ID   AL626774; SV 23; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 181545 BP.
AC   AL626774;
DT   09-OCT-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 36)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-198O15 on chromosome 4
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-181545
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Garner P.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 4659511ee8575ef8a6f491dc52ffb30d.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456106.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456108.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028782; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028784; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028840; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0028841; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028799; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0028800; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028752; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0028753; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028822; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0028823; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028536; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028537; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029264; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029265; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027968; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0027969; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028502; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028503; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028651; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028652; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028618; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028619; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028752; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0028753; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028644; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028645; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029302; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029303; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027690; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027691; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028049; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028050; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL626774.23:1-181545; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000030571; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000097868; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106015; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106017; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000106018; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000120204; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000121049; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000128007; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0068098; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0068152; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0068155; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0068063; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0068066; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0068074; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0068077; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0067744; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0067746; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0068564; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0068567; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0068177; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0068180; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0067689; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0067692; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0067822; mus_musculus_dba2j.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0067735; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0067738; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0067918; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0067921; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0067736; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0067739; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0068746; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0068749; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0067685; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0067688; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0066928; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0066931; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; H7BX74.
DR   GOA; H7BX92.
DR   InterPro; IPR000203; GPS.
DR   InterPro; IPR000832; GPCR_2_secretin-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR000884; TSP1_rpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR001879; GPCR_2_extracellular_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR003618; TFIIS_cen_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR008077; GPCR_2_brain_angio_inhib.
DR   InterPro; IPR012921; SPOC_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR017981; GPCR_2-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR032471; GAIN_dom_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR036383; TSP1_rpt_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036445; GPCR_2_extracell_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036575; TFIIS_cen_dom_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:2451244; Adgrb2.
DR   MGI; MGI:3652045; Spocd1.
DR   RFAM; RF00003; U1.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q8CGM1; AGRB2_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H7BX74; H7BX74_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H7BX92; H7BX92_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-198O15 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..181545
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-198O15"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    47198..47198
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-114O4
FT                   (AL669834) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_208267, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    61628..61628
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 130bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    129643..129877
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a short
FT                   insert library derived from a single pUC clone. Restriction
FT                   digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    147725..147725
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 320bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    147726..147757
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 181545 BP; 42775 A; 45108 C; 45433 G; 48229 T; 0 other;
     gaattcccac cacctgcctc agcctccaga gtgctgggat cacagcatca gaatgacacc        60
     cagcccacac aagtcatctg agtcagagcc tctaactgta gattgccgct ttctgcagag       120
     cagaggcacg gaaggtcagt cagtgatcag ccgttgcaag atcaggtctt tgtgcaaaag       180
     gttatgtaag agtcctcttg agttagaggc tgtgtgttta aagggtgact gactcgtact       240
     gtgcatgtgg gatgtgtcat ccgagtggag gagaatgaac aagaaaaggt agaagctgag       300
     gaatcctaat ggctagtgat gggctgccgt ggcgcaggac agaagtttca ggccttaagg       360
     aagggagcga gagatgacta agacagactt ccttctgcac cattgtgcag atcagtgtga       420
     aaggtcagca gtatattctc agtcagcagt tcaaggagat agctgggatg tttggccatg       480
     gaccgggggt ggggtggggt ggagtggtgg tgagcccttc ccacgcccac ctatcatcct       540
     ctccacagct cacgcagact gaaagcaatt agaatacttc aggcttggca gctttgccat       600
     ctgccctgca gaagagccac tggcaggtgt agcacacagt ggcactggtt aagtcacttg       660
     tgtctgcttg gttgttttga agatagggat tcggaaagat ggagtagcaa gggtctaaca       720
     gtacccatat ctgtctagtt cccttgtgct ccgggttgtg cctgattaga tttagtcttc       780
     accggcctca ccgccagtcc catttttaaa tgataaacta cagcgtaaac tgactctaaa       840
     attggccctt gactgcccag cttcctaggc tgggaagatg tttgttaatg atttcttagg       900
     tgtggcatca cgcaaagggg tccttgttaa ttgagctgtg tcgttacatt aaatgcaggg       960
     gcaggagaag ggttagcatg caggtgcacg tgtgtgtgta tagtgagtct gcctcgtcag      1020
     tgactttaac ttgtgtaaac cgtgtgtaat gggccttgcc agtaacaaag cagggtatct      1080
     gagccgagtg gtttatagtt tataattggc ttcttattac tgttggctgc ctttcctaca      1140
     catcgagtat tactctagga ttggtatttg atttaagaaa ttttcaaatt gattttatct      1200
     cagtgcatta atacgtggcc tcaattcctg cagaggcatc agataaaacc agcctggatg      1260
     tgttttagga atcataactg gatctgagct gccagtggcc cagctctcag tcagcataga      1320
     taaatccctt tgctgaaaaa aaaaaaaatt ctaagtccat cggcttctta gggcatctca      1380
     aattgaggcc ccatgcaact ggaaaaattt ccccaaataa tgctaaaaca cataaatgag      1440
     aatttgctga catgaataga tctaatcact cttttccttc tgggatccaa cacataaata      1500
     ttcaaggaat accgtggaaa tcagcctaac tgtcaagggt gcccaattgt gatgctttcc      1560
     aaaatcagga aatgcgaaat atgaccctag caataaaaat gctattactg cggttgagtg      1620
     catgggaagc tggagtgtgt tctgtctgta atttcatgag gattagcata ggtaaatgtt      1680
     tgtaggtttt attttttttt ccatctctaa aagtgcagaa tagattgcag ctgtgtggaa      1740
     atacctatta atcatcttct aatgctttta tgcaaatgct tatatttgac tttaatttag      1800
     agttgccatt aacacctgga actctaagat tgataacagg taaaaattta atgaatgcat      1860
     aaattaaata tttgagtcat atttaggtta atttatagcc tctttgttcc tggctccaca      1920
     gccccctgat aactaaaact cacaggatta ggcaggaaga gagccctgag tttgtcttat      1980
     cttttttctt tttttttttt tttccgtttt tcgagacagg gtttctctgt atagtcctgg      2040
     ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc tagcctcgaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc      2100
     tgcctcccga gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg cgccaccatg cccagcgagt ttgtcttatc      2160
     tttttgttgt tgttaagatt tatttatttt tatatgtatg ctttgctttg ctggggtgtg      2220
     tctgtgcccc atgtgttcct actgtccaag aagccaggag agagcatcgg gtccactaga      2280
     acaggactca cagatggctg tgagccacca agtgggtgct aggaaccaag ccccagtact      2340
     cggcaagagc aggtgctctt gacctctgag taatcctgta gtcctcccaa ccctgacccc      2400
     attggaagac aggatttcac tgtgttgccc tagctgggct agaacttgat ttatagatca      2460
     cgctggcctt gaacctacta cagagttcca cctgcctctg cttccgttct ttgcaaataa      2520
     attagctatg ctaggtatat gagtagcaag aagatttttt ggttgtttta tgtcctatgg      2580
     atatagatac tttagatctt tttggggggt gggttggtgt ttgagacagg gttgctctgt      2640
     gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc      2700
     cgcctgcctc tgcctcccga gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg cgccaccatg cccggcttta      2760
     gatcgttttt atattacttg ttttattaca ttattagtgt taaggtaggt tttttctttt      2820
     ctttttctcc tcttcctcct cccccctgct cctcccttcc tttttgtgtc agagtcttgc      2880
     tttgtaagcc tgacttccct ctaactcact gtgtggacca gtcactgtgg cctttaacca      2940
     gctctctgtc ttttaacctt taatctgtcc tcctgcctct gcctcccacg tgtcaagata      3000
     caggtatgtg ccatcacata tgggtttttt taaataaaaa gtaaaaaatt atgtatgtat      3060
     gtgtttctgt gtttctgtgt gctgctctag gggccagagg tgggtgttgg aggccccaga      3120
     gctagagttc aagcagatgt gagccagtat ctgtgctggg aactgaaccc aggtcctctg      3180
     taagaacagc tggtgatctt cacagctgag ccatctctct aaaccgtatc tggcttttaa      3240
     aatgcctttt aaatgttttt ttctcttcct gtaaagctaa aaggtggtgg ttgttcttcc      3300
     tttgttttgt ttttctttct ccttattttc tagcaaggtc tcagaagcct gaaacttttt      3360
     cctcggcctt cccagactga tcttaaacac agcggtcctt ctgcctcagc ttccccgatg      3420
     ctgcaattat gagccactac actcagctca gaagtaattt cagagtgaaa gttaaagtag      3480
     gtttattgta gaaattttga attttggact aagaactctg tcctagcttg ggtgtggtgt      3540
     ctcaagcttt tcatcccagc tcttgggagg cagaagtaaa tagatctctg agttgaaggg      3600
     ccagcctggt ctacatagca agttctaaac tggccaggac tgtacactga gactctgtct      3660
     caaaaataaa caagcaaaca aataaatcaa caacaaaaac ctgtcctgcc acccagtggc      3720
     caccattact aacatgaagc ttctttcacc tgtcatgtat aattgtaatt atagaattat      3780
     ctattctgtt tttcacttag tcacagtaat gcacaggatg tcatcctagc ttaagcctag      3840
     tgtcttctga gtagaagggg atcattccca ttttacacat ttggacatga aagcttgggt      3900
     tgagggtgtc ttgcctgtca agcagagcca ccattgtcac ctgtccgaca aacactgatc      3960
     aagtagagca cggtggtata agtctgtagt cccagcttca ggaagctgag gcaggaggat      4020
     cacttgtttg aggccagcct cgcctcggct acatagtgaa acagtgtgtc agacaaccaa      4080
     aaagccaggc agaaacattg tctgtgtcac cagacgcagc cacttccctt gcattcagtg      4140
     agtggggact atgttagatt gaaagcatat tatcccttca acatacttct ttctctgtaa      4200
     cctaaaaaat ggaggctcct cattctcccg tgacccctac actaagggcg ggtggaaact      4260
     gaggggtcag cacgccatgg ccatgttcag actttttcta tcttgaataa agctggtttg      4320
     agccagtgct ctttaagctg ttattccacc tcactttgtc tctggcttct gcttctctcc      4380
     ccatcattcc gtgcagagag tccctgggtc tttaaatgcc cacctgaagc cgttgtttcc      4440
     tcctgtgaat tgggtgtcac tcttagccac tcagcacgga aagccttact ccgttccgat      4500
     gatgggtccc gtgggtgaga ctgcggtgcc tcttagaggg ttaggaggct taccagtgtc      4560
     taaactgttt caattttccc agatataaag tgggaattac agaatctcca ttacaggcac      4620
     tctcaaggaa tattgagtgg gtcaaaacac tgcaaacagc ctgctgccgc gtgcgaccga      4680
     ctcaaacact cgcggttggt gtttgctgca ctgatatttc tgcatcatct ataagtggct      4740
     gtgtattgct ttcctaaggc tgccacagcg gagtgctaca gatgaggtgg tatcagaggg      4800
     caaacagttg tctgcacata acacacgtga ccacacatgt acacctatac tcacacgcta      4860
     acttggagtg agttttactc ttatcatgag aacagtgtta taataatagc atatacagta      4920
     ttccaaataa gcacatagct ccacagaacc ctcatgtcct agccagtatg tggctgtgac      4980
     tgacaaagcc aacacaaatg ccgatggcgc cagaagtaaa acaatattag actgtcattc      5040
     attgggactg gagagatggc tcagtggcta aggcattagc tgatatttca gaggtcctga      5100
     gttcaaatcc cagcagcgac atagtagctc accaacatct ataatggaat gtgaggtgct      5160
     ctctgtcata taaggatatg tgcaaataga acacttgtat acgtaaattt tttttttaaa      5220
     tcctaaaaaa aaaaaaggaa gaaagaaagg aagaatgatg ttcatctgag ctgtgtgaga      5280
     cctcctggga ctgggtggca gtctttagat aacagacact tcaagtctgg gcgcattatt      5340
     ttgtgccttt ccagcgtaat tgttgaggac acgatgcact tctaaatttc atctgcgccc      5400
     ctaatgttta ttgcttcact gagtctaggt aatcagcaag gtgagctccc gtttgcagca      5460
     cttgccgact tctgcggcgt gagtttgccg ttgatgtcac tggaggtcgg cttggagagc      5520
     tagcacatta ttgtagtgtc tccatcatgc aaatgtacgc agtggagtaa gtatgagaac      5580
     acaggtgagg gctgcagaga tggcacagcg aacaaaggac cttgccacca agcccagcta      5640
     ccagagttcc tcattttgct ctctggggac cacatagtca aaggagaaaa ctgaatcccc      5700
     aggttgtccc ctgactgtca tacatgtgtc atatatggta tgcataccac cccccaataa      5760
     ataaatacat gtttgaaaaa atagaacata gaatagcaaa ataattagaa acgtgaattt      5820
     cgagaacgtt caaatttgtt ttttatttag tttgcattca caacttaact tttttaaaag      5880
     acagggtctc actgtggaat cctagctggc ctggaactca gagatctgcc tccctctgtc      5940
     tcctgagtgc tggaattaaa ggtgtgcgtc accacacctg accatacaac ttaattttga      6000
     gtactggctt tatctaacca gcttgaaact tttctgaaaa gaatgaacag tggtgggagc      6060
     cggttccctt gtcccctgca gctatggcca cagcctaccc ttctccccag attttgtccc      6120
     tctcagctgt cgcttaccct gtggacagtt tcccattcac tcctcaagcc accattttgt      6180
     agtttccatg gtagaatgtg ctagaaggaa aaggccccct ttcctccacc tattcccgac      6240
     gtccagagtt ccctgcggct ctttttggat gtctgttttc ctcttcctat gcgctctgac      6300
     gctgccgtga ttacatccaa agccctggag ctaggtgtag tgatggctcc caaccctgta      6360
     attctgaccc acactcctct aatgttccag acccatcttt tctagcagtc tgttcagcaa      6420
     ctcactgtct catccgttcg gacagtgtca caggagtgta ttcgtggcgt ctcttctcac      6480
     tgagtcatct gaccagacac ctaatggtta tcctcacttc ctctctgctc tgttgccctc      6540
     acttcctact cgggcaccaa acccagactg aagacagcca tccgtggatc cactgaactt      6600
     ctcagagcat ctgttagaac cctcatacaa tgtgcagggt aggggcggta gagctcggag      6660
     tcaaacctgc acacataatt tttgtctctc atttaaccag cttttgtaag cttggggaag      6720
     ttgctcaaca actgttttca gttttcctaa atacaaagta ggaattacag aatctccatt      6780
     acaggcaatc tcagggaata tcgagtgggt caaaaacgct gcgaacaagc ctgctgccga      6840
     gtgcgactca aacatgcgct cttggtgtcc gtgccaatat ttctgcatca tctttaagcg      6900
     tcagtgtatt gctttcctaa ggctgcccca cagtgccaca aaggaggtga tatcagagga      6960
     caaatctatc tcttaccatc ctggaggcca gaaatcaagc tgtcagcagg gctgtgcccc      7020
     aactaaaacc tccagcgagt ctcctgacct ttccctagct tcaggttgtt tattgaaact      7080
     cttggctacg taagcataat tctggtctca gtctttgaga tagcaagtgt tctcctggtg      7140
     tgcttcagtc ttcacatgcc tgttggaaaa atacaataat gacgctggct taagttctgc      7200
     cctcccacag tgcaacccct ggaattacat ctgtagcaac tctgtttcta cataaggtca      7260
     tctttggggg cgctgaggct tgggagtttt gaggggtcac atctactgta gttgaaatat      7320
     ttatgccctt ccagtgttcc tgtgttagtt cccagtgcct cacctctccc aggtagagta      7380
     gcaggtgggg actttggaat tagaacattg taattagtct ccctaatgag ggagtccccc      7440
     agacagtgtg aggatacaag acaaagacac tagaaacagg aaaagggcca ggtctggcac      7500
     tgcacctgcc tggtctgaca ctgcacctgc ctcgtctggc attgcaactg cctggtctga      7560
     tactgcatct gccagtgcct cgatcatgga ttttacagcc tctaaaacaa cgatgaactt      7620
     ctgtggtcta tagacaaccc agttaatggt attttactat agtggctcaa ataacctgag      7680
     atatgatcta acccagcaca aacagaaact acataataca gggaccatgc atgattattg      7740
     accagatgcc aatgttccac tgttgcaggt aatactacaa tgattatctt tatgtttaaa      7800
     gtttttcaaa tttaagatta gttagtcact cagctgggca gtggtggtgc atgcttttaa      7860
     tcccagcact tgggaggcag aggcaggcaa atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac      7920
     agagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagagctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aacaaacaaa      7980
     caaacaaaca gaaaaaagat tatttagtca ctcaacaaca aaagataatg caatctgaaa      8040
     atggacaaga caactattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta      8100
     tagatagggt atttatttta tgtagctctg gctgtcctag aacttactat gtataccaga      8160
     ctggtctcaa actcacagaa acccacctgc ttctgcctcc tgagttctgg gattaaaggc      8220
     atgtgccacc atgcccagtg agtatttctt aaattataca tagaatttcc ctagcaattc      8280
     tattcctaca tatttaccca aaagaattga aaacaaatgt ttcaacaaaa atgtgtacat      8340
     gaatgctgta atagcacttt acacagtaac tgcaaaccag aaacaatcac ctcatgggtg      8400
     gacaataagc agtctggtat agccacacaa tgaaatatta ctcagccatg aaaaaaaaaa      8460
     ccacaatcta ttatcacact acagtgtgga tgaaccttga aaacattgag ttagtgagag      8520
     aaattaaaca cagaagatcc cagtatatgc ttccactttt atgagatatt cagaatagct      8580
     aatacagaca gaaaacagat agggagattg ctggagatga gaggggggaa tgagaggaag      8640
     gagacatagg tttattttgt ggttaaatgt ttgaaggagg ttagtaggtg tgcaactttg      8700
     tgagtgtgct aaggctcatg aaagtgatgc atctaaatgt tgggttttat gtcagggaat      8760
     tcaccccagt caaaaattaa agacaataca agggatgaac caatagatag atggtagaat      8820
     acagatgagg cttgaaaaca cactgagtta agagaatcca gttttgctgg gtggtggtgg      8880
     tggtgctcgc ctttagttcc agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggaggattt ctgagtttga      8940
     ggccagcctg gtctacagaa tgagttccgg gacagctagg gatacacaga gaaaacctgt      9000
     ctcagaaaaa agagagagag agagagagag agagaatcca gttttgggct ggagagatgg      9060
     ctcagtggtt aagagtactg gctgctcttc cagaggtcct gagttcaaat cccagcaacc      9120
     acatggtggc ccacaaccat ctgtaatgga atctgatggc ctcctctggt gtgcatgaag      9180
     acagagcact catatacata aagtaaataa ataatcttta aaagggagtg aggtggaggt      9240
     ggctggaggg agggatggct cagtggtcaa gagcactggc tgctcttcca gaggtcctgg      9300
     attaacttct cagcacccac atggtgtttc caactgtaac tccagttcct gggaatctga      9360
     caccctcaca cagatacaca tgcagataaa acaccaatgc acataactac caattaatct      9420
     ttttccccct ttttttaaag agagaagcca gtctcaggtc aggtgtgatc ccatttatag      9480
     gaaatgttca gaagagaagt aggagataga atagctgtct gctctgagtg gtggggatgt      9540
     ggagggactg tttaaggaat ataggagttc cttttggact ggtggagtat tctggaagtg      9600
     gatagtagct atggctatcc atcatggcag gtccactaag cactgctgta ctgcacgcgt      9660
     cgaatggcta aaatggtgct ttaccttgta cattttaccc cacaggggag tactgcctcc      9720
     agaaaccacc tctgagacgg cggcagacac ataggcatgc tttgggatgc gttgctgact      9780
     tgtgctgaga ccaggtcgtt tctcccttga ctccccatac tgtgtcctca ttagactccc      9840
     gcatcgtggc taaagactgg atagtaacgt catgggatat cacttagttc tcctcagggg      9900
     agtctgtggg cttcccaggt gatatgaatg caaaaagcag agagacccgg agaacttctg      9960
     accactgaat ggcaccttca gggttcactg atacccagca accatcttgt attctgttgg     10020
     gagcctcgct ggtgtggtag aacttgggag ccttcagaca acatgggtgc tggtgagaac     10080
     tcttgggttt gagtttccta ccctgctgtg tgggagccag ctggatgatc cggggcacgg     10140
     ctcagtccct ttgtctatga aatggggtta gtgacattgt ctacccaggc ctgttttggg     10200
     gttagatgag tggatatgtc ataaatgtag aattacaagc ctataaattt aagaaagaaa     10260
     taaaaataat taataataaa gtcttttttt tatcattgtg ttcaggtgca cgtgtacact     10320
     ggaggccaga ggtcaacctt ggtcaattat tcctagtgtg tcatccatct ttgggttttt     10380
     ttgcttttgt tttttgagac atggtttctc tgtgtaaccc tggctgtcct ggaactcacc     10440
     ctgtagacca ggctggcctc aaactcagaa attctcctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg     10500
     gattaaaggc atgcgccacc acgcccggct cctctgctag tttttgagac cagatcttgc     10560
     tatgtagccc aggctggcct tgggcttgag attgtgtctc agccacggaa gtgctggggt     10620
     aacaagggtc ccccactaag ctcagcagta aagccagtgc tcttagctgc tgtgttatct     10680
     ctcctaccat gaaggttcat atacatgtaa acatgtatag ggtccccatt ttttcctggc     10740
     ttttattttt tcagctctgt ttaatttttt aaaagatttg tttgtttgtt tgtttattta     10800
     tttatttatt tatttattat atgtaagtac actggtgctg tcttcagaca caccagaaga     10860
     gggagtcaga tctcattaca gatgggtgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg gatttgaact     10920
     ctggaccttc ggaagagcag tcgggtgctc ttacccactg agccatctca ccagccccct     10980
     tagtttttta aattactgat gtggagccgc cggtaagatg gctcagtcgg taaaagttct     11040
     caccatgcaa gcatgagaac ctgaatctga tgcttggaac ccacaggtcc acagtggcac     11100
     atgtgcaccc aaccatacag agattaaaaa aaaaaaaaag gaaaaatagg gaagagatgg     11160
     ctcagtgatc aagaacattg gccactactc cagaggacca gagttcaagg accagagttc     11220
     ggttcccaac actcatggtg gctgaaaact gtaactctgt tccagaggat ctcacaccct     11280
     cttctggcct ccaagggcac tgcaggcata tgcacagaca tacacacagg cagaacactc     11340
     atacaggagg tggagagatg gccgaatgcc aattaagagt acttgtcgca cgcctttaat     11400
     cccagcactc gggaggcaga ggcaggcaga tttctgagtt caaggccagc ctggtctaca     11460
     aagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacag agagaaaccc tgtctccaaa aaccaataaa     11520
     taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aattacaaaa     11580
     gggtacttgt tctgattacg catgctcacc tgcagatgct gtctgtggaa gagcttggga     11640
     agacgtgaga aggtgggttt gggtctgtgc tggcatttag ccttggtcca acctaaagag     11700
     agtggcgtgg caacacaagg atgctccctg caagacactg taagctgact ctggtcatga     11760
     agcttgctgc tgtgggttgc agacagctgc aacccctttg cttcttggag gtctcaagta     11820
     cacaaaaagt gctcctttca gaagaggctg ctgggtctgt ctcctgtaac cttggttcaa     11880
     tttgcacatg atcgtctcct ctattagaca ctttaaagct cagttcttgc cttgtaactt     11940
     gtttctgctg tgtgccttcc taatagtctg ggcctcttct tttttcagtg tatagaaaat     12000
     tactttccta tacatgtaca atccctaagg tctggatcct tctattgccc tagctagtgg     12060
     ggaccagcta acatatacta gacggtgttc cgtaaaacag gtcagtttgc acgtccagtt     12120
     ctgtataaag tcaaatttaa gtttgtgtgt gtaaatgtgc actgcttctg ttttctccct     12180
     ctccgaccca gaccactgag ccaccatctg cccaccgtgt gcctctactt ccttggactt     12240
     ttcttcatct ctgccccatg tgcctttcct gtcacctctg agatgtgctc cttaaggcat     12300
     acggatgact cctgtcacgg gcacaccgtg tcagaaacag atgggtgtgc ctatgtgttt     12360
     ttccagtgtt agaatttatt gaatgacaat gaatttcaca aagtacagtg ttttcatggg     12420
     gaaaaaaaaa agacttgttc ttccagaggt cccaggttcg attcccagca ccagcatggg     12480
     ggttcactac catccataac tccggttcca gaggatctga tgccaccttc tggcatcttt     12540
     aggcaccagg catacatgtg gtacacatgc atacatgttg gcaaacactt aaacatacaa     12600
     taattttaaa attcatatac ttaaaattaa aaacattttt aaattaggaa aataaaagca     12660
     aacctatcaa tgtggttatc aatagttacc cctttccacc cccaccccca gattattcca     12720
     tttggtgggc ttagtttgtc cacttctcta ttatgcatac tcgagttgct tctagtttgg     12780
     ggttattcaa aaccactgat acaaatcttc atgctcacat cccccctccc ctcccccgtc     12840
     cccccagaca aggtctctct gtgtagccct cgctgtccta gaactcaccc tatagaccag     12900
     gctggccttg aactcagaga tctgcctgcc tttgcctccc aagtgttggg attaaaggcc     12960
     atgctcacat ctttagacag acacagattc ccttttctct tggctaggac catgtgttat     13020
     tcttacatta taataaatga taggtatctg ccatttatta aaaccaaagt ccccagcagg     13080
     actaagttcc ctctggcccc cccaagctgc tggtcccttc tgcagacaga gctggtccct     13140
     tatcttcctg agcacgttgc tttggagaaa cagtgttgac ctctcacttt ccaaagtgga     13200
     aaaccatgac atcttttcaa gcctcctcct gctgcctctg gccctgcatg ctaatgttgg     13260
     agcacttgtc tgtctggctt agcagtctga ttaaaaactg ctgtgggtag acaaggtcag     13320
     gggctgacgt gtggaaagct ttagatcagc cattctcaac ccatgggtcg ctccctctcg     13380
     ggggtcatgt atcagatatc ctgcatatca tatttacatt accattcata acagtctcaa     13440
     agttagctat gagtaagcta caaaaataac tatggttgga gtcaccgagg aactgtatca     13500
     aagggtcgca gcattaggaa ggttgagaac tagaaccatg ctgtggggac attctgtgag     13560
     gattcgcaga gacagagacc tgagcactca gagcagctcc gggcagcaca aggcatgcgc     13620
     agcggatggc tcagaattca aaggctaggt gtataatact gagagaagag ctgttcttag     13680
     tcattttcga agttacctga tgtcctcaga ggtcaccaca gctcctctca caaaggtttc     13740
     ttgcatattc tttctgaggt tagcatatgt aaatacagag gtgtactttc tgccttcttt     13800
     tcttttcttt tttttttaat taggtatttt cttcatttac atttccagtg caatcccaaa     13860
     agtcccccat accctccccc ccacttccct acccacccac tcccacttct tggccctggc     13920
     attcccctgt actgaggcat acaaagtttg cacgaccaat gggcctctct ttccactgat     13980
     ggccgactag gccatcttct gatacatatg cagctagaga cacgagctcc agggggtact     14040
     ggttagttca tatcgttgtt ccacctatag ggttgcagat ccctttatct ccttgggtac     14100
     tttctctagc tcctccattg ggggctctgt gatccatcca atagctgact gtgaacatcc     14160
     acttctgtgt ttgctaggcc ccccggcata gtctcacctg ccttcttttc ttttttgtct     14220
     gcttcactat gtagtcctgg ctggctggga gcttgtatat agaccaggct ggccttgaac     14280
     tcacaacatg gatctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt     14340
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttcttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt     14400
     ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt cctttctttc tttctttctt     14460
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttcttttta acagaagtat tagcagacta     14520
     aacatgctgt tgaatacttt tgtttttact atgtatcatt tatttatatt gtttatgctt     14580
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgccc tgtgtgtgtg cctctgtgtg catgtggagg     14640
     tcagcgaata acttgcagga atctctcttc tccttctacc ttgtgagact gaattctgat     14700
     cctgtggtgt ggtggccaca tctctccggc catctctcag gccatctctc aggccatctc     14760
     tcaggccatc tctctggcct ctacgccata tatttttagt tcagtccata gtacaaggga     14820
     agaaactctt tgtgttctgt attcccatgc tgttctggta tactaaccca gtagaggcgg     14880
     gatttgaaca ctggtgttgg taggagcggg atctctaggg gtaaagttag cttacagtaa     14940
     ataatggcca ggtgacaggg gacacatgac aagctgaaca gtaatatagt ctcaacaaca     15000
     gcagatgaga tgacagcttc tatttccggt gcccaatgga cctacggttc cctcggtgtg     15060
     gttcctgtac tctggagagt tgaagtatgg agtgtgaaat gagctggccc ttacctccct     15120
     gcccagaagg ccttgctcac tggagcctga ggtggtcaga gctcacgctt ctaagacaca     15180
     tgatcctttg attttttttt taatttatta atttattata tgtaagtagc tgttttcaga     15240
     cagacaccct agaagaggtg catcagatct cattacggat ggttgtaagc catctctcca     15300
     gccccctttg atggttttaa aacacttctc tgctgaaaaa caaaacaaaa caaacccctc     15360
     accttcctct cagggagtca ccaaggggat cattaattca gatggggtaa ataattttat     15420
     tcttttgttt ttacatctgg ggagctttaa cttttcaaga gcaaccgagt gcctgttcaa     15480
     gctgctgggt ggggcaggca gccccacccc caccagccag gccttttcct ttctgccctc     15540
     tctcttgagt gtcctgccag tggtcacctt tgaggaaacc aaatcctctg cccctactgc     15600
     agggagagcc agcctaatgg aggaagtgga ccttgtcccc tggcagaggc agtgtggtag     15660
     gctcgagaaa gcattcggga gtcaatgcca gactccttgt tccctgtgac gataaacccg     15720
     cctgcttcca tcttgggctt gaaagccatc ttacagtaaa gacaatctag attcattccc     15780
     gtttgtgatt aaattgtgtt tctcaaggcc tgggctatgc cccacctgta acaagaaatg     15840
     gttctggacg gcctgttcca ggaaatggca accgtgcctt tgtttcaaaa gttattcagg     15900
     ccacctattc gtctcactgc cttgttatga ccacttgttg gcgtggacac cttgttatga     15960
     tgtgttacga gcaccttgca gccatgcctt tgttttaaag gaggttgttg tgaccgtgtg     16020
     aagcttacgg cctgctcctg taactccacc tatttgccta cccaatttga aaacccctcc     16080
     tcttgagcta taaaaatcca tatcttaccc acatccagtg ctgatctctt gaactccacc     16140
     tttagggaga gacagcccac atacacagtt ttatttttgt tttttcttca agtttctttt     16200
     ttttttaaaa aaaatttatt tattattata tctaagcaca ctgtagctgt cttcagacat     16260
     accagaagag ggtgtcagat ctcactaagg atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggtttctggg     16320
     atttgaactc atgacctttg aaagaacagt cagtgatctt acccactgag ccatctctcc     16380
     agcccttcaa gtttcttaat taattgcttt aattaatttg gccatgattt gagtcagtga     16440
     tctttctcct cgtttctgtg ggattaacag ttaactattc ctggccatct gtgtcaggac     16500
     acccctcccc cccaaacttc aggattttta catatattat ctcacttaat cagtaaggac     16560
     tcattttata gagaggaaaa ctgggactga catgtttggt agtttgtctg aggtagagga     16620
     taggtcactc tgctaggaga tgggaccaag tctttgaatg caggcttaaa accattactt     16680
     tttttgttgt tactgttgtt ttgagacagg gcttctctgt gtagtcctgg ctgtcctgga     16740
     gctcactctg tagaccaggc tggcctcaaa ctcacagaga tctgcctttc tctgcctcct     16800
     gagtgctggg atcaaaggtg tgcatcaatc actactgcct ggctaaagcc actgctctta     16860
     acattttatt taaagtgcaa agcactttgt tcctgaaaat ttggtgaggg gatccctcca     16920
     cctctctcag ggactgggct tccctaacat ggtggagctc agcctgtgcc ttccctaggc     16980
     accctgtaag tgcttcaggg acacatctgg ggccggttct ctgacatcca cacattcctt     17040
     gtcatccctg cacagagaag agcctctctg ggactgaatg cctgcagtgg gtttggggca     17100
     gaagaaccag gaaaggctaa ttctcccaag tgtcatgatt caccagccca cttgtctcta     17160
     gtaggttaat tttagtttta atatatgtat tttcaaagaa actttagatc tcttacatgt     17220
     tccacaacaa ttagaaaatc ctctttaatt taaattttaa tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgttta     17280
     agtgtgtgaa tatatgtatg tgtctgtcca tgtgtctggt gtatgtctag tgtccttggg     17340
     agtatgtcca tgtatgtgac atatgtgtgg tgtgtgcatg tgtgcccatg tgtctggtgt     17400
     atgtgtgtgt ggtgtaatag gagtcatttg ttttgagctt agggcatcag atcttcttgg     17460
     caagcacctc gagttgccag cagccctgac tcatacttag atactcatac ttagagctga     17520
     gtatctggga ctaggagtgt ttttctggga gtagcgtgtg cttagcattc aggatcggta     17580
     catcactgtt ccacgtgtgc ggagcatgaa gccaggtttg caggaggcca tcttattcta     17640
     ttttgagccc agccctgtcc tggacaggct cttctgctag gagagtgagt gtgcgagaat     17700
     gtgtgtgcag agaatttgga ttagagcccg atagcctggg cagactgtga caggagcaac     17760
     tagggggtcc tgcgtgtcaa ggtgacttgc ttctatatct gtatgtcagt ctctcttatc     17820
     tacttaatac agtgtccttg tacatgcaac gtgactattg gagcctaaga gcctctacag     17880
     aatggggact ggagtgctta ctccctcgga gggctgtttc tgggacttct ataaagcaaa     17940
     gaattcaagg tttttggcct ccatcctggg gctcagcagc ttcgggtatt actcactttt     18000
