ID   AL591854; SV 18; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 187181 BP.
AC   AL591854;
DT   31-MAY-2001 (Rel. 67, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 26)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone RP23-105M23 on chromosome 2
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-187181
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Almeida-King J.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 057fbb2da0c57dee116263f7718d0dd8.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456092.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000017929; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000017969; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000050556; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026909; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026910; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0026911; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026876; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026877; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0026878; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026847; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026848; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0026849; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026885; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026886; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0026887; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026627; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026628; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0026629; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027332; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027333; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0027334; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026085; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026086; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0026087; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026604; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026605; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0026606; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026742; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026743; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0026744; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026708; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026709; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0026710; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026843; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026844; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0026845; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026727; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026728; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0026729; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027389; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027390; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0027391; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025822; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025823; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0025824; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026158; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026159; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0026160; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AL591854.18:1-187181; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000059826; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000088041; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000109221; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000207917; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0059396; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0059397; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0059400; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0059424; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0059425; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0059428; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0059370; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0059371; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0059375; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0059356; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0059357; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0059360; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0059055; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0059056; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0059059; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0059828; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0059829; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0059832; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0059333; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0059334; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0059337; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0059026; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0059027; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0059030; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0059129; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0059130; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0059133; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0059111; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0059112; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0059115; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0059239; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0059240; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0059244; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0059089; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0059090; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0059093; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0060012; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0060014; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0060017; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0058900; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0058901; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0058904; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0058333; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0058334; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0058337; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; F6XV02.
DR   InterPro; IPR001128; Cyt_P450.
DR   InterPro; IPR002403; Cyt_P450_E_grp-IV.
DR   InterPro; IPR003859; Galactosyl_T.
DR   InterPro; IPR024204; Cyt_P450_CYP7A1-type.
DR   InterPro; IPR027286; PTGIS.
DR   InterPro; IPR029044; Nucleotide-diphossugar_trans.
DR   InterPro; IPR036396; Cyt_P450_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:1097156; Ptgis.
DR   MGI; MGI:1927169; B4galt5.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF01417; RSV_RNA.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6XV02; F6XV02_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: grc-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence. Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   RP23-105M23 is from the RPCI-23 Mouse BAC Library
CC   constructed by the group of Pieter de Jong.
CC   For further details see http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..187181
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-105M23"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    66953..66994
FT                   /note="Sequence from mouse whole genome shotgun supercontig
FT                   data sequenced by the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium,
FT                   contig_156314, version 2."
FT   misc_feature    146415..146415
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 1000 bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    173304..173322
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a short
FT                   insert library derived from a single pUC clone. Restriction
FT                   digest data confirm the assembly."
SQ   Sequence 187181 BP; 47701 A; 47654 C; 47168 G; 44658 T; 0 other;
     cgcacaccag acaagcactc cacaactgac atttatctct gatccctaaa acaagggtta        60
     aaaaaaatgt tctcactaaa ttgctcaggc tggcctttaa ccgttatcct cctgtctcca       120
     gcttctgaac agctgggatc gcaggcttcg acatccaagg cagtccagca tgaatcgctg       180
     gactgtcagg ccacaccaca tctcagaagc ttcaagaaaa aaaacaacca accaaccaac       240
     caaccaaccc tccaagattc aaagttctca gtagagtgcc caccaaagtg ggcatggtca       300
     cccaccatca actatcatgc aaattcaaaa cgccttacat caaatcattc ccagacaggg       360
     catgcagaaa atatttcaaa ggggatttct ttgttttgta gataaggtct tggtagctca       420
     ggttgaacta aatctttcaa atctcctggt ttagtctacc gggtgttgga atttcaggca       480
     tgttccatgg tgcttggtat atagttttta aaggttctag gtaaatttcc cagttgctag       540
     agtgctgggc tagcatgcag ggaggcctgc cctcagtttg aagcagccta tgcctgccat       600
     cccagcactt ggtgggatgg tggcaagaag accagccttg gatacatagc agattccagg       660
     gtagtctgtg ttacatgaga tcctatctcc acaagattta atacaaaata caagatgttt       720
     ggatcagtag tacaaggctc acctagctcg tgagatgcct ttcaatctat acacacacat       780
     tacagatgca cgcacggaca tgccattaaa acaatctgta atgaataaaa tactctaatt       840
     aaaaaacaga atctgagaaa agtggtagat gaacagtgat cttgtgccca gggtgagtcc       900
     ctcagtctcc ctgagagcag caggcccctc ttctgtaacc cccagcctgg tgagcgcgga       960
     gagcagtctc ctgcctccac tgcggatctt ggaaagcatg gttaaataca ggctccctcc      1020
     agcactggtc tgtaacgcag gaggcagaca ggcctgtcat cagtgctggg cagctggggc      1080
     ggctggcggt tgctaagctc cacaccccag cttcaaataa gctctggagt tcccaacacg      1140
     ccgccggtgt caactgcttc ccagaggcct cttttggaaa cggctttgca gaaagtggca      1200
     cagacagcta tttctgcccc aaggcagaaa aaatgagttt gtggcagggt gccaagcccc      1260
     agccccgccc ctcactgctc tgtggccttg ggtaagtcag gaccctttct gagcctgctt      1320
     ccatctatcc ctggcagaga agattagaaa ccatatgtag gctactttgt cattggtttg      1380
     ccaccataaa taaacagtac atctctctct ctttccctct ctctctgtgt gtgcctgtgc      1440
     gtgtatgcgt gcccgtgacc tgtgaggcca gaaaaaggct ttgccagatc cctaggacct      1500
     ggggtcacag gtggttgtaa gctgactgat ctgagtgttg ggcgccaaac ccagatcctc      1560
     tggaagagca gtcagtgctc ttaaccacta agccatctct ccagtcccca caaggaatct      1620
     gtccctacgt tttgaaagta agatccacag gacacaggag ctagacattg tcaaaagcca      1680
     acaatttcat ttacttcatt ttttcttctt tttgagacag cgtcttgccg cttagcccag      1740
     gctatccctg aactcattat gtaacctagg ctatccctgc acttctcatc cttctcctta      1800
     agctgcccag gtgctggcat cccaggggca catcaccacg ccccacttca aggtcagcaa      1860
     taactagctt ctttgtctgt gccatctccc tcgccagggc aggagagcga gcagttcaca      1920
     cagggcagag ggtataaggc ggagggaggg aggaggggaa aggatcttag tggcttcttc      1980
     tgaacagaga aaatgaattc tcagaaggtc cctgcgctct gacacagtgc ccccgagaaa      2040
     ggcccttgtc acctgcaact tctgtagacc atttctaagg ctctctgtcc tctcagctgc      2100
     ggtcaccaca cacacctggg agcagcattg tccccaagct ggctagtgca ctcagagctg      2160
     ccgagacatc caccgtgggt agcgtcaggg ctgctgcttc cctggaccct ttgcctggtg      2220
     ctttcgaggt ctgttgagca cccaggacta attagccaag gatgtgtgag catgaggaag      2280
     gggccctgac agaggccctg tgaacaaccc atcaatcagc caccagctag caaccaagtc      2340
     atcctcccag gtctggctgt cacttggggt tgggtttaag attccaacta agtgttctga      2400
     gaatccataa ggatgttcca tgatagcaga ggatgccaca ggcaggagcg agcagaagct      2460
     gagattcctg gtgacttggg aagcaccaga tagacttgat cctcagagca agcatcttcc      2520
     cttgtattga tggtgacagg ccctccagct ggtgataatt tgtcttacac ttcttatgcc      2580
     tggattccaa ggtttttctt ttgtccttgt ctttttgaga ctgggtctca tgtaggtagc      2640
     ccaggcggta cttgaactcc atctgtagct aaggatagcc ttacatttcc gagcctcttg      2700
     cctccctagt gttgggattg caggtgtgct gggtgtggtt tccggtgtag cagaatggtg      2760
     ctctaccccc ctgaggtaca tacccagctc tgctgtggtt ttaatctatg ctgaccatcc      2820
     gagaaaatgt atttcttgaa gaagggaagg gatcagaatt gcctttggtt caattcagat      2880
     ctcacatgct gggactgtgg tacagccaac agcctgactg tttatgtctg tgtcacattc      2940
     tccattgcac ctggcagctc agtggccttt tctggtccca ttgttgtgag catgcatttg      3000
     catatgcaaa tgaacacaat gctcacgcaa atgaacagaa atttgttttt gttttcgaga      3060
     cagagtctct ttatgcaacc caggctggcc tcaagtccat gatcctcttt cctctgtctc      3120
     ccgagtgcta gaactgaagg tatagtagct ctattatata ctgattcata atttgatggt      3180
     ccctgagagg atgaattcag gaagactcca cagatggagg gacctgggga gccacaggac      3240
     ctctgtgacc ctgatccctc caaagctctt agatgtcaac atgtctgcct tggcctttca      3300
     ctgtgtatga gggaccccat aagctggtcc tgcttcaggt cttggcgcct ctctttcgac      3360
     ctgtaaccta gtaagatcag cacactcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cagagggggc      3420
     gggcagagag agagagagag aggggcagag agagagagac agagagagag acagagaaac      3480
     acacagaaac acagagagaa aaacagagag agaaagagaa acacagagag acacacacag      3540
     agaaacagag agagacacac acacacacac acacagagag agagagggag ggagagagag      3600
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagatatgt cttgctcatg gttgagattt      3660
     caccgcatca ttttgacaga acattccgga aacacacatt cagctaaacc atgtttttct      3720
     gtgctagaga cgtgtcacct tcccagcact tcagcatgta cgatgacagc caatatctgt      3780
     cactcagaga tacaccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atcagtgaga aaggaagctg cgctcaaact      3840
     gcctgtgttc ccttgttcat ttcattcact tgcactgctg ggtggacagc cgtggacata      3900
     gccgcccaca tttcttcctc agagactatc aacagataag gtaacaacag cccaggagaa      3960
     gcaatggggt cctgggcttc atgcatgtta tcaactgagt ctttttcctc agtctctttc      4020
     ctatctctat tttcttgatt aatcctttta tctgtccact gggcgagcag gtacagagcc      4080
     tgtgctgagg acgcacaatt gaaaaaactc tacctatgca tcaaggagcc tggagttcct      4140
     taggaaggag gggactcaag tagctcttta caggacacag catatagagt ctgaaactgt      4200
     tgcttcagtt tctagctgca agggaggctg gaaacaggct tactctggaa atcattgtct      4260
     ccctaaatgt tgatggaagg agtggatgag tcagggccct gctctgccct gcttgctgcc      4320
     ttcctccaac aatggctttc cttggtgctt cttcttgtgg gctaatgtta ctttatttgt      4380
     tgataaagta acaagagtct gaaactgtta ctgccttgag gcagtaactt tgtgtccctg      4440
     aactttaact ttcttgtagt gaagcaaaga cagcaattgc cactcccaaa aatcaagaag      4500
     aaaaaaaacc acctttggga agtatggggc cagctggagc tcacaagcca cttccagcta      4560
     ttcccagtgg attctgggag gacatgcgtg gagactccca ggccttatat gggagctgag      4620
     atgcgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt      4680
     gaggaagtga ggagagaagt ctatgcagaa ggcagggaga gcatgggagg gtgcacacac      4740
     agacacagct gccctcggga tagcggaaag ggtccgctgt ctcttcccca gtgtcccact      4800
     ggaaaagact ggggatggag aatgcactta gtgaacttgc ccagggtgtc tcagacagct      4860
     accagcaggc agaactggac cacgggagtt aatatctgtt gcaggtgccc agagtcttgg      4920
     gaactctcta aggcctgtcc cctgtgtgcc acactgtctg ttcctgtgga cttctatcct      4980
     ttggtctttg aggcaaactc ctttaaagaa cccacgttct gacttctttc tcgtgcccac      5040
     tgccctggcc caagccacct acccgtccca cagagacaac tgtgtctctc atttctctcc      5100
     ctgcatctct ttcacatcct cagtccagat gctcctcaga accagctttg taaaacagat      5160
     cccgacctgt ccacaagtcc tccgaagacc cacgctcaca ctctcaccca catgaactct      5220
     tccctggcct cccatgctcc acctggctgc agccccaggg cctttgcact ggattctctt      5280
     tcaggaagtc tcagttctat ctcagaagtc tctttccttc ccagcctcag gtttccaccc      5340
     aatgctaccc cgatagaggg tccctggcta catcctagag tgctgcccag catgcacgaa      5400
     gtcccaggtt tcagccccag cgctgcgtaa gcttgatcat acgtgcacag cacacatgca      5460
     tcttctcagc actcagaaga cggagacaag agcatcatca ggttgtcctg ggtcaacctt      5520
     ggctacatgg agaatccgaa gacagcctgg gctatgagac cctgtctcaa gaaattaaat      5580
     aaaggaataa aaccacttaa ccctcactgt actgagaggc tctatggatt tcaaagcctg      5640
     tggctgactc tttcatggca aaccgactgc ttctcatgct tgcatgtggg gtttctgagg      5700
     ggagggtttt ttataaacct aacaagcagc tctggcgcat gctccgcaaa cgctcactgg      5760
     gtgaacaaga cttgccccag tggcaaaggt ggaacaccag acttgacctc tggggcgttt      5820
     tcaggactcg acaatggagc ggttgataag aattctctga gggccacacc cattgcacag      5880
     atgtgaaact gagacccaga aagggaaggg atgcaggcat gtagcccagc cacacagcca      5940
     aagccacgcc acagcgcctc tgccatagca gtccccagcc tccctccttt ccttcttcgg      6000
     aaatggcact gctcagtctt ccaacagttg ccctcagagc cctgctcagg ctcaggctcc      6060
     cctgcctcac tgaaggagga tgaggaagaa aagtccccca cctccccctc tgggcttcag      6120
     gggtgtggca agagctgagt cttctgttgt cccaggatgg ggtgacccaa tccagaggtc      6180
     cctctgcccc agttttccct ccctgcatcc cctcccctcc cctgccctgc cccacactgg      6240
     gtgagttgca aggggcaagc tctctctgag gctggctcca catttaaaat gggacgggag      6300
     ccatggcacc accagaaagc aaacaggaaa cctcttgctg cttccagctg tctgcagtca      6360
     ctgcttaagc acccactgta cgcatttccc gaagtgcttt cgtgctttct gcaccagagg      6420
     gggcggggtg tgacatatac ttcctgtccg gcagcaccgg ctctcaccca aagaaccgat      6480
     tcacgttcct cagttgcaaa gcagtcaggt catctctgca aaccctacca cagaaagccc      6540
     tccccaggcc cacggaacag cagaggacca aacaggtgga tggaggccaa agggcagcca      6600
     ccctcgaggg gaggcggtgg cacctgaggg gggcggggga agggttctcg ggtctcttgg      6660
     acgttctctc tctgtaatct ttggctgctt ccctgtctag gccctggcaa ctcctctttt      6720
     ggtttctcta agcaagatgt caggttaggg aaacagattc cagcctttaa tgaaaataat      6780
     gagctgtgtc agagcgaggg cgccagcgcc agggctgcgg aggatgagtt atggggttgg      6840
     gggaagacag cagggtgggc cagcggctgt ggctgtggga ggagagggaa ggcaagagag      6900
     aaaggcaaag ccagaaagag aaggagaatg gaggggaggg gagatgggga ggaggaaaag      6960
     acaggaaggg gtggagaggg agaaggagga ggatggggaa ggagagagta aggagaaaag      7020
     ggagaggggg agaggtacaa agggaaggaa gagggggaga gaccgagagt caatactgtt      7080
     tccatttggc ctcatcttgg cctccgctga cctctccttc cagagagcca acagatcttt      7140
     ctccagcatc taatcttgcc gttcctaggc tcctcagtgc cttcaggaca aacgcctctc      7200
     cttactgtga ctgagggcct tggaggatct gactcctaac ctctcctttc acagccgctc      7260
     catctcttct ctggctgtgg ccaactcctc ctgctgagcc aaccccaccc ctgcctgctt      7320
     tcagaatcca attaaatacc tcaagagtgc aggggggaag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg      7380
     tgcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtaga gcaggactga      7440
     agctgacttc gtaagacccc tttctggtgc ttatagctca gaggctggga ggaaaagggg      7500
     gggggcaaga ctgtctcagg tgacaatcag caaactcaag tggccttgag tttctggagt      7560
     cctttgcact gtgcggtcta gagccctcag gactgggagg caccaggagc tggctctgag      7620
     cttctaagga acagcctgct gcccttaggc tcaggctaga aaccactagg agataggggt      7680
     ggagttgggg gtagatggca gaggaggaga caacttgata gctggcaatc ggcagtgatc      7740
     ctccagcatc cagataaaac agaaggtaga aagaggcagc catccgtggt atggaagaac      7800
     tcagagaagg gaaggaagcc gaagcactgg gggattctga gcccaacgag tccccattct      7860
     tcttggttca gattaacaga gtcgtgggag agaccagagc caaacccacg gaagcctgca      7920
     gaggctggga gaagagtgcg gcgcatctga attctgtagc agtccgtaca gggccggccc      7980
     tgaagaaaga tctggaagat gcaaaggaca aagcctccag tcttcctagc aacaagaagt      8040
     gcggcaaggg ccatgcgttc ctcttgaaat cacgtttcat gaagcataga agtggcttct      8100
     tccagctcac ttgtctccac aggcctgtct tgcctctctc cttgggggct acccctccgc      8160
     cctgttccat ggcaaccttg gtggacttct ggctgctctt gtactacacc aagctcactg      8220
     ctgctccagg gcctttgtac tgcagtttct tcttctgaaa attatccccc ttcattctgt      8280
     gatggtatca ggcaagcctc catagccaga aagtagctgg ggcataccga agtgcgcacc      8340
     acacttccca gctagagcgg ggtccagaaa gatcttaaaa gagagttttc ctgacaggag      8400
     taagattatt cacttcagga ttttgtattt ggtcagagtc tagtctgtgt tcattatgta      8460
     agttaaaact cgcagtggga tagtatgcag ctgtgaaaaa ggaagggtgt gttgtgatga      8520
     ccctaaacag ggaacatgct cgcagctgta cagctaggaa acacaaacac aggctctgac      8580
     tttaacaaaa acaaaagcaa tatatgtatg tatctgggtt tgttagcaca tgactgtagt      8640
     atttctgtaa gagtttatac actggtacca gtgtctgcct ccaagaagga gtggctgccc      8700
     agagctgggg taaacgagca tttcccctca tgtgccctct gaacaccctg gctttccaac      8760
     acgggaatga tattcgccat tcaaaaccca aggctgcggt atttttagaa tttcgaccgt      8820
     atctctaaat gggccgcggt tgcgtacaca aacacagcag gctgacggca tgtaagaagg      8880
     ctcctgtatc catcaccaag tcgttcccag agaccggcat agacaagagg atgcagacac      8940
     cttcgtacac agactctatc cacggtccgt cttgtggcct cctctcccgt ggcctgacat      9000
     ttgtgtacac tggcatttca gacacgccaa cccgagaggt gttttcttgt ttctttctac      9060
     attgatcaat attccaggag ctgcagaaaa tagaacgttc ctggcgtcct ctgtcctgag      9120
     gggccctgcc cctgctttcc tcagggagga gagaggccaa gttctcagag gatagagccg      9180
     tcacaagccc acatttagcc tcccctgggg gacagtgata aatttgccga gggcacagga      9240
     ctgcagggtc tgccccctgg gaacgtggtt ttgactgagc aggggagttg gggggagggg      9300
     gagatgccgc ctcgtgctgc ctcatcccag cactcagcca gaggctccag cctggtcctc      9360
     agtccaaagc ctaggtattt taccctccat gtcaaagtga gagagatgga cctgactgtg      9420
     gctgagggct gacctgaacc gagctgaaaa tttcctgcta gccagagcga aggcagagat      9480
     gtcagaatga catctgctaa tggacgtctt gccgccctga gctgaggcat ggccaacaca      9540
     gggcatggga gcagaagcaa gtcactggct accacagccc cgatgacact ggtgatggaa      9600
     gaattctcct gagacactgg tccagagact cgggacgtcc agcatagcag cgagctgcca      9660
     gcctggcttc tggaagcctc caaaaggcgc ctacctccta acactctctg agaagcccga      9720
     atggtcacag ccccttgcat tgcagttgct cccaccctgg tccccagggc agatgttcct      9780
     ccacctcagc catccagagg gacctgctgg gacccacagc agacctctgt tctctgctca      9840
     aaacaactcc catctctcac caatctctgg gcaaaaaagc cagaacctta cacgcctccc      9900
     aaacgctgtg tgtctggctc ctcttggtca gatgtccacc catagctccc cttgctgctg      9960
     ctattctgac ctcctctggc tcccgagaca tgaggggagc actggagcct cagggagcac     10020
     tagagccttg gggagcacta aagcctcggt gccttcctat tcgttgggct cttacaaccc     10080
     tctgcctcca gacatggccc tcccctcatt ttcagctctt gatctgctga agtgtcaccc     10140
     tcccaggaca gcttttcctg atttctctct tttgtccact gtactatccc ttacccccaa     10200
     cgcgtcacat ctctaggcag gttttatatc tgaaactgga tcttatgacg tgcccccagg     10260
     ttttctttcc cctttagact ggacccccaa gagcctggag cattgtcaat gctacaccct     10320
     ctaaagcccg gcagtggtcc agtgagtcaa tggtagtgaa gagcgggtac ggagaggttt     10380
     cttggagaag ctgggagagc acttgcatgg tcaagcactc gctgagtaag tgaaagggcc     10440
     tgagttcaag cccgggaaca gaatgggtat gaaggctggt catggatgga ggcttaggcc     10500
     tggactccca gcaccaagca gggagaaaca gtagctcccc cagggcctcc tcacccagca     10560
     gcctagctgc acagctgagt tctggtttca gtgagagact gtctcgagag tgtaggagtg     10620
     taaggtgtag gagttactgc agcggttatg tagaattgac ctccagcgtc cacacacgcg     10680
     cccattgcaa tggtttgtat atgctcagcc cagggggtgg cactatttgg aggtgtggcc     10740
     ctgctggagt gggtgtgtca ctgtgggtgt gggctttaag accctcatcc tagttgccta     10800
     gaagccaacg ttctcctagt ggccttcaga tgaagatgta gaactctcag ctcctcctgc     10860
     accatgcctg cctggatgct gccgtgcttc taccttgatg ataatggact gaacctctga     10920
     atctgtaagc caaacccaat taaatgttgt cctttataag acttgccttg gtcatgatgt     10980
     ctgttcgcag cagtaaaacc ctaaataaga cacccatgca tgtacacaca cacacacaca     11040
     cacacacaca cacacacaca catacacaca cacacataca cacccgtatg cacatacaga     11100
     ctctgggctc aatgtctcat agttctgtac actagctcac tctatttccc tccccccttt     11160
     ctctccttcc tctcctctct ttctcttcct ccctctctgg gtgggctcca tgtatctgct     11220
     gtccatgtat ctaggtgact gcaggaatga tgtcatttag ttaaggactt ccatggccag     11280
     agataaaatc caccatttct tcaaggctgt cagtcaaagt aagagctgag gcgactccag     11340
     gagaggcgtg tagagtggtt ttcgctggga cacggggctt tcaggaagca ggaagagggc     11400
     aaaggctctt tctctgtaag ctgcaagtga gtctttccct cgggctggct tctccttcca     11460
     agaaagactc agcattttat cacacagaaa gtgacgataa cggtggaggt cagtgcagct     11520
     atgataggca tgtccctgag tggaggttac ttagtgcctt cttacataaa tctccaatat     11580
     ctccaaatat tatccctgct caccagaaaa ggaatctgag gctcagagag gtgagatgtc     11640
     tttcctgacg tcccacagac ttgaagagag acattagctt ggaaacatct tcatcctctt     11700
     gatttggtta aagctggagc cctgtggcat ccatgttcag tggccctctc tgagtagaca     11760
     cggctgaggc tggtaagctc ttggattcta catgctcagc cccctggggg acacagcaag     11820
     gacagtgagc agcaggcaag ggcagacaac cttggggtgc attcccacca ggcaagatgg     11880
     agttggctct agccatcttt ggccactgtg gagtgctgag ccacgtcctg ttcttagaca     11940
     gccttgtgat ctgtaaggcc tgggcagtgc tgtctttcca cacctgattc cttccttgac     12000
     atgagcgtgt cgtcacaaga acctcatgat gtcaccccca ccacggtctc tgcggtgaca     12060
     atctctctta cttttgaccc cagctcagaa actgaggttt acacatgtga ctactatggg     12120
     acactactaa cacgaactgt ctaagaatag caccgtaaag atacaggata gatcagtggt     12180
     cacctgtcca agggcagggg gacaggatag aggcatttgg acacgaggtt cctttcggaa     12240
     tgttcctaag ttggatcgtg gggctgctca atttggtaac ttactaaagt tcattgatgc     12300
     acagggtcaa attagaacaa ttgtgtgcat atgaattata ccttcaggtg ggtggggtga     12360
     tgcacacccg tagtctcagc tgcttggcct ggatgactgc aagttcaagg cccacctgga     12420
     tcgagaatga gttcaaggct ttagtgagac cctgtctcaa ataaaaggta agcagagaga     12480
     tgggatgcag ctcatcaggg gagcatcagc ctagcacaca tgaaatcctg agtttaacat     12540
     ccagtagaac cccttccctg caaagaacca ggggatggaa gaggagatgc aggctggggg     12600
     ctgaggctgt aggtacctca ttaggacatg ttagactgac gggtgtgtgc tggctggaaa     12660
     aaattaaagc tgtgacatgc aaggcctaca ggagggagga ctaaggacag caaccgctgg     12720
     caaggggcag atgctgcccc cgggaccttg caaaagtagc tcctacccaa ggtggcgtgt     12780
     gtttgtctaa agctgtgtgg ggaagtgttg ggacacagct cctgtggatt tcccaaagtc     12840
     tgcgtgtgtc ctgaacctcc tctgggatgt ctggttatct atgaagcaga cagagccagc     12900
     atgtcttctg ggaccgtaga tacggaatcg tttctccaag cagcaccaag gtaacgtgta     12960
     ccagggcaaa ggctggccag gcttgctgga cacacaatga gggtgtttcc taggcttagg     13020
     gatccgcagc tgtgtgtgct gtgtccacgt ggacgctttg tgtggaattc ggggatagag     13080
     aagcaatgtg aagatgctgg gcttcctggc ctatgggcag agactctttc ctctctcacc     13140
     cagcaggctc cagtctcccg tcagttggct gaggtctccc atgggtcagc tctgcagctg     13200
     agggcaagct gcgctctcaa ggtctttgtc agtatacacc tcaggcctaa cttagagatg     13260
     aatgctcaga ggcccagaga cttcaagttt cttatgcaag gccactcagc tggggggaaa     13320
     ttcagttggg aaagggtttg ctgagctcag atccccagaa cccatgcgga aagctgaggg     13380
     tggtggcata tgacgatata tccagcacca gggaaggaga gacaggcggg ccgttagggc     13440
     tctctcacca gctaggtcac tccaatttat gagctccagg tttactgtgt caaaatataa     13500
     ggtgaaggag ctggcaagat ggttaattgg gtaaagatgc ttgctgccag gcctggtgac     13560
     ttgagttcaa tcatcaggta tgtctgatgg agactggcaa gttagccttt gacctccaca     13620
     ctcacaccgt gacatgtgtg cccccctcac aataaataca tatgaaatac gaaaaaaagc     13680
     gcatctgtta aaaataaggt agggagtgac tgagaaagac acttgtgctt gcccacctgt     13740
     gtgcacgcac acaggcacat acacacgcac aggcatatgt gtgcacgcac atgcacacac     13800
     aatcacagga aaacagtggc aggtctgggg ccaagcccca ggcaggctgg gagaggcacg     13860
     aactccgagc agggatggga gcagctaaaa acaacaggat ctaaaggccc cagtggtacc     13920
     cagaaggtcg cacctcagca tccccactcc tgccccctcc ataggccgcc tgtccccaca     13980
     tccggctgct gggtttgagc agccaatttg ggatgaccgt gatatattta acggtgagtc     14040
     acgctctccc ccggcaatca gcagtggctg gggaggatgc aggagcatct ctgggaatcc     14100
     gtgcccgagg gtcgccatgg caaccccacc cgagttgctt gccagcagct gggatgccag     14160
     tacccaacga aggcagaaat agtctcagag gctgagtgcg gccaaggatg ggagcaccca     14220
     ctgcagcgtc ctatggggtc acaggggctg actgtgaatg gtggggttgg gtgtttagga     14280
     gtttcatgga ctccatgccc acaccagggt ctttgatggt ggcttggatc ccttagcttg     14340
     ccgggatgga cacattgcta taagcagtcg tgaatgagat ccatcacttc tgcctttggc     14400
     acccagagtg cactctcact acctcctgac tctcacagag gtcccctctc cccatgcggg     14460
     gagcactaaa caacccgaat tgactgacag cctcccgcat agtcaccttc tagaaggctt     14520
     cagaacctag gacacatcag gcacacccac acaccccatc tcatatgaat gttcctgtga     14580
     aagcagaaaa gtttggagtt tgttcattca tctgtctgtc catccatcca tctacccacc     14640
     cacccaacta tctttctact atccatcaat ccatccatca tccacctgta tgtttgtcca     14700
     tcaatccatc catccactca acctcccatc cacccatcat ccatccatcc atccatccat     14760
     ccatccatcc atccacattc atccgtccac ctgtcagtcc atcaatccat ccatccaccc     14820
     actcaccatc catccattat ccatctgtcc atccattcat taatccttac taaatctgaa     14880
     tcaggtccca cgggccctgg ccagaaatgg actccactac tctactctca tctgcttcca     14940
     ccctgcacta aagcctgtca gcctaattgc tgacagacag gtctgcctta gagcccttgc     15000
     atggtctcat ctatttggaa atctctaccc tcagatagcc acgacctgac tccctcactc     15060
     tctttatgtc cccattctga tgctaccttc tagagaggtg caatcaagac caccatagca     15120
     agcagttgtc aatctagcct aagggatata gccagtatgt atgtatgcat gcatgtatat     15180
     atgtatggtt tatatattta tatataaact gtatatataa gcaatgcata tatgtgcctt     15240
     cgttttttcc atctgtagca aggagagaga gaagttgaaa atggtggcct ggaatttgag     15300
     tctattccca caggtatgct ttgcttgttc taaactgtgc ttcaaaacaa acaaacaaaa     15360
     agcaaaacaa aacaaaaaaa ccttgtacta gctgttaaca ttcacatttt taaagagatt     15420
     gcattttaaa tccctaattt ttctatttaa aattttgaaa gcatgagcca cgtgtagact     15480
     tcctgctggt gtgccaaagg ccccacgtga tctccctcct ttattcatgg ggctacgtcc     15540
     attctccagg agactgtttg taaccctggt ctcaggtctg agggggatgg agggccatgg     15600
     ctacagggga tggagaatgt ggtggctcag ggctgaagga tgtgggtaag accttgccca     15660
     cctcacctgt acagcctgtt tcttcctgtg gcttctgatc ccaaagacta caagccgagc     15720
     agtcatttga atggtaaagc aagctgtagg agcctgggca ggatacagca gtcacaagct     15780
     aagaaagaag gccggtgagt tttctggcct ctggggacag tgcacgtcac taggcttggt     15840
     tcaccaggga ggaagggagg gctctgagct gaggcatgaa agactccagg ccaagcttgg     15900
     aatcttagga gagacgacga ctggccctga cgataggctc cacccaaggg agtacctcca     15960
     tccttcccca agacctccac tccaaagaca tttgctttaa gtagacatca gctcagcaca     16020
     gctccagcca caggtactgt gcggacacct gctgcttcca tcttcttcac cctctgcacc     16080
     ctctgaggtt ggagcctccc cttcctggtc tccaggaaac ggctctagat gagggtgtgg     16140
     accacacctg cctgggcaga accttcatga aatcatttcg gtgatttatg atacctccag     16200
     gttcatgtgt gtcaggcagg attgtgacag agccacaggc atccactggg tctgtcatga     16260
     tggttaggtg ccagcctggg gctgcagaga gccatcctga ctggcctttg acagtaaaaa     16320
     ccagcgcaaa agagacaagg gccaaaggtt cgggggaaat ggaaatactg ccgtgtaatt     16380
     caaaagcctg gactcagcca tgcttgcacc attagctgga ggcttttagt tctccaagcc     16440
     agccattcac tgtcctggcc ccatccccct ttccttcagt cagctagagt ggtttaatag     16500
     acgaagctgg gctttcttga tggcggagtt gggtgacagt gacccagagg cacaagcaca     16560
     cgggacacat tctgggattg ctactgagta gctacaatgg aaaggtgttg gctgtgtcac     16620
     aagacactac taggacacgt agggcttgag tggctttacc gagtcataca actttaccca     16680
     ctggtagagt acagaaggct ctggaggaag gaagggaatg taaccagaat tggaagttgt     16740
     gtgaagtctg gcgcagggtt ctctcagggt caccctccct gaggctgggg tgcatatggt     16800
     agtgggggtg ggcagtgtct cccaccagca ctctcagcac ccagagcgcc accctagctg     16860
     gttcataatt acagtgtttg caggagacac gtccaaggtc ccctgccgag aatcactcag     16920
     ctaccctccc agggagaaaa cagaaagctg tgggtttcct gaactatttt tgggctctgc     16980
     ccacgtcttt gttctctgtg agcacactcc cagcgtgccc ttgctcagcg gtggcccgac     17040
     ccaggtgagg agcaccaggc ctggcttctt tgtagagact gacttactag cagatgactg     17100
     ccacgcgccc cgtgggggta aggaggtgat cagaaggtgc cagaacaggt ggtggtgact     17160
     gacgaggcac ttatcttatc ccaggtcaca tgcccaccca tccccacagc tgcctgatcc     17220
     atctgctccg gaagtaccac ccccacagcc cagggtgcca cacggaagga agggggtggc     17280
     ttgcaccatg tttgacccct gtgccccttc aggcagtagg ctgaaagaaa gaaagaaaga     17340
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagcaa gaaaggattc     17400
     tcctgattct ctgtgggtgc agcctagatt tacaggtggc acagatgagg cagcaggaaa     17460
     aagccagttt acccaggatg gcagaacagt ggccacggct acggcctgaa aagaccagaa     17520
     cacaagtcaa acctcatagg tatttctttg tctgcattgg ccaccttaat gtcgtgtcct     17580
     ggcaaataac cacagctgtg ataagcacat aggagagaga cgaatagcat ctctacggct     17640
     gtgtttggat ttttgtcttc ttggacatat agatttggag cagtttagtt gcctgcttgt     17700
     gaacacactg tccggaggag aagacagaag caggatttga ctctgctgaa agtttggtgc     17760
     gattcttagg gccttaatat agcagaagag accctgggaa tgcttacctg ggaggccaga     17820
     gactcgactc acaagaatca ctcagaactg aattatactg agggctgaag agaacaaaac     17880
     caccaggtat gcaaaatatc aaatataaaa tatttccata cagcccagtg atccactcct     17940
     aagtctattc gtaggagaat ggagacactg aaagctatgt cagtggatca gtagatccat     18000
     ccatccaccc accagtctct tcacacaccc accatctatc cacaatctat ctacccacct     18060
     acctttctct ccatgcaccc attcatttat ccatctatcc attcacctcc ctattcatct     18120
