ID   AL603905; SV 19; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 209782 BP.
AC   AL603905;
DT   22-AUG-2001 (Rel. 68, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 39)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-143A14 on chromosome 11
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-209782
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Grafham D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 0c7395562baf8d0fd5c8b8a97d25f092.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456158.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000038268; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000038290; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000043099; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000045287; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000078789; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018703; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018704; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018705; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018706; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018707; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018669; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018671; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018672; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018673; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018639; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018640; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018641; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018642; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018643; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018643; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018644; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018645; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018646; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018647; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018456; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018457; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018458; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018459; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018460; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0019094; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0019095; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0019096; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0019097; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0019098; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0018010; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0018011; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0018012; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0018013; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0018014; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018426; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018427; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018428; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018429; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018430; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018535; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018536; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018537; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018538; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018539; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018525; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018526; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018527; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018528; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018529; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018606; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018608; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018609; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018610; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018551; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018552; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018553; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018554; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018555; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0019134; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0019136; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0019137; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0019138; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017781; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017782; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017783; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017784; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017785; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0018063; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0018065; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0018066; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0018067; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL603905.19:1-209782; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000044949; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000045281; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000055619; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000071562; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000102514; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000139958; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000140197; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0030676; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0030682; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0030684; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0030685; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0030691; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0030613; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0030621; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0030622; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0030628; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0030594; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0030600; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0030602; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0030603; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0030609; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0030608; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0030614; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0030616; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0030617; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0030623; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0030400; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0030406; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0030408; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0030409; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0030415; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0031115; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0031121; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0031123; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0031124; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0031130; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0030115; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0030121; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0030124; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0030125; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0030131; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0030313; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0030319; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0030321; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0030322; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0030328; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0030450; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0030456; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0030458; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0030459; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0030465; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0030449; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0030455; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0030457; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0030458; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0030464; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0030575; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0030583; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0030584; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0030590; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0030433; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0030439; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0030441; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0030442; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0030448; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0031139; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0031147; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0031148; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0031154; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0029832; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0029838; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0029841; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0029842; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0029848; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0029885; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0029892; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0029893; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0029899; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; F6WT10.
DR   GOA; Q8K0S5.
DR   GOA; Q9D7E3.
DR   InterPro; IPR001611; Leu-rich_rpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR003591; Leu-rich_rpt_typical-subtyp.
DR   InterPro; IPR005645; FSH_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR011990; TPR-like_helical_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR013087; Znf_C2H2_type.
DR   InterPro; IPR016435; DPH1/DPH2.
DR   InterPro; IPR019458; EST1.
DR   InterPro; IPR028424; HIC1.
DR   InterPro; IPR029058; AB_hydrolase.
DR   InterPro; IPR032675; LRR_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR035435; DPH1/DPH2_euk_archaea.
DR   InterPro; IPR036236; Znf_C2H2_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:1338010; Hic1.
DR   MGI; MGI:2151233; Dph1.
DR   MGI; MGI:2179725; Ovca2.
DR   MGI; MGI:2661375; Rtn4rl1.
DR   RFAM; RF00662; mir-132.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q5NCQ5; DPH1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q8K0S5; R4RL1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q9D7E3; OVCA2_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6WT10; F6WT10_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-143A14 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..209782
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="11"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-143A14"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    7646..7757
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone RP23-408L15
FT                   (AL662892) and mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig data
FT                   sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig107403, version 2. Assembly confirmed by restriction
FT                   digest data."
FT   misc_feature    78143..78184
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, 222461, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    78276..78298
FT                   /note="Sequence confirmed by mouse whole genome shotgun
FT                   supercontig data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing
FT                   Consortium, 222461, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    86686..86783
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence from reads from a
FT                   short insert library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly."
FT   misc_feature    126627..126642
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    132921..133023
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 209782 BP; 52948 A; 50925 C; 50592 G; 55317 T; 0 other;
     gaattccaca gtgagacctt ttctcaaaac aaaacaaaaa acaggtagtt ctgggtatgc        60
     ctgggtcatc tctgagaaca ttaaaagcca gttgatgttt taccattggc ttacattttt       120
     atataaggcc atttctagtc ttccaaaaga gctgtttcct acagcattcc tatagactga       180
     caactgaaag agccccttat ggttcctccc tttaactctg ggtcttatgc aaacagagct       240
     gacctttgac attgagaatc agaccacatt atccaggaga acccacaagc ctgtttccaa       300
     ggcttcagat gtcctagact catagggaat cccatgttca ttgatggctt gcttgcttgg       360
     tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt aaatcaatac tggaagctgt gaaatgcctg taccagacag       420
     ttcaagaggc taaggagcta aaagaaagat ttcctgtaat tattctaatt ctttgtttat       480
     tgcttagttg ggtttttgtt tgtttgtttg tttggtctca ctctgtagcc ttggctagcc       540
     tggaactctc tatgtagacc aggccagcct tgaactcata gagatcctct tacctctaca       600
     ccccgagtgc tgggattaag catatatgtc accacatctg gttagtctag ttcttcaaag       660
     tatgtccatc ttgttttatt tatttgtggt aaaacatata taacattaaa tgtagcattt       720
     taaccatttt taaaacctga ggttctgcag cattaagtat gttttcattg ttggacatta       780
     tcgccatcat ctccaggacc ttttcatctt ttccattggc atctctgcac ccattcctca       840
     tcccctcaac ttcctgccct tggaaactac ccttctacat ttttctctcc ttaaatttga       900
     ctatgctatg aactctagat ttctcttttt gtgactggct tatttcactt agtatgtttt       960
     caggattaat cctcattgtg gaatatgtaa gaatttccta attttttttt tttatttttt      1020
     caagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt agaccaggat      1080
     ggcctcgaac tcagaaatct gcctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgc      1140
     gccaccacgc ccggccattc ttaacttttt taaagaccaa attacttcat tataggtatg      1200
     taccacactt tgtttagctg ttcacctgtt ggtcaacaca gggtagatag atttatttgt      1260
     ttgtatgttt gtttgtttgt tttatgtgtt ctacctgtgt atatgtatgt gcaccacata      1320
     tgtacctggt gcctatggag gtcaaaagag cgcattggat accctggaac tggagttaag      1380
     gatggttgtg agccattatg taggttcatg tatttttgtg tgcttcctat aaatcaagca      1440
     gggcctagca tatgttaaat taatgctttc ctaccaagct atacctctag cccttgttta      1500
     atatatctga agccagaaag atggctaaat agttaggagc aattacttct cttgcacaga      1560
     accatttgtt cccagcaccc atatataggg cagcttacaa ccacctgtaa atccagctct      1620
     agagaacatg acgccctctt ctggcctctt ttgggcacca gcacactcat gcatataaac      1680
     atgcacatgg gtatgtaatt taaaataaaa taaatctttc tcatttgatt ggccttggat      1740
     tatctgaaca tttcccccct ctgaagtaaa gtgcaagtat gactttcaat caactcctac      1800
     tataggcaac ttgtgtggct tcaggcaatt catatagcct ctttggactc ctttatcttt      1860
     ttcagtgaaa caagaaaagt tatagtggtc ctacccaact caaatagctc tctgtatgga      1920
     taaaagaaga tcagatttgt gaaaatacct tgtaaacatt gatgaaaatg ctatagataa      1980
     tagataatat cattctggcc ctttaagtcc actgttaata gaacacctta tcggagctga      2040
     agcaaggtct cttcagtagg tgaggaaagc agagcacagc tgatgtacat cttcctatct      2100
     cttcatcacc cagtgtagag ttgtctcccc tgagctcagt caagggtcac atccttgata      2160
     gagttttccc ctgcagtata accacagagt cagagcagct ttggttagag gtgtagatag      2220
     catggacttg gacatgaagt gaatatttta taccgttttc atgcttttca cacacttcac      2280
     cgggtttcag tgacatgtaa ctttgttggt ttggaactgt gtgcttccac acacattgtt      2340
     tttcttagtt atatattctg tactcattta gttatatatt ctgcactcat ttatactact      2400
     gtttctttgc atcaaatata tatgtaggga gggagagagg atataagtaa ctaaaagaca      2460
     tgaaacacag taaagatttg gatgagcatc attcacctca ggaacagatg cagaaagtta      2520
     gaatctgtac tggttcaaat tcaaggtgag tctccactcc ataactcaca gtgtccatac      2580
     ggacgcctag ttgagctgag aatggatagc gaggaatgac acttctttat atggctgctg      2640
     gtccaaagtc tatctatatt tttctttgga aaattttgga ggaaaatggg ggcttcatta      2700
     agactttatc atagagattt cctttctttc ttatatcaaa caatgggtta atgggtttgg      2760
     gtttcgtttt gcttgagttt ttttatgggg gaaggggagt attttgttgt tgttttgctt      2820
     ttgtcacttt gaggcagtct catacagccc ctactggcct tttatagact gatgattacc      2880
     ttggactgtt aatcctcctg catctactta acaaggactt ggattgccag catgtaccac      2940
     catgcctggc taagcaatgt tctcaatgca gagaacaaat tatctgtgtg tgcatggcct      3000
     atttttggaa ctacatgagt actcttaggt aaattcaagt gctgccacca aaagggaaaa      3060
     caggtatctc ctttgcattt gatttattaa acataaattt aaattttttt atgcattatt      3120
     tgtgtgagag tgagagtgag gtacacattg gctgtcagag actggccttc aggggtcagt      3180
     tccgaggcag agaacttttg cttctgtggc tgagctgcat acttcagaag atgtgacctg      3240
     tgaccttgca cagttctcct gtctctgcct cccaacccac agcacagctg gggcatagca      3300
     ccagagctca gttggcttct ataccccctg agccatctcc cagtccatcc caccccccac      3360
     atcatagttc cttgcctctt ctgggttact ttcaagtggg atactgattt ttgaaaaact      3420
     gcaaaggtct ttgtactttt tttatttttt tgactttctg aattttccta aaagcttatt      3480
     taaggaaaca cataatgcaa accctctagt tttcttggct catgagcatt ttcagtgatg      3540
     gtgatgatag tagtgctagt aataataata gccacggtga gattatatct tcactatgtt      3600
     ctaccttcct tcttaaacac cttgatgatt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttggttttt      3660
     cgagacaggg tttctcttta tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt agaccaggct      3720
     ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc gcctgcctct gcctcccgag tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgc      3780
     gccaccacgc ccggccgatg attttttttc tctgcttttc tggtttgttt tgagacaaga      3840
     gcttaccatg taacctaaac tggtagtaaa ctcacgaacc tctttcctgc cttagcctcc      3900
     tgtgttctag gattgcaagc ttgtgccaca gagactcagc ttccttttta cttcccatca      3960
     gtgatggtgg gatctagaac cccaagtaca caagtgggtt ctgctactga gctgtatgta      4020
     cccttagccc caaattgttt ccttttgcct gggaagaggt gacatcatta tctccattta      4080
     tggagtgagg aaactaaagc ttataaagtg acctgtgcaa gctacacatc tactgaggaa      4140
     cagtattgga atttcaatac aggtctatat gatctacaac tataatctaa tcctaccagg      4200
     tttgtttatt attattatta ttattattac tgtttggtta ggtttgggtt gggggaagtt      4260
     gttttgttaa ttttgagaca gaatctcact tgtaaccctg cttgttagaa atcactacat      4320
     agaccaggct ggccttgaac tcacagagaa atacatctgc ctctgagtgc taagattatg      4380
     tgtgtgctac cacactcttt tctaattcct ccacattttt ttgtttgttt gtttttgttt      4440
     ttcgagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg cactcacttt gtagaccagg      4500
     ctggcctcga actcagaaat cagcctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctgtga ttaaaggcat      4560
     gcgtcaccac cgcctggcaa ttcctccact tttatgtgag gagtttaaga tacaaaatgc      4620
     ttaatgatgt cttttgcctt tgtactatgg taggatactt tggttggttg gttggttggt      4680
     tggttggttg gttggttggt ttgatgtgtt tttaaatatt tttattatta ataaaagtgt      4740
     atgtgtatat gtgcatgtat ccaaagttag gagcatcctt tggatgctcg agttacaagc      4800
     agttgtaagc tgcctgatgt gggtgctggg agttgaactc tggtcctctg taaggacagt      4860
     acatgttctt acccactgag ccatctctct agccccgtag gatactttga aggattgtct      4920
     ttattgacac agccaaagta ctgactataa cgtcatgctt cctgagctgg catgataaca      4980
     agagtctaca gatcctgttt tgttttctta agaccaaagt gggcttgtaa tttactgttt      5040
     atccaaagct gggtttgaac tggtgctgat cccacagact aaatgaaaag aggttcttag      5100
     gtgtttctga gtgcccaagc aagctggtac tggccctggt aatttctatc aattgctaaa      5160
     aatctggctc tttcacttta aaagctttat aggggtaaga agagcaggtg gcaaagcatg      5220
     gagtcatctc aggaggattc acacgctagt ctactcacaa ctagtcctag agcctcactg      5280
     tggggacaaa ggaataaacc tcacagggag agttagtgac catgagccaa ccctagatga      5340
     gctctgagtc tcaatactgc ctttgtattc tgaaaagact tcaacacata gtttaaggtg      5400
     acctctagct agtatctcag actggcagaa gaaaaaaaaa aaaaactttt cgctattgga      5460
     aatagatctt catatcaggc cacaaagatt ttcataaaag actagaagtc aacccatact      5520
     ctctaatatg ctgagagaac ttaacctgtc attcccagca aatctatcct ttagagcaaa      5580
     ggtagcaaga aaaacataaa ccctgtgtct acacaaagac ttagacataa acattgatgc      5640
     tgatcatttt cattatcgtt tcattatgat ttgtgtgtgt acatgtggac cttttgggag      5700
     tcagaggaca attttaagca tttttcctct tttcaactag ttttgaggtg gggtcttttt      5760
     tgtctctgcc atactttgta cttgaggcta gctagcccaa gaacttcccg ggtgactttc      5820
     ctatctctac atcccatctc ccataagggt gctgaaatta cagatgcgtg ctgctgcggc      5880
     ttcatccaga ctccagagat caaactcagg ttgtcaagct tgcagagcaa gaacttttac      5940
     ctactgaaca tctcatctgt ctctacgcta agattttatt atcacattta tttattcggt      6000
     gtatgtgagt gtggagttag aggagagctt tgtggcgttt tctctacagc catccacggg      6060
     tttcagaggt taaaccaagg tcatcagcag gcttggaagc agacagtctg atttcctgag      6120
     ccatcttaag gactcttgct tattttttaa ccttcaaaaa aattacatgt attaattttt      6180
     gtgtacagtt gtaggtgtgc atgctacagt gtgtgtataa ggtctgagga taactttgaa      6240
     gtgccagttc tcgacctcca ccatattgag gaataatttg cagtcctttg cctagtggtc      6300
     atggagcata tctttagtcc cagcactcag gagccagagg caggtggatc tctgtcagtt      6360
     tgaagatacc caaggctaca gagaaaccct ttcttaaaac aaaacaaaat agggagttgg      6420
     agagttggct cagcgagtaa gagcactggg tgttcttcca gaggtcctga gttcaattcc      6480
     cagcaaccac acagtggctc acaaccatct acagtgggat ctgatgccct cttctggtat      6540
     gaagacagca atagtgcact aatatagata aaataaataa atcttttttt gaaaaaaatc      6600
     atactttcaa attttacagt tcaatcattt ttgtacattc atagagtatt acaactatca      6660
     ctatctaatt tcattgattt ttgtcttttt aatcacttca aagaaaatat atccatcatt      6720
     acttccctgt ctcttctaac cactgatttg ctttcattct ccagagcctt gcctagtctg      6780
     gatggctcac gtgctttctc tctgttccgt gcaccacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca      6840
     cacacacaca cccatcccag cttgcttttt ctctcctttc tgaataggtc tcatgtaacc      6900
     cacgcgtgct tccaactctg agtgtagcac aggatgatct tcagcttctg gcccctttgc      6960
     atctgtctcc caggactgag ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactgag      7020
     ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactgag ggcacatgct actaccccta      7080
     gtgcatctcc caggactgag ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactgag      7140
     ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactgag ggcacatgct actaccccta      7200
     gtgcatctcc caggactgag ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactgag      7260
     ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactgag ggcacatgct actaccccta      7320
     gtgcatctcc caggactgag ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactgag      7380
     ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactgag ggcacatgct actaccccta      7440
     gtgcatctcc caggactgag ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactgag      7500
     ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactgag ggcacatgct actaccccta      7560
     gtgcatctcc caggactgag ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactgag      7620
     ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactgag ggcacatgct actaccccta      7680
     gtgcatctcc caggactgag ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactgag      7740
     ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactgag ggcacatgct actaccccta      7800
     gtgcatctcc caggactgag ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactgag      7860
     ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactgag ggcacatgct actaccccta      7920
     gtgcatctcc caggactgag ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactgag      7980
     ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactgag ggcacatgct actaccccta      8040
     gtgcatctcc caggactgag ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactgag      8100
     ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactgag ggcacatgct actaccccta      8160
     gtgcatctcc caggactgag ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactgag      8220
     ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactgag ggcacatgct actaccccta      8280
     gtgcatctcc caggactgag ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactgag      8340
     ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcatctcc caggactaag ggcacatgct actaccccta      8400
     gtgcatctcc caggactaag ggcacatgct actaccccta gtgcagcagt gctggggatt      8460
     aaaccgaggg cgtcatggat tcctaggtag gcagtctacc aactgaccac aaaccccagc      8520
     cttcctctgc atatttcatg tgtcgggaat tggtctgttg tccttcactg tgatgctttc      8580
     aaggttcatg tttcaaggtg atgagtatca aaattctgat cttctctatg gttgaataat      8640
     ccatggtatg gaaattccat gccttatttg ttcattagtt catggacatt tgagttaatt      8700
     ttactttttg actattactg gtaatgttgc tatgagcatt tagttacaag tttttgtata      8760
     ggcatatttt atattttgta taagcatagt ttttcttggg tacataccta aaagtgaaat      8820
     tgtttagtca tatgaaaact tcgtgtttaa cttccgagct agactgttcc ccaaagccat      8880
     tgtgaaatgt tatactctga ttagcaacaa ctatgtaggg tacatttttc ctgtcttcac      8940
     caacacttgc tgtcacttac cttttttatt gtagctatcc ttgtacaagt gatgtggtgt      9000
     ctcattgtat gtgaggagtt ttttataaca ggtttattat tatgcatatt ctgactacat      9060
     gtatgtctgt ataccacatt atatgtagcc attgtgaacc tgacgctgga gttacaggcg      9120
     gttatgagct gccatgtgca tgctgggaac taaacctgga tcctcagcaa ataacaagtg      9180
     ctcttaacca attgtgccat ctttacagcc cttcattgtt tttattttat ttattttgcc      9240
     tgcagtgcat gtttgtgcac cacatgcatg acaaagtctc tctatgaagt tctggctgtg      9300
     ctggaacttg atatatagaa caagcgaatc tctaactcac agggatctat cctacctctg      9360
     ctttcccact gcagggattt aaggtgtgca ccaccatgcc aagcccctta ctagcctctt      9420
     taaaaatatt tttattatag ttacttctta agtttcttat tactatgata tatatattaa      9480
     atgttatata tatatatata gtatattatt tatatataca tatgtagttt attatgacat      9540
     ttgcatacat gtatacagtg tacccttatc atcttcaccc tgtttccttt tctttttctt      9600
     ttttttgggg gggttatata tctattatat gtaattacac tgtagctgtc ttcagacacc      9660
     ccagaagacg gcatcagatc tcattacaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga      9720
     attgaactca ggaccttctg aagagcagtc agtgctctta actgctgagc catctctcca      9780
     gcacctgtta ccttttcttg ttccttcccg ttcatgctga tcctctttct ctttccagtt      9840
     gtttttcaga gacaggtctc acccctggct gacctggaaa actctctgta gaccaagctg      9900
     gcctgaagca taagagctag atttaaagtg tgtgccatca catgtggcat catgttctgg      9960
     caaggacatt gctattttgt tttattttat tttgtttttt taatgatact atgaatttgg     10020
     ttggggttga tgattggaga ataaatgaga cattatgtac aggaacatgg gcaccttaac     10080
     cactgagaaa aacatctcac cccttcctct tcctctccct cctcctcctc ccccttcttc     10140
     tcattctctg ctcctcctcc tgcctctcct ccttttcttt cccctcctcc tcctccttct     10200
     cctcctcctc cttttgtgct ccttctcctg tccctcttcc tcctcctctt gtcctcctcc     10260
     tcctcttcct ctacctcttc gtcccttctc tctaatcctt tcttcttttt tttttttttt     10320
     tgttagtttg ttttgttttt agtttttcga gacatggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggttgt     10380
     cctggaactc actgtgtaga ccagggtgga tccaaactca caaagatcct ccttcctttg     10440
     cctcctgagt gctaggatta aaggtgtgag ccatcttagc atgtgctcac atatcttctt     10500
     gaccaatcct gtgaagcaga actttctgtg gcaatggaat tgttctattc ctacatcatc     10560
     ccatatagca gccattaata atctgtaaca ctgagtacta gaaatatggc taatacaaca     10620
     gagaaacaaa aacaatttct agtattgcca ttctagataa ttctcttact ctgattccca     10680
     tcttctcggt atctctattt ttcatagtat gccacccagt accatcaggg tcagctacct     10740
     gtgagaactt gttctgtttt agactctatc acacccctcc aaatcagaaa attttgggct     10800
     cataacccag caatctagtt tgacaaactt atctgttgat tcccatgtcc tgacacttga     10860
     aagccagttc ttagtcttca agccttctgt taaaagtcat actcaggcat gaaatgatat     10920
     gatgagtttt accagaagtt atttgctaac acactaactg catattttaa aacaacaaca     10980
     gtatgattat agaggacttt caaaaataaa gtgccaggac cagtgagatg acgtagcagg     11040
     taaaggcctt accaacaagc cttaggacgt gaacttgatc accaggaccc acgtgattga     11100
     aggaaagaac cttctcatac aagttgtccc catctccttg gatgcttggc acatatgcat     11160
     acacactcag atagatgatt gattggttga tgattgattg attgattgat tgattgatag     11220
     atgattgata cagacagatg agagatacac atatatacat agatgataga tagatagata     11280
     gacagacaga caagacagac agacaagaca gacagacaca gatagataga tgagagataa     11340
     gcagacagat tagaaataga cagacaaata aaggataaat aaatagacag acagacagct     11400
     atagttaaaa aacacaacaa tgggactgga gagatggctt agcagttaag agcactgact     11460
     gttcttcctg aggtcctgag ttcgattccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccatctg     11520
     taatgtgatc tgatgtcctc ttctggtgtg tctgaagaca gctacagtga cagtgtactc     11580
     acatatgtag aataaataaa tctttaaaaa aaaaaaaacc aacacagtga tgggaactat     11640
     tccactaaat gtcaagcata gccctacagt gtttgaatta gagccgaggg tttgatgccc     11700
     actgtggtgt acttcccata tatcaggatg tttgtgaaat aagctgctct ggcttttttg     11760
     tcgattggtt tgtttgctgg ctttgtatct cccagaagag aaaaatctgc ttctttggcg     11820
     tgtgtttcac cctatccttt tttgaggagg aggtacccta ccttttcttt cactacttca     11880
     ttttactagg gtgcatcttt catcacactc aacgagtgcc ttgagaatac ttcctccttt     11940
     ttagggttta gcagacttca catgtgtagc tatcttcttt taatatgatt tctgtcctct     12000
     tctgcttgaa acctagaaga gaagttggct tgctgtctca ctggccgtga gccagatgtc     12060
     ataacttcag gcagtgccac gctgcatatc tccagcagtt tgaaatggag aacagagtta     12120
     gagataagat cagcagcttt aggtgatggc attgtttcaa ataaaccatg catgacccaa     12180
     agcttccact tcaaatgggg aatgaaattg cttcatcctt tgacagcttg ctccatgaaa     12240
     gaaatttatc ttcacttaat tgctttagat cccagaaggc tacatagagt aatttctagg     12300
     agataattat ttcaaatttt gaaaatatgt gtctgtggac gtgaatttgc aactgccgtg     12360
     gagaggctgg agggtaccaa aggtcttact gaacttgctc ataggcttcc gttctcattc     12420
     tgggaatccc ctggagtcct agaccactta ctctcggaat ttgatgggcc agtggtacag     12480
     ccctgtgtgg ctagggttaa agcatctggt ctactactct tgtagtcggg tagccttttg     12540
     ctcagactcc tgaagtaggg aggggtgaag ctggctggct ggcttccggc tgcatgtctt     12600
     catctagtct gactgggcac agattgcctg tactgtgggc cagagccact gggggttcca     12660
     gtcagtggca gctgaaaacc agcaaacttg ttgattttaa aacatgacta tttagatgtc     12720
     agggataaac ttcctgtaga tgggaacaag ttccctaatc taggcatgtc tgactttcta     12780
     gttcttgtct ccttggcctt tatatttaaa acatctaagc ttccattctg attttattca     12840
     tctcagccac tgccagcctt taattagtct cttctgaaag tccatctttt ttattctgta     12900
     cctcctgcat ttacctgttg tgtcccaaga tctttacaag agtgaacaga gaccctgaga     12960
     cttggaattg acatcctgag tgtctggtgt tacaggttgt tcattaggca tgtgagtgag     13020
     aaacagtgag gtgcggctga gtgacacgat ttacagacat tccaaaagaa agacactgga     13080
     gagctgactt agggacaagg gatttttgta ttctccttaa aaatcagtga atacctaagc     13140
     cagtgtgtag tgggactgta ccaaaattca tcactgtgtt cagataccag cagagactct     13200
     gtaaagctta attaagactt acattttcta ctagagtcta tctgaattga atccttggaa     13260
     ttttaaactc acaggggtca ttcttttttt tttttaaaga tttatttatt tattatatgt     13320
     gagtacactg tagctgtctt cagacactcc agaagagggg gtcagatctc cttatggatg     13380
     gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgctgggatt tgaactccag accttcggaa gagcattcgg     13440
     gtgctcttac ccactgagcc atctctccag cccacagggg tcattcttta aggtgttctt     13500
     tagcccttcc ttttcaatca gggttggtca caggccatgg cacagtcagg agggagtgtt     13560
     gccttttctt tcaaactctt acccaagaaa ctcaacagct atactgagtg agtcttattt     13620
     acatttaaaa aggttatact aatgtgtctt tgagggaaat ctgcagcaag tgctgtcaca     13680
     tcattttttg gagtcacgtc atttgaagga atcacttttg ctcccgagag catctaaaag     13740
     atagtctaga gagcagtcag gccagggtat ttatcctttg agcaagaaaa catttctgtt     13800
     ctcaccactt ctgtgacctc atctgaagta gtttttatct tgcccaccag tctgtcagtc     13860
     taagagtaga aaactaaaag aagttgccca gccaagaatt atagcatatc ccattaattc     13920
     cagtacttgg aaggtggaag caagatcatc agttcaaggc cagcctcaag gctttatgag     13980
     atcctgtctt aaaaagccag agtgctgggg gtggtgttta atggccactc ctgagttaaa     14040
     tacacagatt ctaattcagt gtctggagtt gtccagcata tgaaactgag ccactagtga     14100
     gagatgtcca tcttgtgtac ttcctgagat ttggctgaga agtaacagct ctttcctagg     14160
     atgcaaatta ccttcatcat aagcctaact taccttgtta gtggggagct tattttattg     14220
     gggtgtgggg gggggaggag aaagagaaag acagagacag agacagagac aaagagagac     14280
     agaggctgag agacagagag agagagacgg gtctcactgc agagcccaga acttaagatc     14340
     ctcctgtgtc agtcttctaa ctgctggaat tacaggtgta tgtgagcacc ccagactagg     14400
     ttgcttactt aaacagcctt attttctatg ccctagagct cccatgatca cttaacataa     14460
     tttaagccat ttcttttaga tttgatctcc caaaagtaga acacaattcc tttcttattt     14520
     aattaaaaag actcataaag tttgtattgg atacatagtg ctttatcaaa aaggataaca     14580
     ttgcgttatc ctttatagta ttcagctata aagtaatccc agcatatgga aggtaggagg     14640
     atcctcagtt acacagcaaa tttgtgagca gccaaaaatg gtgctggact tttcaagaat     14700
     taagtgactt tttttaaatg catttttcag tgtggtccat aaatcctgtt atactgatgc     14760
     tttctttata ctgatgtctg ttcctttgga aagaagtaca tcagattcta aacaaggaaa     14820
     ataaatttca aggacttagt gtcatatcag gaataggcaa gaaagaagca gtttggctta     14880
     caatatttca aagaagagat acctaagaat gaagacatac atataatttg cttctctctc     14940
     ttaatgcttc ctctgttgcc gactgtgagt aaccaataat aaccattaac caattttgat     15000
     tgtttaaaat taattattct gggaatgtag tacagtggaa caacacttgc ctaacaagca     15060
     taaagtcagc tggtctttga ctccagcatt tgtgaggcag gggcaggtgg atctctgtga     15120
     gttcaaagcc agcctgatct acagagtgag acctgtcccc tgcctccccc caaaaagctt     15180
     attaggtcct gagttccatc tctaacatca ctagaaaaca acaaaactca agtgaaattt     15240
     aaattttaat tctttaatca taatagccac attcaagtgg tcagtcaatc acttcatgag     15300
     ttgaaggcct gtgctgtcaa gcttaggtat tgaaaatgtc cctccttgtc agttctcttg     15360
     ggacatcact actttgtgat aaaagtcaag gagttgactt ggttactgag agtaggggct     15420
     gagggaagta caagagaaag tttcagaaag gagcctgcaa gatggctggg caggtgattg     15480
     ttggagaaca tgctggcctc agcagttaag agcactgact gttcttccag aggtcctgag     15540
     ttcaattccc agcagccaca tggtggctca caaccatctc taataggatc tgatgccctt     15600
     ttctggtgtg tctgaagaca gctacagtgt gctcatataa ataaatcttt ttaaaaaatg     15660
     aatctaaagt atttttttaa acaatcaaat agagtttgat tgacagtggg gtagtacaca     15720
     cctttaattc caacactcag agacagaggc aggtatatct ctgagtttga ggccagcatg     15780
     ttctccagtt ctagaatggc caagaacaca gagattctgt cttgaaaaac aaaaataaac     15840
     aaaaaaatta agtggtaaaa taggatgtat tatttatgat ttagttaaaa agatttgatc     15900
     attctagtat atgtgtatgc atttcatatt gtagcactgt gaagaaagaa gacaactttg     15960
     tggtgttagc tctctcggac tacatgtagg ttccaggaaa caaactaagg ccatcaggtt     16020
     tccatgacaa gtgctgtgcc ctctgagcca gtgttgtctg tctgtttgct agctttctgt     16080
     ttattttctt gtagtgctct gcattcctgt gagccagtat gccatggtac acatgcaaaa     16140
     gtcacaggac aaccttgtgc catgtatgtc ctaggtattg aagtaggttc tcaggctcag     16200
     cagtaatctt ctttacctga tgggctatct caagttccca cccctggcat tgcttaatta     16260
     aaaataacac ttgtaaataa ttgcatggag gctatgagga gagatatgaa gaggagattt     16320
     gaatgtcaaa aatcagttca ttaggagtaa gtcagcatca gaagcagtag atgtcaaaga     16380
     gtaaatgata gatgctaatt aagttactag tgaatattcc agtatgttgg atattatctt     16440
     tccaaagtga ttgatttcat gatcttctat gaggtttttt tttttaactc ttttaatcac     16500
     tctttaatca cctctttcca ttgtttttat tacacgcatg gtcactctag tccattgttt     16560
     ttattacaca catgagtgtt ctgtctgcat gctctttatg taccatgtgc atgcagtacc     16620
     caatgagacc aaaagaaagc tatcagatcc gctgggactg gagttataga tggttgtgaa     16680
     ctgccatgtg ggtccaggga attgaagcca gatcctctgg aaaagtacat ctttcaaacc     16740
     cctcctcctc tccttggaaa gccaccaggg tctactgagg ctcttcattt tcaggagtca     16800
     gttcttgggc tctagtgatt gacagctata gtcacctttt cccactgagc aatttcagta     16860
     gttcatcaga aaaggatcct taaagaaaca gaatagtcaa taaacattta ggttctacct     16920
     agctttaaaa gaaataatac tttctaaata aagtcaaaac tgctttctgt taccactgtt     16980
     tctatttttc ctttcctagt agtattaata ttataaatcc actacatctg tgtgtatatt     17040
     cacaagcagt gtgtattcct ttacctgttt atactatcta catgtcacac tttctgtcct     17100
     gatttgcttt actcttcgta ctgagtctga caatttttag atttgtcatg tatagttgtg     17160
     catctttctc acttcgattt tatatattat tgcctagtta tatgaatata tataatttgt     17220
     tatctgttct cttacagata cataattgtt aaccattatc agcaatactt gaatgtattt     17280
     gtactaatat gtgcattcat ttaagaggag gggaattgga aaatagctca gtaagtaaaa     17340
     tgtttactgt acatgctcag ggacctgagt ttgaagctct agaacacaga taaaagctgg     17400
     ccatggtgta cactcctgca acactagtac tggagaggca gagacaagag aatcccagcc     17460
     agtctataga ttggtgggtg ccaggttctg taagagatca tatctccaac aacaaggtgg     17520
     agggactgga aagatgcctt agcagctgag tacaggcctc cagaaatccc aggttcagtt     17580
     gacagcactg aaatggtgag tcacaacacc agtaagtcta gtctcagtgg atgcaacacc     17640
     ctcttctggc ctctgcaggc accagatgtg taacaggcaa aacattccta tgcagggctg     17700
     gagagctggc tcagtggtta agagcactga cttgtcttcc agaggtcctc agtttgattc     17760
