ID   AL606969; SV 26; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 224344 BP.
AC   AL606969;
DT   25-SEP-2001 (Rel. 69, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 41)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-331P21 on chromosome 4
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-224344
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Beasley H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; cb6e10f05523bd863898d1687fe2f609.
DR   ENA-CON; JH584273.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456111.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000017264; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000028979; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000041459; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000070577; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029126; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029127; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029128; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029129; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029130; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0029091; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0029092; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0029093; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0029094; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0029095; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0029039; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0029040; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0029041; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0029042; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0029043; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0029107; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0029108; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0029109; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0029110; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0029111; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028828; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028829; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028830; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028831; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0028832; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029556; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029557; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029558; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029559; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029560; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028241; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028242; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028243; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028244; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028245; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028790; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028791; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028792; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028793; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0028794; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028939; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028940; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028941; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028942; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0028943; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028903; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028904; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028905; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028906; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0028907; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0029029; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0029030; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0029031; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0029032; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0029033; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028930; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028931; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028932; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028933; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0028934; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029588; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029589; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029590; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029591; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029592; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027961; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027962; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027963; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027964; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0027965; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028321; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028322; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028323; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028324; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028325; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL606969.26:1-224344; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000017408; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000045180; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000052060; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000076022; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000095719; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000097781; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105698; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105699; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105700; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105701; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000105702; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000140897; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000165113; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000172073; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000185673; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000186711; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000186729; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000186947; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000187939; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000188134; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000189048; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000190552; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000190696; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000191450; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0069248; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0069256; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0069259; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0069263; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0069293; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0069312; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0069320; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0069323; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0069327; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0069356; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0069217; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0069226; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0069229; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0069233; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0069263; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0069229; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0069237; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0069240; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0069244; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0069274; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0068898; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0068906; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0068909; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0068913; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0068934; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0069725; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0069733; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0069736; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0069740; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0069770; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0069363; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0069371; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0069374; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0069381; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0069411; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0068838; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0068846; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0068849; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0068853; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0068881; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0068974; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0068982; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0068985; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0068989; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0069018; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0068874; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0068882; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0068885; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0068889; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0068919; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0069060; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0069069; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0069072; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0069076; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0069092; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0068891; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0068899; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0068902; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0068906; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0068936; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0069909; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0069917; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0069920; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0069924; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0069954; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0068859; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0068867; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0068870; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0068877; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0068894; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0068062; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0068070; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0068073; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0068077; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0068102; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A087WNY6.
DR   GOA; A0A087WP57.
DR   GOA; A0A087WQ63.
DR   GOA; A0A087WQA5.
DR   GOA; A0A087WQT4.
DR   GOA; A0A087WQX8.
DR   GOA; A0A087WR97.
DR   GOA; A0A087WRP4.
DR   GOA; A0A087WRZ5.
DR   GOA; A0A087WS17.
DR   GOA; A0A087WS74.
DR   GOA; A0A087WSC6.
DR   GOA; A0A087WSE4.
DR   GOA; A0A087WSH7.
DR   GOA; Q8K366.
DR   GOA; Q8R0B4.
DR   GOA; Q91WP0.
DR   InterPro; IPR000152; EGF-type_Asp/Asn_hydroxyl_site.
DR   InterPro; IPR000436; Sushi_SCR_CCP_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR000504; RRM_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR000742; EGF-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR000859; CUB_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR001254; Trypsin_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR001314; Peptidase_S1A.
DR   InterPro; IPR001881; EGF-like_Ca-bd_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR002121; HRDC_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR002562; 3'-5'_exonuclease_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR009003; Peptidase_S1_PA.
DR   InterPro; IPR012677; Nucleotide-bd_a/b_plait_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR013032; EGF-like_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR018097; EGF_Ca-bd_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR027956; DUF4556.
DR   InterPro; IPR033116; TRYPSIN_SER.
DR   InterPro; IPR035914; Sperma_CUB_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR035976; Sushi/SCR/CCP_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR035979; RBD_domain_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR037571; MASP2.
DR   MGI; MGI:1330832; Masp2.
DR   MGI; MGI:1355322; Exosc10.
DR   MGI; MGI:2387629; Tardbp.
DR   MGI; MGI:2685418; Gm572.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q91WP0; MASP2_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WNY6; A0A087WNY6_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WP57; A0A087WP57_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WQ63; A0A087WQ63_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WQA5; A0A087WQA5_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WQT4; A0A087WQT4_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WQX8; A0A087WQX8_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WR97; A0A087WR97_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WRP4; A0A087WRP4_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WRZ5; A0A087WRZ5_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WS17; A0A087WS17_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WS74; A0A087WS74_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WSC6; A0A087WSC6_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WSE4; A0A087WSE4_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A087WSH7; A0A087WSH7_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q8K366; Q8K366_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q8R0B4; Q8R0B4_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-331P21 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..224344
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-331P21"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    140269..140311
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    150922..150937
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    150938..151052
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Single read sequenced with dGTP
FT                   big dye terminator chemistry. Sequence generated from a
FT                   short insert library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Assembly confirmed by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    151053..151111
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a short
FT                   insert library derived from a single pUC clone. Sequence
FT                   from uni-directional dGTP big dye terminator reads only.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    151112..151122
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    151491..151603
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye terminator reads
FT                   only. Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    178028..178034
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a short
FT                   insert library derived from a clone PCR. Sequence from
FT                   uni-directional dGTP big dye terminator reads only.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    178035..178409
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a short
FT                   insert library derived from a clone PCR. Restriction digest
FT                   data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    180507..180778
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    185286..185387
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 224344 BP; 55297 A; 55525 C; 55808 G; 57714 T; 0 other;
     gaattccagc ctcagctccc aatcttgctg ttgaagcagc ttgagtcgcc ccagccaaaa        60
     caggttgaac atccctgtct gatacctgaa atccaaaatg cctacctact gtccacaact       120
     ttctgagggc tgacccaaca tcacaggtgg aaactccatg cagcacaaaa tgacttcaag       180
     ctgcatggga tgacctgcag actgtgtgtg taagctctga gtaaaataca agtgactctc       240
     acgggtacac tcgggcctgt cgcagacaag taccgcagtg ttatagcggg acgtcactgc       300
     acactcctgt gactccctcc ctgcatgttc tcacctgcag ctagaaaatg ctactaagaa       360
     gagagaacga gccaccagtg acctgaggac tatagagcaa aaacaggaga agaaacgact       420
     aaaaagctcc aagaaagcca aggaccctga tcccccaggg aaagacttca gtccctatga       480
     ctacagccag tcagacttca gggcctttgc tggtaaggac agggaggaca ccaaggagac       540
     acatgatagg tgagaaggga ggagctgcag agtgcagggt gagtcctgtc cagtacatgg       600
     gacaagcagt ggcagggact gagccccctg ctcttgtcgc tgcagagtct cagtagtcat       660
     tggccctgct cagcaggatg gcctccgttg tggcccatgg ttaagtttgc ctcccacatc       720
     cacaggatca agactaggtt gaaggcatgg ctcacaaagt gacctctatg tccccgtaag       780
     ctagaggtcc ctgtgagggg tttgcacatg gcactcctca ctacagcagc tgctagagct       840
     taggcaggtg aaaaggcggg gctcacagtt ggcacgcgga tggatgtcag ctcactttgt       900
     caccagtgcc atgaggtgtt tttgacgcag aagtgtcagc ctgggcacaa ggctgtgcac       960
     agcatggtct cagactgctg gggcacagga gagatggcac cgagccaggc tggtgcttcc      1020
     tgaagcccag acccctggcc tgtcagcctg cttgctcatt gtcgtgatca ctcttacttt      1080
     caggggacag taaatccaag ccttcctccc agttcgaccc caataagctg gcaccttccg      1140
     gcaaggtaag gctgcagagg gcgcccacag cttggactgt tcccacctgg ggcttagcac      1200
     ctgtttcccc acctcattcc ttctcgagca cagacgctgc tgccaattgt ccccacagca      1260
     agttttatga atttactaat gtgtgagagt gcgaaaagcc agagaacagt atgggctttc      1320
     tggcctccca ccacgggctc agggacccaa cacaggtcac tgcgcttgtc tactgagcca      1380
     tcctgctggc ccctgtgtct gcagtgtaag aacaggcagg gaacactata gtacaggcat      1440
     agcccaggct gacgtagaac tcagtcctct tgcttctacc atttaagtgt ggaggttaca      1500
     agtgtgtgcc actatgactg gcctggcctg gccttgaaca gggtgtcttc cagtcagcct      1560
     gggcctgaag tgctgcccta cacagtgaag gggctatgtg tatacagtcc ttggctgctc      1620
     aggactgtgc agagcccctc ctgttcctgt cacagccggc acacaggggc tgtggagagt      1680
     tgacgttggg gctggtagtt gacgttggca tcagccaact cataactctt ctctttcaga      1740
     aaggtgttgg agccaaaaaa tgtaaacagt cggtgggaaa caaaagcatg tcatttgctg      1800
     ttggaaagtc ggacaggtag gtggcctggc caggcaagcg gaaagccaac cactgtactt      1860
     gggaacctca gcaggatgca gcttcagggg ctgccctgga cagaggcaag acctctcagt      1920
     cactcagaaa gcaggaacac acatcacctg ctcactgacc atgtcctgca ccccaggcct      1980
     caaatcccat cctcctcccc tttcttacac tgtagtttca ctgggatttt ccccacacaa      2040
     acttagcagt tgggtcatca ctggctggtg ttttcatagc atgacctgct catgctggag      2100
     cagaacctgt caggaatcag gacaggcctg ctgctgcacc cccacacagc tcagtgccca      2160
     agcgtagccc cccccatccc caccccggct ccctttgcta tgtgtttgag atttgcacag      2220
     ctcctaaacc tgaagtgtaa ctctggtttt catccatatt tgcagaggct tccgccacaa      2280
     ctggccaaag agatagtgct ggagggactc ctggggctgc cgacagcgct gctttgtaca      2340
     cacccatttt aaaaccatta aaatgtattc ctaccagaag aaagatggtt cttggttggt      2400
     tggttggttg gttggttggt tggttggttg gttggttggt tttgggtttt tttgtttgtt      2460
     cagagaatag gagagaaaca tgcctgaaga ggctgaccag aaacccaagg ccatgtgtgc      2520
     aggagcactg gaaggctccg tgggctgttg gtggccagtg tgggtcatgg ggtggctctg      2580
     cctcagcaac ttaggaaatg ctattgggag ccagctgtgc ctcttcctca gctcttgact      2640
     tggggagact gggccatggt ttcactctgt catctagtcg tgactgcctc catttcctag      2700
     ggctagtctc acaagtgtgt gccactgcac ctagcagtac tgtccccttt ctccaagaca      2760
     aggtctcagt gtgtagccct ggcttgctca cactcatagg ctaccattct gcctcagcct      2820
     ccagaccatg gtgatggcga gtgtgccgcc acacccaggt cttctcagcc gagatttgag      2880
     tttagtgtct cacgctgcca ggcaagtggt ctgcacagag agagattccc agccctttca      2940
     cctttccctt tgcacagttg tgctcgcacg ctcgctccct ccattgagag cacacacaat      3000
     ctagtgtgag agtcagagga cagtttatgg ggatctgttc tgttaacgtg ggtcgccagg      3060
     cttgttggca agtgccttta cccactgagt cacctctaca acccgacagg gcttaaggcc      3120
     cagcctggct tcaaactcac tgtgttgtca agaatgctct tggactcctg gttatcctgc      3180
     ctttacgtcc tgcatgccag aattacagat gtgtcacaca gggcatcctt tgtactattc      3240
     ataatgtgac atggaatggc tttttccttt taaaatgttt tatgtgtatg aggcatgcac      3300
     accacagtac atgtggccag aggacaattt gtgggagtcg taactctcca cgttgtggtc      3360
     ccaggaatca aattcaggtc atcagccttg gtgacaagta cctttgccac ttatctcctg      3420
     gcttccttca gtgatggact gcagtgcggc tgtgtgaggc agataaaccg gttcctcccc      3480
     agccttcttc ctcttcagct tcctgttttg gtcatggtgt ttcatcactg aagcaataga      3540
     gaccctgtga cacctgctgg gccatccttc agccccattc accctgctta catgccaggt      3600
     gtggtgtaca tgcctcaagg aaggtggagt gttagtggat ctctgagatt ccaggccatc      3660
     ctgtgttata taatgagacg ctggtaaaga attcatcaaa gtagtaaagc cccgtggtca      3720
     ctgtttctaa tactcgtatc tgagtccggt aacagatgcc aaattcctag aagtggcacc      3780
     aaaagctctc aacatctccc tttttatttc ataaacaaga ctgggtctgt cttaggtgaa      3840
     tctgacaaga atgccttcct tacccatctt ggaatttaca ttttcaaaaa caatgtaatt      3900
     ctgtcttagg tccgtaaggc actgtacaga aaattacccg cctttggcca ccagcctgtt      3960
     agattaataa ctctgcctga gggttcattt tttagtttgg agccatgtat tttgactgcc      4020
     aacatgttga tgttgttaaa ggagaatttt atcacaatgg gcaggaataa aagtattcac      4080
     aggacaaggg ctagcatgat caagctatat gagccgttct tgaagcttga ccaagatgga      4140
     aacactgacc taaagccatg gttcaggatg gccgagataa aagcaatgcc atgcattctt      4200
     gaactgagct tactttaagc tttgtcttcc ttagattcat gatctcttta cacaaagtta      4260
     aactatccag agagtgttag aattgttcta aataccctgc aagtgtcttt gaattttcca      4320
     ttggtattta gcatgagact caagatgact tcatattctt aaactctgaa cctcctctcc      4380
     aatagtttga atggtatcaa taagagcatc aagtttgctg tgtcaaagca attgcagaag      4440
     cagtagtgct agctattagt gtcaaaccca ctaccctctt gcttttactt aaagtctgac      4500
     tcattttttt ccagtatttg caagtctttt tcagaatacc aaggtcttac agtgctcaca      4560
     ggcaataaaa caaacgctga ctgacagacc accataacag gcatgccaga tttcaataca      4620
     ctaacacaat tagaaagtgt ataatcaata caacttacat taaataccat agaagaaaca      4680
     aaagtaattt taacatgacc aattaataaa aggttccaat tttaaggaaa cacagaaata      4740
     cacccatact attcttcaca gagcaaacaa atcccatcac caaatgcatt gaaagtctta      4800
     gtcttattat aagttggctc ctctgtccag ggagacccaa gcatgggaat ctctggtctg      4860
     gaccacactg ctggatgtat cagtggtagg tcaggaacat aggcccaata aactttcccc      4920
     tgtcaccact gtcagggcat gcagcaagct cacagtcagc accattcttt gtcccgtaat      4980
     cagcatgtct caccactcac tctggcagct accacattcc ttcggcatcc tgcaggggaa      5040
     aaaaatacaa agataccttc ttccccatat taatacctga tcagaaccat gccatgtgcc      5100
     agtaggtgaa tccttccatg tcacttaggc ataagcatgc tgaactgtag ggtgccatag      5160
     acactcagca gacgtttctt tggcatccaa atttcaaact tttaaaataa aaaaaatata      5220
     taaattgggg tatacagatt taattccccc tttttttatt ttatgaagat attgggtttt      5280
     ggggggaagc aaaaccaatt ttcaacagtg taaacaatcc attttctcta aaatcaatac      5340
     caagtgcatt acttttgtgt taaatgtctg gctgccaatt cttatatatg aatgcatgat      5400
     ggtgcagctg ttaatagctc attaaagaat cctgtccctt ataagtctgg tttctaggac      5460
     aaaaattatc ccaatttaga gatatcttta aagacctgtt cccaggtttg gctgatacca      5520
     tgtgttgtct agaatgactc caaccccaag ttaccagttt tgttttgttt tgttttttgt      5580
     tactgatgtt acacatttta atcataccca ataacttgta agccaataat ctataaccaa      5640
     gacatgcaga acatatttat acatttaaac aaacatgaag tggctacaca tttacttatt      5700
     tggacaaaac tttcttactt tctgtagctg taatttcaag ggaggagcac cttgtcacct      5760
     gctgaaccca ataatcacag tcacagagaa tttctaggag agacagccat cagcttcctt      5820
     accatagaag ccacaatcag ctcgtggcag ggcttctttc tccagctgtg ctaggctcct      5880
     agcgaagagg cgcagggcaa tttctcagtg ttcataacat gaaacgtaga acaacaatca      5940
     tgcaacaaaa ggaaaacaca gatataaact gacagacatg aacagattgg cgctccaagg      6000
     acagacaata gacaagagag ggacccagac ccagaacata gcattccccc agtaggagcc      6060
     agagaggaag caggtccctc ggagagcctg tgttcagttt ccttctcttt tgccagagtc      6120
     ccagacaaag gggacaactg cgtttctaaa actcattctc ttcatgtaaa ctatctctaa      6180
     tcaggatcca aagactaagc atctatgaga attatcttcg ctcctctata atctgccatc      6240
     actctataaa cacatacaca aaatgcattc taccatgact ttgccccatt cttacaacgt      6300
     ttattccaaa tctactttat tgtcatttac attctaccat taccttttta caaggtttat      6360
     tcaccattgg cccaaatctc ttttaagttt tccttttcga gagctcctct cccagtcatg      6420
     tccttcactg tacccccttt acttgagccc aaagaggagg aggcaccctc cgaccaagcc      6480
     agctcagtca gttaacaggg tctcaaggga gtgaggattg aaaaagaaaa acattctaac      6540
     atgactacag cccatactga ggctggggca ggtttatatc tctccagctt gcttttatat      6600
     cagtctaggt gcatccaaaa aacatggtca gttcatagat caaagacaaa ataaacaagc      6660
     aagccaagta gagaacaagg agatcacaca ggacagtaag taaagtgtta agcaaagagg      6720
     tcacacaggc agattcagca aagcagttaa ccaagccccg tggtcaccgt ttctaatact      6780
     cgtatctgag ccaacttcct tgtctgagcc cagtgacaaa tgtcaaattc ctagaagcgg      6840
     cacccaaagc tctcagcact gctttaagaa aaaagaaaaa agccaggcgg tggtggcgca      6900
     cgcctttaac cccagcactc gagaggcaga ggcaggcaga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc      6960
     ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacaggt aggactacac agagaaacac tgtctagaaa      7020
     aaccaaaaaa agaaaaagaa aagaaaccat ttcaaagaaa ggaagacagg aagagagaaa      7080
     gagagaggga ggaagggaga gagggagaga gagagagaaa gagagagagg agatggtgac      7140
     acacaccttt aatacaggca ctccagaggc agaggcaaac agatctcaag accagcctga      7200
     tctacagagt tccagggcag caagggctac acagaggaac cctgtctcta aataagtaaa      7260
     cagacaaatc aaaaagcttg gttgggtgga gattacaaag gtaagcagtt agctttcatt      7320
     gagagtggct gagggagcgg agaactcaag aagtggccac tgggcagtgc tcagaagtgg      7380
     aagggaggaa gaagccagat cagatggatg taatcttagc cctcaggagg aggaggcagg      7440
     aagaccgtga gttgtagggc gaacctggtc tacacaggga aaccctgatg aatcgactcc      7500
     tcattcctta tcccaccaat ttcccacgag tcacatttac ttgtggaagt gggaaacaaa      7560
     gactgtaagg ttttggtttg ctttttatta ctgtgataaa cacagtgagc aaaagcgagc      7620
     tggggaggaa agggtttatt tggcttctgt acatctcaat cccagtccat tgctaagaga      7680
     agccagggca ggaactgaag cagaggccat agaggaacgc gctcacgggt ttggtttgct      7740
     ccccatcgct tgttcagcct cttttaccac ctgcccaggg gtgggaccac acccagaggg      7800
     ctgcactcac ccttggcagt taaggaaatg ctccacaggc caatctggta gaggtgtgct      7860
     ctcatttgag gttcctgctc accagatagc ttcagccatg tcaacgatag agctaaccat      7920
     tctgacagta acgtttttaa tttttccttt ctcagaaaag gcaggcacgg ggagggaggg      7980
     acacctgagc agctcagaga cagctgtagc tcaggccact gggcctgagg gtcagggtaa      8040
     tcacttgatc agaccgagga ggacccaact ggaggatgac agtaggtata aacgctggtg      8100
     tgctggagaa gagagaccta gtggcctgtg ggggtctgtg gtcaggagag tgctgtaagg      8160
     accctatgct cacagggaca cctcaagcag cttgccagaa gcgttttaat gtgccatatg      8220
     aaaattggca tagggctggt gagatggctc agtgggtaag agcacccgac tgctcttccg      8280
     aaggtctgaa gttcggatcc cagcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatct gtaacaagat      8340
     ctgacgccct cttctggagt gtctgaagac agctacagtg tacttacatt aaataaataa      8400
     atctttaaaa aaaaaaaaga aaaagaaaat tggcataatt gtcaaatatg ctcccattca      8460
     gccacagctg tttcctgaca cacgccttta accttaccta gcatttagga ggaagaagct      8520
     ggcaggtctt ttgagttctt tttttgtttg tttgtttgtt tttttcgaga cagggtttct      8580
     ctgtataacc ctggctgtct tggaactcac tctgtaggcc aagctggcct caaacttaga      8640
     aatccccctg cctctgcctc ccacgtgctg gaattaaagg tgtgtgccac cacagcccag      8700
     ctgagttctt taaaaaaaaa aggctaagac tggagagatg gcttagcagt taagagggca      8760
     ggtttttctt ccagaggatc tgggttcagt tcccagcacc tacatggcag ctcgcaccgg      8820
     tctgtaactc ctgttctaag gtatctgact accctcacac atgcgggcag aacaccagtg      8880
     cacatttaaa aaaagagaag actctccagt gttgactgcc tggccggtct gtacagtgac      8940
     agccaccgtg tggcagcccc ttggccagca gccaccgttc actgacaggc tcagcttgtc      9000
     actgtcccag ccttccttcc cttgtgcaca tcagcactcc tgacttcaga gacaaatcag      9060
     ttttctgcct ggcttctgag tgtctatatc actgtggttt tccgtggact ggttagtgag      9120
     actaaaggca aaaccgcagg ccttcgtcca ggtccccagc tggctggcac tttgggccac      9180
     tgggcactct ggaagatttc tgcttacatg gcttcattta gttttgttta agacaaaacc      9240
     gtttggggag tttgcattcc tagtttttgg ttcgcttgct ttagtttttt gtttggattt      9300
     gggggttggt tggcttttta gttttttggt tttgttgttg ttttgttttg tagagagggt      9360
     tgcattgtgt atcgttctga actcactatg tagaccaggc tgaccttgaa cttacagaga      9420
     tccaaacatg cctctgcctc attaagtgct agaattagag gtatggacca ccatgcctgg      9480
     ctttacttgc cgtttttcca gtatcggaat cttcctaaat ctgacaggtg tggtcaattc      9540
     agtcttccta gagggcacat tccggaacaa ctttgctccc tctcttactt cctaggggag      9600
     gaatgtaatg gattcaactc agcccgccct caggggctgc catctccagg aagcatccct      9660
     agccttctgg caagctgcgt tctggctcgg ggcctctggc aaataaacag ccatccatag      9720
     cccagaggca gaactgtgct ggttggtaag tacggaggct gctcagtaga tagtcttgag      9780
     tccacaatgt tggtattctg tttggactcc gcccccatag ttacctggta acagccaggt      9840
     atgctcctcc ccacagttag gcctggccca ctataaaaag ggctgctttc cgcccccccc      9900
     cccccgccct cttctctctt attctttcct ctctctgcat ctctgcattc cctctgcccc      9960
     ctcccctttt tccacgttgg cctctatttc tctactctct ccctctctct gcttctacta     10020
     ccctcttaac tcccctcccc atgccctaaa ctgttctata ctataccttg tagctggtcc     10080
     ctcaggggga agggatgcct tggcatgggc ccgctgaagc accctcttcc cccatccctc     10140
     accacacccc cataaaacat attcttatac ctctttatct tttttttttt tttttttttt     10200
     tttttttggt ttttcgagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct ggcactcact     10260
     ttgtagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atccgcctgc ctctgcctcc cgagtgctgg     10320
     gattaaaggc gtgcgccacc actcccggct tctttttaaa aaaaaaaaat ttttttttta     10380
     gatttattta ttattaaatg taagtacact gcagctgtct tcagacacac cagaagaggg     10440
     catcagatct cattacggat ggttgtaagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaactcag     10500
     gacctttgga agagcactca gtgctcttaa ctgctgagcc atctctccag cccccctctt     10560
     tatcttttta tgtacacaac acatgctgtc cccgtcaagt tcgtaaaact ggacacgaat     10620
     ctccatctga gccattgtga ccctggatgc cctggtagca actttgtaga cctccctccc     10680
     tccctccgtt tgcgagcttg aagtcagcca aggcagggac agggctccaa gcaacagctc     10740
     atgcccttca gctgtgcgtt atgacaaggg gacatgctcc cactccaggt ggaggctgct     10800
     gagtatcagt cagaaaccgt ccctgacacc gtgtcaggaa tagcttattc gtggttcgtc     10860
     ttccttcttt ggcattcaaa ctgtgtatgg agcaattagc atttaatatt cggtaattag     10920
     catgcttaat gtgattctga taagttcctt gacattttca taaaaacagc cacgttccct     10980
     cccacccttc aaggagcaag acccagtttg taaaaagaaa aaaaaagccg cgccagtctt     11040
     ttttggtttt gaatatgcat gtgcggggcc tcagctggta aatttagaaa gagctccatt     11100
     cttattctgc agccacccgc tcctggctga caatccggag caaagtagcc aaatggcgcg     11160
     acaatcctcg caagtaaata aaagtcccat gtgcgcccag actagacacg atctgctcaa     11220
     accctacggg ggtccaagga tgggccccag ccctcgaacc gctgcgccgg cgcggcccgc     11280
     cccggaaccc tcccgccgcc agggcctctc cccacgtggc ccggcagccg gccgcactac     11340
     cctgctgcgg ctgacagaca gcacggccca accaatcact gctagttgca gcccggggag     11400
     ccaatgaact cctggtgaag ctgcgggccg gcccacgccg ccattggaga gccggggtcc     11460
     cgcccctccg taggccccgc ccccgagcgg gttaggttgc ggcgcgggca gcgggcagag     11520
     ctggtcacgt tgtgctgggg ggggtccgcg cgccctgcag tcccgaaccc gctacgcgct     11580
     ccgtcggccc gcccgcccgc catggagcct ggccccgacg gcccagccgc gcccggcccc     11640
     gccgccatcc gtgagggctg gttccgagag acctgcagcc tgtggcccgg ccaggccctg     11700
     tcgctgcaag tggagcagct gcttcaccac cggcgatcgc ggtaccaaga catcctcgtc     11760
     ttccgcaggt atggcccgcc gcgcgccggt gcagctgtca gaagttctgc gctgggcccg     11820
     gccctgcgtc cacgtgtcac tatcgggaca cgtcagccga ggggaccccg ggacccaccc     11880
     agcccccaca cgtggctcgc ctgccacgtg tcaccccgaa tgcccacccc tggaccccat     11940
     ggcggccacg tgcacgccca gggaggacag ggacctaacc tcccagtgtc ccaggaccca     12000
     cgtccccgac tgtctctgcc cgcagtaaaa cctacggcaa cgtgctggtt ctggatggcg     12060
     tcatccagtg tactgagagg gatgagttct cctaccagga gatgatcgcc aacctgccgc     12120
     tctgcagcca ccccaacccg cggaaggtac cgcattgccc ctgggttcag ccctgagctc     12180
     ggggtcctag aaaagcatgt cgggctgaca ctaggtgagg atgtttgggg gcagatgcta     12240
     cccagatgac tgtcagaaaa tgcgggtcgg tcaggatgaa tagagctcct gggagagctg     12300
     gtctccttag aagccccgag aggggaaccc aggctgccag gaaggacccc gtggcacaga     12360
     agcgttctgg agagtagaga atgactcaga gtcctgtagc tgggaagatc aggttctgtg     12420
     ggagtgggcc tgctcagtcc tgacttgtcc ttccctggcc caggtgctga tcatcggggg     12480
     tggagatggg ggcgtcctac gggaagtggt gaagcacccc tctgtggagt cggtggtcca     12540
     gtgcgagatt gatgaggtgg gtgcagtcca ggaggcctgg atttgagtca ccagagtcag     12600
     ctctgtccca tcctgactct gcaccccgag gcgcaatgtt cttaccatcc ctgccctgtt     12660
     tcctcagtct gaaaagaggg ttcagtagga aaaccagatt gttaaggcct ggcacacacc     12720
     acaccatgga tgttaactct tagtgctttc agagcccagg cagagccaga gagctcaaca     12780
     acttatggca tctccccttg agacccagca tggttttagt gagcacttac tgtatgctga     12840
     gtgttaccca aggtgctggg ttgatacggc catggacagg tgagcccctg agtgtagagc     12900
     tggtgtttgg gttggagaag acaccataac acagcatgac atgatgaggc cagacaggga     12960
     taaaagatat ggagaacaca ggctgatagg aagtgtgcag ccacgcatgc ttacagcccc     13020
     agcacttggg tagaagcagg acgatcaaga gtttgaggcc agcgtgagtt atctgagacc     13080
     atctctcaaa aatgcagaag ctcagatggg acttggtctg cagggagttg aggcctgaaa     13140
     accatgaaga gctgaggtgg tgtagatctg ggggaaaggg ttttcaaaag agaagacttg     13200
     tccaaagaaa ccccaccagg agtccccagc ctctagtcca gcccagccct tcctctcccc     13260
     cctcttcagg atgtcattga agtctctaag aagttcctgc ctggcatggc cgttggcttc     13320
     tccagctcaa agctgactct ccacgtgggc gatggctttg agttcatgaa acagaaccaa     13380
     gatgcctttg acgtcatcat caccgactcc tcagacccca tgggtgagcc agggcacgcg     13440
     cgtcctgcag cacacagcag ccccagacta gagccatgtg atgatggagg cctgaggacg     13500
     gtgggggtct agccttggtc catagtgacc tctgcttcct ctttggcttc ttccctgtgc     13560
     ttgttggcca gcatccgggt gtgctatggt gcagtggggg agggtttgaa tgcagggcct     13620
     cccaggtgct aaggcagtag ggggccacat cccacaaaca tgggtccagc acctgctttg     13680
     ccactgagct gctgtgggtg actgtggcct ggaggtctca ggcaggatgg ccatgctcta     13740
     cccctctagg ccctgctgag agcctcttca aggagtccta ttaccagctc atgaagacag     13800
     cactcaaaga agatggcatc ctgtgctgcc agggtgagtg ccagtggctg cacctggacc     13860
     tcatcaagga gatgaggcac ttctgcaaat ctctcttccc cgtggtggac tacgcctact     13920
     gtagcattcc tacctatccc agcggccaga tcggcttcat gctgtgtagc aaaaacccgg     13980
     tgagctgggg gtgactgcct gcagggtggg gcgagggcag gcactaagag ccccatcttg     14040
     atgctctttg tccctggttc ccagagcacc aacttccggg agccagtgca gcagttgaca     14100
     caggcccagg tggagcagat gcagctgaaa tactataact cggacatgca ccgtgccgcc     14160
     ttcgtactgc ccgagttcac ccggaaggtg agtggcctgc caggctccct gctgggcctc     14220
     atcctgcaca gcttgcacat cctcctgact gccttcatgt cccaccaggc cctcaatgac     14280
     ataagctgaa tccaggtgcc actgtgacac cacccgagac ctcaatcgga ttggaccaag     14340
     gatcttccaa gttgtctggg gaccaccagt cctggaccag actcccagat gactcttgcc     14400
     caccaaccaa gtgttacagg ccccacgatg ctgcctggcc tggcctggcc tggcctgccc     14460
     tgctgggtgg actcagtctc tgtctgtcta tctctgtggc gttcagcccc acgcctatac     14520
     cagctctgta cagcaccgcc tatgccctgt gacccaacaa aatacatgtg tatttataac     14580
     aagctcagtc atgacctctg accttttcat ttttgttcct accagtggta ctgccggatg     14640
     ttgggtgttc tgtgagctct agggagcctg ctctagggcc cagtgtaagg gtccaggtag     14700
     ggcagcctga agctatagct tttcaactgc ccacgggcaa gagtgttcct agcttatgga     14760
     ttgaagcagg gtgcatcata ctttctcagt gaggcattgc ttctgctgtg gatataaacc     14820
     tgagttcaaa tccttcccag gtttccaaag ttacctgcat gggcctggcc tctctccgag     14880
     gtgctgaacc tgaccctcca ctgcatcgca gcctcttgct ggaaccaagg ctccggtttc     14940
     tggagaggag cgagttacgg gtcttcgtgt ctgctctccc cacaattgca tgtaaggctc     15000
     gctagagcag gagtcaccaa ccctttcctg ccctcgccaa ggggcacgga ggggaaatga     15060
     tgggaaaatt gtgggttagc agggtctcca aggcagttgg ccccctactg gagtgacact     15120
     gcagtctccc tcacaaggaa gcctggttag tactcctggg gacccaggtc tggcacacac     15180
     aaactgtgtg ccagggagct ggtggttctc gctgttaatg gcctcctgct catccccaaa     15240
     actcatagct aaataaatgc ctgctgtgtt tggacctgac acctcagtgc aggaaggtca     15300
     aacacttggg ggggctccca ggaagagatc catggaacaa catcttctag cctccctggt     15360
     acctgaccag tgacccaagt tggaacaggg agcaggggcc aagagaacca atgcaaaaag     15420
     taaggacttt gtccatgtac agtacagtgt tgcctgcttt ggctgaagct gagccttcag     15480
     ctgacaatgg gggccctgga gtctgagcca ccagattctt ggatagaacg gtttatgctg     15540
     gttaatagag ggttttggtt ggtttgtatt tcaagatagg ctttctctgt gtgctcactc     15600
     tgtagaccag gctggccctg aactctaaat ggctgacatt aagtatgtca ccaagagctg     15660
     gaaatcttac ttatagattt tttttgttgt tgttgttagt tttttttgtt tttttgagac     15720
     ggggtttcgc tgtatagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcacc aggccagctt caaattcaga     15780
     aatctgcctg cctttgcctc ccgagtgctg ggactaaagg cgtgtgccac cacgcttggc     15840
     tttacttata gttttaaaat tctcagatta accagaccct ggcttaagga tccccgtagt     15900
     tccctgtgct gctcaggaga agcagtgaat ggtaggttca tgtctgggaa gctgtctctt     15960
     ctgctaacat aactatttgt cccttagtta caaagctcca caaaccttgg aatttctcga     16020
     tgggagtgac tcatgtcgtt cataatgggt tcctacaatg acagtttacg taatgaggag     16080
     gtttgattgg agcccatgga aagcctactc tcggatcact gggcaattag tgcaagccag     16140
     gcaattaagc aagagagcag cttgtgtgag agagtgacct aggttgtgtg ttcgcccatt     16200
     attcccctct gcccttggca atgttctctg gtgatcccag tgtgtttctt tgggttctgt     16260
     gagtgggaca agggttcgag aggaaccttg attgaaaagt tagtcacaaa caaggaagac     16320
     aggtcactgc tagcgatttc gaccccaggt gaggctagta ttggaatgtt tgactgtcac     16380
     ctggttctgg tgcccatgcc ccagttcaca gagccatcag tgtgccatct gtttgggtgt     16440
     tcttattgtc taaacaaatc cacatgacta cttgtgggct tggctgtgtc tgccatcagt     16500
     gattgatcct ctgtgagggt ttagggctgc agaggcctct cagtcataga acacttacct     16560
     ggcatgtgca agacactgcc ttccagccca gcactgtaaa aatgaaagtt taactctctc     16620
     ctcttctcct gcctgcccac cttggtgaat gggctttttt tttttttttt ggtttttgga     16680
     gacagggttt ctctgtatag ccctggctgt cctagaactt attctataga ccaggctggc     16740
     ctcagactct agggattcac ctgcctctgt ctcccaagcg ctgggataaa ggtgcgccac     16800
     cacctccttg cataaggact tattttatgt gtctgccaga gtatgaatgc ccagaggggc     16860
     caaaagagga gctgggactt cagtgctgga actcaaactc aggtcatttg gaagaacact     16920
     gtgtactcat aaccactgag ccagcacccc atctcctttt ctatgcttgt gagaaatgtt     16980
     gcatggcaaa acttcctgtg gagacaacac acgcaatcca aagtataggt accaccaaag     17040
     gccaatttgg tgaaccaact agttttcctg gggcaaaaat gacacaaaga tggctgcatc     17100
     actaaagcct accgcagtac agctcacaaa gttatgaacc tggggctgga gagatggctc     17160
     agtgggtaag agcacccaac tgctcttccg aaggtccgaa gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac     17220
     atggtggctc acaaccatcc gtaatgagat ctgactccct cttctggagt gtctgaagac     17280
     agctacagtg tacttatata taataaaaat aaatctttaa aaaaaaaaag ttaggaacct     17340
     ggcacactgc acagcctgag gcaactcagc aggtcagaga gtgacctttc cagatacctc     17400
     agttggtgaa aacctggccc aggtgcttgg ctggtttctg cttctctcca ggcagtggtc     17460
     tggtctccca agtctttgca gctgggtgtc cttccatctg aggggactct catctttaat     17520
     tgtttactct ggcagggagc gccctaatga atcttgtttg tttcagggac ttcctgaagc     17580
