ID   AL607078; SV 26; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 138211 BP.
AC   AL607078;
DT   28-SEP-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 44)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-422H14 on chromosome 4
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-138211
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Lloyd D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; d1d26dc816e798ed4a58453599a43e8b.
DR   ENA-CON; JH584273.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456111.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000039936; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000039953; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029143; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029144; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0029108; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0029109; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0029056; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0029057; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0029124; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0029125; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028845; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028846; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029573; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029574; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028258; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028259; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028807; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028808; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028956; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028957; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028920; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028921; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0029046; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0029047; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028947; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028948; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029605; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029606; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027978; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027979; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028338; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028339; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL607078.26:1-138211; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000038859; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000039144; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105688; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105689; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105690; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105691; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000118704; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000122059; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000127273; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000131224; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000134534; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000146612; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0069331; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0069340; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0069344; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0068998; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0069001; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0069832; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0069836; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0069478; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0069481; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0068943; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0068947; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0069082; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0069085; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0068983; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0068986; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0069155; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0069160; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0069001; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0069005; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0070018; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0070022; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0068961; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0068963; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0068165; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0068167; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; B1AS24.
DR   GOA; B1AS25.
DR   GOA; B1AS26.
DR   GOA; B1AS27.
DR   GOA; B1AS28.
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DR   InterPro; IPR002420; PI3K_C2_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR003113; PI3K_adapt-bd_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR011009; Kinase-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR015433; PI_Kinase.
DR   InterPro; IPR016024; ARM-type_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR029071; Ubiquitin-like_domsf.
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DR   PDB; 6EYZ; X-ray.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; B1AS24; B1AS24_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; B1AS25; B1AS25_MOUSE.
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CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-422H14 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..138211
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-422H14"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    17542..17543
FT                   /note="Number of bases in mononucleotide run unsure."
FT   misc_feature    31564..31661
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-153G17
FT                   (AL645645) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_65486, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    38113..38188
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-153G17
FT                   (AL645645) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_65486, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    38827..38847
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-153G17
FT                   (AL645645) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_65486, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    107974..107999
FT                   /note="Sequence from clone PCR only."
FT   misc_feature    108003..108029
FT                   /note="Single clone region."
SQ   Sequence 138211 BP; 34588 A; 34013 C; 33940 G; 35670 T; 0 other;
     gaattccagg ctggcctcag gcaagatgtc agaactctga cttgaggatg aggtggcagg        60
     aaaaaaacaa aaacaaaaac aaaaaataag ccacagcaag gaaagacctc cagggtggac       120
     ctggtgtgca gagccaaatg cagggtcttt agttcgccct tggagagaca ggcccatgtc       180
     actcccacac gctgtcctgt tctgtttatt tgcttgcttg cttgcttgct tgcttttctg       240
     ttgctcaaaa gccacttagg agaggaaggg atttatttcg tcttagggat cacaggccat       300
     tattgagggc atcgagcagg cgctcaaggc aagccggctt gctcttccac acagcattac       360
     ttctgaccca aggactcaca gccaaggagg cacagcagag atgttttcct ggctcatccc       420
     cacccccgct agactttctt ctgcagctca gggcacctgc ccagggagag aagctttccg       480
     tggtggcctg gcctcctaga tcaattagca atgaaaacag tctctgtctc cacagcagct       540
     caaatctggg cagtccttca gtgaggctcc cttctgaggt gactaagtga tatcgagttg       600
     acagtagatg tgaagtggta ttatgacata ctcagaccct ttggtctgga ggtacttatg       660
     ttttggggga gacattggaa agttaaagtg aggagaatga gcacctcatc tagaaaaaga       720
     agctgtaaag ggggtgtctg tctgtgtctc tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtaca tgtatgtgtg       780
     tgtctctgtg tgtatatctg tgtctgtgtg tatgtgtatg tgtgtgtcta tctgtctgtc       840
     tgtgtctctg tgtaagtgtg tgtatgtata catgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgta       900
     cacgtgtgtg cacgcgtgtg ggttgcatct cggcagggtg gagggtggga ttgggtgcag       960
     gacctcaagg accacagctg aatttgaccc tacagttgtc cttacacatt attcctagtg      1020
     agctagaaca atgggacagg tgctccttac catactttgc aaatgtgtaa actgaggctg      1080
     cgtgaacagg gacttccctt ggatacacag ggagctaggg tcagcccagg ttccacatgc      1140
     caagtcttgc tcctggggta cagtgaggca gctgaagcct ggggaggacc tgtggttgtc      1200
     tcctgtacct tcattagccg tgctaagaat ccacctctga cagctctggg tgctggagcc      1260
     cagtaggcgc cactgagcct cctgctgcta agtccttggt gaatcagagc ccactgttcc      1320
     catagcaact caagtgtggt gctaccttgg gtaaaaagca tccgctggga gctttggggt      1380
     atcaaagcgg aggtgtatag aacacctggc tcagagcctt gggctgctaa aaacagcaca      1440
     tgctgcccag tgggtgtggg tttatgtgga aggcagccca gcacagggtg agcaccaccc      1500
     tcactcccct cagaagttct ttcctttggt gggcctctgg gacctgcttt tccaagcagc      1560
     cattccccag agctggaagc tgaggcactg tagttgagta gtaagataac aggcacatgg      1620
     tgacactcta ggtaatgagc ttccggcatg aggaagtccc aaccaggtag tcagggaagg      1680
     gccggagcac cccaagtggg aatcactgga gccctggcag cctttactcc ggcatgagct      1740
     ggtgcctgtg tgctggagat gtctcactga gcctggagct cacaggcaca ggaggggtgc      1800
     tccctggaga tatgcaagca cttaaccaaa gtgcccgaag ttggagatgg ctcacagagg      1860
     ggcttccctc tctccccccc aggagtgtgg agtctctgca gcctcacggt tgcagttctt      1920
     tagcttttca tgcttctagt ttttttaaaa aggcatattt tatttgatat ttatgaatgt      1980
     tttgcctgtg tctgtctgta catatataca tggatgtgta tatatacatg gatgtgtata      2040
     catgaatgtg tatacataca tggatgtgta tacatggatg tgtatatata catggagggc      2100
     tggggcccac agaggccaga gggagccatt ggatttcttg gaactaaaat tacaaatggt      2160
     tgtgagccac caagtagatg ctaggaacca aacagatgtc ctctgcaata gcaacaagtg      2220
     ttaacctaac ccctgaggca tgctagacta cagatgcaca taccacgttc tgctccttca      2280
     caaggctcag ggatttaact taagtaacca tattgccagc cttccacctt atgtttgaga      2340
     taggatctct gactgagtct ggagtttacc agttggctaa cctagctggt gagtgagccc      2400
     caaggatgtt catgtctctc tatagccagc ctgaaggttt cagaagcacc ctgctgtgca      2460
     ccatggttac atgggtgctg aggatctgaa cacacatcct tcttgcatag cgagcacttt      2520
     acccacggaa ccaccttcct ttccaggtcc ctaatcttgt actttgccta gcgaggtata      2580
     aggttccaca gaagtacaag agctaatgga tacctaaccc cagaagggct gaagctggag      2640
     tcctgggaca cctatgccag taaggggtgc tgtgagcgta agggtggcaa agccaaggcc      2700
     cccatcggca gggctcatgt tagcatggag gttggtcttt gaggtcttat ggtatccagt      2760
     gtggctggcg ctgctcctat gagtccccct tttccacaac gccgtctaca tagggcagtg      2820
     cccatcctgg tttgtgggat ctttgggttt gcaagagaca agttcaaggt cagcctatat      2880
     tgtgaacttg tcttaggttg caacaaaaaa taacaagttc caacttcagg aacccttctc      2940
     cgaacctcat cgtcactgac gtgatctggt ttgggcgtga gtgcgggctt gagacggagg      3000
     ctggcttcca acactgctgg tgtgaactca tccccagctc acaaacagac cagtgacccc      3060
     attgtctgcc tcccgccccc agccaggggc cagcttccct gtttctatgc ttctgcatat      3120
     ttgtcatttt tctctcccca gtcacttgac tagctccact gaagggccaa agctggcatc      3180
     aggcgtggga tggaagggcc agtggatgcc tgccccaccc tgtccagaga gctgagcctc      3240
     agccctgctt ttggatgagc cacagtagtg cagggaggac agttggcact tgactccatc      3300
     ccagtggtgg tggtagtggt ggtggtggtg gtggtggtgg tggtggtggt ggtggtgggt      3360
     tttaatcctg ggtctaggtt ccatttgcac agtgacgcag agaccaatcc aggctttgac      3420
     tgaggcttgg caatcctcca tgctctgggt gactacagac agacagttgt ttcccttctg      3480
     tgtcgttaaa ggcaagggct ccagagcctg ggcctccggt tcacccagct acttcaagtc      3540
     tctgagcaaa ggctctgagc aagcgctctg aatatgacca agaacaaggc tagtcctggt      3600
     cacatagcat gttcagcaga taaagattag actaatgggg atgtaagtca cttgtagact      3660
     gcttacccag cattcctgag gctttggctt gcttcccagt actacacaaa actgggtgtg      3720
     aggtgcacat ctgtaatctc agcacttggg aatgagaggt aggaaggata gaagatgaaa      3780
     ggcatctaga ctgcacagtg agttcaagtt caaacctagg ctttatcaag gctagcctgg      3840
     gtttcatgag tctatgtttc ctaccctcac ccctaactcc caccaccatg ctgctgagaa      3900
     tgctgaaggt tgcagctgcc tggataacaa gataggtttc aaaatggaca tcaggtttgt      3960
     acagggaagg ctctgatttc tcctcttatc agcatttgtg tctgtctggg tcttttaccc      4020
     tgcctaccct attcatgtgt gtgacgctgc acctcctggg aacttggatt gggtttccag      4080
     aatgatgcag agctgctctc atgagcttgc tgaccacacc tgtaatccca gcagagacag      4140
     aggatcctga gtttgaggcc agtctggggt acatcgtgag accctgtctc taagaaagct      4200
     gagttcagct gaagatgtag ctcagtggta atctagcctc ttgcttcttg tgccctggat      4260
     ttatttattt agtccatcac tgaaaaggac tagtggtggg ctggagagat ggctcagtag      4320
     ttaagagcac tgacagctct tccagaggtc ctgagttcaa ttcccagcaa ccacttggtg      4380
     gctcacaacc atctgtaatg gaatccagtg cccttttctg gtgtgtttga agacagctgc      4440
     aatgtactca catacataaa acaaacattt taaaaaccga aaagaatagg gttggtggtg      4500
     agtggatgat agacttcaac tttttttttt ccctttgagt ggtaagagtg aaaggcctag      4560
     cctatcagag gtggtgcatg cctttagtcc cagcacagag gcacagagca agtttaagga      4620
     cagccagggc tacatggaga aactttatct cagaaaacag acaaacaaac aaacaaacag      4680
     tgcctgagtt ctaactccaa ggacccacat ggtggaagga gagaacagac tcctgcagtt      4740
     gtcctttgac ctctgccatg atgcacatgc acacacgagc acgcgcgcgt gcacgcacgc      4800
     gcgcgcacac acacacacac acgagtaaat gaacaagtgt gaacaagttt gttcctaaat      4860
     gttattgtat cattaggaag atacaatacc atcagttatt tccttaacct ccttttcagg      4920
     ccgctcattg cagtgtctgc aggcagacgt gcacattggc cttatgcccc acacgggtat      4980
     cagtcactac ttctgagagc tgtgtagtaa gtagatatta cagagcattc tctacttata      5040
     aggttatgac atccacaaat agaagtaggt ccttctgcta atgtgtagac catattactt      5100
     ttgcctaatt gcccaggaat gaacctttac aacaatctag agaagccagg tatggtgtct      5160
     tggtcctgaa atgtcagcac cagggagaca aaggaaaagg cttcgtcagt caaaggcaag      5220
     tctgtcacga gacacctttt gacaggtgga acctctctga tgcatcttct atcacgaggg      5280
     atgttggatt ctgttagatt cactttctgt gtctgttaag aggattgtgt ggggtttgcc      5340
     ctttatgctg ttggtagact atattatatc acctgatttt gagatgttaa gccaaccttg      5400
     cattcctaga gtaaatctca tttggtctgg aaatacgaac cctttttata cgttgctctt      5460
     cgtaatttgc taacattctg ttaaacagct tggtttatat tcataggaca agtacccgtg      5520
     tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgcc tgtgtgttcg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcatg catgcgtgta      5580
     catgtgtgta tatgtgtgag acactcttgc gcgcgctcca ctggccagga agaacgaagc      5640
     tgcaacagga tccttctgca cacgtttatt gggagagctt gattgtagag gcgaaagacc      5700
     ccgagcccag aactggtgct gcttttatag gcctaggagg ggcgtgtctc acacccggat      5760
     tggttatgca ctaagcctca tttgcatgtt cctcatctga ttggctactc tctctcagta      5820
     ccttacagaa cctcattatc atacctcatt tgcatgtctc acatctgatt ggttatactc      5880
     tcagtacctt acagaacctc attatcatgc ctgggccagg cagtgtcttt gcaaaaaact      5940
     ttactgcata tgtacacatt ggttgtttgt ccaaacttat gtgtggtggc cagcagtagt      6000
     cagtgccact ctgcaacggc acatatggct tcccacaaga cacattatct ggtttcaatt      6060
     gtcttattgc tcagtttgtt tgaaaagatg ttcaggagca tccaagtagc tcctgtgtgc      6120
     ctgggctaac ctgcatctgg tgggaatcag tgaacagatg ctctgagcac aagagccgtc      6180
     agtgggtacc actggggaag acagagcctt acctatagag tgattgctgg cctggaggta      6240
     gaggatgagc acttagagga cagcagaaag ggtacttggg ggatctgctg tgcccctttg      6300
     tctcaggaac tgaattttag gggtggatcc aagatgacca gctgagtagc tctcccatcc      6360
     ttttgtttcc tgatccaacg tccagagaag ggagggaccg cgagcatcct ctggctttaa      6420
     ctgaaggctg agtgcctggc ccactcctaa tagaaacagg tcagaggatg ctctgccctc      6480
     tctctggctt caaaggaagg aagttctggt ggtcagcaaa tcccttagga acgggaatgg      6540
     ttgcgggatg ggagcatctc tgaggactcc ttctgcagcc ccaaaaacag aacatagact      6600
     ctgaaatgag gcctgtgggt tcccagtcag ggagaatcta gccagctggc agtgtgggag      6660
     ggagggtaaa attcttacaa agcttttgct ctgggtatcc tattacttac tcgtcagagt      6720
     aaatgtgtga ccttggcaag gtcatttcta ttgctgttgt gagacaccat gaccaaaggc      6780
     aacttggaga ggaagggttt atttcactca gcttccatag aacagtgcat catcaacagc      6840
     aacgagggca ggaactcagc agggcaggaa cctggaggca gagctgatgc agaggccacg      6900
     gaggatgctg cttactggct tgctcctcat gccttgctca gcctgctttc ttatagaacc      6960
     caggaccaca ggccaggagt ggccccaccc ataatggact aaaccctccc acatcgatca      7020
     ctaattaatg aaagacccta caggcttgcc tgcagcccag tcttatgtaa gagagcattt      7080
     tctcagttga ggtttcctcc tttcagatac cctcagctta tgtcaggttg acataaaaaa      7140
     acagccagca cacttgctgt cttcagagta caggacatgg acccatgagc agtttgcaga      7200
     gcccagtgat ggggatttga gcttctctaa ggagccagtg gcccatttcc tcctggggac      7260
     ccagtgctat ttttgcacat gcagctctct gcagaggccc aaggtccctg cgagaaaacc      7320
     cacgaggcaa gtgaggaagg aagagagtgg gttgtctccg ttcattgccc cagaagcatc      7380
     ttctgctgac gcctccccag cacggtcttg cttcgacccc ctcatgccta gcgagctgga      7440
     ggcagccctc agagaaacca gcatctgtta gacacccagc tcagccacca cacagggtat      7500
     gacgtaatcc tggcgacagt cctgcttgca gtgatagtgc atggtcccag gactggagtg      7560
     agaacagaga aaggatctga gggcttctca agcaagaagc cagatgtctg cgctcctttc      7620
     tggaggcttg tctgtctttc caagaacacc gatgaggcag aaacaggctg ggtggatgat      7680
     agattacgtt cccttagcac cactgtgctg atgtgaaggc aggatttccg aatgtcacgt      7740
     gttcgtctgg gccacccttc cgcagcactg cctggggtgc cccctggctc ctccaggcag      7800
     caaggtgcgt gcacgggatg gtgtggacaa ggatgagcaa cactgtgcga ctctggtcca      7860
     agtgccggag gctctggtgc accccacccc cacctaaccc aacccagtcc ttggaggcct      7920
     ttgctttccc tgctgttccc atctgcgtct tccagggaga tagcttccca tagcgcagca      7980
     gggaggtatg ccagaggcac aggcagcctc actgctaccg cttagggcaa gatgcaggac      8040
     caccacgctt tagaaaaggc ggacagggag caggaggtac cgacagcttg ggtaggctag      8100
     catttcctgc tccttccctc ctccccttgc ctcttctggc aatgtgtcag agcctgtctt      8160
     agggagaaca agacaaaggg agcgatttca tgagtggctg gactagaatc tcaaattcag      8220
     gattaagaaa aaccataaga aatgggtatc atatatttct gtcaagcctg gcaggcagca      8280
     ggctggaaat gggcgtggcc aggctccttg gaacaaaggc tgggtttgag caaagggagg      8340
     ctgtggcaga ggtgaatagt gtttgcattc atagtgagag ggctggcaag agggctcagt      8400
     gtgtacagga gcttgccacc aagcttgacc acccgaattc gatccccaaa gcccatgcaa      8460
     aggtgggagg aaagaaccag ttttatgggg ttgtcatcag acctttacac acatgcagga      8520
     gtgtgtcgcc ccaccataca acaatgagaa gtaagcagtt ttcaattatt tgatttgatt      8580
     ttcagtcaca aatgactatg ggtattagac ataatggcac atagctttaa tcccagaggg      8640
     ttgtgagcca gtgtgtaggt gctgggaatc gatcctgggt cctctgtaag aaccgtctct      8700
     ccactaccaa aatctacact tgagaagaga gaggctccca agaaaacgtt acctcccatc      8760
     ctaatgtgat gcccttggag caagggacat gggctgagca gagtcctgcc ccaggacctg      8820
     tcttatctcc tagctatgag gctttgaacc aggctctgaa gctttgcagc agggtggggt      8880
     cactcatgtc cccagattgg ctgtaggaag tctaaggaga ggtggactta gttagaaaca      8940
     cttctgtctc cttcccggta gtttttatta ggttgccatg tgcccccggc tggccctgaa      9000
     ctcactgtag ccaaggatga ccatgaactt ctgacccctt tgccatatca gcagttcatg      9060
     tgctgctagg gggccaaccc gggggctttt gcatgcaaga caagtactct atcagctgaa      9120
     ttacatcccg gacctttgaa gcactccaag ctcagcacag tttggcaagg gtgggaagat      9180
     aaggagggct gctcccagtg agcacagcct ttctgccttg tcctgattcc agaagccatt      9240
     agcagttctt gtcccctggt ctgcaggtgc agaggacgtg gtgatggcgt tttccagatc      9300
     ggagacggaa gaccggaggc agtagctgga agcccctcgg aactccctgg aagctgcaga      9360
     tggccaagag atctgtgtgg ctcctctgcc ggttgagtgg tagcaaacca ccgtcttctt      9420
     accctttgca ccccttaccc catccgaccc tccccaccca gccgccactc agcagggctg      9480
     gcatcaaggt ggtttgtgat tggcttaaag ggatggactt gagattggct gcaggaagaa      9540
     acctttttat ttttaaatct tgaccaacgg aaacctttta tttttatttc tgactcttta      9600
     tttttttaaa catttgcgcc tcggtatctg gcttccccgg aagctctccg agctctggtg      9660
     ctttatttag gtcattttta ggaatgtgaa gaggcctgat tggttgctta aactggaaaa      9720
     gggttatgat tggctggcta gtgggacgtg gtcttttctt tgattggctg taggtgttct      9780
     gttcacatca ccgacttcct ctgttctgaa agcagaaaac agggtttggg atattgttat      9840
     atttgacttg aaaaaaaaaa gaaagaaaga aatgaagtga gctttgcaat atttattaca      9900
     caaagagctg gctgctgcct tcacgtagtg ggtttgtgtt tggatttgat tggcagtaag      9960
     atgcgggttt ggtttcccat tggctcaccc ctgactcccg ttgctatggt ctttcttcca     10020
     ctctgctggt tacatgaggc ctgagggtac acctggagaa tgcacgtgct ttaatgacca     10080
     cacctgcctc caccagcgaa gggaccccag ggacgcgagc gcgagcgggg tccacagctg     10140
     gagaacaggc ccccaagggg ctttgtgttc tcctgagcca gcagcccaga gctcaggggt     10200
     gaccgggagg caggattgat gtactcagtt ctaagagctg gcagccagcc agtttcctgg     10260
     agcgaatgga ttgtgcagag ctcttcaggc ctttctggcc agcccatgct aagtacagga     10320
     gtgttgaccg gcagctccag cctctctgct gccccctgtg tctcacttcc ccaggtcttg     10380
     gcatccccag atcctgaagg ttatgagggg tctttactgg agccttgaac ccaagcagat     10440
     accccagttt cacttctaga accccagagg tttcaaactt ggctccaagc acaacctagc     10500
     caggcttccc agggtccatt gccagtggct gtagttcccg gatagcagat gtgttctacc     10560
     tgagcccagg cccccattac accgtgtatc accctgtgtg tcagcataga agggggagta     10620
     gcatggctta tttattagga agcacccact tggaagacca gctagacttt cacacagtag     10680
     gccccacagg ctactcagat ccagcccaag ggtcacattt tagagcagcg actgagaaga     10740
     aagatatggg tggtcgtccc atgcccacca tgccttccct gggagtgaga gaaacggtga     10800
     cggccctttc tggtcctggg caccatgatc cggaaaacac tggagcatct tttcccttct     10860
     tggggcttcg gcctcccgtg tggcagggag tgtgcaggat gccagtgcca gcaggtcttg     10920
     agttcaagcc ctggggcacc tccctgttgg tggacggttc aagcttccca gacatgtccc     10980
     aggaggagaa tgtgaacatc tggtccctca gcacatcggc cctgttagct gacagtaaca     11040
     tgctcgcttt ggccattgag ctccagggag caaggacagt ggagaatcag ctccgccaac     11100
     cccagcctga ccagcaagag cctgagagga gagcgtcatt gctggggagg agcagcgtgt     11160
     gtgagcaggc acggtatgag ctcacactga ctgacagacg cgtgcttgtt ctgctggcgc     11220
     agtgtggcct ggagatgtgg ctgggcccgt gggcagagat ggggtcattc agtcttcctc     11280
     ccctgtgaga ttgtatctaa agtccggtgt tgccagcttc agttggttcc tgtgactgcc     11340
     tcgaggccaa gccctggtga tggtgtgtgc tctgtcttag cagtggttct cggctcagcc     11400
     tctgagggaa aaagatgcaa gtatcgatgt ggcttcttat tctaactgaa agtctatcta     11460
     atggagaaaa aaaataacaa taaagatttt tcacagcttg ctgggtgagc tgagctggtt     11520
     tttctctcaa agctgatagt actgggcccc ttcccagggg tcattcgagg agggagggca     11580
     gcatcaagct tgataagcag agtggcctga gctgggggtg taactcaatg gctagtgcat     11640
     acttagcatg cctgaagccc tgggttgatc cccagcatct cataaaccaa ttgtggtgac     11700
     tcatacctgt aatcccagta atgtgaggct gaggcaggag gattgaggcg agttccaggt     11760
     cagctaggct atgatgatac ctgtcctgaa aagaaaaata aaaaaagaaa agaaaagaag     11820
     ctaggcatat tcacatgtac atgtagtctc agttcttgca aggtagaagg agaattagga     11880
     gttcgtgatc atctttgact atatagtcag ttcgaggcca gtctgaagac cttacctcaa     11940
     aaggggaggg tggggctgga gagatggctc agccattaag agcactgact gctcttccag     12000
     aggtcctgag ttcaattccc agcaaccacg tgatggctca caaccatctg taatggggat     12060
     ccgatgccct cttcttgtgt gtctgaagac agcgacagtg tacccacata catgagatac     12120
     ataaataaat cctaaataaa agggggggtc tgagtggagg tggtgtacac ctttaatccc     12180
     agcactctag aggcagaggc aggtagatct ctgggagtgt gaagccagcc tggtttacat     12240
     agacagttct aggacagcca ggactacgaa gtaagaccct gtctcaaaaa acgagggagg     12300
     gccaggcgtg gtggcacatg cctttaatcc cagcactcgg gaggcagagg caggcggatt     12360
     tctgagtttg aggccagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagctcca ggacagccag ggctatacag     12420
     agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa aaaacaaaaa gggggggtac tgggggtgta gctcagttgc     12480
     tactgtgctt gtctattcag gggctctggc ttttagaaga agaagaagaa aaaaaagatg     12540
     tgtacagagt ctaccctctc ccggaggttc taagctcctg gggccagcct tgtagtttat     12600
     ctagctaatc gctcagaggg agggggaggg gccggctggc tctggttcag cctccagcag     12660
     agcctgggtg gagctgccag tcactcacct tgaactgtct aactcaggag tctgtaaaag     12720
     gaagtaggtc acttaagaag aggcaggtca cttgagcaat tgaagcaaaa gggtctccca     12780
     gggcctctgg ccctgcagca ggcaccctca gggcgctgcc ttcctaggca cagatgcgcg     12840
