ID   AL596090; SV 11; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 207440 BP.
AC   AL596090;
DT   16-JUL-2001 (Rel. 68, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 36)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-135F6 on chromosome 11
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-207440
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Lovell J.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; f9dd950ec6f0f311a9f79941116fe581.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456158.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000000538; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000018415; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000020537; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000042678; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000042709; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000056598; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018414; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018415; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018416; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018417; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0018419; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018383; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018384; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018385; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018386; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0018388; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018353; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018354; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018355; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018356; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0018358; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018354; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018355; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018356; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018357; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0018359; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018167; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018168; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018169; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018170; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0018172; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018806; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018807; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018808; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018809; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0018811; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017724; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017725; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017726; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017727; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0017729; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018141; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018142; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018143; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018144; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0018146; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018250; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018251; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018252; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018253; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0018255; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018241; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018242; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018243; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018244; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0018246; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018323; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018324; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018325; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018326; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0018328; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018265; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018266; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018267; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018268; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0018270; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0018847; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0018848; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0018849; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0018850; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0018852; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017495; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017496; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017497; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017498; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0017500; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017775; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017776; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017777; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017778; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0017780; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL596090.11:1-207440; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000018568; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000064019; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000070681; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000070805; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000071880; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000081823; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000093046; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000093048; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000094135; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000094140; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000095254; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000102682; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000102683; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000108721; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000108722; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000108723; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000139477; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000145532; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0029430; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0029441; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0029446; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0029452; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0029459; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0029381; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0029392; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0029398; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0029404; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0029411; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0029355; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0029366; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0029371; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0029377; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0029384; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0029372; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0029383; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0029388; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0029394; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0029401; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0029171; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0029182; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0029187; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0029193; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0029200; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0029872; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0029883; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0029889; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0029895; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0029902; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0028856; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0028867; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0028872; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0028878; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0028885; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0029087; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0029098; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0029103; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0029109; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0029116; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0029232; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0029243; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0029248; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0029254; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0029261; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0029205; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0029216; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0029221; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0029227; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0029234; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0029339; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0029350; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0029355; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0029361; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0029368; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0029193; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0029204; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0029209; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0029215; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0029222; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0029909; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0029920; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0029925; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0029931; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0029938; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0028556; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0028567; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0028573; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0028579; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0028586; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0028661; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0028672; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0028677; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0028683; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0028690; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A0R4J1C5.
DR   GOA; F6Q537.
DR   GOA; Q5SX99.
DR   GOA; Q9D5E4.
DR   InterPro; IPR000048; IQ_motif_EF-hand-BS.
DR   InterPro; IPR001611; Leu-rich_rpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR003591; Leu-rich_rpt_typical-subtyp.
DR   InterPro; IPR004095; TGS.
DR   InterPro; IPR004152; GAT_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR005225; Small_GTP-bd_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR006073; GTP_binding_domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR006074; GTP1-OBG_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR012675; Beta-grasp_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR012676; TGS-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR018618; Vacuolar_import/degrad_Vid24.
DR   InterPro; IPR031167; G_OBG.
DR   InterPro; IPR031662; GTP-binding_2.
DR   InterPro; IPR032675; LRR_dom_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:1342307; Drg2.
DR   MGI; MGI:1914021; Gid4.
DR   MGI; MGI:1921915; Drc3.
DR   MGI; MGI:2180561; Atpaf2.
DR   MGI; MGI:2443306; Tom1l2.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q9CPY6; GID4_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q9D5E4; DRC3_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q9QXB9; DRG2_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0R4J1C5; A0A0R4J1C5_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6Q537; F6Q537_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q5SX99; Q5SX99_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-135F6 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..207440
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="11"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-135F6"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    172673..172673
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 900 bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    172674..172933
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    172934..173157
FT                   /note="Sequence from primer reads and dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
SQ   Sequence 207440 BP; 57031 A; 48849 C; 47960 G; 53600 T; 0 other;
     gaattcaagg agctaaaaga aaaattagtg aggctgaagg gcctgaagag gctgcagagg        60
     tgtgtgatta agcatttcaa gcaaaaaccc agggatgctc tggaagactt gctagtgagc       120
     aaggcactgg ttggcacctg catcgggaac tgatgggagg tgggggaaga agcaagtaca       180
     ttcttcaggg aatagagcag atgaaaagct gacctgagcc acacttccaa gcctacatcc       240
     tgactacctg tcatgtgaca tcgggctacc tgtacctgct tcttatgcta ccttgaagac       300
     aagtcacact gtcccagaag ccaagctcaa agcccctctg gaaggcatct cagctcttct       360
     cccatggaga cagccacact gggcaggctg aggtatggcc tccagcaccc ctaggcaagc       420
     cctagtggtg ggccacacat tgaccttagc tcggatctag atctagtctc tgcctgttcc       480
     acctcagcac tagcagctcc agcctgttgt tcataggtcc caaactttgg tgttatcctt       540
     gacattttcc tcatattcca cgccagcaaa ttctgttagc tttaatttct gaatctcccc       600
     agaatctaat gatgcctcct gcatccttac caccactcca gtccagctta ccatcatcaa       660
     ttcacaacag ggcgattcaa tagaccccta ctggtttacc tgctctgcct ttgtcctgcc       720
     ctggtgatcc cattctgaac atgggatgac cattcaaaat taaagcaaga ccatagcacc       780
     tcatctgccc agatcctccc tagagttccc tatgaggctc cgcctacctg accagcttat       840
     gtggtttctc ttgttcacag tttggcccct gctccaatct ggcagctccc taagaggtga       900
     aattgtgtcg tgcttactgc tgtgccctcc atgtttacaa cagcgcctgc aaacactgta       960
     agtctctgtc aaatgatcac aggaccaact tgagaagact agcaagtaga taataccacc      1020
     aatctacaag cccaggctgc ctgagtccca actgttctcc ttgacacact ggagttgaga      1080
     agaacacagt aagagcaaac ggggtgttta tggactaatc ctgaatcagg ctagtctgta      1140
     agaaatatgc acacagggca ggcatagagg cgacgacata gtgctgataa caccaagatc      1200
     tgactaaagc agtgcagaaa ggccagagac aagctaaaca ttcagtccac acaccccaga      1260
     cgtgctcagc tgctctgagc catgggtacc ctttagtagc ccctttatct cattatgctc      1320
     tgggcctact tctacagtac cctagaaagc aacccatgca cagagagccc ccgtctgcac      1380
     catggaagca ggggctgagg cgggatgggg agaggcaaat gactggcaca ggaagccaag      1440
     cggctccatt tctcctcctg gttcagagca gatgatggag aggcctcact tctctaactg      1500
     aggcactgcc gtgaggaagt gggtaggctg gggtgggaaa agacagatga ctgcatttca      1560
     gcttattaat gccaaagcaa acagactgaa aataataatt aaaaaaaaca aacaagcacc      1620
     agagttgagc ccagcacact gagccctgac aagctatgta tgctatccca cccaaaccga      1680
     gacaaggcat ttcccaggaa aacataccct tcctctgtct cgttgatgat gtcacagatc      1740
     tccatattca gtgtccagtc ctcgctctgc agggagccat ctgttgcctt ctctgtgaaa      1800
     tcagaaagaa actgctttat atttctcctg gagtatgggg ccctggaagg aagtgaaatg      1860
     agactagaac caccactggg gctactgctt tcacaagaga acatcaagga acactcagcc      1920
     agagggccag ggtgctctag tctccaaatc ccatatctag gaggcctgag ccactacaga      1980
     ccacagattt cggagccaaa ccaacaagct agaacatagg ctccgccact tacaagtatc      2040
     aaacctagta aaactatagc atatatctca tcagaaaagt taaatggctc actaggtgca      2100
     atcccttagg aaacagcctg gcacacacac agcctgtcct ctgtagataa ctgctatcat      2160
     agccatagaa aagcatctgc gatggttaaa ccacacctca gggaagaagg gaaaactcag      2220
     tgagctgcag caggtatgac atcacagttt agatcttaat ccctgccccc tgccccctgc      2280
     cccctggtcc ctgccccctg gcccctgccc tctgccccct gccccctggc ccctgccccc      2340
     tgccctctgc ccccaccctg cccgacaaac agctaaggct aagagcttat ttgccagtct      2400
     ctggggccag tgggaggtgg tggagcttct tagagaggat ttgggaaact cagttgcttt      2460
     ctagacgctg gagggagcca ttttgctcac ccacatattt cccaccaaca gagccaactg      2520
     accttgaact gacaccattt gtcacaatga cgtaaagctc actaaatgaa acacatggtg      2580
     ttgagccctt gacatataac aacttgctaa gcatttaatg gaggagaagg gaccatcctg      2640
     acattgaaaa aaaggattct tgcggctgga gggctggcgg ttagagcact ggcttctctt      2700
     ccggagaacc caggttccat gccaacaccc acagggtgga tcgcaaccat ttgtaatttc      2760
     agttccagag gatcatgcct gggcatgagg catgaacatg gtgcacagac atatatgcag      2820
     gcaaagcata ataaaataat tgttttaaaa ataactttct atatgcaaga agatagttgt      2880
     acacttttct tacgctatat taactcaact tattaaagat gtgaacacag tgttaaaaac      2940
     tgtaaaactc ttagaagaag gcaggaagaa agctccatga cacatttttg ataataattt      3000
     catggatata acactaatgg catggacaat catttatgga aaaatacaga cactaggcta      3060
     atcaaaatta aaacctctgg ggctcagtgg ctgagctgag tggcaggtaa ctaccttcca      3120
     caagccctgg ctctgatctt agtgccacca aacttggcct ccatcatgaa ttaaagataa      3180
     aaaggcaacc tatagaatgg agaaaagtct ttgaaaaatc acacatatga taaaatatcc      3240
     agaatataaa ggaccctgca acttaacaac aaaactatgt atcataataa aataattgtt      3300
     ttaaaaatgg ctttcctggg ctagagagat ggctcagtgg ttaagagcac tgactgctct      3360
     tccagaagtc ctgagttcag ttcccagcaa ccaaatgatg gctcacaacc atctgtaatg      3420
     ggatctgatg ccctcttctg gagtgtttga agacagctgc agtgtactca catatatata      3480
     tatatatctt taaaaaaatg gctttccata ggcaaaaagt ttgcaacagt tgtgttcacc      3540
     tctttaataa atttagagct aatatagtat aagagcccca cgatatacac atgagtgaga      3600
     gagaaagggt gccagacatg acagtgtatg cctatgaccc taaggagctg aggtggagaa      3660
     tcacaagcgt gattgaacta tagaatctca atcaataaca aaaatggagt aaagaatcca      3720
     aatcggcact tctcccaaga agaaatataa atgtatctat attatataat attatataaa      3780
     tgatcatatg agagatgtga tagaaaatat ttactttagg gaaatacaaa taaaaaactt      3840
     gaataagcta gttgtgataa atactgatga agaagaggca acaagattat gagttagaga      3900
     ctatcctggg ctatatatct ttggattata gacataattc agtggtaaaa tgcttgctaa      3960
     catttgtaaa gctctgggtc tagtccctag cattacaaca acaacagcag cagcagcaac      4020
     aacaacaccc cccaacacac acacaataga tatcatctca tgttgtactg gctagttttg      4080
     tgtcaacttg acatagctgg agttaccaca gagaaaggag cttcagttga ggaaatgcct      4140
     ccatgagatc cagctgcaag gcattttctc aattagtgat caaggggaaa ggccccttgt      4200
     gggtgagatc atctctgggc tggtagtctt gggttctata agagagtagg ctgagcaagc      4260
     caggggaggc aagccagggg aggcaatcca gtaaagaaca tcccttcatg gcctcagcat      4320
     cagctcctgc ttcctgacct gcttgagttc cagtcctgac ttccttcagt gatgaacagc      4380
     aatgtggaag tgaaatctga ataaaccctt tcctccccaa cttgcttctt ggccatgatg      4440
     tttgtgcagg atagaagccc tgattaagac acatactaat agtatgtgtg tgtatttaat      4500
     tttatttttt gtttctgagt gctttgcctg catgtaagtc tgtgtaccac atgccacatg      4560
     tatgcaatgc ctgcagaggc cagaagaagg catcggatcc cctgaaacta tagttataga      4620
     tagttgttag ctgtcatatg gatactggaa ctgaactctg atcctttgga agggcagcca      4680
     gtgctcttaa caaccactgg gtcatctctc cactagctat tattttaaaa acataagata      4740
     acaagtgttg gtaatgatgt ggaaaaactg gaaggaaccc ttctctattg agaatgcaaa      4800
     acagtgggct ggagagatgg ctcagctgtt aaaggctagg ctcacaacca aaaatataag      4860
     agaaagcaaa acagtacaga tattatagaa acagtattgt agatcctcaa gaaactgaac      4920
     ccagaaccca taacttgtgt ttcgggtatt tcctttcata gaggcatgtg tatcctcatg      4980
     ctcacagcag atttgtccac atgttctaag ggtgaaagcg ggctactcat ccataggtta      5040
     atgggtatct acacaatgga cttgtcagcc tcacggatga aggaaattct ggtatctgct      5100
     acatgagaga accctgaaga cagtgttctg aatggaagca gccatgttcc caggacagat      5160
     gctgtacggt cccatcttgt gaggtatcca gggcagtcag aggagtcaga aagcagaatg      5220
     gggattgcta gggactgagg aagaatgggg agctgtgctg gggaaatgga gttgtttggg      5280
     gatggatggc agtgacggct gcacagcaat gggaatgtac ttaatgctac agaactgcat      5340
     cctcaaaaat ggctagaatc agccggacag tggtggcgct tgcctttcgt cccagcactc      5400
     gggaggcaga ggcaagtgaa tctctgagtt cgagaccagc ctggtttaga gcaagttcca      5460
     ggacagccag ggttatacag agaaacactg cctcaaaaca aaacaaaaca aacaaaacat      5520
     cctccaaggg ctgcagaaag ggttcactgg ttaagagcat atggtacttt gaagaacggt      5580
     ccccataggc tcatatattc gaatgctgtc actggggtgg caccacttga gaagaatcag      5640
     aaggattagg atgtatgatc tcgtaggagg aagtgtggga gtgagctttt agttttcaaa      5700
     ggcccatgct gccaggatct ctctcttggc ctgtggatca gagtgaagat cttagctgtt      5760
     gctccagcat catgcgaacc accatgctct acaccactga taacaaatta aacctctgaa      5820
     gctgtaagca agcccccagt taaatgcttt ctttaataag agttgccttg gtcatggtgt      5880
     ctctatacag ccacagaaca gtgatgaatc agagcatttg ctgtttttcc agaggcccaa      5940
     gttcagttcc caacaggcaa caggcaactc ccaactccca cttcaggaga tccaacgcat      6000
     ttttctgtcc tcaatgagca tttacactta gatacacata tttacacaca cacaactttg      6060
     aatcacccaa aaaggaagaa aaagtacgga tagatcaatg gtctcacagg ttggagagaa      6120
     gagagaagtg aagaccactg gggtctgttg acagggaaca taagactcag agaagaagtg      6180
     ggctcagggt cagacctaga ccctgggttg cctctgctct ctggactgtg agccccacga      6240
     tggcaggggc tacatctctt tcaccttttc ctaatgaagg accaggagtt aaacagactc      6300
     cctggtaggc agacagggag gtgagccaca gctaagtaaa taaaggtggt gaattgccaa      6360
     gatggccagc ttcttaccct cctgatgtga cataaaaacc tggcagcttt tatgtctcac      6420
     tagcagggcc cctgttgaca gagtggctca acaagttcga ggccctatca ggatatatgt      6480
     cacacagttc cgggccccat caggtcatgt cccacagcag ttgtagacca gtcaactgtc      6540
     ctatttgtct tcaaactgac caaccctaaa gtaggggagg aaagctcttc agaagctata      6600
     aagcaaaaca caagccccca agaagagact ggattttggc tttctgagtc cccccatctg      6660
     ctttgtggag gtcttttctc cgtgtcctgc gtgtctgttt cctccctgac aataaccacc      6720
     tttctttaaa tgttgactct gtttatggtg cttgagattt ctcccctgtt actgttgcat      6780
     ttcagatgtt gcctgcttct taattttctg gcagagaaaa caaacccagt gaagatgcct      6840
     ggactgtacc atttcaagac ccctcgagcc tgtagcatca gcacatcacc tgggagctat      6900
     gcagcacatt tatgtctgat ggaagcctag tccaagctag tagtcctcag cattgtttaa      6960
     atcccatggc ctgtctgagg aatacttaga acacacacac ccagagattc tgatctgatt      7020
     aaaggaggta ctcagccgcc attctggaaa gcctcgtggt aatgcagatg tgtggcccag      7080
     gttaaggact gcaccttgta tggtagcctg caccctcagc tcatgctctg tagatgggca      7140
     gtgggaggca gagcggcact tttcattcag ccttactgcc ctagatgcag agactgtcac      7200
     tgtgtggtaa ggggcatgca catcctcctc cagagctcct aagcactagg gtacaggcat      7260
     caaccaccca cagtatgtgg catcctctgt cagcacccag gctggaccgt caatgtgggt      7320
     atcttaatca tctctttcct cttagcttcc aatttagtat gcggcacatc tcaggctctt      7380
     gtcaatctca agaaaatggc atttggacaa catggcttta ctttgccttc aaggtataga      7440
     cagaactgca ctgacatctg cagcctgatc agagggtact gtatgaacct ccttctgcct      7500
     ctgttatctt ccttttaagg gaagggtaca gacggggctg tacaaaagga tagcccataa      7560
     agcaaggcta agaagttaaa gtttgtcctc ttgactcttc aatggaaatg gaacttctac      7620
     tgtgaacatt cacataggat gtcaggaagc tggagcagaa ggcaataata ggtgtgtgga      7680
     acacctgcat catgggggcc attcctgcct cactgatagt aacagtaatc cagaaacttc      7740
     attgcatatt attgacccat tacccaatga gctttctacc tatcaaaacc ccattttctt      7800
     ctttctccag cttggcctga agtaccctga atgccagttc tttgttctga taactctggg      7860
     ctactgccca cacttgctga ctgcggagat aatctggctg ttttcttttc cagactcacc      7920
     aaaagaatgt cgctgaatgc aaaatgctaa accagtgctc ttttgccttc tagcgctggc      7980
     gcctctgaag tctgtatatt tagcatccaa gtgtagatat ggcagccaag aaaccaaccc      8040
     actgagagct cctctcagca ggctgcctta ggactgatac atgggagggc tgggtaggca      8100
     agaaaatcat gctccagaga gaatgcacac ttctgtcagg gtcaaagctt gagggatttc      8160
     tggcccaggt ccaacaccag gctgggggta gtcttttctg aatgaagcaa atgctgtggc      8220
     aacaatatta ggatgatatg gtgggatgta tatctgggtg ctttattctt cttattccag      8280
     ctcctggcca ttagcatagc ctcaggaagt tcaacatttt gtaacgatgg tcactgctgt      8340
     attagtcttc atccattctt gctcatggct ggcaggaagg atttgcctac tgctccctgg      8400
     agcactacat ttccaccatt ataccaagtt ttattttagg atttgacaat ttacgtggca      8460
     aaagaaatga actttgctct cctctagcct ggagaccaga ctaaataagg gaggccacat      8520
     tgagtggcct caatcccaga atcaatcaga catgactttg ttcccatctc atgaaaattc      8580
     ttttatgaaa agaaaaataa gaattgattg agctgctctg atggccttga tcccctcctc      8640
     tggcttcagc aggtgtggct ttctaatgaa gcgggaataa agaagcactc ttcttgggtt      8700
     ggttccttat aatcaaagtg agtatcattt agctggaaaa ctcaaaaccc tagaaattga      8760
     aataaacgtg ctgaccctaa gaataagtgg ccatgccttt gaacaccttg ctgctactat      8820
     cagaggaagg aagggggtga atagaaggtt aatggattct gctgctaaac caaacttaga      8880
     aataacattt cattgattta gtatttcctc tagaaagcct cccaagtctg tgtccctggt      8940
     ggctttacca aagagcagcc tgggtgagta tagcccaagt tctgtgaagc gatgaagtgc      9000
     cctgcccagg tggtctctct cctggctggg ctgccttgaa aggtcagaag cacaggctca      9060
     cagtcgggcc ccttgcttca agatgagcct cctgctgaga cagctgcccg agcaaagcac      9120
     agatgagccc cttctgggtg tgacagagtg aggtaccaaa catctcttct gggaaaggac      9180
     accttcaggg aaggggtgtt cagagtcagc cagcatggca ggaagagcag ggactggaat      9240
     tgtcagatca tctcatggtg aggctttgtg aactgatctt acattcctct gaggagccct      9300
     gggctgcaga ctactctgct gtcccagagc tacaccagaa ctgaggcctc cacatcttcg      9360
     ggacttctgc cctcactatc ttcttcccta gctcaaatga tgggggcctt gtaccactct      9420
     ttctggtgcc aatctctgtc tttatcagct tgttactcga cagctgcctt ctgatttcct      9480
     tgagagcccc aaagctactg gttcctggtc ttgaactgtc tttcttacat acatgatacg      9540
     gtagagcaag gtagacaggg caccacaggg gctcacttgg ctcttaatat tactgatgct      9600
     aaagtacttt ctcatctact catcttatat acaaggatcc aacattgcct gcttctgtgc      9660
     cagctacatt gtgccttctg tggaccctgg ttaaaattac ttcaagcttc tatgtggttc      9720
     tgccctcgag tgactctgct ttgtctggta gtgaacggtc tatcaatacc acgcatgata      9780
     taaaaagagt gaaaagatgg gagatatgta aaaagagagt gaaaagatgg agatattctt      9840
     tttggaaaaa aaagtgataa ctaaaacaat tgctctttgt agcccaatga atgcagctgt      9900
     gcaaatgttt taggaactag ctatataacc ttgaagtgtg ctttcactgc ttgtaagcac      9960
     agctttgatt tggatgtgcg aattctaatg ctaggtaaaa aacaagtgtc actgtgtgag     10020
     aagtaaggac atgtcccact tatacagagg ccatttatct atcatttgag tagcagtaca     10080
     tgtcttagtt aggtttgtat tgctgaggta aaacagcgtc caaaggcacc ttgggaggaa     10140
     aagatttacc tcagctgaca tcttccaggc catgctctat cactgaggga gtcaggacag     10200
     gaattgaagg caagaatctg gaggaaggaa gggattcaga aaccacgaaa gaacactggt     10260
     tattagcttg ctcctcatgg cttgctcagg ctgctttctt ataactaggg ccgcctatcc     10320
     aggggtggaa ccattcacag tgaactggca ggtcctcatc agtcctcagt caagaagata     10380
     cctgatccat gggcttcctc ccctcagata actctagttt gtgtcagtca caggagatac     10440
     atggattaga ggaaactttt atataaaagg tggtgatgta ccctctttta taaactaagg     10500
     tagaatggag cagcctcaca atctgtctga gatgaaaaac accacatcca aactcgggtt     10560
     ctgttaccag atgggacaac agagagtaaa tatccaggcc tttgaagcag gactgagatc     10620
     aatcatgtaa tcccggccta gcaaatgtga agtagaatct tgtgtttaga tttgcatctc     10680
     cctggtgact atgatgctga acatctgttc gtgtaaacac acagttccca gacatttgtg     10740
     catcttcttt ggaggagcgt ctattaacat tctttgcccg ttttttaaat tggatagttg     10800
     ggtttttttt tcctgtggtt cagttttggg gtttctttac atattctaaa tagtaattca     10860
     ttatctaata tattccttgc aaatatttcc tccaattttg taggttggct tttcattctc     10920
     ttgaaaatat tccttaacac ataaaaggag ttgtttttat cttttgagag aagctctcac     10980
     tgtgcagcac aggctggcct agcactcagg atcccccaac tcccactgag tgctaggact     11040
     gtaaagttgc acaccaccac actcaaccaa acacattttc attttgataa agtcacattt     11100
     attttttttt cttttgttgc ttttattttt tggtgtcaca cccaagaaat tgttaaatca     11160
     ctatgatttt tactcctgtg ttcttctaag acttacagtt taggctcttt tgcttagaaa     11220
     tttgatcaat ttggagttaa cttccgtata tgatgtaaga taaagaccta atttattatt     11280
     atgggtgagt atttatttcc ctagcaccac cagtaaagat cattattcct cctccactaa     11340
     aggactctgg cgccttgttg gaagcacagt gagcgccggg agggaggggc ttcttcccgg     11400
     gctcctgctc ctctgctcct ggtccacagg tcggcctcta ggtcggaacc acgctgtttt     11460
     gagtatctag tttcacagta attttgaagc caggaagtat gcatcttcca attttgatct     11520
     ttgtttggct atgtgaaggt tccctcagaa ttcatgggaa ttctaagtca gatttttttt     11580
     tttaactttt acaaaaactg tgagtggcat tttgatagat ttccccacat ctatatagat     11640
     cattttgggc agcattaata tatattttta atttaatgtt tatggcactg gtgttttgcc     11700
     tacatgtatg tctgcgttag ggtgtcagat attcaggaac tggatttata gacagttgtg     11760
     agctgccatg cagttgctgg gaattgaacc caggtctctg ggagagtagc cagtgctctt     11820
     acccactgag ccatctctct agacagctcc ccccaagcat taatatctta atactgtctt     11880
     cccttccatt taataaaaac tgtctgtcca ttcacttgtc tttaatctct ctcagcagtg     11940
     tgtgcctatg tctatgtgta cactgctggt ccgtctgtct ggtattctaa gacagtcttg     12000
     acacgctgcc caggcatatc cacgcaactc cacaaagagc tctgttagca gcaagaagcc     12060
     cctagacttg gcttggttcg tctgtaaggt aaaggagcag caacagcaca gtttttgtta     12120
     tgaatctaaa tattttaacc ccaagaatat ttagaaccag ctaggaaaaa agagctgtgc     12180
     ttccgggccc tcagacgtgg gcaggagatg gggaggtgca gcattgttgc tgtccacaca     12240
     gcagcctctt gcccacaaag ccactggtct aaatcttcaa ggaatgcaca ctcatccctt     12300
     tatatagaaa gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaatat gaattactgc     12360
     ttacaaagct cacaaccttc aactgcagca atcctcccac agcctcttga gtatttgtgc     12420
     aaacaaccgt acctagcttc ttgcagcaat attctgcagt tcacagtata caaccctaca     12480
     gccttccaca aagtatcatt gcagggctag cattcctgca gcaggacagg aggcagagcc     12540
     agcactgcct gaagctcaga agcctgcaga ccagctagtc tcgagtattc atcatgacag     12600
     agacaagaga aactaggcct caacaagaca gcaggagaaa accaactcct gtgctctatg     12660
     tgtggagtgt agcatctgca tacccatgta tacacacacg cacacacaca cgaacacaca     12720
     attgttttat tctttactgg cagaaacact catgttcaac ataaaccaca tttcaaaaac     12780
     tctatttgta agaaagagcc cccaagaata ttgaaaccgc tactgtgggg agggaaaata     12840
     tttaacactg tatgactcat tgggtaaaag tgctcgctga tccctaggcc ccacatgcta     12900
     agaaagaaca gagtcctaca agttatcctc tgccccttcc catgaatgaa taaatataat     12960
     aaaaataaat tttaaaaaat atataacaga aaaaaatcca atttactagc tacaacaatt     13020
     caaaaaattt ttcagtattt tcttgagata taagagttct ctgctgaggt gttttcaaat     13080
     gaccaatcaa gcactacatg tacatgtgta gaaaccccca ctactggaaa aattccattc     13140
     tttcctaaga aatgtagccg ggcagtggtg gcacatgcct taaatcccag cactcggggg     13200
     cagaggcagg cagatttctg agttcgaggc cagcttggtc tacagagtga gttctgggac     13260
     agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc gaaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa gaaatgtgaa     13320
     ggctgggctg cagctcttca caattcacct ttctctctaa ttgtcaactt ccacagcaat     13380
     ctactgtctc tgccatcctc gggctctctg acagagatga caggaagggc cccatctccc     13440
     atggatacta tggaccactc tgaaggacag tcttttgtgt tttgttggct gccatggcag     13500
     ggtttctgaa ccttcaacat cttaacctag catttaccgc tctctttccc tttggatgcc     13560
     ttctgttttc ttctctttcc taactagcct agctaccatc tccacttctt tgttgaatag     13620
     aagtcgtagg aatgagcacc ctttgcctgc acagacccat caaagcacaa ccatgacggt     13680
     gatgagcgca cacgtccaaa ggttcagctc agctctatcc cgcagaacag cagtctctac     13740
     tgggggtgaa agcagcaact gcatgaggac cccggctcac ctctgacctg gggccttgct     13800
     ccagcccagc cactacagag ccaccacctc actggacgtc ttctgaccac agtacctcaa     13860
     gggtcaggca tggagcttcc taggcaattc tgggttctca gaaattctac cttttttagt     13920
     ggctcaagag ccaaaagtac atttttgccc ttagctagac ttgctgttga gtgtctttaa     13980
     gtggctgacc ttgctggaca tggtggcaca tacctgtaat ccttgcactg ggaacctgtg     14040
     gcaagaggat cacaagttca aaatcagctt gtgctacata gagggcctgt ttcacattcc     14100
     caccccaccc cctctcctgc atgaaaaaga agctggcttt ggactgccag ggcccttcat     14160
     ttgtgcatgg cagtggcagc ctggaatggc agtgaactca gacttctgct gtcttgatcc     14220
     ttctggtaac gggtacccca gggtaccaga cctttcccac atttgtaaaa tatagtaaca     14280
     acagatttcc tttacacagt tgcctgaagg gaaactaaat actatagaga aaacacctgc     14340
     tggagcctcc cctcccgaat aactcctcct ccacagccat actaggagct gacacttgtt     14400
     actattgttg tctgaagggt tctccctgcc agcaccattc cctccagacc tccatgagca     14460
     ctcatgtgtc accactgcca tctacaggaa aacagttcac cagattcaag catccaggag     14520
     ctccaaatgt cctttagccc tttcatattt ctaggtttct gagccagaag tttcatgatg     14580
     gaaggtataa agagctccct tagtgggaag aagcctcaaa gcttggcttg tttcatcttt     14640
     agggtgaagg agcagcaact gcacgttttt tttttttttt aatgaatcta aatatttaaa     14700
     gcccttaggg gatttagaac cagctaggag aaagaggtat atttcatcct ggctcttgga     14760
     agagggcagg aggcaggaga ggagtacagt gttgttgcta gccccccagt agtcccttgc     14820
     cctcgaagct actcatctga atcttcagga atacacaaaa cccctttaaa tagaaaaata     14880
     gaacagagga tgcaatttgc tgcttaacaa gtacacaacc ttcaatctag cccacaggga     14940
     tggaacctgg gacctgacca tgctgagcaa ctgtctgacc actgggcaca tcctcagctg     15000
     ccatcagctt cccacataca tcaggttctt cgccctccct ttcctttcca gtcaggtttg     15060
     cagtttcttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttaagaaat tatttattta atatacatga     15120
     gtacactgta gctgacttaa gacacaccag aagagggcat caaatctcat tacagatggt     15180
     tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctgggaattg aactcaggac ctctggaagt ggagtcagtg     15240
     tccttaaccg ctgagccatc tctccagccc ccggtttgca gtttctaaca agtgaagaaa     15300
     ggctaagaag tccccagtcc cttgatgcag ggcaggaggt aggagctcct ggtaaccaca     15360
     tgactcccat cctctggctg gacctggtct tgtaacctaa cctattccca aacaaagaac     15420
     accaaggaca aaggagcaga ctgcctggag caaaaaggag agtgcctgta gcagccttcc     15480
     tgactgtaga ggagggctcc aagaccaggg taagaggggc agaagggcgt gagactgacc     15540
     ttgtcctttc ttccttcttt attaataccc tttttgtttt gaagcaattt tagatttact     15600
     gagaagcacc aatagtcccg aattctcatc tcagtttcct cccacattgg catgttatat     15660
     aaccagtgtg catctgtcaa aacttaaaca cggaacacag tgtagtacta ttagctaaac     15720
     tccagacact actcacattc cttcagcctt tgctctgtat ttttgtgctg aatccaacca     15780
     agaatacaat actccagtta gttttcaccc ctttaacact gttctgtgtt ctttaaaatc     15840
     tgacaaaccc acaaactcac caacttgctt tcctgcctgg agagttccac cccgcaggct     15900
     gctgtgtatg agccaggatt ccacagggcc tcattagggc atcacatcca cccctaccca     15960
     aacaaagaag cccttcaggc cagcccaaca acagagaaaa taggagcttg ttagccacac     16020
     aggcccaagg ctgctgaccc aagttctttt ttaactggaa ttcccttaag gggaatccac     16080
     agatttaaaa tgcatgtggg gtgtgttctc caggtgcaga gtcactagtc tgatgtattc     16140
     ctttctttgt actcaatgga atacgctatg tgtggagtaa atgagtacag aaaggagcta     16200
     gggagggctg ggatgcaaac atatggtggc catcaccaca gctaccagct accaccagga     16260
     gaaggggccc ctgaagaagc cagcaggctg ggaggaggtt gatcgcttat cctagccaaa     16320
     caggctgctc tctcctgttg actgagaaaa taaaagtctc ctgggactca gtgttcaggt     16380
     agagctctgg ctgaagccta gcagatacct tggtgttggg ggtgggggac atcccactgt     16440
     gggtcatgtg ttagactgtg atgggaatag caagtcaaga cagaaccttt gcctcaggga     16500
     gtttagccag atcacagact tacaagcaga gagctaggac accaggaaca aatgttagcc     16560
     aagaggtgcg ctcttaacct gacagtccaa agaatgaaga atgattagca atgatgacag     16620
     agggagaggg ggtacaaaca aggtagaaga gcagaactcg gaggatgagg aggatggagg     16680
     agtgggggtg ggggcaggga gaacagagct gttagagagt ggaggctaac ttgtaagagt     16740
     tctctcgctt tctgcagtct ggggctttta aaataggggt ccctgttgac aaatcactct     16800
     gggaacagct tggggggctg tgggcaggaa gtgctgttac tggagttagg agctgggtct     16860
     cagtagctct accaagccag gctcttctag ggaccctcaa gaggccaatt gcagagataa     16920
     atactaggga aaagcaaaga aaggagatgt attcaatgtg gccacactgg caaaaggaac     16980
     cacgagaggc ccacgctgcc cctcaagtcc atctacacag tcctaacatg agtttaggtt     17040
     caaatagaga gcagtaggta tgcctagcta agcaggcctt actaaggtgt gagcttgccc     17100
     actgtgtctt ggtttatttt ctgcagagtg gtctgacaag ttatcagggc tgtgtgaaat     17160
     ctcttcctga gtgccaggtt cttctaactg gcaaaggagg ccttttcttc ctctaggttc     17220
     atattcctga tagtcaaaaa aggggggtac aaatgcctcg tgacaatact tttgtacctt     17280
     tcaggacagg tatagaagca aggacagttc atcataactg cttaatgaag taaggaccca     17340
     ggacagcaaa ctggtcgaag gcatggtttt taatctgaca gacatggaag cagctgggct     17400
     cattgagatg cagggaacat ttcatacact cgctaaccca gtttaatcgt tgaaaggtgt     17460
