ID   AL596129; SV 27; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 221384 BP.
AC   AL596129;
DT   18-JUL-2001 (Rel. 68, Created)
DT   24-JAN-2013 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 47)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-294E23 on chromosome 11
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-221384
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Hopkins B.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (22-JAN-2013) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 83923f07fd35ae9ee36446f3e9545b2e.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456158.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000020908; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000033196; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000055775; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000056328; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000057003; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018485; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018486; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018488; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018489; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018454; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018455; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018456; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018458; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018423; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018424; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018425; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018426; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018427; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018425; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018426; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018427; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018428; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018429; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018238; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018240; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018241; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018242; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018877; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018878; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018879; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018880; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018881; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017794; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017797; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018212; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018214; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018215; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018216; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018321; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018324; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018311; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018312; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018313; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018314; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018315; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018393; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018394; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018395; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018396; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018335; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0018918; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0018919; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0018921; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017568; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017572; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017847; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017848; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017849; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017850; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL596129.27:1-221384; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000007301; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000018632; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000018637; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000018641; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000019625; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000075734; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000108685; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000108689; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000124516; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000129018; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000165221; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000170159; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000170942; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0029765; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0029768; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0029775; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0029777; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0029719; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0029722; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0029726; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0029731; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0029691; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0029694; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0029697; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0029701; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0029704; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0029710; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0029713; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0029716; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0029720; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0029722; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0029510; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0029514; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0029518; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0029519; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0030209; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0030212; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0030215; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0030219; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0030222; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0029210; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0029218; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0029426; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0029431; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0029435; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0029438; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0029571; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0029576; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0029541; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0029544; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0029547; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0029551; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0029553; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0029677; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0029680; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0029683; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0029687; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0029527; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0030244; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0030247; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0030254; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0028915; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0028922; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0028998; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0029001; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0029004; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0029006; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; G3UW82.
DR   GOA; P13542.
DR   GOA; Q5SX39.
DR   GOA; Q5SX40.
DR   InterPro; IPR000048; IQ_motif_EF-hand-BS.
DR   InterPro; IPR001609; Myosin_head_motor_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR002928; Myosin_tail.
DR   InterPro; IPR004009; Myosin_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR008989; Myosin_S1_N.
DR   MGI; MGI:1339710; Myh2.
DR   MGI; MGI:1339711; Myh1.
DR   MGI; MGI:1339712; Myh8.
DR   MGI; MGI:1339713; Myh4.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; P13542; MYH8_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q5SX39; MYH4_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q5SX40; MYH1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G3UW82; G3UW82_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-294E23 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..221384
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="11"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-294E23"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    60396..60482
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional primer reads only."
FT   misc_feature    60482..60587
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional primer reads only."
FT   misc_feature    60482..60482
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 130bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    190287..190367
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional primer reads and dGTP
FT                   big dye terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 221384 BP; 65582 A; 47677 C; 47886 G; 60239 T; 0 other;
     gaattcattt gtggggctgg cgagatggct cagcgggtaa gagcactgac tgctcttcca        60
     aaggtcctga gttcaaatcc cagcatccac atggtggctc acaaccattc ataatgagat       120
     ctgatgccct cttctggtgt gtctgaagac agcgacagtg tacttacata tgataaataa       180
     ataaattttt taaaaaagga attcatttgt cttctggata tggcagcagt tactgattga       240
     ttatctagaa taagctaatg gaataacatc tttgcttatt cagtgatcta gaccaggcaa       300
     tggtagagaa ccctaactct gagagtagcc acttcagggg tgacattctg ttagatgctt       360
     ggcagagagt tcactgacag aacctctcca cgatgctgct gcaggtgcta gctgagtgga       420
     agacgaagtg tgaggagagc caagccgagc tggaggcagc tctcaaggaa tcccggtcct       480
     tgagcactga gctcttcaaa ctgaagaatg cctatgaaga agccttggat caacttgaaa       540
     ccgtgaaacg ggagaataag aacttagaac gtaagccttt ccgaactgtc cgaggttgtg       600
     ggaaaccctt cttgtcaccc atcgtggcca gagtgtgtga gggtggatga gactctgtta       660
     ttcaagctcc tctacatggg tctgctgatg caccaataga aactgttcac tgttgacaag       720
     ttggtttttc ttaaagatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct       780
     atctaattta tatgggtacg ttctcttcag acacaccaga agagggcatg agatcccatt       840
     gcagatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggaattga actcaggacc tctggaagag       900
     cagtcagtgc ttttaaccgc tgagctatct ctccaaccca gcaagttgtt gttttgagtc       960
     tctatactat gtcttagctc tgagaagcag aggtctttag agttacagag agctaacgac      1020
     aggcatctag tgggcgcttc acattcccag gagcctgtgc agaggcaggc gttcagatgc      1080
     aatgcgagct catttcattg cagaagagat agcagatctc actgaacaga ttgccgagaa      1140
     cggtaaaagc atccatgagc tagagaaatc cagaaaacag atggagctgg agaaggctga      1200
     catccagatg gcgctggagg aagcagaggt gaggatgggt tgggaggcag cagccagaac      1260
     aggggcaaca gcgtggtacc cgagacgttc acactttatg cttctggaat catgaaccca      1320
     gtgctcgctc cttccctatg actgtgtgcc tgagtaagat aatgcctgtg agttgtctta      1380
     agttggagaa aatcattatg ttacaatagg tttacggctg aaaatttgca aacccttagc      1440
     tgaagttaga atagctgtaa ggtgcttctt gctcttaagt aactggaaga ttgtaaatac      1500
     ttttggtttt tgcacaatca taaatgatta accataaaat ctttcacttc tgcactaaag      1560
     gtaagttagt ttacttaaag gtagttttga ctattatgga atttgactta ggaatctctc      1620
     ctcagagttc tgctgaccca aggttgtgtg gtctgctcta gagcagcgca ggacctgttc      1680
     tttctttgct ttgtctttta aaggcagctc ttgagcacga agaagccaag attctccgga      1740
     tccagcttga actgacccag gtgaaatcag agattgatag gaagattgca gagaaggatg      1800
     aagagatcga gcagctgaag aggaactacc agaggacagt ggagaccatg caaggcgccc      1860
     tggacgctga ggtgcgcagc aggaatgagg ccatccgcct gaagaagaag atggagggcg      1920
     acctcaatga gatcgagatc cagctgagcc acgccaaccg ccaggccgca gagaccatca      1980
     agcacctccg gagcgtccag ggacagctga aggtggaggg agcgtcctgg ggtgggggga      2040
     ctttgccagt gtccagatat gaaaagacta ggccaagttt gtggtccttg gctctcctct      2100
     tcacacgctc ttggcttctg tctaggacac ccagctgcac ctggatgacg ctctccgggg      2160
     ccaggaggac ctgaaggagc agctggccat cgtggaacgc agagccaacc tcctgcaggc      2220
     tgaggtggag gagctgcggg ccacgctgga gcagacggag agggcccgga agctggcaga      2280
     gcaggagctg ttggattcga atgagagggt ccagctgctg cacacccagg tgagggcagg      2340
     aggattgggg tgtgagggtc caccccagac gcactgtatg acactccctc ctcctcccca      2400
     gaacacaagc ctcatccaca ccaagaagaa gttggagact gacctcacgc agctccagag      2460
     tgaggtggag gatgcctgca gggacgcaag gaatgcagag gagaaggcca aaaaggccat      2520
     cactgacgtg aggctcctgc ttcctcccca ctgtggccgc tgatactgtg tctcgttaaa      2580
     gccctccttg cctttaaccc cacatatgac cggtagaagt ctaccctctc aggacacaca      2640
     tggtgtccat gctgacccca gaccattccc atctccgttc aaactcgcct gtgccctctt      2700
     gtactgttaa aagccgcagg tgggggaaag gcaggaaaga ggtctacttt tttttaatct      2760
     gcccctggag aggtgtttct ttcatttgca tctggaaatg agaccctccg agggtgctat      2820
     cctgtcacat ggctcctttc ctctctaact ttcctgggtc tcctccaggc tttctgattc      2880
     tgtcgctata atggcgccac ctactgcctt ctatgggaat atcaccccag tgctatttta      2940
     ctttccttta ggcgttactt cttgagtccc tccctgatgg gattctacca tctcaggttg      3000
     atctcctcca agccttaggc gcttttgaaa ctgtgtgttg gtgatgatta caaaacaaaa      3060
     accaaaccaa acaaagcaaa acctgggttt tggataggtc cagaggaaac cagtttcagg      3120
     atattgcttc tcattcaagt ccgtgtagag tttattttat aaaaatgtat atctcagatg      3180
     tagcttttgc cctctttcaa cgtgacacat tcatgacctc acccactgtc ctttctgtaa      3240
     agcatttcct ctgcccaccg tggaatgccg gcttccaccg ctgcaagatc tttgaagcct      3300
     tgcccacacg ctttgccttt caggccgcca tgatggcgga ggagctgaag aaggagcagg      3360
     acaccagcgc ccacctggag aggatgaaga agaacctgga gcagacggtg aaggacctgc      3420
     agcaccgtct ggatgaggct gagcagctgg cgctgaaggg cggcaagaag cagattcaga      3480
     aactggagac acgggtacct gatgggcggg ggtcgggagg tggggacctc tgcttggcca      3540
     agcccagctt cccagcccct cggctcccaa tcagggctca gcgctagaat aacatctgca      3600
     aacatctctc cagatcagag agctggagtt tgagctggaa ggggagcaga agaggaacac      3660
     agagtctgtg aagggcctga ggaagtatga gcggcgtgtt aaggagctca catatcaggt      3720
     aggtggaaag atcacctctc cgaggtacaa ataccactca aagcttggaa tgggacagaa      3780
     catgtgtgca cccccagact ggctaggccc tattacagca cccccccccc cttctttaac      3840
     gacatcccta tgttcatttg cagagtgagg aggacaggaa gaatgtgttg agattgcagg      3900
     atctggtgga taaactccaa gtgaaagtca agtcctacaa gaggcaggct gaggaggctg      3960
     taagtcagat gcatgcatgg cctcgcccat ttcccacggg gagatccagg agggaatcct      4020
     gcagattcca cccgctggac tctttatctt taggatgaac aagccaatgc tcatctcacc      4080
     aagttcagga aagcccagca tgagctagag gaggccgagg aacgggctga tatcgcagaa      4140
     tcgcaagtca ataaactgcg ggcaaagacc cgtgacttca cctctagccg ggtaagctga      4200
     cctgggaatg cccaaagaga tacagaccct tcagagctgg aagttgctgt aggggatcct      4260
     ctatttccca gtcagagatt ctcaggctca gagaaaacgt tctttacagt catctacctg      4320
     ggtggagctt cactagaaat acatttataa tggggggggg ggtggacggg ggggggggag      4380
     cgctgtcttt tctgcgccct ctgctggtat gagagaagct gttccggagc accctctaga      4440
     ggtggctgaa ggtgtctgca attactgtac ccacaggccc attgtggctc ctagagggga      4500
     ctcgctctct ttgaggacca gtttctcagg catcctctca aaggaccccc aaattccttg      4560
     catcccattg aaatatacag acaactcctt gatgcgtacg gggagagggg tccaggaagt      4620
     gtctctgctg cctgacttga ctgagagcat ccacattctc tctagatggt ggtccatgaa      4680
     agcgaggagt gagcaagacc tcctggtgca gggcagaaga tatgcagaat gtatattttc      4740
     gtggctcctg acaattctac ttaatttcca cgtatcactt ttccacatgc aataaagttt      4800
     gccttgtttc aagttggttt gttttgtctt gtgccttcct cattcccaaa aggggaattt      4860
     attccccttt tggcgatttt tatgttgaat gctgaaatat tagtaagcgg atgtcttcgt      4920
     agatttaaat cgttgtgtat gtggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg      4980
     cacacgcacc tgtgtgcttg cttgcacggg ggagggggct aagcattgct tcagtggggt      5040
     ggggagggag agtctatgaa agtcatctat taatatcata taagagagac acaaagattg      5100
     ggttcaggaa caccttgttt caaactgggg aggatttctc tccgcacatt ttactgggga      5160
     aatgatgtat ctcaaagctg gtaaataatg ctaggctcca tacaagaggt gagtgaatgc      5220
     cacggtgtct ggtcctgctg agagctcaga ggcctgtggt agagttcttg cctcagatac      5280
     acagggctca gggttcaact ctcagcactg caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca      5340
     aacaaacaag gcattttaaa aagtaaggaa agaaaaagaa tccattctgc ccccccaccc      5400
     cccgctaagt cttgctatct tgggtgcaat ccaccttatt ccagagccaa ataaacagac      5460
     ccctcactca tcgccaagcg gaagaggaca aatgtggaga aaggcaggat agccaccatg      5520
     tgaactagcc agcaggacag aatcctctat ccaaggtcaa ctcaacaggt ggattgccat      5580
     gggcacactc atcagaggag gctgctgagt ctctttcttt actgaggtct agaagatgtt      5640
     ggatgaccca gtttgaccca ggtggggagt aaagtccaag ggtcttttga cggtgctggg      5700
     aaccgagttg gcatatgtag ggtttgcggc tatggaagga aggagggcgt tgttctggtc      5760
     aggtttgcct tttttggtgg ttctgcaatc atcctttctc taagaacatg ttgctttgat      5820
     ttgccgtcac tgcttcatgg caatgccata gctgtcaaga ggtgtgagag gcggctgttg      5880
     ctaagaggaa atcatggcac tgagaagagg tttgatctac agcccaagct gaggtggggc      5940
     cggaagagca atggtcactc ccctctcaga agtcaggagg gctgctgcac accgccttct      6000
     gtgggaagtg acaatggaga agacagagca aacctcgttc ccagggattc tgggtagtga      6060
     gtgcagaaga aacgagatct gggctgtcac ggttttcaca caaagtagga gcccttaatg      6120
     aattgctatc agaagtagga aacaggttgc caggcattct cggcctccta gataagggcg      6180
     tgcgcacctt tgcttacata ggagtcccca tcaacaccct acactgggcc tgatcaggcc      6240
     tccagatggg actgctccca agtcagcaac ataagatgca accgataaat ctatagtatg      6300
     aggagctcgg ctgaacaaat aatagagttt aaaaaataca ttgcatataa aaatacagac      6360
     tagtaaaagg acttatatat tgagatttaa caggctttat aagccagtta cactgtatgg      6420
     atttaaaatt taatgttgtg ctctatttaa aaatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtac      6480
     atgctcaaag catgtatgtg gaggtcagaa gacagcttat gggagtcagt tttcttccac      6540
     tatatttgcc ttggggactg aactccggcc atcaagcttg gtagcaagcg ccttcaccca      6600
     ttgagccatc tgactgatcc aaggagttgt taggactgga tttatatgac agtttgttaa      6660
     aatatgggac acagcattga atagtaacta ttccctttca tccttaggga agactctgac      6720
     tctgtgattc ttttttggaa ccagttctta tattttacaa gtctaggctg catttataga      6780
     tgagaaagga agggaaatgg aacaagtgtt gtttgaagtc agtgtgctga cagaacttaa      6840
     caattcacca aagaagctct tgatgtgcct aaatgcagaa tggacacaca cacacacaca      6900
     cacacacaca cacattcaca caaacataca cacatatgca ctacacacac actcatgcac      6960
     acacacactc acacaataca cacacacata ctctcttcca cacacacata cacacataca      7020
     catactcaca cacacacaca catacacaca aactcacaca tgcacacaca acacaccctc      7080
     ctgaaagtcc ccgaggctgt gggctctgcc ttgtcctctc accagtgaaa catggcattg      7140
     cacacaagag cacagttcag ttctggaagc taccctggtg ctaggcagca attttgtgaa      7200
     ggatataggt agaaaaaaaa atcactttcc aagagttagg aatatcatga cttttttttt      7260
     tttttaaaat gagtttgctt actccataaa gcaaaagaga ccctccgtga tagaggccat      7320
     cagccctgtt agtgaacaga gaaaaatgag aagaggaatc tccttccgag ggaggctcag      7380
     gcatgccaca cgagcctcag aagggcagcc cgctccggca agggcgagca ggatgacctc      7440
     agtgctatta ttgaactctt acagtgtaca ccgcaggcac tttctcacat cgttgcataa      7500
     agactcgatg gtgatgagac gggtctcttt atacttgctc actacagaaa aagacacatg      7560
     gtaacttgcc caaggtcaag gtggcagagc tggggtagtt ttgaggttcg aagactacat      7620
     ttaccctgca aagtctgtct acaggagcag cagccagatc ctcaggggaa tctccccagg      7680
     gaggaggggt tgacggaacc agaattgtgc ttccccccct tttgattact gtttctgtcc      7740
     ctccttcagg cactgcaccc taagatttct cttgtcccct gcatgcagca gtgcatcctt      7800
     gggactctca cacagaccct ggatcagtca ttggcacaag gtgatcttta tcccatctat      7860
     gatatccact aatgcttctg cgcgtgaacc ctaggtcagg gtgaggaaga ggctgacagt      7920
     gtcttctttg caatcttttc tttccagttc tcgaaaaacc ccaattctct ctttcattac      7980
     tattttttct gctgtctggg taaggaattg atttattttt ctccctgtaa tccttatatg      8040
     atccagaatc ttctgacttg ctgagttctt tattgggtgg caaatctcag agctgtagag      8100
     ttcttctatt tttattacct tttgtatttt ttttaattat aaaagaaata tatgttcaag      8160
     aataggattc ttaaaagggc cgtcaagtac aaagagactg tcagccggaa tggtagagtt      8220
     ctttatttgg aggggccacg gggttgattt atgattggca gatggccccc atctgaagga      8280
     atcaagggac tggtttctaa taggagtaac atgcccttat gtggggagtt ggggcagctt      8340
     gcagccactg gcagctggtg agggtagctt ttcatttctt cacgcctggg tcacttcaac      8400
     agctgagttt taataaagca aatgtgcctc agactatggg gggggggagc aggcctccta      8460
     gaacaccaag gcccatttgc acccctccca ctaatctcac tgctaaaaac agctgaggct      8520
     gagaggccct cagagtgctg gttggatctg agcagtgatc cagttacccc gagctatgct      8580
     gagacattcc agaggctctt gtgtcctcgg ctgcaggcca ctaggagcca gaagcccaag      8640
     atggtacaga atatttttat tcaagatggc catgctatct atggcacata gaagcaagaa      8700
     gccccttctt aagggcatgt tctaacaact gaaacacggt cccctttcgg ggaagctttt      8760
     gggaggatta ggattaagtg agcaagggag aatggacccc cgtagggctg gctctcttca      8820
     cagaagacct ggacaatgct aagaaaaggt tcctcttgaa tgaagaacac ggagaacggc      8880
     catctcttca ggcttcccag caactatatg gtgtataact cacggaacaa agacaagtaa      8940
     gacagagcct tgaattccaa ggacagtaga tggaaaataa gcacccgagt aaagataaga      9000
     agaaacggag aacaaaaaca aaacagaaaa ctcttagtgc agtggagaat tgaggaagga      9060
     ggcagtttta caaagatcaa aaggaaggcg ttagccacga gcaaagtgtt ttgtgcggag      9120
     caggggtgtc atgcccctgc cgaatccagt tcttcgtaga aaaggtcaaa ggaaaaaaaa      9180
     aacggggaga ctatgttgcc ctcaagaaaa accagttctc tctactccca cttcctgcct      9240
     tgttatcccg actcctgatc agtaaggaag agacaataca cttcagaaat gcttccttac      9300
     acattttcag acagtcatga gctccatttt gttgtcttct caagcagcag gcccctgaaa      9360
     gccaggctca agtgtgagag aggacacttg gggactgagg tgctacctgt gagaagccaa      9420
     gacccagcca gagcctccat cctacacctt ggttatctag taggcgcttc cggtctgtgt      9480
     tttcacacag ccgtcattta cgaagtgcct actactgccc agaactggga aataggagca      9540
     gaaatctctt ggaaagtgag atagaaaagg agggagagga ggaatccttg tcttaagtcc      9600
     tcagagtggg gagggcagga gagtgggaag agagacagac attttcaaat gcggttcagc      9660
     ctctgccctg ggtgacttac agcagctgca cctattttgg gcctgaggtc tccgtccccg      9720
     ggcaacaggt gggaagacct aagatttcct ggtacattcc cagggcacaa gtcacccttt      9780
     tttaacgact cattttaagc tagaaacatg gagtcttcct tttctgtttt ctgagccagc      9840
     cttggggatc taggcctcag cacacgggtg gcgactcgtg gtttctgggt ctcgctcgct      9900
     cgctctcttg ctttatactc acacacgcat gagcgcacat acacacataa gcacgcatgc      9960
     tcgcacctac gcacgctccc tttcctgagc taatgagtga agtacgtgtc aatcacagta     10020
     catgcccagg agcccacgga agggagtcaa gtaagggcat aggtagggag cagagattaa     10080
     tttacccgat ttgtcgtcca gccccagcct tagcatccct acactaacag gaccttccat     10140
     gggctatgtg gtccataagt tcccactgat aagatttgac attaccattg gtcagtagga     10200
     gcaaaagcgt acagcccttt gtttccaaac cgttgcagaa taaagactaa tcttccaggg     10260
     gaaaatcagc tctttgactg tgacttcatc cttatgatca ggggcagctt ttgctaggat     10320
     gctttccagt tacctacatc ctttactctt agcgagggat cacacggcac tgccagcacg     10380
     gctacttgga cactggaatg ggcacctgcc gcaagagtcc ctgactttgg taggcgtctt     10440
     ctagcctgtc atcagaattg ttccctaagc tgagattcca acccctgacc cagggcttga     10500
     atgctaggtg ctgagcacag cgttaatgac cttgtttctt ctcttcaggt tctgtcttgt     10560
     ctcataatac tgtagtaatc tatcgattta gccccattgt ctgaagcata gataagagat     10620
     gcacacaggc tttttttttg gtggctcttg acatctttgt aggaaaatat taacagtggt     10680
     tctgtggcgt aagccatcct gagctagctc cagagattaa aaagacagct tgaatattaa     10740
     tcattacacg gaaagagcga ttttcatatc ggttttcctt agtgtgtttc atgacttcat     10800
     tgaactcccc ctttgggttt taaaggccga taagaagagg aacccatgat ctcttgtaat     10860
     atgaaaacag gagagagaaa tacccaggaa ttaaaggttc aagtgagggg gaagaaaaag     10920
     gaggggtagg tgtgggttaa tcagaaacta agggtgtatg tatataaaac ccatatggaa     10980
     atccaccact ttgcagctga attgcaaaaa caaaaaattt aaaggcattt gaacacaagt     11040
     actcttcatg ggcgaacagt gcttctccaa gaaggtatgg gttattaaat taaaatatgc     11100
     caggcttcgg gatacttctt taggagtaac tggtcaagga ggctgcagag acccctcccc     11160
     caaataacac aagctcttgg tttccaccat aactatggta agatccgatt gctgaaggca     11220
     caatacactc tggtttcgag aactcaggct ggacccgacc tgaagacttc ctccctgata     11280
     gatagcgtcc atagttctgg aggtcccata gatgacagct gtaggagaga agccattaag     11340
     tggtattgcc cagatgtgaa ccctgactgc tgcaatactt atctgatggg caaaggtgtg     11400
     tgcccgtggg cgtaagtggc ataaaggtta caaggctaac caaccctttt ctgaggggat     11460
     ttgaggtctg gcattgtaaa ctgggccaaa agcccatagc ttaggaggtt ctagggcctg     11520
     gggggtgggg agggggagaa atccactact gttgttgggg gagaaatcca ttactgttgt     11580
     tctgtggatt ggatgcactg tcaagctgat atatatatat atatattcaa tcaattgagt     11640
     gtatactata tctatattta tatactcaat caattgtgta tatactatct atctatctat     11700
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctacct acctacctac ctatctagct actcaatctg     11760
     gcaaacatct tggcttgctt gtctgggaca cagtagggcc agtcacttcc ttcatggtcc     11820
     tggggcttac taagaacagc ttgctgctgc caccccctat ggaaaggcat ccaaggtcat     11880
     gttgccaacc caggaaagga tcaaaatctc caagtccagg tgcggaatgc atcttctttt     11940
     cccactggaa taaactgagc cacagaaaag tgggaactat gttcagtgtc cagggtaatc     12000
     atgtcacagc cgagtctctg cagagcaaca gaggtctcct tagaggcctg cgtggaatct     12060
     gtgtaacttg ccacagttct ttccaaacac tcctggcctc tgttacagtt ggtcaagcac     12120
     ccttgtctca gaatgacact cgctgggtcc cacctgtggc agaagaaagg gccctcgctt     12180
     gattccccac aaacatggtc atgttgcatt tgctgaaatt ctagccttgc tgggttgtct     12240
     ttcacaccag ctcagccacc agtgcacgct ctgacatgtt tctggaagca gcccctgcct     12300
     tctatcacga aggtcaaatc tgggacctca cacaagctac acagatacgt taccactaag     12360
     ctacaccccc aggctgtact tcacttttta ttttgtgagt tgctcaggct ggctttgaac     12420
     tcactctgta gcttaccaag tctagacttt tccctgctcc cccttcctca gccacgtcgg     12480
     tacccaggtc accttcagta gtgccgaact ttccagctat gcatctttgt atttccagtg     12540
     cctgcccaga taccctgtgt tttcaaaggc tcttaggaat tgattttctc atatttgtct     12600
     caagtaggtg aagtgaggat tgtggaggtt agagacacag tctccacctt ctctctcact     12660
     tctctgatgg gaaagtaggg ggcaagaatc tgcctccgga tctccctatc tgtgtatatg     12720
     acagtgctac acttgggaac gccccaccta tctctcccct tacctcctga cccatctgtc     12780
     cacacagtct cccatctgct ccatctcaac taccacagtg caaggtccta agcattgcct     12840
     cccatatgga gaactgctag gaagccagag gctccaggaa gacatgctgt gcttggagtc     12900
     atctttgaga gcttggtacc agattctccc actaggtggc accaccgctc tgccagaagc     12960
     acagttccca cagatctgtg ataatattcc tcaggtgcca agggctgaag gtagctcctg     13020
     caagatgtga ctggacagag aaggactccc cactacctca gcctgcattc attagaaaat     13080
     gccacagcaa tgctgtcgga tattcaagtt gaggtaaaag ctcaagagga agcctgtcac     13140
     aatttaaaat tttgttcatg gagttttgag tgttaagtat gaatctttta tttggtgtgt     13200
     gtgtgtgctc aaagatggag gctatgcccg aagatgagca tgggccatga cattggggct     13260
     gtgcctaatg agttgctatg gcaacagatg ctcttgctgt tgtacatggc cctttctctt     13320
     tgtgagggca ctgggctagg gaggatttct ggccagccac cattcctggg tgtcctggct     13380
     ggttttgtgt gtcaacttga cacaagctgg agttatcaca gagaaaggag tctcccttga     13440
     ggaaatgtct ctatgagaat ccagctgtaa ggcattttct cacttagtga tcaagggccc     13500
     attgtgggtg gtgccatccc tggtctggta gtcctggatt ctataagaaa gcaagctgat     13560
     caagtcagag gaagcaagcc agtaagaaac attcctgcat ggcctctgca tcagctcctg     13620
     cttcctgact tacttgagtt cctgtcttga cttcctttgg tgatgaacag caatgtggaa     13680
     agtgttagct gattaaaccc tttccgcccc aacttgcttc ttggtcatga tgtttgtgca     13740
     ggaatagaca ccctgactaa gacactgggc atgaagctgt tgagaagaga gaaccattgg     13800
     tagccgctaa tgtctctcag gatatatgtc cacatgggaa gactccactt tccctgtgaa     13860
     gccccttctg ctgtccacac cccctgaaac cccttgccac ttccctgcct ggccaggttc     13920
     cccccaaaac cccgataccc acagtgccct caccaggatt cctgttaaag ctctagttag     13980
     tagaaggggc aagttttctt gctttctgga acaatccttt gtccttcaca tggcctattt     14040
     cttttctgta aggtatgaaa cgtgttttaa tcactccttt agactccttc ctctcttggt     14100
     ctgagaagac cctttttcat tttctcttct gtctgaactg cattctccat ccctcctacg     14160
     atgccccttc tctgctcttc ccttctttct gtggatccag gctacactgc agaggtggaa     14220
     cgaagaaagg atgtcaaata agctgctcag caaactcaca gggactaagg ggctccgtgt     14280
     gctaactgcc acttctagct tgggtgggga gagtcagttg gggagctttg taaaacatgg     14340
     atgtttatgg tcgggccctg tggaataaat agattcttat gtccagctac ctgggctgct     14400
     gaggtaagag gattacttga tcccaggatt cagaccccag cagaggcaac atagcaaata     14460
     cctgtctcag caagcaagca agcaagcaag caagcaagca agcaagcaag caagcaaaat     14520
     accaccacca ccaccaccac caccgaattg cccaggtcac ccacaagatc atcgaaacca     14580
     gagtatgtga ggcacagtct ccatacatca ggagtttata acacccccaa acctccatct     14640
     gaaaatgatt cccagctggt gggaactagg gtatcaaaaa acagacttgg gttctgttga     14700
     gcctaagctg ccacctacag gccaaagtgg gtactgtttt cagctgcagg aagagagggt     14760
     aggtgactca gaagctctga aactccagaa tctgcctttc cgctccccaa tgcccatcag     14820
     acagccgcat catcccgaga aactatgtct tttcaaagcg agagagtttc catgtctgtg     14880
     tcccgccccc tccatcccag agtctccttc tctgcatgcc aggctaagag cacatctaga     14940
     atttagtctc aaacttaaaa aacatacaga aaatatgtgt ttatttaaac agtactttaa     15000
     aattatattt ccccgtccat tcattctgct cagggcggga ctgggtgggt actgagtgac     15060
     atcttaacag gttggtgtca ctggggactc aataccatat tcatatgtta agagtgagac     15120
     atctgtgcgc ctctatttct tcatctgtaa catgaataat tattgcaccc accctagagg     15180
     atcaatgcta cagctcagat aaaaggcccc acacaatagt gtctgataga aacagcagtt     15240
     cccaagagct agctgaattg tctgacaatg gcagggccag acaaaggcat gagatacgct     15300
     gaattctgct ccttttactc taatcacgtg acttgattca tgcaggtgaa tcaaaatgat     15360
     cctgagactc aaatactgag ggtatgtact caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa ctggttaagt     15420
     cagtctcgcc atccccaacc tttaaaacca agttgcattt ttggagagtg ccaccagagg     15480
     gcagcggtga gccacaaata aatggccatg ttgttggacc aagcacagat tagggatgct     15540
     gccttggttt taaccacctg ggttttctta agcctggagt agcacatccg ctagtttgcc     15600
     cgggtctgag tctaaatact cttctggcgt ccacctacaa cttgggaccg cggtgacatc     15660
     ttcaaggtgg ggttggcttt catgtccgta acgggtcttc cacgtaaccg ttcttttctc     15720
     ctcactcact cacctgcaaa catggcagat ggatcataaa gtgcatcccc tctgcttgag     15780
     aacccattcc cgtgtctttg cccacgaaca tctcacgctc actaacgggg gccggggggg     15840
     ggggtcttgt cgcttgggag atgctctcgg tgtccgttga gctctgttcc acctaccatt     15900
     ctttccttag ttcaagacag gtcctacaaa gggtttggtt tctccgacag agactgcact     15960
     tctgtgacca ttccagacta gagtgaccca agcattgggc aaggctgagc acaaccccag     16020
     gtctctcttg agaacagtcc cccaatctca aatccccaga acacagtcca tgctccctga     16080
     gtgacgcctc ctccctgcca agcggactca aacctcaaag cttcctgtaa gaactgtgac     16140
     aagaaccgat gcccacaatc caactcttct gtcctcagcc caccctaaga gataattaaa     16200
     gcagagacgt actttctgat ccagtcaaac agtgaaggga tagtaagtat ccctccaacc     16260
     tagcaagccc tcaggcgatc ctggcagcaa tgtgccccac taaccccagg gctgcctgaa     16320
     ccaccctacc ttcaggttct catgggagaa ctttctgatt atgtgggctc cttaaggaga     16380
     ataggggaga ggggtcttgc gggattatgc aatgttagaa gtcgatagga tgctggactt     16440
     aagtgctgcc gactatttta agaaatggga gaggaaggat atgaggactc aaaggattta     16500
     atgccgatta aatcggagag atcacaacat ccttgtgggg gatttattgc taagatggaa     16560
     tcgtgctgag tgaatagaca caaggtgctc aagacagcgg gagaagaaga gggcatggtg     16620
     tcttcttggc ctgtttgatc accctagaag aaagagagag acacagagga aattcatggc     16680
     ggaatcacac tgtgagcctc aggcttgatc tagctggccc taccaggaca agcgtgaagg     16740
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaggaaa gaaacaaaga aacccgaagg gaaatgattg     16800
     ttaaaatgag agtttaggag cacaggattg tattcaagaa gtcactcgat ggcctagcaa     16860
     cagattcctg acaagggaat ctggcagctg acagtcagtg ccctgtctga atactcctag     16920
     aggccatcat gagctggaat gcctatccag accagagagc caaggcgtcc aggacaggca     16980
     agcgctacta attgcactgt ttagaaacag ctttgtagag caggctggtt tcgaactcac     17040
     atagatccat ctgcctctgc ctccctagtg ctgggattaa gggtgtttgc caccattgcc     17100
     caacaatact ttcagcttct tgtaggccct atgaatagat tccacacagg cgtgaaacct     17160
     gtgaaaactg ttgccctacc tcttctagtt tatttctcct cacacgatga cctggggttt     17220
     gttcggtagc tccttaaaca caccagcgaa ggtggaatga tcccattagc tgtggctaca     17280
     ttaccatggg gaagacgcat gcttgcctga tgtctatgaa gttgctgttt ctgcacatgg     17340
     tggctaagtc gggatggaat tatctggaag atctctagtg ggtaccattt ggggggaaag     17400
     agacataacc acaaagcttc catgaattct gaagtgcaat gtcttactgg cgatgcgcag     17460
     ctcagcaata gcaaggctgt ggccttgaga cacagcaccg aaataggaac agtgtagtcc     17520
     aggcgccaag tccccttgaa gactctcctt actccgaagt atttttagtc gtggtaattg     17580
     taggtggtga gcagaacact atagccctca agatgggagg ctctcaaacg cgcacggtca     17640
     gcaggtgtca cctccgtaag cagacctaca agaaggaagg gattagctgt gcacaggaca     17700
     gctttccaga agaggccgtc ttgcggagtg atctggggtg accttaccca ggagattaat     17760
     gtgcttctcc tcttgtgcca ttagcaagca gcaaaatatc tgacacttgg gacactgtgt     17820
     gttgtggtta cagggagagt aaatgcaggg gcacggtggt cgcttgagtg aatattcgga     17880
     aagagaagtt gggaggtgaa gcacatcact gcatccccca ggtcccacat cactgtatcc     17940
     ccacaggtcc agcaggctgt tctgtctcct gatctacgac ttgggacccg ggtgtggaaa     18000
     tggccaacaa tgcttgataa aactgtccac caagaatagc cagcttatgt cctgtgcttc     18060
     ctcagggaca cagtttggat tgggagtggc ccctaatgac catgtagtaa cagcttgctg     18120
     ttcaacacag tagtagcctc tgggaggtgg gagaatcttg aaaaggtggg aagaccccag     18180
     ggggaagtct tacagtcact gggggtgcgc cagaccattc tacaccccag ccacatagtg     18240
     agatgttttg ctgtgccagg ggctcatccc aggatgtgct gccccctccc ccatcccatc     18300
     agaggcctaa gggcaatggg ttttccagtc atggctgaaa cctctaaact ctgagctcaa     18360
     ataagctgct tttctttact tcagcttggc tatttggggt atgtgttagc agaaagcgta     18420
     tggatgcacc aagtgacctt ctgacttcat gagccaggaa agaagtgctc tagaggggag     18480
     gttggtgtta ccgcacggac ctagagacgg cccgtttata gaagagtacg tgaatggctg     18540
     gcgaacttgg tgagcatcca caaaattttg atcactatgt gctctggtaa agcacattct     18600
     agcaaagcaa tgtggaacct ttttattgag tacttactgt ataccaaatg gcatagcagg     18660
     agctggcaaa acatagtccc ttctactagg aagcttccag agcagtgacg atccaggcct     18720
     gatccacagg taactgtctg tcttgttctg gctgcacctg aaagggccac ccaccccctc     18780
     cgttgtcacc aagtcttgtt gatcttctgc ctgtcagaaa cctcagatac catccgggcc     18840
     agggcctttc agttcttcct gcacatcaca accgtggaag gaactttgga aaagcctgga     18900
     gcttggaccc atgtcccctc gactgttcaa tgagctgatt ggaagaagat cagtaacttg     18960
     cagatctacc caggtgattc aaaggcaggg ctcacaatct ctgaccaggc tcatttgttc     19020
     ttccttctag gtaggtaatg taagacccac agaattaaag ggacaattct gaatttaacc     19080
     ctcccataat gcagtgattt ctagcagtca atgattgcct ccaaagccct cccttccact     19140
     cgtaatcttc ataatatttc catacttaca cacacctctc tacaccctga acattttttt     19200
     tttaatatgg ctcctcacaa tattatttaa gtcatgtctg tcctcagcaa taaaccctgt     19260
     gaagtttaaa ttgaattgct atggatttag tagcagatca gtttacttaa attacagaca     19320
     atcccacttc aggcttgcat ctcctctgga gacactcagg gctgagcgct cttgggaagg     19380
     tctgggcagg tgctgcagac ctttggtggg cgtggtttgc acaaatagtg ggagaaacta     19440
     cagtggccac aggaactggg ccggggctga ttcacatggg gtctgtcacc tttgatggct     19500
     ttggtggcac ccaccaaggg acaggtgatt tgtttcactg cttctggaaa ggccacaggt     19560
     ccgcctaact gaagactttt aaaatgaggc tgcccattcg tcacctggaa tctgctgaca     19620
     tgacactgaa gttgatatag aagaggagga aaaaataatg ccaccaagca cccggaaagt     19680
     gactccagag ggcacagttt agattaaatg ccacgtttag ctctttggtt cataaggact     19740
     caggattttc aattcatctc tccgcttact gaggattttt tttttttttt gagtaagacc     19800
     tttagtcttg ctctctttat aaatgcagtc taaattgaca gtgttcttaa atgaggtggg     19860
     gggcggggag gggaagtgga ggaattccct gtcttctcag tttagcctca ggataaggaa     19920
     aggtccttga gatttcacca ataaatcatc tgtaattatg cttttttgtt tgtttgtttg     19980
     tttgtttttt tcgcgacagg gtttctctgt gtagccccgg ctgtcctgga actcactttg     20040
     tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat     20100
     taaaggcgtg cgccaccacg ccgggcttca taattatggt ttttaacgaa gaggttttct     20160
     ggtttctaaa ttttggagag aagatatgaa aggggttgtc ctgtggatgg gatgcctcag     20220
     agggttgaag cacacaggct agttacctcc ttttagtcct cagagcctgt agtggaggta     20280
     gagaatagat atctagggcc tgacctctga ccttcacaca tactgtgcca cagaattcct     20340
     gctcagactc ataagcataa cacagacaca gacacagaca cagacacaga cacagacaca     20400
     gacacagaca cagacacaca cacagacaca gacacacaca cagacacaga cacacacaca     20460
     cacacacaca cactacacgg ggaaacagat gcatgcacac attaaattag aaaaaatgga     20520
     tttgaggacc ctttggtgaa atgagaggac ctacaaacta ccccttctga acaaagccca     20580
     agattgtgtg tttttttctt cattcacaca tagattaaag gcataaagca ttgggcaaga     20640
     atgtacacac cagcttgaag gtaaagctgc tgcccctggg aagaaagcaa gggagaattg     20700
     tagcatttat tattgtgatg aatcttaaag atttgaagta aataaaaata cttgttaatt     20760
     ctggttatgg atgcttatta aattatttag ctaacttccc cgccagcttg tctcatgggt     20820
     aaaaatgaaa gctgttttaa gggattgcag ttctaattca gatgtcccac gtgtgctagg     20880
     aattcactgg atatgcatat tccctgagac gcgaagactt gcattgttta tatggggagg     20940
     cagatgtgat gctcggctct tgtcccatac attgacacat gcaaatttgg caggaagggt     21000
     ttattaaaga gttaagagag aaagggctgg caagatggcg catcagataa aaactctcct     21060
     tctgcaaacc tgattatctg agttcaaacc tggaacacac ggacagggga aagagtcttc     21120
     tgatgtccac acacaagctt tagtacatag acacccacac atatacatct gacacacagc     21180
