggccacc agagccccac    183660
     acctgctctg tgaagtctct cttgttagga gaggggacat gggttcaact tgtcacattc    183720
     ccagagcgcc tagagcacag aaagctgaaa tcaccttgtt ttcgaagttg agtggaggag    183780
     gtgacacaga tcctgtgtgc tcactgttgt cttttcctct catgctaaaa atttcatcat    183840
     cccgaagaag gggtgcgctc agtgcccgct gtggaaagtg tgaaacaggg agagaggcag    183900
     cttgtcccgg cttggggttt ctcttagtct acatcacacg tctgcccctt cactagcacg    183960
     gaagaacggg ggacattagg tgggcttcgg ggacagggca gggtcaacat cgttctgagt    184020
     caggacctct gggtgtccct caacctcatg aacccagaga tgcgaactct cagagggctg    184080
     gagttcctac ttaaaaaatg ggaccccaat ctaggccacg gccacagctt tctgggttat    184140
     cagtctgcag ggcttgttct cccccccagg acctctcatg cctcagagac ttacatgctg    184200
     actaggataa caatggccgg gatggggttt ggaggggcag gaaggcccaa gcaaccctgc    184260
     gagacagaga ggtcacttgg tgtcactaat atttattgac acagcaatga ctgttcctgg    184320
     gacagctgtg aatcagagga actgccgggg gaagcattca aaggccagac acacactgtc    184380
     tgacccaggc ctgccacccc acccgggtgg gaacctggaa gccctggagc ctgagatagc    184440
     acagcacatg tacaggtgag tgcaggacgc tgcctgtgtc tgcctcgctg tccctgagtc    184500
     tggtgttgaa gacagatggc agcctttcat ttcctcagtt aaacacttac actgagagcc    184560
     ccactggacg ccagactgag gtctactctc tctgactcag ttctactcgc tgactcgtta    184620
     cttttacttt gggctctgag tgtggacagg gcattgccta atctagattt tgggttctgt    184680
     tcgctgcttt agtttgattt cagaacgttc aggggaggtg cacagccagg ctttggcctc    184740
     aggacctttg gagccttagc agtaccaccc tgggctggga gacaacagtt ctcactcagg    184800
     atccaggcaa gaagacaggt tctgtttgct tctccctaaa ctcaggttag tgtgggataa    184860
     gagccagcca gtttcagccc aggacaggta cccgagccag gctagtcaca ggccctgtgg    184920
     tgaaactggc tgctgtgttc tccagctcct ggggtacccc gtctccatta cagtggcccc    184980
     tgttgctagg agacgctgta ccaaacactg ccatctgctc tgcaaacctg gcatagcccc    185040
     tagcccctct ggccatttga ggagcccagt cctctaatta gaaccagcag gcttggctca    185100
     caccctcccc aaacctagcc tgacttcagt ggccataaac cttgcaagct ctttcctgtg    185160
     tgccttctgg gagatgctgc ctgctgggac ctcacaggca agtcacttcc cgtggctcaa    185220
     agccaggcag gtgcagctga gtcttccagg gcacagagcc cgagtcttcc caagcaagtc    185280
     tggtactccc gggccgggca caccagatac taggagggca ctgtgggatg aaaaagccca    185340
     acggcctggg actggctgct gcctccaaac tcttcggcat cctggcaaag tcagcctgac    185400
     ctggacagcc ccggggaccc tcctgcaggt agctcaccac caggcttttc cccctgactt    185460
     ctgctccatt gacccagaca ggctgccttg gcctgatttt acctgtctgc ttcaggatcc    185520
     tacagggcag ggccaccgtt ggtcacaccc actacacgct ccgcacagag ctgggttcag    185580
     ggatatttgc caggtagctg gatcagagct acccaaatcc ctctggcagg aaggagtaac    185640
     ctttactatg ggagcctgag atagtgaagc caactctttt tcccatcgga ttccctgagg    185700
     ctggtgtggt ctggacctgt ggtgtctctg gccaggagga ccaggatcat tccagtacac    185760
     acaccatctt ctggcccagt gcggaccaag ctttccactt ggagagcatc cgcacagctg    185820
     agctggctga ggactcactc ggaatctctg acgaagccca gctgctggat ctgcaagccc    185880
     tggtgtgagg ggagcagctg gcatcctgct tcctgtccca gctcctgctc acccagagac    185940
     ggaggtggca ggatctgggc tttaggctgg tcaacctgat gtctttgatg ttgccctcct    186000
     acaacttaaa ggccatacca gcgtgcagca gccacattcc cagcaccaag aatggtgtgc    186060
     agtactctcc cacaggtcca gactggtggg ttggcctcaa gacttttcct tacagagctt    186120
     ggaggctgaa cgtccacaca caagaagcac ggagaagcag ggaagcatgc tataagcaga    186180