     ttgctgctga taatgagctc agaggcagga ctgggatgaa gatgggatgt ggagggtaca     12900
     cagcctgcag gggcctaggg acctggaggg cagggaggca gaacaccctg tcctttgttg     12960
     gtgtctcccc tcccgttccc agagtcggat gcaattgaga gtggattaag tggttctcaa     13020
     tccctatagg taagtagcag ctgtgggctt ccaggctgcc ctcagccttt gaacagggtc     13080
     ctttgtctca gagaactcag tcccttttgt agcacctgat ctagttgatg gaggcaggag     13140
     ccaacttctg aatggggcag ctctggactc caggggacgt caacaccaca ctacaccccc     13200
     cagcagtcct gtgagcagga cccctgcacc ttccccacaa gatgaactag actccaacta     13260
     actctggggg ccccatttac cttttatgct gtcctttgag ataatgtgat attctgggag     13320
     acggctgaag tcggtgagat aaatgcctga aagggcatgg ggtggggatt caagagatgg     13380
     ctcagcagtt aagagcccta gctgctcctt tagaggaccc aggttcaatt cccagcacct     13440
     acatggcagc tcacaaagtc cataactcca gttcttagga tccagcgcac cgggcacaca     13500
     tgtggtgcac gtatctggtc atgcaggcaa aatattcata cacataaaat caaaacaaaa     13560
     cagggtctcg tgtatcccag gctggcttca cattatgtat ccaaggatgg ccttgaattt     13620
     ccgatcctcc tgcctcgact tcttgtgtac tggaattaca agtatgggca gggtacatgc     13680
     agtgctgggg ataaaaccag tgttgtgcat gctaagcaag cactgtgcta attaagcttc     13740
     actctcagcc tgcacgtgtg ccttaatatc agctagtgtc ttgtctccac ctggacaacc     13800
     tggctacttt ccagaaggcc accggtatcc atccttcaga gaagggtgtc aggagagatg     13860
     gttagctact tgttgcaagc tccaccctcc ttccagcctc tgcctggggt tcttctcaag     13920
     gctccgggaa ggagcttctg tttacacacc tgtgaagcgt ctgtttacac acctgtggga     13980
     gccccaccca ccctgcacag ccctaagagg taacatccga cccagaatct caaagacttc     14040
     ccccttcctg gccttgtttc ccgcaggaga aggtgatcat ttgcagaccc ctttgattcc     14100
     tttaaacata tgttacaatt taagtgtggc cccctaaagt tcttgtgtga aaaacttaat     14160
     ccctcaatcc atatgtccat gatatctgaa tggggctttg cagaggtcat tagaattgca     14220
     tgatgtcata gggtgggatc cccatgacga cactggtgcc tttatcagag gaagggaccc     14280
     gtgcctggct tactctgcat caccaagtgt cgccattcac catgccccac tgcagcaaga     14340
     atccactaga ctcccacacc atacccttca caggcctcca aatccatgag ccaaataaac     14400
     gttctgactt gcccagtctt aggtatcttg atacagcaac agaaaacaga ccaagatatt     14460
     gggtatcttg aatgtccttg tcttgatgac acagctggta ggtgttagat gctaatgatc     14520
     tgcacgcgcc agcctcggga cgccagcctc aggaaggggt gatgcctgtg tattcctagt     14580
     ctacccctga gcatccatct gaactccatt ttcttagcta tcacactgag cagacatggc     14640
     agttcactgc tgagccaaac tggtttttct agaaatttcg attccgctgc tttaagcctc     14700
     ttggatttag aacattgctt gctcccacaa gataaatctt tatgtccaca tagccatagc     14760
     cagggtctag gaagtcatta cttaaagtga gtgctctgga gacaagggaa gcatctatcc     14820
     catgaggctg ctttggagga atcatgacaa ttggtaggac atgctcagct ctgtgaccta     14880
     tgtacagtgg gttggtcagg acatatggtc accatgaagt catcctggca ggtgtccctc     14940
     cacccccacc cgctcatagg tcacacagaa cacagactta tctgcagtac ttggggagga     15000
     gcagcccagc cccaagtcca attaggtgcc tcctaaatgc tttctgatga ggctagacaa     15060
     tctgggatga tccccgaata gacaccaagg ccagctgcct tcccctccac cgagcctctg     15120
     gctcacctaa gaagcctctt gccttgggtg gggggtgagg ggtgctaaat gctttaacgt     15180
     cccttggaca tccccagcca gtggggccga gaggggtccc ccatatggta aggcaagcgg     15240
     agcctgggca cagcagctct gccttctggg gaccttcctt ctcccctgtc ctttaaactc     15300
     taaacacaat cacagccagc caggggaggg gataaaatta aatccttgat catgatcaag     15360
     tggttaaaat aagccatggc agccagaggc ttcctcccac ttcccagtgc agccagctct     15420
     gctctgctct cagcaagcag gagaaggagg aggaggaaga agaagaggaa gaggagagct     15480
     gagtggcacc ctgtgtgccc agcaccctcc tgctttcttc taccacccaa agggacccaa     15540
     ggcccaggct gctactctgt tcctagactg ggagccccag gcttactgaa gatgggaact     15600
     cacattaggg tagccccaga ggcacacatt aggagcagaa cataggtctc tgggtccatg     15660
     tttcttaatc tggaatgtac gaacaacagt gacacttacc tcagcagctg ttgtctgcat     15720
     ttatcagcca cggtgtgcca acagtgggat catgtggtac agcgtgggga gcaacctgcc     15780
     ttggggctca ggccacggtg actggagaga ttttcaagat gataggaagt aaaggtctgg     15840
     gctggagaga tggctcagca gttaagagca ctggctgttc ttccagaggt cctgaggtca     15900
     attcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac catctataac gggatcagac gccctcttct     15960
     ggtgtgcatg aagagagcaa tggtgtactc acatatatac aataaataaa tatcttaaaa     16020
     aaacaaaaca ataaacaaat gataacttaa tcttctcccc atgcttgctc tatgcaggag     16080
     ctgctctgac tctgagcctg aaaaaaagcc atccccaacc tttttctcct ccttgtcccc     16140
     tttagggagg acaaccctgg ctgatggccc tactcatggt ctgggacaga ggacagcttg     16200
     gtgaaacttc cctccaggat gggcagtgcc cccagtccag gcacctctaa tttctgcacc     16260
     cagcctcaga acaacagtca gagggatgta tcatcttcac actgaagaag aatcctgtcg     16320
     gcctggatgg tggtggctgc tgttgctcta acctggcagt gcaggaggat ctgtgatgca     16380
     cgtggtgtgc cccaggcagc accagggtgt accttggctc aggagctagg aagtggggtg     16440
     agaaaacaat gaggtagtaa aaatagtcct ttgtttacgt agtccacatc cttgtgtgtc     16500
     cttgcatgaa acagaaacca cagccacgag actggagact ccgggatgag tcttggtgga     16560
     aggggttcag gctacagtgc aggagagcct agctgggcag gagtgggtac atacaccctt     16620
     gcaggatccc aagtagcctc ctaggttacc ttcatggcaa aggacttttg tgtggcccct     16680
     tagagagacc ttgcttccag cccaagccct ggactcttga agggccccgt aggtcatgac     16740
     tgctccttcc ccttttcctc ttcttagctt aggctgcctg ttcccaggga tattgcatta     16800
     tcctagggga ctcggtaatc tgtgagctca tttcaagctg acacacctac ccaggaagtg     16860
     ctgaagctgt ctgccaagaa gcgctgacct ggtacaggca gcctagagtc tgtctctaag     16920
     ggcttctgtc tagaaccttc ctccagatct ttcgggaaat tccccaaagc atgcagctac     16980
     ctaccgaggt gagccccaag cctttggcag gcacccagga ctcccctgga atcctggaga     17040
     gttaacccaa cccactctga gcgaactggg ctcctgccag gtcagagctg gtcaggacct     17100
     gctctcggct gaaagggcag aagtgtaaga tccagccctg cccttgagtt gctgaagttg     17160
     ctggagacag aaaaatcctc atcacccgga ggatggcatg tcatgacaag cagaaccagg     17220
     cttgccagca gggagggaca ctgtcccttt ggaacctctg cacatgccca aggggacttt     17280
     ctctactttt cccttggctg attgggaaag tcagggaagg tacggaggcc tgtgagtctg     17340
     atggtccctg gcccagaagg cttcaggagt ggaaacccca cagaaactga tttgtccaga     17400
     ctagcccaga agttttgtgg aaaagccagc tctgttccac caccatccca gtcccagtcg     17460
     ggggttcccc aatatgttgg agagcagcaa ccagcacccg ttcaggcttg attttttttc     17520
     cagctccgcc cccccccccc cccccccccc ccgtcgtaca caccaccacc cccgtccccc     17580
     aagccccaag ctgtgaagct gtgtttttct aggcccctag ggaagaggag gaggctgaga     17640
     aggactgtcc cgcccagttg tgttggctgg cattgaggat ttacccagtc ctcctcagga     17700
     gctgaggctt atgtgccagg aggcagaaag gcttagggga ttactctctg gaggtcagca     17760
     gggggccaca cggggaagac tggggcacca aggagagcat cagactcacc gggagtcagg     17820
     gctgggtttg tacctccccc tccttcccat acctttcctt tcgtctgagc ctcagggagc     17880
     ccgtaagaca cattattgcc aattcctctt taacattcct atttaagtaa cttctagcca     17940
     tatagattgt atttctctgc tccctttaag tctggcccta acttgcctta tctagataat     18000
     gaaatatacg caatacgctg aagagccact ctgggtggca gctttgcaag ccactctgta     18060
     gcattccaga ggcggctgcc cggtcagcct gtgtcctggc agagttccct ccttctccat     18120
     gtatgaggaa ggaaccacgg tgcttcaggc tctgggtggc tcggccttgt ttgtttctgc     18180
     agaacaaccc tctgcttgag ttgcctttgg cgtcttttaa gcggttgaag tctaggaggc     18240
     aggcctatgc ctgatctaac aaagagtgag ctggtctcca gttccaatgg ctctccaagg     18300
     ctggacagcc atttgcttct tctggtgcct gtagttacac aagtaaggcc atgcagacct     18360
     ccatccggtg ccctgggagc ccattagaat tgaacattcc cttctggccc agtgctgccc     18420
     ttggtagtca gctcctttga acctctgatc ctcttcccat tacccctgct cgctccctcc     18480
     agtctctggc atcctgacct ctctcttcca aacactctga gcttgctctc attttagggc     18540
     ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt gttgttgtta atgctctccc cacatagcta actgaacctc     18600
     aatcctctct tgttagaact ggggacggag ctcggttggt agagtcctcg tgagacaggc     18660
     aggaagccct gggcttgatc tcctgttagt ggtgccttcc acaaccccag cacttgggaa     18720
     ctagaagcag aaggatcaga aattcaaagt tggttcctaa gtagcatacg actttaatcc     18780
     cagtactcag gaggcaagag gcacatggac ctttgtgagt tcaaggccac cttgatctac     18840
     agagagagtt ccaggacaac caggactacc tggagaaacc ttgtctagaa ggaaaaagaa     18900
     aagttcaggg tcatccttgg ctacctggta agtttgaggt tagcctgggt tacatgagac     18960
     tgtctccctc acattaggat tcaccaatca cccctttttt tttctttctt tctacaaata     19020
     ctgacacctt tggctttata aaatgtttgg atctctttgt ctacttgctt acttcttcct     19080
     gctaagtgat ttggatcctt aactgtgtcc ccagtacctg gcaaggcatg gctctccaca     19140
     aagtgttttg ttttgttttg ttttgtttta gttttttgag atagccctgg ctatcctgga     19200
     actctttctg taggccaggc tggcctcaaa ctcacagaga tccacctgcc tctgcctcct     19260
     gagtgctggg attagagtgt actgccatgc cctgaattct cttaagtctt aagtgactgg     19320
     ataactttga ctttgagagg ctcctctgct gggcccctgt gggccacgtg tacagtgact     19380
     cttttctgtg cagagaggaa gatgttctgc ctgcaacact ggctcaaatt cccatgggat     19440
     atctaggggt gctggccttg gccccaaatg gctctccatg ccttttggtc ccattaggcc     19500
     tgtcttgttg ataaattgat tttgggctac tgacgaggtg ggggttagaa ggcatgcgca     19560
     cagtcagcaa aggactaagg caatgactgt aggaaccacg gcctcgcaga cgggtcctgg     19620
     agccctggcg actcctcgat gcgctcgtgc tttagggttc tcatctgctc ccacacagac     19680
     tggccttctt tccctgccac agtgacatag ctcctggcag tgctggtgga aagaaagctg     19740
     cttcctccgg atcccaaagg attcccaagg ccgactctga ccgagtgtgc ttgggtcacg     19800
     tgtcacctgc tgggccaatc acgatggctg gagatttagt tctatttcca ttgactaaat     19860
     gactggggtg gagcatccta ttgaaaaggg acatcaccac gagagacaca cagaggggag     19920
     agcccatgtt ggttcctaag aaggatgttg agtgcttcga ataggaatgt ctgctacaga     19980
     tctctgacgc tggctgagtc cccagggtga gaaaatcatg gctcagtcag cctgccgcag     20040
     agatgagaac cacggagata tgaccaaagt cttccatgct ttcaaaccac cttctaagta     20100
     tgtatgtata cacccatagg ctgggctgct cccagccttg gccagacagg cttcttctgc     20160
     agttattatt tcagggatgc acaactcatc aaagtcctca gaataagcca ccattaagtg     20220
     cttagcccca aataggatct ctatactagc acctccaaag ctcagaggac atcatggaag     20280
     aaagcattgg aaggacaggg aggggtgtgt gaaacgcatc ttccgacata acatgatcac     20340
     tatagtcacg gacctactgc tgctatggtc tcctgcacaa gaccaagccg gcaagttcag     20400
     tgagctttcc agcagccagc actaactgga ataatgggta attaaataaa taaaggtgag     20460
     gatatgaagg tgggaaggag gtcttggggg gggttgtcct gggggagtgg gagttaggag     20520
     tttgtgtgga tacattgtac acatggaaga aattgtcaaa gaattaataa aagggaaaaa     20580
     tggccccttt tacaagtaga tctgtggtat cctcagagtg gtactgtagt gacatgtggc     20640
     cttgcctgcc agagacttac tgtgctttga gaagccctaa ggcaaagaca tcttaaataa     20700
     aaacaaaagc caaacgactg caaagcatcc ttccctacct tcctgtgttt tgtttgctta     20760
     tttgctttta gcccaggctg gcctcaaagt cactatatag ctgaagctgg ccttgggcac     20820
     cagaacctct tgtcactgtg tcacctggga ttacaggtat gtgccaccac atatggctct     20880
     aacccctccc tgttcctcct ctgccttttt tgtttaacct tctagtttag agacagcatc     20940
     ttcctaagct gcctaggctg gccttgaact cactctagcc taccttgaat caccatcttc     21000
     tctttagatg tcggacatac agaattaggt acggcctcac cctgatgacc tcattttaac     21060
     ttgatgacca ctgtgcagac ccagttaagg tcacatctgg agattaagaa ctcaacatac     21120
     acattttagg gggcatggtc aaacccacag tggtgggtat tctctgcggc aggaatcccc     21180
     tccctccatt tcactagcgt aacactgtag ccagaagctc atgacttgtg gtctgctgga     21240
     agagaaagtg agcccataat cgtgttaatt gccacaaaac cacatctgca attaatatgc     21300
     ctttagaaca aagagcaaat gcactaatga ctcctaattg gacttcagct acaccctcgg     21360
     cagagccgcg ctgctgagcc ccggtgttta tgctccattt cgaattagca aagatgaaca     21420
     aattaacatc catttcccct tcgctctgct cttggggagc tggaggggca ccttaggggt     21480
     agagatggct aattggtacc ctagttggat cctatgccag gcacctaagc ccagcctttg     21540
     agtcagtggg caaggtgagg gggtcagtgt atttatcgct ctgcatgcga taaaatgtat     21600
     ccagactcct ccatgaatcc tgaagccatc acaaacctaa acaggggttt tggcaggcac     21660
     ctgctagtgc tgggggctgg agtgccaggt gactgggaaa gtgtgattta ttctctgctg     21720
     tactgggggg aactcacaca caggggaagg cagttggggc cccgagacag gtctgagtgg     21780
     cgtgggggaa tcggaagctc agggctgcgg cctctccatc tctggagtag aggttaagtc     21840
     caggggcaga tggctgattg aggaagagga gtggcaagcc cccctcagag acacaggtta     21900
     ggacccctgt ttcttcctcc tctcttccct cccctcagcc tctccctgcc ctgctgtgtg     21960
     ttgccaggac catggtactg gctgtctgct caccttgcct cctcccctca ggaaggtgcc     22020
     ctgctcaggc ctggatgctg gaaggcttgt cagtcttatg agaggcagca cctccacatc     22080
     tctggggcca gccacagcct cgttacctct gcctccacat gtctggaact ctttgctctg     22140
     gcctcccatc tgccccttcc tctaactccc tggtctcatc aaagcacacc agggaaggac     22200
     cgtgcatcca gcctctggct caggcagtca caatgcttcc atccatcaca gctcctggct     22260
     ggaccagtgc tgtcagggag aatcatttac agactcttca gtggcccccc cttctctttt     22320
     gcaggcccct agtttgtctt tccccacccc caaccttaaa ggcagcaagg acctgacgtg     22380
     ctggctggct tcttgccttt cccaggtctc tgtgggcctc ctcctggctc ctcctgctca     22440
     gggaggctca ttgagaattc tctgagctct gtagctggct gctggagacg gcctgccatc     22500
     cccaggcagg cagcttctca tttgcaccat ctaaatcagt gaccagaggc ccagcactga     22560
     caacctggct gctgaggtgg gtgggacact gagaaaacag ggccagggag acagaagaaa     22620
     gggaaaggga cagtcctggt gctggctgct ggtggtctaa agagatctag aaactggagg     22680
     ctcttgggag ccattgggag ccaccagggg aggggaggcg ggaggaagct tcaaggggta     22740
     ggtacaggtg ctccctttac ctccagacag gtgctccctt ttcaaggctc tactcacggg     22800
     ctttacagga agcaaggaca gccagtactg ggctttatgg tcagggctcg ctatgatgtc     22860
     ctaagcccct ggttccagta cccaaagatg tcaggaccat ggagtctgga aggaggcacg     22920
     tggcttagac cccattcatt tgcatggcct tttttttttt aaggactgag tctcattatg     22980
     tagttagctc tgattggcct taaatcagaa tgtaaactag tctgggcttg aactcacaga     23040
     gatctgcctg catctggctc atcggtgctg agattaaaga caagcatcac catgcccaga     23100
     acttaaggga cccttcagaa accagcagag tcaggcatag tcaatcatgc ctccaatgcc     23160
     agggttcagg aggctaagac aagaggatcg tgcatttagg ccagccaagg ctagatagca     23220
     aggctctctc acaaacgata aacccaagaa ccagtagaaa ttagccatac agagggtggg     23280
     ggtgtcacat atccccagcc tgttcacacc tgtgggtgtg cgatgaggga taataagcct     23340
     gcccagaatg acgagcatcg tttacggagt cctctggagg gccacactcc cacagcatcc     23400
     cttgagaggc acacacatca tcatctccct gcttctgtag atgaacaaat ggagggtcag     23460
     acaccacagg accgaaggac gtggcagagc cagggttaca tgagaagaga cccctcagaa     23520
     gtgtttggaa acctgccagg ggggtgtgcc aacgccgagc ctgcagcctg tgagggagtg     23580
     atctgaaagg gcacagtcag acacctctcg ttgctctatc ccagcatttg gctgcatcct     23640
     gacatcatga cacgagccct cagagctggg gtgggaagcc agactgtagc aggcagaccg     23700
     atctttatgg ctttacagaa ttttcaatgc caggtcattg gtgggggtag aatgttggtc     23760
     cagggacaga tagctggctg gtgaagggag gttgcaagcc cccttcagaa gcatagatca     23820
     gactcctgtc ctttcttact ctgccctctc agcacacatg tatacctgct ttgactcttc     23880
     atagctgcaa agacaggctg tcagacttag ctgtgtaatt ttgggcaaac cacttaacat     23940
     ctctgaatac tagtgtcctc ctctgtgtga gagggatcat aattatatta attgtgtggg     24000
     atcgctgcca gtgtagactc agtcaaggca cacagcatcc tttgtggaag gctgtcccac     24060
     cgctaacgac gtgggagcag agctggttat gtctccatct ctagaggcgt gattaatccg     24120
     ggcgacacag aagaggaagg agggaggagg tagccccaag caacatagtg aaatggaggc     24180
     ttgggaagcc cagggtttgg ctcttggtag cctgcctgga aattgatggt tgagcttcaa     24240
     ggccaaagga aaaaactcag tgggagtagg gggtggggat aaaagaccaa agaggaactg     24300
     ggcacttgct cagtgggtaa aagcacttga tgagcaagct gacaacttga gtccagatct     24360
     aaaggctttt aaaacagtaa aagtgcgact tgtacctccc ctgctgccca tccaagggcg     24420
     ggatcaggag acactgccca ctgcctttgg ttcctggtga gaggggcgaa gcacaataca     24480
     gaagggatta taaaaaggtg acttttttcc ttcctgacac acttgatcac tgaagggcag     24540
     ttgctgtatt atacctggcg cttttctttt cccatataga cgcatagcca tgggaggaac     24600
     tagaaagagt cagaaacaga aagcaagata cagtggctta tgccagtcgg taatcctagt     24660
     gctgagatga agatgtgagg agccgggatt caaggtcctc ttctgttctg ttagatatca     24720
     agttcgagat cagcctatac ttgagactct ctctcctctc tctctctcct tctctctctc     24780
     catatatata tatattctct atatatacac atatacatac atatacatac acatatactt     24840
     acatacatac acatatacat acatgtacac acacacacac acatataatc agtgggtaga     24900
     gtgctgaagg ccttgggttc aatttcccag ggtaggtggc atatgcttgt aatctcagaa     24960
     ctcaagagaa tcaggagttc aaggtcatct tttgttttga attccaggac agtctaagat     25020
     aggagacccc atttcagaaa acaaaaccaa ccaaccaacc aaccaaccaa acaaacaaac     25080
     aaaaaccttc taggctgtgg ttgagcactg gcaacactcg ggaggcagag aaagcaggtg     25140
     gatttctgtg agttcaaggc cagcctggtc catagagcaa gttgcagaac aaccagggct     25200
     acagagaaaa accctgtctc caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa cagtcaaagc taggaaccaa     25260
     ataaataatg caacagtgtc tcacactgta gcagggatgg acagcactgt gctctgtgtc     25320
     ctgctgttgg gccagctgtt ctctatgaca acacaataat ctcccatgag gggtgctaac     25380
     taaggacctc attcaagatc ataggattta ggggtagaaa aggcccgctc attgcaaaca     25440
     cagaagactg gaaacaatcc tttaataagg aggagtcttt attaggggcc agattaagag     25500
     gctcctgtac gttgttcact tattcacata actgagtact atgcagctgg gaaaatgaat     25560
     atgcccatat accatggaaa tctcagcctt ggtctctttg ttcatccatc catccatcca     25620
     tccatctgcc tatccatctg tctgtctttt tccttcctca gggcttcata cgtgcccctt     25680
     cactgagcta tgcccggccc tgggatattt tcttaagtga aaaaaaaagc aaaatgcaga     25740
     acagtaggtg tgagctgctg ccttttatct cagaaagcag agcagaatat caaaataaaa     25800
     ccagaaagca gactgggcat aggcgcacgt gcgcgcgcgc gcgcgcgcgt gtgtgtgtgt     25860
     gtgtgtgtgt gcatgtgcaa tactagccct agggaggagg aagaagagga gggggagagt     25920
     tcaaggtcac tctctgatat atagcaagtt tgaagtccta ctgagctaca taagcctctg     25980
     tctcgagcta caacaaaaga caaataaacc ttgcaaacaa cccccaaagt agtagatagc     26040
     cagagtagac aaaacctata actatccgta caagtaagga ggaatagggg aaaggagcag     26100
     aaaaggactt taaaaatatt tagctttcgt ggtgatggca gtggcgcaca cctttaatcc     26160
     cagcactcgg gaggcagagg caggtggatt tctcagttcg agcccacctg gtctatagag     26220
     ctagttccag gacagccagg gctatataga gaaactttgt ctcagaaagt tccccacctc     26280
     cacccccaaa attgctctga ctttaatata actacaaaac aattaatttg aagttttaca     26340
     gaagagatgt atagaaatgt gtttgaatct aagtgtgtcc agcctccaac tttattatac     26400
     attgtatctg agaacttagc tcagaggtag aatgcttgtg gagacccaaa gtcatgagct     26460
     caatgcacca cactgccaat aaacagagga acaactagga gcagaaaaag gttaaaacag     26520
     cattgaaaga actgaagtac gtacggctca tggagagtgg gagtgggaca ggagctggag     26580
     agatggctca acttctgatc tttcaaagga ttttaccagc acccatgtca ggacttgcaa     26640
     ccatctgtaa tttcagttac aggggctcca acaaacattc tcttctggcc tctttacgta     26700
     tgttcgagca tgcacgtgca cttacacaca caaaacgtaa cttacagaaa gaaatttcaa     26760
     ggccagcctg agaaacatat agagacatca aatggggaaa aaatctttta acagcaatca     26820
     agtgacctga tgatgctacc caaaggcaga aatcaggcta gaccttgtac tctgggtcct     26880
     aatggtttct ggtggtttct tggctgtggc tttaggattc acaggcatta tattcagcat     26940
     ggaaacttgt ctaaccttct ctggctgcag cctctgagtg gctttgtttc cctggtatat     27000
     ggttaggcaa gtacccataa taactgctta ctggtccaga ctcccttctg cagacacttg     27060
     ccaagcatat acggtgcaaa ccagtaataa tgtgcctacc tgtgagctgg ctctgcatcg     27120
     ttgggccatc cttcaggtga cctcagttca ccctcactgc tgttctggat ttaggactca     27180
     cacatccagc caggaagccc aggatccctg agatctgccc ttcagtgcct tctccaactg     27240
     gaggggaccc taaagctgga gtcttctcct cctcctctct ctttctctct ctctcttctt     27300
     tctttctttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttctatcca     27360
     tctgtctgtc catctgtcta tttattttat ttatttcttg agacagggtg gtacctggaa     27420
     tccaatatgt agactcggct ggtcttgaat tcacagagaa ctgcttgcct agagtgttgg     27480
     gtttaaaggc atgcctcact atgccagctc taatgctgta tcttccttgt tttttaaaaa     27540
     aagatttatt tatttattat atgtaagtac actgtagctg tcttcagaca caccagaaga     27600
     tctcattaca gatggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg gatttgaact caggaccttt     27660
     ggaagagcag tcagtgctct taacctctga gccatctctc cagcccaatg ctgtatcttt     27720
     tgaggcaatg gagccagctg tggaatcttg gtgtgtgtgc atgtgttcgt gtgtgtgtgt     27780
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgcgt gtgtgtgcac ttgtgtacac     27840
     acacctgtgc acatgcttgt gtgtgcttca tatctaggct actgttttag agtccgtcac     27900
     agaattgaac cccaagagtc ctatgctcta gcaatctacc tttaagcaaa tttgacattt     27960
     tcctcctctg cgaaacagaa acaaaagtat cttctggaaa gagtcctgga gacactgtaa     28020
     gtgtcactgc aggtaagaac aaggaacaga ggctcctact gttaccaagt actttctcag     28080
     aactcagtga tttgggaact ttgtcctcac caagcactgc ctaacagcta gagttcaagt     28140
     cttccttgac caactaacaa agcccctact tattctcggt cctgcaggca ggcctgggag     28200
     atggctcctc ccagaaccct agactctgct ggcctcctaa tcccgatcga tccctttcca     28260
     cactaactgt ccctttgaaa agtgccatta tggcagaagc tctcgtcggg cagtcagaaa     28320
     tcaagtttcc tggctcctaa gactttcata ttaacctttg cagccgacag actatactat     28380
     gggcagagtc tcagcatggg caggttgccc agctcaccag tccacaccgt ccgctgccag     28440
     ccctttccat ctactgcttt gtttcgaagg gaccatgagg aggagagata aggggcttgg     28500
     gactccacac agggaagatc tttgtttctg tctttaatag aactgaatac attaaaattt     28560
     ccctgtggca ccggtctgtt gacaccagtc agttctgaga tgagaccttg gtttcatgtt     28620
     ctgcaaatct caaaggtttc tgagaaacct gcagagtctt ctccttcttc ttcttcttct     28680
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct     28740
     tcttcttttt tttttaaact ggtgagttcc agactatcac tactactact actaaaatgg     28800
     acacagaaat tcactcaatt cacagtagga tatttaccaa gtatctacta tgttcctgac     28860
     agtgtgccaa gcctcagaag ccttcaactc ccaaaggaaa atgcatgtac catctattta     28920
     catgcattgt atgtcagact ctatgaaaca tattattatt attattatta ttatttatag     28980
     cgatggaatc aatggtttaa aagcactggc tactcttgca gaagacctgg gtttgattcc     29040
     cagggcctac ccgcatggct gctaacaccc atctgtaatt ccagttccag gacatgctat     29100
     gccttcttct ggcttccatg ggcacctcct catggtacat aaatatgcat gtaggcaaat     29160
     acccatgcac ataagataat aaaataattt aataaaactt tattatttta ttattttgtg     29220
     cattcctgtg tgttcctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tagacacagc     29280
     acacatctgg gagtcagaaa gcaacttgca ggagtttgat ctctcccagc ttgtgggttc     29340
     tggggattga atgcagtcat taggtttggt ggcaagagcc tttagggcct ttgttccctg     29400
     agtcatctct ctcagccaag gtctgtttat ttgtttttgt ttgtttgttt gagacaggat     29460
     ctcttgtatc tcagactggc ctcaaattcc ctatgtagct gaggacgatc taaatttctg     29520
     ctcttccagc ttccacctcc ggagttctga gagtgcaagc atgggccatc ctgcccagtg     29580
     catggagagc caggctctcc tggatgccag gcgtgcaccc tgctgactga gctgcatccc     29640
     cagccccctg tgagacactt tgatttcatc atgtggcata gatctccaga ctctaaagat     29700
     gtgggttttg ctactggatt tcacagggga ggcaagagag tcggaaagtt tcatgatctg     29760
     cgcacggcca cttgcagagg gagaggagaa ttccagtgca gtcctgtcgg cttgtactat     29820
     ccagtccagt cctttcccac tctggattag tgacggggag tttgagatag caagcagctt     29880
     gactggggac tatatggttt cagtgggtgg ggcaggaaca ttccaggagg acttcttgag     29940
     ggaggcagtc ctgacattct cagggcaggg gtaaaggagg ctgggtcagg ggctgctggc     30000
     tttgggtagg aatggatttg ggtgaagaca ccaacagcat actctatgct gtgtagggcc     30060
     cagctgaggt gggaagtctt cccagaactt cctagagcag ctgaggtggc caaaggaagt     30120
     ctctcaagag tcaacaacaa cgttggttgg caggtgcagc cgcagtcaga catctttggg     30180
     aggagtgctg gggcgtggtc tagaggtggg gacaggtcag gaaacaaagg acagagagga     30240
     gagtttccgt tacagtttgc tttgaccctg tctcggtagg tcggttggtc tgcgcacagg     30300
     tcaccgtacc tctcctcaca gctgttgaag gtcttcctgt agcgtcaagt ccaaatcctc     30360
     tgtcctgccg tgtccaggca cctcagtcta cctctgtggg cttcttgccc aaactttcct     30420
     aaacaatgct ctctctccac aggccatact ccacccagcc tggagggctg tccgccttcc     30480
     tcaccctctc cccaagctgg cccaccagca ccccatcctc tctcaaacac gccctggaca     30540
     tcgctggcga ctcttccaac agtggccgaa ataactgttg cagggctgtt gaggtttgtg     30600
     ttgtgggtgt ctccctaatg aggccaccct gccctccagg gctgatgact ctcagttgtt     30660
     tgacctgaga aggcatttca ctttcctcag ctgcaacaca gtgtgctcac cgaagcccac     30720
     cgtgactctg tcagccctct cctctagaat agggcagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     30780
     gtctgtttgt ccatccagat tacaggagac atacaaggaa aagggacaga ctccagagaa     30840