     gcataacaga aaaaaatctc ctcagagtac actaagggaa ctagtgatac aaacatgaaa     17520
     caaggaatat ggtagggcgt aaaaatgata ataaataata aatagggtga accacatggt     17580
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat aacagtgctg tgtggtgtgc tgtgtgctgt     17640
     gtgctgtgtg tgtggtgtgc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgacagtgct gtgtgtgtgt     17700
     gctgtgtgtg tgtatatgta tgacagtgct gtgtgtgtgt ggtgtgctgt gtgtgtgtgc     17760
     tgtgtatgtg tgtgtatgac agtgctgtgt gctgtgagtg tgtgtatgac agtgctgtgt     17820
     gtgtatgaca gtgctgtgtg tgtgtgctgt gtgtgtatga cagtgctctg tgtgtgtgct     17880
     gtgtgtgtag tgtgctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgctgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgacagtgct     17940
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgctgtatg tgtatgacag tgctgtgtgt gtgtgtgctg tgtgtgtatg     18000
     acagtgctgt gtgtgtgtgt ggtgtgctgt gtgtgtgctg tgtgtgtgtg tatgacagtg     18060
     ctgtgtgtgt atgacagtgc tctgtgtgct gtgtgtgtgt tacaagccag tcaagcacac     18120
     attgctcctt taccccaaac actccatccg atgaagatat atcaactttt gggccattac     18180
     agaggttatg aatacaagtt gatttggggg ggattaaagc caaggcattg agtgtcttag     18240
     acaagtgccc agcaactgag ctcctatgaa ccacacgtta tgtgtattta ggggctggat     18300
     ttatggaaag atggattcaa gagaaaaagg ccttgatgtc tccaaggctt tctttcagtg     18360
     cagcctccag tggaaaagca tggtagtgac ccagactcca gggaggggca aagaagcctt     18420
     aactgtgccc tgctggccag ggagcaacca gctctgtgag ggagccaggg accacaagca     18480
     tcaccctgaa caaaactgaa aaggaagact tgctttctgc ctcaaagaac cattatgaaa     18540
     ttcccagcca ggagaagcct tccagaggtt accggagctc ctgctcactg tggtagagag     18600
     ctcaactaac tcctacaggg ctgtccttca aaactgtgtg cagaaaagca ccttgctacc     18660
     accacagcat ctgcagtacc caaaggcacc cgtggcatca tcaaaagcaa cccacctggg     18720
     ggaagatgcc aatagtagct cagatgttat tcattaaggt caaggtgtca ataataaaag     18780
     acgtccaagt caaaacaatg aaactaaaca tgtatcttga acagaacact gcctacttct     18840
     acgaaggtca cagtgaacca tgtcatgttt ttgtcaaggt aacatgcatt tataactctg     18900
     gaaaaataat ctgggcaaca agtatcaaag ggtatcccag aaaaggaggt gagcttttta     18960
     aaaattaata cataaaaata tttctgaagc cataacaggc tcttattctt tgacctaata     19020
     ataacccctt taagactcaa aacagagttg agtgtggtgg cacacgcctt taatcccagc     19080
     actcgggaga cagaggcagg cagatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtga     19140
     gtttcaggac agccagggct atacagagaa accctgtctt gaaaaaccaa aaataaaata     19200
     aaattaaatt aaaaaagact caaaacagaa acaaatacac taaaggaaaa agcaatgcac     19260
     aatactacaa tcctattcat aacagggcac ccaagggaaa tgaaggcgtt ttctatacat     19320
     aaatgtgctc agtgttcagg gtggtcaatt ttatgtcatc ttaacacagg ctagaatcat     19380
     ctgagatgga aactcaactg acagaatgtt tccatacgac attgctgtag ggcatttctt     19440
     taattagtga ctgatggggg aggacacagc cctttgtggg tggggccatc catgggcagg     19500
     tgatcctggg ttccataaga aagcaggctg aggaagtcat ggggagcgag ccagtaagca     19560
     acacccttct atgacttcta caacagctcc tgcttctagg ttcctgccct acttgaattc     19620
     ctgccctgac ttcctttgat tatgaacact gatgtggaag cataagttct aaataaactc     19680
     tttctttccc ccatctagct tttggtcatg gtgttttatc actgcaatag taagtctaac     19740
     taagacagta gccttagtca taattgccag aaagtataaa tccagctggt cacagcacgg     19800
     gcagagcaga gacaaataca gtgcatgaat gcagaagact ctcactcagc actaagaagc     19860
     caggtgtgac gttgcacacc cgtaatccca gcactcagag gttggcacag gaacactcag     19920
     agcttcagac catcttaggc tacatagtga cactctgccc ccaaaaggaa tggcattctg     19980
     atttgtgcca caacatgcag aaccttgcgg gcattgtgct aagtgacatg aacgagccac     20040
     aaaaagacaa atattgtgtg aatgaaatta tgaggagtag gtaggcttgt cagaccagag     20100
     gaacagggaa tgctggttac cagggccctg aagtggatgg aaaagacagt agtaaatcca     20160
     gaaagatgga ggagttatga aatcgtatgg tggtagtggt tgcacaagaa tataaatttg     20220
     cttaacgcca caaaaatggc taaaatgggt ttgggagact gttcatcagt taagatcatt     20280
     tcgctctggc agaggactca gattcggttc ccagtatcca cagcagaggg ttcaccacca     20340
     cttatagctc tagttccagg ggcctttagc tttagttgct cttctggccc ccacaagcac     20400
     ttttatcctc ctgagtgcta ggattgaagg atgtgtcacc acacccagct tcagttttaa     20460
     tttcataatc acaggtagag aacactcacc agttgcttag gacggtgagc tgggaagagt     20520
     gggcagtggg cgctaatgcc tgtgggatga tggggctgtt ctcgctgagt acagtcatga     20580
     tcgcacaact cagggtagac agggtataca aactcactca gctgtatact ttaagaaagt     20640
     gaataagaat tatattttag tataaagcga ttgaaaagaa aacaaaaact actgggaaca     20700
     taattaaagt attattattt aatactcttt ggttcccagc acccatattg ggtgactcac     20760
     aaccatgtgc atccaggttc agggaaccca accctctctg gcctctgtgg gcactgcact     20820
     catgtagttc acatgcatac actcaagtgc acacatacac ataaaataat aaatatattt     20880
     taaaaacttc tcaaacagaa aactaatggc tatataaact atgtatgggc cctcagttgg     20940
     atagtatata gccattataa gtagctataa aaaccagaga gaaatattat gtaataatgg     21000
     aaagaaacac agtctaaact aacttttaaa aggatgtata tggaaaatgt ctggctagta     21060
     ctactggggg agtgagagat acacaatata catatttggt agtgacatag cacttcatgt     21120
     gaaaaaacag tcatttaact tttctaccag aaatagcaag gcagatgaag gaacaaaaaa     21180
     ctaatttagg gctgggcgtg gtggtgcatg cctttaagcc cagcacttgg gaggcaaagg     21240
     caggcgaatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag     21300
     ggccatccag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa caaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa aacaaaaaca     21360
     aaaaaccaaa acaacaacaa aaaccaaaaa aactaattta taccagttat attgaatggt     21420
     ggtagcagta ccttcttaca tttatgatat tcctagaagc tgaactggtt ttttgatttt     21480
     tatgcattga aagaatataa agtcctcgaa gggaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaagaagaa     21540
     gaagaagaag aaaaaagaag aaagaaacag taaggaatag gctctaggct ggactgagca     21600
     cgagcaatct tactgaatgt attgactctt ctctaaggag agctgcctac ccaagactcc     21660
     cagtctctca aaggcacatc acctggccca gcctccctgt taacattcct aatcccagag     21720
     gaggccaccc aggagctggc taagtattgg ttaatccaag aggcccaaac tgagattcag     21780
     tctgtgatga caaatacagc agggttgtga atcatttagg aagctgtttg ttcctatcca     21840
     ccatcacgaa aaaaaaaaat caggaatatc aacacagaac aaataggaga gattataatg     21900
     tggccacctt aaaatattaa gagactccat gcacttcctt gtacactatg cagagctagt     21960
     agactgaatc ccacacaggt tgtgtaactt actgaggcca gcatgacttt aaacagtagt     22020
     tctaactggg tcaccttgaa caatacagaa caaagcttgc caagggagac atgcaaacag     22080
     aatgaccaaa tgcagtgggg agtgagcatc ttcctagctt aggagatttt actgtagaaa     22140
     aagaaagtta atgccatgta gcttttcttt ctcggtgctg gaaatgacag catgacgatg     22200
     tttgctttaa cagggtgggc tcatggggag agcctgacac cgtgtcaccc ccacacactg     22260
     acagttcacg tatgtgagaa gggtgataca gccgagtttc ccatggaagt gaagaacggt     22320
     accagtcctc ctcctccccc tcccttccac tcctttggag gccaggccct gtaggcaggc     22380
     agatcctttc ttgataaaaa cattcccaat cactaactga caggtcaagc aaaacttctc     22440
     tggagaatac actggaacaa aaagcaattt ggcttcatga aagtgaccaa agcagcactg     22500
     ggaaaccgtc agctttcatt tggatgacca ggtattccca cttaggaatc aattacaata     22560
     gactggagct acagcttagt ggagatgagg accctgcttc catttttaat accatagaaa     22620
     atgaagagtc acgactaatt tatttttggt gtggtaataa ccatggactg attattattg     22680
     aggctcaatg agtaatacgt ggggatcgtt ataatcatca tttccctttt ttgtgtgttt     22740
     ggaactttcc ataagaaaaa gaaaaaagcc aaggagaaag cataaggcca ttcataactt     22800
     tagcctggcc atagatgcct gaggaaggaa ggaaggaagc ggggagaaga agcgccaact     22860
     gcaagcatgc atcattgaga aaaactgctc ttcccaacaa atgagaggac agctatgcaa     22920
     tgagggtaca tcaacaaggc aagaatgcta tgtagctttt aaaaatgata aatactttgg     22980
     cctagttgct aagtggaaat gagcagtgga atgctaagca gaaaggcagc agcacaaaat     23040
     attatgtgca tactaataac aaggtaaaaa tgcatgcctc cataatggga aggctcacag     23100
     gagactgcag aagccacatc ctccctttaa cacacagctt cggtggcctc ctattagtga     23160
     gggaggccac ccccacaagt gcacttgcag aattaattgt gcccctctgg gatccctatg     23220
     atgggctcgc ttactctcta tggcttaaat aatgtctttc cacagacttg ccttccctga     23280
     tagacagcga gttctacctg cacacagcag gtagtcagtg atgtctgacc aaaagagtag     23340
     aacataaata gctactgtct gaaatgtctc agggaattct tccttcagag ctactcacac     23400
     ccacaggaac cattcaggaa aagcattcct tggtggtaat cagagaacaa tgcctccagt     23460
     tctgattcac aaagtgctgc ctgcactgtg ggcaacacaa agccaggcag acttcctgtc     23520
     cagacccgca agcaaatgag tctcactgct gtggctcctg atacttaact ccccaggtac     23580
     agctggggaa caggcctccc ctcagcccga cactgtggtg agaagtaagg gcaggagggc     23640
     agccaggacc atggccactc ctagctctgt gcagggaggg tgttagatca cactggagct     23700
     tcaggggctc ctgagggcaa cagcagggac agtccagggc cttccggtgg ggtatcacct     23760
     gttcttagct acccagatgc cgccccatcc ctcctgccta caggtgcttt gagtaacagg     23820
     cttgaggaga gggctgatat tttaggatgc cagaaagaaa ttcagatagc cactgttcag     23880
     agcagcagtg tggggcaggg gaccgtgcca ctagacagga aatctggtaa ggtcaagtgg     23940
     attcaggagc tccagcaatt ttcataattg agaacggtag gcattaaatc taccctcaac     24000
     caggttcctg ttctgaaaca tgtgaccatg acaccccacg gagaggactg ttacaatcag     24060
     tctcttaggg acaacacctg cagtccttcc ccatgcagat aaggcatccc tgacatctca     24120
     gaccaaggca atagaaagca tctgcctcta gatcccaccc caccccaaca cgtttataag     24180
     gccctatcct caaggaataa ggtgcacaag ttatttcacc aaagattgtc tgagtgcctg     24240
     tcttaccgat cgagctgtaa cactccaggg aagagggttc tctcttgaat ctttcatctg     24300
     gatcttaacc tgacccaacc agcagagtgc tggagcctac ggcagccact tcctcctccg     24360
     tagctccaac ctttgcccct agttgcctac tgcatcctga cacgacacct gactgccatc     24420
     aacttcacag cagcagctgt ggaagaggcc ctgcagcctg ccttgctctg gcttcctctc     24480
     agagagctgc aactctttgg ctgctctggc cagggccaga gctccttgga tccccataga     24540
     cagtgcccgg tatacagacc agcactttgt ttaactcttc ttaaataaga tgtctgagaa     24600
     tctggtagac ttttctagaa aagctctcac acacaattct acacaccttc tcaacaggtt     24660
     cttcactcaa accaaaccac ggtagctact aacaggaatg ttaaaaataa tatggatgct     24720
     cacgaatagc aagacagtgg ccaggcctaa ggtgaagttg ttaccttgat gtgcagcagc     24780
     tctctaggaa aagcttagtt ctgtgcattt gtgaagaccc ccagcacaga gagctgccct     24840
     gactccatgc ctgtattcag ggaaggcagg agagtgggtc tcacttggat gctctgatct     24900
     gagcccatgc tgttcttctc aaggccctag aagacaaggc tgttatatgc tacccatcag     24960
     gcagtcattc tgctgagcta ccttcaatgc accagacctg tgaacgcata agctttattt     25020
     agctcatttt tctaacaact cccaccccaa attggttgag gtggtgctag ggaaccagca     25080
     aatcaaagac ttgcaagagt gatgaaaagg ggaatccagg catctatagc aacacaacta     25140
     cacacttggc aggggaagaa aaagacagga gcacctcctc ctgccagcaa tacccaccag     25200
     accctgccaa caatactcaa gggctcatgc gggcctgcac caactaattc catcacttgt     25260
     ctgagataat agccctctca gtattctctt gcaaggagct cctcaacgtg ccaggaaaac     25320
     tttctgtggc aagtgttgct gcctcactgc cctgggccac cctccctgcc tctctctgtg     25380
     atggtacaag tcaaaaaaaa aaaggggggg ggaaacttaa ggttttttgt ttgtttgttt     25440
     gttctgtttt tttaataatc atttacttcc aatgaaaata aagcaaagat gaccatgagc     25500
     ctggaattat agttattttg ttttgttttc gagacagtgt cactatgaag ccttggctga     25560
     cttggaactc actatataga ctaggctgac ctcaaatgca tacatatcta cctgaaccta     25620
     atatgtactt tactgttcat ttattaatcc atgatatatg aatgactgta agccaggtgt     25680
     tgtggcacac atctttaacc ccaacactgg gaaggcagaa gcaggagaaa gttcaaggcc     25740
     agccaggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccaggacta cacagagaaa caagatttaa     25800
     ttaattaatt aaaaatctat cactcctcaa tggccggtca ggtctaatat gaacactgtg     25860
     cgtactaatt acgggctcta tgctttctac acttttaaag actacaatta ccctacttac     25920
     cttacctgga taagacttat aatcatttct aagtcatttc taacccaaga aaacctatgg     25980
     agaaaatgaa atttcaatac atttttgttt caaaagtaga aaggaaaacc aagaactcat     26040
     gagaacaggc agcactcatt cccaggtcag ccagggcagt gatgcggtcc ctggacagtg     26100
     ctagcagcct attatacgga gacaggacct tccactttag aggatccctt cagaaacggt     26160
     ttgactatgc tgagcagcta ggtttccttg ggtaaggaag tgaggaggta tatattttgg     26220
     aacaagatag gtccagagtc aaacctcact taggggttac tgggatactg ggcacaaggg     26280
     gtgcacctca gtagcagcat gcatgcctgg catcccagga ccctgggttt caccctaagc     26340
     cctttactcc aagcatacac acgtatgtgt gcattgacct ggatataggc atggagcttt     26400
     attcccttga ttcagtatct catctgtaaa atgggactca caatattaac aaggatgaaa     26460
     atgattctgc catttccttg tataccagaa tcgcctgcag agtttgttta aaatgtagat     26520
     atgtgcatcc tgagcccaaa gattctattt cagtgcatct gatgtggggc acagaaatct     26580
     gtggggattt aaattatttt tcatttttaa ttacacaata tgtaaatata tttctccctt     26640
     gtaaaatatt aaaacattac cttatcagtt atgattgcat tcagctgcaa gcaattaaaa     26700
     accaacattt gcttaagcag atgggggttt atttttctcg tggaacaaga agaaatcttg     26760
     aagcaggtag catgaaggta cagtgacttg agaactatgt gactgtcatc atctacttga     26820
     ggttacaaga cagtggctgc tacctgaaag cccatgaaac aggaagggag agggtacaaa     26880
     ggctggggag tgtccactta tgaaggagtg ctcccctagg agtcttcagc ttacaggcca     26940
     gagtttatag gtggccactc ctagctacaa gggagccaga gaaggtagta tcttagctgg     27000
     gcaaagccac tccaaacaga accaaggttc tatcagtgca ctggttaggg cctgacacac     27060
     actagagcca cctgggttga aggagtctta actgaggttg cccccatcac aactgacctg     27120
     tgggcattct gtggtacacg tctctgggac attttcttga ttgctaatta atatgagagg     27180
     gcccagccca ctagggcagt gctacatata aaaagaacag ctgagcaagc cagaggaagc     27240
     aagccagtaa gtagccttcc tctgtggtct ctgcagtaga aagaaaacta gggcggtatg     27300
     gaataaatga ggaacagtaa ctgggtacct gctgagcagt ttcactttca ttacagagaa     27360
     aggctacatt ctctatggtg cgccctctcc atcaatcctg gcttcgtgca cattttaaag     27420
     aaactcttca ggagattctg gtgccccctt aagcagcttt ttgggaatta ctggcaaact     27480
     tacacagagg tttctacatg ccttgagagt tcagctcagt gcagctgcaa ttcgaagtaa     27540
     ctcatgaata tttactctga tcttctttcc cttctctaga aaacttaacc tgttgttaca     27600
     gccacacctc acggagggct ggctgcagat gggagacaat aatgggatgt gggaaattat     27660
     cagctcgttt tagaaatcaa aacccaggga tgtgccctgg gcccaaaaac atgaggctga     27720
     tggggacaac agcatcaccc acaaggtgac tgacccccta cctagaacac aagggtcact     27780
     gtgcggatga cgactgagtc agggacaggg aagtggtgaa gccagagcag gcagctgtgc     27840
     gtggaaataa aaaatagttc acagagttta acatgtgaaa ggtatacctg tgcagacgaa     27900
     acctgtgcag acgaaacgcc ctcctcccac ccccccggga aggcaacccc acaacctcta     27960
     aaaccttagg ctaaaacagg caacttacgc ctggctcttt cttttactta agaaaaaaaa     28020
     agattatttt attttatttt tatgtgtatg tatatataac tactgtatgt atgtgtacca     28080
     tgtgcatgcc tggtgcccat ggaggccaga aaaggagtac tgggtcccct gggtcacaga     28140
     cggttgtgag ctgccatgtg agtgctaggg acagaaccta ggtcccctgg aagaacaatg     28200
     aacactctca accctgagcc atctctccag tcatctgttt tggtttgggt gtatgaggag     28260
     gggcaatttc taacaaaaag acgatttctt tgatcgatac acaggcatct gtaagcttag     28320
     ctatagggat cccaggtagg aagattattt gagcaaagaa ccagagacga actaggaaag     28380
     gtaataaaac ttcatctcaa aagagataaa actttcattt taagatatat ccgtaatttt     28440
     aaattttatt ttattatttt atgtgtatgg atttttccct actcagatgt ctgtgtagca     28500
     tgcgcatgca gtacccaagg aggccagaag agggtatcga atccactgga actgagttac     28560
     atagagctgt gagctgctct gttgattctg ggaatcagac ccaggacctc tgggagccat     28620
     cactccagca cccattttat tttatttaca cacagagaat ttttttaatt actaatgcta     28680
     tctagtcatc aagaataaca ggatagtttt tagaaggcct ttggtgggtc agttcatcca     28740
     cctctacgcc atagctcaca tctggccttt gtgtacaatt atacagcaaa aaagggctgc     28800
     agccaaagca agtgtgtgat tatgtatgta ggacagcacg gcaaggctgc tgactatgat     28860
     ggcaatgttt tgacatctga aacaacggtg atttaacaag gagaaacaat ccagaataaa     28920
     acacaggctc aaggtccctg tggtttgctg atggacgtgc tgtaaaggcc agtggattta     28980
     ttactcagcc actgtattgc actcagctgc caaactaccc tgcacacagc aattagggtg     29040
     gaactcagga cactccatgc attacatata aagcctctga gagaagccaa aatgcacaaa     29100
     accccaaagc atggcaagca gccaacttaa gaaaagtttt ctagggatag gagggatgac     29160
     tgcctggtgc ctgttagcac tagctgctct tgcagagggc tgggattcaa ttcccagtgc     29220
     caacatggta gctaacaacc atatgttata gaggatctag tgccctcttc tggcctgtgt     29280
     gggcactaca catatgtggt gcacagacaa acatgcaggc aaaacatcta tagtcataaa     29340
     ataaaaacaa gtaaatctca acaccaagaa aagtttccaa ttagtatagt ctcagcaagc     29400
     ccctgcctga agtcacctca gtaagtcatg gactgcaaac tcctaattat attgataggc     29460
     aagatccaca agtggatgct gttaacggtg gaatggcagc tgagcaggga gtcaggtgtg     29520
     ggaaggtagc caaaagcttg taacctactc acagctacag ccttaactga tcttcatctg     29580
     taacaaaact accccttatc agtaagcccc ccccccccag ttaactgagg ggtcagggtt     29640
     tgacacaccc tgagtgacac attccaaacc tgaatgacag aaaagtgatc ttctctattt     29700
     ttccctccta acaagctctt tccggttagc aacaagcttg gtgagtcatg gtgctttagg     29760
     agggagctta gagggccaga gagggcagag gaggatgtgc cccggaacct caggaccagt     29820
     cacctgcttc tcctggaagt ctatgaactc tgacataaaa ctgaactata cataggatac     29880
     caccatgtct atagcctggg acaagagtcc ttctatataa agagcattta ggtcattgga     29940
     ggcaagaccc acacaagcaa acagtatggc aaatcgacat gagactatcc aacctcagca     30000
     gaaattgaag aaatagaaat gtaagtgaaa catacttttc cctaacaaag agacaagtct     30060
     gaagcgccgg attccctgtt agtgcagcct gtcgaggata gtcctaaccg gtctctcagg     30120
     aggaaagaca tcctttccac cgtggccagt ccaccttctt tactgctaga gcgacctttc     30180
     cagatcacaa atctggccac gttattggcc tgcacagagc ctctctgatt ccccactatt     30240
     actgtgaggc tgctccatcc acaggcccta tctgctcctt gctgcccttc tatatgcata     30300
     tctgcaacag tcctcatctg cttccagcct ggttaacatt taacatcttt ggaatgtgtc     30360
     tacaaactgt ggaaagtctt tctcagcctt ctctatatac taccgaccca ctctagccta     30420
     gggcagacta ggctgggtgc cagtaaaggc tgagcaaata ttaaagcaac ttgatcccca     30480
     cccccacccc cagcccccga gagcaaaacc ttaccagttt agtatactgc acacagtggc     30540
     caggctgcca cttgggaagc tgaagaggaa ggttgcaagt tcaagggacg cctaaacgac     30600
     atgtcggcat cctgttttca aaaaggcagc atcctgtttc caaatttaaa taatcaagtt     30660
     ttaataaaac tgggtctatt agctgagagt ggtagtgcac acctgtaatc ccagtactaa     30720
     ggaggctgag gccagcctga gttacacaga gaccctgtct ataagcaaat agtaagaaaa     30780
     taaacaaatg ctatgtctct caaccgggta attccacttg aaagaattta ttgtaagcaa     30840
     ataatctaaa actaagaaaa ggtttaggac ctgagatgct ggttactgca tcagttgtca     30900
     tagcaacatg gacaaaaaag aaacaaacga tcaagatacc taacactaag gtgacagtaa     30960
     tgaccacaca ttataaagtc atgtcaaatg atactcagga caagggccag acctcaaaag     31020
     gtgtgtgcct agcacatgca aagttctgtg ttcgattcta agagaggcaa aaagagaaag     31080
     caaaatagta tttatatgct gctttctcac tagaaaatgc tcactacgtg ttaaaggggg     31140
     actagacagg gcacacacca tctataacgt catctccata actaaaaatg cagtaacaat     31200
     gcaatacaca ggtcaaggta tttacaggaa tagctacagg aagtagagga atgatatttt     31260
     ctttacttct ctatatttct tcatactttc aagttttgag gttcaagaac ccagagtcag     31320
     gggagaagac tgtaccagct accagttggg gaaggctggg tcaaagcagt gtcttctgct     31380
     catggcatgg cagctgcacc cacaaacaca gtagtcacag ctgcttgcat aagacatgca     31440
     caacttttca ccatgggggt gctcccaaca agcccccacc cctggctgaa gagctactga     31500
     cagagaatgg cagtgagagg gagagtcact tcttctaagg gtgtggcctt ttctcagtgt     31560
     tccagtggat ggccccacat ccatgactgt ccacacccat gactgtccac acccatgact     31620
     gtatgggcag cacaaactgg actgtgacag tttgtgacac acacacatat atatgtgtgt     31680
     gtttgtgcat gtgtgtgtgt gtatgtatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     31740
     atatatatat atacatatat atatatatat gaaattccca aagaataaaa catatatatt     31800
     caaacatata tattcaaaac atatatacta tctctcatat atatatctca tatatatagg     31860
     ttatcagggc tacaggctac acagtgaaac cttgtctcaa aaaaaaagag tccacccagg     31920
     tggtggtggc acacaagtgg ggagacagag gcaggcagat ctctgagttt gagccagcct     31980
     ggtctacaga gcaagttcca ggacagccag agctacaagg gaaaccccat cttaaaaata     32040
     taagtaaata aataggagtc aggtgggggt ctcaactcct caaatcttcc attttgtcta     32100
     aagttgcccc ctactgtgag gagtcagaat tgctctgacc tcccatgatg tccttgtcag     32160
     ctccctgtcc tacatcattt gtaacaaaag ccaaggggca aaaaggaagg cagagactct     32220
     ttgtccttag agctttaaag aataagagag agagctgctt tcagagtaat cgggctgccc     32280
     aacacgggtc attcaacatg acttctcatc ccaaagcaaa tgcatgtccg tactaaccac     32340
     tctactataa gaacagtttt acttctatct ttgttaagaa atggaaacgg aagcccaggg     32400
     cattaatatc caccctgatg aatatactgc tgcattcagc gcttcacatc tggtcgcccc     32460
     gtgctcagat cagggggatc cggtaagtat ggatgggtgc aagtgcaccc agccagatga     32520
     agcgaaggtt ctttcctgct tgtctgtgtc attacagggg agagtccttc ctggtgatta     32580
     agaactctat gtcttaaggc tctgaactac ccactgacat tagcagccct cggctcccta     32640
     acagctttct aaggctgaca gactgcccag tactgacaca cagcccatat gttacagtct     32700
     cttcctgtgg actgtgggaa tgagaaagag ccaggataaa tggcactaaa taatgcagtg     32760
     ttcccatgca gggacttaac aaaggacatc agagagagct attcggtgag gggcagtagg     32820
     aaggctgcag agctcctgca atagcctcct gcatgtcaca ccagccctcc tgaatctgac     32880
     actgtttaat agataactgc actcctttct gccacgttca gaaacgtctc tgctgctgac     32940
     ttcacacaaa ggcagtgagt gccacatggt tggctaggct tcactacact gcaggtcggc     33000
     tctgggaggc ttgctccagc tacactgtca agagcactcc cctctgctgt ccttcatgct     33060
     cacagtacaa agggaagagc accaaccgct ggcagagtga aatgaggaga caggcttcag     33120
     ataaaattac gaaagcccct ctcttgagaa gagagcagta gggggtgtgc tgtgggcagt     33180
     gagcagctct catccctgga atacacaaag ctgggctgga agccacctgg cagaatgccc     33240
     tagaagggat gatgctgccc ttggcaaccc attgcacttc tacctctgag acactggggt     33300
     ctttgatttc actggagcag cccgaagctg cattcctcat tgggctgaca acaatcctgt     33360
     ccctgactag catgctctat gcaataaatg actaacagga gaggcaacaa agaaggctaa     33420
     gacagacatt caaaatgtga tagtgtagtc cagaagagat catgggactc aggacgctgc     33480
     agacctctcc agactccact ttcatgccta cacacataaa cacacaggga caaatttcag     33540
     gagccataaa tcaacatcaa cagaccatga ctggatcttt ttaaacaatc ctcctttttc     33600
     tttatgtata ttgaatgtgt ctgtgtatat agacagcaca tgtgtctgta gagccagaag     33660
     taatggctaa gctatctctc tagcctcctt gactaaattc tttaaattcc tacatgtctc     33720
     atctcttact ttatgtaatc tttaccagaa gactaaggta gaaacttttt actgtcactt     33780
     ttctcacaca ggaagatgag acccagagaa attatgtgac tactcccaat acacacacaa     33840
     acacacacat atatatacac acacacatac tttcacacac acatacatac acatattcaa     33900
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca caagcatgca cccttctctg     33960
     cctggcttcc aggccagaac cctttgctta tgagctataa cacagtttct cagtaacagg     34020
     atgaaaacag tcacattaag gtcttggtaa gcagctagtc tcctggtatg cagcttccat     34080
     ctgagctagc cctttcccag gacttgcagt gaggcaacct tatctggtct gaaggtccct     34140
     ctctagcatt gttcactttg gtgctgagac taattccaga caaaaagctg tcggtttgct     34200
     tggacagctg gagagaattc tcaagctcaa ggcctctcct cctcacctcc tgcacagtgg     34260
     cagctacaag atgcatccag gctgcctgac atccttcagt gctcctcata tcagggcaca     34320
     agccaatgtc aaatctacaa ctaaagcttg gacttctgag taacggaaag ggcacagatc     34380
     taaggcatga cttcatccct tttccaggga gaaccattca cagtacccaa tcagtgaaca     34440
     agtctaatga agggcaagca ttctctaatt accatttggg atttgttgtt cttgtcatta     34500
     tttttatcgt tgtcatcatc atcatcttgt gctgtgagag acagaacccg ggtcctggcc     34560
     cactagacaa gtactctact tgtcagatgt actgcagctg agtaacattc tttattactg     34620
     gtacttactg agattttctg gtgcttagct caaggatagg taccatgaga aacaggccct     34680
     cagaataatt aagttcaact tagaaactgt ggtggtttga ctgagaatgg cccccagagg     34740
     cccatatact tgaatgtttg atcctgagtt gatgaaatgt ttgggaagga ttaggaggtg     34800
     gagccatgct ggaggaggtg tgacactgcg gtggactcgg aggtttcaaa aatccactcc     34860
     aggcccagtg tctctttctc tctgcctgca gcctgcagat ctggatgtaa aagctctaag     34920
     ctacttcttc agcaccacgc caccatgcca ccatgtttcc tgtcatgatg ataatggact     34980
     aacccgctga agctggaagt aagcccccaa ttaaatgctt tctctcagaa gttgccttgg     35040
     tcatggtgtc ttttcacagt ggcagaacag taactaagac agacgccatt ttacaatccc     35100
     tgtcaatgag catatgtagg cactgaccac caatggctgg ctgttgacac ttcaaactga     35160
     aaggcaaccc aacattaaga gcttcctgag agaaaatgat tcaacctctg aaatagtttt     35220
     tgccaaaatc tgggcccaaa gccagacctg gtagcacctg taatcccagt actcagagtg     35280
     ctgagacaag aggatcagag ttcaaagcca tcctctattc agaccagtct gagctatggg     35340
     agaccccgtt tcaaatgaaa caaaacccct gaaaataaat ctacaacctc tacattcaac     35400
     ttccaacttg cacaaaatat ggaggacaga gggaaaggtg agcatgctga atgacatcct     35460
     ggaaatatga tcagcaaagt ctggagttaa tttttaaaaa aaggcctggt gagttgataa     35520
     agcacttgcc acccagcctg actgatccct aaacccaagt aaagaggaag gagagattga     35580
     ctcctcaaac tcatcctgtg acctccacct ctgtgcactg ccaacaccac cagaggagag     35640
     acagaaacaa gagaggatta ggaggtggag ccagagaaat agagagagag gagagacaga     35700
     gaggcagaga gataaagaga tagagagaca gaaacagaga cagagaataa agcaaattct     35760
     agactgtggc aaacacttca ggacaaatgt cctagtttct tcagtaggta aattataatt     35820
     aaaatcactt agacaaaggg ccaacaaatc aagagcgagg agacacatca ataaactaat     35880
     attgaacctc agtacacccc agccaaacta acataggtga cgttataagg caactagaac     35940
     tctgaaccta actgaatata caagagtaga aaacttctgt taaactttta aaatacttaa     36000
     tcttttatca gtcaggtgtg gttgcacaca cctttaattt tagcattgag aggcagaggc     36060
     agtgggatta ctgtaagttt taggcaaacc tggtctacat agtgagttct aggacaacca     36120
     gttccagaca gagagatcct gtctcaaaaa tcaaataaag actttctttg tatttgtgtg     36180
     tgtttttgtg tgtgtacatg catgtgtgtg catgtgcctg tgtgtctgtg tgtgagggcc     36240
     acatgtatgt gggcactgtc agaggccaga agaaggtgtt ggattccctg gagttgcctg     36300
     atgttcatgc tgggattgaa cttaagtcct ctggaagagc cacaagtact cttaaccact     36360
     aagccctctc cccatgggga ccttcagtta atttttaagg tgaaattatg acattattat     36420
     tattatttat tactactcca gcctggactg cagctaagta gtagagtgtt tgcctagtat     36480
     tatgaggccc tagatttgat cccacagtaa aaataagtca tttttagagc tacctattaa     36540
     aatacatggc taaataatat gactgggaaa cttactcaga aataatacga gtgggggagg     36600
     aaagggaagg gagaaatgtt ataattataa tttcaaagac tctaatatgg acagagaaaa     36660
     ggaacaaatg aacagattag caaagccagg cagtcgtggc acacaccttt gatcccagca     36720
     ctgaggaggc agaggcaggc agatctctga gttctagacc agcctggtct atagtgtgag     36780
     ttccaggaca tccaaggcta cacagagtat ctgtctcaaa atacaaaaac aaaaataatg     36840
     aaacaaaaag ctaaaaacaa aaacagatta gtaaaatcca acgtgtcata ttagagatgg     36900
     tgagcctctt tcaggggcac agggctccac tcatgcagag gactgttaga gtagactcct     36960
     tatttgtgca tatagttaat tttttatgta atataaagtt tgaaaaatta atccagattt     37020
     gaacttaaga ttgatatatc caatattctc aaaggaaaat taaagtaaaa cctgtaagac     37080
     atggagctgg gaaggaacca acattcagag ggccaaggat ggaggacagt gaatttgaga     37140
     ccagctgaag gtaaaataat aataataata ataataacaa tgtataaaaa tgaagacttt     37200
     ccagtgggag agaaggttcc gcagttaaga gcacatactg ctctctcaga cggctggggt     37260
     tcaattccta gcatctacct ggtgctcatg ctacagttcc agaggatcca acacccacct     37320
     ctgattccca aggataatga gtatgcatgt ggtacataca tatacagtca ggaaaaatac     37380
     tcacacataa aaataaacca attttaaacc aaggaatctc atttgaggca gctattactt     37440
     agatgaggta agcttacatg tgttatacaa agtaactgac aaacaataaa agctttcaac     37500
     gaatagcttt atgacccctc tcaagtaaat attagaccca ttttataaat gagaaacaag     37560
     atccaggaaa aagaggtaac ttccctaaaa gtccatcctc ctagtaagag acagagcccg     37620
     gatctcagac cagtcaccat actcagggag cgagaactct ctgcttacca aacagggaag     37680
     acggatgcat gaagaaactg agccatgaca tggaacaagg ggcaaaagta aggtaaggcg     37740
     ggaaggcctc caggagaaag gcactcacaa cgctgagaag ggccattctt gtgaagttca     37800
     aggcagcgtc tcctaattac agactggtct cctcggctgt cattggagta acctcactaa     37860
     ttcaaataaa tagcccgagg gtttcagagg gaacaatttt aacagtattc cataatgatt     37920
     ttggattgca gcccaaggaa ttagctggtt aagtgtgggg tcatctcaaa ttgtttgctt     37980
     ggccgggtcc caagaaagcc aggctgtcat cttgcagtga ggcaccggtt ttgtgtttct     38040
     acccaaaagg gaggctctgc catggaactt gtaagttaca cttgtgagag ttgcaccgtt     38100
     gggattcaca gtctttgact taagtctgtt cctctgcctt attgggcaaa tgctgtacca     38160
     ttgacaatgg ctgtccagaa taacatcaaa ggcacagagg aggccatctc tgcaattaac     38220
     agtcagataa aagccatttc agaagcaagc ctactgtgcc tgggcacctt ggggagagca     38280
     tccctgccct attccaactc tgctgctctg ttcttctaag acggtcagga cgcaactgaa     38340
     gagcaagttc cagaagctcc tataaggcac aggaagagaa ctggctacaa ctctcttaac     38400
     tgcttagcag catccctgtt tatataacta cgaacctcac agctctctga gaatgatgca     38460
     cacaggaaaa gccaacagaa tcgtccacag taaaccagac cttccaggac aggccgtcta     38520
     aggcagcagg ctacagccat agctagttct tgcagctccc tgtgggtccc taagccgccc     38580
     actacaagaa gcagtgtagc agaacacgaa atccagcata gcaggtgcga cctgcttctg     38640
     tggaatcatc ttcacgttcc ccatccctag ccattttata atgtgaatgg aaaatcactg     38700
     gcaatccctc acaacctaga ctgaagagaa agcagaatta cattagttct gccctctttc     38760
     cttaaaaaca gcaaaggaaa aaccgatgta aagtttttgc atttggcttt tcttctgcat     38820
     tttgctctct ttacttctcc ccatttcagg tgctagtgag tccaacaagc tcctaaaatg     38880
     aaagacagca tgaagaaagg agacgaggtg ggaggagtca taagaaaaat ttgtccctgg     38940
     aatcccaggc ttgtaacgaa tcagcacaaa cttaaaacag cagatctagg caagggctag     39000
     accatcctgt ttgcccgacc caagatcagc atgttctttc tcacaagacc aagccacaag     39060
     gttcaataaa taacagcagt aataaaggcc tgggacccca ggtcagtcag acctaggctc     39120
     acatgcctgg ctttgcaatt tattagcccc aaggcctcag gcctgttcgt tcaccttggc     39180
     tttatgcttc agtcatttca catataaatt atgggtagca acaactgtgc agggctgcta     39240
     agagactcag aaatgacata caggcattca gagcttattg tgtgccaatg tatacactgt     39300
     tcactgaaat cttactgtaa cactgtcatg gagtggttat gtgcccaggt tcacagacta     39360
     aggtaccatg ttccaaaaga ctgagtattg gtagtactgc taaatgtcag ggttgaaaac     39420
     gggacttgcc ctcatctgct ctgaaggttt ggtttggttt ggaaaggagc ccggagcctt     39480
     acaaatgtta agcacactga ggcacatcca ctgctccaca gttatgcttc tttatgccac     39540
     agcagagcct gctgcaaact gaggcaacaa gctggccgcc agaatcccaa aggctgggcc     39600
     agctctactc ccagcctggg atgggaagtg ctagctacta gccttgttga tgtagcaaga     39660
     tgcctgacct cagcaacaag gaaaagaaag gttccttttg actcacaact taatactctt     39720
     atcatttggt caggtgggaa gcacaactcc cctgtggcag cacaagcgtg gggtgacgat     39780
     tggtcactta ccctccaggt ccttctgcct tattcagtct gaggacccag cccacaggac     39840
     ggtgctgcca acattcaggg agtgcccccc acctctggaa atgctctcaa agccaagccc     39900
     agaggtgaga acctggggct ctgagagaag acctcagatg aaaagcccat gcttttaaac     39960
     acaggtaaaa tctgcgggta aaattacatg acacctgaaa tttgcctcca aataatgtag     40020
     gtgggaggga ggatgagggg agcaggctgg gccacatgag accagctgga tcagatgctc     40080
     ggccatgcca tagcctgtct tccctgctca tgcagatgcc tgaaactttc cataataaga     40140
     acataaaaag cagaaacaaa aaaattcaaa gacttcttac tcttaggagt ctcaaactgg     40200
     atgagttctg acccaaaccc caagtcccct ctgagccact gtaagagtca cctaagccac     40260
     ttcaaggtgc tcctcctttc ttcttgctga atggtcaatc ctgtgtggct aagctgagcc     40320
     agcagttgag cgtaccaggc agtctccact gagaaccagg cagagcagcc tggagagtca     40380
     gatgcagagg gaggctgagc caggggaggc ctcgggaagt gaacaggact tgggagtcgg     40440
     gagggtatgg ggatctagga agactacagg gctgaggaga agtggggaag gcacgaatgt     40500
     gaatgtgcag ataggcaggc tgagctgcct ccaggcctcc cactatcaac tgccaaaagg     40560
     aggggtgacg tcagattagc tcatctctct cctcttagac taccttttat atccctttta     40620
     tatcaccctg aatggtcact cttaaataga aattctgggc tggggaagtg gacagcactt     40680
     gcttgaagtc ccaaggacag taaagaaggg agagaaggga ataggggagg ggctgtgtga     40740
     gggcacctac aaggaggggg ctgcgatcag ggtgcaaagt gaataaataa atcaattaat     40800
     ggagggggta aagagagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaagg gaagaaaaaa     40860
     tggttaaaaa acaaaaccaa aaatcttccc aggaggctta gcagctaaga gtactggctg     40920
     ctattgaaag aacctgggtt tggcttccag catctacatg tttgcagagg atctgaggcc     40980
     ctctattggc ctctgtggat atgaggccca catgctgtgc acagacaaac atgcaagcaa     41040
     aacattcata cacatatatt aaaaaaaaat taaaaacctc ccagagcagt ggggcatagt     41100
     agcttactcc ttaaggtgac tagctcagac tacccctttg tgtaggcatc ctccctctgt     41160
     cccgctcagg cgtgcctgtt cgcagagcac tccacaccac acgtgtgggt ctgtctcctg     41220
     acgagaaagc aggtgctcag gagcagagag gcagcagaca aggtgactaa caccaggtgg     41280
     ctttagcact attgaagaca ttaataatga gaccccctgg gcaggcaaaa ctggtctgtg     41340
     cccatcatca tggtgtcgag gagcagctgc ttggcaagct gccaagcaac tggacaggtg     41400
     agtctgcagc actgagcaga gggttcctgc ttgaccttgg ccacggcagc cttgctgtgg     41460
     tgtccttcag gggtccataa agcgtactgt tccacccgtc tgatttagtg ctgggaagtg     41520
     ttctaacaag tggggaatga cacccacagc ttgctgccct cggcatctct atggctacaa     41580
     acttaaagaa tatttatgat ccctgggatc tgaaatttgg tgtctgagaa gcaaagaaag     41640
     gtcagaagat aaatgaacat ggaccatctg ctcttgggtg ggaagcaagt cccctgttat     41700
     ccagagatat tctccccagt gcactaagca cctgctctct ctgaaatctc catgccaaca     41760
     cagcaatttt tatttaagtt gaaaaggagg gtaagaagct aaatacaagc atgccaactc     41820
     acagggcact tgggaagact cagggaatca ggaggctgac aaacagtcta cagtcctctt     41880
     agggaagggg caaattgtac tttccacatt aaattcctag caacaaggct taatggagga     41940
     gaagaaccac tcccggagct gtctgcatgg ctgcagacga gggaaactca tgggctagca     42000
     tcagaggagc accacctcct tatgggctag catcagagga gcaccacctc cttaatgctt     42060
     cataggcctg ctgctcatcc aattcccaac actgtgctct gacattccag cagatgctgc     42120
     ctgccaccac cacaccaatc cttcatcctt ggggaccaat gagaatgcaa gatttcccat     42180
     taatcagggc catggacaca gaaatagctc atctgacctt tgcaaatacc aaagggtgga     42240
     ctgaaagcac aaactggcaa aggtaacatg aacgtctcca gctttccttt ctgagatgac     42300
     tttatgtggt cattagccag gaaacagatt gctataaggc tccacgaggt tacacattag     42360
     ccaggaaaca gattgctata aggctctgcg aggttaaaaa tgaggtagaa acaggcacgt     42420
     tggaagtgag gtaagcacga acaaccttaa tgaattattt agtgcacatt aaaaatatat     42480
     agagctcgga aatctcccag cattggactg aaaacaagtc acacatggaa ccagcaattc     42540
     tctaaatgaa cactcacatg gatttcaagg catctgtgga ctccatcagt aaaaaagagc     42600
     tgtatccctg cagagcacag gtcagccact gacaaggaga cagactctct aggaggaaca     42660
     ggttacgtgg ggccaacctg attatgagca acacacttat actcatttcc tactgatggc     42720
     ctgtgcattt tagtcatctc ttctagtcaa gcaatgttaa gagcaaaggt gacctcttgg     42780
     tatttcaagg atatttctct gcatacaaag ccgtatgcta agaaatctta gtgaaatgca     42840
     gagctctggt tccctccccc cattacaata attactgaaa atttgaggaa cacaagaaga     42900
     tcttgcgctt gaggatatcc tgggctacgt ggagtgctag gccagcctgg gttatgtagc     42960
     aagacactac ctcaacattc taaaaatgaa aacaacttag gaaaggaaac ctgaggaaca     43020
     aagttcagaa acgttacaca gctcaccatc cacagtcaat ccttataact gcaaagttca     43080
     cccttgtgaa gggcacaagt ccaagagact tagttattta tttatataca tgcataagta     43140
     gctctcctgt taactccagg atatttctgt tttgttccac agtgctaggg aatttcaagc     43200
     acactctacc agaactgtaa aagcaataac acctgagaga cagcccgatc tcaaactcca     43260
     ggaaagaaag aagcctgtgt cccagcagta gtcactgcag tccccactct tctcaggcta     43320
     tatgacttaa tcagctctct ctggatatag acttgtctat tctgaacatt ttatgtaact     43380
     gcaatcaaac aacgtgtggc cttttgtgtc tggcttcttt tactgagtgt attttacttg     43440
     tgtaattttg tgttggtttt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtatgaga cagggtccca     43500
     ctgtgtagct ctgactgctc tggcacttgt ctaactgtct ctgcttcttg agtgctggga     43560
     ttaaaagtgt gtactaccat gcatggctca tttgtgtaat ttttaaatca atccttttgt     43620
     ctggtttctt ttctatcttg agccttacaa atttaaaata taatcttggg actaagaatg     43680
     tagttcagtg gtaaagtgtg tgcttagcat agacatggtc ctgggtttaa ctcttggtac     43740
     catagggaaa aacagaagag aagtataatc ctttgctaaa atccggtcaa gcctggcctt     43800
     tgcagctgat gaattattga ccctaagcta gaattgtagg cagcagcagg ctggttttgc     43860
     tctctaaatg tcaccctcca tgctggtcta attttagcag aagtgcttag aaattaggaa     43920
     tgttcttaat gaatactact tcacctccac ataatcccaa acattaaata cagtgttcaa     43980
     caaggaacag aaagaactag acacagaact agataagaag aattgcctcc tagccataga     44040
     gatctcaatc tagctaatgt gaagtgttag ttgtatccct acccatctgt aagcataact     44100
     cctaaaacac cacaatatgg ttatacttgg agataaacag ttaatttaaa agagctgtta     44160
     gaagctgagc agtggtggag cacaccctta ttcccagcac tcaggaggca gagacaggtg     44220
     gatctctatg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagcaa gttccaggac agccaaggat     44280
     ataccaagaa gtcctgtctc gaaaaacaaa aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa aaccccaaga     44340
     acaaaataaa agagttgtta gagcagtcct cttcaaatct cagatgccta gaagaatggc     44400
     tgtgtgagca cagagcaaga aggtagatgg cggtagatgg ccttctgcaa gagccaggga     44460
     gcgaggacct tagactccag ggcctccaga actatgagag agtaggtact atcaaagcca     44520
     gccagtatgt ggtattttgt tatgatgctg ttagcagaca tctcatttca tgctacttta     44580