     acttatccac tcaaccacta atctattcac aaacatccat ctacccatca tccattcatc     18180
     tacccaccca cctactcatt tatcatccat ccaaccacct atccatccac ccatctattt     18240
     atccatctac ccatccatcc acccatctat ttacccatct acccatccat ccacccatct     18300
     atttacccat ctacccatcc atccacccat ctatccatcc atccatccac ccactcatgc     18360
     acccatctat tcatctaccc acctacgcat tcatcccaac tatcgagcca cccctacaca     18420
     catccatcca ccagtcactc cacccaccca tccatccact catctaccaa ccatctgttg     18480
     attcatccat cacccatcta tctacctatc atgcacccat ctacccatct actgcctatt     18540
     cgccaccatc caatcatata tcaatcctat attcactctt ccatccactc attcatgcat     18600
     ctcttgttta cttgatccac gtactgaaca acaaccctta ctgaaagcct gctctgcgtc     18660
     agagtttatt gccactggga agaaaggaca aagaagacct ttgttaccag gcactgacag     18720
     tctagtggga aacaggcctt agtacataga agtgtatcta taaactgaga cagacaccaa     18780
     cgaggcaaat ctagaataac atgaggaccg agtgtctatt gtgagtgtgg ggagggctct     18840
     ctgaggaagg tggcgttaag atgagatggg aagtgtgatt tatgatctat cagttatgag     18900
     agggtttgac gtatgaaaca gaagacagcg agtaaaactc tacaggggat ttattatctc     18960
     acacaacaga gtcctatctc agacttctct gctccagctc tgacccagac tggcttatct     19020
     catggaccca gcatggctgc tggtgccatc atggggagat atgtcttgtt caagggaagg     19080
     aaacaaagag cctcctcctc ctccctcccc agaatctcct ggcagccctg actgtggtac     19140
     caccgagtca tacatagatc acctctggct accacaaatc ctccagcagt tcttagtcag     19200
     ggtgaatgtg tccttcaggc acatttgaag ggattgtttt aatctcccac acacgccatg     19260
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtggt gttggcatgc     19320
     ggtgagagga ttcaggctgg ggtaacacat ccttgaacac acagagctat tctccgcaga     19380
     gaatgtccag ccacagatgg cagcaaggtt gaaatgcttc acaccagtcc tagttaaatc     19440
     ctgggcatgc ggtaccagcc tgggaggcag tcctagtgtc atccctccag gacatgaggt     19500
     gactaagcag atgtggacaa gctcaccacc tttcctgtct cttctagggc aataggcaac     19560
     acagaggcag ggaccttccc agatattctt ctctccccac ctccatccag tggcaatcac     19620
     caaggtcaca ttgttgtcaa aaagaccaag tggggaccca ctcttgataa tgagatgcca     19680
     actccaaatc tccaacaaat gacacagaaa acgctgggga cagaagtact cggatggact     19740
     taaaaagtga tagtcagctg gttgtggtgg cacacgcctt taatcccatc actcgggagg     19800
     cagagacagg tggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac     19860
     agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtttc gacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa     19920
     caaacaaagt gatagtcact gtgagtgttg gctcacacct ttaatcccag cacttcgggg     19980
     cagagatagt ttgaggccag cctggtttac aaagcaagtt ccaggacagt cagggatgca     20040
     tggagaaacc atgtcttgaa aaacaaatga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     20100
     gagagactat gacaattatg agaaatatcc caacatacag atggggaagt tgaggcacag     20160
     agaagagccc agtttagtat cacttaacaa ggagaggcag gtacatttga tccaagtggc     20220
     cctttcctac ctatgaccag gatctgctgg tgtgtgtgtg gtatatatgg gtgtatatgt     20280
     acccagaagc cagaggacaa ccttaggtgt catttctcag gtgccaggtg cgatccatct     20340
     tgggttcttt tgttttttat tatctattta tctatatatt taatgtatat gaatgcactg     20400
     tagctgtctt cagagagctg gaaattgaac tcaggacctt ttagaagagc agtcagtgct     20460
     cttaaccact gagccatctc tggatttttt ttttgttttt tgttttttgt tttttttttt     20520
     gtggctgtcc agcaaccccc caaggatcct cctgtctctg cctctctggt gttgaaatta     20580
     cagggatggc tcaaaaacag agcttttcgc ctagttctga ggatcaagtt cagatccttg     20640
     tccttgcaag gcaagctctt cttgttttcc cttcagacag tgtcttcttc tgtagcccag     20700
     gcagcagctt attcaggagc ccaggtcagc tgtaagtacc atcttctagt tttagcctgt     20760
     aggttaatgt tccagacgtg tgccaccatg cctgttcgga tatcaaatcc tgagtgatca     20820
     cagacaccca ggatgcaatg ggacggatgc taggtctgac ccagagtctt ttgggaatgg     20880
     ggttacttgc tacctcccca cccctcgcaa agccatcttc tcaccattca ctgcaaggct     20940
     gggatgcagt ggggcgagca tcctgacaga gagtaacata ccctgattag attacagaag     21000
     agtgactgga ctggccagct ccaagtgcca acctacagcc acactctggc cacatggccc     21060
     ttattgaaca attctcatct gggttctttg ccagcagtgc tgtacccata accacactgt     21120
     ccatctctct gaggcagtta gaggttggca gctctgaatc catttttccg catgtcagta     21180
     actggctgga agccacacac aggcacctgg tcacccctgc tacatctctc acatccagct     21240
     ctgtctagtc ccaggaggca ttgttaagtt acagtcttgc tccatagttg aatggcatag     21300
     gtgggtgagg ccactccagg accccatgca ggtctctagg gaggaaggaa gcacttcagt     21360
     tgctgtggca acatgatact gtttatacag catcttctac ttgaagccca ttcctcagac     21420
     aggcaatggg tgcttctggc accccaagcc cagagggtat gaaaggagga atgagatatg     21480
     tattctccaa tccgggtccc caaaaacaga cacctcgcac agctctgttt gttgagcaga     21540
     cccaaggctg gggtgttggg atggctggct tagattccac cttacataaa aacactagaa     21600
     catttttgac tagagatgga ggaaggcgtg ggtgtctgag atggagctct gtttttgggg     21660
     cacatacaca ttcctgccgc ctcccttccc tcctctgctc cagacagacc ctagggcacc     21720
     ccagtagttg caggtttcca gcctccctga caccttggac cccttcagct cagggagtgg     21780
     gggcggcttt cagacagctg tcagaatgga gatctgagtg aaagaggaaa ggccggggca     21840
     aggcttccct ttgaagtgga agaggctgaa gcagaggcag cagccaccag cagcctcatt     21900
     gagaacggag gcataagaat gctaattaac acccaggtcc cccctggagg gccatccatg     21960
     aatattaatg accctaatca tccagcatta gaactaatgc cttgtaaatt aagggcattt     22020
     tcttgggagt aaatagtcac attagtggca ggaaaaggtg acagcaggtg acagctcccc     22080
     gaatcagcag gctgggtgga gcctgcccag gatagaaggc aagaatcgtg gccagggaag     22140
     gtccaaggtg cggcttagct gatggatgca ggagagggga gtgttgggtg tgtgggtatt     22200
     ggaacggatg tcataacatt tgaggagttt gggggtgggg gggaggaacg tgaacgtttc     22260
     tgtgggagga gaggccacag cagggacaga gatgggggca gcagcgagag cttgggcgct     22320
     gcggctcaac ccatggggtc ctgcttggcg acagggtctc attctgcagt caaagctaac     22380
     ctcaagctta cttacactat agcccaggct ggcagtgaac ttgtggcaat cctcctgcct     22440
     cagcctccca agagcactga gttcacatgt gtgccaccat gcctatcgtc atcattttat     22500
     cttttctgtg tgtgtgtgtc ctcagtgtcc aacctttgag tttccggaga ttctcctact     22560
     tctgcctcca cactggaatg ctgggaccat gctactgagt ctggctttaa ggtagttctg     22620
     cacatatgaa ctcaagacct caagtttgca caagtgctct acccactgcg ccatctcccc     22680
     agctccaccc actgagccat ctccccagtc ccagatttgt ttcctcatgt gcttgtttat     22740
     ctgagataag gtctctcact atgtagtcca ggatggcctc agatctctat ccccctgcct     22800
     cagcctccga agtgttggca gacaccacca tgcctggctc tgcccattgt ctcaatggga     22860
     cctggctctc cctcctccct tccttttctc cagcctcctc caaggtggac ttcagcccag     22920
     tgcatacaga gccctagggc tcgcatgact tcctgtgaat ttatttattt ttattttacg     22980
     tgcattggtg ttttgcctgc ttgtatgtct gtgtgagggt gtcagataca gaagttacag     23040
     acagttgtga gctgtcacac agacaccgga aactggaccc gggtcagtgc ttttaaccac     23100
     tgagccatct ctccagtccc cccacttcct agttttaaaa tggtgtcatc tcccacgtgg     23160
     tttgatcctg acagctaagc agcctcaggc agcagggctg atcatttttt atgaaagaag     23220
     acaagagttc agagagctta catagtcacc tactgccttt tggccaatcc ccttcttcca     23280
     tctttccctt ctctctttac ccaccagaga gcctaagcaa ttagctttgc ctaccattca     23340
     caaggaagga gtttcatctc ctgtaacgtg tgctgaccag ggggacacat gctaaggacc     23400
     caaagcaggg agctcacact ctccctttcc aggaggctcc aggatcctgg gccatgggca     23460
     gattgtggcc ttgcacccca tttaaatgaa ctgcctagcc ccagacccct ttgccctggc     23520
     tctcctgtgc ttcaaaagga tttccactct tcatggtgct ctagaactgg ctcgattaaa     23580
     tcagacagat caagacagag tttctgaatt ccctctgaaa gggaccgaat atgagaactg     23640
     actgatggga ccacctgctc cttgttagcc agggcagaca tgattggcag agctgaccgc     23700
     acatataggc gggtccttga tcaagtcaag gacttcaagc aaacaaaatg tgcaaagcaa     23760
     agactcaaat aaaatgtggg gctttcccca gagtgggtcc tgtgtcagct caaggtgaga     23820
     gtgagggcac ccctcccctc ccccgtctct ctctccttcc ctccctctct ctctccaatt     23880
     ttagccaaaa agaatgactc ctacctccaa tttatgccgg gcataacact gcacccccaa     23940
     tttcaaaaag cagaccaaag gtaaaaataa aataaacaag acaataaatt tagcaggcac     24000
     tcgtggggtg ctgacgtcag cactgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     24060
     cttagtcctc tgatgctcac tgccaccttc tgaggacatt atcttcatgg ggaagatggg     24120
     gaaactgaga ctggagcaac atcatttgcc cctgaccaat gataagggag tgggcagggc     24180
     tgggactctg tggggctgca gtggggccag aatagggaaa gatgtaggtg tgtcgaacca     24240
     cctggataac tccagtttcc agacaggacc tgtgtttcct gagacaggac agggtgatca     24300
     gagcataaag aaaatatgac ttgaccctgg gctttcccac cccaggtctt tgatccccac     24360
     cctgaggatt ctcaccccag gacctttgac cccaccctgg gcattctcac tccagggcct     24420
     ttgaccctca ccctggctat tcccacccca ggactttgaa ccccctccct gggcattccc     24480
     accccatttg cttttgcttc tactcaaatg ggaagtttaa acttttctat tatatttatt     24540
     tattggggca gggggcactg tgtgcctttg catgtgtgga ggtcagagga caccttgcaa     24600
     gggtcagttt gggctgtcca ccacgtgagc tctgtgatta cctcaggctg ctggggttac     24660
     aggagccttt acctgctggg ccttcttgtc atcctgccat gtttttattt ttattatttt     24720
     gctttaaatt caaagagcaa gatatacagg caggggtgtg gtctgccttc cctgtgggag     24780
     gcctcagaca atcctgccta ccgatgtcca ccaggctcaa gaacagtatg tcacaacaac     24840
     agtacagatt cacacccaca gctgtgactc caaactcctc ctcttccccg agactttcgg     24900
     aagccttggg ctgtggccac tgtcaacact gcagaggttg ctgacaggac aggactctgc     24960
     ctagtcacac ggtgcctcag atcggggcag cagggtgaac accaggtctc tacaaggaga     25020
     tgccgctgac aggtgtctgg ggccagccag caactctgac accccttctt cccctattct     25080
     catgtgcata aagggggcac cggcgcccct gcaaagctga agggcagttg gaagaggggc     25140
     acagagcaaa cctctgctaa gttgggaggg agggccagat gtcaggcttc taaaacctga     25200
     gccacaaagc cagcagcagc agctgtgggt gaaccacggg gcttggctga gggtgctgtg     25260
     gtatagaggc tgaagtgtag aggctgaggt gtagaggcct ctagtgcctt tcacaccaat     25320
     tgtcagtgag cagagagggc ctcgtccagg acactcacca gctgcagagg cctcagctac     25380
     actgggcctg tgtgggcctt ccagtcagca cagagttcac cccactcttg cagcatgtag     25440
     tcacaattag ccagcagggt cacatgcaaa tgaaacccac tgggaccagt gctggacaca     25500
     gtggcacaca cctttaatcc cagcactggg gagacagagg caggtgggtc tctgttgagt     25560
     ttgaggctgg cctgatctac agagtgagtt ctgggacaac cagaactaca cagtgaaacc     25620
     ctgtctcaaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacag ccgcagagaa caagcttcca acggaggcaa     25680
     acgaccaagc tgtaacatct acgaaccaca acaatgacca gcgtggtcta taaccctaag     25740
     gggcaatagt ggcacataca tcttggtagc aaccaacagt tctctaatta aactaacgac     25800
     ctactcatca agaaggaaac catacctggt agtggaatcc gagccagcac ctcaggacta     25860
     gtgacatcat ggaccttgga tgagaaccta caaccaccac tttcctaaac cagcgtaatc     25920
     agtaactaca ttctaaacat ttgccctcag gactagtgac atcatggacc ttggatgaga     25980
     acctacaacc accactttcc taaaccagcg taatcagtaa ctacattcta aacatttgcc     26040
     cttgtgcaaa gaggtaagtg cacactcact tcatcagaaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaaaac     26100
     ccgtcacttt gcaatgaaca gagaacatta cagaaaacca caaccaatca gaatgaaggg     26160
     aacagaggct ggatggttct cagtccccac ggatacttct accacagctc ccacatccaa     26220
     gactcaggga tcatagcaga tgagggggcg ggaggattgt aagaggaaca ggaagtttgc     26280
     tgtgagattg cctctcccag aaatgtcaga gaagacatac tcacaagtct catcaacaca     26340
     gctctctaaa catgacctga acatgaataa tgcccacgga catgctaaca cagacgccaa     26400
     atgaaccttt tcctcttcaa gttgctttcg gtcagttttc acacagcaac agagaggcaa     26460
     accaggacag agggtgatgg ctgaggcaga tgaagtcagg aaacagaggg acggctgctt     26520
     tagagggtgg gcagaagccc tggatctcgg gaggtcactt tgaagaggtg acacttggaa     26580
     agggacatct gaatgaaaag agagagctac agctgcccag gagtacaggg tggacagggg     26640
     cagggggagg cacaaaggcc ctaaggtggc agtgatgagc agcctggata gacaggagtt     26700
     gaggcagggg aataactggg ttggcagacc cggctaagag cagtggcttt attctgagtg     26760
     aagtaggagt cacaggaggg ttttggctct gacttgctat ggcttggagg tggagttggg     26820
     cagaggaagc cagagaccac tgagaagtct cctgaagtag gccgggggag acacgggctc     26880
     agggtagacg gggcatcacg gtacgaggtg ccgtcatttg cttccattct cacccagact     26940
     ccttcagctc tggggatgat gggaattttc ctctcactgg actagaacca gatatcagct     27000
     gaggctcctc ggacagcaga tggtctgcag accacctcaa tccacaggtc gatcctgaat     27060
     ccacagcccc tccctccacg gagccctaaa ggtgtccacg gagctgcaca tccccaatcc     27120
     ctgctacttc tgactctgtg tttgagcagt gtctcagtct ctacctaccc acagcaacat     27180
     cctggtgttc tcttcctctg gatggaagtt acacagggga ccactcgaga aagcaccgtc     27240
     aggattaaag aaagaactga ggcagagata tcccagatct tagcacagca cagccatgct     27300
     tggtgcccag gggtacgtgg gaggccaccc tctttgtgaa aagcaccagc ttgcccaccc     27360
     tcatcccaca gacattctca ttttatgaac cacagagaaa ccatcttcct aacaacacgg     27420
     gggccaggga ggaggactct gcagctggga agagggtctg ctcctattcc actcgccggg     27480
     gtgcagaaac catggaaaat acaaagattc agcccaggtc atgagacgca ggtgtggcca     27540
     ggagcgttct gtgtatatca gggcaagaga ctccatgcca gcttaagaag agtccgtgtc     27600
     attgggaacc tactgcgttc tgcaccatat ctacaaaggc tgcattttta cataaattgt     27660
     gctggcttta aaaaaatttt ttggatgctc ttttaatgaa atgtattgat tgcttatgtg     27720
     tatgactgtt ggcctgcaca tctgtaaatg cactgtgggc acttagcacc tacagaggtc     27780
     agaagaaggc actggattcc ttggaactgc cgttaccaat ggttgtgagt caacatgtag     27840
     gtgctgggaa cggaacccac gtccttcaca agaacagtca gtgctcttaa cccagcgagc     27900
     catcactctg gcccttgcta tgcttcaaaa gggaaaacat ggataagctt gaaacaaata     27960
     taaaaaggta cagagtgaga agtgggggtt ccttcctgtt ccccaaccta agccagaaac     28020
     agccgctgtt cccagccagc agaactttga agcacagggc tatgaatggc aaattctttc     28080
     ttaccgaatc ccacttttat tcagatggca aagagcccgg atagaaaacg gtcatgctcc     28140
     cagactccct tgcagctaga gcagtcacat gactcagtcc tgtctgatgg attaaagata     28200
     gacgtctccc atggagagca ttcattccca ccaccctcaa agtcaaagtg tgtaggaaaa     28260
     ggggtatttg tgatttcatt ttcctttatt tccaacccca ccttctcttc ctttccttct     28320
     ggaatgtggt cttgatggct ggaggtcaca cagagcagca ggaaggcctg gtgctgggtt     28380
     tgctgaccct tgcaggtgcc catattcctg agagatactc tgtggccaat ttgtgtattc     28440
     cccacagaca ctgcaggaca cccctcgctc acccgtcagg atcttacatt gtcacttaat     28500
     ggcatgttgt cacacatcag cacatactga taccccagct ttgcctgtgt gtgtggtata     28560
     catacatgtc tgtgtatgtg tgtgcaagtg tgcacatgtg tgtgcatgtg tacttggagg     28620
     tgaatgtgca tgtggaggtc aaaggtcagt ggaagaagac ctcctcactc actctctact     28680
     ttattcttta aggcagggtc tctcctcgag cctggagctc agatttagct aggacaacta     28740
     gccagacagc cccagggatc tttctgtctc ctactcccca gtgctagact acagctgcat     28800
     gctaccacac cagactttgc tagtccgaag tttaatgacc gtgtgtgtca ccagcctgag     28860
     ctgatgtttc atcgagcctt cagctggtcc ctcctgggaa gttgtttcca acttcatgcc     28920
     atttcaaaca ctaccataag gactagccaa gcacaatctc ctgactgccc aagagtgcat     28980
     atggtcagaa gaatagctgt gttcaagggc aggtgccctt aaaggttcta aggtgctttc     29040
     tctgcctctg cagacacgtg gcctgtttgc attgggttgg ctatgtgtag gtatcaccac     29100
     agcgtctcta ccccatcaat agcaaacacg gaagtagcca ctctgctgag gcccaggaac     29160
     ttggatgtgg gctgctcaag ccactgagca gggagcatgg catgggcttt gacctgtggc     29220
     tcgggtgata tccagactaa gcctgtgcag cctcagccac ccagcaggct ggggtctggg     29280
     accctcaggg aaagggatgg gtgaccagag aggtttggcc tgagagaagt ggacaggata     29340
     gcctctgagg gccgggtttg ttcagggtgg atggaaagag gtcctgttcc atttggtgtg     29400
     tgtgtgtgtt tggggagaag ctcagcttct tttgtcaaat gcagagcttg gagctgctca     29460
     acatcttcac aacccatgtc ccagggtccc ctgagaacag ctttttagac cctaaaatgg     29520
     aaacagtctt tggagggaga tttcctccac tgccttcaga atgaggctgg tggcggctca     29580
     ggttctagtt ctgcctccgt gctgaggtca tactcgctgg gggaggctgg gctgtggatg     29640
     gaggtggggg caacctctgt cagcttcctt ccctccccaa cacaggctct aatcacagcc     29700
     ctgggagtcc cacagctcac ctgcacacac ttcacagata agaaaacagg catcaagaga     29760
     ttacaagctg acgacaggaa gtttatgacc agggtctgca ccctcccccc aacatccccc     29820
     gcttttgtca caaggacatt ctgggggctg tcccaggtga tatggggcat ctgtggcctt     29880
     tcaggtaaga taactgaaaa catctcagac cttaatcata atttgtagtc aaaaatcacc     29940
     taccttgtcc ccctgagaac tactgcctta gcacagcttc ggagagcatg attctccatc     30000
     tatctgggga ccatgattct cctgagctcc actctgaggt aacattaacc aaggtcatga     30060
     cagccatata acggaccttg tgtgaagttg gctctggagg aacttcagca aagagccctg     30120
     gcaggcagct tgctgaggac atggaagttg gctgtgtgac ctcaggcaaa tgtctcaatc     30180
     cctctgagat gtggtggtct cagccacaaa gagaacaatc cttacagact cggaaatgag     30240
     atggttatca gagaggttac attcatggat gaaagaaagt ccgcctggga acagcccggg     30300
     tggagtgtcg aatgaagtca gttgaagcat ggtatctcct ctgcagggaa atagaatgtg     30360
     gcttttggtt gatgctggat ctcggaggtg gatcagtttg ggagtagtta agttaatgag     30420
     cagaacagta tgaaccttca acatcttttt acttaggacc tactatgagc cagatgctat     30480
     tgtaagcaag ccaggggcca gtgccagata aaacaagtta cagtcactat taccacaggc     30540
     tggtgggatg taaccatgaa cagatccagg aagattctct ataaagatgg gcaaagagat     30600
     ggtgggggat gctgggccac ggagtggggt agaggggtgt atccttcaca gcaaggccct     30660
     gaggtactgt ttaacatagc tggggggttg ttctttggca gtgtcagact ctaaaagact     30720
     cagaaatccc gagggaaggc agagagccac agctcagggg gagagctgct ggcatgacca     30780
     ttacctgtct gttcatcgtt ttctgagcac ctaccttgca ctggtgctgg ggatactgtg     30840
     ctgagcaggg gagacagctg tggggtggca gagatattag agcagtcatt gttatgatga     30900
     ccggaatatg ctggagagga ggcctgcagc tctagggact gaccagagtc agaccttggt     30960
     ctcccctctc tccccatatg agttctgccc actcacaagg tatggcccct tgacaaagta     31020
     ggaacagttg atattcattg agcacttaca accagccagc cacactgcca gcactttaca     31080
     catatgaact ttaattaatg taatgcttcc tatgacttta tagatgtgat ccttagcata     31140
     tcacttgtca atgagaaagt tgaaacactg agtttgggta acctgcccag tgtcacacag     31200
     ctagaaagtg gcagatccca aattaaaatc tatgccttcc gaataaatgt cccctttacc     31260
     cttggcatat ctccctggtc cctggactca ggagatgtct ggctttgctc tggagcccag     31320
     gaggtggagg tgcaaggtga gcaggagcca gccaagtgca caccctggtt ttctgtctgt     31380
     ggtcctacag ggaagcatcc tcagatttct ctcagaactc agatgtcctc atggaatcta     31440
     ccttctgccc ggaaagaggt acaagccaag cccctaccct gatcacaatg atccccagga     31500
     tcttgatcca aggtcctgat cttggtcaca cagtcacagt cacaaactga gccatgatcc     31560
     ctgtcaagaa tcagccccat accttatcac actgagtccc gatcccagct gcacacaagt     31620
     ccttagccct ggccactgca gatccttgat aagagcagtc agatgtgatg acttacttac     31680
     aactccccag ataccctaga gacagaccaa cagtctctca gccagaaaga cagccagcca     31740
     tggggatagt tgccttactt tctcatgtaa acgccaggca gacaaaccca gtcacctatc     31800
     tgtttttgtc agttcaacct cactgctgcc tggcttgtga caaagctggt cattggaaca     31860
     gactggacag agtcagtaac cagaccctgg aggatgcaag gaatcaggac acatggtcca     31920
     gcactcgcag aatacctggg gaggtctcag cacccctcaa aaattatggc agcccttaag     31980
     ccctcagagg accttcctaa aagaggagga aagggggaaa gagagggaag ggggcaggga     32040
     agagaagagg aggaggggga ggaagaggag gaggaagagg aagaaaaggg aggaagaaga     32100
     agaggaggaa gaagaggaag aggaagaaga gggggaagag gaggaggaag aggaagaaaa     32160
     gggaggaaga agaagaggaa gaggaggagg aagaagatga agaggaggaa gaggggaagg     32220
     agggggagga ggaggaggaa caggatttcg ggttggtcag ttgctttcta taactctgct     32280
     ctctattagc tggggcatgg tgttctcatg cctgacctga cttctgtgtc atcaccaggt     32340
     ctcccctcac agcaggcacc ccctcttcct tggctgcatc cagcctcctt ccacaggcca     32400
     caggaaagag gaggggcaga gagctctgag gacatgggtg cctgtgaatg tgtgtgtcct     32460
     tgtctacatg aaatgggagg tggtgggtag agtccctgct cagcccttct tatccccagc     32520
     ttggctaagc ccccttcctg cttcttgcta tgggggtgga gagccctccc ttctaactgc     32580
     aggtgtggag gtgtactgtc ctccctctct gctgcatggc tcagggatgg gcagccctcc     32640
     ctcccagcta tgtggtgttg gggtaagcag ccctcttttc ctgctgcatg gtatgggggt     32700
     ggacagccct ccctccttgc cacatgatgt ggggggtggg gagccctccc tccctgctgt     32760
     gtgctgtggg ggtggggagc cctcccgcca cttcccattt tgggaatcag gctaagaact     32820
     atgcatgaga cagaaataat tcctttttcg agcctggcca gggctgcagc agctcaaaca     32880
     ctggctggca caagaccagc gctggggaac ccaagagggg tagcgggatg ggactgtgcc     32940
     ctgaggccct gatagccaga ggcctggcat gtgtgatgtc cctcctcatc ccaggcgagg     33000
     aagatgccag gctagaaagg gctggaggtg gggagaggtg gggcagaggc agagtacaga     33060
     gagcaagtaa ggaatctgcc taagacattt agactaggcc atgcccgata gcccagaggg     33120
     gtgggtcctc aggtcgctct agagaatgta ccccagagcc tcctggggca gtcacctcag     33180
     cactgggcca cgcatttgca tctgacaagt ccacagaata gactcatcaa ctcccctttg     33240
     ggggtggtca aaggactaag tggttaaaca ggagatgtgc aaaacattct agccctttct     33300
     tctttctcaa aatactggta gtcctccgag gtcccctaac cacctcaaag ggagtccggt     33360
     ccccattctc tggatgacac cgtatgcctc ctctctgagc ttcagcttcc gaaaagattg     33420
     ttcttgacag gagcagtctg agaacaccat cctcagaaga caccccctcc cccaccccaa     33480
     cagtggtgtt gactgttggc tcccgggcac tggtctcatt ccctgctctt ccctcctctg     33540
     caggggccct gcaggactgc agggaataag catccagcct gccgcagccc aagagagtct     33600
     gctcagagtt catgtcctca gaggccagct agggatgctg ggagttaagt cccctttccc     33660
     acttgtatga tgcgagaagg gttgaagcca ctgggcctca gagcaaaact gactgaccag     33720
     aacagcacag aacagtgata cctggagacc cgtccccacc ccaaccaaca ctgcccctcc     33780
     tggggggtgg ggggatgagg acagacatct caggggtcac aagtggcatg tgacttcttg     33840
     cttccaaaac gcaagacctc tcagcgtcag cttgagtctc caccctcaca gagatgctgt     33900
     tgtttttctt tttttatgaa taaggagact gaggttcagc cacaggagac agcctgtccc     33960
     aaaatcacag agcctggaag aatccacact aggacttgaa cttggtaatg tcctacacgc     34020
     ttctaatggt gtgacgtcat cctctttatt tctgctcaag tgtgagagaa aagtaaagag     34080
     aaacccacca aaccccagca ataaccagcc tgggggcggc tgaaatactc agggatgatg     34140
     gtggaggaga agcccaagag gagctgggcc atgggcagca cagtgcactc ttctgctgtg     34200
     gggtggctct gagcctgtct ggaggctcag ttcgggagat actccttccc acactacttc     34260
     ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc     34320
     ttcttcttct tctttttttg gtttttcaag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc     34380
     ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcag aaatccacct gcctctgcct     34440
     cccaagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgtacca cttctcgata gccatgtctt ccatccttcc     34500
     tgggatccgg tcagtaggca taggtaaggg ctaactccgc cccctctcaa tgcttggcca     34560
     agcagaactc tacatttaga gagacagaga gctccaacag cgattggctc aattgggcat     34620
     gtgatcagaa atttagactg atttccagag gagggcataa ctaggctcag aggccagatg     34680
     gagttcagga acgtccttgg ttttcttggg cttcatttaa gacctgtctg gggtggtcag     34740
     caatgcctga tttgacagga tcagtcagat tttaaattca aaggtcatag ccaagaaccg     34800
     ctgtagtccc tggtatttgg gacagggatg gttggtcgcc ctggttcaat gtatgaataa     34860
     atcaggtctg gtcctggcgt tagtaataag aaggttcttt cttaaatcaa catgcaaatt     34920
     taaaaagcga gttgggatca ggggatggct cagtagttaa agtacctgcc ctgcaagcct     34980
     gagttcctgt gtccacagaa atgctgggtg gacatgcacc tggcttgcaa tcccagcctc     35040
     cgaaagtgga ggtctagatg ggggggtctc ctgagcaagc tggctagcag gactagccac     35100
     actggtgggc tctgggcttg cgggaaagac cctgcctcag tgaatacggt gatagagtat     35160
     tgaacgatgg ctcccgcatt ccaatcaggg ctcccatgaa ccctcacgtg tgtccacaca     35220
     catataaaac acacacacac agagagaaag ggggcagcta acacctgcac ccttggtgag     35280
     agaaaatgat tcctgaatca ccaaagttgc actggagtga tgggtatcaa caggagacac     35340
     aatgtctgaa aatctgcgcc ttgtgcctgg gtctgtggct aacactggat atttggatcc     35400
     tggacctgat ggcccttcct gagcctccac ctcctcgctg gttcctaagg ccaatcgaat     35460
     aagtcaggag ctggaggaat ctgctcatac ccttaacaga ctaagctctt taaactgtaa     35520
     gctcaggctg gagagttgac tcaggcatta cacatgctgg ctgcccttcc cgaggctcaa     35580
     ggttcaattc caatatccac acggaggctc acacccatct gtaacttcaa tcccagggaa     35640
     tccaatgccc tcttctggtt ttcatgggta ccagacatgc atctggtatg catacacaca     35700
     tgtaggcaaa cactcatata cataaaataa tttttaaaaa ttatcaacgt gtaacctgtg     35760
     ggacaaaccc agagccaaca gcagcagggt tgattttcac tggggaaggc tgtcattctg     35820
     taccctccaa ctgctgtgtg tgcccagtgg ggccctgtct gcccattagc caccattcag     35880
     cagagacacc ctttagagat gctaattgcc tggtgcccag gcctcctcaa ccttcctggc     35940
     acaggcggtt ggctgtcgat cccctgccat tatcttctga taccagtatt tgagttgtct     36000
     acagagacca gaggccctgc ctatcgctgt tggagcctct ctgctggcca gggccacaca     36060
     gggtgcagcc attaaccctc actagcagag tgccaggtac cagcagacat ctagacagtg     36120
     tatgtggcca cacacagttc catcagcaag cccgcccagg cccctgaggg tgtacgtgta     36180
     aaccattcac atatccactt aaagacagcc tccaactctc acatagagga tcttgtcttg     36240
     cacactggcc aggcacgcag gggggagcct ttctttagca gatgcactct tactgtttga     36300
     gtgaggtttg gtacatgcag aataaaacac acatgtttat gggttctttg ccagccgtgc     36360
     atgtgtgtgt gtgtacactc attcacatgt gtacacctgt atacggaagc cagaggtctg     36420
     ctatttttat caatagctcc ccaccttatg ttttgacaca gggtttctca ctgaacctga     36480
     aattccctta tttgactata ttggctggcc agcaagcccc aggcctttcc tgcctctgcc     36540
     tccctaacac tgagatgata gttgtgctgt cacacctggc tttttactgg aatactgagg     36600
     acttaagtcc ctacacatga ccagccagca ctttatgact gagcatctcc ccagtcctgg     36660
     acagttttaa caaataggta tgcttgtgcc tcccctgccc gtagttaggg agcagaaggc     36720
     ttccatttta ggcccctctg ttccaagctc ctaatttttg cctccttgag cttcatgtgc     36780
     ataaaatcag gtggtatgtc cttcacaatg ctggtgcatg ctcaggtatg tgcaaacata     36840
     tggggccaca tgcttgcaca tacatgtgtg acagtcaaac aagcttgggc cgagacaccc     36900
     ctgcactctg gatccctttg cttgtgtctc acggagcctc atgaggaagc agggcctgtt     36960
     ccaggggttg tgtaagccct aatgtcctct gtgtccttag agaccccaca gacaagcaaa     37020
     gctgttaaca gttctgacgg atgaggaacc ggagggacag agaagtccat tggcttgtcc     37080
     aaggttacac acagttagga gtggctgaga tttgatccag tacagctcaa cgttctcctc     37140
     atggacagac tatgagggct gtttgacaaa gtgtatgctg gggaacacag taggtgcttc     37200
     attagggtca gaagtagcta cttccaaaac catttatggc caccacccca tggatgcttc     37260
     acgataactc catttgtgga ggaagaggag aggaagttca gcaaaatgac gccactgact     37320
     gggcgtgagc aaagagacag gctgagatgt actgtttgag ggtatccgga gacgggacca     37380
     cgtgcatact gtcactggaa atgccaacta gcacagtcac cccagagaac agtactgagg     37440
     tctcttggct taaatataag aagggatgaa caatgcagca accccacttc ttcacacatt     37500
     tccaaaggga atgagctcag ttgggacaaa caacacctgt acctgcgatg tttaagtaca     37560
     gccccattca caagagcaga gctataaagt caggccaagt gtccatcaac gatcgaatgg     37620
     attttaaaaa atgtggtgta gatgcacagt gaaagagtat tcaggggggg ctggtgagat     37680
     ggatcagcgg ttaagagcgc cgactgctct tccaaaggtc ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa     37740
     ccacatggtg gttcacaacc atccataatg aaatctgatg cccttttctg gggtgtctga     37800
     acatagctac agtgtactta catattaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agagtattca gccacagaaa     37860
     aggtgaaatc ttgccatttg cagcgtcaca gaggaatcag gaagacatca cgctaagtga     37920
     attaagccag gcacaggagg gcgagcactc catagtccac tcagatgtag aatctgaaac     37980
     agtcattctc acagaagtag agaatagaag agcggaacct ggcactgctg gggttggatg     38040
     tctgccatgg tgttacagtc aggaggaata agccttggtg ttccgtgcag tggggccact     38100
     agagttgatg aaactcctgt ctttcagaac tgctagaagg gaggaggtgg cagttaatgc     38160
     taattaccaa ctagacagaa tttaaaatca cctgggagtt gggcctccgg gcatgcccgt     38220
     gggggattat gttgagtgtg ttaaccggga agacttgccc actgtgggcg gtaccattcc     38280
     ctggctcgga tcctgcgatg atgtataagt agagaaaggg agcatggtgg caagtactca     38340
     ccactccgct ttcttactgt gggtaggatg taaccagcta cctcagactc ctgcatcctg     38400
     atttccctgc tgtgacagac ccgcaccctt catctgtaag ctagaataaa tctttctcct     38460
     ctaagttgat ttttgtctga cagttttgtc acagcagcag aaaggaaacg aagacagagg     38520
     attcggaatg ctctcactgc aaggagatgt ttgaggtggt gccgcgcgcc gatccccggg     38580
     ttccaccaac attccacact ctacccccat aactgcatgt ggctgttaag ggaataccat     38640
     ttttaaagat agttttagaa catggcccag gaagacggcc ccactggtaa agcgcttacc     38700
     tagcaaacct gaggaccaga gtttggtacc cagaatctac actgtaaaag gctgctttat     38760
     aaaatctcag tgctgaggag ctggagacaa ggggagccgg cctgtcagac aacctagctt     38820
     gattggtgag ctccaggcca gcaagagatc ctgtctcaaa agaagcagaa ggctcctgaa     38880
     gaatgacacc cacatgcatg tacatacatg cacccacaca cagagccaca cgtacataca     38940
     tacacacttt ttaaaaaaaa tatgtaagtc taaaaggtaa agttagttta aaaccttagg     39000
     ccttctgatt ctttaaaaaa acccatcctt tccccattat cccatgggat ggtttgtttg     39060
     tatatgctca gcccagggag tggcactact agaaggtgtg gccctgtttg agtaggtgtg     39120
     tcctttttgg agtaggagtg gcactgtggg tgtgggcttt aagaccctca tcctagctgc     39180
     ctggcagcca gtattctgct agcagccttc agatgaggat gtagaactct cagctcctcc     39240
     tgcaccatgt ctccctgcct ggatgctgcc atgctcccac cttgatgata atggactgaa     39300
     cctctgaacc tgtaagccag ccccaattaa atgctgtcct ttataagact tgccttggtc     39360
     atggtgtctg ttcacagcag taaaccctaa cacatgctgg tcaacagatg cttttgaaat     39420
     gactggatac agcaaggaac tggggggggg ggtcctcagc tcttggacct ccattcatag     39480
     ccagaggccc ccaaggagtg tggctcattg gtcccacagt tatcactgac ctcttgtttc     39540
     ctgcatggct taccttcttt gcctcccagt ctgagcaggc aggaaggttc agaaaccctg     39600
     agggactcta aaatctgagc taatgtggag ctggcacagg gcccctcccg gcttcattaa     39660
     gtcgtccagg gtcggcttgg aaagccgcca agccaaacct caggaacgcc accactgaag     39720
     gaaacatggc ccaactggcc agagcgtttg ctggagacag gggaggctgt attcctggca     39780
     gactaggtgg gaaggatacc aggccagtct ttcaaagccc ttcacaaaca agcacttggc     39840
     ctgccgtccc tctggccaga gtctccagca actcagcaga aaaggccaaa cctctcaggc     39900
     cagtggagac agtgagccca ccctgaagac gaagcaggga ggtgctggga aggggacacc     39960
     atcttggcac tcgggcaggg aaatgctcct cttccaacgg gctgtgccag ggagcctgag     40020
     gcagagccag ccaggaacag gggttgtcca tgattcactg aaagatcaaa gcaaggtagg     40080
     ggttctgctg ggaccaggcc tcaactgaaa cctggtttga ccttgacatg acccagtgag     40140
     agctgttggc actctggagg ctccatacag tctggaaaca agagcacaga cttcttctat     40200
     acccggctca gggctgctag ggacaggtga gctggggcac gtggtaaccc cctaagtgac     40260
     caagaatacg tgcttgggaa cagctgggat atgacaaccc gcaaccagcc aagagcaatt     40320
     gtgcataccc tgggcggtca ggtgtggcca taccatctgc tcaaggatgt cgggggaacc     40380
     accctggatg ctccatccca gctgcccact cacgtacaag ttccttagac gccatgggac     40440
     tctgaagcag ccatggaccg aactggctgg tggccaccca tcctccagca caggccacta     40500
     agtggcaccg gagaccccag agagcattgt tcacacactc gggtagtcgg cacaccatct     40560
     ataacatatg gtactccgtc tagagtcgat gaggcacgga ggggttcagg acctgaggcc     40620
     acatgaccac tgagaatcag ccaaagagca gacagatgaa gtcacaggat aagacaggga     40680
     aactgcgcta ggccaagggg gacccagatc acagaggttg gagtgatggg ataccgtgag     40740
     gcggcggtga gacactggag gacagacaca gataaaggac ctctggtagc caagcgcctg     40800
     gccggtagcc tccaccccag ctgactagca ctcacagccg caatctcctg ataccagacc     40860
     atgctataac cccagcttgg gcacagcact ctacggtgag cacccacact cccagctctc     40920
     cagctcagca ctttgaagcc actgaactga ggtcaggatt ctgccctcca gggacacagg     40980
     ggcctcaaga accgcactaa gaacatacac aaacagacat taaccaaaca ctgtgtgaca     41040
     attatggatt cctgggacac ctttgtaaac agccaagaat cccttacaca taccttttaa     41100
     attctggtat gtcgggtgtg gggtggggga gaggctacaa ctgctctagt gaaaatacag     41160
     aggcagggaa aggggtgagg tagacgccat tgtgtcacct cagatcgtca gcgtctacaa     41220
     gggacatctt tgactataca cctggaaggg aggtagccag tcgggccaat actagcatga     41280
     gcagcctgtg ccaaggccct ggggtaggtc cacaatgaag gtggaggaca aagtcaggag     41340
     ggatgtgtgg aggaatgatc ctgtaaggcc tttgggcact gtgagcaact aactggcttt     41400
     tacaaggagt gactggagtc acaggaggct ttgagtggca ggcctcatgt ctcgacttgt     41460
     gctctctcag gatgctgtgg gatgaacaga cacagggaag caggtggtca gcgaggaggg     41520
     gacggaactg ggtctgcagc atccgggact agaacatgac agaggagccc gtggtaccta     41580
     atgtctgtga gcttccctgc tgtggatgct tagtggtgtc ctggtgtctg tctacttggg     41640
     aaatgctgtg agcattcacc ttacacactg tgtccaaaca tgggcaaatg acttccgggg     41700
     tcaaaggtca gctaactata gctgttcaag gaaaggctgc caactttcca caaaatgatc     41760
     tcaatgccga gtgtcactct atgcacctgg aatctcgaca tttgggaggc tgaggcagga     41820
     gaatcgccag tttcagcctg agctgaatta caagagtctg tctcaagatc cgaacgggga     41880
     ggcaaataca ggaaaagaaa ggtaaaagca ctccaggatt caaacggttc ggttcgttcc     41940
     attttaagcg attttataac agccctgact ttgcctcttg gcccacagac ctgactgttt     42000
     actgtgaggc cccttaagga gctgctggca gctcctggtc agagctgtta acggggtggt     42060
     gagaaggggt cagagtgcag acagccaggg agctgggctc tggtgcctgt gtggagtctg     42120
     acacagcagg agcagaaaga aggcatggct ctcagctttc aacccctgta cctgaattgg     42180
     atgctaaaat ggggagatcc ccagcagggg ttgaagtgga gaggtaggga gggtctctta     42240
     gggcatgtta tagaccaggc cggtcttgta caaagatagg gaaaggccca acttcagagg     42300