     ccctgcagag aaccccagaa agggcccttc ttttgactct ccatattcct aaagggtact     30900
     tagcatcttc tttatcgcgc tacaaggcta taaataagcg acaaaaggtt tctacggtaa     30960
     atcaggagtc cctggagaca aaagtccctt tccaaacccc cagactggag ctggagaaca     31020
     agtacagcca ccctaggctt ttaccaaact cactgggatg agttgtgtcc ctgcaacctt     31080
     tcctgagccc acaagctttg ctcatcacct ccactcggca gaggaggtca ccgaggtgct     31140
     tggaggtgac accgcttgga tgaagtggcc gggtgctgga gctctgaggc cctaggatct     31200
     gcagtaggac aagtccttag gttcggaaac caaggagcgg atccccaggt gccttggggg     31260
     gcttccaggt gcagcgtcca ggggcgcgcg cgaggaggag gagtggatgc tccgggttgg     31320
     ccgcgggcag ggggcgcgtc cagcgggtcc ctcccggttg ctcccgggcc aatcttcctc     31380
     ggcgcgtccc cgcaggcgcg cacccagggc tcagcctgtg ggctcgcgca cccgcggagc     31440
     ggggagcgtg cgcgcgcgct ctccctcccc gccccgcccg ccgccacccc gcccccggcc     31500
     gggtaccctc gccggacccg agagagagcg ccgccgccat cttagccgcc gccgcctcca     31560
     gcgcagcgct gccgacgagg ggagggcgcg cgcggcccag cagcacggcg gctgccgttc     31620
     ccatcccggt gctcgccgcg ccgcccagcc gccggccccc ggctgcccgc gcccctctcg     31680
     gcgtcccgcg cgactccctg ctgcttccgc gtcgggccgg ccgtggcgcc ccgagcccga     31740
     gcgatgctgc gccgccctgc gcccgcgctg gccccggccg tccggctgct gctggcgggg     31800
     ctgctgtgcg gcggcggggt ctgggccgcg cgaggtaagc gacggggcgc ggtgagccgg     31860
     gtgcgggagt cagaaccgag tgcaaggttg ggccgaatgc agaagtcatg cggggccgcg     31920
     gggttcgggt cggggccggg tgcgggaacc gtgctcgggt gcaaggtggg gggctgagtg     31980
     cgagggtcat gcggggcggc ggggttatgg gcaagtgctg cagtcctgta gggcctctgg     32040
     gttctgggcc gagtgcggga ctcgtgccag agcccagggt tcgggtccta gtgcgcgcat     32100
     tgtatcaggc aaggttcggg tccgagtgtg gggatcgtgc cgaggcccag ggttcggata     32160
     cgagtgcgcg agtcatattg ggcaaggttg ggtccgagtt cgggcatagt aaccgggtgc     32220
     aaggaggtgg gcagagtgca ggagtcgtgc agggccgcgg aatttgggtc cgagtgtggg     32280
     aattgtgcca gggctgaggg ttcaggtccg agtgcgcgcg tcgtattggg cgaggctcgg     32340
     atcccggtgc gcagatcgtc tccagcaagg ttcggggccc agatcgtatc aggtgcacag     32400
     gtacaggacc cagtgcagga atagtgtcag cgcacaggga tcggtgccga gtgaggtagt     32460
     gttgctgggg cgcggggttc cgacccgact gtgtgactga ttgcctggga gcggggctct     32520
     gggctgagtg cggaacatcg agcccgctcg ctacgtgaga ttcaggttca ggcgctcaga     32580
     gaagagctcc ggagaaccta ggcgcgcgct gcagatgcct ggggaagcca attttgtacc     32640
     cgggcggggc acctgggcca tgactgccct agttgtagcc ccagggtgct tgaggtgctg     32700
     gtctggggag atctggggac acgcggtggg agttagccca ctttccagta gcgcatgcag     32760
     cctggggggt gcgcccctgg gtgggatgca gtgtacgtgt gttggatgat cagcccaggg     32820
     atgcacgcaa ggattttggt gtgtgcttac ataagattcc actcctccgc atcactttcc     32880
     caagatcccg gttctctgct gcggctaggt ggacaccacg acttcgcccc ttttcgcctc     32940
     ctctccgcgt cctttaaacg cggtttcgga agtaacagag gcgaaaactc ctcttccttc     33000
     ccaccctttt gcccaaagac gaaattgaga aggtgtttgt gatcactttt catccaccag     33060
     tgtgaacaaa gcgctcgtcc gctgcacctt tactcagagt agtgtaccgg acttgtatga     33120
     ccaccacaga gaccagccag ccccgctaat tccttaggag tgtgggaggc aaataggatt     33180
     ttgctgtttt aaatcttcat ccacttcatc taaacattgt acctgccttc tgatattgac     33240
     cgagcttgcc accaaaactg cttacgcatt gcagataaag ccttctgaat ggaacttgaa     33300
     accgtaaaca tttttcctgg tcttaaagta gtctaggtag atagtctgta gagagtgctc     33360
     gaatctattt tcttcaagtg tatattttgg aaatcaaaag agctttgtgg gaggaggatt     33420
     gatagaagtc tgggtgagat ggtcacgtaa taactttgca agctttaaaa aaagattgcc     33480
     ttttctgctt ggcctgactt aggaaagttg tgttcacaaa aaagggcaga agagggcaaa     33540
     gcatcctttg ttccagcgtg ccacacagag ggtgataaac tgaaaacttc ttttattcca     33600
     tctagaacat tctgtccatt cttgtcaaat tcagctcctt gccactaagt atctaattac     33660
     cgtgcatttg attttttttt ttgaaaagtt tcagcaaacc aagtatgaaa tgaggtttga     33720
     agcctggtct atttaagagg aagaaaactt ggttttgctt cttttggaaa aaaaaaccag     33780
     cccatacatg aaaggagggg agggctgggt tgggtatttt ggaaacagtt caagtaatgt     33840
     ttagttgagt tggtaatagc atcgcctgct tgaattactg cttttaaggt gtcttcctgc     33900
     atctacctac agtactgctc atcttttagt tacttgggta aaccatggtc aggctcacct     33960
     gattaccctc attatggctg agaggaatgt gaaatttcca acgtcttaca aagtaaaaat     34020
     gtttgaacat cagtttttct tttgcattta ccgttttttt tccagcttgc atggtcatga     34080
     atattccatg acatgctaat aaaacaattt cagtttgaaa tgttacaaat gagttttata     34140
     tgtaaatatg cggtttctgg aggcactttc cctgggctca ttattccagt gaacatctga     34200
     gtcctccctg caacgttggt gctggggacg gagcccaggg cccgaaggct ggacaggcat     34260
     ctgctcctga gccacactgc cccttcagca ttcccgtttg tttcttgttg caagatggaa     34320
     tggcataaac tgtttgttgg tcagcctcca tatgccttca gtgatgatga gtgagataaa     34380
     ggtcatatgc ggacttatag tgagaatgac agctatccta atataaaatt gcactggact     34440
     attaattagc tgttgtttgt tttgttttgt tttcccccct atctttgaga tagtctcact     34500
     ctgtagccag gaacttgcta tgtgggccag gctggccctg aacttgtgat tgcctgggct     34560
     ctttccccat tgctgagctt acatatatcg cacctcctgt ttggctaatt ccgttgtttg     34620
     tttgttttgt tgttgttttt aagtgtacta tagaatttca ctttaattta aaaaatcaaa     34680
     atacgtacat caaaatatta gaagtctcct ctgcatgtcc tggatggtca tgtctgcagc     34740
     agcttatctt ctgtccaagg agattggaaa atacggtcag gaaacaaatt gagtgcagaa     34800
     gttgaaagct acatgaatgt gagatctgct ggttttatgc ttgcttgcta ttttatttta     34860
     ttttatttta ttttatttta ttttattttt ttgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagcagccc     34920
     tggctgtcct ggaaccagct ttgtagacca ggctgcctct aattcagaga tccttctatt     34980
     tatgcctcct gagtgttgag ctcaaaggtg tgcatcaccc ctgcctggca aaattttcac     35040
     acagacttct cacagcctaa aattgaaata ctaagggttt tgttgttgtt gttgttgttt     35100
     gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt ctgttctttg tttttgtctt caaagtcaaa atgccacagt     35160
     aaaccatata ttagaagcac ctaagccctc ctccttgtcc tgtttgacag ctaaagtttc     35220
     tctagagaca ggtgctgact tggggattta gcccagggtc ttgcatgtgg ctgaagaaac     35280
     acaccctgag ctacatctcc tgcccctcac ccctctattt gacatattct cccctctctc     35340
     tgtgaacccc ctattctccc tttctctatc tcacttgctc atttttgcat agtgtttact     35400
     ccattaaatt tttattttaa atatttattc actgttacac attcagccac tccagaagag     35460
     ggcgccagat ctcattacag atggttgtga gccaccatgt agttgcaggg atctgaattc     35520
     aggaccttca gaagagcaat cagtgctttt aaccactgag ccatctctcc agcccctatt     35580
     aatttttttt ttactttttt tttttaattt ggggagaggg gagcatgcca tctggccatc     35640
     ttgctagccc ctgttaaata ggttcttaga aataactttg aggtgggggg attatttaaa     35700
     tacagaattt aatattatct ttagtcaaac attttattta tttggacctg taaatgcaga     35760
     agaattaata aaatgttatt aattcttagc tgtcatgaca gtgctgggaa ttgaactcag     35820
     gtcccctgga agagcagcca gtgttcctaa ctgctgagcc atctctccag ctcataattt     35880
     tttgtgggga cagggtttct ctgtgtagct ctggctgttt tggaacttgc ttcgggctca     35940
     tagaggtcca cctgcctctg cctcctaagt gctgagatta aaggcgtgcg ccaccatcac     36000
     caggcctgta attttatttt ttaagtcaac aagaacaact cgtttatgag aatatggcct     36060
     gatataatat atttttgggg aaataaatat agctttttaa aaattgaaat cagaaaatgc     36120
     tatattttta acaagtttca gtagctgggt aagtttcaag tctaaaggtt taaaatgata     36180
     aacctgaaat aagggtttgt ttgtttgttt ttcaacaaaa ctgaaaaaat attacaactc     36240
     aggtaattat gaattccctg agagatggag gcagaagaac caggtttggg atcattcttg     36300
     actacacaga aagttacagg ctagcttggg ccataggaga ccgagtttcg atcaaataaa     36360
     caggttgcat tattttctca atggctttgt atcacaggaa aatgtgattt tttttttctt     36420
     gatagaattt tcatttaaaa gaactgaaac cgggctggtg ggatggctta atgggtaagg     36480
     cacttttcat tacgacttgt cataaggtgc gtcttgggga cccacatgat agaacagact     36540
     cccacaagtt gtgtactctg atctccatac atgtgccatg acaaatgcaa gcttccccac     36600
     caaaatacat acatataatg caaaatacac acacataata tgtgtatgta ttaaacactt     36660
     aaaaatagaa ccaactctca caattgccta ggtctggttc ccagaggctt ataaccacca     36720
     ggaattccac ttccagtgga tctggtgccc tcttctggtc tccagggata ctgcacacat     36780
     gtaatgcaca gacatacatg caggagaaac acacataaaa attaaagctg aaaaaaaaat     36840
     cttctttaag attgaaacga accaggcatg atgatggcat atatacctgt aattagagca     36900
     ctgaggaggt tgaagcagga ggactgccac aagttcgaag ccagcctccg ccctgcagtg     36960
     agttccaggc cagtgctaga aacctgtgta cctcacatac tctggttgag gctgcagaac     37020
     attctagctt gcttttcctg tggtcttgat ttggtgggag cagagtttct caagaggaat     37080
     tccatctttg ccaacagaaa tttaagatgt cgattcttta aaatgcagct tatacagaaa     37140
     ggggggagtg tgtgctgtgg actggagatg gtttatacag tcatgtgcag tagtcatgtt     37200
     ctcttcattg tttaaaaacc caaacgccac agtgcccttt agacacaagc agaggctatg     37260
     gagagtcact ggtgggagct ggtgtgctgt ggcagcccct ccctgaacac aatctctcca     37320
     agagccatca ccgacgagac actgcactga gatggctggc tcagaattgt cctggccttt     37380
     gtctccagca ttttagctgt gattttgctc atcttatcat ttatgatggt attattagag     37440
     cagacatttt caaaggatcc agagctgagt gctttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ggttctcggc     37500
     aaagattcaa tgacttcaaa gtaactgaat atatagatat ataagtaaaa acctgtaagt     37560
     gcatctgaag gtcagcttcc ttccactcgg aaccccagcg ggaagagcgt ggcaggcagt     37620
     gtaccaaaag aaggtctgtg ttttcctttg taccttttcc gtcagtcaga ggtggatatt     37680
     gtctcagtca tctgcctcag gtcagctccc aagggcccct gttgagtctc ctcccagctt     37740
     ctctgtttaa cccattctcc atctcatgcg tgttaggtaa acagtcagct tccgaactcg     37800
     ctgttgaggt caaaagaaag ccagtgcttc ccatatccat gttaaaaaat aattacctcg     37860
     taatgacgtt gtagctggag cccagggccc tgtgtatagt aagcaagtgc cctgccacca     37920
     agctacatcc tgacactccc tttgaaacaa cactaaggag gtagaattca caaaccataa     37980
     aattatgtat tcattcatca gctgggagac cttgggctac gtccacttag tgccttttct     38040
     atattatgaa catttatgca caagattttg agggtgagtt gtaagatctc atgagtgtgt     38100
     atgtaggggt gggagttgta ggtcttatgg taactcttcc tcctcctcct cctcctcttc     38160
     ttgatttgta ggtcttatgg taactccctc cttcttcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcttctt     38220
     cttcctcctc ttctttctct tcttaatttg taagtcttat ggtaacttct tcctcctcct     38280
     cttccttttc ttcccttttt ctttcttcct cctcctcctc ttctttttcc tcctcctttc     38340
     tcttcttcct cctctttttc tccttctctt ccttcttctc cctcctcctc ctcctcttct     38400
     tctcctcctc ctcctccttc tcctccttct tcctcctcct cctctctttc tcctttctcc     38460
     tcctcctctt ccccctcctc ctcccttctt ccttccttcc ttcttccttc ttcctccttc     38520
     ctccttcttc ttcaaatccc acatagccca gcctgaactg tttgagtagc tgagtctctc     38580
     attggttctc tgatcctgct gccaagaaga gagaccctag gcttgtgcca ccaatcctgg     38640
     ctactttggg tttaaccaga aggccttcac catcctgcag ccttcacagg cgcccagggt     38700
     aggatttttc tgctcaaaca ccacattcac agcagtctgt ccttaagtca taggttgctc     38760
     attttttcct actggggcaa agaagtattt cacctaaccg gttccctcct gtgtcatccg     38820
     tccattcccc cccccccccc cccccccgcc tgccccacgg gcctctggac acaaagccgc     38880
     cttttctctt gctccgattt cctttgcaat gaatcctatt gagtcctatc actctttcct     38940
     atcttggcgt catcacagcc ttcggctctt tgtcaccttt cactctgaga ggcctgcaac     39000
     gctttgtggc ccagaatctc ccaagttctg atgcttggtg atctgaggtg gagccagctc     39060
     atgtgagggg tgagggacac atgcagattg taggtctagg cttctgagca gggcgagctt     39120
     cacgagggcg ccggaagtga cacgtgaagt cctgggctcc agctagcttg agaagacgtc     39180
     ggtggctcat tcattatatt tctgttatgc taatcaaaga gcagggttta aaaattagat     39240
     gattatcttg tctggccttt tgatttcatt ctttaatcag tgatccttat ttacccagcc     39300
     tttaatccta gtacagagca cttagagata cgtttttaga ttcaaatgca ttctaaaact     39360
     tggtaaaaac tgcctttttt tttctttttt ttcttttttt tggtttttag agacagggtt     39420
     tctctgtgta gctctggcct cgaactcaga aatccgcctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg     39480
     ggattaaagg cgtgctccac catcgcccgg ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaactgccat     39540
     ttttaatacc tccttaaaat aaaagaaaca aaggtattta ttctgagatc ctccaatact     39600
     taaaaataaa aattccaatt ccatacgaag ctgagaatgc cctttcggac ttctgatcct     39660
     tctgcctcca catccgtgtg ctgggaccac tggcgtgtgt tgtcataccc agttatgggg     39720
     tttgggcatc agatacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     39780
     acactcatta acacattcac actcaaatgt ggcatcttgc attctaggac tgtaggatag     39840
     tactctaagg ccaagccaca ctggtgtgag gaacagggtg ttaccctatg tccaagaccg     39900
     gattagaact cactctgtca ctggatccag cccttaactt tccgcaggcc ttcttctgca     39960
     gccttccaaa tgaactagcc agtgcttgtc caccctccca gctgatgctc gcctctggcc     40020
     tcctgggaga ctccagtctt ctcttttcta acagcctcag gatgaaggcc gccccttctt     40080
     tgtgtgcaca acaccttgcc agagacttgt cattctaagt ccatcagaga cagtgagagc     40140
     aagtgggtgg ctgcgtgatt agggggatta aaaccctgtg tcaaacagat tgtgtttact     40200
     tttagaatat gttgactaat tcctgccagt tttgtgttgg atatggaatg agtacctagg     40260
     acagcagtca ttaaaattca cggctaatcc ctcatctctt tttcctgcca tgcatttcaa     40320
     acattatcac aagtaaaaga aaaacagtgt acacagactt gactatgatt tttctttcct     40380
     ggtgtcctct gggtaaaaac tgtggaagaa cagtagggtg ggggctggca ggagggccgc     40440
     agccagcttt gtgcctgagc cctgttacag tgctgcatta atggctgagc ttctcggaaa     40500
     tcctgaggga aggttataag ccggagttgc ggagggctga cgttgcttct gagtgtttgt     40560
     aaatatcttc atacctggac tggctggttt tgtgtcaact tgatacaagc tggagttatc     40620
     tcagagaaag gagcctccct tgaggaaatg cctccatgag atccagctgt aaggcagttt     40680
     ctcaattagc gatcaagggg gtagggcccc ttgtgggtgt tgccatccct gggctggtgg     40740
     tctccagttc tataagaaag caagctgagc aagctagagg gagcaagcca gttaagtaac     40800
     atccctccat ggcctctgca tcagctcctg cttcctgacc tgcttgagtt cctgtcctga     40860
     cttcctctgg tgatgaacag cactgtggaa gtgtaagctg aataaaccct tgcctcccca     40920
     acttgcttct tggtctgatg tttgtgcagg aatagaaacc ctgactaagg caacacccct     40980
     acgtgtgatt actaagtaaa gctggttgtt tgtttgtttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtttttggt     41040
     ttggcaaagg tttacaaagg ccctgcccag gagtatgtgg gctctcttag caaaggggtg     41100
     attaggacac atcgtcagta cttcaaatat aaaataaata tcctgtggct acagagctgg     41160
     cccagcagtt aagacatgtt gctgctcttg cagaggacct gagttggttc ctagcattct     41220
     taccaggcag ctcacaacca cctgtaattc tcgcttcaag gggtccgagg ctctcccctg     41280
     acctcctcag ggccagcact cctgtggcgt gcacatacac ttaaataaat tgacctgtgg     41340
     ttaggagcgt ggcttaatgc tagagcccgt gctctgtcaa tctgtgtgct taatgctaga     41400
     gcccgtgctc tttctgtgtg cttgctcttt ctgtgtgctt gctctctcct attgcaaaag     41460
     ccaaaggcac ccagggggct ggggaggtgg ctcgggctaa gaacacatgc tcaggttggg     41520
     ttcccagcac ccacatggca gctcacctcc atccataact ccagttccaa ggtatccaat     41580
     gccctcagcc ctcggcaggc agtgcacgca tgcaaaacac tcatacacgc aaaatgaagt     41640
     aacattaaaa cagagtacag ccgtagagac cttgactgct gggcaggcag gtacagctca     41700
     gtgggtaaag gtgcttgtcg cacaagcctg agacccctga gcccctggtg gaaggagaga     41760
     acagagccct gaatgttgct ctgcagactt cactgtgtgc tccggtgcat gaacttgtaa     41820
     tcctgtccac tacacataat aaatacaaat aagcggggtg tggtggtgca cgcctttaat     41880
     cccagcactc gggaggcaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt ggaggccagc ctggtctaca     41940
     gagtgagttc caggacagcc aaggctacac agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     42000
     aaaaaaaaag aaaaagaaga agaagaaaaa aaattacaaa taaaatcata ggtgcctttt     42060
     ctttatgaat caggtgtgca tcgcaggcat gcatactgcc atcaggctat ccccagccct     42120
     ggacagtgtc atgtcgctcc acttctgggg cctttagtaa caagagctac agtatcaata     42180
     tttgtttcag tgagatgttt tagaggccac tcaaggccag tgatacatag ttgcttatct     42240
     aactgattga gtttactgac tgtgttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ggtatcctga ctcttcttaa     42300
     aagtattttt tgctacttta aacaaacaaa caaacaaaaa atacaagtgg ggctagacag     42360
     gtggctctgt aggcagatgg ctcagtggtt aagagcattt gttgttcttg tatataactc     42420
     tggttcgatt cccaacaccc acagatgctc acaactcact gtaactctag gggtctgatg     42480
     tcttcttcca tttccatcag gcacacaagt agtccaggga tgtaaaggca ggtaaaacat     42540
     gcatacacaa aataaaataa aagtgtactg ccaatggtga gtggagctga gtggccagtc     42600
     ttcgctgctt ttctcttctt ataggaggta tccctgtgtc ttcaggtgat gtcagggcct     42660
     taggtatcag agcagtgacc agagacagag gggaagatgg caggaactgt gtggagtgag     42720
     ccatccagcg gatgtcgcca gcaccctgtt ttggggggag cagtgagcca ctgagaacag     42780
     gaaggaccag gctggcgatg gcagaggtgg cagcagccag actgcagagg tggaagtggc     42840
     ctgtccagag ctggttagga ctgggaatgc agaacatggg tgagctcagt tgctctctct     42900
     gatattggct cagtgtgacc agacctctgg cagttcaagt cccctacgga cattgtctca     42960
     tcctgtgtct tctcaaggag gagactgggc actatgcaga gggaaaacgt cacagtacag     43020
     ggtcctggct ctgagcctga catgaagcaa tggcagagag atcctgaaga ctccgcccct     43080
     cagcgtggat gagtgactgc ctcctgcttg agggattctc aaccctggta ggtggagcag     43140
     agccagggac agtgtgaagg caagcttcac tcttgggctg ggcacgtgtg gcgcaggctt     43200
     aataggtggc ttcgagagac agtctgagtt tgcgtttcaa gttgaacctc aaggcagtaa     43260
     gcacgtaagg acatggagca aaagtcttta ttttgttttt tgagacaagg tttctctgtg     43320
     tagctttggc tgtcgtagaa tgcacagaga tctgcctgcc tgtctcccaa gtgctgggtt     43380
     aaagacgtgc gccactatgc agccccaaca gtcttgactt ttcattttaa gagggagtca     43440
     cactatgtta tctggggttg gtcttgaact tttagcctca cgcaaccctc ctacctcagc     43500
     ctcttgaata actggaacta caagctgagt gaattttctt ttagaaaatc aagggctaaa     43560
     gagatggctc agtggttaag agcactgact gttcttccag aggtcctgag ttcaatcccc     43620
     agcaaccaca tagtacctca caaccatctg taatgggatc tgatgccctc ctgtggtgtg     43680
     tctgaagaga gcaatggcat actcatatac ataaaataaa taaataaata aaaattcaaa     43740
     tatacactgg taaactgagg cggctggtgc aggaggtatt ttctctctcc ccactcagat     43800
     cctgttgtcg taaactggcc ctcagcacac tctgacctct ggtatcttct gagctgtgca     43860
     gcagctaaga gccagcttgg ttctgacagt gttttctcgg accacagtca tgtgtgattc     43920
     caagatgatc tagaggtcac acgtcgggtc acagtttaaa ggacagcaac ttgaaactca     43980
     agtaatattt tctgcttgga aatgttagaa actctgtgac cacaggaagt ttactcagcc     44040
     cgcagtaagc gtgagtgggt taggaagaca gtgtagtcac acacagacac caccgcatgg     44100
     ggaatcatgg cctgtaactc cctgagtcac gtgtatgctg aggagatggg atgaagagtt     44160
     gagaaggtgg agagagattt ccagtttctt gagttctgca ccagggtggg taagaaggta     44220
     gacaccggcc tgtctgttgt ggtctcaagg gagaagaatg gagccagaag ggaagagaat     44280
     ggaagagcct cctggtgccc ctgggtcagg tcaggtggtg tgtctaccat ggggactgtc     44340
     tgaccctttc tgaaacttac tcttgctgtc tccagctccc agtgctgggt ttctcagcct     44400
     gggccatttc acctgccttt caggaactat ttattaatgt gcattacata aagccatgac     44460
     tgatcaaatg tacctaagag tttgtattaa agaatttaac ttaagaattg ctgtttgaaa     44520
     ctgccccctt gggctttcca aattatttaa tctataagaa tcaggtttta ctctcttgtc     44580
     gaagtatttc aacaaagtag agagaaaaga gtgaaaagac aatgaggaca ccacgcacac     44640
     gcacacgcgt acacagcagg aatggcttta ccacagcaca gagatttact tgtttcctct     44700
     tgctatgagc ctcattaacc gtgaggggct ccctggagtg gggttctggc cctctggcct     44760
     ggcattgctt gtggtacaat acaagccacc ctagcccagg gaggcattgt cacagttgga     44820
     gccctcagcg tggtattggg ttagctatgt gcttttgagc tacaatactt tgcttggttt     44880
     ggtctggtct ggtctggtct ggtctggtct ggtttgattt ggttttttaa gacagggttt     44940
     ctcagtgtag ccctggctgc cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctgat gtccagctca     45000
     cagagaacct cctgcctctg catcctgagt gctgggattt aaaggatgtg ctactgtgct     45060
     ggaccctact ttgctttctt taaaaataat tttttggggg tgggcaggat ctcatgtagg     45120
     ggatgctgac ctcaaactaa attgtatagt tgagtgtagt tgttggggct gagtgtcttt     45180
     ttcgtcactg gggtctctga gctcctccag caagccgctc aggggaggca gaacacagtc     45240
     tgtgataggg gtcccaggtg agaaacagtg ggggctggga tggatgctaa ggttcctggc     45300
     ctcctgtgta cccagatgtt gctggtgaca tcggggagtt aggaactggg tccctacagg     45360
     ccaggcagga aggggatggc tgagcccagg aagtgggcgg gatccagtat ggagtgtgga     45420
     ggggctggaa gagagaggga ctgctccagg agacttaggc atgctcttca cgatgaaggc     45480
     ctcactcagc catggtcctt gatagaggag cctgtccttg ctggtccaaa ctgctttatt     45540
     tgatggcaga tgtgaatgca ttcatcttac tcagggtgaa ccaggaatta aatacttttg     45600
     tggaaggaat gcccgggaag gtaagctcat tggctaaaca ctcgggacct atctagatac     45660
     ctcattaaca aggagaactc cagggtttat gctacatgac cagttgtcat ggtcctcgca     45720
     ctgggctgtc ttggttacat gttccagagc aggtctttgg cagggagctg gcctcacgcc     45780
     tactgttctc aattctgaga gttcccgggg tttaggcttg ctcggcctta ccagtccttc     45840
     tgtccacttg ccttacagag catgaccttg aactcacgac cttcctacct tcatctctca     45900
     agtattgaga ttacagaagt gcactatcat gcttccattt cttttcttct aaagatctat     45960
     taatttttat ttttaatgta tgagtgtttt ccatgtatgt gtgtgtatgt atatgtatgt     46020
     gcagcacaca catgtagtgc ctatgtatgc cagaagggga tgttggaggg ccctctggaa     46080
     ctggagttac aggaatttgt aaccatcctg tggctcctgg gaaccaagcc tggtcctctg     46140
     caagagcagc cagtgctctt aatcactgag ccacctctcc agcacacttc tgagttttct     46200
     tgggaggtgg ttgatactgg ggttcaaacc tcacatatgc tctgcaaata ccaccaagtt     46260
     ggccttctct tttgaacttc agttgttaac aataacaaca aattatcacc tttgtgtacc     46320
     ctcccaagac agcccttgca agcccgtgat gtagtgctga ccttgtaaag tgcctgcctt     46380
     ttattaagct gtggtgaatg aagcctgtgt ttgctgtctg cttcatgttc ctgaggaaac     46440
     tgttgggatt tctccggcat caggctttac ccggggacag ttccaccctc gggacctgcc     46500
     cagtgcccgt gggaaaggct gtgaactgct gaccccaggg cttgtgcttt ggtgttatcc     46560
     ttgataaggc cagtgacttg gttttgctta gacaacattc cttacatctg gctcccctga     46620
     cggtgctctg ccccatctgc cccagtcccc tctgccctcg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     46680
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgag agagagagag agagagagag agcgccttta cttgtaaagt     46740
     tggcagcctg cctgtccact taaacaggct ctagagtcta gagcctggaa ttgtattgca     46800
     ttaggatgtt aggtacttaa aacccttaag ctataaaaga aaaaaaaatc tactaattta     46860
     tcctaaaaac aacagcaata aaaacaaaaa aacaaaaaag cccctcagct tctgaatttc     46920
     gaagctggga ttctagaagt aaagggactt cagaagtcac attgcttaca cattttacca     46980
     aagggaaagt aaccggggct gtacctctgt cactggcttt tatagctcag gactagcagg     47040
     taagattgaa tagtggggag atgactcaga ggttaggagc accaactgcc ctggctgtag     47100
     acctgggttc cgttcccagc acctacgtgg tggctcacaa ccacccgcct gtaactccag     47160
     tttcaggaga tccgactccc tctggtctcc tggctcttgc atgtatgtgg tgcaggtaaa     47220
     ttcatgtatg taaaatttta aaaagtctta agcaaaaagt tcgagtgcag tgtagagcaa     47280
     gggcctgggt tccatcctca gcacaccccc caagtatttt gtataattag cccattgtat     47340
     ttgttaacct ctgcagcatt tacatgtgta aacagctcaa aaacttggac tgtgctccct     47400
     cacccgtggc tgcagcgtgg gcgagtgcct agaggatctg ctgtggcttt gctaagtgtg     47460
     tggtatcttc agtgtgagcc cagctcgctc acctgcctcc aggggagccc tcccccttag     47520
     cgtcagctgc attctgcctg agcatcccat ggggtgagtt tgggtgtggc cattccctac     47580
     tgtgagctct tgcacgggtt atttaacttc tctgtgacct agattttttt tttttaaatc     47640
     tctgaaatga gcgtagtgac agtagctacc tagggttgtg ggagagtgaa tgaaccttgt     47700
     ggagtgtttt gggcattaga ataagtgtat atattgtttt attaattcca tgtaaattgc     47760
     ctgcacctcc tttttaaaat tgagacaaaa tttatacaat gtaatgtgga caattgactt     47820
     tttctttttt tactacattc acttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgcgt     47880
     gcgcatgtgt gctcatgtgt gccatgccac aaatgcagag gtcagaggac aacttgaaga     47940
     ggttgggtct cactctgcat tgtgtggatc tctagggatt gaacttgggt ttccagtttt     48000
     ggtggcaagt gtgtttccct gccagcccag gtgtttatga ggacataaat ctttaattta     48060
     caagggtaag gaccaaggac agtgggtaag gaccaaggac agtgagtaag ggtgtctctc     48120
     atctgaagct gccggtgtct tcggggtagc attttgcctc cacagcagtg tgattgagag     48180
     tccctgtttg taccctcccc agcatttgcc tttctatgac tgctggcctg gttagtggac     48240
     tctcactgtt caggccgaca gcgtgtatgg ggaacatcta gtcacacatt gactcatctt     48300
     atcgtctgta gaggattctg tctgtctttt gcctatgtta agattgttta tcttaggggc     48360
     tggacagatg gcccagtggt taagagcact ggctgctctt ccagaggacc tgggttcaat     48420
     tcccggcaac cacatggcag cttaaaactg taactcacac cctcgcacgg acatacatgc     48480
     atgcaagaca ccaatgcaca tgaaataaaa gtaataataa taacaaaaat aaagagatca     48540
     ttcatgtgct cacagagtta tcttcttgcc cttgggctcc tgcccttacc ctcttttgag     48600