     aaagctgtgt gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtttgtctgt gtgtgtctct ctgtgtgtgt     44640
     atctgtatgt gtctgtgagt gtcggttccc ataagagcct gaagaggaca tcagatctcc     44700
     tgtagctgag ttatatgtgg ttttgagtaa ccacatataa ctcaggaact aggaactgaa     44760
     ttccagtcct ctgcaagaat agcaagtgct cttaaccact gacctatttc ttcagcctct     44820
     caacactatt cttaaaaata gaattttatt ttcttttgtg agacaggatt tcatggagct     44880
     caggctacct tgaaatttgt gaagtagcag aggatggcct taaactacct taaactaatc     44940
     ttctgcctct acctcctgag tgccagaagt acaggcttgc acacatgaca agttttctgc     45000
     agtaatgggg acggaaccaa tgggtctgtg tgagggcaaa cctctaccaa tcgagctgca     45060
     tccccagtcc caaagtagga cttttcatcc ccatttcaca gatgaggaat cttaagctca     45120
     aacagattat cagatctagg attcaaagag catttttttc tgagctggga tcgagctcaa     45180
     tgagaaagtg tggcccagga tttacaaggc catacactga cggaaaaaaa aaaaaaaact     45240
     aatttcaaag cttttcttct ttctagaaag tacaacttat tgtaatttac ttttcctttt     45300
     aattgtttta aaaaatattc tctatgtatc tgtatcctgc ctgcatatat atctgtgtac     45360
     tgcatgcatg cctagtgccc acacagacca aaagagagtg tcagctgccc tgaaactgga     45420
     gtttcagatg ggtgagtcac catgtggact cttgaaactg aacccaagtc ttctgggagg     45480
     ggatagccag tgttctcaac tgctgagcca tctctttaac cctgtaattt atctttcact     45540
     tttttttttt ggtagtatgt gggtcatact tctaggagaa atgaagacat caataaaaaa     45600
     gaacaaaaaa acaaaaaaac tttaagctgg gcatagcact gcatgcctat aatcccaagt     45660
     cttgggaaac agaggcagga gttcaagggc tggcctatac tgtgagtttg agggcagcct     45720
     gagctatata agactctata ttagcttcaa ataataagat aaaaagttga ggggatggtt     45780
     ccttaggtaa agtacctgcc agggaagcat ggggaactga actctgaccc ccagtatccc     45840
     ttaagaagcc agacataggg ctggagagat gtctcagtgg ttaagagcac agactgctct     45900
     tctgaaggtc ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc acccgtaatg     45960
     agatctgacc ccctcttctg gtgtgtctga agacagctac agtgtactta catataataa     46020
     attaaaaaaa aatctttaaa aaaaaagaag aagaagaagc cagacatagc caggcatggt     46080
     ggcgcatgcc tttaatccca gcactcagga ggcagaggca ggtggatttc tgagttcgag     46140
     gccagcctgg tctacaaagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc     46200
     ttgaaaaaac aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa     46260
     gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagcag ccgctgccgc cagacatatt     46320
     agtgcatccc tataattcta acaatgaaga tgcagattca gaaggatcct gggggcttgc     46380
     tggtcaacca gtatagctac aggttcagta agaccttgtt tcaaaaaata aggtataaag     46440
     caaccaagga agacacctgt ctcagttagt tttgattcat ttgtttggtt ttgtttattt     46500
     aagttttttg tcaactggac acaagctaga gtcatttgag aagagagaac tttgactgag     46560
     aaaaatatcc cgaccagact ggcctatggg caagcctgtg ggacagacgt tttctcactg     46620
     attaatgtag gagggtccaa agcactgtgg gcagcacaac ctctgggcag atgctctggg     46680
     tgtataagaa agcagctgaa caagccatgg gaagcaagcc agtaagcagt gtccctccgt     46740
     ggcctctgct tcatcttcca gtattcccgc cctgagttcc tgctgacttc cccggatgat     46800
     ggactacaaa tggaaataaa tcctttcctt ctaaactgct ttcggtcatg gtgttttagc     46860
     acagcaacag caaccctaag gcagcatttc atggtgacct ttggccttca tacacaatgt     46920
     gaacccatac actgtgggcc tgcacaaaca cgcatctcaa gcttgtttta attttttttg     46980
     gtttttttcg agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact cactttgtag     47040
     agcaggctgg ccttgaactc agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa     47100
     aggcgtgcgc caccaccgcc cggttaattt ttttagttaa tagtatattc tagaatatac     47160
     ttgatacggt ctaaatttaa aattaattca tttcaaaaac acgtttgatg taagaaaaaa     47220
     aaacatgcaa tgagttgagt attttataca tattattcaa tctgagcttt aaataatcca     47280
     gagatgttat tagtcataat tgggaaacat gaaacgcaaa gacagtaagt aaatacacca     47340
     tgatgacact attcattttt cattatgaac cctagtctgt gcccttcatt ttcttttttt     47400
     tttttttttt tttttaaaga tttatttatt gattatgtgt aagtacactg tagctgtctt     47460
     cagacacacc agaagaggga gtcagatctt gtcatggatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt     47520
     tgctgggatt tgaactcagg accttcggaa gagcagtcgg gtgctcctac ccgctgagcc     47580
     atctcaccag ccctgtgccc ttcattttca aagacaaggg cactaacttc catttatcag     47640
     tctttcgctg agacctggac ttttggtgct ctctatacct aggtgaatgt gctttggttc     47700
     ctacctggga tgagtctaga gctcagccgg tgttccctaa tgcctctatg agcctaggta     47760
     gagcttctaa cacaaaccag agaaagtgta gaagtaatgc agggcccagc ctgctacaca     47820
     gtcctctgcc ctgtcttcag ctcaaagctc tagcactcca gacaataccc agagaaaaag     47880
     caggtcgtgt ctaccttacc catcgcctgc tctcctgcac actcaagctc cctttacccc     47940
     tatggaccaa gcaacccatg cttcgtggtc atactgattc tatagagaga aggtcatacc     48000
     tattcacagt ggatggccag caggaggtgg gggacaaaag gagtatagag caggagccag     48060
     aaagccaggg gagggcgtgg gaggaacaga ctgtgtgaat gtggggcagg taaggttgga     48120
     tgggtcaggg tggcagtgat gaagaacgct ggacctgtct ttttgcttct gccccaactt     48180
     agtgctggga caccaggaaa accacttttc caccattcag caagctttct cctagttggg     48240
     agtgagcctc aattggggcc ttgggaacca atgggatgca gcaaagatca cccttgtatg     48300
     gtgttactgc ttcttattat tattttgtgt gagtagtgat gaagcaagcc tagggccttg     48360
     aactggacaa gtgaacacta atatttatca gtaccttcct ctcccctttc acactttcat     48420
     aaattaattt atttattact attacagtgt gtgtatgcgc gcgcgcgcgt gtgtatccac     48480
     agcgtgcacg caaaggtcag aaaaaaacct agagaatcag ttctcctacc atggcatcca     48540
     gagattgaac tcaggttgtc acgttgtgtt gtgagtgctc tgagcctgcc tttttgcctt     48600
     tttattattt taatgttact ttgcattaat gacaagtgaa gagggaaaaa atcttttgta     48660
     aataaatttt cccaaattta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagatcatg gagagttgtg     48720
     catgctttta atcccagcac ttgggaggca aaagcagatc tctacaagtt caggtccagc     48780
     ctggtctaca tagcgagtcc caggccagcc agagatacat agtgagaatc tgtctcaaaa     48840
     aacaaaacaa agaatcaatg tagaaaaacc tatgcatagg tagctcagaa acaagggaag     48900
     ctctgaagat ggtcctaggg atgaaaagaa actctcagcc agtgctcgga gtacagggaa     48960
     gggaaagaga agaaaacaga tgcctatctg gggcccagtg ggctgaagga cctaccaagg     49020
     agaagccatt tcatcttcac ttctatggag aagtcctaga gtgtgttatg tgagtctagt     49080
     ttctgatgcc aatatcatga tattatagac tggtggcagt ataaataagt tagtttagct     49140
     cataattcta gaggtcaaag gtcagtaggc tccagttaca gccttttgca ggcagaaggc     49200
     ccagagaaac acaagataat cacatgaatc acaaagaaca ggaaagtggg tctatcagtg     49260
     ttcatctctt ctagtctttt cttattaaat accccacttc ttatgactac cccagggttc     49320
     agtcacggga gttccaactt acctaaccct aaatacctcc caaaggcacc ccttctaaac     49380
     aaccattaga ataagtttcc actagcttaa tacctcggaa tagggaccga atattagcct     49440
     gtgaagcctt ggggggcatg tgacaactgt atgcaaacca tagtagatgg agtctccaga     49500
     tcccggagcc ctactgagca aggtactgtc ttcagcatag gcagatgtgg actcatgtct     49560
     gttctctgac tgtcacctac tttctgggag acctattcac ataactcaga cccatttgaa     49620
     acctgccttg aagcgctgca agtcaatgaa cagcgcccct caacagactg cagtcacctc     49680
     acacacccag cttttccttt taactcattg ttagagaaca gcatcctgcc tctgtcctga     49740
     ccctaattaa aggaagcata aagcatgtga attctcttta tgttactgct taaccatgaa     49800
     gaggagcaac attgacctgg aaagactccg tggttctgaa aagcagaata gatgtgtcac     49860
     agtaaagtga aggaaactgg agttggtata tgaaagattg taaccatggg gcagcgacag     49920
     aaattcagtt tcctcctgac tagcaggaca gcatcaggaa tcgataccca ttggatacac     49980
     ttcatatgaa aaccagtggg aaatggcaag tgaaggattc tttcttattt tatgggtatg     50040
     aatgttttgc ctgcatgtat ctttgcatac tgtgggtatg tctagtactt gaagaggtca     50100
     gaaaagggca atggatttct cggaactgaa gttagcggta tttgcaagct gccatgtgag     50160
     tgctgggaat tgaacctagg tcctctgtta acaacagcca gtggtcttta ctcctgaccc     50220
     tctctccagc cccaagtaaa atgttcttag gagaaaactt tcaagaaaaa taaagacttg     50280
     ctcagagggg aggccatgac tacaggaggg cagagtctca acagcctccc ttgttgcatg     50340
     tcccacctct acatttccag aaagaaccta gaactcagag agagatgtcc aggctttaac     50400
     agagatgtca gagatagtct tccattagac agtatgaccc cagaaccact acatgccata     50460
     gcccctcctc agaccagtgg acaagttcac ggtacccacc cagaagagct atgaagtgag     50520
     taggcattcc aagtttccgt ggctcacagg ctaattcaca atagcttttt cagggggcaa     50580
     tgtagccatg cctgtatgaa atgactccat gtactggcta gttttgtgtc aacttgacac     50640
     aggctggagt tgtcacagag aaaggagctt cagttgggaa aatgcttcta tgagatccag     50700
     ctgtaaggca ttttctcaat tagtgatcaa ggagggagat ccccttgtgg gtggtgccat     50760
     ctctgggctg gtagtcttgg ttctataaga gagcagggtg agcaagccag gggaagcaag     50820
     ccagtaaaga acatccctcc atggcttctg catcagcttc tgctttctga cttgcttgag     50880
     ttccaatcct gacttccttg gtgatgaaca gcagtatgga agtgtaagct gaataaaccc     50940
     tttcctcccc aacttgcttc ttggtcatga tgtttgtgca ggaatagaaa ccgtgactaa     51000
     gacactccag agtctcacac agaatctaaa taagagaaat gttaaaagga acaaaggcat     51060
     gttacttcag gacccaaagc cactggccag gagaaggaga atgtctgtat gcctgaatat     51120
     ctagtctgtg ggttgccatg catgtggtgg atcaaaacat gctgccaaga cacacatggg     51180
     ctgtaaaagg aagcctacat tggcccccac ttatataaaa gaaactgcaa gggaaacaac     51240
     tgcttggtaa gaagctccca ggcattacct cctggagtac agtgaaggtg gtaatgggct     51300
     tactcatgaa gaacagaggc tcctatattg cctactatct taaaaacaag aatgggtcta     51360
     tgtcatatga cacttgtgtg ttacacaaat tgaatgaagg acaaagtgct ttggggtatc     51420
     cagctggcat aaaaggagag acagagcccc tgtgtagaaa aataccatgg gaaggcctcc     51480
     ccaagccatc taagacatat cacattcctt cttcttgtca acccaacagg aaggttgata     51540
     tgcacacctc cccccaaagc agccttacag gccctataac agagctgatg cttataccca     51600
     acagactaat ccctctccac tgcagcctct gtcctttgcc ttgaaagagg tctgagccgg     51660
     ggatcatatc atagccagta cccaaggctg tcaagattta aaggagactc ctaggaatat     51720
     tctcttacac aagaacctca atcggtgatt tcagtaaaaa aaaaaaaaca aaaaacaaaa     51780
     aaacaaaaaa ctgaagggcg tccttttctg cctccaaact catccctctc tggtcaaccc     51840
     ctgcttatcc ttcaaaacca ggtccaggca gctcaggaac gttctctcca cacagagcct     51900
     cccatcggct tcgtctccct cccatcacac cctgagactc agcatggata catgaaatat     51960
     gtgcttctgc atatctatca gcgcaaactc ctaaactcag ccccaagcga ggtactcagg     52020
     gccctggggc aaaagcttat tcctcattct gttctccagg gtcgaacctg cctggctggg     52080
     tatccagagc agggagctgc cccactagga gggatgagat cactgaaagt caagactgaa     52140
     gtcaagacaa tgctaccact gtaatgaagt gctgtaattt ctgctatgcc acatagccac     52200
     aagtagtctc atggactctt ggttctgcct tgactctaac ctacagcacc agctgactag     52260
     cgtcgacttc aaggaaagtc tttcttgtca ccatacagta ccatcacagg aaatacagaa     52320
     tgctgcaaaa caaagtattt tacccatggt ttctatgctc tgccctcttc tagaaacaca     52380
     tcctttattt tggttctacg gtaggcactt cataaaatac ctctaaagat atgtaaacag     52440
     ccttcatact cattaacatg actactatca acaaaatcag aaaaacagtg tcagggaagg     52500
     tatggagaaa tatgacacct ggtgcacttt tggtacaaat ggaaaatgga atggctgctt     52560
     tggaaaacag tataggtgcc ccaagaaact caaagttggc tggcaagctg ggtgtagtgg     52620
     cgcatgcctt taatcctagc acaggggagc aggagcagcc tggtctaaag agctagttcc     52680
     aggccagcca gggttatgta gagagaccct gtctcaaata caaaacaaaa caaaacagac     52740
     aaacaaatgg caaaacaaat gacaaattgg ttggttaggg cttactgtat aaaatagctt     52800
     gtgatgttca atatctgaaa agttcattct actttaaatc cacagatctt aagtgtaagt     52860
     aagtgcctgg tggaacctgc atgagaacac agttaagatg gaagggagga gagtctgcag     52920
     aacttctcag agggaactat gtcaggggct actgcaggtg tgaaattctc agttctcacc     52980
     ggacacctca ctcaaagcct gtgctgaggg taggaaagaa actgttcttc accacacgac     53040
     agggaaggcc catgctctta catgctgact tgaaacccaa gagcatcaat gctaagatgt     53100
     tccgttacct tttgtaatta gcaatagcat taatattttt catgatattt ggtcttaacc     53160
     tcatgtactt aaaaatgagt tccattgagt tctttcctgc ccttttttag agactgttgt     53220
     ctcttgtgta tgtgttaccg taagatacag aaatatttac catctcatga taatatgggt     53280
     accttctccc atggtggctc acaaccacat ggttgctcac aaccatctgt aatgggatct     53340
     aatgccctct tctggtgtgc atgagaacag agcactcaca gtacccctat tcacaagggt     53400
     attattcaaa atagtcaaaa ggcagaatta gcctaagtgt ccactagcaa acaaatgtat     53460
     tacaggacac agtctggcca taagatgaaa tattattcag catttaaaaa gaagaaaagt     53520
     gggtttagtg gcacacaatt ttagttcctg cactcagaag cagaggcagg aggatcttgt     53580
     gagtttgagg ccagtctggt ctacaaagag gtccaggcta gtcaaggata catagtgaca     53640
     ccctgtcttg aaaaattctg acatgctctc taccaaggat gagccttgga gatagaacaa     53700
     gtgagtcaag ccaggtttca aaagatacat acaatatagt ttcatttata cgaggctctt     53760
     gagcagtcag attcatagat agaatatagg atggtagttg cttgggaaca tgagggagtg     53820
     tagagttagt gtttaatggg cacacaattt tgtggggaaa ggtttttttt tgttgttgtt     53880
     gttgttttgt ttcgttttgg ttttgttttt ttgagaaagg gtttctctgt ctagccctga     53940
     ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc     54000
     tgcctcccaa gtactgggat taaaggcatg agccaccaca cccggcttgt ggggaaagat     54060
     tttaaaaagc ttctggaaat gatggttgtg gccgctgcac aaggacatta aatgtgaatg     54120
     tactttgaat gtatgtacca ttgaattcta tacttaacat gtggtggtgg tgacaaatat     54180
     tgtattattt gcatgtatac tttgccaaaa taaaaccaca agtctaaaga gttgctctgt     54240
     gcactggcat gagactcagt aaaacacagt tgatttttag tgatctttct aaaaggtgct     54300
     ggagatggtc tcccttgaca ctttctcagc cgtgagggaa cagaggacca caattcccaa     54360
     aaagcaactg actacttctt tgggaaggga gttcttgctt cacctgggtc ctgacccaag     54420
     ataaaacctg tgctaggtag tatgcatata gatgggcaaa ccagtccaca ccggatctcg     54480
     atgtccttcc ccagatacaa ctcctcagga agccagggga gggagatgac acccccagca     54540
     ggctgtgctg tgggccacac tgggcttcaa tcctgctggg gtttttgatt ctgagaaagt     54600
     catgaaagag gtaaaattac acagcccact tttaggacca tgtccttaaa actcccagag     54660
     agaaagctgc aaaacaagaa atagtcttgg ttccaaacac ataagctgtg tgccggagcc     54720
     taaagcccac tgagcagtgc agtgagagcc agcttcctcc aatacccaga gggataaaca     54780
     tgattcgtcc cttcctccca ccagtacact gtcagggtac atccctattc ctcctctctg     54840
     acatattttc cacatagaaa acaggaagct tgtatgtata ctgacaccta gagaggccac     54900
     tcaacccaat accagaacca aaggctaata atgaccacac ttaaatagtc aaatatctat     54960
     caaatacata tgaaatgcca taccactgca gattaggaat tgttgtcagc ataaggtcct     55020
     aaagtagacc aggaagggat tatggatcta aaacacaagc aagtgagacc actgcacagg     55080
     agccataaca cgctacacac agccagggag agcacaagaa cagcacagcg catgcacagc     55140
     gcctgcaagg aagagacagg caggagccca gccagggagg gcctcctaca ccagcagcat     55200
     ttataagccg ttcaggagag ggagaatccc aggaagttcc caacaggttt gtcccacata     55260
     tggggcatac aatatagaaa gggaaggaga acagggaaag aggccagcta agagcaactg     55320
     gtcaggcaga ccagggctag accaagtcag cgaaggcaaa aaccagggtg aaaccaatgt     55380
     tatggactct gaagacaaac aaacataaga cgcaaccacc agcagtgaag cccacagaca     55440
     cactgagcct gagttcagca aggctctcca cctcctcgat tcccttctga cactgctcac     55500
     ctgtggagcc gtctgtccta tgtacatagg aaactgagag gagtgcgtcc caaggacacc     55560
     attttagaaa catgccattg caagtgacat tttcgggtgt cagagttagt cttctctgct     55620
     ggcagactga atgtgcccag ctgacaagag agactgtgac accaacaatt atagaaacaa     55680
     attcaaccta gaatctggaa accaaactgt tgtttccatc tcgtccagca cattcagcag     55740
     acaatatggt gggcccctgg cagagggccc tcacttctca accctagcag ctcagggaga     55800
     ctggaaggaa gccaaacttc atgacctttc agagtagcaa gtggtgaaaa taccatacag     55860
     gtatagggtt tctcagggca aaaagacagc acaaaagagc acacgtcatg tgactccact     55920
     cagctgcacc tcacctccag agacagacaa gatcagcggc tgcctctgca ggtgtgctga     55980
     caggaagcct gccctgaaca gcatcaaaac aaaacccaac cagccttgtg tgaggttgac     56040
     tgtccacatc ttggcagggt gcagactaca aacatacaca tttgtcaaga atgcatcaac     56100
     taagatttgt acattgtatt tcctatagga aaaacataag gccccatctc aaaaaaccaa     56160
     aaaggaaaac catatctcaa tgaaaacatc agaaagcaaa tatacaatat ttgttataca     56220
     tataacatat acaaataaat ttactataat cataactgta agtaaatgta tgaagtatat     56280
     gtataaatgt ataaatatat acacacatat aaattggatt cttaagacta cccctatgga     56340
     ggggtaaaag tttcgagaca aactgaaagt cacctttttt ttgctgtttg tttgtttggt     56400
     ttggtttagt ttggtttggt ttggtttttt tttagttttt cgagacaggg tttctctgtg     56460
     tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc     56520
     gcctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgagatt aaaggcgtgc gccaccaccg cctggcactg     56580
     aaagtcatct tttgtcttat aaaatttatc cttacattgc aggactggga atgaacctga     56640
     agaacctgta attcaaatac ataaacaagt aggacacgac ctactcaaca tcacacagaa     56700
     aagcagtttc agagtgctga ccaatctcgg atgtcctagg tcctcatttg agacgtattt     56760
     ctctgtttca aatgagtacc aggggctgga ggaatggcct agtggttaag agcactgact     56820
     gctctcccag aggtctgagt tcaattccca gcaaccacat ggtagctcac aaccttctgt     56880
     aatggaatct gatgctctct tctggtgtgt ctgaagatag tgacaacgta cacacataca     56940
     tgaaatacat aaataaatct caaaaagaga gagagagaaa gagagagaac tggagagatg     57000
     gctcagtgct taagggcacc aagtgctctt ccgaaggtcc tgagttcaaa tcccagcaac     57060
     cacatggtgg ctcacaacta tctgtaatgg gatctgatgc catcttctgg tgtgtctgaa     57120
     gacaactaca gtgtacttac atataataaa taaataaatc tttaaaaaag aaaaagaagg     57180
     aaggaaggaa gaaatgaatg ccagaaaaag ccaagaaaac agaagctaaa ggtagtttta     57240
     gggaccagtt tcatttaagc atcaaacccg gagttaagcc aaactgttct tcctaccaag     57300
     caatctgaat caggagatta actttcaaac aataaaagta tttacctccg tgagtgagtc     57360
     aagagccctt ctactaaatg gcatctggac actgcctcat tgagcctctc taccataaca     57420
     agtagccaaa agaaatgact gacaagaaac tgtgggtaaa tagaaagccc cgtgggtggg     57480
     tgtcatgaaa ctgactcagt gtgggacttg ggaaagctcc caccaaggca ggagaagcac     57540
     atgttgcctt tgttcagatt cctggcacaa actggagtgg cttcttttgc tttgcatttt     57600
     ctttgtggga gggagttttg ttttgttttc tgagacaggg tctttctgtg tagccccagt     57660
     tgtctggaac tcactaggta gaccaggcta gcccctgaac tcagaaatct gactgcctcg     57720
     acttccaagt gctggaatta aaagcatgtg ccaccatgtc cagcctggat gagattacag     57780
     gcagtggggg accctgagat agcttcagca ggagagctaa ttgccacaaa aaccaaggca     57840
     ggttcaaaag gttggaactt tcagtccata acaaccccac cccatggaag ggtgtggctc     57900
     tgaagctgag caagccaggg acaatgatgt gtaaccaacc atggctaccc tgctgatgcc     57960
     tccatagacc ctgacggatg ggctgtaaga gcccagactg gagcatgtag acatacaggg     58020
     agatgtggac acagaggcct cgggctcatc ctccttttcc tgtccacgca ctgtttcact     58080
     tggctgttcg tgggctgaat cctttgcatc agggtgagca gagagcaagc tgaggtctat     58140
     aagctgctgt ggctatcaag caggaagaag gtgtcataag agttcccacc tcagaactgg     58200
     ctactcagaa gcacaggggc agtgaccaag gctcattgat gcacgaagaa ggatagttgt     58260
     ataggagtca acccctaccc aacggggtct gcacccactc caagcggtgg tagaactgag     58320
     cagagtcata ggactcccgg ttggtatcag gggtagtttt cacattttgg tgtcagaagt     58380
     gtttgtgagg gtaaaaacag catagaccta ccctctctgg gtctgtttcc cctatataaa     58440
     tgagagagac cacaggaagc cggggctcct ttatctggaa ccctatgatt gtttgagttg     58500
     ctggtctagg aatttccaaa gttggggctg gaggggtggt tcagtggtta tgatcacttg     58560
     ctctcaaagg acacacacgg tagctcaacc acctgtaact ccaggtccag gggattgatg     58620
     cccttctctg acctcagcag gctcctggta tgcctgtggt gcatacacac acatgcaagc     58680
     aaaacactca tacacatgaa gtaggaagtg gagaagagga agaagaggag gaagagggag     58740
     aagaggagga ggaggagagg tggaagagga atcatttcgg aagttaacct aagaatctga     58800
     ttctctctct ggaaggcact agcaaattca gctttcaaat tccccagcaa tacaatgtcc     58860
     caggccacat ttcctttctt tgactagcca tctgccagaa ctctatgatt tatctcagga     58920
     gtagcagcaa aagaaaaggg agggggggct ggtgcttaat agtattccta ctcgggtccc     58980
     tgttctcgtc accagctttc aaagattcac agcccaattt tctgagatga aatctgtctc     59040
     tgaagttgat tgtggtgact cacatttata ggcaaagaga ttattgcatt agttgaaggc     59100
     cagcctgggc tacagtgtgt tccagactag tttgggatat aatgagttgt tctcaattgc     59160
     actgatttaa aatataaaac cccacagata attgttggca tgcctcccag actaccaaga     59220
     cagcactaat ggttaaagca gcaactggca gccgggcgtg gtggctcatg ccttttaatc     59280
     ccagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggagaat ctctgaggta gaggccagtc tggtctacaa     59340
     agtgagttcc aggacagcct gggctacaca gagaacccct gagaaaccag aaaacaacaa     59400
     taaccagcag ctggcatctc ctctccatcc acccacaacc atagttcttc aacaaaatca     59460
     gagagtggag tccgtggctt gtcctgctgg aaagtctcag ggctgctgaa ggaagcacac     59520
     tctcgagtca atcctcagaa cacacgtggg cggaggactc ttgctctcac aatcctacca     59580
     ggaagaactg ggtgaaccag tactgatgtg aggactaatc tgggttaaga caactattcc     59640
     tagattccag ccactgaagt aattcagaca tccattcgct cagtcataca aataatcact     59700
     aagccattct gtttaggagc caagtgtagt gaaaagttcg gtttctttaa aaacccactt     59760
     atgctatgtg aatatgtttt tgttttaatc tcaggtgtgg aatatggggc tgcttcagat     59820
     tgtccacagt ggataactat gattatcctg tgctgtgtgt gtatgtgtgc gtgtgcgtgt     59880
     gcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gatttttgcc aggtgcagaa agtttacctc taggactctt     59940
     gaagagagta taaataggag agcccagagg gccaggggca gcagctgctc cccctgctgc     60000
     cagttcctgc tattgcactt gtcattgctg gattgctggg ttctggattg ctgggttgct     60060
     gggttgctgg ttggagatac aacaaagatg ttggatttgc cccagagaac tcaacacccc     60120
     aggtcagcag gaagtagtct aaagaggtct atgccccttt tccccgctaa ccttttttct     60180
     ctccagccta gtactaggag attagaaggg attagggtgg aacacagata gaaaggtggc     60240
     agatacaaga gcccaataaa gtagcacaaa aaaagtgcct acagtcaagc gggagaagtc     60300
     cccactctgg cacttataaa ccatgagcct tgaggatggt ccttcagttc tatgcatctc     60360
     agcccaattt tctgagatga aatccgtctc tgaagctaga tgtggtggct cacatttata     60420
     atctcagcat caggagtttt aggcaaagag gttattgcat tggttgaagg ccagcctggg     60480
     ctacagtgag ttccagacta gtttcagata gagtgagttt tttttttaaa gatttattta     60540
     ttattataaa taagtataca ctgttgctgc cttctgacac accagaagag ggcatcaggt     60600
     cttatttcag gtggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc aggaccttca     60660
     gaggagcagt cagcactctt aattgctgag ccatcttgcc agcccgagtg agttgttctt     60720
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttct tttttttggt tttttgagac aggatttctc     60780
     tttatagccc tggctgttct ggaactcact ttgtagacca ggctggcctt gaactcagaa     60840
     atccgcctgc ctctgcctcc cgaatgctgg gattaaaagc atgcgccacc acgcccggcg     60900
     agtgagttgt tcttgattgc acttaattta aaaaataaaa ccccaaagag aatttttgac     60960
     atgcctccca gactaccaag acagcactaa tggttaaagc agccgctggc agccgggtgt     61020
     ggtggctcat gcctacttta gaggtagagc cagtaaaata tgagtcatgc cagggacagt     61080
     gatgtgcact gtagtctctg ctgcgtaggt ggctgggctg acaggatcac ttgatccccg     61140
     gggttgaagg tcactctgag taacatatca agtccatgtc tctataagac aaacaaagcc     61200
     gggcgtggta gtgcacgcct ttcattccag ctcttgggag gcaaaggcag gtggatttct     61260
     gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctagagagtg agttccagga cagcctgggc tatacagaga     61320
     aaccctgtct ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac aaaccaaacc aaacaaaaag acaaacaaac     61380
     aatatcatgt atatgaatga cattacctac ctggaatttt gtgagaatta aagaaaatta     61440
     agtttgtaag atatttagcc aagaagagct agggacatag ctcagtggtt cagtgcctag     61500
     catgtgcaag gccctggatt tgaactccag catcataaaa ccaaacaaac aaactaacaa     61560
     aaaaaaccaa ggtacttctc tggggaccac agggtacgag gggtggaaaa gttaaaccca     61620
     gaagtagagc aggggatgcg gaaccggaag gcatagcaga gtcagccgac tagatacgag     61680
     tcaaaggcca caggaaaacc cactaattaa aaaataaatt gtgaagcctg gtgtggcagt     61740
     gcatttataa gcccagcact gggagacaga gacaggcaag ttttggagga tcacccagca     61800
     agtgtagcca aaatggagaa taccaagttc agtgaaattc tgtctccaaa aaaagaaagt     61860
     agatgggcta gcaagatggc tcagcagggg agggcattcg ctgctaccaa gccggatgac     61920
     ctgagttgaa tccccaggac ccacctgcag aataacagga ccaactccca cagtctatct     61980
     ttttgtttgt ttgttttctg tttttgtttt tgtttttgtt tttttggttt ttcgagacag     62040
     ggtttctctg tatagctctg gctgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggccttaa     62100
     actcagaaat ccacctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gcaccaccac     62160
     cgccaggctt cacaatttat cttttaactt tcccatgtgc acaatggtgc atgcactcat     62220
     acacttccac acacaataaa taaataaatg taataataaa ataaggtaga aagtggtaga     62280
     gaaaaacacc agatgttgac tcctggccac cacatgtaca agtgtgggca aacatccccc     62340
     ctacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacagtcct cagtgggata     62400
     tctgtatctc cctttccaag tctcagagaa caccaaggaa aaagtactgt ctactattgt     62460
     cttctaggtg tgacatgcta ttgcactttt aaaatatttt atatttcatg agtgtgtgtg     62520
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgctgttc ctgaacatgc atacaattgc catggcatgt     62580
     atgtggagat taaaggacag ttgtggtggt tagttctgta tttccatcca gtgagtcctg     62640
     gggattgaac ttaggttctc agatttgatg gcaattgcct tcaccttctc ttaaactcac     62700
     agaggttgtg atcacaggca aatgattggg cccagcacca ttgtgccatg aagatggagg     62760
     gcctcaggag gccttgccca tccctgagag ctcactaaca gttaacagct gttatgggga     62820
     gaagttcacc agggtccatt cctctttgag tatttatagg caggaaatgg ttgctggagg     62880
     agggagagac tgttttagtg gtgcccacac aagtaagtta cttgcgcttt tgtaagtaat     62940
     tctaattaaa ctcactggct cacagaaaca aaaaacccag aaaagtaaga ggagggccta     63000
     actggagaga gcaaggcaag gagcaggaag aaaatgagag gaaaatggag gctgatacac     63060
     tcaaatacag cacatgctat aaggggagcc tgatgatatg tatggccaat acatgctaag     63120
     agaaaacttt ttttgacagg ctgggcatgg tagctcacac ctgtaatccc agcacttgga     63180
     aaacagatgt gggtaggtct ctctgagttt caggccagcc tgttctacac aattctagac     63240
     tagccagggc tatacaatga gaccttgtcc agccccacaa agggaaaaaa ggtatttcac     63300
     cacccagcat atggagagga gccaggctag ctagtcctca taaccccaag tgttttatcc     63360
     ttaggctcca ctaaggaaga aataaaagca tggcaccaaa ggcaaaagca gcaaaagaca     63420
     ggctggacta aaaactgctc actgaaggac aggagcaaca aattaaaaag tgtcctacag     63480
     agagtggtgg acatctgctg tgggctgata ccaagactac acaggaaatt cctaaaactg     63540
     aacaaaatta acatctcaaa acctaggtaa agaacttgag cagatctttc tccaagaaga     63600
     tagtcaataa caacatggaa agatgttcaa catcatgaat cattagggaa atacaaatca     63660
     aaaccacaat taagggcttg cacttaggag atcttacctt caacaatgca cagcaccgta     63720
     agaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaaaacaa aaaaataaaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa     63780
     gattaggaga gagcatacct cgcccagtgc atggacatta caaaggaaag cagcagatct     63840
     gagaacaatt gttaataaag atgggggatg aagtttgcat gctactgagg ggaggtaaag     63900
     tgctgtacct gggagaccag caaggtggat cctcaaaaat ctacaagtgg ggctgaggta     63960
     gagctcagta gtaaagcact cacctggcac atgtgaagtc cctaggccaa tgcccccagg     64020
     gccaccaaaa cttaaaaatg aattaccata ttacctacca atttcacttc tgggtatata     64080
     tctaaacaca tgtaaaacaa agacaaacag atatttgcac acgtatgttc atagtagcat     64140
     tactaacagc agcaagaagc agaaggaact taaatgtcca tcagtgggtg cacacaatgg     64200
     aatgtgacaa agcctttaaa aggaaagaca aactgacatg ctctaataca tgaactttta     64260
     agaaattgtg ctatgtgaaa cagacatgaa aggacagatc ctggatggtt cttcatacga     64320
     aagtcctaga gagttatgtt cacggtatct gaagcacaat ggcggttacc aggggatagg     64380
     gtgtgggccc aggggatggc ctttctggtt tgtgaaataa aattgtcagt gatggatggt     64440
     ggtgatgctc cgcacaaaaa tgagcacaag tactactgta ctatgtgttt aaaatggtta     64500
     aatgggggct aagggacagc tcagtcatgt aaggacctaa gcctgatccc caaaatgaaa     64560
     agttcactag gaacagcctt taaccctagc actcaggagg cagaggctga cagatctcta     64620
     agtcccaagt cagccttgtc tatatagtaa gactctgtct aaaataaaat aaaataaaat     64680
     agctctctgc tcccccatac tctagagaca gtcacatctt cttgtgcagt gtcagcccca     64740
     tcgctcagac atgatggtga aggtcagagt gaacatattt ggccatactg ggtgcctggt     64800
     taccagggcc accatctgct ctgcagttgg taaagtggag attgttgcca tcaacgaccc     64860
     cttcattgac ctcaactaca tggtccacat ggtccagtat gactccaccc acggcaaatt     64920
     caacagcaca gtcaagggaa tgagaagctt atcatcaaca gaaggccatc accatcttcc     64980
     gtacctgcta acatcaaatg gggtaatgct ggtgctgagt atgccacgga atctactggt     65040
     gtcttcacta ccatggagaa ggctggagca cacttgaagg gtagggccaa aagaattatc     65100
     atctccattc tttctgctga tacccctatg tttatgatgg gtatgaccca tgagaagtac     65160
     gacaactcgc tcaagattgt cagcaatgct tcctgcacca ccaactagct aaggtcatcc     65220
     atgacaagtc tggtactatg gaagggctca tgtccacagt ccatgccatc gctgccactc     65280
     agaagactgt gcatggcccc tctggaaagc tgtggtgtga tagccgtggg gctgcccaga     65340
     acatcatccc tgcatccact ggtgctgcca tcccagagct gaatgggaag ctcactggca     65400
     tggctttccg tgttcctact cccagtgtgt ctaccatgga tctgacatgc tgcctggaga     65460
     aacctgccaa gtatgatgac atcaagaagg tggtgaagca ggcatctgag agccctctaa     65520
     agggtatcct gggctacact gaggaccagg ttgtcccctg caacttcaac agtgatgcct     65580
     attcttccac atttgatgtt ggggctggca ttgctctcaa tgacaactct gtaaagctca     65640
     tttcctggtt agacagtgac tacagttaca gctaaagggt ggtggacctt ggcctacatg     65700
     gcttccaagg agtaagaagc cctggaccac ccaccccagc aaggacatga gagcgataga     65760
     gaggtccctg tccctgtccc aactcagctc ccgacactaa gcatctccat cccagatctc     65820
     cacaataaca agaaaggcct aggaagtcct actctcttga ataccatcaa taaatttagt     65880
     ttgctatgta cacacacaca cacacataca cacacacaca aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac     65940
     aacaacaaca acaaaaaaca cgaaaatgag cactggggaa gcaaagacag aaggatgcca     66000
     caaacaggag gaggcattca gagggcagct taaagaaagg tggtagcagg cttgatgttc     66060
     agatggagaa aatcaaagag aatcttttgt caagagaaag gaacactaca tagaggcaaa     66120
     gtctgaaact agcttatata accctctttt ctaaacatag taagggccag agagatggct     66180
     cagtagtggg taaaggcact cacacacagg cctaatgacc tgagttcaag tcctggatct     66240
     cacaagatga caggagagca ctgactccca ggcagtgtcc tctgacctct acctgagcac     66300
     tgtggtactg agcacagcca cactcgtaca cacacacaca taactgagca cagccacact     66360
     catacacact catacataag ataactgagc actgccacac tcgtacatac acataagtga     66420
     aaagagttaa gcccagctgg ggagctacag aggaggctca gcagttaagg tcatttacta     66480
     ggattccagg cgacctgtgt ttggttccca gcaccctcac agcagctcac aaccatgtat     66540
     aactccaggt ccaggggatc tgattaccct ttctagcctt cctagacact gcatgcaagt     66600
     gatgcacaga tatatataca ggcaacaagt gcacacttgc gggcgggcgg gcgcgcacgc     66660
     acgcacgcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacaaat aataaaattt taaaaaggaa     66720
     aaccaagctg gcccagccca caaaacttga atgttatatc cttccagact tctgggtcag     66780
     tcaaaacatt ctggctgctt tatctctagg ccaagagcaa catccctatt gtgattctcc     66840
     tcaaagcaca gtgtttatca ccccctccct ctgagaatct caaatctaag tcagaaaata     66900
     tgtaactaag aggtatacag gaacatgcta gagggtagag gatattgctt tccatgaaat     66960
     aaaacataca taaaaacaag aaaaatctga aggaacttgt aaggaagttt atgatgagaa     67020
     ttttattctc ctttgaattt ttctgttttt cttgttttct ttgtgatttt ttttttttta     67080
     tatgagaatg tgaactattc caaatagtgc ccaggtcgtg gcactcccag aggccctgca     67140
     cttgcagatg ttaagcaatg gaagagaaaa aacagctgag cctcctgtgt ccttctagtc     67200
     tggtgtttta taacctatcc aggcaatgaa ggataaatct tctcagaact ccagactttg     67260
     tcccagtaca cctgtggctt gtccctttca tctttgatgg aggttcatag gaagtgtccc     67320
     tacccctgac cttggagcaa gtgtcactgt ctgtagctaa tttcctagta ggacctacct     67380
     ttttcattct gcacaggtgg ggctttgatg ctgagaggaa atcatctttc tgtaacttcc     67440
     ctgggcatcc cagtgcaact cccaaagcag ggtgctgggt ttagactcta accccctcac     67500
     tactatgacc ccaagtaggt taacacatct ttgtgctgcc ttgatggctc ccatctgcaa     67560
     accagagatg ataacttatc tctttacacc agcgctgtga aaactaaatg atcttactct     67620
     taaatacttt ctcttttctt ctcttttctt tttttctgtt gtttgtttct ttttgttttg     67680
     ttttttgttt tccgagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg tccgtcctgg aactcactct     67740
     gtagaccagg ctggcctcaa actcagaaat ccgtctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga     67800
     ttaaaggcgt gagccaccac gcctggcttt aaatactttc ttattaatac ttcttcctct     67860
     cctttattat gttatttaat taacctgtcc agtcttaccc aattactttc tgtcttatat     67920
     gatctaggga tctgtccaag ttctttgttt gactgtacaa tctggtaaat gcttagctag     67980
     acatgtacag gtggacaaga taaagccact aaatgtccga ggaaatgaat tggaaataat     68040
     cccccttaag agatagtccc tcaaagtcca tatgtagtgt ttgaagaaag ataaagaaaa     68100
     gatgcaaagc agtgaaccac tctgtctaca gcactgtttc tcagagtgtg tcattcagag     68160
     agcagcacgg ggttagggag gtaattagaa attcaaaatt ctagagcctg ccttggaaac     68220
     tctgagtggg gccttggcag gtcttccggg ttctgatgat gacaaatcat gcattctgag     68280
     tccaggaagt gacatatggg ccaatgccaa gtgggcactg accaggagcg aattccaagc     68340
     ttcactctgt cactggcctg cacaagtctc ttagcttccc agagccggat ttctttaatt     68400
     cagcagaaat tataagtctc aaataattca gtgttctgag gattcagtaa tgttctgtgc     68460
     acagagtctg catgctgttg ttgcttagta attttaagtt ccaaagtgag acactgtaag     68520
     ttccttttag tctctttgta tgtatcttac atagttgtac taaaagagaa aatgacaagg     68580
     ctaaagggct ttctacaact gacaactgtt acagcactca gagggacaac taattactct     68640
     taatataaac atccaggctt gagttcttcc tttctcattc acaggacact ggaaagtact     68700
     tcatgtccaa cactacaaac actgtgcctg gttagctgcc tcctgtctgt ggctcaaata     68760
     ctttgaagaa aagagataat cattgaattg aaatgaatct ctgaaaacat gtctagccaa     68820
     tgcaagggaa atggcatgca tctgcagaac acgagggacc tgacttgggg acctcccgat     68880
     acgtggcatt caacttcatc caacactgag tatagaaggt tgctattaaa cagtcatact     68940
     tgaatttgtt taatattttt tctaccacac ttcttagccc caaactacac agtctggtca     69000
     tgagcaattt ccagaaaaaa gaactgaatc tatatgtgaa atgcccagat agctaggtca     69060
     gactgtgttc ctggctgcca atactacatg agcagactac gtactgaacc aaacaacacc     69120
     acacaagaag tctacaataa tttctccacc agccactcca gcccaagaca tgtttagtaa     69180
     ggacgttttc tctcctaaag gctccttgac agtagctttt aaatatctga atacccacac     69240
     ttggctagca ctcataaggc cctgggtcca aggagaaccc cacaaatatc tgtattcccg     69300
     aggcctggga ctttacaggt actcagaaat gaccaagata catagtaggt acgaggcatg     69360
     tgcagctaat aagaacttta tgggtgggaa actaaaagtt gaagccaatt agtggaagcc     69420
     atatttagca ttggcttcaa atcctagcac agggggaaaa aaaagtcatc tttgatattg     69480
     cccaccctgc cgggcggtgg tgatacacat ctttaatccc agcacttggg tggcagagac     69540
     aggcggattt ctgagtttga ggccagcctg gtctacaaag taagttccag gacagctagg     69600
     gctatacaga gaaaccctgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaata tatatatata tatattgccc     69660
     gccagagtag ggcttcatct tgtcactgaa ccttacctac cccattcccc acaccaacct     69720
     ctttcctcac cataccctcc tcttggccta cagagtacct cagaggacat gcccgtccct     69780
     tcctttactc tcttctgaca tctaagcacc tacatcttgt caccagtcca ggcagctctg     69840
     ttttttctcc caaagcccta aatcccaggt ccagagatcc tggctgtctc acctactggt     69900
     gaaactgttg ttctctcttt agaacctcag tttccccatt tctaaaatgg gaaggacaac     69960
     caatcacaaa acagctagat ggagcaaatg atccttagag aactactttt agcaactgtc     70020
     ttaaatacct atttgtattt tatgtgcatg tgtatgagcc tgagtgcatg tatgtgtacc     70080
     acaagcatgt aggagccgat ggagatcttc cagaattagt tataggcaat tgtgaggcaa     70140
     cacgttgcta ctggcagctg atcctgggtc atttgcaaga ccaattggtg ctcttgacct     70200
     cagagctatc tctccagccc tgtagctgct attacatttt ttagagattt atctacttat     70260
     aatttttatg agtatgggtg ttttgcctac acatgtctgt gtatcacatg catacttgtt     70320
     gacagtctac agagccagaa gagtctcaga gttcctgaga ctggagttaa caaatggtcg     70380
     tgagctattg tgtggatact ggaaatcgaa tctgggtctt tgggaagggc agccagggtt     70440
     tttaattgat gaaccatctc ttcagtccct cagccactgt tttacgcatt agccttgtgg     70500
     tcactatttc tctacaccct ttccccattc ccaaaacata ccatttgttg ctgatgatgg     70560
     tttcttggaa tagggtctca tataacccat gacagcctca cattctcaat gtagctgagg     70620
     ctggctttga actcataatc ctgctggttc cacctcctcc tgggattact agtattcacc     70680
     accattctga gcataggtac atacttttta aaaaattaaa gtaccaaaaa tcacctttac     70740
     tctttgccac aatcctacag aacatccact aaaatttcaa cctctcaatt tatcattttt     70800
     atatgctaaa atgaccaagg cccagctgct ggctcgtagc tgcctagcaa catgctccct     70860
     ttatcatctt catgatcaaa tttccttttc ttatttattt tgtgtgtgtt tgcctgtatg     70920
     tgtacatatg caccactcac ataccacaaa ggccaaaaac gggtgtcaaa tcccctgtaa     70980
     caccagttcc ctggttgtga gctgccatgt ggatactggg aactgaactt gtgaactctg     71040
     taagaggaac aagtgctcat aataagaatc acctaggtcg ggctggagag atggctcagt     71100
     ggataagagc accaactgct cttccgaagg tcctgagttc aaatcccagc aatcacatgg     71160
     tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa agggatccga tgctctcttc tgccatgcag gtgtacataa     71220
     ggatagagcc ctcatataca taaaataaat aaataagtat tttttaaaaa cctatccagc     71280
     cctttaagtg tcttttataa gcaatagtgg atgatctaag gcctgggagg gtactttcct     71340
     tcacagatca taaaccagcc agatcacata gccacttctg atagaaaacc cagccctgac     71400
     tgttctgctg taaacagaga acgcaattca cagagtctct acaatgttct agataagaga     71460
     tcaagtgcta gcagacatga acccttcaaa gtaagcactc agtaagacac aggtctctcc     71520
     ccgcccttcc ctccttttgc tcagcagaca gtcactctca ggcttggaat gcctacacaa     71580