     ccagcaacca catggtggct cacgaccatc tgtagtggga tccaatgccc tcttctggtg     17820
     tgtctgaaga cagctgcagt atactcacat aaataataca tctgtcttta aaaactgacc     17880
     tcctcattta cttcacggta cgtgtaccca tatatatgaa atgtgtatac acacacatgc     17940
     acgctttaaa aaaaaaaaaa agacatcttg gtgggcacct gtagtcccaa cttcctggga     18000
     atggtaaaaa taacattttg gcctaggaat ttttgattgg cttgggcagt ataaggaaac     18060
     agtgtctatg agtaagggaa ggaaggtact gagaaaaaag ggttggtagg ttgtatgtac     18120
     gcgtatcaga aatttcttag ctttttttag tgaccatgcc cagttagagc ttgctaccta     18180
     caaatgcatg aaatcccatg ttccttgtac tttaaaaggg taggagtgat ggctcgtggt     18240
     tacaattaca gcactggaga gccagagaca agaggtttcc tgctcaacca gtccattcta     18300
     catatagagc tgcagaccaa tgagagaact tgtttcaaag aaattgggaa gtgttcctca     18360
     aatagagaat attggtccaa tgttagatta ctgatctaac atacaagttc ctagatttga     18420
     ttcccagtac tgccaaaaac aaaacaaaat aatacaaatt cattcattaa ttgtgtttat     18480
     tatcagtcca tctgtttgag tatgttagaa attttctgtg agaagacaat tttgttttgt     18540
     tggtgagagg gattgtttgt ttggctggct tttggaatga ttggttggtt ggttggttgg     18600
     ttggttggtt ggttggttga ttggttaatt tggtttggtt tgcttgtttt tcaagctaag     18660
     gtttctgtgt atagccctgg ctgtcctggg acttgccctg tagactaagc tggtctcgaa     18720
     ttcacagaga tctacctgct aagacctgga attaaatgca tgggccacca ctgccctcct     18780
     aagaagacaa ttttaattaa aacaaggcca atgaaatata gtcattgcaa atatgtttaa     18840
     atttatattg tatagaaaaa aaacagttac cctgataagc ctaagcctat aattttatgg     18900
     tttatctctg ccctacactt tctgaccttt ttattttttg gttggttggt tgtggtagtt     18960
     gtttggggtt tgatttttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ttgtttggct     19020
     ttgtttttgt ttttaagata gagcctccag aaaccctggc tggcctctaa cttgttatgt     19080
     cactgaagat gagtaaactc tgaacccctc acctccacct tccaagttac aggttccatg     19140
     gttataggct cgagccacaa tggctggctt gattttttgt tttttaattc atttaaatct     19200
     tttttggttt gttttaaaat tttactgttt taattttata tgtataaata ttttggctac     19260
     atgtatgtct gtataccaca tgtatgctgg taccagagaa gtcagaagag ggctttagag     19320
     cccctagtac tggaggtata gatgtttgtg atcaaccatg tgggagctga gaatcaaacc     19380
     tgggttctct ggaagggcag ccagagctct taaccactga gctgtttctc cagcgctgtg     19440
     ccctttaatc actttgctgt taggttaaga tattatcaag gataattaca gtttcatatg     19500
     ggacaaaaag aagccttacc agatctgaag tcataaggaa gcacgtttgt ctgctaaaac     19560
     ttgtagtttt aactgagaat gccagggctg gtgagatgac tcagtgggta agagcactaa     19620
     cttgttcttc taaaggtcct gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccac     19680
     ctgtaatgag agctgatgcc ctcttctggt gtgtctgaag atagctacag tgtacttatt     19740
     tttaaaaaaa caaaaacaaa aaaaaaacaa ctgaggatgc cagttcagtg gtaaagtgct     19800
     ttgcttgcct agcacatgca atgtgttcca tccctagcac ctccaaaact aaaggaagta     19860
     aaagttttac tatatacatt catatctgtt tcatttggaa ttgttttgta aattagatgt     19920
     tcctacatgt gggttagttt cttagttttc agttgtattt cactgataag tgccaccatc     19980
     ctagttctga agtctttcaa acaagtaagg cagtcaagca aagtggtgta atgtgtgtac     20040
     ctacaacccc agcagtcaga agcctggggc aagaagattg tgagtccaat ggcttcctaa     20100
     gaaggttcag gctgggctac atagtaagtc taatacaaca caaagtctag taggacaaat     20160
     gtcctcttct tttcttgatg ttttatagaa gttgctcatg gctttttcta gcctcttttc     20220
     atataaaatt actttttaaa gccaacagta gtggcataca cctttaactt cagcattagg     20280
     aggcaaaagc aggcagatct ctaggtttta ggccaacctg gtctacagga tgagttttag     20340
     ggcaggtagg gtatacacag agaaaccctg tcttggaaaa aaaaaaagtg gccatacata     20400
     tacatatgag ggtttatctc tgagacccct gcttcactgc ttatatgtca tcgggtagtg     20460
     tatatagtag tttattgtag ctagtccatt tcaaaattag gaagcttcag cctccagctt     20520
     gtgttatttt tcaagattat ttggggtccc ttgagatcac acatgaactt tagaaaatac     20580
     tgtttttctt tggtaaacac tgacattgta gccaggcctg gtgggactta cctttagtca     20640
     tacttagcat gtagaaggtt gaggcagagg gattgccaag gattcacaac cagcttgatc     20700
     tgcatatcag cacagtgata actttaaggc agtgctaatt agtgagatcc tctctgtcaa     20760
     gggttggagt ggcattcatt gtggtttgag taaggctaaa ttaaaaatat agattacatt     20820
     ggatagattt gtcatcttaa cagtattaag tcttccagtc tgtttcaagc ctctgtctca     20880
     aaaaaaaaaa aagcaataaa aattgcaaca acaaaaagaa aaggctaggt atgcagctca     20940
     gcagcagagc atttgccttg catgcaaggc cctgggctca gttcagtccc tggtatcaca     21000
     cacacacaaa aggcttgaac agtagcttga aagagctgtc cctttccagg tcttacagca     21060
     gtgtcccaac cacacctctc ccaagcaagt cccactccta ggggagaact atccatgttc     21120
     tcaagagagt aaacaggaaa actaaccagt gcccaaaggc tatcaaacac agcaggaaga     21180
     aggtgctttc aaaaggcctt ggatagccag aagcagtggg tttgttgtgt gttccaccta     21240
     tgctttcttc taactgctgc aaagaagtcc tccttccagt ttagacagta gtgggactcc     21300
     tgtgttctgt ctcccataac cacatgcatc tgcttctcct gtaaagaaac tgaatgttat     21360
     ccagcttggt ggctcaaatc tttaatgcca gctttcagaa gacaggtaga tggatctctg     21420
     agttagaggc cagtctggtc tacataacaa gttccaagac agccagggct acacagagaa     21480
     accctgtctc catacaaaca aacaaaccaa aatccagaac aaataaaaca aagaaaatga     21540
     atgtcctatg tatttccagc ctgacagcta gccaggtccc taaaagatga cttcaccttg     21600
     ccaccctagc atctgtaaac ccaccttctc tctccatatg cagagatagc tttttttatt     21660
     atagcattta gcttttccca cactgaagtt catctgtcgc cacgttacca aaatgcctat     21720
     gctaccactt gggtgttctg gtgtgagacc ttacaagtgt cccaaccact ccaccccagc     21780
     tactcagctc tcccctcccg ggcgattgtg ttggaataat actcctcttg ggttttagca     21840
     tgtgtagtct gctatgggtg gagccttgag ctgttcacag gagtgctagt aatgtctggc     21900
     cttcagggct gccaaaggca agaggatggc ctcttcttgg tttaaagcac atatttggat     21960
     tgtttggggg tagacttaga tggagggtgg agtgagtaaa taccactctc ttcctactgt     22020
     gttctcagga aatgattata aagcaactat aagtgtgaat aaagttaaaa aatggattgg     22080
     cacacccacc tcaacaaaat aaaacaacag atagactcca tccaagacct acacccttat     22140
     ttttctgctg gcttaacttt ggtactgttt cagagcagag aacggttgtt aaaactattg     22200
     ctatgctcct ctgtggagga gcgctgagag cagtactcag ctgagtaaga ggggaacttc     22260
     tccctctaga caaatgctgg gctgtttccc tgtctgctcc acttccaaga agactatgag     22320
     cagaattaga ggtaggagga agagccagtg ccaaaatgca gtccctcagt tggggagtaa     22380
     gtatgtttca gaccagtagt cacttgtcaa tcaactcatg tccgatcctt tcagctgcct     22440
     cctttactct cacagctttc taagtggtac ttccctgagt tcttgaggat gttatcagtc     22500
     tcctgatgtg ggtgatgtgc tgcacagtgc acagcaccac tgagtgtgtt ctcccttcgc     22560
     agcagctgtt tgccactggt agaggtggcg actgaatctg tgtgtgtggc cacagtcagt     22620
     gatgagccac ccacccaggc ctggggaagc cctcagccaa tgtggttcct gtggcagcag     22680
     ctaaacatgc cagagctccg cataccttca gggctgtggt gtaacagcca gctttatgcg     22740
     gtggcattgt ttagtgttgg ttgacttgat ttctctatcc ccaccctctg tgtttaagcc     22800
     agggattttg gccatcaccc agtaggaaaa aagctggcac ttgctgagaa tagcttcctg     22860
     ctgcctctct tgtggtagaa gccaggacca ccttccatct ctgcctcctc cccatgtggc     22920
     aaaaatgaag ggccccgtct gtgctcagta tcctgctaag atcagggtga ggctatctgc     22980
     caggttatct gcccagataa acatttattg tgtaatggat gcttttcaag tgctctgact     23040
     ggtcccactg gtaaaattgt ctagtttctc tgggttttta gctaatatgt gggggttgat     23100
     atccacatac agaactcctg gagcctgagc tgtgactgcc atttgagtta gctttgacgt     23160
     tgcccctccc caccctctgc ctcagccatt ttgtatctgt tgtcttgtcc tgcctcaagg     23220
     gcactgaact cgcctctcag gtgtgcagta tctctagcct ttagacggca gattaacaga     23280
     agccacaggg ttaggagtca gcaactgaca gctgcgtcca gatgacaaag ccggcattct     23340
     aatactgttt tccttgacaa ctagtgaacc tggaggtgtt ttaatgaagg ttgtaagaat     23400
     agaggcagat tttctgtttc taatccagtc atgctcagtg tatctggtca ttgtccaatt     23460
     attaatgcta taattgattt tccaacattt tattatgtag caaatttgaa agaattttct     23520
     agcaagctta gttatattag acacaattat tctgtcaaga tattttcact gcctttgcct     23580
     tacctgttat tagtcctttg tccatccttt tttttttttt ttttccctat atttgtcatc     23640
     aggatacttt ttctttttct ttttctttct ggtttttcaa cacaggattt tcttgtatag     23700
     ccctggctga cctgtggact aggttagcct aaaactcaca gagatctgcc tgtctctgcc     23760
     tctggagtgc taaactaaaa acttgagcca ttataccaag cttagtatac tttttcttaa     23820
     tccttccatg tacacatgtt ttgttgaatt cagtattttt agtgtttaga gcaaaataca     23880
     ctgcaaagaa atgcataaat attaagtgta tctttgctga gttctaatag tgcatgtacc     23940
     taagtaaccc agaaatctat caaatataca tttgtacatt tcagttggga ttgcattccc     24000
     tagaaaaaat ataaacttga gagttggggc tgtagctcag tggtagagcc tagcatatgt     24060
     gaggtcctaa attctatccc agtaatcccc actttaaaaa tgtacataaa taaataaaag     24120
     gaaaatcttt ggagtttggg agatggcttg gatggtaaaa tgctcgttgt gtaaacaagg     24180
     ggacctgagt ttgagtctcg gcactcatgt aaaagctggg tatagcagta gactcctgta     24240
     attccactgt agatggagga gtggaagcag ggagctccct ggggttgcta atctagccaa     24300
     gtctcaaaag aaaaaggtga ggcctagaaa gatggctcag tggttaatag tgcttgctgc     24360
     tcttcagagg ggagcctgaa ttcacttgcc agcacccatg tcaagtgact cgcaaatgcc     24420
     tgtaacgcca actccagggc acccagcacc ctcctctgcc ctcagcactg gtacctgtgg     24480
     catatgttct catgagcaca catacataaa tagaaattaa ctaattttaa aaggtggaaa     24540
     gggggctggc gagatggctc agtggataag agcactgact gctcttccga agctcctgag     24600
     ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccaccca taatgagatc tgacaccctc     24660
     ttctggtgca tctgaagaca gctacagtgt actaatgtat aataataaat aaatcttaaa     24720
     aaaaaaaaaa aaggtggaac gaagccaggc atggtatgca ccgttaatcc cagcattcag     24780
     gaggcagagg caagtgagtc tctgagttca agtctagccc agttcatgaa gtgagtgcag     24840
     gacagccagg gctcctgtta cacagaaacc gtgtctctaa aaaaagttga gagcagttga     24900
     aaaagacacc tgtcctcacc tctagcctcc agacacatgt gaacacacag atccccagag     24960
     agagggagag attagatttt cttattagaa cacagtagtc tttgtgtatc catatgttca     25020
     tattttatgt cacatttttc attaattttc ttactatagt gaatggaact tttaattggg     25080
     aaaatctaag tgatttatta aaaccagcta tcacatcaaa cttttaattt ttttagctat     25140
     tctctggatt tgtgggtttt ctatgaatgt tgacttcata cactgacaac attttctttc     25200
     ttggattttc tttttttttt ttttttttgg tttttcaaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc     25260
     ctggctgtcc tggaacttac tctgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatctgcctg     25320
     cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg catgcgccac caccgaccgg cggattttct     25380
     ttttttaaga caaggtttca ctgtgtcacc ctggtctcga acttgatatg tctaccagac     25440
     tggttgaaat cacagaaaga tacctgtatg ctggaattaa aggcatgtga tgtcacacgc     25500
     aggctctttt ttggattatt tatttttagt gttttgagac aaggtcttaa tatatagccc     25560
     tggctggcct ggaactcact atgtagacca gactggcctc tgctctatga gtgctgggac     25620
     taacagtatg tactactctg ctatggtctt ttttggattt ttgaaacagt atctcactaa     25680
     gttgtgcagg aagttctaga actagccctg ttgctcgtgt tgttcttgaa ctcaaaaatt     25740
     ttcctgtctc tatcaatccc cgatctctag gactgtgagt cttcactact gtgtctgtcc     25800
     agttttctct ttttaaacca tgtatcagaa actttatgtt aaataatatt aatagtcatt     25860
     cttgtatttt tggtagagtg ctttaggatt ttaaacacag gcataaggcc ttgttttaga     25920
     gacaacattt agcatattaa gaaagtatct ttatatgtta atttattgat tcttagttta     25980
     gagaaatata ctttgagagt tcagtgtggc tttccagcag ctatctcatt tgttttcttt     26040
     aatgtctttt tcctaatgtc gttttttggg agttggtata attgtgtttt aacagtcttc     26100
     aagttacttt acttatggtg catccatttc catatctaga agtaatcttt ctgctttgct     26160
     ctttttaatt tgggtaccag aactttgtct tgatgagaac agagaacagg tttctatttc     26220
     tgtgtcctag acttacacat cctactgtca gccttgcaca gtactctcac tggctttgat     26280
     gtgtatacag aatcctttct ggtcagcaag gctattttct tctgtagctt tgttctcatt     26340
     gtttccccct tcaatctagt cccaaaacta cagccagagt aagatgtaaa ttagaacatt     26400
     gaatgccttt actccgtacg cttagaggat ttcatattac tcaggagaaa gaataccaag     26460
     tccctaccca gccttacttc ctctctggtc acatccgctt ctcagttctc tctggcctac     26520
     ttactcttta gtcatgacag ctcatgctgc tggaccgttg cacttctgtt ctctgtccca     26580
     ttcactgtta ttccactgca tggtctgctt tctaacttcc atcagatacc tatcagaggt     26640
     caacttacca ggagttactt ccgggatgac ttatctgagt gctctgcaca gacactggct     26700
     cttaagaact ggggttaatt tttattctta gcacttgcca tcaactgaat ggtaaaacat     26760
     ttattttcct tatttattat ccctttgtga atatatttat taaaagtttt tatttacaat     26820
     tctaatccca ggcacttaga gcataaacct catccttgcc attcctaaat gttaattaaa     26880
     tgaataaata aatgaattga agtaactcac caataaaggc tactccgaaa acaattttaa     26940
     atagaaaaat ttttttttaa ttttttattt atatatatat atatgtatgc ctgagtgtat     27000
     ttatgtgtat ctcatgcagg caggaagcca gtgaggttag aaaagaccat tgggtcccct     27060
     gaaagaaaag ttacagggaa ctgtaaagca ccatgtgggt gctaagaact gaacctgggt     27120
     cttctgcaag agcaacaagt gcttgtaact gctgagccag ctctcacttc cttttcctgg     27180
     ttctttcttt attactgaac atttcaaggg cttaggtttt atatcttggg gcttggttta     27240
     tttttttaag gctagtgtac actatgtctc ttcatggcat cctcccatga gcagttatta     27300
     tactgacgcc tctggtcacc attcttctcc agtgctctct cctatcctct ggtaggagca     27360
     atgctcgggc ctcctctaca tgctaggcaa ccttttacca ctaaagagat aaccccagct     27420
     caggtttatt agttctgatg tcaagtcttt gttatcatag ccttgactgg cctgaaattc     27480
     aatatataga ccagaatagt ctcaaacttc tagagatctg cctgcctctg ccccctgagt     27540
     gctgagatta aaggtgtgta ccacctcacc tagcattggg aggtttttgt tgttgtttta     27600
     atatttctac tttggaatat cttagctaat aagtaaggac agaatttaga atggtgctcc     27660
     cagaaatcct ggtactcaga aaactaaggc aggagaatat agcacttcca gccagtgtgg     27720
     gctacatagt gagatcatgt catagtcgaa aatgttaaga atggctggtt agagaccctt     27780
     tttattccta attttattta tatttctcct ttttcttaaa tttatagcaa cattgcatct     27840
     tattttttca aaacattccc ttacatcagt attcattaat ttttgttttc ctttcttttt     27900
     tttttttttt ttttttaaag atttatttat ttatttattt attatatgta agtacactgt     27960
     agctgtcctc agacactcca gaagagggag tcagatctcg ttacagatgg ttgtgagcca     28020
     ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactcctga ccttcggaag agcagtcggg tgctcttacc     28080
     cactgagcca tctcaccagc cctgttttcc tttcttttct tcccttttcc ttacaactgt     28140
     ttttcctatt tgtgatccat cttccatgct cattttctat tagtttatat atgtctaggt     28200
     tttatggttt tgaatatgcc atcactagta ctttggctgc attctaaccc atttaaaaat     28260
     gtattattct actgatcctt ttctaaacaa tttttatctt gcagggtttt ttttttcttt     28320
     aattatttcc acattagatt tttttaagtg tgccctaata acacttagtc ttttatttat     28380
     tttttttaat tatttttttt ccaagcagtc agtgtagttt gagcaagcag agagcaggaa     28440
     catctcgtgt agaacagagc aggcatgctg ggcatgatta actacactaa aaatgcctta     28500
     attttatttt gtgtatgtgt gtgcagtgtg gcggacacgg gcacgccaca ctgcacgcac     28560
     tgtcacaacc ctcgagaggt cgtcctttac ttccacctga gtcccagggc tcagaatgag     28620
     gtcagcaggc ttgcttagca agggcttttc ttttacctgc tcagctacac tttacctttc     28680
     cacacttaat cttttttaaa gtcttttgaa ttttaaaaaa gaagttgatt tataaaactt     28740
     agcctttagg cctagggaga ttgctctgcc cacaagatga cacatgcttg taacaacagc     28800
     actggggaac tggagacagg aagcctgctg cttggtgatc ccaaggccag tgacagattt     28860
     tttttcatgt ttcttgtgtg tcactgtttg cctatctctt ggagtggttt ctctttccat     28920
     catttattag gattctttct ctatcagcaa ctttgtcttg agggctccac ctctggtact     28980
     tttcaggaca gagaaaatga accatcagca ccaagcatgg aaaagggaaa gaatgtgaaa     29040
     taaaattgag acaacatcta attaaaattt tgttttaaac aaaagattta gtcagactac     29100
     aaaataaaga ccatgggccc ataagatgat ttagcaggta aaggcacttc aggacctgag     29160
     cggtacccct aagaccactg agtgggtaaa gagaactgac taccacaagt tgtcctctga     29220
     ccaccataca taccgtggta tgcttgcacc cacacacacc tataaaatgt tattaaaaat     29280
     taccttttac tttttaaaaa atgtagctct gttggtagtc attgcctaac agccacagaa     29340
     ccccagcatt gcacacaagt gagtgtggtg gcattcttct gtaatcccag cacacttcta     29400
     tggcgcaggg tcatccagaa ctctggaaaa tcttcatcca gcatcgatta tggagttcct     29460
     gtattagatg ttacccagat ttagggtggt tgtctcactt caaatgatcc agtcagatca     29520
     ctcacaggta tgcctagctg cttggggttt ggttggttcc agatatagtc aagttgacaa     29580
     ccaagatgag gagccatcaa gtccccttct agccttctcc aacctctgac tgctccctga     29640
     gactctgagc agttagggca aacttgcaaa tggcttgcaa agggcaggct agagtccatt     29700
     gattctcgca caccctcctt ctaggaggct gtgtcaacag tccacagttg ggatccttca     29760
     gccatcgtaa gcacaccaag cagagctcat aaagatgcaa cagttgtgac ttgtatgccc     29820
     cagtgaactc cccaagcccc tattccatgg gtcagagagt tgaggtagca aacacaatgt     29880
     tgagttctgc accgagggag gaaaaccaag agcaccaggc agttctctgc tggttttaac     29940
     actgacactt ttagacccca cccagtaata aaccatatat atatctgcca ggagagatca     30000
     gtgctctcat tatcccttgc agcaaccact tggctctaga ggccaagcag tcccctgtat     30060
     accagctcag agttctctat tgatgcagtc actcacaggt attagggtgc gttcctttct     30120
     atggagagta gagcaccaac agctgtaccc ctgtgccttt catagctggc acttaactca     30180
     tatggtcatc atctgacccc actctctcct gactgtttcc aacctagaca ttgttgcagg     30240
     gtggttttca gatccccagg gtatctccaa tccaaacaaa actttcagag tgacatgtgg     30300
     ctatattgct ctgagctgtg gggggaaata tagattcatc ctctagtgct agtataccag     30360
     attgaactaa gccataccaa acccagtact acatttagaa ctttgcagaa ccctgggttt     30420
     ctcttggagc tttggctgcc catcagtaga tgtataggca gtgctacctg cctgcctctg     30480
     ttgtggcatg ggttctttct ccttagcgcc cagagtagga actaccgact gtttcttctg     30540
     agtcaccttt ctactacttc atacttttta gctctgtcct atcaccttct tgattcccat     30600
     tgctcttgcc atctttctct cctccaaata tcatcttccc tttgtaatcc tgacacacct     30660
     catttgtaca gtcacataga agaaatgtct gttccccttt ttaaaaattt gcttcattat     30720
     gttcatctct atttttttcc ttctgtagga aaagctccaa aaaaatcatt tatttgacta     30780
     attcagtttt cctgttctag ttaactgcta tttgctgcat ttcctgaggt tgtttttttt     30840
     aattgttttt ctctgtataa ctgcctacta cggattgaaa tgcaatcagt ttgattttta     30900
     accttttttt attgaagcca taactgtcat agagtaatat agtaaattta aggtcagtta     30960
     attgattgcc tgattggttg attgactcat agtatgtgct acccaggata tcttcaaact     31020
     cctgcagttc tgccctgggt tcccaagttc ttggggttac atgtaaacat caccacctgg     31080
     tatcctcagc ttttatatca ttctcttcat gctaactgct accatgatca agatcagaat     31140
     gtgtctcaca tccggggggt tcccttatgc cacttctcat tggttctctt aacattattc     31200
     tacctcattc actgcctctt agttgtatct ggttttgggc tgcatattag ttgaatcata     31260
     atgtacatgt actttatagt tgttctttca tccaacagtc tatgagagtt tcattcattt     31320
     ttattgcatg taatgttaat attcattgtt cattggtgta taatatttta atagtatcct     31380
     attattatgt tgaacatttg tttgtattaa cgtttagggc ctattatgaa taacgctacc     31440
     atgaacgctt ttctgtttgt atctttgtta actatatgct cttttctttg aaaaaggtca     31500
     taaagtatac ataggctagg ctaaggactg tagcttagga gtgtgacgtt gctgcttgag     31560
     aggccaaagc agaaggatga gaaggccaag gccagcttgg atcctgtctt aaaactcaaa     31620
     tcataaaaat gtaaaaggaa gggcattttt aaaaaaaaag aaagaaaaag tcaggctatg     31680
     gtagtgtgtg cctttaatcc cagcacgcag gagacagagg caggtggatc tctgtgagtt     31740
     caaggccagc ttggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctatat gtacagagac     31800
     cctgtcttga aaaaccaagg aggggggggt gtggaaggga agatactggg gtctggagag     31860
     atgactcagt aattaagagc acatgctgct cttcgctgag gacctgattt cattttcaag     31920
     cacccatgtc aagtagctca cagccacatg ttatactagt acttggcttc tgtgggctcc     31980
     tgtgctcaca tatgcctaca cataattaca gacatacaca atatgatcat aaacattgta     32040
     tacatttatc aaaatttcaa agaactaata aaaattttgc atctttttta tctttttttt     32100
     tttttttttt ttttggtttt tcgagacagg gtttctctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga     32160
     actcactttg tagaccaggc tgtcctcgaa ctcagaaatc tgcctcagaa atccacctgc     32220
     ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgcgccacc acgcccggct ctaaaaattt     32280
     tgcatcttaa cattaaaaag aaggctggat tataactcag tagtacattt gaaagaacct     32340
     atgcttagtt cccaatacca ccccaaaaac aaacaaacaa agaaaaaatg aggcctaact     32400
     aaagtaggct ctgctacaca gattgcagag tggttgcaca gtgtctcaga caggctccaa     32460
     tgtttgagag ttttaactat acatctttgc aatctttatt atttgatttg atttgatttt     32520
     ttctagtggg tttatagaag aatctctttg atgtttttag tgtgtgtatt tgagtgcttt     32580
     ctacatgtct gggtgatgtc tgaagccaga agaggaagtt agatatcccc aggagctgga     32640
     gttacaggca tttaagccaa ctgatgtggg tgctaggaat caaacgactc tctggaggag     32700
     cagcagatgc ctttaaccac tgagccatct ccccatccct gaatctcatg atttaaactt     32760
     gcatttccct gatgaatggt gataattgag ttctctcatg gtgctgcaag ccaaatcact     32820
     aattctctgt ggtaaacctg tttctgattc catgttttaa cttgttgtct ttttcttatt     32880
     ggtttgtata tttgccttta aaatgatctt ttttgtggtt atgtttgctt ttggtttttg     32940
     atacagggtc tctgtgtatt cttgactatc ctgaactcac actgtagacc acactggtat     33000
     ggaactcaca gagatccgtc tgcctctgct tcccaggtgc tcggatgacc cagtttagtt     33060
     tagtgttctt agtctctcat ttatttgttt gttgcctcat ggaaagcctc agttttgtct     33120
     tctgatagct aatacaaatc cagctaactg tatcacataa ctgcataacc ttggctcttg     33180
     gcctacttgt tccagattaa gggtcttatt aggaggttgc tgctgctaag gcctcatgag     33240
     cgttcttctc aagcctttgg tgggctgaac ttactggtcc ttttcctcat tccgtctcct     33300
     ctgcagtttc tcttgtagca tattcctgcc tgtggtgtat acttaccttt tcatcagaca     33360
     tttcagtaga aaacaggaag ggagataagg tgaagaggca ttggaccatt ctaattacag     33420
     ctcagtgctg gttcctatgg atgtaactta gtgtagagtc tttgcctaaa atgcttaaat     33480
     gtcctgagtt ccacccccag gacaagaggg aggtatttct ttattttttg ttgttagtaa     33540
     aatatttccc tgggggttgg agagatggct cagtggttaa gagcactgac tgctcttcca     33600
     aaggtcctga gttcagttcc cagcaatcac atggtggctc accaccatct gcaatgtgat     33660
     ctgataccct cttctggtgt ctgaagacaa ctacagtgta ctcatataca ttaaaataaa     33720
     taaaatcggg ctggtgagat ggctcagtgg gtaagagcac ccgactgctc ttctgaaggt     33780
     ccagagttca aatcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac catccgtaac gaaatctgac     33840
     tccctcttct ggagtgtctg aagacagcga cagtgtgctt acatataata aataaataaa     33900
     taaaaaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa aatcatcttt     33960
     aaaaaaagaa aacaacaagc ttatggatat ataaaatata taatatatcc atatattata     34020
     tatatattat atagagataa atattatata tataaaattt gttgaccacc actctcctga     34080
     tgtaaaaaat ggcatcaaca gtgtgcagtg gaatgaccag cttgttaaat acagggaata     34140
     tatcatcaaa attgccaccc ctagaatagg caggctccat actctcttca atgattccag     34200
     aaagttctct ggatatggat cggtgttgaa tctgttcagc agtgttgaca atctgatcag     34260
     aagtgatatc tcctacaagg cttaaatctc agcactcagg aggctgaggc aagagcacca     34320
     tgaattcaaa gctgcatagc tagagccttt ctcacaaaaa cagacagacg actctgcttt     34380
     ttagtattta acatttttcc tcttgttttc ctcctctcct agtggtacct tgtgagcccc     34440
     agtaatcagg aaaaaggcag aaggtgctac ctcagtctga gcctgtctgt tctgaatggt     34500
     tccacagtct tctgcagacc tatcttgtct ctggttgtct tgacgatcca tcttggggca     34560
     gaccagtaag aggtgtagga ctgacttact atctgccacc tcacattaaa aacttgaagt     34620
     caagtttggt aagcatggca aaagtatccg gtgactctgg gtggccaaag gttgtgcctt     34680
     agcttcttcc aagtcagaag cagaaaaatt aattcctagg tttccagttt aaatatctta     34740
     tggtggctgc tcattttatt aagatgggta tttcacttag aatgtatttg tatggcctaa     34800
     aaacactttg ccaacaagct ccagcaaccc tcctaaccct cccgtccaga gtccttgaat     34860
     tacatgaatc tgtagcatgt ccatgagtgc tgggaatttg aactctggcc ctcagtctta     34920
     catagtaagt gctattccct gagccatccc catagttgcc taatatggat ttatatgtat     34980
     aggcttgtta ctttataaca agtatatctg ctatgctccc ttaaaactca ggaaaggaaa     35040
     tgagccaggc atagtagagt acacctttaa tcccagcact caggaggcag aggcaggtgg     35100
     atctctgagt ttaagcccag cctggtttac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggccaca     35160
     cagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa aaacaaacaa acaaaaactc aggagggaaa aacccaatga     35220
     ttcatgaaga tgtctccctt aagtctttct atgttggata taaatgttgt tacttggtat     35280
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag aggcacacag gctatgagtg     35340
     aggacaaaag ctcaaaggct caggaagaca aaggaagaac tggacagaga cagatgccta     35400
     aagtgaagta aggggccatt gctttccact ccatttaaga tgacctacct gctgccttca     35460
     tttgataaaa atgccacatg ccccttttgg cagctatata actgaccctg gaattaggaa     35520
     taataactca aggaacaatt tgagaatttt atggtcttat agtgccaaag acagcttgtc     35580
     aaaggctgag caggaaagca ggggctgttt cctatgttct ttcagttttc atgtgggtca     35640
     taattgtcag gaactagtat gagaataaag cggagtttag aagtttgagg ctcattatgc     35700
     cttatatttc ctgcttattg tttcctgttt gttgcttttt ggtgtaagta aggatttgtt     35760
     tacttaacaa ggcataatgc tcctatttgt agtcctaaca ctcaggagac caaagcagga     35820
     agtgtcaact tcaaggccag cctaggttac aaattaagat cctgtccttt tttttttttt     35880
     aattagaaaa gttctttaag ttttattctc aactctagtg ggaaaaagtt taaataactt     35940
     ttattcttgc attataatac aaaacataga cttggaatgg actctttact aacgtttaaa     36000
     aagaaatgca gtaataaaaa tttaactaag aatgccctga atgttacttg taaagacatc     36060
     ctcttccccc aaggaccaac ctgattgggg ctctctagac cggtgcagag aggtgaagtc     36120
     cagctaacga catcgccact tgtgtaagag attaaataga aggcagacat atagagattt     36180
     gtaaatatat acttggtgcc agcaaaacca caaaagatgc tgtatttgtg gtctagggaa     36240
     gtttaaatag ttgtggtcaa acttaaaatt caacatagac ttctcctctg tgatggaagc     36300
     cttccagaag ctgcgtggtg ggtgtgtgag ctgcatagac tcttcttacg gagctgggct     36360
     ggaaaagacc gtttccttct ttcatgtatg cacctaccag tgtgacttcc tgatactcca     36420
     gtgacctgct tagagaggac actcagaggt cctttctgct ctgtggctca cttgtgcaat     36480
     tctgatcaat agcatctcat ctcagaacct ctccgtgccc atcttacatt gatgctagca     36540
     cattctcacg gtgttgtctt tcttatagta agtcccacct ctctctacac ttgattctta     36600
     gtctatgaaa gaagaacatt gttttgtcca ctggtggggt cctggtgcct aaaatagcaa     36660
     ctgtcatacc acaccaggtg tgtaacacat attcaataaa tgtactcagt gaagtgcttt     36720
     agagtgtttg gggagtgtag tctaaagagg gtctcgtgtg gcagacccta ggactatgaa     36780
     atcagcctga aacacttcaa atatctttat tttttccttt tttggggggt ggggatggga     36840
     tggggtgtag ttttttgaca gctgggctgt cctggaactc ggtagacccg ctgacctcaa     36900
     gctcacagag atctgccttc ctctgactcc taagtgctgg gaataaaggc atgcaccacc     36960
     accactgtac tttctatgct gtggaaactg tggagtcctt gagacaggca ctacagcttt     37020
     cagatgcaca gatacctgac ttacacaaag ttaaagtttc attttcacag gaaaaaaaaa     37080
     tgcactgttt ctggcttttg aaatggttga aaatccattg gtatgggatg tttgttgaat     37140
     cggtatggga gctctttcta ggcagtatgc aggctggagc acatacacac tagttacatg     37200
     cttttctgat atgtaaatac aatcctttgt gcccagcctt tgatccttca acaccctacc     37260
     gggctgagga gtttgttgca actgaccact cctaggcttt ggatttgagc acatctttct     37320
     cctatctgct ttctttgctg cctttagtag ggtatcttac ccgtcctcct ctgttgcaat     37380
     aaacatgtta ggtttttctg ggtgtgctcc agagcctcac tgctgatgat ctggagcatt     37440
     cagtaggacg tgtacttcac aaatgatttt gataatctct gtgactctgt taagtatatg     37500
     tattatgtat gtataaatat atggcattta tataagtata tttataaggt taaatagaga     37560
     gctcaaatga gtcacatatg gcaatggctc taaagtagac accagaaatt ggccacaggg     37620
     ctaaggaaca aaagatctag aaacctaagg taagatataa tgtgcatttt tataatgtat     37680
     agtgtatttt tcagctatac attactcagc agcttgggtt tgacctgatt ggaactggag     37740
     tgccaccaga tcgtgagaag gtctcacatt gaatatctag actgtgttgt tagaagcaag     37800
     ggtggcttca gcttacacga cagctgttag ttctgtcttg ttgattttaa aaactcagac     37860
     tgtgtaggag ttccctatac agactgatag agttttactc tttctgtcct atcagtatgt     37920
     agcaccaaac cgacactgaa aaatgtttag ttagagatgc gcatgtcctt ctcatgtgct     37980
     tctcaaactg aacatgcacc actcattgtg ggttgctata gcaaagcctg ctctcaccct     38040
     gccaacagca cagattgaat aaagaaacag cagtggatca aggttgagct ccatggaagc     38100
     tgctgagtgt cctcattggg ctccaccaaa tgagcttccc aacatagctg agcagtggct     38160
     tgctacttgt ctgtccctct gcagagtttc tctgtgtaga aaacatcaga agctggggtc     38220
     tgtaaagtaa accatctcca gacccttcac tggtgcttcc ttcagaaaga caagactgag     38280
     ggagcccaga ggctagggag ctggggtctt tgacatggac agagtgaaat gcaagatgat     38340
     agcactgcaa ggctgctgag aaagctgtgc acttgaaaat tctgcccaag gtcaaagtgt     38400
     tcctcaactc ctcacaagtt tggtgttctg agtttcttgc caaaaaccca attaaacaac     38460
     tgatgtttgt ttgtttgttt gtttactcaa gaccatcctt gagtaagtta agttccaggc     38520
     cagcctggct acataagaaa accctacccc aaagtaaaga tgaaggtgac agtggttaat     38580
     ctataaaatt tcattaagga ttaaatgaga aaataggtgg agatgtttag gtttaaaaat     38640
     acaggtcttt ctcaatatgt gttcttatgt gagaaaatat ttcatttaga attataacag     38700
     cttttggggg ttcccttaat agcagtcttt ccttaaaaag ctgttacaat cctgccatac     38760
     aacaggaccc atgtatcttc ccagatcatc atgaaattct agttcctgtt ttctgtaatt     38820
     ctatcctttc catgatacat ttccacactt tccccatttg ctgttgccat tgcctgtgtc     38880
     tttgctgtca aacctgttaa agtcactcta tagtctaaca ttcaagccta gcacaaaagt     38940
     gagctatgtg taggtgactt ttcagaaggc acagcaggta tgctcacagg cacaacaccc     39000
     caggattttc ctagaagcgg aaaccaagcc agggtctgca gcccttgcag caacacaacc     39060
     ccactttgga aaagagacca tgatgtgggc gttcctgcct ttctcttgct ggcctccttt     39120
     ccacaccatt ccttctgcag tcccacccca ctcagccttg gcacacagtc ccatgaacat     39180
     gccacctgcc ttctctctct ggccccatcc tttggctgcc tggtttattt tttccacatc     39240
     ctcaccctct tccagctcca agttaaataa ccttcacaga tggcttgttc catcagagct     39300
     gttcaagaac acagcacaat aaagtagggt ccagaagaag ctgccagagt ctgagactgc     39360
     tcttgctgtg gtggttcaag atgattttgt catcttccct agaagtccac agactgggag     39420
     cagagggctt gcaagagatg aagaacagag agagggatcc tcagtactgt aagcctatgg     39480
     caacgagcag ctacttctca gttagattaa caagtcagtc tggactggct ataccacatg     39540
     ctccattttc cacagaagac aatgagagct ctttgtagtt ggcaattctc ccctactttt     39600
     tatggcatag aaacccaaca ggaaatggca gtcctgtttg tttgggctag tggtttgagt     39660
     cttgactgaa catcttcatg aactcctcta agaggtctag atccctgact tgtgtaacct     39720
     tgaagggcag tattcccaac tgtcagcacg ccctagggga ggggttgggc gctggatgcc     39780
     tattggaaat cctgtggaga gacaagaccc agaatctcac tcttcccttg acatgaccat     39840
     ggaggctttc tgtctgccct gtcatcatct tcttattgct gtctctgaca ctcagcctct     39900
     gtcgtgcctg cagtggtctg cagaagttta cctttcccat ttctccactc tccttccttc     39960
     tgttataatc acacgtccat ttaattttgt cctcacactg agttagtttt tcctgtggga     40020
     cttgagacct ccagaggctc tctgtttctt ttcctttcca ctcttttgag ctacagcctt     40080
     tgtaagtaga ttcctctgaa gtctccagag aaagggtagt gtgagctgtt gatggttaag     40140
     gtctctctta cttagttaac agagtgctcc tgaaggacct ccctccctcc ctccctctgt     40200
     cctccagtaa agagcatgct ggcagctgat ctttttgaaa gctagcatga cagggcagag     40260
     accagaatat gtgccatgat cagatgtgtt atgcaaagac cttcaagaag aaacctgtgt     40320
     taggacttag cttagcataa agctaagcta tttcttagat ccatgcaact cactgtctgg     40380
     tgaactaagt cttaccatat tttgtctagg aaataaaaag aatctgaatg acaaaaccag     40440
     accaggtacc ctgagaagtt tttgatcttt gtttactttg tgttcttacc tgcatagtgg     40500
     tagtactgta agacaactca gtgagtccaa atccagctga gtacatgttc atttcctccg     40560
     ccattccgct tccttttctg acctcccggg attgctgtga tgatcaaaga aaagtactta     40620
     cagtgcttag ctgctgcact cactacttta cctacatcgc agcatttcca gtaaattggg     40680
     atattgcaac caccaagaaa gtatgaccag tgaaaagtgc aggtaggtga ggtaaaatgc     40740
     tggctggctg cacttaaccc ctcccctcaa cctccactgt agacgagctt cacattcagt     40800
     accaggcttt cagagctcca tgatcgttgt cctggagggc aaacctgttt cctctctgct     40860
     gctggaagtg ttgctggtac atacagagat gtgaaccggt tgccagagat tgctttgcct     40920
     ctttgcatct ctgctcttct taaaggatcc ctcctgttat cagatctgat gagaagttag     40980
     attaaaagcc tacccagtct cctgtggact ctttggttta cactctctgt ggcccagaga     41040
     ggggtttagg ggatgttgga gacagccacg ggaaagaaac agctcaccca gtacacagtg     41100
     tgtgagccag cagctccctt ctgtctgctg caacaagctc agtgaccact gacaagtctc     41160
     cagaacacta aacaggtgat taaaacacaa gtgtaagtct ttccaagcct catagaaagc     41220
     cagctgacac caatagaaag tttccattct acagctgtat acactggtct gccatttctt     41280
     cttctgttct gaccagagaa aaactttatg ctaatgttgc cttcattcca catcttcttt     41340
     agcagcttat gatatgagaa gaatctgaac catctttttc caccagagac atctccagcc     41400
     tcttgctatc aaattaaatt gtgagccttt aattctgcca gaggaacaag cctagctctt     41460
     ggcactatac cctaatagct gagttccagc atcaaaactc agtagcaaac tgtctaaata     41520
     tcagtttgtt caaaagatgc cttccttccc atgttcacta cagctttatt cacagatacg     41580
     aagttacaga atcatcagta gatggataaa gaaaatgtag cgttaagtgg agcacagtag     41640
     agaaggatac ccagagtcaa cctctgacct ctgtgtgtgt acacatgatg tacatacata     41700
     gcagaatatc atccagcctt taaaagaaaa gaaaaaaatg ctctcattta ctatttctac     41760
     aaaggtagaa ctgcatggga gaactttaca catgaaatta gtcaggcaca gaaagacaga     41820
     ttgcatattg tcacacgcac atatggacta taaaacagta gagatgagct gggatatgga     41880
     ccacttgtct agcagacaca gggccagaga ttcaaacctt gcaccattaa aacaacaaca     41940
     aaagacagaa gcaaagaata caatagtggt tatcaggctg gggctgggaa gtatgggaag     42000
     ttggtggcca aagggtacaa agcctcaggg aaggggaatt tgaagcacag gggtttgagt     42060
     taattgagtt tttcttgttt ttgtttttga aatccacata tcgtgagtgg aggtagaaga     42120
     ggtggggtag taatacaggt gtgctagaga atgaatgtaa agcttctgac tataagaaag     42180
     aaaatggtgc cgggcatggt ggcgcacatc tttaatccca gcactcggga ggcagaggca     42240
     ggcggatttc tgagttcgag gctatttcga aaaaccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag     42300
     gaaaaaaaaa aaaacaaaga aagaaagaaa atggctttga catggtgaat atgttaatta     42360
     gcttgattaa attactttgt gttcataaat cataacagta ctctgtacca tataagtata     42420
     aacagttaca aattgccaat tttattttaa attatttatt atttttattt tctatacact     42480
     ggtgttttga ctgtatgtat gtctgtgtgg agttgtcaga tttcctgaaa caggaattac     42540
     agaagggtgt aggtacctgt cttatggata ctgggaatta aacgtgagtc ctctggaaga     42600
     gtgctcttaa ccactgagtc atctctccag ccccaatcac ttatttgcat tggtgttttg     42660
     cctgcatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgag ggtgtcagat cccctggaac tgaaattaca     42720
     gacatttgtg agctgccatg tgggtgctgg aaattgaatc tggatcattt ggaagagcaa     42780
     acagtgttgt taactactga gccatctctc cagccccaat tttttttttt tttaaagatt     42840
     tatttattta ttatatgtaa gtacactgta gctgtcttca gacactccag aagagggagt     42900
     cagatcttgt tacggatggt tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctgggatttg aactctggac     42960
     cttcggaaga gcagtcgggt gctctaaccc actgagccat ctcaccagcc cccaattttt     43020
     tttttaacgt aggtatatat gttgtacctg agtgaggttc tgtgtaccat gtgagtgcag     43080
     gtacccgcag acatcaaaag agagcatcag attcccagga cctggtcttg tatactgctt     43140
     taagctgccc agtgtgagtg ttaggaacca aactcaggac ctctgcaaga gcaataggag     43200
     ctcttaattg ctaagccatc tttcgagctc ccatgttggt ttttgagaca aggtcttact     43260
     ctgtagccca ggctggccta gaactcatag tgttcctctt tccagcttag aactaccatg     43320
     cccacgaaca agaagcagag ttggtttttt gttttgtttt ttgtttttgt tttttcaaga     43380
     caaggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct     43440
     caaattcaga aatcagcctg cctctgcctc ccgagtgctg ggattaaagg catgcgccac     43500
     cactgcccgg cagaagcaga gttttttagt aaagggttct ggagagagct ttggcaccat     43560
     cagcatttct caggcaaggg ttagtaattt gcctagattc atagagtatg atgtggtctt     43620
     ccctagacct cctctggcat gtcagctgca caagtggaat gcaccaggaa ttaatgcttc     43680
     aagaaacctt cgagccgggt gtggtggctc acgcctttac tcccagcact cgggaggcag     43740
     aggcaggcag atttctgagt tcgatgacag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc     43800
     cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctatctcgaa aaaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaggaagaaa     43860
     gaaagaaaga aatctgcaac aagagctaga gagatggctg aggttaaagt gtttgttgtt     43920
     tagtgtgaaa actggagttt ggctccccag aacttatgtg aataccaggt ggacatggtc     43980
     acccacaagt aattccatgc tcagaaagca gagactggga gtcctcagag caagctggct     44040
     agccagagta gctgaggatt tccaagatca taaaagtgcc atgaaaaatg ccaggtatag     44100
     ggagctgccc ttccagagga ctcaggttca attcgcagca cccacatggc agctctgtaa     44160
     ttgtagttcc aggggatccc acacgctctc acagactaac atgcaggcaa agcaacaaaa     44220
     gaaaataaaa gataaataca tcacttttga acaaaaaaag aaaaaaaaat gcaaagtatg     44280
     aactggatac agtggtacat acctgttatc tcagctatgc aggagactag cacagggtga     44340
     aggaggggga aaggaggggg aagggagaga agaagggaga ataacaaaag cccagccata     44400
     aatacctttg agacaaaaac ttgataacca agttcaatta ccagatccta cttgaaagaa     44460
     ggaaactgac ttctgaaact ccacatgtac attgtcctct gccctccaca tgtacactgt     44520
     ggcctcatac acaacaataa taataaatta aattgaaaaa tagtaaggtg tgagctaggc     44580
     atggagctct gtgccaagca aggtgtttgc ctcccataac ttaagtctag gttctgttcc     44640
     tagtccataa aaagaagaaa gtaatttaag gtcatataca ccttagctta aatagagttg     44700
     tattttgaaa gactaaaatt ttgtgtttat tttcacataa tcttctaacc tctgtttcct     44760
     catttaatta ttttgttgtt ggttttgttt tgagacatgg tctcaatatg tagtctagga     44820
     tggcctcata tccatagtga ttctcctgcc tcagccttcc aagatctggg attacaggaa     44880
     taagccacca tgcttcgcta accttctagc ctttaaaaca gtaattttga actagtctag     44940
     ttaaatctgt acattctttg ttcagtgaaa gaccagtttc caaaattaag tcagagagag     45000
     tagagagatt gtatagtatg taagagcatt tgctgcacaa atataagcac ttatttgaat     45060
     cccgatgaca catatgaaaa accagagctg cagggagcag aaggattgct gggcagccta     45120