     ttgcttgctg tgaccaaaca cctgacgaaa gtcgcttgag gtaaaggctt atcctgcttc     18060
     ttggtttgac aggacgcaag ggatgtttgt tcgtttgttt gtttgaggca gggtttctct     18120
     ttgtagccat ggctgtcctc gaactcactc tgtagaccag gcaggccttg acctcagaga     18180
     tccgcctact gggaaggcag agcagtcaga gccatgactg tgggatcttg aagcgcctgg     18240
     cttacagctt agcccattag gaagcagaga acttgggccg gaagcagtgc caggctgcag     18300
     tgcccagaag ctctgtgact ctaagtccag ctaggccctt gtagctaaaa ggttccacaa     18360
     ccttcacaaa cagcgccacc agttggagac caagtgttca aacacacaag cctgtggagg     18420
     agggtcacat tcaaaccatc agcctagcaa acatttgtgg gacctcggcc catggcagtt     18480
     acagaggctg cccatgggct gctccatgag cctgttagtt cctgttaggc cacttataca     18540
     ggtggcggga ctgacttggg ttcccagttt cagggctttc tatccatcaa ggtgagagac     18600
     acagctgaag aacattgaac aatgaacatc aggtcattgg tcagtgggtc ggtaacagag     18660
     gctgtgcacg cggcttgcga ccagaaaaca gagtgaggcc gaaaccaggg accagattca     18720
     accttcaaag gcttgcccct ggtggcttac aatggctagc tagacccctc ttcccaaagg     18780
     ttctatatcc tcccaaaata gctccaccag atggaggata agcgcacaag atgagtctgt     18840
     gggggacatt ttagattcac actatgacag tgacctttaa ttaaagctgg ataaagcatc     18900
     agtgttcata gcaacgctgt tcacaggagc caaagagctg gaaacaatcc cagtgttcat     18960
     gagtggatga ggatgcaaaa tcaatcagtc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctccctc     19020
     tctcctttct tctaatataa tggaatatta gtttgccttt aaaaaggaaa aaaagggcca     19080
     gggagatgac tctgtagata aagtatttat tgtcaagcct gactacctga gctctgtcct     19140
     tggaacctac agagtggaag gagagaagtg actcccacag gttctctgaa tttcatatgc     19200
     accttctggt agcccagcat cccaaataca tagatacaca cacacacaca cacacagaca     19260
     cagagaggga gacacacaca cacatacaca cacagagaga cacacatata cacagagagg     19320
     aagagacaca cacgtatata catagacaga cacacacaca tacacacaca cacacacaca     19380
     aaggaagaga cacacacata tacatagaca gacacacaca cacatacaca cagagggaga     19440
     cacacacaca caaacacaca tgaaaacatt atttaaaaaa gaagacaatt ctttttgtga     19500
     cttggatgac ccttgaagac attagattct cctcagggaa ccaagccagg tgaaaaggcc     19560
     agtgcccagg gctgcagaga tggctcagtg gttgacagca catgttgctt ttgcaaagga     19620
     ctcaggttca atttctagca cctacacagt ggctcacaac tatctgtcac cccagttcca     19680
     ggggatccaa caggcacgca tggtgcacat acatgcatgc aggcaaaaca ctcatacacc     19740
     atacacgtaa agtgaaaata agccttaaaa ctttgtgttt gttaaagaaa aggcaagtgc     19800
     cacttaaaca aggcacccag agcatctggg tctcccagaa catcaaaacg gcaattgcca     19860
     ggagctgagg aggagggagg cgtgggcatg ggtgtgggca tgggcgtggc atgggcactt     19920
     gcagaattgc agcttgagaa aaagaaaagg tttagagctg gagggtggcg atggtcccat     19980
     gacgaatgaa cagactcaac gtcactggac tacacactca ccaatcatta aagcagcaca     20040
     tttatatact ctctatatct cacctcaatg acaaaagcca gataaagctt catttacact     20100
     gaaaaaggaa tcaactcact ttttgtccga gtcgcccatg tcgctagccg cgtctgtagc     20160
     tcctcctctc cccaaccatg gatttcatgc tttttttttt ttattactcc tttttatttc     20220
     acggtcatta ttttaaaaaa ttaaaataca gttaagcata cggtaaagcc taggcacgca     20280
     ctcgtcctgt agcagtaagt cctggtaatg ttccacccgt ctcattccaa acactttccc     20340
     aaatactttg catataatta cactcgtccg tgggcattta taccatcttg cattcaggcg     20400
     taaaatcagg ttgtagtata aaatagtgat atgtaaccta ctttccctac aaaataataa     20460
     ctatgtgagc agctcctaca tcaggcgcaa gcatgcatca tcattttaac agctgcccga     20520
     cttcccgctg agcatgtggg tgtaacatcc ttatttaacc gcgtctccgt ccgtagactc     20580
     caaatagttc caggttttgt tgttataaac aagctatggt ggacatagta ataatggccc     20640
     tgtttttttt ttttttttgc tatggctggc ctcaaattta ataggtagtt cagagagacc     20700
     ttgaactcat gacaattctc ttgcctcgcc ccccctcacc ccccccccgc atgctgagat     20760
     tcaaggctta taccaccacg cccaaccccc atctagttct tatgaaatca aagtggacta     20820
     aaaacctcct aggccgcctg ctctctagaa taattcctga gtcccttcag agaagctctg     20880
     cctgtccccc ccacccccac cctgcaccag tcgatggaga ttaatagaga tcaacaacca     20940
     gtcaaaatac agagactgag aaattgttga gtgcttgtcc ctaaagcgct ctctgtatca     21000
     caaccccttg ccctgaggct ccgaggacat cactgaagat ggcgcagaac agccaaagga     21060
     gcaggaaaag tgcctcaagt tattgtcccc tggacttgac agggacgctg cacacccata     21120
     cttgtaaccc cagcacttgg gaggcagagt caggagttgc tctatgagtt caaggccagc     21180
     ctgggctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc agggttatac agagaaactc tgtccaaaga     21240
     aaaagaaagg aagagagaaa gaaagaagga agaggagggg aaagggaggg gaagcaggag     21300
     ttggggagga ggttggagat ggctaagtag tttgagagct ctggttggct gggttccatt     21360
     agcagcccct aaatggcagg tcacaaccat cttgtaattc ctgttccagg ggattctgtc     21420
     cccagttctg gtctcctcag gcactaggga tgcaggtggt ggacatacat acctgcaagc     21480
     aacttattca tccgcatcaa aataaattgg tttttaaaaa taaaaaaaag agaaggaagg     21540
     tttgaagttg tgagggggat gggaggatga gagaagctga agagggcagt gaagggccga     21600
     tatggtccca atacactgta tccacgtatg atattctcaa ttaatcaaat aataatgaag     21660
     aagagtcttg gcccattttc ctttaagaac attcatgaat ttgctggggg cgttcctgtc     21720
     ctgatgggtg ctttcctggc ctgaatgaaa cctaggcttc tccccagcac tgtagaaaac     21780
     atgatgctgt atgtgcacag cccagcattc aggagtttaa aggccagcct ggactacatc     21840
     aaccttgggg actgtagaga ggactggaag tgacctgggc ttggctcccg gtgcatatgg     21900
     ctgcttacaa ttgtctgtaa cttcaattcc aaagaataca accacctctt ctggcctcca     21960
     cgagcatcag gaatacacag ggagcatata catacactcc ggcaaaacac acggaaagta     22020
     aaaataaaca actctttaaa aaaaaaagaa gcaaaatttg cagattttta aaacaaagat     22080
     accagttctt tccctggcca ctgcagcctt tgatgtgggt ggtcgctgcc aggcagcagg     22140
     cagggtctcc agggtcttca agatgcttag tcgcgggctg gtctccccac ctcttagccc     22200
     caagacaagc aagcacacct cgtgctccag cttgcatccc ttaacagaag attggttgac     22260
     ccaggcgagt gcctctgtga gtgcatgcgc actggagcag aagcagctaa cacaggccct     22320
     ggaaactgac agaggagcca cgcgtttgct cctggagacg ctgtctaaca ttaacatgca     22380
     ggtctcagcg gagagcagga aatgccagcg agtggggggg atggtacagg gaagggtgtg     22440
     ccccaagctg agatccctgg gacacccggg aatcggtcat aacctgtgcc caaacaagcc     22500
     agattcggcc gcacttcctt aaggaggaaa taaaaaggag ccaagttaac agtgaaaagc     22560
     ggagagaaat ttattcaatg tgagcaaacc cggaagagga acaaaaagat ccagtgactc     22620
     cctcccccaa ctccaagtct atcttcaggg tcctgacctg aggatagggc ttaaacagaa     22680
     agcaagagac atacataatt gagcaatttg gcaaatatgg tctcccgatc gccactctct     22740
     cagctccaag tctcccaggg tgtctcccgg ttcctcttcc agcaggaaac tcctggagaa     22800
     actaatttct tggggtccat tctctaaata gtctgatagc caaagggggc ggggggggca     22860
     caagtgtctc tttagaatgt atccattctt gccagggagg tggttatgag aatgtcacag     22920
     ggccatctgt gctaattcac cagtgggtgg agggaagact gtattcgccc tttggtccct     22980
     aacagggcag agagacctct tgtgtcttct gataaggatc agagagcaga gacagaggta     23040
     atgaggtctg agggatgctg gtggggctgt ggacattgcc ctcgtgtcct cggtaccaca     23100
     gaggaactaa atcttcccat gcccagcccc agatatggct ggaagccacg ttttaaatat     23160
     ccgtgtagaa gtttgcatat attcaaacct cttacctcct aatttacatt ttttttgcct     23220
     gtttcttctg agatttggtt tttcatcttg ttcttatttc ctgatttgaa agctgtcctc     23280
     tctggtttta ttcttcctgt accctggtaa ttcagcatgc tacctgactt atgaaatctt     23340
     aaaaattaat caatgtctca ttttcgcccc cagaatgaaa aactgcccta aacactgtag     23400
     cttcattagc cagcctccag ctatctgcta gcatgcctgc tttttttttt tttttacttt     23460
     ttaaaacttt actcattttt ttaaccctcg gaagacatcg ttataatttt ctctgtagtc     23520
     aatgactaac atgaattatt tagaaatatc gtcgtttcca aataatggag atttttgcag     23580
     ttaccgtttc tttattaatt tataatataa atgcactgcg gtctgaaaac agtctgtgta     23640
     attttaatgc tttcaaattt gttcaaactg aaggtcccac gacacatttg gtttttgggt     23700
     ttccgtgagt gctggcaggg aacatggagg ttgcaggaat gcactgtagg tgccttctgg     23760
     atcaggcccg ggaacctgac ctcttctgtg actgcttctt tgtgttagtt ccagcaatta     23820
     cctgagtgtt gggttgcagt ctcctgccat gatggcggtt tgtctgctac tctttgtcat     23880
     tgttcctctt ttgactacac cttctggaaa gcatgttatt aggtacacgc acatttagat     23940
     tgttgtatct tcctagaaaa tcgagccttt aaacattata aagtgacctc ccattactaa     24000
     aagtatagcc ttaaaagcct attttcagtg ggctgctgct ttttagcatt tgttaccgtt     24060
     ttgaatgttt ctccccacca gaacccatgt caggtggtaa aagtggaacc aatttttaaa     24120
     agatgtttta tatttatttg tttatttctg tatggggagg aaattcctgc cgtggtgcag     24180
     atgtagaagt caggataatt tgaaggagtg ggaagtctct ttccaccaca tgggcccaag     24240
     agctgggtgc ccaccctcac tagctgagac atctcggcct ccctgccttc ccccacctac     24300
     ccagtactgg gaactgaagc tggtcctcca cccgtgacag gcaattgctc agcccgccac     24360
     tgagctgttc ttctagccta ggaggcactt ggcctcatga gggcacagcc ctcttaagtt     24420
     aggtagagga caagggaaat ttgtctgtct ctcttgctct cttcttctcc ttgcctttct     24480
     accttcctcc atgttatgag aggacaaaag cccttgccag tgctagctct ctgaccttgg     24540
     actgcctggc ctttagcact gatctttgca gaatacccag tggcagacat tctgttacag     24600
     caacataaac agactgagag agttttgttt tgttttgctc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt     24660
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttt tcttctttct tcttcttttc     24720
     tttatccttc ttcttccttc tccttctcct tttctccttc tccttctttt tttcttttgc     24780
     atgcttttaa tcccagcact cgggaggcag aggcaggtgg atctctgtga gttcaaggtc     24840
     atcctggtct acacagagag ttccaggaca gccaaggcta catggagata tcctgtctca     24900
     tcaaagtcaa tcagttaaac aagcaaacaa acaacaaaca aaaaaaccaa aacaagacac     24960
     atatattttt gtaggtctag ttggattctc attatccagt ctggtaatct ttatcacttg     25020
     actcaaatat ttatttctga aacctcatag atgttattat tattgtatat atatatatat     25080
     tgtatattat tattattgtt gttgttgtta tcaagttttg tgactgaaag atccttggac     25140
     cacgtggcta tctgtggtac ctatcagcat atctttatca gcctactatt tctgccatgt     25200
     tttctctctc tctctctctc tcctgttttc tattttcctc ttttgttccc ctctctcttg     25260
     cccctctagc ttggtcttct ttgaccccac tctcttcgtc ttcatctcta tccccaccct     25320
     cccatggtca ggaccaggct gctggccata gtcaggttat ttctctgctc tggattcttc     25380
     cagatgtctc tggctgtgct tgccctcata cctacactag aaaccttccc ctaagcctca     25440
     ccttggctcg gccatgtcct cctcagctca gtctatacac tcagtgctca ctgagaactg     25500
     ctgcctggga tggcttccta gctgcctgaa gttttagaac attctagaac atctggaata     25560
     ttccagtttg ctgacagcca acggcttcag gctcctcctc tctccttctt ttctctctat     25620
     tctctcctcc cctctcctcc ttctccttcc ctttccccct ccttccctct tccccctctt     25680
     tctctttctc tgtcactttg aaaggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtccgaggcc     25740
     tgtggaagga tgctaagcaa gtgttcagct tcagtctcat gtttcagttc tcatttgtgt     25800
     gagctcgtca cctgctcggc tacttttatc tctgctattt aatatgctca gagaaaatga     25860
     aatgccagcc cagaattcta ccccggcaaa aacatactcc aggaatgaag actgagcgaa     25920
     gcagaagaca cggggccatt ccacagggct gcacagggcc attccacagg gctccctcaa     25980
     cctcccctca ctgcctaccc gttctctaat aagtccagaa attcgggcag gtgaggaatg     26040
     gacccgtccg attcattttc tttcctctta tctctttggg tttatttatt ttttgagata     26100
     agatctccct ctggctttgc tggatctttc tattagacca ggctggtcta gaattcacag     26160
     agatctgcct gaacctcacc aaactcagcc ctcagtccag ggcttacccc aattctgcct     26220
     tagttcaaac tactattgtc ccagccgttc tacagcagca gctcctgact ggtctcactg     26280
     cttcctttta cttgtcttct gtctgtctgc ctgcctgcct gcctgcctgt ctgtctgtca     26340
     gtgtgtctgt gtgtctgtct tctgtgcgca tgtgtctaag taccctcaca cagatgccac     26400
     gtgtggaggt cagaggagag ctcctagggg cggattgctc tcagtcacgt ctgccttggg     26460
     gattgaactc aggctgtcaa gctcggcagc aagccccctt acctcctgag ccatctcatc     26520
     caccctctgt ttcttttctt accagccaca tcctattttt ggcccagcag ccattttgga     26580
     atgtagggga gatattattt ctctgctcag tccctccaaa gccttcctta ccacagaaaa     26640
     tgcaaattca gggccctgac ttaatttaat cctacttctc cctatatgtg tacaaacaca     26700
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca catgcttctc cagccacacc tgaaccctgc     26760
     tgacctcaca caggtcaact cagggcccca gctccacccc caactctggc caactccact     26820
     ctcctgcctg gaatgtctct gccagcctcg ggactagcag cttcctcttc ttcatccccg     26880
     ttcaagtgtt cgttcatcag gaagggcttc tcccaaccat ctaaaacagg agtcctcccc     26940
     acttcctagt cccttctcca cttcagtttt ctctgtaaat tatgactgtg taatgttaat     27000
     gtctagattc taatgtaagc ttccggaggc caagaacctt gtctcgttca tctcgttagt     27060
     cctgtgtgcc tagagcactg ctgtcgagga gcaaggctct cagcacacac ccgtggaacg     27120
     aactgccgtc ctttgtgtct gttttatacc gagagaaagc aagtaaaaaa tattttaatg     27180
     caaacatagc tcaagtctct aactccatca gctcgttgct agtgagtagg gtttaattcc     27240
     ctgcttgcat tagcgccctg tttgtgtgct gacaagtcct tagttctcct tagaggctcc     27300
     tcagttatct ttgggactcc gtggagaatg gctcatggga gtggccctgg gcaggtgagc     27360
     aagagagagc tccttgctaa agctgcagga attctgtgag ctgctcggta cactgtggta     27420
     gtgtgaaatt ggccccggtg ggaatattta catcacggaa gtgggcaaat gctgcaaaac     27480
     agagtagttt aatttttatt tttaaaagaa agaaccagtt tcctaacaca aggattcctc     27540
     aacgagttag caaaggatga ccccctaggt gtctagatgc tctcctcccc cccttccccc     27600
     cgggctcctg gagctccacc cccactgtca tcctgagaaa ggcaaagtcc ctgccaaggc     27660
     tgcataccac atcctgtcag ccagccaaag gtaaagttca ggcccacaga aagtccttcc     27720
     ctacagaaac agagcaagta tctaaagttc cccttgcgcc cccccccccc ccccgcccct     27780
     gtcctgtacc ctttcctctg ggaccatttg gaaacttaaa aattgtgcac atgccttgga     27840
     gagagagttc agatgttaaa gtatgtgctg cgtaaatgtg agaatggaag tttggatgtc     27900
     caggacccat gaaaggctgg gtggacgtgg tggcctgctg gaaggcagag caagctatct     27960
     ccagagtagg ctagtgcaac cagccatatc ggtgagctct gggtttgact gagagagcct     28020
     gcctcgatga atgaggcaga aaagcagcga aggaggaact tcttcctttt cggtttgttg     28080
     ttctgtttcg aaacaggatc ttgaagcctg ggctgtagtt cagtggtaga gcatttgcct     28140
     gcagttggct gagatcccct ggattctatg cccagagtta caagttacag gagagatggg     28200
     gagagagaga cagacacaca cacccacaga gaatcagaga cagacagaga cacagagaca     28260
     gagagagaca gggacacaga cagagataga gagatagcaa gtgagtgtgc ttgagagaga     28320
     cagagagaca gagagacaga gacagacaga aatacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     28380
     cacacacaca cacggagagg ctaaagactg tgctgtggcc tcagtcctga gtttaagtgt     28440
     tcatcctgcc tcagcctcct taagctgtaa tttatttatt gcagaacaag tggagattta     28500
     ttaaaaagaa gccaaagtct agcaaatttg taggcttaaa tctcccaaac caggaagagg     28560
     tggtgcacgc ctttctttaa tcccagcact cggcagaggc agaggcagag gcagaggcag     28620
     aggcagaggc agaggcagag gcagaggcag aggcagaggt agaggggcag aggcagaggg     28680
     gcagaggcag aggggcagaa gcagaggcag agaggcagag aggcagagag gcagagaggc     28740
     agagaggcag agaggcagag aggcagagag gcagagaggc agagaggcag agaggcagag     28800
     aggcagaggc agagaggcag gcagatctct gagtttgagg ccagcctggt ctatggagtt     28860
     ccaggacagt cgaggctaca cagagaaacc ttgtctcaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa     28920
     caacaacaaa aacaaaggcc tcccaggaca gatgggagct ggagacctca tctgtggccg     28980
     agcattctca ggaagacact gtacgttgtg ggtggggcgg ctcctgagaa aagggagctg     29040
     ttaagccagg agccggatgg gaaggttagg atgcaagaac gggtaggaag tcccaggtgt     29100
     gcgcagccgc agaagccaag ggaaggacac tctgtgactg ataggtgacc agcttccatc     29160
     tggagatcag gccagagcag cttgtgtgga gggagaagtg agacgctagg ctgaggagga     29220
     gctaacactg gcagggaagc agaggctgaa agtggccaca ggcaggctgg gagccgcaga     29280
     ggaaacaaag actgacggac ctggctaggc tgccacatct cgccactcct cagtagtcta     29340
     ggatttagcc agtttttaaa tgccccacca atctccatgg aaaccagagc cttgagcatg     29400
     ctgggtaagc agtctgccac cacgcaacta ctagccctct tcccatatct gacaaattaa     29460
     agtggctgtt ttttttttaa tttgcattta tttgattatc agtgaagatt agcaaatttt     29520
     gtgtgtggag ggctatttgt ttttgagaca gtctctgttt tctaggctgg cttccaactc     29580
     ctagataaat cctgcctcta cctactggga tgacaggctt atacaacaaa gcccagtggt     29640
     gctgggttgc agggccttgt gcatagtagg tgtgatggtt gaatatgctt agctcaggga     29700
     gtggccctat tagggggtat ggccttgttg gagaaggtgt gtcactgtgg gcgtgggctt     29760
     taaaacccta actgcctgga agccagtctt agggggtttt tgtttgtttg tttgttttat     29820
     ttatttattt attttttttg gtttttccag acagggtctc tctgtacagc tccggctgtc     29880
     ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctgacc tcgaactcag aaatcctcct gcctctgcct     29940
     cccaagtgct gggactaaag gtgtgtgtca ccactgcccg gctggaagcc agtcttctag     30000
     cagccttcag atgaagatgt agaactctca gctcctccag caccatgcct acctggatgc     30060
     tgctatgttc ctgccttgat gataatggac tgaacctctg aacctgtaag ccagccccaa     30120
     ttaaatgttg tccttataag agttgccttg ggggctggtg agatggctca gcaggtaaga     30180
     gcacccgact gctcttccga aggtccagag ttcaagtccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca     30240
     caaacatctg taacaagacc tgactccctc ttctggtgtg tctgaaggaa gatagctaca     30300
     gtgtacttat atataataat aaataaatct ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaagagt tgccttggtc     30360
     atggtgtctg ctcacagcag taaaccctaa aacaatagac aaggacacta ccagctgagc     30420
     tatgccatag cctttacttt ggtattaaaa aaaaagttgt atgacttatt tattcgtatt     30480
     atatgtgcat tgatgttttg cctgaattga tattttgtat gtctgtgtga ggatgttaga     30540
     tcccctggag ttatagacgg ttctgaattg ccatgtgggt gctgggaatt gaacctgggt     30600
     cctttggaag attagtcagt gctctctctc tctctctctc tcctttttaa aaaagattta     30660
     tttatttatt tattttatgt atatgagtat actgtagctg tacagatggt tgtgagccat     30720
     catgtggttg ctgggaattg aactcaggac cttttcttgc tctggcccag ctagctctgg     30780
     tcctaagatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tattcatttt     30840
     atttttttcg atacagggtt tctctgtgta gtcccggctg tcctggaact cactctgtag     30900
     accaggctgg cctcaaactc agaaatttgc ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg ctgggatcaa     30960
     aggcgtgtgc caccacaccc gacagactta tttattatta taactaagta cactgtagct     31020
     gtctttagac accccagaag agggtgtcag atctcattat ggatggttgt gagccatcat     31080
     gaggttgctg ggatttgaac tcaggacctt cagaagagca gtcaatgctc ttaaccgctg     31140
     agccatctct ccagccccca gttagcgggc ttaaccaccg atccacctct ccagccccgt     31200
     attttgatat atttttattt tttaattaat taattattat tattattttt ttttttggtt     31260
     tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagtcct ggctgtcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag     31320
     gctggcctca aacttagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc gagtgctggg attaaaggcg     31380
     tgtgccacca cgcccggcta ttttttaatt tttaaaaaaa tcttggggtc ctgccaaatc     31440
     caggagaagt tgcccctccc agggatagct gattctttgc tcctgagatt ctcattttcc     31500
     catgtaaagc aaccagttgg aggcagtaga taatctaacc tccccagaac ccccaaactc     31560
     ccctggccca aatcagcata gtgtctggga tggagaactt gcgcaccatc cctggagccc     31620
     agccgtctct ggaggtattc agagcgttca agcctaacct gctacctcta ccctgccttg     31680
     cccattcctt tcatggaaac cataatacag gctggcactt atgctctcct ctcaccgctg     31740
     aacaacccgc atgacctggt gactttccca cgtggcctgc aaggtgtgac gggctatttc     31800
     ttctccgcac ctgcgcattt ccacacccta gtcaaacaca tcttaggtct gtttaaaact     31860
     gcctctgcca gttctatgct gtttgaattt ctaaaccttt gtaatgcaca tgggaaaatc     31920
     ctgcttgctc tgatgacaga ctctgtggca caagcatgtg tgtgtgtgtg ccatgtgtgt     31980
     gcagatgcca accaagacca aaagattgtg ggaaccctgg agctggagtt gtgaggaact     32040
     cttctttatg ggtgctgaga tttgaaccca ggatgttagc agcaggaact cttaacggct     32100
     gagccatctc tccacttccc ttggctttta tttctacagc tttcttgttc aaattctctt     32160
     tagaatctct ttgccaggtt ctaggataag gcctttgggg attctgaata tgatttttac     32220
     attcgtttga aggaggtatg ttatgattct gggttttggt ttttgttttt tgttttttct     32280
     agacaaggtc ctgcctggct ggtctggaac tcacactgta cgccaggata tccttgaact     32340
     cacagagatc cacttgcctg ctattaaagt tgtataccac catgccgatt ttgttgttgt     32400
     tgttattgtt gtttttgttt tttgagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg     32460
     aactcactct atagaccatg ctggccttga actcagaaat ctgtctgcct ctgcctccca     32520
     agtgctggga ttaaagacgt gtgctgccac tgcctagcta tgttttgttt ttgacacggg     32580
     gtctcaagta gcccagatca gcctcaaacc cattccatga ccaaggatga ccttgaattt     32640
     ctaatcccac ctctacccgt gaagtgctga gattacagca tgcctgtgcc atgcgtgttc     32700
     tgtgtgctgc tggggattgt gtttcttaag caaacactcc gccaactgag tgcttgctgg     32760
     ggtttaagca ccaagtgtct cttgttcgag tctccatgcc cctcctcagc atgtttccct     32820
     atgaatgttt tgcacatggt agtaagtttg tttcttttaa aaaaaataca ttttttattc     32880
     gcttattttt ataggtgcta tgtataggta tttgacctac acgtatatct gtgcatcaca     32940
     tatatgcccg agggggtcag aagagggcat gagatcccct ggtaccagag tctcagaggt     33000
     cgggtgttgc catgcgggtg ctgggaatca aaccaggatc ccctagaaga gcaaccagtg     33060
     tttttaacag ctgaggcatc tcgccgtcta gtttatttct acttccttta tgcttttaag     33120
     atgctgtgaa tagaatcatt ccgtgtcata tttattaagt accttttatt gtgtgattgg     33180
     aatgcctttg atttttgtat atttatcttc taattggcca agttcctgga cccagttaat     33240
     atatttaatc gatttctggg agggatttct agatatttag tcatgtgaac tttaaataat     33300
     cattactttg cctcctcttt cctcatcttt atctcacttt tcatgtattc ctctaattaa     33360
     acaactagga ctctgggaac cgtgttaatc aagagctgca gtgggagacg gcagggagtc     33420
     acatgtttga ggtcagtcta gactgtgaaa tgagattctc atttctcaaa aagctactgc     33480
     gggcattctt gactgttctt tacatagaag agctatttat gcagtctcat tgggatgcgg     33540
     atgcttacag ctgccttggg acatcagaac atgcctgcaa gccacgcacc tgggatgtgg     33600
     gaagcccaga ggttaaaggt catcctctac acagtgagtt ctagaccagc ctgaactaga     33660
     gaccctgact caaaaaacaa atggagtcag tgagggcagg tgacatcttg gtgagacaga     33720
     tgccagctgt caagcctgaa gaccttaatt tggtccccaa gatctgcatg atagagaact     33780
     gacccccaca cttgtcctct gatgtccaca tatgcatgta tacacatata ctaaatacat     33840
     tcatacatac atacatacac taattaaagt aggtctggca agaggttctc agtgggtact     33900
     gtgcttggtg acctaagttt gatccctgcg actgaccagg tggaagagaa aaatgatttc     33960
     tgcaagtcat gctttcatcc ccacttgcat gctaacacaa gtgcgtacca ctaaataaat     34020
     gtcaaaacat ttgaccatat aataataaaa gtctcatttt agttttggta agatgttaga     34080
     aacgtaggga tattatattt atcaaatata ttttcattat ctttatgtaa tggttttctt     34140
     tttcaaatta taattcaact aaatcatatc gatagatttt ctactattga tctatgtttt     34200
     tattcttgta atgagtgcca cttggccttg gtatattttt ctcttaagcc attagtgtag     34260
     tctactttct agaataaatt atattaatcg atttattaac attgaaccat cctataagca     34320
     acacctctta atctgagaca tttttcatct aatacactga ggctttcctg gtaacattct     34380
     gtaaagggta tgagtgtgtt ctttgaaatc atttgtgtga gaaacatcac atcccgctgt     34440
     ggttttatta gttttaaact aatatgaggc agggagtttg gtctggtttt gtctccaccc     34500
     tgtcccccgc ccccttttac tgcgctgttc ttttcaagtt tgagagatag agacaggaca     34560
     gctttcttct ttttccgtgt tctggtgtcg ttgtccccga taactggtgt aactgtccaa     34620
     aacgtaagat gcattattcc catcgaccat ttcaacatta acattgatga gagacacact     34680
     taacagcatg gggctgggag gtgagctgtt aacgaggggc aaggcagctg ggtgctcgcc     34740
     ttagtcggtc tctgctgtga gatcactgta cttgccagga gtggcgctgc gtaccagcaa     34800
     gcccagcatg tgggaggttg aggaaagagg gcctggagtt caaggtcagc ttggcctcca     34860
     tgagattttg tttcaaaacc taaactggta acttatgagc aaaagaaaca tatctttgga     34920
     ggttggagac cagcagcctt aggtgtatag ggacgcccgc tccatagtga cagcttgcgc     34980
     cattgatggt gctttttctt tttctttttg gagtgtggtg gggagggcgt tcaagacagg     35040
     gtttctctgt atagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa     35100
     ctcagaaatc ctcctgtctc tgcctcctga gtgctgggat tgaaggcatg cgccaccacc     35160
     ggctgacttt ttctaaacag cattcacaca gggcaggagg gggaggggcc tgaagcggca     35220
     gctggttcat gagacaccga acctgttcca gagtgcagag acagcgccct cgactcaacc     35280
     ttcagcctca cctcttcaaa ggattacctt gtggattcaa ttcacacaca ggaattctga     35340
     aggaaccctt caggcctttg tttgtttgtt tatttggtta tttgtttata tttgttattt     35400
     gctatttatt tatttatttg ttttggttta ttagagaagg ccattaataa ggtttacatt     35460
     gggttttaaa aatggagtca gggccgggca gtggtggtgc atgcctttaa tcccaacact     35520
     tgggaggcag aggcaggcag atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac agagtgagtt     35580
     ccaggacagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctatctcgga aaaaaaaaag aaaaaaaaat     35640
     tcaaaaacct catttctttc tcaaaccttt gcatttagct tataaatctt attatcctat     35700
     ttataacttt aacaaatgtt aacaataatt tttaaggaca ccccaaataa tgcttgatcc     35760
     aatttacaaa cttattgaat cttcatcatt ctaaaatggc aatgataaat ttaaaaatac     35820
     ttgacttttt aaaagtattt agctgtgtag tattggcaca aacctttaac accagcaggt     35880
     gggaggcaga gacaggcaga tctctatgaa tttaaggcca gcctaatcta cgagctagta     35940
     ccagaatagc caggactaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa aaacaacagc aacaaaagta     36000
     tttaaatgtt cttactcaac aaaccaaacc taagaaaaaa tagtttttaa tcaatctaga     36060
     aaattcaact aataagtata tcgagcctaa agttcatatg tttcaatacc ttgttacttt     36120
     agtgggattt caacctgaaa tcataatact taatcaattg ctccatcata aacataattg     36180
     gatcatgagc tgtcattcca atgggccaca tactttcaac cataataaat atataaaata     36240
     ccaaatatga gatttcttta aaaatttttt tcttttggaa aattagttac agtttacatt     36300
     tctttttttt ttaattaggt atttatttca tttacatttc caatgctatc ccaaaagtcc     36360
     cccctccatg ctcctccccc cagtttacat ttctttactt tattgtgtgt gtacccagag     36420
     cactcatgga gcacagagga tagcttaagg gagtcggggg cagcacctca ttccaagtcc     36480
     ttttgcaatg aaacacagaa tcaccatgta gttttggctg gccttgaact cataatgatc     36540
     tgcctgcctc tgcctctgga gtgctgggag taaaagcgtg tgccaccacg cttggctaaa     36600
     acaacttatt attataagat tattaataca atggtttgga tcgcctcagc ccttcctata     36660
     atgatagctc agacaaagca ttctctgtga gccagattgc agctaagtgc ttttcagtac     36720
     catgtagcat gttgtttcat ctgcagaatt ctgatttttt ttaattatca ttttttatgt     36780
     gcgtggctgt tttgtctcca tgcacgtgtg catgccgcgt acattcctgc tgctacaggg     36840
     aataaaagag agcatcagat ctcctgaaac tgcagttaca gatgcttgta agccattgca     36900
     tgggcgctag gtatcaaacc aggctcctct gtaagactag caaatgctct taaccactga     36960
     gccatttccc cagccccatc cagaagatcc agtggctctg aaggttgcca ggcaatcaca     37020
     ctgagagctg cagatcttaa cattctccca ggcttttaag tgaatgttca acgcgtttgt     37080
     gactatctcc tcctcctcct tgccaccatc ctgcgatctc ctaggaggga cccttcccca     37140
     ggctagcacc cattcctctt acagttgcca ctcactgttc ctgctgccca ccaaaagaaa     37200
     aattagggtt ttcaaaaatc tacctttggg gagctagaga tggctcagta gttaagagca     37260
     ctgactgctc ttcctgagtt caattcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca gccatctgtt     37320
     atgaaatccg atgtcctcta ctagtgtgtc tgaagacagc tacagtgcac tcacataaat     37380
     aaataaataa atcttaaaaa aaaatctagg ggctggaggg atggctcagc ggttaagagc     37440
     actgactgtt cttccagaag tcctgcgttc aattcccagc aaccacatgg tggttcatag     37500
     ccatctgtaa tgggatctga tgccctcttc tgatgtgtct aaagaaaaca cagtgaactc     37560
     atatacataa aataaataaa taatccttta aaaaaaatct agctttggtc agggtacggt     37620
     gatgggcagc agaggcaggc agatctctga gtttgaggcc agccccgtgt tcatagtgag     37680
     atgtaggccg cttaagacta tgtagagaga cgctgtctct aaaaaccaag ccaaaccaaa     37740
     ccaaagcaaa actacgttgg cagcaaactt ctactcagta atgctgctcc ttatacctgc     37800
     catctctctg tcccctgtga ggtctcaggc agttcgtaca tctagctcaa gctgagctgc     37860
     tgaggatttc tagataaaag ccagcgttcc tcaggaactt gtaaaacagg ttctcatccc     37920
     ccaaagggaa ctacttccct tgcctctggc agaagggaag agtggctctc ctttgacctg     37980
     tacctgtggt tgcctatcag agcccatgct ggcctccagc tcctgcagtc cctgagctta     38040
     gcatcctggc ccctttcacc tcctccctga cctaaaactg ccagacctgc tctcgctcac     38100
     aaaacttgtt ctgggttgac atacttcagt taataagaac agttaccaga agtggaacta     38160
     cagaagacaa aagcagggtt agtccattta gagactttcc caaaactatg gagttggatg     38220
     gattaggtct ttgttctcat gtttggcagg tggtgctgtc tgtgtgtaga gttttgtggc     38280
     ccaaatgtca tttccatcat agacttattt gtactaaggt ctgggaccct gtggcaaaat     38340
     taaaggttca tttatttggg aatgaatgct gagtcctcaa atggcagaag gacagaagaa     38400
     aagagggtcc taggggctgt ccccggacac tgatccaaga gccagaatga ctgagccatc     38460
     tccagaaggc tttgcttcct aatgctgcca ctcgggactt tggttcctac catactgaat     38520
     ccgagggaac atatgcatgc taaccacagc aggaactttg tgtaacctga gagagtggag     38580
     ccaatgtgct aataaaggct gagggacaga gagagaaagg gtggagagtc aaagtgggga     38640
     agagggagag ggaggcaggg catccttgcg ttgatggttt cccatgttct taagccttct     38700
     ctctggctgg tctctttagg ttctctgttt ctttcactta tgttttgaat gacagtctgg     38760
     cttctcatga gcttgcacat cactatcttt tcatctcttc atccctctag tgatgtctgg     38820
     aacacagcct tatactggtt tcgtgtccac ttgacacaag ctagagtcat tcgagaggaa     38880
     ggagcctcct cctttgagaa aatgcctcca tgagatccat ctttaaagca ttttctcaat     38940
     tagcaatcaa tgggggagga cccagcccac tgtgggtggt gtcatccctg ggctggtggt     39000
     cctgggttct ataagaaagc aagctgagta agctagggga agcaagccag gaagcagcac     39060
     ccctccatgg cctctgcatc agctcctgtc tccaggtgcc tgccctgtgt gagttcctgt     39120
     cctgacgtcc actgatgatg aacagccatg tggaagtgtg agctgagtag accctttcct     39180
     gcccaacttt cttttaacca taccgttttg ttgcagcaac agaaacccta actaagacaa     39240
     gctatatctc tgcctatgtt catcccttct atgcctttcc ctctcttttg cttatttaag     39300
     cttgcttgta attgcataca ttaaaagtat gattttaaaa accctggaac ttaaatttcc     39360
     tcctaaattt ttcacacatt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt     39420
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttcag aattatttat tcatctcatg     39480
     tatatgagta cactgttgct gtcttcagac acaccagaag agggcgtcag attccattat     39540
     agatggttgt gagccaccaa gtggttgctg ggaattgaac tcaggacctc tggaagagca     39600
     gtcagtgttc ttaaccactg aaccatctct ccagccccct ttcacacatt tcctattcat     39660
     ccttactcat tgcctctttt ttttgtttgt ttgtttatct tagccttttt ctaggttctt     39720
     caaaaaatat tattattagt ttttaaagac agggtttctc tctatagccc tggctgtcct     39780
     ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagag ctctgcctgc ctctgcctcc     39840
     ccagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgggccacc accacttggc tatttttgtt atttaatttt     39900
     atgtgtacat gtgtgtatct atgtgtggat ttgtgtggct gtcagtggag gcctgaagag     39960
     tgtgtcagaa ttccaggaac tagagttaca ggaagttgta aactgtctga tgtgtgggtg     40020
     ttaggaaacc aaccttgtgt cctgtgcaag agcagccaag aggttttaac ctctgagtca     40080
     tctttccagc ctttttccta atttcttttt gtttttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt     40140
     tgttttgttt tgttttggtt gttttggggg gcggggcagg gtctcccaat gttgctctca     40200
     ctgacctgga actggctatg tagacctggc tggcctcaaa ttcagacaga cctgactgcc     40260
     tctactggga ttaaaggcac taccataccc atctgtggtg gttagaatag aaatagcccc     40320
     catagattca tgtgcttgga ggagtggggc tattaggagg tgtggccata ttggaggaag     40380
     tgtgtcactg tggaacaggc tttgaaatct cctatgccca agctatgccc agtgtagaat     40440
     ccagtcttct cctgagtgcc ttcggatcaa tatgtagaac tctccactcc tcaattacca     40500
     tgtctgccag cctactgccg cagcaaagga gacaccacta tcaagaaggt ggctttccca     40560
     agatgaggct gttctattgt actcgagatg tgctgatccc ttgaatttct tcagctgtag     40620
     gaaatttaaa tgcatacttt gtggtagtgg agaactatct tcagaagttt taaaaaagaa     40680
     acataatttt taaaaagaaa aacaaatcag aaatttaaat agtcacatta attcaaatgg     40740
     aaatgcttta taatctaaaa cctatagaat ctatacagtg atcactattc agaagttaat     40800
     ttacatcttc aaattatttc actgtaaaga aaatgctgaa aataaatgaa ctaaatttgt     40860
     tacttaagaa cttaggggaa aaaatgtggt gtcttagtat ttccattgct gggaagagac     40920
     accatgacca cggcaacttt tataaaggaa aacacttaat gggggctggc cctcctacct     40980
     tagctaacaa tgaagacaat ctccttcagg catgcccatt ggacagtttg gactgggtaa     41040
     ctcctggatt gggactcgat tctcagacga ctctaggctg tgacaagttg acagctgaaa     41100
     ctccccagga catggagctt agccttggac atctggttta cctgcctcca catcccacgt     41160