     gtgagaactt gtagtttgtt gcccaggctg acctcagtga tcctcatgcc taagtctttt     48660
     gaggagctct ggctacaggt gtgtctggct ttttctctcc ctctccctct ccctctccct     48720
     ctccctctcc ctctccctct ccctctccct ctccctctcc ctctccctct ccctctccct     48780
     ctccctctcc ccatccaccc atctgtcaac aggttctcac tgtgtacccc tggctgtctt     48840
     agaacttacc atgtagacca ggctggcctc gcactcacag atatcctcct gcctctgcct     48900
     cctaaactct gggattaaat atgtgcacca ctatgcctgg cttcacctgg ctctttattg     48960
     aggcatatga gtcctttatg tattgtgggt gacatgacaa tcctttatgc aagacacctt     49020
     ctgtaatgta atgtgcctta ctggcctgtg gcttgtcttc ctgtcttttt tttttaagta     49080
     tttactttat gtatgtgatc tgcatataca cctgcatgcc agaagagggc gtcagattcc     49140
     attacagatg gttgtgagcc accatgtgga tgctgggagt tgaactcaga acctctggaa     49200
     gagcagccag tgctcttatc tgctgaggca tctctccaca cagtgttttt atacagcaga     49260
     attgtgggtt ttaacagctt attgatatgg aaaaaaaaat ccactggaat tttcttcttt     49320
     atatctgttt ggtttgtgta ttccttcttt aagttttggc agactttgcc ttccaaggag     49380
     ttgatccgtt tcttttagtt aatcaaattg tttgtattat tcctttattc taatgtctat     49440
     aaattcttca tccttttaaa aatgtttcta gttttattta ttcttaaaga gttatttatt     49500
     aattatatgt gcatacactg tagctgtctt tagacacccc agaagacggc agtagatctc     49560
     attacagatg gttgtgagcc accatgtgat tgctgggatt tgaactcaga accttcggaa     49620
     gagcagtcag tgctcttatc tgctgagcca tctctccagc cctctagttt tatttttatt     49680
     attagttttt catatattta ttttgtgttt tgcctgcatg tatgtctgtg caccacatgt     49740
     atgcagtgcc cttggaggcc agaagagggc gctggatcct ctggaactgg aatgactgaa     49800
     gactgtgagc agccatgtag gtgctgggaa tggaacctgg gtcctctgta tgagcagcca     49860
     gtgctcttaa ctgctgagcc atctctccag tcccatttcc aggaatctcc tttttcttag     49920
     ccgtctagaa gtttgtcttt tttttgtttg tttcatcttt ttcagagaac caactttgat     49980
     ttttgtcgat tattctattg atgttgctga tgtagctcca atttttgttt tgattcctaa     50040
     ctacttttat atctttgttt tagggcagtg gttctaagcc ttcctgactc ttacccttta     50100
     ttacagttcc tcatggtgtg cctcccaagg gcagaattat tttgctacct cataactgta     50160
     attttgctac tattatgaat cacaatgtaa atacttatgt gcagaatatc tgatatgtaa     50220
     cccctgtggg ggttacgacc cacaggttgg gagcctctgc tttaggggat ctttctcttt     50280
     tggggtacct actaagttgg tcttatttgc tgtgtaatct tggctgtcct ggagcttgct     50340
     ctgtagacag ggctgaaaga tttagttaat ctttattagt gtgtgtccgt gtccgtgtgt     50400
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcgcgcgc gcgcgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt     50460
     atgcatccca tgtacatagc gggtgctaaa ggaggccaaa agatagatga cattggatcc     50520
     cacagagctg aagttagagg cagttgtgag gtacctgaag tcagcgctgg atactgaact     50580
     caggtcttct gcaaagcagt gtgtcccttg accctgagaa acatcccgcc ccagcagaaa     50640
     gatgtccata gccaagggaa ccgtgtgctt tgtctttgag ggcaggtcag ctttgcctgt     50700
     ctccaagcca agcagcctcg attctctcag ctgttcttca ggtgacattg tgtctcaaat     50760
     ttccagagcc agcctggttt ctttctgggc acctccaacg gtgtggatgc tgcctttcag     50820
     gctgagggtt tgatgaaggt ccccatacct gtcagtatct gtgtagccag ctaccctttt     50880
     ctgtcggcac catgctctct ctgttctggt gcgagccttt gttcttcctc catttcatcc     50940
     atcttgctgc ctgagcctcg ctctaatttg ctgattaatc accacacatc ccatcttttc     51000
     gttctggcct cgtgtcatct ccagtttgac aaacaggtgg attggagaga gcctagtgag     51060
     gacagaggct ttgaaaggtg gctggagggt ggtctgggtt cccgtgggtt cctgatcatg     51120
     gtaagtcctc ctgttctcag tcctggcata cgggggtggg gtgggggggg ctcgtcacgt     51180
     gttgggggag gggagggagc cttgtcacgt gtttgggggg agccttgtca cgtgttctcg     51240
     ggaagcctcg tcatgtgttc aggatctcag ctgagcgagg cagtgaggcc cagacccgtg     51300
     cttggcactg agcgagctgg agctgaagtt ttcctcccag ccgttgcctg aagcatccag     51360
     agagcttgtc catgtgaatc ctggctgtca gctcctgcag ttcctcggtc tctagaggca     51420
     caggactcag ccggggatgt ggttgctccg cagcagcaac catcagatgg tccatctccg     51480
     tctcgttgtg caaatccgtc tttgtgggca ccgtacatag gtcccttaaa gagcagctat     51540
     ggtggagctt agagtcccgg gacttagaac actcagaata actcaggcat tgttattata     51600
     tgagaatccc tttctttttc atgttctctt accttggggt ctagttcacc attacattgg     51660
     ttctgttctt tccaggaaaa taaatgcgct ttttgagaga ccccccccca tggcagaata     51720
     cgacagagaa atttaatttt ctgtttatca taagagtatt acatttataa ataatacaag     51780
     ggcttgtcag accactagtc tcattgtcag tatgatagga acacagataa caaaggagag     51840
     agagggaaga aaagcaggct cctgatttgg tgaccaggct atctggcttc atagatgctc     51900
     agagccagcc tttggtcgca ctcagggaag cagctggtaa gggttttgca tcgataatga     51960
     atgtcagcag gttttcagta cctcgtggcc tttttggaac cgcgtgtgat aaaagttttc     52020
     tattgtgcgt gaaggtcaga gaccaaaaac acaacaggac ttggaaatgc cgctggacta     52080
     ttagttaccg ggctcgagac agtgccctgc cctatttaaa ttcaagacaa atgtggcggt     52140
     gataaaggag gagggaaagg tcaaatcctg gcctgtattt tctgatagca ctgaaatagg     52200
     aaatgaagga agtcatgact tgtgtcctgt gggataacta ggtttatagt cagcactgta     52260
     agcccttccc acccgccaga tgataagcac ttgcgcagac ctgttcccag gtggttactc     52320
     tggggggggg ggggatctgc ccctcgcctg ttacgcattt aattctatag gaaactgcat     52380
     gtaggtgcta tagcgagggt tcagctgtta agagcactgg ctgcttttgc aggggacctg     52440
     ggtttggttt ctggtaccca catggtggct cagccatttt ctataactcc aattccaggg     52500
     gatccgatgc cctcctctgg tctccaaggg cacccggaat gcacatgatg cagatgggaa     52560
     gctgggacag ataagctgat tctgaggaag caattgggag atttggaaac cctggcctgc     52620
     cctaaagcac ccaggagtgg tatgcataga aagagacgct tggcagccct gcatggagat     52680
     tctgtgctac ccctcggaga cttagcgttc atccacaaga tgatcgtgag cagggggact     52740
     gtgccaaagc aaagcaagga gcgggtggtc acagctgctg cggtttgggt ccctcccaag     52800
     gtgggagtgt tcagagggca cttcagagaa ggaccaccca ctctggctga ggaaccttgc     52860
     ggttttccct gggtggcctc tgcccctgag cgtcctgtga caccagtgat tgggaagtat     52920
     gtgacagcca cctagagaag gcccagccag tgctgcagca ggatcagcct ccagggtgag     52980
     gtcgcgagct gtgccgccca gtggaagtgc accggggcaa tggacagcct ttctttcctg     53040
     ctgctctgtg gtggtcagag cacggtggct ctttgccttc taaggtttga tctcccatgc     53100
     cctcctcttc aggaatgagt gagttttcca gtcccgtccc gtccccccgt cccccagtcc     53160
     cccatttgcc agttccagaa acagacacct gagagagaca cattcctgtc tcaactccag     53220
     tcgccctgtc tccgagtcac acctcacacc ttagttccca gaaacccctg ctctcagact     53280
     agtctacagt cgccgcctga ggcaggagtt cagaggaaac tggaccccac ccacctgact     53340
     cagagaccct gccacccacc cccaccccca ccccacacct accccacccc caccccaccc     53400
     ccatctgagt cagacgctgt cttatgtgcc ctctctaggt attccggact caggagcgaa     53460
     cctgttttga tcccagggat actgtagctc agggtgtgac tccttcattc ctgtgacatg     53520
     aggaccacct tgacctggcc cctcccagcc tcccatggaa ctcagagatt tctgagttcc     53580
     tcagccctcc tgcgctcctc ctcgtctggg attaaagttg ttgagcagct gatgcttcac     53640
     tacagtgttc tgagtgaggt tggtccaagt catctctcga ggaaacaggg ctagaatttg     53700
     tcttagagag tttatgacta tggctgcctg gacacaaaca acttgacttg accagggaag     53760
     atgctagggc catccagtat ttggagggct aatattgtac ttacatctag ctagttaact     53820
     tgttcctttt aaacatttgc ctattttcat tttttctttt ccaaaaagac ctgtgagtat     53880
     actgtggctg ttttcagaca caccagaaga gggcaccaga tcccattaca gatggatgta     53940
     agctgccatg tggttgctgg gaattgaact caggacctct gggggaacag tcagtgctct     54000
     tagtttttga gccatctctc cagcttattt tcattttatg agtgtatggc ctgcacgggt     54060
     gtgagtgcac caggcgtgtg ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgcccac agaggcccac agagcgcgta     54120
     gcccagagct gcttgcccag tcctggcttt tagggggaaa tcactcggaa taaattgaaa     54180
     acactttaca gtgagggaac gggtgtcctg accaagctcg tggctgggga taagctgagc     54240
     agcggtgccg agttgcattt tgcttcagtt agttgaagtt tctctctcct taaaggccca     54300
     ggttctgtcc tccaaaggtt tgagagtggg atccttttta gcgggagttg tactggttgg     54360
     ggtgtgagga attgctgatg caggggtggt ggtggtcatg ggcttgtgcc taagaagtct     54420
     ggcccaccgc ccgccttcac agctacttga gatagttggc ttgctcccag ccctcaggtc     54480
     tgtggtggtt accttggtaa ccacctcatc acctacaccc agcactgcct agtgtgcatg     54540
     aggccccggg taccaaatca cgtctgcaga aagaaagagg aggaaaaaag ctggcaccct     54600
     tccctccaca ccccactcca tgaagttcca ccaggctgag cagaatgctg tcacaaaccc     54660
     atccattcct accccagggc tcctgcttct tctgacctcc tcctctttct aatgttttag     54720
     ttctggtgtg gtagtatttg cctttagtcc cagcattcac tgtgccattc tggctggcct     54780
     ggagctcacg ctcagatcag gctagccaca aacccacagc cagtgcttct ctagagaggg     54840
     agatcttgct ttgctctgct tgaccttggc attggagcag gcacgtttgt gttggcagct     54900
     gcctgtgtgt gttggtcctc actgtgaagt aaccctcact gggtgcaggc tcactaccac     54960
     actggtggca gaggcactga tgagcagagc tcacgtggtt tggagcacat ttggagttga     55020
     tgtttgggtt ctacccaggt gttctgagag cccaacacct agtagctttc cttctgcaca     55080
     ggaggtggaa gattgcctgc agcacacagc tatgagaagt taaggacctt tgacactcag     55140
     cttgctagaa gaccacaagg tctgaactgg acagaattta tacatggaga cagtactcag     55200
     tctgagggtg tgtcttttaa tttttcctta ctttttattt tttaaaaaat aattatttat     55260
     ttttatgtat atgagtacac tgtcactgtc tttagacact ccagaagagg gcatcagatc     55320
     ccattacaga tgatggattt gaactcagga cctctggaag agcagtcagt gctcttaact     55380
     gctgagctat ctctccagcc cagtgttttt tttattttta cattttatac ttaaggttat     55440
     tattggtgtg cgtgtgtgca agtgcatatg agtacacacc ccagtgtgca tgtagagttc     55500
     aaaggatagc ttgctggggt tggtcccctc ctccactgtg ggttcctggg ctgagactca     55560
     ggctgtcagg cttggcagca agtgcttcta tctgctaaac tatgttggtg gcctgagaat     55620
     gtgttttcct tttaaaggtt tggttttatt attataaatt atgtctctgt gtgtgtttgt     55680
     atgtgggtat gtgctgggac agaaaatgct tcgaaccaaa ctcaggtcct ctgcaaaagc     55740
     aatacctgat ccttatggct gagccatctc cagccccaag agtgtgcctt ttgcatttcc     55800
     agtttggatc tctccagccc cccttctgtc agctttctgt tgctgtggaa agtgtgtgag     55860
     aaaatcaccc taaataagga aaggtgcgct ggcatataag ttcagagttg cggtcctcag     55920
     tccattggct cttgtttctg ggctttgcag agtgtatcac tgcctggggc gtgtcctgga     55980
     ggccactgac cttctagggc tgtggttttc aaccttccta atgctgtcac cctttaatac     56040
     agttcctcat ggtgtggtga cttacagcca taaaacttta gttgctacct cataactgta     56100
     attttgctgt tatgaaccat actgtaaata actgatacat cagcaggata tctgaagtga     56160
     cccctcacac acaagggttg ggaagcggag aggaaacagt gagaaggaca cagagtgagt     56220
     gggccactat tctgttcgag accacacccc caaattacca cctggtccca attcctgaag     56280
     gttttgccac ctcccaatgg taccacaggc tggtgagcaa gttagagcat ccaggcctta     56340
     gaaggggaca cacgctctcc aaactgtacc aacctgtttt agtgttcagc tttggttttg     56400
     gatatatata tatatatata tatatatctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta cacatgcgcg     56460
     agctctcatg tgtgttgcct gaatgcattc tgcataccat gtgtgtgcct ggtgcccacg     56520
     cagaggatga gccaccatgt gggtgctgag aactaaacct gggtcctctt caagaacagc     56580
     aaatgctcct aaccgctgag ctgactctcc agcccctgcc ctgttccagt gtatttgggg     56640
     aaagatagag tcagctagag actttacatg tactcactta tttttgacta gactcgcttc     56700
     aaagcccttg ctgccctgga acttgtgatc ctcttacctc tgcctcctga gtttgcagaa     56760
     gattgtgggc atgtgacact atgctaagta ggaatttaga acatagtcgc aggtactttg     56820
     ccactcagag catctcaatg cgggctgccg atactccttt agtagccagg gggtgggcta     56880
     gaggttattt ttcaatcaaa gcataatttc aagcatgcac acccgagcac ctgctgccac     56940
     ctggtggcag tatcccagga ttgcagagtc ttttgatgga ccaagattca gtttgtcttg     57000
     gattttatag gttcacttat attttatagg ttcacttata gtcgaaatgc atcaaagatg     57060
     gttgaaactt acagtatggc cagcataggt gttctgatat aggaagcata tgtcaaattc     57120
     tttctatcag ccaatggatt tctacacata aaaggtataa agcagaagag gaagatgtga     57180
     ccagtgtgtt tggtgttggg ctctgtggca cagagtggat ctgaaaataa cctggcagaa     57240
     tctcttgctc gtgagacttg ggcaggagag cagccttctt tagcccacaa aactaggatg     57300
     tgctgggata aactttccta tttgaagtta accctgagct tcactgttct tactgattgt     57360
     ttttgttttt ctgagacaag gttttcttga gtgaccctgg ctatattaga acttgctcgg     57420
     aagaccaggc tggcctcaaa ctaagaaatc cacctgcctc tgcctcacaa gtattgggat     57480
     taaggcatgc accaccacct cctggcattc atagattcta aaatcaagtt tttaatcatt     57540
     aagatcggag gtcacaaaga tcatttttgc ctgagagtaa ccccagaaaa cccacactct     57600
     aacaggtgtg atcgctaggt ttgctgttag gaatgtagct ggctttgatg ttctggcatg     57660
     cagtggagtg aggccctagg gcttcgagat ggccaatggg gtccttgact ttcagcccat     57720
     aatctggtgg ttggagagaa gatgattaca gaaacatcag tcacttgttt ctataaatgt     57780
     ttcataatgc aaattgaatg tgatgaaata ttaaaaatat cattcattaa ttattgaaaa     57840
     gttcagcctc tgaaaatggc catatttctc cttatactgc catcttaaag gagcaattga     57900
     gaaattgtga attacaaaat tagaatcctg gaatggtagt gaagtgaagc accataaagt     57960
     tattttctgc tctgagattt gttaaccatt ttcagctgta gcctttctgt tatggtgagc     58020
     ctgcccattc tgtgttagga cagtgcaggt gccccacact tcactatgct tactattttt     58080
     atatccctgt ggttctggaa aaaacaaggt gacaccatgt tgaactaaga gtcttatgga     58140
     ctcaaatgtt ggaataaaat tcaattttat tttattatac ttgtaatttt attagcaaaa     58200
     caaagcatca atacaagttt gtatcaaatg ttgctattag ttacaagcca aattaatagt     58260
     ttgccttgta aaatgaatga ttgtggttgg attcagtggt gtgcagctgt gatcccagca     58320
     gtttgggagg cagaagcagg aaggttaaat ttgaagccag cctagggtat ttatgttaga     58380
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagaaagaca gagacagaga cacacacaga gaaagagaca     58440
     gaaagacaga gacacacaca gagaaaggga tagagacaaa cagacagaga gacagaaccc     58500
     taaaactaga gcatggtgag atgtgtctga gtcttcattg tttgtgagca gtttgcatcg     58560
     ggctgatccc ccgagttgtc ccagcttcct tcttagtgtg gttcatataa aatatactgg     58620
     ggtctcagca gtggatgagt tgcccatctc caattgcata gtagaggtgt cttatgttcc     58680
     atgaaccttt gatgaaggtt ggcccttgct gctgtgagct ttactggatt ccgtcaatgc     58740
     cctcaggcat ccctgctatt atgccatccc attctgcctc cttggggaca gagggtagga     58800
     atgatgaccc tcctgatgtc gctctgtcag agctcatgtc gcaggagtct cttgtggagg     58860
     gaaggagtca atttctgtct tcatgatctg ggttagattt tacatggggc actcccataa     58920
     tcaaaccaca gttcgccctt ttcagatgat cagtctcttt gctctctttg atttatgtgc     58980
     ctctggcttt gctttcctgt gtgcatgtgc acttgtgtgg aagccagacg acacatgttc     59040
     atcttcaaag gcagcaggac gctgaagcag tgatctgcat cttactgttg cttccctttt     59100
     tctcccacca gttaacaagc acaagccatg gctcgagccc acctaccatg ggatagtcac     59160
     cgagaacgat aacacggtgc tgctcgaccc tcccctcatc gccctggata aagattcacc     59220
     gctccgcttt gcaggtatgc aggccagctg ttcactatct gcaaatctgg cctggaaaga     59280
     aagcaactta agtctggctg ggtgactgga cctctcagga agtgttctgg tagccgagag     59340
     cttttatggc tccaggcaca tgttcttctt gtaatactcg aggtagctga cagtgagctg     59400
     tgttgctggt caaagggaga attgcttagc ctaattgcat cattatgtgc tgtgccttgt     59460
     gcagataggc agatactgtc tagacacaca cagcagagat ggagcacaca tggactaagt     59520
     gaccactgtt caggacacag ttagtgtgat gggcttggga accagtgttc tgcctgttct     59580
     gtctgggtgt tcaaatgcct gtttcacgtc actccagcaa ctcttagttc cttacattca     59640
     cctgcacaga cttcagaaac attgagcagt ctttgtgggg gaataagttt tggcctagat     59700
     ttcctttttt ttttttcaat ctttaacttt tatttagcta aatctttttc tatagtttta     59760
     ttttgcatat gtgcaccgtg tgaatgtctg atgtccacag aggtcagaag agagcatcat     59820
     atcccttgga gccagagctg tgtggatact gggagtcgaa cccaggtcct ttgcaaaggc     59880
     agccagtgct cttaaacatt gagctgtctc tccagtctct cattttgtgg tttaaaatca     59940
     tgtatggtgt tgcgttattt aagaagtata cattgcatgc tgagcacatt gtcaacttgt     60000
     atttattttt ataggcatgt actaccatgc ccaatttaat gaatttaatt tttattttcc     60060
     tttttgtgtg tatgggtgtt ttgcctgcat gtgcttgtgc accatgtgca tgcagtaccc     60120
     acagagacca gaagagggca caagattccc tggaactgag ttaatagtta tgcatgacct     60180
     tgtgggtgct gggaaccaaa gcccggtcct ctgggaaatc agccggggct ctaaccactg     60240
     agtcatatcc tcagatcttt ctttgttaga gaaagttttg ctatgttaat gctagctggc     60300
     atcaaaattc tcattctctt gcctcagcct tcttaataaa gttattaaat gtttgatatg     60360
     agttatttta taagattgca ccctgtgcct ttgcagagaa aaacccttta ggacagtgtc     60420
     atagattttg atcatatggt gattttccta catcgctgac atttagtggt gtttgccagg     60480
     cagatctgcc ctgactgctg gagggctctg ctttctcagt cccagagtga gagcaaacac     60540
     tgggataaca cacacacatg catgtggctg tgtccaggtt ttaaattttt ctttcttttt     60600
     tctttttttc tagtttttta aagtttatga atgtgtttta cctgtacgtg tgcaggtttg     60660
     ttaggaggtc agaaaaggcc atcatatctc ctgttgtgaa gtcatgtgag tgcagagagt     60720
     tgacccaggt tctctgcagg agaaacagat gctcttaacc cgtggatcat ccctccagcc     60780
     tgggtccagc ctttaatgta ggttctgaga atccaaacct cgggcagtca ggctttgtca     60840
     ggttctttac caatggaacc attccccagc ccaaaacaac tttttatttt tgagatagga     60900
     tttagtttga ctcagttttt tttttctttt ttcttttttt tttctttagc tgtcctcaga     60960
     tactccagaa gagagcatca gattttgtta cagatggttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct     61020
     gggatttgaa ctcgggacct tcggaagagc agacggcgct cttaaacact gagccatctc     61080
     gccagcccct tgactcagtt ttttaaagat ttatttattt tatgtatgtg tgtacactgt     61140
     cgctctcttc agacacacga taagaggatg tcagatccca ttacagatgg ttgtgagcca     61200
     ccatgtagat gctgagaatt gaactcagaa cctctgaaag aacagtcagt gctcccacac     61260
     tctgagccat ctctccagct caactcagtt tttataaaga tttatttcag ccgggtgtgg     61320
     tggcgcacgc ctttaatccc agcactcggg aggcagaggc tggcggattt ctgagtttga     61380
     ggccagcctg gtctacaaag tgagttccag gacagccagg gctatacaga gaaaccccgt     61440
     ctcgaaaaaa caacaacaac aacaacaaag atttatttct attacctttg ttacacatgc     61500
     acagacacat acacgtgtgt atgcatacac acacacatgc tgcacatact atacatatac     61560
     acagaaacat acatgcacac cacaccacta atacacatgc aaacatacac tgtacacact     61620
     gcacatacac atgtaaatgc atacacacat atcacacaca tacgaacatg ccacacatgg     61680
     acacatggac acacacaagc atacgcacat gcacaagtgc aggtagctgc agaggccagg     61740
     agagggcctt gttctttgaa gctagctcta agtgtccagt cttttttatt ttgtaagtat     61800
     ttatcattgc tcctcctgtg tgacatttag agctacatca cagttttagt gaggttgccg     61860
     aggatatgtt gccagtgggt ttatatacat tcctgcattt taagaagtga tttagaggct     61920
     tggggaggca gctcagtaat taaaaacact ctgctgccct tgtggaggac cagggttcaa     61980
     ctcccaggac tcacatggtg gatcagaact gaaactccaa ttccaggaag tacaatgccc     62040
     tcttctgacc tctgtgggca ccaggcatgc atacggtggg acacagacat acatgtaggc     62100
     gaaacaccct tatacctaaa aataaaatgt tttgaataaa ataagaataa atatttaaaa     62160
     ggagagtagt aactcaggct gggaatgtac tagcctggca ccacaaacct tgcattcgga     62220
     gctcagaccc atgtcacatg ttgaggaagt acaaactttt agtcccctca gcatttgtga     62280
     ggtggaagca gagggattaa acagtcaggc tcatcctctg tgacagagtc agtttgagga     62340
     agatcagact gagctacttg agaccctttc ttaaaacaca aggaggcaaa gaatgactgt     62400
     ggtccaggat tctggggtca ctgcccccag ctttgattta caaagcacca gctgtgtaca     62460
     gtatgcggcg ctcagaaccc acctcacagc gaataatgca tttgctcctg agcatcaaga     62520
     agaaaggcca ggcacttttc caaatgcttt ataaataaaa atttgtattt aattctccat     62580
     cacttgaagc aaggatgcat tttgccagcc acattttaaa gagaggaact aggatctgaa     62640
     gagatggctt ggtggttaag aacactggct gctcttcagg ggacaaaagt ttgttctcag     62700
     gtacccacat agtggctcat gaccaccaac tattactgca gttcctaggg aactgatgct     62760
     ctctttcagc ctctatgagt cccaggcact catatggtac actgacttat atgcaaagaa     62820
     acatcacaca taaataaaaa tgaagtattt ttgttttgtt tttgagacag ggtttctctg     62880
     tgtagctctg cctgtcctgg aactcactct gtagaccagg ctggccttga actcagagat     62940
     tcacctgcca cctgagcact gggattaaag gcttgaacca ccaaggtcag ctttacccct     63000
     cagtttcatc atctgtaaac agaagaattc caatgccctt cctaaggctt gggcatattt     63060
     gtttgtctat atgagttgaa gagcttaaat tcactcttga agactgggga tgttgctcag     63120
     tggtagagca cctgtctgcc gtgcataagg ctgtgggttg caagctacac cccaagcccc     63180
     accctcagca ataataatta aaataaacac aaaataaaaa catcatctga aggagtaaaa     63240
     cagtgattgg ttcagagtct tgtatggaat gtctgctgtt tccatataaa cagtgaaatc     63300
     atatgtagca tgtttaaaaa tatgttttca tgacccagca agatggtgtg gtgggtaaag     63360
     gcacctactc cccagcatga tccctgatcc caggaggaag gaaaaaatgg cctcctgtaa     63420
     gctgtgtttc ccctccccaa atagattttt taaaattcag tttagtttag ttttgttttg     63480
     cttttgtttt ttcaagacag agtcttacta cttagccctg gctgtcctag aactctagag     63540
     accaggctgg cctggaactc agaaatccac ctgcctctgc atcctgtgct ggcattaaag     63600
     acatgagcca ctacacccaa caataaatgt aatgtttaaa aatgttaatg tatggcctta     63660
     aatttaatat tctgtgggaa atatgtgtct atttacgtaa gttgttattc aattccctca     63720
     cacttcagat tatttttgtg ttgagcaagg cttattctgg aaacttattc tgaggttgtt     63780
     tttgcaatgg tactgagtct gctgtggtga caagattgga gatgtcttgt gaggtggcag     63840
     tagctcactc tcagtgaact gtcagtgtcc caacttgtcc tgggctcttt atggccacct     63900
     gtccttggct tctagtctca ccatagtatc ccaggtgggg aaactagttc agagcatgtc     63960
     agctgcatgc tgtcgggaat ggtggtctcg tccatttctc tccctagtgc cctggttagt     64020
     tcagtgcttg ggacacacca ggactccata cttgtatgtg gaaggacaga tgagtttggc     64080
     taagaccaca agctttacta agtatgttgc ctttgaacca ggctctctgg ctgcagctct     64140
     ctgagacatg acatttcaaa gttgagaaca gtctgctttg tgttcccatc cctcatgggg     64200
     tgtgtgtgtg taggtaagtg ctgaccgagc tcacttgaca gagctctgaa gcagacacat     64260
     ttgtggtatt gagctttctg tccctgacac ccaatgtctg actcttaggg gacacatggc     64320
     caagtctagt tgttttcttg gtgtgctgca agaaaatgtg ccagggagtt tgttgaggga     64380
     atctgctgca ggtatccccc ttcatagatg agcctgaagc gatgactccc ctctcaacct     64440
     ttattcttat attttttcaa gatttattat tgttagtgtt attattatgt ttcctggctg     64500
     ttttcaagtc tctttctcgg gtccatagtc aagtgtgaac attttgccta cctgcatata     64560
     tgaacaccac ctgctgtctg gtgccctcag aggttaggag agggaatcag gtctctgata     64620
     ataaaaaata ataaaaagct gtaggtgcgg gctggtgaga tggctcagtg ggtaagagca     64680
     cccgactgct cttccgaagg tcaggagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa     64740
     ccatctgatc acgagatctg actccctctt ctggagtgtc tgaagacagc tacagtgtac     64800
     ttacatataa taaataaata aataaatctt taaaaaaaaa aaaagctgta ggtgcttggg     64860
     agccaccaca ttgatgcttg gaattaattt tgagtctttt gcaagagcag gccagtgctc     64920
     ttaacttttt tttttttttt aattttgtat taatgtatat gagaacattg tagctgtctt     64980
     cagtcacacc agaagaggac atcagatccc attacagatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt     65040
     tgctgggaat tgaactcagg atctctggaa gagcaggcag tgctcttaac cagtgagata     65100
     tctccccacc ccccaccccc cacccccctg ccagcccgaa ttcttctgtt caattgaaca     65160
     ttttttactt cacaagtagc ttagggtcaa atttcagaag ctcagccatc aagactggtg     65220
     aggcagaaga gtgaacgagg aaagcctttc tttgtgacgc ctaccagatc cgggtgctgg     65280
     tgaatgagca cagccaggaa ggcactgcac gggtgcagca cacatgggca tggggcagca     65340
     caggtcccca taggtcactg tcagcttcct aagacagccg ttgggacgta gctcagtgat     65400
     aaagcacttg cctagtgagt cccaggcccg ggttcaatcc cagacataaa ggctgtcctg     65460
     tcccggaaga gtagttcagt tgctgtttat aagtccctgt gcaaaaggat tctctagtct     65520
     gtgctgatgg aagaaaattg taggacagga aaccaagaat gagccatagc ccctcggagc     65580
     tgtgatggca gccacttgac cctaggactg cttcagccag atctcgggca gttctaatct     65640
     cctgcaaatg gtcagggtgc ttcaaggatg agtgggttgt gcaactgact ttgggctcag     65700
     actggcaatg cagggctcag agaacaggct tttttttctt aatgtctctt cccccacgct     65760
     ccccttgctg agcactggtc cacctaaact gagtgaggct gaccgttgaa catggtggcc     65820
     aacaaaggtg atgggatctg tggtcccacc tgaggaggtg gttctgctgt ggacggtggt     65880
     cctttttcct gtgtgagctg cggtgttttc tggctgttct caggtctcct tctctggttc     65940
     acagtccaac cagtcctctt acattaggta gaatggattc ccttgcttgc agatttggaa     66000
     gcccaaagct gggatccctg ccttccatga agagtggagg gtcagttgga gcctgaaagc     66060
     aggagccccc agggcttgga ggctgctgga agaggggtag tataccctcc agatagggag     66120
     gggtcctgga agggggggtc agtctgaaac tatacttata tataactttg gatcatggga     66180
     agtcaaatct agattctgtt gggtttctct ttttatattt tgtctttaat gatttcttta     66240
     ggggggaaat acccttggcc attttagatc cagtcttagg ttggagagga agaggttggc     66300
     ggacagaagt aactgtagct gtccagcagc catagagaac tgggtacacc tgaaagggag     66360
     gctgggaatg aaaaaggatg ggcgggcgag aaaaaaatga agccaggaca gaggtttctg     66420
     atcaaggctc aaagtttaat tttcagccct gcacttatat aggcaaaacc cacagaccca     66480
     tcctttgttt cagctggatt gaattgcaaa gcaggctcag taggcagtca actcctcaaa     66540
