ID   AF146793; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 204618 BP.
AC   AF146793;
DT   17-MAY-1999 (Rel. 59, Created)
DT   14-NOV-2006 (Rel. 89, Last updated, Version 7)
DE   Mus musculus Neuromedin U precursor (Nmu) gene, partial cds; PDCL2 (Pdcl2)
DE   gene, partial cds; CLOCK (Clock) gene, complete cds; TPARDL (Tpardl) gene,
DE   complete cds; and SRD5A2L (Srd5a2l) gene, complete cds.
KW   .
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   3-204618
RX   DOI; 10.1101/gr.10.12.1928.
RX   PUBMED; 11116088.
RA   Wilsbacher L.D., Sangoram A.M., Antoch M.P., Takahashi J.S.;
RT   "The mouse Clock locus: sequence and comparative analysis of 204 kb from
RT   mouse chromosome 5";
RL   Genome Res. 10(12):1928-1940(2000).
RN   [2]
RP   1-204618
RA   Wilsbacher L.D., Sangoram A.M., Antoch M.P., Takahashi J.S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (29-APR-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Neurobiology and Physiology, Howard Hughes Medical Institute/Northwestern
RL   University, 2153 N. Campus Drive, Evanston, IL 60208, USA
RN   [3]
RC   Sequence update by submitter
RP   1-204618
RA   Wilsbacher L.D., Sangoram A.M., Antoch M.P., Takahashi J.S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (03-MAY-2000) to the INSDC.
RL   Neurobiology and Physiology, Howard Hughes Medical Institute/Northwestern
RL   University, 2153 N. Campus Drive, Evanston, IL 60208, USA
DR   MD5; 67380295b38ee232a2b0b1ebefc3890f.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000029233; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000029234; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000029235; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000029238; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029642; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029643; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0029610; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0029611; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0029558; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0029559; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0029619; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0029620; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0029342; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0029343; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0030073; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0030074; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028749; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028750; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028751; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0029311; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0029312; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0029456; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0029457; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0029417; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0029418; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0029543; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0029544; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0029443; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0029444; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0029445; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0029446; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0030106; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0030107; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0028473; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0028474; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028830; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028831; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000031143; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000031144; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000031145; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000075159; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000122213; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000202651; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0072215; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0072221; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0072298; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0072304; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0072214; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0072220; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0072227; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0072233; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0071872; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0071878; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0072692; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0072698; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0072416; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0072420; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0072426; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0071822; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0071828; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0071961; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0071967; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0071863; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0071869; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0072012; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0072018; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0071874; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0071881; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0071886; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0071892; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0072902; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0072908; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0071891; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0071897; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0071018; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0071024; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC1802832; 17319750.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC311137; 11591644.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC311151; 11591652.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC313079; 11116088.
CC   On May 3, 2000 this sequence version replaced gi:4836804.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..204618
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="5"
FT                   /strain="129/Sv"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="Research Genetics mouse BAC library"
FT                   /clone="BAC175L23 (BAC54); BAC143P18 (BAC52)"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   mRNA            join(<1515..1568,3144..3183,5329..5510)
FT                   /gene="Nmu"
FT                   /product="neuromedin U precursor"
FT   CDS             join(<1515..1568,3144..3179)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="Nmu"
FT                   /product="Neuromedin U precursor"
FT                   /note="similar to GenBank Accession Number AF203444"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9JLQ5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008200"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018070"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q9JLQ5"
FT                   /protein_id="AAF67393.1"
FT                   /translation="AEYQSPSVGQSKGYFLFRPRNGKRSTSFI"
FT   repeat_region   2170..2361
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   2432..2557
FT                   /rpt_family="MER2"
FT   repeat_region   2899..3051
FT                   /rpt_family="MER5A"
FT   repeat_region   3750..3920
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   3939..3975
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="ca"
FT   repeat_region   4554..4759
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx2"
FT   repeat_region   5724..5827
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   6527..6723
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(7165..7261)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   7399..7546
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   8354..8464
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   8465..8495
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="ca"
FT   repeat_region   complement(8631..8809)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(9811..9982)
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR10"
FT   repeat_region   10382..10438
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="ga"
FT   repeat_region   12121..12192
FT                   /rpt_family="MTD"
FT   repeat_region   complement(12208..12380)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   misc_feature    12810..12831
FT                   /note="AT rich region"
FT   misc_feature    12852..12980
FT                   /note="T rich region"
FT   repeat_region   complement(13160..13207)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   complement(13551..13655)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   mRNA            join(<13891..14011,14608..14698,19723..19866,20984..21192,
FT                   26394..26866)
FT                   /product="PDCL2"
FT   CDS             join(<13891..14011,14608..14698,19723..19866,20984..21192,
FT                   26394..26545)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="Pdcl2"
FT                   /product="PDCL2"
FT                   /note="similar to phosducin-like protein"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q78Y63"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR024253"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036249"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1890655"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:2DBC"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q78Y63"
FT                   /protein_id="AAD30564.2"
FT                   ISIYDSDSSGSDTEAK"
FT   repeat_region   complement(14735..15174)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4c"
FT   repeat_region   15254..15372
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1D"
FT   repeat_region   15705..15913
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(15953..16053)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D9"
FT   repeat_region   16687..16719
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="ca"
FT   repeat_region   complement(17520..17732)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER74A"
FT   repeat_region   17786..17910
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1"
FT   repeat_region   17917..17996
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="gagaa"
FT   repeat_region   18163..18327
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(18642..18762)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTE"
FT   repeat_region   18849..19197
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   19451..19603
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(20222..20263)
FT                   /rpt_family="ID3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(21326..21488)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(21951..22072)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MB3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(22073..22414)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(22415..22777)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MB3"
FT   repeat_region   22839..22876
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="ca"
FT   repeat_region   23179..23514
FT                   /rpt_family="MTE"
FT   repeat_region   complement(23646..23725)
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(23667..23727)
FT                   /rpt_family="ID2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(24035..24106)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(24450..24558)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   25729..25771
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="tttttg"
FT   repeat_region   complement(25880..25948)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   misc_feature    26109..26133
FT                   /gene="Pdcl2"
FT                   /note="AT rich region"
FT   repeat_region   complement(26143..26300)
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(26903..27140)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(27411..27628)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   27810..27946
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   27947..27973
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="caaaa"
FT   repeat_region   28271..28311
FT                   /rpt_family="MER5A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(28528..28569)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   29215..29288
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(30477..30584)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   31088..31230
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   31320..31905
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx9"
FT   misc_feature    32402..32430
FT                   /note="AT rich region"
FT   repeat_region   32611..32656
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="ta"
FT   exon            34263..34333
FT                   /gene="Clock"
FT                   /number=1a
FT   mRNA            join(34263..34333,34440..34620,35486..35564,64947..65031,
FT                   72101..72190,72574..72633,73051..73199,76225..76316,
FT                   84528..84617,90521..90641,93462..93575,93683..93801,
FT                   95836..95918,96109..96215,96980..97127,98051..98126,
FT                   101836..101977,102616..102716,103143..103232,
FT                   107450..107602,108648..108842,109444..109649,
FT                   111755..112049,121897..126597)
FT                   /gene="Clock"
FT                   /product="CLOCK"
FT                   /experiment="experimental evidence, no additional details
FT                   recorded"
FT   misc_feature    34360..34382
FT                   /gene="Clock"
FT                   /note="GC rich region"
FT   exon            34440..34620
FT                   /gene="Clock"
FT                   /number=1b
FT   misc_feature    34570..34744
FT                   /gene="Clock"
FT                   /note="G rich region"
FT   misc_feature    35042..35075
FT                   /gene="Clock"
FT                   /note="GC rich region"
FT   repeat_region   35878..35940
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="tg"
FT   repeat_region   36480..36578
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="tg"
FT   repeat_region   complement(36987..37131)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(38643..38855)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   misc_feature    38899..38920
FT                   /gene="Clock"
FT                   /note="AT rich region"
FT   misc_feature    39007..39054
FT                   /gene="Clock"
FT                   /note="AT rich region"
FT   repeat_region   complement(39105..39211)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   complement(39968..40045)
FT                   /rpt_family="ID2"
FT   repeat_region   40235..40467
FT                   /rpt_family="URR1B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(40492..40681)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(40893..41136)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(41193..41266)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTE"
FT   repeat_region   complement(42434..42964)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1ME1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(43139..43159)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   43160..43185
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="tttg"
FT   repeat_region   complement(43186..43292)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   misc_feature    43531..43552
FT                   /gene="Clock"
FT                   /note="AT rich region"
FT   repeat_region   complement(44090..44254)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MA5"
FT   repeat_region   complement(44637..44728)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M3"
FT   misc_feature    45706..45755
FT                   /gene="Clock"
FT                   /note="AT rich region"
FT   repeat_region   complement(45760..46581)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   46852..47053
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   47954..48031
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="tg"
FT   repeat_region   complement(48032..48331)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(48405..48636)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1A1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(48729..48773)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   49112..49602
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER1B"
FT   repeat_region   49919..49955
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="t"
FT   repeat_region   complement(49960..50108)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(50109..51775)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx5"
FT   repeat_region   51985..52099
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(52364..52561)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   52619..52817
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   52976..53062
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   53433..53466
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="ca"
FT   repeat_region   54039..54062
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="t"
FT   repeat_region   54578..54706
FT                   /rpt_family="L1ME"
FT   repeat_region   54969..55028
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="ca"
FT   repeat_region   complement(55111..55274)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(55502..56002)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx5"
FT   repeat_region   56291..56375
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="cata"
FT   misc_feature    57313..57333
FT                   /gene="Clock"
FT                   /note="AT rich region"
FT   repeat_region   complement(57750..57868)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   complement(57869..57932)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(58000..58163)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTE"
FT   repeat_region   complement(58401..58732)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(59070..59393)
FT                   /rpt_family="IAPLTR1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(59396..60170)
FT                   /rpt_family="IAP"
FT   repeat_region   complement(60162..60518)
FT                   /rpt_family="IAP"
FT   repeat_region   complement(60517..60572)
FT                   /rpt_family="IAP"
FT   repeat_region   complement(60572..62701)
FT                   /rpt_family="IAP"
FT   repeat_region   complement(62817..63140)
FT                   /rpt_family="IAPLTR1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(63225..63448)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1M4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(64292..64737)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx7"
FT   repeat_region   65637..65797
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   65811..65876
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="catata"
FT   repeat_region   65989..66015
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="ggaa"
FT   repeat_region   complement(66813..66991)
FT                   /rpt_family="URR1A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(67851..68159)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1D"
FT   repeat_region   complement(68357..68684)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTD"
FT   repeat_region   68710..68903
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(70750..70937)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   CDS             join(72144..72190,72574..72633,73051..73199,76225..76316,
FT                   84528..84617,90521..90641,93462..93575,93683..93801,
FT                   95836..95918,96109..96215,96980..97127,98051..98126,
FT                   101836..101977,102616..102716,103143..103232,
FT                   107450..107602,108648..108842,109444..109649,
FT                   111755..112049,121897..122076)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="Clock"
FT                   /product="CLOCK"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:O08785"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000014"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001067"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001610"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011598"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013767"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR035965"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036638"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:99698"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:4F3L"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:5VJI"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:5VJX"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:O08785"
FT                   /protein_id="AAD30565.1"
FT   misc_feature    72658..72967
FT                   /gene="Clock"
FT                   /note="AT rich region"
FT   repeat_region   72847..72991
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   74601..74690
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   75153..75297
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   75310..75366
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="gaaaa"
FT   repeat_region   75448..75533
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   complement(76781..76963)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT1A1"
FT   repeat_region   77707..80913
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_MM"
FT   misc_feature    81434..81454
FT                   /gene="Clock"
FT                   /note="AT rich region"
FT   repeat_region   complement(81468..81625)
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   83082..83160
FT                   /rpt_family="ID4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(85531..85588)
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   85963..86004
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="tatg"
FT   repeat_region   complement(86049..86168)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   86532..86605
FT                   /rpt_family="ID3"
FT   repeat_region   86606..86647
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   86887..86961
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(87076..87190)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(87318..87514)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(88474..88590)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx9"
FT   repeat_region   complement(88666..88919)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTB"
FT   repeat_region   complement(88920..89535)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx9"
FT   repeat_region   90788..90897
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="tg"
FT   repeat_region   90898..90945
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="ta"
FT   misc_feature    91146..91174
FT                   /gene="Clock"
FT                   /note="AT rich region"
FT   misc_feature    91679..91699
FT                   /gene="Clock"
FT                   /note="AT rich region"
FT   repeat_region   91871..92004
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(94158..94345)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(94567..94682)
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   95136..95333
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   misc_feature    96880..96901
FT                   /gene="Clock"
FT                   /note="AT rich region"
FT   repeat_region   complement(97496..97889)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTA"
FT   repeat_region   complement(99715..100190)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MB4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(100218..100331)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   complement(100340..100487)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MB4"
FT   misc_feature    100509..100597
FT                   /gene="Clock"
FT                   /note="T rich region"
FT   repeat_region   complement(100598..100723)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(100726..100857)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   100999..101094
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D7"
FT   repeat_region   complement(101129..101387)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1MB4"
FT   repeat_region   101536..101569
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="tc"
FT   repeat_region   complement(101608..101766)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(102241..102349)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   102982..103005
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="gagaa"
FT   repeat_region   103794..103848
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   104697..104796
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   104797..104818
FT                   /rpt_family="(CAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   complement(105334..105429)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   complement(105617..105741)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   105800..105855
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   106968..106992
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="ccccca"
FT   repeat_region   107087..107113
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="a"
FT   repeat_region   107666..107704
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="t"
FT   repeat_region   108244..108314
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="tttg"
FT   repeat_region   108337..108392
FT                   /rpt_family="ID5"
FT   repeat_region   108419..108448
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="tg"
FT   repeat_region   complement(108449..108609)
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   misc_feature    108890..108910
FT                   /gene="Clock"
FT                   /note="AT rich region"
FT   repeat_region   109709..109900
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   109904..110060
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   110065..110085
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="taaa"
FT   repeat_region   complement(111134..111282)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   111912..111968
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="gag"
FT   repeat_region   112614..112746
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   113286..113426
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   114304..114336
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="t"
FT   repeat_region   complement(114348..114635)
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER4"
FT   repeat_region   114652..121186
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(121193..121425)
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER4"
FT   repeat_region   complement(121439..121533)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   misc_feature    126556..126586
FT                   /gene="Clock"
FT                   /note="AT rich region"
FT   repeat_region   127807..127856
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="gaaa"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(129509..130243,130850..130955,
FT                   133945..134124,134479..134654,139191..139416,
FT                   154404..154807))
FT                   /gene="Tpardl"
FT                   /product="TPARDL"
FT   CDS             complement(join(130167..130243,130850..130955,
FT                   133945..134124,134479..134654,139191..139416,
FT                   154404..154610))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="Tpardl"
FT                   /product="TPARDL"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:P52875"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001727"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:894407"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:P52875"
FT                   /protein_id="AAD30566.2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(131782..132016)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTE"
FT   repeat_region   133565..133606
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="tttttg"
FT   repeat_region   135980..136006
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="tctg"
FT   repeat_region   136238..136391
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   136824..137056
FT                   /rpt_family="MER44"
FT   misc_feature    137070..137122
FT                   /note="AT rich region"
FT   repeat_region   complement(137404..137550)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   138741..138935
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   misc_feature    139451..139482
FT                   /note="AT rich region"
FT   repeat_region   139487..139509
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="tta"
FT   repeat_region   139751..139962
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(140793..140847)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A2"
FT   repeat_region   complement(142092..142376)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A3"
FT   repeat_region   142444..142468
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="ca"
FT   repeat_region   142487..142638
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(142818..142874)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx8"
FT   repeat_region   143162..143517
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1B"
FT   repeat_region   143522..143670
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   143684..143733
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A3"
FT   repeat_region   143866..143913
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   144264..144293
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="gaaa"
FT   repeat_region   144805..144959
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   145023..145171
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(145369..145521)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER58A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(145667..145833)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   146961..147247
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A2"
FT   repeat_region   147855..148068
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT2FA"
FT   repeat_region   148923..148987
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="gga"
FT   repeat_region   149483..149512
FT                   /rpt_family="(CA)n"
FT   repeat_region   152074..152106
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="tg"
FT   repeat_region   152390..152535
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   misc_feature    154505..154534
FT                   /note="GC rich region"
FT   misc_feature    154575..154608
FT                   /note="GC rich region"
FT   repeat_region   155556..155582
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="ca"
FT   repeat_region   complement(156585..156661)
FT                   /rpt_family="ID2"
FT   repeat_region   157137..157276
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   157278..157305
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   157400..157505
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   157509..157557
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="taaa"
FT   repeat_region   complement(157643..157728)
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx8"
FT   repeat_region   157733..157955
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   157956..158019
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="tc"
FT   repeat_region   158019..158049
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="ca"
FT   repeat_region   158020..158161
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   158513..158932
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR11A"
FT   repeat_region   159231..159267
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="cata"
FT   repeat_region   160250..160291
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="tttg"
FT   repeat_region   complement(160315..160424)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   160448..160513
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT   repeat_region   160909..160968
FT                   /rpt_family="L2"
FT                   /note="160778"
FT   repeat_region   161115..161186
FT                   /rpt_family="MER102"
FT   repeat_region   161327..161653
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER16"
FT   repeat_region   162263..162868
FT                   /rpt_family="ETnERV2"
FT   repeat_region   163334..163470
FT                   /rpt_family="ETnERV"
FT   repeat_region   complement(164036..167161)
FT                   /rpt_family="L1"
FT   repeat_region   167259..167325
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER16"
FT   repeat_region   complement(167649..167903)
FT                   /rpt_family="MLT2E"
FT   repeat_region   complement(167930..168132)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   168419..168446
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="t"
FT   repeat_region   168479..168510
FT                   /rpt_family="A-rich"
FT   repeat_region   169178..169572
FT                   /rpt_family="L1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(169576..169775)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   169963..170002
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="ttttg"
FT                   /note="169955"
FT   repeat_region   170038..170365
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19B"
FT   repeat_region   170414..170571
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER19A"
FT                   /note="170475"
FT   repeat_region   170837..170929
FT                   /rpt_family="MER45B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(171054..171423)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(171711..171785)
FT                   /rpt_family="BC1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   172158..172264
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(173136..173335)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   173512..173553
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="ta"
FT   repeat_region   complement(174167..174215)
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   misc_feature    174925..174945
FT                   /note="AT rich region"
FT   repeat_region   complement(174968..175046)
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(175092..175147)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   175402..175492
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER1B"
FT   repeat_region   175504..175686
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER1B"
FT   repeat_region   176139..176233
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER1B"
FT   misc_feature    176355..176376
FT                   /note="AT rich region"
FT   repeat_region   177110..177425
FT                   /rpt_family="B4"
FT   repeat_region   177434..177543
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="ta"
FT   repeat_region   complement(177956..178051)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   complement(177984..178060)
FT                   /rpt_family="MT2B"
FT   repeat_region   178916..179566
FT                   /rpt_family="Lx8"
FT   repeat_region   complement(179915..180059)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(180198..180300)
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   complement(180541..180665)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   181173..181268
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="tc"
FT   repeat_region   181271..181296
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="ca"
FT   repeat_region   complement(181297..181446)
FT                   /rpt_family="PB1D10"
FT   repeat_region   complement(181447..181527)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   181930..181963
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="tttg"
FT   repeat_region   complement(181964..182060)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   complement(182013..182068)
FT                   /rpt_family="4.5SRNA"
FT   repeat_region   complement(182122..182556)
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   182713..182840
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   182860..182909
FT                   /rpt_family="(CCAA)n"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(183300..184235,185094..185228,
FT                   188807..189004,189524..189559,190923..191065,
FT                   198205..>198481))
FT                   /gene="Srd5a2l"
FT                   /product="SRD5A2L"
FT   repeat_region   183615..183667
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="ga"
FT   CDS             complement(join(183976..184235,185094..185228,
FT                   188807..189004,189524..189559,190923..191065,
FT                   198205..198425))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="Srd5a2l"
FT                   /product="SRD5A2L"
FT                   /note="similar to 5-alpha reductase proteins"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9WUP4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001104"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:1930252"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q9WUP4"
FT                   /protein_id="AAD30567.1"
FT   repeat_region   184341..184494
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   184510..184531
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="ccaa"
FT   repeat_region   184577..184667
FT                   /rpt_family="MIR"
FT   repeat_region   184842..184988
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   185557..185570
FT                   /rpt_family="MT2B"
FT   repeat_region   185571..185683
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   misc_feature    185689..185746
FT                   /note="GA rich region"
FT   repeat_region   complement(186455..186587)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1-F"
FT   repeat_region   187082..187253
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR10"
FT   repeat_region   187512..187823
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1D"
FT   repeat_region   189449..189490
FT                   /rpt_family="(TAAAA)n"
FT   repeat_region   189727..189874
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   repeat_region   189880..189899
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="caa"
FT   repeat_region   190366..190410
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="tg"
FT   repeat_region   complement(190411..190527)
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(191366..191441)
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   191496..191562
FT                   /rpt_family="B3A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(191552..191705)
FT                   /rpt_family="B4A"
FT   repeat_region   complement(191732..191795)
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   192078..192432
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(192549..192817)
