ID   AF125314; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 300285 BP.
AC   AF125314;
DT   02-JAN-2000 (Rel. 62, Created)
DT   14-NOV-2006 (Rel. 89, Last updated, Version 5)
DE   Mus musculus chromosome X clones MP1-C03180, MP1-C22301, CT7-374D15,
DE   proximal part, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-300285
RA   Galgoczy P., Platzer M.;
RT   "Chromosom X genomic sequence";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-300285
RA   Platzer M.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (02-FEB-1999) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Analysis, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Beutenbergstrasse
RL   11, Jena 07745, Germany
RN   [3]
RP   1-300285
RA   Lagemann D., Platzer M.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (27-AUG-2004) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Analysis, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Beutenbergstrasse
RL   11, Jena, Thuringia 07745, Germany
DR   MD5; f445d65d99e3cacaed5511e5339a21ad.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000015214; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0035782; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0035765; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0035687; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0035752; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0035455; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0036282; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0034747; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0035430; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0035583; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0035534; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0035672; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0035569; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0036303; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0034447; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0034889; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000015358; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0096290; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0096379; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0096320; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0096303; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0095854; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0096812; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0096448; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0095774; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0095978; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0095824; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0096012; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0095787; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0097156; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0095865; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0094833; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; Q9Z2C4.
DR   InterPro; IPR000387; TYR_PHOSPHATASE_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR003595; Tyr_Pase_cat.
DR   InterPro; IPR004182; GRAM.
DR   InterPro; IPR010569; Myotubularin-like_Pase_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR011993; PH-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR016130; Tyr_Pase_AS.
DR   InterPro; IPR029021; Prot-tyrosine_phosphatase-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR030564; Myotubularin_fam.
DR   InterPro; IPR030587; MTMR1.
DR   InterPro; IPR037857; MTMR1_PH-GRAM.
DR   MGI; MGI:1858271; Mtmr1.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q9Z2C4; MTMR1_MOUSE.
CC   On Aug 27, 2004 this sequence version replaced gi:6651000.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC        Center: Institute of Molecular Biotechnology
CC        Center code: IMB
CC        Web site: http://genome.imb-jena.de/
CC        Contact: gscj-submit@genome.imb-jena.de
CC   -------------- Project Information
CC        Center project name: mX25-mX9
CC        Center clone names: MP1-C03180, MP1-C22301, CT7-374D15
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC        Sequencing vector: M13mp18; 100% of reads
CC        Chemistry: Dye-terminator Big Dye; 100% of reads
CC        Assembly program: Phrap; version 0.990329
CC        Consensus quality: 299843 bases at least Q40
CC        Consensus quality: 300273 bases at least Q30
CC        Consensus quality: 300285 bases at least Q20
CC        Quality coverage: 9.21x
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all
CC   regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
CC   30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone or more than one subclone.
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence is part of a larger genomic contig. The start of this
CC   sequence is directed towards the centromere. The start  (1..250) of
CC   this sequence overlaps with the end of the neighbouring Acc_number
CC   AF125313.
CC   --------------
CC   Neighboring sequence information: This sequence is overlapped by
CC   CT7-508o14, CT7-549H18, CT7-552o8, RP21-438P10.
CC   --------------
CC   Sequence Quality Assessment:
CC    This entry has been annotated with sequence quality estimates
CC    computed by the Phrap assembly program.
CC    All manually edited bases have been reduced to quality zero.
CC    Base-by-base quality values are not generally visible from
CC    the GenBank flat file format but are available as part of this
CC    entry's ASN.1 file.
CC   ----------------------.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..300285
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="X"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          1..3037
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="CT7-508o14"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          1..34237
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="CT7-549H18"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          1..93772
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="CT7-552o8"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          88771..165711
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="MP1-C03180"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          156213..300285
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="CT7-374D15"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          199129..276443
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="MP1-C22301"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   source          208973..300285
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone="RP21-438P10"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    3267..3275
FT                   /note="bacterial transposon excised"
FT   misc_feature    4747..4786
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   variation       19951
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: CT7-549H18"
FT   misc_feature    21150..21276
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    21988..22171
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    27658..27716
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    28425..28465
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    29698..30177
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    42896..43320
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    45307..45706
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    45931..46683
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    51822..51932
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    74499..74658
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   variation       91185..91188
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-C03180"
FT   misc_feature    91217..91232
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   variation       91882..91889
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: CT7-552o8"
FT   misc_feature    94075
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   unsure          94075
FT   misc_feature    97086
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   unsure          97086
FT   misc_feature    99224..99289
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   misc_feature    145832..146051
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   variation       160106..160109
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       165061..165076
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       165605..165612
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-C03180"
FT   misc_feature    192086
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   unsure          192086
FT   misc_feature    192309..192463
FT                   /note="pcr product sequence only"
FT   misc_feature    192893..192982
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   variation       199368
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       199506..199508
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   misc_feature    204164..204439
FT                   /note="pcr product sequence only"
FT   variation       207169
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       208626
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       209999
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       211821
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       212717
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP21-438P10 , CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       213376
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP21-438P10 , CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       213900
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       214183..214188
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: CT7-374D15 , RP21-438P10"
FT   variation       214209
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       214219..214224
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       215259
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       215735..215748
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP21-438P10 , CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       215833
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       215874..215896
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       215900..215906
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       215936..215959
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       216015
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       216104
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       216174
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       216498
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       217185
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       217776
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       217812
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: RP21-438P10 , CT7-374D15"
FT   misc_feature    217875
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   unsure          217875
FT   variation       217875
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: CT7-374D15 , MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       217876
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   misc_feature    217919..217957
FT                   /note="single stranded/single chemistry region"
FT   variation       218947
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       219029
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       219036..219037
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       220479
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP21-438P10"
FT   variation       220949
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       222078
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-C22301 , MP1-D0756"
FT   variation       222331
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-D0756 , MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       222672..222681
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP21-438P10 , CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       223174
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       223718
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       223778
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: RP21-438P10"
FT   variation       223852
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       223864..223865
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       223911
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: CT7-374D15 , RP21-438P10"
FT   variation       224293
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-D0756"
FT   variation       224459..224462
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-D0756 , MP1-C22301 ,
FT                   CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       224513..224536
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-D0756 , CT7-374D15 ,
FT                   MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       225150
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       225320
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       225686
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       225787..225788
FT                   /replace="ct"
FT                   /note="TG substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       226229
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       226376
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       229052
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       229922
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-C22301 , MP1-A05125"
FT   variation       230115
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-A05125 , MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       230417
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       231764
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       231901
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-C22301 , MP1-A05125"
FT   variation       232889
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       233034..233037
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-C22301 , MP1-A05125"
FT   variation       233047
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-C22301 , MP1-A05125"
FT   variation       235042..235054
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-D0756 , MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       235548
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-A05125 , MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       235590
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       235698
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-C22301 , MP1-A05125"
FT   variation       235717
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-A05125 , MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       235750
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-A05125 , MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       235766
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: MP1-A05125 , MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       235769
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: MP1-A05125 , MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       235802
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-A05125 , MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       235822
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-C22301 , MP1-A05125"
FT   variation       235828
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: MP1-C22301 , MP1-A05125"
FT   variation       235883
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       235910
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       236779
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       236783
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       237575
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       238051
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP21-438P10 , CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       238693..238694
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       240287
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       240452
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       240612
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       240918
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       241987
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       241997
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP21-438P10"
FT   variation       241998
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-A05125 , MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       242017
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       242098
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       242761
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-A05125"
FT   variation       243427..243428
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: CT7-374D15"
FT   misc_feature    243439..243441
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   variation       243439
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   unsure          243441
FT   variation       243495
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       243632
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       243669
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-A05125"
FT   variation       244737..244739
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       244756..244758
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP21-438P10"
FT   variation       245038
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-D0756"
FT   variation       245406
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       245827
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-C22301 , MP1-A05125"
FT   variation       246006..246017
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       246408
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       246567
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP21-438P10 , CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       247298
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       247789..247796
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP21-438P10"
FT   variation       247789..247794
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: CT7-374D15"
FT   misc_feature    247795
FT                   /note="low quality region"
FT   variation       247795
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       247796..247797
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       247797
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: RP21-438P10"
FT   variation       247799
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       247804..247806
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP21-438P10 , CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       248806
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-D0756"
FT   variation       249790
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: MP1-A05125"
FT   variation       250753
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       251039
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       252582
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       252664..252665
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP21-438P10 , CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       252780
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       253297
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-A05125"
FT   variation       253495
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP21-438P10 , CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       253838
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       253889
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       254797
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: MP1-A05125 , MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       254837
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-A05125 , MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       254880
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-A05125 , MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       255136
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP21-438P10 , CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       255184
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       256221
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-D0756 , MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       256721
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-A05125 , MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       257531
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-A05125 , MP1-D0756"
FT   variation       257766
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-A05125 , MP1-D0756"
FT   variation       258451
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-A05125"
FT   variation       258549
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-A05125"
FT   variation       258666
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-D0756"
FT   variation       258689
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-D0756"
FT   variation       259353
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: MP1-C22301 , MP1-D0756"
FT   variation       260512
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       261076
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       261509
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       262402
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-A05125 , MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       262450
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-A05125 , MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       262573..262582
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP21-438P10 , CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       262619
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       262748
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       262991
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-C22301 , MP1-D0756 ,
FT                   MP1-A05125"
FT   variation       268774
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       270967
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP21-438P10 , CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       271643..271648
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-A05125 , MP1-C22301"
FT   variation       272587
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       272647
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: CT7-374D15"
FT   variation       272671
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: MP1-C22301 , MP1-A05125 ,
FT                   MP1-D0756"
FT   variation       274020..274035
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: MP1-C22301 , MP1-A05125"
FT   variation       274099
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: CT7-374D15 , RP21-438P10"
FT   variation       280392
FT                   /replace="a"
FT                   /note="G substituted in clone: MP1-D0756"
FT   variation       280695..280697
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: CT7-374D15 , RP21-438P10"
FT   variation       284845..284848
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP21-438P10"
FT   variation       285621
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-D0756"
FT   variation       285651
FT                   /replace="g"
FT                   /note="A substituted in clone: MP1-D0756"
FT   variation       290203
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: MP1-D0756"
FT   variation       292457
FT                   /replace="c"
FT                   /note="T substituted in clone: MP1-D0756"
FT   variation       299922
FT                   /replace="t"
FT                   /note="C substituted in clone: MP1-D0756"
FT   variation       299977..299978
FT                   /replace=""
FT                   /note="deleted in clone: RP21-438P10 , CT7-374D15"
SQ   Sequence 300285 BP; 86993 A; 61935 C; 62344 G; 89013 T; 0 other;
     aatccagccc atagttagca acatatctgt gtgacccttg taagacatcc tccagatttc        60
     tggctgcccg gcttgtataa gtggcatcta taggggagga gggtacctgt ggaggtggcc       120
     ctgggagaag aagttgtagc taagcccagg agctttgagt caaagcctcg ccagtgctgc       180
     ctgcccatgc ctccttcaaa gtaactgtga ctgcaaagct cctctgggag aaaagtgagc       240
     agacttggcc aagtgactgc cttggccctt aagaagtagt gggaagacac agcaagcatg       300
     aattcaggcc acaagcaaaa gacccagcca tcccagagcc ttatgggacc cggagacaaa       360
     ctttaagcca aggggcaaca cagggcagtt attaagcatt ggatctctgg caccaaagcc       420
     cttgggctca acccatgctc cattatgcgt tagctctatg accttgtgta ggtcagcaag       480
     tcgtttagcc tgtcaaggcc tcagtgtccc aatttgtcaa gtggaaaaaa tgaaaacatg       540
     tcataaaact cttgtgcaat gtttaaaaaa agcacaagga ggatcactga ccaaccctga       600
     acatcctgct gccagctccc cagtactgag actataggca ggtatcactg ttgtgtagga       660
     tttccttcct aagtaaaaca ttccctccta cagggaggag ggaggctcat aagactcatg       720
     gaagtagaga acctgacaag tcttggggag cccaaactga cagggctctt tataagaccg       780
     ctttagaaga ctctaggagg ttcagactgg agcctcagtc tacaggtgat actgagccaa       840
     ggataaaaga agagaggcag ctgggttaag aaggcatcac tggacaagta gtttaaaaca       900
     tttctgtacc cttgctggaa aggaaggcca gtttccttac aaaggtggtt catggaccta       960
     tttaacctta aagaaacaca aggaagctgg gcactaaggc ctgtctgtgt cacattgttt      1020
     ttcccgtaag ctacttagat cctttacaat tcaagattcc ctttggtaaa agaaatggta      1080
     aaagaagagt tgggtagtcc tccttccttg agcatctcat catttcaaag ctgtctcctt      1140
     aagtcaccag cctatccata caaggatcgc ctagatctcg gcagaactga cagcttcatc      1200
     ctttactcag tgatgttctt ctaggcatag caaccctgct gtgttccaac agtctatgcc      1260
     catcatgcct gaaaacaaag tcctaggcct cactctatgt atgtctcttt ccaaggagat      1320
     attcctgctg tcatcagtcg cctcttcctt ctccatgaga agatttggag tttggaagga      1380
     atggtgtcct cccttgagca aaatatctca gtaaaaattt attaacatgc tattctcatt      1440
     tacatttcct tgtcagtaac attctgtcca caatattccc aaggcattat tctctgaaaa      1500
     catcctcaga caacttgaag attacagtaa ccacaggaag gatgtaagga aaaagacagt      1560
     ttctactacc caaaataatg ttttttgtgt ctgtgacaat agctttgaaa gctatgcttt      1620
     aattacttac tgagataaaa ctagtctttg gttactgtga tgctcagttt tatgtgtcac      1680
     ttggaataga ctgataccac tagtcattcc atcaaacact agtctaggta ctgttgctat      1740
     aggtagggtc tacaatcagc tcattttaag taaaagagat cctcgagaat gtgggcctca      1800
     gccatctgtt gagaagactt aacaactggg ctaaaaacgc agctgcagct aagtggcaga      1860
     atgctcttct ggaatgtaca aggccctggc tttgatctcc agcactgcgg ggaagactta      1920