     aaaggctcag tgaaggaccc catttcaaag gaataagggt aaaagagcaa gatgcccgaa     45180
     gccatcctct gtcttttata agactacata cacacataca cacacacaca cacacacaca     45240
     cacacaccac tgtaacatga agagccattg aggaaaatga ccagtatcct ttggcctcca     45300
     tacacatgtg tacaatcatg tgcccacata tgcacagaca catacaaaca taatctcaac     45360
     atttgggagt tcatctttga tccatataac aaattcaaaa ccaggctggg atacgagacc     45420
     ttgtttttaa aaataagtag aaagatgttt gagttggtaa agtgcctacc ttacaaacat     45480
     gaaagcctga gtttagagcc tcagcatcca aataaaagcc aaatgactta aatatctata     45540
     accctagtgt gggggatgga acagagacca atggagccca aacctcatta aatagccagt     45600
     ctagccaatc attgagctct atgttcagtg ggagaccctg cctttaggga aacagaaaaa     45660
     gtgcaataga agacatgaaa tatctactct aacctccata tgcagaaaca cacactatac     45720
     atacacaaga tgaaaataat gttttaaagt attcttaaaa ggaggaagag agatgactca     45780
     gtgatcaaga gtgggtatta ctcttccaga ggacccaagt ttggttccca acacccatgt     45840
     gaggtgactc acaactgcct ataactccag ctccaggata tctgccttag agggtgcctt     45900
     cactcactta tacatatacg attaaaaata aaataagctg gggttggaga gagaactcag     45960
     tggttaaaag tactagctct taacctggct tgctcatggc agctcacagc tgtctgtaac     46020
     tccacttcca ggggaatcca acactctcac atagacacgc atgtcagcaa aacaccagtg     46080
     tatagaaaat aaaattaatc aggtggtgtt gcacaccttt aatcccagca tttgggagac     46140
     acatgtgaat tcaaagccag cccggtgtac atagcaagtg tacatgcagg aaaaatagcc     46200
     atatatgcaa taaaaataaa tgttttcatg tgcatattct ggcgttggag agatgtctca     46260
     gcagctagaa gtgcttacta ttcttacaga agatcctgac ttggtccata tgactattca     46320
     taaccatctg tatctccaat tccaagagat ccaatgctct cttctagcat tgtcaggtac     46380
     caaggcacat gtgtggcggg tatatacctg ccatccaaac actcatacac ataaaataaa     46440
     aaaataaata cagttcataa aaagtgcata ttccaagatc tttacttcag gaatactaat     46500
     taatttagtg ttgtgtagac caggctggcc ccaaactcac agagatctgt ctgtctcagt     46560
     ttcccaagca catatgctac cacacctggc tacctcgttt ataccttatc ccaaattttt     46620
     ttgttgtttt ttttcgagac agggtttctc tgtgaagccc tggctgtcct ggaacccact     46680
     ttgtagacca ggctggccca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tctcaagtgc tgagattaaa     46740
     ggcgtatgcc accaccactc gactttatcc caaattattg acagacattt ttttagcata     46800
     gtgtatcttc tttctaattg caagacataa tagatcatat tagaatcagg actgaactta     46860
     atattgaccc aatttaaaat ggcttactac ctcagcacta atctcaggaa acttctctgt     46920
     cttttttctt tctttttttc ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg     46980
     gaactcactt tctagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tctgcctgcc tctgcctccc     47040
     aagtgctggg attaaaggca tgcgccacca cgcccggctc cctgtccata tttttaaatg     47100
     tgttatggaa tatcttcaga tagtgctggg gttccgttgg ttggttggct ttcttttcaa     47160
     tgcataacac tgaacactag gaatatagca tagtagcaga gcatggcatg tggtacacat     47220
     ggcatgtggt acatgcggtg agtggtactt cgcatgtgtc tggtcatgaa tccaatccca     47280
     atcccagtac taaaaaggaa aagggaaaag atgcctgtcg taagtgctct ggagagcatt     47340
     aagtctcacc tttcatctca atgcattgtg tgtcatgtct tgccctggag cagcagcctc     47400
     cagttaagac aaggtaagat gtgcccagag agctctgctt cttgagggct ctttcacatt     47460
     agaacctctg taggctgcct atcagagggc gcctgtcact cattgagact gcacttcctc     47520
     cagaagcagc accctagcag aagagcacct ctgcgtaggc cagtagtctg tatctcataa     47580
     ccttagggta cgtgtgtaaa gtgtggctgg caccctctcc tgtatgactt ctggaattat     47640
     cctaaggctg cctgccacct gcatgccatg attagtcgtc catgttgcca aagtacccac     47700
     aggttgtgtt agatactaca ggtagatttt attttatata tatacatata cacatacatg     47760
     tcctcaagaa tcttaggaga aaataatcag ggcatcataa tgagaaatac tgaaaagtat     47820
     ctgtaaggcc aagtttatgg atggtgttaa cttgagagag attagatttt tctaaaaaat     47880
     ctaaattttt tagatacatt tccatctaaa aaatagtcag ctagctatag tagaagtagc     47940
     atatgatgaa agtaagccag atatgctgca gtgtatgcct gttgtcccag ctattcaaac     48000
     tgaggcagga gaattggaag tttatgacct tcaacaagat agcaggttta aggccacctt     48060
     ggttagctta acaactaact gtcctaaaat cagaaaataa tttttaaagg ggccagatat     48120
     ggtggcatat aactttcagc actcaaaagt tagatggatt gctatgagtt cttagtatga     48180
     cttgctctta aaaagtttaa agacaatttt tttaaagaac aaagtaattc catctcatct     48240
     gttgagagaa ctaaagttga tgtggtggta catacatgta atcctaatgc tggattagct     48300
     gagacaggag gatagagaat ttgaggtcta tgtttcatag caaggacttg tctaaaaagt     48360
     aattgtcatc tcttggtggt ggcatacact ttaatcccag tacttggaag gcagaggcaa     48420
     gtagatctct tgaatttgag accagcctgg tctagagaat gagttctagg acagctagag     48480
     ctacacagag aaaccctgtc tcaaaaaaga aaacaaaaca aaaaatactt gtcaccaagt     48540
     aaaggtaggt agctgccacc aaggctgaca acctgagttt gatctctagg aaccacatga     48600
     ctggaggaga gaagtgactc atgcccgttc acctctgacc tccactcatg tgcgccatga     48660
     cacacacact acacatacac acatatgtac acacgtgcac acaaacgcac tatatgcaca     48720
     cacactcaca cacacaaaac agaattcaga tatccaggtc agaatgaaga aggtaagaat     48780
     tgttctgtgc tctctatgtc caggacatat gtggtgctta cacactttcc cttttttaaa     48840
     gatatatttt gtgtgtatga gtttcatggg gcatgttttt atgcatcact tgtgtgcctg     48900
     gagaaattga tcagaattag atcccctaga actggagtta taaatagttg tgcgtgttag     48960
     aaactgaatc caggttctct gtaagaacag caagtgctct caaccacaga cttgtctctt     49020
     tagcatacat ttgactcttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tggttttttg agacagggtt     49080
     tctctgtgta gccttggctg tcctggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc     49140
     agaaatccgc ctgcctctgc ctcccaattg ctgggagtaa aggcatgcgc caccaccgcc     49200
     cagcttgact ctcttttttt taatcactca cataattctt tattgttacc attatcaact     49260
     atataaacta tcactggaca ttttaagaag taagtttaca ccaagcagtg gtggcgcatg     49320
     cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg cagattaggt aactttacag gctggcaaga     49380
     tggctcagtg ggtaatagca cggactgctt cttccaaaag tcctaagttc aaatcccagc     49440
     aaccacatgg tggttcacaa ccacccataa tgagattctt ctggtacgtc tgaagtcagc     49500
     ttcagtgtac ttatgtataa taataaataa acctttgggc ctgaatgagt agagtgagcg     49560
     gagcccactg gagtaagcag aggtcctaaa atttcaattc cgaacaacca catgaaggct     49620
     cataaccatc tgtacagcta tagtgtactt acatacatta aataaataaa taaataaata     49680
     aataattttt ttttaaaaat tgagtttact tgacacctta aaaaaatatc actgagaggg     49740
     ctggagagat gactcagtgg ttaagagcag tgactgctct tccagaggtc ctgagttcaa     49800
     ttcccagcaa ccgcatggtg gttcacaacc atctgtaatg agatctgatg ccctcttctg     49860
     gtgtgactga agacagcgag agtatactca catacataaa ataagtaaat aaataaatct     49920
     tgaaaaaaaa atcactgaac atttaaatgc tctgtgacac atcaatcttt tactgtcaga     49980
     ccaacctatt ttacaattat ttaatagatg agcataatta tctaattatt gatgatataa     50040
     aaattctggc cgggcgtggt ggcgcacgcc tttaatccca gcacttggga ggcagaggca     50100
     ggcggatttc agagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacatagc gagttccagg acaaccagga     50160
     ccacacagag aaaccctgtc tcaaaaaacc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaattct tatttaagtc     50220
     ttatgaataa aaatgtatat ttatagtctt tttggcttat attctgcctt ccagagtgct     50280
     ttacatagca cagcaaggca tgtatttttc tcttgatctg actactatga atataaccac     50340
     acacatacac taaaacagag actctgtggt ctctgttgaa tttcaggtag ccttagcagt     50400
     ggttctcagc ctgtgggtca caactctaat aggagtcaca tcagatatta acattacata     50460
     cagtttataa cagcaaaatt acagttaata cattaaaaaa aaacacataa aacaaaacaa     50520
     aaaaaccagc cacacagtgg tggcatgtgc cattaattcc accacggggg aagtagaggc     50580
     aggtggatct ttatgagttc aaggccagcc tggctatgta gaaagaccct atctccaaaa     50640
     acagaacaaa aaaattaaaa aataaaaagt attgtaagta ggaccagaaa agagaaagaa     50700
     gcattggcct gtaggcagtg aaggacagca catacctatt agttgtctgt aggacctctg     50760
     ctacaatgaa agtcttgtga aatcaaagtt gttgttcacc ttgttctgtg taaggaactc     50820
     aggatgtcta gcgtagctcc tgtcatgaga tctaagactt tcaggaagat ttataggtag     50880
     cagcagggca ggatagatac agacctattg gcttcttgtg aagaaagact ttaaaatcaa     50940
     gcaggtactt cagagactga gccaggagaa tcatgaacat gagaccaaat tgtattacat     51000
     agtaaaacta tctcaaagtg aggagcggaa ggaaggagta gggaaggaat gaaggaagtt     51060
     acttttacca agcttaaagg aaaatgaagg aatgaagtga ttgcataaag gcaaagtcat     51120
     tatagcctgg agaatcaact gtaaaatttg ccaagtcaca gaggagcaaa tggcggttga     51180
     gggaggggtc attgcctgga gcctggagtc aagggttagg aagtactaga agtacagcag     51240
     tggtgatctg tgtggaagtc acgaatgcac agaagaggga agcagtgaga ggttagaatt     51300
     tgttttatag ctaagggagg tctctctcct agctttttca tgacccatca gcctgaaagg     51360
     tataaagcat cagtgtatta ggtcgctgta tctataaggc atatatcctc ttttgaggaa     51420
     agaggattaa gaattctacc taccagaatg ctataagtaa ttaaatctct tcttctacct     51480
     agtataaatg tgactcttag ccccactgga ccagggactt ttgatgcttg gatatacagt     51540
     agatacttaa taaatatttg atgactaaat gttgcttgta ttgtcaaatg ctgcaaagga     51600
     cactctctcc ccacacagaa taaataaagc tagtgacagt tttggtttag gagcctgaac     51660
     acaaacttaa agggcaagct cctatgcatg gctatctgga aggaaaataa gaatgtcact     51720
     cagagcaact gtatcagtgg ttctcaacct tcctaatgct gtggcccctt aatacggttc     51780
     cttgtgttat agtgacccct caaccataaa attatttttg ttgctatttc atagctatag     51840
     ttttgctact gttaagaatc ataatgtaaa tatctgatat gcagatggtc ttaggtaacc     51900
     cctgtgaaag ggtagtttga cccccccccc caagggggcc acaatccaca ggttgagaac     51960
     cactctacta gatcctgaga tgctgtgatt ttagcccaga actcacagtc agtgtggaaa     52020
     cagattaaga cagatgaaga ctttcatccc caggggctaa gcttgcagcc tcccctgctg     52080
     gttcagtaag tgagggccca gcgcctgtgt tccaggtttc agaccaactg aagccagcca     52140
     gacctgaaag gcttgtgttg gcagtgccag tttccgctgc aacccctgcc aatgtgggtg     52200
     gttgctctgg agtgctctgc aggggaaaca ggattggact gtagcccaag ctactgctgc     52260
     ctatagcctg ccgtcgacag tgccctagct gatcagagta taccttgcct ggaacagcgg     52320
     agctcagagc tctgagagga gagaatagtt tctttctctg aggaaacagt tcatgaagag     52380
     caagctgtat tctgccctga gaagatcagg ctcctagctg aaaagatcag gaaattcagg     52440
     tgggttgaaa attccataaa gggtgttgct catcattatt tttctatcag gatacctggg     52500
     gcaagtgtct tactgagcct tattcaaggc aaatctacac tatgaagagg ccaggatttt     52560
     gatttaaggc aggattttat ttctgatagt tggtattact agtggcatgc ttgcaaaggt     52620
     ccttaggtcc accccagagt cttgtagaat gcatgtattc tcctgattag cccaggtctc     52680
     tggtgaatag gaagaaagga ctgctaaaga gagaccaggc cttctctacc atctgatctg     52740
     ctcagtgact tgaggctagc acctaagttg tgggtgaata cctacagcag tgtcaatagc     52800
     caggtgagca tgctggtcta tgctccagcc ttgtctctgc cttgcctgag cctagcttct     52860
     aaacatctca gtggtgtaag acccctctga aaagagtgaa gcagagagga agaaaagcaa     52920
     taacaagtac tcatctatta aatatgtctg ggccaggcac cttgaaatgt ttgcactgca     52980
     ttataccttc tacacctcag aaacaacttg agcaaacaga gacttggaga aatgaacttg     53040
     tccttggagg cacagctaag atgtagccgt taggatctct tttccagtga tcaggttccc     53100
     atacctttta gcatcatcag taaccttatt gctatgaagt actccaaccc aactgttttc     53160
     cacttctcac ctgtcagcct ttaggagaca ttcctcctgc gtgcgtgtat gtgcgcatgt     53220
     ggtaagcatg ggtgtggaga acaggcatct gtgcctgctg agtgctgaca attctgttgc     53280
     catctctgaa gaaacaggga tgggagccag gtcatagaag cctgtgggtt gaccagtgct     53340
     cttagcactt tgtcttgtta cctatcgacc ccttctttag cctacacagg tcagctgaag     53400
     gatctaggga gaaacagatc taggtattgg aatcagaggt agccaaaaag tggcctatgc     53460
     ttggcatagt gcatagagac gaagctgttg ttgtggcagt gatcaggaaa gggaggctgc     53520
     ttcagttgat ccctcggaca ctgtatgccc caagtcatca gagatgtcat ccggtacagg     53580
     actcatgctt tttctccatc tcatcttggt cactcagctc aagtgcagct tcttctctca     53640
     cttcactgac ccctgagcct ctctccattt tatacctgtt tgttctgact caggctgtga     53700
     gtctgtatct tctcctaaac tgtcttcaga gtgattgtgt accctgtggc cagtttccct     53760
     cctgcctcta agagcctgct ccttgccagg aagcccctcc ccctaggaat gtgaatacac     53820
     catttcctct gtccatgtcc tcccggctcc agaggattcc ctgtgtggga ttcgttattt     53880
     cttctgtctg aattttcatt ggcagaccca cccttggctg ctacagaagt gtgctttcca     53940
     ccctttgtct ctagtaaggg tgagtttcac attgctccag tccctgcttt ttgaaaacac     54000
     attaatgtga gttcattttc ttgtagccaa tcctgtagcc ttggctcatt aaagatgata     54060
     attaacccat cgctaattga cctcagaagc cagccaagca gcctatattt taccagcctt     54120
     ggtggtagat ttggagtcta ttttaaggtt tcttaataat ctcagcaaga cttcactttt     54180
     cctgtctgca tcttatttgc tctaaggaca ttttgtaaaa ttaacaagct ataaagcttg     54240
     attgaaggtt tcaacaaatg tgagaataat tggctccatt tagagaaaca agaaaaacaa     54300
     cctgtaaact tgagtttgca gggggaaaac ccatgtaatt tttttctctc tctcttttta     54360
     accagaggag cagtagcaag ctggactttc aagactgggc acgtgggggt ggaggggtgt     54420
     tggggctggt ggtgcaagtt ctgattcccc aaaacgaaac atttagtgtt tagtgaaaga     54480
     aatgttgcag agtaactagc tgtggtgcgc actgaacctc tctttcgaag tctgctctag     54540
     aggcctgtca gcattccagc cctttctcct gtttcctggc tgtccgaggg tttctccctt     54600
     ccccagggct gctatgaggt gtactcagct tacatcagtc tatgatggct ggtgcttgat     54660
     cccctttctc tcttgctgtc cccactttcc ataaagtggc atcacttttt ctgttcttct     54720
     gttggcctct gctcagtttt caccattctt gattgtctac ctccccacct aagataacct     54780
     agacagtaga ccaatcctcc tatgtcggtc taaaggtttc ttctgctttt ctcagaacct     54840
     gcctcttagc ccctgcccct acctcattac ctgctcacgt tctctctctc taaggaactg     54900
     agctgggacg gaacaggcac acatcacctc tccacagcaa gctttccgtt ttcctttctg     54960
     cttggttctg tgtggacctg atgagctgat agctagctca agccctgaag cttagggttt     55020
     tgttcctgct gctgatgggg agctgcttca gatgaccttc acggagggag acagaaccag     55080
     gctttcttag ggtgcttttc tttcagctct tcctgatcaa gcctcacttt tctgttagaa     55140
     gcaggaatga ttcatgtgag acattttgtt cattaaccct ggagttcttg gcagttggct     55200
     acacagtatc ctccagggca aggactgccc ctgcaaaggc acaccaagaa ggttcaaagt     55260
     ctagcagccc ttcacccatt ctcagcccca gtccagcgct gttgtaataa cccaaaggga     55320
     ctgtatcatg cccagctttc gcctcagaaa caaggagagt ttgccaataa ggcagtgggc     55380
     ataccattta catcctctgc cttagaaatt gatacaaaat ggaaaaatat ggtcgagaag     55440
     gggttactgt gaagattaca tcctaaattt cataggtact ctctcctttc cagagaatat     55500
     atgacccctt taccctttaa ccccagagac tttactgcta cgtggagatc gtcttggagt     55560
     ttgcttttta aaggagttgg tttgaaagtc tttctccatc cttttttaaa gattgattat     55620
     atgtatgtat atgtatagat gtatgcgcgc acacacacat acatgaagag tacactgtag     55680
     ctgacatcag acacaccaga agagggcatc tgattccatt acagatgatt gtgagctacc     55740
     atgtggctgc tgggaactga actcaggacc tttggaagaa cagtcgatgc tcttaatcgc     55800
     tgagccatct ccagcctgtc tttctctatt ttgatatatc ccttaccata ttaaactgtt     55860
     gttttgtccc tctctgactc aactcctaga gcccctttgt atgggagaat attcccaaga     55920
     gcctccggta gaaccccaga gtcaagagag ctgtgttttt ctctccacca ggcttattcc     55980
     tctcacacca tggcagaata ctctcacaac cagcccaaca aactggaaac aggattccat     56040
     gtgtctttga gcaagcccta tacattacgc ctgtcatgtt cccagtttac taaatacctt     56100
     gaattcattt ctcactgcca cgctgtagtt tagaaactta agaatactgc atccagcctt     56160
     agttggtctc cctgctagtt ggactacaat gaagagaaga caaagtctgg gtaaattgtc     56220
     tatgtaaaca gagtcctttt tggacctctt agatatccca gtgaagcaga actcttacca     56280
     atcacagtaa gtgacattcc tcttaaaggc aagaatgaat gaccatagca gacaaaactc     56340
     agggaaactg ggttcattct aaaaggtgtg caaatgaaaa ctggagcagg gtgggagttc     56400
     cttgtctttc ttcatgatag ttcccactga acctctaagg atgtgctaca ggcaggctca     56460
     ggatgtctgc accccaggct cctgctgtgc cctggaaatc cccacctcca ggagtcccac     56520
     gtccacacat gtggcctttc tccctcttgg ccaggaatca cactgcttcc tgagccatct     56580
     actcacccag ggcctgcctt aatgacaacg gtgtttcttc ctacttgtcc aaacatataa     56640
     ccatgagaca ctgtcttctc ctgtgcaggt ttctgctata gattgaactg gggctcctgt     56700
     agccctttca ccatccaggt gtgccaagga ccattgcaaa atcctctctc ctctccttac     56760
     tccttttcct cctcccccaa cccattcagt ggcagcagtc tcatgccaaa aaggaaagtc     56820
     ctggatccat tacataattc tctatagtgc gagcagtagc tggggcataa ggtcagaggt     56880
     catagtaggg tcaggtggct gacacacact gtaacgacaa ggtggttaaa attagaccac     56940
     agagaggaaa ctggcagtct tgtggaaatg cagaagtttc ctctgcaagt gagagactgg     57000
     ggatgcaggg aggccactgt gcgtgctgcc tgccaggcta ttactcattt cagctctgtt     57060
     ctttaatgcc ttttagcccc tgcttctgta tttctaacct tcctcatcac atgcttgaat     57120
     acacaggatg gagccaaggc tacctgtcct taccccttca gagatccagg agcagccccc     57180
     ttaagctcta gaggctctaa gcctcttcag ggaagcctct tagacggtgg tggtcagata     57240
     cttagcctaa tattttacct tccggtggca atagccatag gtaagtacca tctgggcagg     57300
     gtaaaagatg gcagagaatg aaattgtggc acagatgtct ggtatgtatg cactctccct     57360
     ggcagagtgg tgactcgttg caccttgtct tagaagacgt ggctcatcct gtaccacctg     57420
     ttgctgtggt cctagtgagt ttctctccac ctaccagtct tttccatgag cctgtagtgt     57480
     gtcacttgat tcttacagca ccttgctagg gaaatacaag atgtgatctt tggcactaga     57540
     gggcttgcct tctgcatgga ggagttagct gtacaacagt ggaatgatga gccctgacag     57600
     tccagcgtcc acatcagtcc ttcacctgcc cttcgcagtc agaaatgagg ctggaaagtg     57660
     gctctgaggg tgattgggta gggctagaga tatgacttac caggtaagaa cactagctgc     57720
     tcttccagaa aacccgggtt ccattcccag catccacagc tcacaaccat ccgtaactcc     57780
     agttccaggg gatctgatga tatgttctgg attccttgtg taccaggcat attgatggta     57840
     cacaaacata catgcaggca aaacacccat gcacataaaa taaaaattta caatgagtct     57900
     tggtcattta acatgtcttg gaatcactga tgattaaagg gctgttctgt gtcatatctg     57960
     gccaatatgg tgtagaaaat gtcctctgct tcttagatgc acatcaagca gggacctcct     58020
     cgttgacaac catccagtca ataggcatga tagggcccca gaatccaacg aataagagaa     58080
     gggtacagat agcaaggaag aggacaatgc acacatgggc acaaatagag gtgacggcat     58140
     gcatatgtgg tcttgtggag aggattccag tctaggtgac tgaggacaca tcatctgaga     58200
     ccctgacaga cttgacagct gatcaggata atacttcata taacagctaa atcagcactg     58260
     tatatgtgct gctgtagcaa catgggagca actagtgtga actgtggagg gcagagcttt     58320
     ggtgaactca cctgctctgc cccatcctct cagcctgata atttcctgcc cattctcagg     58380
     tgaggcagga accatccaga gaagttcaga atgacttagc taagatgaaa caggcaagaa     58440
     agcttatctt tcagtctgca gactgtcctg gagggagtct gggaacaggg tgccaggggt     58500
     gctagaaagc agtactttgt ggtagccaac ctgctgccat gcattcctcg tcctcttact     58560
     tatattccaa acttagaaga aattattttc tgggttttgt ttttcataat aggactttaa     58620
     taaaagaaaa gtacaagccc tgagggcacc tggcattggt cctgaggtgt ctgctgcccc     58680
     agggatgacc taaagcaagg cctggcgact tccttccttc agaagacctt ggtctttgct     58740
     ttcctccata cactcttgtt gctcatacta cctccctccc cagtaacttt gacacaattc     58800
     tcatgtgccc tgcagctagc aatgtctctc gtcttcatcc tccctctcag aaaatgctgt     58860
     ttttcttctc tccctctcgc cctgtaggtt attgcagctg actgcaaaag ggtcacagtg     58920
     ctgaagtatt ttctggaagc cctttgtgga caagaagagc ctctgctggc attcaagggt     58980
     ggaaaatatg tgtcagtggc acccgtccca gacaccatgg gaaaggaaat gggaagccaa     59040
     gagggaaaac aactggaaga tgaggtacta ttcgggaaga gccgctatgg cagagggaaa     59100
     gctccccttc ccccgtgccc tgctgcccag gctggagctt ccccttgaga tgatttataa     59160
     cctctcgctt agttcagtgt gtgttgaggt gacagcaacc tctcaagagt gcactctgct     59220
     ggtgcccctc ctgccagtcc accccagtgc ctccatctac gagttccaga tgcttctttt     59280
     taatgttgca ttggaggaaa gagtttaata atattcagct ctggaggctt aggaaagaga     59340
     gtagagtgag gggtgttagg gttcaggcta aggatcaagt ttatagatgt gcggagctca     59400
     gcacagcaca gacctgaact ccagcctcca gctcacgtac aggaagagct gacattgctg     59460
     gccccgtgtg gaaaatcacc cctcccccag cctgctctct ctctcttact ccctccctcc     59520
     tgcacatcct gatgtgatta aggaattctc ctcttgtttg tttgcccttg attgttcctg     59580
     tagcccttgc ttcactccag tctttctctc tccctccctc cctccctcca ttgctcatgc     59640
     ctgtgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     59700
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaccga gagagagagc gcgtatgtgt gcacgcccat     59760
     gttcgcaagc atgtttgcct gtgtacacat ccatgtatcc ctgctgacct ccttagcagt     59820
     tcccctgttg tgcatctatg tctttctggg atgatctctg atgatcatct gtatgtgccc     59880
     agtttgtcag ttgaaatgaa cattgctgtc cacacccctg aggcgcctgt ggactgagcg     59940
     tcattgtgac tgtgtggtag aaatggagca tatgtacata tggcagcctc cttgctgctt     60000
     ttctgggtgt gggtaactat ctgggagtat atacatgtct cacttttgcc tgaaggttgg     60060
     ctcttttctt ctctttactc catagtatta aagatgaggg tcctagatag aaagaaacat     60120
     aggatggagg gaagggacgg aagcaattct agccagaggc caggtcaccc ataggccaac     60180
     acagtcattt ggcccacagc agtctcaagc gcccagtgga gcagggcggg gtacaaggat     60240
     gaaatcagca acaggccaag gaagccagat gtcagctgga agctgtcgtt taggatctca     60300
     ggcagtgata gagtggccac ctttggaaca gagtcttcag agaagcagtc ttggcctggc     60360
     ttcgttagga tagctggaga actccacccc atgcctgatg acacaggact cagcttccag     60420
     gacagaggtg gttccagggc catagctaag cccatgattc cagactctct agatgaaacc     60480
     tgggcagaga ataaagggaa agaatgagct gtcagcatgg gaggagacag tggagttacc     60540
     agagccattg gggtgtccaa ctttagcaag cagaacagtg ctcctgcagc tctagacggt     60600
     gtgggaaaca ggcccatgat gtctatacat ctcctttatc tctcccatac taaaagacta     60660
     aaaaagtagg cagtggagga tgagcaaagc cagctctcca gcgtggttat aagagatgcc     60720
     tctgaacatc taggactggc agcacaagca tagctaggca aagaggttgt cctcccaccc     60780
     tagaaggggt gggctacctc tggtgcctga tctggttgta ctctccttct gaggcttact     60840
     gaccaggcaa aggttcgtga cccacaccag gctgcccact tcttcctttt cccacgagtc     60900
     tcctgggttc ttttatgtta gtggtccctg ggaaatccta cttaccctgt tctgtgtaat     60960
     ttcataaccc tgcacttcct tgtttgctat gagagctgaa caaacctcag acaagcttct     61020
     ctgaccctcc tttgacctca gtcctgttca ctccaaacca atgctaacta actgtccatc     61080
     cctggtcaga gcaggcaagg acactcttcc tccgtgagcc aacaagcatc ttgttgcact     61140
     tgctcttgtc caggctaacc ctgtgagcaa caaaataaat gtgaattttt cttcctcctc     61200
     atagccagat attgataagt aagtgatgct tgtggacagc accctaaacc ccctagaacc     61260
     tctcaggaca gttacagtta ttttatcctt acctgccatc tcccaagact ggtctatcta     61320
     aataggtcca ggcctgataa agctgagcta ccaagggccg tgtctgggct tgctctctca     61380
     attcacaacc ccagtcctgc agttttgttc gttgtgattg gttagagcag gcacaggagt     61440
     cagactcact tgattttgaa tgcctgctct gcttcctgcc acctctgtga ctgaacaggc     61500
     tattttattc taagcccctt atttataaag tgcagatggt aatagctatt gtgcaggccc     61560
     ttgtgagaat taaaagagtt aatgtatgaa aaacacatag ctgggtacac agcccataaa     61620
     aagccctgag tagctagtag ctgtcagtgt agtcatcatt ctgttagaat tacaagaatc     61680
     ttccttctcc tgttgaatca ctcccctact agccccatcc cctcaggcag ctgtatgttc     61740
     tctcctgacc aaggccaaaa gtgagagagt gaggagtgga gctaggacca cccggggagc     61800
     agtggctgct gagaactgag tctgcaagtg aggaagtgcc atccctgggg aaggctccat     61860
     cagcctggca agaaggctcc ataagctagc cagccacctc ctacttactc tgcctaggcc     61920
     cttggagggc agctgagcaa ggccatgtta tgtgaatttt ttaatggggc ccagaagtct     61980
     ccacactacc aggctgtggt cttaaaagga aatcagggta aagtctgtag agctacagca     62040
     tctgctcttg atactgtctg gggcaaggga acttccttgc ctaactccca gatgttggcc     62100
     agagttgatt cctatcagat tattagcgcg aattagattt aaattgagca gttcaagttt     62160
     ctctattgtt tactctttga atcatttgta atttcaaaat gaaaccaggt ccaaagtttg     62220
     tgttgaatgt gtgcaagaga gaacaaggac tgtaaacaca agcatgcatg tgaatatatt     62280
     gattataagt aacacagata tgagtatgta agaaaagctc tagcatgtag gtacagtttc     62340
     ggggggcggg ggaaggtggg aagagtcact gctcctacca acacactcca ggctaaatac     62400
     cagacatggc tcatgatctc tttgttctcc tttctgtgtc tttatcccaa ggaagaagat     62460
     gtggtgattg aagactttga ggaagattca gaggctgaag gcagtggggg tgaggatgac     62520
     atcagggaac ttcgggccaa gaagctggct ctagcaagga agatagctga gcagcagcgt     62580
     cgccaggaaa agatccaggt aaagcctcac tggagaagct gatccccact gaggaatgtg     62640
     gctgtgcatg agggtgtggc tatgcagggc atagaatggt gtgagcagaa gtggcagggg     62700
     accctgttgt tacagtcagg gtgtgagttc taaggcagtg cagggcagca cttttcctgt     62760
     gaaactctgt taacaccaca catgcagccg ttgatacaat ttaagggact catatctttc     62820
     accatatgta ggtattcatg gaacacactc cttcttgtgg gattagaatg ccatagccac     62880
     aggctactta tctgggttgc caagatattg ggagaactca ctttgggcag agtactctcc     62940
     atatcttccc aggtagatct tcacagttac ctcactgtca gtcctcttgg acgcccaaac     63000
     cttcatttcc agcaagtttt tctctttggc tgtccaagat gtgtttcctt atactaagta     63060
     cttatttctc caagcaagtt aagctccctt tatagactct gtacatgagg agcattgagc     63120
     ctcactctgc ctctctaagc atgtgtcttt aggcctctct ctaggcatgt gtatctttag     63180
     gtctgtcttc atatgttcct ctcatctccc tcctacccct ctctttccca tccattcctt     63240
     tttcatacca ctcaccccac ccccaccccc taataccccc aataccaata ccccaatacc     63300
     caatattttg agacaaggtc tgtgtagcct tggctggcct ggaacggaac tcactatata     63360
     taccaggatg gccttaaatt catggagttc acttgcctct gcatccaaag tgcctccaaa     63420
     ggcaggtatt accattcctg gaatgttgtt ctcctcttga acatatggtt tagtgcagaa     63480
     agccaagcaa atttgatata attcaagttt tgacacttat ctagtcttaa agcactaagc     63540
     aaattattta actttaaaga gcctatttct tcatctacaa agcgggttgg tagtatttcc     63600
     cttttactat ccccagaggc ttacacgaga cacttccaca aaagttctta gcctacaagt     63660
     attccctttg tctgatatta gtctcatccc agccccagga gagcaatgct aacggttgga     63720
     attggtcttt tagacatacc catgtcctac tgctactagg atccagcatg caatacctct     63780
     acatgcctgt ctgttgtaat gtggctgcct gcacacacct ctcatgagtc tgactgtaaa     63840
     cctctttgtg gcccaaagaa cagcatcatc ttgatgtttt tcttcctgcc cttttctttc     63900
     tcgccatcag tcctcacaaa agtcccatct caagtcctta cctccacatc ctgacattca     63960
     gtccagctgt taaagaaagt gctaccaggg gctggggtgg gaggtgggga aatatatatg     64020
     aaactactgc cagaattacc taggacctgt ttttaccaaa cttggtcctg ctgtgcatgg     64080
     tagtgtaaag cctgtaatcc cagcactagg gatgtggagg taaaatttca aagccatcct     64140
     caactacaaa gcaagttcaa agctagcctg agctacatga aaccactcta aaaaaacaaa     64200
     aacaaaaaaa aaaaaacaaa caaacaaaaa acccttgagt ccccattata gttaacttct     64260
     ttatagcttt ggttttatgc ctgtctcctc cagactacca ttcacacagt aagtacactg     64320
     ttgtcttctc tgctactcag agctactttc ccagacttct accactattt ttcaactcct     64380
     ccatccttcc agttgtcttt tagtctagca agctgaattg gtagttaaca gaaatttttg     64440
     gttgactttt tttgatgata gcaagtagaa catcatttta aattctacca tggcctttta     64500
     caaaccctgc tgtcgggctg gggagatggc tcagtggtta agagcactga ctgttcttcc     64560
     agaggtcctg agttcaggtc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc tgtaatggaa     64620
     tctgatgccc tcttctggtg tgtctgaaga cagctatagt gtactcacac acattgaata     64680
     aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aatatttcaa acaaacaaac     64740
     aaaacccctg ctgtctgatt tcttatcctg tcctgtctgt tccttcaccc ttcctctcct     64800
     tctagctatc actgcactcc accctagttc aggaacatgt tgagccataa caactaggct     64860
     tctgcattgt atagctccag agagcgccac tgactttata atctgggaat ggcccctctt     64920
     gggcttacat agtacacaac ctggccacca ggttcactca caccatgaac ccacaatccc     64980
     atagagagcc attcctctgc tcagaaatta tcaccgccta gcttgactag taaattaaag     65040
     cttaattcct tctaataaca ccttaggctt ctgatctact ccaagtatgc ttttcctact     65100
     ttgtttccca ttaacatact ccctgtgagc tattattagc taacaattgg acactgggca     65160
     aagtggtcaa cttctgtgag cctgtttcta agtctgtaaa gtaaactcag cacagcacct     65220
     gcctcatagt tgctgtgcgt ccttaggacg agtgtataaa gtgtctgtcc agccatcaag     65280
     actcctgccc agacagtgac agtgacagta accttcctct ctactcactg ccttacgctc     65340
     tgccctttcc tacttttaga tctttgtcca gtctgtctct caatccaaag gactcttttt     65400
     ttgctccaca tttcctgtta cctgttgaaa ttctattttc cctgaattcc ccaatgaaac     65460
     tccatctccc cagtgaagcc ttccctgatt tctcccagga ggaatttgtc tctgtgctct     65520
     agggttcctg cagagttgat ttatatctca tttgtaggac tgctatcatg tctcacatta     65580
     cagttatttg tgggcctttt cccccacagt accatgaatt cctaggaatc tgggaccatg     65640
     ttctcagttc agtttagcaa gatactgagc atcgactctc ctaatggctg ggttgtacaa     65700
     accttgggag tcaaaggaca cggggaggtg acatttcaca gcaggccata cagtatagaa     65760
     actattcttt tgtttgttta ttcttttgct tgcttgcttg cttttttttt tttttttttt     65820
     ttttttttga gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtagg     65880
     ccaagctggc cttgaactca gagatgcttc tgtctctacc tgtctctact gagagcttga     65940
     cttaaaggta tatgcctaca gctgccctat gagaagctat tattgaacaa atgatttggc     66000
     atgttaatga ggtcttttaa aagatcaagt attaactggg tatagtgaca aatgccttta     66060
     attctagcac tcaggaggca aaagcaaaca gatatctgta agtctgagac cagcttagtc     66120
     tgcatagcaa attccaagac atacagagct acatagtgaa atcttgtctc aaaaaacaaa     66180
     aaagatcaag tatagggcta gcaagatggc ttagcaggta aaggcactta ccacccacca     66240
     agtttgataa tctgagttca aggacccata tgtaagaagg agagaactga ctcctgaaag     66300
     ttgtcctatg atacatgcta tgacacatgc acttactccc tccaccacac atgatagata     66360
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagatagg taggtaggta     66420
     ggtaggtaga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     66480
     gatagataga tagaaaattg tttttaaaag atgagataca aacaagcctg ggtaatacca     66540
     tatatattga agctcaagag gcttaggcag gaaggttata agttcaaggc cagagctaga     66600
     ctgtacaatg attttgaagt atgtaggttg ggctacatag accctcctga gatgggaaac     66660
     gaatgctgtg agaacacatg ccatagcagc tccatcttct gccagagtac actgtccagg     66720
     ttggccatgc aagcaataag cagtcctgat aactggaggc ccaatataag acctaactgc     66780
     agggccactg actatctgtg tccctcagat ctgttcagag gaggatgctg tggccccttt     66840
     aagaacaggc cccacatgca ctgctgttgg cggccctgcc tcctgtcagc ctccttcctc     66900
     cagccccata gccacaggag gatttctcag cagaggaaaa attccccctt ttacctcccc     66960
     cttctcttta atgcccgggg cccttcactt ccataattct tcattttcca gccttgaacg     67020
     taagccagac acatctgtct ggccatatgc gtgaaccctg gagtctgtgc cgaggtagct     67080
     gtaaaacagg gccggtgaag gcccttctgg gagagcacac acatgtgtgt gccctcaggc     67140
     cattggctcc ctgcccagaa ccacggggcc tcggtgcttc aaacccgtgt taaccttctc     67200
     tatttttcct ctttttgttt aatttaaggg ggaaaatccc aaggaaaagg tataaattgt     67260
     cctgggagta ggggagaggc tcctagctag aaagaccatt attgttggca ggtacctggg     67320
     tcacactaat acaataagga agaaaggagc atccagtgaa ttaagattgg agagatgggc     67380
     tgtaaattac actgctctga actccatcag tctctagggt gttaaccgag aggtgtaagg     67440
     caggtcccca gctcccagcg ccttttacag atgcagcaaa acaggaacca cacatgtttg     67500
     gggaagggga tatgaagatg gggttgaaca aaagccccct tgccccagga tggctataaa     67560
     gtccaagtga gatctggggc tgtagccaca cctccacttc cctgctccta catagaccct     67620
     tgggcctcag gctcatctgt ggagatgggg gaggtgaggc ctggcctcct tctgcagcct     67680
     gtccctccct gcttccggga ctgcacagag gctggtgagt ggggccgact agaggtcaga     67740
     aaaggggtgt ggggagttct cagggcctgt gcagctggaa ctgcagagcc cagctaggcc     67800
     cctagatatg aggggtgcca agtccaccca cccagggctt tgagaccaca cgctctggca     67860
     tagcccaggc cttgccttgt tgcctaagat ggcacttcct actgtatcta tcagtcctgt     67920
     ctacctcact gctttcttcc tgtgttttta tttgtattgc cattcatggg agaggtccag     67980
     agtccatagc aagttacatg atttctctgg gaagttgttc agaagggttt catttctaac     68040
     caagcaccca gacccaaaca gtcactaaaa atcctcctcc aggcactcag gaggcatggc     68100
     ctgttggtac ctcatactgt cctggccctg taaatctcct gtctcctccc ctgactccat     68160
     gaggctctcc ggtgatttgt gctgctgttg ggcgaggtca ggtttcctga gcagttgcaa     68220
     acatcccacc tgaaacataa caggctcttc ctctggccac agctattgtt tccctctgca     68280
     ttatggccac agtcttgctc tgtagccagc aatgacatgt gttctgaaaa tagcttcact     68340
     ccactgtccc cttcccaccc acccaccctc ctgaagatgt agtcactcct ttgtgggagc     68400
     cccaggagtt tcactctaaa tatagccaca gtccattcac actgccaccc agcctgggac     68460
     ggggttgggg gggcattgtg gaacaatggg gtatacacag aacaaccccc cccccccccg     68520
     ccatacacac acacacacac acacacctgt atggaaggaa gctagcggaa ggcagacact     68580
     caaccctggc tcctagctgt cggagacatt gtggggggcc ggtacgctac cactccaggg     68640
     gcacgttcac ctttgatgga aagcacatca gtccacagag ctgggcaccg cccaggctgc     68700
     cccagcctct ctgtgtacca tggcgctaga cctacctcta aatgactcca accaccgctg     68760
     cctcgttggc tcccactgca tccacagggt tctgtcttac ccctggatcc cagaatggtc     68820
     aagcctttgg actgaaacac cttttagatt gatgcttgta gcaagctcag aagtgttatg     68880
     cttagccctt cattcttcat gaaagagagt atgtactcct ttctaagctt tttcagatca     68940
     agagttactt tttaactttc gggatctaga gcaatagttc aacagttaag agaactggct     69000
     gcttttctag aggacctgag ttttattcct agcaccccca tggcatctca taattgttta     69060
     taactccagt cccagaggat ttgacaccct gtgatagcct tcatgggcac tgcacaagca     69120
     cgtggtacac aacccatact tgcaggcaga caatttatgc atagtacaaa ttttcattta     69180
     aaactttttt aactcatctg ggttttcctt aaagtattat ctagtggatg agcctatgtg     69240
     attgagttca ttgagctcct gtaatagtta ggccctagag ccctatttaa aggcctgatg     69300
     tgcctgtaat cccagctatt ctgaggctca agtgggaaaa taacttgaat tcaagatttc     69360
     acaaccagcc taagcaagag aggaactgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtaaatg gggtctcagt     69420
     atgtagcctt gtgtaggcta gaacttgctg tatagtccag gctgaccttg ggtttgcata     69480
     gcctgtttct gcacttgagt gctggggtta aagatgtggg ccactacatc ttgcagagat     69540
     cctgtcattg gggagggtgc aagcaaaagt cattgtaatt tttttaaagc aaatgtgctt     69600
     ctcttttctc tttggtttct tgtgtttttg ttttctgaga cagactagcc tcaagctcaa     69660
     gacagtcctc atatactctt tcccgttcca agtgctggat tgtgagcatg taccacacct     69720
     ggcttagcat ctgctcatta ctgtgatgcc tttggacatc cagaaaaggt tctctcaaga     69780
     ccttctcagg ggaagctctc agcagcccac gctctgtctg ctcccttggt tcctgcagtg     69840
     accatcttgc tgctcttacc ttttgtcttc tcccttttct ttcatttaca agtcaggtag     69900
     ttttgagaaa taggtagtac tgtcaggcac agttgtgtgc ttataattcc tactactcag     69960
     ggagctgagg tgagagatca tatggatgag gcaaacctga gcaatataat gaagccctat     70020
     caaaaaataa ataaagattg ttcagcaatt aagagacctg cttaagggac tggagagatg     70080
     actcagcagt taatagcacc ataggttctt ccagaggtcc tgagttcaat tcccagcaac     70140
     cacatggtgg attacaatca tctgtaatga gttctgatgc cctcttctgg catggaggta     70200
     gaacattcat atatgtaaaa taaataaatt cttttttttt ttttaaagta ttgctcaagc     70260
     cgtgtggtgg tggtgactac aggcttttaa tcccagcatt tgggaggcag aagtagatga     70320
     atatcttgaa tttcaggcca gcctggtata tagagggagt tccaggacac ccaaggctac     70380
     acaaaaaagt cctgtatcaa aaagaacaaa acaaaaaaat taaaaactaa tgaaaatgag     70440
     aaatatcatt tttctcttaa aagacaaggt tggttgggcc tggggagctc ctcactgggt     70500
     acagcactca ctcctcaagc atactgagtc agagttccca gcatccacat aaaaagcaga     70560
     acatgtctac agaatgcctg taaccctagc ctgaggggaa gggcagatca ggtggaccct     70620
     ggaagtcctc tagccagcta gccttcctga aacaccaggt ttccacttta gagagaccct     70680
     gtatctgaca aagtggaaaa ccatggagaa agatacctgg atgtcttgct gtagcctttg     70740
     tatatgaatg cttgggcaca tgtatcccta aactcacata tctaacatgt gcaccaaaaa     70800
     tgagagttcc aatctgctgt ccagtctggc ctcaaactca gatgaattca agtgatcctc     70860
     ttgactgagt ctcccaggta agttaagatt gcatagatct gtgcccagct actgttagtc     70920
     tcacaataaa aattaatact cctgggacta aagagatggc tcagcagtta agatcatata     70980
     actgtacttc cagagtatcc atgttcagtt ccagcaacca taggctcaca accgccagca     71040
     gccccaaaac ctgtggcccc cgtaggtacc tacacacatg tgcacacaca tgtatacaca     71100
     taaataataa ataataaaaa aataagttct taaaaagcag taaatattcc tgcccctcct     71160
     tcttcctatt tctcgttcct gatgtctgtg atgcctactt agatgcacag aatgtaagag     71220
     agagttgtac aagagagagt agaaattgtc attgtcatta ctaatttgtg tcaggcacaa     71280
     agttaggtac tctgtgacat gcaaggtgat tgtgaaagtt tgccatgtta taaaacctct     71340
     catttgtggt aatgatatta ctgtctccag aataataagg aatacagacc ctgggtgagt     71400
     ccatcccctt tgaagggagg aagcaaccac actgtgtatg ggtcttctaa gcagaagaaa     71460
     gatttaaagc ctctacttgg tgtggtggcc ctgtttcatg atctgctgtg caccatctgt     71520
     gtcagccaat tgcattgcat ttttgtctgt gtaattttgt gtctctgttt tcagtgggtt     71580
     ggcattgtaa aatcatcccc tttaacttgt aaaagaacct tcctagagac acaacccatc     71640
     agctacctca gctactgcat accatgtctc tttcccagtt gtctgtcagt ttgctcctgt     71700
     tgctcagaga taactggaca cttagcactt ttcctaaact ggagttattt ctctcttgca     71760
     cacttgatgg tcctcattgc tgcaagtctg atttggagta tctactcttt ttctttattt     71820
     ttaagtcttt tttgtgcttg ctcgtgtgtt tgcttatttt ggggtttggt tttgttttct     71880
     tttttttttt ttattagtta ttttcctcgt ttacattttc aatgctatcc caaaggttcc     71940
     ccatacccac ccccccaatc ccctacccac ccactccccc tttttggccc tggcgttccc     72000
     ctgtactggg gcatataaag tttgcaactc caatgggcct ctctttgcag tgatggccga     72060
     ctaggccatc ttttgataca tatgcagcta aagacaagag ctcccgggta ctggttagtt     72120
     catattgttg ttccacctat agggttgcag ttccctttag ctccttgggt aatttctcta     72180
     gctcctccat taggggccgt gtgacccatc caatagctga ctgtgagcat ccacttctgt     72240
     gtttgctagg ccccgtggtt ttgttttctt gagacaaggt cttgccgagg atgatcatga     72300
     gcccctggtg ctcacctcac accactctgc cctaggactg tgtcccacct cccacctctc     72360
     tgccctagga gtgcctacac tttcccaggg tggcccaggc tgagctacag tggagggctc     72420
     ctgtggaact ctccttccgg gtcagtacat ttgagtccag gccagggctg atctgtctga     72480
     atcttagcat tccagttccc cccctcactc ccaccagagg cttctgcagc tttttactcg     72540