     tagaaggttc atcagacccc agcttagcct tggactcctt gcagatcctg ggcaaagcat     42360
     gagggttctc tgggccccag tgttccctag aaaagacttg caaggaaggc ttcagacctc     42420
     tgcatagggg tttttataag gagctgaagg cattggaagt gtgctttaag tgtccagaga     42480
     actacacggg aaaggtagat ctggagactc tgtgatcttg agagactcca gttgtctggg     42540
     gcttgggacc cgcccttgcc tagggacaga agtcctgtta agaggcctgt aggtttttcc     42600
     tgatcaaaga gtttcaaagt ccccagagta aagatgacct gaaggtctct tatgtctgca     42660
     atacgtccct cactgtgatg ttaatcttag ttgtcaagtt gactctacct gggattgact     42720
     agaacttcag cagctttgca cacttgaggg attttcctga ttggaccatt tgagatggga     42780
     agtcccactc taaaaaatct gggccacgcc ttctggtggc agccacctag aaggacgtgg     42840
     aagagggaag catctgcgtt ttgcctgctt gcccttgctc ttgctggcga gttcatctat     42900
     cctgctgctt aggcgctccg ctccttcagt gatattagaa tctacctatt ccggattcta     42960
     acagaagacc agtgctccta ggaatcctct gggactccag caccagattg tggcagatga     43020
     gacatcccat ctcatggact gaacaatgga gcagctacta gattcttgac ctttctgaat     43080
     atgaatatga atataccatc aaccatactt cggcattcct gccaggcaca ggagcctgct     43140
     gcctcttctc tttgggataa agaggccatc tgtgtgttgg agaggcatct aaaccccgct     43200
     tgcctccctc tggggcttat ttcctgcagg aaggcagaaa gtttgatgag aacgaggagg     43260
     gtgatccctt ccctggggat caactgactg gtgtttgctt tgggcagcta acgtggtatg     43320
     gaccacaagg gagacttctg agaatccttg tcagacccat ttgatctgaa gctcagaggt     43380
     ggggaggggg cctagccact cctatacagg tcctaagata accttatcag acagcaaggg     43440
     tgatgagggt cagcactgag gagtccactt cgggtgtggt gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt     43500
     gtgtgtgtgt gtatgtgagt gtgtgtgtgt gcctgccatg ctgacacagg gtgtggcaaa     43560
     tcgctgaggc tgcaggaagg tatttccctg ggctgattgg gtactgtgac agatagcacc     43620
     ctcaatccct agggtgttct ttgcacccga gtcttgggag gacccatgtc agtctcccaa     43680
     tcccagaaaa aggttcagtt acaggatgaa atttaactct cacctctacc ttccccaact     43740
     gtctggaccc aactcccatt ccaaaattac ctggaccggc cagtacctgt tcatctgtcc     43800
     actccagcca atgactgctg tgtggcctct ggcaagtcac ttatgaaata aaattcctta     43860
     ttcatccatt tgatttcatt aaaataaatg agaaagaagg aaaaaaaaaa cagaagcaaa     43920
     ccccatgttg gacccctcct gattttataa cggcctgaga cccaaggtga tcctctggcc     43980
     aggtgatcct ccggcccaca tccctccttt gtcctcagca ggctctgtca ccaatgtgtc     44040
     cgaccagagc cagtcctcag cttttgctga gaaagccagg aaacgaaact ctctgctagc     44100
     ctccatgctg ggacactgtg tcagaggaga accggcctgt gggctgtagg ttctagcagt     44160
     ggccctggaa ttagggcccg gccattatct taaacgcttg tatgtataaa tgacaggtgc     44220
     agaggtaagc tctatgtgaa atgaccaggg gatctgaaaa cccagaccgt ctctgaagga     44280
     acaagagtca ttcactcatt cattcattca ttgacaatac atatttcata cgggacaaag     44340
     tttgggcagt ttcagggaaa ctgagtcctc tgccaaggct gtctgtagag gacatgctgc     44400
     tatagaagga tgggccagac tggagccaga gaaacctcaa agatcagctt gtgagaagaa     44460
     ccaggaggat cccagaggaa gggctgggca tgctgcacag agggtgtggt atggagagct     44520
     taaaggacag gcctggagaa tgccagccag cagttcccac cagccccttc cagtaacagc     44580
     acctgccagc tctacactgt caataggctt tagagacgat cattcagtga ccctccctcc     44640
     acgtcgaggc agctctctca actggcatca cagggcatgc acagtgaccg cggcaaccag     44700
     caaactactc cacttcccca cctgcccctg atagttacac ttcctcccac tgggcagcca     44760
     caagcctgtc acccttgcct gacaccatct tcccttctct ggatgatggc atggtgaggt     44820
     cctctgagag gaccccagcc tttgtgccta gcactgcaca tggataagac aacagacttc     44880
     agggactcga gtgcaaggtt gggcaggaga agcaggcttc caccatgtgg ggctggtagg     44940
     aagcagctgg ctaagtggag actggggagt cgtctgtggc ttccatttcc tcaggactgc     45000
     tgccaggaga tgatggagcc ttaatggcat gcagaggggg aacaggcaca cactggggta     45060
     agtggagagc cgtagctctt tccacacgtg tctgcagagc agagttccga ccttgagcct     45120
     tagaattcct actctggaca tgagttccag cctggaacat cagctgtctg accttgtctg     45180
     ttagcttcta tcacagagaa cgatgctctg gccatactcc ttcagtccaa ttatggatct     45240
     gacggttctg accaagggtg acggtgacct tgaatctgaa tggtcacatt ccaatacagg     45300
     acacacagct ttgagcctga gagccaggat tccaaccctg aacgtcaaac cgcagcacct     45360
     tcatctgcct ggggactctc tggatgccca gacccctctg cctgaaaagg agctagtgtt     45420
     tttccataag gacggaacac tgaatggttg actgactcct tcaaggggct gggatgtggc     45480
     tcaataggtt gaatcttgcc ctgcacccac attttttagc acctcataaa tcaggtgtgg     45540
     tggctcacac ctgtaatccc agcacttgag aaatggaaac aggaggatca ggagttcaag     45600
     gtcacccgct gctacagctg aagtctggct gctggagatc cactgaaggc tggagacgat     45660
     gggggaagca gcggcttaca ctgctgcgtg ccatactgcc ctgtgcttca tctccttctg     45720
     gcctcttgac agcccgagga cgactttatt acgactttat tacccccacg ttacagagga     45780
     aggtcctgag cttggagccg gttcagtcga cagcctcagt atctgtggtc agcctgcttt     45840
     ggcttctgct gcgtccttct cttccacatc cgatcagagg tggggtgagg gactcagaag     45900
     tcatttacca cctaatgggt ttaagatcaa cccatgaatt gccccgactg gtgtttgctt     45960
     ctacctgtgg gagctgactt ggtctgggaa gccgagagac ccatgtgggt ggaagttgtt     46020
     catttcctaa gtgcttacca tcctggcttg tgttgatact aaggctatat agttagagca     46080
     gaggactgtg gctatggctg agccgaaaag tacctgcctg gaatacacca gtgaagggtt     46140
     aggaccctgg ctcaccggta cagaacagca cttgcctaaa ccccagaaag gattgggggt     46200
     ttggtcagca gtgagaactg gcctagaatc tatcaatgag aggctgcacc atagctcagg     46260
     ggtaatgtat agagtattat ccttaacaac tccccagaga aggactgggg cgtggctcaa     46320
     aggtagactt agcatgtaca aggccatgag ttccatccca gcactacaga aaccagtata     46380
     ccatggcaca tgcctgccat cccagcgctt gggctggggg agagatggga ggatctggag     46440
     ttcaaggtta tcctcagcta catagagagt tagaggctag tctgggctac atgagaccct     46500
     gtctccaaac accctacacc taaaattgta agctgtaaag tgcccatggc actcagatgc     46560
     tggtgcggta ggcccacggt ctctttacta tagtttcctt ttcatgttga acttagtaca     46620
     gctcatgtca ctctctactg gccagagcct agcccgtctc tcaagagtca tagcaggcac     46680
     ttggatccgt tgtggcccac acttgttcct gccacccacc tctggtgaag ctgtgctgac     46740
     actgggaccc tctcttgcag cccttccttc tggctgcttc ctgttggtgc cacactccct     46800
     ggtagtcctc ccatccccag acaatgagct tgagaggaca gttgagacaa ccttacgtca     46860
     ttctccatgg tgggtggcac cggctttaga ggcaccgttg ggactgccca atcatgcagg     46920
     gcccagtgtt tccaaagcta aaccggagga cccaagttca atccctagtg cccacctaaa     46980
     gccaggatgc tggtgtgagc ctctacatac accatgtgtg accatatcac accaacacat     47040
     acaaaataaa gacaaacaaa gccccttgtc ttaaaacaaa tgttggccgt gccgtggtgg     47100
     cacacacctt taatcccagc actcaggagt cagaggccag ggaatcactg agttcaaggc     47160
     cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagtgct gcacagagac agagacaccc     47220
     tgcctcaaaa gaccaacccc accccacaaa ggctctactc tgcatttaga gtccctttct     47280
     tttctctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt     47340
     ccttcttcct tcctccctca ctccctcctt tcttcctcca tccttccttg cttcctttct     47400
     tccttccttc cttccttttt tgttttttgg ggttttgagc agggtttctt tgtgtaatct     47460
     tcgctatcct ggaactcact cctgtgatga ggctggactc aaacttacag agattctcct     47520
     gcttccgcct cggtaatgct gaggttaaag gtgtgagcta ccacatctgg tgtgtttaga     47580
     gttctctgtc cccacttgat ggtgttttga agaagggtac cccattttca ccttaactgt     47640
     agctcataaa tgtataactg gccttgccaa tgggtaccct aggaattagg ggctcccaac     47700
     ccccacctgc tctgtcccca ggcccagaca ctcctctggc acaccagagg gtaatgagca     47760
     tgctcttggc tcagatgcaa acaggagctc agaggctcac actttaagga tgctaccaat     47820
     gcagcctgcc tactgaaggt gggacaggga accttccatg acatgtgctt tcagagatct     47880
     tgaagccaga gacaccatct gtacccatca aggatgaggg cgactgtggt tccctccccc     47940
     ttcccactcc tgccaatcat tgaatgatca ctgtgtggca gtcaggcaga ccaccaggtc     48000
     acgaggtcac ggtggtgcta ggtgaacccc ttcttgctgc ttctgcaccc tgctgggcac     48060
     agagcagcac catgaatgtg acaatgactc cctgcactga gggtcactgt gcccatttcc     48120
     cagctaggga aacaggctga gaaaggcaaa ggtgagcacg gctcagacac ttcacatagc     48180
     acacatgggg attaagaact ctcatctcct ccactctctc tctagtctgg ctgagtgtga     48240
     gaggaggggc tggattctag agggggaggg aggctcccgc acagcaggtc taaccctact     48300
     acataccaga aacactttat catggaaagg cctcaacacc actacaccca aactagtcat     48360
     ccgaggtctg agatggctct ctgaagagct gatatatgag ccaaaatatg gagtatcagg     48420
     atggacagac acatcagcca gaaacagggc cagaggccca gtgatggcaa gcaatttgta     48480
     caagattaca aagctggttt accttctcca tcctctgtac caggccctac agcagcctca     48540
     gaacacaggt cagcaagctt ttactatctt aggcttcatc atcatcacca ccaccaccac     48600
     catcatcatt atcaccactg ccaccaacat aaatctaggc tttgtggcca tacatcagtt     48660
     gtacctaaca ggtcaataaa taggttcggc tgtgttccca tcaaatctta cttacaaatc     48720
     aggcagccca tccactccac tttagaacac aaggagagga agacatgaca gggagagcat     48780
     cctgtttcac tcagtgagag gaaaaaatgc agaataactt gatatgcact cactgataag     48840
     tggatattag cccagaaact tagaataccc aagatacaat ttgcaaaaca caagaaaatc     48900
     aagaagaagg aagaccaatg tgtggatact tcattcctct ttagaatagg gaacaaaata     48960
     cccatggaag gagttacaga gacaaagttt gtagctaaga cgaaaggatg gaccatccag     49020
     agactacccc acctggggat ccatcccata atcagtcacc aaacccagac actattgcat     49080
     atgccagcaa gattttgctg aaaggaccct gatatagctg tctcatgtga ggctatgcca     49140
     gtgcctggca aatacagaag tggatgctca cagtcagcta ttagatggaa cacagggccc     49200
     ccaatggagg agctagagaa agtacccaag gagctgaagg gatctgcaac cctataggtg     49260
     gaacaacaat atgaactaac cagtaccccc cggagctcat gtctctagct gcatatgtaa     49320
     cagaagatgg cctagttggc catcatctgg aagagaggcc cctaaggtct tgcaaacttt     49380
     atatgcccca gtccagggga acgccagggc caagaagtgg gagtgggtgg gtagggcatc     49440
     agggcggggg gagggtatag ggaactttca ggatagcatt tgaaatgtaa ataaagaaaa     49500
     tatctaataa aaaaaatttt aatgcagaat aaaataaaaa gcaagaggga ccgcactgcc     49560
     attgtatggc acaaggagag agctagaccc cgcagttctt gaaagaaaca aaggttatac     49620
     attgttgcag gatatttgat cacattgtaa actccaaaga tcacatactg gaaaagtttg     49680
     tttctacctc tgttgtggct cagccttagc ccacaccttt aatccctggc tggaatacag     49740
     acatatcctt aagtagttac ctttaattcc aaacaatgaa gctaaagtta gttcatggaa     49800
     ggaagcaccg gtgtgtgaaa gtgatgtcta attgagtggc agacaaagtg atgaatcaga     49860
     gaaagatttg acagaatgtg gcagagatag gacacgccca gctctcatga gaagagagga     49920
     aaggaagcta cttaaggtag cagaatagag acagagagag aagagaggat tcagtttgcc     49980
     aggagagttt tacagagaca ggttgaagag cgaacaagct agacacaggt aaagacagaa     50040
     caagccctga ggatgagaag aagcagaaga tcagaacaga ctgcgagagt tagtatgagg     50100
     tcaagcagag caactcagtc agaggctgag agcgacttgt ccagaggcca gccaagtctc     50160
     ttgtgagcat tggaccagat tgaatcagtc agcctggaga ggagtttgag tcagaacagc     50220
     tgggctgacc agccagccag agctcagaaa gaactaggaa ggagtggact tattcagcag     50280
     caagtctcag ggactgaaaa cattctaggc ctagattaga ttgtacagac gccagcagct     50340
     tccaggaaga ggcctgggtt agcagagaga ggaggcagta agcctaggag acaacaatta     50400
     catcaggaga ataaaagata ctactgcagt ctgcccaggg gtctgtggag aaggcctttg     50460
     tctgcacccc agattcccat taaagcacct tgagtccttc ctttctttga agtatgccta     50520
     ctgtgtgtcc tttcttcaca gcatgcctac tatgcgcagt gtgattatct ttctttgact     50580
     tttcactcca ttcatgcttg acttcccaag agcaccatgg tgggaggagt cctcctgcca     50640
     gctcacatgg gtcccctcct cttggccaga gtgtttggag aactcctctt tcccattctc     50700
     agtccagaag gaaaccagcc actggcaacc caggcacagc taagcggttg attggctctg     50760
     acatgattgg ctctgacatg gaccaatgaa aatcagctct gagatttttc tgacacagtt     50820
     ggtacacagg aagtaagcct gaagtgccag aggccatgtt ggtgttcccc actgagaagc     50880
     caaggtaaga gcagaatgta gagatggagg aaaccaagtc ctaatgatgt gtgtaagctc     50940
     ctagatccag ccgttcctga aacctcacct aactcagcac tttccagata cagctttgtt     51000
     tgtgatgctc tgagctgcat ttctgtccct gcaaccaaag ggtcctaaca cttgcttcct     51060
     cagcacccag tatggtgccc agcatatggt gacatacact aattggttgt tgtacaaaca     51120
     ggtggcatct gggcacatac acacccacct aacccaagga ctggcaactc tggagctgaa     51180
     gagactgttt tcaggctggg aagggtgact gagtcaaact gcagccacca ttttaaagac     51240
     cttcccctcc ccaaggcgcg tttactgtga gcacaggcca gagagttcat gaggatgtag     51300
     gggcatgtgc tttggtggtg gcaggcctga cactctccct gctgctgtgg actttcttct     51360
     taggtgccgc agtcagtcaa agccccctct gtgcactagt aggtctacat aggctcagcc     51420
     ccctctgtgc actagtaggt ctacataggc tctgaggggc agggcccgcc tggccaaggg     51480
     aaagagtcag ggctgggccc cggaggctgt tcttgagcac ggtggttttc ttttagaaac     51540
     ttagtgattc acttacctct gctagatgta agagacggca tggagctgtc agtaacccca     51600
     tcccctcaaa gcccgctcct acccaccagg ctacagtgcc caattatggg ggagaccagt     51660
     cccattgcca ggtaagagtg ggatgtgaag acacctcagg tgtccaaagt tgtctcgtct     51720
     ctgtaaatga gggccacttc tctttgccct tactgcacca caccccaatg ttcaagaccg     51780
     atgtgaaagc caggcacagt gggcacacct gtgaccatgc ctgacatgat ggagcacaca     51840
     tgaccatgcc tggcacacag cacttgggag gtggaagcta gaaggtcagg agtttaaagt     51900
     catcttcagt tatatcgtta gtctgatgcc agcctgggta actttgtctc acaaaactag     51960
     aaaggggaga agtattccac ccgggaatat ttcctgtgta ggataaaggc actgggaact     52020
     cacagtgaca ttcctcgcta gaggacggtg gccactcccc agtggcctgt gtctcacggt     52080
     tcccctgtgt ggataccatg gtcccgtcaa tgtctgtatt cgtgtccctc tccttccttc     52140
     tggaaggcca gggctatgag gccagtgtct ttgttttgct ctctgcaagg cccctaactg     52200
     cccagcacag agctacagat acagcaagag tgccttgagt cctggctgaa tgggcatggc     52260
     caggccccgc agcagcagca gcagcagtgg caggggcagc tgtggtggtg gcagcagcag     52320
     cagcagcagc atgctgtccc tttatggttc tggatcacac catcatctgc tcgctaccct     52380
     tccggcctct gtacaagcca ggtctgcagt tagctccatt gtacagtaga ggaaatagaa     52440
     gcaccccacc ccaagctaac actgaccaag actcccacag acatactgga tatctgccta     52500
     tgagacaatg gagctgcctc ataacctcac gctccagatc cagatccggc caccactcgc     52560
     ccagtgcttg gcttccaccc tcttacaacc cattgccacc tccagtaggc aggatctacc     52620
     cttgtcttgc caagtttact gctctctcca gggcactcgg cacactgaga tgcaccatgg     52680
     acacacaggt cagatacacg gcccaggtct gttcccaaac agaagcgagg ctgaaggcga     52740
     ggagctgggg tgtgtgagac gctggagggg ctcttcagtg aagggcggca gatgtggctg     52800
     aagccatact cctagccatg tgtcagtaat gatggtgaca ggcccccata cgtgaacact     52860
     taattccctt ttttccaatt agaaaaaatt ctcagctagc cttgtgaccg cctcattcat     52920
     tcattcattc attcactcat tcaccacaca gctcttgaga ttttattctg tggcagccac     52980
     tgcttcaggc actgagcagg cagccctaag ctaactaaaa gctctgtcct ttaaaaacat     53040
     atccaagggg tgggaagggg gaagaaccca gagttcagga atagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     53100
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtaagaa actaccaagg     53160
     aagggcatgg acagaactgg ggacagctcc cagactgcct gaatcactgg catttgagca     53220
     gagatcagca ccaacagagt gtgtggtggt gggggtgatc gtgtggctgt ctctaggatt     53280
     gaccccagtg aagtcaagag ctagtgcaaa ggccctgaga ggggaaggcg cctggtaggt     53340
     gtgagaaaaa gaggtttgag ggaaacttag tggtgatggt ggtggtgggc tggtggggaa     53400
     agtgggtgca gggtgtagag agagcagagc tgtgtcctgg gccctgtcgg atttattgtt     53460
     ttgaaccaga gtctcacgta gcccaggctg gccttggcct cactggctag tggaggatga     53520
     ccttaaactt ctaacccttc cgcccccagc ttctgaatga gagctgaggt tatcagtgtg     53580
     cactaccgtg cttgctctgt gcagccttgg tgacgaaccc agagcttcct gcacgctggg     53640
     ctggctctct agtgactgct gtgtcctcgg tcccctggag gattttgcac aaaggagtgg     53700
     aaggcaggtt gtgggcaggg gtggggcaaa cagcagtgag gagctctggg taagaggggg     53760
     acggggacag cagtggatgg tgaccgcatt ccgggacaag ggtccccaac cctgctgtca     53820
     tggctccctc accatcatgg ctatatcccc ttcaaatgca gggcaaacca aactgttctg     53880
     tggagcttct gtgggtgaga agggggccac ctgagatggg tctgaaaatg cccatcatcc     53940
     cacagccttg atgcctgccc ctgccccaga tgaccacact gggcacttct agagttttta     54000
     gggtaagggg ccccgtgaac ataagcactt tcctcccaag ccatcttctg cccctgggtg     54060
     gcacttcctg tcattcagag tctcctaggg cagcacacac ggttgggaac agcatatcca     54120
     caagagtgtc acccactcct aaagtcacac cacagcaaac cgccaaatgt gagacttgag     54180
     ccacaggact gagaagaccg ggcctggcaa tggagtctta gcgaccacac ccaagcacgg     54240
     gaacaaaaga agaaaataaa ggcaggctgc cgatgtggct cggttggcag aaggcttgct     54300
     tgccttgcat gctcaaagcc ctgggtttgt cttaagcaca gcctttggga ggtggaggca     54360
     ggaggatcag caattcaggg tcgtcctgag ctgcagggtg tgttcaagac caaccctgtg     54420
     ctacacaaga tcttgcctga aaagcagcca aactggacct catcaacatt aaaaggagct     54480
     atctgcaaac gtcagcgcca gcagagagaa cacacccacg ggacggggga agacagtcgc     54540
     aaacgacaca tctgataaaa aaatggatgt cctgaatata tataaagggc tctaaatgct     54600
     gggagatggc tctgtgctca ccacacaagc atgaggacct gagtccaatc accagaaaaa     54660
     gagggtgtgg cggtgcttgg gaggtgggga cagggatccc ctgggctctc tggctggcca     54720
     gcctagccta acaccacagg ccacagctcg cagcaagaga ggatggctcc tgaggagcaa     54780
     cacttaaggt ccacctctga tctccacaca tgcactaagg gacaattcaa ccacaagagt     54840
     caaataattc gactgtaaaa ttgaacaagg gggcctgggg agtcggctca gagagcgaag     54900
     gctcttgcta ccaagcctgc cagcccgtgt tagatcccag gaacccacgt ggtagaagaa     54960
     agctcccacc caggaaagtc gtcctttggt ggtaacaaga gggccatttc accactgcct     55020
     ctcccccata aagtttagta aataaaacga tgaaaccatt ttatctgagc aaaggttcta     55080
     agtgatactc agcctccccc tgttaggtgc aaagccacag tgggaagtgg gctcgtctgg     55140
     gtggctactc tgaacaaaaa gagccgacac acagatggta cagcggtgtg tacctggagt     55200
     ccctgctcca ccgaggcagg agaatgtcta gtttgagacc agcttttgtt aattagacag     55260
     ttgtggtgat gtataccttt aatgcgacac tcgggaggca gaggccactc ggatctctga     55320
     gttggaggcc agcttggtct acatatgagt tccagttcta ggacagccag gactacacag     55380
     agagacactg tctccaaaag cctcccagcc cccaaagtgg gaagctggca caggttagaa     55440
     acctcagaaa cagattagaa agctcgaacc ctttcgcttt gctggtgaga acgcaggatg     55500
     atgtagctcc tacagaaaca gtttcttaaa aacttcatga accttgggag aggttgccat     55560
     ggggaaagct acacaaacaa tccctagagc ccacatagaa gctggccact ggggcacatc     55620
     cataatccct gtgactgcgg ggcagagatg ggaggttccc cgaagctcat aggctggcta     55680
     gcccgagaca gagaagagga ccactaaggc tgtcctctgg cccccaacat gtgtgcagtc     55740
     atgtgcacta cccaaactca catacactaa catgtccatg cacaaacaca cacacacaca     55800
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cactcacaca cacacacact cacacactca ctctcacaca     55860
     cacacacaca cacactcact ctcacacaca cacacacact cactctcaca cacacacact     55920
     cactctctct cacacacaca cacacacaca cactcatgca cacatacaca cagactgaga     55980
     cagagagaca gatagacaga gacttctgca tgacagagac agagactgga aaaaaatgag     56040
     attaagattc agttgtttgg gctggtgaga tggctcagtg ggtaagagca cccaactgct     56100
     ctcccgaagg tcaggagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa     56160
     caagatctga cgccctcttc tggagtgtct gaagacagct acagtgtact tacatataat     56220
     aaataaataa atctttaaaa aaaaaaaaag attcagttgt ttgtaccccc acattcccag     56280
     cagccaagag aggtgaagca cccaagtgtc catcaacgga tgaagctaga aaggaaatgc     56340
     agcatatcta cacagaggaa tagcattcag tcttgaaaga agttacctcg ggccagagta     56400
     tagataaacc ccaagggcat tatgtgacga cataaaagaa gtcaggcact aaggacggtg     56460
     atgtgtggtt cctgtgtgca gcttcctaca agagtcaaat ccagagacgg gaggtccacg     56520
     tgtagtcccc aggggttggg ggtcagttgg ggagggtgct gtccaatggg gacagaggct     56580
     cacttttggt actgaaccat ttcagagact ggcacataac atggccaacg tcttctcact     56640
     taaaatggtg acgaagggaa acgctatacc tggtggattt taccaaattt taaaattcac     56700
     ccggggcatg tttccaacca tgaaccctgg tcaccagccc cagtcacagg aacttaggtg     56760
     accccaggga gatacttctg gagagagtgc aatttgggag tgcagagggc gagacacacc     56820
     ccagcctcga ggagagtcac ataacaactt tatgtcacca taggaaaaac atgagggttg     56880
     gcaccctgga cattcacttg tcaattcggg ctcctgccca tctccctacc cagaactggc     56940
     ctttctctca aaagtcttac ctcataacac ctaagtctac cagagacacc caaattgaga     57000
     aatgcccacc tagggagaag gcagagactc ctctgtatag attaccttcc agataatagt     57060
     taatgtcact cttgtgtctc taggaccatc tggtccatca agtgtccttt ggggtcagag     57120
     ccaagaccac tctcaactca ggcagcagac actggactct tatcacctaa cactccctgt     57180
     gagaaaagtg actttctggg gctgcatccc tgggacgcat cgtaattctg aagatcatta     57240
     ccactgccca agatagattt ctcggtcaga gcacccgggg tggactctgt cccagactcc     57300
     cattggttgt gtggccctcc acttctctgg gcctcagtct ccacagctgt aagaggagaa     57360
     cagatcaatg gggctatggg gtcccctttg tgtgtgtttg tccagggtac ccatgtgtga     57420
     gggtgtgtgg cagtcagagg acaaccttgg gtgtcatttc aactagtttg acgtcagatc     57480
     tctttgttat ttaccactaa ctatgccagg ctagccgcct agctgcctag cagccgtcta     57540
     gtaaccgtcc tgcctccccc atattgcctt tgaagcaatg tggttatagt tgtgtgggga     57600
     ctgtgcctgg ctttgtgtag gccctgatga tttgagctct gctcttcagg cttacacctc     57660
     accactgaga tgtctcctct gccccagctc cccaccctcc gtgccctagg tcgtacctac     57720
     ggtgactgtc acgacttctg ctgttgtttt tgttttaatc caagagatga cggcaaagct     57780
     gagtgtgcgc agccagcctg ggatctgtgc tgttgacccc accccagcta gggggtctgt     57840
     tgcaaggtgc cctcctagct cgtaacacaa tcaggacaca ccaagtaaga cgcccactga     57900
     tcagtcttcc cttaattctt ccagaattga atctcaaata catgtgctga gacgtgggga     57960
     gtgacctccc accccaaaaa agtggagagc aaacaaatac cacccccctg ctccccagac     58020
     tcagggcctc agctccatcc tgtagagggt ctgagagcca gcctggaaca agatggctgt     58080
     aatatgtcac acctctgctc ctccaacagc agctgagggc ggcgtggctg gggcgctggg     58140
     tccctgggtc cctgactttc ctgggctcca gtggccagag aaaaagcctg caggcttgca     58200
     gccagcatgg catcttctca gaacgatgtt tcggaagggg cttattccac agatggatta     58260
     ggaaagacag tcaggccgta agccctttag tcaccacccc ttatgtgggt gacaactgac     58320
     ctctgggggt aattcaatga ggcaggcagt gctgtggatt ccggatggct gtcacctgaa     58380
     ggaaccataa tacttcacac aaatcacaca gaggataagg agcccggctg agcctaggca     58440
     gcccagctct gccaaggggc tcccatctag accacagtga taccaaggat gggatggggg     58500
     aggttacagg gctgggtttg gagttgttgc ctgaggcatg agagttctcc ccacccctaa     58560
     gcacactgcc ttcctaaggg ctcctctgcc aattttcaac cctgtcactc ttcttctggg     58620
     atggggacca gagagatccc agaccacaga tgaggcagca aagacccaag aatggcacca     58680
     atcttggggt gactatgcaa gtcaaaggag cagcccagcc cagaccctgg gctccccttt     58740
     acccagtaag agcttggatc catcaagcgt gacttcagta cttcccacgc gtgatcattc     58800
     ttcaccctcc tacggcccca agaggcaggt ttacaggatc acacctacag agtgggaagc     58860
     aaggctggga agggtccaga ggccacaccc acgagaaggg aggacttgca tccagctctg     58920
     gaactgccct ccagctggga tcccagtctc tggcaaacgg tccctttaaa ttaaataggc     58980
     atcgggagac gctctgcctc actcagctag gcagcacaga gcacaggggc tccgggcttc     59040
     tggtgacccc tcacaactga tggtaaaaca cagctacccc tagctcaggt agggaaagct     59100
     acaaccccat caaaccacat ccaggaccac aataggacat gtagctagaa agggggactc     59160
     tgaaggactg ccaggaactg gtgtggccac tcgccaagtg tctcgcatgt caggaactgg     59220
     ctggactctt cacttgggca catcctgggc ctgcatggta gtttcccccc taactcccat     59280
     ttcttacaca ggagactgaa tcccggtcct cagaaataat aaaaaagaat ccgcacgaac     59340
     tgtgccccac agccagtggt agcaaaattc tagtcactgt ctccagctaa aggccacgtc     59400
     cacttttgat ataatataat aataaatttt agccttctta tgttctgtgt gtaaatgtgt     59460
     aggagagtgg gggtgggagt tggggtgagg acatgtctct actttcccag tactggaatt     59520
     agagcgacag gccaccatgc ctggcttttt cacgtggtgc tagaatttga actcaggccc     59580
     acacggctgc aaagcaagca tttaccaatc ggttcatctc caggccccta aattttaccc     59640
     ttgcaactta ttttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttcctttc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc     59700
     ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct     59760
     ttctttcttt ctttcttttt cttgtttttt atgacagggt ttctccatgt aacccaggtt     59820
     gtcctagaac ttgctctata gatcaggctg gcctcacact cataaatctg cctggctctg     59880
     cctcctgagt tgtgcaatta aaggtgtgcg ccaccactcc tgggtttacc cttataattt     59940
     cttttcttaa gctacactca catcagaaat cccttggctt attaaaatat tccccaaggt     60000
     gggtggggcc accatcccca ctggacagac atactcactc agatggtata actgacccat     60060
     ccaagcttgg gagaaatctg gtatgtagtt tcaaatgaga ctcacgtttg aatatttggt     60120
     ctccagttgg aggacatgtt tgggaaggac tagggggcgt gtctctcgga gaaggtgtgc     60180
     cactgggatg aattccgagg tttcaaaagc ccacaccagc cccagtgtgc ccagtggatc     60240
     ttagctaccg ctccagtgct acgctggtct gcctgcctgc cgccatgctt cctgccatga     60300
     cggtcatgga ctaaccctct gaaactgtaa gcaagcccca aattaaatgc tttcttttaa     60360
     aattagatgt ggtcacagtg ttttgtcaca gccacagaac aataattaag atgctcaact     60420
     ccgacatctc cactgcttca tgcgcggtta cctatccttt tagcattagg tgaaggcgtg     60480
     tcacctccca gagcccgttt cttctgatgt catcaaacac acgccttcga ccatctgtaa     60540
     acaccagcca cttgctttcc cagattccct tgccactaaa gtacgagtac attatcaatg     60600
     gccaacaaca ctaagaacac ctgagagggt gctcctgggt ggggggaagg ggttctcttg     60660
     gcggagaatg cagtggacta cagaaggaaa tgacgtcatt gtatctacat ttgaggctga     60720
     atctggcagt catatctctt gacgccaggc atcaagcaca ggtgccaagt cgtttttagg     60780
     gtctagagag aaacagaggg atgaagagaa tctccagtct gggctggtga gatggagggc     60840
     tgactgccag caagtctgac gacctgagtt cagttctcgg gacccacgcg gcagaagcag     60900
     gaaacacaag ttgtcttctg acttccacta ctgtgctatt tcatgcatac acacaagcac     60960
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacaaagta agtaaataat     61020
     agataaatgt aacagaatac atatagttta aaacaccacc ccttggggcc agcaagatag     61080
     ctcagcaggt taaggaccct ttccaccaag actgatccga atgattgaag agcagaattg     61140
     actcccccct aattgttctc tgacctctga cctccataca tactcacata tatacaaagc     61200
     aacatataag ggtaatttaa aatttttttt aaaagataca gaatcctgat gagatcacta     61260
     agccatccac tcggctggct accctgccat gtcgggagac acgcagtaac acatcttcct     61320
     ccgtattgaa gctgatgttt ctgctttgtc atttatgacc cacaaaagca ctaatgggca     61380
     ccccactgcc caggagggct gaagaagaaa tgtctagatg acaccaaccc cagagaccac     61440
     tgatctgtgc ccagcacagt aaacactctg gcgatttgga agcggttttg gagagattta     61500
     acccagagac tccgggctca cacatcagct ctccccacac cacactgaga gaggcctgag     61560
     aaagagttcc cagagagcag aatctcagag gaggccctgg catgcctgca ctgcctccct     61620
     gccagggcta accccacctc ccaaacaacc taatggattt tgatttctac tcccctgatg     61680
     gagaatccag ggcccgggct ttggttcgtt cctcacttgg cagagcagcc atcaattatt     61740
     cacaacacca gcacagtctc cccagggtgc tgtcagaagg gaagtgattg ctgcccaccc     61800
     agccagagaa agggcacagc aacttaacac tgataagaac agtaccctcc ttgtagtgct     61860
     gagcactaag ttgctaagct tccacaaaca caacctcact gcaaagtggg ccccagtatt     61920
     caaggcaggg aagggagagg tgaagaaacg gcctctggcc agagagtagt gaagagttgg     61980
     ctggttccac agccctggtc tgtcctttct ccaggacatg taagatgcgg ccatttctga     62040
     tcctcacagg cacctggaag tgatacttag cacttggcct gtgtggtttc tgaggaactc     62100
     gcaagtctca ctgggctttg ctctggagat tgtgggatgg ggtgggccgg gtgcaggtca     62160
     gagaaagcag aggtccaggg aactgagcca caggaggctg tgaggaagaa tggctgacag     62220
     gatcctgaag cctgaggaag tcagtacctg attgcttcct tgatatatct acccatccag     62280
     ccacccaccc atgcatccat ccatccatca ttcaccaata tatccatcta tccacccacc     62340
     cacccactca cttacccata catctaccaa tccatggaca tatgcatcca tccacccacc     62400
     ctcctgtcca tcaaatgatc atccgcccat ccacccatct acccactcat ccacccactc     62460
     acccacccat ccacccatcc atccaccaat ccatccacca atccatcatc cacacaccca     62520
     tctatccacc cacccatcca tccaaacata catctacctc catccctcca tccacccagc     62580
     aatccactca cccatccacc ctacacaggg ttatttggag ccctctaaac cagacaccac     62640
     aatgcatgct gggaacacag caatgtgtgt gatacatcct tgtgggtgta aaacagaaac     62700
     acgtagacca gagatgatct ctagtagcgt ttaaagatca tgcaggaaaa atactgcatg     62760
     aggtgacagg gtgcaacagg gaggggacag aagtccagga ggtctccagg gggaaacaat     62820
     ttagtaggaa ctgtagcaaa atggggacat gaagagaagg cgtccacaga acattctggg     62880
     gaaggcaact gtaggcagca gggaaataag tgcagaggtc ctggggtagg acagaccctg     62940
     ctatgtttgg gacagtaagg aagccagtgg gactgggacc acatgagcca gaagagaaca     63000
     ggagagatga gccggaagag ctctgaggac cagaatctag acctcagatg cacagtggca     63060
     tgtggattcc atgctgaatg tgataaaaaa cctccgtggg tttcaaacag atgaataatg     63120
     cgatctgact tgcaccttgc gcttctggga gagggactgt gggaagcaaa gcaggagaag     63180
     gcgctaggga gggaggtgtg tgtggccctt gatcaccaac agaaagaaca gggtgttcga     63240
     aagctcgctt gggggaggta catttctggc tacccctagt tgcgtgcttt gtgacctcag     63300
     gcaagctact tcgccactct gagccttgta cgcattaggc atttgctcag tgcctctgga     63360
     cgtttctatg ctgagagcca gtgggctcga ccgccttcct atttgagctc tggctttaga     63420
     aactgcaaga atatgagctg acagcccagc ctgggatcac agcgaggtca tgatgctgct     63480
     gctgctgcag ggggtggggg atggcgtggg gggggggctg ggggggagcc gattaagctg     63540
     agcgagagga ggaaagacgg tttattccca cacgctgcct cttgcaagac aactcgtttt     63600
     ttttgccccg cagccaggtg ccaacacaaa cccagccctt tgtctgtttc ttccagggga     63660
     gggtaaatcc ccacttcctg tccctggatc cagtgtctta aggacagggc aggtgaggaa     63720
     ggaggggcct acctgggcct caatgggctg agccgtgggg gaaacctgtg tcaggcctag     63780
     aaatagcaaa ataagtctgt tgatcctaag ccggctaagg acgagtacct ttcgtcttag     63840
     agggaggctt tctggacacg gaaactgggg aaggattatg gtctcagcct tccaggagga     63900
     gaccaagccc agaggcgaga gaaaaatgac tatgggctct atctgctgtc ctactagaca     63960
     cccttcctgt gtcgactgca gcctttttga gcaagtcaac tatctgcaaa caaccctaca     64020
     gagtcccctg agagaaggga ccagtgaggg gccagctgag ccaccaaaga ctccacactg     64080
     agaggccaag ctagccaaaa gccaggccat gcttctaaag gatggctggc cgaacaggcg     64140
     atcttggtca cttgcctctg gtcctcgttc ctggactcag ctctcagaga ctatcttgtc     64200
     tcttcccaaa cttgatctct ctggattccc acacatctct tttctgggcc cccttcccag     64260
     cctcccatgc agccctgagc atgctgagct gtcatttact cctggcaccc aggacacagg     64320
     ccatgtgagg caggcctcac cctccagaca cgctgaggtg ccagcctgac tcagaggaat     64380
     tgcacctgtc ccggtcctca ccccaagcct ctgctggtcc ccaaggctgg ctgcctcctg     64440
     tgcccagcag cccaccctgt gtgaacaagt tcaccctgcc tctttcccca ggcctatttt     64500
     ctgctctgat ttggaaattt acatcttcct ccaacagcca agtgcaaact gcaccacaca     64560
     gcaagtacat aaacaaggag ccagcctggt cctctcaccc gctgtcccga gccttggggc     64620
     agacctgtcc ttaccactag ccttccctgt cttttgtcat ctcttaaaat acctgtgggt     64680
     gcctcagcct ctgccaggcg tgtcggtagg ctgtgtttat acccttcctt atgagcagag     64740
     tggggttata attcagggct agatgttaca tctgcagggc aggctattct agtatgtatc     64800
     caggcctgga ggcaccaaga ctatccagca aagctcgact ctgttctcac caaggccgta     64860
     gcattttaga gttttataaa ccatttcccc ccaacaaagt aggggtacac cgtactgaat     64920
     cacatgggaa gggtgcctct taagagtagt agtccttgga gaactcgctt ggagcccctg     64980
     ccttttaacc ggtatactca tcgtgaggag ccaggagcct ctgtgtaggc ctccatgggg     65040
     ggaaacagac tccagactca ccttggcggc caccgatgag ttgggcttct ccagcaggtc     65100
     ccaaagtttc ttcctcttct cagcacagca cgtgttgtcg aactcctcgc cctcccgctc     65160
     ccgcagcgtc tcagcctccc gcttcagctc ctcgttcatc tgctccttct tttggtggta     65220
     gcgggcctgg cagcaggact ccaggtagat ctcatcgatg ccccagtagt ccagctcctg     65280
     gctgaagctc agcgcgcaca tctcctccat catgtgcagc cggccggtgc ggtagaaatt     65340
     gagaatagag gtgaaggcgc cagggtggcg gtcgaagaag tactcgttgt cctcgaggct     65400
     gtagtcgtcg cacacctgga gcagagagtc gtgcgtgttg cagtcccgga gcttgcccag     65460
     ccgcgtgcga ggcaggcggt ccagagtgcg ccacagcacc tcgtgcgcca ggcccccgac     65520
     gttgaggcgc acccggcgcg agcacgcctt gctgcgcacg atctccatgg gctcgggcgg     65580
     cagcgagctg gtggagcgcg agccatgctt cgtcatgccc gccggcatcg ctggtctggc     65640
     cgcccccgcc ccccctgccc ccccaggccg ctgtcactcg acggcaaggc ccgctgccgc     65700
     gggggcgggg ggcggggagc tctgcaggcc gctgtggtgc aggggtgcgc gagggcgggc     65760
     gtcgcggcta ccgtctcacc tccatcccga cggctgcgag gcagaaagcg aaagcggaca     65820
     cgggtcagcg aaccgtactg tgaggcccct cccccagggt cccctaccgg ccttgacctt     65880
     cccaaggctt aagcggctca ggggagttgg ggggcggggg ggggggaagg gaggacggat     65940
     ggctgctgtt cctcccgccg gtgctgaagt cagccccacc ccaggacgaa gggaggggtg     66000
     gccctccagg cgggagaggc ccccaggagg ctcccaggaa gccccacccc cgccctggcg     66060
     caatccggcc gcccggggcg ctgtccgtcc cgtcgagtgc tgaaactccc tgctctcggg     66120
     ctggagagcc caacctggcc cccgcaattg ggaggcaagg gagaggcagg gagaactttc     66180
     tttctctctt tagtgagttc tcatctcctc ccaccccaag atagtcaaga ttttgggtgg     66240
     gagcataacg atggcattgg gcttgctttt tctaaatctt agaagatttt gggccgagtg     66300
     aggactgtgg aggctaccag atgcccacct gtcggaggcc accaggctgc cctgtcctgg     66360
     ggcgacccca ctcctcacaa caccaggacc cgagaccgct ccggagacca ggtgagggtc     66420
     gaaggagcca agccagcggg gtctgcacct ccttgtgcgc cccctcccca ctctagcgca     66480