     ggaacaaggt taaaaatttc cctaaggaac aagaaattgt gtctcaacac agaaactatc      1980
     cacattcctt gcctgccacc tgccttgtag aattgaactt gatgagtcag tcctcacaat      2040
     catatagcca tcgattatta taaatatagg gtacatctat atatgcaact atatacatgt      2100
     tagtctaaat acatgtgtat cttcacatat gtgcaatatt tgtgtgcatg tgtgttgaac      2160
     tgttagcagc tgtaaatgcc tgcataagat gtgcacgagg ttgaatccat caatatttca      2220
     ttatgtaaaa gggaggggaa catgaagtca tgcctttccc tgaggatcta taggcaatta      2280
     atggttgtga gagataggta gtgtatacta tgaaaatgtg cctgggctcc tgttaaagaa      2340
     tccctcattc atggtcttgt aaccctaatg aaactcaccg gatcaccaag aagaaggagt      2400
     atggaaatag aaagagaact agttgggcag aggaaaggga tctatgggag tgggagagtt      2460
     acaagagaag gtaatgaaag attaatgtga tcaaaaaatg taatgatgaa acctactact      2520
     atgtataatt catatatgat aaaaaaaact caaaatgcaa atatggggct gtacagggaa      2580
     tggtgaagcc attctccctt ttccagtgct cattatccca attcacagca gatgaaagac      2640
     ccccaaagga gtgcaccata tgtgtcagga tgaatgaggc aagtggatgg ggagctgaca      2700
     gggtctctgc caaacactgt ctgccaaaca tgccttggtg cttaagatct gagaagccaa      2760
     tgttatctgc ctatctctat cctaagataa ggagttgtac aaccagcccc agaacttctg      2820
     tagcaaccgc accttcaata ccagcctgcc acatgtgcag ttacaccagt actgctggga      2880
     ttctgggtgt ggagttacct aataagctgg gagacagcag acatgacatc cttctataac      2940
     ttctgccttc atttgagatg gtcccagaaa gtcagcctta tcatagaggc tttacaggag      3000
     aacatatgac aaagtaatgg aggctgctta ccaagcttca gtgggcccgt gggacgacat      3060
     atcctaacta gacatcatac agcaaataag aagaccagtg cctaagtgga taaaggaact      3120
     ccacataaaa ccagaaacac tgaaatttat agaggggaag gtggggaaga gcctcaaaga      3180
     tatgggcata gaggaaaaat tcctgaacag aatagaaatg gcttgtgctg taagatcgag      3240
     aattgacaaa tgggacatag taaaattgca aagcttctgt aaggcaaaag acactgtcaa      3300
     taagacaaaa aggccaccaa cagattggga aagaattttt accaatccta aatctgatag      3360
     gggagtaata tccaatatat tcaaagagct caagaagatg gactccagaa aatcaaataa      3420
     ccttattttt taaatggggt acagagctaa acaaagaatt ctcaactgaa gaataccgaa      3480
     tggttgagaa gcacctgaga aaatgttcaa catccttaat catcagggaa atgcaaatca      3540
     aaacaacccc gagattccac ctcataccag tgagaatggc taagatcaaa aattcaggtg      3600
     acagcagatg ctggtgggga tgtagagaaa gaggaacact cctccattgt tggtgggatt      3660
     gcaaactggt acaagcactc tggaaatcag tctggcagtt cctcagaaaa ttggacatag      3720
     tactaccaga agatccagca atatctctcc tgggcattta cccagaagat gttccaactt      3780
     gtaataagga cacatgctcc actatgttca tagcagcctt atttataata gccagaagct      3840
     ggaaagaaca caaatgtccc tcaacagagg aatggataca gaacatgtgg tacatttaca      3900
     caatggagta ctactcagct attaaaaaca atgaatttat gatattccta ggcaaatgga      3960
     tggatctgga gggtatcatc ctgagtgagg taacccaatc acaaaagaac acacatggta      4020
     tgcactcact gataagtgga tattaaccca gaaacttaga ctacctaaga tacaatttgc      4080
     aaaacacatc aaactcaaga agaaggaaga tgaaagtgta gatactttgt tccttcttaa      4140
     aatggggaac aaaataccca tggagggagt tacaaagaca aaggttggag ctgagacagt      4200
     agaaaggacc atccagagaa tgccccacct ggtgatccat cccatataca accaccaaac      4260
     ccaaacacta ttgcatatgc cagaaagatt ttgctgacag gaccctgata tagctatctc      4320
     ttgtgaggct atgccaatgc ctggtaaata tagaagtgca tgctcacagt catctattgg      4380
     atggaacaca gggtccccaa tgaaggagct agagaaagta cccaaggagc taaaggggtc      4440
     tgcaacccta taggaacaac aatataaact aactagtacc cccaaactgt gtctctagtt      4500
     gcatatgtag cagaggatgg tctagtcggt catcaatggg aggagaggcc cttggtcttg      4560
     cgaagatcat atgccccagt acaggggaat gccagggcca ggaagtggga gtgggtgggt      4620
     tggggagcag tgcaggggaa gtgtataggg gactttcagg atagcatttg aaatgtaaat      4680
     gaagaaaata tctaataaaa atgaaaaaaa ttttaaaaat aaaaaaggct gcaatgaaaa      4740
     aaaggaggag gaagaggagg aagaggggga ggaggaggaa aagaaggaag agaaggagga      4800
     ggaggaggag gaggaggaga agaagaagaa gaggaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa      4860
     gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaaagac cagtgccagg aatagattat      4920
     ctcttttgag agttggctaa tggggtcaca tagatccacc ctaaatgttc caggctatgg      4980
     tcattgttct tgagtctcta cttacttgcc ctaattctag caggtagttg taagactgca      5040
     atgtgagaaa ttgtccctaa cccacagtgt atcagaattc taattttgga gttgcagctc      5100
     tatgatgcaa aaagcaggca gccttcgagc accaggcact ccaggaaact tctacaatgg      5160
     cttctccata aacaagtgga tttttttcct tcacattgaa gtccatcagc attttgtgat      5220
     ccttctgaaa tctacaaggc tgtgaaaata tggcagacat attccacaag tcaccaaaag      5280
     agatttatat tgtccatcaa tcttttgggt ggattaggga atatgtctgc catgatcagg      5340
     actttgatgt gcttctcttt tgagttcacg accaatattt ggaactatca tctgagaaat      5400
     ggaagtcagt ttgtccttgc actaaagtgt ataacctctc aaataaccct tcctgttaac      5460
     tgtccttccc aaattccctc ctcccctctc accctcttac ttagggtttc tgttgcagtg      5520
     acaaaatgcc atgacaaaga agcaagttgg agaggaaagg atttatttag cttacacttc      5580
     catgttgctc ttcattattg aaggaagtca ggacaggaac tcaaacagag caggatcctg      5640
     gaggcaggag ctgatgcaga ggtcatagag ggatgctgct tactggactg ctctccatgc      5700
     cttgatgagc ctgctttctt aaagaatcta ggactaccag cccagggatg gaaccaccca      5760
     aaatgggctt ggccctcctc tgtggagagc catgccacga gcaatcgtgt gcgtgccttg      5820
     agcaattgcc attataagat ggcgctggct tccactgtgc ctaactagta aataagcctt      5880
     atgcgcaagt gcaagagtga actcacgcct agtcactgcc catctcatgg cgtagtaatg      5940
     gggtgatggg caagcaacga atcaggagca gtcacgccac agcaggtgct gaaacgtcac      6000
     actgcaggct atataagcag cgccattttc ccggttcggg gtcttccctc ctgataagta      6060
     agcaataaaa gctttgccgc agaagattcc ggttgtcctg agtgtgttct tgcaggcggg      6120
     gacaaaagct caggcaatac tcctctacca atcactaatt tttaaaaagt cttctatgtg      6180
     gatcttatga atgcattttc ttttttttaa ttaggtattt tcttcattta catttcaaat      6240
     gctataccaa aagcccccca taccctcccc ccctactccc ctacccacac actcccacat      6300
     cttcaccctg gcatccccct atactgaggc atataaagtt tgcataacca atgggctgac      6360
     taggccatct tctgatacat atgcagctag agacacgagc tccagggggt aatggttagt      6420
     ttatattgtt gttccaccta tagggttgca gatcccttta gctccttggg tactttctct      6480
     agctcctaca ttgggggccc tgtgatctat ccaatagtta actgtgagca accacttctg      6540
     tgtttgctag gcccctgcat agtctcacaa gagacagcta tatcagggtc ctttcagcaa      6600
     aatcttccta gtgtatgcaa tgatgtcagc gtttggaggc tgattatggg atggatcccc      6660
     agatatggca gtctctagat ggtccgtcct ttcctctcag ctctaaactt tgtctctgta      6720
     actccttcca tgggtgtttt gttcccattt ctaagaaagg gtaaagtgtt cacattatgg      6780
     tcttcgttct tcttgaattt catgtgtttg gcaagttgtt atcttttatc ttgggtatcc      6840
     taagtttctg ggctaatatc cacttatcag tgagtacata ttgtgcgagt tcctttgtga      6900
     ttgggttacc tcactcagga tgatgccctc caggtccatc catttgccta gaaatttcat      6960
     aaattcattt tttaatagct gagtagtatt ccattgtata aatgtaccac attttctgta      7020
     tccattcctc tgttgagggg catctgggtt ctttccagct tctggctatt ataaataagg      7080
     ctgctatgaa catagtggag gatgtgttct tcttactggt tgggacatct tctggatata      7140
     tgcccaggag aggtattgcg ggatcctcca gtagtactat gtccaatttt ctgaggaacc      7200
     gccagactga tttccagagt ggttgtacaa gcttgcaatc ccaccaacaa tggaggagtg      7260
     ttcctctttc tctacatccc caccagcatc tgctgtcacc tgaatttttg atcttagcca      7320
     ttctgactgg agtgaagtgg aatctcaggg ttgttttgat ttgtatttcc ctgatgatta      7380
     aggatgttga acattttttc aggtgcttct cagccattcg gtattcctca gttgagaatt      7440
     ctttgctcag ctctgagccc cattttttaa tggggttatt tgattttctg gagtccacct      7500
     tcttgatatt ggatattagt cccctatccg atttgagata ggtaaagatc ctttcccaat      7560
     ctgttggtgg cctttttgtc ttattgacgg tgtcttttgc tttgcagaag ctttgcaatt      7620
     ttatgaggtc ccatttatcg attcttgatc ttacagcaca agccattgct gttctattca      7680
     gtaatttttc ctctgtaccc atatcttcga ggcttttccc tactttctcc tctataagtt      7740
     tcagtgtctc tgattttatg tggagttcct taatccactt agatttgacc ttagtacaag      7800
     gagatagaaa tggatcaatt cgcattcttc tacatgataa ccgccagttg tgccagcacc      7860
     atttgttgaa aatgctgtct tttttccact agatggtttt agctcccttg tcaaagatca      7920
     agtgaccata ggtgtgtgga ttcatctctg ggtcttcaat tctgttccat tggtctactt      7980
     gtctgtcact ataccggtac catgcacgtt tgatcacaat tgctctgtag tacagtttta      8040
     ggtccggcat ggtgattcca ccagaggttc ttttatcctt gagaagagtt tttgctatcc      8100
     tcagtttttt gttattccag atgaatctgc cgattgccct ttctaattcg ttgaagaatt      8160
     gagttggaat tttgatgggg attgcattga atctgtagat tgcttttggc aagatagcca      8220
     tttttacaat gttgatcctg ccaatccatg agcatgggag atctttccat cttctgagat      8280
     cttctttaat ttctttcttt agagacttga agttcttatc atacagatct ttcacttcct      8340
     tagttagagt catgccaagg cattttatat tatttgtgac tattgagaag ggtgttgttt      8400
     ccctaatttc tttctcagcc tgtttatcct ttgtgtagag aaaggccatt gacttgtttg      8460
     agttaatttt atatccagct acttcactga agctgtttat caggtgtagg agttctctgg      8520
     tggaattttt agggtcactt atatatacta tcatatcatc tgcaaaaagg gatattttga      8580
     cttcttcctt tccaaatttt attcccttga tctccttttg ttgttgaatt gctctggcta      8640
     ggacctcaag tacaatgttg aataggtagg gagaaagtgg gcagctttct ctagtccctg      8700
     attttagtgg gaatgcttcc agcttctcgc catttacttt gatgttggct actggtttgg      8760
     tgtagattgc ttttatcatg tttaggtatg ggccttgaat tcctgatctt tccaagactt      8820
     ttattgtgaa tgggtgttgg attttgtgaa atgctttctc cgcatctaag gagatgatca      8880
     tgtggttttg tctttgagtt tgtttatata gtggattacg ttgatataaa acaccatcag      8940
     atccttctac aaaaggctat actcaacaaa actggaaaac ctggatgaaa tggacaaatt      9000
     tctagacaga taccaggtac caaagttaaa taaggatcag attaatgatc taaacagtcc      9060
     tatatcccct aaagaaataa aagcagccat taaaagtctc ccaaccaaaa aaaaatccca      9120
     ggaccagatg ggtttagtgc agagttctat cagaccttca aagaagatct aattccagtt      9180
     ctttacaaac tcttccacaa aatagaagca gaaggtactc tacccaattc attctatgaa      9240
     gccacaatta ctctgatacc taaaccacag aaagacccaa caaagataga gaacttcagg      9300
     ccaatttccc ttatgaatat cgatgcaaaa atcctcaata aaattctcgc taaccaaatc      9360
     caagaacaca tcaaaatcat catccatcct gaccaagtag gtttcattcc agggatgcag      9420
     ggatgtttta atatacagaa atccatcaac gtaatccact atatgaatgc attttcttaa      9480
     tgaaagctcc ctcctctcag atagcttctg tccagtagac ttaagactag ctagcatagg      9540
     ggttaaagtg aaaggtgttg tttcccagac ttccttcttc atctgtttgt catttgtata      9600
     tagaaggcta ctggttgttt tgtatttgtt ttagttaata ttttattcag aatcttaatt      9660
     ccatgaaaaa ctttgggggt caattatata tactatctta tcatcagcaa aaagtgttac      9720
     tttgacttct tcctttctga tttgtatccc cgtgatatcc ttcagttgtc ttagtgctct      9780
     agctaataca caaagtatta acttgagtag atatgacaag agtggacagt ctcatcttgt      9840
     tcctgattta atgacattca tatttgtatg actggtattt caagggattt tctaaccagt      9900
     taatgtacgc atttttcacc agatgacatc acattcattt tccatttggg agttttattt      9960
     attcccagtg aattaattgt tcatctccct gacaacatat aaaatccata agtgccatat     10020
     atagtgacat atacctgtaa tccatgcatg caggagtctg aagcaagaag atcattctat     10080
     gctgccccag gctttgcaat gatctccagg ccaaccttga ctaaataata agactctgcc     10140
     tcaattaatg aattagtctt ttaaaaactc aatgggggtg aaggtttatg ctttgctttt     10200
     cccaccagtg tttctctagt gtgtgaaaat ggttccaggc atagattaca tacacagcaa     10260
     taaattgaaa ggtgaacagt tgcaccagtg taaagattgg gcatgacttt tgtccttgag     10320
     taaacacaga tgtgttttca agggtttaca aaattatttg aaagacacag aaatatttga     10380
     agtagaggaa cctctgtaag ctaacagccc ctccttcaac tttctcagga gttttcatgg     10440
     ggctgaagat acagccttgt atgattacaa cagccaggat cagtggaggc aattttctca     10500
     ggagatctcc ctgatactgg catcttcctg aaagaggcag tccctgcttc tgttctcaga     10560
     tatggctgga aagagaagaa ataattctat aataaaatac aaacaacctg attagcaaat     10620
     ggacaattga tttgattaga cattgctcca aagtagatat gcaaatatgc ttagcacaca     10680
     aaaagatact caacacatta gagaaatgca aatcaaacca cagtgagata ccacctcaca     10740
     acctttagag tagtaactat agagaaagaa aaagataaaa gaaaaaataa taagtgttgg     10800
     caaggatgca gaaaaaaaaa tcagaaccct tgtacttccc tggcagaaac gcaaaatgct     10860
     gcagccatta tagaaaacta tttagcaact ccttgataaa ttagtataga acaaccaaac     10920
     aatccagacg tttctcccct tagccatata ctcaaaggta ctacaaatag tatctacaca     10980
     aatctgacag acaaatatta acatcaactt tattcccggt aataaaaagg aggaaacaac     11040
     ctaaatgttg atctatagat gaatgaataa atgtacaaag atgtcatatc catgcactga     11100
     aatattattc atccataaag tggaattcat gctacaatgt ggatgaactt tgaaaacaac     11160
     agaccacatg ggaaatggca gacaaaaaag tctacccatc atatgattcc acttatataa     11220
     aatacccaca agaggcaaat ccatacagat ttaaagcaaa tttaggttac tggagtgggg     11280
     aagtaaaggg tatagaataa tcaaagctaa tgcttgtagg gtcttctttg ggatgggggt     11340
     tcacacaagt gacctgtgtt tagacagtag tgatgacctt acactgctga gaatgtcctg     11400
     ttactgaagt gaatacaatt taattgtcaa gatagttgac tctgattatg tgtattttag     11460
     cataatacta aaacaaaaaa tagaaggaat atgaagaata gctgagaaag gatcacagag     11520
     aaaggagcaa tgagaagtct gacaaagacg ttcctttctc agatacccag tccttgattc     11580
     ccagggtcat cccatgcatt tgaggccaag gacaggaaag agatcctgct gtgctcatca     11640
     ggaactcaga tactggctgc caggaagagc cagaagggct tggacaatac agtggtctat     11700
     gatgaactca gaatggaaag gataaagctg cccgtctcct tcttgcagag ataaagcatc     11760
     agcttcaatg gagggtcaga agctgacccc caccccacag accacattct ttcttttctc     11820
     cagaattctg gtcccatcac tgtcaagtac ccctttcagc tgttactgag gtgtgcttta     11880
     agaagtagta gtgagggctt ctctcatgcc agagggatcc attatcaggg tgaagtgttc     11940
     ccctatcaaa gtagtcacca aggacctttc aacaatcctc ccctaactcc tacagtgcta     12000
     cctagtaaca ttatgctagc aatatctcct gttttatgaa cctggactgc ctgtgcatta     12060
     atgatttgat taaatcttcc tttccttcta gtggaaaaac tttgcttagg ggagtgcttc     12120
     tgttccatgg tcttagagcc agccttcctg ggttcaagtc tctctgctgc tagttactaa     12180
     ctgaaccatc gaaaagctgc tgacttcctc ccattgtcca actacagatg gctaaactga     12240
     cttaataaga tctcgtccac tcctgcattc atatgaacat accaacacag aggcatacaa     12300
     tcattaaaaa aataaaaaca aatcactttt aaacttttga gaatgtgctc ttctttttaa     12360
     atatttttaa cttcttgaga atttcataca ctacattttg attacattta accaaactcc     12420
     tcccactaac tccttccaga tcaaccccac ctcccaaccc ccactaactt catgtcttct     12480
     ttgttttttt ttaaatgcat catcagatcc aatttgtact tcccatatac tcctgggtgt     12540
     gggtccatct actgaagaat gctcaactta ccaggggcca tatccttaac aaaaacagac     12600
     tttccctccc ccaagaagct accaactgta aatactcatc agctatgggt gtggactact     12660
     gggccactta ccatcccatg ctagaatgct aactgccctg atctcgtgca ggtcctcctg     12720
     tagcaatctc agctgctatg acttcatgag ttcagtggtc ttgccatgcc atacaagatt     12780
     cacaccagtc aactctgact ggttcttata accttttctg tgatagtctc tgagccttgg     12840
     ggaaaggatg tgacaacaat gagacttttt ccctgcattt tgatcatgat cagtacaaaa     12900
     atcgacccta aacaagtacc aattccagag agtcacttca gatttcctac tatagggaaa     12960
     gcagatagac ctgcctggaa catggttaat gctcagtgag tatcatccat tagcatcttt     13020
     taactgtgtg ctcctgattg tccttaggtg tgcctagtat catcaaaatc actacaaata     13080
     ctgacaaaac ttgcaccacc cctaaagctc ccattaccac ccatcataaa tcctcaaaag     13140
     aatctaacca aaatcaattt tattctttgc catggcaaga tcaaaagatt ggcacatcta     13200
     ccacccacag tccaggagaa tgtggctgga acaagagggc tagctgtttt cttgacatct     13260
     ggatacttgg ctgggttctg tattcctggg aaggctattt cttgatactg aattaactat     13320
     tctaatcaag gcacttcagt gctcaaactg ttaaatataa ataggttagt gcagtgtgag     13380
     catgaggctg aaaggaatta aatgggagca cgctttcctg ggaggagtct aaaataagtg     13440
     tgtggttagc atgcagaaat ggcaataata gaaactctgc gctatgactg acacgactgt     13500
     gccaaatgag gctccatgtg gtccccaaag aaattctcct gagaaggcac aatgctgaca     13560
     aatccagaca ccaagcagaa gaaaatctat ctcagttcag ggaatgctgc aagtgggtgg     13620
     gagaatgaat gtagtaaacg tgccaatggg aatggactct gagtttcact aagggcactc     13680
     tggccttctt tggaaaagac catagggagg ctctgtatgg ggagtcttca gcttcctact     13740
     aggagaaagg ctataggact aaagttagga gactaaagtt aggactctta gctcaatact     13800
     actttggact tgaccaagaa catgagaagg aagcttacaa gaaatgggat aaaggccagt     13860
     agcaagcgat cctgagcaaa tgggccctgg gtgggtggca ccagaggcaa ttgttcaagg     13920
     tttcattccc catggcattg tagaaatgca aagtgagagt ctgcatgcac cttgctgtgc     13980
     ttaaccagcc caacctagta ttagaatctg aaacatgcca gcatgcttca ataaaaagta     14040
     gcctttggca tcctatgaat ttgaatcaac tttctttcca tttatgttat tggttgagtt     14100
     gtgtcttcct aaatgataca tggtgatgtt caactccctg ccccaatatc tcagaacatg     14160
     aatttatttc gaaatagagt cttgcagata gaatcagtta agttaggatg aagtcatagt     14220
     ggaacagtgt aggtcctaaa tgcaaaatga ctcttatcct tctaaaatgt aagggacacg     14280
     ggaacaatac tatgtatgga ttaccattac attgcccaaa ctagggaaca tcaagcacta     14340
     ccaaaaatct ggggcaaagt catggaacgg attctcctgc acagtccttt gagtgagcct     14400
     atcctgccaa cgtcttcatt tcagaacctc ggcttccaga accaagagcc agttctgtgc     14460
     atgtcggtgg ttacgccccc agtttgtggt acttggttgc agcagccaga gcatatgaac     14520
     atcaccatcc tccagagcta ggccaactct gaggaacaag ctgccccttc caggcagccc     14580
     atcccttgag gtaacggagc agcccagctg ggaaggctga cctagaagct gagatagctg     14640
     tcaagggagg agaaggtgct tctgcaagag tggcaacagt acatccgcac agtgaccatg     14700
     tgacagctct cccggggcct ctcctccacg gattctttca taaaaacccc agagacgccc     14760
     aaacttatct tatagttgac aggaagctag agggaaattg tgtctggctg gatacataca     14820
     gtacaggagc tggcctcctt ttcatttaca gtgagagaga tataaaggag actagggaat     14880
     atctgtgatc cactagccaa caaagtaatt cttcagcagg gtcttcttgc tcctgccatt     14940
     gagaacagtg agatgcagac cttgagaaca gtgcttttgt cttcttttgt tttgtagctt     15000
     tgttttattt tgtttcttcg tactgggatt gtatccagcg ccttgtccac actaggcaag     15060
     tagtagcctt taccactgag ctacatctcc agggccaaag ttgctctttg aatctttata     15120
     ctctagctta aaaccccatt tgaaataatt aatctaatat acaacttgct catgtttgct     15180
     gaaacataat aaaataaatt tcatgttact tagcctttcc caaaaattga cagtaaaatt     15240
     gaccctccag gaagacaagt caaagactgt gaggatccca gctttcaggg gcctggtcct     15300
     tgaccgggat gtcatttaac actaacacat gctcaccact ttccctgctc tggtggccac     15360
     agggtacttg aaacatactg cccccggggc tcaagccact ccacctcact cccacaccca     15420
     cctcagaact ggcactgctt cttccaacca ggctccatgc caatcctggc aggccctgtg     15480
     tatgcttcct gcccatgaga gggatcaaga ccatataaac ctctcctagg aagcagccta     15540
     gcctgatcca ttctcccagt gcctggcaat gagcccctgt ctcttaccgc tcgggacatc     15600
     agggccgtgc ctggaggact agaaacattg agacatttgg catgactaat ctatgctgac     15660
     cttgatattc tattttttgc tgtcatttgt gtgcatgcag aggctacaga aggacatcca     15720
     ccttattcat ttaagatacg gcctctaggg ccagtgagat ggctcaacaa gtaaaagctg     15780
     tgcaagcctg acaactggag tgcaattcct aaatgccacg gtgaaaggaa agaactagct     15840
     cgtgtaagtt gtcctttgac ctgcacagat gcgccatgtc atatgtgctc tgcacttaca     15900
     cacactaata atagaaaaag agaaatagcc tagcaatggt ggaacacacc tttaatccct     15960
     gcactcagga ggccgaggca agcagatctc tgagtttgag gcaagtctgg tctacatagt     16020
     gacttccagg acagccagga ctgcagaggg aaaccctgtc agagagagag agagagagag     16080
     cgagagagag acttatattg aacctgaaac tcaatatttc aggtagtagg ctggtctgtc     16140
     ccacctacat gtggctcgaa caatggaggt acaggtatgc acagctttcc ctgaattttt     16200
     acacagttgc tgtggattca aacttgagtc gtgcttatac agaaagcatc cttacccact     16260
     gaaccgtctc cccagcctct aaaatttaga cagtcttaat ggaagtttac taactcattc     16320
     attccctgga gcttttgctg tgtggccaaa cttgtgagaa ataataggga aatggccaca     16380
     gactgtgagg gaaaagatat ttcaggatgg taagtgtcgt ggaaaaggca aactcaagga     16440
     actctgaggc tacacgatta ggaggccatg ctcaaccagg agagaaacta cagaaccagg     16500
     aggtattgct tttggagaaa gtgatgtagc ctggaagatt gcagaaatca aattgggggc     16560
     agggttaggg gaatctcaga tgaaggtgca aattttcttt ccttatattt tttttattgt     16620
     gtagaaccta ggaccttatg catacaagtg ctctagcact aaactatagt tctttgagac     16680
     aagatctcac taagttgctc aggctggcct taaactttca gtcttcctgc ctcctcctcc     16740
     tccaggggaa ctgtgattat agatgtgaac caccaggacc ggctgaaatt ttgattatta     16800
     gagaatccac tgcctcttat cggtggagat ctaaaagcac cttcacaaaa ctggcaggtg     16860
     tgatatcctg gggctaacat ctgggtacct aaaatcccta tgtcatggct gggctccctt     16920
     agctcagatt caaggaacta aagtagaaga tggagtacag ctgtcccttt gttggaatgt     16980
     gcctctccac ccatacctat gttcatgcaa aggaaactga tagactcaaa ataggagcta     17040
     caggacatgc tcctagcaag tggtttctgt aactcacata ctctcttcat tgattttagt     17100
     gactgatatc aaagacattt taggttcaaa gaagctgcca aggctggccc tgagagaagc     17160
     ctaggaaggg attggcaagg ggaacgggca ggaaaactgg catcatattg atcatctttt     17220
     ccctgaagca tctgtgagtg tcctagaacc tcctctacac aaataagagg gatatgggca     17280
     ctgtcttcca gttctatgtt gaatagctcc tagagaggtg taagtagatt atcttaaagg     17340
     acttggcaag gggtgcctag tcttgctctc ttggcactaa atgatcacaa ctgccctgtg     17400
     aagctgaaga gctcatgggt ggacagagag gtagatggac aaacagatgg acagacagat     17460
     gggtagatgg ttggaaaatt agaacaataa aggacaggtt gacagagact gtgagaaagc     17520
     tgcagaaaga acagacttat attctaaggg agtcattagg aagcaggaga gtgcctaagt     17580
     aacccacaat agtcaagtgc caagcaaagg ccaagagctt cctgtacatg ggcctctcat     17640
     gtctaggcat ctcatacata gctcaccaga atgctttgag cttaggactc tgactcctca     17700
     ccccacgtat gctatagacg agacaagtgg ggctttgaga gccaaagtga cttgctcagg     17760
     ctactaagaa agttgcaatt tgagtacaga cttccatgtc cactgaactg ggtacaggaa     17820
     ggttagaaga taaggtttct gcccccagat cccagccaga gcagttacac tgggactcat     17880
     tcatctatgg ggacttgacc taaatctttc cttaaaagag agataacttt ggcactgcac     17940
     tacactctgc ctcaggcttc agctaagatc atgcctccat tggtataata agggggccac     18000
     aatgccctag gctagatctc actacctgta cccccaacta aagttctacc acacatgggg     18060
     ataatttcta ggctatgttt gaaagggcct ggcactgaga aagagttcct ggaacaagca     18120
     ctaattagca tggcccttga gtattattaa taaccaaact gagggcacca gtgtgtgcca     18180
     aatctagaag gtgagacaag gacaggcagg catataaggg ggaggaaggg aggaagatgg     18240
     ctcaggatta ctacggccca gatgggctgg cttccagctg ctgatcaggg ctgcctacta     18300
     ggacaaaggt tctgggactt tgggctgctt tggtgttcac acacaagcaa acaatacttt     18360
     caccaggcct ttagaggcaa gaaactccac ccacccccaa tcacaagaac cattccagca     18420
     actttcccca ccatctctca acatgctcac tattgccaca attccctctc cacccattca     18480
     tccatctacc tatccatcta cctacccaac catccattta ttcacatgac aaacatctac     18540
     tcgacaccta ctgtatgcag gtactacatt atagaacaga gaccatggct gagtgttttt     18600
     tccctcacag gacatttatg attattcagt atcacaagag ctaggctagc caaaggccca     18660
     ccaaatgcca caagaaaaac agttaaactc tgtgtgtatc agtaagaaga ggctaaaaat     18720
     tttgggagtt tggtaataga cggatctttc atgtgtttga ttttctcatt atagtaggag     18780
     gaaatcacaa ttttccttat taagtttaca ttttaattat caccaatgac tttccccaac     18840
     cccactcctc ttccttttcc catctactga catcaattgc acccattcat tccctcattc     18900
     tccatatcat tcaacaaata gcaaattgca gctcctctgc tccagtctct gaggctgcag     18960
     agaagccaag gcatctcctg acctcccaga actgacagta acaagacctc gctggctgta     19020
     tattaacatt agtgctgtgg cagaggaagc atggagtctg gaggagccct gataaggaac     19080
     gatctgactt accctggagg tgcaagtagg gactgaactt gtgacacaca ggtactaata     19140
     caatgcagga ttctcagttt aaactgatca gtgtgtggca tctccttctg tcactgatcc     19200
     agggatgagc aaatattcta aatggttcca ttgagacctt tcctggctct ctcgtctagt     19260
     ttagttaaat aagaaatcat ttagtcgcaa tggctatctg cagtcacttt agtgacatga     19320
     tgagcatgaa gtttcagatg aatattgtgg gtggcagtaa ggtattagtt ctaccatatc     19380
     tttgcacttc ctacttctag tttcttgtcc ataactttcc ttattaaatt taatatttaa     19440
     gtaaacataa gatatggatg gtcttggtgc atacctgtaa ttccagtact caggagacta     19500
     aggcagaaag gttcctgcca agtttgaggg tagactggtc tacttaccct ttctatgaaa     19560
     gggttggtgc ggctacataa aggcattgca agctgacatg attgacaaag gccagaaaaa     19620
     aaagacagaa atgggggggg gggcagagag atggcttctt aggtaaaggt gtttgttgcc     19680
     aaccctaata atgtgacttc aatccctaga acccacatgg cagaggagaa ttctgtatgc     19740
     acaccatggt acacatgtac acaggcatgc atacacacac atgcacacac acaatgtttt     19800
     ttaaagcatc cggaaagact tgtcaagatt gattcatcag caatgtgata ggttctgagt     19860
     atagttctaa gatgctacaa gtccaggagc tctcccccta gcctaccatg agcagcacag     19920
     aacaatccta gagcatacct tttctggctt tggaatacta acctggtatt ccaaggcctg     19980
     ggatcctgag aagcttgtag tttgtcctag aaacctatgt atacctgtcc tttgggctcc     20040
     aggacctagt ttatcaaggg tagtccgtgt taagaatcgg ggacttgctg gaatattgcc     20100
     agtttcatct catgagggaa cttaaggcaa caatgctgga gcccatggga gggaccagat     20160
     atttacaaat gctctacaag gtatgttcag atgcttacat ttgatccaga aagccactga     20220
     aagccctaga agacctttaa gtagaaacag gtgtgtttgg atatgtgcat tagaaagccc     20280
     tctctaacat ttagagctac aaacgaaggc tctgggagtt atgaattagt ctctacatgc     20340
     ttccaaaatg acttttgaaa acatgccacc catgtcattg tgagaagaag cagcctagct     20400
     ttgagagact ttagattcaa ggctgtcctg gagattccac tagcatctgg ttcataatga     20460
     aggtggtcct ggatagcata acaaagcaaa ccaagcaagt gaacggtaca tggtgatcaa     20520
     gctggtaaga agtgttctag tgtgaaaccc tgagatcttc tctgggaaga gagttgccct     20580
     ctttctgagg tttttagcag tctatagaag cctcagagaa catccagact tatcatagaa     20640
     gtatggctcg cctgaatatc acctcctaaa ccagaccagt cttgttaaca actctccaca     20700
     ccacagactt aaagcagagt cctttctgaa gtgacaaagc tcatcttcca aaagagctgt     20760
     cagtttctgc ttttcactgc cagggtaagt ggcaaccaca gcacgctttg gctcaatgca     20820
     gccccagagg tctctcaggg gccatccaga tgtgaaagag cacaggaata gctcattaca     20880
     taatttctgg agacgggctc aggatggata caaataatgg tacttatttg gttactaatc     20940
     tcaaagggga aaatgctaat gaaggtcctg gaacagaaca ttggggtctc atgtgaactg     21000
     agtggacact tgtgccaaag cccagtaatt cctggcataa atctacctac catgttctgc     21060
     ctttgtctga aagtggtccc taatgagagc tttcaatcct gaggcccgaa tgggcatttg     21120
     gtaccgacga cctttttttt tttttattga cagttaaatt cacatagtgt aaaattaacc     21180
     atttagatgt gtgtaatttg gtggtattta gtacaaatac agcacttgcc acaaacatgt     21240
     ctacttggtt gtgaaacagt tctatcacct aaaaggacac catgcaccta cctagaagct     21300
     acctctagcc cctcatcctc cagcccttgg caaccactaa tctgtcttct actatacatt     21360
     tcccattctg gacatttgct ataaatggag ttaaataatg taaatttttg taagtagatt     21420
     ctgttagact gaacactcta ctgagtgtca tccattgtcc tactttggtt tttgtctgtt     21480
     tgtgtggggg aaaaaaaaaa acactgaaac aactcaggaa taaaagagca tttatttagc     21540
     ttacactgct agatcatgtc ccgtgactga tgaaagccaa ggcaggaact cagaaaagga     21600
     atctggaggc aggaactgaa gtagaggcca tgaaggaaca atgcttactt tctcagtttg     21660
     cttccttatg ctatccagga tcaccagccc cactaagacc aagtgtgctt gtcgagagca     21720
     gatctccact taggtctctt gagtctgcta tgctgagcct cagcccacat ggctgggtcc     21780
     tactatttgg atgattctga tagcctttca gcctttaggg ctaggctgtg tcctagggcc     21840
     actgagccaa gacatgtaac acatgactgc tatgaacctt cactgtggta agccctgggc     21900