FT                   /rpt_family="MER46B"
FT   repeat_region   193654..193804
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   misc_feature    193818..193848
FT                   /note="AT rich region"
FT   repeat_region   193874..194054
FT                   /rpt_family="B2"
FT   repeat_region   194819..195026
FT                   /rpt_family="B3"
FT   repeat_region   complement(195545..195694)
FT                   /rpt_family="B1_MM"
FT   misc_feature    197707..197750
FT                   /note="A rich region"
FT   repeat_region   198464..198494
FT                   /rpt_type=TANDEM
FT                   /rpt_unit_seq="tccc"
FT   repeat_region   complement(198751..198846)
FT                   /rpt_family="RSINE1"
FT   repeat_region   complement(199776..199831)
FT                   /rpt_family="MTD"
FT   repeat_region   199852..199983
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1D"
FT   repeat_region   200139..200265
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   200903..201222
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1A2"
FT   repeat_region   201338..201438
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER10B"
FT   repeat_region   complement(201470..201755)
FT                   /rpt_family="ORR1B"
FT   repeat_region   201798..202208
FT                   /rpt_family="RMER15"
FT   repeat_region   202242..202725
FT                   /rpt_family="RLTR11A"
FT   misc_feature    203902..203953
FT                   /note="T rich region"
SQ   Sequence 204618 BP; 59413 A; 41762 C; 43435 G; 60008 T; 0 other;
     tctatattag ccagtgataa ttattttgac tatgttattt cagtctcact atttacacaa        60
     agactgagta agagaaagac tgagtcatat ttattcttag gactaatttg gcacatggtc       120
     accattttct gtcttgagga agactattgt agttgcaggg ggtatctgaa gtcttgggac       180
     ccgatgtagg cacagaacag gctaaatgaa ggtaaaccct gaagacattt tcccataagg       240
     gaatatcctt aggaaatgct gggagcaaag aatgcaagag ataaatggaa aaaccaacaa       300
     taacaacacc aacaccaact acattagacg ctggctgtga tggccaagat cattaatttt       360
     aaaatatagt tttctagtgg gatatcttaa ctctgaaaga aaaaaacttg gactttaatg       420
     cattcaaaca tttttgaata ttgttcattg gatacattcc ctttcagctc gcctttccaa       480
     attctttcag gtattgacac ttctgcctct gatgaaaaca ccctgaaaac ctttgtcttg       540
     gtttgacttt aagtaattag tatattttga ttttcactgt gttctttttt tctcttgaat       600
     atacacagga actgttttta gacaagggcc taaacatgta gtttctgtgt atacatttta       660
     aacatcaatg cttcaatcgt aagtaatttg aggggtatag taaaaataag aattaagtac       720
     agattttgag agtaaaagct atatgttcta ttaagtaaag atttatgaac ttaaatagat       780
     atcagaggca tttagtagat taaagaatat gaccatactt aaggaagttt tgaaaacagt       840
     ttgactgata aatttaatgc tccccatgag ttattaatgc acacaggaag ctacaagtca       900
     acactataga cacaataaag tgttgaatat tctttccatg aagtttagaa tgatctgctt       960
     gaccaatact acataatacg cttgttataa acacatggtt gttcctattt agcattcttg      1020
     tcattgaagc tctacacata caataatatc agaaaaatgt cttctgacaa attgactaaa      1080
     tatacattgg ccaaagttgt ccctcagttt ccactcactg tatcctcgct ttaacagcaa      1140
     ccccagatta tattttcttt gttcatatgt gaccacatcc aacagattat tttattctat      1200
     caagatgtca aaaagggact ttgaagcata ataaccctga cattatcttt ctacctactg      1260
     atgaacacgc atacaactga caacagttgt taaaacagaa tctataatag taatggaaat      1320
     attttagatg caccattctg gggaatactg gtagctgtta agatgattta gatgtaaaca      1380
     caatgattct ctcctgacac gagtctttgg gaatagctaa aagtaatatc gagcctcact      1440
     caccgcatcc ttaagaagga ttcgcccttg ttctggtgtc gcttaatttg ttatgtcatc      1500
     cttatttctt ccaggcagaa taccagagtc cttccgtggg tcaaagtaag ggatactttt      1560
     tattcagggt acgtacatac actattttat gatcaataaa tatggaaatt ggcaaagcat      1620
     ttcattgtat gctcattgaa ttgactcgag ctttaatgaa gccttgctgt ggcctcacgc      1680
     tcatttgaca ttaagtgtct cgatgtggtt tcacttcctc cactaccctg ttgtttaacc      1740
     acagcgcctc taatctccct tttactaccc ctgcatatga ctactccgat attcatctac      1800
     ttcacagtct aattttgtga tattttgtac atgggaaaca aattttttag tgctacttca      1860
     caagtccaag gagtcgacta ctaaggtttt gattgaatag gttgcaagag ttattcctgt      1920
     gctgaaaagc tcttaaaatg aaatgatgat aaaaagctac caagagagat agctttgtga      1980
     ctgtgtttat cattttgcat ttgtgtatga aatctgtttc taaacagcta tgggttcttt      2040
     gcaatattta ctttcttaac acatagccag gaaagttaca catttagtca atggactcag      2100
     caatcattta ctgaagctcc gattggtgct aagcaagata ccaatggatg ggagtaaaag      2160
     aacaaggagt aagagcacat actactctta cagagggtcc attcagttcc cagcacctgc      2220
     tccaggcagc tcacagtctg cagctccatc tccaggggat ctggagctct cgtcaggcct      2280
     ctgtgggcac ttgcatccat atgcatacac caacatacag atatatccat aacttaaggt      2340
     aaaataaaat actttaaaaa atagagttca gcttctatac tctagtactc tatagcctga      2400
     tttaacaaag agacagataa aaagctaaga tcagtcatcc cttggtacat gggggattgt      2460
     tttaaaaacc ccaaatctga ggttgctcaa gtcctttata ttaaatgatg tggtatctgt      2520
     gtaaaaccaa ccacatcctt tgtaagttat ctttagacga gatttgaggc caacacttta      2580
     gctggagaaa ggaggtaata caaagatggc attatgtgaa tcgaaaatta aacaagacat      2640
     atttaacatt tagctgaaca ttttcagctt tatactcaag tcccatgtgg cgatcctgtg      2700
     gtaggattta cattagcaga ttggagaatg ggttgtactg gatttcagaa ctaggttgat      2760
     ggcaggaata tgtaaatcag agaggtcatg acttcagaaa gttaactttg ggccatttta      2820
     agatgaaact tgagaacaat tgttatcaat gttggttccc tataagcaaa acagaatagt      2880
     ttctaattca tcttgatcct agcggcttta gcagtgcttc agtacttggt agaaatacac      2940
     attttcaggc tccacctcag ccttagtaaa tcagaaactg cagctgtggg gtccaatgag      3000
     cccgcttctg ttgtgcccaa ggcctgtcag gtgacctgga tgtacatcaa gaaaactctt      3060
     ctttgtatca gcagacttct ttgtatggca tctacctcac atcataagtt acaaccattt      3120
     ctttctaatt tattatttcg cagccacgca acgggaagag gtcaacaagt ttcatttaaa      3180
     atggtatgtg cttacacaca aaaaaaaatc agtaaataaa tatgaagcag catgtgtttc      3240
     acaactgaaa tcaacttgga agtttccatt ggtcataaac taaaccacac tcaaatatgc      3300
     ttctagtgtc ccattgctta tatgcactaa cattatatac aaatactaca attgtaggag      3360
     caaagcaggc ttcaggaaat gggaagcact ggtattttag ggctagattt gctttgatcc      3420
     taatattcct tggtctgtga catgctcata gtcatccgaa gtgattttgg cgatgacaac      3480
     ctcgtcatca gttactgagc acattgtcac cgatttcact ctgtgccata agtcagcgtc      3540
     cactggaatg ggccaggatt ccctggcata ctggcttctg tcttccaaat aactcagact      3600
     caaaaaaaat ctttataaat aagtggatgg gggtgcagct cagttggtag agtggtgccc      3660
     cagcatgccc caaatggcac acagccagtc tcaggccagg aggagctaca tgagaccctg      3720
     tctcaaaatg tggcagcagg aggaccaatg ctggagagat ggttcagagg tcaagggtgt      3780
     ttgctgttca tgcagatact ctgaatctta ttcttccact tccacaggca ggtcacaatt      3840
     gccacaatta agactagctc ctgagaatcc aacagtctca gacctacaca ggcacccaca      3900
     tagcgcccgg cgcatataca ggagcacgcg cccgagcgca cacgcacaca cacacacaca      3960
     cacacacaca cacacttaaa aatttaagaa gggtaaagca taaatttctt aaagcaaaaa      4020
     gaaaatatgg gtgtctgaaa aaaataaaac gtatttcatc cagattatcc tagaaagacg      4080
     gcaaaactat aaataaacaa agatgaaaat gaaaagacag acattaaaac aactttagaa      4140
     gtgcaaatca ccaaaaagtt tgcaaacact cacaaagtga aatggaatct gacctatttg      4200
     gtatgaactt ttctctgaag ttgagaaaat ataactttat gatctattcc ctaggttagg      4260
     gtctattcag tctactttga gcaggatttc atttactttg ttaatagaca agtcatttcc      4320
     tccttgactt ggtcatctga ttacctaagg tctttatcct gataacatat ttattaagaa      4380
     aataagtata atatatagat gctgtaatgg cagatgtaca agtaaataaa cagggaaaac      4440
     tttttgatag ctcttatttt attcagatat caatttcatt acacgtggcc caagaacatt      4500
     caaatgagaa ctcaaacagt caaacaaaaa tccaatataa aagatcagtc ctctggcctt      4560
     gtcaggcatc aatgggagga gaggtccttg gtcctatgaa ggctcaattt atgccccagt      4620
     gtaggggaat gaagggcagg gaggctagag tgggtaggtg ggtggaggaa catcctcaca      4680
     gaagcagggg gagggaggga agggggggga gaaccgggta aggggataac acttgaaatg      4740
     taaataaaat ttaaaaataa gtatatttta aaaagaagat cagtcctaac tttatagcca      4800
     gggattcgac atttgctaat gagatagaaa agcacagcca cacccagtga ccacccagcc      4860
     attcagcatg gattcctcaa ctgtgagctc tttgaagcct ctggtctcat ttttgacact      4920
     ttctttttca catctgaatg gttgaaagga gttcagcagg ggttggggaa tccagcttaa      4980
     ccttggtaca gagccaaaat gtggccagtt gtggcttaga gaaagccaca atagtattca      5040
     cccatgctgg ggctttctcc acccatgctg gggccttctc cgcaagcttt cgggtgaact      5100
     ggaccacggt ctaaggtgga agtaggaaaa tcttccaaca cttgtaatgc ttattggtat      5160
     tgatgagctt tagaaaatga cttttatatt attaaatact ataacgtatt gagacatgca      5220
     gatgtgtaga ataaatgtcc agatttattc tacaggtaca gaatatatgt acatattcat      5280
     agcatcacat atatgtgaat ctaattcatt tttttttctt ttttgcagga tgtgaaatga      5340
     tctttcattg aaaactctgc tatgggatat aaaatgtact caaattttgt tctcacaaat      5400
     gatccctcct aaatttactc tcttgcaaac ccctgtattg taacattctc tgcgatggtt      5460
     gagattataa atgtttaatt tgttgaaaat aaaacagcat cttgaaatgt attgctacaa      5520
     tggtcgattg cgcacagcaa aactgtacct gaagatgctc caaaggtgcc cacacctctg      5580
     aatggtgttg gaatatatat attttaaagc atttactaac atcactagta gagagttggg      5640
     tgaactattt tagcttatcc aatttggatt gtgtcaatga taaaaccatc agcttttcta      5700
     agtatcagaa tgtagattgt cacgatggta cacacctgta attgaagcat tggggtgctg      5760
     agccaagata aaggtaggtt ccaggctagc ctgggctgtg tagcaaggct ctatctaaaa      5820
     acacaaatga aacaacttca gattgctaca aatatgtcag aagactctgc ctggcgatta      5880
     gtagtagtta gcttatctgt aattgtttca ccttgcaatc ggtgaaaagc agccaacctt      5940
     gttcagtacc aggaagaaaa taaccttacc aggagctgac aggaaccata cttagggaac      6000
     ttaaataaca catttcataa aggaagttct tgaattactc ttctcaccaa gccctgggaa      6060
     tgacatagac tgagaagaag ctgagaaaaa aaaaaagtca caatcttgct ttaaaagtga      6120
     attgtgttgg cagaatgggc ctcagaatgg caaggctccc ctattccaca gtcacgaatg      6180
     catggggcag cgtcagctgt ctgtacacag taactctatt agcctggatt ttaaaattat      6240
     ttctttccat taatatacat cccatcttgt ggtacttcat acatctttat aattgtcctt      6300
     gttcatatta cccctattgt ccctgctaac cctttttggt tcccttctcc cagccaaata      6360
     atctgtcttc tgattttatg tcatatgtga taggtatatc aatacaaatt ctacatatga      6420
     gaaaagaaca tgcaatattt tgcccctccc attaccttca tttgtcaaaa taagaaaagt      6480
     taaatattat taggcatcag agtctctttt aaaaatccag aaagacgggc tggagagatg      6540
     gctcagcagt taagagcact gactgctctt ccggaggtcc tgagttcaat tcctggcaat      6600
     cacatggttc tccaaactgt ctgtaatggg atctgatgcc ctcttctgct gtgtctgaag      6660
     agagtggtag tgcattcaca tacatgaaat aaatcttaaa aagaaaaaaa aaaactagaa      6720
     gaaaaaaccc agacagtcat gaattgcttg tgtattttaa gaatcttcac ataaaatcag      6780
     ggcagggagg aaagtagaaa tacccataca gttgaaaaca ctgcagtgtt tttgctgggc      6840
     agggccacac acaaacgcta tgggatgctt ggagtgcaga atccatatta aatactaact      6900
     gatcactgcg gatgaatcgc tcctttgctg aacccaagtt taaaattgtg ttacttagta      6960
     catttttttt ttcttcttgt tttaagatcc tttccaggat atttctggga ctgcttacat      7020
     ggtagtttct ccgtgttcct agaaaataca tcctaggaaa ttccttgtct taaacacagt      7080
     ggaacccaaa tgtctacttc ttataagccc gagctcctaa agtgggtagg gttctttctt      7140
     ttagtgattt tggttttgtt ttgattttgt ttctttgaaa cagggtctca atttgtagcc      7200
     caggctgacc tctgctcaca ggttccttcc gcagccacct gaggtagatc acaggtgtgt      7260
     ggtggcaggt cctgacgctt atggtcttgt tgggaatcag acggaaaatt tcggtccaag      7320
     ctccagaggg aacaggagaa aatgtacaca cacacacttg aggctagtgc ttagatgccc      7380
     cttaaaattc tatctttagc caagcagtag tggcccatgc ctttaatctc agcacttgag      7440
     aggcagaggc aggtagattc ctgtgagtca aggtcagcct gctctacaaa gcacattcca      7500
     ggacagtcag ggctacacaa agaaatccta tctcgaaaaa ccaaaactaa gtaaataagc      7560
     aaacaaataa acaataagtc tatctctaaa cagacagtgg gtccaggtta agaactcctc      7620
     tgtagtgctg gccacccaag gaatttatat ttttctctat gaatactgga ttcaaccttg      7680
     ccttgtcttg gacatggcag tagtagacga gaagatggag cgcaacagga gcatcatgtg      7740
     actaacaaag agagacactg ctaaagtcag atgccccaga acttgatgca caagggccca      7800
     tagacccagg aactaaacct cagcgttgcc tggcaactga gctaccgttg cacatgcgca      7860
     gaggtcctgt tcgctcttgg tctgcccctg gagcgttaga gaccactagc cagagctggc      7920
     tggttccctc tgccagcctg gaggaagttt gaggccctga tcccagtgag gggcacaaga      7980
     gaacatcatg caggtgaggg tcaggcctta gggtgacctt ggagtcctga gctggatcag      8040
     ccagctagct ccaatctcag ggatgtgaat ggagtggtgt gggccgtccg caggggtggg      8100
     ttctaagatt tgttcttggt aggtgctatt ttgtgcgtct ctgtctagtt ttaagagaat      8160
     gtcgtttggc gatattcttg agtctcatgt gaagctgaaa gaaacactta gtggttcagt      8220
     atcgcctttt acccctgagt cctggaaatc caaatgctgt gctatttttg aattatgatt      8280
     ggccaaaggg gattcaattg cgttcattta tgttctttta aaagcaggtt cggggtgggt      8340
     ggtgtccatc gatgtgaaat gtctcagggg tttaaggtgc ttgctgctga gcctaaaaag      8400
     ctgagttcga tccatggcac ctacaaagca gtaagtgaga actcttcagg ttatcttctg      8460
     agctacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacatgcga gagcgcaaac aattttcatt      8520
     ttaaatagaa aagttaaatt acagctcgac atttcaagac tttggtctgg gtaatttcac      8580
     agggtgatga tgtttttttt atttatgaat tctttatctt tgaaattagc ttatttattt      8640
     gtatgggcat tttgtttgca cgaatgtctg tataccacat ggtacccacg gagttctgaa      8700
     gaggacgttg gatcccctgg aactgaagtt ttacagatgg ttgtaaatca gcacttcggt      8760
     gctgggaatt gaactccggt tctcctttaa gagcagtgag tgcttgtaaa ggcggcccct      8820
     cgagcgcttt ataataaagt tttaatttag aaaaataaga atctcctccc tcccttcctg      8880
     tccctgcccc cttcctccgt ttctcccagg aaaatcctca cttcctgaca gaagaaatag      8940
     ctttcctctt ccctgctccc tagtgaaggg aatcgggttt ttcttggttt gtatatgaac      9000
     tttgggtggt tgggtaggtc atacaattta ttaagctatt gaaagcgcaa ttcacatgtc      9060
     tttgggtcct ttcacgttgg gctgggtgtt agcaggcaca tttgtacagc tagcccggcc      9120
     ctgcagtctg tcttgcattg catctgcctt tcaggaattc tgctgaagtg gagccagcag      9180
     gaagcaacag atcactgacc taataattaa tagtatgatt actattaata atagtaatac      9240
     tattactatt gctccttgat ttattcagca ggcatttctg aggctttaaa catgggcctg      9300
     ttctccaaga gtgtatttga gaggacaata aagataacac acagccaggc agaaatactg      9360
     tcaccatttg tgaaaataga ctgtgggttc tatctctact aggtaacatt ttataaataa      9420
     ttctaaaagc caaggttagc accccctcga atactgttac attaagtcac attggaatga      9480
     agtctagatc agttcaatac gagcagttga gtaggttgaa cacatctgta agaatatact      9540
     ctgatgactc ccaagaagag tcaagaaaaa cccaccttcg gatgcagttc agtgcataag      9600
     ggcggctctt ttacgtcaac aacagtcttg gacacaacag ccaagactgg gttggttgga      9660
     gtgaagtggt agaattggct atgactctta tttcttttca gtcatctcat tcaggagttc      9720
     taaaggaaag aaagtaccag gtgatcgtga aatgcagaaa gtgttcttaa aaggtgattg      9780
     ttggacactg tggtgtggct cagtggtctt gcgcgcgctc gactggccag gaagaacgac      9840
     gctgcaacag gatccttctg cacacgttta ttgggagagc ttgattgtag aggcgaaaag      9900
     acttcgagcc cagaactgat gctgctttta taggcctagg aggggcgtgt ctcacacccg      9960
     gattggttat gcactaagcc tcatttgcat gttcctcacc tgattggcta ctctctctca     10020
     gtaccttaca gaacctcatt atcatacctc atttgcatgt ctcacatctg attggttata     10080
     ctctcagtac cttacagaac ctcattatca tgcctgggcc aggcagtgtc tttgcaaaaa     10140
     actttactgc atatgtacac attggttgtt tgtccaatct tatgcgtggt ggccagcagt     10200
     agtcagtgcc actcagcaac ggcacatgtg gcttcccaca cagtgggtga aggtgcctgc     10260
     tacctggccc cagtgatgca agtctttgga cctgagatgg atccctgagg accatgtaag     10320
     ataatgcccc atgtatctca cagcacatgt gacccaccct taatttacac acacacacac     10380
     tgagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagaaagtc     10440
     taaatatcaa gaaaaaagat actagaattg ttgttaacag ttacttaggt caatatatcc     10500
     tactgaataa aaatgtctag agtgggaact gtagcagaag cttctagaag gtcatctaag     10560
     agaatgaaag ggagccccta caagtgtcag atgtgaccca ataggaagaa aaatttacat     10620
     cagaatcaag gggaaaatgg aaaagcatgg aaccttaagg tgcctaggac ctcagaacag     10680
     gcaggtctga tccgacggta gacgacgaga tgctaagagc ccaaacctct tcagcataag     10740
     aattattttg agctggtact gcaagagaag ctctgaaaac caagaaatca ttcttttgag     10800
     agagaaattg acatccataa agaaatctcc acttgtggta cattagccgt tgtgtgtgtg     10860
     tagcagaaag ctgattctaa ttcaccgagg gatgatgcct actgaggtac ccacctgggc     10920
     atgaacaaac tcctcctccc tgttggctaa cctcgcccta gaaatcaact ccttggaaca     10980
     tctctttgtt tcagcggaag acagtgagta aacctgagct tgagcccgcc ttttgagatt     11040
     tgctcattgt gatattcatc ttaacaaatt tctgttttac tgcattatat tccagaattt     11100
     gtgtcgctcc ctacccccac ccacctcccc cgccaccctc catccctgtt ttgcaatctt     11160
     caaagccagt tttaccacca aagatttaca catgtgcagt ttggtcttgg gtacaatgtg     11220
     cagagtaagt gagaactgga gcctatgatg tacccaagga taggagacaa gcaggaggtt     11280
     ggagtgggac ctctgtgtgg ggaatccaaa gcaggttgtc cttacaatta gtggtcagga     11340
     accaaacctg cccctcaggt agtgttagcc catggcagct ttcccatgga cttataataa     11400
     cattttatgt tcagtcttta caaattccca ccaatcagtt ttcaaagaca gcatgcagaa     11460
     agaccagggg cggcacagtc atgagccatg aggacaatga cttacagaga tttccaggat     11520
     tagggtggat ggaagccagc tatgaaacaa tagtgctcat tgtaatccaa aaacatctac     11580
     aggaaggagt tgaagaaaga ccataaaatt tctataaaaa tgtttctaca cggtaacaat     11640
     aaagaaaaaa aaaaccacaa ctctcctatt tatcttaaca ccagaaagaa cagaatacag     11700
     aggaacaaac taacaaggct gaagacttac atgaacaaac gtataaaacg gtgcttaaac     11760
     aaagaaggca gaaaaagtga aaatacgccc ataccgggca tggggaaact ccttttgcct     11820
     agctggaaag cttggatttg aaaacaaatg cttgctgcct tcactaagaa aaaaagatac     11880
     aaaagcaact aaaggggagc aatgagtttg gtaataactt ggaatggaac tgaagtgata     11940
     tatatccctc tgtctctgcc cagcccacag caatgggaaa gatgatatga aagcaaagag     12000
     attcatatct gaatggcgat ttgatcgtgt gtctgagcca ctatggtggt tcttgtggga     12060
     gatggaaagc tggaaaagat ggtggggtgg gggacagcag gcagcttgtg ctttattacg     12120
     ctgtagctga aataaaccct tctcttcctg aattccttgt ggtcgtcatg cttatcacag     12180
     caatagaagc ccgagtagca cagcaaacat gtatgtgtct acaccatgtg catgccagtg     12240
     cccctggaac tcagaagggg acagtggacc cccacaacag gagttcggga tgattgtgag     12300
     cccacatttt ggtgctggaa acctaatcca ggttctcaac atgagtggca aatgctctta     12360
     tatacgaagc catctcccta aggccattgt ctgaaatttt aagttgctac ttaataagaa     12420
     ataatttcta acatgtcaga aaaatgtgtt gcttttgaca atgaaataaa acagatttgc     12480
     aataaaagac caaaacttgt aaaaggccaa gtagaacttg tgaaaattaa aaataatcca     12540
     tggataaggt tttttttaaa aaatattagt aaaataggaa taggaaaatt ttagaaagaa     12600
     gttgaggaat atttggatct gagaattttt ctagagttat taaaagatac tattccatag     12660
     cttcaaaatt cccagtgagc ccatgcgaga caagtgaaat gaagaacttg atgcttcatg     12720
     gggaaaccat agataaaaat cttacagtct ttagcatttg gattggctaa ctgtgcaaca     12780
     gagaacatgc agttgctggt aggatttagt tatatttaaa ttattttttt agtttatcca     12840
     cagtcatgcc ttctttgttt tgtttttgtt tctttctcat tttcactttt tgttgttgta     12900
     gtttagcttt gttttttggg actttgtttt tgtttctttc tcattttcac tttttgttgt     12960
     tgcagtttag ctttgttttt ttaggactgg gtcttgttgt gtatgttggc atgggtctta     13020
     ctagccaagg ctgaacttga acacctatcc tgagtggatc acagtctttc attgctgcac     13080
     ccaaccacac cctcttttat tcccctccct tgaaataggg cctcacctgg atggcctgaa     13140
     actcactatg aagactccgc tgactgtgga gaccaggctg gcctggaact cacagagacc     13200
     tgcctgcatt ccaggacaca ttttctcaat atgtaattct ctctgtagga catttcacaa     13260
     tatggtagct tgctatgagg gttcttgaat ctgtgtgcct caaaaaagaa acaagttcac     13320
     ctgacagtct ggcacataaa aaagaaacaa catactttgg acatcgtgtg aactgggttt     13380
     gtccactgta atcatcaatg tgttttttgt gacttaaaag cttactttct caatacttta     13440
     tatagatggt ctaaattgat ttttaaaatg tattattact atatgtatgt gcatggtgtg     13500
     ggtgagacat gtatgatagt gtgagtgtgt atgatagtgt gagtggatag cagtcctctc     13560
     tctctacctt tatgtgggat ctggatcctg cctcaggtcc ccaagcttgt gtgacaagtt     13620
     agtgccttta ccaaatgagc catctggcca tcctctaaga taatcttttt ataaacttct     13680
     ctgtgatgct gaggacagat gtgtcctgtg aatcaaagca tgtggcccca ttcttggtgg     13740
     gagaagtagg cttgttcctg aaacctcggc tccaggaaca gctttgtatg tgcacgttcc     13800
     gccgcctgtc agtcagtttt atcagcccat tttacaatac atgactatgc taaaagactc     13860
     tctctctctc tttttggggg atgggggtag gatccaaacg aagatacaga atggaatgaa     13920
     attttaagga attttggcat tcttcctcca aaagaagaac caaaagatga aattgaagag     13980
     atggtgttgc gcttacagca ggaggccatg ggtatgtgcg catctggtgg gctgcaggaa     14040
     ggggatagcg cactgaaggg aataaagtac acttcatgaa atatggggga gcgaactggc     14100
     tattatttca tacaaacact gcccatccac tcagaatgag gagattgcca ggaaaatggc     14160
     cgatgtgtat gttgaaaggc acatgccaat tactaaaatg cagagatatg ctaggaagcc     14220
     agtgacacag agacactcta ggaactccgt gacatgtatc tactatgtcc ctctactttg     14280
     ggatcaccct ttctttgtcc tttctgtatg ctatcttatt caccaatcat tccatgtact     14340
     cgggggaacc tacatttatg ggatggaatt gatcttcccc ttcgactctt gaaagtgtcc     14400
     tgccagtttt gagggaatca aaactgctag cattacagtt tgtgtaacgt gtaaccatgt     14460
     tttagctggt cactacaggt ttgctaacgg tgctgttgat ctccattatc tatactgtgg     14520
     gggtttgttt tgtttaattt cctagaagtt gattgtaaag caaaaataat gtttggacaa     14580
     cttgattacc taagatttct gttttagtta aaccatatga gaagatgaca ctggcacaac     14640
     tgaaagaagc agaagatgaa tttgatgaag aagacataaa agctattgaa atatataggt     14700
     acagcactgc ggtactgggg cggggggggg ggtctttatg tgagaacatg gctgacaggc     14760
     ttacgaagaa tctcctttat gccatcactt gcttttctct tgctgcttcc acgattctgc     14820
     cgtttgacag attgcctcag ctgtgttagc acgtgggtat ctttgggttc atcctacttg     14880
     aagtgtagct gacgtgctgg acttggaact tgcatcttta gtcacatttg ggaagccgtc     14940
     agccagcagt tctgaaaaca tgagactctg tgtgtctgct gctttggaga ctctcacaat     15000
     ataatgttga cctgctggac atcggcgctc tggccctttg ggctgtgctc actcttcatt     15060
     ctccttttaa atcagtgcct ctggattaat aatagcagta gtccaacctt ttggctgatt     15120
     ctttcttttg gttgcttaaa tttgtgaagc cctccagtgg gtttctcaat ttagcaaatt     15180
     ctctttaatt tccctggagg gttactacct acagcacttg taatatgaaa tgtgtaggat     15240
     tttttttttt cttctcaggg gctcagatat ttgaacatct ggtctttatt tggtgataat     15300
     attgaggagg ggttggggaa ggaaacagcc ttgctgggga actacatcac tgttggtggg     15360
     ctttgagaat tcctagtcct gccctgcaaa gtagagagag gtgagggtgt gagctctcag     15420
     cttcctgctc tggctgtgtg gtgctgtacc tcttcactag gatgcactct caaccctgtg     15480
     gaaccacagg cccaaataag tccatctgct tatcagctgc ctgggtggtt acaatagcta     15540
     ccaaacacat taactttgaa agtattgtaa gagaaaaaat caagtcagaa aaaaaaaaag     15600
     gctgtataag tagaaaggaa attattagat accagctctt gatacaaata ggagggaaca     15660
     gtaaatggaa gcaggactta tttctgtcaa tcaaaaagtt aactgggact ggagaggtgg     15720
     ctcagtggtt gagaacgctg gcttatcttc cagaggacct ggcttcctag catgaacaag     15780
     gaggctcaca agcatctcca gtttcagggg ctctgacccc ttcttctgtc ttccatagaa     15840
     gtacaagtgg tacacagata tacatgtagg cagaacaccc atacacataa ataaaataaa     15900
     aataaatttt aaagatgttt tgagttatat cgtggtggtg gtctctcaac tgttttgttt     15960
     tttgagacag gggttttctg tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcagagg tccacctgcc     16020
     ttctcctttc aagtgctgag attaaaggtg tgctgggcgg ttccttcact ttttgatcca     16080
     tctcctgcag ctctcttgag cagctttttc ccaggcagtg actgtggcct ggacaatttg     16140
     cattagggct acatcacctt agaatcctgt gaaccaggga tctgtgtgga ccccgcccag     16200
     ggcacctgtg gtctgagtac cagagatgga taccttgtgt tcttcactct tctctcattg     16260
     gttacaattt agtctcacaa gcaggcttgc aagtgtagtc ttcctgcaag ctgcaaaaga     16320
     ggaatctata atgatactca gactctatca aagcctgcga taagataaag aagtgacaaa     16380
     tatctttttc aagaaattag ggacaaaaat gccactgggt aggtagccag ctatgaaaaa     16440
     gcaagtgaat taaaccccga ggttcccata gctaaaagga agaagaaaag tcaaaatgtg     16500
     cacatatcag caataatgct gtttgtgttt gtggcaaata cactaaactg tcttctttga     16560
     catgccttcc tctttctctt tctcttgatg catgttacag tggtggagga gctaaaagct     16620
     aaagctaaag catttctcag agtttagtgc agcaccaagg ataataaatg tgttttagtt     16680
     ctgctaacac acacactcac acactcacac acactcacag gatatttgag ctcagagcta     16740
     tattaaatga agaaaaatac ataagtacat aaataaataa gcctagagca tccatttaag     16800
     tggatctaga atttctgtca taattctgga gccattgctc tggcttcctt ttctcatctt     16860
     cctatcgttg ctagggagcc tggttcctgg tgccagcagt tgtcattgtg cttcagagtc     16920
     tcagagtaat gtgatacttg ggccaacaat tggaatctag attccccagt ttctggattg     16980
     cagcaaagaa agccttggca gaccagttct gcagtgttgt tctgggagtc attcctggtt     17040
     ggccagccta aggcctactt ctgagcaagt ttgcaaagtg cttaatttcc caggttaagt     17100
     acctttctgc ttaaaatagc cagagagctt tctgtctatg tagtgaatca caattgactt     17160
     gattgttaag tacaaaatgc aggccactga acactgcctc tttctgatgg caggactaac     17220
     gcccatgcgt taacctttct agtgaaaaag ctagggaaaa tgagggggag ggagaagttg     17280
     atagttgtac caataagaag gaacctagta gcagacctag ctcagcctta ttattctctt     17340
     tgggtttcat tgtgtttggc ttcattgtta cgcaaagtga cttttcctac ggcttgggtc     17400
     taacatgcaa aatgaggcca gtgtgttctg aagctcgccc gccccgagga ggttttgttt     17460
     gctttaatac agtatgagca ggaggtgatt accaccatag ttaccggtct caagaacaag     17520
     ggccacaccg tggcacatgg gccacaaagg tcaggatcaa aagcagcaag ggaaaaatac     17580
     ccgacacagc ctctgttgtg gttcctgtgg gaatggacat gtgaggcagt agtaagcagg     17640
     cttatgattg gccagttgaa tcatttaggt gggctctggg tgaggtctgt tagtcatctg     17700
     gtactgggtt ctaggatgac tagggcaggg agccttataa gaaagaaata aaacagcacg     17760
     cacagaaaga acacggagat tgacaccagg catggtggta catgcccaca gttgcaaaca     17820
     cctgagaggc taaggcgaga ggattagtgc caaggagttt gagaccaatc tcagtgacat     17880
     agccagacct tgccacaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaagaaaga aaagaaaaaa gaaagaaaga     17940
     agagaagaga agagaagaga agagaagaga agagaagaga agagaagaga agagaaaaag     18000
     caactgaggg tgtgctttca gagctggctg gcttgcattt gaagaaggtg ttgtctggca     18060
     agtgtttgtt ctttttcttg gaaccagctc cttcgggaac aagtattccc agagggatta     18120
     gcaaagttct agattccaga acatcaataa tgcagaaaat gagggtcagt gaaatggttc     18180
     agtgggcaga ggtgtttgtt gccaatccct agggcctggg tctgttccct ggaacccatc     18240
     tgctggaagg agaggaccaa ctcctgcaag atattgtctg atttccatac atgtgcaata     18300
     gcatgcacag gtatgcacat gcacacatgt gtgcatgcat gcacacacat atacacatga     18360
     taaaatgtaa ccacttttaa aagaatacag aaaataagaa gatggagtca tatacagaga     18420
     aacaagagga agtaccctcg caaacttaag tatagaaact tataagtgta ttgtaaacga     18480
     cttgaggtta tttaataaat ccgagcatgg cttagtcatc gaactatgta aattttgaga     18540
     gttactaaca agggtttagc attctatgtg gatgaataaa taataaaagt gaatcagttc     18600
     tccatgtgcc acacgcattg ccgagaagtt accgtattgc atttcttatt gctgtgataa     18660
     tatacctgac aaaggcaacc taagggggga aaaagttgat tttagttttg agggcacagt     18720
     ctgtcatggt agggacatca tggcagcagg aacttgaggg agtggaagct cagctcgctc     18780
     cctccttgct aggcagccta gaccccaacc catgaaacag tatctcctac attcaggact     18840
     catcttcact caccaaggcc caccccagca tgggttcagc tcacagagct gggaacccaa     18900
     gcatactgca cagcctgcag gcagctcagc agggatgaga gcctcctctc ctgtgttcat     18960
     cagtcaatct aaacctcttc caggtagctc agcttggttc tgcttcttcc aggcagctgg     19020
     tctggtctga gagtcttctt tgaggtgttg cttgtctgag tcttccttgc agtgtttatt     19080
     gcttactcta gcaaggagga gcctagtgac tctggtcaat ttcaggaact tcctgaagct     19140
     atctgagctt ttccaccttt ctgcttaagg agtctccctg cagggtgaaa tgattcaatc     19200
     tccaggaaac tgttacacaa cacttagtct taagtaaaaa taaattcaaa gtcagtaata     19260
     aagttcttac aattgctata cataacatac agtagtgcca tttctcatac caaaagaggt     19320
     tatatggtgt tctatgttcc ttaggggtta gtcagtcatt cacagtgttg atatgtatgg     19380
     gcatcacatt tgttactcta aattattatt gggtattgat tgaccacaaa aaacatacac     19440
     tttgaggaaa ggggagatgg ttcagttgtt acaaatgctt gctgatgttg cagagaacct     19500
     gggttcagtt ccccagaagc cccatcagaa gactcagaac tgccaataac tctaatacaa     19560
     gggaattaga ggccttttgg cctccttagg tatatgcaag cacctggaac acaaactcac     19620
     agaccgatag acacacacac ggagagagag gacggaagag agagaataaa tatacaaaaa     19680
     taaaagaata taatgcttct gtaatatttt tgttttactt agagaaaagc ggttacagga     19740
     atggaaagca cttaagaaga aacaaaaatt tggggaattg agagaaattt ctggaaatca     19800
     gtatgtgaat gaagtcacaa atgcagaaaa agacctgtgg gttgtaattc atctctatag     19860
     atcaaggtaa ttatccaata cttcagaatg ctggtgctgt gatcttttag agacactcct     19920
     agctttaggg tctgtgatga ggaatattta agaaaaagaa acatatattc acacgagtac     19980
     attatagaat ttttatcttt agggattaaa ttaagtatgc taaaatattt tcatttctaa     20040
     tctgtggaat gtcacatttc taagaaaaat tatctcggct tggtaattaa gatctcctgt     20100
     atctgtcctc ttctctgttt atctgagctc aaactcagcc aaggatagtc ttgaactcct     20160
     gactctcctt ctgcctccca gagtccgaga ctagtgtgta gcaacgcatg tgtttaatga     20220
     tgtactgggg atcaacccct ggacttcatg catgtttggc aagtctttgg agaagggaaa     20280
     ctgggaaccc agaagagaca cgcaaactaa agcccagggg tgtagaggaa aatgaaggtg     20340
     tatgtttggg ggtgggagga cagggtcagc tccgacctca tctgctcaag cacaccatga     20400
     tagtctaggg aagggttgga gggtgggtgg aacgggagtt ctgtgatgga tgaagcaggc     20460
     agcactggaa ggttgggatc ctgctttcaa tcagttttaa attttagatg agacactggg     20520
     atccaggatg gggaagactg tgggtgaaat atgttagcgt caggagagtc aaagaagtgt     20580
     gagatgagaa acattagact aaccagtgac aagtgtaggg tcctttcatt tcagcccagg     20640
     actgccccag actccctatg cacgtctttt cattatcatt tgtgttccta tgatctttca     20700
     tctaggaact ggctcaaatt aatgctaaat ggaatatagt ctacctaaat taggtaccag     20760
     actcccatgg tactagcttc attcccaggc aatagtggaa tttccagtaa aaaccagagg     20820
     actctaatac agtccgtctt tgttaaaggt cacagcacaa gacacaaata tgcttttata     20880
     taagaagcaa agatctatat tgtgcaaaag agaggtttta tttatttttc tagcttaaga     20940
     ggagtggtct gtgtttgaag tgtactgtgt attctctctt tagtgtccca atgtgcttgg     21000
     tggttaacca acatctgagt gtcctagcaa gaaagtttcc agaaaccaaa tttgttaaag     21060
     ccatcgtgaa tagctgcatt gaacactacc atgacaactg tttaccaaca atttttgttt     21120
     ataaaaatgg tcagatagaa ggcaaattca ttggaattat agaatgtgga gggataaatc     21180
     tcaagctaga aggtaatggt gttcattttt aaatacttac aaaactaaca aatgaaaact     21240
     tctctagatg aacaagtgtg aaagtttatt tctttgaagt gaagtttttc cccttaattt     21300
     tcttctactt ttaagatgtt aacaattatt ttagtgtgta tgatagtctg cctacggtat     21360
     gtttgtgtcc ctgtgtcaat gttcatgccc agggtccaca gaagccagaa acaggtgccg     21420
     cagtccctgg aactggagtt ccagcttccc gtgatctgcc atgtgagtgc tgggaccggg     21480
     tctctgcagc catttctcca gtccctattc tattctccag agtgatgtcc tcctgtcatg     21540
     cttattatat catagcacat ttcacttaaa attcttaatg gtgtgtgtct agaataactt     21600
     taaagtataa atgatccagt gtagagtcca gtccatctct gcatctcttt ctcagttctg     21660
     tgtaatgtct gctctagcca ggctgggctt agtcgctaca gaccccagac agccctttgt     21720
     gctcacactg tctccaatag tctttccttt ttcctacatt cctcatcttt atctccagat     21780
     ggtagctagt tttgttgatt ccctatgagt cttcagctct ggaacaggtg cagaaaaaca     21840
     gttttctttc aattactttc tctcctatag catacagcac tggagtttat ttttttaacc     21900
     tattttcttc ctcctaaagt catccctttg tcttttccat tcgtggatac tgatgttgaa     21960
     acattcacat tgtgtgctgc ttaactttca tccatcgcca cagttcttat catcttgtgt     22020
     aataaaactc tggacccatt aaacaggaac ctttcatttt accttccctc cctgtcttag     22080
     ttagggtttt actgctgtga acagacaccg tgaccaaggc aacttttata aggacaacat     22140
     ttaattgggg ctggcttacc agttcagagg ttcagtccat tatcatcaag gtgggagcat     22200
     ggtagcttcc aagcaggcat ggggcaggaa gagctgagag ttctacatct tcatctgaag     22260
     gccactagaa gactgacttc cagttagcta ggatgagggt cttaaagccc acacccacag     22320
     tgacacatgt actccaacag ggccacacct actccaacag ggccatacct ccaaatagtg     22380
     ccactcttta gccaaacata ttcaaaccac cacactccaa cccctggaag ccaatctact     22440
     ttttgtcttt atgaagctga tgatttgaaa cacgttatat aagtagggca aggctgggtt     22500
     ttcctctttt gtgcctgctt ataagcatcg ctcaacacac tgttgtcaag gctcatccct     22560
     tacctttttt aggtctgaac aacgacccaa tgtctgcata ggccacattg cagacataca     22620
     tccttcatcg atggatactt acattgcttt tacagtttga ttgttataaa tcatgctgct     22680
     aaaacatggg tgtaaagatt atatgttcag taattttgga aaaaacccaa aattatattg     22740
     ctaggtcata tggttattct atttatattt tgagggattg aatcatttta ttattcttta     22800
     gccataatat ataagtgact atacatgtgt gtatttagca ctcatactca tacacacaca     22860
     cacaaacaca cacacataga aatgtaggga ttggttatat tataaatttg aaactattca     22920
     gtaaatggca gtctatcatc ctgaaacact ttttaaagct caattatagt tttctaaatt     22980
     tcttcctttc ataccttaat aagtttaaac tttatccttc tctcgttaaa tacaacttgt     23040
     gtttttgtca ctccctttct aagaggatgt gagccgattg ttgtttttga atgacaattc     23100
     ttctatcctc atgcctatta gtgaaaaacc ttgtttttga atttttcact ttttaactgt     23160
     acgaggaagg taggtgtctg tggtgatgtt aactgtctac ttgacaaaag ttagtatcaa     23220
     ctgagagatg gactttggct atgtctctga ggggattgct ttcgttatgt tgagagggag     23280
     agatggaggg tgggagggag gatctgtcta ttgtgggtga gaccattccc aaggcagaga     23340
     gtgctggagt atgtaagagt ggagaagcca gctgagcacg tatgcacaca ttcactgctc     23400
     ttccctaact gcagacatat tggactataa cctgaaactg tgagctaaat agactctttc     23460
     tcccataagt ttcttttagc agaatatttt atcacaactg gaaaagagac aaaggttcta     23520
     ccaatgatag tattgatttc tcttcttatt ggctttttat gagagttctc attaacccac     23580
     gtatctatca ggtcttaaca ttgttatgct ggtgcgattt ttgtcaagct ggtgaatata     23640
     cagtgttatc tttttgttcc tggcaatatt aaggattgaa ctcagggcct tgtgcttact     23700
     agacatgtga tctacccttg agttataatg tcagtgctac aaatgatcct gtcccattta     23760
     aatttggaat agcagtagga tcaagcattc tttcgtaggt attggtcatt tgttctcttg     23820
     tttatgcttt gtctttctca ggtgagctac agaagtgtgt ggggttctgc ccactgcttc     23880
     cacagcatca cttgcgggct ctcggaagct taccgcttca gactgctctt ctctatgtat     23940
     atgtatttct caggggtgta tatgatggag cccgagatct tttccactgt gttatacttc     24000
     caggccaaca ttgcttttct cccccttgat acaaagtctg gcttcagact cttaggctca     24060
     aacagtcttt cctttgtctc tcaaacagct aaggctctag gtatgcatac ctgggtctag     24120
     gtatacattt taattgttag gaaaaagtta tattaggata gtgaaattta ttggtctttt     24180
     tatattatac ttaccatgct tccctttaaa accattatac ttccctataa aaaccctata     24240
     ttttctttta ataactttat ttttagctta ggtcttaaat aacattgtaa tgaaatatta     24300
     aaaagaaggg atctgatttt attctgttgc cctaatgcca tttactgaaa tttcatttcc     24360
     ctctgttttt acatctattt ttaaactgta aaatatgcat aatatgaact ctcaatgcct     24420
     taatcatctt ttccaacata ttctatacat ttctttttga gaagggaatc tggcccacat     24480
     tggccttgaa cttgtgatct ccttggcttt agcatcccta gtagtagacg tacagacaga     24540
     tgtgctgccc tgccttgcaa cctctttcct tcttgaggct aaataataca ttttagttat     24600
     acatccctct ataggcagac catcaggttc cttctgtctt tggtctacta ttaatgctgc     24660
     taccatgaaa ggagctgacc cctgctgcag ttccttgtct ccactctctg ctgataccca     24720
     gagctgcaat ttacagatta cacaggaatt ctactttaag tctgttgttg ttttagagat     24780
     tgccacacag tttcccccag cagcggaacc acaggatact catacaggca caggctatga     24840
     aaggctctca agcccgcaag ccccctgggc tcctatccac tctggttagt ttttggtttt     24900
     cgaaaatagc catcctgggg catggaatga ggtgttttct gtttctgctg taatttttaa     24960
     gtgcctcaat ttatttctga gatctcttct ctgttctact aggatttttg ttttgttttg     25020
     tttttgtcta tccttgcatt aatagaacac tgtacttatt gcttcataat aatgtaacta     25080
     tttctaataa agtagaattt catatacctt attatcaagt tctatcaaaa atcatatagt     25140
     tattagaata tttatagact agctgttaaa gtgttaaagt gaaaatcata tatttagtag     25200
     aatatttata gattagctgt tcctattttg gaattttgct ttaaatttat ttcagtttcc     25260
     tttacaaaca ttctgcttat acagaattta gttaataaac ataagagaat gatagatttc     25320
     catggatagg catttagaga catcaaattg actatttttg ttattgatag acttattttg     25380
     ataatttata ttttcctcaa attcttccat taacagcctt actcattttc agatgtgttg     25440
     gtgtatgtcg catcccaata ggcccatttt tttaaaatac tgaattttaa tctttatgaa     25500
     ttacttagtt attcgcacct gtactggatc ttggttttgt gaggatttta ctttgtgttt     25560
     gcctatttga tgcccagggg atgatggtat cttgtcagct tggttgtgac acatgtgact     25620
     tctttgttac ttgatttctt ccttatcttg taagcaagca gctacttgtt attcagaaga     25680
     tccaatctga tttcctgctc ctctctattg cttttgcctt cctggttttt tttgtttttt     25740
     tttttgttgt tgttgttgtt gttttgtttt taccaaattc tactatttta tctcttcttt     25800
     atgcttctcc tcaagtttac accattttct tcctcccttc cttttctctc tctcctcttc     25860
     tttttttatg tggggggggg ggctggaact tgtggcaatc ctcctgtttc agcttcttag     25920
     atgataggat tacagcatga cctaccacat taggattatt agtttcttgg tgtacacctt     25980
     tgaccttctt attttcagtc attttaagat aaatatttct acccatttcc cgttaaggac     26040
     aaccttgcct gtgtaattct gatagtataa cagtttgtca ttcattttaa atgcattttc     26100
     aattccacat tattattatt atattattat ttacatttct catgtgtgcc tgtgtgtgtg     26160
     cgcgcgtgtc cataggataa ctttcagaag ttcattttct tccttcacca tgtggatctt     26220
     agggctgtct caggttgtct gtcagacttg gtggcacctt ggtggcaagc aactttacct     26280
     gatgagccat ctcaccagcc ttaatttcca tgctaatttt aacaaagtca acttctgttt     26340
     caatttttcc aagattttca tccagtttaa tgataggttt ttatctattg tagaacttga     26400
     atggaaacta tcagaagttg gagcgataca gagtgacttg gaagaaaccc ccaaaaaggg     26460
     cattgcagat atgatggtgt cttcaattag aaacatctcc atttatgaca gcgatagctc     26520
     tggcagtgac actgaggcta agtagaactt gttaataaat agctttatag tgtatccatc     26580
     gaatgcctta tttcctgctg actttagcta caaatgaatt gacctcattt tcattcttat     26640
     gtaagaagta taacctacat gtcaattgaa aaaatttcag gtatttaaga atattgtctc     26700
     ttgcaaatat gaatatttac tccttaatat tttgtgactt attttttctg actcctgttg     26760
     gacaaaaccc aacaaatact ttaagtcctc tgtgttgcct aatcacttcc aaaaagacac     26820
     atggaaggaa ataaatatgg cttcataaat aaaattaaga cattttgtat gtgtgcacca     26880
     tgtgtgtata ggtgtgcatg cctgtgaatg tgcatgtgat ggtcagagat cagttttggg     26940
     tgtcttcttt aactgcactc taccttaatt tctgagagag agcccctcac agagaagctg     27000
     gactgcctga gtgaggagtg ctcccctgtt ccattattca atgcttgcct tctacttccc     27060
     tgtgctggca tctcaggcac acaaccacac ctggccttga cacaggtgtc gagcatctgg     27120
     gctgaggtct catgtgtgca gtttaccagg ggagtcatcg ctacagacct taagttgata     27180
     tatatctgtt ttctagaaaa atcatatcaa agaaatagct acctagttat atcatttaat     27240
     tcctgaattc ttgttgagga tacaaacaac tgtgggagga aaggaagagc catattgtag     27300
     tgaagtcggg ctgcagctct gggctctgta atccagcttg acatgagcac tagctttcct     27360
     tccaagtgaa accaagtgtc aaacatctcc atcaatatag tcctgtcctg ttattttaaa     27420
     ttttatttat tgtatgtgta tgggtatttt gtctgcttgt tactctgcac atcagctgtg     27480
     cctggcactc aaggagccca gaggagtgta tcaaatcccc tgcgactgga cttacagaca     27540
     ggtgtgagct gccaggatgc tgctgagaat tgaatccagg tcctctggaa gagcagttgg     27600
     tgatcttaaa ttttgagcca ttccttcatt ctccctccca ccctccctcc aacagctgtc     27660
     cacttatttt ttaatgttaa aatgaacagg atagctaaaa taaaaggtaa acttttcctt     27720
     ttttactgat ccaccaaaag ataatagtaa gggtttatcc acagacatag ttctgaagac     27780
     ttaacatttg taataaccgt atacctgttg tcaggcagtg gtggcgcacg cctttagtcc     27840
     cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggcagatt tctgagttca aagccagcct ggtctacaaa     27900
     gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag agaagccctg tctcaaaaaa caaaaaaaca     27960
     aaacaaaaca aaaaaccaac caaacaaaca aaaggatggt tgtgtgtgat tctagcctgt     28020
     catttcatta gaatatagat atttgtcaag tctgtgagaa aactgacatg taatattctt     28080
     cactatatga gtggtttgat agggcagaaa caacagtttc taattgctaa tacttaataa     28140
     ttgtgcctta taaaagtgga cactttctat ttcattctag tattttttaa caatccttga     28200
     caagtgcatg ttattgaaat ctctttctct acttacagta tggtattaaa gtttgctcct     28260
     agggttcctg gcatttccag aaaacttgtt agaaatgcat aatgtctgac cgtaggcaga     28320