     tattttatgt agtttaccct tcctgcttaa ggagcctccc tcctgcacag aatattttaa     17640
     tctcagggaa aacttaaaaa acagactgag tctattaaaa tcaaaaggaa aaatagaaga     17700
     ggagaaaaag aggaggctca tggcattcac ctgtaatccc agcactcagg agcctaagtt     17760
     aggaaaactg agttcaaagg cagcctggcc tatgtgggaa aaccaacagg gttctggaca     17820
     gacggctcag tggttaggag cactgggtac tcttgcaaag gatctaggct tagttcacag     17880
     cacctacatg gtggctcagc accacctgta gctccagttc cagaggatct gataacctct     17940
     tctgagctcc acaggcgccc caggcatgca cacgatacac acacatagat tcaggcaaac     18000
     actaaaaaga catgtttaaa aaggttcagc aatatggctc agtggttaac agtgcttgtc     18060
     actaaccatg accaactgag ttcaatcctg agacctgtgt ggtagaaaga gagaaccaat     18120
     tctggcaagc tgtcttctga ctttcatgtc cgtgcacaaa tgcacaataa ataataaaag     18180
     caaaggtggt ttaaatgact tggtggaacc agggagtgga ggtgcacaga ttgaatccag     18240
     tactccggag gcagaagcaa gtggatctca agtctacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag     18300
     ggttacacag aaaccctgtc aatgagagag aagaagaaga aagggagtag aaagaaagag     18360
     gaaggaaaga gaggggggcg ggggggaagg atcaagagga aggggagggg cacattctgt     18420
     catacctcct gggaaaatga aaaggccact tacagaatgg tggacgtggc tctgcagttg     18480
     aatatatgca tgaggtggtc caggttcatt cccagcacag aaaacagaaa cttgtaaagt     18540
     tttatttatg tatataaatg tttgcctggg ttgtggatga gcctggtgct gtttttgttt     18600
     ttttttttct ttttcttttt taagatgtat ttatttcatt tacatgagca cactgttgct     18660
     gtcttcagac acaccagaag aaagcatcag atcccactac agatggttgt gagccaccat     18720
     gtggatgctg ggaattgaac tcaggacttc tggaagagca gaaccactga gccatccctc     18780
     cagccccttg gtactattct tgtgaaccaa tcacctaatg aataaaggag tcaatcactg     18840
     ggcaagtagg tgggacttcc gggttggagg gaggaaaaga ggtagtagga gccaggtagg     18900
     tcctttttgg aacggggcca gtatagggct aagaggtagt gaaagagtct agtgggaaaa     18960
     cccccactca attccctatt cggtgtgcac ccaaagaatc atgaaaggct gtcttgatgc     19020
     aaacacacga ggtaatttaa tgacagagct ccggaccgac atgtatctca cacaggcgat     19080
     aacggatatc agccacgtgg ctcgaaagct aggggttttt atagaaaagg ggctggggct     19140
     gggggaggaa ttggcgtggt ttcacatgat tggttcattt aaacatcagc agactgcacg     19200
     tgcagatcaa ggtaacagca gagcatctga ttaacattta acccatgtca gaagggcggg     19260
     aaatagggag gcgccgggcc agtctggaca ttcttgtatg tcttccctat ctttatggct     19320
     agttggttcc tgggatgact ttacagcttt tgttctttgc tctaggccca aaaaaccctc     19380
     ttaactagca agccgcatga gtcatggacc ttgaatttta attttctttc agtagctgat     19440
     agagttttct ggtatcatgg cggatccgca aggatttgcc accagaggag tcagatttta     19500
     ataaggctta caagattagg ttttagttgt tgcacccagg gattgagtta ccattgtttc     19560
     tgaactgagt ttgtgttgtg ttttccttcg tgcagctcca ctgggttcaa gaaacaaagg     19620
     tatagcggca aagcatgcgt ttaccagatg tgcaccacaa aggccggggg taggggggtg     19680
     gatttgaaac acggggttgg cgtggtagca actgccatct ccacgagatg tatgtaatgg     19740
     aatgtatgta atggaatccg atctgatgtg tctgaagaca gtgacagtgt actcacatta     19800
     aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaatgac agtgtactca     19860
     cattaaataa ataaataaat aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa ccagtccggc cattgcccgc     19920
     cagtacacgg ccgaccagac caggctgcca gggcagaggc acaaccactg gagcctgctg     19980
     gttctacatt cgttgttttt aatttcccga aacatgtctg tatacttgtg ctcagaagag     20040
     ggtgtcagat ctcctgaact gaagttagtt tgttagtggc tgtgtgggtg ctggggctgg     20100
     aacctgggtc ctttgcaggg gcagccagtg ctcttggctg ctgcacttta atttttttcc     20160
     tttcacacct tcgttcacat gtataatgtg cttgaccaca gctacccggt gtcctcttgt     20220
     ctgtccttcc tctccaacag gcaccttaga ctttccagtc ttgggtgggg tgtgtgtcca     20280
     tctgtccatc cttttgtctg tcccagtctc actgcactta atgttgttta tacgagcatg     20340
     tgtgaagagt tagttacttg agcaaggaca actattgtga ctgtcctgtt ttgtggcatt     20400
     tagctgtgaa agggccatcc cagctagggt tgttgactgt ctacccccct cccccaatgc     20460
     aggggtgggg agagtcacaa gaccctcacc tgatccaact gatccctaag tggaggtggc     20520
     cttggggagg ggctagagta tacaggccgc ggaagactag ggaagagagc tgtcatctct     20580
     gctgggtaaa ggctttccac acacagcttc ttggggtgaa gcagccacac ccttgccagt     20640
     aaccttcaac tatgaaccta ataggtcgtt agttccccaa gtgaacttta gtggaacctt     20700
     ggcctttgga cctcaggaga ggtccagtct ccccactgga aaggagcttt agcaagagta     20760
     actgcccaca catacccatg gtgtgagaac aagaggatgg cccattcctc cagaactgct     20820
     gaccccctga gagtctcctt cccctcttga caggaaatgc ctgtaagcct cagtgcacgg     20880
     attgtacagg cccggtctcc ccagctcctc accagaaggg agaagtccat caagggcagg     20940
     gcaatgccag cgtgtccctg aagacaaagt ggctgcagct cacttgggag actctccctg     21000
     agccatgagc ataaccatct tgggagggga gaagctattc tgaaggggca ttgtgccctt     21060
     cttttgaccc aacaattgaa ataatggatg ccaaggcatt agaaccatcc aggtatcctc     21120
     tgctggggga aggcctcagc ctagcgcctg cccaaggagg aacttgtctg ccaggaatcc     21180
     attccacaca gttctgatgg ttcccgttca cctgacagct gagacagtgg tggtgggacc     21240
     acattttgag cagtattgct tatgtacaca aacctcttga tctccagtta aatccaaacc     21300
     cgggtcagga ctctgaagag ctcactagac ctctgctctt cccaatgtgg ccacattgaa     21360
     taaatccttt ttctctgctt ttcactatta agttgtctgt ataattggcc tattgaagac     21420
     tggtagccga gactaactgt tttgagttct gaccctaaca attttggtat aatgaaaaaa     21480
     caaaaaacaa aaaaaacagc ccaaaatgtt tattttttga tttgagacag gtttttgtgt     21540
     agccctggct gccctggaat tcatctgtag accaggctgg tctggaactc agaaatctgc     21600
     ctgcctctgc ctcacaagtg ctgggatcaa aagtgtgcac cgcccacccc cacccctgcc     21660
     ccgagatttc tttggcgagc tgactcagct gttagcacta gctgctctcc ctgggttctc     21720
     aagttcaatt cccagtactt ggtccccagc tgcctataac tccaacttca ggagagccag     21780
     cgctctcttc tgggctctaa aagcattgaa catacatggc tcagcactca gacagacaga     21840
     cagacagaca cctaaacaac tgctgtcctt gcgggcctcc acagtccagt ccaagttcaa     21900
     gccaagcctc cccatttctc aatttttact tatgtaattg ctgggataaa ggttccctcc     21960
     ctgcagggct ccagagccac aggcaggaga actagacaag tctgaggcta gtctggtctc     22020
     caccgttcaa agccagtcag ggctaaatgg aaagaccctg ttttcaaatg agtcatgtta     22080
     tctccaaatg agcaccggtg ccaggaaccc cagcttctaa ttctgctttg ggcttagaag     22140
     tcacctgcaa gacattcctc ctgcctgcat ccaccattca tggtcccaag tgtagccaaa     22200
     gtttatctta tgcctgttcc gtatcctttt gttcatgagt ttcctcaaat tattcttttt     22260
     tcgcctctcc ctgagttggg ggtgggggtg ggatcttagg ctgtccacgt cgtcactgag     22320
     actctcgccc accagacctt cctggtccca ctaggaagga agtgcagatg gtgggtgaga     22380
     gtagaatttt tttttactac caggctggct ctcagagcca ccgaaccgaa ccttcctgcc     22440
     tggaagggag gcaggcagga gccatgggta gattcccaga atccttggtt tgtggaggtg     22500
     gggcctggtg ctggacaaac agatcaaagg tgataggcgc tggacctgca gagctaggtg     22560
     gcacaccatg aggtgggtgg gcgacccata gcttctgggg aagctgaatg agttaggcct     22620
     ggaccctcat gtcactcccc tgcccacagg ctactcatct tcctgggtct gctgtggagt     22680
     ttggtggcca cacttctggg ttcaaagtgg cctgaacctg tattcgggcg cctggtgtcc     22740
     cctggcttcc cagagaagta tgctgaccat caagatcgat cctggacact gactgcaccc     22800
     cctggctacc gcctgcgcct ctacttcacc cactttgacc tggaactctc ttaccgctgc     22860
     gagtatgact ttgtcaaggt atctgacggg gtgctcggct ggggccttct tatgaggtac     22920
     agcaaaggct gggcctggtt ctaacctccc tcccttgacc cctgactcca cagttgagct     22980
     cagggaccaa ggtgctggcc acactgtgtg ggcaggagag tacagacact gagcaggcac     23040
     ctggcaatga caccttctac tcactgggtc ccagcctaaa ggtcaccttc cactccgact     23100
     actccaatga gaagccgttc acagggtttg aggccttcta tgcagcggag ggtgagcagt     23160
     ggtgggctca ggcagcccag atgcagctgg gtggctgcct tgtcttagcc ccgtccccat     23220
     ctttgggtgt cttgcttccc acctctcctt tgggctctgg attcaggtca aaccaacagg     23280
     aaaggcgggt gggttctgct gtcacgtgcc acgtgaatgc aggaacgcag agcagccatc     23340
     gggttacaaa gggcttgcac aggctgaagc cttccacttg actgtattct ttggtccctg     23400
     aaggagagag actgtgtgac ctcaggcaag tggctcaacc tctctgctca gaaagcttct     23460
     acccggttgc cactggattg atgatggctc ttccctcctc tgcccgggtg acttaacctg     23520
     ccactggttt agcaacggtg ctacttgcaa ctctgggccc aggcccaggc gaagcaacag     23580
     gcctcctatc aagtgggtca gggccaccaa agcctgagct ctctgttcca tctctttccc     23640
     tcctgtctgc ctggcctctc tcctttagat gtggatgaat gcagagtgtc tctgggagac     23700
     tcagtccctt gtgaccatta ttgccacaac tacttgggcg gctactattg ctcctgcaga     23760
     gcgggctacg ttctccacca gaacaagcac acgtgctcag gtgagggggt aggggcatcc     23820
     catctacacc aggttattcc agctaccaaa gcaggagttg ttctgcccag ggagctgggc     23880
     tcttctgctt cctccaacac tattagcatg tctaactcct cccactttcc ctccctccaa     23940
     tggtgtactt tgatcccgcc cctactcttg gaacccctag ttccatcagc caattgtctc     24000
     tgccttctgg gtgcttccta ggtgggcttg gtatctctgg ataagccggg cacaccttaa     24060
     gcttccagtg tctaccatag gacctcaaag tagaggagtg taggcaggct cagagccatg     24120
     gctcccgacc ccagtgggtg aacctttggc ctcctctacc ctgtctcttg atcctttgcc     24180
     ctagcccttc tctcctcagc cttcctgatg ctcccccacc ccccatttct cttccagagc     24240
     agagcctcta aacctccctc agcaacagcc cgcccacccc agtgagtcag ataccagtca     24300
     gtacatgccc acacgatgct gctctgtcag gctggaatga ctgccagcta cagcacccat     24360
     tcaccttaac catgacaata ataaacctgc ctccgtttcc actgtggctg tgtgtctctt     24420
     gccggggttg gggtgacggg tttggagggc agtagagtaa cctcagtccc ttcatcttag     24480
     ccctcctcct tgtcaggaac tccctgagcg cacacaccac acggagatcc tctcacctct     24540
     actgggttcc ctggggctga tcttaggaca ttttagctag ttcttattta taggtcaatg     24600
     caggtctttg ttccctgtcc cggggagctt gattcaaaac agagaccaaa gggggtgtta     24660
     ctgggggatc aggctagcca ccctgcatcc agggatgtcc tctctgctgg tatggagcca     24720
     ccttccaaaa ggagggcagt accgagagcc ttagcttcct acaggccttc ttcccagcct     24780
     gtccccatca tgagcaggcg ggcagggaac agaactggag cctgatctcc acagggcacc     24840
     tggcagccca aaagaggaaa gcagactgtg tacatactgg taaccaactt ccctagacca     24900
     gggccacttc taagggaaag gcctgttcag cttgttacct gggatcaagg gctctgggct     24960
     ggtccctgcc agatatgggt ggaagccccc ttgtggcctc acttgggaac tgctgagctg     25020
     ggcactgagt gatatgagag cagaagaaac ccttagttca aggggcctcc tctgtccttt     25080
     tcctggagtc atagggacct tgggaaggtg gcctgcctcc tatttccagg gcccccctcc     25140
     ctctggcttt gctctccacc tctttgtgac tctgaatcat cagataaact atcacatcac     25200
     gctttagcca aagcctgagg agaatggagc ccccttcccc actgccattc atcatcgttt     25260
     ggtgtgggag atggggtact ctcctgcctc tgcagattat caagtgcagg gtcttgacca     25320
     agcccaggat ctagatgtcg caggcattct ctatcctcca gtatccctcc aggagcagag     25380
     ccttttttgt tttttttttt ttaagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga     25440
     actcactctg tagaccaggc tggcctcaaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa     25500
     gtgctgggat taaaggcatg cgccaccacg cccggcccta tccaatcttc tttcttccca     25560
     gccctttgtt caggccaggt gttcacagga agatctgggt atctcagtag ccctgagtac     25620
     ccacagccat accccaagct ctccagctgc acctacagca tccgcctgga ggacggcttc     25680
     agtgtcatcc tggacttcgt ggagtccttc gatgtggaga cgcaccctga agcccagtgc     25740
     ccctatgact ccctcaaggt ctggctcttg catccttgtc acagctcttt tccctccccc     25800
     atctttcaac actgcgccta tggctgttct ccagtgaatc ttaatcaacc tttctttgcg     25860
     gggctggggg taggtctaag ccaggctgtg gcttcagcat taagacatcc caccttttgt     25920
     tcccagcctg cccaagccag ttcaagttac tttgcttcca tctaactggg gctagaaccc     25980
     tgcagcaggt ccctggggtt ctttattcag attcaaacag acaaggggga acacggccca     26040
     ttttgtggga agacgctgcc tcccaggatt gaaactgaca gccacaaggt gaccatcacc     26100
     tttgccactg acgagtcggg gaaccacaca ggctggaaga tacactacac aagcacaggt     26160
     gagcgaatgg cctgccccca gatgcaggca gcaaaagaaa gtgtccctta tgcagcatca     26220
     gcaagctaca aagcattgga ctcctctatc gcaggccagg gaagggagcc ctgcttgagg     26280
     acggtggtct gtcaagtgat ggcccttgat cagaaaacag caacagacag actacccttc     26340
     cccctcgcac cccatactca gccagccatt tacctaagca accccctctt tgctcaactc     26400
     tggtgttctg agttagggtc tatcttttgt tctatagcgg tagctggcct taagctctga     26460
     tcgccctgcc tcagcacagg tccatgctcc ctctgtacca cccccctcag cacccaccgg     26520
     cccggcccag acagctattt acctgcccgt ctttactctt catagagatg tactaacagg     26580
     ggtgaagccc agtggcagtg agcctgtcca gcatgcacag gctctgtgct caagttcaca     26640
     ttatttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagtgtg ccaaaagtac taaatgcaga gaggggccag     26700
     ggtccccaac aacacctgct cccaatccag aggagaaatg tgatgtcatt gtggcacagc     26760
     ctttgagggg tggggacggg acagggcagt ggtgtttcaa gacagggttt ctctgtataa     26820
     cagccctggc tgtccttgaa cacacaaact cagaggtcca cctgcttttg cctcccaagt     26880
     actgggatca aaggtgtatg ccaccatacc tggctcttgg ttttcatacc tggctcttgg     26940
     ttttcttttt ttttttttct ctcctaagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct     27000
     ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atccgcctgc ctctgcctcc     27060
     caagtgctgg gattaaaggt gtgccccact actgcccagc ctggcacatg attttaatcc     27120
     cagcactcag gaggcagagg caggcagaac tctgtgagtt ctagaccagc ctggtctaca     27180
     gctcagtttc caggacagtt aagaatacac cataaaacgg tgtctcaaaa gaccaaaata     27240
     gtctgtatgc catgtgtgta caaatgccaa ggacatctga agggtcagac cccctgaggc     27300
     tggagttata agtggatgta agcactgatg tgggtgctgg gaccccacct ggagtcctct     27360
     ggaaagcagt gttcttacct gttgtaccat gtctacatct ccaaatctag tttacctacc     27420
     tacctgtagc tgagtcatgg acaaagaaat ggccgggcag tggtgacaca ctcctttaat     27480
     cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggcgaa gaatttctga gttcgaggac agcctggact     27540
     acagagtagt tccaggacag ccagggctac acaaagaaac cctgtctcaa aaaccaaaaa     27600
     aaaaaaaaaa aagtcttgct gtcctgtact cactttgttt gttgatcagg ctggccttga     27660
     actcagagag atccacctgt ctctgcctcc tgagtgctag gaataaaagt gtgtgccacc     27720
     acacccagca agacacaagt cttgatttgt gtgcaagtaa ttcagcttaa attttgcctt     27780
     tggtgtgaag tgtttggatg accaccacac gtgaggcagg ctctctatgc ctcttgtttc     27840
     ctttataaac tgaaaatgca gattgctgac ttcaggtttg gctgttacag acataaacaa     27900
     taaacctgtt tcccttgcac agcacggccc tgccctgatc caacggcgcc acctaatggc     27960
     agcatttcac ctgtgcaagc catatatgtc ctgaaggaca ggttttctgt cttctgcaag     28020
     acaggcttcg agcttctgca agtgagttac taaaaaaatg ctaatgatca agatggcttt     28080
     gggatgagag atgaaaacag gaagtaccta ttcagaaaat caaagtagta catttgcaga     28140
     aaacaatgaa ggatgacagg agacttgtgt ggtggtgggg gtcctgtctg tacagtcact     28200
     gtcttcagac acaccagaag aggcatccga tcccattata gatggttgtg agcacacccc     28260
     acagccgtct gccctaacca ctcttgtagg ctagtcatta cagagaactt ccgatcattt     28320
     gcacactgca gcagctctgt aaagtggctg aaacaacaga acagagtgag ctcgccctgc     28380
     cccacaagct ctgcatagct cttcctgtaa aattaagtcc tccctggtca gtggatagct     28440
     ttcccctgga acaactcctg agcccacaaa ggttagacct ggaaagaatg cattctgcaa     28500
     agttataaat agtgctcact gtttagggag agggaatata attttaaaaa ctgcttagtg     28560
     tgttgcttca ggagcacagg taagagatta actcatcttt gtgttcttca aaattgtcac     28620
     tgaatcccag aggtagaaag caataaccct ggaatgacag ccagggatgg tgtccagccc     28680
     atggagggtc caatcagaga gtcccacctg gcaaaactcc tcttcaggct cttttctacc     28740
     gttccatgga ttgcaagtcc acaaacctgt tttgaaacag tttcattgtt ggccttaaag     28800
     cttattatag cggagcatga ccttgtcctg accctctttt cagtctccat gctgctgaag     28860
     caagcatgtc cggactctcg cttcccaagt gcagtaatgg ataatgtatg ttgtgccatc     28920
     atactgtttc tgtgttttgg atcaaaccca ggactttctg gatgctagac attctttatg     28980
     tcctttgaaa cagcttttgc aaatggctgc ctcttccatt aatgcttgcc ttctctcttg     29040
     ggactatgta gacccatgct gacctcaaac tcagagaccg acatgcattt gattgtgtat     29100
     accaccacac ttggcttaat gtttgacttt agtaactgat cttgcagttt ttctcaaacc     29160
     ttggcacttt ccctttagga gtgtgtgtgg gggtgtgggg tgggacagga ggtacagttg     29220
     aaaaagtgtt tctctgtgta gctttgactg ccctgggact tggtctgtag accaggctgg     29280
     ccttgaactc gagagaccca cctgcctctg cgtccctgag atgccaacag gctgggctcc     29340
     ttttagcact tctgaaaaag ttacatttgt gtgtatgtgc agttaaaaac cacacactag     29400
     tggtggtcag aggcagctcc agatctctac catgtaggtt ccaagtatca aattcaggtt     29460
     gtcaggcttg tcagtcaact attcaccttt tctacaaagc cagggttttt gtttttttga     29520
     gacagggttt ctctgtaggc ctggatgtgc tggaactcac tctgcagacc aggctggcct     29580
     cgaactcaga aatccgcctg cctctgcctc ctgagtgctg ggattaaagg tgtgtatcac     29640
     cactgcctgg tcttttttaa aaggtgggag atagtacagg ccttcaatcc cagcactcag     29700
     gaggcagagg tgggtaaatc tagtctggtc agcctacaga ggtccaggac agcagaactt     29760
     cataaaaatg agtggtggga gggtctggag ctagccactc accctctaag ggaatcaaac     29820
     gagaagcacc aacaagcgct ttcagccaga cattgtgttc ttggatgtgt tggaaagccg     29880
     tatgtgtaca gttatttatg cataaaaggc caccacagtt aaaacagaag taaacagtac     29940
     ataaaccagc agggctgttt gttgcaaaac actaagcaag gcagctgggt cacaggtcca     30000
     agtgcaggcc ttccatggtt gttgccctga cttgctgttc tgggggagtg acctgatgtt     30060
     aatagggagc tagctcattt tctgaatttc ctcttcaggg ttctgtcccc ctgaaatcat     30120
     tcactgctgt ctgtcagaaa gatggatctt gggaccggcc gatgccagag tgcagcagta     30180
     tggtcatatg gtgacaatcc cctttccttg gtgctgcctg taccatttgt attcttttca     30240
     cgtgtgcaca caggttagag cagtggttct caatcttcct gtgctgtgac ccttaaatat     30300
     agttcacatt gtagtgaccc cagccatgaa attttagttg ctattttata accgtgagtt     30360
     tgttgttatg aattgtaatg taaaatttgt tttcaatggt cacaggcgac ccccaaagtg     30420
     gtggcggcac aggttgagaa ccactgggtc agcaggagcc tgacattctg tctcaccagc     30480
     cccaaggatc tcagttaaaa ggcacattgc caagtccggg acctggggac ctgaattctc     30540
     ccattgagga atctccccag tcccccatca acacttctgt ggctttagtc attcccattt     30600
     cctctgccaa atgaactact cacttcttag ggcttgagtt ccagaagtac tggggaaaga     30660
     caggatgctc tgaaatcatt tctaagagta gatactcctt gtagacaaga aatgtacggg     30720
     ggaaaccacc ttgagtattt taattcctat caccccacag gaaaccatgc tgctgcctgt     30780
     aggcttctct ccagctacag cccttcacct gtcagcatgc atgcacaggc cacagtgtgg     30840
     ttagagggag ttccgtacag tgcatacacc tgtctaccac acacacacaa agataacggc     30900
     actttggaaa ctaagactag gaatgtctca agaaccaact agtactcttt caactacaag     30960
     aatacatatg tgaaaacaaa aacttccaga agcagacaaa tgaaaagctc ttctccatct     31020
     ccaccaacac ccattaaaga gtctaagtgc tgcccaatga cctcactggc ctggcactca     31080
     ggaagcctgt cttcccattg tgtgctggca cacacgtttg tgcacatagg ttacacagta     31140
     tagcacttct gagaaacaac tccaaggaga atttaaatgt ttttacaaat tcacattctt     31200
     gccaatggtt tactagttag ttctttcagt gacgctgaaa gatgctgagc tgggtttggc     31260
     aatatgtggt gcatcagtca tctaactctg ccattgcttg ctacacaggt gctatttacc     31320
     tgtggcctgt cagagcagcc caaacagact gagacaagtg gtggaggcag gtagaactat     31380
     agagtttctg aacagctaga gttaaaaaga gattgtctca caaactaaaa gcaaaaaccc     31440
     caaaacaaat caacacccct cagatttcta cagagctcaa gttgtgaaaa ggatcataaa     31500
     aacaagattg cccctggctt ttctttgttc ttctgcatgc catttctttc gtgagtgctg     31560
     cccaactcca gtgcttctga gttccctgct ctggtgaggc cagtcactat tttttttggg     31620
     gggtgggggt gggaagggtt tttgagacag ggtttctctg tatagccctg gctgtcctga     31680
     actctgcctg cctctgcctc ctgagtgctg ggattaaagg tgtgtgccac caacccctgg     31740
     ccacttctct ccagtaagtc ccttcaggaa agaacaggtg tgatgcttca gcaagctaaa     31800
     gttattcttg cagtttctag gggtgggtgg tatggattat gtagaggaaa cttgaggcca     31860
     tcacaaccac ctggctctca ggtcctaaaa agcacattgg gggtggggtg ggggacatct     31920
     atccaagttc ctcagaggcc actatctcca ctgcacagac ctttctagta tcagctccaa     31980
     ggtacaaagg gatcccccct cccatttctt tactagttat tgattgtggc cctcctgatg     32040
     acctacccaa tggccatgtg gactatatca caggccctga agtgactacc tacaaagctg     32100
     tgattcagta cagctgtgaa gagactttct acacaatgag cagcaatggt aagtaccttc     32160
     ttcatggagg gatgggtggt atttggaact tgagccctca aggttgaata taaacttgaa     32220
     ccagcctttt aagctaaaga agacaaagga ttaaaaggcc tttctcccat gtgctaagtg     32280
     aaatattgca gttaaagtga ctttaatgtc aatttgcagg aatctgaaaa cagatcatat     32340
     ctagtaaatg actactacaa acacacaata tattccaaat ggtttaattt aacaagtcaa     32400
     aaccttatca ttaagcactt gagatcttga tacatattca agttacacat ctaaaaggtt     32460
     tccactttgc aagcaaacat ggtaatgcag acacctattt atgaaatcat gtaaaatggt     32520
     tattcacaca cctctcccca ccacagatgc tcaagaatca acatttttca aggggttatt     32580
     caagcaaatg acaactacag ctaaacattt ttgcttttcc aatgacttgc aggtaaatat     32640
     gtgtgtgagg ctgatggatt ctggacgagc tccaaaggag aaaaactccc cccggtttgt     32700
     gagcctggta atggacgcca tttataaaag agattcatag ctgacagagt agctggcaga     32760
     caataggcag ggtctggctg gggaggcaga aagctcagca cttggctgag gctggagctt     32820
     agtgtttccc aacagtgtgc tcacatttcc ccttccacac ggaagctagg tgcatcatgc     32880
     acttgattgt ttttgacctt ataactaggc aagcataaaa aattaaatga tttcttaaat     32940
     tatctcaaac cgtttataca tttataacca agaactcttg ttacttttct tctctgtaaa     33000
     aatgctatta aaccccaaag ctaataactt cattatttcc ctaagcaatt gttttcaacg     33060
     acatcaagat ttttaaacat taatgcaatt tgccttttaa tagtacttaa atttctttac     33120
     cagaattggc tccaacaaca gttgagagtg cttttttttt aattgaaagg taataataca     33180
     ctcattaccc ccgtgttagc tggtttaaat tagttttcta gccttgtatt tggctgacat     33240
     gcggcttcca agttttaatc aaagtgcaca accacaataa agaacatgtg ttgcattcct     33300
     gagccctcag tttgcaaaga acggtaaaag tgtttggagg gctccaccag accaaaatta     33360
     ccaatttttg aaccagaagc actttggcta ttgctgcaac attgtaattt agagtcttac     33420
     atttaaagac aacagaaact ttgtaaatca tagttcctgc tttcccagaa ttcccagaga     33480
     gcccaaaaag agaaaaacaa gcagctcagg gtgtggtgag ggggttgtct ttggcctcta     33540
     agtagtgtca tgtcctcctg cacacaagtc ctgtccagac tccctcatgc tgttctcttt     33600
     cagcaaaaca atctctgaga tctcttactg atctttacaa ggaggtgagc aggctaaaca     33660
     aaaacttaaa tagcctcact caacagggag gatgcctatc aatttgtagg gcattaaata     33720
     cttgtttttt atccctcagt ttgtgggctg tccacacaca ctataggagg acgcatagtt     33780
     ggagggcagc ctgcaaagcc tggtgacttt ccttggcaag tcttgttgct gggtcaaact     33840
     acagcagcag caggtgcact tatacatgac aattgggtcc taacagccgc tcatgctgta     33900
     tatgagaaaa gaatggcagc gtcctccctg aacatccgaa tgggcatcct caaaaggctc     33960
     tcacctcatt acactcaagc ctggcccgag gaaatcttta tacatgaagg ctacactcac     34020
     ggtgctggtt ttgacaatga tatagcattg attaaactca agaacaaagt cacaatcaac     34080
     ggaagcatca tgcctgtttg cctaccgcga aaagaagctg catccttaat gagaacagac     34140
     ttcactggaa ctgtggctgg ctgggggtta acccagaagg ggcttcttgc tagaaaccta     34200
     atgtttgtgg acataccaat tgctgaccac caaaaatgta ccgccgtgta tgaaaagctc     34260
     tatccaggag taagagtaag cgctaacatg ctctgtgctg gcttagagac tggtggcaag     34320
     gacagctgca gaggtgacag tgggggggca ttagtgtttc tagataatga gacacagcga     34380
     tggtttgtgg gaggaatagt ttcctggggt tccattaatt gtggggcggc agaccagtat     34440
     ggggtctaca caaaagtcat caactatatt ccctggattg agaacataat aagtaatttc     34500
     taatttgcat cgtccaatca ttgttcctca tatcgccaag tacctgggaa gcttagtaac     34560
     aaacctaaga atgacagcct accccaaaat cagagcaggt gagattgtta caggtccaaa     34620
     cacttgccaa tatcagcttt gatttgtgtt taacagtgct tggccaaccc ccaacacaga     34680
     aaaaacaagt tgtatttgat tccctacaat ctacttattt tatactggct gtttccattt     34740
     ctggccaaca aagggcttgt tgtgtctagt gtgtagattt ggtcttaatg agctcagaaa     34800
     gtgctcttac tttctgagta acttctgagt ggttccagaa taccttttgg aaggtaagcg     34860
     gaaagcaggt gtgtgacctt cacattagat cagctattaa attaacacca agtccattcc     34920
     agaatattgg gatataggca tgttctacca gattcaccaa attgtcagat aaaaagaaca     34980
     cgaaacagca ttttaccctt tacaagggca atttagcaaa tcattccaaa aaccttaaca     35040
     ggtgtttcac tatacccagc ccacttttct taggtgagcg ttgggctcag ggaagtcaac     35100
     cgtaactgta caaggtacag tcatttgctt atgtatcaaa aacagtaagt tatcctgaaa     35160
     taaactgctc ttctgctaag atgctgacct taaaggtcat gtttgatttt aactggctct     35220
     tccaacaagg caagacaggg tgcctcaaga tggggaaata gctggcctac aactcattta     35280
     caccaattct gggattaaaa gcatgggcca ccacacccac ctggagactc aaattttaaa     35340
     ggatgaaaat gctatattgc atcttcccac ataagtcacc ttaacttttc tagcattgtc     35400
     atgatataga attttttttt cttccagtaa gactccagac actaaactgt tggtggcaag     35460
     aaaacctttt attcaactgt ggttcaaaga gttgttcttc attatttcta aggaatgaac     35520
     gcgttttgat gaccagactt tcaaaaccaa atctttgcca agtagtttat ttctaaaacc     35580
     tcatttacgg caagtaacta actacagcta tgtcatccat aaacatgtta aaaggctgat     35640
     caacactgaa agacttctat gaccagtaag tctttaacaa gtgtaaaaaa gggatcaaaa     35700
     ccatgccatt gacaagtaac ttaccccagg actcctggcc gtctttggag gtccccgaaa     35760
     accattttaa tgttaccatg ttactgctgc tgagtaacag tgcaaacagt gctaaaatgc     35820
     aaaattcaga tgcacagggt ttggaaatca tgcagggtta gatgcagaga aaaaaactta     35880
     caataactca cgatcctttt acagaggata ctgtataatg aaacaatgtg ttcataacaa     35940
     gtctctaacg gatataaaat tttaaaacac gcaacttgca aaatgacaaa cctatttatc     36000
     ataatctatt taggtaaggg cattaggaaa aactaccaac acaaaaactg tcccattctt     36060
     ccagttagaa aaggagcgcc tccggtctca gtagttacag gaaaagtaca ataatcaatg     36120
     tattattgct tttacattaa caatgcattg acagtctaat ctgattttgt gagcatattc     36180
     atcactacat aacccccaca ttcaggaggg caaaagccta cctcacttaa gactgccaca     36240
     ggtaagacaa cccaccctac tagttcttaa agctatcaat caggcttctt aatgtatttc     36300
     aggcacatgg tttcttggtt tcttctactt catccctatt gcaattaatt ccacttttca     36360
     aatcccaaac agaaaggtgc ttaaccttct ttcccattga tatgctctgc tacaaagcat     36420
     tagaaatcaa ctcttttgcc ctctcccaaa tatttttaga aggcatgatt ccccagtgga     36480
     gatttataca gcatgtaaat agaaaatcaa atgcacagag gcactcagaa caagccagag     36540
     ggtaactgct taccatttta ggtgcggtca cccagactta agaaaaacta aattaaaaac     36600
     aaaccaaaga aaaactttca ctttggacaa tgcaagaaca aatagcaatt aagtctgggt     36660
     atcaggtgtc aatgcatgac aggtgatgaa tccatttgac ttgagacaac ttttcaaata     36720
     agtttatttg aagcaaaata aactactgcc aagaaacttt atgaaagttc catctcaaaa     36780
     gggtcaaaaa ggggaattaa ctgctatgaa ttctttgcat tcagggctgc aaaacaaaga     36840
     cacatattat ttaaatcagt tttatttaag aatttccaac aatgacaact cttataaaaa     36900
     agcatccaag cacaggacac agaactgcag caaacagcat tcttatgaat agctaacaga     36960
     catgagaact tccacccttc tttgagacac ctgagctcac tggtgaactc tgcttccaag     37020
     ttctcctgca aagcacacca caagctcagt ccatgttcgc agcccatcag cttcagttca     37080
     cgttcccaca cttccagatc agtaacagag gagaacacac accatacagc attcacagca     37140
     gttgacagag ggggagggaa gtacaagtat ttcacttaac acattcaact aaagtgggtt     37200
     tcctaagaac aaaactcaaa gtcttccaac tgatgtggat gtcctttgat gtaaaacatt     37260
     cgtacgttat ttgctatcat tgctctctgc acactctctc accaaagcca caggattgag     37320
     tgacacatct ctccaagtta aaaaatatcc attttccacc accaagtctc tgcacgcgct     37380
     ctccttttct cgctcatact agcctttcat gcctcggcac caccatcaat cccacacaag     37440
     gtttcaaaag ttcaaacagc cttctggttc catatcacag ccttgcgttc atagcgttga     37500
     tacgactcca tgaaataaag agtagcggat aaaaatggaa cacccaccgt caaagacgca     37560
     gcctgtgcag cgtgatgacg aattcttgga tgagaaagca tgtagacaga agtattccta     37620
     tggcagaata tttacagcac tactttcaat gaagtgcttc ttccataaac atttgaaatg     37680
     agatgaactg cagagattaa atgaaggctt catattgtac tttcgtatat gaaggaagac     37740
     aagtgttaaa aacaaaacca aaagaatcaa acaccatgac atcatgatct cccaaatgga     37800
     gattttccta aggaaaaaat tcatagggtg ggattcaaat taaaataagg agaaaagaat     37860
     gtagttctaa ccaatggttt ctactctgaa catgcaaaga attcattaac aatttcaatg     37920
     atagaatatt acagagaaac cttctgagat caattgtagt gttggtttac caattaggca     37980
     aacagcagtt cactttcacc cactcagtat tttaaccctt tatataacaa aacttataaa     38040
     attcatttag ctttcccctc tttttttcta aagaaaaatg tcaaaaatac tgctgaatat     38100
     actccacact gaacaaacca atctgaaaat tttagtacat atgtatttta caatatactt     38160
     accatgagtt tagaaaaatt tgaatcccac cattctaaat ctacctaacc taataaccaa     38220
     cctactaacc accccccacc acctacattc cccagccaga agacttagaa tccatgctcg     38280
     agccaaagcc cccattaaaa ccactgcccg atcctgcatt tgatgctgac ccccaaccaa     38340
     ggggggcacc agaattagaa ccactgtagg aattatttcc agaaccaaaa gcctgatttg     38400
     gttccctctg catgctgccc tggctttggt tattcccaga tgggcccgac tggttctgct     38460
     ggctggctaa catgcccatc ataccccaac tgctctgcaa cgctgcctga gccgcagcca     38520
     tcatcgctgg gttaatgcta aaagcaccaa agttcatccc tccacccata ttaccaccct     38580
     ggttatttcc caagccagct ccaccccctc tactgttacc aaacccaccc tgattcccaa     38640
     agccacctgg attaccacca aatcttccac ttctttctaa ctgtctattg ctattatgct     38700
     taggttcagc attggatata tgcacgctga ttcctttaat gatcaaatcc tctccacaaa     38760
     gagactgggc aacctgtaag aaacaaggat ataaataaat gattagatca acccagatat     38820
     caacacagca gtaaaaccca gatcttaata taacccaact aaggaggagg aaaaacaggc     38880
     aatttactta aacccaacca gcagccttta gttatagtaa tgttaagcag cagtatgtaa     38940
     tagcccccaa atccaaataa tgacaaacac ttgaagggca tcttacaact atctaaatct     39000
     actctctatt ctgtgaaaag ggaaggtggc aatctgctga acaattcact tatcattttc     39060
     agtgttggag actgagtgca gcccctggtg taccatgctg ggcacataca gtagcactaa     39120
     accagatcca ttcccagccc tgggacaaat gaccaacaaa tataccttat catctgcaaa     39180
     ggtgacgaag gcaaaagctc tgaatggttt gggaatgaag acatctacca cttctccata     39240
     ctgacagaaa aactgctgaa gctcttcagc agtcatgtcc tctgtacaac gtccaacaaa     39300
     cacctttctg cttctcaaag gctcgtctgg gctttgctgg tcaagagaga acaggagatg     39360
     gtaaacacat caatgcatac ttaagtgcct tcccgtcttg ggtgtttttg tttctaaaga     39420
     tgaggctaac tgtgtactac tgcctggcct gtacacacac ccgcacccca gatggaaatt     39480
     aaaggtgtat actgacaaga ctggtttctt ggaatttaaa aaagggtttt gccttcatgc     39540
     atctacctgt gccacatgca cgtctgatgc cttttaaggt caggagagaa tcacacacaa     39600
     ctgtagtgag ttgtgtgctg ccatgggggt gttaaaaacg gaatcaatcc tctccaggaa     39660
     caacaaatac tatttgccag ccggcctcat ttcctcggga atttcaaaga caggctctta     39720
     tgaaccccag aatatcctta aactcgagaa ttacaggaat gtatcatcat catgctcagt     39780
     tgtaacttgt tttatacact gagagaccat tatacaaaag ggcagaggtt gatgctatta     39840
     gtcagccctg cttctctttt gaaggtggat ttctcactga gccttgtaat ttggctagat     39900
     tggtggccag caagctccaa ggattcacct gcctcctctc cccaggagtg gaattacaag     39960
     tacctgctat cacacccaac tgtttaaaca aaacaaaacc acaaaaattt gggtctggct     40020
     cggtgtggta gctcaggcct taaatcccaa cactgggaag gtagaagcag agcagttgag     40080
     gtcagtttgg tccacatact gagctccaga ccaaccaggg ctacagagag aaaccctgtc     40140
     tcaatataaa taaaaatgtg tgctctagga tcaagtgcag accctcatat ttaaggtaag     40200
     cactttactg accaaatgaa cctatctcct cagtcctttt aaataaagtt ctatgaaagt     40260
     attctttgag ccaaaacaca atgttccaag tcagccttat ttgcttgcat ggaatgaatt     40320
     cgggctgggg atgtggctaa gtgttcaaat gctgcccaga aaagcactag atgaatatta     40380
     agttccccag aacattaaag ccaacattaa gtaagcaggg tggtaccttt aatctgaact     40440
     cttagaagac aggcaggcag atctgagttt tgaggccagc atggtctaca aagtgagctc     40500
     caggacagcc agggctacag agaaaccctg cctcaaaaac caaaccaaac caacaaaata     40560
     cagggcaaga taccttagag ttgggaagtt tacagtcaca ccatcgccca tctatcatat     40620
     gtcgttgtga cattactttc acttgggttt catattctgt aaatcgaaca aagccaaacc     40680
     ctttcgagtg accagtttta agatctttct tgacctaaaa agaaaacaaa aaattttcta     40740
     agaccataca catagcaaat cagagctgtc tctcaaaaag agaaaaaaag tgtgaatggc     40800
     tcaactgaat gtagtaactt agctcataaa ggtaatcaag ttagttcaag gtaaaaatca     40860
     gatcgttaac agtggagaat gactcacttg cacaacacag aactttgcat aacatgtttt     40920
     aaaatgagca caatggttac aatttaactt gggaaagaaa aactttccca ttaatatgta     40980
     tcaaatataa cctactaagc agtagttctc aactttccta agctgcaatc ctttaataca     41040
     gttcttccta ttgtagtgac ctccaactat aaaattcttt tcatcattat ttaaaactgt     41100
     aattttgatg ctatcatgaa atgataaaca tctgatagtc aacccctgtg aaagttgatt     41160
     gaaaaccact gcttcaaacc ttcatagaat aggacttgat aatatatagt atacacacaa     41220
     aaccaattgt attttcaaca tccctaccta tcaacactac acaacaaaca ttcaaaatga     41280
     gtgaacacag aggttcagag atggctcagt ggttaaggac tcatgttcaa tccccagcac     41340
     ccacatggga tcttacaatg cctggcgtgg tggcacacgc ctttaatccc agcactcggg     41400
     aggcagaagc aggcagattt ctgagttcga ggtcagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag     41460
     gacagccagg actacagaga aactctgtct cgaaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa aaccaaaaac     41520
     ctgtctgtaa cttcaagatc tgacaccctc ccccagacat atatgcaggc aaaataaaca     41580
     ctgatgcaca ttttaagaaa aatggctgaa cagagccagg cagtggtagt gcacgccttt     41640
     aaccccagca caaaggaggc agaggcagtt cttgatgagc cagggccaca ggggggtggg     41700
     agtggggacc ctgcctgggg aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagatgg caaacaagca acactagttt     41760
     ttggttccca gcacccacat ggtggtacaa aaccttttgt aactcagttc taagagactt     41820
     gaagctctct ttgacctcca aggacatatc tgctacatac acaagacaca cgctcgagca     41880
     aagcacgcag gcaaatatca caaaaacctg tgaagcagaa tgaagcttac ctgaaccata     41940
     agaacctctc caaaagtact gaaatagtct ttcagatcct gctcagttgt tttccagggg     42000
     agacccaaca ctatgaggtc agatgttttc tggactgctc ttttcacttt cactgcagag     42060
     gaagcatctg tctcatccat tttccttttg ttatctaaac aaagcaaagc acaagcacat     42120
     gtgtgtttag tacttcttta aaatgttcta ctgtgcagca cttgacttta ctctcagcac     42180
     tcaggaggca gaagcaggtt gatctgtgag ttcaagctca gccttgtcta tgaaatgcaa     42240
     accaaggcca ggaggtaatg aggcaggtga ccactgagtt tgaggccagc aaggttcaca     42300
     aagttccaca gagaaatcat gtctcaaaac cacaaaaata aaaccaaacc catggacata     42360
     cactaagaaa ttaaaaagta aaacaagagc agatttatga aaagtgaaaa ctttggtaag     42420
     tcccttaaag actgaatgta gcttaagtgg ttggagtgat ttttctagta cccccaattc     42480
     tagttttgaa tctttctgaa aactgatttt gaacacatag tggaatgtgt tgagtataaa     42540
     ggaggatatt tgtaagcagg ttcacacctt ctgtcctgtt atagttaggg tgcgcaacca     42600
     cgcccagctt ggcagggtcc attttattac tcctggtact aagcaacctt cccttggcta     42660
     gctggcttgt gagcttctaa cagcactgtg tctgtcttgt atgtgggttc caaataggat     42720
     tgtcaggctt gctctgcaag tgtttttacc ggatcgggtt gtgaaattat gcaagactgt     42780
     aatcaactgc atgttctctt tctcaaaagc tgtatcaaaa taagaacaat tctacttcat     42840
     ttaattttgt ggtattaaaa tatatctgac tggctggcca ggcatggtgg cgcatgcctt     42900
     taatcccagc actcaggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg agttggaggc cagcctggtc     42960
     tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accccgtccc gaaaaaccat     43020
     aaataaataa atctgactga tctaggggat cacaaccctc ttctgataca cgtgtataaa     43080
     tatccatata cataaactct taaattttaa aaaagcaact ttcatttcta cacgtaaact     43140
     gttttctgct atccaaactt ttagcaatag atattttgca gtaaaaagaa caaaacgaga     43200
     tcacaggcct aaacctcggg tcactttaat ttattaagca acatttgtta ttttacggag     43260
     acaggtgaaa ctgccccctg ccaaaaagcc gggcggtggt ggcgcatgcc ttgggaggca     43320
     gaggcaggtg gatttttgta gaccagcctg gtctacaaag tgagttccaa gacagccagg     43380
     gctatacaga gaaaccctgt ctcaaaaaaa caacaaaaaa ttcaaaaaac aaaaacctgg     43440
     tccaagagtc ctctcttctc attcccccaa ttattacacg tgtacaccac acctcaatga     43500
     actacatgcc aggcaagccc tgtagaagtt gagtatttct tcctggcccc aggatcctgg     43560
     actaccttga gaccgaaagc attatcagaa ataccttggc cataagcttt ggctgttccg     43620
     attggtttat aatttaataa taccatttat tctaagttct gtcccgtggc aagttacctc     43680
     tgctcatgct cctgtctccc tccttcctgt ttgtgggtgc ccaaccctct tgtgtcttct     43740
     ctatccccaa acctttcccc ctattggata tcccaccttc tatttcctgc ctcagctaca     43800
     ggccaatcag ctttaactaa cagatgctgt atccatacag tacacaagtg actttctcta     43860
     caaagcaatc taccgagttc taaccttcag cccctgttca ttccaacaca gcacctcact     43920
     ttaccaccac taccagtctt tgaagtatgt gccaacacgc ctaaccaaca ccagtgtccc     43980
     caacccaggg tctccctttg ttgtagtcct ggctatcccc aatctctgag atccacttgc     44040
     ttctgccccc ttgagtgctg gaatcaaaga cgtgcaccac agacccagct ttctcaaact     44100
     ttcaagaacg tccatagtaa gagagggaga aaaatctcag gtagctctgc cctaactcaa     44160
     gacttgggct agcgcagttg gtattttttg aggagggaaa aagaagagat ggagtaagaa     44220
     cactggcgtt aaaagcatct gtcgtgtttt cggtcttctg agatcagggt ttgggtgtca     44280
     gcacccacgc agcagctcac aaccatacag ttttagtttc agaaggttga atgccctttt     44340
     gcaccaggtg cacacacagt gtagagacac acatacaaaa cattaataac acataagata     44400
     taaatcttta ataaaacaca aatcttaaaa ggatgatacg ccaggacgac acacagagaa     44460
     accctgtctc gaaaatccaa aaaacgatga gacaaagatg atttttgagg ctgcaaggaa     44520
     aagctgggca gtggtggtgc acaccttcaa acctagcact tgggaggcag aggcaggtgg     44580
     atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctgatctac agggtgagtt ccaggacagt cagggctata     44640
     cagagaaacc ctgtctcggg aaggggaaga gagaaaaaac aaaacaaaac caaaaacaaa     44700
     acaacccaaa agactgaaaa accccgtttc aaaaagccaa attcttttac aaaacagatg     44760
     catctttaag gcatttaggt ttcaccacct aaaattagca atgaccatgt tctgccagct     44820
     tcacatttaa attcatgctc ctcaaaaaaa gaatcctgct tttcaatttc catttactta     44880
     aactgctgac ctgccagagt agtctaagtc taaacaaagt ttatgaaaaa gttagggtca     44940
     taggaaacat tcctccataa cgaccaaacc ctcaagttgg agctcaacaa tagactattc     45000
     tcccagcaca catgaagccc tggatattat agtctcactt aaattaagat ggcacggaag     45060
     tctaaccatg gccagcaata cagcaaaacc aaaatgatta acaaaccttt gggatagttg     45120
     acaacatata ccagattgcc ccagccagca tctggggcat gcagaattcc ttccaccagt     45180
     cggactcctc tcatacactg agacacggga ttccggtagc gcaggccgca tgcccctgga     45240
     aactgggctg taactgtgga cagcaacacc gtcccatcgt cttctgatgg tatttcaatg     45300
     ggttcatcgt tctcatcttc tgttacccga atatattcag acatctttgc ttaaatctct     45360
     taaaggaaaa agaaatgagc aagaaaatca gaggagttat cttttcataa ttggctatta     45420
     tcacaccact ttattcccac ttcctgaaaa gattcctgct acctaaaatg tttcttttgc     45480
     catccctgaa aaaaaaatag agaaaaggta ttttctaaaa taaaaatgtg attttggggg     45540
     ctgttgagat ggctcagtgg gtaagagcac ccgactgctc ttcagaaggt ccagagttca     45600
     aatcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac catccgcaac aagatctgac tccctcttct     45660
     ggagtgtctg aagacagcta cagtgtactt acatatatta ataaaataaa tctttaaaaa     45720
     aaaatgtgat ttttgtcgag cacgataacc cacgccttta atctcagcac tcttgaggca     45780
     ggcagatctt tttgagttcg aggctggcct agtctactga gttccggggc agccacaggg     45840
     aaaaccggtg ttcatgtggc gctctgcccg ccagttctat tttctcagcg cacactataa     45900
     gcttccggtg ctaaaatggc aacagtgtta ccatgtggcc cgttggctac aaagccagac     45960
     aaaaacaagg tgttaaagaa ctaagtatct gccccgattt tttttcttgc actcgtcatt     46020
     tcttacctgg agcgcacaga ttacaggcta ccgtatttcg taaccattct gaattaagtt     46080
     tcttctatag cctggacctg aatcgggttt agcacgtgct ttaacgtgga aaaaaccagc     46140
     caagcattgg gatctgagga accctccctg tgctggtgga gcacgaacac cgacatcaga     46200
     acagttatct agcagttctg gtgctcatcc tcggaaaggt ctggctaaag ttaggcgtcg     46260
     agggagcaac gacggctact ccgggaggta ggccgccgct tcccagaagg ccgtgcgcga     46320
     cagacaacgt tgatgatttt cccccccttt caactgggcc cagggtgggg cccgcggagg     46380
     tccaagtccc atggtgacaa cagttattct caaaagcgac aatctacagg gactaggacg     46440
     cctggaaacc cggggcggcc acacacttcc gcccgtggct tcacagccaa gcagaggccc     46500
     ggcgtcccgc tccggctact gcccgcgctt aggccttaac gacgcggctg cgcgaggcca     46560
     accaggcccc gctctaccgc tccctccccg cggcgcaggc cgcaccgggc ctctccgaag     46620
     caacactcga ggcacgcagg ccggccttgg cgaccaacct acccgctagg ccactgctag     46680
     gaagcacaag gaggaagcac agacgggaag gaatccgaca acagccgcgc taccgctccg     46740
     tgcccacaaa atggcgctag ggccgcctcc cgccctcgcc cgccttcggc ctctcccact     46800
     ggcttccctg caggaggggc gctctccgag ggaagccaca ggcgctctct cctcccagag     46860
     gctcggatgc tagcaggctc ttcggcgtat agaaaaaagt aaagaaacgc aacaatgaaa     46920
     acagctgggt ctgaaaaact gacagatgaa ggacagaacg gccactcggc cttccgagtc     46980
     cccctacgta acgcggtaga tggcttcgcc tgaccaacgg ccggccctag tcgaggagct     47040
     cgcgcgcgcc gagaatgcgc gagactagcg caggccggga ctggggcggc aggggcgggg     47100
     ctaggaggga aagggggcgg agcctgcgac tgaacgcgta agggcttggg ggggaatccc     47160
     tgggaaccct gggttcctag tctaaaggcg actcttaaat gtcttctgcc tttgctcgtt     47220