     ccttctgagg ttccataatc aaggtcattt gatgcaggtc acatctaaca tgtttactta     71640
     tttccatcca ttcaaatggc cctacatccc ttacttctct ctacattctg cccttcatat     71700
     gcctcagctt ccctccccta ccccccactc cacccctcta gttccctggc ttgagctcaa     71760
     cattgggtgg agaagtgaat ttagactgcg ctgaaagggc acttggagag aagaggaaga     71820
     cagaaaggag agtgggtggg agacacagtc ggggctgcag agaggactcg gtgctgaaca     71880
     gcacttgctg cccaatcgtg agaactgggg tttggatccc agcacccata tcagctggat     71940
     cacaaatgcc tgtaactctg caccatggaa tctgatgccc tcttcttcct ccacgggcac     72000
     cctattcaca ctcacaccga cgcatgcaca cacatacata aataaaataa aatcttttca     72060
     atataagagg ggaggctgga gagataactc agtggtagag agcactggtg ctctcccaaa     72120
     ggatccaggt ctgactctca gcacccacat ggcagctcac agctgtctgt aattccagtt     72180
     ccaggttctg acaccctctt ctggcctctg tgagcacaag gaatcaagtg gtgtatagac     72240
     atacatgaag gcaaaacaaa cacataaaat tgaaatattt atatatatac atgcacatat     72300
     atgtgtttat atgtaaacac ataaaattgc agtatttaca tacacacaca tatacataca     72360
     gagaaaaaga gatacttgag tgaacatcag agaaagaagc gtcatagaag tgggaaaaga     72420
     ctttcaggtc ccagaatcca tgatcactta taaaagacac tttatcaaaa aagaacagaa     72480
     tggcagggtg tggtggcaca cacctttaat cccagcacgt gagaggcaga ggcaagcgaa     72540
     tttctgagtt tgaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac     72600
     cgagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa aacaaaaaca aaaagccaaa agccaaaaac caaaaccaaa     72660
     caaacaaaaa acccaaaagg aacagaatgc tcccaaatgt caatcaacaa cagaaaaagc     72720
     ctccgtaagt ttgtaagctt aacaacagaa aagtaggcta taaattcata tacaaagtag     72780
     aaacaagcaa gtctctactg cttgaactat aagacccata aggatagtac agagcccagt     72840
     tcataaaaga tgatttcaac cagccggcag acccaacttt aattttcaaa aatgttacat     72900
     atgtgggcgt tttgtttgcc tgtctgtgca ccatttacat ggtatgttta ggtatgtata     72960
     taaaagacac cagaagaggg caatcaatcc cctggatgtg aagttacagc cagttgtgag     73020
     ccactatgca gtgccagggc ctgaatctgg attaacagcc aatgtcttta accggtgagc     73080
     cagttctcca gccccaagtt tgtttgtttt taaagctagt cagcactttt gactgatctg     73140
     ttggcataag ctcccacctt ggatgaaagg ccaaattgct ttattattca ttacttgcag     73200
     tgctggatcc tagatcaaat ccaggatttt gtgtgtgcta agttaatgct ctaccactgg     73260
     actattccct ggtctgccag tgttttcttc tgtaaggaaa cttcacagcg gccagtgcca     73320
     ttccttatgc agcatgcggc ccgcctctaa ctccttacac tactgacagc tgctctgatt     73380
     actctactac cactttatgt agtgggagag caagaggcaa tgtaaggaga cgcttaatat     73440
     caacaaggaa gattcagaac tttagaactt gaagagtccc accacatctt atctccaaat     73500
     accccgtgtg gcagacaaga gaacgtcaaa atataaagcg cacaaggtca ggaggagcgt     73560
     ccctggcaaa gtcactactg gagtccaagt ttccgggatc caatggactg cttatcaaca     73620
     aagcagccct gcctcccttc tttcctagga ggcctaggag attctgccgc cacgccatcc     73680
     ccctgccaag ccagtcactt tccccgaggg cctcccccat cccagtccct cctacagcct     73740
     gactgagttg cagctcaaat tagaagtcgt gcagcatggg gcattttctg ggaaagtgcc     73800
     cagcctcaga gccattggta ccaatgagca gggacaagga cggaagaaag agttccattc     73860
     cacaaaggct ccgggagaca gaggccctgg gagcaaaggc agcgagatac ctggggaaga     73920
     gtactcgcag tgacatctcc caatacgcaa gggtaagcag actagcatgg acactacttc     73980
     tggggagaga cttgaaaggc tgggccctga tgggcaggga tgccggggac ctctctaagt     74040
     ccaatcggca cctcggggga gcctccttgt agggtgaggt ggcaccagcg tcaggcagag     74100
     gcctcgtgac aaggatgccc agtccacctt tgagatgaca ccacttattg gcagaggccc     74160
     aacccgcacg tgaggtgatt tcagtgccgg gaggaggccc gcggatctca ccagcccggt     74220
     cagccgctgt ggctcactcg acgcctgccc cacgcgcggc cttaccaaga cactgcccta     74280
     caggggtgct gaacggattc cccagcagga actccatctc ggcgggcctc gttccagccc     74340
     ggactcctgt gtgccacggg tctccgctgc ccgcgccgcg ttctgccctg actgacactt     74400
     gcccccgccc caccctccgg aacgctgagc gcccggcctg acctcgccct ctgggtgcat     74460
     ctctattggg cagcgtctaa ccagcccact tccgattgga cgacactcca ctctcagtga     74520
     agtcccaccc accccgcggc gtccgattgg gcacgaagca agctaagtca ctagggtctc     74580
     cgtcagccta gcggcacaac ccccggaccc gcctccaaac gagtggccgt tcttcttgat     74640
     tcattagcac gttggtcagt ctagagaatc tttactatta ttggataaaa ggtgtgtcaa     74700
     tcgtttacat aggcgggcag aaagaaagcg taactagaag ttgaagctcg ttgactgtgc     74760
     tgattggaga aacgtttgtt ttcttcaagt ctggttggtg ttagaaatat ggccacgtga     74820
     cgaatcaact ttcacccagg atatttatcg cttgacttcc ccttagcaac caagtggcgg     74880
     tgtttggttc cccagcaacc aaacgaagcg tctactgcaa ggggagacag tccttaggaa     74940
     ggtaagaatc aagagtttag ctccagaaga ttagaggttg catgattgag gtctgtcttg     75000
     taactcttct tggaggactc cgacctgacc cgtctcatct gtaaaatgag cacacatgtc     75060
     atttttacac ttgtactgag acttaatcgg gcttttgaaa aagaaaagag cgtataaaat     75120
     cttaaactag caaaagcaag taggaaaagg gtccatcagc cagtttcctg gcctgattcg     75180
     tttcactgaa agagaggtac ccgatacact gataactcat tctagagttt ggctgttata     75240
     tccatcctct tgatctgcaa taaggtattt catttggtgc cgtatgaagt gtttgcgatg     75300
     agaataaaga tatcaaggtt ccatctcagt ctctgtcagt aattcactct atgactttgg     75360
     tcacagaccc cccccccggc cccccacata cacacatacc tcaagcctca atttccctat     75420
     ctgggaagta gggacactaa gatgtccctt ttaaatagct cccagaactg gcatggagtt     75480
     aaataagtgg agtgcactga gagtacgaca aggacttatt ctcatcagtt gcttttattc     75540
     tcattactgt gggactcata gggtctacat agtgtttcag gtccagctaa cccaggctgt     75600
     tgtttcccag gtaaaccagt gacgaggcta cctggttgat ttgtttgtaa agctttctgc     75660
     tgcttctcca catcctacct ctggtcttca ccaaggacac tatcatcagg caagtcaatg     75720
     ggacccccat ttggataaat tattgacatc ctccccatag gggaggattc tttgggcctt     75780
     gttctgtagg cagagaacat gtgacaatgt ctgtccctag tgtgctgggt acaatagagt     75840
     tgtgattaag aaagtggatt ctgtgttaga catgaggtcg tgcctcttgg taaatcttca     75900
     tattagtcaa tcgagaaatt tctcttacag agatccctac tgtgtgcttt catagttcca     75960
     tacacccact aacctgtcaa tgtttgtaag tagatattgg gataatttat ttaattcaag     76020
     tgtggttcag aagtcaggcc acacctcttc agtatccttt cacaaggttg gttatagaga     76080
     gccgctctga ccttgtagct ttcacaaagt tctctctttc actccttaca gatgtgagca     76140
     aacccagctt cccctgattc ctgggccaag acatacctga attgcaactt tactctctta     76200
     actaagcctg ccaccgtgcc aggagtcatg tagactaggt caggtcaggt cacatggtat     76260
     agaactaaaa gccaccactg tcgttgtccc cccccccgcc ccccaaaact gtgagtcgta     76320
     agtccctttg ttctctggat ctgagggagc taatggaact ggaagatttg tctttctctt     76380
     ctgggcacca tgtggctgcc aagattctga tgcaatctct cctagtgccc tctcacttca     76440
     gggctcctca tggctgtctg tggcctcgaa cctctgactc tcctagcaaa attcttctgg     76500
     agggcaattg attttagcac tactcctctt tcaaacacta ttattgggtc aatcaattac     76560
     tttagcttag gcataacctt ccaaactaga ttttgtctca gaccttccta taaactaagt     76620
     tcctagtgat gtcccacccc tctgtattac aaccactctg gtcactcact ttcccctccc     76680
     ctccccttcc tttcctttcc atttttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgttttgac acaggtccct     76740
     ctgtgtagct caagctggcc tcatactatg tagaccaggc tggcctcaaa aagtcacagg     76800
     gatctgcttg tatctgcctc ccaagcgcta ggacttgcac caccactcct ggctagcctc     76860
     actccttttg taattcttgc cacaacagct ataataaaaa ctaaaatccg atccatcttc     76920
     accttacaag ccctaggagc ttgccagcca ttatggaata caaatgcaat atagaccctg     76980
     tatcacttct gctttccagc ttggggtctt cactgggtta tcgtctcttc ttgctttctt     77040
     ttctttttat ccctcatatt gtatcttccc tgatcaagcc aactgaccct actaggtgtt     77100
     ttcaccattc cccacaccta ctaagatgtt tgtaagtaaa tgctggtata acaatttaat     77160
     tcaactctga aacaaaggac ctgtccaagg ctcacagcat gtggtagtta tttgatatgg     77220
     atgtgtggac taaatacagg tcctttctta gacagatgta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa     77280
     agaaagaaaa gtaaagaaaa aaaaaaaaag ccaggcagtg gtggtgcaca tctttaatcc     77340
     cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggtagatt tctgcgttcg agaccagcct ggtcttacag     77400
     agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctacatg gagaaaccct gcctcaaaaa acaaaaaaca     77460
     aaacaacaac aacaaaaaaa attgacagat gtagagtggg gagttatcta cctaacagga     77520
     aaaagactta agccggtgac gttacttttc aaaagataca cagtcagagg caaagtcctc     77580
     tctgggtgta aacatttagc atagttcttg caccaatcct atactgcaca gaacctgctg     77640
     agctggactg aatgctatct agcatgactg aaagctagtt tgacctgtca cagttaatgg     77700
     gctttgatga aacagaggtc aaagttttga caccagaatt gagtcatttc ccaaagcaca     77760
     acacccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaattc catgtacttt tcagataaca tctgacaaat     77820
     gaaccacttt aaaaaatttc cccagaggta aaattttgag gttagtggta aattatgagg     77880
     aactttaagg gaaactgttt aggaagaata ggatgctgat gcgcacaaca actgcttggg     77940
     aagactgagt ctgtcattcg gtcacactga ggaagaagaa tcagtcagtt accctgagga     78000
     ggaagagtca gtcaatcagc cagccaccct gaggaggaag agtcaggcat tcagtcatcc     78060
     tgaggaagaa aagtcagtca gtcacactga ggaggaagag tcagtcagtc agcagtcacc     78120
     ctgaggaaga agagtcagtc agtcaccctg aggaggaaga gtcagtcagt cagtcaccct     78180
     gaggaggaag agtcagtcag tcagtcaccc tgaggaggaa gagtcagtca gtcagtcatt     78240
     tactctgaag aggaaaagta gacaggagag agtaggaaaa caaggttgag gttttgaagg     78300
     atcagggcac agatggaaaa agagcaggga ccatggaaga tacaaacatc cttcacacta     78360
     gataagatat caatgacagg cctaagaagc cagtccatcc aagtataacc tgtgagccag     78420
     tgagctcatt gcagtgactt acagaaggat gagtggctca aaggcacccc caaattgggt     78480
     gacaaatcat gccagtttgg tcctagagct ctaagtctaa cttacagatt gctcttatca     78540
     aagataagtc ttttcttcct cagaaattgt ttactcctca tatataaact cacttttctt     78600
     tgtgtggttg atttggtttg gttcgataca gggtctctct atattgaacc aaatcaaatt     78660
     ggctatcctg gaactcacta tgtagagtag gctggcctga aactcacaga gatcctcttg     78720
     cctctgcctc cctcacagat gctcggatta aaggcatgca ccaccatgtg tggctctata     78780
     tcagctcttc agcagcatcc tagtgttgta actctgtgag cttcctgcct tctatgagtc     78840
     acactctctc tcctgggagg aactttttaa ttcagaggaa ctggctctac aacatggggt     78900
     agggagtgga agggaagagc aggcaagagt tattggcatc tgaatctttg attgggatag     78960
     tgaaggaata gaaataaata cttatatctg ctgcattcac atggatggta ccagagaaaa     79020
     gagggcggca atcttagaag aaagacagat tgtcaggatt catagcagag cagtcttggg     79080
     agttgctctg gccctgtgga atagaaggca gaaggaaagg ggcacctgga atcaaaatga     79140
     gaaccagagg tccagggaga ctagtggtca aaggtcagag gtaagaaggg agatgagaca     79200
     caagtgggag caaaggggag gatagaatcc cagagttttc acaaggcaaa attccagtgg     79260
     gctcccagaa acataatgcc cgcctttctg gggttggaaa tggtcacaat gaggtctgag     79320
     tatctagtcc tctggagctg tgatctaccc agccaagcat ggcagtcaag tacaattaac     79380
     ccaacacaga gaccctgcct tcaccacggt gcctcagcag atccctttgg gccattagca     79440
     actgaacctg acttagcttt aagtaacaga gaaattaatg taagaaatcc aaacttacag     79500
     aaagagacac aaacaggtat agggctggac ttaggacagc cagcaagtag acaccggctg     79560
     tatgtgtttg tccttatcct gctctctacc taaccatatg cctggcaaac actagttaca     79620
     taggttctcc tcagtcaagc agctagctca tacgttcgct ctcattctga gaccccaagg     79680
     ttcccatttc tcaagggatt aatggccacg ttgggtcagt gtctcctcat gtatggctgt     79740
     ctgcccaggg atgaagtgtt ctcagaaggg ccactggggg ctggcacttc caaggaccac     79800
     tgtcagtgac ttggaccaag agacctaggt gaagacagaa acagaaggtc agagactagc     79860
     cttgagggga cctgagaact atagactaag gaaaccactg agggcaccag ccctgtgggc     79920
     ccatgtagag gccagctgtg gctgtgaagt caaatggtga gccctgatga gggatcagtt     79980
     gcctgttagg aaggcctggg gcagccttcc agcagtgcat ttgtcttaag gtacagcagg     80040
     caagggatgg aagtggatag cctgtggcct cctgacaggc cctgacatca tatcaaacac     80100
     agccaaattc tgttctcaaa ccaaaggaac cgtatgtgaa ggaggaagcc aatttctcag     80160
     cgaagatgag ccggccatat gactcgatgg agccaaaagt aatggatgat gacatgctca     80220
     aagcagctgt cggggagcaa gggccccagg aagaagctgg gcagctagcc aagcaggagg     80280
     gcatcctctt caaagatgtc ctgtccctgc agctggactt ccagagtacg tattctgggt     80340
     gtcagcaatg tgacctgggt ggagctgggc ctccctgact tcctatgccc tatttcaaat     80400
     ccccaaattc cacacagagg gtcagcgcac accagtgtga gagcccacca gacacaggac     80460
     caggggcaca atgtatcaac tcaatccaat agttccatca tttgtccaca atactccttc     80520
     tgaataacag cagcagcaac aacaacaaaa tatagaattt tcctagacca tgctctccct     80580
     gttatatgac tccacactga tttagattgg agtccttcat agagaaccaa ggagacccca     80640
     cattattgga gccagggtag gagtgcaggg agacagaggt ggagccagca ctggagggag     80700
     tggctttagg ggtagtgtgt caacagagga agagcataga gatccctgaa gcagggatgt     80760
     actttgggtg gaacggggtg gcccggtaaa agataggcag agacttactc tctcaatgtc     80820
     cccatctgca aaataggaag tagctcctat cacaagttct gcatgggagg aagagtgaga     80880
     caacctgtat gcagtgcttg ggtcatgctg ggaagccact gggtgtgacc cggtgagcca     80940
     ggacaggcag catgagaggg aggaggagct tagcttagta cgaatctcag tacttgggag     81000
     gcagaaggca gtaagacctc cagttcaagg ccagcctggg ctacgtagtg agaccctatt     81060
     cccaaaatac aaggagtgag tagggggtga ttagagaaat agctcattgg ttaagaggaa     81120
     tggctgctct tccagaggac ccaggttcaa ttcccatcac ccacatggca gctcacaacc     81180
     atctaaaact tcagttccag ggatcagatg ctctctcctg gcttccacag gcactgtatt     81240
     catgtaatac acagacatgt gcacaggcaa aacacccatg catatcaaat aagaacaaaa     81300
     gaaaaatata tgaactgaga aaacagatca gtggtagagg gcttattata cacagtgttc     81360
     ctaacttaat cccagaacta cccaaaaaag gagaaggaga aaggaggagg aggtaggtga     81420
     ggaccctgag tcctctgctt tctgagtagg tgaggtctca gaaagtgaac ctagtcttgg     81480
     gccctagctg tctaggcatt tggtcaacaa caaagatgca ggactccata ccaaagactg     81540
     gaggcagcca aaagtgggca ggctgggcct tgtgtaagtc cacaaggccc cctgggtgtg     81600
     gctggcctcc aggaatgacc cagagctgca gcttccctga gaggaggagt ggatgaggac     81660
     cggccactcc cttcccacct ctcccaccta gtgggcatcc tgctggtact gagcaagtac     81720
     ctaagagatg ccagaggctc ttccaggcag gcattccagt tcagcacagt ccaagagaca     81780
     gagagcccta ccttaacaga gctgatgtgg gggagacaaa taagacagaa aatgagattg     81840
     ttccaggcag tactgctgtg ggggtagaca gagcaaatga aggagaaagg agattagaac     81900
     tagttgaagt gttttctaca gtggccagag ccttgccaag gtgagacttg aagaagcact     81960
     aaaagagatg aggaagggag ccatgtgcag atctggggag gtggggtggt atgtgagatt     82020
     caggagaaca actgtgaaag gccatgagta ggccagaggc agcctgagga ggcctgttga     82080
     ggaagccagg gtggggacag gccagggagg tcatgttgtc agcaggtgct tgccccggac     82140
     aatgaaattt atttggcttt tatagtgagt tgggatcccc caagcattct gaatagacac     82200
     aggatagggt gggacttgag ttctcacaga gacctgccag ggtgggtggg tgggaacagg     82260
     gttctggcga ggagcctgct actgtgttcc aggcaataac gatgatgcct ttgtcaagga     82320
     agtggtcatg gaagtggact tggtggctgt gtgacagatt aagccagctt cttggcagga     82380
     agttcctctg gagctaactc tcagacacat ccttgtttgt cagtatagtt gggcgttttc     82440
     acatcatctg ttgctgtctg aagtaaagcc tggttcaggt gtgccaccta cctaaagtgg     82500
     ctcagcggta agccaccata gcctagggta aatcagggct gggtttcagc ctgtcagaca     82560
     gcagggccac agtaaggtgc caggaaaaat ccagaccaga agtaggaggt ggctaggagc     82620
     cttgggaaga actgagcccc accccagaaa cacgcagaga cagacaaaat caggctggaa     82680
     agtctggcag caaacagaaa cttaaacaaa gattcttgtg ctgcctggtt ctgactacag     82740
     cagggaggac ataggtacca ctcccgcccc agggggaagc atcgacagac caaaggattc     82800
     tgctgcccta agacccgtga gggggtcaga gcacctccac acactgaacc tcaaacctca     82860
     ccaacaggcc ctgtctcttc gataaatgtg agctgtcagt agaattttat tttatactgg     82920
     ggattgaaac tacaaccttg ggcaaacaaa ctacacgggt gttctatcac tgagctacat     82980
     ccccaggttt gtagcacttt catgcctggt acctgccgac gttggaaggt ggtgttgatc     83040
     tcctgcaatg gttacagatg gttataaacc accaggcagg cgctgggaac caaacccggg     83100
     tcctttgtaa gaacaagtgc tcttcaccag ggtcacctcc ccaccaccac acctgtccca     83160
     catcctcttt ttcctgttca ttttgaagca ggctcccact aagctggctg gcattgacct     83220
     tgttagcctc ctggctcagc ctcttgagca gttaggatta taactagtag cactagtctc     83280
     agcttgagct cactacatat cccaatctag acttaaggtc ttgatgcttc gttctcccga     83340
     cacaggtgtg gacgccatgc caggctctta gtagtgattt ttaaaaatct ctcacttcta     83400
     ttttatttca tttctttaag tgaataaagt ctaaagtttc tgaaattggt tgtgtagatg     83460
     aggctggctt caaactcaga gatccaccag cctctcctga gtgtgacagc cattgttgga     83520
     ctagctggac cataacctgt aagccattct aataaatcat gtatacacac acaaacacac     83580
     acaagagcca ttgttctatc tctaagccat atgtacaaag taccccaagt ggacatttgg     83640
     aaatatagac tttgtgtgta tatattgcat gtatgcaggc acacatgtat gcacatgtgt     83700
     ttagagccaa aacatctatg tatgtatgtg tatgtatgta tgtatgctct gatgttctgt     83760
     ttctttccat gactaataca gggagctaga gcaataactc agcatttaag ggcactggct     83820
     gtccttccaa aggacctggg tttaattcct gcaactttag gtccagggtg tctgataccc     83880
     tcttctgact gcagaagttc acacatggta tatacatgta catacaggca aacatttata     83940
     cgtataaagt aaaagtaaag gagaattttt ttttagtttt gaaataagca taatgcaaat     84000
     aggttttaaa ggagcacaca acagcagagc tatacagggc ttatgaggga ggctaggagg     84060
     caccactggc ctctacgctt tacatactca gtgtgggttt gtttatactt aagtactact     84120
     caggcttttt tgcttccagt gacagaaact ctagccatac aacacactca gggaaagaag     84180
     agctacacag ccaggatggg tcctcatgac cgcagggtct ctgctgccaa gatgtctggg     84240
     ccccaccttc ctattttgag agtgattgtc ccagtggctg ctctattctg ctctcacaca     84300
     cctatgaata tttctaggat gtatctagag acagatttta aaaagttgct ggtctagctg     84360
     gtgtggtgat gcattccatt aatctcagca cctgaaagac agaggcaagt ggatctctgg     84420
     gaagtttgaa gccagcctag tctacatagt gaggtccagg acagtcagga caacctagtg     84480
     agacactaac tcaagaaaag agggggagga gagagaaagg aaaataaata aattgcaggt     84540
     caagaggcac agatggtaaa tattccaata aatattaccc aatgaccctc caaaagtaaa     84600
     accagttgag tgaccctccc cccatgctgg cctctgcttg tagtctatgt tccaaggtag     84660
     ccttgtttcc ttagaagccc cagccatgcc cctagggcag tgtgagtaag tctcctgtcc     84720
     ccgagaaggc ccagctcacc tccacagaca cctgcttagc aagcccttgc cacaccagac     84780
     ctctttgatc ctgtccagtg gccctgggga acagtgctga gggtctcgca ctcaggtgct     84840
     cctcgccagg gtgcctcctc ctctggggaa ggcagagagt tgcggagccc catgtgagta     84900
     cacttcagtc ttacggggca caagcacaga gctccggcat ctgtcacacc cgggtgctct     84960
     ggttgttttc agacatcctc cgcatcgata acctctggca gtttgagaac ctgaagaagc     85020
     tgcaactgaa caacaacatc atcgagcgca tcgagggcct gacgaacctc atacacctcg     85080
     tctggctggg taaggcctgg ctctgtgtct gccaaggaca tccatggcct ccccgcagaa     85140
     taatcgccgt ggcacccagc tgccagccgg ttgttagccc aggcacagca gaaatgctct     85200
     gtcggtcagg agcaaaaaag caacagtctg tgaaaagcct gggaggtggc ttgtgctggg     85260
     caaagcatgg caaggatgtg cttctgcaca ccaggcaggc tactccatgc cacctgccag     85320
     cctctcgggc tggtgggcac aggggcagcc ctggactggc attttacata ggcacggtgg     85380
     acagctgacc attgcaatga gcacagagca tggccatgtg ctgatcatgg ccagcttgta     85440
     cttcacaaga ggcttctggg ttcacgcacc atccccactg tagtactgaa caagccaagg     85500
     ggacaagtta gatgaaggcc acaggctccc ttgtcaatct ctgaccaaac tttgtcaaac     85560
     tttgccctca ctgccaaggt cactgggagc ttgacctctt aggtgcttcc ttgcctagtg     85620
     aggggcaagg gaccatctaa aggacaaaag gggccaagct gagagctcct ctgacatgtc     85680
     ttatttagcc tccacagaga tgttcaatgg ctgttgttat cctaacggat ggaaagggat     85740
     gtaaggctca gagaagcaca gccaagtagc agcagcgcta ggctaacccc actcctgcct     85800
     cgattccaaa gcgtatgctc ctccattctg ccaggcttcc aggagccatc accaatgtag     85860
     ttctcagtct ccatagcact ctcagatgtg cttgcactgt tatcaggagc cttaggaacc     85920
     ccactagtgg gttaaggggc catttcacag aagcagcccc tgaggttcca agaggctgac     85980
     tgggcccagg gctcctgctc aggccccctg tgttgtaccc tagtactcat tgacactggt     86040
     tcctggtccg tctgcatggc tgtggagcac ctatcactct aggaggtgaa atcagactcc     86100
     cagcatcggg agggacgctt acccatgcca gcccaggctc cgagcaatac ccaataccca     86160
     gatccagcag gtcaacttgt ctcttgggtg gatggcagac agaggacttc aggaaaaagg     86220
     ccatctaatg ctcctagaac ccccaacaag ccagcttctc agctaagtgt tactcccgag     86280
     agctctaagc cgcccgagcg ctttgtttca ggactgtccc tcctctagcc aagcagtgta     86340
     tcctcagacc cctcagagtc ctcctctttt acagatttgt cctttaacaa catcgaggcc     86400
     atcgagggcc tggataccct ggtcaacctg gaggacctga gcttgtccaa taaccggatc     86460
     tccaaggtgg actctctaga tgccctggtg aagctgcagg tgctgtcact gggcaacaac     86520
     cagattagca acatgatgaa tgtgagtacc aggcctggag acccatgtca caaataccac     86580
     agggcctcag gccatgccaa agccaaggtc tgaggtggta gacacacaat acaccctttt     86640
     cctagagaga tcaaacatcc aagttattcc acaagggctt tgactatatt gaaagaccat     86700
     gcttagtcca acaaaacccc ctctgcgtac caggcttcct ggcctcagct gtggtcccat     86760
     gcatgctctg tgtctcatgc tcatgtgaca aacctttgct gaagtgaaaa acctactaga     86820
     tatagggcat ttgttctatg tccaatgaga cagagatggc agtatatggt tctttttggg     86880
     gtagccagcc ataccgtcat catctagacg aatgtgacag caagttaggg tctcaaaaac     86940
     agggaagcaa tccctgtgga tggtaggagg gcagtccaga taccaaaacg tgtctctatg     87000
     acatcacagt ggcctgacag tagggagaca acagccgaga ctctgctaat aattactgag     87060
     tgctatggta gacgtgaccc tgtagcttct acagtttggc caccagccca gggctgtcta     87120
     atacctttca agattccatt tccacatata ttaatcagtt ggcctgcctt cagtcctaac     87180
     tgtacaccca aatggcttac atgaacagga gcgagtcaag ttattgccca catttaagtc     87240
     tgttcatcaa agacaaacca aaccctagag gcaacacagt cttcactttg catgtcagac     87300
     ctgagtgcaa gtgaggtgca aactttctgt gtctcagttt tctcacctgt caaatagaga     87360
     ggggacagta actcaccagc ccaggctctc tctaggggag gagatataat acgagtactt     87420
     ggtgctggag catctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     87480
     tctctctctt cctttttctt tcctgttcta ctccccctcc ttctcccttg tctggtatac     87540
     agttgtaaac cttaaagtca tgaccgtcca gcctctgcca cccgaatgct ggtttacatg     87600
     tgtgtgttca gcttaggaac aggttcttaa catgcagagg gctgatatct ttgctgaggg     87660
     aaagaaagtc aggggtgata gtcaacctga ttccagagcc ttgaaagata tgagaaccag     87720
     ctgggcaatg gtggtggtgc atgcctttat gcctttaatc aagcactcgg gaaggaggca     87780
     gacagggggt ggggggtggg agaaagaatt tccatctggc cagaggagga tggcttctta     87840
     gtataaggta tgtgagcaga agccagagag gcatctggga aacctgcatg gaagccaaga     87900
     gtgcaggcag cctgggagct gagatcaggt tgcagacagc agcatctaga gaagcgtcag     87960
     catggaaact ccgtgctcgg gcatgtccag ggctgagcta tgtacaggaa ggaaaagcac     88020
     cacagtcagg gtagactcga ggggccgcat gaatggttaa tcaagggtag taccacctaa     88080
     gaggcactgc ctgaaagaaa aaaaagctgg actccggctg gctggaagca aggctcagcc     88140
     agggccttag gtgcaagtga tttgcctggg aggtgacttc tggaaactaa aatgatccag     88200
     cggggagagg gaaagccaga gctgggtact gtggagatcg ttgctatggg tggtggggtc     88260
     ttgattctgc cgggtctcaa gaacatgcag acctccttcc ctcgttgctg gagcccgcct     88320
     gaggcactga ccttcagttc tgtcccctcc cccagcagct agggtcactc catgcagatt     88380
     agctccttct cagcctgcgg gtgagcctct ggagacatgg agaccttgct gacacagaag     88440
     atgacaaggt ggaacgctac ccggaaaagt ctgtcccggc tgcagcatct gctgcaaaca     88500
     ggggcacttg tggtgtgatt tagagcatgg cagagagctt atcaataggg tttcagggat     88560
     actatgtgac ttacacctcc gggctcccac atccttagca tttcctcagg gctgtttatc     88620
     cttatagcat ccttgtttat atatgacagg gaagagagaa ggagaagtgt cctctccacc     88680
     ctcagtgtcc ctttagtctg ctaggccatt ggaggttcta ttcctaccat cagactatgt     88740
     catgtgtgag catgggcagc tgggcagctt cagtgaacaa caaagtaaat caatcatcga     88800
     cttgttataa gtatgaagtc tgcctggtag ggccaaaccc cagaagttgt atagtctcag     88860
     aggtttgcta tctataacag ttcaaagcat ttcaactcac cagaaccttt tccaaatcct     88920
     ggctccaatt acccagtctg ccctctgctc tgtgagataa ggaatcctcc tactggccag     88980
     caggggtcca agtaagacct ggaaggtgtg actagcagag tcagccctgt tagctgccac     89040
     ctaccacctg cttgacactg aaccggtgac ttagaatttt gtgtgtctgt ttgcacatcg     89100
     ataaaatgtg attaatagta gaccccaggg ttgttgtgaa agccaaatca gttacactac     89160
     tatatgccta atgcagaacc tggcactagt aggtacacaa agaatgataa gtcactcagg     89220
     aattttcagg ttctaagtta accccaaata gcatttttgg cttgtgtttg ttttcttttt     89280
     cttttctttt cttttctctt cttttttttt tttttggttt ttcgagacag ggtttttctg     89340
     tatagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggccttga actcagaaat     89400
     ccgcctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gcaccaccca agtgctggga     89460
     ttaaaggcgt gcaccaccat gcccggcttt ctcttttctt ttctttccag acaagctttc     89520
     tctgtgtagc cctggctatc ctggaactta tgctgtagac caggtgacct caaactcaga     89580
     gctccacctg cctttacctc ctgagtgctg ggattaaagg catggaccac cactacctga     89640
     ctccccttta tttttgttat ctttattttt ttatcctttt tctttatttt cttctctatt     89700
     aaaaaatcat ttctggttta gcactgttag ggacattatc caggaacttg tatacagaag     89760
     gtccatgcta cggcactgac ctaacgcttc cagcttcaaa ccctgttgtt gaacatttag     89820
     catcagtttc tgccttagca tgtcctgcat cccagatctc atcctttgga tactggaaaa     89880
     tttaacgaag ctgaggcctt ccccaggcct ggacaaaaga ggccggagag gttacagagg     89940
     ctatgtcagg gtgccctact tccagtaaag cctttagtat tctgccacgc tgccctgcag     90000
     cacctaaaca ggacaaagcc ttcttgctct ctccaatggg gtgctatttg ccaatactct     90060
     agatgcactt acagcctatc tccaaagaaa gagaaagaca gaaagcccat ggaaaagagc     90120
     ctgcaggaga tctgtgatac ctaggtgtcc ccagggttgt ctgtattctg gagaccttag     90180
     ggaccatgga tcctcttcac ctaaccaggc agtatcctct ttgtgacttg acacgcctta     90240
     ggcattggct tcaaagctaa gtatctgtgc tcggagtctt tcctatttat ttggcatcta     90300
     actgcctgct gtttcgtgat ttatttattt gttagattta cctaagtacc tgctgattgc     90360
     attaaaaacc cagaaaaggg atcctaactc agctcacaga agtcttcagt tttactttct     90420
     ctttcaaacc atcagctttc ttctaatttc catgagtatc cctccaggca tccagctttt     90480
     aaacatgtgt gattgtcaca ttggtccagc tgtcctccag acacctgcct ttgactgagc     90540
     cctctcttct ccagtcagca cttagcatga ttattggcat agcagagagg ggatccactc     90600
     ctctgccgga tccttccatc acgtgacctg ggttctttaa ggtagcagtc gaggttgctt     90660
     ccagatggtg cattgcatgc agggcgtagc atgtgtccat gagcaggatg cagtagaaca     90720
     gggctctcta catctgcacc agcccatctg taaggtaaac tcccagggtg gggctgctag     90780
     atcacagggc attgtgcatc tttgtcagac ttctcttatg aaccagaact gtttacagac     90840
     ctaccccacc ccaccccacc ccaccctacc cccatgcatc agctcctgcc tgctcactct     90900
     cacctgctac aacatatttc atcagcaaca ttttctctct gtggctaaaa aaacataaag     90960
     ggggctcttg aaaaaggtat tttaaaaaat aaaccaaata ctgctttcct ccataagcaa     91020
     gactctagtg gcttttgctg ttcttggagc acatttaaat tcctgctgaa agcctctgtt     91080
     gtcagcctct cccagtgtag ctcatgtcct tccacctgtc ccctccccac tgctctgcag     91140
     caacttggct gagtgctgtt ggtggctgtg ccaagccctc tgctgcctcg gggcctttgg     91200
     gttcttggaa tgtgcgccct cccggctctc ctatggatgt tgtcttagtg agggtctcta     91260
     ttgctataat aaaacaccat gaccaaaagc aacttaggga gaaagttgct tacacttcca     91320
     catcaaagga agtcagggca ggaactcacg gcaggaatct ggaggcagga gctgatgcac     91380
     aggccatgag aaacctttcc tgtctagcac acggtgcagt gtctgtgttc caatggtgct     91440
     gtcatgcaag catagccaag cagttgattt ccccatttta ctaaaaccga agcagaggaa     91500
     gaataaatgg ctcccagtga gatgctctgc ctgttgttgt ccagtgaatg aaagccagca     91560
     acccaactcc atttaacagg agacttggga cctttatggg gttctatgac accctattct     91620
     aagtgtccat tcatccagag gctgttgggc tcgctgctga ctgcttttca tagcttattt     91680
     catggtactg atgacacaac atgtcattct gcccatttta tagaggagga agtcaaggct     91740
     catacactag acccatcatc tgtcctaaat cccacagctg ggatttgagc gctccgattc     91800
     ttctgaaagc ttttggctac tctcaggatt gaagtctgtc tcagaactct cacctgacta     91860
     tatgcagggt gccctggcca ggttgtggac tcaggaaggg tgtagagggg agaagctgtt     91920
     gtatgtggtt ccagttctgt ggcagcaagg aaagcacctc tgcttcccgc tccccagatc     91980
     atctacctgc gccggttccc gtgcctgcga acactcagtc tcgctgggaa tcccgtttct     92040
     gaggcagagg agtacaagat gttcatctat gcctatcttt ctgacctcgt gtacttggac     92100
     ttccggcgcg ttgatgagca gatggtaagc atcctggctc tgttctcagt gggagtcatg     92160
     agacagtgag acgctctccc tgtccatggc taagagagca tgttttcctg gctgagccat     92220
     ttcccctcct gtgcacagcc actccagcaa tagtctccca aggcttatct cctgtatgtt     92280
     tccaggcctc ggctgcttct acacaacagc ccaccaggtg aagactctag gtgattgagg     92340
     gaagatggac agtaaattgt cttgatcatg agctggtggc agggctcgta tgagcctggg     92400
     agcaattcca tagcaattcc ctgagggttg tcactccaag ctgggagggc cccactctca     92460
     tccccatctt tctggaagca cataagctgg caaccaaggg aagcgactca ccaagactct     92520
     cctggtcagt tacagttaat cttggagttg gtctttcatc cccatgctgg gccagctata     92580
     gtgtgtatgc atgtgtgtgt ttgtgtgcac gcgcgcaccc atttcttcct gactctgtca     92640
     cctcttcctt gccataagga atatctggac agtgaaatgc tatcctagtg tctacccaaa     92700
     tacagacagc cgatatacct acagcttgta tagagagccc tgccttgagg gacaagctgg     92760
     tttccaaagt ccagtctcag tgctgttcac agaaataaga gaaattagag agctgcttcc     92820
     ccatctccga ctacagtggg ctttcctgtg aaagtatgaa cttgagtatt tctcttgttc     92880
     tcccagtatg tgtgcgtggg tggtcttgaa ctatacagcc aagaataacc ttgaactcct     92940
     gattcttctg cctcagtttc ctaaatgctg ggattacaga tatgtagtgc ctggctctga     93000
     gatttttaat tctgagaatt attcatttat tttatatata tgagtatact gtagctgtct     93060
     tcagacacac cagaagaggg catcagatcc cattacagat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg     93120
     ttgctggaat tgaactcagg acctctggaa gagcagtcag tgctcttaac cgctgagtca     93180
     tctctccagc cctagttctg agattcttaa atccaatggt tatggtgaca cactactgta     93240
     acctcagaat ttaagaaact gaggcaagag gatcaatagt ttgaggcagc ctgagctaga     93300
     ttcaggacat cctcagttac tctaacttca tctcaaaaaa ttaaagacca accaagcaaa     93360
     caagcactgc ctttaacccc agtcctgtct cagagcaggt tctgacaatg ttcccctctt     93420
     gtaaaccctt tttacctgag aaaatatcca tgtctatggg taagtgctga tgaaacagtt     93480
     ataagtaatg aatcataaag aattttattt taaaacaatt ctttggtatg cataaaatct     93540
     taccttttgt taaatgcagg cttagagctc acgcaggcca agcgcttgcc acaagtttga     93600
     tctccagaaa ggagatttaa aagccacgtg tgaggggctg gggagatggt tcagaggtca     93660
     tgagcactgg ctgttcttcc acaagacctg attcaatttg tagcacccat gggtgctcca     93720
     caatctcctg taactctacc ctagaggaat ccaagtccct cttctggcct cagtgtgcag     93780
     catgcacgtg atacagtgat gatacacgga catcattcag cccagacact cacacacata     93840
     acataaagta aataaaatct tttaaaagcc gggtgcggtg gcgcacgcct ttaatcccag     93900
     cactcgggag gcagaggcag gcagatttct gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg     93960
     agttccagga cagccagggc tatacagaga aaccctgtct cgaaaaaaca aaaacaaaac     94020
     aaaaaaaaaa accaaaaacc aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaatctttt aaaaagccag     94080
     gcgtggtcca ggaagatgtc tgagctagta aaggcacctg aaaccaattc ccaggcccca     94140
     catggtggac agagagaact gacttccaca agttgccctc tgatcattta tatgttgtcg     94200
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtaca tataggcaaa gcattcgtac     94260
     acaaaataaa ttaaatgtaa aaaaaaaaag acgaagatca ggtgccttta attccagcac     94320
     ttaggaggca gaagcaggca gatttctgtg ggtttgagac cagcctgatc tgtctctaac     94380
     atgaggccag ccagagctat gtagagagat cctgtcttaa acaaacatta aatcttggct     94440
     agatatataa accacaagat gcagagaaac ttcaatggtt ttaagagctg attaatattt     94500
     tgattttttt aattctcaat gagaataaat gtgtggaata aatacatact ataaaatggt     94560
     agaattatgt tagagccatt tcagaaattg ttgagggctc agcaaaatag ttgagtgtat     94620
     ccagtgctat ataagcctgg agacttgagg ttaagcccca gaacctacat aaggctggaa     94680
     ggagagaaat cacttacatt gccccttggt tcatgcttct acacacacac atatacagca     94740
     tatataataa taataataat aataataata ataataataa taataataaa atcttaattt     94800
     gggtggattc tgtcctaatc ccaagtcaaa attcatttaa tgaaactctt cagcaactca     94860
     aatagccttt tttttttctt ttttggtttt tttgagacag agtttttcca tggaggcctg     94920
     gctgtcctgg aactcattct gtagaccagg ctggcctgga actcagaaat ccgcctgcct     94980
     ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggcat gtgccaccac tgcctggcct caaatagcat     95040
     ttttaaaaac caaacatcct aacataatac aaccaaaaac tatactaatg gtacttatat     95100
     gccaaaggac aatggcagga aaatatttaa agtattttct gaaattaaac aattatgttt     95160
     ctatgacagc aggaaacttc ttatgtacag aaaacaccat ttcatgtctg atcaggggag     95220
     ggtgggggta tctggcagca tgaggtgaca gtcatatgca cacaaggtat ggtagataac     95280
     agtcatgtgc acacagggta tggtaggtga cagtcatatg cacacaaggt atgggtaggt     95340
     gacagtcatg tgcacacagg gtatggtagg tgacagtcat gagcacacag ggtatggtag     95400
     gtgacagtca tgagcacaca gggtatggta ggtgacagtc atgtgcacac agggtatggt     95460
     aggtgacagt catgagcaca cagggtatgg taggtgacag tcatgtgcac acagggtatg     95520
     gtaggtgaca gtcatgagca cacagggtat ggtaggtgac agtcatgtgc acacagggta     95580
     tggtaggtga cagtcatgag cacacagggt atggtaggtg acagtcatgt gcacacaggg     95640
     tatggtaggt gacagtcatg agcacacagg gtatggtagg tgacagtcat gtgcatgttt     95700
     ctactcagaa ccaagactaa agtgaagtca tacagtacag tgcgatcaag caaggccaga     95760
     acacccaggg ttcattatat gcttgatttt aaatgaaatt ttggtcgtcg tatgttcaga     95820
     aagctttgtc aatcgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgg cttccacatt     95880
     cagttactcc atccaatatg agactgcaac ccttagctta agaatctgag actaaggcgt     95940
     taatttgaaa cacaacatca gctcagaagc ttgggtgtat tatgccttta aaaagcacag     96000
     gacagaggct ggggtgggtt cagaggctag ctctcaccct agcatatgtg aggtcttccg     96060
     ttatattccc agcactggaa aaaaaaaatc gcaggctggc ctagcatctg tagtaccaag     96120
     acctgtgctc agacatgaat actgggaaat tcccgtagca cacgtggtct acatcgtgtg     96180
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtccttt agagaatgag taaaagttca ggaaagctga     96240
     actctgccaa gcaggccctg aacctcccca cactgcactg cctgatctta cactggtgct     96300
     ggaaggggca gcccccactg cttcctacaa catgcaaggg gcactttcag gctgcctcag     96360
     agcaggctct tgcgggtggg gggtgggagc cctccaattt catgattcct ctaagcttag     96420
     gttgcccggg agtaattagg cattctcatc tccagggcct ctgcctttcc aagcttttac     96480
     aaaacatacc ttccaacaca tcggccatac ttaggggtcc cacgggtgtg tggctggagg     96540
     gaccagttct cctctggtaa ccacaccatt cctgttcctg ggtaagagag agatggcgaa     96600
     gatgaaacat cagtacagca ttgacgagct gaagcaccgc gaggcacagc tgcagatgaa     96660
     gctggaggag gagcaggcca agcaggagaa gctggaggaa cacaaggtag cactcagaca     96720
     gctggctggc ctgcctggcc taagcaggac acaaagctac cacaaatgct ctggtcacat     96780
     taaacgatga tccacaagga tccccaggac cctaaaactc acaaagcagc cacaggagct     96840
     gacaccactc cctgccttgc tcagccccga tcacagtctc caggagccat tccatttcag     96900
     cccagtcccc actccctacc cctgtgctta gagattgtcc tcaaaacact tggtgccagt     96960
     ggctccctta cttatgaccc tcaagctgtt tcccagccca tgcagtaacc ctttggcctt     97020
     cagttctctg tggtcctcag tttgtggcca caccttgctg gcctccttac taccaactcc     97080
     agctgccttt ggagcaaccc agagctgcag gtcactcctt ggaaacaacc tgcacctgta     97140
     tcttctgtgc ctctctgcat atcccctctg ggcctgggac acccacacac ttgccttcct     97200
     gggagggagg gccgcagctc aggttcagtg tcccccttgg ctacctcaac cctcacagaa     97260
     gcctggctct gggtcaccat gtctggctat ttgaatccac agatggcgtt tgttgagcac     97320
     ctgaacggcc ccttcctgtt tgacagcatg tattccgagg atgtggaggg caacaagctg     97380
     tcctacctgc ctggtgttag agagctcctt gaagcatatc ctttctaagt cacatggctg     97440
     ccttttgggg tgcagatttg attcacctac caccagctta ccttgggcaa gttcttccta     97500
     ctctggacct cagttttccc atcattcatg tgagacctca caaatctcag ctggctacat     97560
     gaatgcaaaa ggccttttca gtcaggccag ctgggctttg tggaacagtg ctgtctagat     97620
     ttctgaaggc acattgagtg acagaggctg gctgggcctg ccgtgctggc aagctgggtt     97680
     ttctgaggtg gaagtagaga atgtgtttct atgtcaagga tcttcactgg ctatatggct     97740
     gcacttggtc cacatcccct taagcatccc caccaggtgg ctgccattag taaccccaga     97800
     ggttaagcaa tttgtacggg atcattcatc tgtggggcct gagagcttgc atttgtgccc     97860
     tagttggtca gagcccgagg aggaaaagtc agcacttgtt atacatagtg gcagtggtca     97920
     tgacaaccaa accctgtgct tcagtggtaa gcaggagact ggtggggttg ggggggtggg     97980
     ttgtacctga gggctgagaa ttgagacagc cagtccacat tggtctgtgg ggccaccaac     98040
     actggtgtca gcctccagaa aaaatacaaa gatgaatctc taatagaaga agtgttattt     98100
     gggaataagc tatgaaacga gaattgtaat ttgggaaaga tgaggattcc ccagggatgg     98160
     aaggttaata cattgtgtga tgtctactgc actgtgtgat gtctactgca ctgtgtgata     98220
     tctactgcac tgtgtgatgt ctactgcact gtgtgatgcc atggtgtcag cagaagtcat     98280
     ggggtatggc tggtcctttt cctgtctcac agatcctttt ccaggctggc tgatcctgtg     98340
     atggctcctg ccatacactg ctcctgtgtt agagcctcca tccatggctt tcccagctcc     98400
     ttggccagct ttggtgagct cctaaaggca gagcccagac ctcagtgact gcattgaaac     98460
     tttctcagtg ggtatctacc cagaacccaa acactgggag aagagtgggg cagggcttct     98520
     ccttgctggc cacctctctt cctcagggac ctatactctt ggcttaagca ctgtgaacct     98580
     gagagatttg tgaaaaggca tccattctcc tgaacacatt cccacaagac tttttccaag     98640
     gacttgtttt tgtttttgtt tttgttttgt tttgttgttt gagacaaggt ctcactgtta     98700
     tagccctagc tagcttggaa ctcactcaca aaggtcccct gcctctgccc catgaattct     98760