     ccacagaaac acatcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     21240
     ccatactcac actttacaaa aacacgttac acacatgcac acacatatac accacactca     21300
     caacaaatac aaaatttttt aaagagttga gaaaacaaaa ttcaattaaa atagttacat     21360
     gagctagata cgttaagaaa gtgtttagtt taataaaaca gccttgtttt ttttccccaa     21420
     atcatgatgc tttaaaacct ttttatttct tgaatttgta atttattact tgaaaatgta     21480
     atgacacata taacctgcat tcattggaca actgaacggt attaaaggag cttggtgacc     21540
     tcctatctct cactccaatc cttccaactc cacaagttag ccaaggcgag cagctcctcg     21600
     cctttatcct tcttctcttt ctttaaaaaa aaaattctta aaagttgttc ttggaaattt     21660
     tcaaaccaat taaaattttc tgagtaggaa aaaatgtttt cttttttttc ccccagtacc     21720
     ccagtcattt ttgaaaaaat gcgcaaggga attaaaccaa gataaaataa gaatagctaa     21780
     gtgggcatgc gtttctaatt cggcttgaac agaccttgta tctctcaaat cctgagtcaa     21840
     agatttaggc tagactcgac ttgctagcat acgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt     21900
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatct tcccttcagt     21960
     cgctttctgt gagcgtgtct tgatggccct gggggagtca gtaatcagga ggcaatcacc     22020
     aaagatgctc tgagattcag catgggaact gctctttgtt tcccagggca gagcagggat     22080
     atagtcaacg accaggaagg ttcactgcct tcccccagac ttctggatag tcacagctca     22140
     tcattacctc ctccctcctc cccctcccct ccccccaacc ttgcccttcc tcccctgtcc     22200
     ttccctgcac tgccttcctt agcccctcca tctccacctc cctccaactg gcggaagaat     22260
     tgtccatgtc actgtcactc acctcttggg taactggagc ccctcagctg tttgggtcct     22320
     gctttggaag gacattccag tgttgtcctg gctcctggaa cagccagcct cccagagggc     22380
     ttcacctgtc aaagctaggg ggttgactta gatttcctta tgagcactct gtaagagaaa     22440
     ctgaaataaa ataaatcaat aaataaaata agcgccagag aaaggctcag cagagcaatc     22500
     gcagcccctt gctgagatcc ccatttcaaa ttcaaacttt cccctaaatc tatgggtggg     22560
     tgggtggctc accatacagt cctggaagct atgcagggga agagccacag gagaaagatc     22620
     caaaggtagt attatctctc ggggatgagc aaagcccaga ggcagggtgg gagatgacaa     22680
     tctagggaga tgggacattt tatttagtta agaattgtca ttaatcccca ccgagcttta     22740
     gagatgggag tggggttttc ccgggcaaat aatctgtcct ttctctgctt tcacctccct     22800
     ttctcattcc tctttctttt gttctttccc ccaaccttag acactccttt ataaaatagg     22860
     ttatttgaaa ccatcagcat cataatcttt gcccaggctc ggcctgtgct ccctggggga     22920
     caatgactgg tggaacaagc cagcagctct cagggtctat acagaactga caacgagccc     22980
     tgatataaag caagggttta gggtacaggc tggctgggac aaatattacc tcctgacact     23040
     gatattggag acaaatacac acaagttaag actgggtaag gaatgggatg ttagttttga     23100
     tgtgagccca aaagtactct gaaaaagtac atttaaactt ccttttcttt tttttaaaaa     23160
     tcataccaaa cactcccaga ggcagaatta tatactttat aaacttgtac aacactgctg     23220
     ttaaataaaa acaagcagga gagacaagga ctttgaagat agtccccagg gtctaatagc     23280
     agcaagcact tagtggtctt gtgtgaggac aaggagcctt ggacaggctg tgtgcgttcc     23340
     tgtgcctcct gccaggtcct ttggccttat cgtcttacac agggagaagc aagaatgtct     23400
     ttataatcca aggcctgggc tcccgttcct tgatccctct ggggtaagaa atctgacgac     23460
     agggtgagcc tgccaggcgt ggcctcttga ctctgaatct ggctgagaga tgggcccgga     23520
     gttacagctc ctgctgggaa tgttctcaga aactctatca ggtcaggcga cctcagttga     23580
     tctgcccgac cctgggtttc tcggtcgacc ctcgtcaagg aaaccttatt ccatcatgtt     23640
     attcttcatt gcttattagt agaaacccac tccacatctg agtacttccc catgtactga     23700
     gtccctcaca cattctcctg ttcccccttt caggctcacg agatgggtgc tagtcttacc     23760
     tctgttttat gaataaagag cctttagagg aaggaaatga tttgctaaaa ccacaagtaa     23820
     attagtttta ggggctcaga aaatctctct atgaaagcat gcaccaaagc ctatgtctgc     23880
     ctcctgcatg ctgctcttta tagctcaggc tatcactgat gctgctcttc atagctcagg     23940
     ctatcaatca ctggtgttgt tcttcatagc tcaggctatc aatcactggt gttgttcttc     24000
     atagctcagg ctatcaatca ttggtgctgc tcttcatagc tcaggctaac actggtactg     24060
     ctcttcatag tccaggctat caatcactgg tgctgctctt catagctcag gctatcaatc     24120
     actggtgctg ctcttcatag ctcaggctat cagtcactga tgctgctctt catagctcag     24180
     gctatcaatc actggtgctg ctcttcatag ctcaggctat cagtcactga tgctgctctt     24240
     catagctcag gctatcaatc attggtgctg ctcttcatag ctcaggctaa cactggtact     24300
     gctcttcata gcccaggcta tcaatcactg gtgctgctct tcatagctca ggctatcaat     24360
     cactggtgct gctcttcata gctcaggcta tcaatcactg gtgctgctct tcatagctca     24420
     ggctatcagt cactgatgct gctcttcata gctcaggcta tcagtcactg atgctgctct     24480
     tcatagccca ggctatcaat cattggtgct gctcttcata gctcaggcta acactggtac     24540
     tgctcttcat agctcaggct atcaatcact gatgctgctc ttcatagctc aggctatcac     24600
     tggtgctgct cttcatagct caggctatca gtcactgatg ctgctcttca tagctcaggc     24660
     tatcagtcac tgatgctgct cttcatagcc caggctatca atcattggtg ctgctcttca     24720
     tagctcaggc taacactggt actgctcttc atagctcagg ctatcaatca ctggtgctgc     24780
     tcttcatagc tcaggctatc actggtgctg ctcttcatag ctcaggctat cagtcactga     24840
     tgctgctctt catagctcag gctatcaatc actggtgctg ctcttcatag ctcaggctat     24900
     caatcactga tgctgctctt catagttcag actatcactg gtgctgctct tcacagctca     24960
     ggctatgagt aggaaggcat tgaggtttcc tgatgagctg catccattca gtagcatccc     25020
     aagttgggat gttaaagacc cttcatctgc catcttttcc tgttgctcta gagcagtggt     25080
     tctcacactt cctaactcat aaaattattt tcattgttac tccataactg taattttgct     25140
     gctgttatga tactataaat atctgatgtg caggatatct gatatgtgat acctgtgggg     25200
     gccttgaccc acaggtcgag aacctagaat gctccagcct gttctgggta catttttctt     25260
     tccttgtccc atccaatggt caccctgggc agctgactct tctccagact caccaagctt     25320
     tctcaatgct gggatgacta ctacttcagg aaaacctatc attgagaaat aagtagtagg     25380
     gtcaggatag atggctgagt gattcaggca cttgccgcga tttcagaggc tgagaattca     25440
     ttttccagta cccctgaaag gtggctcaca accaacagca actctagttc caggggatcc     25500
     tatgccttgt tgtggcttct gtgggcccct gctgtgcata cacatgggcc cacacacata     25560
     aataaaaaaa ttaaatcttt aaaaatgtaa acaaaaactt gtaatcgtct ccacccggtg     25620
     gaagtctttt ccaaccttga gtgacctttt tcccactact ctgaccgtgc cacaccgtga     25680
     gagcatcagc acccaccccc tccatagtgg cattcttcac tgaccttcca ttggccccgt     25740
     ggaagcatag ctgttccctt ctgtctggtc ctccctgctt cacagtagat actgacatca     25800
     tggttctaag tgtgtgttga atactcaagg tttctgttgt gcaggttgag cttaatgaac     25860
     aacataaatt tagatctcat tagcagactc tgtggctcag ggtcattgaa aagaaggcac     25920
     actacccagg tcaaaattaa aagccaacat gaggtcagac ccaggggtca gcccactggc     25980
     aagccctcag ccttaagtgt aacttccacg ttgtcaattc tctttttacg aaaaatggtc     26040
     ctaggagttt gtcacaatgc tgagctgggt gatacataag attcccaggg agagactttt     26100
     attcagaaat gcacctgaaa ggggaagagg tcactacttt gatacaggaa tggaaaccaa     26160
     gtagagactc aactcactcc atcttactgg caaataatag cccttctccg tgtgtcccat     26220
     gtggctaaaa ggacctttgc aattagtcaa aaaccagttc taccccagct acaccaagcc     26280
     atcaatgagc ccagcgcttc aggctgaatg gttaaaagaa caaggttgtg ctgggaacca     26340
     ctgccacaca ggaatcaagc ttagttatga gtttaggttt gtgaacgatc agggagctac     26400
     tcgtgagaac ccattcactc attcctcagt cttagttcct aatatgtgcc cagcactgtg     26460
     ctagtcacag gaaggtggac agactcctca ttgggggggg gggttgtctt aggactatgc     26520
     agctgaaggc acttggtgct gcagggtaga gggacatctt ttagaaaacc ttttgctcac     26580
     ttggaaactc gtggccacac ccatttgctg ccccatctgc ctggaatggt ctttcccatg     26640
     gtggttttct tgactgctgt gttcttctgc atagatggca actcaatttc tttctcatca     26700
     gagacttgcc gtgtcaccct tcccagtcat tcagcgcata tcccttggct tcgttctctg     26760
     cacttttgga gttactgtct tcatttgtac gcttagtcat aattccgcac caaatacaaa     26820
     tctcacacaa attataaatt cataggaaaa cagttttgcg tttaatcttc agaatttgta     26880
     atgcctggac catagtaaat attcacacag gtttgtggag ggaaggtcag aactcagctt     26940
     tcacacgagt gagagagatg agattctgta gacaatgaag ggggctgaag gaggttggcg     27000
     tatgatcagg agtgtgaccc tgggtttgtt tccccacatt acaagagcag ctcagaggaa     27060
     ccgggggccc gtggtaggca tgaatatggc atgaatagta actgtattat gaaaaaatct     27120
     gtatttgggt ctggagcaca gtggcccaaa aggatgacca tgcccagtta ggccagaggg     27180
     caccgatgaa gatgcagatg caggaaaagg cttgcacaag gaaatgggca cccgtgtgtc     27240
     aaggatcaag agtttatgag ggaaagccac gagagatgaa cctgcaaagg ccggctggat     27300
     aattccagtg taggttttca atgccagctg cagaaagtat tctcaaagat gcaaaagact     27360
     gaaaactcag ccagctgcat ctctattgaa cataattcat cttgttgcag gctgggggat     27420
     ttaagctcag cgacttgtct agcatacaca agaagatcca aggtttgaac cccagtccat     27480
     caaaaataat aaaaaaaagt cattatgttc tgtaagaaat gagtctctaa aattcttaga     27540
     taatcttata ttaatatcca gacctctctt ttccaagtta attttttaaa agttatttta     27600
     attatgcgta tggggaactg ggcgggtacc gaggagaaca gctattctct ggggattccg     27660
     cgtgcaaggc aatcacagcc caggcaggca cagcacattt aatcagattt ggtacagact     27720
     gtaaatctgc tggcagatct gggacttaat aaaaaagtgt gttacagagg agatccgctc     27780
     tcagaaaggc aggctttgcc attaagacac tttaaagcag acccaaaggg ggcagataca     27840
     aactttcatt ccgtgagcat tttggaaaag tacaaggaat attgattggc attttaggag     27900
     tggaaagcag gctcttttat gtctcttgct tctttaaaaa tgtataagaa aagtcactaa     27960
     aaaaaccatc tgtgtcggtg gtgaggtgga aagcacagcg gccgcatgtg tgtgtggggg     28020
     ggagtgacgc cgcagaactt taaaaagaag ccgatggtgt ctaaaagcag atgagaaacc     28080
     tggccgcttc cccgacacag atcagcttct gtttgtggtt ctgcgcgcgg gccacttgct     28140
     accatccctt cacttctcaa ggatcagccg ctcctatcca agtatgaaga tgtcagcgaa     28200
     aatctacctt ctggggaaat tcaatctgga gagacgagct gctgacactc gtaaaaatag     28260
     ctgtcaggcg ttctgacttc cccgtctgac tcctccggat gaaccggggt gacagggcag     28320
     agccctgtgt gagccttagg accatcagct cagatgcacc cggcctgggg tcaggaagtc     28380
     aggggctggg ggtaggactg cgtttcaggg actcttgaaa tcaccagaaa tcgaataaaa     28440
     aaacatctca gaagaacttt tatagaagtt ttaaaggaag tctttcatta gaatctcaga     28500
     tgtttgtgcc cccccctccc aaataagaac cattgccttg gcatgtaatg tccacagact     28560
     ttcactcact tttaaaaatg atttctttta ttgattaaca aatacttaca cacacttaca     28620
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacg ctaaagtcgc atgtagccct     28680
     ggttgccctg gtacttcaca ggtaggccag gctagtcttg aactcacaga gatctgcctc     28740
     tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat ttaaaggcgt gtactagtat ttcttgacct taaacacaat     28800
     gttttaagga taaaaccaaa gttataagaa tataaggcca tttacccata tcttcattgc     28860
     tcctccatgt tcttgctcct cttgtcttta tgtgtttttt catatataat tatgtgcaca     28920
     tacagaaact atagtgcatt tgagtatgtg ctattcaatt ttaacggttg tgtttgtgcg     28980
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcaac ttgcctttgg accccctgaa gtctagaatc     29040
     tgcttccaca agtgcacata gggccccttt atcagttttc agtggctgca gagtactcat     29100
     agacatactg tgctcagcag acatagccac acctctactg acgaatactt agttgcttct     29160
     agtttccttc cgcccaagca caatatcatg agcataggtg tatgggtctc tagctgacag     29220
     ggattacttg gtcacatgat acacattaat tttgttaaaa atttgaaatt aaaatataat     29280
     tatgacattt ttttctattt cctttttctc ctgctaaccc ctctgtgcat cccccaaccc     29340
     cctgctctca cccaaattca tggcctctgg cctcttttta tttttaattt acacatatta     29400
     ttatttttta attaaaacat ttttcacaca atatattttg ctcacgcctt tccacccctg     29460
     agcttcttcc agctcttcca tacctccttg tctcccatgt aactttaggt tctttttccc     29520
     tctttcaaga agaaaaacaa cacaaaatac aaaaacaaaa atcaaagcaa gcaaacaaac     29580
     aaacaccaac aagacgcaga cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     29640
     cacacacaca agctaaacca aaacaaaatg aaacaaaaag ctcatattgt cttggccacc     29700
     tactcctggg cacggagtct gccttgaagt gtggttgata tatccagtga cattctgtcg     29760
     gagaaagcgg atttcccttc tgctggatag tatccattgt aagtaggttc ctggttaagg     29820
     ctagggccct gtgtgtgtcc acttcctcct ctcagtgctg aggcctcatc tgccttgaac     29880
     ctgtctagtg tgagctgcct cagcccttag gatttcacag gtgtatcagt cctgatctga     29940
     cctatgggtt tagaaacggg tcattaggag tcattttatt gctaggctcc tttagcagga     30000
     tcccagtagt gggatttccc taggctcgtg acctatctaa tctcaggttc ttggacattt     30060
     tagcagtgtc acttatgggc tccagctcat ggagtgggcc ttaaatccaa ttaaaaagtg     30120
     attggttact cgcatggcat ttgtgtcact atggccccag tatatctgca ggcaggtgac     30180
     tgtggtaggc tgcagggttt gtagctgggt gacagtgatg attatctttc tctcctggga     30240
     ccatgcagag tagcttccag ggtcgtgact gttagtctgc aggggagaag ggtctgctta     30300
     agtagcagct cgatttctcc atgttctctg acgcaagtaa gtgctgtctc cagcagtagg     30360
     tccttcccat caggctgtgg aaaccaacag ccttggcact agcctgggag atttctctat     30420
     ggggcccctt tggataataa ctcaacaaga tgtagctcat tcctggtact ggaggattta     30480
     tttgatggca gagggtgcct agttagggaa tcgtctctct tactatttgg tgacctcctt     30540
     tagatttttt atctgaatgt tctagcaagt gtctacagtt ggttttaata tggtttttca     30600
     aatggcattt agtgttagcc gtccttcccc atgttttccc ctttaccccg ctcttctatc     30660
     ccccatttaa ccctcttttt ctctagtctc cattctatct ctctataaca ctatattcta     30720
     ttccccattt cttgagagat cctgtccttc cccatgatcc cttaccggct acctaacctc     30780
     tgtggttatt tggactggag cacacatttg aaggcttaaa aggatatata aaaggatgca     30840
     tatagtattt atctttttgg gtctggatta cctcacttat gataattttt aatcaattta     30900
     cctgcatgtt taataatttc atttccctta acttggttga gtaatattcc attgtgcaaa     30960
     tgtagcacat tttcagtatc cattcatcag atgatgggca tctaagccct ttccagtgtc     31020
     tggctacgat gaatagagag gccatgaacg tggatgagca catgactcta tagtagggat     31080
     gtttagtcct ttgggtattc actgaatggc caaattccct tctggagttg ctatggcagt     31140
     ttacccatcc accaggagcc tctgaatctg ttttctgatt tttctagtca catcagatac     31200
     tggcaatctt ttaattggtt ttagttaatt acttacttag ttagttagtt agttagtttg     31260
     tttgtttgtt ttactttctc accagcatag aaggtaagaa tctaacacct cacttttacc     31320
     tgtattatct agttggcagg ttgggcatct ttccacatgt tcactaacat ccgtgtttct     31380
     cttttaggga atcagctcct ctgagcatct ctcctctgtc tcagctcagt gttctcaaac     31440
     ctggataaat gctagaatta cccactgagc ttttcaggaa cactggctac tgagccccag     31500
     gccagtgtga ttctgctgga tgccctgcct agcaccctgt cacccatctt cctacccatg     31560
     attctaaaac ttccctggtg accctgagct ccagcaatgc ttgagagggt ggatggcagc     31620
     tgctcagaag aacaaagacc tcagttctag ttccttctcc ctcacaacac gtcagctcca     31680
     cagtgctctg caggagttcg ctgggaactc cctctacatt ttacctggac cacaggtgta     31740
     tgaacttgta accaagaagg aaagacagga aggaaagaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag     31800
     gaaggaagga aggaaggtag gttggttcag gttcagatat atatataaaa tgtttatgct     31860
     atgtctaatc tgaagcaacc cagtgtgata gaccttccaa cctggattct tagtttgatt     31920
     ttgcatttta ccagctatag aacactttaa tatcagtgac caagcttctg ttttattttt     31980
     atgtaaaatg aactttactg tcattgctat ctggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tacatgtgtg     32040
     cgtgcttgtg tgtgttatat acatcaggtg cctcaggccc agtagaacta gtggatttac     32100
     catctgactt cagatccctc ccacttgttc cttgttggag cctcctcctg gctcccctga     32160
     cagactgatt ctactgtcac tcatcttgta ggaaaacaga gtccttctca ggtctctcaa     32220
     tcaaatcttt atatgctgtg aggagccgcc ctcacatttg ccattataag atggccctga     32280
     cagctgtgtt ctaagtggta aacataatct gcacacgtgc aggggcagtt ttcccgccat     32340
     gtgttctgcc tttcccgtga tgacaactgg gccgatgggc tgcagccaat cagggagtaa     32400
     cacgtcctag gtggaggata attctcctta aaagggacgg ggttctggca ctccctctct     32460
     tcgtctcttg ctctcttgct cttgctcctg aagatgtaag caataaagct tttgccgcag     32520
     aagattctgg tttgctgcgt ctttcctggc cggtcgtgag aacgtgtgta agagttggtg     32580
     ctgagacccg ggaacgggac aagaaaaccc gggatgggac gagaagacct gggacgagaa     32640
     gacctgggac gagaagacct gggacgagaa gacctgggac aagaagacct gggacgagaa     32700
     gacccagaac gagaagaccc agaacgagaa aacccgggac gagaaatcct gggacgagaa     32760
     aacctgggac ggttaccatc accggcgcaa ggaagatccc tcattccgga accagaactg     32820
     cgggtcacgg taatgaagtg ttcccataaa acagactgtt gagaaggatt caactgcgtg     32880
     aattcagaac tcttcagctg gggaatggtg ttaatgaagt gttcctgtaa aacagactgt     32940
     tgagaaggat tcaactgcgt gaattcagaa ctcttcagct ggggaacagg gtacctgtaa     33000
     gtatagcttt acaaggtaag tctggccttg aactttctaa cgaaattcaa gacagtctat     33060
     cagaagtaaa gtggggaata gctttacaag gtacgtctgg ccttgaactt tctaacgaaa     33120
     ttcaagacag tctatcagaa gtaaagtggg aaatagcttt acaaggtatg tttggccttg     33180
     aactttttct agtgttagga gcctttttgt tccttttcac atgttatcaa gtggttaagg     33240
     cagggctgaa aattctggat gaaattcagg gcaatctatc agaagtaaag cggggagaga     33300
     gagtaggagc aaagaggaaa tatggtacac aaaataagta tacaggcctt tccacgggtc     33360
     ttgaacctga ggaaaagttt aggtcaggta agaatacctg gggagagatt agaaggaagg     33420
     agaaggaaaa agaaaagaaa aaagatcaat tagcggaggt ctctaggaga aggagcctat     33480
     actcatcact agatgagctc aaggagccag ttcttaatag ttctgaatca gatgaaaagg     33540
     ctattagggc ctggaaggcg ctttcccaag caggtgaagc cactggacaa ctaacaaaga     33600
     tcgtccagag accacaggag tcattctcag attttgtggc cagaatgaca gaggcagcag     33660
     agcgtatttt tggagattca gagcaagccg cacctctggt agaatagctc atttatgagc     33720
     aagccacaca ggaatgcaga gcggccatag cctcaagaaa gaacaaaggt ttacaagact     33780
     ggctcagggt ttgtcgggag cttgggggac ccctcattat gcgttacttc cattcagtat     33840
     aagaaattta ctagggcagc taatttgtta aaaagtcttt ctcagtatat gttacagaat     33900
     tggatggctg aatttgaaca gacacttcgg gaattgagac ttgccatcat tcaggtcaac     33960
     tccacgcgct tggacctgtc cctgaccaaa ggattaccca attggatctc ctcagcattt     34020
     tccttcttta aagaatgggt gggattattt ggagatatac tttgctgtgg attagtgttg     34080
     cttctttggt tggtctgtaa gcttaaggcc caaactagga gagacaaggt ggttattgcc     34140
     caggcacttg cagtactaga acatggtgct tcccctgata tatctatgct taagcaatag     34200
     gtcgctggcc attcagctct tgcaccccca cgaggctagt ctcattgcac gggatagagt     34260
     gagtgtgctt cagcagccca agagagttgc acggctaagc actgcaatag aagggctctg     34320
     cggcatatat gagcctattc tagggagaca tgtcatcttt caagaaggtt gagtgtccaa     34380
     gtgtccttct ccccaggaaa aacgacacgg gagcaggtca gggttgctct gggtaaaagc     34440
     ctgtgagcct aagagctaat cctgtacatg gctcctttac ctgcacactg gggatttgac     34500
     ctctatctcc actctcatta atatgggtgg cctattgctc ttattaaaag aaaaggggga     34560
     tctgtgagga gccgccctca catttgccat tataagatgg ccctgacagc tgtgttctaa     34620
     gtggtaaaca taatctgcac acgtgcaggg gcagttttcc cgccatgtgt tctgcctttc     34680
     ccgtgatgac aactgggccg atgggctgca gccaatcagg gagtaacacg tcctaggtgg     34740
     aggataattc tccttaaaag ggacggggtt ctggcactcc ctctcttcgt ctcttgctct     34800
     cttgctcttg ctcctgaaga tgtaagcaat aaagcttttg ccgcagaaga ttctggtttg     34860
     ctgcgtcttt cctggccggt cgtgagaacg cgtgtaagaa tatgcgctta aaacttaaat     34920
     ctctcaagct gcaatacaaa gaaatctttg gtaggaagtg ataaagggta accaatcaat     34980
     aatctatcaa tactatcttg tgggagtgct cgagttcaaa gacagatccc aataactttc     35040
     tcaagaatga atgagaagag tcagtaaatt caaatacaac caacgagagc aggcggtgta     35100
     taggtgagtg acaagaaaca ggaaagagtc cagtaatgaa gagaggtcac tgggttggaa     35160
     agtcagggaa atcttaagaa tttaaaggaa aagcagactg ttgctaggtg aaggggggcg     35220
     ggggatggac aaatgtttct ggcaagaaat atggggtcag taaaagcaag gtgacagaag     35280
     ggacaaatgc tctgcagaga tgtttggtga acatgtgaca actgtggaga gcagggaagg     35340
     cggggtgggg acctatggtg ccacttgata tgctgggttt tggtagcagt tgcttcttga     35400
     cctcagggcg cattctccat cttgttagca tttgggatat tgatttagta tggtacagaa     35460
     cacaaggggt gttagaggga agagctcctc tcttctcaac cctgtcttct ttgtattacc     35520
     aacctcttgt gaatcttcca ggggtctctc ccacgtaagg acagtcattt catgatgctt     35580
     gccatagtca tggtctgtaa agtcactatg agcgccgagt cagcaaacac tgaaccactg     35640
     ctctaagggg aacgcagggt tgcttcacac aagcttctgc tggccatggc atgtcagcca     35700
     tgatgcaggg aggacaggag catcgatgag gatactgtct cttccctctc aagtaacttg     35760
     gagaggaagg agggttgtgg gtgtcaggtg gcaagcaggg acttgttaaa tccaggtaag     35820
     tctagggctg atggcagaga gagaattagg tagaacaaca tcaatgaaac caactgtagt     35880
     ccatggcaga gtaaagggat gagaagggca gcaaccaacg acctttatcc aagcagaagt     35940
     tttaaaactt agatactctc aaaatagggt gaagtctaga caagagcaga attgttgaat     36000
     ctggaggctt atatttctat tttatttatt tatttattta cttatttatt catttattta     36060
     tttatgattt ccaggttcat ggcttctgtt tcaaaaaggg tgactttctc agatgtcagt     36120
     ttaggaggtg atttttaaat agctaattaa aaaaattctt ctgtccactc attatatagc     36180
     atttcatgat gacacctcca cccaggcgcc ccctgagctc tgccccatca gctctgtgga     36240
     atggaggcta tttggtttgg aatcctagag ctgtaaggat ttcagaacaa tggctggaat     36300
     gctttctacc ctaccaatgc ttctgcctac agcatcccca gcaggggccc gaggacattt     36360
     tgctgaaaca aagctgtgac ttagctctct gactctaact cttaaaatgg gccaccaaaa     36420
     gtctagggct atgtccaagg atgagaccaa gtgtcactgg gaggttgtag tggtttctat     36480
     cattctccaa aagaaacttc tgtatgaagt gtacatacat ggtagagaat ggagccctca     36540
     caaacatcca cgatgtatca aatgccaagc ctgtgtgctc agtgacctat tcccccaagt     36600
     tcaacattct agaacatcgc atgaccatga ctttggcagg gatgctgagg gaccttctgg     36660
     aattatcctc agcaggagag acagttccct tccccatccg acactcacaa tgtctggaga     36720
     tgtctgtggt tgtcccatct caggagagta ggttactact gagaattaaa gtcggagcca     36780
     ccactgaata ttctataggc tggtttaacg ccataacaaa atctgcacat cagcggttca     36840
     gaggacaagg agccccggaa gagggcaagc atgggagctt ggtgactcta ctgtagcatc     36900
     ttgcttaaaa tccaggtaat aggatgttga aatgtatctc aattgttacc ccctgtcaat     36960
     ctgctgacag ctcattatcc ttggggactt atgatttaca gttcaggacc tgacacggac     37020
     agtaatcaaa tatccataca tgggagttaa ttttaagaga ttcatgcttt ctattccact     37080
     acagagcact tcatttttca ggcttatgct gccaacgcaa tatattttct tattttataa     37140
     cggtgtcttc aaagctgtca ttaacattga cactgaatgg agctgacgtg agctccttta     37200
     attgaatctg caagtttgca ggctgttgaa ctctgtccct gcagaaagtg agataagact     37260
     ggtctttgta tgcaggtatt tacataaata gctgcaagcc tgaacagagg gcgcaaagtc     37320
     acagggctga ccactcacat tagtggatgc atcagttatg cattgtctgt aagaaatggg     37380
     acaggtgtga cggtgccgca tgcctgtcat cccagagcgt gagagctcag gcaggaggac     37440
     catggatgga agatgagcct tgactgcaga gtgagattct gtctgaaaaa gaaaagggag     37500
     aagaaaggaa gggaaaggca agggaagaca aaagaaacaa acaaagcccc attattatgt     37560
     atcgaggtaa aatgatgtca gaaaacacta ttcctattcc cttctaagga attttgcaaa     37620
     cggccttttt ctttttcctt ttttctttct ttttttaaag tcaagaactt attttattta     37680
     ttttaaaata aacattgaag cttccccatt atccaccacc ctacaaaact tttgagtgtg     37740
     gaatgttcaa cagcctcagc agttttagta ggctacaaaa ccagcaaaat ctccagttgt     37800
     ctaatgacga atatctgaga ataattgttg ttttgagtag ctgattacca gcttggaaaa     37860
     aaaaagtttg caaaaggcta aaagtaaaat ttaatttctg tacagaaaat agcattaact     37920
     taggcaaatg gcctttttct actctaaatg agagttaaga aggccaggtg agggagcagg     37980
     ttttactgtg catgcagctg actagggttc ttgctaaatg cagattctga tctagtggtt     38040
     tgaggaagga tcatgttccc taaaaagctg attttgcctg cttatggacc atctttgagc     38100
     acagtatgca tgagaggtct tcaagtagca tcttgggaga acttgttact attatttaaa     38160
     acctgttggt catgatatct cggacttgga agttagaaat cacttccatc ccttgcatgt     38220
     gacgagatgc aaatcatggg tgtttttgtg tgtttgaggt ttgttctgtt tttaggatat     38280
     agaaaaagga aacatttaaa tgagtggaaa aagaataaat tgtggtagat tgtctcagtt     38340
     aggatttcta ctgctgtcat aaaacaccat ggtcaaaagc aactcaagga ggaaagagtt     38400
     catttcatct tacagcttcc acttccttat cctgggaaga caggacaggg actctaggca     38460
     ggaacctgga agtaggaact gatgcagagc ccacggagga gtactgttta ctggcttgct     38520
     cctcatggat ttctcagctt gcgtttttac agcactcagg actaccaggc cagagatggc     38580
     agccttcaca atggcacggg ccttctcata tcaataaaga aaatgcacca aaggcttgtt     38640
     cataggtcac tctggtggat gcagtttttt tttccaatta agtttccctc ttccaaaatg     38700
     attctaactt gtctcaagtg gacatagaac tatccagcac aaagataatg ttcttaggta     38760
     tttattttga ttggaaagat ggcccttctt cagaatgaat atcatatata tatatttttg     38820
     cttttaaagg gtattacagc atttattatt tatttattat caaacagtga aaagtctact     38880
     cactaaaaca ggagttggca gaactgaaca ccaccccagc cagtgggtga tcattctgga     38940
     gagccgggta ctctctgtag gacctagcat gaagtgcacc aggctccttt tcattctgga     39000
     agactataga tgtaagatgt gggaaactgg gaagggctgt aagggagggc ttgctcgagg     39060
     atttgaggta tttgttccat tctttgaaca atacatatat ctcatataca tgtaggtgtc     39120
     tcatcatacc agcaagcatt tgaaaggctc agtggtggca ttactgagaa aaatatattt     39180
     ttttttttag ctggacatgg tggcacatac ctttaatctc agtactcaca aggaagaggc     39240
     aggcagatct ctttcaatct gaggccaccc tggtctgcag agatagttcc atgatagcca     39300
     gggcacatag agagaccctg tctccaaata ctaccctctg aataagtatg taaatgttaa     39360
     gaataagatg atttcataaa tagtgtgcct atagatgtag gatagtaaat cacaatctga     39420
     tggtgatgtg gaatggggga aggcttcgta gtagaacttc aagaatgcca gctctttctc     39480
     agtagctgtg gcctctgtgg agtcccaagg catccagaaa tgacctaggc aactctgaca     39540
     aagaatttta caggtttctt ctactgctgt gacagctgct gacataatgg gaacagaaat     39600
     ggatgtcacc agagtccatg atgagggagc acacactgac agaggctcat gtaggctaag     39660
     atttagttca ttatcacacc agccaatccc aattccatcc ttccctatca ctctaaggaa     39720
     tcattagcgc taacaaactg taggaacgtc agaaaggaaa gagtcaagga gtgtcaagat     39780
     aatcaacatt gtagtttgaa agcacttgcc aatagatttt tttacatggt cttgatcttg     39840
     aattcttgac agttcgttac tttcagcttc tgcctgttgg tatgggacat gtctccgtta     39900
     atctgatgac catgggcctt acctttcttt ctttcttttt tttaaaagat atttatttat     39960
     gtatttatgt atttatgtat ttatttattt atgtatttat ttatttattt attatatgta     40020
     agtacactgt agctgtccta atatactcca gaagagggca tcagatttcg ttacagatgg     40080
     ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactcggga cctttggaag agcagtcagc     40140
     actcttaacc actgtgccat ctcgccagcc ccaggcctta cctttctaga acccatcaac     40200
     cacaggccag ctaacacaag aatttcaact ctctctcccc attaacacta ctccaaatct     40260
     ggaagctacc aggatgcccc ttaataactg aatgaagaga caaattgtgc tgtgcccata     40320
     agatagaacc ttactcagca ataaataagc ttccaagaca tgaaatatta aatgaatgtt     40380
     gtaaatgagc aaaattagtt tgaaaaaaaa agctgtacat tgcttctgat tatgtgactt     40440
     tcagaaagaa acaaaactag agaaatagtt aaaaaaatca gtgtttgtga ggagctcaag     40500
     aagatggggt cagggtatag gtgaaatgag gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatct     40560
     gtgtgtgtag gtcaggaaaa ctatttttgc atgattctct aatggcaaac aaatgacact     40620
     ttgtatttgt cgaaatccat actttttata acacaaatat taaactttca tgtatgcaac     40680
     ttagaaaaat tataggttag tgtgcacagc acaatgcata taggttggta tgcatgcata     40740
     cgttgagaaa ttcccttaaa taattgccca ttagtaatgg acacatctag tgttcagata     40800
     gtagtttcca aaactatgtc taataagggc aggctgagat ccatgaaaca atgcttagat     40860
     ccaactgaga ggggcaatac acgagatcag cctgcagcat ctcatagagt gagaaagtca     40920
     gaagagacta agaaaggaat aaatgatcct caatcaaaat aacgagggga tggtacagaa     40980
     gctaactgaa agaactctca aaggccaagg ttgggacaat ctgagtagca aaacacacac     41040
     acacacacac acacacacac acccaacata tagaaacaaa cacctacaaa tctgtctgaa     41100
     aacgaataac taggtggtaa agatgcaaag ttccatgcag aaggatccta tgtaatctat     41160
     gcagatgttc tgccctcgag gatgggcagt gtgactccca cttctttagc tgtggcctgc     41220
     ccataggact tcctgctatg agcagagcat ggaaggacaa gagaagagtc tcgtcattgt     41280
     ggactcaccc aacaagcatt ccagtggcta gatgtttcag gtcaatgtta acagtggcaa     41340
     ggccttggga tgcttggtaa tatgatggaa tgatgctacc tcagaaacct ttattcccca     41400
     gacccacagt gttaggcatg aggagactca ggtgatggga aaaagccctg tgaaatacaa     41460
     caagcagtga ttctcaaaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaaa acaaaccaac     41520
     caacccacct acgcactaac caaaaccaag gtgggccatc aaacaagaga agtctgagac     41580
     tgccacagcc aagaagatcc tgaagacacc taataactta atgcactatg gcatactaga     41640
     acagaaaatg agtaagcaaa agttaatgta ctttcagaat agactcaggg agtagcaggc     41700
     acaagctatg tgtgagcttt attaataaat atgcaccggt ggcatttcta ataataagaa     41760
     atgtataatc ctaactgctt ctcagccttt tgactaagat caactgtaga aatgcaccat     41820
     aaggatatgg tgttcataac tgggaaatgc ttattagctt cttggcttgc acatggatct     41880
     gaaacttctg gaggctatag cctttaatga ataaatggcg ttcaatctga aagccctgag     41940
     aagccaaaca aaatgttgct aagaagctga cccgtggtgt tctgagctcc acctgtatga     42000
     aggggtccag atttacaagt cgtggctttc ttcttttggc ctgacaaggc gacataatga     42060
     tggtggcagg ctctagctta ctttaggcaa tgacaaatta atcaccttca atcccttcct     42120
     actcagaagt gggtagacag caccagtacc ttgatcccct caacccttta cctgccagac     42180
     agaagcctgt aagattttaa atccgtctac gtcagagtca gtcatttggc agctgtgact     42240
     gacctgccga gacctggcat atggacagcg atagaggtgc tgagggagtg ttctgggaag     42300
     gccagtttct ctatctcagc aagtttgtga tgatgtcaag tttccatagt ttcagcagct     42360
     tctttgaaac caatccttaa atgctcccag acgcaggcaa aggaaagcga gcagcaggct     42420
     cgtgttctct ctttagccga caggtgtggt tatatttatt aggctttaga atttctccca     42480
     taaaggatgt gggaatgtaa ggctatcaat cgcaaaatgc ctcaagagcg taacctcccc     42540
     caggtgtttc atatcactta cagggtgggc aatagaacaa acatgagatg aagagataaa     42600
     gtagccaggg aatgcaagtg taccttccga ccttcttaac acacaggtat cgccagtgtc     42660
     tccgatccgt tcagtttctt acagtatccc aagggacaac tatttctaaa tcactcttct     42720
     caaagtatct gctcacactc cccaagtgaa aagtataatc ctatcctgat tattgaaaac     42780
     gtacattctt tcgagtggtt tcatctcata taaggagcaa acttttgctg agctaaagag     42840
     tttttgctca gactagcaaa gaatccaaga gtgttcaaat gagacagctg gcagttctcc     42900
     tacattcgct ttttaagtgc agtcacaggg gccggcatat ccatctgagt gccgtttgtg     42960
     gaaagaattg acagtgagta gacttgtggg aggctgtggg gttgttctat acccctctcc     43020
     ccttaccatc actcaggaat gatgctggcc tttgaggtta aaccttactc ctcataatgc     43080
     aaaccatcca ctcttcaagg atgcagagct gtcaaatgtt tacatttctt gcagttgtaa     43140
     ctgtggaagt ccaacaatcc agttgggaaa taaattgtgt tggtggggga tttggggtag     43200
     gtatctttaa actcatcttc aaaacctatt tgttattcct ttgttgcttt aaaaatgttg     43260
     gggtattcaa aatgtatctg agtctctcag tgatgaacac ataacattgt tgtaatgatt     43320
     ttctgtctct ctgtctctgt ctttgtctct ctctttctct ctgtctgtct ctgtctgtct     43380
     ctctgttgta tacctgttca actagttaaa tatttgacat acctgtgcaa aaaatcacta     43440
     agctaaatgt ctaaaagtag atctgcttgc ccaactgata acatgcattt tcaatgttgg     43500
     tagacactct gaagtctccc tctatataga cgtggcctcc acttatattg ccactaatac     43560
     cacgtgagaa tcccctacca caggtgtttc taaaacgaca gaggcacggg ccatagagga     43620
     cagatctacc ccacacccag aatatctagc tccaaccccc tcagcaatga aaatcctatt     43680
     tctgagggag cagccgttct gtttactgca tggtcgctat gtgacaaatg tgtccccagc     43740
     tcaaatgtac aagttccaga tgaaggtggt ttctctttca acacaagcca tctttcacca     43800
     ggctgatctt gagcctccaa gggcaacact ccacttagcc ctctgtcctc aggatgtgcc     43860
     tgagtcaggg acaggggcac tgggacgctc aggagtaaag agagtaaaga catttttctc     43920
     ttggtattag cagatacctt tcatttctta gtctgactcg ctttctcttc cataggaacc     43980
     agagtaacat tgggacagtg tagcttcagc tgaactgttg taagttcttg gctaagatgt     44040
     ttatattcta ataaatttat tgacaaagaa taaataagtt tattctggtc aaaacaatca     44100
     cttgagagaa tcatcactag ttaagaacaa aatatgcaac accatcatta ttatgtacta     44160
     tttctgggac acttgacaca agagaatata tttttttaaa ttgatcaagc acacggacgc     44220
     ccttcagtgt gaggcagggt tctcccttca gagctcaggc tcagacataa gtggatgaga     44280
     caactgcctt aggttttctt agcagagtga cctagtcaca agttaggaaa cccaactctt     44340
     ggctgctctg tggctcagta aactgatgga ggatgctcac tacccagcca cccccacctc     44400
     agcctgctag tttccatggt agctatttgg tggtcaaaat tctacaggca agaggagggc     44460
     tggtgcgtcc actgggagat agtttctctg cttccctccc ctttctgtcc atcttgcttc     44520
     ccttgacctt agcacttctt ttcatccctt tacaacatcc caggttcttt tctgtcacat     44580
     cagaagcctg cttgcttctt gcttgctgtt ccctttccac tctgcaagtc tcacaggccc     44640
     acctccggca tcctccctcc tgaagcctgc agtgttttcc cggcccactg gcctcctcct     44700
     tctgacttct tcggccctaa ctcctcctcc atcatttact tggtctccaa tcaccagcca     44760
     ccctcacact tttccactag gagaagcaca tttgaaactt tccctggcct ccacctatca     44820
     gtaaccttca atgtggagtt tccaaatctc tgctgtttct caagcgcaga gtgctgctga     44880
     aatttgacca ttgctgtagc tgcaggcttc ccccattgaa aggcttcatt gccagcagtc     44940
     ctctttggca gagagtaaca aagggtcaaa ggccacctgt agcattccag ctatcctgaa     45000
     tacacatttt aacgaagaca aaagtaatag atctgaggta ggggtagggg gcacttacct     45060
     agcaggtaca aggggttgga ttcagagtcc agaactgcag gggaaaaggt aatacattta     45120
     aagtattgag tttatatttc atataaaaag gaaaagatga actgccggag gccaaaggta     45180
     tacatcagtc agtagagtgt tcactcagta tgcaggaagc cctggttcag ttcccaacac     45240
     cacataaact ggctatgttg gtgcatgcct gcaatcccag cacgtgggtg gtggaagcag     45300
     gaggatcaga agttcaaggt tatcttcagc tacctagaca atggaaggcc agcctggatg     45360
     acatgaggtg actcaaggtc tcttgctaag taaatgaatt aaaagaaaag agaaagaaaa     45420
     tgtgatagcc atgtatgcac acatatgtgc acacatatga atattcttca ggtagtctgt     45480
     catgtgtgaa tggtgaagta agctagttgc acaagaacat atgctgtgca atcttactta     45540
     tatgtcagag atgtagtgat atagataata aaggctggcg ttatctaaca agtagattct     45600
     agaaagcata ctctacgaca cagtatctgt agttagcaat gatgtgccat gcagtctagg     45660
     gtagatccca ccacgatgaa aagtcagaag gattgccttt cagccggctt ccttggctgc     45720
     aggtgacacc caagaaaaga catcagtgtt tgctgtctct gatagacacg tggtggagtg     45780
     agcatggaca ctgcaggacc agcacgtgac accaggagac agtgcatggt cacaggaaca     45840
     ggaacaggaa atggaacagg aaatgctgga tcacctggaa gcaggcaagc caatggaaat     45900
     cacttttctc tcagcagagg ttgggaacaa gtaaggagcc aaggggtgct ggaggggtat     45960
     ctccccccac ccccaaggtg cacttcctgc ctcttattta ataagccaca gcaacaggag     46020
     caacttccac catctttcaa gctcccatcc ctttgccctg gtattccatt cccagccccg     46080
     tgctcaccta ctcccatctg tgagtgcttc ctccctgttc cagaagaaac aaaacaaaat     46140
     cagaaaacca taatcctcca ttcatgttta aaaacacact tgatactccc atggttacat     46200
     gcctccctct cagttcaaag cccatttata taaacatgca catactgttt gagtctgtgt     46260
     atgtatgtgt atataggcag aaattatatc tgcattgctg tgtaaatata attagaataa     46320
     cgagacaaat ataccaatgt cctataaaat atagaagatc tgactctact agtatcaatg     46380
     aattaaaaag aaaaagaaaa agcgatttct tctatgataa tcacctttaa agagcaaaac     46440
     ccaataggaa gctgctagca ggcaagcact gcctggggtg tgtacttagg atcctgagtc     46500
     acattactga gggacagtcc cacttatttg ctacatgatc ttcagcttct ctgcccactc     46560
     accgctgctt aataaagatt catatcctct gcttctcacc aatttgccag ttcatttagc     46620
     agaatctgct gatgggccta aagatgcaaa tgattgtgag ggggcagttc agatttttgc     46680
     ttaaagattt attttttttt tttttaggag caaaagggaa acagaagcct gccaatggtg     46740
     gaatacagga cccaagttaa cagctcactg taaaatgacc atcatgttaa gtcagagaaa     46800
     gactgcattt ttggggaagc cctacttcta aaatgtatta agcctcaata tgattaaggg     46860
     gctgctggag aatggccgtg tccttatttt gatctgcctg ctgatggcct ggatattttt     46920
     agttggtgaa aattcattct tactatctta tgatgtgttt acttgtgggt atccatgcat     46980
     gtttttacaa agagtataaa atgaatgcgt tatcttcata tatagatata ggatacctgg     47040
     gaatatctgg gaatatactt tatcaagttg ttaaaaaccc tggaatgctt gctgcttgaa     47100
     accccataaa ggtaagttca gaaatgcagt cttgtgccaa gaagtgtatt ttacttgtgg     47160
     aagcatgtcc gagcacagtc agcaacggaa tctttgtaga aatgatttca gatgggttta     47220
     gattcaggtg gtgatggggg ttgggctgtg gctaggcctg atagacaaaa ctgctctgtg     47280
     accacagcag tccccagaag gcccgctgag gtcaccagct gtgcctgtct atctcacagg     47340
     cacttgagtt tgggatgtta gagccacttg ccacaacctg tgaacgaagc cagaaccttt     47400
     cacccttttc tctccatccc acccagggca tttcagctgg atcccaatag acctcagtct     47460
     accctagacc cctcctttat ggcccctaag tagacatgct atttaaaaca agcaaaactt     47520
     tgccttcagt ggcattcatc tcgagtttgt gggttccttg cctctgtacc agccagtttc     47580
     tcttctgctt tccaaggttt ctgacttctg ggtgggcagg tggaaagctt actttcttct     47640
     ttctggttcc agggacacag tctttattct ttctttttct tacacatatt tagagtacag     47700
     aatatatagc acacagggtg gtagtctttg agatttgtga ctgagtctcc agatgggacc     47760
     tcgtgctgat ctctgccttt tagtacaaca gtgaataagt ttatggtttc gccttctagt     47820
     tggacttgtt attaacaaac tactgtgtag agagaatatt tttctttttt attaaattta     47880
     tttatttatt cacgttacaa ctacatatca acccttcttc tcctccagga tcccctgatg     47940
     caagcctccc cccatttcac cttcagagaa agcccccccc cccccccccg tgtcaaaaca     48000
     tttctctgac atcaagccat gcaggactaa tcacatcctc tcccactgag accagacaag     48060
     gccttcaatt aggggtcctt ccatggaccc tcattgttat ttggcttcgt tgggtctgct     48120
     gattatagca tggttatcct gtattttatg gctaatatct actgtaagtg accacatatt     48180
     atacatgtcc ttttgggtct gggttacctc actcaggagg atatttttta gttccatcca     48240
     tttgcctgtg aaactcatga tgtccttgtt tggaaaatct tgtataggac ccaacttcca     48300
     cactactata tttacttttt cccctctagt gatgctggac cttgaaggca aagtcttgtg     48360
     catgcaagca actgttctac cagagctaca ccccaacctt tgaaggaatt tcatatgcta     48420
     gctgtcagta ttcactagat ctgtttcatt atctgttcct ttgacattcc aggcataaac     48480
     caatttcccc tgtgggccca ctatcctttc aagaaaaaca tcttcttctt cttctttttt     48540
     gtcatatttt gtctgggtcc accatccctt gtcagcaact ctaaagttca acatgaattg     48600
     aaaagacaaa aactccggtt ttcccctttt aagcaacttt gtatttgggc aacaacgttg     48660
     atctaaaagt gatgcatagg catttctctc tagtatttat gtgattattt ccactgcagg     48720
     ggatgaaagt gtctgacttt gagatgtcac aaactctatc gggatgttag gtggtaaaca     48780
     tctacaaccc taggctcata acctgtgtgc cacagatggc aggaaatcaa tatttttgtg     48840
     gtttttggag aaagtttata gcacacatta catacattac cttggaatga ctgttataca     48900
     gtatccttta gaaggaaatg atttcccaaa cgagaacact ctagctcttc agtctaccag     48960
     tggatccaca ggcttacaca cagaagctgg tgccttgaga gtcagggaaa aaggacctca     49020
     ttatggcctt aatgtacact gtctctggaa aagcactcag gacctctgtg ccactgtaat     49080
     aaaggctata ggacttattt ttttggtcaa aaccatgcat cacaatgagc agtgcctgat     49140
     ataaactatg gctttcagca agggatgaca taataatgtt ggtacatcag ttgtaatata     49200
     tgtacctcag taatggaaga tgttagtagt aggaaaactg ggagagagaa tgagggagct     49260
     taaagggacg tggaaatttc tgcccaaact tcctataaac gtaaagcttc ctttgaaata     49320
     gaagctagac atgatcatgg tacatatgct atcccagtgc ttaagatcct gaggcataag     49380
     aagcccaagc ttgcagacac tctaagctac atggtaagac ccaacctaga aaaggaaatg     49440
     tacaaatagg gaagtgagta cgaccagagt aatgctaccc tataagtccc attactttgc     49500
     ccaactaact agtttcacat tgtttttttt taaatgtcca tgtacatttt taatttgaaa     49560
     attatatggg ggagagagag agaggcctac ttttgctgaa ccattcagta agtatgctgg     49620
     cagactctct gtaacagaaa atgtgtttga tggaatggcg aagagatata tctacattta     49680
     tccatggatc taaagtgccc ccctaacaat gcctgtctgt tagtgagcat ccatcttctt     49740