     aatttccaac gtggaaacat taactttgat ctgcaaaatg gtccctgttc taagtactat     47280
     tttgtatcaa gtacctttta gcactctctg gctctagggg gagaaaaaca aaccagaatc     47340
     ttgtgaatgg caggcaagtg tcttcccatt gaccttgggc ttagccatca gatactgttt     47400
     tagagacagg gatctcaaag tcactgtgta gcccaggctg tcctttaact catcaaggct     47460
     gccaagtgtg gatgctgccc tagcagtcta cacgatagtc gtgatactct ctcctctttc     47520
     aataagtgaa gaaactgagg cacagagttg agtaccttgc atgaagtcac catgagaaag     47580
     aggccccact agggtctgaa tcctacagca aaaaactact tggatgtttc agtatttcgg     47640
     ttccagttga cgagtcctag tataacttta aaaaggctga aggctagctc taccaccaag     47700
     cagcagatgt agactcttta ctcagggttg gaatttcttg gtgtatcaga ttcaaagctt     47760
     aggcacaaag gttttacaca gttgctttat ttactgaaac tgggtcttgc tgtacagaac     47820
     aggctggcct tgagcttgct gggttcctcc tgcctctgcc tcccttctgg gaggaatggg     47880
     gtaggattgc agatcaccat caggccaagc cttcccactt taagtttata aatgaattca     47940
     tttcctcctc acagctacct tgtaagaaga tggcattgga agaacagatg ttaatgtcta     48000
     gcccctaact tccattagag cccaggctgg ccaggaactc ctggcctgtc ctcctgcctc     48060
     aaccatctga gtgctgggat tataggcatg agtccttcca cccagcatta tttacttttt     48120
     ggttttgaac ttaacaaaca aacaaacaaa acaggatttc tgcgtagtct ttggctggct     48180
     tagaacttac tgtgtagacc aggctggcct cagatttgct atgcctttcc tgaatctgcg     48240
     ccttcagtgt tgggattaca ggtgtgagtc accaaaatgg ttttttgttt gtctcctaag     48300
     acaaggtttc atacagcaga gcctgggcct ggcctcctga ctgtccggga ttacagacct     48360
     gtgctaccat gcctggaaaa gtcaagaact ttaacagtag tttaaaagga tgattgcatt     48420
     tttttttttt gatttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tggtttttcg agaaaaggtt     48480
     tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcgtggaact cactttgtag accaggctgg cttcaaactc     48540
     agaaatccgc ctgtctctgc ctcccgagtg ctgggattaa aggcgtgcgc caccacgccc     48600
     agcttgcatt ttttatttat tttctgtgtt cacgtctctg tgggaaacca aacctgctct     48660
     gtgtgagttt ttctgtgagc catctagctg gcaccagcta tctttttttt tttttttaga     48720
     cagggtccta ctgtatattc caggttgacc ttcaaatcag tctttccccc aggcaggtct     48780
     ccagacttcg ggaactatag atatgcatca ttacagctgc cctggaactc agagagctct     48840
     gcctgcctcc actttccaag tgctgggatg aaaggtgtat ctatgcctcc acatctggct     48900
     agaccatatt gggtttttat ttaattatta tttttctttt tgggtcagag tctcatgtgg     48960
     ctcccgctgg cctccaactt aatgcatagc ccatgctggt ctttgctgtt gtttctattc     49020
     tagcgtactg gtattagagg tgtgatacac cgcaccccac ctgtgagggg agcattataa     49080
     gttttaaggt ttgttttttt ttttttttct tatcatgtgt gggtgttttg cctgcatgta     49140
     tgtctgtgca ctgtgggcat gcctgatgct aacagagccc aggagagggt gttggatacc     49200
     ctagagttat acatgcttgt gagctgccat gtgggtgctg gtaattgaac ccaggtcctg     49260
     tggaagggca ggcagtgctc ttaaccactg agccatctct ctctctgtct gtctctctct     49320
     gtctgtctct ctctctctct ctctctcttt tttttttttt tttggttttt caagacagga     49380
     tttctctgta tagccctggt tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt agaccagact ggcctccaac     49440
     tcagaaatcc acctgcctct gcctcccgag tgctgggatt caaggtgtgt gccacctggc     49500
     agggccatct ctcttttact tgctttttaa gaaagggtct tggttgggct ggaatattcg     49560
     gcagccgtca tttatctgcc tttgtaacgg gtgggttaca cctcatcggt gttatttgtt     49620
     tgctgagact gggctctggt ttcctgtcct cgcctgacaa gtgctgttat aactaccata     49680
     ccaagctaaa aacaagtgct gttataacta ccataccaag ctaaacacaa gtgctgttat     49740
     aactaccata tcaagctaaa aacaagtgct gttataacta ccataccaag ctaaaaacca     49800
     gaacccgtgg tgcctgtgct gagctcaaag tgctggttat ttttttttaa agatttattt     49860
     attattatat ctaagtacac tgtagctgtc ttcagacaca caagaagagg gcatcagatc     49920
     tcattacaga tagttgtgag ccaccatatg gttgctggga attgaactca ggatgcagtc     49980
     agcactctta accactgagc catctctcca gccccccccc ctttcgccct tttttaaaaa     50040
     ctcctgctta ttaattgcct caccctgcag aatttcagca cagcagaatg cctgtgccca     50100
     gataacatta tttttgtttg agacaagctc ttgccaggca accctgtctg gcctgatact     50160
     ccctatgtag ttcaggctat ccctgaactc atatgccagt tctcttgcca caacttctca     50220
     tgtgttgggt tacaggcgtg cctagctgac tgctgcttct gagatctcag ctttgtggca     50280
     tgacccacat ctggggttag ttttagtttc tcaggatgta aaattctaca tccttggcaa     50340
     gaagaccact gaggacatgt gtgtgttctc atgtagtaga ccactgagga catgtgttct     50400
     catgtagtag accactgagg acatgtgttc tcatgtaata gaccactgag gacatgtgtt     50460
     ctcatgtaat agaccactga ggacatgtgt ctatgtattt gttgatgtgt tgactgtgcc     50520
     atctcccatt atacagttgt cattttggct tttttggaaa taatttcctg acttaagagc     50580
     tttacgtcaa gccaggcgtg gtggtgcacg cctttaatcc cagcactcgg gaggcagagg     50640
     cagaggcagg tggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac     50700
     agtcagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc gaaaaaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca     50760
     aacaaacaaa gagctttagg tctactgatg tgtcttgcct tgttactgac ttctagaaag     50820
     attgcaatat atatacatat ttcaagacag agtttttctg tgtatcccca gctgtactga     50880
     aacttgctct gtagtgcatg ctggtctcga actcagagat ctccctgcct ctgcctcctg     50940
     agtgctggga tttaaggcat gcgatgcgct accatagcca gctactgatt ttattatgtg     51000
     tgtggtgcca tgcaccatgc atcaagccca ggactggtca agtgttttac cacagcccta     51060
     ggctctgatg gtccacagca aattttataa cttttttggt ttggtttggt ttggtttggt     51120
     tttccaagac agggtttctc tgtgcagtcc tggctgtcct gaaactcact ctgtagacca     51180
     ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atcccacctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattacagg     51240
     cataagctac cactgcccgg caaagtttta taaattttaa acaatttttt aaaaagattt     51300
     atttatttat tatgtgagta cactgtagct gttttcagac actccaggag agggtgtcag     51360
     gtttcgttat ggatggttgt gagccaccat gtggttgctg ggatttgaac tcgggacctt     51420
     tggaagagca gtctgtgctc ttaaccactg agccatctcg ccagccccaa caatttttta     51480
     aaatgttttt tgtttttatg tgtatgtgtc tctctgtgtg actgtgtact taggtgcccg     51540
     ggaagaccag aagttattag aacctctcca gtacaggaga ttataacttt tacttcagaa     51600
     acttttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttcagacag     51660
     ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcactct ggaccaggct ggcctcaaac     51720
     tcagaaatcc acctgcctct gcctcccaaa ttctgggatt aaaggcgtgt accaccactg     51780
     cctggctttc ggaaactttt aaagcctggc ttggtgatag acacctttag tcccagatct     51840
     ggaagccagc ctggactaca tacctagttc taggccagcc aaggctacat agtaagacca     51900
     tgtctcaaat acactaaaaa tggtggggct gaagagatga ctcagtggtt aagaaaactg     51960
     actggtcttc cagaggtcct gagttcaatt cccaggaacc acttggtggc tcacaacaat     52020
     ctgtaatagg atctgatgcc ctcttatggt gtgtctgaag agagcaatgg tgtactcaca     52080
     tacataaaat aaataaataa ataaatcttt aaggagaaag agagaaagaa ttaattacct     52140
     actgctcttg cagtggaccc tggtttcagt tcctgaaaca tgcatctggc ttctcccagc     52200
     tgcctgtaac tcccaattcc aggcgatctg aaaccctttt ctgactaccc tggccatctg     52260
     tacttatgta cacaaaacca cactcaaaca tatacatata acacaaataa cccttaaaga     52320
     aaacaaatcc agacaacaag aacagttgaa gtaacactcc aatggataca gcatatctgc     52380
     aggtcctgtg taacttgtag ggggcatgga tgtgtttgtg ctcacagaaa agctcccggg     52440
     gagtctggaa tctcaagcac acaggcaaga atgcggaacc tgttacctgc ccagaaggct     52500
     gggagtggat ggctttctag cctggtaacc tttgcactac ctgtgagacc acatcagacc     52560
     cttcccccag acccctgaga gcttgtttct ctcagtttat atctataaat ttttcagaag     52620
     gtgtcacatg ttcttttcaa agagctttga tggagtcatg tctgatcttt atttagctta     52680
     actttgttcc acaaagagat ttatgtacac tttgttgggt aggtgagact gttgttcaat     52740
     gttgttagca ttctgtctaa actccaccca cagatacctg gcaacagcca ggtaggtctg     52800
     acccactata aaaggggctg ctgccccctc ttccatctct tgccctcttt ctcccaccaa     52860
     ctctccccat tccctccccc cgccctccac gtgctcatgg ctggcctcta ttcttctcct     52920
     ctacttctct ctcttcctgc ctttctctgc ctctacgacc ctcttagccc ccctccccat     52980
     gccctgaata atctctgttc tatacccttg tgtggctggt ccttcagggg gaagggatgc     53040
     cttggcatgg ggcccactga gacatccctt tcccccatac ctcaccctcc tcaacatatt     53100
     ctatctcctt atctttttat aaacacatca attgtcatca gaaaagtttt cgccgctggg     53160
     cctggtggca cacgccttta atcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaggca gatttctgag     53220
     ttagaggcca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac acagagaaac     53280
     cctgtctgaa aaaaacataa aaaattaaaa gttttcacca aattgtgatg tgggtaaata     53340
     tccctaaaat aaaccacctg gggtcagact ctctaagttt gaaccactaa ctgtctactg     53400
     aggcccactg aaccaaactg ccttatctcc ctctagtcat ctctgtgggc tgtggaggct     53460
     gaagagaacc ctgtagtaac tgactaatat tttgtaatat ctgcttatct gcttaggagt     53520
     gtgtaaagcc agcttgtgtt cacttgctct ccccatgacc caggccactt tagtaagcta     53580
     tccatattgc cacattcagc ctgcttgccc caagcaagga cacctgcttg ccccaagcaa     53640
     ggacattctc ctacagcatt acgcaggaaa tggtcttggt ggtacaggct gtaatcacag     53700
     ctactcagga ggtgtggcca ggaagtagag aaggtaggaa agataaagga taagtaacca     53760
     ttttactgac ctagagattc acttaaagca ccagggaacc caatgacttg gagaaatagc     53820
     tgaaacaata cattgttgcc cttagaaacc tggccacaga ttgtcacctt acaatgtgtc     53880
     aagtgtagca caggcctttg aaaaccaaga gcccctgagc taactgccaa ggatgtttct     53940
     gttttgcctg cttgttagac tagaaaatga agcctttggg gagttaccca gccacagtgc     54000
     actggtgaca acctccgtga ttgcttttct tctcctctgt tttttttttt tttaatctgt     54060
     ctgttacatt ttaaaattta ttctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct cttttggttt     54120
     ttcaagacag ggtttctcta tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcactct ataaatcagg     54180
     ccagcctcga actcagaaat ccacctgcct ctgcttcccg agtgctggga ttaaaggcat     54240
     gcgccaccac gccctgttat tctcttattt cttacatccc gaccctcttc tctttctacc     54300
     atccccattg ttttcttggt ttttttttgt tttgttttgt ttttcgagac agatttcagt     54360
     atgaatgaag ccttgtagat ttttaaagtc tttttttttt ttttttcctt ttttgtaggg     54420
     gctggagaga gagtttagtg caaaagcacc tgctgctctt ccagaaaaac agaagtttgg     54480
     ttcccagcac ccacataagg atggtggctc acagccacct gataactcca gttccagggg     54540
     gatctgacat tacacatgtg taaaaataaa ttgaatctaa aatttaaaaa aaagtaaata     54600
     aatctgagcc gggcagtggt ggcgcacgcc tgtaatccca gcacttggga ggcagaggca     54660
     ggcggatttc tgagttgaaa accaagagcc cctgagctaa ctgccaagga tgtttctgtt     54720
     ttgcctgctt gttagactag aaaatgaagc ctttggggag ttacccagcc acagtgcaca     54780
     gaagccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca aagaaaccct     54840
     gtctcggaaa aaccaaaagg aaaaaaaata attcagataa taaaaatgtg gatatatata     54900
     tgtatgtatg tatatatatt aattgtaatt tttgcaagaa aagcaatcca tgcaaacacc     54960
     aataacaaaa tcctgaaaca aactaggctg gcctcaattt gcagtgatcc ccctgcctca     55020
     gcctcccagg tgttggcatt ataggcatat gtaccatgcc cctcttcaaa attccttttg     55080
     tacaatgata ctgtatttac atataaccta tgcaaatgcc ctcatatact ttaaattgtc     55140
     tctgcattcc ttacaatacc taataaaatg taaatgctat gtaaatagtt gttgtattga     55200
     gttatttcgg ggatgatgac aaggaaaatt tatgtacata tttaatgcat gatccctccc     55260
     cccacacttt ttaaaagcag atttatttac ttccttgtgt gtgcatgtct aagtgtgagt     55320
     atgtgtatgg ggggagcatg tatgtgcaca cgaatgccag aagactacat cacacacctt     55380
     cctctatcac tctggacctg atctccccta gaatctggga ctttcttttc ttggcttgca     55440
     gccagaaagc catagctatt agttcctgcc ctctaagagc tggggtacag gcatgtgctg     55500
     taaggcccct ccactatgtg ggtgttgggt tccatactgc ttcctcacat tgcacgtccc     55560
     tccccttctt ttctttttct tttttgagac aaagtcttgc tactttagcc caggctggtc     55620
     ttacactcac tatgttggta gctcagatgt caaacacaca gcagccttcc tgctgtactt     55680
     tctgtaatgc tgaaattata ggtgtacata atttcaaatc catttgttgt tattgttttt     55740
     gagatgggtt tgatgtagcc tggggtatcc ctgatctcct tttttttttt tttttttttt     55800
     taaagatttt attggggctg ggcatggtgg cgcttgcttt taatcccagc actcaggaag     55860
     gagaggcaag cagatttcta aattcaaggc cagcctggtg tacaaagtga gttccaggac     55920
     agccagggtt gtactggcta gttttgtgtc aacttgacac agctgaagtt atcacaggga     55980
     aaggagcttc agtcgaggaa atgcctccat gagatacaac tgtaaggcat tttctcaatt     56040
     agtgatcaag gtggaaaggc cccttgtggg tgggaccatc tctgggctgg tagtcttggg     56100
     ttctataaga gagcaggctg agcaagccag taaagaacat ccctccatgg cctctgcatc     56160
     agctcctgct tcctgacctg cttgagttcc agtcctgact tccttggtga tgaacagcac     56220
     tatggaagtg taaactgaat aaaccctttc ctccccaact tgcttcttgg tcatggtgtt     56280
     tgtgcaggaa tagaaaccct gactaagact tttttttttt tttttttttt aaagatttta     56340
     ttggggcttg gtgtggtggc acacgccttt aatcccagta ctcaggaggc agaggcaggc     56400
     agatttctga gttcgagcca gcctggtcta caaagtgact tccaggacag ccagggctat     56460
     accgagaaac tctgtcttga aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa aattttattg attattatat     56520
     aagtacactg tagctgtctt cagacacacc agaaaaggat gtcatatctc actacggatg     56580
     gtgtgagcca ctatgtggtt gctaggattt gaactcatga ccttcggaag agcagtcagt     56640
     actcttatcc gaggatttct gagtttggac caggatggcc tcgaactcag aaatctgcct     56700
     caccagccat ctcaccagcc ccctgggctc cttatgtaac tgaagatgat cttgaacttc     56760
     taaccctctt ccctccacct cctgagtgct gggcgtacag gtatgggttg ccatgcctgg     56820
     ctctaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacatatcat     56880
     atcacagaca tatacacgta tgtatttgtt tgttgagaag gtttctttgt gtagctttga     56940
     ctgtcctaga actaactctg tagacaagtc tggctttgaa ctcacagagg tccgcctgcc     57000
     tctgcctcct gaggactggg attaaaggca tgcatcacta cattttaaaa agagctaaag     57060
     aagaggcatt cagatgttcc caactcaggg aaatgacaaa cctttaaaga gacagaagtg     57120
     ctaactacct gatttgatga ttgcacactg cagacatgtg tcaaattgac acaccgacac     57180
     accgtggccc ataactatag gcagttatat gtgtcaggtt agaaactggg gattgaagat     57240
     gtagctaagg ggtgcttagt taggactgtc tgaggccctg tgtattattc tcagcatcat     57300
     aaataaagct ttcaagtctt atttatttta attttaattt taatacgcac tggtgttttg     57360
     cctgtatgtc aagtcacttc cagcaggatt atagtcatga gccacgacac aggtgctggg     57420
     aattgaacct gggttctctg gaagtatagt cagtgttctt aaccaatggg ccatctctca     57480
     atcccaagtt gttgtttttt ttgttttttg ttttttgggt ttttgttttt tgtttttgtt     57540
     tttttttgag acagggtttc tctgtatagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgtagac     57600
     caagctggcc tcgaactcaa aaatccgcct gcctctgcct ctggagtact gggattaaag     57660
     gcgtgcacca ccacacccgg ctctgtttgt ttgtttttta attatgtgta tgtctgaacg     57720
     tgggtatgta tttcacagag attacttaga gacagttaca aactacctgg tgtgggtgct     57780
     aggaactgaa ctcaggtcca ctagaagaga tatgctctta accactgagc catctctcca     57840
     accccccggg aataacagct ttatcagaac acagcaggct ctctcatttg tctatcctcc     57900
     gtttgttaca tttaattcat agtatcacat tcaacattca tagtatcaac ttcaaatcca     57960
     agtgtttact gtgtgttcgt ttttttttta aagatctatt tatttattta tttattttat     58020
     gtttaagagt acactgtagc tgtatagatg gttgaaagcc ttcatgcggt gttgggaatg     58080
     gcatttttag gacctctgct cgctctggtc gccctacttg cccggcttgc tccagtcaac     58140
     ttcgcttgct cagtccctgc ttagtccatt gtgtgttctt tacagtagag tttaccgacc     58200
     tgtggtccat tacttttaac tgctcaccgc attcagtaga tgaccaccct gtgtcatgta     58260
     cattttctgc tggtccctag acatccagga ctgccacaca gaggagcaaa actccctggc     58320
     catctgggag ctacaaggct gttttcacag aacccttctt cggcacaggt actatcttag     58380
     caattaacat caagagttgc tagactcctt acctctgtga agtggcttac taccatcccc     58440
     atgtccgaga taagaaacgg aagcacaagc tgtggccctg cccacacaaa cctcggaggc     58500
     acctgagtgc ctgaggctgc tgcttccccc ccacccccct gcacagccgc acagctccgc     58560
     agcactcctc ctccctcgtt tccacctccc taatttttgc cattctgatg aatgtaaaac     58620
     gctctctcat aatgtcactt tgatttgcat ctctctgaaa tctacagagg cggagtattt     58680
     ccagaatctg ggctcttaac tgttaatttg ctacttgaaa tcaaactagt atatattttc     58740
     taaacaaggt ggaaaaaaag gttttttttt tctttctttc tatctttctt tctttctttc     58800
     ttctttctcc cccctccctc cctccctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     58860
     tttatttatt tagagacaag gtttctctgt gtatccctgg ctaccctgga actcactctg     58920
     tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctctgagacc cacctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgagat     58980
     taaaggcatg aaccaccacc actggactta aaaaaaaagg gggggggggg aagggctggt     59040
     gaggtggctc agcagttaag agcattgatt gctcttccag aggccatgag ttcaaatccc     59100
     aacaaccaca aggtagctca caaccatcca tattgagaaa caattaaaaa acctatgggc     59160
     tggaacaagt ggggccagag caagaggaag atgatggggg ggggatttaa tagagactct     59220
     gatgggggct gggagacagc tccagtggaa aaaaaatcat agtttgattc cagaacccac     59280
     atttaggaaa gaaagaaaaa gaagtaagtt tttggttttg gtttgttttt ttaagacagg     59340
     gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagaccagga tggcttcaaa     59400
     ctcagaaatt tgcctgcctc tccctcctga gtgctgggat taaaggtgtg tgccaccact     59460
     gcccattcac ataaaactct gtatacatct ctgtaatcct gcactccgat agtgaaatgg     59520
     gaggcagaga caggagctcc tggaggctca ggagctagag tactctgcct caactatgtg     59580
     gaagtgagaa ctgacttttg caattgccct ttgacctaca cacccatgca ctaggcagag     59640
     gggggagagg gagggacaca gggaggtggc agtggcacac acctttagtc ccagcactca     59700
     gagccataaa tacaataaaa tctgaagatg actaagcatg gtggttgatg tctatgatcc     59760
     cagctcttag gagcctgagg caggagcatc agcgatgtta cttgaccctg ttgtgtgtat     59820
     tttaccacat ataatgaaat aattaaaaat ataaatgtcc ctctgcccag aatactttaa     59880
     ttgatagcaa gagtgaacta ttcaatccac agcgtcatag tattagcact tctgggtgga     59940
     ggtttagcgg ccacagtggg tcactgcctt acctggtggg gctgtagctc actggcagag     60000
     cactttgcct ctagtgtagg agatcccaga gtcaatctcc agtacagcaa aagcggacaa     60060
     aaccagtgct gactgtaaag gctgtctgag agtctgtaac agtccccaca ggtcatgaga     60120
     acacatggat tagtaccagt aaactcgttt tatcaggtaa ggatgcctgc agccatgtct     60180
     gacagccaga gttcaaaccc cagaactcac actgtgggag agaacccacg ccacaagtgc     60240
     ttttctgatc accacatatg tgcagtggca tgcctccccg cccccgtcac acacagacac     60300
     acacacacat acacagaatg gcaggagtgc agagcttgta ggatcaaaac tgcatttgta     60360
     tggattggct ttttctggat ataagtttat cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacactac     60420
     acaataaatg gggccaggcg gtggtgtcac acacctttaa tctcagcact tgggaggcag     60480
     aagcaggcaa atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc     60540
     cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa aaacctaaat aaatggaaaa atgaaagaaa     60600
     ttaccaggga cttctcgtct tctcttgggg gcaaaataat atagtggctt gttcatgata     60660
     ttgttcatat tgtttataat ggaatcaaat gctaactttc aattagatgt aagtgaaggt     60720
     aagaatgtgt cttactctat tctggatcaa gaactcctga acttatacag atatgtgcca     60780
     atggctcaga acactgtcta actcggagaa acttctggat gaatggcagc tctcaaaaca     60840
     aaaactggct cagggtgagc atgtagctca tggtagagtg cttgtctagc agtgatttta     60900
     aaccccagta tagacagtag ggtgagaaat attacatttc cacatcacaa gtccaaacag     60960
     ccatttcctg gtgcccaggc tggtggtgtg gggtctccac caagaagact gctccaatat     61020
     gggtataagt caatagaaag tctttattaa ccagccagtg acaacatagg ctagctttta     61080
     tgcacaaaaa ccatgttttg agttgtcacc ctttagttaa taagaacata gccagaaacg     61140
     agaaggcaag gttagtacat tttgagactt tccccgaact atgcggactt ggacggatta     61200
     ggcctttgtt tagtggtgct gtctacctgc tgagttttac agcctgaatg gaccttccat     61260
     cttggggtca gcggtgctaa ggtctggggc ctgttacact gagtgcaatg agctactttg     61320
     tatattttgt aactgagtaa ccaggtagac atttggcaaa cctagtggta acaatgttgc     61380
     tttttacaga gctgggtgaa cttgagaatg ctcaggaagt gcagaagttg gagttaatgt     61440
     tttcttatta atctctgacc tcccagtgtt gaaggggacc cttgagtgtg tgggtggttg     61500
     tgcttttgga aagccagctt tatggatagc agagcccatg gtttggatgc aatttctctt     61560
     ttgcaagaga ggggttgttc atatataaac ccgtggtgcc agccactcag gggctgtgac     61620
     ttagccaggt cttaactgtt attgaggaga agcaagtttg aaaatgtgat gtttcccaaa     61680
     gggaaaatga aatttgagtt catttgcgaa agatcccaat gaagatacct tctcaaagaa     61740
     tatttcagaa gtgtgtatat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtagttgt gtttaaagac atgtgccttt     61800
     aatgtcaaca cttggtagac agaggcaggt gaatctttga gtttgaggcc agcctggtct     61860
     agagggtgag ttccaggaca gccagcatta tacagggaaa ccctgtcttg aaacacaaca     61920
     aaataaagca aaacaaaaaa aaaacaaata aaaaaagaca tgtgttaagg catgtggcta     61980
     tttccatagg ggtgtgtgtg gtggtggagg aggaatgagg tttatgttgt tagaaaggga     62040
     aggccctaag gcctgtgtga ggctgtctga agtgactgag tgcttcaagg gtcccatgaa     62100
     gggctaccca gcagtgtgtc ctaatctggg tgcttctgtt tggtgcagca agaaactccc     62160
     atctctgtgt gaacagggcc tactgactat ttcaagaatt gcactgagcc gggcggtggt     62220
     ggcacacgcc tttaatccca gcacttggga gggcacttgg gaggcagagg caggctgatt     62280
     tctgagtttg aggccagtct ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag     62340
     agaaaccttg tctcaaaaaa caaaaacaaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aattgcctga     62400
     ggtcaagttt ccatccatgt ctcctcaggt gactcaggat aaacccggga ttaaacagta     62460
     agttatcaat ggagagttga gctcaggaac tggtgtaaaa gaaaggttta gtgtttgtaa     62520
     acactaagaa agaaagaaga ttctagaaga tggagccaaa agttcacttt gtatccctct     62580
     cagtgtgttt tgaaacattt tgtaacaggg gaaagagcgg gttaaatggt tcagttataa     62640
     agtgtataaa accaggggct gaagagatgg cccagcggtt aaaagcactg actgctcttc     62700
     tgaaaaacct gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtagc tcacaaccat gtgtacagct     62760
     acagtgtact catatacatt aaaaaaaaaa agtgtataaa accctgatgc ctcttaaatc     62820
     gctgggacac acatggcaga gagaaccgac tcctgaaaga gcactgtcac acacacacac     62880
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacagag tcactcacaa atgcacatgg     62940
     acactaggta gatgcaagca gggtttctgt gtagtcctgc tccgttcctg cctccaggtt     63000
     cctgcatgtt cctctctgtg ctccttcagt gatgggctct aatgtaagat gtaataaacc     63060
     cttttcttcc taaattgctt ttgatcatgg tgtttgctat agcaacaaac aacagcaccc     63120
     cctttttttg aggtctgaag gaataaagta attaatgtca ccctaggggg cacaaagcaa     63180
     tggagaggtg ttgacacaca tctgtgcatt ctggcacctg gctggcacct gagtaactct     63240
     tggcaaccaa gggaaggggg caggctggcc ctttacttct gagctgggag tgccactaga     63300
     taaacccctc caggggagga gagagtcacc cagctgagga tgtgggggtc tgtggcagtt     63360
     gtctggtaag tggccttagc caggccttcc aagagggtct tatttggtct tcatgggaac     63420
     tgagaaacca ggggagccct gagcttctct tatgcctttt ggggcagaaa ccaaacgttt     63480
     ccttttagca tctagaagct tcctgtctag agagaaggca gtgggtgcct tcggatctgt     63540
     ggctgcttgg tcaacaggga tgaaaagaag gtcccagacg acccagtctt cagtgggagg     63600
     tctggtcaaa gtcactccca ccttacccag gccccacagt atcctttgcc cggcgcgtag     63660
     ctcttgtcta gcatgctcaa gaccaaggct caacctccac tggaaaacag aacaaacccg     63720
     ctcagggcag gaggtggggt ctctgaggcc agcctgaagg acaatgacag ctggcagttg     63780
     gctctggctt ccttactgca ggcctcatgt gcgctttgtg acatttgtag atctgtggac     63840
     aataagggcg atggagaagc tgggtggggt gggcaagcag gaggaggtct gggtccagtg     63900
     ccaggaacca cctacttctc ataagtgctc agtgcggggg ctcagcttta ggacacgaag     63960
     ggaagggtca ggtctatccc caggctggga aggggaagtt caggggctgt gaaggccaag     64020
     ctggaatctc actcctagtg ggagctgggg gaggaggaga tcggagagag tgcgcgagga     64080
     gactgaaggg gtgcaagctg ccctggctct agcaaaactg gtgtaataat actcttcgtt     64140
     ataacagcac tgatggtaga ggacggcact acagcaaccc cagcagcttg cgtctccttt     64200
     cccaggtctc tttcacctgc ccttggagaa tctttaactt caccggaaac aaatgtatct     64260
     gctttgcaaa ttatatggcg atagtgctgc cccctgctgg gagccagggg gagagccagc     64320
     tagtttcgca ccttgcgagg aggcagcaga acctgggaca gggatgatgt caccagtttg     64380
     tttttagaaa gagggtccca ctctcgcttg cttgtagttt gagatagggg ctcggtacgt     64440
     agctcaggct ggcctcaagc tccagatgtc cttgcctctg tttccagagt gctgagattg     64500
     cagggctgtg ccgccacacg tctggcttta ttctgcgttt tgtatgcagt gggcaggtga     64560
     agagtaggta gttgaatctg gcggagctgc aggctaggga aagtgtctaa gccagcctgc     64620
     ctttgggggt tgaacgaccc tttcacaggt gttgcctgag atcatcggaa aacagatatt     64680
     tacaattcat aacagtacca aaattagagt tatgaagtat taacgaaaat aattttatgg     64740
     ttggggttac cacagcacga ggaactatat taaaggactg aagtgttaga aaggttgaga     64800
     ctcaccggtc taggtaattt tttgtttgtt tgtttgtgtt ttgccaactt attctggagg     64860
     actgagggcc ttggcagttg atctgattgg caccttagcc ttggctgtca actcatttga     64920
     tatccaagag aactggagga cccagtgacg gtagccttag acggaaactt agtgtccttt     64980
     cttatcttgt gttttttgtt ttttccttaa atattcattt ggttttcgta tttatgagtg     65040
     ttttgcctgc atgtctgtaa gagcagcaag tgaaggcagt acgcaccagg taacaaattt     65100
     cctggaattg ctgtcacgtg ggtgactggg actgaaccct ggttctctgc cacgatggca     65160
     tgctctccta accactgagc cagctctcag tcccttggtt ttgctttttt ttttagattt     65220
     atttattata tgttagtacc ctgtagctgt cttcagacac tccagaagag ggagtcagat     65280
     ctccttacag atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc aggaccttca     65340
     gaagagcagt tgggtgctct tacccgctga gccatctcac cagcccttgg ttttgctttt     65400
     gagacagagt ttctccacgt ggtgcttcat gcgctaaagc tcagattctt gctgcttaag     65460
     cctctgaagt gctgggatta gagctatatg tagccatacc tggatggatt acttaaaata     65520
     taactgcaaa catttgcata tacatatgtg tatatttcca cacacatgtg aataggaatt     65580
     tatatacatt ttccactggg gatcaaacct gatgctttgt atagacagtg tagccacaca     65640
     ttgtaccaca tctaaagctc tctacttaaa aaaaaaaagt ctctctctgg gaatgtaaag     65700
     tagatgtgta ctggcctcaa atgtgtgagg tcctatgatt tactaaccaa cattgaaaga     65760
     actaaattga agtatgaaca catttcagag atttttatta aatgttgtct tgggttcaaa     65820
     agagaagtcc ccagagcaga tacatatgca ggcggtgcag aaagctggaa tgcattccct     65880
     taatggatgc aaaatgaaac catggccaca ggtcagcaac aaaccatatt ctacccggct     65940
     atggcttgct tttttataaa ggctattttc tcatgtagcc caggttgtcc ttaaactcgt     66000
     catgtagagg agaatgcttt ttaacttctg agtcggttgc caccatctcc caagagctgg     66060
     cattacctgc cttcatgagc acgcttggtg tttcgaagtg tgtgtgtgtg tggggggggg     66120
     ggggggcggt gcttcaaggc caggcttctc tgcacgctat ctaagagctc taccaacgga     66180
     gctataatcc caacccctga ctcacatttt tctgcataag tacaattttc atggcgctca     66240
     gagttctgaa gctcacagat aatccaagag gcacagactc catcctgagc gcaccagaga     66300
     acattctgac attctgggat tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta     66360
     tttatttatt tgcttgtttc tttttcggct tggttttgat ttgtttttcc tgaagaaact     66420
     tagtaactat gtgtgtccac tcagaaactt tcaaaccttc ctttacactc taaagcaatt     66480
     ttaaagcaaa cacccatggc tgctcccccg gcccctgcca tgccccagct attccccagc     66540
     ccaccccagt gacttccact tcccacccca gaggagcggc tatccacacc tccaaatgca     66600
     aagactattt ttgacctgtt tataaacaca gtcacagaag aggcgctcca tcatgtctgg     66660
     cttctttcac ttagcaaaac gtctgccatg tcatgtgatg tgttgctttt tattgtgctc     66720
     tcccatctcc tatggtgagc agatcccagc gccgtccatc gcagtgctga ttgccgtttg     66780
     ggtgctttcc agtctgagga aacagccctg ctctgtggac agcctcgtgc ataccttttt     66840
     tgggcactgt gcccgagatg ctgctggaat gagattgcag agggatcggc cttagatggt     66900
     gctggcttct gaagtaatgc gttgactcat tccctagctt ctgggagctg gcgcttcctc     66960
     agtggcttgg ctcctgccag ttttcccagg tgctgtcagt caccagagct tctgactcta     67020
     gggctgtttc ccaaatgtca cttaaggagg ttgcctttct gcagagttta gactcttcgt     67080
     gtagtccttc aaaacgagac tttaaaaaaa aaaaaaatgt agccgggcag tggtggtgta     67140
     cacctttaat ctcagcattt gggaggcaga ggcagggaga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc     67200
     ctggtctaca gagtgagttt caggatagcc agggcttcac ggagaaaccc tgtctcacac     67260
     ccccccacac acccaaaaaa aaaaaatcca aaagatttac ttttaaaaga caggtctctg     67320
     ggctggagag atggctcagt ggttgggagc actgactgct cttctggagg tcctgagttc     67380
     aagtcccagc aaccacatgg tggtttacag tcatccgtaa tcagatctga tgccctcttc     67440
     tggtgtgtct gaagaaagct acagtgtact tgcatataat aaataaacaa atctttaaaa     67500
     caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaaaagaca ggtctcacga tgtcgctctg gctggtctga     67560
     aagcccattc tggacattct ggagaccagg gatgtggctt tacttggtag agtgctcatc     67620
     cagaatgtac agagtcctga gaactcacag agatctgcct gcctctgcct ccccagtgtc     67680
     gggaatacag gtaagtacca ccacgctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     67740
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtccg tgtaagatct gtacatgtga acactggact     67800
     ccacagaggc caaaagaaga tttcagggtc tctggagctg gagttgtaga tgtttgtaag     67860
     gcacccaagg tgggtgttag gaactgaggt cctctgcaag atcagggcac actgaacccc     67920
     taaaacctgg gaccttttga ttgctaagca agctctctgc ccctaagcac acacctaacc     67980
     tccttgtggg ttgctttgtt gctgcttatt tatttattgt aaggtggagt cttgctatgt     68040
     aattctaatt ggtctggtat ttacttgtgt aagccaggcc caacttggca ttgtatgcat     68100
     gtacgtgtgt aggtatgtat acaatgtata catgtatgta tgtatacatg cacttgatct     68160
     tagtcaaaag gctgagaatt aacttttttt tttttgagac aaggtcttag tctgtagccc     68220
     cagtgtggtc tagaactcat agtaattttc ctgcctcagc ctcttcagtg ctaggattat     68280
     aggcgtgagt caccacatcc ggagttccgt gtaagtgtat cccatgtgtg ctgtgcccac     68340
     ggaggacaga agtgggagtc aggtcccaga aactggagcg acagatggtt gtgagccacc     68400
     acgtgggttc tgggaatcga acctaggttt gctgcaagag ctacaagagc tcttagccac     68460
     tgagcatttc ttcccccgtc atgtgactat ggtggcacac gccattgatt ccagcgcttg     68520
     ggaggcagag gcaggtgaat ttctgagttc aagaccagcc tggcctacat aataagttgc     68580
     aggacagcta gggctacacc gagaaaccat gaaccatgaa ggatcacctg ccttccccac     68640
     ttagggttct ccagaacttc tgtctacttt atggccaaac cccagtccct ctggctctgg     68700
     agtgacctac ccaaccatct gtctagtgtt tggttctttg tccctctgtc cactgacatt     68760
     tttatgtaat tcttcaaatt cgtcaaactc gttccacgca cctatggtcc cgcacctgct     68820
     gcctctttgg ctggaatgca cctccctgga tcgaagctca gaattctttg atacctcatc     68880
     tctgctcaaa taccacagct cggcgatgtt ttatctgaca cgggaacttt gcaataggca     68940
     acgagagtta tttacattta acatttattt attttgaagt gcatgcccac atacccatgt     69000
     gctacgacat acgtgtgggt cagagggcaa ttttgtgaag tcggttttct ccttccacca     69060
     tgtgggttcc agggatccaa ctctggttac cagtcttggt ggcaagaacc tttccccaat     69120
     gagccacctt acagtcccta agattttgac aattattgcc catgtccaat ggaaatggct     69180
     tgcttagtgc agacattttc tctgtgtctc agcctagttt gtgatatctt attatttgta     69240
     tttactattt atgtgttata cgtgtgttta catgtttgtg tgtattcacc ttgtcaaggg     69300
     aggcacacat gtacaaaaat gggggggcat gcatgctcgt gtgtctgtgt gtgtgtgtac     69360
     aggctagagg tagacaaaag tgtcattctt tattgatctc caccttatta tttttttaga     69420
     cttatttact tattatgcat acagcattct gtctgcatgt actcctgcag gccagaagag     69480
     ggcaccagat ctcactatag atggctatga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg aattgaattc     69540
     aggacctgtt tccacagcta gtgctcttaa cctctgaacc atctctccag ccccctctcc     69600
     accttatttc ttattacttt tttttgatcc atctcgtcaa taccttcacg ttaatattat     69660
     tattgttatt attattgctg gtgttttgag atagggtctc actatgtagc cccagctgtc     69720
     ctggaactca ctatgtagac caggctggtc ttgaactcac agaggtccac ctgcttctga     69780
     atcccagcta tgtgattgaa gatgtgacca ccgtgctggc tccatcttac tttttttttt     69840
     ttttagacag gctctctcac tgagcctaaa gctcaccaat ccagacagat gagctagcca     69900
     gggagcccct aggaaccaca tgactctgct tccccggtgc agggattagg ggtgcacttc     69960
     acctaggctg gctttccccg aatatcgtgt acttaatgat ggagtcgtct gtctaacact     70020
     gtgtggttct ttaagctgtg gagaaccctg aggtgtggga aggattcttg tcaaagggtt     70080
     ggtgtgtgtg acagggatgt tcattcagaa cttctgcctc cctttgtggc agtctgtctg     70140
     tctgtcagtc tgtcagtctg tcagtctgtc agcaaattca tcccaacatc ctggattcta     70200
     gaacaaaacc accttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt     70260
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcctcttc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct     70320
     cttcctcttc ctcctcctcc tcttcctcct cttcctcttc ctcttcctcc tcttcttctt     70380
     gttctcctcc tcctcctttt ttcttttctt ttttctctct ctcctttaaa ctggctgtaa     70440
     atctgcaggg ctccctcatc aataatgact taatccttaa cgtggattca ttgtaaaatc     70500
     tgtatcacaa tgttgccttt tcggaaaccc tttttttaca ttgatgtcct gggaagtatc     70560
     ctccctcagc atccccagtt cccgtccctg cctctcatcc ctgtttcttc tttggtgctt     70620
     gcttgctatg gaagattcca ctattcattt ctttctttgt ctttgctgct tggtccaagt     70680
     cttggctact gcccatggta ggcatgcaaa caatatatct ctggggctag ggtgtaattc     70740
     agcggtagag tgcttgctta gcattctgat gccctggatt tgaccccgta gcagagcaaa     70800
     aataaaaaaa taataaaatc catatataca taaatataat tgactagatg agctgtaatg     70860
     gagatgctgc gcacctgtaa tctgggtatt tggtaggcaa aggcaggagg gattccaagt     70920
     tagaggctag cctgggctgt atagcgaggt taagattagc acactgtctt aaaacacaac     70980
     acaacacaac aacaataaaa gcaagaaaaa atgaaaagaa aacagaacca aaaatgagat     71040
     ataattgccc ggctgtatga agacagccga ggcagccctg ctgggctggg cacctgctcc     71100
     atgcccttcg ctcttccttg cagggccatc tgtctggctt gcattcagcc tgctgtgttc     71160
     ccatggatcc tccctgtcag gtcaaacaag gacaggcctc gcccagcgca tggagctctg     71220
     acaggtaaat caatcaagct tttctggttc acaacaggct ttgggcggtc ccctctcctc     71280
     agacggacaa cttgccatgc ttacatggaa ggcagaaggc atctgtagcc agcacaccgg     71340
     cctggatggc cgcccaagtg ctgggattct cagggcagct ggtgccagag gcaggaccag     71400
     gcttcctcac atggatggca gcacttgttt tgaagtatct ggcacaggct ctgcaccagg     71460
     cctggcaggg agacttggcg gcaacacagt ttgttgtttt cacctttgct gtttgtttgt     71520
     ttgttttgag acacggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctgggctcac tatgtagatc     71580
     acgctggcct tgaactcaga aatccgcctg cctctgcctc ctgagtgctg ggattaaagg     71640
     tgtgcgccac cattgccaga cctttgttgt ttgatttttg cttttttcaa gacaaggttt     71700
     ctctgttgcc cctgctgtcc ttttggaact ctctctgatg cagaccaggc tggcctcaga     71760
     gatctgccta cctctgcctt ctgagtactg ggatcaaagg tgtgtgccac tgcctagctt     71820
     gttttgtttt ttggtacagg gtctcaatat acagctttgt ctggcctgga acttgttata     71880
     tagacaggct agctttgaac ttgaagaaat ctcctggcct cttgactctc aagtgctggg     71940
     attaaaggtg tgcaccactg caccaggatc actaactcat ttttacatta gagtgcagag     72000
     gagtgaggga cttatcatca atctcctggc aaagactagt agagcccaga cttcctcaaa     72060
     ccagttgagt cctggggtct ccattgtcag tcactcacca cacaaaagat acaacaagag     72120
     tagcacatgt ttgctgaacg tttattctgg ttcaagccct gtgttgtgat cctccaccca     72180
     actccctcct tttttaaaaa aaaaaagatt tatttattat tatatctacg cacactgtag     72240
     ctgtcttcag acacaccaga agagggcatc agatcttatt acggatggtt gtgagccatc     72300
     tgtgtacaca gctacagtgt acttacataa taaataaata aatctttggg ctggaatgag     72360
     tggggcccgg agcgagcaga ggtccagagt tctattccca gcaaccacat gatgctcaca     72420
     ccatctgtat agcaacaatg tactcatata cataaaataa taaaaaagaa tttatatata     72480
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatact gtagctgcct     72540
     tcagacacac cagaagaggg catcggatcc cattacaaat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg     72600
     ttgctgggat ttgaactcag gacctctgga agagcaatca gtgctcctaa ctgctgagcc     72660
     atctttcttt tttttttttt tttttttttt agatttattt atttactata tgtaagtaca     72720
     ttgtagctgt cttcagacac tccagaagaa ggagtcagat cttgttaagg atggttgtga     72780
     gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactt cggaagagca gtcgggtgct cttacccact     72840
     gagccatctc accagccccc tgagccatct ttctagccac aaagttgtgt agggctttta     72900
     tttgggttgt tgttagtttt tgagacggtc tcatcatata atcctggctg gcccagaact     72960
     cacagaggtt cacctgcctc tgcctcctga gtgctaggat taaaggcatt acaacacctg     73020
     gcactttctt gattcttgat tgacatagga gggaacagtc tactgtgggc agtgtcatcc     73080
     cctaggcgtt gctcctgagc ggtataagaa agcaggctga gcaagccatg gggagcaagc     73140
     tggtaagcag cgcccgccct ccatggcccc tgcttgggcg cctgcatgcg gctcctgctt     73200
     tgtcttctct ttatgatgga tgctacctgt gggctgaaat aaaccctccc cacccctcaa     73260
     gcttcctttg gtcaggccgt ttatcacagc aatggaaacc taaggcctat gggatctggg     73320
     aatctaactc gggctgacag gataatatgt ttgggtggca aggactgttc cttgctgagc     73380
     catctcacca gctcccactt tttacaaatt aatttattgt gtgtgtgtac atgtatgata     73440
     tatgcaaagg tctgggtatc tgtgcccctc ccttcatacc tgtagaggcc agaggagggt     73500
     gtcaattgtc cttctccctc gatctccacc ctatcccttg agacaggctt gctcatggaa     73560
     cctggagcta agctggtggc cagcaaacct ccgtggtctc cctgtctcta tacccatcag     73620
     cacaggggtg ggagtgtgca ttcggccatc catggtcctt tcataggtgc tggggacttg     73680
     aactcaggtc ctcatgcttg ttcagtggga gttagctcat ctactgtccc cagcctccag     73740
     gtttttcatt attcactcat cttggagata ggagatgtga ccagggcata agaacagggg     73800
     tggggccatc aggttcacta gaggaactct cagactgcag gaagggtgtt actggcactt     73860
     atagttcatc ctggcacaag aatgaagact aagatcagac actgggagag agcataggtc     73920
     agggtgaaag aacctagtgg gaaaccccca ctcaatttct gtccggcgtg cacccaagaa     73980
     tcacgaacag actaccatct tgatgtaaaa gcatgaggta gtttaatgac ggagctctgg     74040
     gctgacacat atctcccgca ggagacagag gtgtcgacca catggtggag ccataatggc     74100
     ggagctccgg ttcgaaatgt atctcatgca ggagacagtg gtttcgaccc tgacgcttgg     74160
     aagctaggga cttttataga aaaggggtgg ggctggggga ggaattggcg cagtttcaca     74220
     tgattggtcc atttaaacat caacagactg tcagaagggc aggagatagg gaggcactag     74280
     gccagtcagg acatgtaatg acgggcctgc ccgggcatga cctggcctgt tctgctatgt     74340
     tctcagcccc aggttttaaa gctcacaaac aactctttgg gctatttgac ataaattaca     74400
     tgaatcacat gtctcaagtt ttatttcctt tcaggggtcg ctatcagtat ctgtaatcac     74460
     taccatcact cttgtctaac gtcatcattg tccatatcct catcgttatc atcatcatca     74520
     tcatttaatc aattccagga agaaacagag taagcaacag acacacacac acacacacac     74580
     acacacacag gagcgctcag tggggattta gacccagatg tcctgacacc gttgtctaca     74640
     ctcacaagta aatcataccg ttcccagtct ttccatgcca cactgcttag acgcaatggt     74700
     gacccgtttc ctagctggtc tactgcagca ggatcgaaag gaggcctgcc cagtcttcct     74760
     tcttcccttc ccctctctct cttgtgtcct ctctgcctcc tcacaagtat ctttttgtct     74820
     cacagaaaag gtcgagtgct tctcagacta catgaccctg cagatcccga gtagtcacgt     74880
     gcagggtttg aagcagtggc tggtcggggt cctgcgcctg ccgggtaagc catcttctca     74940
     aacctgggtt ttccaattct cagccattga ctggctggag cctttgctaa gggagatccc     75000
     caattcgtcc ctcaccccag ggcacaaggg cggccttccc tgaaagcttc atgctgttgg     75060
     tttcttccca gggctgccct gaccttcccc aagacagttc tgtcctggtt gcgctctcag     75120
     cccatttcct cttctggtac ctacttaaaa tggcctccta cccttgttca catgcttgtc     75180
     actagcgcca cctgcaggta gttggggagc aggcacagac catggctcca tgcagatagc     75240
     tgctgtgtgt ctccaggact aaggactctc tagtacatgt ttaggagact cctaatagat     75300
     acttgctcac cctgattgaa gtgtctgtca ggtgctagta gactccctaa acgcgcgcat     75360
     gtgcgcacgc tcatttaagc gcacgggttt acaaaacagt gccgcagccg ggtggtggtg     75420
     gcacaagcct ttaatcccag cacttgggag gcagaggcag acagacttct gagttcaagg     75480
     ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg acttccagga cagccagggt tatacagaga aaccctgtct     75540
     cgaaggaaaa aacaaaacaa aacaaagcag tgccatcaga ggataacttg caggactatt     75600
     tcttcctttt aactaagtgg atctgaattt gaacttgagt catcaggctt agtggcaagt     75660
     agctttagcc catcgagcca ttttgctgac ccacaattcc ttcctttttc ctgtttaaac     75720
     ctttattgca tgtgtatacc catatgtttt gcctgcacat aagtctgtat accatgtgca     75780
     tgcattgcta gtaggggcca gaagacggtg tccatcttct ggaactggga ttacagatgt     75840
     ttgtgagcca ccacatacgt gctaggaacc aaacccaggt tctctggaag aggacgcgtc     75900
     ttacccatgg gaaccacaat ctcatgcttg gtgggagaat ctcatgccta aagcagccag     75960
     aaagagggct gagaaagtta tcactttcag aaaactttga accatgagct tacccagtgc     76020
     aaagtgggaa acttctagaa ggaactagaa cagagataat atgctcatct cctgtttgag     76080
     tttggtcaca gaggctgcaa gtcagacacc cacaattttc ctcttttgta caaaaataga     76140
     gaaattgagg ggggaacttc ccatctcaaa gtgtttttac tttttccttt cccttccctt     76200
     atttttgaag gcagggtcat acactgtggt tactacagtg ctaccctaga gctctgtgca     76260
     atccaggctg accccaaact catggcagtc ctccttcctg tcttagcctt ccagagctgg     76320
     aattacaggt gtgagccacc acgcctgact ttgtctggga attcgaaagt gctgtctggg     76380
     actggtgtgt cctgaatcct gaattggccc tcggatggtc agccaggcgg cgatgcctct     76440