     taggagccag ggactcattc aatgagacta tgtttacctg ggcattggct tcgtctccat     21960
     gtgaggagga gttagacact gaagatagaa ttcagaagaa ccacatgaaa cctatgacct     22020
     caaaagtcct catgaacact tgaatgggaa ggaagcccct actcccccca cccccaaaaa     22080
     aagattttca cctacttgac tatgtggaat cagagtggca aattatattt aaaggtgcac     22140
     agtgactgga aagactgtga atttctgata ggacggggaa agtatgtagc cactggtgga     22200
     tattcacacc actcaagcag cagggaaggc attctctgcc tggactctct ttgttaactt     22260
     catatatctt gtaaatgtaa atgctcaggg aggaaaagtg gccaggctcc agtctgagga     22320
     gctccagcag ccaggccatg cccacagacc tccctaactc tcataactgt gtttccagcc     22380
     tctgtaattg tcacaaagtt catctccagc ccctcaacag aaccctcccc aggttatgct     22440
     agttttaggt gaaaagtctg aacaaaagcc accaatcctt aaacttccca tagcaaccca     22500
     acaaaacacg agcacaaact cccaccaatc cctgaacagg aaaacccacc aacccctggg     22560
     ctcccccaag ctcaggactt gaaattccac cagtcctcac cctggacagt tctcatctta     22620
     gaaagcttcc aagaacccta tataagcact gccttttgtc caattccctt ctgtctgttc     22680
     cctcctggga gcacaggaaa ccactcctgg actcatctct ccataccctg gaccctccaa     22740
     taaatctatt tcatgagatt tgctgcctgc tataactctc tcgttggaat aagacaagaa     22800
     gcaatgaaga gaagagaggc aaaggaaagg ggctgaggat cctgagttcc tcagctcaga     22860
     tgggggtacc ctcccctggg aactgcaaca cctctggctt cctgtgctcc tgtgtttcag     22920
     gatgcctttt ccattgggac gctgtcccaa cctcagagct gtgtggttcc tgggctcctg     22980
     tgtctcagga caccttctca tccaagctga aagaccaaca accacagtag agaacagttt     23040
     gatggttgtt caatggggtg aatatgaagt catcattcct ctcctaagta tatacccaat     23100
     gtaactgaaa aattatgttc acaccagaac tactgtgccc atgttcatat cagtagcatt     23160
     catagtagac taggcaagaa gttaaaaaat ccaaatctcc aacaattggt gaatggacaa     23220
     aaatgtggtc tatctatata acagaataat atccagctag aaaaagacat gaagcattgg     23280
     tgtataatcc aacctgattg gcccttgaag acagtatacc aagcagaaaa ggccagacag     23340
     aagacaggct attacatgaa ttcatttgtg tgtgatttcc atagaaacag ggggcgactt     23400
     gcaggttgcc agagactgga gcagggagga atatggactg tttgcttaat gggtgtaggg     23460
     tctcattttt gaaaagataa aaatgtcttg gaactagatc aaagtgatag ctgcatggct     23520
     ttgtaagact accaaatgcc aacacattgt atattttaaa tagttgattt ttgtatttta     23580
     tgaatttcat tttaatgaaa agcgaatgca tcacttgagg ggtcagcttt aactcaggga     23640
     gatcaacaaa gaagtatcat tgaagctgag gcttggaagt aatgagtgag ggatacaaag     23700
     agacaagatg atgcaacaga ctgggacagt ttttccagca acactgggga gacactgaaa     23760
     atagcaaaaa caccactcga agaaggatag ggggtgcccc aaagccaggg aagaatcatg     23820
     taatccctga gctgggtccg aattagcaga gagaagaaag ggaaaggagt gcttaactcc     23880
     caggaatcac catttcattc ctcttcagtg aatgagtagg gaaactgagg accaaagcag     23940
     aaacacaaga ctcacagaac aacacgggtg atggtggttg tttgggcact ggttttgaga     24000
     atggaattta aagatgagct tcacttctca attccttttt tcctgtctgg gcttcaattt     24060
     ccccatcttt agaacggaat aataacaggg tttagtagac actcaaattg aacttgggta     24120
     tcctgtattt gtatttgcta acactgaaaa ccctagcact agccaatgca ggtatagtta     24180
     ggccaatgtc tggccacaaa tgcgggttac taggcaaatg gagagggggc aaaccctggc     24240
     taattcagcc atcctgtgga cagtgctgaa atgaggagac tgccaggaac atgggacctt     24300
     ctcagtgctg gaccagggag gcagctgaaa ggatggaaat agtttccata caagttccac     24360
     accaattttg aaagcaattg ttcttgatgg tgggtgcttt acaaaccact gcccagatta     24420
     tcagctcctg catttcttcc tctgaaccat ctgaagcctt tgagtgcagc cctgcccagt     24480
     ttggagaaca attctaggca attatagtcc cacaacagca gctcacttaa cagggttgcc     24540
     cagtgtccac tgtgcaccat ggtgactgtg gaacactagg caaggacaca gtagtgagca     24600
     aataagataa agcccctatc ctcatgaagc agggactctg cctttgttaa gttggaatca     24660
     cttctgtgcc agacacctaa tatgtgtcat taatgtacat ttagatcttc ctactttata     24720
     gatgtcaata aaagacctca gatgtgacat aaaagtatcg tagtttgaaa aggacatttc     24780
     tcccacaggc tcaaacattt gaacaataag ttttcagtgt gctggcactg tgtgggaagg     24840
     ttatgggatc tttagggtgt agaaccttag tggaggaagt atatcactag aagctttaag     24900
     gttttatagc ctggccttac tttctgcttt cactctgctt cctatgtatg gataaaaagg     24960
     tgatcatcca attttctgct ccttcctcca tactttcact gactcttgtc atgccttctc     25020
     caccataaca gactctatcc ttctggaagt gtaagccaaa taaactcttc ttttaagtgc     25080
     tttttgtcat ggtgctctat cccagtaaat gagatgtgat taatagaaga agatagaaag     25140
     gcttgtctta ggaactcttt ccctggagag atgtaaatat ctccccctct ttatgaggtc     25200
     cccaaacaaa atacaattcc accaaaaccc aacttgggag actaactcac tgagtatgga     25260
     tgattgatta cttacaagag catgggtgac ccataagcag gcaaccatac aaccagaaag     25320
     tcttacctca gcatggatga tcacttcctt atagctgcat agatggagtt cctccccttg     25380
     gttaaccttc cctagtctat ttactctagc atctcctaat cagcaggcac agaagggagt     25440
     agcttcaatc tcaggtgagg gtcttgtaaa aacgtttatc tcttcttcta tgaaggacta     25500
     caaacagtca atgagctgga gcttgagagt cgcttgcaag tagttacagg tgtcctgatg     25560
     aggggaagta gacatgttct tcaacaggta tctctgattc caggagatgg gaaggaccta     25620
     gacactttag aaccaaaaca cagtacactg gggacatctg gggaggaagg agtccactgt     25680
     cattggtgca agaaagctga gtagatggtg acacctatac tcagaagatg tttctaaagg     25740
     attagatgtc acccagtaac aagttctagg cttcatttgc tgaccaatgc atttcttcat     25800
     caataaacac ctccttagta ctttcaatta gtaaggtctt gggctgggtg tgggagagtc     25860
     taggggtaat gaaattacca tgcatggata gtgaatggcc ctggacaccc tcactaatca     25920
     tcctctctgg ctccaggcat gaagaatagg gcatgtgctg aggaagcttg taccaatcac     25980
     aacacaaggg tcgcctttgg ggctgaaggc tgtttatcag gtctcctgga aaaagaaaga     26040
     acacaagcct ttgctggtga caacctaagc acaggaggtt tccatcccca aagtctcctt     26100
     agttggccta tttcctctgt actgagaagt cctgaccagg ttctttgaaa tcattactct     26160
     ccaggctcct atacaacagc caacaaaaat ccctggcact ccaagactgt gttttgtatc     26220
     agatgagttc cagggggcag ggcagagacc ctggaccttt ccttcacaac caggagtcat     26280
     caagaagcac tcagactggt cagtagttaa gtggcattgg aaaagcctag gccaacctgt     26340
     cccttgattc tgtatctcac cacttccaca gctgatcaca gaattcctgc tgtgttggga     26400
     ggcagttact gaagttctta cagttcctgt gcctttcctc ccagtcccca gtgctcagtg     26460
     gctcttccat catgtccaca tggtgggacc aacctggact ctagccactt cactggccct     26520
     ggccatcgcc ctgtctctgt ctcagacttc tttacagttc cctgccttgt ccaacacagt     26580
     cacttctcca tttgactgtc agcctaggtc acagttagct ccccttttaa gtgagccctt     26640
     ttctcttttc cctcaaccaa tcttgtagtc acctctggca gagaatgaaa cccaccccat     26700
     cccccaggct gccttgctcc tccttcccct actctctgtc cacccagcct ggcactattg     26760
     tgggagatga ggaccaggag cctctgaaat gctaatggag gtaggaaaag gcattattga     26820
     gggaaatatg atagtatatt ggtcaactgt gtagacaact gctgacttat gccctacacg     26880
     tccactgaga acagggaccc acccttctaa tgcatgaagc aaggtcagcc actctttctt     26940
     ttcacgaatc atccccctct ttgaacttac acaatctgag gcacttattt atttatttat     27000
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgttcactg agatagttct ggcgatggtg ctgttaatag agtgctaacc     27060
     ttgcatgaat gaagccctgg gtttgacccc ttgcactgca taaaatctga atctggtaat     27120
     gcatacctgc tatcccagaa ttcaggaagt aaggcaagag gatcagaagt ccaaggtcat     27180
     cctagctaca tagtgagttc aagaccagct gggctacata aaattctgac tcaaacatac     27240
     aagaaaaaat aaatcaaaga tttttttttt ttttacttct ccacccactc ggatcatgca     27300
     cgtagtaaat attttcagtc ccagccccag cattcaagaa taaagcataa agctccatgg     27360
     ggagtaaaac gtgaaaacct ataattatag tggaacccag taaaggctgt gccctgggca     27420
     tgggtgtgaa gacagaggac tatactctct gaacattcta caaagtgtga gattggagaa     27480
     ggacagaaaa gctcccccat atctgccacc accacagtca gttcactggt ctcttgccca     27540
     ggtggcttta acttactgtc tgtcccagga atccttaagc tgggtgtgga aaggcaggtg     27600
     ccagattaaa catatcaggc tcagttacat ctgaattaca aacagtaagt cagcttgggt     27660
     aaaaggacag tccagacatt gcacaggaca tacttaagct taaatgtgtg ttggtttgca     27720
     tgatattcaa ataatcatgc tgtggatttt taagtatgga agctttgtgg ataaaaatgt     27780
     gggaataagc taaggtgaac ttgtatggga acaatggtgc ttgatttacc agattgtctt     27840
     gtataaaaag tattgtgacc tatatttctt taaaggattt atgtgttgca gccttattta     27900
     tattagccag aatctggaaa gaacccagat gtccctcaac agaggaatgg atacagaaaa     27960
     tgtggtacat ttacacaatg gagcactact cagctattaa aaaacaatga ctttatgaaa     28020
     ttcacaggca aatggatgga actagaaaat atccggagtg aggtaaccta gtcacaaaag     28080
     aacacacatg gtatgcattc attgctaagt gaatatcagc caaaaagctc agaatacaca     28140
     tgatacaact cacagacctt atgtagttca agaagaagga agaccaaaat gtggatgctt     28200
     tcgtctgact tagaaggggg gaacaaaata atcatgggag gtagaaggac ggagggacct     28260
     ggaagggaga gaggagaggg aggggaaaag ggggacagga tcaggtgtga gaggagatgg     28320
     gggggggagg aagtacagag ggtcaggaaa ctgaacagag atgtgtagca atggggggtg     28380
     gggaactggg ggtagccact agaatgtccc agatgccagg aaagcaagag gttcccagga     28440
     tccaacagga ggagagagaa cctgtagaga ccatatccag aggttaaaca cagaccccag     28500
     ttgaggcatg gggccactaa ccaatataaa aaatattaac ccagaattgc tcgtgtctaa     28560
     aggaaatgca gggacaaaga gtggagcaga gactgaaaga aaggccatcc agagactgcc     28620
     ccaccggggg atctgtccca cctgcagaca caaaacccag acactattgc tgatgtcaag     28680
     acatgcttgc tgatattgaa ctggggttgg aagaggcgag tccggtctca aaatggaggg     28740
     ccatgatcca aaggaaccag agcagctgag gaagctgttt attggtggtc tgagctttga     28800
     aaccacagat gatagcttaa gagaacattt tgagaaatgg gcacacttac agactgtgtg     28860
     gtaatgagag atccccaaac aaaacgttcc agaggttttg gttttgtgac gtactcttgt     28920
     gttgacgagg tggatgctgc actgtgtgct cggccacaca aggttgatgg gcgtgtgtgg     28980
     aaccaacgag agctgtttct agagaggatt ctgtaaagcc tggtgcccat ttaacggtga     29040
     agaaaatttt tgttggtggt attaaagagg atacggaaga atataacctg agagactact     29100
     ttgaaaagta tggcaagatt gaaaccatag aggttatgga agacaggcag agtgggtaaa     29160
     agagaggatt tgctttcgta acttttgatg atcatgacac agttgataaa attgttgttc     29220
     agaaatacca cactattaat gggcataatt gtgaagtgaa aaaggccctt tctaaacaag     29280
     agatgcagtc tgctggatcc cagagaggtc gtggaggtgg atctggcaac tttatgggtc     29340
     gtggaggaaa ctttggaggt ggtggaggaa actttggtgg aagaggtggc tatggtggtg     29400
     gaggtggtgg cagcagaggt agttatagag gtggtgatgg tgggtataac ggatttggag     29460
     gtggcaacta tggtggtggt cctggttaca gtagtagagg aggttatgga ggtggtggac     29520
     caggatatgg aaaccagggt ggtggatatg gtggtggagg aggaggctat gatggttaca     29580
     atgaaggagg aaattttggt ggaggtaact atgatggtgg tgggaactac aatgactttg     29640
     gaaattatag tggacagcaa caatcaaatt atggacccat gaaggggggc agttttggtg     29700
     gaagaagctc aggcagtccc tatggtggtg gctatggatc tggaggtgga agtggtggct     29760
     atggtagcag aaggttttta aaataaaaca gaaatggcta cagttcttag caggagaaga     29820
     gagcgaggat ttctcaggaa agctgcaggt tactttgaga cagtcgtccc aaatgcatta     29880
     gaggaactgt aaaaatctgc cacagaagga acgatgatcc atagtcaaaa aaagtcactg     29940
     cagcttaaac aggaaaccct tcttgttcag gattgtcata gccacagttt gcaaaaagtg     30000
     cagctattga ttaatgcatt gtagtgtcaa ttagatgtac attcctgagg tcttttatct     30060
     gttgtagctt tgtcttttgc tttttctttt cattatatca ggtatattgc cctgtaaatt     30120
     gtggtagtgg taccaggaat aaaaaaatta aggaattttt aacttttcaa tatgtgtgta     30180
     gttcagtttt ctacatttta gtacagaaac tttaacaaaa tgcagtttca aaggtgtttc     30240
     cttgtgagtt aacaagtaag gaagctcatt gttaattact atcttgtatg aattttgcta     30300
     aacttaactg taaagaaaca catactgtct tgcaatttaa ggggaatcta ttctccccat     30360
     ttccaaaaca atgatgaatg ggtgctgaca tgtggagaga atagatattt gtatgtttgc     30420
     aatgtgtgtt ttagatagtt agaattggga aataaaaaac agcatatttg tgaatttaat     30480
     agcattaaga ttgccttcaa atgaaaaagg tctcaaaagt ttttttttaa aaaagaagaa     30540
     gaagaagaag aagaagaagt gcttgctgac aggagcctgg tataactgta gcctgagagg     30600
     ttctgccaga gcctgaccaa tacagatgca gatgcatcat ctgactgatg cttcattgtg     30660
     accccaatga aggagttaga gaaaggactg aaggagctaa aggtatttgt aaccccatag     30720
     gaagaacaat atcaaccatg cagacacccc ccccagagct cccagggact aaactaccaa     30780
     ccaaagaata cacatggagg ggcccatggc tccagctaca tatgtagcag agggtgtcct     30840
     tatctggcat cagtgggagg agaggccctt ggtcctgtgg aggcttgttg ccccagtgtt     30900
     ggggaatgtt agggcagtga ggcaggagtg ggtgggtagg tgggggaagt acactcatag     30960
     aagcagcggg gttgggataa agggtttgca gaggggaaac aagaaagggg gaaacatttg     31020
     aaatgtaaat caataaaata gtcaataaaa aggaatgtaa gagaatatta caaattttaa     31080
     aaaaggaaac tactgggaca tcacatgtac taatgtactg atgtatcaaa atatttaggt     31140
     ttgatgaaat aaaacagtct gaaaaaagct ttaaaaaaag tatctttaat tccttagtaa     31200
     tcaattggtg tccaacgtat tctttgctca agcctactgc aggggtaaac ctgtgtgata     31260
     aacgcaagga gctcaaaagg gctcaaggcc aggtgtagaa atgaatgtct ataatcccag     31320
     ctcttggaga agcaggaaga tcgttgagag tttgggacta gcctggctgc acagcaaaat     31380
     ctgtctcaaa aatggaaaga aatttagctg gtacccacct ggaatccttg tccccgctgg     31440
     ctagtgttca tggtactgga agaagctgca taaactacta tcggagaaaa gtattcatta     31500
     atctcaccca gctgtgaaac cttctagcta taataagata tggccaccag tggaagagtg     31560
     gtgcaaatgt tgtgggagga accaaagcct gctctataag atcccaaaat ttagggaaat     31620
     cctactatta ttattcttct aaatggatac agcaccagaa caactcctag ttacttacag     31680
     tagatggcaa tgaacacaga aactcacaac tagtcagtgt acagagaata agagactgag     31740
     aagtactcaa ctctaaccct tacaattttt tcgccatcaa gtctcaggaa tccatatgga     31800
     aaaagtctaa gagccagggt tggtagatga cttcaaagaa acagtgttaa cagacacagg     31860
     gtagatgtac acatgaattc agtggttatg acaacatgca ccagacctgc agaagctcaa     31920
     aacacacaac aacaacaaca acaaaaacct tctaattcta gcattcagga gggttggtga     31980
     cacaaagttc tacccctagc tgaaaagcta ttgacatatg attgaccgtg ggagaaagaa     32040
     agtctttaat gttgttttat gctccaagga aggttccaag cagagaagta ttcaaccacc     32100
     gcaaactgga tttaatgggt ttacttttta aaaatgaata aaaattagga aaaaaagaga     32160
     gaacatggag ttgttttgat agggaggtag gaggtgatct gggacaagtt gaggagggta     32220
     attcatatga tccaactaca attgtatgga attctcaaag aaaaatgttg aaaaatggga     32280
     aggacgggaa aagaaaatga cagaaaaaga gaagagagga aagaataaga cagggaatgc     32340
     agaaggaaaa agaaagaaag caagctttaa aggctaccat ccagaagcag tgagccaagg     32400
     cctctgagag gtggtgggat gtgccatgtt gtgggaaatt atggctgcca gtgtgcctcc     32460
     ccatgcatat gaagcagtga agattctgag tgcaaagcag aaaaaggaaa gatctagagc     32520
     ctggccaggg gtcagcagag agccaaagcc tgaaggggat cagttgccac aaaatctcct     32580
     ggttccagaa aagaacgtga gattcctgta ggtagatggc cagagtgttt gctgcaatca     32640
     ttgtggatga aacatcttgg ccttgagaaa ggcagagaag gagaaaagag taacttacca     32700
     ttccattgtc cagacttttt tcaatagcat tcttacagtc aacttcaaac tagctggcgt     32760
     tggactcttt ttttttttat taggtatttt cctcgtttac attttcaatg ctatcccaaa     32820
     agtcccccat acccaccccc caatccccta cccacccact cccccttttt ggccctggcg     32880
     ttcccctgta ctggggcata taaagtttgc atgtccaatg ggcctctctt tgcagtgatg     32940
     gctgactagg ccatcttttg atacatatgc agctagagac aagagctccg aggtactggt     33000
     tagttcatat tgttgttcca cctatagggt tgcagttccc tttatttagc tccttgggta     33060
     atttctctag ctcctccatt ggggaccgtg tgacccatcc aatagctgac tgtgatcatc     33120
     cacttctgtg tttgctaggt cccggcatag tctcacaagt gagagctata tcagggtcct     33180
     ttcagcgaaa tcttgctagt gtatgcaatg gtgtcagcgt ttggaagctg attatggggt     33240
     ggatccctgc atatgacaat cactagatgg tccatctttt cgtcacagct ccaaattttg     33300
     tctctgtaac tcctttcatg ggtgttttgt tcccatttct aagaaggggc aaagtgtcca     33360
     cacattggtc tttgttcttc ttgagtttca tgcgtttagc aaattgtatc ttttatcttg     33420
     ggtatcctaa gtttctgggc taatatccac ttatcagtga gtacatattg tgcgagttcc     33480
     tttgtgattg ggttacctca ctcaggatga tgccctccag gtccatccat ttgcctagga     33540
     atttcataaa ttcatttttt aaatagctga gtagtattcc attgtgtaaa tgtaccacat     33600
     tttctgtatc cattcctctg ttgaggggca tctgggttct ttccagcttc tggctattat     33660
     aaataaggct gctatgaaca tagtggagca tgtgtccttc ttaccagttg ggacatcttc     33720
     tggatatatg cccaggagag gtattgcggg gtcctccagt agtactatgt ccaattttct     33780
     taggaaccgc cagactgatt tccagagtgg ttttacaagc ttgcaatccc accaacaatg     33840
     gaggagtgtt cccctttctc cacatccttg ccagcatctg ctgtcacctg aatttttgat     33900
     cttagccatt ctgactggag tgaagtgaaa tctcagggtt gttttgattt gcatttccct     33960
     gatgattaag gatgctgaac actttttcag gtgcttctca gccattcggt attcctcagg     34020
     tgagaattct ttgttcagct ctgagcccca ttttttaatg gggttatttg attttttgga     34080
     gtccaccttc ttgagttctt tatatatatt ggatattagt cccctatccg atttgggact     34140
     cttgattctc ctgcctctac ctcctgggtg ctaggattac agatgtgtac caccattcct     34200
     ggataaccaa ccctttcctt tataaaatac ctaagcttca gatatttaat tataataatt     34260
     gaaaatgaac tactataatt actattcatc aggctaatgt ttgttgaaaa aaatgagctt     34320
     caaaatggct tctactgcta gcatttcttg ctgttttgaa gttccaggta catagtagat     34380
     taaatagttg ctgactaatg aatacaacaa accttagagt tgcagggaac cacatgcaaa     34440
     accttgttgt atatcagtat tgaaggtaaa tgaaattgct aagtgttggg gatccatcac     34500
     acagagtacc aaagtattga cagccacccc tagaattgac ttcatcatta ctttaccata     34560
     caagtgcttg ctgaaagtca acccacacat ggattcttag agagaaagca attgttatct     34620
     tgcaagatgg agttgggaaa atggcttcaa agtgaggaaa taacctctca actcaaagga     34680
     tctcattgtt tataggatgc atattttgct ttctttgatt tacaaaaagc aaatacagca     34740
     ccatttttaa gagatgtttt tgtagctgtg aggagaaaaa aaaaaagaat catttgtgtc     34800
     tcactgtact ctatggaagg gctgggctgt cagggttaca atttcaaagc aggtcttgct     34860
     gtacttcagc ttaccagctg gtagctgctc ttcacaacct atcactttct cagctgtaac     34920
     tgtcttctac atcactgtta aggattgaat gtgctccacc aaactacaca gaaatcttaa     34980
     tgctagtacc tgtgaattta atcttttttg aaaatatgtt attttccaat gtccaagtga     35040
     atataaggtc acaatccaat atgacagatg ctttcataag aagagggaaa tttaaaccca     35100
     gagtcacaca ctcacacaag atattactgt ataaaagtag gggtccagcc caccataaca     35160
     taaaaaactc acatcagcta caaaatggat ctttgaaagg acaatggcac tactaatacc     35220
     ctcatttcct ttataattgg gaaaggattt atgtccacac cacaagccac tcaccttcgg     35280
     gtgctttgtt ctggccgtct tagggaattc atgcatccac cttctactcc catgcactct     35340
     acctcccact cccagcactc ccagcactcc cagcactccc agcactccca gcactcccag     35400
     cacaacttgt tctctgctct gctccccaca tgcttccctg cacacattac aacattttat     35460
     aagagagcac atgttcacgt gataagggac aataccagct gtcctctggt aaagctatcc     35520
     tgatgtgaca tattctgtag tcaacatagc tttattctgt actagctcca gtttctaaca     35580
     acccctctcc ttctctattt gctgatgtcc ttcttgttag taaaagtcca tcccagggac     35640
     cactgttaac atgaaatctt ccatacttaa ccaaggactt catgagtttt taaagcaatg     35700
     tgtattttgc tagcctggag cacttgtcac attgccttag ctatacctga tttgaagaat     35760
     atcccttcag ttctttcata gcttggagcc ttgattgctt gtactcacca tctgggttct     35820
     cctccttttt tatggcttac agcctgggct gtactgagat ccttggccaa gtctgtatct     35880
     atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat tcatgtattt gtttattcat tacttgtgtc     35940
     ttactgtagg ttgtacaggt tagggtgggt gtctacttac tcaataaaaa taaatgtgaa     36000
     gaaacataat gtaaattgtt taagcacttg atcttgctaa cctgctctgc cttgcttctc     36060
     ttttctgcat cttaatcttt tttgtgtcct tgtagcactc aatattgtat ctagaacctc     36120
     aagggtaacc agtgactgat tgttgagatt ttaatttagc ttaattgaag aatgtaaagg     36180
     tgggtattgt agcgcagagt cataaactca gcactggagg ctgaggcagg aggatcaaaa     36240
     gtttgaagcc aacctgggca agcgtctgtc tcaaacaaac aatgacaata acaaaatgta     36300
     attcactggc tgaacaacac taatagtgaa aataataata ttatatttac tttcatcccc     36360
     gaagaggtac aataatcatg tacaataacc atgcacaata aacacagttg ggcaattaac     36420
     agctgtcagg gtgactttgt tacatagatg gagaagtcat gtcattacaa tagtgttcca     36480
     tccaacaatg gctgtatcac gtggaggata tgttgaaatg cccatgtcta cctctgttcc     36540
     acatgacttc aggcaagagt tggtagagaa atgtatgact aataactcct caggcagatt     36600
     tggtccccag tggtttgtga gcagattata tttatataag ctatattgac tgtcacaaac     36660
     ctttgtgcac tagttaggcc agggaaggct aacagctgct tttatctaaa agagtcaaat     36720
     agcatgtctt catctcaaac atttttgcag atattagtgt gctaggtttt tgaccactat     36780
     ttagacccca cagattctat tgtctagttc tctgagctca cctgttttgg tttggtttgg     36840
     tttgatttgg ttttggtttt ggttttgtta gatgttatga atgagtgaga ctatgcagta     36900
     tttgtctgta tatagcttat ttcatttgac acgatggtct ccagttctgt ccatatttcc     36960
     acaatgacag gattacattt ggttttatgg ctgaacaata ttctattaag tatatataca     37020
     aagccatact tggcagcttt ggtttttttt cttttctttt gcttgcttca ctgtagattc     37080
     aactcaagga cttattcata atcactgtct cttttaaagg gacagctgtt cggtttagga     37140
     gggcgcttga gtctataact gaaaagccgt ggccctagtc tcagtgccac ttatcacaac     37200
     acaattactg taagattctc agtctttctg agcttgcttt tcctccccat tacagaagga     37260
     tggctactgt attcgttact tttctactgc tgtgataaaa caccattgcc aaggtcattt     37320
     atagaatgaa gagtctattt ggcttctaat tccagaagga caagagtgat aaatcatagt     37380
     aagctggtac aagaggctga gggctcatac cttgaaacat aagcaggaag cagatagaag     37440
     gagctgagaa tgggtcatgg tttttgaaac cttactgcct taacttactt cctccagcaa     37500
     ggccacacat atggaccccc aaacatcatc acaaactgca gagcttatgt cagacactct     37560
     catttaaacc acaacagcca atttacttat ctgccttcta aggacctagt gcagaacaga     37620
     taagaaggaa caaaagtagc tcagcatggg ccataatttc agctacttag gaagctgagg     37680
     caagaaccta gttcaaggct tgcccggcct atacaccagg ttcaaagcca gcatggacaa     37740
     gttactgaga ctctatctca aaataaaaga gtaaaaagca aagcaccttg ctagtatgca     37800
     caatgtacta ggttgcttct ctattggggg aggagaggtt gaaaacactg gatatgtgag     37860
     aaggcccaga catgctgact cagaaaccta gagaggaagt aagtgtggta atggcattag     37920
     gatagtcata tagaccaatg gaacaggatg gagaattgaa aaaccaattc ccacatttat     37980
     catcattcag tttttgacaa aaggaaataa tgatttaaca caacaacaca gtttttcaac     38040
     aaatgatctt agcatatcaa atatccatat gtaaaatatg aagttatact ccctacctcc     38100
     ctcatataaa acaaaaatag tatatataca tgtaagatct aaggatatat cattcctagg     38160
     agaaaatgaa tatttatgac cttggatttg tcaatgtttt tttaaatatg gcattaagcc     38220
     acagagataa aaataagaaa atagatacat cgaatttcag taaaatgagg aagttcttgt     38280
     gattcaacag aaaccataca gaaagtgaaa ctacaaccac agaatggagt tggagagttt     38340
     acaaataata tacctaataa agtacttgtg tacaatatgt gtaaataatt tctacaactc     38400
     agtaattgaa agagaaatta gccagtttaa tgaaatgagc aataatttta ctaggctttt     38460
     ctccaagtat atgatacagc taggaagcaa ataaaaatgt gttcaacttc attagtttct     38520
     gggacatgca agtcaaaaaa ccacaatttc tcatccattc tggttgctat aatctaatga     38580
     tgtggggcta aggatatggt tcagctggca aagtgctgta gacaccactt gaaacttctg     38640
     gattttcaca aggggcagaa ttcaatgtct agaactcatt aaaaagacaa aacgtaaaca     38700
     aaaccagcca ggtgtagtaa tgaacactta ccattctttg taattcctgt tctgaaaagg     38760
     cagagatatg tagctccctg ggtctcactt ggcagccaga ctagacttac tttgtgacct     38820
     tcagatcaat gagagaccct gtctcaaaaa aaaatgcaga atgctcatcc agaaagggaa     38880
     cctttatact atacatatcc tcccatacct cctgttccca aattcaagaa tcattgagga     38940
     agaagggttg gaaagagtat aagagctggg gcagtggatg actacaagga aacattagct     39000
     tctggaccca gcaaagcagg taccatatga tgagcacaca atagttgaca caaaacctgt     39060
     gcaagcccag gccagaccaa attccagtat gaagagagga attgagcaca caattacacc     39120
     tctcgatgtg gaggtattgg caattgttag ctgctggagg ggggcttgtc tctaaaagca     39180
     caacacttgg taagttgacc actcactagt ggaagactac acacccaagt atatttgggc     39240
     agtacaaact tgtcttgaat gatttaagaa aacaaagaca caacactggt agatatggaa     39300
     cagggttgaa tctgggaagt ggtagaggag gatggataaa taaggtgaaa agatgaaagt     39360
     gtcatagaac tcattaaaga aaaaaaaaac gtggatacac ctgaggaatg acacctaagg     39420
     ttgccctcag agtttcatag gctcatgtac acacatgtat actcatcgcc ctccacatac     39480
     atcttcacac atacaaatac aacacacaaa ggcacaccca tgtggataca cattcacaca     39540
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacatcag agccgggtgt     39600
     gttcctgtca cttgggggca gaggcagaaa gatcaggaat gtaaggtcat tcttagctat     39660
     attgcaagtt tatgtcgaga ccgggataca tgagatgcta tctcagggat cttgaaaatc     39720
     tgaacaataa atagggcaaa cagaaacagg gcaaggggct aagattctag gctattcaga     39780
     aatagtctta tatcttatag agtctccaag catctttgtg tgggtgcctg tgttctttat     39840
     tggtcaatgt tctatttgaa gtgattccct gagggtagaa gtgagaaagc aacatcttca     39900
     tcacactgtc tgcaatgcac attcaataga ctctacccca gatacttaac taaaggtgga     39960
     gtcctctgga agtggtttct agagcaatcc tctttcttct tactgctctg ctacacaagg     40020
     gcttgttggc ttgaggggga tacatggcct aggggggtgg atctcctgct gcagttctca     40080
     tgaacttttg acaggaagca aaggggaagc atttcttctg gaaaggatat actctttttg     40140
     ttgtgaatta tttagtgaga cagaatcttg atatgaagcc agcttcaaat gtgccatcct     40200
     cttatctcag cctgccaagt ggtgggatgc caggtgtgtg tgatcacaaa cactcatctt     40260
     tgcatccctc atgttccact taatcctggc tccctttgca aggattgctt tctttttttt     40320
     tttttttaat ttggttcaat attagttatg gggaggtagg caggaattcg tgtagaaatc     40380
     cgaggacaat ttacaggagt catttatctc tttctactat atgttttctg gggattgaac     40440
     tctggtagtc aggtttcaca gctagcatct ttacccattc agcaatttta tgactcctgt     40500
     ttgttttttt gttttttttt tttttttttg aagcaatgtc tagcatgccc caagctgatc     40560
     tcaaacttgc tacataacca agaatgattt tgattttacg atcttttcac tttcaccttc     40620
     caagttctgg gattacagtg tgcacaacca catctgactt atgtggtgct ggggatcaaa     40680
     tctaggctta gtgaatgcta ggcaagcact ctatcaaaag agatgaaagc ccagtgtcaa     40740
     gactttgttt ctgaggagac acaaaacctc tgtcctagac tgagccttga aaagtagctt     40800
     cgtattagag acaaaagcac agaaaacatt gtcactgggt ctgatttttg ttctctctgg     40860
     tccacctact tgggaatgct tactcctgtt gttcaaattg tggtaaaaat atacctaata     40920
     caaaataggc cattgcaacc attttaagag cactattaac tagtgttaag cacactccct     40980
     cttgcttctc cttcacactg ctgtacaacc cacctctata gtgctatcta tagcagcagt     41040
     ggccctttgc attcccatca ctgggatagg caagttctaa tttcctctca ttcccattat     41100
     cacttgctag ttctgttttt aatttaaatg ttatcgtaag tattcatatg tgtgtgcatg     41160
     cactcatatg catatgccat agcactcctt tggagataag agaactttct ggatttggtt     41220
     ctttccttcc actatgtgag ttctggggat caaactctgg ctgtcaggct tcgtggtaag     41280
     caccagggag ccattttgtc agccttagtt tgtttcaact tctgtagcta tgcaataggt     41340
     tttgaaatca agactatggt tttggatttt tagaatctat tgatgagtat gtatgatggg     41400
     atttttctat ttctacaaaa catcttttga actttgatag ggattacaag gaatttatag     41460
     atcatttcaa gtaatatata ttaacagaat gtaaaagtaa gacatagtaa cagaatggaa     41520
     ccttctgatc catgaaactg tggcattttt cgcacatttg tacctttaaa tttttctgtc     41580
     aataatagaa tagcgtactt acagtataag gttttctgta tacattttgt tgctttatta     41640
     actttaaccc aatttcactc agattcggtg acttctcact gacaggtttt gtaggttttt     41700
     ccagttgtta ttatgtgtga gtggtgaaat actctgccac catgaaatag taagagaaaa     41760
     agagaaagct cttttaataa tctgttggag taaagcgcat ttgttgactg ttttccctca     41820