     gctggaacaa caggcatgta ccactgtacc cagctcctca ctgtgaactc ttgcagagtt     41220
     gacacttctt cttaatgagt atgtgactgt gtgtgtgaat atctattcac tccaatttcc     41280
     tcctcacatt gtgagttctt gaatggaagt atcccgtctg tcctttctat tattgtgcct     41340
     cctgggaata aatgactgcc tggcacttgg taggtacatg atgtgtgttt atcgaacgag     41400
     tggtttaaaa acagttgctg gtggagatgt aaactagtgt gtcttttgtg tgtgtgtgtg     41460
     tgtttcaaga cagaatttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcat tttgtagacc     41520
     aggctgatct tgaactcaga aatccgactg cctctgcctc ctaagtgctg ggattaaagg     41580
     catgcaccac tacctcccag ctactagtgc atcttatttg gagaaaaact taaatttttc     41640
     tacaggagag aggcagggct gtttatacat ttatcctttg gtcccgcaac cctacctcca     41700
     ggttctcaac tgaagggtca ttgggaaaac aaaactaaaa tgacttccac atgaggttgc     41760
     ttgttctgca ctgtttgaaa cagcaaagca ttgtaaacaa tctaaatgcc cgccattagg     41820
     acagtactga ataaatggta gtatagtcac gcaaccgaat acataggcaa ggaacatgga     41880
     gggtgccaag cagtggctgc cagggtgtgt cctaaagcag gaagcaccaa gtacaggggt     41940
     tgaatgcata gtgcagagca caccgtcctt agataacgaa ggggaagaag aatgccagct     42000
     tcccaactcc tgcagcaaaa agcttaaagg aaggagaagg tccctttggc tcacaaatca     42060
     gagatttcag tccattgtct cctggtcctg atgcttagag cctgtgatga ggcagaacct     42120
     cacagtagaa gatgtatgtg gagcctacag ttgcctgcct catgggcgcc tgtaagctga     42180
     gagaaggaag gaccagggtt ccagtatccc caataactct cccccacacc ccgtgccatc     42240
     agctggggac tgagcctttg agaaacattt gagatcaggg cagaggagtt taagtgcgta     42300
     cacaaatggt ttatatttgc aagaaaaaag cactgtcagg ataaacagcc gagcagaaag     42360
     caataaaaat gattgcttcc gagggaaggg acagggcagc gggagaatgg tggaaatgga     42420
     actctccaga tacttttatg tggttttgac tttggaatca tataaatatt taatagattc     42480
     aaaataacat taaatcaaaa gggaaggagg gggaagcgct cgctgtcgtc tgaagacact     42540
     ctgaaatggc aggcctcgaa tgtacagcga gccggtgatg taatcactcc acagaaataa     42600
     ctagctcaag cggttttacc tcagagcccg tggaccatac gtcctgaaag aaatgttttc     42660
     tgaagagaaa aagagcttca aaggagtctt aaaacttcat ttgaaattct cactgctaga     42720
     ataaaaaaaa ataccaattt attgtcacta tttttgatac ttttatataa aaaatcacag     42780
     ggtaatataa ataagtaatt atgcaaatgc tgaaatctaa gatcatcagc gtgtgagaag     42840
     agagatctgg ggaaaagatc aaagagacta aataaaacct cgaagtgtta tattcgactt     42900
     ggagagatca gcaggcaggc accgttcttt tgggtttttt tctgttcgaa ggtatggaac     42960
     tgctgactcc atccgccaac aaccttcaga agaagcgaaa atccagattc actgagcaca     43020
     gcctgggtca cctggacccc aggagccagg gctcctctga ggaatggctg agtgcaggcc     43080
     tgggccagga agtaggttat ggaagcttga ggtatctcac tgggccagaa agcgaggacc     43140
     ctggccaagg ctgacagagg gcctgaggga aggggtgccc cttggggcag atgaaagagt     43200
     gactgagtgc attgaaatgc atagaacata taaataccca tctgttcatg tgtgtgctag     43260
     tttcttctga gttgtgtgac aaaataccag tcagggacaa tttatgaaag gagagattta     43320
     ttttggttca ttgagttaga aggttacagg ttcatcatag tgacaaaggc atggaggaat     43380
     ggctgggctg tggtggcagg aacctgcgtt cacatccctg ttcacagtgt tgctgaccaa     43440
     ggagcacagt aggtcagagc caaggttgca ttctaaccta taaaggcctg gttctagtga     43500
     cctcctcttt ctaagtgtat tcattatcat tagcatcagc atcaccacca ccaccatcac     43560
     caccaccatc accatcacca tcaccatcat cctcatcctc atgtctgtga tgtgtcttcg     43620
     ggtatgtgtt tgaaggtcag aggacaattc cgtgggctca agttatcttc ttccgccttc     43680
     acttggtttg taggttagct ttgtaaactt cacacagagt catatgagag gaggggacct     43740
     caactgagga gtggtctcca tcacacgggc ccgcccgtag acaagtaagt ctgtaggaca     43800
     ttttcctagt gattgatgtg aaaggggtcc agcccccaat gggtggagcc acacccaggg     43860
     aggtggtctt gggttgtata agaaagcaga ctgagacgag ttgggttcgt gtgtatgtgt     43920
     gttgtgtgtg tgtttgtgta gggaggcaga cagctccgtc gcagactacg gacctctccg     43980
     gggtctcagc cgccaaagac cccgtccggt aggaaacact agccgggcat catgagtggc     44040
     tgtcgagtgt tcattgggag actaaatcca gcagcgaggg tgaaagatgt ggaaagattc     44100
     ttcaagggtt acggacggat ccgagatatt gacttgaaaa caggttttgg ttttgtggaa     44160
     tttgaggacc caagggatgc agatgatgct gtttatgaac ttgatgggaa ggaactttgc     44220
     agtgaaaggg tgacgattga acatgctcgg gctcgatctc gaggtggaag aggtagagga     44280
     cgatactccg accgttttag cagtcgcaga cctcgaaatg atagacgaaa tgctccacct     44340
     gtaagaacag aaaatcgact tatagttgag aatttatcct caagagtcag ctggcaggat     44400
     ctcaaagatt tcatgagaca agctggggaa gtaacctttg cggatgcaca tcgacctaaa     44460
     ctaaatgaag gggtagttga gtttgcctct tatggtgact taaagaatgc tattgagaaa     44520
     ctttctggaa aggaaattaa cgggagaaaa atcaaattaa ttgtaggcag caaaaggcac     44580
     aggtcaagaa gcaggtcacg atctcggacc aggagttcct ctaggtcccg tagccgatcc     44640
     cgttcacgca ggagcaagtc ttacagccga tcaaggagca ggagccggag ccagagcaag     44700
     tcccgttctg gtagtaggtc tcctgtgcct gagaagagcc agaaacgtgg ttcttcgagt     44760
     agatctaaat ctccagcatc tgtggatcgc cagaggtccc gatcccggtc caggtccaga     44820
     tcagttgaca gtggcaatta aactgtaaat aacttgccct gggggccttt ttaaaaaaaa     44880
     aacaaaacaa atccccaaac catacttgct aaaagttctg gtaagtatgt gcttttctgt     44940
     ggggtgggat ttggaggggg ttgggctgga tttctttgta gatgtggacc accaaggggt     45000
     tgttgaaaac taattgtatt aaatgtcttt tgataagcct tctgctcaca cttttgtgac     45060
     tgtctgaagt atatagtttg tgtatattga tagagctctt ttatacctaa agcatttaat     45120
     tttttgtact agaaaaactt ttgaatattt tagttcattg ttcagatatg ttaactcaag     45180
     attagtttaa ttaaactaat gaatagtttt ggacacttta aaagagctct aaatttgctt     45240
     gtatataaag gcttaatatg agttttactt gttagggtca agggtgtctt cttgcccatt     45300
     aacagctgta gatagacatt aaagtaaagc agctgtttgt tgttgataat aaaatactac     45360
     taagtattat taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa agcagactga gcaagtcatg gagagccagc     45420
     cagtcgccat cattcctgta tggcatgctc tgacttctct cagtgatcga ctgtgattgg     45480
     gacatgtgag ccaagcattt cttccccaag ctgctttgga tcacgcaaac aaggtcatgg     45540
     ggtggtggtt cacaccttta gtcccagcaa tcaggtggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc     45600
     tggtcttcag agtgagttct agaacagcca gggctacaca gagagaccct gtcttgagtg     45660
     aatgaatgaa taatgaaatg atcaaataaa cagcaaactt gggtccccgg gactgaaatg     45720
     aggttgtcag ggtttgcctg gcaagtgctc tatgatgtga gctgtgctcc ccccccaccc     45780
     cccgctcctt ttccttctct ttttctccct cctcctcctc ttgtgagttc atacgtgaga     45840
     aggttcatgg ggtggagtct acatgatgtg tgtgcacata aagccacatg ctgttgcttg     45900
     gaagccatcc agcttggtcc ccaccaccac caccaccacc gggacagggt ttctctatgt     45960
     agccctggct gtcctggact ctctctttgt agcccaggct ggcctcaaac tcccagagat     46020
     ctgcctgctt ttgcctcctg agggctggga ttaaaggcgt gcacctccac acccgtccct     46080
     gcttggtttt tgagacaagt tctttcactg acctggagcc tgaagattat tctaggctgg     46140
     ttagacagca gagtccacct gcctctgcct ccccagctgg ggttacatgt gggcaccaca     46200
     gtcccagact tctgtctgtg ggttctgggg actggacttg ggtctttgtg cttccaagac     46260
     aagcgcttta tggacggagc cagcttctta gggctccaga gacccagttc tatcagtccg     46320
     acctgacctc ctaaagactc cactgcctct cagagttgag ctaccagcca ggagacaagc     46380
     actcagccac aaacccatca agtgtcatta aataccattg gaagtatcta gggcacaatt     46440
     cctcatcctg agagtcagca atgaggaagg agagaatcag gcccttagcc tggcctctac     46500
     cacttcatct caacctgaaa gtcctgcctt atgaggaaag ttatatatat atatatatat     46560
     atatttccca gcttagaagg attgatagga tttggaaacc actttctttt tatatccctt     46620
     aataaaataa ttgattcagg caataatcac tgatggatgg aacaattaat cacaggaggt     46680
     tgataaggaa tgttctagtg ggaagcaggt cattacctct gatggcacca acacttgaga     46740
     acttcatgtg tcccctgaga tgctgtgaca cacacaactc tgcttgtgag ttgtttccca     46800
     aacatgagac cctagaaaaa ggatttgggt ccaagtaatt tacctcggaa atgatcgtag     46860
     ggataaagga gaggggtggt gatgctgggg aggaagaaag tcagcaacag aaggaaggat     46920
     cagagctgca gagatgacta cacaagcgtg aagacctggg ttcatatctc ccagcaccca     46980
     tgtaccacct ggtggcatgg ggtgtgcctg tgatcacacc acaggggagg tgaagcctgg     47040
     gggaccccag aacctcactg gcagtcagtc tagctatatg ggtgagctct agggtatggt     47100
     gagagactct gtcttggaaa aataaggtgg agagcaaagg aggaagccat ccaagattgg     47160
     cccttggttc tacacacact cacatgttca cactcatcta cacacacaca cacacacaca     47220
     cacagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagaggtctg cgcacaaaca tggatacaca     47280
     cacacacaca aggttaaaaa taaactgatg agggggtgac actcaggcaa tggaagctca     47340
     aggctacaga acattccaga agcctcccca gaaaaaaaag aaggctgggc atttagcctc     47400
     tggttcccat tctgttctta ctaagtgtct tccagggatg ctaagctccc agtaattccc     47460
     aggaccagag aattcccatg agtggctggt tcagaacagg tggagtatac taatgacctc     47520
     caggactggt caaggatatg tggccaggca ctgccagcac tgctgtggaa cctcgccaga     47580
     ggaccgaacc tcaggctgac ctctagttat tggaaataca gggcagggag gagtaaaaga     47640
     aggttatgat gaagaatcca gtagatgcgc tctgacaggg agcatcctac aggacatagg     47700
     gtcctccgac agggtgacct ctgaggtgct tcctgctgtg agtagctgga cttgaccccg     47760
     gtgggacttc tctgaggaga gtgagggcaa cccctcacga ggtccagaag ccgaggcatc     47820
     cctccaggac tctagtctgg gcctctgctt tctggatttc ccaagctgtg ctgctcagga     47880
     tggagtggct tctcggttaa gccctaatac agacaagctg aggagaactg tggagcgtgg     47940
     tcaaagtggg tctcagacaa gcaatgcttt ctccagcatc tgcagcatat tgacagatcc     48000
     tcataggagc ttgaaactca gttattgctg ccaggtgcaa tacctgtcct ctgtctctct     48060
     gccccacccc ctcagccagg cccctgcctg cacaccctag gcaggtgtct ctggtcctca     48120
     ctaagcacaa gcatttcttt aggactaggc ttctggctgt ggcaggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     48180
     caggtgtgtg taggtgtata ggtgtgcagg tatgtgtgtg gtaggtgtgt gtgtaggtgt     48240
     ataggtgtgc aggtatgtgt ggtaggtgtg tgtgtgtagg tgtgtgtgtg tggcaggtgt     48300
     gtatgtgtgc agatgtgtgt gtgtgacaga tgtgtatgtg tgcaggtgtg tgtgtgcaca     48360
     ggtatgtgtg tggtaggtgt atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcag ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     48420
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcaggtg tgtagcaggc atgtgctttg agagttctgg ggagccctgc     48480
     tttgctctca ggacaaccca gtacttcttg ggtcggatcc acttcctcct cacagtcttg     48540
     ggctctctgt gattatacag atttgccctg gtcatctgag caaataatct gggtctgttc     48600
     aaggtcatct gagcagccac ccgtggtccc tgagcatcct ggctctgaag cactgggttg     48660
     aggctgaggg tggcttgtta atgtagttgc ctggctcgag tctgtgaagt cgatgaaatt     48720
     gtcaagtggc tgatatggtt tcatggtact gagcctctcc acaggccagg cagggtccag     48780
     tgtttgccct ggctctgtca ggtgtcagga cctcccatcc ttctgtctag ggctcctctg     48840
     actcacattc cctcatctct gccagtgtcc accccccacc cccagtcttt atactgtttt     48900
     gtttaccctt ggggacattt ctgcctgtct cagcctctgg cctctttttt tctaactctc     48960
     agttgctcga tgttctttct cccccgaatg cgatctgtga cccagttcct catagcaaca     49020
     atgcaaggta gtgtgtcaca agcatggtgg gcaggcagag gcaccattgg ccaccttctc     49080
     agccatcttc ggctggctgt gttggtagat gtgggattgt ccagtttaaa ggcaggcgta     49140
     tttacagtca acagaattgc caaaccatcc ttgataaaga cctcattaac tgtataacgt     49200
     attttttaac cttgcaatca ctctttgttt attttgcacc acgtacccta atcccattca     49260
     tctctttatc tctttgtgtc tgctctctgc ccttgcaacc cctctccaaa taaacttaaa     49320
     aaacaaaaac aaaaacaagg caaaacagaa caaaaacaaa aggcatctta ttatgggagc     49380
     tgcagtgtgt cccacagcgt acccctctgt ccacacatct tcacttgcaa acgttcattg     49440
     caatgactcc ttggtctggt ctgagtcctc tggcttctgc tactctatca atactgcatc     49500
     cttacctgga ctcctttcag atatcctgtt gctgccctga gttatggagg ctctgctgct     49560
     ttcaatctgc aggcctggcc cctttatgag ctccggcagt tcctagatgg ggtagatgtt     49620
     ggggtgggcc aacccaaagc cctggatctg ggcctgggtg gtagccaagt tggtcagccc     49680
     cccagctctc tcacacccac gccactagag tgagctctcc agcactgcct tggctagttc     49740
     acccaatgcc ctgcaagggg cagggtcaac tctcctactc tcatgccctc gggctggctc     49800
     acctatctcc atgccaccag gatcagttct agtgtgctac ccaggcaaga tgcaggtcct     49860
     gctctcttga gtgctgcagc tgttgagggg cggggctggc tctcctgctc tacagacctc     49920
     tggccagcct ctggcttaac ataggcaggt ttgaggaagg aagggcatct ctcctgtgac     49980
     cactccacct cttggcagat gaggggtgga gctacctccc cacacaccca tgagcccctc     50040
     acttggtccc cctaacccca tggccagctc tattgtgcta cccagaggag gtgcaaggcc     50100
     tgctcttctg attgccccag tgaggggcgg gaccaggtct gcacaaccct tggtcccagg     50160
     cagcagccca gactagggat ctctgcatgg actttggtgg taatatgagc tgtaagcatg     50220
     gacacagacc tctgctgctg ctctcctggg gacacagaca tggccctcag tgtaatgtgg     50280
     gctagaagtt aggtccccat ggcctcaggt agcagggcag gctgccgaca tcaggcagtt     50340
     cctttctact ctttctctac cacatattcg tacattgaat gttgtagtgg ctcctgtggt     50400
     gggcggtgtc tttgctgagc tgcctcattg gcccttattg tggggttttg agacagggtc     50460
     tccaaatgta gttcaagtca gccttgaact tgcaatcctg ctttagtggc ccaagtgcta     50520
     ggattccagg tgtgactttc tactatgttc ctttaatatc aagttttcat tttttttatc     50580
     ttttgctcat ttttctattg ggttggggat cttttcattg attaggtggg gccttttctg     50640
     aattgtagaa ctattcagcc agggtagact tttaccccga tctaccctct tctacccagg     50700
     ttcaagttgc agggagatac tcacttccat actatggctt ctcctgtgga tgtcaacaat     50760
     cctgctctct gataaatgag tggggagagg gcctgtgaga ctccccagaa aagcctgagc     50820
     tgtgggtggg tgggtgggta tcacaacagc tgagcacctc aggccctgtc tctggaggtc     50880
     cacagcagat agtgaagagc tgagtggcta ctgttgccct ccagccaagg tggcctgttg     50940
     cagacacttg aagctacaga gaggatcagc cagatgtggg aagtgggtgg cctggatcct     51000
     agcagttcca gatgtttgag tgggtggggc accgggggag gtaggcgacc tgtaagcact     51060
     gactgcccca ctttgaagtc ctgcagcgac aattttctcc tcccacatcc cgtgacctct     51120
     gccaaggtca cggctcagtc ccacttgcct gcccagtgcc cggcgcactt cctcaggggc     51180
     acacagcccg ggtcttctca agtcatgttc gatatctagt taaggggtac atttatctcc     51240
     agtgttcccc gggaccttcc cttttgattt tcaagaacat tttcttccct ctgccagagc     51300
     agtcctttcg aatcaaaggc tcggcttttc caaagcgtag tttctgatgt gggcttcagt     51360
     ggactggctg cgaagttcct gagacaatga gaggggatgc tggctgtctc tttctcttta     51420
     tcttctcgca gtaaagctcc agttctcctt gaggtaaagt ggagcctctg attgacgcga     51480
     ggacgcgggg aaaatgaaag ccatattatt attatttcaa gttgtgttct tgcggcgttc     51540
     ccggatgtct gtggtacgtt tgtgttcctc gtgtgtttgt catcttttaa ctttattcac     51600
     agagtcttct gtcacttgca agttaactgt ttttagtcaa atttagatgt ttttcttatt     51660
     tttcttctag tgctgttctg gggtttgctt tttacattta gttcttacaa tcaaagggac     51720
     tttattcgta cgggtgttga gtgcgcccga ggtggaattc aaattttgta ctttttctaa     51780
     ttgtatttat taaataaatt cttcatccag gggtcagaat ccttcacttc tggtacatag     51840
     atggatagat agaattcatc tggttttata agatattttt acttatggtt tgatcagtcc     51900
     ctcatttttc catgtgtgtg cacgcgcgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     51960
     tgtttggagg ccagaggagg aggtcagatg tcctctataa ctctctgcct tgtttcactt     52020
     ttttaaaaaa gatttattta tttacttatt tattatataa gtacactgtg gctgtcttca     52080
     gacactccag aagagggcat cagatctcat tatgggtggt tgtaagccac catgtggttg     52140
     ctgggatttg aactcaggac ctctggaagt gctcttaacc gctgagccat ctctccagcc     52200
     ccttgtttca ctttttaaat tttttttttt taaattaaat tctagcaagg ctagctagcc     52260
     acttccagct atcctcctgt ctctgacact tgcagccact ggggttatag gcacatgtgg     52320
     ccaatcctac ttctttgtgt atgtgtttga gattcagact cttatcttca gacctgtata     52380
     gtgagcgctc tcacctactg ggccatctct ccatccctga cttccctcat tttcactagg     52440
     aaaaaaacaa tgttttttga gacacggtct ctctaaataa ccttggatga cttggaattc     52500
     actacataga ccaggattat ccaggactca cagggatccc cctgcctctg cctcctgagg     52560
     gcttcactca gtgttttcct tcattggaca tggtggcaca tgcctgtaat cctagcgctc     52620
     tggaggctgg agtaggagat tgctgaagac tttgagtcag gcttatatat gaagggcaac     52680
     atagtgagtc tgaggccagt ctggactatg tagcaaaccc tacctcaaaa cacaaaaata     52740
     ggactgggga gatagcttag tgagtaaaaa gcacttatgg gagggtcagg ggccaaatcc     52800
     tcagagccca ggtgacctag ttattttctg ttgctgtggt aaacactggg gccagaagca     52860
     agttcagagg aaagagttta tttggctcat gagtcgcaat cacagcccat cgaggaggga     52920
     agctgagaca ggaactcaaa gtaggaactt gggggcagga actgatgcag agaccatgga     52980
     ggagtgctgc ttactggctt gctcccttga cttgttttgt ttgtttgttt gtttataaaa     53040
     ctcaggatca cttgcccagg agcagtgctg cccgcttcga gctggtctgt cccacaccaa     53100
     tcactatcaa gaaaatgtcc ctcaagctgg gcatgtggcg cactccttta atcccagcac     53160
     ttgggaggca gaggcaggtg gatttctgag ttcaaggcta acctggtcta caaagtgagt     53220
     tccaggacag ctaaggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcaa aaaaaccaat ccaaaccaaa     53280
     ccaaaccaaa ccaaaacaaa acaaaaacaa ggcccctcag atatgcccac agacaaacta     53340
     gtggaagtaa ttcttcaact tcagttccct cttctcaggt gacccttcac ttgttgtgtg     53400
     aagtcaacaa aactgaccag cacaccatct gaatgctaca gcgggatgga gatgggaggc     53460
     gaagccttgg aagctggagg gtgaatagct ggtgtgcaca accccctagc aacgggcaaa     53520
     caaggcaggt aatcttccag cgaccttgcg tgtgcactca cacaaaagag tgcatacaaa     53580
     catacgcgca catacatcag atacacaaaa ataaacaaag cacatttttt tccctttctt     53640
     tcaggaggag tgtggaatgg gagtcagtgc ttaatgggca ctaagtttcc atttggttgt     53700
     agagacgatg gtgctgatgg ctataaggcg tcttgaaagt gctgaatgcc accaaactgc     53760
     acaattgaaa cagttaagat ggtgaatgtt gtgtgtgttt tcctgccgct gaatactgta     53820
     tttttttttt ctggtatgtt ttattcttgt gtaatcagct ttgtggtttt ttttcccctt     53880
     ccagattaac tcgagaatca acttgtcaca ttctattaaa agtccctttg atatttttac     53940
     tgcagttaca tcaagtttat ggattgcctt ggggagaagt gacattttta tggtcctgat     54000
     ctttccccca ggtggaggcc tcctcattga ctgggatctc tttatgtctc tcagtaaagt     54060
     tgtataattc catttctatc agtgtgttct tagctatgtg acagtttgag ttgctgctgt     54120
     gaatggaatc ttgggtacag cacaggagct ctggctcgag tgactctagt ccatccctgg     54180
     gatacacggc tggcctgcag ggacctagga caggaagcac acactttggg agtcatttca     54240
     ccaaggcccc tgtgaaggca gcatgtgggt ctgcccaagg tttcagagca aaagtgagag     54300
     gagggtggag ctcagctgaa ggggctggca aggtcaagac gaggagggac tttccagaag     54360
     gttcttctag atcagaggaa cctgaacttg tcaccaaagg ggcctcagct gagatgggag     54420
     ctgttgcttg tgtgtgggtc ttgaggatgt agctcaggct gcagcatgga gagatcctga     54480
     tgtgctcatt tccttccttt ctcagaagcc tgctgtcctc accagcaaat aagggtgaat     54540
     tctaagcgtt ggcttcactc tctccgctgg gctgcacgtg gcaggaactg tgtgagctga     54600
     gttcattctt gggcagagtt cctgctggcc cccaggggac acagatgcct ttgggcccac     54660
     agcttggcaa atgttggggc tggggctgtg cccccattga ctcttgggcc aggttcctac     54720
     cctgggcaca gtgtgcaccc cacgttgagc acagggtggt tggtgtgtgg tcagtgctca     54780
     gggaagatga ctgagagatt cggggctttg agagatgaac gaggtattct acaccttccc     54840
     caagggtcct aacttgtgcc ccaaaggaaa tccttttgta gaatgccatg gagtccttca     54900
     agtatctcct ttcattttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct     54960
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt cttttcttat     55020
     tataaaggct cttctgtagc ccaggctggt ctcccaactc accacttagc caagggggac     55080
     cctgagtttc tgagcttggc agtgtatgca gtgctggggg tcattcatac ccaggacttc     55140
     aagcatgcta ggtaagccgt ctacaaaatg agctacatcc ccaaacctat tgagtgtatt     55200
     tctgcagagg tctggtagga tgggtgttcc cacacacact agatatggaa gcatccacag     55260
     agtatccacc ctaggtgagt tgggacttca gtgtggtaac aaagccttgg acagtctggg     55320
     aagatagtca taaagaacat ttggggaagg aaaatttatg agaaggatac aggccaggca     55380
     tggaggtcca cacctttcat ctcagcactg gagaggcaga ggcaagctat ctctctgatt     55440
     taaaggctag cctggtctac acagtgagtt ccaggacaac caggattatt tagagagaca     55500
     aaataaatag ataaataaga aataaataaa tgagaatgtg aaagaaagtc acagctgaag     55560
     cataaggggg ctgagaagag ctgagaggag cattctgggt taggggacag attcacaaaa     55620
     gacctgaggc tggatggaga gctgaacagt agccagagtg gctggccccc catagctggt     55680
     atttctgtaa tagtgagttg gaagaactga tacacgccca ccgtgtttct gcttctgctt     55740
     ccccctcccc agtgcacgtc actgtcacct ctccgtaggt ggatgacagg gtcatcccac     55800
     aagtcaggta acaacagccc tgtgttgccc gaggattctg tcagccaccc aacagcagcc     55860
     gcctccatct gtaaaatgga aggaagactg gctggtgagt tgttggaatt ttctgctctc     55920
     agtgaggcag ggcagaggac cttgctcagt taggacggtg ctggctgtca tctgtgagga     55980
     cctaaggcac tggctgtcac tcaggattat cctcagccct acagaaaaag ctgggcctgg     56040
     tggtgcacac aggggaggca gagtcaggac ggtccttagg gcttgcagcc cagtggctga     56100
     gcctaatcag ggaactccag tctcagtgag agaccctgat ttcagaaaca agctgcatga     56160
     tttcagaaga acaaggcctg aggttgacat ctggcctcca tgtgcctaag catgtgcaca     56220
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacact cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     56280
     ctcacacaca cacacactca cacacacaca ctcacacaca cacactcaca cacacacaca     56340
     ctcacacaca cacacactca cacacacact cacacacaca ctcacacaca tatacactca     56400
     aacacaccac acacacatac tcacacacac acacacatac acacacacac acacacacac     56460
     acacactcag attttatata cattaaaaaa agcatctatc cgacacctct ttccctccat     56520
     ttgtcagatg acctcttggc ctggccaccc tcttcccatc tcttttccct ctgtcaccag     56580
     ccagctcacc ctcaactttg tagcatttag gaaagaactc atttatagtc ttggtcacgg     56640
     ggcccagcac gcactcatgc cttcaaccaa gtccagggaa ggaccttaga ctaagactta     56700
     aggtcactgt aaagaagaaa ctgggctctt ccatcaaagc ctagacatgt tgttcctcgg     56760
     cctccagact tccagcatac ctcagacatt tttcctttgc tttttttata cccaaacaac     56820
     agtttggctg aaaattaagt tcttgagtca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacgca     56880
     cacacacgca cgcacacacg cacatgcaca catacacagg catacacaca tgcacacgca     56940
     catgcacagg cacatgcaca cacacacagg cacacacagg aacatgcaca tgcacatgca     57000
     tacacacaca tacacaggca cacacataca cacacatacg cacatgtatg cacatacatg     57060
     cacacacaca ggcacacaca cacatgtgca cacataggca tacacacatg cacatacaca     57120
     cacatacaca ggcacacaca tacacaggca cacacacaca tgtgcacaca cacacggaca     57180
     cacacaggca tacacacagg catacacaca tgcacatgca catgcacata cctgcacatg     57240
     cacacacaca cacacacgca cgcgcacaca cacacacaga ggcacacaca tgctcatgct     57300
     cacgcactcg actttataga tgctgctcta tgtttttttc catctgatgc agtcagtttg     57360
     ttccactctg tgtggcaccc aaaggattat ttattagcat cacaacctaa tcattttttt     57420
     aacaacctat ttttctgggt ctcattaact tttcaataca tctccctttt tttcctagaa     57480
     catttcttta tgtcttaaaa tatttatttt atgttatctt agttgatttc ttcaaagact     57540
     tcttatgcat atacaatcca tgttagctct ttgtctctgt aataaaatac ccaaggcagg     57600
     ctacattata gtgcaaagag gttcgctggt ttcacaattc tgaactgcat gacacagact     57660
     ggtgagggtc ctcctggaat atctcatgaa agaaacctcc ttgatcaatc tctgtttctg     57720
     tgtcctgtct tcccctcccc ttgtgaaact actcgaagcc agtcatgtaa atatccatag     57780
     gtcacacctc atagtcagcc tgagtttcca ccctcttaat atcattaacc tgtcacactg     57840
     tggcttaaac tcctgcatta gctcatggcc cctttgtgct gctgtaacaa aatacctaaa     57900
     tctgggaact ttataaagga aagaagttgg tcttttactc atcttctaaa gaaccaaggg     57960
     catatcactg gtctgctggc tctggtgaca gcttcatggt agatgacatc tcagttgctg     58020
     agcggccatc tacagcccag cacctgtgca gtttgagtcc tgggacctga aaattaagtt     58080
     cttgagccat caaaggaatg agaagagtac acacacacaa acagaaaggc tcagttgggg     58140
     ttccgctgct gctacactag caccctcaat cctcagaggt ctctgtgact gagcagtctg     58200
     gggcagtgaa catcggggag gaggaagctg tggttgctag tgaagtgacc tctatgtgtt     58260
     caggaccccc caagaccaag ttctcagcac aaagagattt atttgcagca gagaaacaga     58320
     gggcagggaa taagagacaa agacaggaga tagaggatga aggagaggaa ggcaacaaag     58380
     ggagagaggg cagggatatt tgtccctggg gggggggtga tgctggtggg gttgtggggg     58440
     ttggggtggg gacaaaggac tgcctctgga tagagaggag acagatgtgc ctataggcaa     58500
     atgacagatt ataaagggga acgggaaact gaagtgttag gatgagttgg tttgtttcga     58560
     ttgggaatat taattaggac agccaaaggg gtcttttgat cgctgaactt caatactttg     58620
     atagctggac cttggtatta gcctcaggag gaggaagtgg ccaaataagg aaacagacct     58680
     tggtggctag ctttaggaat gcaatctaat gttttttagc aaggcaaaga gaattgggga     58740
     gaagggcaag gcctgccaga gtcatgtttg ccgtgcttgg gctggccaga gtccctacag     58800
     ccagcctacg cacacactgg ttaatcttct ataaacactt agactccgga ggaaagcttt     58860
     gccatccgct aagccccacc tcttagaagc gccagcaccc agcagtgtta ccctgggggc     58920
     tagcttccag cagctgtgcc acatacgcaa agctccccca accacagcag tcattttttt     58980
     ctctaatcaa tcaaatgtaa agcggttcac cttcctttcc ccttcttccc ccctcccccc     59040
     ggagggggtc taggattgaa ctcacagtct cgcccctgtt ctgcaagccc tccaccactg     59100
     cactctgcag tcagcccttt cctgctcctg gggtgccccc tcccgccccc tttcctgttt     59160
     tccccctttc ctttacgctt gtgttttggt ggagtgttat tttgtgctat gttcacgctg     59220
     actgacttct attctgcagt ctctgccatc ttccttccgc cttttccgga gccctgagtc     59280
     cttctgttat cttgttatta tctccccagc tctcctatca agcactttat cttgaggcat     59340
     ttggtttgtt tctgctcggg tgtcctgtgt ttatttgact gcttggttcc tcttttcatc     59400
     tccttgcttg tccttgccct cctcagttct tgtatctgtg ttcagatcta gaggagggtc     59460
     actgttgcta gtatttgatt gatgtgaact ttctcttgac aaacattggc aagaggtcaa     59520
     ggtggggagg agccagggct gtttcggggt agcagaattt tccttttctg tatgagttct     59580
     ttgcgccttt gtttccccac aagtaaagac tgttacccac tgagaaccct ctttctcccc     59640
     acgccccagc tgcctgggtg ggatttttct attgttttaa gattaaacaa atttaaactc     59700
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgca tgtgtgtgcg tgtgtgtccg ggtgtgggtt tggcatgaga     59760
     gtggagagcc catgaagggt attggatcct ctggagttac aggtgattgc atggcaatgg     59820
     ggtctggaaa ccaaacttgg ttcctctgta agatcagtat gtgctcttaa ctcctgagcc     59880
     atcgctctct ctagatcatg tttctttaag cagatatgga ttgtgttatg cacacatgtg     59940
     tatgtgcaca agtgtgtatg tgtacatgtg tgtgcatgtg agtatggagg acaaccttgg     60000
     gtgactttcc caggaatatt gtgcctctct tctttttttt cttcctgtct tccttcctgt     60060
     cttccttcct gtcttccttc cttcctcctt ccttcctctc tgagacaaag tctttttttt     60120
     ttaatatttt tttattacgt attttcctca attacatttc caatactatc ccaaaagtcc     60180
     cccataccct cccccccact cccctactca cccattccca ctttttggcc ctggcgttcc     60240
     cctgtactgg ggcatataaa gtttgcgtgt ccaatgggcc tctctttcca gtgatggcca     60300
     actaggtcat cttttgatac atatgcagct agagtcaaga gctccggggt actggttagt     60360
     tcataatgtt gttgcaccta cagggttgga gacaaagtct tttattggtc tggaactcac     60420
     caatggggct agactgactg gctagagagc cttgaggatt ctcctgactg ctcctcccaa     60480
     ctgctgccat ttatgggcaa gtgtcagcat gccttgtgtt tgcaaggcaa acactttatt     60540
     tacaaggccg ccctcctagc ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctcacacaca     60600
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacgatgc atgtggaggt     60660
     cgaaggacaa ttttgtggag ttagttttct ctgttcacct ttacacggac tctgagcatc     60720
     aatcgatatg aggttgttgg gtttgccaaa gtgcctttac ccactgagcc atcttactga     60780
     ccctgctttg ctttctgaca cagtgttttt taaactctgt cacccaggct gacctgggat     60840
     tcactatgta gctcaggttg tccttgaact cacagcctca gacttctgag tgctgggatt     60900
     acaggtgtgg gttactatgc cccgagtgtg aatggtttct aattcagctc tagttcttgt     60960
     ttgatgaaaa ccagtcaggt tctggaaggc cactactcct caggtgggcc tctattttgt     61020
     gcatccaggt cccctcccat cctgctttga aaggggaatt ccttgccacc cccttcagcc     61080
     ctcaccccca cccccagttt ccttcagtgg cttcccattg tcttccttgg ggccacacaa     61140
     ctgcactctg ttgacacagt tggcctcatc ttctatgggc tgtactctat ttacatcggc     61200
     tggcatcctt cccttccctt cctgccttgg cttcacccta gtgcttctgc ctgattccac     61260
     tgagtctcca gctctcagct gagaaggtca gtcccccagg agaccagact cccagcaagg     61320
     ctcagccagg actacacaga gttaggacaa acagggctct gagtccaccc agggagtgac     61380
     tggcctcttc acagtggtgt tcacagtgaa aggtcactat ccaacagtag ccttgggatt     61440
     ccctcagcgg gatccaggca gctcctggca cagagaatgt tgctgagtag gtggagagaa     61500
     agtgcttcag tctcctgcag gctttagttt ctctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt     61560
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttccttcctt     61620
     ccttcctttt ctttctttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttcctccc     61680
     ctcccctccc ctcccttcct ccctctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt     61740
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct tcctttcttc ctttcttcct ttcttccttt     61800
     cttcctttct tcctttcttc ctttcttcct ttcttccttt cttcctttct tcctttcttc     61860
     ctttcttcct ttcttccttt cttcctttcc ttctttcttt ccttggaata gaatcttata     61920
     atgtagccca cgctggcctt gaacttgtct ttctacctca gtctcccagt ttcctggggg     61980
     ctgtacacca atgaagaggg acagaggata ttgcagagct gcctcatagt ttgtagttct     62040
     ggcctgtcct cggacgctgg acaatggtgg gctgtggctg taacctgtgg agatctctga     62100
     gggaccaggg ccaaactgca gcctacagac agttttagtt ttcctttgaa ttgtgttttc     62160
     attgtgcaaa cagcattcag agagcaaaag gctgtgttca agaagcagga aaagccactg     62220
     gcccccatct atcttctcca tctgatatgt cgggaatagc accggacctg cagtccagta     62280
     ccaagactgt tatctgtctg gggttcgggc caggccacct ctggcaggct ttactgccta     62340
     tctctgtgcc ttgctgtctc ccttgcctgc ctcacaagtc tatggaggca gctggggaat     62400
     gaactgtgac agtatgtatt ggcaagtcct tggcggagag tccagcacag ggcgggtact     62460
     ctgtactgtt tcttttttat caaagcagct gctttcattt cttctcgtat tttctgtcag     62520
     gctttcatca agtccagatg aacgtttcgc acactgaggc catgctttca atgtaacttt     62580
     gccgttatcc ttgcctatac caaggcaatg gctttgacgt tttcataatt attttgtggc     62640
     ggaacgcctt gtcagtggat tgatccatcc ttatttaccc agctgtcttt ctgctcttgg     62700
     gctctttcct gtgttataaa agactctggg ctgaattctg cactctgacg gaacaatcct     62760
     ttcatttgta tctagtttgt atctcttctg ttgaagccag acgattcttc tgttcttagt     62820
     tactgtttct gtctcctttc tggaattgtc tactcatggc cttggggtga atatcactta     62880
     gcaactcaga tttttttttt tttagtgatg tttagaattt atgaaatgca aatactctct     62940
     actcaggtgg attttttttt ttaattttga gatccatttt ctctgcatag tcctggctat     63000
     actggaattc actctataga ccaggctgtc ctagaattca gagatccacc ttcctgtctc     63060
     ctgagcactg gaattaaaga catgggctac actatgcctg gcagttttag ttatttttat     63120
     gttacataaa tgttaaaagt tttgttttta accatctttg catttgtaat tttctctgat     63180
     tctccctctt ttacttttca acctccaccc caaagtcact cactttgtag accaggctgt     63240
     ccccacggaa gtccatctcc ctgtctcctg agtgctggga ttaaagctgt gtgccatcat     63300
     gtgcttcctc ccgttctgtc cctccttctc ctttccccat ccatctcctc gtctctttct     63360
     tccttttctt atctctcttt ttgggtctca ttgatcccag gcaggcttca aacttgctga     63420
     gtagctggaa atgaccttca acttctgatt ctctcacatc tacctcctga gtgcccggat     63480
     gatgggggac acaccaccgc attcaggtgc tggggactga ccccagggct tcgtgctgga     63540
     aacatgaaca ccctaccaac tgagctatat ccccagacct agtttacagt ttcttttatt     63600
     gaatttattc aacagacatg atgcagactt ctgctctgtg agccgggtgc atgaagaggc     63660
     tttgaggtaa cagacagggc aggctctggt ttgcagaata gggaatacag ccacagaaac     63720
     cattgcaggg cagcctgata attagataca gaagaacagc agcaggggtt gtgggactct     63780
     gccagcctcg acctaagaac ttccatgtgc tagctccctc aaacctcaca aaagtcccga     63840
     ggcttgatag ctattttgac ttactccatt ctgaagatga ggaggacggt tatatggttt     63900
     tcccaagctc caaaagcaag tcacagtcaa gctaataaca tttgggatca gataagggga     63960
     cttcagagct tgctttcttc accagctcac caccaacaat gagtagctag agatgtggtg     64020
     gtggtggtgg ccgcagtgtc cttggagtcc tcttgaggga acgcctctag ggagcagtga     64080
     gtcaaaacag agcactggaa aacagaagac aacttcagac agccagggct acacagaaaa     64140
     accctgtctt gaaaaaccaa aaccaaacca aaccaaacca aaccaaacaa ccaacaacaa     64200
     caacaacaaa aaaagatagc ttcaggagca gatgagggac tggaaaggag tgatatgaca     64260
     caaagcaggg ccagcatccc aaaggggtga agagccttcc cttggggcat ggagtggccc     64320
     gaggcctagg actccctggg ctctaactgc tcacctttca gtaacctgat tattcactac     64380
     aggttccatg tgagacttta aggacatgga ggtgaggaag acatgcaagg acctgtctgc     64440