     ggaggggcgc ggagtcctcg ggatccgcct gctcggtgct cccctcctgc ccctcctcct     66540
     ctctttctcc tcctccccct cctcccgctc ctcctcctcg ctcctcccgg cgatggcttt     66600
     ttataactcc gggttctgcg cctttgcccg ggctcggaag agaaggggtg ggggaggtgg     66660
     gaggcgggga aaccagcgga atcttctggc ctttcggagc gtgccctcct cccgccacgc     66720
     accggtgatt tcggggggtt cccgggccct acagcccgcg gggcacacgc cccgccccca     66780
     gccccggggt gggcccgcgc caccccccta ccccgccaca ctcaccccca gggtggccgc     66840
     ctcccggggc cgcgccgcgc gcatctcgcc ggccgcccgc ccgcgccccc gcccgcggca     66900
     gcggcggtcc cggggccggg ctaggcctac ccgggccggc cgggcgggcg ggagggcggc     66960
     gccggggctg cggggcgcgg gcggggcgct ctgcggggcg cagggacggc gcggcccggg     67020
     cgatcggcgg cgcctccgcc tccacctcgg gctccggctc ggctcggcgg cggccgcggc     67080
     tgcctgcgcg agatcaacaa gtcgggctga gcttcggctc cgcgctcgcc gcgattctgt     67140
     cccgcacttc ggagcgcggc gagtggcacc gaggcgggac ggcgccacct gcgggtcgga     67200
     aacgcgcgcg gcttaacccc tccgtgcccg gcccggccct ggctcaggcc gcggggccca     67260
     cccgggctgc ttgactgcgt cctggccacc acgaggctga gcgcctactg catgcatgcg     67320
     ctgcacgtag gacgggcgtg ggagatacag ttgcgaagcc aactagcctc tgggtcgccg     67380
     ggctccctgg agagcgactg taaacagaat tggaagacta tgtcagacag gctagaagct     67440
     gggaggatgg gaaagctgga gaaggcaggt ggcaatttta aatagccctt gctttgattc     67500
     cattccagat tctacaaaat caaattctag attctggagg aaggtggata ttacaccaat     67560
     taacaaacca acaggcaaaa gaggtgggca gctgggtggt agctgttgag gagaaacata     67620
     aggccaggtg aagggccagg gaagactcag agtttgccgg gccttgttag tcactcaccc     67680
     atgggtgcta acttggacag ctgcttctag actgccgagg gtcgaggctc aaccgagaga     67740
     tccactggcc ctgcctcacc ctgtgcggtg gggccggcag gttccggagt gactgtaggc     67800
     agggttgcat gcagaagggg tcaggtatcc ctctgtcagc cacacttggg ctcggctggt     67860
     ttgttctctg acacacgtat ctgttgtgcg gtgttaagga gttagagatg cagcagagaa     67920
     ccttgtcctg gagggggggg gaacttagtg ggacatggtg ccccaaggta aggctttccc     67980
     atctccacct gggttccttt gcactgcatc acgcaaaact gtttgtaaga accattcact     68040
     ctggtcagtt cccttcccag cttctctccc tgtgacctct gctcccagct cccccatccc     68100
     tcctctatct acagtgccaa ggctgtcaga atgaatgttc catttcccaa actgaatgcg     68160
     gttgtcagtg gagtaaagcc tccacgggtt ttcccttgct ctggcctgat agttctggct     68220
     cagcccctcc ctcctcttct cagtttgccc aacactgaag aaaaacaagc attttttttg     68280
     tttgttcgtt ttaaaggaga aagcttcggt caatcatgag tactactggg gagtcatggg     68340
     agcaggggag gccatgctga gagcgtaacc caggagctca gcagggcctc tcagaagtga     68400
     ggacagactc taccaccatg gtaagaaggg agtgatagat gtggggaggt aagaggagtt     68460
     ccacatggag ttgtgtctag gctagaggcc aagggcaaat gagggacagc catacgcctc     68520
     cctggccacc acagtaacag catagaaaaa tacaagactt agcactcagg aagcagaggc     68580
     aggcaggtct ctgtgagttt gaggctagcc tggtccacag agcccattct aggacaacca     68640
     gggctacaca gagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa acaacaacaa aaaggacaat gtaagatttg     68700
     ttttccttcc cttgcgtccc tatgtgcgtg tgtgagagag agggttaggg ttggtgtcaa     68760
     ctcaccacaa attaaagtca cccgagcaaa cagcctcacc taaagaattg tcttaattgc     68820
     tttaattgat gtaggaggac tgaccagaat gtgggtagca tctgctagtg ggggaccaga     68880
     ttaaatagtg tggaagaagg aagaccactt gcccttgttg gcctggcctg gcctcttgct     68940
     tgaagcgttg gacgatgatg atgacgatga cgacgaagac gattcctcca ctgaaaacag     69000
     aagcagcagc catttcaggt ttccatcctg gaccaaggac cttcaagtct ccaagaactt     69060
     gcagattttt ggtgcaggat tgatgactac tgaggcacct ccaggaccag tcagctcccg     69120
     gattcccagc ctcggtgttg agactatttc agagtgagct gatgacatgc attctctaat     69180
     atatttggta tataaaatgt ttcatattta atatagaaaa tgtgggatcc catcaattct     69240
     gttcctccag aaaattccag cttacagagg acacatgtgc acacctgtgt gtgtgtgtcc     69300
     tgtggaggtc agaggtcagc catgggcttg ttccttggat ggcatccatc tatctagtta     69360
     ttttatttta ttttatttta ttttatttta ttttatttta ttttattttg agctagcctc     69420
     tctgattgac tgggaactct ccaagcaggc taggctggct ggctagtgag ccccagagat     69480
     ccacctgcct ctgccgcccc gccctgggaa taaaaacatt cactgccctg cctgttttgt     69540
     tgtttggttg ttttgttttg ttttgttttg ttttgtttta acgtgtattc tgggggttga     69600
     actccggtgc ttgcgtttgt gaggcaagtg ctttgctgac agccctgtcc ctaggcccac     69660
     ttattctgaa ttcctcgtcc ccccacatcc ccccagagca tactccctac ctcataggca     69720
     gcagctgtta tctactgagt ggatagtatg ttcttgggtt tttttttttc ctgtgtgatt     69780
     ttgaaaaaca attcatagct ttttgctgtt gttatttgtt ttgcctttta tttcccccag     69840
     aaaatatttc agtgtatagc ccaggctgga tttgaactct ccatgctgtg agtcttatcc     69900
     ctctgagtga tgtgggacta caaacctgca ttacttgcct gcacccctgt gctctgttcc     69960
     gtgactctga ctcttttctc ttttcatttt gttttatgtt cattggtatt ttgccttcgc     70020
     gtgtgtctgt gtgagggtgt tggaagccct gggactggag ttacacacag gtataagcca     70080
     ccttgtcagt gctgggactt gaacccgggt cctttggaag aacagtcagt gctcttcact     70140
     ggtgacccac ctctttagcc ccacattgtt tcttatcttc aggagatcta ctcatgatga     70200
     tgtgggttca gcaggaaact ggccctcaca atgtgtccct tcctcacatg tcactcagtg     70260
     aaggcacctg agagcagcct ctcacatcaa ctcacagacc agcatagaga tttttttttt     70320
     cccaagacag ggtcacatag tccaggctgg ccttgaactt cggccacaga gccaaagatg     70380
     gtttcggatt tctgatcctc ctgccttcac ctccccagtg ctgagattac aggcgtgacc     70440
     accacacctg gtctacacag ccctagattg aacccagctc ttagtgcatg caaggcaagt     70500
     gctctatcaa ctgaactgtg tcccagccct gcgtccccag ccctgcatat gtgatgactt     70560
     tgtaagcatg cttcctgtgg ctttggaaca atgtgtccca gggtgtgtac actcttaact     70620
     aagtgcacag ggactccact gcctctggtg acatctcctc taagtgctgg gagtcctcca     70680
     gccccagtct tagcctccat tagcttttat ccagagagtg gagccttggc tctccagtgt     70740
     gtgccagaaa acagctcagt gtattgaaat atccctctca ttgactatta atgaatctca     70800
     ggtttgctcc ataggcattg aagttcttgt atgtatgtgt gtttgtgtgt gtgagctgtt     70860
     gtggtgattt cagtggctgt tatgggagtt gttgctgtta tggtcttttt acggtgctga     70920
     ctgttgtggg tatcttcaca gttgtagtag tggctgttgt tatagttgtg gtcatggtgg     70980
     tagcgatgct tacagttgtt gactgtagtt gttaagagtg tttttgctgt tgtgctggtg     71040
     actattatta taattgtggt tgtagctatt atggttggtg gttgttgctg tggttgttat     71100
     tatggttgtt tggtggttgt tatgattctg gttgtgttgg tgatgactgt tatggttgtg     71160
     ggtgtagttg ttatggttga ctggttgtta tgactatggt tgttgttctg attgtggttg     71220
     ctactgtcac aagtggttgt tgctgtggtt gctgttatgg tcgtggttgt tatttatggt     71280
     tgacatttgt tgctgtggtt gtttgttgtt ttgattatgg ttattacggt tgacggttgt     71340
     tgctgtggtg gctgttagga tttagttgct atgattgtgg ttgatgttgt tattatggtt     71400
     gatggttgtt gctgtcctta ttgttatggt tggtggttgt ttctgtggtt gctattatga     71460
     ttgtggttgt tgttgatgtg actgttgttg tggttatagt tgttcttcta gttggtgttt     71520
     gttgctgagg ttgctatggt tatagttatg gttggtggct gctgccatgg ttactattac     71580
     ggttatggtt gttgtatcta ttatcatgct tattattgta gttgttggtt tatgggattg     71640
     cttatgtaat ctagatgcta agtacctagg ctgaccctgg acattgtaaa caccttctgt     71700
     tttgccacgt gagtattaat tctttgcttg tgatatcttt tgttttcagg acattatttg     71760
     aggggcctgt gagatggctc acagcgatgt ttgccctcaa ttctgacaac cattctcctg     71820
     cctcagcctc ctgactagct ggatgacagg cctcaactgc caggcctggt tataggtggg     71880
     tttctgaaaa ccattcttga ggcaagccac tttcccacac tggtctgaag ggctgccttt     71940
     gccttctgca gcaccctcaa gctcactgcc tgcccttctg gtctaagtag caggggttct     72000
     acatgttgag ttcatgaggc ctgctctctc ttctcttctg ccttaaggtg agcttattaa     72060
     ctctcctctt ttagtgagtc ctgaagagac attcatacaa ccctgactgt catctcttat     72120
     tcccaagctc tgggtgagag cttccatatg cccagggaac ccttgaaaac tgcagtctct     72180
     ggaaagaaac ctggcttgaa agcacactcc cctccaccat cctgcaaagg aggcagatgt     72240
     ttcattgttt gtcccagagg acatgtgaca acatccgcac agggatttcg ttatcacaac     72300
     tctgggggag ggggaagtct tcctgctgtc tggttggtaa aggcaaggag atgtcactaa     72360
     acattgtacc atacacagaa tgattcctta agtgaccctc catcggaaag ggccccaggg     72420
     gagctgagca atgcaaggtg gtctcaggag acccataaga aggtccctac gattatccat     72480
     actgacataa tgagccctgg atcaggtggt gggcatttca ccagccacag gtggcgatga     72540
     atctgtagag atgcttctgc aagcctaagg ccaatgtcaa agaccctgtg tgattgggtc     72600
     accctgcaac agccacaaag tttagctgca atcttggggg gagcaatgcc tggctgccct     72660
     tgtaccagaa agtgcaggca gaggtacctg ccccatcaga ccccatctgg ccccatctgg     72720
     ccccatccag ccctgtgtct gtgtgtttac tcagcaagga gtccgtggaa ggttccttag     72780
     ggtggcagtg tgacctcgtg gcaaagagag ggggctcggg acagagcagc tggcatagaa     72840
     tgactttgga cggggctggt gagatggctc agtgggtaag agcacccgat tgctcttcca     72900
     aaggtttgaa gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatct gtaacaagat     72960
     ctgactccct cttctggagt gtctgaagac agctacagtg tacttacata taataaataa     73020
     ataaatcttt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaatgacttt ggacaagtga     73080
     tctcacctct ctgagctgta ctgctcccat cctcaaaatg agtaaccatg gaaacagtat     73140
     ctgctttatt aggttatgag gggaatttta aaaaattctc ttttgtgtat atttgtgtgt     73200
     aactaagaat gtgtatggag gacagagttt gatgctgggc gcctgagaat tttttttttt     73260
     ttttatggtt tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagctct ggctgtccta gaactcactt     73320
     tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tcagcctccc gagtgctggg     73380
     attaaaggcg tgcgccacca ccgcccagct gagaattttt ttaattaaat gttatgtgtg     73440
     tgggtggctt gccagcacat atgactgtgt accatgtgca ggtcagaaga gagcattgga     73500
     tccctggaac tggacttaca gatggttgtg agccaccacg tgggtgctgg gaatagaacc     73560
     caggtcttct ggaagatcag ccagtgctct tagccacgga gctatccctg cggtccatga     73620
     ggagttttaa aagcctttta ccaccaatgg ctttgtctgg tcaactgcag gtcactaagg     73680
     cagctgggtt ttactaaggg aggggcttgt gtgtctagct caacccaagt aaccagaatg     73740
     cttagctggt gagtgaggag acggacgact gtgtcagcca agtgttcgtg caccagcatg     73800
     agggcctgag ttcaggtccc caggacacac aaagaagagc tgggactgtc cgttaccacc     73860
     tgtaatccca gtgctaggca ggagctggcg attcgtgaag ttcactggcc cgctggccca     73920
     gcagaatcag caagctccat gttcagtgag aagtactctt tgaccccgag gacagcgtgg     73980
     ttgtggaagg cacctggcat tgatctctga cattcgcatg cacatacatg tgaacatgtg     74040
     ttaacatgcc caaaacatac cacacacaaa taaataacag aataagtaaa taaaggttct     74100
     gagaaggctt gactaatcca tgtagaaatt cggactgggg agtggaattg ggaggggctc     74160
     ctcccaccaa ttctcagcat ggaggctctc tgtccccggg gcataaggtg ctccggtttt     74220
     acagaaggga cactgccaca ccagacagct gtcttcatga acacatgttg aaagtaaggt     74280
     gaccagggta gttaagacaa acaaaccaac aaaccaacaa gcaaagctct tatccttccc     74340
     gaggctgcct ggaaatacca tcatctcagg gtaaggtaga gtggaatgga atcttatcat     74400
     tgggactcct gaatccagcc atgcctggag ccagagccac tggctttcaa gttatgtgaa     74460
     catgaagtaa ctcctctcgt cctgccagct gtccgtctgc cacctacatc caaaaaaaaa     74520
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cctaaagcag tgacagccct ctctccacag accagaaatt     74580
     ttcttagctt gaaaagaatt tagatgttcg ggaatcaggc aaggagggct ggagaggtgg     74640
     ctcagtggtt gagagcagtc gccactctca caggggaccc gagtttgatt ctcagcagcc     74700
     tcatcaaaga gtgtacaact gcctgttagc accagctcga ggggatctga caccgccatc     74760
     cccccttggg tacctgcact catgtgcaca ccttcacgca tacataatta aataaaataa     74820
     atctttaaaa aagagagaga gagagaagct gggagaaacc tgcattccca gcactcagga     74880
     ggcagaggca ggagaatcag aagttcaaag tcacaatccg ctgtaattcc atttcgagat     74940
     ctgctgccct cttctcaccc tgtggacacc aagcatacat gtagtgcaca gacaccccca     75000
     cacacacatt aattaattaa ttaattaatt aacatcatga taaagactca aagtcacttt     75060
     tgcttaaata ctgagttcaa gaccatcctg ggctatatga gagtctgtct caaacatgcc     75120
     gaagaaacag gaaaagagag agggagggag gagtaatggg ggggtgagga aagggaggag     75180
     gaagagaggg aggaggaggg atgaagcaga gagggaggga gggaggagga ggagggatga     75240
     agcagagagg gaggaaggga ggaggaggga tgaatcgggg aggaaggggg agggaggaag     75300
     ggagggaggg aggaggggag atgaagcaga gagggaggaa gggaggagga ggagggatga     75360
     agcagagagg gaggaaggga ggaggaggag gaggagggat gaagtgggga ggaaggggga     75420
     aagaggaagg gagggaggag ggggaggaag cagagaggga gggaggagga ggagggatga     75480
     agtggggagg aagggggaag gaggaaggga gggaggaggg gggatgaagc agagagggag     75540
     ggagggagga ggaggaggga tgaagggggg agggagggaa aatgaactac aacttggaat     75600
     gtttataaag aagggacgca gacatggcat agccctctga tttaaagcca agcagaacca     75660
     cgacattcca gaaagggaca gcatctccgt gcagccaggg tccaacacca gaccatctga     75720
     ctcctggcca ctgccctctt aaactgtctg ctggggtctc gccggcccgg tatcttcctg     75780
     ggagcagccg agatccatcc acgctgctcc ctctgaccag tgctggcaag aggctcagct     75840
     gtttgaagtc tgatctccag attccatgat agcatccatc atttatgtcc acggagcggc     75900
     ctgctcaggt ttcttggaga ttctgggtag agcaaggcta atgaatacca taccccctgc     75960
     ccctgcacac acacacactc acacacacac acacacacac acacacagct catgcatgaa     76020
     ctccttcata gagaatgagg atgaacaggg gagtccttag agactcaggg gacatgggga     76080
     catcattcca tatcagattc catgctacat tggacccctg cagccctggg gatggcccca     76140
     tctgctagac ttgtcctctc tcagttgtcc ctttgtcatg ctgcatttgt tgtccctttg     76200
     tcatactaca taatcaacat gacaatgaac agagcaggtt ccacccggca aggctgctgg     76260
     gggaagaacg ggatagtgct cgatccacag tgactggatc agttcagtac atactatata     76320
     tcagacacca tacgagggtc tctgtctgac cccatcgaag gatctttctc tccccttgca     76380
     ccagccactg aggaagaatc aatgaagcca tcacactgtt aggtgtgacc cactctctga     76440
     gtctagcccc tccacatagc cctgactggc cccaaacttg ctatcctcct gcctcagttg     76500
     catgagtagc tgggattctg gacttgcacc accggactca gctccaatgc ctgctctttt     76560
     ctttctgagt cggcttgtct ttatcaagcc ctgggtttcc tggcccaagt ccctgatttt     76620
     tgaacaaacc aaagagtatc tgatccttct tcgtctgtca cctacccaca gacctgagca     76680
     tccctcctcc gtggtctcag tcgctaagcc ccacccagca tctacccact ctctcctctg     76740
     tctctccatc cattcacgga tcctaaacac tacccatctt ccctcctgtc cacccatcct     76800
     attgcccatg tctttctacc aacactccac ttatccttaa acatgcccat ctatcaccca     76860
     cccacctgtt tgcctatcca tccatctatc cactcatcca ccatccatcc atctatcctt     76920
     ccaccacaca gtgtatttat ctacccactt ctccactccg gcaacccctc acccacccca     76980
     actcttcatg tcccgcccca ctcacccatc catccacctt cggatctgtc tacccattcg     77040
     cattcccctc aaccatcctt gaaccttccc atccaccacc atcaatggcg tggtaggctt     77100
     tgcacattct aatgctttgt gcacactgtg cgctgtgaga ccccagcgtg gtctcctgag     77160
     ttctctccct ggagagaggt atgggtgcct cgggaatgtc tccacagagg aagcctcttg     77220
     tggtcaggat gttgacttcc agggtgtagg gccaaaagat gatagagcac aggaacaaac     77280
     aaggggcagg cttccaacag agccattaaa ggtaagctga tctcccttct ctccaaagga     77340
     gccagggaac tccaagacac agaaaagcag tcagcaaaag aacagagatc taatgatgtt     77400
     cctaattcat tttagtgaga gctactgggc tcccctgccc tgtgacctgg tgtctctcct     77460
     gcctcttctc ccctctacag tccttggcca gtgctccctc ttattcacct cccctcccat     77520
     ctctcgtctt aacacccccg ccaagtttcc cattctatag cccttgctgt tcacaagctc     77580
     ccaggatgag accagatggg ctagcacttc cagttcacct cccagcagat gacctcaccc     77640
     ccagacccag aagttccctc tctagaatca cccagaggcc gttcataagc aaggccgctt     77700
     taatgggtgc acgtccatct gacagcatga caggaggctt aggggctgtg ttgaaacagc     77760
     aaagggtaac cactaggctg ctcacggaac acaccatgac tctgtgttta ttaaaaaaat     77820
     ggcaaaagcg agcccggtgt ggtggcacac ccctttaatc tcagcactcg ggaggcagag     77880
     gcaggcgatt tctgagttcg aggtcagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag     77940
     ggctacacag agaaaccctg tctcagaaaa gcttcgaaac cagtgtctgg gatcgatgct     78000
     catggttggc tgctctatct ggacgctggg ctaccagacc cctcttttgg ccccctcacc     78060
     cactttgagg tcaccaatga gaaaactgag gggagagaca tggccgaggc cttcagccag     78120
     ccaggtcact ggttcattta acctgagaac acaggctccg gcacccacag tcttgacctc     78180
     cactgtccag ggcctggttt atacttcaca gttcaatgtg ggtgagagaa gcccactcct     78240
     gccagcagaa acatggggag atggcccagg gaacacacca tcagagcaaa ctgaagacgg     78300
     tgccactcat ctggtagtac tgactccagc caggcatgga gagctgagat cctgcctgtg     78360
     caggtggcta actcatctcc tcttttctaa gctaccaact cttccggccc ttcctcttcc     78420
     ttcagacagg attgtgtatc ccaggctgac ttcaactcgc tgtgtagcca agtatgactt     78480
     ttgaatccct aatcctcctg cctccacctt gctggggatt acaggcgtgc gccaccataa     78540
     cccaatttag gaggaactgg agatgaactc aggattttgt gcgtgctagc caatcactct     78600
     accaaccgag ctaaaatccc agcctgttat acaagaaaga aacgagagat ggagggaatt     78660
     aaaatgaggg catgcatgaa catcatcccc caagtgctgc ctcagcatct caggtctcca     78720
     ccggagctgc ctgcccttaa ccacggagga gccgggagct gtcaccttta aggggaacca     78780
     gcccttcacg cagcacaggt gagcatcgtg gggacagccc aggctgattc aattaggatg     78840
     gggctctgaa gggcttcccc tagcacacca ggaccgaagc ctgtgagacc ttcagcagct     78900
     atttctgcca ctttcttcct ccccttccag ccgcgaggag gcaactgggg gttgccatgg     78960
     aaacgggctc atcctcccac aggaggcttg ccagctctga tttcctgtga agataagaag     79020
     aaggcagcag tggggggtca cccaagcatg aatatgggtt tccctgggga tacccagact     79080
     cctgccaatc acactgtcta tctgggaatc ctgagggtgc ctggagaccc agggccaggg     79140
     aagcctccga gccccagccc tgctccaaga gatgagcccc tggaacaccc aggctcaggc     79200
     tattctctgt ctttccagct aaagataaaa ggacctcatc acagatgtgt ctgcaccacg     79260
     cttgggtgtc tctggctgtc agctctccag tgccaaacag aagtgtccca ctgccacccc     79320
     taaagccctc ggaatgaaga acaaactgcc cacccaacat ctgcttctag gagaggtgtg     79380
     taggctgagc tctactggca agagctgtgt gaccccaggc aagtcacttg acctctctga     79440
     gctagcattc tcatctggaa agctggcata acactccatc ttctctaaga tgctgcgagg     79500
     aacgaaaata tgtatctgct gtgcccgtct cagcatttca aggtactcgg gacgctgggc     79560
     gtggtggcac tgaggcagga tctctgagtt caaggccagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc     79620
     cagggcagcc agtgtcacaa gggaggcttg caagccacag gacctctgaa agtgcagtca     79680
     atgctcttac ccactgagcc atctcgcctg cttccctatg ctgattttta acgtgcaggc     79740
     tgaacaaaac catcttgcag actggtatac actgtagcaa ggcttgaatg ctgggataca     79800
     ggggatagac tctctagact ggctctccag acatctcaca gggccaaatc ttgctgccat     79860
     gcccctatcc tagtcttagc acaaggaaaa ccctgctacc tactgcgaat caataaagaa     79920
     cgatgtacct tcctgggcat ccacatgaaa aggggccatg tctctttaaa gatctgggga     79980
     taagacttag agtaatacac acactgacaa atccacatgg gtcctctaag gacccatgtc     80040
     tgccatgttg gccaaggcct ggactacacc agctaccaaa ggaggggaca gtgcttgctc     80100
     tgagagtcag gggcaaggag atgtgaacca tgggcacacc aagggactgg aagcacaggt     80160
     gaacctagaa cacagacagc ccgatttgga agcaagtctt cacagcgaga tacagagctt     80220
     ttattagctt ttcctgctct cactgtcctc agtgtcccct ccgctggaca tagcattcta     80280
     gaggaacaac aggaagtcag aaggccccag gtgagtctgc tccataggtc acagcctggc     80340
     acggtaccgg atgggcacgt cttcctctgg ctgcatcaga ccgaagccat atctgctgag     80400
     gtcaaactca ggaacctctg tgtcctcgct gcccagctcc aggtcgaaat gagtcagcag     80460
     taggacgaca aatctacaga gagagggggc gctgtgggct gtgctgctca gtctggggcg     80520
     ctgcaggctg tgctgctctg accttggcag gccggggtaa ggggaggcta gctcaagttc     80580
     agtggctgtg tccgtggcaa ccatttctat gtcataaccc ctaagagtca gagtgtgaat     80640
     ctctagctct cccgcctaca gcatcatctg cagatgctgg agcagccaga gcgagggagg     80700
     gccccaacca tgtgtctcta accacacaca cacacttggg tagtcctgag tcccagatgc     80760
     atcagtgtgc atggtgacac agtgtgcatg gtgacaagat tcttcttgcc tctccataag     80820
     cctgcagctc tttccctaag ctaagaacta agtcatccct ggctgggctg tgcttaccag     80880
     gagtgtctgt aagattaaaa cctgcacccc ttcctcaaga cttcttacca tcaccatggg     80940
     acagaaatgt caccaagggc cacctttgtc aggcagcact ctctaccacc accttctgga     81000
     gacacataaa gctgccatat ctaggatgct ctcagtgtct cagtgacaca acgacaggtc     81060
     tgccctataa gtcaatagtg attctgattg tcctgggcct caccactgtc cctcacctca     81120
     attcagggac ccaaagccac actgagcaca cagcaaagac tttctcgttt tactgagaga     81180
     ggagcaggtg agtggataag ccagaccaca ggacttaagg gaaagtgacc ctcgccaggg     81240
     tctgtttcca cttgggggct tggttctcct gtggggtcaa aggagtaaag ataggccgtg     81300
     tctctgccag ctctggaggg gtggggttac ctgagacagg agtcttacta cctgagcacc     81360
     caatggttag aactatcgat gccgccattg gatcttccta gcagggagat cacagggtct     81420
     ggggtaacag caaattcact catttgttga gagggcatga gcaaagtacc acgctaacca     81480
     tgttaaaccc agcatctgtt ttgtctgtcc ctaaatggat aggagcaaga actgctagta     81540
     aaattctgtc ataagtcctg actcgagcga gagagtctgt cctgatacgg tcggtgtgcg     81600
     agggcgcaga catgagcaga ctgcaaaccg caaatttgct cgagtgctgg ttcatcctcc     81660
     agccacaggg gtgaacgcag agcctgcact gggggagcac acacctgatg tgcgcctaaa     81720
     catcagctgt gccctggcca ccagactcgg cagtgcttgc tcttcctcgc tgagccaact     81780
     ccctgccctt gtgtgtacct taagcatgtg gaaaaccgaa tgtgatggtc tgtatatgct     81840
     tggcccaggg aatggcacta ttaggaggtg tggccttgtt ggactgggcg tggcattgtt     81900
     ggagtgggtg tgtcactgtg ggtgttggtt ttaagacctt cattctagct gcctggaagt     81960
     cagtatcctg ctagcagcct tcagatgaag atgtagaact ctcagctcct cctgcaccat     82020
     gcctgcctgg atgctgccat gctcccacct tgatgataat ggactgaacc tctgaacctg     82080
     taagccatcc tcaattaaat gttgtcctta caagagttgc cttggtcatg gtatctgttc     82140
     acagcagtaa aaccctaact aagacaccgc atgaccacct tccacttggt tttaatctct     82200
     ataggtcact gatgacaata ttgagcttca ggctcccctt tcctatatcc tatgatttta     82260
     tttaattttt aagttttggg tatttttcga cacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt     82320
     cctggaactc actctgtaga ctaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatccagc ttgcctcccg     82380
     agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gcaccaccac tgcccagcta tttttttttt ttgaggtatg     82440
     gtttgttttg tgatgctgag gattgactct tgtgcctcgt gtgtgctcag caagtgccct     82500
     acattgaggg ccagcctcaa tggatcatct tgttattcta aattctgaga taagagctca     82560
     ctaagtggcc aaagctggct ttgaactcac caacctcctg ccttggcctc cccccacagc     82620
     ctcggtggtt tttaggaaag gctgttagcg ttaggacaga gctgactcct tcacggtttc     82680
     tacttcactg tcgagaaaaa gtgaggtcaa aaggtaaggt gatttgctgt ccctgggcat     82740
     ggatgggacc tgcatgtcaa tgctgtgatg tagatattgg ctaacatttc tcaaagcctg     82800
     tgttgagtca ggtggtggcg tggagactta ggaagatcct tctgatgcct tctggagctc     82860
     taattggtag ctcccaaatt tcatagctga ggaggcaggc tcagaatgtt ataggagcca     82920
     gaaaaacaac gggcagaggt tgtaggctcg gatccagaca gtctgcgatc ctgagactga     82980
     ggctctgggc gtcccaggaa gagaatgtag gtgctgttca gccctctcag gagttacaac     83040
     agccaagcgg caccctagag ttcagccagc tcgtgccaca agggtctgaa cccactgcgg     83100
     cagccacagc cagccccagc tagcttaact cagcggctag agtttggaat tcccacgcca     83160
     cattcagagg gagcacctca ctgccagatc tgatcattat gtgagaaatc tgaaatgtgg     83220
     cttccttttt aaacaagggc ccttctgagt tttaaaaaca caaataaacg gatttgcggg     83280
     caggagctga ctctctgcca gcttggaatc taatccctaa accattagcc tgaggccttc     83340
     agtcaaagaa acagtagagg catcaggtgt ccctgcacct tggccacatc ctgggccaca     83400
     tccaaaccct gctccagtca taactcacta atgggcccct tccctactgg gccacgcctc     83460
     taccagcccc cacaccctgc tgcccaggtg ccttgctgcc cccatatcct gccggccctg     83520
     tgtcctgcca cccctgtgcc ccgccagccc cgtgccacac tgcctccatg ccccgctgac     83580
     cccatgctcc gctaaccctg tgccccgctg accctgtgcc ccaccacctc catgcctccc     83640
     acgcccgtgc tccattgccc ccatgccaca ctgcctccat gccccaccag ccccactgac     83700
     cccgtgcccc accgcccctg gccccgcccc ttgctcactg tttgatgctg ttgatggcat     83760
     aactcttccc caggcactgg ttgtgccctg cgccccatgg catgttgtaa ttcttcagcc     83820
     gtttcccatc tttgtaaaaa tctttctttt cagatccatc tgggttcaag aatcggttgt     83880
     atttaaacac ctgaaacaag aagctgatgt gtaatgtcac cccacgcaag cccatgccag     83940
     gacaaagaac tggggatctg attccagact tgtcactact actgagcaca atgggaagtg     84000
     actggactgg ttaaaggctt ggttaaagga ctatggagat gacaaatccc aggctgccga     84060
     gggagcagag agtacacccg gttaccactc agggggttac cactcagggc tgactaaaga     84120
     ctccgttctt cgttttcccc ataccccaca gctcccggga tagtcagccc tggccctgct     84180
     actgacctca ggctctgtgt agatttctgg gtccttctgg ggactcagga agggaaagag     84240
     gagaaggcgg tcaccacgtc gaagagagaa ttccctcccg tctgccatag gcaaggccag     84300
     gtctgccatg acctcacggg tgatgaaggg ggcagccgtg agccggagtg tctcattgag     84360
     cacactgtct gcaagggcga gggcagggag ggtcagcagg ctgccctttc tcctggacga     84420
     cacttcccgt tcttgtttaa cagagcaagg accagagggt gtgtaccttg tacacagtca     84480
     cacagcaagg taggaaaagc cagatgacaa aatgcactct gtggtccctg agaaaccctt     84540
     gggggtgagg gtacgtggga aaacgtggga tccacgaagg tatcagacgg ccaaggagag     84600
     tctaatgctt tacctgcact gtgcattcct ttctgggaat ggacccccga ccttcctcca     84660
     aggggccatt ctgcactgtt tccccaagct gtgctgttga tctactctga gctggtgggt     84720
     atgagctttc attggccaat ctgcctacct ctctgagccc tgtgattggt tctgggtggg     84780
     cttataaccc caaaagccaa tgaacacatt cctgggactt cagataggaa tgctgagttg     84840
     agaggcccag cctccagctg ctggcagccc tcctgcctcc agagaccagg ggcagcccca     84900
     ggagaaaata gggctaaggt tgtagagaca ctaagcccta gtggcactgt tcaagctcct     84960
     ggacctacct aagcctgaag ctagcgttgt caggactttc aggcgtacga cttgaattga     85020
     gcctctttcc cactgtacct acttcaggtt ctctttcact taacaccaca aatcttgtga     85080
     gaccaggatc catggggtag ttgacactgg gcatgaagcg gaagggacct tggaggactt     85140
     aggaggtgct cacccttccc aggttagcag gtttgaccat cctacctagc acaggcatgc     85200
     tgtctagaat cttctgtggg agtgtggtca tctgtgaaac aggctgctct gcttgccaga     85260
     ccgtgtgctt cagctctgca cggacagcgg cgagggcttc cggattcttg aggaggaaaa     85320
     gaaggagcca gaaggccgtg ggacccatat tcccctgcaa caacgagacg cctgttactc     85380
     caccaagagg accaagtggg ctcttctgag aacggatgca ggctgaggct tggtgcagtg     85440
     cagggtgcct ggttcccgtg ctgaccaaac acccaggtat cactggtatc ttcaaccccc     85500
     agcctgagac caaaagccac ttggggcttt ggttgagcct ggtacctact tgaagacctc     85560
     tcgtggcatc ctgacctcga gtgaagcccc tcgtctgagg tcatccgagt agccaccata     85620
     gcccatcaga gcaggtggat aagaggaaca agaccacaag gcaaggacgc tgagagtgtc     85680
     tggggtgtct tttagggcca cagccctctt catgttcctc taaattttcc acagaagagg     85740
     cggaggacat ccccgccctt gagttgttgt tgtttttaaa gatttattta tttattacat     85800
     gtaagtacac tgtagctgtc ttcagatgca cgagaagagg gcatcagatc tcattacagg     85860
     tggttgtgaa ccaccatgtg gttgctggga tttgaactca ggacctttgg aagagcagtt     85920
     ggtgctctta acctctgagc catctctcca gccccgctct tgggttttta agctcagtca     85980
     tggacttgct atgactagca aatagcatga agtagaatga ataaatagta gatctaaacc     86040
     ttggccttcg gagaccttat gtgtgtctcc cacctttgac tgggcctttg ggtccaggat     86100
     gacagataca cagggtacag ctaaattgtc acagctgggc ctggttagag cagccagctc     86160
     cacagacttg tgagtccaaa gaatgtttat caacactggc tgccgggttt aactggctga     86220
     taacaatagc tattcatagt ttggcaaaca gaatttcctt acatgcttct tgcgctacag     86280
     tggattctcc tgaagaataa acagatgagc agttacaggc tgttaatttt tgagcaaaaa     86340
     aaaaaaaaat tatttgaaac ttcccaaaag ataagctagg aaaatcaatg gcacagggtg     86400
     ctccaagacc aggtcagacc tggctaaaca tcttcacctg actccttagc atcttccaat     86460
     gatacagaca tggccgggac cccaagcaac ctcaacctgc agggaggttt ggtctatcct     86520
     aaatgctacc gtagtcacag actcaaacag ttaaacatct tccccgatag gtctttgcag     86580
     acataattgc accaggcaga ggacatgaat tgcagccccc atacagcacc ccaaaatcag     86640
     gaacaagctg tgtctgtcga cagaaactgg cgagaaggtg atgtcctagc agtgagactg     86700
     gatgtgggaa gctgctgaaa aaaacaaaca aaccagcctg ttcctttggg tccaaaagat     86760
     acacaggagc aggcaggctg cgaggtgtgg catgaggctt gtcggctgcc actgtgtgtg     86820
     tgtttacaga gcggtcatgt aaggggatga ggttaccttg aagaaacaca ggacacagga     86880
     attggtcttg aggtggctgg aggctgggag gttgaggtgg cagactgact ctgtgtgtgt     86940
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc aacccctggg     87000
     caacctctgc tgccattgct taggtgctgc ccaccttgtt ctgtaagact gcaagcgtct     87060
     ctcactggcc tggcacttgg caggaaggct aggctgctgg ccagcgagcc ccagggacct     87120
     ggctgtcttg tcacaccgat gctgtgatca caaatgcgtg ccttcgcgcg cctggctgtg     87180
     ctttctcttt gcaacaaggg ttctggggtt tacttagttc cttgtgcagg gcaagcactt     87240
     gacaaacagt ggcatccccg agtcacttcc ccagccatgt gccctctctg tacgtatgta     87300
     ccttgtaacc tgcttgaatt tcttttaacc ttttgtcttt ttaatttttt tttcagtttt     87360
     tgagcttata aataacatca ttttcttcct cctctttcct ccctgaaaac cttccctctt     87420
     ctctcactca aatccatggc tttttttccc cctcccattt tcttttgttt ttcaaaacaa     87480
     gttctctctc tatagccata gatggcttag aacttgatat gacgaccagg ctggccttga     87540
     acccatatag atccactgtc tctatcccca aagtgctggc aataaaggtg tgtgccattg     87600
     cactggtcct ggttggcttt cctgctgtgc tggagtgtgc tgcatggttg gttttcaggg     87660
     tgggcaacca gggattgtcc tagctctacg aaatcaagta gaaagctggg cagaaagagg     87720
     tacacagcct tagcaccttt ctgccaactg cacagcccag gagtgcacat ccacatatgt     87780
     gcaccctgga tcccgtgagg actagctgca ggtagcttat ggaaaacttt ataacttgtc     87840
     tcggagtcag gctgaggaca gaggcaacag agaatcagga gacggacttt gaaaggtagc     87900
     tgggctgaag gggtggagcc aatcacctcc ctatcaccag ggtccccagg gcaggcaggg     87960
     gttccctgag gctgagagcc agcctgtccc agctccgcag agacctctcc ctctgcccgt     88020
     gacacacccc agccttgaga tctatccccc acccccaccc cctgcctgga ccttagatcc     88080
     cagtcttcag gaggagcctc ctcccaggtt ttaggataga tattggggtc tgtgtttctt     88140
     cccccaccag tctgctcctg gccctgaggt tccagtttcg tccagctttg agagggtcca     88200
     gatgatgtct gcagagttct cagtgggatg cttgacccac tggacagctc agtctgcagg     88260
     tcttattcgt gactcatggc ctctgatctg cggtagccat catagccacg gatcctcaac     88320
     tcgcagcctc tgcctgctcc tcaccctgcc tcccaaacat gttttgttct ggtctcccca     88380
     cgtggctggc tccccgactt tcttgccctt ctacctggac agtccttggg ttgggaccct     88440
     gctccctcct ccccaaaata atgtcaccaa ctgtgctctg tcccccatcg ggtcccacag     88500
     gtctttctct gacctactct agaacacctg catctcatgt gaccaaaccc caaccttctg     88560
     cccagatttc tcctcccaac atcttcccca gacattaaca gcccgttcac cttcccaggt     88620
     ccagaccgga agctgatcct ggctcctagc catgcacaca aataccatga gagactccca     88680
     gaacccaaca actctccctt gccctccacc ccaccttctc tgacctagag actgcaactc     88740
     ccctgcctcc acttcccccc tgaagcacaa caggccacac tatggtgctg caccgtctta     88800
     aacggcaccc acctcacttg gaatgaagcc ccttcctgcc caccaggtcc cgggggcttc     88860
     tgggacacct gctacctctc tgtgcatcac tgtcatgccc acctcatgcc ctttgcatcc     88920
     actccctcta cccagaactc tcattccaga gacccctgtg gcggctcacc tttcactcca     88980
     agtttctgct cagacgtcac cgcccactga ggcctctgta ccaactctct ctagtgactt     89040
     cacaaaccca ctgtgcattg actgcgctct gtagatgaga acttagatct gcccaccccc     89100
     ggccactgct ctgtacccca tttctagaat aaggccatgc acaagtggga cctgaatgca     89160
     cgtctgttgc ccatgtttca tttgattagg ttttggagac aaggtctaac atatcccagg     89220
     ctagcctcaa actcactagg gaggagcagg tgaccttgaa cttttgatcc tcctgcctct     89280
     gactcccaag tgctggaatg gcacatatac acaataggcc tggttctaca gatctctctt     89340
     gaaacaccag gtgagccctt gtcacctgct gggtgtgggt tcaaacctcc tttcactgcc     89400
     ccaccatgtc ctgaggaaga agctgcatac ctattgtata ggtgggtaaa atgaggtaga     89460
     gcagtgtgcg atgactgact tactagtaag tgacagccac ttcataccca ggcctacaag     89520
     cttgtgtcca gagctgctgg acaatacagt ctcttgccct gttcacaacc cagggtcctc     89580
     ctgactcctc tgctgggaag acctgtcccc acctagccct gcccaaagcc actcccagga     89640
     tctgcttctc gagtgcctgg ccaccttccc gctctgtgcg cagaggtcat ttgtacaagg     89700
     ggctctgagg acactttgga gcaccctgtc ctcttagccc ataaatatgt tatcaggaat     89760
     gcatagggcc aactgctgat taagacctgc ccagcccctg ccagccctgg cctgcaggac     89820
     agttaaaagc tctgaggaca actaaaaata agttgccagt cgatggagag gaatcaccca     89880
     gggacgccag gctgcgcagc agtcactgcc aagtggggcc aagagaaagc aaggggctgg     89940
     gcaggggaca gcagtgacca ggcctcagag tcactgtgtc caaacagctg ctccattctg     90000
     caggtcatct ctggatctgt gaccaaagtc actggtggcc atcttagttc ctcatgtata     90060
     tctgattctc caatctcaat ggccacaatg cttccacact ggtgatttgt tcctgtccag     90120
     agggaacctt aagatctcag aaactaatgc tggagagatg gctcagaggt taagaacact     90180
     cacagctcct tcagaggtcc tgggttcaat tcccaacacc tacattgagc aacctgctca     90240
     cagccatcta ttagctccag ttccaggcac tctggcgccc tctactggcc taggcaccag     90300
     gtggcgcaca tatgctacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacaccc     90360
     cttcataata aatagtttcc aaaagaaaat aatctcaaaa ctcttccagc cccaccccct     90420
     ttggtccgct ctctatcctc aactccttgt ggtagccaca gcccttggca ggctccaacc     90480
     ccaagacctt tgctcttgct gtccccctgc ccagaatatt tccaaattcc cagatctctg     90540
     aggctagctt tctcgacata cagagacagc acaaaccact cttccggaga ggcctctccg     90600
     agcctctagc cgtggctccc aggatggctc taaccccagc cctgcttccc atcccagcca     90660