     cagggcttgc tttctcaaaa actaatgcaa gaaattggta actaaaaaaa attaaaaata     41880
     ttcagccacg tgaggtaggg catgcctgta acccctgcac tttggaagac taagacagga     41940
     agatttcaag ttcaaagcca gggaagcacg tatcaaggcg ccttctcaca aaacaaaagg     42000
     ctggggctgg agctggagct ttatgctctt ggatttgatc aagagcactg aggacaaaaa     42060
     gagaaacaaa acaggcacaa agagtaagaa acacttgatt tgtggctggg cttcagggta     42120
     atttttttta acatgctgct ttctgaactg gacttgagtc atgtcaccca ctgcatcccc     42180
     caacccccat cctgtactgt gaacactcta cctagtgatg tttcctggga aacagtgtga     42240
     tgtcataacc ctgtgaccat ggatgcctgg gaacaaagaa cttagatttg tctctgtgtg     42300
     aatactttca cactccatta cttgctttaa accttcattt agcacctggg aaaatagaac     42360
     ttactggctg gtcaggcctc cgtaaggagg ctcccacctc aactctgaat tctgtgagaa     42420
     aatgtgagag cagtatcaag cagcagcagc agtattctca tctacatgtg agccatactt     42480
     gcaactctcc actgagccca tggtacagta tatccttgct aagtgtgtag ggcaagtttt     42540
     tctatccttt gttcttccag gcttccttat ccccatgtta ggctaaactt tctacactga     42600
     aatttactca tatagcccat gttcatagtt ggagtttggg caactgtaca cagtttcata     42660
     attaccatca caatcaagac acagtacact ttgattattc cctaaattct cctgttgcta     42720
     cctttggact cagttctctc ccattccttt gctgtgaccc caatcaacta taaatatcac     42780
     ttctatcacc atagtttttg tcttttccag gctagagttt aaggggttgg gagtggtgag     42840
     ctcttgccta gaatgccaag acaatgactt tgactcagtt ccataaaaac aaactatagt     42900
     accaatggaa tagcatggta tttactaatt tgtatatagt ttatttcatt ttacatggta     42960
     ttttgtaatt tattcatctt gtagcacatt ttataacttt cttcctttct atttctgagt     43020
     aatataccag tatgtgcata tatcatcatt gatttagcca ttcattagta atgggaattt     43080
     gagcatttat atttttgtta atgtttttag ttagtataaa aattaatgga gagatggctc     43140
     agtggttaag agcactgttt gctcttccaa aggtcctgag ttcaattccc agcaaccaca     43200
     tggttgctca caaccatctg taaagggatc tgatgccctc ttctggtgtg tctggaaaca     43260
     gttacaatgt aaacatataa ataaaataaa tctaaaaaaa ataataggtt tcagtataga     43320
     gacaaggtct catatatcca agtctagctt catattcctt atgcagcaca tgcctgcaac     43380
     cccagcagag gaatactctc acttgataga tgaaaaatga aagtttattg agcagtattt     43440
     gcatagatga actaggattt gaaccctggc tccttgattc ccagctctct ttctctctct     43500
     ctctcacatc actcttttca tgatcatcct ggtagcttgg aagcatcacc ttcttgaaat     43560
     acttatattt accctgaata tacaagggtg taataatcct caaatgtgtt ctaggacttt     43620
     ctttttccca gaggaagcta gttcatgttt ttgagaagtg aaatggcttt cccatagcca     43680
     tcagcttgcc tatgaaatgg ttggaatcca aatcactttt tgattccaag tgcatacttc     43740
     tagggcccta tgtctcacag ggacattttt actcagtctt tcttcaacct tgtacttcct     43800
     tcacaaggat gtctcttcct gtactccacc tttccccatc ctggtccatg aaggtcaggg     43860
     actgagaatc ccagattctc ttacaggcct ggctctgcct actccattcc cccaacttca     43920
     gtgaacatag taatatccag aaggcagaag tgagtgagtc acttagctca agttttggca     43980
     aaatcaagaa tttcaaggag tcaggttggt ggtgggggac agaaataaag gtacacgggt     44040
     atcagatgta cacctctgaa aaattgttga agaagtagcc ttatgtcaca gccattatct     44100
     ccatgaccga aacaggcagg tcagccatct tcccataaag ctccctcctc aggataaata     44160
     tgtgtatatc tgtatataaa gttcagggaa acttgaagaa tggtttaaac acacacacac     44220
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacgt cctatcctga aggaagttag     44280
     gacttggtga acaatacagt cacctcacta aggggtcagt ggtaactcct ctgtaacaca     44340
     caacatttat atttcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacgaggc tacttactac     44400
     ctgtagcctc tccacccctg acagaaggct ttagcctcat tcttggacac ttaaagtatg     44460
     cttaatgtat acatgtctcc attcaagctg ctgctttccc tcctcccatc tttattttcc     44520
     tctacccctc tgaccccaag attgacagac atcgagaatc cagttattcc gtaggcacca     44580
     gggagcctct ctgaagcatg caaatttaat gagaaatgct ttgaaataca gcacaaatgt     44640
     gaatgtaatt caaagaactg cacagtctgg ggaggggagc tggcagagta gacattcaag     44700
     cggatgatga catcagtaca atgaaaagga ctccgggggg aagcttctaa gtctgcctgg     44760
     cttggaaaca aatgctattc tgctctctgt ccagaagttt gaccagtcta gaagaaaaga     44820
     atagtggaaa gggctagaag aaaaacacta gactatctag agaatagaaa gattcctgtt     44880
     aacttggagg gacagagaga agcagactgg aagaagtggc taaagaatga attgggtcca     44940
     cagaggtctc atttcagatc tctctctctc tctctctctc tcacacacac acacacacac     45000
     acacacacca caacctcctc ataatcactg aggaatatag atctcacact agatgcttga     45060
     aaccattaat ctagatagat gcaaaatgaa acagtacgac acatgaacta agcacagtaa     45120
     gaaggtaata acaacagcta gcaataaaat tatactattt ttgggctttt taggccatta     45180
     cgaaatggaa gattacagga acataaatcc tgaagtacca ctacaatcaa tctgacaact     45240
     taggcagcaa ccaagtgact accgggtagg aagtatatag ataacacaaa taaatgtcct     45300
     ggaaaagaga gtgaaattta aatcttatga attgtttatt tctgaaatat tccatttaat     45360
     acttttggac cacagttcaa caagtagaca actgaaacta tgaaaggtga agctaaaaat     45420
     gggtagggta ttttataatg atatttgaat atgtgtgaat atttgaatga tactaggcca     45480
     aaaaaagttg cttttagatg catttagaac taatcaacag agtaagaaaa atgatcatgg     45540
     tgaagtaatt cctgtttacc caaacttatc acttataata tcggacacaa aattaagaga     45600
     cattattatg catgttcttc taggagtcag agtgtgttta tttgatcaag tgttgaactg     45660
     tcttaaattt tcacccgctc cctgctttca ctttccattt actgtttttt tttttttttt     45720
     tttttttttc cgagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt     45780
     agaccaggct ggccttgaac tcagaaatcc gcctgcctct gcctcccgag tgctgggatt     45840
     aaaggcgtgc gccaccacgc ctggcaccat ttactgtttc aatggtcatc tgacccaact     45900
     ctcaaaaagc agaagaaatt ttgacctgtt tctttttact ggttcagtag tgttcttgtg     45960
     aaggtcctag cacagcgtga gatttaccac agctatattg tggtcttatg agttgcaggt     46020
     attgtaccag aatcagtgat atttttcaac ttcacccacc caataataat agttcaactt     46080
     tgtgacacct gctacacttt aatctagtat agttttccct ctagatttct ccctcttttt     46140
     tttttttttt ttttttttga cagacgtagt gagccagtaa gaaagtactg ggactaaact     46200
     tcgcaaagcc ttctgcctag cactgactcc aactttctta cagggatggc ctcttgcatc     46260
     tctgccctac ccatttccag caccatgttg ccaactacaa ttcccagatg tctctacgct     46320
     ccggacctgg caaacagggt ttcccagcag ccttaagggt gaagagctgc aagaggctac     46380
     ttaggtcacc cagcactttc cgcccacccc cagatcacgt gtccatgtcc tgccaatcgg     46440
     aactgggagg agggagggca tctgtagcct agagtcttcc agggctcaaa ggcggggcaa     46500
     gcgtggaggg ggcgggtcga gcgtggcggg ggcggggcgg aactccggag ctgagcagcc     46560
     tggcaacagc ggtggctccc tgagccggag gtgagttcgc tttcttggct gacctggctc     46620
     ggagccgggc attgcgggga tccaggattg gaaaggtctg aaggaaaaag tagggactcc     46680
     ctgagacggt tggtctcgag gggcctgact gtctccgctg gggtgggggt ggggttcgct     46740
     ggagagcctc agctgtctct gcaaggcagg gttgaggccc gggagtggca ggcaggtgcc     46800
     tccctctggc ttccactgtt ctacttgtcc taggtcccca ggtggcggcc ggcgatgatt     46860
     gggactggaa tatagggtgg gctgagggtc gtcgaatgca ttgcctacac tttgcttccc     46920
     tgtctaaggt tgtctagtgc gcgggacaga cgccctaagg cgactgctcc ttgccctggc     46980
     tctgctcact gggcggacac ccgctgcatc ccccgtggcc tcgccaagtg gtggcaccta     47040
     gcactggcca cgaactcttc ttcgtcgctc ttggccagtg tttttgtgtc atacacgggg     47100
     gaggagggcg ggtatgtgct tttgcaacag ttgagagaag atctgagaag gaatggctta     47160
     gttcccccca tacccagtcg gaagtgtgaa cagtcactaa gaagtgctct tggtcgggtt     47220
     acctcccgac caactgtctt ttgcgcttag gaagtgaaaa tgaaatttta ctatttgcct     47280
     aagcaaaaat aaagtgaatc tcgtgtgaaa aatatattac cggtttgatg gatatgtttg     47340
     ggatatgaga cgagcgagtt gtagcttgtt tctaaaccag atctttccaa gagtggaatc     47400
     agagcctttt agaacggacc tgactgacat taacatagta gttcagttgt ttcctgaatg     47460
     ggggaattgg ggcccaggaa aggttaatgt gacatggact tcaggcaacc taatgacaaa     47520
     actgatgtga ctagtcactt ccctgggggt ttctcggtgt ctgccaagtc tggattcctc     47580
     ttagcacggc tcatttttgt tcattgtgaa gtatccacct tagagtactg agactgggcc     47640
     tgaagtttta ctaccgttca agccattttg tactcacctc cccgccctcc ccgccctccc     47700
     cgctcccccc cccaaaaaaa taaaaacagt tactggccaa cctttcattc atcacatata     47760
     ctaggaagga tctgtgtatt tgtcaaattt gactacagag ggcttgcagt cattttacgg     47820
     gctcagagct agattttagg agactcccat atgctggagg agattcaagc tggtggctct     47880
     gaagcagtgg aacaggtttc tgaagtgttc aaaagtagct atgaattctg tgggattata     47940
     agtactctca ttatgtgatt ggtctcctta agttaaagtt gtaacttaca tctctctagt     48000
     catcagaagt cccattcctt cattaaacat tgcctatggt gtaacctcta gtgtctgtcc     48060
     tatgcaacag gaagacaaga gggaaacaca ccattaaggc attatggaat tgatataggg     48120
     gggtgtcaga catacagggc aaaaaaagca atgttgtgtt tactagcgga ggtgagttgt     48180
     aaaaagtaaa tgttcaaagt gcacggtaag ataagctcca cagtggagca tgcctttgcc     48240
     agcgctttga atttctaatt tttgatagtt cttactccaa aaaaacataa actttgaaac     48300
     cgaaatatat ctgagtccaa gagattcact ctgtggagtc cctttgctcc tgtcagtgca     48360
     tatagtgact ttaaactgtt aaggtgatgg tttatagatg aatggctgac ttcctagtta     48420
     gatagatcac tgtaaagcca gaagtctctg gtgaagtcag gattgcatgg tgatttctga     48480
     ccacagtctg ctggactttc agcctaccat acacatgggt ttctattctt tcatgcaggc     48540
     ttgtactgtg aacctgttat ctgaaatgaa catctctctg tgttgcctgg cttgaggaga     48600
     taatagttca ctttgaaata gttccatact aaagcagcac tccgcatctg aggaataaga     48660
     tccctgagtg atgaaatggc attgcaagaa gtctctgaga aagtcattgt ctatctagta     48720
     ccaccccttt taatagacct gacggtcagg gttttcaaaa caatctttat gacttctgaa     48780
     aatgactaat gttgcaaata atactgtaat attgcttcaa atgagaaaag gatgaataaa     48840
     atgtacttgc tttagaaaca attgaaaaca catggttcta gcttttattg agggttcaaa     48900
     aataaagaga aaaggggaaa ctcttcgggg ccccgaggtg acatttttaa ccagtggcca     48960
     ggtgattaca aaggctagag tttctagtta tttctaaaga ttatccagct ttacaatagc     49020
     ataatgggtg tcatttattt ttctttattc tctcattatg ataatgatct cttacaagtt     49080
     ctaatttctt catttcctag tttttagtta gtttattcct ctttggcagc tctcagaggg     49140
     gcaagaacta tcatttgcct caaaggtatg gactcagggt tgagcagtct agaagctata     49200
     gtgaatgtgg gcaagctgct tacctctatg tctcattttc tttaagtaat caaaacaata     49260
     aataataatc gtttctcaaa gtgttggtgg cagggctgag tgattcttct acatttagtg     49320
     cttctaacag ttttgtactc agtaagtgtt caaggaaaga gggtactttg gctttctgtt     49380
     cttggctgtc ccctgccctg gagctatggg tgtagcctct gccccatcta ccccctttgg     49440
     caccactgtc tctaatggac ctggaacatc cataggtatc cactccattt attccacttc     49500
     attcattcca aacagtaacg atgtgtagcc aataattaaa tatcaatacc aaggtgattc     49560
     ctgggtcatg aagttttatc atctcttggc accaaggctt tccttttccc aatcaagacc     49620
     aggccttggc tgctctgtag gactagagta gatgcctatg gttccttgtg atgataaaaa     49680
     gccattatga tctgatgagg agccaaagat gagattgttc cccatatcac agccccccat     49740
     ctgtaaatga ggagccttac ttgatactta gatttgtttc tccgtatctc aagataactc     49800
     tacaaggaac tttggtatat cttagacttc taatagttta ggattgtggt ttcttagctg     49860
     gacttgacag gtaactcctg aatgttgcaa catttttttt tccatctaag gaggtgctga     49920
     ggtctcagat ggtttatgta atgtgtatga aacttaactt ggcccagagc tcatagtaag     49980
     tattttgtaa acatggttgg cttgaatcag aggagtggca acttgagttg tttgagcatg     50040
     ttagtttgaa tcattttgct gtatacctac aaacatgttc cttacatgct aagaagtgga     50100
     gcctatgcct agctcttttg tccaggttct gatagtggat caatagaaaa gtctgaatgt     50160
     agttttggga gagatttcat gcattgcttt gccacccctt tcctcccagc ttgatttttg     50220
     gactctgaca tgagtacaga atcatttttg cttcgtttgc aagtatgttt gggacaggaa     50280
     agggctagtg gaagttgaag tgtaataatt aaaagtaaaa ataaaattgt ttgtacattc     50340
     agctttcatc ccattgtaca aacttggaca aaatgcagtg gtgcccattc tttagcattg     50400
     gataatggtt agattttgat gtcacatctt tgaccttttg gtgggaagga agcactttgt     50460
     tcctggagcc tcttcatgaa tacgcttcac cagcagccat tccttcctct ttatgggcgt     50520
     gactgggaca gaggtgagtt gtaaggacat tcctagcatt gggtggtggt gctttaaatt     50580
     ccctttgttg gcctgtaaat ttctttatgg ccctgagatt gcttaggtgg ggatttagaa     50640
     taaaaaggac tttacttgat ttcagtattg ccaagaagtg atcccagctg ttttactcag     50700
     ccttggactg tcgctataca tcagtgaccc tctggctatg actcttactg tacctcctag     50760
     ttagtgctgt tcaacggtaa caacctgcag aagtttgctg ttgacttcag ggagacctca     50820
     ggctgtgtga ctagcagcaa gtatgtcatt tagagtttcc tggttctgag atgttccttg     50880
     tgcgtgacag tggggatgtg agagcatagc ccactctctg acaaatggcc tctacctcta     50940
     ggttccttgc ctaaagaaag tctggtggtt ttttaagtag aggatgataa ctttttgctt     51000
     ttcagtcttt cagctgagat gaagtgtaaa tcagaggctg actctttccc tgtaggacat     51060
     ttcctttctt cctgttatca agtccaatca tttctacaga gattcccatc atttctgtgt     51120
     catcaaacaa ttttcctttg ttgacaaaga ttgtccagat gcccttaacc ctcaacagct     51180
     gctcctgaga acttataacc aacgtagaat cacagatcag ctaagaaccc ctgcagaatc     51240
     ttcaatttca ggtgtctcct gatgcatatg tgtcaatgaa agtctaggat agctgatgga     51300
     agacctggtc acatcttggc ttcccaagcc tttgaaacaa cattaatcaa taatacagtg     51360
     ctagatttaa aaagtaaaca ggcaaaataa atttaaacat gtttttgtaa cggattatat     51420
     gtaaaatact atcatttaca tataattacc atactaatga agcatcaccc tttttttttt     51480
     gtactagact tggaaatcat ttgtgtattt ttcttatagg acatctccat ttcgaccagc     51540
     cacatggttg gtgccagtcc ctacagtgtg ggacagtagg acgctgagag acgagttcat     51600
     caggttggct tttagtgacc agccagctgc ctctgtacta acttatatta atgttagggt     51660
     taatctctgc caagccttta gcccataatg tctcctttga gggtaaaatt attaacataa     51720
     ttgccaagtt tctttctcaa aggttgggtc aacagtgagc tttgggacag tagcattgag     51780
     atcttaatca agtgatgtga tttcagggtt tacaactgtg gtgctcacct gactatggca     51840
     tcgctttcta ttactggatg tgggtgtggt ggttcacgtg tgtaatctca gtgtttagga     51900
     ttgaatcagg agttcaggct atcctgagct tcatagtgag atactttctc caataaataa     51960
     ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaatcagg gatgggggag gggcataaag caagctcttg     52020
     tggaatgctt ggtgtttggt tgtgtgtgtg aaagtatctt tatcttttcc ctagctcttc     52080
     agagagggtg tcacctccct aaatagaaat ttcctcattt taggaatact gcagattggt     52140
     ggtttgctcg gctggctgct cattagaacc acctggggca ttttaaatac ctgctgcctg     52200
     agccccaccc tccggcctcc ggggttaatt aatctgaggt gagacctgcc tgcgcctttt     52260
     tgagaaatca ttttgtggta gcaggattat gtagctccat ggagagcacc tgctttagga     52320
     tccatcactt ctccaactcc actgtgggga ggctcctgga cttccagggc cagcacagat     52380
     tctgtgcctc agtgggtgtc ggacgaggca aggagtccag tagggtcttc ccatttgcag     52440
     ccaacttcag ggcaatgccc aggccgctgc tgagcaggtt gttctttgat tagccagcag     52500
     ccccaaaatc acctgaggga gttttactga ggtacacgtt ccctggctct gggcctggag     52560
     cttctgattc agcaggtctg ggccagagcc caagatccat gtttgagaag tgtcttttgc     52620
     aacatttcat catcaagact tgggcttatc ttcagtttcc tgcagatggg ctgctaacac     52680
     ccattggggg ttaaaaacaa aagtggaatt ttaaccaatc ccttttgtgt cttgatagtg     52740
     cgacccacag ccctctctga atctgctgtt gtgggaggct agtctcagtt ttttcctagt     52800
     tgcactgcag cattcgctca atcgtgctgc tggggccgac ccaatgtgca catgctcttg     52860
     cttactgctg catttgattc cattggtagt gttgcggtgt ctccctttgt cactgagttt     52920
     tagcttcagt ttttgtctag tttaatacca ggattgacag tgctagcctt atgcagtcag     52980
     ttgggatgtt ccctttctcg tttcgcggga aattgctaag gttgaagcat atcacttcct     53040
     tgaatgttaa tagaactggg cctggaagat tttcaactgt ctctatgtga ttgtttgcct     53100
     atctgccccc tgctttatgt catcatctcc ttaggccaag tagatgctca ctatgtagca     53160
     gagattggcc ttctgattga tcatcctgcc tccatattcc aagtactggg atgtggtgta     53220
     tgccaccaca tggagctttg cctttttctt ggttagtttt tgttttgttt ttaatcacgt     53280
     ttgtcagttg tgataatagg actgtttatc atttcattag taatatgttc tagcatgttt     53340
     ttatttccat attcatcttt aaggtacatc tgtaaagtac atttttaaaa tctgaaaata     53400
     tgtttgccag cagttttcag tatgattcct cacctcacaa ctgtagaatg cagggtgaat     53460
     gctagcagtt ctttgacact tggatgctgg gtgtctctgg cattgctgat tggctgcttg     53520
     gttgtgctgt ttatactcaa tgatgttgtg tgtgtcagtc agtagctcct gccttttact     53580
     actaagtagc agtccatggt tcagtaattg atagccattt gagctactca gtttggggct     53640
     gaactataac cagccatgta tctttgcacg agctcatgtt ttcatttgat ttgtggaaat     53700
     actgtacgtt ggaaagacat tgtcgtcttt ctacaaatac acattttgat tttttatggt     53760
     tttattttta tttttatttt ttattttatt ttgagacaaa tatcactagc tgacttggaa     53820
     ctcactttgt agatcagatc ggccttgaac tcacagagat tttcttgcct ctgcctcctg     53880
     agtgctggga ttaaaaatgt acttcattat gtctagctta caaatagttt tctttcttcc     53940
     tcccatgtaa tagccaccat tttcttgcct agttagaatc tctaaatatt gtaactgcac     54000
     atggttattc tccttgtttc gaagcttccc attttttaac tattgctgta taaactctag     54060
     gcttacagaa ttcctacttt gctggacaaa tcatgatttg ttgtttattt tgtttgtaga     54120
     agccatgttt cagatatggt cttcaagaag ataatagaga gaacctaatt gtctgtatta     54180
     cagtgctcat tcccattccc taagcatgac accccaactt ttattcttag tgtcaattcc     54240
     agaatttgtg tctggaacct gggagctctt ttgattgctc tgagaagctg tccttattgc     54300
     ttgtccaaag ggcatgggag ttgtccgatt gaatggctgt ctttgttctt gaactggaat     54360
     ttcttaatca tgttgtttcc attctgttaa tagtggtttt agttcctctt catcttcttc     54420
     cctttttggt atttcttgcc ttttccttgg atgatttttt tttttttaca tccataagat     54480
     cacctcttcc agtgatgtcc aggtctagac acgttaggcc ctttaacttt gttctgtgac     54540
     aggaatgtat ggtggcttgt gtttatgcct ggtaactgcc caagtaggaa atgattgctt     54600
     tctgtacttt ctgggtcact gtaagccttt tctctttgtg actttccaaa gaccttaatt     54660
     aagtcagtca ttggggagtc ccttttggac actctcttag tgtggcaagc tgcctgttgg     54720
     gcaagtgact acttctgcgt ctgccttttg ctagcctcca aggtaaactt gctcttctga     54780
     attaggacta tttcaatgga tcaggcccag catttccacc agctaagaga tgccaagctg     54840
     cattccctgt gcctccatgt gaattaactt tagagactcg ggcacatttt caaaagtatc     54900
     ttcagtgtct atatttgagt gaggattaaa catttagttc taggccaaaa tcactgtgag     54960
     acacatttat taaatatagt gggcactgat gttgtaggag cattgttttt ggtgtaaaat     55020
     cgagatacag ctaagtttta taatatgaca tcttgtatag ctttaacctc tgaaggcaat     55080
     tttgttttga gccagggtct caccccatag ccctagctgg ccttggattt gctaggtaga     55140
     caaggttggc ctttgctagg tagacaaggt tggtctgtaa atcacagcta cctttctgtc     55200
     tcatctcctc taaaggcagt ttcaaaggat gattttttta aaagggagta cttggaacag     55260
     aaagagcatt gctgaaatga gtatacatca ttgaagcata tttcgtttag ctgcatatgc     55320
     tctgaggctc actacttcct agatgtaccc catgggatat tcattctgtt tgtggccacc     55380
     aatccacaaa gactgttaca gtaccaagta ctactgcagt ggacaaatat ggggaatatt     55440
     tttgaatgcc tcatagattt ggtagaagga atctccattt gtttacttcc ctttaaaatg     55500
     aaggcttctt tctggatgtc agattttttt aaatatgggt ggaatcccct tctaatacta     55560
     tattatgtcc ttattttcat ttgatcatct attgaaaaat ggttagtggt tcagagggct     55620
     atgttgcctc aggttgacct ctgcaatctt ttgtggacaa gttgttcttg ttaacacttg     55680
     tcagttgttt tatgaagttc ctagtattac ttgacaattt cagttgttgg tggaaattga     55740
     atgacttatg atgtgcttag aacagtcaca gatagtgtgg cagttggaaa cgtggagact     55800
     gatcagtgcc cataagcaga tggatagctt ttgcttcagt catactatct atcacctttg     55860
     ttactgtatt tattctcata tgctcatcat tttctcatat accttctttg ctgcgatcca     55920
     acttgtggtt gcccactgtc tcccaattaa cttctcaaag acctatctcg aggttgttgc     55980
     tttgttatta tttaaagata cttcatgtat atggatattt tgcttgtaca catgtttgag     56040
     tgcgactaat gtgcctggtg cccacagagg ccagaagagg gcatcagata ccctgaaact     56100
     ggagttacag atggttgaga accaccatgt gggtacccga aatcaaactc aggtcctgag     56160
     tagatagtaa taagtaacac gcacacacgc acgcaccaga tagccatctc tctggcctct     56220
     caagttattt ttcagtttcc cattatggta cctagtatct atttgttgac tctttttgaa     56280
     ctctttggaa acaaaattaa gtaattacat atgctgaata atctctcaga aataatcact     56340
     ttgatgttac ttctttgtct taagtatcca tatcaatatt ttagtgtaag ttaatttaat     56400
     aacttcatgg aatgcttata gttgggagag ctgaactatt ctgaaggtaa ccaagtactg     56460
     acatgatcat tttgtaaatt gctaaattcc atgggtgatg ccctgcctgt gtagtatgtt     56520
     ctttccaaag aagtcttaac atctagtact tcatattgtg gccttagatg taaatagtgt     56580
     cattagtgat gtaattaaag atgaaaataa attagaaagg aagcccctgc atgtaggaag     56640
     aagggtgcca ttacaggaga acactataac aaagcagaga tacataggta gaagaccata     56700
     attgatatga tgcctccaca aaccaatgac taccaaggac tctggttacc actggttact     56760
     agctagatgc ttcaagtgct tatgtcttag ctgacaccct cagaactggc agagaatccc     56820
     tagctgttat ctatctactt tgtagtactt ggttatagca acctagaagc gtaataaatt     56880
     gtctaaatgc ttggcctagt gttagcaagc ctgagatcat gcttaattta aagttatgga     56940
     tttgcctatt ttatcatata ttgttacgtg aatcccaaga ttatgttgtt tactaaaaca     57000
     aatgagcaga caaacaaaac acatgtttct agttgtggtg tggctcagcc ttgacctaca     57060
     cctttaatcc ctctggctgg aatacagaca cagcctatgt atacacttat agtcctaaac     57120
     aatgaatgta aagttagttt gtagcacccg tgtttgaaag tgatgtctaa gtgtgtagca     57180
     gacaaagtga tgaatcacag agagatttga cagaatagga tatgcctaac tctcatgaga     57240
     agagagagga aagagagata cttaaggaag aacagtatag gaagtaggag gcaggttttt     57300
     actgggacag ttgtacagag acgttgcaga gagagagaac aagcaagaca caggtgaaga     57360
     caaaatgagc cacagaatga aaaggagccg gaagattaga acagattgcc agagttagta     57420
     tgaggccaag cagaacaatt gggggagggg agggaagggg aggggagggg agggaggggg     57480
     agaggagaga gaagagagag gagagaaaag cctgattgga ttagtcagct taggagtttg     57540
     atccagaaca gctgagtgga tccagccagc tatagctcgg taagaacaag aaaagatgag     57600
     tttattcaac agtcagtctc agaggctgaa accaggctag gcctagataa gattgtatgg     57660
     aggctataag caatgagcct cagagacaat tatatcaggt aaatagaaat tactattaca     57720
     gtattaccta tcttctcaat ataatttagt ttttagacaa atttgctgct agattagaaa     57780
     aaggtatagg aaaacctggc tccaaaatgc cattgcagtt ctacacgagt gtgtcaggta     57840
     taggagggaa tgcttagaac agcactattt gtagtagtgc aacatagaaa ccagtcaaag     57900
     gtctgtggag agactgctat tcccatttgc tagcagaaat gagtaaagca caggggcatg     57960
     catctgtgtt cctgatgttc acagcagccc tatgagcaaa gcaaagagca gaagattgtg     58020
     ggctcactct atttccacaa aagctcagaa acacatggaa accaatgtag tctttgccaa     58080
     tacatgtaag atgataaagc tatacatagc aactagaaac agacaaatcc atcctcatgc     58140
     ctttaatggc tgaagtcaaa cttctccaaa gtcatggaaa ctttgaaggg tgatgctctt     58200
     tacctgggtg ctgtgcacca ctaacagaaa acatatccct tgcctttagg aaggaagctc     58260
     cagaaatcta acaggagacc caaaaggtca ctgtggggta taggtcagtg tgtgatgtga     58320
     aatattagca acatgtgtag tatataaaaa agctaagtat gtacttgtca tgtgtgtgtg     58380
     tgatgtgcac atgcatgaga tgtgcactcg tgtgagatgt gtgtatgaga gagagatgtg     58440
     aatttgagtg agatatgtgt gtgagatgcg tgagctgtaa acttgtgtga tgtaaacact     58500
     gcatgagatg tgtgctgtgt gagaggagcc ctagtacagc tcttgcttcc acctttcagt     58560
     gaaagtacct agaggaactg ctttcaattt caggttccac ccaaagccct ttcttctcct     58620
     ttgtttctag aaattgcacg tgtgctttag agtgccttgc tgtcctcccc gtgccgttac     58680
     tgcccaatct ctgggctttt ctctggaggc cccttagcct gagcctgaga agtttcacag     58740
     agtataagaa aatgtaattg aatggaatgt aaatggtgta aagtggcttt ctccattacc     58800
     atagaagtta tacttcttta cttgttttta ttctttagca actgccattt gaccttttta     58860
     ctttaaaaat atgtctttta catatgaatt taacatgtgc ttttggagaa taattctcac     58920
     tgcagaagat aactcaccaa aagattttgt tttattgtgg agagattagc tggattcaag     58980
     agtctcggaa ttggcaggta gatggtaact tgatcttgct cctattttaa aactttgttt     59040
     actgtcaagt atttgactgt tacacgatgc attggtgatt ctaatggttg gcttcaatgt     59100
     ctgccctatc actatgttgc ctttgttcat aaaaagaaaa ttggttatag ttgttgactt     59160
     tttagtagtt tatttgccaa actagtttta gcttatgata tctaaaatta ctctgttcta     59220
     tggctaacag cttgtatcac taaagccaat caactgtcct gaagatgtgg tatttgtcat     59280
     gagaaaacca agaaatagag taaatagatc tatccaaagt ctgtcactgg ctgctgggaa     59340
     aaaaaaaaaa agattcacac tgccttttca gctgcctctg agttggtttc agctaaagac     59400
     ctttggaaca tttaaggttg taaaagtaga ttcatctttg agctaaattc ttatatatgg     59460
     taagaagagt gagtttcaaa atgaaaacct acctagcact ttacgctttc tgtggtctca     59520
     tcaaactagg taacttagtt ctaagatttg aagcagctaa gataaactga tctaactcat     59580
     atgagttact atatatttgg ataattagcc acttgctgag attagattat cacataagag     59640
     ccatcatctt catcggagca tctgtgacta ctgagaatta ggctcattga ttattgacat     59700
     tgcctcattg aagggtgtgg gcacagtgat tatttccttt ccagatctca accattgtct     59760
     tctgtacctc cctgctagtt tgacacaatt ctattgtaat tccagatgaa ttcctggtcg     59820
     ggaggtactg gagcatagag ggtggcaggt tactgaaggg cagtttcatc catgcagctg     59880
     tggagaagtt gtcacccatg ctagagtgac actttgtggt gaagcagctg ctttgggatc     59940
     acttgagctc caagtaaccc tcagccatac tctgtaaaga agccgaagcc acgagttgga     60000
     tttttatcaa attgaacttt ggtttgttgt tggtgttctt ggaagagtga gtagacattt     60060
     gtttgactct cctcagggca gagtttccct ccatatctaa tttgaggaat gccttaagaa     60120
     ttcatggaaa gcctctagct ggaggtggaa gctggtatac tgcaccagct gaggtttcct     60180
     tttcatgtcc acttcccctt cagccagaac agtatttcag gactatcatt accgagtgac     60240
     agacttggga ttgcaaactc aaattctcga atgcagaatc ctccttttta accatgtcac     60300
     accatgtcga agctgggcat agtggcatct ttgacaaact gaaagataga gttaatagtt     60360
     tatttttgca tttaaaaaga acatagttat tatttgtttt ggaagagaaa gtttatttag     60420
     aaaaaaagta catagtttaa agcaggaggt agcagcctgt ttctgtaaat gaaagtgtct     60480
     tacatcactg ttctggtgct gcgttgccaa gttgcactga gatttatggc tcacatacta     60540
     tatggccttt tacaagaaca gtttgccatc cctgctgaaa agaaaatgga caaaaaaatg     60600
     aaacttctac tgcttcatat catactttat tttcatgtgg gttggggtag ccttcttcca     60660
     agtaagcaaa tatattttat aaattgatag ttaaaagggg gctcaaagtg cctggaatgt     60720
     tgaacagttc tgcgttgtcc agctagttgt ttcattgaga acgttatgag atctgttttt     60780
     attttcttgt ctcctaagtg gctgatggtc tgtctcagtg cttgctattt cctgagaggc     60840
     caggttgcga atgagggaga aaagatcgaa tgacaagttc actattacaa atgacaacct     60900
     attattttgt tctagactag agttatggca gaatgttgat gtttcagaaa gggggactaa     60960
     ctagaggaag gaaggaaacc agcagagaaa tggaggaggg tggggtcagg gaacagatga     61020
     gaacaaagcg tataatgata cttgaagatg ccatgatgaa acccattgct ttgtatactg     61080
     atttaaagca atgatacaga catggctcag tgcttgttgt acaagtgtga gttcaattcc     61140
     ccaaagccat gttaaaatgg caggtgtggc agcatacact tgtattagca ctatagagag     61200
     gtagaggtag tggatcccca ggagctgcct aacctactag gccagctcca ggccagtgag     61260
     agaccctgtc tcaaaacaca cacacacacc accaccacca ccaacaacaa caacaacaat     61320
     aaaaccaaac aaacaaggta gatagtacct gagaaataac acttaaggtt gccttctggt     61380
     ctctgcacac acagggacac acaataagat aggagtgagt gatggctgat gggcatgagg     61440
     ctttgatttg aagtgaagga aatgttcaga aatgatgagg atttcactat ttgagatcaa     61500
     gacttctagg tggttttttt tcattctttt gttttgcttt gagttttttt tttttttttt     61560
     tttggttttg gtttgtgttt gtgtttcttt ttggtgtatc tctggagact gagcccagca     61620
     gattcttagg cactctaggc cacaccttac cattgccttc tctcgcacac acaccgcccc     61680
     atgtgtattt tcagtctgat gtagcccagg ctgcccttga atctttctgc ctccaccaag     61740
     tgctgagatg acaggaatgt actaccacct ttggctttgg ctttattctt catggttttt     61800