     ctagtggggt tgacttttca ctctaatgaa tgcttaggtg gatggtgtgt gcattagaac     28380
     tcaggagcac tgtgcggcaa atcccttaaa gcttgaaggt gtttaacctc accccacacg     28440
     ggttagttag tctacccaag tggaaatgcc agcttcagat ccaagtcaga actgaattca     28500
     aagaactctg aagaaggaag atgctgcttt aagacaggct ctagctatgt agccaaggct     28560
     agcctcaaat ggggttgttt tagcctgttc ttccctttct ggctctatct ccacagtggt     28620
     agacctggga gtgggaccgt ggagacgagg aacacatgga gagtgcctga cattcatact     28680
     gcgtccaaga acttgttttt aatgaggcat gctgagctct cctagaaact gggtcagcct     28740
     cccatggcat agtccgttgc tcaacatgga cacagattag gtttagccct gtctctgctg     28800
     atctcttagt ccacctaccc cccaaccccc acccccaaga agtataccta gccttcttgc     28860
     tgcttgaatt tcctttctct gtgtcaaatg attcaagctc agacagtact ttcagtcagt     28920
     caaatcataa gaaatagtac atcctgacca tgtcaaatga tgggaaagaa agcgtgctct     28980
     gatttagttc agcgcacccc tggccagcag tgtctttcct cctgtttggt aagtactgag     29040
     tgatgctgat aaatcttccc atggataacg ttattgtctc cctttagact ctaaagttta     29100
     gagacacctt ccatttctct agttgatgct gaagacatag tcacatcaca tgaaatgaaa     29160
     tggggtaaag gggacagaaa aggacagtac tgtctaagaa cccaagaaga catggcatca     29220
     gagatacaga ggtaggagaa cacaagttgg aggccagcct aggctacata ttgagacttg     29280
     tctcagaatg agccaataag tggagatgta gttcagggat agaatgcttt gatccttagt     29340
     gagcacactc ttgagcacac gtgtgtgaca tgccctcgtg tgcacacaca cacagaggag     29400
     gaagccgagg aggaggtagt ttctggcatc acatattggt agttatttag aaggtgagct     29460
     acttggtgct ctttgctccc tgctttggac ctcaccctgc accatatact ggtggtatct     29520
     tcttctattg cagtgttaca catattactc aagcagtggc tttctcaaca gtgttacata     29580
     ttcttcaata gcatctagtg ttatccactc ctacacaggt ggtagatctg tgtatttaga     29640
     gtgacacaca ttcttagata ggcagtaact ttattatagt cacatgttct tatacagaga     29700
     gttgttttac ctatactagt gttccacatt cttgtggaca ctgttaagac aatagtactg     29760
     gtcacatgat cttccccaat aaattccagt ttatctctcc ttaatgattt tatataaatc     29820
     taaagctatt tcttgacaat cttcctccaa tcatagttgg ggacctaaac ctcttcctac     29880
     ctaatcccat taacttagtc aatcagtcac ctcaggtatt gaagtaaatg ccgtaagcaa     29940
     atagtaaata aaatagtgta tcgtctggta gcaggggaaa tggttaagat aggacacaga     30000
     acattaaaca aatatatgca attaatatat tatgggggaa acagtaaata agaaactggg     30060
     tactgtgtag acagaggagt aggagtactt aaataacttg ccaagatctt ttgacacttg     30120
     aaagttgagg aggcaggctt aagaataggt acggcagcat ctaggcaaag gttctcagcg     30180
     ctgcctctgt caaggcctga tgtgggcaga gattagcaag gaattggaaa gatgtttctg     30240
     gaatgtcaca ggagcaaatg gcaggctgtg aagttggaag gcaggcatgg ggcagatcac     30300
     ataaggtatt atggtcatga ttatgcactc agatgaactg aaaatatgag ttttagaagg     30360
     aacactgtga ctgctctcat acgtaggttc ttctttttct tttttaaaga cagggtcctg     30420
     ctaagattac aagtgtatac caccattaac tactcacagt agcaaaatat tcttgtttta     30480
     agaggcatac ttgagacagc caagggaaga catcaagtag ctaactggac acgtgtatga     30540
     aaactgaagg agaggctcag tctgcaggca aaatgtctga gtcactggaa ccattcccag     30600
     ggagccagtg gcagactgta aagttggacg actgtcagtc tcaccaacta aagccacagg     30660
     tctccaatat tcttattctt atatgggtaa tactctgaca ctcagggaga tcacttgact     30720
     tccagggttc ctcagcttaa ggcaatcagt aacattttaa gcctatactt atgaatccca     30780
     taataccaca tacattactg aaattccctc tattttaaaa ggactagaaa gaatctgaat     30840
     aatagagcca tggaattgta aaaaacttga cagtactatt ctgcatgtct ggatcttcca     30900
     actcacgaaa aaatacaatg aaaccaggag cgttagtggc tgatgtgaac gtggtatgaa     30960
     gagcagacat cactttgcga ctagtggaat ctatgcaact agggaaagat tctcaacaaa     31020
     gaagacagtt gaaatcaagg caggaaactg aattttaaaa gttgctaaac aaagccgggg     31080
     gggggtgggg gatggtggcg caagccttta atcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaggcg     31140
     gatttctgag ttcaaggcca gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac     31200
     acagagaaac cctgtctgga aaaaaacaaa caaacaaaaa aagttgctaa acaataccat     31260
     tctgaatgca atcgtggtac acatacagat atacagtggc tgaaccccaa cagcactgta     31320
     gctccttaat tgggcttgag gcccacacaa gaaggaaatc attcctggta ttggaaacct     31380
     ggccaactat ctggtgctgg tgctgtcatg gaacttgaag gagaacctac aactgccata     31440
     ttactaatcc agcaatttct aactacattc taaatattaa tccttatacc cacagataag     31500
     tgtaagtctc acccttcatc aaagaaactt tttctaaaca tacagaggcc atttcagaaa     31560
     accacatcaa aatgcagagg acaggtgact gtgttgttca gctagaacac agatcctgta     31620
     cctaaggctc aggaacatag tgagtcaaga ggcagagaga agaagacaca gagggaagtt     31680
     tgctgtgaca ctgtgtcttc tacaaatgac agagaagctc cacccatgaa gtctcaacaa     31740
     tatggctgcc taaataagac ccgaacaagg aagacaccaa tgagacatgc taacaaggaa     31800
     ggggtaaacc tttgatacaa aactacaggc aactaaggaa tgctaaaatc aggaaaaagt     31860
     ctaccccaga gaagagccct taattggtta tccaatatca agtggcatta tacaaaccaa     31920
     gtgggctgta tatatatata tatatttggg aatacatgtg caccaattag agaaatagag     31980
     gccacgagtt tgagggagag caaggtgaat ggttgggaag gaatggaggg agaaaagggg     32040
     aggggaaaat gatagaatta tattttaatt tcaaaactga aagtggccaa cacttgagat     32100
     gggatttact tagcaggtag tgtcaatacc tagtgcctct caattgctct atgaactgag     32160
     actattatct gcagtttaca tttttttttt tttacagatg aataacttga agttacatca     32220
     tttcacagat gaataacttg atgaaaagac agttgaaaag agaaccggaa acacttagtt     32280
     taaatgacaa caaggcacat ggtgtttaag gccatggttt agaattggga acctagattt     32340
     aggatttatg aaactatgag gcaaaacttt tgtttactgg aaacacagtg ttaaagttgg     32400
     gaaattaaaa aaaacttttt ttttttaaat gagggaaaag tcgtaaactg aaccgtggga     32460
     aatagtcaga cagtgacaga ggactgagca gaaaatcaag ggattatcaa caggtcttgg     32520
     taaataatta aacagagaat gtgagcgagg gaggagtcac aggtgactaa gaggacaatg     32580
     aaaccattaa agggggcaaa ggtcattttg atatatatat atatatatat atgtatatat     32640
     attatatatg tatatagtgt gtatacacac actagaggaa ctataataga aaaagagaat     32700
     gaataaagcc aaaacatttg acccagggaa agcattcaaa ttcatttggc tgcaacctat     32760
     ttaccagcct cagtaccctt acctcctgcc ccttttttac taccagtgat caagacacta     32820
     acttgtagat ggcagaaaag ctcttattgg ttttaagcaa taaaacaaac acattcacga     32880
     gtttattgat tactttaact gaactttcca aaggaatcta gcccacatcg atttcagcgc     32940
     tcatgcatct aggctatatc accatgtttt aatctgtttt ctggtttttc ccttcgtggt     33000
     gcctgctctt tcattagtca cacaagaaaa gattattttc tttcagtatc aggttcactg     33060
     ggaaacaatc ttcttggcag taattgccag cctgagacag agaacccaag gtttcctcct     33120
     ccacagtgtc ctgcctggac cacaaggaca gagtggagaa tgggtgggtt caaaggacgt     33180
     gaacctaagc gagcagcaga tggattagga cagcagaaac tgtgcctttc gatggcgaaa     33240
     cggtacaaag actgccaagg aaagattctc ctggcagggt tctggctacg tagccaggaa     33300
     tttgaggatt ctcctcctag ttcacattgc tggggggggg ggggggggat cgcagctaat     33360
     tcctagtttt gaagttggtt tttttttttt ttctttcctg aatatacacc aagaacttaa     33420
     ttcttattga gacaaacatt accttgtaga caggattttt ggagctaaag agtataggtt     33480
     tatttattgc cttctgtttg ctgtacgagt tgatttttaa aagaaattgc tatgaattag     33540
     cttctttccc agtaattcgg gtgcagtagc taagaaacca gtgtaaacta gggtcctggt     33600
     tcatccgtag cgccatgctc atcttttgca gtgcctcctg ccttttcata aaaggagcaa     33660
     acacatcccg accttttgct tccctggcta cagccgaggt cacttgggtc gtccaggtcc     33720
     atctcgggga gcagccagcc tagcgtgtct ctaggagccg ggaaaccgag tcccaggcat     33780
     cccacgaacc tccaggagag gaaaccgagc actgggctgg agaagtctaa cttggcgtag     33840
     gccaagctct ctgctttccc ggggacagag gcaccattcc aggcggcggc tcccactggt     33900
     tgggagcgcc gcatcccggg gaaccgcgag ccgcccaggg cgctgcgggc ggccgcaccc     33960
     tccgctaggc cccgcctccc ggcctgcgaa gggaaggggg cctcggggca tcccggcttc     34020
     cctcggcggc cgtggaacga gctcacgccg gcctgcaaga gtgggatttc ctcgggtgcc     34080
     cgggatcccc aggcgcggct tcggggctgc ctaacgggga aagtcgcatg cgcgcccggc     34140
     gcgctgaggg aaggcggccg cgaggggagg ggcgagtgca gagcctggcc ggccgcggag     34200
     ccccgcgccc acgacgcatg cgccgggagg cagcgcaatc acggactcgg ctggcggcta     34260
     ccggctggag agaggaaacc ccggacggcg agagcgcgaa ggaaatctgg ccgccgccgc     34320
     gcacgcgctc ccggtgagtg cgccccaccg ggtgggcctc ggcccggcgc gcggcgggcg     34380
     gctggcctgg gtggcgcatg cgtgctcccg ggttccgtgg aggaggggaa ggccgggagg     34440
     gggaggagcg cggcggtagc ggtgaatttt gaggggtggg tcgggggcgc gcactcgccg     34500
     cccctggtgc tgccggctcc cggagccgtg gcgtgtcccg gctgtcgccg ctcggctgtc     34560
     gcgagccgcc gcgggcagag tcccgggcgg gggagggagg aagccggagc ctcaggcacg     34620
     gtgaggacgc gggagggcgc ggggggcagt gtgtgggacc ggggcaggga acagggcgcg     34680
     gggcgccaag ggggtgcggg ccaggccggg aggcaggagc tgcggccggg gtccggggac     34740
     gcggagagcg cggagctctg gagagtcgcg ctcagcgggg cctgcgccaa gtgtcccggg     34800
     gccgctgggg gttacctgca gggcaggggg gcgcggtggg tcccgcgggc cccgggggtt     34860
     ccggggccgc gtcgcgcttg agactgggcg cggggttagc gcggggcagg ccgagtcggc     34920
     cgccgagagc gctcgcgccc gggacccgct aggccttgtg acccacttta ttcctgtcac     34980
     cactcgggca cgtttggagc ggcgcccaat ggggcgctgg ggcggccagc tcctccgcgg     35040
     agcccccgcc ctcgcggcgg ccggcgcgcg ccgggatccg cagtccgagc ggcggccgcc     35100
     gccgcccagg gctggttccg ttaatggtcc tggttccggg gctcgggccg cgggctgctc     35160
     tgggccccgg gtgtccgact cgagtcgcgt gcgccgcgcc gggccgcgct ctgcctgtgg     35220
     ggctggccgt cctggatgtg gtcctggctg tcccggtacc gggagtagcg ccacgaagtt     35280
     tgtatctttg tggggtgttt tctgccgctg tggaagtccg aggtagtcag cagaatcctg     35340
     aaagatgaag gaagagcttt ggcctctgac ctgacagatg acagatcagg ccgtggtgtt     35400
     ttgatattgc aatgccgaac cacacactgc atgaagcctt tctagatgct ttaaaaacaa     35460
     cagactctgg tgttttctat tgcagtgaaa gaaaagcaca agaagaaact tttacaggcg     35520
     ttgttgattg gactagggca acgattccca aaatcaccag caaggtaatt tcccttgatt     35580
     gcattgttgt agttttaaaa gcgactagag aaaattacag accatcccca ttcatatctg     35640
     attgaaaaaa aatgaatagg ctgtaactta attcgtgact gtctctgagt cccacagaac     35700
     acttgaaatc tggtttgttt taaaatctta ggagaaagaa acatgtgcct aggttagctt     35760
     gaagaactgg caggatcacc tgtgaaaaaa aggacacaaa aaattgtcat atagtgaaag     35820
     aaagctgaat tgtgtcctgt tgtatgtgta actatatata atctatatgt ccatatttgt     35880
     gcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatatat atatatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     35940
     acacatatag actacatata gcctgtgttg ctcgtcaata tgaggaagtc ctagaataaa     36000
     tactagaaaa ccaatagtta tgggaaaggg tggaaaatga aatgctttat gtgcttatag     36060
     tcttattctt ttaatgtttt atggatttat aaacaggttt tatagggaat tttgatcatt     36120
     ctctattttt ttctcttaat atttgaaaag taaactggag aaagtttagg tgaacttgat     36180
     tgttgtttac attttacgat gctgaaatca caggcaaatt caaaacttgc taacccttga     36240
     tgactgcatt tggcgttaaa gttggaatgc gcttctttgg tagtatagtg cctccttttt     36300
     atatttttaa aaactatagt tttatagttt ttttttcctt tcgtcgatcc ctacctcaat     36360
     gtttacattc tgtttacaat aataataaac cagtttattt agctgagtga cttttcttgt     36420
     gggaagctat tattttcttc aaggaagtca gacatgaacc ccagtgaaat ataaatatat     36480
     gtatgtgtat ttgagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtcagagtgt ctgtgagtat atatgtgtga     36540
     gtatatatgt gtgagtatgt acatgtgttg tgtatgtgat tatttcttaa ggaaaacaga     36600
     attcagaatt aaatgcaaga aacctaacca tttgtgataa cagattgtgt aaacatatat     36660
     taatgatgtg tctagttctg ctggcaggcg taattttgac agcaaggtta aggttgaaag     36720
     ggtgttgtgt gagagtggat gcaattttag ggagggaata ctcaaaaact ccctctagtg     36780
     acaataatat tccatgggga ctagttgcat gggcaccagt atttttttat ttggtaggcc     36840
     aggatgtttg tgctgtttct gtttgaggca gatatatgac agtcactcta gtgcaaagtg     36900
     gcatttagtt ttcacttgaa tatcatgtat gtagctcttt tctaatcttt taacgtatga     36960
     atcctgtaag tgaaggctgt cttctgtttt tgttgttaag atagaatctc ttagtgtatt     37020
     aacccaggct gttatggaaa ttactgtgta gtctagactg gccttgaact catgataatc     37080
     ctcctgcctc agcttcctga ggactagaat cacaggtatt tgccacaaca ctggatatac     37140
     atttctatct atttctacct catgtctttc ttcagaaata actgttatca attggatgac     37200
     tagctttctg tatctatttc tgtgaattta tgaatatatc tgctttagcc ttaattgatt     37260
     ttttttttta tggtaaggtt tttggaggag ggtattgtgt tgggaagtct tattagtatg     37320
     tagtcagact ggcccatggt ggaagtattg ctcagccgtt tgagtgctag ggttatgctt     37380
     agccagttac tgggttcctg aatgattgtt ctgtctgttt gcctgcactg taaatcacac     37440
     cccaccccac cccccagggt agaaaggact tggagtatgt cagaaagttt taacgtgtga     37500
     tagtaatctt agggaataac ctctctaccc cttacctcta cagctattga agggctagtt     37560
     gatatagaag catttgcagt ttggagggag ttcaaactga tgtgaattca gcctagagac     37620
     ttagatttta acatttttat ataggactct taagggccta attgtagggt ttcaagaatg     37680
     ggcccctgag ggtgaatctt agccttgtaa ctagttacaa aaggaaagaa gagaagaacc     37740
     agagagctca ggctggcatc tgaaggagcc agctgccatc tgacagcagg cacctcagag     37800
     atgaatgctg tggacatgga tctactgcat agatgctttc cgccacgaag agcctcttta     37860
     tttgatcatt ataaactagt tacgtgttga tttcaagatt gttagaaata tggaatgaag     37920
     tatagtttgc cagtgaactg ttgtccatgc tcagccatgt cagacaggta ttgttactat     37980
     agaagaaggt ggtcggtctc ttcctgtctc actgtcttct cagcaccaca tgaaatgccc     38040
     cctctccgta cctttcctta tgctgctggg tcagctaaag tatttatttg ctctgaatgt     38100
     ttgcagggag caaattattt ataaaagttt cacattttat agccaaactg ttctgtgact     38160
     atttcagtac ttgcagatcc atgaagcttc cctttggaaa tgtaattgcc ttgtcgatag     38220
     catatcacta acactgcagt ttttcttttc tgagctcaat tgctggtaga gttgtaaaaa     38280
     attactcatc taacactttc aagtgtaaga acagtttaat acttactaat tggcttaatt     38340
     acataatggc atttataagt tgctttacaa ccatttttaa taaccctgat atatgtaatt     38400
     tctatgaatt aagtagataa cgaaattctg ctttctgtat gagttactct gaaaatgtta     38460
     aattacctaa ataatctata ctgacaattt taattttgag ttatcacttt tgttgtataa     38520
     ttcatgaaga aataattctg cttataattt taagtttgcc ctatctacaa aaagaagtca     38580
     ttgataaaga gtgagttttt attattgctt tcgatttttt aaaaggacta tttactttaa     38640
     aattctattt tgtttgtatg gatgttttgc ttgcatgtat ttttgtatac tgtattgtgt     38700
     gtatggggtt gggggtggag gccagaagaa tatcagatac cctgggactg gagttacaga     38760
     tggttttaag ttgccatgtg agtattggga attgaatctg ggtcctctga aagagcaacc     38820
     agtgctttta accattgagc catctttcca gcctctaaag gatttttttt ttaaacaaca     38880
     acaatgacaa accccctgta ttttaaatat taattttttt ggcaaaatca cttttatttt     38940
     tatattgtga gtactggaat caaggggtgg acaccaccat gcctaccaaa ctctgctttt     39000
     tagaagaatt tttatttaat ctaatattta atttttaaat ttttattata aatagtagaa     39060
     aataaaagta gaacttgctt cccttgttgt tgttggtatt tggattattt tgagacagac     39120
     gactttgctt tgtatatagt ccaggccagt ctccaggcac ttcatcctcc agcgccaatt     39180
     tctctggtac tgggattcca ggtgtaggcc atacctgcct ctaaacattt ttatattttg     39240
     gagataagaa gcacaaataa gtttgtacct gtagagtaag ccatttgccc acataagaat     39300
     gtatcttttc tattaaaata tagtttaatc ttaagtagtt gacttacttt cttaattttc     39360
     aactctcagt tataactgta gtacatccca gtatggaaac ttgggaaaag cagaaacaac     39420
     aacaaaaaaa gcacagatta agaatttaaa atactactga aaatcctgtc actcagaaaa     39480
     gccattgtta gtcttgtggg gtatgtgagg ctgtgcgcac ttagagccat gactgtgtag     39540
     acctgtagca tccaccgcaa tgcaggccat tctcttcctt cagctcttca gcatactttc     39600
     ctatcagtgt gctctccagg gtactgtgtg aatgtgctta ttctgatcca tgttttcaat     39660
     accactttga ctgttggaca caaaagcttt aatttttaag ataatgagaa ttacaacttg     39720
     aaaattttta tagcttttaa aaaaatataa tacaagtaga atgatactga atttgtgttg     39780
     ataaccaaat tcaatagatt ttatgctttt ttttgttgga aaaatatgct agtctgtata     39840
     atcagtagta agaataatga ggtaaagtct aagattttta aagttacttt ttcaaaattt     39900
     atgtcttgct ttgaaatgta ctcacattgc attttctgag cataagtcag ttgggtgttt     39960
     gattttcttt gtggtgctga ggatgaaacc tagggcctgt cccatactag ggtcacatgg     40020
     tctactaccc agctacttca ctggctagtc attggtctgc tgtgcttggt agaaaaccag     40080
     tttttggcca tggggctata tatgattatg ctgtgctttt caaggaattg ttgtttcctt     40140
     gaagtcactg tcagagttgt catgtgtctt ttgttttttt taatcctttt agtatctgta     40200
     gaaaacacag tgagtctaat atccttgtaa cctctagagc agtggttctc agccttccta     40260
     atgctgcgac cctttaatac agttcctcat ggggtggtga ccccaaccat aaaattgttt     40320
     tcattgctac tcataactgt aattttgcta ttgttataaa ttataatgta aacatctgtg     40380
     ttttctggtg gtcttaggcg acccctgtga aagggttgtt tggtcccaaa aggagtggcg     40440
     gtgcccaggt tgagaccctc cactctatta ttcctagtac actaatttga gtattctctg     40500
     ttctttagcg gcctagctaa acatttatta atttactgga ttctcatagc caacctctag     40560
     tttaactgat ttcctctact ttttctattt ttaaaagcct cctttcttct ctgctgctta     40620
     tttgctttct ttgggtatag tttgttttct ctaatttctc aagctagaag ttgaagtcat     40680
     ttggtttttc attgtaagca tactagaagt tctgactgct ttaaatgttt acttccagat     40740
     ttttctattt tggggggtgg agtgagattc agttgtattg ttgcttgttt gttttccctt     40800
     cttcaggtta gctgctaatc cctgggctga gggcatcctg tttgtcactc ttatgagaat     40860
     ctgggacttc agacaaacat aactgtgcct agcttctggt gtctctgtga tctgggatta     40920
     ttgagaagtt tgttagtttc caaatatttg gaaggtttcc agagatattt ctgttaatct     40980
     aattccagtg tgatgattgt tttaaattca ttgaagtttg ttttataggt ccaaatatga     41040
     tcttggtaaa tgtcttatat gtatttgaaa agaatgttgt tgggtaaggt gctctgtaaa     41100
     taccagttag gtcaaattgg tttgttgttt tatttatgcc ttgttttaaa atgcatgtca     41160
     gacctggtat tttctgccag agagcatgtt agctttttca ttgctgtaac aaaatacctg     41220
     aatgaaacaa gttaaggaaa gactgatttt tgtttcagag tttcagcaac cttagtcagt     41280
     ggttgactgg ctccactgtt taggttctga ggtgaaacag aacttggtga gagagggcat     41340
     gatagaacat ggctactcag ctaaggatag aaaagacaga caggtctgaa cagattatag     41400
     tcctctccag tgacctttga aagtttctta cttccaataa tgccatcaga ttaggaatct     41460
     gtcagtaaat taatccatcg attaggtcag agctctgctg tcctgatcat ctgtgtggtt     41520
     ggatccacta actagggacc atgccttcaa cagcacagcc ttttggtagg cacatcacat     41580
     ccagaccata acagaatgcc catcttttca ggtaggtgga aatgatagcc aagcatctta     41640
     aactaagggg atgctaagag ataggcgatt gctaggttat tgttgtggtc gtccttcagc     41700
     catagcctcc taagaagata gatcacaccg cttcctgggc cctgtacaat tttaaatttc     41760
     ctggaggaaa tagaagctaa gaactctgaa ttcctgtagg ctgacagttt caatactcta     41820
     gctgagcatg aataccctct cctggcttct ctggtcttca tccatgttct gcagggacag     41880
     gtcgaagctt accctctggt ctgagtccag attggaaagt gccccagtta agtgtaactc     41940
     tggcagtatg caactgctaa aagaccccca cctgcctctg tagtcttgtc ctcgtgctgt     42000
     ctcatgaata tggttttcat aattccattg ccctttctag ttctcaaaaa ggacagtggt     42060
     atactgcaag ctctcttgta tttagacatg aacatattcc tgctatttaa aaaaatgtct     42120
     ggaatgtttg atttggggaa atcattttat tttacttagt gtttagatat taatgttttt     42180
     agattttagt tttaatactt aaaaattatt tgtttttaga tgtgtaattt atacatctta     42240
     aaactcactg agttgtgata aatgtatata aataaaagtc caaaccaaga cacagaattc     42300
     tcttcactct tgaaagtttt ttgttctctg acaaccactg gtatattctg tttgcttgtt     42360
     gtccttttct gtgaagcaga agtggaggga gggtgttgtt ggccttctag gcctgtcttt     42420
     cacagcactc tcctgtcact agctcgctct tattgctgga tagtgttctg ttgtgtgggg     42480
     tgtgcacaca gtgtgtctac ccacttataa gttgatagaa attggattgc ttctagtgca     42540
     ggattatttt aagaactgcc aaaatttgtg cacatatatt ttcatttcac ttgggcaaat     42600
     acctgagaat gttattacca agtttcatag cagttgtatg tttgacttta taagatactg     42660
     atgagttgtt ttctaaagtg actgtgcacc tttacaaatt ccttacaccc atctttgaca     42720
     gtttcctttg ctcctgattt tggtagccta cactcaggaa tgtcagtata gttgcattgt     42780
     agccatttta atgtatatgt gtgattaggt atcttcaggc tttcatttgc ctttctataa     42840
     ttaattacac gaaatgtatt ttcaactgta tttgattggt gtgttttctt ttgtggagta     42900
     tgtccaaatt tttatcattt tcttaaatga aaaattgtgt tatttgctta ttattgaggt     42960
     tgaacgatat actctgactt aaatgtattc ttttggaagg tttttgtcac atactagata     43020
     atagaattgt agaaattatc tcccaacctg tgacttgctt gcctttttat atttatcagt     43080
     ggttttgaag aaagttttaa ctatgatgat atttgataca ttaattcatt ttactttgtt     43140
     ttttttttct gttgtagagt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgaaaca gggtctgtag     43200
     ccctcattgg tctggaactt gctaagtaga ccaggctggt ctcaaactta ctgaggcctg     43260
     cttccctctg ctttctgagt gctgggatta aaattaaaag cacaccctaa ccctacccca     43320
     tgctgggcga tttttttttt ctttaatgct tcatgttttt ggtgtctcag ctaagaacta     43380
     ctttatctcg tatttgtcac agaagtttta agagttttgt ttttgtattt aagtctgtct     43440
     gaatcaagtt gattttatat aaactatgta gaaaagagtg atattaagaa cttcccatat     43500
     aattactcag ttctgttatc atgattgtac tttataatta tttaaattta tagttagcaa     43560
     gtagcatttc tccagaaaat aataaagcat taatacccaa gaagcaaagc agagttctta     43620
     ggaaccttag tggaggattt tcaaggactt gtgtcaggtt ctgctgcatc aaatgaacaa     43680
     acacagagct gcatggagta gctaaataga cccattctgg tcagaattgg gtgggaatct     43740
     taactgcttt gaaaagagat tgttgtgctt attttcagaa catttgtggg aaaatataaa     43800
     aaattaacta tcatactaga tgataaaact tcagtgtatt acaaaagtaa taatatatgc     43860
     agctgctcct gttagtgtag taattgttag acatgtgtgt gtaaatttaa agtaaaattt     43920
     gatagtcagt gtttttctct cattagcccc actcaaacgt tcagtgagat tgatcgcctg     43980
     aaactgattg cctttagaat aggaaggaag aaagtcaacc gaagaccgag tcagctgagg     44040
     ccttactttt ataactgaga gtcaatatac ataagtttta atacattcat ttttaactga     44100
     tatacaaacc ttaaagttgt acatattaat gggtaccatg tagtgtccaa tacgtgggta     44160
     ctttacatag taattaaatc agaggatata tatgtagtct ttagtctttg tttctttatg     44220
     tggagacttg agatcctttt tgtagctttt ggaattagta gcacataatt gctctctgca     44280
     gtgatgcata ctgtgtaccc cgatgcttct ccctgtctga acagtggatt gctaccccat     44340
     aaatgagcct ttttctcttc cctgtttctt taactcaccc caagctttgg gtaacactct     44400
     tgtagttgga agtatgagat caactctttt agattccgtg taagtgcgct tggctaaatc     44460
     cggtaccact ctattataac agatgaaagg gtccttttgt tatggctgag atatagtcta     44520
     tcaaatctgt ctatcttgtt ggtggacata attatttcta cttattggtt aatatggaac     44580
     atatatatag caagcataga aacataggtt tctcttcaac atgtctgtag ttcttttata     44640
     cacagttgtg taattgatgg attatggtga atgttttgag gactatccat actgttttct     44700
     ataatgactg tactaatata tgttttcagc tctattattg ttaactcttg ttaactcttg     44760
     ctttgatctc ctatttggaa tttgagagtg tactgccttg aaaagtaaag ttagtctaaa     44820
     ctttttgtga ttaatcttaa ttcaagcaca gagtgcttac tgaaagtaca gaaattcagt     44880
     gcttgttaaa tgaacttagg gcacagtaca aacttctttt tcaataaaca gttgatgctt     44940
     tgttgcttgc tgtgtctcta aggattagta cgtggtttaa gagtttaata gtaattgttt     45000
     gacatttagt ccaagttaaa tgtatactat gattaccagc actgaaacag tcactttaat     45060
     gattatggtt tagtatttga tgagtcggtg aggcataatt ggaatacctg gtgcaagggc     45120
     ttgcttcatt ccgactatta ccattcttct ccctgtgcat tgaagcatct cctctgtctt     45180
     gcctttaggt cctctctact cattcattac cttctgttaa aagccttgag agtcttccct     45240
     aaagatgtta gtagagtgtt ttctctagtt agaaaaataa attggagtat tgtgtcagtc     45300
     ataaggggct tggctttata tactcataga ctcaattcct aaaatagttc ctggccatag     45360
     aatatattta gtaataattt gtgtgtgtat atataattat ccatgttact ttttattagt     45420
     attaatacat ttataggcct atggttttct catgtctttg tctggttcta tagggtaatt     45480
     ctgattttct agaatgactt ttctttttga aaaaagtatc ttaaagtctc ctgtcttcag     45540
     agctttgaaa atttgaggag gactggtaga taattcttag aaataaactg atctgtctgg     45600
     cactgggtct tctttggtat aatctacttg tatttcttga taaaataatt ttgagttatg     45660
     tctctgtctg tttacctctt actaagaaaa tgacacttca tttccttttt ttaaaatttg     45720
     ttatcaagtt ttttcatttt attaataatt ttaaaggcat tttattagat atttccttca     45780
     tttacatttc aaatgctatc cccaaagccc ccatgtcctc tccccccccc ccctcgccct     45840
     gctccccaac ccacccactc ctgcttcctg gccctggcat tcccctgtac tggggcatat     45900
     gatcttcaca ataccaaggg cctctcctcc cattgatggc tgacgaggcc atcctctgct     45960
     acatatgtag ctagagacac agctctgggg gtgggggggt actggttact tcatattgtt     46020
     gtttctccta tagggttgca gatcccttta gctctttggg tactttctct agctccttca     46080
     ttaggggccc tgtgttccat ccaatagatg actgtgagca tctacttctg tatttgccag     46140
     gcattggcgt aaccttacaa gagagagcta tgtcaggttc ctgtcagcaa aatcttgctg     46200
     gcatatgcaa tagtgtctgt gtttggtggt tgtatatggg ttggatccct gggtggggca     46260
     gtctctggat ggtttttcct tctgtctcag ctccgaactt tgtctctgta actccttcca     46320
     tgggtatttt gttccccatt ctaagaagga gtgaagtatc cacactttgg tcttccttct     46380
     tcttgagttt catgtgtttt gcaaattgta tcttggatat tctaagtttc tgggctaata     46440
     tccgcttatc agtgagtgca tatcatgtgt gttcttttgt gaatgggtta cctcattcag     46500
     gatgatatcc tctagatcca tccatttgcc taagaatttc ataaattcat tgtttttaat     46560
     tgctgagtag tactccatta tactgtcatt ctctgctgtt gttggcatca gctgccatgt     46620
     aacagtctac ttagttcttt gaatggcacc tgtgctgtaa taatggaata ctcacattac     46680
     ctagacactg cattttaagt cttctgttcc gcaagaggag gataacggga acttatttgc     46740
     atttctttat cttaaccctt ttccttctcc agtttgattt ttctaccttt tgacgaagtc     46800
     gataacacat ctgatttatt tttattttac tttttaagaa tgcaagcttt tgggctggag     46860
     caatgacttg ttggttaaga gcactgactg ctcttccaaa ggtcctgagt tcaatttcca     46920
     gcaactacac agtgactcac aaccaaccat ctgtaatgag atctgatgcc ctcttctggt     46980
     gtgtctgaag acaactacag tgtactcata tacataaaat aaataaataa atatttttaa     47040
     aaaagaatga aagcattcag gctttgtcaa taagttgact ctaaaagctg accacagaaa     47100
     cccccactta acccccattt ctaccctaca gctcctcccc ttcctctccc aggtccttct     47160
     cctaatattg tggatcattt ccttttgttt cattagactt ataaaagctt tgtaagaaaa     47220
     aaaatatgta catacagaca tatatacaca tacatatttt ctatttaaaa tttatgttgg     47280
     ttgcttttga taactttgtg gctttaataa aaagtcagac ttaagttagc caatttgcta     47340
     gtttaagata cattcattga agtcagaggg ctttgtaatg gttttacaga agacattggt     47400
     ccagttggct tcagaaagct tgttctagga aggttgtcct gactgtttat tattgtaaca     47460
     gagttggaga tgagaatcag tgtgaatctt tcagtgtctg tcagggccct gatgagcaaa     47520
     gggtatgacc taggagtttg aaacctgccg aagcctttgt tcaacctaga gaagcatttc     47580
     ctttgctttg gcagaggata gcatcctcca ccacacactt agactattgt ctaaagactg     47640
     ctgtggtccc cagaaaagaa ggggagttgc tcaatgacat ctattttcaa gatttgtccc     47700
     catttgcttc tcacagtcct ctgcctaatg gctgtaatca ggagctttgc acaacctaag     47760
     aggctggcaa gtcttctctc aaggctgtcc taggtacaaa atgatttgta agacttaaat     47820
     aagaaatatg agaagaaatc aaagaaaaaa tgtaagaaat gttttgaaaa atgttgagct     47880
     gaacaaaaac ttaatgagca gggacaatgc agtgtctttt aagggcactg gaactggttc     47940
     tcttagttct ctggtgtgtg tgcgcaagtg tgatgtgtgt gtggaggtat gcatgtgcta     48000
     tggggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtggaggtaa     48060
     gcatgagctg aggcacattg gaaggtcaga cagtaactgg gtgttggtct ttgctgagac     48120
     atcttgtatt agacaggttt tttatttgct tctagaccag ctgacccttg aacttctaga     48180
     gattttcttg tctcatctac catttcacca taggagcact gcgattcata atccagatac     48240
     accattgcac ccagctttat gtgggttctg agggttgaga tgcaggtcct catacttgtg     48300
     tggcgagcga gcactagggt ctccccggcc cagttcttta ccttaatctc ccagccacag     48360
     tatgagatag cttaattttt gtaatttgta gatggccagc atgttcaagt gtgctggtag     48420
     attcagtctg ttgacttgtt ttctgcttca tagatggtgt cctccaaact gcttttcacg     48480
     cggaggaagg aagagccagg ctccttcagc accttttcta agggtactaa ccgcatgcag     48540
     cactcacctc ccagaggcct acactgtaac actgtctgtc acgtggggtt aagctgccac     48600
     agaagaattt tgtggggaca catttagacc atagtactgg tataattctt tgaaatctga     48660
     agcaaagtga atacagccac cctttccttt tatttgtttg ttgttttgtc tggtgttgaa     48720
     ggtgttaacc tcctggctta gcctcccagg tactggatta taaatgtaca ccagtctggc     48780
     tccagcagtc ttaactttta agcatctcat agaggaagaa ctcaagaaat attcagaatt     48840
     cttaataccc tataaagaaa aatgttggca ttttttgtct cttgtttgat attgtctgag     48900
     aaactctatc cctttctctt tgccatgttt atcctaaaca acatatgttt tctcatggct     48960
     atctcttatg gtgtagattt gtgtaaccgt gcagtcaagg cataacacta gtctactaga     49020
     tctctcagac taggtcataa ctcagtgata tgctgttacc tctttgcttt tgactccttt     49080
     tttgtctccc tttcctctta ctgttatatc ttgtaggctt caatttttca aaacctactt     49140
     taataagggt tcccaaatgc ttcaacaccc ctgccccttc ctagcccact gtccaaaggc     49200
     aggggagaaa agatggtaaa taggacaagg ggatgtggac ctggttagaa gtagttcttt     49260
     gggctgattc cagtctccat tgtcaggata tcaaaagtcc agttcaccaa aaacgaatca     49320
     gccccagtag aaacagccag gtctctgctg aatcagcagg agtcagcagc agcaaccaga     49380
     acctgccagg tctctgctga gtcagcagca gcagccagaa ccagcaggaa caccaggtaa     49440
     agttctctgc ctcgcctctc tccgtgaagt ataagatcgg ggaagaagtg ggactagcgg     49500
     agcattgcgt ggccagcagt gcaagcgctc tggcactgtc tgtagagttc tgtttatact     49560
     atcgccaaac atgacatgtc ctctcctggc tcttctgcat cacatgacac aatgagaaat     49620
     ttccacttta tatcttgtta ctgtaccctt tcttcttgtt atcagcatgg tatctgtgcc     49680
     tcaggtttcc tcttttaaag ttgaaaccag cttccagagt tccttgagca cagtctatat     49740
     caggaattat gtttgatagt atgatctaga tctgacatgt tttcaaacct gtgactgtat     49800
     ttgggaaatg agcctctcct gaattgagga gataaccgtg actcctacca gatgacttat     49860
     attgccctta cctccagctt tgtttcactt tctactctgt agcttttcct tcatactctt     49920
     ttttattttt tttatttttt ttttattttt tattttttat ttttttggtt tttcgagaca     49980
     gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gcactcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctcg     50040
     aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc gagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgcaccacca     50100
     cacccggctt cttttttatt tttaattaac attgtattct tattgcaatc ccctttccct     50160
     cctctcctcc aagtcccact ctcacaaact cttcccctca gtaccctctc ccctctctcc     50220
     tcaaagaaga ggaagcaccc catgggtacc aacctaccct gacgcaccag attgcatcag     50280
     gactaagtgc taagtgcatc ctctcccacg gagaccagac aaaacagtcc acctagggaa     50340
     ggggacccac tggcaggcaa cagttatagt cagcccctgc tccaattgcc agggacccgc     50400
     atgaagacca agctatacat ttggggtctt ggtcctctgt gagcccccac aggcccacag     50460
     gttaattgat tctagctatt cttgtggtgt ccttgaccct tctgcctccc tcaatcctcc     50520
     caacccccaa ctcttctaca gacttcccga aactctgctt actgtttggc tgtgggtctc     50580
     tgcctctgtt tcatcagctg ctgggtggag cctctcagaa gacaattatg ttaggctcct     50640
     gtctgcagat gtagcagagg gtcattaata gtgtcggggt tggttctctc ccatgggatg     50700
     gttctcaagt tgggccattc agtggttggc cattccctca gtctctgttt catctttatc     50760
     cctgcacatt ttgtaagcag gatggatttt gggtcaaagg ttttatgagt gggttggtgc     50820
     cccattcctt ccactggact tcctacctgg ctacaggagg tggccacttt ggttttcatg     50880
     tccccagctg ctaggagtct cagccagggt cattcccata gactccttgg agtatcccat     50940
     gtcccaggtc acctgcatat tccagagatg ccccttcccc acactgattt ctgccctctc     51000
     tcccagccct atcttcccca cacccacttc tacttttccc acacctgttc cctaccccca     51060
     ctcccttccc atcctccttt ctccacccat ttacttccct ccccctgcct ccagtgacaa     51120
     tttccccttc tgagtgagat tcaagcatcc tcccttgggc cctccttgtt acttagcttc     51180
     tttggatctg tggattatag catggttatc ctgttcttta tggctaacat ccacttataa     51240
     gtgagtacac accatgggtg tctttctgag tttgggttac ctaactcagg atgatacttt     51300
     caagttccat ccatttgcct gcaaatttca tgatatcttt gtttttaata gctgagtagt     51360
     attccattgt gtaaatgcat atttttttat cccattcttt tgttgaggga catctgggtt     51420
     gtttcaggtt tctgactatt acaaataaag ctgctatgaa catagttgag caagtgtccc     51480
     agttttctga gaaaccaccg cattgatttc caaaatggtt gtacaagttt gcacacccac     51540
     cagcaatgga gaagtgttcc ccttgctcca catcctcacc agcatgtgct gtcacttgag     51600
     ttttttgatc ttagacattc tgatgtgttt taaggtggga tctcagaatc gttttgatct     51660
     gtattgtcgt gatgtttaag gacactgatg aacgtttctc taagtgcttg tctgccacta     51720
     gaggttgctg ttgagagttc tgtttagctc tgctccacat gggttacctg gtttttgttg     51780
     ttatttttat tcttattttg ttatgtcgtt attttgtttg gttttttgac ttttaagagt     51840
     cttttgtgga atgaaagctt tcagtttttg tggatcgtgt atttgtattt gaagtcatgc     51900
     tgaagaatta caccaagttg taggtcccta tggtttttcc cgtttataga tcggtggtct     51960
     gcatttaaat acatgatcta tctggaggct ggagagatgg ttcagaggct gggaacactc     52020
     cctgctcttc cagaggactg gaatttaatg ccctgcactt actttgagtg gcttaacagc     52080
     tctgcatcca gctccaggga tgattctcct ggctacaggt atatggcttt acctcccacc     52140
     ctagccccac ccccaccccc aatgtagatg tattttgagt ttcttgtata aaggttgaag     52200
     atcaggtaag gggtcccttg atgaggtttc ttttaattgc ctatgatttt atgccacatt     52260
     ttctatagta ttattgttga aaggttatcc ttctccagta ggctgcttat ttgttttcaa     52320
     tactgttgtc tgcttttgtg tcaggcttaa tctgtttgct tactatatct tttcctctgc     52380
     caatcccaga cagtcttgat ttactacagt aacataatct tgaaatcaag ttggagtgac     52440
     ttctgtcact tattcttttc ttcaaaattg aatttagcta tcctatgcct ttccatttgg     52500
     aatcctgtgt atatctaaaa atacatctta attggcattt tgattgggtt gtattaaatt     52560
     tgcatactac tcagcttttt ttcttttaca tagttttata aaaaaacttt gaaaacatgg     52620
     ggctggaaag atggctcagt ggttactagc acttgctcaa ctctcacagg acccaggcca     52680
     gggtctcaac atccacatgg tgaatctgta actttaatcc caggggatct ggcaccgtct     52740
     tctggcagcc ataggcactg cacacatatg gtacacatat tacatacatg caagcaaaat     52800
     atccatataa aaataaattt ggaaaataat aaacttttaa tatagaaggc ttgttcatat     52860
     tttactaatt ataactaatt atttgttttt tgagagattg ttaatagtag atttttttat     52920
     tcctttcttt gtagtctttt aaaaattatt acttgggtgt gtatatagtc actggaatag     52980
     tacttaatag acagcacaca gggatgcggt gaaggtggaa ttaatatgta aagtactcaa     53040
     tacagtgctt tgaacagagt aaagtccttg gtaactacca aattagcagt tgaaagggtt     53100
     gcgctcccct cccccgtttg ttcccacgat gaaccctgag gctaagttgt tcagtttatc     53160
     catttgcccc aaggcagctc ttcatccagg gcagtcctct agtctgccag tgttgactct     53220
     ccctaaaatt tctctgggga gtttgctcag agtctccttc ccagtgcata gcactatagt     53280
     caagggtgag agcccgaaga gtcagacttt tagtcctgcg taactgaggg caatttgctt     53340
     cacattctcc tttatttcct gatttttccc ttttgacttt cttttcttgc ctacctcacc     53400
     taccctcccc cccccaaaaa aaaaaaccag gtacacacgc acgcacacac gcacgcacac     53460
     acacactctg aaaattgccc tgtacttctt taattttaca cggctataca gatgctctgt     53520
     tcttgctgat gcttggcttt ggaatgtact gttcctctct ggacaaaacc atagttttgt     53580
     ctctaacaca tttcctttct ttcctaggtt ttagggcata cctatgtgta catgtatgcc     53640
     cattctgtag gatactttgt attgcttcat ttgtattgct ctcttggttt ctctctacac     53700
     tgtgatgggc ctttagcttt ttaacccttt gaagttcccc tacactgaaa gctagatact     53760
     gatgagatcg gcattcccaa tttctgtcag attggagcac cctactatgt tccgtctttt     53820
     taaatagtaa taatggagtt gctgtaatac ttgggtctgg tttgcaactg ctcgtgttca     53880
     tgtacttact tttcattttg ggtaaaaccc agaagctgac cttgtcagat tacgggatac     53940
     gtgcctttgg aagcttccgc aggcactctg gtcagtctta acaactgtat ggacttcact     54000
     cggtatcttc agtcttctct ctgagctcag aggcatgctt tttttttttt tttttttttc     54060
     ttacttgtaa tatggtggga ttttagtgtc cttgtgaact tagaccaaat gttataaacg     54120
     tatttggggc atagtctgct acttttcttt gtagccttcc ttattaaaaa tctttaaaat     54180
     tttcatgttt atatataagg aagcagagaa tgacctataa gataaaccac agctcaagct     54240
     atgcacatag atggggtgac ccccaaacag cgaagcagaa gctttaaaca ttggaacttg     54300
     catggggacc accaccccca gaaggctaac tgagggtctg tgatccgaac ctaaagtcat     54360
     agtcccaggg ggccttacga gagcctcaag tcctggggca atgtttggag tgtctagaat     54420
     acagggcaaa ttttcttgac atacaaagaa aaaggaaatt gtgccacaaa atagagtgat     54480
     aagaaggacc ttaaacaagc cttgagttaa agctaagcac ttgatataag tggaaaatgg     54540
     gggttagggt ttgcttctag tatttgaaaa tcgaatgaga tttagaatat gaatcaaatg     54600
     gaatttcaga actgaaaaat gtaacatgtg tagtataaat tcactatatg ggttcagcat     54660
     atagagatga cagaaagagt aagtgaatgt gaagagaatc agtagacttc tccagactgt     54720
     gttgtgtaca tcaaggtcag ctttctaacg aagattcatg ttgagatctg cagtcaggca     54780
     cagctttctg cttgagaagt agtgtgcact ctgaacatct gcatggtcct cacacagttg     54840
     cttcttagtg gctgcaaaga tcagtgtgtg tagcttgagc cttatctgcc tgtcacacta     54900
     cagattcaga ggtagccttg acttgccatt gtttcatact gagtcactta agactaagat     54960
     aaagtaatca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     55020
     cacacacaga tataaaaagt ataataacat ggatattaaa agtataatat aaaaagtaat     55080
     catatatgta gtgtgtagtt taagtcagat tttaatgtat atgagtacac tgtagctgtc     55140
     ttcagacaca ccagaagagg gcatcagatc ccattgcaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg     55200
     gttgctggga attgaactca ggacccctgg aaaagcagtc agtgctccta actgctaaat     55260
     catctctcca gccctaagtc ttatagctta ataagtgtta attttgtctt aagtacaaat     55320
     aagtgtagta gttattttag taaaaagaaa atattttatg gcctatgttt tctaaatagt     55380
     ctgtggtcag agtgtttgag ttagtcagat ggttgtgaat gtgcttggtc tacttagttg     55440
     tacaaaagtg acttggcagt taacaggttt taataattca aaacaactgt cctttaaaaa     55500
     aattaattaa ttttatatcc ctactgaagt ttcccctcct tcttctcttt ccagtccctt     55560
     ccccctccca catttccctt ccctcaaatc tactcctcct cttcagaaaa gggcaagcct     55620
     cccatggaca tcaaccagcc atggcatatc caattgttgc tgtaagactg ggcacatcct     55680
     atcctattaa agctagatga ggcagcccag taagtatcag aagtcagaga cagctcttgc     55740
     tctcaatgtg aggagtccca caggaagacc aagctacaca actgtaatgt gtagagggcc     55800
     taggtcagtc tcaggcaggc ttcctggttg atggttcagt ctctctgagc ccctgtgagc     55860
     ccaggttagc tagctgattc tgtgttgtgt ccttgacagg tcccccaccc ccacccctcc     55920
     tacaatcctt tctcctcctc ttctacagga tttccaaaac tgtctagtgt ctggatgtag     55980
     ctttctgcat ttgtttctat cacagttgtc cttttaatga agtaattata ctgcaagaac     56040
     cccagaacta ttcaagcctc gaaaaggaga ttatttattt tgggtgacat tttaagtata     56100
     gtctcattga tgggatggat aaaaagaaat attcattatt aagttattaa gttaagtgtg     56160
     tgttagtttg ttttagcagc cctgtgaaaa tgctgtgtgg tgtggtatgt gcttctttaa     56220
     ttttcacttg caacatggag ttgtgtatct gtggtttttt ttcttatgca gagttactga     56280
     aggtcatttt catgcaaata tgcaatgtac attgagtaaa tatatacata tatatgtata     56340
     tattgcatgt ttacacacac acacacacac ttacacttgt ctatatctct catgagcaag     56400
     ttctaagcct tgtgttttag tagtattgtt acaaaatcag atttcttaat agatccctta     56460
     aagatttgtg ctactaatga aaagctatac ttttaagctg ctacagtttt ttttttttcc     56520
     ctctcaaatt ttttgagacc taagggattc acacacattt ggctttttaa gttaatggat     56580
     tttaaaaaac aaaaacaaaa tctgtggttt tagttatgtt tgatatctgt ttcttacttt     56640
     gaagtcacat tgcatcattt ttaatgtgca tttagaaatt atgtcatatt tttaacatgg     56700
     tatagcaaca aggtagtttt atagaaaaga aaagaggttc tcatatttat ttggatacta     56760
     tacagagagc gtatataata tttgtaaaaa tgtatcattt gaattgttga aatggtcttc     56820
     tattaagaga acttgatact ttttttttag ttttgtttaa taatgtttag aaatgattca     56880
     ttctctaaca cttggtaagt tagagctgta gtgtagtgga gccggaagca tctgggcacc     56940
     actacaaggc gggcctcaga acctggcttg gcactggcgt ggttttaaag agtattgagg     57000
     ttcctctcat tgccagttaa actgtagcac tactgttgat taaggtttgt atcagcaaat     57060
     aaaaggttta tggtaccaaa tttaacaagc tgaattctaa agtaggtcat gaatctatag     57120
     tctgttgggt tagaaaaata cagttttaat ctgtaaatta ttatagcaag cttatagtct     57180
     tagtctttaa cttaaggttt ttcatttgtt cttcagtaat tagtattaat taaatcaagt     57240
     taaaagaatt actcccctgt aaacaatatg aataatacat aagaaagtaa ctttttggtt     57300
     ttttttttct ggaataaata atatatattt tatcttcttt tttacatgta ggtagagatg     57360
     tagtattaga cacctaattt ataataggat aaaaagaata ctttggtttt atcggtttta     57420
     taactataag aagaatgcat gtttttgcat tatggaggaa attttagaat gtactgacga     57480
     gaatatgaac accattattc attaaatact taagaagcca tcatatgcta taactttgtt     57540
     tttaggtttt gatgccacta taagtacaat tggatatata atatttatct agctttgtgt     57600
     taagtaatat tgcaatgagt ataaaactct ggatgcttct ctgattgctt atttcccaaa     57660