     ctgagcctgt ttcctggacc tcagcttcct gccccagcct gtctgaaatg caagcattcc     90720
     cagaaggacc acaggtactc gaaggagctt ttcagtgatt ctcagaatca tgggcctaca     90780
     cgctacgaaa acaagaatga aaatgccaag gtcgtgggaa acagcgagaa gaacagaaca     90840
     gataccagat aaatggtcag tgcccgttct gcagggctcg gcagcacgcg ggtgctggca     90900
     gaggctggtg cagaggcccc ggcaggatga gccttaagtg gctacaaggg ttcttctcag     90960
     ttcccagctt gagttctaga atcgcctgga agactggcct ctcagcatgc ccgtgaggat     91020
     aatcttgcct cttccaaggt gggaataaca ttctgggtgg ctccactccc aggctgggtc     91080
     ctgcacggtg tcaggggaca ggggagctga gtattggcta tattcactgt gattagctgt     91140
     ctagagccca cactgccgtg acttttccac aaggatagac tataaccttg aactgttaat     91200
     tgaaacacat ccatccttcc ttaagttgct gtggatggag tatttcatca cgaaaacagg     91260
     gaaggaccta gacagaggca caactagaat gactatgaga ctacaagaca caggctagac     91320
     cgaggtcatg agtctgggct aaacctccta gtttggcaac aggctgtagg aggacaatct     91380
     ccctccctgg agacattgta acgtaagttg ggttattcgc aacttggtca caaatgggag     91440
     gaaaccacag caggagcaag gaagaaagga actaaggcag agaggttgga gaaattaagc     91500
     tacaagctag aggcacagcc ttcccagcat gccctggcat tcaacagatg gaggaaggag     91560
     gatcacatgt tcaagattgt ccttggcatg tttgaggcca gcctgggcta catgagtccc     91620
     atttttctat cagtctgcca tttttcttta tgttaaacaa ccaaagccta tcatttggac     91680
     cacctgtttc caaagccact ggacgagaga aacagtgcgg ggtggggtca accagcaagc     91740
     catgtgctca caccctcatc tgctcacacc agcacacgca cgtgaattcc gcacctacac     91800
     agccatgctt acctgtgtgg cccagagctg caacaccaga gcccgggcct gcatctcctc     91860
     tgacaccccc atctcctcaa gatgtctcag ataactctcc agccagctgc tccggtcagc     91920
     cctggaggcc agcctggctg gggacagcag cttccacagg cggtttttga cactgcatgc     91980
     atggtcttta tcccctgcgg ggacggagca cagaagaaga tggtgatagt cgcctctagg     92040
     ccagggccac ccaacctcag cctttcacaa gtattctggg tgtcactgat aggacagcct     92100
     ggggtgatgc cctgtaagag ttgcctagga cccgcatccc ttagtagaaa ggcataaggg     92160
     cctgttcctg caagagagag cgtctccgta gcaagaaccc aatagggatt tgatgagtgt     92220
     gtgaggcttt atgaagccat ttaggaggac cacactcgag gcaccagcct ctcccccttg     92280
     agacctagac caaagcaagg ccagaccctg cacgaaaggc aagggggctc agcatcccgg     92340
     aaagagctgc attggccatt ggtgggggac acagatctgg ggtctccact caaactcctc     92400
     tagagcagac aggtaaggtc agcagaggaa gattccacag aggaagctat gtagatctga     92460
     agagagggga gacctccagg ccgctccaac ctaccctcag acatactgga gcaagtggct     92520
     ccacccaggc acacaccaca ttttctaagg aaactgataa tctgggccag gtgtggtagc     92580
     gcacgccttt aatcccaaca cttgggaggc agaggcaggc agatctctgt aaattcaagg     92640
     ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccaaaa cagccagagc tacacagaga aaccctgtct     92700
     tgaaaaacca aatgggggag aaaaaaaagc caataatcca ggtgttcctg tgtctgtctg     92760
     tctccgtcca tctgtcttta gttcctgggg ctggggatag aaatcgggcc cttccactct     92820
     agcctcctct tatgtttgtg actttgacat tggagcctgc acaggccaca aaggcatctc     92880
     agggtctcta aggggtaagc tttgcctcaa ggacaccagc ctagacctga gcaggtatgg     92940
     gagagaatct ttgcctacgg ggcaatgctg cttgcagtgg cctgcaaatg ctgccaactg     93000
     acttaaaaac agagagccca gggctgggac tgtaggtgca tcaccacaca cacagccctt     93060
     aggtgttaca ggcactggga tcgaaactca ggtcccgtgg ctctgtggcc aacactctgc     93120
     agaccttttc ctagcctcga cttactgttt ttgaagttgg atggcaacat tttgagaaaa     93180
     tgtgttcaac ttcttcatac cacttccagt catgtggcag tctagattta aagtattgag     93240
     ctcatgggct cacctgagac aaaactttcc caggactccc actgtgtcgg gtgtttgttt     93300
     gtttgtttgt ttgtttttcc agccacacag ggctatacaa ctgacttaaa aactgtcctg     93360
     gaattcactt tgtagagcag gttggcctcc aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc     93420
     aagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgcgccacca cgcccagctg tgtcgggttc ttgagagctc     93480
     cccatgtcct gggagcacag gccccactca ggctatgaga gtccccattc aagatcaaca     93540
     tctggagtta aaaaaaacaa caacaaggac acagggagga ggtcacagca tcacctcagc     93600
     aatggttcag atgtccccag tgttccctga ccagaggcaa aggtctcaac tcagccacag     93660
     aaatatctgg ctgtccctga ggcccaacct tacaattgca atctctcatc gtgcagtcat     93720
     tgtggctgca tgagtatgtt gtttgttgtg tatggtgtgt atgtgggtac atgtgtatgt     93780
     tggtgcgttc atcaatgtgt gcctgtgcgc atgtatgcat atgtgcatgt gtgcatttgt     93840
     gcatgtgtac atgtgtgcct gtgtgcatgt gcgcctttgt gcatgtgtgc atttgtgcat     93900
     gtgtacatgt gtgcctgtgt gcatgtgcgc ctttgtgcct gtgtgcatat gtgcatgtgt     93960
     gcatttgtac ctgtgtgcct gtgtgcctat gtacctgtgt gcatgtgtgc ctgtgtgcct     94020
     gtgtacctgt gtgcatgtgt gcctgtgtac atatgtgcct gtgtgcatgt gtacatgtgt     94080
     gcctctgtgc atgtgtgcct ctgtgcatgt gtgcctgtgt gcatgtgtac atgtgtgcat     94140
     gtatgtatgt ttgcatgtgt gcctgtgtgc ctgtgtacct gtgtgcctgt gtgcatgtat     94200
     gcatatgtgc atgtgtgcat ttgtgcatgt gtacatgtgt gcctgtgtgc atgtgcatct     94260
     gtgtgtatgt gtgcctgtgt gcatgtgtgc atatgtgcat gtgtgcattt gtacctgtgt     94320
     gcatgtgtgt atgtgtgact gtatgcatgt gtgcatgtgt gcctgtgtac atgtgtgcct     94380
     gtgtgcatgt gtacatgtgt gcctgtgtgc atgtgtacat gtgtgcctgt gtgcctgtgt     94440
     acatgtgtgc ctgtgtgcat gggtgtatgt gtgcctgtgt gaatgtgtac atgtgtgcct     94500
     gtgtgcatgt gtgtatgtgt gcctatgtgc atgtgtgtat gtgtgcctgt gtgcatgtgt     94560
     atatgtgtgc ctgtgtgcct gtgtacctgt gtgcatgtgt gcttgtgtgc ctgtgtacat     94620
     gtatgcatgt attctcctct attgcagagg ttctcaccct ccctaacgct gtgacccttc     94680
     agtaccctat agtacagttc ctcatgttgt gacccccaat cataaaagtg tttcattgct     94740
     acttaattgc tgtaaatttg ctactgttat gactcataat gtaagtatct gtgttttctg     94800
     atgtcttagg tgacctctgt gaaagggtca tgtgactcgc gctcacaggg taagaactgc     94860
     tgctctattg cttcccacct tgtttttcga gccagggtct ctcactgaac ctacaacttg     94920
     cctttttagc cacattgacc cacagggaac ctcaaaggac ccaccccact ccccagcgct     94980
     agggttatag gcaccatact caactctccc ctaggggctg gggtccagac agtccctcat     95040
     gacagtccct cgtgcccggc atccaacact ttactcacga gcccttttcc agatcatggt     95100
     ttttcataac aactaaaaag caccacaggg cggtctgacc caaccctgtg tccagaggac     95160
     agagggagtg acccagacac agaggtcgca gaagcccatg ttgcatgggt ctgactgagg     95220
     cctggccatc tctgggccac agtcacttcc ttatccacgg agcaaggcct tcacccctgt     95280
     acactcaaat cttgtcctga atgcccctct gagctcagag atagcttggt agagatgacc     95340
     tgtaaatgtc tggtgtgtta cctcggggcc attagaatct tggtcacact gtgactctta     95400
     ctgtaaatgt gtcctgttgg gtgagtaaac tgaagcacac aactgtaatc ccaacactca     95460
     gcaggcagag ataagaaaat caccagtttg aggccagcct gggctatata gtgagttccc     95520
     agctatcctg gcctacacag caagattatc tcttagcccc ctttgccccc cccaaaagta     95580
     ttcaaataaa gcatacaaac cctcaggact ctcaaggcct tagagggcca actttctttt     95640
     catgtgtatg ttttgggcaa cacggataca tttttatatt tgaaatatac ttgaaaagat     95700
     ggagaatttc acatgtacac aggaaacact aagagaaaga aagccaggtg tggctgtaca     95760
     actgtgatct tagcaatagt ggaggcagga ggattgaaag tgcatataag ggttagagag     95820
     atggctcagt ggttaagagc actgactgct cttccaaaga tcctgagttc aaatcccagc     95880
     aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa tgggatctga cgccctcttc tggtgtgtct     95940
     aaagacagct acagtgtact tagatataat aataaataaa attaaaaaaa aaagaaagtg     96000
     cacataacac atatgagtaa accacagaca gacagacaga caatgaaagg gaggaagaga     96060
     acaggaggag gaagagaagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg cagaagcagt     96120
     aacctaagcc ttcacacttg gtgtgctgta agaattcagc ttctctttgc ttcatctcat     96180
     ttcttaaagg caaaaattca agcacatcgc taccacatct ggattgaggt ggaaggctct     96240
     ggccaacgcc ccccaccttg atcatcatgg atttcatccc cttctcttcc acaggtttgg     96300
     ggggctcttc tcatacaatg ctctcacaca gtgcgtcagc aatttaatca gcccctattc     96360
     tggcacgggt cagttttagc tctgtggtca cagtgtggcc atgagtatct atcactgtat     96420
     atgagtgtgt ctgtggggtc atttcctgga agagagacca tgggagaaaa cgatctgatt     96480
     tgatattttg gtagggtttc cgccacttgg tctcccgggc ataccgcacc caccaggtct     96540
     gggaactgct tgagtctgcc tgagagcaac tgtccaacac tgccacctgc tgctcacact     96600
     aggaaacagc ctttcatgga tctaccctct gtatcccatg gaaggaggga gagttgaaga     96660
     aacattttct ggagaaccaa ctggtgctgg gatgggacat atgtttagca cactgggttt     96720
     ctcaagcaga caaagtgtgc acatagccta ttctaccacc tgcctgctgc tcctgtgaca     96780
     agtgatttca cctgtgggag ccccggaccc ccccccccaa ctacattaga gagtgaaagc     96840
     ccagagaggg cctgcagagg ctggagaagc caaaggagag ctcaacatgc taggcggaga     96900
     ggtgagcgag atgcctgatg cccattcctg ccctccgggt tgatgcttgt ctctgacagt     96960
     gatgtgacaa gaggaaggaa gctacagcct ctgcccagca ggctggcaaa ccaacaggaa     97020
     gacaggtcac agccctaggg ttcagtgtcc tcaagagctc tgaatccaaa tggactgtga     97080
     tggtctggat gtgaaatgcg tccccaacag gctcacatac tgaaggcttg gttcccagct     97140
     ggtggcatta tggggagaca gctgggttgt gaggaaatta gcctcataga tgggctaatg     97200
     gccagatggg tgggtgtacg gctggggggg ggcggcgggg gggggaggta gcagatcgtg     97260
     ggtatgtgcc tttgaagggt gtgtaatatc accagaccct tcttccagct ttctccactt     97320
     ccaggctgcc gtgaggtagg cagcctcctc tgctgagtgc tcctactgag tgctcccacc     97380
     cccactgtgt tcaggtacag cacaggccca cagcaatgga gtcaagtggc tgtggatcga     97440
     aacctctgaa accaggagcc aaaacacatc cttccatctt gagtgttttc cttggatggt     97500
     ttatcacaca gttttcactc cttttctttc tattagctaa ttaattagtt aatttttggt     97560
     tgtttgagat agcgtctcac tatgtagtct tggctgccct ggagttggtt atgtaaacca     97620
     gactggcctc aaattcacag agatctatct gcctctgtga tgacactaaa ggtgtgcact     97680
     accacgcctg gttattgttg cttcttacag gaaagaccat tcagtcttct gtgcacagga     97740
     cccaccacct atgggcaaaa tgttcttgtg cactgtgtga agattcaaac gctcatttct     97800
     gtctcccttg tatctggttg caatccttat tcagagaatc tcctgtctca atcttatgta     97860
     aacaccagct tcccaattgt tccctgatat gtcaataaag agagcttaat agccaatgac     97920
     tgagcagggg agagaatagg gcgggacttc ttgccaacca ggggagggga tgcagcccag     97980
     gaaagagata gaaagccatc ttggggattt gggtagggag gtagccagat cagcataaaa     98040
     gactaaaaca gagtggtaac tgctcagttg ttgtgccttt aaagcgtgtt aactaaatat     98100
     aacgatccaa tctcaattat ttgggagcta gccgggtaag aggaaaactg taacacagtt     98160
     attaaaatgc cactaacaag cacccatttc tgcagtgacc tcatggtgct tacccgctga     98220
     caaggagcct cgagccagtt tggggagcag cagatccagc tggcggaagg tatggaaaac     98280
     atccgctgag tggacacgat cttgggcctg actctcatgg gtgcgtggtg aggcctccac     98340
     tccatatagg gtcaggtagc cggcgctgtg ggggacagca acgagtcagg tcctgacttt     98400
     cttttgttcc taccccgcct caggttccct tcttcagttc ctaccctgcc tcttttgttc     98460
     ctaccaagcc tatttccttc ggggatggac tctgacctga aaatgtaaga tgaactaaac     98520
     cctttgtttc ccaagttgtc tttagtcaga gtgttttatc acagcaacag aatggagcag     98580
     aacactacac cttcctaagc tcccccagtc acaggtctcc caggagaggg ttttccaagc     98640
     agggagaggg agaaacagga aggagggggg agagactgag agaagcatgc acagtcccca     98700
     cccggcacca cacccacaat gtgcatgcca cagtaggccc gcaatgaatg ttaggtcact     98760
     ggtggtgggt agctaagtct gtggagcagt agtaagtggc tgagtgggta gatacatgga     98820
     tggatgcaga ggtgtggatg ggtgggtgga taaatgggtg gatgcagaga tgtgaagggg     98880
     gtggggggtg gatggatggg tagatgaatg gatgagagtg ggtggatgtg gatggggtgt     98940
     gtgggtggta gggtgactgg aaagatggat atacaaatag aacacactcc tgaggactct     99000
     ggtgacaagc catcacaagc ctgtctacca agagccatgc aggccaccat cacaacccac     99060
     ctgcacccca cttccctctc cagcccagcc cagtgtctgt gcccctggaa acgaaccctc     99120
     aaggtaggag actcactcct gctctctcct ctgggctaac aagaaacccg cttcccctag     99180
     gaacagttag ggctcagagg ccaagctcag ccttccttcc ctgtacctca tcctcagcct     99240
     gaaagattcc tttcttcccc tcttctaact ctgggcagac gtggggacgc acttataata     99300
     gtcagctccc ctaccagcgt acatggatcc aggtggccag taggtggcac tctgtgccat     99360
     aaactaaaac ggagctgaca gaaaacccac agctcccaga aggtggagtt agtggcctag     99420
     agactatgta gcaagctttc ccgggaggaa acccaactac ctgggccctg gaaaggagcc     99480
     ctctgctcag ggtgaagtga gttgccagag agccaaggag gccagagtgg agcttaggac     99540
     gccactttga gggagggcca ccacaggaca tattgggtca tatggactgt cacctcctat     99600
     ctgcctttct gaatgttaca tactttccta gttcaggtaa ctgcagtgtc ccagcacaaa     99660
     ggtagaggca ggaactcagg ccaggcccag gccccgcggg acgcctatgc tggtgacaac     99720
     cagccctttc ctaaggcccc ctacctccct tccgtagacc ctatacatcc tcacctgata     99780
     aaagccttca gtaggtcctg ccaaccgtgt attcttgccc tcttagggtc caggctatca     99840
     ctacgactca cagatagttg gtgcccctgc ctggttctca cctacagatg tcctctacat     99900
     agaaacataa actagattgc attggggccc cttcgtaagt ccctaaagtc accatccagc     99960
     tgagcctaca ttccaaagcc ttcctccggg ctgagaggcc gacttctgca gacatctcta    100020
     cctgctctct cctctgccac ttcccagctt tgctctcgcc accctggctt cttcccacac    100080
     cagggccttg cccgtgatgt ttcctcacta aagtcttggc acagccggcg ccccatagcc    100140
     ctgtggctga aagcccccag atgccccatt tctgggtctc tgccttctca ggcatcagga    100200
     acgcacctgc tgtggcccct gctgtttcct gtgggaccat tgaagacgct gcacagctga    100260
     agaagctgca ctttgctgca ctgtttttac tacagttatg aggtccgacc tcaggtcgag    100320
     ctccctggtg agtctcccaa gcagcactgc tagccagagt ctaagccaca gcacagatgc    100380
     tgtgatgctc agctagagga ctgtgctggc tggttttgtg tgtcaacatg acacaagctg    100440
     gagttatcac agagaaagga gcctcctttg aggaaatgcc ttcatgagat tcagctgtaa    100500
     ggcattttct caatgagggg agggcccggc ccattgtggg tggtaccatc catgagctgg    100560
     tagtcttggg ttctataaga aaggaggctg agcaagccag gggaagcaag tcagtaagta    100620
     acatccctcc gtggcctctg catcagctcc tgcttcctga cctgcttgag ttccagtcct    100680
     gacttcctct ggtgatgaac agcaatgtgg aagtgtaagc tgaataaacc ttttcctccc    100740
     caacttgctt cttggtcatg atgctttgtg caggaatgga aaccgtgact aagacaagga    100800
     ctctcgcttt ggaggacact cagacactcg acaccctttg acagttaaca tctggtttat    100860
     agctcaagtt gtgtgaagtg aattcggggt tccacctgaa ccacctccct cctttgagca    100920
     tctcccacag tgtccccacc cacagggtag cccccagttc cctcagccat gacaagattg    100980
     tgggctcacc tgagcagggc gttgtaggag aactcaagga gacctgtctc ctgccagcca    101040
     ctgcctgctt ctgtggagtc acccagcagg accgtgcgaa ggttggtata catggcttct    101100
     gtgagcgcct gcaggtctct gtgcatgagc gtcctgcgac cagccacaga agataggtat    101160
     ttgccactta atatactcaa aaaagatcgc atgcacgccg aaggaataac agttaccact    101220
     gggacagttt tatagtggag aaactcgcat acaaagagca gtgtcaggac aaggcaacat    101280
     aggcagggaa gggcacagct gaggctccaa tactggatgg cctcacccta catcatgagc    101340
     tcctggccaa gacagtctgt ccttgcctgg tgcgcagact tggacaagga acccacaggc    101400
     ttctagacaa ctatgaagtc agcgcctcct ctgtgaaatc cagcagaggg ctggtaatac    101460
     aattccagat ggacaggcat gggacaaaga ctgggctgct gacccagtct ccccatgtgg    101520
     acctgggatg catggggcca gggtgagggg ggtcctggac cgccgtcatg ctgacctaag    101580
     cctggtgagc tgctcagagc caagggtcag aggtggtctg tcgacatgta aggctccatc    101640
     gaagccacca acagcagtga gttactggag tgtctaagtg cccgtggaac ctagtgtggc    101700
     aacacaaatc ggcaggtgtg agccaggcag cgagtctagt tgcaatggtt tcttaatcgt    101760
     ctctcctaga cagtggcctc agggctgggc aggagagtta tacagcaact tgacccaggc    101820
     taagtcatcg gagaggaggg aactgtgact aagaaaatgt ctccataaga tccagctgta    101880
     agcaagcctg tagggcaatt ttcttaatta gcgattgatc ggggaggaca cagcgcattg    101940
     tgggtggtgc taccctgggc tgatggccct gggttctatg aaaaagcagg ctgagcaagc    102000
     cataggaagc aagccagaaa gcagtatccc tccacggcct ctgcatcagc tcctgcctcc    102060
     agggttctgc cctgtttgag gtcatgtcct gacttccttc agtgacgaag agcaatgtgg    102120
     aagtatacgg ccaaacaaac acttcccttc gaaacttgct ttcggtcatg gtattttatt    102180
     gcagcaatag taaccatgac tatgacaggg gccaaggaca gcaggatgtg gggttgaagc    102240
     ccctacccag gcccgcccac aggcccatct cagcactcac ggcttcatcc tggccttctc    102300
     ctcactgggg ttgaaatttg gaagctgcag atcaaaaatc ctctccatga ggaagatggc    102360
     atagggatgg aagtccagcc gtgtacgcag ctcccacacc actgtgtcgt aagagtgtgg    102420
     gtccaggaga acagtgacgt atctgccccc caccagcacc tgttggagga gtgggtgaat    102480
     ggcagccctc tgcattcagg attctgtcag gaagcatggg cacaacaggc actggccagc    102540
     agcagactgg ctcacccctc ccatcctttg agctaggatc tgccactcac ccatctacca    102600
     ctgcaaaatt taggctggga catggacaac atgccccaaa actccttgct gaaacatatc    102660
     agagctaaga ctggtcaaaa ccttctaaaa gcaaaggttg tagccaggcc tataatcaca    102720
     gaaagcctga ggcagaagga tgccgggttc gagggctgac tgaattacag agagttcaag    102780
     gccaagccag gtaaaaatag taatatcctg tctccagata agaagggaga agggggctgg    102840
     ggtacgaaag tgaaaaatga tgtggtcctt gcctagcatg catgatgtcc tgagttcgat    102900
     cccctgtacc acaaggaaaa ggatgagcag atggacagac attgctgggt aaatgccagt    102960
     agactgtagg tgagagtgcg gctggagtag atgaaggatg ggtgaggagg tggacgggta    103020
     aatgccagca ctgaccgtaa atgagttggg tgcatggata aagatggagg aagaagacat    103080
     aaactgaagg aaagatggct gggtagctag gtggaaaata ggtaggcaag aggaaggaag    103140
     gaagggaagg gaggtgttag gtggagagtg tcaggtgggg aacagaagga cacattgaca    103200
     gatctgttag atacgtggct gcaggttaaa atgttgggga catgggtgac aagatgctaa    103260
     gtagaccaaa caacagcctg aagcgtgaac actggaggcc caggagctgg aagcactcaa    103320
     gaacaaggtg tgattgaaca gtcctgaaga catagatggg tgatggatga gagagtaggt    103380
     gagtagggag atgtatgggt gggtgcgtgg gtaggtgtgt ctatgggttg atgggtgggt    103440
     gcatgtgtgg gtgggtaggt gaatgtatgg atggataggt gggtgaatgg gtagatgggt    103500
     gggtggatgg gtaggtaggt gggtggataa gtagatggat gggtgatggg ttagtagtga    103560
     gtggatgact gggtgggtaa gtgggtggat gggtgggtgg atgggtggga gggtagatga    103620
     ttggttggtt gggaggtggg tgagtgagtg gggagatgag tggatgacta ggtgggtagg    103680
     tggataaata cagaagtaga tgtgcagaga gcagaccagt caggtgctga gtggagagaa    103740
     ggtgagcgtt ggctgggctg tggtagatgg agatagatgt ggaagatgaa tggagggatg    103800
     tcagaggaat tggaatctag agatggaagc tggatggcgc tgggcgaatg agtggagaat    103860
     gctgggtgag ctttgatagg tagatagagg ctggagtgca gttcagaaga acactggcta    103920
     ctcttccaaa ggaactgagt tcagcttcca gcactctatg gtgtctcaca accagctgta    103980
     aggccagctc tagggggtct gtcactttca tcagcctctg ggctcctgca tagatgtcat    104040
     aaatacacac gtgcacacag atacacacat gtatacatga ataaaattta atcttaaaaa    104100
     agatagataa aaaaagcttt tttaaagaga ctagatagat gatagaaaga cagacatatt    104160
     gggtgaatat acagaaagac agatggataa atgggtgagt gaaagcgtat ttaatcttaa    104220
     ttgacaagcc gattacatct taaatactga tgtccgtccc tgggtgtgct tgccagggca    104280
     cacccttaga gcacagagct ctgctgatca ctggtccatg gtatgcgcag ttggacagac    104340
     agagggacag tcagcctccc ctggataggt ataagtggat gggtcagtat gtgggtagat    104400
     gttggaggag tggctggccc caatgatgag cagccactta cccctgtccc tcctagagat    104460
     actcacagta aatatgtcac cgtgcttttc cttcatcctg gtaaggaagc tggcagcatc    104520
     tctcccaaac tccaaggcat ggcccagcca ggggatgctg cccaggtcca acggaggctc    104580
     accaggtctc ctgcagaagc cacagcactt agcatcatgt gatgaagcaa gggagggaac    104640
     ggagagcaga agccatgggg aagtcagagt aggctgaaag ctggaggtgg aaggggacgg    104700
     atggcttctg aaggaagagc ttcccagcaa gagggaagag caagagcaaa ggccctgggg    104760
     ttggtgttat gggctcaaag gacagtatag aagtgagtgg gcatgggcca acagaataag    104820
     gacaagtgtg tgtagccaga gccaggttgt gggtgagatc ctatggttgt gtaggcagga    104880
     ggacagtggc tttatctctg agtgaggtgg gggtcctggg aagtctgtga ggaaaatgac    104940
     tggtgtgggg gaaggtatac agatatgtta gcctctgtat ggatccaggg tgagggtgga    105000
     ggcagaggct gggggccagg cagggtctac tgcataaatg actccctgtg ggagggagct    105060
     tccagcaccc agcagaagag cccagagttc tctgagccag tctgagcttg ggtcatctca    105120
     tactcctcct cctgcccaca ggaagagagc agtgtcaggg atggggtggc aggacatagg    105180
     ctttgtcaca gtctctctgc tccatggagc caaacctggg agccctctga ggccagagcc    105240
     agaccatgcc ctagggcagg aaagcaggct gcctcagttg caacaaaggt tagtgtctgt    105300
     actgtcctcg aggaagcaat actctaaggt acatgcaggt ccctaagaaa ggcacgtcca    105360
     accacagccc atggtgggtt tgatccttcc ttgctctctc tgtctctctg tgtgtctgtg    105420
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tacatgtgca aggcctggag agtctgaagc    105480
     gtgtatctga gtccctggaa ctggagttac agacagttgt gagcagccca atatgggttc    105540
     taggaaccaa accagattct ctatcagagc aacaagcatc ataacaggcg agccacctct    105600
     ccagcccccg gagggcagcc tttaaaataa acattctgct tagtgagcta gtccttatag    105660
     aagatggggc ttctctgggc aatgagagtc aatcaggaaa ggaatataag ggccagtctc    105720
     tgtggctggc tatgaggata gaggggacag ccactgcaga cagggacact ttgtcttcca    105780
     catggactct gcctacgctg accccaacct ctgtgggctc aggaccaact aatggtttaa    105840
     actactgcac taactaccac acagacccac agagccttgt gcttggattc tgtgggaagt    105900
     tacatctcat ctgccccctc ctgcaggagg gactgtgagc taaggaagtc cctgggaggt    105960
     cactaagccc ctatgagacc ctgtctcagc ctgagagtca tcagaaccac aggaatgcag    106020
     aaagccccag acacctgtct actacgtaaa gaatgaatga atagccgggc ggtggtggcg    106080
     cacgccttta atcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaggcg gatttctgag ttcgaggcca    106140
     gcctggttta cagagtgagt tccaggacag ctagggctac acagagaaac cctgtcttga    106200
     aaaaccaaaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aaaacaaaaa caaaaaaaca aaaagaatga    106260
     gtgaatgcat gcatttatga acgagtgaat gagtgaccaa tgtatgaatg aataactgaa    106320
     aatgacagtg aaggaatgaa tgaatgagga gtgaatgatc aatgtatgaa tgaataactg    106380
     acagtgattt agtgagggag tgaatgaatg aatggtcata tctttcctct cactgtagtt    106440
     cattcactca ctcaccacac attactacaa ggcagacact ggggccttgg atactggaga    106500
     cagaggagag aactggacag atggccctca aacccatcag gaagtggccc ccaaatccat    106560
     caggaagtgg ctcccaaatc catcaggagt gaaagagaca caagttggcc acagagaaca    106620
     aacattccca atttaaaaat gcatgaggtg ggtgtggccc tgcacacctg tgaaccccgc    106680
     cctgggaggc tgaggaggac agagtatggg tctgaagcta gcctgtgcta cagaataaaa    106740
     cagtctcaaa tgaacaagag ctgggatgtg gctcagtggt acagtgcctg cctaccattc    106800
     atgaagctgt agacttgatc cccaaccctg aagatacatt ttatatatat atatatatat    106860
     atatatatat atatatatgc tggccaggcc tggaatctca gtacttggga ggctgaggca    106920
     ggagaaccat gagtttgaga ccagctttga tgaagactgt ttcaaaaaaa taacatgcaa    106980
     ttaattatta aatgttcaaa ggatttgaac ggaatgttcc ccaaagaaga tgccataatg    107040
     accagtgggc attttcctgg ttaccaggaa aacacactca gggaaaaaca atggctacta    107100
     ttttgtaccc attctaatag ctgtagtact atcttgcttt gtttttgttt ttctttaagt    107160
     taaaggaaaa ataagagttt gcaaggatgt gaaggaactg gaccacacag atgtacacaa    107220
     atgtcgctgc cttagacgcc agcctggcag ttccctagtg gttacacata ctgcagtatg    107280
     aagtggtttg acccctagaa atagaatcag gttcctgcat aagcagacac actgtttctc    107340
     acactattac atggaacaga aacagccctg agtccactga ctgatggtga cacagactaa    107400
     ctgtggtata tctatgctgc agactagtac tcagccttga agaaagaagt agtgttggac    107460
     cttaagacac ggtgctaagg agaacccaga ccagagagcc aggagataca cagagctagg    107520
     ctgagcttag tggttgcctg gggaacaagg agagagagta gctgccaaca gacgtaggat    107580
     ttctgttcag gagaaaacgt tctggaatta ggggtgacgg ctgctcaacc tcgagactgg    107640
     actaaaaccc ctgagttgca gctttaaacg gtgacgttta aggtacttgg agtgagtctc    107700
     actaaagaca aagaacagaa cagggagtag gacagaaacg gacaggataa aggagccgtc    107760
     tgggggcggg gccggaaggg gcgggaagac tctggaggga gggagaggaa cctgcaggca    107820
     gaaggagccg caagtgcaag tgtcccgggt ggcagcgtgc tgatggggtc cccaagaata    107880
     ccgcaactgg tgtggcccag gaagagaatg catagatgac acttaagtga ggatgacaga    107940
     gataaccttg aaaaccatga gagcctgaag gtcaaggaga gtctggcttc tctgacagat    108000
     acagtgaaga ccccgtggaa gggttgaagc aggagtctct cagtgcccgg actgtttttt    108060
     acataggaga gcaatacaga gagagaggca agatgtctgg gttcaggaac agtgactgtc    108120
     caaggggaaa ggcctgccat cagctccccc aattccagaa tgaggggctt tggtcacatc    108180
     tagcaattca ggggagctca ggatcccccc caccctttcc cctctgctcc tctgtctggc    108240
     tgtccctagc ctcactagag actgaggaag actgaaggag atgaagatga tatggggggc    108300
     acaggaagtg cctcgacctc cagaccccta acactccctg accagactgc ttctgaagac    108360
     gaggctagcc tccccaggcc cagagaggat acacaaagcc agcatagctc cagtgctggt    108420
     ggcttctgag aattgtcttc cttcctttga agccctgggc tggaaggctc ttctggcatc    108480
     caatggaaca gcccagtagc cagtgtgcat ctgcccttac cagcccagag caatgggttg    108540
     tgcaagggag gcatgaaggc caggggttgc cacccaaact tgaacaccac acttcctggc    108600
     ttcaaattcc agttgtactt cttgctagct tgtgacttaa ctgttgtttg cttcagtgtg    108660
     ctggtctgtg aaatgggaag agctcatgag gacctctgtc gttctaagga ggctgaaagg    108720
     gagatctgag agcacctggc agccaggaca ggagcacctg ggagaaggac ccagaagtct    108780
     tctaagtgcc atttactgag ccacggctgc acttgaatta ccaccatagg ccattgttgc    108840
     cttgctgggt ggtagccact gatggacaga ggtcagagtt cagtggctcc tcccctcgag    108900
     gaacagctct tcccacaaga tccattttat agaggagaaa actgaggcat ggagagactg    108960
     aagcccttgc ccagaggttc cctgcaggca tgctaggttt ccatctagag cccatatgat    109020
     caccccttct gagcatctgt ccccccaact ttacagatgt ggaaatagag tcacagagag    109080
     atgacagcag cctgccaatg tgcaggatct gtccctgggc catctttggg aacacaggcg    109140
     ctaatcaggt gttatttcta gccatgcccc tctcccacag agaagcccaa ggaggtgcag    109200
     acaaagacag gaagctggag ccggggacct gcctcgctgg ctggctggct ggcggctccc    109260
     ctgcctgcac tggaccccaa gccaatcctg gcgggcgggc acaggccaca ttccaggatg    109320
     attcagcctg cggacagcag ggcctaggga ggctctattt cagagcctgc ggtctcccaa    109380
     ggctaattga cactctcact cttttgaggc cctgccagac caggagttgg ggaaggaagg    109440
     cactgagact tagcccttca tcctgttttc cacagaccaa aatgtccctc tgctctctct    109500
     cctagtgtct cccaccaggc aggggtctca cttataggcc ccagggccag ctctgccaca    109560
     gcctttgtga accaggggag ggagtcagta agggctgtca gggcctctaa ggcaaccctg    109620
     gcttgacagt ggtgtcctca ttgagtggct ctgttccaag agagcaggag acctagtgtt    109680
     cactcagact gaaaactatg tctggaacgt aataggtgct taaagaatac acatcgcagg    109740
     aataaactgt gcacgaaata aataaataaa taaataaata aatgtaaaca aacccagagt    109800
     tgctgagagg gtcaagaatg aaggcccagc agtccagagt tctggaatga ccgactcaga    109860
     ggctggcttg atcgactgcg caacattggt aggctgccca acctttctgt gcaaagttca    109920
     attcagagca cagcaagaaa gggccctggg agaatttgct gggagatgga acagggctca    109980
     gttctcctca gctggttaga gagctgaatc tcccttttaa acttacttag cccagtcttc    110040
     ctccagcgtg cacccacagg cctctgggga ttcctctctg ccactaacac aggctcttct    110100
     aaagctattc caaggtgttg tcccgcccca ccctgcccct cttcaccccc ttcactgcct    110160
     attagaaaaa gcatatggca ggcagctgag tgggcctggc tcagtacgga gaaggcttgc    110220
     caagcattcg taaagcccta ggtttgggct ggagagatgg ctcagcagtt aagagcaccg    110280
     actgctcttc tgaaggtctt gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccac    110340
     ctgtaatgag atctgatgcc ctcttctggt gctgtctgaa gacagcttca gtgtacttac    110400
     atataataat aaatcttaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaagcccta ggttcatcct cagagtgaac    110460
     aaactgggtg tggttgtaaa cccccgatac cccatcacac aggaggtgag gcaggtcata    110520
     cacaaggcta gcctgggata cttgagactc tgtctcaaaa aaggaagaaa tgagaaaaaa    110580
     agaaaaagaa aaggaaaagg ggcgctttaa tatcatcaac atccacaaaa aaaaaaacaa    110640
     aatcaataaa cagaaaccag acatatctgc tttttgagct ccagactcac tgaaagactg    110700
     tctcaaaaaa gaagcaattg aggatgaaac cctgtatcta cctctggcct cctccgtgac    110760
     acaggggcac acacgtcgtt gccctctggc cgccgcagaa gtgccgcagc acgcataccc    110820
     atacatgcgc gtgtgtgcac acaaacataa ataaataaat gtaaacaaat ccttagagaa    110880
     aagcagccgg agtggtgcac agccttcccg ctgcacgttc ttagtctgga ttttgctttt    110940
     gaagtagaca gggagtcaaa ttacttattg gcctgagcca gtaccgcaga ggaacctgtc    111000
     gtggacagac cagctgcatg ctccgagtaa caactggagg aggaaggggc tgtggtgagg    111060
     tttagatagg gacagaccac caagtatggt gtagtttctc attttcacga gaaactgaag    111120
     actggattgg tatatatgaa gccctccagc caccccatcc cactcccatc catgtctcct    111180
     ccctaggtac agggaacgct aacacggatg ctaacactga tgctggacca tttggtgacc    111240
     tgtctttttt tcttttcctt ctccctcaag ccccgctccc ttctgcccca ctctctccgg    111300
     cccaacctct gtcttgttaa aacaacagac acccatttct acctagaaat cctgcctcct    111360
     acccagccca ggccatgcct tcctcagagg caccaaggat accccctaat ccctcagcca    111420
     cagattccac tcatgaatct tctctgcaac agacagccca gctcaaagaa aagacacact    111480
     cagctaagtg gctagagact gaacacacac ctctgcaagc tacctcagag taccaatggg    111540
     gaaactgagg cccgagaaac aaaaaaagaa tgttgctggt aaccacttgc aagtgggccc    111600
     acacaggaga ttcctaactc cacctaactc cacggcatcc ccagagaaaa gccacagatg    111660
     ttaaatcagg ctttaaaatt cttgtcagca ttatagaaat ccgagtctgg atgggggtgt    111720
     gcgtgttagt gagaattgtt tttctacttg gacaggatca gggagttgag actctctgtt    111780
     tttgataatg ttctggaaca tttaggagta aaaacaccat gacacctgca atattttaaa    111840
     caaaatatgg ggagtaaggg gttcttagat tactccatag gcatattcga atcctctgtt    111900
     tgcacagagt ttgcagtgtt taactcggcg tggagatgag gagacgcgag tggagcaata    111960
     gagaacccca ggacatttct gctgtatttc ctatgatgga gctttgcttg tttatacttg    112020
     gaaaggcatc acaaagtggg tgaggacata agagtcgcag gagagaggtg gtttgcattg    112080
     tccttgtctt cctcattaac gcagactccc aaattgaggc agtgttacag gacaagcaca    112140
     ccctgctaaa tgactgtaat gacggcctgc tccttaatgc tgggtggtga gtctcttttc    112200
     tttctttttt taaacaaagt tcttattaaa aagaaaaaat taaaagtttt tttttccttt    112260
     tttttaactc tggagggaag acacacacac cgccaaccca ctggcgagtg actagctcac    112320
     tggctctagt ctttgctagg acaagcagaa cctggggaat tgaaggacgg ctatggaata    112380
     tgctttctgt gtagcccttc aagcctccgc tgtctaatgg ggagtggtgt ggaagtcgcc    112440
     cccaggtttg gtcaggagaa aggaatgggg ccgggaggaa ctacagcctt acgtatttcc    112500
     acccaaactt tgggtcccgc ctacgcacat gtcttccaac gctcgcctat cttttccttc    112560
     cttggaactg tttggttcag agctgtggct cttatcgtct gggatttttg agtggtcaga    112620
     tcagtgaagc aacatacggc aaaggaaaga actggtcact ccagggacag ggaactgcct    112680
     ggagcccaga gttttaacca gggctgaaac ttgaacaagt tacacggcct ccctgagcct    112740
     ccatcctctg cgcaaaaggg caagcaaggc cagggaaagc tcagcgggga agagcagcgc    112800
     tgctcttcca gagaagccag gttgcattac ccacacacac tgaatggctc acggccatct    112860
     gcaactccag agccagggga tctgaggtca tttcccgggc cctgaacaca tatggtttac    112920
     agacatacat ttaggcaaaa acctcataca tacttttttt cttttttttt aattaaatgg    112980
     gaataaccag agtgccccag tcttctcatc caccttccca ggtgcccgtt tgagaaacgt    113040
     ttttggtttt ggtttctata aaacgttagc tagtgcacag gtggtggcgg tggaggcaca    113100
     cgcctttaat cccagcactt ggggaggcag aggcgggtgg atctctgtaa gttcgagggc    113160
     aatcttgtct aaaggacagc tagggttaca cagagaaacc ttgtcttagg aagggagaaa    113220
     aaaaaaggtg gctagcccac caaggcccaa tatttcataa attcccccca ccctgtaaaa    113280
     cctttatgaa aatcttgcct cccccaccgg tgaggctgca tcattcccag gacttgatga    113340
     cccacagctg accacatccg acccacagct gaccgcatcc atcacacatg tccttcatat    113400
     cctttgcact tgccagcctg gtttgggtcc tggtgcacac attttacaca aaccaaaccc    113460
     ttgcctactt actttcatgt tgttggtgtg tttgtgcgac atcaagatta tgttcatctg    113520
     acaactttga ggtctacccc acatttcaaa gccaccttgg agagtgtttg gagcctttcc    113580
     cttaatggag acatctcccg tggcctattg ccgcagccca cggggtcttg ggcagacgag    113640
     actctctcaa atcagtaacg atcccagaat ggaaattttc tcagcaattc agtgaagggc    113700
     ccaggaaaat attacagtga gtggactctg tatttagaca cagaaccctc cttagaatgg    113760
     ggccgtgagc tttaaggttt ggaatgtaaa ataatcaggc caaaaaaaga gaaaagggac    113820
     atagattttt ttcccagatt ttccgtcctg ttcaaaatgc ccctcctgaa caattcgaga    113880
     gacctccaaa atctaacgtc caatcaccct tctctgggtg tgggattctt ccttctggcc    113940
     ctttccaacc cattcgctca gagaacctgg gagactttgg atctggcttg gcggaaggaa    114000
     gaagagacat ggttaggccc aataccatct tgaaccacat ggtcccaggc agctgcttct    114060
     gtgactgaga aaaactatca ccgtagaagc tactaaggtt ttaaatcagg attaactatt    114120
     ttaacaagct ggtttctcag gggcttaaat tcctgccagt actggctaga gaaatggctt    114180
     ggtggttaaa aggcctcagg ttcagttcct aacagccata tgataaccac ctataagcgg    114240
     atgctttctt ctgctgtcta aggcggcagg cacacatatg atatacaaat gttcatgaag    114300
     gggggaaaca atccctgcca gtccgaagag ggtcacagag cagactcagg ccacgccatg    114360
     cccaggtaac accaagctca cacttcccca cccagtttct ccgtgtgctt ccagagaaat    114420
     agcgccccct aaaggcactg ggcgcacctc ccagttattt ccacttcctt cactggaccc    114480
     ccagcccaga aacagaccgt gtataggagc cctgggggac ttcaaaatga catccgggtg    114540
     gcattgtttg actctcactt agagtctatg gtaagacaca gggactccct gccttgggtt    114600
     gggaccaagg aatttcttgt ttcttcagtt tggtagccta gacctgagct tgacagtcca    114660
     ccctgagcct gactgacagt ccaccctgag cctgacagtg gaaagcatgg atccctcgat    114720
     gtgtgtcctg atggggatgg gcccatttca tcacagaact gagctcagag cagtcaaaac    114780
     gtaaccagga ggtttgttgc catcttgccc agtgacctat caggatggag gcaagagtgt    114840