     cacttggaga tctagatgat attcaggctc ccaagactca ttctagaggc agtataaggg     49800
     aacagatata gatgtggaag aggtggctct tgtagtgaga tacagatttt ctatcttaaa     49860
     gtcctctatc accatcatga gaagtgattt tagattcgaa tcttgctttt ctggtggtat     49920
     atccaggact tgctatggtg ggagaattgg attctgatga tgccaagtaa ccttggtttc     49980
     tggtgcttat gttcttacga ttgcttcctg cctgctatct gccctcacta tatctgaccg     50040
     gagcctgact ttcctgtgat cctggttgtg tcagagctcc tggaagtcaa gctgtctctg     50100
     tggttctgtg attctgggat cctgggatcc ggtgattatg tggtcctggg cgtgttagag     50160
     cgcctgggac tggagtttct tctgagtgtt gtgggactgg ctgcaaagtt cgcacccaag     50220
     gtctgcttag ggtgccggct cagacaggaa ggaaccgctg ccattggttg ggtggagttc     50280
     ccaggtgccc aggtcccact ggtcgcagtt acttccggtg ttggagcaga tattttgtcc     50340
     ttctcacctc tgatcctctg atcctgggag tgtttgagca cctgggaatg gatcttcctc     50400
     tggatgttgt gggctgggct tcagagtttg cgcccaaggt ctgcttaggg caccggccca     50460
     gaccggaagt gggggggtgc agttttccaa aggaaatgaa agggcattgt atatgaagga     50520
     gcttggaaag acaaggccca tacctcaggg tgtggggaga gtggattccc tcttgagagt     50580
     ctaaggtagc atggtggttg gaggtgcagt tattgaactt ccttattaat tggaggatgt     50640
     gtgaggttgg ggaagtcacg ggacctctcc aggcgtggac tcctctgttg taagagggag     50700
     gtcatgagaa catctgcccc atagacttgg accaattaaa caaaacatcc agtcaaatcc     50760
     tcagcgccag taagagcata gcaaatgctc gaactatggc agttactatt agccttgtat     50820
     gagctaccat aatcctctct tgcaactttc caataataaa gttttagtag gccaaaatca     50880
     gtgtgttggt tttgaagaga ttggaagaaa gatggtagcc aagggtatag agtaaagtag     50940
     tgctcccctc ccatttcttc tgtatggagc aagacactgt tggccagtca gggatgcata     51000
     gatccaagtt tcaagtgaaa gtggttggct ggggtgaagc tggcagaagg attcctggtg     51060
     ctgccaagga agtgtttgga ggaaacagat gcaaagagaa gcaatgatat caatgctatg     51120
     gttgagggag tgctgctctt ctggaatggg agctggagaa acccgtgagt cccggagtag     51180
     attaagaacc attccaagat gtgcttgtta aatttaggta ggctgtgttt gacagcacat     51240
     gggaacaaat aaactcaaaa gacagcactc agcacatcct tgccctctta gtgaggctgc     51300
     ttcagagttg ctcccttgcc tctggcctac tggtctataa cacatcctca cattgccttc     51360
     tctatagcac tgggctcgtc tcctttctct ttccttcaag actattctgt ttctttgctt     51420
     tccgagccaa ggctaaggat ttttccccct tgggaactcc tggtcttact gagagggtcc     51480
     ctctgaccta tgcaagctcc tagattaatc tcctgttaag atccctccag cagcacaaaa     51540
     tacctcagca aatatttgca aaagggatct accatttaag gctgacttgt ttgaaatgtg     51600
     tccgttgaat tatttttgcc attagcatgc tgtccatctt gttttgtgca ttaatctgtc     51660
     tttagctcct ctcaaaagtc ctaccccctt tcaaactttt cttttggtcc taatcaaaca     51720
     ctttttcgat catcattgta cttttctcat tagagctgtc tgagctttca aacatggctt     51780
     tctaaagcag gtccttgatg aatcacgttc cctttgaata tgtggccttt agaggaaact     51840
     ctaaatttgg gttctacaca cttaagaatt tgtattctca gattaatcag taggaagaat     51900
     taattgtcct actgctttta atggaagatc agggaaagaa aggatcgttt tcttgacaca     51960
     taaaaggact gttcaatcat gagcaattta gctaaaagga aagaattagc tccgatttga     52020
     aatatgtcat tttctctagt tcttggaaca cggagaaggg acttcttccc cgagctcaga     52080
     actcggtgtt agcctatatt accttccgtt tttgccactt attgtgttgg ttttatattt     52140
     ttactattaa agtgtatact tacaaactaa tatgatgctt caaattcctt gattttgcct     52200
     aacctaaaca taaacctaag cccccaaagg aaagtgaagg agagccagtg ccttcctatt     52260
     cctcagtttt atttatttta tctgacaaaa gcaagccaaa ggaaaattac tgggaatttc     52320
     tttgaaaggt aaactaattc attaagtatc tgttctctac cctgacagac accaccctgg     52380
     tctaccttga ctgccagcgt ttgaggaccc attggctttc cacagctgcc ctggcttgtt     52440
     ttcctacctt ggccagtctc aacactctgg tcctagattc acttctcagc tagctttggt     52500
     gtctttgtct tgtccattac gagctgagca acaataagca actttaagca acttattgaa     52560
     tattctctgg gtcccagcat cgtagagaaa aatacagaga accaagttct gcagaaggag     52620
     tatgagggga aatatggggc ctgctgaacc tgctacctgg tggttcgacg taagtaaggt     52680
     ttaggttgtt ttgacactga tggtgtttct tcttataagt gtttgtttct tgcaaaaaca     52740
     cacagctgat aaagagatca gcactgagga atatgaaaag aatgtccgcc agtcaataag     52800
     agagaaagaa agaaagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagga     52860
     aggaagggta aacatatgca aagagtgtca accattcaat aagagagagt gagactatgc     52920
     aaagagtgct caccattcaa taagaaaggg tgagactatt cagagcactt accattcaat     52980
     aagaaagaat gagaatatgc aaagagtgcc cagaattcaa taagagagga agaaaagagt     53040
     gtgaatatgc aaagtgctta ccattcaata agaaaatggt aaagaaccca gtttttttgt     53100
     tttttgtttt ccaggaccga acccagggcc ttgtacttgc taggcaagtg ctctaccact     53160
     gagctaaatc cccaaccccg aacccagatt tgttcttcct cactgctatg gattgcatgt     53220
     actttatcac taagccacac ccccagccct aattagccga attttaaaga cagaaaaaat     53280
     ttaaatgaga acttctcaaa agaagctcta tgaatggcca acaaaacact aaaagattgt     53340
     ccacatcaca ccatcaagca aaagcaaatt aacatcatag caggatattt cttaaagcct     53400
     agcaggtgaa gctaaagcta aagctggcag atggatgtac tcagtgttat aaggcaagga     53460
     cggggagaaa ctggagtctc atgccctgca ggtggaagta taaaatggta acatcagttt     53520
     gaaaagctac ctggcagttt attataaagg taaatagaaa cttgcttttt caatccagca     53580
     attctagtct agatacttac ccaagtaaat tacatgtaag tctgtgaaaa atatccatat     53640
     acatatgtcc ctagagtctt tgctataatg gcaaaaaaaa aaagtagaaa cgactcaatt     53700
     acccactggc aggagaatgg atggacaaac atttttataa cgggctgcta ccaggggatt     53760
     taaaaaaggg ttcaaccacc gaggtagcat aaagtgtgta aatctgaaaa cattatgttg     53820
     acttaaggaa ggaaaaacca aatgacctca ttcttatgaa gctctgaaca aacaaggcaa     53880
     tttatggtgt aaaaattgag agtgtggtct ttcttggtaa gaagtagctg gcagtgttat     53940
     atgcatatgc atatactgtg catatacagt gttatgtata tgcatatgca tatactgcaa     54000
     taatgtggat tagattagag ctcaataagg tgattaaaaa aaagatcctg gcatagaatc     54060
     caaaagattc tcaggaaaat ccattccatc aatattaaga catattccct ctgtattttt     54120
     aaggtttctg aagtcaagat gtgccataga accaatggca tgtcaaagtt aattgctaat     54180
     ttttttttta ttcttaggag catgttaaat aatagaacat tgaaaattgg ttacttcaaa     54240
     gattttattt aatttgcaaa attcttgcta tagccagccc aactgagtac ttcttctgta     54300
     gttcctgcct tggcagggct cctaacacct gactaatagg tattgggcaa tctaacatcg     54360
     ctctgacttc atgccctaca aaatttcttt ctctaacagc tatgcctcgg agtcactgaa     54420
     gacaaattaa cctggctgcc agactctact ccacagctcc gtagtggagg cttcagcctc     54480
     cattaatagg ctcagctagg ccacgcagcc ttaaggcctc tctaagaagc cggctcgggc     54540
     tgccaattct cctcaatccc tgccctgtcc taatgagtag ttttacagaa cggcgagaag     54600
     tgtcagccaa gtcttttcca ctccctcaga ttagtgtgat gacttgtgtt ggttcattta     54660
     gcattaattc acaacctcat aatcccaatg cagtcctcaa ttagggaggc tgaaaagcca     54720
     agggctccct cttcaaggtt ccctggttgc ttgtggtagc cacgtgacct gttctggcca     54780
     atgagcatac tacaatgtgg gaagctgcaa gagacgcttc tgatcgcctg ttacaccatc     54840
     tccctgtgtc ttatcttgga cttaggtgtg aaggctgaac gcagcaacac tctctgaaag     54900
     ttgtttagca gcaagaatga agacctccat accaacatgg tagagaggga aaacagaaat     54960
     cttgaaacaa actatggcca cagttttagg gatcaacggc attgtgactt ttcctagaag     55020
     gccttaacta ccggtgagac atgatgagtt atctataggt taagtatggt gcttagactt     55080
     gcttcaaagt cacccagtgg aagctggccg aaaggataca tgggtagcta agcgaaatga     55140
     cactaacagc tgtggaaact ggctaagacg taacagggcc aactctagtt ttatatgtgt     55200
     tttaaattct ccattaaaaa atgactaaaa gacgagatca tgtgacagcc tagagatgct     55260
     caaggagacc cgaggacgag aggcaatgag tgaattctgc atttcacaag cacactcatg     55320
     gacaaactaa tgacatttga atgcaaactg ttcaattgat agtatcaata caaatgttgt     55380
     gcctttgact aatatgttaa tgtgagagga aattaggcaa aacacacatc aaaccaaaac     55440
     ctttatgaca ttcctgtgac tttaatgtca ctccaaacca aaagagatgt ggggtggggg     55500
     agtgggagtg ggagtgggag tgggagtggg agtgggagag ggagagggag agggagaggg     55560
     agagggagag ggagagggag agggaggaga gtttggcttt tcaatggcat tacttaatcc     55620
     tgagtgaaca acaccagcaa gggcccaccc cagagtcctc attatgagag aaaaacaaaa     55680
     gaaaattctt aatagcaaat ttagctagaa tgttacttgc agttcactaa atatgaattg     55740
     ataaaataag ctcatttgtc tggtgcagtt aactcttaaa acccacagct aagagcacca     55800
     gcactcagta ccatgcagca atttagaggc agttctctaa ggagccagtt ccctacccac     55860
     agtgctggcc agaggcatct ttccaggaga acttgcatgc caacctcacc ccacccccac     55920
     acagagcact catagggagc tgggctatga agaggaacgg ctggctgtct ctctcagatc     55980
     ctgcctgaag cacacaatga gtagactttg tgataagaga gatgtaatgg ctttcttttg     56040
     tatcttaatt cttcattttc aatgctctgc agcttcagtt cttcagctcc aatgaatcag     56100
     caaatccaac ggagaacgga tctcatacaa ggacaataaa actacaaata cacacaccag     56160
     taaagtaata aaaatgtgcg agacacatat gaataaaaac atgaaacttt atgggagagg     56220
     aaagaaggag ctgaatataa acagcgtcgc tgttttctcc gatgtaaaga tgccgagtgg     56280
     ccttcatcct aaaaatactg ccaatcaaaa gtggggtgta gaaaagaact caaatggctc     56340
     ctatgaaaaa catagctgga acacatttac aagataacag aagagacacc ttccacgatc     56400
     aaagggctcc tagaaatgac cccctaaaca ctagccatca aagagaaaat tgataaattt     56460
     ggctccatca aaacttaaaa ctgtgctctg ggaaaggcta tgttaagaga atgaaagata     56520
     agcaacaacc aggccaaagg caattacata tcacagctaa caaatgtgag tagctacctg     56580
     tttctgctac aaaatgaaag cttgggaccc tcattccagc atcattaagg atgtcaagaa     56640
     aagatgtaag gagatggacc agtggttgaa gtacttgctg tgtatttgag aaactcattg     56700
     gtacctccag aacctacaca gtgccagttg aacttgcctg ggacttgtct gtgattccag     56760
     acacagcagc tgaaaatggg gtcctcagag caagctgata gttacaatac ctcatgcaga     56820
     cctctgaatt tgaccaaggg actctgactt aaaaagacaa agtggaagtt ccgttgagga     56880
     aggttcctaa ctaacatcat gcagtcatgc actcacaggc atgcacatgc atgcacacct     56940
     gctcacacct gtgtgcacac atgtgagcac acatacatgc attggtacat ggcacatgcc     57000
     ccccccccca gaaagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagtgttagt     57060
     tactggttct gccttgagca tttgaaattc caaagcccac ccctaatgac acacttctcc     57120
     aactaggcca tgcctacttc aataaagtca cacctcttaa tcgcaccatt cccctgctga     57180
     ccaaacattc aaatctatga gcctatgggg gaacgattct aattcaaacc accacagcta     57240
     tatacttaca ctgttggtac ctgattggga aaagtttggc agtttcttac gatgtgaaat     57300
     ctacacttgt ttgtcaaccc ttgatttaac tccaggaaag gaaaaacata catgtgtcca     57360
     taaaaacttg cacatggatg ctcaggacag tgttaagtag atcaatctca aactgcaaac     57420
     actgtgtgac ttttccttgg taggggagga tggctaaacc atgatacatt catgccatgg     57480
     tgcaaccgag cgatgaagaa agatcatggt aatgaacttg gagcgtttca gggatgctga     57540
     gtcaaagagc agcctcaggg gttctgtagt tgtatggttc catttatata ctattctttt     57600
     tttttttttt ttttttttgg tttttcgaga cagggtttct ctgtggagcc ctggctgtcc     57660
     tggaactcac tttgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga aattcacctg actctgcctc     57720
     ctgagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtgcgccac cactgcccgg ctatatatta ttcttaagaa     57780
     gagaatacag tggcaggcaa tgcatagtca tcaccggggt caagggtcat ggctggaaga     57840
     aaaggtgatg gtgaataagt ggagggtttt tttgtttgtt ttgttcttgt tttctgagtt     57900
     tttttttgga atgatgatga agctgttctg tgtctcgatg gtggctgtgt tcacactaat     57960
     tcatggatgt agccaaaatc aaagacatga gcattgacct ctaaaattaa ttcttttttt     58020
     cattaaagtt tctcatgtaa ttttgaagtt gggatcggaa gtaaatacta aaattctgcc     58080
     agaagagaaa tcatataaga agaatgtaga tattctgaac aaagtgtctg aagacctgct     58140
     cttccgttgc aaccttttat gagattatca tggctagagt gtggaactgg ttgaagtggt     58200
     atgaattcag agagctgtgg gcacagaaca caaatcaatg ggagaagctg accccagtac     58260
     ataaaggttt gataaactta gttcatgaaa actttagtac tttcaaccat acccatacgg     58320
     gctgcagtca gttcacccta cccagtaaat tcttgagggt aagattcaac caatcccaga     58380
     tggaaaaggt ttgtattgcg tctgtacaga cactttccct ttgtgatttc ccaataactg     58440
     ggtctaacag gtattttttt tagcatttat atattacatg aagtattata aacagtctag     58500
     agatgattta aaacatatga gaggatgtgg gaaggagcca ggaaaacact aggtcatctt     58560
     gcacagggga cttgaacact ggtgggttgt aacatccagt ggggcactag accccatgcc     58620
     ccttagatac caaggacgga ctggattaag taatttgaaa ctaatctata actatcactt     58680
     ggaaataacg tttaagggct ggagcgatga ctcagcaggt aaaggtgatg gccgccaagc     58740
     ttaatgaccc aagtctgatg cccaagtccc acactgtaga tcagggcaac tgtttcctgt     58800
     taagttgtct tatgactgtc acacatatgc tgggtatata tgattccctc catgttgata     58860
     aataaataca taaaataatt taaaagtaaa ctttaaaact tcacattata caaagttaaa     58920
     ttttagatgc aacaaaaaga actaattgta taaaacaaga ttataaaagc attttttttc     58980
     agaatcgatg agagagttca cagaagtata atttctaatg gaggggtggg gagcccatca     59040
     gaaatgaaat agaatatatt cacagtatgc agtagctata ttaacatatt tgcccatatg     59100
     aaaagattat ttcttttttc tttttggtta ttttatttat ttacatttca aatgttatcc     59160
     tccttcccag ttttccctcc acaaacaaac agatttttta aatgtagagt acaatttctt     59220
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctgtgtgt gtgtctttct tttctttata     59280
     tttcttgttt cttcctttct ttgttttgag atgggatctc atgtagctca gactggcctt     59340
     gtacttacta tttagctgag ggtgaccttg aactcctgat ccttttgcct gtctcctgga     59400
     tgttgggatg acagtcatgt accatcatgc ctggtcaata tatttcttta actgaaacat     59460
     ttcatatgtg cctattataa ctgtacacaa gctagtctag agggctgtat gctccactgc     59520
     ttacagagag atggaagggc taaggtgaat ggagagcact catgaataac ttcactagtt     59580
     aacttttaaa agatcactga tgtacacaac agtcttattt attgtaaagc atgaactaac     59640
     tttgccaccc ccccccccac acaatctgct tgaggaaagg gatttgaaag aagaacctag     59700
     aggaattgga gaaacacttc atccaagatg tccatgagag cctgtcctaa gaaaagggat     59760
     ccacactggg tcatgccaga gtcctcttgg ctagaagggc ttttcattca ggcaagacct     59820
     atcacttttc caccctaagc ccagtgcccc aacaagaagc aattgttgag gaacaagaga     59880
     gactttctga tcatctccag gaccaggtta tgttcaccca tttgatttgc agtgttttgt     59940
     gtatgaggaa gaaaagcaaa aacaaatcaa gaaaaccact gcatcctagg ctccgagaga     60000
     tggctcaatg gttaagagca gcgacgggtt ttgcaatggt gaccgaggtt cagttctcaa     60060
     cactcacgtg atggttcaca tccatccaca actccagttc caggggatcc aatgccgtcc     60120
     tctgacctcc atgaacacca gatacacagg tggtgcacaa acacataggc atgcaaaaca     60180
     ttaatacaca taaagtaagt tgattttaaa atgaagaatg ctgtatcctg tgatcttaac     60240
     tatgatgact agtctggcca ttattgttag tgctaaccaa tagctaatgc ctaggtctac     60300
     agagatgcct tactaatcat tttctgtggg gtttatagat gtaagtcatt tatgaacatt     60360
     agccataata caagaggtga tgttggataa gaaagagagg gaaggaagga gggagggagg     60420
     gagggaggga gggagggagt taaggaaaga gaagacaaaa gggagaggga gagagaggga     60480
     gagagagaga gagagagggg gagaggggga gagggggaga aggagaagaa tgtctccatt     60540
     ggagaagccc tctgtacaca aaaagcagga acaagtattc ccctcctggc cttacacagg     60600
     atgctggagg cttggatagt cacactatct gactgtcgtt gtcttaccag gcttcatgat     60660
     tgcccaggcc tctccccacc agaaggtgat cttcatggaa gacacacaag atgagatgca     60720
     tagaaaagcc cttctcatct cagcagagga agaatttgaa atacacagtt ctgaaaagtg     60780
     ctcagtgatt ctatgaatat atcaggtata tttattccca cacataaaac tccttttgtt     60840
     aaaattactg atgctgctag taataagaat ggaatttaaa atgactttaa cggaataaac     60900
     gacaattctg tcaggataaa tcaagtcctg cgtcatgttt taaagttatc ttttgtgctt     60960
     ataattttac ttgtgagaca tactgctaca ggggagaaat tcctcaagtt gtgctcctaa     61020
     tttaaaagtc ctttaccgct tgggcttggg ttaattggag ctacttcggg aattcccgct     61080
     gagttaattg tcataaggtt gcttctaaaa ttgtccttag gacaaacgag gccttactac     61140
     tttaggtaga cacagctccc cacaaacagc aagagtgaag tcttttagaa tggaacatac     61200
     ataccattgt tcataaagac atttatagct ttaaggttat gagtcagtat ttcttagaag     61260
     tattaaagac catttttcag cacagcagga aattggtttg ctcatgtaac aaagactctc     61320
     ggagtaccag gtaagatggt gctggacaac ctggacaact gctactggtg tatacagttt     61380
     ttgtaaataa tgttaatctt cctctcttcc tccaagaaga aatgagggtc agctgaggag     61440
     ctcccgcctt ctcacaactg ctggaggaag cctaacattt gcacgaagca cctgagtcct     61500
     tcagggcttc ctttcactct ttcaggccag cctgaaatat tcatcctgaa tgactatttt     61560
     ctagctggag tgcgagttga agggaccgaa gatgagctga agatgttcta accctacaac     61620
     agctaataca gcacaccata tcaagtactt cctgtccatt gtgtcatctg gtcaccacac     61680
     aattacaata aggagggaac agaagctgtc aaaagttttt ctttgtagca gatgtcaagg     61740
     tactgagaac aagtggcatc tgagctctca gcatttaatg gggcacctac acacatctgt     61800
     accccaaatc tcagggcact ttgtggaaga aggagtgatc ttaagagtca tactatagga     61860
     aggagggctg gtaaaaacta tgccgctggt gaactcacag tagccactgt tgccttcaca     61920
     gggccataca acactgaacc agtaaacatt cattccccca gagggcttat ggggccctgt     61980
     ctcatgcagg ggaactaatg gcagtcaagg gctgccaaag aagaagccat tgctttgagt     62040
     gctcaagtca ctggtgagct acagaaccaa tgcatagtgt tacatctgtg cttgtgggtg     62100
     gccctacgtg actccattta aacacatggg tcatgaacaa aaccaataaa aagatgtcaa     62160
     agtggggtag agacttggtg ggagggaaga ggggttggtg gaggtaagag gaagatgaga     62220
     gggggttgag gaatgagtat gaccagaatg ttttacacac acacacaaca cacacacaca     62280
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacact catactcaca cacattcaca cacacaaata     62340
     gtaggtaggt aggcagatag gtagatagta cacatactat atctacatat gtataatatt     62400
     gtcaaaaaat aaattagctt taaaaaagag tttcaaaaaa gttaagcaat atggtccagg     62460
     ccactgagcc atacatttca gcatcaggat gtgagatgtc ctagagcatg gctcatcatc     62520
     agcgaacatg aaatggacac ctgaggtgga ggcccatgtt ttgaatcatc actccacgtt     62580
     agatttgtat ttccttcatc accatctccc tcaagatgtt gactgctttc actgtgcaga     62640
     tggcttctgt ggtcatttca tgctctgaat gagaactgtc acatgggttc tatgaggagt     62700
     gaaaacagtc cagttatatg cgagcaaata ggtaaattaa ggaacatctg tttgctaagg     62760
     accttgccga tctgtggagg gtgaggaggg gatggagctg gctgttttga ggacttactt     62820
     ctcttttgtg ttgtgtgctc tcaaaggcct tggagaattc cccactttgt ttcaactgat     62880
     ttgcatgtga tgaggaactg ggtaaaggat atgagaacta cagccttttg gagacagtgg     62940
     tccctcacag catcagttgt ttctagctct gttctatcct ctatgcagaa ggatgtcctt     63000
     cctttattct gtaggtagag agttctgtcc caccatagag cggaagttca gaaaggagca     63060
     gtgagctgtc atagaacaac ttctcataga agaaaaaaat taaaaaattt aatttgatgg     63120
     agacatttga acttttcaag tctgaccttt tggctagttt ttttttttta ttttttttta     63180
     ttttttcaaa attcttcgta gccaggtctc tagctgggaa actctttgat gatccacagg     63240
     ggcacgatct gtgaagtaac tgatgtgtgg caataagtgg caccttcaga aggataccca     63300
     tcttccaagg gccggtcaca gttacttctt gtaaaagaca tcagatatga gaaataggat     63360
     tgctcattat tcaacttatg aggctaacag acagatagcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc     63420
     ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt tccttctttc     63480
     tttcaagttc agcaccttcg gggatgtcca gaccatgtac caagacaggc cgctaatgtg     63540
     gaatggtgag ctacattgat gccctttgac cttgtgatat ttatcaaatg gtaggacttt     63600
     attctgtctt tcctgaattc tctgtatctt ctgactcaaa cttcagtgca tagcaaaatc     63660
     ctagagtttg agtttcaccc ctaagtttct gataccatag gtcagggatg gggcttggta     63720
     acgtgtgcag ataccaaatt cctaagcgag gcggcagctg tgagtctggg gacactttgg     63780
     gtgctggtgt ccaggacaca gaactgtaga acctgcagac agttctgacg tgtgcccagc     63840
     atcacagaag agccatgtac tcattagcat gcggattgaa gtgtggtata gggaatattg     63900
     aaataagcat agatgttacc cttgaggtca agaaaccctt acagcaatag gaaaggctta     63960
     ataggttttc atagacaact cagatgcctt gctgagtagg tgttatgtgg ttggcatctc     64020
     agcagggatg gaaaggctgg agaaatctgc acattttgga aattaatgat ctttggactc     64080
     attatagaaa aaaaaacagt gaaaatgaac tcagggtctt tttccttcaa atatgttaca     64140
     ggcagtgtct tagtcaaggt ttctattctg cacaaacatc atgaccaaga agcaagttgg     64200
     ggaggaaagg gtttattcag cttacatttc cacattgctg ttcatcactg aaagaaatca     64260
     ggactggaac tcaagcaggg cagggagcag gagctgatac agaggccatg gagggatgtt     64320
     ctttactggc ttgcttctcc tggcttgctc agcctgctct cttatagaat ccaagtctac     64380
     cagccaagag atggcaccac ccacaagggg cctttccccc ttggtcactg tactggctag     64440
     ttttgtgtca acttgacaca gctggagtta gcacagagaa aggagcttca gttgaggaaa     64500
     tgcctccatg agatccaact gtaaggcatt ttctcaatta gtgatcaagg gggaaaggcc     64560
     ccttgtgggt gggaccatct ctgggctggt agtcttgggt tctataagag agcaggctga     64620
     gcaagccagg agaggcaagc cagtaaagaa catccctcca tggcctctgc atcagctcct     64680
     gctccctgac ctgcttgagt tccagtcctg acttcctttg gtgatgaaca gcagcatgga     64740
     agtgtaagcc gaataaaccc tttcctcccc aatttgcttc ttggtcatga tgtttgtgca     64800
     ggaatagaaa ccctgactaa gacagtcact aattgagaaa atgccttaca gttggatctc     64860
     atggaggcat ttcctcaact gaagctcctt tctctgtgat aactcagcgg tgtcaagttg     64920
     acacacaact agccagtaca ggcagcaagt tccaatatta gtgacagcac ttgtcaccat     64980
     gtcagttggg ggtctccaga gaacagaatc tatatgacaa gttgatggat ggctggaaag     65040
     cactgtcttt gtagagataa agacattttg agctgtagaa ctgagaccaa aaggctaacc     65100
     aggacagttc ctagaaactc cctaaattat tgaatatttt atttatttat ttatttattt     65160
     atttatttat ttatttattt atttacttga gacaaggtgt cactatgcag ccctgaatgg     65220
     catgaaactc actctgtaga tcaggttggc cttgaattca tagagatctg cctacctctg     65280
     cctcctaaat gctgggatta ggttgtatat aatcacattc tgcctattgc ttgtccttag     65340
     tgccagccta gatcatttac tttaatatga ccccaggagg gagtgtctat ttaacagtta     65400
     gccaccccat aatgagtctg aaccatccag gaaggatggg actttgctat tcccaccatc     65460
     tctttcctcc cagctgtgat gtacttttgg ctaagtatgt gctcgtgtgc tgagcatgtt     65520
     agtaagctcc ctgttacttt aacaaacact caagacagtc agtttgcaaa cagaaaggtt     65580
     tattttggcc cagttttgga tgttccatga ccgaatggcc ccattggttt gggcctttgg     65640
     agaggaagcc atttgcctcg tgatgaggaa acaagaggga acaggaaaga tattagcaaa     65700
     gtccaagacc acattcctag caaccaaaag gcttctaact acagaatcta ccagcaagct     65760
     gggaactagt ccatgagctg ttgggagact tttcagatga aaactacagt agcatgaata     65820
     agaaggacac acctccccca aatgcacaca ggcagtggag ttcagcccat cagatctcca     65880
     caggctgtct aatttgaaga atcttcagga ttagctaatt aatgttttcc cacaggatat     65940
     gctttatcat gggggatatc aatggttttt aatttgtttt tcttatttgc tcaagggaga     66000
     aggaatacag gaaatgaagc tgtgccttcc aacacaccaa ccaaagcaaa tgaatgtgtg     66060
     tatgtgtttg cctgtgattt acaataaaaa agggccaaac aatgagaaaa atccatgaaa     66120
     acttctgtgt tcgattttcc aacgtgaatg gagctgggtc tccagcattg gcttctggaa     66180
     gctaggccgc aggcttctgt cctgtggtca gtttcttggg tcatgccaag ttttagcttc     66240
     ttcacaggac cagagcttca gatggcatgg ccatccttct cttcacataa aaaatatcct     66300
     tcctcctcaa gctctaaaaa taccctgggc cttggagcac ggcctccttt tcagcagctc     66360
     ctcttcaccg gaacagttgc ttgacctgga gcaagctgaa accagaaagg acaaagagtc     66420
     tgcttggtgg gggcggatgc acttgtgggt ctccttgaaa tgcccagtgt acagaaggaa     66480
     caacagtctt tgcctcctca gccacgagat cccagcccac actctttgct ttgcttttct     66540
     cagggaaggc ttggatgtgg tatttttagt ttgcttttgg tgggagatga tttggcaaga     66600
     tgagatcaaa agcaacttga cttttcattc ttgcagttga aataaagtaa agagaattag     66660
     gttacttggt gatttctttt cttccccccc cccccccgcc agctctaaga agttaacttt     66720
     agaaacctca ttgtactcaa atgaaataaa attcctcaaa gaattggtgg ctagacttta     66780
     ggtcatgtag aagactgttc aagaactcca tggtttacta ttctggattc atgccaatgc     66840
     gttctctgtc tctctgtctc tgtctgtctg tctgtctctg tctctctctc tgtttctatc     66900
     tgtctatctg tctgtcagtc tgtctctctc tctgagtctg tgtaactctg tgtatccctc     66960
     tttctgtatc tctctgtctc tctgtgtttg tgtgtatctg tctatatctc tgtgtctctc     67020
     tttctctggg tgtctatgtg tatctctctg tgtgtctgtc tctgtctctt tgtctctctg     67080
     tgtctctctg tctatgtttc tctctctctc tctctctctc tccccctccc tccctccccc     67140
     ctctctgtgt gtgtattagg acctcactca catacaccga gcaaagccat tatccccagg     67200
     ccatagctgt gttggactag catccctgta acatcctttg ttgttacagg ctgtaagtca     67260
     ggctggtgga agagcatagg aactgggcag aagtataaag catagctgtt tccagtttca     67320
     agaagcatcc acatgagtga ggacactggt ccagtgggga aggtgaatgg ttaggagtcc     67380
     tgacagaatt cctgaatgtg ttctggggtt gggaagaaat caaggggagg agtcagacag     67440
     ggacaggtca gtggagctga tagccatgta gaggatggaa aatcaatccg agggtacaga     67500
     actgtgtgac aaatgaagca aagagaaaaa aaaacgaggt ggaggaagca ggtgcagtgg     67560
     agtctgaggg aagaggactg tgagctcaag gcctggccgc atagcaagac cttgtctcca     67620
     aatagctggg gaaacaatca accatcaaac aagtggaagg tttgtgggga gtgaggggag     67680
     gtcaaaggtc tgacgacata ggcaaaaagg aaccgctctg gtcagccctg tgaaattctg     67740
     gaagaggaca atcattctca atgagttagt cagcatagcc acttctgaca catcccaccc     67800
     agcctgtctc cctagactct ttcctcttac aacacttctc caaatagacc gaattttccc     67860
     tcttcttaac tttgctcttt ctgcttacat ttttgcatca agaatttctt tttccctgga     67920
     cttgacactg tcaaatcctt tacatccctt catggactct aagggggatg cgatcaaaac     67980
     acatcatata cgtgttggga atgccacagt aagacccatt ataatctaaa acaagtgata     68040
     tatgctaata agattgcata aattataata aaataattct gtttttttcc tgccaacacg     68100
     ttgagtttga agagactgaa ggaacaggat ggcagagatt gggtacaggt ggctctttca     68160
     tctcatcttc tcggggctct gtatttaaat cttttacatt ccaggataac tattgttata     68220
     tttattactt tagctttctc acaatggtgt atgggaccca aaggcgacca ctttactgac     68280
     tcacatgcca atcagcagcc caagggcttt agaatagcct ggagtaaact agactcaggg     68340
     gtgcatgcat taggctgcag aagcaacatg gctgcagtgt gatcacataa gacacttcat     68400
     tcactcctgg atcttggttc caagagaaaa agtaaagagg gtgtatctgt cccatccatg     68460
     cctgttaaaa aagatggcca ctctcaaaaa cctatctaca gttcaagaac tcctggtaaa     68520
     gtgtgcactt attgaagtaa tgggtgctta ttcttagcca ttaaagctgt gcatatattg     68580
     atgcctgtca tgtaggaatg gggacaatag agaccatgta tgcacactga tcatacctcc     68640
     caacttcatt gttgcctgga catgggtttt acatgagcaa acgctgacat gtgcacaggt     68700
     gaatgtgttt tgtctcatgt ctagcaagac accacttctc cagatggctg taggggcaca     68760
     tgcttactat cccaccatcc caacacttga gaaggagaat cccaagtata catagcctgg     68820
     gctatgtata cagcaagagc ctatctcaaa caagcaaaaa tttctccctt tgtttttcaa     68880
     ttattctttc ctcaagtgtc tggtgtgtcc ccacactcag atacgtttac agttagaaga     68940
     aacaaaatat gtttagactc aagggagttg gtctcttgcc tcagtcttcc gtagtcacta     69000
     ggatcttcac gcccagattt tgtgctttct gctgtggcac ttctgggtga gggagcctgg     69060
     gtatggccac cttgctctgt cctaagcact cacctggatt ttgttgggct ttaatacagt     69120
     acattttcct ggacaattcc atctatgagt gaacacagat tcaaaacttc cttcttctat     69180
     acttgtttca atgtagcacc aaataatgtt ggagttgttt aaggctaaat atggaacaac     69240
     cacaaagcca cttcagatac agaaaatcaa acttaaaatg acttttgaat gatcacatca     69300
     tctgtttcga aaattttaag tcatgggaat cttcaggcct tctgctgctg tcattttgtt     69360
     agtttgttgt tgttatattt atttatactc tgctctctct ctctctttct cattctcttt     69420
     ctttctgtct ctctgtctct gtctgtctgt ctctatctct gtgtttgtct gtgtctctct     69480
     gtgtctctgt ctgtctctca ctctctctct ctctgatact tgtgggattt ggttctctcc     69540
     ttccatcaag tgggtcctgg ggcttgaact caggtcatta gacctggagg caagagcctt     69600
     tacctgctga gccacctcat tggctccatt ttttagttta taaagtaatt gcttagaaca     69660
     tgctgtatct ggatgttcaa gcatgtttat gcaggtggat tgctgataca tagttaccaa     69720
     gtttggagca gctaaacagc aattcctaga aaattatcag tatccattgc tttctgctta     69780
     cagagccatg ggccaggagt ttggtctact gcagagagag aaagagagag agagagagag     69840
     agagagagag acagagagag agagagagag agacagagag agagagagag agagagagac     69900
     agagagacag agagacacac acagagagaa ctgaccctct gaaaactacc atctccaatc     69960
     ctgcttcttc taagccatca tcttatattt ctaattctgt gtccatactt cttacaacca     70020
     caagtgattc tctttaattt ataaatatta ttttagaaat ctccagcttt tattttaaaa     70080
     gcaataatag aaactggttt ttcttcctgt ggggactgga agcctttctt tctttctttc     70140
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tcttccttcc     70200
     ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc tttctttctt tctttctttc     70260
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt ctttctttca cttttgttca gtcttccact     70320
     attatcaaga ataatagtgt ccagtgtccc agaggacagc tgttagccag tttctccatc     70380
     cactccatcc attctccacc caccaaatct ccagtctatg ctatgatttc ttcacagcta     70440
     tcattactgt gacagctttg tgtgtcttat aggaccaaat tgtggttcct tcattaggtg     70500
     gaataatgga gaagaatgtg tgggtgagat ctgaacttga ctgtgataaa cccgggagtg     70560
     ataaggaaga gaggaggaga ttccatgaag acagtggggg ctcatatgga gcctggtgca     70620
     tgatgggtaa ctgggatgac aagcaaacaa acctcactgt agcagaaagt tcaacagaag     70680
     cactaacaaa acaccagggc caccgtaatc acaatcgcta catcagctga gtaagcaggg     70740
     gtaccacaca ctgttctaag tttctaggcc ttctataatt taatcctcag acactgctat     70800
     gcaccactac ttttttatcc ttttatattg tgggaaatgg agacttggga gggtattcta     70860
     attttccaag ggcatacagc ttacgtgtag tcgaaacata aatgcaggtc atgaatgtta     70920
     agacacgccc tgagtgtgca cacttgggtt ttggggatac ttcctaaatg ttagctccta     70980
     ctttgggttt aacaagggta aaacccaact cctacactga aaagaacttg gaccccatac     71040
     ttttaaatct tgctgttatg ctgatttgag gagacttgaa ccacttttca gtatcctttt     71100
     gattctttag acccagtcct cctgtagaca agatcagtgg ctgttgttct ccttggaacc     71160
     tctcttcaca gcatagaaca acactcactc ttgaatttcc cccatttctg actttggcac     71220
     cagatttgaa tatgacaatt agcccagggg gtggccacgg gaaagaatta ggccaattcc     71280
     tttgatcagt gctgaaatct aggagccaca gaagggatat ttgtccggag ttgttttcag     71340
     agtggaaaag tacactaacc caactcattg ggtctatatc caaagtgctg gttagagtat     71400
     tgaagaagat ttgccagtca caagtcagga accaaaaggc aaaaggaaca actagggcac     71460
     gtctctcaaa cactgggaaa tgagtctttg gattttctcc ttcaacacaa aaaggcgcca     71520
     caccaggtat tctctctcaa gtagcacaac atcatacaac atctgaggga ggagcgcaca     71580
     aggggcagaa acaatacaca cactctgaga tgaccgagtc actctgaaat gacccgaaag     71640
     tgaacatcag ctcagaaaca gcacagaacg agaaatactt aataaaactt aaggaagacg     71700
     ttcgtgggga ccagaaataa aataagagaa tctctaaata tcagatcaga cactcatact     71760
     gtctgtttaa tggaaacctg aagcatagct caccaaagca gaagtactca tgtgtcccag     71820
     cctcaaaaaa gctacagatg catcgtggaa tgttgatcca ctcagtgtta gaggagcaga     71880
     tgggacatga ccttggggca gcctttagct gtgagataac tggacaaggg tcccttgaga     71940
     gtagcctggg ctttgctgga gtttggctgt gttctctttc tccccacggg gaggcaagca     72000
     caatggtgtc tttggccatg tgttcagtgg aaccaggaag gacttcagag gccaactgaa     72060
     agtgtggcgg gccctgttgt tgtcaagaga ccccagtaat tgctggaaag ctggtgttcc     72120
     aggatgtttg gggcagggca caacgcccag aaggcaccag ctgaaggaaa ggtgctgaag     72180
     gggaactgtg atcctgggtc gtggctcaga ctgaaagctc caaagtttga gctttgactg     72240
     catcaggcac ttctccgtgt ctgtgactaa tgtgcccttt gaccaactta gcaactaagg     72300
     acttttttag cacatgggtt tttttttttt tttttttaaa ttacggcttc atcaagtctt     72360
     gaagtaaaag agttcaaatg ggtcaacatt ctacttccat tatcctagaa aattcaatat     72420
     tatagctcat tagtgaaggc agaagaggag tctggcaagg tcttcatgca tcattttaac     72480
     tggtatgaaa agcatgatta ggctttcact ccctttgtgt gcgaagatct ccacgatgct     72540
     aattaccaag aattcagaaa ctgcatcact taaaaacttt tgattagaaa agtgtcatat     72600
     tttgagcaca aattgaggtg tgggtttttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     72660
     tgtgtgtgtg agatctagct caagtttttc cctaacagtt taaaaaagat attattcaga     72720
     agctcgagat aattcagtgt ttaatatttt ttcttaatat ggtagatatt atatttgcta     72780
     tattttatta acaaaagaag gggtggacat ataaagagcg tcatttatgt agatacagcc     72840
     aaatcaaatc tctcccatgt tcctctagtg tattacactc tccttgtcat tttttttcat     72900
     gatgtactat gatataaaaa acattgggaa gtactctcaa aaatcacctt ttacaactag     72960
     taagtattca actttttccc ccttgcatac atgccagtga ggaaggaatg tcatgttact     73020
     atacagagaa acagcttggc taaagctgtt gttaattttt ttttaataaa gccaggaaat     73080
     tctgggaatg ttaaggaaac aaagagaaga tctttctctc tgcttcaatt gttgaaggca     73140
     tgcaacttaa ttttgctggg ttggagaaag aggattaaca ggtgaaaatt aagccttgta     73200
     aaattaaaat aagtgtattt tatttatata gtttaatagg agaaatattc gagagtgatg     73260
     caaggctctg aacggcatgc ccagcgacgc caaaaagacg ttccgacggc agccaggtat     73320
     cctgctggct ggccaccgtc tttatccacc agcctgaatc ttcctttcag atcatcttct     73380
     caaattatcc ataggagatt tacccacata ctcaataaga aaaatatttc taattatatc     73440
     caaccattct taatatgaat gagaattatg cagagacgct cgattgccaa gagggttttt     73500
     gccagacaat tccttttgac ttaagaaaga agaggcagtc gcattgtttc catagctagc     73560
     catataaaag agtcccgaac gaggctgact cgtcctgctt taaaaagctc caaggtaggt     73620
     gggagcagga cactggccac tgcccgagct gcagctcccc tggtctgtga atcctggtgc     73680
     cttcaacttt gcatagtggg atttacttct caactaatca agtgccttgc tcttctctca     73740
     tacaggaccc tcttatttcc cagctgcacc ttctcgtttg ccagtaaggt aagggttgga     73800
     ctaaccagtc cctggaggcg tgatggagaa tctctgggac aggtccatgt catttcgcat     73860
     cctctgagaa agtgcctgtc tcaggagaca ctaactgcgt ttgaggaaag gggctgggga     73920
     gggatggagg atttttatct ctgccatgtg agcaaagtca attctaaaaa gttggatttt     73980
     tttgtttttt gtttgtttgt cttgtctctg caagaaaaag aaaatccctg ctaaaatctc     74040
     cttggtagaa aagccaatag aattcatctg gtaaataaga tctctaacaa aaaaacgaaa     74100
     ggaagtactt agaacaatgg aacttttaaa cttcatgtat gcctgtagaa agtcatctca     74160
     caaaaccaaa acatagtgaa tttttaaaat aagaaaacga ggaattcagc agccccatta     74220
     ctgctgcatg ctgcatctcc gtagagggag atggggagag acgatttaaa ggagtttcaa     74280
     gcattcgatc ctgcagtgac tgtactggat aacttcccca ccttgtattg ttctgccacc     74340
     tgtaccttga agcagtgtgg aacaagctgc caggtttcac tttctgtaca aggaagctta     74400
     gacctctggg agtcctgcca tgtagaagca caaagatggg cgtgggtgtg tgggttatct     74460
     ccttcatgag ttagcttggt ttagtgtgca aagataccat gttagaataa ttgcccagca     74520
     tccaacttta aaaggggggg ggggaggtga caaacagaaa cacaattaaa attcttccca     74580
     aactactttg ggtaaatttg gccaaatatc taaacatgaa aataaagtgg tcttacttta     74640
     tatggccaga aagatgtgag acattaaagt aaatgacatt ttctatgcaa ataatttcct     74700
     gaacctgttc caattactta gtagtcattt taaaacattt tcccaaatat caccctatcc     74760
     caagggcttc aaagtgaaaa gaagctagta ctatcatcct tgccctaaag atggagttac     74820
     tgaggctcaa cataatcaag agacttaccc aaggtcacac aatccttggc aacatcactc     74880
     tacctataac ctagtttccc aactgggatg ccagtctcag aggatgggag atactagatg     74940
     cctaatccta agcacacatc actgcaacct cttgaacttc tgttcttgtg atgtctgctt     75000
     cagcaactgc agcctggtag tagtagaatt gcctagtgta atttgcaact ggggcccctg     75060
     cagtagacat cgtaacagtg gttctcaacc ctcctaatgt tgctaccctg taaaacagtt     75120
     cctcatgttg tggtgacctc aatgacagaa tgatttcatt gctacttcat aagtgtactt     75180
     ttgttatgaa tcataatgca aatatttgtg tcttctgatg ggctcaggtg acccgtgaga     75240
     aaaggtcttt tgacccccct aaaggggtag caacttacag tatgagaacc actgcactat     75300
     aaagattccc tagttggagc tggagaaatg actcagtggt taaaagtaat tgctgctctt     75360
     gcagagttcg attcccaaca cctacatgac acttcacaac catctgtaac tccagttcca     75420
     agggatctga tactctcctc tggcttcttt aggcaccagg catgcacaca gtacacacag     75480
     tacatgcaca cagtatatgc atgaatgtac atacgtacag ggaagatact catacaagtc     75540
     aaatcgtgat aactgtacaa agatctgctg ttataccagg cactgcagac tgtatgattt     75600
     ttttttttaa atcccctcta gggtctgtga gttcagcagt catgagctcc gacgccgaga     75660
     tggccgtttt cggggaggct gccccttacc tccggaagtc cgaaaaggag cgaatcgagg     75720
     cccagaatag gccttttgat gccaaaacat ctgtctttgt ggcggagccc aaggaatcct     75780
     ttgtcaaagg aaccattcag agcaaagatg cagggaaagt gactgtgaaa acagaagcag     75840
     gagcggtgcg tagggagcct gccacggtgt acctgttagg tttgtgctgc atttggcagg     75900
     gttggtcact cgctgacttg acaccaatag ttatctttcc tgtttactag accctgaccg     75960
     tgaaagaaga ccagatcttc cccatgaacc ctcccaagta cgacaagatc gaggacatgg     76020
     ccatgatgac ccacctgcac gagcccgctg tgctgtacaa cctcaaagag cgttatgcag     76080
     cctggatgat ctacgtgagt gacccacacc aggggtcttt agtgtcatta ccatgtgccc     76140
     taaaagccga ggcacaaatg tgtcctaagt atctctcagt cactagaagt caccagcaga     76200
     attactagtt attaaaaagt tcattattga aactgtaagg cacatattgt cttctctccc     76260
     aagggcaggc cattgtccgt ctggccatag gctttatcac agatctgtag attaaccatg     76320
     ctaaggacgt ccctttcttt cccttcctat ctctttcctc cccctccatt cttatctctt     76380
     ccccttccct cccttcccct ctctgtcaat tgctgttgca gaattttgtc aatgaagaaa     76440
     agataaacac tctgaaacat ttaagaatgg aatttttagg ggttaaattt cattttaggg     76500
     attaaatctc cccacacaat aataccaggg tctctgtgtt ttggttcctt tcatctgtgt     76560
     gatctttcca gcatccccag gcagccttga gtattctgct ccgctcttcc catccctgca     76620
     ttcacactat gtgtttcctg gttattcatt aacttcccca tctactgtgc tgactgggaa     76680
     tttctcaaag gactctatgc tatctatgtt ttagtctgac atccttgcag ggtcctagaa     76740
     tataatatgc atccaataac catctgaatg taatgcatct tatattcatg tttttataca     76800
     gtttagctag aattgatatt cagctgggca atacccacac aggtatacca gatgtttatg     76860
     ctctataacc actttaattg gctagtgaca gtccttaacc agttgacaga caacttttaa     76920
     attcctgtgt ttaatcctta tgtatttatt tgttctttgt cgctgtataa ctaaaacata     76980
     ctttacagca tttcccaata ctgccatatc cacacactgt cccactcact tttgaaaggc     77040
     ttttatcatg ttgtcttaaa atattccaaa gtccccatcc tctcttaccg ttgaatacat     77100
     ttatgttcaa atttatgttc taataaactc gaagtgtctc agttctgcaa agaaaatata     77160
     ctcttgtttc tttcaaacaa caaacagcaa aaatctctca tagtccacat tttaaaacaa     77220
     atagacagac atggtgttgg tgctcttgct gtgggaaaac catgacaagt cccaagggaa     77280
     gcagtaggaa ctctgaactg gtcattgccc tcaactgatg cggttgcctg tcaaccagtc     77340
     agtttccatg ctgaagaccg ggagaaatgt actcacaagg gtccttcttc ttcttcttaa     77400
     attccaacca agtgagttgc acagacaaga aggacctttg gatagtcatt ctctctttct     77460
     ttatacagac ctactcaggc ctcttctgtg tcaccgtcaa cccttacaaa tggctgccgg     77520
     tgtacaaccc cgaggtggtg gcggcctatc gaggcaaaaa gcgccaggag gccccgcccc     77580
     acatcttctc catctctgat aacgcctacc agttcatgct aacaggtaag tggcttgcca     77640
     attttctatg tgcctgaact tttctctgca gacctctata gaaagcctcg aatcaattgc     77700
     accattcccc tcaagagaat cccctcccac aggggctcat gtgagataat acaggacgac     77760
     caatgagctc tctaatgttt agaggtcaac aaaaattact tgcagtgaga cttatgaaca     77820
     taaacaggca agcatccgtg tgcagatata catgtgctca catagacaca gccacacata     77880
     ctgactgtta ctgtatggta aaaagcagga gaaaaaactt tgcttttacg gtttctcctt     77940
     tttatcagag attatgatca acagtacaca ggatgctgcc tttgctagaa ccaaccagtg     78000
     agattttaag gcatagctgg tattaggaca ttataccgtg acactacctc tatggtgctt     78060
     cacttagcta ggttgatctt atgtacttgt gggccctttg gaaatggttt ggagaattct     78120
     tcaggctgag cgagacatca cagctcttgc tttcccttaa aagtatgatg aagccatgtg     78180
     tactgccaac acttccacct tcccaccctt taagactcct catgcatcaa aatgtttcca     78240
     atgtcccagc aggcatttgt ccttttgccc accatgaatg tgtcactgat ttaaattgtc     78300