     caggagttgg aacagcatct gtgtattaaa aggccacttt tccaggagaa aaacgcagag     76500
     gatacattaa gctgtcgcct gttctttgga aagccattat taatggaaaa caatagatta     76560
     atagttttaa aacgcttgtt caataagtaa tttttatggc tctggataga gcccattaaa     76620
     catttctgtg tgttattata aagaagtttt aagtgtaaaa tcataaagtc gataatcagg     76680
     gaattagtca cagcagccag ccacaggcca ttagttttag gcgctgtcag agacacctgt     76740
     ggcttcggag ggaaactgtt tcttttgctc ggcagcagca ccaggtgggg atgcagaaac     76800
     gatgttgcct gcgatgctgc ctgctgcctc ccataaagtt gaagggacag aaagcaggtg     76860
     caagcagtgg gatgcaggca aatatttaca aagtgcagac gtgaatggga aaccaaagcg     76920
     acccaggtca atttgcacat ccaggcttag acactttatt tccccagtga gctgcctttc     76980
     agagccacag gctcggcctt gatctgctgc taaagatagc cgtgaaggct gcaacctctc     77040
     aaaaggaaag tagcaaccgc tatgtcacca gagagagccc cccacatcca ggcttcgaaa     77100
     gctgtctctt gcaaggggcg ttcgcctccc atcagctgag actttaaggg gaaaaaaaaa     77160
     ttacctcaaa agcaacacga gataattatg gaaacagaag aaatctaaag acgataatga     77220
     aaactacctg taatccctct gctcggtgat attcctcatc caatgaatgt ttacttgaga     77280
     gccctctcaa tgtgccagac gcagcttact taaggctcta ggaatatggc aaagaacaaa     77340
     acagataaat actcttggcg ccacggggct ggcatttgag tggagggcaa caagaccatt     77400
     gctatagtca ttgtcatatt tttctcagct ggcgagtcgg taatgtgtgg tgtcgaaagg     77460
     catcctgaga gtggggcgcg gtttggagag gagtgatgga ggctttgctg gcagagacct     77520
     cgttgacaag ggggctttac ttaaagactt gagagtggtg gactgagcca cgcaggtatc     77580
     tggaagagac agaagactca gccagtggaa aggccctgag tgcacccacg acgacgtgtt     77640
     agaagtagca ggaagaccag tgtggctaag gcagagggag agcagtcaga ggctttgtgc     77700
     acctcacagg ggtctctctg agtgcagagt ggagcgatct ggcgcaggcg cgagtgggac     77760
     tccgtgggtt gctgaagtgg gggtggggaa gtagactaca gtgggtggaa ggaagtagga     77820
     gaggagctag gagacaactt ctgcaaccca ggctggacag tctgtatgtt gacttctgtt     77880
     ggcgtccacc ttccgccatt ctctttaccg ttctctgacg ttccagggta gcgcagcctt     77940
     gggcttatgt ctgagtgtcg gaaactccta acctcacctc cgctgttctc ccgctgttct     78000
     gtttctgtcg taggctctaa gagggccccc aaccacctgg actctcttct taccaaatgt     78060
     ggttacctct tgcatcctgc tcacgaggga ggcttcatct tccgagcact gtactctggt     78120
     tgctttgtac agaaagaggt gggtttgaga aacgacttat ttgccgtgct ggggccagaa     78180
     gtcagtgcct cgtgtatggc taggcaaatg cacatacaca gttacatagc cagcttcttt     78240
     tgttgcttta acacagggtc tcactataaa cccatagctg gcctgggttt attagttggg     78300
     cacataaggc tggcttcaaa ctcacagaca tctgcctgcc tctgcctccc aaatgctggg     78360
     actaaaggca tacactactg cctctagttc tgccctaccc ccaccccact ttcctaggtt     78420
     tttctatgtc acagacacct ggctgtctta gaatctgtag accaggctgg accgacatgc     78480
     tgaatgaaat tctattgtag aaatggccat ggctgcttgc ttagttgctg tgcctcaact     78540
     gcctcagctg taaaatgggt ccaagggagt caatgaatga gagtcaaagg aaacaggcca     78600
     ccaaccagta tggtgtcagg gatgatggga cacaggctgc tgtgctgtct ctttaagggt     78660
     gatcttcctg aaaggtatag cagtcccccc agccccaggg gcttcccctg ttggggactg     78720
     cactgtcaca ggccagaatc tgccaaggtt cccagtccac aagagccttc cacttgattc     78780
     ttagctcttc cacgagacag gcctgcatta atcatgccca ctgcgaatag aggccgacct     78840
     ataattgtgg cttattaact gcattttctt ttcttatttg tgtgtgtgaa ttctgcctga     78900
     cttccagaaa gcaaattaca ggttggaaat cagaatgttt caaaaagggg cgaaaaggtt     78960
     gaagcagagc gatcgctaca taatgaggtg tcccatgatg gtggcaaggc tgggtgaaca     79020
     gagcgtccgt tgtcatccct cattcatcca ggtaacagcc tgagaaggcc ctggagagca     79080
     ccccaggtgg taggggggca tcctgggctg gcttccgtca aaggcccagg ttgatggttg     79140
     tggttcgtga accttgggac atagcccagc aaagcagaca actagagaca cgggatagga     79200
     ccattctctc tggatgtccg tagtgttggc tggcagtcgc cttccactgg gcttttgacc     79260
     aatgaggcct ttgtcaggat aagggacggg gtgagtaatg aagtctctga ggctgtgttc     79320
     ttcatgtcat ccaacaagca tcaaaccaat atttgtgttt ttctctttgg attaagggat     79380
     gttgctggct gggtcctctc tctctccttc ccctcttccc acctcccgtc tcctgtgtgt     79440
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atgggtatat gtgtatgtgt tcatatgtgt     79500
     gagtttctcc tgtgagtccc aaggacagtg ggagtcagag gacaacctca ggtatcaggt     79560
     ctcgcctttc actttgttga agatagggtc tatcacttgc agctccatgt gtcaggctgg     79620
     ctgccttcaa acttctgtgg agcctctcaa ctctacctcc tctcttgctg aaggaatgat     79680
     gagattacag actccagcta ctacatctgg ctttatgtgg gttctggcaa tccaaattca     79740
     ggttcataca tttttttttt aagaaaaaga tttatttatt gagttcatat gagcatgctg     79800
     tcttcagaca caccagaaga gggtgtggga tcccattaca gatggttgta agccactatg     79860
     tagttgctgg gaattgaact caagacttct agaagagcag ccagtagccg ggcagtggtg     79920
     gtgcatgcct ttaatcccag cacttgggag gcagaggcaa gtggatttct gagttcgagg     79980
     cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggct gtacagagaa accctgtctc     80040
     aaaaaatcca aaactaaaca aacaaaaaaa caaaacaaaa aaaaaaccca gccagtgctc     80100
     ttaacagctg agccatttct caagccccaa ggtctttaga tttttgaggc aagtgcttta     80160
     tgcagagaac aatttcctcg gctttgaggt ctcttttttt taaacctagg tcatgtcatg     80220
     atttatagac atcaggactg ggggcggggg gtgggggagg agggtgctca cagtcccagg     80280
     ttccatcccc agcagtcagg agcaatggat ttcagatata acatcccaac tggagagagc     80340
     acaggcctgt ggcatattcc agctgtgtgc tgtcactgcc tggtagcatc cctgagctca     80400
     ggtttctctg tagccctgga aaacagagag actaggctgg ggcaggggag ggttgcaaac     80460
     ccacagcaga aatgcatgtg gcagacacag agaaggggaa gggatggacc caagcgttca     80520
     tttcctcaga gcagcttttc ttcccaccta cactgctatg tcaggcatgg aaatgataaa     80580
     ccttgttgtt tatcattttg gtgctaagga tggaaatcag gacttggcat ctatagggca     80640
     aatgctccac cattcaacca tgcccatgcc cctgccctgc attgctaatg ccgacatctc     80700
     acagtaggca ggaggtgctg tttacagccc cattttacgg actggacaag taggcaaaga     80760
     agtgagagtt gccgccgagg tctcatagca ggtagtggca gaatggctct atgagcctga     80820
     agtataaggg cccatggtga gctagaacaa gcccttcaat gagccgctgt ttaagcttga     80880
     cccagcctta ctagaatttt cagcttttta aagagaggca ggaaatccat agttgaatgt     80940
     aaaattacat cataaaaaac tgactgtgcg ctggcaaagc aactcagtgg taggagtgct     81000
     ggcctagcat gtgtggggcc ctggacccct cagcaaggga aggctgttca ctttagtcat     81060
     tgaacagtga gcaggtgttc acttattttg ctacaagggt ctcacgtatc tcaggctggc     81120
     ctcaaactca ccacgtagca ggaggtgacc tggaacttct gattctcttg cctgcatctc     81180
     ccatgtgcga ggatcaccag tgtgacaccg cgcctggttt atgtgatagt ggggattaac     81240
     gtatggcctc gtgctaaggg aacactaccc acggaaccgc atccagaaaa ttgaactttc     81300
     ttttttttgt tgtttttgtt gttttgtttt gttttgtttt ttgagacagg gtttctctgt     81360
     atagccctgg ctgtcctgga gctcactttg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc     81420
     cgcctgcctc tgcctccgga gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg tgccactacg cccggctttg     81480
     aactttcatt ttgtaaatac cgtgtggcca aacagaatgg tgtgtttaga tcagggtttg     81540
     atggtgcact tctggaatcc cacgtgcagg gggttgaagc gagaggattg taagtttgaa     81600
     ctcagtctgg gctacagagc aggagccgtc cagcaagtga gtgaaggtgc ttgtcaccaa     81660
     gcctgagctt ggttcttgca acctgcaaaa aaggagagaa atgagttgtc ctctgatcga     81720
     ccgtcacaca cgaaccatga cacgaacata tacatctgcc tacacaataa ataaataacc     81780
     caaaaatccc aaaaccacaa atgtccagtt ttgcctgatg acatgaggaa gaaggagagg     81840
     agaggaggtt ggagggaaag accagctaat gacaaccagc ttcatttaag aaacatccgg     81900
     atacacgtgc cgaatgccgg gctctgtgct ggtgccaaaa gatcagatct gaatggacgt     81960
     tagccttgcc tggggagggg catacagttc cactcccatc tttgttctgg gctttgaggt     82020
     gagagtgcag aggctggggt ccctcctctg tgcttgctcc ctgcatcttg cctctggact     82080
     cctctgctgc tcaattttaa gaagcagtgc ctgaagtaga atgatgttta ggtcccgttg     82140
     ttgtcttgtc aggcagggca ttgctgttcc ttagagtcat gggcctcatc ttaaagatcc     82200
     ctgcgaatag tcatggggcg tgggtttgac aatctggggc tggtcacgtc tctttacaat     82260
     ggcctgtaat tccaggagca gccgctaggg ggacaaggtt gctcgtgtca tataacattt     82320
     cccagaggaa agcagatctg gtagccagcc aagcacccac tttgtccctt ttgacctgcc     82380
     cagatcctta gcgtccttcc acaatgtaga tgttggagcc tacagtaacc tcatgcccct     82440
     gagtagagtc gcagagaacc gctgcaccgg agcaatgggt ctcaggtgcc ccaggctcct     82500
     ctgtttcccc tcccccgtca tagaacctca ccacctcatc gaattgactg attcattcct     82560
     ggtggcttct gcagccgctt ccatggctgc accttgaact tgcattaagt tttaattaaa     82620
     gccgttacac cagccttgcc cttggctaaa tgcagctgtg ggcacagggc acatagatat     82680
     ttaatactct gcctctccct gctgatggca cagggtgccc aagggtgtac ccgagccatg     82740
     ccctgcacac agcgatctgc gagcttgctt aagtgtgccc acaagccccg agcgggaggc     82800
     tgcgcaataa ctattcattg ccctgggtta agtgtgccca ggggcacctg taaactcaat     82860
     gcagtgatta gcgattgctc ccagggaaga ctactcgagg tcctgctgag tgtctgctgg     82920
     ccctaaatat agtctgcctg tggccactta aaggacatgg tgggtttaga ctgtgcgctt     82980
     gatcccactt ccttttgttt ctttacacaa aattgttccc tccgtggaaa agcccagcct     83040
     ctagggctgc cttgttgcac tagccccgag gtgtagaaac aggagagagg ctttggtggc     83100
     tgccctggga aatgtggaat ccctttacca tctcaccaaa cctcagatgt cattcccatt     83160
     ccttcctctc tgctcccaga gtgaagtcag tacccacaag gtgaggaaat tacaggctcc     83220
     ttgtgggttg tgctgagcac cgtgggcaat ggtaggggcg ggcaggtgtc tctgaagcca     83280
     ggggcagcac agctaaggca ccgacaaggc tgagaggtcg ggggtcgggt atccccaacc     83340
     ctgtccacct gtctccaggt ctgaaagaat ggattctgta cacgtggtgg aaaggggtgt     83400
     agccttaggt gggaaagttg tgatggctca ttagtctttt tggacccagt gtccttaact     83460
     ttcacaggtg gaggggaggg agttgctctc tgttagcctt ggctctgtcc tgtttctcaa     83520
     gtgccctacc catgcttgca gcaaagataa agggagtggg agtgggtgaa gccagtggaa     83580
     ggggaagagg tgagctgtga gctgctctgt ggctaaaggc actcccaccc acacctgaca     83640
     actcgagttc tgtgtcccgg acccacacgg tggaaacagc tgactcctct cagtggtccg     83700
     tggacccctg cacacgcaca atgtggcagg tgtgtgcttc ccccccccca cgctgacata     83760
     ataaatacat aaataatata gtaaaggaaa aggagatagg acagctgggc tcaggcaggt     83820
     cccttggcca cacctcgagg ctcaggtgca gggagagacc agctgtctag gattgcccga     83880
     gaccatcctt attttagcat tgaaagttct tcattggggg aaaatggaga tgactgggca     83940
     tttgaaacat agcgccaagg gcaagcacac tcttgtatct tttgcttatt ggagtctgta     84000
     ggggatgggg aagaagtggg ggccttgggg tacgatgagg caggaggacc tgaaagaggc     84060
     ctgggaccca cccgacatct tgaacagcag ggccgttcga cacacacaca caccctccac     84120
     cttgccagct gtgctctgtg ctccagctgc cctgacggcc tggcccaggg cagcagctga     84180
     ggtgacattt ccctgggtct gttgacactt gagtcccaga acataaatga ttttcttgtc     84240
     ttaatgagca aacaatcggg gcagcccagc tctgtctctg gatccctgct gagccaattg     84300
     cccaggcaaa ggctcactca cttttgccca cagcacacag ctgttccttc ctcttgttct     84360
     gcaggtctcc aggccctggc ctccaaggac tgatgctgga caggtaggtg tggtaagggc     84420
     actgttctga agggttctgc taggctctga ggttgtcact tccatggccc ctttgtggag     84480
     agtgtccatg gacagtagtg accttcgtgg gtctgggctt tggcaaaact ccccccaacc     84540
     cccatcctcc atgcataagt ctgaagctgt ctgaaaaaac ctggggggat tctgctgggg     84600
     taggaagtct ctgggtcctg ctgtgctaag attctctctg taaggtcccc agtggcaggc     84660
     gctgctcctt tgcaaggata cccattccca agatacacag ctgtcgtctc tatttccctc     84720
     tctctgactc ccctcctctc tcttccccct cttttgtttt gagacagaat tttcactagg     84780
     tagccctgac tggcctgaaa ttttctatgt agaccaggct ggccttgatt gtacagaggt     84840
     ccacttgcct ctgtttcctg aatgcttcaa aggtgtatgc tataacgctc aaacctctct     84900
     ctctctcttt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct     84960
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctc ttcctttctt ccttcctcct     85020
     tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt     85080
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctc     85140
     ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc tttctttttt tttttttttt ttgagacagg     85200
     gtttctctgt gtagctctgg ctgccctgga actcactttg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa     85260
     ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctgcctc ctgagtgctg gcgtcaccat acccggctct     85320
     tcttttcttt ttttaaaggt agggtctcat gtagcccagg ctggccttga attcactaag     85380
     tagctgagga tgaccttgaa cttgtggtct tcctgtctct atctgctgag tgtcagagag     85440
     ggaattgggt ctccttctac atgcgcctag gtggctgaac tcaggtcata aggcttggca     85500
     gtgaggcaga agcatctcgc tgtcccttac ccactgatgg ctgtgtaccc catgattggt     85560
     ttttttgttt attttttaac agctcagggg aatcaaaccc agggagtact aggcaaccat     85620
     ccatttgacc acccgagcta tgctccaccc caagtttttg ttgttttgag acaagggttt     85680
     tttgttgttg ttgttgttgt tgggtttttt gtttgtttgt tttggttttg gtttggtttg     85740
     gttttttagt tttttgagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggttgtcct ggaactcact     85800
     ttgtagacca gactggcctc gaactcagaa attcacctgc ctctgcctcc tgagtgctgg     85860
     gactaaaggc ttgcgccacc acgccccgca agacaaggtt ttactatata gcccaaactg     85920
     ttctttaact catgggaaac ccctcgcctc acacccccca agcgttaggg atatgggcgc     85980
     gaatcactga ggcaccaggc actggctttt cctcccagtc ttaggtgttc ccatagccac     86040
     ccgggaggag ccagcccctc ttcccctcca acgactttga gtctttgcat gccattcgtt     86100
     ccaatgtttt cctagactgc cctgggctgc agtgtccttc ctccttgcac ttctttcatt     86160
     accagacacc catctttatc caaaacacca attgctatct tcccactaca gggtggcaat     86220
     gagagcccag gacaataggg tgcccaccat gctggcctag acagtacata ggctgagagg     86280
     ctgaccctgc tctttggagc atagcatgtt cggttgtgtt ctaagcaacc ctataagagg     86340
     tctgctcccc tgaaatataa gggtatcaga gtctcttaat agctgccacc atacccctta     86400
     gtctactgat ctctccatga cctcattatc ctcttttttt tttttttcaa gacagggttt     86460
     ttctctgtat agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact     86520
     cagagatcca cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatca aaggcgtgtg ccaccactgc     86580
     cccgtgccat tatcctcttg agtatcctcc aagtacccat gttccttggc ccagagtgac     86640
     catgtctccc tggtcaactg gattgtgact ttgccttatc tcttcagaca ccatggctgc     86700
     tgtcccttcg aggggagctg gtggcttctc tggaggacgc cagcttgatg ggattagagg     86760
     tggatattgg tgccaccatg gtcaccatcc aaagcccaag acaagaactt cttcagaggc     86820
     aggaggtcag tggtggatgg caggcaggcc ataccaagct tgagggaggg ctctgtagcc     86880
     tggcacccca aggaacactt tgtcatgctg aagtgccaat tcacgtgtcc acctgtgaga     86940
     ctggacagat ttaggcaggc ggcttcgaaa attgggctcc attagcgtaa agtgcaccgc     87000
     tcggcagatg aggggctccg gcaatcatgt attcagtgag tcctgatcat ggtggcagga     87060
     gcgtaattac catctcttta aatagcccaa agttgccgtg gaagagaaga cggctcacat     87120
     gacacttgct ccgagcttgc ttcctgctaa aaatatcctg gctaaataat atttcctggt     87180
     tgcgctggag caacaggccc tggcctggag tctgactctt ggggctttgt tcagagatga     87240
     ggtggaaggt agggtggata ggcagggcac ttacggaggg aatgggcctc tggaaggaac     87300
     agtggccaca gggggacctt cctgcttccc caggtgtgga acacctctct ggagctgctg     87360
     ccgttgtggc tggtgagcgg ttcctatgcc tactccttcg aggctgcgtg cccactgggt     87420
     aagacccagg ggtgccccta atgcccacct ctctgacctt agcactatct gtcacttctg     87480
     ttttctcccc tctgctaacc accttgcccc cctaccccag tctgcctccc cttttcttat     87540
     ctccaacccg ggtgctggga ggagtttgag gggatgccag agcaggctga ctggtatgta     87600
     gagtgtgact acggaccaat ctatcttacc aacctgggat ctgggaactt ctcaggctcc     87660
     aggcaggttc tagggatgct gaggacaaag atgggaaagg atctgtggtc ttattctgca     87720
     aggtttagtt aaaggtgata ccttcccttc tgcactgcca agagaccagg actctggaag     87780
     tactctgctg gcctctaagg gatttaaatt ctaaaaatct cactatgcaa agttagacag     87840
     accaagagct ttgtcccgtg tgggtagatg agagatgagg aaccctgcag gtttgattag     87900
     aattttatca tgaaataagt ttcagaatga gaactctggg gagtttgggg gccttgggag     87960
     aatgtccttg ccaagtcctt atacatctcc tgccctgttg gtattatttg aaatatcttt     88020
     atttggagac aaatgctttc atttagcaac tgcagagctg gctcagaatg tccccgtgag     88080
     agggctgaca cgacaaaatt ctcactagtg tgtaaacagc tgatgagctg tgcttcctga     88140
     caacggctta taatggaagg agcgccaggc aggctcatgg aatacagtct tagagagaaa     88200
     ggccctcctg cttttccacc gaccttccca aatgacagca tcctctggga gccaggcagg     88260
     gtgtcctttt tctcccttct cttgtttgtc catgcaagca tggtcttggg accaagtccc     88320
     agtgtctaaa tcaattgagg aatgtgtggg gctggtaggc cctgtgtgtc tgtaacccgt     88380
     tttctgggtc acgtgtcctt ccagtgtctt cccagccagg gtcggagatc tcggttcaca     88440
     tccccaagca gagactgggt ctggtcaaaa gaggatccct cgttgaagag tctctgagtc     88500
     ccaggttcct tcaggtacag cagactgaca ccttcacagt ggctgaggac agggactttg     88560
     tgattgtcag cataccgtca atgaggctgc ttcaggacca ggtcagtgtc ctgaggacgc     88620
     ctttatgcta ttccctctga ggctgcctgc ttgggctaca gttagagcca gaagtcagaa     88680
     atgcagagag caggtctttg ggggctggct gggaggtggc ctctccattc agaccctaga     88740
     ggttcagctt ggttttggag gtggccccaa tgaggacagc catagggcat gggtataatc     88800
     ttgtcacatg taacctgtgt cttgctgccc tacagccatg ccaaaaggcc agagaatccc     88860
     cggggacaca agctttctac agggtagacc tgagcctgga ctttgcagag atggactccc     88920
     cagtacactg gacggtagag aactttttcc agtgtgtggg taagtaagga accctgaaag     88980
     tgtgcctgct ggttacaggc acgtgccaca caaggtcgca tttcctgctc tgggtttgtt     89040
     ctcctatgat aaattttcat tctctggatg ggagatgcag gcagcttagt gattctgtca     89100
     ggcatgctgc tggagctagc tgggataaag agaggcctgg gtactgaatg gggaacaggt     89160
     acccggctgt gggtggaaga agggacgtgc tacagcatgg ggcttttaaa aacatttgtt     89220
     tgtgtggggt tttgcttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgttttgt tttgtttttc agaggtggag     89280
     tttctctgtg tagccctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc tggcctcaaa ctcagaaatc     89340
     tgcctgcctg tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaagtgtg cgtcaccact gccctgcttg     89400
     ttatgttttt gagacaggtt tctctgtgta tccctggcca tctggaactc attctctaga     89460
     ccaggctggc ctagaaactc agagatttgc ctgcctctgc ctccagagtg atgggataaa     89520
     aggcgtgcgc caccaccacc cagcttttgt ttgtttgttt gttttgcttg catacacgtc     89580
     tacataccat atgtgtacta gtgtgcatga aacctgaaga ggatttcttt tttttttttt     89640
     tttttaactt ttttttgttt ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtatagccct ggctgtcctg     89700
     gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgtctccc     89760
     aagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgcgccacca cgcccggctc ctgaagagga tttctgatgg     89820
     cctggaactg gagctacagt tagttgggtg ctgccgtgtg ggtgctggaa ccatctcttc     89880
     actgcgcagc tttttctttc caacaaggga tctggagatc tgaactccgc tccttgtatt     89940
     ctgtgtggca accactttac ccactagcct ctcctctagt catttacttt tattctgaga     90000
     cagagtcttt tttttgtttt gttttgtttt gttttttgtt tttcaagaca gagtttctct     90060
     gtgtagtcct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctgacctcg aactcagaaa     90120
     tccacctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attacaggca tgtgccacca ctgcccggcc     90180
     tgagacagag tcttatgtgg agctttggtt gttcttaaac ttcctctgcc actctggtac     90240
     tgggttggca agcatgtgtc tgccacttct ctgaatggta tcagaggttt tgattttgtt     90300
     tgttttgttt tgttttgtga gatagtcagt gactcacttg gtccaggctg tccttgaact     90360
     caccacctag tcaaaggtca catagaattt ctggtccttc tgcctctagc ccacaagtgc     90420
     tgggattacg ggcatgtgcc accacatcta gtttatgaag tactggggat ccaaccgggg     90480
     gcttcacgta tattgggcta acactcttcc cactgagcta catccctacc tagttcccac     90540
     ttcagtcact tttcccccaa tctggaacat aagggtctca gagtctgtca caaacactgc     90600
     tctggaaagt ggaggctcag gtgaaggcct ggtctgtacc tgtatgcccc atttccattt     90660
     tggtgtgtcc tgtcgtctct gtgtgggctc cagttcctca ggtcagtcag tgcctcagac     90720
     gtcttagtcc aaagctttgc agtgcatcct gcatacacgg ggacgccagg taaacactgt     90780
     gtgtgtgaac gccacacgag atgctgcgac cctgccttga agcaggggtt tttttggtga     90840
     aagctgcgct accagaaaac ctggtattca cacgtgcaaa accaccagga gcaaaaccca     90900
     ttcgaatcca gcacgaggaa atacacataa ttcacaaatg atgtcaatca ctttcatctc     90960
     agacttccta actgtcctca atagaagaca gacggaaggg agattggact cagatgttag     91020
     tagtgcaaga atgccctgtt accaggatat gatgtctcgg tgctgcataa aaatgtaatt     91080
     atattcagaa ctatatttaa agattaaaag ggggactgcc taccacatct agccccaaac     91140
     tcggaattag aaacaaagac aaagccagga tgggttgggg gtgggggcag ggaggggtgt     91200
     taggacgggt cacgttctaa cccgtgtgct aaaaacggaa atatttctca aaagtttttt     91260
     gcatgtttcg gcgcttttgt tttaacagat tcctgcggca ctgatattga ttttgaaagg     91320
     gagggttgga acgctacccg gccagtatgc agtcagcgct cagaggccac cagatggggg     91380
     gggggggtgg gtctctccag cagcctgtga gcggagataa gagacttcta agaaatctct     91440
     gggagggcag gtggtctcag tgggcggtgc caagcgtgag atggactttg tcctggcctc     91500
     tgaagggtag gtaggctctt cacagggaga taatgaataa aataccaaaa tagcaaaagc     91560
     aataaaaaca ttttaggaag attttttttt cctccctggg aagatttaca ctgggaaaga     91620
     atgttccctt tctggtttta ttaatttcat atcagcagcc ggaatgaatc tctctcctcc     91680
     ttggtcccca gcgcacctcc tctgaacctc ccctgcagtt tctagggctt tctgttcttt     91740
     ttatagtctc tgcgccgagt tctcctgact tcctctgcag tctggaagcc tagagatcag     91800
     gagctgctgt gtctcctgta gtttttcttc tccagctttc tccatcttgc ctttagtaac     91860
     tacttagtga gtgcttgtta gacccaattt tcaccaggag ttttcacaga atgcttttct     91920
     attgtcaata tgtgatttgt gagttacaat atggatggac tgtccaagtg cctgtggtta     91980
     tccttttaga tttcttcctc ttcctcttct tcttcttcct cttctcctcc tccttcttct     92040
     cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct ccttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct     92100
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ctcctcttct tcttctcctc ctcctccttc ttcttctcct     92160
     tctcctcctt cttctcctcc tcctcctcct tcttcttctt cttcttcgtc ttctcctcct     92220
     cctccttctt cttctccttc ttcttctcct tctcctcctc ctccttcttc ttcttcttct     92280
     tcttcatctt ctcctcctcc tccttcttct tctccttctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct     92340
     cctcctcctc ctcctccttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct     92400
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcctct cttcctcctc ttcttcctcc tccacttcct     92460
     cctttgtgtg aatgctagtt ttgcctgcac atgtgtctat gtaccatgtt tgtacctggt     92520
     accttcaaag ttaaagaggt caccagatcc cctggaactt acaaactaca tgtggttgtg     92580
     acctaccacg tgggtgctgg aaactgaacc caggtcctct gaaagagcag caagtgctct     92640
     taactaccag gctgtctctt caggcccagg ttacagattt tttttttttt tttttttttt     92700
     tttttttttg gtttttggag acagggtttc tctgcatagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca     92760
     ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatccacct gtctctgctt cccgagtgct     92820
     gagattaaag gcgtgtgcca ccacacccgg ctgatttttt ttaagtctcc ctctttccct     92880
     gacaaaatca aaaccaaaac caaaccagtg tttaagagca acctaagtgt ttcagaggca     92940
     gctcttgaga gcaatggagt aagtggggtg cccaacccta gaaaagaaag tcgatggtag     93000
     tgtgtgtgtg gctatagtta tcttcacctt ctgaagtcga ggtgaatgct aggaaaatgg     93060
     ctcagcaggt aaaggtgctt gctgcctagc ctgaagttcg aatccccaca cccacatagc     93120
     agaagggaag aagtgactcg ggcaagttgt cctggagatg tacaaaaagt gtagcgtgtg     93180
     tgcttcccgg taataaaact tttaaatatg caaatgagag aacctggagg aaagtgtcca     93240
     tggggtcagg taaggtgtat aaaccagtga gggtctggac tcccagggct cagggtgagg     93300
     atgatacggt atgggtggaa gaagcaggag ccatcagact tccccagaag agacaggctg     93360
     acttctctga agatgtgact gagaggtttc ttgtaaggag gtagaccacg atgccatgtc     93420
     tgttcatttt tccatgtaac gctgattaca gaaagtgttc tctaagagct gggcgtggtg     93480
     tcccatgcct atgacctcag ctttggggtc cgagacagga ggaaggatgg tgaggtcgag     93540
     aatagcctga gctacatatg gaaatccggt cacaaacaac aacacaacaa aaccggtaca     93600
     aaatctcact gttttaacca acctacagcc tgaaccaaga atgttgaatg actatagcct     93660
     aggcctacag attaggagtt gctacttagc aggtctaggg aatgctacca gcatctggta     93720
     cccagaggcc aggggtgctg ctggtcatct taaaatgtac aaggtgcccc caccccactg     93780
     gacaacatgg tctggtctag aacatcaaca atatttggaa tggctaacct gagaatgagt     93840
     ggacatggaa aaattaccca gttctgattg attcttgggc tgggccaatc agtgtatgat     93900
     acctcaaagt aggagagggc tgtgtgctaa aaccatctgg tagcatccag gctggtcttt     93960
     gcaaagtgtg gatttatgta ttctaagttt gttggttttc gaaagggagt ctcaagccgg     94020
     gactggcctt gaacttgcta ttccaggttg gccttgaact tttttttttt ttctagacag     94080
     ggtttctctg tgtagtcctg gctgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggcctcga     94140
     actcagaaat ctgcctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gcgccaccac     94200
     gcccggctgg ccttgaactt ttgatgcttt gtcaacactt tgcgagttgc taggatcttt     94260
     ggcttatgcc aggaaggctc ttgcatgttg ggcaaacgct ctgccaattt aactgcattt     94320
     ctagcctata ctggttaaat gtaaaggcct gtgagagtca gctgtgagac agctcctatc     94380
     tcagtgctgg gcactgacca ccaagcttct gctcttctcg gaaggggatg gatgctcacg     94440
     gccttcatgg ctggcgtcag gaagactttt acctccttag ggggaaggct gacctctgct     94500
     ttccattttg acaggatcaa gggaagactc acttttctca acagtcacac caaggactac     94560
     tcttcccacc cagtcccctg gatgggagac tacaccggca gaaacgccac ccgctgcctc     94620
     tcccccactc cagaccccac agatggctgt cttggaggag ccccctcagc attttgtgca     94680
     ccagtctgct aaagagtcca ccaaggcaaa ttgtgtcctc tgtgtgatgt tccccagcca     94740
     agggtctggt ccccacaagg cagggacagc tccaattggg cctaatccct ttcttactca     94800
     accagtcatt caaggacaat cacactgcca ccttctccag ccactcccca ctagtcacac     94860
     ttctttctta agctcagagt gttccccagg gaatttggag acctagaaag ctcccaccta     94920
     agggcagacc ctttcacctg tcttctttgg ctctcagcct ttctgtatct tgaggtgtga     94980
     tctgaggatg cagcagtaaa gacagcagct gtatccacac acagaggtca ggaactgagg     95040
     agcgcctggt agcaggaatc ccggaggcag ggctagaagt ccagcctgag gctagccaca     95100
     cccaaatcca tttctgggct gaggtctgca gtgtggccag ggagggccgt aggcttttat     95160
     ttctgatgcc ttttctctct ctgcagcagg aactggcagc agcatttatg caaataaccc     95220
     gacctgccag aggaagctgg gtgtcaatgg cttccccttc ctccagtgca atgcaggagc     95280
     accaaggtcc tcagacgcct ccagagaaag cagacttaag tccacatccc cagactccgg     95340
     ctacactctc ctcagaacac actgaagttt cccaggctgg ccctggcccc tcacattacg     95400
     tttccctggc tcccaattcc ctgagcacac atttgtcttc agaaataact tcttctctgt     95460
     ggccttcctg gccatctgat gggcccccaa tgctcctgag ttctgaacca tctgttaagc     95520
     taactgaagt tccaagagct acgagagctg gtcaggactc tattcagcca tcaagaagtc     95580
     ccttcccacc gggagaattg tcaagagaga ctgtgaattc aacagagtcc actgagccca     95640
     tcccgaggga gcctgcctac atcagagagg agtttccgcc attcacaaag tccttcatga     95700
     gcagcctggc tgaagagggg ttgattttcc accctgaccc caagagacct caggagagac     95760
     ccatagtcaa ggctgagaaa cctttgcaga atgaccatgg tccctctgga gaggagacca     95820
     gacactacct cgacctgtca acttcagaac caagccagga aatgaaagag ctgggggtgg     95880
     atgccacatt caccacctca agaaggaggc agccagatgc cagggcctat ctggggacct     95940
     cacgtccaga gctcactggg agacccaggg tgggcacagc agctctccag acaacacttc     96000
     acaagggcct tctggcttcc acttctgaga ggcctgcagc cccttctgaa ggagccctac     96060
     agctagagtc agcaccttcg tggcctgagg gctggcatga tctgggggct gcacacacag     96120
     ccagtcccct gtcttcacat acccacagcc ctctggttcc tacacaagcc atgtttcccg     96180
     gctccgatga gcctggaaac agcctccctg ggagtcaggg gtcagtggaa tccagattgc     96240
     tccccacaac tgatagccat cagtctcctg agctttagga tgtgcggagg ggtgctctga     96300
     gaggcccctg tgctggagac ttcggggctg agtcatagga gtgtccaggg aggggaggat     96360
     gagaggaaag ggagggcgtg gtttgatacg ctcacacttc ccttcaggaa gccggctggg     96420
     acaggacagg agcccttggc ctccttgagc tggtccagct atgctttacg tctttctctg     96480
     ttagatctgg gaaggcatct gggcaggatg ctggccctat agctgggccc acccatgtct     96540
     agggctccgg tctccactct agttctacta gcctttctga gccttagttt ccccatcaat     96600
     gaatggcaat gatattaact cccccacagt ggctttattg atggtggtgg tggggcggtt     96660
     cctgaacaag gatcacataa agtgtggagc cctgcccaag tgtgccagga accccagggg     96720
     agggggacgg agtgacactg ctttgctttc tgtccatcac atccggtggt ttctatggca     96780
     gcagctggtt cccttctggc ttggctagac ccactgacct gcagtgaccc agagctccca     96840
     aactctgtgg cccacgagcc cagctgtggc caggcgtggt gacctgggcc ggaatcccac     96900
     tcagtgtttc cttgagaggg cagtgcggtg ccctccccac cccccccacc cccccacccc     96960
     ccccaccccc caccccccac ccccaggccg acctgtggct ggaagtggga tttgaaatgc     97020
     agccaaggag aggaggccgg cagcaaagcc agcccggaat gcgagctaaa taaataaata     97080
     aataatcagg gttgtcttgg ctgataaacg gtccctacct cgaagatgac ttctccccgt     97140
     gcgtgccccc cttcttcctc tttctccggg cagatccatc ccaggcagag gcttaatagc     97200
     cccatttaag gctttccctt ttcaccactg aattgagctg cttctgccat tacaaggttt     97260
     tcagcttctc tctgaaatca aattactgac tccatttaat tttttaaaag ctcagatgat     97320
     ttcccttctt gaatccgaac cgtgactcca aggccagccc tctctccggc ctcccccgcc     97380
     cggtccccca acaggcgcat ctcctgtgga taaccgctgc ccagggatgg tggccctcat     97440
     gccagggcaa gcctgacacc tagaggggga agcccacaga tggtagccca ggtcccacat     97500
     ccggacacat ggctgggtgg tctcggcttc ccctgggaat gtgaactcac aggagtcgag     97560
     ggagcccacg ttgacacact ttcacaggac agtgagatca gtggtcagag cccagcctga     97620
     tgctctggac tcatgatcat tctgcagggc cccaccctgc actgccacca tgtgttgttc     97680
     aggactacat cctttgacag atgttcatgg agctgggcct ctgtatcagg tatgttccag     97740
     cttaaggagg tcctctacct ctagacagag aaaagtcctt tattctttct ttctttcttt     97800
     cttttttttt tttttttttg gtctttcaag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc     97860
     ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatctgcct gcctctgcct     97920
     cctgagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgtgcca ccacgccagg caagtccttt attcttgtga     97980
     gtgtgtgcgt ttgagcgcgc atgtgtgcgt gtgcatgtgt gtgtgtgttc tagcagtgga     98040
     gatgtaataa tcacacgaga caattccaga tgtttcccag tgctctgaag agaaccaagc     98100
     aagcatctgg gtcaagggtt gctttgagtg agaatgtcag aaggcaccaa ggcgaaagaa     98160
     ggtcaaaggc aaactcagaa agagcccagg agtcaggcgt aaggtatggt gtcacaggcc     98220
     tgtgagccca gcgctccgga tactgacgca gaaggcgcta gaggccattg ggagctgcaa     98280
     aatgaaaccc tgtctcaaaa ataaggtcaa acaatccctc ccactgggaa aaggaaagaa     98340
     atatctaggt gaggtcatct aggccaaggg acataaatta caaaggtgcc agggagacag     98400
     aaggtcactg gagacagcat ttaagcagga tgttgtggaa accctgtagg gtttgaacgc     98460
     cttgaaggag actgagtttc cctctgacct cagggagcat cttataatgt atgcctttag     98520
     gcgacaagtg gtcgtatatg gatactttac aaagggggcc atggctaaat ggttggtcag     98580
     aggggcaagc ataggcacca agaacctgga gaacaggggc tgactggttc aggacttgcc     98640
     tgctctccta aaaggaaagt gtctctccag gtctcttctg catcactcag ttccctgcag     98700
     ttcctgtgga tgcatgagat gtggctggta ggagaggggc tatgccttcc gtctttcgtc     98760
     tccaccttgg tacaatgctg cctcggggag tcacttgtat cttcactttc tctgccactc     98820
     acctctcctc gtctccactt cttcaaggcc acctagcttt gggacatcac agaccagggc     98880
     ataaacacat aacccagaag ttctgtgaac cttgagctcg ttcccaagtc ctgagtgtat     98940
     tgtaccaacc tgcatccttg gacaccagac aaagggcatg gagttaatga agtcatcagg     99000
     ccccaagtga tgatagatag agctcagcag gcagagaact cgcctagcgt gaggctcagg     99060
     gctttgatcc ccagcacagc ggtggtacac atctggaatt ccagcacacc agaggtggaa     99120
     gttcaagctc attttgagct acatggcaca ttcaagacca gcttgacata ggtaaataag     99180
     actatatcaa gccgggcatg gtgacacacg cctttcaatc ccagcactcg ggaggcagag     99240
     gcaggcggat ttttttctga gttcgaggcc agtctggtct acaaagtgag ttccaggaca     99300
     gccagggtta tacagagaaa ccctgtctcg aaaaaccaaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa     99360
     acaagtctgt atcaaaataa aataaaataa aataaaataa aatgaaataa aataaaatga     99420
     tcgctatgaa tggtccagca attcccaggg caggaagagg ctaggcctgg cttggcctgg     99480
     gctctggatg ctcttctcag gcagaataaa caataggcag ccatttcttt cccctcagct     99540
     aactctcctc accctctcaa aagtgggaag tcttctttaa ttaaaaagtg ctcggggttc     99600
     catgcaggac tcctgttctc ttttaagacg taacaacact gactctatgg cccctcctac     99660
     acttgatgtg ccagggccag aatggtaccc atgaccaatt ctggggctat ggcaggcata     99720
     ctcgtgaaca tcgtccctgc cttggggaca tctaattttc ttgccgagac ctcccaggtc     99780
     ttgcaggcag gcatctgttt atgcctgaca catctgtgtg ccgtgacatc gtggaaaggg     99840
     gttctgtggg gttggggttg tggggtctta gccagtctag gctattcaat gtgattagac     99900
     atcatttggg tcccttgggt tctaatcttc tcctccccag agtctcagcc agtaagcata     99960
     catacactgt acttcttcct tgtctgtcct gcgcagcagt caacacagcc agaaaatccc    100020
     tgggtttgcc tctgtgagta ccaagcctgt ggccctggac tctcagatgt cctctgcttc    100080
     ccgtgatggc ttcctgtcac ggcataccct tttagcgccg gctgcaagtc tctgttgggt    100140
     atttgaatct cacttaaact ggaactgtac ttattatcaa ctcagtaatt ctccagatta    100200
     gggagtaacc gaactcccga tcctctatct tccgagtgct gggattacag gcatgaacgg    100260
     ccttgccata tgtcactcat ataaggctgg acatggaacc ggaggcatcg tgcatgctag    100320
     gcaagaaccc taccaactga actatgtctc aggcctatct cctctcccca gccctccttt    100380
     ttcctctttg gagacccagg gtgagccatt ccacacccca gcactgtgcc cttcagagtg    100440
     aggtccccag ccagcaatgc ctacattccc tgggaattca ctagaaacac aaatcactag    100500
     ggtggttttg tttttgtttt gttttgagac agggtgtcat gtagcccagg ctgccctgga    100560
     accctctgtg tagccaaggc tgaccttgaa tttctgatct tccagttttc cttctctcag    100620
     ttaaagagat tacagccaag tcccaccctg ctcagtttag atatgcaaat tattaaactt    100680
     ggaatgtccc tcagttacca aagtctagct gggccactgc attatcttaa cgaatgaatt    100740
     ggaccacacc ccagatgaca gatcaagaaa ttcagtcagt gaggcctgat agtttgcatt    100800
     ctaacaagac ttcctgtgga ttcaggaggt gctccattgc acacaagaaa acaactgcta    100860
     gggagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    100920
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagaggagac tggtactccc taagtcaaag aactcctttg    100980
     cctctaaaat aaaggctaca ttctgtttca aagtcttgcc accaccatct gcccactgta    101040
     agcaggacca cccctttgag gaagaaagaa acgattgttt ccattttatg gatgcagaaa    101100
     ctgaggctca cagcctgatc caaggtcaca tagatagctg gaaaatagta actcaaggtc    101160
     ttcatattct taggcaagga atccttccag cacaccttga gtcttcagaa ttcctttaga    101220
     ccaaagaaac aaacccaggt cctattggcc aggaaggaga tctgccttcc agctttctgc    101280
     ccaatttcca gttgcaatca caagagagag catccaggaa gcataaattt tgcctggcag    101340
     ttgagtaaga gctctgaaag gagttacacg tcagggagat gggactttat ttctcaatga    101400
     aatagccttt ttatggctgg aataaaagtg ccaggggagc ctaatgccag gaagcagaaa    101460
     gcacatttga taaactcctc cagccagggc ggggctgcat gggaactcac cgcagagttc    101520
     cccacgacac cagtgcatgc ttctctgtag atccgagtcc tgcctgggag agatcttggt    101580
     taaaggtggt ggtggggtcg tgggcggcgg tcctcgtggc ccttctagat ggagaatggc    101640
     tgacactgga ccccagagcc tgaagctggg tctccagtta aaagtggagc tgcaatgtaa    101700
     agagcagcca gcagggggca gcataacaca ctgttccagc ctgacctggg gctgctacaa    101760
     gggttggggg cttaggggtg ggggggcctc tggggtacaa ccctcagaag aggtcagcgg    101820
     taactctctc cctaggaagt cttcctcctc ctttcagctt ttctcttcag ccttttccta    101880
     tcaaagaaca gttccccata aggtggggta gggtttccct cccctgtctt gcccactctc    101940
     tggctgtctt cttaagcttc gacaagttta tctttggact tgactaaccc attgatttcc    102000
     tcccaatggg gtctttcaga tagtcttagt gtaactacgt gcaaatgggc agagtttgta    102060
     ggttttgggg gcaccacctt catagtcccg gggcggcggt ggggagggtg ggggcgcgag    102120
     aaaatcctga agggcaaagg cagcagggaa atctcctttc tgagtgtgtg tgattggcag    102180
     gtttacggcc tcaggaaggt gcgtggtatt ccgcacaatc aagtcatttt taaaaataat    102240
     ctccctgctt aggtcgaaca tgctgctaat tgcattttaa taagtctctt aaaatcttgc    102300
     catatttttt aatatcctaa tattaggtaa gtgattgcgg gggacactgg agggcacggg    102360
     gagtttatgt aacagaggga ggactctaga gaagctgggg gctgggggtg gctgccaagt    102420
     ggcctgtggt gtgtgtccca gaagggtgtc tgcatttatg tgtgtgtgga atacaggggg    102480
     catgagtgcg tgtccgccca gagtgtatcc ggggtatgca tcctcaaaac tggcagtgct    102540
     tgagtgtctt tctttggcca ctaaatcaag aatctacgaa ggaggcagat tgagcccccc    102600
     caaactggag caccagagtc tgaaaagacc cctgaccagc ttgtctttcc caagaccaac    102660
     ccccctgggc taagagaggg gccacttagc gagacagaga acccaagccg caggcttgtg    102720
     aggccagccc cagactctgg ctgtgccagc aggacctagc atcccagact actgctctaa    102780
     ctctgccctg ctcaataatg tgagaagcac tggtgggcag ttcccctggg gagctcccca    102840
     cacacctggc atttttcgct gaccgctttc ccctaagtgg ccctataggg tgggttggag    102900
     tggactcagc tgagaaatgg cagagatgac gattgaatct accgtcagct cctgtggtta    102960
     gtggagacag attcactgac tctctctctc tctctctctc tctcacacac acacacacac    103020
     acacacacac atacacacac acacacacac acacacgtaa gcatgcacat atatgtgcgt    103080
     gaatgcaggt gtcggtggag gccagaggca tcagataaac tggatgtgga gttaaagcag    103140
     taagctataa ggcacctgct gtgggtgcta gggattgaac ttgggtcctt tgggagacca    103200
     acctgtgagc tcttaaccac tgtgccatct ctttaggttc ccctcctttt tactgacctg    103260
     agccatctcc acagcccctg gcagagaggc tcatcctgtc tggtcaggag ggtgagctgg    103320
     ggctccaggg acttcctgca cagccaagca tccaggcctc tggacaccaa gtgagacagc    103380
     agaggagact ggcagaagct ggggagctgg cctggccata gcatgacccc tgaactgcct    103440
     gttactacag accaggctcc tcagaccaaa gtccatgtct accctactca gtctctggaa    103500
     gtcagaggcc tggaaggatt ctgctggggt cacggggcca agcctatcag ctattctttg    103560
     gactagtggg ggttcctgga tgcctctact ggccctggcc atcctcctgc ctcctcctcc    103620
     ttatccacac caccagcccg ggtgggaggc acatgttgag cgatcttctg aacaggaagt    103680
     cagcgtccag gtcggcccga gtcccttttc atgtggtttc tttaatcccc cgggctgggt    103740
     ttcagaagcg ttttatagtt tcagttttac aaagctacgc tccctttaat gttagcgtgt    103800
     tcaagaggtg gggggagagg gcttcagtca aaacatgtgt gctctacacc agccagctgc    103860
     ggggccatgc agcccaggga ggagagccgg caatatggcc tccaggctcc taacgtgggg    103920
     cctggatgga tggggaatgc catccactgg cctctctcgc aagctcatgc ttacctgttc    103980
     ctggtcctca ccatggtcgg tggtgccaga atcccaactt ccttcccatc tggtgcttca    104040
     tttgggcagg aggatgctgg cttttgcttt cacacctggg tcttacccac caacatactg    104100
     ggtggctatt cacttagtgt cttcccctta catagacacg acctaagcag atatagccag    104160
     gaaatggttc gtttgacatg tcagttatat ctgaatggtc tacacacata tacacacaca    104220
     cacacacacc tcaaatatat aactttattt tctttttttt ttttccggga cagggtttcc    104280
     ctggctgttc tggaattcac tttgtaaacc aagctggttt cgaacatcaa ccacatagat    104340
     ccgcctgcct ctgcctctca agttctggga ttaaaggtgt gggccaccac acctggcaca    104400
     aatatatata acttttaaat gaaaagaaaa atgtaaaatt ataccattgc catgcatgtt    104460
     ccggggaagt caggacaaat atgcctcctt ctctggaaaa gaattttttt ttttttttta    104520
     ggttttcaag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctctgtagac    104580
     caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatccgcct gccttgcctc cttagtgtta ggattatagg    104640
     catgcataac cactgcctgg cttaaattcg acctttaaaa aattacattt atttatttat    104700
     ttgttgcagg gaggggagca tgtgtgtgcc atggcacaga agcagaggcc atcttgcagg    104760
     agtcaggtct ctctttccat caggtgggac ccaaggagtc atgacatcag ccttggaggc    104820
     aagtacctgt accctctgag ccatccccca cccccacccc ccaccccccg cctgaaggag    104880
     acagtctagc ctttgacact gcgtcgtcgt catcatcgtc gtcgtcgagg gttgtgcaat    104940
     atgattttgt gttggggctc catctgaagt aatcctgggg tgtatgaagc cctgtgcatt    105000
     tgccacatct ggtagaggca tctatcttgg gaggatgtca agtgtgttcc ctacctgcag    105060
     ggtctatctg caaggctacc gctcttcttc ctgggctaac cctgagtaca gggaggagaa    105120
     ggaccaggct tcctggaagt gaattgggtg gagagaacag acttcggagt taccgagtcc    105180
     tggcttacat ccctgttgtg ctttctcctc agagtgctgc catgggtgag tgtcagtgtg    105240
     cctcggggct tcgagccttt gtcttcctac ctgtggcatg ggaacagcaa catgggtgca    105300
     gagacagtga agagagagag agagccagta tcaccttctg gtttggaagc ctgagagcct    105360
     cgttctgagc cactttgttt ctgaccccag cctttgcttt gctatgggtc ctgccttctc    105420
     caccagaggc aggaagagct ggcatggagc tgctgggcag cacgggccct gcttccccac    105480
     atctagtgtg cggacagaac tatgttccag cctgggctgg tgagtaaagc tctggtctgc    105540
     agatgctgtg ctcctaacaa ggcacaccct ttcacccttg ctggccccag agttctatgg    105600
     acattccatg gtctccagct gcttataccc aagagccgtg ggcacagtgt ctgctctcag    105660
     ttaccaccct cagtagccat ggctgcccac cgctcctcgc ctccctgatg gagtcttggg    105720
     ggtgctgttc tcggaactgg ttccctctcc tgagaggcca tggacagtgg gttcggaagg    105780