     ggaattaaaa gtgtatgtca ccacaccacc ctccaaagga ctctgtggtt gcttcctcca     98820
     tgcccttagt tgaagtaagg gcactgaggc ccagagaggt cacttgctaa ggtgggtccc     98880
     agaagcagca tcagagctat aacttgaacc tagaccacct agttcctctc tcagctcaga     98940
     tgaaccacag gccaggcccc tcccagaagg gcccttctgg tgccacatca gagacagaaa     99000
     aagataaaag tactctgact cattgccctg gccaggctgc tcctagctct tccctgcacc     99060
     ccaagtcctc tggaagtctc ttctagggcc tttctcctga tcccgagttc cttaggctgc     99120
     aggtagagaa gccatgacca tcaattctcc aaactgcaat ctctgcttcc ccagcttctc     99180
     agtttcttct tctgtccaaa ggaccacctg tagcctccac ggtgttccca tggcgtgctc     99240
     tgcaagcaat tgtcaacatg tttgtcatca tcctagtagc ttgaccttga gccccaagct     99300
     tccttaacag ccacttacct acaaggacaa gtttgtcatc atctgcctga acatttttga     99360
     gtatggcctg aatcagcaag aaaaacggaa ggtagagtta gacactttca atgagtgcat     99420
     acaggaggcc atcctggaaa accaggacca gggcaagctc aaggttgcca agtttgagga     99480
     aaagcacttg ctggtaagtt cccttgtctt ctgccagggt accaggaggg gctgcaatgt     99540
     ccatgtcttc tggtggcccc tgaggcctag agtctatgtc cacgtgctaa agatcacaac     99600
     tttaccaaat gacaccacac acagctcagc tgaaccagca cagtggctct acctcatatc     99660
     agatacccct aagattcaag gtcaccctat ctcatcatca gtgttagcag tggtattagc     99720
     tgtgccacta ctacaaaggt gatactgatg acaccctagg ctttctttgg ttcagtcatt     99780
     cagcaggcac ttccaagacc cactctgcct gaccccggca tgctgaagtt gtgatacaca     99840
     tgctcccaga ccttagcagc tcccaccttg taaggtacac agtcctgggc tgaaaccttc     99900
     cttacctagg taagcaaaat ggtcagggat gtcctagagc tctggaaaga cacacttcca     99960
     gagaagggcc aggaaacttt agagatttag agatttagat ttagagatta gagaaccttg    100020
     tcccagcaga gcaagcagca agcttgaagg cccagtggtc aggatccagc caagtaggag    100080
     tcatttgaaa gaacttttgg ttgtttgttt gcttgcttgt ttgtttttca agtcaggcat    100140
     tctctgtgta gtcctggctg ttctgaaaac cactctgtag accaggctgt ccttgaactc    100200
     acagagatcc acctgctgtg attaaaggca aattgtgcca ccactgttat ttttaaaatg    100260
     agttttacag gtttaagaat aacagtaatg ttgcttttag agataaagtc tcacagtatt    100320
     gcccaggctc acatcaaact cctggattta agcaatccca cctcctcagt ctctctgtgc    100380
     ctggcctagg tggagttacc tataagacag gtggtgttct tagtgttaat ggcgtctggt    100440
     actaaagaga gagctgggac ctcccattta ctagatagac aagtactcta cctgagcaac    100500
     accctcagcc ctttttaatt ttctcatatt ctttatttaa tgctgagtgt caagatgagg    100560
     gccagccctc aaaggggtga ctatgtaatg gcaagaagca gataattctg gttgagcctg    100620
     gtgacctggg catgtagtcc caggcacgtg ggaatctgag gaaggaaggt tgtaaattca    100680
     aggccagcct gggcaactta gtgagaccct gtctcaaaat aaaaagaaga tctgggagta    100740
     atggatgttt tttggtttgt ttggttggtt tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg gttttttttt    100800
     ttgtttgttt tttcaagaca ggctttctct gtatagccct agctgtcctg gagctcactt    100860
     tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg    100920
     gttaaaggcg tgcgccacca cgcccggctg gttttttttt tttttttttc aagacagggt    100980
     ttctctgtgt agccctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcaaact    101040
     cagaaattca cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcgtggg ccaccaccgc    101100
     ccagtgagta atggatgtct tacatcttta atctcagcat ttgagaggca gaagcaagtg    101160
     gatccctgtt agtttcagat tagcctggtc tacatgacaa attctagggc atctagggct    101220
     gcataatgag accctgtctc aaaaattaat taatcagtga aggaggatca ggaatgttgt    101280
     agagtgcttg cctaccacgg agagactggg ggtttgtttc tcagtgaaat actcacacac    101340
     agacacaccc cgtgttgcaa ttgggtgtga tatgttattc ggatagttgc ttttcatttc    101400
     tgatctcact aatatcttcc ctggcccaaa ctactctcct gatctctcaa cttctattcc    101460
     ttactctact gtgttatcac tgatgctcaa gccaggttac cagaacactg ggatcttgga    101520
     agaaccaagg gaacggatat tgaagaagga cttcatgtat tgtgttcttg gatgtatgat    101580
     ccttaagcaa tatcctcccc caccacatca ggagagtcct tttcctggga tgatgggaag    101640
     ctaactgaag acaaagaata ctaagtcctt catgattaat atgcatgtga caggcaaggg    101700
     cctagacgtt atcatactca tatggctctg gcaaagctca gtccagactc ttagagtggg    101760
     aatggacata cccatcccaa agacatacaa tttagagcat tcccagtcca tttacaagat    101820
     tcagaggagc tgggcattgt ggtacatgct gtgatctcaa cacttgggag gctgtagcaa    101880
     gaggcctgat gtgagctgag gtcatcatgg acttcatagt gaattccagg acagcctagg    101940
     acacaggaaa tgtctgtctc aaaacaggga acaccaaaaa gagattagga atgagaagag    102000
     ctggaacaga agggggcgta tatttagaat catccttgag accctttaca gtcttggaac    102060
     aaggggcaat ggtcacaata taatgttggg atactgaacc tttataaaga cttacagaca    102120
     ctggactgag ctcagggaag gaagacagcc agttgtagtg aatttgatgt attgagcatt    102180
     acttctgatg ctctgagtaa gtaaagggag acacatattc ccttccccag aagctgagct    102240
     gggcatttct cctagaagtg acagtcagga agcagaggac tcattgtcgt tcactttggg    102300
     gaatgaatct agcccacact ctgcctctct ggaccctgaa ttatttcctg gtgtcacttt    102360
     tggggacagg ggagggggac cactctacaa gcaggtggac aagggaagtg gtaccaggct    102420
     ccacttgctc attatacaaa cgagagcaga agtggggtga ggtaggtgac ttgaagacat    102480
     cagctatgag aagagggatt gcttcgatag agaacagtgt ggatgagaac agccggagtc    102540
     tcgccccggt gcagtggagg aaggaagagc ctcggggtgg ggagactcct tgaaagttat    102600
     cttagaaggt catttggcag aggggagcct gtgtgttaga agaattggaa gagtgggtgg    102660
     ctatagatca ccaaggccaa acgaagccat catcctagaa atgagacagt tttaggtatc    102720
     agagactatt ttttttttta aatcgtgaga caagtcttac taagttgtcc aggatagctt    102780
     tgagtttgga atcctcctgc ctccatttcg aagaagctga gattgcaagc ccttgccacc    102840
     gtggctgggg caaagcagaa ttctttttaa ttttttttat gtatctctgt gtttgtgcgc    102900
     gtatgtgtgc gagcacggca cacatgcatg tatgtagtgt gtgtttgcat gtgtgtagtg    102960
     tgtgtttgca tgtgtgtagt atgtgtttgc atgtgttact gtgcattgca tgcatggcac    103020
     agcatcagag aacagctttc agaagtcggt tcattccttg caccgtggaa tccagggctc    103080
     aaactcaagc tgtcaggtct gggcagcaaa tgcttttacc ctttgagctg tcttcccaga    103140
     ccagaactct taattcattt taaattgcag gtcttagtga aacgctaagg aaaagcctgc    103200
     ttttccctca aacaccagtc aaagggcagg agatggctca gcaggtaaaa ggccctggcc    103260
     ctgaaagcct ggcaacctga gttcagtcct ccaaacacac agatcaagct agctgcggtg    103320
     ctgtgccgct ggaatttcag cactcctgct gacaggggga agcagacaga ggctcttcca    103380
     gaagcctgag gggccagcta gcctagagtg catagcagtg cctagagtgc ctggagtgca    103440
     tagcagtgtg ctgctgcaga aacacaagac cctgcctcag caagggacaa ggtgaaccaa    103500
     ctcatgaagt agcctgacca cagtgtgctc tctctctccc tctctctccc tctctctctc    103560
     tctctctctc tctcacacac acacacacac acacacacac accctttgct gacagtggaa    103620
     atggacaatt tcaaaggaag acaatgtgtg acttccggct tatctggagg cacttgtcat    103680
     caggattgac ctctgtctgt gaactggaca agtccccagt tcttgtccag ccacttcttt    103740
     cctgacattt cttccctggc ccctaggtac attaggtttg ggagacctat atgccatcca    103800
     ttcgcacctt ctgaggacca ggctggggcc tgactcaccc tcgaaacaag tccctctgga    103860
     gaggcaggtc atggaccccg ctaaacctga ctcagtgccc tgcctgtatc tcagcccaca    103920
     agaagctgtc ctacaaatgg cgcatccggt tggagagatg gctcagtagt taggagcact    103980
     gactgatctc tcagaggtcc tgagttcaat ccccagcaac catatagtgg ctcatagcca    104040
     tctgtaatgg gatctgatcc cctcttctgg tgtgtctgaa gacagttaca gggtactcat    104100
     tacaaataaa ataaacaaat acatctttaa aaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga    104160
     aagaaaggaa agaaagaaaa agacatagcc catcctaggc ccaggtgcac cggctcaggt    104220
     gatctaactt tgggagcttc ccaggtgcct ccaatgctca gcctaagttg aggccacatt    104280
     gtagaaattc ccaggacaca tagctctgag ggctccaagt ttgttcctca cagctgccct    104340
     cctacagctt ggtccagttc ttcctattca tctaccccgt taggccttga tgtacacacc    104400
     tggtcttcaa gcccagtgat gcgtgtgcaa cttccccaag tttacctgtc cgtatatggg    104460
     tacactacat aaatatgcag gtgtagtcca tgcctgtgat cctagcactt ggaaggcaga    104520
     ggcaggaaga tcaaagttta aggtcaatat cgactacaca gtaagttcaa ggccagcctt    104580
     gaatacacga gaccctatct caaaagaaat aagcaacagc aaaaagcagg gctggaagct    104640
     tcctacatga taatacatca cttcatgctg gtgatacatc ctgagaatta tgtcactagg    104700
     tggttgtcac tgtgggaaca ccatggtatt gttaagtgac tggaacctct gagcatcact    104760
     gtctgatgga gccactgtca tccatgcagt atgtcactga ctgagacatc gttgtgtggc    104820
     aatgatcgta ccagactgga caagtgtgta aagctctgag aacatggctg tggttagtgg    104880
     agatgtgatt tgctggtaaa gtttaattta ctttgttgct gtctaaggtt ttcttttttt    104940
     ctttttcatt tgtgtagttt ctgagttttg gtttgtgggc tcattccagc cccaaactac    105000
     aaatcttagg ctggcctcaa actcctgatc ctctttcatt tgctctctct gtcgcacaag    105060
     tgccggggtt acacgcatgt gccatcatgc ctgctatgag tctttattta tttatttatt    105120
     tatttattta tttatttatt tctattttat gtgtacgggt gttttgtctg cctgtgtgtc    105180
     cgtgccctgc ttacatgcct ggtacccaga gaggccagaa gagggcatca gagcctcagg    105240
     aacaggattt acagttttga gctaccatat gggtgctggg aattgaccct aggttctctg    105300
     gaaaagtagc aagtgttttt acctgctgag ctatctattc agccctatga atcagttttt    105360
     aaagcttgat ttgcacagac tgcccccaac cttggctccc atctctcccg ataagaatat    105420
     cttccctcct cctggcactg tgaaagaggc tggcccacag gagtttcatc ttcttcttcc    105480
     agggaggtaa gggtaggtct gagtgctctt ttcatgcttg ccacttccag gtgcctttgt    105540
     atacagtgtg ccagagcagc aggcagcgtc cccagagctg tcagagctag cacatggcag    105600
     gctgacactt gaacttggcc cttcacctct agactctaag tttttaccca taaaaccaaa    105660
     tcatcacttc ctactacact gttaactact gagtcccccc aagtgcggat ttctatttgt    105720
     agaacttaaa tgccatccgg gaagagactg atctgtccaa catcgagaag aagctgacgg    105780
     agtgcactga gagcatcggt gagctgttca acacactcat gatcctggag atgcagctgg    105840
     tggaacagct ggaggtagag tcagactagc atatatccag gggcccccgc atgcagctgc    105900
     agaaccctgc aagcacgccc tccacaggct cctctcccct gtgtccagtg tgacccagtg    105960
     gacacacagg agaggactgg acagatggag actggtgggt cactagcact cactggccaa    106020
     atggcttagt aaacatgaag agttccaggc cagcgagaga aaaaggcgaa cggtgcctga    106080
     ggttgtcctt tgccttcatc cagggccaca ggcacatata atgtgtacac cccaccatat    106140
     aatgagcatg agcatgtata catactcata tgtgagtgca tgcacgtgca cacatgcaca    106200
     cacacatgtg cacacacaca cacacacacc acaaaatcac cttttaccaa aattattaaa    106260
     ataccttaaa gtcaggggct gggtatagct cagtgcttgc tttgcacaga caaggccctg    106320
     gattccatcc tcagcaatgc aaaagagagg gggtggggcg aggagggaga ggagacagga    106380
     ggaaaaggaa cacactgctc tctttgctgc ctcggaaagg attcttatgg agaatgagag    106440
     gtgaactcag tcctctgaaa atctcccctc ctccatccta aaacaggctc agcagagtac    106500
     agatttctta ttagacccaa ggggaagttc aggagcttat aagacaggtg gacctgcact    106560
     cgggagacaa acaaaggctc atcagtgccg cagcctgtgc ctgctgtctc ggggtgggcg    106620
     atgtcgggag gctgccgctt ggccccaact tgggagaatg aaaaagccca ggcatctcaa    106680
     gagcatctgt gtgccagggt gacttgtgtg tgtgcacgca gccaggctgg gggctggacg    106740
     ctgcatgatg aattggacct cctcagatgc tgccacagcc gggccaagag ccggtgccta    106800
     atcaattcct cacacatcaa atggcacttc ctacgcagaa tggatctgct gtcgcacagc    106860
     acagcagccg ctcgtttccc actgggaact gctctgctca agtactgcag aagcagtgca    106920
     tgcaggggag ggttgctggg ggcttccagt cctttcaagc agggagatta ttttcagtgg    106980
     ccaaacactt ctcaggttct tgctctcatc ctggccatgt tgccagtcac ctggtcacct    107040
     gaagctggaa gattctagtc cgtgcttcca acaaccttac ttgtattcat caaaatgctg    107100
     tgcatgagcg cgcgcgcgcg tgcacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    107160
     cacacgagaa tgggctcatt tgtactgcat acagacaggt tttgggctcc tgtgatgccc    107220
     tgcatcagtg ctgaggctat gaagggtcag gaaagcgtct tccagaggag ggttcctaat    107280
     cacgttctta ttactctctc aacaatattg agatttgttt tggccccaag tgctctgcta    107340
     agcactaggg acagcagtta gttgttggaa gtctagggtg actgtcagca cttacccaag    107400
     ctcctggatc tgccagatat gtggtaaatc attatgcatg atatagctca tttaccccac    107460
     tagccaccat ggtactacat agaaaaactg tctcatatgt gaggaagtag aggccgagag    107520
     agattaaatg agctctctgg aatagagctg gctctcgaaa ttgctctcca tggcccttgt    107580
     ggagaggatg ggcagatgct gctgagaggc ctagaaggaa aggcttcatt caggggggag    107640
     ggggtgcggc caggatattt ggtcctggtg gaggcagcta catgggcaag aggcccagga    107700
     cagggctggc aagatggtcc tgctcagtgg agaaaggttc ttatcaccaa gcctgatgac    107760
     ctcagtttga ttccagggac ccgtgtggtt aaggaaagga cagactccag caaactgtcc    107820
     tctgacctac acacgcacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acagagagag    107880
     agagagagag agagagagag aagtgtaaat taaaaaaata aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaaa    107940
     aacagccggg cagtggtagc tcacgatttt aatcacagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggc    108000
     ggatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta    108060
     cacagagaaa ctctgtctcg aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaaacaaac aaaaccacac    108120
     acacacacac acaaaacaaa aaaaaaaaca aaaacaaaca aaaaacccac ctaaaaccca    108180
     gtggcagtag ccatagagat gcttattggt taaaagcact tgttgctctt gcagagggcc    108240
     tgactttggt tcctagaacc ctcatggcag ctctcaaagt tggtagctcc agttctagag    108300
     gatacagtgc ctctttctga cttctgtagg caccaggcag acacatggca catacacata    108360
     catgcaggca aaatattcaa atgcatacaa taagtaaatc taaaaaaaaa aaaaaagcaa    108420
     tagtgacaac atgaacattc aagggggtgg tgaactgaga ctggaaagcg acagaactct    108480
     gggagcgggt gaggggcagg ggcaagggtc agtccttagc catctgccct acaaaggcaa    108540
     ggagtctgtg atttgccggg cgtggtggcg cacgccttta atcccagcac tcgggaggca    108600
     gaggcaggcg gatatctgag ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta cagagtgagt tccaggacag    108660
     ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtcttga aaaaccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    108720
     aaaaaaaaaa aagagtctgt gatttgaggt ggtgcaaagg atgttgatac acacattgac    108780
     tctcttttat atcttttcca ggagaccata aacatatttg aaagaaatat cactgacttg    108840
     gtgggactat ttattgaaaa tgtccaaagt ctatatcctt tctgtgacaa cccctacctt    108900
     accccatggg aaggcaccat aggctcctga gtttgtctcg gcctctagag cagctaacgc    108960
     agaggtgcct aggcttttaa caaaaaagca agggatagct aagtggagaa cttgcttagc    109020
     ataagtgaag ccctgggttc aatccccagg actgaaagaa agggctagtc ttgggcaaat    109080
     aagtggtagc tgcagggcca cgcccctttt tgctcctact acaagtaaac tgagcacttt    109140
     agatatattt cattcagttc ttacccaaaa tactcttcgc ccattgattt gcagaaaaac    109200
     ctacaccctc atcccaaaaa aatgtttcca ctttccacgg ggccctagtt cataggcatc    109260
     tccttgctga aggtagagga atgtaaaacc taccactttc taccaaggaa agaggcctcc    109320
     ctatgacagg atgtagactt ggtgaccata gagaatactc cataccaact gaagtgtttt    109380
     caacactcaa cattggcagc cttgctagaa tgccagttta gatgcccaga gggactgctg    109440
     tccagtagct gtgcatgtat tccctaagta ggtgatgttc atgggtgccc tgccacctca    109500
     gaattgctgc ctgacctttt gttacaggaa aacaccctgg gatgaggcca tgcccacact    109560
     aatgacagga caggttaaaa agagcaaggc tataatagtt aaggttagaa accaacattt    109620
     gaaacatgaa cagtgcttta ttgggggcaa agtgctaagc tccacccagg aggaactcag    109680
     gttctggcat cctggagctc agagtccagc acacggtcat tgaggtagca agtggtgtgc    109740
     tatgtacggc atcagtggcc ttcctaaaca ctgaaagaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagacctgc    109800
     aggtagccac aggagccagg tgaaagaaga gacagtccat agcagaagta gtatgtgcaa    109860
     aggccccaag aatgggacta agggaacaag tttccagatg agaccatcag gccatgtcag    109920
     agactggaag ctctcaggag ctctaagctt agaactggct actcagacct tcaagtttat    109980
     ttcagctgct ggaggagaag gaggaagaga ttatggggga ccagtgaggt cttcggcagt    110040
     gttgggaagc agactgagga cctgaggtga gctggccctg ggggacagga atgacccaat    110100
     atgaggacag gaatgacatg gggacctgac gatgcatttg agtgacagtt tgatggctat    110160
     gatacctctt agcacctcag gacaggtctt gaaccctgag actctaagac ttagagactg    110220
     gtgtctccag tagggctgac gtggccttgt ttgtcagagg ccaccttatt cgaaggacca    110280
     cctggcttgc tcggccccct ggctttaact cacaactgca ggattgctca gtgccgggac    110340
     ctggagaacc atcaccatga gaagctcctg gagatcgcca tcaacaccct ggagaagatc    110400
     ctcaagggcg agatggacga ggacttaccc gatgacgtgc gggcggtgag taaggataga    110460
     ggggcttcgg gcatggggga catctcgggg gcacagcaaa gagataagtg aaatccagcc    110520
     ctacccatgg ctcgtctaag ctcgccaagc tcctggaggc ttccttcctt ctcgacgaga    110580
     cagaagcctg ctttgcagga ctgctgactg ccgagcaagg tgagcacagt tggcgtcagg    110640
     atggccaggt ggttatccca agctcctttc tatggagtct tccggtacag ttacaaacag    110700
     aggtaccggc caacattttc cctcgggaag cttaatggtg gagagctgca acactggtct    110760
     gcccacaagc ctcatgtcag gttcggcacc agggtgcacc agtttccacc aggacagata    110820
     gtcataaata ccagggaccc atgtctacac ctaaggaggc atctatgagt ctaccctgag    110880
     ctctggcagc agcatgtgga tgccttagga aaggacttca ggtgggcaag aatggccaca    110940
     ggtccacata cttgccctca ggggcctgct tttgttggtt accctactta gtttctcagc    111000
     tgctccacat cactgtgcta ccaccaggcc atggtcccct tgccctttgc ctgcctgctg    111060
     gctccttgct gccttcttac agaccatttt ccatatgcag acaggtaggt ccactagaaa    111120
     cccacactac acaatcctca cccctccctg cctgccatga ttgtagagtt ccttcccaca    111180
     ggtctcagac actctggact acacctgcct cccttggcag tcccacccca ggttctgatg    111240
     ctcacccatc aggcttgctc ctttcaacag acattctgtc ttgcggtttc tatcgctggg    111300
     atgaaacacc atgaccaagg caacttgggg aggaaagtgt ttatctggct tacacgttca    111360
     ggtgacagct ccatccctga gggaagtcag gaagaagtca tacaggacag gaacctggag    111420
     gcaaaagctg atgcagaggc catggaggaa tgctgcttcc tggcttgcta ctcatagttt    111480
     gctcagccta ctgtcttata gaacacagga caccagccca gggatggcac cactcccaaa    111540
     gggctgggcc ttcccccatt gatcactaat tgagaaaatg ccctacagct ggatctcatg    111600
     gagacatttt tctcagatga cgctctctcc tctctgaaga ctctagcttg tgtcgagctg    111660
     acataaaact agccagtaca cagtctgtct ggcagacatg ctcattcctc agtctctatg    111720
     tgcttttctc actcttgcca tttagacctc tgctcaagtg ttagctctct ggagaggccc    111780
     tcccttggta cctcttaaac tactgtccct cggtcagaac ccatcagtcg ggttagaagc    111840
     tcatcacagt tctaaagtct gcttcatgat gatttgtttc tacagctatt tagactgcac    111900
     atagacttgt gatggagggc agaggtagtc ttctcatctg tgccagcagg agcctccagc    111960
     acagcagcca gggatgatct tggaactagg aggatgaaaa catgtattca ctaaatattt    112020
     cctttgccag gagctgggct gagctatgca gatagaaggt cagcagcttt gactccatag    112080
     cctctgttct gagactagga ccaacaccca acacagcagc aagatgcagg gctacagtca    112140
     caccagcctg ctctccctaa gctacttatc cagctcactg ctgaggatgc aggaaactac    112200
     cctgccctaa tcaagaagca agtctcccct gagaggttct gaagtctctg acagtcctca    112260
     tgggatggta gagtccctag gtctacgacc aggtgaaaaa catcactgaa acatgctcgc    112320
     tccctaggga cgatagcaca tagtaaaata tgggctccag agatgtcagc agagaggcag    112380
     gccagttttc cctctcaccc aagtggccct gtctggtact atagtatcgg gcaacaaagt    112440
     ttcttcgtta gaggattacc actctccagc ctgttggcca catacgacct catttcctca    112500
     ccaaaggaag caccgttatc gcgtgaggtg atggatgaga acactggaca aggcaggctc    112560
     atagatttga gttaggaatg gcacaaccag acaagagtct gaattgtgtg tctcatctga    112620
     taaacagttc tgggcttgtg attgtagtga gcaccgcagc ctttcctatt cacagcaggc    112680
     aagcactttg tgggtgccca tggcactggg cctctctgct gagagagtct tagactcact    112740
     agcaaggctg gaatagatta ttgccttcaa aacataatgg ggaaccagcc ttatagcact    112800
     caggagacag agactttcct gtcagcccag gacaggaaag ccaagacatt tcaagactcg    112860
     tctcttctgg gactgtggca ggacagtcag caactgaaga tggggcttgc tgcttggagc    112920
     atccagtgaa ctaacctcca agctgagtat gaagtttcca agagacattt cagaacctga    112980
     aagtgggcgt tagctcttcc ttgctctgta atttccattg caacctgggg cactggttgg    113040
     gacataagtg ctgttatact tagtgctggc tggcactcaa gtctttggtg gtgagtggga    113100
     gcatgtgtgg acgtgtatac atgtgcagtg tctgcgcttc tcgctgccgg gatagcatct    113160
     caggcataac ctatgacctg gaataatcct gacatcttta gaaagtgtgt cctgtagctg    113220
     ttttcaagaa aacctttcag ctgggcagtg gtggcacatg cctttaatcc cagcacttgg    113280
     gaggcagagg caggcggatt tctgagttca aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca    113340
     ggtcagccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg ccttgaaaaa ccaaaagaga ataaagaaaa    113400
     cctttcaaag ttgcaggaaa cgtttacttc attgaggtac cagccctggt tgatacaatg    113460
     tgtccaaact gaagagtgaa tctgcttttt taaatgacct gaccttgact gtggccattt    113520
     agtaacagtg ttgtattcat tagcctaagt ggatgtgttc tcatgctggc aactggcatc    113580
     cttccttgaa caaagaaagg tttcagtgaa acactctagc tgagacttaa ggtcagaccc    113640
     ttttaaagtg ctagtcttaa tgagaaagtt tgttctttcc tgagctattt gaagcttaaa    113700
     tattgcatag cttcatgcct gtgcaccata ttatgaacta gtgttcagtt atgcagactc    113760
     ttaatttgtg tataatgtta tttactatat aacatgtaat aaggaggcag agtttatggg    113820
     aaaactcata ttatctttgt gtcttgttta aatatacttt aaagataaag gttcaaaaat    113880
     aaaagacacc tgttactagg cctcgggaca ctttctcctg agcacccagt aggtcaggtt    113940
     ttcatcttct gatccttccc agagcctgag cctgctgcct agagttggaa ggacctgaat    114000
     ggcttcctgt catttctatg gtgactgtgc taatccattg cccacatagc ctggcttttc    114060
     tcacatgaca ttctgtggca aactaacata cagagtctgt ggccagtaag ttgaagagag    114120
     agaaggcaag agagagaaaa tctgttgccc acagaacttt gtacagcatt caggacaccc    114180
     tgttgcccca cgaatcatac tttgggagcc tggatgtatt tgatcaaaaa aatctttcct    114240
     tgtgtaggaa cactaacatt tcagaatcag acagaacata tttttagagg gtattaggct    114300
     aactgatgct atgaaaaatg aagcaaaaca aagaaagtac tgttgtgtat ctctctctga    114360
     cccaaaaatc caaacagatt ttagtgcatt gggatttcag atttttctgt tttgtgtttg    114420
     tgttataaaa agacaatgca gatattcaaa agtcaaaccc tgcaaaacct gaacccctgt    114480
     gcacctcaga gaagtggtgc tccccatgta cgctctacct gcagtttctc aacagaggac    114540
     acgcaagtcc tttgtcattt tttgtttcca agtaacttgg gctcagaatg gagcactgct    114600
     tcctcagacc ctcaagcaag cttcccttgc ccctgacaat gactgggctg catttccccc    114660
     attccagcca gagtctgcat ctagagcctg ccaggctcac tataaggtga agagttgtac    114720
     tagctctcta taaggaccaa acagtgccag gaacaagccg agggaaacca gaccccagtg    114780
     gaaccaaagc ttgattctgt ttatgggaga agtagcagag acatatagga gatggacacc    114840
     tatcagctta cagggcccag ggttagagca gccggatgga gaccctcagc cagacgggac    114900
     tgggcagagg tttaggacta cctagaaaga ggcttgtgac aactgatatc cctagtaagg    114960
     ctgccttggc tagccacctg ccatctccct ggagaaaaac acgcttttaa tggggactgc    115020
     agcacggcac ctgccacagc tcaggttggg gagcaggctg tcatctaatg agctggcaca    115080
     aagtgactga tagagtatgg gctctctgct aagtgtgtcc cacagtctgg gaactcccag    115140
     gggcttcttt gtgctaggga cataataaca cacacgatct catttggacc gtctcacttt    115200
     tccagctttt tgttgacaaa gacacaattg ttaatgccgt tggggcatca catgacatcc    115260
     acctcctgaa gattgacaac cgagaagatg agctggtgac tggaatcaac tcttggtgtg    115320
     cacatctagt agacaaggtg agtgacgaat gccaagccac ctggctggtc ggcttgagtt    115380
     ttctccagtg ctatttttca tgagaaacga agtagagaaa agaaacagag gtaagggttg    115440
     tagaattctg caatgcaggt ggtatggtcc agtcattcct cattgtatct gtaacccctg    115500
     cctcagagag agaccagcag tgcatgtcag gggtggggct gtgaggtaaa catattccct    115560
     ctgtctcttg ggcctcagta aatgatgtca gctatcatag gcactgcgct ctggttttcc    115620
     tttcgttccc cagattcaca aagatgagat catgaggaac cgtaagcgag tgaaggagat    115680
     caatcaattc gtcgaccaca tgcagagtga actggacaac ctggaatgtg gagacattat    115740
     agattaggtg tcagccattg cccctgagag ttatgggatt tttttcgttc acccctctct    115800
     caacactgtt ggtaataatt ctcaatatag agaaaattat atagagaaaa ggtctggtgt    115860
     cagtattctc ttagagggag atcacgtatg agcaggtcct aaaccatcca catgcacacg    115920
     tctgggtggc tggcagtcgg ctagaggcgt ggttatggca gaacactaac ctcgtgctag    115980
     tgctcttctg ctggctgtgg ccgtcatgag ctgcaggcat tatctttccc aactctggat    116040
     gctgaggacc agggaagcaa gaagctgaag ctcccatgcg cccatgtgga agatgagtgg    116100
     aaacacacat gtgcatgtct tcccatcacg gtaacagact ccattcgcaa tcaccttata    116160
     gagtttattc ttgatcttag ttgcataggg tccagtccat gatcagttgg taccatcatg    116220
     gcaggcgcac acagagcaaa atgatccact tcacagccaa gaagtgagat gaagaggaag    116280
     gattggggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtctcag aatctccttt gatagcacat ccacaatgac    116340
     ccaaagatct tccatgaggc tctgccaccc aatagcaaga cccaggggca ttggcctttg    116400
     acacacaggc ttttagggat actgggtgac ttctcctggg gagtctattt ctaccttcct    116460
     cgggtaggac aacagaccag agaaatactt ccatccaagt ctagcatgat ggccaatggg    116520
     cttaattagg actacttaca gaatgtgagc aatctgctgg cagaatcttg ccttccctct    116580
     agcaactggt aactacttat gtacacccct ggggaggaca gcagccttaa tggctcttgt    116640
     ctcttcccat gagggaattg ttgttgggcc agacgtgtga gggactcttg cagatgatca    116700
     tagctgctga ttcccagatg gcaatggcta tgccatgcct agaggacaag agttccacat    116760
     tctctgctct gtcgtctgcc tcttctacag tgctccctgc actttggtga ggctgactgc    116820
     tagagatgca tagttatttt catccattta ggactgagca ctggctgcta cgcctcaata    116880
     tttacttgtt ctcagtagtt taggcaggtg tgtctctaca gtagccacca ctttaataca    116940
     aaaagaagca ttgctgacta acgccaatca cagcaaaaac ctctgggcat aagcacaaat    117000
     attagaaacc aatttgaaaa ccagactggg gcactgtagt gatctgaata tgtttggctc    117060
     aaggagtggt accacttggt ggtatggcct tggagtaggt gtgtaactgt gggcatgggc    117120
     tttcagacct tcttcctagc tgcctggaag ccagtcttct tctgtttgtc ttcggaataa    117180
     ggtgtagaac tcttgactct tcctgcataa tgcttgcctg aacgctgcca tgctccttcc    117240
     ttgatgacag tggactgaac ctctgaacct gtaagccagc cccagctaaa tgttgtcttt    117300
     ataagactgg tcttggtcat ggtgtctgct cacaacggta aaaccctaag gcaggcacat    117360
     acctgtaatc ccaggaagat cagaagttca aggtcatatc attaatcttc agtcatatag    117420
     tgaatttaag acaagcctgg gttagaaata ccgtctaaat aaataaataa aaataaaaaa    117480
     ggactggaga cacaggtagg gtagagagaa agagcaagaa tgaaagaccc agagggagtg    117540
     tacatatttt gttagtcaaa taatatacat ttaacaagaa aacaatagct tctccactaa    117600
     aacctatgcc ctcctttaac acagattttg tcctggcatg ggtccctgta ctggctagtt    117660
     ttgtgtcaac ttgacacagc tggagttcac agagaaagga gcttcagttg aggaaatgcc    117720
     tccatgagat ccaactgtaa ggcattttct caattagtga tcaaggggga aaggcccctt    117780
     gtgggtggga tcatctctgg gctggtagtc ttggttctat aagagagcag ggtgagcaag    117840
     ccaggtgaag caagccagta aagaacatcc ctccatggcc tctgcatcag ctcctgcttt    117900
     ctgacctgct tgagttccag tcctgacttc cttggtgatg aacagcaatg tggaagtgta    117960
     agccgaataa accctttcct ccccaacttg cgtcttggtc atgatgtttg tgcaggaata    118020
     gaaaccctga ctaagacagt ccccactgtg gagtgggtct tcaatccaaa tggaacgtag    118080
     ttttttgtac ccgtgtatcc tgccactatt gcacctgtgg ggatcttgca tggatgtcat    118140
     gctgacagcc taagacatga ggcccacagc tgagcaggac ccttgatgag aattctcccc    118200
     ttgcagcctg ctcagtgctc cagccagcat gagccagtcg ggaaggagct tccagttctg    118260
     gcatgccgcc aacagcagtg ggaactgtgt atactgtgtg tgtgcctaag aaacctcccc    118320
     cacaaacaac tcggggaggt agcccacccc ggccctggaa ttcttattca acaaccttat    118380
     gtcttctggc tgtgccttct cttactcaca aaggtgcctt ctgagttgac actcttgtat    118440
     ttgggggttt tgtttgtttg agacagggtc tcactatgta ttagccctgg ctgacctgga    118500
     actaactctg tagaccaggc tggcttcaaa ctcagagatg ttgcctctgc ctcccaagtg    118560
     ctgggattaa agggcgtgca gcatcatgtc tggtgttgct cctgttttgt ttttttctat    118620
     atagacacag gctgttgtag gaagttctca gccactacac ttggtggcac ttgtgcctta    118680
     cctaagtaca aaattctcca cactgttcac agatgtcccc tgacccctgc atgggctgat    118740
     ttcccatgtg tgtgcctctt aagtacattt gcatgtcctt cagatacatt tctaaatctg    118800
     taaacatctc agaaattaac attatgtggt agatcctttt tatagagtgg gcaggttctc    118860
     tgaaggccca ccaccatctg ttccgaacca gtgccaactg gacgagggag tcagcagcta    118920
     aggatactaa aaacttagct ggtccaaaac agcatgaaag ggtcccacag tggtgctgtg    118980
     ggaggcactg tggtatttag ctctctgcca tccataagcc ttcatgtctc ctcatcctgg    119040
     gcccaacaca cctctctcca aaacagtgaa ctcaaaggac caaggggagc agggccatgc    119100
     tcatctgtta taccagcctc tccatctggc ttcccaggtc tatcacactt ttagccagca    119160
     ccctggtggc gtctacctct ccttagccat acctggctac tcaagggcag ggcaaacatc    119220
     tccataccca atatatgttc ttgtaagaaa gaaatgtacg cagcttactt tggggatagg    119280
     ataggggaga caggctcaat ctttgcctgt gctgcccagc tgtcttctga gagctgttgc    119340
     tcaagcttta atgtcttcta gagcctcatg agctcagact tggcagtttt gacttaaagt    119400
     tccacctcta cgggagtctt gctgtatcag tcagggctct ctagaggaat gcttgagtag    119460
     ggggatgagc aggtattaga gtggtttaca ggctgtagtc cagcttatct cacaatggct    119520
     ctctaccatc agaaggtcca agaatccagt agttgttcag tccacaaggc tggatgatcc    119580
     aactggtctt cagtatatgc tggaatcctg aagaagtagg ctgtaatgcc agtgaaggaa    119640
     tgaacttgct atgagagcaa ccaggcagag aacaagactc cttctgtccc atcctttata    119700
     taggctactc gcaggaggag tggcccaggt taaaggtgga ccttcctacc tcaaaaagct    119760
     gaattagctg gattttacca tttcaaatga tttaattaag aaaaagaaaa attccctcac    119820
     caggatctca gcattcagat ccctgagtta gaggccagcc tggtcaacag agtgagttcc    119880
     aaggcagcca gagctacaca gagaaacact gtcttgaaaa acaaaacaaa aaccacaaac    119940
     caaagcaaac cagtttttct ttttgaagaa ctgacaagag ggctcagtag ttaaaagcac    120000
     ttgctacttt aaaggaccat ggttcgattc tcaacactaa tatggcagct cgcaaccatt    120060
     tctaattcca tttccaggga atccaatgac ctcttctggc cagtacatgg tgcacataca    120120
     tacatacaaa atagacatac acataaaaca acaaaattaa aatttccccc caattcaagt    120180
     agctcagaga caggtatcgt gatgcacacc tgtaatccta acactcagga agttgaggca    120240
     ggacaactcc aagtttacgg ccagactcag ctacatcatt ccagctacat agctctatat    120300
     ctgggctata cagtaagaca ctatctaaaa ggagaaggag gaggaagagg aggaaatagg    120360
     aggaggaaga tgaaggagga agaggaggag cagcagcagc cataaagcac aaaacttaac    120420
     catttttgag aaaaatttaa attccttgtt atgttgttag taatcactgt taatatttac    120480
     ttccagaagt atctttttct gactagtatt gctcctgaaa tgctcttggt gttctgtttt    120540
     tgacatctct gcactattaa ctatttccat taagttttac ttttgctatt gatgcctttc    120600
     atctttcatt agttcattat ttcagtttaa atctaattaa acatttggta catgtatgta    120660
     agttccaaag tccttaatct tgcatagtgt cccagagtct ggtcccgcgc tgctgtcact    120720
     gttgctttac taataatcac ccttctagaa atactggaaa agaaaaaacg tcaagagtat    120780
     tccctgatta caatagtttc ctgtgctaga ccattggggc catcatgtta aatcatggtt    120840
     ttccttcctc tgtgttgatt tgatctgaag gtactgtcta tcacttctgc ttcattccct    120900
     tctctacctg tcctaaggct gacatacttt cccactgtga cttcttcctt atacaggcac    120960
     tagtactttt tggggcagtc aactcaggct cagttgcgtg tctcacagta aaacacacat    121020
     aactcttatc acagcctgtt taggaataat tcacataggt accatgttca gcgattgcaa    121080
     tgagtccatc agtcatttgg ggctatctcc tgtactctca gaccccatcc atggaagagg    121140
     catgccactc tttattatgt acaagacaat agccatctgt aatcccctgt cctccacaca    121200
     tacaaggagc ctctaccttt ggctgtctcc gctttagctg taggtcttat tacccttggc    121260
     aggggccaca cgacgaccac tatataccaa tatactactg taaaccaata ggggatgtct    121320
     gccacatagg actgatctcc acctcaggtg gctcagtctc agctgcagat gcccctctta    121380
     ggctcatgtt tggttctgtc atgtctacat atacttgggg caccaagtaa cgtgactttc    121440
     caaggagtct actactctct ccagataatg acaaaccaaa aaagcaattc cacccagtct    121500
     atcctggaga accaatgaga atcttaagct tacttgcagt agagctggcc acttactcca    121560
     acaatcgtta actactcatg tcttgaggag ggggcaacca gacaaaccct ctcatcatcc    121620
     atgagggata ttaatggccc aatcctatgt aggtaatata gctgctctga tcttaagaaa    121680
     ccagtgggca tggcatatcc agaggacata attctacaat acgaggagac accattgcaa    121740
     tatcccatgc aggacatagc acgtcagtag taaccaggcc aggacaactt ttgcatttaa    121800
     cccagaaaca acatatttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagctg gctgtggcgg cacatttatt    121860
     tatcttattt atttttaaag atttatttta tgtatatgag cacaccattg ctttcttcag    121920
     acacaccaga agagggcatc agatcccatt atagatggtt gtgagccacc atctggttgc    121980
     tgggaattga actcaggacc tctggaagag cagtcagtgc tcctaactgc tgagccattt    122040
     cttcagcccg aaacaacata tttttaagag taaaaaaaat tttttttaaa gaataggaag    122100
     aacaaacaat aagtaactgc ttagaccaaa gattcacttt ttttttaaaa gatttattta    122160
     tttattatat gtaagtacac tgtagctgtc ttcagacaca ccagaagagg gccccagatc    122220
     ttgttacaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gctgctggga attgaactca cgaccttgag    122280
     aagagcagtc agtgctcgta accgctgagc catctctcca gccctccaaa gattcacttt    122340
     taaaagatca tttgatgaaa agccagggag tatggggtgt ggggtgtgga aggccttcag    122400
     gaaaaggctt gcatgtggcg atgtgctttt cctgccctcc ccatgaggtt cctagccatt    122460
     agtagcagat gtaataatgg tgacagagct cagataaaac aaaaagaatg gagaaatgcc    122520
     aaggctcaaa taaaaatgag gcttgatata tttccagaat gaaaaaatat ttaataaaat    122580
     cagggtcaag agaaagtccc tataccactt gtcttcctcc ctcacttctg gtcagaccaa    122640
     gggcgcctgc atcggaagct atctgacctc aagtcaggca cactgtgtct tcagggcttc    122700
     tcaggatgct tctttataag gtcaaaccac acaggtcagg gaagacccag gtacaggctg    122760
     gggagcccca caggtatagg gctgagggag cccagtaggt accggccaac agagtatcac    122820
     aggatccaga ggtccaacag ccaaggaggc ccacatcagg gagcctgtgt ctgtgcaatt    122880
     ccttccagac agcgtgtgca ccccgggcct cactcttgaa ggagcttgtg cttgactgta    122940
     gagctttctg agcagaggtg gacaaaaagg gtgccagcag cagtgcgagc ccgcagctcc    123000
     tggagctcat agtcgtgggc ccactcaatg ttgccccact tctggatcta aggagaggta    123060
     aaaacaagct tctaggtgag tagtcttgcc tggtaacccg agttacattc cattctcatc    123120
     actgggctac aggtggtgag ccacgatcct accaaacatc taagacctag gtgggtaatc    123180
     tggcaataac gccaggaagc gggggctggc ttttttgctc tttggggctg gaacatatcc    123240
     cagcttaggg gctgcccatt gtgatccttg atctcacatt aagaccaggc tgccagcatg    123300
     aagcagcctg gaaactatca tcttctatga gttgtatatc tcattgtcct tcaaggctat    123360
     aggcactact atggggatgc agtaaataaa tgaagccaga ccacaggcaa ctttgttctg    123420
     acccctaagg agcagcagaa cagcagtgat tctctgcagc acacaggaag ccagctgtag    123480
     atcctctcag aattgtaaca agagggaaaa gctccgaacc caccgtggtt gcagacatga    123540
     gtattccaaa cccactctgc tagcctctcc ctgaaggagg ccagcagtcc tggccagatc    123600
     accagggaat aaaaaaatat ttcaggccat acaagctacc tgaatttctg gttgcttggt    123660
     ctcggtttgc ataactgaaa tacattatct gagataaatg accttcattt caggtcattc    123720
     ctcattttgt gcaggatcaa acccaaagtt cagagggtca cctggcttga attccgtagc    123780
     caaaagcaga gtccaaacca gaggccagat ttcctggttt tgtaccaacc ttatagtcct    123840
     aacagctgac atcagccctt ctcatgaagt ggcctgacat cagtaaatgg ctctcctctg    123900
     ctgtatagaa ataggttgcc cctggcattt ttccaagcaa aacattaaat attccgaaaa    123960
     gatttttaat cccaaagaaa ccaactccta ataacattca ccttctgacc ctcaggacca    124020
     taagaaacac taagttctta gtgttaatga tgcaaacaat gggctgggga gatggcttag    124080
     cacttgctgc acaaggatga agatccaagt tcagacccaa taaccacata aaagccaagt    124140
     gggtatagca gcctacctat agccctagct ctccagaggc agagacaggg actctccaga    124200
     acaacttaac tagccaaatt ggtgaactct gggttcaagc aagaggctct gcctcaatac    124260
     tagggtagag aataattgag gaagatacat cttgtgagtc tctaccagaa tgtacacaca    124320
     tgtatcttgg ttttttttca agacaggggt tttctgcata catgtatctt tacctgcata    124380
     tgcaccacat aaatgtgaac acatacagag agagtgagag aagagagaat aaaaataatg    124440
     aaaaaatgaa agtacaaaca aaagccaggc accgtggcac acatttgtga tctccggagg    124500
     caaaggcaag agcatattca gacgttccag gccaggctag tgtacagatt gagtttcaga    124560
     caagtcagga ctatatagca aggcttgtct cagaaaagcc aaaataaaat aaaaatgtaa    124620
     ataagccagc cactgtgaca tatacccata atcccagcat ccgagaggct gaggcaggaa    124680
     gatcagaagt tcatgattag gctcagatac acaatgagct caaggttggt ctagactaca    124740
     tgggactctc tctcaacaaa gcaaaacaaa gacaagccaa aaataaaacc gtgaccagca    124800
     gcatggaaaa ccttagtttt cctgcccact aaatcaaaca tgtgtgcaag tagcagctac    124860
     tccttgactc ctctgccatc caggagaaat atcaggagca caaagcaggg cagatgaggc    124920
     ccaaatacct tcatctggcc gtgagcctcc aagtgcacag tggtggcctt agccctagta    124980
     acacagacac aaacctcagt ataactagta taatctaaca ctacagttta ttcttttata    125040
     aaatgtgggt aaatacaagt cctacccaat caagctgttg aagaggagtt ggggggcgag    125100
     gagagtactg aacaactctg aaccctttca catgcatggg tatgtgtgtg tgtggtgctg    125160
     atgatggaac ccagggccca gagcatacta ggctagcata ctctagcata tagtgagcca    125220
     tacccttagc ctgagcaatc tttactgttc cttagtttga tttttttttt tacatgtaca    125280
     aagtaataaa attcaatgaa tctgaatcag aaagggttaa ggtgggaact gagatcagaa    125340
     cttacctggt actcttcctc caggcgtgac agaagcacag cttgttccac agtcaggcgc    125400
     aagtcaatca ggcccaaagt cagcaacatg gatttgagct gggccactac aaactcaatc    125460
     cctaggggta ggggacacaa gcccagtcag aactgatagc ctactgcctg tcagtttcta    125520
     ttccctcatg gacagggggt aggaggcacc atcctaagac ccacctgagc ttgacacact    125580
     ctcctgacag aatactcctc cttgtcttgg ggtaactcac ctctgccttt tcttggataa    125640
     gtatatgacc tgaacggggc taattggcat atcccccagg ccccactcca tgattggtta    125700
     aaagatggct atatgggtct aaactaatga tacacgaagt ccagactttt cttggaggct    125760
     atgtgaccct ggagaactaa gtaaaggggt aggacatcaa agccacccag cctccatgct    125820
     caagaggact caagagggat gtgtcactag gtacccaacc ctctaggccc atgaagccca    125880