     gctcaaagca gggactccaa ctagaggttt gtttagccta tgggggaagg gcacaagtaa     66600
     ctctggggaa gtgacagggt gggacagttc tgactccgtc ccaggcaggg gtactgggat     66660
     tctggttttc atgaggacag tattttagga gctttcctgc tacagggcag ttgtgtggag     66720
     tcagcatgga gcaggaagga cggacaagga ggaaatggta tagaaggtga ttctgagagg     66780
     ttcttctctt ctcagtgtgt gggactcagg gaacaagaca gaaatcataa tggctgaggg     66840
     gtagagatgc cagtgtgaat ccatgcaatg ctgataactt ggtgtgaatt gtacattaac     66900
     tcggggtagg gagaagccaa tgtcagcggg gacagtaaat aaatgagcca gttgttccct     66960
     atcagatatc ctgaagagca ggtgtttaca ctagggttga aaaaaagtat caaaattaca     67020
     attatgaagt accaacaaaa acaatgttat ggtgggtgga gtcaccacac catgaggaac     67080
     tgtattaaag ggtcgcagca ttaggaaggg tgagagccac tgaaataaat cagtgcatat     67140
     gcatgtaagt atgtattatg tatgtataca tgtgtgtgta tctatgtatt agctcctggg     67200
     agagtggata tgagtgacat aaatctgtgt aggggaggaa gattctaaaa gattattgtt     67260
     catttggctg tgatggactg ttgtggttgt gttaaacaga gatagacgct ggagtgttgt     67320
     gaacaaaacc atgtcatgcc tggggtttgc tatgaaagtc tccacgcggg gctggagaga     67380
     tggcttagca gttaagagca ctgactgctc ttccaaaggt cctgagttca attcccagca     67440
     accacatggt ggctcacaac tatctgtaat gagatctaac tccctcttct ggagtgtcag     67500
     aagacagcta cagtgtattt aacatataat aaataaataa atcttaaaaa aaaaagtctc     67560
     catgcaagcc caaagatggt gaggggcagt gactacaaca tgcacacaca cgcacacaca     67620
     cacacacaca cacacacata tgcatgcatg tgcacacaca cagatacacc acatggacac     67680
     ccaccccata cacacacaca ccacacacac aggttcacac catatacaca gagactcaca     67740
     aagacacaca ccccacacac agacacatac atgcagacac atagacacac atacacacac     67800
     agatacacac tgcatacaca gagagatgta cacaggcacc ccccccaaca cacacacagg     67860
     tttcatacca catatacaga aagatacaca cagatgatac acacacagac acacagacac     67920
     agagaaacac aggcacacag acacatacac agagagacac acaggcacac agacacatac     67980
     acagagagac acacaggcac acagacacat acacagagag acacacagac acacagacac     68040
     atacacagag agacacacag gcacacagac acatacacag agagacacac aggcacacag     68100
     acatacacag agagacacac aggcacacag acacatacac agagagacac acaggcacac     68160
     agacacatac acagaaagac acacaggcac acagacacat acacaaagag acacacaggc     68220
     acacagacac atacacagag acacacaggc acacagacgc atacacaaag agacacacag     68280
     gcacacagac acatacacag agagacacac agacacacag acgcatacac agagagacac     68340
     acagacacac agacacatac acagagagac acacaggctt agtttctcac ttacactcga     68400
     ccacagctcc cttgccttta aagttcctcc caagtctaga gctgatctcc cctaaaatag     68460
     ctcctgaggg gctggggaga tggctcaggt taagagcacc tgctattctt gcagaggacc     68520
     tgagttcagt tccccagcac ctccatggtg gctcacaacc tgatggaacc ccagttctgc     68580
     gcgtgcagca ctttgctggc ctccacaggc agtgcacatg aggcacacat gagctttcca     68640
     ggcaaatcta catatgcata aataaaatta ttctaaaaac caaagtgacc tgctgggtct     68700
     ggcccctggc ctctcatgct ggggtagcct ggtgaccatg tttacccaga cagacttgtt     68760
     ttaacagagc aaagggtcct ttagaactga agtcccattc atccaaccaa ccatctgctg     68820
     actcctctct gagtgggtgg cacagtattg ccactgtgga ggctgagtca agaggaccag     68880
     tagagcccag gcattccaga gcagctcagg ccctgacttg tctgtcgttg cttggcatca     68940
     agcatcttca ccctctcatt tgaatgtgtg gcactagtgg aggtacccaa attctcctgc     69000
     cacggtcctg gtctgtgctc atcagcagga acacacagct cttgtcagga acaccagctc     69060
     actcgataca gagctgcctc tcttgccaga agagtgaact tcagtcagaa attgggacgt     69120
     gggctggaga gatatggctc agcggttaag agtgctgact gctcttccaa aggtcctgag     69180
     ttcaaatccc agcgaccaca tagtggctca caaccaccta taatgagatc tgatgccctc     69240
     ttctggtgtg tctgaagaca actacagtgt acttacatat aataataaat aaatctttaa     69300
     aaaaaaaagg aattgggacg tttggcaact aggattcaat gtattttata gtgctagaga     69360
     gatggcttat tggttaagag tgtacacagt tcccagaaac tgtgccgggc aaacacagcc     69420
     acctataact ccagctccca tgggatctga tgtctgtggc ttccctggta ctgttactca     69480
     tatgtgcata tctatacaca aattaaaagt tgtaaaacca atgctggtag agtatattta     69540
     taacacggtt tattagcatg tcctaggata ctatttggaa tcacatgtca cctggctctt     69600
     ctatctcaga taattttttt ccttaaagat ctcgacaggg aatgctttag gttctgtagt     69660
     ccataaggtc tcttgcagag gtataaactg acagggaacc tagccatcat cgtgagaata     69720
     cggctgggga ctgagccagt gagcatgttt gtggtccagc caaacattac ttatgaagac     69780
     tgatgtttgt actttagtag catattctca tgttatgaaa aaccatttac ggggctggag     69840
     agatggctca gtggttaaga gcactgactg ctcttccaga ggtcctgagt tcaattccca     69900
     gcaaccacat attggctcac aaccatctgt agcgagatga tgtcctcgtc tggtgtgtct     69960
     gaagacagca acagtgtact cctatacata aaatcaataa tttttttttt aaaaaaagaa     70020
     aagaaaagat ggaaacaaat gcttcctgcc aactgttcac aggcagcaaa gggcctgaga     70080
     ctgcgctgta ggcagactgg aaagtggttt tagtaaccgt gaatgttaag ggcttgctag     70140
     gcagatgagt taagccgctg actcaggcat cagtgggaca attgagcttt agatcgtgag     70200
     gttgggtgaa aggcacaaaa ccttcgttcc atgttaatac tatgcttaaa gccttaaaga     70260
     caagcaaaat gaagcagtgt ttcttcttta tggagatgta tggtaaagcc acttaaaagg     70320
     aggggaattt gtgcaatgct gcagtcctag agtggcatct tctccatggt gggcatgggg     70380
     tggcctgctg ggttggcact gacgaggtga tatctagtca acagagtggt caccaccaga     70440
     gagctgtctt gggatggttg ttgtgacctg gcttctgttt ccttagcagg cacttctgtc     70500
     tgctgctctg atcgggtact ttagacacag tgtgttcgtg ggaacaaagg ctcaagtcca     70560
     ttagctccag atttttgttt cagtaaatct aatgatgaat tgaatgcttc tagagttgta     70620
     attagagaac ttagcttaaa aataggaaca tagttcaggc gtggtggctc acacttttaa     70680
     tccctatact cagaaggcag aggcaagggg atttctgtga gttccaggct agcctgggcc     70740
     attctgggct acatagtgcg accctatctc taaaacaagc aaataagaac acttaggttt     70800
     ccttattaat agtcataaaa gggaaagtcc taatgacagg ggtgggggga tggaggggta     70860
     ggaggtgggg ttggggctgt attgggttat tgggaaggga aaccttaaca gctttgaatg     70920
     tctcatccct gagagagttc agttgtgaag ttacatagtt tatggtaagt aggattcaaa     70980
     gtagcaattg gtgcgaagga ttctctcgta agagtgtagc agctgtctga ttagcctgtg     71040
     ttaagtgacc tgtccagctt ttgtgtcgca gctctgactg tttccttgta attccctagt     71100
     cgtttctttc ctgaattact gacatgggtt tgtctttttt ccctttagag agttttgagg     71160
     tgacagtcac caaagaaggt gataaagggt tctttgtctc ccttttatga atattaaccc     71220
     actaacttgt ttataaaatt gggaatcagc cattaaacag aagcaactgc catgccgttt     71280
     ctccctattt atcctcctag tttgttcttt tttttttaag tgtatttatg gaaattgtat     71340
     gtaaccagac ccttggttag aaatatctag aactcagaca tccatttgaa ctacatgttc     71400
     aggaccacat ggttttgttt acttgggctt tcttgtttag cactgttttt ctcctattca     71460
     ttggacttgt gaaagagcac agtcttattt ttatatgaaa tacattttgt agattcacat     71520
     atgcatcaga cattaaatct gttctcccac gggcaggcgt ggaaccttgg acctttctaa     71580
     ctaggacagt ttcgcagtag cgaagttccc aggctggcgc ccctcttagg ttccatagtg     71640
     tgatgcccag agctaaggaa ccctaacacc cctcctgtaa cagacagtga tgccagccgt     71700
     tgaaatggat gcctgaaaac ttggtatttc tactactctg atttagcggt ttgttttgat     71760
     tccctaattt tagccaggct cattgcacag gaagactttt tcttcttctt cttctttttt     71820
     tttttttctt gacagaattt ctgtaattat gatgctgatt ccacatcttc tctcgatgct     71880
     taactctgta ttttatcctt tcccaaaccc gaagagctgc cgagcgagct cgttcgggtc     71940
     gcctggccag cctggccttg gctgtcactc aggagactcc ttttaccttt cagccatcta     72000
     agtgctcctg tggaatgcct gcctttgtcc tctctcttgt atccctgcat gaatggatgc     72060
     aaagtaaacc agttgcttgg aaagccagac cgcttctatc taataaagcc ccagaactca     72120
     cccgtgctga agcacaacgt ccccgctttg tccacggacc ctctaaaccc cctggctgct     72180
     aagttgttgt cgcctatttt ctttgggggc ggagggcaat gtgcagacgg ttcgaggggc     72240
     agatgtacta acccggtctg gtttattccc caggtgagat ttgtggcttt aaaattcacg     72300
     ggcagaatgt cccctttgat gccgtggtag tggataagtc cacgggtgag ggaataatcc     72360
     ggtcaaaaga gaaactggac tgtgaactac agaaagacta cacattcacc atccaggcct     72420
     acgactgcgg gaagggcccc gatggcaccg gtgtgaaaaa gtctcacaag taagtgggcc     72480
     ggacagtgtc caaaaagagc cacccaggag atgagtgtac atgggggagg agcagtcagg     72540
     agctggcccc tgggttcttc tctgtgttct gaaaaggagc aggaagagtt ctgtggggaa     72600
     tcagttgggt cggtcgcaaa gggcggcctc cagcctgcat gttccctttt gtgtccagct     72660
     tctggaaaga acctgttgga aacaggtttt gaaaagagaa tgaatggttt atcccactga     72720
     gtgttcttgg taaagaaact aaagtcccac tgggaatagt ggctcgtgcc tgttcttgga     72780
     ggagggtgga ggcaggaatg gacagatgac tgacagacag atagacagac agacagacag     72840
     acagacacac acacacgagg tcctgtattg acgttttccc tgaggaaatg gttctgttat     72900
     ttttattatt tcctgtaaac cctcagcgcg taagctagct agcttgtgaa agaagcagac     72960
     aggcctcctc catcctgcgt tgagttcaca tgtctcccgc gagcagaggg tgtactccaa     73020
     cagagagggc tctagaagag acaggtttaa taccctagac ttttctcacc agcccttcaa     73080
     caccagattt aatgttgctg agcgctgagt cccctcagtg tctacactgt gtgggccaca     73140
     ttctgtctgt cacaggacat ggtaagggca ctcgacatag atgagcgtgg gtcgggacgc     73200
     ttacaggtga acagcatggt gtgttgcagt ggtgagagta atgtgtggcc ggctcacaca     73260
     gtgacgtttt attcattgag aagagtttga gtgtgtgcta aggatgggcc tgtgcattac     73320
     atgggctctc agctacagat ttgccctccc aaaagacgat agatacctgg taagcgagaa     73380
     gtccttgaag cccgtagtgt catcgtttgg agactgattt ggcggtaccc agttataggg     73440
     cggggaggga aggggtgcct ctgctatagg cctgtacttg cataatctgg atgacatccc     73500
     agtagtgaca gcctccttca gaggagggca gagtttcttt gtttttacat gtgtgtgtaa     73560
     tgtgtgttca caaactgcgt ggatatcccg gggtgcgtgc gtttctcagc tgctctcagc     73620
     tttctgtgtg gagatgctca gtctctccct gcaggtggcg ctcacctcac ggtttggcca     73680
     gcccagcttg ccagcttgtc ctgcagtccc attcagggca ttacagatga atggccatat     73740
     ctgtgggtgc tggggctcaa tgctcctgcc ttcatacttt cgtgggaagc gcgtcattca     73800
     ctgagccact tctctacctt agaatttatt ttagctcata tactgaaatt ttttctctat     73860
     tttctcaccc ttcttccttt ggctgtatgt ttataagatt ctgtagtaat gcatcttaat     73920
     ttcatggcca gagaaagtgc gtccctgttt gatgaattca tctcccttca catcttgccc     73980
     ccacactgaa agaaaatcct gcctctttag ttacaccggt tttctgagtc agccgcctgg     74040
     gctcttaggg ctcggaacaa tcagctcatg tccgggtttt aacttcccgt gtctctgtgc     74100
     caaactaaac ggaatgcaac tccgtttata ttctggcttc attgtagaga gctcacaaaa     74160
     caatatcagg gaaagaattg ttgctttttg ggtaaaaggc aggacagaac cccccacaac     74220
     agccttccct cttcttgtcc agagcgttta tattctggct tcattgtaga gagctcacaa     74280
     aacaatatca gggaaagaat tgttgctttt tgggtaaaag gcaggacaga accccccaca     74340
     acagccttcc ctcttcttgt ccagagcgac cgtgcacatc caggtgaacg acgtgaacga     74400
     gtacgccccc gtgttcaagg agaagtcgta caaggcggcc gtggtggagg gcaagcagca     74460
     cagcagcatc ctcagggtgg aggctgtgga cgcagactgc tccccgcagt tcagccagat     74520
     ctgcagctac gagattctca ccccagacgt gccgttcact gtggacaaag acggtaagga     74580
     cggaggagcc tcgtgaggcc tggcccctcc ggtgagatca gaggctgacc tgacttcccg     74640
     gtgctggcca agcatgggag gggagcttgc aggctgcctg cagtccactt agctccagtc     74700
     cctcgggttt gacttaactc gctggtctga agccgctctc aagcctgggc tcttcgggcc     74760
     tctccgtctc caagccaagt ccagtaaagt cctcatttaa tgtctgtctt ctcggttccg     74820
     tccgcctgca gctgggcatg gtgtccctgt agcggttacc ttttacacac acttgtggta     74880
     atgctgagta tccagtgcag ggctttgtgc ttgctaggca aatgttctcg taccggacca     74940
     cgctatcgct ccttttgcct catcctatag gggagggttc gttcatccat ccatccttcc     75000
     ttccttcctt ccttccttcc tctctttcta aaattatttt atttttacat aaaataatgt     75060
     aatgttatta agcatattaa ataacataaa ctaataaaat ttattttaat atgtgtatta     75120
     tataaatgaa catttattta tttagttttt cttttctttg tttttttgtt tttttttttt     75180
     ttgttttttt gtttttttgg ttttttgata cagggtttct ctgggtagcc ctggctgtcc     75240
     tggaactcac tctgtagacc agctggcctc gaactcagaa attcacctgc ttctgcctcc     75300
     tgagtgctgg gattaaaggt gtctgccacc accgaccggc tcttatgtag tttttaaaga     75360
     cagggtttct ctgtgtatcc ccagctattc tgaactcact ctgtagactt ggctggcctc     75420
     aaactctcta gagatcggcc tgtctctgcc tccctcccga gtactaggac taacggtgtg     75480
     cgccatcact gccaggctct gttgtaggtc cgtgcacggg agtacaggta attacatgcc     75540
     tctgtgtagg tccgtgcaca ggagtacagg taattacatg cctctgtgta ggtccatgca     75600
     tgggtgtgca ggtacattgg gagcccagag gtgttggatc ccctgcatct ggaggtgcag     75660
     gcagttgtga gtcatgcgct gtgggtgctg ggatgggtct gctggaagag cagtgtgctc     75720
     ttaactgagc cagagtcttc ctgtgtagcc taaggtggtc tcacatctgt tatcctcctg     75780
     cctcagcctg ctaactgctg ggattgtagc taggatgggg tttatatcct cttacccctg     75840
     ccagaacctg ggctcctgag taactgatgg gagaaacaca aggactcagc ttctttgtag     75900
     ctcgtgaaat aacttctcga tgataacatg gtgtctccct cataagctga tgcacactgc     75960
     agtctctggt agaaccgtgc ctttcatatg tgagactttg tcgggtcggg agagacggct     76020
     ccacagaccc aggacagagg acctgccttc agtcttcagc aggcaaatca ggctgctcac     76080
     agctaccgat aaatgtagct tcaggagaat ccaacactct cttctggtat ctaaaggcac     76140
     cagccatgtg tgtggtgtat atacatgcat gcaggcactc acacatatgt gaaataaaaa     76200
     caaactcatt taagttaaag gccctgtctg tcctggaact cactctgcag tcaggttagc     76260
     ctggagctca gttacccata caccaaatga aagggttctt aaaaagttgg gtggccagga     76320
     gtggtggcac acgcctttaa tcccagcact tgagaggcag aggcaggcaa atttctgagt     76380
     tcgaggccag cctggtctac agagtgagct ccaggacagc cagggctata cagagaaacc     76440
     ctgcctcaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa cattgggtga atggtacatg tccttaatcc     76500
     tgtcacgtgg gaggccaagg tctagcctgg cctgtataat atgagatcca ggacagccag     76560
     agctacacag ttaagactag tgtagaaaga atacaagaat aagcggggga cgggctgtgt     76620
     gggttcaaac agtcctggca ttctcaagcc tggattccct gtgttcttcg gctctggcag     76680
     gaaggcagag tgctgtgatc tcgggactcg gtttacttca agctctgtct gtccctccct     76740
     cacagcccaa gtaaagatgg ttctcatcgt tgcttccctt ttctgccagg ttatattaag     76800
     aacacagaga agctaaacta tggcaaagag catcagtata agctcacagt cacagcctac     76860
     gactgtggga agaaaagagc caccgaggac gtcctagtga agataagcgt caagcccacc     76920
     tgcagccccg ggtggcaagg tgagctgccg tccctttagc tcttacatcc attctgaaac     76980
     gaacgcgcca tagaaaacgt ggttgcgagc ttcctttctt tctctcacac ccatccatgg     77040
     gccaacgcag gctggagcag cagaattgag tatgagcccg gcacgggtgc tttggctgtc     77100
     ttcccgagca tccacttgga gacctgtgac gagcctgtcg cctctgtgca ggccacggtg     77160
     gagctggaga ccagccacat agggaaaggc tgcgaccgag atacctactc tgagaagtcc     77220
     cttcaccggc tctgtggtaa ggaggtctgc tgtctgaagc cctctgtctc agggaggcga     77280
     gttccttagg atcccagccc ctgtgacttg gtcagtaaac tgatgggtag aacagacgca     77340
     gtgttctgaa gtggctttgg cttccttgct gtctggtttt cattccggac gggcatgggg     77400
     agtatacaga ccctgcagaa tcaattcaga attacgtatg tgtccgcact gaagagcctg     77460
     tgtttcaaat aaagtaacgt atattcagag tcatcaggga tgggtgacat aagaacaagg     77520
     aaccaggtct ggggatgtgc tctgtaatct agctattcta aaggcagggg atcctttgag     77580
     ccatgagttc tggttccgcc taggccacat agggcatact gttggaaagg cacgtgcttt     77640
     acctaatgca tgaggctgag ttcaatccca gctcgagaag ggaggacaaa aagtttaccc     77700
     tgacggtatg tcctgatggt tgtaaatctt ccctctgctc ttttttaaat tagatttttt     77760
     tttttaattt tacgtgtgtg gggggcatgt gtggcgtggt gttcatgcag aagtcagagg     77820
     atgtctcgtg ttagtgggtt ttctccttcc aacactcctc aggttctggg gactgtgctg     77880
     agttaggtca tctgtgctga gtcacctcat tgctgagtca cctgtgctga gtcacctcat     77940
     tgccttctct tctctccccc gttctttggt gcagtagttc cagttctaga aatttatcct     78000
     taggtcagaa tcatcagaca catagatgct cagtccctgt cccagagaga ggactaagta     78060
     agttacatcg tatctgtgca gtgaactgct atgcagccac tttaagctgt gctatagaag     78120
     cataagaagc aggtacgtat gtattgcaga tacagcagga ttccagttta ataagcacat     78180
     tgtgggctgg aggtgtgcca gggaccagcc tcggcttgga gaggggtact gaggaagggg     78240
     tgtgtgggaa cagagaaaga aacaactcta agttaaatcg tgggtcacaa gctgacagcc     78300
     tgtgttccgc ttgagacagc tttccaggta gatttctgct tgagacagct ctcttaggca     78360
     cagctttctt tacaagacag ctctctggtg ctagaaaaaa aaaatgctaa aagctctctg     78420
     gatagatcat aggttttaca atcaaagtca gaaaagctgc cagaaaaaaa aaaaatccct     78480
     ggattttcca gctaaggcag aaatcctgtt aagagaaatt ctaaaagtaa ttctcaggtt     78540
     ttctgaccaa aaaatatcag aaagccagag aaaaaaatct aaaaacagtt gtgttagctc     78600
     tcaaagcagt tctttccctg ggtttgctcg atctctccct ggccaaagcc catatcaatt     78660
     caatcattta ctccaggttt actcctgatt atctcacaag tcagtattcc aggaccccag     78720
     ccccttgatt cttagaaaga gacagcaagc actttttctt taaacattgc aagtgaattc     78780
     agaggtctgc ctacagatgc aagcacagac agtaaaccag ctagatggca tccggctctg     78840
     aggctgctag tcctaccacg cctaggaaga gcgaggttag gcctgggctc ttaggaaatt     78900
     atataaatat attttttttt caactcatgt tttcagggtt ccttcccaca gccttttaaa     78960
     ggctgtccat atatgtgcat acccatacac atgcatgccc acatacatgc aaacatggac     79020
     acacatgcac acaccactct tttatatatt cataaaaagg gatagaagtg tttacacaca     79080
     aaagtgtata tttgggcggg aacatctaaa gtaattttgt ggttgtttgt tttgagatag     79140
     ggtctcactg catagctttg gctagcctga ctctcactct gtaatccagg caatctgaat     79200
     gcacagagat gtctgtcttt gtctctgcct ccataggcct gtgtaccatg cctggctagg     79260
     ttttatcttc ttcattcttc tccttaaaac agaaaatcca cagtttgtgt gtgtgtgaga     79320
     gtgtgtgtgg gtgtgcatat gagagagagt gtccatgtgt gtgtgagaat gtgcctgtgt     79380
     gagtgtgtgc attagtgtgt gtatgagaga aagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     79440
     gagagagagt gtgacttggt gttgatattt tgtctcactc actctgtagc caaagactca     79500
     cttgtagccc aggcaggctt tgaacgtggc agccctgcct ctgcctctca agtactgagg     79560
     ttactatctg tgtactatta attacatttc cattaagaca agaaaaatgc cttacttttc     79620
     aggaaaagca aaaccaaatc cgcaagcatt ccaacccctt agtgaggcac tgaaccactc     79680
     ccaggctccc tgttttccgt ggaactcaca agtcctgtcc ctgtggtttc aggggctgct     79740
     gccggcacct cagagctgct cccgtccccc agtagctcct tcaactggac tgtgggcctc     79800
     cccaccgaca acggccatga cagtgaccag gtctttgagt tcaacggcac gcaggccgtg     79860
     aggattccag acggcgttgt gacccttgac cctaaagaac cctttacaat ctccgtgtgg     79920
     atgcggcatg ggccgtttgg ccggaagaag gagacaattc tctgcagttc ggataagaca     79980
     ggtttgttgg gtccctggac tggctagtgt tcttcagagt ctcctcacag ggactgggtc     80040
     ctctggctgc tcttcgttct atgctgggga cactttgtcc tcaagagaga caagacctag     80100
     cctgggggtt tatcagtttt actcagtaga ttactcagta aagtgcccgt gtatccgttt     80160
     ctaacccctg tcttggcccg actggagggt tcatttgtac agatcaaatc tttaaatcca     80220
     ttaaggagcc agtccttact ctccccttgg gcctgaagtt ggcagtttac ccacagacac     80280
     tgtctgtctt tgcagatatg aaccgacacc attattcgct ctacgtccac gggtgcaggc     80340
     tagttttcct cctccgtcag gacccgtctg aggagaagaa atacaggcct gcggagttcc     80400
     actggaagct gaaccaagtg agtagctgaa cctggccagg tctcatctct ctggatgtga     80460
     cagcctgagg gacactgtgg tctgtgtatc cgtcggtcac aggatggcat atcagactct     80520
     ttaagctcct ttcccatgtg tgcattttat acataaaata ctaacataaa tagtatgttc     80580
     ttttggggcc taagagatgg ctccccaagt aaagggactt atcaccaggc ctgacaatct     80640
     gatttgggtt ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgagacggt     80700
     ttctctgtat agccctggct gtcctgaaac tcactttgta gaccaggctg acctcaaact     80760
     cagaaatccg cctgtctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcgtgcg ccaccacgcc     80820
     cagggctgac aatctgagct tggtccctag aactcatgcc cacgatggaa ggaaagaact     80880
     acctcttaca agttgtcctc tgacgtgtac acgtgttgtg gcccatgtgc catgtgccac     80940
     aaatgtgctg ggcaatggtg gcgcacacct ttaattccag cgcttgggag gcagaggcag     81000
     aggcaggcag atttctgagt tcgagggcag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc     81060
     cagggctata cagagaaatc ctgtcttgaa aaaccaaaaa aataaaaaag tagcaaaacc     81120
     aaaagaaaaa aaaaaaaaga atctgtgttt taaagtgaaa gtgccgttat ggttgactgg     81180
     attatcgcct ggtcacctga gtctaaggct tggcgtccca gactgtacca gggagtgcta     81240
     gactgactca gcccttcaga ggcaccaaag ctgccttaaa cgttcaagtg gcagccatct     81300
     tggtgtcttt cagatgccat acaaactgct agctggagat gtatgtctgg tgagaccaca     81360
     gagcacccct cttggtgatg tctttggggg tctgatttcc catcattcct gtgataaggg     81420
     aggaggaagg ctgttgaaat atctccgtta aggaaatgaa gtcagcgcat gctgcaaacc     81480
     cagactcaca cagcttgtga agggggaagc tctggcttag ctgagttact tggttcgtgg     81540
     agtcagtggg caaaggaggg ccaggtcatt aggttaggtg ggcctgggct tgctaaaatg     81600
     taacaacttt ctgtgaaaca gttgcgagat ccagaaacca aggtatccat gagaggggaa     81660
     cagagcctgt ggtatgccag tctttctgtt gtggttttta tttatgtaaa taatcctttc     81720
     tccaaagctt ttactatatg ttcccaagaa gctaaggaaa gtgtgccatg gaaaaaattc     81780
     catgtggatg ctgcaggctg tgcctactga ggtgactcat gtagggtccc gtggtttcac     81840
     atttgttaaa acttcagatt tataaggaag acaggtgagg gtaagggccg ttcctgggcc     81900
     tctgcccggc ctctgtagtg agcagccctt gtcagctttg ttccttgact atacctgtgc     81960
     tctgttaata atttatatta cccatcccca agtgactcag taactcccaa gaaattcgga     82020
     acagagtgct gcattcaata tagacattgt gtctctaagt tgtaacatag ccctcacatt     82080
     cattaaggag gctgggggcg tggcttagtg actacacatg ctgggcagag ctgagaccct     82140
     gggtccagta tgagcaccct cattcccacc cccaaaaagg gaaacagagg aaaaggtaac     82200
     agtaattctt aggataatca aatatccagt aagtgttcaa atttcaagct gttttaaaga     82260
     tgtatcttat tgaaccagag tctctttaca gtttgtttaa ataaggattc catacggagt     82320
     cagacattgc gttaagttgg tctattcata atgcctgtta actactgtaa aggaattcag     82380
     tttaatttgg catgcagtct gagttacatg tttttatttg tttatttggt cttttttttt     82440
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgaggcag ggtctctgta gacctggctg aacttgctgt     82500
     gtagaccagg ctggccttga actcacagag gtgctgccct ttgctttgcc tttctccttc     82560
     cctcccttcc ctcctctccc ttccctcctc tcctgtcctc tcccctccca tcccctcccc     82620
     tcccctcccc tcccctcccg tcctctcctc tcctctcctc tgacggggat tcacatagtt     82680
     caggttggcc tcaaactcta ctctccagct gctgagagat tgcagccagg caccatggca     82740
     tggttatgca tggtcctggg gatttgaccc ccaggcctta tgtgtgggta ttcaccagct     82800
     ggcctcagcc tgtatgttcc tgtttggatg aggatttcag cagagaacat gtatgtgctc     82860
     tgtcatacaa cttgactggt gatactgcta ttttggtccg aaaataaagg actagtattt     82920
     gggaggtaaa agttgacgga ctactgactc caagtccagt cccaagacag ccagggctac     82980
     ctcagttttt aggagataaa tgtctaacct gccgttggag aaacttctgg agaactgcac     83040
     agcccctggc tgagtccctg gcctgtgctg ctgctgctgc tggttagcta atgccggaga     83100
     gatgaggaag tcggccttct gtccagtggg atgtgtttgt gaaatacttt ctccacagac     83160
     ttttaaaatc cttttctttt taggaagtca ttcctacgcg tgactcatct tctgggtcct     83220
     gtcctgctgc agctggggtt gtgtctttgg ctaagcagct ggttgacatg tcatgcttcc     83280
     attgccttgg ctaggtctgt gatgaggact ggcaccactt tgtcctcaat gtggaagttc     83340
     caagtgtgac tctctacgtg gacggcatcc ctcatgagcc cttctctgtg acagaggact     83400
     acccgcttca tccaaccaaa atagagactc agcttgtggt cggagcttgc tggcaaggta     83460
     acgaacggcc tcggggatta aataacagct ccttaccgtg tcctcactgt gtcagagcct     83520
     ttttatccat gactccttta tctgtgcgta gccttttagg gaacactagt catgtcatcg     83580
     attgttgttt actaaaggtg tgtttgtacg acagacacat cacctttcct gaacctgaga     83640
     acacacacac acacacacac agaaagtatg gttaggaaac cagcatataa acctgtttat     83700
     taattattgg tgtctgcaaa gctggaggaa agagtgaacc atagatacag aaatataaaa     83760
     gatgtagatg tctatggctg gcaggtctct tctgtggtat ttagcccttt agcaagctgt     83820
     caagagcttg ctaggaacct gcaagtgagg ggacatttgg agaggactct ggaaagctct     83880
     gctggaggaa tgatcccccc cccccccccc ccccgaggcc agagcaaacc cttgacacct     83940
     gtgtttgccc cggggcaggc tgtctgcctt tttcctctta tgtgttatct caggtgagct     84000
     tcatagtcct ctcatagagc gggacaaact gagacccagg gaaggagcaa cccaagatta     84060
     tccaggtgat cagcacagag ctgcgatttg aacctaaatg ctgtgactca tcagaggcgg     84120
     ctttgctcat tccctgagag gtgaagcctt cctggtttgg cgaaacctct gaacccctta     84180
     aacgatacat tggttacttg tgggatctta ggtagccaac taagatgaga tagtggctag     84240
     catacagaag gatcgactct gtggatttgt ggtagtgata cccatgatgc cccattaaga     84300
     ggggagaaaa aggtttaatg gcaggaccag aagacagtgt aatttgaaac tagtgaagga     84360
     cttgggggga cagtttgctg atccctgctc tactgtgcag tgatacaaaa acacccatga     84420
     ttctcctggt gacagggtca cagtgaccac ccacactgct gtggtttata gtctatcttt     84480
     atagccaaag gaaataagtt attagaagta agcattaact gttcttgttc aaattcacag     84540
     agccctgctc tggcctcgga gggtcacgcg cccactgtga cccgtgtgcc tgacagcctc     84600