     atggagttta cagttgtgga agagatgagc aggaagctgg atggagaata tttgccattc     64500
     atcagtgctc cacagattgt taagatttct tcctggggct ggagaggcaa tactattcca     64560
     gaggacccga gtttgatttc cagcaccaac atggcagctc actatagtct gtaactgcac     64620
     tcctggtccg atctgcaggc actgtgtgtg cacataagga atgtggacgt acctgaaggc     64680
     agaacactca tcacacgtga aattaaaaaa ttaatattgt ttaaaagatt ttctcctgca     64740
     ttttggatca ttcccaggat cttgaattgc tctttatcaa ggcccaaggc aacctccctt     64800
     gcagccgcag cctcagcctc ccttgcagcc tcagcctccc ttgcagccac agcctccctt     64860
     gcagctgcat gcaggtgtgt gacctagact ctcccagtag atgttttggc tatgatgaca     64920
     tgctggcacc tctgttctag aatcagcagt ggctctccca tgggtccctg aagagtgtga     64980
     cttggagaga tcctctccaa agctgcatct agagcctgtt actataacgt tcccaatacg     65040
     ttctgcttaa accagctgct ttcaagcagg tgtgtgctaa caagtgtgca aagagtgaaa     65100
     gcgtctattt agatactcag aggaactcag gggttgagag gctaagagcc tggtcctacc     65160
     cacagaaccc aaacccacta gaatacagag agcaggtgct cccaccctgg tgctcccact     65220
     caggagcttc cgggtggaca ctctcctggt atgctcagtc gagctcccca gccaggtgtt     65280
     cctgagagga ctttctctct ctctctctct ctctctccct ctccctctct ctctctctct     65340
     ctcctggtat gctcagtcca gctccccacc ctggtgctcc tgggaggaca ctcagtccct     65400
     caggggttgc acacacagtt gaccattggg tctcccttct ttgatgctca ccctggatgg     65460
     acagaacaag gcttttctct tccctagtga agcacacagt ctgccactgg ctggaaagag     65520
     cctgtgttca tggtgcccag gcacaaggct ctggatcttt tgcagggact gctgttcagt     65580
     gtgtgttgtc acatgaccct gcatccaggt caagggtcat gagtgagggg ctagggtttg     65640
     aagcctcatg gacctgtccc aggacagaaa ggacaagtag ggtcagttca aggctgtgac     65700
     cctgggctgg agctgtcagc tctaaacatg tcttgcaaca ggctggctca gtgcccccag     65760
     gacccagact tgtacccttg aaatcactgt gctgatcagt ggtggagaga caacaggggc     65820
     cctcgcccac cattccggat ctgctttaat gaaatcatat cccgggggat aaaattactg     65880
     gaagggagtt agggaatcgc acaaacgggt ttatccacag gcccacagcc tgttagcaac     65940
     ccaagaagca aagctttctt tctgtcggat atatctctct gcattgccca aggctggtgg     66000
     atcaatagct acaaacagcc aaaataaatt tctgtttctg ctccttgtgc cctcagatgg     66060
     aggggtggac cgctagaaaa cgcagtcacg gctgtttacg ggtgggcacg gcgagtcagg     66120
     gcggcgcttt gcatgtcagg gcttcgtgct tgcttcaaag acatagagac agatcatagg     66180
     agaagaggtc cctgcacctg ccctgctggc ctcaaggcct ctgtgagtgt cagttattct     66240
     gaacactgtc aatgtctgca gctggaagct atacccgtcc tctgggaagg gaaggcctct     66300
     gttcaaggtc acagagctac tgcgtggcag agctgggcag aagccagcat gtgagttaca     66360
     gtatccttgc cccaaaagtt tgtcctcttg ggccatctga cccctgtatg caggctaggg     66420
     gagaggctgg agtcatccta caagtctctg cagagagaag agcctcctcc tcctgtagca     66480
     ccaagggtgt ggagagcgat accaggcttc agaaggactt gctccccagg gctgcagctc     66540
     tatttttagc ctcaaatcca tcaataaatg gagtctggtg gagccagaga ctcttggctg     66600
     cctgatacta agagcaagag gatcatttat taagcacttc ccgtgcaggg catcgtgtgg     66660
     cgtctaactg gactgtgagc ttcggttggc acacgactgc catcgtcacc agaataatcc     66720
     ccatcactgc atacacagaa ggaaatgaag cctgaaggtt ggggatgccc agtagattat     66780
     acacggagcc acgatccaaa tgcaaatcac attcctcagg ccggtggcct ccttgtccat     66840
     gccttgtggt cctcatagct actctgatga aataggccct agccagtggc agtctggtca     66900
     gtcaattgtg attcttagaa ggcagcgtca catgggagga tagatacact ggctagctgg     66960
     gaagggtttc caattggcct gagtcttggg agttcccaga tggagggagc ctagtggtgt     67020
     gaggcaggag agtacaggga aggtaaaggg cagatgtggc agcatatgat ggggtcagga     67080
     aacagcacac taagataggg gaactaaggt gcaggcagga caagatggag aaggatcttg     67140
     aagacaggcc tggggaggcg gctgctggtt aagctctcac tgtgcaaacc tgaggtcctg     67200
     ggttgtatcc tcagcaccta tgtaaaagcc aagaaatgca gtgtgcacct acaatcccag     67260
     gtctgggggc agagacagga ggatacctgg agcttgctgg tcagtgagtc tagctgaatc     67320
     ggggagcgcc agtgtcagtg ggagaccctg tctccgggag taaggtggag agtgaccgag     67380
     gaagacactg gagtcctctc aggatcccac acacactcag atccatgcgg atgcacagag     67440
     gatcttgaac ataggacaca gtcatgtctg cactttatgt ggactgtggg tagagctggg     67500
     gttttgaggg aaagactcga gagaagttga gacttcgggg aactgacaac accagcagta     67560
     tacgaactac ctgctgtgcg tggtgtgtgt gtgtcctgtt aggagctttc tagagacatc     67620
     atgtgattcc cagatctggt gctcagccaa tgtcagccat ttaaccttgc tatccctcag     67680
     tgacagatga ggagactgag gccatgagag agcagtgatg gtctgatcat tactgtggga     67740
     ctctagtcta gtcggatgat tctggaaatg ctgctctgtc aagggagaga gcgtatgaca     67800
     gttctcaatg gagatggaag ttacctgaca tccaggattg gggacaacac agcaggctcc     67860
     agaggtgcct gagaggccaa ttctattatc tagctacctt cctttctcct ccctcctccc     67920
     tctccccttc tcttcttcct cttccccctt ctcctcctcc tttttttaaa caaaagattt     67980
     atttatttat tatatgtaag tacactgtag ctgtcttcag acacaccagt agagtgcatc     68040
     caatctcatt atggatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggatttga actcaggacc     68100
     ttctgaagag cagtcaatgc tcttacctgc tgagccatct ctccagcccc tcctcctcct     68160
     ttttaaaggc aggatgccac atattccagg tttgccaaaa gctctcggat agccaagggt     68220
     gaccttgaac tccttattct tctcactcca caatctgcga tctctgcagg gctggggatt     68280
     ggacacaggg cttcatacat gctaggggag cactctacca agcaagccgc actccggctc     68340
     tcctgcagtc ctttaagtaa gtttgttcac accctcagag ggtggcagtt acgttctctc     68400
     acctcgaagt tccctgggct gagatggagg aaagatgcta tttctgcaag gtaggggaaa     68460
     gggcagagtc tcaagttgct gccagaagag ggcatcagac cccattacag atggttgtga     68520
     gccaccatgt gcttgctggg agttgaactt aggacctctg gaagagcagc cagtgctctt     68580
     aacccctgag ccatgtctcc agacccattt gctttgtttt tagaagcaga attcacatag     68640
     cccaagctgg cctcaaactt accatgtggc tgaaggtgac cttgaatgtc taagcctcct     68700
     gccccccccc ccccccgagt gttggctttg caagcctgga tcaccatcac caatttacct     68760
     cgtgcaggag aacaaactca aagcatcagg catgctaggc aaatactgtg tcaactgagc     68820
     tatccctcca atccccaaac tggattattt tcaacacaaa ataaagtact attgaattac     68880
     gtttcataga taaagcatct ccaagcccac actgagatga acccctgaat gatgtaatca     68940
     aggaattggg acagaactcg cctgtgacat tccaaatgac agatgaagtt tttgcatctg     69000
     tgaggaagtg ggactcagat ccccaccccc catgtggaag actgtgcttg caccatgacc     69060
     tcccctctcc atcatagttc acagtgggga gggggaggga gaagaacctg tttacaggag     69120
     aaagctgacc aggttatcca agtcagcacc aacagtgacg tcctacgtgt ccactggcag     69180
     ccttggtcag tgtgccagca gtacttagcc atcttggaaa agggccacct gttccctgca     69240
     cgtgcgcgca catacacaca gtcaccagca gcagtcacat cctctgatgg ttgtagctgt     69300
     caatgccctt gtgggatgag gaccataaac ccctggctgt gaacccagag gactcagagg     69360
     tgtagccatg tgtgtgacat cgtcaaaggt cgaggacagt gtcatctagt gatttgtagt     69420
     tgtgggattg aaaccttccc gtggcagcag gtgtgaccct gagtgtacaa ctgtgtctac     69480
     aagagtcccc aaagggttag aaggacagtg ccacttgtta acctcagaag ctcctgggta     69540
     cagttgtgtc cggtcatgca tgtatggagc cctgtgtctg atcctcagcc ctgtggactg     69600
     agccttggga cacagagcct ctggctggaa gctcccaggg tctgttcttt ggttttctag     69660
     ttcgtgagtt tggccactat gaacacatcc gtcatcaagt gcaggagcct gggaccatgc     69720
     cagtcccact ctcacccctg cttgcttcct gtggaggtcg gattaagaac gatccccaga     69780
     gactcataga tgtgtggcct tgttggagga agtatggcac ttgggttagg ctttgaggtt     69840
     tcaaaagctc acactcaggc cctggctcag acccaggctc agtctctctg tgtctgtgta     69900
     tcatgatgca gctctcagtt ccagtgcagt gcgtgctgca atgctccctg ctgtgatgac     69960
     aaggatgatg gactagacct ctgaaaccac gagcaagcct tcagttgggt tgccttggtt     70020
     atgacatctc ttcacagcaa tacaatgtgt gctaagacac ctcttttttg ggtgcgaatt     70080
     ttgtcctgtt tcctggaggc catctgtttg cttctttctt gttccgttct ctaccaagcc     70140
     tttagcttgc ttccatctgt ggcccccatt tttacacact ccctcagttc ctctgatggt     70200
     ccagccttcc agccctgccc agccacttct cctacagcct ccgataactc attggaaaca     70260
     taaaatttat ttctacttct gtaagccggg cagtggtagc gctcacctta aatcccagca     70320
     cttgggaggc agaggcaggc agatctctct gagttctact tttaaattta aaagaaatac     70380
     agcaaaaaaa aaaaagcaag atgtgtttat gacaggagag agggaagtag aaagaggggg     70440
     ttgtggggga aggagagaga gagaggaaga gagagagaga gaggaagaga gagagagaga     70500
     gaggaagaga gagagacaca cacatcacct acagtagata ctgtataagc ctgaggatcc     70560
     tggatgttgc agatgtacac ttactgctga tagagagcaa attggcacag ccccttggga     70620
     gcatagctgg gtttcaggag agtagagcac tcctcatttc tctggcagtt acctatggtg     70680
     ccagggtcac cctccctcag ctccctctag tttatgcagc taagagcatg tgctgttcat     70740
     tcagaggacc tgagttcaat tcccggcacc catgtctggt ggttcccacc tgcccataat     70800
     tccagcttca gaggatctgg cgttcttatg gcttctggag gcacgcacac tcatacatac     70860
     attcacaggt acacacacaa atacagatac acaaacacac agacacagat acacaaacac     70920
     aaacatacat atacacatgg tatgtgcaca cacagacaca aagacacata tctcaaaata     70980
     aagcaagaaa aaaaaaacct tttcttttaa gacaaggttt ccctgtccta gaactcattc     71040
     tatagaacag gcgggctttg aactcacaga gatccgcttg cctctgcctc tggagggctg     71100
     gggtcagagg tgtgggccaa cactgcccag cagaaataat gtgaatctta acaaaagtaa     71160
     aagagaagaa aaaaaagaaa tttaatccca gtactgagga agcagaggta ggtaggtagg     71220
     tctttgtgag tttaagaaca gcctggtcta cacactgagt ttaggacaat cagagctgca     71280
     tagagacact cgtctcaaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaattttct atcatatata     71340
     ttaattgtgg aacaaggaaa atacagaaag caaaggcaga atgttaggag gagccggctg     71400
     cattgttttt ctgtttgacg ttgtagaacg ccactttgaa aaagcctttg aaaatactac     71460
     ctctctccat cttaacactc ttaaaatagc aagttggccg tggccaaatc cggaaaacac     71520
     tctacccgtg gtgaaggtta atgtcactgg gagctgtcac ctgccccagt aggacgtgac     71580
     agaagacact tcccctcagt ggcactctga agaaggccga atgcgggagg aagccattag     71640
     agaaacccca gctgataagc actgtgcaag aggagtacgg tccccctcaa caactgttca     71700
     aggctgtgag aaacaaggag tgacaaggac accttagaac aggagatggc agagccaagg     71760
     acactccagt gcccaagctg gagcctggga cccaaaggtc acaggggatt cagagcttag     71820
     cagacagccc tgtggccggc tgctgagctg tagggagtgt tccttgataa cacacagagc     71880
     aaataagcag gagagcaggc gaggcatgca cggagattct agaaatatat acatttgcac     71940
     ctttatttct tcccaagctg gaaattacgc tgaaataaat aagcttttaa gacaaacatt     72000
     atccttgagt tccatacttt aaaaaaaaaa gtatttttcg aatgcttctt aaaaagtggt     72060
     tttgaaatat ctaaagcagg aatttagaca cataaatcca caatagtaat gtgagattta     72120
     aaaatacccc acggacatgg ggtattttta acacatgact gatatttaaa aatacccact     72180
     gagggcctgg agatgtggct caatgggcag agtggttacc caccatgccc gaaaccctag     72240
     ctccatccct agcatggcat aaaccactgt ggtagtccac acctgtgatc ccagcaccct     72300
     ggaagtgaga agattaaggc tcccattggt tacttactga tttctaggcc agtctgagat     72360
     tcatgaggcc aaatcaaatc aaaattcata agagagagaa agcaattgac atattaatta     72420
     gatgaaagat attttcaaat attgcttcca ttctcccatt ccagtgtgcc ttcctgctct     72480
     cttgggaaga ggtgaggtgg aagtggcttc ccagaatccc ttgcaactgg tattttattt     72540
     gttgtatcta tttaattcgg ggcagggtct tatacaccca ggctggcctc tgaattcaaa     72600
     ggcagagggt ggtgctgggc agacttcaca ttttactttg cttctctctc tctctctctc     72660
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tgtctctctc tctttccctt     72720
     ccttctccct cctcctccta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta     72780
     tttgtcgttt tttttttgag acagggtttc tcttgtatag ccctggctgt tctggaactc     72840
     actttgtaga cgaggctggc ctggaactca gaaatccgct tgcctctgcc tcccgagtgc     72900
     tgggattaaa ggtatgggcc accatgccca atacattcaa tttttaaaaa ttaaaaaata     72960
     ttcaaaaact aaaaactggg tggagggggg aaagaatagt aaataaagtc accacatgtg     73020
     ggatcaataa ctaattaatc ataaattata atatatataa tcaacaacta attatactat     73080
     taacaataaa tataaataat taatagatta atggattatt aagtgccata tcacttggtt     73140
     tttaaatttt aagagccaag tgatatgtgc atgggagtgt cacccatagc tatgaaatca     73200
     ggcaaacaaa atcgaccaca aagaaaaacc ccaaagttcc acagagtaga gggttgagaa     73260
     atgagaggaa gtttaaactt ttctatttct tgacgttcta ttcgactaga aggcacatgt     73320
     gtgtctagat atattgtatg ccagacaata ttaaaatatc taattaggaa aaataatcag     73380
     atttgagttt aacaatcccc aggggtttca gacacctcct ccactctgtt tacaatctta     73440
     ggcagctttc ggcatccggg gggtctgcga ttcctttgcc cacgcacccc gcaccccgcc     73500
     cggtcgcgtg gaggcagaat gattggcacc tcctcccaga agccctcggc agggagcgag     73560
     cgcctcctgc tggacaagaa cgccagcacc cctagggagc cgttgctggg caccaccagg     73620
     tcctgcctcc caccccttgg atccaggacc atcttctccg catcacgtgc ttcttccctc     73680
     aacccccccc cccggccccc caggagtaga aggagaagga gctgtagcag ctcagatgta     73740
     agcggttgga gctttaggtc ggaggtccta gtgcgttcag ggactggctt gattcagagt     73800
     cctgtttata ggagtggggt atagataggg ctgagatttc tgctccgtgt ggagctggct     73860
     tttgcatttc tgggagaatc tcctcttttc tgctctctgt gtgcttttgg gcagtctctg     73920
     aaccagctag ggtgaagcga gatacctcat ttcacagtgt cactgataag tagtgacttt     73980
     tacccttttt catttaagca gaaagcttaa agggtaaaaa agctcttggg aagctcagag     74040
     gagtggccct atctggatag cttcccttct gcagactagt gcgaggagtg ggggtcgggg     74100
     gagggagcat gtctaggagg tgagttggca agccggggag gactacccag tcaggctttc     74160
     cctgagacct ccctcttttc cacataggcc tgttgacaag tttttagcca gggctggtgg     74220
     acagaggaca ttgtctaggt tccaggactc tctgtgtgac ttcttggcta ctggaagctc     74280
     cagaagtctt tgtggtacat cactggactt cccagataga gtactggtct gtacagaggg     74340
     gccagcagga atggaagagg ccagcagccc cagctttaga caagccacca ctgtcgaagg     74400
     aatggtttcc ccagaggatc ctacactcag caaagagggg ctcagtgcaa agggcccgcc     74460
     cccatctcca gtcctgcccc ctttccgaag gaaatgcagg aagtgtggaa tctgtcccca     74520
     ggaggaggaa aagtcaggtt tttccctgag gtttggtcaa agaccagatg gggaccctcc     74580
     cgagtgtgct tctccagagg cctttgcagg tcccccaagg cttctttctt ctaaggacac     74640
     tgagcctgga gagccaggtg gaagttgggt ggaatgtgct gtagaaaccg aggttgaaaa     74700
     catgctcttt tctaaggatg gggttgcgcc agacagcctt gatcaccttt ttgaattccc     74760
     agggctcttt ggaggcgagc cccttagtct ggtcacccag gagcctcttc agagtccagc     74820
     actgtaccca gaggtgctga ctgaggattc tacagatcag caggaagtac agcccgcgtt     74880
     tgtggttggc agccctggca ctccacctga cccggtgggg ccagaggaca aggcccagtc     74940
     agggtccagg atggagctgg aacaaggact ttctgcccca gccaattcct gtgctagctc     75000
     cccagagccc ttgggtgggc tcgatggtgc acccctagag cagagaagac ctacacatgt     75060
     gaagaagcgg ccttggacaa gtccagatga ctcaagccag gatcacgcag agggagccag     75120
     taaaaaggat tttcccagac tggtaagttg aagctgatag tttagggtag gatggctggg     75180
     tgtggcactt aacagaagta aactccagtg tctcttattg agcgtcttct ctcggacttg     75240
     ttctgtttgg tttgttgggg actgaaccca gggcctcaca cacgctaaac agacactcta     75300
     tgactaaacc gcatccccca agcccctttt attttgatat ggggttctca ctaagttgcc     75360
     taggctggct ttgaactcac tgtagcctac agtagctttg aacttttgac tctagtgctt     75420
     caggttctca gtctctggga ttacaggtgt gtggcttact aagcccagct tcccagattc     75480
     tatacattga aattctagag tcaggaaagg aaaaaaataa acgacattac tgagttcctg     75540
     tgagggccca ttatctgtta gaggcagcaa gtcctgggtt caaatcctgc tctagcctac     75600
     ttcctggagg aattgcctcc cactattctt taataacttt tctctcattc aataagatta     75660
     ataatatata taataagctg ggtaagatgg caaatgcctt tgattccagc attctggagg     75720
     cagaagcagg tcaaaggtag gtctctatgc atttgcggtc accctggtct acaaagtgag     75780
     ttccaggcca accaggacta cctggtgaga ccctgtctga aataaaaagg atatacacac     75840
     ccctctttaa tgggataatg agataggaca taaaataaag tgtctagctc aagatgggag     75900
     gtaagtcact ccacttccat tatgtttgct tttttttttt ttttttttgg tttttcgaga     75960
     cagggtttct ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc aggctggcct     76020
     cgaactcaga aatccgcctg cctctgccac ctgagtgatg tttgcttttt ttatagtgtt     76080
     agtaatagtc cctcaagaca agaattagcc cactttacca gatggggaaa ctgaggctcg     76140
     ggggaattaa cagacctctc caagttcaca cagggatgga gtcggggctt ccatccttcc     76200
     gtgttctctc ttgtcactgt ttctctctgc attcgttgtc tgtttaatta tgatatgaat     76260
     tttgttaata accatatcta atgtctacaa gccaggggtg gaagatagta cttatttttc     76320
     ccatataacc gattgctttt atatttattg aacgtgtatt atgtgctaga tgcttttgat     76380
     ataattatat gaagcaaaga aaaggaagtg acagtgggaa ccaaacccag gaagtttgtc     76440
     ttgtgtgctt gcgcattcaa tgtcatcggc taagcttgtt caacatgcca ggtgctgagt     76500
     gtgttatctg agatctttgt acaacttctg aggtaaacac tgatgatata tacccattgc     76560
     actgatttgg tcacagaggc tccaagagat aaaatgacca gtcagggtca aagagctcat     76620
     tagtaacact gagacaggag gcaatgagct gcctatgtgt ttatccttgt ttgtaggata     76680
     attttatccc aactctgtga tattattctt gcaagcatct atattttggc ttttgtcgag     76740
     atggtaggtc aaggtccagg ctattctcaa acttccaatg tagccaagtc tggtctgaat     76800
     ttctgaccct cgacccttca actcctgcat ggtgagattg caagcatgtg tcactacacc     76860
     tgactcaaaa cacttgctct gcttcgttgt tgtttattat tcactttgcc tgtgtgtctg     76920
     tgtaggagtg tatgcccgtg agtgcaggag tcggtgtaag ccagaagggg gcgctgcatc     76980
     ctggagctgg agtcacaggt ggttgtgaac tttgaagtgg gtgctgggaa ccgaacttgg     77040
     gttctctgga agagcaaaaa acatgcttag tctttgagcc atctctccag tcccccaact     77100
     agtcatcttt catttcaaaa gaattttaat ttgtcttaga aaataaagag gagccagggg     77160
     tggtggcgca cgcctttaat cccggcactc tggaggtaga ggcaggcaga tctctggtga     77220
     gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgaa ttccaggata tccagggtta cacatctcaa     77280
     taaacaaaca aaataaacaa ataaacaaaa aaaaaaaacc caaaccaaaa caacaacaag     77340
     aaagccgcta aggaggatga gctgcaaacc ctgcactcgg cagcccccag cacgacctga     77400
     gttcagaaca ggcctatcac gaatcttttt cctacactca tctcgtctta ccccaaactg     77460
     gcataattgt atcctatttt attttgcctt ctgatattta aaatatgtcc cagttaggct     77520
     gagacttggc tcagttggca gggtgcttat tctactatgt acaaagctct ggcttcacca     77580
     ctgggtagtg ttggtgggga agttgacctg ttcagcagta gttctttggg ggagcaagct     77640
     ccatcttctt tggcagcagc agttcagtcc tgtagcaaac accaaatacg actcagcagc     77700
     tgcagaccag tcctctagac aggcagacag cacacacgaa ctggcagcta cagaccagtt     77760
     ctctccgcag gccgacacca ggcatgaacc agcagttgtc gctcaatcct gaggaaccgt     77820
     taggctcccc aactggcctc agtgaggctg gggggggggg tttgcaggaa cctcatgagc     77880
     agttcttggg caagcttctc tcaatggctg cctagagatg catagtgcat agggaggcag     77940
     aacaaaccaa gccaatgctc agtgctcgtc tcccactgtc tgtggggtca tagttatact     78000
     cctgcctcca gcgtcctttc ccctgtgtct gcttcaggaa aacatccgtt cacatgtctg     78060
     ctttagcaag acattctttc acctgtgtgc cccagcaaaa catcatttga cacaactaac     78120
     tttccaaaga agctagatat tgccacttca gaacccagag ctggagaaat ggctcagcgg     78180
     gtgagagggg tcctgcaaaa gcgagatgcc cgaataagaa actgagcatg gaccaggatg     78240
     cctgtgtctc ctgagtactg tgggggatgg agacaggagg ctcaccgggg ctcgctggcg     78300
     gcagcctgtc agcctacctc cagattcagt gagagacctt gttgtctcag aaaataaggt     78360
     ggaggtgata gagggtgaca ttttgccccc tcctctgcac ctgcatggat gctctctctc     78420
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc acacacacac     78480
     acacacacac acacacacaa atgcatactt ttttggtaga gtaagaagcc ccgtggatgc     78540
     ctttgagact gccgttcatt gggaaggaac accggtgtga gcctgtgccc ttcaggttcc     78600
     tttcatgaga ttctgtacgt gaacgtctgc cattggcctt ttcgtgtgtg aataggttgt     78660
     cagactgcgc agcatggtgt ggggctgctt cgccttttgg gctctgtacc atttgaaggt     78720
     ctttccaggt tggcacacat ggttcggcag aagttctgcc tttcccgacc ctgcgtcaga     78780
     gccgtgtcta gctgtctttg tcacggccgt gggcacgttg atgagagaat gagcaaggac     78840
     ttcctttcct cgtttccagc cactggaggg ttctgagagc tgccactcag cctcactttg     78900
     cctgatgacc caagcaagtg ccttcacctt ccgggatgtc acgagggtgt taataatacc     78960
     ttgggggggg gagggtggtg aggagtcacc gtggtgacac atttaccatt tagctccatg     79020
     cttgtgacaa gaactacgca gttttgttgt tcaggcaggg atgctgggga gaggtttctg     79080
     gtacatctgg cttctcccca ctccagacaa cttacttgga ttgaacggca gggttggggt     79140
     tcccagggtt acagtgtttt cggtggaggg gggcttgccg gagtgccatg tcgtaaccag     79200
     gtttcctgcc tggcttggct cgatgcagcc cagaactggg tgttgctccg agcatcattc     79260
     tggatactgc agctcagcgt accatcccac agctgcccaa acaacccgtt tccatggaaa     79320
     ccggtgccag ctgcaggaga agaattgggg ctgggttgtg acagggacgg gcagtgggtg     79380
     gctgaggaca agcagagtgg ggtgtgggca agcatgggca agcatgggca cagagcccag     79440
     ccagtcatct gccagagcct ttaggggacc ccacgacttt ttgctggagg ctgcctgggt     79500
     ggaagcagag ccagaccgaa gagttcaagg tcaggctctc ggtacacaga gacaccaggc     79560
     agagcttttc ctctctgagt tgtaattgcc tcctctgtga aagagagaga gcatccactc     79620
     agcctgagga ccacccagct ctgagaggag agcccagcca gcggtgttgt attctgcctt     79680
     gaaaccgagg gtcttggagg gagaggggtc aagacgccac ccttccctct gtcttgagtt     79740
     ctgttgtatc cagagagatc aggagctgct ctggggatgg ggtaggaggc agtatgggga     79800
     gggcggttct gctagtttgc cctcttccct gaggatgccg ttatagcttc tctgccctga     79860
     cccagacacc caagcacaag gtgcagcccg cagttgccca gtgtcaggag gcgcaagggg     79920
     agaggagagt gtgttcccag tgggtgacct aagaatggca ctttatctgg gagtgtagct     79980
     caggggtagc atacttgtca agcatgcata aggccctggg ttcaattccc tgcactgaaa     80040
     acagccaaac aacggatttc tctctcgcct ccttgattca gctttgtgtg tgtgtttgtg     80100
     acacggggtc tcctgtatct tagaccggcc tcagcctcac tgtggagcta aggactatgc     80160
     acttctgagc ctcctcctac ttcccatgtg ctgagcttgc tggcttgtgc tgccaagtct     80220
     gtcccacgag gtgctggcga ctgagcccaa ggcttcacag aagggaggca aacactccgt     80280
     tggtgaagcc acacctcggc ccccagctcc tttttgacta gggagtttat ttgctctaac     80340
     aggagtttta cacacatctc atttaatccc cacaagagca tgaaagtcaa cgttaatatc     80400
     tctgtccaac cgctaaaaga aaattggctt tcagaggcca ttgattcagt cagtttcacg     80460
     tgactggacg gggcaaagct gggacttgta tttaggcctg tgcaagtcca gaggctgcca     80520
     aaggcctgcg taagaggttc agatgtatat tggactttgt tgtaatttgt gggatgactg     80580
     gagcagagca gggggcgggg agggctccta cctgggaggg gcacagacag ggtaatcaga     80640
     aagttgaagt tcagaagatc atggatgccc tgacagtgga gtagggcgga gggcccgact     80700
     gtctgagctg ggtgggtctg gacaagggaa atagatgctc agcgaacaga ggaggtagaa     80760
     ggaatatgcc gggaagaggg gaggcttggg cagtggggcg tgttacagga gtggagtggt     80820
     agtgggatta ggggagactg agaaagatca gcagattcag tattggttgg aggaagtgca     80880
     gaggttccag gagggggacc ttctgaggca ggcaccaacg agtgttggta gagagagctt     80940
     gacatgtctc aggtgctgat gccatggtcc tagaatcaac actctgagga ggatgctggt     81000
     attatcccca ttttgctgat aggaaaactg aggcacagaa gacttagtaa tgttctcctg     81060
     atttcaccaa tcctaaatgc tggcagcagg tacccactgc aggcacatgc cacagatata     81120
     tttacagcct gtgggactat gtagtgcttt ttgttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgctattaca     81180
     catggagatg ctgtgaacag tttagaatat attctttggc atagttgacc aagaatatct     81240
     tcagagggca cgacctctgg agatggattt ctaggtgata gggcacgcac atcttcagtg     81300
     ctagggactc accaaagtga tggaggtcag gtgtgtctgg ggtggtgtga ccgtagagtt     81360
     accgaagcag tgtgcacccc actggctctg tagacatctt tcggtcattt cacatctttg     81420
     ccaacacttg atgctatcag cttttgattt ttgccaaagt agagatagtt agcatgtctc     81480
     tgtggtcttg attttgcctt catgttaatt ccttaatata agaaactttt catctagttt     81540
     agccatctct gttaaaactt tgtcatatat atatatgtat atatatacat atatacagta     81600
     tatattatat atgtgtatat ataaaatatg tacacacata catacataca cacatttata     81660
     tatgtgtatg ttaacatctt atgaactcat aggaattctt tatatattct ggatactatt     81720
     cctttccagt tgtgttttat tgttatttgt ggatgtgtgt gtgcctgtgt gtgagtttgt     81780
     acatgagagt gggtaccttg gagaccagaa gaaggcctca tatccccagg agctggagtt     81840
     acaggaggtt gtgagccacc atgcgggtgc taagagcaga actcaggtcc tctgtgagag     81900
     tagcgagtat tcttaaccac tgagccagag tctctccaag tccacaattt tgcgtttctt     81960
     acagtatctg ttggtgaaag aaattctaaa aatttttatt gtgtaaaata catataacat     82020
     aaaatttggg tcttaatcag tttttaagtg tatataggtc agtggcattt agtacacaca     82080
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacc ctacaactga attcacctat cagacggtaa     82140
     ttccccgttc ccattcctgt ttacctctag atcctggtaa ccacagccag ccagccatcc     82200
     tccttccttc ttccttcctt ccctccattg tcctcctcct ccttctcctc ttcctcctcc     82260
     tcctcttctt ctatggcttc ttgagaccca gtttctctgt gcagccctgg ctgtcccgga     82320
     acttgctctg tagaccaggt tgaccctgaa tttagagatc tgtctgtccc tgcctcctga     82380
     gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg cattgccacc tccattgctg ccaccattga accctctcag     82440
     ttcctttctg tacagaaata attatgcatc ttaaagaaca gggacagagc tgggccagat     82500
     attatgtctg ggaaactggc cctgtctgca gatattggca gagctagcag tgaacttgag     82560
     ggtctccgct gggtttcctc aggcaggtga tttaagacta gggtcatcct agggggggta     82620
     gtgttgagct tttaagtcct tatagacata agtttgagaa ttggttcctt gcaggaacct     82680
     ggatagagtt tggtcaaggg gacacagtct ttgttactgg ccctgttctc tgtgtagctc     82740
     cttacagaat gtgatttctg attcgtggga tggagtccct cttctccaca ccactttagc     82800
     taccaagtgt caccttcttt tcaggatggc aacaattcct taatagtatt aacaattcaa     82860
     tacttattca atccagatgg aggtagtgat gtatgccttg atacacacac acacacacac     82920
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acatatattc cctgtataga     82980
     tcaggctggt ctcagactca tactccacat gcctctgcct cctgagtgct gggataaacg     83040
     tatgtacccc catacacagc tcctgattta tttttatagt ctgcctttta atgttggatc     83100
     caaatgaagt ctgcccattt ttaagtggtt gataagtatt tcatgtttct tttaaaccac     83160
     gggctcccct gtctcttgta gggttttgtt ccttttccca gaagctgaag aaatgaggtt     83220
     gtttattcta tagtgtattg cattcctggc ccatagttaa acagttcttc tgtgtggtgt     83280
     ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gttttttgag gcagagttcc tctctatgcc     83340
     cctggctgtc ctggaacttg ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag gcttccccta     83400
     cgtagctcct gagtgctgag attaaaggcc ctcatcatca ctgccccgcc ctgtgtggtg     83460
     ttctacagct gtgagaatcc tggagaagaa ccatcccatg gaggagttat cctagcgagt     83520
     aattcagagg ctctagtcca tcaccacagg aaagtcaggg ggaggcagag gcagtgacca     83580
     ggaagctgag tggtctccct tgctacagac ctcatttggt atgtctaggc tcccagccaa     83640
     tgggatggtg ctgctcacac ttagggctgt tcttcccata tctgtgcatc ttcttgggag     83700
     accctagcac cggccttcaa gaagtgtgct cagaacagtc tccccatgtc ctcattacag     83760
     tcgggctgca ggtgggctaa ctcctgctct ctctgttccc cgtggaccct ccaagatggt     83820
     gtctgcatca gaggatcaag acctcgtgtc acttcccagg ggatgaggtg gtcttcccat     83880
     cagagggctc acagtaacca ctcatactgc ttgatatttt ccacgccttt ctaacgtgga     83940
     aactttaaaa attgcagtgt ctggctgctg ctagcatatt aaaaaaaaaa aaaacgattg     84000
     atttttgctc attgattttg tatgtaggaa tcttgctgaa ctcttactaa ttcgtataat     84060
     ttatctgtta ggcagttgct gtgttctgta gacacagttc catgctgaca aatggcagtt     84120
     gtgttattaa gtccttatag tcctttgtat cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     84180
     cacgtcctta cctgctacat taatataacc ccggataaag gtggttgtgg gtagctttga     84240
     ctgtagtgag tgttaagtga aattgttcag ggtttcacat cgaaatgttt tcctattgat     84300
     gttctttagc gtgccgggga agctttcttc tgtccctgga ttgctaatta ttctgaatgc     84360
     acagtgcatt tggggagata atcatatgat tttcaccccc taatttatta atgtagtaga     84420
     gttaatgagt ttttaaatat taagccaatc ttgccttact gaaacaaacc cgacttgata     84480
     atgtcctggt ggggtttttc ctgtgtatcc ttcctatttg ctaagttctt attaataatt     84540
     tgcttgtaat ttttttttgc atttcagttg atgagttaac tgtcccgaaa tgactgatct     84600
     gtgggttgta aagtcttctg gagtaatttc tatgaggttg gaattatttg atttttgaac     84660
     attgtgggaa tagagtattg tttaaaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaac cgaaaaaacc     84720
     ccacagtcct tagaacagta ttttcttcag gagagctgtt tcctccctgt ggattgggtg     84780
     tatcctgtgg ttgcaggtgt gttatgagtc agctagttgg ccgctctttc tttctacaca     84840
     gatagaagtg ggccaagtgc tggtccctgg tagcatcgag ggaggcagga ggcaggtggg     84900
     agccacagca aggtaccttt tgttttcctg cagggctcag gtattgaaac cctttgtcct     84960
     ataaggtgat gaatcatgga tgggccctga aagttgggat tcctcagccc ttgcttgtaa     85020
     atggctttgc aacttccaga caagcctagg tggaaaaagt tgcaggctgg aaccctggct     85080
     actgtcaaag gctgagctca ctaggatccg tggtggtagc atctgataaa gactgtgcct     85140
     tcggggccta ggcagtgagc tggcacagcc tgtagtttgt ttgttttaaa gatttattca     85200
     tttttatttc ttatatgcat ggtgttttgc ttgcatatat gtctgtgcac tacgtgcatg     85260
     cgtgatgtcc acagagtctg gaagggaaca tcagatcccc tggaactgat gttacaggtt     85320
     gttgtgagtg tccgtgtggg tgcttgaaat caaacccagg tcctttggaa gagcatccag     85380
     tgctttttct gctgagcttc ctgcagacca tcctgcagtt tgtttgtttg tttgttttaa     85440
     agacatttat gggctattct ggtcctgatg aaaggcagtt aggctgcctg ttggactgac     85500
     aatttgttca aggcagggag ccagagtccc agtagctgtt aactagggag tcaggttgct     85560
     tcaccaccgg catcttgtca actagaaaat gaacttcagc cgggcgtggt ggcgcatgcc     85620
     tttaatccca gcacttggaa ggcagaggca ggtggatttc tgagttcaag gccagcctgg     85680
     tctacagagt gagttccagg acagccaggg atacacagag aaaccctgtc tcgaaaaact     85740
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaaaaacca agaaaatgaa cttcagaagg     85800
     ggtccttaca gtacagactt atagaattgg ggccagagag gtggctttgt aagtcaaggt     85860
     ttctgccgct aaacctgagg gacctgagtt tgatctctga catccaaatg gcaggagacg     85920
     tacacacagg tccatcacat ccagaacatg cctgaccccc tgaataaata gatgtaataa     85980
     aattaaaaca acctccttta acatatcact atcaccgaca gtgacttgga cagatttgtt     86040
     tgtttgcttg ctttttgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagct ctggctgtcc tggaactcac     86100
     tctgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatccgcctg cctctgcctc cctgcctccc     86160
     gagtgctggg atcaaaggtg tcgcccggct acttggacag attttttttt aaagatttat     86220
     ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttattatatg taagtacact     86280
     gtagctgact tcagacacac cagaagaggg cgtcagatct cattacgggt ggttgtgagc     86340
     caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaactttg gaccttcaga agagcagtcg ggtgctctta     86400
     cccactgagc catctcacca gcccacttgg acagatttta atgacacctt accagtgctt     86460
     cgcacccacc ctgtgcttca ggaagagggg agtctgcttc tcatatccat ctcgccgatg     86520
     tcttacgttt tgagccaatc ctgttgagtt gtctttttct agatatgagt tcatgttatc     86580
     tgcatttcta ttccttggct tattggcatg aatatttcac aatggcttct tgccactggt     86640
     acacctcctc caacaagatc acacctttct aatccttcca aacaggtcaa acatatgacc     86700
     ctatttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ggggggcatt ctcattcaaa ccaccatgga tggtttaata     86760
     gtaagagtag ttgctgcttt tgcagaggcc ccaagttcag ttctcaacac ccacatgagg     86820
     gttcacagct acctcttaat tctagttcca gggctcctgc accctcttct ggccacctga     86880
     agtaccaggt acacatgtct cacttacctg aaggcaaaca ttaagtaaag agtactaacg     86940
     tttggtttat ggctcaggct gtgcagtgta ttcaagtgtg ttacatgtat ccttgaaaag     87000
     aatgaatgtt ccgtcgttgt tggggcagcg ttacccatgc aggataaagc agccagttat     87060
     ttggtttgcc aaatcttttt ttattcccat tgattgtctt gtccgcttga ctcagagaca     87120
     tgggcctgtt gtgatagcaa atttgtcttt ttcttgtaac tctgtcaact tttgcttccg     87180
     agcttttgag attatgttat ttgatgctta tgagtgccga gctgtggctc tgtggtagac     87240
     ccgagtctca ctgagttgtg aagtctctgg aatgatgttt ttctgcctct gaagccgctt     87300
     actctttgct gtttaaatca ttccggtgtt gcgctgtgct tggcatacaa ccaatctcac     87360
     attactccat ttttgtctct tcgcctcatt atattttaga aatagtattt atttttcata     87420
     acaggatttt ctttcttttt tccccctgcc ccctgcaact ccttgaagtg gagcaaataa     87480
     acactttttt tccctaataa gtgaataaat aactaaaaac ctgatgattt tttaattgtc     87540
     tggaatacta attcacttat gtattagttc ttttcatttg agacatgact ttggtatata     87600
     gcccaagcag gattctaact cataatcctc ctgcctcagc ttctgagact gcaggcatgt     87660
     gccacagacc caagtacaat tctggcaact cctggcttat ctacctccgt tccatcttgc     87720