     gaacaaatgc tatataatca ggcaggtcga cagtgattgg actgtataac cttgggtttt     61860
     aaatatcttt attgagttag caataggaaa tttagtttta aaactgacct attagatatt     61920
     caaatacctt attactaaac cctagtgttt tctgttactg aaggacctcc cctgtctggt     61980
     tatatagtac tatgtaggca gaagaagaat ttcagggcag gtgcatctaa tctgcccttt     62040
     ctaattcatc ttccccattc tgctttcatg tctaagaaca atattatgtg ctgtatgaac     62100
     ataaggttag aagagtcttc aaagcacagt gtaagatttt gtctgaattt aattcatttg     62160
     gcagttactt acagatcttt taaaaagtta aactttaatt ccttttaaat taggccacca     62220
     cctaattcac tttttctttc ttcctctttt ctctttgata ctagataatt cctatgaatt     62280
     tgatttcagt caaatctatt tctcatcaaa ccccttaatg tagaacaaaa taattcttaa     62340
     agggaagttg tatgagtgat ataattcacc ctatcatagt tctgcttgaa tgcatataca     62400
     ttatctttca attaagtggt atagaaattt catgcttgtc atacattggt agacattaaa     62460
     ggtttttgta tatttgcttg tttttttaag atggcaactg gagcactatg aatataattt     62520
     cctagaataa gcctgatatc ttctgtgggg ttcccctttt aatatttggc tcctgtttca     62580
     catggccctt aatagtcatg tcgcctagct gttatcttaa tgtttagata caactctgga     62640
     aatgtatggc acacatctga cctctcccta tcaaacctta aaccaagagt aaaatagata     62700
     gcattgaacg cctttcttct ttggacatgt actgcctgtg tgctggctag ctctgtgtat     62760
     tttttgttct gttgagccat aggaagtaaa aagggcctac aaagtcaagt actgtttgtt     62820
     ctattgaaat atgtaacact ttgatgtcat atgtttgaaa tagcaatgca aggtcagtta     62880
     acagagaatt ttgtcttcct tggtaggttc caggatggct tctgcatcag catctaagta     62940
     taattcacac tccttggaga atgaatccat taagaaagta agttgagttt ttacacgtct     63000
     ctgaatctct ctacatttct ttcttcatat ttgtattaga cagtcatttg ggtcatactg     63060
     aatcatgaat ttcattttat ttaccgtccc accttgttct gggaaagatt taaaatagaa     63120
     tatgtgtgaa gtgattttgg cttttgtaaa tgctctccca aagctttatt caccacttgt     63180
     tgtcagacct gacattcagg tatgaagctg ctctctgaag gagctattgg aaggccaaga     63240
     cgagtacaag gctagtatac cttcttaaat atgccattat tttctagcca agatgattag     63300
     acttacaaaa cctaaacata caaattgagt ataaaatgct tcacagtcgc cagggtaaat     63360
     tgttccatta gaatgacatt tttggggggg ggggcgtgga tataaattga aaggaagggg     63420
     tgaactaagt tttattcatg gccctttgag attctaaaga tggtccatca gaaaggcaaa     63480
     tttattctcc caccccacag tgtacaaaaa tactcagtca gaaatgtggc taacttttaa     63540
     tttttgtttc ttgattactg acaagtctga ccttttattt cttttgaaag aaacattatt     63600
     gcccgttcct gttgattttg tgaagtaacc atgaatgtcc tttccctgtt tgccttggga     63660
     gggagatggg gagattcttt tcttaatagc ttatacatat tcctcataat gtaatacatg     63720
     actctttata atgtacaaat cattttattt cagcttttta attttatagc attttacttt     63780
     gatttttaaa tattgagatt taattggggg gtggcttagt tggtttgttt tgagactggg     63840
     tcaggttgtg tggctgaggc tgccctcaat ttccgatcat tgtgccacag cttgccaaaa     63900
     gctggcatta aaagtgtatg ccaccatagc tggctttccg tagtgtaatg attagtgctt     63960
     tgcctgtatg tcagagctgc tgctgtgatg aggtgaggta cgtacctgag aatgcctccc     64020
     aagtgggagg cctacagaaa agtctttggg gaacttgtct ctgaccgact acatggtcac     64080
     ttatgtacaa taaggtagaa taaaaatgaa aaggaagaca agatcttaat aaaagataat     64140
     aggtcaaaaa tgtagtctca ctgtagtatg actctgcaac aattgcatag gaaaaaagct     64200
     attaccatac agcatactga tttcattaaa gtttgaccgt tatactgaga tatattacct     64260
     ttaaaatact ttttacaaag tacaaaactt tagtaacact atttaaatgc agactaggac     64320
     ttagcatgac taataaatgt tacagctagc acagtctttt atttttattt ttctaatttg     64380
     ctattgctag ggattgaaca aatggcttca catgagctag gaacatacct atattttcat     64440
     tccagattct attttccaag tttgaatttt atttctaatt ttcttcaatg ctaaatttct     64500
     attttttatt taaaagtata tttctgtttg ctaccatgtg tgcaaagatg gcaccaccac     64560
     ctccgtccca tgcccctttc ttttgcaggt gtctcaagat ggagtcagtc aggatgtgag     64620
     tgagactgtc cctcggctcc caggggagtt actaattact ggtaaggagc ttgtgggtct     64680
     aggggtacag aactggagga ggagtgcagg aagaccaggt ggcttgtgtt ccacttgctc     64740
     tgtacaagtc agagaagaca aataatctag ctttgtttag gagcctcaat ggagagagaa     64800
     cactgcatgc cttttcctga tcaaagagtt ctttcaagag cttggtgctc acaaggctag     64860
     caatattctt gtctctgtac caaagagaat gatttagaga gaacaacata ggttatcact     64920
     tgaaagtctc gagctagaga tatccactct tcataattta aagttataag aacagaagta     64980
     gattaaggct ttctgtctgt gatatatgtt tcaaaatgat aacagcttaa agactcttct     65040
     ctgtgacata ataggagatc ctttgccaga aaaccgaaat taagatggtg gtaacatttt     65100
     gatacagtgt ttttggtttg gttgttttgg ttttttgctt tttttttttt catgatgaac     65160
     ctaggctaag aggacagttt ctactttgga agggccaaat catgtagaag catggtgctg     65220
     acattcaata tttgtgttag ggttcatccc ttctgtcaca tgacagtata tttgggacca     65280
     ataatcagca ttgtttcaga gaatttttta ttccttgagt acgagtcaaa ttttaatttt     65340
     aaatggttaa attattgtgc taattaatgg gacttttaaa aaaaagtacc tttgtgaatt     65400
     atttgtacac cacaagaacc atgagaacat atttggtgtc tacagactca cactcacaat     65460
     tatagtcttg aaactaaaat tagtagtata tgttcttccc agtttctgga taagaacaaa     65520
     gaaattttac tattggtagt cttcatatag gacatttggg tactgagtat aaacagacag     65580
     accttaacca atatagtaac taattgaact ggcataaaat gaccttagta ttgcgttttc     65640
     atttagtacc tgaaggattt catagtcatt aacatattca aggatatctt tgaaggaaaa     65700
     gagaaagata atttttatta taattaaatc tttcgattta gtttctcctt acatcaaatt     65760
     taaaaatatg tacttttcct tgactgtaca ttattaactt aaatattttc tgcagagaga     65820
     tttctaatct ggcattatag cagggtgtgg tggcacagtc ccataattcc agcacatggg     65880
     aggttgagtc aggaggatca tgaatttaag tttagacagt gatgcacaga gaggagaccc     65940
     tttgtcaaaa aaagcaacaa ggacctgtga tacatgtgtg gttggcagtt gtcaacctac     66000
     cacccagcct actggttagt cacgaggcta ccctgtgtga acgttatcct cccttgaaat     66060
     aacgcaagta gtttcttttg ctatcataag atgctaacaa tagcaagacc ctagttcact     66120
     tctgtgctct ggctctggtc tacatgtctt tggtggtgat aacattaggt gcaaactcag     66180
     aagtgccatg agtgcgtaat tcagcctggc acagagctgt ggaaactttg ccagtgttgt     66240
     tttcaacttt ttagtaatct ttattgtagt taaacatagc caagtagttt atattaagtt     66300
     cgtaccattt gttgtgtatc ttggtatcta tttccattat tttagggtcc tttttttatc     66360
     ttactagaaa aagaagttat ttacatatgt cctttcaatg gccccattaa gggaagagtt     66420
     tacatcacaa attatcgtct ttatttaaga agtttggaaa cggtaagtag attataagat     66480
     cataaagatg accctaaccg ttaaaaatga tgctgtttct tttctatcct acaacattga     66540
     ctgtggattg cattaacgtg ggggatatat ttggttctca attcttaatt ttttgcttct     66600
     gcaaaactga tataacacta acatctgttt ttgtaggcag tagaatgaaa tatttaaata     66660
     ggctgtatcc ctcagaataa aggagaggtg ctttgagtac attggtatac cacagggggt     66720
     tttaaccagc agcacagata agaatgaaca gcttagagat ttttaccaag cagtagggat     66780
     gcttcagagt cactgtatca gaatgtctgg gcccatggtc caaacatgca cacattttct     66840
     aaaacatcac agagtaagat gttgatgtga atccttggtt aaagcctacc actctagaag     66900
     tatcttggtg tccttttacc aacagctaag tagcagggta aaactgggat gagtggcatg     66960
     gcttactgtt acttattttt ttcaacctat ggccaaaaaa ggtttgtcac catatttcaa     67020
     aggatgtccc attgatgaag tgatgccata gagcagagaa actccagaaa cacagaagaa     67080
     aatgtataac tactgtgcct ttcccagaag atcttgtggt agatcatggc tcactcctaa     67140
     atgtaggggc agttgtgatt ccaaatactc ctgggaaatg agtttagggt agatggaaga     67200
     gtaagctgtt gctgccttgt gtattaggca actaggaaac tgatgcgggg aatctagctt     67260
     ttgttttctt gcttttagcc atccattttt tagcacagtt ctgatgtgga tttattcata     67320
     tcttttgctc ttttattatg ttcattatta tgtctaaatt ttaaaatgct acttaatatt     67380
     cctgttgccc tggcttcttg taaatcctgt agggtgcagg caggtgcagg ctacaatggc     67440
     taccattgta tgcatcatga cctatgtgag tcaattcaag tttaaagagt gaacctaagg     67500
     aaatgtttca gttttctaga atggaaagga agattctgga agtttatagc aagctgggtg     67560
     tcagtctttg gcaatcattt tagtgtttga tggtttaagt attatgaaaa taaaccattg     67620
     tgagtagaat caaggaatga cacagccctt gggaaaggca agctaaatgg tggcaatata     67680
     tccagatggg ttacagactg tttaataaaa gcttaattac aactagaaat ggtgatcact     67740
     ggtaccttac tatgtagagt gcttccttgt aatataatgt aatgtaatgt gaaataatgt     67800
     aatgtgtggc tgagatgtga gaagcaacag ataagccaat gtctagatgg aagagtcagg     67860
     gtttgaaatt attgtaaatg cctagaatat tggacacaac taatgatata acattaaagt     67920
     atacagatag cacctacttt gtaaaagatc agttgtatga ttaaaggatg aagatctatc     67980
     ttaacaggaa tctaggcttt tgaaatcagt aagtgggtat tacttgttta aaaataagat     68040
     agctctatca tgaattaaca gaggtataat ataatgaatg cctagataaa atgagacagt     68100
     agtcctgtct gtagtcatgc tataaaattg tgatgctacc atttaaacaa gacattgagc     68160
     taggcagtgg tagcattcag gttcctgcct tgcgtttcaa gtaaagaaaa aaaaaaaaca     68220
     ataaaagaag tagcaataga aagtaaactc acacaggaac tatatagagc tgtctttgaa     68280
     tattgaagtg cctcgctgtg gaccaactct ggacttggtt tgtccagttt ccaggggtct     68340
     tatagggata gattgagatg cttagtgctg atatataaga attatcaaaa gttaaaatta     68400
     aagctatgtc acaggccctt tcacctgact cctggcttgt tgtttagcca tgcatagctg     68460
     gtttcatttt atgctgtcct tgataatgaa ttggggaaat tattcaaatt gtggtaacat     68520
     gatgaggctg tctatatggt gtggttttga ctaaataaaa caagaaaatt atttctaaag     68580
     aagagtccat aaggaatata tatgaagaat ttgaattctt gggatattca gggtaaaatt     68640
     atacatgctt aatattcttc tcactcgttg gtatttctta aaaatgagta tgtattgcct     68700
     atataacaaa aacacttagc aatctttatt tcttttttct acattttaaa gatagaattc     68760
     atatgatttc ttttacatcc cttcctccct ttcttcctct agcccctccc agttactctt     68820
     cctcaaattc ctctcaactt ttttctttta ttatatttgt tgcacaggca tatatatatg     68880
     gccattgata ttgctactgg tgcaggctag tttatgcact atttctacag aaactgtttc     68940
     aaagcagact ttcaggtatt ctggttctta atatctttcc accccttctt ccatgatgtt     69000
     ccctgagcta taggttcagg agctatgatg tgtatgtatt tttggggact ggattcctcg     69060
     tgatccattg agctctgcat cctatccagg tgttgctttg tgcaatggtc tcaattttct     69120
     gtaacaagag gccttctttg atgaggggca gtaactatac ttatctataa taacgataaa     69180
     tccagaatgt ggtaaggggt tatgctggtc tagcaaagtg gcgacaatag attcttttct     69240
     aagatccatg gcctcattac ctcctagaag ccaattgggt ttgtcatacc aggcatgatt     69300
     tcctttgttt acacatggta ccttatacaa tagggtttga catttaatgc ataaatgaaa     69360
     tgcccatcag ctagtgactg ctactttctt tcttcttcta tgatattata taaaaacctt     69420
     ttaagcaatt agccacacaa cttttagtga aagtccaaaa gtctgttaaa agaaaacaga     69480
     agaaatgcta ccaacgtagt tatattcagc agctaaacaa ccagtcattg tagtgttagt     69540
     gcccttaaat agtctaaact aaaccagcaa tcgtaggttc tgttgcaaaa tgggaaaact     69600
     tttttgtatg tttgaaaacg aattgtcctt tcatcgtgct tttcagttaa tacttttcac     69660
     tgctctgaag cctttcacac ctggctttgc tacactttta atgtcccttt tccatggtta     69720
     gtttttctct tgagtgctgg taactatatt gcttatattt ctctggttcc tcttgtttat     69780
     tgtttattgt tcattgatgt tcgttctgct tccagagtag atcctagtgc attgaagatg     69840
     cttaatcagt agtgttgagt gagtgaattc tgtcttattt gcatattgct atgtctatga     69900
     ctttaacaaa cttggaatcc ttttgatcct cactagtgca ataggcagag gctgcacatt     69960
     gagtaggtaa actcatgtgt tgttcatgtt tcctataagt taaaggcctt ggtacatgtc     70020
     ttagtggttt gataaaagta tgtagcctac taaattgtgg catcctgaat accattgcct     70080
     ctggagttca gaagttccat agccatcatc tgaccttgaa tgtaccaagg aacttgtctt     70140
     tggttaatat tgtgaccaca gcaggagcaa ctccatttaa gcctatagac tttcacaaag     70200
     aagactgatc ccagattgta accaggagca cactggattc agatgctatt gtgaatgaga     70260
     gaggcaactt gacctattct ttgttcaggt tttagaccca gaaccattct ctgtatacta     70320
     tggtgaatct aaaatcatgt gggtgaatta tttttttttt tgccttgttt ttttcttttt     70380
     tctttttttt tccatttttt attaggtatt tagctcattt acatttccaa tgctatacca     70440
     aaagtccccc atacccaccc acccccactc ccctacccac ccactccccc tttttggccc     70500
     tggcgttccc ctgtactggg gcatataaag tttgcaagtc caatgggcct ctctttccag     70560
     tgatggccga ctaatacaac attcctcaca ggatccagaa atggggaaac tgggagaaat     70620
     gtgacacagc ccatggcagc acatgtaatg ttgttacagg gcagagggcg atgagtcata     70680
     tttgtttata aacttgaaca ggaggaatgg aaagagaaag gtttacttgg caaagggctt     70740
     ccaaatccac atattatacc ttcctatacc actatataga catctgtgct ggggacaatt     70800
     gaatgatctg tgagaattgg gccaccagca acagagagag tagaggggct aggaggatat     70860
     gtggttggaa taagaggtaa cctcaggatc agaagtaata gttcagcagt atatgtgtta     70920
     ttatgtgacg ggccacacat cagatgtgca tttctgaaag agaataccag ctgcagcatg     70980
     gacagtggga taagggagca tgagactgga agtaggaaga cccattagaa ggttacttgt     71040
     gttctgcggt aagcaacaaa agcctaatgg cagtcatggt ggacatagga tggaagaaac     71100
     aggctgtggg caacttcaga ggatttgggt aggccattat gagaagggag ttggataatc     71160
     acccacttaa aaatgactcc cacgattttc tgcttgtgta atcaaagctg ctcctattca     71220
     ttgaaatgta tctcactgga gaagggagta tcatatgggt aaagctccgt gggagggata     71280
     caagtaaggt ttggacttaa agtatatagc tataatgtgg aaacatgtcc agtacagtcg     71340
     gaattatatg ttaatactgc actagaagtg gtgaaaacca tctgtgggat tccccaggaa     71400
     gagggtgttc cctgacatga attatgtgct cagttgagaa gcaccatggg tgataggaac     71460
     ctaatggaaa aaatcttgag ttcagccact gctagagatc tagaagagag cagaatcttg     71520
     ggagggaggg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatgatt ggagggacag acagatggat     71580
     agatgctggc caaggtagga aatggtatct gcatgaggga catagcgtga gaataagtca     71640
     gaaatggatg ccctgtggtg ttcataggag cctcagtgag cagagattgt atgagagggg     71700
     aggcctttat aaacgttggt gtgctcatgg ggtcttcaca acagtaaaac agaaattgat     71760
     accaggggct gggatattgc tgtgatacac ctcaccgtgc ttttgtttgg aggaatgtgg     71820
     actttaggac tgtgaatcag aaaagcagtt gaaagcttga aagctttaag tggagcttaa     71880
     tggtccattc tagtaggagc aaggaagaca gtggtgctga gacagatttg aactgtggga     71940
     gctcaagagg tttcagagga aaaaaatgta gtatgttcta aaaaatttca ttagaaattg     72000
     ttctttttaa aaatttttat tttatttttt tccttttttt attacgtatt ttcttcaatt     72060
     acatttccaa tgctatccca aaagtccccc ctcccccctc cactccccta cccacccatt     72120
     cccatttttt ggccctggca ttcccctgta ctggggcata taacgtttgc ctgaccaatg     72180
     ggcctctctt tccagtgatg gccgactagg tcatcttttg atacatatgc agctagagtc     72240
     aagagctctg gggtactggt tccatattct gttccctgcc ccctatctac cctctgtctg     72300
     ctccacatcc cacacattct ccccacccca ccccgtctcc acgtggatgc ccccaccccc     72360
     caccccacct gacctctaaa ctccctgggg cctccagtct cttgagggtt aggtgcatca     72420
     cctctgaatg aacacagacc cagaagtcct ctactgtatg tgtgttgggg gcctcctatc     72480
     agctggtata tgctctctgt ttggtgttcc agtatttgtg atatcttgga ggtccagatt     72540
     aattgagact gctggtcttc ctacaggatc gcccttcttc tcagcttctt ccagccttcc     72600
     caattcaaca acaggggttc agctgcttct gtccattggt tgggtgcaaa tatctgcatc     72660
     tgactctttc agctgcctgt tgggtctttt ggagggcaat catgatagat ccctttttgt     72720
     gagctctcca tagcctcaga aatagtgtca ggtcttggga cctccccttg agctggatcc     72780
     cactttaggc ctgttgctgg accttctttt cctcaggctc ctctccattt ccatccctgt     72840
     aattctttca gacaggaaca attatgggtc agaattgtgt gggatgagag ccccatccct     72900
     cacttaatac cctgtcttcc tgctggaggt gggctctata agttccctct tcctactgtc     72960
     tggaggttca tctttgactc ctgagagtct cttactgccc aggtttctga tgcattctgg     73020
     agggttcccc caacctccta tttcctgagg ttgcctgttt ccattctttc tgctggcctt     73080
     cagggcttca gtccttttct ctcacctagt aacagatcag gttctcctcc cccctctcta     73140
     ccctgcccac tgtccctccc aggtccctcc ctccccactt gtgattgctt tcttctctct     73200
     cccaagtggg actgaggcat cctcacttgg gcacttcagc ttgttgacta atttgagttc     73260
     tgtggactgt atcttaggta tcctgtactt tttttttggc taatatccac ttattagtga     73320
     gtatatacca tgcatgtctt tttggatctg agttacctca ctcaggatga tattttctag     73380
     ttccatccat ttgcctgcaa agctcagaat gtccttgttc ttaatatctg agtagtactc     73440
     cattgtgtaa atgaaccaca ttttctgtat ccattcttct gtcttgggac atctgggttg     73500
     tttccagctt ctacctatca caaacaaggg tgctatgaac atagtaaaac atgtgtccct     73560
     gtggcatggt ggggcatctt ttaggtatat tcccaagaat ggtatagctg ggtcttcaag     73620
     tcgatctatt tccaactttc tgaggaacct tcagattgat ttccagagtg gttgtgccag     73680
     ttcgcaatcc cacctgcaat ggagaggagc attactcttt ctccacatcc tctccaacat     73740
     gtgctgttac ctgaggtttt gatcttagcc cttctgattg gtgtaaggtg acatctcagg     73800
     gttgttttga tttgcatttc tctgattgct aaggactttg agcatttctt taggtgcttc     73860
     tcagccattc aagattcttc agttgtaaag tctcagttta gttctatacc ccattttttg     73920
     attgggttgt ttggtttttt ggtgattaac ttcttgagtt ctttatatat tttgtaaatt     73980
     agccctctat cagatgtggg gttagtgaag atttttttcc aatctgtagg ttactgattt     74040
     gtcttattga ctatgtccat tgccttacag aagctttcca gtttcatgag gtcccattta     74100
     tcaattgttg atcttagagc atgagccatt ggagttctgt ttaggaaatt tccctctgtg     74160
     ccaatgaatt catggctctt tcccactttc tcttctgtta gattcagtgt atctggtttt     74220
     atgttgagga gagatctccc atgctcatgg attagcagaa tcaacatagt aaaaatggcc     74280
     atcctaccaa aggcaatccc cattcaatgc aatccccatc aaaatcccaa tacaatcctt     74340
     caaagacatg gaaagagcaa ttgtcaaatt catctggaaa ggcaaaaaac ccagaatagc     74400
     gaaaacaatt cttaacaata aaagaatagc tgggggaacc accatctcta acctcaagct     74460
     ttactacaga gcaacagtga taaaaactac atagtattgg tacagagaca gacaatagaa     74520
     tagaattgaa gacccagaaa taaaacctta cacttatggt cacttgatct ttgacaaaga     74580
     caccaaaaat atacaatgga aaaaagaaag catcttcaat aaatgatgct ggtttaactg     74640
     gctgtctgta tgtagaagaa tgaaaataga ctcatatttg tcaccttgta gaaattgttc     74700
     ttgtgataat ttgatgaaga atgtggtggc tttttgccct tgtctgaaca tctgcctgag     74760
     actaaggaga aaggatttag gttaattgct ttggcaaaag aaatctcaaa acagcctagt     74820
     atagactctg agctacactc ttatgaagag ctttttgatg aaatgtagca agcttagaaa     74880
     ggaaaaatac aaaatgtatg gttcaagggt taaaggagca ccaggaagta gaatggagct     74940
     gaatcctatg ttgtgttggg ggggggggca gggaggactt gcatgagggg gttctgtgag     75000
     gagaggaagg gctgatattg ggttgtaaag tgaatacata aattgaatga atgaatgaat     75060
     gaatgagaaa ggaaggaagg aaagaaggaa gaaaggatga aatctccctc tgtagctaag     75120
     gaaattcatt gagaccagac acatggcagg ttagccataa gccccaagag gttaaagatg     75180
     ccagaaccaa ggaaagctgc taacaggagg gaactagctg aagagaaaga agtatgttgc     75240
     agtcaacaaa gctgaaagga atagaaatct gaagagcatt gacatcacac atggagatgc     75300
     agagtttaga gtttgcccag ctgggtttca gtcttgcttt ggtccagtat tttctcactc     75360
     tgctcccttt tctccctttt ggaatgctaa tgtgtatcca atgctactgt atgttggaag     75420
     tatgtgctct gtttttcttt aattaattat ttaatttatt tatatttcat atgttgcccc     75480
     tcttcctggt ctcctctcct aaagttcttc actccattct cccctctgct ttgcttctga     75540
     tagggtcctc cccccatccc actttcctgg ggtatcaagt ttctatatga ttaggtgcat     75600
     cctctcccac taagaccaga caaggcagtc ctctgctaca tatttagcag aggtcgcaaa     75660
     ccagcccata tatgctcttt ggttggtgac ttagtctctg ggagctccca ggggtccaag     75720
     ttagttgata ctattgttct tcctatggga ttaccatccc tgtcacctcc ttcagtcctt     75780
     ccctaactct tccatagggg tccctgggct cagtccaatg gttggatgta agtatctgca     75840
     tctgtctgag tcaggtgttg gtagagcctc tcagaggaca gacgtgctag gctcctgtct     75900
     gcaagcacaa cactgcatca gtaatagtgt cagggtttgg tgtctgtgca tgagatggat     75960
     cccaaggtgg gctggtcact ggatggccgt tcttcagtct ctgctccatt tttgtccctg     76020
     catttccttt agacaagaac aattctgagt cagaaaattt gaaggtgacc ccatccttcc     76080
     actggggacc ctgtctgtct acactgaaag tggtctcttt gaggttctat ctccccactg     76140
     ttgggcattt cagttgagat catccccatt gagtcctggg agcctctcac aacccagatc     76200
     tatgggactt tgtaaaggtt ccctcacctc caacagctgc aggtttccat tcattctcct     76260
     ggccctctgg gcttctctct gtctccccca attcaattct cttgtattac catatcgccc     76320
     atgtttgcct ttaaccagtg attctcctgc ctcccctcta cactgggatg atggtcattg     76380
     tacatcacca ttcccaacag gaaatctgtg tttacagaat tacccccaaa tccttgaatg     76440
     ttgttctgtt cagttagtct tttgttgagc tttggtgaca ggagactttt actctgaaag     76500
     taacttttgt gcaggcccaa gtcagtgtta tctgtctgct tcctcttgag tttccttctg     76560
     atacagagat ggagtgcaga aaagccaaat gggtaaacca tctgcatggt cttcatagct     76620
     gtgaaatgat cttcagatag aggctgggta tcaatgcgca tccttcaaga ccatcactag     76680
     ctgccattgg aactggaagc tctggcaaca ggaagcaaca gggtggggat tcaaagttta     76740
     cttacattgt ggccatttga aagctagacc ctgaagagaa aacgaaacaa tttcattata     76800
     aacaaaagca aaaagtgatt cttttttccc ttacaaacta ctggaagctc acccttttca     76860
     cagttgtgcc cagtgagctt gttaccctcc acaatttact tgtctgtttg tttcattttt     76920
     atttacttat ttgtttgata tactgtagcc caggccactg tgaaactcac tacgtagccc     76980
     cagctggcaa ctaacgcagc aactctccag cctcagcctc ccaagtacta agattataca     77040
     tgtaagacac tgtgcctgcc tatgtctttt ctttttcaag gaaattatat aatgctattt     77100
     gtgtatggtc taataatgta ggatgctaac tgtaggttga gtatcccaac acaaggatgt     77160
     gaattttctg agatccaata tgatgctcaa actcttcaca ttttgaggct tttcatgtta     77220
     tagattctta accaataaat tccatattcc aaatccaaag tattacaaat caaaaaaatc     77280
     attcaagtct gaaattcatc tgatataagc attttgataa aagatattca acttgttcag     77340
     gtgttctttt tttcagcctt atgtcatcta cttatattgc tgctaccaaa tgaatcctgt     77400
     ttttaggttg aaaatactct tggattcaga atatggatca cattgtcaaa atatctgtag     77460
     aggatttgca tagactgcat gaagactggg gcttgattct caaaaccaca gcaaacaaaa     77520
     attcttatta ccaccagttc tttgttccat gtaccatgtc aaaaccatgt ccaaaatagg     77580
     atgtattgcc aaatcctggt attgaaagtt atataacaga tttacctgat gatccacttc     77640
     agcccccaaa ataaatctga ctattgcttt gacagttctt ttagtctcag attgaatcct     77700
     tagcacatct ctatcagtca tttaaatggc tacatatttc atggttcata ctccactttt     77760
     ctttgttttt ggtagggagg tgttaagaca ggatccccta aacctcaagc taagagtgac     77820
     cttgaatttt gcttttataa gatcaggtct catttggaat tgtggctgac ctggaacttg     77880
     ccatgtacgc catgctggcc gtgaacacac aaagaccctg ctgcctctgt tcccctcctc     77940
     actgctggaa ttaaaggcac gagtcaccac accttttcca atcttgaact tctgatcctt     78000
     ctgcctctat ctcccaagtg ctggcattac agatgtatgc ttgtcatgtt ccatacgcta     78060
     gctgactttg ttgttctgtt gaaaagatgt cattgtctct ctctgagctt ccatacattt     78120
     ctctctccta gcctttcctc ccttccttca cacaggagag taactagatg tccacttggc     78180
     caaagtgtat accacttctg gaacttttcc ctacttgttc cttctacctc ctttggagcc     78240
     ttagcagcac tcattttgag ggtaacaatt ttggtttttg tcttttgctt tttctagaca     78300
     gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcaact ctgtagacca ggctggcctt     78360
     gaactcagaa atccacctac ctctgcttcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgtgccacc     78420
     actgcctggc tcggttttta tttttgtatc tctatactgt gcacaactgc tcaagactct     78480
     tcatttaaac ttatttattt atttatttac ttacttactt acttacttac ctgtgggtat     78540
     gtgtttatga gtattttgcc tgtatgtaga tataagcatc atgtgagagg ctggtgccca     78600
     tggaggggag aagagggcat tatatcccct gtaactgaag tcacagatgg tggtgagcca     78660
     cgattgttta ttgggagtca tgcctgggtc ctctcgaaga gcatccagtc ctcttaacca     78720
     cttagctggc cccaccaact cctcatctta ctaccatctt cttttctccc cttctggaaa     78780
     tgctgcttct actttgtgac aattcagttt atttttttat tttatctcat ctttttttat     78840
     tagatatttt ctttatttac atttccaatg ctatcccaaa agtacccccc accctccccc     78900
     cacccacacc cctacccacc cactcccact tcttggccct ggtgttcccc tgtaccgagg     78960
     catataaagt ttgcaagacc aaggggcctc tcttcccaat gatggccgac taggccatct     79020
     tctgatacat atgcagctag agacacgagc tccggggtac tggttagttc atattgttgt     79080
     tccacctata gggttgcaga cccctttatc aagcatctgt tttaacaaaa cttcacatgc     79140
     cccttttcca ggcaacttcc agaaagacac cacatgtctg cttcagcaaa acatcctctc     79200
     ataagacagt ctcatcacat gacacaactg agtcttccaa aaagccaaaa atttccactt     79260
     cacacactca taattttttc ttgtagcaag aacactaaaa attttcaaga ttctactcat     79320
     tcccactccg ggccccatgt agtacagtgg ctcttgaatg ggtcctttgc ctctgactgg     79380
     actttggcat gcttttatca gtagcttctt gtgcacacct gcataggttt ggggttgcag     79440
     tgtttagtgt tgcaaagctt ctggaaaggt cagcagaaga cagctttctt tgtgcttatc     79500
     tagaagttgg ttctggttgc tgtgtcactg caactcatga agagaacaga attggatgta     79560
     aagggaccag aatagtggcc attacagtga cctagaggag tttttggcag agttggaaag     79620
     atgttgagag atcaaaattg ttttaagaga tacacatgga agaatgagtt aatgctagtt     79680
     aaaacaaaat aagaacatgt caaagataaa tgttttttag ctggacagta ttggctacta     79740
     agacaagaag catgggaaga gaacaacatt tagtgtttcc tactggatgt tctgaatgtg     79800
     aagtatctct atattagtta atacttatta tattgtcaaa tatagtgtat caaaagtcta     79860
     ctttctgccc ctcttcctca tccctatgtt tagtatatct tttgacaggg ccaccatgtt     79920
     ccatctgaga tctagaccta attcagaatc atcttggctt cctactcagg ctggtgatct     79980
     cctctgtttt tcctctgtcg ccatccactt tcagatcccc ctggccctac atgtgaactc     80040
     aagcattagc ttccaggatg cagagagtag ggggcatcac tctccttgct agtccatcag     80100
     gtgcagtcct gctgcctgaa tcttcatgac ataccagttg atcatgtgct cttcttccca     80160
     aaaagcattc tatagttatc tctcaggtga actagtccta ccagtgttcc ttgggaaatt     80220
     ctaggtgctg gcttttaaat ccaagctacg tatatgatgt ctggtctttc ctatatgggt     80280
     accagatgca gtctgaggaa tttctagaca gctaatctct aatcatagtt atttcatccc     80340
     aaggacatca tcaccaaaga gctttgacag aatccaagca ataagatacc agcttgcctt     80400
     tctctgacat ctcattcaat tttgggtgga ctcttctgat gacttatggc actgacaaac     80460
     tggcatcttg ctgtttgtgt acccatgtct tacctcctag atatagctgg ggcccaaaat     80520
     tcagaagggc aattccacaa ctttgcttca cagacccagt gcccagaaca gttctctttt     80580
     ctctctcaca agaaaggtag actacagtat ctatgctagt ttatcatatt tcttctcaaa     80640
     tgctttagaa acttgaagga acagaaagaa gcatatgagt tttagttaga ttggaccttt     80700
     gacactattc taatatttaa tgatatttag atagtgatga ctcaggtttc ctgagacttg     80760
     ggctaatttt cctattcctg gatcttcctg tttagcctgc taagttatca gacctgaaca     80820
     taccattcag gaagagcatg gccaatagcc tcattagact gtgtgggctt tcggtaagga     80880
     gctggctggt tctcctcatt gccttgtttt ctgctttcta gtggaccggg gcagtctgag     80940
     atctagaatt ttctctagat aatgattaga gaagacccat gttgtgtctc atagctgggc     81000
     atggtggctc acatctgtaa tcccagcact tgagaggtgg agataagaga atcacaatga     81060
     gtagtagtag gaagtaaatg tattataatg tatagttatt tatgttacta agtcagggct     81120
     tttttttttc tctttgggtg ctttgctttc agtcctgctg taaaatgcgt agtatttaat     81180
     agaattgcat acagcggcta gccatgcctc tttacaggta cagagacaaa acttagtcag     81240
     aatatactga ttggctatgt gtacagagca cagtcatgtc ttctaaattc tttttctccc     81300
     caatttttaa taggtatttt cttcatttac atttcaaatg ctatcccaaa agtcccctat     81360
     accctccccc catcccgctc ccctacccaa ccactcccac ttcttggtcc tggtgttccc     81420
     ctgtactggg gcatataaag tttgcaagac caaggggcct ctcttcccaa tgatggccga     81480
     ctaggccatc ttctgctaca tatgcagcta gagtcaagag ctccggggta ctggttagtt     81540
     catattgttg ttccacatat agggttgcag atcccttcag ctccttgggt actttctcta     81600
     gctcctccat tggggccctg tgatccatcc aatagctgac tgtgagcatc cacttctgta     81660
     tttgccaggc actggcatag cctcacaaga gacagctata tcaaggtcct ttcagcaaaa     81720