     tacaaacaaa aataaatgac actaccggcc tctgaactcc acagcagcat gcttcccctt     72600
     ctccctgagc gtcccatggc tgtgagtggg gacttggcac tctccccatc tacatcactt     72660
     tttcactccc tgcgcatcct gtgtccttct ctcaccgtgc gacccagaga tcagaatggg     72720
     acgtgacggc cggcacaggc gccgtgcaca gctgccagga atctgacggg taaaatctgg     72780
     aaaagttggg agggcaaatg ctaaacacac acagcgccac tcagaaaggg ccggaaacac     72840
     agacacccat cacagaaagc ctgactccta agctcttctt gatctgtcat tgtttttatt     72900
     ggtactgaac taatcttgtg acccaggtat taatcccctt acctgctaag cccactggca     72960
     ccccaaaaga agagagagca actttgtcta atctcctgag actccatgag ggcatgtggg     73020
     gaacaggaag cagttgtgtg gtgactcact gggcagagcc aggttagggg aagttgtctg     73080
     caggcgtccc tgagaccgga tgagggcagc ccagctctga ccaccacacg cagcttggcc     73140
     ctgtcccatt cccagggaac catctgctac ctctttgaga ggctatggcc agttcacctt     73200
     tctggccaca gaccatagct ctaggtaccc aaggaaatca agcttcccca aaccttactc     73260
     taggttttac atctatcctg tcttcaaacg ccatgctgct ccccagcctg ccttggctgt     73320
     ctgacttacc actagcatat aaggtggcat gagcctggtc ttaggaaccc attgttcatc     73380
     caaggtgaaa aacgacagtt atcagcattc ttaatggaag tctaaccagg actgcatgtc     73440
     atttctccaa gtaggaaaac agatgtaaga gagagagagg tggtgcttcc ttaattaaga     73500
     ctatggttcc tgtcactata ggtgctcatg tctcctgtca tccaccagtc atgtggcaga     73560
     acttattatg tcctctctcc cacaaaaaca acaacaacaa caacaacaac aaaaaacata     73620
     tttgaacagg gcttcagaaa gagcattctg gtcgatttgt atggaggaca gaagcctggg     73680
     ggaggggagc tacttcttgg cataaagggc agcagagtat ctgctggacc tgagcaggac     73740
     attttcctgt tcttctcaat gcccccacca agattagtag aatgtgtgtt actgtccttt     73800
     tgccagtgct ctgggaatga cagtgaccga aagcccctgg gaaggtggct gacactttcc     73860
     ccttgtgagg tgagaacagt tggagggttt cagcagacag ggcctcttgg ccaaaacttc     73920
     tcatgctgcc actgtcccgt ggcctgtgtc ttcaccaact gtggtggcag tggcagcaac     73980
     aacttactca tagggaaagg tctctggtag gtcaccgaga agccaccccc atcctttgaa     74040
     ggcatgccct ttcagtttta ctgtcaccct agtgaagcct aagcaacctt cttgctaact     74100
     gttggtggcc aggcccagca ccgtgggccc catctcagtt ggcacgcaca tacacttcct     74160
     ctgtactgtt tctgggtctg tctccttgtg gttgctatgt ttcagaagac cataagaggg     74220
     agtgagggga ctgagactga cccacctgct tttctggatt ccccttggta ccggctagct     74280
     ccctacatag tctgccagag cagataaatt tcagccagtc aatttgcttt ctggctatga     74340
     tcctcagagg aaatagcaca ataataaata tactctgtag agacagatat accctaaacc     74400
     tgtcccatca ggtcactgct acccatgtaa gattgccaga ccagaagaca ctgggtgctg     74460
     caaatgttca cagaattcca cagaaatgga aaagcctata acacagatag tccctggctt     74520
     gtgggcttct ggggctgaca gaggttggta cacaggcctg ctggtggtaa ttggggtaac     74580
     tgttgaataa tatgaggtgg agtgctttaa attttcatta tggcacttca gtttgtactg     74640
     ggatacagca caattatgaa atccttagta tcctagagga ctttcctgaa gagcctaaga     74700
     caaaaagccc tgatgccaaa gggaaaatga aggtaggaca gtgttacttg ttcagagttc     74760
     ttgtggtaaa gagttaaaag tagagcaaaa aagctggggg tggtatgcct ttaatctcag     74820
     cagaaggtag tggcaggcaa atctctgtga gttcaaggcc agcctatgta catatcaagt     74880
     tccaggacag ccataactac atttaggaaa tgctgtgcaa agcaaggaca ggtggtatag     74940
     ctatgatctg attgttgttc tctgtgggct gggccataac ttccttcttt atggatttct     75000
     gctgtagaaa atgataagta gcattctgct aatacccagt ttttaaaaat gttttttaca     75060
     ttgtatgtgt gcacatgtat atttgtagga gtcgaatctt gtcagttctt ctttttttaa     75120
     agacaggatc tcactatgta gttctggcta gtctggaact cacagaaatg agtgtttcct     75180
     ctttctgagt gttggaactt taattccaac actctgccat gtgtatatac ttttaaaatt     75240
     cagattttat gttaatttca ttaggattgg agtaggtgga tggttgaaat gcacaatgaa     75300
     gtgagttgga atcacaaatt ctagggttgt aggtagagtg ctaacgtact gaagccctgg     75360
     atttgatact cagtactgca tagaaccaag tatgagtctg ggccagctta tgagaccctg     75420
     tctcatttta gacagggata aggaggaaag gagggagggg gagggaggac tctgatctga     75480
     gtattcaagt gttcggattg agaactaccc tgtaagtgct gcctgtaata tgtgactctc     75540
     ctttcctggc ctagttactt cctcccttct tacctttatg atcctctcag aaacatgttt     75600
     ttaatatcat cagtctcctt tctcactgac agctagcatt tagtgagact tcaggcctgg     75660
     gccatttggt ctgtgtggat tttgattata ctgcttagct cagcctgaag gtctgtccct     75720
     caggcctaag gggtggctgt gcctctggag ggggaagaga tgtgtggggg caggatgctt     75780
     acacactgtt gagtcagggg cctggctcat ccgcctgctc actctcttgc tccctcatat     75840
     tctgtgtccc tgtaggctgt tttggaagac cagagtcaga tgaggcagat ggagctggag     75900
     atcagaccct tgttcctcgt accagatacc aacggcttca ttgaccacct ggccagtctg     75960
     gctcggctgc tggagagcag gaagtacatc ctggtggtgc ccctcatcgg tgagctgggc     76020
     gggaggacag agcaacccta gacatgcaca gcagccccct ctatacatgc ccagagccag     76080
     gcaggctgac ctggctgtgc atgtgtaaga caggatttgc agagaatgcg tggggcaagg     76140
     aaaattgttt aataatcaga gtagttcaaa ttattatggc tgatccatgg cttaaactgc     76200
     ttgagcaaat ggactcctgt gtcccagcaa ccagcggctg catgagccca gcccttgttt     76260
     tttccttata aagcttgcag taaaacagca aagctggttc ccgttattgg taaacactca     76320
     gccctggcag ataacggcag tgctgctggg tggtctggca gggaggctgg gaggattttg     76380
     aagtggttag atgcctttgg tctgattgtc ttgtagcttt tcatgatcat tctgttggtt     76440
     cgaggtaaca ttcttctggc caatgtcacc ctaaggccag actgacagga accctttaga     76500
     gcaagacctt tggctcacgt ctttcagttc ctaccacttg ggccattggt actggttagc     76560
     atcttgaagt ccagcaagcc tgcttttcct agctgagtgc tcatgggaga ttactgggta     76620
     cccctagttc ttaagctgaa tggtaggtca gcctctggtt gtgctttgat ctctgagtac     76680
     ctgtcaaata cagctaatgt agctactgca gctgatggct gtcctatggg gggaaggggt     76740
     gtgtacgatg attgcaaaga caaggatctt tagtatccct ctgccagcag ccatttgaag     76800
     taagttcgag aacactattc tctgaaaaag gcactagact ggcagtctgc ctgacaggcc     76860
     acctctgaca tccatgccaa gatgttccat tgggccttcc ctcccagtcc caagtgtctt     76920
     agtgccagat gggggtggaa acaaagggca ggaaacatcc gcccctgcag agcctgtaga     76980
     accctggggg gttgtgggaa acacgttagc accacctgag aatgttggca ctgaagcagt     77040
     cctcctccct ccctgtcttc cttccccctc cccatgtggc ctggacagaa gctcttaaac     77100
     ccaggccctt agacctaagg gaaggtttgc tccacttcaa aagaagagca gcttctgtca     77160
     taaggccgag caccagagcc acacagtgcc ctgagctttc cactgccctt ctgagtgaac     77220
     tgacttacag gccatagcac tgcaccttcc tcctaggagg tttttagtta ggaaaaagaa     77280
     agtcgattgg tcacttttgt tagctggtct gcacttggta taactgagaa agctcactgg     77340
     tgtctcaagg aggcacctgc gagtgggaac atccctcttc tgccttccta tgctagcagt     77400
     caccggcgct gccctgctcc tcgtgtgcgc ttagtctctt cgttcctaat aattacagga     77460
     aaaagtcaga tctgtggccc ttggccctaa agagcttaag tttgataaag aaatttagat     77520
     ttggtaggaa agggataaat gctagaggat atatttcaga acatagtgag cctaagggta     77580
     ctagcaaccg accgatgcat tgcagccaca cagactagac actgaccctg tatcagctgg     77640
     gcagatccct atatttcaag gatgtaagca gagctcctgt tcactcatac tttccttggt     77700
     ggactcctgc tttctggcca gaacaacaaa gggttaagtg gaaagccttc cctgcttgtg     77760
     tcttgtgctc tttaacctgc tctgtgctct ttaggtctga ccccagcatt gagaagtccc     77820
     gcctggtgca gaagcacaaa caagcgtccc ctttgaagcc tgtttagttt ggaagcagga     77880
     aagcagattt ggggatagaa taccagtttt tcctgtttga tgttctgttt gctgtaccat     77940
     aactgctaca cattatctgg acctttcagc ttcatggtgc taaaagcatg ggggtgtgtc     78000
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg cacatgcgca cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     78060
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg ttcccatatg ggccctttcc agaaaatgtt tctgaatacc     78120
     cagacaatga gtgccaggct caccatggaa cagcatgctc atgccgactc cccaagccat     78180
     gaatcattgc actaaggaga ggcctcagac cccaaactct ctctaagccc ccaaggagtg     78240
     catatttccc acttgacctc aggcttttgg ctggaatttt ggaaagaatc ttcaccagaa     78300
     aatgaagcca tgtcccagac acatagacaa gcagacaggc gcgtgcacgc tcgcgcgcgc     78360
     gcgcgcgcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacgtag attcaaggaa gtaatgtgtg     78420
     ccaaggttat ggttttacga aataccaggg cccttgcaac tcagtgtggc tgtccttctt     78480
     ccttgtggct tccctgtact ctgccagaca gggcagtaga accctgcctc cttttagact     78540
     gctacggctc agacccgagt agctgaagaa gagcacccca ctcaccttgt gctcctatgt     78600
     tttcattgat ctatactata aggaatgcca gctccagata atcctataaa ttccccctgg     78660
     gaggaagatg gagctcagag gaagaggcag aaaggagcta gagctcacca aaagtcttag     78720
     atcccctctt atacccacaa gtatctatcc taccagattc attggaaaac ttgtatggga     78780
     aggtggcctc tgttgcctga gaaaggaact gggcagagag cagaggacgc agacaggcat     78840
     aattgctcat tataaactct gtcccgtcag tgatcaatga gctggacggc ctcgccaaag     78900
     ggcaggagac agaccaccgg gctgggggct atgcccgtgt ggtgcaagaa aaggcccgaa     78960
     aatccattga gttcctcgaa cggagatttg agagtcggga ctcctgcctg cgggccttga     79020
     ccagccgtgg caatgaactt gaatctatcg ccttccgaag tgaggacatt actggacagc     79080
     tggtgagacc ccccagagag aagtccatta ttagaaatgt tcctgagctg ggtagtgatg     79140
     gcacacacct ttaatcccag aactcatggg aggcagaggc aggtggatct ctgtgagctc     79200
     aaggctagcc tgatctacag agctagttct aggacagcca gggctacaca gagaaaccct     79260
     gtcttgtggg gtgggggaga aggtgttccc aaaaggaaga agtaaaagaa gccctttgaa     79320
     cctgggcagc taaagggtag ccaacatcaa ggcccaggag gggagagttc cttgctcttt     79380
     gaatcactga agacagactc agccaagcag agccaaagca tgtctgaata ggactctagg     79440
     acatagccct ggaagtacct ctgcctctgc atggcgcccc ctcctgccca gtggtgcttt     79500
     tcacactgtc tttctccagg gtaacaacga tgacctgatc ctctcttgct gcctgcacta     79560
     ctgcaaagac aaggctaagg attacatgcc caccagcaaa ggtacagctt ggcctctcct     79620
     tgagccatcc atccctctgc cctgatttct cctacccatc cacagtccct aagaagagtc     79680
     tctgctgact ttggcctgat aagtctatat aagcctatac aagcctgaga gcatcttatt     79740
     caccttccca gaggttagac cgactatcaa agcttccctg gccctagaga atgttatatg     79800
     atctagagcc aactaggaat gagcctctct agcccaggaa accctgctct aggctgtaag     79860
     ctttcccact cagtctgcat ctatttcctt tcttgggtga gttcctttga cagcaagaat     79920
     gtctttatga ttcagtatag cttgttcagg ccatggtctc ctgcgtccag ctttctgcag     79980
     ccctgagcag tgggcacact ttttttcctt tggccatgtt ctcctcccta cccatatcag     80040
     ggtatttctt gaacgtcaac ctgcatcaga cctgcagtgg aggttctccc aagtcaagaa     80100
     taggcctttc ttcctgatct ctattgcagc gagctgtagc atttcacagg ctaactggaa     80160
     ctggaggtgg gagagtttta aagactgagc ttgtgtctga gttttaaact gttttggtga     80220
     gcacaatccc atttctgggt caccctaaaa ctctcaagtg tctgaccacc tcagccctga     80280
     atgcctgtac acaggaccac agggccagtg acatgtagga gctcctgatt cccaagactc     80340
     tggcatttct ttttgtggaa aggaatccta ccccttccta gctctaagtc atgtgctgat     80400
     ctagtaatat caatgggtct ctgtggacct atgtagcctc atgactttct ttgtgtgacc     80460
     ctctgccgcc ctgtatccat gccctccgtc ttggcttgct ggcctctccc ggtttcttcc     80520
     attgcttagc acagccctcg cgtgtgctgg tatttctata ccaggggcag tcaggagtgc     80580
     agcacatatc ctctccctga ggaccagacc tagaatgttc aactgacaaa ttcgaatcct     80640
     ggctgatgca gacagaggag cttgtgccct atcctagagc acaagctcta aacacgttcc     80700
     ttctaagagg gaagcaaggt tgcaaaggtc ctgtggagac gtgtgcttcc agtactcctc     80760
     agccaccaga gctctgttct tagcccagat gcatttgaac ttgtcctacc accccaggaa     80820
     ttactcccaa acagaatccc actgccatca tggggaccgc ccctatcaaa attacatcag     80880
     caacggctgg tgtaatcaaa ccccatttgt cagtgtgaat tcttagcaga ttaacttgtc     80940
     agattcacag agaaaccgtc accaaatgtt tatgtgtaaa cgatgttgaa ttttaaaatc     81000
     atgtggatta tggcggatgg ggcctgacaa gatgacagtc tctggtttct aacaaagtga     81060
     agttaccagt gtcaaaacag aggatgttta ttgttaaaaa tgtctcaaag tatccacaga     81120
     aacccctgca gacccctgcc agcaatgctg ggcctttgtt ggctgaccta aggcctagga     81180
     ctcttctggt gtgaagccca gagcaggaat ggtggagttg cagacagact cagacaacag     81240
     ctgggaaccc catgtagcac cccacaccac taccccacca cacactcaca ttccaggccc     81300
     aggcaacaga aggaaggctc ttagacctcc cttaatcacg aggcgtgttc ttcaccctct     81360
     acacacagcc ctgtctgtcg tcctcttctc cctttcctca ccaccatcag ccccctgagc     81420
     ctctccctct tcatccccag attcctccct aggctgaaag ccaactctca gcctccctgc     81480
     ctggagctgg caaggccagc attactcagg tcagacatgg atgtttgcaa tcccccagcc     81540
     cgccaaccct agccatcccc aaacaccaca ggacatttcc tgtgcctttg ctttctgcca     81600
     gacctccacc aggaaatgcc agggcagggc tgagagatag acctgccacc caagcagtca     81660
     tgcccagggc ctagagtgtc acttgagtga ttcctgggcc ccattttaag ttttctcctg     81720
     tacattagtc agacacagga aaaatctgct gtaagaatta tctaaaaaga tgaaggctat     81780
     ctgtactggt acagaaaaat gttgtaagta tataaaatat gagtaaagaa ggggtggcta     81840
     atgtgatctc agtgttaccg gaggaagcta gcctatgtac gtgagtgtat ttacaaaagt     81900
     gcgtaaggaa ctcaagaagg cacagagcta catggagcat gagacagctg caggacagtc     81960
     ccctctgctg ctcgttaccc tgtgtactga tagatgctca cagatcactc ttttaataga     82020
     tcctttgacc atagccacag gcccctttag caagcctctc ctgagagcat cccagagcta     82080
     accccttccc ccacattcgt aagatctgtt cctactttct attcaccttt gtatttttta     82140
     acctttggat acataaaaca ttaacacaca catcccacct ttagaaggag agactttgtt     82200
     agaatgaggg tgagggcagt taataggaat ctagggccag gggtatagtt aggagtctgc     82260
     ttcctattag ttctgagtct ttggaagaca ggtctgcagt ttgagtactc tcaggcacca     82320
     ggcacaagag tcccgtgtga ggagttcata gccccagcac agctcctacc tagcttgacc     82380
     ctctaagcat caggggaatg gtgctctgag cctggaaaga acttgcccct ccacaaccac     82440
     attctcccca agacaggaga ttgtatttga cacttctatc ctcagctgag cccatctgat     82500
     ttctgtgcca acagaggagc caatccgcct gttacgggag gtggtgttgc tgaccgatga     82560
     tcggaacctt cgtgtaaagg cgctgacaag gaatgtgcct gtgagggaca tcccagcctt     82620
     ccttacgtgg gcccaggtgg gctgagggga ccacactggg gcccaccccc atggagccat     82680
     tcctgagagg ccgccaggcg cccagtgtaa cacggaagat gtccacgtgc ctgagctacc     82740
     aatccaccca gacaataaac catcctcttc caacctcacg ccgtggccgt gctgtggggg     82800
     agccgctcct cacagagccc tcccaagggt caggcggaaa ctgctgggac cctcctgggc     82860
     tgccaagatt tagcagggag gtgactggct acagtgacaa caggtggaca agccgagtag     82920
     gccaccaagc tcccaccctt tttccctcta tctggtccca gggctggagg gaggcctact     82980
     caccccgagg acccagccac tctgtagtgg taaggggcag agattctaaa gtttccatta     83040
     gatgcaagga aactgatcaa cccctcagtc tgcacagtct ctgtcctgaa tgtctgagag     83100
     gcttcagctg tcaggaaggg tgcccaggtg tctccatctc cctgaggccc agatgccctg     83160
     tggacccacg ctgacttctg tctgtaacag caacagcagc cctcgccctt caacacacac     83220
     gcacgcactc acacagcaca tgtgcacatg tttctcttcc tgtccacatc ttgcactttg     83280
     cccttgtttt ccttttgggc agtcatgggc ctaagggaag ggccatctgg tcttgggccc     83340
     gtgcgtcctg agtggccctc caccagcaca tgctcccatc cttggccttc ctttcactgc     83400
     agtaccctct tggggaaatt tcctcagact cttctttgct gccttccttt tctagttggc     83460
     ccctttcatc accccaaacc ccctaaactt cctcccctca gttccttgtg ggacttctcg     83520
     ttctgaatct tacccctacc acctgtgaca ggaaccaaat aaagccttcc cagctgtcct     83580
     tccttcccaa cccgtcacac ctctgagaag tctcctagct gggagagctg aaccccaagg     83640
     tagaggtgcc agggtgttga gcccgtttct ggctttgtca ttgtacttct ttacccagaa     83700
     gaggggacat ggggcccttt agcctttgag ggttttggtt cttttaggtt ttttgttttt     83760
     gttttttgct gcctctgttt acaacctcac ttggaggctc ccgaccagga atgaattcct     83820
     tcagtctagc aaagaggtag aggaggattg agaaggctgt ctcaggctaa gcaggggatc     83880
     acacaaccca cctcaggagg agcagtgctt caccaagggt gctctgccct tctcaggccc     83940
     aggacagtgc ccaggactca gctcagaagc tctcttgatt gtaaggcgca ggcaggctac     84000
     ttcctttgag gtcccctcct ctggctgtga gggtcattgg ctgggggttg ggggattggg     84060
     aatggaagaa tacctttctt ctttctgtcc cacttggaac cctggttttg tttccttaat     84120
     aaatttttag ttatgaaata taattgacct ctgctggtct attttttggg actggggagg     84180
     ggcggctggt ttgggcctgt acacctatgt tggggccttg ccacccaccg tggtgcaggg     84240
     gcagaagaga gccacaggat tatagggacc ttggttactg ctttattgct gtttggttga     84300
     gtatagaaaa tggaagcggc tctggaagag cctgtgtaca gagtagagaa tatacaaagg     84360
     gacagaacgg gaaccaagga aggagacctc tctccagccc agctaaagtt gggctcagga     84420
     taggggtcac ctagggcgca tgcaataaat atatggtccg gggaccccag gaagaggagg     84480
     ggacacctcg gaagcagaga cagatgggtc agggttgtca tccctggcgc cagagctgcc     84540
     caccctggtg gtgaggaaag gaagggttgg ccctggggct agtgccactt gtgcaaaatg     84600
     aggaacttca cattatcagt cccgggctgg gcaggagcag gggacgggga ggccctccgg     84660
     ccggctcagt cccctcccct ctctccaact gtgcccaatg ctccgacccc agcagggaga     84720
     ttcacagtga gaatgggtgt ggtcgcaagg gccggaggta gggctgggag cgtccgtccg     84780
     aataatggca tccttccccc aagagcagca cggagccggg ggagagggcc aatgagccac     84840
     agggagaggc agggttctcc tttggtcaaa gctgatatca aaaatataaa tctcccttcc     84900
     cctatcccac ccccgacccg gggttttccc ccactgactt ccccaggcta aggcactaaa     84960
     cagtgaggcc aggtgaggtg tagaaaggtg gggccaccac tgcggcgctg ccgctgctac     85020
     cagttatccc cgggctgtca ggcagcgccg ggcgcaccta ggagggacgg cgctctaggt     85080
     gggagagaaa cggtcgatgg ttcggctgtc cggtcctgcg gccaagtgcg caccctggct     85140
     cagcacctct gccgccttgt ctgggctgag tcctagctca gcagtgaatt tagccagcgg     85200
     gtagaggctc tccagcgcca ccttggggtc gtgcaggaag tgcgtggtct gcgccagcag     85260
     ctcggcagca gctgccttgt cctgctgctt cagactcagc tgttcagctg tgaggcgggc     85320
     cacagcaaag acaccctcag ggaagtcgag cttgcccttg ccgtcagggc cagggacgcc     85380
     aggtagtccc cccaggccag ccagcgcccc ggccgcgccg gccgcgccac ctacagcgtg     85440
     catcttcata tggctgatga ggttgcgctg ttgagcaaac ttgccaccgc acacctggca     85500
     ctcgtagggc ttctctccag agtggatgcg catgtgctcc gtgaggcgat actggcgggt     85560
     gaagcgcatg ccgcacgcgt cgcacgcaaa gggcttcagg cccaagtggc tgcgcatatg     85620
     gcgtgtcatg gttccgcgtt gcgtgaactt ctttccgcag atggtacacg gatagggcct     85680
     tgtcagccag tgtgtcttct cgtgctgcct cagcgtggcc gggtccttgt agctcttgtc     85740
     gcaggacgcg cagcggtatg gccgcagcag ctctcctagt ccgcccggcg ccccagtgac     85800
     cttgtcccca ccgccaccaa aggggggccc aaggccggcg gccccagcag ccacctcagc     85860
     agcctctgcc ctgccatata acgcctcttc ttcctctacg tgagcctcca cgtgtgcatt     85920
     cagctgttcc gagctgggga agcctttgcc acatgggatg cacacgtaca ggttgtcacc     85980
     aaagctctca ggctcaccat aagccaagtg cgggcatggg tagccctcca ggtggccgcc     86040
     gggtgggctg gggtcttcgc tgctaccggt ctcctcgctg ctgctcttat agtcgtcgcc     86100
     gtctgctcct gtgcctggcc cgtccaggct cccggggtag cgtggcgggg gtaccaggcc     86160
     cagcgggggg cccccgggtg aggcggcagg atccccaccg cgctcctcca ggcgctcacc     86220
     cggggagcct cgatcccgga ccagttcatc gccataacta cccaggcctg gctcgtgctt     86280
     catccagcgg tagaggaggc tggagccgtc ggggcggccg gggggctcgg gtcccggact     86340
     gccaccgctt cctcgaaacg ggtctggagt cggtacggcc tcctccagct tttggaaggg     86400
     caaaggcggc agcgggggca gggcgagtga tggctccttg tagactgcgg gccccgcacc     86460
     gggagggcta tccgggcgtg gaggcagttc gcgctcacta agcggtcgct cggggaccga     86520
     ggaacctggc gggctcttct tggacagatc caggccgcaa agcggggagc agcgacgctc     86580
     cggggcgcag agtgaggctg ctgggcccgg gcctgaagca tatagctcag cgcagtgggt     86640
     gttgacggct gcatcggggc ccgacggcgg ctcggcggca ggcggcggcg gtggcccggc     86700
     cggggacgag tagcaagcct ggatgacggg cgtggcagcc ctcaagcccc ggccgggccg     86760
     cccgtaagga gcgtagccgc cgccgccgct gcctcctccc cgcaggtggc agtacttgcc     86820
     gtggcgtttg aggcgcttct tgcacagagc cacgaggtca gggatctgca ggtagctggc     86880
     agcagccagc acagcgccca ggctcggctc cgcgcccggg gccaccgctg ctgctgctgc     86940
     ggcctcaaca ctgtcagtca ggcggccggt gtagatgaag tccagcacca ggcggaacac     87000
     ggccgggctc accatgtcat ggtccaggtt tagcaggttg tcatgcacca ccagggactt     87060
     gaggtaggcg ctgctggccg ccagcacgtt cttgtgcgcg cggaagaggg cattctgcac     87120
     cacgatgatc acgtcgcaca agaagccctt ggtgcgctga ttgttgagct gcagcagtag     87180
     ctgcctcgaa tggccaggcg cctccatcgt gtccagcatc gtctgcccag cacactctcc     87240
     tgcgggagac acacaccagc tgggtaagag ctacgcagtg cggtgccctg gcctcttgta     87300
     cccaacccag tcggttcccc tccgcttccc cttcccctca gctgatcagg ggcatggagc     87360
     accacggcct gaacagtagc cgaggaggat cagcggcctc cgggagtgga agcctaggcc     87420
     cgccggcccc agacagaagg tgcaggagga gaaaggctgt ggatggagag taggccaggt     87480
     tagcctatct gttccagccc cagatgctcc tgggcactca ggctgggtcc tgggaacttc     87540
     cagggagaaa tctgtttagg gcgaaatgac cctttcggag acaattaccc gatttaagta     87600
     aaatgtccgc ttcaggaaaa gtcattcagg gccgagaagt ttgcccaagt ggggagacaa     87660
     ggagccgagt tagaagcgcc tcccgcctcg aaagaagttg ccccggttag gggaagtgat     87720
     aaggaagacg ggagcaagat gcccatcgag gcaccgccct ggcccggggc tgtcaggcct     87780
     tcgttagggc cggccggccc ggcccgggga gcggagacag tggctgcggt ggcgggcaga     87840
     gcgcgaaggc cgggccccgg cgcggggagg gcgttatatc ggggcaggag gctgaggcag     87900
     gaagcaggtg ggggggaggg gggagccacg cagctcccag gggagggagg gggcagcgcc     87960
     ccgggcgggc acggcgcaca gccggctgcg gccctgaccc tggcctgcgc cccacccgcg     88020
     ttctggaccc agccggggcc tcggctccac atctcttccc cagctcccct ccgccccgtc     88080
     tcccccgaaa ctctgccgcc tcaaacttcg gggaaaactt tcccaacttc agacagggcg     88140
     ggaggagcgc gccggcccca gcccccctcc ctggccccca gttcctcctc tgggccccca     88200
     atttcagcag cctggtggca gtggggaccc acaccaaatc taaagccgcc ctgccctccg     88260
     gcgagcacgc ccgcccctgt tccccgcctg gcccgcaggg cctcgccggc ccgttacctg     88320
     cggcggccgc ccagcccggc ttccctccct gaggcggtgg cagctcctag cctgcgcccc     88380
     acccgccccg ctgccaggcg ccgagctgtg ccagggcagc gcccctgcca gccccgcccg     88440
     ccggctcccc ttgccttccc ctctcctccc cagcccatgt gcgggcagag ccggccccgg     88500
     gccgctgacc ccgccgtgaa cccggcgccg agcagcggcc cagccgtccc gagtcctcta     88560
     gggaagacac ttagagcccc aaacgccagc cgcgacccgg gcgcccacgc ctgaggatgc     88620
     tcccgaggta gccggcgcac gaggaccaga ttgtcccggg tcccttgccc ttccctgtcg     88680
     ccaactcgag gacccacctg gggggcatgt cggaagcccc gggcccggct gccggcggat     88740
     ccaggggggg acgtggctgc agtgcgctgc cctccgcccg ccgggccccc ggtcggtctg     88800
     tcttgccggt ccgtcctccc cgcgtcctgg tcgcgtctca gcccctccgc gctttccgca     88860
     cactcttatc tggagcggcc cgaaccggca gacgctgccg cggccatggc gccacctcgc     88920
     ggccacgcgg ggactgtgtg cggctgggct gcgacctctg gcgcacacct gggccaagag     88980
     gcttgcagat gcggagctga gcagatcttg caggttcgcg cgcttccaga tgtgcccacc     89040
     tggagactca gatatcggac ctgggagtcc cataaacctg ggggttttgt gctgagtgct     89100
     cccgagtaca tatttatatg ttatatcgcg ccaattcggg gggggggagg ggaaggttct     89160
     gtcttcaaat gaggaactct taagccaggg atggtggcgc attcttgtaa tcatcctagc     89220
     atagcaccca ggagttggaa gcaagaggac caggagttca aggtcagcct ctactacctg     89280
     agaccctatc ttagaaaagg ggttggggtg gaacactacg aacagtattc tgtgagaggg     89340
     cgagcttaga aatcctaagt gagatgaagg tacatacgtt cggagcagga gcggggcggc     89400
     ttttattaga catttctgaa caccattatt cacttggact cagtggagag agacacattc     89460
     caactctccc tcagacacat gttatcagta tgcacatcat aaaccgtcca cactcaaact     89520
     ctgtccaagc agtgacaagg gcgcgccatg tttacacaga ccgcccaccc cctcccggag     89580
     tcccaacttc ttgggctact gcggaggcta ctacgtgaaa cggggtagag gtcctaccaa     89640
     agagccctcc ccgaacttgc gggtctccag aaggacccta gagccctcca ttggaaatag     89700
     ctggacagag cccccttgcg acgtgcccct caagtcccca atcccccatc taagcagttt     89760
     tgagggatct tagtttgccc ccccccaata caccattcga gagatatcac gagaacgggc     89820
     ggcttgagac cccctcaaaa aaagatccta cacgccacac aagggagagc tcattcatgt     89880
     tggtgactcc tcttttagga gggaggggag cgtgcaccag ctcttgggtg ctcaccggaa     89940
     atgtccctgc atagcggggc ggaggcataa gcaccgttgc aagcaccgcg cctccgtggc     90000
     ccacgctccg cctcttcccc gcacctcctg acccccgccc acgctatagg gggggtcccc     90060
     ccaaaccgcc cacagcttct tattggctgc gccatcctcc gtggccaagc cggagaggct     90120
     ggggctcaga gttactatgg taaccaatga ggttcccggg atctcatctc tcagaggcct     90180
     tggagagctt agcaaccgcg cggggcgcag ggcgggtggg ggctacgctc gccgcacccc     90240
     acgctgtctt cgagccccca ctcccccgct tgaggtagtg gctgagtcac tcgcccgggg     90300
     cagccggccg ggcctctagc tgtaccagtg agacaccaag gtcttgggcg cctcctagag     90360
     gctgcgtttc tttggcagga gacttctatg cctggcctag gcttctggtc caaagagtct     90420
     tcaaggctca ccaggtttcc gcgacagtgt gctccgcctc catctaatcc acttactact     90480
     tcgtatctcc gtacagtgtc catacaagac aaacactgca gtcccacggt ggactccaca     90540
     atttctgagc tctaggagaa gtgaagaggt accttggtat ctctgtcgag ggatacgcct     90600
     tggggctgaa gcggaagtgt aacggagcgt ttgaggataa gaaggctccc cagaagtgct     90660
     cttagggatg agttttgaca actctgagtt ctcccacaag caagggtgtc tctgatgtct     90720
     ctgttttaaa tgttttctcc ttttaatggg gttagatcgt gcgagtctgg agagaaagct     90780
     ctgtatgtgt tttacacaat ggagtttatc cgctggttga cccataagga ggtcggctgg     90840
     gtcttcagtt ccttcttgtt ctatccctct ccaccgactc aagcccttgt tgtatcgcta     90900
     tggggccaac cacataaacc ttgcccaagt ttcactgtgt actcccctcc cctcccctcc     90960
     ccttctctcc tctcctctcc tccacgcccc accaccacca ccaccacagt ttcaagtcta     91020
     cggctagcct cgaactcaca aaggcgtcta cttcccacgt acaaggatgc gcaccaccat     91080
     gcccctcctc ttaactttgc tttccccttc ttcctgagct cctctggtca tcctggtgca     91140
     gcttcctcct ctccgtgaac gcatgacgac cccatttaga gcccggagac agaatcgggc     91200
     tgttttggag gacctgttcc atatcgtatt tgcctttagt ctattctgac tcctttagaa     91260
     aggagtccca gctacacaca ccctctgcca agctattgag cccccttagt ctcattttct     91320
     ctcttacagg ctctgcctat gcctattcca ccccactgag gtggccccct cgtgccccct     91380
     ggggcactgc caagttggct ctccagtact tgtcaggcta gcccttcctt ttgtggatac     91440
     tccgtacagg gattttccaa actcttacag aagatcttct gctcatttct aaagtccaga     91500
     ccactctcct tagactccct gatcttctct gcggtttcca ccatctgacc ggtacctttc     91560
     ctcctgtgac ccagtcaaga agccttccaa aactcccagg cttctccacc cctctttccc     91620
     cagctcctag atgtcaaagt ccgaggtgca ctctactccc ctcctaaacc ggtccagttt     91680
     cttgcctcac cccccacccc ccccccacac acacaccagg agagagcgag gataccacgg     91740
     tggccaaatg ggagtgatac catcgcgggg catcttctgg cgtcagagga ctgtagggtc     91800
     tagggaatga gcagtgtggt ttggggctgc caagggagga cccctgcggt ccaggagaaa     91860
     agaactgaga tcctaggact cgcaaagccc cggaagggga gagtgaataa acacagaacg     91920
     gggcctcacc ctccctgcac tattctcccc cagcccgtcg cctgcagttc cggaaagtta     91980
     accccttgga ggccaagcct ggggttacgt actcccctac ccaaccctgc ttccgcgtgc     92040
     gcaccctcct cccgctccaa ctccctgtcg cttcgtcccg ccctccccta cgccccccct     92100
     ccccgcttgc cactataaat agcctctttt cccgtttcct aaattctctg ctgacgtcgg     92160
     cagcgcgtca gtgtgtagga gccgcggccg catgaatgag ccgccgcacg agtactacgc     92220
     gcgcctataa aagcggcggc gccggccggg ctgcgggagg caagccggca ctggtgcgac     92280
     gcggcccgac aggtaaggac caccaacagt cggagatggg cagatgcgcg gacgccatgg     92340
     gaaggcgagg aggggaccgg aggggcggcg ggttggaggg ggactccgga gtgaggatgg     92400
     ggggcagagt gggagggacg aaggttcctt tcagcttggt ggaccagggg ccggcggctg     92460
     acccaaccct atgcagcacc tgccggcacc caaatgcaga cgcagacact atggagaaac     92520
     atcaagcgga gagccgagcc cccgacccca tttcccgagg ctgagcagct cctgcgccat     92580
     cctttcaaga aagtggggag aaggtgctgg cgtctcagga gacgcgcccc ctcatttctc     92640
     ccctgtccgc agagcggtga ctcagcctag atggccccga ctgactgagc cagggcgccc     92700
     acgacagaca gacgcacacc tcggccctgc ggctttcttg ggacccccgt cctgcatgct     92760
     ccacacacgc cccttccctg tcccgtccct tcccgtccgg tcccgtcccg tcccatcgga     92820
     ctgtcccact gagctcagga cttcccgcct ctgcaagcgg agctgtcctc tcaggaccag     92880
     gcgggggcgg ggcttcgatc aggccgcccc gccctacccc caccgctccc caccgccgga     92940
     aatgcctccc cgctgggaca tctttgacgt cacaggactc tgacgtcacg gtcgcgtgtc     93000
     tgtccgcgcg cgcttgggag gaggtggggg ggcctgagaa gcagcagcac tctcaactgc     93060
     gggcgacggg atatccccgc ccgggcagcg cgccggcacc ttggctctag actgcttact     93120
     gcccgggccg ccttcagtaa cagtctccag tcacggccac cgacgcctgg ccccgcccca     93180
     ggaccgccga cccccggccc ctccacgcct ccctgcgccg ctgtccgcgg tgctgatgca     93240
     gtgcaagcgc ctccctcggg cacgcctgtt caaggtccct gtgggttgcg gtgggcgcag     93300
     gccccgcaga cactcgcgcc acccccgccg cccgcggtgc tgacgtcagc ctgcaagccc     93360
     cgcccccgcg tctccagggc aaccgtggct ttcgattgtt actgtgggaa ccggaggtaa     93420
     cagtctacag ccatggtcgc cccgcagcac gcccacgctc cccaccactc ccgagttctg     93480
     ccagcctggg tttgggcaga tacagagcaa gaggaggcgg ggcggcgacg caacattcga     93540
     tgtgtctgcg gaggtggcaa gaggtgtgct cagaaaggcg gcctttcagg ctgctgtgca     93600
     tctacctcgg tgcagaagca agatccgcgg agtgtctgaa catcctcctc agagactctc     93660
     ctgtcttcct agtcgaggta tcgctgccta aggtggcgag aaaatgggtg gttctgcgat     93720
     aaggattctt atctcatgag tggtgaaccg atgggatcag gagtcctgtg agaaggaaga     93780
     agtcactttt gccagcagaa agctgaaggg ggaggagaag gaagttttat cacacctttc     93840
     ttccagaaaa ccctaggtga gcaggtagag gggaaagggc aaagaatccc tttcctgata     93900
     gagccataac tctgtccccc aactttctcc tgggccatca ttaaaagggt ccttaacaca     93960
     gcaagaagct ggcaggctag tgaaattcac ctggccccta attcattgtc tgaaggtatc     94020
     agccagcagt cttccctcaa ctggtctgta agtaatgcat cccaacttga gatcttcaaa     94080
     cgtgccccca aaaggagtac aaccacagag actgcacgta aatactctct gtggctaggg     94140
     ctgttgagag actctgtctg atagggtaga aatcctgagt gtaatcaaga tgcagaaaac     94200
     aaatagcagg gataatttga aaagaggaca gccggacagt ggtggcgcac gcctttattc     94260
     ccagcactcg ggaggcagag acaggcagat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacaa     94320
     agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctataca gagaagccct gtcgtctcga aaaaaaccaa     94380
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaaaaa gaaaaaaaga aaagaggacc     94440
     ttttgcagat ggaacccatc agaagatgtg gttagaaggt tgactatata atgctttgag     94500
     tgttcgttgt cctagaaaac atttagtgta aaccatgcct tctttcccaa ctttacacat     94560
     tagaaagcag aagcccaggt tgggcattta gcctatagag agcggtagtt tttgcttgct     94620
     ttttactgga cagcagaaag accaaccaaa accaggagct gcagtgtata cctgcagtcc     94680
     cagttgctca ggagcctaga caataaatat gagataaata tgagattcgt gtctcaaagg     94740
     ggggggggat gatgacaaca gacaagaata tggggctttt gagtctgaat catccaattt     94800
     tgagtaaggt acttagcctt tctgtgcctg tttcctcaat tgtaagactc agttattagg     94860
     ttaatgacag tactttttca tgaaattaga caatgggggg ggggggggac aggggtgctg     94920
     ggcatagagc tcagtagtag gtctgtgctt agcatgccta aggtcctggg tttgatccca     94980
     gcaccaaaaa taaatgagtt aggctatggt agagcatgct ctgaatacca gatcttggga     95040
     gacagagata agtggatttc tgtgagttca aggataacca gaacttccgt gagacccccg     95100
     tctcaaaaat aagttagatg acaggcttct atttgtctca ttgtctggta tagttaattc     95160
     tcaataaatg ttatttctac ctctggacct tatccgcctg ggctgtacat aaatgttaga     95220
     gcattgattc ctcgggggga gggggcttct ttttctcccc agagggtttt gagtcccact     95280
     agaggctctt tcctaatacc acatatttac cagagactta aaattctacc caagactgta     95340
     gtttgcaaat agctacatca ggaatgacca ggggcagaca aataggtcta tagttttctc     95400
     taggaactcc aggtttaaca agtgttcctt gtgtaggtgg cccccaggga tgtgcatgtg     95460
     gtagttcatt ccgcatggtg ggaagtaact ctccacttgt tgggactcgg aactgttctg     95520
     attcttggga gggctcttca cttcagacat gggcccttct gtgtgttcca cctaatagag     95580
     ctctgcttga accctctcct ccctttttcc tggtagagcc agggcctaca gaccactcac     95640
     atgaaccttt gcctttattt atagggctac caagtacagg tcatcctgtc ccccagcttg     95700
     gagctgacac agggggctgc ctatgactgc cagtggtctg agtactaact tgcaaaccca     95760
     ccaattagtt acagaaaagc aaatagacca aagggtttat aaaattccac gtgttcaatc     95820
     tccttttgtc aaggaagcaa tcactgtaag gcaagaacaa ggcacagaga ccaatccccc     95880
     acccaagctg ttaaaaaggg atctcaaatc agtacatggg actttggggt ataattccag     95940
     tctatccttt cgtgaaattt taaaatgttt agtgtgtatg agatggcatg tgttagctag     96000
     cagtcagtgc ctttaacctg ctgagccatc tcactgtctt ttggtggaaa tcttgagccc     96060
     taaagaagcc agaggccttt gtaactgagt cagacttcta tgtaagtgga gttcggggca     96120
     agagaataca tggcaaggct ctgccttggt catctaacag aggttacaga gagcgttcct     96180
     gtgtagccct ctctgtcctg gaactccatc tgtagactag gataagctca gtctcagatc     96240
     tgcctgtctc tgccagtgct gggatgaaag gcacgtgcca ccactaactg gttgttttta     96300
     gactagactg tcctctacct ctgcctgcat gtaccaccat ggccattggg tcattgactt     96360
     tttaaacaca tatcatgtac aaccctggga cctgggacta gagcctctgg aactaagagc     96420
     tatagatgtt tgtgagctac attgtggatg ctggagcccg aacctgggtc ctttgaaaaa     96480
     gcagcccatg tccttaacca cagaaccatt tctctgatgt ataccttgaa acacttgtgt     96540
     gtcaagaaca tataactctg ggtataagaa tgacttggga gtaactggcc aactccaact     96600
     cctgctcagt gactaagctc cctagaagat attgtggtgt gggactaggt aagtaccttg     96660
     tgatatcttg gaaaaactgt ctttcagagg cagaagtcag aaagcagcgt gcctatgtgt     96720
     gtggcaagat tgggcactgg aagtgagaag aaaaatggca agaagttaag ctgagcaggc     96780
     tacttaagct ttggctttct caacatatca ataattagca tcatcaatta tgaatagcag     96840
     taatctcaga aaccctgaag atggcttcat taggaaaagg caggttactc tgtgctgtct     96900
     ttggcctcta cccaacatat ggtactaccc aagtcttcaa gctcagagtt cagaggggga     96960
     tggaacagtt atggaagaga aagcaatggc caagccaggg accaggatgt aggaaaccta     97020
     aaagcagatg gagccaagca gagccttgcc aagtgttttc tttccccaaa ctcctcaaac     97080
     gtaaaacttt ctgattctaa gtgaccaaga tatctagctt cttcagtctg ggacttaaac     97140
     ttccacaaaa ggatggtgac atggctcagc aggtagaggc atgacttgcc aagtcaaatg     97200
     atcagagctc agaaagaacc cacatggttg aatcaactcc ccgcacttat cctctgatct     97260
     ccacaagtct gcacccatac acacaataag ccgaatttaa agatacaaaa caataaatga     97320
     cttccaccaa aaatgtgtcc ttgggtttgg tttggtgctg ccccaggatc ggggcagcag     97380
     gagaaaggca ttcaacatct aaagcatcgc tttattgtct gtcagtcaca ggggtgccag     97440
     cccctgcctg cccacccctg tcttctcaca ggctctctgg gcttatgtgt gtcctgagaa     97500
     ctgacagttg tcttaactag ccatggtgag gagacagggg agagctgctg gacaaagtgg     97560
     gagcagtgcg gagacatttg tccatccttc attctgcaaa ctggtccaag aacttaaggt     97620
     aggcctgacg ctgagatgca gctgctggaa tgaagtgacc accggagtgg gtgagggtga     97680
     cggctccaag gaatcggcta gccaattgca tactctcctg agaagggatg actcgatcag     97740
     tatccccaaa aacatgaagt gaaggcagtg acatggggct ctgcaagata ggttccttaa     97800
     ggcctcgggg acagaacccc gacacaagta taataaatct tggcaagggg aagcgaggat     97860
     cgcctgcctg gcccagggca cacacataag ctgctagtgc agccccctgg ctgaagccaa     97920
     gaagtccatc aaacggcccc agcgtgtcaa gggcccgtgc caccgtttcc agggcctcct     97980
     gcagacccct gcacactgtg gactcttcca gagcagagaa aacatcggct tcctcctcag     98040
     aaaaccacca gcctcgaggc tgctcctccg gagaacaggg ccctagaagc agatgggaga     98100
     agagcacagg cccagggtta gagatggtga gaagaaaaag gcagagcttg ggaaagtgca     98160
     gccaggggac ttggggggcg ggagggacct ggaatggcct ggacacagat aaaggaggaa     98220
     acctgggagc tcagactaga gccggagtta aaggcgctag gtgagaactg aggtccaggt     98280
     gtgcgaaggg gtccagcaag tctcacccga gtctggacac gaaccctcgg gagccgctgc     98340
     ctcggggacc gggtgaggtc cgctgaggca cacaagctct gcccgacccc gcagcgtctt     98400
     cctcagcgct ccggtcttct cacggaagcc ccgctcgctc tgccggaagc cggctagaca     98460
     cagcactcgc agggtctgcc gtgccgccat actgcagacc gaccggaagc aggccttccc     98520
     aggcggaagt agaaccggca agggggcagg gcccgtgcgg ggaacacccc taaggcgggg     98580
     ctctcctaaa acaaaaaggt ggggcgtggc tgcaaatacc tgctgctctg gccctctcag     98640
     ggagccggcg aagtagcctt ctggtctgcg cagttgcaac tctcacaggc tggggctgga     98700
     gagccgcctc tggacccttg ctgcacctga ggtagcagat agattcaagt ctctctactg     98760
     caacctccac ccggctccct tgcatttccc ccgctgtcct cagggcggcg gcggtggacc     98820
     acgtcacgcc tgtaggctgc ctctcagccc tgcttaaagt gggctacctt gtcagatgca     98880
     ggctggcaga gaccccgagg tgctcggtcc cgaccgtagt tcactgtcca tggccctaag     98940
     gagctgccag agtagaagtc catggggtag ggttgctgcc aagaaatgtc cttcagggcc     99000
     acagctgcct aggggagaaa agacaatgat attctttctc tctctttctt ctttctccct     99060
     tccttccttc ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     99120
     ctctctctct ctttctttct ttttttgtcc ctgcattagc aaatttgacc agggtctatg     99180
     aagggagtgt attatcatcc ttcagaaagg aagagtgaag tgaagagagt cgcagctaca     99240
     cagcgagtca ggtgtgttgg ctcacatctc ccagcaactc ttaaatataa acaaaaacta     99300
     cacagcaaga tggtggctcg atctcagaac ctgcaaccct acgtgctgct tacccatgcc     99360
     agccatctca caaccctccc tcaacaggaa atacaaagat tttcaaaatg tggctgttac     99420
     ctcgtacggt gtcagcagtg gcttgggaaa ggctgaaccc cagtcaatgg agaggcgtgg     99480
     acatgccacc tgcacccacc tagggagata agtcagttaa gatgtgacat gaaggtcacc     99540
     tctctctggg gtaccacact gaagaacata acggtgtctc agtatctcag tatgtccact     99600
     tgtcaacaga ttgcactgat ccaactatat actgttggga aggtaactct gattgccctg     99660
     taagcctagg acttgacctt aactcccaaa accattgcat taaaagcaaa agtggagctg     99720
     gacacacagc ttagtggttg agggagctgg ctactcttgc agaggattca agttcaattc     99780
     ccaacaccca catagtagct cacaaccttc taaagtaaga ggcaaaattt gtgtgtgtgg     99840
     tatatgatat acacttgtac tccagcactg acgagatcca gacaggtgga ttgcttcagg     99900
     ggaaaagaga aggggggggg ggtggacacc aaagcttcac acaaactaac acacatgcaa     99960
     aagaaaaaaa aatccacctt aatggaatca aacacagcaa ggggcatgtc atcagccctt    100020
     cactccataa gccaacttct ggggacagtt cagttgtaac tacccatcta gaaccaaggt    100080
     ttgtacacag tgctcttaca ctcattccca ccagactatg atggctagac aatgcaggcg    100140