     tacagactgg ggcctccacc ctcaggctgg actgagtggt gcagtgggca gctggcggaa    186240
     cacagctctg cttatttgaa gcaccagagg gcagacaggg tggggtaggg agaatgatga    186300
     tcagcatcct tctcagaagt ggagctgggg ttggcagatg tcagtcacag cagagttgcc    186360
     tttagcatct tcctggggtg gagcagggca gggccccact aagaagtggt cctactgtgc    186420
     tcagctgcct cagccagctc ctgcccacag tctgctgctg cgcaaagcag ctgcagcagt    186480
     cttcagtgtg gggatgctga ggagagacgg tgggtgttta ctaagcccca gtgtatgctg    186540
     ggcttgatgc tgggcgtggg gggatggaag gagggaagaa gctgtgtccc cgaagctgca    186600
     ggtgggggtg ggacagtggg cgtgggaggg gtagggagtg aagggagcgt gtgagtcaag    186660
     gccctgggct tccctggatc cgctgggaac aggaacctca gatccttccc ctactggaag    186720
     ggatgggatc ggccagtgtt tccagaacac gagatcttcg gtgggctgca tctctggaaa    186780
     ggagggtggg catgaaggga ggaagtggtg tctggcccga ggctgcagct gtatcctccg    186840
     cttgcctctt ggttgccatc cctcacaggt ctggcccgct ctccctctgc agtgccctga    186900
     ctgtgaccct ggaaggggct gtgagaaggc ccctaccccc acccacctgc cttctggtct    186960
     caaacattcc cgtgtgactc aggagggcgg gatgaagcct ggcagcttct cagaattctc    187020
     tgttttcccc tccccggctg gtggccagaa tcccccacct ttgctgtggg acccggatgg    187080
     cctgcccaat tgctcaggcc tgcagggcac atggatctga acctaacttc cactcaggaa    187140
     aaacctggtt tatccaaggg tgttcctggc aggcttagcc aggggacttg tgccaacaga    187200
     gtagctatca gagggccctg gcttgtgcac tgtgttcaag ggtgctctga acctctcagg    187260
     cttaattgag aagcgtataa aatctctcct gtggttgggt catcaaggtc tggagagagc    187320
     atgaggctct gcattgcacc ccaaggagaa gcttgcaggg ctgacagcca gttcacaggt    187380
     ccgcaagatt cccactcttc tcagaggcga gtatagtcaa gccttgtggc caagcttagg    187440
     ggaggcctcc atcaactgag gcccagtata caacaggact cggtgaggcc ccagggcttt    187500
     tgtgaggttt gcctgcaagc gggtaggagg tagcatggca gttagccttg gggacagcca    187560
     gcactgccag gcacactcgt tgtacagccc cttccctctt ctcttctggg cagttcctga    187620
     gaacattcca ggacccgtcg gcaagcctgg ccctgtccac tagtgcctct tccatactgt    187680
     ccaggaaggc aatcaggact gtgctaaccc tcagagccag gttccatggg tgtgtgtcac    187740
     ccccctgtcc ccagatgtgc agggaccact gtcttgctcc cacaaatcct ttagttgctc    187800
     cccccatctt cctttctctc ttctttaata ttttgacaca gtctcatgta gctcaggatg    187860
     accttgaatt ttcttttttt ttcccatttt tattaggtat ttagctcatt tacatttcca    187920
     atgctatacc aaaagtcccc catacccacc cacccccact cccctaccca cccactcccc    187980
     ctttttggcc ctggcgttcc cctgtactgg ggcatataaa gtttgcaagt ccaatgggcc    188040
     tctttttcca gtgatggccg actagaccat cttttgatac atatgcagct agagtcaaga    188100
     gctccggggt actggttagt tcataatgtt gttccaccta tagggttgca gatcccttta    188160
     gctccttggc tactttctct agctcctcca ttgggagccc tgtgatctat ccattagctg    188220
     actgtgagca tccacttctg tgtttgctag gccccggcat agtctcacaa gagacagcta    188280
     catctagcaa gattttattg aaaggaccca gaccttgaat tttctataga gtcaaaaatc    188340
     cttgcatccc tggcctcccc tgcatccctg attctccctg atcgcccttc tggagatctc    188400
     cgaggatgct aggacagtga gtggtctgta atgacaaggt ctctttgtgt ctggctaatg    188460
     ggcctctgcc ccaccacccc tgttgacttt tggggagggt tcgctgtttg ccgctagact    188520
     gggcacagca ccttgtcagc tggagcatcc tcaaccacag gaggctgatt ccccaatggc    188580
     cctgggaggt ggcctgaaaa ttgaccttga gtaagataga gctgcagttt gagcatgagt    188640
     ggctggctgt gacattagtt acagggacac tgtagcagaa tgacatctct gtgaagacgt    188700
     ctacatcatc tttatgattc tacagggcaa agggactttg aaggtgggat taagggcctc    188760