     atcaaaatgg gatgggcaag ccaagtctag tttagatatt gatttagcag tagaatatta     78360
     gaaagaaagc cttatgcttc aggaaaacag tgtagtctcc cttctaccaa ggcttttagg     78420
     caatttcttc atcataggat ttcccccatt gaatggaatg ttctgggaag acatgagtgg     78480
     ttgtccttgg tttaaatggg tgtatgtgca ccaagtatgg ggagagaaga aagggaagat     78540
     gttatgtcac tgtgcactag gtgctaagac tgctaaacag agaaatagaa atctcatgcc     78600
     ccgattcctt tctagccatt tacaagtggg tttgaaacaa cattaagtgc ttgcaatttc     78660
     tctttgcaga cagggagaat cagtcaatcc tgatcacgta agtagggttt gatgttttct     78720
     tttcatggct atggaagatg ctaggtgtgg ggcctcctct gattgttttg acttaacagc     78780
     ggagaatccg gggccgggaa gactgtgaac acgaagcgtg tcatccagta ctttgcaaca     78840
     attgcagtca ctggggacaa gaagaaggag gaggcaactt ctggcaaaat gcaggtgaga     78900
     gtgactgtca cagagtccag actgagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     78960
     agagagagag agagagagag tgtgtctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgattc ctagcaagga     79020
     atccctgagc ctgataagca aggtctgatc tattccttgc aggggacgct ggaggaccaa     79080
     atcatcagtg ccaaccccct gctggaggcc tttgggaacg ccaagaccgt gaggaatgac     79140
     aactcgtctc gctttgtgag tctcttgtgc actgtgatgg gcactgttca ttggccaaag     79200
     ctgtgggaag tctctgatgt agtctttgaa tctttattca cattatattc tactgtggtt     79260
     ctctttggct tattttgaag atcaaaaact ctggccagaa ggacatgtga ctcctttctg     79320
     ggtttttatt tcattatcat tactactact actactacta ctactactac tactactgca     79380
     aaatacttta attttaatta ataataactg catatatgca tggggcacaa tgggatgttt     79440
     taatatattt atacagcgtg ggataattaa tccaaactaa ttaacacagc atcacctcat     79500
     atatttatat tcataaattc ttaaatccaa gataaaatcc ttctacttgt aaaacagaag     79560
     taggtatttt atttctgtta taaatagtct ctggctcggt ttaaaattaa agcagtattg     79620
     ttccaaatgt ttttgagcat ttccaatgat ttgatattcc tgaaaacaaa gtagacatat     79680
     tagttttcct ttcaagggta aattcatcag gatccacttt ggcactacgg ggaaactggc     79740
     atctgctgac atcgagacct gtgagtgttc acctgcagcg ccactctgct ctcaggcctg     79800
     ctaaagctgc ctgacagtca aacctctgca ccccgtcagc tttcacagtt ttcctgcttg     79860
     tgatctgctc tcttttagat ctgctagaga agtcccgggt cactttccag cttaaggcgg     79920
     aaagaagcta ccatatattt tatcagatca catccaacaa gaagccagag ctgatcggta     79980
     aggggtgccg taactcctct ccaaagttcc cccctccccc acactagtca ccacaccagc     80040
     cagggtattg cccaacctga cgcaccatgt ctaaattctg tcaagccttt ttttttttta     80100
     aatgggaaat gaaagaagct tttcaggagt aattgtggga aatctttgta agtttgttaa     80160
     aatttatatt tgcttattat aaagattctt aagaaatcaa aggaaaagtg aaaaactatc     80220
     tccaatttct actatgaaat aaccattatg aacacctaca taaacatctc attggtgact     80280
     caaggtgact tcaatgggta tattgttaca taatgataaa tgcatacaat ttacccggtt     80340
     ggagtaatag tcacactttt ataatttata tatatttact gagtgtgtca cagtttcatc     80400
     catattaatg tggctgcatg gtgttgtggt tggttgcata gtgttccaca ctagaggtag     80460
     gcaattttta cttaatcata ttctttcccc tttaaggttt caatttgctt ccatttctga     80520
     ttttaaaata gctactacaa taaagactat ggtagtatgt ggtcaacttt ccatcattct     80580
     ttgaaagtct cacacatgca taccatttgt taatgatcat ggtgatgttt aaaaactagt     80640
     caatgacagg gaacaccatg ctgtcatctt caaggtagtt agcacccgtc agtctttccc     80700
     caggtatcaa gtagttacct tagaatcggt ctggaagtct cttggtttga tgaagacata     80760
     gactatgttc ctctttgctc tcttccatgt acttagaaat gctgctgatc accacgaacc     80820
     catatgatta cccatttgtc agccaggggg agatcagtgt ggccagcatt gatgaccagg     80880
     aagagctgat ggccactgat gtaagtagaa cacagagcga tgtttagaat gactgcgcaa     80940
     ggtcagacat gtggttcagt aagataacta ttcagagctg ccggaagaaa tagcaaaggg     81000
     tggtgggtat taagaaagca ctggattccc gggctcggac gctgtccctc cacaggcttt     81060
     taagatccca tcacctcaga gtttgcaggg gtcttgatga aactgaggtg tgacttctca     81120
     aaaataaaaa gtgtctgaga tttaccatgg tttctcctaa gcttcttttt gacgtgtgag     81180
     aaacaaaaac ctgtaactta attgctcaag tgagcatcct ccccacgccc ctgctaagga     81240
     acctgcttcc ctccagtagt tccggtgtga tttcctcagc cttaccagct agtgaggaat     81300
     gggaacacga gcggtaaata acaggtctta atctaacagc tctcatcttg attttgttgg     81360
     cagagtgcta tcgacatttt gggctttaca aatgatgaaa aagtctccat ctataagctc     81420
     accggtgctg tgatgcatta tgggaacatg aagttcaagc agaagcagcg ggaggagcag     81480
     gcagagccag atggcaccga aggtaccggc tgcgtcttcc acctgacgtc gtgcttcgtt     81540
     tgaagctcat gttcttaatg tgttattctg agttttccta agaaggcaaa ctcacatttc     81600
     agatctgagc tttatagagc acttaaataa tatgctatgt aaagcacaaa cataatttgg     81660
     ggtagtcaag gtcttggact cagtaagaac ataggcaaga ctattaaaat tatactgaaa     81720
     attctgcaca acatgcttga agataaagtt gtttttggtt tttaagaaat ggatttcttt     81780
     gtaccctaat accattgtat ccatgctttc ttttagttgc tgacaaagct gcctatcttc     81840
     agggtctgaa ctctgctgac ctgctcaaag ccctctgcta ccccagggtc aaggtcggca     81900
     atgagtacgt caccaaaggc cagactgtcg agcaggtaag catgatatta ataaccatcg     81960
     caaggggatc aaagcattga accttcctca tgtaatgtca agagttctat cttcatcttt     82020
     caaggtgacc aatgctgtgg gtgccctggc caaggccatg tatgagaaga tgttcctgtg     82080
     gatggtcacc cgcatcaacc agcagctgga caccaagcag ccccggcagt acttcatcgg     82140
     ggtcttggac atcgctggct ttgagatctt tgatgtgagt tgcaaacata ttgatggaac     82200
     acctttatat ctatgactat attactaaga aggagtctta ggaaccttcc ttgccactgt     82260
     cagttacatg aagacacaaa ggagattttc ttggcaccta caagtcattt cctctgtcaa     82320
     atgacaaaca atgtgtgtaa ggaagaccct tcattcactg caggacagag ggagttacct     82380
     tgtgaaagga aaaggttcta aaaaaatccc atggtgtaaa ggaagctgat attaagtagc     82440
     acagcagaac ttagtaacat ctaatatgct cagagtatac agtgcagaat tcacggagaa     82500
     atacttaggg agataataaa gtctgtaaaa ggcttaataa tttagaagca tcattaatta     82560
     aatgcaatta acttttaatg cttgttaatg taatatcatg aaataaaatt ttctatttga     82620
     tcatgagata catttccctg ctcagagctt tttaaaagtt tatcttctct tttgattatt     82680
     acaataaaac tcggctttaa tagaaaacat agaaaagcaa ggaaaagcac acaattctgc     82740
     taagtatgtc tagttcgttt gacattttgg tagggtttct agagatataa atgtgcactc     82800
     ttctatcttg caatcttttg tgtcctgctt attgttccca tttcacacta aagaataatt     82860
     actagtcact tgaaattccc atcatagtga tattcctgta aggcaagctc tgaaccaact     82920
     ttttatggat tgagagtttg ggtgaggcct ctggaagcca taggggcaac tggaatacat     82980
     agaaggaggt taagtagaaa ctcagggaaa aaatgtatga ttttaagcaa gttcaagcaa     83040
     agagtattaa tgctgattta agacattctg taaaatggca acaaacaggg gcgtctacat     83100
     gcctcaaacc ttccatactt ttctgttttg tatggcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaaaaaga     83160
     aaaaaaaaag aaaagaaaag aaagaaagaa aagaaaaaga gagactcttc tgaccagtga     83220
     tgttgacact catctgtaag ttattttaaa taaaatgttc agttaatttt agagagaaat     83280
     aatcacatgt atttatttag ttcaacagcc tggaacagct gtgcatcaac ttcaccaatg     83340
     agaaactgca acagtttttc aaccaccaca tgttcgtgct ggagcaggag gaatacaaga     83400
     aggagggcat cgagtggacc ttcatcgact tcgggatgga cctggcggcc tgcatcgagc     83460
     tcatcgagaa ggtatccatc ccgctccgtc tgtctgtggc cccttcccat ggacttccca     83520
     ctcttattta ctcagctgct ttgcctcacc ttcaaaccag ccgatgggca tcttctccat     83580
     cctggaagag gagtgcatgt tccctaaggc gacagacacc tccttcaaga acaagctgta     83640
     tgagcagcat cttggaaagt ctgccaactt ccagaagcct aaggtggtca aaggcaaggc     83700
     cgaagcccac ttctccctca tccactatgc gggcaccgtg gattacaaca tcactggctg     83760
     gctggacaag aacaaggacc cactgaacga gaccgtggtg gggctgtacc agaagtcttc     83820
     agtgaaaact ctggcttatc tcttctctgg ggcacaaact gctgaagcag gttaggcttc     83880
     caaaccttaa ttttctgtag ctattacaat tgaactatta ggttaaggct aatgagatag     83940
     cctaggcaga agggtggcat gccaaaccct tatcccttga gtagtaggct atgctgtaga     84000
     tagaaatttg tggttcacct ctctactgaa agagacctta tcacaatggc cagaaaggaa     84060
     ctatgaggct ctcaacccta aaaaggcctg ggcttttgaa attctctcct ttctcccaca     84120
     ctactgaatg tgaagcacct ggggatatta cagacaatat agtgggcaaa ttctacctcc     84180
     agcattaacg tctgctgatg atatttttaa gtcactgtgc accatgtatc aatgttggaa     84240
     ggctcgtctc ctcatggtta gatgactgct gtttatatca actccatata ggtaacaaac     84300
     caccgaaaag tgggtgtata gataatgaaa agtgggtgta aacttagtta aaaagaaggt     84360
     ttcaagaggg ccagtggggt aggaggaagt ttctagggag gaagaaattt tgacttgagc     84420
     atcaagagca cagaaatcac tatgatttct gtgacaagag agagcccact gactgtcttt     84480
     gaacaacatt attctttttc ttcctcagag gcaagtagtg gtggagctgc caagaaaggt     84540
     gccaagaaga aggggtcctc ttttcagacc gtgtctgccc tgttcagagt aagaacaaac     84600
     taacacccca attgctttag gaatttggct ctagaagtat gatgtcacat tctccagaag     84660
     agtctagaaa agggttgaca tttacaactt tgactgatct atagtgtatc tcacttctca     84720
     tgctaagttg ccataggatg aagggtacct cctgggaaac cttacagaac ttaatgatcc     84780
     accattcaaa aactagtcgg gtgacaaccc aaagccatgt acagaagtat taagaaaata     84840
     tcagtaagac taaggaacct ggaagttgtg gtgttgccaa cctgtaatcc ttgggaggca     84900
     gaagcaggag gattgaaaat ttcaaaacag cctgggatac atttttgaga atattccaat     84960
     gacagcaagc ccaaactaaa cccaactaaa ccaacatcaa aacaaagaga aagattaacg     85020
     caacctagca gctaacctac aatcaagcta atataatatt gttgctactg atccattcag     85080
     ttgtcggcac caagttacaa agtattatgt tatggatgga actgtaaaaa accatctaag     85140
     gtccaaacat ggtgcatgat tgcatatcct tattgaataa ctagagcata gtaaaagata     85200
     gaggtatcat gtaatacaat ggttatcaac cttcctaatg ctgagaccct ttaatacagc     85260
     tcctcatgtt gtggtaactc ccagccacaa cattattttt gttgctacca tagttttgct     85320
     attatgaacc ataatgtaaa tatctgatat gtaaccccca aaaggcttgc aatgcacagg     85380
     ttaagaacta ctgatctagt agataatcat gttcaaatga tcaaaggtca gagaagacag     85440
     caagacaatg ttagtacaaa gggaaagaaa acacaccatc aggctttccc acattcatcc     85500
     ctcctgccaa caagaatgca gacagatgga ctgaggaaga ggctacagcc cagcagaagc     85560
     aagaaaagtc tttcttttta aaatgagaac tgcttctcct gggccaaggc ttaatcagta     85620
     aagtacttgt cttgcaagtg tgagggtcta aatttagata ctcacaagaa aaacctggca     85680
     tggtggtgtg ctcctacaac cccaccaatg gtgagacgga aggcagagac aaatggagcc     85740
     ttgaaagatc ccaggatagc aagctatggc taaagttcta gtccaatgag agaccctgtc     85800
     tcaaccacaa gatggaagat actcaaggac tgatacgcaa ggatggccta aagctgtaga     85860
     ggagtggtgt gcatgtgcac acatgtgtac gagcgcgcgc gcgcgcatgc aaacacacac     85920
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac aagccacaga gttattttac     85980
     agatgtcaac aattgctctt tcctctcctg ctattctgac caaagttctc tgctcttaca     86040
     ggagaatttg aacaagctga tgaccaatct caggagcacc catcctcatt tcgtgaggtg     86100
     tatcatcccc aatgaaacca agactcccgg taagagtctc tagagtgaaa gcccagagca     86160
     tggctgccac atctcctgtg ttgtattccg ctaagagaga aacatgcatt tgcaggtgcc     86220
     atggagcacg aactggtcct gcaccagctg aggtgtaacg gggtgctgga gggcatccgc     86280
     atctgcagaa agggcttccc cagcaggatc ctctatgcag acttcaagca gaggtcagcc     86340
     ttctaattat gatctgtctt tgatggttag tgtaagcagg ttggatgtaa gcaaaacaat     86400
     ttagtgaaaa gcatgcctct atttaattag tcataaaagg agtgaaggct ccgactctca     86460
     caacacttta aaaagatact atatgttaag cgctatatgt aaaatttcca ctggatttac     86520
     ggaggttcat agatacattc tctggtgtca gtaattagga gagctatcct tttcactact     86580
     tgatctcatt taacccccac catcacacag ttgagatgag aagtactatg acctcatttt     86640
     ctggacaaat gaagtagggt tcagagagat caacttattt gcttaaagac aaagctaata     86700
     ggtcactggg gtggcatgct gcacgtagag ctacaaatag gtcacctttg tgttctgctt     86760
     gatttcattt ttctcttgca ggttactttt ccagttcccc agaataagag gggacctgtc     86820
     atggtgacaa ttccttagaa ctccctgata agctgatcta gagagtcaag aatgacttct     86880
     gggtggcagc tacaggacac tggtctcatt taagtctaga gctggttaag ttgacaggga     86940
     gtagcagagc tcaagaccca agggcaccca cagtttgctc ttaggccatt aggataactc     87000
     cccacattta aatatcatct attatatacc ttaacttatt tattattatt aaaatataat     87060
     tataccattt ccctattccc tttcctccct ctaggtcctc tcatgttcca tcttcttaaa     87120
     ttcatggatt atttcctaat taattaatcc atactaatta attaatgtaa ttaattaata     87180
     ttaattatta acacatctat attaattaat tttaaaagca gattttttgg aaccaggtat     87240
     ctttctttaa agcaaattta tcaagccatg atagcatatt atattgcata ggtcctctac     87300
     ttttaaatgt aagcaagatc atgtgatcct tccttgagga cagagtctga taaaaaagga     87360
     aaagaacagg aagagtgggg tcatgcactc cagaggcaga agtggtgggt ctctctgact     87420
     ttgaggccag tctagtctac atagtgagga tggataggtc agccatagct agctgtatgt     87480
     accttgtcaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaaaaaga ttgtaaatat aaagaagcta caatggcatg     87540
     aaaatatata gcaaataggt tgaaaaacat gcaaataatg ttcctctgtg aacagagaat     87600
     aataattctt aaaaatcttt gatttttaaa ataactcatt tagagtttgg ctactgttca     87660
     taaataaaat ctttacaaac tatacttgct tcaacagata caaagtgtta aacgcaagtg     87720
     ccattcctga gggtcagtac atcgatagca agaaggcttc tgagaagctc ctgggctcca     87780
     ttgacattga ccacactcag tataagtttg gtcacaccaa ggtaatcccc ctgaagtcca     87840
     gcctcttgtc ttcttgccct ttgaactttg tatgatgttt ctgagctgca acattgcctg     87900
     cacacaggtc tttttcaaag ctggtcttct ggggctccta gaggagatga gagatgacaa     87960
     gttggcccag cttattaccc ggacccaggc tatgtgcaga gggttcttgg cgagagtgga     88020
     gtaccagaag atggtggaga gaaggtataa aaatgcatag tttattcaca tcttgtgtcg     88080
     aaatagactt ctgtaggaaa gtgggggaac ctgagttctg ccagcatgga ctatatcgtg     88140
     agtgtctggg tgaaaactca agaagcatca ggcatagata gttttatata tttttttaat     88200
     ctaacactga aaaatacact agtgagtagg cagagataaa attttgccgt tctgtttatt     88260
     tctaatgagg ttctattaga tatatcatta aatggaggac cttaaaatgt atagtaattt     88320
     caaaaaatgg ctttatatag tttttatata aaacaatttc ttcagttgaa ttatttctat     88380
     tattgaacta tcataattta aaatagggta tttgtgaaga tctttccaca ataggctact     88440
     acaatatcat caagggagtt aacttcctgg tagtctagtt gaagaactaa tatgtgacag     88500
     agcctgatgt ctgaggaccg gaaatgagaa gtgtgttata catggccatc tgtgcatcca     88560
     cacacatgaa caagtctgtg tgcacacaca aacaggttgc acaacacaac ttttattact     88620
     tgaagttatg cttatttttt ctaatcacag tcactatgct atatttgggt agctaactac     88680
     ctatatatga tggtcaataa tttttaaata acctagatta aggcaaatgt aacattataa     88740
     attagaatgc tacattcata cagagtcagt atttttgaac aagctcttca gatgatctca     88800
     accatgtcca aggttgagac acaatggtgt agagaagttg gttacaagtc cttgagcatc     88860
     gccatgaaat ataacttttc tgatctgcaa ggttgactgc aaatagagaa tagggtggga     88920
     tggaggggga ccaaagctgt gacattcact cctgaaattt atattcgctc cgtcatccac     88980
     tgtatctaat tagcaaccac cttatttcag ggagtccatc ttctgcatcc agtacaacat     89040
     ccgcgccttc atgaacgtca agcactggcc ctggatgaaa ctcttcttca agatcaaacc     89100
     cctgctgaag agcgcagaga ccgagaagga gatggccacc atgaaggagg agttccagaa     89160
     aaccaaagat gaccttgcca agtcagaggc aaagaggaag gaacttgaag aaaagatggt     89220
     gtccctcttg aaagaaaaaa atgacttgca acttcaagtt caggctgtaa gctggggctg     89280
     aacattgggt atcactaatc aaggtgaagt gctggtgctc tggccatgat aagtgagatg     89340
     catcgttgtc agggaggcac tcattgtaca gggagggtta aagacaccaa ctggacacat     89400
     ttctctccct gctcaataaa cacccccaaa acagtgccat gacaatgaag tagaactgtc     89460
     tgtattcttc tagtctgcac aatttcagca gtctacagga attgtggctt cttttcagct     89520
     tgaagatagt cctcaaaagt tattaacaca acccaaataa tgtagtaaga gaaagatgat     89580
     gtggagagat ttttcttttc aaatgtcctt gagcaacatc ttgacatcca ttggcttcgc     89640
     gttaccacag agacagcaga tggtcgatga tgttctacac cagattgcat tgcattattg     89700
     ttagttattg atctaaaatc ccatgcctgt tatttcttcc atctccatgg acagtggcct     89760
     tttgtaccac acccacaact ctgtcttaat ttctgagcct tctcccaatt tttattccat     89820
     caaacttgct gactgctcac ttctgggcca gccatcttag aaatccttcc attgatctgg     89880
     gaatataatt tacaggacta gtttccattt gggttaaact tacttggtca tatatgtgtg     89940
     tgtgtgcatg tgtatgtgta tatatatacc cacacacacg cacacacaca cacacacaca     90000
     cacatatata cacacacaca cacacacata tatatgtata tatatattct tataagattg     90060
     gtctctgctg ttaagttggg gtggcatgat aactcctcca ggctcacaga agggaacttc     90120
     tttctgcttc cttcaaatct gcacccaatt atttctttct attctcctct gatcctattc     90180
     acttaagtga attcatgaca tgggacacac cgcagtctct taggcattca aaggatggtg     90240
     gcagtggatt ataagcatat atatgtacat agatatcata tgtaaaagta tcatatatat     90300
     cacctgtata agtacatcat acatctatat acatcattta taaaggaaaa ccatcctcca     90360
     gtaccacaga gaaaactatc tcagcacctg tagcatcttg cagtctcctt gtacaaatgc     90420
     acccccatct gcctcttgct gttttcccta taagatgact tctacacact tcattcctac     90480
     ccatctcaca agggtcagct ggaaaactaa tttcatgaat gcaccaggga accaatgcat     90540
     tcgattttcc aatattatga gttatgtttt aaattaatgg tagcctttga gagatgggtg     90600
     ttctaatcta ttataaaact cattgtcata aaagagagaa aacaacatag tttattttcc     90660
     ccacataggc aaaaagcatt gtacatagta ggtggtttat gaaatataaa tccttgaata     90720
     gataaacaaa caaatgcaag aaacccagca ggccacttca agaaggttaa actcttacta     90780
     tgacaatata ttttattctt tctccctaat ttcaattata ttgccaactc caggaagctg     90840
     aaggcttggc cgatgcagag gagcgatgcg accagctgat caaaaccaaa atccagctgg     90900
     aggccaaaat caaagaggtg accgagaggg ccgaggatga ggaggagatc aacgcagagc     90960
     tcacggccaa gaagaggaag ctggaggacg agtgctcaga gctgaagaag gacatcgatg     91020
     accttgagct gacactggcc aaggttgaga aggagaagca cgccacggag aacaaggtat     91080
     gagacgtcta cacgggaagc ttatgactca ttttaatgaa gaagtaagac ataaaaccaa     91140
     agctattaag acctaacgtt taatgcaaag cacgtttgct tcccaaggtg aaaaacctga     91200
     cagaggagat ggcaggcctg gacgaaacca tcgccaagct gaccaaggag aagaaggccc     91260
     tccaggaggc ccaccagcag accctggatg acctgcaggc agaggaggac aaagtcaaca     91320
     ccctgaccaa agccaaaatc aagctggaac agcaagtgga tgacgtaagt tgtgcattac     91380
     cgagggaatg gtttccttct aaaggaaact atacatttct tcctactcaa acactacatt     91440
     catctagctt gaagggtcct tggagcaaga aaagaaactt cgcatggacc tagaaagagc     91500
     caagagaaaa cttgagggcg acttgaagtt agcccaggag tccatcatgg acattgaaaa     91560
     tgagaaacag cagctcgatg aaaggctcaa aaagtaagca ggaaagaacg gctctgggct     91620
     gtgcttccgg ttggctacag acggaatttc tacactgtgt ttcttttctt taaggaaaga     91680
     gtttgaaatg agcaatctgc agagcaagat tgaggacgag caggccatcg gcattcagct     91740
     gcagaagaag atcaaggagt tgcaggtaca tccatagctt ctatccgtct aattcatcat     91800
     taaaggaccc aagaagctga gtcggtcttt tccaccacct ccaggcccgc atcgaggagc     91860
     tggaggagga aatcgaggca gagcgggcct ccagggccaa agcagagaag cagcgctctg     91920
     acctctcccg ggaactggag gagatcagcg agaggctgga agaagccggc ggagccactt     91980
     cagcccagat cgagatgaac aagaagagag aggctgagtt ccagaaaatg cgcagggacc     92040
     tggaggaggc cacgctgcag catgaagcca cagcagccac cctgaggaag aagcatgcgg     92100
     acagcgtggc cgagctcggg gagcagatcg acaacctgca gcgggtgaag cagaagctgg     92160
     agaaggagaa gagcgagatg aagatggaga tcgatgatct tgccagtaat gtagagacag     92220
     tgtctaaggc caaggtacat gtttggaaaa tggatattaa tgacactaat ccatatggat     92280
     gcctcagttt gcacagggca ctttctagat agtaagtcat ttgcaggagt acagaaaggt     92340
     gaccagagaa atgataatgt tttttattat ttctatttta catacgaaga tatgggattc     92400
     aaagaagcca agcacaggaa tccatcactc tgttgttgat aagtgacata gcacagtcac     92460
     ctgtgctctc caaattaggg tcgctcatat tttgtattgt atgacaatgt tctagtatat     92520
     ggaaaaggag tgaagcattt ttttaataac ttcgtagaga acagatcata tagttcttac     92580
     agaattataa aattcagggt ccaatcttca aattttcata tgactatagc atctagcttc     92640
     ataatttctc ttcagtaaaa ggaaagacat catctagatt atattaaatt taggataatt     92700
     tgatttattt gttcaaagaa gtatgttttc ctttgcagga aaactagctg cagcaaaaag     92760
     ctatccattc tctcaaagct ttgtcctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     92820
     tctctctctt agggaaacct cgagaagatg tgccgcaccc tggaggacca ggtgagtgag     92880
     ctgaagtcaa aggaggagga acagcagcga ctgatcaacg acctgacaac ccagagagga     92940
     cgactgcaga ccgaatccgg taattctccc tcttcagcgc tgtctgagca tagagatgag     93000
     gtagttaaga ataaatgagc tgatgatgtg agcatctaat ataagcgact aagaacaccg     93060
     gtgattcacc agaaggctga ggcacagcct acatccaagt catgactagt gcaagctctg     93120
     atcccgaaag accttgagga tttatccaca gaggaggctc tggaatcagg agacactcca     93180
     gcatgacccc agggtttctg tctcagctca catcttttgt tgttgccatt cctgttttgc     93240
     agcacagggg atgaaattca gggccacaca cttgctaagc gagtagtctg cattgaagct     93300
     gtgttgtgtc cccagccctt caggtcctct tgtttatgtc agtgtgaact taatttctga     93360
     aggaggcaag gcccaggccc atctctcaag tgtccctgga gagtcctcaa gatgactcac     93420
     tgggcaacat ctcacaagcc tgctgtgctg agttcaaact ctagaagcca cagaaagtgg     93480
     gagaagagaa ctccaaacag ttgttgcctt tcacatgaat actgtagcaa tcacacacac     93540
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacatct gtggaagcag atttttttag atcctcattt     93600
     tgacagtcaa cactagattt tgcatattgt catagaaata agattttact ccgaggagag     93660
     aaaaggaatg tacattgtat ttattcctct gggttgctat gccagcttta ttagaaaacg     93720
     tagagatttt tgcacagagc tcgaaaatat cagtaagtaa tttaatcatc cgaactctca     93780
     atttggggtg ctgagttaaa tttgcgtctg aaatggcttt cagagtttgt tctttactta     93840
     gagaacatta gtgcggtttc ttctgtttcc caggtgaatt ttccaggcag cttgatgaga     93900
     aggaagcgct ggtatctcag ttatcaaggg ggaagcaagc attcactcaa cagattgagg     93960
     agctaaagag gcagcttgaa gaggaagtaa aggtgattat taatctaagg ctgatggctg     94020
     caatttgttt cacgagttga ccctagaaag agccagttcc accatcgtta aggggactga     94080
     gtatttaaat atctagtaca atgaagatgt gaacatctcc ataggccaag aacgcgctgg     94140
     cccacgccct gcagtcctcc cgccatgact gtgacctgct gcgggaacag tacgaggagg     94200
     agcaggagtc taaggctgaa ctgcagaggg cgctgtccaa ggccaacagc gaggtggccc     94260
     agtggaggac caaatatgag acggatgcca tccagcgcac ggaggagctg gaggaagcca     94320
     agtatgtggg aaagaatgtg cagaaaactt tacatatcca tgccacatca ttgtggatta     94380
     gcttctgtct tctagactac cgtaataatc ccccagtaaa atgaacatat ccctgacctc     94440
     ctgctgactt aaaatccagt taaggtaaca aacaattgag aattccagag cctgctgctc     94500
     tttgccaaat gtcccaagct cattgctacc tgtgcactgg ctgctccatc tctacacaac     94560
     agtccctttt ggtctcccac tagttcactc tgtcttctta gcaagacctt ccctaaatag     94620
     ctagagttct cacccacaaa tcaccacatt ttattactcc tcactgcatt catatctgaa     94680
     gggtgttctt aagcaactgc agacttgact gttgttgatg tctctctctt gtctgagcta     94740
     catgaagcag gcggcatttg tcttgttcac cgctgtgtat tcatgatgtc tggttctaag     94800
     aggaccctag tgaatcttgt catgtgaatg aatgacatca ctatgaagtt ttcgatattc     94860
     ttcaatgtga tgatagttca tatctttaat atggtttctt cttcctaaaa cttcatgtaa     94920
     tcttcaagga agaagctggc tcagcgtctg caggcggctg aggagcacgt agaagccgtg     94980
     aacgccaagt gcgcttctct ggagaagacg aagcagcggc tgcagaacga ggtggaggac     95040
     ctcatgctgg atgtggagag gaccaacgct gcttgtgccg ccctggacaa gaagcagaga     95100
     aacttcgaca aggtgattcc cgacgcatcc tctctctgct tggcacaccc ttttccatca     95160
     cccacagcag ctcactgctc ttgttttctc agatcctggc agagtggaag cagaagtatg     95220
     aggaaaccca cgctgagctc gaggcatccc agaaggaggc ccgctccctg ggcactgagc     95280
     tcttcaagat gaagaatgcc tacgaggagt ctctggatca gctagaaacc ctgaagcgag     95340
     agaataagaa cttacagcgt aaggcccttt ctctctcaac agtacccatg acttggaggg     95400
     aacactcgct cttctatgcc atgtcttgac cacaccctta cctgcttttc accctattta     95460
     cagaggagat ttctgacctc acggaacaga ttgcagaagg aggaaagcgc atccacgaac     95520
     tggagaaaat taagaaacaa gtcgaacaag agaagtgtga acttcaggct gctctagaag     95580
     aagcagaggt acaggctgca tacacggtta accaacttat agaggaagaa ttaagtccac     95640
     ctacggggca tgcaaacagg cacagcacac agtcatctgt gtgtagcaac atggcagcat     95700
     gcttgttcct cgtttgctaa tgttgcctct tgatgtcctg aaggcatctc tggagcacga     95760
     ggagggaaag atcctgcgca tccagctgga gctgaaccaa gtcaagtctg agatcgacag     95820
     gaagattgct gagaaggatg aggagatcga ccagctgaag agaaaccaca ttagagtcgt     95880
     ggagtccatg cagagcacgc tggatgccga gatcaggagc aggaacgacg ccatcagaat     95940
     caagaagaag atggagggag acctgaacga gatggaaatc cagctgaacc actccaaccg     96000
     catggctgcc gaggccctga gaaactacag gaacacacaa ggcatcctca aggtaggtgg     96060
     caccaaggga cggtctcaga tgagcggtgt gaaccagtct gtggacacag tgtctcaatg     96120
     atggttcatt acacaggaca cccagttgca cctggacgat gctctccggg gccaggagga     96180
     cctgaaggag cagctggcca tggttgagcg cagagccaac ctgctgcagg ctgagatcga     96240
     ggagctgcgg gccacgctgg agcagacgga gaggagcagg aagattgcag agcaggagct     96300
     gctggacgcc agtgagcgcg tgcagctcct ccacacccag gtgggctttt gtacaaacac     96360
     ctgccggctt aagcatctca gaacataaga gcttgtactt tttaatgtaa cagccagatt     96420
     ttaacttttg ccaattttta ctgggtttct gaatgagaaa tctctcactg ttttatgtta     96480
     gcaattgttt ttgattctct tctagagcat tttatgggtg accacactct actgtgtcag     96540
     tatatctagt cattcttatg gtcaacactg acatttttat tgtgaagaaa tgtcatgcta     96600
     caaacatctg ttgcaaattt atttatgtgc atggacagtc tggtaaatga cacctatgaa     96660
     atcataaagc tatttcactt ctaatgcacg tcaaagtgct ggctctctct ctgcatctct     96720
     aatttttccc ttcataattg tgatacataa caaaattctt taatgttcag aaacatttct     96780
     tttacttaaa atttttatct tatgattttc aagaaataac taccactaag tactttgata     96840
     gcataagaaa gtgtaacact catttctaac cagaacacca gcctcatcaa caccaagaag     96900
     aagctggaga cagacatttc ccaaatccag ggagagatgg aggacatcgt ccaggaagcc     96960
     cgcaatgcag aagagaaagc taagaaagcc atcactgatg tgagtagagt cacatttctg     97020
     cactcagtga gcagtgggag ctactgattt caagagcttt ctttcttgat ttcctaataa     97080
     ggccgccatg atggcggagg agctgaagaa ggagcaggac actagcgccc acctggagcg     97140
     gatgaagaag aacatggagc agaccgtgaa ggacctgcag ctgcgtctgg atgaggctga     97200
     gcagctggcg ctgaagggcg gcaagaagca gatccagaaa ctggaggcca gggtgggtgt     97260
     ccccgtgttt gtacatttct gtaggtttcc aatgccacat tggaccatat ttcttcagag     97320
     ccttcccttt gcaggtgcgt gaactggagg gtgaggtaga gagtgagcag aagcggaatg     97380
     ctgaggccgt caaaggtctg cgcaaacacg agagacgagt gaaggagctt acttaccagg     97440
     taggcagtgg tgcttagcag ctaagccccg tccaggtgtg tatgagacac tcacagtgat     97500
     agcgtgccct atggttctta taatcttgca gacagaagaa gaccgaaaaa atattctcag     97560
     gcttcaggat ttggtggata aactccaggc aaaagtgaaa tcttacaaga gacaagctga     97620
     ggaggctgta agtatcttta ggatagagaa tagtcaagtc cctgaattgg gaaatgctac     97680
     taaataactc actgtattat cccatttagt aaagaaactg ttctacagat tctgtacatt     97740
     agggcttggt acatcttatt gcttctcaca tattgtttct agtatcaata gcttgatttt     97800
     aagggaaaaa tctcagctta caaaggaacc acaagaagaa ttaaaagcag aaactattca     97860
     ggctgttctt ccaggctgtg acaggacaaa gtgatacaga gataagatac ataagcagaa     97920
     atccccagac acctagccct taacaagcaa acttaaaaat aactcttggg cactggagag     97980
     atggctcagc agttaagaat gccggctact cttccctggg gacctgagtt caattcccag     98040
     catccacaac catctctgcc tctaggtccg gggatctgac actctctttt gcccttcata     98100
     ggtaccagtc aaacaaatgg ttcgcagaca tacatccaga caaaatatct gcacacataa     98160
     aatatagaat aaaagtaaaa aataactcag gctaaaatag atattggaaa agagtgacta     98220
     ccagattgtt atttattata aacaataata aaaggaagat gtgactttta cagatatatg     98280
     gaatgtagcc aaaattgttt agaagattaa taatgcctat aaaccaatgt ttttttatag     98340
     gcttttagta tgaatcaaaa ttaaaaataa atgaatacat ttatatctaa tttagaaatt     98400
     aatacctata atgcaatgaa gacaagaaaa gaaatgaatc tgttagagaa tattattttg     98460
     taacatgaca ttttagtaat acctgataac ttctggagaa tcaatgaagc aaatataata     98520
     tagctagttt aacgaaaaaa ttagagacat acaaatagca ccaaaggaat ataaagggag     98580
     acaggccttg cacacagagc agtgttttta gtgtaatgtg tgtagcagtt caaagagctg     98640
     aagtcacaaa gaatctgatc ttttgttttt cccaggagaa tgtgtgttat caagctgggc     98700
     taaaaactta cttcagaatt actgttgaaa aggacccagg tccagatagg tctgtcaaaa     98760
     tttcaaggaa cagataatcc ccagctatgt aagccgttca agagcatggg aaagaggcaa     98820
     agccttccaa ttcacattac aaagctcgca taaccctcat accaaaaccg gtccaaggga     98880
     ggacagggga aagggagtga gggcagcctt ccccaggact gtgccacggc agggacacat     98940
     tgctaaacac tgaaaccctt acttatccta agggcttgtc tatcagtgaa gaaataggct     99000
     taaatcctcc aatgtgaaga tgccaataca atcgttatat caaaagcaga ggaaatgatc     99060
     attttacgtc aaaataatct atgctcaaat tcagtggaca tttttcatgt tttatatgat     99120
     tatgaaatca tgcttactat gatgaggaat aattaacttc agttaactgt cgtcacctaa     99180
     aagcaagcat taaccaccta gtcttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt     99240
     tatttattaa tattcttgtt tctctgatct tttttctcct tttgctttat tcatggcata     99300
     tatccattca gataatttgg ttgttgagga tggagaggtg gttcagccat taagagtact     99360
     tgtggctctt cagaggatct gagtttggtt cccagcaccc actccaggca gctaacaaca     99420
     acattcaact gtagctccag gctctccagc gccctcttct gttcatcaag agggtctgca     99480
     tacacacatg aagacatgca tacatacata catacataca taatacatac acagatacaa     99540
     tcaaataaga ttcttccaaa attacatttt gtttgcaaaa tttgtgatgt gataattttg     99600
     agacaccaat ccctaatcat aaaacagttc cagtgggaag caagaatctt ggaaagggta     99660
     agattttact tctctattca taccaagcac tgtttctgcc agtctacaga gcttagaaag     99720
     attacagcac aggtttaata gaattccact cttattctca ggaggaacaa tccaacacaa     99780
     atctatccaa gttccgcaag atccagcacg agctggagga agccgaggag cgggctgaca     99840
     tcgcggagtc ccaggtcaac aagctgcggg tgaagagccg ggaggttcac accaaaatca     99900
     taagcgaaga gtaaggctgt cccgatgctg tggaatgacc gaagcgaggc acaaaatgtg     99960
     aaacctttgg tcatgcgcct gtgtgattct attccatcct gttgtaagga aataaaaagc    100020
     ccaagttcct ttgcaagcaa tcaccttggg ttggccctgt cttttgtccc cttcctaaag    100080
     cagtgtcaac gtttgcaaca tctcagtgat aattacatcc catctgcaac tcagagacaa    100140
     acacttcttc acatgtatct ttggtttatt gggatggttt gagttgataa aggtgtcact    100200
     tgccaagaaa gcctgttctg ataaacagaa ctctggaagt catagaaatg actatttctt    100260
     tcgagttgtt cctggtatct tcatattggc aaatcccaga aagtttctac ctcccataac    100320
     ataaatctga ttttctaggt ctagacaaag aatggtgcta agtatatttc tacagagata    100380
     gttcacatta accatgtcat taattctcca tgtttaataa ctgcataaag aaaacaagca    100440
     ccaagtattc ttcattataa tattaataac atgaattcac ccatagtata catgatagct    100500
     catgtgaacc atcaattgta aataatgttt tttttttttt gtgaaagctg taggatgcct    100560
     atcaaatctg aacacataga aaacactatt ttatgttata atttggtata ataagttatg    100620
     tgcctatttt tcacattctt tgtagcctcc tgtataattg tatgaataaa gttattgact    100680
     aagaagacta gaccaagaat ctcatagcag tttactcaat gcatacatat gcatgtagat    100740
     acaatatgaa gataccagga acaaatttat acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    100800
     acacatatat agtagctatc tagatatcta gattattgag acattttcct agaagattaa    100860
     catattagag ctggaaacaa ccttgatgca ctgctaaaaa cacagtcttc ctagacagta    100920
     cctggtaaaa gctaaatgct aacttctcaa ctgagccaaa agaaaattgt cttggcttaa    100980
     ggtcttagct taagtggcaa gtctgaaact gatttaaatg aagacatgtg gaggcaactt    101040
     cccaggtaag gtggtttgta ctggtgttgt ggaagagcac aggattgctc ttctcgatgt    101100
     agtggctctt ctctcgtttt ttccccccat gtcacctatc aatgcttaag tctcttatag    101160
     cttggtagta acaacaacaa catcagcaaa ccaaagcttc gctttctcct ctctgaaaag    101220
     taaccccacc cccacccccg ccagtagaac caaagttcat cttaaaattt ccatcaaatc    101280
     ctattcagag aattatgaaa gcatttgctc taagaactgt tagtcgcgtt ttacagatat    101340
     ctaatagaga aacagataca taagaagcaa agtgatgtac ctgagggagc aaagcagcta    101400
     atagctgtct aggaagctcc cagcggatgc aaagttcttc aagacccttc ttggtgtctt    101460
     caatctgctc tagatagagt gtcaccatcc agagtgctgg gctacagatc aattagctca    101520
     gagtccaaac cactgtgtga ctctcctctg agagtagatt gtcctctctt ctttgagctt    101580
     ggttgctttg ttagaaggat gaggaatgtg ggtcacacag tcccttgcag tagtgaaatc    101640
     atatctgcat ctctagatac ctacgttcac acatggcaat ctgcaaaaca agaccctggg    101700
     ggctcagtct cagtcatgca acattagcta ggagagaaga ttccaggcca ttcagacagc    101760
     aaagcaaaca ggagttaaaa taggaaacaa tgttcaggtg ttatttgtaa gtgaaaattt    101820
     aaatatatac caccgaggct gctggagaag tcaaacttac tggcacttat agacagaaat    101880
     cccattttaa aaaattttct cacatccatt ttcatagagg aaacaggttt tcacaagcaa    101940
     cttgaggttg tttgttcatt tgttcctttg tttttagtga gagaatgagt gtgtggctag    102000
     gcaacggttt gggggtaggt caggatttgg taggggatga tttgacagtg agtcagaggt    102060
     gactgactgg aggaaacaaa agcagctgtc tttctttggc tgttcttcat caaccagatt    102120
     ttaaaattaa gctttgaagc atccttcaaa agggacaatg aattgaaaac aaaaccaaac    102180
     caaacctgtc ttcttgggag gaagcaacag ttgttgcagc tacactgagg agcagaaagc    102240
     ttccttggtt taatattgca attgtgtggc agctgatgag ccttcacaga gggcactcag    102300
     tgaaacagaa gaactccagg caacaaagtg cacggattcc agaactcagc agtctctgaa    102360
     acaacacctt acattattcc aaggacggat cgttttccta tcaccaacaa ctcaaattat    102420
     ttataggaga ttgattcata tacttaaccc aatgtgagag ggaatatttc taattatatc    102480
     caaacatcct taatatgagg ggaattaggc ttggagacct tccttgccaa aaacacattt    102540
     tgccaaatat gttttaagaa agaggaggag gttacgtgtt ttccatattt gatcctataa    102600
     aagtacccct tggaatgaga gtgacttgtc tttcctcata aagcttcaag gtaagagtgt    102660
     gtgaggacag ggctctgtgt ggacgggaag ggatgcctgg ctgctggtgt gcatgccaca    102720
     catcctggct gctgctgccc ttggcagttc cttcagtgaa gcaccaagtt actctgtagc    102780
     aattgtaatt agatgtcttg gtcttcccag ccatttcctg gttccttcag ataagaactg    102840
     tgctcttatt gggagacact agcatttaat ccgaaggcat tagctttttt ctttctttct    102900
     ttctctctct ctcttttttt ttttttcaat tacagtttgg acccacggtc gaagttgcat    102960
     ccctaaaggt aaggtcttcc cctcccttcc tgttttttct tcattctgaa tgcaagcaat    103020
     cttcttttgt atttgcaaag tgtctgttgg ggttgaagaa tgaaaagcgt ttcagtgtct    103080
     tggcttatca cgcttctgct gaaaaactct gagggggagc tcaggaaacc gggtctcatt    103140
     aacacagatc ctttgccgca cgtgtgatgc tctctcagag tcctggggat tccgtgcatg    103200
     agactttcta tatctagctt tggagtttgt ctttgaagca attgcaacat gcaaactcag    103260
     tttgctcctt tcaaaagaaa aaaaaaatcc acgagcattc tatgctacag ctttttagca    103320
     ctaatgaatg agacagtgag atgacgtcta aatggacaga tggaatggat caacccttga    103380
     cttaccaaag tacaaacctg catgttgtct catagtctgt caaataaaaa tttaaatggt    103440
     gagaaagcgg tttcagcaag acagagtact tcaattttgg taccagtgat tgcaatttga    103500
     atggagaaat gggaaaaaaa aagtttccca atggagcttt cccggaaaag ggtatctttt    103560
     aaaattacaa tatggattac ataggatgac tatccacgga gttcgtgcat ggcaagaagt    103620
     taaccttaaa ggaaaaagtt gagggaaata ttcaaaatag tatgagtaaa agaacaccaa    103680
     aaaacataat aaagtttgtc aaaatgcaga tagagggaaa aataaactgt cattttaaca    103740
     cactaatgct gaaccaggtt cttcacattt ctgctttcta ctctagtgtg caatccttgt    103800
     aactgctgag tctggagtgt gggaatccca aacgctccac atgccagaga gaccctaaaa    103860
     ctttagctct gttgttcttt ttaacgaggc agccagctcc cagcccttct ctgcatccag    103920
     catgtgttct cagaggtgtg aaggctgcca gaaagagaag gactccctgc ttgctgctag    103980
     gtgctggaaa tgcaacgggg aaggagaaaa gtataaagag ccagagaaca tcttagcatc    104040
     ccctgtcctc tgtgttttat agaagccagt ggtaggcagc ttctatatat tgtgtgtata    104100
     taaatcacaa ttatatacaa caaacgaggt gcaggaagca gtagacatct cacacagtag    104160
     gcgagccaca aacaattcct ttccaaatgc atgattaagt acttgtcagc actggcaagg    104220
     aacaaggagt ctgacatttc agccacacca cagccaggga gatggttagg cccagtgcaa    104280
     tgcattcacc taactgtcag ggaatgaaaa aaaaaatgca tgtgattcta atagtttctg    104340
     aatttctacc atttctctct ctgccaggca ggctctctca ctgggctgca accaatagcc    104400
     cgcagccatg agttccgacg ccgagatggc cgttttcggg gaggctgctc cttacctccg    104460
     gaagtctgaa aaggagcgaa tcgaggctca gaacaagcct tttgacgcca agtcatcggt    104520
     gtttgtggtg gatgctaagg agtcttttgt aaaagcaacg gtgcagagca gggaaggggg    104580
     gaaggtgaca gccaagaccg aaggcggaac tgtgagtaaa aacatctaga gctggggaca    104640
     ctacactgcg gggctagttt gacttagttc ctaacttaat atctcttgtt tatggacaga    104700
     ctgtaacagt aaaagatgat caggtctacc ccatgaaccc tcccaagtac gacaagatcg    104760
     aggacatggc catgatgacc cacctgcatg agcccgctgt gctgtacaac ctcaaagagc    104820
     gttatgcagc ctggatgatc tacgtgagtt cgctatcctg gacttttgat taagagagtt    104880
     aatatgtttt ttcctttttt ttttaaaagt agataatgaa tgccccattc aataattatg    104940
     tcccctctct tgatgcagac ctactcgggc ctgttctgcg tcactgtcaa cccctacaag    105000
     tggctgccag tgtataacgc agaggtggtg gcagcctaca gaggcaaaaa gcgccaggag    105060
     gccccacccc acatcttctc catctctgac aatgcctacc agttcatgct gacaggtgag    105120
     tggcacaaat ttttttcata tgaattatca cctataaccc aacaatatca gagtccaaaa    105180
     gaccttaaga aagaaccagt tgtttgtgat tgttcatgat gttctaattg tttaggaaag    105240
     ttgccaaaag cagagctggg gggcgggtgg gaggtaggca ctatcaagcc agggactaaa    105300
     ctccacttgc aattccaccc tggtactcag cgacctagag tcatgcttta ctttgtgtat    105360
     tgaataatga gaaatgataa ctgagggaca cactgcttga ctagaagtgc aaatcacgtc    105420
     attgacccca cccccctcac tgcttcattt gctccttgca tggactggct acttttagaa    105480
     gtactgccat tttaaaagtc atcatatcct agatggtggc ttctccttag agaagggggt    105540
     gtttgggatc cctcatgctt ataatcagat gtgttcaccc tgcaaaaaaa aaaattcact    105600
     ttgaggtatg tcttcctgat cattctttaa caattcaagg aagaccattc acaaggttgt    105660
     attctggggc cacaggaaga ggaaatgttt tcacccattt agaaatgcag tattaacctt    105720
     ggtttgaaca tcaccattcc cacctgtagc cgcacacgat gcatttctag cagtagctat    105780
     taatcagtgg caagtgtgcc attaaaatct actgatggtg actgagggga gggggagggg    105840
     gagggggagg gggtggaagg aactgacttt ggaatatact ttcctttata tgaagccaat    105900
     agggtattcc tctgtgatga tgtagtcatg acagcaattt attgctttct tccttaactt    105960
     gaaagactag agactaaatc ccatctataa ctttacaata atattgtgaa aaaaaatcca    106020
     tgcaaaatat gatacttagc aactcaagaa gagtgtatgt gactgactta tgtgctggcc    106080
     acacactgct ttctctttca gatcgggaga accagtctat tttgatcacg tatgtatttc    106140
     tattctgaaa cttactggtg ttttcctctc actgggaaaa tgaaaaataa acccaaggaa    106200
     aaaattaggt agtactaaag aaatgatgag accagcgagg acctagagtc cactttcact    106260
     tcgttgtaaa gggtagatgg agtccagata taaaacaaga actctgcaat ttatcctgct    106320
     ggtcagtata gccttgagag cgctgtccat gtggcattcc tgggagcagg gaacgtaaaa    106380
     tttcctcttg gagcttggcc agagctcaat ccagtgcagg gagtagcgca cagcctaatg    106440
     aagacaaagc ttttgaggga cagcatcagc catgttcttt gaggcctact tagggaattt    106500
     ctaacccctg ggagtgctaa ctggagtcgt atctcttgtc taagacagcc aaggagtaca    106560
     catcactcaa gatttcttac tcctcccttc atggctgctt ggtggactct tcaagagcag    106620
     gtcttactta gcaccttgaa aagagcccag accatcttaa gcatccaaac cacttgttaa    106680
     atggatgata aatggattcc cttactcgtc aagaaaaaca atatgagtta cctgtagact    106740
     aaaatgacct aacctagatg acagtgacag agagagatgt aaagacagat gcatgagaga    106800
     gtaaatactg ttggcagaaa tagtttcact gaacccaaag ctcaattctc cacatattgg    106860