     aactgtacct tgcagagccc acatgttgta agaggacaag tggctggtaa gcacctctcg    125940
     ggtctgggta gggatgctgg gtcccattat gctggtggag gagccgatct ccataccgta    126000
     cctataaggg gaaggcatga gcatgtctct ggcacactgt tccccaaaag cagtctaact    126060
     tttaaccaga agcaaaaaac caaaccaaac caacagatat ggcgcatgtg ctttcctcag    126120
     gatggcagtg catggaggtg cacacctatg atcacagcac tcagaaggct gaggcaggat    126180
     gatcacgggc agaaggccag tgtgcctgga ttatgtgaga ccttatttca aagaatcaaa    126240
     acaaacaaac aaatgaaaat agtccctcac aggatgcctg ggtcattgtg aggactcagg    126300
     aaatgtataa caagtgataa gttctgtgaa aattgttaca acagaaggaa aatcacctag    126360
     gtatttattc cacaaccctg cagacaaggc agagccgtgg ggactacccc ttcccattcc    126420
     acctggaaag agctgacgct gaatttattt tgctacctta tcaacatctg ttcaactctg    126480
     tacttactgg agccttgtgt taaggaaagc gttgagtact atcaatctct agaagccaca    126540
     catccacaaa tagtgttcac aatgctgcag gaagctaccc tgacctctgt ctatgcacac    126600
     gtgtatctta catagtcacg tttacttagt agtgcagcaa tgataataca gataataata    126660
     atgaaaaagt tttttaaaaa ccaaaatttg agttgttacc tctgctgagt tgagtgctaa    126720
     gtgctttctt tgctggttta ccttccccaa ttagccttgc aggcaggctg gattagtcca    126780
     ttgcaagtca aacaaaccaa ggctcagaga cctgctgggg gagagagctg gggcctttgg    126840
     tgcttcttgg ggacttagag ctgcccctgc atttgtcatg gtatgcccca gtagcagtta    126900
     tttgggacac aatgaccaaa atgatttttt tttagtttat ttatctcatg tatatgagta    126960
     aactgtagct gacatcagac agcaccagaa gagggcatcg gatcccttta cagatggttg    127020
     tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggaactgaa ctcaggacct ctggaagagc agtcagtgct    127080
     cttaaccgct gagccatctc tccagcctga ccaaaatgat tttgaggaac gtgtttaaca    127140
     aggtaacccc tacctctcaa tacctgaggg agcttaagct caggaaggca gcctgagatt    127200
     gcagctgtac tgtgtggccc tgaccccagc acccaaccca atcctaggtc tattcaacgc    127260
     tccatgtggg gctgcacacc ttaccttttc tcagcccact ctatgacggg atcccattcg    127320
     ttcttctgaa gttccactaa tgtctctggc tcttccaccc tgtagctaat tcattgtaaa    127380
     aaccaccttc attaataaaa aagtacaagt ccttcattga gggacagaaa aggaaaatgc    127440
     aaagggcaaa agcaaaaact ttacaccaac aacccagctt cctaagtctt gtcccataaa    127500
     gccatggtgc tcagagtgta gccaaggggt aaaggaacca cttgggccag tagcaccagc    127560
     tctagcctcc cttcagaagc tcactacctg gacactttct tagataaatc ccacactgat    127620
     gacaagcaga acctctgggg ttctggtcat gttcccacat gccctccagg gacttttact    127680
     gtagcttgag ttgcaatcca ctaccttcca gttcccaagt acttgacagg tccaaactag    127740
     cccatgttag tgctactcaa aagcagacct gcaataaaaa tgggatccat acccactgga    127800
     cacagtgctg tgctacaagt tcagtgacag cccctgctcc tgaccaagga ccaaatgcct    127860
     gctgacctca agagcctagc cacctcctgg agtggctcct tttcccaagg ggatcaccac    127920
     agaatcattt tgataaagac acagaagggt cagttgatag gcgctaactt gcacagtctc    127980
     atggatggga accctagggc accacagaaa gctagtttgt aagcagagga gaatgcagag    128040
     aagctgagct gctgagagca gagcaggaag cctttcctcc ctacccaatc ctggacctga    128100
     agagtggagg caggtagaac ttggtccaac tgcctttgtt tatttgttgg aaccctgtat    128160
     agtttttaag aagccttctt taccaaaggg aggcagaatg aactctgttc cctgcaagcc    128220
     actgttccct agcaaaaaca gagtaggctt tcctactccc ttcttttcag agtacctatg    128280
     ctagcatgcc aagcaatccc tgggggtggg gggtgactcc aagcctctga gtaatagggc    128340
     cagcaggccc agtactgcgc aatcattcag ctgtttctct gatgttcctt tactatcact    128400
     ctccaacaag caaatacaga cacaggggag aattcagaat tgggagagac tggcccctga    128460
     ttattgccac ttgtaatgac agggatgcta atacatgaac acattgaggg ccagatgtgc    128520
     tgctgggggt tggccaatgg gtcctataat tctggagcct gtgagaacgg catacatctc    128580
     tatggcaact cagctcagtc caaggggtac cctatgctag aacagtctga gaagttctcc    128640
     tcctggggtt cagtcatatc aattgggcta cctttttgac ttcttgcaaa ataatgacaa    128700
     aggccttgcc tttcccccct ctgatatgct ttggacaaat gaaacaaaat agactaagag    128760
     gttcacacca cccaagaaga ctgttcatct aatgtcactt accagatggt gtcagtgtct    128820
     agaaacttca cagctgcccg gatcagctgg tctttacttc gctgggttgg gttgtccaag    128880
     gatgtgttgc acaatgtggt cttaatgaaa aggtagaaga tgctctgtca ccctctgtgg    128940
     ggttcaggca catcagagcc atgcagtaga gccattgtca cagccgctgc tgtcactgct    129000
     gcagcagcct atctgctagg ggatctgaaa accaggctcc gtcttcaaac tcaattgtgc    129060
     tcaccagatt cattggcctc tcacagtggt ctttcttgga ggagtgaact tcctcaaagt    129120
     ttcaggggct ttatatattt tcacatacat gactatcaga ttaacctgaa taacaatgct    129180
     ttggggcaga tgtgaaaatt gaggcccaca gaggtaaaac acatattcac atacaataaa    129240
     ggcacgaaac tcaaaataac gaaaaagctt taccagcttg tctgacacct cagaaaacag    129300
     gtcaggcaga ttaaactggg atcaagatat tttcctagtg ttagctcatc aagaggaggc    129360
     ttctgagact actccaggcc tcagtttgta gccttgtcac cctgattata ctagatagtc    129420
     aagaagtaga ctatgttgtt gaggcccatc tgggtctgca gtgagtagga tgagaacacc    129480
     taaccccaat acttccttag aaccatgtga gggctgcatg catggtacca tctggccact    129540
     catggcacca taaggtgggc agtacggtag ggatcacagg gctgaagggg gatctctctg    129600
     tatggccgag ggggcttgca gaggcagggc ttcaggggcc tcaatggccg tggaccaatg    129660
     ttcactgagc tccacatata cttccaactg gaactactga gtaaaatcca tggccactgc    129720
     tcctctgtca ctaaccaagc tatgaaagtc acaggaaata aacatgtaaa tagaaaacag    129780
     gccacggggc tgcagagatg gctcagcagt taagagcact gactgctctt ccaaaggtct    129840
     tgagttcaaa atcccagcaa ccacatggta gctcacaact atctgtaatg agatctgatg    129900
     ccctcttcta gcatgtctgt ctggaaacag ctacagtgta cttacatata ataaataaat    129960
     aaatctttag aaaaaaagaa aagaaaagaa aacaggccac tatagactaa gcagtgatga    130020
     aacaaatgac gaactgctat aatgaaaaat aaaggctggg ctcaggtgag gcagcagaca    130080
     cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagc aggcagattt ctgtgagttc gagatcagac    130140
     tagtctacag agcaaattcc aagatagcca gaactatata aacaaaacaa aactgtttca    130200
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agatgagaga catggctgag atgtggatta tttgcctagt    130260
     gtgcacaaac cctgggctca acccccagca ctgcataaac aggacatgga gacacacacc    130320
     catcacctca gcactcaggc agtaaaggca gaagttcaag gtcatttgta gctacaaatc    130380
     aagttggagg cctgcctgag atatgaaccc gtgtctcaaa aacccaaaac caaccaagca    130440
     acaagaataa aacagaatgg gggtaggggg agcactggga gtcattaatg gtgacttctg    130500
     tccagaaacc aggggaaaaa cagtcacaca actcagttta gtgttccaag tagagcagac    130560
     taccaagtag ccaggccaga catggagagc ccttgacctg ttcagtgaca gatggtttaa    130620
     gtgtggttgc agataggcag acaggagctt tgcctacccc agagccttgt cataatatgg    130680
     aaagaactat aagtttttgc caggaaggct tggggagcat caggtcaaag tctgtatgat    130740
     aaaagtctgc ttgctacaag tttgttacca ggtgcatggt gtagaacttg atggtatcct    130800
     gctgagagtc ccattcagtg gccactgcga tggccagggc ttcgctgggg acagtaaaaa    130860
     gcttggcttg gggagttttc agctttctgt ggtccaggtt tatctcaaag ccaccttaaa    130920
     agatcaaatg aaagttctca gggaatgtgg atttgagtga ccattcctgt cctttagcaa    130980
     caaacttggt gcacacaaag acaacactga cataagtgct accgtcatct ggctggagac    131040
     aaaagtttgc cccaacaatt cacaaaaagg ccatcagatt tctcagacac ttaccttcac    131100
     cctgtgagat gctgacattc tgataaaacc tcttcctttc tgtaagacag atttttcaga    131160
     gacaatttaa agtagcatca aaagggctcc agagacaaca ccacttgtat catcattgct    131220
     aatgctgact gattggcttg attttcatat tgccattcaa ggtctgccct agtctgcagt    131280
     atcctcaaca gcttccgatt aaagctaggg aaagactctg cagggacaag gggagaacgg    131340
     gacttgatgg ttatggctct cctagtctcc aagcctgtac atcacacatt tacattcaca    131400
     cagaaaataa agctaacaaa aacatctccc atcttctcta actcatgtat ttaattaacc    131460
     agcttgcttg tatattcaag aggaactcca aatatttcct tcaaggggga taatctgttt    131520
     tatatgtctt tgttagaatt acaggaactt atagaaactt catatgtgtg caaggcaggg    131580
     ggagggtcct ggggagggtt tgataatgaa taagatagaa aaatccttgt cttcatgtac    131640
     tttaaatttt ttataaagtt atcagacctc caaaagaggc atggaaataa gaggactagt    131700
     tggaaaaagg gggtgcaagg ggggagggaa tgaaaggata atggagaaga atattatatt    131760
     atcatcaaag attggacact aaaggctcat atatttgcat gcttggtgga tctcattggt    131820
     gcattgttgg gaacgattag gaagtgaggc cttggtgaaa gaggtgtgac ccggagatgg    131880
     gctttgaggt ttcaaaagct tatgccaggc tctgtctctc tctctgcctg ctgcctgtgg    131940
     atcaagatgt agctctcagc tacttcttca gcaccatgcc tgccaccatg ttttctacca    132000
     tgacgatatg gtctaaccct ttaaaactat aaacaagctt ccattaaata ccttctctta    132060
     taagagctgc tttggtcatg atgtctcttt acagcaatag aacactgact tagacaatat    132120
     atatgtacaa aattataaaa gaataattat aagaattatc agctctggcc actgagataa    132180
     tgatacaatt gaccatatca tctgaaacta taacaccatt ctactattgc acacattcta    132240
     caacaaaata ggtaagtttc tgccaccgtt aaatttccct actttatctg ctacctggtg    132300
     ggctggccac agcctccttt cctatctgtg attgaagttg tatactacat ccactgtgca    132360
     ttctggtgcc tctactgggt aacatgcaaa agtctggcca ggcagaagtc agtgagaaca    132420
     attcttgaca caggcttgag aaatgggtga aagaaatggg acacagaaag gacagaaact    132480
     gactgtgaag gaccgactct cccaaagctg ccaggacagc taagtttcct ataaccctca    132540
     tcttctagca tgctctgcta gccagggcta cctctatatc tgaataagaa tttaaaagta    132600
     tggatagtaa ggtgattaga gaggaaataa agacacacag aaaacaagac agtagaaagg    132660
     caaaagaacc caagagataa tggcttcata ttcaaaggct ttagacaggg cttttcagtc    132720
     tgaagttttg acacagggca aacaccagtc ttcctactgg tccttacatt caaggaccag    132780
     ccttggggat gagatgtgct ctccagaggt tctgtctagt gagagcaaaa tgaataagtg    132840
     acttcaatga cagcaagaac atgtggatgg tgggaatcca gactgaggaa tccttatccc    132900
     atcttgagtt gcaaaaggac ctctgagcaa gcagttaaga gttcatatgt gggggctgga    132960
     gagatggctc agtggttaag agcactgact gctcttccag aggttctgag ttcaaatccc    133020
     agcaaccaca tggtggctca caaccatctg taatgagatc tgacggcctc tctggtgtgt    133080
     ctgaagacag ctacagtgta cttagacata ataaataaat aaatctttaa aaaaaaaaaa    133140
     aaaagaaaag aattttcagg attagaatgg cttacatgag gctcagttga tgaagtactt    133200
     gcttcacaag tatgatgatc tagttgaatg ccctgtacct atataaaaag ccagagaata    133260
     gtcatgtagc tttcaatacc agtgttgaag aagtgggaac aaacaagagg atccctgcag    133320
     cttgctggcc atttagccta gccaattcag cagccctgtc tcaaaacaca cggagagggt    133380
     cagcaagatg gctcagcagg taaatgtgct tatcatgcaa gcccaatgac ctaaattcaa    133440
     tccccagatc ccacacaagt ttgaaaggag agatgaccac ataaagatgg tctctgtcct    133500
     ccacatgcat gtgtggcaca tatatccaga cacatataca aacaatgaaa aacaaagagg    133560
     cagccataag aaaacaaaaa caaaaaacaa aacaaagaca ggagagaaca actttgaaaa    133620
     gctagtcata agaagaatga gaaattaata acctctagtt ttcttccctg agacgttgct    133680
     taagtccata tacagaaaca agtggttttc agtgtcactt ccttcttaaa tccctcttgt    133740
     ctaatgtatg gttattctac cactcacagt ttaggagctg ccccctaccc cccactttta    133800
     agaacctaaa ggcacaggac tacaattccc agactacaat aaaaatctgt gtcaaccata    133860
     caatcatgat accgttatct tttaaaacag cgccatctgg tgggtcttgg accttaaagc    133920
     taaattcaaa atagttaacc ttttataatc ctatgacatc tctaagtggt ggttttcaga    133980
     catcaaaatt cgtttaacat aaacatataa agaaagcctc caactcaggc caggtatggt    134040
     ggtgtgtgcc cttaaccaca gcactgagga agcagaggta ggcagtttga gaccaacttg    134100
     gtctacatgg agatcaaagc catccaggga tacacagaaa gaccatctca ataattaatg    134160
     taattaataa tccacactga aatactacat cacacccttt gaggtgacta taataaaaaa    134220
     gtcagacaat aacaagtttt agtgagggta taaagaaatt tgagacttca tgcactagta    134280
     ctagaaattt aaaacattgc atccacctta aaaaacaaaa aacaacctta agggctagga    134340
     ggtggggaca caggtattta atctcaacaa ctgagagcag aggcagatgg atctctgtag    134400
     tgtgaggtca gcctgctcta caatgctagt tccaggacag ctatggctat acagaaaaac    134460
     tatcttgaca cccctcgcca ccaaaaaacc cccaaaaaac aaaaactaat cttactattc    134520
     cttaatgagc taatttccat ttgatccagc aattttaagc ttagaaaata tagccaggaa    134580
     agataaaacc aaacccatgc aaaaacttgt acacaaaaag tgctgtatca gcatcattca    134640
     tcatcattca ttactcaacc aaagagtaag aaacaactca cgtgtccata aatgtgtatt    134700
     tctacaccaa gctattcagc aataaaaaga ctggactatg gatatatgta tgatacaaca    134760
     cagacagacc ttgagaacat aaatactcaa ttactaagta gaaaaggcta gtcctaagct    134820
     ccacacaatg caatgtctaa aactgaaatc tttaaggaag taatggttgc ctacggctgg    134880
     ggagatggcc aggcaggtgg atggtactaa agggtactcg ctgccttttt ttttttaatg    134940
     tgtttaggaa ttttgcctgc atgtatgtct atccacgatg tgcacgcctt gtgcccaagg    135000
     ccagaaggca tttgatcccc cgggactgaa gttatggatg gctgtgagct gcatgtaggt    135060
     gctgggaacc aaacccaggt cctcgggaag agcaaccagt gctcttaagc ctgagccagc    135120
     actctatccc ctacggacta ctttttacca tgataaaaat gttcttaaac tgacggtgat    135180
     ggtcattcaa attagtgaat atatactagg gaatgtactg tatgctaagt aaattatatg    135240
     tattagattt ttaaaatttt atctcacctg tgagtgctct gtctgactgt atgtacatgt    135300
     gctatgtatg tgctttgtac ccacagaggt caaggtcaga agagggtatc tgatcccatg    135360
     gaactggagt tacagatggc tgtgagtcac tatatgggtg ctgggaactg aacccattcc    135420
     tctgtaaaag caacaagtgt tcttaatctc tgggccatct ctctagcccc ttaagtaaat    135480
     tatatcttaa taaaggtatt taaaattctg ccagggtcag agagatggct ccgtgggtaa    135540
     aggtgcttac aagcaagtct gattccaagt ttaatctccc aagcccatgt aaaggtagca    135600
     agagagcacc aactgtcaga ggttgtcctc tcatcgccac atgtacagtg gcacatggat    135660
     gcccaaatac atgcatacac aaataaatat atgataataa aaaattcttg cagccaaata    135720
     cataagtgca ctattttcca aattgctttt catctggagt ggaggtccat accctaggct    135780
     gttctggcca atataatgaa agcagacaat atgtatgagt atgtggcttt gttccaataa    135840
     aactctactt caaaagcaga tagccgtctg gtccctgaca ctcctatgag aatggcaaag    135900
     caggtaacgt ctcttaagtg gcagaaactt ggagaagctg ccttggacag gaggcaattt    135960
     gtaaatggta ggaacaggac aggacttcaa gcttttattt ctttgggaat ttacctcata    136020
     tgctgcttct ccaaactaca tcctcctctg ggcagaaaac agcaggaggg tggcaatggc    136080
     ctcacaaagg tctctgcact gcaggacctc ctcctccaac cccacagcga gcccttcctt    136140
     caaaagcctc tcctctcctg acaagtttct atggtgtagc tgttcctaac attgacaagt    136200
     ggattcttaa agaagaagga cttaataatt tacatacttc aaagatacac aaaaatatct    136260
     cccacctggg gaggacaaaa agagcaaagc ataccctagg gaggcacggc ataaacaaag    136320
     gaacacattc aggagttcac taaataggca aagggtcaat ttaagcgcat ggatgctttt    136380
     tgttttccat tgtggaggtg cttgatctgc catcttttct tctgtattac agacttacca    136440
     gttggctctt agcattattt agcacatagt aggtagtcaa aggtgaaaga aaataggaat    136500
     gtatgaatga atggggcaca gagagctatc tgtaagtcaa gcccgttctc ctcctcccca    136560
     taccccatga cctcaagtga tcctatctca ggctcccaag cagctgatac atgtgtgtga    136620
     cgctactctt agcttcttcc tttgtcttta ctggcttttt ctgccccact tttaggcctt    136680
     cgtttgtgtc ctgataagca aaaatcagct ccctggtgca tccactccct tccccagtta    136740
     tataaaatca tgggctatag accattgaac ggctcaccac gtatagacgc tgaccactaa    136800
     acccaacatc ctcagttcag tccctcaaag ccacaaccaa gtcctgctgg ttgtcctctg    136860
     acctccatgt gcatgccaag tgcacacaca gatatataca cactaaatga aacaagaaat    136920
     tatgggattt acagcctaaa gaattcttaa aggcaatctc atgcttcaga tcaccaaaga    136980
     aagcaacatc atacatgccc aagaccacag tacctcagag attttgccaa caacagaccc    137040
     caggtttgta ctcttatgcc aattgccaaa ctgcctatgg aattgttgcc taatgagggc    137100
     agtgttgcag caagacctct aacacccagt catcacctct ggacatgtta cacccccttt    137160
     ctcccccatc aaactcttac tcatctctca agccccagtt taaatgccct ttcaatcacc    137220
     ctgtacacgc tcatccttgt gatttcttaa gtccttcata gttcccatat cacaatatat    137280
     tgcaaactat tgtttcgtaa gcataatgaa tcctgcatct gatgttgaga atcattcagg    137340
     tgagaccaca tgccctcaac acaaaacaac taactgaatt tagagaggtc atcactactt    137400
     ttcattcact gaagtgaacc tcacttgtag caatctctct ttcagaagca atgaaataac    137460
     cttctttcag tcttattaca gtccttagta ggtcaaagaa gcctggcata aactcccact    137520
     tagagaaagc tgcagagaat gcagaggctg tggcactgca ctaggacaga gggcccgcaa    137580
     acccctaagg aagtgtgctg tgtgtggtgg aagacttaag gcctgcctct gtgccaagtc    137640
     ttctgctggg tcctgaggac acaacacagt catgaggaca caacacagtc aggtcagtct    137700
     ttgccttcca tagcctcaac cagtctgctc tgtgaccttg gatgtcctga ttgaaagccc    137760
     aaattttcct ttctgaatcc aactaagaca cctgctcccc tttaaaagga aaaacaaaca    137820
     aacaaacaaa caagcaaaca aaaaaaccct gaagctggga ggtggtggtg gtggtggtag    137880
     tggtggtagc actcaggaac tagagacagg aggatctctg agtacgaggc cagcctggtc    137940
     tatagagtga gttccagagc agccagggtt acacagaaaa atcctatccc cgaaaaaata    138000
     aaaagaaaag aaaaaataaa ggaaattgag aaaagcctca agagccaaat atctcgtgtc    138060
     ctgggcacgc tgtgtcccct aaagtcaccc tcgcacttgt ttggatgtca tttttcaaat    138120
     tgaaacagaa ctctgttgct ctaaatattc gcataggcct gaaccctgcc tgtcaccccg    138180
     cattgcacgt cagaaacctt cctccaggtg agcccgactt ggctcctgac caaaaagtca    138240
     cattatgtcc gggcctcacc tgttggcggg acataggccc gggccggagg ctgcggagct    138300
     ggccccggcc atactgagac ggtggggtca ctgagacgcc ggtccaagag accgcgccac    138360
     cggtccctca gccgggggta gattcgccac atcctgccca aggacctggg tggacacatg    138420
     cgtggaaaca gagtacagga aaagagcgaa gagaacccca cacccctcgc tggttctgta    138480
     cggaaacctc tcaccaaggg ttcatagccc tcagcctcct cagcacgccg ccatcttcct    138540
     catgacacct acggcgcgcc gtcgcagccg tgcgccccgc tgcgcgccac tcccgccccc    138600
     gtcaatcagc atcataaacg tgctcgccac gccccctcca tgccgcgcca cgggaagaaa    138660
     actacaagtc ccagagggcc gttcgcgctc tgcgccacgt gctttctctg tccgccaatg    138720
     ggcggaagcg ccgcgtgagc ttgctcccgc ctctccagcg cgcccgcgcc aattggaagc    138780
     tgcagagtgt gtgtgtgttt gtgtgtgtgt gagcgcgcgc gtgtgtgtgt gagcgcgtgt    138840
     gtatgagtga gtgagtgtgt atgcgcgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcgtgcgtgc gtgtgtgtgt    138900
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt acccgcgagg gcaagtggga agggagaccc    138960
     agctcaggtc tgggaggccc tgcttgcagg tctccgggtc caggtggcaa cacgagcgct    139020
     tggtctggcc tcagcgggcg ggtggttccc cggcccctcc cccgcgcgtg cgcgcccggg    139080
     tccgccctcc ccgcagcttc ggctcccgcg cggcggcggc ggttccttcc ccctccccca    139140
     gccctggctc cgggggaccc cgcgatgccg gtccgcaccg agtgtccccc gccggcgggt    139200
     gcctcaacca catccgcggc ctcactcatc ccgccgccgc ccatcaacac ccagcagccc    139260
     ggcgtggcca ccagcttgct ctacagcggc tccaagttcc gtggccacca gaagagcaag    139320
     gggaactcgt acgacgtaga ggtggtgctg caggtgagcg ccaggcggca aggccgggcc    139380
     cgagggcctc ctcgcggcgc tcacgggccg ggcctgccct gggctcctcg agccctcagc    139440
     cgcggaccag gccctctcac tgccggggcc tcctgcaccc ggcgcctccc accgggacct    139500
     gcccagctga tgtcacactc tcgaacccta cccctagccc acccctagac tcagagcctg    139560
     tagtggccag tctccgacag accccgaaga ctgtcccaca cttagagcct ttgactcgcc    139620
     ggcttgggca tccggaagct cccccatgac tagccgtcct ttagcctgag tcggttcttc    139680
     ccaagtcctg tcctccctac accagccagc cctcccacca gtccctgtcg gatcctgaaa    139740
     aactctccat tggctgcccc aaactcagta cctctcgata gcggccagtg tcacattctc    139800
     ccggaatgaa gcttttcctc tgaccccaac tccatcctga gtgccaggga cattgctcct    139860
     taggagaact cagtcagccc actgctgacg ggggagaggt ggccaacctc cctccattgg    139920
     ctgagacaac ccacagaggt tgaggctccc caaagaccag ggagcctcac acccaaatat    139980
     ctccagttgc accacttagt gttaagacct tgtctcgtgg ggccttccag taccaaaacc    140040
     cggcgtcagt cagttcatag gcatccgctg ctacactttg cttcctgtcc caggcttctt    140100
     accctaccct gctgtggctc cttcccatcc ctggcagtcc ccctggcctc tccccagacc    140160
     tcgcaccttg atctagctgg ttgctattgc tggctgtagt gttgctgatt gttatctgca    140220
     tagctccaga gtttcctccg agcctcagat gcctaagtac tgggaaatct aacacagttt    140280
     tgttttgtgt ccacttacct ccccctattt gacctggata tctgagtact ggctggtggc    140340
     tgccagtccc tgaacaactt tgaaacttca gcttcatctt ctctgggcct ttcttttcca    140400
     gaactccacc tctttctctc ccccttgaag cttttcccaa ctgaaggaga ttggtgggag    140460
     tagatatttc tcttttatct atctcccctc tccacaatac tcttctttct aggtattaaa    140520
     ctgtctgcca gaagaccaat tccctgtccc accttgtgtg ctttctccta atgccacctc    140580
     ctaggtagtt ccccaagtct tgttccttga aagccagagg tttagaggtg catactgccc    140640
     cagggcccgg ggagatgtat attgaacatg tacagcatcc accacccttg gttctaattt    140700
     cccatctcag attcttttga gcaaatagat ctcccactcc aaagactcga gagtgtctct    140760
     gctttctaac tgcagcacac tcatcagctc ttttctttcc taccatttgt agaaatagtt    140820
     ctctcagctt tgagattggg aaaaccatac tcttattaaa tgtaattttt ccccataaag    140880
     ctctatcatg aagtatggta tttattgtca ttggaaagct gtgactgagt tatttcaagt    140940
     cttgttacct actgtgataa tcattttttt tcctccttaa gatgtgatac tatagtatga    141000
     aaaaaattag gctttttgtt tttttaattc attcaatcat aaaattctgg aagtgagttc    141060
     tctacatgga tcatgtttag agtggccctg aatttatgcc catttactga tttctgatgt    141120
     aataggttca tagctgccag agcaactagg tttcaaaggg aagtctgttc ctatcatttg    141180
     tctgttgttc cctgcctcga caggggcctt gtgaatcagt ggaaatagtg attgagttag    141240
     aggcatggtt ggtaggtgtc gggtagccca tatccttccg tggaatgccg agtggtggga    141300
     atggttggtg gtcgtgccac ggaatgctcc cctacatctc tgccagtgag cttgttactg    141360
     tgatcaggta ggggcatagg aactgttatg ttaattggtc ttctctagac tcagccctct    141420
     gagaaaagtt ctgtctttca taattcaact tctttcctgc ttttcttgtt tgacttaaac    141480
     tatttttagg aagcagaata ttgttgcagt taaaggcatg gactctgaag tcaaatcaat    141540
     gaaagtatac ctgcttgttt ggcctaagta cttttgctaa gatacactcc acataccata    141600
     ctgtttacct attcaaggtg tacccttaat gatttttagg atattcacaa agttatacaa    141660
     ctatcaccag attttagaac atttatattg ccccaaaaga aacctttgta cacctcagcc    141720
     atcacactta ccaatcctag gctaatcttt ttctgcagat ttacctattc tgagaccaga    141780
     tttggtagta ttcacttgta attccaaaat tcagaacctg aggccagaat ctgggctgca    141840
     gaatgagacc catcctcaaa aaaacaaaaa aaaaaaaccc aaaaacttag gttcatcttc    141900
     tacctgtccc gcacatgttg tataaatagg gtcacatagt tttcctttca tgacctgctt    141960
     ctttacatag catatattca gggctcatcc atgtctcagc acatgtcagt acttcattcc    142020
     attctgttgt tgctctttgt aaacgttgcc tatattttgt ctagccattg atcagctgat    142080
     agacttttag gttatttcta ctttggggct attatcatta atgctgttgt gaaattcata    142140
     tacagatttt tggtttggtg gtgtgcatct ctgtatattg cctaggttag ctttgaaccc    142200
     ctaactccaa gtgaccttcc tactttccct gtcccaagta ctaggactat atgtatgtac    142260
     tatcagctgt atgcaagttt ttatgtgcac atggttttgt ttctcttgaa taaatataga    142320
     taacctagag atagagttgc cggggtttat agaatcttta ggtttaatac tttagcaaac    142380
     taccagtggt tttaaaggta gttacaccat tttatatttc ctctgacagt atatgagggc    142440
     tccaacttct tcacacttta caaacttgtt tgattatagt catctcagtg ggtatgaaat    142500
     ggtatctcat ggtcttaata gaaattcctc aaaagatgct gtatcttttc ctgtattttc    142560
     agaacagtgg ggtatgtaca catgcctgtg agtgcacaag tgcttacata cctggagatg    142620
     ggaggtctat attaggtgcc ttcctctatt gctttccacc ttattttttg agacagggtc    142680
     tctcagtgaa cctgaactca ctgatgggct agactaactg ccagggaatt ccagggactg    142740
     acctgtctga gcctccccag cactggggtt cagatgtgcc ccacctcacc tggctctttt    142800
     gtatacttga agtccaaatt cagagtctca tacttgcata acaagcactt taacaacgga    142860
     gtcatctcaa caaccctgaa aactctgatt ctcagccttt ctactgctgt gacagttcct    142920
     catattgtgg tgacccccca ccataaaatt attttgttgc tacttcataa ctttagtttt    142980
     gctactgtta tgagttgtaa gtacctgata ttcaggatac ctatatgtga cccccttggg    143040
     ggttgtaacc cacataacat cttttatttc gaaattctag tataacagtt actaaaaata    143100
     tatgcaaggg ttccaacaag atcttttccc ctgctctatg actattttcc tctatgccat    143160
     cccataagtc accagtagtg taaaacctag gaccctctga aaggaatatt ttaagagtgg    143220
     ctgttagaca cagcaatgct gaaaggcctc ttttctaaaa aattcgtctt gttacctttc    143280
     acattaagat gtcaacctct tcattggtga gaggtgtgtg caagtagggt gattttagtt    143340
     cacccatcat catcaagatc aatttgggaa gaatgggaag gatgtggttg aatggaggcc    143400
     agatagaaat tctgattggt aatcatgcaa atgtgaagca aggtacactt cagtttttaa    143460
     tcttattagc aagtatttct tccatctaat agcctttagc tctgaaaact actaactgta    143520
     ttgagttcta taagaactac aaaagtgaaa attaaggctt caggctcaga gtggccttta    143580
     ataaaagttt tttttgctga agcacatgag tgtgaaccag ctgtgttact cagttctagt    143640
     gctcaggcca gcaagtgaag atgccagcag tgaagatgct ggcatacttg ggcacctttt    143700
     gcatggatta cctctgacac cagcaccacg gtgtgacaga ccttttggct tcattgaaac    143760
     ctcattgctt tggtgctgac atcatctggc taaataggtt cattacagtt tttttttttt    143820
     tttttttttt tttttttggt ttttcgagac agggtttctc tgtatagccc tggctgtcct    143880
     ggaactcact ttgtagacca ggctgacctc aaactcagaa atccgcctgc ctctgctgag    143940
     tgctgggatt aaaggcatgc gccaccacgc ctggctctca ttacagctct taagaactgc    144000
     cttaatattt gatttgtgtt agagatggaa acctgatagg tgggacttga gagagagatg    144060
     gttcagcagt taagagcaca tactgctctt atagaggact caagttccca gcgcccattg    144120
     tcaggcagct cacaacttgt aactacagct ccaggaggct gtgacactgg cctctttcat    144180
     gtgcatatac tcacatatag atataattaa aaagaataaa atctttttta aaattttgat    144240
     gggtgccata aaactttttt agtttcttag aaacctcact taaaaagaaa agaaatgaag    144300
     aaacctcact taatacatat gctccaagta cctctgtact tagttttgct ttcagaagtt    144360
     aataggcaat ttcagagttt atcataatta gagtcacttt aatgaatgct gaaaccctcc    144420
     ctgagctgtt aggtcctgtt tggggagaaa acaaagagag agagagagag agaggagaga    144480
     gagaggggag ggagaaaaag gagaaaggaa agaagaataa ccgaagtata cagaatcagt    144540
     aaatgatcta ctgtctgaca ttagcatgtg gctccaggtt ctgtgatggg ttgattccat    144600
     ctatcttatt gggcagccag cctcagcatt tcctggtctg tttctcctgc tggtctcttg    144660
     gtattcagcc tcctgagact gaatgctgtg tgttgttctt cccaccttga gagaaaggaa    144720
     gagactcttg ttccacattc aaatgttaat gtttcttcag aagcacttgt attcttattg    144780
     gccagattgg agtcactcac tcctacagct ttggctcaga ggtgatgggg tctgtttgtt    144840
     tttttgtttt gtttttttaa gttggttgtt aagtaggcat ctgacagtga ctaaatgatt    144900
     aatgacctgt ggctgccaag ccttaaaatc tcctgtgccc cttcttgggc tcaaagttca    144960
     ggggctacag aaatggctca acagctaaga gctctgcttc tcttccagaa aacacaggtt    145020
     tgattcccaa tacattacag ctcacaacct tatctaattg cagttctaga gggtctaatg    145080
     tcatcttctg gcctccacag gcatcaagca tacatgtggt acagaaacat acatgtgggg    145140
     ctggagagat ggttcggtgg ttaagaacac tgactgctct tccagaggtc atgagttcaa    145200
     tccccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atctgtaatg ggatctgatg ccctcttctg    145260
     gtgtgtctgt agacagtgac agtgtactca catacataaa ataaataaat ctaaaaaaga    145320
     aaaaaaagtt aaaaaaaaaa gaagcataca tgtgggcaga acactctgta tattaaaaca    145380
     caaaaagccc aaaagtctaa gccagatatg gtagcacata cttttaatcc cagcactaga    145440
     gggacagagg caggtggatt tctgtgagtt taaggccagt caactatatg gtgataccct    145500
     gtctttggga gaaaaaaaaa tgtctttatg aaataggcca aaccaacatt cacaaaatct    145560
     tgggcgttat ccgggttcat aattaaaatt agttccttct aacttcataa aatgttattc    145620
     tcaaatgttc tgctcatttc ataaggaaat aattcaagat gatgcttagg gtcagtaagg    145680
     gcaggaaaag ctctcccaag ccagtagctg agtagcagag agattaaaat gatctagcaa    145740
     gacacttagg gttagagatg gctctgggaa tacaggtggg aagggccctg tgtatactaa    145800
     tgcacagtct gcaaatgaga gggaaatgta tagagaatga acgaacaggc agttccagaa    145860
     ggcacatctt gaaatatttg gctgaaggga gtgatggaga cctgggatag tttttttttt    145920
     aagatatgtt ttattaattt taattagtat atgtatgtct gcatatgggg atgtgcgcat    145980
     gaatgcacat gcccatgaag gccaaaaggt gatagatccc cgagaactag aggttcagat    146040
     ggttgtgagc catctgatgt gggtcctgac aactaaactt ggatcttctg gaagagcagt    146100
     aaatgctctt aacaactggg tcatttctct agcccctaag ataattttca ttgtcagtca    146160
     aaactaaagg taccaaaggc agttgaggct tggattgtgc tgggtgcatg ctgaccactg    146220
     gccttacagg atttttgaag gaccccaggg gctcatttgt aaacactgtc ttttctttac    146280
     agcacgtgga cactgggaac tcttaccttt gtgggtacct aaagattaaa ggccttacag    146340
     aggtaagtat ttcttgccag atctgggata agaaagtgag tggcttgctc agcagctcag    146400
     agagtccagt actgcaatcc catggtgtga tttttttgat tgtgtggacc ataatactgc    146460
     agttttgatt gtccatttgc aaatgtcaaa aaatttcccc tttggtcctc agtgtagaga    146520
     aaatgaagac tcagcatgca ctcgactcag ccactgagct atacccacag ccctcacaag    146580
     tcacagcatg attgattagt cattttatga tagatctttg agtcagaaaa acttaggtta    146640
     acctcaaatt cgagttacca gcctctggaa tgctaagatt atagttatat actattatgt    146700
     ctgagtgtta atgatttttt aagaaaaatt atatggaata gagagatggt ccagcagcta    146760
     aaagtgcttg ctaaccaggt atcaaatcct agcactcgca taataagctg gcatcagtgc    146820
     acttttttaa aagatttatt tatttattat atgtaagtac actgtagctg ttttcagaca    146880
     caccagaaga gggcgtcaga tctcattaca gatggttgtg agccaccatg tagttgctgg    146940
     gatttgaact ctggaccttt ggaagagcag ttgggtgctc ttacccactg agccatctca    147000
     ccagcccctt tatgcacttt ttaaaaaaga tttcttttat acatattgtt ttgtttgcat    147060
     atacatatgc acaccagaag aggacatcag gtcccatgga actacagata cacatagtta    147120
     tacatggttg tggactgtca tgtaggtggt gggacttaaa tgcaggactt ctggaagagc    147180
     agtcagtgtt acataatcac tgagccctcc agtgcacctt tataaactca ccttcaatgt    147240
     agacagagac taaaggatcg ctggagcttg ctggcttccc gcttagccaa gaaaacacca    147300
     actccaggtt cggaagatga ccctgtctca gagaaatatg tagaaagtaa tagaaaagaa    147360
     tgatatcctc ttttttccta taagcacaca aacctacaca aaactgtaca cactctcaca    147420
     gacacaaaca aaactcttgg tggaaaaaaa gaccagagag ataattcagc agttaaaagc    147480
     atttgcagag gacccaaact ttcttcccag gacacacaat gacagcttac aaccactttt    147540
     gagctctatg gaatccaaaa ccaccttctg gaatctgtag acaccctcac gcttctggta    147600
     tacatgcaca tgcccataaa taaagaaaaa aatagtataa cctccacctt tatcatgaat    147660
     ttaacagtct ttgaaataag agagtgaaga ttttttttca ttaattaaat attgtggttt    147720
     agcaggttgt ggtagcccat gcctttaacc ctaaggaggc agaagcaggc agatctcttt    147780
     ttgagaccta cctgctttac agtgagttct aggacaacca gggctaaatg gagaaatcct    147840
     gtctccaaac caaattaagt aaataaataa atgttatggt tcattggaac agtgaaaagg    147900
     aagagtctcg ttttcagcct gatgactaaa aataaagctt tctgtcctct catccagctt    147960
     tctaattctc aagacttctg agatttagaa ggtagagaag agtctccctt ctttccatta    148020
     gtggctaaac agaaagaaaa aggacgcctg actgctactg agtttcctgc caggagtggc    148080
     tgggcacagc cctattgcag tttctcatgg cctttatggc ttcatgtagt ccagcaggac    148140
     tgggctgggt tgaacagagc ttgtaaacct cactcagccc ttttctggat tggtgaactt    148200
     tagtttctca agtctctctc tcagcttctg cttaaaggag agtgaaaaat ccctctctac    148260
     ttcaccagat aacttttctg agtggggagc attgttagag tgagttgtaa ataagaatgt    148320
     ggctcaaatg tggggtgctg ttctgatgcc ccacaggctt ctgcttatct gctagaggct    148380
     gggataagga tgccctagga agtttattat tgatgcagaa gttatattcc ccatctctgg    148440
     aaacttaacc catcagagga cagaaagtga tagtgaaaaa agaggggagg ggtgggagag    148500
     ggagctctgc tttgatttgc cctaaggaaa aacatgtagt aaatcaggat atgctcaggc    148560
     tgggcagtgg tggcacacgc ctttaaaccc agcacttggg aggcagaggc aggcagattt    148620
     ctgagttcaa ggacagccag ggctgcacag agaaaccctg tctcaaaaaa ccaaaaacca    148680
     aaacccaata acaacaacgg aaaaaaaaaa aaaaccctca taaggcagcc agaaactaac    148740
     aaaatgtata gtattttaga acattataac agtgactcca aggccaatca cttgagtttt    148800
     aggaaactgc taagaaatgg caagaagccc tgggaacggt atgcagaagt gctgacagct    148860
     gaaagctttt cctagggcaa gttcctggat gaagctcttc catcaggcag ggtgctggca    148920
     tggctttgca gtgggaccag cccactggta ttcatccttc ctgtcaaatc tcagatctgt    148980
     aggcaaagag gccttcctag tcccatgtcc tcccaaagta gtctgcccaa gtacaacact    149040
     gtcatgcttc tgtggggaac ttagtaaagg ctggtctgtg gtctgagagg cttaagacca    149100
     gaacaggcaa cagaatgctt gagattcttc tctagtaaca tgttacagct ttataaagac    149160
     acttaacaca tcatatattt catcctttta aagtacaggt ctgtgttgtg tttgaagcag    149220
     tcattactct gtagccctat ttagaacaca ctgtagtagc ccagactagc ctggagctca    149280
     tgatccttct gctgccgatg cctgagcact agagtgacag gcgtgcagct ccacatccgg    149340
     acaaagtgta caattcattg tgaactttga tacagccaca aagataggca gcagataact    149400
     tatcaaattg tgagtctctt atgctgtagc cccaactagc atgtgcagag agctgtaatg    149460
     agttggttga attttatacc tgtattagtt gtttgtttat gctttttcat aactattaaa    149520
     gtatcagttc tatctggaag gcaagtggat agcttgagtt caggctagac ccgtcttcat    149580
     tcttctatgt tacccaggac tacacataga gaccatctct caaaaactaa aataatagcc    149640
     agagggtggt ggtgcacacc tttaatccca gcacttggga agcagaggta ggtggatctc    149700
     tctgagtttg cctaatctat agagcaagtt ccaggacagc caggcctaca tagaaaccct    149760
     gtcttgaaaa aaaacaaagt ggggactgaa gagactgctc agcagttaag agcactgact    149820
     gctcttccag aggtcctgag ttcaattctc agcaaccaca tgatggctca caaccatccg    149880
     taatggaatc taatgccctc ttctggtgtg tctgaaaaaa gtgacagtgt actgagtact    149940
     cacatatata caacaaataa atctttttta aaaataaaaa aaagaaagaa aaaagtaata    150000
     ataatgtatc agatacataa tttatttgga ttaaactaca taagtgattt gttttattta    150060
     gttttaataa ttgcagtttt gtgtatgtag tatagagagt taaaagttaa atttaaggtt    150120
     atttgccaca cattcactag caaaatacag cttcaatgtt taggtgctat tttgaactga    150180
     agcaattaga cttgtaaaga ataagaatta aattgtgctg tcctttcatt tccgagatag    150240
     ccaccagtag agaccaacag catggagggt gtctgggagc ccagctttga aggggagatt    150300
     gtgatgaggc ccttcactcc cccattagtc agactgaagt tggaagcagg aatacaggcc    150360
     acactagcca aattcatgag actgataaat gagaaaagtg atgtcactct taattcagta    150420
     cttgttgacc tattggccaa gtaatataag ccctgagaag atatgcctgc ctgaggtact    150480
     cggagttagc ctggaatcag gaggactggt gaaggagttt agtggccaca gcctatacct    150540
     gcctggtctc cctccccatc tcctctttct ttttttcttt tctttacttt tttttttctt    150600
     gttttttcaa gacagggttt ctctgtgtac tcctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga    150660
     ccaagctgac cttgaactca gaaatctgcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggcttaaa    150720
     ggcgtgcgcc accactgctc agcccatctt ctctttctaa tacccttcct tctggtgcta    150780
     tttctggctt gtgagtgagt gaaagagtat gtatgtgtat gtgtttttgt tttgtttttt    150840
     cttattttgt ttctctaagt tatcctaaat ttggctttat agacaaatgc tcagggttcc    150900
     tatgccttcc ccaagaaata atctttgtgg tgacttctga ccaagatgga tcccattcat    150960
     tgtcatttat ggtatttgga gaatgggtta tagtgacctt cacatgcttc ctaaagtgtt    151020
     taagaagtta gcacagaatt gtagtgtgct ctatatcttg tgtgcctgac cctcttaaag    151080
     atccccagtt gctagtcaac tggcctttta agatatctta gctgttagaa ctacttgacc    151140
     ctatgacctt catactgttg caatagaaca ctaagacagg tagggattct gaaattatat    151200
     taaagttcaa aattcagaaa caatataatc ttaacttcct gtttaaaata catggaggcc    151260
     agatatggtg gtatacattt ttaatctcaa accctgagag gcagaggcaa gcagatctct    151320
     ttaagtttag ttccagactg gtgagttcca ggccagctag agctatacaa tgagaccctg    151380
     tctcaagcca ggcagtggtg gcgcacgcct ttaagcccag cacttgggaa gcagaggcag    151440
     gctgatttct gagtttgggg ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg agttccagga cagccagggc    151500
     tacacagaga aaccctgtct ggaaaaccca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaccctgtc    151560
     tcaaaataaa caaaatcata atggaaggaa gatactagag agatggctca atggttaaga    151620
     gcactagctg atcttcagag cactgaggtt tggttcctag cacccacatg cagctcacaa    151680
     ccatccttaa ctatagttcc agaagatcca gcaccctatt ctggcctctg caagtaccag    151740
     gcagacatgt gacacacaga catctgtata ggcaaaacat catacacata aaatataaat    151800
     gtgtctaaag agatatgtaa cctttaaaat aaaatattct atggactttt gggcctatat    151860
     agttcttgcc aaagatggat tagtgtagtt ttttaactta gattagactt ccatttagga    151920
     aaatattcat atctgtatga gaaacccaac ccagcactgt tagtgtagga gtttgaggtt    151980
     ttggaggatg ttagatttgt atatttctaa gttcactgtt aaaaaataaa atggggccag    152040
     gcgtggtggc gcatgccttt aatctcagca cttgggaggc agagacaggc agatttcaga    152100
     gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acaaagtgag ttccagcaca gccagggcta tacagagaaa    152160
     ccctgtctca aaaaacaaaa acaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa gaaatgaaat gggatagatg    152220
     tggagctggg tagatggttc tgtaggtaaa atgcctacta aagacctgaa ttcagatccc    152280
     cagcacctgt gtttaaaaaa caaaggacgg tcatgatcat gtaagtctgt aaccctagtg    152340
     cagccaggat ggacactaac agatcactgg gactcactgc cagcccgtcc actagctggt    152400
     gagccccatc tcagaagaaa cggtcactcc agcctccaca cccatgcatg tgcacatact    152460
     cacacacaaa agagaaagaa cagactgtgc atgtagctca gtggtagaac acttgtgcac    152520
     accgggtcct ggagtccaca aattaataat aaaagcacac agtagtgtca caacaggcct    152580
     cttcagtgtg tcccctgagt cacaggttgt gcagtgttgt ttaagagggt ttttgcactt    152640
     acagaagtga aaaaactatc agtgtggctc tattatttta attttattta ttcaaagtat    152700
     gcgggtgttt ttcctacata tatgtctgtg caccacatgt gtacctgatg ctacaaggcc    152760
     agaagagggc atcagatccc ctgggactgg agttacatac agttgtgagc caccatgcag    152820
     gtgctggcaa tgaaacctgg acctctgatg aagtaataca tgttcaactg ctgaaccacg    152880
     tctccactct catctttttt tccttaacga ctataacagc tcagcttttg aggtggcatc    152940
     tttatgaatg gttgtgattt tgtattgcac acatggtttg catatttttc cttatataaa    153000
     ttgttcttaa tccatgtgac agaattaact gtctttctag catatctgaa aattttcttc    153060
     cagagatatt tctagtcctg gaaacttcaa gaatagatat aatgccagtt atggtggcac    153120