     ttgaatccca ggcaggtttg gggttaccaa aaggattgcc acaagaagca gacaggagca    188820
     tcagagacaa gaaagtcaga gacagaatga tagagacaca gagacgtaaa atgagagaga    188880
     caggaaatgt cagagagaca taaacaggaa gaggagataa cacgcagaga accagagaaa    188940
     ggaagagaca aagatgcttc aaagccgatg gctttgaaga tggagcagga ggctgcgagc    189000
     ccagagacgg aggcattgct tgaagctaga aaattaaaat agtcttcctt gaggcttcag    189060
     agtgagtcaa ccctgctcgt acctgcctgt cacgtctggc ctccagagct gtgaagtcac    189120
     acattgtgtg tctgtggtcg gttgtcacgc cgccacagga aactcaaagg gattgcctgg    189180
     tgtcctcgcc tcctgtcaga agcacctagg ttctttcagg acccttctgt ggcttccagg    189240
     ctgtgccttg ccctgggtga ccccgttttg caaggggcac ttggctgcat tttcagtgca    189300
     aatgcagaca ggttaactct gcatcctgtg catgtagaag tggtttggga tgcagactga    189360
     tagcaagcgt tcaaaagtaa gaaacaaaca gttgaaaact tgtcaagcta gactaggaac    189420
     ataagggcgc acagatgtat taaagtcata ccaggaaaac caggctaagg acttgaggaa    189480
     cacagactaa agggaatacc tgcacctgga cccatcaagt ggagaatact taacagtgtg    189540
     aagggaacag caccacccac ctgtcatctg accacccagg gtgtgtgtca agagactgat    189600
     ggacaggatc cctatagatc ctgggacttt agttggcctt tatccccagt gcttgaccta    189660
     cccagccttc agtgcatctg tttgtccttc tgttaagtcc aaatgaatcc ctagacctgg    189720
     cttggctcca cattcctctt gaagaaatcc aacttacctt accttactta gggccgggag    189780
     gtggctcagt tgtagtcatg ggaacctgag ttcaatgctc aggatccaga agaaagcgag    189840
     gggtgcttgc atgcgtcaca tttctattcc agtgctgggg acggggtgtg gagacactcc    189900
     cctgaggatg gctggccagc tgacctagct gtattgagtt ccaggctggt gaaagaccac    189960
     gtgtcaaaat atcaaagtgg ctggtggtgt cctgaggaac agctgcaggg ctttacctat    190020
     gacttccttg ggtgtgttca cactgatgaa cacacagaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    190080
     cacagatgca tacacacaga gacacaaaca cacacacaca gaaacacaaa cacacagaaa    190140
     cacaaatata gacacacaca tgcacacaca gacacataca tactaacaca gacacacata    190200
     catacacaaa gacacataga cacacaatca cacgaataca gacatacaca tagacacaca    190260
     gacacacaga cacacacaca cagaaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaga cacacagatg    190320
     catacacaca gagacacaaa cacacacaca caaacacaca gagacgcata cacacagaaa    190380
     cacaaatata gacacacaca tgcacacaca gacacataca tactaacaca gacacacata    190440
     catacacaaa gacacacaga cacacaaata cagacataca catagacaca caatcacaca    190500
     aatacagaca tacacataga cacacaatca cacagacaca gacatacaca tagacacaca    190560
     atcacacaaa tacagacata catatagaca cacaatcaca cagacacaca gatacacaca    190620
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacagtgagc gagagaaagc acaggcagtg ataaacccaa    190680
     gtgtccctgg gttgtttccc tggggagtgg ctaggggact ctgctacttc ttgactttct    190740
     cgggagcaga gcgggcaggt gggtctctga ggaactctag tagatgagca tgtgatttga    190800
     aaaatggacg gaggtgccaa tatggccacc aggagcacac tgagtgacaa ctttccccag    190860
     agagcaggtc tcccttgcat gtctgggtag gctgcccttt gtgacaacag ctgtcccttc    190920
     tagccttcct ctcctctctc aggacctggc tctctctttc cccggcttcc agtctagagt    190980
     ctgtattgtg tagatcaccc caagagattt tcatgtcctc tgccttaggg ctagatttaa    191040
     ggtgagccag agggaaggag atgtggagct cacaacacac acacatacac gtactctctc    191100
     acagttcacg taaagtgtct gtaagtctag ggccttcctc aggctctggg aagacctgtc    191160
     caggcatatc cccatttgga gtggctccag ccttccttgg ctcagagacg catctctcac    191220
     gtctttgcct ccttcggcac atggccttta gctccttatc tgactgtgtt gtcctctcat    191280