     tgttcgttgg acagcggaga atccggggcc gggaagactg tgaacacgaa acgtgtcatc    106920
     cagtactttg caacaattgc agtcactggg gagaaaaaga aggaggaggc aacttctggc    106980
     aaaatgcagg taagctgact ttcacagtcc agagtccagg ctctttgggg tgctctcagg    107040
     caaggaagcc cagagcctga gatgtgagga ccgctcttct cctcacaggg gacgctggag    107100
     gaccaaatca tcagcgccaa ccccctgctg gaggcctttg ggaacgccaa gaccgtgagg    107160
     aatgacaact cttcccgctt tgtgagtctc ttggtcttct ctgtcttccg ttgaaacaat    107220
     attggaagca ttgcagcact cctatctgtg tgtttcaagc tttgaagcta acatcatctt    107280
     tttcccttcc aagggtaagt tcatcaggat ccactttggt accacaggga aactggcttc    107340
     tgctgatatt gaaacatgtg agtaactgga ccctcgaact agattccaag aataacaaat    107400
     gaggctttgg aggaacactc tgcagctact gctcagcgta gagcctagaa accacctcag    107460
     ctgccaagca ggcttgctgt gagtgccagc cctaggcaaa attcacaggg tgctttacca    107520
     accaacccag gcatgagcta atgattctgt aggaactgcc aggcattctt ggacttgttt    107580
     gaagtatgct ggctcagaac atgttcattt caaactgaat atttcaaaat agtcaaagaa    107640
     caaagtaaca tgggggtagt tgagttgcct gtggattcaa agtacgtgag ttttcctctt    107700
     ctgaacctca gtaactaatt ccctgagtag cttccctatt agaacaccag gagactccaa    107760
     gaagcagcag ttcctagtct agattacact ccaaatgtca aggttctcta tgacaagtga    107820
     gcgctccttt agccaagtat gttttccttt catttttgag gcagtaagag gaaactcagt    107880
     gattgcagag atgtagcggg tggcacctta taaacattga gctactatct caaggggtca    107940
     taagacttaa ccgatgacct cgagttctaa aaccatccga agacacttgg taatcccctc    108000
     tcatctggtg ttggttctcc actatagatc ttctggagaa gtctagagtc actttccagc    108060
     taaaagctga gagaagctac cacatttttt accagattat gtctaacaag aagccggatc    108120
     taatcggtaa gaaccttact ttcatggatg gaagttcgtc tttctgttaa cagtttctaa    108180
     tactaaacat ctaccctgaa tcctatgtat ccagaaatgc tcctgatcac caccaaccca    108240
     tacgactacg cctttgtcag tcagggggag atcacggtgc ccagcattga tgaccaagaa    108300
     gagttgatgg ccacagatgt aagtcatgtt ttatgaatga gtacatgcta gcaaaagcct    108360
     agttagggca aactacaaat cctgccaagt gagcagtgtc ttctgccctt acatttatcc    108420
     tcttctgtct cctcacagag tgccattgat attctgggct tcacttctga tgaaagagtc    108480
     tccatctata agctcacagg ggctgtgatg cattatggga acatgaaatt caagcagaag    108540
     caacgagagg agcaggctga gccagacggc accgaaggta ccaaacccaa acagccaaag    108600
     ccaaataaaa ctctccatgt gggttcgaaa agaaaatata gtccaaattc gtgtttcttt    108660
     tgaagctgag cttctggaga acatactcaa atttatcccc aaaataggat gtataaagca    108720
     gtctaaacat tctacctttg catactctgg gccctggagg aggtaacgtt gggaacatga    108780
     attctgtttc tgcagttgct gacaaggctg cctatctcca aaatctgaac tctgctgacc    108840
     tgctcaaagc cctgtgttac cccagggtca aggtcggcaa tgagtatgtc accaaaggcc    108900
     agactgtgca gcaggtaaat gtatgccctc tgtgaagcac acacaccaga gacctccttg    108960
     acattattaa caatgccaac aagaactgct ctgtctctga aggtgtacaa ctcagtaggc    109020
     gccctagcca aagccgtcta tgagaagatg ttcctgtgga tggtcacccg catcaaccag    109080
     cagctggaca ccaagcagcc ccggcagtac ttcatcgggg tcttggacat cgctggcttt    109140
     gagatctttg atgtaagttg gcagaagctt ggtagcagaa gagtttgcaa atcttgttct    109200
     tgtaatcacc aaggaatgtc aataaaaact agctgcccat aaactgattc atgtaaaagc    109260
     tctgaacaat ctggacaagg gtatgaactt cgaagttaaa ctagagctct gtcatttcct    109320
     ccctgtgtga ttgtgggagg tggcatatgc ctggtctccg cggaatttca acaaggaccc    109380
     atcaatgtct ctaacacctt ctttcccgtc ttcttgtcag ttataagact gctgcactta    109440
     aagctcttaa aacagccctc aatacacaat cagcaatcag taaatgattg aaaagatggt    109500
     aaagcaacaa tagtatccaa tcagcaccag gaaaggggat gtcacattga tacagacttt    109560
     gagatctctc tctgcttaat tagggaaatg aagtgtgttt tgaccctaag gtatcttctg    109620
     caatagtcca ggcataacag acgcggccac taaataaact caactatgtc tgcctaaaaa    109680
     agaatgctat acagtccagt gagtaaaggt gatatgctct ctccttacca gtaggatttc    109740
     taaccggtct catcctgaag ttatatttgt ggaccttttc ctatgagcat attgataact    109800
     ggatgaaatt tgagtaagag ggcttgctat gagtgagaca aaacacccta ccatgctgag    109860
     agagcggtta gccggcccac tgaggaaagc ccagagatac tttcctggag aagcagaatg    109920
     ctaatttcca tctccatcta tttagttcaa cagcctggag cagctgtgca tcaacttcac    109980
     caacgagaaa ctgcaacagt tcttcaacca ccacatgttc gtgctggagc aggaggagta    110040
     caagaaggag ggcatcgagt gggagttcat tgactttggg atggacctgg cggcctgcat    110100
     cgagctcatc gagaaggttt gtgtggcttg ttcagatcac agttgtgtgg tgtgacaaaa    110160
     gactacaaat tgcaatgtat gtgtgatgga aaaggatgtc tactgataaa caaaatgagg    110220
     aaagcatcct gataaatgtg acaagatgtt ttctttaaca aaaagttcat tttgactact    110280
     ttgcacgcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac actacattat acataatata    110340
     ttttggttat ttcaatctta cattaccaat ctcccccagc tcctgctaat tcttgactcc    110400
     tcctcagaaa gtcacccttc tactttttct ttttttttaa tccactgagt ttgcataaga    110460
     acacatgagc atgggggagg ggagatgctc accacaccat gggcaactta tcagtggcta    110520
     tcccacaaaa gaatatgtgc cttccctctc tagctgccac taactgcttg tagttcctca    110580
     gggcatggtg gggcctatga actgtcccat ccaaggtgaa aggttaacag accccatttt    110640
     gtacaggtgt tgggcagcta attaaccaca gctattgaga tcatgagggc agtggccagt    110700
     tctgtcacat ccagaagaca ccggttcacc catcccccat ctttcagccc ctgcattcct    110760
     tctatccttt tttttttttt gagacagata tgttctatag agtccagaac tctatgccta    110820
     cccagacttt acaatcaaag tcttacatcg aatgctatta ttcttataaa aatttagcat    110880
     ttaatagaac attttttctc acttccctga catccttgga ctcactacta ttgatctctg    110940
     aaatatgaat ttctaatgct gtagacagag actttcaaat acaagctgtg ctaagctcat    111000
     ccaaacactt aacaccaaga cagtgctctc tgttctcact cccaggaggt ccttctgtga    111060
     aggttgagta agctttagag tctacattgt tagcaagact aagaacgaac tagtacaact    111120
     agttcagaat gtgtacttag agaaattctg ctccaagact tctaggttaa agatacaaag    111180
     tccagaaagg catagccctc atttgtcttc ctttgttata tagctaaggg tcttattaaa    111240
     tcaatgactt ctgaccaaac acaggagtct tcactagctc tgtggaactg aagactgaat    111300
     ttagccattt gtgtcatctt tcactcctat gagcaggcag agttcatgga gcatttcttt    111360
     ctgtgtttat tcttttagcc gatgggcatc ttctccatcc tggaagagga gtgcatgttc    111420
     cctaaggcga cagacacctc cttcaagaac aagctgtatg agcagcatct tggaaagtcc    111480
     aacaacttcc aaaagcccaa acctgccaaa ggcaaggttg aagctcactt ctccctggtg    111540
     cactatgcgg gcactgtgga ctacaacatc gctggctggc tggacaagaa caaggacccc    111600
     ctgaatgaga ctgtggtggg gctgtaccag aagtcttcaa tgaaaactct ggcttacctc    111660
     ttctctgggg cagcagcagc tgcggaagca ggtgattttc aatcagcgat atttattcca    111720
     tgtggaattt ctaagcagag aagtctggct tctgactgat tgtgttttcc tttctccccc    111780
     agagtctggt ggcggtggtg gaaagaaagg ggccaagaag aagggttcct ccttccagac    111840
     cgtgtcagcc ctcttcaggg taccaacttc attttctctc taaatgggtt tagggtgttt    111900
     gattatatgc tgctatatat aaagggcagg gcagggatat tgtcttgaag gctctgaaac    111960
     tggagagggg tgggtcagct gacagtgagt tttagggaga gtcagaataa ctttgaagca    112020
     ccccccactc catgaataag ataagggtca ggagtgaatt acagaagcat caaacgggaa    112080
     gctaaattga taactcagta atgaggtcat tcagcgttaa ataaagaaaa tctccagcag    112140
     gagaggattg catatatgat gagctttttc ttgatcccct tggagcttgc aagtgaatta    112200
     ggttcctaaa tatatacaag gtaggagtct atccttagta gaggcctcat ttgaaaatgg    112260
     aggactggtg aatcatgaca ggaattgcag agcgagtcaa aaggagaaaa cataggaaac    112320
     cagatgtgat aaatcaggaa tatttcaagg aaaaatttct cttttcttgg caatctcagc    112380
     tattaattac atcttgaaaa ccagacactc ttgttattct gaaagacttt ctctgaaaaa    112440
     tggtaaactt ttgatactca gtaatatggc tcttagtagg atgacatagc tgtgtgccca    112500
     gaacaagaaa agagcttgtg aaagtagagt gaccagtgga aggttggaag gtggcactgg    112560
     attaggagct aagccatgcc aaatatctca gtaatggccc tatgtatgcg tgtagctcct    112620
     tcatatgctt atggtacagt gatagatatg ttacatatgg cgagaaattc atcagcagtg    112680
     agcagccatc tcaacaacta acaggaaacc acgctcctgg gccaaaagac ataagttggg    112740
     agggcatgtc aagaacttag aaacttcagc cacgagtttg gaaaattcaa aactggatac    112800
     tattcagtag aattgaacca aagtggtggc tcatggtttt tacatctgta aataggagtg    112860
     tttataacat cacatactaa acaagaaact atggctccac aggagaatct gaataagcta    112920
     atgaccaatc tgaggagcac tcacccccac tttgtacggt gcatcatccc caatgaaacc    112980
     aagactcctg gtaagacact tctgtcatct atccagacag gccccagtgt gtttgtctca    113040
     gagtctagac caggaaatgc atgtgttctt tcaggtgcca tggagcacga actggtcctg    113100
     caccagctga ggtgtaacgg ggtgctggag ggcatccgca tctgcaggaa gggcttcccc    113160
     agcaggatcc tctatgcaga cttcaagcag aggttgtata tttgtcactg tggattattt    113220
     gaaggctttt ggtattgctt tatcttttta acaattagaa ccacaacaca ttcaagtgac    113280
     ttgggacaca ttgtaaagtc ctttgactat acaaagaata gatacaggga taatatagtt    113340
     cctttgataa tgtttctatg ataaggagat ttgtttggtg ataatagcta tgtcatttat    113400
     ttggttggct taaacagata taaggtttta aatgcaagtg ccatccctga gggacagttc    113460
     atcgatagca agaaggcttc tgagaagctc ctgggatcca ttgatattga ccacactcag    113520
     tataagtttg gtcacaccaa ggtaattccc ctgaaatcca gcttaatgtt ttcctgtccc    113580
     tttaaacttt gtgtgaagtt tctgatctac aacattgcct gcacacaggt ctttttcaaa    113640
     gctggtcttc tggggctcct agaggagatg agagatgaca agttggccca gcttataacc    113700
     cggacccagg ctatgtgcag agggtacttg gcgagagtgg agtaccagaa gatggtggag    113760
     agaaggtatg aataaggcaa cattctttgt tctagtccct ttattcctga ttcctgttag    113820
     aacccaactt tgaacatttc tgttcttatc acagagagtc catcttctgc atccagtaca    113880
     acgtccgcgc cttcatgaat gtgaaacact ggccctggat gaagctgtat ttcaagatca    113940
     aacctctctt gaagagcgca gagaccgaga aggagatggc caacatgaag gaagaatttg    114000
     aaaaagctaa agaaaacctt gcaaaggcgg aggccaaaag aaaagagctg gaagaaaaga    114060
     tggtagctct gatgcaagag aaaaatgacc tgcagctcca agttcagtct gtgagtctca    114120
     gagttctctc tgatgctaaa atctcagctc agtgatgatt cctcagaatc aagtgatgat    114180
     ctagcaatcg tttaaattga cttctttgag tgttctgtaa cattccatac acaacagtac    114240
     tgcaaatcag ttcaggagga gtcttagttg cctggatgga aaaaattcca aacatttctc    114300
     attctttgag ttgtttttcc tggcagacta tggatgggaa gtagggagat ctttgctttc    114360
     gcacaatcct acctattgac aaatgtcaaa agaacaatat tattagtgaa tagggagaag    114420
     accttgtaat aaaaataaaa atatatcagc ctcacttcaa tattccaaat atttgaccaa    114480
     taatattcta aaaactttct gtacagtttt gttttaggaa ttttagaata actaaaagta    114540
     ttggatcaag gcaaggcttt ctatagatag tgtcattttt ttttaaatgc atggcatgag    114600
     ggattgggtt gaaaatctca ctctgatgaa ccaataaata ttcagaaact tggtaaataa    114660
     tatgtgacaa ggggctacca tctgatctat ttttgtttct cccaagctac tgtcaaaacc    114720
     aagcatagaa acatgaaaag ttgctcttta gttttctgaa ttcagaagag gaaacaatca    114780
     gtcccactgg gtctttattc tgaatacata acaaaaagaa ttactaacat caaggttgga    114840
     ttgtatcttt actgcagttt gtagagactg aggttttcca aaatgagaag aataaagaga    114900
     ttattgaaga agaggtctag gcttgatcca actattctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    114960
     ctctctctct ctctctctcc ctctccctct ccctctccct ctccctctcc ctctccctct    115020
     ccctctccct ctccctctcc ctctccctcc ccctccttct ccctctctcc ctctctctgt    115080
     ttgtgtgtga gcacatgcgt gagtgcgtgc atgtgtgcgt gcgtgtgtgt attagcagta    115140
     ttttatctac tacccaccta gtaactatct catgtgctct agagcctaga gattcaagca    115200
     agttgtcaca gattttatat ttcaaatcct atttcttcat gagaaataag ggtaatactt    115260
     acctaagtac tacctgtctc tatgacccgt tctctttggt tcttccagtc attctaagct    115320
     gttctgtcat ttgaagatgc tctttccatt taggtcactt ttttctgatg ttcactgtcc    115380
     tcttagcaag gtcctgatat tcagttcttt attttaagat cttttgttgt ataccaaact    115440
     taaataaaaa taaacattaa acaaagaaag ccaatttgaa attgtatgct gatacattaa    115500
     acatatagca aaacaatggt atcatagttt cactgggaac catgttttac acttctttgc    115560
     tatcattcaa gttaacagtc agtgccctga caatgtttct cagtggtaga aagctaacta    115620
     aaagaaacct aataatagct ttaaacatca tttgcttgct tgctttaaaa atattaataa    115680
     aatctaaaag gtctagggaa ctaaaatcta aaaatgtcta atatctcttc ataggaagca    115740
     gacagcttgg ccgatgcaga ggagcgatgc gaccagctga tcaaaaccaa aatccagctg    115800
     gaggccaaaa tcaaagaggt gaccgagagg gccgaggatg aggaggagat caacgcagag    115860
     ctcacggcca agaagaggaa gctggaggac gagtgctcag agctgaagaa ggacatcgat    115920
     gaccttgagc tgacactggc caaggttgag aaggagaagc acgccacgga gaacaaggta    115980
     tgagacgtct acacgggaag cttatgattc attttaatga agaagtaaga cataaaacca    116040
     aagctattaa gacctaacgt ttaatgcaaa gcacgtttgc ttcccaaggt gaaaaacctg    116100
     acagaggaga tggcaggcct ggatgaaacc atcgccaagc tgaccaagga gaagaaggcc    116160
     ctccaggagg cccaccagca gaccctggat gacctgcagg cagaggagga caaagtcaac    116220
     accctgacca aagccaaaat caagctggaa cagcaagtgg atgatgtgag tctaacacag    116280
     aaacattttt taaagtttta taattaaaca agcatgcgct tgtctcccca tgacataatg    116340
     ggcgttgcca aagcacatcc cccacacaag aactttagga tgtaactgcg gacatgaaga    116400
     ccaagatgaa tacacaagaa aatcagcaag acaagtgctg gataacagat atcagttaaa    116460
     aagaatgaaa ggcaatgagg gcttgttcac caagatttgt atgaacaaac tagtctttag    116520
     ttccctagaa acactggtgg cttcaagagc ccaagggtga cgtcacatgt tccgtgcagg    116580
     aagcatagcc acatgtcaac aggcctcgtg ctcagaggga cacgggaaca ctgggcaagg    116640
     atatggaaga tcagctggcc atatacatga taggatatct aagagagaac ctgttggaca    116700
     cgtgtgaata ctggttgtat taaccaaggt cacggtgtga aagcatccct tttctgtcca    116760
     ccacaagtgg gaaatattgc ccataagaga ctcagtgggc ggtatagaag ccgtgatgcc    116820
     ccagcggtag tcatggcaca gaccagtaca tttcacattt taaacactga ctctgtacaa    116880
     agggatgagt gatgaggcag gtctttctaa ttcactaatt cataacctgc cccatccccg    116940
     ccccagagca tgctgataca ctatgtcacc aactcagcct gggacaaaag tgctagtctt    117000
     gggactgcat tcacgaattg ttaactttta gcttgaaggc tctctggaac aagaaaagaa    117060
     aatccggatg gatcttgaaa gagccaagag gaaactggag ggagacctga aactggccca    117120
     agagtccaca atggacgtag aaaacgataa acagcagctt gatgagaaac tcaaaaagta    117180
     agcggtgaag ataaaggtct cagggtgtgt ggagggatta ttatcaatgg ctctgtaact    117240
     gacacaagga ttttccctat aggaaagagt ttgaaatgag caatctgcag agcaagattg    117300
     aggacgagca ggccctcggc atgcagctgc agaagaagat caaggagttg caggtacaac    117360
     catggcttct atccgtctaa ttcatcatta aaagtaaaac cattgaccca agaagctgag    117420
     ttggtctttt ccaccaccct caggcccgca tcgaggagct ggaggaggaa atcgaggcag    117480
     agcgggcctc cagggccaaa gcagagaagc agcgctctga cctctcccgg gaactggagg    117540
     agatcagcga gaggctggaa gaagctggcg gagccacttc agcccaaatc gagatgaaca    117600
     agaagagaga ggctgagttc cagaaaatgc gcagggacct ggaggaggcc acgctgcagc    117660
     atgaagccac agcagccacc ctgaggaaga agcacgcgga cagcgtggct gagctcgggg    117720
     agcagatcga caacctgcag cgggtgaagc agaagctgga gaaggagaag agcgagatga    117780
     agatggagat cgatgacctc gctagtaaca tggaggtcat ctccaaatct aaggtacaaa    117840
     catgatataa acgtcacaga gatttcagta gacaaatcac taggaactca cgggaggacc    117900
     aatacaagtt gggactaggg aaatgggtag tctgatgtgc tcaccctaag tgagaatagc    117960
     catacccaaa taataggagc gaaaacagag ctccttcaga aatcaaacat tactatccag    118020
     ctatacattt tgaggtttta aaatgcttta tatcaaccat agggcttttc attcatcctt    118080
     tccgatcaaa caaaatttgc ttctcatgaa caggctcagt gaggcatcat tatcttaaac    118140
     catagttaag aagatctaga gaaggcactg gattcaccaa acaacatagt agtagcagta    118200
     tgctcagacc acgtgccttg ttattcttct catgatagtt gaagcttgtt attatttttg    118260
     tctgtaatgg cagtttatac tcaagtcaac atctatgtct ggatcactca aatgttcttt    118320
     ggagcaagtt tttgcttgaa tagcctctac aactctttga atacagggaa accttgagaa    118380
     gatgtgccgc acactggagg accaagtgag tgagctgaag accaaggagg aggaacagca    118440
     gcggctgatc aatgagctga ctgcgcagag ggggcgtctg cagacggagt caggtaggct    118500
     gtatcctgga accacaaact taccatgggt gttcaatttg ctgaacactt tattgagtta    118560
     cttgaagtca catattacct tccgtggaag catctcatta ttgagcaatg gcataaagtt    118620
     gctttttttc tcagaagaag ataggtagtt cagtaggtag gtaggtaggt agatagattg    118680
     gttgatacaa tcattttttg ctttgaacat catatagcag ttttggatgc aatcaaaaag    118740
     ttatcaaata tgagttgggc atttaggcac atacccatag ttgtagtccc agggagttga    118800
     ggtagaagaa tgctatattt aagatcaacc tggcatatgc tgtgtgcttt aggcttgctt    118860
     agactacata tcaaggcttg atctcaaaac aaacagaatt atcaaataca aagtttatct    118920
     ccctattgac tctctacttt tccaaatact gttataagct aacagttatt ttgcctcatt    118980
     agcccgatgc tattcccatt tgaagatgac acatcttggg aatgaaggag caccttgtcc    119040
     aagtataaac tggtggggaa tgcacacagt tctgtaagga aacaggaaca caagtgaagc    119100
     tgtcgttttg accaccctgg tcaggaagtc tgcaggaatt cctcttaatg acttgaccaa    119160
     ctttctacta aagtcatgtt gctcctcctg tgacactcaa agactgtatt attattgtta    119220
     aggtgggcag gacattcaga gtaaaacaaa cactattctc aagttaggat actcccccaa    119280
     atttctcctc ttcagcacac gttttcttac tcctatcagt ggcatgatct taaaagacta    119340
     aacattaaac atgtggtttc taataaattt caaaacaggt aagactagta acgaattttc    119400
     acagggggta ctgccacaag gcttgtattt tctgaatatg ttacctcaag agtggaagac    119460
     aaacttatgc accgtttggt ttgggagctg tttacaattt agaaccaact cattctggga    119520
     tcagaaagac aattgcttgc ttccctaaca tggacagacc tctctcaaag tgtctactga    119580
     gcatcagttc tgcatatgag gtctactatt tgagagtccc atttcccacc aaaaaaatgt    119640
     tacaggtggc caacacagta actggatagc cagaaagcat ctgagtgcgt tgactgctct    119700
     cttgtacatt gtttttttca tatgtttgct tacctcttgc aatgcaatca tatcatctta    119760
     aatatctccc aaaaccttgg ttgatcataa agagtctggc tcaaaattcc ctatattctc    119820
     attgtacaaa gatttgctcg tcagcattgc agtggatgat ggacatatga tataacctcc    119880
     atctgtcacc aagctttaga cttggtacct cctttgttcc agtttttatt ttcaaatttt    119940
     aatgtctaac atcaggctga gttttctgga ccttgggtat tttttgcagg tgaatactca    120000
     cgccagctag acgaaaagga ttcattagtt tcccagctct ccaggggcaa acaggcattc    120060
     actcaacaga ttgaggagct gaagaggcag cttgaagagg agataaaggt gaactggctt    120120
     cttgttgttg gcatgattat cattggtctt gcagttgttt atacttacac tgtgtatgtg    120180
     tgggttccct gccccccttt gctggtggga tctaagagct tagagaataa ataccaattt    120240
     aaatgaaaaa ttcaacctct aaactcttat ttttttaggc caagagtgcc ttagctcatg    120300
     ctcttcagtc ctcccgccat gactgtgacc tgctgcggga acagtatgaa gaagaacagg    120360
     aagccaaggc tgagctgcag agggccatgt ccaaagccaa cagtgaagtg gcccagtgga    120420
     ggacaaaata tgagacggat gccatccagc gcacagagga gctggaggag gccaagtatg    120480
     tgcctgactt ggttaaaatg gcagtatatc tactaacaaa gtagttgggt caggaattct    120540
     ctgtgggcag agggtccttg ctttctcaaa gctaaagaat gctggagaat aatgtgaaca    120600
     tcaatccatt caggaaatac aaatatatgc taagtagtca gtggaaatat atgacagaag    120660
     tccatggtag acagagaaaa gaagaaggca agaggaagct gaatggtaat ttttcaaagg    120720
     ggagaacttt tgacctcgtt ctgtctacac agatgcagat agaattagta gaatagctta    120780
     ttcagttaat tatatactct cacgtacttc tccccccccc ccaaccacta atgcaataat    120840
     tggcctaggg gtatgagtgc aaagagaaaa ataatctgga ttgatagtag ctctcttttt    120900
     atatgcaaaa atatgactgt aagaggaaat aaaaagatgt gatcaaggcc caatgtggta    120960
     tacagatgga gacactgcag taagcaagaa agcacatggt tttataaagg aatagatata    121020
     caatgccata tgaaagtttc aggatggatc tttgtgagaa aggatctaca taggaaagag    121080
     tcttactcat cagtttaagg tacccttagg cattcatttt cagaatagtg cataatctat    121140
     atactgataa aatcagtgtt tctgtcgatg cttaagagtg attttgaaat aaactctaag    121200
     agctgcattt gttttggaaa agattgtttt aatagacaga ttaacaaaaa cctggcaaaa    121260
     aggagaagag atacaattac tcaaagacaa ggatggctca cttaaattta acatggttaa    121320
     catttgagta cttagtatgt gggccagcct agaagaacac aaagattagc aaaatacaga    121380
     ctccactctc tgagcattaa aactgaatgc agacacagat ataactggca gcaatttgac    121440
     gcagattcta agttctacaa aggaaggcag aggggtcaag ttggctcaag ctccataaag    121500
     tataactatg ctgaaatgtg gctgcatttg gcacttggtg gtaggagagc aacagtgaat    121560
     tcccagagaa cccgttgtgt caaacaagct tcagaaacac tggttgggga agtctggctt    121620
     tggaaatact cacttagagc tgttttgaaa cagtcagttc tactgattac cattcacatc    121680
     tactatccat tttcatttct caggaagaag ctggctcagc gtctgcagga tgctgaggag    121740
     cacgtagaag ctgtgaacgc caagtgcgct tccctggaga agacgaagca gcggctgcag    121800
     aacgaggtgg aggacctcat gattgatgtg gagaggacca acgcagcctg cgccgccctg    121860
     gacaagaagc agagaaactt tgacaaggtg tgcttctaga accttctaca gtctttaatg    121920
     tgaccagcct tccaaaccac ttggctgtcc tcatgcatta gcagaaactg tggtgtttat    121980
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtat gtatgtgtat atgtgcgtgt tcctttgtta gtttctctcc    122040
     ttcataatta tttttcaatc tgagaccact cagatcaaac tcagagtttc tagaacacac    122100
     agcttctacc ctgcatcctc aaactttatc agctacatct ttttcttcat cccttgctct    122160
     tcagatcctg gcagaatgga aacagaagta tgaggaaacc catgctgaac ttgaagcctc    122220
     ccagaaggag tcccgctctc tcagcacaga gctgttcaag attaagaatg cttatgagga    122280
     atctttagac catctcgaaa ccttgaaaag ggagaataag aatttgcaac gtgagtgtct    122340
     ctcccatttt ccttaatgag agatttgaag gaacacccca caatctctat acacatttct    122400
     atttcctttt tcctaacaga ggagatttct gacctcactg aacagattgc agaaggaggg    122460
     aaacgcatcc atgaactgga gaaaataaag aagcaaattg agcaggaaaa atctgagctc    122520
     caggctgctt tagaggaagc agaggtagac acactactga acatttcaca acaattatag    122580
     aaggaactag gtccttgctc tggggtgcaa agattggtga atcaaaaaca taaaaaatgg    122640
     ttctttattc tctccagtga gtatgaagat aaagaatgaa tacaagtacc agaagtatat    122700
     tttaagagct gtggtagaat cagaaaacaa acaaatatga gtaagggaag ggtctgtctg    122760
     taagaaccat ctggctggag aaagaaaggt gcatagcttc gacaattatg cacatcacat    122820
     atttctatag cacaaagaca ggaacaagtg aggtgggata atgtaacctt ccttgaacac    122880
     tgcacagtgc cattctcctg ctaacactgg ctcttgctgt cctgaaggca tctctggagc    122940
     acgaggaggg aaaaatcctg cgcatccagc tggagctgaa ccaagtcaag tctgagatcg    123000
     acaggaagat tgctgagaag gatgaggaga tcgaccagct gaagagaaac cacattagag    123060
     tcgtggagtc catgcagagc acgctggatg ctgagattag gagcaggaat gacgccatca    123120
     ggctcaagaa gaagatggag ggagacctga acgagatgga aatccagctg aaccactcca    123180
     accgcatggc tgccgaggcc ctgagaaact ataggaacac acaaggcatc ctcaaggtag    123240
     gtggcaccaa gaggcggtcc cagatgagcg gtgtgaccca gtctgtggac acagtgtctc    123300
     aatgatggtt cattacacag gacactcagc tgcacctgga cgatgctctc cggggccagg    123360
     aggacctgaa ggagcagctg gccatggttg agcgcagagc caacctgctg caggctgaga    123420
     tcgaggagct gcgggccacc ctggagcaga cggagaggag caggaagatt gcagagcagg    123480
     agttgctgga tgccagtgag cgcgtgcagc tcctccacac ccaggtgtgt aaataagtat    123540
     gaaggggaaa ctcatgcatg gatattaaca ttgttcagaa atatacccat aatgttttat    123600
     gaagagttta acatgtttaa ctggggaaga gtcacaacat ttttgtttat ctgatcgata    123660
     acatgcagca tccactgtcc tttaaaagta tgttgttaac tcagataatt tatggaaccc    123720
     ctgagggatg ctagtcaata actagtttac aggctcattt ggacatctgg ttttctgact    123780
     ttgttcttca atatttaata tttctgtgtt tggtatttta atcagaacac cagcctcatc    123840
     aacaccaaga agaagctgga gacagacatt tcccaaatcc agggagagat ggaggacatc    123900
     gtccaggaag cccgcaatgc agaagagaag gccaagaaag ccatcactga tgtaagcaga    123960
     gagtgagatg gagatagcaa gcctgaatcc tgcagggcct tttcagcccc taaccaactc    124020
     tattttgtca ctcaccaggc cgccatgatg gcggaggagc tgaagaagga gcaggatacc    124080
     agcgcccacc tggagcggat gaagaagaac ctggagcaga cggtgaagga cctgcagcac    124140
     cgtctggatg aggctgagca gctggcgctg aagggcggca agaagcagat ccagaaactg    124200
     gaggccaggg tgggtgtcct ggtcaacatg tattcctgtc attccactct agcatatgac    124260
     tttcaatacc taagacagct agaccttgta gggcattctg agatgaagag catatagtcc    124320
     ctgttgcctg acagcttagg tttgggcact tggacaacgg atctacatat aaaacatcag    124380
     gttggttgaa gaagtagaaa ctcattaact gattaaatga tagaaaatat ttttataaat    124440
     cagcctttgg tagtggaaaa gacggctccg tagttaagaa cacttactgc tcatgcatag    124500
     gcccacccac gagatgactc acaaccatat gcaacaccaa ttccagggga tctgataact    124560
     acttccgagc tctgtggtgc acatagacac atgcaagcaa acactcatac acataaagta    124620
     aaataagcaa atccaaaacc aaaaaaattt tttaattcac cttttggtgt aggtccgtga    124680
     acttgaagga gaagtggaaa atgaacagaa gcgcaacgtg gaagctatca agggtctgcg    124740
     caaacatgag agaagagtga aagaactcac ttatcaagta agaaaaaacc ctttctgggc    124800
     tcctacccct atgcgcaaga cattaaaaac catagataca gaaaagagaa gggatattta    124860
     tgttttcaag aaactcacac tttaaaaatc tttcagactg aggaagaccg caagaatgtt    124920
     ctcaggctcc aggaccttgt ggacaaactg caatcaaagg tcaaggccta caagagacaa    124980
     gctgaggaag cggtgagatc aaaacccctg acatgattgg gtggtcagca gaaaaaacca    125040
     aaccaaaccc aaaaagatga gcaagacaag gaaggatcca tcagaggatc tagtgagggt    125100
     ctaagaatgt cgtgcaactg gccattctga aacaagccag agagaaatgt actagtgaga    125160
     ataaggatgg gggtgtagct cagtggaaga atgtgggtag gcttggcatc tctgaggccc    125220
     tgagtccagt tgtaagcatt aacccaacca accaaagcat agtccctatc atgttctaga    125280
     gagggggagg aggaatgtac agagtcttgt cattgaatca gcaagactga ggaagagaac    125340
     agtgtacctg gggccagaga accgggcaga aagtagctca caaggtcttc tgggccctgg    125400
     aaagaagcct gcatcataat acaaatgcaa tcaggccaca gaatcaaggg aaagatcccc    125460
     ttccaggaca gatgtggcct gctttttatt tttaagggtc cttactacag tgtagagaaa    125520
     agattgttgg ataacccaag taggtgcaga aatgtgtgtt ttcaggtagg tgtgtggctt    125580
     gtattaaggc agaaataaaa caaggagaat tgatgagttt caggattcat cctggagagg    125640
     gaaggcatta ggcttgccag taggctggcc ctggaagtaa aaagaaacaa agcaggcata    125700
     atccaccaag ttgtggtgtg agtagccagg tgggggaagt aagatataac tgaaatggaa    125760
     ataaagggga ccagatgttc cagatgaaaa ggaaatagga attctacttt cattccatcg    125820
     caagttattg ttacatacac actaaagaga tccagggtga agctgaagtg tcatgcatac    125880
     tatggagggc agaaggttca gtagtgctct gactgcagct tgacgccgtc acatttcctc    125940
     ttctctgact catcctaagg agtcaagtat cacttgtgtc tctgtggaga catatacctg    126000
     tacattgcag ataaagtcct ctgtccactg gtggcttttg tttacctcct gagctcttag    126060
     ctctgagagg aagagaaaga tgaggaagag agcaaaggaa gaagcgagaa cagacacata    126120
     cacgcgcgca cctcgcaccc acagcctggc aaaccacgca ccttccctcc actccagctc    126180
     ttgctttctt ctactgtgaa aggaagatgc aacggctttc ccgagccacc ccatttaaag    126240
     tcattttaag cttcgtaaat gttctaaatc tgaatgtcat attttgcgaa ggttcttaat    126300
     gagacactaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaataatt actggagact aaattaaaac tggcctttca    126360
     aaattcatta ctgtatcttc aagcataatc aaagacaact tggattattt tagagaataa    126420
     taaacatgtt taatttctaa actttattaa gtgggggata atttatgacc caagtggcaa    126480
     taatttatat tcagtttggt gtcacaggga ttgcttgtgt gagtctcatt catcctctgg    126540
     agcctcatca ggagcaatga caacagatcc tgggaacctg gcacaatcat agtagtgtta    126600
     gcttttctga aagaaaaatt gttcttttct ttaagacaga caatgtcatc tgtgtttacc    126660
     aatgactgca tgaagtatat gcggagttaa tagaaccaaa aaaaatgtac acacttgtct    126720
     acacttcttt gaacatttat tagagtggat tggttttaag caaaaaagac agccaagatg    126780
     cactgaccct aaagtctaga aatgtgagca tttcttcctt acaaatgcat tcttactcac    126840
     aggaggaaca atccaatgtc aacctggcca aattccgcaa gatccagcac gagctggagg    126900
     aagccgagga gcgggctgac atcgcggagt cccaggtcaa caagctgcgg gtgaagagcc    126960
     gggaggttca caccaaaatc ataagcgaag agtgattgat ccaagtgcag gaaagtgacc    127020
     aaagagatga gcaaaatgtg aagatctttg tcactctgtt ttgtactcat aactttggga    127080
     gataaaaaat ttatctgcca agagctcgtc agtctcttcc tttccccttt ccatggtggc    127140
     cgatcatttt gtacatcagg gagaggaaaa agaaaagaac cattgtgctt atatctatga    127200
     caaactcctt agtcacccag gttaagcatg gagagcagcc aggccaagtc cagtaagtac    127260
     cacacacatg cctgagggaa gacggggaag cctggagaca tgcttgatca ccttcctgaa    127320
     gggatatgaa caatccatcc taagagggag taaacatcaa ttaaaatggc agttacatac    127380
     atacaatcag agcaaaaatt ttaaaaattg tttatgatta ctgtcaaaag tagttactat    127440
     agtaacttta ctaaaatgac aggaatcact aaactggggt taggattctt tgaaataata    127500
     ggtgctccac ttcttgcttg tctctatgta gaggtgtgca gacttggttg tctacagatg    127560
     ctcagatgct ttttaattgc atcttcttgg cacttaggga tggcaaagga ggattaagaa    127620
     tgaatgtctc tcgtttcttc cattctttgg aaattgccat atcttagtcc ttttctgatt    127680
     tttgatagac tacattaatt atcatatatc ttgcattttt atatcagtta cctatatact    127740
     gaatgcctct tccctgcttt cgctttcact aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacact    127800
     tgcacacagg tatacataca cacacacaca cacacactga cacatacata cctgcacaca    127860
     ggtatacaca tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca tacgtacaca    127920
     aacatctata tttcttttat ggaaaatcta tctaatgttt atcatttttt tccagatatg    127980
     gtctagcatt atacaaagca tcttcatgat ggtatagttg aaattgaaat acctttgact    128040
     ccaaatattt taattgtcat aaatgtgttt aaaaaccaat cattaaatgt acattgacac    128100
     cctactttct agatctgcaa gaccacaaaa tacatataat atactgtaca gatgtggaaa    128160
     gtctagttat tatataacac ttcactcacc aatagaaatc ctagattttg agctccaaag    128220
     tacctatgaa ctttaatgta ttgcaacaaa taaaaatcat ggtatataat tgaaattttg    128280
     gctgaaaatg tcaagtgcct aaatgtttca gataaaagaa aagcttccta caatgccgtg    128340
     acagttgtta ttgtcattac agtaatgacc ggacctctac ctgtgctgaa aataagcaca    128400
     ggccttccat ttaggttaat tttagcagat ggtgaataaa tgaaatagtt aatggcttta    128460
     ttagaaatat aacaaaggtc tttttagagc aatatatagc cagttaaaaa ggaataatac    128520
     acaactaatc atttttaacc ttatcacgca gtaggttaaa ttgtgcagca tctctagact    128580
     cagctcctag aagattttcc ctgtgttgat atgaagcaat atgtgtttgg atccaatggg    128640
     taatcatagt gctgcatctt gaactagact ttaaaataat ttacaaagca gttttaacaa    128700
     tcctaatttt ccaatttcct gcaaaaggaa tcatactgcc attccattta gcttttgact    128760
     tagtggaaaa aagcagatag gtggacagat gctggcaaag aggcaggagg gagcaaaggg    128820
     cctggctgtg ctggcatcta ttagctgaat cttcacttga tcatgactgt gctggaaaac    128880
     acaagctgtc tacataccat tgacactacc ccatcacaag cttaagttga aatctacatg    128940
     tgctctctcc ccgattctct ctccaacctt tactatctct gtgtgtctct ctctcctatc    129000
     tctctctgtg tctttctatg tctttctctc ccttcctctc atccctctct ctccccatct    129060
     ccttctctct cccagtcttc ttctcttttt tctttagcca gaaataatat ctctatcaat    129120
     tgctagaact acttttagtt tttaagaact actagcctaa gacatggtat cctgtataat    129180
     tttaaaaaac caaattcatg gcctttgggt ttttttttgt ttgtttgttt ttgttttttt    129240
     tttttttttt ttacataaac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    129300
     gtggggcatt gggctataca cagacagtct ggtctccctt ggagctgagg tctgaacccc    129360
     ggagtggtgc taattcactt acatggcatg gtaggcattc cctcatgtct cctggactca    129420
     aggctccagt tgaagttact gcccccacag cctccacagg agaagcgtgg ttagtagtca    129480
     catagacaat gtcccaagct tctgaccttc aggctagact cctcccagtt ccctagcaac    129540
     agtaaagtta acagtccacc ataacagggg ctgcttggcc ccacttcacc ctctaacctc    129600
     tcctcatttt ctcctctcct ctcctctcct ctcctctcct ctcctctctc ctctcaccac    129660
     tctctccctc cctcttactc tctctttctt actctctagc ctttcttctc tctttccttt    129720
     tccctcttct ctcctcttgg ccatggccag tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    129780
     tctctctctc tctctccccc tgcctttcta caataaagct ctaaaaccat agactgtctc    129840
     tgttcatcaa ggtccactgc acttggatga tgggataggc tttctcctaa tgagccattt    129900
     ctaatctcct gatggaaggc cttcctgtga tccagtcaag gcccagacta aggactctta    129960
     tctgcgtgga aaccacttag ggtgtggccc tggggcccct tgtttcaggg gctgcccctt    130020
     gtccaccccc catcaagtgg ggtcagtggc ttagatgccc accaggggcc gagtgaaaag    130080
     cgtctggcag ctctcccaca tctgcctgcc cagagcatga ggaactctgg ccagaagtgg    130140
     gctatcctcc cttccccctc ttcccctaca ctgtcaacac acacacatgc acacacacac    130200
     acacacacac acacatcata gcctataaat acagctttgc ttgccttcca ttaccctcta    130260
     actcttcctt ctctgaggct catgcctacc tttgtcagta ggaacagatt acagacttga    130320
     agatccatat tcctgctgtg agccccaaaa caaaacactt tgattctgtt ccaggccttc    130380
     tatgctcttt tcaatgctgg cactgcattc ttagggaact aactacttgg tggctcagaa    130440
     gagcctttat agaacccctt caaaacatat ctgcaaacaa gcctattagt tgtgcgttct    130500
     gaatcatcag ccctattgac aaaggatccc agagtctacc tggaaacaac actcacatct    130560
     gtctgagatc ctgctaacag aactgccaac tacagcattc cagaccccaa agcagcctca    130620
     aaatccagct ctatcacaaa cctactcaag tctactcaat cacaaaccta gaggcaatcc    130680
     catgagtcct gtgttgtaac agggtagggt cttgcccatg tagaaaaact gaaacttata    130740
     tttgtccttt atgtgtagag acatcaatgc aaagtttaca ctgataatga tcaggcaaat    130800
     gcaacaccag taaagggaat aagtaaagca taataataat aataataata ataataataa    130860
     taataataac aataataaca acaacaataa taataattaa ccagagcaat ggagatcaat    130920
     caacattctg aaaaaggatt caaataatcg tcttaaaaat cttattaaat aaaaaattta    130980
     aaattcagaa atgtataact aaacaaaatc aggacaataa tttataaaca aaaaatgaag    131040
     cttaataata aaaaaaagag agagagaaac caggaactga acatccagat cttagcacaa    131100
     ctggcaccat atgagaggga ccaatctcac cttaaaaccc agcacacagg gccaacatct    131160
     gctaaaatga gaacaaagac ctaatccatc agagacctcg tccatctctc caggattcag    131220
     gaaagtccct aaatgtacta accctgcctt ttggtgtctg tcgttctgat tctctctagc    131280
     tattcttgct aactaaagtg tatcttatga ggatgtggtt ttgtacataa aataaaaaga    131340
     actgtgagga tcagggcttg tacaatctgg gcaagttccc agacatgcag acacccacca    131400
     gcgataaaga cttttatttc aactttctga gtgttcatgt gtactctctg gtagacttac    131460
     ctcaaaacac aaggacagaa cggaaagacc cagttccaac atcacactca gtcacacaaa    131520
     agaaaaccta gtgaaggcca agatgcacca tttgaaagta ccaaattgta agagaaatgg    131580
     ggaaaatgaa tgaacaaagc atagataggg attctggaac actaccaagt atgcaaatat    131640
     atgggttgtg ggagtgccag aaagagaaga gtgagaaagg gaaataggaa gctaaattaa    131700
     aggctggata catttccccc aatttttgga gggatgtaga tccggaatga cggaagctga    131760
     aggacctcaa gaaagggcaa cccaaagaag actacaagac atgttagcgt cagattgcta    131820
     acaagtttaa aagctgcagg aggaaagtaa cttatctctt gggaacctgt aggaggaaac    131880
     cggtgggagg ctaacagtaa agttctctac aaaccagaaa acttgcacac tcagttctaa    131940
     aagaaataac caccaggcga aaatgctgtg tacagaaata tcatccttca gaaacttttc    132000
     tttctcctta aaaaaaaatt cttggcagac aagagttgaa agaattcatc tcagtaagag    132060
     ctatcataca ggaaaaaaaa agagagagtc ttcacattaa aatgaaagaa ctctcaagtc    132120
     acaacacgga gacatgaaac tataaactcg ctgcttaagg taaacacaca gtcgatgcag    132180
     aacaccctca tattgtttgt gtttgagata gtctcacacc gtagcccagg atggtccaaa    132240
     gaatcttgta gcaatccttt gtcaacctcc taagtgatgg aattgtagga gggagctgcc    132300
     actgctggct tcaataccct aacagaatgg ttacgaaact tttaattcta gactaagtaa    132360
     aatttaaaag tatcaaaata gctacagttt caataacttg ttaatggaca cataaggtaa    132420
     acatacatac aatgtggcaa tattttatga cataaaatat tttaacagtg tgtgttgaag    132480
     tcctatacct gtcttatata cctggctttt tagggttgta aaaatatata ttggggaaaa    132540
     ggaagaaatt aaacaacatt gctttgaaca tacaatgcag tattacaaag tcattcaaaa    132600
     gtagaccttg ccatttgtaa ctacagtggc tgcccagtga gaacattgtg ccaagtcaaa    132660
     taggccagac acacattgca caatctcatt tctgtgtgga gtctaaaatg tcaggctcat    132720
     agaagcagtg agtttctcca ggggctgaga gttgggagaa acggacaaat attggtgaga    132780
     ggatacaaag ctcttgctta caggatagct atgttctcaa gacttaatgt gcagcaagtg    132840
     tgatgatcaa cgtattgatc aggctgtggt aaacactggg gacatgcatt gtatgtaaag    132900
     ccttgtatat ataaaattta tcacatagat tgtcaatagt tgttagcact aaagtatttt    132960
     aaactaggag aagctggaaa tgagtgtcag gaagtggaaa ctgtctctca ttcctactgt    133020
     cttgatcttc atataaggaa ctcacccctc aaccctcttg ggaagtttat gcaatggaat    133080
     atctttctct tccattttct tcccaaatcc cttcaaatct actggcgtct ttcacactct    133140
     cccatgttct cctttcccca gctactgtct gtcttttgaa acttcctttc tgagtattga    133200
     tgtacataca cggcgtcttc acttccccca ctcatcagct cctgcgagcc taatgtttgt    133260
     cccctcgtct ccctttcagt gacattgttg tgatccttag tgatttattc actttctgaa    133320
     ctaaacgctg agtcctcagc ccgacttttc tcacgcagat agaatgcctc tgaccatctt    133380
     ttccttttgg gatgttctct ctttctttct gatttctaag actctgatct tttccggtta    133440
     tcttcatggc tctgcctatc ctatcttttc tctttctctt cctttgacag atctccagat    133500
     gctcctgaaa actcagtgta atggactcaa gtcccatttt gagcgcttct attttttatg    133560
     atattaatat gccgtaagtt aattggttaa tgggttggta ttgtgtgact gtttgactaa    133620
     ttaggatggc ggtggatgct gctacagcct tgataaatga ctgtataata tatcatcctt    133680
     ttatgacctt tatctttata aatggctcac ttacaacaac tcagtgaaat ggtaattttc    133740
     cccccatttt acaagtgaag aatttgagct gtttgaacca ggttctgatt caaggtccca    133800
     cattcactct actgccattc agaagaatgc gttttgggta gtattccctc tccccctaca    133860
     ggttattctc aaacctgtag gagtaaaatt cagcctttat ttcctcagca tcattttcct    133920
     tctatcttct gaaggctgtt aacattgaca tggtaaaaat ctatcttttt aagtggccgt    133980
     tgcgaatata cgctccacaa aagctttgtc ccgtctctat actttaaagc aatttgtgca    134040
     ctagccccaa ttatactata cactataaca gcatacacaa tcaaattctt tgcgtggttt    134100
     agtgggtatc acgcactgtg tcagagcaat acaggaaggg gttgttactg caaaggcctc    134160
     tccattttca ttttacattt cctctctgtg tggctccatc tagtctcctg gcttccagta    134220
     ccatccatgc ccgatgagct gtgaatttat acttcaaacc tagctcttcc ttcctctgag    134280
     atctatgctc agtctctgct aatgatcatt tccaaaccag aaatagacac aatgagtcca    134340
     tgcccctcct ctgttttctt cagagcaagg ttatatctaa tatcctatca cagtaatgac    134400
     aacagttgct catgctcaaa atctcaggat cagccttaat aacgttaggt tttttttttt    134460
     ttcatttttt ccccataccc aataaatcaa gttttatatt agttagtttc tgtgactgtg    134520
     acaaaatacc atgaccaagg tcaacttaaa ggagaaagtt tcatttaact tatggttcca    134580
     gagagttaag agttcataat agtggggacc atatgacagc aggcaggaaa taggaaactg    134640
     gctgatcaca ttttgtcagt ataccaggaa acagaatgag ctggaagccc ggatagacta    134700
     tgattctcaa agccctcctc cagtgaagtc cttccttagc aggtctccac atcctaaaag    134760
     ttccataacc tctcaaacag tgtcactacc cggggactga atactcaaat acatgagcct    134820
     gtggggaatg tcccttattc gaaccacatg ttctttcaaa ggccatcaac ttctgtcttt    134880
     gctgccatct tcttcaaccc accatcactt atgatctact ctgttacata gctgagcttc    134940
     catcccaagt ttcagtcatt ctcaacctca gccagagagc tctgacgaca tcactttcta    135000
     gtttgctctt cacataaagg acagatcctg aaggtggtcc ttgactcctt tgcaagcatc    135060
     actggtaatg ctcccctctt aagagtgcag ttagccagct gtactagctg ttcaggtcca    135120
     tggatttgga acttagaata tcatgtttct cccggcttca ggaatccttt atcacctcct    135180
     accatcatgt tttggcacac tatggctgac ttaataagaa taagtcacat cggctcatgt    135240
     atttgaatgc ttggtttcca gctgatggaa ctgtttggga agggttaaga ggcatagcct    135300
     tattggagga ggtctgttac tgtgggggag gggctttgag gtttcaaaag ctaatggcat    135360
     tcccagctgg ctctctctgc ctcatggccg tggatcaaga tgtaagctgt tcctcttcca    135420
     ccaccatgga ctctgacctt cgaaacccat ttagccaaat taaaaagtgt gttttaaaag    135480