     tcttgctggc gtatgcaata atgtctgcat ttggtggctg attgtggggt ggatccccga     81780
     gtgcggcaga ctctggatgg tccatccttt tgtctcagct ccaaactttg taactccttc     81840
     catgggtgtt ttgttcccaa ttctaagaag gggcaaagtg tccacacttt ggtctttgtt     81900
     cttcttgagt ttcatgtgct ttatatcttg tatcttgggt actctacgtt tctgggctaa     81960
     tatccagtta tcagtgagtt catatcatgt gagttctttt gtgattgggt tacctcactc     82020
     aggatgatat cttccagatc cattcatttg cctaggaatt tcataaattc atttctttta     82080
     atagctgagt agtactccat tgtgtaaatg taccacattt cctgtatcct ttcctgttga     82140
     gggacatctg ggttctttcc agcttctggc tattataaat aaggctgcta tgaacatagt     82200
     ggagcatgtg tccttcttac cggttggaac atcttctgga tatatgctca ggagaggtat     82260
     tgctggatcc tccggtagta ctatgtccaa ttttctgagg aaccgccaga ctgatttcca     82320
     gagtgattgt acaagcttgc aatcccacca acaatggaag agtgttcctc tttctccaca     82380
     tcctcgccag catctgctgt cacctgaatt tttaatctta gctattctga ctggtgtgag     82440
     gtggaatctc agggttgttt tgatttgcat ttccctgatg attaaggatg ttgaacattt     82500
     tttcaggtgc ttctcatcca ttcgatattc ctcagttgag aattctttgt ttagctctgt     82560
     accccatttt aatggggtta tttgattttc tggagtccac cttcttgagt tctttatata     82620
     tatattggat attagtcccc tatctgattt aggattggtc aagatccttt cccaatctgt     82680
     tggtggcctt tttgtcttat tgacggtgtc ttttgcctta cagaagcttt gcagttttat     82740
     gaggtctcat tctggatctt acagcacaag ctattgctgt tctattcagg aatttttccc     82800
     ctgtgtccat atcgtcaagg ctttctccca ctttctcctc tataaatttc agagtctctg     82860
     ttttttatgt gtagttcctt gatccactta gatttgacct tagtacaagg agataagaat     82920
     ggatcaattc gcattcttct acatgataac tgccagttgt gccagtacca tttgttgaaa     82980
     atgctgtctt tcttccactg gatggttttg gctcccttgt cgaagatcaa gtggccatag     83040
     gtgtgtgggt tcatttctgg gtcttcaatt ctattccatt ggtctacttg tctgtctcta     83100
     taccagtacc atgcagtttt tatcacaatt gctctgtagt acagctttag gtcaggcatg     83160
     gtgattccac cagaggttct tttatccttg agaagagttt ttgctatcct aggttttttg     83220
     ttattccaga tgaatttgct gattgccctt tctaattcgt tgaagaattg agttggaatt     83280
     ttgatgggga ttgcattgaa tctgtagatt gctttcggca agatagccat ttttactata     83340
     ttgatcctgc caatccatga gcatgggaaa tctttccatc ttctgagatc tttgatttct     83400
     ttcttcagag acttgaagtt cttatcatac agatctttca cctccttagt tagagtcaca     83460
     ccaaggtatt ttatattatt tgtgactatg tcttctaaat tctaagacac agtttaacat     83520
     catcagaatg ttaacaagta caacccccat tgttttctgg ttatcatcag tgggcactgt     83580
     gccaactcct ttacatccat tatcacaaat aatcactgtt gtacagataa atgtgaccta     83640
     gagatagtac tgacttgtct acgttctcta gctaataaat gtcaggaatc atatttgaac     83700
     cacttttgtc catgttaaga gctagtgcta tttatcttcc catgatactt gaacttaaag     83760
     ttttgaattt ttatttccac gtaactacaa atacaaatga tttttataaa caatagagag     83820
     ggatctcatg taccaatctc ccagctgcct ccagtagctg tatttgatca cctagaaagt     83880
     tgcttagtgg gtaggaggat gtgctgtgca ccatgagggc ctgaatctga atcccagccc     83940
     ctaccccagc actcatggaa aaagccaagt gtgactgtgc acacatctct aactccagag     84000
     ctgcaggcat aaggtgacaa gtgatagagc aggacacctg ctgtactcca gcagcctgta     84060
     caataacata ccactaacac acacacacac acacacgcac acacatgcaa acacacatcc     84120
     acacataaaa gtaaaaaagg aagagagggt ggcagtggga gaggtactca gtgaaccagt     84180
     acttgagtgt tgatagattt gtgagtgtct tttgtacatt ctgtggcatt tgatatcaag     84240
     taaccatcct cagtaataaa gatataaagc tgttagatca gcacaaaaga atcattcata     84300
     cctctgctct cttatcctca tctcctggca accactttca taccctcaat ccctgttagt     84360
     taggcatggt agcacaggcc cgtaacctta gcactgggag gatacggaca gaagaatcag     84420
     aagttcaagg ccagcttaga ctacaaacca acttcaaaga aaaagaatgg tatataaata     84480
     gaatcacaca gcattgtata ctgagattga ctttacttat atggcagggt gctcaaatgg     84540
     ccctatactt cctagaggaa ctataagaca cttaatggct gctggtagtg gaaaagttat     84600
     attcctcagt ggtatagtca ctgataagtt gtttatggtc ccataaatta ccacacatat     84660
     atactcaagc aagcaacctt aactaaattc ctaggtcaca aaaaaaaaaa aggaacatgg     84720
     aagtgggaga gggacttcaa aaagaagtat tcagtgcgag ggaaaaaggg cagaagaaaa     84780
     ttgctgaaag tgtgtgcatg catgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtacgtgtg     84840
     taattgtgag agaatggatg ttagtgggtt tgtggtcctt tgtaccttca tccatttgac     84900
     tacatatttt ctgttacttc tgttacttct tgcatgttgc tcatttccct taccttagtt     84960
     gtccagatat tttaattatc ctaatagctc catacctgac ccattaagtt gacctctgat     85020
     ctctctgcta gccaaccttt ttcccattga gcatcttgat ctatataggc ttttttcctc     85080
     ctgttgaatg attgctataa attctttatg attgcagtgg ttgggtcaaa ggataggaca     85140
     tttgtatggc tcttcttgat gtttatttcc cgactttggc ttgatcatca acccatgaag     85200
     cagtgcttgg gttctagtga ggaaataaat tcatggtgag aagtcagaga agcaggtggt     85260
     atagtaggaa tctctcttaa gcccttcctc agaagagctt actagttctg cttgatctag     85320
     ttgaaaaaac aaggcttgtg gagccatagc tatcagaaga aatttagtag ttgggaaaga     85380
     tggatcattc taagcaacag gagtactttt cgcaacgtgc attgtcctaa ctatagagga     85440
     aatgtgtgaa gaatacagaa aggacctgag ttgctctagg tcagaacagt gtaggaaagg     85500
     gcctgcagaa accgcctgtg agtgactccc tgggctcatg gagttatgtg taggcaacgc     85560
     caaattttga ggttacattt tgttggcata tgtgcctatt ttaatgcttg atctgtcatg     85620
     tttgacccat atcctactta tattcttacg tggttaatgc accaaagcag gaaacaatac     85680
     tttgaaagct tatgattatt tttacatgtt tttgatgtgt ttactatata gatataaata     85740
     ctgacttttg taattttgtt cattacagga ttctgctcta atacttgatg ttcctctggg     85800
     tgtgatatca agaattgaaa aaatgggagg cgcgacaagt agaggagaaa attcctatgg     85860
     tctagatatt acttgtaaag taagaaattt gatactttct tacacaaaag atacaatagt     85920
     attgaatagt agaaagttta tgtgggctta aaaaatcaaa atcctttccg gtggtagtgg     85980
     tacacacctt taatcccagc attggaaagt agaggcagga agatctctgt gagtttaaaa     86040
     tcattaaaat cttttgttaa tctaaagttg tagacttgga tcttacccct gtagtcaagt     86100
     gagactttct caaagaagtg gtcagcctat tatcttgctg ggtcagaaga aaagtgtata     86160
     gataacagtt cttaaacctt catttcactc tccactcctc aggcagtcag ggcactgtaa     86220
     tcatcacaat agcatgctgt cctatggagc tgactgatac tgtcctccta gctccctctg     86280
     accccattga ccaccctcat gtacatcatt tccctccttt tgaatgagag ttataagttt     86340
     tcctgaggaa aatgagtgaa ttaaagagta aaagtgtttt tatggcactt tatggtacta     86400
     catgtcacca cctagatacc ctcatactgt gaaaggaagg aggcgtagaa gagattttgc     86460
     cctttgtgca caggatgcct ccttacctat aacaaccatt ttcagtgcca gtggctagta     86520
     ttttatttgg aacgctaagt gggaaaatga gttgtgacaa catttagtca gttgttatag     86580
     gaaacattta ttgagcatct gtgttcaccc aagcatatac tagaaacttc acattctgtc     86640
     cttagcacaa acttcctaga cagaatgtta taaatggagg acttgagaag aattagggag     86700
     ctttgctggt atgttctaaa gcgtgccaaa gctgaactcc aaataggagg aagtaactta     86760
     tcattttgta aacagcacag ttaggttttc tggcaaagta acttgctttc tacatactgg     86820
     gtgtagcatt atgctcaatt ctagaaagag ctacaaggac tttggaggtc gtttgtccca     86880
     ataggtctta aatgtgtaca tcaagatatc caaaaggctt ttgacagaag ttccagagct     86940
     gactgtacga tatgttctaa aggctaagac taagaatgtg tcctaagtgc ctgtcaagcc     87000
     atcttgctag tacagtgttc atcatgcttg ttttacaaaa aggtccagac agcaaatatt     87060
     taggctgtag agggtcacag aagatattgg atgcatattc tcctatatgt tttaaaagag     87120
     tgttcttgcc ttgagaaatg tacaaagaaa cctggttgta gttgctgagc cttgaccacc     87180
     tcaagtccat tatttcatgt agataggaaa atgaagcctt cataaagtga tgtggctttc     87240
     cttggtgttg ccaaagacca ataaaagaac ctgttttaaa acccaagtca tgtcctagtc     87300
     tctggtgcta caatttctaa aagccaaact tttatactta catttgcact ggaaatacaa     87360
     tactcagttt tttctccagt taaaagatca acatgagtat gaacaaccag aacctgaata     87420
     ggtactcttg ccctgaattt ctctactact ctgcatctca gctgctttag tttctattgg     87480
     aatctaagct gtttttcata ctctgtctgc tatcccaggt actggctatc atgtgaaacc     87540
     tagatgtaca taaatttact ttgaagaagg gtctttgcat tttgtgtcaa aatattcatg     87600
     aggaatgtta tattaaacac tcaaggcagt gtggttaaaa tgttggtgct actaaagtga     87660
     ctgtcttacc aataaggtac ttgctgcctc atcaatagga ggatttatat ttaactatta     87720
     agtctccaaa ataaataaaa caaagtatgc tctgaaacag atttccagga aaaaaattct     87780
     cagataatat acatcaaaat tttgaattga cttgtaccca aaataaagaa aacttagagc     87840
     aatgttttaa cgcaacattt tttaaggcag ggtcttatgt cactcatgct ggttttgaac     87900
     ccctctgtag tcaaggccag ctttgaactt ctcttattgt acctctgaca ccctgagact     87960
     acaggcatat gtcatttaac acagccatag cataaccttc taataaaatt ccttcccaga     88020
     aacactgatt cacaaaaggc acagcccatt ttctaagtag cagatataag agaagtgtgc     88080
     agcagcggga taagcacttg tcatcctgtc tcacagatca ccttgcaccc attgtcagta     88140
     atcagaacat aacatttctc tccccagcta aggagcagtc cccacacttt gggctgtttt     88200
     agatgtgcac atatgggttt cactcagcag cagcaacaat caatagactg gctcttggtt     88260
     ccagaggacc ttgtgtcacc acaggggtgt tgtagatatg ggaatcagta ccctgcaggc     88320
     cctatactac cactaataac aatttaaagt ctttttgtaa aaagacaggg caaacagtac     88380
     tgccagataa tcttctttct cttttccccc ttttctacct tcttggcttt ctttaataat     88440
     aatgaagcca ttgagtatca ccctaagatc cagctggtta gcctgttgag tgtgacaggg     88500
     agactgttac aacacaaggc tctttctcat cttcccttcc ttgatgagtc aagcttggag     88560
     gagaccatgt atgacttgga gttagtgtat gttcctagtt atgtttcgga ctagatggtc     88620
     tgctttgaat cacgtgcctt gttcacttca gctttcttat tgcaagactt tttttttttt     88680
     actgttattg catctgaatc agatggcaga aagtgactag agtcattcat gctttgacat     88740
     gtgaaaagtt attcctctga gccactggtg gatcacaata aatattggtt tggaaacagt     88800
     ctaatttgga gcaaagtggt ttgagaatga tgttgtagca ttaccagtgc tttatggctg     88860
     ttagaaggaa agttcctcac aggtccgtgt ggcctgacag tggcagctat ccagtgttag     88920
     gcctgtggct gcttgttaac gtgttagatg tatctcgtcc tattgagatg actttccctt     88980
     tcatctgatt accatgatat tacaactaat attccaagat tttgggggtg gtgaaataaa     89040
     ttgggttttg gaattttttc agtaccatgc ttttagtatg ggcctgaagt gtagctgggt     89100
     ggtagagtgt tcacctgaca ttcatgaagc tctacagtcc attcccagtg ttttaaaaat     89160
     caaaagagga agcacaagat cctggagctg gcaaggctca ttagatgcca tctgtattca     89220
     gagtgattgc tctcagatca tttgttagta gtcttggagg cttcttcaaa ctttacttgt     89280
     cttttggaat gtcttgtata tagcaaagcc ttcgttggcc ctttggactg aaaaattatg     89340
     aagcttaaat taggttggaa atggaccatc cagagagaga ctgccccacc cgggagtcca     89400
     tccgataatc agccactaaa cgcagacatt attgcatacg ccagcaagat tttgctgaaa     89460
     ggacccttat atagctgtct cttgtgaggc tatgccagtg cctggcaaat acagaagtgg     89520
     atgctcacag tcagctattg gatggatcac agggctccca atggaggagc tagagaaagc     89580
     acccaaggag ctgaagtggt ctgccactct ataggtggaa caacattatg aactaaccag     89640
     taccccggag ctcgtgtctc tagctgcata tgtagcagaa gatggcctag tcggccatca     89700
     ttgggaagag aggccgcttg gtcttgcaaa ctttatatgc cccagtacag gggaacacca     89760
     gggccaagaa gtgggagtga gtgggtaggg gagcagggca ggggaagggt ataggggact     89820
     tttgggatag catttgaaat ataaatgaag aaaatatcta ataaaaacaa ttttaaaaaa     89880
     taggctggaa agaaggctca gctgttagca gtgcttgccg ctcttgtaga ggatgagttc     89940
     agttgttatt catactgggc tgcctatacc accaccgcta aatccatggg ctcttctacc     90000
     cacttcagcc tttgcagatg cctgtgcaca tgtgcatata cccaaaaata aaagtcaaag     90060
     aaagcttttg aataatatta ttgattaaaa aatgcaccta tgcaaactat gaatgttgta     90120
     gtatgtaaga cagcaggatc ggagtctagc tcactcctta gatagtccca gacaacctat     90180
     aaaacactct ctttgttttg gttattttga gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt     90240
     cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctggc ctcaaactca gaaatctgcc tgcctctgcc     90300
     tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa gtcgtgcgcc accactgccc tggtaaaaca ctcttaaaaa     90360
     taaggtagaa tgttgtgttt actacaaaca gatattagag gaccctatca tttagattca     90420
     gtttaaaagc ctttcttgcc tattaaagaa atatggatag agagctgcca ttaaaatctg     90480
     gttttgatca ttaacttata gttcctgagg gtaaaatgat atctaatgtg gaatacatta     90540
     atatggttta tatagaactc tctgaaagta gagttggtag taaaagttta tgacttgtat     90600
     gagaacataa aatgccaatc atttaggggg atagtgtttg tattttaatg acacatttaa     90660
     caatgtcaaa gcaggtagtc ttttgaaaca ttatatgact taagtactgt ttaataacta     90720
     aaactttctt gcgccagacg gtggtggcgc atgcctttaa gcccagcact caggaggcag     90780
     aggcaggtgg atttctgagt tcgaagtcat cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc     90840
     cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgactcgaa aaagcaaaaa aaaaaatttt ttttttcttg     90900
     caaagcagtg tgcatagaag tgggcagtaa gcagatgaaa agtaagacaa gggtctttct     90960
     tccagcatgt gtttgcactg tcttagcttc agcactttag tttagaaact gactcattct     91020
     ggtaaagtgc tttgtcttta ctttcttggc tacaatggaa ctgtgtccag gtctccttaa     91080
     actgtgtatg tcaagatagc atatacaaat atagcttaaa ataaattacc cttgtatggg     91140
     taactgaaaa gattttattt atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat tgctaatttt     91200
     cacaatttta cttgaagatt caactccact ttctcatttg cctctaggat ttgagaaacc     91260
     tgaggtttgc attgaagcaa gaaggccaca gcagaagaga tatgtttgag atccttgtaa     91320
     aacatgcctt tcctctggca cacaatctgg taatgtccag ggcttaccta aacatctgca     91380
     ttctctgaaa tgtctcctct gggaaaacta cctgttggtt gggcttcttt ttgctttgca     91440
     tttcctggtg tgacatattt tacatatgat tgctcaattc cagaagtgca tccctgctag     91500
     tgtccatgag cctgggatct cctatgctct ccagccagga gtttgtcctt tctgtgatag     91560
     aaagagaata aggttgctta atacagtatc actaagtctt cccacaattc atggctcctc     91620
     actttggtgc taacaaggaa tgggagtcag acttctgtgt caccagttca aaatgggaac     91680
     ggatccattg atcctaaaga ccatttaaac aaataccccc acctctgtat ctccctcctc     91740
     cttcccttct tcccttcctt tctccttccc tccttctttt ctctccccct ctatgtctgt     91800
     ctgtctgtct ttttctgtgt ctctgtctcc ctcccttccc ttccctccct ccctccctcc     91860
     ctccctccct ccctccctcc ctccctccca tgagacagag tatcatgtat ctcaggctgg     91920
     ccacagactc tatgaaagca aggattaact tgaacttctg ctactcctac ctcatcctca     91980
     ctgggattgc cagcatgtac caccatggct gggttatgtg acgctggcct ggaacccagg     92040
     gccttatgca tgccaagtga gcactttact gacttgagct acatttgcct aggctaacct     92100
     gaaactcatg atcctgttac ctcgacctcc tgaatgacaa atgcatgttg ccaggccttg     92160
     tggacatcct cataccccta gctctcaaca aacatagagg tgaactctca ttaatagggg     92220
     gagaaggaaa agataccatt gttgaaaaat gtataaatgg ttttgaaaca gctcaggctg     92280
     gcctaaaact cactatgtag ctgagagtga ctttgaattt ctaatcaatc ctcctacctc     92340
     cacctcccca cctccccgct gttggtctta gtgtttggtt tatgtgtcat tgaggatcag     92400
     acccagggct taatgcaagc tagtgttgta ctcttccaaa tgagctacat cccaaaatgg     92460
     ctacagacgg aacagacggt gagaaggatc atatccggaa actatcttgc gttttctctc     92520
     tctctgctat tttggtcttt ttgtcatggt aggtggttgt ggttcttatt cttgttttaa     92580
     taaggaagtg agacattttg gggggagtag ggggtttttt gtttgttttt gtttggtttt     92640
     tttttttctt tactgtctct ggatctcacc accagcagtt gtttgccttt caggaaacac     92700
     ccacctggta gaagggagaa gccattagga ggagctaatg agtacattat acccttacta     92760
     tactgacacc agatggaatg tgtttgggaa acaattctac caaaagtttc tatatttctg     92820
     atcaaataag attttaaaaa tgtttcttta taaatatttt caactttatt aggatggaag     92880
     tttataggaa tacatctttt aaactattat aaaggtgaga ctaaaatttg ttatgattta     92940
     gtcaggaata gatcttttca actattatga aggtgaggct gaaatttatt atgagttagt     93000
     caggaaacat gttttgtatc atggtttatg catatttata tctgtattat tagaaattga     93060
     agcaaatgga tatatctgga ggatatcatc cttagtgagg taacccaatc acaaaagaag     93120
     tcactagata tgcactcact gataagtgga tattagccca gaaacttaga atacccaaga     93180
     tacaatttgc aaaacacaag aaaatcaaga aggaggaaga ccaaagtgcg gatacttcat     93240
     tcctccttag aatagggaac aaaataccca tgaaaggagt tacagagaga aagtttggag     93300
     ctaaaacgaa aggttggagt atccagagac tacccctcct ggggattcat cccataatca     93360
     gcccccaaac ccagacacta ttgcatacgc cagcaagatt ttgctgtagg gaccctgata     93420
     tagctctctc ttgtgaggct atgccagggc ctagcaagca cagaagtgga tgctcacagt     93480
     cagctattgg atggaacaca gggcccccaa tggaggagct agagaaagca cccaaggagc     93540
     tgatgggtct gcaaccctat aggtggaaca acaatatgaa ctaaccagta ccccccagaa     93600
     ctcttgtctc tagctgcgta tgtagcagaa gatggcctag tcagccatca ctgggaagag     93660
     aggcccctag gtcttacaaa ctttatatgc cccagtacag gagaatgcca gggccaagaa     93720
     gtgggagtgg gtgggtaggg gagcagggtg gggggagggt atagggaact ttcgggatag     93780
     catttgaaat gtaaatgaag aaaatatcta ataagataat aataataata ataataataa     93840
     taataataat aaagaaattg aagaagtgcc tcacacgcat gtttgagaaa gctaaggtct     93900
     tattccatga tccttcagtt ttgagctgtc agctttctct tttctctggc atcctctggg     93960
     tcttttaaag cttattccct tagaaaaaat agtcaagtat caggccagct ttctcttaaa     94020
     ctacccatct ctggaaagaa tttttcacta acgtcactaa cttgctccct cgtttactca     94080
     ttcattcact cactcactca ctcactcact cactcactca ctcactcatt cattcctcta     94140
     gctcatgcca gaatcaagct gatattggtt agtgttgaat gtcaacgtga caggaaacaa     94200
     acttctggaa acatctatga gggactatgt agacgagtgc ttctgaggga ttttttaaaa     94260
     taataattat gcgattttca agttaaaatg caattctacc acttcccccc cttacttttt     94320
     ttctccaagc cttcctatgc acccacttgc tcctctcctt tctcaagctc atggctcctt     94380
     tttctttaat acttgacaca caacctgcta agcccatata atattaagtg tgtgtgtgtg     94440
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg aagctcttct atgggaagac cattttccca ctctgaacat     94500
     gtcctactta cccatagctc ttcctttagg gttgaggccc tgtgagcttt cctgttttca     94560
     tgttaacatg atcattgatg taatccttgg tgaggtcttt tttggacagc catgttgatg     94620
     ggacttcata gattctctgg agacacaatt ttacagtaaa cttctggttc ctctggctct     94680
     tataatcttt ctgctgcttc ttcccaaata agccctgagc tacaggtaca ggcattattg     94740
     tattgtagat gtatcagttg gatctgggta ccacataatt tcttactgtc tgcattttac     94800
     cagttatggt tttctgtaat atatctgttg caaagagaag ttcctttaac aaggggtgaa     94860
     aactaaccct tataggtggg tataaggata aatatttaga atatagatat aatttacatt     94920
     gattttgaaa gtagaagttc taggttctcc tctaagatct gtgacttctc tggctctggg     94980
     ttgttggttc gggttccagt accaggcatg agttcttttt tgttgagcag gtctcaagtc     95040
     caaccagaga ggttctgatt atcaccaagg tgtgtgtgca ttattgtgcc cttagggtta     95100
     ttatgccttg ctggtggttg ttctggttca taggtgtcag agttggatag gcctactgtg     95160
     tgcttccttt gcttggaagt ttgcatgtgt aaaggattag tttgatcaga tgaattggaa     95220
     ttgtgatcta aaagtaggct gcaccgttcc ttgagcttga gttctggagg gcacaaggag     95280
     aaagctagtt gagcttatgc ttttattgtt gtctgctttc taactgtgaa tgtgatatga     95340
     ccagctgtct ctagctccca ctgctgttac tccctgcaat gatgcaatga acccaaaaaa     95400
     tctttatccc ttgagttgct tttgtctgga tattttatca cagtgttaga aaactaagta     95460
     atacagagct cttgacctct tagtggccaa acctatcacc tgatttccac gtgcatttga     95520
     tcagtgggat tgagctcctt cttgtgacct tcgctcccca gtcgacgctg cccttgcctt     95580
     tttcttcact gtgaatgtct tgttcaggga tccaccctca gctttcagtt cccctaatgt     95640
     tcccagtttt gccatggtga cttcatttat tcccataaat ggagttgtca ctactgtgta     95700
     cctggcttgt aagtctagcc cttgtaagtc aggacgttgc ccttgagtga ctcaaacctc     95760
     actaatcctg cagaactcct ttccagaaga cttgtgcttt ccaagttcat tgatatccca     95820
     atctcacttg tctctgtaat gcttgtcctc cacagtcatc ctccacttag catcttgctc     95880
     catctaagtt gccgtcccat gtcatgtgtg attcacttaa agaattgatc ttctgtttca     95940
     ttgttaggtc tctcttgagt atataccaca gcttccttgt gtgataatta tgttgtaatt     96000
     ttctttacca gcccttcctg tccattattc ttcgagctta tcagggcaga catcaccctt     96060
     tatctctcta gccccagtat agtgacttct gtacagaaag gttttttttt ttgggggggg     96120
     ggggaagttc tggctgagga tagaacacag ctaatacaga gagtctacca gtgtgctaca     96180
     tcaccagctc acacatgggg gtgttaaagt gataggattt tagttaaact gtttcatgag     96240
     aaagtcatga gaaacattat tatatagaaa tgagtggact agatctttct gtcaggacct     96300
     agaatcctgt gcatgtcact gaagaaaggt atctgcagag aattggctta ttcatggttg     96360
     tggtacttgg atatattttt catgtctaca ctggaaatcc atgttacctt ccttaggaca     96420
     tcaggaatgt aactactaaa attttccctt caaaatatat aaatctatca cccaaacaat     96480
     gcaataaaca gatcccctgt tggcactgct ttcctaactt aagtttattt cagcgtccta     96540
     tggagggtag cgttggggaa taaccaggta agttaagaca aggtgcaaaa tgagtctact     96600
     agaagtctag tagaagtgac atggcaaaag cgtgtggttc caatataggg gagaggaatg     96660
     cagaagaaat tcgcaaggct ctcagaaagg aggctagaag agcctgtgtg ccattgctcc     96720
     tgaaaagatg aagtttgttt ttagtaggcc aggaaaatgg aggaagtgag aattcaggct     96780
     ataggcaaga cctcttaaat acggaagaaa agctggcaac atttcaaggt gtttgagatg     96840
     gatctgggac cagctctgaa atctaagaga tctgaggtca tctggtcaag gctaatgcta     96900
     gtgtagagag cctttgcccc agggagtaac agaaacttgc tgaaggttct aaaggaatgg     96960
     tgatagaata aagatgccct caggcagaac agaaccaaag gccaggacta gagaattgca     97020
     gagcctagac aaggacctgt tagaaagact tgactgactt aagcaggagc ttggccagaa     97080
     agggtagaga ctaggatgcg cttactttgg ttctcaagtg tgagtgatgg gaaggatggc     97140
     actttgttga gaaacagctg aaagagaggg gcagggaggg gacgcctcgt cttaacctcc     97200
     atgcccaggg actaccctag tgctgcccta acatgttgac ggttgaaaga gagagtggtt     97260
     tgtaaaagaa agaaaaaggg aggagagagg aaaggaggaa gggaaagagg gagtcacttt     97320
     ctaggcaagg ctcatcagaa gccagcaggt taagggttca agcccccatt tgtaaggtgg     97380
     actttagaaa ggaaagggcg caattgttcc tatgcgatgg gagaggaaca agagtttcca     97440
     aactgccaca gaggggatgc gcttccttgg agcttaatct acttatgatt gcattgaaca     97500
     ataaaaaggc tcctgcccct gaactacttt gtgagtattt ctggaactgt taaactagta     97560
     tggatgagct cggtgggttt tgtcactatt tgaagtctga atttgccaat gaatgcaaga     97620
     aatggtgtct ggaggccaac agacctgggc agccatgggg tgaacacact gtgagtgggc     97680
     attcagacca cccctttagc ccttctgagc cattactgtt ttcaccactc aatgtgtgca     97740
     agtcagaact taaaaactca tttgaacttg agctattata gcagcaaaga gtccacccca     97800
     agccattaaa ctgattgtct cagctcagta ttatgtgcat ggctttagat gagatttttc     97860
     tatttcagcc aaaatacttc ttgtttgatc tttgcttttc aaacaccaga aagtctcaca     97920
     aatttcatgt agctcagcac aagttttagg taagtgatac agtgttgtga caactgctgt     97980
     aatccttctg acactgtgac agaatatttg aagagagaaa ccagtcatgt acctgtgtgc     98040
     aaatgtagca acactacaga aagcacaaca atgtcaagat aacaacggat agccaatggc     98100
     aaagctcagt cattgatttc cttgactggt cattttgtaa tgaaatgtgg cagtcagaaa     98160
     taatatcatt ttagatgaga gtttagatga aagcatcact tccaacatat tagtgaatca     98220
     taaatcagtg tgtctcttta aatgaaatag aatagaaacc atggagaaca tgacagaaaa     98280
     ggggtatagt ttgctaagat gtttcttcta agggtgtgta catatggtgg cagggtgcta     98340
     ggttcttggt gttaccgtta gttccttact tagaatcatg gcccagaaag gttgaagcat     98400
     aaggttcagg ggccaagctc acagcagcca ctgatgccga gatctatgag gggacttgac     98460
     ttctactgct aacataagcc atgcattcag tgccctttgt cagaatgggc ctcagtgaat     98520
     ttcctgctta cagactttgg aagtcacata atatttatgt gtgtcagtgt tctcatctac     98580
     aacggggata ataacagctc ctaccccata gagtttttgt gaagattcaa tgtaaagtgc     98640
     ttataacact gcctgacact cagtaagggc ccaataaatg ccagctgttc tgttattagc     98700
     tccctatttt cccagcagat gtaagaaata aggatgacta ctacaactcc ccacagacta     98760
     ttaataaagg aattgtgata gtgtgtggga aacattaagc cctttaaaag aaagatgcta     98820
     tataaagatt agtggtatta ttaacaaacc atgggttgta ctttgataaa ggactcacta     98880
     gaagtcttca gagtcttaaa tcagaaagca tcccaacctg cagtgcagaa taggagaagt     98940
     gatgctatgg aatgaaagga atccttcaga gactgcgtcc catccttctc tttccatctt     99000
     ttcagcccac acagacttaa atgcttttag ggaaacatgg ctcagatttg tgtttgcacc     99060
     tcccatttct tggggacatt ctggactaaa gttaaggact tcagtatttc ccacttgttc     99120
     ctctgtgagc tgatgtacag tcatgacggt gcaccctttg tcttcatctg ggagcatggc     99180
     acatctgacc ttatgtctat atgtcaagga atggtaggga taaggggact tgcggcggct     99240
     ttttcaagtt tcaggagcag agcagctgac tgatttacct ttgcgcttta cattgaatcc     99300
     ttacaaaact ctatggggta ggagctgtta tccccgttgt agatgagaac actgacacac     99360
     ataaatatta tgtgacttcc aaagtctgta agcaggaagt tcactgagcc tcactctgac     99420
     agagatcatt gaactcatgg cctatgctag cagtagcaca ctggaagagc tcttcactgt     99480
     ggctgctgta gtaccttatt gcttccaaag gatgggaaca atgcctttaa gagcacctcc     99540
     tggacactga caggcattgg tcactacctt tggttttcat agtatctgtg gcctgtttct     99600
     tcttgttagg ctttttctaa gtatgtgttt ctattttgaa ctaacacata gtaatgcgtg     99660
     ttcttctggg cagcagtcag acattttact tcctacatac aatgggtagg taataggaga     99720
     ttttggtctc tgtttggggc tgggaggttc tggttttgat aagatcaaac cctgttatgt     99780
     gacttaagcc ttgggccatt ttacttgagt tccctcctat tcaactctaa atgtgcttat     99840
     gagaataatt acataagaat taatgaagtg agttatgcat gcgctctctc tctctctctc     99900
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctcttcgag acagggtttc     99960
     tctgtgtagc tctggctggc ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcgaacccag    100020
     aaatccgcct gcctctgcct cccaagtgtt gggattaaag gcatgcgcca ccatgcccag    100080
     ccacacacac tttcttgatc atttaaaaac tataaatgag cctgtgaata aagaatccat    100140
     ggggagtttt attctctgcc tttgttattc atctcagaaa tggagaaata ttctaaattg    100200
     tactaaaatt ttaaatgaga caaagagtta gtggactctt cttttttagg ttgattatag    100260
     aatccacaga ttaaaggaca taatgttttg agataggaat tgaaatgaga agtgcctgta    100320
     cacatagccc tgcttttggt ttcaagatgg cttaaagact ataaactatg tcttgaattt    100380
     tctatttcct tttggtcaag aatttttccc cttgaataag tacaattagc taattaaaga    100440
     cctaaccatg cttttcaata ttctgtcttg ccttctcaaa atcttaaccc ttcatttgat    100500
     ttgatttctc ccttccactg ctgtctctat tcaaaacctt tgactctgct tggttcttct    100560
     cagcaccatc cagctcctgg aatcgtctca tctagctccc cctcaacatc actgcctgct    100620
     tccaaagtgc tgcattccct ggctgcctat gcctcatcag gatccactcc agcatgcttg    100680
     tagccctgct atttattcag aactattcta aaaatggcac tagaccagac acattataaa    100740
     aaacctgggc tgggcagatg gtttgctcag tatgagaatc tgagttcatc ctcagaactt    100800
     acatgtataa aactgagcat ggctgtggtg tgtgctcaca atcccattgc tgagggggtc    100860
     taaggtagat ccctggagcc tggcctaatt ggtgaactcc aggtcagtaa gtgactctgt    100920
     ctcaaaaagc agggtgagag tgggatatgg gatttttcac tgtagctcaa tagtcaagag    100980
     cacttagtga cacatatgat cttttatctg tcaaggcagg caagggtaag gggacttgca    101040
     ctggctgtct caaacttcag gagcaaagcc ttcactgtgg ctggtgtagt atcatactgt    101100
     acttaagtac tcttaaggaa gacctgagtt tagtcctcag tacccacatc agatgtctca    101160
     caactccctg taagtctcac tctgggaaat ctcttctggc ttctgtgagt aatgtgccca    101220
     catacacacc tacacacaca cacaaacaat ttaaaaagaa ataataaaaa aaggtggatg    101280
     gcagctgagg aacaagacct tgggctgtcc tctgtcacac atgcgtggga gcacgcaccc    101340
     agacactcca cagcccttcc tctccaagaa aatacatata aaatatagcc tttttcacac    101400
     aggtatacat cctttgatcc aggattcagg cagggtaatt tcttccattt tatcttatac    101460
     tttaactacc tctacatttg ttttgctggg cttttctttc cattgtgtat ggggagtggt    101520