     ggggccacag gtcactggat gtaactttat ctgctgtact tccccacata cacgtggaga    191340
     gagcaagcaa gccagcttat aagtgacctc acattctgag ctctgggtga ccatgaaatt    191400
     tggggttcag gctagaacac tgctggcccc tgtgagccgg caaagtctat gagtgggagt    191460
     tactgctgcc ggcagaaggg cttactgttc tgggtgttag ctctcggtca ccaccgttct    191520
     cctgcgggac tggggagaag gcggctttgc tgtcaccagc tccagctgtc ttctctctga    191580
     ggctcccctg ccctacacac accatgtgag aaaaccttcc ctgacttgtt ctgaggccgc    191640
     cctctctctc ctgttggaca agacatagcg ccaacaccga gcacagtctt ggtttctgtc    191700
     tattcttctt tcccactgaa cagggagaac cggaggcctg gaaggggtcg gggctatctc    191760
     cataacccaa ggggcttggt ttgcattact gtctaatatc aggaggctga gactggccaa    191820
     ggtctgccca gggctgtgct ccagggctgt gctcctgacg ggcctcactc acacaataac    191880
     cttctccctc cttcctccgg ggccccagga aaagcctttt tgcttatggt aaggagacat    191940
     ggggactgag ccaccccagg ttcttgcagt tgtgggtgcc agagccccag ttcccaccag    192000
     cttcagcagg aataggttga agagttttgt ggaggcctgg tctggggtgc ctgtggatgc    192060
     aggtgtgcaa acgatcgctt gaagttggcc cagccccccc tctctgtggc tcactctcag    192120
     cagttctact aggtgagact gagatagctc ccggagagag actgagatag cttccagagg    192180
     gttgggctcc aagatccatc cggctacagg cttccccttg tgaagcagga ttcattcgca    192240
     atggtgttgt tgacaatggt cataggggag acaccagcag atagtcacaa caggctgggc    192300
     aggtagttcc ccaaattgaa acttgggagc tgatcacact ttaggagaga gtggtgatag    192360
     ctaggctgca taggtcctac cagggaaaga gagcttactg gggtcaactg tagtgttgag    192420
     gggacatagg caagggggtt tcatcttcta gggtcctccc tggtcagagg agctaaagga    192480
     aagggtggcc agaggctgtg gggagggggc aaggctcatg ctcttgatgt cctgtgtcag    192540
     attcaggaca ctccaggctg ctatactcag acagtcccac acttgtcctc tcccaggtag    192600
     gtacctcaac ccgacaccct cccaccccct tccagggatc atggcttcca ttcttagcag    192660
     acctggctgg tgtcctgggc ccctcacaaa ggatctaatg ctggaatgag cagggtctag    192720
     cccttcctca cacatctctg ctttttttct gcctggtacc ttgtttccct attgcctttt    192780
     tgaggagaga ctttggccca gggctccaaa gatggtcagg aagggccatg tccccaattc    192840
     gcaaccccct gcctcttgtt ccgctcctga tggccacaaa accaggcttc tgactttgga    192900
     tgtctccctt tgcccagcca gccagaggcc cctgaaggca ggggtggctg gtccaatgct    192960
     tccttgtttg ctccacatcc tcaacagact cttgtttggt aagctgccgc gtgagactcc    193020
     agagtgaagc tccactcaga gcaaggcggg gagggctcgg atctgtcctg gccatgcact    193080
     gaataaacac gcctggtgcc agctcagtgc caggcactac aggacacaga gaggctgaga    193140
     cgacgacagg gaatcagagc catctgtgtc tggaatcctg actctgccct tgccagctgt    193200
     gaggcacact gtcccctccc cgtcccgtcc tcccccaccc ccccgtgcct cggtttcctc    193260
     ctctgtaaaa tgaagtgtct aatatttcag agttgcagtg gcattgaggt agtatatcct    193320
     ggtgttttac cacaggcttg gggcacagac acatccttaa gtcctcgctg gccttacctg    193380
     atgcctgtca catggatgtt tgctctagtt caattgttaa gatcataaac acgtaaaacg    193440
     taagtccttg ggctaggcat gcagctcagt tggtacagtg atgcaccagg tcactcctta    193500
     gcactgcaca aagcgagcat ggcggtgtgt gtttgtactt caccaatata tcggggtggg    193560
     ggcaggaaga tcgggggtca cgtcatcctc tgtacagaga gctggaacaa gtgaacaagc    193620
     ggcccgaggt gcctagtcaa cataccaaag cagacctggt tttcccagca tccctcagtc    193680
     cacctgttaa agggcatggc tggcatacca cgccctctac cctgaacttt ccagcccagg    193740
     ggctgggctc ttcactatat tactcagaca tattcttccc ccaccccctc tgcatttctc    193800
     tcttcctgaa tgctgtttcc cagacctcct cctgggagat cagtgaaccc tcccaagagc    193860