     agaaaaacac tttctttttc cttggccatt ggggttttag tacagcaata gaaaaacaac    135540
     caagacggaa gttgagaccc acccagttgg cttgctgttc ctccagagaa cctggattca    135600
     attctaagca caaatatgac agtccacaac catttctaat gccaatttca ggagatctga    135660
     taccatctta tggtttctgt gggaattagg gacacatatg atgcacagac atcatgcagg    135720
     caaaaaaccc ctacaattaa aaaaaaatta aaatagttca tttctctcaa ttactatgaa    135780
     tttttttgtt gttgtttatg gctcactata actatagaca atatgtttct gtcacatcaa    135840
     aatgtaagcc tcatctatgc aggcctgggg tcttgttcta tctttggggt ttagagcaac    135900
     tactggatgc tttttcttgt tcatctactg cttccagtct catctgattg aatcactcag    135960
     cccagatcct gtcttttatc ctgtgctcat cttccaacca ctgatccttc cctgtctctc    136020
     ctctcccttc actttgccct atcttatctc ttggttttat gcattatacc cagtcttatc    136080
     gcaaacgtcc agttgttcta agccatgtca tctttcctct tcggttcttc tgttctgcct    136140
     atgcctccca ctcacttgta catcctagct catcacccag gcctgttagt acttgctgtc    136200
     ttatctcttc tcctcgttta ggcttgctgc catatacttt ccttcaggca ttccacacaa    136260
     cctcaccttg tgcttgattt tgcccgatct cacctactca gttcctgtat tgctttgtct    136320
     ctgtggtgca gtcattccat cctggcctct cctggtcttt cactttctgt actgctttta    136380
     tctttaaccc atttattaca ccatccttcc tctccttcct cccctccctc tcccccctcc    136440
     ctaattcatc tcatcttctc tctcattata ctaccctgtc ttttccctcg agttctgccc    136500
     taactcgcat cttctctcca gtggttacat ctgtcatctt ggccctgtta ctagaggcac    136560
     acccacattt tataatgatc tctgctttac ttgtttaaat aaaagcagct gtatttagtc    136620
     acattttatt tctgaatgtc ctccaacgac agcatgtatt taataagaac acattttttt    136680
     cttagatagt tctttagctt tgaccttttt aaccaaatgg caatcattca cacagtgaaa    136740
     tttatagagt ccacacatac ccactaataa cttgttcttg aaaattaaaa cgctgactct    136800
     gtctctcctc gcagtggaat cttccctctt cacggccatg ccttgtggat gtgccaccac    136860
     gagggaaggt agtgcatcct ctttcctctc cttccagcac cgtggcagat gccagttgtc    136920
     agcagttgtg gccctggcat cctgctactt ttttctacat taaaggtttc ctagtgtcag    136980
     atctcaaaga gataagtaaa tcctaagatt tactttggct tttaatctcc aagacctcct    137040
     cctggagcaa aatagcaaag caggtcttgc tgtctagctg ggatcaagca ggcaaggatt    137100
     caaggggaca tgagcaggaa ttaaaattat ctgctgattt atttctcatt atagtccacc    137160
     aatacccagg aaattagatt ctcaaacact aattactaat gttacctgga tggtggggac    137220
     cacttatgat tcctcaaccc tgaagtgtca gacaatgagg aaggaaacac cattaattta    137280
     tgtttaaata ctgcaccagg aatcaatgga accctataga atgaagtgaa gcgactgtta    137340
     cagagagaca aaacattcca ttcttcccat tctgagactt gctttcctaa gactctgtgc    137400
     cctgagttaa ttataacatc tagtaagtgc ttcttcctct tcgaatagtg ggaggaggag    137460
     gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag ggggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag    137520
     gaggaaaggt gtagacaggt atggaaggaa agaagtgcgt gagtaaaact cctgcacatg    137580
     ttggggccag ggctgactat gtcaccaaga cagaattttc ccatttatat tcagcaacat    137640
     aagaacacaa gtcttgacat agttctgact tttaggttca tatattttcc atagttctgt    137700
     gtgttgtatc ttggttttag cttatttata gcttcctggt tttggaaatg tcaacttctg    137760
     gtgggtaagt atgtgcaaga ggatgttgta gcaatacatg aagctgagtt agggggacgg    137820
     gggaaaaaga aagttgggga agcgttcatc aaaacaaagt gtgtaggaag aagatatatg    137880
     tccacctatg agcttacaac tcagaataga aaatgtggaa ggagaataca cctgatatgg    137940
     cggaccaagg aaaggggaag aagactgaaa gtgaaggcag gacaccactg gagaaagttt    138000
     gtagaccaca attaatggct ggcatagaaa tgaatccgta acttttccca gtagtgatgt    138060
     tgtgggagtc tcagggtaat ttaatagaaa acaaatacca attggacttg ctgagtttta    138120
     agatgtttta ttgatgtgct gtcatggctg gacaccacaa aaaccaggct atgaatatct    138180
     cagtcaaggt ttcaactgtg ttacaaaatg tatatcaaaa cctgaaaaac ctgtctactg    138240
     gacattccct aagcacctac aatcttttac aaatacttta actttctggg agattcagga    138300
     gtctgtgtgc aactgtaacc ttgcatccct aagagaggaa tgtgtacctc agcgccccct    138360
     agtgacattg ttctgtgcat tttataaaga catgtgcagc attgagacta tatcccaact    138420
     cacacatggt gatataactt aacacaatga cttacaacac acaattaact tttatgacca    138480
     tgtaaggttt aaacggtgtt aaatttttcc cagatgtgtt tgcaatagat aagaaaatat    138540
     atacaaactc tcagaatcct gtatttcctc atctgtgagg atcatagggg gaatgccagc    138600
     aagaagtgtt tattggactg ctgaatagcg catccaaaat acaccctgct ttggaataag    138660
     gcgggccttc ccacatgtat gtagtcataa agtaccagga gagtacaaga gagctcagat    138720
     tcctttcctg tgtcctctat ttagacatcc cttggacaag caagcccaga ggaatggtgt    138780
     tcgccctcta tcaaggtcac ttctcttctc ttcctgccca tgatccatgg tattttctga    138840
     tgtttattat tgtggtccct gctggttggc actattgtgt cattgtagtg tctctggggt    138900
     tctcaagatt gtaactgatt aacggtctga tgatgaggtc cgtagtcagt ctcttttagc    138960
     tactaatgca caagtgagct ctctgcctca ttcaaacttt cttctttcat ctctcagatc    139020
     tagatgcttt aaataaataa ttattacgcc tataatagtg atagcttgta aaaggggtga    139080
     caaaatgagt tgtgaaaatc ttagagggtc agaacacttt tctttccggc tttgagccta    139140
     acacttgggg taaatcactc actcagtgtg ggtggctgcc atggagggta acctattgtg    139200
     tagcattaca tgcaatgaca atttaaaagt ataaaagatt ttacctgcca gcctgtgaaa    139260
     gacaagttca cctgatagaa ttataaagca accatctact gaatttagca atttaagtca    139320
     ggagaacagt ggttgaaaat atcaggccag atcacaggga cagttagagt agatttcctg    139380
     tcatattcag caacagctgt gcctgtatca agttagtcaa atccaactcg gcctttcaag    139440
     ggcaccgtgg aggccgatcc acccaccttc tctgtccatg gggagagttt tgtggacagc    139500
     atgcctttcc tcccacctta agtaaaagtg tgtagcaccc acctcattgg cgtcaccgct    139560
     agccttgagc ctttgcctgt accctaggaa atcttgtctg tatctccttc cgtgatgcag    139620
     cagaaacact catgggtatc acacagcagt ctgttgcccc tgcagtgcac gagggagacg    139680
     tctatgacaa accctccaga aacgggccag acaagttcat ctctgtcctg actccctctc    139740
     ctcttactac caaccccttc cactgcctaa tctgagaatt cactttcttc ctcatggtta    139800
     gaccttcaga ctttagaaga atctatcacc agtctttcta aaactccagc ccttgcctaa    139860
     gaatttttat cttaatatct gtcactcggt gcttccagtc acagtgtcag atctaaagtt    139920
     cactccagac tccgtaatgg ctctaagcac tagcagatta attagtccca ctcgccccac    139980
     accgggctcg ttcctgtgga aacagcttta taggcacgag agtgagtagg gacctggctt    140040
     tgaattctgt gatgaatgat acaacaccca agccgggaga aacagcctcc aaaaaccctg    140100
     gatctccatt ccctatcaga tgcttataaa gaaccctaga tcatcccctg tcaaattatt    140160
     tatagatgac aagaaatatt tctaattata tccattcaca gccacagtca gtgaatattg    140220
     tgtaaagaga ttgccaaaaa tggttttgcc aagtaggtcc gcagctagga cagctgaggt    140280
     ggctgctgtg tttgcagaac agcctctata aaagtgaagc tggggtgcct ctgtcctgtc    140340
     cttcctcaaa cccttaaagg taggtatgtg tagcagagca cttggctagc tgtgcactcc    140400
     tgatgggagc gggtgctcat gtgagggaga tgactgttcc ttcccaaact ctaagtaatg    140460
     tcggcatccc tgagagaggc attgcacaca atatagctct aggactttgt catataatgg    140520
     ggggaaatac ccagcatctc ttttttcttt caacagtact tgtctgactc aagcctgcct    140580
     ccttcttcat ctggtaacac aagaggtaag agaaatttat tattaccttc cagagaacaa    140640
     agggctctcg ctattgttaa gttttaatga gtaactgttt tattttctac cttattattg    140700
     ggcataggag caactggtct tcataagtag cttctcatga aactttgcct tttattttat    140760
     tttatttttt tatctttttt ttaaactttg ccctttaaag ccaaacaaat ctttatgcaa    140820
     ttaatttaat caaacaaaac tttatgcaat tcctcttttg cattttgttg ggagaaggca    140880
     accctcatgt atatttaata tatgtagaaa aaaaaacaac gttgcaccag aagtcaaaat    140940
     tcctgggtgc caacctaggc ttttcaccaa ttcaactcct tgggtcacgc cagctagctt    141000
     ttacgtgtct tcaaacatgt gtgttgcaag agcattaaca ctagacgtgg acttagacag    141060
     ccgggctcat agctcgtcac tgccttttac cacctcggtg accctgaatg accctttacc    141120
     ttgctgaacc ttagtttcct catcagtaaa atcagaaggg cagattcaag tcggctgcta    141180
     atgtccctct ggctcttgtt gtctaagatc taagtcagtg gttgccaacg actcttccat    141240
     caatcaaaac gctcagtggg tctcctgtct tctgcatgag gagatgtaca tgaagaacat    141300
     ataaatgaag aaaacttgct atgtatttaa gcaagttcat agtcaatata ttaggtaata    141360
     tcaatgtaga aaaagtagca aatctattgc ttccaaggga ataaatgttg cttgttgaca    141420
     ctggaggtga taccactgtg tgaatagagc ccaacaccac acaacaaagt cccttgaagg    141480
     cgagtggcct aaaggtgaca aaggactgct gaggcaagag cagagagtta gtgtccttcc    141540
     tgtgccccag gatctactgc ataacagcaa tcactaaggc agagtaatcg attcaaaagt    141600
     gcttcactta aaaccccaca aacaaggtca tggaatagtg tttgaaggga aaatgctaac    141660
     accaatgttt caatatctgt cccttgaaaa cagttctcaa tttccacatc tccccataag    141720
     acatttgttg attctaagct acagcatggg gaaatttttg tatctatttt gagaagagat    141780
     gcactgattc taacagtaga ctgagatgtt ttatggaaag tctatgaaag attagagcct    141840
     ttgtcatcac catcagtcac tagcacctgc atgctcttcc ggactgctcc tcttccactc    141900
     cagaggtcac cagctcttac tccggccaga gagggagtta ttttatctga ccaggatttg    141960
     tcagttggaa aaaaaaagtt gtgaattggt ttcagtttga aacctcatag tggctatcag    142020
     tttcaggaga gaaattagaa aggtgatgtt ttcaaagaga gagggtaaga gagagggagg    142080
     ccataagcct gacgcagtaa ggaccgggca gaaacaaggg gttgggggag gctgaaacaa    142140
     ggggttgggg gaggctgaag ccagtataaa ctggcaaaga cagactttga taggggacca    142200
     ctgggcagtc tcattaaaat gtagatgctt tttttcctta agtaattctt cagcgttatt    142260
     tgtgctcaag taagagtgac aacttatgca tagtttagaa actgacagga gggacttggt    142320
     tttgacctgg aacaaaatca tttttcatta atttacagtt ttccttatac taatatttta    142380
     ttactatcca ttgtgcttat ttttttcctt tatttactta atttttgtta gttaactaca    142440
     agtttttgtg cataaaatat tcaacctgaa tttagatttt ttttcttaca taaaaactta    142500
     aggattttgg cattcaattt taacagttgt ggcaagggaa atggctattt tttttttttt    142560
     tagacagtat ttctttatta tgtagctctg gctttcctgg aactatgaag gctgggctcg    142620
     tctcaaactc atagagatct gcctgcctct gtctcccaag tgctggaatt gaaagtgtgt    142680
     accatcacac caagcaatat ttaagtttta aaaaataagt ttattaagat gaaacagaaa    142740
     cagaaacgtt attttctatg tctttctatc atcacaatga caaacaaaca aacacatgga    142800
     acagatgggc agggaaagga aagaatacac agaaacaaca acctgtagcc tgacaagtgt    142860
     cgttggatgg ctagcatccc cctcccagct ctcaaatgtg gtttataata cagaaagaag    142920
     aaccagagct taaaatatct caaaaaatta aactattaac ccagaaccat taggtactct    142980
     tgtcttctct tagctccctg gcacactcca caagacaaac ccgaaatagc ataagagagt    143040
     ggcaaactag ccatgttaat gtggagaccc acaggtcagg gttatcattc attcccattt    143100
     cttcttctag gtgcacctgg ccctgagctg ccaccaatag cccgcagcca tgagttccga    143160
     cgctgagatg gccgttttcg gggaggctgc tccttacctc cggaagtctg aaaaggagcg    143220
     aatcgaggcc cagaacaagc cttttgatgc caagtcatcg gtgtttgtgg tggatgctaa    143280
     ggagtcctat gtgaaagcaa cagtgcagag cagggaaggg gggaaggtga cagccaagac    143340
     cgaaggcgga gctgtgagta aaagcaagac gtgggagagg ttgggaagca tgaatactct    143400
     tctgctaact agttggcacc aactgtatcc ttccattctt aacagacggt caccgtcaag    143460
     gatgatcaag tcttctccat gaaccctccc aagtacgaca agattgagga catggccatg    143520
     atgacccacc tgcacgagcc cgctgtgctg tacaacctca aagagcgtta tgcagcctgg    143580
     atgatctacg tgagtgtccc ctaccgggtt tcatccagtc cgtgtacttt ctgctgttga    143640
     aatgtcccat tatgtcagtg ttataaatta tggtgccttt gaaaatgcac gtgctgatag    143700
     ttagctctct gcctaactgc attagttggt tatctggaac attagtgcca cagtggacaa    143760
     tgggggaggg gtagagggca agctgccaat ggatgcaacc atggagccta atgaggatcc    143820
     acacttcctt agatcctctc ccctggccca cacagtatta tttccaagtt ggagtaatga    143880
     ggtgattgct gacttgagca tccttctctt tgtgtacaga cttactcagg cctcttttgt    143940
     gtcaccgtca acccctacaa gtggctgccg gtgtacaacc ctgaggtggt ggcagcctac    144000
     cgaggcaaaa agcgccagga ggccccaccc cacatcttct ccatctctga taacgcctac    144060
     cagttcatgc tgacgggtga gtatacccat aatcacaacc tctacaagca ctagaaaaca    144120
     cttgtagact cagcacagag aacatgtggc cagctccttg agaaagagat gctttgcaca    144180
     tgtgataaga gcaagaagag tggaaaaact gattaagagt gtgatgcacc gattataaac    144240
     gtatagggaa atttgcttag acgtctatgc taaaatccaa attggttgat gctcatttca    144300
     gttcaatttg atcacagtta ggtatcagct ctgcatctta attacatcta ctgtattatc    144360
     tcattttaaa aagtaagctt tgaaatttta taagcactac agggcatgca gccacttggc    144420
     catacaaaac acaacaggat tttgaactat gatccaggta aaagaaggag acgtggaact    144480
     gttaggccac ctgtatttgt aagagagtgg gctggtgcat cccataatcc tccacattaa    144540
     agatgacacc agtgtgataa ttagcacacc ttccacactt agttcccaag acttgtgaga    144600
     agaagaagaa cacagcttta gcagcgtctg tgcttttgtt taccctgtgg tttcttccct    144660
     tcgcagatcg tgagaatcag tccatcctga ttacgtaagt agacgcctca tctttctgtc    144720
     tgctgagttt cgattgttag ggcaggacct cctgccttac cttctgactt tcattctgtc    144780
     cctcagtgga gaatccgggg ccgggaagac tgtgaacacg aagcgtgtca tccagtactt    144840
     tgcaacaatt gcagtcactg gggacaagaa gaaggaggag gcgacttctg gcaaaatgca    144900
     ggtgggcatg tccatctgag agaggcagga ggaaaaacca ggcttttcaa agcgtgacag    144960
     tggcatgtcg aaaccatagc aaccagatgc ccacaatgtc agagtttaga aaataaactt    145020
     tggaagggct ttgtgagact cagatgaaca gggtgatagg ctagcaaggt ataagcctga    145080
     gtctccacag ccatttctaa gaagcaaatg tggggcctga gaggcataga aatcaagcca    145140
     tgtcataggc atgtccaact ctccaatatg ggctcccacc ttctttctaa agccttccct    145200
     agctacaggg tgtgaccaag ggtagggggt ctggggacag atgaaaagct cttttagtat    145260
     atacagctca gacaacccaa actttatcat cctttctcat ttttcttaag gggacccttg    145320
     aagatcaaat tatcagtgcc aaccccctgc tggaggcctt cggcaacgcc aagactgtga    145380
     ggaacgacaa ctcttctcga tttgtaagtc tcctggttgt cctgttggtg tgagaatgac    145440
     cactgcacat ttagatatgc catgccggtg tacgttccac ttacttggcc cttagttaat    145500
     gaagtggttt ccagcttcta atcaaccctc ttttgcctct ttcagggtaa attcatcaga    145560
     atccatttcg gtgccacagg caaactggcc tctgcagata ttgaaacctg tgagttaatg    145620
     aacactggag cctgagagtc atttctttgg ggcacgcaga ttggaaaacc ttgctcttct    145680
     ttctgctgta ggacgtttga tttaagtcat ttaacatcat ttaaaacgtg cttaatctac    145740
     ccttccagat ctgctagaga agtccagagt caccttccag ctcaaggctg aaaggagcta    145800
     ccacatcttc taccaaatca tgtccaataa gaaaccagag cttattggta aggaacatcc    145860
     tgatttatct ccatcaggga agaccacacc ctgcccagga aatgtgctga gaaccaaact    145920
     aactctgcat gctcttttcc atgtgtccag agatgcttct gatcaccacc aacccatatg    145980
     actttgctta cgtcagtcaa ggtgaaatca cagtgcccag cattgatgac caggaagagc    146040
     tgatggccac agacgtaagt catctattat ggatgagtat atgtacatgt tggggaagag    146100
     gcgggagata gtacgtaacc ctctcttcta tcagagtgaa atggactagc acaaacagtg    146160
     ggtcagacag ggctaccttt caggcttttt acatttgggg gaaaatatca cagatttaaa    146220
     tgccacccca cacatgcatt tatgtctcct atctgcaata aatgttaggt acctgtcatc    146280
     cctcacctag ctgggtcgtt ttacttttta tggtgttagt cactcttggc tcaacacttg    146340
     taccctataa tatagtgatt tcttttctac cttatgttag tctccttact ctgaaatctt    146400
     ggaaaagctg tcatattaga ctattctgaa aagtttttaa aaagtgtaac aacctcactc    146460
     cagggccttg ttaataatgt gtagtttcag gatgaggtag ccctagccag ctaggactag    146520
     aagaaaggag gaagttttgg gagagacaca ctttaatata cctcttctga tgctgacttc    146580
     tctctataag ccacatcaat gtttagaatg agtaactaag aacgtaaaca aaatccgata    146640
     gagcagagaa taaaacagaa agcatttcaa caaatgtgaa tggtcaggaa aaatttatgg    146700
     tcagttaagc tgtgacctga tatcagagaa atgtgtggag aaacagtggg agccaatgct    146760
     cttctcatgc ctctttccgg agtcatccat atcaagtgag gtgggaggtt ggcaaactgg    146820
     ggctgtgcat ttagttaggg caacataggg gaagaagaca caagctggga gagaagaaac    146880
     aagaaagtgt gtggatagtg cacatgctgt cttagcaccc acaatactca ttatggaaag    146940
     actaatctat gtctcctaat gttactctgt ggatcagaga agaaacggac ttgcaagcca    147000
     tcagagcatt agtcagatat aaggcaaatc atggtgagga cgtgggaagc cagacccttc    147060
     agtgtcccca gcaagctggc aggccatggt gataattgtt ggtaattcaa ttctttcaac    147120
     agactgctgt tgatatcctg ggattcagtg cagatgaaaa ggtggccatt tacaagctca    147180
     caggcgctgt gatgcattat gggaacatga aattcaagca aaagcaaagg gaagagcagg    147240
     ctgagccaga cggcaccgaa ggtaacactc ctgttgtcac catccatctg atccaactag    147300
     tgtcatgagc cttttcagaa gcggggagcc attcgtactg cctgaccttt ctaaggagcg    147360
     acaaaaggtt tagggcaagg agatgataca ctgatatttt acattactga gcaaatttac    147420
     aggaccttta ctgtttctgt ccattcccct gttctgtttt tcctgtgcgt gcgtgcgtga    147480
     gtgtgtgtgc gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttgg tgtgtatctg    147540
     tgtatgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctatctg gtgctagaga ctgaacctag ggcttcatcc    147600
     tgaactacat cttcacccct cttcatttgc tttttatgag aaaatgctta cttcttgatg    147660
     ggagcacatt ttattccagt gataatttca gaatttcctt gccatcactg ggatagggtt    147720
     tctcatagta ttatctgcag cgtacttttg ctgtatttta acaattacac agagcctagg    147780
     cttcccaagc tccaacttat gaacaactag agttggcatg aagagcaaga gtgctttcag    147840
     acataaacaa atggacagac ttcacaacat ttgcccctca ctggaagaaa gcattgccac    147900
     cagcatcact gtttgccatg aagctgtgta agtcactgtc aggcccactg ttcttgcatc    147960
     ttccctgcag ttgctgacaa ggctgcctat ctgacaagtc tgaactctgc tgacctgctc    148020
     aaagccctct gctaccccag ggtcaaggtc ggcaatgagt atgtcaccaa aggccagacg    148080
     gtgcagcagg taagtgtgat tcaagcccct gattcacttg aaccactgga gacttaaaag    148140
     tttgtccctg cgtccaactc aaacaactaa acggatgctc ttcctgaagg tgtacaactc    148200
     cgtgggtgcc ctggccaagt ccatgtatga gaagatgttc ctatggatgg tcacccgcat    148260
     caaccagcag ctggacacca agcagccccg gcagtacttc atcggggtct tggacattgc    148320
     tggctttgag atctttgacg tgagtaatga actgtctagc agatgcactt tagcagtcac    148380
     gtgactggtc ttgctagagc cctggaaatc ctcttcacaa aagataaaaa gatatgctct    148440
     acaaaatgta caaattcttg atagattggg tcactggagg gatctgaaaa cacgtcagtc    148500
     agtgtgaata ggataaaaga gaatgctgtg ttttcaggac tagagagagt ctcaaaggat    148560
     ggccataaaa gcttgctcaa aactgatctt gggttcaagc acacaaatgt agaaacgctt    148620
     tcttagctca tcctatttga atatttcaaa gagctcctat ttaacagcat tttgcccaat    148680
     atgcaatatt taatatagtt cttagaaagc atttgagaat ttaactctta atttaaaatt    148740
     ataacaccct ttaagggatg atctgaaggt ataaaccgtc aatataataa ctctaaatgc    148800
     ctcaaaattt gaaaataaaa tgtattacct gacttatagg aacaaatagg gaacttatga    148860
     acaactgctt acattcattt atctcttcct atttagttca acaccttgga gcagctgtgc    148920
     atcaacttca ccaatgagaa actgcaacag tttttcaacc accacatgtt cgtgctggag    148980
     caggaggagt acaagaagga gggcattgat tgggagttca ttgacttcgg gatggacctg    149040
     gcggcctgca tcgagctcat cgagaaggtt tgtgtggctt tcaaaacttc agaacaggca    149100
     caaagcgtgt cctcctttct atgtttactt acaatctcag ctctcaaagg gtaggcagtg    149160
     gcacctcttg acaagattgt gtgctcttat cagttcgaag gcatgtcatg agcaatctgt    149220
     tactaatgaa aaaagtagag tagtctccag gaaagaaaaa atagcacaca tggattcaca    149280
     ttttcatctc ttataacttc atgcttcctt ggttttttaa tgacataggg tctccctatg    149340
     tgaccttcac tggccttgga actcactatg tagaaccagg ccaaccttga actcacagag    149400
     atcctcctct ttctgtcttc tgagtgctta aaggcacata gaaccataca tgggctttct    149460
     tattcctcat ttattattcc tacatgattt tatacatatg gaaagaatgg atgaaagtac    149520
     agccagtcct ctgaatagtt aattattact agtatggcta tgctgttgca ttgtgcttgt    149580
     aaccaacctc ccgtgtgttc tgtataacag ggcattgtat agtaagatgc ttaaggttgg    149640
     ggagttaatt gttgaatcta tcaatttatc tcttactcat gattactatc cagtaaatat    149700
     acgaaacttc catttgactt taccttcgga atgagctctg aattctctat tagtaattaa    149760
     gggaattagt cattaaggaa atctgtccaa ttaagttgga gcaacagatg tatcatattt    149820
     tgatagaaat cattgaacaa cttcaacgtt cagaactgtt aggatcctgg gactggagag    149880
     atggctcagt ggtttcagag tgcttgttgc gatatcatga ggtctggaat tgtgattcca    149940
     gtatccacat caagtggctc acaaacacct ggaacaccag caccaaggaa tcctccatcc    150000
     ttttctggtt tccacaagcc ttcaagcata tatacacaca tgcattctct catacatgca    150060
     catgcacaca cacaaaatgc cacacattgt catgtgcctt ttggtaccaa gaaagaacct    150120
     acgtggaatc tccctaagca ataacaaagg agaaataaaa tggaatcatc atctaggaaa    150180
     atttcaaata ctcagctcaa aatgtacaaa catagaaaag taaaacccta ggtagcacaa    150240
     cttaggcaaa tgtgttaatc cttccactgc tcatcaaaac tatgcaggct ccagaaaaag    150300
     catttacttc cttcatgagt atttcaactt ctggattatc aaaacagttt ttgaggttga    150360
     atttgtgagt ttggagagtc atcaatgcta aatttgcttt tagtctcctg tatcaaattt    150420
     gtctcagaaa aatcagactg ctttgtgagc aaaacctgat ggatcaccag tccttaattc    150480
     cacagacatg ggagaagggc tgaaagtaca aagagtttcc atgaggcaac atgagatgca    150540
     ctttcttctt gatgaagttt cattcccgtt catcagacac acagcctctc cttttcccat    150600
     cttttccatc ggttgtggtc aaggatgtta cattgtgaga aggagtatat cagagtacat    150660
     atgcatttgt agggtaaaaa tcaagcttta gaatttcatc ttacatactg aacacatttg    150720
     ccagatggtc cagatgggct tttaaactaa gtctttcagc aaagtatatg cgttcctatg    150780
     cattcttcag atgatgatgg tcgtattttg ttagaagagg ggaatgatga gataagatgt    150840
     catctgttta ggcataattc caagttcttc ctttagaatg cctccttttc aagtttgtac    150900
     caatcacaca aattaccaga gcataatttt ctaagggacc catcgctatc ttctcccttt    150960
     ttaatatcca gccgatgggc atcttctcca tcctggaaga ggagtgcatg ttccctaagg    151020
     cgacagacac ctccttcaag aacaagctgt atgagcagca tcttggaaag tccaacaact    151080
     tccagaagcc caaacccgcc aaaggcaagg ctgaggctca cttctccctg gtgcactatg    151140
     cgggcaccgt ggactacaac attattggct ggctggacaa gaacaaggac cccctgaatg    151200
     agaccgtggt ggggctgtac cagaaatccg ggttgaagac tctggctttc ctattttctg    151260
     ggggacaagc tgcggaagca ggtaactttt tatagtatca acttcttcta agaatcgcat    151320
     cacagaaata cacagtttgt cagagacagt acaggttagt ggttctcaac ctgtgaccct    151380
     ttgggacagt caaatgaacc tctcacaggg gttactcaag atcatcagaa aatataggca    151440
     tttacatcat gactcataac agtagtgaaa ttacaatttt gaagtaggaa tgaagataat    151500
     cttgtgattg aggcctgtgt caaaggctca cagcgttggg aacgttgaga accactgata    151560
     taagtattgc caagtctact gcgagaactc aggccaatgt cagtgaaatg aaagaaagca    151620
     tatttagcaa ccatggtaca caggcatgta cagatagatg agctatgaaa ggaggaaggg    151680
     gggagatgag tatcatggac tctttagaaa catggccatc ctgacctcca tttttctact    151740
     ctgcttttca gagggcggcg gtggaaagaa aggtggcaag aagaagggtt cttctttcca    151800
     gaccgtgtca gctctcttca gggtacagta taaccttaca cttagaagat aattaaactg    151860
     tctttaatga gagattgtaa aggatgctta tggtaaaggt ggaacaaagt agtagtcatc    151920
     taaatctgaa aaatatctct ggaagttttt aacaaaaaaa gaagacacac ccactgtgtc    151980
     tctttcatag caaagcctgt tataaatgag accttgcctt cccccaagcc tcaaataaga    152040
     aagatctggc agtaaagacg ttttaaatga aatcaaaccc tctttaaaaa ccacccactg    152100
     tgttccataa catctactcc ttacgatcaa agtctcaata caaaatcttt ttgattgtcg    152160
     tggtttgaga aaaaccagct ggaatgaatt atttatgtat aaccaggaat gttctagaaa    152220
     tccaccctcc agacacacag gctggtcctc ttggtcacca tgatctatct gagatagctc    152280
     attagaatgt gatagaagaa aaatacactc tatagccaag aattgctcta aacctttcca    152340
     tacggtttta taggagaatt taaataagct gatgaccaac ttgaagagca cccaccccca    152400
     ctttgtcaga tgcctcattc ccaatgaaac taagactcct ggtaagaccc ttctcatgcg    152460
     cagagcaacc ccagtgtgac ttctctttag atgactatag agaatgtatt ctactttcca    152520
     ggtgccatgg agcatgaact ggtcttgcac cagctcaggt gtaacggggt gctggaaggc    152580
     atccgcatct gtaggaaggg gttccccagc aggatcctct atgcagactt caagcagagg    152640
     tgtgtctcac atccgctcac attttacata gaacattgtt aaattttaaa tgctgtttgg    152700
     tcctctattg tttgactgat ccatcttttc aatagtagct gctactgttc tagctgttat    152760
     ttctcaatga ggaaaagaaa aatgtgtttt aattatgctg ttcgttttga cagatacaaa    152820
     gtcctgaatg caagtgccat ccctgagggt cagttcattg atagcaagaa ggcctctgag    152880
     aaacttctgg gttccattga cattgaccac actcagtaca aattcggtca cactaaggta    152940
     ccaccagtcc aaattgctgg catgatttta tcactttcag agtttctgcc tgaggtgaaa    153000
     taacaatcta actgctctct gccaaggttt tctttaaagc cggcctgttg ggaactctag    153060
     aggagatgcg agatgaaaag ctggctcagc tcatcacccg cactcaagcc gtgtgcagag    153120
     ggtacctgat gagggtggag ttcaaaaaga tgatggagag gaggtgagga gcaaagagtg    153180
     tctgcctttc ctacctcttt catctcggaa tccagagcac gtgtgatggt cacttcacaa    153240
     tctttgccca cttgtttctg tttttctcct tccacagaga gtccatcttc tgcattcagt    153300
     acaacgtccg cgccttcatg aatgtgaaac actggccctg gatgaagctg tatttcaaga    153360
     tcaaacctct gctgaagagc gcggagaccg agaaggagat ggccaacatg aaggaagatt    153420
     ttgagaaggc caaggaggat ctggctaagt cagaggcaaa aaggaaggaa ctagaagaaa    153480
     agatggtagc tttgatgcag gagaaaaatg acctgcagct ccaggttcaa gctgtgagtg    153540
     tcggatactg catatagtcc tatcatagtt catagtcagg atgtgactgc ctataagcaa    153600
     tcccagggct cagagtaaac aatttctatc caggcgcctg ttgtgattgc ctgcccttca    153660
     aaccattaag attcaaaccc aaagaaacag cagcctaatg gtgcttacta tgtgcattgt    153720
     acacagcctg gttcatggtg aacaaagtca tgaaaacagc tagacatttt cctttctgta    153780
     tacaacatcc tcttatatta gaatattctc tctttggtaa atataggtaa atggaactag    153840
     aaagtacatt atttttatca gagcagggaa aaacaaaaaa caaaaacagg ctaatttaag    153900
     cctgtaattg aatgtgaggg gaaaaaccct gagttcaaga attagtaaat gactctttca    153960
     taaggactga gggctagtaa gtcatttgta ttttcaacaa agccactttt tcctcatttt    154020
     accttctaca catagatatt tagagttaat atattaatct acttggtcaa catcttgaga    154080
     ttggtgcatt ttgtctaatt ttttttaaag ttagcaagtt aatggcctac tcaaagatca    154140
     actggtagtc atctgttccc aattttgaat acattatagt gtattttcga tatatcctat    154200
     acaaatggaa gtgtactatt tctcccatta ggaagcagat ggcttggctg atgctgagga    154260
     aaggtgcgac cagctgatca aaaccaaaat ccagctggag gccaaaatca aagagctgac    154320
     cgagagggcc gaggacgagg aggagatcaa cgcggagctc acggccaaga agaggaagct    154380
     ggaggacgag tgctcagagc tgaagaagga cattgacgac cttgagctga cactggccaa    154440
     ggttgagaag gagaagcacg ccacggagaa caaggtacaa ccactattca ctttcaagca    154500
     tttacaaata ctcaagcctg actcttaaac cttaaaatca tggaacgtga aagggaaaat    154560
     gttacaatgt tgccatcttt tttatggctg ctgtattccc tgtcaggatg ttgtcctgag    154620
     aagttaaatt atcatgtatt ttggcaagat gacatgtttt tttttttttt tttaatcaac    154680
     attcccatca tctgtccaaa tctaaaggtg aaaaacctga cagaagagat ggcaggcctg    154740
     gatgaaaata tcgccaagct gaccaaggag aagaaggccc tccaggaggc ccaccagcag    154800
     accctggatg acctgcaggc agaggaggac aaagtcaaca ccctgaccaa agccaaaacc    154860
     aagctggaac agcaagtgga tgacgtgagt atgaaaagca gtctttttcc ttataaggga    154920
     tgacatacgc catcatggaa cgaagccacc agtggagccc atgagcctcg aaatgcaggc    154980
     tgagagtcct cgtgctattt gttgtcactt ctgagttttt tcttgagtat ctagcaaagg    155040
     acatagggtt cagggtttaa caaagtcccc tttgatttag cttgaaggat cactggaaca    155100
     ggaaaagaag ctgaggatgg acttagaaag agccaagagg aaactggagg gggacctgaa    155160
     actggcccaa gagtccacaa tggacataga aaacgataaa cagcagctcg atgagaaact    155220
     caaaaagtaa gcgttatagg attcagccct gacttctcac tgtgtgggtg caggggaaac    155280
     acgggtttga gtgtttccaa atgattgctt catcatattt ggggtgaaat aaacaagggc    155340
     cagctttaaa aatatttaat taaaatggca ctgggtagat ttgtaaaaca tgtgtttctc    155400
     tctattttaa ggcaatcagt ataaaaagtt caattatgca taggtaggaa ggctggggga    155460
     agaattaacc atgagctaat gtgctgctgt taaactagga aagagtttga aatgagcaat    155520
     ctgcagagca agattgagga cgagcaggcc ctcggcatgc agctgcagaa gaagatcaag    155580
     gagttgcagg tacatccata tcttctatcc gtctaattca tcagtaaacg aaaaatgatt    155640
     gacccaagaa gctgagttgg tcttttccac cacctccagg cccgcatcga ggagctggag    155700
     gaggaaatcg aggcagagcg ggcctccagg gctaaagcag agaagcagcg ctctgacctc    155760
     tcccgggaac tggaggagat cagcgagagg ctggaagaag ctggcggagc cacttcagcc    155820
     cagatcgaga tgaacaagaa gagagaggct gagttccaga aaatgcgcag ggacctggag    155880
     gaggccacgc tgcagcatga agccacagca gccgctcttc ggaagaagca cgcggacagc    155940
     gtggctgagc tcggggagca gatcgacaac ctgcagcggg tgaagcagaa gctggagaag    156000
     gagaagagcg agctgaagat ggagatcgat gatctcgcta gtaacatgga gacagtctcc    156060
     aaagccaagg tctttcctaa cttcctaaat tatctgaaat acatgaaagt gattatatac    156120
     tctgtgggac tctagctagc cacactatac atcacccaag atctctgatt gacatcactg    156180
     tattaaatgg aacctctcaa ggttccacat cttatttttc aaaatcacct taaacattgt    156240
     tgctatagct acggcaatag taatgcagtg gcaagtaaaa gtcccctcta tatgatgtgg    156300
     gccataaatg atgttcatgt ttccccaaag aaaggactct agttttgatg attacatatt    156360
     cactcagtca gtcacatatg ctcctccact gctgtgatcc caactgctcc caagcactgt    156420
     gcaaggcttg gcagcaacat cagtaacagc ctgtgtctgc catacatagt aacagatctc    156480
     taaatctcag catcatcttg tcccgtcctt tacttcccat cacaggggaa ccttgagaag    156540
     atgtgccgca ccctggagga ccaactgagt gaagtgaaga ccaaggagga ggagcagcag    156600
     cgcctgatca atgaactgtc aacccagaag gcacgcttgc acacagagtc aggtcagtct    156660
     gtgccacact agcctgggaa cagcaaagca tgagaggtct gcccgatcct ggacgctggg    156720
     gtcttgccct gcacaatgtg tacaagagat ggttacaaat gaatgactct aagctatgat    156780
     tagaggcgag ttgggaaatg aacctcttgg gcttgggaaa gttttgttac ctccataacc    156840
     ctcaagaatc ccccattcta caataccaaa gaaagcagtt cacgaacatt ctggagacac    156900
     tctttgcact ctatgaataa ggagggtcgt attctggtcc acctgagaga agagagttca    156960
     atcatttgtg tttcctctct caggcgagtt ttcccgacag ctggatgaaa aagacgctat    157020
     ggtttctcag ctttcccgag gcaaacaagc atttacacaa cagattgagg aactaaagag    157080
     gcagctagag gaagagtcca aggtgagaac cctctgttga gactttcatg catggaactg    157140
     ggcagcctga accaccagtg atcagaatgc aaactcacag tgtacaattt tgggttattt    157200
     aggccaagaa cgcactggcc cacgccctgc agtcagctcg ccatgactgt gacctgctgc    157260
     gggaacagta tgaagaggag caggaagcca aggctgagct gcagagggcc atgtccaagg    157320
     ccaacagcga ggtagcccag tggaggacga aatatgagac ggatgccatc cagcgcacag    157380
     aggagctgga agaggccaag tatgggtttc aatgaattag acagaaagaa actgaagtaa    157440
     aggaaaaggg aaggaaaatg ggaaggaata attgtaccag gaagagcatc aaataatttc    157500
     acagcttcca tatctataca gttaagagga ccatgtactc agtctaggat cccactagac    157560
     cctagtgaag aaatgcatcg tttcccctcc cccttctctc tggtttcata gatatgtttg    157620
     aaatagacac ttcagatgga aaagagctcc cctgggaaat cagaattctg ggagagataa    157680
     aatggtcact aagaagtaat tctggaaaaa cctatgggca cagagaaata agagatctta    157740
     ggggaaaaca gacttcccta atcagcggat aggtagagtt ccttctgtta actttgagtc    157800
     ttctcgcact gaccgccacc ccaggaagaa gctggctcag cgtctgcagg atgctgagga    157860
     acatgtagaa gctgtgaatt ccaaatgcgc ttctcttgaa aagacgaagc agcggcttca    157920
     gaatgaagtg gaggacctca tgattgacgt ggagaggtct aacgctgcct gcgctgcgct    157980
     tgataagaag cagaggaact ttgacaaggt ggcccaccgg acctgggact tacaactggg    158040
     gaaagggggg cactctgcct ggcttcatag cctaactaat gacgcgcttc caggtcctgg    158100
     cagaatggaa acagaagtac gaggaaactc aggctgagct tgaagcctcc cagaaggagt    158160
     cccgctctct gagcactgag ctgttcaaag tgaagaatgc ctatgaggag tctctggatc    158220
     aacttgagac gttaaagaga gagaacaaga acctgcagcg taagccccaa gcttcacaac    158280
     cccgcttagc tctaactggg ttcttccatt ctgccaccat tcattccaac ctcttccttt    158340
     catctgttct tccgcagagg agatctctga cctgaccgag cagattgctg agggagggaa    158400
     gcacatccat gagctggaga aaatcaagaa gcaaattgat caggaaaaga gtgaattaca    158460
     ggcttctctg gaggaagcgg aggtatatgc tttgtttgct cacccatctg ttaaggagaa    158520
     ttgcaactgg aatctaccac gtcctaagct cccagggaca atgtatacca ccaaggaaaa    158580
     cctagacata tataccactc aaatgcagga tcaataatct aagttaggat atattgaaag    158640
     aatgggagga gggctaaatg tcttcttgag aaaccaccat agtgaggtca ccaaaatgtt    158700
     gcttttatca aggcatccct tgaacatgaa gaaggtaaaa tcctacgcat ccagctggag    158760
     ttgaaccagg tgaaatctga gattgaccgc aaaattgctg aaaaagatga agagatagat    158820
     cagctgaaga gaaaccacct cagagttgtg gagtccatgc agagcacgct ggacgccgag    158880
     atccgcagca ggaatgatgc tctgaggatt aagaagaaga tggagggaga cctcaatgag    158940
     atggagatcc agctgaacca tgccaaccgc caggctgcgg aggcaatcag gaaccttcgg    159000
     aacacccagg gaatgctgaa ggtacctagg ggtgaacatg cactgtgtca gcaggctcag    159060
     tgttatagaa ttcaaatctt agatttttag gaaaattata ggatatacat taccaaagca    159120
     atgtagtatc aggataaaaa aaaattgtat gtgcctagtt gggaaggagc tatgttcaga    159180
     ctgaaaggcc caagagagaa tttgctttgt cacctgagac aaaatgagtg gtaaggtaga    159240
     tgtagatact gatgacacaa ttcagcttcc caagtgctag gacttaggca cgactcaccc    159300
     agctctggac ctcccccttt aagcatctag aatgatgtaa ccagtgtagc tgaattctaa    159360
     gggtactttc ctgctacaaa attgcacaga tttatccatg attgattttt atgatttttg    159420
     gggatctaaa ataaaccatt ttgtgctttt gaatttaagt actgcactag gcatccaaga    159480
     acaagtcatt aagggtactt gtagatactc ctatttaatc agactctgag ctaataagat    159540
     ccaggtgtga gcatgtcact aaatttgaat cccttttaac tagagtgtga gtaagagttt    159600
     ttctgctttc tgtgcaggac acacagctgc acctggacga tgctctcaga ggccaggacg    159660
     acctgaaaga gcagctggcc atggttgagc gcagagccaa cctgatgcag gctgagatcg    159720
     aggagctcag ggcatccctg gaacagacag agaggagcag gagagtggcc gagcaagagc    159780
     tactggatgc cagtgagcgc gtgcagctcc tccacaccca ggtgaggttc aggaccaagg    159840
     ttatcaaatg cacttccaga aactaaaggc agtctgaagg ggtgagcttt ttcatgagat    159900
     gcacacataa tgttggcagc catgtatttc cagggttttg ggaaatggaa agagggacct    159960
     aagtatgtac tgagacacag acagtttaca agtccacttt tgggctggca tagtcatggt    160020
     cttgaacaat ctggagttta aagccaatgg aaagaaagct cagaagacaa tatgcagtca    160080
     ctcatccaac taatctttca caactgtaca caacaagtaa ataagccgat aaaatgtaaa    160140
     aaacagtaag ccatcatatt tattattatg ctaacatcac agtacatgga aagatctttt    160200
     gggttcaaat ccatggggcc gtcattagtg ctagttagca cttgtgttcc acttatttat    160260
     ttaaagaagt taaataaagc aattaagtaa gtggtggttt aatgttgcat aatgaccata    160320
     tggagcactc attgccgcag aaagacagac acaaagcaga aagagaatat agcaaattaa    160380
     ggtgaggaat ccactgtcct tttattttat tttattttat tttgttttat tttattttat    160440
     ttttggtaaa aaagcataca gaaatattca aaaggataag caaaaatgtt attactgttg    160500
     cctatgttta tggaaggcat attatttttg tcttatgctc atttgcacac tctacttttt    160560
     aaataataaa cccatgtaac agaatacttt tgaacactgc aatgtctaaa atgggcaatt    160620
     atggaaatgt tcagatccat agtgtaattt taaaaatcaa gtattagtta atatgtgaca    160680
     cttttcttac taattatgag catctagaat tgactgacca tttcaaatac tgttaacttt    160740
     ccaaaaacat gggtgcccat gattatcttt tgtatcaata aatatgctgt ttataaactt    160800
     acaaaataga ggtacccaat atggatgact agctaaaata agttattttt catcagctgt    160860
     gtggtacata gcacgataaa gctggacaat tttactttgt gtttataagc agccatagat    160920
     aacctttggc actagagatt aaattttaca ttgaatcact tatgttttat gaccagagat    160980
     ataggtagaa aaagccagga acttggaatt aacttcatat tttgttttta ttctgaacat    161040
     ttcttattat cagctattta gtgctacata cactggttat aaatgtaatt aaatatagtt    161100
     ttctttcttc ttcttcttct tttttaaatt tgtaacagaa caccagcctc atcaacacca    161160
     agaagaagct ggagacagac atttcccaaa tccagggaga gatggaagac atcgtccagg    161220
     aagcccgcaa cgcagaagag aaggccaaga aagccatcac tgatgtaagc agagagcgag    161280
     atggagatag caagcctgaa tcctgcaggg ccttgtcagc ctttaaccaa ctctgtttta    161340
     taactcgcca ggccgccatg atggcggagg agctgaagaa ggagcaggac accagcgccc    161400
     acctggagcg gatgaagaag aacatggagc agaccgtgaa ggacctgcag caccgtctgg    161460
     acgaggctga gcagctggcg ctgaagggcg gcaagaagca gatccagaaa ctggaggcta    161520
     gggtgggtgt ccacgtcttc tttcagcccc ctacccatgc gtgtgtgaac agtcgcagcc    161580
     aaactgttaa ccgtgttctc tctcccaggt gagggagctt gaaaacgagg tggaaaatga    161640
     acagaagcgc aacatcgaag ccgtcaaggg tcttcgtaag cacgagcgca gagtgaagga    161700
     actcacctac caggtgactg accttttctt ctctgccagg cttacagagt ttgagaaagt    161760
     aaaactagca gggcagtccc cgctaatgat gtcatcttct tgctgcatct ttcagaccga    161820
     ggaggaccgc aagaacgtgc tgaggctgca ggacttggtg gacaaactac agactaaagt    161880
     gaaagcctac aagagacagg ctgaggaggc tgtgagtatc tccgcagaag cagggaatgg    161940
     tcagggacca cagctggttc tatgaggcac tgaagtcccc ataattcaag gggctttctt    162000
     ataagacaat actacgcaaa ccaggagctc aaaattaggg aggaaagtga atatttatct    162060
     ggaaaaccaa acttttgctg cagatgagta gagctttaga cattctaatt catttctctg    162120
     agactgcttc aagtgctgtt tcattcacgt taacacagca atgcttttct acagcaccac    162180
     actcattatt tagaatgttc caaacttcca gcaatcatag ggactatgtt aataagggtc    162240
     tggattctcc tcagccttat ttaacattgt gattaaatcc acttccgaac ttaaaaaaaa    162300
     caaaaaaaaa aaacaaaaaa caaaaacctt tctcattctg tcagttctca actctccctt    162360
     aaagctctct ggatccaata tcactactgt gtcttctctt agaagtttgt gttctagaaa    162420
     caagatagaa tcagatccct gcttctttga cctctgtgta gtcaatatag cattctccgt    162480
     gtgctaggaa aaggcatatg aaagagtaaa aatggggcag ggacagtgta agcatattca    162540
     ttatgtcatc aaatccgtgg gctgtcctgc ccccaaataa gaatgccacc aaatgacaga    162600
     acctttcact ttctcactca tgaaccaaac cctgtaactt cttttagcag caaaggcaat    162660
     taacagacag aaaatgtcaa attttgttct ctccaatttg ttcccattca caggaggaac    162720
     aatccaatgt caacctggcc aagttccgta agatccagca cgagctggag gaagccgagg    162780
     agcgggctga catcgcggag tcccaggtca acaagctgcg ggtgaagagc cgagaggttc    162840
     acactaaagt cataagcgaa gaataatcca tctttctgtt gagaggtgac aggagaaatc    162900
     acaaaatgtg acgttctttg tcactgtcct gtatatcacg gaaataaatt ctgcagataa    162960
     ttttgcaatc tagaagttca ttttttttct tttaattata agctccacga tgctttgggg    163020
     gccaatttat ttcttaaaca cttgctgagt gcctactacg tgcagtgatg tcaaagaaat    163080
     gaaccaacta aagaccaacg acatgaatac tactcagcca actttactga gtattgagag    163140
     catgtctggt acaagaatgg tcaccaagga aatgagttac ccctgtcttt gaggaactca    163200
     attgagacag taagggaggc acatttcaga ccatatggaa ggggggattt cctcagacag    163260
     aggacatagc aaggatataa ggtgctacct gggagtccag agagatttct caaaggagtc    163320
     tgtgagctcc tgctgagatg aacagtcagc tatcaatcag atgatggaga aaggacatgg    163380
     tcagcataag agaaaacaag tatgagattc cacagtcaat ttagcataga tgtcatgagc    163440
     aaagggtaac agatgagagc agacacctga agggaaggca tgatgataat aaagggaatg    163500
     gtctcccaca cagcttggag gaattagagc atgcatccac ccggcccagt ttcacaagaa    163560
     agagagttgt tggaatctca taatggtaca catggaggaa agagtaagta ggaaggacca    163620
     gagcttcaaa ggctggttgg aaggcatggt ccagattcga ggcaatggtg gtggcatgac    163680
     caggaaagcc aagaaagagt gcagggttct catgctaaca cagaggaggt ggggcagcac    163740
     caaggaaatc agctctacga tgttcagaat ggcagacggc cctgtggtta tccacttcac    163800
     ttcatttcag aaacccctct ccttgggctc gttccccttc taagaagaac gagtaggaga    163860
     atctagatga actctcatgt tggccttctg ctttctacag aacctgactt tccttaggag    163920
     ctcacacatt ttaaggaggc tggagaaagg aaattcattt cccaatgtca cacacacaga    163980
     aaaggaacac aagtaacatt ttatcatagc cactgtttga tttttttctt ttatactttc    164040
     ttgaaaatta aaatattggt ttcattgggt ggatgttgaa aaaaaataag gcaaaagaat    164100
     cccaatttct cctttttcaa gtggctgata gatacccttt ctatctatcg ggaaggccac    164160