     tgtgtcttgc ttggacccgt tcactggctc tcctgggaat tttaacacga ataattcact     87780
     tgcccaagga tacggcttcc cctgaatgga acaagggtca tgggatgttt taattccaag     87840
     tatgcgcctt cccaatttgt gtaccattgt tatcgggtaa attggtcctt tcttatgttt     87900
     ttaatccccc aaattacaca ccatcattct aattctagac aatgtttagg ttcaacacgg     87960
     tatttttttt tttctcctgg ctcaaagttt ctcattgcaa ctcatgtttc ctgtgtggga     88020
     taatttgttt ttccttccaa ctcaggctca tcctttagcg tttttacatt tttttttttt     88080
     ggtctttttc attcattttg ccttaagtac attttgttta ctgagtaaca tgcaattatc     88140
     aagaagggta acgtctgttt ttctctgctg tgtcttttct cattgtattc tcaaaaaaag     88200
     attttgccct gatctacagt ggctagggat gactgcttta tttgagcacc ttaaaaataa     88260
     taccccgccg tgttctgcct ttccttatcg acactgggga gtgagctgtt tggctaagtg     88320
     cctgcccctt ccatagacac ggtgtcatct agtgaatgct gggtgaagga agcaccttct     88380
     aggctcagac tggctgggct taaatgtcag tgctttggtt tgctacctaa ttagccaatc     88440
     tctgtgcctc ggtctcctgt tgtgtaagat gtggtaaaga cagggttggt tgcccacctg     88500
     ggcgtggtag agggcattca gagcacaaca gcaggccgtt ttaatgggct tgctggctat     88560
     tatttttcct ctttgatttt taaaattata tttttatttt ttaaaagaag tgggtgtcta     88620
     tctgtgcacc tgagtgcagc ccatgcatgc aggtgcccgt ggagtcggga aagggtgtta     88680
     gatcccctgg aatctcagtt acaggtggtt tgtgggtagc ttaatgtggg taccggcaac     88740
     tgaaccctag tcctccgcaa gagcatcaag tgctcctaac ccctgagcca tctcatcagc     88800
     ctccctcgac tttaaaattg tgagtctgct tgcatgtgtg tgagtgtgtg tgtatgtgta     88860
     tgtgtgcgta tatgtgcatg tgtgtgcatg tttgtgagta tgtgtgtaag tgcatgtgtg     88920
     tgtgagcatg tgtgtgagtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgagta tgtgtgtgag     88980
     tgtgtgtatg tgcatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg catgtgtgca tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgag     89040
     tttgtgtgta tgtgcatgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgagtatg tgtgtgagtg tgtgtatgtg     89100
     catgtgtgtg tatgtgtgca tgtgtgtgta tgtttgtgta tgtgtgtggt acacacatgt     89160
     gtgtacattt ggaggtcaga agaggacacc tactctgcct ggagctggag ttaccggcag     89220
     ttattgtgag tcattacatg taggtgctgg gaccagaact caggtcctct gaaacagctg     89280
     ttgagccgcc tctccagtcc tttcttgatt tttttttttt ttgaattttc ttattcctgg     89340
     ggattgatgt ctgtaggtgt gaggttcctt taatttccct gtctggactc cacagaactt     89400
     tttaaagctg tgaattgccc tcttttatca gttggggaga aatccttagc tgtgtacctt     89460
     caagtgctgc ctctaccaca ttttcttctc tctcctaatt agctagatta attagtcccg     89520
     ctcactccca gcatttgcat cttcttgact ttgctccgca gtctctgtgc tgcgactgtt     89580
     ctggataatt tcttgagatc catggcccag ctcattaatt ggcttcagct gtgtctaata     89640
     tgctattaaa cctatacacc gaggttttat tttttatttt aattatgttt ttatttccag     89700
     aagttgtgtt tggttcccaa ctgaatctga ttgtttttgt ctttcccctt ccatccctgt     89760
     ctccctttaa cgatatcata cgttcatacc ttcctgtgtt ctgtctcgaa catcagaagg     89820
     ctgagccttg tgcggctggt ggaaggaccc ctgaatccag agccagccta cttcgaggga     89880
     caggctggtc ttaatacctt tcccacttcc cagccctgtg tccccttttt tctctcctgt     89940
     cactttcttt gaaaggctga atcatctcat ggtttgaaaa aaaaaccaaa tgcagagtct     90000
     ccatgccagc acccagggtc ttccccaccg gcagtcagga ctattaggat ctgtagagac     90060
     ttccagatat gttttatgtg tagccaagca aatacacatt taaaaattca ttctccctgt     90120
     atcgcaaacg gtagcatgct acatatattg ttctgcactc gctttttaat aaaaaaaata     90180
     tgtttctggt tatgaaagaa atacgtgctc atcttgaata acatcaattc ccaagtgtac     90240
     acatgtagaa aatgaaagtc tccccggaat tcattcccta gagataacat ctattttgca     90300
     tctataaata tatatttaca taaatgggct tatgcaacag acagtgtttt ctaacctatt     90360
     tttccccctt ccctcctaat aacacatcac gacatcatcc catgaatcct tccatagccc     90420
     cacgtagggc tggggctgtg gaatcaggga gaattaggtt ccaatattaa ctgcacagct     90480
     cagcagctta gcactctcta cagacgactg aagcctcagg ttctccatct gtgaagtggt     90540
     agcatagtgt ccacttcctc gtggtctggg acagcactga gttcatgcag gttgtgtgcc     90600
     cgccctccag gccccaggag aaggtcgtct tttaatgact cccatccctg attaatgccc     90660
     aaatagtatt tatagtctgg atgtgttata atgtattaat aatgccctgt tagtagaagc     90720
     tagtgtcttt ttttttacag atgttagccc tgtaagcaca ctgttgttgc gagttctttg     90780
     ggttgggctg gattattggg tcctctgcat tctaatctct ggaccctctt tattttttct     90840
     ccaaggaggc gcgagtgccc cggggggtga agactgtata ctatgtaggt gcttcttctt     90900
     catcgtcatc cttcatcctg ctttgccctg gagtgtgggt gggccattgc cagcccccct     90960
     cagcaaaggc tctctgagcc ctctctcctg ccctctcccc ttacctcagt gacgctaaag     91020
     cttagacttc cggtttcttt cagaccttgc acccaacacc accacccctc cacacacaaa     91080
     ctcacgccca acataattcc tgtaatttgc tatatattga aaaagaatta aaatgtatct     91140
     ttgaaaaaaa gagagaagag tccagaggaa gtaaggagag gaaagaattg aaaaccttta     91200
     tctaccaatc atgaaaaggc acacagcttc tgggctccaa aggaacagag gttcccagca     91260
     gtagtgaaag ggagagagat gctagcagcg ctcaaactgc tcatcacctt taaatagcca     91320
     cagagagctt tctctcagag gcagtgcatg ggtgataaga gctttagctt cacagagagc     91380
     ccctggaaga gacacgagac atgtttgagc aggagggggg tggagtgagg acaggtgtgt     91440
     tcttcctgat gacggtgaca ggggtcctag tgtatatata gcctgctgat ggcaaatggg     91500
     ccagggagtt agaggggaag caagagggtc agcacaaaga caggtggctt cattcctggg     91560
     acagaggcta gccaggcagc agacacttag tgaaccctac tatgtgccag gcctttgtgg     91620
     atactagggg gtatagtcct gaccctgtat ttattgaagt cactggccgg tggaagccag     91680
     agatggtaaa cagttgaagc caaggcaggg aggatttcag gcagagcctt gccatactct     91740
     ctctcagcag gtctacactg ggtcaggaat caggcttgtg ggagccgcca gcagcagtca     91800
     gccaggacaa attgaacctc tggaggagtt ggacaccaac tcagccagaa ggaagagaag     91860
     gcccacaact gctcacccta ccccttgtca ggtacaaagc tggcttcctt gcctaggggg     91920
     ctagtgattg atcttgtctc catggggacg ttccgcctga tgtcactgag gcccaggatg     91980
     ggatgacttg gccagggtca caaagagaca ggtgatcccc atttggatgc tggcctgggt     92040
     tcttggatgc tctttctact aggtttggga gtttagggga gttggggaat ggtcttcctc     92100
     tattgtgttt ggaaaggctc tatctacggt gaactcagct gaccctgcta catcagggtt     92160
     tccagccatt cattggaatg ggactgtggg gtattcttat atccttcctt tgctctaaag     92220
     catcttaagg gacctctcca tatggccgag tggccataga tgaatggaca ccgcctcaca     92280
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaaggcag     92340
     ctttggctgg actgggcttc tccactatac tcatctctct cggcagagtg atccttcaga     92400
     aactgagaat gcggaacctc atcagcagag ggcagaggac ccaggtgacg agagccaggg     92460
     ggtggagtct caccctgctc cacacttctg ggaccagctc agagttcttc tccaaaagaa     92520
     tggggctcct agggccatga gggggaattg aagcccctcc cccttttcct tgttgtcccc     92580
     tgggattgca tgacacattg tccctacccc aggcgagcag ggaatgacac ctttggatgc     92640
     tggagtgcga tctactgtgg tccgtgccat gcaggaggtg ctgtggactc ggtaaggcta     92700
     tcctgtgtag cttcaggcta ggccacattt gggggcaggg atggtgcaca gagagagaga     92760
     gacagagaca gagatggtat gtacgagtgt ctaaatctat ttgatattgg ggtagttacc     92820
     gacccacaca gccagtggcg agccgaaatg tgaacctggg tgtctgtgat gcgaggcttc     92880
     agttgcagag tctgggctga caggatctca gagttctgag ggttctcact gacaagaggg     92940
     tgagaccaag ctcagggaag gcggagtcag cagtagatca ggatcgtgac tgcccttccc     93000
     ttggttgatc ttttattata ccaacctcag cttggttttc ttctccggtt gactccttaa     93060
     cctccaagcc caggcttgac cctccacaca gacgcagctg tctagcagga ccgagcagcc     93120
     tgactctgac ccttgctttg ccacaggtct gttgggtagc cttagggtgt gtactggcta     93180
     ggtttgtgtg tcaacttgac acagctggag ttatcacaga gaaaggagct tcagttgggg     93240
     aaatgcctcc atgagatcca actgtaaggc atttctcaat tagtgatcaa gggggaaagg     93300
     ccccttgtgg gtgggaccat ctctgggctg gcagtcttgg gttctataag agagcaggct     93360
     gagtaagcca ggggaggcaa gcccgtaaag aacgtccctc catggcccct gcatcagctc     93420
     ctgcttcctg acctgcctga gttccagtcc tgacttcctt ggtgatgaac agcagtatag     93480
     aagtgtaagc cgaataaacc ctttcttccc caacttgctt cttggtcatg atgttttgtg     93540
     caggaataga aaccctgact aagacagggt gagacctgaa ctctgagctc tccctaggta     93600
     aatggaagac ataacatatc ttctgcacag agcaagggca ggagtcaaca ggtccatggg     93660
     agagcaccca tccaagaaag gagatggccc ggcccctgtc tcccaccctt acgcctccct     93720
     ctcagaataa gtgagggaag agctttcctg ctcagccttg cctgtcctca cagtgcccag     93780
     gagcttcccg acctggcgtt gagggaagat gaggtagagg ccatcgcaga gggcattgag     93840
     gaggccctct tccacctgac gcaagacacc aacctccgct acaagaacaa gtaccgcagc     93900
     ctgctcttca acctgcgaga tccccgaaat gttgtgagct gggggggggg ttggggggca     93960
     ctaggaacag actgaaggtt ggaatgggtg ctgtcaggga gggacggtgc attctcttcc     94020
     cccgcacagg acctgtttct caaagtggct cactgtgacg tcacccctaa caacctggta     94080
     cagatgagct caatccagct ggcccccaag gagctgtccc gctggcggga ccaggaggag     94140
     agaaaggtga gaactttgta gacagaccac aagaaggggg agggcagtgg aagacaggaa     94200
     cggaggaagc aggacagatg gacagtcagg actgagaagg aactggagga aacagagatc     94260
     aagctaggga gtcttccatg tgaaaggtag gaagagagtc cacgctccgt ttctctgtgg     94320
     agctgggctg tgtgggcggt gggtgggagg cttctgtgag gcagtccccc aatgctcttc     94380
     tttttagccc aaccgcaggt ttggaaaagg ggcctcacaa ctccacctcc ctcagtcgct     94440
     gtgctctgcc cgtgggtctt gacctgcatg gaactcttgg gagtagggaa gtcatagcat     94500
     tgcactggct gttggtgggt ggaggcggtg gtccagagct gaggggctga ggtgtagagg     94560
     atgctaaggt gctgttctgg gagagctaat aaccaggtcc agccagtgta tccatccatc     94620
     cattcagcta agtttctgtc caggcactgc aggtagttta ggggttccct ctgtgcaaca     94680
     gccattaaga attccagggt ggggtggggt ggtggagaga tggctcagtg tttaaagcac     94740
     tggctgctct tccagaggtc ctgaattcaa ttcccagcaa ccacctggtg gctcacaacc     94800
     atctgtagtg tgggatctga tgccctcttc tagcacacag gtatacatgc agatagaaca     94860
     ctcatacata atataaatac atctttaaaa aaaaaaagga actccagggt gccccccccc     94920
     aatgtatgta acaaatgtgc aggttggtct tcatgtgggt ccccccaaca gctggagcag     94980
     gggctgtctc taaagctgtt gcctgccggt ggctcctgtt cccctaactg gctgccttgt     95040
     ctggcctcag tgggaaagga tgagcctagc ccgcagggat tggagggtac cagggtgggg     95100
     ggagggggtt caccctctca gaagagacaa ggaggggagg atgggggtag ggactgtgtg     95160
     aggggggacc agaagaaggg aggttagtga tcaggatgta aaataaataa ataaatgaat     95220
     atatgggggg cgggaaggaa tttcagggta ggaactggga gggaagctca gcttgtacgg     95280
     ccagcttgta tggccagctt gtatggccgg cttgtatgac cagcttgtat ggccggcttg     95340
     tatggccggc ttgtatggcc ggcttgtatg gccggcttgt atggccggct tgtatggccg     95400
     gcttgtatgg ccggcttgta tgaccggctt gtatggctgg cttgtatggc cagcttgtat     95460
     gaccagcttg tatgaccagc ttgtatggcc agcttgtatg gctagcttgt atggctagct     95520
     tgccacataa gtgtgagttt gagctccaga attcaagtaa aaagcccaca tggcagcatg     95580
     tgtgggtgtt ggctggggag gtggagacag gcaagcctag tctaatgaaa gtccttacct     95640
     taaaaagtaa ggtgggtgac tcctgaggaa ggccatggaa gaccgacctc tggcttccac     95700
     acacatttgt acatatgagt acatgcatct agccatccac taaggtgcat gcccacattt     95760
     gtgcatatgt acacaatcga gaatttcagg gtaatacaca caggacgtga caaagtgtga     95820
     gcctctttga gaacagagct atgtatcgtc accatggagt ccccctgcct ggtgtggggt     95880
     ccaggacccc tatctttctg caccattagc aaaggagaag ggctagagag atggcacagt     95940
     ggttaagagc actgcttgct ctcccgaagg acccgggttc aagtcctgga accacacggc     96000
     agctcacaac tgtctgtaac tccagttcca agagatacga caccctcaca cagacatgca     96060
     tgggggccca acaccaatct aaataaaaga aaagaatttg ttttaaacaa acaaacaaac     96120
     aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aggaaaggag agacaagctt ccaggtcaga tgtctttgct     96180
     caaaaaagag agtgacagct agccagtcat tcctaggaac ctcactctag gctgggcccg     96240
     cctcatgcat tgcttaatac cttgcttaat cctcagagaa cagataaact gaggtttagg     96300
     ccaactaagt ggtggtccaa agtcaatcta atccttaaat ctttattaat ggcccatctg     96360
     ggactccctg ggactcagcc tgcacacttg ttccgacatc acagcctccc tgaggacggg     96420
     tgggtggggc agccagaagc agggttgact tgggcttggg tgaaggccaa ctacagtgac     96480
     atttcttaga ggaggcagga cttcagtggg acccggaagg gtagggctga gggggggctg     96540
     gctttctgag tgaacagaga gaggcttgaa aatgagggga accccccaag ggaggggcct     96600
     tgaaggagag aagggaggga ctgggtcctc catggccaga ggcgcctggc tgagtttggc     96660
     tgggttgctg cagggcctgg acatcattga gcaacaacag aaggaactgt acagacttcc     96720
     ggcctccaaa ctgactcaca agggcgaggt agagatccca cgggacttgg accagatgct     96780
     gactctggaa gacctgatgg taaggggtga cctgagttag gcacaggtac tccttaccct     96840
     gctgactatg gggccctgag caaggccatt gcctactctg tgggccccat gtttaagaca     96900
     gtaggtctgg cactggtcgc ccttctttta gcctaactcc agaacactta cacaggtggc     96960
     actaaaggct tatcattgca gtcacccaag ccccagccac tctggcttca ggcaaaggat     97020
     tttcctagat gcaagagaca gagacctgtt ttatcagtgc gtttatttgc ttggagttgc     97080
     cacaggcagg gacacccggc cctcctccga gcttgccctt gcactggaga aggcccaaga     97140
     tttaggcctc taactgatgg gacagctgta tcccttggtg gagcaccatc ctctagcgga     97200
     gcacctccat cttgcccaga gcctggctta tgtgtctcaa cttggttaac cagcacctca     97260
     gtgacctgtg gtcagcaaga ccttcccctt gtccccacat ccattaccct cagaaggccg     97320
     ctttggcttg gttgaggtct ctatgggtca gctgtcacct ggttctgatt aggagatggg     97380
     tggagggctg gcaagtccct tagttcttgt tcatttgctc agtacagatt tgttgagcct     97440
     ttcctgggtg ccaggccctg ggggaaatga caaggggttt gacaaaataa tacttggggg     97500
     tttgccacct cccaccccaa gtgttcaagc caagaagaat cactgtctgt gtagagagga     97560
     gccctcaggg ggtgcagctg ctcctcagcc cgagccaagc acgtcccctc aagaggctgg     97620
     aatgtcagca ttagagaggt gtcaggagaa gggaagagag gagatggcag aggagaaggg     97680
     gaaggtgaca gagaagagca atcttcactc ttactgagta cctgccacgt ggccctttca     97740
     caaacagcac ctcatttgaa catggcgatt actgacagtt ggtgttcgtg ctgaaacccc     97800
     aaaccattgc cgcagctcag tttcatgggc tggagtggag caggcgtgtg cacctggcag     97860
     ccttttgaga tctttgcaaa ccttctgaac aaaagggatt tctattgtga gggcgaaggt     97920
     ggttaggata tttacactcc tgggctctgt catctgcttc tgaggacttg acccaaggaa     97980
     aagatgcaaa agttaggaaa acactttgtg cacaaagatg cctttggggc gtcttgctaa     98040
     tgacaactgg aggtgacctg aatgtctagc aacagtctta ctgttgtcta gcaactgcta     98100
     cacagttggc ccacggggga gggggtctag agaagggggc agacgtgtct actgcaatga     98160
     gtgggataca gtgaggatgc aaagagtatg cgaccccagc atacataaga gcatccccag     98220
     accctctgca taggaaaact atgaaagaat acccagtgta ccaaccattg tctgaacaaa     98280
     tggtgggttt tatttacaat tattaaataa ataatttccc aacatttctt taacattttt     98340
     cagtttttgg aatataaaaa catatttaga aaaaaaataa agcacatttt tgagactctc     98400
     tacatataga gggctcctga tcttcatggc caccttgcca tctgtcccct tctacccctg     98460
     tgctttccag gaacccatag tgcccagaga gtgcagccta cagcccctgt cgacccccct     98520
     ggaggacaca accaattggc accagcacca ccaatgtgac tctaactgtc aaatctgcac     98580
     gggtggggag gaaggcagga aggctgatga tggtagccag ccagagctac aagtggacat     98640
     cagctacaac gtgggtgggt agctgggttt gtaagcagca gaatgggaga tcctatgccc     98700
     tcaggtcacc ttggaatgaa gctggctcaa ggcttgcttc aggtcaggct gtgagctggc     98760
     ttctccttcc gcatacacag ttcagttctt gcctctgctc tttgcagatc ggaaatcctc     98820
     aactaaactg ccagccttct ccggggtcat catgaacagg gaggaaaacg ccatccagaa     98880
     agccccaggt ccagctcctg cgtcctctcc agaggtgctc aaagttgggg agacaccccc     98940
     taaggagcca caggacaggt atgactggta gccgataggt gagcaaccca gcatcctggg     99000
     tgagggaggc catcagctgg actaacagca tccacacact gcaggagcgt ccttccttta     99060
     tgaccgtgtc ttcccttgcc tgtgagcctc tgttgttgta tctgaggtgg aactcacaca     99120
     ccttcctggt tctctcctgc tcaaggctcg tgcttgaatc agtgttcggg tctaggcaat     99180
     gagaacgcag tactggctct gcaaacagaa gggaccctgg ggacatccca atgaatgact     99240
     ttgcttggcc ctgccctgtc ccttcttcta ggctccagat gcctgctggg ctcaaaaatg     99300
     ccccacccag ccctccaccc tgggagggct cactggacat gttctccatc aagcacttcc     99360
     gggccaaggc ccagctgatc tcgggacaca gctgtcagct tgtccaggta cttacagccc     99420
     tcataccctt ctcagcccag ttggtaattc ttccagtgag ccttatgcta acgaagcagg     99480
     agggctgaca ataccctagc ctgattctga cacacactca ggctaataac tctaccccaa     99540
     gacataaggg aagagtctca gcgaagcttc ctagagcccc tcagttcaca ggagggtttt     99600
     aggggtgact gataactgtt agtgagctaa ggagtaagtg agacccatgg gacttggggc     99660
     aggacaggct gtaggcctcc agggggtagt tagagctctc tgggggagtc cctgagggtt     99720
     cagatacact gtcctcctct gactttggcc tgaggtaatg ggaaatgatt ctgcctaaga     99780
     gagggagaga agctgggtgc tgaccaacca cctgcccccc acccccaggc tctcccagat     99840
     gtcatccgct cagcaggccg cctccctcca agccatgtct gggatcttct agatagtatg     99900
     ggcccatcta aggcaaaggt aagctgtctg ctctcttctg cccccacgtc tcagctgctt     99960
     ccctccccag ctagctcacc agtgaccctg ggcaagattc ccctttcctg cttcttccta    100020
     gaacagcagt tctcaaccca tgactctttc acaggggtca cacatcagct actctgcata    100080
     aatatcagat atttacatta tgattcataa ccgtaacaga attacagtta tgaagtagca    100140
     acgaaaatat tgttatggtt gggggggggg gcgtcacccc ggcatgagga gctgtattaa    100200
     aggctctcag cattaggaag gttgagaacc actgagctag aggaagtagc tctcagtagc    100260
     tgctgtcctg agcgtgcctg caagcccaga ggatgactgc tcccttgcca cttcctctgt    100320
     atcctccagg acatctgtgt gatcaggctg tgtccccacg ggtctcggga catccagaac    100380
     taccgtctgc tttactccta cctcaacaac aagcagtgtc actgcctggc cactgtgcag    100440
     caggtgaaaa tggtcctgct gcccctgcct gcctttgagc ctctgccagc caggctgcgc    100500
     cctctggggg gcccaggtga gaaccactta catgcccaaa tcgaactaag agcagccagg    100560
     gcagaggcag atccagacag cttgcaacaa aagtagcagc caagaggaat aggcatgctt    100620
     gtatctgctg ctgagctagc taggcttggc ttcagggcag ggatctgcct aggtgtggcc    100680
     ctaggaaacc acctgtggaa aaggacttta gggattcaca agtaggatgt gcctgcctgc    100740
     ctgctctgaa gcaaaaagcc ataaggctgg ctgggctgca gttcccagta ctggaggcag    100800
     gttggttggc atgttctcca ttaggctgtt ctaggtaaaa gcccagcttg tgttgggaca    100860
     tagctgccag cttgtccgga tacacctttc ttcacaaggt ctctttctca gtgatacgtc    100920
     cactcattcg ttccacaata agccactgcc tcaatttgtg gtaggctcaa agacagatga    100980
     tgatacacca actcccggga tggtgttgac tgtcttcact aagccttgag gtcaaaccat    101040
     ccatgccttg gcctctacta gatgactatt gatcacctag accgagcact ctgagacact    101100
     attgatcacc tagaccgagc actctgagac aggctcattt gcctgcttgc tttcccccac    101160
     ctcagtgtca ggaagttctc atgaccaaaa cttcaggtcc actgcagctt ttgctggtgt    101220
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatttac ttcctccagg    101280
     tcttggaacc ctcttcctcc tcttttcagg ccttgaaatt actcacacga gcctgttact    101340
     agctgtacta tttcctaagg atgcgcttcc agacacagct acgtccatcc ctgtgtcgaa    101400
     caaggtccca aagaccgtgt ccttcagcaa aagagtggaa aggatcctct actcaccaga    101460
     ggataggagg tcagaggcca cctcatctcc ccttgaagag gacccaaagc agagcttggc    101520
     caggggcagc ttggctccaa ggagtgtttg tgctccacag agcttcccta gaggcagggg    101580
     gaggcaggga cctgggtggg gacagtggtc tccagaagca gcctggtgct attcccagca    101640
     tcccagttca gcaggtccag tgttccctgg cattggccaa ggacagcacc tccacagggc    101700
     ctcctgtttc caccacgacc ttctccagca cctcaaggtc ttagtgacca tgagtcacca    101760
     gttccaggcc tcactgtggc cccaaagcca ggattccctc cccccatcca ctgtagtatc    101820
     tgcagttcca gacccccctg gaccttcttt gggccccatg gatggaggtg gctctaactg    101880
     tcccccacca gaggggtcag accctttaga gccaccagaa catgagtgtt gattccttta    101940
     ccgatgctga atctgaggag gggcgagtga gctctcccac acctgcctag tttgtatctg    102000
     ttctgcagtc tgtttgatgt tgatttttgg ttcaataaaa acttggcaaa gtaagaattg    102060
     tatctgatac ctgagaagga gtctctagtc ccatccaggt gtggcttgat gtatctttga    102120
     atttttgtgc acaaatgcat gatttcccca gctactgact gggcgttccc gaactatcac    102180
     tttatcccag gacaaagttc ttgctatgtg gcttctggag acattaaaaa caaaacaaaa    102240
     caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaaacctc tgagccaagt    102300
     gtgagcatgc acacctttaa tcccaacacg caggaggcag aggtgggtag atctcttaca    102360
     tctgaatcta gactgctctg catggctaat tccaggccag ccagtgctgt acagtaaaac    102420
     ctttctgtga tggctattct tgcatgtcaa cctgactaca tctggaatta attaaaatct    102480
     aagtggctgg gtatgcccgt gaaggatttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt    102540
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc ttcctttctt    102600
     cctttctttc ctttctttcc tttctttcct ttctttcctt tctttccttt ctttcctttc    102660
     tttcctttct ttcctttctt tcctttcttt cctttctttc ctttctttcc tttctttcct    102720
     ttctttcctt tctttccttt ctttcctttc tttcctttct ttcctttctt tcctttcttt    102780
     cctttctttc ctttctttcc tttctttcct ttcttttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt    102840
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttcttcctt tctttcttct tcgtcttcgt    102900
     cttcttcttc ttcatcttct tcttcgtctt cttcttcgtc ttcttcttcg tcttcttctt    102960
     cttcgtcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcgtcg tcgtcgtctt    103020
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cgtttttgtt tttgtttttg tttttgtttt    103080
     tcgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcccgga actcactctg tagaccaggc    103140
     tggccatgaa ctcagaaatt cgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat caaaggagtg    103200
     cgccaccatg ccaggctcct tgaaggattt cttaattaaa ttgtttaaag caggaatctg    103260
     gatcttttga ggagggaaga tccaccttta atctgggcca caccttctgc tggtgcctgt    103320
     ataaagaaca tgggggaagg aggcttgctc tttgtctgtt tgctctctct agcaagtcca    103380
     ttcccttact ggccttaaag cctacttctc agggattctg atgtatactg aagaccaact    103440
     gagacattca gccttgtgga ctgaactgga ttctggtctt tacattggta ggcagccatt    103500
     gttagactag ctggaccaca gcctgtaagc cactctaata aatcaatctc tgtctctgcc    103560
     tctgtctctg tctctctctc tctctgtctc tctctctctc tgtctctctg tctctctctt    103620
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc acacacacac    103680
     acacacacac acacacatgc tataagttct gtacctctag agactaatac actatctaaa    103740
     aaatctgagt taaggggcag aatgagtggt gggagagaag acagatgggt tggaggagag    103800
     agaaaggcac aggcaggtag gggtgttagg aaagttaaag aggtggcttt gttttattca    103860
     cttagctgtg gtgtgcacat gcaactgtgg gtcttagagg tcagagaaga gcattggcat    103920
     cttcctctat cactgtccac ttgactgttt tgagacaggc tctctcccgg aaccaacagc    103980
     tcaccatttt ggctagccag caagctttgc acattggcta gttgctatcc cccttccttt    104040
     aatgctggtg ttaacagagt cttagccact tggccgtctc tgcagttcca ggagttgttt    104100
     taaatttcag aagcaataat ttttttcttt tggataggtc aggcagggat tggcacaaaa    104160
     taccatcagg taccctggga gaccatgtcc gtgtttatct gtgagggggc ttctcagtat    104220
     acgtctgtga cctcccgtcc ctctctgtat ggggtctctg ttgaaggtga atgatttctg    104280
     caagtcctac caacctctag ggacagccag ggtttaggcc tgagaagacc ttcggcctgt    104340
     tgagtggtat agaggttgac tactgcggcc ttgccttgga tatggagaga gcgtctcaca    104400
     gcagctttga gtctggggac tggctagctt tcctagactg attcacccag gacaacctcc    104460
     tatccccctc cctgttactc ctcttaccct acacctcccc cccccccagc ccctttgctg    104520
     cagtatccaa atcatgcctc attctggagc ccctctttct accccatgag ctctgcggct    104580
     gccctacccc cagccgacag cagagggggc cctctacctt gggatggtgg tcggggctgg    104640
     caggaccgag tctgagatgg gggcggatga gagagaaagt ggaagggttg gaagcgggga    104700
     tggtggtcag ggtgggttgt aagtgggagc aactgagagt atgctggaca gatgaaccag    104760
     ggaaagaaac ggggctcctg agggaacttc tctggctcag agtgcacggg attgcggcag    104820
     cctcagcgct aaatgcaaat gaagcaaatt actatgcaaa cctgcagctc ctctcggagc    104880
     ctcaacttgg gtggctttcc taacgctgct gaggttgggg aaactgcagc acaggtctct    104940
     ccctggcccg gggctttctc ctgtggagac agcagaggca ttggggggaa gagctagctt    105000
     ctgtccaccg ccggggcctg cccttagagg ttcagtttgc ccttccataa gcaggagtgc    105060
     aaacgtggcc ttctgacaat tcgccctggg gagcgtgatt cagagggatc ctgaaacccg    105120
     gcatcctgcc tcggggtggg ggctgggcat atgacccccc ccacacaacc ttctgctcct    105180
     agttctcaag ccctttgctt atctcctgat agggaccagg aacgcagctt ggcatgacgt    105240
     tgctaggggg tgtgatcggc ggttgctagg ttctaggaat gttgctatgc aacgccgggc    105300
     agggccctgg ttgctaggcc gaggaggagt cgcccgctgc ccaaagggtt ttagcgaact    105360
     gcgcccgccc ccaccaggac gggagtcggc acccccaggc tgggctcagt ctccggggtt    105420
     ccttccggtt cacaccctct gtcactccga gatcctctgg gctccagagc gaggaaccct    105480
     gggtctttgt acacgtgtct gtgcgcctgc tggtgcgggg tgggggggtg ggggggtggg    105540
     gtagaatgtc tcttttgaat ttccatagca actgctccgg tgtcacccta ttgctcccaa    105600
     aggtttaagc agttgcgttg caaatttaca tatatctgca tgtcattaac atagaggcgg    105660
     agccggaact tgtttgggca actatccctg gacagttctc ctggctttgc tttcatcccg    105720
     tccgatggcc acctggactg cgcatgcgtg agttttgcct ctcggtgttc tcggtttgag    105780
     gtgggtggga gacttttgac ggtggccgta agctctggtc cacccacctt acagaaacat    105840
     cctaaccgaa gactcagttc cttaaacaac cgtgacttgt tggacctcag ttctgccttt    105900
     tctggctgtg tcgtcttagg tttgtgccct tttttgtgac tcagtttcct tctctgtaaa    105960
     taggtgtact aatcttgaac tcgctaggtt aggtgaggat tcgtggactg caactttggc    106020
     gcacactcgt tgatgtcctg gtgcacagta ggcagtgtgt ggttgttttc tgccttcctc    106080
     cttagagtcc agtttcactt ggaacccccg acataagcaa atgtatttcc tttgcagctc    106140
     cagacatggc aggagaaact tccagatgtc agggcagacc ggattccagc cgtgagatga    106200
     gaaatattgg ccagaccagg ttggtgcacg gtggaccctg tcctccactc cgctgccact    106260
     ctcaaggagt ccacggtgtc cggatccctt gtattcttat gccggcaccg gagtttaagg    106320
     tggcagcagc agcagctggc tgagaggctg gactaagagg cctgtgatga agatggggtc    106380
     cgaggactgg agaggtcctg tcttagcttt cactgagaga ggactgctga gctctgggac    106440
     aactcctttg tccttcttgg acctcaattt ccctactgag gacacttggg agtctctgct    106500
     gcaacctggg gtggggtggg ggtgaagggc tgtcttgctg ctgcgggcac tgcagggagt    106560
     gagttcccca ttcttgggac tatgcaagca gatgtgtggc tggagcagag cagaactttg    106620
     agctgcctcc tcagaagatg gggagtcctt cccgagtctg ttctctgttc ttcttgttct    106680
     ggtagagcct ctctcactcc ccttgctttc tcccagtgac cttctgacct caacagcctt    106740
     gactgctaga gccacatgga ggcagaagag gcattaaaag gcaaaatcca gttccattcg    106800
     gtgctgggga tagctcttat taggcttaat taaaataaat gggattgctt cctgtccagt    106860
     gtagaatatg tggctggcga tgaagaaggg cataggagct tggctctgat aggtcatttg    106920
     gcttctggga ggagataggg ctgtatgcag accatacctt gtggttgtca ctctgaccgc    106980
     tgtataccgg actgctctct gctggcagta gatcagtccc ttctctgtag ccacctgtgc    107040
     tccacaggtg agagttccag ggacaggctg agaagctggc agtgcccggc tggcctgcct    107100
     gtgtcctact ctaggggcca attaagtctc tatccctagc tgcgctgatt aacagctaat    107160
     aaggcagcaa acacctgcag ctatggaggc gaattaagag caacagtcgg cataatacac    107220
     aacccgataa gtgagcaatt aacaaccgga gaaagattaa tagaagcaat tatgtcctac    107280
     tcggagctct gtaaatacga ctgtcaacca ccggggaatt cagtccagtc tcacctggcc    107340
     ccaccctggc catcgcctct gctggcagtg gagacacttg agctagtctg tagagactgg    107400
     accacacagc cattgactca tggggcacgc ccagatatgt acacatatgt atatacatcc    107460
     aggcatatag agaaatggcc catagaacat agttgcacag acatgcccca accgtaaaac    107520
     tcacatcccc acagatggag atgggtagac acagacacat agaaatcctt ccagaaatgc    107580
     acacagtcct tcagaaaaat gccctctgac actcccatgt cacacagagc tagaaataaa    107640
     tagtatatgg tgcatatagt agcctaaata tagacatata aacacacagc ttcatacaca    107700
     tgaggtcata tttgcataca taccatgttt gccatctccc gatggccacc ttgcttaggg    107760
     tcatcttagt gagggctaaa gcatgggaga tgtggcttga aggtaggaag ggacaggagg    107820
     ggacagaatg tgtgtaaata tatatgcaag gatgatgcat gcttatgctt ctaagcattc    107880
     acacatgctg acatgtgcga acatgtcatc agtttgtaga tatgttccaa catgtcagca    107940
     tgcatgcacc tgtatattta catttatatt aacctatatt gatgtgtcat gatgtaaaca    108000
     tgattgtgtg ttcttcatgt gcttgggtct ggtagatctg tgactctctc tctctctgtg    108060
     tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgcatgcgtg actcatactc agtttctgca tagtactact    108120
     gtccatgaga ggggatttac atgtgacctg tctctctatg gggctgaatg agggaagggt    108180
     gccttgagga atctaggaat tctggtgatc catggatcct gtgcagctag agtccacctc    108240
     caggaagtgg agcttgagga gagttaggga gtccttaggg gctctttggt taatttggat    108300
     ttccttatag ggtcttccat ctgctctaaa gaaatggacc tgaaggttct tctgatctga    108360
     atgaagttcc catggaaacc cctcagactg ggaagctgag gcaggagaat gctatcttag    108420
     tgttactgtt gctgtaatga aaccatcatg gccaaaagca attttcttcg gattacactt    108480
     ccacgtgaac tcaaacaagg caggagctga ggcagaggcc atggaggagt gctgctcact    108540
     ggcttgctcc ccatggcttg ttcagcctgc tttcttaaag aactctggac caccagccca    108600
     gggatggccc cgcccacaac aggctgggcc ctcccagatc aatcactaat tgagaaaatg    108660
     acctacaggc agatcttgtg gaggcatatt ctcaattaaa gatccctcct tttggataac    108720
     tttagcttgt gtcaagttga cctaagatta gccatcacag gtgacaagtt caagaccagc    108780
     ctaacctaca gagtgagttc taggctgaaa ttatacaaac aaaactaata ttcaaggcca    108840
     gggctgggaa gatagttcaa ctagtcagat acttgctgtg caagcaatgg gagcctgaga    108900
     tcaaccttca gaacccacag tgctagagag gcaggcagag tcaggaggat ccctggcctc    108960
     actggccagg caccctcaca taatctgcaa gtcccatgtt cccttgagat accctgcctt    109020
     gtttcaaaaa cagagcaaaa ccaagcagaa cccacaatga acagttcctg gaaaacactg    109080
     tctaaacttg ccctttgtcc ttacacatac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    109140
     acacacacac atacacatac acacacacat gaatactgct cccactccaa aactatccac    109200
     acccaccaag tctccagtct gggaaacaca ccatcataca taaaaatcct gctgtaaaag    109260
     gatacaggcc aacatgtaaa cataggaaat catgaatgta gacacaggga atgctccttg    109320
     cagatacacc aggacctatc caccatgcct cggccctctc tcacacaata ttacacccat    109380
     aggcccacac actgtcattg tctgaagtga gcctagggct agccctagaa ctcagagggt    109440
     gtccatggac aggtcccccc acttccctca acctccgact gaccagatga tggaagctgc    109500
     cacatcccaa gagaactctc catcactgct agcctgcctg ctgataggca ggtgcactga    109560
     ggcccggctg tgcagaaggg gtgacgtgta aataagataa cgataacgag gcccaccagc    109620
     acctcctcca gcctccacac ccaacaccag gatagaccgt gagttggctc cgagcctccc    109680
     ctacactcag acctctgcag gatgcaaaag caccctgggc ttagatggat gctaactccc    109740
     actgggaaga gggaagaacc acctcccaaa gccaggattg ggagaccaca ggcagcccgc    109800
     tactcccctg ctgaccactg atcaatgaaa gtcaacagaa tgtcagacag agaagcagat    109860
     ctggggaccc cacaaatcta tcacaaaaca tctgcttgat ggactctccc acccagtccc    109920
     tccggcctag tctttgtgag tcagtctcgt tttcattcat tcgttcactc attcatttgt    109980
     ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccgttt gtcttctaac    110040
     ttattctgcc aataaaaaca tgaaggaaac catgacattt agtgaccctg cttcttctgg    110100
     atgctggtcg ggacatacag agtgggtgag gggcagacat gacctggacc ggcagggatg    110160
     agcggaaggg atatctcaga ctctccttct tcctcagttt cttgagatgc aagaggaggg    110220
     gccacttctg cagctggagg gaaaagcacc aaatcccagg gcggtggata ataatagctg    110280
     ccgagatgcg ctctcccgta cgtacgcggt tctaagtgct ttccatgaat taactgagta    110340
     catcggtgca gcaacccaca gaggcagcta ctattattaa ccccgtttgt ggtcacgggg    110400
     aggttaagta acttggccaa ggtcaaacag cttgtcagag ccatcccaag tgtttaaagc    110460
     attccaaagg aggcagctcg ccttccagct cctcccctat cctgcagctc ctggggcctt    110520
     ctgtgtatgc cctcagacac ctctgcattt cagttcattg ctagtcccat tcctcccaag    110580
     tagctcctct ttgaggtgag gagatgaccc cacaggctct attggctggc ttctggtagt    110640
     ttggagggca gaaatctggg gtcccaggtt gaggttcagg gtattcaaaa gggctggagt    110700
     cccaggtaac acaacccttt gatcctgtgg acccatgaaa ccgttaactc tagcagaaaa    110760
     aggctgagaa gtggaggcat ctaaagtaga ggacccaggg atatctgttg cttggggtct    110820
     tagagtcctg gaggtggttc gtaagtgact ggtccagcca ggcagtggtg gtacatgcct    110880
     ttaatcccag cacttgggag gcagaggcag gcagatttct gagttcgagg ccagcttggt    110940
     ctatagagtg agtttcagga cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct tgaaaaaaac    111000
     caaaccaacc aaccaaccaa acaaaaatgt gcctggatca gagtgtaacc agagagtcaa    111060