     gaggttgttt tatttcatta ttatggaatg tggttttcat tttgtttcaa agctgtttgg    101580
     ccaatgttta taatctctcc ctctcacatc ttccatacca tttttattta tcaatcatat    101640
     taagtataat ttatagtggt atctgattat tatagttcaa agtctctgga ttttttttac    101700
     aaaagggcag tcgtgaagta tgtttcctgc tgtattttct gaatacgact tggaaacttt    101760
     cattctttgg aatattacct atggaaatac tctgagcctg ggattgaaag ggtactgaat    101820
     tttttctgcc aagcacctca aacagcttga gaaggttata aatgaattct ccttcattgt    101880
     tttgggagcc attcagtttt tttttattat aatacatgct aggctgacct gtgactctgg    101940
     gtagacagtg gtagacatgt gttgtcttct ctgttcagca tcagtaattc cagcttagaa    102000
     gctgtactgg ctagttttgt gtcagcttga cacagctgga gaaatcacag agaaaggagc    102060
     ttcagttgag gaaatgcctc caagagatcc aactgttagg cattttctca attagtgatc    102120
     aaggggaaag gccccttgtg ggtggtgcca tctctgggct ggtagtcttg ggttctataa    102180
     gagagcaggc tgagcaagcc aggggaggca agccagtaaa gaacatccct ccatggcctc    102240
     tgcatcagcc cctgctccct gacctgcttg agttccagtc ctgacttcct ttggtgatga    102300
     acagcagcat ggaagtgtaa gccgaataaa ccctttcctc cccaacttgt ttcttggtca    102360
     tgatgtttgt gcaggaatag aaaccctgac taagacagaa gccaaaagag gttatgtccc    102420
     acttacttct gcttatgtgg tagtgttgtg aagtacagtc tttcttaaaa gaggtttcaa    102480
     atatgactcc atcttggatt ggcctacagc ttcatttcca agctcttaat caatcattaa    102540
     gttctttgat cctgttggtg gctacttctg gacttctgta cattgttcca ctctcatagg    102600
     ttcattggta cattaaaaaa acctgtttct attatatata gtactctttg gtgtgtttag    102660
     caaaagtcac atgatcccat tgtctaagca tgtctgacct atggcctgtg cagtgaacat    102720
     ggccaaggat agctataaat gtagcccaac acaaaatcat aatcttattt aaacatgtta    102780
     tagaaaattg gtttttgaga ttttgtggtt tgtggcaact caattgcaca gttgtcaagt    102840
     gtgaacttta taaatgacaa cattgttttg cagtatcaaa gagtcaggca tggcagagta    102900
     tcgcatttct agataatcct tcttggattg aagtttaact ttccttagct tctgagacct    102960
     aagtctcttg tcctttcttc ctcctcctga cattcttttt cgggggtggg gaagtggggg    103020
     ttctatacat gaattttcta gaaaagtctg ttttcttctc cagcttacta ggcaagcttt    103080
     ctcttgtgac caccaaaatg cattctgagc aggatttaaa ttttatagtg tcatatttct    103140
     ccttagttga cttgtttaag atgactctct catattccct cccaatatac cctctgtgtg    103200
     ccttagacat tcctgatgcc ctctctccct tcttccctct cctggttcaa acttaaaatc    103260
     ataggcattt tctctgctgc ttagtggtta ctaaacctaa atgcctctca tccccagcct    103320
     gacttggttg aagacgttat tccctctgta agaagtggac tttggctggt tttcctagct    103380
     cgcagccagt acgcatgcct tctgtgagtc tgtgctgaca gcacacaggc agtcctggct    103440
     ttctggtatc cttgctctgg aaatggcctc ccctctctgt cagtttttat gcaagcctct    103500
     gtctcctcca cagggtggcc ccatctcagt atttttgttt gctcttctac actcctgcag    103560
     acagactaag tggccatgta ttatctctgg cctttcagtg cttctgccat tattgtttac    103620
     tgtccatcca aggtcattca gacatcacca ccatcccctg ggaaggtctg tcatggagtc    103680
     accctgctgt tacccctaaa tgatctacaa ctgtgagccc ttcatctctc tcctgtggat    103740
     aatttctaac tccttccagt gatattgtcc ttcttgtcat ttttctactt cataccttgt    103800
     ttacagtggg tcctcagaaa ctacaaactc agtgaatgtc ctaccataga cactaaatag    103860
     gagtcaccat caagcagccc atcagattag tctgtttatg ttttttaaaa gtacatagat    103920
     gtgtaggccc agtccctgga tgaggccaga ggttgacact gtgctatttc catggatcgt    103980
     gtctccatct tagtactttg agacaatgtc tctcactaaa cctggagctc accatctcag    104040
     ctaggctggc tgccaatgaa ccccagactt gtctctgttt ctcccagttc tttggttata    104100
     gacacctctg tacctgcttt ttacatatat tttgggaata tgaattcaag tcccactgaa    104160
     ccatttacct atcctccaat ttaactctaa tggtatcagt atatattgtc tgtgtcttgc    104220
     tttttttgtt ctccaataga gactacataa tgaatgggtt tcttctctgt gtttagaact    104280
     acatagtatt ctctcaactt ttaactttta ttataatata ttagtctttt cttgatagtt    104340
     atttgaagac ttccatattt ggcacaatat aaatactgta ctgagtagcc ttgcatatac    104400
     ataattttgt atatattcac atacatcttg gactaactgc tttgaagtag agttactgtt    104460
     tttgccaaat tctgctttat agcagatatc agtatgcact ttggttagag tgcaggttct    104520
     tagcctctgc aatgtgttag tttcctatta ttgatatgtt atgatgggct aaattgtgtg    104580
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagcg    104640
     agcacacaga gataccaggc tggaattgat ttccttttgc tccatgtctc atggcccctt    104700
     tgcttctatc agcaccattc ctacctcttc cagcttaaat tctaaattct tttaggagta    104760
     tatgatgctg ttacagataa tccaggatac tttctccctg ttttaaggtc agttattagt    104820
     tatcatcatt ccatctggaa cattaattct ttgttgtgta tggtaacata acaaaggttt    104880
     caaagattag agtacaacca tttggggagg gcacaacctc cccatatacc tacaatatca    104940
     actcagtgtg ttttctaact ttttttaact ttgcaaccct ttaggcaaaa ctatagattc    105000
     ccagttctgc tttgtagcac gtgaaattga atgcccgttg atatgtacca cttgtgttat    105060
     gttctgcctt ctgctctgtt ttccttttta gagtgctgaa cactttattt aatagttgac    105120
     ttgtactgtg agttgcaagt gtttgctgca ataggacttt ggactgtgct tatagtgtgt    105180
     ttgctattga taactttaag acattcattt ctagaatttc ttgaccattt ggtagggatc    105240
     cctaagacga tcttcaagtg tattgatttc actagaagaa cttgcaagcc tcaacattta    105300
     tttgtgtgta caggtgggat ttattacaat caaaagataa cagaatagaa ccaacaaatg    105360
     gaaaagctac agagcccgag ttgaaatacc atttgttgac tagtctagta ataggtagat    105420
     gggctgtggt gcaatgtatc agtcattaga gctctgtatt agttattctt tggtaatctg    105480
     ggatcatgtg catgctgggt aagtgctcta ccactgagcc acaggagcag cccagcattg    105540
     ttgtaacagt tgaaggcatg agcttttttc cccctagggg agagggaggg cggtgtttca    105600
     cctagccttg aatatgctgt ataactgcag ctgtctatga agttctgata ttctttttat    105660
     taattgtttt atttatttac cttcccaatg gtttctcccc tccccagtcc ccctgccaag    105720
     agtttttcac cccataccac ccctttgtct ttgagaggat gctctgcccc atcccctttc    105780
     tttaatttta attttttaaa ccttatatgg ttcttaaatg tcttaacctc ccttctagtc    105840
     catcacccac taggggtatt gggaaagaaa ggggaagtgg acctgtttag aaatggttct    105900
     ttggagcaac tgccccctct gtgttgtcta gaaaccggca gtgcagttta gttcataaat    105960
     tagcggcagc agctcaatct actcacaaac acttaaccgt atatcagcag ttcagctcag    106020
     tagagtctgg gtagcaaaca aaaattagca gtggtggcac tacctagcag acagccaggc    106080
     ctcagtctca gcacaagtca gcaggaggga ccagggccaa caggaactcc aggaaaagat    106140
     ctcaggctgt gcctctctca gggaagtgaa gatcagagaa ggcttgagac caacaaacct    106200
     tgcacagcta gctgtactag caaaccaagc tcagactctc actgtctatc aagttctatt    106260
     tatactccct ccaaacacca catgtcctcc atgggtcttg cctaagcaca tgtcttgcct    106320
     tagcatgttc gtctgtctca gctgacaaca ctctgccaat cagcctaagt tcaccgaagc    106380
     agcaagaaac tgcaggacgc catcagaaat ttgttggtgc cttttctctc tattggattc    106440
     ctgacaaatg cagctcaacc atacaatgta aggtggacca atacatttgt gttgttagca    106500
     aagaatcctt tattacattt tctttcatgt acttgcttta gcagaacatc ctctctccat    106560
     ttgtctactt cagccaaatg ttcctttatg ggtctgcctt agcctttcac ctgtgtccac    106620
     ttcagctaga tgttccttca catgtttgcc ctagccaaac accatcagac acaactgact    106680
     ttccaaagaa ccctaaagtt tccactttac ccttccctgg ggcaccaagg ctctacagga    106740
     ttaggtgtgt gctttccaac tcaggccaga caaggcagtc ctctgctata tgtgtgctct    106800
     ttggctggtg gcttagtctc tgagagttcc cggggatttg gattagttga tactattgtt    106860
     cttcctatgg ggttgcaatc cccttcagtt cctccaatct ttcgcctaac tcttccatag    106920
     gggtccctgg gctcagtcca atggttggag gtaagtatct gcatctgtct gagtcaggtg    106980
     ctggtagagc ctctcagagg acagacgtgc taggctcctg tctgcaagca caacactgca    107040
     tcagtaatag tgtcagggtt tggtgtctgt gcatgagatg gatcccaagg tgggccggtc    107100
     actggatggc cgttcttcag tctctgctcc atttttgtcc ctacatttcc ttttgacagg    107160
     aacaattcct gggtcagaaa tgtgaaggta ggttgatgtc cccatctttc cactggggac    107220
     cctgtctaca ctgaaagtgg tttcttcagg ttcaatctcc ccactgttgg gcatttctgc    107280
     tgaagtcatc tccattaagt cctgggagcc tctcacaacc caggtttctg ggactttcta    107340
     gtggtccccc ctcatgtccc acccccccca cagctgcata tttccattca tactcctggc    107400
     cccctgggct tccttctgtt tcttcctctc ttagagtgtt actgctgtga acatacacca    107460
     tgaccaaggc aactcttata aggacaacat ttgattggag ctggcttaca ggttcagagt    107520
     ttcagtccca tatcatcaag gtgggagcat ggcagtgcct aggtaggcat ggtgcaggct    107580
     gagctgagag tttatatctt catctgaagg tgctataagg agactgactt ccaggcagct    107640
     agggtcttaa agcccacacc cacagtgaca cacctactcc aacacgtcca caccatctaa    107700
     tagtgccact ccttgggctg agtataaaca gactataaca cccccatacc taatcctgcc    107760
     ccccctttcc cttccttctc ccctttccca tccagttccc cccttccctc tgcctccagt    107820
     gattattttc tttcctctaa gtgggattca agcatcctca catgggcctt ccttcttgtt    107880
     atacttcata gggtctgtga gttgtatcat gggcattctg tacgttttgg caaatatcca    107940
     cctatcagtg agtacatacc atgcaccttt tgggtctgag ttacttcact cagcatggta    108000
     ttttctatct attttcccac aaaattcatg atgcccttat ttctaataat tgattattca    108060
     gtattttgtt gtgtaaatga accacatttt ctatatccat tcttctgttg agggacatct    108120
     gtgttgtttc tagcttctgg ctactctgaa taaggcttct atgaacatgg tggaacacat    108180
     gcctctgtgg catggtggag catcttttgg atatatgcct aagagtggaa ctgccagact    108240
     gatttccaga atggttgtac cagcttgcaa tgccaccagc aatggaagag tgttcctctt    108300
     tctccacatt cttgccagca tctgctgtca cctgaggttt ttatcttagc cattctgatt    108360
     ggtgtgaggt ggaatctcag ggttgttttg atttgcattt ccctgatgat taaggatgtt    108420
     gaacatttct ttaagtgctt ctcagccact tgagattatt ctattgtgaa ttatctgttt    108480
     aactctgtac tccattttaa aattgggtta tttggttttt ggagactaac ttgttgagtt    108540
     ctttatacat tttggatatt agccctctgt tgcatgtagg gttagtgagg atcttttcct    108600
     aatttgtggg ttgccgtttt gtcctattga cattgtcctt cgtcttacag aagcttggca    108660
     attttatgaa gtcccatctg tcaattcttg atcttagagt ctgaacaatt ggtgttcttt    108720
     caggaagttt ccccctgtgc caatgagttc aaggcttttc agtttcatga ggtcccattt    108780
     gttgattctt gatcttacag tacaagccat tggtgttccg ttcaggaatc tttcccctat    108840
     gcccatgtgc ttgaggctct tccccacttt ctcctctaag tttcagtgtc tctggtttta    108900
     tgtggagttc tttgatccac ttagacttca gctttgtaca aggagatgag aatggatcaa    108960
     tttgcattct tctacatgct aactgccagt tgagctagca ccatttgttg aaaatgctgt    109020
     cttttctgcc ccgcccaggg atccattccc attatcagcc accaaaccca gacactattg    109080
     catataccag caagattttg ctgacaggac cctgatatag ctctctcttg tgaggctatg    109140
     ccagtgcctg gtaaacacag aagtggatgc tgacagtaat caattggatg gaacaaaggg    109200
     cccctaatga aggagctaaa gaaagtaccc aaggagctga aggggtctgc aaccctatag    109260
     gtggaacaac aatatgaact aaccagtacc cccagagctg tgtctttagt tgcatatgta    109320
     gcagaggatg gcttagttgg ccatcaatgg gaggagaggc ccttggtctt gtgaagatta    109380
     tatgccccag tacaggggaa tgccacggcc aagaagcggg agtgggtggg ttggggagca    109440
     gggcgggggt gtatagggga cttttgggat agcatttgaa atgtaaatga agaaactatc    109500
     taataaaaaa cattaaaaaa atcacaaaag aaaagaaaag aaaatgctgt cttttttcca    109560
     ctagatggtt ttagctccct tttcaaagac cataggtgtg tgggtttgtt tctgggtctt    109620
     caattctgtt ccattgatct acctgtctgt cactgtacca gtaccatgca gtttttatca    109680
     caattgctct gtagtgcagc ttgagggcag gaatggtgat tccccagaag ttcttttatt    109740
     gttgagagca gttttcactt tcctgggttt tttgttttta gtcctgatat ccttagctct    109800
     aactctcaag tgctaggagt agaagtatat gccagcatgt ccagctcttt acctgctcag    109860
     gattcataag atgtttggct gtctgggagg gccagccttc ttttgttcct cttccttttt    109920
     atctctttct cctgtagttt agcttagcca ctcaatgcct ttttatttgt ggtagggcct    109980
     gcagacctag aactgatctc cactgactgc ctccagaaca ccatttccag gatggcgtag    110040
     acaagcagat acatataata gagtgcttca tgagatctca tggggctatt cctaaaaggc    110100
     tttcctagaa agatcagcag ggcaccagtc aggttaagcc taactaaagg agtggtgtgc    110160
     aatgtgaaga agccagatag actgccaatg caggggtgtg ttgcctcggg ctgtagtata    110220
     tgtataaggg tgctaaccgt agatggtact ggggtaaaag gcaagccaaa gcttgcagaa    110280
     cctatccaat catttttctt tttaaaaggt gtgcttgcgt gtgcgtgtgc atgtgtgtgt    110340
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtctag ttttcatagt actggaaggt    110400
     ggcataatct acctgctgct ggaggagaaa agccatcatc agctctcccc agctatgacc    110460
     cctatgagct ccagtaacga ctgccctgac aaggtttgtc cattggaaca atgatggcac    110520
     aaatgttata gagttaacca gccattttct gattgagtcc aaagtctact ccacaagata    110580
     gaacccatac ctaccactac tattgagcca gaaacctgtg attagatagg tcatagaccc    110640
     taaaggagaa actaatacta tattttgcta aatgcataga gttgtagcag aacaactcct    110700
     aatgagttac tgctagagtg atagattagt gcatcttcca accctcaccg tagaagcttc    110760
     ttccttttac agtagatgac attcaacaca gggacatgca attggtcaat ttacagaaaa    110820
     caaaacactg tcatgtactc agccctaaat gggatgtctt tacccttacc cctaagctca    110880
     gggagaaaga tttttagagg cagaggtggt agataaactg taaagaagct gctttccagg    110940
     cacagtggga cagctgcaca tatgcactct gtgattggga tgacatgtaa gaggcttgag    111000
     atgtaggcac ttgtagctga ggatgtcttg gcatttaatt gctgctgggt gacagagagt    111060
     ctgtcttctt ttagggtata accagtggta ggccgaccta tattccaggg caggacccat    111120
     acccaagagt atttgggcaa cacagttggt tgtgatgatt taaaaaaata acaagaaatt    111180
     tgggagtagg gaggtgggtg tggatctggg aggagctaag ggaaaagaat caatatgatt    111240
     aaaactcatt gtatagaatt ctcaaagtat tgtttttaat tccttagact gctgtacctc    111300
     ctatgattct ttaaatttgg gggttcttaa gattttcaag aaaacatttt ctgaaatgaa    111360
     gaaatctttt ttgttaagta taatctaaaa ggtacaaaat gaggtgacta tatatcctaa    111420
     tatggtagat cagtagtttt tacaaaggtc atcagttcag aagaatatca gaaattcaaa    111480
     taagaaccaa aaggtccctt aaactcctgt taaactagtg tgttgcctag gcatagaggc    111540
     gtggacctgt catctaagtg cttgagaggc tgaagcaggg cgcatacctg gagctgaggc    111600
     cattctcttc tacatagaga acttcaggca ggcttgggtt tcaaagtgtg acaatgtttg    111660
     tctcaaaaca acaacaacaa catataaatg tcagaaaaga accagttagt aagtggtttc    111720
     ctagaatctt gacgttagat attcagagaa ataagtctgt ttactttatc aaaagagata    111780
     cccttcctaa aactccatga atatgttgct atgggatggt cccaccattt gaagagactt    111840
     ctaaaggtcc atagttcttc agtttattcc ctggaatact tgtttttctt tgtttttctc    111900
     gtgctaagga tttgtaccta ggctcttatg catgtttgca atcagtctta ttaccgcaca    111960
     atacccaggc ccctaaatac taaagatgtg atgttaatga aactgtcttc tatttgagat    112020
     gatcctgagt cctcatcttc atcaatctaa ctctcaaaca tccagttctg ataggccagt    112080
     acagagcaac cccactcagt taggagacac ttacacatct caaaaagttt taaacaccca    112140
     gtctaaaatt aagataaatg tagtaaaata ccataatgaa acccattact ttatatgcta    112200
     catgctaact taaaatgagt ttaaaatttt ttatctaatt ctttaagcaa ttttttttat    112260
     atatgtgcca ttttaaaata acatctaagt aaaagctaga atctgttgtt attttggaaa    112320
     ttttccccca agacacaaca atgctaaata tagctaaatg aaaatgacaa gctatattct    112380
     gtatgtccaa gctggttttt tcccctggtg caaaaatcag agattttcat ttcaactttg    112440
     tcctttaaca tttttcaaat gttacattgt gctattttta atgtggaaaa atgtgcacgc    112500
     actctttttg ttagtctcca cggcttgtct agtaggtatt gaaactgacg gaatgcccaa    112560
     ataccaatac agagtaaaac aaagaaagtc ttggacactt ttttaaattc tgggctaggt    112620
     ttggcttttc taatatcttg tgccagtctt gacatttttc acttacataa gatgctattg    112680
     agggaaactg gctgaaggac ttggagtccc ccttatgttc tctgtaaata tgtgatccca    112740
     tacttataac tttaaataag aatcattgcc caaacacctt gactacagat tcctaagcat    112800
     ttttctctag tctatctgtc cttctaggac cagtacagaa aggaagttag ctcctagaaa    112860
     acctagagag gttcactaga ggtgagttag gacatggcaa tcttgaaatg gaacctgcca    112920
     aacaccccag ttctaaggca gaagatgtgg ctggggaagg accagacccc aaaagtaacc    112980
     tataaacagc atatgagtag tgactcatca ccagttcctg gcaaaacatg tcagtgttct    113040
     gactttgcta ggttagggat gaatttgaga ttccagtgct tactcagtca agagagtagc    113100
     tggcatcctc acctgggcat gtgtcaagcc agagtaggta ccgtcctcac tagctaggcg    113160
     aacagttctg cttgcttgat gatgttctct caatgagact tcacttctaa gatagagagg    113220
     caaaaacagg cccacccaag gttatgtttg ggaatgtcaa ttctctaacg aaatttaatg    113280
     acctcgaaat tctgaaatgt attgtctaga ggagaaaaga aaatgccagc cgaaaccctc    113340
     aggataggta agccattaac ttcaggttac aatgtttttc agccaggacc ttcagttagg    113400
     ctgggaataa gttaccactt gtgggcaact ttatactttt taaggatgta tggtatatag    113460
     attttgttaa ctttgctttg atttcctgtt taatatttgt tttgttttct atgattatcc    113520
     acctttatgt tatctgacag tgagcttccc ttgtaaaatt cttgcttctt tctcttatct    113580
     aaatctttaa agaaaaaaac caaaaatcca aaaacatcta gaaaaagtcc tggtatgttc    113640
     tgctttgaaa gctataagca tctgttgctc tagaatggtt gtttcacttg agcaaaatgg    113700
     tttccctata attaaaagct aatttgttgg aatggtaaaa ataatggttt aagcttcaag    113760
     cattttccat tctgcgctct gatacagcat tgtacatgtt gctatgttat ttcctgaaga    113820
     gaaattttag caattatgtg attcaatttt ttcccaaaaa tatatgaact atgagtctgg    113880
     cttttagcct caagagtgat ccaggagctc ttcctgtcac taattctttg cttccttttc    113940
     aggtgagtag gggaatttac actgagatat gatgtcacct ataaatatgt taaccagttt    114000
     gagagctatt attgtaggac acgtgcacaa gctgcaggtt ggatgtacct gtgaccagtt    114060
     caccatgtga agtgtcacta tgaaagcagt tgtttgagaa aggccatctg atagttatct    114120
     aatggagact tggtcttgtc ttcatactta tgacaaaaaa agtcattgtc tgtacttgat    114180
     ttctcattag tctaaagtgt tcagaagatg atgatgattt agaccatata gttttaatct    114240
     tctgataatt ttgcagtaat ttttctataa gatatatgaa ggagtgctca aggcaacaac    114300
     taagtgttac tatcaaggat tgagatatag taatgtgcct agaaagtgtg gttggccttg    114360
     agcattccaa atctgtaacc acacatcctt agctctcaaa ttatgtgcta tctacaactc    114420
     tgcttatgtc atagcatttc cgcagcctag atactgacca gggtagaatt agatggccag    114480
     agcagtgata tatcccagat agactttttc ctgattagag aagttaccaa aagtgtgagg    114540
     tgaacatcag ttaacagacc ttagttcttc accttcttga caccaaataa gcattaagtc    114600
     agtgtcagtc tagggccttg gtcaatttct taggtccatg tggtggctaa tatgttaggc    114660
     ctcaagagtg atgctatcca ctgttgaata tagcatttga gtctgatgtc agacttgaga    114720
     cccactgaga gtgctgtatg catgcatgca tggaaaaatt caggaaaaca gtgagatcca    114780
     gcgtttaggt ggtcagtttt ttaccttaac tttcttgcta ttcaaacata gaaaacagtt    114840
     cctgcaaaat gagacttttc caaaaattcc atgtaatgtg ggggaaggga cactgtcatt    114900
     cagtgtagta acagaaggaa ctagataagg agatagatga ctattgaaca agtgtccatc    114960
     cacagcatct ccacagtttg cagaggtttc aggacttcac tgtaccattc ggtcaaaaac    115020
     aaacaaacaa acaaaaaacc ctctacgttc tggaccaagc tccaatttag ctaatatgtg    115080
     tagagtatct agaagtgtcc agacggcaga tggccatgtg gaacattaga cacacttcaa    115140
     ctttcgctct gagccaaatg ggaagccatg ggatgatttt gacaggggaa tgacttgatc    115200
     taaattaata ttgcaacatt gttgctctga ccttagagat gtacagttga aaatgggaat    115260
     aatccagtta ctttgataag ccaagtgaga gaccagaggg taagcaggtg gtacaaagac    115320
     tagcagtaca gtacttggct tagtcaccta ggagcatggg cttcttgttg gctaaacaga    115380
     ggagactgga aagaaactgg actgctggat agatccaagg gtttggtttg tggtgttatc    115440
     ctcagagaca cccctgcccc tgcctcatgc ctttgatata cctgtgggga ttgtggcatg    115500
     gacacagcca tgttcagagc aaggagctag aatggtcact aggggacaga tgattttcca    115560
     atttaggaaa ttcatcaata gtgccttgag aggtcagagt cctgttattt cagaggctgg    115620
     aacattgatt cagaagtcac agagagcagt taattaagtt ttctaatgtt ctgcctctct    115680
     ttaaatagat aaacatttca tgatactctc ttgagacagg tgcactgttt aataatcatt    115740
     cctgaatttc ttctttttct tagtgacttt taactaatca gttgataata tttaatattc    115800
     ataggtactt tgagtctata aatctcgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtagcattat    115860
     tttttaaaaa gcacaaagat gacatttgta gccatagaaa atcaaggttt taaaagcaat    115920
     tattcctaaa gatagaagtt aatgtaaggc ttgtcttaat ttcccacagt tgttttctgt    115980
     tgttgttgta ggtctcaatg tgggttgcag tttcatagta aatgaatcta taaaatctat    116040
     tggtgaaaaa ttaaaatatg aactatttat agactatcac tccacattga catttgaact    116100
     cctgtttctg gcctttccta gccattattt gcatttgtaa atgaagagaa gtttaacgtg    116160
     gatgggtgga ctgtttataa tccagttgaa gaatatagaa ggcaggtaag tcagtaatgc    116220
     aattgtctgg tgtgtgttga attgcaaaca tgtattggaa aattatattg ttggtcatct    116280
     tctcaaaata agtaacagcc ttgcttagtt tgtgttcatg gctgtggcat catccacatt    116340
     ttgtataata aaataatacc tcattgtttt cctcttgtaa ctaccaagct cattctgtag    116400
     ccatattcag acttatctga aaactaaatg actaagttct gcttcctttc ctagatgagg    116460
     aacttccatt ttgtggtgtt tatgaaatga gtcaaatatt gaaggtctag aaaagtcaaa    116520
     cctttatata ttactttgtg tgtatgtaag cttaaatatt actaatcttg ttatttaagt    116580
     tatgtatgtt ctgaattaca gatttgaatg agttagaacc ttttttacag ttgatatata    116640
     atatccacaa agagctttat tattctttca catgaacgtt atctgcctgt atgttcattt    116700
     gtgatttgga gtatggaaat gtctcagaag gtaaagtgct tgcaacatga acacctgagt    116760
     ttggaccccc agaagccatg ctaaaggcca agtgtggtgg cttatatctg taatcccatc    116820
     actcactcgg aagaaatact aggagatccc aggggctctc tggcaagcca gtctggtcag    116880
     acattaaatt ccaagttcag tgagacccct gtttcaaaag atgaggtaga gaagaataca    116940
     gaaggaaacc tgacattagt atttggcttc acatgtgcgc atacaagtat aaatacttgc    117000
     atatatacat ccatgtacac atacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    117060
     acgccatact taccctctac atagcaagaa aaaagtctag aacttgtaca aggaatatca    117120
     caagcaagca tattatgtaa caaaaaccac aacttgacct ctaatataac agctaggagt    117180
     tttgcaatgg aatgtttcat atttcttcta caaggcttct aaaattattt ggaaatgtta    117240
     tgaaatgagc tttcgagaat caagttaagg ccaattgctt catatgaaaa tcaagtgaac    117300
     atagagtaca attccagaac ctcaagcttg taaaacaact tcatagccac cccttccacc    117360
     atcatgaccc cggttgactt caattttcag tgttgatcag tggtttgcac attcataagc    117420
     agattttacc ctggggttag atgaaacaca cttacgatgg atcctgtgaa tctgctttag    117480
     gctactgagt tttcaaaggg tgtgtacctt taattttaat ggcctctgtt gtagactgac    117540
     tactgagatg aaagaaaggc cattagaaca ttgttcatgc tttagaaacc tctctgacat    117600
     tatgtatgaa agcattttat cttgtctttg gttgacgttg acaatactaa gactttcctt    117660
     cagtttgagc ttctagcttg aaacaaaaac atttattgtt tttttttttt tttgtttgtt    117720
     ttgttttttt aagaattgca tgcatagacg aactttttag gtattttctt ctagactgcc    117780
     attatattca atcttttttt cttgtaactt tctgatggga cttaaaaact ctctaattgg    117840
     actcagcatc agactcagca tctggttggc cgtggtacat agggccagtc ctaaagaaaa    117900
     ggtacaatgt ctatccccaa agcaaacagc caccatgctc acgttcatgt gtgtgtttgt    117960
     gcatttgtga gtatggggag agaatattcc accacctctg gttattgtcc aaagtggata    118020
     taattttgtg ggtgaatgat cggtaagggg tggcctctgt gtctccctat catactagca    118080
     gtctgcttaa aatactgact tcactcctca cacaatttgc aggatgatcc tgagtcccca    118140
     ggctcttgat ttaaataact tgtcggaggt ggcgaaatga gcctccccaa aagggttccc    118200
     tcccccaacc cccagtgcct ctttccatgt gggagcagac tacaccattc tctgtgtctg    118260
     aagcacggag aggaagttgc tagctctctg ggaaccctca agtggacaca ggttaacact    118320
     gcccatggca ctttgctttg gaatggaggg taggggtgca tgggtaggag atggacttgg    118380
     gctcatctgt agtgcacaag gaataaagaa tacagctaca agaaacaaaa tgtcaaattc    118440
     cagagagcct atagttagga gaaatagttt agttatggaa accactggtg ttttgtccat    118500
     gtgctcatat tgtctggatt gttaatttga catccttatt gtaaataggt aggctgccaa    118560
     tcactctggt caaagaggca tgtatacata atggtagaag gaagacagaa cccagatatt    118620
     gcagataaga agtcatttca tgcaaactta atgctttctt ttatcctgca gggcctgccc    118680
     aatcaccatt ggaggataag ttttattaac aagtgctatg agctctgtga gacataccct    118740
     gctcttttgg tggttcccta tcggacctca gatgatgatc ttaggaggat cgcaacgttt    118800
     agatcccgaa atcggcttcc tgtgagtatc gtgtcacatt tcccttttct ttcataagag    118860
     tagtagtcac gcagttgaga ggagcacttg ttttctgatg agtaattccc aaggacctac    118920
     tgcaaatgta gcatcaggtg aaatgggaga aaaaggaaca gctagctgcc ttctatgagc    118980
     tgccagtcca gggtgcagaa ggaagacaag aaagctctaa tgagaacatc agtgagaggt    119040
     cacagcccac ctcagtgatg cacaaaagaa agggcaggcc cttgcttgct gtcagcattc    119100
     tggtgcaata cctgatgttg caggctcaag ctaactgttg gttaaactgg gcagcaaaga    119160
     aaagactaga atgtgagaac atgtgtttgt ggaggctttt ctgcagatgc tagggtgtgc    119220
     tcattgccag cctgtttgca agctgcttaa tccccttaat gaactggagt caagtacaga    119280
     ctcttccagt cattatgcta ccatgtcact aaacctagct cacaaggctc acagagttct    119340
     ctcttagtcc ttaaatattt atgcacatgt catactttct acttgctaca taaattttat    119400
     tgactaaaaa cgtaagagat tgttttttct tcctctgtta attttcaaga gctgtcgtaa    119460
     taagtacatt gggttttgtt tcaaattcat agacttaaaa aaaaaaacaa tggtagaaga    119520
     aattaagatt taatgtcact ttgcctttga tttctaagtg tagacattct tgtccttaaa    119580
     aggatttttt ggagaggaaa aatttgtata ttgttatcca atgattctaa tttttaaaat    119640
     ctctaggttc tctgattact gtctattcat atcttcctga taaaattgta tttgaaggta    119700
     tattctttag ctcagtttgc taaaatggaa agtagactta gaatttcagt cttatgtttt    119760
     acttggacat gtttttctgt actagagcca cagattatag tactatgaca ctagacactg    119820
     ttgtgtagtg tgtgccttgc ttttagctac tgtggtatat atcatgtgtt tggattccta    119880
     tctgttcagt cttcattgaa catctgctgt atcaaagatt gtgtgtgcat gtatggggga    119940
     ggagggctgg tgtgtagcat atgggacaaa agcgaaaatg acacagttgt gcctaaacca    120000
     ttgacttcag ttcctgttgc tcttcatgag tgacagtcca atgtagaaaa aaaatttaac    120060
     atgttattta acatgtttct catactttat cagggtacca acttattttt ttctgaaaaa    120120
     aaaattaagg ctaaactgtc tttttatttt tataatgata tatattaggt attataagca    120180
     tggtagtatg ctaattccaa cataccttct gatcatgtga ctcttaacaa taggtcacag    120240
     aacatttgtc cagaaagtag atatgccagt tatgtgaaac atgactaata catagtgctt    120300
     taagttttta aatgtaaaaa tataaaaaat agttgctaag aaatagctca tttaaacaaa    120360
     aaactcaggc ccacattgta ataacatagc actgcttcgt gagctcaagc acatgcggcg    120420
     tgcttctgtc cctgagtacg cattcctttc ctcaagcaag caggcgcgtc tgcgcttcat    120480
     aggaggtact aatgaagaag ggatatgggc tcatttgaga catctagaaa acccagatga    120540
     gcaaacacta ttgagaagcc ctattgcgaa gcagcaccac catgctgcac acatccttct    120600
     ggacttcctt ctgtgcactg aactaacctt taatatggat cccaataagc agttcttccc    120660
     cagcagtata tcttaaccgt aactgttcga gatgggcaat gatttaataa gtgttctatt    120720
     gtgtaagact tctatatcct ttttgaattt ttgcttttat aaacaatgct ttgagcaggg    120780
     agattattca gtgaataaag actcttgctg ctaaacccga cagcctgcat ttatctctga    120840
     taccaacttg gtagaaggct agaaccgatt cccataatgt attctctgac ctctgcatac    120900
     cctctgtaaa atgtgcatgc ccagtcacac acacacacac acacacacaa taagtaaatg    120960
     aaaattttaa aagtagaaga taaaaaatgt tataataaac agttcttaat tttaattatt    121020
     ttttatttta tgtgcattgg tctttttttt ttttttgcct gtatgcgtgt ctgtgtaaaa    121080
     gtgtcagatc ccatggaagt ggagttccac ttgtaaagtg ctatgtgggt gctagaaatt    121140
     gaaaggggac ttttgggaga gcatttaaaa tgtaaatgaa gaaaatatct aataaaaaga    121200
     tttttttaaa aacagtttaa catactctta cagcagaaca gggttcgatt cttttttttc    121260
     cccacatttt ttattagata ttttcttcat tttcatttca aatgctctca caaaagtctc    121320
     ctataccctc cccctgccct gctcccctac caactcactc ccacttcttg gccctggtgt    121380
     tcccctgtac tggggaatat aaagtttgct agaccaaggg gcctctcttc ccagtgatgg    121440
     ccaactaggc catcttctgc tacatatgca gctagggaca cgagctctgg gggtactgat    121500