     gcccatggtc aagggtggcc cctgctagat aagttcttga tctgtgctgg ccagaacctg    100200
     ttttctaagc tcccgttagc tggtcaccat acatgggtaa ggtggggaaa ctcacacatc    100260
     cacctcagga agtagactga gcttgctggg gaagatctca gagagcaaca gcctcacgaa    100320
     aggaagtccc aagtttctga gctgagattc caagtgctgc cgagagaggg aggccaggca    100380
     ggagcttctg agatgaagtg gccaaagcta gacacctcag cctactggtt tctccagcta    100440
     ctttcctgtc agccccctcc tcttgatgcc caggcctctc acctccagga tcttgggact    100500
     gccctggcgg cccaaggttc ccagaataag gccccaggat ttggctgagc gtgcagcagc    100560
     aatggcttcc tggcgagtgg cctgcatgcg ctgatggtca tagtattctc tggataggac    100620
     tttgccatat gggtcatacc tggaaaagtt gtcaggatca cggtgacagc ccagagtcag    100680
     ctaagtggtc cctgacacaa gatctaaaga gggatttagg aaatctggcc ctagttggaa    100740
     acaaggatta ttactgagat cagtaaccat agagatcagc cctccagcta gggcaggcaa    100800
     gagcaaggga gtgttttaag agcttggggg tgactcccgg gtaggcaaca gcattcctgg    100860
     gtctaaattc cagatgtgcc ccagtcattt agtgaccagg gaatgaaggg gtagttcagc    100920
     ctaatgaggg cctccagggc agaggctctc atcctgccat acatggtcag ccctccccag    100980
     cccataccgg taagcaggta tattagggtt ggcaatcatg acagactcca gatgaaagcg    101040
     gccatctcca agatacctgc agggtgggaa gagtgtgtaa gtgcagtaat ggaatagcaa    101100
     agggggtgcc ctggcttaca ggtccggaga ctgagttctc agccacccat gctgctgagt    101160
     cagggagact gatgtcagtt catctcttca ggcctcttgt atgtccagca aggaccggac    101220
     agagacatct aagagacagc tgtgtgatgc agcagcttcc atggcaagtg ccaaggccaa    101280
     agaaaggcca cctgggccca agagcactat tcgaaagctg agggagagtt tctcttttat    101340
     tcagctcaac atagacatag aggttgtgtt taagatgtct gctcagggct ggagagacag    101400
     acggctcagt ggttaagagc actggttgct ctttcagagg acctgggttt aattcccagc    101460
     acctacacag tggctcacag ccactggtaa ctcctagaga atatgatgca cttttctgac    101520
     ctccaaaatg gaccaggcac acatgtggca gacatacatg aaggcaaaac attcatgcaa    101580
     taaagagtgg tgggtctctg aatctgaggc cagcctggtc tacagatgaa ctctaggatg    101640
     gccagggcta cacagggaag ccctgtctag gaaatccaaa atgggctata taggctgtag    101700
     aagaggttcc agggtacaca ctggctgttc ttggaccaca cccagcactg atacagtaca    101760
     aagttatact ttcaaagtcc ctaaaacacc tatgctattg ccatcgtaca ggaggtaaac    101820
     ccaagcttca aagactttaa tacattgctc aagctagaca tattggctta tgtctttaat    101880
     cccagcagtt gaggggcaga ggcaagggaa tctctatgaa gttgaggcca gcctgggcta    101940
     tacagtgagt tccagaacag caaaggctac aaagtaagac aaaagaaaac ccacttgctc    102000
     aaagctcaaa agctatcaag ccatgtattt gagattgggt accaggtttt accaccaggc    102060
     cacatagaac ataccctcag agataccctc actcacagta ctgtcatagg acctgcagag    102120
     tccggggcct ataagataag acatccatag catctgcttc tttctctctt ggagagcata    102180
     atggaggcca acactcaacc tccctcaaca cgcaccttga ggcctcagag gatgggtatc    102240
     cattatgctg gcacaagtac atggggcatg gccctcaggg agcagggctg ccaggcctgg    102300
     gctgtggaag tcctatgtgt gggcctaagg gcaggagtat cctatgtggg tgtagccaaa    102360
     cctgtgggac cagtccccaa agctgccagt ggtggggctg aatcacagcg cccctccttc    102420
     ccttcttgcc actagctagg aaaggactcc catccccggt cccagccgaa gaagctgtcg    102480
     aagaagctgt cggctgtgag gctggctgca ttcacacaac attaagcatt tccattacct    102540
     aaaataatta ggcggcagga gacacgctgc tcctgcttgt tagctgtccg gatgctaaat    102600
     taatggggct gcagcctggg cgtgcccatc catcttctcc aattacattc tctccatttc    102660
     tacccaccct gatcccccca tcaggccctc tgagttctgt ctccaccctc agcacggctt    102720
     tctagatgaa ggatggacag ctggagagtg caagtaaact tgaagtgtgg tccccatata    102780
     cggcccatct tccaaggtga ccttgagcac acaggtttgg aactttagac tagcctcttt    102840
     ccctgaggat acatcttttg aatgtgtcta caaactggcc cccatgtttc acttacacaa    102900
     cagcttccac ttccttggat agccgagggg atgtgcagcc taggatctcc ccaggggaca    102960
     ggggcttgca ctgtgggaca ctgatgtgat aatcagcttt cagctcctgt gcagctgcct    103020
     gtattgataa tgaaggaaag ggagctggga gaaagtcagg gccagaggaa cagcccagag    103080
     caccaggcac gggagccagg agcagccctc tactaccctg gagtagccgc tccagcccac    103140
     acaatgctag ctgatctact tacctgtaag gttgacacaa actgaatggt gctgaccaga    103200
     gcgagtgagc tgcctggggt aaaggtgagg cggaccgagt ccagaaggtg ggcagtgtct    103260
     atccggatat ccacgaagac atacaagact cggaagtctt gaacggaggt gtccatgggg    103320
     actacagaga agagttcaaa acaagtgttc tgaaaggcag gaggagcgag gatcctggcc    103380
     caggcccact cttaaaagca gccagggcat tagcttcagc ttgcgaggga ttacgggaga    103440
     ggggaggatc tccattctca tcctagctgg gtacccagcc tgttctccca gtaacagcct    103500
     ttcacacacc tgtatctgcc gggtgtgctt acccacacct ataagccagc agctgggagg    103560
     ctgaaacagg agcgcagctg ttaggttcca ggcctccctg ggctagagag ttagactgtc    103620
     tcaaaatcca gcccaaccca aacaaacaaa aacatcaaac atgcacatct gagacagtag    103680
     caggattccc aaggcagcca aatccaaagg aaagggcaaa ctgcaaagca gaaagaccaa    103740
     ggccaccctg ggaaccagga gggactgtgt gcttgcaagt acaacaagag aaacacacgg    103800
     tagagaagac cagcctgcag cctgcctccc tgccagtatt ctggtgtccc agcccaccat    103860
     acctagacag ctgtgaccat agtgcaccag gaagtcaact cccaaggccc ttgcagtgaa    103920
     gtcatccaca cagcaagccc cataggtgac atcacccatc accatcacct cagcctctgt    103980
     gaacctgtag gggtggggtt ggggaacagt ggaacagaga cacagtgtga gatgggagac    104040
     agtcctcact ctggaggtgt ttcaggaccc agatctcctt gacttggcag ctgccaacca    104100
     agagtaggag gggtacatct gccacctccc tcagccctgg cagcagctcc tggaacagtt    104160
     gctatgtgag gatatgtcgg cagcaccctg tccagcctta gactgcaaga ccccctagcc    104220
     ctcagaagta catgtgaata gtccagacag acccctgaga ctgtgactta gcgtacccag    104280
     ggcacgtaaa gattccccct gacaaactct ggcattattg tatgtggagc tgtggatgtg    104340
     tgtggaggcg tggtctcccc ttgcccagac ctcaccagct ccccacccag aggtaaggcc    104400
     atgggtgccc aggattggga ggacccatgc gcagcttccc cacagcacat ggtgctgccc    104460
     acactcctca tgcaatcagg aagagtgggc tctggacagc acattgtttt gagatctgct    104520
     gccaggactg aatcactggg ggacagggtg gtagaaaaga ccctgcaccc ccaaaatcac    104580
     cgctgggaca gagcaggaag gaggcttagc tctacttgga agacactgta cctgggcata    104640
     gatgttggct ctgtggctgg atcccccatt cttgctctgg ggtgcagtgg agggggaagc    104700
     tgaaccgctg ccagtctgcc ccctcctcca cccccttccc caaatcaggc tgtgcacaga    104760
     agcagattat tcagctcctt agaatgcagc ccaggctctg agtcagccag agcacttaat    104820
     tttttataga ttaaaatgta tgcaaattgg cctgagcccc agagagcatc cccaaggggc    104880
     aagagggtgg gagcagggaa gtgggtctat ggtggtgggg agggagaagg gtgagggcag    104940
     cagcagggaa gtaggaggtt cccagcatga gatgacctcc cctttctgca ttccccctcc    105000
     ctgcgctcat gctggctcca gatggctgag cactgctccc cccacccccc agcaatggtt    105060
     cattgtcagg aagaaactta gaaggagggg gcagaggaac tgagtatctt tccctaggca    105120
     tctctcacct ctgccaccca cctgctccca ccctcttcaa ctccccagcc tctcatccct    105180
     ccactctgcc ccaacccttg acagccagac cctcacccat ttagggttag cttttttagg    105240
     ttcctcccag atgctaccat ctgctctggc ctagaaacag aaattaactt ctttgccctt    105300
     gctcagacta tataagggaa gggaaatgga caagccaagt tctcagcaac ctgggaattt    105360
     tgttttgagt ttttcccttt tgtgtgtata taacatgctt gtagggttag ggtttagcca    105420
     gtggtccagg agagaaaaat tatgccaaca gacattgctc tccagtgacc aagcctcacc    105480
     tttccaagat atccacaata gtgcaggcaa agaggaggag gccttctggc atttgtaagg    105540
     ccactgcaag acaaacagat gaaaggcaga gagctaaagg agctgggaca ggactagccc    105600
     cacttctggg caggcaacct ttccaacctt gtcacagctc cacccttgag ggctcaccct    105660
     tcttggcctg ggcctgctgg attctccaga tggttttggg gatctcaaag ttgtagttag    105720
     aaggcagaac ttggacagca gcctgtaact gggggttgtt caggacctca ggggggatct    105780
     gattggccag tcgcccccga gagatgcgac ctagaaaaaa cattaaagcc tgagtctgca    105840
     tctgccctag accacaggca gccagagcct cttaatctgt taactctaaa ttgaaggccc    105900
     agattccaca cacaaaggat atccacccag cttttgccct aactgaattc atcctacaga    105960
     tagagacagc ccataaacca ggggggaaat ctgcatgatt aatttctatg ctgtgaggtt    106020
     actagcagtc ataaatgggg gtatgactca cccctcagga ctagagatga cacaaaaaag    106080
     actaaaaagc aaaggagtca cacaactcaa gtcccactga tttggcccaa gttgcttaat    106140
     ccatactttt gtccctctcc tcatttaaaa gaataataaa gccaggcatg gtatgtacat    106200
     ctatgatccc agcattcaag aagctgaggc agaaggatca agatgtcaag accagtaaag    106260
     tcaacaagac cttattctcc cctcctcccc caccccaccc cccaaaaatc tgggctgggg    106320
     agatggctca gcagttaaga gcactcactg gctgctcttc cagatgctga attcaatttg    106380
     caaaacctac atagtggctg acaaccatct atagtgggat ctgataccct cttctgtcca    106440
     caggcataca cgcaaacagt acactggtaa acataaagct ttttttgggg gggggggggt    106500
     ttggtttttt gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta    106560
     gaacaggctg gcctcgaact cagaaatctg cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta    106620
     aaggtgtgcg ccaccacacc accacccagc ttaaagcttt aaaacaaaaa aaaattctga    106680
     gtttgaggct aaccaggtct acatagtgat ttccaggcca ctcagagtta cataatgaga    106740
     tgctatcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa aaagaaaaaa gaaaaaaaat tccccacaaa    106800
     aatcggaggt gaagaaagaa aaggtaaaag tgcttgtcac acaagcatga ggacctaagt    106860
     tcagatctcc agcacccatg caatgagctc cagtttcagt gacagactgg agagatggct    106920
     cagcgttaca agcacttgtc actgacagca acctgcaact ccagctccag gggatcgaat    106980
     accaggtact tgcacacaca cgtgtgcatg catggaaaca cacaaataaa aagtaagttt    107040
     tagccgggcg tgctagcaca cgcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggcgga    107100
     tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac    107160
     agagaaaccc tgtctcgaaa aacctaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagtaag    107220
     tcttaaaaag aaaatggagg actggaaaga ggactagggg tacaggtgcc tgccttggag    107280
     cctgaggacc tgagctcaat cccctgaatc catatgataa agggactcat ggtctccaca    107340
     cgtgtcacca cacaggcatg cacgcacaca ggaggacaca tatacatgca agtgggtgca    107400
     cacacgcaca cacagactta cagacacaga caccccccac caaatgttta tttttttctt    107460
     aaagacaagt tctctctgtg tagctctggt tggtctggaa ctcactatat agaccagaca    107520
     ggcctttgcc tcctgagtgc tggaattaaa ggtataccac catgcctggc ttaaaaactt    107580
     tttttttttt tttttttggt ttctcagtgt agccctggct atcctagaac tcactctgta    107640
     gaccaggctg ccctcgaact cagaaatccg cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta    107700
     aaggcgtgcg ccaccaccgc cccgcaaaat ctttttaaaa aaattttttt ttaaaaaagt    107760
     ggagaacagg ggctggtgag atggctcagt gggtaagagt acccgactgc tcttccaaag    107820
     gtccagtgtt caagtcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca accatccgta acaagatctg    107880
     atgccctctt ttggtgtgtc tgaagacagc tacagtgtac ttacatataa taaataaata    107940
     aatcttaaaa aaaaaaaaag tggagaagat acctgacata gacctctggc ttctacacac    108000
     aaacacacac acacaaacat gctcacacag acacacagag tcacacacat acacacaatt    108060
     tagtcgggca tgatacaata agactgtatc aaagtgaaaa gtaaagatat agcacacact    108120
     acttgcttag catggacaag gccctgggtt caatccccac tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    108180
     tgtgcgccac gtcagtgaga gtgcatgcat gcatgtgtgt acatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    108240
     atgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtaa ttttgaaatt ttggtggtgg tcatggtgga tgtctaggcc    108300
     accatgtttg agaccctgtc tcaaaacagc cacaattggt ggtggagcag ttcagtccta    108360
     tagaacttgc tccttttcta gagagccaga gtttgatttc cagcacccac attgggtagc    108420
     tgtaactcca gctcccgagg gatcagatac actcttccaa cggcttctag tacacacaca    108480
     ggtgtcacac acacataaat gctaaaacaa acaagtaagt cccctggtcc ttagttctta    108540
     cgttcatcct aggaaggcca gaaagaacac actttagtgt gtcagtggac aaacagctta    108600
     caccttagga gttaacactc tagcctgagc agagatatac aaatgagccc ttgaacagaa    108660
     aaaaatactg aaaccagagg gacagcttaa tgggtaaagg tgccaggcct caggacctat    108720
     gctccaaccc tgtgcatcca tccacatgga agaaactccc tccactagtt actctatgac    108780
     ttccacaggc actgtgacac ataatgtaaa ataaatgaat gttaatgttt ttctaattct    108840
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tggtttaaaa aaaaaatacg gagtcgggca gtggtggcat    108900
     acacctttga tcccaggact caggaagcag aagcaagcgg ttctctgcga atttgagccc    108960
     gacctgatcg gcagagtgag ttccaagact acatactact tagaaaaacc ctgtctcaaa    109020
     aaccaaaaac atgccgggct actacaaaga aaaaccctgt ctcaaaaaac aaaaacatgc    109080
     caggcagtgg tggcccacac ctttaatccc agcacttggg aagtagaggc aggcggattt    109140
     ctgcgttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccgg gaaagccaga gctacccaga    109200
     gaaaccctgt ctcggaaaaa caaaaaccga ggctgttcag caaggtctta tcctgaactt    109260
     cccactctag gagccaaaac gtttggaaaa gacaagttta gtcatcccat agctcagaac    109320
     ctgtattgtg taccagaact acttgctagg gcccctatga atgggaggga tcctcccaga    109380
     cctgtgcttt tctctactgt ggtagaagag tgtgttgaac tccatagcct ggaaggctgg    109440
     ggctctgaca tcgcgtttga atattaccac tgttagagcg ctgggtcagt ttcatggcct    109500
     tggacaatga gcctgggctc gttggcttcc ctacagaatc tcttcggcca ggtccaatct    109560
     cttatgggct tttgggcaca gcaggtgcta gtacggagag cagtaggcac ctcccccttt    109620
     atcaaggttg tcacgtttga atttgtattc ccccgcccct ccagttgagt agagatcagg    109680
     gtcagggtaa tactctagtc cctacaccta gcacaaggct ggcaattact gggcgccggc    109740
     taatgcctgg taaagacacc aaactcctct tcgcataaat aaaagtatat cctccgagtc    109800
     caccttaaaa ggaagcgcac cgtggtccct tccctcccgt cggatctgtc ctgtaccttc    109860
     acttttccgg gtctgtctgc tagctgggat agggcgtagt ttcgccttgt ggaaaataaa    109920
     ctcccaggag gggcagtccc agggtccctg ggtctggtga tgagagctca gaagttttaa    109980
     cagcatgaca ctctccggtc tcaaggggaa aggtgtcacc tcccgccctg tccctgacct    110040
     gggggtccca ccagagatgc gaggtctgaa ggtcacagcg ttgctgcacc cacctctgcc    110100
     agggccgact cggcttcctg gctccgcagt ctcggacaca accagcgccg ccatcaccca    110160
     agagcccacg tgggaaacaa aaagacagcg ctggaagagc gcggagagtg caggtaacac    110220
     aatcgaccgc cgagccgccg agccgagggc ggagattcta gcagggcggt gactaaaagg    110280
     agaagagggc ggtgctgcaa tgggcaccgg ttggtacaaa aggtctggac tctcaagcct    110340
     ctcagcgtct cctagtggtc ccccttgctc tcacgctctt ctctaaccta gttcaaagct    110400
     gttactcccg gatgagtgtg cctaaaggtg ttctgcgacc taccaggcct tcctgttgca    110460
     ccccgtttct ttccttgtaa agtgtagtct gtcagctcac atgggcacat tctctacctc    110520
     agagacctct gctgtcccag caagatgggg ccttaacgcc taccagccca gctaccaagc    110580
     tgagagctta gtgtgaattt ctatgtaccc agagtgtaaa gggtcgacat ggaggatgcc    110640
     ggtactcaag ggaaaagctg gaaactgaaa aggctttctt ggaaggatag ggcagcctaa    110700
     ggcctcaatt ccctaaacct cctgggtctt gccctctcta gtctgtcctt caggctatag    110760
     cctttttcct gatcagtgga cagcactcct gggaccccca aagagaaggc agagcagtca    110820
     acaagacagc cttgaccttt ggcagaacaa agcacctgcg ggcttaccct cagccttctg    110880
     cagcatggtc accagcactc tgaaccccca ctcccatcct cctctttctg cagtggtgag    110940
     cacagctgtc cctttaagac agctctgtgg cctcaggctc ccctggaggc cctccctgct    111000
     tggaaacccc taattaaggt gctgagagat gtaaaaacaa gcagccaggt acctgccttg    111060
     cctgggaggc tgctcagagg agagaggaag gcagactggg agtgagcagc caagggaagc    111120
     gatggaaagg gtcgatgccc cttcagtctc tgcaactctt aagacagata tagcttgacc    111180
     cagagtgtgc tcatcaagga acaatggttc accttaataa gagtccagcc tgggcttcct    111240
     gtgtctccca gcctctctag acatccctac ccctcagtgc attctggagc ccactctgcc    111300
     acctcagcat accaaagcct agtctgtccg tgggcacctt ctgttctagc tttcacttca    111360
     agttctatag tggaaagatt ggtgccaatg gcccaatggc ttctccccag cagccctctc    111420
     atctcctggg gcctttacct gatcagaggt atgcaccacc gtctcccaac attgctgtat    111480
     agcttctgtc acatgtgagc agccctgccc ccacttagga aaccagatga tacaggataa    111540
     aggctgcagt gcaaaaccat cgtgactgtg tccctaagac cttgccgagc aggacagtgg    111600
     taactgtcaa tcagcttggg ctgaggacac ttccatctgt ccagtgaggg tcccccttcc    111660
     tgagttactc agcagtctga gtaattactg cctgatgaga aggcaggctc aatgcaaccc    111720
     cctcccccat tacaccacaa cacccaccaa cagccacccc cattccctgg ctggactcca    111780
     agtcaacatc cagccctcct aaatcccaaa ataactgctt ctcacactca caccgcccaa    111840
     gtctgcccaa tacattggag tcgatggggc aaggggttca tggggaggcg gcacgggaag    111900
     gtgggaaagt gaatagcaaa gccctcatcc tggcccacag tttagtactg attactggat    111960
     gctgctgagc aagtcagcta gcctctctgg gccttagttt tgtgtctcca cagctctgtt    112020
     ctaagagttt agtttgccag ggctcaggtg gtgcaggttc ctgcagctgg caggaactaa    112080
     ggaatacctc actttgtgtt cccaacccta gaaggaccaa gctgaagaat gttctaaaca    112140
     aggttacttc aaacatttgt gcagtctttc ctttccaggt gtcctctctg ctccacctgt    112200
     tgaacccaga ctttctgagg gagaatcagg tctgattctc cctcacactc agctcaaacc    112260
     aggggccggg accttagggt tctgagtatc tgtattcgtg ccagtgataa tggccttgct    112320
     tctgacttct gatcacccct ccaagtttac tccacagaga acttagatct ctggttagat    112380
     ggcagctgtc acattagctc cacttccacc ccatccccca ctcgcatccc ggatcagctc    112440
     cagagcaaca ccctctttgt ctttcttcca gacacttcca tcatctgaac ttttctcttt    112500
     ttgtcctatt agagtataaa ctcaaggagg acagggacct tctctttttc actggctgaa    112560
     tttccacata gtgtaataca taaaactcta atatgttcaa cgagtgacct ggcccagtct    112620
     ttttcctctt agggagtcct tcttatcccg ggccagtagg gggtgccggc ctccacctag    112680
     gatctctgct ggcttgaacc ttctccacac ttggcccaaa gggcccttgc aggaccgacc    112740
     ggcttttcag gcggtacctc ctccctgttt ggagaatcct ctcatgggtg gggtctgtgt    112800
     aggactaaag gggaccgggg aggccttcca gccagagata gcccacctga actcccatag    112860
     ttctttatac gattttcaac tggacatccc caaatgctag ctgtcccgca catctccccc    112920
     caaagaacag tgtcttggaa ctctggatgg gcgggcgggg tggggggaag gctatgtcgc    112980
     cggagcagtt ctgggcaggg aagagccgtc gagcctcaca ggaaggaagg gacgcgggtc    113040
     agagaggaga cggggcaagg gtgttggact tgtcatcggg gctcagggcc ggtacactgt    113100
     tccagccgct tctcttgatg acctccagca gcgaagggca aacaggcggg ggctgggctg    113160
     cgggtgcgtg ctcggagaag cctgcggggc cggggagggc gattacagtg gccggacgac    113220
     ccgcggatga ctggggcagg tacttggacg gacgcgggcc gaggatcatc cccgggggca    113280
     ggtgcagcga aaacaccttg gaaggcggcg ccgcacggct gagcgccgct gccctgggaa    113340
     taggacggcg ctccgcaccg cgagctgaga gcactttcat aaattttgta tgggaggcgc    113400
     tccgtgagcg ggggcgggga acggagcggg agggagggag ctgaagagcg agggagggag    113460
     ggaggaggaa gagaggtggg ggaagccggg gggaggaagg gaggcgcccc gctcggcgga    113520
     tcgctcggtc ctgcaaacgc gcgccgggcg ctttcccgga gctaggctgt gcgtacgagc    113580
     gcccttttgc agcagccgct gcccgagggg gcggggaaga ggggacatcg gctggccggc    113640
     tagggggcgg cgtcccccct caaaaccgcc tgcaaagtgt ttggggcggc agaatcaggc    113700
     cgccggctcg gcggagcaag ccactcgccc ggggctgagc gagcgcaccg cgttggttgg    113760
     cagcgccgcg gttgctagca ggcgccggtg ccctgagcac cgggtttggg ctcaccatgc    113820
     ccctgcggga ccgggccgcc gggcacaagc ggattcccgg cttgcccccg cctcgacgcg    113880
     ctcggattag ctgcagctgg cgcccaggga tttgaatctg gaccccagga gggagcgcgc    113940
     ctaggccgac ctcggagcgg cggccccgcg gccaacatgc ttcgcaaagg tgagttggaa    114000
     cctcaggggc aagttggagt tgcatggaac cgggccgagc aacaagcccc gggagccgtc    114060
     gaacgccagg gaaatgggtc ccggaagcag ccccctgcta gatggctggc ttttgtcaca    114120
     ggcacccgcc gtgcgcctgc tgctggagct gagctcccgt tggtggcctg ttgagagaca    114180
     tggggtttgt tcatggggtt tgttcatgga tcgagtggcc aggcctcagg gatctgtctt    114240
     gagggttcag agaccagagt gagaaacctt tgataaaaag ggagctgtcc tcctgggacc    114300
     tttgcctctc cattataaag ttttgcactt gcaggctcca tcccctgcgc aggcacccgc    114360
     ccctgcttct gctgcttcag cactgagtac aacccgcgct tgggtgcagg cagcggtcag    114420
     tcaccgcgcg gccccggcgt tcaccaccgt tcctaactcc ggaggcgcgc cggaacgcag    114480
     gcatcttccc agcatcctac ccttatcccc ggggaccagc cctgagcatt tagcgaccga    114540
     gggtggggag tgtcaagtgc cagaagtccg gttccttaaa ctttcctaat gcctggatca    114600
     gagggacgca accgccaagg ccatgttggc agtgtgcgcg gccagagcca ggttcaactt    114660
     aacgggcgct ggctcggtga ccacctcgcc agactccccg gcagcaggag cggagcaaag    114720
     ttggcgcggg tgccggggaa gtcctgccgc gcccccacgt ggttgccgtt ctaggtgctg    114780
     tccctccggc ccagaaaggg caggtgacca cacgtgagcc cgcggacccg ttaccctctg    114840
     ctcccctcct ctgcgtgtct ctttgctctg aggtcccagt gtactagctg tggcgccccg    114900
     ctgggattcc cctgtccctt gcctcggccc ggcggctgct gagccttggt gcctgatgct    114960
     agctgctccc gccctgcggg aaccagctga ggcgggagct caggtagcgg aggggcctga    115020
     tccctgcgct ccagccttaa tccgcccctg tttccatggc aacagaccga ggtgtcgtaa    115080
     gcacaggatt ctgacctcac agcaggatgg ggaaggagaa agcgggcagg gggtggtggc    115140
     agaggtgggg ggagcgaagc cctgagatgg gcggagagaa gcagataccg ggagatgaga    115200
     gacccagata agcaggtcag acaggtgggt gaaaagccac gccttcgtta tgagtcgaaa    115260
     agactgagtg gtggtccagc ctcaggcaac cacggaggtt tggttgcctc accgtgtaag    115320
     aacaatcaca aacttgtgtg acttgtgccc tccacgtggg tcggtacagt aagaagatgg    115380
     ggggttgggg ggggacacga cacattgcct ctttttcgtt gtggtgtggg gcaagtctct    115440
     gcagtagtta gaagaaccgc tttactgttt aacaccccag ttccttttcc tacagaaaga    115500
     cacggaaagt cacttcagca actcagcagt gctggagtgc aggccagtgt gtgtgcacag    115560
     ggaaggtgat ttttactgag ctggagacag tggagtctga gaagcctggg catggaccat    115620
     gtagacttgc tctagtgggg aaagcttccc agacaatttt gaaaaggctg ccatgtctgg    115680
     gctgcaggtc tgtgatggag ataatgggga agaactgaca tctcatttcc cttttggtct    115740
     tttgtctttt ggcagtttac agttaagaat gagccacaaa gcagcccaca cactttattt    115800
     atatggctta ggtgcccggg gaggctccag cagtctccag tagctctttg gtatccttgc    115860
     tagccagaag cccagctcta gacaagtcca gtgcattctg gggggatgct gcccgggagg    115920
     gagaaggatc ctttccctgc tcgagaggtg gccactggag gctttgggct ctttctcccc    115980
     gcacagatga ggttggctat tgagattcca tcaattgagc ttcacacctg ggttggcttg    116040
     agggaaacag agcagagaag cccttgccaa ggctgggcgg ggcgtgggtg gcctggagcc    116100
     tgctcctggg acactgtgtg agcaaatgac ttttgttttg gtcctttcct ggtcaatttc    116160
     ctctttgggg cgctgatcca ataccctgga tttgtctttt ctgcacacat gtggaggaag    116220
     ctcagattct ttgtgtggaa tctaggtgtg tgcccgaaag ccaaaacatg cctcaggcta    116280
     aggccacagg aggtggccat tgaagtttcc gtttgtagat ttgttcccaa aagctccaaa    116340
     cagctaggtt tataggttgg tttgagagat agttgcctag cagatgcagg gatcctaaac    116400
     tagagtgagt ttaatggttt atgaattgga aggtgggggc ggggggttaa aggaagagaa    116460
     aagggactct tcctagagaa gagggaacaa ataagcccca gaccatcaga gtcatagatc    116520
     tgatttctga ttgtcctagt aaagctatcc ctgtgagatc ttttgggggt ctgggggaga    116580
     tatctttatc tcttaataaa aggactccac tggccaccac ctctggagtg aaatctagtt    116640
     gccgacagtg ctgaatgctt cggcggctgc tgtgccagta tttccagctc atagcctacc    116700
     ctgacagaac ctgagatata aaaagcaagc ctctggtcaa gagagatgag aggcatcagg    116760
     gcaagcaagg ccccgagcca tccagcattc tccaggaagg aagagcggcc tgctgggggc    116820
     tttgctgtgc cagagttgcc tgcttaaggt caggatctat ggttttcatt tttagagcga    116880
     taaaaacaga atgcaaatca agagcctctg ggctaataca gagccctttc cttaaagttt    116940
     ttgtcttgtt aagcaaggaa atagagtgcc aaataagctt tgttaagtgg cagtctaatt    117000
     aataatttaa aatcgtgtag ttgtctttca ttaggattta tctgtacatc aaccacaaaa    117060
     tcagtcaaac acactcattt ataagttaat gccatcccta aataattcag taagtgctag    117120
     attaaggcct gcaacccagt aagatgcatt gtgttctcct ggtgtccata cccagatggg    117180
     ctggctgggt agctcagtga gctgctccac tgtgggggtg gggtgggggg agagcggcag    117240
     agggagaaaa cagtgcggtg ctgtcaggtg gctggcggat tccacagagt tcccttggtg    117300
     atgtgagagt ctccccaagg aggtgctcat ctgtgtctgc gtctctctga gaacagtgag    117360
     gacccagaac tgtggcaact tgggttttct tagccccaat ggagagagaa aatggacggc    117420
     atggatgacc aagacgctct ttcctgcagg ggaaagatgt ggaggagaca taagagctct    117480
     tttctagcga gaactgagag agttggcctc tttaatccaa atctaggcac aggcacggaa    117540
     tcagaatttc aatgtcccca acctgtttca tctcaatgta gggatgcagc ctggtgcaac    117600
     caacttcacc aaaattcttc cttcataatt ggcctgccgg ggactgtgcc tctctcctca    117660
     tagctcctgg tccttactcc agaaaagaaa agctaaaagg agttatttta gaggcactct    117720
     agaagagagg aaaaggcgaa ggagatgcta aatgaagtca gggaggcgtg tctctgaggt    117780
     cagggaggcg tgtctctgag gtcagggagg cgtgtctctg aggtcaggga ggcgggcctc    117840
     tgaagtcggg gaggcgggtc tgtagctgga aggaagatgc acagtttttg ttttgtgttg    117900
     tattgtgttg ttttgaggca ggatctcact gtgtagccct ggctgttctg gaactctcta    117960
     tgtacaacag gctgaccttg aactcacaga aacctccttg ccccagtcaa aggcaagtgc    118020
     caccacaccc agagagaagg gaggaaagga cagaagtgag cctggatgag gtagacagtg    118080
     tttgatccag ttcttgtcat gacagcttgg ggttaattcc ttgatactga acctttaggt    118140
     ctgttttcta tatggaaatt gtttaggacc caaatttcca acatgagtac tgttccttca    118200
     ttgtaggaaa gagccccaga tcatctgggc tctgttccac ctgctagccc ccagcccttc    118260
     agaggactca gcacaactat ggggagcctg gtagggaacc atagcagatg tgtgtttagg    118320
     gccaggagat gttcttggct aagtccaata agaggaagtc tcattaggaa aaggcaggaa    118380
     agggaagggt aaggggttgg gcctcctaac ctggggtagg attgccaaca gatagggcac    118440
     aaataatggg aacctgtggg gtaagtccac ctccaagctc tagacacatc tttggatggg    118500
     acccgagaaa ggacagagcc atttgtgcca atgagctgag aaggagggag caggcaccat    118560
     gaaggatgtc aagaacgggt ctgtgtggta ccatctgcag tgaagtagtg gctaaggtta    118620
     aagcagagag gagatgacag ggagggaaca gatggccaag gaagcaaaat agctggcaaa    118680
     cgggaacaga gtctccaggg acagcaggag gcaggacctc agcactgagt gccggaagca    118740
     gccctttcct tggagtgtga tggccaggct actctgggta gaagggagtc agggagctag    118800
     ctgggtatgg tggcacatgg ctataatctg gcacctagga ggctgatgca ggaggattga    118860
     agagttaagg gccagtatgg actatacagt aagacacata cacatcatac acacacacac    118920
     acacacacat gcacacacac acacagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    118980
     agaaaagaag tggctcagta gtagagcatt tgtctagtac tatgtacaag acactgggtc    119040
     tatcaccagc aatatgggag taaaaactga aacagaaaag gtgagtcatg gattggaggg    119100
     agggagggag ggacctttca tgctggagta cctaggctag agccccttcc gtggaggtgc    119160
     cttcttgggt attgatgagc tgcgtgagga ggcacgactg ggtgaggcac acttgaagga    119220
     gagagctggg gagggactca tgtcatcagg agatggacag caggggatgg ctccacttgt    119280
     gccagtcggt gccctcccat tagcaaaagc tgttcatacc tgcttaacac ttaactgtgg    119340
     gctaagctac atgcctgtca ctatgccatc tgcagcaaga cccaagaaca ctcattctca    119400
     ctttaaagat gaggaaactg gggtgagatg agattctgcc actgagagtg ctcactgctt    119460
     ttgcagagga ccggagctca gttctcagca ccccgactag ggagctcaca accacctgta    119520
     gctctccagc ctcagggaat ctgacatctt ctggcctccg tggacaccag tatgcaatac    119580
     acacactccc acacacataa ttaaaataag aacaaaacag aaaaacggaa gcacagggag    119640
     aatcatgtgg tccttgggtc cgagcctccc agctagcctc ccgctgtatc tggcttggtc    119700
     caagcctctg caaagagccc acactcttct cgccctctca acccctaagc tccacgggct    119760
     cacatgccca tctgtcttga tttctatgac atttgttttg tggggtgctg atgagtcatt    119820
     tgtgccctgg ttagttttcc ccagaaagtt tcttggctgg agtccagagc cttgaaccac    119880
     tgtctcttgt atcttctact tgatgtcccc ctctgagtct tggggacaca tcccttcccc    119940
     ttgctcttgc tctggtgtct ttattgccag cacatgggac cgtaggccag gagctctcct    120000
     gcctgcatca aattcctgag aaaagcccaa gtccatggct tatttgagct ggtcatatac    120060
     tctcagccct cctcagaggc cattctcttc cccccaggct aaaagattga gcaacacagc    120120
     cacacccaca ctggtgggtg ggtgatctct agagaaccat gcaggtcagg gtaggtggca    120180
     gctgataggc tggttgagac aaatgattcc acctgtactg gcttttctct tgctgtggtc    120240
     cagccatagc ctaccagcca ggaatgcacc ttcggactca gggatggctc tgtctgtacc    120300
     tttccagtca cagcaaagtc ccacacgatg caaagtagag tcagtcaatc tgaatcttga    120360
     ggtgtggaag agcaaaatcc ctcctcagag gggaggcttc cctccactcg aggcatctga    120420
     cctaactgat acaatgggcg cttctgagcc tgtggttact gccgcatcag tcagtgaagg    120480
     ctggagatgt aactgcaaac agccccgact atcggattca tgagagttac tccgggggct    120540
     tctgtgttgg cacagtaaga ggactggaac aatgcagtgc ctataagtgt gtgtgtgtgt    120600
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcac gtgagcaagt gtaagcatgc acacacctgg    120660
     tgagcattca acaggcttct ggagcgttca tgtcggctgt tgcaaagcag cacaccccaa    120720
     gtgcactggc gcagatgttg gcacccacgc tcccatccac tagcatggct cggcgccacg    120780
     gcaggatggt gagacactca tttggggggc ctaggagtgg gtgggctagt gtggttgtgt    120840
     gccacatgtt ggggacaaag cttggcgagt gggtgtgtgg ctcaccctct aagggtgtgg    120900
     gtgggcacga ctcaccgctc gcctgccagg ggacagagcc actgcagccc ccagagacag    120960
     agcctcttgt cagtttactg gcttttttcc agagggtgca agcatcatgg tgacaatttt    121020
     attagtctac aggaagcaga gcaaaagtct tccttgagtc agtagaaaag ctgggctccg    121080
     aactcgaaag ccatggtata taagtggcat ctgcctccag atgatcaggg ctctctctgg    121140
     actcgtgacc agctgattgt gaaggaggcc tttacatagg cttatgtaga gagattcatg    121200
     aggcccttgg ggggaaattg gcattcttct tacgatgatt tatttatagg gcgattggat    121260
     gatgggatat ggaggccaag gtgcctccat tagcaagaag cacacaaggc aggaagcctt    121320
     gctctgcgtt tgacatttag tggggcgact cctaccaggg agctgctttt tctgttagaa    121380
     ggtttttcct ttaatgttct attcatggac ttgtctgggc aggctgaggg aaagaaggaa    121440
     catgtggtga gacgggccag ggactgaagc tggccagtct caggggagat ggagcctgag    121500
     gaggtcactt agtggccagt gtggagacag cctggatgct ggaggagaga cgctctgctc    121560
     acactgcagg cagagtcgct gacctgctac ctctcgtcat gggccgcatg ccacacaatg    121620
     tgtgtttatt tttctgtctt cctgtttctt tctccccaca agctgattgc agccctctgg    121680
     caaccctggc ctgggcctgg gtgacaccgt ttttctttct gggaactgtg gaatcatgcg    121740
     aagaagaacc tcagagttgg agtcctggga ctgagaaagg gtctatctct gtgaccgagt    121800
     cactaggatc ctgggcatat ctcttcctct ttaagcctca gtttacccac ttctaatatg    121860
     actggattga tagtcttcag gatgcttttc agcagtagaa cagtgtcttc aatgttcctc    121920
     agtgtcagag tcaggaatac acaacacaag agtggggtcc ttgccacagc taagggagga    121980
     accttctcct tccacggccc tgcctccctg cctgcttctc cagtttagag gtttgtggat    122040
     ctgctaggat ctctcctagc aaggctctgc acactggaca gccaccagta tcctaatagg    122100
     gagaatattc cttctccttg gagcatgggg cttgagagca ggctctgcag ggaggggcct    122160
     gtttcctgtg tttcagtttg caccctatga taacttgcct ctggctcccc catcctggtg    122220
     tccagggagg ggttatctgt accagcagcc tccatgttcc cacgccccca tcattcccca    122280
     agctagactt ctcactttgc caccgtgacc cttgactctg ttggctgtcc tgtctcccct    122340
     gacttccatc atggccactt ccctggtctc tcccggtcac ttcttgctgc tgtgctgctt    122400
     ctcaacttga tcctcccagc ttcatcttct ttgccactct tcacgaaggc acttccctgg    122460
     gaagcgcctc cctcctcgct gctctggagg gctttctgac caccccatct gcctgtctca    122520
     gagaatatgc tgcttttgat ggcccacggc catcagtcaa ctgaccctct gatgtcccca    122580
     taagttaccc acctggtacc tcaaaatctt gcatccctgg agctatattt gcccctgccc    122640
     ctgtttctca gcaagcatac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    122700
     acacgtcttg gcatctggca ccatcttttt cccatgtacc gcttcctaag aattggaagt    122760
     cccgggtgat gcacgaccct gcctcctccc cagggccatc ctggagtggg gtcctggggt    122820
     cccttcacta atccccctcc tctgctactg tcctagcctc agcccagccc agctgcgcct    122880
     ctgcctcctc cactgccttg acccactgtg ggctttgcac tgtggcaaga ttccacagtg    122940
     ctacgtgctc tcctcactct tgctagttta tttttttttt ccataggcac agtaagatcg    123000
     tacatattta tggggtacca tgtgatgccc tgtcactcac ttgcttaaaa cccctcagtg    123060
     gttttctcct tcagaggatg gcccagactt cctagcctgg ctgtcaaggc ctcccacctc    123120
     cgcctaccca cactgaggct tcctctcccc tctccctact ttgaactctt agctccaggt    123180
     ctactcaatg attctccatc ccactgaatc atggttcttc ctcacctcta aggaattgca    123240
     caaataaatc tgcctagaat acttcttgct gctgctttcc cctgcactcc tgttctgtag    123300
     atgacactga ccccccctgc ctgcctcctg ggaactcatc cctggacttg agaagggtgc    123360
     ctgcatctcc ctgtgctggc atctacaccc cagtttgtag cagtaacttt tctattgtct    123420
     cttcccggtg gtcagttcag ttccgtgaga acgctggctg ccaccttccc tgctgtcctt    123480
     ttaaactcac tcaggaccct actgtctgcc ccacaagggc agcttgtcca ggctcaacaa    123540
     tgcatgtctg ttcaagtgga ggcgagctac catgacttct ctgtacccca catgaaaagt    123600
     cacccacagg ttttccccag aagtacaggc agcaaggatt caagcaggta gcttatgtgg    123660
     gaagtgaccc tgggaaatgc caggaccaag tggtgagctg acagagtgaa ggcaaggagc    123720
     caaaacaaca ccttattaca cagctcccca ctgcgctagc cagaacgtaa actcacccgg    123780
     gaaactttgg ggtacagtct aaaaaagcat acatctcctt tatctcaccc tgagaggaaa    123840
     tcagagaagc ctggtggatt tatatgccac cccccaagca gtcaggagcc aaccttctgg    123900
     agaggtatta atgtccaggc gctttcaacc tgctccaggg ctgaccaaaa ccagctccat    123960
     tgctggacaa agcagtggtg tgtgtttgtc tcatgggtgt ctgtgacaca tgacacacac    124020
     actctcactc caaaaagttt aggcttggat ttggaagatt tttttttttt ttggaacaaa    124080
     atttgcacta ttgattctgt ggccagtgaa aatctctggc ggacactgtg ggcttctgag    124140
     atctgaactg tttaaatgag gctgcaccga actggaggag gtgagactgc taaccgaagc    124200
     tgagcgcagg aggtgcctgg ggtgagaggc tgctcatttt tagtcttctc tcccgtctgt    124260
     gaaaatgact tgctcctttg aacccgccct ctcctctgct cacaggaggc ctcggggttg    124320
     ttgcccaggc ctgtggtttc aatagaagat ccaagcagag gaagaaaggc gggtagccct    124380
     gcacagggtc agacagaggg aggctgctga ggggtacact ttatcaccca atcaggtggt    124440
     gggcagaggc tggccagggg ctggctgcag gtggtggtgg ttttcttctt cctataattg    124500
     gcctactgcc cctggtgggc cagcgagtct gcctggagga cacatttgat tgcagaatca    124560
     acgcttgttg gaaatggacg aatgttgcag gatcatgctt cccaagcctc caggaaggag    124620
     acggctcaca caagcctctc tgcagttccc ctcctggcct ctcccctgcc cagccagctc    124680
     cggctccttt accctgcttt tgacttccct ggattgtcat cttgcccatg gcttgataag    124740
     gtttactact ctttaagtgg gcctttctgc ttcccctccc acaatgcact gcttcacgct    124800
     ctgttcttag tgttaccagt tgtatttacc agaagagagc ctcggatgga gccagccagg    124860
     tcatggctct tgtcaggaca tgtaaatggg ttatgactac cttcagattt ttctcttcac    124920
     agggtgaggc aagatgagag gggtctctgc catttcacaa agatggatgt tacgattgtt    124980
     gggattttag tttttgtttc gaggcatggt cagtctctgt aattcagact agcttcaaaa    125040
     attactctgt agcccaggat ggctttgaac tcactacagt cctcctgtgt ttatctccca    125100
     aatgctgtga ttacataagc cattgtatct ggctgggtgt agtggcttgt tgactggtgg    125160
     cctattgctc tctgggcagg ggatgatgca atgactaaac aaagccccct gcttttatgc    125220
     agcatacact atagttgggg ggtgggaaag taggtgataa accactgatt ataatctctc    125280
     cagtaaggcc aagtgcttag cagaaaatct gcagagttaa ttaaaggata gaaggtaacc    125340
     agagagcttt tgatttagag agattggctg tgaagccttt ctgataaggc gatattggaa    125400
     ctggggccta agcagaggga aagcgggagc tctgtaggtg atcagaacca cttcagcctg    125460
     ggaagaggtc tccctacaga gaagtacaaa ggccccaagg cccaggtgtg cctgtcggtt    125520
     tagctgactg ctcttgggat tggagaagga ccagcgttct gaggtgtgcc ctagagttag    125580
     cttcacattc ccctggaggg gacaagggct tggggctcca tcccaacctc agagaccaag    125640
     gcatctgccg tgatggagtc gggaaggttt ggtgggtctg ctgaacccct ttacacacca    125700
     gcattagatt tgtttcttgg ctatttctgt ggccccagca acagtccgag acgtggtcaa    125760
     gggttgggtt ccactgccct tcttttatac tgcaaagcac atgcatggag ctgagttccc    125820
     atgcagtctt gtctgttcgc ttgctgcctc ccaccccatc cttctgtctc tgttgaccat    125880
     cggtgttagc taggcctgag ccccagtctg ttgtcatcat ttcctactta gctttgtttg    125940
     gttttggttt gggccatgcc agggatcaaa cccaagtccc ccgtcgtgtc atgtgccccc    126000
     cccccccgaa tgctaagcca attctctgcc actggcatca cctcctgcca tttcctgggt    126060
     aactgaattt cactgtggta cagaagggag caggtggtca tctaagtgga gtctctgctc    126120
     tcaggaaact cagcctgatg ggggaaacgc cctgttaggg agaagccatg gctggagaga    126180
     agggaaatga aactgcaggt gtcagggcag gtggtttcaa ttccttggga gagggggttg    126240
     gggggagggc aggtggcggg gtcaggagaa gttcctcctc tccagctcac ctggctggac    126300
     tttgagacaa ggagcctttg aagaagaggt tggagaagct ggaagggctg ggtgagcggc    126360
     ctaagcagtc cctgctgtct gtgtcaccag tggcagatcg gtggtggcag attagtggtc    126420
     aggtagattg gcaggacttt attattgcag aaccttaatt atcaaggagg aggagggttg    126480
     gtcagctcaa gagccacagt cttttttttt tttttttttt ttttaacttg ccaaatagtc    126540
     tatacctatg gtagaaaacc acaggctttc aaaaggagaa aaatcactga aatctcaaaa    126600
     cccaaggagt tcacggaagc gcagccggct gtgtggggag ggggggcggg gggggggttg    126660
     gtgcctcctc cagcggttcc ttcctccagc ctgtaaatgt gtcctagctt ccctagtccc    126720
     atcctgagca cctttctttt cttttttttt ttttttttaa gatgtattta ttacatgtaa    126780
     gtacactgta gctgtcctca gacattccag aacagggcat cagatctcat tacggatggt    126840
     tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctgggatttg aactcaggac cttccgaaga gcagtcgggt    126900
     gctcttaccc cctgagccgt ctctccagcc cctgagcacc tttctttttc aggagtttca    126960
     ttatgtagcc caggctggcc tggactctga tgattcttct gctttctgag agtggcagag    127020
     accccaggcc tccgtcactg tgtccactta gcccagttac cccagacatg gttctactct    127080
     gtagtcctgg caggcctaga attcactata tcgaacagac tggccttgaa ctcagagaaa    127140
     ccctcttgtc tctgcctcct gagtgctagg attaaaggtg cgccccacca caattggcca    127200
     aagtcaaggt aataattctt gttttgtttt gttttgtttt tttttttttt gagacagggt    127260
     ttctctgtgt agccctggct gtcctggaac taactctgta gaccaggctg gtcttgaact    127320
     cagaaatctg cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcgtgtg ccaccaccac    127380
     ctggcttggt tttttttttt tgtttttttt ttttttgttg ttgttgttgt ttgttttttg    127440
     gaggtaataa ttcttgtgaa ggctctatga tatgccatgc aaagtcccct ttagaatcca    127500