     ccatgccgca ggggttggtg aagaggggca ggaagcgcgc ctgagtactc cctctcagcc    111120
     cagaccttgc caacttcaag ctacttgtac ccaggaaaac actttgggcc cagttccatg    111180
     ctgaaagcca cggtgggtct ctaaaggatg acttagttcc taatcttgtc acctctctca    111240
     cttctttcct actgctcctg ccccaggggt tagggaggaa gtacggttcc cagggggaaa    111300
     cccctcagtg tccaccggcg tcccgctgcc tccgcttcta agggccccag gattcctgct    111360
     ccgtctccag aggctttttc acacaattac ccaggccagg aatttcgatc cctggtgcca    111420
     gcgctgccct tgttatgcaa atgtaggcaa atgagatgca aacagagcag tcccagatta    111480
     acagagaaat ccccagcagc tggaggagtc accacaaagt cagcttgctc tagcgtccct    111540
     attaccccct tgtcaggctt cacccacctg gatccgccag ggccaccacc ctatccttct    111600
     cccctctaaa ccagtggtcc tcaaccttcc tagtgctgcg accctttaat ttaactcctc    111660
     atgttgtgac cccaaccata aaatcatttc attgcaacgt cataactgtc attttgctac    111720
     tgttatgaat cgcaatataa acacctgtgc attctgatgg ttttaggtga ccccttgtaa    111780
     aagggtcagt cgatctccaa aaggggtccc aacccacaag ctgagaactg ttgcactaaa    111840
     agctgtcttt tcagacatag gaagggcctc cacccttcca gcctctctcc ctacatttac    111900
     cagatcatag tagaaatgga agttagtaac agtgtctccc aattttgttc atgtagaaga    111960
     ggggatctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    112020
     ctctctctct ctctctctca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaggatag aagagtccct    112080
     gctaagttca cacaaataca ctcattcaga cccaattaca cacagccttg cccactgtac    112140
     tgtataaatc agtccaagcc tttgcctttt ccctcccctg acacgctata aattaagcca    112200
     ctgtcattca caggctacag tgcagtgggt catctgcctg tgttctctct ctgggactac    112260
     aggatgaaag atactcctga tagaaggcca ctaggcatga tgaagaccgg taagcaaagg    112320
     acccttcccc tgggcatgac cctggagaag gagcccagtg tgggtagtgc ctaccagagc    112380
     cccttggagg ttctggctag tgtctgtgcc tgtgggaacc tggcccctgg caggcccaac    112440
     cagtccaggc ccaacttcta aaaataagag ccgaggagca aagcctctgg ttggttctgt    112500
     gggagcctgt tgccgtggca acccttctca gaggcctccc tcctggctgg gctgccccgt    112560
     ttggcttcag gtctccgtgc cagtccccct gtgctggccc ctctgccaac caactctctg    112620
     tcctgtcttc cttggtgggg ggagcaggtg tggggtgggg ggcgtggggg tggcgcaagc    112680
     gggaggacct tgggaacccc gacagagcac aatggcctgt gtgtgaggcc caggctggat    112740
     ctgcttgtgt ggagtctgtg tgacagtggg gtgtgtgact gtgtgtggcc tctgtttgag    112800
     ctgttccccg ggtgtgcatc aaagcctgtg actcgactgt cagagtcccc gtggatgact    112860
     gtgctttgtc tctgaatctg cacccatgtg tgactggatg tgtctgtgtg ttgagggaaa    112920
     aaggtggcta tggcttcctg ggaatgtccc tacccagtcc ctggacttat aggcgggcag    112980
     tatagaggag aaggtagctc agaggagcca ggattaggcc aggggtcagc agggcatggc    113040
     agggttaatg tctcctagga cctgctatca aatagtacct aaactccaag tcttctccac    113100
     gtgggagcag gagcactgga gggggaatat ccaagggtaa aaactaagcc caggagttca    113160
     cgaatgcaca tgtgcatttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tctgtctgtc tgtctgcgaa    113220
     atgtgtgcta ccgtcgctgc cagtggtata gctcctctcc cccagcccac ctctcctctc    113280
     caatcaatca acaagtctcc cctcccccaa cccacctctc tttctcaatc aatcatcaag    113340
     tcttgtcaaa tctgcggcaa tcacccttcc agcagtccct tctcattttc ctctcagtcg    113400
     ccatggccag accaagccca cccgttcttt cttacccgct ctgctcttcc tcaggctccg    113460
     tgacagcact tcgggatagc ctgctgcttt agcggcttct tgtgttgcca cgcccataca    113520
     ttccctgtcc tttctgcatc cacatttgac tttatcttca aagccaaatg caactcttca    113580
     gcctggtctt tggacttctc cactctagat tcgtctccca agtccttgca gcttgagctg    113640
     ctactgagag cttccaggag tggtcaggat gtgtctggtc tgtgcctgtg cacatgactt    113700
     tcttgcctag agcaaggaat cttcctgtgc tagtctcact ttggcactcg gggtagacat    113760
     tacttttgtt cccaaggtgg gctcatgatt ttctgacacc ctggcagccc tttctccata    113820
     cacaatgtct ctgtctctct ttatgggatt gaacctgggg ccttgcacag gctactgctg    113880
     agccttttct tacttttatt ttgagacatg gttttactga attgcccaac cttgtcttga    113940
     aatcactctg acctgcactt tgaatcctcc tacttcagcc tcctgagtag ctgagattcc    114000
     aggcctggtg gcactttgca ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg taggccagag    114060
     gtgacatcag gtgacatcag gtatatattt tcaaatttat ttatttttca tgtgcactgg    114120
     tgttttgcct gcatgtctga gtgagggatc tgtatcagat cttggagaaa cagacaattg    114180
     tgagctacca tgggtgctgg gatttgaacc tgggtcctct ggaagagcag tcggtgcttt    114240
     tttaactgtt gtgtcgtctc tccagctcag ccctttatct tatttttttc ttctaatttt    114300
     atttttctac tttttttttt ttcttcgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc    114360
     tggaacttac tttgtagacc aggctggcct tgaactcaga aatctgcctg cctctgcctc    114420
     ccgggtgctg ggtggcatgt gccaccacgc tcggcttgct ggcttgctgg cttgcttcct    114480
     ttcttttgag aatacaggca tatactgctg catcaagctt ctcacagtgc atgcttgggt    114540
     atcgaactca gatctttgtg cttgcgcacc aagcacttta ctgatcgcca tctccccagc    114600
     ctgtatgtat ttctagcaac gtttccccgg aacatctgta gatttgaagg aaagataaaa    114660
     gtgtaagttg gaacaaagaa atcaccagta atcctctcag atcaacggtg tttatttctc    114720
     gcagacgctc tacacattga ttacctattt cctctgtgca tccagtaccc tctccttcct    114780
     aaagtttttt ttttcttgct tcatttctct gatacagtga ccagtccccg cctcaggtga    114840
     ttaaaaattc ctcaagaaca tgacttttaa tgtttgcaca atattcttct atatggatgg    114900
     atcataattt atttaaccaa ccctccacct ctagacggtt ttgtcagcta taatttttca    114960
     cagttataaa taatagcact gaatatcatc gtacgtggtt ctcttttatt tatttatttt    115020
     aaacacctct ggttacttct tagattaagc ccctaaaagt agaccaataa ggtgaaaaat    115080
     tctccacacc agctgcccag tggccttcca ggaaagtgtt tttaactccc ttcatcggtg    115140
     gagcctagct tccggggact tgagctgtca tccactctgc agctgtcttt aaacaacaaa    115200
     acaaagcaaa acaaaaacct ggattaattt caggcgggcg gaaacaggta ttgtgtggta    115260
     gttctaattt gcatttcttt ggctcccagt gagatgagcc tttgtacacc accctagcag    115320
     gcaagcacca caagaactgt aattatatct gtactcccgg actctgccac accctcctca    115380
     acccaaggtc tggagcagga gggggaccgt gttcctggat tacctgattg agactgcagt    115440
     cagcctgggc ttccggctta gctcagctct gagatttgga cagaacttat acttggggcc    115500
     tcgtgttgag tgggctcgaa tgtggcccag tgtagtgtgg gaataggtgt gtgaacagcc    115560
     gctcatgttc cagggtgagg agaccacttg tgctagtatt catagacaca aggctacccc    115620
     agtgaagaac caaggtgtaa gaatagctag ctcctctctt ccagaggccg gaaggttctc    115680
     tgatgccttt tagttcagag atgggcagga gcttagggga agggttcgaa caagacttgg    115740
     gacggctgtg gcagcagaca ggcctgggtt caagttctgc tgagacgggg aggtcttcgt    115800
     ctttttgtaa atgcaggcac agctctgtta gaatcagcaa gctttgtggg ttatgttttt    115860
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttggtttatg cctttggctg gaaggattta attactctct    115920
     tcggtgacag tggaacagag aaggagcaca cctctcccag ggtggcacag cgtctcttcg    115980
     ggagttggcc ctctgccaca gggaacatct tggaggcaaa cctcggccgg ggtgccctca    116040
     cccattctgg ttcaggacat gttccaagac agacacgcac aatttctctg cacattacca    116100
     gcctaatgat actgtcgttt ggagtctggg aatgaggaga aatcggcttt ttctcggtaa    116160
     ttaacgtgag tgatgggccc tgagatggcg cagtagtacc ccccctccaa gtgagagaaa    116220
     aaagatctca ggaaagtcag ctgggtcatc cccctgcctc aaggaagttc tgtgttctag    116280
     ccctgacctc ttcctgggtc cccatccccc attctccttg gctattggtc attcctccaa    116340
     gaatcactaa acactaagca ctaagatagt caagagtttt ttctttaagg ctgctaccca    116400
     cagtccttca cactgcagtc cacattctgc catgccattg ccttcagggg gaatcatgtg    116460
     tgtgtttctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtgtgccga acccacccaa    116520
     tcttcatatg tgtgtgctgt ggatctgaac ttgggtgctc acagtccctg ctctgccaca    116580
     gcaagtactt tatctgctga gccatctccc caggccctcc ctgtagggaa tttttttttc    116640
     ccttctgtat ttattgaagg ctgaagtgaa aatgcctggg tgggagcgag tggaagtggc    116700
     tcctgcaggc tttgtgagaa tgttcgggaa taagctgtga ggggctgggg gacaggggtg    116760
     gggacagggg tgaactctta cctggctctg cttcctaaga gaaacttgac ttgtgacatt    116820
     ctctctggat ctctgcctca gtgtccccat tatcctcggg ggacactctg agacccactc    116880
     attgtcctct ccagtcctcg atgctgggtc attcaggggt gatactgtca gctccacact    116940
     ttgtccctga acagctcaac tcctgggact tggagagccc aatgcacaca gcttggctac    117000
     aagtgaccag ggtgcagaag aaggcttcta cagtgagccc agaggagagg aggatggagc    117060
     tggggaggat gtggaggagc tggaggaggg gccagggagc cgcacttgct gacaagccag    117120
     ggctattggc aagcagcctg ggcccaggga gcagtcggga cgcaaagagg ggtttgagcc    117180
     tggcccagtt tgtacaaggc attcctggag cacaagggag gaaggataaa gaggatgctg    117240
     gaagtcccca gggaccaggc ggaggtcagg cgtgtagaga gcaaacgctt gaacctgttc    117300
     tgacagcacg agggagtcat ggaggcttta aaccaaagac cagggttgga tctgggacca    117360
     aagtgatggc tcagaagaga catgggtaag aattggcgtg ggagggaggg gcagggaaat    117420
     ggcttagcaa aagtgcttgc cacaacctga gtttggattc ccggaaccta taataaaaag    117480
     cctgatgcca tagtccacat ttgtgagccc agctctctaa taggtaaacg agaggtggag    117540
     acggggattt tctggaagct cactggtcag cgagcctgga gtacatgcac agcaacagga    117600
     acaagagaga ccccgcccca cccccacctt gatgaggtgg aaagctgtcc tctgccctcc    117660
     acatgccaca tgcatatcat gatgtgtgtg tgggtgcaca tgtacatgca tgcacatgca    117720
     ctcacacatg tgcacatgca tatgcatgca tgcacacacg cgcatgcaac gcacccactc    117780
     agcctcactc aggtgtgtag ttggaagcac atttaggtct gggggctgaa ggaatgagaa    117840
     acttagggat gggaagaagg gagactggcc catgctccat gaatctgacg atgggctacg    117900
     tgattgctgg tgatccgaga tgagtctcag cctcctcttc cttccctctt tgaaccctca    117960
     gtggctccca taggtctcca agaaaatgtc ctgcaacagt ggtccccatc tgtttctctg    118020
     tacctctgaa gtcttgcccc caccccatcc tgtgctctga tcaacagtgt tccgcagttg    118080
     gctcatttcc acacctaggc ttttgctcat attaattatt gtcttctccc tcacctcgcc    118140
     gaggccgtct tccctcctgc ctccccacct cctccgtgaa gcccgccata actgtttagt    118200
     tcttttcttt cttagtgaag gcctgggtgg accatgtaac caccatgaac agttgcttaa    118260
     ggatcccagt ggaagagccg agtcactggt ccggggtagg gtgggaagct ccatcctccc    118320
     ggggtcctct agggcgaggg tggggtaaac agtctcatct gcagctatct ttctccccag    118380
     ccaatggaac tgttgttatt gctccaaatt aggcaccaat ttgcccgtgt aattgtttgc    118440
     taattggcat gaaatcctaa tgtaattagt tgggcccctt atcggggagc ctggggagcc    118500
     agaggcagtg gggggccgct acagcatgga gggtctgaga ggctggggac atgtttgaga    118560
     aaggagctac cattgaggct ggaacaaaga gtgacggaaa tctcagagtc ttatcagtga    118620
     aagggctttg gctaggctag cacttgctgc ccatctcaca gatggggaaa ctgaggataa    118680
     aggaacctcc tgggagctag tggaagatcg gtgtgacatc tggtttattg gtctatagca    118740
     accattgctg ggggagtcag ggtggtaaga atggatttct ggcatctgtt tctaaaggca    118800
     gaggaagtgg gccaggagag gggacaccac ctacattaat gtgccagata cagagctcgg    118860
     gcaagatgtt aagcagctag agctgaagga acagtcgggc catgaagctc agagagtttc    118920
     tcactggggt gtttgggggg agaagggtat ttagaagatg gggctggaag cctgcctttc    118980
     ctccctcccc tgtcaaccag tgggttctct gcttaaacct tagactccct gcctctcccc    119040
     atctctctgg aaagggtctt agagaaagta ctaaagcttt ctcctctttg cttggcaatg    119100
     ctgctttcca gtttttccgg aactatgtgg cagctagctc acttcccatt ggtagtttaa    119160
     gttgtccatc ccaggagcat tgaggccagg aaaactggca aatgctacag agtagtgctc    119220
     cctagctctg tctgtgccgg tccctggaca ggtaccgcat cctacaggac ccatctgaac    119280
     acgaggacct cttcccagag atcccgatca cagccggctg ggctgaaagg tcagacttag    119340
     gcatcacccc aagtcccaac agcaggggaa gcaggttcag aggtcacctg ggaaatctgg    119400
     tcagacctct tagctctcaa ttgggctgcc atacgccaag atttgctaac agctgagcag    119460
     agaccgtggg gagaggatcc ggcttcagcc agtgggcaga tgggctctga cggccagggt    119520
     gggagcagca ggcccctaga aggccatcta gaaaggggcc tgattctctc tctctctctc    119580
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tccccacccc ccacccccac    119640
     cccccactgg tggcagctga cagacagagg cagggctggt cctagcattt tggttacagt    119700
     gtccctaccg aagcaaccag tctcctcaca gctgactctc ctgcttccag tcaatcgtgt    119760
     gcccaaagtt ctctgcatcg gtgcccagga gtccttcctc tttaactgct gtctctccta    119820
     tctcggccat ttcctggtca ctgtctcttc catgtcccga aggcacctcg atgcagcaag    119880
     tccaaaatag aaagattgac ttcccacagc ctctccccat ttgagtaaat ggcacactct    119940
     tccccagggc ctttgcacct gcaatctccc ctatttggac agctcttcct ccctctcctc    120000
     cctcaggtgt ctgcttagat gtcaccttct cagtgacagc ttccttagaa acctttccca    120060
     acagccccct gtgctccatc acccctgccc ctcaacctgc cgtattcttt gtctttgtcc    120120
     atgtcaccca tgctctctcc atgagccagc tctttcctga gccgactttc agcccccttc    120180
     aatgttttgt tttgagacag cctcactatg ttgctcgata tggcttagac tctatgtaga    120240
     ccaggcaggc acagaactca aagagctccg cctgcctctg cctcccaaat gctgggatta    120300
     aacacgggta ccaccacact cagctcctac ttgtttctta acacattttt gttttacatt    120360
     ttttcaatgt gtctatgcat gtgacatatg tgtatgcatg ttcatgtgtg tgtgggaaga    120420
     catgcatgtg ctcctggata catgtgcatt tgtatgcatg gagaagcctg agctgatgtt    120480
     gggtgtcttc tttaaccact ctcgccctca gtcaccgaag caaggtttct cacccaaacc    120540
     caagctgact gaaggctagt ctgcttagct agcttcccct ggagagcttg tgtctctgtt    120600
     ttccctgagc cataatccca ggcaggctcc cttgcccact ggacatttgc ctgagtgatg    120660
     gagatctgaa ttctcgccct cacatttgcc agtgtttcac ttattgagcc accgcttaaa    120720
     cagatttgac tgcgattctg tcctgtacga aaccattcat agctctcctt tgctttcaga    120780
     ataaaaccga ccttgggttt tgctcacaag gctctccctg atgtatttct agactcttct    120840
     gagtatgtac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacagagcc ttttgatcag    120900
     tgctctctca cttctgcggc cctgcatttt caagtctttc cttcatttag gccagctggt    120960
     tctcagcctt cctgacgctg caacccttta gtacagttct tcatgttatg gtgacctcca    121020
     accatagaat tatttttgtt gctactttgt aactgtaatt ttgctactgt tatgaattat    121080
     aatgtaaata atttgttgaa gatagatgct tgccaaagga gtcacaacac acattctact    121140
     catgtccctt ctttgggtcc atccaggtct cttgggggct cctacataga agcaggaggc    121200
     agcccctgtc cttagcttga gactagctgt ggattcgcac cctatagaaa cggctagatt    121260
     tggaggctgc ccttgcttct gtctcttgtt tggggtcctc aaggctcagc atagagcatg    121320
     attgaataga ggagccatca aggctgccct attccctggg actttgagcc ttggtcctct    121380
     tcttcctcag agactcagac ttgggatggg gagggtcaaa tgattggagt gtatacatag    121440
     attggcctga gtcttctggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcacat gggcgcacac    121500
     gcgcgcactt ttgagtatct tagacgtctg agaagatacc caagctgtca gaggtgcttg    121560
     gggactatgt actctgggta catgtatgca ggtgttcagg gacactgctg cttctggtcc    121620
     gagtggccct tcctgcgttc tctatgcaga gtctccagca cagccagagt cagcaaagat    121680
     ctcgaagcag cgaaggccca ttgcctaaga cagatgagct gcccccatgc cctcaaccag    121740
     caaggtggag aaactagctc aggtgcccct cccactaacg gcccatcctc tccaggctgt    121800
     tgtctcccaa aagcctattg agtacacacg ggtcgttgcc cagcccctgg aggaggggtg    121860
     ggcccagggt tggtttccat tcagtagcta gagagggcag tggagagtgt ggcactggct    121920
     gcttctctat cttgttcttg tacttccacg gcctttgacc ccagcacaca ctcacacact    121980
     cactggcaca aacacttgaa gatatcgcat gacacagaga ccaaacacac tggaataggg    122040
     acacattcat acacattcta cagatatgta ccagcacaaa ctcaggacct gaaatagaaa    122100
     cacccaaaga ctgacacact catatagacg atgcccagga gtaccagtga caccagacaa    122160
     gctttcagga gcattaattt ggcaacaatc acgagctcta aatcttactg cattgacgca    122220
     ttgccccatg caaacactga catagggtca cagaggaaca gccacaaagc acggtttcat    122280
     ccaaacacat aacacatctg caggtacaca tttgtgagaa caccagtgga gaagccacgc    122340
     ccacccagct gtgcttgaag cccaagctgc ctttgaaagt caaatcccca cacccagtct    122400
     ccaccctgtg gccttgctgg cagccccagc atcctgctgc caacccaacc agcagctcag    122460
     agctcactag gtctgctggc cttgagtgtg tggaaatgaa aatttattct agggtggatc    122520
     gagtcctgca tggggtgctg tcagcctcag gggtgggtcc ctttctaaac aggaagaggt    122580
     gatggtgtca atcttctcca aggtatgacc ttgacccaat ctggtggcca gttgcctcag    122640
     agttaccaca gacaagggac ctctgggtga ggcaggctca gagctagcaa tgcaggctag    122700
     taatgccagg catggtggtt tcagccctgg gggaggaagg gtgctgccca gagaattgtt    122760
     ccacaggtcc ctgaaggtga gaatcacagg tctacccttt gtatctactg acacacatac    122820
     acttacatcc ccaaactagg caccttcagg cacataccca atagcaacat atagggacct    122880
     cactggaagc tggagacttg ctggcacctt aaagcacaaa caactaggtg gggacagaca    122940
     tatagagaat acattgtata catcagatcc tggccacacc ctggctcacc aaagaccgaa    123000
     cacacaaaga cctgataaca ctgttttcat acaagaaagc atgtgtgcat gtgcacccca    123060
     cacacacaca cacacgagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    123120
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagaa ggcaggaaga ggctgtgagc atcagaggag    123180
     atggagatga tgcctgtgaa ggggctcgca gattctggtc cagaaaggaa cagagacccc    123240
     ttccagaagg ataaagactc taggcaggcc tggagggctg gtgcatctat tcatcttggc    123300
     tgccctgggt ctttccctct gggctttgta ccacctggat cctgccaaat ggccttgtgc    123360
     caagaaggac ataatgggca gaagcgggag tgtggggaca cctagggcac cagcttatgc    123420
     tgccgagccc ctctggggcc agccactata gcaggtgctt ttcatgtatt gttaaaaaga    123480
     gccctcaggc cttccctaaa atctctatgg ccaccccatt tcacagatga gcgactgaca    123540
     gagtcagaca agacccatgt ctctgcctta tccagggttc ctgcaagacc ttgcttcagc    123600
     cctgccctgt cctcatcctc cctgtcacct ccccgagggg acagaccaag cgccagctgt    123660
     ggaaaacgat ttatttcggg attagagttg atcttcccaa gaaggcctgc tccctcaggg    123720
     tgacagactt ggagagcttg actcctggcc ctggatcctg ccagaagaag ctggccactg    123780
     gagtttagga cagctgacca gagctggtaa ggattgcaga gaacatgccc cacccacaca    123840
     ccccaggagt gcagccatcc cttggagtat agctgtcatg gctgggtgaa ggagtgagcc    123900
     ttctacctca ccaccatgga tggtatagtc tgctccaggc tgggggtgag gcctctggaa    123960
     gaagtcagca gggaaaagag gttcctggag gttatggtcc gagggggtgg ggctcagagt    124020
     gcctggctaa tctgcatatc agagtgggag tggggcttcg ggtacatgag tgggtggttg    124080
     tgtgcgtcag tgtgtggggg gagagtctgt gtgtgtatgg tgtgcctggg tgcagtcttt    124140
     gtgtgtgtct gcctaggctt tgtacgtcag gagcttggat gttgctctga gatctctgcc    124200
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctgt gtgtgtgtgt    124260
     gtgtgtgttc tgcacggtgg atagtatttc catgcataac tcttcttctg tttgtgatta    124320
     tatgtggtat agagcatatg tgtacaacgc cagtgtctgg gtgaatgtaa tctatgtgga    124380
     cagggcgggg tcgagtgtaa ctggtgttat gtgcagatga caaggacaag gtatttcctt    124440
     ggatttggca cgtgcctgaa acagttgcca ggatcaatcc ctaaggcctg aagcaagcaa    124500
     tcgtgggatt acactagggg gaaagtcatt gaggcaacat ttgggttgtc tcctttgagg    124560
     aactgtgtct gatccctgac cccagcctag agctatgggt gagggcatag ataagtagat    124620
     gggtgccctc tagaccagaa aaatgaggtt gggggattgc atcctgagtt gtatatgtag    124680
     tagcatatga aactgtgaat ccctgagttt ggcagtgtgt gaaagagagc cacctgcctg    124740
     tgtagtccta ggcatgcctg ttaacacaga tgagggtcac ctgcctgtgt agtcacaggc    124800
     atgtaagtta acacagatct ggtggggaaa ggattgagag gggtgttctg cagggaagag    124860
     gatccacatt gagatgccat aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacggtcc    124920
     agaatacaac cacactggca gctcccacat gacatgggtt tcattgggcc cttctctcta    124980
     tggtctcagc caatagaggt ccactctaag actaggtctt tccattgtga agggcactgg    125040
     gacggggtca atttcaggac ctgaattctg agtcatctct atgtccccag aatctaaagc    125100
     cctgggtctt gaggaaatct gaaaggagcc ttcagtccca cagatgagcc aacctgggca    125160
     cagcaacatc ctaggcacct tgtgctgtcg tctctatggc tctgggaagg ccaagtaatt    125220
     atttctattt tacagaagga aaagaatgag ccttagagag gctctaaaat ctaaactctg    125280
     tctaaaaacc acacagttca tgatggatgg aggcttctta tgaccccaga ctcttccatt    125340
     ttatcctatg agagagggag atgttgtatg tctggtgagc atgggtcaag ggtcatagct    125400
     caaaagctct ggtggagcca gttgtcttgg ctctcttttc atgcagccac tcagtaagtg    125460
     ctgactgagg acccacctgt gcctgttgtc gtgccgggtg ccaggggacc agctgtgaat    125520
     agacagacaa ggtcctgtct tcatggaatt cacagctccc aggcggtatg cagggagaca    125580
     ggggatatgt gtacataaga aaaagaaagc atgtcttcaa agtgatgagt gctaccaagg    125640
     aagatcaaga ggagtggcat gaagcagtgg gggaggggtg acctcagagg tgtagccggg    125700
     gagggtcatg tggaagctgg ctagaagcgg tgaaccatga gaactttagg acataggctg    125760
     gaggttttca tgaacagtga ggagatcatg ggatgagtta aggcccaggg catgtggggt    125820
     gaggggacaa gacaggtgtg gagaagctga cagggcaggg gacatgcata gtttgggact    125880
     ataagaagaa gcaactgtgt ttacatagaa gaaacggttc agttcgcttc aggagagtgt    125940
     cctggcgtca gagaggtagg agtgggaagg cagaggtgag gtccgagagt ctgcacactt    126000
     ggacttcgtt agtggcagag atgctgtgaa gagtaggtgc gctggggata cttttggggg    126060
     gtgggtagag gaagccatga acttgccgat agactgagtc ccagtgccta gaagagagca    126120
     gacactccaa acatacctgt tggatgacta ctttaaaaag aagccttctt ggtaccaggc    126180
     tctcaatcac tcacgtgcac tgtctagtgt gaagcaagca tgatgactgc ccagcaccct    126240
     aacggacttc tctacaattg ggaccagaga aggcgcacac tgctcaaacg gactgcacag    126300
     aaccaggatt cgatcctctg ggaggatttg gtgaggggat atctaatccc cccctttctc    126360
     cccaactcca agaacatgga aaacacccaa cccagattac ccaaggcctc tcaacccgtt    126420
     tagacaccag gacttcctgc aggagccttt tacagcagag ccctcccgga cctatgaccc    126480
     cctcccccca gcatgagggt gccatgcatg ggagcactga ggaagacctt gctatggaga    126540
     ttattgaatg gatttgggta ttttggggaa catgatgtga gctccttttg gtgtcccagg    126600
     tggttgtggg attgaaaaga ctttggtgcc ctggaatgcc cggctgcctg gcagtggcag    126660
     gcgagcagga gctgagtagg gggcacgccg ggtctcatcg gctgaaagga aacctgccta    126720
     ggctctgggc caaataaatc attgggaagg gaagaagaac attttctcat ctgtttaaag    126780
     ggcaacgaag catagcagct ctggcccagc gggaggcgag gctggggcca ggcgggtgag    126840
     gccaggaagc tcccttgctt gaccctcatt ctctcatgag ctgccccgct ggccctgtct    126900
     ttgacggtgt gctgcctccc agctgggata ttggtggtag ttattcttaa caaaaaatat    126960
     taattagttg caaataagat cattattgta aaaggcccct cctcagggcc tagcacttgc    127020
     tgatccatac cttggacctt cccggactcc gggctgagcc tgcttatgct tttgtatcat    127080
     tccgtacagg aggaagcaga ggcccaggaa acagaaggca ttttctcaag gtcacccagc    127140
     acaacagtag gtcagagtag gtggcccctt actgcctata tgtatgcatt gggtcccctt    127200
     catctcagag gttccagagc agactctcat gggacacaga gctgaggtca ctgtcctttg    127260
     cccagagtgt aaggatgcag gggttggccc tttactctgt tcaagccttc tgtgattgag    127320
     ctgtggatgg tgtctcttcc caggttatct cagcctcagg ctccctggag gggggtgggg    127380
     gtccctcctg gggctaagat gcatttttct cacccccgcc tgggctgttc agagaagtaa    127440
     tttctcttca accagctgga tttgaatatg gaaacaattt gtaattactc caagtcctcc    127500
     tgggcgggca agcaagcagg caggcaggca ggcgggtggc attatcacca gagtgagtct    127560
     ggaagggcag gggctcctgg gaaagcaggt gggggaagcc ctcatatggg ggggggcttc    127620
     ccaacatctg tcctagtcca gacagctgta caacccctga caactcctgc tgcctctacc    127680
     cagtttacct agcttctcct tccaaggctg cccggtgagt ccctcaacac ccaccatttc    127740
     catagggcgg gaagtcaaga agtcaggact aagagaaaca gataaataac ttccctgtct    127800
     cccggaggcg gcccctcccg tcacccctta cccagctgga tctctgagag ccaaggaaga    127860
     gggtggcttt agagatccag ctgcatcaca tctgtaagag acctgcctgc ctttctcttg    127920
     gtgctaggtc tctagcatgc aaatgatcat gaatattcat aaagagggag gcaggctccc    127980
     tatagggaga ggaaggggct agagctctgg agagcaaatg ttgcagggac ttccagagat    128040
     tggtctttgc atccttgtga gagcagtcca tgtcctaatc acgtttccca cttttgtcta    128100
     cctcctcaaa gctcccaact ccgcaactct gttgcttctc acagtaggca agaaaagaag    128160
     gagcccagga tttcccactg cgtctggtgg ctgtcattgc cttgcagatg gcaaagcctg    128220
     cctggctcaa ctctcacact ggtagttgag ccttctaact atgccagggt atgtttgaag    128280
     atgcttatca agaatccagg agctctgcct gccagtgcga ggcccaaggc attggccttc    128340
     tcagggctcc cacaggaaaa ggggaggtgt aagcccagac cgcctccctg tttcacacag    128400
     cttcataaat tcccttaagg tgacaggtga gcttccttca tcgtccctta ttacctcctt    128460
     ccattaaagt cgataatctc tcccaatcac tcacaacaaa tgtcaccagg acagctttag    128520
     gggggaggga cagagggaag agacaggaga agttctctgc ctctttttgg taactcctct    128580
     gggaagaggt gggcttttct catcttgcca cagcctgtag gcgacaaaag tcgagttatg    128640
     gtgggggcgg gggaggggaa gttagcaatg aatgggccgt ggaccacctt gtccttacag    128700
     gactggtccc tccacgtgtg tgaaccttcc caagtatgtc ccaaagtcat tccaccctcg    128760
     ttgcaaagct gccccctgct ggcttctctg cccagagtca tcggattaac ctacttgttt    128820
     tggctgctgt ggtgtgtccc cagtcggccc accttcctga tggcaacatg cccaggccac    128880
     aaacagcctg accagagccc tgagccatgg acatctctcc gggtaccgcc tgagccgtgt    128940
     gggcttaggc tccacccaac tgttcctcgg cacagtgcca ggatggggtg ggtctgtgca    129000
     tctctgtggc ttctacacaa acagatgcaa catgggggcg cccctggcac agagaaaggc    129060
     acttgtggga gaagagactt gggaaaacat gtaacatact gcacacgtgt agcatccccg    129120
     tgcctaggga catacaatat cacagcgatg aacaccagaa tatgcagtaa acatgccacg    129180
     ctgcgggggt atgtgtgttg cttctatacc catagcatgc tacacacatg tggcacctgt    129240
     gagcttctac atataattct taaggcacat ggaaaaagca gcatgcattc aggacctgag    129300
     cgcatgtcaa tgcatatgtg cagcatttgc atgcacccag ccaggcaata ttgcagtgca    129360
     cacgcagggc acctgtatgc atatataaag ttcagtgcac cgagtgtcac ctgcatgcac    129420
     agggacacgc aatgcaatat gcactgcata atggggaggg gggagaaaac gctttagcct    129480
     ccacagctcg ggagaccctg gctgcgctag acgccactag tctggggttt cgctggaggg    129540
     gtatcaccgg gaggctcact ctgcagtcca ggcggtcaca ggcagggtgg gggcttaccc    129600
     tgggcttctc ccgcgccggc gcctggggcc cagggtgggg agggggaggg cgcgcttggc    129660
     tcggctggcg ctgctccccc tttaacagga ggcggcgcgc gtcgcccccg cccccccgcc    129720
     ccttctcccg cggctcctcg cgcccggccc ggcgcgcgcc ccctcccggg cccggcccgc    129780
     gcaggcgccg cgtcccgcct cggccgtcac tcggcccggc gcgcgctgcg ggcagcggcc    129840
     ggagcggccg gaggaatccg gttcggtggc agcggcggcg ctgggaggca gagaggagga    129900
     tgcggcaccg gcgatcagag gctggggctg cggccgccac ccgcgaatag gaggcggcgc    129960
     gcggcgcggg cggtgctcgg ggcggggagc ggggggcggc gcggcgagga ggcggcggcg    130020
     gcggcaggag cccgcgcccg gcccggcgcc cgcccgcccg ccccgtgcag ctccgcggtg    130080
     cttgctctgc acccgccgct cggcggagcg ggagcctcgg gcctcggcgc ggctgcggcg    130140
     agctgccctg cgcccagccc ggcccccgcc ttagggatgg caaacttgcg ccccgcggcc    130200
     gcctccacta gcgccggccc ccgctcctgc tgctgacggc gcccaggtga gtgctcggcc    130260
     ccagaccccg gccggccccg cactgaaccc tcgcgcgcag tcccgagtgc ccgcactcag    130320
     ggtgctccgt gagccggtct tgcttaattc tcctccggcc agaacagagt ctgtccagcg    130380
     ctcacccaac ccccgtctta agagggactc ccgaggcccg ggccgaagcc cccttagtct    130440
     cccgcgaacc cctttgctac cccctccccc agcctggacc gaccccttgc cgtctgtgtc    130500
     aaagtccccc acctttagaa tcttgaccca gactgccaca ccgctgtcgc gagtcttgcc    130560
     ctgtctcggc caagatccca gcagtgcgcc cccggtcttg atttgaaccc cctctccaac    130620
     ctgcagctcg actgtcctcc cccctccccc atctcccctc ctagtctggc cgcgggactc    130680
     tggacctctc ctccactctg cccggagtcg tttcggtccc caactgtgtc tgctagtgcc    130740
     ctcccccgcg cctgcacggc gaccatgctt cccctctatt tctgccccga gtgccccttc    130800
     ccccatatct gcccagagtc ccgccttccc tttccaatct ctgatgcaag tcccctcccc    130860
     ctcagcctgg aattggggcc gtgtccccct tgctcctcca agcccctttc cccaggccgt    130920
     gatctccatc gaacccgcat ccgactcccg cgttcgtctt tggccggaca cccgcctccc    130980
     tccccccgca tccttatcct cccaccaccg gtctcagagc caggcaccag acgcactctc    131040
     ctgcaccccc gggggctggc atgatttggg ggactggagg ctgtgaagtt ggcggccact    131100
     cctgcagtcg gctcggtccg agagcacagc agcgggaaat cctccgcgcc acggctagtg    131160
     cagaacgggc gaccagtctg ttgcccgcgg ggggaggggc gcccggaccg agagatgccg    131220
     cccgcctgcc cgccttgcca gctgcctgcc cggcccctgg gcgtcctctg gcgccccctg    131280
     cccgcagccc gagacccacc gccccttctc gcgcggacaa ccctgggttt ccgcaaccca    131340
     agcgttcgtt aggtgtctag gtgtctgcgg gactgacgct gggaagtccc tggggagatg    131400
     aggttggtgg gcgaggccag gtgcccaaac actcctggtc gtaagactat gtgctttggg    131460
     gagggatggt gtacaaggga cgagggacgg ctcatcccaa cagcaagtca ggaacccttt    131520
     gagtaccagg cacagctcta ctgaacctgc tttttagaat ggtctggttg cttcttggtc    131580
     ttgagtaggt atccctaggg agttcctgcc ccccctcccc ccattacagc cttacaagag    131640
     agggactcta tctggtttgg gcatagagaa gggtgtgaac aaatccacct gacccaggga    131700
     cagagcagac acctgaagag tggggttcag cagtgacacc ttggtgatgt tttgggggag    131760
     ggcaggaacc aagactgaca gaggttgatc ttcctctcgg tttcccttct gcctccctcc    131820
     tcactacctt gtcctgtctc ctcccctctt tctcttcaga aaggggcagg tctcatttag    131880
     ggtgtgtgtc agtggtgggt atttctgtaa cacaaaggga ggtcctagtt agtctcagct    131940
     cttctccctc cctcccaacc ctcagctttt gaaggtaagt agctgagact cagcctttga    132000
     tgggatgatc tggccacact acctaactaa ccttcctgag cctcagttga ccctctataa    132060
     aatgggtcag tggccaatgc cccatgtagt tgttgggaaa tggaatcaga ttgcactgtg    132120
     aagtgtctga cacccatcaa tactcatgat gatgcctttt gctgttgcct atcaaagcca    132180
     aggtcaggtc cctgccgact gctgagtcca aggaggaaca taaaaggagt tctattttct    132240
     tcactttaac cttcagaata ataaagacag aaagtacctt cacccctctt gcccccaagg    132300
     ggtccaggaa gcctgtgact gttagttttt gactcttctt ccctggttct gcaacatcct    132360
     ccctgaccac aggggcaaca gtgaaggcca agccaagggc tctgaggtct agattaaagt    132420
     atacaggcca ggggagcgga accagtatag agactcgagt caaggtgccc aaaggcaggc    132480
     agtccgttag aggtggccca catggaaaac cagtcactct gacatacaga gcctttcttt    132540
     cttcccaacc attggggatc agatattgtc aggaactttc caggtttctt agcgctgcag    132600
     gtcagagtta ggggcaacat ggtctgaggg ctgtggagtt tggaggagcc tagcattgac    132660
     gtgagtgctt cagtgaaggg ctggtagaag gaggaaagag ccacgaaccc gtggtgctct    132720
     ctggtcggtt attcgtcttc tggcggtgcg gctagaccgg ggttctagcg gggagtggca    132780
     acctctgagc tatcctcccg ccggggcagc cctgacactg gggaacaaaa gctttcggtt    132840
     cctgtagcaa ccgctccagc tgctgcaaag ttccggggag gcgggcggag ggcggctgag    132900
     tcaccgcccc ctcccctgcc acccgcacgc ccccgccccc gggggccgcc cctcatccca    132960
     gttggctcgg ccagcctttc tctcggtgtc tgccgcaggc ctccggagca accctctctg    133020
     tcatcggtcc gggaaggcct cgcccgggtc gcccgctcct tcggtcccgc cccctagctc    133080
     cagaggctgg atggagggtg tgcgcctccc tgggtgccag agctcttgga gaggggtccc    133140
     cgagcaccct gcccccagct cgaagcacgg gcgggagacc cggaggcccc gtggcaggca    133200
     ccgatgaagc tgaggatgag tgacgggcgc gtgaattgga gctgccaggt ggataaacgc    133260
     gacggatgtg cgcgtcgccg cgcccccttc cccgctagtc gcccatcccc cgcccaaggc    133320
     cagggcttac cactccctgc ccagtgtcca agctcacatc tggtctccct ctagacaaga    133380
     gtcgatctga tcctggggac actccggata gccgattcgg aggtgcccca ccccctctgc    133440
     tcttcacctt ccactccagc tgccttagga tccttctttg gtgcagaatg gaagcctgag    133500
     gctgggcagg tctgtggggt cttccaggat ccccattctc tctgaaccta gacagagagg    133560
     aactcccagg aattctgggg gtgcttggct gaggtctggg ctcctgagaa aggttactct    133620
     aggcagctcc tctcccatct cagttaagaa aagtcctgaa gccttttgac catctccacc    133680
     aatcttattt gacccagaaa gttctgcctt agagctgact ttggcctctc tactttctag    133740
     aacttgtacc ttgggagggt ctgtggtctt cctcgactct gaggtggcaa agctactctt    133800
     ggattaaccc aaatggcatt ccctggtgca ggaacccgga cctcaggcga ggggagtgtc    133860
     agcccagttc tgagagacca ggaacagaga gctcgtaggt ttgtggtggg tcaggctacg    133920
     tgttagggag gctgatggag aaggcatgtg ccattccaag agtagtgatg acattgtatt    133980
     ccccagagag ggaaacagag gtccaggtag ttatgcatgg gtagtaatcg cttgggttcc    134040
     tccaagtctt tttcttggat atgggctctg ggtcaatgtc tctaggacag gccaccaccg    134100
     cacacttcag gaagatgtcg agtaaggcca tggctgtgat tccagctcca gttgagtctt    134160
     taccttactg tgaagggtaa gaaggtaaaa taccttctct cagcctcagt ctctctttga    134220
     agcaggagct atgaagcaat gaaggctata ccctgagggc ggggtaaaat cctggactgg    134280
     gatgaggtgt ctgaaggaga ctaagtggat gtgggaacgg gccagtgtgt gcaggtggct    134340
     cctttctgga gaagccagac cttggcaagg accagtttgg atttagcgtt tcttgatgga    134400
     ctgggagcag cagaggtcca ggagatggga ccagggctct gtgatgcccc agctttaaag    134460
     acacggggag ggagcaatgg gtagtctccc ataaggacag tccaacccgg ttagcttgtc    134520