     aataatgaca gcggtggatg atatggccaa acacttccag tgtgacggac agagccgagc    105840
     ccttgccttg acacatttcc ttgtctgcct tgtgtcactc acacgggggt gggggtaggg    105900
     gtgagggtag ggatgggggt gggaaatcga gggcagtgcc tggcacaggg taagccctca    105960
     agaagatttg ctaggactgg agtgatgctt cccgcagtct aacgagcatg gggacctgag    106020
     ttcaacaccc cacccccacc cccaagaccc atgtggtctt ggaaaaagtc gggtatggca    106080
     gagtgcctgg aatcccagaa gtggggaggt ggagagagca ggacacctgg ggcttgccag    106140
     tctagccaaa tcaggaagtt cagattcaag gagcgaccgg gtctcagaaa gtgagttgga    106200
     gagttatggc gactgcaggc atgcgcagtg cgcacacaat ttgccgaggg acagaggctt    106260
     gaggagaagg cgtgggcgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtggggg ttgtcggtgg ccgatcgcca    106320
     ccctcctcct gtgtttcttc tccaggaatg gttggtaacg gtgggtgtca ccacctgaag    106380
     tatgtgccac caatggtatt atggcacagg tctagacgcc acaccttctc ccttcgtttt    106440
     gggtgagtct gtccacttac cccccctagc cacccaggag agaactaccc tgggccacgg    106500
     gccccttctg tccccccagg gcagtgaagg gctgggcgct ggccctgcta cagctgcttg    106560
     gggcccaggg aggagagaat caaaggcagg ccatgtgggc ccctgctttc atctctcagc    106620
     ttcaaagagg tgcaaacaaa ccctgtcccc atgccaggcg ctgcagcagc tcgccgctgc    106680
     ttacagcccc agcctgtcct tccccatacg ctcttccttc ccagaaggaa gacagggcct    106740
     aaatcctggt cgctggacac ccagaaggcc gggattgctc gcagagcagg caatgccgtg    106800
     caggggccat ggtgcagcaa aaggcgggtc tgacaggcgg gaataggggt ggggtggtgg    106860
     cgcaaggcca aggcgactga aacccttcat ctcacacttt cccactgtgg gccagcctgg    106920
     gatctgggac ccacacactc tgaatagaac cttccagtca ggaggtgcac tgctcagggt    106980
     ggggggggtc atgcgtggct cttgagcacc tggggtgcga cccctgagag tatagaaggg    107040
     tgtggcacag ctcatgtgtc acttttacac cagttcccac tgaaatgaag acaatggata    107100
     ctactggggt taaaaatgtt actaagatga accaccaggt ccccctgacc cctttgaatg    107160
     tgtgccaagg acgttgaaaa cggcccggga ttcactttac tcctctgaga gcattcagct    107220
     ccgggttgca ttcccattct gcagatgaag ggtctgaagc tcaaggggtt ttgtcgtttg    107280
     gttccgaggt gacgctcaac cagggatgga tagacaggtt ggcagctggg gcaaggtgtg    107340
     tgatgctgac tttcaggggg agacacagat gagccctggt catgagcaga ctctggtcca    107400
     gagcttggtg ggcgtgaccg tagagtcagc tcccagttcc cgaggacact ctggcctccg    107460
     aacaacaggg agagatagat gtgcctcatg agggatgtgc ggttcagacc gtgctgggtt    107520
     ttgctgcttc acctgatgtg tggtcttgga tcaggattca tttatttatt tgtttgtctg    107580
     ttagttttga gatagagtct tttgtagccc aggctggcct taagctccct acatagatga    107640
     aagtgaccct gaactttgat cgtttctctc ggtctgcctg ggcactgggt tccttctccc    107700
     aaggctgatt ccctcctgcc ttctgggact gtcatttctt ccttgaccct ctctgacccc    107760
     atccacacac cctcccaact ctatttctga ggtcctgagg cccgtgagtg tggctttggg    107820
     acttcgaatt ggaacgtccc caggtagaca agcctcaggg ctgctctaat acaggatctg    107880
     ggagaggaca gaaggggttc agcacaccaa tcggggaggg tacgtggaag ctccagtgaa    107940
     ggagtagagg gaccagggct cctggatggg acttggaagg ctgtagtggg tgctgtgaaa    108000
     tcccagggca ccccaagaag agggagggca gtcaccataa aggtctgagg gcaatgagat    108060
     gaaatatgct cgtggtggaa gccaagaagc aaggtcaggt cactggggac cccagtgggc    108120
     agaaaacttg ctaaaggctg aaggaggggg gctgctccca cagctggaga ataggggttc    108180
     ccagaggtgg tagcaggaag tgagtcaatt ggaaccaaac agggccaatg ggaaccagat    108240
     gtgattaggg tcgggggctg gtgcagggag agatgttttc tctttccttc caagctgtgg    108300
     ctgggggaag gggatagggt acagcatggt gttctttccc ccaccccact cccaccctgt    108360
     ctccacctct ggctcagtgt agcatcagga gcttaagata aaccagcagt ccccaacagg    108420
     taaggaaagc cacggctggg aaggagtttg tacaattgcc caggtgcccc acagacagtc    108480
     tccaggaggc agggcagggc acgaccctcc cgccctagcc tctgcctgta gctaaggagg    108540
     ttcttgggga tccaggctct tggggtacag actgcctcac cctagttgct tgcctgctgg    108600
     tattgcaggt tccttgctgc ttggctttag aatctaggct cagtgcctgg ttctacacac    108660
     tttcctcttt gatccttagg ttggaccaag tattcaatcc atattcccag ggcccttagt    108720
     gctttttgtt tggtttttgt ttttgttttg agacttgtga ctagcctgta actcactgta    108780
     gatcggttgg ccttgaactt gaagcaatcc tctgcctcta ctttctaagt gcttggatta    108840
     tagatgtgta ctaccacccc cagcttcctt ctatattttg tttattggtt gattgattga    108900
     gacagatctg tagcccagat tgacctgttt gctatgtagt tgaggatgac cttggacccc    108960
     caaacctcct acttcttata agtcagtggt tctcaacctg tgagttgcaa ctcctttaga    109020
     ggtcacatat cagatatctt gaatatcaga tgtatacatt acaatgcata acagtagcaa    109080
     agttacagtt acgaagtaac aacagaagta attttccacc acagcgtgag gaagtgtgtt    109140
     aaagggtcac agtgtaggaa ggttgagaat cacactctaa atgcttggat ctaaggcatg    109200
     tgccagcaca ccagatttat atgaagctag ggattgaacc caagctgccc catcagccct    109260
     cagtggagtt tgtggtatag gattttaact ccttccagtg agttgcttag aatcctcctt    109320
     ctcatccacc gctctcagca ctgaggcaga aggacagagc ctatagccac acccccagac    109380
     ctccctcata cctgctttcc tactttaatt ctgggggtca ctttgaaaca cacagagagg    109440
     gagagggaga gggagaggga gagggagagg gagagggaga agaaggagaa gaaggagaag    109500
     aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag    109560
     aagaagaaga agaagacaga gtccttcacc agttaatgct tacaaccccc ccccccaaaa    109620
     aaaaggcaag ccagccaggc tgtggtggca cccagggcta cacagagaac ccctgtctca    109680
     aaaaacgaaa acaacacaga gtcatggaac ataaatgtga aaggtcccct tgcctgggct    109740
     ggtaccccag gctctcccaa ccatgacggc cactgtttgg cttggtgcag gcttttcaag    109800
     tcctgagtgc tcatgtgcaa aaacacaaca gtgagcttgc ccccttgctg ctgctaagaa    109860
     cacagctcag tggcaccaag gacgctcgtc cccgaggcgc ttctccagac ccttttacct    109920
     ttctcccgct gaagccctgc ccagggcaca gcttgctccc cctcgcccct tccagcccct    109980
     gctttacttc ctgtctctgt gaaacctgac tgctctgggc acttcaagac aacagaatca    110040
     ctctctacct tctgtgtttg aaacatgtca cctaggaaac tgtccccaag actccctgtg    110100
     ttgtagcagg tgtcaggatg tctaaatcct taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagagtccct    110160
     ggaaatgcaa ttcagttcat cgttcgagcg tttggcaagc tcgcacaaag ccctggattc    110220
     cactctggcg ctgggcagac tgggtgtggt agcgcacgcc cacagtgctg tcttgaatag    110280
     gtatcctggc atgtcgatgt agctatgtgc agaatgtatg ttgttcaaac aaagcatatt    110340
     tccctgtttt tattatgtgc atatgtacac atatgtgttc gtgaacacat gtatgtgtgt    110400
     gctcatgtgt gtgctgggtc tgagtgtaca tgtgtgttta caagcatgtg gaggccagag    110460
     gacagatcag gcactgtgct caggaatgtg gtctaccttc tttgataggt ccttcttgga    110520
     gctccctgac tgcgctagcc tggccagcca gcgaggccca aggaccctcc tgtctctgcc    110580
     ttcttagcac cagggctact actttttcat gggttctaag gcttgacctc tcaggcttac    110640
     aaggcaagca ctttgtgggc tccaagcctt tcccaagact tttgaagaac acaccatctt    110700
     catttttgca tcagcccagt tctctaccat ggcaaggaca ctctctgtct aagccctgac    110760
     ccacatgggc ccacctgtca aagtacacct gctgttcttg tctaaatctt tctccaagtt    110820
     tcaaatctct ggagggggca ggggctatag agatggctca atgggtaaga gcacttgttc    110880
     tgcaagagta aagacctgag ttcaaacccc cagcttccag ataagaagct gagcatggct    110940
     ccgtattgtc tgtaacccag tactgtgtgc tggagacagg tgggtcctga gagctggctg    111000
     atagctggtc cagctgaaac cgtcaattct gcttcagtga gagagcttga ctcctaggca    111060
     ataaagtggg gagcaataaa actgttctgt tctgtcctca cctctacaca tggacatgca    111120
     tacgtgtatc catctttctc tcccccccac cccccccccc gctcccctca gctctgttca    111180
     aatgctctga gaggcccctt tgttctgcag accccaggga cctctctctc cttggcttct    111240
     tcagcatttt ataccctaga ttctctctga tagtgactga gtttccacac tcctcaggga    111300
     gggtgaccag tcctcctgat cttgcagtaa gcatctctga gagccagtcc accccaccct    111360
     gaaacctgtt ccacgtgagt gagagagtat aataatggtg ctcttgctta caggagggca    111420
     aaggtcaggc ttgctgagta cggttgagat aactcgggtc ctggtgttag tagtgatgtg    111480
     ccagtgatag aaactggtgg ccatcatagt ttcataatca tgtggcacct gatactttta    111540
     gatctgaggc acgtttcact tacattattc tcccccaagt aggaatcaga agttcgcttt    111600
     ccagcttccc ttgcagctag gataggtcca tgggacctgg cctctattaa tctgatacac    111660
     tctagggttt ttacttgcag catgagtcac tggcctggtt cggtgctgat gagctcctgt    111720
     aggaacttgg tagagacaca accagactta gaggcagtgg tgaagggcac atggcagggg    111780
     cagccctgac atctgctgta gactgaattg tctttttctg tgctcagaga taagagcaga    111840
     agatggtccc tgagttcgtg accattttcc acatatgagt caggagagtg tggtggtttg    111900
     aatgagatta cttggtcccc agttagcaga actgtttggg agggattagg atattagata    111960
     tggccttctt agagagatct gtcaccgggg gtgggctttg agatctcaag acttccacca    112020
     ttcctcatgt tatgggaaat atttaatctc acttagaggt gttttttgtt tgtttgtttc    112080
     tctgtgtagc cctggctacc ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcgagctcag    112140
     aaatccacct gcctctgcct cccgagctag gattaaaggt gtgtgccacc accgcctggc    112200
     tacaattaga ggtttttatc tcacctttga ccattcagtt cccagttaaa agacacaaag    112260
     cttttatatt tatagtaagc cttatgcagt agagctgggc agatatctac cttctatgct    112320
     attatgtcta cttccctgtc aataaccctg agatataact tgccgagttc catctgggca    112380
     gatcttaact ccaattggcc agccctcatg gccatgttgt catgactcac ctaccctatg    112440
     gtgtcttctc ctctctctgc cttatgcttt tctcttcctt gtggcctctc ctcatcccca    112500
     agcccagaaa ctgaaacccc acctacctct ttcctgccca gctacaggat atcagcatct    112560
     ttattcaacc aatagtttta cattaaggag caaggtcaca catcattact tgcggtatat    112620
     gaggattctc tcgtccttgg ggcaaccagc accaggattt agcagcagac caaacctcaa    112680
     cactcagtgt gccatctcta cctacctctt gcttgacgat ccagatctga gttctcaggt    112740
     cctcctctta ccaggcctta gctccatcac catggactct aactctctga aactgtaagc    112800
     cccattaaat gtttttcttt tctttttata aatttccttg ctcatggtgt tttgtcacag    112860
     caacagaaaa gtgataaaga gaattactta cccttcaccc cccacatccc aacttaaata    112920
     caaattttaa aaatatattt tatttttatt catgtatgct tctctctgtg tatgctgcat    112980
     gtatatgagt gttttttgaa gcctatagag ggctccagat cttctagagc tggaattata    113040
     ggcagtaatg agcaggcagt ccggcagtcc aacatgagtg ttaagaactt attcttgcca    113100
     gtgacgcacg cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg cagacagatt tctgagttcc    113160
     aggccagctt ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacatag agaaaccctg    113220
     tctcgaaaaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aaaaccaaaa ccaatccaac aaaacaaaac    113280
     aaaacaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaaaac ctattctcac cccctacccc ttatgcctcc    113340
     accccccccc tctgcccccg ctgttgctta tggctttaat cccaacacta gggagctaga    113400
     ggcccactta tcactgtggg ctcaggggca aactaatcta caaaatgagt ttcataacag    113460
     tcagagctac acagagaaac cttgtctcca cagaaccacc accaccagat ttatatatgt    113520
     tctatatatc ttgacagact tacccaatca tgtaacgcct ctgataatca ccatataaaa    113580
     cattctatca cactgcaaag tctgcaggac ttttcagtca ccccgagtta tctgaagccg    113640
     ctaacgtcag gacacgagaa tcaatgataa gcttacagaa ctctgtgagc aggaggttaa    113700
     gccaacaggt ctctcatttc tgagttctac tgagacactt ccctatttat attattcaca    113760
     cgcatgccct ggatgttggt cttcgatgtg taactacagg aaccccatgg aatgatgtgt    113820
     tggagggcag ctgttctcca gtgtggctca gactgcacat tgccaggctg atgttggcca    113880
     tggtagaagt atttatacca aagaaactgg cagtgccaca aatctgggtt tgatggatgg    113940
     ctctcccggt tgtctggacg ggagagccca gtggacagtg ctgatgggat ttaaagtgtg    114000
     cttccctgca gccgttcact gtttgtgcga gcgtgcatgg cacacacaca cacacacaca    114060
     cacacacaca caccgaggaa ctgctctttc tggctctaag agccatcatc tgactcagca    114120
     aagtgtcact cacatccatg gtgactggat gaagctctga cagatgtctt cattgttttc    114180
     ttcctctcat gtcaagcaat ggctccctcc ttaagtggct cccatgctac cactcagcag    114240
     acaaaactgg gcttggaccg accatgggga gaaggacgaa caagaagaag gaaagagaac    114300
     agtctcccct gaatactgaa gtttgactag gattggacta agggtcacag caaaacagag    114360
     cagtggagca ttggagagag agatatgggt ggagagagtg aaccctaggt ctccccccca    114420
     ctcgttatta aagattgacc ccagagcttt gtgcatgtgt cacagagatc cccctgcttc    114480
     tgtctctggg gtgctggaat tcaaggcggg caccacacta tgctggtctc aatatctctc    114540
     tttaatccca gagctgggag gggcagcagg gggtggggag agtcaggaga atccactgag    114600
     ttcattggcc agtgagccta accaaatcga tacgttccag gtgaatgaca gacccttctt    114660
     tttaaaaaaa aagattaaga aggaggacta tggaaatggc tcagtgggta aggtgacatg    114720
     ctaccaagcc cgaggacccc agttaaatcc caggacccac atggtggaag gagaaaaccg    114780
     atcctggaag ttatcctctg acctccacgt gtgtgccttg acacggtcat gtgcacactg    114840
     aataaatgaa tgaacgaatg aagttaaaaa ataaagatgg gggagatcaa cgatacctga    114900
     tgtcaacctc tggcctccac atgtgcacac acaaaaacat ataaaagctc tactgcccca    114960
     ccccacaaat ccattgattc aatctaacgc ctatcaacat tccagtggcc tggcaggaga    115020
     cgggtagccc agtgaaacat gtgtttagca tgcgtgaggc tctgagttca atacccagaa    115080
     aaagaaaatt aatagacttt caggcaaatc aggggtgggt gtggggggaa gttaggggga    115140
     gatcaattga tgaagatact tgttgtcaac ctctgacctc tgacctctga cctctggcct    115200
     ctggcctctg gccttcacat gcatacaagg gcccaagcaa ccagatgggc atacgtccac    115260
     aggaacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacactcaa agatgtattc aaaggctccc    115320
     atataagggt gttcaatgct atattatcga ctgtgggggt ggggtgggga atggaactct    115380
     cctgaatgga actctcctga atgtccatca acaggagaag gatggggtga acggtggtgc    115440
     gtccacattg tgaaatacta tgcagacttc aaaaagaacg agacaaatat ttatggctag    115500
     cccagcgagc acatgataca tggcgatacg ttaaaagcaa cttgcaacaa gacacgcaag    115560
     cccatttata aaaatgtaca cagacatttg tttgcacatg caaagcaaat gtctggagcc    115620
     acacacgcag aacgatgaat agaggtattt ccaaaagaga cttttctacc ccgagtgctt    115680
     ctgatctgct ggagttcttt gccttgagca gtgactttaa tctaaaaata aaaaccacac    115740
     acaatcacac acacaacaca cacacacaca caaggtgagg tgtggtgatc tggctttctt    115800
     tactttagag atcaggatac agagccacag agggccaggg ctgtcttgac ttgcccaggt    115860
     gggtagccca ggatgccgcg gagaggaacg ggctgtgtgg aagtctcctg tctggtttcc    115920
     caggctttgc tccaccctgc cctattcaga agtcagggct cctcttttct tgcttgtccc    115980
     cctagcaggg ctgccctcac ctgcacacag agactgtgca tggaggaggt ggcaggaggc    116040
     tgtggtctgg gccacatcgg ctttgcctct ggtgtatgaa tttcccttgt ggaactcccc    116100
     aaagcgcctg gagggtggag tctctatggg caccaggcac acatgtggtg cacatcaatc    116160
     aatacacaca ggtaaacact cacacacata ttagtttttc atttatttat ccatctaact    116220
     acttatgctt tttggtttct caaaatgggg tttctctgtg tagttctacc tgccctggaa    116280
     ctagtagagc tgcaggccag gctgctttga actcacagag atcagccttt ctatgcctct    116340
     cacttgctgg gattaaagga ccccgccccc acccccagct taacattcat agatacataa    116400
     atattatgta tgtttaagta aaaggatgcc agttatcggg ttctacccca aatctgctgt    116460
     ctctgaaccc cttggtgaag ggaatgaaat ctgggtttta tggtgtctag gacacacagt    116520
     tcaaagctgt ttcccagttc tttcccttag gatcagttga gtacttaaaa tatagacctc    116580
     cccaaaagaa cctgatcagg gatgtacgca tcttagtttt ggtagtgttg atattctttg    116640
     aaagcactct gcagactcac caccaccacc accaccacca tcatcatcat catcacgtgt    116700
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtacac gcatactaag gcacacacgt ggagatcaga    116760
     gaacgtcttt tgagtgggat ctatcctttc accttcacgt gagttccagg gattgagctc    116820
     atcttcccag gcttgggagg aaagcatctt tacccactga gcccttttgc catgaccttt    116880
     agtgtgccgg tacccaggtc tgaaaaccac tggtctccca ttggaagtcc atcagcatgt    116940
     ctgggctgcg acctggccac ttgcctcgga ttcctataac actcagacaa acctggcatc    117000
     ttgtgaccac agcatcagaa ttgacatgga acttgctaga attacagatt ccctgcagac    117060
     agacccacag tgtcaggacc tacactttct tctcttgtct ttaaacattc tttataatat    117120
     tcatttattt ttatgtgtct gatttgcctg cgtgtacgtg tgtagcacat gcgagccttg    117180
     attctgagca ggccacagag ggtgttagaa accccgaaac tgcagttaca gatggttgtg    117240
     agccactatg tgggttctgg gaattgaacc tgggtcctct gaaagaacag ccagtgctct    117300
     aaagtgcccc cccccatctc tctggctttc tcccacccca ccccctgcct ttttgagaca    117360
     agatcttgct atgcagcctt gaccagtctg gaactccatc tataaatcag actggtcttg    117420
     aactcatgga gacctgtctg cctcttcctc cagagtgcca ggattaaagg tatgtgccat    117480
     gatgtccacc ttccaccctt ccttgctgcc ttccttcctt ccttcccccc ttttctttct    117540
     ggttttgaag ggcagtctca tgtttcagaa tggcctcaaa ctcaaaacct aaacttctga    117600
     ttctcccggc ttcatctccc aaggctgagg ctacaggcat gcattaccac actgccatga    117660
     ggttttgggg gaggaagcta ggacttcata cccacaatct aggtccttag ggagggctag    117720
     agagatggct ccatggttag gagggcttag cattcttata gaagaccccg gttcagttcc    117780
     cagcaacctc atcaggtggc ccacaacagc ccacaacttt tggttctggg gatctgatgc    117840
     cctctcacct ccatggacac ctgcatgcat aaactcacat aggcacatat atacatccat    117900
     aaaaaaaagt taaaaattaa agtaacctta aagggatgtg tacctcaggc aactagggtg    117960
     tgtgtctcag atgactagaa tgtatacgtc aggtgactct aatgtatacc tcaggtaact    118020
     tggatgtgga tcaccagtgg agacacataa gagggcagag tttcagtagg gtaagtttat    118080
     tgatcccagc acccaacatt agggccacct ggaagtataa aattctccct tatacccagg    118140
     gagcacccag aaagtctcac ctgggcatgt gtggttctaa ataacgcttc acaggtgcat    118200
     ccagtgtggg gcatgagggc cactatgcag agggcacagc tgggactggc gttgaggtta    118260
     atgtgctgtt tgtgggattg gtctcttccc aggtaagtac gtgaaggtgt gggctcggcc    118320
     tgtatttcct tccccctctc cagcttcctt tgctgtgggc gtgctcctct gagtgtagct    118380
     tcctggtctg ggaaatagaa atgagttccc tcttttcttc ctttttgcct tctcttcctc    118440
     ttctccctcc ttccctccct ccctccctcc cccccccttt cgctatccct ccttctctcc    118500
     tcttttttaa cagacaagat ctcaggtagc ccaggctcat cttgaagttt ttatattgtc    118560
     aatgtggtct tgaacttctg attctcccac tcccttcatc ctggtgctcc cttcatcctg    118620
     gtgctccctt catcctggtg ctcccttcac ctggtgctcc catcacccac cccggtgctc    118680
     ccatcaccct ggtgctgggc ctacaggctt ttgccaccgt gtccagttta tattgtccta    118740
     gtgactgaac cacgggtggt gtgcatgcca ggaaggcact ctgccaacta aactctgtcc    118800
     tcagtccata ctgaagattc cttagggcat cggtggaggt ggcttctata gccctgcagg    118860
     gtggtggcac ctgcattccc agccactgag tggctaggcc atggctttca gcagttctga    118920
     caggtggctc tcagggaccc ggggaagtgt ggctttacag acatccctta gaagtttcca    118980
     gggatggtgt gaggagggat aggacttcca tgaggactaa ggaagttgga gacaagaatg    119040
     acactgtcat aagactgtga cccacctaag cagtttctgg actcagcaaa ccttttgaac    119100
     tgcttggcca agctcacccc cctcccacca ttcatcctaa gtagagaaga taggagcctt    119160
     tcctccccga cctaggacag gtatttgggg acacaagaac agagtggggt cacttggcca    119220
     gcaagaatct gccccacagg tgggcttcag ctttggctta aagctcactt cttaaacaag    119280
     atcagcaccc cccccttcct ccctggctcc ccctcgcccc cagaggctgg taattggtag    119340
     acaaaggagt ttcagacagt tggggacctg cgtccttgag tccctgaaaa catgctatta    119400
     ttaattaaag actctggctt cggtggggcc tgggcctgcc tctttctggc tgggcctcag    119460
     actcacgtct cttcagccgt ctcttcttgc taaatttttc agtgttttta acatcagact    119520
     gatgttacgt ataattacca actttgcacc caaattatat ttgacatggc ttgtgtggga    119580
     aattagacca tttcagtgcc tataaattca cctgggaagc cgaggcaggc gtgcgggcgt    119640
     gcgggaggaa ggcatttaaa tattacatgt gccctcctgg aaatgccaaa actcttcaaa    119700
     ctgctgggga gaatctggtc tcccccctct gtttgccccc acgatgttag gaggactccg    119760
     agggttgaag gcagggtcct gtgcatgggg acagtcacag ggacctggag tggcatgatg    119820
     ggtaggggag aagcctggta gctgctgtgt gggggctgcc tgcccctcct caaccctctt    119880
     gcctctaccc ctctctttca atgtcaaagg gaaggaggct ccaccttctc tggaccctgg    119940
     tgaagggtaa ggcacgtctg tgcacttgga cctcaagctt tcctgggact tcagggcttg    120000
     ggatgctcag gggtgaatct ctgttgaaga agtgagctcc ccagcaggcc ctccaggggt    120060
     ttgccttgcc attttatttc cccaactctt aactgggact gctaaccagc ctacgggaca    120120
     ggacgctggg gatctggagc aaagctggaa agctcagtgg ttagagaaca ccagtgtgcg    120180
     ggaggaagct gggaatctga ttgccacacc ccaaaactgg ggcatggtag taaacacctt    120240
     taatcctagc actgagaaaa cagaatcagg tagatctctg agtacagggc tagcctggtc    120300
     tacatagcaa gctacacagt gaatccccat ataataataa aaacaaacaa acaaacaaca    120360
     acttagtgaa aacccaacac attcatccat tcactcgctc accaaatgtt tattgatttc    120420
     ttgtcacagg tcaaataaaa aacatagaat gttccttcat ttgttcgctc taacggcggt    120480
     gtgctgggct gtgtgctggg ctctgctctg gccataggta cacagctgca gtcactctca    120540
     gtgatggggg gagtcaggct tcggggcaaa cactgaggga cagggtctgt gaagctggaa    120600
     ggacagactc cggcttagtt gctcctttgc tgatggaggc tgtggcagcg agggagaccc    120660
     attggctcct gggtattgcc acttggactt gagaagtcag agaagaggca aggctccaca    120720
     gcaaccttgg gagaggagag aggctcagca tggggatggg ggatgggggg gtccagacgg    120780
     catgtcccct tccagcacac tgacccctgt gcctggctcc agcagggagg gctggctctc    120840
     tggtgagtgt tgcgatgtac tgggaggcaa gaggtctact gtggaggctg cccctgctgg    120900
     cctccacctg ggactgggct agtacagagt aaatcaggat ggagacagtc aggactggaa    120960
     agagaaacca caagaaaaga tctccaggga ggtcttgccc tgggcttcag gaagttgtct    121020
     gtgtgctggg agaggtggat taggagcagt tttggttgtc aagggctctc ccctcccctc    121080
     agcccctgcc ccttggtctg gcgactggat cttctgatcc catttccttt ctgttctctt    121140
     ccctcacctg caagagaggt cagaggtcac taggtctgtg tttcagtcat gtgtgacctg    121200
     ggcagccagt tgctctgtcc caaggtgcca tggagatacc tctctgcctc cgacgacgac    121260
     gacgacccac tttccagtga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtggtg    121320
     tcttgtgtct cctcccccag cttctggaca gagctttgtg ggtggctcca gtgagcggct    121380
     gtgagttcag agcctggatc accggtgaag cgccataccc gcctgcctta ttcttcagca    121440
     cttgcctcca tgatcctgtg cagcacctca ctgaacccgt gaggcagctc tgtgggcaga    121500
     ccacagtggg tggccacgca tgcttgagtt ttcagccaga agtctaggtg gggccagacc    121560
     ttcgagggga cattcggatg gctccatccc tgtatagcca aagccacctc agccaggtct    121620
     aggcagggca gagcacacag gctcttctgc aaagcctggc cctaggcccg agctcatgat    121680
     gtagggcagt ttcacaccac ccagtttggg gttggtgtat cttgcagccc cagtcgctgg    121740
     gacaattccc tctggattcc cctccttatt ttgtcccttc catgaataaa ctctagagtt    121800
     tagagtctag ctggcacact atgctatcac aatccccaca ttcctgcttt gaccacacag    121860
     tcccctgcct ggagtacctg tccttcattc tctaagactg agttagctcg aggcagtgaa    121920
     atagcaactg tcctcctctt tcccaggact ctgtcctgac caccttagat ctttctcctc    121980
     tcccatgccc tcagctttaa agcctccagt cattgaatta tgttaatttg cctgttatct    122040
     ttccccacca ggctgtgagc cccccttccc ccccagggaa cctcccaagg gtctttgctt    122100
     ccagcctggc cattctggtt acatagggag cgctcaggga atgtgtttca cttcagggga    122160
     ctcagaggcc atacctggag tgtgggtggg gccacctccc tgccgttact gtagggactt    122220
     ctgtgaatgt ccggcctgat ctggactcag tttcttcctg tgagagtgct gaggaggaga    122280
     tggccaagga gcctacaact catttgttca ggggtcatct gagggagtga gacactttcc    122340
     atccccagac tgaccacaca ggtaattcca ccttgctcct ccgtgccttt atctggaggt    122400
     tggtgacatc tgacaatctg tctccttggc ttcttccctc atgtgtggaa tagacacagc    122460
     aatcaagcag ccaccatggg gaatggacag aagggactcc cagaggtgac tgacacttga    122520
     tgcatagacc acactccctg aatatggcct ccaacatagg tgccaagtga tataggccaa    122580
     gtaccctgca ggggtgatta gcactgtcgc tgctggtcag ggaaggggcc gtgactcaga    122640
     aaggttactt gacttgctta tgactacata gccatgaagc tatagtgctg gagcccaaaa    122700
     accagatctg tttgacccaa ggtcctcttc ctacccaata gatgctccga cacacacagg    122760
     cctgggctag gggtgtaaga gcagatagct ttgtacagag agctagtcac aggctgtcca    122820
     ctgttgttgt tgttggtggt ggtggtggta gtggtggtgg tggtggtgtg tgtgcgtttc    122880
     tgggcatgga tgccagagat caccttctgg tacattcttc tgtccacttt gtttttttga    122940
     gacagagcct ttcagtggga tctgtagctc actaattagg ctaagctcga acacacataa    123000
     acacacagac acacaataaa cacacagaca cacataaata ctcaggcaca gacatccaca    123060
     cagacactca gccagtgtcc cgaagtccac gcctcaccac ctgcccacca tgcttggctt    123120
     ttgtattggg gtgctagaac tcaaactcaa gtcttcatgc ttgcaaatcg agcattttac    123180
     taattaagct ttcttcctat ccacagccta taattttgtg gcagaagaga gagatgccag    123240
     tctccctgca ttctgttcca cacctcatgt cagaacagac cccccccctc gtcccagacc    123300
     tcagggatga acccacaaag ggctcactga ctccagaaga ctcctgatcc taccctgtgc    123360
     acaggctcaa agctctctca ccccagctct gacaggcaga aaagaggtaa ccctgccagg    123420
     cggggggtgg gcttagagga gtcggtagct gacattttcc ccctataatg acagccctag    123480
     ctgttggtgg caatgacagc ccttgttggg gccctgcaca cccacattca ggcatgggag    123540
     caccgcccta ctcctggcat cccatgcccc cagacttgaa gacacagcca tgctcagagg    123600
     tacatgtgtc aatgcagctt gtcatctgtg cacccccaga cacatagctt tatatagcca    123660
     gacactgtac cctttcgagg ctcaaccctg agctcctgag atgtgtgtcc ttctgtgcct    123720
     gtgcatgtgc gtgtgtaatg aggatgtgcg tgtatgtgtg taatgaggaa gacatggtgg    123780
     ggtctggaga agctccctct cttgctgaat ctcctgggag ctgatgtcat ttattcccag    123840
     ggacaagcct gggagagcat agctcttttc attttagcca tggccaaaca gagacctgga    123900
     gaactttagt tgttccacta gagtcatacg atgggcaagt gcagctggca gaagcttaca    123960
     acccgaggct gtaaccacca ggctttactg cagctgtggg gaaggctcac gccaccctgt    124020
     ctgtcacaat ctcctcttcc tgtctgcccc aggctctgcc cctcagcact tttcttgggg    124080
     ctcctatgaa cacgccgaca ttcctgttgt ttctctgcct tctcatctct catctaccct    124140
     cctccccatt tgccatttac acatacattc atacacacac agacacagac atacacacaa    124200
     acacatacag acactgacac acatgaatac acagacacac ataaacacac agacacacat    124260
     aaacactcag gcacagacat ccacacagac acacaaagat acacacacag acagatgcat    124320
     acatatccat atacaaatag acacagacac acataaacac acagacacac acacaaacaa    124380
     agacacacac agatacacac acagacaaac atgcagcaca cagatacaca cacatacaca    124440
     cagatacaca caagctgtag atacactaca gcacacatgc acataccatg tctggcacac    124500
     aggagggacc aggaaggact ctaggaacag gccatccagc cttccactgt tttgggtctg    124560
     aggaggaggc ggttgttact gtaagaggtg gggtggggag agctgtgctc tccttcaggc    124620
     ctccatgctg ggtctccctg tctggtggag tgcttgctgg tgtccaagct ggggagggca    124680
     tggcagcttc tgacttgaac acagagcaca cacagagcat tctggaggtg gtcacgccct    124740
     gtttcatatc caagatggct tctacatggg tagaaggact ttgcaggtgc acgctagcct    124800
     ccaacaaagc cagactctca gccctaactt aattctcctg tgtgtgtcct gacccagacc    124860
     cagtttccca cctacctggt caggccagtc cgtgtccaca cccaccacta ggtggcacca    124920
     agtgccctta aactgaaggg taagctaccc cagagggcta gggtgggata gggactggcc    124980
     ctagcaccct ctctggtggc tctgccccaa tatcccctac cttgagtgcc atggaaggcc    125040
     ctcagagtac agtactatag gctttccctg ttgcccttgc agatcaagac gttgttcttg    125100
     tccccaattt acagatcagg aaactgaggt tcaggcaggt accgtagtag atctgaaagc    125160
     cacacagctt ccatttcctg actgctctcc ccaaagggtc agaggtcagg ggttgaaccc    125220
     tagagctgtt ccacagtgct gagagaagcc tttcagggga ggagagaaac tggatcgaag    125280
     ggtttcagtg gcctgagagg aggggagtcc agggcggtaa gctggtggga gggaggggtg    125340
     gtggaagtct ccaggccctt ctctgaggtg aggcccaaga aaatcagaag agtagggaat    125400
     ggtgggatga ggggagggat tcccgacacc aaacatctgg gaaggcttga gagaagtaag    125460
     tcgccagatg ttacaagtca tgctgggcag atggcggagg ccctgccttc acgcacacgg    125520
     tctctggtgg gctggatcca tacagggagg tggggacatc tgtctctaga ggggaggtgg    125580
     agtgtccaaa cacgggaaga ggggctggct ctgggttcct tggggaggca ggatatgcca    125640
     cagccccaga agttcccaag actcacatac atcccatctg ttacctgcaa tgacagccaa    125700
     agggaccatg tggcccatcc acctttctcc acaaagaaca cactgtacag actgtgcagg    125760
     ggccaggagc tggagacacc acggtaacca ggaacaactg gccccgtctt ctttcatctt    125820
     tatttagggc aaacgagtga taaacaagta aataaaaaaa gggtatagac aggtgtcaac    125880
     aggtaaccca ggaagccttc ctggaggatt tgccatgacg gggccacata tgactttccg    125940
     gtagaggaac tgggcagtca ctccagctgt caggtgggag tgaactcagt ggactgaagg    126000
     gttacaagga tggtcacaga ggctgctacc aagtgtgtga gggcatggcc gggctgaaga    126060
     ggaccctgcc aggcacagct tgtctccgag aggactgggt agctttatgt tggcgtgaag    126120
     gggaagagaa atgtgttttg gaagatgaca cacgaggaag ctgccaggga tggagcagag    126180
     agactacctc agggacccaa gtgcgggggt gggagggggt ggtggtggtg ctgcctaaag    126240
     accttcaagt ccctagctag ctcagtcacc aaactagggc tctggaactc tacgctagct    126300
     tctctccctg gtcacatcgc ttacttctgt gtgacccaga gtaagttact gtcattctct    126360
     gaaccccaac tgtcagaggc tgcctggctc cttccctccc taagtgaggt tggatctgag    126420
     agcaagcctg aactaaaggg agactggaca tcaaggatcc aagagttcct cagagaacag    126480
     atcccctgac ccaggaggag ccaggaaagg gacagtattg tggctgaagc tctgagtgcc    126540
     tcagtcctct agatctgggg ctcccagctc tgccatctct ttctcagagg ccgcaccccc    126600
     ccccccaaca cacacagtgt cccttccttc gccttttccc ccatcttctt tttagaataa    126660
     aaacgccggc cgcttgcggc tcgccgatgt ttatgcctca gtaatacatt atgtattatt    126720
     ttgttttaag cgcagctttt gcatcctgac agtaacaata aaatgtgact atgggattgc    126780
     taacacagac agactaatgt ttccatcgcc tgcctctttt ttttgcgtcc taagcacttt    126840
     tgaaaagctc cttttatatt cctaataaaa ttatagcaaa atacatcgat ttactggaaa    126900
     agagttgagg gtcgggtagg gtatttttcc ccctcccctc gagcggccgt tgcttccccc    126960
     tgtcaaaggc agatgcatat tttgaatcaa ccttctaaag tgccacttgg cccttaaccc    127020
     caggtagcat ctacctacct gcctgctgct gctgctgctg ctgctgctgc tgctgggacc    127080
     aaggagtcag gcttgggggt gggggtgggg agtagggtca tctctgtgtt aagtgcgttt    127140
     atgcatctgt gtgtcaggtg tgtttgtgtg tcagggtatc cactccaagt tgggatgtct    127200
     gtctatatca ggacatctgt atctgctggt gtgttgaggt gtgtgggagg tgtgtgagga    127260
     tgaccgtgga tctgaggaag gggcagtgca ctggtttgaa gcctggccac acttgtctgg    127320
     gtccctctct ctccatggga gagcctgaga gttgtaggtt gaagggtatg cttgaatact    127380
     gccatgttga tggggcccca gtgccaggca gtggatgttg gtaggtttat ggttgtggga    127440
     cccatgagga acggcctagg tgagacaggt ttctgggctt gcttctctga aatggggata    127500
     cggggagtgt cccaagtcta cgtacgatgt cagagttttt ttctgtgaaa atgtagggtt    127560
     tcaacctgat ggctcactga tactacttca tgtcttacgc ctggctgaat ggaacacaga    127620
     gaggttctcc cttgtgggga gagattacca caagcccagg tggtcttttg agactctcag    127680
     gctgctgtgg acatcaggtc tcttgagtga atttggggga cctcctggaa gggctacata    127740
     ggacagcagg ctgaggaagt gttctagcat cctggtcata cgcaggaaaa gctgcgggta    127800
     gacggaggaa agggaccggt ctccaaggaa ctggggacgt gctttatagg gccagggtac    127860
     gggcaggagg gcctggtggg ctaagcacta agaggtacct aaactcctgc ccagtgatgg    127920
     tgaggcagtg tccctgtctt ctgtgacaag ggctccttct aggttcttct accatggctt    127980
     tctcttgagc attcactctg tccccccaga attgaaagtc taaggaagta aagacacccc    128040
     acattcttcc cataagttag catttccctc tggggagtct aaatcctgga tcctctaggg    128100
     gagggctgga catggggtga ggaggcaatc ccacagagaa ccacacatcc gccgccccca    128160
     gcctcctagg tgctgaaagc ccgcagcccc ggagccccca cggcccccac agccctgtag    128220
     cccccccagc cccgcagccc cacagccccg cctgccgctg tcttgcgctg gcttcttccc    128280
     caccacccgc cctgagtgtg tgtggactgt gattcagaaa cagcaagaga gagagaggaa    128340
     aaaaaaagaa agaaaggaaa aggttttgta tagtaagcac ttttgagggc aatctggggc    128400
     cccctaatcc agaggtttct aaccacccca gctaatgctc tctgacactg tgttttgata    128460
     tcattactac attatactca caatttttga gtgaaaaaat acagtactta gaaagtcgaa    128520
     attcataaat aaattcatgt caaaccgcac ttaatattga ttttgttagt gttcagattc    128580
     aataataagg tactgcgtgc atgaatattt aaatataatc atcatttctg catctcctaa    128640
     tggcctctgc tcctctacac tcaatttaaa cacaatttaa aaactataat gtattgaaaa    128700
     atactaggat ttagcaataa atcatcatgg ggagattcca ggcctcttat agggtggctc    128760
     gatatggctt tctctcggga ctgtacaatt agattcatgt ttttaaactt ctcaattatc    128820
     catataccat aattttatgt gaaagtttgt ttcgcttccc cccggccccc cccccactcc    128880
     cccaaccttc actatccccc caccccaccc ccgcctctct ctccgaagga agcagcagaa    128940
     tatggcttaa gtgtcctctt agctagagtg gagtggggtc aaaggtggcc gtcctcaaac    129000
     tgaattagaa gccaggcctg ccagaggcag ccggcgctga gtcacttaat cacattattt    129060
     aggaaaaata taggggggaa agagataaaa tgacttaaaa tgaacttgcc aaggaggaag    129120
     tggagttttt agatttattt aaaaagcaat ccttggcctg atgaaatagg ctcgggcccg    129180
     tggcaggatg cggtggggtc cagatccccg aggagggagg caggggcttg gcggcacatt    129240
     cagtgggggc ggaggggctt tcagcctggt ccctgagccc catggcttcc agaggagtcc    129300
     ctggagaagg tggggcgtat cctggggtgg gggaaagaag gtgcttctgg gataggggag    129360
     ctgagaggcc ccctcctctg ggagtctgaa ggatggcttt ggcatctgtg aggaggaaac    129420
     ggtccctggg gtatctgtgg gaagaacagg gcatggcaga catctgtaga tttaaacaat    129480
     gccccaatgg cagctggcag ccactggaga tgatggaggg cagagtggat gaggacccaa    129540
     ggctcagagg gaagaatgct tgaagcccca tgctgaccga aagcataacc acgcccattt    129600
     tatagatgag gaagttaaag ctcagagagg ggaagctgta agtgcgtggt cacacagctt    129660
     atgagggaga cttgggatct gaacccttca gacccagtgt gttttgctcc tggctctggg    129720
     cttcacctgg aaaggtatgg tggagggccg aggggttgga cctgagcctc taacttaccc    129780
     agaatgtggc ttagctcttc gtagcctagg aggcaaatgg gcatctatct gctcatctgg    129840
     accatggaca gggagtacag cctggttgtg gagcagaagg gtccttcgag tggacctggg    129900
     tctggactct ggccttgttg ctgagggaaa cccatatgtc agaatgacac tgaggactgc    129960
     cggggccacc tggggacaaa ccgggtgggc agctgtaagg aatagacatc tggttttctg    130020
     ggagagactt gtcaagttga ccaaacaatg ccaggataag aactccctct gggaagttga    130080
     ggccacacca ggagtggccc tgtaatgttt gatggggcca gagaggctat ctctccacag    130140
     aaacacacca agcccaactg aggctgtagg tacactgtgg ctcccggtca gctcactgct    130200
     catccctgag tcccacatcc ccacctgtga gcatatgaca aagccagcac ccatcacttc    130260
     agtgtccctt tgcatggccc ctgacaccgg gaacagctgt tatcaggatg gccaggctcc    130320
     agtctacacc tgggattttt tcccccctct cagtctgttc tgtccctgtc ccttctgtga    130380
     gtgctacgga agctgactct gactgtgcca cagccaggct ctttccccca tctggctcag    130440
     caaaagacat acccataggg cagagccagc aagggcccag acacaggacc ctggtaagca    130500
     ggagttcaga agtggcacca tcaggccaca gtctttcctt tggagaccac gccctctctc    130560
     actcattcat tagcattcat ttatccattt gctccttctg aaaacaccca tgctgtgtgc    130620
     acagccagcc aaccaattac tatacccagt cgcctactcc cctggcaggg tcataggtga    130680
     gagggaggga cctcctccca ccacatcatc caaagctaaa gcctcaggcc tgtggaatga    130740
     ggaggaggaa gaggaggaag aggaggagga agaagaagag gaggaggagg aggaggttgc    130800
     cagggagcct gggcagggtt taagcagacc taggtcccta aggaccagga ttacaggaag    130860
     ggctgcagcc aataagggct ccctctacct ctccaggaat ctcccagacc ttcccctcag    130920
     gagctgtgcc cctcctgact tctgggccct atctaatgac ttctagccaa aatattggct    130980
     tctctcttct cttagacctt tgttttcttg tctgtgaagt gggcagactc tctcccaaca    131040
     ctgagtttcc tctctcagtg gtcctcaact gacctaatgc tgctaccctt taatacagtt    131100
     cctctggctg tgatgacccc aaccataaaa ttagtttcat taccacttca taactgtaat    131160
     tttgctactg ttatgaatta taatgtaaat atctgatatc ggggtatctg atacgtgatc    131220
     cctgtgaaaa ggttgttgca cccccaaagg ggtcgagacc cacaagctga gaaccgagga    131280
     gtcggcctgt tgggcggacc ccaggggcag ggactgtgag gtcttagtaa gaaggaaatt    131340
     gtagggggcg tgtcctttgc tcatagctca tgcggtgtgg ccctgagagc ctctgaggag    131400
     acaagtttta ggttacagag gacaccagcc acgccctggt ccccaggccc tatcttgtca    131460
     ccgtgtatcc cgggccagtt tttttttttc tagaaatcaa gcggcattca tcatagtgac    131520
     agcgggggag ggggggttgg gggcggggag gagagcgcta atgcaatctc tgttagagcc    131580
     atgaattgca aatgcacaca gccaggaggt ggctccattg gagccttctg ggagggccca    131640
     gcctgtgcca ttcatggaga ctccgcaagg acttagtgca agacttcctc aaatgtcatc    131700
     cttgcccagg ccccagcagc cgcctccttt tgggtccttg ggggtaggct agggcttcag    131760
     ggcgggcaga agtatggctg gttgctagtg attcaatcta cctttgtgtc tcagagattc    131820
     acaagggaaa aataagacac aggagcaata gggagaagcg ggttggacca gtagggtggg    131880
     gcaggaaggt tcctggcccc aacttggaca cctcacctgc ttggctatca ggagggcctt    131940
     acccaggaat caggggcata aatatgacca gaaggtgcca ggggcctgga ctgggtctct    132000
     cactgcacat agccaggaca taggccccac ctgccacacc tcactcccct ggggccatct    132060
     acagggccca tattctcctg gctcctagct cggcgccatc ccagagctgc tgccacttct    132120
     gcacatatgt gtgccccaca gttccgtccc tgtacccccc cccccacagc tctccgctcc    132180
     cacacgtgcg cccaggcctc gtgtggatgc gcccagcctg ctgccagccc ggcattgagt    132240
     cagggcgtgt ctgtctgccg ctggcaccca gtgtagacgg gtaggtttgt tttccctgtt    132300
     atgttttggg ttcaggggga gaaaaaaatc tccaaatgag cttcttctcc tcgggcgctt    132360
     ttcccttcat tttttttctg cccaggtgtc tctggaggga acctcattgt ctgtttcaaa    132420
     ttcatttgca cttaactcat ctgaaaagtt ttgcaagagc tgtttgatgt ccaaggagcc    132480
     tcggagcacc cctcccccct cccccctccc cacccttgta atgagccctt taattcacag    132540
     agacctagag cagtctttgg accagagtca gaagcccgat gcccccttcc cttcctagtg    132600
     tgggagaaaa gcactcagcg ggaaaaggct tggggattgg cctggcctgg agttggagag    132660
     cctttgtcca gcttgccccg tgccctggga cacaccatgt cacagggcat ctctcactca    132720
     gtgctcccta ttggacggct ccagccccgc tggatgcaag gcccagctgt tggtgcacta    132780
     agcctcctcc actaattaat gggtgcctgt gagggctgac ccaattcgcc cccaaattaa    132840
     tctcaattac aacgatttgg taagagccaa gctagccagc ctgatggagc cgtgatttca    132900
     tcacccgaga acaaggagcc aggacagctc aatcctgatg ttatcagcgg gggtggagtg    132960
     tgtgtgtggg ggtgctgggt ggggctgtgg ccccaggcac ccgcagcact tatcagcacc    133020
     atcaaattag ttcacaccag ctaatattca cattgccaac ctggcccacc atccccatgc    133080
     ccccttccca gtgaccaggg atgggggggg ggagggataa tcttcagcat gcaaagtcct    133140
     gccaaggtcc caccagctca tggtagagag gagaccgtga gttacctgtg gacagttgcc    133200
     tgtggaggag gatatgatta gcttggagac tcctactatc acagagcatg ggatctagaa    133260
     aaccttgtcc agtctgtctg ctgcccctgg gcacagagag atgaggccat gctggaagca    133320
     gattggctgc cgacagctac gcaatggcag cgccacgcca agggaggttt ctaaaggcct    133380
     ctcctatctg gtagcaccgg tcactccctg cactatcccc ttggggcagg gcagggatca    133440
     gtgactccat tttacagaag gggaagtaga ggcccaggga ggagacacag cggagtgggt    133500
     gataccacga gcaagccttg ctccagcagg gactcctagc ctaatgctct tgctgtggga    133560
     gcacggtcgg cagaccatac cttcgctggc caaccactcg ctccacgctg cctcctctct    133620
     gtgacctttg tttcctcatt ggtaagcgaa agtgaaaata gtataacact aaaacctgct    133680
     gccaggccac ccttgcaggc cttacccact cgagccttgt gcgaatgtga acactgacag    133740
     tgatggatgg agaggattgt atctgagagc ttccagctgc tcctcaattc cccaaccaca    133800
     ggagtttttt ccaggtaaca ggggagtctg tggtcccctc cttggagcac atgctagctc    133860
     tctgatggca gaatccaggc agccaaggcc aacagaggga ggaaatctaa ggggcagttc    133920
     cctggcacct caccacaggc gcagaccctg tgtcatatta ctcctggaga cacttaacac    133980
     aactgaggct gcttacaagc ccccctcctc cttcagcgcc ccacttaccc ccgcatcttc    134040
     agccagcccc tcatactgtc tagttttccc tactgtacct tttctctctg agcctggctt    134100
     ggccaccgga agaggggcct agggcttgcc tggaggccct ttgggccctc cctaactggt    134160
     gcccagcagt gtctacccac ccgacccaca tgtgcttgcc accctaaaag ggaacacgag    134220
     ccccacaagt ctcctgttca ccccccccac ttcccgcaat gccagtggca ggatgattga    134280
     ttttgcggga agcacagttc tgagggtggg ggtggggagc cagggcgcca ggggaacctc    134340
     actccatttg cttgtggctg tgagtcaaag ctgggtccca ccgggcaccc tgtgaggtgt    134400
     tccccgccac tcagttttgc tgggggtggg ggttggtatg tggggtctct gacagggagt    134460
     ccagagtcac agggtgcctg gcagcatgga ggggcctctg tggtactggc ctccctcgag    134520
     atcctcaagg tgtgtggtaa aggggattgt cccagccctc tctagtttgg cataaatttg    134580
     tcaggatgga gtcacgggaa gatgagcagc caccagtctg gctgggtccc ctactctttg    134640
     tctatgttta ggggtcttca gaactaactg gggaccgata tgggaacaaa gagctatgta    134700
     acagccactg gtatgtgtgt tacacacgcg tgcgcgcgca cacacacaca cacgcacatt    134760
     cacacttgag tgggaatcta cctacagtta ggtcctcaca tataagtgaa tgtataaagg    134820
     atcacgtgtg gcataaatga gtcacatatg ggtgaaagcc aggagacaca caacaacaca    134880
     cacgacagcc aatccgaggg ctcccacaca ccagtagctt caacagggac aggaagtggg    134940
     attgtctcct ggtccctctg gagctgggac agaccgaaac ccagggcagg gcgtgactca    135000
     gggccctgtg agtcaatagg ctgcctagcc tggcttgggg agcttcctgg atgcaggcct    135060
     ccaggaaaac aagcaggatg ccttccgcct gtcacacctg tccctgagcc ttggggctta    135120
     gcatagatgg aggtgaggaa ctgccattct ctctagcaat gcatagaagg tgatgtcttc    135180
     atctgggaag agggctgggg agcttcactg accagggacc tgcgggatat cttcagaagg    135240
     gaagagagga aagaggaggg gcagaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggaa ggcggagggg    135300
     tgaagaggga gagagaatca gaagaagagg agaggaggaa gagaaattta caggagacat    135360
     tgaaaggatg atgggaagaa ggtggtttct gggagtaaag ggcagccagg gttaggggct    135420
     cagggggacg gaggtcaggc gatagttttc taaggatgat cttgcaggcc ttgtctgaga    135480