     aatgaaacta ttgggtcaaa agatctgtac atttcagact atttatgtgt ctcaagcatc     57720
     ccccaacatc tttaaaagtc agagtctggt atgtagccca ggctatcctt gaacttacta     57780
     gtagctgagg gaagatgact ttaaacttcg aatcctcctg ccttccttcc tgagtgctag     57840
     ttttacaaac atgcattatc gtgcctggat tatttggtgt gtcactaaac cagggtttcc     57900
     tgcttgatag gcaagcactc taccaactga acagctttcc tttatgaaga gcaaattcct     57960
     ggctcatttg ctagagtact gaggagaaag cctatcagtc agcagaactt gaggtggctg     58020
     gtgacactgc acgcatcatc agtcaggaag tagatgggga gaaagcactt ggctcagctg     58080
     cctttgttca tccttcatta cagccagggg ccctagccca aggagcagtg ctgctcagtc     58140
     acagtggggc tggtacccca gttggccaag tagattccct cccctccagg cgcatcctcc     58200
     agggttccca cctgggtgag gctgtgccct gtgaaggtca cagtgcagcc atggtggact     58260
     ctccttggtt tttctgcctc cctctggagt gcagaagatc agtgaaggag gcgatgttca     58320
     gtgagcacaa taaagagagt gcttattaaa aacagatgct cacgcttgca gcgtagaccc     58380
     actgcataaa ctcacttagg ttcttcggaa gagtttgagg agaaaagatg tcaactcttc     58440
     agggtttgat agagtcagta aagccagttt gggtctttgt ttctcttagt gagtagtttt     58500
     tgattattgg attagtgtgt ttgtatgctc agatatttat atgttcattt atttatgtgt     58560
     tcagattctc ttcatgtgta agtcttggta agttgtgtat ttgtgggggt ttatccagct     58620
     tttttgtttg tttgtttgtc ttgtttggtg gtgttacagt aatgtcttgc agtcctgttt     58680
     ctgtggcttc agttgaattt tcttctattt ctcatttgac ttatctgaat ctatgtaata     58740
     aaattgaggg catatcaatt tatttgatat atttttaaaa aggcttagct tttttgattt     58800
     tgggggtggg tcttattctg attggtctta tttcctttct tctgtagact gtggacttga     58860
     ttgtttttct ttctggttct ttgaggtttc ttaattttca tttttcagag ctggttgtta     58920
     gacccaaggc tgagtgtgta tcaaagcaag tgcccatcac agagctgtgc tctagatgtg     58980
     gtgggtttta ttgtgggtgt ttaaatgttg ctctgaatgg ctctacccat gcattctgat     59040
     atgtgctgtt tgtctcagaa ctcttaataa cgcgttctca cgcccggcca ggaagaacac     59100
     agcaaaccag aatcttctgc ggcaaaactt tattgcttac atcttcagga gcaagagtgt     59160
     aagaagcaag acaggaaatg gcgaaacccc atcccttttt aaggagaatt atcctccacc     59220
     taggacgtat tactccctga ttggctgcag cccatcggcc cagttgtcat cacgggaaag     59280
     gcagaacaca tggtgggaaa actgcccctg catgtgtgca gactatgttt accacttaga     59340
     acacagctgt cagtgccatc ttataatggc aaatgtgagg gcggctcctc acagatcccc     59400
     cttttctttt aataagagca ataggccacc catattaatg agagtggaga tagaggtcaa     59460
     atccccagtg tgcaggtaaa ggagccgtac acataacctc ctcccaggct catcacccag     59520
     aggggtcctg gtctggtccc gtgttgtttt tcctggggga aggacacttg aacactcaac     59580
     cttcttgaaa gatgacatgt ctccctagaa taggctcata tatgccgcag agcccttcta     59640
     ctgcagtgct tagccgtgca actctctcgg gctgctgaag cacactcact ctatcccgtg     59700
     caatgagact agcctcgtgg ggtttaagag ctgagtggcc agcgacctat tgcttaagca     59760
     tagataacta tatatcaggg gaagcaccat gttctagtcc tgcaagcgcc tgggcaataa     59820
     ccaccttgtc tctcctagtt tgggccttaa gcttacagac caaccaaaga agcaacacta     59880
     atccacagcg aagtgtatct ccaaataatc tcacccccac ccattcttta aagaaggaaa     59940
     atgctgagga gatccaattg ggtaatcctt tgatcaggga caggtccaag cgcttggagt     60000
     tgacctgaat gatggcaagt ctcaattccc gaagggtctg ttcaaattca gccgtccaat     60060
     tctgtaacat atactgagaa agacctttta acaaattagc tgccctagta aatttctcat     60120
     actgaatgga agtaacgcac aatcccggaa acttttattc acatcccagc cacttctaaa     60180
     agatttactg cattgaccac ataacaggaa tctgacacaa tattaagggg ttctaaaaag     60240
     gtttttaaaa cttctaaaac cactaaacat tctaccactt gaggtgaatt ttcattatat     60300
     tgtttggata ccactttacc attagccaca taggcaccta taccagtttt tgatccatca     60360
     gtatatacca caatcccatt tttaagtggg tttcttactg ttatttgtgg aaacacaaca     60420
     gattgatttt ggacaaactg taaaagtgga tgttttggat aatggttatc tatttgtcct     60480
     gaaaaggagg taactaaaac tgcccaatca ttagatatta ggtgatatgg gctctgtcct     60540
     tccttgctct tgacgtccta acccttttcc ttacaaccaa ataggcagaa tcatttctgg     60600
     aggagcccat tttctttatc tcaggtcctg caaatttctc cctggtatta tcagggagga     60660
     gcagcagctg agccatccta tctcctttgc taatagaaaa aacgcccttg gggcttgagc     60720
     acaggacctg tatttcaggg gaatgttgac aatccataac tccagggtgg actactaagc     60780
     cctgcaaggt gagtgaaccc cggccgagaa taaggcccat ggttccaggg ggcaaggatg     60840
     gtataggctc cacccttgtg ggtcttcctg ggtcgtctct ctgactgcgg aggaaggagt     60900
     ctgcccttta tatccctcac agagcgacac tggtcggctc tatgataacc cttgccacac     60960
     ttagagcaaa gagtgagggt ccccccctgt ttatctggag ctctgcaatc tttcttaaga     61020
     tgcccaggct tcctgcagtt aaaacatgtc ctccgatcat ttctgcccat ggagcatttt     61080
     tgggattgaa ggatggcagc cgctaagcct gcattggtga gaggtccccc aagctcccga     61140
     caaaccctga gccagtcttg taaacctttg ttctttcttg gggctatggc tgctcggcat     61200
     tcctgcgtgg cttgctcata aatgagttgt tctaccagag gtgcggcttg ctctgaatct     61260
     ccaaaaatac gccctgctgc ctctgtcatt ctggccacaa aatctgagaa ggactcttgt     61320
     gcaccttgag taatcttggt caactgccca cttgcctctc ccttcttagg tagtgctttc     61380
     catgccttaa cagcagcagc tgagatctga gcatatgctc cccaatgata atttgtctgg     61440
     ttagcagcgt gttgtccctg acctgtaagt aattcaaaag tccacgttct ctgatcccct     61500
     ttcatggtgg cattggccct tgcctgcgtc tggcaggagt cctgccacaa ggctttccac     61560
     tcaagataca ttcccatact gggggctaca gcttttacta ccgtctgcca atcaccagga     61620
     gtcatagcgt gattcgcaag cctttccact tgtgctatag tgaaattagc actgactcca     61680
     tagttacgga ccgactcggc aagctcttta atctgtatat acgctaccgg agcgtggaca     61740
     cgcccaccct cggctccttc aaagaccgga aatgcctgtt gtattttcct ttgttcctcc     61800
     tttggaatga acgagtctgt gcattgcctc tctgtccatt gcctctctgc gcagggctga     61860
     tgcactacgc agggcggggg ctcagcatag ggtggaggtg cactatgacc ttgaagccga     61920
     ctgccaagag gccaagcagc aagctggcct ttgccagccg cttttggctt tttccttgac     61980
     cgattagctc gcattttatc tggctggcac ttttctctct cataacgagc tgtttcctcc     62040
     tccaagtctg tttcttcaga gaagctaaat tttttatctg attcagagct actaagaact     62100
     agctccccga gcccatccag cgatgagcac aggctccttc tcctagagac ctccgctaat     62160
     tgatctttct tcttttccct tttccctctt ttccttctaa tctctctcca ggtattccta     62220
     cctgacctta acttttcctc gggttcaaga cccttggaaa ggcctgtata cttattttgt     62280
     gcaccatgtt tcctctttgc tcctactctc tctccccgct ttacttctga tagattgtct     62340
     tgaatttcgt ccagaatccg ccctgcctta accacttgtt gacatgtgaa aaggaacaaa     62400
     agggcttcta acactagaca aagttcaagg ccaaacatac cttgtaaagc tatttcccac     62460
     tttacttctg atagactgtc ttgaatttcg ttagaaagtt caaggccagg cttacctcgt     62520
     aaagctatac tcactggtac tctcgttccc cagctgaaaa gttctgaatt catgcagttg     62580
     aatccttctt aacagtctgc tttacgggaa cctttattac cgcgacccgc agttctggtt     62640
     ctggaatgag ggatcttcct tgcgccggtg aaactcccgt cccgagtttc ctcccgggtt     62700
     ttttcttccc ggattttttc tcgtcccgga atttctcgtc ccggaatttc tcgtcccgga     62760
     atttctcgtc ccaggtcttc tcgtcccgtc ccgggtctca gcaccaattc ttaataacgc     62820
     gttctcacgc ccggccagga agaacacagc aaaccagaat cttctgcggc aaaactttat     62880
     tgcttacatc ttcaggagca agagtgtaag aagcaagaca ggaaatggcg aaaccccatc     62940
     cctttttaag gagaattatc ctccacctag gacgtattac tccctgattg gctgcagccc     63000
     atcggcccag ttgtcatcac gggaaaggca gaacacatgg tgggaaaact gcccctgcat     63060
     gtgtgcagac tatgtttacc acttagaaca cagctgtcag tgccatctta taatggcaaa     63120
     tgtgagggcg gctcctcaca cagaacactt gataatttcc ctctggattt ggttgttagc     63180
     ctttcagttt tgtaatagtg tactgttaag tttgcacatt taaaatttct gcttttattc     63240
     tattgtgatt agaaagcata cttccgacta aagattgtta aaacttgttt tatgatctaa     63300
     catgtgacct attgtacaga ttttctcagc acatttgaga atagtgtaca ttctgtggtt     63360
     tttgcatgaa ctattctttc atatacgttt ggtctataat gtaagtctgc ttttattttc     63420
     agcaggatga tctgtctgtt gttttatctc ccttcactct gcttcttaga tttagatgct     63480
     tattggtggg agtatgcatc tgtacttgct gtagcttttg cgtgacatga tccaggtgta     63540
     tatgtatgtg tagatacata tatattcttc tctcatgata ggtttttatt aaagtctatt     63600
     ttgtgtagta taggtatgag cacatatgcc ctgggtttgt ttgcttcctg acctgtgtgg     63660
     aaggtctcag tcctttgagt tgtagcctgt gagtaccttt aaacccacag agtcgtattg     63720
     atgttgtgtg ttgcatctta ttctgagctc attcagcttc tcccttcccc ttgagaacat     63780
     aattcttaac attagtatac ttccttgttt ccacctcacc agctcttatc ttcctctttc     63840
     cttgccggtt ttctctgcgt ttataatttc ctattgtaat tactgtgctc tcactgtttt     63900
     ctctttcttt ctatgtgtag gtagaactgc ctcttgttgc catgggtatt acataaaacg     63960
     tagcaatctc tgtaagctgg aaacttgaat tgcatgcaga catttgaatc atttactctt     64020
     tctcccactt tgtgttcccg atgtcacccc ttacatttac ttatagtgtg tgttccttag     64080
     gatacttgtg taattcttaa aaatacttgt ggttcaattt ctgtagagaa ttaaaagtga     64140
     tttatcttat tttttgttct tttttccttt cttttattaa gttttattag atttttttca     64200
     tatattatga tttcctgtcc ctcagcttct ccaagatatc ctgctgcccc aacacacacc     64260
     ttccttccca ttagaatcca cacccttttt gcaaacagac atctaaagaa taatgataaa     64320
     taagataaaa caaaaacaaa cagaatagaa caaacgaaac ggaagaaaaa tagccaagga     64380
     aaaagcacaa gatacatatg aagacacaga gacacaacat ttgtacacac aagactcccc     64440
     taaaaacacc aaactagaag ccataatata tatatgctaa agacctataa gattaaaaga     64500
     aagtcttatc aaaactttat gagacagaga actttcaata atgccactga gtttattctc     64560
     tgttggccat cttctgctgg gcatgaggcc tgcccttaga gtgctttatg tcctagaatc     64620
     cagcggagag aactggtttc tcactatgag tagatataga ctggacttgg cttctgggtc     64680
     aagaatgggg tgggggttgt gtctgcttct ctcagctctg ggacctcatc tgagcagact     64740
     tgtacttata tttgattttt ccctaggtgc ctggccttgg ttatagtttt aaaactattt     64800
     tctttttatg taatcagttt atagaattta gtttttgtta cacatttttg taaaaaagtt     64860
     ctaaattttg ctaaattagt taaaatgttt ttgcgataaa attgtatata agttggacaa     64920
     attttacttt tgttttttta aaacagagtt ctgatggtca gtcacacaga agacggcctt     64980
     gcgtctgtgg gtgttggaga ctccattcta aagatataaa aagtgaaaga ggtaaaggcg     65040
     acctataatg cttcattgca ttcatttttt tctaggaaaa aaatgtgtaa aagaacttag     65100
     agattacttg acatacttat ttgaggaaag cgttatttaa aactttttgt ttccgtgtta     65160
     acgcagaata tttgctattc agtaattact gtttatctat tactttaatt aatgattaca     65220
     taatgattag tagaactgaa gctatccatg cctcatgaag attgcatttt caaggaaagc     65280
     aagcattagt actatcaaga gaattaaaat tgatactaga gatgggtgat ggctttcatc     65340
     aggtagtcag agaaggccat attgaaagtc attttagttg tgagtaaaat ggcaggtgct     65400
     aagccgtgta gctcagaaag agaaaagaag ctgccctggc agcagggaca gcagggactg     65460
     ggatgcttga agagcaggat ataaatgtgc ctggagcatg catgccctag gaagtgcaga     65520
     gcatacatga agatcagctt gcaagagaca tgagtagagc aggcagctgg aaggaagtca     65580
     gggctctgag taaatgtatt agattttaga gactttgaaa acctgtacag tatggtgact     65640
     ggagggatgg ctcactgggc aaagtgcttg ctgtacaaac atgaggacca cctgagttca     65700
     gatcccgtgc tccctgctga aaaaagctgt gtggcattgt gtatctctaa ccccagcact     65760
     aagtcatggc gacaggtgca tccccagaac tccctggttt acacgcaggc atgtacatgc     65820
     aggtacatgt gcatatgcat acatacatac actgtgtgca catagacatc tacacaagct     65880
     atagagaagt cagaaaggct ttgggagaca gaatgtggtg gcacatgcct ttttgcgagg     65940
     tggagataga gaatccagcc tgggccatgt gataacctgt cacaaaaaaa gaaaaaaagg     66000
     aaggaaggaa ggaagaatga atttaaggct ctggaattgg aaatctggac taagataata     66060
     gatttaggca taaagatttg gcataaagaa gtacttaaaa gttctccttc agttacctag     66120
     aaagtgtgtt cagccctagt acagactaat gtttatatag gagaagcaac agtcattaaa     66180
     ctgaatagga aagctagaaa tgttctgtca tggaagttta gagaagaaat cattaagtcc     66240
     gtacagagcg atcacttaca gcacacccac caaggatctt atagaatcag ggaagcaggc     66300
     cctgcatgta gccgtgcagt acttatgatt acaaatggca ctttcagtgg acggtgcagg     66360
     agtgcaaacc taagaatggt gagagaatga ggacacctag acagctgcct gctacctcat     66420
     caatgggata gtgcctgaca caagctactg aaagacagac ttcttgatta ttttggattc     66480
     tgggttcagt agatcatggt tatttgcttt tgggtttctg ggctcattgt gagatggaac     66540
     attagggccg caggaacatg aagcagagga gggagcagga tacaggagga ggggacaaga     66600
     tacagccacc tgtatattgc catcattgac ctactcttgc ctcgcgtctt accttttatc     66660
     acctcccaat aataccttct tatatgggtc tgtcaaatga ctaatctgtt tagtatgtca     66720
     gagcctgtag gattctggtg actctggctc tgccttgcat gtacttccag agactggcat     66780
     cattaatctc ttagatatct agatgatctc aaccattcac agggctgcct aagaccatct     66840
     cccatatcag gtatttattt aatgattcat aacagtagca gaattgcagt tatgaggtag     66900
     caacaaaata attttatgga tggggtcacc acaacatgag gagctatatt aaagggtcac     66960
     agcattagga aggctgaaaa ccactgtctt agatgtttca atccagtaaa gttaaccaac     67020
     actaaccagt ctcagctaaa taaaaagaaa taagcttaca aataatactt cataagggca     67080
     agagaatggg agaaaaataa tagcaacaaa aattttgcac cttgaaaagc aaaagaagtg     67140
     tagtttctta agctagaagt ggaaggtctg agacacttct tgtgtcagag agcctctaaa     67200
     gttgtcatga cttgagagca ctctctgatt tctagaaatg aaagtggtgg tgatgttgaa     67260
     acagaataat ttgctgcaga tattcttaaa gagaccagag agaagcaact ttttaaaaga     67320
     atgaaagttc cagtttggtt tgtagttcca gtcaccagcc ccttggtatc attgtttgtg     67380
     ttaagcctga gcattatggt ggtaaagcta ctgactttgt gatagccagg acgcagaaag     67440
     gcagacggga tgctagggta ctgataccct gatttctcta acattcctac aacttctcag     67500
     gagtcccttt gcctgggaac tgagccttca acacctgaga tttggctgtg ggccatcatt     67560
     agagtttaca ctatggcacc tagggaagag aaaacactgt agccagaaac ccagggaatc     67620
     atcagggtca gagtgagtgc tgagccctgg agggcagcac tgttgttggg cataaataac     67680
     aaatagacac cgtgagaata gatgagagag ttctggagga aacagttgga aaatggtagg     67740
     atatataatg tgtatgaaga tacagaaagt gtatttagat agttatgagt ttgtagtaaa     67800
     tcagtacaaa actagataaa ctacaaagaa aaaaacatcc tttagatatg tttctcttgc     67860
     tgtgataaag tactatacca gggtaacttg taaaagagtg tgttttatca ggtttatagt     67920
     tccagagaat tagaattcat agtggctgaa gaaaagagct gagagctcac atttcaaacc     67980
     acaagcagga gacagcacat cggtgatggc aggaagctct ttaagacaca aagcttgact     68040
     gtgtgacccc ttcctccaac gctagtacct cctcatcttt cccaaatagt ggtactaact     68100
     ggggatcaag tattcaaaca caagaacctg tggtagactt tctctctcaa actaccatag     68160
     ctactaactc aggaaaatac tcaggagggg agatcaaatg tagcatgcta gaacgttgag     68220
     gcttagcttt gaattgcaat tacagctgaa aaatgcaaac tttagaatta taatattgga     68280
     gagttgggag ggggtatatg tttataaagt aagaaagaaa aaaaaatcct caaggttgga     68340
     aagattgctc tgcagttgtc ttagttaggg tttctattgc tgtgattaga aatatgacca     68400
     gaagcaactc agggaaatca aggcagaaac tagaggcagg aactgaagca gaggccatag     68460
     aggaatgctg tttactggct tgctccacat ggcttgctca gactgctttc ttacatatcc     68520
     tagtacctac tgcctaaggg tgggtatcaa ctggagcatc ctacattaat cactaagaaa     68580
     atacacctag aagtatacac acaggccaat ctaatttctc catcagggtt ccctcttctt     68640
     agataactgt atctcctgtc taattgacca aaaataagta aacaaccaga cagggaagca     68700
     aatcggataa ttggctactc ttccagggaa tccagattca gtacccccac cccattgact     68760
     agtggcttac attcacctgt aatttcagtc ccaggggatt ttgtgttctt tttggcctct     68820
     gtggacactt tattcatgtg atgcatatac atataagcag gtgaaagacc tatatacata     68880
     aaaggagatg aatcaattaa aaacttaaaa atcccatgct ccccaagatg cctaaaatcc     68940
     agacacttta gagatccaaa aaggcttatt taagtacatt ggggcaatca ataaattata     69000
     actacctaag cactgtacct ataaacaaaa gagtcaaaag taacaaagat gttcccagta     69060
     gcagagttta ttgctgaaag agaatgagca gtggagggct tctgattttg tagtaacttt     69120
     cctaaaacca ctttacagta aacttcatat ctgcacttac atgtggaaga ccaaattgta     69180
     aaatataaga gtggcaataa ggacactgta gttttcctag gaaaaggaaa aagaatatga     69240
     cagtagctaa agaagattgg tgggtcaaga aaagtagggt tttgttttat tttattggtc     69300
     tttttcagct aagaagtagt ggttgatgaa ctgagttaat gtattgatca gtggcaggag     69360
     ttggaaagaa ggcctgtggt gggtgacagt ggatggggtt cagaaagatg aataattcca     69420
     ttaataatac tgcaggttat tttaaaacag aatccttctt atgcgaagga ttctattcca     69480
     gaagtggaat agagaccatc tctgagacca tctctcctcg tgtgtactgt tgtgtatgaa     69540
     gtcaaggaag agctacactg ccatctaacc tgctggtaca accccttggt ttaatgctgt     69600
     ctgcccttcc ctggttttaa aggagtgttt acacaccagt acctgtgcct cagtaccctg     69660
     tcaattatga aacagtagcg tgatacagac tcacctgctg aatctgtgac ttggatgcaa     69720
     ggggcttatg taaaggaaca tttaattcct agctttaact tgatcctttt gtagtttggt     69780
     aaactggtaa atttcattta agtaattgca attgatccct aaaagacaca ttgcctatcc     69840
     ttctggtcta ttaatgtcaa tactttgtaa aaaaaaataa ataaacttta ttccacatga     69900
     gtagtctgta tacttggaat ttctcttgag cttgtgtagg gacatagtat aatgtctaaa     69960
     atggagtatt cctgatgagc aagtgtaaca tggcatgcca ttttggatta gaagcctgaa     70020
     ttactaggtg ttttctgtgt ttctttatta tcacagtgtt ctgttagaca ctcttcaaaa     70080
     ggtttgctct ggagatattt aatcctactc atttcctttc ctttattttt ctcttaaata     70140
     agatgtatct atcaattggc tggaaaagta gaaagaagat cttgagcaag tgtggtccta     70200
     atttgagtgt attggctgtg agtacagtta caagctgagt aacaactttg ttgaaaatca     70260
     ctgttgacag tagtagagaa tagcctagta gtgagccagt caatcttcta ggccattttg     70320
     attcatccat tttatacatc gtcagaagtg tccttcctag ataggtttat cccactatca     70380
     ccaccccttg tttgtcctat tttctccttt ttgacaatta agcatgctga tgacacataa     70440
     ctaacacata tggcacagat ttggcccctt agttttgcaa ctctatttgt ataaactgtc     70500
     tccaatgttc ttctcatttt agtgatagag ccagcatctg tcatcaccat tgctcagtct     70560
     tctgatctag aaaggtgact taggtaaacc caaaggttct gtaaatgtgt gttccctctt     70620
     atgatgttaa cttagacacg tagagtcaca gtggtctgtc atgatattga tcctgccatt     70680
     atcttgtaag cactcttagt ctcctgagtc ctattttgtt ggcttaagca cataggcaat     70740
     gcaacatcat ttttcttttt tttaaattct ttaaaaaata tttattttta tttatgagta     70800
     cactgtagct atcttcagac atagcagtag atcccattac agatggttgt aaaccaccat     70860
     gtggttgctg ggaattgaac tcaggacctc tggaagagta gtcagtgttc ttaaccactg     70920
     agccatctct ccagcccgca acatcatttt tcaagggctt gtttctcttc ctcttatgaa     70980
     gggtacatat gaaaacagtg atagaatttc ttagactctc ctgtgaaaat atctttaaaa     71040
     ttttctggtt taatagagtt acacattata atattttcta aattctaaat aaaggaaata     71100
     ataatataaa acttttacac ctcaaaactt gggatgttta taaatagtgc catctgttat     71160
     tcaatattta attcatggct tgatgaaact gctttatatg gaattttagt cttgtgactc     71220
     aatttgaaag cagcacattt taattacttc aatgtagaga cagtatgaga cattttatga     71280
     tacttatttt ctctgattgg tttgccatct ccttaacatt cctataacat gcctatgagg     71340
     aaaataagct ctaggttttc tcaaatgcag ttttgtcctg gctcatggcc tgtgcagcta     71400
     tcggctgcca ttctgcttct cagagtccac tcagcctgtg tgtcctctag tccactgctt     71460
     ctcagacttt agtgtcatag aagtcagtga ggatcttgtg gaaatgtggg ttcagagtca     71520
     gccaggagtt cttccctgac catgaggatg cttcctgcct ctgcgccttg ttttcaggaa     71580
     catgaatcct gacgccttac ttcaggcttc cttttgtact gttcacagac atacttggtt     71640
     gcttcttgtc tgggtgataa ccactgggca gtatagcttc attgtgtatt ttgttttcat     71700
     tgtttagata tctgtttcct tgatcagtat agatttctgc ctatagaact gagcctctca     71760
     tccttagagg tacaaggaat atgtactgtt tagcagaaaa taaaatctca acaaatattt     71820
     gttagaccat attattgcag ccagtttgta gttacgtagt caaagcatat actgaagatt     71880
     aaaaatgata ttttattgct ttatagaaat ataatttgaa ttttccatat atcttttaga     71940
     agaaaaaaaa gcttaaaata ttccccatcc aaagatattt gcttgaaaat aatataccag     72000
     cttcatttga aatctgcata gtaacaatag tattctcaag ataatgttgt agaagtgttt     72060
     tagaaaacta ataaccatta atgttttctt ttctcacaag gagaagtaca aatgtctacc     72120
     acaagacgaa aacataatgt gttatggtgt ttaccgtaag ctgtagtaaa atgagctcaa     72180
     ttgttgacag gtatgttttt aaaatcatta ttagaatagt gattcttata attccaagtg     72240
     ggtggtttaa tacagtgaca taatttcata ctggttttat atagattttc agtaaaaagt     72300
     gaaggccatt ttgaaataag atatttaaac taaataaatt cttgtttagc ctgatatata     72360
     catatagctg agtatcactg ccttcagagt tcatgtgtgg aaaacttaaa atatagttaa     72420
     ctgtaattaa actttgttag aaagtaagtt aatggttccc gagcttgttt ccttgatcac     72480
     ctgggacgca ggcgcgtgtg cgtggactcg cctgtggctt tgctgctgtg ctcaccagtc     72540
     ctgctcagcc tttctctgtc ttttctcttg tagagatgac agtagtattt ttgatggatt     72600
     ggtggaagaa gatgacaagg acaaagcaaa aaggtagtta gctatgaaat agaaaacaat     72660
     aaataaatat agtagttata tttatttata ataatatgat acctacatgt atattattag     72720
     gtgtaggtta taaattatct cctgaccttt tgaaaagtaa gcttaaataa attagtcatg     72780
     tccaaattaa acactgtatg aaactatttg tatagttaga ttgttttaaa aaaatgacat     72840
     atttgagcca ggcgtggccg tgcacgcctt taatcccagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg     72900
     tggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agcccgggct     72960
     acacagagaa accctgtctc gaaaaacaaa acaaacaaat aaacaaaaaa aaccccaaca     73020
     actacatatt taatttcttt ttcttcatag agtatctaga aacaaatcag aaaagaaacg     73080
     tagagatcag ttcaatgtcc tcattaagga gctggggtct atgcttcctg gtaacgcgag     73140
     aaagatggac aagtctactg ttctacagaa gagcattgat tttttgcgca aacataaagg     73200
     taaagtgctg actttgtaaa atgagtatat ttttatagga ctcttcccca cttaaaacat     73260
     aatgagttat atgatgttta agataaaatg atatctagtg tgttccttct ttcattcaac     73320
     aaacatttgg tgagttctgt attctatgtc cttaggaagt tagagtgatt gtcttggctc     73380
     tcagcgtaag cctggggaga cagatgtgct aacatataac taaactacaa atgagtagtg     73440
     tctataaact gtaagctaag aagcacattt tgtcttgatc ttttatcata aaggaaagaa     73500
     tgttttaggt gtacaaatag gtaatttttt aaacctagtc ttctttttag gttaagtaag     73560
     tgaaatagtg tttttacaca aagagatact atgtacaaaa tcagaaaagc aaagagacat     73620
     gattgtaact gagcatattt gtgttagaag tgtataggtg tatttgagag ttgggtcatg     73680
     taaggtccag accattttaa agggtcattt cagtgtatgg ctagggaata aacactatac     73740
     ctcaaattac ttgttaatca aagaaaatta tctcgattga aattatctcg attgaatcac     73800
     tcatgaaaag aaactgttaa agtttttgat aattaggtag cagagatact aaactgtaag     73860
     aactagagaa ggatgtatgc tttttagctg aagtgaaact acagttctta ggcgcacaga     73920
     tgctaactgc tgcctctgtc gttttccttt cactccttgt aatccactgc tacgctgtcc     73980
     tgtgtaccaa tactctctgc attttttttt cattaatttc attactgaca ttacccaccc     74040
     atccccaata cagcaaaggt tgttgttctt ctttaatctc tttagagtta gaactggcag     74100
     tctagatctg cccgcttgct gctgactttc ttcttctatg gcttccatct tctctgctgc     74160
     tccccttcct gtccggtacc ctctcttttc cttcctgctc tctaaatggg acgtttctca     74220
     aggcttatcc ttgttttctt attttgtcaa cccccttcct gtgagtacct ctttgtatta     74280
     actgtagctg ctatgcatct gtattcaact actaatgaat cttattttca gatgcaaaaa     74340
     ttctaccttt gtattcctag ttaacttact ggataccatt ttccatgtct ccaaactcat     74400
     ctcctctaaa atgtattcat tttgtcatgt cagttcctcc taacctggcc tttccatttt     74460
     tgtaccattt gattagattc ccagggctcc accatgaaaa tacttgggga tgtttcattt     74520
     acgttagcat ctcccacacc tccaccctct ctgcggctta ctcttttgta agtgtgtcag     74580
     ttccttacac tgatcttctg ctgtcttgag ctccctttgt ttccttggca cactcagtga     74640
     agtcagttcc ttaaaccttg taggagctcg ggaaatgatt gttgaatgaa ataaagtgag     74700
     atgcatacat ttctgtcgcc tgacaatata atattcattt tgccgttaac taggtttgtc     74760
     cccaaaattg gatgtataat tctcacaaaa tgaaattagt ggtaaattcc agagacattt     74820
     taaaagtatt tgtttatcta aaatagactt gtattaacta aatcttagtg aatttgtgtc     74880
     tgtaattgta tatatagttg acagcaattt gaagaccata actgtatttc acagaattag     74940
     tagctgtact ttttagttac ttgttgtagt tcagtggagt cacttgtaat atgccaaatt     75000
     tggtatgtaa atatgaaata tttaactatc tggtaacaaa atattaaaat aatacaatcc     75060
     atacttttca ttacaaagta aggtagtgta caacctgtcg tattgatctc taatttggtt     75120
     gttacagtct acatataaaa agaaaaaaca aagctgggca gtggtggcgc acgcctttga     75180
     tcccagcact tgggaggcag aggcaggcag atttctgagt ttgaggccag cctggtctac     75240
     aaagtgattt ccaggacagc cagggctaca aagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaacaaccc     75300
     ccccccccca aaaaaaaaag aaagaaagaa agaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa     75360
     agaaaaagca gcagcaacaa caacgttaag gtgttgtggt cctcttctat ggtaattact     75420
     aattctatta gtaatgaaga gtttacacac ttggaagctg aggcaggagg atcataagtt     75480
     tgaagccagc ctgagataca tagtaagacc ctgtttttta aaagaaaaga aaacgtattt     75540
     gttaagcaaa tagttcatat ttcattattt attataatat tccaataact aaatctattc     75600
     gctgtagcaa aatgaaatag caatatggca aaaggcatgt gccagggacc ccggaggctt     75660
     tgggaggctc catattatta caaacattag aaaagaagac actgaccaaa gtcactctgc     75720
     aagtgattat tactgagatg tttctgcccc aaatttttaa tttagtctcc tggattaact     75780
     aatataaagc agctgagatt aggaggaatc ttcccattgt agctttcctt ggagctgacg     75840
     atctctactc tagatatagc tagttgaatg atgaaaaaga tgaggtaaaa agtttcttca     75900
     gaatctttgg aataatcttg taatctgctt gtttttatat gctaattttg ttaacctgga     75960
     agcaaattta ggcttatcag tcagagtgta tcaaagccct ccctatcctt tctccccaat     76020
     aaaaacccca aagaaatgtt actaaattat ccagaccaat tcctagaaga taacatttca     76080
     cattttcaga gcctggcctc cttttaaggg aatcaatatc tcgcacctgt ttgttaccat     76140
     ggagtaggaa gaacaggcgg cttgtagtgt gctgtgctcc cccaatggtt agagtatgcc     76200
     actaacgtgt caatctgttt acagagacca ctgcacagtc agatgctagt gagattcgac     76260
     aggactggaa acccacattc cttagtaatg aagagtttac acagttaatg ttagaggtat     76320
     gttcagattt aatttttgaa agttttcttt ttttaaaaat ttaacagtaa ttaattttag     76380
     tatagctcta gcagtattac taatattgaa aagtcttaat ccagtgtaat gtaattagcc     76440
     ctgcttgtgt ataattaaca gttgatcaag tattgtaagc agataatgcc atgtcataaa     76500
     gtaataccta ctttctctat tttcgttatt tgaaaattgc atataattca gaaacatata     76560
     gttaccgcgt cctcaacctg agatatcgac atactgcatt ctaacaaagc attgcatgtg     76620
     ttctcacatc ccacactgtt aggagttgta tctgttctcc tctagctgcg ctgctgtgtc     76680
     atgcatagta acatggactg tggagctgtg aacaacagaa cattgccagt gtcctagagg     76740
     agacagccca gtgagcaggc cccagtgaga gctcctgagg ctacttcata gatgatcttc     76800
     tgctgtgtca tggcatgcag acatgctaga taggagctct cagggacact tttatgggaa     76860
     cactaatttt gttttggtgg cttcatcacc taatcacctt ctagccacct cccccaggac     76920
     agcaatggga agttaggttt tgacataaat tctgtaggac acagccaaaa atgaacatag     76980
     atggtaataa atggtgtagt tttcaaatga aaatatgtgt tgaaaggtaa ttattctgtt     77040
     agtagacact tttaaaagga agcaagtgat gttctatgac agaattgctt ttaagaatag     77100
     ttgagaatag tttttgctta tatatagggt gtaacatctt cctgtcatat atacaacaca     77160
     cagaagtctt ggaacatgca tccctaatag ctttactttt ctacttttta atcttttcct     77220
     ggatagaata atgtagtttc atttatgtac agaaaccagt cagaactcag tatgaagtgt     77280
     catgaaaact tacaatagca aacaggtggt ttactttgtt ggtaaaaaaa aaaagtcata     77340
     aaagcactga gcccagtact caagagggta agagagaggg attggggtgc atcaggggtg     77400
     ttgtagctaa cctggacagc atgtggagaa atcagtacat ctaagaagtg aaattgttaa     77460
     gcaaataatt tttctgcatc atgtatgtga atataatagc tctatctcaa tggcttattt     77520
     ttttttaata ttaactaggg tcagaagcaa ggtaaaacag gttttagtaa gtactgtggg     77580
     gtgtaacaat tagtaaaggt taaagtttgt atatgtataa tggaagcatt taaaattgaa     77640
     ggataaatac tttccattaa ctcatggaat tctcataact ggttgtttta agaaggtgtt     77700
     ccaaaaaaat ggacaatttt ctaggcagat accaggtacc aaagttaaat caggatcaga     77760
     ttaacgatct aaaatagccc catatcccct aaagaaatag aagcagtcat taatagtctc     77820
     ccaaacaaaa aaaaagccca ggaccagatg ggtttagtgc agagttctat cagaccttca     77880
     aagaagacct aattccaact cttctcaaac tattccacaa aatagaagca gaaggtaccc     77940
     tacccagttc gttctataag ccaatattac tcagatacct aaaccacaca aagatccaac     78000
     aaagaaagag aacttcagac caatttccct tatgaatatc aatgcaaaaa tactcaataa     78060
     aaccctcgca aaccgaatcc aagaacacat caaaacgatc atccatcacg accaagtagg     78120
     cttcatccca gggatacaag gatggttcaa tatatggaca tccatcaaca taatccacta     78180
     tataaacaaa ttcaaagaca aaaaccacat gataatctca ttagatgctg agaaagtatt     78240
     cgacaaagtc caacacccct tcatgataaa agtcttggaa agatcaggaa ttcaaggccc     78300
     atacttaaac ataataaaag ctatatacag caaaccagta gccaacatca aacaaaattg     78360
     tgagaaactg gaagcaatcc cactaagatc agggactaga caaggctgcc cactctctcc     78420
     ctatctattc agtatagtac tcaaagtcct agccagagca attagacaac aaaaggagat     78480
     caaggggata caaattggaa aggaagaagt aaaaatatca ctttttgcag atgatatgat     78540
     agtatatata agtgacccca aaaattccac cagagaactc ctaagcctga taaacaactt     78600
     cagtgaagta gctggatata aaattaactc aaacaaatca gtggcctttc tctacacaaa     78660
     ggataaacag gctgagaaag aaattaggga aacaacaccc ttcacaaaag tcacaaataa     78720
     tataaaatac cttggtgtga ctctaactaa ggaagtgaaa gatctgtacg ataagaactt     78780
     caagtttctg aagaaagaaa ttgtagaaaa tctcggaaga tggaaagatc tcccatgctc     78840
     atggattggc aggattaata tagtcataat ggctgtcttg ctgaaagcaa tctacacaat     78900
     ccatgcaatc cccatcaaaa ttccaactca attctttaca gagttagaaa gggcaatttg     78960
     caaattcatc tggaataaca aaaatcctag gatagcaaaa actgttctca acaataaaag     79020
     aacctctggg ggaatcacca tgcctgacct caagctgtac tacagagcaa ttgtgataaa     79080
     aactgcatgg tactggtaca gtgacagaca ggtaaatcca tggaatagaa ttgaagaccc     79140
     agaaatgaac ccacacacct atggtcactt gatctttgca agggagctaa aaccatccag     79200
     tggaaagaag acagcatttt caacaaatgg tgctggctca actggtggtt agcactgtag     79260
     aagaatgtga atctatccac acttatctcc ttgtacaaag ctcaagtcca agtggatcaa     79320
     ggaccaccac ataaaaccag agacactgaa acttatagaa gagaaagtgg ggaagagcct     79380
     tgaacatatg ggcacagggg gaatttttta aaatagaaca ccaatggctt atgttctaag     79440
     atcaagaatt gacaaatggg acctcataaa attgcaaagc ttctgtaagg caaaggacac     79500
     tatcagtaag accaaaaggc caccaacaga ttgggaaaag atctttacca atcctaaatc     79560
     caataggggg ctaaaatcaa atatatataa agagctcaaa aagttggact ccagaaaacc     79620
     aaataaccct attaaaaaat gggatacaga gctaaacaaa gaattctcaa ctgaggaata     79680
     ccgagtggct gagaaacacc taaaagaaat gttcaacatc cttaattatc aaggaaatgt     79740
     aaatcaaaac aaccctgaga ttccacctca caccagtcag aatggctaag atcaaaaact     79800
     caggtgacag caaatgctgg cgaggatgca gagaaaaagg aacactcctc cattgctggt     79860
     gggattgcaa gctggtacaa ccactctgga aatcagtttg gcggttcctc agaaaattgg     79920
     acatagttct actggaagat ccagtaatac tactcctggg catataccct gaagatgctc     79980
     caacatgtaa taagggcaca tgctccacta tgttcatagc agccttattt ataatagcca     80040
     gaaactggaa acaacccaga tgtccctcaa cagaggaatg gatacagaaa atgcagtaca     80100
     tttacacaat ggagtactac tcagctatta aaaacaatga attcatgaaa ttcttagaca     80160
     aatggatgga tctggaggat atcatactga gtgaggtaac tcaatcacaa aagaacacac     80220
     aatatgcacc cactgataag tggatagtag cccagaagct cagaatcctt cttagaaggg     80280
     ggaacaaaat acccatggaa ggagttacaa agacaaagtt tggaacagag actgaaggaa     80340
     caaccatcca gagactgccc tacttgggga tccatcccat aagcaaccac caaacctaga     80400
     cactatggca gatgccaatg agagcctgct gacaggagcc tgatatagct gtctcctgag     80460
     aggctctgcc agtgcttggc aaatacagaa gtggatgctc tcaattatcc attggacgga     80520
     gcacaaggtc cccaatgaag gagctagaga aagtacctaa ggatctgaag gggtctgaag     80580
     ccccatagga gcaacatcag tatgaagtaa ccagtacccc ccccccccca gagctccttg     80640
     gaactaaacc accagtcaaa gaaaatacat ggtagaactt gtggctctag ctgtatatgt     80700
     agcagaggat ggcctagttg gccatcaatg ggaggagagg cccttggtcc tgtgaaggtt     80760
     ctatgcccca gtataggaga atgccagggc caggaatggg agtgggtggg ttggggagca     80820
     gggggagggg ataggggatt ttcagaggag aaactaggaa aagggataac atttgaaatg     80880
     taaataaaga aaatatctaa taggaaaaga gaaggtgttc tgaaaaagga agtctaggag     80940
     caggtttgtc aggaacccta tatatgttgt aaaggtagat cgtgcttctc ctgggactac     81000
     aagattacca tgccctcagc cgctattagg gacactgcct ctgagatgag caatgtcatg     81060
     agactagctc tctgtgtaag gtgcagtatt cattttatta gtttttttct ttctcttaat     81120
     agaagtgtga ccctgtacaa aagtatctct ttaaatatgt gtttgtaaaa aggatataca     81180
     caagctagtc tctataacaa gaaaaaaaat tcattcatct ttatgttata atcctagtgc     81240
     agtatactac atacagacac aggtagattt caatgaaaaa caaataaata aaaatgttct     81300
     ggtgatgtta aagcattata agaacataga aaatatattt aaaaacttga aaatgtaagt     81360
     taattctttc ataattgtca ttggatttta gattcacata actgaaaaat gtatttactt     81420
     ttaatatgta cagaatattt taaatttttt attactgctt atttacttgt atgtctatga     81480
     gtacattctt gccccagcac acatgtggag agcagagaac aacttgggaa ttggttgtct     81540
     cctttcacca tgtgcttcta aacattgcac tcaagctgca ggcctggtag caagcacctt     81600
     tacccactga gcgtcttggt agcccagata tgttaaagtt tttgtatgta ttgagtagat     81660
     gtattttcta acactaatag gccaagatga agaatttgta tataggtata catcttaaat     81720
     ccttaatcca gatgtttgca tacatgtgat tttacatacc tcaagtctct gttttctgat     81780
     tgaatattaa aattttaatc agaacagaac tggatttatt tataaaaata gtctgttttt     81840
     atttaggcaa agtcaaatac tgactggcaa gactataatg aaattgtgtt actcttaggt     81900
     aatcaatcat actgattata gatgaggaaa caggcccttc ccattttcag ctgaatttca     81960
     gatgtgggct ttatcttaac atgttggcat tgttgccaca ggtgcttaga ccatctactg     82020
     aacatgttag tgttgttggt aggagtttag gccatgtagc tcaacttgtt ctttactgac     82080
     catgcccaga gaaagcttgt ttacccccaa aggctaacta acgtcctaac tagagccagg     82140
     tcttaatcct cacttgtgtt gcctctctcc attcttggaa tgcacctgtg ccttctctct     82200
     ctcatctctg ttgcatgagg agtaattgac tggaggactg gggagtaggt gaggcaggac     82260
     agaagtagtt ttgttaaagt cctctctggt tatacatttc tgctccttgg cagcatcata     82320
     gtttccccta cagtctacaa aacaagggct cacactgtgt cagcctcttt gctaaagacg     82380
     cacagggaac ttatgtcctg ttccctgtaa ttaacattct aatcttcctc agactaatca     82440
     ctgtttacca agaagatata tctaggtgaa aggcagggag ttcaaagtaa tcaatagttt     82500
     ttctttgttc atagagtaag aggacaggct tatcacacat gggatattct gccatatatc     82560
     tcttaatcac ccttctcaag gaacttctct tcctctcctc agaagatttc cacaacttgg     82620
     caagctgttg aagcttttct ccaaaagaga aaagagcagt agaagtgggc taaattacta     82680
     gagttttcat tgcagttcat tgtcttcaaa gagagataga taccctgtgg attctagcag     82740
     tgtcttaaca gcaaatatca tcatcatagt gaaagattat ttgctttcaa agttgacggt     82800
     cttttcatgt gagaaagcat agtttttttt ctttgcatga atttgactct gcacagtagc     82860
     aatcaaaaaa ttactgatta aattgtaatg aggtgatact ggaagagttg gcttcaattg     82920
     tagatttcaa accccccgtt atttaaaaat agatttgttt gagttgttct aaaaaataag     82980
     taattattca aaataagttt tctctgggac ccatctctct ctctaggtag tagtagagaa     83040
     gaggtgaaaa agaatatctt ttattctaca tccagcagtt agagactggg gatatagatt     83100
     tgagacagag ctcttactta ggatttttga ggccctgcat tcatttgtta tcactacaaa     83160
     cagctataat agtaataaat tgagctggac atggtgggcc accagagttc aaggccagtc     83220
     taagctatgg aagctattgc aagacaagct tacacacaca cacacacacc accaacaaca     83280
     acaacaaaaa taaagtgcag cttggagtgg ctgctttgac tcctgttccc attctttatg     83340
     tgtcacactt cacaaggatg acagagacat tcacagttct taccaaaggc agtgagcttc     83400
     taagagagct gtgtagctaa agaaattact ttcaaattgt attcttgatc tttctctcct     83460
     ttagcctaca gatgttaccc tttcctttag tgtttttggt tttcagtatg ttctttggta     83520
     catgagtcct ttaaaacaat tgcccttcct tctttactct gttgtcaggt ttatgaacag     83580
     gttgtaatgg cctcttatta tctatttgtt ttaaattcat tgtaagtgac ttgacttcct     83640
     gttagcatta ctctgaaaaa tcacaggatt tgctcatttt cttgtgtctt gtcctttctg     83700
     gtctctggcc ttccccccct cttccttatt cagctgtgct ccacacaatt ttctgccttt     83760
     gtcgtttctc tggctctttt ctgtctcttc atgctcctat ttctttgaag ctttatcttt     83820
     ggcctgtttc tttactgaag gtctcacctc ttgagctccc actgctgtga tggctgaggt     83880
     tgtcagaaag catgctggat cttctcctga agatagttgt atttcttagc atgtgctcag     83940
     tcctttcctt ttcctcctac tgctgatttc attttgtctc attactttta tgattatccc     84000
     aaggcaggtt ttcttaactg aattctgttt tatataaaac cttctgttga cttcctttta     84060
     tgtacagaat aaagatacct ttaccaagag tttataggct ttataagatt cagcctcagc     84120
     ttagtttggg gggcttaatc tctgtccctt cattctgttc ctttgttact ttcctatact     84180
     tcaggcacac actgctctgt gtgtgctttg tgagatgtta gcttttccag atccactgta     84240
     ctgtacttac tacagagcat atcatacggt gtgtgtatgc agctgtaaag gcagacattg     84300
     atttcttacc tttagaaacc agcttccagt agatagccag agtaataatt ttccttcaga     84360
     aatatcaaaa gaatcacaaa aattagtata ctgacagcaa tttttactgt tgccattttg     84420
     actgtactct gaattgttcc acaatatgtc ctttgtcatt tatcttgttt ctgtccaaga     84480
     aagtgctttg ttcttttccc ttaactgacc attatgttta atttcaggct cttgatggtt     84540
     tttttttagc gatcatgaca gatggaagta taatatatgt atctgagagt gtaacttcgt     84600
     tacttgaaca tttaccagta agtatgaaaa ccctataatc tctattattt aatgtctata     84660
     tcacatacta gaattcacta ggaagtagac ttgagagtga tatttgaaca gtggttgaag     84720
     ggttggggca caaattccag ttgtgtcttt attagtgttg ctgtttctca aactagtcct     84780
     aagttcttca ttcttagcac ctagtaattt aacctgctgt tcttcccttt ccattttaat     84840
     gccagatttg cagtgtttgc cttttagcct gatgaaaata tatcaaacaa aatgaaaaga     84900
     aaatcttcta accaaatttc tactgagata cttcttacta ttagcagaat taatgaataa     84960
     ttttctcaaa agagtgactt acaaagacta aaaatagtgg atgcagaact tgtgtgtagt     85020
     gtgagttgca gtgggtatcc tgggctgcag atctgtggct cagtgatgct tagcatgggt     85080
     tagaacccta gctaggagtg aaggaaggac agacacacag acatgtacag tacatgtaca     85140
     tttctgttcc tgcttcctcc acaacttgga acccaaatac attactaggg gagcgattag     85200
     ctagtcttgg ttgattcctt tagtcgagca gttggtctca ggctgaaact atccaggaag     85260
     aggaagctga ggttactaat gtttgtacat gtgaatcgat cctttacaaa cactcagact     85320
     ccagaggaaa gcattgccat tcctcttcag cctggcccat acctataaca gatttgccaa     85380
     ctgcctgtgg cccaggtcca tgtcaaaata cacatttcct agggtttcac tcattgagag     85440
     ctttttctgc ttcctcagca aatgaagaat tagaaggaca ttgaaaatgt ctgattgaca     85500
     tggtaaatac tttaatcgtg tgtttgcttt tttactcaac ccataattat tgaacattca     85560
     ttctgtattg agcactaggc taagtgctat ctacaattaa aggtttttga aatgatttga     85620
     aaattttata taacgtgtat ttatctaaga tgggcttctg atataaaaaa gtccggtgtt     85680
     tttcaattac ttctgaaatg ttcattgtgt aaaaatttac aacagtgcaa agtaaaccaa     85740
     tatgtaaata tttcttttta agaatatgaa aaaaaaacaa aaaacaaagc agacagacaa     85800
     aaatcagcat tcccttccct ctgatttctc tgctactcat tacctgaata tatagagaat     85860
     ggactctacg tttaaaatgc cagacagtac aaggaaaact gtgtactgaa aatcaggcag     85920
     taagcattgt actctctttt tattattatt aaagttttat tggtatgtat gtatgtatgt     85980
     atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtgtttat atgccatttc cttatgggta cccaccaagg     86040
     cagagaaagg agctggagtt acaagttgtt tcgagctgcc tgatgtgggt ggtgggaact     86100
     gaactcaggt caggactctg gaatagcagc agtaagtgct cctagctgct gtgccagcta     86160
     tctagccctg tgtacttgtt tctagaagtg gcttgacttt actgcttttc taagggcttt     86220
     cttctgaaaa gttcaaataa agcccaattt taaagaatga gatgcaagta aagcatgaga     86280
     ctgcagtgat atataagtga tatataagac tgcagtgatg tataagtgat ttcccatgga     86340
     cagagagaag attggatcag gtggatattc tccctgttca tgccatttta ctcgtatgtt     86400
     actgcagtct catgctttac tcgcaaatca ctttttaaat ttaggcttta tttgaacttt     86460
     tcagaagtct tttaaacaat atttgcatag taagaaagcc tagtgaacag gggagggaat     86520
     gctaacagcc tggaatgtag tctgattggt agaacacttg cctagcgtgc acacgaccct     86580
     ttgttccctc tccagctttt caaaatcaac agcaataaaa tgtcgggtaa caaaagaaca     86640
     gtaagacttt ataagattaa gagaatgatt gattgaaagt gagtatagtt atgtgcttta     86700
     atattatttt ggttgttttg ttttgtttta cagaagtatt gtacaatgct aaagctagga     86760
     actcatatct ccttatttgt aagaatactg gctagttttt cagaagttct cagtaattat     86820
     ttattgaatg aataaaaatg aattaggtag ttggccatct taatgattcc ctttaatatg     86880
     tttcctgggc cttgagagat agctaattag tgaagagccc ttgatgttct cgcagaggac     86940
     gcaggcttct cagcactcac accaggtgga gttctggggg tcagcagtgc acacatgtgg     87000
     tgctcataca tagagcttgg aacacacaca cccattgaat aagtaataaa taaaacttaa     87060
     atgctttcct aatttcagaa gagagcatca gattttcaga actagtgtta tagacagttg     87120
     tgagctgctg tgtggacacg gggaattgaa tctgatcctg tggaagagca gccagtgagt     87180