     cattatggct aacagctgac agatttggct ctgtgcttat tgagaaaaga ggtgaggcct    127560
     tgcaggaaac tgggtgggtg gaagccatca tgggaggtga ggagagacat ccattgtgac    127620
     tcatgagcat ccagttacaa cccaaagcaa gaatcagaaa ggaggtctct ctctctctct    127680
     ctctctgtct ctctctctct ctcagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    127740
     gtgtatactg tgaacatgcc cttagcactg agtgaacaag gttgttgctg gggcacccaa    127800
     gaggcagatt tacagcggca tgtgttttct ttgatgctgg gtggtttgtg actatagaag    127860
     agttttgagg atagggatga agaggaatat gcctcttgct cctgactcgt gctggggagt    127920
     cgatggattt ttagattcct tgactgaggg ggtagttcag ttgcctggca agcataaggt    127980
     cctgtgttcc atatgccttt catcccagct cttggcaagt agaggtaata gggtcagaag    128040
     ttcagatcat ccttcactac atagcaagtt cgaggtcatc ctggatacgt ggaggggagg    128100
     gggattgtaa attctttgaa atttgatgct aaagcattct gatccctcaa ctgaggaaac    128160
     aggctcagag agttagaacg attttccccg ctgtcacaca gcattgaaaa tagtcagctt    128220
     cagggctaag ggggatggtt caatggttaa aagcacttga tcctcttcca gctcacaact    128280
     cagctcacaa ttgcctgtga ctctagttct agggggaatg gccttttatg ggcctctctg    128340
     aacactggac attcacacga tgcacataca taccacaggc aaaagactca cccataaaat    128400
     aaaataaatc ttaaggaaaa gatcatagtt ggctagtgga ttacaaagat tattcaaacc    128460
     aattggcaat acaccctcct ctccagtgcc tcatcactaa cttctctctg cagagcctcg    128520
     cctccctggc ttggtttgct agtggctgac ccttagctga agctttctct ccatcgcagg    128580
     aaggtttggg agggccaagc ctgccacctg ggggtggggg tggggttagt gattaaaccc    128640
     tgggatctgg gcaaacccag actcaaatcc tgggagttac tttatttctt gaacttgagt    128700
     tccttccatc catgaaatgg ggttgtagta gtacccacct catggagtta aaaagagtaa    128760
     agaagatgtc tcagacaaag ctcttggcac tttgctgtgg cctgacccag aataggcact    128820
     ctgtgaacac agtcatcaat gtgaatagta gcagcagtaa cttccttccc cggagaagtc    128880
     ctgcattgtc ttcctcctgc ccacccctgg cagctctttg aagtttaact gcctgtcatc    128940
     caaagctgag acttgagtgt agccatgact ggaatctcag ggccagcaca gatgggctac    129000
     ctagcatgga gggtatagat gtttggaatg agtcttttca ttctgataat ctgaactctt    129060
     tgccctgtcc attagggatg cggagatgtt gtggacacat ccttggactg tttattggcc    129120
     aggaagccac aaggtggggg tggggcctag ctaccaacca cttctacaaa ccgctgccca    129180
     ctctgacttc tcatctgtct cttctctcag aaaacaggac catgatcaga aaagcaaact    129240
     cagccccagc cttgcacctt ggtcttgtgg ctgtgaagca gacagagctt cctgcctggc    129300
     tcctctggcc ttatgactgg cctgctaggt tccccttgta gcctctgcag attaggctaa    129360
     gcagacagag tagaaacact gtggaaccag aaacttacca ctggtctaac cgtgaccaaa    129420
     tgcttttaac tctcaggggc tcagtactcc ctccgttgtg ttgtggaggc aggaggaccc    129480
     ggatttcaaa actaggtttg gctacaaagc aagttcaaga ccagcctatg ttacactaga    129540
     caggctcaag caaattgaaa caaaaacata ggttaatgcc ctctgcctgt tgggatccgt    129600
     gtaaccttgg tgctgttctc tgtattgcct ttgaattatt cagaagccct gtactgaggc    129660
     cctactgtgt gtggtgagcc cagctcctct ctctgtgctt ccttctcctg ctgttttttt    129720
     cctcttcgtt ttgcagggcc tgccttgccc tccatccatc ttgctatagg atctacaaca    129780
     aagagcctgc tagcctccag gatcaggctg cctcaatggg cttcaggtcc cttatggggg    129840
     gtgctcacgt ctttgagctt gtggcctgcc ttcttagcag ggaaatagat ttctgaagga    129900
     gaaaggtgtg tcctaggagc tgtcagtgcc cccccccccc agtgaagctc tctgcagctt    129960
     gggtggagag ctatcgcctt ctaggcaaac gaagctggga gccattgatt tgtctcttat    130020
     caccccttag aaaagaagag ctaccctgtg ggaaggctgt ttactgtgga gggtttgtcc    130080
     cagagagcag tggggacacc aaaatgaggg cacaggtccc ctcctgtgcc accctctctc    130140
     tttgctgagt tgaagcctgt gccttcccta taccaggaat atgggcgctc cgaggtcacc    130200
     ggtcctgtgt gcctcactgc agtgacctct ccgcccgact gggactggcc ggatgttctt    130260
     actaataagc aaactgcatt accatctcga cagaattaac caaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaaa    130320
     agaaaaagga aagaaaaatg gtccttgaac aaatgctgct ggtgtctacc aggacctaag    130380
     atctggtact atctgttttt taataattga gggtaataaa tatgtatttc tttctcctcc    130440
     ctacccccat cctccgagct tgtcagctcc ctgcgtctct cctctgatca gaccaagtct    130500
     tccccaagca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatcc tttaagcaaa aaaggattaa agccttgaaa    130560
     gtaggtctgc ctgcacgctt tcctcccctc cccccaggcc tggcgtggag aggcccctca    130620
     ggaaaccagg gactgggggt tgggggtgtg gatggagacc acaggtcttg gggaagagct    130680
     cagtggggaa ggaggacccc tgtagtgctc tctccctgca gcctacctag cctgggctaa    130740
     cctggaagta gcaacagtgc agccgaagtt tccattggta cctgagggct agcctgagac    130800
     taggtccact ctggtctctg ctgcagttgc gctttgtcac cctggttcag cgttttggaa    130860
     atctgtgtgc cctgagaata ggcctctgat tctgtcttct tgtctataaa atggaaaaat    130920
     aaacagaacc agcctcacag aggcccaagc atggagaaga cagcccagtg cctggcacat    130980
     ggtaatgctg agtaaatgaa ctattactgt tttaatggat atagatatag agggcagtct    131040
     gtcatctccc ccatccacaa cccaccagag ctcccaaggg cctgcgttgg tcttgcttga    131100
     cttcattctt aacagccctc caagaggggg ttgagattag aaggtgtaga agtttagaag    131160
     ttccctaaga ctggcagaag tatatctcac cctcctggcc tgactttctt ttcctttaga    131220
     caaggtctta cagggtagcc ttaacgagcc ggcactcaca gtgtagacca gactggcctc    131280
     aaacttgcag gcccatctgt ttctgcctcc tcgggtgtgt tggatttaaa ggctgagcca    131340
     ccacatctgg ctctggcact ctttcttgtg cccatgttac tttttttttt tgtttttcag    131400
     acagggtctc gttcagactc actatgtagc caaggctggc tttgaccacc tcatctccag    131460
     ccagtctcac gtcccaagtg atggatttat tttatgtttg aatgttatgt ctgcatctat    131520
     gtatgcatgt gcaccacgtg tgtgcctggt gcccttatag gtcagaaggt ggcaccagat    131580
     cctctggaac tggttatgga tggttgtgag acaccatgtg ggtgctggga cccccaagtg    131640
     ttgaaattac aggtgtgctt atacccaccc ccaccccgtg actcatgaca gttctccatc    131700
     caaatactag gattacagac atacactacc atgcccagcc ccactccatc ttctgacaag    131760
     aacccagagt cgctctcagg agcctcgtag gaacctaacc aaggaaaggt ctggcctggc    131820
     caggaaggcg gcaccagggc agcagtgcct ctgcttggct cctgccttcc caccagcagc    131880
     tggcagcctt acagttctgc tgatgcagca gccctggcca cagcctccct ccccctgtgc    131940
     tgggcttagg caccctgggt tggctgcagg tggcctagag ctgtggccct gcacccaccg    132000
     aggtcctaag cccttggtct ggtccattgc tcagtggttg gccaagtggc ctctggggcc    132060
     cctgctgccc accccccctt acccccaggc ctgccctggc tactctgggc ccaaggctgg    132120
     agagaagagg caaggctcgg cctgagggca ggaaaagcag gagggaggtg gctatttata    132180
     gctggctttg cttttgttcc ttttccagca atgcttctct ttaaatagga gcagggctgg    132240
     aggctgcagc tcttccccag ccgcccgcag tcactgtgcg caagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    132300
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgttat agatacatgg catgtatagg gatgtggtag    132360
     ggatacacat gtcagtgcat gggtgtgtat atgtgtacaa gtgtataaga aaaggatggg    132420
     gaaggaggtg tgtgtgtctg tgtgtaccat tgcagggttt atgtgtaatg ctgtgtcctt    132480
     ccatatattc atagagacat agagatggat tggggcaatt ctgattatga acaggtttct    132540
     tggcttttgg ttttgagaca aggtctagat aaaactccca atccttctgc ctctgtctcc    132600
     tgagtattag aactacaatg tgaactccag gcatgtatat ctaaatggat acacatcacg    132660
     ggatgatgca gccactcctc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    132720
     tgtagagatg gggccaaggt tgggcctaat gtgctgccca ctgttttgca gggtgttcgg    132780
     tctttccacc tagtgcagct aatgcccacg gtgccaggag ggggaagggt caggcagctt    132840
     gactgcaccc agtgaggctt gggttctctt tctcatgcca agtgttgact ggatggaggg    132900
     ggggaagaga gagggaggga gggagggagg gagggaggga gggagggagg gagggaggga    132960
     gagagagaga gagagagaag aggagaggag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    133020
     agagagagag agaggagaga gagagagaga gagtgtaaag ggcccctggg agcctatctg    133080
     agtacacacc cagcaggtgc aggtgttttt agcacactca cagagcccgg tgggaacaag    133140
     gacactcccc tttccatttc tctgctgcaa acccggccta gtggggcaga gcgcaccagg    133200
     caaactcgca gcgctgcctc gctgcctcgg ataggaaagt gccagggcga ccttagtgac    133260
     cagatccctg gaggtcgcac agcacgtgcc tagtccacat ctgtaaaaag gggagcgtga    133320
     cactgttcag gctgctgtta aacagcttgt gaggtggctt aggatgtcct gagctggata    133380
     ggggcgcaag aactgggatg ggacttcgga ttctagtgcc tgctgaggct cccagtgacc    133440
     aagtagctca gcaacccaga tctgtcagcg cggctggtgg cctgggggta ggggggctgc    133500
     cacttcagga gcatcgcttc tgggcacggg gcctggcatc gccctcgccc tttgcccggc    133560
     ccggcagcta cagatcgatg cgacagccct ccctgcccct cccccaacgg ccaaacaaaa    133620
     catagtaaat atttaatccg ggccagggag ccaaagaggc ctccccgccc cctccacagc    133680
     cgtctggctc ctctgccagc ccgggctgct ctctgcggta atgaggccgg gaacggcagg    133740
     gatcgatcgc ggcctggggc ggggtggggg gtggggtggg actccctgtg ccctcggggt    133800
     ggcatctcta tccaccccaa gcaccggatt agggagccta ttcaatgcac acccgcatcc    133860
     tcgcttttcc aagaaggtcg atgggagggg cggtgagtcc ctcactgggt acacccctgc    133920
     ttagaggcca aatgtgagca agccggttgg gggggggggg gaggggggct atgagggagt    133980
     aggagtcctg tgcctggctc atacctgagc ttgtgcccca agaccggacc tgatttttca    134040
     ggcctaacgt ctggggctaa gggtgggggg aggcagggca gacagagaga cccctagaga    134100
     gaaaccaagc cagtgggttt cctggcttct agttacactg tactggctta gaggatacct    134160
     aagggaactg atgacgtctt tgctgctcta tttacatagt aatctctgaa cacctactgt    134220
     gcgctgagcc actagctgcc agcctagaaa cacacaggcc caagttgcag acagattgca    134280
     tttcgaagaa gaggattgat aactaaaccc aaaagatgat ttcagctagt ggttgtaatt    134340
     tgatactgtg cttggctagg gaaagaactt tagctgaggt gggcaggatg actgtgggtt    134400
     gggttaaatc atcccagaca aattttagag caggtgcaaa ggcccagggg cagggacaaa    134460
     accggcctgc tccaggactg ggaggaaggg cctacaaggt tgaatgcagg gagcaggagg    134520
     aagtagtagg atccaaggat cttgtaggct gagggaggag tttgcatttt gttctaagtg    134580
     ctgtgtgatg gcagagattt caagcaaagg aatgacatgt ctgatttacc tgttttaaaa    134640
     gcttccgctg gcagggggtg ggcagagaaa ggaaggcgga gagttaagag aagggcacgg    134700
     gttggtggga ggtggtttaa tggtagccag gaggaaggct ggtgccttcc tgtaaatggc    134760
     cgtttatact ccagcaggtg aacgggccca gccagaaaca gcctgctctt ggtgcaccac    134820
     ccatgggggt ctgagcagag accaaaactg aggtggccac tgttctgtct ccctgaccca    134880
     aaccccatgg tgggcagtcc aggaaatctt tttttttttc ccctttccag gagcattaga    134940
     aaatgttgac atattttttt gaaacaattt cagatctgat atctccgcca gattgagttt    135000
     gtaaccagct ttattgttta agcctgctgg gatttcatca aaggcgtcgt ctgtttactc    135060
     agagctattt cattggagaa aacagccaac agacctgcat ttctatctga tttcactttt    135120
     tctcttctct catgaattta agtgcttgtg aaaagcccag ctgataaggc gaagcagcaa    135180
     ggatcaagcc tgaggagggg gctcagggtc ttagctaagg cttattaaca gacctagaaa    135240
     agctgggggt ggctgtcgga ccccctgggg ggctgggagg cattcctggc tacctgtcag    135300
     tcttccccag gggcaacact ggggagagcc gctgttcccc atactccagc aagattttcc    135360
     agaatgttct ggtgtctgta acaggtttcc acttcagaga ctgataacaa ggagactgaa    135420
     catcagctcc catgtggaag gagaagcacc ccagccacag agatgggttc gatgaggctg    135480
     actctggctt tcctgggaaa acagctgagg ggtagacaga gcagaaggca agtggaagcc    135540
     agctagctca caggagtgcc aggaaggttg cctgactgct cccctgcctg ccctgggact    135600
     cagcccctct ctctgcctgt gactgcctga gccagcacag agctaggaga ctcttgtcac    135660
     agcctgagca ctcactctgc ctccccaagg aatctaccct attgttatct ccacagtctc    135720
     agaggacctg tgacctttaa acgggaccgt tgtcccagca gatatttcat accactgatg    135780
     gagatgtgac tgtgaaaccc atcagaggcg ttctgagaaa tttgggttca tgcatctcgt    135840
     tcagttgctt gaatggcagc tagttaaccg catgggttgc ctggcacgca ggtcgactct    135900
     taccagtcat acattagacc cacttgtaag gtcaatcgat gtgaaccaat tagccaagga    135960
     taaggacttg tctggagccg actggatctt acagcaagca ttcctagaga gggaccgtag    136020
     tacacatggg gattcctcag cgctgggagt tccattgtgt tttatttcct tcccacaggt    136080
     gggacctgca gcagtcagag ccccttaccc acccgtgtgc tgcaggggga agagtgaggg    136140
     aaggccaaag gtcttgtccc caagagccag ttctaggtcc tcccagtagc tggttccctt    136200
     tatacctgct gccttcgaga taaaagcttt actgctgtca ggctccaggg ctccctccgt    136260
     ccctgcaagc ttggaggagt aactgtcagg cttccttcag gaacagtaga gtcacatgcc    136320
     ttgggaatgt tggttgccat ctttaaatgt ttatcttttt tttttttttt tgtatgtgtg    136380
     tgtggtggag gtggggtgcc tgccacgtag cacttgttgg ggtaaccgat ggatagcttt    136440
     atggagttgg ttctctcatc ttcctaagtg ctccaggcat caaactctgc ttgtcaggct    136500
     tgtgcagcaa gtgcttttgt gtgctgagcc ttcttggggg gggggggtac cttcatcaaa    136560
     tttttccatc cgtatgtcat ggttcaactc cattgtcaaa ttggccagaa ctggactcac    136620
     cttggagata caccttgggc ttgtaccgaa gacccacccg gaatgggggt ggtgtcatcc    136680
     tatgagctag cgtcccagac acgatgaagg tggaggaagg gggagagcta gctggacacc    136740
     attgtccccc tctctctaat ccctagattg acaatgtgat acgcccagca gcacagggtc    136800
     tccttatgca gtctgaggtc catgaactgg gggttgtttc tattgatgac ggcagtgatt    136860
     ttgttttgtt tttagcaggg tctcctatag ctcaggatag cttagagctg accttgaact    136920
     cctaatcctc ctgcctctac ccaggaccta ggattacagg tctgtgccac tgtatctggt    136980
     tgagcccagg agtaaatcta gcctggatga ttttggagcc tgggatctct ttacttggcc    137040
     tcagggaagc caggttttgt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt    137100
     tttgttttgt tttgttttaa gaagttaggt agggtcagga acttctccca gattggggct    137160
     ggaagaaaac aagatcccaa ggtatctggg atggtgggat gggcccttgg gcattctgag    137220
     gtaaggccac ttgctccctg actgggccag tgacctctgt ggaagcattt caggtcctgt    137280
     tatcacaccg ttataaaact gggaggctga agcaggagaa tcacttaagc tctgggattt    137340
     gaagtcagcc agataaaaca gcagttctca gtgaaaacag tggaatcagg cacagaggag    137400
     acccaaggta tccatctttg atcccaaaac tccaaactcc tttctgacca ttcccataaa    137460
     aggagggata gccactccat cctccatctc tggccaccac tttcctctgg gcatgttgtc    137520
     cttgagccta ctatctgaga attcccctgg agcccacagt gctcagaccc aacagactct    137580
     gctcttactc ctgaggctaa ggactagact caggccgtgg actgatgagt gctgaggtat    137640
     agttgcccgt tgagaaggcc caatgcaaat gtctcaagga atgggctggc ttaagaggga    137700
     gggagtgtat ctgtgtgtgt ttgtgtgtat gtatgtgtgc ctgtatgtgt tctttgtttg    137760
     agacaaggtt tctttgtgta gctctgactg tcctggaatt agatctgtag accaggctgg    137820
     ccttgaactt agagatctgc ctgcctttgc ctcctgaatg ctgggattaa aaacatgcgc    137880
     caccaagcct ggctgcctgt atttgtgttt gtgtgtatat gtgtgaatgt acttgggtga    137940
     caatatttat atgtgtatat gtgtgtaagt ctgtgtatgt gtattttgtg tgtatatgca    138000
     tgtttgtgta tatatgcatg tgtgagagtg tgaatctgta tctatgtgtg tttgtgagtg    138060
     tatgtttata tgtgcatgtg tgtgcacatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    138120
     tgtattcatg tgggcgtgca catgtgggct tttctttcag ttctgccatg cttcctcaga    138180
     aaagctgact ctaacactgc ctcagatttt cagcgttttc ctcttatagc actgactgtc    138240
     gaatccttga cctttgaggg tgggtttgat tttttttttg gaaaaggcca aaagtaattt    138300
     gaagctgtgt tgtgcataaa ggggatgagg gatttccaga atgtgagctg catgtgttgt    138360
     tgggattaaa aaaaaattgt ttggactcaa aatgagatgg aaccctaaag agttgggcca    138420
     ggttcctccc atggaagttc taagagtgtt tccctcgaga tggggactct gttctggaaa    138480
     tgaccactct caggagagca gcggaaggag agtgacgctt tattgagccg ctgctatgtg    138540
     ccaggctctc tacatacatt acggcggctg actgaggtca tttttggagt aaggcccatc    138600
     tattaaaaat ttcttaaata attaattcat tatccttctg actcttcact ctatccctat    138660
     tagaacaggc tcttagccca cttcacaggt gatagaatta agactgaagg gagttaagtg    138720
     acttcccaag gtcggagagt tatgccaggc ccaggatttg aactcaggtc tgattgaccc    138780
     ccaaaatgaa gacagtgcat ttattattca cggattcatt gagagagtct cattatatct    138840
     ctgtttccct agtgctgtga ttagactacc atattcaggc taatttttta tataattttt    138900
     tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtatagccct ggctgccctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag    138960
     gctggcctcg gactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgcctctg cctcctgagt gctgggatta    139020
     aaggcgtgcg ccgccgctgc cgccaccacc acctggcttt tttatataat ttttatatgt    139080
     ttaccctcac ctctaactcg aaactgtggt tttattatgt cacagtgaca tcattcaggc    139140
     tgaattgtct taaggaaaac aaacaaacaa acaaaacaaa ccaggtcata aaaagtgaaa    139200
     tgctgactgt gtgcagtggc agccatcgtc agcgggcatc aggggatgcg tgggtgacag    139260
     cggcaaagca tgaagtatgg tgtttattag gtactggcaa aggcctggga gttccagatg    139320
     ccaagccatg ataagtggga actgcctgtc tcagctctcg tccagttcca agagctgagg    139380
     aggctcccag ttcggtgcct ttaaagcaac ttgatgcaca gaccagaccc acaccgggag    139440
     ctttctctgc cattggcaag gtggggctct ccctgcatca cgatggcaat aatagtacct    139500
     gatgaagccc gagctgatag agcatgtgcg atagccaggc attgattgca tcattaaact    139560
     ttgatctctc tctttgctct tagcccacaa cttgaggatg ctacagactg atagccctag    139620
     cgggaccccc aactacacaa attgactctc taaattcaga aaaaagattc tcttcctttg    139680
     ctgtgatgtg gtcacatatc actcgggaac tgagcatgca aggaagggag ttgagacttg    139740
     tcttggagag acatctctaa gagaacttcc agctgttcac agctggagcc ttctcaatgt    139800
     agcaggccct tacctgggag cttgtctcct ggacaccctc aagccagtga gcagagattt    139860
     gaataagaaa gtatgaggga taccgccacc cataatatca ggcacgggaa acaggctaaa    139920
     cgcccatcag tgggaggact gattggtaag aaatgtagca ccctgaacac tgcaattctg    139980
     cgatccaagg gatgggtgag tctgctctgc tgcgggctga gtgccaagct gtactgccga    140040
     gtgcaggagc agtgctaata cactgtgata acatttggat tttaaaagag aaagatttgc    140100
     ttgtacgtga tagacgtttt ctggaaagac acaaaagaaa cagttagcag tgggatgcct    140160
     ctgaagaaag gtcctgggga ctggaggtct gagagacgaa aggagactta cttttcactg    140220
     ggtatccttt tgtgttaatt tttttctatg tgaatgcatt tttttttctg tttaaaaaga    140280
     aagtggtggg ggacttaagg gagagaaaag tgctcaggtt ttatctgact tctctgtcca    140340
     ctttctcatg tctgtgttca gccaggttgt gctatcctga ctcataggtc atttcccagc    140400
     cctctcaccc tccgcctcag cccatgcccc accctgccca aggcatccat tactgcccct    140460
     taaaggtact taaaacttac cttttttttg ccttgaaata caaataactc caatctgcag    140520
     agaggagctt cattgcactc acagagcaga cagaaatcag ctggcaccgg ggtgctcgat    140580
     aaatgtttgc agatccaatt gaatctgtga ctcggttggt tacactgagc aagggactaa    140640
     ttggccaagg tcaggcatcc aaaacccaca tgggtcagca ctcttggaac ttagagagga    140700
     actttcttct caaatgcagt ctgccccttg ctccattgtg gccgcatgtc acaaggaggg    140760
     agttctgtct acacaaggaa ggagaatggg ggcggggggg gggggggagg ggggaggggc    140820
     accattcctg gagacacagc tcagagccac ttgagcaagc aagacagagt aacagtgtga    140880
     cagaaagcaa gacagtaaca atgtgacaga aagcaagaca gagtaacagt gtgacagaaa    140940
     gcaagacaga gtaacaatgt gacagaaagc aagacagagt aacagtgtga cagaaagcaa    141000
     gacagagtaa cagtgtgaca gatcgaaagg cccacctttg gaagcattgt gactcagaag    141060
     agtatctgaa accaggcaga aaggcttagc actgggaagg tggaggcagg gggacagctg    141120
     agtctgaagc cagcctggcc tactgagtga gctgttatct cagatgctcc tgtctctaac    141180
     cctgcccatc tcttcctctt cctctccatt cttttattct ggatattagg aggtttaata    141240
     ttatccccag aacttggaac tggacgtata gacttctcca ctaaatatgg cagtgatttg    141300
     aaatatttat cacatgtatt cagcaagacc aaaaattaag tatttagcct ctccaccacc    141360
     cccaacacct tagtcctgga ctctacaaat agctacgaca ttcccagtat ctctgtctgt    141420
     ctgcctctct gtctgtctgt ctgactatct ctctgtgttt tgtatatatg tgagtaaggg    141480
     cactgcattt ggtagtcaaa cctttttaac tgtgggctgc aaagatcaaa ctcagtttgt    141540
     caggcttgta tggaaactag ttttacccac tgagccatct tactggttca ttttttaaaa    141600
     gttaaatttt atttttattt taaagattta ttattattta tgtataggag tacactgtag    141660
     ttgtcttcag acaagccaga agagggtatt ggaccccatt acagatggtt gtgagccacc    141720
     atgtggtggc tgggaattga actcaggacc tctggaagag cagtcagtgc tcttaactgc    141780
     tgagctatct ctccagtcct ttttttgttt tgttttgttt tgtttttcga gacagggttt    141840
     ctctatgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggc ctctaactca    141900
     agagatccgc cttcctttgc ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa aggcgtgcgc caccacgccc    141960
     agctagtttt actgtttttt tttttttttt ttaaagattt atttatttac tatatgtaag    142020
     tacaatgtag ctgtcttcag acacaccaga agagggcatc agatcttgtt acggatggtt    142080
     gtcagccacc atgtggttgc tgggatttga actcaggacc tttggaagag cagtcagtgc    142140
     tcttaaccac tgagccgtct caccagccct agttttactg tttttaatta tgggtctgtg    142200
     tgtggatttg catatgagca caggtgcctg caggagtcag aggcattgta tctcctggag    142260
     ctggagtcct ggatagttgt gagtcatgtg atatgagtgc agagaatcaa agagtcaaac    142320
     tctagtcctc tggaagtata tgctctgaac ctgtgaacca cttcttgaac ctgaaagtct    142380
     tgttttgttt tgttgttttt gttctatatt tgtttgtttt ctaatagggt ctcatgttgc    142440
     ccaggctggc cttgaacttg gtatgtagcc aataataacc ttgacctttt atctacctct    142500
     caagagttac ttgtttctcc tttttgaatc ttagaagttc actagcataa gtctgttgag    142560
     ttagcccatg tctataatcc taccactaca gtactcggaa gcctgacgcg ggagaattgt    142620
     cgagggagaa ttgtcatgag ctcaaagctc tttgagatta cattctgagt tacaaaaaag    142680
     cctggactac agagaacccc atctttgaga aaggagtggg ggattaagac cacttgttct    142740
     tcttgcagag gttccaggtt cagttcccag cactcacatg gcagctcata atcgcctcta    142800
     actccagttt taggggatct tctggcctct gagggcacca ggcacacaca tgatgtatgc    142860
     atatggaacc gttcatataa tcacattttt aaagggagga ccactggaga gatggctcag    142920
     tgattaagaa cacttttatc tttctgagac agggtctctc tacatatccc tggctgttct    142980
     ggaactcaat atgtagatca agctggcctt gaactcagag atccacctgc ctccacctcc    143040
     ccagttcccg gagtaaaggt gagcactaac acatctatag ctggctgttc ttttagagga    143100
     cctgggttca gttcccatca cccacatggt ggctcaccac catctgtagc accagttcca    143160
     aggaatctga ccccctcatg tgagggcacc ctctaatggc agcaggcgtg cacctggtgg    143220
     acaggcatgc atgcaggtaa agcacagata cataaaagta acccttaaaa agatagttgg    143280
     gaaaagtggt atataccttt aatcccagca tttaggtggc agaggtatgt cagtctctgt    143340
     gagttccagt tcagctaggg ctacataatg agaccctgtc tcaggacgga aggaaggaag    143400
     gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaaa aggaggaagg aaggaaggaa    143460
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa gaggaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga    143520
     aggaaggaag gaaggaaggg aaagagataa tgggaaaatg gggtgagggg aaagacagga    143580
     ctcattagaa gaagaggtac ctggcagcat ggccaacgac caccttgtcc tttttaaaat    143640
     aaaccctttc caggttctct ggccttagtt tgcatgcaat gtctctgaac tcatttctcg    143700
     aatctgcaag gaagccttgg cttgcgctcc aggctcttcc tgcctgctcc ctcgcttgca    143760
     gaagagactt cttgtcccag taagagttat tatgatgagg aagcatttgc ctgggagcac    143820
     agtgagtcag aaagtttgat gtgccttctc cccccaaaaa agcatctata atttttgacc    143880
     acattaatag aagtgtccaa atctaggacg gggagggatc tagttgctcc tgtggggtgc    143940
     ttactgactc atgccacgac cgtcgtcatc gtccaccata ggcgaccgag tccacctcct    144000
     tctgtgcaca tcccctgcaa ccgcctgcta aaacccagac tgcagctcct gctcggaaca    144060
     cggcaggaga ctcctaattg gtgtttttcg gtttcttgtc tccagtctcc tcacggcagt    144120
     tgtggtatta ggaaagacaa tctgaccata atattccgat gtgttaccat cttccggtgg    144180
     cttctctcag ttcttagaat ccacctttcc tttctttccc ttacactttt gttttaacat    144240
     ttatgtattt tatgtacgta tatgcgcaca ctcagccacg tatgccatgg cacacaagtg    144300
     aaagtcatga caatttgtgg cagtcagtct tgtccattta ccactggatc ctggggttga    144360
     aattcaggcc tgaggcttga gagcaagtgc ctttatccac tgttctctct ttactgaagg    144420
     actagggaat ggctcagtgg taaagaacac tggctgttct tccagagatc cagagttcag    144480
     ttctcagcac ttacatgaca gctctcacaa ccatctgtaa tgggatctga tgttctcttc    144540
     tgatatggag acatacattc agacagagca ctcatacata aaatccataa gattaacagt    144600
     tgggcagtag tgtcacatgc ttttaatccc agaactctgg aggcaaagac aagtggatct    144660
     ctgagtttga ggccagcctt gaagtgacag agcaagtccc aggaaggtca gtcagagcta    144720
     cacagagaaa ccctgtcttg aaaagccaaa agtgagctgg gcgtggtggc gcatgccttt    144780
     aattccacca cttgggaagc aggggcagga ggatttctga gttcgaagcc agcctggtct    144840
     acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagata ccttttctcg aaaaaccaaa    144900
     aaagaaaaaa aagaaagaga aaaaccaaag gcccctgtct tccctccatc atcatttcac    144960
     agcccccttt cctcctgatt ctctgtttac acatgggtca gtctcttccc accccacccc    145020
     catgtataca acacactggc tatgctgcac tgagccttgc ctcgtctctc acctcgatca    145080
     ctctcttcct tgagtctgct tccaaggatg cttctttggg cagtggccct gagccctcca    145140
     gactaggtca ggttatcagt gaggatgaca tttcacattg actcagtcag caaacattta    145200
     acgactccag cagggtgcca ggtacactcc tctgtgctga agccttactg atgagcgagc    145260
     cagctgcctc ttgagggaac tgatcgcaca ttgtggagag gccttaatta cgccttaatt    145320
     acctctggtc agagacgttg ggggaagttc ttcatgaaag aacatgtgtg tgcatgtttg    145380
     gaaactcaca tctgtgttcc tggtacctac attttctggc cttgaaagtt atacagtttc    145440
     gtggggttag agaggtggcc tggtagttaa ggacattcat tgctcttgca gaggacctgg    145500
     gtcacatggt ggctccacaa ccatccttaa ctctagtgcc aagggatccg atgccctctt    145560
     ctggcctttt ggacacctga cacataacat cgtatataca cacacacaca cacaaaatgt    145620
     acacattaaa aaaaattttt ttttaatgtc cctgaatggc taggcatgca gctgcatatc    145680
     tattacatca gcacccagga cgataaggca ggaggatctc tgtgagtttg aggtcagcct    145740
     ggtctacata gcaaattcca gtacagccat gtctcaacag tgaaatcctg cctgagacct    145800
     aaaggttgag atactggtga gggaaggaag ggatgggggt ggggggagaa gaaactcaaa    145860
     cggctgggac acaaaggaac tttcaggctg gggaggtggc tcagtgggca aagcactgga    145920
     tcttccaaac ccaggtaaag gcagtggtca gtcaggcagg gacgggaaga gcctaagtga    145980
     atgcgcttcg ggttcatcaa gagaccttac ctcaacaaag tggagagcga ttaaggaaga    146040
     cactcatgtc aactttgagc ccctaaaatg cagattcaca gatatgtacg tgcacatgag    146100
     aaaatgcaca caaatggact catggtttgc tagatttttt cataaatgca tacccctcca    146160
     accttccaac ccacacaccc acacacctca cacagaggca atgttactac gacctggtta    146220
     tttttgttgt ggtttaacac agagtcttgc tgtgtattct agggttgcct catacttact    146280
     ggtagcctcc actggcctcc agcttgtggt ggcaattctc tctcctcagt cgcctgagca    146340
     ctgtgtttgt ttgttttttt gtttttcaag acagggtttc tctgtatatc cctagctgtc    146400
     ctggaactca ctttgtagac caggctggcc tccaactcag aaatctgcct gcccctgcct    146460
     tccgagggct aggatcaaag ggtgtgcgcc accatgccag actgtttttg tttgtttgtt    146520
     tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt ttttaagata cagcccacca gacagtgatg gcatatgcct    146580
     gcctttaatc ccagcacagg cagaggcagt tggatctctg agagttcaag gccagcctga    146640
     tctacatagt aagttccagg acagtcagaa ctacatagtg aagcgctctc tctctctgtc    146700
     tctgtctctg tctctctctc tctctctctc tctcacacac acacacacac acacacacac    146760
     acacacacac acacacacac ctgcatgcac gcacaaacca agacaatgca tacaaggttg    146820
     gcctggcacc caagatcatc tctggaaact gttactgtcc caggttgcta cttcttcctt    146880
     ctcactggaa gaacctctct tcctctgtta gtctgagtcc aagttgcaag cgtgaagtca    146940
     ctggttcatg ctggacgtta cagcagccct tgagacgtgg acgtgtgagt gaatgtggtg    147000
     ccagcccact ctaagggggc ttcatcaaag catggggtga tgggttcaga agtcagtact    147060
     gaatggaaag cagatttcgg ggctggcaag atggctcagc gagtaaaggt tcttgctgct    147120
     aagcctgatg acctgagttt gatccttgga actcacaggg tgtgggagag aaccaactta    147180
     catacaaaca gtatgaccca cgggcaaggt acatacagga aaagtaaaag attttggtgg    147240
     tggtggtgat gatgatggtg atgctgctgc tgctgctgat gatgataaag cgtggttgga    147300
     cctgccacca taaggcagag aagttacact gaacctatgc ccccagcagg tcataatctc    147360
     aggcagtttt ctaagccttt cttttccact ccatattgcc cagaactcct tgcagctggt    147420
     gtcacagccc ccgagacaca ccactgactt tgcctgactg aggaagctga ggtcacagag    147480
     gcagcaggat ggagcctggg cttctgccct ggcagagtca catggcaagc agagcctgag    147540
     tctggggtca gcctgccaga gcctggcact gccatttgtc agctgtggga ttctagcagt    147600
     ttcctacggc tgctgtaaat taccacaaac tcggtggttt aaaaccacag agatttattc    147660
     tttcacagct ctggaggcca gacatgtgaa atcaagatgt cttcagggct atgccccctc    147720
     tggagatgcc ggggacaatc tgttcttgcc ttttccagct ctggtggctg ttcacagttt    147780
     ctgtggctgt cacttctgtc tcagtcctca catgcttctt cttctgtctt taataggggc    147840
     atttgccatt aaatttagga cccgtctggg taatccagga tcatctcttc tcaagatccc    147900
     tcacttaatt acatctgcac aggccctttt tctaaatacg gtcacagtca caggattcag    147960
     ggatttggat gtggacatat cttttgggac acaccacttt ccaaatctgt ccagggacct    148020
     ccatcacgac atttatcctc tttcaacttc cagtttttca tctgtaaggt cagagctggg    148080
     tgtgatggca taagcctgta atcccggata ttgagagcca ggaattcaag gtcatcctca    148140
     gctacattcc aagtttgagg ccagcctggg ctacatggct ccctatctta aaaaagtcag    148200
     acaggggctg gtgagatggc tcagggggaa agggagcctg ccaccaaacc tgaggacttg    148260
     agttcaatct ctggaataca cacggttgga gagagccaac tccttaaagt tgtgttctga    148320
     cctttgccct agagcccacc ctctccccga gaagggagta taaaacaaaa taatcaaaag    148380
     tgggtaattg tgtgtgcgtg cgtgcatgtg cgcgtgtgtg taatgtgtgg tatgtgcaaa    148440
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg aatgtgagtg gacagatgtg tgtgctcatg cagaggccag    148500
     agcaagacat taggtgtctt cctctgttac cctgcccaaa tagcctcgag ataggatctc    148560
     tcactgaaag tgccatgttt catggaggct ggccggcctg tgagctttta gaattcacct    148620
     gtctccaccc ctgagattac aggcacacga agccatgtca tgttttccat gagggtgcca    148680
     gggattcaaa ctcaagttct caggcttgca aattaagctc tctcacccac ggagccatgt    148740
     ctgtagcccc aagggctgct ttataaggtt gtcctgagga ttagtacaaa atgatcccac    148800
     ggcgtacctc acagagcagt gagcacttag taagtactca ataaatgttg attactatga    148860
     ccacacatgg tctcgctgtg gccgtctaga tggctttttt tccataggta aagcctggtt    148920
     cccgttagct agtagtggta gagagagaca agacaggggt ggttggtgtc tcttgagcag    148980
     agacagagtt gtcaaggttc tactcaaggg accatctgct tgttcctcac ctggggattt    149040
     cttattatcc tgtcaggctt ggagttccct gcagtctgag aggcaggaca ccccgaggag    149100
     gtctccagcc aatcatgtcc tccctcaccc tggctgcagg aggctggcct gggaacgcta    149160
     tgatttacag tgatgaaatg taaattgcag agattcctgg cttcctgtgc agccaggatc    149220
     ccatcagcat ctcattcccc ttacctgggg ctcctcccgg tctcatttgg cagattctgt    149280
     tggcggagag cctcctcagg accagagcgg cttgcttcct acatctatca cacctgcgct    149340
     gtgacaatgt aatttttatc tctggttgtt tatttctcag atggaactac ttgtaaattc    149400
     caagaagaaa atatatccct gtgtgtgaca gagccagccc agggcgatta atctgggctt    149460
     ttaagctggg aacacacacc aggtttatgc tgctccatgc ataagtgtcc cgtaatcaac    149520
     cataaccatt aattgttcac tgatggagca gtggccccag aaggggctgg gatccatggg    149580
     acttgatcta gatggatggg acaagagtct tcatttccca tcagccaggt ggttagcaga    149640
     cccttgggac aaagtgggag gcttgtggct tctggccaac aggtacaaag gtggtggcag    149700
     agacccatgt cattttttaa gaccgagttg acagtgggtg tgagaaggag gggccgtgac    149760
     tgtggagtag acatacaggt gaatgagtgt ctgatggtaa aaaagtctta cttgcttagt    149820
     ccaacagact caggttcaaa gccaggtccc accacttacc ctgaaccttc gccaaaggag    149880
     aaagggtctg gaactgtaaa agagaaaaga gtaacttggc ccagcggcct ctgggagagt    149940
     tgagaagcaa gtctgacaga ctgacacaca cactgccctc aggtccatgg gcctgaggga    150000
     gacttcggac catagaagat gaaggccacg ggaattatca ggactcctga gttgggagga    150060
     actcagaaga ctcctaatga aaaaacccag tacaggttta gaaaagtgaa cggacttaga    150120
     agctgggaaa gtccctctct tgactgtcaa tggtgccacc gaaaccaggc cttgaccttg    150180
     gtcttgattc tgtgacgccc acaagcccag atgatctatc tcaggagtcc atagttccct    150240
     agaaccaact gaggtggtgc acacagtagg cagacactga gaaacaggaa tcagggacca    150300
     gcctgggata caccattact gggtgtggcg gcacatgctt aaccatcagt actttggaag    150360
     taaaggcaca aggcccaggg gtttaaggtc acccttggct acatgtcaag tttatagcca    150420
     gcccaagcta taagagacct tgtcaaaacc aaccaaccaa caaacaaaca aacaaaaaac    150480
     ccaaaaaaca actaaaataa accaaatatg atggctttag tcccagaagt tgggagacgg    150540
     aggcaggcag atttttgtga gtttaagaac agcctcgtca agccgggcat ggtggcgcac    150600
     gcctttaatc ccagcactcg ggaggcagag gcaggcagat ttctgagttc gaggccaatc    150660
     ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtctcaaga    150720
     aacaaacaaa caaacaaaga acagccttgt ctacacagca agttccacgt tagccagggt    150780
     tatacagtga gactcaaatt caagtcaatc aaagaagtat agagccctag aactctgttc    150840
     tgagtgcagg tatactgtag aaaccacagc cttcaggctc tcaaagggtc cactgtcagg    150900
     ggtggggagc cgcctcccat gccctcttac ctcctggctg aaacacatga tctggatttc    150960
     cttggtttta gggtctcctg acaaccctta ttctaaccca attcttgctg ctctgtccag    151020
     agaacagagc tcacaaccac catccaggga atgggagggt gtgggcctct atttggaaaa    151080
     ggaatttcca gatctgggca ttttggccag atccagattt catgaagtct aaaaatggtg    151140
     cgcgtgtggg gtggtggtgg tggtggtgaa tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg    151200
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgttgctttt atgaaagagc ctagtaaacc    151260
     atgagtcctg agttaggtaa aaggccttgg gaagaacaat gtaatcgttt tataacgtga    151320
     cattactgaa caaagactct atgggtacat ggggtctcag tatagctctc accaaatggc    151380
     ctcacggggc ttactgtgtc atccccatta gatgtttgcc cagttttctg gttgcaggct    151440
     gtttggagat tgagacagaa ctgtggaaaa tccccacccc caccctccgc ctctccccca    151500
     aggagctcac aaaggggacc tggtgctgac ctctccctga ggtttgtctc tgattcctgt    151560
     taatataccc tctttcccgt tcctcccgct caactattgg ctatactcat ctactttcag    151620
     ggctgccccg ggagctgtat ccacctctgt gcaagaggag gtgagcgccc cctacagggc    151680
     atccaaagta gggccatgta tttgagacaa ctgctgtccc aaaactcccc cgccaggctt    151740
     tggacaaatt ccctgggaga tggaggctag agggcgtgga ggctgtggac tgcccatcta    151800
     cctgccttcc tcctcctctt cctcctcctg gtatttgttg ggttgcagct atgtgccagg    151860
     cgagaaaaac actattggga gcaagaagct gagacaaagg atttgatcta gctctgtggg    151920
     gttgccactt cctgattgca ggcacctgtg gcttcgagtt tgctggctag aaaatggtgg    151980
     tgacaagcac ttgctgggct cttgagtttg gggtcctaca ggcgtggtgc agggcacaaa    152040
     gctggccctg gggtcggcac tgcaaagctt tactcttatt atcttgaaag gtttctccag    152100
     cctcttttct ggcatcttga gtctcctttc tggaagcatg gtcaggataa gacgtaatag    152160
     agttttcagg atgggctctg gttagtcacc atgcaggtga gacagcagga gatgacccgg    152220
     gaccatccta tctgctaaca aagagaaatc accaaaacag aatctgattc atcactcgcc    152280
     cttgtaagtt ctggtctgtg ccctggatgg aagattccca gggagctgga gtggctccag    152340
     aaagcagcta gggaaggagg agccatccac cccacccctc accagggaac ctatgtaatt    152400
     agctaaccca ctaattaatc ttttgtttat atttattttc actttgctgt ttgagacacg    152460
     ctcatgcatt ccaggctggc ctcaaacttg tgtagctgct gagaataatc cagaacttct    152520
     tttattaatt tttgttttat gtgcatgggt agtgttttgt ctgcatgtat gtctgtgcac    152580
     catatgtgtg cctggggcct gcagaggcca gaaaggggca ctggattctc ctggaacaga    152640
     agtcacttat gagccacaag ccacatatgt gtgctagaaa cggaacttgg gtcctctgga    152700
     agagcagtca gtacttttaa cttctgagcc atctctccag cccctaatct agaacttcca    152760
     atcctcctgc ctccacctcc taaatgctta taagtatgtg ctgccacgtc tgctttatgc    152820
     tagagattga aacctgggct ttgtgtgtgc ttgataagcc ccccaccagc caagctacat    152880
     acacagcctg gtgtggattt ttgttttgtt tttgacaccc tgtctctctc tatagtccag    152940
     gctttcctgg aactcaccgc aattcttctg tctcagtctt ctaaattctg aagttatagt    153000
     tgtaaaccat catgtctggc tttttacttt gtgcgtgtgt ctgtgtgtct gtgtgtgtat    153060
     ttgtgacgtg tgtacatgtg tctggaggta gagtctaagg agggaactca ggtcatcaag    153120
     tgtggtggca agcccctttg cccactgagc catctcatcc cttccccctc ccttttttgg    153180
     aaacagggcc tcaggaagct tagatgtcct cactgctatg tagctgagga cggtctgatc    153240
     cccctgcctc cacttaggag tgctaggaat tttttttcac ttatttattc atgtattact    153300
     tgtttattat tagatttatt ttattttctg tgaatgagta ccttgcctga attgtatgcc    153360
     tatggaccat acatgactgg tgcctggtgg aaatgttgag cctccatgtg ggtcctggga    153420
     ctcaaaccca gatcctttgc aagaatgaca agtgttctta accactgagc cgaccctcca    153480
     gcccctgagt gctagattta caggggcatg ctactatgcc cacttttatg ctgaagatac    153540
     aacccagggc ttcctgcata ccagacaatc attctactga ctgaactaca tcctcagcca    153600
     tgtttgagat gtgtcttgct ccatagccca ggatggcctg aaattctaat tctcctcctc    153660
     tcaagtgctg gcgcacacag gtccacacca ccacactcag tttcactgtt tcttttgtat    153720
     agttttgcat gtgctgggag gcagaaacta cacccgttag ctgggcaccc ataggggagg    153780
     tcagtagctc attcttcatt ggggcctctg tctgagagcc tgctggatgc ttcagataca    153840
     cggttgtctg agtgggagtc tctccagcta ttgtgtggct tgtgccatgg ccacagcttc    153900
     cacatcccag tggaactgtt tggttttctg tcatgaatca agggctcaat gttgggtaag    153960
     ctcggtgcta agtgttctat gtgcatggct gcactaggtc gtcacagcag ccccataaag    154020
     tgggccctgc tttcccccca ttttatggat gagcagattg agaggttaag ggacgagttc    154080
     aaggttatac ggccagttag tcccggttgg aatccttagg caggtctaat ttgaagcttg    154140
     agctccgagc tccgagcagc tattcgtggc tgctgttgcg gggaggctcc aggcagaacc    154200
     cacctggatg cttccgcttg gatggcgatt gcgggagtcc accagatatc tcccccaagg    154260
     ctatgctcca ttagctactc ctctggggac aggaaagagt acatcaacat gctaaagaga    154320
     gcctaggtcc cagggaggaa tgtgtcactt gtcttcattc tcagggtgct ccgcagtatg    154380
     ggtttgagcg ggagtgggtg agagctagat gcactaggtc aagttcctca gcccctaatt    154440
     tcatagccct tgagcggacg cctgaaggag gcagaggagg caggggcacg gtgagactaa    154500
     acgcagctca gcaaggcttg gtaaacctcc cctatctgga cctccagaag caatgtctgt    154560
     tccatctagg aggggcagca aggtcgtggg gtgcgcgtgc tgataagggt tgcaggatgc    154620
     aggccaacgc ccccgcgcca gctcccacct gggccggccc cgcaggcgct ggttggctcc    154680
     ctgggaacgc tatttgtcct atcgtgcacc tgcatggttg ccaggcaact gggactgagt    154740
     tgtaacacct tggcgagagc caggagggtg tttttatttc ctagctgctg agtctttcct    154800