     gacttggtca ccatcttgac gagtgacatc atcaagatga tgaaggctat ggaccaacca    114900
     catggcataa ctaagatggc aggtcccctt accacggaga cgtcagagga tcactgcacc    114960
     cctagaagtt ctacaacaca ggcattcagt cccacgtcca aacccctgtc tggttttggt    115020
     tcttcaccta attcggtcat ggaaatggga gttccaaagg agatgccaac acacggactc    115080
     tgttgccagg gaagtcaacg tgctttcata tcaaactaag aaataaccat agtccgcttc    115140
     ggaggagttt ttgaaagtct gacatgttgt tttatatgat gtttttactg gtttttagag    115200
     gggtcttaga gatttcccag ccatgctccg agaattaacc aaacatcact gggaaatgac    115260
     tgacatggcc agacctggga ggttcatgtg aatttacagc aggccagggc tgtgtcttgg    115320
     aaaagtacag aagattagag acaagacgga tggtcaggtg ctaatcaagc tactgccagc    115380
     caggctcagg tcaccgtgca gccttttccg aaaagaaatt acccgactag gtttttggtt    115440
     ttttgttttt ttcttccctg ctttgtctct gtgtttcttt gtgcaacagt aggctcttct    115500
     tttctaacac ccagaggtat aaaaaacagt ttcataccaa gataaaagaa ctctcagatt    115560
     gtcagccaac aagaatcagc ccaaaccttg ctgctgggag gtgttcaccc ttcactgcca    115620
     tcatcatcac cactaccatc atcatcacca ttgtcatcac catcatctca tctctttaga    115680
     cgctgagaac tgggacagag gacactaact tgccccacag gcagggaggg accgtccctg    115740
     ctgagagaac agccagaggc cctgcctcac acggtccatc ctcttccttg ctgctgtacc    115800
     tgccccaggg tgtcgcacag gctacagacc ccagcagaca acaaaaagca ccatgtgtgg    115860
     aacacaaaaa actattcaag tagggccggc aagatggctc cgcgggtaaa ggtgtctgcc    115920
     accaacctga tgacctgaat tggatcctca ggacccacat ggtgagaact gacacctgta    115980
     agtcatcctc tgacatgggt accacgtgca catgggtacc acggtgcaca cacatccata    116040
     cacacactaa aacaaatata tagaacgcgt tttaaaaaga atgctctcac aacaaccaga    116100
     aagcccacgg gcaaaaacac gggcagaatg gataaagata aagcccacga acacctgccc    116160
     agaagtggaa acagatgtca cctctaacat ctggtgtgag aaaggaaatg ctggaagccg    116220
     aaaacacaga tctggtgcgg agagagccca cagctaaaga cacccagcta ttcctaacag    116280
     gaacggctct tgaattttcg ttccctcctt ttggggccga taagcgaata tatggtttta    116340
     actttcacct ggaagcgagc ctggggtgag ctcagctcac acattgttta aaaactcaag    116400
     tctcgggggt ttctgggctt ttcaggcgct ctaatgtaaa cacgcagcag agctgccccc    116460
     atcatccgag ctggagtcca aggaggagag caactctcga aacatctggg gatgtggggt    116520
     tggacaagcc caggccctgg aagctgactg cggagactga tggacattcc agagtctgaa    116580
     attcagctac taggcaggga ccagggctgg cttctaaatg ggacaaacac cctaaaagaa    116640
     tataggatgc aagcctccgg aggggtagca ggagggaagg cgataacatt tgccacttct    116700
     ctgaaactct caaactagtc tgcagtagtg aatatgtgtc tggaggggga agactagttt    116760
     ttgtttgttt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgttttttaa atctggaaag ttctgcccaa    116820
     atcgagcaac aggaaaggcc tggggaaggg agaaggagag tcagggtggg aagggacttg    116880
     cttggtttaa atcaaatgta ttctgattct gtgctattca aactaatttt taaatgcctt    116940
     acacaaagac ctactgccag acggactccc tgggatgaag agaagttttt ggtttttctc    117000
     ctaaatggca gagttgccac aaagcactac acttttaaag gaccaaggat ctgtttcgac    117060
     tctacccaaa tttctacgct ggcaggtatg tcctggatcc catattagac cctcatccat    117120
     gagtgggaat tcctcgatca gtgtgaccgt ggccaggcat cgcggccagt ccccagcctc    117180
     agcgttccca cccgggatgg agccacagaa agtctaggag tccagggcgt gggacaccgt    117240
     gcaggctaca gagtgggtag taccaacact gtccgggtcc cacgccgccg accctgaatt    117300
     tcacctggcg tcctttccgc accctgacgg gtcacgggga atactcaccg cgcgcgccgg    117360
     cggctcagca gcagcagcaa cagcaatagc acggccagga ggccgagcag agcagcccag    117420
     gacatggctc gagggtgtgc ggctgcaggg tggcaacaag tcaccgccac caacaccgga    117480
     ccgcaggatt ctcaacccag ccagccccaa aggccccgac tctaggggtc cgactggaaa    117540
     acgtggatgg agaggaagga gcgggaaggg agggatggcc gggctgccgc agaggagagg    117600
     agagggggtt ggggaggcgg gcccctggtg gtggtggaag ggggcagaga ggaggagact    117660
     ggaccaaagc ggaccagggg agccttccgg ccacattctt gcaaccacgg ttcccagccc    117720
     atcccccacg ccagccctgt ccccctcacc aggaactaaa gccacacaag actgccccaa    117780
     gcccacagac ctgactgtgg tgacgatcgc aagctgtctg tggtcatatt acattaggga    117840
     gtcaaacccc atccctgctt tacttacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    117900
     cacaccactt aacactctgg atggacttag cctagaggag tgtttctttc gaagaccaat    117960
     ggtcagggct atacttatct gagagcagcc aatgtgtctg ccaagaaaag gtgattgtag    118020
     actttctccc aggtgttagg gaaaggtgaa gctgggtccc ccaccctagt cctgacagtg    118080
     ttcctcttgt atgttcccat ctgctcctcc catcccccaa gttgttaccc cagctgaccc    118140
     tctggcttct gggttcattt tctgtagtca cacttcccca cagtaccaga gctgagcctg    118200
     taagccccag cacttggaag gtggaggcag gaggatgagg gggcattcaa ggccagattt    118260
     ggctacacag tgagttggaa accaatctga gctccatata cccagtcatc tctctctttc    118320
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctcacacac    118380
     acacacacac acacacacac aaacacacgc acacgcccta ccagaacctt ccctatactt    118440
     gcccagagcc taccatccta ccacagctcc ttgtcactca gaacacagct acattcctac    118500
     atgctccctc cagaacaaac acatttgctg aggccaccct taccagtaaa ccttgtcctc    118560
     tacccgaaag agcaagccaa ttaactgata ctcaggtcca aagcccacta ctttggtttc    118620
     tctgtatttc tgaagcaatc aggggaaaag gctgacaaag gagagtggac ttgtttatcg    118680
     gccaaagcag gctaagacct attctctctc tccatgtcta tggcaggtct taacatttat    118740
     agacacccat gagacaaagg ccagagggta agcagatggg tagattcagc tgtgggagtt    118800
     ttgccagtcc ttctctattt tccaggaagg tgactggcgc cccaggttga cccgttacct    118860
     gggttgtcag catgaggggc tgttgtatgt tcacaagtta agctgacaga caccaccaac    118920
     actttgtcta ttcctccgtc tggatgaata tgagatgcca tgtcacctat tggacccaca    118980
     tggacatttc tgagctgtgc ccctctcagg agctgagagg aaagcctgag tgggaagagc    119040
     gcttgcttct gcctgagctc ccagccgcag cgatgctggg aggagctggt acaagccagc    119100
     ctgctctgtg ctggtatgtc tgtggtccag gcagatttgg cctctcaccc tacatctttt    119160
     tttggttttt tgagacaggg tttctctgta tagctctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactttat    119220
     agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatct gcctgtctct gcctcccaag ctcagggatc    119280
     aaaggcatgt gctaccatgc ccagctgccc tgcatctttt gatttttatt ttcttcccgt    119340
     gtctcagtgc cttttctact tagagctcat tgctgcttag tggcccctcg ttacagggcc    119400
     tcttcacttg gtctgatctg ataatacgag gagagagcag caggcacaga gcagtgcctg    119460
     acgcctactt tcttgaccaa aatgaagcct atgggggccg ttttcatcca aaccaggatc    119520
     caagctcaga atttccctgc ctggggaatg ttgcctgagt cttcccatat caggtaattt    119580
     aggcagtttc tcatggacac agccacagat tataccaata taaaagcccc ctcatacttt    119640
     cttcccaggt tgtatcaagt tgtcacaata accatcacac acaatagtcc accgagatta    119700
     gtgttttagg gttgtaacca aagtatcagc agatacaaag tttcaaaaac acgttccaag    119760
     acaaccaaag aaggctgaag agtttagagc tgcatctgca gtcctttggg gaaccagtgt    119820
     ttaatcctct aaactattag aatgtgcttg taacacaagg gcttaggcac atctaattta    119880
     tcagtgctca aaaatgatga tgactgcgca tggtgatgca caccctaatc tcagcagtag    119940
     agaggcagaa gcaagtggat ccctccgagc gagctggaag ccagcctcct ctacagagca    120000
     agttccaggc cacccaaggg tgtatagagg ccacccagca agttgttctc tgactttcac    120060
     atgagagagg gagggggagg aggggagggg aggggagggg aggggagggg aggggagggg    120120
     aggggagggg aggggagagc atggcacatg tgtaccatca cacatttaaa ttttttgcag    120180
     ccatataaac cagtggttct caacttgggg gttgagactc ctttgggggt caaatgaccc    120240
     tttcacagag tgtacatcag atatcttgca gatcagatac taacattacg atgtataaca    120300
     gtagcaaaat tacaattatg tagtagcaat gaaaataatt ctatgtgttt gtgtgggtgg    120360
     gagggggatc accacaaatg aggagctgca ctaaagggct tcagtgttag gaaggttgag    120420
     gaccactgat ataaaccttt aaaaagtctc tgaaagccgg gcagtggtgg cacatgcctt    120480
     taatcccagc acttgggagg cagagacagg tgaatttctg aatttgaggc tagcctggtc    120540
     tacaaagtga gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc aaaacaaaac    120600
     aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac gtctctgaaa gctggccaac ataatcttta cattgctaga    120660
     agaggatgtt atcctgaaaa tctgaaggcc tggatgttgt agtttctttt tctgttgctg    120720
     tgatgaaaat gtcccaacaa aggcaggttg agggtgggag ggtgacttat agatcaagag    120780
     tgcagcctat catggtgatt aagacagagc ttgaagctca ccatgtctca tcttcaatcc    120840
     agagattaaa agtgatgagc acatgagcca ctcagctctc ctcaccattc atatccacat    120900
     agagtcagga tcccacctag ggaatggtgc cacccacagt ggacgtgtct tctcagctaa    120960
     tgctattaag acaactgcct tagactgatc tcccaggtga ttctacactc tggttggcag    121020
     tcagccttaa ccatttcacc atatttgtga aatatttctc tttaaaccac ttttttttcc    121080
     tctctttcaa aaatttggct ggaataagaa aacttattgt ttggagacaa ggtttctctg    121140
     tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcactct gtagaccaga ctggcttgga actcagtgat    121200
     tcaccagcct ctgcctcctg agtgctggga ttaaaagcat gtgccaccac gcccagcaga    121260
     attagggctt ttctgttatt tggagcggtt aagttggctc agctgtcaaa ggcacttgtg    121320
     gctgagtctg atgactagaa ttcaatcccc agaacctact tggtgaagga cagaagcaac    121380
     agctgcagtt gatctctgag ctccacatga cagctgtgga tcatgggcaa cagcaggcac    121440
     acctcccaca tacgctgaca agcaataaaa tactttaaaa acaaaaaaac aaaaaaaacc    121500
     aagtgacttc tagtgttatg tatcaacaac aattacaaaa ctcttttgaa tttcacttca    121560
     tagctaaact tgtaagtggc tcttggcagc ttcaaagatg ttacttgtct aattaacacg    121620
     tgtgtgaaat catgtcttac tccaggcaat ctgactcagg aaaagtctaa gggcttattt    121680
     ggttttggtt ttctattttg tctctgaatc tttcttgtgt gagtatgtgt gcatgtgtgt    121740
     gtctgtatgt atgtgtattt ctgtatgtct gtgtatgtgt ttagatacac ttagaggcta    121800
     aagttgaagc tggcctccac atgtcatatg agtatacatg tgtgagaaag tgtgtggatt    121860
     ttcccaagtg cagtacccaa gatgtccaga agagagtgct agatctcctg gggggagatg    121920
     tgagccacct gaggtaggtt ctagaaccca acctctcggc aaaagtagca cacactctca    121980
     aacactaagc tctctcttgg cttacactta cacacaagtg tatatacaca tacacactga    122040
     aaatatttaa taaaaagaat ctttaacaag catcgacatt taattcatga atttgtgtct    122100
     gtgcatgtga gtgcagtgcc cacagaggcc agaagagggc gctagatact ctacagctag    122160
     agttataggg catttgtgag gggtcccatg tgggtactag gagccctact tgggccatct    122220
     gcaaaagcaa ctatatcttc tgcccagcct tcttttattt taaattacag catgcatctg    122280
     gagctcagag gacgacttgt agaagttggt tctctcattc aaccatgtgg gtccctgaaa    122340
     ttgaacgcag gtcctcatgt ttgaggacca gtgccttaat cttttgagcc atttgccagc    122400
     ctgagcatca gtgaacttat atgttgtcct cccttcctaa aatctattta acaattacaa    122460
     gcctgaaaaa taagcctgca gtaataacaa tgttgatgaa catcatttag atggatttga    122520
     tctcagctcc acaattatgc atcaagctat ttatacatcc gaggaagctc atgtgtagca    122580
     gcctccatat atcaagaaca tgtcataagg cagttagtta cattcggatc ccccttgtgt    122640
     atttcaaata atgtatttta attagcataa aatactttta tagactcttt tgtgtgtgtc    122700
     ctttgtctac tcagtaagaa aataaatgta aatttaattt cttttttaga atctagttta    122760
     gaaaaatttt gttatcaata tccttatact aatacaaaca ttcttaaaac ttttctcctg    122820
     tggtgtggtg gcatggctca gttggtaaag gtgcttgctg ccaagtctaa cgtccatggt    122880
     tcaatccctg gaacccacat ggtgggagca gagaactgac tcccacaggt tgttccctga    122940
     tcttttcatg tgcacagtgg catgtgagtg cccccccccc ccatacaagt aaatggtttt    123000
     aaaatggtgt tcaaatttaa atgcaaatag atagatagct ttgctgggaa ttttggcttt    123060
     ctggatcttt acccaacaac agcggtactc cagatctaag caatatcacc accacccatg    123120
     cctcagacat ctgatgtagt taaggtggta agggtctaaa cgtctaaacc atttcttctc    123180
     ctcaaatgtg gaaataaaga ttcagacaga atccaacggg tgtgacagtg cacaccttta    123240
     atcccaccgc tctagagaaa aaggcaggga aatctctgag tttcaggcca gcctggtcca    123300
     catagagaac tctaggacag ccaagattac atagtgagac tctgtctccc cctgccaaga    123360
     aaaaaacaac aacaacaaaa ataaaaaaca aagcaaacaa acaaacagaa attctgtctt    123420
     gaaaaaacaa atgaagcaaa acaaaaatta aaattaaact aactagccag gcagtggtgg    123480
     cgctcgcctt taattccagc acttggaggc agaggcaggt ggattcctga gttcgaggcc    123540
     agcctggttt acagagtgag ttctaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtctcg    123600
     aaaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaaaatta aactaactaa ataactcaca atctggatag    123660
     atgccacata gggcggtgtg gaagaacaaa ctcagatgga cccagggccc agctaaacaa    123720
     ggcccagggc aggctcagtg gtgccagacc agcccaaaga tgttcccgca ggccaagcga    123780
     gacctcttgc aaacaaaacc tgtcctgagc atccttgtca tatagccaag caacgcctca    123840
     gctcaggcct cagtgacagg cgtctccaag gcccctgact tctttcaaaa catctttaca    123900
     aacccatgcc aagacaaaac aaaaccaggt cctgaccccg gcattcacca gggacattcc    123960
     agaccataac acagactagc acattcccaa aataagaccg ggtggagtct aaggtctcgt    124020
     cacccatgca gcacccatct gtgcagcacc catggcctcc agagagacac cctcaaatgt    124080
     cagctaacat cttagcccct tacagctaga ctcgagcact cagccacttc cctccagtga    124140
     aaatgaagct aaacgtcacc agacactggg gtccacaacc tgctgcctct gtttctctgt    124200
     gtttctgaag aaatcaggaa ccatgaaaga tttaagaaga actcaattcc tatccatcta    124260
     ccatggcaac cttattatct aaagaaaccc acaagacaag agccagaaga tgggtagatt    124320
     tagccgtgag actctcaggt tggtccttgg tgtgtgtggg acttcagctg gcttttctgc    124380
     gttgagtcca atggcagcat ggaggacctg ctgtgtcttg tcatggaggc aagttgcact    124440
     gtggtaatct cacactgacc ccagggcctt tgcttgccac tccctggctt cagaaccttc    124500
     tcccttgaga gctttgcaca gcttactcct atgctgtatc tccaagtctc tgcacggctg    124560
     ttccctcctc agagaagcac ctgactgtcc tagcttattc ctgttgctgt gatcaaaaaa    124620
     gagacaaaca acatgggaag ccaggagtgg tggctcacac agatctctgt gagtttgagt    124680
     ctagcctggt atctatagta agttccagga cagctggtct acacagggag accctgtctc    124740
     aaaacaaaac aaaaggaaaa aaaatcaccc tgaccaagtc agtagatggg tgggtgtggg    124800
     gtggtctctg ccagctctcg gctccttcac agcaggggag ccaaggcagg agctagaagc    124860
     tgctcttcac actagaccca cacagaaaag agcagaggga gatgaacaca ggcatgctca    124920
     cctttcagcc gctactctta tagtgcaagc cccaccccac ttctaggcaa tggctcctcc    124980
     tgctttcaag gtggctcttg tcccatcagt aaaggccatc aaggtaagtg cccaaggtgt    125040
     gcccacaggc taatctggtc tagacttcct ctcattgaga ctctttccgg atgattctag    125100
     attgcatcta attaacatat gaaagccacc atcagcctga tgtcagtctg acagtcactg    125160
     aatacttcct tgtacctttc cctgtggctg cttctttggg gccctctctc ccctatacct    125220
     ccccttcccc ccatgtctcc gtttcccaaa ccctgctgtc acttaaactt gagggactcg    125280
     cttgcctgct tgcctacctc acattggcct tcaagacagc tacatggatc tcgagtgaac    125340
     gcaaaagact ggagacaaag actatttcca gatgcccctg tttatgcatg ctgtctgttg    125400
     gctgctgaag ccaacaatcc ccacgaggct atgaatgagc tttggggtgc tcctcccaga    125460
     acgctcactc ccgaaagctc agggtcacag actggctgcc agttgcctcg gtttttatta    125520
     tttttattat tactattatt attattacta ttactattat tatttagcca cagcaggaca    125580
     gtggtccatc acaggctaag ggataccagg ctccagttga gggagcttgg aagagcttac    125640
     atggtgggac atgcctgtaa ggccagcact tcagaggaca ggattctggg gtcatcctca    125700
     gctacatggt gggtttgagg ctagcctgga ctacttaaga ttttgtttca gagctgagac    125760
     atgactaatt aaaagccttt gttgtggctg ggtgtggtgg cgcacgcctt tagtcccagc    125820
     actcgggagg cagaggcagg cagatttctg agttcgaggc ctgcctggtc tacagagtga    125880
     gttccaggac agccagggct atacagagaa accctgtcta ggaaaaaaaa aatcaaaaaa    125940
     caaaactcaa aaaaacaaac aaactctctc tgcctctcaa aatccccacc cctcctgctt    126000
     cctctccacc ctccacacct cttacccccc ccccagggtt ttaaggaatc tgctgagggg    126060
     gtgacagctg ctgttgcttc aaaaaggaag gtgaggcctc ttcagaagat gacctcaggc    126120
     ctatggtgcc aggatgacca gggtgacaag ggtgaccagg gtgaccaggg tggggtggtc    126180
     agggcatcta gggtggtcag ggtgaccggg gtgtccaggg ttaccagggt ggccagggtg    126240
     accagggtgt ccagggtgac caggttggtc aaagtggcca gggtggagat caatgacccc    126300
     aggctagtcc ctcaccttcc ctgagcctcc ctcaaatgcc taacagtgaa tagctaggac    126360
     tcggggcaga gggagatgcc agtgaagttc taaccttggc atggggcagg gcaggtaggg    126420
     cttctcagtg gtaagagaca cttgctacca agtctgaagc ctcaagttca gtggacagaa    126480
     ctcgtggaag gagagaacca gatgccatgt tccccggtgg gactccacct tgtaccacgg    126540
     catgcgcgca cacacaaaaa tacatgcaca cgataaataa ttaaaatata ataatttcac    126600
     aaataaacct gccaacccca gcgtggaagc ctccttgtgg ggtctgaagc cctgtgtcct    126660
     gcaggctctc agttggtaac aaaccccagc acttccctgg aaaagtctgt gcgtccagat    126720
     gttccctgtc cacagcaggc caacagctgg gtgagtctct tcttcctggg gctgcttggt    126780
     cacaaggaag tatcaggtca caacccctca accaatgggg ctctgcctgg gaacacacag    126840
     ctccttgctc cctattatat cttgctttct cctcccagga ttctgtctgc ttcatgtctg    126900
     tggcctaaag actgtccaga agggaacaca gcacacattg ctctcttcaa agccctggct    126960
     tcaactggta gcttcggaca tctggacctt tctcatagcc catttaacct ttcaccttta    127020
     accctggaga gtgggtgctg ttattatccc cagttttcct atggtgaact caaaactcag    127080
     agaaggtcag taacttgccc aaggccacac agcctgtcct ggaggctggc agatgggatt    127140
     gtgatgtcct ccctgtcctt gctcacttgg ctctgctttg aacacaggcc ttggggctcc    127200
     gtccttggct tgtgctgtct gcagcctgga tgcctcctct tccactctct gtgggtaaaa    127260
     acatcagcta tgggaacagg tgtttggtca gctcccccat cagtcagaac gggaagaggt    127320
     gtgccatgca ctaagacttg tagttttctg ttgctgcagc ggaaactcct gagatgctaa    127380
     cccagagacg gaggatcctt gcggcctcat ggctgcagag gcgtcagctc tggtaacaat    127440
     gggtctgtga tgtggtggga gctggtgact gaaggggggt ctgctcatag cacccaagaa    127500
     gcagaggggt gggaggctag gggtcacccc caccttctag ttcccatcac ttctgagagg    127560
     tccatccact gacttactta cccaagggtg atgaatctat tgcggagatc agacaaccgc    127620
     cccccccccg cgcccccccc ccccgctttg attcagccat cttcccaaag cccacctctg    127680
     aataccacat ggggaccaca ccttcaatgc ataaagccag ggtacatttc acctccaaac    127740
     tagaaaggaa tgcacttgag aggaagccaa aggaggctgg gagaaaggga aagtggagag    127800
     agggagggag ggagggaagc tgtgggggag ggggaggcag aaagggagaa ggaggaacgg    127860
     ggccagctgc aaggagttct aagaagccag aggactctgc ctcccccaca gagcaccagg    127920
     acagcaggac taacgcctag tgcatagggg agccatggtc tctgcacttt aggccccaac    127980
     gaggaagccc caagaagccc ttgagagctg cacagatgtc cctctcatct cctcagtgta    128040
     aaggagacag ccttctcagg tgctaaagaa tgaggtgaca ataggggcgt gccccacccc    128100
     ccatccgctg cagagtctct gctaatgcct ggtgaaagtc tgcatgccag gggaggtagt    128160
     gggcagggtg gggaccaggg aaaactggat ggtggtgtcc catcccaaat aacccaggcc    128220
     ctcagttcta gcctacagct gagtagagag acaggccctt acgcccaggt ctcctgactt    128280
     cagagaagcc agaaatagcg gctcaaatta tttcaaaaca caggacagcc aacaacatat    128340
     atctgtctct tcgtttgatc cccggagtct tgctgtgcca agtaagggct tgtgttctgg    128400
     aacaatctgt agttgtcggt aaaagaaccg acctcaaggt actgtgagac caaagagagt    128460
     ggtagataga cccacagtgg ccgagtgtga cccacaggac ctcagttatg gacacttagt    128520
     gacagcaaga ccaagtggct tgcacagaaa cggtggggac aaagatgact ccatccttgc    128580
     tgcacagtgc tggtttgtct gacactgaga tggtggtggg gtgtagtcct ggtctcatgc    128640
     aatgtgagct cccccaacct cttttcctta caactgtaag aagcatccag gtcaggcaca    128700
     gaggtcagga ctcgggtgac attgacacca cgatttagtc aagctggtgt ttgcctggga    128760
     gctggctccg tgggtcaaag caggtgttgc acacacctga caactttgtc ttctgtcctc    128820
     tatatggtca tgtggggcac tcgcacaaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacgcacgca    128880
     cgcacgcacg cacgcacgca cgcacacaca cacacacaca cacgcacgtg cgtgcgtgca    128940
     caacaacaac aactaaaata gaaagagcaa aatataatca taaatatcct caccagggac    129000
     ttagtctcca gcacctgcca gcctctctgt tgggaccagg gacttagtct ccagcaccct    129060
     ccagcctctc tgttgggacc agggacttag tctccagcac cctccagcct ctctgttggg    129120
     aatttcagag gaggaagaaa gtgcctcctc cccttaagtt tgtgcagcag atgaagtggg    129180
     tctaggtcta aaagccaaag gaagcaagaa atgacttttc cccccaaacc taggtctgaa    129240
     agttctcagc tgctgcagtc tcccaagaga gagccaggat taggtaaaga atgtactcag    129300
     aacagatttc ggggtggagg gggcaaaggg ggagggcagt ccagacaaac acagcctgct    129360
     agtctaagtc caccttggcc tcagctgaga ctgggagaca gcattcacca atctctctct    129420
     ctctctctct ctctctccct ctctctctct ctctctctct cttccacctc tgagtgcccc    129480
     aggactggac tgggacacgg gcagccacat ggctcctggg cagtcacttt ggcagtccac    129540
     agtggaaaaa ttgatgtagc cctcaacctc cttaagtcct gtgttcctgc ccaagagcga    129600
     gcctggctgg gtggacagag aaaagaggcc ccacaacccc atcactttgt cccacacatc    129660
     ccaggcctgg cttgttctcc tgcttctgtg caagcctccc gctccccagc ctgggaacct    129720
     gccttcctct gtgggaatga gtaccatcat ggcgttctgc ctgtgtccag tgttgctgga    129780
     gggacccaat aagatggttg ggggtggggg gtggggggtg gataggacta gggttgccta    129840
     gcaaccctct cccttccttt ttaccaaagc agcacaaaga ttggggatat gagcaaagca    129900
     ggcagagggg acttcatgga ctttagagtg tgggtgatgg tcccccaaag cagctgaatg    129960
     agacagggga agtcacatgg ggttgggggc gggatgtcgg gggtggggag tgaggggtgg    130020
     ggaagcatca acggtgatat ccagggaagc ttcagcaaaa cctttggggg ggggggaaga    130080
     ggggggaggg gcagacaaca caccttaaat cccagcgctt gggaggcaaa agcagcttga    130140
     tcctctgtga atctgaggcc agcctggtct atatatatat atagtaagac ctgcctcaaa    130200
     acaaaacact tgccaggaag ttgcatttcc cactacttca aagggagggg gggttatagt    130260
     gggggtgggg gtgggaatgg tggtaggtgc ctatcgtccc agacctggag aggctgaggc    130320
     aggaggactg tgagtttaag gccagcctgt gttacacagc aagaccctgt ctcaaacaaa    130380
     caaaacagat cagtttccaa atgacattgg ggtgaaatgt ggtgtgttct tgttgttgtt    130440
     cttgttttga gacaggatat atattctaag ttggcctcaa acttagagaa gtggggagaa    130500
     tcctcctgcc tcagcctccc cagtgctggg accatcatgc ccagctgtaa acctttaaaa    130560
     acaaatgaca atcgtgtcct tgaaggaact caacaaagca gaagtttagg aatgcaggag    130620
     gaacttgata actgaaaggt caaatgagca ggaggctgtc gggtcaggag gggtaggtag    130680
     ggtgcgtgtg tattctgctt cttagagata ctgagaaaag gaggcagagc atgtgcgcca    130740
     tcagatgctc agcatgtgct cagtgtcctg attgccctgg aggggctgat gtggcaggaa    130800
     atgactagac tcagggttta ggaagtgcct agggagccag gcagtaatgg cgcatgcctt    130860
     taatcccagc acttgggagg cagaagcagg cagatctctg tgagtttgag gccagcctgg    130920
     tctacagagt gaattctagg acagccaggg ctacacggag aaaccctgtc tcaaaaaacc    130980
     aacaacaaag tgcctgacta gctggggaga tggctcagag gttaagagcc cttgctactc    131040
     ctgcagaaga cccgggttcc cttcccagca tccacgtagg gtggctcact actgcctgta    131100
     actctaggtc catctgatgc cattttctga cttctgactg cacctgaaca catattgtgc    131160
     acacacacac acacacatta attaattaat taattttaaa agaaaaaaag gggggcagaa    131220
     tgcaagggat gatcaggaga ggggcacaga catcacaagt ctcatccacg tggctggcca    131280
     catgagcaga gaagcaagcc tgagcgccag aatgactgac cgcctctgtc cttccttcct    131340
     tccctcataa agccagctgg ctggagatga gacaggcggc ctttagggcg gtaacctgct    131400
     gccttctcag acttcaggct ctttggataa agcccagctc aaggactcag ttcctgcctt    131460
     gctcctcggc cactgcagtg atacacagtg agggccctgg ttacaatcac acacaggaaa    131520
     gagcagggcg ggaggacagg agaggagtga aagcagcaga ctggagccct gtgtggtggc    131580
     tcatgctcca aagccagagc tcaggaggtt gatgcaggag gattgctgtg agttcaagga    131640
     tagcctgaga tgcatagtga gttctagggt agcctgggct acagagcgag accttggctc    131700
     agacaaacaa acaaaaaagc atacttggaa gaagagtaaa ctggccttgc agaaaatgca    131760
     gtgatggaaa tagtcccagg agcagggggt tggtggaggg ggggagggcg ggggagaaga    131820
     actgagaagt gagagagcaa gcctggaaaa aaaaacctga taagtaagag cctgggagat    131880
     gaggtgatga ggcttagctg gagtcctcaa agacaccacg gaacaacgga aaagagtgaa    131940
     tatgcagaga catacagtga gcacagctgc agacccagca ctcagggggc tgcgccccaa    132000
     aggctagcct aagctacaca gtgagactca gtctctaaaa aaagcaaatg aaaagagaat    132060
     caggcatgga gaaaaacccc atgtcatagc acgtgggagg tggaggccag cttgggctcc    132120
     gggagacaaa cagggctgac acagggacat cagcacctgc cacgctctaa ataaataaat    132180
     gcacaaagat gcctctgggc tggagagatt attcggtggc taagagcatt tgcagaggac    132240
     ccaggctcag ttcccaagtt caattcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca accatctgta    132300
     aagggatctg atgtcttctt ctagtgtgtc tgaagacagc tacagtgtac ttaaatacat    132360
     taaaaataat aataataata aaaaaaaaga aaccagaaaa caaaaccata ctattattat    132420
     ggacttctct gggtccagag tcacagtgga actgtaaatt ccagtgggac tgaatttggc    132480
     tacaaggcct tcgtgaagta attagagcta aagggagtgc tggtgggcag ttatcctacg    132540
     ccagcaggat cagcacctca gctctgggtt tgattgagag accctgcctc agtgagaata    132600
     ggtagaaagc ttgataaaac aaactccagg cctccatacg ctcacacaca caccatatac    132660
     acatgcacac cacacaggca tgtacgcaca cagattcata cacacacaca cacacacaca    132720
     cacacacacc acaaacacac atgcaagcac acactacacc cacacagata cgcatactat    132780
     acacacatgt gcacatacac cacatattca agcgcacata cacacacatg cataccatga    132840
     atgtacattg taagtgcacc tgcaagcaca tatgcacaca cacacacacg tgaacgtaaa    132900
     tgaaacattt tttttttttt aaatagcggc ataaaagctg agcaggagaa ggtagtctga    132960
     gcagcaaggt gcacataacg gtgcacatag atgctctgca cagctgaggg aagtggcctg    133020
     gtagaaagct aatgtgctta gccttgtata tttaaataaa caggagaaga tacaaggaac    133080
     gaatgtgtcc agctgcagca tattgaacta atgcataaag ggtgtgctgt gaaaacagga    133140
     ggatctgagt tcaattcctg gctcccctga aaaaagccag ctgtggcagg tggtatatcc    133200
     cagtaacttc cccaccggag gcagaaacag atggatccca ggggctcagt gagcagccta    133260
     actcggtgag agattcagtt tctatatata aatggaggga aattaagaag gcacctaggc    133320
     aggtgtggtg gcacacgcct ttaatcccag cactcaggag gcaggggcag gaggatctct    133380
     gtgaattcga ggccagctgg gctacaagtg agaccctgtc ttaaaaagaa agaggtggga    133440
     ggaagagagg gaaggaggga tagagagaga gaggaaggga aggagagaga gacagggagg    133500
     aagggagaga gaaaggaagg aaagaaagaa taaatggaaa ggcgtctgac gtggacatca    133560
     actctccacg aggcagggag gtgtgtagct gagatgaact gaaattttct gtcatggagg    133620
     gaggctcctt agagcttgct gcctctgaga cttacctgat tctctcagcc ccgcccccaa    133680
     gctgaggccc aagccctgga ggaaagtctc tctgtggagc tgtttgagct tcaaggacag    133740
     gaaggcttat gggtacaaaa tgtctgtccc acccccattc cctcccacct cccaccccca    133800
     gaatgactgg gaaggtcaat gctcacaaag agaagtacca acagccttta actctcattt    133860
     taaaagtaat aatgaaaaac tacatgagca aaaacaccca aaaaattctc taggatgtta    133920
     gggctccctc aggtattact gttgattatt taagcttttt tttttttttg cactgatgta    133980
     tcaatagatt aatggaggaa aataacctgt gaataaaccc aaatccactc agaaattaat    134040
     atacagtaaa agtgtggccg attgtacttg ctcttattaa aagtttattt tatttttaat    134100
     tacatgcatg tggagggtgg ggcaggtagg tgcaggtgag cacagttgga agagttaaca    134160
     ccgaaaacca ctggtgagaa gatgtgttac tctgtgagtg gtactggggc aagctgagaa    134220
     attgtctaaa gtaattaatt caagatgcat gcttcacact tctgttagaa acactgtctc    134280
     tgggatccac aaagatatgc aggaccaaaa ctgagtagtc agtcatttga atcgatatag    134340
     cacccctagg ctcacgggaa gtggcactat gaggagctgt ggccttggag tgggtgtggc    134400
     cttgttgaag gaagtgtgtc actggctgtc ctggaactca cttttgtaga ccaggctggc    134460
     ctcgaactca gaaatccacc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggcatgggcc    134520
     accaccgcct gctggctgcc cctgtcttct tgctgcctgc ccatccagat gtagaactct    134580
     cagcttcttc agcaccaaat ctgcctgcct gctgccatgc ttcctgccat gaagataatg    134640
     tactaaacct ttaaagcgta agccagtgcc acttaaatgt tcttctccat aagagttgtg    134700
     gtcacggcat ctcttcacag caataaaatc ctaacttaga cacctggcaa ggcaatttct    134760
     ttttctttct ttcttttttt tttttttttt tgttttgttt tgtttgtttg tttgttagtt    134820
     ttggtttggt ttggtttttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttcaga aaggatactg    134880
     ttccatgagc caaaccaggc tagcaggcag gcttgggcag gacattcact tggtttttat    134940
     tttaacatgg gtgggtggca actgtgcctt ttcctgttgg ctggggttgg acctcacatt    135000
     cctttaaagt tggtataata taatctaaac aaaggaaaaa gcggcaaagg gatgttggct    135060
     gatctgagaa cacagcaggg cctctatgta agcaaacttt ttacaaggtc gggagactta    135120
     gctagaattg acccttggtg tgggggacta gctggatgga aaatagagca gccagggctg    135180
     gcagccacgc ctgcgatcac agcatttacg aggctgaagc aggtaggttg ctgcttactt    135240
     taggccatag tgggctatat agcaagacct tatctcaata aataaattaa attggattaa    135300
     attagattat tgtgctggct ggttttacat gtcaatttga caaagctaga gtaatcagag    135360
     aggagggagc ctcagttgag ggaatacctc catgagagcc agctataagg gcttttctca    135420
     gctaataatt gataggagag ggtccagccc actgtgggtg gggccatcac tgggctggtg    135480
     gtcctgggtt ctataaagaa gcaggttgag caagccatgg gaagcaagcc agtaagcagc    135540
     acccctccat ggcctctgca tcagctcctg tgccctccag gttcctgccc tgttttgagt    135600
     tcctgtcctg tcttccatta cggagggaca gtgctgtgga ggtgtaagca gaataaaccc    135660
     tttcctcccc agcttgtcat ggtgtttcat cgcagcaaca gaaaccccaa gacaattata    135720
     ttagaacaga ttaatgccag gataaaaaga aaagaattgg acatggtgga cccaccttta    135780
     atcccagcaa tcaagaggta gagttaggtg gatggatctt tgagttggag gccagcgtgg    135840
     tctacataga gttctaggac agccagggct acacagtgag aatctgtctc aaagaaacaa    135900
     aacaataaac aacaacaact aataataata ataataataa taataataat aataataata    135960
     agatccttcc tgtagccata tgtgcaaaat agttggctga taatctctgc caagacaagg    136020
     ttttcagccc ttcaaaattc tgcattacaa aggtctgcca gatgatcctg gaccagaagg    136080
     ctgaagactg atgctccaac ctttttaagt ataagagact gtccaggtca gtagtctcta    136140
     taaattggct aagttttaga agctaaattt tgtgcttttc atatttttag ataatattac    136200
     tcatttttgg atttctgatg gggttgaaga ctggtagtct catagctaac caagctgttt    136260
     agcattgaga aagaaaataa agatctgaaa ggatggtttt cagatgattt ataatctaaa    136320
     gtcaggatgt gagtaaggta tataattata aatcttttaa gataggatag atgggctgga    136380
     gagctggctc agaggttaag agcactgatt gttcttctga aggtcctgag ttcaaatccc    136440
     agcaaccaca tggtggctca cacccatcta tagtgagatc tgacgccctc ttctggtgtg    136500
     tctgaagaca gctacagtgt acttacatat aataaataaa taaattttta gccgggtgtg    136560
     gtggcgcacg cctttaatcc cagcattcgg gaggcagagg caggcagatt tctgagtttg    136620
     aggccagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg    136680
     tctcgaaaaa accaacaaaa caaaacaaga taggctagat gagacagagg ttctatttaa    136740
     ttaacaaaga tgatagatta ggtattaggt ctcttgtact ttataaatta caaaatagta    136800
     atagttgtgt tcgattatat ctgaaataaa gtagtctttt aattgaacag aaaggggaaa    136860
     atgttgtaga tagccctggg gctaattata tttgatgtta attctggtct cctgggaggg    136920
     gttgccaaca ggactgagtc ctgtaaacct gcttcccacc ttcatttata aataaaggct    136980
     cgagctggtg attgggcaga gaaggagggg aaggtggagc tgaaggtttt aggagagaaa    137040
     gagagggggt gacagagaaa ccgcaagttt taaggggtct cttatatggg gaagatggca    137100
     gtgtagtggt agaccgccca atctaggtgc acagcatgga ttcatattaa ctgagttgtg    137160
     ttttctttgc ctgggcttat ttgggttgga gagttaccgc aacacatgtg tagttacccc    137220
     tgttacccca gactcaggag gcagaggcag gaggctctgg agttcaaggt cagcttcagc    137280
     caaatagcaa gtttgaggcc aggcaggaca atgccagacc atgtttcaca aaaaccaaaa    137340
     caataacaca acagctgcca ccctgacaga agggtggtgg gctgggaagg ggtgggctgg    137400
     gggagtgggg gatggggtgg gacttcttca taatcttgga aagagcccca caccctcctt    137460
     actagtcctg atcccggtag tcaccccacc ttctagctgg ggtgagctga ggcccagaaa    137520
     caggaatcaa gttctcacgg tgaggcagtt ctgcttctgg tctaagtttt gccatctcag    137580
     cccagtgctg ggtgaccctg acctcagcaa ggtctacacc acccaggcca tcggactgac    137640
     agcagcttta aagtggaggt caccctggtg gcgggaaaac acgggcaaaa accagcattg    137700
     tctccttgga aggaaaagct gacagagcac ttagaagaga caggaccagc cactccagcc    137760
     cagggaggaa cagagcaaga caacccccaa ctaccactcc tgcccccaca aacacttgtc    137820
     ataggctcat ctggagggct tagtcctcca agagagagtt tggttggctg atcgatcctc    137880
     tctctgtctc tctctgtctc tgtctctgtc tctgtctctg tctctgtctc tctctctctc    137940
     tctctctctc tcacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    138000
     acacaccctg cccattaact tgaatggaca gcaaacaagg aagagggtct ggagagtgct    138060
     tgcccatttc atagatgagg aaagtggagc ccagggaggc ccaggtgagg tggctacaga    138120
     gctgccatat ggggtctgtg gtgttagcag gagcctggtc acccttccct tcttagacaa    138180
     tggctggcgg aacacctcat cctccctgta ggatccagtg tctgggtctg cccagaagag    138240
     gcctcaggac agggcacagg aaactgcctc agactggcct cacccaggct ggggcctctc    138300
     ctgttaccat gaccagcggt gaactggctc ccttcaaacc ctcagcccag ccctgtagtt    138360
     ttaaaaagaa actgtggcca ggggcgatgc ctgttttcca aattgcattt tttccaacac    138420
     gtacacacag tgctaaccaa actaaatatg cctggagctg gagacttccc aagcttcata    138480
     agccctggaa tgttcccttc tgagcacaga aatgaaggcc ctatttacac agttttgctg    138540
     aggggggact tgggtagcag agtccccaaa ttcagttctg cccccaaaga tcccctgcag    138600
     aaactaacac aggaattggt tggagcccaa ggatctgaat tcaaatctca gctctgacac    138660
     taactgtgag gtcccgggtc agtgacctaa cctctctggg cccggaggta gtggggtaca    138720
     gatagtcaga cagcagctta gtccagagga aatttctcaa aaggcattgt tggatctcta    138780
     tctagctgac ccatggccat gaccctcagc tgcaaggaat cagagactag ctgtgcttac    138840
     tcagacagga tcagcttcct ggggtgctgg ggagtcaagc cactgttggt gggtctcctt    138900