     ctacccaaat ccaggcacca tcactgtgtg tgctgggtga agagacttta gataggattt     84660
     ttctccccat aggaagacag tgccttgact ttagttagaa aactatgaat gaatctaatt     84720
     cccaagacaa atctgtttat tttaggagaa tttgaatttc acgttttttt tttttttttt     84780
     tttttttttt tttttttggt ttttctgaga cggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg     84840
     gaactcactt tgtagaccag tctggcccga actcagaaat ccgcctgcct ctgcctcccg     84900
     agtgctggga ttaaaggcat gcgccaccac accctgctga atttcacagt ttttcacgaa     84960
     attctttcgg atacaaagga gtaagagagc acactgagtg aaccgcttca ggttcattgt     85020
     cggtgtgtgc aactccctgt gaggaaataa gatgtctttt aggtttatat tcaaatgtgt     85080
     tgtaaggaaa aacaaaaact aaaaacaaaa ccacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     85140
     acacgcacac acacgcataa acctgaagga aactccactc tggcagttcc atcatgttgg     85200
     tgaagtgggc caccttgggc tgtcctgcca cctttggctt cggggtcact gccatcaaac     85260
     accaggtact tcacatcctt cctcgtgacc tcagctgtct cagcctgaca gcgacttgca     85320
     caccaaacca acacaatttt tttttctaat ttttaaaaaa atttttatgt atgtatgtat     85380
     gtatgtatgt atgtatgtat tatatgtaag tacactgtag ctgtcctcag atactccaga     85440
     agagggcatc agatttcgtt aaggatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggatttga     85500
     actcaggacc tttggaagag cagtcggcac tcttaaccac tgagccatct cgccagccct     85560
     tttctaattt ttaaaactcc acgtgttaca gtatttccga gtgtatgtat atctgtgcac     85620
     catgtgtgtg ccttgtgcct gtggaagcca gaagagagca tcagatcccc tggaaccaga     85680
     gttacagatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggg tgcagggaac tgaacccgga tcctctgaaa     85740
     gaatagccca tgctctaacc cactgaccca tctctctagc ccttaccaac acatgctgtt     85800
     taaaattcag ttcacacggg aaaagctgcc ctttgccttt cagtgaatgt ggaacccctc     85860
     tccccgatag atcacagtgg ggaggatggg ccattggcag ctgcttcacc cctaactgta     85920
     gatcctggtg ggtggacatg gaggtataac ccgcttcaca cgtctggcct catcccaggg     85980
     catctctaca ctggttgcat ggagtaacga gcacagcata gtggccagtg tgacaagggg     86040
     aggcacttcc ccgaaacaca gtacagaagg agtgggttct gtgctcagcc atgggtgtct     86100
     aatcaccagg gaagctttga attctctacc ctgatctgca gctgtagaga ctgtgctctg     86160
     tgagtgccca ggcctgccgt gaggtccgta ggcagtcagc cagtgtccct cttaacgtcg     86220
     tccttcctct ggtacttaaa acccagacag tacagactca cgtgtttcat gtgccacatt     86280
     ctggacctgg tatgagcccc tcccgttttg tccgtgcatt ctgcttcctg tctggaggga     86340
     agaagaccct gtccaggagc tgaaagttta tttacgtctg ctccagtgcc acgctcaacc     86400
     agacctccag gaatgcactg tcatgtcagc taaacagcga atttggtgtg cctgcgtctt     86460
     tatcttactt taaaccgatt tgtgtttctg caagaagaag tgcctgtata aaagagaaac     86520
     cccaaatgaa gcattggggg attgcacttg gtgacctctg gggaaaggtc accaagtgca     86580
     agcttgtatg caggtgaact gtgtcccagc agtcaagggg gactttggtc tctggggccc     86640
     atgttcggct gctccttgaa agcacagtgt gaaggcccta acctcttggt cctttctgcc     86700
     gtctgtcttg cctttccaga gtattcagga gtggagagtg gcaatgagac tgagcctgcg     86760
     acgatggcct ctgcaggttg atggatcacc ccacccccac ccgcattccc cattcactat     86820
     agcgtttcct ttaaagatga gacgttgatc cattccacat gtcgcatgag atgagcagat     86880
     tgcatttcga ccccagacac catttcagct gcttgcctgc attgagcttc cccattgcct     86940
     cctgggactt ccttcccttc ctgccccatc aaccctgcag aggcgggcag atcacacccc     87000
     tgtatgctgc gtttgtgggg atcctagtgc cttgagttcc ccaggcccac tgcatgaggc     87060
     tcccactaaa attacccagg ctgggtttgg gaggcccctt catggtgatc agttagctga     87120
     gccacaggac agaagagcag tttctacatt tttttgtcct agtggacaga aattctaaac     87180
     agaaatagca attccctagg gatgacttga cgtgacaagg ccctggcctt cattaacata     87240
     aaggcgagct gtagtttgtg gctggttatt gtggtctgtc aagtctgtcc tctagggttt     87300
     cgctttcttc attctgtctt ccctgactgt tatcctcaga gatagaactc aacagagctt     87360
     ccgggaagcc aagatagctc aatgcatgac ttgcttgctc tgcaagcatg gagcccggag     87420
     ttcagatccc taccacatac ctgaacagcg agtgacccca gtggctcact tgtaattcta     87480
     gtgatcagaa gtcaaagaca gggacttcct gaacaagctg gctagttaga ccagctatat     87540
     gggcaaactc tgggttcacc aagaggccta actcagtgag taagatttcc agagtcaacc     87600
     tcaggttgac tcacatgcac acacacacat gtacccaaac atatatgaac atacatactg     87660
     ttcatgtatg catcgcacac acgcctacat acatgcacaa atgtgtgaac acgcatacac     87720
     ttgtgagtac tgtacacgta gacatgtaga aggccccaga gggttttatg tggagaatct     87780
     aagcatccag agttcctgct gtgtgatgag ccaggctttc ccccacgccc agctcctaag     87840
     tcctcagagc caggaagagc gtcccacagt gtacttggcc aataggtgcc agttgttgag     87900
     caggtagaga ggagggaggc agtgtctgtg cacctcggtg atggcactgc cttggccgct     87960
     gtcgtcaagg aatggccagg tgtataagga ccttggaggg gcctctgagc attcagggtg     88020
     tgggtgaggg acccctctcc cgctcctctc ttcttcaggc catgtgcatg atcataaaca     88080
     atttaatttt tcattgcgct tccatgtaaa ctacaaggct aacaacaggg tttgttctga     88140
     actaacttgc atgtccatcc atcaagccac caccactggt aacacggcca tgagacataa     88200
     ccaggagcct gtgggccgca agcccaacga acctctcgct tccttccctc cctaaggtgg     88260
     cgacctgcac atgacacagt ttttccgagg taacctggct ggcctcacag tccgttctgg     88320
     gaaactggcg gataagaagg tgattgactg tctctacacc tgcaaggagg ggctggacct     88380
     gcaggtccct gaagatgcca acagaggcgt gcaggtgaga gctcccctga ccttactcct     88440
     agcctcgccc tctgagagtg gggccagcag ggtagggcgg acacggggtc ctggacttta     88500
     ccctatgtga gcatcttgtt cttggggact aaacagcttc tccgagactc agccccggct     88560
     gatgactcca ctgcctctca gttttggccg ctctcagttg ggacctggtt cccctctcct     88620
     ctctctggta tgttgatttc agatccaagc aagctccagc caggcggtct tgaccttgga     88680
     gggagacaac gttggagagc tggataaggc tatgcagcac atttcctacc ttaactcaag     88740
     gcagttcccc acaccaggca tccgcaggct caaaatcacc agcaccgtca agtaggtcgc     88800
     agagcatcca tctctgtcac ctacccctgg gcgggaaatg ggtgtgcctt taggtcttta     88860
     gcctgtttgc gtcccctgct cgggaaggtg ggtcatcact tgatctgggg aagctgaatg     88920
     aggcgtggga tatgtactga ccacagcatt cccggagtag ccacccgctg tccccagtga     88980
     gtctcgcaca aggctctcac ggcctctccc tcctcttcct gcctctctga caggtgtttc     89040
     aacgaggcgg cttgcatcga ggtgcccccg gtggaaggct acgtgatggt tttgcagccg     89100
     gaggagccta agatcagcct gagtggcgtc caccactttg cccgcgcagc ttctgagttt     89160
     gagagcgcgg agggtatttc cctcttccct gagctgagaa tcatcagcac catcaccaga     89220
     gaggtggagc ccgaggcaga tgggtccgag gaccccacag gtaacagctg cccccagggc     89280
     ctgcctcttc tgtcttgact ggcagcctcc tcttgggccc tttttccttt aagtttttgg     89340
     aggggttttt gttttttttt tttttttttt tttgtttgct tgtttgtttg tttggattgg     89400
     tttttcaaga cagggtttct ctgtatagct ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc     89460
     aggctggcct caaacttcga gatccacctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg     89520
     cgtgcgccac cactgctcgg ctggttttgg aggttttaat gttttaacac ttgagtctgt     89580
     gtctggaact tggctgtagc tggtgttggg ttttaagatt tagcttgagg gccagctcaa     89640
     aggaagtatc cctccattct taccgggaac ttactaagtg atatttattg actgagctgg     89700
     gactgggcct gggccttcaa catgctaatc atatactcta ccactgacta cactctcagc     89760
     ccccaagtct tgaagatgac tctcccatgc ttggtcctta cacttgactg tggttttgaa     89820
     atgtggcagc acggtgggtg ggtggggtgg gggtgggggg tgggtgggtg gggtatttat     89880
     gtcacctgca gcctctgcta tttctggtct ctctcttttt tttttttgca gtgcaagaat     89940
     ccctggtgtc agaggaaatt gtgcatgacc tggacacctg tgaggtcaca gtggaagggg     90000
     atgagctgaa cgcagagcag gagagcctgg aggtagacgt gacccgcctc cagcagaagg     90060
     gcatcgaagc aagccactct gacctgggtg tggtcttcac aggtgagggg aaggcttcgg     90120
     cctgcccatt gcctacaaat gcgcactggt gcatccgcct cacactggca cccttctgca     90180
     catggagggg gcacgggcag tgctttgtgc agggtggggc tgggcacata acaaacagct     90240
     catgccccag gatggagaaa tgcctgcttg ctttgcttta gttccctgac tctgaaagtc     90300
     acagagttgt agccctcagc ttggctgacc caagggccca cctgggctcc agacttaagc     90360
     tgctcaccct caacacccta caggcgtgga gaccatggca agctacgagg aggttttgca     90420
     cctccttcgc tatcggaatt ggcacaccag gtccctgctg gatcgcaagt tcaagctcat     90480
     ttgctcagaa ctaaatggtc gctacctcag caatgagttc aaggtggagg tgagtccagg     90540
     gcgcccaccg caaagggcga acattaagta atcagatgtc ctgactcggg ctcccaaggt     90600
     ttcagatgtt catggcggcg acttatttag gctcagagca gggctggctg gctgtgtcca     90660
     cagggtagac atacaggcct tgaggagcag agttggagtg tgacgacaga gtgtctgtga     90720
     acgagccccc aggaaaccaa gtggtcttgg tggctgtgtc agaccaccgg ccccgttgac     90780
     agggacattt gggtcccggg ttgttgagtg ccaacactgc cacagtcact ctgaggccac     90840
     agcagctaaa ggacagtaca ctctgccctg acaccttcag tggcctctgc cgcagctgac     90900
     ttcatgggcc agcgcctccg aggtctgaag aaataaattc tgagcaaccc gcccgccatc     90960
     tccaccttga tccaagtggt gggcggagga gactaaatgt actcgagcca aagggtggct     91020
     ggtgagaaga atgggaagag gtgatctgag ctgtcgccta aggccagggt ggcttcctac     91080
     tctgatgtga atgccttctt ttgtaagcta cactacaaat gagccatcgg acacactgtt     91140
     tctgggatat gtgacactgt cacactgttg taaacaggtg atgtttttct ggtcactgtt     91200
     tgcccccagc ctggagctgg gagactggga agcagcactg ccgaccgtct attcacctgt     91260
     caggtacact tggggtgcct agtgacactc tctctgctgt aggtgaatgt gatccacaca     91320
     gccaaccccg tggaacatgc caaccacatg gctgcccagc cacagttcgt ccaccctgaa     91380
     catcgatcct ttgtggacct gtctggtcac aacctggcca atcctcaccc gtttgcaggt     91440
     aggacggggg aaagcacgtg ggtcaggatg ctgtggtatg tagggtccag atggatagac     91500
     agacagacag acacacacac acacacacac acacacacat acacacaaac ctggtagcaa     91560
     gcgtagctca caactactgc ccatcaacta ccccaatgct gtcacttaca caaggaagct     91620
     cgctcaccac tgccacagag cagccagtga gcgaaggcag gcttagggct tcctcctagg     91680
     gtttaggagt caggaagcac tctgacacat tccatttgac ctacctagag tagttgagga     91740
     ggccaaggag ggatgggatg gggggagctc tttgggtgta agcagcgtca caaaagctgt     91800
     gtgtctggtc ttcaaacccc atggcagttg tccccagcac ggcgacagtg gtgattgtgg     91860
     tgtgtgtcag cttcctggtt ttcatgatca tcctgggggt gtttcggatc cgggctgcac     91920
     atcagcgaac gatgcgggac caggacacgg ggaaggagaa tgagatggac tgggatgact     91980
     ctgccttgac catcaccgtc aaccccatgg aggtaggcac agaagggcca accacaaagc     92040
     gccacggaga cccagaccct ggtcatgtgc ttgcaggttg ggtcagtgag attagattag     92100
     gggggtcacc ttcagatgag gaagcccttg ctgaaggcct ccgtgagtag cataggcagg     92160
     caactgacgc tcttggcttc tttaccccaa gatgtccgtg gtatgacagg actaagctcc     92220
     gcccctctgc attgagcacc ccatcccatg tgagtggtat ccatgttgct aatgagagcg     92280
     tcacctgccg ggtcactttg gcgaggcgac tcccagtacc actcaggccc ttctgtcact     92340
     gtggggttgg ctgtgttttc ctttgtggct tttagtagat agacactggg cgatggggct     92400
     acaggctaga tttacgccgt cgtctctttg ccagacatat gaggaccagc acagcagtga     92460
     ggaggaggaa gaggaggagg aggaggagga gagcgaagat ggggaggaag aggaagacat     92520
     caccagtgcc gagtctgaga gcagtgagga ggaggaagga ggccccggag acggccagaa     92580
     tgccacccga cagctggaat gggatgactc cacactcagc tactaaaccc gcactcagcg     92640
     cctgctctcc agactctctc ccagccccac gggtccacga tgtacaaaat cattttgacc     92700
     agcaggtctg cagacccttc ccccactgct caaagtcctc ccgtgcttgg tgtgtgggac     92760
     caccggctcc accctccccg cccatcacca ttgcagtttt gctagaagct ggcgcttcct     92820
     ccccagggca ggggccccac agcacctcag accccaagtg tgtctggagt tccctgtcgg     92880
     ccagggagag gacaccagca cctgggacct ccagagaagc cgcactgagc ggacttgtcg     92940
     acagagggtg aaaaattact cccacgcagt cagtaaccat ttctcttatt tttaaaagtt     93000
     tttttatttt tttttcccaa actagtgcat gtataaagtg ggagagcaga gggggttaat     93060
     atgtagatgg ccaaccgact ttttaatatt ttgtaaataa attgggattc tgtgtgtcct     93120
     ctgtgctagt agtccaggac aggaatgtaa agtcagaatg cggggccagg agggcctctt     93180
     cctccctctt ccctcccaag aaaccaggtt ggagaggccc aagtcactgg ggcccaccct     93240
     tgctagggtt tccgtacagc cacgtggccg gggccatggc tttcaagtgc tgtctggggg     93300
     ggccagcccc acgagcctcc aaccacatta gaggctggga acagccagga tgttgccaaa     93360
     gcccctggcc tttcctgtac acgcctgtga ctggcagcca catggtttct gcttattaac     93420
     gtgagcctcc ctgttggtga aatggtgtag ctgggaacgg acagcaaagg tgcaggcggt     93480
     caggctcctc gcttggaaga ccacggttct gagcaagtct gcacaacagc accaaaagga     93540
     gaccccgagg cccaaagata aactgctaca atgctccaga acaatctttt ctctcctccc     93600
     cagaggcccc atgggatgcc gcgtgctgtt gggtttgggc taagatctaa gacccagcag     93660
     ataggagaca gcaggtacca cccacacagc acagctcttc attcacagtc aagagtttag     93720
     actgctccag ctgggacatc cagtcctcgc tgctgttgct gctagttcga aggatgccgc     93780
     cgtgctgtct gtggccgccc tcccatgtcc tgtcccctgt agctgctttc ttagatggaa     93840
     acaggctaac gaagagaggg acactgtcgt gtcagtagcc gcagggtccc ctttaagatg     93900
     tgtatatcga cactaggtca gaaagtgtat gcgttataat aaagttctgg ttctaactcc     93960
     agcctgagtg gggtccattc tgtcatgttt gttgggtacg ggttggggca ggggttgagg     94020
     gatttatgaa gataggctgg gctcaaactt aaagcaatcc tcctgcctct gcctgctcag     94080
     tgctgggatt acagatgtcc accatgccgg gcaaggatta ttaattttta tggtactaag     94140
     gaatgtacct gaagctttgc acttcgcaga caagggctca accagtacac tgtatccccc     94200
     caagtcccct tgttatttga gccaagaact taagaacata aaaacgtttt tatttctttt     94260
     cacctgtctt tacctgttgt gtcaaggttg cacaaactgg tctcagcccc catcaatgag     94320
     aggaaaaaac ttaacaaaaa acccgtcttc cagccaagta cacacccaac ccagaaaggc     94380
     cgagcctgtg cagaatctgc agccacacca gagagcacct agactctttt caataaataa     94440
     catggcatac atacatacac acacacagac acgtttccta tttcagagtt ggtggggcag     94500
     actaggggtt cagcgggtgc tgcggaggca ccaccgctca ctgctggacc ctgggctcat     94560
     caacatgaag gggctccttg agccatgttc tgggctgctg gcgagacagc ggtgatggtt     94620
     ctcaaagtct cagaatgcta ccgggagatc caggtcctga ggtggcagct gatacatgga     94680
     gatgtgcttg gggtgggacg ataagcatgt gcgacccctg agctgggctc tctaaaagcc     94740
     gggcgggtgg ctggcgtttg gatccctggg aggaggccga gactgcgttt ctcgagttcc     94800
     tctgactgcc cagactacac tgaattccgt tctcgtcctt gctcacactt ttcgagccta     94860
     gctccccagc tgccttctgc gatttcagct ctggaagaga tcagtcctgt ccgtccataa     94920
     agctgccttg tgtgcccctc acacgaactt cgaagaggac ttcaattctg gctggccctt     94980
     cgtcttgatt cgtgaccaca cggagctaaa tggggcaccg gtctgagtgc ttcaaggcct     95040
     ggaatacact aactgtagtg gaggccaggt cccttacccc agccatcggg gtaagggaca     95100
     gagtctacat atcgtgttct tacccgcaaa tgagaggtga gggcgttccc gtacccaaac     95160
     ccaagaggtc gcttcagcag tgccgagcaa gtgtgcctga gtctagaggg aagctcctgg     95220
     cttcctcaag agctgccgga ggcttggttg ggtaggccac acaacggtgg ccggaggtga     95280
     gctgaggatg gaggcaccag gtgaccgcca ggcttgttcc aggcagcctg ctgggagcct     95340
     gggaagaagg ccccaagaac tgtccttgct gggccaagac ccacaggttg gaagactagg     95400
     ggttcgatcc tcaaggtgct gttacagtgc tgaccgggga tgacatcatg aggacatcac     95460
     ccctcccctg cacagaaatg cacttccatt tatggctatt ctgttcctta aacatttcga     95520
     gtcataaata aattaccagt gtaaacaaga agcagtggtg tggttcttcc ccatgaggga     95580
     cagttcaggc tctggggtcc ctttggtgac cactggacat gcctggtctc caggactgtc     95640
     cttttacctc tagggctgaa agccaggagg gaaccgccgt atgaccacca gggggcgcct     95700
     cctactgtcg gttatccttg gacacattgt gcgccagcca gttgactttg gttttccagc     95760
     tttctcggag agcttcgttg aacttcaccc ggaagtgctt tagcgcctct tcctccgtct     95820
     tccccagtgc cagagagtcc tggacaaacc acacacagca gagtgacact gagggacttt     95880
     gctctgttac gcaatccaga atgaagccca ataggatgct aaattctctc tgtattcaga     95940
     cccccaaacc cagatggtcc acccgttgac tcaaatgtca gaggccttag agtgtcatgt     96000
     gaccttcagg ggatgccctg gttaggctgg tggcctgtca ctctctgctc cagttatcac     96060
     agatggagga cgtgggatga aagcatttac acaatgtgca aggaagctta gctcacacag     96120
     actgagcagg aacgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgcgcg     96180
     cgcgcgcgcg cgcatgtgtg catgtgtgga cacctatgag ggacacatgg attgactaag     96240
     gaaggttacc acgtatctgc cacccagcat aagtaggccc agcaaactgg accactctgg     96300
     ccctgcccac tgctaggaca aggatgccat gaggacccca caaccatcag tacccctgaa     96360
     agtctaccag atggggccct actaggatcc agacctccca ggcaggctgt aggaagtata     96420
     cagccatggg gtcagccctg actcggccct ggcttgacct actgtgttgg tggttttctg     96480
     ccaacttaat acaaactgga gtcatctggg aaaaaggaaa tttcctcaac tgaggaaacg     96540
     ccttcatcag attgcctgta gttaagccct tggggcattt tattttttgg atcaatgact     96600
     gataaagaag ggtccagccc actgtgggtg gtgccatccc ctaggcaagt ggtcctgggt     96660
     tgtaaaagaa ggtagtctga acaaaccatt gcttctggtt cagtgcctgc ccttgatccc     96720
     ccttcatgat gtgactgctg cgaccacaag ttgaattaaa cccttttctg cccacgctgc     96780
     ttttgatggc ttttatagca gaagggaccc ccacggggac acttaccttg agatactgga     96840
     tatctttgga gcagctaagc tcaggcagac ctgcggcccg catcagggcg aagagatgga     96900
     ggaaaagcag cccgtggcgc cgcaggatgg tataggctcg ttcacagtag ccgcggaacc     96960
     tgcaggtgag ggaggcgggg caggtgaggt cctgggtgtt caccttccca ccccaccccc     97020
     acctcccccg agctgttgct taaggttgtt gttgaaggtt atccaccgtt ggctagttct     97080
     tcaagatgac ctccctctgc ctcctgctgg agacacaaac ctcctccccc atggcccaag     97140
     gaggccaaac aggtttggag gtcactcatc ccaatccatc aacatccagg ggagggggca     97200
     ggagcagggc cgaccaccgt ctcaagcctc gttcttgaac ccagagttcc tggcatcccg     97260
     gacagataat caagggcaga gccctcacct ttcaaacttc tcactgttgt tagtcttccc     97320
     ctgctggatc acgtggacaa agtcgtaggt gagaatgaag gggacgcgct ctcggttgat     97380
     tccaaacttg gtcttgaagt tccccagaaa gtggccaaaa tcaatgtgga agagctgacg     97440
     gggacgaagt ggagccctta gcctcgagtg agcagggatc caaccccggg agccgcaggg     97500
     aggaagagaa agcagagaac agggagcttc catgcccctt gagagaccca ggcgaagaag     97560
     acaccagcag ggctcacagc gttctcgggg ccaccaaacc cagagcaaag gggccagcag     97620
     gccagacggg acgtcagccc tatagcaaag ccacccagcc acacgcccct acctgcccac     97680
     tctctctgat catgatgttg tcgctgtgcc ggtcaccgat gcccagaaca tatgtggcca     97740
     cacagtagcc agcacaggag agggtgaatt cctcaatggc ccgatccagg gcctccctga     97800
     gggggaagat tggaggtcat ggtacaccag actgcaaccc tttaccagaa gggggtctgc     97860
     ctctctttct ctgagtctag ccttttggcg tgctttactc aacagaatgt aaagtatata     97920
     gtcccagagc ttaggcctaa aatacctctc tgatctggag cctgtcccca ccacctaggc     97980
     gcaccgtggg gaaaggctga ggaccagcct gcacaagcag aggccaagaa gagaggtata     98040
     gctgacttca ggctctgggc attcagtgga ctcaatctta gaccctccag gtttgggaga     98100
     agtcccagat gacttgagtt gtcccaagca aggcatgtat agtatcccga gattcacagc     98160
     agcagatgtc taaggtcgga agctttgagt ggtatcacac acaaccactg gcaactgaca     98220
     cacaagaacc gctatgctga ttcagattca ggccggcccc acagcagagc caactagtca     98280
     gagtagatca cagcccttcc ctctcatctt gtctctgata ggccaaccct tcccacgtca     98340
     cacctcccag gaggagaagg cttgaaacct acccagggtt cttggacttg agccagttga     98400
     gcagggcgtc cttgttgaag gcagctgtgg ccgccatgtt gcttttgttc agctggatgt     98460
     tggcgatggt gtccgagtgg aggaccacct cgatgagacc tgtgcggtcc ccggtgggga     98520
     ggcagccgta gggcgtcatc ctaggtgaaa gaaaggccag cagaacgtca cgatcaaagg     98580
     ctgttcctgg agatgccaca ctcaagtggc tgaggaggag gaggaaggac tcggaggctc     98640
     ctggtaccca agataaccag ggtttgggga agctgctgct gcttcctcta cacaaggggc     98700
     cgggaaatac agaagggaac aagacaaatg cttggctgcc ctccctaccc tcgtctctcc     98760
     cgggatcagc cctttcccac ccacacgagg aggatagttt ggctcccctt ccaaagcaca     98820
     gttctaaggg ctgacccaga gcacaacagt tacaggatgg gccccaacct caggtccagg     98880
     ccctcctgct tccacaggac gtccatgagc tggatcatct gcagagtcag catgtcctgg     98940
     cggaggtctg cagtgtggga aggagaccag tgtctggtgg gttctcttct cccactgggt     99000
     atccgttctt aggtcccagg accacccctc aggatggcac agggacggtt aggcctctgc     99060
     agactcccta gcccgcctgc tcaccatccc cgttcttaaa gatgatgccc acgttgccag     99120
     cactgcccgc ctcctcgctg ctgtacatga tccacagggg cttcattttg gagtccatga     99180
     aggtgcactg ctccacactg ctggccagag agtagggtcg acaggggctc ctccgcaggc     99240
     cagggaggct gggaggagcc ctggtggggt caggcatggg gctcaccaga cttcctccag     99300
     cagggtgctg gggtcgagtg gagactgcag gtgggacagg gcctccatgt aggtctcctg     99360
     gcgcatgcac atatgcatca tctccttggt ttggggcttg gtggtcttct gggaactcac     99420
     cttcacaaag tcattcagtg ccttaagctt gctcagtgct tccccctggt ggtgataatg     99480
     ggtggtggtg ataagtggtg gtgggtacca gccacaggtg ggaggatggt ccagggagag     99540
     ccttctaaag cttgtaagca gaaactgacc aagccttacc tgcttcatca gcaccttcat     99600
     gtggtgggtg ctgcctctgc agtaggcttc catgatgaga ccaaaccgca gagccactga     99660
     tggtacgtgc atctcagagc tggggggaaa aaatggtact gagtcttgcc agtcagggtc     99720
     tcacaccccc tgcctgcagc ctaggtggga cccagagcat caggacatct gagcctgctg     99780
     gaaacaggag ttcagcaaga tctcagaatc ctgagttctc acttcaccgt gaccctcata     99840
     ggatttccaa ggaataggct gttgtgtgtt caactaccgg aggtgccaga acaggaagtg     99900
     tccgatcttg cggttagcca gggctcggcc cagcaagaat ttggtcagct cgcagtccag     99960
     gtaggactca tatttgagca cttgcaccag ctgcagaagg tactggaaga gctcatcgtc    100020
     cctgaagaga aggaaagtcg gtggtctaca gctgggcggt ggcagagtaa gaggtagagg    100080
     ccaggttcat cccaacccag cacccacttc caaatgcttg gggcaaagct gccttccgga    100140
     agagcaggga gtctgtgggc cccaggggta gcaccagctg ggactcacgt cagcttccga    100200
     agggacttga tggcgaagga gcccacgtag cagtcgggaa agctaaagtc cagaagttcc    100260
     agggcgctca gcacaggcag ctcgggccag gagcacagca aatagagcat ctgggacagc    100320
     ttggtggtca ggtaggggtg ggcgggaact gtccatctgc cccggggctg tcttcccgaa    100380
     cccccctctc tactcacctg ggccacatcc tcgtgtttat tccacttggt gaccagcagc    100440
     aggcgggcca gcgcctctgg gaaatgctcc tggacttcgt ggcgcatctt ccacaccagg    100500
     tccttctcat gttcgtacag ttccccggat ccccgccgtt ccaggatctc ccgcagctgc    100560
     agctgctgag gggcgcagac agggtgaggc ctccaagctc cacgcccaat cccagctccc    100620
     ccattccaag accggagctc acctcctcct ccgtgatgcg cccacgctcc ccgtgacgcc    100680
     ccagctccag gatctgcaga atggatgagg ctctcactta tcctgggcgt agggcagtcc    100740
     ctgtcaggcc ccaaagcagg aagctacacc tcagacctaa catgtcatcc tcactggagg    100800
     atgtattttg ggtattttgc acagtcttta ccagcatcct agcttgaagc tacaacatac    100860
     caggaacatc ctttccacac caaacgttac cgaatggcag ctcaaagggc tcttagaaaa    100920
     ccctgaattg gcagaacgac attaccctag cagcaggcga atcccagggt ggccagggtc    100980
     tactaggaaa agtctagaac catggctctc aacctgggtc aggagccctc tgggggatgt    101040
     ccaacacacc tttcacaggg gtcacctaag accatctgaa aatatagagt atttacatga    101100
     cgattcgtaa caatagcaaa atggggctgg agagatggct cagtggttaa gagcactcac    101160
     tgctcttcca gaggtcccga gttcaattcc cagcacccac atggtggctc acaaccatct    101220
     gtaataggag ctgatgccct cttctggtgt gtctgaaggc agatacagtg tactcatata    101280
     cataaatctt tttttttttt aattcttaaa aaaattagca aaatgacatt tatgaagtag    101340
     caataaaaat aatctatggt gggggtgacc accacatgta ctaaagggtc gcagcattag    101400
     gattgagacc caggggacta gaaggaaagg gtcttcactg accttctcca gagcggggaa    101460
     gtacacaggg tggggggcca cctcaggcag gtagatgacc agggcagcgg cactctccgt    101520
     gttggggttc ccgcgcactg tacccgcagg attcagcagc tctcccttct catctggaca    101580
     cagggacaga tgcagcggtg tgtgtcaagt cacttgcttg gggacctcta ccccctgcta    101640
     gctgctcccc tggggctggg cccacctggg acagagggcc acatgtagag gcagcgctcc    101700
     cccgtcttga gctgatcttt gtagtcgaat agcatgaggt tggcccaagc gatggggcag    101760
     tcctggggaa ggacaccagc gggttagggc caggcacaaa agccccattt gctgacctcg    101820
     gagggaaggc caattgggga ggggatctgg gcttcaaggg tagactccca gatagactca    101880
     agggaagacc ctgtttgaga agagggagga ccaactgcct tgccctagtg acaaaacgag    101940
     cccaggctgc atctcggctc ctggctcaca cccagtatgc atcagcagag tgagagtgag    102000
     agccacttta aatactggaa ttggtgacta ggggcccagc cactcaagac agccgctggc    102060
     ccaggccctt tagtccctct gaggatactt tctacccagg gagctgccta caaaagccta    102120
     ctggcctaca ggtctagagc agatagccca agcaggccgt tcacaggcta tccctagagt    102180
     gagtagggat ccaagatggt ggagaagctt ggggtttagg gtcccccagg acccctgtcc    102240
     tcaacctgcc cgcctgcctg tggcttgggg cactgaaggg aggccctccc agccagccaa    102300
     tactcaccgc cttcttagac ttcttctttg tggagcgtgc cttcttagcc ttctccacga    102360
     cggcatagag agcaaaacag agtcgagcca tgcgcgggag gtcacagacg ctgatatcga    102420
     actccagtcg ctgcttccac acgggctctg agcatacatt cacctccgag cttgacacag    102480
     tcttgcacag catctcattg ccatggaaga gcccggcctg aacaaccagc tgggggtcgg    102540