     tgtccccaat aaacctgcct ttatatactt tttaattcgc cttgaactgg tgcattgtgt    193920
     cggcagaggt taactattgg agactagcct gggctacatg atatcctatc tcaaaacaaa    193980
     agacagggag gaaactctct gccttcttcc ttacagtctt cctgtttgac ttggatgtgt    194040
     tttggggggt gaaggctgtg gccaatgaca ggacaggagt cccatcctac cctggtcctc    194100
     tctaggttac ttcatcagcc ttgccccttg tctcttgttc ctggaaatgg ctgctttcct    194160
     tgctgtccac actgcctttt ctgatggacc tacagtggcc ccatccccac caccgtctct    194220
     cccggacgtt cttctctacc ttgaaaggtc agggatgtga acaaatgttc aaagcacaga    194280
     ggacttgctg ccttccgtga agccagaatg ggggtgcctc ctggggatgg ggtagaccaa    194340
     ggttgcttgg ctaccatgga tgtggaaggg gactcctggc ttggtagtac ctgtcacagg    194400
     ggtagatgtc atctggggat ccaaggaaga tcctacacgt tctctcccct tagaatagtc    194460
     attgctgctt tatctccagc acagcgacat ctctcctgat tttggagcct ctgtgggtgt    194520
     gtgcgggtgg gatctgggga gggaggaaaa gtgacctccg ctgagtggga gggacctgct    194580
     tggtttggga attccttact gggcccttca gctctacagg gccatttcga tggaataggc    194640
     tgaccaaggt ttcaaacaaa aggatctcca ggtctgtgct ggctgttgcc agggcacagg    194700
     gaaggaccag tgtgtgcact gtaggtgtgt ctcatctggg cgctgtccct tctgctgtcc    194760
     ccaggtccca gtctctgagg acctgtgctt tatgaagacc tatgcgctca ggagtgagag    194820
     atcagcatag gtgtgccaag cccctgggga gctgtgcccc tttcaaagaa ggggtgttcg    194880
     gcactgagat ctagtcccca agtctctagt aatgataata aggcctatcc cttgcgcagg    194940
     gcaccgtggt acataccatg tcacaatgac atacatcttt gtagaatcta gcccacagtt    195000
     gtctcctcac ctccagtcat acccaagagc cagattgtat tcaagaacca tctttgttct    195060
     ctccaaatct ctcactgtgc tccacagctt tcctgtcccc catgagaagc caaatgaacc    195120
     atgccacaca cccagagaag agccagaggc ttaattccct tgtggcctcc ttcgtatgcc    195180
     acccccccac acacacacac acacgttggc ctgaatgcac ccatggatgc ttctgcacac    195240
     tcttggtgca cccgatggat gagttagcca tgcccagctc tctgaattca tggggcatcc    195300
     caaggtcctt ctatctgcca gctcctctca gccctgagtt cagccttgcc tggctctgtg    195360
     gaaacagggc tcagtcggca ttgagagagg gagtagaaaa cacaccagag aatgaacacc    195420
     atgtggaggg agcacgggct tcatggagca aggagatagt aaagggagag agcaggaggc    195480
     caaaacttct ggctgtgcct ggaggccccg ggcccaggga gcagcaggca gagcgctaac    195540
     tctggggtgt aaagttagat cagcacatga ctgccttgtg tgctgtctaa gcaaccccat    195600
     cagatcacat ggatggatgg agcagagaaa gggccaatgt tcagtactgc attcctccaa    195660
     gggcatccta ggaccagcag gctgctttct gccctcatgc aggtcttagg cactctatta    195720
     ggatcccagg gtgtggggta ggggcggaca gtagctgggt gagccctgtg gcagccggcc    195780
     caccaggggc ctgctcgccc ctccctgggc tcagacgaga gcctggagca caaagctact    195840
     tttatttatg atggtgttgg ggccagcctc tgtctagaca gctgctgtta tcattcgagg    195900
     tcatcctgga atgcgtgtcc tcatctactg ggaacagagg acagtgagca gattaaacag    195960
     ctcataaaaa taagctggca gctgacacag agctcagaag accagggtaa cctcggccgg    196020
     gtcaggtgtc ctcgctggtc ttggaccgag caatgtttac ggagaaaaca ggagtcatgt    196080
     ggccctgggg aggccagcct gcttgttgtg gcccctctgc agagctgccc tcggtgaggc    196140
     cacagagcac gcccaaatca taagtagtgc aggtgcaggc gcaggtgcag gaggaagaga    196200
     ctaccttgcc cgggacaggc tttctagaac aaccaggagt cagtctgcag aaaacttggc    196260
     ctcccagacc tgggagccag catgaagaga aattaggact gtttgtgtgt gtgtctgtgt    196320
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ctgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    196380