     cctctcccag actcccagac tcccagatgg tgtctgcctg gcgccacctt agtgacaggg    138960
     aaataaatgg agccctctgg aggaagatga aggtgaggag gggccactga gccagcctca    139020
     gggagccccg gaagctcaca gccatgccca aggcagcctt agctcagggg actgactaca    139080
     aagctatctt tccctgtgct tccgttgctg gtgatgacac aagacacaga ggtgtctaca    139140
     ctcctctccc ctgacacatg tcactcggaa aggacctcat tggccaacaa aatggcagct    139200
     cgttgtcagc tcatgccaga gagcttgtgg gccgaatctt ggtttcagga acactgaacg    139260
     ccaaggctcc aaagacattg tctactttca cctctgttgc tccctgcaga ctgactcgcc    139320
     ctgagatgga gtttgctgag agtttccctg agtctgtgac gtcattctca gtttatttcc    139380
     acgtgtgctg ccactgaggt aggccataaa atggctttag tggatggaat ggaggtgagc    139440
     gcttgttatc gctcctgacc tgggcctcca tgaaatgcct tgtctttgtc cactggagag    139500
     ctacagtgac tgtcaaatga agaatcacgt aagggccttg gaatggggac agcatcggtg    139560
     acaacactgt cagtggccac ctattggggt gcatacgaga gtgtacatgc acagatgtgc    139620
     acatgcgtgt ggagggcaga gggcagaggg caacctctgg cactggtcct cgggtgcggc    139680
     ccacctgtga tttatttaaa tacttacttg cttattttta aagagggtgt cgcctcagcc    139740
     tggagctcag ccaatgggca aggctggctg gcaagcctca ggcaccctta aaaccatcac    139800
     gcttggcttg gagttggact tcagtcttca tgcttttcct gtaggtgttt tgtttttgtt    139860
     ttttgttttt gtttttgttt tttttgagac agggtctttt tttttttttt tttttaatgt    139920
     agtcctggct gtcccggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcaaact cagaaatctg    139980
     cctgtctttg cctcccaagt gctgggatta aagacatgtg ccaccactgc ccagctcctg    140040
     taggcgtttc actcagagtc atctcctctg cctttgacaa gatgtgagtc cagaggactg    140100
     aaacctcttg gggataaatc tttcttgggt cctgtctgtt ctcctgccca cggctgtggg    140160
     acctgcgcac agtaggaact tcctgttgtg ggacctgcac acactgggaa cttcctgctg    140220
     tgggacctgt atacagtggg aacttcctgc tgtgggacct gtacacagtg ggaacttcct    140280
     gctgtgggac ctgcacacac tgggaacttc ctgctgtggg acctgcacac actggggaac    140340
     ttactgctgt gggacctgca cacagtagga actcagagcc tctagagtaa gttctattcc    140400
     tgtttgggcc tgtttctgtc tcctccagga agagatgctg atggggacct tccctcctct    140460
     ttctggaagg gggagggcct ggtgagggtg tggtgccggt cagtgctcag agcatcacta    140520
     cagaagtgaa tcataacact tcccagctgg aggctgggta gagataaggt atgtgaggag    140580
     gattggtgaa gcctgcgtgg ctaaggcgct tactgggctg gaacttctca gcagcatgat    140640
     tagacctcag tgcctgccag ggatgcagcc ggggacctaa gccaaggctg acctaaagcc    140700
     aaagtgctga ccagctttca agggggatgc cccaggcacc tgactcagac tgacacagac    140760
     tggctacagt ggcccgccct gcttctggag cctgtgtcta gtcaaatcct taggaacctg    140820
     caggagaaat gtccagtcgt ggtgacacat gctaccgtgg catattgaag agcccacata    140880
     catgaaggcc gagctatgtg tgtggggcca acaggatggt ctgcgttcca tgctgggacc    140940
     cacatgatgg agggagagag ctgatttcct cacagtgtcc tccaacgaga acgtgcacct    141000
     ctgaactcta cacacaggcg cacaggcaca caaacggaaa taagtaagat gcaaaataaa    141060
     taaataaata aaaagattaa attcctggtt taaaagcgga atgagaaagc caggcacggc    141120
     ggaggctcac gccttcaatc ccagctcctg ggaggcagcg ccaggaagat cactgtgagt    141180
     ccgagtcagc ctggcctgca tagtgagctc cagccctgcc agacctcaga aaaggaagag    141240
     aaacagaggc ccagagacgg ccaaacatgc ttgtaccatg agcctgccat ttgacactgt    141300
     attggggatg ctagctccca gcctggtgtc tgcaggaacc tccagcaaaa tagaggagac    141360
     ccaagggtct tacatacagg gagcatagca agtgcaaatg cccacggtca acagaaacca    141420
     ggcactctcc atactagaga gaggtgcttc atacccaggg tctggctcat ttgtgggaag    141480
     aggggcttta gagagagcaa tggaggcccc agagcctgtt tccaagtatg atccacacac    141540
     cagcagcatc aggcaatgca gcaggattgt cagagctgat tggcacatgt gtctgggacc    141600
     tgccatttgc accgcttcgc ccaagggatt cccaaggaat tctgaagcac tcaacatttc    141660
     tgtcagctga gtcgctgctg atatcccagt taagaacaac ttggtctcag acaagcctgg    141720
     cttcaagtct cagttctgct gctttccagc atggcgctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    141780
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctcggata ttgctcaggg tcttccctca gtggagacat    141840
     ctgacaatat ccccacacag gtgcaggtga aggcagccat tgctcagggc tggctgtttt    141900
     agttaggcct acccaccccc actgaggtta tagatgtgtg ctgccacacc cagctttttc    141960
     gaaggttctg ggatctgaac ttaggtcccc acgttcacat ggtgagcgca ttcacccact    142020
     gacccctcct cctcagggtg tcttagggtt ttactgctgt gaagacacat acatcattac    142080
     ctcatacagg ggagcagctg ggagcctaga cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    142140
     gagctcctgt ccactcagca atggatgtta acctcagcta tgacgaagtc tcttcggtgg    142200
     cagacctctt gtatgtgtgg gagggctggg gatcagggtg tggcacagtg tctggtcata    142260
     agaggcagct gtcaatgcat atacaggtgt gctggtgagg gcagacagag acccactgag    142320
     ggtggctttg agtgacagat tacaggaggg gccaaactca gcacaacacc atcagacctt    142380
     caccaattac tccactggtg ctgcctagag aatgggatgc agagggaagc aggcaggact    142440
     aagatggcgt cttctggaga agctaaatac ttacggggga ctctccttcc tgcctgtgtg    142500
     ggcagcgaga ggcttagaga cagagagaca gaacccacaa tccaggggga gggggaaagg    142560
     ccaaaggtca gaggtcagta gaaaatgtcc ccaactcgca aaaacagtgt gtctcctccc    142620
     ttggtgttca tgccacccag agccacccca ctgccagtgc ggtcaggtcc tgggggagga    142680
     gtggaatcta aaatatgttt tggtttcctt aaaggtattt gggaacaaaa tgatacgttt    142740
     ctgtctctct gttttgattt tctttttttt tttttttttt ttttaagagg gggtggtggt    142800
     ggtggagaaa acacacagtt gattcaaaaa acctgccggg agactgttgt cctagaccca    142860
     aaatatttca tttatacaga tgatacaggt agttggtata agggcctacc tgaggcttga    142920
     aggaagtggg tgtgacagca gagtcatcaa gctccgagtg acagagtgac agctgctctg    142980
     aggagcactg ccctgagtgg tggacgcaga gaaagtaccc tccagctgcc atttcctgcc    143040
     tcctctgacc tctggtgacc cctacagatc tcagtgggcg gccacaggaa ggcaatgcat    143100
     gcttccttta ggaaatagag tctatcaaga acaaagaagg gccagacagt tgtggcactt    143160
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tggtttttcg agacagggtt tctctgtata gccctggctg    143220
     tcctggaact cactttgtag accaggctgg cctcgaattc agaaatccgc ctgcctctgc    143280
     ctcccaagtg ctgggactaa aggcgtgcgc caccacgccc ggctcggcag cacactttta    143340
     accacgcact tgggagggag aggcaggcag acctctaagt tagaggctag cctcctctac    143400
     agagtgttgt gggtgggcct gttgttgttt gtattttgat gttaagtttg ttctcctggg    143460
     aggtactaca gacaaggagt gagtcactca agtgatttct tgtgaaccaa ctccctaatg    143520
     aatacagagc cattcactgg gtgagtaaga gggacttcca ggttggacgg aggaagcagg    143580
     agagagttag atctttttgg acagggatag cgtgaggaca agaggacaag atgtagttac    143640
     aagtgtctcc cagtttcaat ggcagatctg tcaggattca ccactggagg atttagattt    143700
     ttttttttaa agatttattt attattatac ataagtacac tgtagctgtc ttttagacac    143760
     accagaagag ggcgccagat ctcattacag atggttgtga gcctccatgt ggttgctggg    143820
     atttgaactc agtacctttg gaagagcagt cagtgctctt acccactgag ccatcatgcg    143880
     agcccgagga tttagattta ataaggctta caagattagg attttagttg ttgcacccag    143940
     cgattaattt accgttgttt ctgaactaag tttgtgttgt gttttccttc acacagtggc    144000
     tcatctgggt ttaagagaga aagtagcaaa gcgagggttt gcctgagatg caccacaaag    144060
     gctgtggggg atttgaagca cagggttggc gtggcagtaa tccaccagtg ggaacctagt    144120
     gagctgggtg aagagatttc ggagttctga gtcagagtct ccacaaaata aaaacaggtc    144180
     ggcctttgcc gccagtgcat agccaaccag gccgccaggg cagagagtta ccggcacaag    144240
     ctcccgaccg tgtcagttgg atttttaaaa tatttcccac agggctggtg agatggctca    144300
     gtgggtaaga gcatccgact gctcttccga aggtccagag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca    144360
     tggtggctca caaccatccg taatgagatc tggctccctc ttctggagta tctgaagaca    144420
     gctacagtgt actttcatat aatcaataaa taaatcttaa aaaaaaatat ttcccacaat    144480
     aacagagtga gttccaagat ggccagggct acacggagaa accctgtgtg gtggtttgaa    144540
     caggcatggc tcccatagac acaagtgcat gaatgcttgg gtataggaag tggcatatat    144600
     aagtggcata tatgcttctt ggagaagatg taatcttgtt ggaagacgtt ggtgtcactg    144660
     tgggaggtgg gctttgaggc acagtagggg aggtgggcta gctaaaactg caagcccctg    144720
     actcagtgac cgccccatct cataacgata aagcaggcag tgattgagaa aagcattaga    144780
     catcagccgt ccagcctcta cacaagtaca cacgagtgca cttacacaca caacccaccc    144840
     acacaaacac acaggaatgt cagtggagtc actaaaaagc acacacccct acacacacac    144900
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acagaggaat gtcagtcaag    144960
     tcactaaaaa cagaaaccca gcaccctcac cctataaata gcggggaaaa ctgtataaat    145020
     aaatccgcag cacggtgacg ttatccagca aacactgcta ctgatggaga cttaaaccgt    145080
     aggatgactc aaggcctcac tgtgtgcccc aggctggctt agaatccaca gtcgcctgca    145140
     tgagcctccc aacagctggg gtgacaggtg tacatcccat ggctgcctct ccctttctta    145200
     caaagcactt ggcagatgtt ggagaggctc gggcaggctg aagctccccc acctgtcact    145260
     ctaacttctc ctaccccaaa ccttctgcaa cgtgaaggca caggccttcc atggcctccc    145320
     ttgagaccca agtgcaacag agcctgtgag tgacctgcca gcaatgagcc acccagaaaa    145380
     gtacgagtcc ctgagatgag aatccagtga gctcattgat aggaagagac cacaccagga    145440
     gtgatcagcg cttactgaca ccaatgcctc caaggccccg gggatgcgtc tgtgttcatc    145500
     gcatcatcca caccttctgt gcgatagatg cccttcaccc tttggcaaat aaggagacag    145560
     aggggccacg tggtaaagcc ccatctaggc cacagcaagg agacagtgga ggcagatccg    145620
     accaggccac ctgggctgtg aggaactgaa gcaccattgc agtttgtcca caggtcaccg    145680
     tgttccaagc agactagcct ctcgccctct ccctgagcac cagccctttg ctctgaggag    145740
     acttccttcc ttgggaccct tgagcctggg gagtccaaga gggagggaaa gtaaggttga    145800
     catggataac tctgagattg gggtggcaac ttagtcattt tctccaggtc agtttctcag    145860
     aattaggccc tggccatgtg cccagccaat tctcctctac cacccaccca tccagcaact    145920
     gactcatcct ccatccaccc atcccccatc ctctcattcc cccatccacc catctctcta    145980
     ttctctctta gtcagggttt ttagtactgt gaagagtcac catgatcttg gcaactctta    146040
     cgaaagcaag catttgattg gagctggctt tcagtttcag aggtttagtc cattattgtc    146100
     atggtgggaa acatggcagt atacaggcag acatggtgct ggagaaggag ctgagagttc    146160
     ttcatctaga tcacatactg cagaaatgaa tatgacacta gcttgagtat atgagacctc    146220
     aaagtcccca tccacagtga caagattcct ctaacaaggc acacctccta atagtgtcac    146280
     tgcctatggg gacaagcatt cacatacatg tgtctatggg gccataccta ttcaaaccac    146340
     catcatccac ccagtcatcc atccacccac tcatccatcc aaccatccat ccatccatcc    146400
     atccaaccat ccatcatcca tccatccgtc catccaacca tccatccatc caaccatcca    146460
     tccatccaac catccaacca tccaaccatc catccattca tccaaccatc catccatcca    146520
     accatccaac caaccatcca tccatccatc catctatcca accatccatc cacccatcca    146580
     tccatccatc catccattca tccatcatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc gtccatccaa    146640
     ccatccatcc atccaaccat ccatccatcc aaccatccaa ccatctaacc atccatccat    146700
     tcatccaacc atccatccat ccaaccatcc aaccaaccat ccatccatcc atccatccat    146760
     ccatccatcc atctatccaa ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc attaatttcc    146820
     catccatcta tctataatct atccactcgc ctattgtagt ggtttagata gactcatgtc    146880
     tgtgaatgct tggcccacag gaagtgacac tatcaggaag tgtggccttg ttggaggaag    146940
     tgtggcactg tgggggcaga cttagagatc tcttatatgc tcagggctat gcccagtgtg    147000
     gcacacagtc tcctgctgct gcctgtggac caagatgtcg aactctcagc tcctctagca    147060
     ctatgtgtgc ctgcatgctg ccatgcttcc caccatgatg aactaaacct ctgaaactgt    147120
     aagaaagccc caattaaaag ttggggtgaa gttgggcttg gatagggctg gggcttgggt    147180
     ggagctgagg tgagtttgag gctgggcctg agatgaggca gagctgaggc caagctggtc    147240
     tgggttgttt ggaagtggct gtggatacaa ctttcctctg ggagactcca gccagtgcag    147300
     ttctgtctgc tgggcccagg cctaaagccc atggctcccc agggctgggc tccagcatgg    147360
     ttgcctccac tcctcctccc acgctaccaa ggtatccgag cttaccacat gacaaagggc    147420
     ctcttgctgg ccctgggctc agacagaacc ttctgctgcc atggaaaata gtcacaacca    147480
     ccaaagtgga gggccacatt agctctagcc atgacctggt ggcttcctgg ctctagcccc    147540
     ctctcacttc gtcctgtctg cccatcttca gccagcctgg attcacacat actccctaag    147600
     ggtcacagct ccaggagcca ccaagatagc cttgtctatc tgtttagtgg ctgtggactg    147660
     gccagagcca atacttaaga ggtcagtgcc aaagagccag ggcagcttgg ttcagatgca    147720
     gaccctaacc ctggctaagt ggccccaacg gagtggccct gaccaccaca caacctctct    147780
     gagcagctgt ttgtcatgtg tgaagtgacc attcaggctt gtcacctggt cccagtgtac    147840
     ttaacattca agggaatagg gcatggtagt atatacctgt aatcgagtat ttggaaagct    147900
     gagacaggag gattattttg atgtcaaagc cagcctggag aacatagcaa aatctagctc    147960
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaggg gggggggatg tgccaagtgt ggcctcagca gaggcaagca    148020
     gatctctgta agtttgaggc cagcatggtc tacatggcaa gttccaggac agccagggct    148080
     atgtgagact ctctcaaaaa caaaaacaaa gtattagtaa taagatgaaa gagacagaga    148140
     aaggaaggaa gaaaaaagaa acaagaccca aatgtggtgg cttggtgggt ggggcctggt    148200
     gacctgggtt caatccccag ggcccatata gtggagagaa aactagttct tggtgtcatc    148260
     ctctgagtgg cagccacgtg ctcgccacgg ttgtgcgagt ccatgcacgt ggcttgcagt    148320
     tccaggaaat aaagaggaag aatgacagga acctcagagc ccagagctga acactcagcc    148380
     tctgagggcc caggcgagag ccagcaatga ccgcagacgc tggctgggga tttggcagtg    148440
     gctcactccc tcagcctgat tacccgaaag gccacatctt ccaattgctt ggggggatag    148500
     ggaggggctg gaaatcttga attttcagga gttttctcaa gtgttaagtg ttgacaactg    148560
     atttaaaaca cgtagacgca tctgtgagtg ggatgtgtcc accagctgtt tgattgaggc    148620
     ccttccatta acctagtcac tcaggcccag agatggtgag ccaccagcct caggccatga    148680
     aacacaggaa ggcaggaaac acagtgacct tttcttcttg gaccacagaa agtggcccag    148740
     acttaaccat cctctgaccc tcagctttac cctccaggcc tggcagctgg tgctaagggc    148800
     catgctgtcc tgacgagggc gctgccacct ctctctggcc tacccagcct taccagatac    148860
     tgagtgttgt ggggtagtcc ccagagaaga ctgcttcaaa tgggttggag caaatagaaa    148920
     gtttttacta gcaggccagt gtttgggatc ccagtgtagc cctgagcctt tctcagggtg    148980
     agcttttcag cacaaaatcc aagtcctggg ttgacagact ctgatgaaca agaacagtta    149040
     actggaagca gagctacaga tgccagaaag caaggttagt acatataaaa gcttccccat    149100
     aactatggac ctcgataaat taggcctttg ctctagtttt gtctgtgtgc tgagttttgc    149160
     agcctgaatg gcattttcat catggagtcg gttgtgctaa ggtttcaggg cctactaagg    149220
     tctgggaccc tgttgcgctg agatcaagag aatgtctccg aggaggaacc accctagtgg    149280
     gcaagaagtt gtgataagga agggctcact ccttccatgc catggtgacc tggaagcact    149340
     tggcaggctt gagcagagct ggggggaggt gggggctgag caatagaagt cctgaaccct    149400
     gggctcaggg aaatggtaca gttggtaagc atgtgccatc caagcatgag gacctgagtt    149460
     caaatcccag caccgtataa aagccaggtg tggtggcatg tgctataatc tcagaactta    149520
     aaggcagtga gagtggggga ggggggaggt gtcactgggg cttcctggcc ggtcattcta    149580
     atcaaaacag caagctctgg gctcagtaat aagattccat ctcaaaaagt aaaatggagg    149640
     gcaaatgaag agattatctg gcaccaactc ctggcttaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    149700
     cacacacaca cacacacacg cacacgtagc atgtgtgtcc tggagaagta gctgagagtt    149760
     ctacatctgg atcagtaggc aataggaaga gacagtgaga cactggcctg gcttgagtat    149820
     ctgatacctc aaagcctgcc tgaaatgaca aactttctac aaggccacac ccactctaac    149880
     aaggccacac ccactccaag accacacccg ctaatagtgc caatccctat ggccctgggg    149940
     aggccatttt tattcaaacc accattcagt cattgcttgc actaaccagt catcacagaa    150000
     agtaacatgg agttattttc ttacaactct ggaggtcaga agagcaattt gggtctccag    150060
     agtaaaaacc agagtaaggg atgggcagag ccccacctgg agctctctcc aagtacttct    150120
     agaggtttga accaggatcc tttggtccac agtcagtgct cttaatgact gagccatata    150180
     tatatatttt tttttcattc tacctgtacc tctgtcctct cccataacca gccgcggtca    150240
     tgggcccacc gagacaccct gggagtgcag ggtcattctg taaccacaca cgtgggaaca    150300
     tgtgtgcaca tgccatcttc atgcaaggct ctgcttggtg cctggcacag tgggtggctt    150360
     tgtggctgag ctcatggggt ggctgttgga gggagagaca ggaaaatgac tcagaccgac    150420
     caggcatctt cttatcagac agtgaagaaa cagcagcaag catcagcgtt gacagcttcc    150480
     ctctccttca ctcaggacac accttggagg cctgggagcc tcagtgagtg agtcaggagg    150540
     atgggcggcc ttggatggat gggggggctt tgagcaggcc aagcagggcg gtgggtagct    150600
     ctcagcccgg cctcaagcag cacatggtta gtatgatggg cagccagcat gaggctgttc    150660
     ccgcctgctc tgcgtgtctt cccagccctg gcatcggacg acaggctcca gcccaggctt    150720
     cctcacagct gaaaaatgtt ctggctcaaa ggaaatgagc aggaaaggaa acagagagaa    150780
     agggttctcg agcctcgggc caggcgctgg cctatcgagg tcagcgagcg ctccagacac    150840
     ttgataccac tgtagctcac agagagagcc tgggactggg taccaaggat gaaggagaaa    150900
     acaaagtaat gtatgaggaa acagggccag ctagatggca cagcagcaaa ggggcttgtg    150960
     gccaagcctg atgacttgag ttcaactcct ggcactcaca gtgtagaaga aaaaaaccca    151020
     attcctgtga gctgccctct aacctctgca catgcagaaa cgcatacata tatacatgca    151080
     tacacatgca cacactacag atacagcaca caccacacat atatacaaat acacacagta    151140
     cacatataca catacatgta cacacacata catgcacaca cagaacacat acatgcacat    151200
     atatacatac atgtacatac acacatacac atgtaacaca gatacagcac ccacctttac    151260
     atacacatac attcagagca cagatacaca cacaacacag atacagcaca caccaccaca    151320
     tatacactac acatacacac acaaagacac acacagaaca cagatacaca cagtacacct    151380
     acaaaaacca cacatacaca catgcacaca gacacaagca aaacagatac acacagtata    151440
     cacacatacc ataaatacac atgcacacag tcacatgaag aacagacagt acacacataa    151500
     atacacacac cacacattca tacacacatg tgtgtgagtg tgcgcggaca cacacacaca    151560
     gctccctgac aagggagatg cttacacaca cacacacaga cacaactcca tgacaaggga    151620
     gatgctcaca cagacacaca gacacacaca cacacagctc cctgacaagg gagatgctca    151680
     cacataaggc tctgcttccc tcttagctga aaactgtcat ttggaatttt cttgttgcag    151740
     tgggggcatc aagtgctcca tcactgagcc ttcctgctcc tcccacttct cctggtcctg    151800
     tggcatgtcc cagttcccag cctccgtatc tctgccctca tcctctccaa gccacagaga    151860
     tgggactgaa ggtccaatca ggtccgccct tagcctgctc tgaggcaagc cgggatggag    151920
     gggaggggcg cctagagcac tggggttggc tctctccacc cgctcagtga gaccttccca    151980
     ccttgtatcc ttggtgcctc tctctggtct agggcctggg gttctgttct ttccatggtc    152040
     accttggcct tacagaaatg tccagagtct gaaggaggcc ttgggacccc aactctatgc    152100
     aaacctcaac tccatctgcc aagtacagtg tcacctagcc tggacaccta gcctggtccc    152160
     accagcccac acctccacac agctcctgtg tggctgccga gcattcgcac agctggagtc    152220
     agcctcccct tgcagcaccc ccacagttcc tggctgcctc gaggcccaga gcctgtatgt    152280
     cacttgggac cagtccccag catgcagccc acttgggcca cagcctctct gcctgcctct    152340
     ctgtgagctc aatgggctta gaacaggccc atgttcccta cagggactcc cgccctctcc    152400
     aagcaggaga gaccactcaa gacagatggt ttctgtcacc agatgacggt ggtgctgtga    152460
     tttgacagaa taatgcccac cctgtaccca cgtgttggaa cacttggtcc ctggctggtg    152520
     tcatagtcct gggactgtat atgtcttagg gttactgttg agacaaaaca ccatgactaa    152580
     agagcaagct gggaaagaag gggtttattc agcttatact taattatgga aggaagtcag    152640
     ggcaggaact caaacagggc aggaacctgg aggcaggagc tgatgcagag gccatggagg    152700
     ggtgctgctt actggcttcc tcctcatggc ttgctcagcc tgctttctta tagaacccag    152760
     gaccaccagc ccaggatggc agcacccaca aggggctgag cccttccccc cttgatcact    152820
     aattgagaaa atgccttaga gctggatctc atggaggcat tcgctcaact gaggcttctt    152880
     cctctctgat gactctagtt tggagcatta atcagtgggt acaatatgga actttggaaa    152940
     gctgtagccc ggctggcaca tgctgtggta gatccccacc ctgcttccgg tcctgatcca    153000
     ccatcaggtg aatgccccta ccacaggtat cacccacaca gacccagctg ccctgccctt    153060
     acgtaacggg ctgtggctcc cgtccaaaca gacccttcct cctttaaatt cttaatacag    153120
     gtggaatctg ggagcccctg ggacagaaaa ggcacgggga cagaatatgt gcatgtggca    153180
     agggctgaag gcacaaagag aaaagctcgg gtctgatggg catcctgaga gctcggaggc    153240
     aaagcccaga agagtcgaac gtgagagaaa tgtactcaaa tgtaggggac aggagctgtg    153300
     gaacctttag actttcctgt ttcaagattt aaaatcttca ttttatgtga ataagtgttt    153360
     ggccagcaca tatccccgct gcaccatgtg tgtgcctggt gtccagggag accagaagag    153420
     gactttagag cctctggaac tggtgtcaag gacaactgtg agccaccatg tgggtgcttg    153480
     gaattgaacc caggccctct gaaagagtgg ttgatgctct taacagctga gccttcttta    153540
     caggattaca tctttcttcc ttccttcctt ccttcctctc tctctctctc tctctttctt    153600
     tcttttcttt tcttttcctt tctcttcttt tcttttcctt tctcttcctt tctcttcttc    153660
     ttcttctttt ttttttttta tttttagaca gggtgtcagt acacagctct agctgccctg    153720
     gtatattgac tatgtagatg aagctggcct caaactcaca gagatccact ttcctctctg    153780
     cctctcgagt actgggatta ttgaaattga agagatatgc catcacattc agctgggctt    153840
     ttcttaaact taaaagacaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagccaa cttttttttt atacttcttg    153900
     atctaccaac atgtgtggtg ccattttaaa aaaatcttat gtattattta tttatatggt    153960
     gtgtgtataa acatgcactt ctgaagacca cagcacactt gtggagatca aaatgaacca    154020
     tcaaagactc gattctcact ctccaccacg tgggatgctg gagataggat caagccctca    154080
     gcctgtgaca acgcctttac cagccgagcc atctggccag ccctctcgca acattgattt    154140
     gtttctaatt aagagtcttc tgaggggctg agcatgtcgc tcacagtaat gcggacggac    154200
     aggcacaagc ttgagtgaac tccaacccca gaacctcaga acacgctgcc tgacgatcaa    154260
     acagacagtg gtggaccagc tcccagaaac ttcccttcca tccattcaca cagaaccttg    154320
     ggccatgtcc cagagcccca gggcatccag gcagagagtg tcctagcaag tgttcttatg    154380
     tgcattccgg ctatccgctc aactctggca caaggaccgg gtcttcatcg ccttgctgta    154440
     caccacccac aaaacttcat caggtgggtg cagggtgaga taggctgtag cggtggcttg    154500
     cttgccctgg gagtgatgac ccccctactc cccatgtctc cgcgacccct cgtgtgagga    154560
     atgctttttt ttttttttaa tttatttatc atatgtaagt agctgtctac agacactcca    154620
     gaagagggca tcagatctca ttacggatgg ttgtgagtca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt    154680
     gaactcagga cctctggaag aacagtcagt gctcttaacc gctgagccat atctccagcc    154740
     ccgaggaatg cttttttttt taaaaagact tatttatttt tatttatatg agtataccgt    154800
     agctgtcttc agacacacac cagaagagtg tattggaccc cattacagat ggttgtgagc    154860
     caccatgtgg ttgctgggaa ttgaactcag gacctctgga agagcagtca gtgctctaaa    154920
     ctgctgagcc atctctccag cccgaggaat gctttaaaaa aaaaaatcct tctttaaccc    154980
     cagaaaacaa aacaaagcaa acaaacaaaa ccatatatat ccattgttgc actggggcca    155040
     agccacaatt ttggggtgct ctctctggaa cagctgacct gggataactc tgggtgattc    155100
     tgagtccagg tggcagggag ttgatttgtt ggtcatcacc ctttgaggcc acagacaccg    155160
     tttaggaccc gtatgtcctt gtcctgagta cactcagcgc aggacgcttc atcctcctgg    155220
     cacaggaaac atcccagctt caggaaattc tgagctggcc ctgtgcgttg tcccagcggg    155280
     agtgggtggc agaatggcct gtaatttcag cccttccttg tccctaaaat tattgcccat    155340
     gtgaaatggg tttccaagcc ctgcccagga aagagttggc ggtgcagaga atgctttgct    155400
     gtacaaaaga gacacaaata aagtaaagaa atggagcctc caacagacat gaaggctccg    155460
     gagcctgcct gagcaccagc tgtatatcct gcctcaaggg gtctccatct gggcctgggc    155520
     ggacctttta atcccagtac ttgggaagca gaggtaggca gatttctgag ttggaggcca    155580
     gcctggtcta cagagtgagt tccaggacag ctctatccca ggattcccca ccccacccta    155640
     ccctgagcct gcacaaggtt ctggtggacg tacagggttt ggaggcctca gataagccaa    155700
     ggatttaacc tgtagccact tgaggccaga ggagtttctt gcagcagctc agaatctgta    155760
     tagggcacag tttatcgctt ggtggcattc tgggctccct ctggaccagc ctcgggcagg    155820
     gctctggcag aggacaggcc agcagctgga gcctgcaggg atgttcctca gagcggccat    155880
     ttccataacg gtgccacgaa gatggccatt tcagcccacg gttaagccct acagcgccct    155940
     cttttagtca cagatggcac ctcttttcct ttgtggggca ggcacagatg ttcaagacag    156000
     tcactcttgt cccgaggcat gggacccgcc tccacatccc tgccatgcaa tggtgggaaa    156060
     gtgttacctc tggctagtga acagccttgt ccagccgtgc ccaccacctt tgactagcac    156120
     ggatggccat gggtcgcctt agcacggtga agacttcagg gagcaatatt tgtggggagg    156180
     agtgagtgtt ctgtgcagga aaagggtcca atagagccca ctcacccagg tcaggtgatc    156240
     cgaggagagc ataaggagag tacctgggta ccagaggtag gcagaagctc actctgggtt    156300
     gtgggtccct gcagccaacg cggaacccca ggctccaggc tccccctgct ggccaccatg    156360
     cagaacgaca gtctggatct gagcctctct gagtgcttgg cagaacaccc tcaacaccag    156420
     tatttaatga gcacctactg tgtttatggg aggagcaacc aggctgaaca cagctctccc    156480
     ctgcagggat tagaactaga gaagaagggg ggtggggcat gatgactaag gtaagaaact    156540
     gcctttgtta agcacctact gtttgtcctg acagtagtca gaaccattgt cctagagcct    156600
     ggtcaaccat acacatttgt tgagaaccca ctatgtgctg agcctgggct ttcctgggag    156660
     tacacatagg ctactatata tttcaattct cagaacatga gagggaaatt tttaatatct    156720
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcgcgcactt gtgccacatg tgtgaagatg    156780
     cccttgaaag caagaaggta gtggaccccc tggtctcctg agctcaatga atcaaattca    156840
     gatcctctgg aagaacaaga agttctttta accactgagt caccttccca gccacaatgg    156900
     gagcaatgct ttttatttat ttttttttgt tgttgttgtt ttcgtttttt caagacaggg    156960
     tttctctgtg tactctgtgt cttactctgt agaccaggct ggccttgaat tcagaaatcc    157020
     gcctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggtgtgc gctaccatgc caggtgggaa    157080
     cagcgcctat tacagtaagg ctcaaagaga tcgcctgttt attaggagtg gaatagggtc    157140
     catggtgtaa gagaggaatc ggtctcttca cgccactgca ctgagctgca cattcattta    157200
     cccaagtaca gaacaaactt ttgcagggct cctactgttc ggcagtcact gttctgtgtg    157260
     ctgcctgagg ggacagtggt gacatcagga acagcagtgt cctcagggag ctgttcacca    157320
     agaggagatg ggtgagggca gaagctagga accgtgtgca cttggtgatc ctgcggcaca    157380
     gcacggcaga gaccacacct gtgatgcccc agtcagctga catagggaat cagaggcacc    157440
     cgagggtgct aaagtgacat ctgtgacatg cgcaccaatc tcagaagaga gggagctgga    157500
     gagacggctc actcagcaca gaagcacagg gccctgagtt cagttcctgg cacacgtgag    157560
     aaaagccacc cttggtggtg tgcaccagta atcccatgct ggccatccag gctcacctcg    157620
     cctgagtttc ggggccaggt gagaggcttt gcatcaaggg caagattggg ttggtgaaat    157680
     ggcttagcag ataggggact cgccatgcta gcctgacaaa ttgagcgtaa ccccagaacc    157740
     catgtgaaaa cggccaaacc tgctctaaca tcaccacgaa tcaatcgcgc ttcggtgccc    157800
     tccagattgc agcaatgtct tctgcggccg ccaggtggcg ccagccccaa atgcaagacc    157860
     ggcctcagcc ctgagcaact gtcggtgttt gagggtcttg ggaggctcca ccattcgtgg    157920
     caggatgtta gagcaaccat ggtctgctaa ttcaggcctg tggcatgtct cttttctcac    157980
     acagagccca tcataaccat atcctaatat tgttgagaga tcacaggcag agaggatcca    158040
     ccaacagcag gagtctcagc cagacaaagc aagcctgcag caaccacctt gccggcaagg    158100
     cgtggcactg agagtcaaag ctgtgccagc ttccattttg cccatgtcct accctacact    158160
     gggcacactt tgggatcgct gcacggccta taggaggttt ttcccatttc cttagcccat    158220
     cacccttcct tagctctgag gcagatgctc tggccccctt gtgcctgccc ctcatatgtg    158280
     ctggtgcagg atctgcctca agacctttgc cctctctctt ctctctctct ctctctctct    158340
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctcccctt tttaaatcct aggatgttta ttacaaaggt    158400
     aaactctgat ccttgaggtg ggcttattgg taggatttct ggtatcaggc acaggcacca    158460
     ggacctccac actttttgga ttcgggtcag ctacaagcag ggtcggatcg tattggatga    158520
     ggatatcttt gatctccttc ttagaggctt catccacata tttttggtaa taagccatca    158580
     gggcttttga gatggactgt cggctagcat aaatttgggc cacacgacca ccacccttca    158640
     catggacccg gatattgacg ccagcaaatc gctccttgcc cagaagcaag acaggctcca    158700
     gtaacttgta ccacagcgtg cgcggctcca tcatctccag gggacgtcca ttcaccttga    158760
     tgagcacaag tcctcgtttg caggatatac agctaatgct gagataggga aatgagcccc    158820
     tccctgccag ctgcttatgg tcacactgtt tgagaaacag taacaaagct gagacccgca    158880
     gtggcccctt tcctacttct gtatgaatta cttgcttatc ttctggggga acagcgagcc    158940
     cccaacttgg gaacagttca gaaagggttt cttttaaaaa gatttattta tctatttgtt    159000
     ttatttatat gagtacactg tagctgtctt cagacacaca ccagtaaagg gtattggctc    159060
     ccattacaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga attgaactca ggacctctag    159120
     aagagcagtc agtgctctta cctcctgagt catctctcca gccctagttt ggaaagtttt    159180
     gaatgtcctc caaaggagtt tattctatag acagtgttat tctatagaca gctgtttatt    159240
     ctatagacag ctgtttattc tatagagagt gttattctat agacagtgtt attctataga    159300
     cagtgttatt ctatagacag tgttattcta tagacagctg tttattctat agacagtgtt    159360
     attctataga cagtgttatt ctatagacag tgtttattct atagacagtg ttattctata    159420
     aagagctgtt tattctatag acagctgttt attctataga cagtgttatt ctatagacag    159480
     tgttattctg tagacagctg tttattctat agacagtgtt attctataga cagctgttta    159540
     ttctatagac agctgtttat tctatagaca gtgttattct atagacagtg ttattctata    159600
     gacagtgtta ttctatagac agtgttattc tatagacagt gttattctgt agacagctgt    159660
     ttattctata gacagtgtta ttctgtagac agctgtttat tctatagaca gtgttattct    159720
     gtagacagca gtttattcta tagacagttg ttgggagccg cgcccacatt cgccgttaca    159780
     agatggcgct gacagctgtg ttctaagtgg taaacaaata atctgcgcat gtgccgaggg    159840
     tggttctcca ctccatgtgc tctgccttcc ccgtgacgtc aactcggccg atgggctaca    159900
     gccaatcagg gagtgacacg tcctaggcaa aggataattc tccttaatag ggacggggtt    159960
     tcgttttctc tctctcttgc ttcttacact cttgctcctg aagatgtaag caataaagtt    160020
     ttgccgcaga agattctggt ttgctgtgtt cttcctggcc gggcgtgaga acgcgttaat    160080
     aacaattggt gccgaaaccc gggacgagag tttaccatca ccggtgcaag aaagatccct    160140
     cattccagaa ccagaactgc gggtcgcggt aataaaggtt cccgtaaagc agactgttaa    160200
     gaaggattca actgtatgaa ttcagaactt ttcagctggg gaacgagagt accagtgagt    160260
     acagctttac gaggtaagtc tggtcttaaa ctttctaagg aaattcaaga cagtctatca    160320
     aaagtaaagt ggaatatgtt tggccttgaa ttttttctgg tgttaggagc ccttttgttc    160380
     cttttcacat gttatcaagt gattaagata gggctaaaaa ttctagagaa aattcaggac    160440
     aagctatcag aagtaaagtg gggagagaga gtaagaacaa agagaaaata tggtacacaa    160500
     aataagtata caggcctttc caagggtctt gaacccgagg aaaagttaag gttaggtagg    160560
     aatacctgga gagagattaa aaaaaaaaga ggaaaaaggg aaaagaagaa agatcaatta    160620
     gcggaggtct ctaggaaaag gagcctgtgc tcatcgctgg atgggctcgg ggagccagct    160680
     cttggtagct ctgaatcaga tgatgaattc tcctctgaag aaacagactg ggaggaaaaa    160740
     gcagctcatt atgagaaaaa agggtaccag ccaggtaaag tactagctaa tcagttaagg    160800
     acaaaagcgg ctggcgaagg ccagtttgct gattggcctc agggcagtcg gcttcaaggt    160860
     ccgccctatg cggagccccc gccctgcgta gtgcgtcagc cctgcgcaga gagacaatgc    160920
     acagagaggc agtgcgcaga ctcattcatt cccagagagg aacaaaggaa aatacaacag    160980
     gcatttccag tctttaaagg agccgagggt gggcgtgtcc acgctccggt agaatactta    161040
     cagattaaag agcttgccga gtcggtccgt aaatatggaa ccaatgctaa ttttaccttg    161100
     gtgcagttag acaggcttgc cgacatggca ctaactcctg ccgactggca aacggttgta    161160
     aaagccgctc tccctagtat gggcaaatat atgaaatgga gagctctttg acatgaaact    161220
     gcacaagcgc aggcccgaac aaacgcagct gctttgactc cagagcagag agattggact    161280
     tttgacttgt taacgggtca ggaagcttat tctgctgatc aaacaaacta ccattgggga    161340
     gcttatgccc aagtttcctc cacggctatt agggcctgga aggcgctctc ccgagcaggt    161400
     gaaaccactg gtcaattaac aaaagttgtc cagggacctc aggagtcctt ctcagatttt    161460
     gtggccaaaa tgacagaggc agcagagcgt atttttggag attcagagca agccgcgcct    161520
     ctggtagaac agctaatcta tgagcaagcc acaaaggagt gccgagcggc catagcccca    161580
     agaaagaaca aaggcttaca agactggctc agggtctgtc gagagcttgg gggacctctc    161640
     accaatgcag gcttagcggc cgccatcctc caatctcaga accgctccat gagcagaaat    161700
     gatcagagga catgttttaa ttgcaaaaag cctgggcatt ttaagaaaga ttacagagct    161760
     ccagataaac agggggggac tctcactctt tgctctaagt gtggcaaggg ttatcataga    161820
     gctgaccagt gtcgctctgt gagggatata aagggcaaaa tccttccccc acctgatagt    161880
     caatcaactg atgtgccaaa aaacgggtca tcgggccctc ggtcccaggg ccctcaaaga    161940
     tatgagaacc ggtttgtcag gacccaggaa gcagtcagag aggcgaccca ggaagaccca    162000
     caagggtgga cctgcgtgcc gcctccgact tcctattaat gcctcaaatg agtattcagc    162060
     cggtgccagt ggagcctata ccatccttgc ccccgagaac catgggcctt attctcggcc    162120
     ggggttcact caccttgcag ggcttagtag tccaccctgg agttatggat tgtcaacatt    162180
     cccctgaaat acaggtcctg tgctcaagcc ctaagggcgt tttttctatt agtaaaggag    162240
     ataggatagc tcagctgctg ctcctccctg ataataccag ggagaaatct acagaacctg    162300
     agataaagaa gatgggctcc tcaggaaatg attctgccta tttggttgta tctttaaatg    162360
     atagacctaa gctccgcctt aagattaatg aaaaggagtt taaaggcatc cttgataccg    162420
     gagcggataa aagtataatc tctacacatt ggtggcccaa agcatggccc accacagagt    162480
     catctcattc attacagggc ctaggatatc aatcatgtcc cactataagc tccgttgcct    162540
     tgacgtggga atcctctgaa ggacagcaag ggaaattcat accttatgtg ctcccactcc    162600
     cggttaacct ctggaaaagg gatattatgc aacatttggg ccttattttg tccaatgaaa    162660
     acgccccatc gggagggtat tcaactaaag caaaaaatat catggcaaaa atgggttata    162720
     aagaaggaaa agggttaaga catcaagaac agggaaggat agagcccatc tcacctaata    162780
     aaaaccaaga cagacaaggt ctgggttttt ccttagtggc cattggggca acacgaccca    162840
     taccataaaa aacaggggac ccagtgtggg ttcctcaatg gcacctatcc tctgaaaaac    162900
     tagaagctgt gattcaactg gtagagaaac aattaaaact aggccatatt gagccatcta    162960