     tctaaggaag tccctacagc cagccttgca gcagggcagc agggaagacc aatcacctcg    135540
     cacagaagca tctaagatca acctgagacc atggccagat gggggcagca ccctacagcc    135600
     ctacctgatg tgtagtctcc actggggttc aagagggtga ggaagtcttg gccatttagg    135660
     agtaggtaga ccagtactgg gggggggggc acttcatagg gagagcatgt cagatgaaca    135720
     gaggggaccc ccaaagacaa ggcaggtcca ggctcccaag cctgtttgta gaagtcttaa    135780
     gtgaccatag taacccttcc tgggtgatgg catacctagg tatccccagt gctacataac    135840
     accagacttt tccttgaatg agcagtaagg ggcctgcttg cttgggaata ttgtgggtgc    135900
     cacagtaaag tcttggagca gagtgttctc cctctccctc ccctctcccc cttgtttctc    135960
     accccgtata ccataggtgt agttagttta ttatgactga gatatgggta catactaaaa    136020
     gacttagggt ggcagtggtg tgggcagctc cctatggctc catttcaata gcgatttaaa    136080
     catttttatt atatttttaa aaagtatttt gtgtgtgtct gcctgtttgc tatcgaactc    136140
     atctagttgt ttgaaattct ggcttcatca cagatggcca tgcagtggag ggaacattcg    136200
     gaaagcaccg acttatcctt aacaagcaac aataaaaagc cactaccccg tcatggactg    136260
     gagagatggc tcaatgggta actcgtgcac gattgaggat ctgaactcaa gtcctcagaa    136320
     gccatgaaaa gccggattca aaagcattca catctgtaat tccagaggct gtatggggag    136380
     acaggaggca cagacaggac agtccctgga agccagtggg tcagcttgcc tggtgtacgc    136440
     aggccaaaca agagacggct gtcttaaaac aggagcagcc ctgatgttgc cctctgacct    136500
     ccacacacat gtgcatgcat taaaaatatg tattttattt agaaataaaa gtatgcgtac    136560
     ttgtgtgtgt ctgtgtgtag gtatttgcgt gtgagtgcag gcacctacag agaccagaag    136620
     ttggagttac aggcagttgt gagccacctt ctgtgggtgt cagcaaacca agctctcttt    136680
     gtgtcagcag caaacactct taactgctga gccatctctt cagctctatc gcccatcttt    136740
     ttattcacgt gcatacagga atgctctctc tctctctctc tctctctgtg cacacacaca    136800
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacg catgcacgcc ctgaaaaact    136860
     actccctttc ctgtttacta agccttgctg ttttacatcc attgtacgaa atacagaaaa    136920
     tgtgatatat taacctttca gcatcgcagc ccagaaagaa ctcctattaa tattttagtt    136980
     cacttccaga ttttcttctt cttcttttct ttttttttgg ggggggtggt tctgggttcg    137040
     aacgaagggc ctctcagtca agcaaggcat gtgctccact gccacgtgct ctgtggagaa    137100
     gccacacccc ctacccttct cctgcaggtt ccagacaagg aagggccttc tccttacaac    137160
     ctgcatcttc ttagctttga ccctctcgaa gtgaagagaa tgcaggcata taaatctgca    137220
     ttgggatcac acagtctcat agtctgcttt tctcttcatg ttaatgagtt aatagcatac    137280
     agaagaataa atgtgctact tacggaggaa taactaagca ggtgcccacc actcagtccc    137340
     tgagttgtat cttgcttcct ttagcattat gttctgatgg ttcctcacgc tattaagcat    137400
     tcttagagaa ctgaattcta gtggctgact ggtagtcctt caaagaggga accatatttt    137460
     atttaacaaa ttccaccttc ttggaaattt agattgctcc taactttttc ctattagaag    137520
     gatgtggtga aaaaacacca ttatatgtaa attttgttca tcatcaggac agtcaggttt    137580
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttttttttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct    137640
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcctcttc ttcttcctct    137700
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct    137760
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttcc tcttcttctt cctcttcttc ttcctcttct    137820
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct    137880
     tcttcttctt cttcttcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc    137940
     tcctcctctt cttcctcttc ctcttcctct tcttcttctt cttctccttc ttcttttttg    138000
     tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt ttcgagacag ggtttttctg tatagttctg gctgtcctgg    138060
     aactcactct gtagaccagg ttggcctcga actcagaaat ctgcctgcct ctgcctccca    138120
     agtgctggga ttaaaagcgt ttgccaccgc cgtccggctt accttttttt ttgtgtgtgt    138180
     gtggaggatt cctttattga aagtagatac aggggctgga gagatggaat agtggctaaa    138240
     agtactggct gttttagctg aggacctgga tttgcatcct agcacctagg taatggctca    138300
     cactccagct tctgtctcag gaaatctgag ggcctgcctc ctctggcctc ctccggcacc    138360
     aggcacccat gttgtcatat gtaaaaatgc agggaaacat taacacacat gaaataagag    138420
     taaaccttat tttcttgtaa atatttgttt attttatgtc tatgagtgct ctatctgtat    138480
     gtacccataa gtcagaagag ggcatcagat cccattacag atggctgtaa gtcaccatgt    138540
     gattgctggg aattgaactc aggacctctg gaagagcagt cagtgctctt aaccgctgag    138600
     acatctctcc agccccgagg tcctcattct tacacaggaa acacttcgcc cactgagcca    138660
     tctcctcggc cccaaacttc agctcaactt taattctatt tctgtctatc ttcttgtttt    138720
     aaaataaagt ttacgtgggc tagagagatg tctcagcggt taagagcact gactgctctt    138780
     ccagaggtcc tgagttcaat tcccaacaac cacatggtga cttacagcca tctgtaacgt    138840
     gatccgatgc cctcttctgg tgtgtctgaa gacagcaaca gtgtactcat ataccatata    138900
     cgtaagacaa atagataaat ctttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aatgaggacc ttagttcaga    138960
     tctctaacac agctgtgcag tggtttgtgt gtgtgacccc agatctgggc tcagagcccg    139020
     atggatgcca tgggggcctt ggctgacttc tcagtgcagc tgaaacagtg aacgtcggac    139080
     ccatgaaaac agaccctgcc tcaaaacacc aaaaccagcc aaccaaaaac taactacaga    139140
     gaagtttgct aagctgcaca gagtttgcgc caggcaagtg ctttaatgac ttctttaatt    139200
     tagccgcgtg atgtttttgt ttgccagtta cttaaaataa agtgttttca ttttttaaag    139260
     ggggtttttg tagagagtga taaatgaaag taattgaagt ctacctctgg tttctatgcg    139320
     tgtgcgtgtg cgtgtgcgtg tgcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgcgcg cgcgcgcgcg    139380
     tgcacgcacg cgagccaaaa gtcaattttt taaaattgca tttatttatt ttcctcaggt    139440
     gaaaggggtc atgcgggtac cgcagcacat atatagaggt caaagaacaa cttgtgggaa    139500
     ttgggtctca gccactacca tatggatccc gaactcaggt tgataggcat ggtggcaatc    139560
     acctttagcc acttagccac cttgttggcc catgttaaag ctttatggta actacagcca    139620
     accatgggtt tccttgccgg gcataacccg acagctttat agatgcagcc agtagctgct    139680
     actctcattc ccactataca gatgagcaag ctgagggtgg acggcaaagc cggacactga    139740
     gtcctgcagt ctggctccag agccagggct ctctgcggct ctcttgcttt ggtgtgttca    139800
     ttcattctgt agcgtttcct gcggtagccc gggcaccatt acagatggca gcctgtagcg    139860
     tggagctaaa ctgtacgcgg aggcgctaga cagcagaagg aagcgttctt taggctgtta    139920
     gaaggtgatc agccctccag caaaaagagt cgccttagga aacagagcgg tggtgagcag    139980
     gttggggagt gggagggagg gaggccagct gaaacgcaga cagagaagca agcgaggaag    140040
     gaggtgaggg aggactctct cctgagctga gccagaggca cttctaggca gtgggatggc    140100
     gggtgcaaag cccccctccc caccccaccc caggcaggag cggggctgac tgtctcagag    140160
     atcaaatagg ctagtaagac tgggggagat agggaggagg gggggaggag gaggaggaga    140220
     ggaggaggag aggaggagga ggaggaggag gaggagaagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag    140280
     aaggaagagg aggaggagga ggagaaggaa gaggaggagg aggaggagaa ggaagaggag    140340
     gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg tcagacagct actgaaggag    140400
     gtgcaaatct tgggctgaag cacgtggtgg ccatatatgt ttccaaaaga gaagcgatgt    140460
     gacctagcac accgcccctg tagctcctca gtggagataa aggtgtgaga gaggaggcta    140520
     cattcgtggc taaggcagac atgatggtgg cccgagagag gctaggtgtg aggtgtgtgg    140580
     aggagaaaga tgtttattct tttttttctt tttttgggtt tttttttttg tttgtttgtt    140640
     ttttgtttcc ttcgagacag ggtttctctg tgtagcccca gctgtcctgg aactcacttt    140700
     gtagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat ccacctgttc acctgcctct gcctccagag    140760
     tgctgggatt aaaggcgcca ccacgcccgt tttttttttt ttgtttgttt ttttcaagac    140820
     agggtctctc tgtatagctc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ttgtagacca ggcagttctc    140880
     aaactcagaa atccacctgc ctctgcctct gagtactggg attaaaggca tgcgccacca    140940
     cgccctgcaa gatgtttatt tttgtaccgt gttgagaaat agagtcctca gggctatcag    141000
     ttccctacag gataacagaa tcagggagga agggtgcagt tgtagctcag tggtagagca    141060
     cccacctcta ctgcacaagg tcctgggttt gactcctggc atctccactt ggtggggaag    141120
     cacgtctgta ttcttaacgc ttggaaggta gaggcaagaa aatttttaaa catcttacac    141180
     agagagtttg aagccagcct ggactattcg gggtgctgcc tcaaacaaca acaacaacaa    141240
     aaaaaataaa ttatattaca taaattaatt aaattttatt aaagataaaa atgaagaatg    141300
     ggcagggctc ggttggcata gtctttaccc agaatgtagg aggtcctcag ctccatagcc    141360
     agctcttgga gagaaagaaa aagcgctcag gtgaagaggg agacaaagga ggcctctagg    141420
     tttggagctg gagctctgga gcaggggaca aggttactcc agcccagccg gggatagttg    141480
     atgaacttac atcctgtttc ctgctgggtt ctcacagggg cagcgcatcc cacatccctg    141540
     aagtctcggt gaagggagat tctagcctga gctacggtgg gaatgatggg gtagatttag    141600
     ggctgtacac tgagttccct ccagcctgca gattccctgt tcatcttctc ttgggagcct    141660
     gcacttaggg tggaacctcc attggttaga tccctggtca ctctgggaag gagatctctc    141720
     tacgagctct gtgctcgaca catgtcatca gaatgaacga aagaacgtct tgtctgaaac    141780
     agcaaggttc caagtttgca attcattatc gctgtatact ttatccccat tggcctgtca    141840
     gaggggcttc ctgtgcacct caccccggcc tcaggcttgt ggaacgtcct ggtcctacat    141900
     acctgacggt ccgtatgctg tcacggccac gctcaggctc tcccaagctg ttcattttcc    141960
     tttccagttg ctcttagagg cctgaaccac ctgcccccag ctccaaactt gccacagtga    142020
     cctcatggca ggtgtcccat gtggcttcgg cctttcggtc tgggtatagt gacaagagtg    142080
     tgattatgtg tgccaactct aggaaaaagc caggccacac tgagggggtg agcacggggg    142140
     cccagccacc ctccagcaag cttcagtgtg ttctggagga cactaggcgt agacccagga    142200
     tgaagcatgt ttttcagaac ctgaatctga ggtgggtgaa ctgattagtc acaccattta    142260
     cagaagggct cttctggggt ctcctaccag tgcctggcgt ccatttcttc ctggccagca    142320
     tgccaacagt ttagaaagct aatatgtact tctaaaggtt tatgggtgtt ttgtgtgttc    142380
     cttttcactg tgtgtgtgtc ttctgtacat atgggctcac tctgtgtgtg ttggggggag    142440
     ggtcaggaat tgacatccac cttattttgt agacagggtt acccactgag cctggggctt    142500
     gctaatgagg ccaggctggc tggcctgtga gctgaaggcc ttccctgctg ggattacagg    142560
     tcattgttgc tgcacaggtt tagaagtgtg ctcagtattt gaacttgggt cttcgctctt    142620
     gagcggtgga cactttacct attgaaccat ccctctaact tcccaatacc tcctgcttgt    142680
     ggcttgatga aatgactttt tttctaatct tcagggggct ttctgaggta gaggctgaca    142740
     aggtgtggga cggacagatg aacagagagg ccagtggctt ggagagaggt tgtaacaact    142800
     tatttaaatc tgggaattgc tcgcgggtgc ttggtggtta gaatgaggtc ctagggattg    142860
     ggggtggggt cgcaggacgt gggaatgtgg agaagaatca gggctcccta gggtttgcct    142920
     gtggcaacaa ggaagactcc cctttgcttt agagtcaggt caagcaagag acagaggaga    142980
     ccaagaaggc ggaggaggag aaggcggcca gggagattca gaaggccccc acgtgtcaga    143040
     aatggtggca gaagtctgat cttggtatcc aggaggctga ggctagcctg ggctacacag    143100
     tgagaccctg tttcaaggac gggaggaaag aagggaagac agtgacttcc gatggcctga    143160
     gacctgggtc ctgggtgcca cggctggctg tcatggctgc cctggctggc tgtcatggct    143220
     gccctgaatg tagacaaaga tgaagggagg cttggagaag agagaccagg aggcaacccg    143280
     ctgagctttc cccagacatt tgtcaaggag cagcaggtgg gtgctggagc ggaagtggat    143340
     aaaggagaaa ggaacctgcc ggaggaaaag aggcaggaca caggaagctt tctgattccg    143400
     gaagtgacgc attctgctat ttgggaggta agtggggtgg agcctagagg gaggggctag    143460
     ccagagatgg cagaaaccac actgccaatc cgcccctccc caatcccccc tcccacgaga    143520
     ctgcgacagt accaccacag tagccccaaa ggatgtcctg cttgctgtgt gccccaccca    143580
     ccgtggggag ttcaggcctt ttgcagcaag actctttgcc gtagtcccca ggattttctg    143640
     ccggggcagg aattatggtt cccgttctgc tgggcagatg ctgaaccact gagctacatc    143700
     cccagaccta cagagaggtt cattcacttg cccaaaggcc acacagcttt taagaagcag    143760
     aactagaatt caaccttgat gttgccccac tgcctggcta cccaggtgcc caagagttcc    143820
     ctgtccaaag gatggtggat gggccttgtt gacttggctt ctggatcagc cagggtatgc    143880
     atgccaacac tggggatgtg tgggtcagga gtgatttccc aaagggctgg ctcactttag    143940
     ttctcaagaa tgcaaaaaat actgttaaaa gagttgttca aggggtgtgg aaatgcaacc    144000
     ccaaggtcag aggtcagaga agtgccaggg attagagaag ccttgactgg agggcgggag    144060
     gagggggggg ggaaccagag atggatgtgg taattaagct tgccatccca gcactcagga    144120
     ggctgaggca ggaagactgc tgcaagttcc aggccagact gggctgggct tcagggtgcc    144180
     tgctctgtct cacaaaagca aaagaaatgg acagccctgg tggtggtgaa ggtagtgtgt    144240
     gtgtgctgtg tttccagacc tggcctggct caatgaagca gtcctgacgg aagactcaga    144300
     ggcctagagg caggagagcc agaggtgaag ctgtacacgg cccattcatt gggtgggtcc    144360
     ccgcagcaca gcgcccgcct tgcaggagcc agctcgcccc gcccgcgggg gtcgcccgtc    144420
     ccaggccggg aagtctaatg tgcccgcagc cgttccgggg agcggtcccc cgccgcgcta    144480
     atgtgcggtc gccccgcccg ccagcagtgg tgcccccgcg ccgaccccga gcgcaaatcg    144540
     atacgcatca ggcggcgggc tgccccgtcc cctccctgcc cacacccctc tctccaagct    144600
     cccttcctcc ctctcggata ccccggacct gcctccgccc tctggcttcc taggagcctg    144660
     ggaatcccgg gtgagtggat aggggcttag ggccagagcg tgctcattct ttccccaagg    144720
     cagggacccg gggaggggga tgaatgaaac actccaatgc aaaacatcag gggtgacggt    144780
     ggcccctgca taagagaaat caagacaagt aaaaattaag gcccgggaat gtggctcaaa    144840
     gacacagctc tatggcacat aaattagatg tggtgtgcac acctgtaatc ccagcactcg    144900
     ctctggagta gaggcaggag ggtcctaaat tcaaggtcag tcctcagagg ctacaaagtg    144960
     agcttgaggg ataagggaaa tcatgcttca ggttaaaatg aaaaggcttg gtggacgata    145020
     gctcaaaggc tcaagcgctt gctttgcaac aaagagttcg agcctacata aaagctggca    145080
     ggtgtactgg caccctgcta gtccaggtgg gcacggatga tcctcagagc aggctagacc    145140
     atcagaccag gggagcccca ggctcaccaa gagactccaa taaattggag tgtgggatca    145200
     gcatggagac actgggtgaa gtcactcacg gaggaaatct ggggacctga ggtagatcca    145260
     tggaacccat gggtcacccg aaggagagag ctcactgcca cacatgcacc atggcacctg    145320
     ttcccattta ccccacgccc tccatgctgt gataataagt aaaaaattta aagattaatt    145380
     ttttaaaaag gtggaacctg acagaagata ccaggcacct ctgaccttac agggccacac    145440
     aggcccgcgc gtgcactcgc acacaggccc acaggccttc gttcaggcac acacaccaca    145500
     cgcacatgta catgtgataa ctacataagt taaaaaaatt aagggaaaaa ttaatgcaaa    145560
     aaaaatcctc agtgatcaaa aataaatcaa aattttaaat gaagctgaga tcagtaatgg    145620
     ttgagcagag ccatattgga gcctggggca aagggaaaaa aaatatcaag aagctggatc    145680
     ctgtttcatt taaatgttga attctttgtt catcccagat tgctcactgg gggacgggtt    145740
     gtcactgaaa ctcgctttgg ggaccagtaa tgacagaaga agaaatgcca gcaccttaat    145800
     taccttaaaa gtattattgg gggggagggt tgaacccagg gccccctgtg tgctaggtgc    145860
     acgctgtatc cccagcatcc tctccatctt ttaaaattgt ggttgttgca gcagggtctc    145920
     aggtagccca ggctggcctc gaacttgccg cctagtagag tcttgctctg aacccttgct    145980
     gcttctcttg cctcccgagt tctggattta cagacatagg ccacctctct caatgcatca    146040
     agttactagt taagtttttt gtcttctttt gtttgacaca gcatcattca ggctgacccg    146100
     gaaccctcca tcctccctcc tgtctcagca tcccgagtct tggtcttaac ggtttgtagc    146160
     accacggcat ctcttaattt tctctttttt aaataaaaaa cccccgtgac aatttacagt    146220
     ttacacagca atgtacccag catactttac ctttggaggg ctttctgtcc caggatttcc    146280
     attatcttca gagccctgca agtgtcacca accagcttta gcgctttgct ctacccttgc    146340
     tggaaactct gtaacctcaa gcaaacactc gttctctttg gtgtccccag accctggcaa    146400
     ccatactatt tccatcgcta tggcattatc tgtactggag atgaacgcgg gatcatatgc    146460
     tgtgtggtct cttgcagctc aaggttcatg gttattatag cttctgccaa tattccactc    146520
     ttttcttttt cctgggtatg catgtgcgtg tggtgtatgg agcctgtgtg cattggtgca    146580
     tacggctgct ctcatgggcg aggaggcagg ggaaaatgcc ttccttcctt cctgccccgc    146640
     cagccttcct cttaatctct tgaaacaaag tctctaaatg aaataaatgt acacacaggt    146700
     gaccagcaag caacagtgat ccactgtctc tgctccccag aaggctgggg ttagaggtga    146760
     catgggggtc cagttggctt ttcacatggt gtgctaggca cttgaactca ggtgttcatt    146820
     tgtgtgtgca agcacactca cctctgagcc gtttcttggc tccaggattg aatttttcac    146880
     agtttgaatc gtggttcatt gtgtggctat tcctcatttc ctcagccatt cctcagctgt    146940
     ggggatttgg ggtgttcctt gtgtctatcc ctcgtctctt atgaataacg cactgatgcg    147000
     tgagcttccc gtgtgcacgc tagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    147060
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atgctacagt gtccattcag aggtcagagg acagtttgca    147120
     ggagccagtt ctttccttcc accatgtagt ttctggggat ggaatacagg cgtcagtctt    147180
     gacagcaagc gcctgtacct actgagccat catcttagca atcttttact tacttaggtt    147240
     tgtccacaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcagag atctgcctgc    147300
     ctctgcctcc cgagtgctgg gattgaaggc gtatcccacc acacctggct agcctcttac    147360
     tatctgtttc tccctcctga gtctacccct agaatatggg gcccatgatc actgcatacc    147420
     taacatttta aacaattgct agggagtttt ccaacatggc cggactatgg cgcttcctac    147480
     aaaaagtgta gacgggtctc cgtttctcca tatcctcacc agcaactgtg ctcactatgg    147540
     gcatttttct attccagtct ccctagtatc acagtgcttc cagtttcctc tgtgtttcct    147600
     catgggctat gcttcccctg ggtttagaga atatttgtgc gtttgttcgg agacatgtca    147660
     gttcaaatgc ttggctcacc ttccacatat ctgtattacc ttcttttata ggtgatacca    147720
     taaccacatg taatgctcgg actggcttct ctgcactgaa cactgtgttg tgggctctca    147780
     gttctctctc ccctcccccc tctctttctc ccaccaagcc ctgatatgtc tctttcaatg    147840
     agtctttcta gacacgagaa tctgagaact ggaacccctg gacccattct cctcttctcc    147900
     cctcttgtga atagcatctc actgtgtatc ctctttattt agacacgatg ccaaatgtct    147960
     caggctggct ttgacctcac catgtagatg aagatgacct tgaacttctg acctctttgc    148020
     tttcactgtt gggtgctggt attacaaatg tacaacacca tatctagttt tatggggtgc    148080
     tagggacaaa cccagggctt aaagcatgct agacaagaag ccttacccac tgggctgcat    148140
     ctccagtccc tccatcaata tttatgattg tctagcatat gccaggcacc atactcatag    148200
     accctttggc tagtgtttgc caagcttgga gagccattca ttcttcagaa gctgtagggt    148260
     gctggcagcc ttaggcatct atgctgggtg gttgatgggt atggagcccc agggtaggca    148320
     gtttccctga tgatcagatc ctgggtgctg aggccacggc ttgtctgttc aaccacagag    148380
     ttccaggtcc tctggtgatt ttggcacagc tcagacccag ttaaagaact tgctaccttt    148440
     cccgctgacc aactaaaatg tacagtcaac tgaccattcc gagagctcag gagatggaag    148500
     ttgtaaaata aactggtttg accacaaatg gaagagagca acagcaaact tgagctttga    148560
     ccctcagggt cacagggcac ccagggacag acatatgaca ggaattggtt ctttactgga    148620
     gacctgagag tgtggggcag acaggtgagg gacaagagca agaatggagg caggagtcag    148680
     tcagggggaa ggctcccact gtggggcctg gggccaagtg tgggtggatc gggccagcag    148740
     ggcagacctc agatgtggtc tgaggacaga gcagtgacag agcctggatg tgctgtgtgg    148800
     ggaggaccag gcagaagctc tgctggacag ggaggggttt gaggtacaga gttgacttcc    148860
     ataggaggtg ggggtggggg cacagataac tgtctgtctt caggataagg cagagatggt    148920
     gggaggtgag ctttggggac agctagagtt acacacgtgc cccagtcccc gactcagtag    148980
     ccgcaggcca caagtggttt ctgaatcctg gaaatgtagc tgatggatct agatgtgttg    149040
     tcaagcataa agtacgcttt ggattccaaa ggtgtaagat ggaaaggggg tggagacatg    149100
     ctatctcatt aatgattttt gcgccaattg tatgttgaga tgataagatg ttgggtacat    149160
     tcatttaaaa aaaatttaaa ttgttttatg tttaaaattc ggctatggaa aaacggttta    149220
     attgggcctg gggaggtggc tcagtggaga aagtgctggg taggtaagct tgagaactgg    149280
     cgttcagatc ttcagcaacc ttgtgtacct tggcaccact acacgcccat agtgagagca    149340
     gaagatgaca caggagagtc ccagaagcct gtggaccagc tagtaagaca tggcttcaag    149400
     ggacaagaga ccctgtctca aacaaggtgg agcacaaaca ccaatacctg cggtgtcctc    149460
     tgacctccac gtatgtcatg gcatgtgacc atctgtgttc atgcatgcct acttacatac    149520
     acatgaacat gcacatatgg atacatgtat acacacacac cacacatcat atagacacat    149580
     aaaaatatca attaatagat tcagccgcct gagttgtatc ctttttggac agcagggttt    149640
     atttatttat ttattttggt ttttcaagtc agggtttctc tgtatagccc tggctatcct    149700
     ggagctcact ttgtagacca ggctggcctc aaactcagaa atctgcctgc ctgtgcctcc    149760
     cgagtgctga gattaaaggc gtgcgccacc acgaccatgt tttaaatggt tactcaaact    149820
     gtcagccaat gaagtcaccc agggaatgag ctgagtagag accccagggc cagccctctt    149880
     agtagagggg ggagaaggag tcacagggag gggaaagggc agaggagaag taagagtcta    149940
     gatgtctagg aaacccaggt agagagggct ctgggcaggg ggtgtagcca ccccatgaaa    150000
     tgctggtggg gtcaggggtt agaagttggc tgttgaattt aagagcttgg tgatggtggc    150060
     acactccagt gatctcagca cttggaaggt ggaggcagga ggatcaagag tttagggtca    150120
     gccttagcta cagagtgagt tagaagccag cctaggtcat ctaagacctc aaatcataag    150180
     aaacaagcca atcagcaaac aaacaggaaa taaaaccaaa atagaacaaa atccaaaatg    150240
     aagcaataaa aggttaaatt atcatgtctg agctacagct gaagaggggg ttgtatacag    150300
     gggacatcct ggagtcccta ttgtaccaat attggacata taacaatatc atagagatgt    150360
     ggccccctac ctacctcacg atgcaatggg aagctgagtg gatgggagca gaggagcagc    150420
     agaaagcaag ggagcttaga agtacctgag gttggagccc ggctctatgg gctcctgagt    150480
     taccttgctc ccattagaaa cccatgtccc caactccact ctcaggcggc atgcagggga    150540
     gaagcagaaa gaacagggtc aagaagactt tcagtatttc catgtgaata aaaacatgtc    150600
     gaagtgttta aatatcacaa atacctctgg aaggaactgg gggacaaatg agaaggcagg    150660
     ctttattttt gaggcagagt cttgtctaca tataaccttg gctggccctg aaattcccta    150720
     tgcagaccag gctggactac aattcacaga aagtcctgcc tcagcctcct gagtactggg    150780
     atcacaggca ttcaccatag aatgcctaga atctattttg tatttgaaaa aggttataaa    150840
     gaaatatata aataaaatta tgtctttcag tgcaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag    150900
     aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag    150960
     gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag gaggagagga ggaggaggag gaggaggaag    151020
     aggaagagga agaggaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagag gaggaggagg    151080
     aggaggagga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggagggg gaagggatgg    151140
     aggaggagga gcaggggcag gggcaggagg agcaggggca ggggcagggg cagggcaggg    151200
     gcaacaggag caggagcagg agcaggagga ggagacaact ttcagtggct gggaacaagg    151260
     tgcagtggta gagggacaat tgcctgccag ggaacaagtt caattcccag ctcagggaga    151320
     gaaaggaaaa aggcgagagg gaaggagggg gagggaggga gagtggatat ttttggagtc    151380
     tgttctttca tttaattaat ttattaggtg tatgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tagtatatcc    151440
     acttgctagt gtaggtatgt gtgtctgttg tgtttgaact tgctaaggta ggtgtgtgtg    151500
     tgtttgcgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtagtgt gggccagaga gagagagaga    151560
     gagagggagg gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    151620
     gaggcattat tggatatctt tcttctatct cttcctcttc tttattttct gtgtattggt    151680
     gttctgcctg catgtattta tgtgcatcat gtgtttagtt ggtacctgtg gggtcagaag    151740
     agggcgtcag atcccctgga actggagtta cagccggttg tgagccacct tgtggctgct    151800
     gggaattgaa gaatctctaa aggagcaggc agtgctcttt tccatggagc catttctcca    151860
     gcgactacac tctgattttt ggagacaggg tctctcacag aatttaaatc atattaattc    151920
     agctaggctg attggctaat aagttgaggg atatgcctgc ttctccccta cctcctacac    151980
     ccacccctca ctctcatccc ccattctcct gggatccata ccaggcagtt tgttttggtt    152040
     tgctttcttt taatgtgggc tgtggggttg gagctctggt tgctcttgca gaagactggg    152100
     gtttgagtcc tagcacctac atggctgctc accagcacct gtgactctag gcctgggagg    152160
     gatctgatgc tttcttctgg ctttcacagg ggttgcatgc acacaatatg aagctatgca    152220
     gggcatccat ccacataaaa caaaataata tatatttctt taaatgtggg ctctggggat    152280
     ctgagctcag accccctaag ctagtacagt catctacccg tagctccctg ctctatgcct    152340
     gcgaggatga gggcagctac accaggctcc tctttgtgat ggatggaagc tgttgggcct    152400
     cagagaccat gttccaccca gtatagcaag catccagaag ctgagcaggt gacctcttca    152460
     gcttcagttt gcccctctgt caaatggcaa caacagtaca attagtgacg aaggtgtata    152520
     aaccaccgga tgagttgggt agtgtgtctg ctggagctct ggctactggc tgcgaacggg    152580
     gagccacaag gagactagat gtggcttccc ctggggagag ggaggttact ggggcagggg    152640
     cagccaccag acaccttgcc ctgtgtcctc cagagctctg agctctgctc tctgtgtccc    152700
     tgaagcgtgg acacttcctg gcccctgtca tcccctccgc cctggataaa cagcacctcc    152760
     acccgcccgc cttctcagcc cctcacgctt caccagaatt aaattcatca ttcacttttt    152820
     atggtttgta catagtgtaa tttatgtttt caaatatagc gaggtcacac tttaacggaa    152880
     aaaaagtatt tcacattgaa attgaaggca tgtgtgttcc actaaatggg gatgtttggg    152940
     ataattttaa aaggctaaaa ctagtagaaa gtaacattaa aataaaattt gagagatgta    153000
     attaccccta atcgcaccat aaaataatca ataccacatt ccattatttc tgacttccct    153060
     agttatagct ttttttgtta agctcttgaa tattgatgag gtgaaagggt cgtgtcttct    153120
     ggcggaggtc tgatggaggt ggaattaagg tggtgtcgtc tcccattaac cagggagatg    153180
     gtgtctgtag atccatcgag tctacagaac caggcagtgc cgggtgtgcc agtcaccggc    153240
     aaaggggtga cctaggaatg ctgatcaccc ggctaagagg tgacccagct catctgacag    153300
     gagcatgtgt gtgcggcgtg ggggtgtggg gtgtctgggc tgtgttcctg gagtatgtgt    153360
     tacttagccc cggtgtccag ctctgtccca gcctggcagg tgaactgcat cagcctgctc    153420
     tctctccaca cagccccctg ccctgtgtag cagagtgtgg atgggacccc tcgtttattc    153480
     ttattggttt gtgtgtctat gtgtgtgtct gtgtgtgagt gtgtatgtct atgtgtgaat    153540
     gtgtatgttt gtctgtgtgt gtgtgtctct gtgtgtgtgt acgtgtttgt gagtgtgtat    153600
     gtgtgtgtga gcgtctgtgt atgtatgcaa gtgcacagat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    153660
     gtgtgagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga ggtcgacctt gcagttgttc ctcaggcttt    153720
     cttcaccttt tagtttttaa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa    153780
     ataaataaat aaattttatg ttcattggtg ttttgcctgc cggtgtgtct gtgtgagggt    153840
     gtcagcagcc ctgggacagg agttacagac aggtgtgaac tgctgtgtgg ttgctgggaa    153900
     ttgaaccccg gggcctctgg aagagcagcc agtgttctta actgctgagc tatctctcca    153960
     gcccccttca cttttatttt cttttaactt ttgtttatgt atatgtgtgt acttgtgtga    154020
     gtgtgtgtca cacgtgtgca ggtgcccata ggtaccagtc gagagcctgg gatctcctgg    154080
     gactggagtg acaaggttga ctaagttgtc tggaaaccta actgggttta ggtttctgca    154140
     agagcaataa tcacattaaa ccatggccct ctggtggggc gcagagtaga ggttctaccc    154200
     gtgcccgctg tgagaagtga gcctagtctg agcctcaggg tagggctgta cgtctgagtg    154260
     tgctcggtac attccttctc tcccacctcg aggacctgca gcttctgggc tggagactgg    154320
     ttccccagga agaacctaga ggagcccgct tgcctaagga gagcacccag gggctcttcc    154380
     gggcctctga gctgtgtggc ttctgcccag catggaaaga cattttcact tcatgctgct    154440
     tgccagctat tcactagcat ttatcccttc ctctgcccaa aacgtggcac ttccccccac    154500
     cctcaccccc tggtagcagc agtgtgcact agagtccgga gatgggaaca acacagacat    154560
     ccagtcacag gtgaaacacc agacctcttc agccgtgaaa aggcctggat gatgcctgcc    154620
     acagcaacag gagcttcagc cgtgaaaagg cctgcatgat gtctgccaca gcaacacgag    154680
     cttcaaagac cgagagacgc ttggttgaag aggctggagt ggaggaaaca cttcaagtga    154740
     cctgtgtaga caaatatctg cagtgatgga aggctgccag gcactggggc cgggctggga    154800
     ggatgagtgg ttgcctaatg gggccacgct ttccttggga ggcctgagaa gcttgtggga    154860
     ggaggtggat ggccggacca ccccgccacg ggcttagcgg ctctcagctc ttcactttgg    154920
     ccacacagtg catcttgcca caagagaagt gatgttttaa gagttggaac accttggggg    154980
     ctccggggct tgctgagagc ccagctccag ctctggctat atctatactc accacaggat    155040
     ctcagaagcc cgggacctgg gagccgtgag gcagctcact ctgtgtcatt accatgaata    155100
     ataaacaatg gggtgtattt ttaaaacttt cctaagagag attcccaagc agtaacaaag    155160
     tacttagatt gcccactggt cccctaaaga tactggcgca aaagcagggt gggccacagg    155220
     gcgggggagg gcagtgcctt ccgcctctaa ctccattcct ccgttttgcc cagaggcacc    155280
     aagaacaaga ggcagggagg gttcttgtca ataaatacct cagccccttg attcagttcc    155340
     ccctcaccgc aacccctata ctcagggaca cagaaaggga caccagtctg agcgcaccct    155400
     agtatcttgg gcaaaccagc aggagtctgc tgtccatact gacctgtctc agagtggcgg    155460
     agcctacagt ggggacagac tcaagagttc caagtagaga cgtggctgtc agggacttga    155520
     atccctcaaa gccactctgt cctgttcttt caccttgtgc gctgcttggt gaaggctggg    155580
     cggtcactca ctcaaacccc ggtgctaggg agacagtctc ttggagaatg tgaagcccag    155640
     cagacgccag cctggagagg aggctgtgga ggtgtggcag acatctcaga ctagtgaagc    155700
     aaacgctgac aggacaaggg tccaggccag gtggcctccc tgcatccacc aagtcagaag    155760
     tgggtttggt tctgcacacc caggcctctc ctggcaccat gcttggcctg gtagacccct    155820
     cagcacccct cggcagcccg ttttaaaggg tagggaggtc tagagaggca gacaacttgt    155880
     ggagccccaa agcactactt tctgactgta gagctatggc tttcgacact atgaaagggt    155940
     taaactaagg ggtcaggatg tctcaggact cacaagggtg tttgcgatgc tatctttgtc    156000
     tgagatgagg cagccggacc catgtgcctt tcacggggct cagcagccga cctctgcttt    156060
     agatctccag ccagtcacac aacccccccc cccccggctc agtttcttct ctcttttcct    156120
     tttgggctca tttaattaaa aatgattttt attgtgcgtg tgtgtgtgtg tctgtctgtc    156180
     tgtgcatgca cacctgccat ggcatgcata tgaaaatcag aggacatctt ttagggtgtc    156240
     ttcccctaag gtatcaaata agctccacag gttggtggca agcacctttt cccattgagc    156300
     catcctttcc cattctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    156360
     ctctcactta ttctctctcc tttttctctt tctctttttt tcttcttcct cctcctcctc    156420
     tttctcctct tcctcttctt tttcaggaca gggtttctct gtgtagcttt ggatatcttg    156480
     gaaggagctt tgtagaccag actggccttg aactcagaga tctgcctccc aactgctgag    156540
     gttaaaggcc gcctggctag tttccccatt ttcaagtgag ggttagagaa tgaacatcta    156600
     aacactggca tccatttgct cttagacctt cttcttctcc tccccccccc ccccgctgac    156660
     ttctacgacc cagctttgcc atcagcttca gacataccaa ccagccacat caagggcaag    156720
     aggacagtcc acccctgaca agagacagag agctggctca ggatttgggg gctgggcatg    156780
     ctgtaccacc ctcccaacat tgcaattgtc ccccttctcc tgtgtatgag gcctctgaca    156840
     cccccctccc catacccagt aagcctcgtg ccagcctctg cctgcccatg accgctgaga    156900
     cggaaccaac agcataacaa gcaggctctt ctaggaaact tcggaaacgg aagggaggcc    156960
     attaggaaat ttacatttgc gaatatgatg tttaattagc aataccaata aattaatagg    157020
     agaatcttgc tgcggttcgg ggttcataaa acaccagcct cggctagcag aaggagaaag    157080
     cagcagctct ggctgacaga gaggggacgg tgggctgttc caggtcaccg ccatcacagg    157140
     tgtcccatgt cctccctgcc cagcacccat ctcctgcccc gagtacatat tcaggtggag    157200
     tgcaacgtgg aacgaagcca ccgtccgcca cagagtccgc agggtctgga ttcatgtcct    157260
     gtgttggcca gttcctctgt gaagaaacca cttagctttg gtgccccatg tccttctctg    157320
     tcaaactggg acaatgataa taacatcctc cttgtagggc cgttgcggtg atgcaaggga    157380
     ttaatgaggc taaaagcacg cggagcagaa agaagctggc acaaaataag tgttcattat    157440
     taggctgccg ctcctactcc agctattatt aatgggataa cgaatggggc tcacctggca    157500
     agggggaagg acctggtaaa cagaagatga ctggctttta agcctttctc tggtctacct    157560
     tgctttccta ggccctcgga ttgatcaccc tggggtggtc acctagggtg gtcagtctga    157620
     tgacctaatt tggttccagt cactttctgc ttctcacttg gggctcctgg ctcagcacag    157680
     gccaaagcta tggatggttt attgcggtgg ctcttaagca aacacaggat gcttagcccc    157740
     ggcagctgtc tctccacctc accaactatc cacggctccc agtcgtcctc agggtcttac    157800
     tcaaggacta tggagatggc taaactgtta agggcacttt ctcccaagct tggtggcctg    157860
     agttcagtcc ctggggtcca taggttgtcc tctgacctcg gcatgtgtgc cggggctctg    157920
     gtgcctgtgt gtactcagga aatacatgaa ataatgttaa cagtggtaac aatcccactt    157980
     ggctccccct cagctctgcc acctaaggtc tcacctctcg tctcccacca ggataccagc    158040
     tctccctgct gccaggccct tgtgaatgta tagctcatct ggaagtgtct ggttggtaaa    158100
     cttctgcttc ttcaccaagg cccaacctta ccaagtcccc tgtgacacca agtatgaatt    158160
     acagtcagca atggggggtg tggggaccgt gagatctttg tcaccagttc tctctcctca    158220
     cccttctcgt gctagcacta ccaagcccgg gcacttctta gactcttcaa agaaactgtc    158280
     agagaacctc tgaccttgtc ccatggagac tcagaccgcc cagtttctgt atgtcctgga    158340
     agaccctgcc cggctgattt ccctgtctct gtgtcctccc tcctttgctc ttgggcgtct    158400
     ctgcctctgg gttttagctt tctaggacag agcctttaac ttcctgtgtg ttcaaggaac    158460
     acatcctgtt ctgcctgact aaacaaataa atcagggtgt aggcttaaat gccacttcct    158520
     acaagaagcc ctccctgact accctacctt tgtttgtaac ctttacacct gagctgtttg    158580
     tttcctccta ccagcttttc aagacagaga cctgttgttt tgtttactgc tacttcctgg    158640
     cacctgtcct ggagactgtc acattcgtat gctaataaac attcccgggt gagtgagtga    158700
     gtgaatgaac gaatgaatat caggatgaat gaggggggca agtgaatgaa tcaatgactg    158760
     actgactgga caaaagaatg aatgaaccag gaagggaaag aatgaatggg tgtgattatg    158820
     aatgccaagt agaaggggct agagacagga cagtttcttc tgagccctgg tccccactgt    158880
     gaacctgttt cccccaactg tttattctgt tgtgtaaagt gcataggaaa catgataata    158940
     attaaagcag acacaacaac aggtaattaa ttgcatttcc caaatttgat ccatgcatat    159000
     gaatgagcgg gaggtcacgg attgggttgg ttgtttaggg ggtggggacc ccattctctt    159060
     cccctcagga tctcagagtg catgcagctc ctggaggctg gtccccagag agcatgtctc    159120
     ctcttcccct gggtggggct ctggctccct gggtcccaga tgggagggag gattaaggaa    159180
     gggctctgca gggaagctca atagctagca gagatgtcct ccggcgcccg cttacagaca    159240
     caggatgtct ttggcctgac cttgtggcca ctagtttagc acgggggagg gaccctaggc    159300
     actggctgaa tgaagaggcc caggtacttg ttttaggaat ccagacgctg ctggtggtgg    159360
     tggtggtggt ggggtttagg gatgtagctc ctttggtagc agcgcctgcc aggaagcctg    159420
     aagctcccgg tttggttctc agccctggtg gtgttcccct gtaatctcag cacttgggag    159480
     gtggcggcag gaggatcaga agttcaaagt cttcaccagc tatttaaaga attgtaggct    159540
     agcgtgggtt acacggttgc cttgtctaag gaaggaaggc aagaaggaag gaaggaggga    159600
     agggaaagat ggggaagttg gaatccttgg gtggatattt gcattgtggg gtctgagtgg    159660
     gaccctgtcc acagtgtaaa caaaccccaa cacgattggg aagctctttg gcgagcctgg    159720
     acaggcactc agatcctaga acaagaacag agctttccct gccttgtccc tcctccaaga    159780
     gagtatctgt ggggggcagc aggttcacag tgaagtctag cctggagttc tggttgactg    159840
     gaggacacag ggatgctttg ctctggcccc agcaatttga cattggtatt ctaaccagaa    159900
     ggagctttgg gggagtgggg acagtgcaag ggggggtttc cttcaggaag gctgttcaac    159960
     ccacagtctc ctgatggatg tgctgcctct ctggcccccc tcctgaactg agtcctatgt    160020
     aaacgagcag tctcctcctt tttttttcag agctggctgc agagcctgtt tatggcccca    160080
     gagtggaccg ggctgatgac caggcagcca acaggagtca gggaccacag tgggcttcga    160140
     gctttgctgt gtccttttgc cttgctccag agcgaatgtt atacgaatca ctccgactcc    160200
     tgctcccaaa ggacattcct gtacccgcag cgacgagctc accccctgtg atctcccacc    160260
     agtggcccag ggacagtggt gggcagatat ccagctgttc cagggacaac gtgggtgtgt    160320
     gctctgcggg tccctggagg tccctagaga ttcccagacc tcttcactga cactcaatgc    160380
     ttttgctgcc caacgctctc attgcttccc ttggggtctc gctcaagtga aataccccca    160440
     aatctttaga ttgctttcgg gaaaactcca aacctgaaaa aaaataaagt tactaaaaaa    160500
     aaaaaaaaag ccagacacac acctttgtgt ctcagaaccc tctccaggag gccagttagc    160560
     ctggtgcctc tctgcgagcc ctatgaggtt gagagaactt ggattgcaaa catagttgct    160620
     ctggggtggg ggtagcattt ggaaggcaga ggcaggcata tctctgagtt ccaggccagc    160680
     ctagtctaca gagcaagttt cagggcagcc aggactacag agaaaccctg tttgttggtt    160740
     tgtttcgggg tggtggtggt gggtgggcag ggaaagttac tgtattctgg aaagcaagtt    160800
     gtctgtaaac ctgggcaaga attatctcag cagagcccgg agtcactgca cagcccacct    160860
     gaggcccctg tggccctcaa caccctgctt tttcattccc gtcaacatct cagatgaggc    160920
     aaccgagcag agcagaagca agcgtgtaat ccaggccaca cctgaaagat tctaagtcca    160980
     aggtttctaa atggttgtca cacgttatca tcgagctggc cgtcgttcct tgagaggtaa    161040
     tttgggaccc tgtgtgtgtt tcctgtgggt cccatttgca cacttgccgt catcagtctg    161100
     gctgtctccc cccaccccct accccaaagc aacagtgttt gcaacccacg ttccctcagc    161160
     ctcgaagggc ttgcagagag gctccaagct ggctgacctc ttggcgagtg gttctaggac    161220
     acagactgtc tgggtagaag agtggagttc tgttctgccc caagtgtctc tgctcatccc    161280
     agcttcaggc tgaggggaga gtgaagctcc gttcacacct gagcagtgtg gtatggagcc    161340
     ggggagtctg cctttctgtg cctcaagtct ctcatctgct tatggttctg atttgcagag    161400
     tcgctgagac tatgtgtccc aggtcaacat agcacccagc cacccactta gatccatgct    161460
     cccaaccact atgtcacccc ttccttctag gttactaagg ttgggccttg gatcaggcga    161520
     aagcgacagt aattggagta gatgaactgt caatagaaag gccacagcgg gggtggggtg    161580
     gtggggggtg gtggtggtgg tggtggtgga gaaatggctc agtggttaag agcattgact    161640
     gctcttccaa aggtcctgag ttcaaatctc agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaacatcca    161700
     taatgagatc tgatgcccct tcctgaggtg tctgaagaca gctacagtgt acttaaatat    161760
     aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa atctttaaaa aaaaaaagaa aggccacagg    161820
     gatgtgaggg cggctgtaag ggacacatgg gcacttggct tccttaagta ccttcctgtt    161880
     aggagatggt ggccagccca gagagcaagt gaccacacca ggggtcctag ggataacagg    161940
     catgttgcaa catatgctag gggaaaggga ctttctcttg atcatcatcc tccaaagggt    162000
     gatttttatt tatttatttt tattgtatgt atatgagtgt tttgcctgcg tattagtgtg    162060
     tatgtcacgt ggatgcctga tgcctgagga ggccagaaga gggcatagga tctctggaac    162120
     tgcagttaca aatggttatg agctgtgggt gctgtgagtc taacccaggt cctctgtaag    162180
     agcagcgagt gttcttaacc ctgagccacc tatctcttca gagcatctcc ccatcccctt    162240
     tgcaaggaga ggtagggttt caacgatgta gaccaggtag acctcgaatt catgagatcc    162300
     tccttctctg cctccaaatg cacacccagc tgcatcttct taacaacaac aacaacaaca    162360
     acaacaaaaa acctttgtat tttttactct tcaaaggatt ggatttcatt atgacatttt    162420
     catgcctata tattattgta ctgtgctcca cccctccccc acacctcaga cttataaata    162480
     ttccacagca acttggaagt acttgtgaaa ctgcttgcac tcctttgaat taagaccctg    162540
     cgttgtccag gcttgccctt cctggaggct gcactgcagg cttagcccaa gcccaggttc    162600
     agaggccctg gaggtgccag gcttccccat tctgccccac cgcacacatg gatctcacgc    162660
     ttggcatgtt ccccgattct ggtagcctcg cttcctgatc agtcttgggg tttctggagc    162720
     gaggagggtg tgcgtggggc gcgaagtttc cgggctgcag gatctgctgc gtgggggccc    162780
     gtttgggccg ggtcgcgcgc tgcccgcgac cgccggtagg gggcgcctta gtcatgcatt    162840
     attcatcggc agcccgcgtc gctcgccttc ccccgcgcgg gctgcgggct gcgcggagga    162900
     gcgggagcgc ggagccttca caatattgtg gcagcttcgc gaatgacggc tgcggggagg    162960
     cggggggcgc agcctcaggc ggcggcgggg gcgcgggcgc gggcggggag cggtcccgga    163020
     tgggggcgag gaggggctgg ttcagggtga gggcagagcc tgcagcatcc gtctgtacgt    163080
     ccaggcatcc tcttttcctt ccatcaagtc agccagcact agggaacatc tggccggggc    163140
     gggcgaggtg taggggacgc gatggtgaat aaggtaggcc tggtccctgt cctttcaaaa    163200
     cttcatctcc aagtggtcag ggagacacat ttaaaagcaa gcagataatt cagatagtcc    163260
     caggtaagcg tgcactgtat aagcgagcgc cacgggcatg gtggaccggg agagagcttc    163320
     tgagaggcgg tgacagtgtg caaagatgaa cctgactttg aacattccaa cctctggcct    163380
     ttctccctgt ctccctcaag gcctcacgga aatcagctcc tctcaccctc agtcacccaa    163440
     gaagtcagga gggttttgat gagacctgga tgggggcacg aatccaaact atggggtccc    163500
     tgcctagcca ccctctggga tcaacccggg atggcaggag cccgagtcat ctcagctctc    163560
     aaagctccca cctcttactc tgctccagga gaggagttgg gagggagaca cggagggcgt    163620
     gggctcaggg tcaccagcag catcaggttt cctttcactt gtacaaagac tcgttgacgc    163680
     ctgagcacgt caataccctt aatgacaggg aaaggagctg ggactccaga ccggtgcccc    163740
     cactccgcct ccccctcccc tgctctcccc tctgggccca tcttcttcct cttctgtgcc    163800
     ttctctctcc tatctgtccc cctctgtctc ctgtctgtcc ttcctctcct ttctcttttg    163860
     gccctctgtc tagtcctgat gtcttgcttg ccttctctct cctctcctct cctctcctct    163920
     cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcctct    163980
     cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcctct    164040
     cctctcctct cctctcctct gactcctttc tttctccttc cccagtcccc acagcaactg    164100
     tacacacgct aactcacacc ctgcagcttc agaccccagc tagactctga ctcctctgtc    164160
     cctccagacc ccttgagatg ccgctggcct cctggaggca gggcctatgt gatggtggca    164220
     cctgagcaga ggtcgctcag cttttgtcct gcgacctctg ccccaaaggc tcacgggtag    164280
     cagtccttgc actgccccgg ggcatgctgg gggatgtaaa tggcaagttt ggggtggggc    164340
     taggctgaag aggagagttt gaggaggatt ttctgttttg tattttttat gaccatatat    164400
     aatttcgcgt ttctcccctc agcctctgcc tccttggctc ccagatgtgt cccacattga    164460
     agaattatct ctcctcccta gagtgaaata aatgcaatca atatgagtat tgctctcagg    164520
     gccttgaaat attacattaa tgttccatgt ggtgacattt tagctggaat tttcaaatac    164580
     attatgatgg ttcaaattaa tatttatcag agcagctttt atattttgca aaagagagag    164640
     agagagagag agagggagag agagagaggg agagagggag agagggagaa aaggaaagac    164700
     agagagagca ttattaaaat acaaaatgca gatgaagtct aaaatcgatg gttcattttc    164760
     cagcactttc caggggctgt ctttagcttt ctgggtttgt tttaaaattt attggtgttc    164820
     caggcaaatc tattgggctc gcagaacccc ctggccagcc tcccctctcc atccccttta    164880
     gcaggctatg ggtctcttcc ttttctgcct ttccctcttt attatcctga aatgtaaatt    164940
     acgacattag cccagtcctt attttttttt taaactctcc gatgattaaa tctgctacac    165000