     gctcttaacc cactgctggt ggatcttttg tgtggaatag ttgaattaca ttttgaagtg     87240
     gacagcctgg caggtctaat gataccatgt attcagtgtt agtagtaacc actcagggca     87300
     cctttacttg ccctgccttt ctgctttttt tttttttaaa gatttatttg ttattatatc     87360
     taagtacact gtagctgtct tcagatgcac cagaagaggt gcatcagatc tcattacgga     87420
     tggttgtgag ccatcatgtg gttgctggga tttgaactca ggaccttcgg aagagcagta     87480
     ggtgctctta accactgagc catctctcca gcccaccttt ctgcttttta aaaagcttct     87540
     atccttttga accaatttta gatttacaga gaagggcacc aggtatctct ttcttatgaa     87600
     aataattgca ggagtgaaag aatccagaga gctggtgttt tcttttcttc catttgagtt     87660
     gtacttgata actgcgggaa cctgttgtac gtgttcactg agggaacata atgcctgtga     87720
     cttttttaat gtcaaaatgt gttactttaa gtgcagtgat caacagaaca tgaaaaatag     87780
     tggttaatgg aaagtttgac actgcatgaa gcagtggtga gcactacttg tgattgtact     87840
     cttgcctctt catttctgtt ttcatctttg aggacgcagc tgatgcctgt gtatagatag     87900
     aagaacaaga ttagataact gcaatcatcc tgtggtgaaa taaaactaga aaatgctgtt     87960
     ggttaagaag aaacagaaac ctacttctca gctgacattt tagttatttc agatttattt     88020
     ttttatcaag actatgttgt actttctgac ctgtgcttaa attctaattc ttatactttt     88080
     tcagtataag atagctttct agcatcttgt tattcaaatg caaaaaaagt tcttcgttct     88140
     tttagcagta atggctttct acttttccag aagatttcct cattaaaata cagatgtggt     88200
     tttaagctat tatcaaatga ctccttggtc ccagataatt ttctttattt ataccggtta     88260
     tatctaaggt acagagttta gtgtaccttg attggcaggg aagaagatac aggtgtaaaa     88320
     gacatgacca ttttcatcat tatggggcaa gatatataca tttaaagaac aaatactccc     88380
     ctttggccat aagcatgagc catcagttct aaaggaattc atttgtatct gtggttttgt     88440
     atttgtagtc tggctgtttt gaaggatgtg atttttttga attttttttt atatttaata     88500
     gcacatttct ccctcctttc tcttccttta atcctcccaa tgtccctgct tactccattt     88560
     caaattgatg acttcctttt ctttgattgc tattgttata cacatataca taaatatata     88620
     aatacaactt gctaaatcac cttagtgttt gtcttagtcg gctcaggaag caggagctga     88680
     cacagaggcc atggagggat gttatttact ggcttgcttc ccttggcttg ctcagcttgc     88740
     tttcttatag aacccaaggc taccagccca gggatggctc cacccacaat gggccctccc     88800
     tcccttgatc actaactgag aaaatgcctt acagctgggt ctcatggagg catttcctca     88860
     agggaggctc cttcgtctgt gataactcca gcttgtgtca agttgcccac aaagccagtg     88920
     ttgtttgtgt gtatattatc ttagggctaa cgttttggta ttgaatatca gttactgggc     88980
     tcatccctgt gaaagactaa ctctcattct cttgatagtc agtagagttt atagttctct     89040
     tttagatgta gggttctatg agagtccccc atttcatatt agcatatcta ttggtggtgt     89100
     cattgtatag gtcttgttta ggcagcaata atgtgactat gtcattgata cagctttctt     89160
     gtcattctat gagacacagt gtcacagctg atttcctggt cctctgctct tacagtcttt     89220
     gagtcctttc ttctgagttg ccccctgagc cttaggtgca gggtcctgtt gtagatagat     89280
     ccattgtggt tgggcacatt accatgaatt gtcgcctgca tcttgacact tttctttatg     89340
     atctctgtct gctgctgcgg agacgatttt tttggtgagg ggagagagct acttacgtgt     89400
     atacagggat aagttttagg atgcagttaa gtagtgtact ggtctagtga agtgattaca     89460
     gtaggctctc cagtacgacc catggcctca ctagctgaga gtacttggct aggttttcag     89520
     taccaggctt gctttatgga aggaaatgat ctgagttggt cttggaaaaa tgcaagatag     89580
     agatgtggag tttgccaaag ctactccact tcatatagta gagaagactt tgaccataga     89640
     gaaaagcaga agtcatagaa acacacggag ggtgggaaat caccctttct cccatgactc     89700
     gcctttgttc cttactagtt tgttttaagc agaagctatt cagatataat ctctacaggt     89760
     gtaaaatata agcaaaagga aagtacagct gctttgcccc cacagctcgg ccctctgtcc     89820
     tgtaattagt tagaacagtt tggaaagtga gaagcccagc gggatggctg gcctcagtgg     89880
     gaatggtgag gttgctgacg tctcgctgtc actgctactt aaggacaggg gcatcacact     89940
     ctgtgagtcc gcagccatca cctgtcaaga caacaactgt tgattggtag ataataaaca     90000
     gctataataa tgataattac atgctggctg cccatcttat acagggcttt ggcagtgtgg     90060
     tacagaatag atgcatggaa aaggtgaaat aaaaatggga ggagaatggt gtcagatctc     90120
     cttcacgtag cttgtcattg ttactgtttt tgtgtacgat gtcaccattt aacagttgtt     90180
     tgcataaatt acaaggctgt ggcttagagc ctataatttt gttaaatttc tcagttccat     90240
     tatattttac aatgctcaaa tttggtgaaa ctaaggtttt tgcattctat gtctggcttt     90300
     caggatcaca tcgctcatga atatgatagc tggtatgtta gcctcaccaa gttctcaatc     90360
     tcatctctta atatgaaatt tgtagcttga ctttattgat cttatgggta attcaagatt     90420
     aagtgcatgt cctctgttac ttaatagcta ttagatgtgt tggagatgaa tgtctctcaa     90480
     agtgctgttg tataattttg tttttttttt tatttttcag tctgatcttg tggatcaaag     90540
     tatatttaat tttatcccag agggagaaca ttcagaggtt tataagatac tctctactca     90600
     tctgctggaa agtgactcat taacccctga gtacttaaaa tgtaagtagg ccctactcag     90660
     cagagatgcc agtcttatat ttggcaagca ttattcttta cttctcttag tttatgaaga     90720
     ctataacatg tttaactaaa ttaaaatagc actatttcat gaactctatt aagtgctttt     90780
     aaaattggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgcg tgtatatgtg tatgtgtgta     90840
     tatgtgtgtg catgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tatatgtgtg tgtatgtata     90900
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatgaatt gtgttcattt     90960
     taagattcca gatctattcc aatgtacaat gaggtcttat cttgtttgtt ataagaaatt     91020
     gatcacaatt atgccacaaa actgtaatgt ataaaaagat ggaaattagc catattttaa     91080
     atgaaatctt attatattta atgaagtaat ctttgctgaa tgtttaatat gatttctaga     91140
     gcaccaaata taaaataatt aataatttaa aaatgttcct gtcatcaatt aacacaaagc     91200
     atcaagtagt gagaagtttc tgtaggtcgg gctagtggtt gactggaact ttggctgcct     91260
     tcactcttgc tgtactggtt accgtcacag tctcttccac actaagcaca gtgacagggg     91320
     acacattttt ggggggttca tggtttagag atgcctcagg tgctgaggag gacttgatag     91380
     agcagagctg tttacaacat gacagctggg aaagcagaaa gaggacagaa gggcttaggg     91440
     acatatctgc catggcctgt ttcctccagg ctactgtcct cctgtggttt atagagcctc     91500
     ccatggtagc actactagct atggtccttt gtttcgacag tgttgaattg ctcgcctaga     91560
     atgcacatgc tgggctcagt ccccccaaac taaacaaaac aaagtatgtg tgtctaaatt     91620
     tagtgtatat atatatatac atcattgttt ttgtgtgccc attagttatt agattgtgtt     91680
     tttttattat ttttaattag ctttaaattt tatcttatct ggtaatagtg atattaatca     91740
     ggttaaaaac tctatgtgtc ctcagattct atattaagaa ctaagataca tattcttaca     91800
     taaatatgta catgtgtata tccatgttaa cggatattct ttcagaaggg attataaaaa     91860
     gttagacatg gctgggcggt ggtggcgcac acctttaatc ccagcacttg ggaggcagag     91920
     gcaggcagat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca     91980
     gggtacacag ggaaaccgtc tcaacaccgc ccccccccca aatgttagac atggagaaaa     92040
     gttacttgga gcctgtatat aattgtttac agtcagattt gctttacact ggtccttaga     92100
     ccattctaat acagtactta gaagaaagat ttgggctgga tttaatatag aaatcaattt     92160
     tatagcttta ggcagtattt gaagtcacag aatgaatggt gttacctgag gcaaatgtgt     92220
     agaaaaagga gaagtagaaa gttggcactc agaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaga aagttgccac     92280
     tcaggtccca aagtacaagg agtagagctg gtttcaggga ctctcagtaa gcagaactgc     92340
     ttggaaaact gcctaaagct tctgctagga aaatagaccc cctgctttca ggttagagga     92400
     gtcttagctc agtggcttgc agatggcctt ggaaagactg gtacacaaca gagctccttc     92460
     cccgggaagg aggagtccag gagttaaaat gcaaggtact ttgcctagaa aatgtagtag     92520
     gctattttag ctgtaatggc attgagttgg tacagataat gtgtttgtga aggagatgag     92580
     gcagagttat aaaggacctg tgttcatcct gtgctgttta gtttttattc tttacacaat     92640
     agagagccaa tgaaggccat ttgggtggtt tgtagttgga aggggaaaat caaggttgag     92700
     aattttgaaa aaggcaacta tatagttaac actagaagta atgatagagg aaaaaacatg     92760
     attggtaagt gggtagatcc agtagagcac attttaagac tagctagaaa gaatgagaaa     92820
     aaaccacctg agtggttttt acagtatcag tgtcagtaat atttgggagg gacatagctc     92880
     tggaggtgag agggcagtaa agaaatgaag acacagaaac tagggtgcat ttaaaatgga     92940
     tggagtgagt tctctggtcc tgtaactaga ttagcatgaa aaatgcttgg ggaaatgatg     93000
     gaagacctga tgagatttaa aattgtaggc agtaaagaac cacagagttt gcagttccta     93060
     aagggtgagt agcaagtgac atggccctgt cctaaagaaa atgagaggct actcttcaag     93120
     gtaaagatgg gaacagctgt tagttgtaac actgggaagc ctgaagcaag gcagctacat     93180
     agtccaggct agactgttac caagagaccc caccaaaccc agcagtgaca ggaaagaaag     93240
     ggaggcctta gctttaaata aaggacagtg ctagctttaa aggagaacaa aatatttttg     93300
     tgaaattaga atgaaaaatg ggatgggaga agaaatgaaa cggagattgg ctgtcagcct     93360
     gtgctggctg caggcatctg ctgcagtcat ctgctgttag tgggtacttc cgtgggagaa     93420
     agtgactgag aattcacaca actttttatc acttattcca gcaaaaaatc agttagaatt     93480
     ctgttgtcac atgcttcgag gaacaataga cccaaaggag ccatccacct atgaatatgt     93540
     gagatttata ggaaatttta aatctttaac cagtggtaag ttaaaatgtt tcttttataa     93600
     tgtgttttaa ctggctgttt ttatttttcc aagctcttag atgcttaaat atcagtaacg     93660
     acatgtctcc ttgctgtttt agtatcaact tcaacacaca atggttttga aggaactata     93720
     caacgcacac ataggccttc ttatgaagat agagtttgtt ttgtagctac tgtcagatta     93780
     gctacacctc agttcatcaa ggtatgcttc tgattttaat tgctctagtg cattccagtt     93840
     catgatatga gatttggtct tgtgagattt ttgttatctt tagaaggttg aaacttttac     93900
     gaacattgaa atagtagtgg ccattgagtt actaaatatg tatgaacttc atatttttac     93960
     cacagttatc ttagtgtatt ctttgcaggt atcccatggc agtatatcac cattttcctg     94020
     cttttgtaca gagtttaatg tgtggtttaa tgtgtgtagt ttactatcag gaaagaagtc     94080
     tgaaaaaaaa aatccagatg aattaaaaag aaaaaaaaaa gaatgtgctt tactgggtat     94140
     aacttgctat ttggttcttt tttgattaat ttttttaatg tgtatggatg ttttgtctgc     94200
     gtgcatattt atgtatcacg tgcatgccgg ggagccagag gagggcctgc ctgagactgg     94260
     agttacatac agttgtcagt taccatgtta gaactgaacc aaagtccgcc tggagaggcc     94320
     gagccatcgc tctagccaac ccctgctctt tgagttttaa attacacatt tttatttctt     94380
     gtatccataa gcacgtgttt agtagggaag tagaaaagtg aactgcctca gtccctagag     94440
     acaggaaaga agccagggtg acatttaaat ttgggtgaca gcgtagtata gaacagcgcc     94500
     tgagttaaca gttagaagac tatagtcttg cactccccgt tagctcttag gaaagtggag     94560
     ggctgataca tgttttattt catgtaattc ttactcttct gagatagatg ctattataat     94620
     attttatatt taaggaagca aacttaggga aattacttgc tgaaagtctc atctagtaag     94680
     tgagacttga ttggaattat ttttctttta aagccctggc ttttatcttt actgaagaac     94740
     atgcaaggag agaggaggga gtgtcatgga ttgcttcgta taacagaaac taggtttcat     94800
     gtatatgagt ggaaaaatag tcagaactca tgttagaaac cgaaagcagg ggccaggcat     94860
     gaaacttgtt ctgtctgtgg cttttctcca tgaagagatt tcagcatgag aaaccataga     94920
     agagttaggg aagttgggtg ctcatatttg agtattacca aggtgatggt aatggctgac     94980
     ccctgaagag aagagagatg gaaggatggg aagatagctg aggtgcgccg gtggtgaggt     95040
     gagtcagtga ggtaagatgt aaactccatc tctaaagcta ggggagatgg ggtggactcg     95100
     aaaacaccta gaaggtcaca ttagaagtat ttataggcta gagagatggc tcactggtta     95160
     agaacactta ctattcttac aaagagctta gcattcatgg atggtggctc accacctgtt     95220
     gtaactccat gtgtagggga tccagtaccc tcacctgccc tcctcaggca ctcatgtggc     95280
     atgcaagcag aaacacatac atacacataa ataaaaacaa atcttgatta aaaggaaaca     95340
     tttaatttgg ctactttgat tattaaagaa tgtgttgatt ctagactctg gtgtacagaa     95400
     gtgaggccat tgatgagatg ggaagttgtg agctatgaaa agtatggcag ttggcttaaa     95460
     cactgtgaag taggaggtgt ggaccagagg aaggacatgg gtatctaagt aggctcttag     95520
     gcacgtgaat gagtgagaat gctcactgta actactgacc ttaggccggc tggtgtctgc     95580
     caggtgctgc tgttttgtct gtttttatat cgggtgatta ggagaattgt tggggatcaa     95640
     acttaggact tcacaacttc cagactagca ttttgtatca ccagctggct acacttgtgt     95700
     ttaatactaa aatctaaaat gtataaaaat ttgtctagat gaaagtgaat tttataatgg     95760
     cctatgctaa gaatatttaa tgttttcacg acacagaaaa ttacttctaa attatacttg     95820
     ttaatttgtt tgtaggaaat gtgtactgtt gaagaaccaa atgaagagtt tacatctaga     95880
     cacagtttag aatggaagtt tctattttta gatcacaggt aacattacct ttaaatttca     95940
     ccaaaaaaaa tgtaattctg gacagtaatg gactcgagga acataatgat ttttgaaatt     96000
     cattatccat ttttgaaaaa ataaaaccca ttctccaaat gaatgttgtc tgtagtgtaa     96060
     ctagtggaac attataatac tgatatgtat tattactgta taatttaggg caccaccaat     96120
     aataggctat ttgccatttg aagtcttggg aacatcaggc tatgattact atcatgtgga     96180
     tgacctagaa aatctggcaa aatgtcacga gcactgtaag tagatcttaa tgtttctgtt     96240
     gagaactgtt taaaaacaca gaagtagacg ctttgttcta gtaatgaaag acacagaaaa     96300
     gatttagagt tatttttata aatgtataca gaaggtacag gtttatattg accttggtct     96360
     tacacataaa ggaaaatctt atagtatatt ttaaaagtac ataaagtttc ccaaaccaat     96420
     ttaactacaa aacccaattt ttgcttaaca tcagttaaag tactttagaa cctaacattt     96480
     gaaatagttt ggggaaaata gtttgagaaa ctttactaaa caattatttc aaacaattat     96540
     gttgttctga tttctggtta attaaagctt tacaattaaa aggcctcaga gatgtcatat     96600
     gtgacagtat ctttggggaa agtgttattg ttaattgctg cttcatatgt gttaagtatc     96660
     ttggccagtt aacagtatga ctttcagtat atggaactta ttatgaatga aaaatttgtg     96720
     taaaatcagc aataactgac tataaaattg gaatctggga gttctagtta tttaggggat     96780
     cttaaactgg ttcttaaaaa aaatctttgt agtttataca tatttctgga agccagaaaa     96840
     taattatatc tatataaaga gttaaaaata aatgccagct tttattttat aaaaaaaaat     96900
     tgagattttt ttcatagcta agtacagatc aaagaaaaat atttgtttct ttctcttctt     96960
     tttatttttt tatttttagt aatgcaatat ggaaaaggca aatcgtgtta ctatagattc     97020
     ctgaccaaag gccagcagtg gatatggctt cagactcatt attatattac ttaccatcag     97080
     tggaattcaa ggccagagtt cattgtttgt actcacactg tagtaaggta ataactggaa     97140
     gaacatttgt aaggtgtact aatagtcaaa gagaattttt atgtgatttt ttttaaatga     97200
     gtgatagtga tcttgcccaa gttttaatac ttaatacttt tgaatattaa gcttacttaa     97260
     tatgtggaaa tatgatgtag gtagtatata aatatataag gcctgacatg agtattgtgc     97320
     tatatagcaa aagttgtacc agcattcaaa tgccagtgca cttcccgcaa agcaaaaacc     97380
     agactagtgt gcccatcatt cgtccgtcat ttagtttctc ttcatttaaa tgctttgctc     97440
     ctactgatca tttatagatg acctaatttg tagaatacag attgaattta ggcattgtct     97500
     tagtcagggt ttctattcct gcacaaacat catgaccaag aagcagttgg ggaggaaagg     97560
     gtttattcag cttacacttc catactgttg ttcatcacca aaggatgcag gactgggact     97620
     caagcaggtc agggagcagg agctgatgca gaggccatgg agggatgttc tttactggct     97680
     tgcttcccct ggcttgctca gcctgctctc ttacagaacc aagactacca gcccagagat     97740
     gttcccaccc acaaggggac ctccccgcct tgatcactaa ttgagaaaat gccttacagt     97800
     tggatctcat ggaggcattt cctcaactga agctcccttc tctgtggtga ctccagctgt     97860
     gtcaagtaga cacagaacca gccagtgcag gcattaagct gtagatatgt attagggtta     97920
     tggagcacat acagaaagta caaattactg atggttaagt gagattccta acaaacacca     97980
     attaattgca tctctgcagt attttaaatg aatgaccaaa catttaaaat ttggttcttt     98040
     ccatttgtag ttatgcagaa gttagggctg aaagacggcg agaacttggc attgaagagt     98100
     ctcttcctga gacagctgct gacaaagtat gtttcttaca gtctcttttt taaatatctc     98160
     attttccaat aatttatgag agagatttga ttatccttta taatttttat tttgaattta     98220
     ctatttaaaa cctcatttac atctaaaaaa ggaatcaaag atttttgcta tttaaaagtt     98280
     aattaggaga gagaaaattg gaattagcag attaatcggg atgagtaggt aatgaggcag     98340
     gttttggtta aaaaaacgtg gatgcttgaa ttaagatgat tgactttaag atgtgacgga     98400
     gaattagtgg ctgcagacga gtggaagact ttaaccaggc agcactaagg aggggctccc     98460
     cgggctgggc ttgaggagca ctgattatgg gggatactaa gccagacgtc accacagtca     98520
     caaaccatgt gacacagagg tttgttcact ccaaacctcg agcttaggga gtgcagcgtt     98580
     agcaggggac tcagagtctg gagacagacg cccccacttc tatgggacct acaaggaggt     98640
     tggtgaggtc ttatgtttcc aacagatgag gagagaagta ttcagagcca gggtagaaaa     98700
     tgcctggtga tttgtttatc atggactttg aagatgggcg gaaggttcta gaggctgaga     98760
     agcagtgaga ggtgtgttca acaagacagg ctgggaaaag ctgcacgtta ctgaaggagg     98820
     agatgagaca ctggggccat gccctccacc ccagagtgag aaactgtgag atcgggtgtt     98880
     ttgcatttac acatactaac atgtatgcaa gcagtcatgt ttcaccctga aataaagatg     98940
     catacttggt tcttgttcac tactgcatgt agaaagactt taaggggaca ctgattctat     99000
     cttaagtgtg tggtgggtga ggaagcacta gtatatatgt tatacccgag gtagcgtttt     99060
     gcttttggtt atggtgaaat aagtgttctc atctctgtaa ggcaagactg tcagtcgaga     99120
     gaaggaccac aacagtttaa gtacagtagg aaaggcttga gacaattttc gagaataggg     99180
     aaatgagccc cttagtacac ttgggcaatt ctgctgacta gaattgagca tacttacctg     99240
     aagtaagtgg ctattgtagg ccacccttga gcctgtgagc tatagtatag gaacaggaag     99300
     catggtttaa gttgtcattt tagtctatac tgcttataca tgctacagtg tttactgttc     99360
     caaagcagag acagagtgac tgaggtaggt ttaaggaaag ggtcatggga agataatagg     99420
     aacggatagg gcagtgggta ggtagttcat gtacagagtg acatctgggg aaatggcaaa     99480
     atggaagatt tggagcaagt ggtgacttcc taagatttta cagaacttcg tgaaataaag     99540
     cactatcttt attctgttac ttactttgta aaactgtgtg ataaaatgac aattttaatg     99600
     gttttagagc acacttgagc attgtagcat ttccagtgtt acacagctgt cactcctgcc     99660
     cacgcacaga atgtcctcat cctcctaacc gtgaactctg aaacaacttt ctgtccttgc     99720
     cctccagctc ttttcaacta agggttggtt tgtttgtttt tgatttgctg ctctgagtac     99780
     tgtgaacaaa ctcatacagt atttgttcct ttgtggttgg ctaattttat ttggtatgat     99840
     attctcaggg ttcattaagt tataacttgt atcagatttc cctttatttt ggggctgagt     99900
     aatagtctgc catgggtgta tcctcttatt agtctgagaa atactgggtt gtcttcacct     99960
     tttatttgca aaaaatagtg tgaacatagg tagacataca gattagtttc cacttctctt    100020
     tggatgttta ctaagaatag aatactggat catatggtag gttactcttt gttaaagtga    100080
     ggaaaactac cacactattc tctgtagagg ccataccatt tttacaatcc cattgctaag    100140
     ccataagaat tcctgtttct tctcatcttt accacactga atgctttctg agaagtaggg    100200
     ggttttgttg ttgttgattt gttttgtttt gattacatac agggtctcac tatgtagtac    100260
     tcagtagcca ggaacccagt tatgtagact aggctggctt caaagagaga ttgtccaccc    100320
     aagtgtctgc cgtgggttgt ttggtcctag ccatgctaat agaacatgag gtagcatgac    100380
     tggttttgat ttgtatttcc ctggatagta agtttgaata atatatctgg tgagggtttt    100440
     atatcctctt tggagaagta tttattttcc ttctaccttc tttattttct tacttaaata    100500
     ctcattcatt actctttttt ttatttttaa tttttgtttg tttgtttggt tggttggttg    100560
     ggtttttttt gttgttgttg ttgttttttg ttgttttggt ttctctgtag ccctgactgt    100620
     cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc    100680
     tcccgagtgc tgggattaaa ggcttgggcc accattgccc ggctattttt aatttttttg    100740
     atagggtcac atatggccca agctgtcctt ggactgatta tgtacccaag gataaccttg    100800
     aactcctgac caccctgcct ctgcgtccca agtggctttt gatgtgccac catgtccacc    100860
     ttgttctctt tttgttttgg gttttgttct ttcttgacag ggaattttgc tgtgttgctc    100920
     cggctgagct cagatgatcc tcttaatagc ctttgcaatg ttgtgtttaa aggtgcaggc    100980
     caactaggta cagttgttca tgcccataat cttagctttt tagaaactga ggcaggagga    101040
     ttgtcactgg gtcatggttt gtagtgtgag actttgtctc agcaagaaac aaaagtgcat    101100
     ctcttcacat gcaatgtgtc tgtttccatc tttataattg agtttttgta gagagtttta    101160
     tatcctagat attaagtact gatcagatac tgatgtatta atacctcctc tcattcttgt    101220
     gggttgcttt tattctgttg gcattgtctt ttgatgcata aatgttttta actttatgaa    101280
     ttccagttta ctggtattct aatgtcataa aaccatttcc tttggtttct ttaagagttt    101340
     tatagtttta gctcataata tttgatctac tttgagttaa atttttgaac ttaatacaaa    101400
     agtctaacct gagtcttctt attttttaaa tagagaatga aaacaaacta ttaaataata    101460
     ttttttccta attagtacac atacatacac atacttttta gccttatttt taggcaaaaa    101520
     ctaagaatga ttgaatctct ctctctcttt ctctctctct ctctctctca attgtacacc    101580
     ccagtctagc tgtcccttgt actttggggg attccagctg ttcctgcctc ccatcttgcc    101640
     acaaaagttt tgggattaca aaggcatgct actgcaccca gctgtgggtg ggctctggga    101700
     attcaaatgt aggtccttta tggtttaatg gcaaatgctt ttacacacta gctgcctcta    101760
     cagccctgat aaaactgtac tgagacctct acattgagca ctaagaaagc atttatgttc    101820
     ctcttatctc cttagagcca agattctggg tctgacaatc gtatcaacac agtgagtctc    101880
     aaggaagcac tggaaaggtt tgatcacagc ccaactcctt ctgcctcctc tagaagctca    101940
     cgaaagtcat ctcacaccgc agtctcagac ccttcctgtg agtgcctcag ctgaaaacaa    102000
     gcatgtttca aagaggtctt ctcagttact tgtgttgctg acatcagtac ttttgtcaag    102060
     cacatcttca aatgataatc ttttccagtt ttgaagtaaa gcttccattg agaagcaaat    102120
     tatctttaga aaagagttaa agtgatgaaa ggatgatatg taggtggtaa tgctctactt    102180
     aaattattcc ttaaacagag aaaattctac ctttcattgt aaaaccatgt aaataagatt    102240
     tatgagtgtt ttgactgcat gtgatctgtg caccaagtgt gcccggtccc catggaggtc    102300
     aaaagaggtt ttcacacccc gtggaactag agttatggat ggttgtcagg gaaacgctgg    102360
     gccgtttgtt agtgtgtgtg ggagttagga agcctgtccc ttgagggtgc tgaggatgat    102420
     gagaaactgt gcttcaagtt ttactatctc acatggttgc tttgtccttt acaaaggcgt    102480
     taaaattgta ggcatggatt tagtttttat ctaataacaa aaaactaact cagtttgtct    102540
     attccttgga gcatatgttg agatcagtca ttcatactgt aagtactaat tctggtctct    102600
     gttgactgtc tttagccaca ccgacaaaga tccctactga tactagcact cctcccagac    102660
     agcatttgcc agctcatgaa aagatgacac agcggaggtc gtccttcagc agtcaggtac    102720
     gcctttagcg aactgcacag ccttgcagga gccacaggtg tgctcacaga tgtctgcggt    102780
     accctttcag gaaggatcaa tcttttgctg acataggaca ctcaaaatct tttccatatt    102840
     tgaagtaaaa tgctagactt ttgtttctaa ttgtgaaaca gtgctaagtg agagctacta    102900
     ttcagtttta gttgccttca gttcagtcac tcaacttttc atggagtgta catccaaggg    102960
     cctgagctgg gccccatggg aaagagaaga gaagagaaga gtagaaaggg cagctcactt    103020
     tgtactcaac aaagtgaggt tgattgtcag tgagtgataa gcacatcata ttgtattgtg    103080
     gtggaagtac tcgaagacga gtgtgagcgt cacctcattg tcatctttta ttttgcttct    103140
     agtccataaa ctcccagtca gttggtccat cattaacaca gccagcgatg tctcaagctg    103200
     caaatttacc aattccacaa ggcatgtcac aggtattttt gtttgtttta gttgagcatt    103260
     tacaaatgat aattgcattt aagcaaatat agttttatac atatgtatat ataaatacat    103320
     ataaaggcag tgaatctgga cgtatttaga atatgtagtg acatttttgt tatttgcaat    103380
     gattttggtg gacccttact agaaagaatc acagataaat gatggtttta tatcttcttg    103440
     cttactgtgc tgtaacatct tatatataac aacagcctac aggtatgata atcttaaaca    103500
     tgaaatatac tagttcattt tgtccctcct tatggatatt ggaagacttg agtaactata    103560
     tattctgtat tgattcattt atttgcacac gggctattta tttagttctg tgtatatatt    103620
     gagttacaca tattggatgc tgacagtatt tgcatatctg tactaacaag ctacttgatc    103680
     taaaagaata acataactaa aataccatgt taatttagtc tacacacatg atttggagcc    103740
     ttaaatgcag cttaagtgga aaaggccaag tatggtagtg tctacctgtg tgtgggaggt    103800
     tgaagcagaa aaatcaggag ttcaaggtta tcctcaacta tatagtaaat tcacaatcag    103860
     cctgaactac atgagaacct caaaaaaaaa aaaagaagga aaggtgttta gaaatgtaag    103920
     atggccttag tccaaagaag gtgtgaatgc tgaaattggc aagaggaaag gaattctcaa    103980
     agcattactg tgtaccttcg tgtgatttat ggctcattca acatttcaga aatgttaaga    104040
     acactactaa atagtaataa atatagtggg aaatcttcta ttttatgtgg cactaaatcc    104100
     tgatttttag ccaactaacc tattaaaagc tctgtaacag tactcttact aaatattaaa    104160
     tttaaccttt acatcttatt ttaaagaatt gacagaattt ttatgtaata tgtagacatt    104220
     taatactatt tgttccttaa tctcagggtg tcacttcagg atgttattag caataacatc    104280
     tttatagagg tgttttcttg agatgtatac tgtgtcaaac ccacagctaa gcattcagtg    104340
     ttctgttctc attcagcatg cactttactc agttgttctt gttatcctgt actctctgct    104400
     tgtttctatt ttttctggtt tgtatttaat tagaaatgct tcaaattgtg acaacattta    104460
     catataaaaa taactttagt gacaataaaa tatatgtatg acctaaaaat aaatacaaca    104520
     ttttaactag cattttaaaa aggcatgaga aagttgaagg tactaacttt ataatgtttc    104580
     ttaagcctaa tggaatgtaa tatcagatgg tcattgccat cttcaaaagt cgctgtttta    104640
     tgctttaaaa agtaatactc agaagtcaga gatgatggtg caatacctgg gaggcagagg    104700
     cagaggcagg aggatcacca caagtgtaaa gccaacctgg tctctgaaag agagttccaa    104760
     tccagccaag gctacagagc aaagccattt tcaaagaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaaa    104820
     cctgaagtaa tattcagtct ccttggcaca actttacaaa gagctagctc atttagcaca    104880
     acctttctga aggtagccgt ggaagggtaa ggtgggcatt gcgactcact gcagaaaggt    104940
     gaaagtaggt gttccgtgac gtgaaccgct ctgctgtcac acagaacaga agaagtaagt    105000
     gagcagtgtc atcaagtgtg tctacattgt agctcattga ctacacataa aaaccagaag    105060
     actgaaaacc ctcaatgtag aggaattcat tcatgatttc ttagaattgc ttagccttta    105120
     aaaactaaag tttaaactgg tctaaggata gtatagataa aaggtataat atgtttttca    105180
     gaatagcacc agaataaaat attggttgtc agtcagatga agatgagtga ttttgatatg    105240
     tggggaggaa ggaggatgct aggaactgaa acttgggttc ttgaacattc tgggcaaaca    105300
     ctatacataa gcccacaagc cctttctttt tactttttat tttaagacag ggccataaaa    105360
     tgttgcctag gctaaccttg aactcactgt ttgtccaagg taggtcttga attagtgatc    105420
     ctcctgccta actttggata attctgctga tgtacacaaa gaggggactc tcgagatgac    105480
     agaatttggt atggattcag tccaggtccg ggtacattct catctggtaa aatgtccaag    105540
     tgaagtgagc aactgaagaa ctcattctac taaattctta agctacaata gaagttcggg    105600
     ttgtttttct tttttctttt cttttttgac aggggctcac tctagccctg gctgacctag    105660
     aactttctag ccttgacatc acagagatcc gcctgcctct gcctccccag tgctaagaat    105720
     aaaggaatgt gccatcacac ctccacacac gcacaccgtc taaatgtaat ttgttcttgt    105780
     aatcagtcaa gagtgagtca gaactgactc ttccaagttg tcttctgacc tacacacaca    105840
     ttcagtggca tgtgccctta ccaggatgta aattgtaact taaaaaaaaa gggacaagag    105900
     cagaggccga actcgggatc tgacaagatg gccgggctgc cccgcaggat catcaaggaa    105960
     acccagcgtt tgctggcaga accagttcct ggcattaaag cagaaccaga tgagagcaac    106020
     gcccgttatt ttcatgtggt cattgctggc ccccaggatt ccccctttga gggagggact    106080
     tttaaacttg aactattcct tccagaagaa tacccaatgg cagcacctaa agtacgtttc    106140
     atgaccaaaa tttatcatcc taatgtagac aagttgggaa gaatatgttt agatattttg    106200
     aaagataagt ggtccccagc actgcagatc cgcacagttc tgctatcaat ccaggctttg    106260
     ttaagtgctc ctaatccaga tgatccatta gcaaatgatg tagccgagca atggaagacc    106320
     aacgaagccc aagccataga aacagcgaga gcatggacta ggctatatgc catgaacaat    106380
     atttaagtcg atcagatcat cgagtgtaca ccacttctcc tgttctgcca agacttcttc    106440
     ctttttttgt ttgcatttaa tggacacagt cttagaaaca ttacagaata aaagcccagg    106500
     catcttcatc tttggtgatt acatgcacat tagcaaatct gtcttgtcct gattcactgt    106560
     tgtaaagcat gagcagaggc tagaagtacc atcctggttg ctgagagatg ctgagaagca    106620
     ggactctctg ctttgactcc ttccccatca tggttaaagt acaaggcact gtgaatgaag    106680
     gtagttgtca gggttagctg ccaggggtat gggtgttatt ttatttttag ggggaaagta    106740
     gttttatttt aattttatgg cccccttccc cctcccccct cttaaaggat ctaattgcag    106800
     tggttaaatg cagctaacca gtttttttag aatatgctct ctagccaagt ctaactttag    106860
     acgctgtaga tggacaagct tgattgtctg aaccaaaatg ggaacattaa ataaacatca    106920
     cagccctcac taataacatt gtgactttgc tgtcaagtgt agattctcca cccccacccc    106980
     cacccccacc ccgaaaagac gaagaaaaag cttgtgacca ttttgtatgg cttgtctgga    107040
     aacttctgta aatcttatgt tttagtaaaa tattttttgt tattctaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    107100
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaggaaggg ggtaaaaact gaaaatgtga gaacaaccac taatgtaagt    107160
     cagagggagg acacgtgtac caggaggggc tcacctggct agaaactgct agtcactgca    107220
     gtgccataga caggaagata cccactggca cttgtggtgg aagagaggcg agcaccttcc    107280
     tttgcagttc gcccagtggc ctctgcgctg ttgccgtggg tctgcaggca gagactggtt    107340
     ctgagagcag agatggagtg tggggaggag ctctcgcctg actccgctgc tcgtttctca    107400
     caccgcacag ctaaagtgtg ttgtactctc tttccatgtg ctgcttcagt ttcagttttc    107460
     agctcagtta ggagccatgc agcatctaaa agaccagcta gagcagcgga cacggatgat    107520
     agaggcaaat attcatcggc agcaagaaga actaaggaaa attcaagagc aacttcagat    107580
     ggtccatggt caagggctac aggtaactta ttctgtctga gcacagagag aatctctttc    107640
     acattttgag ttcctaaaaa ttggcttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt    107700
     ttttggtgaa aagtcagagg caagaggtct ttttacccca gttctgtaaa tattggctac    107760
     ctgcttaata atatcgagcc tctaaaaaca ctcatgctaa gaacacttct atcagatcac    107820
     tagtttttag actaatgaac tcgaaatttt aataagttca agtccataat ataaaattgt    107880
     attttataga acacctaagg tagagagttt ataatagttt tagtaaaatg ccaatagata    107940
     tgattcctat tacttgacta agacacttac tacttagcca acagggccat ctagggcact    108000
     agggctttgc cgaagggaaa ctagttgagc atggcttctg tacacagttg caaaggatac    108060
     aaagctggca gcagcagccc tctgaggagc actgaggaac acagttgatg tgtgtgagag    108120
     tgaaagaagt gaacgtgtag cttcatgttt tattgctact atcaccgttc acatgaaatg    108180
     ttctaatgac ttattactag actgttaaac ttcattttga ttggtttctt tcagtagtct    108240
     cccttttttt gttgtcttgt ttcttgtttt tggttgtttg ttttttgggg ttttttgttt    108300
     gtttgttttt gtttttaact gtaaagcatt tttatactgg aaatgtagct cattggtaaa    108360
     atgcttgtag ccctaagttt gattcccagt atgccccccc aatgtaatta aaattatttg    108420
     tgcgtgtgcg tgtacgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgca tatatgtgcc    108480
     atggagtata tgcggggttc agaagataac ttttgagaat ctgttcttca ctatgatatc    108540
     caggaaccaa ccacaggctg tcagacttat gcagcaaaca cttgtaccta ttgagccttc    108600
     ttgcctgcca aagaaatttc attaaaatgt gatctttgtt ttcaaagatg tttttgcagc    108660
     aatcaaaccc tggattgaat tttggttctg ttcaactttc ctctggaaat tctaatatcc    108720
     agcagctcac acctgtaaat atgcaaggcc aggttgtccc tgctaaccag gttcagagtg    108780
     gacatatcag cacaggccag cacatgatac agcaacagac tttacaaagt acatcaactc    108840
     aggtaattga ctaaaatatc tagttaaaaa aggctgtgtt gtaccagcct ttattttttt    108900
     ataaaaatta gagcataaac tattgatggt taaaaatttt atagaatatg ttactgttaa    108960
     atatttttat atttgatagt tttgtgattt gtttaaggac ttagttaagt aattgtacca    109020
     agttcttgta gctcgcatac tttccgtatg taaagtcatt gacttgccaa agaggctgag    109080
     tagcaaacac tgaatagact gttggggaag caggggcagt ttactcagtc tgtaggttgc    109140
     tggcagctca ttactggata tctgtgactc catttgaaaa tcatgagtgt gtgactgtca    109200
     ctgacttgct tttaaccaac aacgttgtgt gtattttacc tagctatgaa gatgcttctt    109260
     ttaaagtctt agtttgcctt ccatcaagga ctccaggcta agtctgttag tacaaatcag    109320
     tgtcatttct ctctgaatca tgtatgttgc tgtctctcct gctctgccac cattactaag    109380
     tggtgagtag tagaggcgtg gtctcctgta actgttaggt aatttccata cgatcttttc    109440
     tagcagagtc aacagagtgt aatgagtgga cacagtcagc agacgtctct tccaagtcag    109500
     acaccgagca ctctcacagc cccactgtac aatacgatgg tgatttccca gcctgcagct    109560
     gggagcatgg tccagattcc atccagtatg ccacagaaca gtacccagag tgctacagtc    109620
     actacgttca ctcaggacag acagataagg tagttgtcat acttcatttg ttatttgcag    109680
     atatgtaaat tgattgatta aaaacctagg gctggagaga tggctcagca tttatgagca    109740
     ctgactgctc tttcggaggt tctgagttta ggtcccagta accacatagt ggctcacaac    109800
     catcattaat ggaatctgat gccctctctt gtatatctga agacagctac agtctactca    109860
     tgtacataaa ctaaataaaa taaatatttt ttaaaaaaaa ggacaggcgg tggtggtgca    109920
     cgcatttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcagaggca gaggcagagg caggcgggtt    109980
     tgtgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag    110040
     agaaaccctg tctcgataaa ccaaaaataa ataaataaat aaatattttt ttaaaaaaag    110100
     tgaaactaga tggtctggaa ggaggcttgg cactgcagag cccttgaagc tcttctagag    110160
     ctgagtttgg tcccagctct ggctctgggg tctcatgacc tcttctggcc tcccccatgc    110220
     ctgcgtggat gtggcagaca cagcaaaaga aagtcataga agtaagtaaa taaaaatata    110280
     catttagggg ctggctctct aagccaggaa tagagagctc accttgcatg ggcaggccct    110340
     cagttcaatc ctttgcatta tgcttttttc caaaaccaac aatttatttt ttaaccataa    110400
     aattttaatt tgttgcttac tatatataga cagcttttat aagttgaaat aaatgccata    110460
     tctgtcatta aagacttaac agaataatgt tacattttat ttttcattcc aaactggact    110520
     gtcagagaag ccacactgca gtgcactgtc acccaaagct gttacaggct gtgacagcac    110580
     agtcggccaa ggctgttaca ggctgtgcac agcacagtcg gccaaggctg ttacaggctg    110640
     tgcacagcac agtcggccaa ggctgttaca ggctgtgcac agcacagtcg gccaaggctg    110700
     ttacaggctg tgcacagcac agtcggccaa ggctgttaca ggctgtgcac aggtgtgcct    110760
     tgggtcttct tagtaaaggt ggcaagagag cagcaggagg agagcttatc tttctgctca    110820
     aagtttaaaa ctgtatgtta gtatcttcct ttacttcccc atatctcaga tgagaaaatg    110880
     tgtgttgtta atagtttggc caagtgctac agcagagaag gtggctatga actcgtggtt    110940
     tcagagctta gatgcctaaa tagatgtaac tattaaagaa aaaaggcatt tgggtcttga    111000
     atgagaagtc cagatagctg aattaaaaca aatctttgca taattacagt ttactgggaa    111060
     ggctttttta aacaatagga tttctgtggt cttaaataca tgatataaaa tagtatcatg    111120
     ggttgtttgt ttgttttttg gtttttcgag acagggtttc actgtatagc cctggctgtc    111180
     ctggaactca ctttgtagac caggctgacc tcgagctcag aaattcgcct gcctctgcct    111240
     cccaagtgct gggcttaaag gtgtgtgtca ccactgccca gcctagtttc atgtttttgt    111300
     ttcctttaca agtatgctgc tgcttacata ttttgcagtt gtactgagca atatgatttt    111360
     ttttaaataa caattatgtc caggcccagg aagctacagg attatatagg caatgagaat    111420
     agagactgtt gttgtttgga gcccgcctgc ctcccctttt cagcttgtgt gatatgtgat    111480
     atgaaagccc ttcatcttga gaatgagtat ttttaaaagt tgtgttttgg ctctgatatc    111540
     ccctgaaaaa aagtctttta aaattagtgt tggtgctgtg ctgtgcaaac actctaccac    111600
     tatgtaacat cttttgcctc caaggacagt ctctgaaaac taagagcata tgcttttata    111660
     acataatgaa ccatgtcact gggcagtagc tgagataaat attgcactga cagactgagt    111720
     tgtccttttg actctatttt gttttctctc acagattttc tcaaggtcag caacttgtga    111780
     ccaaattagt gactgctcct gtagcttgtg gggccgtcat ggtaccaagt accatgctta    111840
     tgggtcaggt ggtgactgcc tatcctacct tcgccacaca acagcagcag gcacagacat    111900
     tatcggtaac acaacagcag cagcagcagc agcagcagcc accacagcaa cagcaacaac    111960
     aacagcagag ttcccaggaa cagcagcttc cttcagttca gcagccagct caggcccagc    112020
     tgggccagcc accacagcag ttcttacagg taacccccat gaagaggctg ccctgagggg    112080
     gttgctctgt tataatcaga taagctgtta gatgaatagg tttgtaaggc tctgggaaat    112140
     tcttaaacac tttctgtggg gtttcaatat ctaaagaacc agataacagt gagattggct    112200
     gttttacctt ttcttcagtc ttagaaagct tttagacttt aaagtcttgc ctagccatac    112260
     tccattctct gaacttctgg atagtgatcg acttcctact catgtcaggt cacttactga    112320
     gcctattttc cctccagaac ttaataaaaa gagctatttt tttttcttac ataccatcaa    112380
     actgtactta ctgggcaggt acatcaagaa cgatcccttt tagcctagga gttaccttac    112440
     ttaactgatc aaattttatt caactgtggt tttgttttgt tgggttccta cctggcctgg    112500
     aactcagaga ttctcctgcc tcgaggcacc accaagccag cttattagaa ttttcttgtt    112560
     agaaattaat gtcaaaggtg aagtccagtg tagatgcaat ataggttttc attagaactt    112620
     gagctctaaa ttcagggtgt ccttaattga gtcatggctt caccatatac atgtgagctt    112680
     tggcatagca ctttaactcg tcaaacctca ttaatacatt gggcataata atagttcata    112740
     cttcatgcct ttttaaaaga aagcatgtaa attgctaaat atactgtacg gtatgtagcc    112800
     agctggcaga gatgactgta atcctggcaa atgtagtaag acatttgtat tcatgacaaa    112860
     acccacccag ataccatgtg gataaatcat acagaatgcc tatccttagg tccagaggaa    112920
     agtcccctgg atggcaatcc tcagcaagga gccagtagaa ctagttagtt cctagactcc    112980
     agtgctgggg agtctgctgg ggtttctgct ggagtccatc tgggctaaat gaaatattgc    113040
     ctcctcatac ccacagtttt catagggctt aagtctgaag tactgcaatt aataactggg    113100
     ttagctatta ttacaaataa taaaaccagc cgtagactat tctttaggtg actataatac    113160
     atgtttgata tatatagata tatatcctgt gagaattaaa cagaaactta aaatgtgata    113220
     ggccttaagg tctcagtgtt ctagatctat caaagacgac aggcccttaa aaagaatgaa    113280
     catttggggc catggacgtg gcttaataag taaagtgctt cctgctgagc ctgatgtcct    113340
     gagctcaatc tccaagtccc acgtggtaga agaaattgtt ctcttatctc cacatatgaa    113400
     ccctggcagg tgcacacaca aacacaatga ataaatgttt aaaaatattt ttaatacaaa    113460
     tgaacagtct cttcttccct gcccccacca caaaaacgca cccttcaaac aaaagagcca    113520
     taaagatact agatattaga tattagatgc aatgctttcc ctaaacacat tttatagacg    113580
     acacataatt tcacttttct aatgagcttc tttgaaattg tacttgtgtt gtggtcaggg    113640
     aattaaatag tataaatccc tttgtcttac taagacttat tctagtaaca gatcaagatg    113700
     aaaactcgta aaggtccttg gcaggttttc ttgtcttagg tttgaagact gtccttgtgt    113760
     tcataggcag acttggagat gtcaggcccc cacgttagct tcagttcaaa caagttgtag    113820
     caagtgtgtt atgtcccaga agtactttcc ttgaaaactc tcccatcttc tcagctagtc    113880
     cgtttttgtg taccagttac atacagatga acagacagcc agaagttaaa gcatgatgga    113940
     caaacagtcg taaaattgag actttgaagg tcatacagga aatgaagcac ccactgtgtc    114000
     tggttcttgc tggggagtgc tcctgcttta ttctgttacc tcatacagcc acacaggacc    114060
     cagcctccag ctgtgtcctc ctttttctgt agtgttagta aaagtgactg ctatgctgag    114120
     tttgtacaaa gtgaaaaggc caaggctgag agaagtggac agcttgacca agtcatgcat    114180
     ctacaaatgg aatagctcaa gttaacccaa gtctgcgtaa ggcctgtgct tgctgtctga    114240
     ctttacggtg tgtggaggct agcagttggt cagcctcagg tggtgttcct cagtctacct    114300
     tagttttttt gttttttttg gttttttttt ttttttgaaa caggatctgt agtgagaatt    114360
     ttggtttcct taaaaacaca gaatacattt tcattgtaat ctcgggtatg ggatatgggg    114420
     ctgcttcaaa ctgtccccag cagctgacgg tgatttgcct cgtcctctag cagggctgtg    114480
     atttgacctg ctgcagatag ggtctatgat tgtgtgacat ttgaaattct ggggactttt    114540
     cagagggtat ttaaatgcta gggcccctga gaggtgggtt gttggttggt tgctgttgaa    114600
     gtttgttaag tagttgtgca taaagaagaa agaagggcgg cgccatcttc agctccagat    114660
     agccggccac cttcctggtg agagcacggg ggtctgccag gcctgagagg tttgtggcac    114720
     aggcgccggc gggagccttc ttggctctgg gactccgcgg agggcaggct gcacgggtga    114780
     ccgtgtggaa tacagagtgc cagccgtttc tgggacgggc gagagtcgca gagcttctgg    114840
     gcggcgccat cttcagctcc agacagccgg ccaccttcct ggtgagagca cgggggtctg    114900
     ccaggcctga gaggtttgtg gcacaggcgc cggcgggagc cttcttggct ccgggactcc    114960
     gcggagggca ggctgcacgg gtgaccgtgt ggaatacaga gtgccagcca tttctgggat    115020
     gggcgagagt cgcagagctt ctgggcggcg ccatcttcag ctccagacaa ccagccacct    115080
     tcccggcaag agccacagag cttctgaggc agcgccatcc tcagctccag acggccggcc    115140
     tccttccgga caagagccac agagcttctc aggcggcgac atcttcgact ccagacaact    115200
     ggccaccttc ctggccaaag caacacagct tctgggaaag atcctgtttt gggccttcac    115260
     cttcagccag gaggaggtcc aaacaccaga taactgtaca ccttccctga aagaggagag    115320
     cttgcctaca gagactgctc tgaccactga aactcagaga agagagcttg tctcccacgc    115380
     ctgctgatag agggtaacaa aatcaacaga ggaacaatct cttaacaaag acaactacaa    115440
     caactaactc cagagattgc cagatggcga aaggtaaacg taagaatcct actaacaaaa    115500
     gccaggacca ctcaccatca tcagaaccca gaacgcccac ttcgcccaat ccaggacacc    115560
     ctaacacacc tgaaaaggta gacctggatt taaaagcata tctcatgatg atggtagagg    115620
     acataaagaa ggaattcaat aactcactta aagaaataca ggagaacact gctaaagagt    115680
     tacaagtcct taaagaaaaa caggaaaaca ctgctaaaga gttacaagtc cttaaagaaa    115740
     aacaggaaaa cacaaccaaa caggtagaag tccttataga aaaacaggaa aacacatcca    115800
     aacaggtgag ggaaatgaac aaaaccatac tagacctaaa aagggaagta gacacaataa    115860
     agaaaaccca aagtgaggcg acgctggaga tagaaaccct aggaaagaaa tctggaacca    115920
     tagatgccag catcagcaac agaatacaag agatggaaga gagaatctca ggtgcagaag    115980
     actccataga gaacatcggc acaacaatca aagaaaatgg aaaatgcaaa aagatcctaa    116040
     ctcaaaacat ccaggaaatc caggacacaa tgagaagacc aaacctacgg ataataggag    116100
     tggatgagaa tgaagatttt caactcaaag gaccagcaaa catcttcaac aaaattattg    116160
     aagaaaactt cccaaatcta aagaaagaga tgcccatgaa catacaagaa gcctacagaa    116220
     ctccaaatag actggaccag aaaagaaatt cctcccgaca cataataatc agaacaccaa    116280
     atgcactaaa taaagataga atactaaaag cagtaaggga aaaaggtcaa gtaacatata    116340
     aaggcaagcc tatcagaatt acaccagatt tttcaccaga gactatgaaa gccagaagag    116400
     cctggacaga tgttatacag acactaagag aacacaaatg ccagcccagg ctactatacc    116460
     cagccaaact ctcaattacc atagatggag aaaccaaagt attccacgac aaaactaaat    116520
     tcacccatta tctctccacg aatccagctc ttcaaaggat aataacagaa aaaaaccaat    116580