     tttgagaaac tatcttccct ttgagaaacc taattagtaa tgaggagctt gcttcagcag    164220
     aagcaaattt caaaagccta gaatataatt atgaagaata tctcacctca gccacgatga    164280
     agactaatga aatatcctgc ttagagtggg catttattat caaatcttaa ttaagctctg    164340
     tagagttaac ctatcgaccc ccaaagcact agacaaccat tggataattc cgtctcctga    164400
     ctccgtgatt gcctaagcag agttaaggat gggttttgtt atatgtaagt caattagtct    164460
     gcctcccttt aaggaaagaa gcttagagat cacagatatt ctggttaaca ctcttcctca    164520
     tcctcctgac agatgaggtg ggtttcagcc tccattctgt gtctactaga ataaagccac    164580
     gctcaatcat ctcggactgc ccacacaaca ctcttcacct tctctttcat tgctctgagg    164640
     cattaagaaa tatctacacc tccctgaacc atgatagtgt gcatgcaaag ggcaggctgt    164700
     attgaaattt cagtatacac aaatgttcta attgcaatga acatttcacc tggagtggct    164760
     ggcaaaccaa ctaagaagat cctggggact ggagaggagc ttagaacctg catttctctt    164820
     gcagaggaac tgagtttagt tcttagcgct cctgctggga agctcacaat ggcctggaac    164880
     tccagaagca cgtgacacct ctgccttcac ttccatacac cttatctcct tgacttgctt    164940
     catttctgac ctgctacaag attattgatt gcctccttct gctaacacat aagctctaca    165000
     gtgacagaca gtgcatctgg ctactgttga gtgtgtggta agtcaggcat ggcctgacac    165060
     accacaagtg gttaagaaat gtttgcagaa cgaatgagaa agtttaataa gaattttatc    165120
     tgcaccatgc acagtgttat gctatacaca caccatctaa aactggatct acacgcagag    165180
     gaaattttaa cacagtctct ttcacaaatt tagtaagaaa acctttccct tcctaggaaa    165240
     tggaatagtt ctttcattac ctgtttttcc tagtaagtat acaactaaca cccccacccc    165300
     agatattcta cttcaaatta atgtagggca ctctgataga cagaaaagat ggaggacctt    165360
     aaggttcagg atggtcagtg gtgaagtctg tggctttgct gtgtttcatc atatgcctac    165420
     actcaatatt aaagaagcag acaacacaga aacaccaatg gatactgaaa gggggataaa    165480
     gaatgaaaag gagggtggat aaagcccaac aatattcttt atctctagga cctacaatct    165540
     aagaagacga caagaaatgg acagcctaga aaaaacaaaa aaacaacaaa caactgtaac    165600
     caagaactgt tctaggcata cctaatgaca cagaagcact gcctcaccca tccccagcaa    165660
     atgttccatg taaagcctgc aattcacttt atgcttttgg aataaggtgc ttcgatacca    165720
     ttggggttct gtcaaaggag aactactggg aagatgggat tcatcctggc tggttagtat    165780
     cagatcaggt ggcatcaagg tagataacat tgtaatcctt cacacctacc atctgagagc    165840
     aagtgtcttg cccttctgtc agaagactcc caaggaagat tatgattatc attttagtct    165900
     cttcccagca ataagaaact acccatatcc aaaagaaatg gggtagccca ctcgggtgtc    165960
     aatagaaggg gaccaggatg tatatatacc acctccctgg aagcagtcag tgacatcacc    166020
     cttcttctct ccacacagca gtgttgcaaa gatctagctt aaggtttgaa tatgatccac    166080
     agtccaaggg cataatggaa aacactaaag tttcaagagg aattaatcac cataccaggg    166140
     acatctcaca ctgaagaaag aaaaggtaac tcatacaaaa taaaaagact atgtaagggc    166200
     taagggagat ggctcagggt aaaggggctc ctgctgtata atccctgcct ctcctgtgaa    166260
     aagcatagcc gtgtgcacct gcaaccctgt gctctgtggg tcaaagaaag gaagaccact    166320
     gggccttcct ggccccaacc ctagctccag acttagtgag ttattctgtt tcaaaagaat    166380
     aaggcagaga gtgacaaagc aggacatagg ggcattttcc tctgtcctcc acaagtgtca    166440
     atattcccac tcccatatcc cctcctaaat acactacgta gatatttact tcctctttct    166500
     tacctaatta aaaaaaacta taaaggaata caactgcaat gtaatattag gcttgtagtc    166560
     ataaatggat atcataaaca caggcagcat aaataaatgt aatacatttg gcaatatagc    166620
     acaaaggaga catatgggag caaagctgtg ttgagcaagg aaatgaattc agatagtaaa    166680
     ataataattc taacaatgta tttttgagtt tgtaatatta agagatatat tacatataaa    166740
     aataaaatga tgaagccgag gaaagggaat aaggcagcat aagaggtaat agtcttaaat    166800
     attatcataa aactgaacta ataaaaatct aaagctgaaa agttaaagca catacgataa    166860
     aacataaagc agtcattagc atgtaactca aaggtcattc aatgagttaa aatgttacat    166920
     tatagactag agatgtagct cagtgacaga gtgcttacct ccatgtatag agtcctcatt    166980
     taatccacag taccacacaa aaattatatt atgaaacagt gcaagagaag gaacaaaaat    167040
     gtcatgacac atttaagaaa aacgtatttt aaaaacaaca ttaaatgtaa atgtattaaa    167100
     taattaaatt aaaagataga ggttatttgg ctgcctttaa aaaacatgat cctaaaaggc    167160
     catttgtata agccaaagta ctaaataatt gaacataaaa gaatggggaa aatacatatt    167220
     ataaacagca accacaagat aaatgaaaaa aaaaatggct ctgtggatag atgataaaat    167280
     agcctttaaa aatctatcca ttataagaaa taaagatgga atcttgtaat gataacatta    167340
     ttaatttttc gttatacatc aaggcacata ttgacagaaa taaacactaa aatttagaaa    167400
     agtgataaat gagacaaaat agagagcttg aaatacatcc aatatttata tagtcaaatg    167460
     acattttact aacttgctaa tttcaactct gaaagcaaat aatctttgca aaaagaatgc    167520
     taaatgaatt atatatgtat gtggaaaata aatataatta tttcaagaca aataatagac    167580
     agtgcaaatc ttaagaagac aaaccttcta gaaggaacac agaggctatc ttggtgatga    167640
     gaggcaagag ctctcaaaaa taacaaaaca cacacacata tgaaatataa aaatgacaaa    167700
     ttaaagctat tgttgggatg gagccctgtg gtagagcact ttcctattat tatgtgcaag    167760
     gttctacatt tgacccatat cacataaaat gattttttta aaagctcatc taatgggtca    167820
     tcaaggccac tgttgggaac acaaaaatga caggcagcaa gagtagagaa aatagatgct    167880
     ttacatgtat tcaataagtg acttgcagat gcagatgcca tagattccgt atccaaagag    167940
     cacaacacaa caacactgag caaaagagag aaaagagaca attcacgagg aagatattct    168000
     aaggtctaat aactatatta aatgacattc aatatggtcg gtcaagggaa acaaattaaa    168060
     atcacaagga gactccataa caaacctgca aggatgatta atttacataa actaatggtg    168120
     tcacattgtt gaacagactt ctgagcttct gatgtccccc agacactgct tactaggagg    168180
     gtggacaact gtatttttta agaagaaagt ttgccaattt cttataaata tactttgagc    168240
     tctttatcta ggatgtctac ttcctgctac ttaagcaaca gaaatgaaag atatattcac    168300
     aaaaaaggta ataaaaacat tcatcagcaa ggggatatac acacacgctg agaatggtgg    168360
     cacaagcata tggtcccatc tactggggag attgagatta gttaagtcac aaatttcgaa    168420
     ctcaagacta tccaaggcaa cacagtaagg ccatctcaca actagaacaa aacaatcaaa    168480
     cagcaaactt aaagtaagaa aagatgataa ggcgccgtat accttcacaa tggaatacta    168540
     ctcaccacca ctaccaacaa caaccaaaaa aaacaaactt ctgtaatatt cacagaagaa    168600
     tgtaggtaac acatctgtgc caacaaggca tttgaaaggc aagttgtttc ctttagtgga    168660
     agacaagata atgtcccatt tccacctcag aacaagatgt ctgaagtggc tgtaatccat    168720
     ctgcttttac ttactgggtg gagagaaaca gagggactct tggggcaagg gggaatctta    168780
     ggaattgcaa gctgatgtct ggtagtgact ctcaaagctc caggatcatt agagacagta    168840
     actcgaagct tgccctgggc ttaattgtaa gtggatacta gcaagaatag caaggacaag    168900
     gatttgtgcc agaccttgga agggtttcta acttaaaata aagagctgcc tgccgcacag    168960
     gacccacgta gaagttattt atgtatttga gaaggactag aaatacaaca ataattaatc    169020
     agtcatgaag tacgtctcgg cgtttagtta gttttcttgt agagacccgt cagtaccccc    169080
     tcatgcttta tgagtattta cagggatttt agttttcaga attgtagctc agagaaccag    169140
     tggaaaaaat gggctgtggc agtccaaatc acagattaaa acgagtgtca ggttccaacc    169200
     actgaccaca tcatcagccc catcacttaa caggtggtca cctaattaaa cacacaaagt    169260
     cactgaagag atatttgtct cccaaagttt gagatttaga agtaatgcta agtgcacagc    169320
     gctaatcatg atgtcctttc acgggataca atgagaagta aaatcatggc aactttagat    169380
     ttccatgatg caaccaattg tcccagaagg cttcctccac ccttatttcc agtgaatgaa    169440
     aatatccact cctccacgtt actgtttgtt acttttgagt actttctttg tcaacctaat    169500
     tgataaaata cacctgtgct ctaacatcct tgcatctatt gaagtacagc gtgttttaat    169560
     ttacccgtca ttggcgtgcc ctgttcggag aaccctcttt tctattctgt acctctactt    169620
     tctatttgca tgggttttct gttctcctta attcatttct gaataggagt gaacgcagtt    169680
     tccatctgat aagcattgcc catagttttc ccaaggctgc tgtttatcta atttgttgat    169740
     gtccgttgtg tcacgcactg aaaagttagt ttttgagagt gcctgcttca caaatagaag    169800
     gtacttttgc cctattagag attgtcctga gctgggtgtg cagtgcagcg gtgccagcct    169860
     gcctagcaca tgaaacgatc ttagcccgga aggaaaaggt gtctttcctc tccaggcata    169920
     aacattctac atgttcacat ctgctctttc cagtttctct ttattttcag gtcaagagtt    169980
     caaacccctt ataacagact gccataaata ggaacacaca gggaagaatt tgtttctttt    170040
     ttttctaagt ggtaaatctc aaccctgctc actaaattgc ccttcctttc ctctcgtgac    170100
     atcaaaggcc actttggtca cacactaact aatcatatac acaagaaccg accttctaat    170160
     gatcaacccg ccttcatagg agcttcatac tgtttaaatc ccacatttaa aaaatctatt    170220
     ttgacactga aaaaaaatct cattcctgga agcttgcttt ctttggggga cgctcactat    170280
     tgcagctatc tacccagaaa cctctacata ttgcttccag gtctgttctc gttccaaggg    170340
     aagtatttct ttcaatctga ggaaatccca tttatttcta cttatcttcg agcagaacca    170400
     attcaagtgg tttctgggca tctagaatta tttttcattc tctcttagtg gggtcagtca    170460
     agtctacaac ctaaatattg catccttctc ttcaaacccc acatctgatg ccttagcttg    170520
     agtcttcaac tcttcctgta acagcaccgt tgtgtaagca ggtcctccac ctctgttcca    170580
     gacctctgat ccctcgtccg tgcttgcagt gtgattgtgc ctaagacaaa tcttaaggtc    170640
     agttcctcat ttaaaacatg gcagggcaca tccaccgccc gcaggataca acccctcctt    170700
     tacaggagcc taaacaacta gtaagtacat tcaacactgc caagtactat ttaaaatatt    170760
     tacatgcatt attaaataaa ttaatattga aagaggtggg caagcaaagc aattccttcc    170820
     ttacagataa gtagactcag gttgagagag gttaggtggc ctgaataaaa taatgagaaa    170880
     tgatacccat ccagctacat tgatatttta gccaaccact gggcacatca tcaaaggcac    170940
     acgagccagc ttgatgtcta aaacttacgc actacaggga cctcacaatg tattttccaa    171000
     ctcactactt ggttatctta tttcattatt tttgagacag gctcctgcgt aacttggaat    171060
     tctccatgta gattaggctg gcctagaact cacagacgtc tacctggctc tgcctcccaa    171120
     gtgctagtat taaaggcaag tgccaccata cctagctgtt tttattttta ttagtttaca    171180
     ctaacaatac aaagttaggc gtttcattat gacttagcca taccagctag tggattcata    171240
     aatgttagat gtgagataag gtaaatcagg aaggttgaaa atacgagtag gagaaaaagc    171300
     agtttgtata tgtgctacca aagtgtaaag gcaaagatag tatgactgac atgagaggaa    171360
     aatagaattc aaagcaaaac agtgcaaaac acgtacagtc cattcctgtt tgtttttttt    171420
     ttaaatgcaa tctaccatga agatatagca agcagaaatt tctatacggt taacaaatgt    171480
     ctttgagcta aataagccaa tgtaacgaat ctgtcataaa catatggagg actttaaact    171540
     tatacccagt agaaaataat agaccaaata tccccaagac acagataact tcagtttaac    171600
     aattataaag taaatgtggg gggttgggag gtggctcagc tgttaactat actcattgtt    171660
     cttccagagg actggagctc agatccccag aacccctgac aggtagctgg ctctcatctg    171720
     cctgtaactg cagctttaaa ggagctgaca ccctctgcgg aacaccacag gtatctttac    171780
     aaactcctgc agacactcac gctcgtattc ataagcaaaa taaatctttt caaaaagtaa    171840
     atataaagct ttgtagcact aataagagaa attaaacgct tcccatatct gatatacagt    171900
     tcactaagca tggtactgac ctcatgaaag gatgtgaaag ttatttcttg aaagaataaa    171960
     aagaatctca gatattataa cagttggtgt tctgccctac tccagaagct caactacctg    172020
     gaaaatttta ttagttagta tttaatttct ctctacaaag ataatctaaa tttaaatgaa    172080
     tataatgaaa tattaatcct tagtatttca cttcttactg tggagagaaa attaaactta    172140
     attaaagcta attatatctt aattattttt tgttaattta attaggtttt ttcctattca    172200
     gtgggaaaag ttaaagcatc aatcgaaagc actcacaaaa attactcata ttcagggatg    172260
     agaggatatg tgtggtcctt tatttacctg cagcactttt tgaaagacac aaaatctaat    172320
     agttatcctt gtttttcagg cctgggtacc aggaaagcac aaggctgctg tctactgtgt    172380
     agtctgtgct tctggaattt tgaacatata cgggtattca cttaagaggc caatcattgt    172440
     ggtgactaat tcttgaagaa aaaatatttt ccatgattgt ttaattgtac catggacaaa    172500
     gcctttacat caaatcaaca atttaacaat acaaaacaga attaaaacta tgtttgtgcc    172560
     aggcgtggtg gtgcacacct ttaatcccag cacttgggag gcagaggcag gcggatttat    172620
     gagttctacc gagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac agagaaactc tgtcttgaaa    172680
     aaaaaaaaaa gctttaactt agtctcctaa agttaatcaa tggcatatgc aatatagtta    172740
     tatcatttga ctgatatgga ctcatcatga acttctatgt tcagatcata gctaagataa    172800
     atgaacaatt ttctgtggca aaatagtcac atatgttttt cttggctcct atattctggc    172860
     tatatcccta tgttctgaat tctaaaataa agtgtaaaca tttagaaaga aggaggagga    172920
     ggaagaggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggggaagggg aaggggaagg ggaaggggaa    172980
     ggggaagagg aataagaatt agaagaagtc gatcattaga gctagaaagt tggctcagtg    173040
     cttgagagca ctgactgttc tagcagatga ccccctgtcc aattcccagc atccacgtga    173100
     tgactcagaa ccatctgaaa ctccagttcc aagggatcag ttgccttctt ctatcctctt    173160
     tgataccagg catacacatg gtgcacatat attcaggtaa aatactcaaa ggcataaaat    173220
     aaaataaata aatctaaaaa aattaaagaa gcaggtcatt tccatcttga aataagaaaa    173280
     tatgcatcaa acacttctgc agttaccaag gcacatcgac ggagcgtggc tggccatttt    173340
     aacaaacaac accaaccatt agatataagt ggtgaaagaa actaagctgt cagcccataa    173400
     gcaggaattt acatcaatga ggatgcagat gcaaatgaaa gaactttaag tataaaatag    173460
     ctatcagaaa aaaatagaag acttttgtga ctttgtataa caaaaatttg gaagatctga    173520
     ctccaaaact gtggtatgta aaaaaaattg ataaactgag cttcattgat aaatttagaa    173580
     attaatagat tttcacagat aggaagagac tacccattaa tcatctgtct gattaatgac    173640
     ttatagataa aacatatata aagaactagc aactgataaa ataagaagaa aatgacaaca    173700
     ttgcttcaaa taggctaaag atgtggagat tacaaatgca cacatatgta taaatgataa    173760
     atgataaaga tgagaaagac attcacatca ttgtgcatta aggaaatcag atccgaccca    173820
     caggcgggaa ccactttaca cccagtagct ggggaccaat caaaggaggc agagcacaag    173880
     tacaggaggc aggaacagaa tcagatctgt tgtttactgc tgatggaaat gacaaatgta    173940
     cagccactgt gggaaagaat tcatgaattt ccaaaaaagt aaaacacaca gaaatccagg    174000
     tcctagatag ctacccaaga gaaatggaaa cacctgctca cccagaaacc tgtgtgtatt    174060
     catagtgagg agaagaatcc acgtagggca ggtgttattg tgctgccacc aacaaagaga    174120
     gatgcattgt gggaacatgg agggcagggg tgggagaacc acacacaaat gactccattg    174180
     caggattcca ccaacatgaa atttccagaa aagccaaaaa tgtacagaca aagagttgat    174240
     cagggattga agagctcaaa ttattgttaa gaacctctca aagacaggct ctaagatcat    174300
     tatagaaata gggatacagt tctgtaagcc tattgaactt ggtgtattct tacaatgagt    174360
     cattttcaat gcatgaaaaa gttcactaaa gatattaagg ggggtagatc taggctaatt    174420
     ctaaatatta cacaaatatt acaaatatca catcaccgta tgtcatataa aaatgaatgc    174480
     agataaacaa agttaaaatt gtagcaaaaa acccactaat aatcaaaaat tcatctacag    174540
     ctgataaata gtcatattta ttatttaata ctgttatcat actgtacagc aatgaatgca    174600
     aaatatagta cctttaacct tatggacaaa tctcacaata acaatttgag gcaaaagaat    174660
     aaagaggggc tggagaggtg gctcatcagc taagggtact tccttccttt tcagaagacc    174720
     tgggttcagt tcctagaact cacactggca ggctcaccac tgcctgtgac tttggttcca    174780
     ggggatcaac accttctagt ctccacaggc atggcactct cgaggcacat atttgtgctt    174840
     gggcacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acaatgacac atctaagtga    174900
     aaatgtcttt taaaaaatat aaagaaggtt gtattcatat gccacatttt atgtaagtag    174960
     aatcattaaa tatgggacct ttgtattcta gtccttttat ttagcataga agtgtaaggt    175020
     tcctctctac atggtagcac cttccagcac ttcctccctt tctacagagc taacgttcca    175080
     tcgagcacac ataccagagt ctgcttacac acctgctaga tggtggacat ttgatccttt    175140
     ccactttggg ccatgatgaa ttgtgttttt gtgaacttca tgtgcaaact tttgtataaa    175200
     cttgtgttaa aggactggag aaatgtctca ggagttaaaa tcatgtactt ctctagaaga    175260
     gaacctaagt ttggatccca gaaccaacat taggcaactc agaactgcct tttaattctt    175320
     ggcccagagg accaacctcc tcttctggct tccttgggca cctgtactac aagcacatag    175380
     agacacatac acatgagtac aatttaaaag aaaataaaca cttttaaagc atgcattcaa    175440
     ttttcttaag taaatgcata gaacttgaat tattttattg atttttgtta tataaaacat    175500
     aaaaatacaa caagtattag gctagataag acttcagatg tgggttggtg aaatggttca    175560
     gtggttaaga gtaatgactg ctcttccaaa ggttctgggt tcaatttcca gcaaccacat    175620
     ggtggctcac aaccatctgt aatgagatct aatgccttct tctggtgtgt ctgaagatag    175680
     atacagtgct ctcataaaat agataaataa acaaatcttt taaaaaagag tacttaaaaa    175740
     agaagacttc agatgcaata cataacatat acatgcatca aaatatcatg tttatttccc    175800
     atggaaattt acagctatta ttatgtctat caaaaaagtt ataaaatgaa acattttata    175860
     caaataaaga taagagcaaa gtaaagatac tcgtacaata atatattgga taatattcaa    175920
     cattttcctt aatgtcacag acaatgaaat aagagaagga aaataacaca taaatgaaga    175980
     gaggaagaaa acacaaaatt gtgattattt gtaaaggatg cactgaaaat tcaaatatat    176040
     atacatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat tagaagtgat    176100
     tacggagcaa agccaggtat gtgtctataa tcccagcact caggaggtgg aggcaggaga    176160
     attaggcgtt caaggccagc cttggctaca aaagtctgag gacaacctgc tttacaagag    176220
     gttctgtcat aaaaaccaaa ccattaaaaa agaagcaatg agggaattca gcagagggtg    176280
     caagagatgt aaaagcataa cagaagaaat gaatgattct tttctctctc tctctctctc    176340
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctttc tctcttttca ggacagctgc    176400
     tgtgagttta ttttctgctt tgtgcaaggc acagttatgg ggccaataac gttaaatgct    176460
     atgaaccaaa ctccattgct gctggtatcc gttcaggcgt cctagtttac agggagggtt    176520
     tggaaggtgg ggctatggcc tagcaccact taagcttggg caggctactg attctgacag    176580
     gtcaggacag ggacctggtg ttgacctggc catgatggat gactcacggt ctcaggagtc    176640
     aggctactgt tgatctggct tctgaaggcc gggaggtatt ctgctcagaa gactctaaca    176700
     ctatggccat gaataggaga gtagacttcc tgaaaaaaaa gctggttcac agtggcccgg    176760
     gtcagccttg ggaagacccg gagagtgggg cacagagtgc cccggtactc agaactgttg    176820
     ctggacgaga agcccaagct gagcgagcca ctggaaggga tggctgccat gtttcagggc    176880
     tgaggcgctc ggctgaggct tcctcctggc aggcaagatc actagtggca agacctgggg    176940
     tgccttggag ttcaagtgca aggataaccc atgaaacacc gatactctat gacccaccag    177000
     tgaatgactc tctagaaaag tttagctcag aaatatcaag gctaagttct ccaaaattct    177060
     tttgaccctt cattaaagac tgtctccagc tgttcacctg tgttctacat agggaaatgg    177120
     gaggatgggg aaaacaaagg tgttacatgg aatcctcctt ctgtttataa aaacaaagcc    177180
     attctgggag gctggagaga tggcccaaca gttaagagca ctggctgctc tttcagatga    177240
     cctgggttca attcccagca ctcacgtaac agctcacaac tgaccgtaac tcctgttcca    177300
     aggatacaac attctcatac aggcatacag gcaggcaaac caccaatgta cataaaataa    177360
     gaatatgtaa attatatttt taaaaagcta ttccagaagc cctacacagc agcttgtgtt    177420
     ggcgtcttat caccccaaag agtgtcacct ccctaccctg agtgcagagg actctgaatt    177480
     acttgggcaa actgctccca caaacaaaac tgtagttctg aatatccagt gtctggcata    177540
     tgtcagtaat caatgagcaa aaagtgtact agaaaaaata gatacattca acaattaaaa    177600
     aaaaaatcct agcaaaatat ctaagacctg gaaaagtgct agagaggaaa tgtaatgatg    177660
     acttggagta aacctaaaat atatcacacc cagggaagga accagctcac aactctcagt    177720
     gcttgtccaa tgaacctgtt aaatcaactt gatccaaatc ggaattccac agagggtttt    177780
     cacacctgac aaccggattc taaagctcag atccggactt aacaaatcgt caaaacaaca    177840
     ttgaaatgaa taaataaata ataaaaaatt ctcccaaaag acatggaaaa ctatgtgcta    177900
     ttttgcatga aaacatggga gaaagtatgg aatccagaaa ccaatctcat atcctaacac    177960
     gtgtgcacat atgtgggcac acacacacac acacacacac aggaagaaca gaacagtgga    178020
     aagggcagga ataataatgc ttctgtaaac tattagttaa ttacagaatt taattaagaa    178080
     ttaattaaaa ataaattacg aaactaacat tttccttaaa atcattagtt tgaaaatata    178140
     aagtaacata ggtatgaccc tgaatctcca agttttagaa atccctttac agtgcaccca    178200
     gaggatcaaa gacataaagg aagcctttac acgaaattta atttgcctat taatttaggt    178260
     cttctagaag atccaagttc tagaagttgg agctgctaca gcagagcatt attagaccgc    178320
     aagaagttgt tcagaacttg aaaacgcaaa ttttatctca agcacatgca atcctaccca    178380
     gattttttat agtacatgat ttcaaaataa tctagtaatg taatctagta atgaggggat    178440
     ggaagatgat actaataaac tggaccatga acaacccatc agaaatacac tgcattcatt    178500
     agattagtct acttctgtat attgtgaaaa atttccatat tgtttacaca ttaatggaag    178560
     aaatgaacta agagcagaaa aagtaagttg gcaagtacct aaagtacact ttaaacattt    178620
     agagtgtcca ttgtctacga gccaattttt tatgacaatt ttaccaattt agttttccca    178680
     ggaactacat aagaaaatgc accctcaaag tctgggtttt acaaaataaa ggagaaattt    178740
     agcctcgtct ataaagtgtt gattttgcca ataagatata tgtggctaca gaattataca    178800
     cggttgccaa agctcttggg actctagctg tacgacatcc ctgccttcat ggtcagcgaa    178860
     tatttgcatg ctaaagcaaa tagtgaagtt aaaaaaaatc ataattctta cctaaaatga    178920
     ataagttagg ccatatagaa attatatctc aatgtaaata actttataaa ggaagatttt    178980
     aactttaaaa gcatagccat aaaatatttt ctttaaaaaa taaggatgtt aattatacta    179040
     atagcctgaa tcagctacat taacattaag gcaggttgtt aagacatgag tgtatataaa    179100
     gtatgacccc ttttacatcc cccatgctat ctctccagac aagtctaggt gcattttctc    179160
     ttttctttcc gtatttttcc ctatgatgaa tgcattaact tctaataaca attcttcagc    179220
     atgctggcag ggtgggcact ggtccaatgg tggagactca gcataaaggt tcttctcgat    179280
     ttggctctgc tgccctagtc aggctccaag gatgagccct ggcgacggcc caagggaatg    179340
     cagtgtgggg gctcctgttg gaacaaataa ggaaagtgag ttgctgggca tctgatcttt    179400
     ggcagcacag gacaggcgtg catgacagtt tgccaaattg aatataactc ttaagaacta    179460
     acttatgaga aggcccacca ggcgctgtca aagattccct tcccaacaca ctagaaagca    179520
     ttctcagagg gcaaaatggt ccttgtcaaa ttatttatag gagattggtt cacatactct    179580
     gaatgatatg aatacttcta attatatccg aagatgccaa atgtcgctac aaacttcgcc    179640
     gagggttcct gttgccaagt gtttggccct gacaaagagg agggagctgc agcatcagca    179700
     cttctgttcc tatataagca gggctgcccc tcacacccta tctccgccaa gagcccagag    179760
     gtaagtgatg gatgggagcc ttgggagcct gaggaccctg ggggcaagca gcaagaaccc    179820
     agtggctgtc tccgagcatg aaccaagtcc tctttaagct tgagggtagg ggaactttta    179880
     aactctatac tatatgtgca ggactgctga tcatcactaa cggggacact tcttgtttca    179940
     cagtgaagga caggcgtgac tctacgtttt catccagagc tccataggta agacttggat    180000
     ttcttcattt gttgatgaca gaggggattt tagcctaagg aatctgtgaa tagttcttaa    180060
     ctatccgcca tttccatgtt tttagagcag gaggtgtttt tgagggacgg cttgtacatg    180120
     ctggaaatca tttttccaga atgtcttatt ctcagagact acttaccctc actgaagcct    180180
     gggattaaag ggacacttgg gacagcatga attttgtcag tgagttatca gctgtaactc    180240
     tagtggcaac cagctatttc atgccaagcc tcctgtatag cactgaacac acacacacac    180300
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacca tgcttttcaa acagtgttac    180360
     ttaaaactgg aagcataaac atcttgttaa aaacatatct gagttatttt taaggattca    180420
     cttaattttt gtgagaaaaa aaagagcagg ttttctttcc acagagtgtt agccactgtg    180480
     cataatttag gagcaattct actgagaccc acagaagtca gtacctgaga gtaaagctaa    180540
     cagtccacca gtgtaacatg cctttgcagc agaggctcaa ggatccatgt ccagtcaata    180600
     acgtttgcgc atgcgatgaa ctcttaacgc ttttcttttt ctgagaagaa ggaaaagaac    180660
     cccatggaat ttccactgga agaagagcct ctgtgcagaa gcactcattt ctctgtagtt    180720
     aaatcagtca aactgagagc tgaaatctct cacgtcaaag gagatttggg aaccagggca    180780
     gtgctaagtc tcctgctccc tagccaaagg atgaaaatcc agaaccaaga attggttagg    180840
     aacttctaac agaccacgga gaggtataat atccaatacc aacaaaatgg aaacagtcct    180900
     ttggttttga gcaacaatgg tcatctaaaa gatcagaaag tgtctctggt agctttgaaa    180960
     aaataccaac agccttcatt tgcacaaagc catgtttcct tcctaactag gtgactgtcc    181020
     cagagtgtgg cagatgcaga cattctgcaa gagacaagag gattaagtaa tgacagttgc    181080
     tgtaaaacaa tccgtcaaca gctttaacta cagagatcac tatagttcag aggggaaagc    181140
     agggtggaaa ggttttcatt gtaatcaaag ctgtaggtac ctactcctgg gagtcaagat    181200
     tctggcgagg acacttgcca agttctaaaa ctgggtcttc aaattttcac aagatatcag    181260
     attgcagaag ggggtctcag cctgccacac ttcaaatcct catccacagt cctgactttt    181320
     gctttttctt tctctcttcc atgtcctcaa aagctgaaac ctcggctaaa taagtagcag    181380
     ccatgagtgc gggttcggac gcggagatgg ctatttttgg cgaagctgct ccttacctcc    181440
     gaaaatcgga gaaggagagg attgaggccc aaaataagcc ttttgacgca aaaacatctg    181500
     tctttgtggc ggagcccaag gagtcttatg tgaaaagcgt tatacaaagc aaggatggag    181560
     ggaaagtgac cgtgaagacg gaaagtggag cagtaagtga aaacacagag ggccctctct    181620
     gggatcattt ctctggctca atctagaggc aagctcttcc ttgctaagga tcctgcggcc    181680
     ccatgaatat cctcctccta ggatttggtc ccaagatttg ggagctaaag gggtgcaggc    181740
     tacagaactc ccccttccct acttccctca ggattcaact catcaatttt ggcctccact    181800
     atcttcctac atttccctac atctaggtct taatttctaa gcctgtgaaa aaaataaaac    181860
     tacctagttc tatcacaaaa gttcctgggc tacttatgta gttccataaa gtactgatag    181920
     atttaaagaa gtttcttgta atgggtggga tgagaaaaaa attgaaaatg cttggcctaa    181980
     caaaagagaa taaaaggaaa agaagagaaa tctcgttaaa tacatgagta gtactgcaat    182040
     aaccaggggt ctttgggtct ctattttgta tgcgggtttc atttcctctg ggtatacaac    182100
     aggggaagtg gcagttgctg gttcatagag ggctaggtgg acttgatcaa tgcacactgc    182160
     atgggtgtct gaaaaacaat catgctaaac ctcctgaatt tgtacaatta aatgtgtcaa    182220
     taaaaagccc taactcctac attatcacag gaaacagatt ttgttagcat cagacctgaa    182280
     aataaatgtg ctcaggcctt taaaagtcac cgaataacca tacgaagcaa acaaagtgtg    182340
     ctcagttgta gctttagaac caaaatgaac aggcagacat aaaccctatc tcaaaccacc    182400
     ctgcttcctt accagactct caccgtcaag gaagatcaag tcttccccat gaaccctccc    182460
     aaatatgaca agatcgagga catggccatg atgacccacc tccatgagcc cggagtgctg    182520
     tacaacctca aagagcgtta tgcagcctgg atgatctatg tgagagcccc ctttagccca    182580
     tttatttata gtaaaaaaaa tgaaacagga ggcactagat tgacttttct gatcttttcc    182640
     ttagacctac tcaggcctct tctgtgtcac cgtcaacccc tacaagtggc tgccggtgta    182700
     caaccctgag gtggtggcag cctaccgagg caaaaagcgc caggaggccc caccccacat    182760
     cttctccatc tctgacaacg cctaccagtt catgctgacg ggtgagtggg gcatctgttt    182820
     atagggatgt gcacatacaa ttgggatggg caaacggagc tcatcccagt cttattataa    182880
     gatacccgtg cctcatggga cttgccattt ccaaacaaca accacagcca tgacatttgc    182940
     tctttccggc agtcatctcc actttaggat gtgaacgggg acactctgga attcactggc    183000
     ctgcccaagc caacagggct agcaaataac aactcagata aagcaaagag ccagtttctg    183060
     aaaacagatt tgttcatttt ttttccaact tggatacaaa aaagttcaaa cagatccctt    183120
     taaaagtacc ttctcaacag cctaaaaaag aggtctcagg catatccaga gaactctgaa    183180
     ttcttatgtg gattttcaaa tgacacagcc gatgatgcca gctttggaga cagagcaaga    183240
     gtaagctgga gatagagcat ggataaagag aacttataaa attcctccca tggactttga    183300
     aacattctcc tattcaagtc tgctagttct gcattatcaa agcacactca tgatcggtcc    183360
     cagaacagca ctaaaacctt ttatcttcac atataaatgc ctctggatat gttctcagtt    183420
     cccatgttcc ctttcttctg tggagttttg gtacctgggc acatttcttt ttttgttttc    183480
     tgttcatttt gttgttcttg ctcatagatt gtcttttaaa gggggtgggg gtagggaaag    183540
     tgacacacca gggacccccc ccactatgac agactggcct ggactttcac aaggactctg    183600
     tgccctcctt cctcaaagtt accccggtgt tggcttccgc cggaggttat agtatccaga    183660
     aactgccata tccaccgcca ccgaatgact ctccaggctt tggagctacc ccaaatttaa    183720
     agtcgcctgg gctcccaatc acacttttca tacaaatctg ttcagaacca tggcatcgat    183780
     ctgcttagtg ttatcccaat attggctgaa gcgctgagcc attgctttcc tgtctgttct    183840
     cctagatgca atacagttgt acatgatttt attagaaaaa gaagacaatc tcatacatcc    183900
     aaaatccata cccatttcct tgaacagaag ctcaaggttt ttaaagtcta agtgtgttca    183960
     tacatctaaa taacatgtag atttgtattg gttatctcta gaaatacttt taaatttaga    184020
     agtttcaaaa atccagtcta tcaatacaga attgtagagt tgataaacta gaaatttgat    184080
     aaaatacatt attacataga gataaatatc tatattaaag agaaataaaa ttaattaatt    184140
     aattaattaa ttatatagct aattaattaa ttaggccact tcttatttgg catcaccagt    184200
     agtcaaatta gtgacatgaa aaactggaca gagaacaaga agttgaaaaa taggcaaaat    184260
     ggaagtcaaa atacctgact atcttcaacc ttaactagtt ctgtaactca catttaagaa    184320
     gccattttct cttctaagtc ttagcttcac tgtctgctaa gtgggagatt ttacctaagc    184380
     aacatctaag gtctctaatg acttcataat cctgcaactg ttactcctta taactaaaat    184440
     cacctgatgt ctgaggtttt cttcaaaata acccagagag gttggaatag catagtaatg    184500
     ccatgaaatt ggccaagtat taatgactat tactctgtag ggcaggtgcc caaagtctca    184560
     ttatcatagt ctctgctctt acgtgcattt aaatgttctt ataacataat tttttaaagt    184620
     aaaaaaaatc cacctatgta tttggataac tacaataaaa aataaagtag tagagaaaaa    184680
     gatgccattc actgttgctg ggaatgtaaa atgacagaat tgctatggaa gacagtaaag    184740
     tggttctcca gcaattggaa tataactagg gtctgatcaa tggtccctac ttctgggaag    184800
     ctagccaaaa gaatggaagc agacattcca agacgtctct gcagatctag tccacagcag    184860
     catcatttat aacagcaaaa atctgcacga agctcacaca ccctgatgat aaatagttag    184920
     gcaaaggatg gaatgctcat gcaatggaat agtacctttc cttttaaaag agttaattct    184980
     ggcagtgtta caacacacat gaggctaagt taaaaagtca caaagacaaa tactgtgtga    185040
     ttctgttctt acaatggctt gataatagac agcgttgtca acagaaagct gaagagtggg    185100
     tgccaggtct ggaggagttg gaatccgcta tgtaatgggt acagggggtc gtttttacaa    185160
     gatgaaaaga tgtcagaaag cagcgggtac tgatggctat acaacatgag agaacataat    185220
     cccacagaac tgtacattta aaatagtata agtctaacca gggaagcagg tccacaaata    185280
     aagtacttcc acatatgcat gacgaacacg atatgatccc ctagcaacca agcagatgca    185340
     gtctgggcct ggggcattta agattctccc ccaaacaaac cggatggcta gactggatgt    185400
     atcagtgagc tttaggttca actgggagac cctgcatcag tgaatacggt gcagagtgat    185460
     caaggaagac cccccacccc gcagaccagt cttgggattc tgtgttgtac acacacacag    185520
     ctgctcatgc acttacacac ctatacacca caaagacaca cagaaaactt aaaaggtgat    185580
     agattttatg ttatggatat ttactaaaac aaacaaacaa aaaatcaata aaatgaaaaa    185640
     aagaaaatag gtggttcctt gcctcttgct ttcacaaatc ttgctctaag agtcgatgag    185700
     tctgggatca cctgtcttca ttactttctg ttgaatatgc aactagtttt gacccgtggt    185760
     ctttattgct tccccagatc gtgagaacca gtccatcctg atcacgtatg tgactttctt    185820
     cttctttctg gttggcagca actgttttaa ccattgctgg tagattgcac agttctgatc    185880
     tcctttcccc tgtgttttaa cagcggagaa tccggggccg ggaagactgt gaacacgaag    185940
     cgtgtcatcc agtactttgc aacaattgca gtcactgggg acaagaagaa ggaggagtct    186000
     ggcaaaatgc aggtgggtct ggtagcctga atgtggatcc agactgctat ggtgcccaga    186060
     agtttggatc cccagatgca aagactgctc tttcccatgt aggggaccct ggaagatcaa    186120
     atcatcagtg ctaaccccct gctggaggcc tttgggaacg ccaagaccgt gaggaatgac    186180
     aactcatctc gctttgtgag tctctggatc acagaggggc cctacctgtc cttacttgct    186240
     ggggtcattc catctaagtt gataatttag atgcttatct ccatgtgctt cagtgtttag    186300
     tattaaatat gtctttatct tttccagggc aagttcatca gaatccactt cggtaccacg    186360
     gggaaactgg catcagctga tattgaaacc tgtgagtaac tggaccattg aaactctaag    186420
     tggggagact agccagcttg gttacagggc cattctgcac catttttcta tgcaagaagg    186480
     ctgcagaaca gcacttggcc actagagtct gtgagctaat gccagacaca cccacacagt    186540
     tcagtatctc agtctcaggc taatgttccc atctccattc cagaggactt ccaaacctca    186600
     gaagcaactc gaatttccca cccccagggt tacctaccag ttatatccaa tatggtaaat    186660
     gtctcaaagg tagactttta ccacagataa tgtgaggtga tgcaaagaca ctagaagttg    186720
     gttaacccac agaggtcgtg aattccccca tttgaaacta atttcaggga agaagtgtgc    186780
     ttcagtggct acacccacac agaaaggtgc atggcacctg tccttatatg taaccacagg    186840
     atgtgcacac cgaaatccca gtggagccaa atgcagtgtc cctcagtgtt ggccaaagac    186900
     actaaagttt acaatatgtc aaaagaatgt tttcctagtt tgacctcttt ccttccagat    186960
     cttctagaga agtctagagt cactttccag ctaaaagctg aaagaagtta ccacattttt    187020
     tatcagatca cctccaataa gaagccagag ctaattggta aggacgaact ttaaatttgt    187080
     ggttggaagg taaaaatgtc tactagcaat ttctcatgtc aaacatctac ccttaattct    187140
     gtgtgctcag aaatgctcct gatcaccacc aacccgtatg actacgcctt tgtcagtcag    187200
     ggggagatca cggtgcccag cattgatgac caagaagagt tgatggccac agatgtaagt    187260
     cacagtatat gcacacactt tttaacacgc ctatgatgta tggggacggc aacagcaagc    187320
     cccacagagg tgtagtcaca ttggggtaga ttataaattc tcatagtgtc ttctacccta    187380
     acctctgccc tttcatcttt tctgctagag tgccattgat atccttggct tttcacctga    187440
     agagaaagtg tccatctata aactcacagg ggctgtgatg cattatggga acatgaagtt    187500
     caagcaaaag cagcgggagg agcaggctga gccagatggc actgaaggta ccaaaatacc    187560
     ctccatgtag gtttgaaaag gagaattttc aaactgaaac actttaaacc ccatcccata    187620
     cccatatctc cttgggactg cacttctgaa gactacagga cacttgtata cacacatggc    187680
     tccccccaca ccctccttgt acactcctcc atcacttcat catcactgcc cattcaaata    187740
     aggtatgtca agcctcagca gccatgtata agctgaccta gagccagaga actggagaca    187800
     gaatgaagtg gaattcctgc tttgtcctgg cacatctagg tctgaataca tgatagattc    187860
     acatgttgtt ttagcattag ctaagaaagc ctctttgtat agggtgagag gtaaaggatg    187920
     ctcctatata catatgtata tatgtatgtg atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    187980
     gtggcaacaa gcaagaaaga taaaaaatga gctagcaaag aaaaatcgtg tgcccaacat    188040
     atgaagaaag aaacattggg tacatagaaa ccactgccca gttacttacc tgccccaaaa    188100
     catgccctcc tccctgtccc tctcccttca tcttctttag cagttccctt tcattctgac    188160
     atgtagcatg gcacatatta gatgtgccta gatattttgg acttttagag agggtcaccc    188220
     acttacgtta acccttgctt ttttagataa agaagtaggt tcctttgatc aggtcaaatt    188280
     cagaaaggta gacacaggaa gagtccagtt cccctgtctt ttaccctccc taatggtgag    188340
     tgctatagct tatttatctt acccttccag caatgcctga agtcttaaag ggagagacta    188400
     tgtctcataa ccttgaactg agtgtcacca taaacactat ttattgtggt taatgaaact    188460
     gttctcaaat cctacttgca acaagtcatt aaaaagccag tataagtgac caaccattca    188520
     gtgactacca agtaccttaa tatacatgca aagaacttca tttgcctttt tgttatgtga    188580
     tttaaaggtt tttttttttc aacctaaaca acagagtaat tccataggag aaagatgaag    188640
     gggcaggcta aggaggatgc ccattggtaa acacttcttg atttgtgtca ccacagtggc    188700
     tgacaaggct gcctatctcc agtgtctgaa ctctgctgat ctgctcaaag ccctctgcta    188760
     tcccagggtc aaggttggca atgaatatgt caccaaaggc cagacggttc aacaagtaag    188820
     cacatattct ccataaatca cactctgagg cctacatgac acgacttaat aacactaaca    188880
     aacatcacta tgtctgcaaa ggtgtataat gcggtgggtg ccctggccaa ggctgtctat    188940
     gagaagatgt tcctgtggat ggtcacccgc atcaaccagc agctggacac caagcagccc    189000
     cggcagtact tcatcggggt cttggacatc gctggctttg agatctttga tgtgagttat    189060
     cttcataata atacgaagtg agggacacaa ttttgaactt caatgtacta agtgacaatt    189120
     atttatattg tatatattgc ttaactccaa cattgaacct aatacaagag taaaaaatct    189180
     aaggtaacag aaaatgataa cagctaaatt tatcgagcaa tcagtatatt tttgatacta    189240
     ttctagggac ttcaaaatgt tgcttcattt aactttcaag aaagagaagt ttatgttacc    189300
     attattattg ttatcatcat tattattatt gttattgtta tcattattat tattattagg    189360
     agtagtagta gtagcagaag tgtagtgaaa actaatacac aaggaaaatc aaacacatgc    189420
     taaagatttg atgggtatgt aacacaaagc caagatagga tctatctgtc acatttggta    189480
     catgtacaag acaccttgca ttgacctggg catgaaaggg agaaagccca aaggtaggag    189540
     ccaagccata gacgtcggcc tctcctcttc caggtttacc ttacataaac tacttccctg    189600
     ttaggcttca gcttttcctg ggtaaagtga gagagtgagt gattacaaag actctcagat    189660
     cttcaactgc tgtattgcac cagatctcta tttccatgga tcagacaagt gagggtttgt    189720
     gatgtcagca gaagagaaac tcactgtcca tttcattgta tacatcaatt aagggtctca    189780
     acaaactttc cttaaaaaca tgacagccaa aggtaaaaag tatgaactct tctagaatta    189840
     gtgaagagag attagcacct ctgttaacaa gcttttctaa taaaccactt ttcccttcta    189900
     tcctacatca gaaccataaa gcacagtcgt gccttggcat acgttcttgt ctctgcgatc    189960
     ttacaggtga aaggaaagta gattctatta gaactgtagt gtggtagata gacaggagaa    190020
     cagataggaa aataaaatgt agatttttca ggaatggtgc tgcacaacta tattcccagc    190080
     actcaagaaa caaaaacagg cagatctctg caagttcaag gtcagcctgg tttatatagt    190140
     gggttgaagg acagccaaag ttacctagtg aaactctgcc acaaaaaaaa gaaaagaagg    190200
     gaaaaggaaa ggaagggaag ggaagggaag ggaagggaag ggaagggaag ggaagggaag    190260
     ggaagggaag ggaagggaag ggaagggaag ggaagggaag ggaagggaag ggaagggaag    190320
     ggaagggaag ggaagggaag ggaagggaag gaaaggaaag gaaaggaaag gaaaggaaag    190380
     gaaaggaaag gaaaggaaag gaaaggaaag gaaaggaaag gaaaggaaag gaaagggagg    190440
     aagaaaggag ggaaagagga agggggcaaa ggaatgaagg aaagaaagaa agaaggaagg    190500
     agagaaggaa ggaaaaactg cagtgtaatt gatatctgaa tatccaaaga atgcccagtg    190560
     tttacaagaa agacatttct ccctgggagt attaaataca tacatttaac ctcaccactc    190620
     tgttcagatt attttccata agaatatttt cattaaaaat aatattagat tttattccta    190680
     taaatatcca cttaacctgg gaaatctcta ctgctctgtt gtagttcaac agcctggagc    190740
     agctgtgcat caacttcacc aatgagaaac tgcaacagtt tttcaaccac cacatgttcg    190800
     tgctggagca ggaggagtac aagaaggaag gcatcgagtg gaccttcatc gacttcggga    190860
     tggacctggc ggcctgcatc gagctcattg agaaggtttg tgtgactttc atggaaggct    190920
     ctgggtatga ggctgcatct cagatgtctt aaagagctcg agaaagtctc actgtccttc    190980
     ccatcacttg agagctagac aaatgggaag agcactgtac agaagtcatt cccttcctct    191040
     ttacaatgtt tacatgagaa gagtttggga ggcgctgcct ccattcagtt tctctccatt    191100
     ttgttccagt actgactcat atccagttta aaggcagttg tgaatactcc gcccatgaca    191160
     gttggcttca ctgaagcact cttgctagtt ctaatctgcc tcctttagag tacaggatgt    191220
     cattaaaaga aataaacatt ttttttctaa ataaaaactg atgcacagac aatatagcca    191280
     gtgtatctga aatcaagaag ccaaattgct atgctactta ataatctata ctaaaggaga    191340
     gtaaatatct aaaatatctt aagcaatgct tgggttattt gtatttttgt tactgtacat    191400
     ggagtcaata ttctcagaca aaagtgcatg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtatg tgtgcttgca    191460
     catgtacaca tgcacatgct caaacacatg caggtacatc acctgtgcac atgtgaatgc    191520
     cagagaagga tgctaggtgt cctactctat cacacactgc cttactctct tgagatagca    191580
     tctctcacta ggttgatgag ctcctacatg ccccacaaca gtagggtttc aggtatgtgt    191640
     gtgaccatac cttgctttta tggatgttct tgctcagcaa gcattcttac ctgctgagcc    191700
     agtttcccag ttccagaaca ctctttttca ggtaaaacaa tactttgaca acaaagttaa    191760
     ttcatttaac aggggaaagt atgataatga aaagtattta gcaaattacc cataaactct    191820
     gtgggattag tgctctacta tccttttggc tgaacctaat gctacagatt gcatgagaga    191880
     tggaatgatg ggaaggtcgt tctagagata acaaatggac tgtttgagct tggagcccga    191940
     cttactctgt gcatttattt aattgggaag gctcataatt caaaggactg ctactatatc    192000
     cacgtccatt gagaaaagtg aggtttacag aaatctactt ttctgaattt agccactggg    192060
     catcttctcc atcctggaag aagagtgcat gttccctaag gcgacagaca cctccttcaa    192120
     gaacaagctg tacgaccaac atctgggaaa atccaacaac ttccagaagc ccaagcctac    192180
     caaaggcaag gccgaggccc acttctccct ggtgcactat gcgggcactg tggattacaa    192240
     catcaccggc tggctggaca agaacaagga ccccctgaat gacaccgtgg tggggctgta    192300
     ccagaagtca gcaatgaaaa ctctggccag cctcttttcc acatacgcta gtgctgaagc    192360
     aggtacttct gtgccctaca tccaaatcaa accattcccg caggatgctc ctacaccgct    192420
     ctgaccctag ggaacccact ttactgatgc gttttctttt tatctcagat ggtggtgcaa    192480
     agaaaggagc taagaagaag ggctcttctt tccaaactgt gtcagccctt ttcagggtaa    192540
     agtataaatt tagattggga aaaaaagtat attcagtttc tatgtattat atctgtgcaa    192600
     tttagaataa attaggaggg aatgggatag agataagaat cactttcaac attcactcat    192660
     caggatcgat ctaaagcaat acttgggcag gggtgggagc tttattcttt attccttatt    192720