     tagaagttgt acaaggatag catttgcttt ccctccctag aaaccccacc tcatgtagtc    154860
     cttggtcttc agtctccagt ccctagttcc catcccagcc gggattcagg ccagatcagc    154920
     ctggggatct gaggagtttc ttttacttga ggggtctcag gcaggcaagg gtcttggagg    154980
     gctatgcaca actctctggg tttggaaaag tcaccctgag aggagttacg gtcttcggcc    155040
     agagtccaga tagtgaatct aggaagaacc ctcaaagatg gggaaaggcg ggctccaagg    155100
     tcactgtcac agttgctggc tttgggacaa ccttgtttgt ggcagtggga gagtggggta    155160
     catcctgggt ctgcctgcct cctggctttt tacaggttat ctgggggctt cccgaaattg    155220
     aggttcctgc tcacaccttc ccagtggctc acccatctgt gtaccacctg cagtacattt    155280
     ttccctttct tttttttttc cttctgttag attgacccac tttagcttaa ataaatgtat    155340
     ccaaaaagga aacttgataa cacttctgta aatggagact cagtatcact tgccataaat    155400
     agaaagaagc tgtaaaaata aatacaaaga agcaaaacct tattaaattt tagcacatgg    155460
     aggctgatct aagggagcta taaatgataa caaaataatt gcttattact cactgacact    155520
     tacgatgggc caggcactag ctaagcattt tgcatgcggt ggatatcata tccttagtgt    155580
     tcccatttca cagatgagga agtggaatag tcagagattc taagggctat ggtgaagggc    155640
     aggtagacac taaatgacca aattcaaagt tgagtcctac ccaaaggttg ggctgtctgt    155700
     cagccatgac ctgtgctgtc tccatacatg gtgtcagccc ttagtgttgg tgggaagggg    155760
     tgggggcaat ctgcagttgg tacacggact tgaaccccag ctgctgtgtt tgtgcttggc    155820
     ctcagggaac tataacctac tgtgtactct cgcagcaaac ccacacagct tcctggcagc    155880
     cctgggttac tctcatctta tagcttagga actgaggttt gggaaggctc agctagctct    155940
     ccagagtccc actgctgccg tggtaagact ggggtgtggg cctcatgtcc ctctgcaacg    156000
     ctagcacgct acattcgctt atgcctctct gtagctcatt cagcctcatg cagagaggag    156060
     aaccttttat tcttagcaaa tcttacagcg gaactgagcc cttctccttc ttgcagggaa    156120
     ccaaatctcc acctggggag agtgggattt gttgaactca gcccaggctg tggccaaata    156180
     cctctttaga accgagttta accatgggcc ttctcccagt gggcaaagac ccccttgctc    156240
     tccccacatt tccgcaaggt gcctgtaccg ctgaccaggg atgttggttt agttttattg    156300
     tctgccctcc tcgagacata gtccaccatc ccttatcaaa atgagtgact gcctttctca    156360
     ccctggagct ggcttcattc ttacctggaa aagaaagaac aagggtgcat ttggagaggg    156420
     aggaaaatca tatgttattt ttaaaaggca ttttgagtga gtgctgaata gagttcaaga    156480
     aaattgcctt aaagacctgt tctctgcagg gttgacgttt ctcatggctc ccaagtattt    156540
     ggaaacttaa ttgcacattt gtacgggcta ctgtttttat ttctttctgg tctcagaggt    156600
     gggctttgaa gattgcgagc tctctctctc tctctctccc tctctctctc tctctctctc    156660
     tctaatggtt tttctttatc tcaaataaat tctgcacacc tgcaaggtag agttgcctga    156720
     aagaaactgt gtcagaattg gctctcgatt gaataaatct gcaaatggcg aaggggctgc    156780
     tgagatgatg tggtgttagc tctctgagct cttgtcacag gggcgcagcc taatccccgt    156840
     gcccccgagg gagctgtgct ctctcggctg ctctgaactt cagggtgagc atcagcccac    156900
     atctctgctg aaaccctttt tccaccctaa gctggaagcc gtgctggaga agggagactg    156960
     atttctgtgt gggtgtgtgg ggccttttag gccaagatgc taataagagg cttttaggtt    157020
     aattgtacaa ccacagctcc ccactgttgg ggacttcctt cgcttcccac actgtgtctt    157080
     ctcaaagaat tggcaagtct atttggtgct cagaactata cagtaagggt agaagtcagc    157140
     cccagtttgg ggctggaagc atgtgtcaac cctcaggctt gtgggggagc ccaggtgtgt    157200
     tagtaacttc cctcatcctg cagccaaaca ctcaacaaaa cgcagcttga gggggaaagg    157260
     gcttgttttg ccccacagtt gagagggaaa cagtccctca agccaggaag gtccggtggc    157320
     aggagtggct cggtctgagg aagcaaagga aggcatgtgc cagccttcag ctggcttttc    157380
     cccctttctc attttttatt tagccagaga cctccaactt atggggtcct ctccccttca    157440
     gttaaagctc tttggaaact ctgacagtgg tggcacccgc ctttaatccc agcactctgg    157500
     aggcagaggc aggcggattt ctaagtttga ggccaacctg gcctacagag tgagttccag    157560
     gacagccagg gctacagaaa gacatgttgt gttgaaaaac caaacaacaa caacaacaac    157620
     aaaactcttt gggggtcttc ctctatagcc caggctgctc tgaatctcac tgtgtagccc    157680
     agcctggcct tgaatgtttc atcttcctgc ctcagcctcc ctagtgctga gattacaggt    157740
     ttatgccatt accccagact actgggcagt ttgctttgtg gtagtattga gagctaaact    157800
     taacatcact tacagagtac atacttgaac caaggcctgc aggacagcaa tggcgaccct    157860
     caagttgacc ctgaggggct aaggacctct gtccttggaa ctatggcatt tcttgcctaa    157920
     cttgttgctt tctgggcatg aggttggcac agctgatggg tggcctggtt tagactgaca    157980
     ccagggaaat gcttttgtga gactccagaa ggtggtgttt ggccagctgt gttagcacaa    158040
     acctgcaagt ctgcagccaa cttgagtccc atacagattg acaagatatc ccgcttagca    158100
     gcagatgaaa tgaggcccaa ggctggaaag atggctcagc tgttaggaac acttgctgct    158160
     cttgctgagg acctgcgttc tgttcccagc accaacttgg tggctcacaa gcacctgtaa    158220
     ctccaactct gacacactct cttctaacct ctttgggcac caggcacaca tgtggcacac    158280
     catatacaag tgtgcaagca gaatgctcaa acatataaaa taaatgttta aaaattaaaa    158340
     acaaaataaa accaaacaag ccctatctta gttttctgca tgaaggggac gtgtccagtc    158400
     ctgtcagccc cactgtaccc tgtgaactcc cattccacct tggccttgaa ggactcagac    158460
     atctgaagat cagcatagta gaagcaagtt cccacactaa tagtatggat gccagactgc    158520
     ctgggagtca ggtgagaaag tcatgggggt ggatctttgt tcctgtaggg tccacagcta    158580
     aggctgtgag ataacacttg cttaggagag gagaaagccc tcaacaggag aggagcaagc    158640
     aggagccact gtgaggtagt tcaaggctag ggagagctct agggagaatg aagcagtgac    158700
     ctagagaagg gggagcactt cagaggagga gtcatagtga ggaggccagg tgaagaagta    158760
     gtgctgtgct tccaggacag cagggctgca agcatgggaa ggaagggtca ggtggctctc    158820
     ggggctgtcc agtcacctgc ctcagttgcc caggtgctag gattacaggc ataaactact    158880
     atgtccgatt tcctctgatt catttgatta tttgtttgtt tgagacaagg tctctctatg    158940
     taatcttgat tagcctgcaa ctcaatgtgt agaccaggct gcccttgaac tcagagaggt    159000
     ctgcctgcct ctgcctcccc tgagctacga ttaaagaagt gcaccatccc tcctggtaac    159060
     agcagtaagt gcttttacct acctagccat ctcttcagcc ctgagaagta attctttttg    159120
     tttggttggg ttttttggag acagagtttc tctgtgtagt cccaactatc ctggaattta    159180
     ctctgtatac tgggctgact tcaaactcag aaatccacct gactctgcct ctgagagctg    159240
     agactaagag tgtgcaccac tatggaatgg ctggagaaag aattcctgac ccgaggctca    159300
     tagttcagag gattcccaag tttctgaaat tgtgtggtgc tatgctcggg aacatctgga    159360
     ctttaccatc aaacctgtct tctccgaatc caggttctgc cactctctaa taatcactct    159420
     tccctcctca tcattatgtt tttctggctg gccttgaact tacagagctg ctcctgcctg    159480
     tttcccaagt gctggcatta aggtgtgtgc taccacatct agtctcttta acctcttcag    159540
     catcatcttt cctgcctaaa gaatgatgcc ctcgccgggc atggtggcgc atgcctttaa    159600
     tcccagcact tgggaggcag aggcaggcgg atctctgagt tcgaggccag cctgctctac    159660
     agagtgagtt ccagaacagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc atgtctcgaa aaaccaaaaa    159720
     aaaaaaaaaa aaagaatgat gccaagggct aaagagatga ctcaatggtt aagagcactg    159780
     actgctcttc agaggtcccg agtttaattc ccagcaccca catggtgact cacaaccatt    159840
     tgtaatgggg atccaaatgc cctcttctgg tgtgtctgaa gacagcacac atacatgaaa    159900
     taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaatatggg gggcgggaat    159960
     ggtgccaaga tggaaatttg gaacctgaag tacatggtag tatcaaatgg atagtggaga    160020
     ctttcccttc actgtgagcc tcttggtggg ggctcagtaa agggcatctg tcattaacct    160080
     gttccagagc tacgagtgac tgtgctgtca cttccttagg gaggggtctc ctacagctgc    160140
     agtatgattg cttaaggggt ccctgattca aaaaatgtta agcacctctc actgcttgag    160200
     aggtttaaaa atagaggcgc gttcaacggt aaagagcagt gtttatgtga actaaacgtg    160260
     gtggtggggc ctgcaggcag ggaagcctgc atggagccct tctgtccatc tgttggctct    160320
     gccatctctc attccttccc acagctttcg agcattgctg agaggcagct cgctcaggcc    160380
     tcctgccagg cgtggagggc agagtcaaga acagcagtgt caatggagaa ggaacatgtg    160440
     ccaatctcca aagagggccc caccctgtgg ccactcgagc ctgcgtgagg tcccttcctg    160500
     tgtcgaatct gggctgagtc tgctgcctag tttattttgg tttgtgtgtg tttggttggt    160560
     tggttagttg actttttggt gtttggtttt tgagacaggg ttttatgcaa cccaaggttc    160620
     gccttgaact tctgattcct gcctccagtt ttcaagtggt ataaaaacag gagtgtgtga    160680
     tcatgaatat ctccctctct tttaaattaa gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtggtata    160740
     ttatgctgtg tattcatgca tacatatgct tgtgcacatg gaaaccacag gagaaggtga    160800
     ggtgtctgct ccaatactct ctgccttatt cctttgacat gggatttgtc attggcctta    160860
     gagctcatct gttcatctag acatactggc cggaaagccc tcagggtgca cttgtgttgc    160920
     ccatgacaac actgggataa caggcacttg tatgtgcaca gccacaccca gcttctaatg    160980
     tgggtgctga gaattgaact caagtcctga ggcttgcaca gaccctgttc tttgagacat    161040
     gggtttgctt tctagcccag gctgatgtaa actcctaatc ttcataccta agtcccccac    161100
     attctgggct tactggtaag caccaccaca cctgatcctg tgacttgatt tagctcataa    161160
     ataaagtgaa aatgaaacta caacaggtac ctgttgcctt aagaaggctt aaaccaagcc    161220
     gggcgtggtg gcgcacgcct ttaatcccag cagccgggag gcagaggcag gcagatttct    161280
     gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccgggct acacagaccc    161340
     tgtctcgaaa aaccaaaata aaataaaata aaataaaata aaaaactaaa taaaaccaca    161400
     tgatggctca caaccatctg taataggatc caatgtgctc ttccggggtg tctgaagaca    161460
     gctacagtgt actcatatac ataaaatatc agccaggcat tgggacacac acttctaatt    161520
     ctagcactca ggaggtggag gcaggaggat ccagagttca aggccagcct tggctacata    161580
     gcaagtttaa ggacaacctg gactatgtga gaccctgtcc caaaaaaaga atcagaccta    161640
     cctgggcgga tctctgagtt tgaggctagc ctggtctaca ttgtcagttc taagacaacc    161700
     aggggtatgt agaaagagcc tgtctcagaa aaacaaaact aaaacaaaac aagatgaata    161760
     gaaacagcct aacgtgtgtt ttggggcact gagaatccca gtaaagaggc cagtgtgaga    161820
     gagagaactt tgagaagaga aacccacagg aagaaacagg ctcaggtgtc cggcatgtta    161880
     gttcagtccc cagatgactt caggatctgc taccgtctga ctacagccac atgggacgct    161940
     cccagtggga atggctgtcc tgctgagtct atttaagata atggattagt tttgttgcaa    162000
     gccctgtctt agtccatttt ctgtttctct aacagactac tggttgatac atgaaagaaa    162060
     ctgtttcttt tggctcatga ttctggaggc tgggaagtcc aagacactga cttcttgtcg    162120
     gtttttggag aaagtctctt gatgcttcga cccatggtgg aagggcggtg ggtgggtggg    162180
     gaggcacatt tgaaggaaca tgagagccca ccttgcttta ttacatcttg tgcttgtgga    162240
     acccaaccca gtcctaaagc aagagcccag ctgtagaaaa aaggtgttag cccatcctgg    162300
     agaggagact tctgccttca tgacccgaac tattcctatt acagactgcc tccaacattg    162360
     gggaccaggt ctcaccatgg gttttggtgg atacaagctg tattcaaagc ctcacaaacc    162420
     gttaccttca gcaatgcttg ttacatgtat ggtaataaat gaagaataac aaatcaaaga    162480
     ataaaggctt tctattcaaa gcgggttata gccagggggc ggctgccgtc acttgcattt    162540
     tatcagagcc aaaggcagac agaggactgg gaaaggcatt agtaagctct ctttggaggc    162600
     agctaacatg gaaagctgta ggtaggcgaa gttgcagcca gaaacccaaa tgtaattggc    162660
     tagtgctaag tgtttggttt ctctagctat cccaagttgg aagctggaac agaatgaagt    162720
     tagtcaagat ctggctggtt tttaccccaa ggtaaaaggc tgagttttgc catacagtgg    162780
     tactctaatt tatagctacc aagccggcct cgtaggctgg ttacagcaga gaactaggcc    162840
     ggtctccttg cttgggtgcc acagactgtg ggtccgagtg ttatttttat ccatggtctg    162900
     gcagtattcc tctatttagt ctctcacttg cctatagata cctccatgaa aacagacacc    162960
     ttgaggccat gttgaatgaa cacagtgttc tgggtaggct caaagggaag agaaagcatt    163020
     tggcctgggc caagtttaaa aggagagtta ttcaaagctg ggcatggtgg tgcacgcctt    163080
     taatcccagc actcaagagg caaaggcagg tggatctctg acatcctggt cttcagagtg    163140
     agttccagga cagccagggc tacacagaga aaccctgtct ttaagacaac aaacaacaaa    163200
     agaatattta gatgggtgag ggctaagagg ggtgtcccag atggaggaga cagcatgacc    163260
     caaggctgga gataggagag agctcagcgc gcaccaggag ttgcaacagc ctcctgttga    163320
     ggtgttggca cgatgcgaat gttggctgag tccagggtac tgagcagagt tagacatatt    163380
     cctgaagaga gggtcacaga tatcgagtga tgtcatcaga tccaactttc agaggcacta    163440
     agagaagggt gcaggagaat gggacgctcg caggagacag gtaggaagcc gctgagcagt    163500
     caggagaaag caccggaagt acaagctaaa gcaccggaag ttcagaagta ggagctacag    163560
     gacttggtag actggatcca agtgaccaag agaacgcaga gtcccagctt cctggaagcc    163620
     tgagctgctt gtgctttcta gaaagtgaca gggtggtgga gggacaggtt taggagaggg    163680
     gcaaggcatg gagaccccaa caggacacac atgcaaacca tttggcactg atctagagtt    163740
     aggagagtaa gagggaaatc gtggttacag aggatgtgcg ccgccctgcc cccaccctac    163800
     cccacccatg gtaaaatgac atatgagaga tgcctgtgac cggggctgag aaataagaag    163860
     ggtgcctgag acagggaccg actggaatgt ccagaaagat cggagcagtt ctaggagaga    163920
     gttctgcaga ggaatttggg gaggaggaga tttttaaggc ggctctgacc tcaggggcac    163980
     ctgaggcaag gtggaaaggg ggaactggga tttcggtata accgggcgtt ggtgcatgag    164040
     aaggaggctc tgtccccggg tacagggctt gaagaggtgg gaaggggagt catcttgctt    164100
     ccggtgaagg gatgggaaag gcagttgctt cgtttctaca tggttttgtt caatgggaac    164160
     aactgaaaca ggcctgcagc aagggagcca tggagtgggg cttggcgggg aggaaagtac    164220
     tctccttgtg agtacacagt tctggcagct gttggcaacc atggcctcag gcagaatcca    164280
     ggctacaggt ggagtggtgt ttgcccacac actggttctt gtctgcttta tttttcaaat    164340
     acgggtgtta accaattgca ggtacaaatc tggaaacgct accctctggc aaacccaaag    164400
     acatgacaac cagagcccta ctcccacacc ttccgaggca gcggtggctg gaacccaggg    164460
     ccttggttgg gcctggctgc cacctgtacc ctcttacctg cccacgtcat cctttgtttt    164520
     cttgctccgt tccatctgtc agcataggag agtggtttgg ggggaggggg gcagagagct    164580
     tgaggctctg aaagagatgg gtgtgggaaa ggccactgag cattacagga gaaacagtga    164640
     agagtattgg catgggcagc gactctgctt tccatttttg ggagatagaa caggagccag    164700
     gaccattctc accctgcatc actgtccctt gtcttgagca gagagataat gaagtatcca    164760
     ggcctcaggg ccactaaaga taaaaccgtg tacttcccat taccaaggat gccttaggga    164820
     tgggacacac tgaggcactc ctcttagcat ggggaaggag tcctgtctag gagcccctgc    164880
     acagtttgga tgtaccttca agaccctgac ttccagacca tcagagtccc ctcctgtctc    164940
     tgtgacaggc cttcccatac cccccccccc cgccccctgc cacttctctt tgcagtgact    165000
     tctgtccaca catacttccg tagctaccca ggtggggttg tctgcttctg acagaagagg    165060
     gggctctcat ctggggctct ccccaggaaa tcgctccaca cacacttcaa gattaacaca    165120
     tccccattca caccctctgt gggaacagtc tcaggcttat tgggaatcgt gtgtggattg    165180
     gacacatgtc accgtctcac gttgagctgg aatgtaatta ggtgatggcg gaaaaaattc    165240
     catccgtctc ctgggaatgc tgcaataatg agccatcaag acgggacccg ggaagctggc    165300
     agggtctgct gacctgagcc caagtgcgga tcattcatta gcttcggaga tgcccgtgat    165360
     ctgggctgca taactgagca ggcctgttcc taaggggggg gggaggcagg agccagagtg    165420
     aagagcttga aagcctgcct ctagctttaa agtagaaaag caagcaagcc atctatctct    165480
     tcctgggctg ggccacagga agccagggcc ttcttctgag gcttgggctc gataactaag    165540
     ccacgcccag gtgagaaaaa ccactccttg gtcagacact caaacttacc tgtgaagcag    165600
     ggctgagggc aggaccaggc caggggagca gggagcagcc agagggcctc tctgggaagg    165660
     ttacctccaa gaccagccat gggagctcag gcctggactg ccctgagcca atgccccatg    165720
     ggtccttgag ggtcacccag gcttccttaa ggtcctctac ctccctaccc tcccacggag    165780
     gtatgaaaag ctccaacctg gcctgcccag cagtccaagg acacctcctc ctttcccagc    165840
     agatccccat tgttagcatt ctgtctaagc tctgcccaca gttacctggc aacagccagg    165900
     taggcctgac ccactctaaa aagggctgct tgccccctcc tcgatctctt gccctcttgt    165960
     cttcttgctt ccactctgtc tcctcgcccc tttcccctct ctctctcttt ctgagtgctc    166020
     atggccggcc tctactcctc tactctctct ctgcctttct ctgcctctac taccctctta    166080
     actccccttc ccatgccctg aataaaccct attctatact ataccgtcat gtggatgctc    166140
     cctcaggggg aagggacttc tctgctgaga cacccctttt ccccacacct catcacacct    166200
     ccatagaata taaccctctc tcttctatcc ttttataaac acttcaactg ttttacccca    166260
     atagccctac ccaaagcccg ccactacagc acaagctgtt tcccgtacac cttgtcctca    166320
     cttccggtgg gcatcctttc acctcatcag gtctggcccc gcctcaggca ctgtccgttt    166380
     ttgcaccctc tcttctcctc taccagggct agaacccagg gcttttctaa tgtagacaag    166440
     tcatctacca ctgaaccgcg tcctcgccct gtcgtccttt cccccacttt tgccttgctt    166500
     ggctctgggg cactcctggg cactattcca gctatttcag gaattccact tgctctccaa    166560
     tcaagagttg catcctggtt tggcttggtt tttttttttc aagatagagt ttctctctgt    166620
     acccctggct ttcctggaac tcactctgta gactaggcta acctcagact cacagagatc    166680
     cacctgcctc tgcctctgag tgctgggatt caaagtatga gccacctgag ccaccgccgc    166740
     tccgcttgca tcctggattc cttttttttt ccaagacagg gtttctctgt atagctctgg    166800
     ctgtcctggg aactcacgtt gtagactagg ctggccacga actcagaaat ccgcctggcc    166860
     ctgcctcctg agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gcgccaccac gcccagcttc gcaggctcgc    166920
     atcctggatt cttaaacatt tgaacaggat cttttcttgc tgctttccac aacagtgtaa    166980
     gccactgaag tagtcagagg gactccacaa tggccagggg tcaaggtcta cgctagagga    167040
     aggagggagg gactacaagg cccttcctct acaagccacg cccctttctt tctctggaac    167100
     cttctggaca gttcctccac tggggagcta ctggctttct agtgtgtata tggggatttt    167160
     tgagggggcc tcaggactgg cttcctccaa gtagcacccc tcagagttct ccctgccaga    167220
     cattttatta ctctttatca gacaccagac tctggcctct atgcacagac acacatgtcc    167280
     cctcccccaa tgcacacata taacacacac actcacacaa aacaaaaggt aataggagat    167340
     agtttcatac aggtataaaa cataagaaaa ataaggcaat aagcctcagg ccaagccagt    167400
     ggcttcgctt tacaccaatt ctgtccaata gaaggcaggc tgatggactt gaagctttct    167460
     agtaggcaaa ggctaagaac agagctggag atatggctcc gtggttaaga gcaccgacta    167520
     ctcttccaga ggtcttgagt tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggttggcaca caaccatctg    167580
     taatgggagc cgatgccctc ttctggtgtg tctaaagaga atgacagtgt atatctgtat    167640
     gagtacagtg tattcatata cataagataa gtaaatcttt agatgcctgc cctctgcctc    167700
     atcctaggat taaaggtgtg tgccaacact gcctggcttt taaaaatgtt tttatttaat    167760
     tcaatatatt aaaatgtttc ctctttcttg gggctggaac gatggctcag ctgttcagag    167820
     tatttgttgc tcttgcagag gatccaggtt cagccccggc tctcatatgg tagctcacaa    167880
     ccatctataa ccctagtcat gcacagtaaa taaatctaaa agttaaaaaa aaaatatctc    167940
     cataaatcaa tataaaagct attcatgaaa taatctacaa gttttttttt tattgtgaat    168000
     ctttgaaatg ccatatttct ttctttcctt ttttgtttgt ttatttgttt gttttgagac    168060
     aaagtttctc cgtgtagccc cgactgtcct ggaactcaca ctgtagacca tgctggtctc    168120
     aaattcagag atctgcctgc ctctgcctcc caaatcagtg atgggattaa agatgtgtgc    168180
     accaccaccc agctgaaata gctgtatttc agtgatttct agagaccaca gctttagatc    168240
     atgtgctggg tacttgagat cccagaattc tgtattcaga tggtcccttg catcttcagc    168300
     cccttgccca tgagatgcac cagccacttt cccatgggct tgttgtcctc gttagcttaa    168360
     actccattct ggtgctcagg accccagtga tgagaatcgt gaacagagag aagagagagg    168420
     aggggcacag ctgaggagga ggtgggctag gattccatag aagcagaagg gaggactgca    168480
     taggccctgc tggcagaagg aagtagggga tgcagtaagg ggtgcctcag tccacagaca    168540
     ggttaatggt gcctgccttg tacacaattg aatttgctct tctgagcctt ctggctttgg    168600
     ggaagggcct cttctcctgg gagcccagct ggactcctag agccacaggg cctggaccat    168660
     ctgggcttga ttcaatcagg agaaatgaag aacagtggct tcacagacat ctttgtgccc    168720
     agaggagctg ggagctcagc taggaaagat aaggagagct gatggggtgg gggtgggctg    168780
     gtcccaggcc tatcctggcc ctctatatct cctaaagaga gcaagtcgaa gggcagaccc    168840
     ctccctgact cctggagtaa gctgcggttg cctgtaatgc atcctccccc gcccatctcc    168900
     ccatgtttct aaaagctgtt tgtacaatga tgtaaaagca gctgggacct agttggttct    168960
     ctctgccgat gaaacagtga acgtgctagg acctgggggg tagggaggat gctgtggtgg    169020
     gaaagaaaca gacaaacaaa agagactcca tcctctccac tgtactttct atgttgtatc    169080
     agccccaact ctgaggcctg ggatgtctcc tctgtgcagg ctcgtgaaac aataggacag    169140
     gttgaaaact gtctacagct cctaactggc atgttcctcc agcctctgga cttgcccaag    169200
     tactttcgtc tatttcaaaa gctgtctccg atcctctgtg ctagctgccg ccgaggctga    169260
     ccttccctct gagatttccc tcctcgctcc tccatgcgcc tcacctgggt ttctgtagca    169320
     agctagatgg ctctgtgtag agcaatagat agcgcgttgg ttctttcaga ccaccaataa    169380
     ttgttgaggg cccagcactg tcctggggac agggaacaca taagcaaata attaaaccag    169440
     gtactagagg agtgcaggga ggggaataaa tggagtaggg ttcttatgaa atcaacagtg    169500
     gctgggggca gggggagggt gttctaaaac agggaggtga tgtctgatct gagacctgac    169560
     agccaaaaca gagatagccc tacaaaggcc ctgcctggga tacgcggcct tgtagaaaca    169620
     gccagtgttc aaactccgaa gcaaacgtta tgtgattctg aatctatgaa cgattcagaa    169680
     caggcaggtc cagagagact taaaggagat ttgtggctgc caggggctgg gggagggagt    169740
     atgggggtga ctgctaatgg acatgtggtc tccctttggg gtgagggaaa tattccggaa    169800
     ctagataatg gtggaggctg gcacaatgct gtgagtgcac accacacatg caactgaact    169860
     gtgagctttc aaatggcgaa gtgtgtggtg ctcacatgta ggaaggatgt gtggagttta    169920
     ccataaagca aagccaaaac tccaaggcag cagagcttgc tctgacctag ctggtacagc    169980
     gtggtgctag agaggtcagc gccatcgtga gggcgggcac ggtgggctgg tgagaggctg    170040
     aatttcattg tggtgcatgg agatttcaaa caggagagta acagagtgat agcgttcgtt    170100
     ttgctttgat ttgttctgtt ttgtggtgtt tgtgtggtag cacaggcaag gccaatgctg    170160
     taccactgag ccgcatccct cccggtcctg tacttactat tctcgaaaat atttctggcc    170220
     gtggtgtgga gtgtggagat gatgggacaa aaataaaaag acccaggaag gaggccatcg    170280
     tagggtctgg ggggcagagg acagtggcgg aggagacaga gtaaagtgtg atggggaagt    170340
     cggggatgta gggaatcaaa ggagaagagg ataaaagaaa gggagacagg gaaacagcct    170400
     ctgcactttc aacctgagca accaaaagaa cagctccctc agccacgggg atggggaagc    170460
     ctgttaggag acacgctgag gatgcggtga gcctgacctg tttattaggt acccacacgg    170520
     tgacgtcagt ggacggtcta gtggactaca tgctgtcttt aaggatgacc atcagacccc    170580
     atgaaaacgg gtgctgagca tgttcttgtg agtttccccg gggacaggtg tgaccaagtg    170640
     ggagctggag ctcagtccta gagaacaggg atgcatggag atgaggctaa gccagagtga    170700
     ggagctacag ccagccagag agatggaaat ggccaagtcc tgcttctgaa cttggaagtg    170760
     tttccagaag ggacaagggg cctcttgact ttaagggcaa cctggactac gagagatcct    170820
     gtctcataca aatgaagacc agggagcaaa tgaggtcata gttgccattg ggtattgcct    170880
     taggattaca ggcctgcctt cccagtgagc ttgggcaatg ctcacactag ctgtcattaa    170940
     aggctgaagt aggagaaggc tgtgttctgc cctttgtggc aaaggccaaa cagagcgtgg    171000
     gggcttgggt taggaatctg agattgaagg aagtggccaa ggttctgggc cacccagaaa    171060
     ataaatgtta tcatcgatgg aacgtagcct tgggaaagga gcccaggact tggcatattc    171120
     taagaggacc ttaccctccc cctgatcccc tttgcctctc agggggtgat tcatattcca    171180
     atgtattcca gctgaaaagg ggtcccactc agagcaggtg ggaagccagt acatggaaat    171240
     ttgatatatt ttgactaatg cattttgaaa tttgaaaact gcagacaatt ttattcagga    171300
     tccattttta taccaactca ttactgggag aaaaaggcaa gatttcaggt ttcctgtgaa    171360
     cctctggacc tgtcactgct aggcccctct aagcaggctt gacctggtca ggtcagcttt    171420
     gcatgcagcc actgactgcc tcaaccaccg agtccctgcc ggaaactctt tctttagcaa    171480
     cctctttcaa gtatccctct gggggttact agtccaattt aatctgacct tcagccccac    171540
     ctctgtcatg ctaactccgg caaatccgca gggctggcac ttaagacaag ttttgtgata    171600
     cagatgaggg tttacacaga atttccactt ccttccccat ctgccttgtc ctttctcagg    171660
     cctcctgagc ctgaagccta aggagtggaa gtaaataaca gagactgggg aggagggaga    171720
     ctgtccaccg gggagcaaga gatggtctcg gagtgagcgg ttctccttaa gagccagggg    171780
     tcctcccatc atggctgcca gctccatctt gtttgaatca cagtggttac catcctgggc    171840
     aaatggctgt cgtgtgttga gcttctgttg ttctcactgg tagaatgggg gtgtgaattt    171900
     gtaatgattt gggggagcta ttcaagaaat aaacgtgagt atccctagga tgcaggcaga    171960
     gctggtttaa cacatgcttc catccactgt ctccaagttc tggtctcctt tgagtgagta    172020
     gctcccagtt tggatggaaa gacagcaaag gaaagggctg cctctctaaa agccccgtgg    172080
     ctgggggtct gcttgtgtgg cttttaaagc taaaggctgt gacgctaaac ttcctagaag    172140
     gtaacttgtc agtgttcatc aaggcagcct gatctcaatg aaattggtct aaagaaagat    172200
     caggaattta gacaaagatg ttttcggtgt tatttaattt aatttaactg accttaaaga    172260
     attaatagat acattgacac agtaataaat caaaagtccc tggcatatag agaggggagt    172320
     ttccttcacc ccagtcccac agtttcctgt cagccttgcc tcctaggaga caacaaatat    172380
     caccaacttc tgccatcatt cttttgtctt gttttaattt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt    172440
     tttgtttttc gagacagggt ttctttgtga agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta    172500
     gaccaggctg gcctcgtact cagaaatccg cctgcctctg cctcccgagt gctgggatta    172560
     aaggcatgta ccaccaccgc ccgggcgtgt tttaatttga aacaggatct cacatagtcc    172620
     atgctggcct gggcctccta agtactggag aactacaggc ctgagtcacc attctgccat    172680
     aactttgttg gctttttgtt ttagtttaaa attttttggt tttgtttttc cagacagggt    172740
     ttctctaggt agttagtcca ggctatcctg gaattcactc tgtaaaccag gctggccttg    172800
     aactcagaga accgtgtgcc tctgcctcta aagtgctggg attaaagcat gtaccaccac    172860
     aacccagcta gtttaaatgt ttcttatttt tttgtttatg ggtcttttac ctgtatgtat    172920
     gtgtgtgcac catgtggatg catggtgccc ttagagtcca gaagagggta tcagatcccc    172980
     tggaactgga gtgacagagg gttgtgagct gggacttgaa cctaggactt ctaaaagagc    173040
     agcaggtgct cttaatagct gagccttatc tccaggccgt cccatggatt tggggggctt    173100
     tgtttcattt tattttgttt tgagacaggg tgtgtagctc atgcttgaat ttactatgaa    173160
     gccctgactc ccctcaaagt aaagatcctc ctgcctctgt ctacagctgc taggattcga    173220
     ggtcttgtac cacatgctca gcacagccat gattcataac aataaaaaaa gaaagagaga    173280
     cctaaatggc cttagagata aataaattat ttttttttta aagatttatt tatttattta    173340
     ttacatgtaa tgcacactgt agctgtcttc agacccccca gaagagggag tcagatctca    173400
     ttacagatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaacttcgga ccttcggaag    173460
     agcagtcggg tgctcttacc cactgagcca tctcaccagc cccgagataa ataaattata    173520
     atgtatgcgt aaggtgggat catctcagtc tccgggaatc ttgcctgtta ctccttcgct    173580
     ctcccttcta ttcatgcttg ggtaactggc cctggctgat tgatgagagc tgatttcccc    173640
     actgccctgt ggcagggacc actgcgccca cagggctccc tcaggatcct cagtacagag    173700
     ctgcacagct gggtggaagt agagggctgc atatataaca cgatctcaac tttatttctt    173760
     taaataaaaa ttttatttaa attttataca gctctatata aacgaaggaa ctattgaagg    173820
     ttcagcaagg acctgccaac ggttgtcaag ggtaatggcg atgtagtgat tttttttccc    173880
     ccttccattt tacttccata ctttctacat taccccacaa ctggcaagta ttattttaaa    173940
     atgaaagtaa atagtgacag atgactttga aggaaaattg aatcggtaaa aagaaagctg    174000
     agagaccacc cgggaagccc aggctaaatg taatctgggt caggcctccc aggcctgggg    174060
     tctcaagatg gtcagctgag ggaccctggt gaccctcttg ggccagcagg gacggggagg    174120
     agccggaagc tgagtaccca aagtgctcct ctgggctcca agggctgcac agagactgtg    174180
     tgggaatcaa aggatacagg catgaggact gaggcctgac gaacccagct atcattcgtc    174240
     ctagaacagg aggcagagca ccaagagtcc aacaagaggc aggaagcttt gggaccgagg    174300
     atgggcgatg ggattagaaa ggcatgtttg caaatacttt caaatttacg atgcacactc    174360
     actggaaacc ccacccctgg gtgtcccttc cctgcctctt gccacaccca atagctgaca    174420
     tcactggaga aagtcccaag accaggctgg ctggagctcc tgataggttc caccctcctg    174480
     cagagggccc tcgaagacta gcttgctcgc ccacaccgcc agatgtctgt gtctttctct    174540
     cttttgcctc ccaccctcgt ctcttcctcc aacctcagtg gagggtcccc tgcttcctgg    174600
     ggaaagtaga acttgccagt gctcactgta atgtcgtccc tgtaggtgtc atggtccccc    174660
     attactggga gcaggtatgc ctcagatctc cctctattcg ctgccctttc aggctgtctc    174720
     agtttctctc tgacagttcc tctcctcctg aatcctgctt gttggcatgc gaacaggctc    174780
     aatatcttcc atctcaaaaa acaaacactg ggaaggtgtt gagagacaga gagcatgggt    174840
     aatgggtgcc ccagcttggc tgggaagggg taacttacaa tgctctactg cccagtaggg    174900
     tagctgcagt tgtcaattaa ttgtaaattt caaaatagct agtagagagg attttagatg    174960
     ttcccaatcc caacacaaag aaatgataaa cattcaaggc gatgggtatg ctaattgctc    175020
     tgatctgatc accgcacatt gtatacatgt ttttgaaatg tcaggctgta ccccataaat    175080
     atgtacaatt accgtgcagt gattcaagat aaaaactata attttaaaaa gctaaaaaca    175140
     gaaggaaata gctgcccttg acccccccac ccccacaagg tccttcctgt ttgtccagcc    175200
     acttaatgtc agagcttcct gtgggagggt ggttttggtg tacacagaca ctccttcctc    175260
     cctccttccc cataagagga gtcacccctg tcccacgatg ccatgcaggg ccacatgcgt    175320
     gatattaacc agtaagatgt gagcagggat gatacctgtc tcttataaca aacggaaaaa    175380
     aaaccacacc aaaccaaaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaaaacagg gttggtctgt    175440
     ccctgtgtct tttcccacat aaagttaagc acacaaagta gccaccattt atttatttgt    175500
     cccctccccc acccctcccc gagacaatgt ttctctgtat aacagcccta gctgtcttgg    175560
     aactcatttt gtagaccagg ctggcctgga actcacagag acacagagat tcacctgcct    175620
     ctgcctccca aatgcaggga ttaaaagcat gagccacgaa ctaaccagta ccccagagct    175680
     cttgactcta gctgcatacg tatcaaaaga tgacctagtt ggccatcact ggaaagagag    175740
     gcccattgga cacgcaaact gtatatgcct cagtacaggg gaacgccagg gccaaaaaaa    175800
     tgggaatggg tgggtaggga agtggggggg agggtatggg ggacttttgg gatagcattg    175860
     gaaatgtaat tgaggaaaat atgtaataaa aatattaaaa taaataaata aataaataaa    175920
     attaaattaa aaggaaaaaa aaaaaagcat gagccagtcc ccccataccc tccctcccca    175980
     ctctttcatc caaacctttg ggcttctaag acttacactt ggtcttctat gcaggcctgg    176040
     ttctttgtgt tctactccct cttcccataa tgaaggagcc atgagtgaag gagctgtgtc    176100
     tcctaatgtt gccaagataa ccatgagccc accctctccc taaaatggag gggagtggag    176160
     ggacaggtgc agaaccgggg tgatcagcag gtagaggcta cactcatagc ctgggtatca    176220
     gtcctgaatg ccattcactg acagccaggg atggatgggt ggttctgtgg agctggaaac    176280
     aagggctgct ggcagagagc tgctgcttct cctttcattg gctgctcagg ttggcagcat    176340
     cccccctcac agcaccctct ccttcatgtc cctcaacctc cccatacagg catctccata    176400
     gatagttgtc atcccttcaa aggtcccctg ccctgccaca cacacccagc atagtggcac    176460
     ttacccatca ggttccaggt gcactcaatt tgctatcgtt tgtggggagt ggcagttggc    176520
     ttcacaaggc tcctaggctg gaggcaagtc tggaaaagct cctgggaagg atggatgctc    176580
     agaaacctgc atccctgttt gcagggcgtg gcagcacatg cctgtattcc agaacgtggt    176640
     ggcaggagga tcaggagtcc caaagcttag ggcctttcct ggctacatga ggttctgtta    176700
     aaaagaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga agaggaggag gaggaagagg aggaggagga    176760
     agaggaggaa gaggaggaag aggattagtg gtggtggtaa aagggaggga cagatggagg    176820
     gaaacccaca gcctcaacct ggggccctca aacctagcag aagatttgag taacatgagg    176880
     gcacacagtg agctggggtg cgggcatggg atgctgggag aagtagagag ctcatacgcc    176940
     tcatgttttc cacagagagc tgttaggcac agatggggat gacagactgg gacagaggac    177000
     agagtagaaa gccaagaaac cgtccaagga agggtcttag ccctgggtta agtgcctctc    177060
     agcatctgct ctcttaagag ctctggattc tggaccatcc tgagttgggg tgaaagccaa    177120
     gatgtcttgg cagtctggaa ccacagtgac acaatctccc gtgcaggctg ctcaggtctc    177180
     aggtgcccag ccaggctcac tatgctctcc ttacctattc ccatacctac ccttattgga    177240
     gagatttttg tgcccatctg gagttgccta ggtgaaatga ctcccactgg catgggtcat    177300
     agcttggggg agtgcctcaa tacagagcta tacagggtag gctccatccc tgcccctaca    177360
     gcacacccct gcaggcaagg ttaggcctaa tgggcaggat gtgctgccca aattgctctc    177420
     aggagaaact gtcagtccaa ttagcatggg gctgccaacc ccagacagac aaaagccaaa    177480
     atggtagcta cccattcctc agctgagggg aatcctggta ctgggagaac ctgcacaggg    177540
     tgtttgattc cgagtgtgag gagagcaggt gctgaaagca atgagggtaa ggaccaagat    177600
     aagaggcctc agagacattc cctatcttca gtatgtgctg cctccatgtg ggatactgtg    177660
     cctggggtgc tgtccctggg atactgggcc tggggtgctg tccctgggat actgggcctg    177720
     gggtgctgtc cctgggatac tgggcctggg gtgctgtccc tgggatgctg gacctgggat    177780
     gctgggcctg gggtgctgtc cctgggatgc tgggcctggg atgctgggcc tggggtgctg    177840
     tccctgggat gctgggcctt ggatgctggg cctggggtgc tgggcctggg atgctgggtc    177900
     ggggtgctgg gcattgagtg cttggacctg gggtgctggg cctgggatgc tgggtcgggg    177960
     tgctgggcct gggatgctgg gcctggggtg ctgggtctgg ggtgctgggc ctgggatgct    178020
     gggtctgggg tgctgggcct gggatgctgg gcgtgggatg ctgggcctgg ggtgctgggt    178080
     ctggagtgct gggcctggga tgctgggtcg gggtgctggg cctggggtgc tgcaggataa    178140
     aagggccctg ggttgtcact ctcagtctcc agaggtagat gtgagtttat gtgcatgaac    178200
     tcagacacat gcaaatgcct agcaaacaca accatgtctc catccatatg caacaggcca    178260
     acacctgtgt acacataaac acctcaggta cacatctaca cagacatgca cataaataca    178320
     gagctcaaat atccactagc acacactaac actctgagtt cagccctcat tcctggactg    178380
     caggcacaga gccatagtat gatattatac taacgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    178440
     gtgtgtgtgt gtttcctcct tgactgctcc cccactaaga tttttaattt gggtggcaag    178500
     tcaagtgggt ttctctatgt agccttggct gtcctagaac tcactttgta gaataggctg    178560
     gcctcaaact cacagagctc catctgtctt tgcctcccaa gcacctggat taaagatgtg    178620
     ccccaccata tctggcttcc tctcttcata aacccagaca tttctgtttg aaaggttttg    178680
     gtcctggccc cttttagagt gactaacttt tttttttctt tagcattatt ccagtttagt    178740
     gctgaaaatc ccataccttg ggaaactccc cagtcccagt ctatttcccc ttgcccagga    178800
     aaggactggt attgggtcct tctcagagtg ctcatccaac aaacggtcac ttccttgatg    178860
     ggcctaagga gtcttgatgt gagccaagtt caggtgtctg ttctcctgaa ggctctgagt    178920
     ctcccaggac taattacaac caacatttat cgagcaccta ctatgatcca ggccccaggc    178980
     ttgagcctag ggcttcctga gtgtcatcat tcaattctcc agagacttga gaaggtaatt    179040
     ccctccccca gaactgttaa tgagcaccta ctgtgtgcag ggagcacact catcagaaca    179100
     aagtggcagc ggacataaag gaaacaagtg acttatgtcg tgctgtccaa gaggtcgcgt    179160
     gctgtagagt aaaatgtccc aggaaagaag ctccttgcaa atcgctgctc aagagtggct    179220
     tctctgggaa gcagccctgc agacacactg ggaaccggtc caggtagatg gaacagcatg    179280
     gacaaaggca ggagggaggc tgagggctgg catgtgggag ggacggcagc aaggtctgtg    179340
     tagccaggga gaggcagggc ctctgggctg ggagaaagac ctggggcagc ttctagttag    179400
     atgggcactc tggaggatgc agactaagga gcagcccttc ctgactcact ttccctggac    179460
     taccctagtt cctgttgaag gaggtgtagg ggtgaggagg cagggcttgc gggggggggg    179520
     ggagggcatc caggaggcta ctgggtgaat ggtagcaata gcgagtatga taagtggata    179580
     gatactggat acattctaaa atctagccag cagaatttcc ccagagtgag ccacggtgat    179640
     tctgaggtgt tcctcccagg cagctgatgt aaagggacca tctttaccca agatggagaa    179700
     gttgtgaacg gaggaggccg gagaggaaga gaagagcttg gtttggatgg tttcagttag    179760
     acagatggag atgtgggaag ggcaggtggg taccagtatc tgtgggctgg aggactggct    179820
     gagcttccaa tgactgcccc attttgcagg tgaggaaaac gaggctcctg caagcattaa    179880
     aaggagcagc caggattcaa cttaggcctc tggctccaca gccctgttct actcacagcc    179940
     atggatagga ggctgccggc cgctctgcac agcagtggag gctgagatgg gagcccagct    180000
     gttccctggc cagctttctt gtcttcaggg ccgagccagg aaggagcctg tgtttagaac    180060
     acaagtggca caagtgccaa gtggcctgag gcgccagcag ccccaggagt gcagctggcc    180120
     tggcctgagg ccgccatccc cacagcaaga gagcattcgg ttaacatcga ttgctcagag    180180
     aagagcagct ggccaggctg ggggcaggga gggaggactg aaggccagag agattggcta    180240
     catggccaag aagcagccta caaagcttca gagagaccca ctgacctgcc caggggccat    180300
     ggggatgcct ctacttaggg gtagaggggc agccccttgg gtgctaagct gcagcagctg    180360
     tcctgacact ttggagcctg agaaagctga ccagccctat tcgaggctgc tctacctact    180420
     ccaggcatca gggagctggc tagagcccca gcctgaaggc agggtagctt ggtaggacct    180480
     gtccccctgc tgtgttctcc agctgcaacc agccactgat gctctgggca cctcattttc    180540
     ttctgtgcaa atgtggcttc cggaagggct tttcattaaa gacatattcc cagcgtcaga    180600
     tcttcctcgt tagttctggt ggccagggtg ctacagggcc cctactaaac tggcttgtga    180660
     ggtctgggtt tagcagacag gccctgttga tgctggttct ggtgccaagc tctctggcca    180720
     cccgagccca gctgagctga ggttacagta ttccttggag gctctgcacc attagagggg    180780
     gtgagaagca caggcccttt cccaccccag tgcctttgca catgctattc cgctgcctta    180840
     gccttgccac ctatcctacc aggtctggtc ccatgggacc atggtgaggt ggcttttcat    180900
     gctcagcttg gcaggaagag tttggggctt gccagctgac ccaaggccac tgctagctcc    180960
     cttgcttgca tgccttctgt tgagtgtgtg ctgaggtctg agcagattcc cctcccagcc    181020
     aaggcagctg aacagagcag acccttctca gccctagttc aaaggtcaaa aactctggca    181080
     ggttgcagaa gggctggtgt tacagagggg atcagtgacc aagcaatgct gactggtagc    181140
     ccagggatag cagaggcttt ccttaggccc ctctcttaat ttcccctata ctctcctggt    181200
     acccaccagg gtattgccac cgcatatgca aatggggcat gatgctcatt gtcaagccct    181260
     tcccacactg tcttccatgg ctctcctaga ctagggggca agtatgaatg gaagaaggaa    181320
     tgacggaggc tgtagagccc cttgggagct cacgtgcgtg ggaggccgga ggcttgagag    181380
     taacgaagca gaacacgatg aagggcacct cctggagggg aaggagagtg gaactgggtc    181440
     ttctcccttc cgccccctca agtagaaggc agccctgccc aagaggcgct tgatgagtct    181500
     ggcagaagag gtgcagggcc cctccacaga gacttggatt cctgctaatt tgcaatgtta    181560
     aaatgcatgg caaaggctcc atcctcattg ttggtacatt aatcaggcaa tcagtggggc    181620
     ggggctccca agggcctcat agagggggca tagaaggcgc catggtgata cagtgcttgc    181680
     ctccctagga agaaacctgc tggtgacaat cctaggattg gcacctactg actcaggcaa    181740
     ggagtccaga agtggccagg gctgactagg acagcttgct cagggtcctg gagtaatacc    181800
     actggctttc aaagacatgg atgcagagtg gctgagcccc tcaacacccc ccccccatta    181860
     gaagagatgg aggcttggaa ggttaacatc cctggcatgt ggaaaaatac taaaggacag    181920
     agaccagctg tcctgagcct acatcctatt agtatgcttc cagaagagca cttcactgca    181980
     ggaagtgact gtcctacaag gacaaggtcc ttgtggtcca ttgccttagg cctcctagtg    182040
     atgatagcct tgagataaca ggggaactga gcctggttct gcatcaggtc ttggctagag    182100
     tccctttgtc cccccattgc ccttttagag ggaaaacccc agtcctacct tcatgccgtt    182160
     ctgccgcctg cctcctccac ttgccacggt atgtttataa actggttact aagtccacac    182220
     ctgaggtttg gttcagtttg attttttttt tcctaaatag agctgtagcc tgtattcctt    182280