     atagacagag tcacagggcc aagcacatgt gtgtgtctac acgtgggaat agatgcatct    134580
     ctgcatgtat gtggtggtct gacttcattg tgtttagtgt ggtgtgtgca cgcccatgta    134640
     tatatgaggt cataatgctg tgctggtcac agatctgtat gcatgtgtgc ctgttcatat    134700
     ggagaacact gtaaatgcat atatatgtgt gtatatctat agctatatct atctatctat    134760
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat    134820
     ctatctatct gtgcatgcat gcttttgcgt atgtatatgt ctctgggccc aagcctattg    134880
     aagcccaggt ctgttgaggt gtatgtacac ggaaagaggt tccctgcctt gctctaggtg    134940
     ggggagggga ggccagttat aatgagcccc cacctcccct ctgctgagct gcagccatgg    135000
     cctgaatttt gcagcctgct taaaaataat tgggggcagc aggggggatt ggttgtcact    135060
     catcaccctc tgccagcttt gctggttgcg gcagcagcct gggcgcagca gcctgggtgg    135120
     gctgaacact ttgggacagg catgattgca ggagggaagg ccaggcctcc ggcatctttt    135180
     tcagctttgc tgaggagagt agggcagaga cagcctgttc tggcttctgt tggtctttgg    135240
     aggagggtag ggcagctcct cttgagtgag tgagcctggt gctgcctggc ctccttcctt    135300
     tccgggatgg ttggggaagg acagtgcatg tctatgacgg ggctcaggcc tggctcagag    135360
     gtgccccatg tgagaaagta gcatttagaa ctctgtgcat gctgcagcgg gcttggacta    135420
     ctagggctct aatttctgtc ccctgctcct ggaactattt agaacagtcc tggggaaatt    135480
     tgtccctagg ggacagctgt atcttaggaa aacctagcca cacctgtggg ctgtcctgca    135540
     gtgtgtcact tgtccacttg gcccaaatcc caagcaacaa gctaagggag agcacaagca    135600
     agaagtccta gagtggaggg gatgggggtg gagggggtgg ggatgggggt gctgattgtg    135660
     ggcctggcct gaggtgctga attacagttc taactagttc actttcatgt gatcttgggc    135720
     aggtggcctt gtattctttt ctttcatgga agcgctgaat cctgaggatc cgtgcagtcc    135780
     cgtgggctat gtggtggcag agaggacgga ggctgggtgg ccatgttaga actggactgg    135840
     actggaagga agtgaggcag atctagattt gcaccaggct gttttgaggc agtgggctaa    135900
     aggctgggtg ggagtggtca gtgtttccct ggcggtctga tgggtgggaa ggtagctgca    135960
     gccttctgcc ttgccttgca gggtgcgtct taggtcttat atgccctgcc tggagtgagt    136020
     ttgctcttgc tggctgatca gctgagcata gtactttgag ggaaggaagt caagagactg    136080
     gccttcactc ttcagacttt gagagaacac attaagagcg agcggcaggc cctttccccg    136140
     gccttggaag ccaatcctgt ggagaagaca ggctttggcg ggaatgaact gtgcccattt    136200
     tgtagatcag aaaatcaagg ttcatgaggc tcacccaccc agcaagtggc tagctgagct    136260
     gggccgaagc ctggtacctc cctcctcatt cccacagcag cggtacccat ggcattcaaa    136320
     ctggcaatat cctgtcttcc acgggcaatg gctgggttgg gcacagttgc tggcacctgg    136380
     cagtgactcc accccttcct ttcttgctca gtgaagggag agagtgagaa cattgttccg    136440
     ggaataacct tgaatctcgc tgatttataa aaaagcaaat ggttgtcaaa caccgccact    136500
     ttggctgctg gattacacac ggcactcctc gtggctgatc acgacacgct gtgactgaga    136560
     gcggtgtctc tggaggatca aggggtgtag ggacggcact cgatgtgtat gtcaggccca    136620
     gacacctctg gccggcatgc tgagcaggag gagctgtaca tgatattgat aactaaggtt    136680
     ctcagatatc aaccagcctc tgagcctcct cctgaaactt tcccctaagt tatctcattt    136740
     tgcccttgta ggagagatga gaaaggtaca ttttatagga taccatgaga tagctccagc    136800
     tattttacag aaagaaaaac caagtcagag agaggtcatc ttcctggtgt aaggtcacag    136860
     acaggcccaa gtgactttaa aaagcatggt cagaaccaca ggtcccacta cttgcgactg    136920
     tccctggagc cccagagcac ttgctgtctg acctagagtc ccactgactt ctgttttttt    136980
     ttccccccac agggcaaggg acataggatg accccagcct gtcccctctt actgtctgtg    137040
     attctgtccc tgcgcctggc cacggccttc gaccctgccc ccagtgcctg ctctgccctg    137100
     gcctcgggcg tgctctacgg ggccttctcg ctgcaggacc tctttcccac catcgcctcg    137160
     ggctgctcct ggaccctgga gaacccagac cccaccaagt actccctcta cctgcgcttc    137220
     aaccggcagg agcaggtttg cacacacttt gccccgcgcc tgctgcccct ggaccactac    137280
     ctggtcaact ttacctgcct gcggcctggt ccagaggaag ccacagcccg ggctgagtcg    137340
     gaggtgggac ggccagagga ggaggaggag gaggcggcgg cagcagcatc agggttggag    137400
     ttgtgtggtg gctcaggccc ctttaccttt ctgcacttcg acaagaactt tgtgcagctg    137460
     tgcctgtcgg ctgagccctc tgaggcccct cgtctgctag cgcctgctgc cctggccttc    137520
     cgttttgtgg aggtcttgct gatcaacaac aacaactcca gccagttcac ctgtggtgtg    137580
     ctctgccgct ggagtgagga gtgtggccgg gctgcaggca gggcttgtgg ctttgcacag    137640
     ccagggtgta gttgtcctgg ggaggcaggg gccaaccccg ccaccaccac atctccgggg    137700
     cctccggttg cccacaccct gtccaatgcc ctggtgcccg ggggcccagc ccctcctgct    137760
     gaggccgact tgcactcggg gagcagcaat gacctgttca ccaccgagat gagatatggt    137820
     gagtctgagc gaggcccgat gggggcgggg catcaagggg attgccggtg tgctggtgtc    137880
     catcctggct ggtccctgcc atttgcagag tcattcacgg atgtcgcctc tgcgctcagc    137940
     cttgtccaga tggaaaggtc atcaaaatca gatctcactt gagcgggatg cagatgaggg    138000
     agttcagagt gaggtcgata cctgggcaag ggacctttca atggccagtg gagcttccta    138060
     aagagaaggg tgtgggaggg cagacctgca gaacaggtgg gaaggagaca gagcccagga    138120
     gcctggaggg catctcaggc agatggagct aaagggcact gaagcccaaa gctggagcga    138180
     gtggccgtgg cagaccctgg ctctgtgagc tgacagattt gcctggaagc tgcagtagac    138240
     agggagctga gatggattcc tgcccacaca ggtcaatggc ttttggcagt accccagggt    138300
     cagggcagaa gggggtgagg aagggtgtgc ctgggtggag aggcctgagc tctgaggatg    138360
     cctctgaggc ctaggctggc tcagctccca gtgtcccatc tcccccactg ggcccatgtc    138420
     ttctgggacc caggctgcca gctgctggca cttcttgctg actgggcaaa agctcttcga    138480
     gtccttgcgc ctgcctgctc ccacacccac cccagcttca cagtcatggc caccttccac    138540
     tgacccgctt cctgtagctt ctagtcccag ctctcacccg ccagctggac cctccatgct    138600
     tggtgaccat gctgagccaa agaaccgact taggggccag cgggagagac accagagata    138660
     gatgggagag agagcaggtt ctgggagctg gtccatggat tgggaggccc tttgcgtctc    138720
     tgggcctcag tttccccaaa tgctggcctg ccctggagag gggatgcatt taggtcttgt    138780
     cgcgtgttta caaagagtca aggaggctca cgtgagggca ctggagggac tagaagaggg    138840
     cagaatcttt ccctcttcct gttttggaga ctagagccca ggagctgggt gctatctttg    138900
     aggatttgta tcattaacaa aggacacggt ttctctgaaa ctgggaggtg tccctgaatt    138960
     agtcagaagg ggagttatgg aaatggcttc tcccagtgca gggggaactt tttgccctcc    139020
     cccatgaaac atctggcatc atgcccacag tgtgcacagt gagcacccag tggccttgct    139080
     gtggcctctc tcccaggcca gcttggcctc taaccacggt cgatgaagcc atccgtatga    139140
     cagccaggcc gtgggcaggt tacgggccct ggaggctggc ctgggattta gtgcctgcag    139200
     gaagaaattg aattttgctt ctttgtcgaa catcagcgga gagcgccagg cgtatatcag    139260
     gaggtttatg gctcttcctc agtggccgcc agtactgtct ctctgtagga cctcccctat    139320
     tctgctcagc taagggcaag ttcttttgtt tggttttccc tgaggtccac cagccccagt    139380
     ggttttgagt ggatggagca agctttgccc tcctggatgg gcactggctg ggcaggctgc    139440
     catgtggaga gcagagccag aagcagccag ctggggttgg ttgaagccgg aagcgggatc    139500
     tggttggtag ctagggcatc ttcaggagtc agagagggcc ggtgaccgga agagtactat    139560
     tgtcagagcc tgcggggagg acccttgagt gtgagacaga tggtggttgg gtggctggtt    139620
     gttcttgtgg ttcttggagc agagatcact gaactagagg gcctggccat cttcaggcat    139680
     gacctttatg ctgccccctt tcagtctggc accccttctt gtggatgctc tgtagggagg    139740
     actcccgttg ggagctggta tgagggatgt ggtatcagct gacataagca agctgaacct    139800
     acccagcaca ctggcaccca gaactggctg gcacaacccc ttcttcttcc ccaagcaggc    139860
     aggaggctct gccacctcct ccctcctgcc cagcctttct gatgtgagag acggcgggta    139920
     cctgactcag ttcatttcat gtatcagggt agggtgtatc tgttggccag aggcattgtc    139980
     agggcccaga acacactgct tgggcttcct ccacaccact ctccgtgcca caccctagaa    140040
     taaagaatag gctggcaccg agctaccaga cagagggcaa ggtttgtggg gggtggggac    140100
     aagcagaaag ggatcctctg ccaggaactg gggcaggaca gggagttagg ttcaccctct    140160
     ttggggcatc cttgagagaa gtcagcagaa gacaaagcag gatggaccca ggatgatacc    140220
     agacgataaa gaggccaggg gcagtggggt gccttggccc gcctcagagc tgagtgcgtt    140280
     tgacaagagg gtacaggcgc ctgttaattt cacgcaaact gcctttgata gatctcttgt    140340
     tatttttggt gagttgagcc ataaatttgt gccatcttgc tgccgcaatc tgttaagtgt    140400
     ggggagagga agaaagagaa ggcaggcagg aaggagctct cagaagactg gcacagaggc    140460
     tggctgaggc cagagctggg aggtgagtca cagaagtggt gcccactgca gcgctgagga    140520
     tgggtccggc ccctgcccac taatccccct gggctagggg gcactgtgca cagaaatggc    140580
     tgtgtctcat gatacctgga gagctctttc cagtccgact tcctctcttt gcttcccgac    140640
     tctctttccc tcagggccct ttctctcaag ggccagatgt tctcaacctc ctctaccctt    140700
     catctgccct ccatgtctga ggcatagcca ttgggggagg cttcggactc tcgggaggca    140760
     agaatggctt cagatcccta tcctgactgc aaccgtgtca cttggataag ttgccagtct    140820
     ctcctggaat gcctcaggga cccaagatct ctgtgtgtca cactcccaac tcagtgcatg    140880
     agcccatagc tctaccagag catgctatcc tggtgtgcct gggaccctct cctgggcaca    140940
     gctgtctact ctaccacctc cactccatct ccctcctgcc tgcccactga tgcccctcgt    141000
     tgaccttaga gcccctgctt tctgcctctg ctagggcttt tttcttgcta gggatgcctt    141060
     tcaccctggg tgaccagaac cttcccatcc ttctaagcct tatagacatg tatgctaccc    141120
     ctgtagctgc taggaagaac agcgccacct gggcctgaga gtaagttttc ttcctctggc    141180
     tcaagcccag gtctactgtg ttggtcaacc ttctgatggc aggaaatggt gcctcatctg    141240
     cttccctgag gcccgcatgg taaggaggca gttcctctct ctctgcaaag tgggagagaa    141300
     ttagcctcag tgttccctgg ggtcctgtcg gtatagaatt ttcaggcctc tcagcatggc    141360
     ctgccagtcc ccctcagaca cattactgtg tctttatctt cggagttctt cccaaacctt    141420
     ggtccagctc tgagtgagac caggggagaa tgagggacac tttgagtact cttgaatctc    141480
     agagtgaccg ctggtataca gtgatagtca gggccatagg ctgaagtcac tcagccctga    141540
     gccatgtgac cgaggacaag cgacttcaca gctatcttgt catccctgaa gagaggccag    141600
     gagagctggg tcctgcagta ctctgagggc cacgttaagc cgctttcctg ttagcaacgt    141660
     cacagtacca cagcctgagt atgttctcaa gaaaagaggc tgactttgcc tcatgattct    141720
     gctccaaagt caagggcctg tgtctggtga tgacctcctt gctggcaatg ttcctaggtg    141780
     gtgtatagta tctatcacac agcaagagag accatgtgta catgcgtctt tcctttcctt    141840
     tcctttcctt tcctttcctt tccttctcag tatatagccc tggctgtcct ggaacttgct    141900
     ctgtagacca ggctgtcctt gaactcagag attcatctgt ctgctgggat taaagtcatg    141960
     tcaccatgcc cccaccccca tccagcttct tcctattctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct    142020
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttccttc    142080
     ttccttcttc cttcttcctt cttccttctt cttcttcctc ctcctcttcc tcctcctccc    142140
     cctccccctc ctccttctcc ttcttctctc ctcccccctc tttctaatat atcagactgg    142200
     cttcaaactt gctgagtagc tgatcaagac cttgaacttc cagtcttcct gcttctgttg    142260
     cctgagcttt gggcttacta tgtccagttt tatgcactgc tgaagattga agtcagggct    142320
     tcgtgcatgc tgggaaagta ctctggaaag tactctacca acttagttac attcctaagc    142380
     accatttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtctgtttt ttttatttta atcagggtct    142440
     catgtagccc aggctggcct cagactctca atgtagctgg ggctgacttt gaacttctga    142500
     gcctcctact ttcatctccc caggattaca ggattaggtc aacatacctg accccaaatt    142560
     tctactctct tcatatctca ccatggggat taaattccta tataggaatc cttggcaccc    142620
     acactgaagc catgtctaaa ccgcagtgct ggacaataaa cacttggtgt gttatcatag    142680
     tgtggtgttc tgcgtgtcac agggggcgag gagggagagt ggggggttga actgtgaagg    142740
     agcgggaagg aggtgactga ggtggctttt gaggaacgaa taggaattca ctagcctgtg    142800
     aaatttctcc ttaagttgaa ttgcctttta aatttaatat attaaaagga gacttcatat    142860
     cataaatgga aagagttatc acttatctga aatagacgat aacaaaggca acaagcgccg    142920
     agaaaacaaa gcggcggcat tacacttcag cctgctgctc tccggcttcg ccatttgtca    142980
     gaaagagaaa ttagcaccgg gtgggtttgt gtgaaagtct ggggctcatg tgacgtttgc    143040
     tttctcaggg catttgacgg tactggggag aagttgtgcc ctgtttcagc aggacaacag    143100
     gcaccaacag gattgctccc aacaagaaga gacctgtaaa agggcgactt cccgtcttcg    143160
     ctctttcaga gccagccatc acagtcatcc gttggcactc ggtggaagcc tgaggaaggg    143220
     ccttgttagc ctagggaaca gcctgcgcaa gggcggcaag tgtgaaatat cacgtggagg    143280
     aaggagctaa aaggaggaga gctgctggct gtgaagggag accgggccag ggctctgact    143340
     gctgtcccaa caagatgcac gccttgcttg ggaacttcat cctgttagcc ggtggcttgg    143400
     tgggagcaag aagtgggaca ttgtggagga ggtgggcaga gtcagctgtg gtcctggctt    143460
     tcttggagga tatggccaca tggggaagca acagggatca aactcaggcg gaagggcagg    143520
     ttggtaggct gataggaagg ggattcctag gcaatctggc atcctggctc ttacttgctt    143580
     ttttaggggc tagatacacc ggactgcaga ggagagcctg aagtttacaa agagctgctt    143640
     ctctctctgc acccctgaga tttgcatgca ctgctggagc caggaaggca tggaagagca    143700
     cagtggccgg ctctagggcc agtgtgagga agggcacaga gaccgctggg gaggacggtt    143760
     gctttggaag tcacaggaag gggtgattgt tgtgcctgtc cttagcacat tcatgacata    143820
     gaggtcttgg gtgctgaacc atccaggatt tagggagcaa gtatggcagg tatctgcagt    143880
     tatggactag aggcagaggg cagtccctgg tgactggggt ggagggaccc taggatgatc    143940
     tggcctattt ccttatttct ctgttactgg atgatcttct tgaacctggc tttctgtgtg    144000
     ccacaggaca cggaggactg atggtgtcat gggagctgtg ggaacaggag actgacagct    144060
     agtgtaagat ttgatctaag aatgaggcca cagagagagg gggtggggtc atcactctca    144120
     aattcttgtg tagccagtct aggagggctt cttggaagaa gccacattta ccgtgtactt    144180
     ggcagaggga agggcgttct gcaagagggg aacagaaaac atcgagagaa taaaatgtct    144240
     gtctgattga gtgatgagga ggggtacagc ccctccccct tttatcatgc tccagatagt    144300
     ccatagccct gttcctgcta tggagacaca tggcaggcat tacccttaac ttccagttaa    144360
     agactatgaa gctcagagca gttcaggttc cttggctgag agcatacagc aagatggtgg    144420
     cagagctgga agtcacccaa ttactggttc agctctggaa ccatggcaat cttgctgtat    144480
     atttaacttt ctgatgggaa ggggagagca gagcaggaca gagcagttaa gttataatag    144540
     tgtgtgtgtg gccctcttag gaggggagtc gcatggccag agctgggctc ccaaagggtc    144600
     actggaggcc acagaggaga actaggcctg tatggtggca gggggcagtg ttgggagggg    144660
     aagcagaggt acaggggtgg ggtgtggaca attaggcagc atgatccgag taacaggtaa    144720
     ggaccagtgt ttgtgggagg cccccatggg tgtcagtaag agacatccga gaaggctctg    144780
     gctaagctcc atcctgtcag agcagtgcag ttctgtagag gaaatccgag tcaggcaggg    144840
     cgaactgacc caaggggact gaggtactgg agagtccatg aaactgagca cccagagctg    144900
     tttaatagat gacatcttag ggctggggag atggcccagt ggggagagtg tttgccattg    144960
     gtgtccagct cccgagaatc tgtgtaaagg ccagacatgg tagtacatgt ctgtgatccc    145020
     tgtggtctag aagattccag aagcttgctg gtcagctagc ctggcctttc cagtggtgaa    145080
     cactggaaaa agatcctgtc tcaagcaagg tgggaggtga gggcttacac ttgtggttgt    145140
     cttctgacct ccacatgtgt gctgtggcat gcagagaccc acactcacac atgccaacat    145200
     ccgcgcacgc acacacacac acacacaatc acgcacactt acataggtag ggcacttggg    145260
     aattataagg gacactcact cctttcctgg gtcctctttg tcctctaaga agccatctgc    145320
     cttagcctca ccataggcgt gccttattca gggcagtgca tgcatactga atacatgttc    145380
     ctggtagtga atgccaggtg gccttatctg tcttgtcccc ttcagggaca actggctttc    145440
     ccaagtgagg atgtgaattg ctgcttactc ctgagggggg tggggtggtg cagagatgag    145500
     ggaggctgcg ggagtgggtc ccagctgtgc agcttcaggc ttgttcctcc acctggtcca    145560
     gctcaggaga ctgagggggg acccccaaag ccaggcttgg gaagtcttct gattatacta    145620
     tgagactagc ctgtacaggg cttggttaga ggatgtgagg tctacaggga gcaaggcaag    145680
     cccacaatat gcacacaggt cagatggtct ctgacttgtc ctgagttgtg gtttactgca    145740
     tgccgggctg ggaggaggat gccctctaga ccgaggaatg tgcacacggt ctaatcagag    145800
     cagcacccag agcatctact gcacttagga accattgctc actgtctcca gaatgtgaac    145860
     tgtgattgat gctgggctta agggtggggc tggtgttctg gaggctcagt gtgtgtgtgt    145920
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtattaca aacaacttca aagcactcag tgggagaggc cagcactgca    145980
     gccagaaggt agaaccaggg gcttgagaca tatcagtgtc taagagcact ggctgctctt    146040
     ccagaagacc tgggtttgct tcctagcacc cacgtggcca ctctcagttg tcttaaactc    146100
     cagtatcagg ggacctgaca accttgtctg gcctccagag gcactgcatg cacatagtgt    146160
     tcagacatat atacaggcaa aatacccata tacataaaaa taaataatta aaaagaagga    146220
     aatggatcca tctataatga aagggacaca ggaaaaggag cagctctggc ctgcgaatgg    146280
     ccaatgagat gagagggtat tggagatggg cgtttaaggt tgagtatgag ttttctaggt    146340
     aaaggaggtg aggacccaag aggagaggtt tgaggtgatg tgttgaatag ggtctgatgg    146400
     gcagctgttc aggaggtcac ctagctgtgg cacatgggac aggcagggtc tgggcaggat    146460
     aattggagag ttggctcaag ggatttatta agctgtagaa gggacaggta ggtagactgt    146520
     caagggaggc acccgaggaa cccctttaga aaggcaggaa ggaggcagca gtcaggaaag    146580
     attcacagga ccaacgatgt tgacggtcaa gcgagacgag acctgcaaag tgtccccagg    146640
     ttttagcagc agcagcagaa gaagagagaa agagagagag agctgatggc tttgtcagga    146700
     ccagtttcag gagaaagatg ggggcagccg cgagactgca gtggatcaac gggggaggtg    146760
     acattccagc caggaagtga gtggcaggtt agaaagtgga gtgtcagctg gggaccattc    146820
     agtggtattg gatggaagcc aagggcaaca gcgccaggag gaagtatgtg gggggggcag    146880
     ggagagcacc ccagaacaga ggaagcctag gtcagccact ggctacagga ggggctgctg    146940
     agggaatgct ctcagaaaga caacaggatg gatggggcct tctgggaaaa tggacaaggg    147000
     gtggccacaa gtcagggctt gagagaagga gaccctagct acgccctttg ctggaaagga    147060
     ggtttcagct acaggagtgg gtgaggtagg cttgaggagc aggtaagggc cggtgggtcc    147120
     acggaggggg tctcgagggg gaatgaaacc cataaaggcc tctgagaaac atgggtgcct    147180
     agcagacaca gagcccccag cctgtcacag ggccagctgg cttcgctcta gggccttcag    147240
     cagcctggga gtgggtgtgg agaaagtggc tgtcacacgg ctctaggctg ggatggctga    147300
     gcaggcgtga cagaagagct gggtgaaggg gactgaggag agctgctggc ccggctccaa    147360
     catctgaggt ctgctaggga ccgtgtctta gttagtgttt ctgtcgctgt ggtaaaacct    147420
     catggccgaa atcaactcaa ggagtaaagg ggttatttca tcttacagtt tgtccatcaa    147480
     ccaaggaagc caggaactga aggcaggaac tcaggcacag gccgtggaga agcattgctt    147540
     actgtactgg tgtgcgccta ctcatgcctt actcatcctg ctcccctcct ctccccttct    147600
     ctcccctccc ctcccctctc ctcccctcca atctcctccc ctcccctcct cccttccccc    147660
     tccccctccc cctccatcct ctcccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc    147720
     ttccccctcc cctcccctcc cctcccccct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    147780
     ctctctctct ctctctctcc ccatcctctc cccaccccct ttttcttttt gagacaggat    147840
     ctctctgcat ctccctggct gttctggaac tcattatgta gaccagactc tcttagaact    147900
     catagagatc ctcctgcctc tgtctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaggcatg catggcctcg    147960
     cccagctcag cctgctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct    148020
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt tggtttttcg    148080
     agacagggtt tttctgtact gccctggctg tcctggaact tactttgtag accaggctgg    148140
     cctcgaactc agaaatccgc cttcagcctg ctttcttata caaccaggtc cacccacgat    148200
     gggcagggcc ctcccatatc aattactaat aaaaaaaaat gcactgtaga cttgcctacg    148260
     ggcccatctg atgaaggcgt tttctcagtt aaggtttcct cctctgtatc tgggaggttt    148320
     atgttgaggt gaccaaaacc aaccagcatc ggccgagact gtatgtgggc tcaaggaagc    148380
     acagaggctg aagggtggca ggagagaaga cgtttcacat aactcctgtt gtcttccctc    148440
     ggggatctta aggttaatag tcctgaggat gggatgttat gagcgctctt ctccagagaa    148500
     gccgggatcg gagataggaa ggggctgccc agagctacat agctggctag tgttggcccc    148560
     cagggcccgt gttccagggg aggcccagtg atgccgggtg gtgtccaggc ttctaatgtc    148620
     gagtggaaat tacaggaagt ggtgcaggcc ttgaggctga tggagatggc aagccctgga    148680
     gactgtgcag ggggcagttc agacctgagc agtaggttct ctggacttgg ctactggctt    148740
     ggttggcagc tttcctcagg tgcagaggct tgactgagta gtgggggggg ggggagagga    148800
     acacagccct tggtggtccc agcttggtgc tgacccagct gaccagagga gagaggtcta    148860
     ggggagaagg agccctgccc ctaaatgctc ttccattcat ctgccccgtg gccccactat    148920
     gggtgtggcc tccttcccgt gtgcaatctt gcttgtcctc acccgatcac ccagtttgag    148980
     gctgttagct ttgcctttac tgtaacaaag gcctgagcgg tcagcttata aagcagaaag    149040
     gttatgtgct tactatgtgg gaaaggttat ttcggttcac agcttggagg ttgctcctgt    149100
     gagagaacac agcagtgtga aatatatatc aggaagccat ctcatctagg aatgtaaagg    149160
     agacaaagaa gggacaaggt ctgcctatcc cctgcctgtc ttcagtaacc acaagaccta    149220
     ctaagctctg cccaatagtg ccacctccca gtagggccga actgaggaca aaaccttaaa    149280
     cacacgggcc tttggaggac tctgcagctg taggaagtgc tgtctgcagc agggtgggct    149340
     caagcttcca gactcagtgt ggggagggtt ggctgggtat aggggtctgg gctcccttcc    149400
     cctggggctc agaccaacat ggtctgttac tgttttacgt tgaacctcaa gaccactgtg    149460
     gttcacccca tgcaaatcat gacccaggag ccggtctggg gttgtcaggc tcctttgtgt    149520
     atcatttagg aggagaaaga gccaagctgc aggctcgatg ggttgtgcgc ttctggataa    149580
     gtcatttctc tagtccttag cttccacctc aacagagatg acaaccagtg agcgggttaa    149640
     aggtgatagg tgttaggcat ggcttgggat agtacagaca cctcctcaga gctcaacatg    149700
     ttgaccattg ccctccagtc ccacccggtt gaggcaaaag gtggacaagg tggctatgag    149760
     tcccagatgg ccttctgagc ctcagtttcc ttatctgtaa aatggtggtg gtggggtagg    149820
     gggcagaatg tgatgctctc tctgcatcac cccacagttg gttccaggcc cttgggccga    149880
     ggaccagagg ctgccctctg tatcactgtg gcagcgctca gctggctttt gctaagcccc    149940
     ttgccaccac ctccgtgttc caggtgagga gccggaagag gaaccgaagg tgaaaaccca    150000
     gtggccaagg tctgcagatg agcctgggct atacatggcg cagacaggta actcgggccc    150060
     gcctctcttc ccgtggcggg ggcccgactg tggcgtctga tggcatgtgt gctggcgtgt    150120
     gcctgtctgt gtctatgtcc tggagctcag ttatgttgcc acgtgaggac tgtgggcagg    150180
     gatgggttgc cttttaaaga gcctgccact tggggtcagg gtaggagggt ccctttgatg    150240
     cctacgcccc catctttctg gtccttccat gctcccatgc aactctctgg gaggtgtccc    150300
     ttgccgcgac gctgtccctc tctcgtaggc gacccagcag ctgaggagtg gtccccgtgg    150360
     agcgtgtgtt ccctgacgtg tgggcagggt ctgcaggtgc ggacccgctc ctgcgtgtcc    150420
     tccccctatg ggaccctgtg cagcgggccc cttcgggaga cccggccttg caacaattca    150480
     gccacctgcc caggtaggcg tcctccttcc tgccctatct gccagcagag tcaggtcctg    150540
     tttgtgacag gacataacac agctccccca caacccccaa tgattggtta cctcatccct    150600
     ctgcaaattt gcctgtcctc catatacctt acccaggcac tacgccagcc tggcatgaat    150660
     cactccggtt acgatagaat ccgaacatac atctggggcc cactttgggc acgtcacacc    150720
     ccgggtgcct ccatcttggt agtcaaggct gttctctgca catcgccccg cccctttccc    150780
     cccatactcc tgacctcacc agcacccctt gcggcatctc agctctctgc atttgcttat    150840
     tcttgcccct cccctccccc acactggcta aaatactcag cctgccctta gatctaagat    150900
     gtagaccact ctattttaaa atgataccct cccttagggt ccccacttgg ctctgggctt    150960
     cccttccact cccttgattg cctcccttga gagaccatta tgcttaaagc agttgagcag    151020
     gcaggaactg cacgcaggta ctgaggaaat gcatgtgtct gcttgggtca gttggtgact    151080
     gatagaaagg ccagtgtcaa ccagttctgt tctttgcttc ccctggggtg aagtgctggc    151140
     agcagattta gattagggcc tactggggga ggctctctga gcttgggggt gtagcaggag    151200
     attgtggaca aagctttgtt ctctcttgtg agttcattgt gtctgtcagc gtctatgtag    151260
     aggttcatgt ctgtctgtgt gtctctgcga ctggggctgg gagggggcac ttctgttgcc    151320
     ccaggcttgc cctgttgaat tcaggccctg ggcctggggg tgggaagggg tgagaaggat    151380
     ggatcttgga tcctttcctg ggttttcctg tgcccctcag gaaaagaaga ccatggctcc    151440
     tcaggctggt cctggtcacc ttatctgggt gtccacaaaa cctgtcctgt atgatttggg    151500
     accacatccc cacaaagggt ggctatcctg ggaccctaaa ccttcttgcc ctggcaacag    151560
     aatccagggc ggagccaata aggagtggtc gtaaaattgc ggaactcctg attggtgggc    151620
     ggatgggtag gcgctggctg tgggcggagc caaggtgccg cccagccacc ggccacgtgc    151680
     ttccttgcag tgcacggcgt gtgggaggag tgggggtcct ggagcctgtg ctcccgcagc    151740
     tgcgggcggg ggtctcggag ccggatgcgg acctgcgtgc ccccccagca cggcggcaag    151800
     gcctgcgagg gtcccgagct gcagactaaa ctctgcagta tggccgcctg cccgggtcag    151860
     tagcgccaag gggcttctag gcaggcgctg cccagccggg tggggggaat cggaagacct    151920
     aggggaggca gtcaggttcc gtgccctgtc cttggagggg tgggttccta tagctttgac    151980
     cacgcatggg gagactggag aagtatagct gccagcagtc aatgggaggt gaaacccagc    152040
     cctgacttgg agttggtata ctgtgacccc atcagaaggg acctgctttc cggtgcccat    152100
     tcctcgatgc cctcagctgc ccttgctgta aatagcactt tggtgtccat ggcaccacgg    152160
     acacaaagct gggcttacgt gtaggcaaag atcagaaggt gccattacaa cctacatcct    152220
     cacacacaca aaaaaaacct ctcaccgctg gggtttgccc ttggtgccgc gtggagaggt    152280
     atcatggagc tgctgagggg caggcagaaa gcggcccagc caccacccac tctcttcaga    152340
     ccctttcata tgctcagctc agatggtctg gcctggcgca ggtctaagtg accaacaggc    152400
     tctgccatct ccctgtggaa ctcccccctc ccgcccgcac acacactagc ccacccacgt    152460
     tctgctcaat ggccaccccc gcttgtgtct ccccatgcag tggaaggcca gtggctagaa    152520
     tggggtccct ggggcccatg ctcatcatct tgtgccaatg ggacccagca gcgcagccgg    152580
     aaatgcagtg tggcgggtcc agcctgggcc acgtgcgcag gtgccctcac ggatacccgt    152640
     gagtgcagca atctcgattg cccgggtgag tgcttggtgt gagggtagca gggggtagcc    152700
     ctggccttgg agacttgcat ggcctctcac acttcccttc tctcatagcc actgacggca    152760
     agtgggggcc gtggaacgcg tggagcctgt gctccaagac gtgtgacacg ggctggcaac    152820
     gccgcttccg catgtgccag gcttctggca cacagggcta cccttgcgag ggcacaggag    152880
     aggaggtgaa accctgcagt gagaagaggt gtccaggtat tgcttataca accctggggc    152940
     tgggggctgg ggggacagat atgagcccag ctaaaccccg cccccacccg cccccgccgt    153000
     atccccacag ccttccatga gatgtgcagg gatgagtacg tgatgttgat gacatggaag    153060
     agggcggcag ctggcgagat catttacaac aagtgtcccc ctaatgcctc gggtaagggc    153120
     aggtggctgt gcccacagac tcttccccca ccatccctgc tgcccgcctc tgggcccaag    153180
     ccctgggtct gcatcccaag atgtggaggg ggagtaggct agatctcagc cctaatgcct    153240
     gtcactgttt tatctctgca ggttctgcta gccgccgctg tctcctcagt gcccagggcg    153300
     tagcatactg gggactgccc agctttgctc gttgcatatc ccatgaatac cgctacctgt    153360
     acctgtcagt gagtgtgcat ggttgggtgt ggggcggggc atacggtgtg tctcaagccc    153420
     tggcaggagc ttaaggctca ttcattccct catgccttgg tataaactgt gtatctttgt    153480
     ctggcaaact cctactcctg tgtcagggcc tcttaggtat cttcctctat gtctggtaca    153540
     tacctctgtg ttcctaccca cagtgcccca tcctgaactt cttagacatg gagagttatg    153600
     gatggcttaa agctagacat gggcatactt gggaggggca gagtcagcct cttgagttcg    153660
     agaccagcct ggtctccata gcaagcttta ggactatcgg ctacatagag agaccctgtc    153720
     tcaggaaacc aaaacacaaa caaagaatgc atttaagtgt tctctgcaac actgggagct    153780
     ctttgaaggc agggaaaacg ttgaagttat cttcgagtcc ctagttccca gcccagggct    153840
     tgcttgcact aaaagcttgc atttgagaga ccctgtgtgt gtgttgcttc agaatgttca    153900
     aggccaacta gggacaggga agtgcacagt ccccaaatca gcatattatt ctgcatttgg    153960
     acctctgagt ccttctgtct ccaaaatcac ctctgcctcc ttctcagact gtgtctccgg    154020
     ggagcctctc tttgatcttg tatgccttct ctcttcctgg atgcacgtag cgggtagagg    154080
     ggaggccagg ccaagggctg ctcccagttt ctgatgctac aatgacaggg ccacacctgt    154140
     catccacagc ttcgggaaca cctggctaag ggccagcgca tgctggcagg tgagggcatg    154200
     tcacaggtgg tgcggagcct gcaggagcta ctggcacggc gcacttacta cagcggggac    154260
     ctgctcttct ctgtggacat cctaaggaac gtcactgaca ccttcaagag ggccacctat    154320
     gtcccttccg ccgatgacgt gcaggtactg ctccacagcg gtggggtctg ctggggcagc    154380
     atggaggttc acacctcctc acccatccct cttttcccag cgtttcttcc aggtggtgag    154440
     cttcatggtg gattcagaaa acaaggacaa atgggatgat gctcagcagg tgaggggtca    154500
     cccggggtga gggctcagcc tccagccatc tcctctcagg acccacctca gactctgcct    154560
     cagaccctcc ctcacaccct ctctgctcct aggtgtcacc gggctctgtg cacctgctgc    154620
     gtgttgtgga agatttcatt cacctcgtgg gcgacgctct caaggccttc cagagctctc    154680
     tcattgtcac ggacaatctg ggtaaaagga tgcaggcggg ggagtgggtg ctggatccga    154740
     ctagaacatt agcaccccac ttccctgggt gagggatagt cctgagggac actttgggtt    154800
     tgctctttca tttacaagtt ttgtcccccc ctccgcttaa ccccatgctt ctgtctgtct    154860
     gtgtgtctcc ctccaccggc tctgtgttca tgcaccttgc cttctgtgtt gcttccaacg    154920
     tcccatgtgt cttccctggt atgcatctcc ctgcatctgt ctttggcact ccctgcccgc    154980
     cctccctctg ctgcagtgat cagcattcag agagagccta tctccgccgt gtccagtgac    155040
     atcacgtttc ccatgcgggg ccgcaggggc atgaaggact gggtgcgaca ctcagaggat    155100
     cgtctctttc tacccaagga ggtgctcagc ctgtcctccc caggaaagcc agccacacct    155160
     ggggcagcca cagcaggcag cccgggcagg gggaggggcc caggaacggt gccccctggc    155220
     ccaggccacg cccaccagcg ccttctccca gctgaccccg aagagtcctc ctcctacttt    155280
     gtgatcggtg ctgtgctcta ccgcaccctt ggcctcatcc tgccgccccc caggtgagtc    155340
     caccaaagag cgtctcctcc tgcagcctct cctcctgcag ccgcatacct ggaggcccct    155400
     tgtctggctg tggacatagt cacttctcag aatcatgaga gacaagcatg aggaccccag    155460
     gaccaatgtc agaggttctc aaccttccta atgctgtgtg cgacctttta atacagcttc    155520
     ttacgttgca gtgaccaccc cacgccccag ccataaaatc tttttttttt ttaagattta    155580
     tttatttatt atatgtaagt atactgtagc tgtcttcaga cactccagaa gagggagtca    155640
     gatcttgtta cagatggttg tgagccacca tatggttgct gggatttgaa ctccagacct    155700
     tcggaagagc agtcgggtgc tcttacccac tgagccatct caccagccca taaaatcttt    155760
     ttatgttgct acttcagaac tgtaatcctg ctgtggctat gaatcgtaat ataaacatct    155820
     atgttttcca atgggcttgg gggtcgggac ccacaggttg agaaccatga acccatacac    155880
     accagcctgg cttgcttgca atgtatttgc atttttgctg ctaggaagga gactgaggta    155940
     gctccctggg gcttacaggc tagtcagcct agccagcttt gaaagttata ggccaataag    156000
     agaggctgtc ttaaaaagct ggacagtgcc tgaggaagga cagctaaggt agtcttcatg    156060
     aacacacatg tacacacact tgcatatatg cacatgtgtg tgcagacaca gatccacaaa    156120
     gccaaaacac ctaggtagtt cccagaggct gtgcccatcc tcagaccttg gcagtcccca    156180
     actatgacag ttaaagtttc taagtctggg cacctgctgg caggagctga cctcagtatc    156240
     tgtctcccca ggcctccact tgctgtcacc tcccgggtga tgacagtgac tgtgcgtccc    156300
     cccacccagc ctccagctga gcccctcatt acagtggaac tctcgtacat catcaatgtg    156360
     agtgagggcc cggatgggga cccgagctat ctgcccacac aggcgtgagg cctatctcag    156420
     ggaggtggtc tgtgttggac ggtgggtgtg gcttgtgtga gagctgctgt ggcgggcctg    156480
     atgatggccg ggcatggtat gctgctcacc cgagactgca cgcatctctt tgttctccag    156540
     ggcaccaccg atccccactg tgccagctgg gactactcca gagcgtgagt tggggcaacc    156600
     ctagaccctc tcatcagaaa tggtctccca tctagaaggt caaagggttc cttggtgcca    156660
     tcctaggtct gagggggtca agagcacatc ttggggctcc ttgctgtagc tttgggatta    156720
     cagagctggg ctctgggttc atgccacctc tccctcctcc aagagatacc aactcggggg    156780
     actggaacac tgagagctgc cagaccttgg agacccaggc ggctcacacc cgctgccagt    156840
     gccagcacct gtccaccttt gccgtcctgg cccagccacc caaggacctg gtgagtggga    156900
     gagaggcctg ggctgctgga ggcatccggg tgaccccaaa tgcagccctg gacagatgta    156960
     cctgggcctg cacatgggaa gggggggcag ttgctcgcag tcatgacact tgctccagag    157020
     catgtggcag taggtgagtg tgagctcgtg tgcacatgtg tgcagctggt tgtgtctgga    157080
     agcatgtgga tgaatgggtg taaatacatc tgtgcatgtg tgccctcctg cacgtgagga    157140
     gcatgcctgc ttgcgtccga cagggagact gggtgcccga cctttaccct ctcccagcaa    157200
     cccgtctccc acagaccctg gagctggcag gtgctccctc tgtccccctg gtgatcggct    157260
     gtgcagtgtc ctgcatggct ctgctcaccc tgctggccat ctatgcagcc ttctggaggt    157320
     aagtcggaag ctgagcagga tgggaggtgg ctggctctcc agggttaggc aggcagccaa    157380
     tgcctctgcc tctgcccact gtgccctgtc aggtttataa aatcagaacg ctccatcatc    157440
     ttgctgaact tctgcctgtc catcctggct tccaacattc tgatcctggt gggccagtcc    157500
     cgggtgctga gcaaggcagg tgcaggctcc tgggggtgtg tgggaagggg cctaaaggga    157560
     ggagggggag gaagaggagg aggaagagga ggaagaggaa ggggaggagg aggagggtgc    157620
     ctgcaagtga ggggaggtgg ttattatttt ttaattattt ttcttttcat tttatgtgca    157680
     ttggtgtctt gcctgcatgc atgtctgaat gagggaatca gttcccctgc aactggagtt    157740
     gcagacagtt gtgagctgcc atgggtgctg ggaattgaac ctgagtcctc tagaagagca    157800
     gctagtgctc tctcttaacc actgagctat cctgcgagta gatgtttgca ggcattcatt    157860
     cagaccctat ggtggagaag gcgtgtgtga agtcaggtgc aggcgtactt gaaggtgttg    157920
     ctctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gctgagtaat gagtgtttgt atacatcagt    157980
     tagtgtgtgc atgagtgcct aggtgcatgt gtgtttggcg ggaggcatcg gatgccacct    158040