     acaaggacgg gaaccacgcc ctagaaaaaa caagaagata atccctcaac aaactaaaag    116640
     aagacagcca caagaacaga atgccaactt taacaacaaa aataacagga agcaacaatt    116700
     acctttcctt aatatctctt aatatcaatg gactcaattc cccaataaaa agacatagac    116760
     taacagactg gctacacaaa caggacccaa cattctgctg cttacaggaa acccatctca    116820
     gggaaaaaga tagacactac ctcagagtga aaggctggaa aacaattttc caagcaaatg    116880
     gtctgaagaa acaggctgga gtagccattc taatatcaga taaaatcgac ttccaaccca    116940
     aagttatcaa aaaagacaag gagggacact tcatactcat caaaggtaaa atcctccaag    117000
     aggaactctc aattctgaat atctacgctc caaatgcaag ggcagccaca ttcattaaag    117060
     acactttagt aaagctcaaa gcacacattg cacctcacac aataatagtg ggagacttca    117120
     acacaccact ttcaccaatg gacagatcgt ggaaacagaa actaaacagg gacacagtga    117180
     aactaacaga agttatgaaa caaatggacc tgacagatat ctacagaata tttaatccta    117240
     aaacaaaagg atataccttc ttctcagcac ctcacgggac cttctccaaa attgaccata    117300
     taattggtca caaaataggc ctcaacagat acaaaaatat tgaaattgta ccatgtatcc    117360
     tatcagacca ccatggccta agactgatct tcaataacaa cattaagaat ggaaagccaa    117420
     cattcacgtg gaaactgaac aacactcttc tcaatgatac cttggtcaag gaaggaataa    117480
     agaaagaaat taaagacttt ttagagttta atgaaaatga agccacaacg tacccaaacc    117540
     tttgggacac aatgaaagca tttctaagag ggaaactcat agctctgagt acctccaaga    117600
     agaaacggga gagagcacat actagcagct tgacaacaca tctaaaagct ctagaaaaaa    117660
     aggaagcaaa ttcacccaag aggagtagac ggcaggaaat aatcaaactc aggggtgaaa    117720
     ttaaccaagt ggaaacaaga agaactattc aaagaattaa ccaaacgagg agttggttct    117780
     ttgagaaaat caacaagata gataagccct tagctagact cactagaggg caaagggaca    117840
     aaatcctaat caacaaaatc agaaatgaaa agggagacat aacaacagat cctgaagaaa    117900
     tccaaaacac catcagatcc ttctacaaaa gcttatactc aacaaaactg gaaaacctgg    117960
     acgaaatgga caaatttctg gacagatacc aggtaccaaa gttgaatcag gatcaagttg    118020
     accttctaaa cagtcccata tcccctaaag aaatagaagc agttattaat agtctcccag    118080
     ccaaaaaaag cccaggacca gatgggttta gtgcagagtt ctatcagacc ttcaaagaag    118140
     atctaattcc agttctgcac aaactatttc acaagataga agtagaaggt actctaccca    118200
     actcatttta tgaagccact attactctga tacctaaacc acagaaagat ccaacaaaga    118260
     tagagaactt cagaccaatt tctcttatga atatcgatgc aaaaatcctt aataaaattc    118320
     tcgctaaccg aatccaagaa cacattaaag aaatcatcca tcctgaccaa gtaggtttta    118380
     ttccagggat gcagggatgg tttaatatac gaaaatccat caatgtaatc cattatataa    118440
     acaaactcaa agacaaaaac cacatgatca tctcgttaga tgcagaaaaa gcatttgaca    118500
     agatccaaca cccattcatg ataaaagttt tggaaagatc aggaattcaa ggcccatacc    118560
     taaacataat aaaagcaatc tacagcaaac cagtagccaa catcaaagta aatggagaga    118620
     agctggaagc aatcccacta aaatcaggga ctagacaagg ttgcccactt tctccctacc    118680
     ttttcaacat agtacttgaa gtattagcca gagcaattcg acaacaaaag gagatcaagg    118740
     ggatacaaat tggaaaagag gaagtcaaaa tatcactttt tgcagatgat atgatagtat    118800
     atataagtga ccctaaaaat tccaccagag aactcctaaa cctgataaac agctttggtg    118860
     aagtagctgg atataaaatt aactcaaaca agtcaatggc ctttctctac acaaagaata    118920
     aacaggctga gaaagaaatt agggaaacaa cacccttctc aatagtcaca aataatataa    118980
     aatatctcgg cgtgactcta actaaggaag taaaagatct gtatgataaa aacttcaagc    119040
     ctctgaagaa agaaattaaa gaagatctca gaagatggaa agatctccca tgctcatgga    119100
     ttggcaggat caacattgta aaaatggcta tcttgccaaa agcaatctac agattcaatg    119160
     caatccccat caaaattcca actcaattct tcaacgaatt agaaggagca atttgcaaat    119220
     tcatctggaa taacaaaaaa cctaggatag caaaaactct tctcaaggat aaaagaacct    119280
     ctggtggaat caccattcct gacctaaagc tttactacag ggcaattgtg ataaaaactg    119340
     catggtactg gtatagagac agacaagtag accaatggaa tagaattgaa gacccagaaa    119400
     tgaacccaca cacctatggt cacttgatct tcgacaaggg agctaaaacc atccagtgga    119460
     agaaagacag cattttcaac aattggtgtt ggcacaactg gttgttatca tgtagaagaa    119520
     tgcgaatcga tccatactta tctccttgta ctaaggtcaa atctaagtgg atcaaggaac    119580
     ttcacataaa accagagaca ctgaaactta tagaggagaa agtggggaaa agccttgaag    119640
     atatgggtac aggggaaaaa ttcctgaaca gaacagcaat ggcttgctct gtaagatcga    119700
     gaattgacaa atgggaccta atgaaactcc aaagtttctg caaggcaaaa gacaccgtca    119760
     ataagacaaa aagaccacca acagattggg aaaggatctt tacctatcct aaatcagata    119820
     ggggactaat atccaacata tataaagaac tcaagaaggt ggacttcaga aaatcaaata    119880
     accccattaa aaaatggggc tcagaactga acaaagaatt ctcacctgag gaataccgaa    119940
     tggcagagaa gcacctgaaa aaatgctcaa catccttaat catcagggaa atgcaaatca    120000
     aaacaaccct gagattccac ctcacaccag tcagaatggc taagatcaaa aattcaggtg    120060
     acagcagatg ctggcgtgga tgtggagaaa gaggaacact cctccattgt tggtgggatt    120120
     gcaggcttgt acaaccactc tggaaatcag tctggcggtt cctcagaaaa ttggacatag    120180
     tactaccgga ggatccagca atacctctcc tgggcatata tccagaagaa gccccaactg    120240
     gtaagaagga cacatgctcc actatgttca tagcagcctt atttataata gccagaaact    120300
     ggaaagaacc cagatgcccc tcaacagagg aatggataca gaaaatgtgg tacatctaca    120360
     caatggagta ctactcagct attaaaaaga atgaatttat gaaattccta gccaaatgga    120420
     tggacctgga gggcatcatc ctgagtgagg taacacattc acaaaggaac tcacacaata    120480
     tgtactcact gataagtgga tattagccca aaacctaaga tacccaagat ataagataca    120540
     atttcctaaa cacatgaaac tcaagaaaaa tgaagactga agtgtgaaca ctatgcccct    120600
     ccttagaagt gggaacaaaa cacccttgga aggagttaca gagacaaagt ttggagctga    120660
     gataaaagga tggaccatgt agacactagc atatccgggg atccatccca taatcagctt    120720
     ccaaatgctg acaccattgc atacactagc aagattatga tgaaaggacc ctgatatagc    120780
     tgtctcttgt cagagtatgc ctgggcctag caaacataga agtggatgct cacggtcggc    120840
     tattggatgg atcacatggc ccccaatgaa ggagctagag aaagtaccaa agaagctaaa    120900
     gggatctgca accctatagg tggaacaaca ttatgaacta accagtaccc cggagctctt    120960
     gactctagct gcatatgcat caaaagatgg cctagtcggc catcactgga aagagaggcc    121020
     cattggactt gcaaacttta tatgccccag tacaggggaa cgccagggcc ataaaagggg    121080
     agtgggtggg taggggagag ggggtgggtg gctatggggg acttttggta tagcattgca    121140
     aatgtaaatg agcgaaatac ctaataaaaa atggggaaaa aaaaaaggaa aaaaaaaaaa    121200
     aagaagaaag aagaaattag ctatcctgat ggtgaagatc aaacttgccc taaggaaccc    121260
     agcaccccta attagcacaa agtggtctaa taacattgcc ttctattccc tgactttatc    121320
     cagggatatt cctttctttt ctatcctttt ctctctagtg ttagggcatt gaaagggtgg    121380
     aaaaagtgga gaagggtgga agaaagaaga acccacaaag tagcaaatgc cctctacaag    121440
     ggtctcatga gaccgtggtt tattcactag gttaggttgg ttggctggtg agcctcggaa    121500
     atcctgtctc tatctctcac actgggagta caattgattc tttaccaaca ggcagacttg    121560
     tgtgcactgt cagtctgacc aggcagtgtt cgtgtcctat ccagacacag ctgtgctcta    121620
     gtttactgct tagaatttgg gcctgtagga aataaaaata tgtggcttgt ctcaagacag    121680
     attatacttt gtaccatgaa attcccatca agaattcctc aaaaaagtca aatcttacgt    121740
     gttcagaaag aaggcaaggt ttttgttttc caaaaatagt ttttagatta gcaaacagaa    121800
     tgagagttta aagccctgtg tctgtgggct gtgggcagtg tgaactgacg agtgtgaagg    121860
     caggaagcca gactgcatca tcctttttgt ttttagacat ctaggttgct ccacgggaat    121920
     ccttcgacac agctcatcct ctctgctgcc tttccactac aacagagcac tttccctcct    121980
     tcgcaccacc agcaacacca gcctcagcag caacagcagc ttcctcggca caggactgac    122040
     agcctgactg acccttccaa ggtccagcca cagtagcaca cacacttcct ctctgacatg    122100
     cgagaggaag gggatggcca gaaagaatcg ctcagttggc atgcggtcag aagttgaaca    122160
     gtttcacgag ggtggtcttg agtgttcagt cccttgatga gacggtaggg aagtgctgcc    122220
     cagtgcttca gatgtccatt aaataccagc cagtgggaaa tggtcatagg gacacagcca    122280
     attctgacag tttctttgcc caggtatttt ttgatagaaa gagtatattg ccaaatgcta    122340
     acaagctcag ctatcaacca gatctttact gaatccgaag agcactaaca gtgttggtag    122400
     ctttagtggg tctgtgcctg catcaaatat tacagagggc acaccactgc caggggtttg    122460
     cttagaatgc catgaagata gtccagtagt taatagtccc caccccaaac tcctctccct    122520
     gttcagacaa tgatggaacc gtgatgactt tgagaatgtt gtgcaggttt gaattcactg    122580
     tgtacagatg ctgtagtgtc tctgtgtctg gatggaggag agaaagccac tttgatacag    122640
     aaagcattat ctgtccctca caggtatgag tgcatttcat taggtttgac accatgtaca    122700
     aactgataac aacctctctt ttttcatttt gtttacaaca cagtagtgtt ctcgttactt    122760
     ttccagggca caagtctttt tgtccgtgct ttggctgtga tgtcacagtt tgttcagtga    122820
     ggtaacaatg tgctgctggg aatggatttt tttaaggtta aattattgct acatttccac    122880
     ttactcagaa atatccctta tttcattatt tttcaattat gtttgagaga attgcactgc    122940
     tttattattt tagatggttg gttgagagtt taatcacata ttttgatata tttcatagtt    123000
     ggaatattta tgtaaatggt tttcaacaag cctgaaagta atttcaagaa tgtttcagtt    123060
     gtaagagtaa agtttgcaca caaaacattt taggcacttt tttaacattc tcagaggtgg    123120
     gaattttaac ttttaggatt tgttggaatc tttttattat ctttaaaaat ttcaatgctt    123180
     cttttagtca gaaatgattc agggttattt gaggggaaaa aacccatagt gccttgattt    123240
     taattcaggt gataactcac catcttgaat tcattgtctg gtttcagtag cagttttgaa    123300
     accttagtac atttttagca gcagtgtcat tctcaagtcc ccatgaggac tgctgcgtct    123360
     cttgggctgc ctgacagcgt cacagctggg aatgggatcc caaaatcgtt tcctgtttgc    123420
     atcttcctct aaagctaagt aactctttta ggaattacca gtaaatactt gctcagagac    123480
     aagggacaag ttgtctttaa ttttcattgc agcactagaa taatgtaact cacatgcttt    123540
     ttaaacatta agatttcatt tggcaatatc attctctaca ggtaataaac tccaacaaag    123600
     ctacatacat tttaaaaggc atttttttag attttatggt actaataatg agtttttcaa    123660
     ttaaagaaca aaagatcagt aggatataga atatcaagta ttactgagaa aagggaggat    123720
     aagtgtggca cattagaatt gaccttaaaa ggaaagtatg tgatggtgag gtgctaaact    123780
     ggtttcagca gtgcagataa cctaaggcag agttgctaga tcagggcttg gggaactcgg    123840
     agtcagctat ctgtctctag ctttgctctc atcatcagta agtgtgtctt tgttttcctg    123900
     tttacctgac tgcaattaag ttagcaagtt agtgataaaa agaaaacaac caaagaaaat    123960
     tggtacctac tcttctgcgt aagaagtgtg tctagatacc agtcagtaac tcacatatca    124020
     cagagttctt ctagctgaca ttcatacgaa taccagaaat agttgtgaga atacacattt    124080
     atgcaagttt gtgcacacgt gacgaaatca atgtaagtcg agcacccaca ttgcttttct    124140
     cccttccaca ttgccttctt ctctttggcc attccatgtc ctcggagtcg gagctgtgcc    124200
     tcgtttatct ttttgcatca catagcgata agaatttagc tacaggagat acaacatgct    124260
     agttatgtaa tgcctgctgt tcttcacagt tcatctccct gcttaaaagt agcagttgat    124320
     aagaaactct agctgctaag gctgctgtcc acacggagat gcatgctggg caacagttgt    124380
     cagcactagc tgcctcttag ctccttaatt cttggttcct ttggatggca aactgtcttt    124440
     gtctgctccc cacacgactc cagtattctg aagaaagttc atcttttgcc tgttcatttc    124500
     tgtagccaaa gctgactgaa accccaaatc taaatcatga aaagatacca aaaagaaaca    124560
     cttctcagct tcttagaaac cttaacttct cttgctgtat ttcatggatt tgattttctt    124620
     tgaaattttt gattctgggc agcgcctttt aattaagaaa ttgttaggat gaaggtcaaa    124680
     caggttctca ttgccctgca ggtaccttgc tctggactgc ttctgtatgg ggtgacttgg    124740
     ggttgctgaa cacacaggat tagaacagta aacacaaagc tgcccttgag gctggcgtta    124800
     aaccagagcc tcaatattga aaatatcaag tcctctttcc ttccttagag acgagactgt    124860
     gagaggaaag caactgtggt aggtgggctt gcttgcacat gagcaccaag accattcccc    124920
     aagctctatc ctcagggtag catttagagt gctgtgttct gctgtcacat agacatggct    124980
     tagggatgta gcactaataa aagaatgccc gtgcttttga atagttgtga tagcaaactc    125040
     taggctaact agcaagtgtt tgaattctgt gtgctgtata gtagttggtc attgccttaa    125100
     agcagtctct tggaagttgg gagcactgaa gcagtccaac catatatggg catcacgttg    125160
     agggagatga gccttgttca agccttagaa aggaccctta gtctacacag gtagattctt    125220
     ttcacttgga tattactgtg tttaaaatgt ttccactatg ttgaggcagt tttttaaagt    125280
     ggaacacaga taggattttt agtatttctt tttttgtttc tttggtgatt aaaggtttgt    125340
     tggtagacat ttgtgtaaaa gttgttcaag cctatcatct ttccagtact tgtggtcctg    125400
     ttcttagtac cagagtccac aatggaaagt gtaaacactg gatattaata ttgctgaggg    125460
     tgcatagcca ggtgtgagct gactggaact tctcagtggt gaagaaacag cacaacggca    125520
     cttgccattt tcatagtgat tgcataaaga gaccttctaa gtttgtctgg attgagtgaa    125580
     cactcttcta agaggagctt ctcaagtaaa tgcaaaggaa aagagttgac tatttttata    125640
     gcatatttaa tatatttgta tataactatg agtgtagtag gaaccctcca catgcctccc    125700
     acttttctaa ttccctcccc ttctgccgta gccctagtcc agcctcatcc gcatgggtaa    125760
     tgtgcctact gtcagcctac ctaccaaaag atagtgctgc tgctttctga gacaggtgag    125820
     atcagactct catgcctggg gatccttatg ggaggaatag cacacactta gaacaacata    125880
     ccacagttta agagcatcat tttgaaaggt aataagcact ttattgcaat tattcattta    125940
     gataaagttt gtatcttagg cattaaccgt ttttaaagga tccctaatca tcacttaggt    126000
     gaaatgataa acgacacatt tctgagaaat gttcaggtcc agtgaaccgt agcaggttta    126060
     tgggaatgat ttcaaggtag ccaaataaac tctgactttt gttttgaatg tggtggagtc    126120
     aggagattgt agatgtgtag tttgatttaa acactattgt aaacctatct tgcctattgt    126180
     gtggacacca aaagagacca atgagcctgt ttattttcag aggtctagga atatgcatct    126240
     gtctgagtag atatacagaa ctaatctata aacggttggt agtaatattt taggatacag    126300
     taacttaaag aattattgag tgttttaaat gtgccctgaa atgttggcat gtcatttcag    126360
     cgttcccatt tgagttgctc ttgtaatatt tttgcacaaa aaggactgag aaaagactgc    126420
     tttggttgaa gaaaactata atttggtctt attttaatgt ctcctgtgga aacactggag    126480
     gtaaatttgt tggcatagtt actaattcag gatatttaaa acagtgttga acagctcatc    126540
     agaaattaag caaacttata tatttaaaaa ttaaaaatct ttttttccat gtgactgttt    126600
     tgcatatttt ttccgttgtc ataccacact acattccttg gttttttttc tgaaataata    126660
     atttgtgaaa gatttgagta ttcaacaata ttttttaaga cgcctgggtt ttcccaggaa    126720
     aatgtcctag tgaagtaagt tatagctata tatagtttgt ggagactatt gagattccat    126780
     caacaccacc agcaaacact gaggtgctga accaagagac aatcataata gtaagtattt    126840
     acaggactta ggagaggctg caaggaacac ttgttcccaa agcagttctc tgggtctcct    126900
     aaataaaatg gctgtgtatt tagatttcta cattgtgtag ttggtgattt atttaattta    126960
     ttgcatcatt ttcttgtcgt tggagaactt gctcttgttt ggggcagtca ctaccctacc    127020
     ctctagtgac tccccactga cagatcattg ggatccattg tgcatcacga tggtgatgga    127080
     gggtgaacct gaatgtccct gcacttccct cctgctctga attcatttaa gaaaagaaca    127140
     ttaaaagcta actcctttta gctctggtca catagtgtca cttgttgcct tctctgattc    127200
     atgggcactt tttatacatt cgtttcccca acacagtcaa aaaggccagt aagacagaac    127260
     caagggcaca tgttgcctct gttgcccatt tggggaaatg ctagcaaagt aatatctatt    127320
     aatgactgtc gtcactacat ccatatatag aagtccttct atatagttga acagtgtatg    127380
     cacactgaaa actttgaaaa gttggctgtc ttttagatcc tccatagtcc agtaaagtgg    127440
     tgcttgaaca tagggagtct agttgtgtga ggatccttcc tgctcacgtg accaaactgg    127500
     gctatggtcc tcctttagca cggttgcggc tctggagtcc cacagtcagg gtctaacaca    127560
     cacagggatc ccctggagag cagttattaa aatactgtca gacacaaact gggtttatta    127620
     cttaagaggc atctaactct gaggggcata aattcaaaat ataccatttt tagatgtttg    127680
     cttttaaatc agtgaaaaca aactgtgaca tcgctttaag aaatgacttt tcaaatgttt    127740
     tgagttggcc tgtactggtt cacatttatt gctgacaatg gtttgaagag tactacaaag    127800
     cttattaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aagaaggaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaaaagt    127860
     taagttgatt tcaagcaaag acattgcctt caaaaagtcc cttactaata agcaaggggt    127920
     gtgtcagcca gaactggaat ttacaccatt ctaaaattat tttgaaatct attttactgt    127980
     ggtttaagtt gggaaaagct ccagtatagc actttcatat tcaccctgtg taaagattaa    128040
     agcccaaaga caaattagtg ctgtattaaa accagttagt gcaaaaacta taaatataag    128100
     ttttatcttt gtaaactctg ttaaatcagt tggtagttgt acaaacatgc accagatttc    128160
     tcttaagttc cgtgtggtct tgctgtgctg ttcctgacat tgctgtcctt actgcttggt    128220
     tctgggttta aactaaaaca agaataagca gagcgcatcc cttgcagctc caaaagaggg    128280
     gcacgatatg gctgtgtatc tccagatgag aattcctccc ctcctaaagc aaacattgaa    128340
     ttgagactta cactctttca ggtgtttacc cctttgccaa aactagaaat atgaaggatt    128400
     atgagtgatt tcaatggtgc tatattaggt tccctggttt tcataagcta tgtttggaaa    128460
     tacagcactg aataaaatgc agactccgtt gtaattgggt ccagtacaat tggatatact    128520
     tgtttatcaa agttaccctt tgaagaagta aaactggtac accagcatgc cttcactcag    128580
     gcctcctgct gtatgacatg cacagcttta acgtaaaatc acaacaaacc atcataatgc    128640
     tcttttctct agacccttgt aatgtattca gaacctaaaa ctacagcaaa agagccaagc    128700
     agtagcaatg tttgtttgtt ttttttgtaa atgtaaaaat aattagctct agacctgttt    128760
     cctttgattt aaaaataaag aatgcctcag tgctgctctc agtgtcacct gcttatgtgg    128820
     cacatatgtg taagagtccc attttggatt tatagaacaa ctattaaatg tttttaaatc    128880
     tgtcagtgac attttccttt ctttattcaa cactggggcc tgattgtgtc aacaatgttt    128940
     accttatacc ttccactttc tctaagcaac gatgtcctgc tgctacaaga cttcttcctc    129000
     caagactggt tccctatccc catctctggc tggggctcgg cagcttacag ctgctttcta    129060
     cacttacctc gtctctcacc agtctacaag gtgtagtatg gggacatggc ttacaatttt    129120
     ttaaaagtgt tttaactcat gggcattgtt tttctattgt ctaatcttgt atttttattg    129180
     agtttaaaaa ctccttaaaa gctcgcagaa atgacttctt caattttttt ctactgccta    129240
     acaatacttg gaaagaagag ctaacaacta aaataacctt gaaccgtttt cagaagaaca    129300
     ttaggagact tagctgggtt ttccacatct cttcaaatac agattacatt gtgggcattt    129360
     gtcatctcag taaatatgaa ttattccatc atgtcccaca cagggaatgc ttggacattt    129420
     ctatagagga actggccttc acatttaaac cgtagtctaa gaaagaaatc ataaagtatt    129480
     ttgtatgtaa cacacgagga aaacgagtac tagttatacc ttttatttac attgtttgtt    129540
     acaatgctta ttcaatatag aaaaatatga atacattcat agtattctct tttaatttgg    129600
     taagtccatg ttgtcaaata ttgactattt ttatattggg tgtcctaccc aattaaaaaa    129660
     aataagaggg agaatgggcc tagccagcaa ctcttatcat ttgttattga tacaatccta    129720
     attcccaaag acaagataaa attgctgatt actggctcag gaatatggtt ttaaaagtgg    129780
     aagtcattca ttcttttccc caaggaaatg cttaaggtat acattaaacc cccagtgacc    129840
     aaggagaaaa cgtgtttata agggggtcat gctacaagaa aactcaatgg tcagcctcac    129900
     ttcagtggac gcgtatatca agcagaagtg gaggctgagg tgtcaacata attaagctag    129960
     agagaaccca cacttaggag tcaaaccttt ttaaaaatct ttacaaataa aatcaatgat    130020
     tatatctttt gggcataata attaagtggg tcaaacttac aaatcaatgc tacaaaatac    130080
     agtgtttccc attactttta gttgtaatgt acactatgta cagaaaagag ttgcctatct    130140
     taagctgaat actgaagaac agcttgttaa aaaccagact ctggacttat aaacagggca    130200
     gaaaatgcaa acgccaaaaa tacgatgcct ccgatgattg tcactggaaa agagagagag    130260
     aagggagtca gtgttgcttc cactgtgaca tcaacagttc ccgaagcttt cctcttccct    130320
     tataacagac cttttctctg ggcactgctt gtagaaagag aagttaaagc aaagttggca    130380
     agcagcagtt ggactgtagc agtcatcacc ttaacccccc caccccggtc tctcgagggc    130440
     ccggagatgg cacagcatgg aaaaagtgct gtggccaagc ctgctatcag tgcccacaag    130500
     ctcggacccc agcccatttt aaatgttgaa aatgttcaag cctcacacag ggtctgctta    130560
     tcaaatactt caggccaaac ttctacaagt ttttcactgg cttacaaaac aaacaagtgt    130620
     gaccatattt tagataagct tgtgattttc tcatttgtac acataggaaa agaagtcagt    130680
     gcacagtaac aggcaatgtg tcaaatattg acaaggccta gatcaggcac agagatcaag    130740
     tggtctctgg aaaaatgata agagctagca ttctattacc ctccatgatt ttcaagcatt    130800
     agaacagatg atacttgcat tttcatggga aaaaaaaatg agaccttacc agttcggaca    130860
     gagatctttt gcgctatcat ccttcctcca attactgcca atccagtaca taagcagtgt    130920
     cccactgtgc cacccactgc tacaccataa gggtcctgga agcagatgta gcttgtgtta    130980
     gcttgttaag ttggagatgg tgtttgagaa tggccagtgt taaatagaac tagctatggg    131040
     ctctgaacca tccaggcata ctgctgagtt tattacacag aagatggctg cttcagggaa    131100
     tgtggacagc acaggatgga cctgagttat aagtctcgtg tggcacagaa ctgctgtgct    131160
     tcctgagagc aggaatccta acccttgacc ctcgagcttt tagctgaggg tgaggactaa    131220
     atactgctaa aataaacaag gagccttcac agaagaagat gacccttaag ggtagctaag    131280
     accccacgta tatttgggaa ggaagaacaa cagaacgttt caaagtttct acagagagac    131340
     aaggaggccc tggagaggag tccttgaaga gtagtaagtc aggaaaggta ggagcccggg    131400
     atggaggtgt agggctgtag gctgccactt aactcctgtg ccagaggcca aggttcaatg    131460
     tctacctaca ggaccccccc accccccatt ggctggtttt agcacaagcc gattcctgct    131520
     ttcaaagttt aatggagaca atgaactagt tgggagtaag cccaaggaga aataacaact    131580
     ctggtaagaa atcgtgctga ctggactggg gtaggaggag atgaagacaa gagaaaagca    131640
     gatggatggg gagggacatg ggatactgtg aaagctatca ggtgtgacaa ccaagtaacc    131700
     gagaagatgt tataaaaaag atggggacca actaccaggt agttggcctc aataagtctc    131760
     agcactgata aacgtctctg atgtcctatc tttcctggtg ctgtggtaaa actggaaaag    131820
     gcacataaag gttaggtgtg cttgggttca cagctcaaga gtacagttca tcaccgagga    131880
     agagccatga aaacaggaac ttggggccgc tggccactgg catccagtta gggagcagat    131940
     ggtaatgaat gcttgtgttg agctcacctg tatacagtcc agggtcctag gccaggggat    132000
     ggtgccccca gcacataagt gagatctcta ccataaccta gtcagcatag atctcaagtt    132060
     gaaccctact ctgtaaggta ggcaactggg cggtagagca gttcttttta ccaaccacaa    132120
     taatgtttct gaactttggg aagttaagag tttgggacag aaggaccaag caaggaattt    132180
     catttccccc ttaaagtcag agtggaggta gcaatgcaga aaatccccag aaaactgaac    132240
     tgggagcaag gcaaagacgc atgttataag ggctgagggt agatgctggg atccaggagt    132300
     gcagtgtggc taactgggaa gaaggcggct gagcagcagg tcagcagcca gctgctggga    132360
     agttcaaagg caacatatat acagtctgaa cctgagactg tactactgcc acaaactgct    132420
     acttcagaag atgcttcatt ccatctgaaa ataaatggta ctagaaaaaa aaattcactg    132480
     ggttaaataa agttatttta ataaagatcc ttcaaaagca aaacagcatg attcataaaa    132540
     agattaatgt taaaggaaca gaaccagaca gtttaagagg tctttaagct ctgctagtgt    132600
     cggtggcatg gaagggtgcc tagcccatga gtgctgggct gggggctgga caggcctgtg    132660
     cactgctgca tcccatctgc agacagaaac tcacaaaatg gggaactgca gggcagtgcc    132720
     ccacccgctg accctggcag gacctcctcc accacagggc ctcattttca aggtccaatt    132780
     ctggaattct aatggaaaaa cagaaatgaa ggcagggcac agccattaag gagaattttt    132840
     caagtttgtt ttatgagaat caaatgggag agtagagagt accacaccca ccccaccccc    132900
     cccccccgct ttttttattt tttccatctc caaataaagc atttttaagg ttctccgaca    132960
     aaacctttcc ctataacttg cctgaaatgc ttcctatttt aaactgtaga actatgtgag    133020
     gaacttctcc aaggatttaa atgtctgtgc actaatataa ctgacacaga cttaagatca    133080
     agagcgtgca gttcctcagg acactggcat ctgtgaaaat gacctgacag ctctcaggag    133140
     aggacggcga tccatcccca ccccaacagc aaaccaagag aatcttttaa atccatgtac    133200
     ccaaaggcaa gggagagaca agctcacttc gggccctaac ataaggcacc ccacctctct    133260
     aagctcttat ctgctcaatc agggctggac agtgtcctct aacttaaact gctgcatcag    133320
     tgctagagct gcggtggacc agaaatgctc tccaaaagca agacttggag cagtcccaag    133380
     gtgagcactc tgatgtcctt ggtttttctg tgagcaaccc tctaggtcag tgagaactta    133440
     gcaggtaaaa ggacttggaa accctctctg caccattaaa gcagtgttga caaatgagtg    133500
     atccaagagc tgctcagatg taatgatgaa caaatccccc gtgacacaaa atctgctgct    133560
     gggttttttg tttttgtttt tgtgggtttt ttttttcttt gtttttaaga cagtcttagt    133620
     atgagatcag catttacaag actccccagt gctaggataa tgtgatatac taatttatat    133680
     tcccaataag catgcagaag tcatgagcag aaaagtaagc aacaaagaca ccagctacag    133740
     caaaacacag taaaagaact caacaagaca aaaaaacgaa aagaaaaatt aaatttgggt    133800
     tcaagaacta gagacacaga gaaaacgcag gaggctaatt ctaggtcata aaatgaacag    133860
     atgtgtcctg tggcccctga ccgacccctg gaagggagca actgaaactc tggtcttgat    133920
     atagacgtgg tccaatacac tcacctctct agctgccagg acaatggtag tgagttgaga    133980
     gcgatcgccc cattctgcca agaacgttaa tgtgagcgct tgaacaaaaa tgggtgaaat    134040
     aaaatgtaac cactttttct gaggtattgc tgtgcttgta ccagtttcaa catctggccc    134100
     atttaagagt ttggttcgtt ggaactgaaa caaatgaaaa ataccattaa cccaagtaag    134160
     cctatgaata tagcataaag tcacttttaa aacatatggc atattctcca aagaaaatac    134220
     actgtatcct ccgactgccc tttagccacc agcctcatac actgtcaatt ttcccactca    134280
     tcggcaaata gtatttggat gcttcagaaa catgcagaat agttcccacg attccaacat    134340
     ctgccatcaa cctaaaaagc tgactatctg gtggacacct ccctccctgc cagtcacagt    134400
     aacccacact cagccacagt acagtaggag tggaaagtaa ctaagctatc cgcatgcaca    134460
     caacacttta caacttactt cttcatcctt cttctttaac tctgcttgga cttcttctag    134520
     ctcctcctga ccctcatctg ggctcatctt caaaccttcc cgaagcattc taatgccaaa    134580
     aatggcgaag agtgcagttg aaacatagta tgtatacacc ctggggatga ctgttgtggc    134640
     atagccaaac aaaactgtaa ggaaatgcca acagtgttaa cagtgcttct accacagacc    134700
     aaagagagtt acagtaagaa atcataattt acagtgttga aggaaaacta gttcatatta    134760
     gacacatcaa atatgtaatg acctgaaata cttctggctc tttctttcca caccaacttt    134820
     agaatggcat tccaagacag gcatggcctc atttccatgg tatatgcatc tgctatagga    134880
     catttcttaa tatgctgact ggttctccac tcaaactcaa ctaatggctg gcttccctta    134940
     catctgtgct aggcacaaca cttgagctag acagactgtg atgtcctcta agaatgccaa    135000
     cattttataa actggaagcc acactctact ccataagtag atgtttcttt gtcacagata    135060
     tcaaaagatc aagggggaca acataattca cactcctcct ttttaactat gtaaatttag    135120
     tacattttat gaaacaatac taaaaattcc ttataggtat gtgtagacgc accaatatga    135180
     catatatttt ctatctctta tcttctgaaa gggccaagaa acagacattt tactaacaaa    135240
     gagcattatg gtgaactttc taaaagccat gaagcaagca cagaatgtac ctacaggatc    135300
     ttattactag aagttgagca gaacaagaac ctgccacaag aacaaggcag ccagccagac    135360
     aggatcccac agagtggtct ggacaatgta gtcaacaaac agctggagaa agctcatgcg    135420
     cataagagcg agaggaagga gtggacaagg ccagcggtca cttaggtctg gaacacatgc    135480
     cagaattagg aagctagaat tttgaatgca tcaagggaaa atatgcaaga attacactaa    135540
     atctctgggg aaatgttggt aaagagcaag gtatatactg tatttcagta tctcctcaca    135600
     ggcaggatat tagctgcagg agaagactaa gtaagaaaat tctgtactgg gtaagccaca    135660
     tgaatgagga aaagaaatat gaatgccaca tgatttcatg ggatattctt ctgcagacat    135720
     gacaccattg cagcgcctag ccaagattag gtaacttgag ctcacccatg cagaaacatt    135780
     ccacacgaaa aggggaaggc catgggatat gagagagggc atgacattat tctctaaaac    135840
     atgtggctat cataaagcat aataaaagtc taagtagtat ttcagattta aaaatagaaa    135900
     atcaaacatc tgatcttgta tggacattgt acaggtggaa acagggacca caaagtcccc    135960
     aaaaaagaaa agtatggtag tcagtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctatcactt cctaatatag    136020
     atataaatta tatgtgtata agtacacatt atttacctag atacagaaat aatatataaa    136080
     catactcaaa ttttttacac agattgtaac ccaaatgcta aaggagtcag ggaaggtagt    136140
     aatagtaggt gcatctagca agaaaggtat acagtattca ttatactttt ttatctgtat    136200
     ggctttatgt atttaaaatt acttccatag aagtttgggg gaaatggctc aatgggtaac    136260
     atattattgc aagcatgagg atctgaattc gaataaactc aagaagcagc catagctgca    136320
     cacatctata atcttagcgc ccatatggga caaggggaat gggagtcaga ggcaggagaa    136380
     tggctagctg ggatcatata tatacacagt ggtgaaaaag agaccctctc tcaagtgaaa    136440
     ggcaaagacc aacaagtcct ctagacctgc acacaggcac tgtccactta cacaagccca    136500
     cacatataca atagaaaaag gaaataaaac tactgcctta aaaaattaag cgttggaatt    136560
     caatgtagaa agccttttga aatcccctaa atttattctt tttctcttca gatacactat    136620
     cctcccaacc cacacagaac ctatgctgaa gccctccagt aagtgcctga atacccagat    136680
     acctccaagc ccatgacact tctgtctcga ggcccagagc acagaggcac acatacaatc    136740
     tgctttaggt tcctgcctca ggaatccgca tctacatcct ttgcacactt gctctccagg    136800
     tgccagtggt taagtgtagc aatgttactg aaacacaact gtgttaccat gccagccctg    136860
     aacatcaagg tgactactaa gtgatggtgc agcatataat ggaggtccca ctgaacaagg    136920
     atcatttgtg ttcagggaga tgaaatgaga gcgattccac cataccgagg ccagtgtgtg    136980
     gtataaactt aggaactgtg ttgccctggg gcttcccatt tggtactata gtatgcagct    137040
     ggctgcagac agctgagcag ccctatctca aaaaaaaaga aaaagaaaag aaaaaaaaaa    137100
     gacaaaaagt aaataaataa aacctttcct ggcgctcaaa cacttaagtc acagcagttt    137160
     actcaagtta atattaatat ttcagttttc tccaccattg ttaaatataa cagttagggt    137220
     acttaaaatt atgtattaag actaccatgc atcaaagcag taacttgata catttcagta    137280
     aagctctgtt tgatacactt gatggttaac aagagtaaca caaccacctt actgagctgg    137340
     cagtcactcc ataggtcagt aaaggcaact ttcatcctat cattcttttt ggtttggttt    137400
     ggtttttgtt tttttcgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac    137460
     tctgtagacc aggctagcct caaactcaga aatccgcctg cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg    137520
     gaattaaagg agtgcgccac cacgcccggc gtaaattatt tttaaaagtg tttttgcttt    137580
     tatacagtat accagaaatg agatattttc aactccttaa gtttacataa cttaagataa    137640
     catcagataa agtatacaaa gatgcggagg tcctaatagg gcaatcagac cctgcccatg    137700
     gccagtagga tgggagaggg caagagaaga acagcagaga gcagagtgag gcgaaggacc    137760
     aggcacacat cacatcagct gggagaactg atggagcagt ggagcagtga tgctgcattg    137820
     tgcagcacag aacaggggca ttctgacgtg ctgatgtgaa atcaccagca gcatcagcag    137880
     tgccctcctg acagcggtca aacagcacat cccacgtgaa atcaccagtt ttgactcttt    137940
     ttcttataat attacttctt ttaaatatat gatacataaa taaaaatgta tatctttata    138000
     tgaaatataa gtatatatga aggggccact gtaaacttct cccaagtcac tcacaccctc    138060
     tctacacccc caacttcatt ttttgtttta gttaaagaat catcaagacc atatactcct    138120
     aggtagaaag ccctctccta gaaaatggct gacctaccaa aagctacact cttagagaaa    138180
     atggcctctc tctccacagg tcctgagttt gggatcggga ggacgacgag ccccttcctg    138240
     gtttacatga gtgaatactg acagatttga tcttgcctgg ccaccaagct gctgtgtgct    138300
     catgagtgca ggggtctgtc atatccagga aacactctac tgtaagaaga cctcaggctc    138360
     gtacaatctt taatcccctc tctgtaacac attacttata aagagaaaat tagtttcaaa    138420
     ttattctaaa tatctaaaat acttttatgt ttataaaaac acaagcttta attaaggcaa    138480
     atagtaatac aattaagaag actaaaggat gctgtattcc acataagcag ggtaagaaaa    138540
     agcttaatga caaaaactga aagctgattc tctgctgcta cctcttgcct ttcaggaaga    138600
     aaacatgcaa tttgctatgg cctgttgaat actatttcta aaattgcaaa tataaataag    138660
     cttatctgga ctgaagaaaa agaaaacaaa aacaaaaacc actgaaggag aataaaatta    138720
     aggacttaag aatcaaagct agagctggct cagtggctaa gagcacttgc tgctcttgca    138780
     ggcacttgct gctcttgcag aggcctggtt tcagtcccca ccccagctga tggctcacta    138840
     ccatctgaaa tcctctttct gtactctgca ggtaccaggc ataatatatg atgcacctac    138900
     atacaagcag gcaaaacact catacacaga ataaatcaat ccaacataca aaaattaagg    138960
     ataaaaacta ccagtgaata aatgatgaga atatgtattt ggttctggct ctgaataact    139020
     aaaaattcca cctaagtaaa atctgggttt taataatgtg ataccctgaa accacttgct    139080
     gttgtttact taattctgtg gataagcagt ttccaatgta cctggatgga tgattcaaac    139140
     cacacatatg ctttccccca atcactgtgc tcccggtcaa gtgcccttac ccgacaagca    139200
     tgtcatcaag gccaaggcca gcatggcccc ggccagcaca gtcagccggt tatagcgcat    139260
     cgccatgatg gcagctatga aaaacgtctt gtcgccgagt tcggacacta tgatgactga    139320
     tatggcagcc acaaacgcat ggataaatcc cagattcgtc tgggcagctg catcttcttt    139380
     gttggtatga actggggcga ctggtgtcaa tcctttctga aaatcaaaaa ccaaatacaa    139440
     attttaactc atttaattaa tattctttta ttttaaataa tagtttttat tattattatt    139500
     attattattg gtggtagtag tggtctttcc agtgatttac tgctttatct agatgccatt    139560
     agtaattaca gtagtccaga gtaattcagc tctctataca aagtaattca gaagagtgta    139620
     ttacatctag atagcctaag ctcgtgttac aatcaattca ttgttctctc attcaagttt    139680
     cactagtaat ttaggtagaa gacttggtgt gtttatcaag cattcactga cactataaag    139740
     gactaagtag ggggctggag agatggctca gcagttaata gaacactgac tgttcttcta    139800
     gaggtcctga gttcaattcc cagcaaccac atggtggctc agaaccatct gtaatgggat    139860
     ctgatgccct cttctggtgt gtctgaagac agcgacagtg tactcatata catacaataa    139920
     ttaaatatgt atctttaatt ttttttaaat cttaaaaaaa aagggggggg gggactaagt    139980
     agaatccagg gagctctcag aggctacaga ggcggcttta gctaagacaa ggtttaatat    140040
     agctacatgt gcagatgctc tatgatgaac tctaaaaata tcctgaaatg tcatttggta    140100
     aaaaggcaaa ccagtcttgg tgggtattaa catgaaaata tgacaaaact taactggcct    140160
     ccccaaagtt cactggaacg ttctgaagct ctgccctgta agaaggcact gatctctgaa    140220
     aatcatctga aatgaagaga ttctaaaata tggattggca agctagcaga ggccaatcca    140280
     gcaagtttat aatttaaaga gattataaaa aataaaagaa ggggggaaga gagagtggaa    140340
     gaggaaaaag ccacaaagaa gactgtatag caaagatttt ctgtggcgag gacagatgtg    140400
     acctgtgaaa tctaatatac ttagctcctg gctcattact aagaaacctc actggctgga    140460
     actctaaggt cagaggagac accagcaagg tggtggggta tatgtttcat aactgggaaa    140520
     gttatgtggc tttccttata atataggtaa catcttcaat ttttattgtg tatattattc    140580
     attaacatga cataaacttg acttcaaaca ctacaggaat tcattaacat gacataaact    140640
     tgacttcaaa cactactatt ctaagaaatc aagaatgaag tatgcctgaa gaatacagta    140700
     aagaaagacg tggaagagat ggctcagtgt tcttgatgag gactcaagct gggtcctcag    140760
     catctacaca aggcataaaa cagtagatac cctgtctgac ttagggcttt acttctgtga    140820
     acagacacca tgaccaaggc aactcttttt tttttccagt aatagtttac atacagcaat    140880
     aatgtattct gaaatgttca tttagtttga gacacaactc atgtctcatt agtaaaaggt    140940
     cagccatctc acctcaaata ccagaatgta caacagttac agcatagtaa aaattctacc    141000
     tacttttgat aaaatctagt ttagttaaaa tagtttcatt cattctttac agttatacag    141060
     atttgagtac actatgtgaa ttgttacact gtagctatct ctctgcacac catgtgatca    141120
     cagaatcatt aatggttact tctgaaattg aactgacagt ttcactcatg cagtaaagca    141180
     aagcaggctg ggtaaacata ttcattggca accatattac tgtgaatttc acagccacat    141240
     gattaattat gacattagat ggattcacaa gaactaatgt tttgcataaa taccaatttc    141300
     tccctgttta ttttataatg taaaactgat tgaaaacagc aatatatcat atagtttcta    141360
     tctgtagtgt tattttaaga caggcgataa ttaaaggaca atgggatgga tgctacttaa    141420
     atacatgtaa aacacactgt acaaatatac ttggctttac catttattcg tacataacaa    141480
     gagtgcctcc caaaatgatc agtgaggaca aagtgtacta tcaaatatgg tttccagaac    141540
     aaaacccctc taacaagaat caaatttaca aaatttttca acctttaaag ttttctttga    141600
     aataaagtcc ctatacagca gtagtgttta acaccagctt ttcctatatt tttccttcca    141660
     gctcttttaa acagacgtca cgagggaaga cccggaatgg cgtttaggac tttgggctcc    141720
     actggattct gtgctgtcag tctttgaatc tctcttctct gtgttgctgc tcactggcgt    141780
     agggatctga gacagccggg ctgaagtgct gtctgcgcgg cttttcctag ggctagggtt    141840
     gtaattaaaa ggtgtcactc tggcagcaac agtcccacta ggtgaactgt gtttgctgga    141900
     gcaactagaa ctgaaagggg tacaccctgc tatacacgtc ccaccagtct ctgctgcagg    141960
     gacagggtta ctctgtctgg ttttgcctca gttcctttct gttctggggc ctctacctga    142020
     ataaaggagt tcagacagtt ttccagaccc acagtttaca caggactgcc attgcccaca    142080
     ctttgttttc caccaaggca actcttacaa ggacaacatt taattggggt tggcttacag    142140
     gttcagaggt tcagtccatg atcttcaagg tcagagcatg gtagtgtcca gacagacatg    142200
     gcaccagaag atgtcagagt tctatgtctt catccaaagg aagccaggaa cagactgcct    142260
     cccatgtggc taggaggaag gtctcaaagc ccatcctcac agtaacacac tttctccaat    142320
     aaggccacac ctcctcatag tgcactccct aggccaaaca catataaacc atcacatacc    142380
     ctctcctggc ttccacaggc acgcatgcgg cacacactca caaccacata gatatagata    142440
     gatacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaag cattctaagg gtaagtccag cagatggctc    142500
     actgagttaa aggtactcgc tgccacactt gattacctaa gtttgatgct caagattcat    142560
     ggtggaagga gagaaccaac tcctacaagc caccttctga tctctgtata tatttgcatg    142620
     tctatacaca cacacacaaa ataacaagtg aaaacaaaag aatgcaacga aataaagcaa    142680
     gcacaatcct ccatagtctc aaaactttcc atatagaaga caagaaaaac cacatctata    142740
     gctctttcca cttattaagc cagtcctggg tggataaaaa caaagtatca ggattttgtg    142800
     aagacagaga tgtttaagaa ttaagcattg taactgtccc atttgggact gagccaccca    142860
     cagtcactaa ttctgactgg ttcggatacc tgtagtggcc tctgacttct ggggaatgtt    142920
     tccttacgag tactgagctg cacttaacta cagatgacag ggtgagcact gacaagtaca    142980
     gaccaacgac actaactgga ctcagcaggt tccgtgtata atcatacata tgtgtgttgt    143040
     gtgtgtgtgt gtatacacat acataatgta catataacaa tgtataaatt tgagaggacc    143100
     ctagtggagt cagaaggggt aaagcgggag ggggaaatta tgcaaataca gtatacttct    143160
     gtgtggtagt taaaataggc tttgcaccga aaaattccta ttttaattct tggccacagg    143220
     gagtgacact attaggaggt atggccttat tagagaaagt gtggccttct tgaagggagt    143280
     gtgtcattgt gtaggcgagc tttgaggtct cttatactca gactccacac agtgtagatg    143340
     aaagacccct tctgactgcc tgtggaggac agtctccttc tgttgccttc agctccttct    143400
     ctggcaccac gtatgcctgg acgctgccat gcttccacaa tgatgacaat ggactgaacc    143460
     cttgaaactg tacaccagtc ccaattaaat gtgtttgttt ataagagttg ccttggtaag    143520
     acgggcagtg gtggcgcatg cctttaatcc cagcactcaa aggcagaggt aggtggattt    143580
     ctgagtttga ggacagcctg gtctacagag ttgaatttca ggacagccag ggctacacag    143640
     agaaaccctg tcatgaaaag ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagagtt tccttggtag    143700
     tggtgtctct tcacaacaat aaaacactga ctactcctac atgaaattct caatctttaa    143760
     aaaaatgaaa tgttgattag atcagaaaag aacgttagca tttatctact gatcaccatg    143820
     gaaggactgg ctccttggtc tggtaaagct tcactgactc aggagagtgg ctaaatccac    143880
     agctctggaa tcagactgtc cgggttcaca tccaaagcat taccaataca cccttcctcc    143940
     atcatctgcc aacaaaggca gccacgcccc caaactgtta aagcgtttca ggtgagtcaa    144000
     gtcctcaggc cggggtctat atatagcaac actcagatcc tgtaacacac aaccgaacca    144060
     gctcactaga ctttcggtaa tgaactactt catgttactc cactgaggaa ctggagagag    144120
     aatatgctat gtctagataa acccttactt ctatctactc aatttcaata ctttctatct    144180
     aatcacacta gttcctaaaa tagatcttct ttctcccaaa gaagccagca gaacagaact    144240
     taatgtaaaa caccagaagc taaaaaaaaa ggaagaaaga aaggaagaaa gaacctcatg    144300
     atagtttaaa tttcccattt taaaaaataa aaactggcaa aattatttga gaaagcaagg    144360
     atgcaacatt aatatgtaag cagcattttt aaaaattgcc aagaaatacc atcttcttca    144420
     tactatcttt gaagtggcat gttatacgct gattcctccc ccgtggctca gtcaagggca    144480
     gtgcagcttg agaactcacg gagcttctgc tgaccacagc ctcagccagt cagaattccc    144540
     ttcccagcgt tctccattat gctccatttg cccagactcc tcaaaccctt tttatcctca    144600
     gcccttgaca tctagccgca tggacaccat gataatgtgt catagaaggg ttgagagcaa    144660
     caaaggtgag gacagggaca ccgggaagct gacagttctg tggtagaaac atatatcaat    144720
     gaaatgctaa taatgaagag acaaagcaat ggaatgtcta accgactggg accaggacct    144780
     gttaacattc atataaaaca tgctggctgg agaggcagct cagcagtgaa ggcactgact    144840
     tccaaatcta ccaacctgag ttttaaccct aggtccctca cagtgaaaat agaactgact    144900
     tccacacggt gtcctttgat caccacatgt gtcctgaggc acacataaac acacagacaa    144960
     ataaatgtaa ttttaaaaac tcaagattat ggagttataa aaataagaat aagaatgttc    145020
     gagctgggcg tggtggcgca cacctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggcgga    145080
     tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac    145140
     agagaaaccc tgtctagaaa aaccagaaaa aagttctaca aatactaata ttgaaaaact    145200
     attaaaatgc tttagataaa atacttatat atgatattat catatatatg gggggaagga    145260
     agttatatat gtgattctaa atgcaccctg aaacagtgga catttccaga gaaaggatca    145320
     aaatcaggtt agatgagcca ctttccctta agaaccaact acattccagc tctgtagact    145380
     gcatagttcc tgtggtaatt acaactctgc tgctataact tcagagaagc agctgtcaaa    145440
     tactttatga aacagcatgg ctctgttcca aaggaacttt acttaaaaca ccagccaacc    145500
     agtggtattc tggtgtgtgg ggccacaaat taggataaga gatggcaaag cagtacttcc    145560
     catcacacag tcagaattct gttccttcta gatttttgcc atcatgcacc caagtatgga    145620
     taccttgtat ccttcaaaga cttctgtgaa caaatttttt ttctcttgtg tgtgcacatt    145680
     cttatgagag aaggtgccca caggatccag aagagagtgt tggatccctt ggagctaaag    145740
     ttacaagtag ctgtgagcta ccctacatgg gtgcttagaa ccaaacttga attcttcacc    145800
     ttctcttaac acctgagtca tctctctagc cccatcccat gcctgccgac ctgacctgct    145860
     gctctaacag cagatcagtt cctcgtggca tcccaccaag aagtctatgc tctgcgttca    145920
     ctcactcaaa ggtcagggag ctcatacctg cggcacacag cctttgcctg aacaaatgca    145980
     gtgtgcgctg tgaggttctt tctcaagatc caaaggatcc aggactagaa tggctaacca    146040