     atgcctttaa ttctaacact tgggaggtag agacatgctg atctctgtga gtccatgacc    153180
     agccaaggac acacagtgaa accctgtctc aaccaaaaaa aaaacaaaag gtagcaaggg    153240
     agcttgagga tccatgaagg gttggcccaa ggtcaaggga gattcagctc tgtatactaa    153300
     ctctggagcc tttgctggga tacaccccag aaaacagcgt aacttgtatt ctgctttgac    153360
     tgtagagaat tcagagttta cttgtagtag acaatactgg taagagaccc gaacatagcc    153420
     agtgaggtca aagagaagtt ttttcctctg gcaaagtctt caaaacccta gagcctcttc    153480
     actatctaag cagctaaatt caggtttatg tccatagcct gttgacagat cagtagatct    153540
     aacagttgtt ttgttgtgtt gattttgtca aagtattaga aaaacgtata gcaagattgg    153600
     ttacctctga gaggtgaaaa taggcaggaa gcaagagagc aatcacacct ttgggaagcc    153660
     tgaggtccta ggttccatta gcaggaccaa ggtaaaatgc tcactcagtg tctctgtgga    153720
     gcttagtggg agggaaatca ctcaacatgt gtggagccct gggttcagag ccaggcatac    153780
     taccaacaaa caacaaacaa accagaaatg cacgtttaat gtcttgttgc ttttgctata    153840
     ggaatatcca acccttacaa ccttctttga aggagaaata ataagcaaaa aacacccttt    153900
     cttaactcgg aagtgggacg cagatgaaga cgtggatcgg aaacactggg tgagtaaggc    153960
     tgtgtgctct gccctggcag tagaagacat ctggagatgg caggcctgaa ccccgggcct    154020
     tgtccccagg aggagttact cagaacttat tcctacacaa gccatagttg ctccaggtct    154080
     agcaaccctt ttcttaactt atcaggtaat aagaacaatc cttcagttcc tcacagtttt    154140
     gtgtggctgt tagaacccag gcaatctccc ctgttctgcc catcttttat ctactgttcc    154200
     tttctagtca gctctgtata gtggaacccc atggagcagg tagcagttgc ccctcgtgtc    154260
     tggatggtct gcagtagagc tgtggttgat gaacccctgc aaaggcaaag tgtgttgcat    154320
     ctttctgttc atcccagtag actgagggta ggccttacct attccatcca gaccctcctg    154380
     agaaattcag attcctgtcc tgagtgctcc atgtgcagtt tcctcattct caacactgag    154440
     tatgtcaaaa taactcagtt actgccctgg ggtcttttcc ctggtttatg ttttggtctt    154500
     tacccaagtc ttacatcttc acagtttcgg tttttttgtc ctgtcacacc agcctttgac    154560
     ttagattgtg gggtgggtag gagtgtgtgg gttgttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt    154620
     tgagatagga tcttgctttg taatccagat tggcttgaaa atcttagtgg tttctcttgc    154680
     ctctgcctcc caggcactgc caacatcctc agctggtttc tggagttgag agaaggtctt    154740
     gctatgcttg ccatcagttt atgctgtagg ataactacct gttctaccac tttcctgtta    154800
     gtgacactta cagctccggt caccaagtcc gggttccata tgctttatat ccttatgaca    154860
     atatttatga cttaacatat caaactatat tatagtgttt tgattcctgt gcatattaaa    154920
     attttactgt tggcctttta tttcattttt tacaaagtat atgcttattt aaaaatacta    154980
     gacagaaaaa atgcgtaacg acaatacata gcactaaggc agatacaaac ttcattttac    155040
     cctcttttgg gtccttttgt atctgagttt gcattttgta tattcagctg attgtagatt    155100
     gaaaatgttt ggggaaagta actcattgat tctcctttgc agtacaagaa aatgctagta    155160
     aaaaatattc tctctcatgc tgaggagatg actcagcagt taagggcact tactgctctt    155220
     ccaaagaact caggctcagt tcccagcacc atgtggcagc ttacaactgt ctgtagctcc    155280
     aattgcaggg gctatgacac ctcttctggc ctccttgaca cacatggtgc acagacatac    155340
     atgcaggtaa aacacctata cacataaaag aaaacttaaa aacaatattg ccaggagtga    155400
     tgacataagc ttttaatctc aacaaccaga ggcagaagct ggcagataaa tgtgagtttg    155460
     aggccagtct ggtctacata gtgagttcca gaccagagag ggctattcta taagaccttg    155520
     cctttaaaaa agaaagttcc aggacagcca gggctataca gagaaaccct gcctcgaagg    155580
     gggggggggg ggggggagtg tgtctctact cggctctaca agctggtttt tgtttttttt    155640
     tgtttttttt ttttttggtt tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtatagccct ggctgtcctg    155700
     gagctcactt ggtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc cctgcctcct    155760
     gagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgctccacca cgcccggctc tacaagctgt ttttattttc    155820
     actcttttct gcacagtaca gtgcagttgt cggtgagcat ctctgctgca gttcagttcc    155880
     ttagagacag ttgagggcgt gtagaagcgt gatgtgtacg ggccacatac gcatcaacca    155940
     cctcatctga gggatacggt ggctggatct gagggataca gtagctgggg attttggtgt    156000
     ctgtacagcg tcctggaatc catccattgt ctggaccaag agttgactac agacgtttag    156060
     ggactttttg gtttgcatta aatattttgg ttttgtttgg tttggtcttt tttttttaaa    156120
     aataaaactc ctttgttgtt gttttttgtt tgttttgttg gttggttatg tggtttgtta    156180
     gtttttttga gacaggttct ctctgtgtat ccctgactgt ctagaactca cactgtagac    156240
     caggctggcc tcagactcac agagatcctc ctgcctctgc cccctgagtg ctgggattaa    156300
     aggcatgtgc caccacacct ggtgtctctc tctctctctc tctctctcta agttacgtta    156360
     ttaagttacg ttattagcct gttccagttg ctacctgaat atctggcaca agcctcatgt    156420
     ctaaccataa gaaccagctt tccttaacca cttttctcta ttggacaggc actctttcaa    156480
     tttgttgtct aggcagtcct tgaacttgga ttactcctgt ctcagcctcc catgtgctgc    156540
     aattatgtat gtctactacc atgcctagct ctggacatgc tgttacagag tgtcccagaa    156600
     tgactcttct ttgcttttgt ttggttggtt ctttgcgttt tgttttagat ttattatttt    156660
     atgtgtcttg aatgttttgc ctgcatgtat gtgtgtgggt gctgggaacc aaacctgggt    156720
     ctttgcttat gcaagagcaa aaatttcctt aaccactgag tcaactctct agtcctattc    156780
     attttatgtc tgcagataga taagtagata gatagacagt gtataggttc cttgtaggag    156840
     ggtgtggcta tgcatgtaca tagagccaga ggtcgacacc agatatcttc ctctatagtt    156900
     ctgcacattt ttttgaggca gtctctctct aaactgagag caactctagc attgtaggtg    156960
     tatacatcct tcctggcttt tatgtgggca ttagggatct aagctcaagg tactttacca    157020
     actgagccat ctcctcagtc cctttgtttg tgtttgtctt ttgtttgggt aaaacagaac    157080
     ttctctgttg ccctggctgg tatagaactt actatgtaga ccaaactaat cttgaactca    157140
     ggaatcctct tgactccacc tcccacgtat actagaatta aaagtacata ctaccagcca    157200
     ggtgtagtag cgcacgcctt taatccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggc ggttctctga    157260
     gttccacgcc agccaggaac caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa agaaagaaaa gaaaaaagga    157320
     aagtcacata ctcccttgtc caacaccatt ttgttttgta agctatgtat tctaggctgg    157380
     cgttgaatcc ctgtgtagct gaacataaca ctgtgctctt gatcctccta tctccagcct    157440
     tcccagtgct gggacttacc ttgacagtcc tcgcccatcc gtatttttgt tttgttgtgt    157500
     ttgagacagg gtctcattat gtagttctgg ctggcctgga actatgtaga caaggtaggc    157560
     cttgaactca gagagatctc tacttcctga ggtttgggat taaaggtgtg tgccaccatg    157620
     cccagcgcca ctctatattt ctttgctgaa gtcccactag tccattttta ctttatatgt    157680
     tctgatgggg tactctagaa ctgtgcccat tctcaccctt tagaccttat ccactggctg    157740
     tgtttactgg gcacacaatc aagtagctct ttgtccatct agctgtcctc tcatgagctc    157800
     agacacccac ctttccttgt atggatcact gagactcttc tttctgttgt ttttagggca    157860
     agtttctggc tttttatcag tatgcaaaat catttaattc agacgacttt gattatgaag    157920
     aactgaaaaa tggggattat gtcttcatga ggtggaaggt aagattctgc ccaggccatc    157980
     tcccgaaaca cccatatgcc agattctaga gcacccacac acacttcttc ttgcaggtta    158040
     tgccctcccc acagggaccc tccatgctgg ttgcttaatg ccgtgtcttc atgacagggt    158100
     acctacatac ttgtaagcac cagtggtgtg gtagctgcag agcacacctt agtaaactgg    158160
     ttatgctgtt tagtgggcag caggcatatt tatgccagta ggcaccgctg accagtatcc    158220
     tcttttttca cccaagaatc ctgtgagcct ccaggctgag tcatccaagt gttctgggga    158280
     ctcagggaaa ctgcttgaac ctagtcatca ctgcgtcctg ttcctgccag gagcttaaat    158340
     gtcatcagaa tgactgctct ccaaccacat cctctaccaa gggcttctgc ttcccacagc    158400
     tcaggaaatg aggagccagg agtggagcat gagcccttga ctccctctag ggtttcaatg    158460
     gattggtctt tgcctgagag tcctatgcct ctcgtggcaa tatgctgtct acaaccacat    158520
     gaatgcaagt ccacgtagca tctccagtcc ccattgtctg ataaataaag gagacagaaa    158580
     gctacttcaa tatgacagta tattacagtg ttcataaaga tcaggcagct agggctggag    158640
     agacgactca gcggttaaga gcactgactg ctcttccaga ggtcctgagt tcaattccca    158700
     gaaactacat gctggctcat aaccatctat aatgggatct gatgccctct actggtgtgt    158760
     ttgaagtcag ctacagagta ctcatgtaca taaaataaat aaaattaaaa gaaaaaagaa    158820
     acaaaaaagg tcaggcaggt aaagtaccat ttgcttgctg tctgtgcttt gtgactgatc    158880
     attttggata tgggctatca ttttttcact agacagtcac tggatagctc acagcgagct    158940
     tccctctcta gtccctctgc catccaatgt gtattagctc actctgttat ccagcacctg    159000
     ctgagcctcc tgcctcagcc ttctctacag tgggaaacat accaacaaat ccttgaaagc    159060
     accagctctg atttttagat tattattttt tcctgtgctg aggaagtaac tcagggtttt    159120
     cacatgctag gcaaatgttc tactactaag ctagacctca gccctaaatt aaactttaaa    159180
     atgatatttg aaggttgaaa aagggagaaa agagtgtcca ttaaaaaaaa aaatactgga    159240
     gaagatggag agtgtttgtg gtagagcatt tgtctagcac gcacaaagtc ctgagtttca    159300
     tcccagcatt gaaaattaaa taaaaagttt gttaaagcag tggatttgtc tccagataat    159360
     ttctcttttg tccggtcacc tgacgccctg ggcttctgac tctgtctccc agagaccagg    159420
     agcaagggca tagcctttca ctgcttgttg ccagtttaga tggcagatgc ctgtctttgt    159480
     ggcacaaatg gtgctgtttc ttggctttgg tgaggtatca tgggcattct taattcagtc    159540
     tgaccagaaa ctccagtaga tgtgcttacc tcattgttag aggcaatcaa aacccagtga    159600
     caggtcctgg gaaccagaac tgaaatttat tctttctagg ttattctgtc aatggtctcc    159660
     aagaggtacc aggtgggtag gcaagtaggc aggaaagtag tatggattgg tcggttagat    159720
     ccagagctat gtttctgtgg gcttaccaca gtaggtagga tactgcagta accgtgaaca    159780
     ccacccccaa accaggcaga aacccagcag ttgaatagga ccatgtgatc atggtttttt    159840
     gtcttgtttg ggggcttttg ttattaattg ttttgtttct agcagtcttt agaactctct    159900
     ggtgtcttac tggaaaggga aggtcttgac tggtcccata tctgtgtgca ggagcagttc    159960
     ctagtcccgg accacacaat caaagacatc agcggtgctt cctttgctgg tttctattac    160020
     atctgctttc agaagtcagc agcctccata gagggctact actaccatcg gagctcagaa    160080
     tggtaaggac ctgtggccag tactacctca gacattggcc tcaactccag ctgtcacatc    160140
     tggaaggaga ttctcccagt ctacttctgt ccaaatcttg tactctttgt gtgtgttgag    160200
     gtcatttaga tggtttcaca ttgaaaaggg actctttcct atctagagag tgaactgaaa    160260
     agtggttatt atgtaaagat atagtctcta aatactgtaa aattttttag actttttatt    160320
     taatgtgtat gcatgttttt cctgtatgta tatatgcata ccacatgtgt acctggtgcc    160380
     taaagagatt gaagaggaca ttggatcccc aagagctaga gttatgaatg gttgtgagcc    160440
     accatgtggg tgctgagatt caggtctgga tcttcttcta tctgactctc cagccccatt    160500
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctccc tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    160560
     tgtgtgtatg tgagagacag acagacagac tcacacagac acataaacac gctctcttac    160620
     aaacacacta gaggtagaac ctcatgcttg ttatgtggga tgcaaaccaa ggccttgtac    160680
     atgctagtat gtaagtaact attctatcac taagcagcac ccagtatata ctttcaggca    160740
     gtgttgcatt ttcaggaatg attacctcaa tcctgataat atatattcct cataaattta    160800
     ccagtaaatt aatgttatct cttacagaca atgtgacttt ttagttacac cctggcactg    160860
     cctctcatgc acttgatctt gggctgatga atgagggggc catgagagtt caccttccta    160920
     ccttatgctg cagaccctct gagtcccttt gtctgtgtgg aacgagtctc tgaggcaggt    160980
     ggacaaggcg tcagcgggtg acagacagac caacattcga gattgtgtag aatctgaatg    161040
     taatgtcaca aagtgaacac caatcttata tagtacagaa aatacaaagg gtagcaggca    161100
     aagtacattg aagttacttg atacaaaaca aaggaatgac aacaaaggga tttacagaaa    161160
     ccaggtagat gtttacagta aagataaagc agtcctgcct agggtcagct tagtgacagg    161220
     taaggatttc acactctagt gctatacctt tgaaccttgt gaaagctagc accagggggt    161280
     tcttctgctc ttagcaggcc tcatgaataa tgcaacatca caaacccctc tcctccccat    161340
     ttcctaggcc ttgccaaacc cccacatgag tgtaactttt aagtaactgg agaatctcca    161400
     tttgtcagaa gaattcacca acttgcttct aatatgcaat gtagcctgta ctgaagattt    161460
     ctatctcagt ggaattccct ggcactttca tggtagtccc ttgtttgggt gcgatttgct    161520
     actgtcctta gtaaatactt tgcagaccag ctctgagctg ctggctccat cttttgtaat    161580
     gcttaattag ttactgaata ggtaacttcc ttactgcatt cttgctggat tccaagcttc    161640
     tgggaccttg ggacactggg gagacttaac tgtatcagaa tttaatctta aaaggcattt    161700
     ataataaaat atcaaaagag agctcgtagt tccatacacc agactaactc ggaaataggg    161760
     tatgagtata tgggtaaatg agaacgccaa agctccagga ggtgagtttc cgtgaaacac    161820
     ttttcctcgt tgagtgctta cagactttca gcctgtcaag cagacttgac cggagggcgt    161880
     ggcaacctta tgttcctcca aggctaggga cagaaggcca ccttaagtgc tggcttttgc    161940
     caaggggact ttcttgtttc cttcctatac cttgagagtt agctgtacca gtttatttat    162000
     tctttgaaat ggagcactgt gggctggaga gatggctcag cagtaaggag agtttcatgc    162060
     tcttctagag gacccaggtt tagatctcac cactcatatg gtagcttaca gctgcctgca    162120
     actccagttc cagagaatca aatgctcttt cattccaagt acccccacat atgtagtaca    162180
     cataaactca cacagactca cacacataaa taaaagttaa atacattttt aaaaaataaa    162240
     atgagacact aatttctttc cgtttttgtt gttttagttt ttattcttac ttgtgaatga    162300
     ccctagccta catcgattca aattctttgt tctttagttt tgtttgtttt gtgaacctag    162360
     ggactgagtt acatttgttt gtttgtagac atagtttact gtggtgacca taaactgaag    162420
     agatcgggaa cttgtattct tctgcctcca gctcctgggt agctcggatt acagacctgc    162480
     actccaggct tgacttttgt tttgttttgt tgtcatttca gacaggctct cactatgcac    162540
     ccttggctga agaagaactc tatgtagact aagctggcct cagactcaga gagatctacc    162600
     tgcttctgcc ttcatgtggt gggataaaaa aggcttgtat ctctaggaca gtcagggcta    162660
     cacagagaaa ctgtttcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagct tgtgtcacca tgcccagccc    162720
     cagcccctta gggccctatt tttgtgaact gtattacaat tattttgtaa aagcaattct    162780
     taggcatggt acaggtggaa caacaaaaaa ggaacagagg gaactagtta ggtaaaacaa    162840
     gttaacaaag ccagacacag tgctatacac ctgtatctcc agctacttgg gaggctgaga    162900
     caggtggatt gcttggttcc aggagttcag gaccagcctg ggatgcacag tgatacccca    162960
     tttcaaaaat acaacaagat ggggaaggga gggtctagag agatggctca gcagttaaaa    163020
     gcatgtctgc ccttcctcag gacttaggtc ttgattccca gcatcacatg gtggctcatc    163080
     atttataatc ccagttccac agggtcttat gccctctttt tactttctct ctctctctct    163140
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctatctat ctatctatct catgcatgca caaaataaaa    163200
     agaaaacaaa aatttagcaa aattgaggtt tgatgccaca tatgtttaat cctagcactg    163260
     aggtgtcaga agtagatgga tcacagtgag tctgaggcca gcctggtcta catggggaat    163320
     tccaggccag ctacagctac atagtaggac cgtcccttta tgtaactgga aatggtttag    163380
     cacctcaatc tgaatataat tggcggggac tctaggtaga gttctccagt tgcctttgtt    163440
     caggattcct aagaaaactc ttctattctg tctctcctct attacaggta tcagtccctc    163500
     aacctgaccc atgttcctga acacagtgca cccatctatg agttccggtg acagaggttc    163560
     agaacagtgg ccaaataaaa ctgaacttgg caacaaagag ctttgcgagg aaattatgta    163620
     cctgccagaa ccaggagagg tgtgttcctg tttgttcacg agcagacttc atcagaaagc    163680
     atgaatgtta acctacagga tccaaggagc atggccaacc tgcaggcagg cagagggagc    163740
     tgttcacctc ccaccctcct tcctctcagt ggcattgtgg tcaccatctg tttctgaaca    163800
     accttaaatg cactttcctt cctgcacagc taacttctgc atcactgaaa tgccatcttt    163860
     cctcggcctg cctctagcca agtggaaggt cagctcctgg gtcaccttag ccttggtgct    163920
     cagtggtctc cacccaggcc ctactccttc ctcagttgct tgtttggtag cccaaggaaa    163980
     gggagagccc agcatcttgt gccccagagc tctatgtgag ttgcctgggc ccagcatata    164040
     ccaccaatga gatgagatgg ggtccctggt gggcctcatt gacctttgat tccagttgat    164100
     gtcttgtagg gccctgtgtg ttaacaatgc aagactagca catggctgtc gggttttctg    164160
     ggcctgctgt tggggatcac taaatttaag gcttccagat ccctggtagg agtagatccc    164220
     aaactgcttt ctcagtacat ttgctccaaa cttctgaact tgagggcaat actaaataaa    164280
     agagtttttt attacaaaat tattattttt atggtacctt taacaaggac cctatggcaa    164340
     atgcacaatt attccgaatt acatttatcg ttttcacatt gaaaacagca aatgttgacg    164400
     tagtgacttt tatatctatg tctatatgta tatttaatca accagcagtt ttgaaacagg    164460
     tcatcctggt acagaagttt tgcagcattg cttaaatcac agtgctaaac acaggaactg    164520
     tttccgggcc ggctgagcat ttgcgcctcc tccttttgct actcaaaaca tcagtgtgtc    164580
     atgacaacct tttccaaagg cagagggggc ccccattctc cggaaaggat gactgaaatg    164640
     ttgtcatggc gtgggcagga agaaatgcac tcaaataact cgaggctcat gtgccaaagt    164700
     gtgagagagg ggagtggttt ggtttggttt ggtttggttt ttctaaatgt ttaaaaagct    164760
     taatagattg gcatcagttg tagtccacaa tattgtcagg actttgggga attctggtgg    164820
     tttacaggtc caaacacaag gggaaaagct ttaaaataaa tacagcatca gggctgggag    164880
     tgcagctgac caagcactag cttgtcacat atgaggaagg acctggcttc catttccagt    164940
     gctggaaaaa gggaacacca aggggtagca ggttggctgc tgttgtattg tgctgtgtgt    165000
     tactaatact gaatatctgg gaaccttaag agagcagaag tggggaaaga aaccagcagg    165060
     tacttggcaa tatccatagc cccaaaactt acccagtcag taaagctggg gctcagaaac    165120
     cataacaata catcatccca agacttaggt agaagaaaag aatccacatc catcgctagg    165180
     gctgaatcag tggttcctta cccttgagaa gcagcctggg tacggcagtg cacctcgagg    165240
     cccagctgct cagaagcctg agcccaggag aaagggtcag tctaaggtga acctaaactt    165300
     catctgacat caaaactcaa ctgaatatga gatggccggc tctggtcaga agcacctggc    165360
     ttacaccaca ggccaccatc gcttcactta agctgagggg cagcactgga gagtgaagga    165420
     ggcagaaaga ctgactgctg gcttttccct gcagcacctg ctcctctggc tttccaccat    165480
     gctattgaac cattgtgtgc tgggcaggta tcattcagca gtggatggag tcaccctgaa    165540
     gctagggctc gtgtgtagct ctagtagcac gtcagtgaac agcctctcct ctaaactggg    165600
     caggccaggt cggagcatag gggttccccc tacacccccc ttttgttcct ttgatctctt    165660
     tgtcttcagg gtctcacttt gtaactctag ctggcctgga gctcactttg tagatcaggc    165720
     tgaccttgaa ctcactgaga tccacctgac tactcagagc gagtactagg actaaaggtg    165780
     tgagccacca caccctgctt tttttttttt tttttttctt agctagggaa gtgttccagc    165840
     tctacttaga aagatgaggg aaggatgcct ttagcagaca gacttcagac ctacctgaag    165900
     acttgctgct tagaagtctg cccctgaaca ctgggcagga ataaacatgt tccacttctt    165960
     agtaactcct agctggtgga cagtgacttc ttttcctttt ctgtccctgg aggacctctg    166020
     ggacttgtct ccattggtag ctctttaacc agctgctcag tggcttgcat gcctctggtc    166080
     ctgtgtgcaa tatctttgcc tggcacttgt atctaacatt gaaaaatagg tgcagactgc    166140
     aaatgtccta ctgttctcta ctccaacgag ccaaccccca ggcagggact agaggtctgg    166200
     ctgctcttct cttaccctcc actcagaagg ctccactgct gtggccagct gtggccctct    166260
     cgttccctgc tttaccagtc tacccaccta tctcctttaa gatggcctag catgtcagct    166320
     gcagtccaaa agtaagtaga caaagcctca tgttaagtag acagtcaggg tggactggcc    166380
     ctgttagcag tgttggagtc agattccagt ggaacaaagg ggtttctcaa tgtcttttgc    166440
     tttcagaagc agggaattca tattcccttt aaggccttga atggattttt tttcctcata    166500
     aaatagtcac tgataagcta atttttaaaa agaaatgcca ttacgtatgt tacattgtgg    166560
     tttaaaatta ctaacaagtt ctgggaaaga aaatacttga ttttgaatct taaatgtttt    166620
     ttaaaaatta gatttgaatg ggcgcaaagt acaaatattt tgtttcttta tggaagacct    166680
     gtggaaaggg tttgaagatt tgcaatggga gaattatttt gcagagctat caatgtctaa    166740
     ataatttttg aaaaaaaaaa accaataaag gtatttaagc agtgtgtgtc caatttgtaa    166800
     gtcaaaacat tccactagga gaaatctgtt cctttgtgac tggagcagga accagcaggt    166860
     caagcctagg tttaatcagg tgaatggctg ggccgtgtgc tgcttcagca gcaggtgtac    166920
     tgagccaagt tgaggagtcg cagctatcag atcggtatgg atgccacagt gttgggtgtg    166980
     ggtcaggtga gggaaaacac cctttcttcc atctagcgta gcttataagt tcttgccttg    167040
     atttctctca tagatttggt ggtatgtatg agtgttttgc ctgcattgtg tctgtatact    167100
     atgtagtccc tagtgtccac agacaccaga agagggtttt tggattcctc tcaaaatgga    167160
     atctcctttc actggtggtt gtgaaaggcc atgtaggtgc tggcaatcaa acctggggtc    167220
     tctacaagtg caagtacttt taactgctaa gcagtctttc caaacccctc ataaatctct    167280
     catatgcctg tatgccacta ccatttgaat tctccccagt aaacttacag ggtggcttct    167340
     ataataagtt ttattcccag gaatatctca ttaatctgtg ccagagaggt ggtgctgttt    167400
     tggggtccac ttaaaggctg cagtcctccc tcataaaaga gtcaaaagct tcttgtaaaa    167460
     ttattttcta gggttctacc cagcctaaaa attgttttat atggtgggag taacttggaa    167520
     taatgtcttt acagactgag gtgcctggca gtgctcagcc agccactcta ccttttgtct    167580
     tctttccatt ttgttagaaa tgaacttcct agctgggcaa tggtggcgca tgccttgaat    167640
     cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggcaga tttctgagtt caaggtcagc ctggtctaca    167700
     gagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac agagaaatcc tgtctggaaa gacaaacaaa    167760
     caaaagtaat gaacttcctt agaaatctgg aaggaatttc ttggcacacc agtattgaga    167820
     tggcaagaga tgagccatta tgtgatggtg ttggtgttag gccagctgat agaatcgagc    167880
     acgaattccc ttcacagcac gaagggaatc tcatagccct aaagcctggg tgcttgggct    167940
     gattgcaggc ctgtcctagt gtgctgaact gggtgtaagc agcaggctgt gggcctgtca    168000
     caccccacct cagtctgtaa gttaaggaca ctcagtctta tcccattagg ctgtgtcaag    168060
     ggcttctgcc agaacattgg agttcctggg aaatggtctc aaatgttgaa gagactttaa    168120
     atttaaactg gagtgccaaa gaaatacatc cttggtcagc ctgggccaca aaataagatc    168180
     cccttctcta aaataaagtt atagaaaata tttcctgggt ttctgggtgc cagggtctgc    168240
     actgaaagaa ggcagaagtt gagtccgagt cagtgctatt tgtgtgtctc ggtaacattt    168300
     gccagtcacc cattgcagaa gcagtttttt tagaaaattg gtaacagatg aaaaggtttc    168360
     agagaattgg gtcattgaca gcagtgtcgt ttctgactgg aattcgagct gcctaagtaa    168420
     tcatggcatg agcacaaccc gtaagacatt acaagagaag actttgccac attcgattat    168480
     atactatata ggggtgaaag cagtctgaga gatctgaata gaaaaaggaa tcaagttaaa    168540
     aactgcaaag ctaaagttga gctacttggg agccatgagc cacagaaaca actcattatt    168600
     gaagttccct attatggcaa cgactctgac tttgaggtgc tgtaccagca atgccttagg    168660
     tgctacaagg ccttcctgga gaatattcac tagctggtcc tacccaccag ccactattgc    168720
     gcaaatcaca ctgctatgca cacaggtggt ggcagtcctt agccccttac cccatctgtc    168780
     ttttcagctg acttactgta tatctttaaa ataattgtag gtggaaatta ggtatatgtt    168840
     cagaaggata aaaacacttg agtcagacag tttgaagtgt ggctaagcat tcttagacta    168900
     actaaataca tctgacttta ctgtaattac aaagtagtgg aattagcaaa tttggaacaa    168960
     aataaaaaca caatatagta agaatgaaga aggtccaggt cagcctctga gcccagcaag    169020
     cctgggtagt ctcgtctatc ctgagtatgt gcatggccag cagccagtgt gccgtttgct    169080
     tgccttatgc ctctctattc tagactctta ttatgacaat atcaccatcc acagcagcct    169140
     tccatttaac attgaaagag tttgagctca gacacgccga gagtattcag gtatttgaga    169200
     gaggagaagc cagatgtaat gatgggcctg agactccagc aggccgtcct gggctggaca    169260
     gggacattct gtctaaaatg tgaacaaaaa taacaacgga tgggagcaac agattgatgc    169320
     aattaacatt ttcagtctta cttggttttt tgtctagatt ttttagtgtt gtttctattt    169380
     gagctacttt gcctttaaaa aaaaaaaaag gaagaagctg ggcgtggttg cacacacctt    169440
     taatcccagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg agttctaggc cagcctggtc    169500
     tacaaagtga gttccaggac agccagggct atacaaagaa accttgtctc gaaaaaccga    169560
     aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg gaaggaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa    169620
     ggtaagtgtg cttaaatatc ggtgtgtttg tgagtgttct ttcatcaaca tttttaaaaa    169680
     gttacaggta agcacgagta actttagaga attttcagaa aagtgacctc aaattcatat    169740
     ggatatttgt cagaaaagaa tgtgaactaa actgggaagt tagcaaatag aacagcaaag    169800
     aaaatatttt tctaagcttg ctgtgtgcag ggcgctgtgc tagctgtgga gatgctgcag    169860
     attgcagaag ctccttcccc tgaaggacaa ggccaacagt ggcgcacagc tagcaaattc    169920
     ctctgatagt gcaattgctt ctttgttttt gccaggttct ctctagtttc tcaggctgct    169980
     ctcaaaactc ctgggctcaa ctgatcatct ctcttcaacc tcctgagccg atggggctat    170040
     agatgtgtgc actgctggca cagcagagtg agtatctcaa tgtggggggt gaaagggaca    170100
     ggggacaggg cttcactgtg gtgtaaataa gctggcctca acctgcagtg tgaggagcgg    170160
     gtgtggcagc agtcccaaga aggcgccagg gactgcagct aagtcttatg acttgcacct    170220
     gacttcctca tacacctgaa aataagccac aaccatcgtg agagctgcgc aggtgcacca    170280
     ggatactggc gaatccatat ttggtggaga catgcccctg ctgccctgat tagctgaagc    170340
     tgcgtgcctg gtgagatgat gtggcctgct gtgagttgat ggggactgag agtatataag    170400
     agtgagaggc ccggggtttg agaggaagat gaagagagat aaagttgaag cgagagagat    170460
     gaagactgaa gtttgctgaa taaactgctg ttagaaggac tggtggtcgt tcttgctggt    170520
     cgagagcaga cgagacactg cagtcctgct gcctcatcct caagtgcttg gatgacaaat    170580
     tgccccacag cacctttcta atatatcaat attttttttt tttagtttca ttatgctgtt    170640
     taatctagca tgttgccttg aaaggcttgt agtagcaaga gtacaaatac ttctccagca    170700
     tgtctcctag acaccatttc acccactgct ctgtttggtc gccaagctct cgtctctctc    170760
     ttcagcaatg gtgaggcaga ttccccttca tgggggaaga gagatccatc gtttgttacc    170820
     cttgctgata gaaagaatgt tggacagcca agtggcaatg tggttgccat tggtatcttt    170880
     cacacgaacc acattaaaag agccaggatg tctctcttga tgaccacacc aattcttccc    170940
     aagttagcac cttcagtcac catacacagg ttcccagtgt caaacttgat gaagtcagtt    171000
     attttgccca tctacaaatc aatctgaatg gtgtcgttca ccttgatgag gggatcaggg    171060
     tatcaaatag ttggagcatc gtgggtcacc agatgaggga ttccttttgt gcccacaaag    171120
     atctttctca ctttgcacaa cttggacttg gcctcctcgg gtatagaacg atgaagagca    171180
     aagcgaccct tggtgtcata gatcagatgg aagttctctg aagacctgtc agtgctgagg    171240
     acatgcataa acccagcagg gcaggttatg tcagtcttga ctttcccatc aacctcagtg    171300
     aagcactgca tgcaaatctg tcagggcatg tgtcagtctc ttccctagaa aaatgatcag    171360
     agcaggcatt cccacagctt gtgagcacca ctggatggat ggggagcaaa ggcaccagtc    171420
     aatgtataca acattcaatg ttctggagtc aatgcacact gcagatgctc cttggaacca    171480
     cagccacgac tgtgatgaga atgggaccta atatctcacg gacctgagct gagatggaag    171540
     gcacaggcat cgctcagggc tgctagaact agaagtctga agcccagcat cccatctccg    171600
     gtgcctcaaa accaaaacta aaggagctga agagatggct cagcagttag gagcactggc    171660
     tgctcttcca gaggtcctgg gtttgattcc cagcacccac atggtggctc attgtaacca    171720
     gaactgactg taacttcagt tccggatccg acaacccttc ttctggtctc tgcaggcatc    171780
     aggcacacat gtggtacaca gtcataaatg caggcaaaat acctgtcaca taaaataata    171840
     atagggagtt aaaatttaaa aggcaactgg ccttgacaat agaagcaaag ggtttgggac    171900
     ttgagtgctc tcgaatagct gtctatccaa attttccttt aaaatgttcc aaggttgaaa    171960
     ctcttactta tacctaacag gaaaatgtaa gtagcttctc atttgtagaa aagtacgtgc    172020
     tacattcaaa tttattgtta ccatttttcc ttctgtggtc tcaatttgtt tcatttctcc    172080
     acagctcctc tagctggcat gatgaagctg cccagtcctg gctgtatccc acccttgagt    172140
     tcattttaaa tccgtcaagc tatgtgcagc agtgcacacc cgcagtccta gctattagag    172200
     gaggatcatg agtccacaag ttcaaaacca gctttgtcat cacaatgaga cggtgtcttt    172260
     tcaagattaa gttctcaagt ccctacactg ggctgaatgc aacctgttgg tgttccgaaa    172320
     gcccccacca tgactctgac atgcaacaaa gttttgaatg atgatctgag tcccactgaa    172380
     aatgagaaaa gccctggggc ttggggtgtt agagcattaa atgcaggctt gtggtggaaa    172440
     tggtaccgac tttcaatagt gaaacctcag actagcactg gggcacagag gactagagag    172500
     acagatggct ctgtcactaa aatgcttact acaggaatat gatgacctga gttcagatct    172560
     ccagcatgtt cctgtattcc ctgaaccggg taggcagaaa catgatccct ggggcttgct    172620
     gatcagccag acattgtctg ttgtcatctc ctcctcctcc tgctcctcct cctgctcctc    172680
     ctcctcctcc tgctcctcct cctctctcct ccttctccct cctcctgctc ctcctcctcc    172740
     tcctgctcct ccttcttttc ctcctcctct tctcctctct cctcctccct cctcctcctc    172800
     ctcctcctgc tcctcctcct cctcctctct cctccttctc cctcctccta ctcctgctcc    172860
     tcttcctcct cctgctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctgctcct cttccttctc ctcctcctcc    172920
     tctctcctcc ttctccctcc tcctcctcct cctgctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctgctcct    172980
     cctcctcctg ctcctcctcc tgctcctcct gctcctcctg ctcctcctcc tcctcttcct    173040
     gctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tgctccttct cctcctcctc ctcctgctcc ttctccttct    173100
     cctcctgctc ctcctcctcc tcttcctcct cctctctcct ccttctccct cctcctcctc    173160
     cttcttcctc ctctctcatc ttctcctcct cctgcttctc tttctctttc tcccactcct    173220
     cctcctcctc ctccatctcc acctccccct tcctctccac ctccttcttt cttcctttga    173280
     gacagggttt ctctatgtac ctttggctgt cctggaactt gctctgtaga tgaggctggc    173340
     cttgaactca gattaaaggc atgctctcct attgcctggt acagcaagct gtaaaatgaa    173400
     ttatttattc tagctagccc acataaaaga cacagactcc tggtatatta ttttaaaagc    173460
     tgtaagccta ggttgggtag aatttgaagt attctaactt acctcccagc tgtatgtccc    173520
     ttgtaacttg ctggttattt tcagggtcca tttctcctag ccacaagctc atgatccatc    173580
     tcctctcctg acaacttcat cctctctctg tctccttcct cgcttctcca ttgtggcccc    173640
     tacctgtgac cccagcctgg taattcaaac tccacctctc tctattctcc ccagtaattg    173700
     gctatagcca ttttatttaa cagatagttt taaattgggg agcaagattt gcacaacaaa    173760
     ggctgttgaa cataggaatt tgtcttggga caaccatttt cttgggatac aatttttagt    173820
     atttggataa ataacagata cttgccacca agtctgacca tcccagttgg agctccagaa    173880
     cctacatggt agaaggagaa agcagactcc caaaaattgg tctttaacct ccacacaacc    173940
     atacttcacc acaaaataaa taaaatgtaa tcaaaaaaat cttaaaggca aagagagaga    174000
     aagacatcag atgttagcct ctggcctaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    174060
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacatatatt catccctagc atacagagag    174120
     tagcactggg catcactagt ctgtagtcct tgtcttatgt gtgattagaa tccatcccat    174180
     ctagaactgg aagctctggg agaagggata gggctctttc tacaccacgt actgtcctaa    174240
     ggctcctgat ttggcaggtt cttctaagca ctaaacacac gtcaatcact gtgttatgtt    174300
     tgggttacat cagtaactca gcagaatggg gttgttgtgt tgttgagtca tgggccttac    174360
     tgtattctga acattaactc tctgtgtcct ctgtggtttt ctccagtgtc tttgaccttg    174420
     ctgaagtatc ttttgatgga caagttaaat atgtacatag agcatagtga cctctccctg    174480
     tgcaaaccag ccccatctcc acagatctgc atggacagtg gagctcacag ctggcttcca    174540
     agacttaggt ttggaggagt cggatcttcc ttgaaggaaa ggctagctgc cttttccttg    174600
     atcttgaggt aggcccaatt ctcgggcagg cagcaaaaac aaaacaaaaa aattaaggac    174660
     catgggatca tgaagcagac agcagagaag atgttagcat tcttggaaat tgagccattt    174720
     cccccaactg taaagtcaaa gtgagcttac ttctggggtt acaaggtggt ggtaaaagat    174780
     tccaacagcc atattaggaa ggagttgatg gaaggggtgg ggatagggaa taaaagaagt    174840
     gcaagataca ggtatatgaa tggaaatgtt atggggctag agatggccca gtgcttaaga    174900
     gcacttgtac ttgcagaggg cacaggtttg actctggacc cctatggtgg gacacaagca    174960
     tccctccaga tccaggcaat ctgatgccct cttctgacct ctgcaggcaa caaggaagac    175020
     atgcatgtgg tatacacata catgtaggca aaacacttat acatggaaaa taaaacatct    175080
     tttaaaatgt tataacccat tattttgaat gctaattgtt ttttaaaagg aaatttgagg    175140
     cagaagggac ctgaggactt gggcctgggc ttctcaggcc ttctcatctg cattgaccac    175200
     cccagcttcc aaaatgctcc atcacctttt gatacccact caaaacatca tataaaccta    175260
     ccacacttaa atcgtactac cttgcagaaa cagcatacac atctactgca ttaccatgag    175320
     ggtgtgtaga cttggagttc acagccagag cttcattcta tcttggcact gtcatttaac    175380
     agctgtaatt tgcaatacct attcggaaac tgcaatgcaa gcgagactgg tgaccccatg    175440
     cactttgttc ttgaaacaga catgttcgat tcccagaacc cacgtggttg ttcaccaccg    175500
     tctgaaacta tacttttagg agatctggtg ccctgttctg agctccactg gcacatgcac    175560
     atggtgtaca tacatatatg caagcaaaac acacataaaa tgaatacatc taatttaaaa    175620
     attaaaaaaa caaaaaaaca ataccccaca ttaaagctgg cattaagtgc tcttaacggc    175680
     tgagcccagt tttgaacttt tcgtttgctt tcctatctga cactgatact agctgtgcaa    175740
     cccagctgac ttcaaattcg cagcaatcct cctgctcctg cctcctgagt actgggatta    175800
     aaggttactc cagcaggcta gaccccaaga ctcttttact gcctttacaa aatgggagcc    175860
     ttaagacttt ctgcccatct ccttttctgt cactatcaaa gagaaaagag attccccctc    175920
     tgctttgcaa actcaaagca gtttggggtc tggtcctaac gaaccaaagt caagacccgg    175980
     atgctcatcg cagctggacg aggtaggaac ggatggtatc tgctctccac gtggtgtgcc    176040
     cggactccga atctcgtagc accgggagct cgggaggact ccattcttgg tgcgcttcct    176100
     ggttctgact gctttgcttc cggcattaga cgtgagcgct cagcgctgta agctataggc    176160
     agcgtgaatc tccgccgaag ctgcaactat ggggatcttg gagaaaatct cggagatcga    176220
     gaaggagatc gctcgaacgc agaagaacaa gggtaagggc gggatcggag gggtctccct    176280
     ttctaccctc cttgtttttc ttgtctgtaa aatgagggga caactggagc caccaccgag    176340
     gccggagaaa caccggggaa gtgccgaggc gtgcgtgagg cgggagcggg cacattcagc    176400
     gacgtgattt cagggttctt gagagatctg atctgtgctg gactcagtgt tcaagtagag    176460
     aaacctcagc gcgcacaata agcccgtgac ccagaaaggc agtgtcggag attttcccct    176520
     agggtcctgg cagctgggcc ttcatgctga gaagggcaag agaagacatc tcacaaaaca    176580
     gcttgtcccg gcagacaggc aggcgccagc gagctagtgt caaggaagta gggactggag    176640
     aatttgtcca ctacgttctt gctatgtaac cttgtaaagt catgtcagtt tttggcgacc    176700
     caatgtcctc atctgtggat agggataaca cccgctctgt tgtggttcac atgtgcaaag    176760
     cccttgccag agtgatcacc taatatttaa agtaaaccac cccaaataca caacaccaag    176820
     gaagcatcaa actgtgaggg ttggggatca gtggagaggt gggactgcca agcagtgtct    176880
     agccttggtg ctttcccgag tcttgaagaa atgtggtgac agagttagtg ctgctgccct    176940
     tcctgttcgg atgcacaagg ctaagtgacc tttccaggca gtaatggcag ggtgggattg    177000
     atctgactta aattcaggca acagcaggtt cataggtcct gaggcaagga taaagtcaga    177060
     gaagggtgga aggagttggg gcaggacagc tgaggtcctc agtctcaacc atgtccctgc    177120
     tatcatgcgg attcggtaag acctgaaaca gaattccttc tcagtaactt aaccctgttc    177180
     cccagaattt ggaagcagta tggtaaccct aacaatactt tttttggttt ggtttggttt    177240
     ttggtttttc gagacagggt ttctcgctgt agccctggcc gtccttgaac tcactctgta    177300
     gaccaggctg gccttgaact cagaaatccg cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta    177360
     aaggcgttcg ccaccacgcc cggcctgaca atactataaa ggagaaggaa aagggacagg    177420
     tgtacagtga aacagtctgt tctccctcca tgagtgctgg gtgatgtcag gagaactaag    177480
     cacaaggtac ccatcctctg cctggggccg cagtgatggg acgtgtgcag ggaggctgtg    177540
     tggcctcctg gattccgtca ggggctgatc acagcatggc aaatttgtgt atgccacagt    177600
     gtccccttct tccatgaagt ggtgcaccac atggaattcc agcactacag aaagtgccct    177660
     gtgtccatag agaagcaggg cagacctgag gccttcaagc ctgacccagg ttttctctgg    177720
     acgtcttcag gatgtgacaa gtcacgaatt caggaacttc ccggctgttc ggaattggtt    177780
     cgtgatcttt agggcagcta ccaggagaga gtaaagctcc agagtgagca gagagcagcc    177840
     ctgtgacctt ctgtctgcct caagtaccat tagtgctgcc catccgtgct ccttaggatg    177900
     ctgagatacc agtggggtac caggggaacc cttgaggtct ccttgaggtg attgttgtct    177960
     ggtcttgatg ttctcagcac ttggccctat gtgggtcccc acctgaccct ccaggtagag    178020
     accctgacac ttgttcctgt cttgttttcc atcctccagc caccgagtac cacctgggcc    178080
     tgctgaaagc aaaactggcc aagtatcggg cccagctcct ggaaccatcc aaatccgcct    178140
     catccaaagg agagggcttt gatgtcatga agtcaggtga tgcccgtgtg gcactgattg    178200
     gctttccctc tgtgggtaag gtcagtgatg gtctctgtgg accttgggga gaacaataga    178260
     gggtcactta cctacagcat gcccatccct acctcccctc aaagtcttac ctccctatcg    178320
     ccctaactta gaggttactc tttcttctcc ttagcaggaa tagttggcct tccaactgag    178380
     ccagtggcac acagtgtgta ccttatgctg ggcattgggc ccgatactgg gatgcccatc    178440
     cctacctgca catacttcct ctcagaaaag acaatttgag caaattcagg tgtcacttag    178500
     ttggttttaa gctccaagga agtccaaggt ccttcaagac atgtctgggt agctgaaggc    178560
     ttctctagtg agtggttggt gtatcagagg tcctaaccga tgtgagggag cttgctgaga    178620
     gaggcccttc aggggaagcc tgcctgtaga cattgggaga gctgggctat ctgcccaagt    178680
     gagcatcagg agagcggagg tgatgagagt caagagaagt tgggcctcag agctagcaca    178740
     cagactggct acaagtgaag tgatgatgtc actgtggagt cttctagaaa gtttcttctg    178800
     gaaagtggtt cagtttaatg tcctatcttg actcacattt tatgtggtat gattaagtaa    178860
     gcatctttgc cagggcagat aaggttttaa tacatttcaa atacgtgcca cactggatgt    178920
     cagagaactt aaaagagtca gttctttcct tctaccttat gggtccatag gatagaactc    178980
     aacttgtcag gcttggtggc aaatactttg tatctgctga gccatcttga gagacaatag    179040
     gtttttaatg ctagaatgat cttggatttt tgttgttgtt gcagagagtt gccagagtcc    179100
     tgataactgt ttctttattg gtaacactgt tacctgagga aacacccttg ttacaaccca    179160
     tgcattaagg gcaagctgtt gtctgtgtcc atgcttggat tcatagctct tttaacttct    179220
     actaacctgg cttccctcac catattcacc tgccctgttc ccctgattct aggcagcccc    179280
     agcatacttt ggtttttact ttttgttttg gttcaaggcc cgtgtctcac tgtgtagctc    179340
     tgcaggggct ggaattggct ctgtaaatca ggctgacctc aaactcaaac tcacagtgac    179400
     ctacctgtct ctgcctcctg agtgctaaga ttaaaggtgt gcctcacctt gtctagccct    179460
     gatttttagt tttatttttc tctattcaca tgtgtgtggg tacatgtgtt tgagggtgtt    179520
     tgtttgtgca cgtgtatatg tataggggtg gaggctagga caatatccag tgtcatttct    179580
     caggctctcc accttggttt ttggtttttg tggaggtttt tttttttttt tttttagatt    179640
     tatttattta tatctctgag tactctgtct gcatgtacac ctctatgcca gatgagggca    179700
     tcagatcaca tagatggttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct gccaatggga ttcaggacct    179760
     ctggaagagc agccaatgag tgcccttaac tgctgagcta tctctctagc ccctccacct    179820
     tgatttttaa gaaagatctc ttgctggcct agaccttgtc aagtagacca ggctttctga    179880
     cccaatccta ggaactcccc ctgcctccac ctccccggtg gagattatgg gaccactcct    179940
     aggttcttta catgagtgct atgggagcat acactttact gattcggctc ctagccccaa    180000
     ctccacaccc cctttcagtc ctgggcattt cggccttgtg cccctgagcc acagtcccag    180060
     cccgatgatg tgatgacctt gatgtttcag tgcagtccta gctttggaac tgtctgcttc    180120