     cttgtctgtg agttctccat ctgcctgtgg atgctccatg ctgactgtcc ctcctacctg    158100
     acttggcctt ccctgcacag tttgagcact gtgagagcca ggtgtggggt tctgctcggc    158160
     catgacgtag caagtgctca tgtctgtgcg tgggtggcct gcctgcccgc ctccccggat    158220
     gcctagtgct gtgtgcatgt caccaggcct gtgtcgtgct gtgtgtgggt gcaggaaggc    158280
     gggggtgcct ggcagggctc tggtggggga gggggactca ggtaggcggc tggccatgca    158340
     gtgcctaggc ctagcagtca ttgtgggaag ctgacagctc ccaccctggc cactgctcag    158400
     ggccactccc tcctattacc tctccctgca gggcgtatgc accatgacgg ctgccttcct    158460
     acacttcttc tttctgtcct ccttttgctg ggtgcttaca gaggcctggc aatcctatct    158520
     ggctgtcatc gggcggatgc gcacccgcct ggttcgcaag cgcttcctct gcctgggctg    158580
     gggtgagcaa ggccggtgct gaactctgct gttgggcctg gagtggcagg gaaagccagg    158640
     atgtgctgct gcctggactc cggcccagct ctctggggat gggggtcagt tgggttggag    158700
     aatgatacgg aggtgtcgcc tgagcacctg cagccttctc acctgtaact ctgtccccag    158760
     gtctacctgc cctggtggtg gctgtgtctg ttggctttac tcgcaccaaa ggatatggta    158820
     catccagcta gtacgtgcgc ctccattggt gagggtgggg gtggagaggt ttgtgggtct    158880
     gttggaggga attgaactgg gctttaggtc ttctcaggct gaggtcttca cctatactta    158940
     ttgtggcaga tctttgggta aactcccttc acactgagcc tcagtttccc tggctgtaaa    159000
     aggacaaagg acatgttggg atttggtcat ttctaagcat cactgcactt aggggtcagc    159060
     ccacttgtat ttctgggggg gggggggccc gatgtgagtc tctgtgggag aggaaacaga    159120
     cttatcaaga catggctgtg tctctccacg cccggaggct tagtgtctac tggtgatgtg    159180
     ggcgtggctg tccagggagt gaggatgcag ggaggaaggg cttgctggga gtctgatttc    159240
     ttcttttctc ccctacccca gctgctggct gtccctagag ggcggcctgc tctatgcctt    159300
     cgtgggtcca gcagcagtca ttgtcctggt atgtgcatgc tcctttcagc atccagggag    159360
     ggatgtggcc ccagaaggtc atcgtctcct tttgccttct ccccgacttc cagctctccg    159420
     cgtgggtgtg cttgccctga gggcacctgg tgaccctgtc tttccctttc gcctcccccg    159480
     ggcccccagg tgaacatgct catcgggatt atcgtcttca acaagctcat ggctcgcgat    159540
     ggcgtctcag acaaatctaa gaagcagagg gctgggtaag gggagggtct cagtcactca    159600
     gccttcctgg gcggcatgtg gggaggggga gccgaggaca cctcggagac tcagggcttg    159660
     ctgatgccaa cccaggctcc ccaaccttgg gacatcaagg gtgcaggcaa ggtgggcacc    159720
     cggagtgctc ggcggcagac cctcgcccac cctaacccag ctctctctct ctcatctgcc    159780
     ctcccctccc acccttctcg gggctcattc tgccccatct cccggtttcc catgtgtttc    159840
     ccccttctcc cgtgtctgtg ccgccccccc gaggtcggag cggtgcccct gggccagcct    159900
     gctccttccc tgctcagcgt gtggagcggt ccccagcccc ctgctcagct cagcctcggc    159960
     caggaatgcc atgttagttg tgccccctgg ggggcggtgg gggcgggcag gggctaagga    160020
     atgggagggc agtgcccacg gtggggattg ggagggatat cagcccagtg ccttggagag    160080
     cttgccctgc ccctgccccc cgaactgctg tacgctccct ggagctcagg gatgaagtgg    160140
     ctgaggacaa tgggacaccc ccccctccat agggcactgt ggtgccctgc tcaccctgcc    160200
     ctctggtccc tgccccggct ctggcttaat ttacttacta cacaggcaca gctgcagacc    160260
     ccccccccca ccaacctcaa ggccctgaga atcgtagtcc tttagaattt ttgagctatt    160320
     aaaactttca atttagaatg ggagaatctt cgactaagac aatcagacac ttcagagtgt    160380
     tcgaatgact gaaacacact tatctgtcat agaatctgac ttgaatttca gaggccttgg    160440
     acctcacaat cacaggcaga atcatacagg gagacaatca cttcactgag acaccccaac    160500
     ctagcagcta ggaatcttaa aacctcagct attcaagatg attacaaagg ttcaatcctc    160560
     ctaccagggc tggaagtcca cctgagtcac cccaaccagt gggggcacac ctttgtcaca    160620
     ctccccaggg gtcctgtgga ggcgtctagt gctatggagc tccgtgatgc tcacagagcg    160680
     tgacatccct ctgctttggg ctaccacatc cctatgccca gtctgctgaa ctagcagatc    160740
     aaagagtggg cctcagagtc tgccgccaag ctggattttt gtcccagctc tcctctcccg    160800
     gtccagctgg gcacactcca gtctcctcat ctgtcaattg ggatactggt cccccggcct    160860
     gtttgttgga gttgttttga tcacaatttg aaataatcta tgtaaagtgt tcagtggagg    160920
     gcctggcaga aaattgctgg ttaatcaatg gcagctctta ttactgtgat tagagcatct    160980
     ctggttcttg gctccgcctc cagggcttga cagacactgt gcctcctcca ccccaacctt    161040
     gcctggctca acagccctga acctctcttc acaggacagg ccttgggccc ctgcccaccc    161100
     atctttctgc ctcagcctct ggctgtctct gcagaatggt gccaccctgc cctgtctgga    161160
     gctgtgcctg actctccaca gggggtgctg cgggtgtggt agagtgggct gggtgtggct    161220
     ccttctatct cctgttcctc atgggctata gtagttgctg gggatggaga ccagtctgtt    161280
     ggccactgcc tgcctgcctt tttttctctg taaggaggcc agggattcgt gggcgtggtt    161340
     ctgaccccgg ctacgaccct tttgccctgg gttctgagca accatcagga gccagcggct    161400
     cctccacgcc tccacctggc tgggcttggc cccatcttct ctacaaggat ttgtgctgtg    161460
     gtgttccaca tgctctgcct gttcagtctt gctgtctggg cgtctgtctg tctcatactc    161520
     ctcttaccgt ggtggtcacc tttctttggt cttttgctcc ttctctcccc agccgactgt    161580
     cttggaatct ctggggatat ggctctcaac tgtgtctttt tccaaagctt ccaaggtgca    161640
     tgttgggcct gacgtccccc cccccacccc catttgctac tgtctgccct tggttccctc    161700
     ctgtttccgc cttcctcacc tctgcgtccc agtgtcacat ctgtgcctgc tgagtcccac    161760
     tgtgtctgtg tgtccacccc tcctacctct catggcccct gctctggccc tgtagttcca    161820
     tctttgtcct ctgtttcctc ccacccccca agttccttgg cccctctctg cttggaaaca    161880
     ctcctgaggt cctcgagtct ggggccctgc cagtccccaa gctgagtgga gacccaggct    161940
     cccaccatcc tgtcctgcag agtgtcccgc tgacagacct tccgctgctg tccctctcag    162000
     ggcttcactc tggagttcct gcgtggtact gcctctcctg gcgcttacct ggatgtctgc    162060
     cgtcctggcc atgacagatc gccgctccgt cctcttccag gcactctttg ccgttttcaa    162120
     ctctgcacaa ggctttgtca tcaccgctgt gcactgcttc ctgcgccgag aggtggctag    162180
     gctcttcttg tttgccacac cctcccccca cccgccatgc tgggctctgg cttctcctcc    162240
     actgtgtggt acagggtgac cagggtgctt caggcccttg gtgagggcgc ttatagctca    162300
     gatagccctc aaggcctggg tctccttcag tttctcctcc ctgacatctc agcctatccc    162360
     tgtctctcct tctacctcta gtctggacac ctggggtggg aaaccctgcc cactattgtg    162420
     ggggtactat gggggcttca ggctcagctg gcatttcctg cccctaggtc caggatgtgg    162480
     taaagtgtca gatgggtgtg tgtcgggctg atgagagtga agactcccca gactcgtgca    162540
     agaacgggca gctgcagatc ctggtgagcg aggaggccca agcagatccc ttccgccata    162600
     agttccttac cttccccatc ccatctgaga cagagactgg gttcaagtta cgctcagctt    162660
     ctgactgcga ggaggctctg ggcaaaggct ccccccaccc ccgttcagtt tgctccctac    162720
     agtgtgaggc catgttgggt ggtacctctc aggtgggagg acagaggagc tggggaggaa    162780
     gaacttaagc ctttcccacc ctgacacatc tctcctccct ctgccaacct gctctctccc    162840
     tctccaccta tagtcagact ttgaaaagga cgtggatctg gcttgtcaga caggtgagtc    162900
     tgttggactg atttaagaag ctgtaggcgt gggcaagaca agacgccccg tacgctgtca    162960
     tagtagccct gatggggacc agactgctag tgtcctgttt tgacattaga caggaacagg    163020
     ttatatttac atctgggaag gccaattatc acttgcctct gggcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    163080
     aaaatccctc tctaagcctc agctatccac ctgtaaggga gaaaaatagc atcgtctcgg    163140
     gtcaggaggg aggcccaggg ctaacatgag ttagtggaca tcgagtttac agcaggggcc    163200
     tcggtgtatg ttggctgctg cattcttcca tcagtccaga ggctttcact ggtgttgcct    163260
     gccatttttt ctctaaggta tatccttccc tagggaacag agaggagcaa tgcttccttc    163320
     cacagtctca ggactgtggg gaagaagtta ggacgtgtac cagggcactc atggaagctg    163380
     agctttggtt ttcctacctc tgcatctttt ggagccatga gccagttgtc tttctggtcc    163440
     ctttggtata tgggcgagta ccaaccgcct cctcagaact cagtttccct cactgcccaa    163500
     gctcagaagc taaggcccca gccaaacctg gacaagaggg tctcaccacg gggtctccct    163560
     tccttagggc ttaccctttc ctcccacttc tgtccccagt tctgttcaag gaggtcaaca    163620
     cctgcaaccc gtccaccatt accggcactc tgtcccgcct gtctctggat gaggatgagg    163680
     agcccaagtc ctgtctcgtg ggtcctgagg gtggcctcag cttctcacca ctgcctggga    163740
     acatcctggt acccatggca gcctcaccag gtctagggga gccaccacca ccccaggaga    163800
     ccaaccctgt gtacatgtgt ggggagggtg gcctgcggca gttggacctt acatggatac    163860
     ggcagagtga accaggctct gagggggact acatggttct gccccggcgg actttgagcc    163920
     tgcagcctgg tggtgggggt acagcgggtg aggaggcccc aagggcccgg cctgagggga    163980
     ccccccggcg ggctgccaaa acggtagccc acactgaagg ctaccccagc ttcctgtctg    164040
     tggagcactc gggtctaggg ctgggccctg cctatgggtc tctccagaac ccgtatggaa    164100
     tgaccttcca accaccacca ccaacaccca gcgcccgcca agtaccagag ccaggagaac    164160
     gtagccggac catgccccgt acagtgcctg gttccaccat gaagctgggc tcccttgagg    164220
     tgaggggcta tggaaaatag ggaggggaat ctacctactg tgtacctgac atcatgtcta    164280
     agtcatgggc tgcagtcagg aagggacagc tatcagtctc ccccagagca gtgctggggg    164340
     ctctcatacc agtgtgtatc cttccttctg ccggggctca cagagctcag ctcccaggaa    164400
     agtctggatt gtctgaatgt ttcaaatggg tgaagcctca tgagtccatt cacttagagt    164460
     tctggtaccc actctggggt gactggtcag ggtgagtcct ccattactgc aaccatggct    164520
     caggtgccca attggtaagg aagaggcgga gcctcttcag cctctgcagc ctgtggctct    164580
     gagtcaggtc tggagttgct gaccagcaat gagctgttga ccacactgca ccgtctctct    164640
     gagcctcggc ttcctgtgtg taagtgggga tagcctgcag aatggggtga tataggtctt    164700
     tgattcctgt gtggaataag tagacagtgc cagaaaattg gaagatgctg ttatcacaga    164760
     aattgactca gggtgctgtc cttggcctcc ggtgggaaaa tagaagcccc tctgtctcct    164820
     ctgccctgtc ccttacagat catcgctggg gacacataga ttagtagaag cccaaagtag    164880
     aactccaggg tattctagaa atctaattga agggatgagg gggatgtggc taaggaaaga    164940
     ggttggaagt cccagcttct acacaattag ctgcttgtgt ctagcctgga aaagttgccc    165000
     cctgttctct gcacaaagac aattaagtta gcagctagag aggtcacaca gtttagcttt    165060
     gtgcctaaaa tgttcctcga acatttggtg cctgctcctg ccacacagat ggcaataaaa    165120
     cagagaggcg tccccaaaga cagaaaagac gacagaaaca gagatggcat cagtgacggg    165180
     aggcagtgtg attagtgtcg gggtaggttt ggttctgtgg cacctgcccg tggccagacc    165240
     acatgggagg ggccagtgct tggcttcttg tgtgggaagt agtcatcaat ggcagaagcc    165300
     tgaggggtca aggatagtgt ctagaatagg acagacccag tggaggcata ggtgtgggtc    165360
     tgctgagccc ctgagcacta atgggtaaga atgcctgtag aaatagagac gaagctaggg    165420
     ataggcaaag catggtgatg ggaaagaaga ctggaggcag agcaggctag aaggcaggag    165480
     gagaaccgag agagtggagt caggttgggt cttaacaaaa tccacgcaca tgctcttaac    165540
     atcacctctg cgggcctggg gccaagtagc aagtcccttc tccttccctc cctgggtctc    165600
     agtttcccca cctagctgga acaggtggcc ttggtcttgt gagttttctc catgccagcg    165660
     ttctaagact gaagcctcct tgagtggcat tggatgtcac cgagcttgtt ggggccttga    165720
     aggtgacctt ggccaggcga gggtcagaag agcacaaaga agcaggcagt caaaagaggc    165780
     aaggtggggg acacataggc taggtgtgaa aagccccaat ttgtttttca gggcaagtgc    165840
     aggattccag ggagatggtg ggtggggggt tggggaggag catggagcag ggaggatgct    165900
     agaatccagg gcacagtgaa taagcacggg ttgtatgatc cgacatggtg ggaaccctgc    165960
     ctcttcacag ctgagccgtg tctgtgtcca catatgtgca tgacaaacct cagctactgt    166020
     gctgtgaccc caagggctag cccataagat aaggattctc aactccaggg tctgggtggg    166080
     ggcaggtgcc atagagtcct gaggccaagg ttgcctgtga caagttcctc tctcatggcc    166140
     tgcttgttgc tctatagcga aagaagcttc ggtattcgga cttggacttt gaggtgagtg    166200
     ccggtactgg gagggtatgt tctacaaggt caattcctaa aattatccca agccccattg    166260
     cagagcccag tcctgggcca ccaagcctcc ggattccctg ggatctaccc cactgtctgg    166320
     ctcacaccca ttactgtgag gcagagatag aggcagggaa tgagagagac agagacagag    166380
     agagggtgga gggggaggct agcagaggag agcaagagaa gccctagcct tgccccagag    166440
     ggatcaacag gtgcagggca gagggcaggg agcactcctc tgacacccaa gtggccccta    166500
     gaaggtgatg cacactcgga aacggcactc ggaactctac cacgaactca accagaagtt    166560
     ccacactttc gaccgctacc gtagccagtc ctcagccaag gtgagggttc ttctgttgct    166620
     gcccctgacc accccaccat attcatggta cctgaggggt gtccttctca cttggagatg    166680
     tggggggagt ggtacatata ttcctgaggt cctcctggat gaggctctga ggacctgctg    166740
     tcttcctcct gctcagttca cttgcctgga taacttcagc ttcaccaagg gcctgcctgc    166800
     atgaacagca gtttcagggt tgcatggggg gtgggaaggt gcctcagagc acagacacta    166860
     acaggctctc ccactattag aaagaagggt gggcagacag gagacacgac ctcaggggtc    166920
     accactgcag tagctgtcaa taagggtctg gcaattaact gtattcgact gtgcctcacg    166980
     cctgatcatt cactgacact gggcagtctt gaccctcctg ggacatccgt ggtttgctct    167040
     gtacagtgga tgagagggtg caacaggctc gccctgctcc tttcacagga gaaacccagc    167100
     ccccccgggg gacgccctgg cttgtcccag cacaggaggc atcaaagctg gagcaccttc    167160
     aaatctatga cactgggctc actgcccccc aagccccgag aacggctggc cctgcaccgg    167220
     acagcagcct gggagcccac agaaccgcca gacggcgact tccagacaga ggtgtgagtg    167280
     ccacgccgga ctgcccactg cacagaaata tatatctatt ttcacactcc actttggaac    167340
     taccaggagc cagcgcccct ccccctcccg aggctgggca ggaggcgcag aggactcagc    167400
     ctggctgggg gcagccagac tggcagggcc tggggggcca gggcccctcc ttgttctcag    167460
     aggtccctta gccacccact ggagcctcat ctttgccccg gcctgtctgt ccctgtcctg    167520
     ggctggggag gggggaggga aactttgttg ggaataaact tcactctgtg gatttggctg    167580
     cccggattgt ttgctgcccc taggcagagc ccagccctgg gaccccaatt ctgttcctct    167640
     agctccttag tggtataatg gggtcaggcc aagcctgacc aaaagggcct agctgcatgc    167700
     tgaccctgtc tttggtcctg acccccttag tatatacccc tgacatgatc tgggctggga    167760
     taagaagctg gaaatgtgag gtaggacgtc ctgtaacggg gtgactatcc tggtcatggc    167820
     tacccttcac cagggcatgg gcccgggccg cttacactga gttgctgtca ggggacagga    167880
     tctcaggtga gtgttaggag cactacacat cactccaatt cctcacagca tcggtgctgg    167940
     gaaattacgc attttgtggt tacagagatt gaaagtgagg cgctcagggc catggtcaaa    168000
     ggcagggcct gggttcacac agccaggctc ggtggaggta gctagcattt cagctcagcc    168060
     ttctggacct tgaccttcat tgctgcagtg gagctgtgag gagcttctgg attgtggtgg    168120
     agcctctggt gtagtatggg gctgagggtg gagaagcaaa gcttggaggg tggggctctt    168180
     tgctggcttg tattcttcac acgtatgagt tcctgggcac cagtacaagg gggcatggga    168240
     gcggcctgtg gaaggtctcg tggtgcgtgc tgtagttctt ccaagcaggc aggagctgga    168300
     gatgcagcag ccgccacagg catcgcttgc aagcctggtc atttagtaac atgaccatct    168360
     ctggacctgc agggactctg gagacacaaa tctaggccct tgagggagct gctgaggaat    168420
     gggaatataa gaagggacag gccactaggg tgggctgtca cagctgatga caggctcagg    168480
     ctggctggaa gaagggcatg ggtcgggtgt tttttttttt gttttttgtt tttaatttat    168540
     tcattctgca ggctttggca caggcttctc agtcccattg caatcctgcc tgaggtgggt    168600
     cctggttaaa gtagatcaca gtcctcccag gactgtgctc ccagcctatg cactccgccc    168660
     actccctagt gtttagttat acagtgttta ctgggacact gattcatcaa gttccagacg    168720
     tgtatttaag tcccttgttt tacagatgaa gaaattgaga cccaggggag aaatgtgact    168780
     ttccccaact cccccagtgt atgaggggca cagggtctgg cccctggcca ccatgggagg    168840
     tgggaggagg aagaggagga ggaggaggag gaagaaggaa ccaatctctc atagcttgtg    168900
     agtgactaat tgggccgtgt ttggagagga ggcagaacct ggtaccagcc ggcgagcaca    168960
     ggggaacttc gctcactcag gaatgcacac ccagggcaat gacagacgtg ggtgtatgcg    169020
     gctggccgtg ggtgatgggc tgagtctcaa agtgtctcat tccctccctg cttgctccat    169080
     tctgctaggc agccttcctt acctcctggg ccaaacaagg ctcccctgcc atcactctgc    169140
     cttggcccca aaggggaaga cattttttct cttgaattcc aattagaaaa tgtccaagga    169200
     agggaaaatc ctgattggtc cccagctctg tgattggcag cctctttagg agtcctggtg    169260
     agggaaacca gtctcaaagt cacagggagg gggtgcttat tcctaggagg gggtgatggg    169320
     gttgcacaaa caaatccccg cttgggtgcc agcagacccc actgcccatc cttgccaggt    169380
     ctccctcaga gctgcccctg aatctttaat ggacttctta ctgccttttc ccctactccc    169440
     gttccttccc agccctgttg tgggctctct ggggctgagc tatgaggtag aatcctccct    169500
     accctgcccc cactttcttc tcatggaaat tgggtccacc ttgctgactc tgctctcttg    169560
     gcagctgctg ctctcagcag aggctcctcc tgacagcttt gagacctatc aggtccatgg    169620
     tgaggggctg agctttgcta gggcaggttt atgcccccgc ctgacccaca gttcctactt    169680
     ccataggcac tcactcacct gcctcatgct cttgagcagg tcgctggaca ttgtctgacc    169740
     ttaatttcat ttgttttgaa gggacagctt ggagactgaa cccagagctt ttaagcaggc    169800
     tgccactcaa ccaattgctc aggccatcgt tggcctgtta gccattctat gtgcattgat    169860
     ttcaaacacc ctgcatttct ttcctaggct tgaatgtccc ttcattagct tcatgttctt    169920
     tgtctctggt ccccagctct tcacatacat ggcccacata tgatctttct aaaccaccga    169980
     tctgttagcc cattgcccag agcacatgcc atggtggttg aggatcagtc tagaaggcaa    170040
     gaccttcagg gacatggctg cctgcctctc ctgacctttc tctcacctcc gtgcctttcc    170100
     ttccatctat attcttgccc gttgaattgg agaattacgt tcttgcagct taggaagccg    170160
     tgtttgtgat gctgttcctg agcctctggc tcagcaggta gcactcactg ggtctctcca    170220
     gcctgggtgc atcgtcaacg gttgcatgat cgtacagaat ggctgccatg tacatccacc    170280
     tggtccaggc atgtgcgctc aatcagggag cagaaagcag acctcagcag acttctaaga    170340
     ggccagcctg gtctacagag taaggtctaa gacatgcaga gctatgcaga gaaaccctgt    170400
     cttcaaaaca aacaaaaaaa aaatcaaaac caaccaaaca aagaaaattt atagtttggc    170460
     gagccttggt ttcctccttt gcactgcggg gtaggtaata ataattccta cagtttttga    170520
     acgggattaa acccaaagcc cgtgtatact aggcagacat tctaaccagc tggggctgta    170580
     gctcagtggt gagtggtggg aggtggcggt aaggaagggc ttgtaggcaa taggtgcttc    170640
     tgtagctgtc cagggacctc tgtaggatct acccaagtcg ggtgctgccc gtggtgctga    170700
     aagaattccc tatgccagga cacaacaaac acgactccat gaccattgag ctcacctgcc    170760
     actcccctgg ccttgcaggt gtggtgctcc ttggatgggc acaccaggct ttcctccact    170820
     gagggaagcg cctggaaatg atacatcctg ttgacaattt tcagatagct tttttttttt    170880
     caaatgattt ataaagttaa accaggcatg gtgggtcaca gaggaggctg agacaagatt    170940
     gctatgagtt tgaggccaac ctaggctaca tagttccagg ccagcctgga ctaaaaaggg    171000
     agactctatc taaaaagaca acatttaaga agttgagatt aactgtaact atatatgtaa    171060
     cacaatatat ttaaattata atttttttga aacatgatct caggtagcta gctaggctgg    171120
     tcttaaattt tctaaaattt tagccaggct gagactggct ttgaactcct aatccttctg    171180
     tcttcatctt ccaagtgcta gaactacagg tacatgcctc tataacttgc ataaacatgg    171240
     ttattttttt aaatgtatga tcaatataaa aattgccaag aaagcttttt atccatctat    171300
     ccatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat    171360
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat    171420
     ccatccatcc atctatctat ctatctatct atttatctat ctatctataa cagcagggtc    171480
     ttgcaagtaa ctcagactga ccttgaattc atgatcctct gcctcagtta ttatttttcc    171540
     tatctaaatt ttcatgtgta tgtgtcacac agctcagggc cgcattgcac agcccagtgt    171600
     gtccgtggct ggagctccca tggcacagcc taacttaagt agagcagcag cagcatctcc    171660
     tggtcacaca gtgtcctttg agaaggagaa acctcactgt gacatgtccc actgggacca    171720
     gggagggtaa gttcctaaca cagtgccagt atagaggcgg tcccaagttt ctcatggcat    171780
     ctgttgtctt ggggaccctg gtagggacag cggcggtgtg ggaaagtagg aaaaagtccc    171840
     aaggatacct gagggaaaag gctggtgtat gactgtccta tcttctttct cctggaaccc    171900
     cagaccctga aagaaagaaa tcaagttggg gctggtgtgt gaatgcaaaa cattaaaact    171960
     caattgggtt taattttctt tcattaggta tcaattaaga aggaattagg tggcctgagg    172020
     gaagacctgt ggcagtcact gctgacttct gcctcaggac tcactttgtt ctgggcttcc    172080
     tcatgcctat actctccact tcatgggggc catgttaggg tgtgctgaag ccactctcca    172140
     gtgcctccat attcctcatt ttactcactt aaggccacct gcttcagtaa gactattaac    172200
     cccttagtcc ccaaagatac acacaaaatg tgtagggcaa gagcaaccca gctgagggtt    172260
     tgggttgtta gtgggaagcc gggggggggg cgggggggtt ttatgccagc agaggctcag    172320
     catgaaggca ttttggtatt cacagggttt ctctgcatga ctgagaaata agttggggga    172380
     cactaaagag tgggggtagc tgcggagaga ctaacaaaga agccatccac aggaaggagt    172440
     ctttgtgggg acctccactg aggagaaatg tggtctgtgt gcatgcacag gcagaactct    172500
     gccccttcct gtggctggcg tgaggaaaag agcctggtcc ctgagcatct ctcttggccc    172560
     cccggagaga tgaccatgcc gctggcttag catttggcct tgggcatgtt aactttcaga    172620
     tacttaaggg gaagacattg ggagaaggta ggcggttgga cacagggctg gaactcagga    172680
     gggaactggc tagtcagcga catggcagca gggagctggg tcggagtggg gctgttgagc    172740
     aagtgggagg ggaagaaatg aaagcagtgg agacaggttc tgacacaaag ctttgaaaag    172800
     aaaactcagg gcctgctgta gacgctgaag gtgaattctc tggagagggt tacccccacc    172860
     tcctccctgc caagttccta tataatgaga aataagcagc cttaccatgc tgaggcaggg    172920
     tcctgagacc agtaattggg gctcatcaca gagatcgatt taagctcatt ggttgggctg    172980
     taggccagcg acagtccctg gagatgagag gaagggagtt ctgggggtgg acatctgata    173040
     acatctgagt ccaaggtctc tgggaggagg atgctgggct ccacaaggaa gctcctaggc    173100
     atgaggagaa aaaggaagtc caacatcctg cggccccagc tcctgctgcc cctgagcagg    173160
     caagagcagg gggaatcctt caccccgccc ccagctctca gtgtccctta gtgcctaatc    173220
     caggctggta tgtccccttc tgctacggtg gcactgcaca gctccagaca tcaatccagg    173280
     agtccctaga gtcaaccaaa aaagtcaata tttaatttgg gcaccatgtt aatgccatcg    173340
     atcggcagcc cccttctacc cccacttcct cgggcttgtt tgcctcttcc tactcacagt    173400
     atgctctggg gtgggatgct cgaacccaat ggaggcacag tttagcttgg agttgctctg    173460
     agaggctggc ctgtatagga gtgctgttct gagacaccct gcttcttatc cccaccgaga    173520
     atcagctctg ctctgagttt ccccaagagg acaatgagtt tggggggtga agattgtggg    173580
     taggtcaact cttctcctgg ctgaggactg ggtctaattc tcttagagtc tatgtataga    173640
     gtacaagatg ctgtggaacc cagttgagga tcctgcagtg aagctctttc tagatcctag    173700
     aggggagact gggcgaagta ttgagtgtag aggctcagaa cccagcccag cagcaaaaaa    173760
     aggggggggg ggaggaaaaa aggaaagaag gaggaggggg aggaggaaaa ggggaagaag    173820
     gaggaggagg ctggagcaag ggcagggctc cctttgaggc taggctggtc tccccccacc    173880
     tcctaaccaa cacaggcttt tatgtagccc agacaggctt tgatcttact acacagaccc    173940
     ctcctgcctt ggaactaatt gctcatgccc atgcctgtct cttccctagc agcaaaagat    174000
     gaccttgaac ttctgatctt cctgcctttg cctctggaac agtaagatta taggcatgtg    174060
     ctgccatgtg gtgctggggg ttcgaaccca gggcttcttg catgctagac ccgtctgcca    174120
     cctgagctgc attaccagcc ccccccccag tttgttgttg tccattctgt ggatcagaca    174180
     gcgtgctatg tctctcagac caatgctgta tcacggatgg cattgttggg caagccctga    174240
     cacctagctc tgagtgactt ggtgggcagt ctatgtccaa cttgaaatat atctgttatg    174300
     caagcagcca caatgtacat aaaattctgc tctgatgaac aacatatcca gaatgttgat    174360
     actgaaactc caaaaatgag gttattttta ttttagatgg gcaaattgcg acatgtcatg    174420
     gactagtgtg gctttcatta tggatatgaa tggaaaggcc agactcttct aaaggacatt    174480
     tacatgcact cacctggccc agatgacccc cgtcctgagc tatccaaggg gtcctcgata    174540
     acccagatga tctactctgg gcctctgagt caagcctggg gctaggagag catgatttgg    174600
     ccatttgtga aacattatgc tgggctgcaa gtggggcagt gatacctaga aaacgaggaa    174660
     gatatagtct ctaaggttac caaggtgggg aagctggtga gagccataga tattttgtcc    174720
     gggggcctct ggtggctctt tgaatgaatg taaatcttct ctcacggttc aagagacaca    174780
     gcacaagttg gttgccactt tgtccacttt gttgccacca ttgctatagt tctcagactc    174840
     agctgaggct acctcgactg cttctgaaac tggctctatg gtttgtctcc tgcgagggcc    174900
     tttgaacttg ttctatgctc tcctctaaag actccccagt cctccttttc cccggtacct    174960
     gctagtttgt tgttgtttta gagacaggtc ctactatata gccctggctg gacttgaatt    175020
     ccatcgtgat cctcctgcct cagccctccc ctccaaattc tgtaattaca ggtgtgtatt    175080
     accatgctca agtcactttt gaaaacatct ataatatatt acagttcatg ctggcaagga    175140
     tgaagggaaa ggggagcgct tattgctggt gggagtgtag tctggtacag ccatgacggg    175200
     aatcagtgtg ccagtttttt tgggagctgg gaattgatgt agctcaagat ccagctatac    175260
     cactgttgtg ggttgccttg gtgctgtttg tattttgatg tttattctgt cttctcaaga    175320
     ggggttgtct ccccattcta actcgtcaaa taggctagag tctatgactg ggcagtggaa    175380
     gggaaaggtg ggactggagg tgtcagaggg gagaggaagg agagagagga tggaggaaga    175440
     tgaggtggaa gtcaatatgg aggagaacca catggcctag agatgctgca agtagcaagg    175500
     ggtctcatat ctggggaata atgataagat ctgcccaatc taggcataga gcttataaat    175560
     gtaactgggt tgtatgtttt ttatatgggc ttattggggt aagaaattac tgcaacatac    175620
     caccactctt gggcataaac ccaaagggtt ctccgttcta ccacagagac acttgcccaa    175680
     tcacgttcac tgctgctgta ttcataaaaa ccagaaactg gaaacagcct aggagttcat    175740
     caactgatga atggtaatga aaatgtgaca cactcgcaca atggaatatt atccaactgt    175800
     gaagaaaaat gaaatcatga aactctcagg tatgtggata gaactaggaa aaaagtcctg    175860
     agtgaggtaa ccaagaccct gaaaaaggaa tcttaagtgt tttctcttat atgtggatgc    175920
     taactttcag gcatttccat ctgtgtccta taatttgagt aagcacagag gttcgttacc    175980
     tggtaaggga ctacagaaga agatctccca agtaagggga gctagattac gttgtcatgg    176040
     acaggcaaag gggaaaatgg agtaggagga ttacgtaggg gagggggagg ctgaggaggg    176100
     taagtgagag gggatgggga gggacaacta acagtgaagg gcatctgaga aacaatgcac    176160
     ttctactgct gtagcaggtt cctaaaatac atgcgtctat gaaaggaatc taaatgaact    176220
     catcaaataa cagagcaaaa aatgtccccc ctgacattgt ttgccaccaa gtaaaacttc    176280
     caatgccagg aatgaattct ttcttggtga gtcattggtc aaaggactcc atgaaaactc    176340
     caagcatcac agatgacagc caagactata ggttactctc tataacctga tgataaagcc    176400
     ctgttactga agagaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacataca cacacacaca    176460
     tacacacgcc attgaacatg gagaagtcaa gctggtatct gaccagaagc agcaccctga    176520
     ttgaccagcg ttcatcgtac tctcagagga gaaatgtaat cattatactc ttgtatacac    176580
     agttccttcc gtctataact gacctgccta ccgggcacac tggcgctgta gtggcacaca    176640
     catggtggag taaccaacca ctttttggtt ggcgttaagg ctgttccgtg agattgaccc    176700
     catgcctgac actgctaaag tggctgagaa tctgagacta ggtatgtcat aggcccaggg    176760
     taaaactgaa gactgttatt ctgctaaagg aatggaacaa ttaaattatt ccagatgaca    176820
     ttttgctaca cccaccaatc agtgcctcat tgagctctca ttggggaagc ggcctctgca    176880
     gtggatgggg attaacatgg aggcctgtca ttggacaatg tacagagact gagagactct    176940
     gaagcactcg gtcctaaatg ggatgtcgtc attaaagtcc ttccctcaag actctgggat    177000
     ctgtgtggaa gaagaggtga aaagcttgca gaagccagag gtgatgttat agttgactcc    177060
     agggaaacag tatcttccac tgatgggtat accctgtgga ggttcactgg gtatatcaac    177120
     cacactccag gtcagtcctc atgcccagag tagttggaaa acacaaaaca aactctgtgg    177180
     tattttttac agacatcatc atcatcatta ttattgtctc attggtctct tgcttatttg    177240
     tctttatttt cattttttgt agattttttt ggtgcttctt gtttttattt tgctgttgtt    177300
     ttgcttttgt ttgtttttaa aggacaaaga acataagtca ggtggatagg gaagttgggg    177360
     gacctgggag aagggaaacg tgatcatttt ttttgcttat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    177420
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtattatatg catgcctggt acacacggag    177480
     gtcagaagag ggcactggat accctggaac tagagttaaa gatagttatg aaccaccatg    177540
     aggtactggc aaccaaacca ggatcctctg taagaataag ttgccaggtg tagtggcaaa    177600
     tgcctttaat caagaggcag aggcagaggc agaggcagag gcagaggcag aggcagaggc    177660
     agaggcagag gcagaggcag aggcagaggc agaggcagag gcagaggcag aggcagaggc    177720
     agaggcagag gcagaggcag aggcagaggc agaggcagag gcagaggcag aggcagaggc    177780
     agaggcagag gcaagttgat ctctgaaatt gaggctacct tggtctgcag agtgagttcc    177840
     aggaaggcca ggactgcata gagaaaccct gcctcaaaaa aaaaatgttt ttcttaacta    177900
     ctgtgccatt tcctcagttc cctaacttac tcttaatgac tgttacagtg aactccagaa    177960
     gggccatggt tatatcttgc catctttgaa tcattaaaca acaacaacaa tatatatata    178020
     catatgtgca aatatagaac atgttatgtg tgtgagagca tgcacacaca tgtatggaca    178080
     tgcacatatc atgtatgtgt atgtggaggt cagagaacaa cttgtggtag ccatttctct    178140
     ctttccccat atggttacca ggattgaacc aggtattcag gtttcgtaat ggatgcttta    178200
     cccaccgagc catttcactg gtcccgaatc attttttccc ccaaatcaca tcatattaat    178260
     ctttccatag tgctatttat ttttatgtga aattatatat ctagtatgtc tcccccactg    178320
     gcttgtgagc ttctgagtgc agaaaagggt catcgttact gccatgcatg ttggttgcct    178380
     gtcacaccat agggacttca gagataatcc cgaatgaagg gatgaagaga cactgagagg    178440
     gaaatgccca gaaaacaaac agaacggagg gtctgggtct tggtggccgg tctgctggag    178500
     gcaggctgtg tctgtgccta cagctggggt ggctgggata ggaggctgag cctgtgcagg    178560
     cctgagaaag ggggagcccc acaggacacc agcctcaggg catgcatatt gcagaaggtt    178620
     cgttccttga atattaactc gatgctggac cggcagccct gactgcttct gaatttttca    178680
     ctgtcaaggc caggggctga ctggggatgg ggggttggga gggccaagca tctgcatcca    178740
     gaaggctaca cacttttacg tgtgggtcac atgcaactgc ttagccgggg cttgctcctg    178800
     gtggctgtgt gctttgccat gagcatctac atgtctgaac atgcactgtt ttcagttggt    178860
     gtgcggggat acaggcgaat tgtgttttat gtgccatcac tgacaaactc aatgacagaa    178920
     ggagggaacc cggggaccat tgagttccat ttctcctttg tgagagagag ggaaacggag    178980
     gctggaaggg atgctgaggt cacacccact aacccaaggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    179040
     gtgtggaggg ggggggtcag aaagccattt ttttacgatg ctgggcacag gtgtcttgct    179100
     acaccagagg agtctgggat acagcctcgg gagaagacaa acgtagctag gagcaatcgg    179160
     ttccagagca ggaggggtct gttctgcctc gcagggaagg ggagagtgtc agacaagacc    179220
     aggaagggaa gacttgcgct gaacttacac taattgaaag ctcagcaggc agagagaggg    179280
     gaaagggcac cagaggcgga ggtgcggcat gagcaaaggc atggaggcat gaagcaacct    179340
     ggcagcttgg gagaattaca aataacgctg tttgctggag aggagcccac acggagggtg    179400
     ggttgcagag acaaggctgt gagggtgagg ggactttgtg agctaggaga ggggattaag    179460
     tgttagttta tttgcaaggc tatagggacg cccttgtgta tagcgctgaa acagacttga    179520
     ctttttgact ccattgagga aaagtgaatt caacaacaac aacaaaaata aaacccacaa    179580
     acatttttcg aacgcttatt atgagccaga ccccacgctg gaccccgagg cagtgattct    179640
     ggaggaaacc cacgctctca gctctgtatc cgagacgcac acaggcaggt gcagcaggta    179700
     gggatcttgg cccaagaaag accctgtgtc tgtattgcct gaagacctcc tccaatctga    179760
     tccactctac gctctttgct gtgagaaaat ttgcagaaaa ttccatctca cccattcctg    179820
     gactcactct ttcttcctct atgcaaagat ccagtgctcc ttcctacacc atagaagagc    179880
     tgcctcccgt cctggtccac cttacccccg gagagaggcc tgctgtgctg ggccccgtgg    179940
     gagtcttttt tcttttatta gatattttct tcatttacat ttcaaatgct atccagaaag    180000
     tcccctatac cctcctatca ccctgctccc ctacccaccc actctcactt cttggccctg    180060
     gcattcccct gtactggggc atataacgtt tgcaagacca aggggcctct cttcccaatg    180120
     atggccgact atgccatctt ctgctacata tgcagctaga gacacgagct ctgggggtac    180180
     tggttagttc atattgttgt tccatctata gggttgcaga ccccatggga gtcttgagat    180240
     ccaccgagcc agctcttcct ctgttgcttg gggacagtgc cagtatctca atacctaggt    180300
     tccgttttcc ccagctgtgt taccctcacc cacacctgtc atctattaag gacagtctcc    180360
     accttcagta gcccccactg ccgctcccca gcaaccagtc accaacctct tccccctttg    180420
     tcctattcag ctcctccctt gagaacacct ggcacagttg cttccagaag gttcctttta    180480
     caaaagtagg caagagccat cagacttcaa gcagctcctg tgtgctaccc agcacagttc    180540
     ccccaggcta ggaaaatcaa aggccttggc ttggaaatgg gaggagagag aggaagagga    180600
     aagcaattaa taactcgata tgctgtcctg cagaacaacc ggcagctaga gtcctaggca    180660
     gagactgatc tgtacacagt agaggtgttc tgggggccat ggaagctacc caccccccaa    180720
     tggtaaggat taggtcaatg tcagggaggg ctcagatggg atggaaagac agaaggagcc    180780
     tccagtggga tgaagtccac agaaggtgag gctaatgatg aagagaccat ttcaagtccc    180840
     aagtgtgaag tttctctgga ccctgagaag ctacggggat attttaatca tgagagttat    180900
     actgctagat atctgttgta gaaacactgc ctgtccatca ggaatagatg gggcaagaga    180960
     cagacaggag gcagcagctg gcaggtgctt cagggaccag tggctgggac agacagaacg    181020
     cagcttggaa gtgatcctaa gcaacaagag acagacaggg cttggggctg gaatatagcc    181080
     actagaatgg ctcctgtttc cagtgagggg aaaccctgtg gatattcccc agaagggtgg    181140
     tgtgcaggtc ctggaggaac agagagaggg aggaggctta gcgctccccc ccccctccat    181200
     ctgttctccg caattcctca gcttcccact agagggtgcc gggagaacgg gctccacctc    181260
     ccatcatccg cccctcacca cagaaggatg gtcctcgact tggacctccc aaaagccagg    181320
     tcccacatgt gttccgctcc cttcatccct cagaaatgtg acctcactct ctgggggcct    181380
     agtggtgggt tttggcctaa ggacctctct ctacctaaga gccatcgtga ggtctgtctc    181440
     tacaagcttg ttctggtgct cagagctgtc tcagcccttc tagcttctct gtctcaagca    181500
     gatgcttcct ataccttagg tatccaaagg cctcaccatt gctga                    181545