     gaaagtttta cagtgtgtgc tttctgcctg atcctgacca acaatgacac atagagcttg    146100
     tttgtctcag acagtaagcc actggatgaa tgcttgtgga ctgaaaaact gtaccgcaaa    146160
     ttgaaagtgt acctgctaat gataacctaa ctcaagaaga aagcccctaa aagattctga    146220
     atggaagata aacatcgatg aggcactgta gctaacaacc agggcagtgg gggatatctg    146280
     cttctgggcc tatcaaaagt tgaactgccg aagagcaatg gtgaaactaa ccagaaggaa    146340
     aatacatgca catgacagaa agaaaaaaaa aaagtcaata gatcttagga agtgcagggt    146400
     tcacttaagg attgtggtaa gacttttggg ggagggtggg ttggggagtc tggctgcctg    146460
     ataacgtcat gctcctaaaa gctatgggga aaagaaaaat caaagcaagg agtgtgttct    146520
     aaacatgttc aatcagaggt gacaagtagt ttcatatgaa ggtttctaag acaagtgtca    146580
     gaagtggttc acagatgtgg ctaggtcaga ctctgggtac agacctggtg ccagtagcct    146640
     aaattagcca aggctgtttg caagtggatg agagtcccag gggagaaggc aaacagttaa    146700
     agctcacaaa aaattaacct gacagctgtg aaccagaaat ggagagagca caacagaaaa    146760
     tctcaacact gccccatccc caggttaccc aggacttgca aagttcatgc ccctgaactt    146820
     gactccagtc tacactcagg ggaaagttct agctaggtcc ttccctctgc ctctttcaca    146880
     gcatacctag agtcgtggac tcacctgcct tttcatttct attcccaggt gcttttctct    146940
     ttgttctgag aatggctatt tgatggtttg tatgtgcttg ggccagggag tggcactagt    147000
     aggtgtagcc ttgttggagt ggatgtgtca ctgtggctgt gggctttaat accctagtcc    147060
     tagctgcctg gaagtagaat tctgctaaca gccttcagat caagatgcag aactctcagc    147120
     tcctcttgcc ccatgtcacc attccctcct tgatgataac ggactgaacc tgtgaacctg    147180
     taagtcagcc acaatttaat ggtaagagct gccttggtca tggtgtctgt tcacagcaga    147240
     accctaagac aggctatact tttaaccctt gagtggcaat gctgctgagt gttcaaaagg    147300
     aggtagctca cttaaggatg cctcatggta ttcacctact ggtctacaaa tttgcacctg    147360
     aaaccacaat atttaaaata tggaagtata aatcttttcc caaatctcta gctcttctct    147420
     caaacatcta gggcatcatg cttgcccaac tatgcataat ctaatagaaa tatcttattc    147480
     ctatagcttt tccttgctac cctaaccata tacaaagcta gaagaaggtt gagttgtctt    147540
     actgttcaag ttaaattaca gtcatattct tttttataca aaccctgggg ttgggaggcg    147600
     cctcagagct aagaagcctg aagaagagga atattttcag aaatccatcc cgcagtatta    147660
     gctgcatgct tctgggttcc tagagacaca ggatgttact ttgtagaatg taacagccat    147720
     acagccatgc tctaatggac tggtttgctt agtgaagcta ttttctggtc cagtgaaaat    147780
     aactgtacag ctctccccac agctctccaa tgcaccactg ttgtcttggt ttctatagcc    147840
     agcggacgag ctcatgagat tgtgagtttt atggatatct ttagctgggc tcagtctccc    147900
     cacctgtgca cactaagtat ggtgttgcaa cacaggcgat tttcagatgt ggttatcatt    147960
     tataaccagc tgccttaagt aacagattac ctgagataac gcaagcagca catgcaatca    148020
     ttcaaaaggc cgtaaggcca aggtggaggc tttcttacaa agcacaaagt acactggcca    148080
     aaggatgttg aggccatgcc tgagagaaga taactaactt agcaggtcag tctccacaac    148140
     tgtcaaatcc ctctttaaga gaggaacttg ggatataata tgatacctta gaaagcctag    148200
     ttagtggtgg ggggtaaagg aagaagggag gaaagcagac agaaaggaaa aggctgactg    148260
     agctgtgaca gtagactgtt gattattata ctaaacgtca gttactaagt gggtccctga    148320
     gttactaagt agatgccagt cattttcaca taatttcact tgattggcag aaccctagag    148380
     gctgtgatcc taattgaacc tgaggtgttt ggcttaaaat tttaagagag caggtagtca    148440
     tgtcaaatga agacagaaaa agagctctgg acttagatat tggtcaggtt acaagtgtgc    148500
     ttcaaactga tgggctggag gcctgtagag aaggctccgc aggtaagagt cctagctgct    148560
     tagagttctt tacagataaa taagtctcaa aaaggacaca agagcaagga gggaactcag    148620
     atgacggaag attaaagcaa agattagcta acaggtaact ctgcagtagg agtgggtttt    148680
     aaagcagcag aaccgaaact aactgggcca agtagtatta atacagccct catttattct    148740
     ttcccttcca aaactaggag aaactctatg tggaactaaa ggaagcaatg ggcggggaga    148800
     gaaggaagaa gcaaaggcag aatgcactgg aggtcagagg agagcagagg agggaagggc    148860
     tgggattgtg gctcaacgac tctggcttag tccacaacac tgcccctcct accaaaaaca    148920
     aagaggagga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg aagaagagga agaggaagag gaggaggagg    148980
     aggaggaatg gaaaggatga cagtttgatc cgaaacgtga aaaagacaga atgagcacag    149040
     aagccaatac gctggaagga gtgcagtttc aactcagtta caaattatac cacaaaaaga    149100
     cacgagatcc tagagggtct gctcagagta tcccagaacc accactatgt cagtatgtta    149160
     atatgtaaca cacaaactgc atttggagaa caggatcagc aacctgtact taacaaaaac    149220
     tctttgcaga gggctgagga gatggctcag tccgcagtct ttgctgcagc ctaagcctag    149280
     agcctcagtg ttcttccaac aagatggcaa gtagacagga gaacccccag aagcctgcag    149340
     gacaaccagc ataccacaca cagcataaaa cgagagaccc tgcctcaaaa ggtggatggt    149400
     ggggacccaa gacaaacaac agttgccctc tcactccata cacatatcat gacacacttg    149460
     tgcccattct ctcatattat atacacagac acacacacac acacacacac actcctacac    149520
     gtaagtcctc atttaggaaa ctgtttcttg gagaccaggt ctcactacat agccttggct    149580
     gcactcaatt tgaagcctcc tgtgctgaga ttgtagtgtg tgtcacccac cacaccatta    149640
     tcaagaagaa atgacaacaa agaaagatgc aattcccatc tagctgtata gtttaaggaa    149700
     cacaaactca ctgtattctc cccttactca tgatgaaacc aggaaggatg cttgctttga    149760
     aacaaaatct atagcttgcc accaatagac tgattccatc cccctcaaaa tgtatatgtt    149820
     gcttaataag agattataaa gcaaaaggta tcatcatgtt cgtaaatata aaatttgaaa    149880
     caatgcttag aattagccaa gcctcaacag tattggcaaa gtcagaacaa gtcttttcag    149940
     aaaatattga aatatgcaaa aaaggagaaa acaaaacaag aagccatcta acttacaaca    150000
     acggccctgc agacaaaccc agttttaaaa gatcacagtg attagagact gaggcaaaag    150060
     tagcatcttg ctatggaact gggtctataa taaagttcta agtaccaaca tagcccaggt    150120
     taacataaga ctcaggcctg tggttatagg tgtatgccac catgacctga taaagcattt    150180
     tactacaagt tttcattaca atgtctaagt cctcctgggt gatttcactg acctaacata    150240
     ttattttatt tttactaata ttacatttga ctcctattag agtaaatatg taacaagtac    150300
     atattcataa gactattttc gattaacatt tagcaactct gttttatgaa ctttaccatt    150360
     ctatatattt acatatttaa agcagattac ttaattttac tgatttttct taagtgttct    150420
     tttgatgaca tgataacacc aaataaatgg agtaccaaaa gcttcatttc atgcagaggt    150480
     ctttacagct caaagcatca atcacaatca caaaaggctg agatctgggt gctgaagaag    150540
     acaccttctg tgtttaatgc agtttaatga aaatgggaac acgatggctt ctgtggcggt    150600
     gcctcacagt gagtaagcca agaacagcag caagaggaga gtgagaacta gaacctcggc    150660
     aggaccagat aacaggactg ggcaggccta ccaacactgt tcctcggcca gattagctct    150720
     aacgtcagaa tatataggat ctatattctg cccaggaaag aaataggaaa aaaacaagac    150780
     caaactcagg tcaccatctg cagcataaaa actgtagttt actcatgact gtatgttcaa    150840
     aggaaatgcc actgctcctg cctcaaattc ccaaggactg ggacaactgt acatcaccac    150900
     cggccttctt tgtaactaga ttataaagac gaagaacact caacacacag cgagccctgt    150960
     ctgaaaattc agccacctcc ttaacccagt aagatataac cacttgtctg caccgtctct    151020
     tctaccagat gcctgttgat gaaagcagga tcccccttta gtttcacagt tcactctcaa    151080
     tgcggtggcc tccaaaggct aaatttagat atcccatcct tttaaaccat ccactgctca    151140
     tagttgcaaa gtcagctgaa acccagatac tcaacaaatc cgaatcactt tatattgttg    151200
     ttaaactgta ttttgatcat gtatatcaat gcatagaaac aagagatatt tttattaagt    151260
     ggtttaagaa acacggaaga aaaaaaattt atgtatatca ctacatagaa acgagatatt    151320
     tttattaagt ggtttaagaa acatggaaga aaaaattttt ttcactgtaa aacttttttc    151380
     actttgtgaa aagttataca aaaacataaa atgtttttat ttacagtgtt ttgctattaa    151440
     gtgtaaactg tcaattccta atggaaaaga accatcaaaa tatatgaaaa tattaaaaca    151500
     aaaaaccata gtgtctgcac cagcaagtcc tccaacccct taattgtaaa gataagaatc    151560
     tgtaagacac ttcactgagg ccacacatac tgtcttaacc actgggacgt ttacttaaca    151620
     tggttacatt ttctccagca tcccagaaag gactgcaaat ctagctgtat ctaccagtat    151680
     ttctgtctca aaaattacaa tatgactaca acccctatga aatgcctaaa aagttataca    151740
     ctcgtaaact gcactctggc ccctagggct gtttcactcc cagtggtgac tgttttaaag    151800
     caaccttctg atgcagagct atgtgggagt tgctcaatga caactcagca gttcagagca    151860
     gagacagacc atgcctgaat ggcagcaagg gttgacagag ggagaatggg cagagaagcc    151920
     ccgtccaccc aatgcctcta cgccaaaaat ctagagccct gggatctgat ggtgaatggc    151980
     tcctgcttca catgtgccac ctggtctgca ctaccatcag atggccattt atctctctag    152040
     tgaaacaggt ctgatctgcc cccacacaca ccatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    152100
     gtgtgtcaaa ctttacaaga gttctagaat taacaactaa ataatcagtt gcagttcaat    152160
     tttctaagct aaaatcaata aatgaacaaa atcacaggta gcagataata aaagctgagt    152220
     ttttcttcat ctagtaaatc ctttagcaag taaaaggcgg ctggatatat actcttaaaa    152280
     aaagtttttt tcctgcttga gttcatttta tagttttttc cataaaagta tttaaaacct    152340
     gataggaact gaaatgtaaa aatcttagaa ttttctcata gaaaattcag ccgggcgtgg    152400
     tggttgcacg cctttaatcc cagcactcgg gaggcagagg caggcggatt tctgagtttg    152460
     aggccagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctatacag agaaacctgt    152520
     ctcaaaaaaa aagaagaaaa attacttagc aaatgccaaa acatacacgg tcttaggaaa    152580
     gagataaaaa aaagagtatg ctataacaat gttctcaggg cttcaacaca ctgaagagca    152640
     gacagaaacc aagtcagaag caagagtgta aaaatagata aacataaaaa ccctcaaaag    152700
     aggagtgggc tgggcatcac gagaaaaggc ttacatcgat gtgttagcca tcaacactaa    152760
     acccattaca acaaatggct agcagggggg tgggttttca agcaaactca aggactgcag    152820
     acagcacctg gcagggtgag aagcagggat ctggtttcca gctctgggtc tgccaagaat    152880
     caggttttcc gaaccaccac tcttctcaga cctgcactgc cccatccaca agcaggaaat    152940
     gtcacctgct ctgcccgctt aacagctctc actaaatctt acagtcacta taactaaatc    153000
     tcctaacagg tgctgactga cctgacctct tcctgagtac ttccagtaag gagaattttt    153060
     ccttagttct cctcaagacc attgctacat tcgggacagg ggattcttag aaagtacttg    153120
     ctgtgtaaaa ccaaactcag aatcacagaa attcccatct cctgatacta catagaaaaa    153180
     caaaatactg gaaaggccaa agggtaacat gaactgtgaa gaaaggaaag cgcccagtac    153240
     tcagggagtg ctcttctaac cagggcatcc tgggaagggc tccggaaggt tctgctggct    153300
     cttgaagatg ggaagggtcg tgaaccacag gccccatgcc tggattctgt tctaaggtct    153360
     ttgctcaggg gaaaatggca gtgagcagag gtcaggtttc agttctggaa gccactggtt    153420
     tagaacacag cgaggcagtg gtgggtccct aaaagacctg gggtttagct ggaacggcat    153480
     ggtgatggga aaatgaatat ctatcctgcg gtcaccctga tctgtactca agtcaggaca    153540
     gccattctct tggagggcag ataaagacag aagtaggaaa gggaatgcca aaatggaccc    153600
     tactaagaga ctaaaaaaac tccagaatgt aggagtcaaa attggaaata gagagtccaa    153660
     ctcagaggaa agtaacatag aaaggagaaa ttctacgaac atagattaaa aggttaattt    153720
     ctatctatct ggtaatggtt aaagaaactt atgaggctct agtttaccta taaatggagt    153780
     tttggaatcc ctcactatag agcgctctac ctttgggcac aagtctctgc attcaagggc    153840
     aacttccttc atgccaaaac acgttttttt gtttttgttt tttttttaag ggagggtggc    153900
     aacgcataat ctctagacac tgtatctggc aagaaccaca gggtgtgccg agctgaattc    153960
     gggtgagcat ctctggttgg gttgcttcaa caatggctga tacttccaac aatgtgatgc    154020
     tacttcgaga gagacaagtc tcccagcggc tctgtactaa aaactttcta cttgggatga    154080
     tgatttccag tcttttcagt atggcccatg tgatcagcag aaggcagaat ccagagcaag    154140
     cctgtcggta ccagggatct agaggacctc tggggagccc cggttggggc cctcactttc    154200
     ccttccccca agcagccagg ccaggccagg ccgcgcctaa gaaagccgtc ttgtcaccct    154260
     cctcccagcg agcggagcag gggccggctc ccctccccca gcctcttcgg aaagagggcg    154320
     gcgccgccag cgcgggagcc tggtacccga ctgcgggctc cgcggcctca gcccgcccca    154380
     tccccaccag cccgggctct cacctcggcc cgggccggct cgaggccctg caccgccgcg    154440
     ggctgcggct gcagctgctg ggcgggcgcc ggcggctcct ggttccgatg gctcaggtct    154500
     tcctccgggc cggcgcggac cccggccggg gcccagagca actgaagcag caagagcacg    154560
     agcagccttc gcgtcggcgc ccggccgctc ccccgggccg cggccgccat cccgcccgcc    154620
     cagccggcac cgcgctgcgg caggaagaag tgcaggcgaa gggaagcgtc gagcccggcg    154680
     tgccggcagg cgcctccgtc aggcctggct gccgctcagg gggcagccct gcagcacgcg    154740
     ggacgcgggg accggaccgg gacggaccgg cggcgggagc tccggagcag ctgggcagca    154800
     gaagccacac actcctccaa ctgcctccgc ggcccaactc ctccggcccg ccccctggcc    154860
     aacacgacct cccattggcc cgacgtcagc ccggcgtcgt gacgtttccg gcaggttgag    154920
     gtgcggctcg ctcactggtc ctattggacc cggcgcgccg ggccaggtag ctggagctgc    154980
     ttgatggact ctccctgcgt cctctcgggt cccaccagag acccccttat tggccctgga    155040
     gaggtcaggc tgccaggctc ctaccagtac ttcctcaaga gccttaggtc tttaaggcct    155100
     aagccgccgc cacctcgact tctattaaat gtcaagtgag tcccagcccc gctacctacg    155160
     tggcaggaac tgccacacct ttaagttacg atccacccac cctcaccacg tccctggacc    155220
     gcctacacag aatgttcttt gggggtccat atgctggggt tttttgaagg ttctgaagta    155280
     agattcggaa gtaaaagatg agaacgtcca agcttgattt taaaacattg ttgaatagcc    155340
     gcagaccaaa agtcatcact gccctggctc aggatgcctt atcctgaaat aggatatcct    155400
     gaaaaggttt ggagttgagt ggttagggtt tctgtgggat ggaggccttg agtaggcaaa    155460
     agtagaagac aggaaagaat ggttagttag gcgttagact agggctggat tttttttttt    155520
     tctaaagaaa agctgagata ccgtacgcgc gcgcgcacac acacacacac acacacacac    155580
     accacaaatt gctaaccatg tgccaggcac taatctaaat cctactcctg tttcacaagc    155640
     cattcttgca acctctcctt agcctactca gcattgctcc ttacagaacc cttcaagcta    155700
     tagcttattt atgctcccag tattgtgaga taaccaagat gcttcctaca catagtttgg    155760
     ggtgcagttg ttgtacctcc aagttcattc ctggagtgta aatgtcctga gccctcagaa    155820
     tacaacatga cagggatcag aagtctagac tccttcagcc acctcctttt tctgcaaaga    155880
     tttgccttgc tcaaaagggc ctgcagagga gataggagtg tcaagtggag agaataaaag    155940
     aagcagccca gtagatggag gcagaagagt taggtgtcac ggatccttga gttctgctag    156000
     ggaccaggtt tattattttt tttttcctgg cgttctctag tctatgatca tctcagagaa    156060
     aggcctcctg gctaaattct agttacccca cataaagcaa agaaaaagca aatggctcaa    156120
     gggctacagc tgcaggagac tgagatgctg attgcaatgt tccagtggct ctggagcaag    156180
     acaggaaatc tgttcaacag aagatgttag gcaatggggc tctaaagctc tgtccccaga    156240
     agggagctgg catggcagtg ttacaggagc agagtctgaa gagagtgtgg ttttcgcagc    156300
     gcctccatgt tgcccacctc cctggcctca ctggggctct gccaagtgaa ctccaggcat    156360
     cagattccaa agtgagtaac tctttgtgtt ccacacaggg ctccatctcc tgaggctgtg    156420
     cttggctcca aatcaaagct agagctagct ttaacttaga cctcgaggac tcggaacctt    156480
     tatccttcta gtcttgaata gtgacaagct ctctttgaaa aagaaaaaaa tcaaacaaaa    156540
     ccaaaaggaa aaaaaatagg ttaaatttct ttttaattgt gtgttttgaa gtgcccagga    156600
     gtgactttag accttgtgcc tatcaggaaa gttctctgct actgggctac ggctacagcc    156660
     ctattggcat cctttgttga aaaacaacag aagctgttta catgatccat aactactaag    156720
     ggtctaggag acctagaaat tccaattaag ctttctggca ttgtcctacg taaacaagtg    156780
     tcactgaagt ataagcacta gcaatcatct tacagtaaga actactactg catgggtatt    156840
     gcagtgtgtg tgtggtatgt gggctgggga tgaaaccaag gactaagtat gtgctaagca    156900
     gaaattctgt cacagggcca cccctatcaa ccttttaagg tgtttttttt ttatacctgt    156960
     attgtgttta tttcccatta gtgtaacaaa gaccagagat aacttataaa ggatcagttt    157020
     gtgtttgctc acagtgttgg aaatttcaga ccataatcca ttgatcctgt tgtctgggga    157080
     cttgtggtga ggcagcacaa gatggtggag cacatgggat aagaaaatgg ctcacagcca    157140
     ggtgtggtgg cacatgcctt taatcccagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg tggatttctg    157200
     agtttgagac cagtctggtc tatagagtga gttccaggac agccaggact acacagagaa    157260
     accctgtctc gaaaaacaat aaataaatga ataaataaat aaatatttta aaaaaggaaa    157320
     atggctcacc tcatagctgg aaatttaaaa aaaaaaaggc tagagtttta tcactttaga    157380
     aaatattttt gttgttttta ctcaggagtc agaggcaggc agatttctga gttagaggcc    157440
     agcctggtct acaaagtgat ttccaggaca gccagggcta tacagagaaa ccctgtctcg    157500
     aaaaaccaaa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaatacaa    157560
     tgtaacttaa taatttctct gtccactccc tctagtttcc tcccaacaca cctacctcaa    157620
     aatatcgttt tttctcttaa atataatcca ctgagtccag ttagtgttgc ctgtatgcat    157680
     atggataaga agccgtctgc tgaggcatgg gcagcacacc agtagccatg tgtacatgac    157740
     aaacctatgg ccaatatcat gctaatggta aaaatctaaa gttttcccat gaaaaccaga    157800
     acaagacaag gctgcccact ctctccaccc ctagtcaaca tagtgcttga agtttaagtt    157860
     agagctataa ggcaagagaa agaaacaagt gggagcgggg tcagggtgtg tgtttgtaga    157920
     aaatatgatt ctgtacataa gagatcctaa agacactctc ttctctctct ctctctctct    157980
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctttca cacacacaca cacacataca    158040
     cacacacacc taggagtaaa ccgaatgaag gaaatgaaag acctctacaa tgagaacttt    158100
     gaagacactg aagaaatgaa ttaaggaaga cactagatga tagaaagacc cttcccacgc    158160
     taccccctct gagagcatgt tcccagtcag agacctctca gtaggccaca gctcttaaag    158220
     tttctagtcc ctcccaacat cactaagttg ggcagcactc agatccaagt gtatagcata    158280
     cctcttaatg gccctcaagg ctttcctatg ctgaaattaa agcttctatc tgcgtagctc    158340
     cagcatccaa cactaaggag tctggggctc ttactgtcat tctgttggta gcaatctgtt    158400
     tattctgacc tgggcagaat agtcctgagt aacctcacaa gatggtacca acctcctttt    158460
     aaagttttca caaatgagaa atttagagca aggacctatc cataaactcc gctgtggggg    158520
     gttggtctgg tgctgcttgt atttaaatgc tataccccaa aatttggtta ctccaatctt    158580
     cacatatacc agcttttgtt atgtaaacct tgcctctcaa cttatccctg attggttaat    158640
     aaaggtgcct aaagcctgta gctgggcgga agaggggtag gcggggcttc agatcctggg    158700
     cttaggggtc tcaggcagag tccatagaag agaaaggagg agaaagaagt tgccatgggg    158760
     taggtggatc atgtgaacat ggccacgagg gccagtctcg aagggccagg agaaggagcg    158820
     cccaggggga acatggcaag tgatatctga gggttgttga cagagaggta gacaaactag    158880
     tgtagagggt tgatatcagc ctagctgtaa tggtttaagg cttattataa atctggatgt    158940
     ttccatctgt caggaggatg gcctccctcc accgtaggtt ttatgggaag aactctttcc    159000
     tcacctccta atctgcatct ctggtgatat agaattaatt gagacaggaa aactgggcat    159060
     actggactcc tcccactctg ttgttcctct tgggagttgc agcctgaagg aaaagatggc    159120
     atctgctgcc tgggtcagac ctcgtgctgt cttctactga atgaggaaag ctcttgaatc    159180
     tggaggccat tatcccagcc cacctggcta ccacatttaa aataaataat tacatacata    159240
     catacataca tacatacata catacatgta aatagccctg tcacagtaat ccccaggatc    159300
     catttagtga aaagagaaaa ccaacttccc caaaattgtt ctatgcccgc agccatgaga    159360
     gcgcgcatgc gcactagcta ctccctcaaa tctggcctcc tatctgtcct tctccttgtt    159420
     tccatgctga agtttctgga agtaaggaaa cagcatagct ccggcaaccc agaatcagcc    159480
     ccagatgaac taaaagtcat tttgtttgct tgtttcttta aacactccat ggaataaaga    159540
     ctggttagag aagataccag gtagacaaaa aaatgagaaa gaaaaagagt gggaagcgga    159600
     acctggaaat gtcacagtga gtcagttaaa gatcatccca aattaaaaag gagacacatg    159660
     gcaaactgga gcataagaag atgacaaagg gcaatttcaa aatgcctgac ctcatctctt    159720
     tcccgcccac ctcctaggag aaataaagcc tggtacgaat aaatgctgag ttccccgaaa    159780
     cagtggataa acgtgtagaa cctcgcagag aagtccagcc ggccccgaaa aacttcaaac    159840
     gagactgagt ataactcaga aaggttctgt gcattaagtg caactcagaa gtaattcatg    159900
     gaatttcctg gagctctccc taagaacgca ggctggcaat gctcatcctc acttgtgcaa    159960
     ttgtttgcgc ttccactctc aggatgtttc aaacaatgtg tgagcaaaag ggacttctgc    160020
     ttgcccatca aactctgttc ttcctcttcc tccttcagcc ttccatacga gtgaacagaa    160080
     ccagcttcca tgcctttgag tacctaccat gaactcaaac tccacatcta attcaccagc    160140
     aagtttggct ctctctactt ctataactga tcctaaatgt cagtttttca aaagaggcgt    160200
     catttctcat ggcactgtta aaaatcctat tatttggtct ccttgcttct gtttgtttgg    160260
     ttggctggtt tggttgtttg cttgtttgtt ttgtagctgt tcacatttgt ttggttttgt    160320
     ttcttgagag tgttatgtgt agcccaggct ggtctcgaac tcctgatctt cttgctttta    160380
     cttcccaagg gggaagatta caggtgtatg ctgctacact cggctctttc aagtttacaa    160440
     tctgaggagc agccagaatg aattttaaaa atgaaataag tcattgtatt cacctgctta    160500
     aaattctcta gtgaggattg tggcgttggg ttggctggta gatgtgattg ttacacaacc    160560
     tgagactgga ttccccagaa tcaaggtaaa ggcaggacat agcatgtgtc tgtctgctca    160620
     gcactcctgc agtaggagtg gcaggcaaag gcaagagaat cactcagaag ctcacaggcc    160680
     atctagcctg gagtcacagt agcaagcaac aacggacatc tgtctggagt tgtcctgtga    160740
     cctgcacata tgtccacatc acacacacac ataaataaaa accctctaat gacatctaaa    160800
     tacacgtagg ataaagacca aagtccctgc ctctggaaga gagattatgc aaccccgcct    160860
     tctttcgtga gctcttcttt gccatctcca cgtcatgggc cacacccagt cagactcgct    160920
     tctgcttcag aacctttgac cttgctgctt ctgtgtttag aacatctttg tatctcacct    160980
     gtaggaactt aaaggaagga aatggatttg aatgaaccat ctgatacagg tctgtgttct    161040
     tctgttgtga ttcattgctg taatagggag catggcctca agtctatcaa acactgcata    161100
     tgtttggtgg gggggagaag tcagagatcc aaactcttat gcaaaatttc catctttttt    161160
     aaaaaaatag ttggcaattg ttttaagccg gaactacatc tatatagttc taaaatgaat    161220
     gccaagcaac attaacatct attagaaagg gcttccttca gaaaagctgg tttagtacca    161280
     atccagccaa ctcatggaga gcagggacca aggtttcttc tagctttgtt gaggagagct    161340
     cttggtacca cgtcaaggat attggcaaga atttgacatt aggcaaggat aagaaagtag    161400
     gctcaagatt tttatcttct tgataagtcc cagaatacca cgggaccttg gattatgccc    161460
     tgctccttga ctactttgtg tatgccttgg aactgaccat attccttgca cgcacctaga    161520
     atgatataaa agcatcttgg gaaagagtaa accagcatca gccctcctgg agtcatactt    161580
     gctggaggat tgtctgattg attgtctttt ctttctttaa tcctcactcc ctccctcgag    161640
     accctgtgga ctgcgtaggc tcggccacat ggcaccacgg cttgagtatg agaggctccg    161700
     tgaagcaccc tgcaggaaaa ggaagcacgc ccaaaggaaa acataggaag tctgggccag    161760
     cgctgagtaa gcgtagagtg ctttctgtac atatgcttag gtgatatgct ggactctaga    161820
     ggagcgaaga gaagtcagga gcagcttacc cagtttctgc tttcttatag aaatttctcc    161880
     tggttccctg aggaaggtac gataagttta cagacatggg agaaggtggg agagaggaaa    161940
     aaagggtact cactatacac cacatggtcc tgaaaaaaat tctcatagat gcttttagcc    162000
     tttgggcttt aattagagat agtttagacc ccagactaga gagggagaag tgggtttcag    162060
     aaaagcagtc ctccccactg tccagggaag ctttggcaac agagaaggaa tgtaaaataa    162120
     gctgttccag agcttgccga gggtcaagag gaggtcagga gacgccctgc ttcctctctg    162180
     gttcccacag ggagactgcc tcattctggt ttggggtccc tttggttggt gctctgtgtt    162240
     tcatattcaa aagaaaaaaa tgcttaaaac tttttctgct ggatcaattt gcgttcagca    162300
     ggtggcaagg tgctcctttc ttggaattaa agctaaaaat aaaaaataaa aatttgtcta    162360
     tttattctaa atatggaaat atgtatagct acttcacgtt tgtttctgac ttgtcttaaa    162420
     agtataagta tgttctgcgt gtcttggtta tagactattg ttttataagt tattgggtat    162480
     gtttcaaaaa tgtaacattg gtgacagaaa gttggcttag aactggtaac ccagggttgg    162540
     agtcattcag agcagcaaca catggcagga gccagcccag gaaaacaggg ttctaaagat    162600
     acctctaaat tgggataata acttatgtaa ctgctgtcct agaagcaaga tttataaaag    162660
     acaggattta agacaatgtt tctttaatga ggtattaaaa gacacagtgc catgtcatgc    162720
     atccatacac aagaatgggc aaccaacttt gtaacgtgaa aataatgcac ttggtattga    162780
     ttttagagag actgaattac ttaccctgct aaaaattggt tttgtcctcc aaatttatgg    162840
     ttatgctctg atattgcaaa agaaactttt tggtttttgg tttttacata tatatatgta    162900
     tatataccta atggtacact ggcagtttac aattcaatca caagctcaag attttaattc    162960
     ccctttggtt gtcctctgaa tatgaactta aagatgcttc tcagcattca atctgtgtat    163020
     gtagcccctt ctggattgag gaaaaatgtt ctgtgccctt taacccaaac cgatagcttt    163080
     tactaggtct caaaggcatg agtctactcc tgttgtcaaa cagaccactg ttaactatat    163140
     ttctaagttg catgtcctaa aggacagaaa cttatgaaac gagcccataa aactctttaa    163200
     aagaagcagt tacataaaaa agtgggtgga atagttgtat acttcactac aaaattttat    163260
     tttgaatttt tgaccttaaa tgctaaggaa ctctcttctg ctgagtgtct atgtcaccct    163320
     acaactcgga gtacttatgt ctaggtgaaa tggaaggatc cacttactgg cgtatgacat    163380
     gagtctgatc aggtattaat atggggaaga gggcacgttt gtggtttttc cgcagggtgc    163440
     tgaaggagca tggtggctgc cagagtgatt ggtgcaacat gctgattcag ggacaaagaa    163500
     tgatgctgac tgtgagtttg ctgagtgccc tgacaatggt aatgaggaag ctatactggg    163560
     cacatgttcc tactctacca ctgatacatc cagcagtgtg atccacatgg gagattctta    163620
     tgaccagtaa gaaaactcca tttcttggat ctccttggac aagggagcca acttataaga    163680
     ccataacttt caatgcactt ggtaacggga ttcccatttg ctttgtgaag aatagtatga    163740
     ataatgggtg tatttctgtg tttactcaaa tttggaagaa aaacgtttta caaactgtaa    163800
     ccgaaagcat agaaatgggt gtgcctaaat agtatgaggg atctgcccct gacccttgtg    163860
     acatgcgacc ttgagaatct gaacccacag agaatgtgaa actagcattt aacaaaagtg    163920
     ttagatggaa agaatattat aatcaaccct caatgtggtt taatgtttcc aataatatgc    163980
     aaattattga ttggactggg attcaatcaa atattgaaca aaaggagatg tccgtagatc    164040
     tctggtggaa tgtttagggt cacttatata tactatcata tcatctgcaa aaagtgatat    164100
     ttttacttct tcctttccaa tttgtatccc cttgatctcc ttttgttgtc taattgctct    164160
     ggctaggact tcaagtacaa tgttgaatag gcagggagaa agttggcagc cttgtctagg    164220
     ccctgatttt agtgggattg cttccagctt gtcaccattt actttgatgt tggctactgg    164280
     tttgctgtag attgctttta tcatgtttag gtatgggcct tgaattcctg atctttccaa    164340
     gacttttatc atgaatgggt gttgggtttt gtcaaatgct ttctcagcat ctaacgagat    164400
     gatcatgtgg tttttgtctt tgagtttgtt tatataatgg attacattga tggattttca    164460
     tatattaaac catccctgca tccctggaat aaaacctact tggtcaggat ggatgattgt    164520
     ttttgattgt tttgatgtgt tcttggattt ggttagcaag aattttattg agtatttttg    164580
     catccatatt cataagggaa attggtttga agttctctat ctttgttgga tctttctgtg    164640
     gtttaggtat caaagtaatt gtggcttcat agaatgagtt gggtagagta ccttctactt    164700
     ctattttgtg gaatagtttg tgcagaactg ggattagatc ttctttgaag gtctgataga    164760
     actcggcact aaacccatct ggtcctgggc tttttttggt tgggagacca ttaatgactc    164820
     cttctatttc tttaggggat atgggactgt ttagatcgtt aacttgatcc tggtttaact    164880
     ttggtacctg gtatctgtct agaaatttgt ccatttcgtc caggttttcc agttttgttg    164940
     agtatagcct tttgtagaag gatctgatgg tgttttggat ttcttcagga tctgttgtta    165000
     tgtctccctt ttcatttctg attttgttga ttaggatgct gtccctgtgc cctctagtga    165060
     gtctggctaa gggtttatct atcttgttga ttttctcaaa gaaccagctc ctcgtttggt    165120
     tgattctttg aatagttctt cttgtttcca cttggttgat tttgcccctg agtttgatta    165180
     tttcctgccg tctactcctc ttgggtgaat ttgtttcctt tttttctaga gcttttaggt    165240
     gtgttgtcaa gctgctagtg tgtgctctct ctagtttctt tttggaggca ctcagagcta    165300
     tgagtttccc tcttagaaat gctttcatag tgtcccataa gtttgggtat gttgtggctt    165360
     cattttcatt aaactctaaa aagtctttaa tttctgtctt tatttcttcc tgaccaagtt    165420
     atccttgaga agagtgttgt tcattttcca tgtgaatgtt ggctctccat tatttatgtt    165480
     gttattgaag atcagcctta gtccatggtg gtctgatagg atgcatggga caatttcaat    165540
     atttttgtat ctgttgaggc ctgttttgtg accaattata tggttaattt tggagaaggt    165600
     cccatgaggt gctgagaaga aggtatatcc ttttgtttta ggataaaatg ttctgtagat    165660
     atctattaag tccatttgtt tcataacttc tgttagtttc actgtgtccc tgtttagttt    165720
     ctgtttccac gatctgtcca ttgatgaaag tggtatgttg aagtctccca ttattattgt    165780
     gtgaggtgca atgtatgctt tgagctttac taaagtgtct ttaatgaatg tggctgccct    165840
     tgcatttgga gcatagatat tcaaaattga gagttcctct tggaagattt tacctttgat    165900
     gagtatgaag tgtccctcct tgtctttttt gataactttg ggttggaagt cgattttatt    165960
     cgatattaga atggctactc cagcctgttt cttcagacca tttgcttgga aaattgcttt    166020
     ccagcctttc actctgaggt agtgtctgtc tttttccttg agatgggttt cctgtaagca    166080
     gcagactgtt gggtcctgtt tgtgtagcca gtctgttagt ctatgtcttt ttattgggga    166140
     attgagtcca ttgatattaa gagatattaa ggaacagtaa ttgttgcttc cttttatttt    166200
     tgttgttaga gttggcattc tgttcttgtg gttgtcttct ttttgggttg ttgagggatt    166260
     actttcttgc tttttctagg gcgtgatttc tgtccttgta tttttttttt ctgttattat    166320
     cccttgaagg gctggattca tggaaagata atgtgtgaat ttggttttgt cgtggaaatc    166380
     tttggtttct ccatcaatga taattgagag tttggctggg tatagtagcc tgggctggca    166440
     tttgtgttct cttaaggtca gtataacgtc tgtccaggat cttctggctt tcatagtctc    166500
     tggtgaaaag tctggtgcaa ttctgatagg cctgccttta tatgttactt gacctttttc    166560
     ccttactgct tttaatattc tatctttatt tagtgcattt gttgttctga ttattatgtg    166620
     tcaggaggaa tttcttttct ggtccagtct atttggagtt ctgtaggctt cttgtatgtt    166680
     catggtcatc tctttcttta ggtttgggaa gttttcttct ataattttgt tgaagatatt    166740
     tactggccct ttaagttgaa aatcttcact ctcatctact cctattatcc ataggtttgg    166800
     tcttctcatt gtgtcctgga tttcctggat gttttgagtt aggatctttt tgcactttgc    166860
     attttctttg attgttgtac caatgttctc tatggaatct aatgcacctg agattctctc    166920
     ttccatctct tgtattctgt tgctgatgct cgcatctatg gttccagatt tctttcctag    166980
     ggcttttatc tccagcgttg cctcactttg tgttttcttt attgtgtcta cttccctttt    167040
     taggtttagt atggttttgt tcatttccat cacctgtttg gataggtttt cctgtttttc    167100
     tttaaggact tgtaactctt tagcagtgtt ctcctgtatt tctttaagtg agttactaaa    167160
     gaggtcttat gatcccgtgg cgggtgttgt gggtagctgg cgagtgtcag cagactctgt    167220
     gccctagcta ccccggtgct ggccggaccg gaagggcgtc ttcttttcct ttaatcctta    167280
     ctctctccct caaggtcctg ttgactgact gagtggactt ggtcactttg tgctgtcatt    167340
     cttggggtat ggcacttacc ttcatgcctc agtgtgtcct ccagactagc tcctaaattc    167400
     caggctgcag gatgcatgtc tggttgttaa agtaggaaca gaatgataca ttttatgaga    167460
     cttccccaca gtgcgcctgt ttatgtctta ttgctaggga agctgggaaa tgtagtcttt    167520
     ctgtcaggat attttagtac agaaactaag gggagtaagt ctactggggt cagaaattaa    167580
     tagtctatgt caaagtaaca atatcagtca gggttctcca cagacccaga acaaatctga    167640
     actttttaag gctggaaact gaaacaagac tttatgttat gatcctgaag caaaattcct    167700
     ttttcccaaa agacctcaga ttttgttctc aagacattca accaatttgt tgaaaccatc    167760
     tgtttgaact cattcaccaa agatggtctc ctattagcgt caactgactg cagatgttaa    167820
     ttatatctat taaatatttt aaaagcaagc tagtttagtg tttaaacaac aagaaaggtt    167880
     gacacataaa attcatcatc acaggagttc aaaattttaa tttgtaaaat ttgtttagag    167940
     atttgttaaa tcattttatg tgtacatctg cgtgcctgag tatatgtgta ccatgtacat    168000
     gcagctgcct atggaggcca gaagagggcg tcagatcccc ggtactggag taattggtag    168060
     ctgtgagctg ctgaatgtgg gtgctgggag tcaaattcag gtcgtctgta agagcagtaa    168120
     gtactcttaa ccatggaaac accaattcaa aaattttaaa aacactatgg caaaagagtg    168180
     cctgtctgtg ggctgcattt gactttcatc ctgcctgttt gtaatcttta tatggttgag    168240
     caagcaggtt atctcctgat aggcttacag tgtgaatacc ctgtaactct acaccctgca    168300
     tagaaccaga atctcacgca gcataacagg agctctgcag tgaagacacc gagtactgcc    168360
     tcatttctgt gcctgagctc aagtagacag tcccgattct ctttgggttt tgttagggtt    168420
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttatttctaa tcactctggc gatggatcgg agaccaccta    168480
     aaacaaaaaa ataaaataaa ataaaataaa ccttttctct gtgaccattc tctaaattct    168540
     tttgtttgta aaagccagac ttctggtgct atctaataat ttagagaatt ggtagaagga    168600
     tggaggagat aattaactgg ggcccacaaa aagccacagc cttttcaacc tgtaattacc    168660
     agtcatgcat gcacactgtc ccactccaca gaggaatttg acttctactc agatctcagt    168720
     tgtcttttag tgttggcctt gaaacatcct gaaaaatgga gacaggcgtg gagctgtttt    168780
     gtcacagatc tacacgcagg catgcttttc tctttctggt atctgttgta attgtcttcc    168840
     ctaactgtaa agcttcatgc acgacatctt ttgtcgtaat actgcacatg cctgcatgtt    168900
     tctttgagtc agtttgatca gtttaagtac tagataaagg actaaaacag gctcatgttc    168960
     attaactttg ataaataaaa agtcctacaa ttaattggtt ttattcaaca gccatcatag    169020
     aaaaatcaaa acaagtgcaa ttcaatacat ctgtgttagc tccagaaagc aaacgtgatt    169080
     tgtctgcttg aagttctgtt tcctattatc tcattttcaa atgcaagtca tctttattgt    169140
     gattttttgt ctctactgaa aagtccatta agagtaactc ttgtgagact atgccggggc    169200
     ctagcaaaca cagaagtgga tgctcacagt cagctattgg atggatcaca ggacccccaa    169260
     tggaggagct agagaaagta cccaaggagc taaagggaac tgcaacccta taggtggaac    169320
     aacattatga actaaccagt accccggagc tcttgactct agctgcatat gtatcaaaag    169380
     atggcctagt cggccatcac tggaaagaga ggcccattag acacgcaaac tttatatgcc    169440
     ccagtacagg gtaacgccag ggccaaaaag ggggagtggg tgggtagggg attggggggg    169500
     tgggtatggg ggacttttgg gatagcattg aaaatgtaaa cgaggaaaat acctaataat    169560
     aataaaaaaa gagtaattta ttttatatat ttgtgcgtat gtgtgtttaa gttttcaggt    169620
     atgtctgtgt atcatgtgtg tgctgatgcc atggagccag aagaggacgt cggatcccct    169680
     ggggctggag ttatgggtag tggtaagtac tgtgaatgga atctatgtcc tctgctagag    169740
     cagcaagcac tctaactgat gaatcatctt tctagtacct gagagtcatc atctctaagg    169800
     aaacatgggt cacataatag cagtcacctg tctgttcttt ggggaaaaaa taacaaaata    169860
     gtactgcatc cttgaaaatt atagaaatta tagaatattg atccaatgga cctgctataa    169920
     ctgaatttgt gaatggattt ttatccagat aaacttggtt tgtttgtttt gttttttgtt    169980
     ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttatggcacc gccatagcct taacaaaaat gataccctgt    170040
     aggcttagat ttttttcaaa acctacttta tttaggattc ttaaactctt taatctccct    170100
     tctagcccac caaacagagg tggggggggg gagaagggaa taggaaaagg gggttgtgac    170160
     tctgtttagg tgtagctcct ggggacgatt acattcttca ttatcaggat accagcagtt    170220
     ccattcaata gcaaacaccg aatcagtagt ggcagctcaa tctaacagaa acagcaacct    170280
     aatcagcaga agtcagcaga agcagctgga ataccgtgag aagctctttg gtgggtttct    170340
     atctatgaag tgaagaccag agaagaaaag accagcaaag aagcaaaggg ttgcaccatg    170400
     tagcagcaac gcaagagcat cctctcgctg tttgcagggc tccattcata ttccttctaa    170460
     acatcttgag agttttcagc aaaacagcac atgtcctctg acaagacatc atccagaaaa    170520
     acatcatgtg acacagctaa cttgttaaaa aaacaagaaa tttccatttc actagtcatt    170580
     gaagagagcg cccttatttt ttttcctgat ggcaactttg gcacaaatgt aaacacttac    170640
     tttatggcta attatccccc tattgttttc cttttaagat ggacaaaata cccactaaat    170700
     ggtttcatat ggaatatttt aagagcatgc attctcttgc atgtcttgct cttttcctac    170760
     gcctcctcaa catttatagt aagcattgtc ttcctttatg acttaagaaa acataatgtc    170820
     acccttgcct gaggttagag ctagctgtat aatttgctaa gcttagtgca aaagaaaaat    170880
     gtgggcatcc ttctcaaaag gcaggaatgg gttgcagtaa aagacgctac tgtgaggggg    170940
     ggaaatactg attcatgaga aacacataca cttaaaagtt gcccaaatac tattttatgg    171000
     aataaatggt ctatcaataa tcttagtgag gtattacatt tcttttcggc tcatgttata    171060
     gttaggattt tatcgctatg aagagatgcc atgaccaggg caactctgaa ggaaaacatt    171120
     taattgggct ggcttacaat tcagaggtgt agtctattat cattatggca ggaagcatga    171180
     cagcatgcag gcaggcatgg tgctgaagag gtagctgaga ggtctacatc ttgatcgaca    171240
     ggcagcagaa agagagaacc actggtcctg gcttgagtat tttaaacctc aaagcccacc    171300
     cccagtgaca cacttcatcc aataaggtca cacctactcc aataagacca cacctcctag    171360
     tccttccaaa taatgccact ccataagaac ctgtagaggc tacatttcat tcaaaccacc    171420
     acaactcact ttgctgaaaa ttcataaaaa actatgcttt ctattttcaa tagatatgaa    171480
     attcctatca tttaatttct ttcttcagta gatgtgactg aaagccatgc tggttactct    171540
     tgacaaatgc aagatcactc tttgtagtct ttcattttaa aaaggctctt tctgttggcc    171600
     caagtgatat tagagtattt atagactgtg atactactga ggtcagtccc ctcccccagc    171660
     acaccctctc tccactctct ccttcttgct tcctgactcc caacctccac tttctttctt    171720
     ttttttccag tactgagaat agaacctgga gccccatgta tgcctggtaa gcactctacc    171780
     attaacggca tttccgagcc cctacttcca atttctgatt aattctttca aaccgaaatt    171840
     ttagtatttc tatagttgtt ggttctcatg ggaaaacaaa ttctaggcag atttaaactc    171900
     tttattcaaa ttcattttgt atcagtatgg atttaatttt aagtataatt acatacaatg    171960
     ccatgtttat gtttctgcta aaatgaagaa acataaatgt ttctttaaaa ttatggaagc    172020
     tgaaggtgct atcatggttt gcatacaatc caaagggtct gtttgtgtat tctgccattg    172080
     cttctgcaat tacaaagaaa aaaaattaaa attgtcttct ttgtaaacag ctggttcttt    172140
     atataaagct aatgaatgct gaagagtgag ctcagcagga caagcccttg ctgctcttgc    172200
     agaagatttc aatttggatc ccagcaccca catcaggtgg ctcacagttg cacgtaactc    172260
     ctgcaaatcc ttggcgttaa ctcaaagaaa gagtctataa atcagcacct tcctttccac    172320
     cacagttctc ctgtcagagg caggagtcct cccccatacc tttctttctg cgttacacgt    172380
     tagagatgtc agacatttgg tttaacacat gcattgctgc tctttcgtgt cacaccagga    172440
     acatgtagac ttgggaacta gtattccttt actgaaagac actgaagtga tcgagagagg    172500
     tacacaacct attggaactg cttatgggat ccaggaggag gtaacaccat tagtgcctcc    172560
     tgttcccact ccacaaaagt gcccttgggt aaacttcctg agtgtgggga gagtcagcct    172620
     gggttttcct tctcttcaga gactactggt gactttccag ttgccccttt tgccccttaa    172680
     gagaagttct ttccaagacc caagatgaaa aaatagcttt ttttttctta ccttacaaag    172740
     gtggctttgt aatattatgt tggatcaccc tatgaaatac cgatgagtag gaaatctaag    172800
     tcgaacatcc actgtgtgga gggaaagagc taaagacaga gagtaagagc tataccgtta    172860
     caactgttag ctttccggtt gacacgttgg agagctcgca ctctgccaag gagcagagag    172920
     gatctttctt gtgttacttg tttgaatgct ctgtggagtc atgcaacagg cctggctacc    172980
     ctaaggcagg ttaatgactc tttcttctgt agacaggtat gctcctcaac tgcctgggcc    173040
     acgcaggaag agcttcacat cttcaaaggc gttaaaaatg tccctagcct ctgtgcaggg    173100
     gtgagtgcat gtgtacgtgt gtgtacgtgt gtgggagggt ccctcattac ttgtcacggg    173160
     gcatgccaag ctagttggcc cgtgagtttc tggggattct caagtttcca ccccccatct    173220
     tgtcctagga gtactgggat tatagacacc ctacctcagt tgctttttgt gtgttttggg    173280
     ttcccaaatt caaatcctca cactgacaag agctgtgccc actgagccag cacccttcaa    173340
     atgcctttct gatctttgaa tatcagagtg tattctatga atgccaaaaa ttacgtatgg    173400
     caagtcgcat gttactcatt tcttctgaca caccctcaga cacttctgct tctaagcagt    173460
     cacatcctat gcaatacctt gcaggaggtg caattcaggg agtggaatga aatatatata    173520
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatttaaatc tcatgtcctt ccttgaaaaa    173580
     aaaaaccaga aacaaaacct aaccacttgc ggatctgaag ttgttctcct cagagggaaa    173640
     agcactgaag cacattaaac cctgatgatg aatggaggaa actctgtcta gtctggtgtg    173700
     ctttgtaact ctagcacaca aagaacatgc ctggaggata aaagcgcaac gccgtgtaat    173760
     gaactcggca agaacaaggt catcggggac acagctaagt aacgtttcaa atgaggcact    173820
     cagggtgact ttggtaaact acagtaagat gataagttgg ttttttttct ttcttaaatg    173880
     tcttagattc caggtttcct ccatctaccc gctttttagc gtgctctcac caaatattcc    173940
     tagtagaagg tgtctggtgg gaagggaacc atttcccccc tttgcctctt catctccttt    174000
     gctttatcct ctggttctat gagtaaccta aaatctacct aaactttctc gcatgtcttt    174060
     tttttttaat tacatttatg tatttatttg tgtgtgtacg catgtgcttg catggcgtgt    174120
     agaggccaga gggacgccat tcaggggttg gccctgtctt tccacacaag ctcaagagca    174180
     agcaccttta ccctctgagc catcttgtgg ccttgcttcc acgccataag agcaaaaatc    174240
     atgaaaggaa accatataga caattttaga tgagaagcga gcgagacgca ttggaggtac    174300
     aatctggtca caagtgtgtg ggagggagag atgaagcagt agctaactcc tggtgagtta    174360
     aaacccaact tttacaatcc ttcatgctgg gccagagctg cactaaaaac tgtcctcgta    174420
     gcccagacac aagccacaat cctaccctct tactaggtta cagtgatttc tccagtgggg    174480
     cttgttttta aacctcaaac atcttataca atctacaggg cagaaaggtc atgactgggg    174540
     tcagtaggcc actgggagca ggtcccaagg tcaggagcca tctcaaaatg ctgaccttct    174600
     tttgatttag tttctatggg aacacatact aaagttacag gcttcaagtt aaagaccaat    174660
     cactgttctc ctcggcagac agggtttaat gtcaacattt ggagaggttt cactcagtct    174720
     cccacgaatg ctgctttcct cttatgagaa cctgttttta aaaaaatgtg ggtgctatta    174780
     taggtctgct ggtccctgct gacaaaatac ttctttcgat tgttcagctt ttattccttt    174840
     ctcaaaatga tttcaagagc cttagtagtc taaacaccca aacaatgact gctttttaca    174900
     tatcaatata aaccacattt aacctttttt ttaaaattaa atttacatgt acttatttcg    174960
     gggaggggca caccacagct catatgtgga cggcagagga caacttgtgg aagggagctg    175020
     tctccttcca ccgtgtgggt cctgggacca ggccctggga ttacagctgt acttgtccat    175080
     acccagctat gcaggtcttc acacttgcag agcgggcact ttcccgacga gccgtcttct    175140
     cagctccctc cctgggcagc tcttcataat cctgttttca cttgaatgac taaatcttgc    175200
     tttgcccgaa actgacacat ttcatgcctg aaatctttct aggagagatt tgctattaga    175260
     ggaaaaaaaa tagatgaagt gtgttctacg cattatttat ggattactgt catctccact    175320
     gtgtcttgtc catttcttag aaaaacttag gtcaaactaa ttataaagag aagttgaggg    175380
     gctggcaggc tgcatcctgt tgggggccag gttgacatct gtggcacttg ttatcaccga    175440