     cctcaccttg gaatactcca atttttgtaa ttaagaaaaa gtcagaaaag tggagactgc    163020
     tccatgacct cagagccatt aatgagcaaa tgaacttatt tggcccagta cagaggggtc    163080
     tccctgtact ttccgcctta ccacgtggct ggaatttaat tattatagat attaaagatt    163140
     gtttcttttc tatacctttg tgtccaaggg ataggcccag atttgccttt accatcccct    163200
     ctattaatca catggaacct gataagaggt atcaatgaaa ggtcttacca caggaaatgt    163260
     ccaatagtcc tacaatgtgc caactttatg tgcaagaagc tcttttgcca gtgagggaac    163320
     aattcccctc tttaattttg ctcctttaca tggatgacat cctcctgtgc cataaagacc    163380
     ttaccatact acaaaaggca tatccttttc tacttaaaac tttaagtcag tggggtttac    163440
     agatagccac agaaaaggtc caaatttctg atacaggaca attcttgggc tctgtggtgt    163500
     ccccagataa gattgtgccc caaaaggtag agataagaag agatcacctc cataccttaa    163560
     atgattttca aaagctgttg ggagatatta attggctcag acctttttta aagattcctt    163620
     ccgctgagtt aaggcctttg tttggtattt tagaaggaga tcctcatatc tcctccccta    163680
     ggactcttac tctagctgct aaccaggcct tacaaaaagt ggaaaatgcc ttacaaaatg    163740
     cacaattaca acgtattgag gattcgcagc ctttcagttt gtgtgtcttt aagacagcac    163800
     aattgccaac tgcagttttg tgacaaaatg ggccattgtt atggatccat ccaaacgtat    163860
     ccccagctaa aataatagat tggtatcctg atacaattgc acagcttgcc cttaaaggtc    163920
     taaaagcagc aatcacccac tttgggcgaa gtccatatct tttaattgta ccttataccg    163980
     ctgcacaggt tcaaaccttg gcagccacat ctaatgattg ggcagtttta gttacctcct    164040
     tttcaggaaa aatagataac cattatccaa agcatccaat cttacagttt gcccaaaatc    164100
     aatctgttat gtttccacaa ataacagtaa gaaacccact taaaaatggg attgtggtat    164160
     atactgatag atcaaaaact gacataggtg cctatgtggc taataataaa gtggtatcca    164220
     aacaatataa tgaaaattca tctcaagtgg tagaatgttt agtggtttta gaagttttaa    164280
     aaaccttttt agaacccctt aatattgtgt cagattcctg ttatgtggtt aatgcagtaa    164340
     atcttttaga agtggctgga gtgattaagc cttccagtag agttgccaat atttttcagc    164400
     agatacaatt agttttgtta tctaaaagat ctcctgttta tattactcat gttagagccc    164460
     attcaggcct acctggcccc atggctctga gaaacgattt ggcagataag gccactaaag    164520
     tggtggctgc tgccctatca tccccggtag aggctacaaa aaattttcat aacaattttc    164580
     atgtgacggc tgaaacatta cgcagtcgtt tctccctgac aagaaaagaa gctcgtgaca    164640
     ttgttactca atgtcaaagc tgctgtgagt tcttgccagt tcctcatgtg agaattaacc    164700
     cacgcggtat tcgacctcta caggtctggc aaatggatgt tacacatgtt tcttccttta    164760
     gaaaacttca atatctccat gtgtccattg acacatgttc tggcatcatg tttgcttctc    164820
     cgttaaccgg agaaaaagcc tcacatgtga ttcaacattg ccttgagaca tggagtgctt    164880
     gggggaaacc cagactcctt aagactgata atggaccagc ttatacgtct caaaaattcc    164940
     aacagttctg ccgtcagatg gacgtgaccc acctgactgg acttccatac aaccctcaag    165000
     gacagggtat tgttgagcgt gcgcatcgca ccctcaaaac ctatcttata aaacagaaga    165060
     ggggaattga agagatttta ccccgagcac caagagtgtc tgtgtctttg gcactcttta    165120
     cactcaattt tttaaatatt gatgctcatg gccatactgc ggctgaacgt cattgtacag    165180
     agccagatag gcccaatgag atggttaaat ggaaaaatgt ccttaataat aaatggtatg    165240
     gcccggatcc tattttgata agatccaggg gagctatctg tgttttccca cagaatgaag    165300
     acaacccatt ttggatacca gaaagactca cccaaaaaat ccagactgac caaggaaata    165360
     ctgatgtccc tcgtcttggt gatgtccagg gcatcaataa taaagagaga gcagcgttgg    165420
     gggataatgt cgacatttcc actcccaatg acggtgatgt ataatgctca agtattcccc    165480
     tgctttttta ccactaacta ggaactgggt ttagccttga ttcagacagc cttggctctg    165540
     tctggacagg tccagacgac tgacaccatt aacactttgt cagcctcggt gactacagtc    165600
     atagataaac aggcctcaac taatgtctag atacagagag gtctcatgct ggttaatcaa    165660
     ctcatagatc ttgtccagaa acaactagat gtattatgac aaataactca gcagggatgt    165720
     gaacaaaagt ttccgggatt gtgtgttact tccattcagt atgagaaatt tactagggca    165780
     gctaatttgt caaaaagtct ttttcagtat atgttacaga attggacggc taaatttgaa    165840
     cagatccttc gggaattgag acttcaggtc aactccacac gcttggacct gtccctgacc    165900
     aaaggattac ccaattggat ctcctcagca ttttccttct ttaaagtatg ggtgggattg    165960
     atattatttg gagatacact ttgctgtgga ttagtgttgc ttctttgatt ggtctgtaag    166020
     cttaaggcct aaactaggag agacaaggtg gttattgctc aggcgcttgc agctctagaa    166080
     catggtgctc cccctgatat atggttatct atgcttaggc aataggtcgc tggccactca    166140
     gctcttatat cccatgaggc tagtctcatt gcacgggata gagtgagtgt gcttcagcag    166200
     cccgagagag ttgcacggct aagcactgca gtagaaaggc tctgcggcat atatgagcct    166260
     attctaggga gacatgtcat ctttcaaaaa ggttgagtgt ccaagtgtcc ttctctccag    166320
     gcaaaacgac acgggagcag gtcagggttg ctctgggtaa aagcctgtga gcctaagagc    166380
     taatcctgta catggctcct ttacctacac actggggatt tgacctctat ctccactctc    166440
     attaatatgg gtggcctatt tgctcttatt aaaaggaaag ggggagatgt tgggagccgc    166500
     gcccacattc gccgttacaa gatggcgctg acagctgtgt tctaagtggt aaacaaataa    166560
     tctgcgcatg tgccgagggt ggttctccac tccatgtgct ctgccttccc cgtgacgtca    166620
     actcggccga tgggctacag ccaatcaggg agtgacacgt cctaggcaaa ggataattct    166680
     ccttaatagg gacggggttt cgttttctct ctctcttgct tcttacactc ttgctcctga    166740
     agatgtaagc aataaagttt tgccgcagaa gattctggtt tgctgtgttc ttcctggccg    166800
     ggcgtgagaa cgcgttaata acagacagtg ttattctata gacagctgtt tattctatag    166860
     acagtgttat tctatagaca gtgttattct atagacagct gtttattcta tagacagtgt    166920
     tattctatag acagtgttat tctgtagaca gctgtttatt ctatagacag tgttattctg    166980
     tagacagctg tttattctat agacagtgtt attctataga cagctgttta ttctatagac    167040
     agctgtttat tctatagaca gtgttattct atagacagtg ttattctata gacagtgtta    167100
     ttctatagac agtgttattc tgtagacagc tgtttattct atagacagtg ttattctata    167160
     gacagctgtt tattctatag acagtgttat tctatagata gctgtttatt ctatagacag    167220
     tgttattcta tagacagtgt tattctgtag acagctgttt attctataga cagtgttatt    167280
     ctgtagacag ctgtttattc tatagacagt gttattctat agacagctgt ttattctata    167340
     gacagctgtt tattctatag acagtgttat tctatagaca gtgttattct atagacagtg    167400
     ttattctata gacagtgtta ttctatagac agtgttattc tgtagacagc tgtttattct    167460
     atagacagtg ttattctgta gacagctgtt tattctatag acagtgttat tctatagaca    167520
     gtgttattct gtagacagct gtttattcta tagacagtgt tattctgtag acagctgttt    167580
     attctataga cagtgttatt ctatagacag tgttattctg tagacagctg tttattctat    167640
     agacagtgtt attctataga cagtgttatt ctgtagacag ctgtttattc tatagacagt    167700
     gttattctat agacagtgtt attctgtaga cagctgttta ttctatagac agtgttattc    167760
     tatagacagt gttattctat agacagctgt ttattctata gacagtgtta ttctatagac    167820
     agtgttattc tatagacagt gttattctat agacagtgtt attctataga cagctgttta    167880
     ttctatagac agtgttattc tatagacagt gttattctat agacagtgtt attctataga    167940
     cagtgttatt ctatagacag tgttattcta tagacagtgt tattctatag acagctgttt    168000
     attctataga cagtgttatt ctatagacag tgttattctg tagacagctg tttattctat    168060
     agacagtgtt attctataga cagtgttatt ctatagacag tgttattcta tagacagtgt    168120
     tattctatag acagtgttat tctatagaca gtgttattct atagacagtg ttattctata    168180
     gacagtgaca ctgaagaaga ttctttcttt cttttttttt ttgaagtggt caattgtagt    168240
     gttcactgtg atggtcagcc atcgtggtca gtgtagtggt cacttataac agtcactggt    168300
     ggtcactgat gtgactagtt gcagtgttta ctacaggtaa cagcagtaaa cactatagct    168360
     caccaacaca gtgaccactg tgactgacca ttacagtggc cactacaact gatcaccata    168420
     gtgacagctt gagtcgatgg atggctacag ctattacatc accaccacag tccactatgg    168480
     ctgatcacca cagcggcccc gacaactgac atccaaagcg gctgctacag ctgactacag    168540
     tgcttagcaa ctacagcgga ccaccatgat ggaaatctaa gtgactgtta gagctggctg    168600
     taatagtgac cactacagat gaccattcca ataaacacta taaccaccca ccagagtggc    168660
     tgagacagct gaccacatcg aatactgtgg ttgaccataa ccgtgaccac cagagctgac    168720
     tcctaaacaa taacatcata cctgcccacc actgaccatg acgagtgacc atattacact    168780
     gaggaccgat gactgaccat cacagtgacc ctgacatctg accttcatgg tgactgctgt    168840
     cgctgttacc accgatcaca atagtgactg cctcagctga ttagggccac gacagcaggt    168900
     cctcggagct gaccatcaca gcaaacacca cacctgactt tgcaggtgac cactcccaga    168960
     ccagacaccc tttattctca aaccacgtta ggggagacca ctgagctcaa gagacacgtg    169020
     gcatggctca agccgttcag ccagtgtgat gtggccctca cagctgccca gaggcgtttg    169080
     gtatccaggt ggccgggtcc ctgcctgtcc cctccccccg cagccctccc cccaactctg    169140
     gggaaacatg atgctctgag atttttcatc ttttctcttt cccagcaacc accctgcctc    169200
     tgggagctgc ttccagctgg tgctgtgttg tgtcccactg tcatgtgtca ccgccccctc    169260
     acccccaact cttccagctg cttgtcatgg gcttctgtct tcaaactgct ctgcttgctg    169320
     actgactgct caaggctttt tggccaacag ctgtgtgtag cgtgtgagct aatctcccca    169380
     gagcaggcca actaggtggg gccttgactc ttgccctttc atttaccagg aaaaacttat    169440
     cctcagaacc ttgaacagtt aactcaccag gggagctgcc ataggcagaa tggtcataag    169500
     aactgccacc caggtgagtc atgctatgaa agccgtcagg tgttgggaga agtcatctgg    169560
     tgacagagat ccgaccttgc aggaaagttt ctaatggaac agcaagcgcc ccccaccccc    169620
     tttctggtgg cagcgctact cggtgaggag cccgtgttcg taccatgtca tccaagggtc    169680
     ttcagaggca agaagagagc cacagctaca gtgtactcat ataaataaaa caaatagata    169740
     aataaatctt tttaaaagaa accctttctg aactgttccc aagttggggg ctccctctac    169800
     ccccagaaga taagcaagta attcatacag aagtattagg aaaggggcca ctgcgggtct    169860
     cagctttgtt actgtttctc aaacagtgtg accataagca gctagcaggg aggggctcat    169920
     ttccctatct cagcagtctg tcctatctca gcagtctgtc cgtcctcagg agggcagggc    169980
     aggagctcag tcgggaagct ggagacagaa actgaagcag aggctgtgga gcacgcaggc    170040
     ttgttcctca cgggacagtc ggctgattga tacaatccag ggccagctgc ccacagacgg    170100
     ctggcccctc ccacaccaat cagtcattaa gaaaatgtgg gcaggtgtgg tgatgcagga    170160
     ggtagaggca ggtggatctc tgtgaggttg aggccagcct ggtctataga gtgagttcca    170220
     ggacagccag aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaaaagaa aaagaaaaaa aagaaaggaa    170280
     aaaaaaaaaa acagaaacaa ggaaacaaag aaaggaagac aagagaaggc cagtaggccc    170340
     atgtgatgga ggcattgtct caattatgtt tccccctcgc aagtggctct agcttgtgtc    170400
     aagctgacat aaaaattaac caatgtaagt agtgggtgca gactccaagc cagatgaaca    170460
     gtgtctgaga tcacaggaag gaaggagagc gccaactcac ggaaggccag gggtcaggtc    170520
     ctgcctccca gcatggcaga gcggcaactc acgttatctt cctctgactc agctttgacc    170580
     cctgctcagc tacgtcagtg atgactgact ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    170640
     tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgta    170700
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgcagaga gggaacactg agtgtgtatg ggtgagtgtg    170760
     tgagaaactc atgactgaac ctaggtatga ggagcaggag tgcaggtcag ggacccgctg    170820
     gccactgaac gccgtcactg agtgacaaaa tgtccactga atcacctttg tcattgctca    170880
     agtgagggtg ctgaggtgac agggaagtct gaagccccct gtgaccagtg gggcgtggct    170940
     gcagaagggt gctctgatga accccaggga tacgccaggc atcagtctgt gggaggctca    171000
     ggcctttgtc ccatcatcct gccatgcggt ctttctgatc gccacatccc tagtcctgct    171060
     gcagttggag atttttgtga ggggtgagct gtgttaggga aactgagtaa ccaaagcgtg    171120
     gggtcatcac gtgctctaat acccatcagc ccatgggtat accaggagac acagcagggc    171180
     agacatgcag caccccttgg caaatacaaa gagcagaaga ccaaaacatg gcgagcgcac    171240
     tggccaaggg cactgagtgg cctttttgag ctgtcccatg cagaaaagat ctcatgacaa    171300
     gacaggactg tccttgtgga gagacccagt ctcagacagg gccatgctct cgggctgaga    171360
     gctgcttccc atgctgacag ctccaggggt tccccgtcac cggggagtca actctgtggc    171420
     tccccttcac tcccagaggt ctctatcacc catcatctcc cggctgggcg gggctacagg    171480
     cttcccaggg tgcagttcca tgctggtgcc tttcccactg ccccactggc tgctctgggc    171540
     tgctctaagg catgagctgt catttgttcc tctccaaggc tcacagtctc cccaggcaag    171600
     acctgcagtg ggctccagcc tctagccatg gcccatgtgg ccctgcaaga gcccctacca    171660
     cccctcagtg ctgtttgcct ccctctcctg ccttccctcc tctgccactc tctctggtcc    171720
     acgtctgtcc cttcacacac ctgttgtcct tactatttct tctagacctc ggttaatttt    171780
     atttacagta tacggcttga acctagtgtc tcacactgag ctacccccgc ccccccccca    171840
     acccccgacg gtcttttgaa ctcattcatt cagtgacaca gtcaagcctt gaaccaccag    171900
     ccttccagct caatctccca agtgcctggg atgtgggtct gagcacactg ggaacttcgc    171960
     tgcctctgcc cgcttcaaac ctcccctgtg gctccgaggc cctgagcagt ctgtctgctc    172020
     cccatagaat gtgccccagg gggcgggctt cccagcagtc tctgctccct gcagctctta    172080
     cacactcgtg atgcgtgttt cacgaattcc gagaagggct tgcgattatg actcctgtct    172140
     ttccccagtc cagctcttcc tgtgttctgt cttgaccagg tttgctgaga attcgcttct    172200
     tttcctttcc ctctccttcc tttcttccgt gctgcggatg gagcctcacg catgcgcagc    172260
     aaaggctcaa acgtggggtt tcacccctcc ccccttattc catgcctcct tgttcatttt    172320
     aatttttgag acaggatctc tgtgacccaa agaatttggg ctgaccttga atttgctatg    172380
     tatgtagctg aggatggtct gaactaactc actctctctc tctctccctc cctcccttcc    172440
     ctccctccct cccttctctc ttatttttgt gttagtttgg tttggtttgg ttttggagac    172500
     agagccagga tttcctgtgt agccctctct gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg    172560
     gtctggaact cagagatcca cctgcctctg cctcctgatt gctgcaatta aaggtgccac    172620
     cactgcccca gcctaaatgc ttttaaataa gcatttttaa gaacatcact tgcgctgggc    172680
     gtggtggagc acgcccttaa tcccagcaga tttctgagtt tgaggtcagc ctggtctaca    172740
     aagtgagttc caggacagcc aggcctatac agagaaaaga gaaaccctgt ctcaaaaacc    172800
     aagcaaacaa aaaagaacat cacttgcctc attgcttgga caaagagctt aaagaaggat    172860
     ttgtgtcggg cagtggtggc gcaaggcttt aatcccaaag ggcaaaaagg atcaagtaac    172920
     caaaacgtgt aggtaatgta ggaatcaggg atgctgaagg aagagaagcc cagcccctag    172980
     ctggagaagt ttagggtatg ctggccagga ggacccacta tcgagtaggg ggtggaggat    173040
     gctgggagaa cctggtggcc agactatgct ttggtgtgtt aggaggcctc gcagcggttt    173100
     gttcctgtgt gagaagcaaa atggagcaga gaggggcaga gtggtgccct agcctgctgg    173160
     tcacacagga ctctcaggga aggtgacact tggccctaca gaaagcagct gtagaatgct    173220
     aagacaatgg accagtcaca gggcatttta cacatcctaa atttattcca ccacatgcaa    173280
     atatgtaggc aaactattgg ggggatccac cccccccacc cccaagcaaa caaaaactca    173340
     cttattgctt ttagaacaaa ttacttttag actatgcctg gcaaagcttt taagtgcaca    173400
     caatgaagag cagccgggta gcccctgata gggtttcagc tccgggcaat acttcacagc    173460
     tcactttctg acctcaaagc agcctcctta ggtcccatct gagtcactca agtgtagtga    173520
     cttctcaggt tggcacttag tggcaaaggc tgtcaaacac ccataacaag gccccaccct    173580
     gggtcccaca ggagactcag gtgaaggttg agtgaaccat tgagatgaga tacagttctc    173640
     cggagaaggt gactccaggg atggagacat cttcacagca tgctctacag actgtcacat    173700
     ctatcaggag ggtgactccc ctcccactgg cgttgagacc ccctctgctg tgctcagcta    173760
     tctccccagg gccagcaccc ctgggtcttc ctgccacctt ccctggatcg cagtacctgt    173820
     gatacccact gcccatctcc attttccatc cttcatccgg tgtcactttt gaactgtatt    173880
     caatgattct tttttttttt tttttttaaa gatttattta tttattatat gtaagtacac    173940
     tgtagctgtc ttcagacact ccagaagagg gagtcagatc ttgttacgga tggttgtgag    174000
     ccaccatgtg gttgctggga tttgaactcc tgacctttgg aagagcagtc gggtgctctt    174060
     acccactgag ccatctcacc agcccctcaa tgattcttga gaatgcccaa ctttccctgt    174120
     gtcccctgca gccgcacttc ttccgggatg cagcacagct ccatgcttcc tgctgtccgt    174180
     cccacagacc ccacccagac ccaagcatct tgtcttctgt aacccctaac cctctgagtc    174240
     ctgttctcag cacctcctcc cccctcctcc aggaactgat cctccaggcc aaaatggctc    174300
     tttccctgat gccctcgcca gattacaact tcccacctgc tatttttgct tggtggtctt    174360
     cagcccctta aacacaatac agaagatggt accacacaaa gcggggaaga tggcagctcc    174420
     caaggacttc cccacccccc aggcctgggg tcccaccctg gcctcttctt ccatcactcc    174480
     ttaccaccct gacatctttg ctcttcactc ttgcccccca gtgggcgacg tccctagaaa    174540
     ctgtgaaatc ccaccatata cagccccaac tccatctttc ttagtatgtg cccagcctcc    174600
     ttcccggtcc cacgggtcct gctgagtttt gcctgcactt tggtgctgtg agcacacatc    174660
     ttccctttcc cgggtctcca gctctacccc acatggcctc cactttgacc aagtaaggac    174720
     cagccagcag ccttctttcc cagaacattc tatggactga gagtggtccc ttctcttgtc    174780
     ggcagtgact agatgcaggt aaagagaata ctgggggatg aggaggtggg atgggtggag    174840
     agagctcggt ggttatgagc acggactact ctagcgaagg agaatctgaa ttcaattccc    174900
     accaccacca tggtggctcg ttaactctag gtccaggtga gcaagagctc tcttctggcc    174960
     tttgtgggcc tcaaccatgg aagggaggga gggaaggatg acggacagac agacaagaca    175020
     gcagagctgg ggctctgttg atgagagctg gcgaacaagc acggaggcct ggacgctaat    175080
     cccagcacca cacaaactga gcttggtggt acatagctac cagaagttca cgaccatcct    175140
     caagtacaca cacagaacaa gttagggcca gcctgggcta cgagatggga aaataagtca    175200
     aaatgcacac acaccgggaa tgacaagcct tcaattccta acagtttgtg attacaacac    175260
     gagcaggatc tggcagaaag aacccaggac tgcccaccga gaatgttctg gcagaaagaa    175320
     cccaggactg cccaccgaga atgttctgga gccagatctt cattccctgg tgtcgccagt    175380
     gtgtggtgtt ctacagagga agggaaacca ccctgagagg cagctagaca gagagacgac    175440
     taccaaggtt tggttattga atatgtattt tttactgaaa aaatcattca taaattaaca    175500
     tacaaaaatg tacaaacaca tgagtgaaca atgtaatgac aaggactatt tctgtgaaaa    175560
     gtgtttttaa aacatcttta ggtttcagtg caaaaatgta cccctggcac cttttaaaac    175620
     aaagagcaag ctcacaacag agacagtaat gctgggctaa gctggctgcg tcagtgcctc    175680
     aatctgttgg tggtgggtac gtcagtgtgt acgccgcggc tctgtgctgt cctctgagga    175740
     agggaagcga tgacagagtc ccctgacaga gtcccccatt ttaacaaaat taaggttttg    175800
     caaatacccc ctcccccgaa gaacccctgt gcagagaggg gccttgcgcg cacacacaag    175860
     gcaggcagtt gaggaggtca tctaagggtc actcgtctgt agcactcagt catctgggct    175920
     gccacagtac accaaggtca cactccattg tcactgtcat ttttttcaag caatgaccta    175980
     cgctgtggct cagtggtagc tttggctgtg acactgccca ctcggtacgt gactgggtgg    176040
     ccaatgacag acagtgccca caaaagtcca cactaaaaac aaacttggac atgattgcaa    176100
     caggacagaa gcgaccctac ttgagcagta aaaagacctt tgtccccaaa tctgcatttt    176160
     ccctcttcaa ttaagtatca gcctttggct caaaacagta ccctgtggct agtgtaagat    176220
     tgcagcgctt cagccaggat acatgccgcg tgcaccgttg tccctccaaa ggacaccatg    176280
     gctccagcac agtgaagcac tcctggcctt tggtatggaa acagaagaat gagggagaga    176340
     gggctgggcc gtgactcagt ggcagagcac tcgcctagcg tggtgggcca cgggcttcat    176400
     tgccagcact gtgaaactaa ccaagggagg cggagggagg gtggagaccg ggcggaaccc    176460
     aggctttatt gctgtgtgta ccgtaagaca aggcaggtca acgcagcggt gcagctcctt    176520
     gcccagcgca aacagatgac gcggctcacc agctctcaag ggcagacacc tgctctctca    176580
     tatgagcggg aagcactctg cagtgccatc tgttccctag ttaccacact agtctacaaa    176640
     aagaacaaaa cacaagaaaa aacaaggcct ggccaatcac tcccacagtc tgtggggatc    176700
     atctgtcctc agaaccaact gtgtgatgca aaaccccacc cccacatatc tacatcccac    176760
     ccccacccat gtaaaccatg aacatcaagg gtgctgaagg caaagaggca aagagcttga    176820
     ggccagaaga gagcgttcct caccacacac gatccctgct ttagggactg ggggtgcagt    176880
     ggaggcagac acaggaagga ggtgcccttt tcagtgccct ttaggaactc atgtcaggga    176940
     gcaggggaga ctgctgggct gactggcccc tggctgacat gcaccccagg gccacctgct    177000
     cctgggctga gccctcctga ccaactgctt cttagcacag cacagtggct tcctagaaac    177060
     taaagaggga aacggagaaa tcactgaagc cagctggtca tgcaggcaca gcccagagaa    177120
     actgtggcca agttccaaag aaaaaaggga acggtcaccc agcagccact gtgtgtgtga    177180
     ggaggtgtag ggagctggac tgtgctacac agcacaggct gacctggaac ttgtgacaca    177240
     gctcacactg gcctcatatc tcctggtctc tagctcccgc catccatact ggagtgataa    177300
     gcctgtgccc tgggcctttg cctcccctcc cctgcacatc ccagctggct ccgctgggtc    177360
     tgtaagaggg gagagcactg tgcccctaac agcagttcca gcttaggggc tgagtctcca    177420
     ggaggaagtc cttgggggaa ggggctaaag gaggggacag gaaaggaggg gcagagcaga    177480
     gaagaggggc tacagtgacc ggaggttctt tgttccaccc tgcatccact tccttcctag    177540
     atgacaggga cttgggtgat gacactcaac tgcgtgggaa ctggggtgtt tgccacccaa    177600
     ggtgatctaa catatgaggc cctcactttg atgtggagcc agctataaaa ttaaacttta    177660
     aaaaggcatt ttacatggct tatttacaac tgcacttctt caagaagtga ctgttatatg    177720
     tctatcacac caagtccctc ccctctgtcc tcagtcccca cccaaagcag aaaatttttc    177780
     tttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaccaccaa aaaaaaaaac aaccccaaaa ccccacaaac    177840
     aaaccaaaac caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa aaacccaaac aaacaaaaac    177900
     ccctaaacta agccaaatga aaaatgaaaa ccaaagagaa ctgtagagat gcagagacgg    177960
     gccttcaggc cagggggctt ggccacccat ctatccaagg ggcacctagc ctggccctgc    178020
     agttctatgg gttgcagctg agacaggacc tgggggcggt gggggggggg ggacggacag    178080
     ggacggacgg aagggagtgg cagggcagac atctgtcttg tggaatagac accagtgctg    178140
     atgacaggtg tcctcaagtc tcctgtccct gttgggccct acagcgaagg cctttgtgcg    178200
     tgtgctctgt gacagttttc tggaacccct atggtcctgt gctccactct cttctgtcct    178260
     cctgtgttga cccccaggat ggcgggtcgc agcccgtcca agggagcggt gggtaggtga    178320
     gtgcggcttc tcttcgcatc tcagtactca gtcacctgag ccagctcggg tgtcaagttg    178380
     acagttatgt ttttatacaa ggcgtcgtac gtgacattcg cagagtagtt caggttgttg    178440
     aggccatcca gtccttgccg ctcctttgac ttcctcagca gagcgtacct ggggagccga    178500
     ggacagagag ggaggagagc tgacgcccag ctttacaagt ccagggcaga tgcctggacc    178560
     cgtcttccag catctcatct aatgcctctg aggcccaagg aaacggaggc tccagagacg    178620
     aatcccaggt cagaactggg gagctccgga gattacagag gaggggcaga aagaagtcag    178680
     gcttagagcc ctaccactcc cttgtagata cctttacagc acaggggtta gcagaaggtg    178740
     acctcaactc tatctcacca atggtcacct aaaatgtcta ccctggctca tcaggacaga    178800
     tgcacaccca tggtgcccgc cacacactgt ggcagagctg gtgcacgcag caatttcagc    178860
     agtgaggggt caacggcagg aggatggaga gctggaggcc aagccaagca tagacacggc    178920
     cgcaaatgac aaaagcaaca gaatgggctg gctgagaaag ctgaggggag aaatcagcta    178980
     ccagccaccc tgaggaccaa taaacagcac caacctgcca agaaactgga cctctcctcg    179040
     atggtggtga ggaatggact tgtattttcc tgtgtcccct tctggccggc tcacagaata    179100
     gcctgcattt tgtaccctgt ccaaaaccaa aggaacaaca gtgagccgcg gagacccaga    179160
     gactagtaag ctttaagaca cctctcgacc tctccagcaa caatgtccaa gcgccttctg    179220
     ttgcagctca ctgagctagt tgatggttac ttaacatttc atgggtgggt gcgcgtgcgt    179280
     gtgcacgcat gcacttggat gtgcttgtga aggtcaggag acaacctcgc atgtcactct    179340
     tcaggcacca tgtgactttt ctttttggag acaaggtccc tcactggccc agagctcatc    179400
     acataggtgg acagccgggg gggggggggg gggtttgagg tctccacttc cattgctggg    179460
     attacaggtg tgtgctactg agaccaacaa cttttttgag acagggtctc actgtctgtg    179520
     tagctctgac tccctatata gaatagatct gcctgacctg gaactcacag acatcctcct    179580
     gcctgcctcc caagggctgg gattatagtc atgtggtact gtggtggtat tgtgacaaat    179640
     gtacctacag cctttaatat ttgaacactt gatccccagc tggcagtgct gtttggggag    179700
     gcttaaaaga tgtggccttg ctggaagaag ccagtcactg gaagtgggct ttgagaattt    179760
     acagccattt ccaggtggct ctctccactt catgtttgag gtggcagatg tgtgctctta    179820
     gcagcctgct ccagctacat gcctgctgcc tcctggccat gatgactcta atcctctgca    179880
     gccctaggcc cagatacgtt cacccctcta gaagtcacct tggccttggt gttttatcac    179940
     agcaacagaa aagtaactga tagatagagc caccactctc agtgccttta aacaaacaag    180000
     aaacatggtt tcagagatca aagccagcac ttttaacaac tgagccagct ccaggttttc    180060
     tctcagtttt taagagggag agggagggag ggagagagag agagcagtca gggctagtgc    180120
     atgctaggaa aatgttccat tcctgagcca cacctgtcat aatgtgcttt tgactgtata    180180
     tcacagtaaa catttaatct ggagaaatgc tgcccatgtg aacagaggat ggcacccccg    180240
     gcatgggact ctccgcagag gattaactag cactcctttc tgtctgaggg gctgggaagg    180300
     tggctcaggc ggtaagtgcc aagcttgcag gacggggcct tgggtttgga tctccaagaa    180360
     gccatgtaaa agctggcccc gctgtgtcta taaccccagc actgggcgga ggagagtcga    180420
     gggcagctct ctgcctggag ttcagtgcta gccaggctgg ctgaatcact gaattccagg    180480
     ttcactgaaa gatccccaac acagcagggc cacacctgag caggtcacca agcagtccac    180540
     cctcagcttg gggagggagg tcccaccaat gtggccacgt agcacagaga gccacaggga    180600
     acatggggaa aagttgtcaa cgaagcccaa gagccttaac acactgcatt ctgaccaact    180660
     tcacctctag gatctttccc aaggcccagt gcaagtgaaa cagcctgctt agtcacagcc    180720
     cgcacacatg agaacactga ccatgccagt aagaaggcat gtaaatgaca gatggtattc    180780
     cacacaggac cccagcaggg atactcaccc tgggactgat atgccgccac tacaggtctg    180840
     agaaactgac aaacacatct ggcgtgactc attcgccatg ttttaaagac acactgaaat    180900
     ggtaatgatg ctgttttggg gtgtgcagac tggggaaact gatttctatt cttatgaatt    180960
     ttccagtaag cagacttctc ttccctgctc tatggtgcaa gagtctgact aggcagcctg    181020
     ggctggcttt gacctcgcag aactctcctc cacagcctcc taggagctga aattatagtc    181080
     taagaaaact ttatgtatat gagtgttttg tctgcatacg tgtacacgca ccctatgcaa    181140
     gcctggtgcc cttggaggtc agaagtaggc aaaggatccc ttggaactga agttataatg    181200
     gactgttgtg agccgccatg tgagtgctgg gaattgaacc caagttctgg gcaagagtag    181260
     caagctctct aagccaattc tctggcctcg aattaatgtt taacatttta attctgtctg    181320
     tgtgagtgtg tatgtgtgta gcacacgcat gtgagtgctg gtgcctacag gggacactga    181380
     atcctccaag ctagagttag ttacacttgg ctgggaagca aacttaggtg ttctggggaa    181440
     gccgtatgtg ttcttaactg ctgagtcact tttccaggcc ccatgttcat tagtatacaa    181500
     aaggtgttaa gctgttattt taagtttatt ttttcatgtc aaaggggaaa atgtgtagtt    181560
     gccttaatgg gacatagaaa atatactttt agtttgcgtt agaagggttt tctgttgtct    181620
     atacagttct agctgtatat tttttaaaac aaactacaaa tactcatctg actctcaata    181680
     ctcatctcca tcatgaaaga aaataaggca ggcagcccta gaactcagtc caggaaggct    181740
     gtgcgggcgc tggctgctca cagggaaaag ctgggcagga gcacgcaaag gtgcagggca    181800
     ggacataccc tcagcctgac accgactgca tgcggagacg ttatcctggg agctttttcc    181860
     aacatggctg caagggtgca aagtgaccgt gtggctcctg gtctgtgaga ctgggtggtg    181920
     ctgtgtgggg atgcttcagg gggtgagggt ggggtagtgc agggggtgac agtggctcag    181980
     ggggtgggac gggtgtatac ctgttccaca agtcgtcatc ttctccgccc cagccccaga    182040
     aggcattagg aaagccattg attttccgaa actgttctac agtcaggccg ctcacgccac    182100
     caaaaaactc agtgtagggc agcctggaaa ggagagccgc ctgggttaga gagctggggc    182160
     tgagctcctc aggagcttgg ctttgttttc ctgcaaggct ggggatggga cttagcggtt    182220
     cacccagtca ggcaagagga ctgagcacca agctcattgc acaatgaatg acagcacaga    182280
     actcactcaa tgtccaacca aggtcacaat cagagttcag ttactccact gccacctcgg    182340
     gctgttacta cctgaccatt tcacacccca gtcacaatat aacccacttc acaccccaca    182400
     gtcacaatat aacccacttc acagcacttc ataccccaca gtcaaaatac aatccacttt    182460
     ccacttcaca cccccacagt cacaatgacc cactttccac agtgagcaaa atggtgacac    182520
     ctggtcccac gcctgctccc tgctgaggtc tgcacgcagg accacactgc aagccactca    182580
     tcagcttagc ccgggcttag gagaaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg    182640
     aggaagagga ggaggagcac gcacaggtac atgtacttgt ccagcttggt tgcaaagtgc    182700
     ctgggcatct gcccgcagcc atagtagttt cggtcactct caggtatgtg atcgacgtca    182760
     tggaagatca gacaatccca atccaagtcc ttcatggctt cttgaaaacc aacattgaaa    182820
     agcatggctc ggttaaaggg ctgggtgcca acctgaaaga acaatgtgtt ccttaagtga    182880
     agacctgact gccttctctg cacaccaaaa gggctcctag aagccgcaca gaaagacctg    182940
     agggcccaca gagtctgggc agagctgctc agcccacggt catcagggag cctgctgggt    183000
     tgtggttgtg ccttgttcct tcagagagca ctgcagcagc atgcactgca gctgaacaca    183060
     cagccacagg ttatacaggg gcaggccagg cactcaagtc tccagcctac atgcccacac    183120
     tgtcttcact gtgccctcca cggggccacc tacttcatga acatcaaaga gggcgggccc    183180
     ttctggtcat ctcagcatgt ctgttctaaa gctccctcca caacagccac tgagccctcc    183240
     aaggacaaat gtctgaggat tatggattct gtggcagggg aggctagttt acactagtta    183300
     tggcctaggt gggctgcaca ttaaccttca cttaccccgg ccagtaccag aacacatact    183360
     caggagaggc acaggaatgt gctgattgtc aacctgacac agctgagagg aaggctggac    183420
     gaggggctct cagctgagaa aacagctcct tgagactggc ctggggtggc tctgaggagt    183480
     gctttcttga ttaacgattg atgtgggagg actcagctca cctgaagaca gtgtcacatg    183540
     caccttttca gatttcaggc tcagaagaaa gagaaaggaa ccacggagca ctcacttgct    183600
     cgatcacata gaaggcgaac tgcaggcgct ggcgctgaag catggggagc aggtgtctca    183660
     ggaggaccgg gaggtgctca tggcggttcc ggaaggggat gaggatagcc acctgcagat    183720
     cacagggaag ggagccatca gctggctgct ggctccagct taccagcaag ttctctgcat    183780
     cactacaaag ttgtgtactc ctggatgtgc aacccttggg gaatgctacg aggctcctct    183840
     tcttgcccca ggcatccttt aacgctgacc tgtgcaggca aggccaccct ggagatacct    183900
     ggatcctgtc cagaatgcag ctctaggagt tccacagatc catggtgacc cagcaccaaa    183960
     gtccctccag aggtgtgcaa acatcaaggc tcaaagctct ccaaagctgc acacagctca    184020
     ctccacactg catctgggga cactgctgcc actgcactaa gcttatccct ggctcgtgtc    184080
     aagacacttc cctcccttca cagggccagc aatgcacaag cgctttatta aacacttgct    184140
     cataaaacag ccataagctg ctgtctcttt cccgatacag ccatcctgca gaggcctaag    184200
     cgtctagcta gagacctgca ttgcagtcca cgtatcctct aggaagctgg gaggccaggc    184260
     aggaagctgg gaggccaggc aggaagccct gctctgcaga tgcacagtcc acaattgtgt    184320
     cagctgacct actggccctc cctcctgcaa ataagcctgc ctgggaacaa aggtgttcag    184380
     tgcccctaga cagcatcagg gtgttgccaa tgtctatggc tacagcagtc ctggggggaa    184440
     accatttctc aagaatgaga ggtagggtgc aagctccctg acgtcatagt tctcgcaccc    184500
     cggcaatccc agatgggttc ccagcacccg ggtctgactc atacccacct tccaccgagg    184560
     cacacagtct gcaggcttcc agtgccctcc gagcttaatg gccgggtctc tggagaacag    184620
     ctcatgaata tcgtccattg cgatctcact catgtttata tctatcgggc cctctgcagc    184680
     gggaggagaa acaattagcg tttcccaaca gccagctcat cgctctttag tgtgtcacta    184740
     ccatctggca aggaagcata ccgaagggac aacaccttgg agacctgctt ctgccgaggt    184800
     ggagaaagaa acgaagactt tgaaactgaa agaggcagct ctttctcaag acccctccct    184860
     gctgctggga gctcctattt cacttctcaa taaactgctg gccctctgga aagcctccta    184920
     agtggcagct gaattcatca gaggaagcga ggcagcacat ttggctcgtc agctccatcg    184980
     gcagcacagt cggctgccgg cctctcctcc tccaccatga gtggggattc tgacttaagg    185040
     tggccacact caaagcccca aaaccacgac actatgacaa tcagtgctag ggacgccagg    185100
     tgcgggggct ttaatcccag cacttgggaa gtagaggcag gaggatcttt gtgagttcca    185160
     ggccagcctg ctctacacgg tgaattccaa gatagctagg aatactatca ctgagattaa    185220
     aggcatggct ttaatctttt ttaaaaaaga tttattatta ttattttttt aatgtaagta    185280
     cactattgct gtcttcagac actagaagag ggcattggat cccattacag atggttgtga    185340
     gccaccatgt ggttgctggg aattgaaccc aggactcctg gaagagtagt cagtgctcct    185400
     gaccactgag ccatctctcc agcccttatt tatttattta gctgtcttca gacacaccag    185460
     aagagggcat cagatctcgt tacggattgt tgtgagccac catgtagttg ctgggatttg    185520
     aactccggac ctttggaaga gcagtcgggt actcttaccc actgagccat ctcaccagcc    185580
     cccagcccta atttttttta aaaaaccagt atttttttta gaaaatagct tctagggctg    185640
     gatggctggc tcagtggcta aaagcgcttg ttgcaaagga cccaagttca gttcccagca    185700
     cccatatgga ggcttatcac ctcaagctcc atcacgggcg gtgcacagac acacatgaag    185760
     gcagaacacg tgtacacaga gaatggaaat ctaagtaaaa tactaagaaa gagaaaagaa    185820
     cttgtagcaa ctatcagtcg taagcatggt gggagggaag tgaggggtga gcctggtggg    185880
     ccagaacaag tgaaaacaag agtgacagga gggaggtggg gacagagggc tcctgcatca    185940
     aacctcttac tcttagtacc agtggtgctg cagtgacaca gtcaatgccc agatctttcc    186000
     ttaggacatg ttataagggt cattacacgg gacagaacac agcaccacca agcatatggg    186060
     gcagcagcaa cgggcttagc aaagaggggc tgagtcataa ggaattctta cagctctgac    186120
     tcccagaaca gggagccatt tcattatcca aagaggcagg tcactctctc cctcccaggg    186180
     taacagaaac ctgctgggag ctgaggaggc aagttggagc tacttactca tggaagggag    186240
     cctctctggg caagggtggt tggcaaagta ggtgaaatct tcaggaagaa aggtcgtggt    186300
     tgggggaaag gcttcactgt ggttcaagtc cagaggataa tctagggagg gaagagaaag    186360
     gtagcgcaga tgggcactgg tgtgctggtt cctccagccc ctcagaagcg ctctgtaact    186420
     ggtgggagca ggtggttcag cactggagct aaaactacga agccatccac aagaaggaag    186480
     cagaggagac ggctgcaatg gcttccttcc cgcttaaatt ggcaccccgg gcttctggta    186540
     ctcagtttac agctggtggg actcagcact gccaaccccg gagcagcagc cttggcgcct    186600
     gcactcattc acagggaagc tcaacagcct gcttctggcc acctcctgga aggatgctcg    186660
     ctctctggct catcgagagc cacaccgtgg ctcctttccc cagcctccat gccttgcacc    186720
     ttcgtgtcct gcagtctccc agttatttgc tgtaactgga cattagttag tgttcggtat    186780
     ggatctgaag atgccctgag catggcttgc tgagctgtgt ggaaggtggt actggggtgt    186840
     ttctttttgg aaccattctc atcttctgct actttggttt tacacggaat tgctcctggt    186900
     tcaacgttgt tcccgccctc tgcactgcct cccaaagaag agtgagtact tcctgctgag    186960
     acagcacccc ccaggcccct caccagtgcc tcaggacagc cttcacccca tatgcaagac    187020
     tcaacctcat ttttgaaagt tatagcttct tctcactcgc tatgaagccg gtgctccaac    187080
     ggcttcccaa gggggagggg gaatagagag acagcccaat ggttagagca ctggctgctc    187140
     ctacagaaga ctcaaattca gttcccagca cccacagctc a                        187181