     gacatctttg tcctttctat aaattaaatc atcttggctt tgcacctcca gctcagggcg    165060
     gatgccacac gggtgtccag gcagcaggcc tctgaagagg aggtctgtgg ttcttggtcc    165120
     cttcagaagc ggacatgggg gcaatctgtg gggcaggggg attgcttcca gctcctggtt    165180
     tttctgtaaa taagaaatgt ggagtggagg gaggaggttg gagaacactc cactttattt    165240
     cagtcacttc caaactgatt actctgtgaa gtggaaaatc taggcagatt aacggttcca    165300
     tctctctttt ctttcgctcc ccccaccccc gcctcctctt gtctttcttt cttttttttc    165360
     actcccaggg tcttctccta tttttttttc cttttttcaa gttgtattaa aaaataatta    165420
     atggggacca gcaagatgtc tctcagcaga taaagtgctg gccacacaag cctgacagtg    165480
     tgagttcgat tccccagaac ccacatgaag gttgagggaa agaactgact tcgtaaagtt    165540
     gccctatggt cacaggcatg tgatgtcacc caagtgtgca cacacataat tttttaaata    165600
     tgtaatttaa tatatatagt ccagcatctt tggggacaat gtgttccttg gaagactctc    165660
     cccagtctta gccacacagg ctgtgtccgg gagctttgcg aatgttaaca gtgcccattt    165720
     cactcctaac ttgttatctt ttgcagattt tttatttctt tttatttttt ttgagtcttc    165780
     ctcccttgag ttctgggtga gagatccggc tggaaagaat gcatgttgtc aggtgcataa    165840
     ggcagcacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag acacggcagc    165900
     tcacacgcac cagcacgtaa ccgcaaacgc agccataggg agaccgtagg actgactaca    165960
     gaaagcgagc caccctccca atttcccctc tgctgctgat ctggccaaaa agaacgacag    166020
     gaaactcaaa aaaagaaaag gagaggggat cgattattcg acctgtactt gaacccggct    166080
     gaaagagata aagcggaatt ttcaataggt cccctgccct tttcaccagg agggaaagag    166140
     gagaagaaaa acaagagata tttatatgac agcagctgct ggaaatagca tttcagagcc    166200
     attaaaaaaa aaaaaaaggc aaaacaaaac tcaatgggaa aagaagaacg ggactccttg    166260
     cttgctcccc aaaaggcaag acaggcagcc agcaagcatc cccggctgaa atgcgtgcat    166320
     gcctcctata gatctgtttg aaattatact tgtcattgag ggggaattta tgcttctatt    166380
     gatctgcaaa aggaaaatat taaatggttt ggttttgatc tttcggtgac cccgaggtca    166440
     agggtagtag cagattagta ttcatagaat tcatcacgga attgcagcct gcgtccactt    166500
     tatgcaaaca cgctccaaac acgcctggtg aagcaggcag caaatggcca atgacaagga    166560
     aaaagccagc agccttccct cccaccctgc ggggctctct gtcttccata ccctccggga    166620
     ggaaaaaaaa agacaaaacc ccgctaaggg gccagtggat gtacagatga gacacccacg    166680
     gttctcatgg atctgcacaa aaggtgggct cccagatagg ggagggtcaa tggatccgga    166740
     gtgccgcaaa tgcaaaccag aacaagccac tccactcgct gaaagaacca gaaacctgag    166800
     cccgaggggt caggcgagca gtaaggagta cagtacctgg aataggacat tacaggaagg    166860
     gccatgacag acaggcgcct gcatacacac acgcgtgtgt gctcacactc agccaatgga    166920
     agccggtgtt tcctgagggc tctccaaggg tgacattgct gttgcttcta tgaccacacg    166980
     cagcccgaga gcaagctcct accaggatga gaagaggggg aaggctgggc aggaaccctg    167040
     ttccccagga cttcctccgc tctctcttct gccacataca ctgtgcttgg atgtgtgtgc    167100
     ctcaagaacg ctcctagctg gggatgctga cgcatgccaa ttagccaagc atttaggagg    167160
     tagaggcaag aggttcagga gttcaaggtc agcctgggct acataatggg tttgaggcca    167220
     gcctggactg cagggaccct atcttagaaa cgacaacaat gacaaaaaag aagtaaaaaa    167280
     acaaaacaaa acaacagcta cccccgcccc cgacagtgtg accccaacgc ccctccccac    167340
     ctcacgtcca gcttacaagt gccctcttag cagcgtctgt ccctgatgtg ggaacatttg    167400
     gtcagtaaca gggttactct tgccaatgtt ctaaaaataa cccaccaagt gtatccctgc    167460
     agtggcagga attctgcctg gcccttgttc tacccactgg ttgggggcct gggaagggat    167520
     gagggctggc ctctgagggt aactaacatg aagaactacc ttacctgcac cccgagctcg    167580
     cttaacactt agacaaccct aggcagggct tgctgtctgc ctatagaaca gatgagcaag    167640
     gcgaggtgct ggggtgtgtg tgtatacatg tatgtatatg tatgtgtgta ttgtgtgtat    167700
     gtatgtgtgt gtatgtatgt gtgtgcatgt gtatatatgt gtatgtgtgt gttcgtgcac    167760
     gtgtgtgtgc atacgtgtat ctgtgtgtat gcatgtatat atatatgtgt gtgtatgtat    167820
     gtgtgtatgt atgtgagtat gcatatgtgt gtgtatgtat atatgtgtat gtgtgtgtgc    167880
     atgtgtgcac gtgtatgtgt gtatatgtgt atgtgtgtgt atgtgtatgt gtgtatatta    167940
     gtgtgcatgc atacgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    168000
     aacaaactct atgcctcaac tctgtcctga ggggctgagc tgtcttgctc aactgcgccg    168060
     ctctaatagt ggcccctgac tttgcacttt ggacaaatga caggattgtt ctaaggttag    168120
     gagggagaag gtattcaggt aaagaggagc tgggaggcca tggggaatct ggggggctac    168180
     agagaagagg agctaaggtg gtcccagccc tgccccctca tgcctgcaga ggaggccagc    168240
     gcactgcccg ttaatcaagc ttcatttata ttagcttgac tcgatctact gtatatttga    168300
     aatggattta attttagatc atgcactatg gaagggggcc agtttggtgt aaggcacatt    168360
     attaatattt tccataagct gcatatacat tttccaggga cagatatatg aacagcagcc    168420
     cctgggctcc tggcctggga aggggatgcc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    168480
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctcttcc cttacctccc tccatcttcg tatccctccc    168540
     tccctccctc cctccctccc tctctctccc tttctctttc cccatccttc cttctctgtc    168600
     tctgtgtccg tttctctctg tctgtcttgc ccgagtctcc cttcttccct gcagcctggg    168660
     gtcgcgtggc ttttgaagga actcctcgct gtactctgcc cctgtgagcc ccagatttct    168720
     cctgccatta tgtcactgtc aaggaccttg agagacctga gcaaagatgg aagccagggc    168780
     tgcacaggtc ccaggagcct ggcttaccgg tgcatctggt tgtaggaggc ccagggccct    168840
     cactgagata tcagagaagc ttgggctatg aatgcaaaag ggttttgagc ctccaccttc    168900
     aaccttatgc ccaaagagaa aggccagagc tcccagtggt cggctcccta ctcaacagag    168960
     catgcgcagg ccagacccga ggttctgaga gttctgctac actgggctgc gatggttctt    169020
     tcctggagat gggcagtggg tctgagtcgt ggtgtactag ctctaaggac atcggcatca    169080
     cggttcttgc ttgttctcac acgctagccc tggactccag agaacggtgg cttctatgtc    169140
     aggggacagg cccatgagca ggctgggggg ccacagatcg gagccttgta ccttgtcgcc    169200
     tagccccgga agcatccttc ctggcatggc ttactatttt aaacatagat agagaaagct    169260
     gaacctcctt atttcccagc atggtctaag ggctccccta agctgcatgc ttgctttctt    169320
     gccaccagcc tgtcttctac ccacagcctc acagtgactg accacatctc tccactgctc    169380
     ccacccttgc tggtccacac aactgccgcc tccacaggct cacagctcgg gtttctagga    169440
     ggccctagac agtcctggcc gtgcccctga actacaccga agagaccagg tttaacgcaa    169500
     gcacatggcc cggagtacag cttggtctat catgatcttc tagcatgcgt gaggctgggt    169560
     tctgcatcct tcagatccca gatccctcac aagggaattt tccagagagt ggctctaccc    169620
     actgtccacc ctacaaccct cctctcttcc ccctactcct tttgccttat tttctgtcct    169680
     ttaccagcct tatgccatga acatctaccc caggaccttt gcacacccca gtccctctgc    169740
     tcagaccact atttatctct ttcctttctg atgagctgtt tctcagcccc taggctctgc    169800
     tttgagctcc ccagggagac ctcggctcac acataccctt tccactcaaa tctagatcaa    169860
     gtcccatgtg tgctttctcc cccagactac agccacaatt agggtctcac tagccacacc    169920
     cagcaggcag aatcctgcat aggtagccat gcctctaccg ggacaggtag ctgccgacac    169980
     ctccacctcc agtcttcacc ccatcagttt ctcctccgac agcacagagc acaatacgcc    170040
     tgtcaccacc ccagccccgc tggcagcctt tcagaagtgg catgcgacgc tgctcttatt    170100
     cattcttaat ttaaggtttt gcaagttgta ataacccctt tccccccaaa tcactgggga    170160
     cggggcctcc acgacagccc ggggcagggg agttgatggg taattgcagc gcgcactcac    170220
     actgatgggg tctggagcag acaatggaag ctggagccca gagacccagc cttgttctct    170280
     tcccagtgtg cctggaggga gagaaccagg ctggcactgg ggcctggaat cacagccagc    170340
     tgtgtcatct gtggttcctc aagagaaagg aagacagagg gtcagtggcc ccagtctagg    170400
     ggacttagat ggggacagat gccctagaaa gtggggggca aaaccttttc ccactagttc    170460
     tacctgtccc atctagctgc aggctgtttc cctctgctct ggaaccagaa atggctccaa    170520
     cagaaaagag aaagggggag ggtagacatg tgggcaggtg gcctaggaac gctgggcctg    170580
     gctcttcaag ctgtgtgaca gtcaacaatc ctcttaacct ctctgagcct cagtgtcttc    170640
     actgtctttt ttcacagtct ttttttttct ttttcttttt ctagctcttg ccccagaggt    170700
     ggttctgccc cagggatggt cctgtcacaa gtagaggcgt gccactgtgt ttcaagagac    170760
     tatttccaac cagggaagcg accgaggagt ttctcacaac tatttcaaga gagatctgtc    170820
     caacttgtga tcagaggtag tagggattcc cgctcctgca ggatgaggga gggacttgag    170880
     gcacaagtgt ctcttcccct ctcccccttt tcccacttcc agaaggcctc agtctacctg    170940
     ggcagcagtc tagcaactaa actctcatcc tagctaggaa ggaaacagtt ttcttgttga    171000
     ctgctccctt cctttcagat ggtaggatta atgtacctgg tgctggcaca tagtaggtgc    171060
     tggacaaaca ttggcctaat gagtgaatga ataggtgaac aagggagtga ggcccatgaa    171120
     ggaaagtgga ggtcaagggc gcgtggggga ggggctcagg gctgagactc ttgggcccac    171180
     ctgatttctg tcctggtgtg aggaccacta ctcctgttat ttacacactt gcccagtctg    171240
     tctcagtgtc ttgttctaac gtagtcatag ggaggaacct gtaaattcaa gcgctgctgc    171300
     tggaaagagg gtaggattcc ttctgagtat gaggtgggcg gagggtgatt tccaacaggg    171360
     gctgttctgg gttcccaggg cttctcttgt ctccgaagcc tccatcctta tacctgaagc    171420
     caaagcattt taagggagcc gtgacctcct gtgcgcagtc acaggagcca agggcagcat    171480
     tgccagtgcc tctactgcag ccctggtccc tccactgcca ggtcacccag atctcttacc    171540
     cagggcccaa caatctctca tacccaggaa aggccaggaa gtttgttgag gcccacagca    171600
     agaggcctct gagccagggc ccaagggtga ctaggatatc aagagtactg actgcttctc    171660
     tcaaagagcc cacagcaggg ggacacgctg aagctagatt ctccttaggg acttggagca    171720
     gtgaggcaga gggaaaaaaa tagacctgac gatggcgttt acgctgtcca gtgtgcagaa    171780
     gccatgtgct ggctgaaggt gttctgtgac agaggtgggg ggagggcggg gaggggcgga    171840
     atggggggga ggagccgtgc atgagaggag gaggagagaa gaggggaaga gaactgtgaa    171900
     agacagtgac tggtccagaa aaagggagga ggaggaggag gaagaggagg aggaagaaga    171960
     ggaggaggaa gaggaggagg aaggggagga ggaaggggag gaggaggaag aggaggagga    172020
     agaggaggag gaaggggagg aggaggaaga ggaggaaggg gaggaggaag aggaggaagg    172080
     ggaggaggaa ggggaggagg aagaggagga ggaaggggag aaggaagagg aggaggaaga    172140
     agaggaaggg gaggaggaag aggaggagga agaggaggag gaaggggagg aggaagagga    172200
     ggaggaaggg gaggaggaag aggaggagga agaggaggaa ggggaggagg aagaggagga    172260
     ggaaggggag gaggaagagg aggaggaagg ggaggaggaa gaggaggaga aggaagggga    172320
     ggaggaagag aaggaggaag aggaggaaga caaaggagga agatgctaag agcactctca    172380
     gagtacgggg cacatggaga tagatgctgg cgtggatgga gacatctcat ctacacacat    172440
     gcctgagatg agagagggag agaatgtggc cgggggcagg gctgtaaact gtatcattgg    172500
     ccgtaagact tcatcaaatg tagtttggct gatgcttgtt aatataggca gaagcttgag    172560
     aggcagaggc atctagaaca ggacctctct tcatgcgatt ctttccttat gcctgtgaac    172620
     actcgtgcag tgtgtgcatt gtgtcggagt gtggaggagg gcggggctca gttcccatgt    172680
     cccccatgat tgcttacagt cttctaatgc tggggtgcaa gctggtgtgg ggtctgctgg    172740
     tgggcagcac aacgttggcc ctgatggggt gcggtggggt ggggcgctcc cagagctgtg    172800
     agcggccaag gccaaggcca aggccaggca ggcagggaaa gtgagccata aaagggccac    172860
     ttctcgctgc tgttcacttg acacgctcta cccagaagcc acctgttcag ccatcagtca    172920
     cccaaggaag acacagcttt cctgaaacta ggaattggac agagagtcct gggaggaggt    172980
     gtgtgtgggg gtggggatgc ctgctttgtg gggcttccag gagcccccca ggctctccct    173040
     gggcagcctg gagagtcagg tctggcctct cagagctaaa attaaatcac acccccgatc    173100
     tagcattaac ttggtacatt tgggggccat gaggggacaa agcagtggcc actcggtggt    173160
     aataaaggaa cagtttgtgc cagggacagg gagaggcatg gggcaggggg tggcaccggg    173220
     gctcgctggg gtttgagggg caggcagggc agctggggtg gggagggatc tggcttggag    173280
     gcaggcctgg ggctctggcc agtggcggca ccctggccag tgcagttgca gccgtgcccc    173340
     gctgtgcccc gcctcagatg gcttgttaat ttcatcgttt agcccgttta tggtgttccc    173400
     agttgctgtt gcttttataa acaagcattt tggtgacctt cccctccgga catcagctct    173460
     gcaagaatcc cgagccctga acatttataa ataagtcttc tctcaagttc cacaacaggt    173520
     gtgccctccc cccacccccc tcctctgtcc tgtccgaaaa ctgaacagtt tcaccaagcg    173580
     aaggggagct gcgcggcctg tcttaaaggg gtaacaggct cagtgggggc cacatgcagt    173640
     ctgtctaaaa ggagtaacgg gcccagtggg ggccacgggt acaaggccca gagggataat    173700
     ggcccaccta ctcctctacc ttccccagat tgggggtccc agaggagaag gccaggctag    173760
     aggctggatg acccctgact gcacttcccc caaatgctct ggtattcctt ggctaatgga    173820
     gtgtatggga gtcaggcttc actcaaggga attcccacag agaccccatc ctgttccccc    173880
     aactgcttcc tccctctgga cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    173940
     cacacacaca ttcagctcta gttcactcat ttgtcagaca cgtctggaaa ctcctgagcc    174000
     acaccccgtg ctagggacaa aagactgagg gctcagcctg ccctgaagaa acacagtgtg    174060
     cgtgtgcctg tgcctgtgtg cttgctcgca cctgtgtgtg attgtgtgtg actgttactg    174120
     tgtgtgtgtg catgtgtgtg agtgtgtttg tgtgactgtg cgtgtgcatg tgtgttcata    174180
     tgtgtgagtg tgtttgtgtg ggtgcgcgcg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    174240
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg agagagagag cagagtacaa actggaagat acacgcaccc    174300
     tgtgtgccag ggctcgtagc ctaagtgcgc agggctggtc ccaggaacag aacagactcc    174360
     ctaaactagg gcctggagct tccagaggga gctggatctc agactgaatc atctcacaga    174420
     ggtgacacat tccaggcaaa ggacctgact gggtaagaga gcagaggcaa acacagcccc    174480
     tggggacatg gaagattttc tggcctggtt gctgctcagg gcttcactga gcgcatctga    174540
     aagcagggcc tcaataccct acagtggagc cctcctgccc tgacagcagc tctggcttag    174600
     atttgggagt caggcttgaa agaaaacatc ggattgtgct gttgaaggag aaggtgatga    174660
     tggtgatgat ggtggtgatg gtggtgatgg tgatgatggt gatggtggtg gtgatggtgg    174720
     tgatggtgat gactgggaaa gaggaaggga aaaaatccgg agaggtgatg atgacagacc    174780
     tggatatgat cgtggcatgt ggtgatgtgg atgctgatga taacagtgat aatgatggtg    174840
     gtggtggtgg ttgtgatgat gatggtgggt ttgtgataac atttgtgaag tcagcctatt    174900
     gatggcggcg agggttgtga ttatcacgat gtttgacatc atggagtggg gattgtgatg    174960
     gcggtgatta cgacagaaat tacagtgtcc gtggtggtgg caaggacagt aatggcggca    175020
     ggtgatggtc gggatgatgg aggtggagac catggtggtg gctgtggtga ctgtcacttg    175080
     tccagcccct agcctgtgct agggtggcct gcagaagatg aatatggagc ccatattctc    175140
     tttgtctcca agtggacatg agccacagca atgcaaagcc ttgggttctg acagtggcag    175200
     aggcatctga gaactgaggg ggtctgtccc ctcctcctca tttttaaaaa agattaattt    175260
     attattgtat ctaagtacac aatagctgtc ttcagacaca ccaggagagg tcatcggatc    175320
     ccattataga tggtcatgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga attgaactca ggacctctag    175380
     aagagcagcc agtgctctta accaccaagc catttctcca gcctcatctc ctttttaaaa    175440
     gaatattttg tttaaaaaaa aaaagacaaa acaaaacaag gtgggttttc tggtttttgt    175500
     tttgttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgaga cagggtgtcc ctgtgtagcc cttgctgtct    175560
     tgaaactcac tatgtagacc aggctggcct cgaacccaga gatccatctg cttcttcccc    175620
     ctgcgggctg ggattaaagg catgtgccta tttctccctc cctttcaaac cctcccacac    175680
     ccctttcttg atgttctcat ttctctccca gaatctctga gtagctcagg ctggctccaa    175740
     tctcatgatc cttctgccat tcaaatgtta tgattagagc tggctctgga gtggtgctgg    175800
     tttccagata gtcacccatc ctctctgggt gccttagcaa tctcaaggtt ccagcatttg    175860
     cagtaacctc tcttgccaca tagagagaga tcttgaactt gccatggtca ggaacctcct    175920
     ttgacctcta gcttcaggta cccagcagag cctgggttgg ttatagggtg cccagaaaat    175980
     gccagatgtg ttgatttatt gtcagtactg gctgattcag gggccctttg ttgcccctga    176040
     ggctctccag aactgtcact ctctggcagc cacaggctgg gtcccagagg agaaaggaga    176100
     caggaaggat gaacctggct cagctgccag tttaggttgg tgatagactg tttgacattg    176160
     gaaagataat agccttgtgg ctaatgcatc ttaagtcctc ttccttgtaa aaattagttt    176220
     cattttgtgc atgggaagta tgttgccttt gtataagtct gtataccatg tgtgtatagt    176280
     gcctgaggag gccagcaggg agcgtcagac cctttgtaac tggagttaca gatggctgtg    176340
     aattgccatg tgggtgctgg gaactgagcc tgagtcttct gaaagaacaa ccagtgttct    176400
     taaccattga gccatctcac caaaccctgg atttgtaaaa atacaaattc aagttaggaa    176460
     tgtaactcag aggtagaatg gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    176520
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagagt ttgtgcacgc acatgtgtgc    176580
     ccctgggttc aacacaaatc tatagaatta ttgttggtga taccattaaa atagggtcca    176640
     cagaggcagg gagtagctta gacagtaaaa tgttcactgt gcaatattag gacctgagtt    176700
     tgagtcccag agcctgtgtg aaaaggctgg tgtggtagtg ttcccctggt actcagagct    176760
     gaggaggcag tgacaggagg attcctgggt cttgcaggcc agccagtcta atataacagg    176820
     gacccctagg ccaataggag aacttgtctc aaaaagaacc aaggttgggg accagcaaga    176880
     tagttcagtc agtagaggga cttgcctcca agtctgatga ttttggccag caggctcaat    176940
     acatggggag aagagggtgg gcaaacatgg tgggaggaga gaattgactc taataagttg    177000
     tcctgtgact tctaacacat gttccatagc aagcttgagt gtacatgcat gcacaaacag    177060
     gcatgttcag acaggcatgc acagacaggc atacgcatac acacatgtac atgcacatgc    177120
     atgcacacac atccttttac ttttactgtt gctggggact cacaaacagc accacacttt    177180
     cacacctatg tgggtctgag ccttgagggc caacagaaca aaatagtgac aaccatgatg    177240
     cattctggct gcatgcctag cactgcgctc agagctctga aggtgtccct gctgcctctt    177300
     agccttggct cactggagcc ggccactgcc cggctctctt caccaaatag cctacaataa    177360
     tgaccaaaag acaccctctg ttgccctgag tggaaaccaa ggcccaaaga aaggggaatg    177420
     ggtgagtggg gatttgaacc cagctgtacc aaagtcatga gtgctcaggg acttacaggg    177480
     tcagctaagt atcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    177540
     tgatgtaata ttacatacat gtgaatgtat gcgtgtatat atgtatgtgt gaatttatgt    177600
     acatgtgtgt acttatgtat ataggtctat ctctctctct atcttgctag tcaccctctt    177660
     tgtgtcaaat gttgtttcaa ggattgggac ctcactctgg caggtggtag actgaagaga    177720
     agcctgtcac taactgtaac atgaagtatt tcatcttatg tacatgtcta tgtatctatg    177780
     tgcttatatg tacctatgta tgaatatatg tgtgtgcatg tgagtgtgta tgtccatgtg    177840
     tgtgtaaatg ggggtgtgta tgtgtgtgta tgtatgtgca tatgtgtatt tcggtatgtg    177900
     tctctgtgtg cacgtgtgtc tatctgtgtg tgtgtatata tatatatacc agcctgtgtg    177960
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta taccagcctg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtatacc    178020
     agcctgtgtg ggtgcagtct gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtgc acgtgtgtct ctgtgtgtgt    178080
     gtatatacca gcctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gcgtgcacat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    178140
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatct gtgtggttaa cagcatgtac tgctcttaga    178200
     gaggaccgga gtctggttcc cagtacccac accagacagc tcacaactgt ccataacagt    178260
     tagttagaac agctagttca aggggatttg gcagttctag gaggactttt ctggcttcca    178320
     tgggtactgc atgcccatgc ccccccacac acacacttaa aaacaaatct taaaatcatt    178380
     ttgtaaggtg ggcggtggtg gtgcacacct ttaatctcag cacttagaaa gcagagatag    178440
     ataggtagat ctctgagcct gaggtcagcc tgttctatag agagacttcc agggacagcc    178500
     agagctacac aaagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa aaaaaccaaa caacaacaac aaaacagtta    178560
     aaaattattt tgtggtctat aaaaatgata tgaaacccca attcccaaat ctatgaataa    178620
     agttttatta gaacacagct atgttgtttg gttatatgct gttggtgata gcgtttgcct    178680
     ccaggagctg cgtgcagcag cagccgcagc cgcagcaact gtacagtgtc ctcgttttgc    178740
     tctgctctat ttactgagtt tggtagttaa tattatccac ttgacaatat ctagaatcac    178800
     cttggagacg aagctctggg aacatgtctg tgaaggggtg tctagcctga ggtaggaagt    178860
     ttaggttaat tgaggtagaa agaccaaccc caactgtggg tggcaccatt ctgtagtctt    178920
     gggtcctgga ctgaaaaaaa aaaaggagag agagaaagtg agctgtatcc cagcatccct    178980
     ctttacttcc tcactgcaga tgtcatgtga ccagctgccc taagctcctg ttgccaaatc    179040
     tgttagcatt ttgtctaagc cccgccccac agttgcctga caacagccag gtttgcctga    179100
     ctcactataa aaggggccgt gccccatctt ctctccctta ctctcttgcc ttctagcttc    179160
     agctgtgtcc tctcgcctct tcccccctct ctccccattc gctcccctcc cccctccatg    179220
     cactcatttc agtctcttct cttctcttct cttctcttct cttctcttct cttctcttct    179280
     cttctcttct cttctcttct cttctcttct cttcctcccc ctcctctctc tctctctctc    179340
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctccctctc tctctctctc cctttcgttg tctctaccct    179400
     ctcaactccc ctccccatgc cctgaataaa cgctactata tatatatata tatacatata    179460
     tatatatatg tatatatata tatatatatg tatatatata tatatgagat accataccat    179520
     accatactat actatactat atgtggctgg ttcctcaggg ggaagggatg cctcaacatg    179580
     ggcctaccga ggcaccccct tcccccacac ctgactatac cttcaccaaa catattcctt    179640
     ctccccttat ctttttataa acacaacaat gctttcctgg catcatggac tgtgtgtcca    179700
     caaactgtga gcttggagca accctccctt ctttaagtag ctcctgtctg gcactgttgt    179760
     cagagcctta agaccaatac actgggcatg tagaacactg cttagctctg cctctggacc    179820
     ggccacactg gccaggccat gtttactttc ttactcttca aataccagac atgtcctgga    179880
     actcactctg tagaccaggc tggcctcaaa ctcacaaatc tgcctgcctc tgcctcctga    179940
     gtgctgggat taaaggccag cgtcaccact gcctgtctgg ttttgtcttg gaagacagaa    180000
     tcttatgaag accaggcctc caactagcta tatagcctag gctgaccttg aactccagat    180060
     cctccacctc taccccttga gtggggtccg ggattccagg ctcagtgtga tgtgctgggt    180120
     tagatcctgg gacagaggga cctgacacaa agtgtcaatc catagaccac acagtgaaat    180180
     gaatagagga gaagaggtga atctttcctt ggaaataatt tccagcaatg cgtgtggaga    180240
     cagcatagag aggtggagtt tagtccatga gcccttgggt gtgaactatg ctctgcgacc    180300
     tgcttccaaa gaagaggaag tgaaagggaa gacagccatt ttgctattgc taatggagaa    180360
     agccagcagc tagcatagca accaagccac ggggcccatt tcactggtga agccaccagg    180420
     attctgtgag ggacattcac ctttgtggtt ctcttttctc taacgcctaa atccgttgtg    180480
     atccgagaca acagccaaac ccagatgggg aacgtgctct aggatatctg gccaagacgc    180540
     ctaaagaatg gcaaggtcat aaacacccag gccaaaagca acttggggag aaagaatgta    180600
     tttggtttac acttccaagt cataatcttt ccccgaggga agtcaggcag aaactcaagg    180660
     caggaaccag aggcaggctt gttctctggc tcatgcttag cttctctctg tctctgtctc    180720
     tctctgtctc tctgtctgtc tctctgtctc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc    180780
     cctccttcca tttttttttg atataggttt cattgtgtaa ccctggatgg cttgaaactt    180840
     tttatataga ccaggctggt ctcaaattca tagaggtcga tcttcctcag cctccctgat    180900
     gttgggatta gagaggtctg aaccatcaca accagcctag cgagctttct tatatagccc    180960
     gagactgcct gcctagggat ggtgctgccc acagtgggct gggctctcct gcatcaatta    181020
     ataatcaaga tgatctccca cacacatgga ccacaggtca atctgacctt ggcaattgct    181080
     caattgagat tttcttctcc caggtaattc tagcttgtgt tgacaataaa aaccagttca    181140
     gtcatgaaca atgagaagag agtgaagaca ttgtcacaga ccaggagact ctggggagcc    181200
     atgacaacta aatgcaatgt gatgttctac attagatcct gggctaggaa gaagaagtga    181260
     atgaaactga ctactccccc ccagtctgga gctagtttac agcgacatgt caatgccaga    181320
     ttctggagtt ttgacagtgc tacatggtgg catgtggtat tagtagtggg agcacggaat    181380
     gggggtgtgg gcattatccg ttctattttt gaaacttttc tgtaaattta aaattattcc    181440
     agaatgaaaa gtttattttt aaaaaatgtc ctaaatccaa taaaagttac caggcaagca    181500
     aaggaggaaa aaatgaccca tatctaggag aaaaatggat caataaaaac agacccagaa    181560
     atgtcacaaa tggtcggtcg ggctagcaga caaggacacc agcatcgtgc ccttcatagt    181620
     caggaaggtg gaggaagtgg ataacatagg gaaaaaagta gaaatgctaa aggaagatgc    181680
     ccgacatcaa ctttttggcc tctacataca catagaaact agcacacata tgtgatcccc    181740
     acctcaccac atgtatgtat gtgtgcacat atatatgcat gcatatgtat atgtgtgtgc    181800
     atgtgggtat ttatacatat gtgtatgtgt gtgcatgtat gtgcatgtat gtgtgtgcgt    181860
     gtatgtgtgt gtgcaggcat gtacatgtgt gtatctgtat gcatgtttgt atgtgtgtgt    181920
     gtgtatgttt gtatatgtgt acatgagttt gtacatgtgt gtgtgtatct gcatgtgtgt    181980
     atgtgtgtgt acatgtatgc atgtgtgttt acatgtgtgt atgtgtgggt atgtgcacaa    182040
     gtgcatatgt atgtgtgtgt gaatattttt taaacaccaa gactgggctg gagcgatggt    182100
     tcagcatgaa gtgcttgttg cccaagcatg aaaagccaca tttggtcctt cagcacccat    182160
     gtaaagggac agatgaggtg gtgtgcccct gcaaccctac tgctggggag gtaagacagg    182220
     agtatccctg gagctactta gccagctact ctaactgaat ctaagctcca ggctcataaa    182280
     aacctgtctc aagacataag gtggagagtg gtggaggaag acacctggca ttgactgctt    182340
     gtcttgtgta catggacaca cacacttaca tacaacacac acacacacac attttagaaa    182400
     ttgattcact aattcaaaac agcgacaggg actggatctg tggctctgag gtggagaatg    182460
     tgtccagcat gtgcacaatc tggctccagt ctccaatact gaaataaaaa agacttgatt    182520
     aaaatttcaa ggatatatgg agtcaccatt cagaatggcg cacacactgg atggattagc    182580
     aactggttat ataccacagt aggaaatatc agagacctta aaaccacaat gataaatgag    182640
     agaaattgtc taaaacacac tgaaaggctg gtgtcaaagc tgtggctcaa tggattaaga    182700
     gcattgtctc ttagaagcat gaagatctga gttcgaatcc cagagccacc acaaaaagcc    182760
     aggcatggga ctggtgatgg actgcagcag tcatgttgga tggctctcaa ctcttctgaa    182820
     cctcttgggc acctattctt acacacacag acacaccgac acacacagac acatgaacat    182880
     acacaattaa aaaataataa atgattttaa aaagacaggc atggctctgc ttgtgtgtct    182940
     gtactcccaa tgccagaggg tggaaacagt cagagcccag gatctcactg gccagccagc    183000
     ctcacccaaa atgctgatga gcttctgatg tggtgagagg cccagtcttg gggcgttaag    183060
     gcagagagcg ggaagatacc cattgtactt catatgtgca caagcaggca catgtaccac    183120
     acaggtgcaa gtaccccctt ccctgaaaca aaaaaagcaa cccataaaac ataccagggc    183180
     tccagcaacc catcaggcgg tctcccacat gcatagctgg atttctagat gggaatatga    183240
     ggatacaaaa catagtcaaa gaaataggaa cttttgaggt taccgtggct tacaggacat    183300
     tctgcctgaa aaacaccaaa aaatcttttt aattaagaag aggaggaggg ccgagcatgg    183360
     tggcgcacac ctttaatccc agcactcggg aggcagaggc aggcagattt ctgagttcga    183420
     ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg atatatagag aaaccctgtc    183480
     tcaaaaaacc aaaaagaaaa aagaaaaaaa atgagaggag gaggaggaag aagaagagaa    183540
     ggaaaaggag gaagaggagg aggaagagga agaagaggga agcagtagca gcagcagcaa    183600
     ctaggggaaa atagcttagt taagtgaagt gcttgctgtg caagcatgaa gacccgagtt    183660
     caagccttag cacctacact aaaaaacagc atagctgaga ggcagaaggc agccagaggc    183720
     agtggcgtgg gtgccaccaa gtatgtggca gagaaaggag gaacagagaa gcgtggttta    183780
     tacactagtt agggacacag aactggggac aagacactac agtagtgagg cacagcctgc    183840
     tatgagtagc cagttgatgc cacctgagac cagggtgatg tctgggctgt gctgccactg    183900
     aaggccacgg tcctgtcaca gcaggggttt gtgtcaatgt ccgtgaacaa ccaaaagcca    183960
     tttggcagtc tgtggtctgg gctgctgcct ggggccatgt taatgtctaa gagctgagct    184020
     gagctggccc tacctctcgc ctagttgtca tgggagagct ggccctggtg gcatgggtgc    184080
     gggagagttg tcaggctgaa cactcaggta ccactcaggc ccacatccag ggctttgagt    184140
     tggcccaccc caacattgac tccatctatg tgtaactgtt ggagcaagtg aaggagccct    184200
     ccctgcagaa ccaaagctac aggatctcca tgacacaagg caacaacagg atatcagaga    184260
     ggagacctga tgaggatcca gttttgatgg tgtagaggaa gccagaggcc tcgaaccagg    184320
     ccagtgattc attgcaacaa acacttgcaa ggatagctgt ctaggcaaaa gggtatgctg    184380
     tgggtcacac tgtgatacat tgcagctctc atagtaagat gtgttcctta attttttttt    184440
     tcttcgagat agggtttctc tgtatagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ttgtagacca    184500
     ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atctgcctgc ctctgcctcc ccagtgctgg gattaaaggc    184560
     atgcgccacc acgcccggct tgtttttctc aattttcatt tgtttgtttt cttttgggag    184620
     ggaagttgca agggtacaga gtggatatgg aagaaacggg agatgagtgg aattaggggt    184680
     gcatgatgtg aaattcataa gggatcaaaa caacaacaac aacagcaaca acaacaacaa    184740
     caacaataaa tccagcatca ctaggcctag tagtatacct ttagtcccag cacttgggag    184800
     gcagaggcag gcatatcttt gagagtctga gagttcgagg tcagtctggt ctacacagtg    184860
     agttccaaaa cagccaaagc tacacagtga gactgtcttt aaaaacaaac aaacaaacaa    184920
     acaaacaaac aaagacaaac cagctggaca ggataacaag cttactatcc agtgctggga    184980
     agacagagac aggtagatcc ctggagctca ctggcctgta aatctagtct aattggtgag    185040
     gcccaggtca cagtgaaaga cctgccgcag aaaaacaaaa tggaatgggg actgagaaac    185100
     accagccaag gttgaccctc cagactccat gtgcatgcac atacatgtgc atgcacatac    185160
     atgtgcatgt gtgtctaaac ataaactcag gacctccttc caaatttaaa aagaagagga    185220
     gcgggggagg agacggaatg ggaggaggag ggagggagga aggggaaggg gtaggaaggg    185280
     gagaaggagg ggagaaggag gagggggagg agggggagga ggaggaggga ggaaggggag    185340
     ggggaaggaa ggggagaagg aggaggggaa ggaggaggag gaggaggaag gaggaagggg    185400
     agggggaagg aaggggagaa ggaggggaga aggaggaggg gaaggagtgg gggggaggag    185460
     gaggaggaac tcaggcagga gggaaatgga tttttttctt tctgttttat tgagaacaag    185520
     aagcttaaaa gaactccaaa gagaagaaac ctgaagaaaa gtatacctgg acacagtgta    185580
     gcttttcaca atcggctgag agccacacgc agcagtctca gtctcctgct caggactcaa    185640
     cagctctgga ccgagacaag ggtgacattc tgtctccacc actaagtggc tgatgacctg    185700
     aggtttttga ccttgaacta aatgacctac ttccttgttc tccatttcct gttttattaa    185760
     atcagtggtt ctcattatgg gtcacaaccc ctttggggag gtgggaaaac cctttcacag    185820
     gggttgtcca agaccatcag aaataccagc tatttacatt acgattcata acagtagcaa    185880
     aattacactt ataaagtagc aacaaaataa ttttatggtt gggggttgcc acaccctgag    185940
     gaactgtatt aaagggtctc agcatttgga aggctgagaa ccaccatatc aaatgctgct    186000
     gcaataccca gttgcctgat ctaccgagtg ggctaacaca cagcatctct ctcctcaggt    186060
     ttttcttcct aatataacta tattttatat gtgtagggac cacttgcaaa taaccagctc    186120
     tctccttcta ccacgtgggt cttgggcatt gaactcagag catcaggctt cgtggcaatg    186180
     cctttacttg cggagccatc tggccagtac ctcctccagg tttttgtgag acttggtgcc    186240
     agaatgtaca acaggaagag ttgcatccga tgcccaaaac acaggacact agctggtcca    186300
     ggaactcaca actactcacg catgcttcag tctttgtcta aggaggagag tcttgtatgg    186360
     ccctaggaac ggggagctgg cccgagaggt gctcgggttt gggctctggc ctgtgagtct    186420
     ttagctagca ctcgtagaac cccacgtggg cccagatgaa aattctccca tttttggaca    186480
     gagtgagcag tcattgaaat ctaagacgtg cctgctgaga aatgtccccg ctgtgagcgc    186540
     tgccgggtag attagctgcc gttccttctc caccattgag tggagtcgca agctaataaa    186600
     tatttcagaa ttggctgtat tcaatccagc ccttgtcccg tttgacgtct gttctctcgg    186660
     ctttcagaag gagacaggtg caaagcatga aaagggattt aattactaaa catccccccg    186720
     actcctgata tgcaaacaca tgctaggctg tccacatacc tactgcacag ggtcatgctt    186780
     gccctgcatg ctcacccttg tgcagacagc tcggggcaca cacaggttca cggcctgtta    186840
     gtacgaacag gacaggtatt ctctcagtac agtgctgtgc tcagttctgc atggtgcaga    186900
     cagctcgaac gccagccata cataagaacg tggcacacac ttgtgtccca gtatgatcgt    186960
     agtgaccttg ggtgtcagta ggagcagctt tgcagtcaat gagccagagt gtatgtatac    187020
     atatgcattt gtaacatatg ccacacagac agacagacag acagacaact cactcatccg    187080
     tgtacttgtg tttcccctgt ggttaccctt cactacggga gaaaatgagg ccattaatgg    187140
     ccaggcaaaa gcaatgtggg aatttaggac tttcacctta aaagtggttt tccttgacac    187200
     ctgaggaggt gctcacaaca cacaaatgca cattctatgc tacaggtttc tttcccttcg    187260
     catcccagag actgtcatgc atttgacaat ttgcatttac atcaaactgt gtgcacagac    187320
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac tcccccttct ggtgggaacc    187380
     tttttcctcc tctttgggac cttgcaacct tccctttagg tggctgggga ctcaaagacc    187440
     tggcctaagt ctatatactc caagttgcat agccagtgca cagccaatgt ctagccctga    187500
     cgttaggagg gaccccgtgc cctaaactgt ctcagtggtg atagctggac atagagaccc    187560
     tcggttttct tttttttttt ccatttttta ttaggtattt agcttattta catttccaat    187620
     gctataccaa aagtccccca tacccaccca cccccactcc cctacccacc cactccaccc    187680
     ctcggttttc ttaaccacct ttagggttgg ccacaggcct aggggtccag gtagaagtgc    187740
     tagataccca tagcctggac atttgagaag cctgggcagc tggcacctga tctgtcctct    187800
     cctcacacct tgttcataat tggcagaagg caatgcacac attcttgagg tcaggtgaca    187860
     caacagaact gtttcttgtt ctgtaccagg gagcactgtc caagggcctg cttcccagtt    187920
     agaatcggcc cttggaggag gctcttctcg gccttcggta aagcagagcc caatcagcaa    187980
     cttttttttt tccaggcaaa accattgcaa acagacaggt tcttgggagg ctttcaaata    188040
     accaatcagt aggccctatg gaaatatatg caaatgaaga tgcaaataag cacggagtct    188100
     ttttgcatct gcaaccagcc aggaccacct gccctggtga tctttttccc tttgagagga    188160
     aggaggggag ctttgagtct agcacggaca ggacatcttc ggtccccaag ccctctatga    188220
     gctaacagcc ccccttgggc tttcgtgctt gggagccagg ggagcctcct tcacctgtcc    188280
     tagtctcagc tagttctgtc tacactcact gagccacact ctcacactca tgttcagccc    188340
     aacacacact catgcataca ggaatgatca catacctatc cattacttgc acaaactttg    188400
     acacaatcat ttgcattcct gacctactca tatacttgaa cactcgttgt acacgcttca    188460
     gcacggcgca cactcattct tacacgcaca tatacatctg taccctcaaa tttgtacatt    188520
     cgttcatata cacaagtgac cttacaattg ttactctgta catcctcaca ggagacatgc    188580
     ctgtgcacac ttatccctga ctgtgcactt gtgtatcatc cagtcctctt tcagaaggct    188640
     gcccaggggg actggcggtc agactctggg ctagtttgct gtgggttttc ctgattgggg    188700
     gggggtgggg gtggcgcacc acaagcagcc gtgccagcct ctgggctggg cgggaggtgc    188760
     tttgggataa tgcctccctc aggaagcagt aattgagggg tagtgaatta gataatcaac    188820
     accgccagga agtggggatg tgcccgggtt gcctttgttc ctagaatgag cataccacag    188880
     tgccacgctg tgctggggaa ggaagggagg ggacctagtc aggctgggag caggaattcc    188940
     cttacccatc atccacggcc atacccacag cagagtgagc tggacatcgt taggctccca    189000
     gcccacccgt ggggaggttc tcagagcctg ttggaccctg gaggggtctg ggagctgcct    189060
     ggttattcta tcactgttta ctctccagtg tgtcgtagag gcttcaaaac cctcagcaat    189120
     gaggtgggct tgagttcaaa tcttacctcc tctacactac ttgtataaac tctttgcctc    189180
     cccagccgtt tcccatgact cttcctgcag atgacatgtt cccgtgaggg tcaccaaaca    189240
     ctattaattg tatttgccca cacgacaacg acgagaacga cgaccttggg cccctctccc    189300
     atgccaggtg gagaggcctt taggacagtc ttgccaagtc ttcctaccaa ctccatgaag    189360
     tcaggccttt ggtcattact cttcctattt atagatgact gaactcaggc atgggcaata    189420
     attcaaatgc ctggggtggt gctctaggaa gagacaaagc ctgcgcttga acccagatat    189480
     cgtgcaggac ccacaggtcc caggctacgt gatatctcat cgcccccaat atgcagttac    189540
     agcagtggcg tggaagtgaa cagccaccct ttccagcaag cctcacgttc ttttcctcta    189600
     aacaagatac catgggctcc ctcacacact cctgagaact gctttccatc ggcagggggt    189660
     ggagtggggt gtgttgcggg gtgtgctgga cattaggaag ttcccacaca gacttccaac    189720
     ataatctctg tgactgtgtt cttaggcctt ggtctgggag tgtggacaca aggacttcat    189780
     caccacctct gtccttgaca gggcagtgat tggctctcta cgctcatttg ggccccattc    189840
     ccactgcatg gctgcaaaca ctcgggtcag ggatgatata accttctccg ggcctcagtt    189900
     tcctctctgt aacacaagcg gctaggactc tctcccatcc attctcaggt ctcccatttc    189960
     caaccccaca gatccctggt gctttgaggt caaggtcaga gttagtagga ctcagctggg    190020
     cagagcatag ctggtgaggg gacatgttcc ttctccagtg tctctgccct actttctgat    190080
     gaaggataaa ctactgtcag ggtgaaggaa atagacaccc aacagccccc tagaaggcac    190140
     ccagaaggtt cccaggacag gagggcagaa ctgtcacaag gcagaacttc tcactgtaaa    190200
     gtggtattcc cagaggctac tggaaaccca ctcgaatgac atgtgggcag tgtgaacacc    190260
     ctatgctgag tgtaccacct cattctagtc ccaacagcag cacccacaag gcaggactct    190320
     ttaccaccta cctgttggcc cctctgcctg gcatgcttgg tctcttctga gactgcccac    190380
     ttttctcaag ctgtagcccc ctttgactac agcggcgggg ggggggggcg tgggagggga    190440
     caaacagaga gttctcggga gtagttggaa cccggatggc tatagagtcc agcctttgta    190500
     tgatccccca gctgagaagc acacaggcat ctccccctgg caacctcagt cccagctagg    190560
     ttctgtgtcc ctctctagga ggtggtaggc agtcagtatg cccacctact ctgggaccag    190620
     aggcagggag gggaggggcc gcgggcctgg gagaagcctg gctgttcccc tctgcccctc    190680
     tagagatcct gctccctacc ctagactgga aacctgacac ccggaggccc atctgctcac    190740
     tgccctcggt tcacagcccc tggaggcctc tgtgccagag gcagcctagc cgtgattgtt    190800
     ccctgctgaa tgggcaggcc tggtgcccac accaggtgca ccattgtgat ggtcttgaca    190860
     cctgcctggc gggtcgcagg gcccacaagc atggcgatcc tagcctggct gagcagaact    190920
     gcctaccagc ctcctggagt tgggctaagg agttccaggt ccctcgtgct ctcacggtgt    190980
     gtgtgtgtgg gggggggggg ttaagtaccc caatcacagt ttgtatctcc gtttgccaga    191040
     atgaaggggg acgctttgtc ccctcttcca cttacgattt cagccccgat agagggaggg    191100
     ggtgcaccct caatttcttg actgtaaaat gggaataaga gaagaagcca ccaaaatgag    191160
     cagctggaag atcaaaagcc acactgagcg atggggaaaa gcagttacta caattcagac    191220
     ttgcagtatg caggcaggga cctcggggag ctgggctcag ccccacaggc ccgcccagag    191280
     ccctggctgc ccccctgcct gcctcccctt gcccggcctc ccgccccgct ctatgaaaat    191340
     ttaatgccgg gtaatgacag tctgggctaa tgaaagaggc ttctcttctg gcaaaaagag    191400
     aaaaacaaac aaaaatcaac aacctgcaag ggggcattaa cttttcatga gctctctccc    191460
     cagtgacacc ccgccccggc tcaccccggg cagcgccaag ccccctcctt ccctatttct    191520
     ctcaggagcc aggctgggct gaaagagtga ggacgcagct ggaggggtcc tgattctttg    191580
     agagtgtctt cttggggttt ctttgtggga cacctgccag tcttagggaa gagggagctc    191640
     taagggtttg ggggagcttc cgtggagggc tctgggggtg gagtaccagc gccgggcagc    191700
     aggtgggagt ggatgcagtc cagagctagt gagagaggaa aggatgagtt caggggtccg    191760
     gttccggtct caacaacctg caataagcct cgccccccag tcctagctcc cctgtgcctg    191820
     actgcaaatg gctagagaaa agggcacgaa gcgccgctct ttctctctct ttgtggtgtc    191880
     ctggagagcc attggctgct gcctgtgata tcctgagaga tgcgacaatt aattttcttt    191940
     taatcaaggt cggatgaagt aaatcggcgc ggctgtgcag cccttcattt tctgtttttg    192000
     cagtggtgca aaacaaatat gatcaaatta tactccttct caccttattg aattaggaag    192060
     catgactgat cagagggagt ggagatgcac gatactaggt ggagcgcccc ctctttccct    192120
     gacccagctt ccatctctcg ggggtcactg ggacttaggg acccctggag gataacagaa    192180
     gacagtactc agcatagtgg gtgctcagca aaggcatgtg aaagaatgaa tgaatgagtt    192240
     gaatgaatga atgatgcagt gataaccttg ggtcctttat ggcttttaaa tttttagtgt    192300
     gtgtgtgtgt gttcaagtat gtgcatgctg tgacatcttt ttaggtcaca gaacaacttt    192360
     tgggagtcct ctcacccata tgagttctgg gaactgaact aagtggttag gcagaacgtc    192420
     tctgccagct ttccaccttt gctttgcttt tttttttttt ttttaagaca gggtttctat    192480
     ttgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa    192540
     tccacctgcc tctggctcct gagtactggt attaaaggtg tgtgccacca ctgcccagtc    192600
     cacctttgct tttgaggcag gcagggtctc tctgctgcac tggcgtttgc tttatcactg    192660
     ttgctgtgat aaagagctct ggagagggct tgcttcagct tgtacttcca ggtcacagtc    192720
     catcaccgag agaagtcagc gagctcacgc aggaactgaa gcagagtcca ggaagtgctg    192780
     tgtcctggcc ggttatctgg cttgtaccca gttagctttc ttacacaacc cagacccacc    192840
     tgcctgggga tggtgccacc cacagtgggc ttggcccttc cccatcagtc ataagtcaag    192900
     atactctttc acagcagtgg ccacaggccc atctgatctg ggaagttcct caattgagct    192960
     tccctcttcc aaggtgactc tatggttaca taaaaactaa ccagcgcagc tgggtgcccc    193020
     aggctcactg gcctgctagc ttttggggga attcgtcaac ccctgtctct agcctcactg    193080
     aaggattgct ggagttacag acatgcacca tagtgtccag attctgcaaa aatctcaggg    193140
     attcgaactc aggttgttag gtttgtgcag cagacacctt ttagccattt atctctcccc    193200
     gttgagacag agctgtatat gggccaggct ggcctcaaac atgtggctgt ggatgatctc    193260
     agactcctgg tcctcctgct tctgtcttcc cagggctggg attacagggg gagctgccat    193320
     gcccagttcg tgtggggcat attaggcaag ccctctacca gatgacagcc atcactgaga    193380
     aaacgtttgg gagaatctga aagggtaaat tggcgttggc tcagggacct cagggagaga    193440
     gctgccaagg tcctctaaga ttagagtttg cctagaagga gagtcacctg ggcccaggtc    193500
     tcggctccat cctaagacat attagttttt tttgtcaccg accttaaact gaggatgaac    193560
     atgtcaatca agccggggct agatgaggta acagtctatg ggagatgacc tcacacagtg    193620
     ggcgtgcagc gcccgtcacc tggcatcatc accttttatt aacatgtgtt tatttctgat    193680
     acaaaaagca gttgggctgg gttgggaaag gccctgagta ccgtgcccag aaagagatgg    193740
     ctttcccacc ctgtggtggg cctgacccat ggtactcaga gcagagcagg caatgtaggt    193800
     gtctacatat gaattcatct tgcagatgcc aggagatggg gaaggccctc ctgagcgtcc    193860
     tcttctagag tgaagtcctt ctaacccagg gcttagatgg gctattcccc ttctatgtgg    193920
     gtctctgcct accttgaggt tgctgggggc cttctgatgt gtggtgctaa gggtttgtgg    193980
     aaatgtcctg cctctgtgct gtggtcacaa ttctgcggtg gaggaggggt cactgataac    194040
     acacacggtc attgttcttt ggaagatttc agcctggctc atcacacacg gtgataaatc    194100
     ccagggagaa gcaagcaagg tgatacctac acatgagcac atacacactc atagagaaag    194160
     aaggcacagg agggttgggg gaagggaagg gaagaggaaa ggggagggag aagaagcctc    194220
     cagaagcaaa gctgctaacc cagggcttgg atggagatga gcggcttaga cagcatactg    194280
     agccagcatg ggggggggtg ggggggcttg ggagaggcag agagtttctg attttcgggg    194340
     gagtcacagt gaaggcgaag agaaagggaa tttatctgga aggttcaggg ctgaggtgaa    194400
     tccctggggc atacggacag atggatccgt ttgtcatccg tttgtcattc cagagagtga    194460
     ggcctataag aatcaacctc aacctctgag acccaaaaat ctctggaaag cctctctgag    194520
     tacaccaggg tccacctagg cccatagaag tctctggagg ggataataag gtccgaggct    194580