     ggacatgcag atgtgcaccg tctgagctgc agcctgaagc cacttagatg tctgtatgcc    175500
     atgctggtgc caggagccta cagtgtctcc tgaggtcacg gctccatgga gctgctaagg    175560
     accactcctg gctccatctt cctgatctgg ttggggtctg tgttgatgac tgtggcctgt    175620
     gttgccacca aaggccctgt ggatgtctat gggccttgct gctaatggtc atattgatgt    175680
     gaatgatctg ttgttccacc tgagaccaca ttgctatctg tagttccagc agcctccgaa    175740
     aggccctgtc tggggccatg caactactgt gttctgtgct gtcactagaa atcatgtgga    175800
     ggctccaaga ttcatgcttc taccgactat acagggcaaa gaggctacgt ttgctgtgac    175860
     atcggtgact acagacacac tttgagagga aaggacccgg aaggctttgg gacagcctgt    175920
     gtacctaccc aaacctccct actccaaagt aacagtcgag acaggcagtc accaaagaga    175980
     actcttaaag agtgtgacgg ggaagctgaa gcacagctct ccacaatggt ggcttctggt    176040
     gggggaggag acggggagga ctcagttcta ttgaaggggc agcccactgg gagttccacc    176100
     atgccacagt gagtgtatag ataacacata aattagactt tcttttctta tttttatttt    176160
     tcctttttgg ggagaggtca caagaagggg cagatggggt gcgtgatgtg aaattcccag    176220
     aaaatcaata aaagcattac gtgtgctaaa aaaaagtcat gctaattaat gaatctaccc    176280
     agccatagta tttgagagtg acattttcct acacacaaac caaactggat ttctttctcc    176340
     cccctacaca cccctttaaa aaaaattttt ttttttggta ttcttctccc atatattgtg    176400
     tcctgcgccc cccccccaat ccacccattc ccaccaaaca cctgagcaga acaacataaa    176460
     gaagaaacgg tatttatcgc tacaggtttc taagctctca gtccacggtg agctggcttt    176520
     gtggctttca ggtcagtatt gtgtagccgt ttcctccagg atggacatga tcgctactct    176580
     cttgaatcag agcagctcat gagattggtc ttattaatgt tcccttatgg aggaagcagg    176640
     aagctcatac aaaccttata agacctctct ctcttcccct cccctaaagt tacagaagtg    176700
     gttaacagaa accaggggtc agctccttgg tactacagct gcctataaag tgcccaggtg    176760
     actcaccatc aatatttcat gcatcatcta tgctatagag cagcatagcg tagcttcggt    176820
     agcatagctt cctgtgagca tctgtgctgt aaatgagact ctctggtggt gtagccacct    176880
     ataagctacc caagggactt cctggtgcta aagcagcctt tgacgcaacc acttatgccc    176940
     cggtgagcaa ccacgagaga cttatcatct acaaggtcag tagccgtgga ctgtctctag    177000
     gaggtgggag ggagggatca tggtgcagct atggtcttcc cagggtggga aggcttgcca    177060
     tcttccggta gcagcagttg tgtggtctgg gtgataagac atgccactgg gggttggaag    177120
     gagagttcag atggtgaagt gcccacatgc aagcacgagg acctgagttt gatatgcaga    177180
     acccatgtta aaaaacaaaa tctgggtgtg cggtgtgtgc ctgtgattcc aaaactgggg    177240
     tgggggaggg ttgggggggg agggggagaa aggaaaaaga gatacccagg gctctctgag    177300
     aagctagcat agatgggcaa gttccaggct agacagggat cctatctcaa aaataaaaaa    177360
     aaagatagat gtcacctgaa aaatgctacc ctagatcgtc ctctgactgt tataggcatg    177420
     cacacgtgtg cccatatgtg tatgtatatg tgtgtatgta tatatgtatg tgtgtgtatg    177480
     tgtgtgtgtg tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tacacataca    177540
     tatgactgat tttgagctgt ctgctcagtg aggcaagaga tcttgtgggg tgagaactac    177600
     tcctctgaca gtgtgaacaa ggttgcctgt tgtagtgatg tgcagggcaa ctggagactc    177660
     cacgctgaac tgcagatttg ttggttcctg cttagtgttc agagcacatg ggtacagatg    177720
     ttggcgcagc cctccaaagc acaggggtta tgacagtcag tggctacatg cagagacgac    177780
     agagtgatag aggtgaggac tgcaccagtc ctgggtgagg ccactatcac tcctccctgc    177840
     agggtacacc gagtgtattt ctttcctgta agaggttgat ttggggtgat gttttcagtg    177900
     tgaagtgtta ctgggggctt gtgttagtaa attagttagc tagctagtta ttggcttttg    177960
     agatgggatt atctctgtgt agccctgaat gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggcta    178020
     tccttgaact cagagatctg cctgactttg ctgggatcaa gtacttaaac tcatggtctc    178080
     cagctgttgg tgatgtcttg agaggctata gaacctttaa ttgatagagg ctcatcagtg    178140
     gaaggcagga attggggcag gctttgaggc tgactgtcag gcctgcttcc tgtctcccct    178200
     gtctcctgat ctgctacatg gcaatctggt atctgccgct gtgtgtttcc accactacag    178260
     aactacctgc cactatgtct tcctcaccat gaaggctatc tcccctcaag ctgtgagccc    178320
     aagaaacctc tcacagagat gaggaaatat aggctggctc acctgatgct tcacacttca    178380
     cacttcacac ccagcaggga gttttgcctt ggggtgtcaa ctgcagggag agtcacatgc    178440
     ttgggcaaac caagcctgta aatttgcaag attacttatc tagcctaagg cgctattggc    178500
     cagaggtagc ccccgtgagg tcagacagct tacttacaga aactgactgg atggtgaagg    178560
     gttaaatggg gtgatgacgc tatctgtact actgtgccca acactgctct tttgaaagaa    178620
     caacaaacac acaagggagg aatcttttca ggatgtattg gaccctgcta acattttgta    178680
     agtatcctct tagctgatga attccaaggc caaattcaca cttccttaga acaagacagc    178740
     cagggacctt cagagagcct gctcagtctg agagaaaaga tttcactatc cagtgctaga    178800
     ctctaagtgt cttagagatc tggagaggca tttgagaaga acagccgtta aagggtttca    178860
     aaacagaagc actctgcctg gatttagggg acacccagac gccgtagggt tatggaatga    178920
     atatccccgt gacaggtgca ggttactgaa ctatagttat caacaaggga ggtttctggg    178980
     tccgcccact cctacacaga tcacaggcta ttgccaccgc tgctgtttgc atgccagagc    179040
     tagactgtaa gtctctatgg ctggaaacct tgcaccctct ggttgaaggt tctggataaa    179100
     tccatctgac actgaaatgg aaggttcctc actggtggct ggctttcata gtgctgtaag    179160
     gtacttagcc aattactgag tgaaacaacc atcctgctca gctgtggact ggctccacat    179220
     actaatgcca cccacaagcc aggcaagaca tgtgtggccc caggagcaac agcggcacaa    179280
     ctgtctgggc acaaacaact accttccagt tggatttaag atccacgcca gagagagaat    179340
     ccaggattga gactttaagc caaaacaaaa acgtgtggct gaggaaagtc atagactcaa    179400
     tggggaagtt actactattg tttagttaat ggaatgtgtt gtgcctgtgg tcttctaaac    179460
     atttatgttc ctggccataa attatcactg ctgctggcct tggtcagggt agcagttatt    179520
     gcaaaatgtc gtaactagtc gcattgccta gaaaaagtga ctgttgttac tgtggtagag    179580
     tgggtcaatg tttagccttc aatggaagaa aataattata taccttatca cctctctagg    179640
     gcccaaggaa catgcgcatt gtaggcatgg aaagaatgta ggagcaagat gtaatggcat    179700
     tgtgatgctt tacccagtga gttggatgtc ctcactgcca tcttgaatca aagcaaccgt    179760
     aagtacccac atgagatcct tatcatgtta gacctagtaa cattccctca tgagggccat    179820
     agggaggttt cccaaactca taggttcata aggccatccc tttcccaagt ttatataaag    179880
     gttaaatagt cagttgtggg atgcaaactt tttgtttctt tgtttgagac agggtttctc    179940
     tgtgtagctc tgactgtctt ggtactcact ttgtagacca ggctggcttt gaactcagag    180000
     acccacctgc ctctgcttcc tgagtgctag gattaaaggc atgcaccacc acgcctggcc    180060
     tagaggcaaa ctcttttagt agttactcat aagttgttca ggggacttct ctatgatgca    180120
     aataccatgg gtaggacttg gaagtggtat agcttcaagc tgcccaaggg actggtggtg    180180
     tagctgccac ccatgtacaa tggttcactg agcaaggttt agatgtaagg atttttagtc    180240
     tgttggtacc ttttctatct agggtgaata agtgtttctt tacatcttcc taggagaagt    180300
     ctcatgacag caagccagaa acattctggt ggccgggcat gccagaggaa aagtactcac    180360
     ttcaaagaag gcaggaagca gacagagttg agaaactgcc aagggacaaa caaacaaaga    180420
     ctgccataga gagctttgtc ttcaacagac ctcacctgtt aaaagtccat ttgaacagct    180480
     agtaatttaa tcaatggact aacttatgag ccaatcatct ctttaaaaaa ctgtatgtat    180540
     ggtgttatat gccctggaac tggagttaca gacaattgtg agccatcagg tggatgctag    180600
     gaattgaacc tggatcctct ggaagagcaa caagtactct taactgctga gccatctctc    180660
     tagccttcca accaacattt aaaagacccg gtagatacaa ccaaccctct aacacacaaa    180720
     cctctgggag atacttatct atcctaccca taacagtttg cagtaataat cacacataac    180780
     actagaaata ccacacaaag acaactttgt gcagacaaga aactcatgct cacgctaaag    180840
     aagatgctag tgtgtgggat gagttacagc tgaaaacaaa ggctactttc agcacgttgc    180900
     tgtagtagca cagcatctga ggtagctcag catcgcttcc tcctaacctg acagtgttgc    180960
     tgtcacatcc taggaggtga gaatttgcac atcaagctgt ttctgagtca cccacatgaa    181020
     gagtttataa acctgtatga tacgctccct tttgggaaat tttcataaac acaaaacaca    181080
     gtgttgattt tggactcttc agatgtagca tggttctcag gtatgtggta ctgttcagac    181140
     cccatccaac acccacacta ctttattcac agtctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    181200
     tctctctctc tccctctctc tctccctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    181260
     tctctctcag acacacacac acacacacac acccactttc ttattttcct gagagaaggt    181320
     ctcatgcatc ccgtgccagt cttgaacatg tgaacatgtt atatagccaa ggatgacctt    181380
     ggaattctga tcgtcctgcc tccattttcc agttctggga ttacaggcat tcacaactag    181440
     acctggtttt atacaacatt gaggttcaaa ctcagggacc caggcatgct aggcaagtgc    181500
     tttaggacct gagctacagc ccagctctgt tgcgagccct tctctagtcc ctctttcacc    181560
     ttcacttaca ggtgatgtgc ttgggcaagg aaaaagagga agagagagag gagagtgtgc    181620
     aagggacagc caagggcggg ggtgtaggcc ctgcagctct ctcatatact gccagggccc    181680
     cacagatgta tgccaccata caaaccctca gttgaaacta tgttacagta aagcttcatc    181740
     ctaaagcaac acacaacttc cctttagact ctttatttaa aatcatgcct gccatttgta    181800
     tgggagttaa gaccaaactg ccacacaata tccctccatc tcttatgctg gaagcatttt    181860
     gtgcctgagg cctagtccca aagatagcaa atcctaaatg ataaatggta aaccaagatt    181920
     taaacctttt ttgtttgttt tttgtttgtt tgttttttgg tttttcgaga cagggtttct    181980
     ctgtatagcc ctggatgtcc tggaattcac tttgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga    182040
     aatctgcctg cctctggctc atgaagcaca aggtgctaaa gaggaggtga agcaactgga    182100
     tgttttgagg ggagttagca gattccatcc tgaagagaag ctcattaaac tcaggaaaga    182160
     aacaattcag tggcttcagg aatttcccag aactgagtag attcactagg ctcctcctcc    182220
     tctgaaacac ataacgtgcc aagctgctga gagacactca gacaagtgag gctgactgga    182280
     agaagcagag accagctgag ctacctggag aggacaccat ctgacctgtt cagctgcctg    182340
     caggctgtgc agtgtgctct gggttcccag ctctgtgagc tgtcacccat tccggggtgg    182400
     gccttggtga ggcaggtgtc tttgagtcat ttctgctcct gtaaggaacc cctcctccca    182460
     tacttctgtc agtaacttga aaaaacctga ttagctcatc aagttagatt ttggtggtac    182520
     ccttattcca gtgtatcata gatttcctat ccaaggctag gtttggtgga catgccttta    182580
     accccaacat ttgggatgta ttactcagta gggtgtatga tatctgtatt aactgagcaa    182640
     gatggaggtt ggagacacag gcagagtgtg caggatacaa gaagtgctgg cttcagtcca    182700
     cagcactgga ctgcacatac cggcaattcc agcacttggg agattgagac agaagggtcc    182760
     aaagtggaag atcaccctct gatacataat gacttcaagg cagcctggcc tacatgagac    182820
     cctgactcaa gagaaaaaga caaaacaaat gaacaagcaa accaaccaac caaccaacca    182880
     accaaccaac caaccaacca accaaccaaa accccaagta ccttagctag taagcagtaa    182940
     gctcaagttt tttctcctag tgccagcagc tgaattcaga gcctcatcga ctttaggcaa    183000
     gccttgaggg tccaactaca tcccagccta gaaatattcc actgtaggaa tgtggaggtt    183060
     ttcctgttgc cgggaaaatg gtattttctt tcttgcttca gtctttcacc ctatgcctct    183120
     gcttcccatt gacctgactg gacacttcct ttaacataag ctacctaagg gatagcttta    183180
     ttccttgcta tcctttggat tttccccaca gttgaaacag acccaggcat atgtaaacac    183240
     tgtaaggata gagagagact gcttccttcc atgttaccca gtccagggcg tgctgtatgc    183300
     atacgtataa aaatatttta tttctcgatg ttttcagtac aaacatcaaa aagagaattc    183360
     catcaaagaa gtttctaaac ttattattag gttggttgca gggcaagtga gggagtgggg    183420
     ctataacggg agatatcggt gagaaaagga agaatgttaa ctcactccaa caaactcttt    183480
     actccctgga accaccggtc tgatactgta cattcatatt attttcagag tttcctgttt    183540
     ttattggcat gtgacattta ttaaaaacct atgatctccc acagcactca gtgcagttaa    183600
     ctgttcccac agctagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    183660
     agagagactg actcaagcat gcatgtatcc atgcacagct gtttatactg gttagtgcgg    183720
     ccagaaagca gtttggagac acccgtttac ttgttatcag ttagctctgt aaagcttggc    183780
     agaaagccga tcctgcaagc ctaggtctgc tggaatgtgt tctccaggaa caacggctca    183840
     ctcggtgaac actgctcggc tctgaagtag aacaaggacc gtcaaacatt cccgcagaaa    183900
     gtgtactttg gtctctgtct cagtgcctct cggaatggaa tctgtcacct ggctttcttc    183960
     accataaagc ccgctttaaa acaaaaatgg gaggaacgct ttcctatgct ttgggtagga    184020
     gacaaatgtg cttctgtaga acttgtggtt gaagaatgcg gacaaggctt ggctgaagaa    184080
     gacatacgtc accaccagcc accaggttaa gttgtggagc ccaaaggtga cagccatgga    184140
     gatgtagatc atcagctctg ctaggtagtt agctgaagac acgtactcga accagtctcc    184200
     aaaggggatc cggtgctggc agtggatgac cacacctgaa acggaagggc gatcgcttgt    184260
     taccgctcca cttctaagat cgctgacaga acctctaccg agtatctaat cctgtcaacc    184320
     cccactgccc atcaattgta gccaggcagg agtgttgcgt ggcttcaatt ctagcacttg    184380
     ggagggaggc acacgcagaa ggatctctct gagctctgag gtcagcctgg tctacctagt    184440
     gagttccagg acagccaggg ctacactaga atgacctcca tctcaaagca aaaacagcaa    184500
     tgagaaaaaa accaaccaac caaccaacca aataaaaaca aaaccaaaaa tcaaatcgaa    184560
     aaacctaaaa agccctctgc ttgggtttcc caccatttct cacaagcaca ctgcgtaact    184620
     ttacataaac tgctgaatct ccctgtgcct ctgtttcctc acccataccc acggagagtc    184680
     agcccaggct aactctttcc ctcagctggg gtcacaggac tccatactca aatgagtttt    184740
     ccatcaagta catgtgtgcg gcgccgtccc caggtctgcc acctcacttt acaagcagag    184800
     gattgtgatt cagtatggtg tttgtcaaaa gcgggtatct ggctgggcgg tggtggcgca    184860
     cgcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcagtggat ttctgagttc aaggccagcc    184920
     tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggatagcca gggctataca gagaaaccct gtctcggaaa    184980
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gggagtatct ggtatcgaca agggaaggaa gggatagagg    185040
     aagcagcccc tgaaggcgag aggccatttg agaagccccg gaagtcacct cacctttttt    185100
     gtttctcctg aggttgctga ggatgacgtg gcatttatac tgatgggcgg atgaccagaa    185160
     gaacatcacc atgcccagga tgtggaacca ccgggcttgt atcagtagat tcttccccag    185220
     aacatacact acgggaatag gagttctgtt agccagtgcc acagagttgc agcagtccaa    185280
     gaattacgtc accgtattac ccttgcccaa tggcctccgg acagctagag cagcttcccc    185340
     ggcagagacc gtactgacat cttccctcaa acattctgca agcgcttctg gagcaaactc    185400
     agtccacccc cgggtgactt acggtggggt cagattgctt tgtgcatcta tggctgagtc    185460
     ttcttgctca ttttttccca tccagaaaaa aattctctaa agaaatgtct ccctgagctg    185520
     ccacatggag cctggccagg gagatcatca atacagaaag ctgagttaac ccaggcatgg    185580
     tgggtacatg cctgtcagcc tagcacttgg gaagctgagg caagaggatc acgagttcaa    185640
     ggccagccaa gtacatagga gttcaaggac aatttggact acaaacctgg gagggaggag    185700
     ggaggaggga ggagggagga gggaggaggg aggagggagg agggagatgg agaagaaagc    185760
     atgcatacac tgcccagttc tggctagtag agagattttc tgaggtaaag ggtaactggt    185820
     ctctcataaa gagaagagca acacaacaag gccctttctg gatcagagag aactcagtct    185880
     gagacgctgt tcccaaagca gcagctcctg tagcgaggcc ttccctttga tgtggcacca    185940
     aggaaggaac ggagactgca gaaggactcc cagagcaagt cactggcacg agaacagcaa    186000
     acagaatcct taccatcatt agcagaactt acttcctcgt cttaactgaa gagataaaca    186060
     ctgtccactg aacaccggcc ataaccaggg gccctcaagc tgaggcaaag ccctaaaaag    186120
     ctgtttgagg taacagcacg gagggtcgcg gtgctctata cagagcccct caagtgggag    186180
     tcagctagtt aatggctgac aaggatccac caaactcacc tgtggtgatt tcagttccaa    186240
     actcgcctct tctgggccac agacactcct ttctcttaca taagggccct gtaagattgg    186300
     tctgcaccct tgaccaccga cacaggttct gaggccagac aaacccagtg gagtggaccc    186360
     aggcccacag acactcaaac ctacaggatt cctaccagat cctacagatg gcaaagacag    186420
     ctttccccac tgtggaggtg agttttgatt tgcctttttt gagatcgggc cttgctttgt    186480
     agtccttgct ggcctggaat acagtacctg gacaaagcta gctttgaact tgaagtggtc    186540
     ctcttgcctt tctaccctat gcactgagag tatagctgtg agcaacctaa cacccctggc    186600
     tggcatacac acccgctgcg aggcactctc cacttaaaca accccctccc tcttcgtgaa    186660
     gctgcttctt gtctgcagtg tttggtctca acactaagcg ggagtaacca atacagtcat    186720
     tctgccccag tgactccagg tgaccccgtg agcagtaacc aaatgaaatg gaagcagttt    186780
     tatagtgctt aggaagatat tttcgtgtgt tcctcagctg ccttttttga ctgtgggaag    186840
     ccacatgtgc cgttgcagag tggcactgac tactgctggc caccatgcat aagtttggac    186900
     aaacaaccaa tgtgtacata tgcagtaaag ttttttgcaa agacactgcc tggcccgggc    186960
     atgataatga ggctttgaga gtataaccaa tcagatgtga gacatgcaaa tgaggtatga    187020
     taatgaggct ctgtgaggta cagagagaga gagtagccaa tcagatgagg agcatgcaaa    187080
     tgaggtgtag tgcataacca atccaggtgt gagacacgcc tctcctaggc ctatataagc    187140
     agcaccagtt ctgggctcgg ggtctcttcg cctctgcaat caagctctcc caataaacgt    187200
     gtgcagaagg atcctgttgc agcgtcatta ctgctggcca gtccggcgcg tgcaagattt    187260
     gaccattttt ttttcttttt ttatgaggca gaatgtagaa gctgggctcc agccacagaa    187320
     ataaattcag aaaagtgatg taaggccaac agaagctgac agagagaaaa ctaatgggca    187380
     accaaggaat ctggaaagtt ctctggccaa ataaccccag atgatggctg tgcatctgaa    187440
     cacccagggg agacctgggc gggaagcctg atttgatgag tgattactat ggattttacg    187500
     tgagagctgt tctccggagg ttcagggatt tgaacccttg ggctccagtt ggtgagactg    187560
     tggaggttta ggaggtgcag ccttggaggg agcacagcag gtgagcctgg gactatacag    187620
     cctctcccta cttgcagttt tctcattctg cttcctaaac ctggctgaga cgtgagctct    187680
     cagctccctg ctcctggtgg ttcgctgcca tgcctagcct acctgctggg atcgactctc    187740
     agccctctgt cactgtgagc caagttaagg tcctccttct ggaagccatc ttggtcatag    187800
     tgttttatca cagcatccag aaagtatcca atacaatgaa atctggaggg attagaagag    187860
     cagctgcctg aatagctgga acgaataact aattcacaag ttgacgggct acctggtcaa    187920
     taagcctacc tttcaaataa ttcttacagc cccaggaagt gtattatagc aacagggcag    187980
     actttcagga gcactctgag actgaaatca aacgaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ggctcagtca    188040
     ctggtagttg gaaatacaga tcttcatctt aacttatgat aaaggacatg gaaaaaaggg    188100
     tcccagaaga tctgggctga aagcccaagg cttcaagatc aagctagcct cagcaccaaa    188160
     acaatcattc caatcaccaa agaggagaag aactctgtgt catatgtaca tatcgtctta    188220
     tgaaaccgag agtcagacag cggtgtgcag gtccgtgtaa aacaccaacc aacttcactt    188280
     ccttctcaca cacaaacgtt tgcttccctc ttcctggcta gagagcactt ggaaacctta    188340
     aggcaatctc catttagcac aacactcggt tttcctcttc cctcaggctg ccccacatga    188400
     agaagggctt tgtcgagaag gcagccatcc caagaaagaa agtcaggaga acagtttgca    188460
     ttccttcttc aaatccaagc tacttacctc aagcacctct gtctcctgat ctgtgattta    188520
     atcccacaga gtgacttcta gacaacgggg ctgtggggag gcctcttcct ttggtggccc    188580
     tttcttcgga ggctcccacc tgctgttcag atctcagctc tccttcctcc tcccacagtt    188640
     taacttcatt gtccttaaac ggccccagga atgatttgta ctgtcctatt gtccctgaag    188700
     gttctgctac ggatgctagt gctgttccta ggttttagtg gtcacgatgg ttaagaatct    188760
     acctgttgac atgatgactt tagaacctac tggcagggcc acttaccatt cttgtcatcc    188820
     atgggcactt ggctcagtac agtcaggcca acaagcacat agtagacaag cccgaaacag    188880
     tactgcacga cgtgaatggc tgcattagag aagacgctga cgtagaagca ctcaaagagt    188940
     ctccgaaggc tgtggaccca gaggaacacc aagaccaaga aggcagacag agccagctca    189000
     gccgctgcaa tgcaggagag aaggggacat ggccagtctc agtttctcct ccaggatcgg    189060
     gtcaagggtt gagtttactc actgtgcaac ctaagaccag agtcaaaggg ctacagagac    189120
     catttaaact aatgcttcct ccttcaaagt gtgaggacac aggctgagtg agtcacgtgg    189180
     taaattagtg gcagggtgct ggggaggggg acagcactca tctctgatgc cctcatttaa    189240
     aagccttctg gggtacatgg gcatcaccat gaaggctcga ggtgctcagg gctcagggtc    189300
     cgtgggtctt tagttcctga accgactcct gaatgtagtc ggtcagggac agactcatag    189360
     taatgttgga tcagtcctat ctggtgggac cacatcaagg gagagacaga ggcaggcatc    189420
     aagcaggtga atattccttt ccagatttaa ataaaataaa ataaaataaa ataaaataaa    189480
     ataaaataaa ggacaggttg gagttgaata gtgaagcact tacctggcat ccgagaagcc    189540
     ttggactcca tctccagggc tgccaaagga aaagcaaagg agaaatgaca cgcttgcaga    189600
     gagagagggc cccatgatcc accttcctaa aggcctgtca ttacatgctc caagaacata    189660
     ggagaaaaag ctcgttctta aaatatcata aacgctagtc cctgttctta aaaaagagta    189720
     acacaagcca ggtggtggta gggcacgcct ttaattccag cacttggaag gcagaggcag    189780
     gtggatttct gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacagcgtg agttccagga cagccagggc    189840
     tacacagaga aaccctgtct cgaaaaacaa aaaaaccaaa acaacaacaa caacaacaaa    189900
     aaagagtaac acagtcaggc actacaagga catagcccag tgaattctta ttcccaggtc    189960
     tcactgggac ccaggtgaag aacctgacca gcaatccctt agtgtttctt tctaagtatg    190020
     accctgcccc aaggtcaagg actccactcc aaagtctatc agtatagagt cacttgctct    190080
     ttgtatttta agtaaatgaa aacccagttt tcaattcttt atgaacatgt taaaacaaat    190140
     aataagaact cctcaaatct aatctaaata cataaacatg gcaagcaaca aagagacaca    190200
     tgcataaaca cggcaagcaa caaagagcat gcacgcatta ggacccccag cgccttccac    190260
     agagccctta ccactgctac tcagtttcat tgtttagcag aagactcaca atacaacatt    190320
     tctctttttg aactactaat ttatttactc tcttgaaagc atgtggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    190380
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg gtgtaggtca aggacagctt gcaggagtct    190440
     gtttccacaa catgggtctt gcacatgcac cttaaatcac cacatctggt gggaacaact    190500
     ttacccatga tccatctcac cagtccccaa acctttctaa acgtttacca aaaagtgatt    190560
     tttaatgtca agtttctctg agccctaaga ctcgattcca gctgtggctg gataaatgat    190620
     aaataaacgt gtctatgcaa acccgaggtt tttccaaagc ttcccctgct cgtgtgagac    190680
     catcttcata agattatcac gcactgataa tatcagaagg agaacagcca gtcccgcatt    190740
     cagcacaggt ttgcgagaca gccgaccagt gcctgacccc tgggcttggc taaggctcac    190800
     tgaggactgg ggaccaacta accaggcaaa ctctgtccgc cctcacttac caggccctgc    190860
     agagggacat gattggtgag aacacgaaca ggaaccagga ataggctagg gagccaaatt    190920
     accttggaac tgcgtggccc caagagttct gagcagagca ccaagccagt ttggaaaagg    190980
     tgctcccagg aacagcgact gagaaagcag ccagagcagg gagccattcc acacaactga    191040
     gatgacgtag aagtgagaaa agtacctgca gaaggaggaa gagttaggca gcggccagct    191100
     acaacctctc caagtccccg gacccgcccc ctccacccac atcccagagc agagtttcag    191160
     ttgtaaagag aacctgaatt ctacaggtgg gactatttca aaaggtacct ccaagtcaca    191220
     agacccatta gactggagta gaaaagggat cagttaacaa tctgtttctg ggtaacaaga    191280
     atggtccctg aattctcaca aggcgctgaa gaactaaatc gtgctaatat cagtgagatc    191340
     tgcgaaagtc cgttagatcc caaactggat catagtaatt gaacctggtc ctttgaaaca    191400
     gcagcgaatg ctcttaactg ctaaaccatc tttgcagtct catacacctc acttaaaatt    191460
     ttaaaattta tcattcattc gcgtgtgcac acgcactatt gcagatgacc caagttcgat    191520
     ttccagcacg catgtcaggg agctctgcct gcaccttcag ctaaactagc tggtcattag    191580
     ttcccacgct ccctagcact ggaattatag gtgatgtact atgtctggct tttatgagtg    191640
     cgctagggat cgaactcagc ttctctcgct tatgtggcag gccatttacg acttgatcca    191700
     ttttcttcct cctcaagcct tccaaattaa tttgaactca tgacctctgg aagagcagtc    191760
     agtactctta accgcttagc catctcacca gccccttaat ttttttataa tgcaaaaaaa    191820
     aattgcaaca ataacactag gtggcaacgc cttatgattc tatgtctcca acaactaaga    191880
     ccatgaacct attttatata aatcatttac aaagcaaata aacataatgg cacaaaacca    191940
     atgaaatgaa tgtaaaaggt gccgctgctt tgctaaaaca aaatcactca ccatgccagg    192000
     agcaccactg gggtactact atttggtggc caactccagc aaccctctct gctgtgctgt    192060
     aatggggaca cacccactgt gatggttcat aggtatggcc cctggagact catgtgtttg    192120
     aatgcttagt acatagggag tggtactact aggaggtgtg gccttgttgg agtgggtgtg    192180
     gtcttgatag aggaagtgtg tcactgtgca gggatgtgct ttgagctctc ctatgctcaa    192240
     gcattgtgat acagtgacat tgtacacaca gtctctcctt gctgcttgtg gatcaatatg    192300
     tgtaactctt gctccagcac catgtctgcc tgctgctgtt tcctgccatg atgataatgg    192360
     actaagcctc tgaaactata agccagcccc agtggacatg agttctcctt acagcaataa    192420
     aagcctaaga cagccatctt tttactcagg tattggggaa ttcttattcg aatgcttgca    192480
     tacctcccca gctccctcac aggttcttct gagctccacc ctcctatgcc tctcctatct    192540
     gaaacaccta ggatttttgc aaatacactg acagagaact tgaagggtga gacccaagtc    192600
     taaacacaga acatacttat atcactaata ccttatatac ctgatatgct aaaggtgacc    192660
     ttatataaat gttactgttt aatgtatctg ccgtttgacc atcaccaatc tcatgaaggt    192720
     aggtgtaaaa gattttctac atggggcact atgtccacac acaagagttt ggatgtcgaa    192780
     gcgtttcata ttttttgagt tagagatgct cagtttggat tttttctcct ctattcaaat    192840
     caattcaggt aatcacgtga cctcccctgg tctttcatac actaacaata atctcctttt    192900
     cttcttttca ctttgccttg agacaatcaa agatgactgg gcgccaaaga gaattaaaca    192960
     tcagctcaga agcctttcca cgtgggccag aacatgcctg taaaggaagt catgcctgca    193020
     cccatggcca gaatcccagt ttgacaaact ctgccctgat cccatcatcc tgctccagcc    193080
     cactctgtgc ccagctgcag ctggcaaatc ctgccagaat tatccaccca cccgactgtt    193140
     cagaaaccac gtaaagaaag gcctcatttc ctcaacagct tgtgcatcac agccatttgc    193200
     caccatagct cctagagtca gctctgttcc aggtcatcct taaaacatac tgtccggagc    193260
     ttagcccaag tgcgggctga acactctggc catgcaaggt taagacgctt ttcactgtat    193320
     gctttgcagg ttttggggag aaggaagggc tgggtacttg atctattttt tctttcataa    193380
     gtattgaggt ccaacttaaa gtgggttagg ccaagttcta ggagcctgaa cttgaaggat    193440
     gtaaacagac ctggtctaag tcttaatggg agacccgttt agtggagtaa gtaatgtttt    193500
     caggcatcta ttgtaatatt tgacaaggga ccagagtagt agggatgtca ttatggatca    193560
     gtgatttggt ggcttttctg gaagggacat ctgtacagaa tatgcaaacc ttgcatgctt    193620
     ccttaaaatg cttctttaat aaactttatt attgctgggc ggtggtggca cacgtcttta    193680
     atcccagcac ttggggggca gagacaggcg gatttctgag ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta    193740
     caaagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctat acaaaagaga aaccctgtct tgaaaaacaa    193800
     acaaacaaaa accaaacaaa taaataaata aactttatta ttaaaaaaca aacaaacaaa    193860
     aaagaacctt gagggggctg gagagatggc tcaatggtta agagcactga ctgcttttcc    193920
     agaggtcctg agttcaattc ccagcaacca catggtggct catgaccatc tgtaattgga    193980
     tctgatgtca acctctggtg tgtctgaaga cagctactca tataaacaaa ataaataaat    194040
     cttaaaaaca aaaacccaac cttgcaaata aataaaaaca tcacacacta aaattagcta    194100
     aaccaaggtc tattcaattg agtaataccc ttctatattg ttagcatggg cattcagaat    194160
     ggagctgtga agttgtacat tagattttac actttcagta tctaatatat tttatgtact    194220
     tatctgccac caaataacta aaaaattaat ggtagaatta ggaaaacaat tagttctata    194280
     tcctccttta acaactggta ttctatatcc agttctttcc tgccccttac atttagcctt    194340
     tttccttctc ctttcttcat ggtataatgt agccacatgt atatgtgttc acacatacat    194400
     ggatcattgg ctagggtctg catatgagag agaacattta atttattttt ttgtgaggtt    194460
     gtgtgacttc acttacttaa tagcatacat cttaagccta agcattccac atgaagttaa    194520
     aattttgcag gaaaatggat ggactatgaa aatgagtgta cactattaag tgaggtgcct    194580
     ttcacactgt ccaagcagag gaaaagacta caagggccct gggggtgtgt gtgttctggg    194640
     tgtgctccct ctgtggcttc cttgtggttg tgtaacataa ccaggaagag gggacagagg    194700
     acacagagcc ctataagggt gctggctttt gtactaggga atccctctag gcttaccaaa    194760
     aataaagcat tttttaaaag ttttcagttt caaaagatcc atctgaatat tttgagatgg    194820
     gctggggaga tggccgagca gccgttaaaa cacttgctgc tcttccaaaa ggccaaggtt    194880
     caattcctag cactatagtg gctcacaacc atcaaaccca tctacttccg agggataggg    194940
     atccccgttc tcgcctccag gggcaccagg catgcacatg atgcccagac atatatgcag    195000
     gcaaaacatt cctaagcaaa aaataatgag catctatcta tctgctgatg acatggaggc    195060
     tgtttagttg tgacataaag gacatagcct gggaagcagg ggaagaggca tggttatgaa    195120
     atgtcatctt cacaacaata ccatagtttg ctttcttctc gtggcacatg gaaaactact    195180
     ggtttcttat ccaagggcac agcagtggct acagttggct ctaggtgcag ctagaatgac    195240
     tggtgtttac atcacactgt tgctcccttg ccttcagacg aggcttgcct gagcgtcttt    195300
     tcctagccct gcatcacaca cagccaattt atgtgaaacc tacaggcagg tgaatcagtt    195360
     gtttcaaatg aactgctaag ctatgcctta catacggcgc tacttctccc acgccagctt    195420
     tactttaaac acacatcact gtttttcagt ctcacattct gttctgctgt ctgaacgtct    195480
     taacacagga aacactttct ggtctttata ggaggtccta tgtcttgctt tgtcttactt    195540
     gtcttttttt ttttttccgg agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact    195600
     cactttgtag accaggctgg cctcaaactc agaaatccgc ctgcctctgc cttccaagtg    195660
     ctgggattaa aggcgtgcgc catcacagcc cggccttgct tgtctttata aagacttaaa    195720
     atgcacatct caaatcctca ctgccttctg gctaagacat gctcctcctt ctgttcctcc    195780
     gttttcctcc ttctgtaact tgcttcctag aaatgccgtt ttccaagtcc tgagagtagg    195840
     acacagctat ctttatgact atacatggtg tgggtactcc tttgaccaac aactacttgg    195900
     gtgtttgtta tgggctatgg ctgaacgcag ggaggaaaaa ggactcttgg cagatgcaga    195960
     attatcattt taagtaaggc aggtatggaa ggccttactg aagatactgt atctgagctt    196020
     ttaccatgag cccggtgagg gggacaagca aacaccctga aaacttagac aaacaagcaa    196080
     gccaacaata gatcccatgc tggagaatag gaaacaacat tccaggaact gacttaggtt    196140
     ttattcttgc ttccttagga gaaataatta ccagcgaaag gacctaaata ctaccctatg    196200
     tgcagaaacg gggttctgcg ctgcctgttt gtaagtgtgg aagtcaccaa cttaattttt    196260
     attttcattc ctggcgatgt cattacattt tgcaaaagga gaaactattc aaaaatgttt    196320
     aagtcggaag cactttagct aaggttacca aatactataa aatctggatt agccgagatg    196380
     ttacaaagtg tctcccgcca gggtaatcca ctgccattgg acttttcaga caggactcag    196440
     gtctgcaagg tggaagagct tgcctggcac cctggaggtc aggagttcgg catcttacac    196500
     cgacaggcag gctgcaaggg ctagccgcca cactcactgt acaaccagcc tgaatttgtg    196560
     aacacatgga tgaaaatgtt gaagatggca ggtccctccc aggtctgtca tgaggatcaa    196620
     ggggagaaag gctttcaagt ccttagcatg tgacatacga gcaactccgc tgtggtagtg    196680
     ctctctaact caattattat aatttcccca ttatgaatgt gctaagcaca atgccatggg    196740
     aggtcctctg gaaataggga aatgaaaact tgtcaactcc agttatcccc ttttcatata    196800
     aaaggggggg ggggggcagc cattacaaag gacaatgttt tgatgcaaat attcccgttt    196860
     tggttgtttt gttttgtttt taaacctttg tctcaattaa aaatgccttt ccttataggc    196920
     ctggatttgt tggaccttct ccagtattga aggaaaaaca aacaaacaaa aaccaactca    196980
     atttagggaa aaacaatagg ccctgtcacc tcggagcacc tgaacacctt gggaagttct    197040
     gctctgagtt ctggaagaag gaaagaataa ttatttcaca atactgttaa gaattagaag    197100
     aagcccagag taccaagtgt taccgggatg aatacaggga aggcccacct ctttcttggc    197160
     tgtcacacaa aggcagactt gagtgtagca gctgaggagt cccatccaga gagactgagt    197220
     ataagtgatt tttaagtgtg ctttgaactc tggggacact agaacctctc tcaaaagtca    197280
     gaaaataaat tgctatatag cataagggat ataggccaat caaacccgag gataagagga    197340
     cggtaggatg gtcttaaaat tgggcctcta aggaagagtt cttccgggtc ttaatctctt    197400
     taccattcat tcttcacaat gacatggtac tctgctctca cactaacccc ctgaaagacc    197460
     ccctccaaca gtcaggacat agctggggcc agttgatagc cccaccgcca tctgcagagg    197520
     tgggcaacgg ctacagattt ctaaagcaat ctagatgaat ccgtcagaac ccatcacatt    197580
     ccttccaatt caattctaaa tgcaaatgcg tgatgaattt cataaaaaaa aatgacacag    197640
     ctttattatc tagaatactg tgttaagatg acttctccat ctacatactg aattcatcgt    197700
     ggagttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaagaa agaaagaaaa ggaaaggaaa gccatgtggc    197760
     gggtctcaca tattctcagc ggagtccata tgtaccccgg aagattttag tatttcacaa    197820
     cttggttact gagccttccg ggatgggttg gggcagggca tactgggcta gtttgccaga    197880
     gcacctgtgg agatgcaggt tagtgatgtc tgcacagccc caggggagca cactctggac    197940
     ttctttcttg actgtgacag atcgggctga gaactgcgga aatcgaggaa gaacttgcct    198000
     ccaagtccat gaatttccac gacctcaagt tctggggagg ggaagcggaa aactgggggt    198060
     aaagaagtca gggcggctcc ctgggggccg ggccaacttg agatgctctg tcatttccgg    198120
     ggacggctcg gggacagccc ctggctcacg tgcctgcgcc gcctctgttg ccccctgccg    198180
     ggcgcgcccc gccaccgacg ttacctcttg gggacatcga aggccctgca gacggcgggg    198240
     cgccgcgagc cggactgctt ggtcttcccg tagcggagca ggtcctggaa gagcgcgcag    198300
     ctcggcagca gcctggcggg cgccagctgc agcagcagcg cgaacaggaa ggcggcggcc    198360
     agcgccagcc acagcgtccg cagggggttc agggccgaga gctcaaaccc ggcccaccca    198420
     gccatagccc gggagccggc tacagatgcg cgccgccgcg ccgccctcct tctctcaccc    198480
     cctccctccc tcccgcctcg gcggcgcgct tggcggtgac gcggctcctg ggcgggacgc    198540
     gcggccccgc ccctggctag gcgctcagga gctgggttgt gctcctgctc acctggtttg    198600
     agcaggctgc gctttagact tgtactgcct ctaatctaat tccgagatgc aactccaact    198660
     tgaagttctg caggagcatg cgagaccacg tgctacagtc caagtcttgt agagatacgt    198720
     tacacctatt tattaagtgg agtggagcta tgccaagagg tgtgggtggg agcccaagac    198780
     agcttggggg gaattggttc tctccttcca ccatgtggcg cttcggggat cctattctag    198840
     aggtcaggtt ctcaccagcc tgtgtaagtt tctataaact ttgactgcgg gattactgct    198900
     gcgaaaaagt gtgaagagaa attttggttg aagtacaggc tgaattcttg gctgggtccc    198960
     tagagggggc ccccaggagt caagatgcga aggatcttaa taccacgctg gtctaccaga    199020
     agcaccagat tcattagcat actccagatg gggatcgctg taaattcagg gatgacctct    199080
     ggaaagacct cggtgaggga attctacact ttgtcaactg taggctggag ctgctccggc    199140
     aaactctgga ttttggagtg gaaaagcaga gtaatgccct caatggacct acgtttttca    199200
     cccatctgct ccatggacaa agtgtttaac tagctgtgtc tgctgccttt atggctagga    199260
     atgaaaagat ttggaagacc tttatgcact cattggctcg agtccatggg gcagtggggg    199320
     tgagggggaa ggcaaggtat gagacagcaa atctccaaaa acctccctcc acggatctgg    199380
     ctcagatgct gtctttcagg catcagtgga aaacaccatc acgtgttaga tgaaggcctg    199440
     gttccctgtt gacagctgct tagtggtatt tcaggctatc gggtccttga gtaatgcagg    199500
     ctactcagaa aggaggaagc aaatgggatc caattgtgta cccctataat acaagtcttt    199560
     atcacagcct tgctttcaac agaaaaatga ctacacccct aaatctgcct tgatgcgttt    199620
     agccaaatta tggtacactc ccattttctc tcttaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa agattacaga    199680
     gtgggggaaa aaaagaatac ttttatttat agattgtatg tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgactg    199740
     gcccatccat gtcaataatc attaataata tagttaagct tcctctcctc agttatataa    199800
     ctctggcctg tgtcaagttg acaaaactaa caaaagcaac caggacattc gagttcctgc    199860
     tccagcctcc tgctatcgtg cctcccctga caacacgggc ccttcctctg gaactgtgag    199920
     ccaacacgtt cttctgtaag ttgttcttga tcattgtttt gtatcacagc aacaacaaaa    199980
     agatattgtt actaatacag agtctcagca agagcagtat ttatcttagc aattgagcca    200040
     tctccccgcc tcccactaac accgtatcag cagaatgcca tgtggctgtt ggtaggtaac    200100
     tatggagact gagcacacag aaagcagtca atgaaaccgt tgtgtgacaa cgctttcccc    200160
     ggggagacat acacacatct actgacccca gataggaagc tcctgatgga cacacactga    200220
     tgccaccaca gtctgagtcc gtgaactaag gagttttctg gggttgttag gctggaaacc    200280
     ctgctcatcc cctgcccaag ctaggaaaca ggtctgcctt cctccccctg agcccactca    200340
     catggaggaa actccaaact ctcatgtcat ccctcctctg agaggacccc aatcactcca    200400
     ttttagaaca ggcagccatg ttaggcctta agcctcagtt tcccaaggaa gcaggcaagg    200460
     cttctcagaa aaaccccaga caatgggcca ccaatcagca actgccctga catccggcta    200520
     agggagacag tcagccccag gactgagaca gttcctggaa tttatctaag gcctgacaaa    200580
     agtggcaaaa caaatacagc aaccaataaa aaaggtaact gctgcttacc tagccaatca    200640
     tatttaaaat gacctaacca tccctagaat tatcctatct gcacttagaa gaagcttgca    200700
     tgctctcccc gggggtctcc attgtgtata atggctgatc aatgaatgct gtttgtttcc    200760
     aaagaataaa cactctttgc tttttcatac tacttaactt tgggggtttt cctttagcaa    200820
     ctcttggacc cttacacttc atattcctgt ttccagcacc ccactcaaga atgcctgccc    200880
     aggggctcac tttttgacca tgtgtgatgg tttatatgtg ctaggcctag ggagtagcac    200940
     tattagaagg tgtggcccta ttagagtagg tgtgtcacta tgggtgtggg ctttaatacc    201000
     catgacctag ctgcctggaa gccagtatcc gctagcagcc ttcaggtaaa gatgtagaac    201060
     tttcagctcc tccatgcctt tctgaatgct gccatgctcc tgcctggatg aaaatgggct    201120
     gaacctctga acctgaaagc cagccccaat taaatgttgt cctttataag acttgccttg    201180
     gtcatagtgt ctgtttacag ccgtaaaacc ttaaatgagc catcatgtat ggacacaatc    201240
     ccagctccta gctgacacac cattactcct cacctaagcc ctataaaacc ctctggcttt    201300
     agtctgagtg atatgtgaca ggtgatatct ccacctgtga gatcggtgag cccacctgaa    201360
     tgctgcctcc taataaacct gcctttaact actttcatct gatctaatct ggcctatatc    201420
     tgaatcacgg agagagaaaa acacctatca gttacttaca gaaatatggg tttcagaggt    201480
     tcagtctatt atcatcatgg taggaagcat ggcagcatcc aggcagacac tgtgctggag    201540
     agggagctga gagttctacg tcttgatctg aaggcagcag aaagagaacc tgtgcactac    201600
     actgggagtg gcttgagtgt aagagacctc aaaggtcacc cccacagtga ctcattacct    201660
     ccaaaaaggc cacacctcct aatagtgcca ctccctatgg accaagcata caaacacgta    201720
     aatctatgga agctatacct atttaaacca ccacaatggg taaggggcta ctcatgagat    201780
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagactcaa agacagctgc atcaccaaag tacactccag    201840
     cataggggca gctcacgcag ctgtgagctt gaacttggag cacactgaag agcctgcagg    201900
     cagctccaca cgttggagag tgtccaaagg ccttaacagt ttctaaacct tttgtagggg    201960
     gctgtgatgg tttcttcgtc ttccatgcag ctgctgccag ggttatcttt gcagttcttc    202020
     ttctcagaga gtctttaagc tcagctccct tctgtctgag ggcaactctc cttttattgc    202080
     ttactctggt agggaggggc ctaatgaatt cggtcagttt cagggacttc ctgaagctct    202140
     tttgagttgc ttacctgctg acttaagggg cttcctgcag aagggcatgt ttgattgtgg    202200
     agagaactgt tacacaacag atgcttaaaa ttgctacaca ctgttgaggt ttggtctgtc    202260
     actatgtatt gtaatgctaa agtctgttgt aacagggtct agttgcctca cgagagtgaa    202320
     ttcttacgta tgccagattt tgttgtgcaa accttgctcc ttaattaaaa accattggtt    202380
     aataaagatg tctacagcct atagctggca gaagagaggc aggcagggct ttgatttctg    202440
     ggcttgggtc tgaggagaga cccagaggaa gaaaggaaga ggaggaagga ggaagatgcc    202500
     ataggggaag tggattatga aaacatggcc atgagggctg gtctgttgga gaaggagcag    202560
     cccaggcgga atctgcaaat gatatctcag ggttactgac aggaacaata gacaaactag    202620
     catagaaggt taatatctgg ccagctctaa tgctttaagg tttattataa agatttgttg    202680
     tcttttgttt gggaactaaa tggtctaagg tgggacagga ccccccaaat aaaatttact    202740
     gtaacactat ggtgtccaac ttacagcaat tagaacccaa gcctatggag aacaggtgaa    202800
     agatctccat cagagcttgc tggcctggtc tttttaaaaa gaacaaaagc agaccaaagc    202860
     ctgagggcac aacagctgca acatctccaa gctcagtgca gttaaaagta cactagagag    202920
     agctgggcct gaagccatgg cctgaagggt gtagaagcgt gggttggaaa ggcctggcca    202980
     gggctggctt aggcagaacc aggatccctg agctatctga aaagctaggg ctggtctagc    203040
     aacagcacaa ggtgcaaaat aaaaagcccc aagcatctga actggaaaag tattaaattt    203100
     aaagttggta aatcgaaact cttaaggaga gagtcacaga ctacgggttc tttttagttg    203160
     ctgttgtcct ggagctagtt acaatatgct cagtaatgac cacagctttc tgtgccctct    203220
     ctaagaagaa gaaagcagcg ttgggtaagg agagaacaga gagatagaat gccaaattgc    203280
     aagcaataaa agtagaggaa gaaaaaagcc tcttccccat ggtggctggg gggaagaaag    203340
     tttatggcaa ctggaactta gagcttgctg gctatgagat gattgtcacc aacacagtgc    203400
     accaacacct aacatctaag gcataatgta ggggtatgct gtgtgaaact atctttgtcc    203460
     ttcctcgcct acctaaggca ttctctgatt ggctttcata aaaatctgat ggccaattag    203520
     ctgggctgga agtgaaaggt gggacttcct gggaggaaga aaggaactct aggaagaaga    203580
     aggaaaactt tttgccagga gacatgggag gagtgggaca tgattactac tagcttggaa    203640
     ggtatagtta gacatgtgac tggatggagt gaggtagtca ggttgacata gatgacctaa    203700
     atgagattct gcccagctaa ggccttaggc cttcaaatat taaagggtct ctatgtggtt    203760
     atttgggaaa aggctggtta aggaataatc gccactgtat taatttccag cactaatata    203820
     tacagaatat taacaatcat tttaatttac agaataatat gctgcaacat gagataacat    203880
     agctggcccc aaaatttaga gttttcttgt ttctttgctt gatttttttt ttgtttgaat    203940
     tttttttttt tctgattgtg ctaaatagaa aagatatttt atcgtttggc attactaaaa    204000
     tatagaagat ttttaaggat tttaagtaag ttcagaatgt tgctacagtt caaatttgct    204060
     gttttctaaa tcacagagtt agaatgactt gaaactgagc aaggggtggc ggtacacatc    204120
     tttgccttta atcccggtac agaggaaaga gataggcaga gcgctgcaga ttctaggccc    204180
     tgggtggtct acacaatgaa gtcagggacc cctgctgata agacaaagct gcctgcaaat    204240
     gacaatctga aatccagaat gacacatttt attttcctta aagatcataa gtttctgcct    204300
     tatactaaat agaaatcttc cttagccatt taaaagataa atacacatca gccataaatt    204360
     caaaaaaaag aggaatatag gtatatttaa ctatgtatgt aaggtgtgtt tatgatttca    204420
     attggaaaga taacactttt tctgtgcccc cagaagcatt ttgccttaga aaagatatat    204480
     ttggctagtt aatgtaatga cccagagttc aagttggagc agggttgttt gcttttatct    204540
     ttccaggaga agaaaaacat ccatagaaga aaaggaatcc agggaccgct agacaagaga    204600
     ataaaaaata ctactgct                                                  204618