     agcacaatcc caccatgtgt ccctcagcca aacctcgctc cagaggcctg tctcatctga    180180
     cctactccct gccctagtct aggatctgcc atttctccga ggaggcctgg tttccttttg    180240
     gggggaatgg ttgtggaaac caagactgag gcgctggctt acttgttagc aggtttgctg    180300
     gtatacagat aatatatcag agcaaagatg ggcacaggag gctgcccatc ccaaagcagc    180360
     gctccagagc ggatgagcca cggcacctgt tcttgggtac ttgctatagg ctacgcatat    180420
     tttatttgtt ttttccccct ctataattag tgtgtcctca aaagaaagtg tgcccctaac    180480
     gagtcctgtc ttacagggtg gcccatctga tctaggatcg ggaatgtgcc caaaggttag    180540
     ccttcagcat catcactgtg catggtggca gccagggctc tcagcaccaa ctactctcta    180600
     tgtgcagttc cccgtacagc cccagagcag cggcatgctc agaattctag gctcactagg    180660
     acagtagagc cggagaaagg ctcctggaac aggcggggag agcttgggag gcaggtccct    180720
     tacctgagac agttgtgagg cctccaaaga ccatggactc tggtgccagt ccgtgtttgt    180780
     gggctagaga ccatgctttg tctgaaaagt tactctgtac actcggccaa gtcctcaatc    180840
     taaggtcaag gaaggctcct actctgtcca ctcacagaga cttacccagg aaactgagtt    180900
     aagactcctt tgggcagtgg cctttttttt ttcctttctc tctctcccag tccaccttct    180960
     tgagtctgat gacctctaca gccagcgaag ctgcgtccta tgagtttacc accctgacgt    181020
     gcatccctgg ggtcattgaa gtaagtagac tgtgccgggc ccatgtgaaa gaggggtgct    181080
     tgtgtttgca tttgtcaagt gctccttata taagcatctg aggtagctgt ccctatgtgg    181140
     ggataccctg cagtactggc ccttctgggg acctgagaag tacctggctg acctcacttg    181200
     tcccagtaga tcaggccggc gtatggcagc tctgcttggt gcctctctgt tctttgccct    181260
     ctgcacatct ggctccaacc cctgactgct gcctggctgc ttccttaccc ctctgtatag    181320
     cctcagactt cagccttgct tgcctgggta tcaggcgttg cagccttgtg tctccatatg    181380
     agctgattaa ttgattacat ggcaatgtgt tctgtgggtt ttccctggca tctctagctc    181440
     ctagatgggg tagcctatgc caggctgaaa tgatggggcc ctgacttggc catagttggc    181500
     accagcctta cctcaccctt ctcttctgtt tcccagtaca aaggtgccaa catccagctc    181560
     ttggaccttc ctggaatcat tgaaggagca gcacaaggtg ggagcagggt agggcgtggg    181620
     aggcaggttg gagttctgtt tctgagtgtt gaaaatggat ggggctgtca tggagaccac    181680
     ctgtggaccc cctagtcctg gtacccttgc tttccagaca ggacaggcta tacagttcag    181740
     atgctggtgt catattcact tggtgatctt gatccagggg ttgaatgctt atcttcacag    181800
     tgggcatcgt cacaccaaat tcacagcagt gttaaggagt aaatgaagaa gtgttcatga    181860
     ggcttggctg ggcctagtgc aggacgggag agaaggtcat tgtcattccc tgtgacctcc    181920
     cagggtaacg aaggttaccc tgccattcca ttcaaggtgc tgacttctag aaccagtctc    181980
     agctgagcta aggtagtact cacctgcatt cctagcactc aggaggcaga ggcaggaaaa    182040
     tcatgagttc aagaccagct taggctacat aagtgaacct tgtctcaaag aacataaact    182100
     aaatcagact ccttgaatta aacacctcat ggatttcccc aatgcaaaga aaaaccgtag    182160
     cacagagcag aatataaccg gaatgatgag ggtctggaag ggcctggagt ctaaggtgtt    182220
     tcaggctgca taatcacatt gtcctacctc ttgcctatgc catattgaga cgtagccttc    182280
     cctctacctg tgcaggccga ggccgtggcc ggcaggtgat tgccgtagca cgcacagctg    182340
     atgtcgtcgt catgatgctg gatgccacca agggagatgt gcagaggtct gtgcagcagg    182400
     gcaggcgaat ccacagggct agtcccatgt atctctggct caacgggtct atgtctaacc    182460
     tagccaccac tcagcctaaa tgtcctctcc actaggtggt gtctagctag gattggggat    182520
     cttaggctca ggtagaaggg atacaggcta gccttggctg ttgcccatcc ctgctgtcag    182580
     agcagcacac aagcctgtct ctagcagtaa agcctctggg agctcctcgc cttcctctag    182640
     gcacccatga gggcactgtc tagcctctgc ttcagaagct ccaccacagt tttgggatgt    182700
     tgggttgcta gggaatgggc caggagaggg aactggcttc tgtctatgca atcagggctg    182760
     ggtaggccat gaggatgctc tgtgacttgc ttagaaacag cctgtgaagg ctcactcagc    182820
     ctttgcctag gtccctgctg gagaaggagc tggagtctgt gggtattcgc ctgaacaagc    182880
     ataagcccaa catctatttc aaggtatgct ctcacactct acccaggggc agcctgggaa    182940
     ctacccggcc ctccacaagg gatgggtaac tgatgttgct gccccttcag cagcagcttt    183000
     ccctgcctct ctgttgttcc agcccaagaa aggtggtggc atctccttta actcaacagt    183060
     cacactgaca caatgctctg agaagctggt gcagctcatc ctacatgaat acagtatcct    183120
     tccaggaagg gccacctagc ctgggggcag ctgacggggc tcaggaccca gccacatact    183180
     tggcagttgg cctcctgatt ccttgttgga tgttcaggtg tccagatgat agctagaaga    183240
     aagacagaat gccctgggca actgtcctga gaactatgtt ctctggcttg gagaagaagc    183300
     cgggcctgtg tttgcatctg atagtgggtg ctagaggatg gggcagggct ccagaggcaa    183360
     gagatggcag tgagtgaggc caggcagagg caggattcga cctccagtgt tcacttggtg    183420
     ctgctgggat agcctgggct tccaggtgct atctcactcc tgacagcaaa aattcaagtc    183480
     gtctgttggt ttggtttttg tattttgtgg tttagggaat agacatgaga ggttttctca    183540
     agccttcgga gcttgtagaa cttcagaagc agactgtggg caggtccctg tggccagtgc    183600
     attgtactgc ttggcccccc actaaaaggc acattcggac tccatgccag tacacagctt    183660
     gcccttaatc tgagctactc agagatcttc aacgccgagg tactcttccg agaagactgc    183720
     tctccagacg acttcatcga tgtgattgtg ggcaaccggg tgtatatgcc ctgcctctat    183780
     gtaagtggtg cagtggccca ggccacgggg ctcttctctg agtgtgtctc ttgcacttca    183840
     gtgacccaaa tggctcccac acacttcact agtctgctga gaggaactga gagccagggc    183900
     tgtccccata tcacctcccc tgcctccgtg gctgctggag tctttattag agggatggcg    183960
     agctggaaac cagggttctt tttaggggaa gtttcttaag ggcaggtgtt acctatcatt    184020
     aaggcactgc ccctggcatg actgttcctc tgtaatccaa tctcaggtgt ataacaaaat    184080
     cgaccagatc tccatggaag aagtagaccg tttagctcga aagcccaaca gtgtagttat    184140
     caggtaagaa agtggcttct tgccacccca ctctcctttc agagtgtttg cttgttttga    184200
     aacaaggtct ctgcatggct ctggctgtct tggaactcac tgtgtagagg aggctggcct    184260
     tgaactcaga tatccacctg tctctacttc ctgactactg ggattaaagg cgtgcatcac    184320
     tgtgtcctga ctttaagagt tctaatccca agggataggg ccccggcaag ccacctcagt    184380
     ttggaagata gctggacccc cagctcctgt gagtcacata gcctagcatc ccctctcaag    184440
     agagagtttg aggctcagga gcttcgggca gggctcccat gactgctggg tgagtgaagt    184500
     ctaccttggc cccacttcct gctcttcttt atttattatg tggatggtgt gtgactctgg    184560
     ccagcagtaa gtggctcact tgatgatact gtgcaccctg cagagctcct tttccggggg    184620
     gggggggggg ttgtactaaa tcgtctgctt ctctgtctcc ctccatcaaa ccaagtgttc    184680
     tgatgacttc cctaaaggcc tggcttgtgg gagcaggtga cagcggaggg ctatctccta    184740
     gacactgcag ctgcagcaaa gggcaatatc tgtcctgctg ttccccagat actttgtacc    184800
     gcctaagaca tactcatcct tggtactggg agatggtcgc ccttccctgc ttgtacttaa    184860
     cacagcatcc agggccacct gagcctggct gtcccaaaat ctgggttcct ctgttatagt    184920
     tagggttttc attactgcag tgaaacacca tgatcaaaaa gcaacttggg aaggaaaagg    184980
     tttattttgg cttacacttc cagatgataa tccaccattg gaggaagtca ggccggagcc    185040
     tggaggcaga agctggtgca ggtgccatgg aagggtgctt cttactggct tgcttcccct    185100
     ggcttgttca gcttgctttc ttatagaacc cagtagcact agcctaagga tggcaccacc    185160
     cacagtgggc tgggcccgcc accattgatc actaattgag aaaatgcctt atgatctcgt    185220
     ggaggcattt cctcaactga ggcttcctct cttatgattc tagcttgtgt caagttgata    185280
     cacaaaacca gccaatatat gttccctcgg tattctgaga tctcctgtgg gtagccctgt    185340
     tccttaagca atccatcttt ctttagggaa atgtgagcat gcccatgatc ccaacacagc    185400
     aagcctctgt ccctgtaaca taccatggat ttcctttaac atgcagccag actggtccat    185460
     gggaggatgt ggagttctgt ggttatgatg ccgggtaacc agaggcagag ctggcatcat    185520
     gataacttgc ttgttaacag tgttaatgat ggcagggcca cattggcctt agtactctct    185580
     gacaatagag acttggcctt tgagcaccag gccctgccta cctgacactg ccttccctgt    185640
     agttgcggta tgaagttgaa cctcgactac ctgctggaga tgctgtggga gtacctggcc    185700
     ctcacctgca tttacaccaa gaagagagga cgtgagtcga ggatgacagc tcagaaatga    185760
     gcctccccca gctttcccag ggctgccggc ctgtttgtgc tgtgcagggg tctccatggt    185820
     agtttgtctg ttagaacgga ccctgctctt gtctccgagc agaagacctc ggcctaaggt    185880
     cacgtggcag agatgctggc tgtcgggcag ctggtgggga agctgtgcca ggtccccact    185940
     gccatagcag cattgctctc tggctctccc cccacagaaa caggactctc gttagggtcc    186000
     ttactctgcc tccatccctg ctacacactg cttacctgaa tgtggggcag tttgtggtaa    186060
     ccctgccctt gtaagctagg aggggctatg gcttcccagc taggctccag cattcattca    186120
     ccctgcctat ttagcccaca cattccatgg caccgctctg gggatgtaat gaatgacagc    186180
     atgacatagc acgagattct gtgctgaagg tatgccagac agtaaggagc aaggctgggg    186240
     gcctgggaga tagaacaggt ctctgaaacc agggccccac tataaaggaa gctgatctag    186300
     aacagagaga gactggttga catgccttcc tctccttaca gagagaccgg acttcacaga    186360
     cgccatcatt ctccggaaag gggcctctgt tgaacacgtg gtaagttaaa aatctacttg    186420
     aatggccaga atgaggcctg agctgtgttt gttccagcca ggatagggag aggtgaggtg    186480
     aagcaggctt gccttggctt acctgcctat tggacactgg agacaggttc tccccgtgag    186540
     atgggtggtg gtggtggtgg agaaggtgga cctctctttt cctgtcatgt agggttgggt    186600
     aacagctagc tgcaggatgg ctaagatcac attgaataag attcaactga ccacctggca    186660
     ctgaaaaggt gccagtgagc agtagtcttt gtctttccgc tcctgatgtc atagagttgg    186720
     ttgtcaataa aggagaactg ccaccttttc acccttgctg ttacgatata ttccaatttc    186780
     tctagtgtgt gtggagctaa gcctggaaaa ggccagcttt ctcctctccc ctggtggcag    186840
     agctgtcgct cagagtcact acctcctgtg gccaccattc agcccccaag ggctcccggg    186900
     gcctgactat tctgccttgt tccccagctg cttacatcca ggatggctgt ggctgcttcc    186960
     tgccccagcg tgcattcatt gaacgtcagc tccaaatgtc ttcccagagc ttaacagagt    187020
     tcaggcttct gtccacagag cttagctgtt acgtgtgggt ctgtggtctg ctcacatgta    187080
     gttcaggaag aagtttggag ggcatggact gaggtatcct ggagtccaaa ctaagactga    187140
     gtacagattt gaaggaacat cccagtcagg agtttgtggt tttgggcata agagtccctt    187200
     tccatgtcag aattgctgtc caaatccccc tgagtagagt caagccacac agccatggtc    187260
     ctgagttcat ttcattggtt ttcttttccc tcatccctgt tatttctcag gatctgtttt    187320
     gtgggggcag ggaaccagcc attcctgcag tcctcagaaa gacagtggta ggcaagccag    187380
     tattccgctc tcattcagcc tttcatttgg ccagtctagc ctgagccacc agggtaccag    187440
     ccttgtggta cttggacaca cagctaggct agttacctct cctgggccca ggtttcatag    187500
     ccatgggcta gggagggttg agagtactcc agcccattct ggagccatgg ctgtagtgcc    187560
     ccctgctggg atcttagtga gctgcagact tgggtgctgg tccttctgga agagcatggc    187620
     atgttccacc tcagaccaag ctgcttgtct agagtaaatt ggctctcacc gtatgtggta    187680
     gagagagcag gtcaccagga ggagggcatg gtgtgagtct ggaaagggcc caggggcaga    187740
     agcaaaggca agggaacaga cataggcatc aggccctcaa agaagaggtg gggggggagg    187800
     gctgcgagag gaccttggac ctttgctcag agcctggact ttgtcccaga aaagccttcc    187860
     ctgtgaggaa atggcctgtc ccagctctga ggtatgcatt gcagccaaga tgctcgctga    187920
     gaccagaaga gcagccaaac ttgcaaggac acccaactct tcctcctgtg ccccagtcat    187980
     caggggatga cagaccccca gagcctttgt gatacacctg ccttggccct gtgggtgagc    188040
     attggtggct tgtctaagat aggcaaggag ccctgagcag aagactctga ggagggccct    188100
     tcccatctct catacacttg tgtttctctt aaagaattac tgggaagggc ccctgtcatg    188160
     caaaaggtac ctggtaaacc tgtgtaaatg ggccctgcta gaattgtccc ttctgccaga    188220
     cactgcatag taagacttat ggcaaacagc aggggaggag tgctccctgt cagggtttca    188280
     agtggacatt aggggtgcta gactatgttt ttagattact ggtgacattt ttttttttta    188340
     aatgatgagc tcagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggcgagt ttctgagttc gaggccagcc    188400
     tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctataca gagaaaccct gtctggaaaa    188460
     acaaaacaaa acaaacaaac aaaaaaaaaa gatgagctga ccaaactaac ttaaaaactc    188520
     atttgtaggt cagagctgac ctctaggccc acagttgttc actgtctggc cttgggatag    188580
     gggtgttagg aattggttgt tgtgtttggt actagcaatg agctgactta ccatatctgt    188640
     tcaggaggta ttcctgtagg cctgggcctg taacatttag gcacacccgg gaggtggaat    188700
     gacatcgcat ggtccgttca caggcacttc cactgtggtg ctctcactgt agcaaccata    188760
     ttctggagcg attgccagct gcccctcatg tggccttcat cccacccagg aacaccgagg    188820
     gatctaggtt gggtccatga gaggaatggg gtgggatatg caaggtgctc taggacacag    188880
     ctggagttgg gaggcttgag agacagtggc agggtgggtg ttctagaaaa gccttcccga    188940
     ccttttctaa gggaacatgt gtgcggttgt ccagaagagg cagtcggagg gctatacctg    189000
     cagaaacgtt cctgggtgtg atttcaaagc tgcttagagc tgggtgtggg tagggtgaag    189060
     caaaggacca tgcttatggg gcctatggct gccttactca tggcttggac tgtcaaagta    189120
     cctcatgtgg gatggctgct cagcacaggg cccagtttca gggcctcatc tccctgactt    189180
     tcctgtccca tagtgccacc gcatccatcg gtcactggcc agccagttca agtacgcctt    189240
     ggtgtgggta agtctgggca ggagctgggt ggcaggctag acccagcatc ctcagggtta    189300
     ggctcagcac aacattccca gcagcagcac tgcccctctg cattggggac ccttgtgtct    189360
     gtctgtccta ccccatgaat aaccagagtt ggaagtaggt ctctccatct ctaagactta    189420
     agtgggatct gtccctgcct aggcccacag agtttgcact gtaggagctc ctacttcctt    189480
     ggcatttacc ccctccccct gcatcctgct gtcgtcctct gcagccttgg ccacccagag    189540
     actaacgtgt cccctctgcc ctcttccatc agggtaccag caccaagtac agcccacagc    189600
     gggtaggcct gacccacact atggagcatg aggacgtcat ccagattgtg aagaagtagt    189660
     cacgacacct tcctgcagct tggctcccgg gaactcggcc tccctggaac acacaaacgg    189720
     gaaaagtaca aacataaacc ccaggaagcg attcttgagt ggctgattca tgagctcctt    189780
     cagaaacagt gttgggctag gcaaagctgg ggaccagggc tttgctgagg acattcccta    189840
     taaagcctgt gcctgtggca ggcttactca gcagcctaca gcctgtgtcc atgccctgtg    189900
     ccccttccgg gcactcaagg agcttagtta cccacatcct cccagccaga cctaagctga    189960
     ccctggctca agtagggtcc ctgaggctcc tgagaacaac tctagcacat agtggcctca    190020
     ggatgaagcc tcccacaggt cctcccaaca cagggctgtc cctcatggaa gccagggccc    190080
     agccaaagtg tcctaaagtg cctccccctt ggagcccctc ccagaacagc ctcctcctgc    190140
     ctgggtggga cctctgagtc tggctccatt tccttctaag ctcctatgtc tgccctcctt    190200
     tctgaaataa aattaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag gggtgcgggg aagcggttcc ttcccagacc    190260
     agacttaggg aacttgtgtt tctgtgcttg gtccagtggg aatggggagt gggacagcag    190320
     gaacctggaa aggaatgggc atagcttggg cttctgaggg actggcctgg gcctgggtaa    190380
     ccagaaaaag gcagaatctg cccagcacaa gactgcctag aggctgtagg tcccctctgc    190440
     cccccatggc ctttctagag gccagcatcc gctgccagag tagatggcat ccttaggacg    190500
     cccttgagac tgttagattc acaaaaggct tctctgagtg cagggcagct gatgctcagg    190560
     cagccggagg ccccgatggt gctggctagg tcctgtgctt ctctgtagac agtgcacagg    190620
     tgctcttggc tgcctgagaa gtagggcttt gggctgcatt accctatttc tctataatca    190680
     ccaggaaggg agagagctct aaggctggag ccagactgca gctcagccta ctacttgctt    190740
     tccaggctgt tcctagttcc catgtcagct gcttgtgctt tccagagaca aaacaggaat    190800
     aatagatgtc attaaatata cattgggccc caggcggtca atgtggcagc ctgagcctcc    190860
     tttccatctc tgtggaggca gacataggac ccccaacaaa cagcatgcag gttgggagcc    190920
     agccacagga cccaggtaag gggccctggg tccttaagct tctgccactg gctccggcat    190980
     tgcagagaga agagaagggg cggcagagct gaaccttagc cttgccttcc tgggtaccct    191040
     tctgagcctc actgtcttct gtgagatggg caaagtgcgg gtgtgactcc ttggcaacgg    191100
     tgttacacca gggcaggtaa agttgtagtt atttgtgggg tacaccagga ctgttaaagg    191160
     tgtaactatt ggtgcagtac accaggacag gtaaagatgt agctatttgt gggtatacca    191220
     ggacaggtaa aggtgtaact atttgtgggg tacaccagga ctgttaaagg tgtaactatt    191280
     ggtgcagtac accaggacag gtaaagatgt agctatttgt gggtacacca ggacaggtaa    191340
     aggtgtaact atttgtgggg tacactagga caggtaaagg tgtaactatt ggtgcagtac    191400
     accaggacag gtaaagatgt agctatttgt gggtaccagg actggtaaag gtgtagctat    191460
     ttatttcagc tcctttccct aaggactcaa gggaaggaat cccacacagc aggggctttc    191520
     cctgctcagc ttcagggaaa gcctcagccc taggagatgc tgtttggtcc atgagctccc    191580
     tgagcagcag cctagcccag gcctgttcag ttcttcccgt gcggctggaa aagatgaaag    191640
     ctgggtcggg gacagttctg actggattct ggcttgactc ctggactggc tgtgtgtttt    191700
     tcaggtttcc ccatctgtcc tgtcctgggc tgtgtgatct agccattctg gtcctacagt    191760
     ctaagcctgt atgtaagggg tgttcaccta tgtcactaag gtactattag ccaccctgat    191820
     ccctttctgt aactctcatt ccagccatcc ttcagcagaa acccccaagt tctctctcaa    191880
     aatcctaggg acataaagcc caggtcaggg tgagcagggc tgcttttctc tgacctctcc    191940
     ttgctttcaa agatttcttt tcgctgcgtt cccaagtgtc cttcctgtgt accttcaccc    192000
     ggaaagttaa atgccccaca ctgtcttccc ttttgtccac ttcccttccg tgactcagtt    192060
     tcccagttgc agttgcctca cctgtcagtg tctcccaccc aatggtgcct catgtttcga    192120
     aactatgatt gcagccatgc tttcttggct ttaccaggct caacacagct gcctgcagct    192180
     ctctgtctcc tcttgtgtct ccctcctgcg ctgttctcgg ggattagtgt ctccttttgc    192240
     aagtatgcag tctcacaaat aaataggatt tataacagac tcgggagaaa gtttggggac    192300
     aatttgattg gagtctgaga gaaaagcatc cgaataagca gctgggaccc cgtggctgat    192360
     gggagggtag gtaggacaaa gtcgtggtct gagtgacaag gaaagcaggt gcgctctgca    192420
     gtgtccttag caagagaatg gctgggcgtg gtgccacatg cctgcaatcc cagcacttgg    192480
     gaggcagaag caggcgaatc tctgggttca cagccaactt ggtctactga gagagttcca    192540
     ggacagcctg ggctataccg agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    192600
     agcatagaca gacggtcaag tcaagccagg cttaagagtt tggtgctcaa acagataaaa    192660
     aaggaaaagc tacactttgg tgtctgtgtg tgcacaccag tgtatctgca tatgcttgtc    192720
     ttctgtgcat gtggggtgca gaggtttatg tgggtgtctt ccatcactct ctaccttatt    192780
     tttttaagac agggcctttt actgaacctg gaccttagct ggtcagcaag ctgcaggaat    192840
     aaccagctaa cttgtttctg cccaccctac cccacagcat gggttacagg catgtgtcac    192900
     tgtgccctgc ttctatgtgg gtgttgaaga ttcccaactc agtctttatg cttgctcagc    192960
     aaccatttta tccactaagc catctctcca gccccaaaag ctacacttaa aaaaaaaaaa    193020
     aaggtttttt gttttttatt ttggttttgg ttttttgaga cagggtttct ctgtatattc    193080
     ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatccgcctg    193140
     cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtgcgccac caccacctgg caaaaggttt    193200
     atttttaact atgttatctg tgcatgaatg aaagtcccca caaaaggcca aaggtgtcac    193260
     attcctcctg gagttggagt ttcaggcatc tatgaactgt catgtggggg ttgggaaccc    193320
     aggtcctgtg taaaagcagt aagtcacctc actagcccga gattgactct tttaagcagg    193380
     caagctcaga agtagggacc tggggccccc aagctggctc agcgggtaaa aagcctgttg    193440
     ccacacctga tagcttttct agcctcaggt tgtacacagt ggaaggagag aaccaacttc    193500
     cattgaaatt gtcttctgat ttccacatgt gcacacaata aataaaagaa taaagtaaag    193560
     gcttaaaaca attctataaa taattctatc acagacaggg cttctggggt atgcattaag    193620
     ggagaatcat ttttctactt tcttaacgtg tctgccagga agatcaactc tcctgagggg    193680
     tagtctcttg actggtgatg gacaggctct tagcttagcc cttaagggag ggatcaacag    193740
     tatgttttgt gggcagttta gactgctgtg tgtttttaag ggggttgtag aaggaaaagg    193800
     tctcacatag cccaggatgt atttactgtg tagccaagaa taaccataaa tgtctaatct    193860
     tcctgctacc ccctccctgt tataggtaaa tactgaggtc ctgctggtat ttccaggttc    193920
     ttgagtccta aaaccaggaa gtggacaggg ccacaaggac agtggcagtg taagtggctt    193980
     tgttcttaag ctctcctgga agccatggag actcagacca gtcttacttt agggaataat    194040
     acggagttct tttactctgt gtggaaatgg ccctggttgc tttaagaagc tgtcagcaaa    194100
     catcagaaga tatttagatc tttgaaaatg aaatatttga gtgaaatcca actgtctagc    194160
     atcattgcca cagccaccgc agtttataag tatctgagat acatacacac tacagaatct    194220
     gcctgggaaa gggggctacg ggtgtaggaa tgtcttctaa cttttaggtg aggactccca    194280
     atgttatatc ttatcgatgg gccatgtgta ctgtgattgt caaggcagag gcaaacaact    194340
     actcctttaa ataactggca tccccactgg ttactatata agttcatcct aggtcttaaa    194400
     ttaggcagag agtggagccc caatattaga aacaaggtta acattctcta tatagtctgg    194460
     ctggctgttc tggagcttgc taagtaaacc aggctgacct ggaactcact gagactcttc    194520
     agcctctgcc tctggaatgc tggacatcaa agtgcaacat tatagctagc ctatcaaaat    194580
     taacatttgt agctgtcagt acacaagttg ccccagttgc ctgatagcct tagttgcttg    194640
     agtagggggc ttttagtagg aaaccttgaa cagtatcagg ctgtaagggt tctctgagtt    194700
     tgatgccagc ctggtctaca gaatgaattc caggacagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc    194760
     tgtctcaaaa accaaacaga tcaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa aaaagtaaga agaaaggaaa    194820
     aaaaaaaaag aaagagaaaa caggcaagac aaaaataata aaaaagaagc ataataaaca    194880
     cagacacaaa gacacagaat cagaaaccat aatatatata agcataagat taaagaaaaa    194940
     aacaaagaaa aatgagataa agcctatcca aaaatagtat tgagttcact ttattttccc    195000
     atttattctt aggcatggga gctactctta ggtgtagttt atatactcag tgatactcca    195060
     ttggagaaaa gcagtatttc ctttgcaagt ggttgtcagt cgcaaagagc ttcttggtta    195120
     gggatggaaa ctcatgtcca cttttatgaa gtgcttggga aggactcgga ccagtccatg    195180
     ctgcagcata cagtctctgg aactcagttc acgtgtacat tccccctgat gtgtctggaa    195240
     gccaccgttt ccttggtgtc tccatctcta gtcttagaat ctttctgttt cctcttctgc    195300
     agttacttca tggtttcttt ttgtcttttc ttaacactat ttcttgaatc caaagaaaac    195360
     accagaagcc taaggaaagc aagagctcaa aagcatccac ttgtgaggca gtgccctccc    195420
     acttatcaca aagccgcagg aaaggggaca gcctagacaa gcttggtttt tttttgtttt    195480
     tttttttttt tttgtttttg gtttgtttat tttgtttttg ttttgttttg tttttgagac    195540
     aggttctttc tatgtagccc tgacttagct ggaataagct atatagacca ggtggcctca    195600
     aattcatgga gcgtcccctg cctctgcttc ccaagtgctg agtgctagaa ttaaaagcaa    195660
     gtgccaccat acctgacctt gcttttattt atttggtctt gatcaagact gttttttttt    195720
     tttaaagcaa acttattctg atcctcaagg atgttcctta gtaggaaaag gaacagcaag    195780
     caagcttgca aggagagaat aaaccaaaag gccttgtcag gtgtgccttt aatcccagct    195840
     attgggaagc agaggccagc ctagtctagt gaggtagtgc caggacagcc agggcttgaa    195900
     aaaaaaccaa aaacaaacaa aaagaaaaga agcccctgcc gtggggagcc atccttccta    195960
     gtcacgtgcc gattcctcac gagacctatc ttagggttta tttacttatt atatgtacac    196020
     tgtagctgtc ctcagacact ccagaagagg gcgtcagatc tcattatgga tggttgtgag    196080
     ccaccatgtg gctgctggga tttgaactca ggagaagagc agtcggtgct cttaaccacc    196140
     gagccatctc accagcaccc cccccccccc aggcaactct tttttttttt ttttttaaag    196200
     atttattatg tatacagcgt tcctcctgta tgtatgcctg caggccagaa gagggcacca    196260
     aatctcacta tagatggtta taagccatca ggtggttgct gggaattgaa ctcagtcagg    196320
     acctgtggaa gagcagccag ggctcttaac cgctgagcat ctctctccag cccccaaggc    196380
     aacttttatt aaggatattt aattggggct ggcttacagg ttcagaagtt cagtccatta    196440
     tcatcacagc aggaagcatg gcagcaggca ggtaaaaatg gtgctggagg agccaagagg    196500
     tctacatctt gatcctaagg taaccaggag gagactctgc cttccacagg cttacaagga    196560
     ggctctcaaa gctcactcct acaataacac acttacaaag ccatacctat tccaacaagg    196620
     ccacacctcc taatagttct acttcccatg ggccaagcat gtacaaaacc acgaggccct    196680
     cctaccagaa actcctgtga agtccacagt aaactcaaaa gcactgcttt gaatcctgga    196740
     ctctgtgggc tttctcatcc tcagccaggt ctcacccagc attttcactt ctaataagtt    196800
     caaatgtgat acggcacctt tctaaaaatt agttttcagg gaaatagggt tcaaaactgg    196860
     tagtggtagg gtccattctc acgaccccca ggcctgctaa ccctgaccaa gctacctatt    196920
     acttaccctc ctctttctcc tcctcctctt tctccttctc ctgcttcccc tcttccttct    196980
     ccctcccttc ctctccctcc tccccctcct tggctgtgat cagatccaga gcctgaatga    197040
     gcctcctgac cccacacccc cactagcatg ggcctgcaag tgcccagaag tccctcctgc    197100
     ctcctaaact gcccagccga tccattagct cttccttctt cccagtgaaa gaagcaggca    197160
     cagcctgtcc ctcccgttct acagaaagga agctacagca cagggagggc caaaggcctt    197220
     cctgggacta gacagttgat caacagcagg actggagagc tgggctccat ttttgttcct    197280
     tggtgccctg cccctcccca tgacctgcag agacattcag cctgccaggc tttatgaggt    197340
     gggagctggg ctctccctga tgtattattc agctccctgg agttggccag ctcctgttac    197400
     actggccaca gccctgggca tccgcttctc acttctagtt tcccctccaa ggtaatgtgg    197460
     tgggtcatga tcattctatc ctggcttcag ggacctgact ccactttggg gccattcgag    197520
     gggtctaggg tagatgatgt ccccctgtgg ggattaatgt cctgctctgt aaaactgagc    197580
     tagctgagat ccaggagggc ttggccagag acagcaagtt gttgccatgg tgactttaaa    197640
     gccaggttgc tgccccagca caggcctccc agtctaccct cactagaaaa caacacccag    197700
     gcactttcca ccacctctca aaggtgaaac ccaaggctgg tctagagaat gaattatgga    197760
     tcctcgctgt ccgtgccacc cagctagtcc cagcggctca gacactgagg agagactgta    197820
     ggttcagcta caagcaaaaa gacctagctg gtctccaagc agtgtctcca agtccctgaa    197880
     cctgtgacac ctgccccagg catcatcagg cacagagggc caccatggcg gatgaggaga    197940
     agaaagcgaa gaaagggaag aaggggaaga aggccccaga gcctgagaaa cccaaacgga    198000
     gcctcaaggg cacatctcgg ctcttcatgg gcttccgaga ccgcacgccc aagatctcta    198060
     agaaaggtca gttccgaagt gcatcagcct tcttctgggg cctccacact ggcccgcaga    198120
     agaccaagcg caagaagaag gcccgtactg ttctcaaatc cacatccaaa ctcatgacgc    198180
     agatgcgggt gggcaaaaag aagcgggcga tgaagggaaa gaagccctcg ttcatggtga    198240
     tccgcttccc tggacggcgc ggctatggcc gcttgaggcc tcgtgcccag tcacttagca    198300
     aggcatccac agctattaac tggctgacca agaagttcct cctcaagaag gccgaagagt    198360
     caggcagtga gcaggccaca gtggacgcct ggctccagcg ctccagctcc cgagttggct    198420
     cacgtaagct gcccttcccg tcgggtgctg agatcctgcg gcatggaggc cggctccgca    198480
     ggttcccccg cagtcatagc atctactcct ccggagagcc cgtgggcttc ctgccctttg    198540
     aggacgaagc cccatttcgg cacgcaggct cccgcaagtc attgtatggg ctcgagggct    198600
     tccaggacct gggtgaatat tacgactacc atcgggaagg cgacgactac tatgaccagc    198660
     agtcgctata ccactacgag gagcaggagc cctacttggc tgagttcggt gggtatagcc    198720
     cggcctggcc accctatgat gactatgggt acccacccgg agacccgtac aactactacc    198780
     accctgacta ctacggtgac accctctacc ctggctatgc ctatggctat ggctacggct    198840
     acgatgattt tgagccccca tatgcgcccc catcagggta ttcatcgcct tacagctacc    198900
     atgacagctt tgagagtgag gcctacccat acagctacta cctggacccc tatgcaactc    198960
     accacatgcc ctatccaccc tatgactttc catatgacac tccttacgac ataccctact    199020
     ttgatcctta tggggttccc tatgctgaag gtgtctatgg cggtggggcc gaggccatct    199080
     atccccctgg gatgccctat gtctatccag aagagccagc ttttatgtac ccatgggtgc    199140
     cgccacccat aatgtcgccc cacaacccat atgcccaccc catggacgac attgccgagc    199200
     tggaggagcc tgaggaaaca ggtgaagaac gtcagagcac ctccttccgc ctgcccagtg    199260
     ccgccttctt cgagcaacaa ggtatggaca aaccagccag gtccaaacta tccctcatcc    199320
     ggaagttccg cctcttccca cggcctcagg tgaagctgtt tgggaaagag aagctagagg    199380
     tgcccctgcc accctccctc gacattcctc tgcctttagg ggatgcagag ggtgaggaag    199440
     aggaggagga aatgccccca gtgcccacga tgccctacac ccacccttac tggagcttcc    199500
     tcacaccgcg ccagcgaaac ctacagcgcg ccctgtcagc ctttggtgcc cgccaaggcc    199560
     taggctttgg ccctgagttt ggccacccaa cgccacgccc agccacctca ctggcacggt    199620
     tcctcaaaaa aacactgtca gaaaagaagc ccattccacg gctcaggggc agccagaagg    199680
     cccgaggagg gcggccccca gtgagggagg cagcctacaa acgctttggc tacaagctgg    199740
     ccggcatgga ccccgatcga cccaacacgc ccattgtgct gagacgaagt cagccacaag    199800
     ctcgcaacaa caacaactcc cacgggccac cgtcacccag gcctgcacca agggcactca    199860
     cgcactggag tgctctcatc tctcctccaa tgcctgcgcc atctcccagc cccgcctctc    199920
     cattgacccc acccttctct ccaaccttct cccggcctcc aaggctagct tccccctatg    199980
     gctccctccg ccagcatcca ccaccctggg ctgccccagc tcatgtgcct tttccacccc    200040
     aggcaaattg gtggggcttt gctgaacccc ctggaacaag cccagaggtt gcgcctgacc    200100
     ttctggcctt tcctgtaccc cggccctcgt tcagggcttc ccgcagtcgc agtcggaggg    200160
     cagcttatgg tttccccagc ccttccctga taggatccag gagaaggccc cacctgccct    200220
     caccccagcc ctctctgagg agccttccag gtcagggcta ccactcacca ctgggaccgt    200280
     tgtctcctca gttgtccctc cgaaggggtc ctttccagcc acccttccca ccccctccac    200340
     gcagacctca gtcactccgg gaggccttct ctctacgtag agcctctggg cgcctgggcc    200400
     caccccgctc accagtgcta ggttctcccc gaccaccctc accaccccca ctcctgaaac    200460
     acggcccccg gcaccggtcc ctcaacctgc cctcacgcct tccacggacc tggcggcgcc    200520
     tcagcgagcc tcctacgcgg gctgtgaaac catgggtaca tagggcgtac cccccaccac    200580
     ccagtgccgg gccctggggg gcatccacgg gggctttgga gcagcaagag aaccaacgtg    200640
     aagcagaaga ctcagaaaca ccgtggacag ttcccccatt ggcccccagc tgggatgtgg    200700
     atatgcctcc cacacaacgc ccaccttctc cgtggccaga aggtataggc agccttagag    200760
     gcttctccag gccccctcct gtgcctgaaa atccattgct tgagcacaca agcccttcat    200820
     gtgagccaca gtctgaggac cgagtctcta atttaactgg tatcttcctg ggccaacacc    200880
     atgacccagg gcctgggcaa ctcaccaagt cagccgaccc aagcttggag aagcctgaag    200940
     aagtggtcac cctaggggac cctcagccac cagctgagcc tgaggccctg aacccaacac    201000
     ctcccaacaa aaatgttgtc tcggagagga aggttttacg actcagcgcc tcgtacccac    201060
     tggtcacatg taagcaggca agggcaacat ggccacaatg gcaccgctgg aagacagtgt    201120
     ctagaactcc agctcccttg gcccccacca gagccccagg gcccttgctc aaggctggtg    201180
     agcagccccg ggcagaacct gggcggtttg cagttgtcat gcctcaggtg cgtggggtaa    201240
     gctccttccg gccaaaaggg cctgctcctg tgcagcctcc agagcatcca gaccaagacc    201300
     cagagcaggg cccagccccc caagcctgta gtctacgctg gccccgcctc tggccaccaa    201360
     cagatgctca ctgtctctgg tcacgaattc gcacctactc ctctcaatcc cacctccggg    201420
     gccatggagg tgactgtcac aagagcctct ggaaaaagac tcgcccccaa agctggcaga    201480
     acaaggtatg acagcacaag tcagtgggtg ggatcgggat ttctgaccta ggaaccagaa    201540
     gaggaggtgg cctgaggagt caccgcagcc ctggcaagtg gtggtctgcg tggaccccga    201600
     ctcccttccg aaggtgggaa gaactgcctg gaccttgcag ggcatctggg gcttgaacaa    201660
     aggagtgccc agcacagaat aggctctgga ggaaaggact agacatgaga gtagaggcaa    201720
     aggttcctgc tttcttactt catcattgca gagtagggaa actgagactc ggcgtttgtg    201780
     gagcctaggc aggcagttct agactggctg gcacgtccat ggcagaaggt gagctgaatg    201840
     ctgggtggcc cttggaggag gtggatgatc actctagcct ccctggggac acccagaatg    201900
     ggtggggcaa gcaatgatag gcgggacttc tccacctccg cgaccgtgcc ccacagagca    201960
     ggcagcaagc agacttggca atgacaactg gggcaccctg gctgctaggg ggaccctggc    202020
     cccgacggcg ggtgccccgt gctgtgtggg ctgcagcgtt gcgggagcgg ggcacagggc    202080
     gcccaggggt gaggggcaag gatgcctggg ccctcctcac tctggaatac gtgagtggct    202140
     gaattattca gggtctgtgg ccactggcaa gcacgtgagc cgatgggtgg actggaggcc    202200
     aggactggaa gggttgatac ttgctgcacc ctacttaaca gtgtgagggc atgtagtacg    202260
     caggccctcc tgtatcctct ttccttgcct agggagggtg cacggggcag gaaaggccag    202320
     ggctgcacac gtgtgtgctc acagttaccc agagccttgt aggtccatgt gcctgaatgt    202380
     gcatgagtga ataccatgca tgggcaagca aggaaggcag gtgggtgccg agtccgagca    202440
     gacacggcat ccacggaggt gtgagccatc agcctaccct ttgaatgtgc acacacgtgt    202500
     gtacacataa caggcaccgt ggagccccgt cagccccagg ctgacaccag gactcccact    202560
     ctcaagatcc ccagtgtggg agggccctga ctgctgctgg ctggtacact ccgagtggat    202620
     gttgagagta cctgtgtacg tggataccct cagtcaagca cacgggcctg tacggagcca    202680
     cagcatactg agagcataca gatatgtatg ggagctgtga ggacagcagt cgctgcagta    202740
     ggcccaccat atgcagtatc tgcacactca ccccaagcat cttgtcccat cctgggacag    202800
     cctccacctt tgtctttcca agggcctggt gcaccatgac acaaatagcc atcaagctgt    202860
     cacgcaaacc aacacatggg gggtgggggg gctgtggggc atggggtagg gacaccaaga    202920
     ggacagaggt aggaagggga cagagccttg ctcttgtttg cgtgtgtgct ggtgaatgta    202980
     tctatgtgct cactccctga gcacgctcag tccaggatgc ttaacatgca gactcacgtg    203040
     agctctaggg caaggaggca gaaagacctt caatacccaa ccttgacatt ctgagcaggt    203100
     gcctggtgtg tccaagccag ggtccaccca ggcctccagc ctgtccccca cccctctctc    203160
     acagatgcac tccatacgca acctgccttc tatgcggtcc cgtgagcagc acagggaaga    203220
     tggagtggag gacatgacgc agctggagta agtggatggg gtgagggatt cctatgctcc    203280
     cagcctcact gttctggaca tcaccagagc ctcagtttcc ccatttgcaa atggtgccat    203340
     caagtgtcac acaagccaaa tgtgtgtagt gcaaagcttt gtgaggtaga cagcccttgg    203400
     ttcagacccc agccatacca tgtactagct aggcagccgt gggcaatatt gtcctgctct    203460
     gttactcagt ttatcgtctg tgaggtttgg gcagtggcta tgaaaatatg ggcaggtgtc    203520
     cgacatctct gaagctctcc aaccataaat gattcagcct tacgtcttct gccctggtgt    203580
     gagaaccgag ctcccacaaa gtgggtgtga tgtttgccac ctgattggac agatgaagaa    203640
     actgaggcac aagatgatcg aacgaactat cttgctcaag tctcatagct ggccagtggc    203700
     agagatgagc ttgaacccag acacacctga ccaagacacc atgccagata gggtggagtc    203760
     tgtgtcagga ctgggaccct cacagtgtct ctctgtcctt ccagagacct ccaagagacc    203820
     actgtgctag ccaacctaaa gaccagattt gagcgaaacc tcatctatgt aagtctgggg    203880
     cttgccagta caaggaccca cttggattct agactagggg tggtcagaaa gatggaggaa    203940
     cctgtgaccc tcagagctac aggagagagg gcctgaggcc tgcagccact tccaataggc    204000
     atatgcactt atagggcttt aagataattt actcactttt atttcatgca cattggtgta    204060
     ggtttgtaca aaagggtcag atcctctgga gctggagata cgggcactta tgagctgcaa    204120
     tgtgggtgct gagaattgaa cccaggcccc ctagaagagc agtctgtgct cttgaacact    204180
     gagcaacctc tcctgctccc acctgtagga ctttaatgac ttcagagcac atgggctccc    204240
     tgcttccctg ttctaacaac cagtagatgg ttacactttg gcaggaggca gaaatacctg    204300
     cagcctgggc cagagaccat gagtaaatga gatggtcggg aaattacctg ccatcttggt    204360
     ctgattaaga ctgtgaggcc tggttcactc cacattcact tcagtctatg cacaagtctg    204420
     ggatgaatga gaccaggcag tcagatatat gtctcattgg taagggactc cttgctcaaa    204480
     agcataaaga ggggtccaca ggtgtccatc ataaccttgt cgctgaggtc actgtctatt    204540
     aacagaccta tattggcagt attctggtgt cggtgaaccc atatcgaatg tttgcaatct    204600
     acgggcctga gcaggtgcag cagtacagtg ggcgtgccct aggagaaaat cccccgtgag    204660
     tgtctatggg atgtggaggg tgttgtcctg ggtgttccag gtcctcttct gagcttggag    204720
     agaccctgga tagccatgag ttgaggtgag tgagactcag cgtggtctct ccccagacat    204780
     ggcacagtcc tgttccagag gccactgtag ctctgactga gggtgagggg tgggcagcac    204840
     tggctgctgg cagaacagaa atacccttct ccccaacccc tggcagtctt gggactgtgg    204900
     aaactaactg tcagagacag tgacgcctga cggcctgtct caccaggcac ctctttgcaa    204960
     ttgctaatct tgccttcgcc aaaatgcttg atgccaaaca gaaccagtgt gtcatcatca    205020
     ggtgagtcag gctgtgccca ggtgggggac agataggggc accttgggca gtagtttgca    205080
     tccagacatc tagatggtga gatgtgagcc tactatgaac ctaggaaaag tattgggtgc    205140
     ctttgggcct cttcatggct cctgggttgg agtgggcatg gagaggcaga ggagagccaa    205200
     tgctctgggc tcctgttcca ccagtgggga gagtggctct ggaaagactg aggctacgaa    205260
     actgattctg cgctgcctgg ctgccatgaa ccagagacgg gacgtcatgc agcaggtgag    205320
     acctaccatc cagccgtcct gtggttgccc tgtctgctta ggatccttag cccagcaccc    205380
     ttgctgagca agccccccaa tagatcagga tcttgtatgt gcactttagt ggaggagatg    205440
     gaattccagg taggccagca ggggcggcta aaggcagggc ttttccgtct cccattttcc    205500
     ccagggaagc tcttggggat atagacaggg aagccatttt tactttctgg tgtctccaac    205560
     ctgacctcca tagtctcata cccagatgct ggacaggttc aagtgtagcc atagcatgag    205620
     gcagaggtag caacagactt aggctcatag acccaacacg agaacattaa atcctgcaat    205680
     ctgacactgc tctggaaact cattccctca gtaaaggttt actgaggcct cgaacaagga    205740
     acagaacagc tcaagacaga atatttataa ctttgtggaa gtttcatctt agggcaggag    205800
     atggagaaga agaaaactta agtaactgtt aagtaaattg tgtatactgg aaagagtagt    205860
     atcagtgtat ggtgaggaga agaacagagt ggcaaggagg aagagctggg agcatcatta    205920
     taagcatgag gcagtgatga ggccctgggc aggtcagaga agatggagga ggacaaggaa    205980
     agaacttgta caaaggcgca ctcagttgtc ggcttcccat aggacaaaga atgacaatgt    206040
     agagtctgga gcagagacgg ggctcagatg ccagggactg tggtgtcggt gtacaaggat    206100
     gcatgcaggg gcagggcaaa ggcagccagg ggcttgaccg aaggacccag acacagtgtg    206160
     aggagggcta agattacgag tgaacatagg cagaacggat gaagagaagc tcctgagaaa    206220
     tgtgcccatc aggtgtccgt tcagaggtga tgggaatcca gggctcaggg aaggacaagg    206280
     ctcagtgtcg agaaccacag gctctcatgg gcccagggcc catgatagtt gacaaatggc    206340
     tataatgctg cagcctgtag ccatcttggc acagtctctt ggtggttgac ccaggccctc    206400
     tcttgctctg gtcagttttc agtttcttct gcatgcctgg gagagcccat gaaggagtca    206460
     gggagagagg tggactctgt gagttctttg ggccaggtgg tcttccatcc acctccacag    206520
     aacctcatgg cctccctggg aaattgcatc tgtgagcact tacagtttgg gaaactgata    206580
     tctgggaaga aaaatgacct gcccagtgcc cctggatgag gtgatagggc aggatttata    206640
     ttccatggta acaggtgtag aaaagacaag tatatgactt cctaggtcta agagttctgg    206700
     aacaggcaca cagcatgggg acagtggaca ggtcagatct aggatgagtt tcaggcatac    206760
     atggatctag ggtcataacc aacggacatg ttttgttcca cccccataca ctccggtcag    206820
     caaaatggtg tttgtggcac ctccttcatt tcaaaaaagt tcaactcatg gaatagctca    206880
     ccctctcccc aattttctgg cttcctgtcc tgtcctatga tgggtaccag gagcagagaa    206940
     gaggccacat gccctctgga accttgcagt gtctccagac taaaggacag tatagatcaa    207000
     tggcctactc tatttgacta tgagcaactg caggcagccc cactctctgc tgcactttgc    207060
     tgggagctct gcaggtagca gcctgagtat ggatataaac agagaggcat tgtcaccaca    207120
     ccaaggttac aggcgtcatg tctgtgggaa ctgggacccc aaactaattc tacaaaacct    207180
     tcctaaagac acgacttaac catagacaat gccctttgca tactaagagt aagctcacca    207240
     ggccctgctt gggacccact cttctggatt tggatgctct gggtatccca cacctctctg    207300
     catcccagtt tctgagtttt cgagccagcg atgatgttag cacctatgta taggatattt    207360
     acaggaacta aaattagggt gtggtggcac agacctactg tcccagagac tagagcggct    207420
     gagataggag ggtcatgaac                                                207440