     gtctgtgtgt gtgtctgtgt ctatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtctgtgtgt gtatctgtgt    196440
     gtgtctgtgt gtgtgtctct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtct gtgtgtgtgt gtctgtgtgt    196500
     gtgtctgtgt gtgtgtgtgc ctgtgtgtgt gtctgtgtgt gtttgtgtgt gtgtctgtgt    196560
     gtctgtgtgt gtgtctgtgt gtgtgtctgt gtatgtgttc tgtgtgtgtg tctgtatgtg    196620
     tactgtgtat gtgttctatg tgtgtttaca tattgtaatg tgtgcacaga aacaagaact    196680
     tgtacatgtg tgagcacgta ctggccagcg gctgatgtca ggagtcttcc tcaactgatc    196740
     tcttccttat ttttttgaga cagggtctct cactgattaa gctagaccag cagttctcaa    196800
     cctgtgggtg gagacttctt tagggccccg tatcagatat ttatgttacc attcatagca    196860
     gtagcaaaat tacggttatg aaggagcaac gaaataattt tatggttggg gtcaccacaa    196920
     catgaggaag tgtattaaag ggtcacagtg ttaggaaggc tgagaaccgc tgtgttaggt    196980
     ctcccctctc ctcctttgtg tgtcggcccc atggctggtg tgacagacac aaagtcttcc    197040
     ttggcttttc acatgactgc taaggagttg agccaagttc tttatccacg gagccatttt    197100
     tctagtcccg tggggtcact tcaggaaaaa actttccaca ggctctcggc catgcaagag    197160
     ccggtggggt gctactatcc tgaacccatg ccccactgtg tgacagcagt cttgctggcc    197220
     tgactcatga ctgccccggg atccccagtg gaaaaggacc agatgcagaa tagggaagga    197280
     atccagggcc ttcctcaaga gagttgctct gaaggggttc atctcagaaa gccagaaact    197340
     ggatggactg ggccccagag actacctggg cttctaagac tcttcacaga gctttctgtg    197400
     ggctacagac acatgtgctt ggatgacatc accaccacca ccagcaccat ctccatctct    197460
     atcaccatca ctgtcatcat caccatcatc atcatcttca ccaccatctc catcaccacc    197520
     accatcacta actatgacct ctatgtctac cacaaagcca attgaaccct ggactctatt    197580
     gttttacaaa gagctactca gaacaaccag ttgtatttag aaacctacat aaatgggctt    197640
     actttccttt ctggaaccct cctactcatc cttcccaatg cccctaggac atccctgccc    197700
     aggatgcctg ggagggtcca ccacattctc ccctgcagcc cctgccccgt gtctgccagt    197760
     tcgtgtcctc ccgttgaacc tcaggttttc tgggtctcta ttcagtgtcc acgtgcgtct    197820
     ggcacaggca atggggccaa gacctgtttg ggtctaatgg gactccatta gtctggggtc    197880
     tttggcaaca ttttataggc tatcctgaca ggaaccctgg cctctgagcc ttcataggag    197940
     gccggcatgt tctcagggtg agtctgggct gggctgctgc atggcttccc ttgaaggaag    198000
     tgacacctgc agccaaatcc atcctttcag gaagtggggg cggggggggg gcatgctcaa    198060
     agagaccatc agcttcctga agggctgcta aggacccagg aggaagtgct gagccagagg    198120
     gaggggctgt ctggcagcag tagggattgc taggaggcgt ctctttccca ctgccccgta    198180
     aataaatggg taatgattct agggcatgcg tgcgtgcgtg cgtgcgtgcg tgcgtgcgtg    198240
     cgtgcgtgcg tatatgcatg gcttcttggg cttctggtca tatctcctca ctcacactgc    198300
     ctttgatctt ggtaatagca tgagcttggt tcaaagttat tattattccc aatcacagaa    198360
     ggcacagtca ggctacctgg gcagctgaca gggccacatt cacagatgtt gagtccaaac    198420
     cccagacgta tgatcttggg cctgagtccc tatacttctg cagggtcact gtgcctgatg    198480
     tgggccagcc tgggaatgtc ttaagttccg ccatcatttt tgggcgggta acacaggttt    198540
     ttgggagaga tgaaccattg ggaacttttt tcttttttct tattgcagaa ggaaaaaaaa    198600
     aggggggttg ggtgggggag tagctgggca agatcacaga ggggcggtcc tgaggctaga    198660
     gggcacccct ggcacctcag agaagcaggg ctctcaaaac cctctagtcc tcaactacac    198720
     tcctctcaga aggaggcctc ccaggcgtct cccggaggca gagccaagtt ctagcttagg    198780
     caaagggtgt tttccttccc ggcggacaaa acatcgctgg cgctttcagg aggggactga    198840
     acactctgtc cactctggcg gccctcggcc aggattcctg gacggacaca ggcatgcttt    198900