     ggtggattaa tgggaggaga ggcccctggc tccatccctt ctctcttctc accaggctac    102600
     tcacaacaat tttctcctca agtgtcctaa ttcttaaatg ggtctgaatc tactttctcg    102660
     tgatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttt cttagaggga aagccactag tcaagtagga    102720
     caagaagcca tggggcaggg gaggccacag tgcattgata gcccaaggca tgccccttcc    102780
     catccagacc tcagtttctt caatagaaga tggtaattcc acaactccct ggctctacct    102840
     aagactgcct gccctttttt gaaccttacc catcatccca tacccaagta cccaaccctc    102900
     caagtttgta aagttatgga gttagttagc cagactgtct gtgggcttcc tgttccacag    102960
     atggaacaat aacacctgca cctggaaggc agatgtgatg cgtgtggaag tgtttttaaa    103020
     gaaaccaaag ggtaccatgt gcctcctcac tcccgcccac tgtcttcaga ccccagggga    103080
     taaggcagct acccatctag gctgcagcca tacccagacc agctgcagca ggctcttcct    103140
     tgcacctctc acacctcccc ggatgcctct ttcatcccca caacctccac caaagtcaaa    103200
     tacacagaaa tctgctctgc ccgggtttcc acgaatcagt ctctggctgg ctggcccacc    103260
     ccactccccc ttcctgtttt gaagcagctt acaaccactc caggcaggga ggctgggtaa    103320
     tgtggtcagg tggctttcgt gtgacatctt cccactctcc ttccgctgcc acccctcctg    103380
     gccacagcca ccttgtttgt atagaaaaca gtggctccct catctgaccg gggagccccc    103440
     taccttcatc cgctcgtcag cattcacttt tcggccctcg atcagctcaa tggagaatgg    103500
     ctgttccagg gaccacaggg acacagagga gggctgggga agtagggaga cggagtgagt    103560
     ggcaaagaat aagatacctc tcctcttttt atcagaaaac ctgttgtgca catgcacaag    103620
     ggtccccaat acccctaaga gccacaagag gacagtggag gctgccctgt agttcacaca    103680
     gatcccaaca ggcccctggt cacccaatca caggcccctg aacccatggg tctcctgctt    103740
     tcatcccagc agaccaagaa tacaccacct caccttcttg gcagggatcg ggggaggttt    103800
     ggcacgtggt ttctgtactt ggggggcagg attgctctgc tcatcccgca tagcaaggat    103860
     ggaggaggag tggaccatgg tcagatgagg ggtcagcccg ctgtgtaggc agctgcagat    103920
     gtactggaag agaggggctg ggtgagctgc tgatgggggg gcacccgctc attccctaag    103980
     tcggttccct tgatgttccc gggaccacat tcgggcagac gggaaggctt acctgaaagt    104040
     ggcagagcgg gtagttgccg tagaggtatt cgtgcctccc gttcacctgc agggcatatt    104100
     cctcaggctg ctccaccaga ggctgccgga acactgtggc cttttttcgg agggcacagg    104160
     ccatcagtgc caggggcatg tccttggtgg atacctggaa ggtgaagctc tcctgtagga    104220
     agaaggaggt cagccttctg ctctgcagtc cgagaggcct ctagggcaca gaggtaaggt    104280
     aaggctgcct atgagagata gccgcatctc caagtcatgt ctaggtgttt gctaatcaag    104340
     ggatgcaacc aacatccagg aaacactggg agggagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag    104400
     ggagggaggg agggagggag ggaggcactc tgcagtgtca gatctgcctg atggttggcg    104460
     gttctgattg tttgcttccc ttgcagagga cttgggtggg ttcccagcac ccacatggtg    104520
     gctcacagcc gtctctaact ccagttctac gggatctgac atcctcttct gacttctgta    104580
     gacactagac acttacatac acacaagcaa aacattcata cacatagaat aaagtaaact    104640
     aaaaataaat ccagatttgc ccgatgagac aattagctaa gcccattggc atgcacaggg    104700
     acctggcaga tgccctcata tgctactggg agaaggaatg ggggaggggc tcacctcact    104760
     gccctcgaac ttcacgttga ccagcagggc tcggttgctg acacgcaata agccggcccg    104820
     ccaacccctt gctgagggct ccagctgcag ggggaagctg tactgcagcc attccaccca    104880
     gcccagctgc tggcggtgag cagcagcctc ttcacaaaac tggcgcatct tagtgcggaa    104940
     gtcgtttact tccgggtccc gcagggaatc aaactcatgg agaccttttc gaggggacga    105000
     gaggaagaga tcaggacaat gtcaaggcac gtggggccag cctcctgctc ccggtaagta    105060
     tacctttgcc aatgaggagg ctgatctggg agttaatgag cttcttcacg cggtccccct    105120
     ctcgggccac gaggcgcagc acgggcagga agggctggat gtcgcacagc ctccgctgct    105180
     catcctccaa ctcctgctgc tccgccgtct ggttcacaca ggtgaacaca taggcctcgg    105240
     ggtcactgag catgtggaag agtggctcat actgtgcacg gtgccacagc acctgggaga    105300
     gagggtcaca gttagccctt acagggctcc cacaggggca gagggagacc ccgagaagac    105360
     aaaagctcgc acaccggaag actagccatg tcgataaact tcctgtctct gccctcagtt    105420
     catcgtgggg ggggggcgtt gctgagacag ggggcgattg tgggggcagg gcaatgggcc    105480
     ctttatctcc tctatggagt ttgtggatga cctttgacta ccgagaagga tggccatatg    105540
     tgacctttga accccccccc cccccccgcc agatgatcac tatgggtacc actatcatta    105600
     ctccctttgt agaccaggct ggacccatct ttgttctgcc cctgcttcct aagtgctggg    105660
     accacaggca tgaactacca acatggagta tatctatata aagcttatag ccgagatcaa    105720
     gtgttacatt gtccattctg agagatacag gggggctgga gggacggctc tgaggttcag    105780
     agcacatgtt gctcttgcag aggacctggc ttcagctgct agcacccacg tggcagctca    105840
     agatgccctg aaactggagt ttcttgtgaa agtcacaccc tctcccgacc acatttgcag    105900
     ataaagtgct catacacatt ttcaaaaaaa attttttttc ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagag    105960
     gcataaaagt tcaccgtcag atttatcccg agactaaagt gcaggtatga aatgtgctgg    106020
     gagccccagc aagatggccc agcaggtaca cacgcacagg taaccaagcc tgaccatctg    106080
     aacttgatcc ctaagcgaca gaagggggtg ccagactcct ccaagttgtc ccctgatctc    106140
     caaaccatgc cacggcatac acaggtgaat aaataaatat aaaaattctt attaaaaaac    106200
     aaaaccgccg ggcgtggtgg cccatgcctt taatcccagc actcgggaag cagaggcagg    106260
     gggatttctg atttcgaggc cagcctggtc tgcaaagtga cttccaggac agccagggct    106320
     acacagagaa accctgtctc aaaaaaccaa accaaaccaa accaaaccaa accaaaacca    106380
     ggaactagtg gaggtattga ctatattatc tcacgtagcc caatcacaaa tggttttcct    106440
     tctttctctg tttttcaaca cttgttgact tattgtggta gagggaggac atatctactg    106500
     gtgcccgtgc agaggtcagt ggacagctga ggagttggct ttctccttct accatgttgg    106560
     ttttggggat cacactcagg ttgtgggctt ggaagcaccc ttacctgctg agccatctcg    106620
     ccagcctgcc ttcctctcct tttttgagac aagagcccag aatatccttg aactcactgt    106680
     gtagcttagg agaacccaga actcctgacc ctccagtctc ccagtgccag gattccatgt    106740
     gtggatggcc acacccagtt tatgatgtgc tgggtataga acccagggta gcatgtgttg    106800
     taggcaagcc atgtgttgta ggtgagccat gtgttgtagg cgagccatgt gttgtaggca    106860
     agccctctac tgactgagct atactcctaa ttgccttttt cttatcttcc taaattttag    106920
     tgagtctata ttgcttccat agtgggaaaa aaatagtatt aaaggaaatc tagggtgggc    106980
     acaaagatga ttcttgttcc tgcagttggt tttcctattt ccatttatgg cttttaaaat    107040
     tccgaggtaa ggtctcatcc ttcgcccgct caaaacacaa tccagtagat cccacactta    107100
     gtgggttgca gagccctgtc taagtcatag acagaaacca ccaaatgcca tccagatgtg    107160
     tgcgatgctc actcagtaaa tcaccctgaa aatgattcag caaaccccaa acctctttct    107220
     aacaatggtg tttactgccg gggtgacaac tctaaagacg agttggcttg caaggccctt    107280
     gctctgtgga cagagtggtt ccgaaaatga ccgcccagtc atgagcggga tgcgagccca    107340
     gccagaggca gccccaaagc tggctcgcaa tctagcaatc tagtaaaggg aaatgcatac    107400
     tgttaaaggg gaagctgact ttggaatgat aagtggagtt taaaccacag gttttgagac    107460
     aattcttaga aattgtatct tgtagacttc acatctaagg gctgagggta agagctgagg    107520
     gtaagcgctc agcgggtagg acatgtgctt tgtaagcatc aggacagagt cagttcctcg    107580
     gaatccacat tttagaggca gagggggact ggacagatga cacagcagtt aagagcactg    107640
     gctgcctctg ttcaattctc ggcagaatat ggtggctcaa agccatctgt aactctggtt    107700
     tcaggggacc caaagcccta ttgtggcccc tgttgcacac cagacacaca tatggtggat    107760
     acctatatgc atgaaataaa aataagtaaa ttataaacaa aacaagtggc tggggataat    107820
     agcactcttt tgcaatccca gtatggaaga ggtggagaaa ggttgacttg ctggccagat    107880
     agtatagcct actccagtga gatcctatat cgagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    107940
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagaaga agaagaagga ggaggaggag gagaaggagg    108000
     aggaggagga gacaggaggg ggacgggagg gggaggggag gggaggggag ggggaaagga    108060
     aaataaggtg ccctgctcct gagaaatggc agccaaggct gcctgcctct ggtcagttcc    108120
     cacacacagt ttttgccctg aaattctgtg tctgtgaaca gtgtctccct gagcatcaag    108180
     gtgtgagaag cggccatggc tctacctgct tgatggtgct gaggttggca ttgcgggaca    108240
     cggggaagtt caagtagacc cctgtgggca gcaagaagtc aacaaccacg ctctggctct    108300
     cctctttggt ccagaactcc atggggcagt ccaccccagg gggcatcctg ttgtgttact    108360
     tctctgaggt ctgttttcct gtgggaaagg caaaggcatg atgaactaag gctttggcca    108420
     atgggacggc cagatctggg ccacaggagg acatgcaaag cttgctacac atgaggcagc    108480
     atcctgccta ggtggcttgt gactcccacc aatttaagcc accctatagg ccgaggtgct    108540
     tcttattaca ggtggacatg ccataggcca aaagaccgca ctgtggccga caggtgaccc    108600
     acagtgggaa acaagaacag gtagatgctt gaaaaccaaa gataaaactc ttcagttctt    108660
     aaaaatgttc tggccagaga ccaattagct taaaaccagc gctgacgagc tggccacagc    108720
     acagtggcac ctgcttacaa ttccaatagt tgggaggtga agggggctga tcaggaggag    108780
     agcaaagcca gcctcggtta tatagtaagt tcaaaaccag cttgatgacc gtgagatctc    108840
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tcacgcacgc acgcacgcac gcacgcacgc    108900
     acgcacgcac ggagaaagaa tacatgactt tatctaagga gttacgatat cggtcatgcc    108960
     aaccctcagc caccccttgc cccctccaca gcaccacagc aataacaaaa cataacagat    109020
     cacaggacac agggtgtgtt caccacccac actcccagtc accaaatccc tccccgtcgc    109080
     caccagcttc ccccttccag gtcactgcaa cctggaatct agccacttaa tcaactgtag    109140
     gcatgttttc atactcttat tactagtgtg cgttcatgag caattcctag tattttcagt    109200
     gagctttgaa aacctgcctg cctagtgact cttcagagcc gagctgtggg acacccacag    109260
     acccaggctt gtgcaggtag gtcctttgca aggagcctac tgcctctgtg agtccctgga    109320
     tgcaacagcc acatcatatc aagaaaacat cacttgcttg caaccctcct caccagcctt    109380
     gggcttccgc attctttctg cctccccccc tccccctccc cccctccccc aactgcacag    109440
     acttggagga gggggagaca gggggggggg gcacacagat ttcccattta gtgctgaaag    109500
     aagctttaat gttcatataa tcaaatttgt ctactttatg ctttattatt ttgattagtt    109560
     ttttggtttt gtttttgaaa tagagtctct actatgtagg ccaggttggc ctcaaactct    109620
     gtgaaacctc aacctcccaa atgctgggat taaaggagtg caccactgtg cctgccctat    109680
     tttaattctt taaaaaaaac cagaattcta ggctgagggt gtgtgggtca gttggtagag    109740
     tacttaccaa cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cccctctgca    109800
     ttcacttgcc aacaccacat aaacacattg ggtacggctc tgcacatctg taatccctgc    109860
     tcatagcagg cagagacagg aggatcagaa gttcaatgcc atcttctact acattgcaag    109920
     ttcaagacca gcctcgacta cataagaccc tatctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaggagga    109980
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag acagacaaaa agacttgtga attggggtgc gtagctcaag    110040
     gacagctcag catgcttgag gctctgaatt ggagcccaac accaaaacat aacagaaaat    110100
     gtccatgcct accacaaggt cacattctcc tggatttaaa tgacatattt ggtttatgag    110160
     agatgtccct attggtggtg gtaccaactg ggctgggcct gactcactgg gcagcagctg    110220
     ctccgggcat gcctcctgtg cccccacctc tcacctcccc gcccccaccc ccagtagctg    110280
     ctggtaccta cttcctctga gtgtgaaacc acgtcctact tggggttcct ctttctaagg    110340
     ccaaagtttt ccttttttaa tttaaaattc gggcagggga ataggcagga atctggaggg    110400
     ttgcatctac aatgcattct ttccaagctt gggaattcag gggtaccttc ggtcacatga    110460
     atacaggctt gggcttctga ggaaccctac ccaaaggtct gggtctgagg caagcagatg    110520
     ttttgtgttc ttgtctttca gtcccgtgaa aaggaaggtc acagctgcat ttacccatct    110580
     ggtggcagaa aattatgtct ataaacaact tcacttaacc atggggaaga ccccatggtg    110640
     tgcatagacc atcaagccca gagaaaggga accacttctc tctttcctgg aagaagtcta    110700
     gaaccttcca tttccagtaa gatacaaaag agagagaaaa gcaggtgcag ggactcaggg    110760
     tgacccccaa attgcacact ggtacagcca cggaggtaaa ctgttggctc tatccagagt    110820
     ggaacatgca tgtgccctgg aaccaagaca atcatagtcc ctacccaggc acatacccaa    110880
     cagacctcca acagacctcc aacacagaca cagccgaaga cacaattagg agagtttaaa    110940
     gcattgtagt caaccacgtg gacacttgtc aggtggaagc cagcagcagg acgcactcta    111000
     ttcttcccac tgactgtcag gtggaagcaa ggaggaagga agactctaca gacatctggt    111060
     gagaacaacc aatctcatgg acagagcaga gcaacggaag cgggaatgaa agccaataca    111120
     tacaagttca aggccaacct agggcacaag aaacattgtc tcaaaagaaa agattccctc    111180
     atgacgcagg cagccttgtc cttccctgga gttctgcctc ctctccactt cctcaggcac    111240
     caccatcctt cctggtttct atagcgatgg ggagggcact gaaggtgtct ctctctctct    111300
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctta atattatttt aaaaatatgg cctggcaatg    111360
     gtagcgcacg cctttgatcc cagcacttga gaggcagagg caggcggatt tctgagttca    111420
     aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcag gacagccagg actacacaga gaaaccctgt    111480
     ctcgaaaaaa aaatgcatat atatatatat atatatatat atatccatat atatatatat    111540
     atatatatat atatggatat atatatatcc atatatatgg gtatgctgag catggctatg    111600
     gtatgtaggt aaaaacacac gaggaccacc tccccttaga gggcagagcc accaaaatcc    111660
     tgagaagtgg agttacaagc agtagtgaac atcccacatg gaaactcaac ttgaacctct    111720
     ctaagagcag taaccactct taactgctgg tcagctctct acctctccag caccaagtcc    111780
     cccaaccccc cagggcacct ggatccagcc acaccagcag ccatatctat tccctgggct    111840
     tctacaggga ttttgtttta atttacagca tttgaatcag gtttgatctt tctttctttt    111900
     cttttctttt tttttttttt tttttttttg ggttttttga gacagggttt ctctttatag    111960
     ccctggctgt cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggt ctcgaactca gaaattagcc    112020
     tacctctgtc tcccgagtgc tgggattaaa ggagtgcgcc accacgcctg gctttgattt    112080
     ttctttttta atttttaatt agctggaagg tagaggtggg tgaatctctg agcattcaaa    112140
     gccagtctgg ttgacatagt gagttctgac ccagccaggt agatacaaag atattctgtg    112200
     tcttaaaaaa aaaaaaattg gggctagaga gatggctcag tatttaagag cgctggctcc    112260
     tctttcagag aacccaggtt caattcccag caaccacatg atagctcaca catatctcta    112320
     acttctgtcc cgggggacct gacactcctc acacaagcat acatgcagac aaaacaccaa    112380
     tgagcaaaat aatagacaaa taaaaataaa tgatgaaaat gttacattta cttatctggt    112440
     cttgtttgtg tcactcatac tccaaactag ctggccagcg agctcccagc cacgttgtcc    112500
     ctagccccat ctttccatct cccactgcat ggaacttttt acatgggctc tagggaccca    112560
     aactccagat gccggcttgc ctggctctca ctcttgccca ctaaaccatc ccaataacgt    112620
     gcatcaagtt gggttttctg ccgtctccca cagacagcgt ccttttccac gaatgaagca    112680
     atagcctttc agacacttct tgtttagaaa gttctttcct tgcagattgg ctgtctctga    112740
     cagccaatat ctgccctctg ggccgccatc aagtgataag ccaggagtgc agcttctaat    112800
     gacttagaag gtcagtgaag gccaggactg tgagcaatac ctgtatctca ggcactcatc    112860
     ctggctttgc tgtctgcacc tatattatcc agaaagtgtc tgagaaggtg ccacaggaca    112920
     cagctcagtc ccttaagttt tgaacatgat ccacaaaatc agctatcgga ccacattgtg    112980
     gtagatttag gagtctccta tcaacccttt taccaaattc tggaatgtcc ccagccagct    113040
     ttctttagcc tgagacagct cagccaggaa agcacttgcc ttgcaagcct ggggtgtcct    113100
     cagaacccac ataaaaagct aggtacaagc tgggcagtgg tggcacacgc ctttaatccc    113160
     agcacttgag aggcagaggc agacagattt ctgagtttga ggccaacctg gtctacagag    113220
     tgagttccag gacagccagg accacacaaa gaaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa agctgggtac    113280
     aatggtatac gcttgtaata ccacgggaca ggaggaggag acagtgaaac ctggaactca    113340
     ctggtcagct agcaaagctt aggtggtgat tagcaggtca atgaaaggct ctatctcaaa    113400
     caaaaatatg gaagccttcc cgaggaagaa gacctgcgat tgtcctgact tctgcgcaca    113460
     tctgtgtaca tgtgtatgga cacactcata gacccagagg agaacttctc caaagacttc    113520
     aacaaacatg ctgagctacc atcggcatcc aggaatgctt cagggcccta tgagacttgg    113580
     gagaggcctg caagcaagcc aggaaaaccc tgagctaggg tccccactgg ctggagtctt    113640
     gctccaaact ctgggttccc caggagttct ttgcctttct gctgagcctc tgtctaggct    113700
     ctcagtggcc acaatctctg aactaataaa ctccaccttt ttctggggtc catggcaaat    113760
     atggctaatt ctgaacaggc tagctccccg gcctttgtca acaaaggcaa tctttggggt    113820
     cctgtagtcc tgagtcctgg gaagtggcct cctatggaaa catatgagtc actttggcag    113880
     gacacactgg ggacaggcaa caagaacgag aagggaagtt gtgtccccct tgtctggatg    113940
     ataaccatcg ttatccctga ggcctggacc cctgggaaag ctacgtcata ctccctcatg    114000
     ctgcttgctc taaaggggac ccagagtcac tccagaagag gagcatcaag gtcccctggg    114060
     agccatctct acatgtctgt ggagcgtcag aacattcatg ctatagcccg cagagaagcc    114120
     atctgtctaa agcctggatt tcagagtcaa catgacaatt taattagtcc aagagagtct    114180
     gagtcacaga aacttccaga gggtgactat gcaaaatcta agagtccata aactcaggct    114240
     ggaagaccta agactggtct ccgtctcaat ggtgaatagg gagagcaccg agcaaaagca    114300
     tttgtggagc atgtgaacag tgacctggag tagatgctga acctcgcacg gctttcaaag    114360
     agggctattg gcagaagccc ctcaacctca ggcagccctt cgaataaagg tgcaatcagc    114420
     cgaggaggga aaccaacaca gatggggact tcagggtaca cagagcccaa aggtgcttta    114480
     gccaaagggt aacctcacag caaatctcta gggatgttct ccaagaaagg acattcttaa    114540
     gactgtcatc ctgccctgga tgccaacaaa agtgcaaagc ccccaagaca caaccctgga    114600
     ggttccccag aagggtgccg tgaagagcca tgttcctcgg ttcctcgcac taaccactga    114660
     ccaatacggt cagcaggaag cccacaggca tcagtctccc ttgctcttag gaatttttag    114720
     tctaatgaga gaagaagaca gaaaatcgaa aggaaataga atgaacaaga tgatttcata    114780
     aagccaaaga gctggattga aacaaaaagg acttgtaggg aggtgtcttg tggatggagg    114840
     atggtagtgg tggataccgt ccatggatga aggaggccac actgaagcaa aggctccagg    114900
     gagtgaagga tccagcaaag acgggcccca cagggaccag gtagtgagaa ggaggcagga    114960
     caagtgtgaa aaccctgagg caggaaacca ggtgaccagt cccagatcct ctgggaggga    115020
     aatgacttgg gaaaggtgag tgtagctccc gcccacctct ggcctccagt ttagtgctag    115080
     gatctctctt gttcctccca caaagcaata ggtttggaga ccaaaccaac aactgagtca    115140
     ctggaccctg gacttttggc ccccaagact acagactgaa taaacatctt ttctttgtaa    115200
     gtagccgacc acaggcattt agttatagta attgaaaaca aaacttaaca tagtgttgtt    115260
     ttccagacat tcccaaggct cagagagagc acttgaaaca ctgaaagtga tttggcagac    115320
     aaagccaaat gagaaataga cccagttgta cattgtatcc actttggttt cagtttttct    115380
     gcttgctttg tggctcaggt tgacctctag tctcagccta ctcagtacag agatacaggc    115440
     atggtacctg gctcaccatc tctgtttctt acattcctgg aagactttct tccaccattt    115500
     cctcaaaaag acataaaaag ttctgtgtca tatttttgaa aatttacata cctgtaaccc    115560
     taacaccaaa gaggcagaag taggaagttc atgagttcaa ggccagcctg ggctatattg    115620
     tgagacacct atgcacagag atgcacagct gcaaatccta gccgtccaga aacagaggta    115680
     ggaggactgt cccaagttca aggctaactg atatacataa agattcctag accagccaga    115740
     ccctctttca agaaacccaa accagagact agagaaatag ccccgtggtt agagtcctcg    115800
     ctgctcttgc aaaggagcgg agtttggctt ccagaacaca tatttgggtg gctcgcaacc    115860
     accttaactc cagacccata ggatctgaag cttctgacct ggatcaaagg acatcacact    115920
     cacgtataca cacgcacgca cgcacacaca cacacaaagt ctaaaaataa taacagagcc    115980
     aagcagtggc tgtgcatgcc ttaattccag cacttgggag gtgtgtggat ctctgtgagt    116040
     ttgaggctat cttagactgc atagacagtt caaagacaac caaccagagc cctaaaaaaa    116100
     accattgggc tggagagatg gttcagtggt taagagcacc gactgctctt ccgaaggtcc    116160
     tgagttcgaa tcccagcaac cacacggtgg ctcacaacca cccataatga gatctgacgc    116220
     cctcttctgg tgcatctgaa gacagctaca atgtacttag atataataat aaattaatct    116280
     taaaaaaaaa aagaaaagaa aaccattatt tctgatccca ctggggtttg tttgagacag    116340
     aatctcaagg taaccttgaa ctcactgtgt agctaagaat gactttgaac ttctgatcct    116400
     cctgcctccc aagttccggg agccgcccca cccccacccc acacacacct ttcttacgca    116460
     gtgttggggg ttgaaccagg gctttgtgca tgctaggcaa gtactctgcc aactgaacta    116520
     tatctcaggc cctgttaact tagttttaat gcacaagcac attttgtctc tcctttaaaa    116580
     acaaatgtgg ttcggggcag tggtggcgca cgcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga    116640
     ggcaggcaga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc    116700
     agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtctcgaaa aacaaacaaa caacaacaac aacaagaaca    116760
     acaacaaaac ccagaaacca aaaacaaatg tggcaacttc tggtttcctt tttctgtctg    116820
     tctgtctggg tcattcctac taagccccta actatgtaag cccatccagg gctgccaggt    116880
     caaatgtaag ggtactgtgt cagctacttc tacttccctg taacaaaata actcatagaa    116940
     atgacttagg aaggagagac ttactttggc tcacagtttc agggggtctc agtctaccac    117000
     tgccaggcag gcatggtcat gatcagctag ttcatggctt gcaggggtct gtagcagagg    117060
     ctgttcatat cacggctgac caagaagcag acagcacagt aaaactcagg ggtaccaccc    117120
     tcacccctaa tgacctactt ctgctcgcca caccttactt taccaaagct tcaagcagcc    117180
     tcccagaagt gtaccaccac ttggggacaa acatttgaaa cacaataccg agtgtgacat    117240
     ttcagagtca caccaccaca gccactaact aaccccattt gcacactgga agggctcact    117300
     gcgtacagga ctacacaagc cagcaatcag cgtcaggact gatggtggat gctcttgtga    117360
     gatcagtttc ctcggagaga agcttttgca aggccctgcc tggtgactgg gtggaagccg    117420
     agccaccaag tgtccatcat tccgtgtgca ggcgtctagg ttccttccca cccatccatc    117480
     aactttttaa aatctccctc caatttctat caactctctt cctccctgcc agaccttttc    117540
     cctgattcat gactcggttt tgtttcctga cccatttaat ttagccagga ccatactaca    117600
     ccttggagtc tggtggtccc tacatctatc agaagcaaag agtccaacag tgagaggtag    117660
     aagccctgag cctctccccc agccatgctt aaccacggtc aggctcattc ttgggggcat    117720
     ccacaactgc tgttgtaagt taatgactgt agagttccca gatgaacaac tccagtttca    117780
     gggaatccac tgccctcttc cgacctcccc atgcatttgc aagcacacgg tgcacataca    117840
     tatatgcggc caaacactca tacacatgaa gtaaaaataa agtttttttt aaaaaaatcc    117900
     aaattcctta cgaataaagg ctaaagctat cattaaaggg tatttccaga gccacggaga    117960
     tgcgtaaaag tgtttgctgt gtaacaggtt ggccacctga gttcacccct ctcaatctac    118020
     ataaagagga aatgaaaaac aactccacaa aattgtcctc tgacctctgt acatacacca    118080
     ccagggcata agtgtgtctg ttttgctttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt    118140
     tgttttgttt ttttgagaca gggtttctct aaatagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcacac    118200
     acaacaataa atataaaaaa tgtaaggcat tttgaaagct aagttttcat tatgatgagt    118260
     tctgtttcta cctatttcca acattaacac tttgcttaaa gctgggtggt gatggcatac    118320
     acctttaatt tcagcacgca gaaggcagag gaggatagag ctccatgagt tcaaggctag    118380
     cctggtctac aaagggagtt ccaagacagc cagaactaca cagagaaacc ttattttgaa    118440
     aaactaaaga aaaagaggag gaggaagggg aagaagagga agaaagaatg aaaaaaatgt    118500
     gcttaatatt tttattttga aagagatcta caaccaagag gtttagcaag caccaagaaa    118560
     gacctagaga tgatgagaaa gagactggga aaacttcaca gatgacactg ggccctgccc    118620
     tgttctacct gaaaagacaa cagctgttca ggcagtgtgt tctccatgca cacacaaaag    118680
     ctgcaagggg accccagact tccccatcac acagctcaat acccacccag ctgctgactg    118740
     cctggatggg gatagtaaag tgccataggt actttactat cgctgtggca agacgtcata    118800
     gaagaaagag tttatttggg gctcacgatt ttagagggtt agagtccatg accatgatgg    118860
     tggggaacat ggtggcaggc aggaaaacat ggtactggag aagctgaggg catacatctt    118920
     aatatataac catgaagcag tggaaaggga cactaggaat ggcctgagtc ttctggaact    118980
     tcagctcccc cagtgacaca ttcttccaac aagatctctt cccctgagaa cacacatccc    119040
     atggacaagt cagagatggt agattttctt caaaattcct atctgtaaca cagtacctct    119100
     tccttcctcg acgtatctct ccattccccc aacctacctg tttggtatgg gccaagaagg    119160
     accaccagcc aaggcccctc tgcctgggag attaaaggta ctttggcatc agcgggcttc    119220
     atcccacttc tgcctggctc tcagctcctt agatgtctga aagaaagcaa agaggaaaga    119280
     acgctttaaa cacagaattt cagaatccag tacatgctga tgatatatct cagggctcag    119340
     tggccgtgcc tgcctaacat gcaaaaagcc cccagcactg aaggaagggc catttcatct    119400
     cagattccct tcttgtaaga caaccccact ttgctgggta ggcctttctc gatacctgtg    119460
     tcaaccccag cccagttccc gttggtagca tagaagtagt atacaccaca ggggtatccc    119520
     cagacctgac gcaagggtat acacagatgg tcttttattg ctgctggttg gttttttaag    119580
     tacagttagt tgatcggagc catgcctaag tttgaattcc attgcgtggc tgaaaaggta    119640
     aaaggagaat ggaattcaga tttaggctca gatcctcgtg cacttcagac cttcattccc    119700
     caaagccaag tcgaagtaaa attcaactgc tgggttagag atgagaaggt cagctgtgag    119760
     aagagcggtg tttcctctcc accttgggca cacctagaaa taacctactc cctgagagag    119820
     aaataacgga caccctactc ctgcacagtg gggcgacttg agcctcgatt ccgttaggtt    119880
     gagtaggaga ggctgctgaa gacgcacaag gcaatccatt aattactggc ttctccatga    119940
     gacaaaagca aagccctcag gagtcccctg gaaagtgtat actatagaca cacatttccc    120000
     tgggtccaag ctgaattcct ctaaccggcc agaccagacc caaaaagcaa gctcagcaac    120060
     cctgcagcag gagcctgggc aggtgggtgt ggatacaccc tttggtttag caaccaggga    120120
     ggaccactag ggctttccaa gaaaactatc agcagagcca cccgaggctt gggtcaagga    120180
     ctaaaggaaa taacttacac gctgtccagt gaaaataaca atactaagaa agcaaggcaa    120240
     acagctgcag gacagagcca gggaagcaag aagttaagtg ctgaaagaaa gcgctttgaa    120300
     aaggggaaag acaaagcaga aagcatgatg gagcccagaa gattgcatcc tcaggaattc    120360