     ggaggcccct atgtaagggg ggtaatctcc ccaagggact tccagattct tttggggtgc    182340
     acagagacag agcagccaca gtaggtggga gaacacaggg gaagttgagg gtacaacaaa    182400
     agccctctgt aaactccgat gagctgtaca aatgtcgaat ggtattagtg ataagcccac    182460
     tgcaacccct acctgcctgc agctgcaggc cggggaagaa aagctttcat tttcacagga    182520
     ccccccagtg aagaaggctc tgctgtgtct catccagcat aaaatgtggg gcaagcatca    182580
     tgaatgtcct tgaacctaga gtccaggctt tcccagggga ccgttgggaa aggttctggc    182640
     aagaatggcc ttcctggaag agagggtgca agccaagcag ggaggttgga gctgtgggtc    182700
     tgtggactgt gcagccagtg tgagtgctgg tggcacaggg caggctcccc tccctccgac    182760
     tgtgcctccc tctgcagcac aggatcccta ggacagaggc tggcaggctg gaggccacac    182820
     ccaggatgct gaggaggaag atcgacagag taacatctag acacgttttg gagcaggaaa    182880
     ttgaggcaga gatggttata gcctgcatgc tgtctaaggg ccggtgggca gaaagcactg    182940
     cagagggcct gcagggcatg gcccggccca gaaaggggtc ctatgctgtg ccacccctgc    183000
     tgctgaggtc ataattgctc tgaaatcaca actgaaccca attatgcaaa aactaaatta    183060
     tatgcgatga tttttatgtg ctagaaacat tctagctgaa gccgggtgat tacagggacg    183120
     agaagcagct gccactctct gggagcccat aactcccaac agctgggagc tgtcaactta    183180
     cgatgctgtt tctgttggga atgggggggg gcgtcagaag tcaaggtggc aacctactct    183240
     gccaggggcc tgggcagtcc ctgggcctgg gaccccaagt gggaagcctg gtcagaaggt    183300
     ccctgctcct tccacttgct ctgagcacag ctagcagcaa gaagattcag ctcagctcat    183360
     attcccccag gggccctggc tctcccaaga gtcccagctg aacaagctgg aaaagaaggg    183420
     gcaagaggcc aactgaggcg acataggtcg tggctgcctg gcccttcagg gtgggcgccc    183480
     gtaggcctgg agcctgtccc catcttcctg acgcgcctgc tgggccactt ggggcagctg    183540
     tgaccctgga aaaaggcagg taatgacaat cgtccataat gaggcggctt ccataatgag    183600
     cataggccta ttacccgacc acaggctgga cacatccgaa aataattatt ttaaggatcc    183660
     attaacgaat gcctaattaa tgcccaatta gagggaagct acagaggaaa tgctctggac    183720
     agtcaagagg caaggcccgg ttttacagcc acagcctggc aatctccagc acaggagggg    183780
     ggggtgtgaa tgggggagag gagcatgcag cctcgatctg gcagtactgt gaaccccaag    183840
     ggaagcctcg tgcgtcagcc ctggtgtcac tcacagcccc tcacagaaat gtgccttgtc    183900
     tgtacacaca gccctgtgaa ctgtgtttaa ctcatgagga aacagccatg gaggagttgt    183960
     aggtttgaag tttttgtacc acagtgtgaa agaggcgctt attgaggcat gctttggtac    184020
     catggactca atgctttctt tattttgagg aattatttaa ataaagtgat cattcaggac    184080
     tccagatttg ctttgttaga gtcattcctt gctaaggcag ctaacagtga gcgagtggca    184140
     gagccggacc cagagccgga ggccgactcg cctgtgttca caagtgtgtt ccaccctgcg    184200
     gtggggctga cagtctgaag aagtgttcgg atggaattag agactttagg gacagagcta    184260
     aagaggtgag gagataatgt gggccttggc cccaaatgcc ctgtccaagg gacccctgca    184320
     tacaatacag aggacagaac ctctgtgagc caacagagtc atttgccagt cccccattcc    184380
     accctctgtt ccccatctat ctccacctcc tctgggcagc ccctcactgc tgttctgtct    184440
     ctccccacca gggtgctgtg tggaattgct gctgttgctg ctcgctggag agctacctct    184500
     gggtggtggt tgtcctcgag actgtgtgtg ctaccctgcg cccatgactg tcagctgcca    184560
     ggcacacaac tttgctgcca tcccggaggg catcccagag gacagtgagc gcatcttcct    184620
     gcagaacaat cgcatcacct tcctccagca gggccacttc agccccgcca tggtcaccct    184680
     ctggatctac tccaacaaca tcactttcat tgctcccaac accttcgagg gctttgtgca    184740
     tctggaggag ctagaccttg gagacaaccg acagctgcga acgctggcac ccgagacctt    184800
     ccaaggcctg gtgaagcttc acgccctcta cctctataag tgtggactga gcgccctgcc    184860
     cgcaggcatc tttggtggcc tgcacagcct gcagtatctc tacttgcagg acaaccatat    184920
     cgagtacctc caagatgaca tctttgtgga cctggtcaat ctcagtcact tgtttctcca    184980
     tggtaacaag ctatggagcc tgggccaagg catcttccgg ggcctggtga acctggaccg    185040
     gttgctgctg catgagaacc agctacagtg ggttcaccac aaggctttcc atgacctcca    185100
     caggctaacc accctctttc tcttcaacaa cagcctcact gagctgcagg gtgactgtct    185160
     ggcccccctg gtggccttgg agttccttcg cctcaatggg aatgcttggg actgtggctg    185220
     ccgggcacgt tccctgtggg aatggctgcg aaggttccgt ggctctagct ctgctgtccc    185280
     ctgcgcgacc cccgagctgc ggcaaggcca ggatctgaag ctgctgaggg tggaggactt    185340
     ccggaactgc acaggaccag tgtctcctca ccagatcaag tctcacacgc ttaccacctc    185400
     tgacagggct gcccgcaagg agcaccatcc gtcccatggg gcctccaggg acaaaggcca    185460
     cccacatggc catccgcctg gctccaggtc aggttacaag aaggcaggca agaactgcac    185520
     cagccacagg aaccggaacc agatctctaa ggtgagctct gggaaagagc ttaccgaact    185580
     gcaggactat gcccccgact atcagcacaa gttcagcttt gacatcatgc ccaccgcacg    185640
     acccaagagg aagggcaagt gtgctcgcag gacccccatc cgtgccccca gtggggtgca    185700
     gcaggcatcc tcaggcacgg cccttggggc cccactcctg gcctggatac tggggctggc    185760
     agtcactctc cgctgaggac ccagggctcc gtcacccagc actgccacat gtccagcaag    185820
     gaacagaatt tttttcttct tttctttctt tctttctttt ttttttccta agtggaagat    185880
     ctgctgggtt tcaggaaaag gctgctgaag ccttcagcca ccgtctggac ccttcctggt    185940
     ggattataag cccaaaatgt acagccgtag acgggaaggg tatcacgtct cactcggctg    186000
     tcctgaccga gcgcctctgg accgtatcca ctccagcaca gtggtcaaag gcacgcaaag    186060
     tgagtcatta gtggtgtcgg gacatgcgcc ccttgaagaa gctgggctct gcggaagcct    186120
     ggtcatttgg agagaagggc tgaaggaccc tgctggtttt ggaaggagca ggactcagaa    186180
     caaggctctc ccagagccag ctggggcaac cagcaatctc agagcactct tggctcttgt    186240
     ctgagatcac ttagttaacc tgccctgtcc aaccctatgc caccctcagt ccctatccat    186300
     gggggtaatg cctctcattc ctgacgtctc aggcagcccc cggcagacct gctggggtcc    186360
     aagaaccaat caccaaagga gagatcgcca gtggatgaca tttagaactg tactcgcaat    186420
     gagagtcaca cagaaggtgc agttttatac ctatgtccac ttatatatat cctcactctg    186480
     cccacacacc cacataatat atatatatat ataaatatat aaatgcacag gtcccccaac    186540
     ccactcctta ccaaactgta tgtcttatca tgtttataaa ctatacggga acctatattt    186600
     gctcaattaa ggactgtatc ggtaacttct agcaagaaaa aaaaaaacaa aaaactgcgg    186660
     caattttgtt cagaacccca gccagcaaca atagtccctg ggcttgctgg gggcaaaggt    186720
     gtcagtggga agagtcggga aggaagagaa gcagcaagaa tcacttcagg ggaccaacat    186780
     tcttagatac ttagaacatc acctcgtttt tatatgcaac acacgcctgt ctggcacccc    186840
     ggagcacccc gtcaccccta ctgtagaagc tgcagacatt agcgagagaa gtggatgtca    186900
     gggtgctgga ggcaagctag gcggagctgg ggaagaggtt tctggggttt tcaagctggc    186960
     agacaaggca gcgtctacag tgttagtcca atgggttgga tggacaatgt ccttcttagc    187020
     actttgtgca ggccagggag gctctgagct ctggcctcag gagaggcttt agctgcagtt    187080
     ttaacatcta ggctctttgg ccagtgacct actgagggcc ctgagtagtc tggcagtggg    187140
     aaaaaaatct agtggcctta gcagatgagg gtgtttcagt agccatctca ggaaccctgt    187200
     atcacagtgg tcctgctcct cctggatgac cccaggacgg gcagaggtca gagggccaga    187260
     ctcaggggtc agcccagaag gcagcctgca ggcaagccca gtcagggaat agggctgttg    187320
     gcccaagggt ttctggcaag cacagtctct tgtgctctgc atagacagac ctgaattccc    187380
     taccagagag gatacctgag gagtaagaaa tgctgaatcc aattaagaga gaaaaataat    187440
     aataaaaatt ctcttggaca agaaccctgt tttttatttc ctaaccccgc attcctaatg    187500
     gggtggcaga tcctgggctt tggtggggtg ggcgagcctg gccaagcttg actctgagaa    187560
     cacagcatgc tttttggcag gaggagccaa agggagcact gactcacagg aacacacaag    187620
     aacatgcact ctccctttct gtctctgtca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    187680
     cacacacaca cacacggcac ttccctcacc cacatagaca caatttactt cccacatcct    187740
     ggctacccag ctcagtgcca tctccttgtc tttcccctgc agaaggagaa ggaacgagct    187800
     acttccaagc ttgcccaaga gccgcagctg ctgaatagct gctggttctg gcgtcagcac    187860
     aaaggcaaca gcggccagtt cttgagcttc aagcttctcc caggagtcca ggaactgacc    187920
     gggagagcag agggcaaggg cccggaagct atgtgtgcct ctctcgtatc tctgcagatc    187980
     gagagcagag ggctgttttt agtacaagat ttggtgcttt aatgaaaggg ggccttgtgc    188040
     cccaaaacac atcactgcca tcctgcctct gagcctgacg gtttgcttac tcttgcccag    188100
     gccaatgctc gtgtccctta aaattcaagc aagttgttat gttgttgatt tcatttccaa    188160
     ccccaggcag caaggccctc agtgggaaaa tcacaagtct gagctcttta ttaaattttt    188220
     aaaaaaagac ttagcaagtc ctatatggaa gaagtgatgg ccagcagaag gacagtaatg    188280
     tctcctaacg gctctgccgc tgtgtgccag cacaatcccc aaggctgagc tttgtccagg    188340
     ctggacagtg tggcccagga cattgggtgt atttttggag cttcctcccc cagggggtag    188400
     aaggatcgga ggctgatgac atcatctgtc actcagcagc tcatatgcta ctcgcagtta    188460
     ggatgacacc attgtcccaa aacatcagaa cggttggttc tcaggagcta aatggagcct    188520
     ctcttaagca agaccagcta cttctgccac cagccattca gggtagggtg ctgtggagtc    188580
     ttgctcccct aaaggatggt gtcatccctt cttgtccctg attttcaaaa acaaagcaaa    188640
     acagtccttc tgacgtgttt ttaagttcgt gaaaattttt ttttcttttc ttttcttttt    188700
     ttctcttttt ttcttttttg agacaggacc ttgagctcac tatgtagaca aatgtgccct    188760
     tgaactcctg atcttcctgc ctctacttcc caaagtagta ctgactcttg atctatggac    188820
     ttttaaaaaa aatgttatat atatatatat atatatatgt atatatatat atatatatat    188880
     atatatatat atatatatct cagttggtca agtgctgttt gagcaggagg ctctgcttgc    188940
     ctgcaggtgc ccagcattcc tgtaaaacca ctaagcactg tgtcctcctg tgaccccgac    189000
     actggggagg caggaacagg agggtccttg ggacttgctg tccaggcaac tcaggaagtt    189060
     ccatgttcaa tgcaaaaaat aaggttgaag gccagcaagg tggctcggca gataaagaca    189120
     ctagctttgc aaacctgact accagagttc catccacaga acccacacga acatggtaag    189180
     agagcatcct cagaccacag acatcctctg attgccgtga gggcttaaca cacccacaca    189240
     catcacacca cacactaata gtaataatta taatttaaat gaaaataagg cagagaggga    189300
     ttgaggagga gacctttggc ccccacacat atgcacagct tacatcttgc acccacacat    189360
     gtatacattg cataatgaac cccaaagctt ttatagaagt gtattctgca tgttaaacac    189420
     accacacacc tatgccctcc cccttcatgc ccctcccact tcccctcagt cccttttgtc    189480
     tccttagaga gttttacttc caatttcttt ttttaaaaat tatttatttt atgtgcattg    189540
     gtgtttatgt gcgtggatat ctgtgtgagg gtgccagatc ccctgagact ggaattacag    189600
     acagttgtga gctgccatgt gggtgctagg aattgaaccc aggttctttg aaagagcatc    189660
     caagtgctct caactgctga gccatctctc cagcccccta ctttcatatc atacaaacat    189720
     acatgcatat atacatgact tgataggcct ttatagaatg taaaaaaaaa tgaaagaaga    189780
     tacatgctac ttgctttttg agatggattt actttacgta atactcctct tgccagttgg    189840
     ccttctgctg ctttgttgtt gtttgttgga gacaaagtct cacatagccc aggctggtct    189900
     caagctagct atgtagctga ggatggcctt gaacttctgc tcttcctgac tgtacctcct    189960
     gaatgttgag aataccagca tgaaccacca cgcctgggtt ctgtagtgct ggggatggaa    190020
     cccaggccct tccttgcaca tgctaggcaa gtactctagc aacagagtta cctcccagcc    190080
     cattctgcca ttttccgctc agcactgtgt gggaacccca ggggagacca tccctttcct    190140
     tatctcacct cccaccaggc agtcttctgt actacagtga cagagaacat tgccagccta    190200
     gtggagacat ggggtggccc ctggcatcct cagataagct tacaaatgga ccagccattg    190260
     tctaggcttt ggggacagga aaatgagaaa acaggctctc taaggagctg agagagccgt    190320
     gagtgttctc aaccagtgta gaactgagcc tgtgttactg tgttactgag ctgcagaaca    190380
     aggggctcag ctggggttgg agagtcggag agggcttcac acacactccc aacccgtccc    190440
     cgccactatc acagtctcag aagaaagagg ggcagctaga gaagacagtg ggggagggtt    190500
     aggctgatgg ttagtggcac acagtagctc agcctttgag gtctctataa acctcaaatt    190560
     atggatggga ttttgtttgc tggggtgccg ggagactggt taggtaaggg gagacccagg    190620
     gagccccact cagggactct gcctctgcct ggaactcgag gggatgtgtg gcttccctgc    190680
     atgggctctt cttcacaccc cagcctcttc atgagcacat gggctcccat ggcaccctta    190740
     cccgctgttc ctcaactgcg ggtttcatta tcaccacttg cctcttgggc tcagccagct    190800
     tgttccttgt gccaaaaaac tggagtgctc actggaaatc tgcctgggcc acaggcccgt    190860
     tcccagacac ctgctgcttc caagcttaga ctgcctccca tattgcttag catccacagc    190920
     ctctgttcca tgctctccca tttgcgtgcc atggctcctt cttcagctgg ccagacaccc    190980
     cagctgcagg gagccacggg caaccccagg actcccccct ccaagctccg ccctcctgct    191040
     aggcatgtct attaccaaag agccaagaac cccacgtggg caaatgttgc ccaacattag    191100
     caaatcacct agcactccac aggtgtgggg gggggcccag gagcctggga gccaatgccc    191160
     ccgcattggt gagggagcca ggaaggcttc tctgtggatc aggacaggct gtagagttga    191220
     gtttgctgga cactgcgttg ggaaagctcc gttattgcct cctccgctgc ctcagttcag    191280
     cccccactgg actgggaagg acctggctac aaaggggcca gaccctcctc tcacactgac    191340
     gtggaagaag ccagcctttc ttttcttgaa acaatcttat gtttttcttc ctcctctttt    191400
     tctaatctgt gcatgtgtgc acaacatagt gtaggcacat gccccagcat tcatatagag    191460
     atcatagaac agctctgtgg agttggctct tgccttctac cttgggtccc aggctttgag    191520
     ctcaggtcat ggggtctgaa tagcaagcgc ctttaattgc tgagccatct gaaggcccct    191580
     ttctttgtgt ttctctctgt ctgtctgtct gtctgtctgt ctctgggggg gggggggagg    191640
     ggataggatc aggactgcat acagctcagc ctgatcttga attccttttc tttctgccct    191700
     gcctcagtcc tctaagtgct gggactataa atgtatacca tcatgcctgg ctatgttttt    191760
     tttttttttt tttgcttatg tattttttga gacaaggtct cacccaagtt gaccttgaac    191820
     tcatgatact ctcactgtag ccccccccaa ccccacctga gtgccaggac tacaggcctg    191880
     tgtttccaca tgaagctcat ctctgtgcct tttatttagc ttcttacctt tcttcttctt    191940
     ccctcccctg ccccaccctc tttcttcttt ttttaaagat ttatttattt attttatgta    192000
     tatgagtgca ctgtaattgt acagatggtt gtgagccatc atgtggttgc tgggaattaa    192060
     actcaggacc tctacttgct ctggccccct cactccagaa tttatttatt attatatgta    192120
     agtacattgt agctgacttt aaacacacca gaagagggcg tagatctcct tatggatggt    192180
     tgtgagccac catgtggttg ttgggatttg aactcagaac cttcggaaga gcagtcagcg    192240
     ctcttaaccg ctgaactaac tcactagccc ctttcttttt ttaaaaaaaa tgttttattt    192300
     atttacattc caaatgttgc cctccccacc cccacttcct tttgttgtta ttttgaaact    192360
     gggtgttgct atgcagtcca ggctgggcat acactcatgg tgatcctcct gcctcagcct    192420
     cctaagtact agaataacaa ccacttgcca ccacgcctag ctataggtgc atcctttgtc    192480
     aaggaaaggc cagtgcacac tttagtgggg tccttccaac cctgggcctc atgacccagc    192540
     tatggccaca ctctggctca tcggatcctg gtctgtgtcc ctcccttctc accttctttc    192600
     aagcaggagt tccgcctggg ccattgctcc atccagtgtc agcttctaat gggacaattt    192660
     tttttttttt ttaccttctg cttccttgga aaatacctga agcacctttg attggatgtt    192720
     acaaaaccct ttacaagtct gtgttccgta tctctttctg ctctcttaat tgcccccctt    192780
     aactcactgc acttcctata taaatctccg tctctctcct ttcaggctgt taataaatac    192840
     gggttctaaa aaaatacata aacatctatt gttggctaaa taactcacag tgcagtcaaa    192900
     aagccagaaa agagggctct ttgtgatgaa tgcatgctct ctcgatctct ttccctctct    192960
     cccctccctt ttcctttcct cctcccctcc ctccctcctt cctgatctct acctcctgtc    193020
     atcccctaac gtaagagggc ttctaggacc agggtggttt acagctctaa aaagtgggtg    193080
     ctgggcttga ggctgcccca gaggagaaga aaaagaagaa aaaaagaaag aagcgtgggg    193140
     ctgaggtatg gggacaaagg agatctagtg ttgggagtgg tggctaattt aagtgacatt    193200
     tcagtgggcc ccttacctct acgagaagtg ggtcagcctc ctccaacacg cagtgccagc    193260
     ctgcgctgct gtggcccgcc cccgtctctc tcctttcagc tctcatttct cattagagcc    193320
     gttagttcct aagcaccagg agggtggaga aggctgtgcc tttgtgtcac tggtttctgt    193380
     gtggcagcgt gcacatcaat ggcatgcctg aacggcagaa tttgacatta ctgctgcaaa    193440
     atgtgcttgg gtcacagtgc tttccaaatt ggctaaggct ccatgctacc ccctgctcct    193500
     ttgcccaggc agcttagagc ccctgccagc cctggtttct gctgctccct ctggggggtt    193560
     cccgaaaaga gaggcagcga gacatgtatt aaactcttca atctctgtaa gtgccatttc    193620
     ctgggagacc tgcttggaag aagaaagcaa agccagtgca caagacctac acgtgtagaa    193680
     gatgttgtgt cccggtgcct gggggtgggg ggtcacatcc tcctgcccac cattctggag    193740
     agcagtcgtg ggcaagacaa tgatgtcggg gctggtgaga tggctcagtg agtaagagca    193800
     cccgactgct cttccgaagg tctggagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa    193860
     ccatcctaac gagatctgac tccctcttct ggagtgtctg aagacagcta cagtgtactt    193920
     acatataaat aaatctttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagacaatg atgtctgtgt    193980
     tctagccaga caacccaagg acagacagaa gactttctca gtgacagggg gctagcagga    194040
     caaacccaca gaggaaaggc actgaatgaa ggacacaccc atacagaggt ccttggaaag    194100
     agaaaggaca attgtgcagc cattgaacaa gaggcagaca gacaggaggg ctccagagag    194160
     aggcgtttta cacacacaga gacacacaca cactcacaca ccaggcataa catcctgtca    194220
     ttctgccttg tgcaaccaag tgtgggacgt tcatgtagtc aacatctctg agtcccaatg    194280
     atgtgcaaag ccccagccag ccccatgggg tctcagggtg agcaaggcag gctccccaca    194340
     tgcagagtac atttctatca gcataaagga agctgacaga aacccgagtt cccctctatt    194400
     ggattgcaag ggttgttatc atcaggagaa ggacacaggg atctgccata taggtgtcac    194460
     ttgggttaag cagagaatga ggctttgtcc caggatggta accatcctca agggattttt    194520
     gtatgtgtgt gataaggtgg cagatcaggg actcggcttg agcaaggcgt gtccactaat    194580
     cctgggcgga aaggggttta ttgggacaag gcagcagcag tagactcata actagcacag    194640
     gccttgaggc ttgcgctcca gcagctagct gggccacatt ggcattctcc ctctgcacga    194700
     gggggtcaca ggggtctccg tggtgttttt attctttatc ctggtgtctg agcctcagag    194760
     gcgctgaggt ccctgaccca tcatcttgcc tgccaccagg agagtctctc actgttttat    194820
     ctgaggcatt taaagtgtca cggagcgtct ggcactttgc tagtggaggg tacagacttt    194880
     ccgatgtcct caccagcctc ttttacaaga tctgccccac ccccaactct gactggctgt    194940
     gaccagagct gggggtggag ggggggtgga ggggggtgca aaggagactg aaatccaccc    195000
     tgtgtgggtt ttactctgca cggagcggaa cagggattta gtggagccag agaattctgg    195060
     gagttactgt gtactctacc tagctgtaca ctgctggggc ccagccctac aggctgcccc    195120
     cctcaacccc aaatttttcc tgttaccatc actctctgtc ccctctacac catactgcag    195180
     atgaatgtag cccctctctg cccaacagat gacagtgggt ctcactcctc ccccctcttc    195240
     ctcccctcca gcctcgcaca gggtccctct ccggcttctg tctccatctc ctcgggggct    195300
     ctccctctgc cgtgttcctt ctttggcccc tctcactcag aaatagcttc atttctcaga    195360
     gtcgctgacc ctcttcagac tcagagaaag cctgcagcca ggccatggcc ctgtctttct    195420
     gcaactctgt tttcctcagc catttcctca ccaagaggct actggcaagg aaaaatgaga    195480
     aagccacttg gagttggatg atgtgtcaag acttggaagg accatgcaca tacacttaat    195540
     acaacctggt atcaggaccc cggggagggg gggagatttg attatgcccc aacacccttt    195600
     gcagatataa agactcaggt ctactggcta ctcggacctg tgttctcttt ctccacacca    195660
     aggctaccac taagtgaccc catctaagtg acccagggta agacagaagc tcactgggga    195720
     cacagtgagt acttcctctc agactcacaa ctttgagaat ggaagcgtgt cgggtacaca    195780
     aaggaaaaat aaaatggctg agcacagggc ctggcagacc tgcttcagta agattcattt    195840
     ctaggacttc cctccaaggg ctcctgcttg tgtgtgtgca tgcacgtgcc acagcgggtc    195900
     tggaggtcag aggataatgt ttccggcatt gctcttctcc ttctaccata gggtcaggaa    195960
     ttgaactcag ggtgtgaggc ttgattgact tctacctact aagctaactt ttcctcttct    196020
     ctcttctttc aacaactctt tgtgcttcaa gcatttttta aaaatccatt tttagtctcc    196080
     ttccaaagtt tttgtgaatc ctgtgactgt tctaggaact ttttgatttt ctttttattt    196140
     atttgaaaaa tgagccaggt gtggtagcat aggtctataa tcccagtgtt tgggaagctg    196200
     aagtaggagg acagctgtga gttcaaagcc agcctgagct acatcacaag ttcaaggcta    196260
     gcttgggatg cagagaaaag acctgtttca aaaagaaaga aaagaaggaa cgaagaaatg    196320
     aaggaaggga agggagaaga gcagtaaggg gagaggcttg gcagagtgtt tgttgggcat    196380
     ggacactcct ctagatttgg tcctgggttg ggggaaagaa cacttaatgg gagtcaggat    196440
     ggggctggga aaatgacttg gttggttaag cgcttgtcct gtaaacatca aagtacacat    196500
     ttgtgtcccc agaacccatg gaagatgctg ggccatgggg tcataaatgg ctcagtgggt    196560
     aaacatgctt gctaccaagc ctaacaattc aagtttgatc caaggattag agaaagccaa    196620
     cttctgaggg ttacttattg actaccacac aggctctggg gaatgtacac acagacacac    196680
     acagataaat tttagataga tagatagatg atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat    196740
     agatagatag atgaaagggg ccaggtaagg tggtgtatac ctttaatctc agcacttgga    196800
     aggcagagac aagagatctc tgtgagttca aggacagcct gagctacata gtaagattct    196860
     ctaaaaaaaa acaaaatcaa accaaaccaa accaaatcta aacacacaca caaacaaaaa    196920
     caacaacagc aaaacagagc caggcactgg tggtatagtg gtgtagtatg gcacatgtct    196980
     tttgttttat tttgtttttt gtttttgttt ttgttttttt ttttgagaca gggtttctct    197040
     gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcgctc tgtagaccag gctggcctca aactcagaaa    197100
     tccccctgcc tctgcttccc aagtgctggg attaaaggct tgtgccatca ctgcctggag    197160
     gtgcatgtct ttagtctcaa aatttgggaa gcagaggcag ggggatttct gagtttgagg    197220
     ctagcctgat ctaagaaaga aagaagggag ggagggaggg agagaggggg aggaagaggc    197280
     aaacatggtg gaacacttgt aatcccagtc ctgggtagca gaaactcagg ataagtggca    197340
     ctcactggcc agagagtcca gccagttggt gagttccaga ctcagtggga gatcctgtct    197400
     cacaaagtaa ggtggagagt gactgaagaa gacgactgac atcaacatat gtcctctgca    197460
     cacatgtgcg caagcacaca cacacacaga cacacccaca tccacatcca cacatacaca    197520
     catacataga cacacacaga cacacataaa tatacatata catacacaca gacacagaca    197580
     catacacaga catatacaca tacacataca catacacata catatacata cacacacaca    197640
     gacacataca cagacatata catacacaca tatatacata cacacagaca catacacaga    197700
     catatacata cacacatata tacatataca caaacacaca catacacaca tatacataca    197760
     cacagacaga catagacaca cagagagaca cacagacaca tagacagaca cacacactca    197820
     aattaaatat agctctaact gctgttaaat tcacactcct tcacatcccc acgctaggac    197880
     tctaaggagg caccagcaag gcccaggtcc agcttgactt agagcaaagc atcctccccc    197940
     ctccacacaa tggaaacgga cggaaagggg catggaagca gaaccagaca acagcagcct    198000
     agccaagccc aggactctgc tccttccccc catgcctgcc gtgcaactgg ggaggcaaag    198060
     ccccagccgg tgctttctga ccgcttagcg gaagacaagg ggagcctgtg attatgattt    198120
     ctgctgattt gcaatgaaac actaatgcag tgggcttttc attaagccag atttattcaa    198180
     tctaaagatt ttatttcctt tatgtagaaa gtgcatcttt atatgttgtt ggaggagcag    198240
     agatgtgata aaaagaaatt tctcttatga actaatagca ctgatacata gtggtagcta    198300
     tgccttggcc tctctctctc tctctctctc tgtctcctgt gcatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    198360
     gtgtgtgtgt atgaatgcac acaaagtagc ccccccccat attatttctt ctgtgggatc    198420
     tccagactca gcaaatggtg gtgactggga agtctggcca tgcaattctt gccttttctc    198480
     ttgccagccc aatccctttg cattcaaacc cgggctgctt gctgtggcca gccctttcac    198540
     ctggagtcct tcctcctcct tacctgtctt cccatccttt gcagacaatt atcctcaata    198600
     actagccaat tacccttaag gacaattata ctcttccatc agcaaacacg ggtgttcttt    198660
     ccttgagtct tttgatgaag tcgatattaa agagatgctt tatttacata aagtcaaata    198720
     gctccctttt agaagggttt gggttcgatg tcaaagtttt aaaatcttaa ctagaggatg    198780
     ggtgtagagg gcttttggct agggtagaaa agagatggag atacttattc tgatgttgct    198840
     ttaaaaggta ggatgcccag agaaggtgga aggatggggg agggagggtc cctcctcaag    198900
     ctaatgaatc taaaagcagg gatgagctgg gcgctaggag tggaaccagt cagaagtgtc    198960
     tgcctttgac tgaccacagc tcctgccctc ccctccccca gtctctctgt gaaccgccag    199020
     cattaggagc taatcgcttc agaaagccag attggaatgt gttgctcacc ctccactgct    199080
     cagaaaacct ttattccagg caaggactga cccaaaccga tcatggcatc tgccaatcag    199140
     gaggccaaag gtgccggcag ggcgggacct agctgtgcag aaacagctcc gttatggcgc    199200
     gcagaaaaag ctggggggaa aggctaccgt tttatctctt ggcagatggc ttctctcttt    199260
     gatgctttgg gccttacctg ttactgcctg cacttgactt gacctaggca aaaatagcag    199320
     cgagatacag gttctcgaag ttagaaggaa aaaaaaaaag ccccaaacca caacacaacc    199380
     cggaagtgtg cccccgctgt gtttctaaag agctgttttc ttcccaagct ctacagcgtg    199440
     gtggctctaa tcggaaattt ctttttaatc atagcaggag tcccaattag cgtgttgggt    199500
     aatctttcaa gtagagtggg agttccgtgg ccacagagag cagaggcaat attcagcata    199560
     aagccctaga gaaagaggtg ttgtgggcct gtgcacacat gtgtgtcaac gcacatgtgg    199620
     cttgtggagg ctggcttccc actctcaaga tgaggtgtgt gcaccccagg ccttttgatt    199680
     ctcaaagctt tattaggacc agagggactg tgtgtgtgga ggggtgttgc tcacagtgca    199740
     gaaacccaaa cctggcttct ccaggagccc acatgccaac aaacaggctg cacactcttg    199800
     ctagtacatc ccctaaaggt atggggatga gggaccaagt gctttgcaag acagcaggca    199860
     cagagttctg ggacgctcct gtaccccaga ctcagccgcc acccagggcc agctctgatc    199920
     tggcttgacc tactttcttc tgttgttgtt tttggaagtg ctgatgtcaa tgcagaattc    199980
     agcagagtgg ctgagtgaga aaaaagagga gagggaggaa aagggggggg ggacgggacg    200040
     ggccgaggcc aacaggaaag ggcaggcaac aagacaatga ccacaaggtc cctgtaacta    200100
     cactaactgc ttacctttcc tgacccccag ggcttagcca atatagctga gacccagtct    200160
     tggtgctgtg gcttcaggct aagtaaacag ggaagagttg gacatgggtc tccattctct    200220
     ctcctcatcc aacaagggga ggaggcagtg gccaggcagc catgcccacc gatgccatcc    200280
     ttctgggagg agccagacat ttcaggcacc tctccttccc tgggtgccta gaggtgctgt    200340
     gtctgcatcc atctgccatg cctgccatct gagagaggcc actgggactt ggtagagagg    200400
     ttctccacac atgctggcct ggaggaaatt ggtctttagg gacactgaag gcagtttcct    200460
     ctgttcagtg gctccttgga aacccacgtg acagagctcg catgacaact tgccggctct    200520
     caactcccat tcttagctgc ctcaagcact gtaaggttta ggagagcccc agatgtaagt    200580
     atggatggga agaccctcca gggagtcatt gcctaccctt ctgaactcta acatggtcca    200640
     gcttttccat tccacaattg aggagacgcc agacctggca ggggagcaag cctttgtttc    200700
     tgacccattt gcaaacccca gccactgagg aacttgcata caagaaactg cctctgggcc    200760
     tctcctggac tgagccctgc ctcccagggg acaactgggc aacagatcct tccaggtggc    200820
     tgcagtgaca gatccatgct tttatgacat agaaaggcct cagtctcagg atttcacaca    200880
     ctgtatttcc ctcatcctgg ggaccaggga aggcgagcat cttctgctcc ccccaaacaa    200940
     gtgtgggaat gattaaaatc attttttttt tctgctccat gaactcatac agttttcaga    201000
     taccgaggag acaaagccct cctgtgctga aattagaccc cgaaaaatag gttagctgac    201060
     aattacttgt ttctaagtgg agtgtgatgt agtggcagga gcgcaggatg ggctgccagg    201120
     gctgcagtct cccccccccc aaacttactg tctcttaacc tctcgagtcc ctgggtttct    201180
     tgccgggatg ataattctcc ccatctccct cctctggtgg gctggtggaa agcgtaatga    201240
     atcaacgctt gaagcacgct gaagaggcca gactcgggat gccatgtaag tacacagcat    201300
     cgccagccac ctctcaagtc tacacggagc tgatttattt acctcccgtg aaagagacaa    201360
     caatcatcat atttacactt catgccgcag cttcctgcgt ggcacggcag caccccctcc    201420
     ctctccgctg ctgaggactc catcaagcac gctgccttgc caggatgaca gcagcccact    201480
     ctcagcctct ccctggcctc cttacagatc atgacctcct gccccgtgag gtctgtcacc    201540
     cgaaaaccac ggtacaccgg gggctgcagc ctctctatgg gggaggctga ggaaatgaat    201600
     tccgtaggta aaaggcttcc taggaaatca gacgctgcta gtaattaagg agcgaagcat    201660
     aggtgcgtga aaggtaaatg gatgttattt aaatgttgcg tcatttaaag agtgtcctgg    201720
     tgcttcagtt ccttgttacc atgcagggct gtggacgggt ggcaattagg ctggcacggg    201780
     tagagctcac ctgctgagct gagggagggt ggggacacac cttccggtaa ttgctgctgg    201840
     gcagctctgg gtctccccac ccccgccccc gccctcactc cccacccccc acttctttcc    201900
     tgacagctct ttcatttgca gcagcttaca gggcttgttg cccttaccca gaaaatcacg    201960
     ttggaagaaa tataagaaaa agaggaatga aagagaaagc cagaaaagtt catattaggt    202020
     tcggatctgc ggccaaacct ggccgagaga atccatgacg gtccgcgcgc atataaccct    202080
     gtggcaacag ggcccggcac aacagggccc gccacaagag cttcttgagt tgccacctgc    202140
     caggagacag gatgaatgaa tggatcatct gtccttagag cacaagccag gcctgattct    202200
     ccaatattga tgtgtgaggg agatgtcaac agaggttccc taaagaatga tgcttctatt    202260
     tccatgctaa tcctggggcg tcagcttcag tcggaacagc cggaccgtta ccttagctct    202320
     gctgttctcc tgtctgtaac ccgcagaggg aagggcgggg tcacccagca ttgccactcc    202380
     ccccaccctc acgtggtcca gacccctctt gggttgatct gctcctgaaa aacagtgttg    202440
     gctcaagttt gcctctgaag gtatgtcacc gctggctcag ccagcttatc tccccggtgc    202500
     tttcaagatc aaaacaccca aacgaaagaa aaactttgtt tcaagagcag agtgtggtgc    202560
     caactctgat caaagtgttt ttcagcatga caactcactg cccgtgacaa ccagtacttg    202620
     gctgttgtgg ctcagagtga gatgcggagg gaagtggatg acaacagctg tatccaggtc    202680
     caaacagagt agattcacgg ctggcagaaa atggctgaga gccttgggct gcatccctcc    202740
     tcccctcctg cctctctctc ttttcaaggt ggtttttgga aatgtccttc ctgtgggttg    202800
     tgtgcctttt ccatgtagga cctggggcct gtgcagatgg ccctgtgttc ctggtgctgc    202860
     tgttgagatg tgaacgagtg ataggaaccc aggcactaaa cacacaatgt ggttgtatct    202920
     gactagaagc aaggcaagag caggaggcat ttgagggtaa aggagtgtaa ggactgtgta    202980
     aagagatgag ggttctatct gggaggcagg agtcccaatg ccagcaaata caatggactc    203040
     tcctggtcga cccaaccaga gagaattcaa gatggcagag ggacaggctg tctgagtttc    203100
     ctatggctgc accgataaat ggtcataagc agagtagagg aaaaccacag acagaaattc    203160
     atgccattga gactagaaat ctagctcaag gttgtgtgtg gcagggttgg ttcctgggtg    203220
     ttcaaccttt tcacactgtg acatgatgct gtggtctgca gatgtgttgg gctgcatcca    203280
     tagctaccct gggacacatt catggaccgc aggttacaca tgctatttaa aaactccaag    203340
     ggaagggcta gagaaatggc ctggtagtta agtatgcttg ctgatcttcc agaagacctg    203400
     agctctgttc ctagcagcca tgttgggcag cttacaacta actatgactt ctgagctcca    203460
     aagctctctt ctaatacata catacataca tacatacata catacataca tacatacata    203520
     catacgtaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cactttaaag aaaaaaattc    203580
     tgggttggag aggtggctca gcaattaaga gcactgactg ctcttacaga ggtgctgagt    203640
     tcaactctca accacatggt ggctcacaac catctgtaat gggatctgat gccctcttct    203700
     ggtgtgcgct gaagacagat acaatgtact catatacatt aaataaataa ataagaaaga    203760
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gtgtaaacga ggaaaattcc taattaaaaa    203820
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaggaa aggaattctg agggagaatc    203880
     tgcccctttt cctaacttcc agggctatag gcaacctgtg gcctggggaa gctgtagaca    203940
     acctgtggcc tggggaagct gtagacaacc tgtggcctgg ggaagctgta gacaacctgt    204000
     ggcctgggga agctgtagac aacctgtggc ctggggaagc tgtagacaac ctgtggcctg    204060
     tggcagcatc atgtcaacgc ctcaccctct gtgcccaatt tcctgttctc taaggacaca    204120
     tgccatcaaa tgcataggac actctacatc aagatgatct tgtctcaaga tgtttaacaa    204180
     aattacatct gcaaagacct atctttacat gtgaggtcac tccacaggtt ctagacatat    204240
     ttttgaggag ccaccatcca actcactatg tgacagagtc atctagagat ttgtgtccag    204300
     gacagactgg ctgtatctgc tctgagagtc ccctgcctgc ccgtgggaac tccccagtgg    204360
     tccttaaggg ccctgaggac tttggatctg caaagccaca tcttccaaaa ccattttcct    204420
     cttttggaga gctactctac cctgaaaccc ttttctctga ggtggctttt agagaggcag    204480
     gtctcagcag ggcactgtgc ccacaagaag tcccggggag aagggaccca agggccagtg    204540
     ctgaactatc gctgagactg agaacattgt gtctcaccta aaatcggtgg tcgcaaggac    204600
     caagcaggct ctataaatgt cttactgcct ttattccttt tcctccgctc catcttactc    204660
     ctcatttttg tttgtttgtg tgtttgtttg ttttcttctg agatgtagcc caggctggcc    204720
     ttcagctcac tatgtaacta aggatgactt taaacttctg atcctttctt ccctccactt    204780
     ccagagtcct ggggcaggtg tgtgccaccg taccccagct ttatttgaga ctatgattca    204840
     ggctccatac ttcatgcata ttaggtaagc atgctaccaa cttggctata ttcccagcct    204900
     ttctttcttt cttctttgag acaatgtctt ttttttttta attatatgag tacactgtat    204960
     ctgttttcag acacaccaga agaaggcatt ggatcctatt agagatggtt gtgagccacc    205020
     atgtggttgt tgggatttga actcaggacc tctggaagag cagtcagtgc ttttaaccgc    205080
     tgagccatct cgccagtcct tgagacaatg tcttgctata tggcacatat tggcctcaaa    205140
     ctcagaatcc ttccgcttca gcctcctaaa tactgggatt acatgtgagc catggtgttt    205200
     ggcttctagc ctttcttcct tccctttccc ttcccttttc ccttcccttt cccttttccc    205260
     tttcctttcc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc    205320
     ttcccttccc ttcccttcct ttccctctct ctctctctcc ccctctttct tttctttcag    205380
     agagtttctc tgtgtaatcc tggctgtctt ggaacttgct ctgtagacca ggctggcttg    205440
     agctcacaga gagctctagc cttttctaaa tggatagcca ttataatcta aagcaaccta    205500
     ctaagacagg tgtggtagca tatacccatg atcccagcac ctgggatact gaagaagaaa    205560
     ccaaagtcag cctggattat atacagtaag ggtctctctc tgtctctctc tctttcacac    205620
     acacacacag agagagagag agagagagag cctattatgt cgttggttgc ttctaatcat    205680
     tagaaaacca ctctcttagg ctgagtcaga actagcctag ctgagacact gtccacccac    205740
     tgtcccagag caaggccatc gctgtcccag atttgccttt gggggccctt gaaatgaaag    205800
     tcaccagcag gctccggaag ctgcctcatg ctaatcagtt gaggttgtga aaatagccct    205860
     gcagtggttc ctgggcctgc agctgggcca gagccactaa ggggagtctg gtcctttgga    205920
     gcagagttaa cagtcatcag tgcttttttt ttttttttaa atgttccctg ctttaggctc    205980
     agtgctgtgc gctacttcta atccttgcaa taggctgcaa gacaggcaag aatatcatcc    206040
     ctgttttgcc ctcaggcaaa ttctgaagtc tggcaaatga aagatgtggg atttgaacac    206100
     agacttgttt ggccaaagaa ttctcactct acttctgcct gtgccacctt cctctcatgc    206160
     acggggaggg gaggggagcc cacctcccat gctcaggggc taggaagtgg ggagaagatg    206220
     gatgtcctca aagcagggtg agaatgaagt agaagccagc ttcaaatcta aactaagcaa    206280
     tgttttattt ccatttccct gaacataaag ttcagttaca tttggtttaa aaaaaaaaat    206340
     ccctacacaa ctggttcttg agaaatgtca agtgctacaa ttcagtggat gtggatgaaa    206400
     caatcaaaat gttgaacacc cccaaacaga tacaaacctt catcaaagtc tcttccaaag    206460
     gctgggtctg aaaagagcga ctcatgttcc agcccagttg gctccttctc atgtgagctc    206520
     cgacttccaa agactgcttg caccaggagg aaatataata gatgtccttt ttaagggggg    206580
     tggggtctgt ctgacaacct cccacagtga ctgtggatac agcccagtta gtagagttct    206640
     cgcctagcaa gcgtgcggcc ctgggcttga gatctagcac cctaaggcat agtggtacat    206700
     gcccatgacc acagcacttg ggacgtagag gcagaaggat cagttcaagg tcagatgagg    206760
     ggtggggagg cattccttta atgccagcat ttgagaggca gaaacagatg aatttgtgag    206820
     ttcaaggcca gcctggtcta cagactgagt tccaagacag ccaaggctac acagagaaac    206880
     cctgtcttgt caggaaaaaa gatagtggga gagaattcaa ggttatcttg gactgcataa    206940
     gactttgatt ccaaaataaa caaaaatgga gcatgaatgc ttgcaactgt ggacaatatt    207000
     gggttcatac atattctgtt ttgtcaccta cataccaatt atacaaatca gattcagctg    207060
     ggcccactgg tgcatgtttg ttcccagcat ctgggaggta gagatgggca gagctctatg    207120
     actttaaggc tagcctggtc tacaaagtaa gttctaggac agccaaccct acagagagat    207180
     acactacttc taaatcaatc aatcaatcca tcagtcaatc atgggctgga gagatagctc    207240
     agtgatcaat agtgccattc ttccagagga cctgggtttg attcccagca cccacatggc    207300
     agctcacaga tgtctgtaac tccaatccca agggacatga caacttctac tggtctcttt    207360
     ggtcaacagg catgcacgca gcatacaata tatatatggg taaaatgcta tatatataaa    207420
     aatcagattc acaaatcaag tacagaaaga gatcaactat aatgaaacaa ccataacaca    207480
     tactgtttta aaagctacct ttcctgtctg acatctgact tcttgcgtga cccagtgcct    207540
     ccacaatgag acaagcagat ggtgtagtcc ctgtgaccca ggattaggca accactgccc    207600
     ctgggaagcc attcctagta acaggatcaa atcccacagt gctccactgt accccgccag    207660
     aggacgtgaa gcctcccttc cccggctgtc tgtgcagcac cgcccagatg cttggtgtca    207720
     ctgagtgacc atcggagccc aactgaggag tgcctcagtg ctcctcaggg cagtgtgcaa    207780
     ttgaaacttg catgtgattt ctggaatttg tcatttgata tttccagact ccagctgacc    207840
     ttggataaca gcacagaggg cagaactgca gaggaaaagg ggcactactg tgactgttat    207900
     cccctgcatg attatagaag ggtctgtgct ttctcttaca aatcattgcg gcctctcttc    207960
     acttccctcc tttgaagtcg aaaaaaatag atgcatcctc acagtacagg atggcaggta    208020
     cgaggcgggt tccgggactg aggcaggact catcatgcag cctctttccc tcaactacac    208080
     cgccgcccct gcagagttcc ctctgatcaa atcagtttca ggcctggaaa gaaacggcca    208140
     ctcaggctgg ggatgtggtt ccattagagg cctgcatgca cgaagctctg gatttgatct    208200
     tcagcacggg cataagccca gtatggtagt atctgtttag catggtgtgg aggtatacct    208260
     atctctgcac agggagacca gaagttcaga gttatccttg cacttacagt aagttcaaag    208320
     ctagcttggg caacatgaag ttttgtctta acaaaacgaa acaagagggg ccggggagat    208380
     gcttcgctgt gctgagtcat ttgctgccaa gtttgatgac ctgagtttgg tcccttgagc    208440
     ttatggtgga aggagagaaa tgacgcttga actccacgca catgccacag cccacgcatg    208500
     aatgtgtata cacacacaca ctaagtggat aaatgttaaa aataaataaa tcaaaggaat    208560
     ggccactcaa aatctaccat cgttgggaag ggaggggaaa aggcaggcga gggagataga    208620
     taaccctgat atgaacacgg aaagagccag tgtgccacca aagctgccca gtgtgccacc    208680
     aaagctgccc agtgtgccac caaagctgcc cagtgtgcca ccaaagctgc ccagacttga    208740
     ttacagattt ggccagggac acaggaggcc agcaggagca gccaggttcc acctcagagg    208800
     tggagccaca aacctggaaa tgaaacgtct ttccctttct tcagaccaca gcagtgacag    208860
     ctgtcctgca gagtctggag ggctggcagg gctcatccac tctagtgtgc ctgtggccag    208920
     aacaggcctc agtcacaggt gcttttccaa ggtcttagtg tctaattaag gttagcagcc    208980
     aaattggaga gagaagggtg ctggacttta ctctgctgta aggactttgg gcattgttcc    209040
     attccgtgat caaataccac tggctctgcc aaccaccatg tcagtgggtc ttcagaggta    209100
     gaagaactca tccttttttg agaggtttgg tctggtcctt gtctaatgca aaatgcctgg    209160
     ggcaccaggt taatgtcaac tcaaaggcaa gtgctggtcc agcatgtgtg gaatcctaag    209220
     ttcaataccc atcagagccc caagccctag aggacagaca tgctttaaaa aaaagtcatg    209280
     ctttaaaaaa attctgttga gggggctgga gaaatagctc agcagttaag agcactagct    209340
     gctctttcag aggacccaga ttccgttcct aacattttca tggtggctca aagctgtcta    209400
     taattcaagt cctagagggg aatctgttgc cctctctggt tttctcaggc accaagaaca    209460
     catgtggtgc aaacatacac gcaggcaaaa cactcataca tatgaaacat tttttataaa    209520
     cctgctcgga tgtggtggct catgccagcg atgctctcag cactcagatg gcagaggcag    209580
     ggggattttg tgttgagccc agcctgagct atagaatgag atgctgtctc aaaaagaaaa    209640
     aaaaaacaaa aaaaaacaaa aaacaaaaac aaatctgtgg gcttaatcat tcctagccag    209700
     aaggagctgg ctccagcaac aatggatccc tagagctctg ctttgccccc tggtctggag    209760
     agcttgctct agaaaggaat tc                                             209782