     catgctgtag gctaggagta gactgggcac ctgtggcgag aggcaggtgc tgggtttccc    194640
     agttttatta tgttgggatc ttgtgacctt caacttctct aaggccttgc taggtctcca    194700
     tccctctggg cctctcctac ctcaggggag tcagctgact ggctctgggt cctcatccca    194760
     gactggggtg tgaagacagc cctggggtag atgggtgacc ccgggcatcg ttccataacc    194820
     tccctggcat gtgctggcca tgcccgtggg cctgtgccat acacggcctg tgggaccagt    194880
     ctctgggtgg aggacttttc ttcgcagctg agtcattgct cccagggtgc agcagtgacc    194940
     cagatggggc aagatcatga catatattta tctctgccat cttcccagta ccttcccctt    195000
     cccttcctct tcctgcccca tccccctctc cctcctcctt gggtgtgaca cctgaccttc    195060
     ctactcagcc ccagatctct cctgtgctaa acaaggtcct ctgcctaggc tttctgtctt    195120
     cttctctgct cattgacaag agtcatagct gccactaatt gaaggctgac caattaccag    195180
     ccactttgca catattacat ttaatccatt tgccaggctg actgttacta ttattatccc    195240
     cattttacag atgccaaaaa gaaggctcag agttgagtgg cttgcccaag gttaggacta    195300
     ggagtgggta aactgggtgg gacagatgcc aatggttgtt accctcctat gatgctttgt    195360
     tccctcccat cctaacttcc taggggtcct tcctcatggc tctcagagct ccttgcccca    195420
     aggacctctg cctgcttccc attaacactc acttgtccca gatcccaact catgccatcc    195480
     attcaaccaa ctagttcaag ttcccaggac cttgtgaaat tgggcagagg actggtccag    195540
     agtccaggcc agaggaggag agaaaatccc ccagtgtgaa cccctcagcc tgctccagaa    195600
     tagaataggg acagggctgg agctgtgccc actaccagct gctaccctcc ccagacaggg    195660
     ctggggactc ctgcatggaa gtaatgcaca gggaaggggg agggggagag gggaagggaa    195720
     gggaaggggg ggtgccgggg cacccagctg gtgagcagtg atccttcctt atcctgcatc    195780
     agcccatcct cctgcctcct caggctggag tttcatggca cggctcactt tcactttggt    195840
     ctttgatcac ttcagggttg aacagttagg caagggagtc ctggggttgg gaggggctag    195900
     gaagactgga tcctgaggtg agaccccccc cccactcctc tgtctcctct gccatcagat    195960
     gaggtgctca gaggacgagg agccaatctg agcactgcct ctgtcctctt gggactatcc    196020
     ccatgactgt cttcccaatg aaaataactt tgctggatta tttcatcatc tgtgtcggtt    196080
     gcatgagatc taggcaacgc agagaggcag tgacaatctg cgcaaagatc tctcctggtt    196140
     ctgtggacgg gagccctctg tccctgccgc tgggtccaag cttttgcctc cagtgtgttt    196200
     tgaatgtttc tctctgtcgc cactttaaat gctgtgtttg gggatcacgc atgacccctg    196260
     aggcttccac tagttcctgc tctcgagctg tttccagcct tggggtcagt agctgtccct    196320
     ttttgagtct cctctccagg ttcttcatgc aagagccatc tcagggccac ctctccctgc    196380
     tctgggctca ccgcgttgtg agctgctgtg agtagccagt agaagaaact tgggtgggaa    196440
     gtcaaggcat ccaggtttgt ccactgccct gtgtgtgcca accatgtgga caggactaac    196500
     ctcttcaccc tgtgaacccc aggtttccag tgatgaagca ggggtagatt agacacctgc    196560
     tcggcagggc cgctctgagg aagccatggt ttcagggaga tgagcctgct cactctgact    196620
     cgtcctgggc tttgggatgt cactgagaga ggctgagatg aaacccaggc aggaaaagga    196680
     gggtgtgtct gggtaggatg aggcaggcag cctgagccat ggtgggaggg gctcagcagg    196740
     atcccttcac cctcacagcc ttgctccccc accatctctt cacgctgaga acggaaccca    196800
     gggcctcagg catctgaggc cgttgctcct ccactgagcc gctcctccag ctccagtctg    196860
     atttttgttc cacacttcaa aagccacgca ctggctcagt agaaagaaca cttgctgggg    196920
     aagtgtggag agctaggttg aaatctttag aactctttta aaaagttagg catgcccaca    196980
     gacctgtaac ccagcattgt ggcaggcaga agaagagaag gcctgcgtgg gggtgtaggc    197040
     tgctggcttg gctctaggtg cactgaggca ccctgacttg aggggacgaa gaagagaatc    197100
     ctagaagagg actccccata tactccccca gactccacag atacgtatgg gtacatacac    197160
     acatactaaa acacatcaca tacacacata tacatatata cacgtaccaa atacatacat    197220
     accatacatg cacacccata catacccata ccacatacac acacaaatgc cacatacaca    197280
     catatacata ctgtatacac acataccata cacatacaca cacacactgc atacgcacat    197340
     accacataca catatgcaca caaatataca cacacaacac atatgcacac atacaccaca    197400
     caccacacat acacacacat acaccacaca cacaccacac acacaccaca cacacaccac    197460
     acataccaca catacacaca cacacacaca attgtggcag aacaaaagaa cacacccacg    197520
     atctaagatg cacacatagt tccctgatga tctgacttca tgagttagcc actgtgaaca    197580
     ttttctggcc atggggttcc tgaaggaaag gttctagacc cagtctttag caagtaggac    197640
     ttaagctaga tttggaaagg actgtcccac ctaggagggt cagcatccct tcatcaggtg    197700
     atggaggaaa ttggaggaga gatgctggga tggtctccag ctgaggtcct tgggtagcaa    197760
     ccttggggat atggtcctga gggtggaaga acatgagtaa gtaggggtcg gtggccctta    197820
     ggatggttct tcaggtagga aggagacaag gaaaggagag aggggtcagg aagcgactac    197880
     tgtgcagcgg tgtgtggggt aggggtgagg gctggtggga gaaagtagat ggtcttgaaa    197940
     atgtgcgtgt cagcaatggg cagcccagcc aacactggag ctgccaggca agcaggcact    198000
     ttgagggcga gcggagggag agggccaaag agctgagctg agttataaat ctatggcagg    198060
     accaactccc atccccaaga cctcgatctc ctgccaccat tcttgggggg accctgcatc    198120
     taggggttcc tctgttgctc ttcctcaccc accccctcac cacgaccatc tccccaggaa    198180
     tgtccttcat cgggccctcg gggttcatgt caccccacgg agcgcgggct ctgtgccact    198240
     gtacacttcg gagaatcatt agcagaagtc attagctaga atacagcctc cttcataaat    198300
     ctcccctgca cctggatcgt tcgtccgcgc ctaatttcca tctcccgggc tttatgattt    198360
     gtccctcgtt tgatgagcgt ttctcccatc aattgtgccg taagtgcttg cggagagaga    198420
     cccctcgcac tgaccccatc tctgacagac ggggttcgag cttcttactc tgcatgcggg    198480
     ggagagggga cttcacagcc ccctccctgc ctgtccctca aagggcagct taaagacact    198540
     gtgttcccag actcccttgg ggatggcagg cagagctggg tccaacggct tctatgatag    198600
     gagaaggagg aaagtgggaa gggcctgtga ttgggagggt gacttggttt ccatgcctgt    198660
     cccaactcac taattgacct caagcaggtt gccttttgtc tccaagcctc agtttcctcg    198720
     tctgacacac acctgggttg cgttgctcgt ttttcatggt tatcctgaga gttgaggtct    198780
     cgttcttccc tttgcgcagt ggtgcggtcc ggcattcaat acgcgcatgc tcactaaaac    198840
     acccaaggcg gctcccaagg ctgttccgag aaggaaggaa ggagcagaga cccaagcagc    198900
     tatgttgctg ggacccttgg tggctcacag cttgggccta tatgcccgga aagatatgga    198960
     ttttattgaa tcttgagtct accattgatg ggcagtatga gcttgtacaa acccatttga    199020
     cctttggaag gcttggtttc ctcagaataa gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtca tattttgtca    199080
     tgataatact cagagagagt cagtcacatt cctcaaacac actgccaagt agatagtgaa    199140
     tatttaggaa gacacaggag gggcagaaat gagggaccga gctttgtgcc tgggaggggg    199200
     tattccaagc cttgctctgt tgcctacgag cctttgggaa tgtcagatgc accccagctg    199260
     agaggaagca gaactcaggt tccctctcta ccaaggaaga gtatgagcac ccaaggaggt    199320
     gcctgacctg aggtgagggt gctgagtcct gaagattggg agagcctccc agccctactc    199380
     tctggaggca aatctgccaa tccggagcgt tctccagctg tgacgcgtgg acctctggat    199440
     gtggggacgc gaagttcagc cccatcgccc acagaagtgt gcctgggaga aaccagggcc    199500
     tcccggagca ctcttgaggt ggttggaact gggggtgtgg ctggcaaaga tgccaaatgc    199560
     cccatcagaa ctcgtggcag gggcgggggt catcagcaga ggaagtgtgg caaggaacac    199620
     ctattttaat gtccggggac tggtccttta cctggagggc aggggcggag cagggccagc    199680
     cccatgatca tctcgcctgg catttgtaga ggtgtcctta atttgcaccg tgggaggccg    199740
     gggagcctgc cagttgggtc tataagtcat gtggcttcag gcaagatact tgacctctct    199800
     ggtctcagtt tcctccctta aaaaaatgga taataaatct cacaggcttc gtatggtagt    199860
     tggcagaatt aattataccc ctcttactac ggcgcctggc acacacggga agcactcagt    199920
     aaatgacggc ttgtcattgg cccaagatct gtgcttgtca tgacatactt cattttaata    199980
     ccgcctactt atccagggca ggatatttat gttcaccttt ttcactaatt agagaggttt    200040
     ctgtaatcat tttacgccca ttttaaaggt agagaaactg aagtttcagg gctgcccaga    200100
     actgagcaca gttcccaggt gtagctgaga agacagtcca ggctggcctc cctttctcac    200160
     cattccgcct gggcagaccc tgaattccca ggagctaaaa acaaaagacc caggatttgg    200220
     attcgtcaac aaactcccac ggggtgactc actagagcct gggatctgcc tcagcacatc    200280
     accacctcct tcaaggctgg cagcagctgc cctgctgacc cgagggcctg ggacaggggt    200340
     gcagggaagg gggggggcag agagggaggc acttcaccag ctctgtctac ctggacagac    200400
     actgtgacca cgggcagctg tcttgagctc cctatctcta agggtgtggg ccctcagggt    200460
     cttccagact gcagtgccct cctctgggac agaaacaagg aactgggggt gggagaggga    200520
     tgtggggccc ggcgccacgg gctggaagca gcttgcagat tttacaggtc atattatctt    200580
     ttatgggcat cctaaaaaga atgtcaggct ctggagagct ctctctctct ctctctctct    200640
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctgactttca tcactgcaga    200700
     taccattgag agatcaatgg cctacaccac cctactagga gttgtcattg tccccggtga    200760
     gtgtggggtc ccgagggtgg ttgggtgctt ccctgtgggg ttgcctggtg ggtaggagcg    200820
     ataggcagtc tctttcagat tgggaaggga tcacgtcttc ctcgtctagg cagtttatcg    200880
     acatcaaatt ccatgtggag cagccccctg ccccggcctg gccccacgaa gtcaatgctg    200940
     gagcttaact tagtgtcaac acttctatct actcaaactt ggggtgatgc taggtcccca    201000
     tggggatcac gaccctcact accctcttcg cctttctcct atgagcccca gattccacct    201060
     cccaaaagaa ggaccagctc tgggactccc caaaccagct ttggaaccca gaatccctgt    201120
     cccagcaacc tcgacactct gagacccttc agatctcact catccctagt gtcctgtatt    201180
     tgaggcttgg gttcattacc tggaaggaaa accccactta ggaacaaatg ggagaaagat    201240
     ctagaagaca agtgtatctg tggatcaaga gcagtctagt cgagagaaga tacacccaca    201300
     gtctacttcc atgatgggtg gctgaaggct tttactccag gtcccagccc taacgcttta    201360
     cctcctagcc tcagtttctc caggtggaca atgggcacaa ggaaagtccc agtcttgtaa    201420
     gatgattggt ggaaactgct gagtttcccc agcatggcac acagtaagtg ctcaataaat    201480
     gtgcatgatg gtagttaatc ttgctggtca catcagaatg ctgctgtcta tcccagggga    201540
     ctccaggaag agggactgta ggttgacact gcagcaagat tcagtgaagt gatacagcag    201600
     gaagaactgg aggcacccat actggggtaa ggggacaggg gtgtgacagc tctgatggtt    201660
     aagaaagaag agcgactgac tagccaagaa agcaagagac gcccaggaaa attaggcagc    201720
     gggcctaatg aaaaccaggc agccggccaa gtgagcaatg tgaccttcct cctgtttttt    201780
     cttcctttgg agcctggggc aggatgggac agggtcttct attcacctag gattcaggct    201840
     ggacgttctc tgaggaccat gtaggcgggg aggaggacga ggtgggagga ggcatgggac    201900
     cttcggaggt gtagactcga tgaagctgga ctgtcagctc tgtcctcggt cagataggct    201960
     gttgggcctg ctggacttgt ggagaagttc caatacacat ctgtcatttt ctgcaggagc    202020
     cgaggaagca tcagagaggt gctgtgatcc acctgagagg agaaaagtga gacccagctc    202080
     cacaaagttg tcctctgacc cccacatgag tgcctgagtg tgcacaaccc cacatacaac    202140
     attacataca tacatacagt gataagaaat acaacgtagg caatacacgt catttaagtt    202200
     taatatatta tcccagggcc aggatcggca gtcgggcaca tgcttaacta gaggccctgg    202260
     attcaatccc gagcactcca aagtaaagta agagccaggc atgatggcga cacgtgtcta    202320
     tgagtccccg gcaggaagac agagacttca aggccagctt gagctataag gtttgaggtc    202380
     agcttgggct atacagcaag actctgtttc aataaacaaa caaacaaacc aagcatttgg    202440
     aaattacaaa gaaataaaat aaaataaaat aaaataaaat ttaaaattcc atgggccggg    202500
     gagatgtctc agtagataaa gtgtcttcgg cgtaagcgtg atgatctgag atgcgtgtgg    202560
     atacccggaa tctatgtaaa accaagctcg aggcaggaga ggactctgct gttgagagca    202620
     caaaccattc ttgtatggac ctgcgttcag gtctcagtac ccatgtggac gggtcacaac    202680
     ctcctgtcat cgcagctccg gagagatctg ctgcctctgg cttccatggg aactgtgctc    202740
     tcgtgcgcat gcccacacac agacacacat aggtacacac gtaattaaac aagcaaaaac    202800
     cccgaagcct ggtggggcac atctgtagtc ccagtcgtgg gctagctagc ctggcatgtg    202860
     ccgcacaaaa acaaagagtc cctgtctcac agtggaaggt gagaaagact gacagcccag    202920
     ggtgccctct gacctccaca catgtgccgt gcatacacgc aaagataaaa ataaaattcc    202980
     tgacatgcaa tcccatagta gattatgttg cttaaataaa aggcaaatgc cttgggatga    203040
     cgtgtcagct tgatcctgtg gtttcatctt ccttcaggat gtggcaatat cttcttctca    203100
     ggatgggagg gagggacatc tccctcagct agggcggttc agagcccagt aatccattct    203160
     ggaccgtggg ctctcaaggt cactggtgtg tagctatcac ctagaagata ggtactgagt    203220
     gaagggggca gaggaagaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaagaaag    203280
     gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaaggagac tgagcaagcc tttctaagga aatggtctcc    203340
     cagttgaagt tggtaggaga gacattaaat agacgaagag aagagacaag cccttgagtc    203400
     agaatgggca gcccatgtga aggttcagag gcaggaaagg cccagagcat tgaagaactg    203460
     gaaaaaaaat ataactccag cagctacaag gctgaggtgg gaacaccgtg ccttcaaagg    203520
     cagcctgagc tgcggagagg gacgtcatct tgagaagagg aggagagtcg atttgagtgc    203580
     tttctagctg tgttaactca gacaagtcac cggttcactc tgagccttgt tttcctgatc    203640
     tgtcaaatgg ggtaatcata gtcctacctc gctgagatgg agagctccta gagccaatgt    203700
     ggccacctag gccttggctg ttcgtcagct ctgataacac caattgttgt ggttactgct    203760
     gttcccagcg actccccagg agcaccgtcc tttatttcac accacaacca catgctctgt    203820
     ccccaaccca ggccaagtgg cagtccagag cgtcccctct tgtcacactg ctcttgaagg    203880
     tcagacctcc cgaaggttat ctctggtttt cactggattc tgtgaagttg cacaggtcat    203940
     agtctggggg tgaaagtgtt gctttttata gccttctctg atggcaagga tgccttgtga    204000
     ggcctgtcgc agagtggaat tgctggaggg ccagagacac ctctaggggc ttggggcccc    204060
     tgagtcacac tggcctgaca ccctagcaat ctctaagcca ggcttctagc tctgctcgag    204120
     tgccagggaa gccagccaca gagggagcag tgtgctggat aggcagctag gacttccagg    204180
     tccccacttt gggaagggca aactattatc ccacgtcaga cccccaactc ttacatctat    204240
     aacatgggag tatggaacct cagctgtttc tcatagtata aagtttggga gcatatttca    204300
     gagaacaggg cccgagtcag tcagcaacct tcattagcta tccagggaca gcaaggggta    204360
     gggggagaca aaagacatac tagacaaaaa gtgtcctggg gttgggtggt ggctccactg    204420
     tgcaaatcta agggcccgag tttaatctct gggacatgtg ttacagaact cccagcaccg    204480
     ggaaggcaga gacagaattc ccaaggctca atgtccagcc agtccctcaa ctagtgagcc    204540
     tgtgagagac cctgtcttca gacaacataa cagttcccat ggtaaccccg tggattccga    204600
     gggatgacac tcagggttga cctctgacgt ccacacgcag gcagacacac gtgtaaacta    204660
     aacatacatc catgaacccg cccacgcacc cacccccata gcgtgtgcgc tctctctctg    204720
     tatttatttg tagggagggg gatacaggta agaggacttc ttgcaggagt tggttcttcc    204780
     ctcccaccat gtgggtctca gagatcaaac tcacttcatc aagctttgtg gcagatacct    204840
     ttacgaatga cccccgcgtc tggttttgaa agacacgtca aggggaggag gcacccctgc    204900
     acggctgata ctccatttcc acagacgtcc ttttccagtt gggacctcta cctttggagg    204960
     ggagaaaaca gaggctggaa gaactcatat gacttttacc cgaggtcact ggacctgccc    205020
     tgtggcctag ctggtgagtc aatccaggtc tgtccctcat gcagatagaa ctagctggca    205080
     actctaataa tggcaagcag cagaggccag aataggtggg ttgtacccca gggaaaaggc    205140
     ccttgttcag gaggccttgg actttctgcc aacctagtgg tctgccaggc ctatcaagcc    205200
     cttcctgtct ccagtgtccc ccaccaagaa ggaggtcagt tctggggtcc ctaccaggcc    205260
     ctaagaacag ctaagggctt gctcagcaaa ccaggctgta ctttgattct ctctctgccc    205320
     tccccacccc tgccggagcc tccctcctct ccgtttaatc tgcctcttat cgagggtgat    205380
     aacattcagc aataataaac ccaggtccac tttctcacag ctgattgccc ccacgccctg    205440
     attcagccat cactggcccc tgtcctgtga cactggccga tgtccctagg tacagctcca    205500
     tgaagccggc tcaccccagc tttggctctg ggggcttcag cccacattcc catcacccaa    205560
     cacctggcaa tcccccatag tgcatggtgg gggggcgggt gtcgtgtgat acagtcacca    205620
     ctttgccaac tctctcttgg tagtttcctt gcctttggga cttgcagaaa gaacccaggg    205680
     tgacatgcat gtccctctat cccaacgaca gcaagactag gtggctattt attggtcacc    205740
     tcctttgccc tggaacgacg gtggtttttg agcttatttt cagtgagtca tgaatgatag    205800
     ttactacttc taaccctgtt ttattcagag atggggatgg gaagtccagg ggtcacactg    205860
     ccttcccaag gctacacagt aactcagatc aaagattcat accccatgct gctgggctga    205920
     agcaccctgg gtctaaccta caccctgtaa agaacatcca gcaagcagcc gccatcctca    205980
     catgacttga gaccttccac caaagaggct ggaccacgac ccagatctgc ccgtgtgccc    206040
     caaagcctca gttaccagag ttgaaagtgg gggttcacgc tgaagctaag agcctgggcc    206100
     aactgccagg cttgagcctg gggtgcctgc accccatggg acctttgtcc ctttaataag    206160
     tcctcccggg tacaggacgt cccagggtgg agggcgcagc tggtgtgcca ggcctgggca    206220
     agccctgccc tgggcactcc ccaggttccc tgactggggg aaggtaccat tgtctttgtc    206280
     ccagactgct gccattgctt tcactctgag aaagacctac ggccccggcc accataggta    206340
     gagtgaagca ggagggtcct gggtaaggca cagccaggtg tgcagcttag tttgttccta    206400
     aatgttactt gcaggcagta ccccagaccc cagtgcatag gaacaccccc atctgttttc    206460
     actctcattt ccctgctcct cctatctctg tcccatcccc catcactccg cagagcatct    206520
     gccttcttcc cttccaattc ctttgagcct ctgcttgctc tcaggccctg cccagggcac    206580
     ttccctcagg aagccctcct gattgagctg ctcccagcag cctctcttcc ccacctggca    206640
     cttgagaggc tccaaggcgc acacacagca ccctggaggc ctcctgggcc aagccaagca    206700
     ctgttcccta tagggcagcg tgggggatgt gaccaaaata ttgccacatg gctctggcct    206760
     taaagatgct ataggaccat gagggggaag gtatcccaca ttctccgaat gctttctgtg    206820
     gcagtgtccc ttgggcctct aggtctccag agccctagtg ctcagggctg taaggcccag    206880
     gctcaggtag cagtgccctg ttgaagaaga acaggttgat tgcctggtcg gatgagctta    206940
     cagggagcag gtgtgtctga cactcaggaa aaggcagcct ctctcaactc ttagaggaag    207000
     gggtaatagg tagtcaagga aatgggaaat gctgtcttct gtgggccggc aacagaggtg    207060
     caggaggaag gggttcaggc agaaagcatc ctggaacggg atgtcaatcg agtctggaga    207120
     caagactggg gcatcctgtg cggcctgaga gagggagagc cattggccag gctgtcagag    207180
     aagagaagaa agagaaggcc atctggagaa catggcagag caaccaagga cctggtgatt    207240
     cttgtgaaga aattgggaca ttgtcctgct ggacctgaga cagggtgggg ggctctgggg    207300
     agctttgagc agagtcctta acaggcagga actgggcagg gatggcccag gaccagcctt    207360
     gtaaggaaga agctactgtg tccccaggga caggattttt ttattcctta gcacagtttg    207420
     gactccctct ctttagcccc tcgcattcct cagggctccc tcagtcaggg gaccaagctg    207480
     gggactggcc tgcaccaatt tgagagttaa ctgtattgag aagccaggtg tcagacaagg    207540
     ctctttgccc taccctccca ctgggaaaaa aatagggcag ggttgtaggc acaagaggag    207600
     ggcccatgga cacctgagca gtggcttctg tccccaccac aggcactcgt ggccgtgaac    207660
     catcctacaa gattggagcg gccagagcgg gcctgagaac gaatggagtg gtgtgtgtgt    207720
     gtgtgtgtgg cagtgtttcg ggagaagtag cttcagacgt cacccaagat ccccaccctt    207780
     ctgagtgcct tgcccctgga gaacccatac tgcctgttac tgctgatagc agacagtggc    207840
     agcaatagcc acagtgtccc gtgctctttg cacggccgtc cggccggcac cttgcagtag    207900
     atgctccgct gcgccttccc ggtaactgcg tgaggagtgt tattgacccg tgtcgtaaac    207960
     aaagaaacaa aggcacaggc cagtgagggg attgatgtca ccactgtgaa ggggagaatc    208020
     agaattctat gaccagcctg ctcaggctgg gttgagtcag atggatcagt tgttgagcca    208080
     tagctctgct gtgaggagac ctagtcatga ctcagtttct cccttcctgc tagaacaggg    208140
     gaataaaggc ttcaagggct gctgtgagtc tctggaggag gctgcagctg aagtgtctgg    208200
     agggcagggg tgaggctcct tgggagaaca tttgtgtagt aactatttac gcacgaggct    208260
     atgggtccca tgtctagcat tgtaaaaatg agggatgaac ggacatgtct agcacccagc    208320
     gcagcacagg gaacccgggc cctgtttcgt ccctgcgact agctcagatg gcttgtgttg    208380
     gtgagctcac atctgcttga cacacttgat ctctgccctg agttcatttg catgccaggc    208440
     tgtctgccct cactggtgaa cggggcacac cactgccctg tctgtctctc ctgtgtgtga    208500
     agagaaggct gtgggactgt gtggtcccct tgggggactt atccttctcc ctagtgggag    208560
     agagagacag gggatgctgg acacacaggc ctgagagtgc tgctcctgag tctgtctcct    208620
     cagccattga atgaggtgtt taatgagcag acaattaaaa gagaaagcca tttctggggt    208680
     gactctgact cccctgccta tttccttgac tagctctggg tttgttgctg gtgtgtgtgt    208740
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtttggta tgtatgcatt catatgtgtt    208800
     gttgtgcagg cgcctgtgga aatcagaaat tgacatctgt gtcttcctga atctctctct    208860
     ccctctctcc ctctccctct ccctctccct ctccctctcc ctctccctct ccctctccct    208920
     ctccctctcc ctctccctct ccctctccct ctctttctct ctttctctct ccctctgctc    208980
     atcattgaac ttgtgaactc tgggagagcc tcctgtcgct gtctcccctg tgctggggtt    209040
     acatgtggcc acatctgact ttttacatag ttgttgggga tccgagctca cattctcatc    209100
     atgtgcgaca gacacaccct ctgaaccatt tccctggctc ttgagtgggt atcccaacct    209160
     tctacttccc catttgtgcc ttggggatga gattgcaatc taacaaaaag ccacgggtga    209220
     gtggtccttt ggttcagtta aatgttgtgt gtcttactca cttcttggtc tgaagcgccc    209280
     cttttgagca tctggggaaa ctgaggctgt gaccccaagc tcctgctgtg gcctggcctg    209340
     tcttcaatgc tgtgtccagg gaatagcctt cccttccctc ctgaggtatt tagacagcag    209400
     agacgaaaac aggttccagt ttaatgtttt tatttttgtc ctgaacaatg ctgtttctag    209460
     gctgattgtt aagcaaatat tgagggaggt ggagcccagg gctgacacaa accaggagag    209520
     gatatcaaag ccacagggtc agagaagggt ctggggctca ggcttctgta ggccttgccc    209580
     aggattcttt gagtccccct tgtttggccc tttccaagtc aggccacctc tggggaaggt    209640
     ctccaaggta ccagagaata gagccctgac tcggaagaaa aaggcattgt ggggaaaaaa    209700
     aagtctgccc aacagtcgtc actgtcccct acgcaattcc tctctgtcct cttcatcaca    209760
     gggattctga ccggctgtcc cgatttgtgc tagctttcga ggggttttcg tgataacaga    209820
     atcctcaggg ttagacttaa gacagtctca agttaaccag aaggactgtt tacccaacag    209880
     tactctagtt ataagggtca gggcaggcgt ggtggtgaca aatgttgatt atctcagcac    209940
     tcggcaggtg gaggccgacg ggatattgga gacagcaggg ctctatagtg atggctgcac    210000
     acaggcagtc tggctactta catgccacag gccctcccac aaataatcat aaatgagtgt    210060
     cgagcattgc caagcggaag cgactattcc acaatgatga agacgatggg agatgctatg    210120
     aaatcttgat tctgtgagaa ctgtgcggaa gaccctgcac acagggcttt gtgtgtatca    210180
     tacgtgtatt gtgtccattt tacagctggg aaagctgagg gtcagaaaca gacccacaca    210240
     aggaatatag cgagaaggaa ctcaaatcta atgtgattcc acacttttgg atcttattac    210300
     catctgcccc acgtggggag ttgactttgg gtaaccacag atggtgaaac taagagcaag    210360
     atgagtgggg agtgctcact tttaaatcgg tgctccttct gttgttactg ggatgcctgc    210420
     ctgatcccag tcctgaaaaa cccaaactaa ctggctggga agaagaggcc ttcttctctg    210480
     gtggcctccc aactggtcct actatggggc ctggctttct tttgagagcc ttcggcaaag    210540
     tcacacagag taagtcttcc tcattcagag aaaggcacat ccagggcctt acatgctggc    210600
     agtttccaga gtcctaactc ctgcactttg gtttctgagg gacttgaaag gcacagatca    210660
     gagttggccc agacactctt ctcactggcg gctgggcctg gtatcataca gctagctccc    210720
     tcctctctgt ccccatgctt ggctggtcct gggactgcac attaggaagg acactggccc    210780
     tctggaggtc tgtctgaggt ttcctccagt ggctgatggc tgcgggtacc gctcgctaat    210840
     taattagcgc ttaagtactt agcatcctcc tgcatcgtgt caaacgagga tttgagtctt    210900
     aattccctgt gtaggtgatg gtggaaatgt gctaggagag cggtcaggac taggaacaag    210960
     cccatccctg tccttggctg caggctgaga gcgcaaactg cagctgagtt ctgagaccct    211020
     gtgatccctc taccgccaat cctgaagtac cagaagccct gtcataccac gaagctggaa    211080
     tgcctcatcc aatgcctgct tcaaccccca gcctgcttcc tgctactgtt gtgctccaga    211140
     gttcctgttc tgaatgactc acttgcctcc ctggccctta tttgcatacg tgcaggtgaa    211200
     gatgacagtc cctgcccacg ggacagttgc aaaggcctaa caggctccct aggagaaatc    211260
     ctgtagcctg tgcgggctgt ggtaggggac agttcatagg cgttgtcatc tttctgtgct    211320
     tgatctaggg tgtcttttca tttatttaac aaacacatat ctagcatgca ccctgtacct    211380
     gttgggcatg ggcgtgggct tgggatgcag gggcactgtg ctgggtctac ctctggacct    211440
     ctggaagccc caggctaagc accagggaga tgtagatggt gaccaactcc atctcaaagg    211500
     gttagagcag cagttctcag accatgagtc atgatccctt tttgggggcc cccctatgag    211560
     ataccccagt gatagtgaag gagttgatct tgaggagacc aagaaggcag gaaagacatc    211620
     ttgggcagcg gttgctcctc ttctcaatgg agaagttctg aggcaacatc caacccccat    211680
     cacctggtgg gcacattcag acccagatcc tgaaggaaat gaatggagtt gaaatcagtg    211740
     ctggagcgtg acaggcctgt ggctctgtga ttgtcctggc tagttctgtg tcaacttgat    211800
     tcaaactaga gtcatctggg aagacggatt cacaattgag aaaaacaact ccctacgatt    211860
     ggcctatagg caagctcata gaacgttttc tttttctgtc tttttttttt tttttttttt    211920
     tttttgattt ttcgagacag ggtttctctt tatagccctg gctatcctgg aactcactct    211980
     gtagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat ctgcctgcct ctgcctcccg agtgctggga    212040
     ctaaaggcgt gcactaccaa gcccagctga acattttctt aattagtgac tgatgggaga    212100
     ggacccagcc cattataggc ggtgctatcc ctgggctggt gatccgaggt gccacgagaa    212160
     agcaggctgg gcctatcatg aaggagcaag ccagtaagcc actcctccag ggcctctgca    212220
     cctgctcctg cctccagggt cccgccctga gttcttatga tgtcttccct cagggatgga    212280
     atgtgacctg cgagttttaa gccgaagtaa acccttttcc tccccccaag tttgttttgg    212340
     taatggtgtg tttgtttgtt ttagttttgg ttttggtttt ttggtttttc aagtcagggt    212400
     ttctctgtat agccctggct gtcctagaac tcactctgta gaccaagctg gcctcaaact    212460
     cagaaatctg cctgcctctg tctcccaagt gctgtgattg aaggcatgca ccaccatgcc    212520
     cggcggtaat ggtgttttat cgcagcaata gaaatcctca ctaagacact ggctcaagag    212580
     gttctaggtt caaaacccag cactctccct accctgcccc caaagagaag aaacaaacca    212640
     agatattgga agaacagaaa ctcttaagca actggttatc tagttattca tccagtgctt    212700
     ggcagctcac gtccccttgg gcacttgcag tggcccagaa gggatgttga taccttccca    212760
     tactgtgttc acatacatgg agactggaga caggtctctc tgaccaatgc caagctgctt    212820
     gtaagtagcg gagggaagtt ggggatggtt tcaggcaaat agctgcttta acatgtgtag    212880
     ctcctgcctc taggcagccc caagaaagac gtactgttga atccgaggga cttgggaagc    212940
     ctgcttgagc atcttggaaa cactctctgt gggttcctgg caatgtcctt gtgggagcca    213000
     gctcatgtat ttcaagaaaa aaaaatcatt aaagaagtcc agcctacaga gaggccgtaa    213060
     atgtaaaata ttggtagttt gacagtgtat ccctagcagt cgtgatcgga gttcacggca    213120
     gagccagaac cccataccag aaatgaatca tgatggtttt cccagatgga tcctgggatg    213180
     tctgccctaa agtttgcacc tgcccaccta acttgggatg cggagactgt ataaagacag    213240
     agatggaagg agccaggcca cacttttgga atggtgccca aagatctaat tctataaaca    213300
     ccccaactct tcccttactc tggctgttgg ggataacggt gatagccagc ctctcacttt    213360
     gcagcattct tggggggagg agatcatgtt atttggctcc tgttactggg tgcttgtgga    213420
     tgattggaac aaatgtacac tctgagccac agacactaca tctgctggcc ccttggccct    213480
     gtaagtttct tattctcttt ccagttccca gccgaagtgt tgctacacag tggtttattc    213540
     tcttccttca ttaaacaagc cacagggaag ggaatgaaat attgggaacc ccatccattt    213600
     taaagtgctg gggaccctct cctgaactca accacagtct agttggtagc agcccaggtc    213660
     tgggctgagg ctctaaaact ggaaagaaga ttcccacagc ctcaccctct cccccagctc    213720
     ctcacatcca gagtgatttc cagcaaagta cctgacccct ccccacctcc tcttcccagc    213780
     caggagacag ggagggtgac attgagcgcc agctctgggg cgtcctaagg gttaactaat    213840
     taatggtcgg aaagtgcttt gaaaaaataa agtgccggat aatgggaagg gcaattatgt    213900
     tgggagaaac tcctaatttg gctggaactg atgttaatga taaagtatct gaaacatgta    213960
     gcaagcaggc gtgattttat tttatatggc ggggcactca catgcagggg acacggagag    214020
     cggttaattt ggttaaataa agagagagat aaaaggaaca cggacacctt gggactattt    214080
     atctggactt ggcgtaatgc ttcgtgaaca ggagcaggcc cttggactct tattatttat    214140
     ttgtttgtgc cagaaagaaa cgggaaagtg cccgggtgag tggttcagaa agagacaggg    214200
     gaatccagct tccaaatagg ggaggccagg tcctcaggaa agagtccgtg cttttgggag    214260
     aatcgatgtg gtgggggcat ccccgctcca gatagccaga cttggaggat cttagagaac    214320
     agtgattaga ttttaccttg taaagggaga aactgaggca ggggggtgga gagagagaga    214380
     gggataggaa tcaaagcagg actcagcatt tatggagtga gtacttccgt ttgacaggtg    214440
     gagtgagagg taggcaatta gggtcccgtt ccatccttga agcaagcctg tatgtggcca    214500
     ccatctttac tcctgtttca cagaagaaga aatgggagcc cagaaagtaa ggcccaaggt    214560
     cacacggcca gaaagcggtg gaccagaaag ttgggcccag gctgcctgat gttgggaacg    214620
     aaactccaca aaagtgattt tgagactaat taagtgctct tgagattcat ggctctgcat    214680
     tccttcactg cattctgcct gctagagcag aggactagat catgagtgta ggggagtcct    214740
     gttgctgtcc aggggatgct acaaggggct acacaggtgt cgaggcctcc tagccagggg    214800
     ccagggcaaa ggcaggaccc gtgggagagt ctgaactata gtttgtgcct caagaggaca    214860
     acataaggtt gccccaggaa agagagcagc cttgttttct ggaaggtctg tgaggtccct    214920
     gcaggtccag attagtattc agtatttata atatttccat aatggtaaaa caaaagaaaa    214980
     caagcagaga gaatgcattt ttaatcacca atcatttctc tttgtttgtt gtgaatgaac    215040
     agcgaggtga aatagtattt cataatcatc ccattcgaat ttcctcctca caaagcaccg    215100
     agaaatctct aaataaaata aataaacaag ccaagacctt aaaataaact ccagagggca    215160
     gagtgctacg tgtgggttat cactgctgtg ggaagcaggg actgggggag ggctgggaca    215220
     aagagcccag cttgtcagtt atctgccacc agagacctca ggctgaaacc cacatggcag    215280
     gagagacagc tgagatatgg ttttcaggtc ctcagagcag gatgctgcct gtattaatac    215340
     agggcccacc ctgtatcctc tcttcatctt tttttctaga atcttctggt gttcatagtc    215400
     tcactcaaac ccaaaggcac cccgctcccg gcccctggac cttcacagtc tcctgaatca    215460
     aactcctcac ctaagagact tctctgtata gtgttgtcta tctcagggta gtccacctct    215520
     tggtgatgga gggagaaact gtacctgagg ggaaaggacc cacccaagac ctcccaacaa    215580
     acaaatatag gtagactggg acctgcactt actcgaggag tctttaagaa gctttctaga    215640
     ctcccggatt tttctgtagt gtgttttgtg cgcgtatcaa cacggcaagg tctgtcagct    215700
     caagcactag cagggcgccc agtagatgag gtgttcatca aatgttcctt ggataaatcc    215760
     gagagtgtgt gaatagacag atggacaggt gtcagaggca tgaatacttg gaagaatgga    215820
     tgagaaaatg gatgtgtgga agagggaatg gacagataga tcgattattg aatagatggg    215880
     taggtggata aaaggttgca ttgatgaatg catggcagct tggatgcatg gacgaaagct    215940
     gggaaggatg gatgggacga atgggaggat atgtggacga gaggtagaga ctcaaagatg    216000
     agaagctaat gctgaccttt gctcccttca cagctctgtg gaaaaggcta ctttcagatg    216060
     gccaagggct agctagtcag tttcagttgg agcacagcct gttggagcaa cactggaggc    216120
     ctgctgctct gaatttatgt cttcaacaat cagaccacct tctagcaaga caaagccctc    216180
     caagaagaaa tctgagctga gggtatctag ggaccacata taccaccgcc ccccccccca    216240
     ctttcaagta agccattctg taggaggcaa cgctgtctgg gtcagaagaa tgggctctgc    216300
     tcccacacca ccaccactcc ctgcacggtc acaggagcat tggcagcctc atgctctggg    216360
     cctcagtttc catctctgga ctgctctcct ggctcctggt tctgggtctg gcttgtctct    216420
     gtgggcagca cagaacgact ccatggctct gtttcgctag ctaggtggcc ttgttctcca    216480
     gtctccaact cctccatgtc aaggagctat gtttagcact gtccaacacg tctgccctgc    216540
     tggggaaatg ggaatggggg caggaaaaac accaggaagt caggctacat agtctctgca    216600
     gccaaggccc acactccctc tgaattctat tgaaaaaata ataaaaaggt aattactttg    216660
     tcattactga acactggttt gtcttttttt tttcctttcc ttaagccctg gccataaata    216720
     accaagccat tacctctcat agtggacaca catgtggaca ggagctgagt cctcgcacag    216780
     accatgcttt ccacccccac agtcccaccc catcctaccc atatacatgg tgtctgccaa    216840
     gcatctacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag    216900
     gagagtgcat acctgcctgt caaacaatcg tgacttgctc acttgacatt ttctgagcat    216960
     tctgcagggg gctggaaatg ataaaacagc tactgagtac aaatccagga tgggttctgt    217020
     atgaattctt cccacaatgt tgggaggcag atctgctggt gtgtcacaaa tggggacgtt    217080
     gaggcagaga aaggctcaag gtcacatagc agagggttga gctgagagtt tgaacccatg    217140
     tgaccaaatt atatataaaa cccatgctct gatacacaga ttattttaaa acacacacac    217200
     tcatacactt acgcacacac atgcacacac acacataagc acagtttaat ttgagcaggg    217260
     tgcaggtaga agaccatgac catgtactga gatgggataa ataatggaga gctggagcag    217320
     catgtgttga ggtacctagc tcagccctgg gcaggaccac atcgaggagg gctcccgaga    217380
     gcagaccact cctcttgttc tgatcttgtt cgttgttcta gacagggtct cctgtagccc    217440
     aggctggcct tgaacttgtt ctatgtagtt ctgcctggct ggagcagaga gtagcaaagg    217500
     ggtagaaggt gaggctggag aggtaggcag agcctctgca tacatccaag tcaggccagc    217560
     agagctggga ggtcctcccc acccacactc aactacctgg cactcctgcc atgtgacacg    217620
     aggcacttca tcagcaaaac agccatttcc tgcctccctg gccggccctg ccctctgtgg    217680
     gactcggtgc cacctccaca ggttctatcg ggtagaagca tggctacttc tggagtggta    217740
     gggcgagttt ccctcgcctg tgccctgcta tgccaacctc aggcaggatc gacctcccag    217800
     gatggaagag gcaggggctg tgcttacgga agttggagct gatttcagtt gggcagagac    217860
     ctgggaggaa agaaaaatgc taagggtcaa agatggggac atgtgctatg tagcagggga    217920
     cagccagcca tgggaagcat ggttcttact agaagggcaa ctcaggagag gggaggcagg    217980
     tccctctgac ttttcaatct tgaggtttat cttgttcaac aggccctggt gccaggccta    218040
     ccccgccctg gcaggcgtgg gagtggctaa ggtgttggcc catgagtctt tgggtaagag    218100
     gtgatgtcag caggcggccc tgcccctcac ctggctgtcc ctttgtgtat tcaggtatct    218160
     gctgccaact caagtgcctg ccaggctaca gggcacagcc gtacctccaa accttcttta    218220
     aagggacaac aggggcctgg cctgggaatg cagacctgtc tgtaatctta gctgctcagg    218280
     aagctgaggc agggggatca aaaaattcaa gagagttggg taccttaagc agatctgggg    218340
     tgtagcttgg tggaaggata tttgattatt ccgcacaagg cccccagttc aatcctaact    218400
     gaagacaata agagacccca cagcctcacc agaaaacact tgccctatcc aaccgtctgc    218460
     ctaagacgcc ctctgcggac accccacgcc caggcaagct gcggaggtag ctgaggtggg    218520
     ttccccttac atcttagagg ccattccaca ccccaatacc tgactctcac agtgtgactg    218580
     tgtgctcact gtttgcaggt tctttatatt taaacctttc cccccaaaac tgtccgcact    218640
     gaactctctc cccaaacccc tttttttttg aagtttgata cttctcttcc tctggtagat    218700
     agtgtggaag atgctaaagc cgcgaggaaa tgtggtagag acgagagaga atggggccag    218760
     agactattcc tacaagaaaa tatgagtcac ctggggctct tctcctgacc aggcaggggt    218820
     aaacacaaat accaaaaaca aaacagaaaa ccaaaaaaaa aaaacaaaaa atcccccaaa    218880
     ccaaacaaca acaacaaaac caaaccggct gttagtgaga acaaagcaag aagggaggag    218940
     aaactctcag cagctagcga gaaaaacacc cagcgccttg cttggagctg agagtctggc    219000
     agggaaactg aaagccagta cccagtggct cttgagctca ggaaaacagg tagtatttat    219060
     ggcataaaaa tccctaagga ttttctgtca agaggcttct ggaaggtaca agtagatcta    219120
     tctgtaggag gaagagggag cccaagtcag ttgaggctga aagattgacc caccctattc    219180
     tcccctagcc tccatcccca ccccctgggc tgagcagaca ggctcagccc tatgccccca    219240
     cctcctgtgg gatgagcata ttggcccaga gtctggggtg ctggctccgg ttcgaagagg    219300
     agaagtagga ccccacattc tgttccagtt cggaagtcct tctcccatct ctgctgaggc    219360
     tgaggagctc agcaaggccg tgtgaacctt gaaacagccc ctgcatgcgg ccagcttggt    219420
     tctaataagg attcatgact ggaatcacag gctccttcac ccattaaatt agcaggggtt    219480
     aaaaagagag agaacattga aggttggaga gagtgaggtg gtggtgggct ggtagagcct    219540
     cccggaggga gggcagcttc ccgacgccct cccctccctg agggggcagt ctggcgatgg    219600
     gtctcgaaag ctctgaaatg tatgcatgct ctttaactca gcaaatccac tttaaagaat    219660
     tcatgtggtt atttatggac aaggatattc attagggtta tttataataa tgaaaagaat    219720
     tgggaacaag ttatgggtcc aaagtgttca atagtgaagg attgtttgag taaattatca    219780
     tctaacgccg ttgtacagtc attaaaagtc acattgtaaa agaatatcta agcatgtaaa    219840
     aaaaatacat gttacatacg tgtggcaggc taagaaaaaa ttgtctaata tgttctgtgt    219900
     ggttctgatt ttgtggaaga agatgaggga aaaaaacaaa ataaaaattt aagaacatta    219960
     aaaatcttca aggtgattag tcatggttag tgggattaaa ggggctgggg ttgtagctca    220020
     ctaggtaatg ctgagctccc tgcatcacat aagcagggca tggcacacgc ctgtaatccc    220080
     tgtatctggg aggtggagcc cgtggaaggt cattttcagc tatttaagga attctaggcc    220140
     agcctggtac acactaaaag aaaattacat tttctctttg tttgtgtttt ctgaattttc    220200
     tataacaaat atatgttgtg tacataatac gagacaaata attgtggact tcgccaaagg    220260
     aatgagagtg tactggggcg gagggacttg tggatgggat ctaagatctg aactcagagt    220320
     ttaggaaaaa gcccctctcc ctgccttgcc tccccgggac actcccaaga gagacattcg    220380
     taaataaaat gaatgaactc agctcttttt atttttaatt acaactcgcc ctttaatcac    220440
     cataatcatt gtctctgaca cttgtttatt tagtcactag gcgtctattg agtacctact    220500
     gggacagcag ctccttgaga cacaacgaac ccccaaacta acccctaccc gaggagaacc    220560
     tcgaggcata gaatagccca ggcaaaatgg ggaacaaaaa tatgatatga ctcccccctt    220620
     tttattgact gcctgctgtg tagaaaatac tttgtcatag tttagggggt ttgtttgtta    220680
     tttagattgt gacaggatgt aaaggagcca gatctggcag tgcacaccct gaccctagaa    220740
     cttgggaggc tgaatcaaaa ggatcttgag ttcaaggcca gcctagggta aaagagaaat    220800
     acagaccaac cagggcacat aaacaattga agcacacatg gagagacggc catgttcttc    220860
     tcgtccagta catcctcata cctagcttca tctccttctg atgctcttgt tgccagtgta    220920
     gctggtcctg agggactcag actgtctacc tcagtcttgg ggaagttgtt ctttgcatcc    220980
     ccatctgtat aatgggtatt atgttcatca gtgtaactac ctcttcctga tgttgtgtgg    221040
     ggaggctgag ccaacccaag tgctccgtga cacatacata gtaaccattc cataaacacg    221100
     ggctactgat gtaaggtcag gttttgcttt cagtccttaa ggaggattag gaaccaaaaa    221160
     accaggaggc gagctaagct ggggtatctt ccaaggcttt cctaatcata gcaatagagg    221220
     ctggcttaaa tttgtttgtt tcataatcaa ttattcagac acagtatttg gctcctgagc    221280
     tccagagata acgacactgt ctgcattcag tgggggcagt gtgtgtatgg gggacgtctc    221340
     cctagagact tagaaatgag ataggctctc gactacaagc attccacaca gaggcaggag    221400
     actgtctacc tttctctgct aagatacaag cctctagaga cacctccatc ctcccccccc    221460
     aacccccacc ccaggaccca gcaaaatgcc agagagtaga aacccaggta agatcactca    221520
     tctacctggt gtctcctagg ctgtactaag tcaattgtca cttgtctggg ctctttctgg    221580
     ccattcttcc ctagggtaga cacttcaaga caccttgatt ccagtgaggg cttattatag    221640
     tccaagcact gtcataggta cccgggacac caagagccac catgtccctg tttgcaggat    221700
     gcttccactc cagcaggggc agccagaaag gaaacaggaa tcaatcaatg tacaagcaaa    221760
     ctcattgtat atccacaaac aggataaagt aacagagaaa ggccaagaac tatggcagga    221820
     ggaaatgaca ggacctggtg aatggaagtc ccctagccat atatatatat atatattttt    221880
     ttttcccctc tgttgagtta ggcgtgggaa gatgttgggg tccaacagga gccttctctg    221940
     cccttcagcc tgtctaagac gttagtcact cacacgggca aggttcccat tgaggaaccc    222000
     attaggagag ggttgtagag ctcctgagaa caaaagtgga gtgaagaata agtgggttaa    222060
     tgaacattta gtgggagaga taggcttgtg atgttgaggg gaaggtggaa tggaatatgt    222120
     gtatgtggta tggacaattc tagtgggaaa aggggttgag cctaatacta ggaatggagg    222180
     tgggtctgat aatgatgtag aaagaaatct gtcaccatcc ccttcctggc caggccttgt    222240
     tcattgtcta attcagttct gtctcccact gtggagtgtt gggcttagaa aatacatact    222300
     cagtgaatga atgagcaaag gattactcca aataaacata acaaaaggaa actagacaga    222360
     ggacaagaag ggatggggag aggacttgaa ggaaggaggg gtactggatg tccccaggaa    222420
     caaggacagt tactggcact tacagatcaa tatcttggcc caagcccttt tcctgcatta    222480
     acctacgtta gtcttgcaac gctcccagac agcaatactg ttatcagccc catttctctg    222540
     ttgggataac tgaggtacag aggtcaaatg tctcattcaa ggtcacccag ttggtgagtg    222600
     gctggtggtc tgtccctgta gctcaagttg ttggctgctg ctgcagtggt gagcaggcct    222660
     actttgtcac ctctcggatg acagtgactc agtttctctc cgtgtgggct ggcaggattg    222720
     agcttgagat ctctggggga ggggggcatt ggggtgggga gggcatgtgt tctcctgagt    222780
     caccaggttc aagtatctca gaaatacttg gatgagtctg aagcctggga gctaaggatg    222840
     ggagatggaa ggggagacgt aggccacagt ctgttgcggc tgcagatgac ttctgttaat    222900
     tcttggaata aggagggaag agaccaagat gaactggtgg atttggggtt gtccaaaccc    222960
     ccaaatctgc tcttcgtggg ctgtcaaatc tgagtagtga ggtctggatt tgttgttgtt    223020
     gttgtgtatg tttttgtttt gctccagttt attttcctac aagtgtgaca cagctgtcac    223080
     ttaccatagc atctgaggag tgtgtgacac ctcacagcac tgacccagag gttttattta    223140
     ggaactctac cacctcaggg ccagagagcc tcagactctg gtcatttgcc tctggaccaa    223200
     tgaactttga gctcacagca gggcagggaa cacatcccag caggcgactg tcctagcgct    223260
     ggccaggcaa gacagtaggg tcatgaagca gagcaaaagc tttccagtag gccccagtcc    223320
     ccagcagggc tgggcattgt gggcggcatt ttctctgagc agaactcact gtgtaaagtg    223380
     cacctcgaag ttggattatg ctttgcactt ttgcttattt atgcaattaa taatttgcct    223440
     attacagcgg tcagtttcta actcatcttg cctgggggtc cttcgccttt gatttttttt    223500
     tttttttttt tttggtctca cttcctgaat ttccatcctg aattctgcag taggaacaaa    223560
     atgggtatca tcgctgagtc tatgctgggg tgtggtagcc tgactgggag aggaaggacc    223620
     aggtgttagg gccagaggac cggtgacccg cgtagacagc taagaggccc tgctagggta    223680
     ttgcaaggat gcaaagtgtc cttcagggga gatgaaaacg gctgtcacct cccatctcca    223740
     ggccaaggga tcgtctcccc caagacactc tgctttctcc gtggatcttt cactttgcag    223800
     cattctcgtt ttaatgcaca tgatttgccc tcctcccacg catagagtaa ggttgttctg    223860
     cgtggcctgt cttgctcact taaggattta tttcttgcat aaggggctga atgaaaactc    223920
     ccctttgcag agagtaagag caaagaaaat atcaaacagg gaagatttca ttcgactctt    223980
     ctaacagtct ggcttgcaaa aaagagagcc aattttcatt gaaaaagtgg gaaccaaact    224040
     cggggtgtca aagggttcag aatagctgga aagtaacgca cccttgtccc tttcttctgt    224100
     cccagtctca actccattca gagggtgtag aaaccttccg gaaccgcaca agggagcagc    224160
     gcgctctgat tctgcttcgc tggccgatct cgccgcgcgc gcacgcggag cccagccttg    224220
     gcggtgggtg ggaagaatgc tagaggggaa ggtctggggg tgtgagggtg gagcggagcc    224280
     cagccccgcg atccggcccg ggttttgcat gccacccact cgcccgttcg gccgcggaga    224340
     attc                                                                 224344