     aggacgggag ataaggagcc aggaaaaaat gcacccggga ttattcaggc agggctaagt    120420
     cccatggcgg aagaccagta ggacctccga gcctgggtat gacttcggtt agcccctctt    120480
     ggttcaaggg caaagctagg gatggagcgg gagcgagccg actgatgggt aagggaatcg    120540
     gggacagggg gagggggtgg acggggagcg cgcaccgaac tgcttcggtt ccagagaagt    120600
     aaacagctcg tcctcctaag caaagcgcgt cctccttggg agcccactga gggtctggca    120660
     tcaagggcgg caggagacac acccagattt catccttaga gtgtcacaaa aagatgcaac    120720
     tcagcacttc ccccatcaca cacacacaca ccagggaatt ccaagcaggc tcaaccctgt    120780
     gtatgaatcg gcctctccag tggggtgcta tcgcctctgg atgctccgcc accctggaac    120840
     cctaatgaac tccctcccac cctgtccacc caaacccagg ccgacaaagc ccggtgttag    120900
     gcggggcaga gcatctggcc agttagagga gacacaggga tcccacagac tcccgcacag    120960
     gtgggtttcg tacccggtgt cggtggcagg ggcgggctcc gtctccctgg agacagttgc    121020
     ccgggggaca cggcgggagg gtcccgaagt gaccggaggg cgccagcctc ccggcggccg    121080
     tgtgcagccg gccgggcctg agggcaggcc ccgcttgagg tggcggtgcg cgagcgagca    121140
     tcggcggagg ggcgcggctc ggggcggggc tgaacaacgg gcaagagagg gcggccgggt    121200
     ggggcgaggc ggggcccggt cggaggcgga gcatcccagg aatggggcgg gagcagagcc    121260
     cgcctcacca ttgcactgtc cactcctctt aataccccag gtctgacaca acgtggcaga    121320
     aggaatagcc gcggggcgct aggagataga cacattttag ccaggggcta aggccggagc    121380
     cttaagggtt ctccccatct ccccatcctg gagtctcaga actgccgagt gattcaggat    121440
     gacaaacgca gtctagtcct ggatctctta aaaaccagca gatattaagc actatttata    121500
     aagcgtgatc tagtcatcta cccagcttct gtcttagttt gctttctatt gctctgataa    121560
     aacaccatga caaaaagcaa tttggggaga gggtttattt ggcttacata tgcctgggca    121620
     cagtccatta agggaaacca aggcaggaac ctagaggcag gcacagaagc tgaggccaca    121680
     gagaaatgct cttactggct aactcagcct gttttctcag gaccgcctgg aaccacctac    121740
     ccaagggtgt cactgcccct actgagctgg gccccatcaa tcataaatca agaaaatact    121800
     tccacagtag tgtctctgag tagtgtcaag ttgagggggg aaaacaaaac aacaaaaatc    121860
     aaccaggggg gctggagaga tggctcagtg gttaagagca ccgactgctc ttccgaaggt    121920
     cctgagttca aatcccagca acgacatggt gactcacaac catctgtaat gggatccaat    121980
     gcccttttct ggtgcatctg aagacaacta cagtgtactt agatataata ataaagaaat    122040
     cttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaaagaaaa ttaaccagga tttggccccc    122100
     tgggaaaaca ttcaggcccc tgtcaggcct ggagttgtcc tcaagtatca ggtcgtccct    122160
     gtgtcttggt tctgggttca gatccagcgt gctggttgtt cctagtccat gggagttccc    122220
     cacatggaat tagaaacaaa tgatttctcc cagactttta ctcagcacat ctaagttcca    122280
     tccatgaacc catacagggc acccttacat cccagacaat cctcatggct gttctgcttg    122340
     gcttcacttt aacccttgct gttttgcttt gcttcagtac tgggcttgag tgctgagcaa    122400
     gcactctatc actgagttat acccccagcc ccacggtttt tttttttttt aatttttgtg    122460
     tgtgtatacg agtacactgt tgctgtcttc agacacacca gaagagggca taggatccca    122520
     ttacagatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggaatt gaactcagga cctctggaag    122580
     agcagtcagt gctctcaacc gctgagccat cccatatata taatatataa tatataatat    122640
     ataatatata atatataata tataatatat aatatataat atataatata taatatataa    122700
     tatataatat ataatatata atatataata tataatatat actttttttt aaaaacagga    122760
     gttcactgtt tgagaccagt atgactacta actatgcaga ccaagctagc ctcgaactca    122820
     cagaagtctg cttgctgcta ccgtccaagt tttgagatag tctcaccaag ttgcccagcc    122880
     tgaccttgaa accctgacct tgaaaccctc agcctcttca gcagctgggg ctacagactc    122940
     agttcacagc ttttgatagc agagctagca tggaaccagt ttgattttgt gctggtccca    123000
     tgaaccactt gctttgtcct gtcctcttgc aatgttctta gacttaaacc tttgtgaaaa    123060
     gtggagctca gaggagggag gggctctagg cccacagctg ccccagagga ggccagtcct    123120
     ctccccactg gtcctcatga ctgagagtcc taggaacatc ctagagttag caaagaggga    123180
     aaaggataaa agctgggcag aagttcccag gaatcactaa gcccagcatg ggaggaccag    123240
     gctgctgaga gggccaggat gtgggaggtc cccaagcaag actcacaaag cccaggccag    123300
     gagcttccca cggcccccag cagctctgcc tggagccttg gtgctggagc accctaggaa    123360
     gagagttagg caggacagga tgtagtttgt ttccagttcc aagtctggat ctccatatat    123420
     cttcagtgcc atgtctagat gtctttaaaa aaaaaaaaga tatcacaggc tgggcctcat    123480
     gatgtcaggc tattaatccc agcactcgag cagggaggca gaggcaggtg gatctctgtg    123540
     agttcgagac cagcctggcc aacacaggga gttccaatac agccagaagt acacagtgat    123600
     acctagtctc aaaacagcaa acaataaaaa caagacatct ccctgggcaa tattaacata    123660
     aacagggaag gcacaaactg cctcaagcat ccagctgtgc tattcacaag ccaacttctg    123720
     ggatctttgg aaccaggacc actggttgtg ggtaacctga agtcctagcc cccctccccc    123780
     acccttggag ccctggccac ccagactaag aaaagtcacg actctacctt gaacaagtag    123840
     acagggaggg aaggaggccc cacccccaca ggagccaagt cctctcccca attcaggtcc    123900
     cccaccaaag cacaggtctg agtgaatgtc aatctcaaag acgaagatgt cctttaacaa    123960
     tggaagccag agactagttt gggcagtaag atactaatta gaggaaaata caggatttct    124020
     ttgaaacagc aaaacccaca gaaaggtgac atacctgtat cacacacata cacacacata    124080
     cacaaaagtg ttcaagctat gttggcaaat acaggaaaga taggaacaat taaaaaaaaa    124140
     ttaaaaagtc caagtctaga gagatggctc aatgggtaaa ggtggttgcc ttgcaagccc    124200
     gacaccctgt gtttgtcctg gggcccttgt aatggtggaa ggagaaagca agctttacaa    124260
     agtggttctg tgacttccac acgtgcatag tgacacgtgc cctgctccca acaataataa    124320
     tacaataaag ttgaaaaaca atgtttggag agaagccagg ctcggaagta catgcctata    124380
     aaacttgaaa gatgtggaag atatccattg ttaacctctg acttacacac acacacacac    124440
     atatctagga gtttcactac tgtcaaaact caatcgtaaa caagaaattc ggttcctccc    124500
     ctgtttgcta cagccgaaag gagccacttc tccgcaaata tcccagtcta agaacaggaa    124560
     accaaatact cccactcgtg ggagcccttg ttccactcaa gcagtttatc tgctccatcc    124620
     atcactcctc ctggtctctg tcctgacact tccgggtcac caaactctga cacaatctaa    124680
     cctctctcag taggctgcct gttatccgcc ctgcattccc tgggggaatc cagcctgctc    124740
     aaagcatcct gtgcattcct aggtgtgctc tataagagga taagatgaga ggagaggcta    124800
     tttatcctct ttagctttgt caacctgaca cagcctaggg tcacctgaga agggggtaga    124860
     tatgtgcatg gtggattttc tagatggtac ccagcccagt acaggcggca ccattcccta    124920
     ggcaggtagc ccttgggctg tattaggaaa ttagctaggc ataggcctgt gagtaatcaa    124980
     accagagagg ggaaaacagc tagtagcatt ttcccatggt tcttgcctta cttcctgccc    125040
     tgacctcccc tcagggaggg actatgtgat gactattctt ggatgtcagc ttgactgcat    125100
     cttcagctga agacactcct ttaatctggg gtacaccttc tgctggaagc ctatgtaagg    125160
     acatggaaga aagaagtttc tttgcccatt tgttcttgtc ttgctagaaa gtccattcct    125220
     tcatagtcca ttcgcttcaa gttagagcgg agattctcaa cctccctaac acagtttctc    125280
     atgttgtgct gaccctcaac cgtaaaattt atttttgtct ttgttgctac ttcataaatg    125340
     aaattttgct actgttatga atagtaatgt aagtatttgt tttccaatgg tcttaggtga    125400
     cccctgtgaa agggtcattt gatcacccaa agggttacaa cctacaggtt gagatccact    125460
     aaatcagagc ctacttcttt gggattccag catatgctga aaactagcta gacatcagcc    125520
     ttgtggactg agcaacaact actggattgt tagactttct gttcacagcc aaccattgtt    125580
     gggttagctg gagtacagcc cataaatcac tttaataaat catatatata tatatatata    125640
     tatatatata tatatatata cacacacaca cacacaaata tatatatata cacacacata    125700
     cacacatatg tatatatgtt tgtatatata cacatacaca cacacacaca tatatattct    125760
     ataaattctg ttaatctaga gaaccctgac taatagactt ccctggtaac caatcattaa    125820
     aatatatgca cctccggggg ccattcttac tcaaaccacc acagacttca ccctctaaga    125880
     tgaaagaagc ccattctttc cttaagtggt ttttggtcat ggcgtttgtc acagcaacag    125940
     aatgaaagca ccacaggact aaagtcaggg gcagggcaaa gggaagcaga tacagctacc    126000
     ataaaacctg ttaaatgcgt gctataaact ctaatcagaa aagtcatggt ttctcttgct    126060
     gcaatggaac accatgacca aaaccaagtt agggaagaaa gggcttactc agtttacact    126120
     tctacactgt agtctgtcat taaaaagtca ggacagaaac tcagacaggg caggaccctg    126180
     gaggcaggag ccaatgcaga ggcgggggtg ggggctgctt actggcttgc tctcccaggc    126240
     ttgctcaacc tgctctcttt ttttgtttgt ttggtttggt tttcaagaca gggtttctct    126300
     atgtagccct ggctgttctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa    126360
     tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc gagtgctgga ttaaaggcgt gcaccaccac tgcccagctc    126420
     aacctgcttt cttatagaac ctaggaccat ccacaatggg ctgggccctc ccccattgat    126480
     cactatgaga aaatgcctta cagctggatc tcaggcattt ccccaatgga gactcgttcc    126540
     tctcagttga ctctagtttg aattggaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agccagtaca actgacccct    126600
     tatcaacctg acagacccta agacacaacc cctcctttct tattcatccc aaagtttaaa    126660
     gtcctagtct ttacaaattc aaacactcta aaatttcagt ccctttaaaa atatccaatc    126720
     tttttgtttg ttttttcgag acagggtttc tctgtatagc cctggctgcc ctggaactca    126780
     ctttgtaaac caggctggcc tcaaactcag aaatccgcct gcctctgcct cccaaatgct    126840
     gggattaaag gtatgcgcca ccacgcccgg ctagattttt ttttttaatt caactgtatt    126900
     taattctttc aactgtaggc ttcagtaaaa taccttctta tttcaagagg ggaaaaaaaa    126960
     atcagggcac agtcacaatc aaatcaaaac aaaaccaatc tccaaccatc caatgtcagg    127020
     gatccagtca ccatcttctc ggctcctcca aagggcttga gtcacttctc cagtcctccc    127080
     cttggccccc cgacccccac ccccacagcc cacactgctt tattttctag gctccagctc    127140
     actccactgc tgctgatgct cttggtggtt atcccatggt actggcatct ccaaaactgc    127200
     tgtggtccca tgctgcaact gggctccagt ttcaccaata gcctctcata gggtctcttc    127260
     ctggtgccta gcctcagttt ctcggtatga ccccttcaat cctgcacctt catcaaaggc    127320
     ctctccaggc ctttcacagt gctgagcctc agctgctctc caggacccct tcacaccttc    127380
     aaaattagca ccacctgggg gattcttact ctccaagttc ggctgccagc ctctggagca    127440
     gagcttctgt ttacggactc tcaggaaaca cctcccagaa gattttacct tagtgatgcc    127500
     ggtctcttct tcttttttac atttttaaaa tttatttatt tattttatgt aagtacactg    127560
     tagctgtctt cagacatccc agaagagggc atcagatctc attatggatg gttgtgaacc    127620
     accatgtggt tgctgggatt tgaactaagg acctctggaa gagtagtcag tgctcttaac    127680
     cgctgagcca tctctccagt ccttggtctc ttaatccctg cgaatttctc agctccagct    127740
     gaccagcacc gagtatccca gcaaagcaaa ggtttcactt tacaagtgct ggtatcttgt    127800
     taaacacagg taatttttca gccccagatg cccagaatca caaattcttc acacaaaagc    127860
     ctggtggaat ctttgcttcc ctctgaaata tcacaagccg tgcctccatc atctgcacta    127920
     gtgacttccc tagctcaaag ttccaaagcc ctatcacagt cctcctcaaa acaacacggt    127980
     caagtctgtc acattcctgg taccagcttg tcttagggtt tctattgctg caataaacac    128040
     catcacaaaa aaaaaaaaac aaattaggga agaaagggtt tattcagctt acacttctac    128100
     attgtagtcc agcactgaag gaaaccagga caggaactca aacaggacag gaactggagg    128160
     caggagccgg caatggtgag accacagagg agtgtactgg cttgcttccc ctgcctcgtt    128220
     cagcctgctt tcttatagaa cccaggatca ccagcccagg gatggcacca cccaccatgg    128280
     gcagggccct cccccattga tcactaattc agtaacagcc ctacagctgg atctcatgga    128340
     ggcatttcct cacctgaagc tccttcctct ctgatgaccc taccttatgt caaggtgaca    128400
     caaaaccccg gtccacgccc cccatccccc aaaaaaggga caagcttttt tacatttatt    128460
     cacataatct cactatagct ttgtgccctt gatgtattgt tttattttgt tttgtttgtt    128520
     tagaaacagg gtctttgcag cctttcccag gctggtttct aatgtctgag tgtcagcgat    128580
     cctgatcctg ctatagcagc tctcggagta cctgggacca ggggggcctg cccacccagt    128640
     gctctcttct cttgatcttt ttacctaatt acaagagtcc tctctctcct tccacttcac    128700
     acagtttcat taagctttga attctcaccc tccggttaat tcaaaaagtc actcaactgt    128760
     agttaaaaaa gccattaatt aggacctgaa gtttccctct cctctggggt aaagtcccta    128820
     agctctgacc acaggtctgt cttaattgag actcccagag tttgtgactc agggcaagga    128880
     agtgggtggg caggccaggg aaaatgatgc ttgtgttggc gttgttcatc ctgtcacaat    128940
     tctaccaaaa aaaaaaaaac aaaaacaaaa cccaaaaccc aaaaccccac gagtgtttcc    129000
     aggaactcgg ctctggaata ggcctggctt tgaagacacc tgctaagcaa ttcactgctc    129060
     attgcctggc ccaggacagg aacagcaaac agcacaaggg agtgaccttg ggctcaggag    129120
     gaaggatcaa tggctcactc aaacagcttc cgcaggtatt cacaggggag gctcaggttc    129180
     ccaccgggag cctgtgaacc cgagtttctt gtcagctatg aatggaagaa gtgctctgtt    129240
     tgggggaaga gcctgctgtg attcctactg agggaaaagc cagaataaat cgctgaataa    129300
     tgttgcgagt tcctccccaa aaggcactgg ggtgggtttc tggacctaat tttctagaat    129360
     catcttagag atgtgttgtg gcaactgctg aggaccaagt gagaggtgat taaagaagaa    129420
     gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa    129480
     gaagaagaac ctagaaaaaa attaagctaa acacaggaaa caaagctgtc cttagagagc    129540
     aggtgacttg cggaataaca gaaagaacct gctgttaata ccagacagca gggagtgcta    129600
     tgggtcagac ctgagttaaa aacctgatct tagcctggtg ctatcatcta aatatccctt    129660
     cctcctcctc ttcctcctcc tccccttcct ctctcctcct tcctctctct tcctctccct    129720
     ctctcttcct ctccctctct ctccctctcc ctctctctcc ctctttcttt ctttctctct    129780
     ctctctctca cacacacact ccccccatga tggctcacaa ctgcctgtaa ttcttgcctc    129840
     tgtgggcacc tccttcacac acatgttgca atatatgtac tcaaaataca tacatgcaca    129900
     gaaaataaat aaatccaaaa actaataagt aatcaaatca actcaaactc aaccaccaaa    129960
     gcttcagcaa gttttactgg cgctggtttt acgtacaaca tatgacggtt ctgtgagaga    130020
     ctgtatcctc tcaggacagc ctcatggacc acccaaggag agcagatggc ccttgcaacc    130080
     tctgtggcat ggtatgaccc acttcaaggt tgactgggtt taaaggggtg aacagactgt    130140
     ctcccccaca ccacggtcac atcaagctcc tgacttttga ggtgtgatga gtttgcccac    130200
     accccagcca gccaatggat tctgcggtag ccccgcagct ggtcatcctc tagtccagca    130260
     gtccgtctgg aggtgaccca caggacctct cctgcacttc tagacaggtg tgatgctgcg    130320
     gcttgtttta gccatcctta aagaggggtt cccacgaccc ttccttcgat tgcagcccct    130380
     cctagagtga cttcagtact caggaaactc ttacctaaat ttctcagttt atggccaatg    130440
     acattccaga ggcttccaat gagtgcctga gagagtaggg aacagagagg tgtggaattt    130500
     cacacccgaa tggggatgcc acaccccagg attggccatt ctcagccatc tagaagcaaa    130560
     cactgtactt tagggtttta gtctttgttt atggggttgg gggcttttgg ttttgggttt    130620
     tttgtttttt gttttttttg gtttggtttt ggcttttttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttggtg    130680
     ttttttgttt gtttgttttc aacacagggt cttactgcct agcccaggtt agcctggaac    130740
     ttgtgtttag aaactgctgt ttaaaaaaaa aagccaggcg gtggtggtcc acgcctttaa    130800
     tcccagcact tgggaggcag aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac    130860
     aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaccaaaaa    130920
     aaaaaaaaaa agtgttgtct aaaggaaagc ccggcatcta ggcctcgttt tttttttgtg    130980
     tccctgtgca ttcttttctt tggctgaaga cagagctaaa agtcctaaag ctgcagtcac    131040
     cttggattcc aggagaagca aaacctcaga caggtctcct cgtttccgtc ctgcaccctc    131100
     tagatgaggg caattaccca tgagagtgag gctgtgccct agagggctat cctctgagag    131160
     ccgactgtcc ccttgggcaa taaagacctc atcggaccac cttgcaagac aggagctgac    131220
     acaatggccc tgaagtccac acctggccag gacttcttac tgtgtgcacc cttcccattt    131280
     aaacagaaag tgtgcatcag tgccttcaag atgaatggac atggggtcct ggaagcctct    131340
     gtctgtttct ttccctggtg tagccaccct gaactcctca attgttgtga tgggggatgg    131400
     gtggcttcac ctagcttgtt gagacagtca cagctcaagg tttgtaaaaa acaaaccaaa    131460
     caactgatta tacttaaagt ctttccagtg actagcccca gtcctaagtc actttaggga    131520
     agcagctagc agtcaactaa ggagatgcaa aaagaaatgt actaatttgc agattccaaa    131580
     gatttttaga agttgtgtga caagacagaa ggaagggggg ggggaccact tcataatatc    131640
     ccagcaactc agggctgcag taggagctac caacctcctt acccactagg aaggctcatt    131700
     ccaaacatta ttatggataa cgaaaatgaa atgtccaacc tggctcttca gctcagttta    131760
     aaggaaaata aaatccacag acatctagag aggggtgtgg cccctggaat cctagtagag    131820
     aagatgccct tgtggaaaga ggctagaggc tgcctcagct ccccggcggt acagagggat    131880
     cagtcaccca ggtttaaaga cagaaggggg gacacagagt ggctggatgg tcctcagctg    131940
     gcacagaggt agcagggtag ccacttctag aacaatcctg gtgtttcctg gaccatctcc    132000
     tgggctattt cccatgtgag agagtcacgt ttctctgtag tacctacctg gggaatcaag    132060
     cctatatcta tctttatttt gtactttttt tttcttattt gtatgctcca agtttttatt    132120
     agtaacttga atcaaaaatc tatgtaaaaa tatataccgc caggcatggt ggcgcaccca    132180
     agtccataat gcttagaaga tgtgaccact ccaacctcta tccatatcct tgcagtattt    132240
     agtatctttt aaaacttcta attttccgct tttaatccca gcacttggga ggcagaggca    132300
     ggcggatttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacaaagt gagttccagg acagccaggg    132360
     ctacacagag aaaccctgtc ttgaaaaacc aaaacaaaaa acttctaatt ctcaagccag    132420
     gcttggtggc atgagtttgg ggcccaaact gacctacatg gaaaggtccc ggctggctga    132480
     ggctacacag tgagaacttg tctcaatccc accgcccaca atccccaaat tcctccgccc    132540
     acaatccaca aatcccacaa attcccaaac tctctacttc ttccccctct cttcggtagt    132600
     gagcataggt cccattacca agggcttcag ttccttgacc cgaggctggc tatccacact    132660
     cagtcacttc ttcctccatc tgtcttacac ggtcccttcc tcgtagtctc ctgagaccct    132720
     ctgtatacaa ctttacactc tctggaccaa aggaagaaaa gtcttgggga cacagggctc    132780
     tctgcatctg tcatctatca tttaccatca atgcctgact ctccctggca agcattccat    132840
     gtctccttcc ttcccctaag caggtctcta agccatttag gaccccagaa cctataagat    132900
     caggtcagtt tctgtgtgcc tctgtttccc actgattacg ctggggctgt agggccacag    132960
     tggccaacct catcaccagg gcctgatcaa agtcactcac aaccacctgt aattccagct    133020
     taggggatac aatgaatgcc ctcagggctc ctccagcacc cagcacatgt atggtgcaga    133080
     caaacccatg tggaaacaca cacaatacac ataaaagaaa taaatcttaa aataaataag    133140
     taagctgggt ttcttggact aaggagatgg atcagcaagt aaagagtttg cctcacaagt    133200
     tcaaagacca gagtttgggt tctagaggcc atgtaaatgg cgggccagca tcacaggcta    133260
     ccttgtaatt tcagtggcca aaaggcaaat gcaggagatt cccccacagc aagcagactg    133320
     cccagcagac gagctctggg ttccattgag agagcctgtt acaatgtgac taagtgaaaa    133380
     gcatttgaga atactcccga aagaaacccc aggttgccac agaggctctc acatatttgc    133440
     acatgcatac agccccaccc taatccgtga gaactcgtgt atatacatgt gcacacatcc    133500
     cacacgcata cacacgagag aaaaaaaaac tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    133560
     tatattttgt caaaattctg cctcccattc ataatcctca tgttctcaaa ctaagattag    133620
     agtcacttgc tgggagcaga ggaagccaca gaagaacgca taaacatctc tctggagtag    133680
     caatttgcct caaagtagag agaaatattc tctatagtaa aataaacata cacgtatcat    133740
     ggaagagaat gtaaaattaa tgtcagtttt aaaatagggc tggaagcttc aaagcaaggt    133800
     cacggtgagg gtggaattcg gtcagggact ggggttacac agaacatctc ctctggccgg    133860
     aggagcggct gggaaagtca gagaagactg gtccatcggg atcaaggttc ctgccggctg    133920
     ctccgccatt accccagctt cttcccacag cctcgttcgt gctcgggggg tcccaggtgg    133980
     ccgtttctga aacagtccgt ccatgcttta cagctacaga ggcagacaac gtctcaggca    134040
     ctcaatcgag ttgcaaaagg ctgataatag aacgccactc cttcccacag cgtgggccgc    134100
     taagattcag agttcacaat agcggaaaat ttcgagcttt tcatgggtcc ggaagctgca    134160
     caaggttcac ttaggtctga tcctcaggac agaccagtgg agccctgtga gtcccagctt    134220
     ttcagatgaa accttgtttt cacactcatc aagatcacat aaggtgttaa ctatctaagt    134280
     gtaggaacca cctgcttctt gccaactagc ctaggttagc attgaacttg cgatcctctt    134340
     gcctcggcca ctagagtgtc aggactacag gtgtttgctg ctatacccag cccaccagtc    134400
     caattttttt tttttaagat tatagttatc tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtaca    134460
     gacatgagaa tgccaccgac ccagaggaag tcagaggaaa acttatggga aaacatcctc    134520
     tcttcccatc atgcatttct agggaacaaa tcaggtcata agacttggca gagggctgga    134580
     gagatggctc agtggttaag agcaccgact gctcttccaa aggtcctgag ttcaaatccc    134640
     agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccatctg taatgagatc tgacgccctc ttctggtgtg    134700
     tctgaagaca gctacagtgt acttagattt aataataaat aaatctttaa aaacaaaaaa    134760
     gacttggcag caagcacccc taacccactg agcaattcca ccagctctaa tattctctct    134820
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcaga catgcttagc aaatgctctg tcccactgag    134880
     ctaaattgct agccttcatg tgtttaattc cgaggtcctt gctctaaaca ctactggcga    134940
     gaagctgttt ccatccactt ccgccaagca cagcccacca agcccaccag acacctgaaa    135000
     ccttgagtat cttaggccat gaccactctt tacttggctg aagaagacaa atcacacttc    135060
     actggtttcc aaatgacaga tgagttgtct cattcaaata tcagtcatgg cacacaacag    135120
     ggggtaaagc tcccgagggt gattcacccc tgaatcagga gccctcagaa gcagaggcac    135180
     acactgtcct tttatcgact ctgaaagtcg attattttgt ttatttgttt ggaatgcttt    135240
     tacatggaga agtaagtggg ggaagtaggg gaatttggtg ggtttccccg tgaagaaatt    135300
     tctcatgaag cagattatct gagaacaaga tcctggcttt atgcacttcc tttaattgca    135360
     acaggtcagc ctcaaagagg aacacctgcg catacatcgt gtggtacgcc ctgcccactt    135420
     gaggctgccc tggcccactt gagatgaaat caggggccat aagaaggctt cagttggctg    135480
     gagagatggc tcagtagtta ggagtacata ttgcttttgc agaggaccag agttcagtcc    135540
     acagaaactg tgtcgggcag ctcccagttg tcttggagct ccacctctga tgcctctggc    135600
     ctttcaggac acatacccac tcatccaccc acccacacaa ccacagttaa aaagtaagat    135660
     cttttgaaca taaaataaag ggctttagga gagctagggg tgtggctcgg tagtagacag    135720
     cttgcctaga atgtgcaaaa agccctgagg tctgtcccta gcaatgaaaa cagaagacaa    135780
     aacaaaacaa acaaacaaaa aagtgtgggg gtggtgggtc cttcagtaaa cagcactgtg    135840
     ggcaaaaagc caggtgccca cgacccaggt tctggtttct gaagtccctg ggtcattcct    135900
     agggctgctt tagtttatct gttctgtttt tatcttgaga cagggtttcc tgtaacctaa    135960
     gacagcttca aactggctat gtagccaagg gtgaccttga aattctgatc ctcctgtgtg    136020
     tccatgcccc aagttctggc attacaggag tgcgccaccg tgccaggctt atgcagtggt    136080
     gggaagaaga aacgcagggc ttctggcgtg ctaggcagac accccaccta ctaacatccc    136140
     ggccctgacc tgggtttctc aaaccgcaca atgaggtgtg tgcgtgccaa gagtagaaca    136200
     gttcccgaga tgaattctgc tcctgacaag agccagtcat atcccttatc tgtactttcc    136260
     acacctcaga ggctgcaaga ccacaggggg acccaggctc cagcagaagc cttcatctac    136320
     tctaaaaggc acacattgcc ccaccacagg catgtttcca tggcccagaa ccaccaccac    136380
     caccacccaa gtccagccag gcagccaagg acgaaccaag gggatagtcc atttggacag    136440
     aaaggctttg ccggcctgtc ttctaagatc atggacctcc ttggcagctg atgtctctgt    136500
     ggaagtcagt cagtctccct ttggcttaag ggtctaccat ttctccttgt tcgagcaaga    136560
     ggaatcttgg gagcaaaccg gcgacttgaa gcaaatgata attaggaaca gctgacagac    136620
     actgtgtgct aggcgattga ttctaaccta attcgcctca cttacttact ctaccttgga    136680
     gctgatccca tcagctttat tttacagagg aaacagaaca cccgaggagt cgagcaagct    136740
     tccagaggcc acccagccag gaacagagag gacaaggctg gaatgtgaac tcaacccact    136800
     ccagaaggca agctccttaa actagtcagc aatacagaaa ttcaccgtaa atgactacct    136860
     gtaagagggt tagcgagaca agtctctcct tgatattcag ggatagagag ggtcttggag    136920
     ctgttgtata tctacttagc ttctagagac agaaacacgt tgtctctgat gtaatcattt    136980
     cagagtatga gaaaggccat gtgcctgaaa atgttagctg cagatttgag gatagggact    137040
     ttggggtggg tggacgggtc tggaagcggc atgagcccct ctccctgaag gtcttgtcag    137100
     agcctccagc atccctgctt tagagacaca aaccacacaa aggatcacta gggtaggaag    137160
     taacctggaa caccattagg ctactaaatg caaaaaatca attacagggg attaggaagg    137220
     tggctctcag tgggtacaag tgctcactgt gcaaatagga gcacctgagc tcgaattccc    137280
     agctgccacg tcaaagccgg ccacgggtaa gagtgcttgc aagtctgctg ttcgtgggga    137340
     gagatgtgaa tttcatgagc tcaatggcca gggagtctaa tagaaaggcc cagtctcaag    137400
     ttcatctaga gaccctgcct gtccctctgt agaccaggct agcctcgaac tcagagatcc    137460
     gcctgcctct gtctccctag tgctgggatt aaaggtgtgc gccaacactg cctggctgag    137520
     atactatttt aagggaataa aggagaaaga atgatagaca gctgtgttgt cttctggcct    137580
     ccacaagtgt ccacctaaat acacatgcag acacacacac acagagccaa acactaaacc    137640
     acatgcctag ttgggcatgg tgagtgaagc ctgtcatcaa ggagatcagg aattcaaggc    137700
     cacccttggc tatgtagtca gttcgaagcc aacctgagct cccagagacc ctgtctaaaa    137760
     gacgaggccc tattactcga tattattgaa ttacatgagg tagctggagt tgtcaaggtc    137820
     ttaaagacaa gagagcagtt atcaggggct aaagtgggta gggaaggggg agttcacgtt    137880
     tggggtagaa aggtctctcc tggctccatt tcagatacca tctgtcttgc tatgtctggt    137940
     tcctttaccc attcatgaaa ttctaaaaac tgatattgcc tctgaggctc aggttaggca    138000
     gttagcccaa ggttactcag caagaaaaga ctggaaagat ggctcagtgg ttaagggcac    138060
     ataccactct tggagggaac tggtcaggtc tgagcaccca cacagggcag ctcacatcac    138120
     cttaacacta gctctacagg ggataccgtg ccagcactac ccatccacac atacacatac    138180
     aaataactta aaaacaagaa gaactttttt g                                   138211