     cacaggcaac aagattaatc acgcgtctcc ttcctcctcc ccgccccttt ccctgtcaca    198960
     ctcagctctg cttcacagcc ccaggaagtg atcatgagcc tggagtcccg agtcccttgc    199020
     cacagggagg gctagaaatg tgttctaact tccagtgaac tccagtagtc tcatgctagg    199080
     gaaaatcctg accacccttt agggctgtct tggctcaaca ctgcggcatc cacagacagg    199140
     ctgtactcac tagtacctcc ctctctcgtg cacaatgtta ggaaccttct agaagctctt    199200
     ggctgagctt ttggtcccag ccctcgtcct ctgtgccttt ggggtcagat ggctaaagcg    199260
     ggagagacca ggacacagaa caagaaagac aaaaaagtca tactcggtac atacatctct    199320
     caggccacac cccaagtgct tgagctcaga caggcattcc agagcgttct tagagcttct    199380
     gagagaaatc ctgaagtcag accctcagga cctcctcagg aaggtgggat gctttggaaa    199440
     ctgggctccc agcctggctc cccctcaacg tcccaacaag attcctgcta aacaggagcg    199500
     agccttcagg cagctgaaaa gacaggcttg tggggttggc gccagggccc aaacccactg    199560
     gggcaagctg aactccagca ggaggtggct gttcaccagt aagcaagttg taaaacccag    199620
     ctcagacaca acatctggca gctgcttcaa atagttttct gtctgcagtt ggagctgctc    199680
     tcggcctcct gtaaatcaaa ccatgcgcac agaggactgt gacgactgac cacggcaccc    199740
     cagtttggca tggcaccagc tgcaactcct gtctcccagt agctcgggat tcacattcca    199800
     tgtccttgta ggaccaattc acgcagccct ccaggaaaag ctgcaggggt ccgttggcat    199860
     ccttgtgcca tcagacaggg gtggggggta gggtggaggg aagaagacct cttgaggtcc    199920
     catagggaac ttgaccctta agatgtgatg tctcactcag gctcaacctc tgtttccagg    199980
     gacctctctg attggtgctc atcctttcta gaccgtgata gtatagtagg tcagagggga    200040
     gacagcatct atattagcac gcactgaagt gtacagtaaa agatttgtaa ctggatcctg    200100
     gacctacgac attgagtctg ccctgggttc ctcccaggga atatgggtca agcacacaga    200160
     aacctggtgt cggaggacta gcctttaggt aagtggccag ggagagagga caacgtaacc    200220
     agtgatgact gagaactctg tgtggcagca gcccccatgg gctagcctgg gctgcatttc    200280
     tcatgggctt ctgttggaaa agtcctctca gccacctcag gaactttgtc cttaagatgc    200340
     agtggagatc tgcatggtgg cctcaagtga tgtgtctgtg ttttgagacc tgaaccccaa    200400
     aagaatgtga ctttctctgg ggaatgccat tgagtccagg acttgagatc agctctcttg    200460
     ggcccctgat gacaagtgtt ctaagaagac aggtgtaaaa acagagggag gggctgagct    200520
     ggaacctgga accgcttgca ttctcagaga tgctgagcaa ggccaggaag ggcttatcac    200580
     ctggctcttt gttgctcctg gctcccagac cagaccagac cagaccagac cagaccaggc    200640
     cagaccagac caggccagac cagaccagac caggccagac cagaccaggc cagaccagac    200700
     cagaccagac caggccaaac cagaccaaac caaaccacca ccaccaccat caccaccacc    200760
     accaccacca ccacaacaac aacaacaaca acaagccaga cctggtttcc tcccagagca    200820
     ctgagtcccc tgggtcttgg caacggcctt gaaagccctc gtaggaaaga gctttgggtt    200880
     cagcacacac agggactgtg gtggcttgga actgtggaac acctctcatg catctgtggc    200940
     ttagatgtgc actgagcgct ctagtgatac tggcttaggg atcttgaaag aatcctgaga    201000
     ggaaatgttc tccctctctg acagacaagg agacaaagag aaataataaa ggaaaatatg    201060
     agggacacac cctcttcaca ggccatttgg aagcaaaaga cagacacaaa aggctccatg    201120
     gtgtcatgag cccattgaac agaaaatcca tagaggcaga aagcatgtgt gtggttgcca    201180
     gggactgtgg gcaagggaaa atacaagagg gattttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    201240
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtggtg tatgtatgtc tagtatatga atgtgtgtag tatgtgtgtg    201300
     gtatatgtgt gtggtgcatg tgtaagtgtg tgtgtgtggt atatgtgtat gtgtggtgtg    201360
     gcatgtgtgg gggtatgtgt gtgtggtgtg tgtgtgtggt gcatgtttat atgtgtgtgt    201420