     atgattacct gcggaattta ggaatgccaa tatgtcctta gaagctgtga agcttcttag    192780
     gcattaaaca catacacaca cacacacacg agcatgtgaa tagataccaa taataataag    192840
     gatgcttttt ttttttactt tttttattag gtattttctt catttacatt tcaaatgcta    192900
     tcccaaaagt cccccatatc cttcccccac tcccttaccc acccactccc acttcttggc    192960
     cctggtgttc ccctgtactg aggcatataa agtttgcaag accaaggggc ctctcttccc    193020
     aatgatggct aactaggcca tcttctgcta catatgcagc tagagacacg agctccgggg    193080
     tactggttag ttcatattgt tgttccacct atagggttgc agaccccttt agctccttgg    193140
     gtactttctc tagtgaaaca cttctgaacc tcagtgtgat tattccttgt gagggttgtg    193200
     ttccaatccc attaacagtg ccttttgaga agacttgaga tttcctttgt tctctttggg    193260
     acaatatctt cctatgtagg tcaagctgac cttgaacttg tgaacttagt acctcagact    193320
     ccagggttct agattctagg catgggccac cttgccagga ttgaagtttc ctttgaaaat    193380
     gagcaggtat tatttaaaac atgctccccc tgaggtggat ggatcagaca aaagtcacta    193440
     aaaccgagcc tagtgatcta aattgatggg taaactacca aagaataaaa cttctattta    193500
     caaaatagtg aagcttttcc attatatacg tgaacattcc cataatgcaa ttataactct    193560
     tccacagcat agctcttgct gagaggagca cgtaaggtgt ctagtctaag gcctccttgt    193620
     gaggattttg atccctcatt gctttcaaaa ctaaaacact agatggtttg ttggtctagt    193680
     ggtatgattc tcagtttggg tttgagaggt cctgggttca aatcccagac gagcccccct    193740
     tttcctcaac ttccatttgt aatttgccta cttccattct aatttgccta caccacagta    193800
     ccagataaca agttgaagaa agggctaaaa gtccaaaact aaaatgtagg tgtgaccaat    193860
     tgaatgacct ttggcctaac cagaaaattt ggtcttatct tttttccgtt tcacttaaat    193920
     ctacattatc caacaaaaca taaggttgct ttgtaaactt gtctataaag gcattttcag    193980
     gcttagatct tcacattatt tgttttgatt tcctagtggc tgagatgcgt ggggaaagca    194040
     tatgtgagag atgtctacaa gtacgttctt tacggctgaa cgaccactct ccatcataat    194100
     caattactcc cccatagact ctaggcagaa aatgttttca agcacctaag atccacccac    194160
     acagaattac attgactcac actttacact cttctgaaaa caaaacaaga aattattgga    194220
     ttgagaaagg ctaaaatgat tgcagagctg ggttttcact ggaacttgcc aggtactgtg    194280
     aaagttatgc tgaagacaag agaggccaca gaggtcatct gcactgtttt cacacgaggc    194340
     ccagggagac acaggatggc acgtagtcag cctagtggca gagacagcct atggtcagtc    194400
     ttctgatgct ggctgagaat actgcttgtg tatggaggcc agtgaccatg ctgtccggac    194460
     ctaggtgctg taatgggcac cttggtcatc tgcatttctt cccagcattt tggccttctg    194520
     accatttaag cagcttacat gctgaaagcc tttcaagatg catagccgtt acagcctcat    194580
     aagcttatgt ccagtagcta agagtgtgct gtataatttt tttaccaaaa aggaaaaaag    194640
     aaaaggaaga aaaaaaaaac cccaaaacac aactttctca cgactcttcg gtctcacttt    194700
     ctaggaaaac ttaaataaac tgatgaccaa tctgagaagt acacaccctc acttcgtacg    194760
     gtgtatcatt cccaatgaaa cgaagactcc cggtaagaca caaagcaccc ataacaaact    194820
     aggctcaatc tgaaaattcg tcacccagga cttaactaat tttctctgtg tgcaggtgcc    194880
     atggagcacg aactggtcct gcaccagctg aggtgtaacg gggtgctgga gggcatccgc    194940
     atctgcagga aggggttccc cagccggatc ctgtatgggg actttaagca gaggtcagtc    195000
     ctctttgccg aatagcatta aatgctatga atgttgctca ttagatcatt agatctctac    195060
     tttaattttt gttctgggag ttaaacaact acttctattt ggtagcagta gggcaagtga    195120
     ttatggcttt ctgagcatcc cttatgtgtt taactgtaca gatacaaggt tttaaatgca    195180
     agtgctattc cagagggaca gttcatcgac agcaagaagg cctctgagaa gcttctgggc    195240
     tctattgata tcgatcacac tcagtataaa tttggacaca ccaaggtatg gctgcgactc    195300
     ctgtacactt gacccatgaa cccacagccc aagtgtgggg atgacttgtg actctctgtt    195360
     cctccaggtt ttcttcaaag ctggtctcct gggtctcctg gaagaaatga gagatgaaaa    195420
     gctggcccag attataacaa gaacccaggc ggtctgtagg ggatacctaa tgagagtgga    195480
     gtatcagaag atgctgctga gaaggtaaca gctatgtata ttctcgggat cacaaagtca    195540
     acccccaccc cacaccctgg ggactgtcca tcagctttcc tcatttactg atcctctgat    195600
     tctgagatta gcatgagctt tcacccctac aacacattaa ccttagtgtc acccttcagg    195660
     ctagacttcc cagaacttct ctcttgacct ctcgccccac ccctaccccc atccatctca    195720
     cacacagaaa cattctgcca caagcacttt tcatcagccc acatctctgt ttccagctct    195780
     tcatgaaatt ccacatcaaa tccaggctgc tttgcttggc tgtcaagttt ctattccccc    195840
     accgtatctt tcatatcttt tttcatatct ttcatatcat ggcttttcct agccatgcta    195900
     aacagttcac gtaccactta ttttcatgtc tgaacagacc tgcctagtga caagtccctt    195960
     ttcttctttc ccaaatgagc atcctccaac ttatctacac aacatttttt tttacattgc    196020
     tctagccatg tacatatttt actaattttg ttcatctgga tttttaaggt tggcataata    196080
     agagttttgg ttgtccccca cccccagtcc atctgtatca cagcttgtgt catgatattt    196140
     gccttctcag tgttggattt cctagcaacc aaaccaatag aaataaaact tgcctggtaa    196200
     cgaatttaaa gatgcctaca tattgcataa gccacccaaa cattgccagc ccattgctat    196260
     catttgaaga gctgtaccaa acttaccatt tgaatttttt tatttaaata aaacaacttt    196320
     ggggcttaca tgatgctaga aatgtctcca catgttaatg aacttattgt gctggcaata    196380
     ctaagccact cagagaattt agaaaagcca gtatagtact tgaagacagc aacaagagaa    196440
     gagtagctaa ttcggtggtg attaatacag gagcagtttg aaggaaagag tagctgggct    196500
     gaggtgaggt gaactcttca gcctatggct tctcacctcg aagctcacag ttgagtagca    196560
     gcggcaggat agcacagtct gattacaatg gtggtggcct cccatacact tctgccacgt    196620
     gtgtctgctc tttctacggc aggggttgct cagatggtat aatctgtacc ttctacactc    196680
     agcccaccct tgccatcttg gcaaggaact gagaacactc aattgtttca tatagcagag    196740
     tagcaatact gaggacaata ggctctaact ccgattgtca ggatgaacac gctacagtac    196800
     aggaaaacca tgttgcctgc aataaacgtc aatcacactg ctgccagtga aatgattacc    196860
     ccatctttcc cccacatccc agagaatcca tcttctgtat ccagtacaac gtccgcgcct    196920
     tcatgaacgt caagcactgg ccctggatga aactcttctt caagatcaaa cccctgctga    196980
     agagcgcaga gaccgagaag gagatggcca ccatgaagga ggagttccag aaaaccaagg    197040
     atgagctggc caagtcggag gcaaagcgga aggagctgga ggagaagatg gtcactcttc    197100
     tcaaagagaa aaatgacctg caactccagg ttcaatctgt aagtgctcta tcctgaccat    197160
     gtcatagcac catactgcag gggtgcttcc tggactttca gagactgtca cttacagcat    197220
     gggacttgtc ttgagggaaa aaaatctttt gagaggggtg gatttatttt tttcagtagt    197280
     ttaatttcct ttcaatagtg tgttgaggaa gagagctaca gctacttcta cattacacag    197340
     ggaaaaggga ggattcacaa cgttgaagca agtagtttaa agctaaattc ccaaatctta    197400
     ctcaaatatt ttatctcttt gacttggctt cattgtccca gccttaaaaa tataggtcta    197460
     agctaaatct acaggggctt taatgccaga tatgtcagag gttgagccag gaggatccca    197520
     caggcccacc tgggctataa aacaagtcca aagccaattt cagccttagc aatggagtga    197580
     ggtttttctc tcaaaataaa aagtaaaaaa aaaggagggg gggcaatgct agagatacag    197640
     cccactggta cagtactttc ccacctgctg aaaattttgg gtttagttct cggcaaaaaa    197700
     caagaaaaca aaacaaaaat aaataaatga taatcaaatc cccaacgacg gttttattta    197760
     gaaactctga gtgcttaagg ctgtcttata agacaagata atcggtactc gggtggcaga    197820
     gacaggcaga atctctgtga gttcaaggtc agagggtcta catagtgagt tccaagacag    197880
     atagggttat gtagaaagac tccgtctttg gaaaagttag aataaccacc cctcttttcc    197940
     tcatcccttg agacttaact caatgaatat acatgatgca tttacgcgag ctgagcctta    198000
     ctctggaagg cagggcgtga caccctctcc aactcttgca tcccatgaat aagcctctta    198060
     gaccaactct taggtcatcc ttcctgagtc caggaagagg ctgtagtcaa ggatgggagc    198120
     gaacccagca agagcacttc aggcaaacat aactgcacat ttcctgggtc aaccagccca    198180
     acagtggtag ggagaaattg tgggaaggac agttttccaa atgcttgaga ctagatcctc    198240
     tctgtctcct cccatggttg accacaggga atatgcacct agtgcatcac tattaaaggt    198300
     aagaacaagg acctgagaag tcctcgctgc atccagttta aacacttaag gcaaaacaca    198360
     cactgagaag ctggagaaat cgccagggca gaggcatcta gcaagttagt ggctgaattt    198420
     ttgagtcttt taattagtta cttataaaat ttttaggtag cagcataatt tctcagagtt    198480
     tcttgttctt acatattcta aaattcattt tgaggataat aagaaatctt taaatccatt    198540
     gcatacccta gcaagatttt attgaaagga cccagatgta gctatctctt gtgagactat    198600
     gccggggcct agcaaacaca gaagtggatg ctcacagtca gctaatggat ggatcacagg    198660
     gctcccaatg gaggagctag agaaagaacc caaggagcta aagggatctg caaccctata    198720
     ggtggaacaa cattatgaac taaccagtac cccggagctc ttgactctag ctgcatatgt    198780
     aacaaaagat ggcctaatcg gccatcactg gaaagagagg cccattggac acgtaaactt    198840
     tgtatgcccc agtacagggg aacgccaggg ccaaaaaggg ggagtgggtg gctaggggag    198900
     tgggggtggg tgggtagggg ggacttttgg tatagcattg gaaatgtaaa tgagctaaat    198960
     acttaataaa aaatggaaaa ataaaaaaaa agaaatcttt aaatagaaat ggaaacttcg    199020
     agcaattata gtgttaggaa ctatcataaa catttgaatg aattaaaaat gatgtgtgga    199080
     aatgtatttc atttactttt tacttttctt tttttttaat cctatttgac aaccagtatt    199140
     gataaaatga ttgaaatcaa aactaaacca tatcattaaa tcaacgtcct tgacttaaac    199200
     aactagttct atagtgctca gaaattatta caacttcctt atttacatat gaaaaactga    199260
     gaatggaggt gggggggggg caacttgccc taaacaaaaa aaacctatgg gttgttggag    199320
     acaagaaacc aggcttctta ctgccctacc tgcaaacctt tctcttttct acacacaatt    199380
     ctacagtcac caccttctcc ggcctactca ttgtgtagat tctttcgatt ctaaacatct    199440
     agtttctaat tagttgttta tctctacatc agacctaata ctcaattcaa ggtgaactta    199500
     tgtttatgct gaaaaattca aacagaattc agatgaacac tagatacttt gccccctgca    199560
     aaaaagcaag tttcaaaaca agtagcagac tgtctatgtg tcttaatgaa tctacaggaa    199620
     gcagacagct tggccgatgc tgaggaaagg tgtgaacaat tgatcaaaaa caaaatccag    199680
     ctggaggcca aaatcaaaga ggtgaccgag agggccgagg acgaggagga gatcaacgcg    199740
     gagctcacgg ccaagaagag gaagctggag gacgagtgct cagagctgaa gaaggacatc    199800
     gatgaccttg agctgacact ggccaaggtt gagaaggaga agcacgccac ggagaacaag    199860
     gtatgagacg tctacacggg aagcttatga ctcattttaa tgaagaagta agacataaaa    199920
     ccaaagctat taagacctaa cgtttaatgc aaagcacgtt tgcttcccaa ggtgaaaaac    199980
     ctgacagagg agatggcagg cctggatgaa aatatcgcca agctgaccaa ggagaagaag    200040
     gccctccagg aggcccacca gcagaccctg gatgacctgc aggcagagga ggacaaagtc    200100
     aacaccctga ccaaagccaa aaccaagctg gaacagcaag tggatgacgt aagcacggtt    200160
     cagatggcct tctgaagtat ttctttaagt gcatttcgat tttaacaggt ttctctttcc    200220
     ccatcagctt gagggatcgc tagagcaaga aaagaagctg aggatggact tagaaagagc    200280
     caagaggaaa ctggaggggg acctgaaact ggcccaagag tccacaatgg acatagaaaa    200340
     cgataaacag cagcttgatg agaaactcaa aaagtagggg ctccagaaag aatgctgtgc    200400
     gatgccatct ttcaaataat ttgcatatta atgtgtctgc tgttctgtct aaaggaagga    200460
     gtttgaaatc agcaacctga taagcaaaat tgaagatgag caagctgtgg agatccagct    200520
     gcagaagaag atcaaagagt tgcaggtgac tcttctctct ccagctgtct gtctgtctat    200580
     ctatcaatct atctatcatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc    200640
     tttatttctc ttcattcact cacccattca ttcattcagc cattttggtg ttttggggca    200700
     gagctaaact atgtaaccca ggttgacctc acattcgtag tcttcctgtc tcggcatcct    200760
     gagttctgcg atagaaggcc tacttctagc ctctcacctt tctttttttt ttctacacac    200820
     caaaataata ctaaaattga gatgcattaa tgtacgcggt tgattcccag gcccgcatcg    200880
     aggagctgga ggaggaaatc gaggcagagc gggcctccag ggccaaagca gagaagcagc    200940
     gctctgacct ctcccgggaa ctggaggaga tcagcgagag gctggaagaa gccggcgggg    201000
     ccacctctgc tcaggtggag atgaacaaga agcgggaaac tgagtttcag aaacttcgcc    201060
     gggacctgga ggaggccacg ctgcagcacg aagccacagc agccgctctt cggaagaagc    201120
     acgcggacag tgtggctgag ctcggggagc agatcgacaa cctgcagcgg gtgaagcaga    201180
     agctggagaa ggagaagagc gagctgaaga tggagatcga tgaccttagc agtaatgcag    201240
     aggccatcgc caaagccaag gtaacaaaca ctgtctttat atagggtact gagccagaaa    201300
     aacagtatcc attgttcctg gtatcacacc tggtttacag gcattttata gcattattca    201360
     aatatttcct gtcctaatat attcccataa ttttattttt taaatttctt aaaattctaa    201420
     agtaacccac tagtatgact tcaaaattca cttaagtgag tgtcgacatc attgggatat    201480
     gtggcttttt ttccaataat gaatatgaca tgtatgttaa attctggcat atgccaaaca    201540
     ccaactttct gcttaatatc tcacatattg taaaaatata tcttagtctt ttaatattaa    201600
     aacatcttag ttatttttaa aaattggggt taaaattttc tctttcttgt cttgtctttt    201660
     cttttcttct cttttctccc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc    201720
     ttccttcctt ccttcctttc cttcctgcct atattcatac tcagtgtttg attctccctt    201780
     gccatgtgat ccttagggaa atctggagaa gatgtgccgc actctggagg accaggtgag    201840
     tgaactgaag agcaaggagg aggagcagca gcggctcatc aacgagctga cagcgcagag    201900
     agcacgcctg cagacagaag caggtagaga ctccttccct ggctccccac ttcctgcatt    201960
     gcacaagggg gttcttccta tgccgtaata ctctcatcaa atagggaagt caggagactg    202020
     tcagaacctt ttgaggtcga caaccaaggt gtggggaagc aaaattaaat agagaagttt    202080
     tttatgttcc tgcggcaccc ctgcttgcaa gctacatttc tgacttcttt gtttgctaat    202140
     gtctatttct ataagaatgg ttagaaatga atagaatata tacacgcaca cacagcgtat    202200
     tgttaaacca agagttctcc cacttgcgct gttcttaggt gagtactcca gacagctgga    202260
     tgagaaagat gctttagtct ctcagttgtc aaggagcaag caggcatcca cgcagcagat    202320
     tgaggagctg aagcgtcagc tcgaggaaga aaccaaggtg agttttaccc gagatctcga    202380
     caaaccaaac ccgagaatgc ccagctatag ctacttgagg tgtgtgagtt aagtgttaca    202440
     ggacatacaa attgaaatcc ctggactatc atttctacag gccaagaacg cgctggccca    202500
     cgccctgcag tcctcccgcc acgactgtga tctgctgcgg gaacagtatg aagaggagca    202560
     ggaaggcaaa gccgagctgc agagggcact gtccaaggcc aacagcgagg tggcccagtg    202620
     gaggaccaaa tatgagaccg atgccatcca gcgcacagag gagctggagg aggccaagta    202680
     tgggatgtca acttaagaga acaaagtttc ggtctccgtg ctccctaatg cagcaagttc    202740
     cacaagaagc catggggggt cttgttgctg gtgacattga aaacatcagt agctgacatt    202800
     tattgagtgc agtttctttt accacaggaa tgttgattca ggagctgaag agaagacgag    202860
     ttttgccctt tgtgtctagt cctctatgaa ccatccacat gctcatttag catcatagta    202920
     gtattaggtc accatttttt ttcttttata gatgaaagaa gctaagatga gttcatcttc    202980
     ttaagctctg agtagatcaa acattcctct taaaaatctc aatcgaattt cctaaactat    203040
     acaaaatttc tagggttggt ctaaatagga taaagtttgg tagacagcgg gcaccttcaa    203100
     atacaccttc ctgggtgtca agtttaaatg gttatctgtg tcttaaggat gtggtcttgg    203160
     cacaccaaca ggaatgataa aaagtataga ccaggggctg gtgagatggc tcagtgggta    203220
     agagcacccg actgttcttc cgaaggtcca gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc    203280
     tcacaaccat ctgtaacaag atctgactcc ttcttctgga gtgtctgaag acagctacag    203340
     tgtacttaca tataataaat aaataaatct tttaaaaaaa aagtatagac cactaaaatg    203400
     aaaatccaac atgcctttgc gtatgcatga attgtccaga ttcatctgac agttgtgttc    203460
     tctagttaga ctgcctgagc atacacgatt taaacaaatt agctattctc tctaggcagt    203520
     gtatgtgtgg gggaggggag gctcataaaa ggaagaagaa aagtctgaga taacaaacac    203580
     gggcttaaga agggatatat aaagcagtca acaatgttgt cctagctaat gattttcaca    203640
     gccattccca aatagaagtt ctataaatcc ggagccattt ggtagattaa ggcacctagc    203700
     acggacagca gcctgtggag atccagtaac accccaagga cttcaccgag cccaccaatc    203760
     tgtcattttg gaacatccca atttgtcagt ctaaaatgaa gtgtggtgat cactgctgag    203820
     aagcagatgg attccccagc ctagggcagg atggcaagag ggattgtcta gttattgttt    203880
     tgttcctggc tttggctggg tcttgacagt ctggctaact tctcaggaag aagctggctc    203940
     agcgtctgca ggcggccgag gagcacgtag aagccgtgaa cgccaagtgc gcttccctgg    204000
     agaagacgaa gcagcggctg cagaacgagg tggaggacct catgattgat gtggagagga    204060
     ccaacgcggc ctgcgccgcc ctggacaaga agcagagaaa cttcgacaag gtgtttgaac    204120
     tttaagacaa ctctattagg tcttcctcct ccttgtccca gctgacaatc tatggccttt    204180
     ccaggttcta tcagaatgga gacagaagta tgaggaaact caggctgagc ttgagtcctg    204240
     ccagaaggag tcccgaactc tcagcacgga gctgttcaag gtgaagaacg cctacgagga    204300
     gtctctggac cacctggaga cgctgaggag agagaacaag aatctgcaac gtgagtcttc    204360
     cctaccctgc tcggtcctgg ctggacgctg ccatgttgct gtcattccaa ccacttcttc    204420
     ttgtctgttc ttccacagag gagatctctg acctgactga gcagattgca gagggaggga    204480
     agcacatcca tgagctggag aaaatcaaga agcaagtgga acaggagaag tgtgagatac    204540
     aggctgcctt agaggaagca gaggtaggtg ctgctaataa tggcggtggg agtggggaca    204600
     tagcaggcag acattagcaa aagtaccaag ctgggtaatg gcatcatgcg ttgaatacat    204660
     tattatgcag acgatttaag tttaaatttg ggacctttgt gcacagggca attagtcgat    204720
     cctacctaat gctttcatgt tgtcatgttg gaggttgggg agatgtctca tatgtcaggg    204780
     gcctatactg ctcttcagga agacctgagt gaagttctca gtacccacat ctagtgactc    204840
     acaaccacct gtaactccag ctcctgagaa tctgatacct tcttctggcc tccaagagct    204900
     ctggcagaga catgacatac atccacacaa acacgtgcgc acataaataa aatgaaaata    204960
     aatttaagaa aaatgcaaat gaacccatcc gttcagtttc ttaggattta ctacaagaaa    205020
     aataatctta agaggtaaaa ctttaagaca aatatttcca attttaaaaa aaggaagcaa    205080
     actagaccaa cagaattcca aataacaatt aagtatggtt ataggccagg agaggttatg    205140
     aatccctgag atcccagcac taggagggta gaggcaggag aattagttca aacttgaggc    205200
     cagattgttc tacatggcaa ggcccatatc agccagagct ttatagcaaa atcacacctt    205260
     aagaggccaa aagaagccca gaaaaatggc tcagcagttt aaggcgcttt ccatcaatcc    205320
     ttggctctct ctctctccaa tcttctgaac ccacgaggca gaaggagaga agcaacctcc    205380
     atagattatt ctctgacctt cgtgttctgt ctgtctaaag tatttattaa gtaaataagt    205440
     gaaaaattac caaatagtaa ggttaatgtg gggaaagatt tatgatagac acaaatattt    205500
     gcttttaaaa agcaagacat atattcatat ataaaatttt gattagatta aaataggtag    205560
     aaaaatttga tagaaatagg gaaatggaaa gaccaggagt tagctcaagg ctatcctgaa    205620
     acacaaagca agacactctg ccttaaatat agtagaaaaa agatgtacca cattaaaata    205680
     gttgtccctc tgtgagaggc aatggggagc tttgttttta tacattgtct ccacattgta    205740
     gagtgagtac acactatata actgggggaa aactatttta aagctgatag tttctatgcc    205800
     aggttagtat attctacatg aagactgtat tttatgaaac actatacatg tgtatatgta    205860
     gtatgcttat tttgcatgta aaattaatca gataattctg ttagtatgcc atgaattttt    205920
     aggtagtgca cagcaccttt actaaagaac tgtcctatat attctgtgac tgaatagaca    205980
     aacaaaatga aaatgaatcg ccatataggt tcttcggaca acttcattaa ctttagtgtt    206040
     tgacaagatg acaacagtaa gagtctgccc cacaaactca gggtagactc caaccacttg    206100
     agttctcttc tgctcagtga tgactgatca ctgtttcctg aaggcatctc tggagcacga    206160
     ggagggaaag atcctgcgca tccagctgga gctgaaccaa gtcaagtctg agatcgacag    206220
     gaagattgct gagaaggatg aggagatcga ccagctgaag aggaaccacg ttagagtcgt    206280
     ggagaccatg cagagcacgc tggatgccga gatcaggagc aggaatgatg ctctgagagt    206340
     caagaagaag atggagggag acctgaacga gatggagatc cagctgaacc acgccaaccg    206400
     cttggctgct gaaagtttga ggaactacag gaacacacag ggcatcctca aggtaggtgg    206460
     acagacacac aatcgcctct tagatgagtt acaggacata cctgcctaca cgcctaagtt    206520
     gtttagcttc ttggtcctgt tacttcttct agataataaa aataagtttc ctgcctcaca    206580
     gatgctgtga ggatccaatg agctagcaga tgctgagctc tataattgat aaaggatagt    206640
     gacaggcatg agacagataa taagttaaag gcagagacag aacaagactg tcccttgaca    206700
     atttgcttcc actctaaata aatgccacca tcattcatac aaatgacagg caagtcatct    206760
     cctgttccta acaccaatgc cctcctctag ctcatctcct aggtgttcag agcctcttca    206820
     gaatagtcaa agtatttttt aactgatagg acacccagct gcatctggat gacgctctcc    206880
     ggggccagga ggatctgaag gagcagctgg ccatcgtgga gcgcagagcc aacctgctgc    206940
     aggctgagat tgaggagctg cgggccacgc tggagcagac ggagaggagc aggaagattg    207000
     cagagcagga gctgctggac gccagtgagc gcgtgcagct cctccacacc caggtgagct    207060
     agatgctggt acactgctaa gtgagaaatc tagaatgtgg ctgttacata taactgagga    207120
     tggagcaata tctcaaccac cactgtaact atgagaggtc tctgggtctc cttgttgtgc    207180
     attcctattt gtcttttctg gattttctac caggagggct ttgtagatct agacataaag    207240
     gtagactttg gggggttaga aaaaccatga agaataaccc caggtaagca tgcctttgac    207300
     tccaaactga aacatacttc gtgcgacatt tatcaggggc acatcagagt tcaactgcac    207360
     tgtggccact gttgcctcac agagcactca gcaccatccc ttcttgccca ggcattaaat    207420
     gtcatagcag ttccatatca aggtccctgt gataccaata ccaccacact ccagcatttc    207480
     caatacgtgc agaaggagtt atccttccct gcaagaatac tgtgttgaaa ttttaggaca    207540
     atgttttcat agtaaaaatt caaaatccac ccccccacac acacacacaa cacacaatgg    207600
     acaagtcctc ctctctctcc ctacaccact gtgtacacac acacacacac agttcctttg    207660
     agagacatcc tctgtcttgt actctcaaac acataaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaaacccta    207720
     ttattcccaa ccttttaagc atagaatact ataaataaaa caaataaaaa gaacaaatac    207780
     aagctgacta ataataatag gcatttattg ttgttgtcac aaaacaggat cttccatcta    207840
     tcacaggtag accccaaatt catgatccac ctttttagcc tctggacagc tgggattaca    207900
     agcatgcacc atcataccct atcggtaaag gcactcttaa aacttcagag gtcctcatat    207960
     aagtcagata ggcagtaaag agctgagtat gaggaaggag gttctaacca tgcaattagc    208020
     tgcaaatctg tgccaaatag aatacttcac acgagtaaat tcgggagtta gactaaaata    208080
     gaacaattgt aaaccccaag tgggaaaacc tgaaaacatt ataaattccc accatttttt    208140
     ttaacagaac acgagcctca tcaacaccaa gaagaagctg gaaaatgatg tttcacagct    208200
     gcagagtgaa gtggaagaag tgattcaaga gtcacgcaat gcagaagaga aggctaagaa    208260
     agccattact gatgtgagca ccacacacat taccctcccc acgcctgtgc tgcctgccac    208320
     caccagggct tatttttgtc ttgatttatt tgcctctcag gccgccatga tggcggagga    208380
     gctgaagaag gagcaggaca ccagcgccca cctggagcgg atgaagaaga acatggaaca    208440
     gacggtgaag gacctgcagc accgtctgga cgaggctgag cagctggcgc tgaagggcgg    208500
     caagaagcag atccagaaac tggaggccag ggtgggtgtc ttcagtccta aacctgggac    208560
     gggaaagagg acacactctt attgttgtgg ggtcaagtat accctgctcc tatctgtagt    208620
     tgaccctagg gtaatccccc aacactgact ggagatacat ctttctttct tggttacagg    208680
     tacgtgaact tgaaggagag gtcgaaaatg aacagaaacg caatgctgag gctgttaaag    208740
     ggttaaggaa gcatgaaaga agagtaaagg aacttaccta ccaggtaaga ggaatagctt    208800
     tctactagaa gggcaggtat cttgcccaaa gggcaaggga aaccttcatc actccttagg    208860
     tggcgcttgc agacaggctt cttaactcca tacatgtgaa gaataaaaga tagtgttgct    208920
     aatcccaggc acacatgaag ctaggatgat tagggaagcc tttacaaaac agcatagaac    208980
     gggacgtgca ggtcagtggt agagtacata tcccacatga gcttgattcc cactgatagg    209040
     aagaaaggta gaaggaagga ggaaagagaa agagaagaga aaggggagaa aggaagggag    209100
     ggaaggcagc actagagaga aaaggataga ggcattaaat caaaataagc tagatgttag    209160
     tcttagtgtg gtctctccca gaagaggagg gtatgaacta gagaagatat atagaattct    209220
     ttaatacaga ggctggacag catacacatt taacaagcat gactacagtg catagcatgg    209280
     cttaatcaag tttaccccaa ggttcccttt ctggcacacc ggcaacttat tctagcatca    209340
     gaggcagacc tatttctttg gattgaatgt gtatcttttt ttttttttaa tcaaactttc    209400
     agactgagga agaccgcaag aatgtgctcc ggctgcagga cctggtggac aaattacagg    209460
     cgaaggtgaa atcctacaag agacaggctg aggaggctgt gagtatcttt gaggttttgt    209520
     agaaagaagc agaattctgt tggggagaga aaatgtgttt tgtttctttg ttttttcttc    209580
     tttgtttttt ttttttttaa atgtatgggg aggaagaagg acacacagta agaacctacc    209640
     attcatgtat tttacgaggg ttgtgatctt acaaatatgt gtacacccca tgctaatcac    209700
     agaatagggc tcaaggggag atatttaaat attgttaggc aggaaggacc aggtagaaag    209760
     aaagctcaaa atacccagcc ttaattgata gcaacaatca cacaacagaa acactaatac    209820
     caggatgaac aattcatgtc ccttaacatt cacaaatcat gtgttcctaa aagtcaaata    209880
     ttgattgccc tcctccctca cctgacttgc tgactcactc tgtaggtagg atgttcctcc    209940
     ctatatgtat tgctgcaagc agaacatgca gggacactgg agggacagct agtggtgaga    210000
     ggccctgtgt tctgcagtac cgaacagcaa agacatgatg ctggaaggtt ctccagctcc    210060
     cctttcccct gctgtgccca cccccattct tgtagatata catacatgat aggaagaaag    210120
     gcacgaacag taacagaaca caaaacagac aacttttgtc cagtcccagt tccctcttct    210180
     ctgcattact cctaaaacac acagggaaac aacagttaga cccatttcca agcaatttca    210240
     gtggaaacgc ttgcttactg aggtctctgg gggcacctgg gtctcttctt cctctccacc    210300
     caagagacac atcaaaaaag taagcaaggt gacagagaga tggctcagtg gttaaaagca    210360
     ctggccgctc ttccagagag tgcaggttca attcccagca cccatgtggc tcacaaccat    210420
     ctgtaactac atttccaggg gaaaagagtc tctgcttgga ggacctccaa gatcctcttc    210480
     tggcctgctt tagcactgcc tgaatatgtt acatgcatac acatacacat acacattcac    210540
     atacatatac atgtatgtgt gtatgtttgt atttatgtat atgcaggcta aacacctgca    210600
     cagataaaat aaatctttta gaaagctagg aggtgtaaga aggtttgaca aaaggctgtt    210660
     ctcttccatt tgaaaacaat tttttctttc cttccttcaa gtcaaaattg tcactagagt    210720
     tacaaattgg gttgagattg gaggtcagac aggaccagca ccacatatga aggaaataca    210780
     attttagaat aatctgacct ggtaacaaac agagtgaggc ccgctacatc taactgccag    210840
     aacgcttgtc tgttctcagg aggaacaatc caatgccaac ctggccaagt tccgcaagct    210900
     gcagcacgag ctggaggaag ccgaggagcg ggctgacatc gccgagtccc aggtcaacaa    210960
     gctgcgggtg aagagccggg aggttcacac caaaatcagc gcagagtaaa cacatcttgc    211020
     agaggaagga ggctgccaag gggctgaagg aaagcacagg aggggctgct ttgggtcgct    211080
     tgctgggtca cttgcctctc tgggtttact tttctcctac tgctgactaa ataaaaacta    211140
     caaggcattg gtaaatcaaa ccaggctccc tgtctcattt gcaaaattgt ttactggcaa    211200
     agcttgttct cacctaactc tttaaaaaaa aatgtctgtg tagagttatc ttagttcact    211260
     tagttttagt ctccacaaaa atacactgac aacttggtga ggacagggtt ggtttggctc    211320
     acggtttaca gtgcaccagt gagagaagcc agggcaggaa ctctaggaag gggaggcagg    211380
     aactgaagca gagatcatgg agaaaacctg cttaccagct tgttctccat ggcttactct    211440
     atctactttc ttaaatatcc caggaccacc tgcatggtct taaaacaata cagaaccact    211500
     cacggacatg ccttcgagct aatcggatgg aggcaactct tcagttgagg ttccctcttc    211560
     ccagatgact cccattggtg tcaagttgac ccacactaat gaacacaagg acattcaata    211620
     tgctgaacgt tgctaccacc cagaagccct tttcccacct caactctcaa gttccctccc    211680
     acacagtatg ctccaatagg gctttctgtt tgagataggg actgtctatg cttcccaggt    211740
     tggatttgaa cttatgatcc ccttgcctga gcctccccgc tgggagtgtt gggagcaggg    211800
     ccatacttgg tcggatcctg ctttaataaa tgtgtctgga ttgctgcaaa ttactaagga    211860
     aatccctctc tgagggagcc tttccgaggg tgtctctcca gaaaggctca ttcatttagt    211920
     gactctagat actgcccatt taccatgtgc caggcaccgt tctaaattct gtgggtgttg    211980
     cagagaggaa gagccctcag agattttaca ctctacgaga gaaaggtagc cagcacatga    212040
     gggagcagca gtgatggatc tgtgcacgtg ggaaatctag aggttgacag acacagttgc    212100
     attttattga gagtagtcac agaacacctt gagaacatat tccagcagag acctgaagga    212160
     agcaagagag caagccagac caagtatttg gggactgggc ccttcaagac agaaaatgtc    212220
     aagactgaag ccagggaact gtagctgctt caagtgtgag gaagttagcc ttgctgtggc    212280
     cacaggagaa ggagagacag agaagagcca ggtgctgatc acgcaatggc ccccaaggca    212340
     ctcagtgccc tacttgcttg tcttcagcac agaacccagt aggaaagcct gagaaggttt    212400
     taagtagtgt agagatatta acatgttaaa ggaatctctt tgtctggttt gttgaaaaac    212460
     cgacctggag ggaccactgg cagacacctg gagagcagag aggagccccc atgaaatgta    212520
     agatttttat atggcaatgg attaaaccag agaaagaaca ttgggagata attaaaaagc    212580
     tgattctata tttactgaag ggagcacagg ggactttcag atgggctaga tgggggggtg    212640
     ggggtggggg gttggagaaa agaagagggg gaaggagtgg agggggagga aggagcaagg    212700
     ggaggaaggt aaaccaagaa caagaaaatg aattatgaag agtgacaagg aaatgggggg    212760
     gggtggctgg tggagtgcaa cagtgtgaag cagtaaagca aaaactgcaa tctagacaaa    212820
     gcttacctgt cccacacccc tccctccacc ttctaggacc ttcttccccc aaccccaccc    212880
     catcagcctc aatttctttt tacaacacaa aaggtacagg tcatgtttct ggtatgttta    212940
     ccggtaacag caaacgctta aatgaaaaag aaagggctgg agagatggct ctggctgttc    213000
     ttccagagga cctgggttca tatcccagca cccacattct agctcacaac tgtctgtaac    213060
     tctaagacct gacaccctca cacatacata catgcaggca aaacacgaat atgcataaaa    213120
     ataaaaataa aaaaaaaggg aagaaaaaat tttgtcaagt acaactttgg ctcaaagagg    213180
     aaataaaaat cataatcata gcaatgacca agagcaaacc tgagagaggt tgctgtctgt    213240
     gatcttggct taggcgaaga tttcttagct ataacaccaa aagcatgagc cataaatgaa    213300
     aagatatatg tatgaactgg acttcaaaac gcaatgcctg ttccttgaaa gccacagtta    213360
     aagagaatga gaagacaagc cacacactgt gacaatgttt acacagacat gcaaataggt    213420
     gcaggcaata actcatcagc acaggcccca agagaagaac aaagtacagg acacctcacc    213480
     acacagatgt taaaggatag gaagtgtggc ccagaggttg ggactggact tatcatacct    213540
     gttagtcagt gggaagtgac acagcagttg ggcagatggt ttttttctaa gttaggaaat    213600
     aatccttaca gtgcagccat tctactgctg gttgctttct ccagagagat ggaagtatca    213660
     gtcacatgga cacttgcata gaaatgttcc cagcgtaggt agtaaagtct catagcagga    213720
     gagaatccag atgtccatca ctggtaaaca gataaagaaa ctacagtatt aacctgacaa    213780
     gttagcctga tgctgcttgt attctaatgc taatattggg ccccaaagac tgactgtccc    213840
     agacaggaga gagtccactc ctaaggtgct acgtgactct ttctaccctt tttaggcagg    213900
     gtagaaaccc ccgggaaagg attaaatatt tctacacaca tagcaatgtt tcccacagta    213960
     aaggaaaagg tgagagcaca agaggatgaa gctccagaca taagtgctga ctgaaagaaa    214020
     cctgaccacc caaagcatga tttggttcat atgcataagt tcacatcata tatatatata    214080
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata atttcgcaga gaccaatggt taccggtaga    214140
     tgcagaggcg gggctatgga gtgtccagac atacttgcag attacagaag agcaaaagga    214200
     aaacgtaggg attcataaca tgcccattgt cttagtggag atgatggttt cagttgtaga    214260
     agtttctagt tacagaaagt gtaaggtttg gggaccagca agatagtgcc ttagaatgaa    214320
     ggtactcact ggtaaccctg aagacctatg ctcaattccc cagatccaca tgatggaagg    214380
     agagaacaga ttcctgcaag ttgtcctctg agtgctgaca agcatgggtg gcaaattaaa    214440
     aataaaacaa gttaccccca ccccaagaaa gggtaatatt aagagttgag aaaggaaaaa    214500
     atgtccatga gttttgaaag aaaatataat gttaattggt cttctagttt catcgatgtc    214560
     atagtttttt ctattttttt tttgtgggca gataagacca caaaaactat aactgatagt    214620
     gaaggggtag aaccctcatt ctgtctcctc actctgtctc ttcagaacgg ctatcggaac    214680
     cacacagact ttcactgaga tgtacacgct tgggactggg ccagtgtttg tttgagtgcc    214740
     tctattaagt tagctgtgtg atgtttttat ttaggaattt atgacaatat agtgagttga    214800
     aaaaataaat tgataagtaa aaataaatga atgcttcatt agggaaatgc tacaattata    214860
     taccaccttg ggaaaattct taacagagta acatccactg aaggtaaaag caagagaatt    214920
     tttggtagga attgtaacaa acccatcaac tgcgtcccat ctcccaactc atgaccactg    214980
     tccacatctc tatttagagc tctgctttcc tcattagcat cctgtagttt ttagtatgga    215040
     catctccttt atgtacatgc atgtgcctta gcaactatag atcatactat gcagatttcc    215100
     cccagcttac aattagactg tgtctcagga aaccctattt ccagctagaa atattgctaa    215160
     gtgaaaccta gcctaatgga gaacttcaga gtactgagga tttcccattg agatttctgg    215220
     atgttcaggg gtcatgagtg agcagtgttc ctcccagccg tccaggacaa gatcaaaggt    215280
     caatgctcat tttaaactat tgctttcaca ctaatgtaaa ttaaactctt caaagtatga    215340
     ctatcatatg tttgtgagac acctatgatt acaaggcagg ttcaaagcat gccaaaaagc    215400
     aaaatataca accatgtttg cagatccata tcctaatgtt agtgtttagg gtgcaggcaa    215460
     acatgaggag aagccgtaac agaattgaaa ccaaagtgag gaccactaac agtttaggag    215520
     acttctgggc aacttttagt caaaagatac agaattagag ccaagcaagc taggaagcag    215580
     cacccctcca tcgcctctgt atcagctcct gccttcaagt tcctgccagt ttgagttcct    215640
     gccttggttt ccccagacta tgactcaaga tacggaagcc aaatgaaccc tttgttagcg    215700
     ttccttctgg gttccacagt gctgataccc tttcctctcc tagttgcttt ggttatggtg    215760
     ttccataacc atgacaataa ccctaacgaa tgcacatata agatatatat gcatagactt    215820
     caaaatgcac tgttcttgac taaacgcata ctctcgtcaa tttttaaatt aaaatcttta    215880
     tttcttaatt aatacatttc tgtgtgggaa aagtgagcat ggggagccat ctgtcttatt    215940
     tctgcagaaa gcatctctcc ctggcttgga gctccacgac tattagagag gatgcccagg    216000
     ggatcctatt ttttctacca ccccagaact ggaagtaaaa gcaggtgcca ggtcacccag    216060
     atttttcaca tggatttggg gaacaagagg actcaggtcc tccggctcat acagcaagca    216120
     gtttactgag ctaacttccc aacctaataa aaataaatta ataaaatttt ccttcagcat    216180
     gcttgatcct acttttccaa gcgtgtatta ctttggaatt ttccccccca aggctcatat    216240
     tattaaaata aataaaaata acctgcctct taagatttta tatccacttc tcatcaaaga    216300
     aaggggcata gctgacaaca gaagtctgag aggagaggga gagccatttg atggatgaga    216360
     ccattagcac agctgctaaa agctgttgcc tttcatggga gcttttcagt ggggatcaac    216420
     attccagagc taagacccag cagctgtcgc ggtagaactt acattctgat tcctggctaa    216480
     ggtagagctg tgggcaaatg ttaccagtat cattgtcccc aggcaccctc actacagatt    216540
     tatcggtcac tttttcctaa gcgggaagct gaagaatcag tccccgggca gatccttaag    216600
     ccctgcttaa gggtggaatt taccaactcg attcctttct cctggctgct aaagtcccag    216660
     agatgcagct tcctgaggcc acgaggaaaa ccgaaggcct ctggttcgtg agaaaggaga    216720
     aaaacacccc gcctcaggaa tcgcacccaa aacagggctt atcttagatt ccccaaagct    216780
     gaccttcaca cgcacacagg gcaaactatt ttctcaaggt tgtcacagag gctatggctc    216840
     gtgccttggg gcactcttgg gaactcggag cagtgtggag gttcaaatta tgagaaattc    216900
     tactcacagc atggataggg acggcagtat actaagcagg gatttctatg gaggttcttc    216960
     accactacca accatgcaaa taactcacga atttcagtac ccagctctaa ctcattgcga    217020
     cgttagagat atttatctac gtgagcaact aagatgacta agaaacttca cattaggaat    217080
     ctggcaacaa tttccaagct ctgctgaatg gcatgggtgt aatttcagaa tttaggaggc    217140
     tggggcaaaa ggatggcttg aacaaagcct gggcaacaca gggaaaactc atctgaaagc    217200
     aaaacacgag accagaattt ccaaaatatt ccttctggcc agtcaggtca tctgccctgt    217260
     cctcagattc tctgtccaca ccaaatttca caaacactca gtctgaaacc gctcagttca    217320
     attgatggaa tctgccctgg tgcacacctg ttgatctcac gcgctggtaa ggctggtccc    217380
     accccctaca ggtatcactt ccggcccttt cttcccttcc tctgacctct tccggatgtt    217440
     cagtgatgca aacgaagtca ctttcagtcc tttcttccct cagtcggacc ccttccctct    217500
     gttctgggat tctgatgcag tgacttctgc cacctttggg cactgagata taggtttctc    217560
     tctggagtgt tgggtggctc attcaagcac cgttcccacc tttccaggca ttttgagacc    217620
     tgacatgggc caattaaatc ctggggattt caaagaacaa cgtttgatac ccaactccca    217680
     gaagtgtttc tactcatttg ctgaaaaaca gaaacattca atatagtctt tttgtatgaa    217740
     aaatggagca atgttgagca taatataaac acaaccacaa gatcttggtc ccagatggca    217800
     ttttttaaga cttgggtgtg gctcaaccct ttccttggat gtacaaagtc tgactggacc    217860
     tcagcgtaca agggcgtact cgaacacata cacaaacaca cacacacaca caccaaaaag    217920
     tgttaatgct cacagaagta gagagatgag cagtgtcttc aaagtggaac gactaaagat    217980
     taccagacct tgagcagaag tgatgacaaa ggagggaatg agagaaaaga ggaagagttg    218040
     aaagataagg gcagatggaa gaggagagaa gtgcgggaaa gttaacaggt gcaaagttat    218100
     aacagaagaa ataaattctg atgttttatt tcacaacaga ccgtagttaa ctatatgaca    218160
     gtgcatattt caaaatagct agaagatttc aaatggcctc atcataaata aataataaat    218220
     gcttgtggtg atgaatatgc cgactgccct ggtttctcta atatccagat tcaatgatac    218280
     attgatacat gacatacatg tatcaaaaca tcaagctata caccataaat atatacaact    218340
     ctaagggttc cataaaatag ataaataaaa ggagagccgg tactagaacc aattctcaag    218400
     aaaaataaaa gtggctttat aataataact gacacttaaa accaagtcct gcaactagta    218460
     gtctcaatca gtagcagaat gtgtgcctag cacatgcaga acccatttgg tccctagcag    218520
     cacaaaaaga taattaagtg attaattaat ttgttcagag ttctaatctt catttacaag    218580
     gttatagcca tttgtcctct gctctccctc cccatcactg gctggctcgc tcggtcccac    218640
     tagccttcct tctggtcctg tgtagcacat tggctcccct agccttccct cttgcttctt    218700
     cagcctggaa tacttacctc caccccccac ttaacagtca tgtcaccagg ggtatgctcc    218760
     aatagtacct cttcagaggt tttccctgat caatctgttt aaacagcaca cagccactgt    218820
     ttcctcctcc ttctttctcc tcccaagagt atttatcacc aagtgatggc acatgtcagt    218880
     ttgtatgcta ccccctcata tacattgcta cagtcatttc tatgtggaca gagccctgca    218940
     tatgaaaatt cccaatccta taataggtcc ttaatagatg ttgaaagact gaatgatgga    219000
     atgagtgtat gctcttattg tgttgttggg tctctactga gcagtgtaaa cagctttaaa    219060
     ttttctgtat taaagtgttg gaaccagcag tttcagatag agtttattta aaagtcatcc    219120
     tagtgtggct ggagggacta tcttaaactg acagagccta ttcagcacct caatttctga    219180
     ttctgtaagg tgagagacag actagaaaat ttgccagact ccctttacca tccaatattg    219240
     atattcaatt caatcaggca attcaaatat gaattagtgt tgttcactaa tgtacctgtc    219300
     ttaggacatt catccagaaa cttctgtgcc tgtcctcttt gaaatgtcat ctgtcacatt    219360
     agctcttaga tagcccaagt catgaggagt gaggcatgat cccactatca gcacaattaa    219420
     ttgccctttc ttctcaagta cccatagaag ggctgacctt gaccatgctt tttctctagt    219480
     ctcctccatc tggccttgct acaagtctcc tgtccttcca ctgcactatc tgaatttaca    219540
     gttttcccca gctccatctt ccactgtgat tggtgctcag actctcctag gaaaatcagg    219600
     gaaaagtctt tctcctcaac acctgttctt gcctcaatcc ctgctctaag cctacacccc    219660
     cagcatcctg ctgatatccc tgtcagatca ccctcaccca tacaatgccc catttctgaa    219720
     cttctctttt tcagatcttt gaatagtcat tttcatatac tctctcttga atatgttacc    219780
     acccctgact tctgtgttgt ctccaataat aaagttacct ataccataca aagagagaag    219840
     agtttgtaag tagactagag aaaatattca ttgccagagc tcctctcaga tatgagagag    219900
     aagaacagca tgcttcaaag ctgtaaacta cagatcatag tagtagaata aagaggagac    219960
     ttctgaccca atgagagttt tgaaggtgat ggatcacctg aattgtacag taggatagta    220020
     gctgcatcta taggcccaac tcatctattt gatggtagac attaaatatg tataggtttt    220080
     tatatagtaa tcaaattcta gtacaatgat ggaagggaag aggaaaggca ggatgcagta    220140
     agaaagataa ggaaggatgg aaatacccct atgagctaat acactcctgt gagacctaac    220200
     tcactctcat agaccaaatt aatcccttca caaaggcagt catgacccaa ttaccaccca    220260
     gtagactcac gtcttaaaga ccccacctcc tttcattact gttacactga ggaccatgct    220320
     tccaacacat gaacctttaa ggcacaaacc atagcagatg aagacccact cgggtcttct    220380
     gactccaaca aagggttatg acttttcatt ttggtatttg cttccttgta gaatgacctt    220440
     tattatttta ttttattttt taattaaaaa attttttttg gtttttcgag acagagtttc    220500
     tctgaatagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactaaa    220560
     aattctgcct gcctctgcct cctgagtgct gggattagag gagtgtgcca ctacgcctag    220620
     cttagaatga cctttattta tatcactttt tctcctctgt tttattttat ttcttcttcc    220680
     cacatcttca acacagtctt gccatacatc ttccataata gcttcagcta ccatcgccat    220740
     gttaatgata ctgcctaaaa cagactacgc attccagcct tgataaatat atgacccagt    220800
     gtccaccgcc agctatgttt tcaatctaaa ctcatttttt ttctgcctac aatttctcct    220860
     ttaggctcat ttcggaggac ctagattaat aagctgatac gggggctgga tgaaaagcaa    220920
     catcccgtga ttcttccttc tgcctccaat cctgcagtta tcaaagtcct gtgagtggca    220980
     ccttcaaggt agccctctgg tttttttttc tttctttctt tcattttaaa cctcttgatc    221040
     aaggacccct tcattttaca gcattatttt tgtatatcca gtgcaagtgg atgacaaaga    221100
     ttttaatata atgtcagaat gaaggtaaga cttcaaaaca ttagcctaaa gctcataagg    221160
     atcttaatta ttcccaaaca taattcattc attgcatgaa tgcctgtggg gaactagttc    221220
     tcttttctta ttatatctaa gtggaatgcc atggcaacca caacctatga tgacacacag    221280
     tgctcttctc tttgaatctg cagctggact caagaccact aaggccacaa agactataaa    221340
     ggccacccta ctgatctgga aatgtttaac atagatctga attc                     221384