     ggtatatgta tgtatatgtg tgttataggt ctatgtgtgt ggtggtggtg tgtgtgtgtg    201480
     tactcgctct cgaatgtgtt cctttgggga tgatgaagcg tctgagatca ggaaggaggc    201540
     taatgtccag tactgagagt gtgctaaaag ccaccgatgt gtgcactgaa aaattgtgag    201600
     tttaatgtca tatgatttcg gtttcattgc aaataaaagg acagctcctg gaggggacag    201660
     tcctgataga aaggtcttgc ctgagccatg gcttggagat ctgataatgt cagcagcctc    201720
     ctggttcagc tttccaggag ggaatttccc tgtggactca gttactgagt tctcaagacc    201780
     tttgggcctg ggtgtgtgtg tgggtgatgg tgctgacatt gccaatttag cctcagctct    201840
     tccttgggtg ctaagaccaa agcaaacagg cctggccaag ccttcacacg gtactgtctg    201900
     caccagggat gttactaagt cccttcttag cccccttgga ggtttccagg aaaccgtggg    201960
     gaatggcaga gggatctgcc tggctctttg cagaattctg ggatctcgga actctggggc    202020
     agtcagtcac cagattctcc attttggcat agcaagcttg ctaggatttg ggttttttct    202080
     taagttccac aggtgagtca gatgcaaggg gcatctgtgg acttcaactg atgtccccag    202140
     ctaggacctg ccagaaggat tgcaactagg tctgggctga aagacaggcc ccgggctggg    202200
     gtcagcacta tggtcacttc catagagcgg ctagattcta gcccttagcc tgggctttct    202260
     gagaacatcc cctctgctca aaatcattat cagttcttca gtgacagtag cagaccttct    202320
     atggtctaca aaatataatg aagcgcctgt gtctagaagc agatcatgag gtctgagtgc    202380
     accagaaaga cggacagtcc tggctccccg cagctgagtc ccgagaagct ctcggagagt    202440
     catgcgaggc ttcctcgggt ttgctgggcc aggacatcat ttgttgatcc ttcagcctga    202500
     tccgggctca tgatttcctc tccggttgcc atggccccat gcagaaaaca cagcaaactc    202560
     ctggccccgt gcagtgcatt tatttcaaat attccttgtg gctggaaccc gaccatgttt    202620
     gggtgtctgg actggaacat gaacgaattg ctctgtcttc agccccctcc ccagcttccc    202680
     cagcatagtt tacggttcag caaagtccac attcctcatc ccgcctagga gcgggaggga    202740
     ggctgctgcc aggatggaga cggaggcagc ttcccatcta tggccaagcc agagagccgg    202800
     ttacctgctt gaaggcaggg gattaattac aaccagatgg gccaagtctg cacagatggt    202860
     ttcattaaaa ctgttccctt cagcacaaag gccggctccc ccagaagtct cctggcagca    202920
     caaaggccct catttttctg gtgcctcccc taccccatgc ctgacccctc ttcccctgcc    202980
     accctttcaa aggaggccca agatccaact gcaacccaga catgaactcc tgcctaaaaa    203040
     taactctaga cctgccctct ttcctctgcc tacatccggg gcgggtgcgg aaaggtcctt    203100
     cccccaggat ccaccttgat ttgtggaaag ctacctggga agaaaagtta gttcgaagct    203160
     tagatcagga atgtttggtt tgtactcaga agccaagttc cagaggagga aacaatatct    203220
     ttcagaagag ctggtctctg aagcgcatgc tggcacatgg gcctcgccgt gatgccgggc    203280
     atgctctggg ggcctcacag tcccttgttc cattggtgac tgccatttta cagtcttgtc    203340
     caaggttata ccaccagtgt tagactctgg gtgtggctga agatgccatg tgctagctct    203400
     tgggtcaagg tgccaccaga ctgaagtgag tctctttacc tagcaacttt gcgagagaca    203460
     gagtacgcat gggctcaaag accaagcaag tctctcaagc aaacttacct ggggagtggg    203520
     catgtaagaa agtgtaggtt cctggggctg gccctagtaa tgctggttgg gcttattggg    203580
     gtggggttgc tgtgatatgc attgtttttt gagacagggt ctcatgtagc ccagcccagt    203640
     ctctaaatta ctatccagcc taagatgacc ctgaacactc gctcttcctg cctctacgtc    203700
     ctgagtaccg agattacgtc accgcaccag actgagtttt gtttttacaa tcttaattgt    203760
     cctgtgcttg tgtgcacaca ccacatggtg cattaggaca tcagaggaca atttagggga    203820
     gtcagtttgc tctaccattt ggatggtggg gacattccta gggatgaaac tcaggtcatc    203880
     aagcgtggtt gttagtgcct ttagcctgct gagccataga taaccatacc agattatcta    203940
     tggtcctggg ggatccagcg caggacttct gggtgttagg caagacctct ac            203992