     tagtggggaa aaccctcgaa gatatgggca cacctaaaca gaacagcaat ggcctgtgct    121560
     gtaagatcaa gaatcgacaa atgggacctc ataaaattgc aaggcttcta tagggcaaaa    121620
     gatgctgtca ataagacaaa aaggccacca acagattggg taagaatttt taccagtcct    121680
     aaatctgata ggggactaat atccaatata tacaaagagc tcaagaagct gaactccaga    121740
     aattcaaata accccattaa aaatggggtt cagagctaaa caaagaattc tcaactgagg    121800
     aataccgaag gctgagaagc acttgaaaaa atgttcaaca tccttaatca tcagagaaat    121860
     gcaaatcaaa acaaccctga gattccacct cacaccagtc agaatggcta agatcaaaaa    121920
     ttcaggtgac agcagatgct ggagaggata tggagaaaga ggaacactcc tccattgttg    121980
     gtgggattgc aagttggtac aaccactctg gaaatcagtc tggcggatct tcagaaaatt    122040
     ggacgtagta ctaccggtag atccagcaat acctctcctg ggcatatatc cagaaggtgt    122100
     tccaactggt aataaggaca tatgctccac tgtgttcata gcagccttat ttataatagc    122160
     cagaagctgg aaagaaccca gatgtccctc aacagaggaa tggatacaga aaatgtggta    122220
     catttacaca atggagtact actcaactat taaaaacaat gaatttatga atttcctggg    122280
     caactggata tatctggagg atatcatcct tagtgagata acctaatcac aaaagaactc    122340
     acttgatatg tgtgcactcg ttgataagta gatattagcc cagaaaacta gaatatccaa    122400
     gatataattt ccaaaacgca agaaaatcaa gaaggaagac caactcatgg atacttcatt    122460
     cctccctaaa atagggaatg aaatatccat gcaaggagtt gcagagacaa agtttggagc    122520
     taagactcaa ttctattagc catttgaagt atcaattaca tagttctgtc cactatagtt    122580
     atccaactat gctaggaaag cacctgctgc atacagctca gtcattttca ggatataact    122640
     tatcagcaaa cctttatctg cagaatttat catatgcttt gagaagctga gaagctcagc    122700
     gtcaacaggc ttgccaggca gttgaagact ggctctgaga acaggccaca tgtgcccttc    122760
     taggcattag ggatgcagag tttacagtag agagtggagc tctcttagcc actgaaatcc    122820
     ttctttgctt cctttgtgtc ttcttcctcc tacggtgcat ttagaaaggg gactgttggg    122880
     gaaagatcct gtagacatag gttacctcca tgggtagggc actgattgct tagcccttca    122940
     tttactgttc acgttatcat ataaagtcca gtaaaagcta ccaaattcca gtaacagtat    123000
     aaactttcta ttggctttca ataattcatc tttgttctgg taagcattaa tttatagtgt    123060
     taattttaaa agaaaggctg ataaactggt tgttgttctt gtttctgagc aattgaaagt    123120
     gttaaatgtg tattctgatg caaattgcgt gcagtgaaaa ttacaaatga gcaagtatct    123180
     tgtttcagca cagatctgct tcatcatgat tgtcagtttt aatgatttct agagacttgc    123240
     tagatttaac tttctgaact accataggta ctgtcgtgga ttcacccaga aaacaaaatg    123300
     gtcattatgc gctgcagtca gcctcttgtc ggtatgagtg gtaaaagaaa taaagatgac    123360
     gagaaatacc tggatgtgat cagggaaact aacaaacaaa cttctaagct catgatttat    123420
     gatgcacgac ccagtgtaaa tgcagtcgcc aacaaggtga gtgtaatcaa tggagacaga    123480
     cctaccttac atgtgaacta cagtgttcgc catgaattat tttccagaat atatcaacca    123540
     atatgtggat ttattttgaa ttttcatgtc ccatttttta agtcccattg gattctaatc    123600
     ccagcaatgg gaagatggag acaggagata aaaaattcaa gatcatcctc agatatataa    123660
     tgagttctag gccaacttga tttactttag accttgtcga aagagagaga gagaggggga    123720
     gggagggagg gagggaggga gggagggagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa    123780
     gaaagaaaga agaaatgaac aataacaaaa gcctaatgtg gtcatatata tctgtaatac    123840
     cagtaatgcc agcaccaagg agataaggag acagacacag gaggatccca ggtatttaag    123900
     cctataatct cagtatttga atggctaagg ccaaagaaag acttccttaa aaggcatgtc    123960
     tagaactgta atgaaagtgg gttttatcta taaccttatg caaaacatag tctttggcac    124020
     ccttgccact atgtgtgatc acccttattt tgtgaagtgg tggggcatct tcagagactt    124080
     gtaggaaact gctgctattt aatctgaaat ttatcatttt atttgaagac tccctcatgc    124140
     ataccataag atagttaaag atataagtag gtcaacatat gggttttaaa atcatagaca    124200
     tagaagttga tttttgaaaa gcaaatttca attgtctttt tgagtttcta agcccacctt    124260
     cctgtggggg ctttgtgggg aagaattgct tggtctgttt gctttgtgtt tttgttggtc    124320
     agttggttgt tttaggcagg ggctcatgtt tagtctaggc agtgttggaa ttcgttgcag    124380
     tcctccagcc tcagcctctc gtgaactgag attgtaggtt taagctaccg tgtatttttt    124440
     gattctctca tcaaaacctg tgtggtttcc aaatgctcac aagcaagcct gccccaagtt    124500
     gctcactccc agattctgtc tttcgacttt attctcttca gctccaggct taaatttcat    124560
     catctttaat gctttgctct tcccaaggtc atttatctga catctttaat tattcagaac    124620
     ccatcacaag aacctgaaag caaagcaagt cgttgagcag tccagataga tatagcaatt    124680
     tccgaaatgg aatgtatgtg aagtctgtct cccttacagt gtattagaat atggatgtat    124740
     gtggggctta gctcttcacc acgtgtgtgt ggctcagctg tcctacacaa ttattcctag    124800
     gcttcccgcc ctggcctcat gcatgctgta gatgagctat ttgttaacac agttggtggt    124860
     tatatagaaa taatttcaaa cttctatgta aaacagtcat gaagttgaat tggtaattca    124920
     attaagaatt gtaagtaaag catttaggaa actaaatcta aatatcttct tgggttatcc    124980
     ttaattttgt atattttaaa ttccattatc cttcatatat aattcaagat gaacacatgt    125040
     ataaaataca atatttccat gtacttactt agcctgaaat aggtaggata taccattaaa    125100
     ataaagtatt tagaaagaat actttaaaat attaaagtgt gtgaaatgaa taccttagtt    125160
     atattaaatt ctaaagctca ttataacaac acaattcttg aatgcctttt taatgttagg    125220
     gaaataagcc tctgtttcta gtccgcttag gaatgaaaag aaggaaaata ttaagggaaa    125280
     agccaaccaa accacctaag ccttcaagca cactaggtct gggctctgtc tctccactag    125340
     ttttcttata tccatagcaa ccggcctctg gccctttata gcattctagg taatttgagt    125400
     tgttcagttt tgttgaaaaa agaaaaacca aagggaagac ttcaaaagta accagagata    125460
     gagaatttga actttaggga tctcagcctg tgcttgacta attgattttt acccttgctg    125520
     acttctgttc cctttgcccc tcataattgt tcctcccttg tgtgtattta gatgtaatcg    125580
     gcaacgttga gcacattgtt ttcaattaaa caaaactcag ggttggtaac atctagcacc    125640
     acacggcttt tattttgggg cagagcactt tgttgggtta aagttgggct atgttaatgt    125700
     cttgttttgc cagaaagttt ggcaatgact aaaacatgta tttttccttt tgcttttttt    125760
     tttacacttc atgctcagtt atttatgaaa ggaactccag tgtcaagcat ctctgaaaac    125820
     cctaaaatta tgtatcagcc acacatgcag aggagcaggc cttctgtctg tgggagagcg    125880
     agcatgtcac tgcattatat ataggcttgc cgaggtagct aaaagtaaac cagctcttcc    125940
     caggtctctg cctgcaatgt gcagagatac tgccaggcag atgccagtaa ctctggccat    126000
     caacagagca tcaacagcca ggaaaagagg aacatgatac atttgtctgc tgacttactg    126060
     gcaaaaaagc tctttttaaa tggcaaatag gcactggaga gatggttttg tgattaagag    126120
     cacttacaac tctttcagag cacccacagc tacccgtagc tccagctcca ggagatctga    126180
     gagcatctag ctccagaatc catgcctaag tatgttttct cctcgagagt gtttggagac    126240
     tgaggtctct gcccttacac ggagatttcc aggtttgaag ttcaaatgat agtcttattc    126300
     tactacaaga aacctctata agtaaccctg gggcacagag acactcagtt ggttttgcct    126360
     ttccaactct gactccaagc ttatctccct aactttgata ttgtggggat ggcacatttg    126420
     cctaccattt tcctcttcag tccccagtgc aagtgtttcc ctgtgctcct cctggaggca    126480
     ctctaaagtt gctacctctt caaaatctaa gaagtgtttc actttttctt taaggtccca    126540
     acttcatgta tcccatgaca ttttaaaaat ctttaatcaa agtacaactg tgtttttaaa    126600
     caaagccata atgtcttttt catcactgtg gaaatggata cctttcacag tgttgtggtg    126660
     gtgaactaaa gtccaccctg gtaagtgagt acgattaagt actattaggt gcactattaa    126720
     gtgtttcggt aataggccac ttacctacca tgtacaatgt cttgagctcc atatgtagca    126780
     ctacaaggca acagcagcaa agttttgtgc ttgatacagt aggtggttgc catcttgtct    126840
     ctcttagaac cttgtgggtc cagtatgtgc aggccccttc ttgctgttta tataatggaa    126900
     agatggtggg gatactgtgg aaagggtttc tatgttgaaa tcaaagcaga cataaattct    126960
     gtgtattaat tccataattt tgtaatggat gaacctctta gtttctgctt cccaatgtgc    127020
     caaatgtgga tagtaacatc tgttttgtag cattcctgta ggaggtaaaa ttacaaagta    127080
     tgtcacagag cctcatcaga agagttttct ttttcctctg ttagaactag gtagtgaacc    127140
     ctcttttaca gaacaggaca ctagtgcctt aagtttagtg tctggcacta gatcatgagg    127200
     tgaggagagg ctgaagctaa gctgttgacc tgtgtctaac tccaaaagct gttttcccac    127260
     taacagatta tagcctatgt gaatgttcac aatgttagag tgcccactgc cacaccaata    127320
     tggctacatc ttccccaaac agtacaataa taaccataaa atttatgaag gaggactttt    127380
     caaagcctat tcttgctttt ccagatctag aaaagccaat aattacagaa cattttgaag    127440
     ggaatattac agctgacgaa ttcagttgtc tgccactccc ccccacacac acacacacca    127500
     ggaaattgcc agccttccct atttttctcc agctcaaagg actcaggttc ttgagggttt    127560
     gtacattaac tacttaatga gagaggtttg ggataaaatt ttggaagtac atgagatact    127620
     ttggctaaga agttactgat aaactacaaa acctatgtga ttgtaatctt gttgtttctt    127680
     aggcaacagg aggaggatat gaaagtgatg acgcatatca aaactcagaa ctttccttct    127740
     tagacattca taatattcat gttatgcgag aatctttaaa aaaagtgaaa gatattgttt    127800
     atcccaacat agaagaatct cattggttgt ccagtttgga gtctactcat tggttagaac    127860
     atatcaaggc aagtatactt taaaaatatt tgcaagtata gaagaattaa tattttgaag    127920
     gtgatatttt tccttaaaca tttaaaaatt atatgctctg agactgtagt agaagattct    127980
     atatttgata gctttatgtt tcttataatt tgtttagcta aattgaagat tttacagcat    128040
     cattatatct tatttttaga gtctgtagag ctgtctcttc cagtcttgtc agtcttaaat    128100
     agtttcatgt gggtttattt aggaacagcc aatttattat tcaaccatta ttaggtgtat    128160
     ccctcagaga cctagacaga agtacagttt ctttgtcatt ttccttttaa caatttatta    128220
     ctgattagtt ttatagacta ggttttgcat tttgattgca ttcagtcatt tgtcccaata    128280
     aaagcataaa actcctcttt tcaaagtaca agtgttagaa actatgttcg cagcctggca    128340
     ttttgaaacc catatagttt tctaaataac caactgaaag catattttaa gcagataaat    128400
     tattaagata cagtgttctc taatgagatt ataattttta tcttgtattt ttaatttttt    128460
     cctaactttt ttaaattgat catcctcaaa aatttgatta caaaataatt aattgtggca    128520
     actaaatata atgtagtatc ctgaatggga ctctagaaaa gaaaaggggc agtaggttaa    128580
     gaactaagga attactaaaa aggaattgaa gactcccaga gtcaacactg ggcctacaca    128640
     tacacctata cccacatata cctgcacaca caggctgaca ctacccccca aactcccaaa    128700
     aaggggtaga taaaagagga agcagtaaag agtcatatga ttttaataga agcttttaag    128760
     tcttgggata cttccacctg ttttcagaca aagaacttag atgttttatt caggaacaaa    128820
     tcacaatttt gaaagtgtag tagattggaa tttttatatt catagaaaat catcataaat    128880
     aacctgactg taaaggaaaa gttacgtcta tataatgaag tgctgtgcag tcacaaagta    128940
     aatcaagtat tgtggttgct aatagcatga ggaaatgctc agaagcccaa ttaaagaatc    129000
     caggggaatt tataaatgtc ttccaacttt ttctttgttc attctttcca cagggtaggg    129060
     tattttcatg tctttttttt cttttagaga aataggggaa atagaaaggg agaagaaaga    129120
     gggagtgaag agcaagaaag cagagagaat gaatacatgc atatagacat gtatcagaaa    129180
     ctttaggagg gtggggaaag ctcctaactg gcagcagaaa gaatactggt tggaagtcca    129240
     actggtccct tgtctccggt gaaggcgatt cagaaccaac aaaagaaatt gtggctgttc    129300
     tttcacatgg ccatataaaa ctcagataac tgtgagaagc ccaaggagcc tgtgtgggcg    129360
     tgtgcaaggg cacgcacctc agggtttctc acagcagttg aggggagtag agcaggtgca    129420
     gcacttgggc tatattcctc tggaagctct gagacatgtc atttttatct cttctcagct    129480
     tctcaaggcc tttcaggaga tttctggtct attccttgtc ttcattagta agaactactg    129540
     gctagagcct gctgctttct ttttcataaa agtgccagat tacttgtttt catgacggag    129600
     ttttaaaaag tagacaatta caattgctcc aagtcagagt gtttgtggga atacataatc    129660
     gaaaagcata ttatattttc taaaataatt gtctttttat tataagtgag agattcatcc    129720
     tggggaaagc cacctctaga gtgttctgga accccaattt tattaaatta ggctccagta    129780
     atctagaatg ttggtaatgc ttctcagagg tagtagcact ttctacagaa atgcctcggg    129840
     ttaaaactgc aaacagagga gctaaagaga tctgcagccc tatcggtgga acaacattat    129900
     gaactaacca gtaccccaga gctcttgact ctagctgcat atgtatcaaa agatggccta    129960
     gtcagccatc actggaaaga gaggcccatt ggacttgcaa actgtatatg ccccagtaca    130020
     ggggaacgac agggccaaaa agtgggaatg ggtgggtagg gaagtggggg gggggggata    130080
     ggggactttt gggatagcat tggaaatgta attgaggaat atacgtaata aaaaaaagga    130140
     aaaaaaaaag aattactact aagggttgca ttagagaacc ttcttaaaat atacaaggcc    130200
     ctgtttataa ttccacacac tgccaagcca acaagcacaa acatcctatt taattcatat    130260
     tgattgacaa taatgctgtc acgtgcaaca tttgtgggca accaaagaaa gattgtgcac    130320
     atagaaatat acaaaaatga acataatttg taataataaa atcacctgtc ctcaattcca    130380
     aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaaaaa agaaaaaaag aaccctgcaa acagaattgc aaggagtcgt    130440
     ttcaggggca ctgccacacg tgcttttcat ggcctgccat ccattggccc cctaactttc    130500
     ttgttcactt gtctcttggg aatttatata aaataactac ctttcatatt ttctatttgt    130560
     cagatggttc tcattctcca atgttccttt gaataagttt cagtattttt tttcagtttc    130620
     tttgaattag ttaaaataac cacaatgcat atctgagcat gctgttagaa tcccgggcgc    130680
     tccatggaat aaatcttaaa gaagcagctc aagggccaac acgatggctc agcagctaaa    130740
     gtgattgctg tacaagcctg gtaaccagag tccagtcccc gcagcacata gacaggtgga    130800
     aggagttaac agactccatg gagttgtcct ttgacctcca caaatgcact atgggatcat    130860
     acctacacgc acaagaagtt atgtacaaat atgcacacaa caatatgttt ttaaaatcaa    130920
     ctcaaaatga caaaaaacat gcaagtaact gttaagcact tgagaagata gagccttcat    130980
     acaatacaag acggaatggg aggtggtgta actattttcc ttacaaattt gagtgtgatc    131040
     ctacacattg gagtatccat gccacctgct gtttctctct gccagcttgt tctgaccggt    131100
     gccattcaag tggcagacca agtgtcttca ggaaagagct cggtacttgt gcactgcagt    131160
     gacggatggg acaggaccgc tcagctgaca tccttggcca tgctgatgtt ggacagcttc    131220
     tacagaacta ttgaaggctt tgagatattg gtacagaaag agtggataag ttttggccat    131280
     aaatttgcat ctgtaagtaa acacattaaa agctgccctt ttaaatcagt tgggattttt    131340
     aaaaattggt ttctatactg tataagaaat taccgatcaa ggtggtgctt gcctttaatc    131400
     ccagcactaa ggaggcagag gaactccaag ccagcctggt ctaaatagca agttccaagt    131460
     tggccagggt tacacaggcc ttgtctcaaa aacaaaaatt ctgaagagta taaataaaac    131520
     cgccttcatg atttcaaaaa cttgtaaggc cttaggctaa gacatgtgtt cgtccatctg    131580
     tactcttcta gttagactca agagcagtgt aatgaagcct gcagaggagt atataaattg    131640
     agacttggat ggctgaggca ggaagattgc agttagttcc aaccaaggct actcagtaat    131700
     tccagaccta ggctgcaaag caaacttggt ctcaataaaa gcaagaagaa atgtttaaat    131760
     taaaatttcc caaaagaaag aagatagaac aacagttttt ttctgagcta atattacaac    131820
     tctcaggagc aaatgcactt cacagaatgg cagggttttt acatgagggt ttttattctt    131880
     ggacacatat tttaaaaaaa tcaagagaaa ctgttccaat tcaaactctt aggtcttatc    131940
     aacagatacc ctttgaatga gcatcgtttt agaagacttg tttattggtg gtggggctgt    132000
     ctacatgttt gtgtaccaca tgcatgcagt gttcttcgaa gccagaagag ggcatcagct    132060
     ttcctaggat cacagttata gctagttgtt aggcaccctg tggatgctgg gaattgaacc    132120
     taggtggcct gcaagagtag caagcactct taactgctga atcatctctt tgttacccag    132180
     ctccatggtg attctcagag gatatatata tcatactaat aaaaatacca tttggtcacc    132240
     tgttagcctt catccaaatt tcccaaatga tataagtaac atcttcaggt agaagcagtc    132300
     actgtttagt ggagacattg tgagggtttt gtttgggctc tagcagagga agacatttta    132360
     atcataggaa ctgtgctttg ggcatgattt caaacttcca tgttgcttct tacctgaaag    132420
     atctagtgaa gctagaacat accatgcagg gtaatccagt cacttctgtc tgtagttttc    132480
     attgttttgt gttacagtgt ggtatgtggt atgtgtgtgt gttagtatat atgtaaatgc    132540
     acatagctgt atgtacataa atgtacacat aaatgtggag gccagagctc agcctcaagt    132600
     gtcactcctc aggatttttt ttattaaata gggtctctca aagggacctg ggaccttttg    132660
     cttgggtttg gatgactggc cagtgagccc cagggatcct cctgtttgca tcgccccagc    132720
     tccagtgtta cacaccaggg ttgtggttgg ttggttggtt ggttggttgg ttggttttgc    132780
     tatgacttct ggaaattgaa ctcaggtcct catgcttgcc tagctagcac tttcttaact    132840
     aactacccca cagcccctcc ctcccactga attgtcacta ttcagatggt gaaatgactc    132900
     cattgttaaa ggtacttctc acctcaccag gcctgactgc atgtgttcag tcctggccgc    132960
     tcactttagg agagaatcaa cccttgaaag ttgtcttctg acttccagac acatgttgta    133020
     ggaatcaggc acatgtgcaa acaaatacac acatacgtgt aattttttaa attgccatta    133080
     ttatgaaatc atctgttgtt tctctgtatt tccatggcaa tattcataat ttactgtctg    133140
     agcttggtat ttagaaggca ggttgctgag ttacatttta acattttgta agttatatcc    133200
     tttctctatt ttatatccat gaattaaatc atcttcatca atttatttca gagaataggt    133260
     catggtgata aaaaccatgc tgatgctgat cgatctccta tttttcttca gtttattgac    133320
     tgtgtgtggc agatgtcgaa acaggtaaaa atgtatggat ggatgtacat tcagtgtttg    133380
     catagtgtta taacatccga agtttgtcta cagaatagtg cagcacataa ataaagatga    133440
     cacaggccag gccatgagta aatcctcatc gaatcccagc agtggggaca taagaagtta    133500
     tttctttagt tacgactgct atggatgttt agaaccctac tcactacggt ttacaaaatt    133560
     ggattttgac ctgaattctt tgttccagtg ggcggtcagc agcacggcca gttacttggc    133620
     atctctgtgg aagcgtgtct gctaacttgt aatactttac acagtaaact tggccacttt    133680
     ttccttttta ttccttgact ttacacttgt gtatatagtc ttatattaag taaaaacaaa    133740
     caaacaaaaa aataaaccct ctagggtctg tgcggacggc agctctgctg gcattcccag    133800
     acttggactg tggcagcgct tagtcactct tgccattgat gcaggagtct tttcttgcca    133860
     tggtgtgcat atgtatttgc atgtttcttt taatgtaatg acttcctcct ttgacactca    133920
     ccaaccaaca tggtctggta gaaaccatgc attttgtctt ccttgagaga atagactcga    133980
     cttttcatga tcttcttgct tgtttgtttt gaatctagtt ccccacagct tttgagttca    134040
     atgaaggctt tttgattacc gttttggatc atctgtatag ctgtcgattt ggtactttct    134100
     tattcaactg tgactcggct cgagaaagac aggtgagcaa aacactactg ctgatctaag    134160
     aagaggatga gggtttgagg cactggtttc gctctcaaca aataggagtg attcttaaag    134220
     tatacaagtt ctcccttgtg aaaaactaag taaagggact tttaaaatgt attgagaatt    134280
     atatagagta tattttgata acattctttc caatccccag tcccccctgg ttcttatctc    134340
     acttgagact accccaccct gaatccatcc catagacaac caccaaaccc agacactatt    134400
     gcatatgcca gcaagagctt gctgacagga tcctgatata tctgtctcct gtgaggctat    134460
     gccagtgcct ggcaaatata gaagtggatg ctcacagtca tctataggat gggaacaggg    134520
     ctcccaatag aggagctgag aaagtaccca aggagctgaa ggggtctgca gccctatagg    134580
     tggaacaaca atatgaacta accagtaccc cccccccccc cgccagctcg tgtctctagc    134640
     tgcatatgta tcagaagatg gcctagttga ccatcattgg gatgagaggc ccttggtctt    134700
     acaaagatta tatgccccag tacaggggaa tgccagggcc aagaagcagg tgtgggtggg    134760
     taggggagca gggcgggggg agggtatagg ggattttcgg agaggaaact aggaaagggg    134820
     atagcatttg aaatgtaaat aaagaaaata tctaataaag aaaaagaaaa gggccactaa    134880
     aaacatggag tatggtcaca ctctgttgaa gaaattgatt ttccctctcc caacagctat    134940
     cactttaaaa tagcttcttg gtgagggctg ggtctttgtg tccacttctc ctcctttctg    135000
     ggattttgtc tggagtttac tgtttcccag aagtcagcca ccaactctgg ctcttacaga    135060
     ctatctctct aggagatgta gaagtattat gcagttatac actgttaagg gaatggaaaa    135120
     caatacagtt ttaaaaggga aatgtagaat tagcatctaa gttagaaatt tcatttctta    135180
     gttatgtata tatatatttt ttaaacaatg aagggagtcg gggagagcca gacatggtag    135240
     ctaaagtcta taatcccagc agttgggggg ctaaggcacg agtatcacaa gtttcaggcc    135300
     agataagtta cagccagagt tccagagtag gctggcctga atattaagac ctgtttccaa    135360
     acaaaataaa tacaaaatac aagcatttta gtgtatagcc taaaattcaa ttcagtatat    135420
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatggcata tataaaacat    135480
     aatttaatcc tatgctttga tgagattcca tctctacaat atctcattat ctatatgcaa    135540
     atattccaaa atcagaagaa aaattcaaaa gacaaatccc ttctggtccc aagaattttg    135600
     ggtatgagat actcatcaag acaacttggg aatcttcgcc gacaatattg tacagatgac    135660
     ttttaagggg agagtttcaa gctagccttt acagctatca aactaacaac tctatgaaag    135720
     gagaacagag ctcctctcag acacacatag tataaataat gacctgactc atgtgctgag    135780
     gagatagctc agttggtaaa atgtttacca tgtgaacatg aggacctgag ttcaattccc    135840
     agaacccata gaaaaaccct aagcaaaggg gaacacacat gtaatcccag tactatgcat    135900
     gtggagtcag caggacccct agatctaact agccattcta gcacagttgg taaagtctag    135960
     gctattgaga gagcccaagc caatgagaaa ccctgtcttt aaagagatgg acagcatttc    136020
     ttagaataac acctctgatt ggtgactatc ctgtacacac atacacatgt gtctgtgcac    136080
     ctgtatacac aaacacacat ctgaaaaaaa atgacctact tccctcattg taccttcctt    136140
     gggaagtggc caaaatatgc actccacgaa aacaaaaagt aaggcttcac agaatcttca    136200
     gagtgagggc tccagcacag cattcctcaa cgagaactga ccacaaagca cagaacaact    136260
     tgtgtaggtt gaagccccta tgccagagag aagttggggt catctgacgt gcttaagatt    136320
     ctttaggggc atgtgatact ctaaggagaa cttggcgttg agttagtcag tgccaaggaa    136380
     agtaaacaga cacttgtgaa atcaagagac aatcactgag tgcaggagaa ggaaagcaat    136440
     cccaggctgg agactggaga gctagagagc gcagctgcaa acagcgggtg cttcgtcatc    136500
     agaaccaacc tgctaaatgc tgagctaatc agagctcttc tgtggattgg gaatgtgtgg    136560
     cagaaaaaaa aaatcaagtc tgtccatggg gcaggaatga gggaaagtcg ttatgtctgt    136620
     gtcagtagtt aacacctgca actgaatagc tacgtggtag taatgaaggc ttgcacttgg    136680
     gggataaaaa gacaagtacc agataaatca attagaaatc caagttggct caggctttat    136740
     ggaagacagt atgaagattc ctgaggaaat taaaaacaga actactctat gatccaacaa    136800
     gcatgctact actggttggg tatccaaagg aaatcaaagg caggcctggt atgtcaggcc    136860
     tgtgatccca gccgctatgg agactgatgt aggagcatca taagttaaaa gactatagag    136920
     caagatcaag gctggcctgg tgacttggta aagacttgac ctatgttttt tttaagtagt    136980
     aggggacagt gagatgcctt agtgaatgga taaaagtgct tacctcaaaa gcttgggaac    137040
     ctgagttcaa tcctgtctta ggttattact acagcaatga gaccatgacc aaagcaaggt    137100
     gggaggaaag aatttatttg gctaacactt ccacatcact gttcaccact aaaggaaatc    137160
     aggacaggaa ctcacacagg gcaggaacct ggaggcagga gctgatgcag aggccatgga    137220
     ggggtgctgt ttactagttt gatcagcctg ctttcttata gaactgagga ctaccactca    137280
     caaagggctc attcctcccc agtcaatcac tataattaag aaaatgcacc ctgagcttat    137340
     ggaggtattt tctcaaatga gtttccctcc tctcagatgg ctctagcttt tgtcaggttg    137400
     acatgaaaac tagccagcac agtggtagaa ccgggtgatt ttaagtgggc tgatgccctg    137460
     gatgatcaaa actatctaga tggccacaca aaaagaatga cccacagccc aatcttatga    137520
     gactttttct taattgaggc accctcctct ctgatgaccc tacacttcag ctatggcata    137580
     cctgtgcctg cactcaaaca tttcactaag tcctttaaaa aaaataaaag taaagtaaaa    137640
     cactcttaaa gtgggctggt cctatcttta aactcctgta gcacaaaagg gaacaaggaa    137700
     aatcccgttg gagtgtagga gagacaattg cactcatact tacagaaaca gtactctcag    137760
     aagccaagag agagaatctg gagtcacctt aaatacacat gggtggatga ataacgaaga    137820
     aaactggatg tgctccgtga tataatagaa tattatttac ccttaaaaac gaaattctgc    137880
     cacttgcagt aacataggtg gaattggagg gctgtatgag gtaagccagc tgcaaaaact    137940
     ttgcaataag agtttgtata agttgaacat acagtggaca gtcagctgtg tcaggatgat    138000
     ggtaaaaaga tgcaaaactt tgcttagagt atgaagagct cctggaaata tgctaatgtt    138060
     tgcttgtgaa atgttccctt attggttcat atgctggaac cttttggaaa gtggagcctt    138120
     gctggaggaa gtggccttgt ttttttactg catgtatttt ccacattttc actataaact    138180
     atggaaaagc caaagctaag aaataaaaaa attcaagaaa taaatatacc aaagtcagaa    138240
     tctgattctt cgatgataaa tcatgattgt accatttgag cccacctttt aaagttcatt    138300
     tgtacttttc tggacaaagt ctgcactggg ttgtgcttct tctgcacatt tctggtttat    138360
     atacatcgtt ttaaaagtca aacagcttta cagttagtta ggagaaaaag cagcccctcg    138420
     tacccctcag aaactatgct ttgacttttt aaagctagtt taagatgtga caacaaatgc    138480
     aaacctatgc atcgaaagct atcatgattt atcatttcta taaatgaatg aaacatgcta    138540
     caggaattcc atttccctgt taatgttgga tcctttgtct tctttttgaa gtcattacta    138600
     ggaagtgtca aagttgaact ttggtaattt cattttcttt gtgttttcta tttctcagct    138660
     ttggcttttc atagtttatg atgaaatttt ggtaaaatgt atgcattata aaaacgtata    138720
     aatgtcttat gagaacatac cagttaaaac ggaaaacttg atgcagttat ttatccagag    138780
     tttttcagat atctggatat ggttatgctg cagattaaaa atatggatgg ttggttaaaa    138840
     taactgttga aatacctgtt gtcaagtaga tataggttaa aatatttcta acagatagaa    138900
     aaagaattgg aaactaggta tggtctccta atttttcttt gagtggaatg aaaaagatgg    138960
     tgtggcccat ctgctcataa ggaattgtct gtagatcaat ggtacagcat cctgcttcct    139020
     tgtatcccag cagaaacagt ggctctcaaa ctaggcagtt atcagtaagt gaatgtaagt    139080
     cctcagtgat gctttttctt agttatggag gctaatataa gtaagtgtgt cagtgaagct    139140
     aatcttaaat ggattgccac aggcttcagg atactttgtt gagtgtattc acatttctgc    139200
     tttccctctg tgtagaaact tacagaaaga acagtttctc tatggtcgct aattaacagc    139260
     aataaagaca aattcaaaaa ccccttctat acaaaagaaa tcaatcgggt tttgtatcca    139320
     gttgccagca tgcgtcactt ggaactgtgg gtgaattatt acatccgatg gaatcccagg    139380
     gtcaagcagc aagtaagtga agcggctctc acgcttgcag ggctgaataa gcggctccag    139440
     gccgccttct acggtgctct tctctcacag tttgaggaca aacacaggaa agacaatact    139500
     tgcttttaaa ctaaccctaa tttaaaattg ttgggaacta ctaaaccagg aattttgaag    139560
     ttaaaaatgt ccctgtcgat gaatgtcgta ataatgtaag taattttaaa gctctagaaa    139620
     gttttaaagt tttcctagct agggatttcc tgtaatcact tcaaatgctc aggcctcatt    139680
     agaaagctct gtatggattt ccctggcatg gtgggtcact gttgtgtttc taacacttag    139740
     gaagtgaaag gcaggagaat cagaagttca aagccagcct ttgctacata gagaatttga    139800
     ggcctacatg agaccctgtc tcaaaagaca aagttctttg tactgactag gcagtcttaa    139860
     gtgatctttt ctatgctctg cttgacgtgt atatataaag tgagctggcg tactccttac    139920
     tgaatatctc tatatctaaa ataaaggtac cagtatacca gtggttagta aatttagcta    139980
     gccatttatc agtcaatatg aaggcagatt tttgaagtga taatatgcat attttaataa    140040
     agacatttcc atgtgagttt caagcagcca ggactagaca gtgagactct atctgaaaaa    140100
     ataaacaaca acacacacat acacagtgaa ccatgtttgt cttctaaaat aagccctttc    140160
     tatctttgtc tttgagccat tggctgggag gaactattgg cagtgtctgt gtagattcta    140220
     caattacatc tccatttatt cttgtaggaa tttgcgaagt ataaggaatt ttgaattatt    140280
     catttctgac tattaaaagt aacaatgatt attcgacaaa tcatttggaa ccttgttgat    140340
     tggttttgtt tcattttgct gataaggaaa gtttgaaggg acatcaccat catcagaaat    140400
     ttaaagtata cctctccgcc cctgtattct ctaagggttt agcaaaatgg tacctgtaca    140460
     aatagaaatg tttgtccttt aggggagcct tttactttca aatattaatt gttctatatc    140520
     atgatccatt ggcatctatt caaaacagaa aattaccttc cctttgcaaa tttttctgac    140580
     ttacaatatt cctatataat ttgatgtcac tgagcatttc acattttctt ctacaaaatg    140640
     ttgagtattc ctatgtgtcc tgcaatggaa gaacacaggt attagaaaga catggtctct    140700
     acccacaaga ctccccaggc tggtggaggc agccaggaac ataagctgat gattgcagtg    140760
     cacagggatg aagctgataa tgaaggtgtg aattaagtat gtgagatgtc tttaaagatc    140820
     tgcttatgta gaacattatt tcataaagag attaaagcca aatcgcatag gactttctaa    140880
     attatataat gtatataatg taaaattgaa agaaagtact taactgctta aaagttaagc    140940
     gattattcat ttgtgtgatc tagaaagcat tcagttgctg gccacctaca gtattcacaa    141000
     cacaatgatc tgctacctgt gctgaaagat aaaagagcat acagcccctc cctataatga    141060
     gctcttagcc ttaatgaagg cagggtggcc tgttcttaaa cgcagacttt gccagtcctt    141120
     gctgtgatat caaacttcct aactgaaaga taacagcagg gccaatgaca tataaaccag    141180
     ctgacatgtg tggtatttaa gtcatttcta ctagaagggt taaaagccat atgaatgcaa    141240
     gaaatcattt gaggcttaaa atgctgccat gatgagctct cctggggtgt gtatggcatg    141300
     ctgagttggc acacacttta gctcacagct tgtcgccagt ctttccatcc tatcagaaat    141360
     ggactcctct gctatattct ttaaggtttt ttgtgtatct ataggttaat gacgtctatg    141420
     tattttagac tcattactcc actgatcttt tccatgtgta agtttttaat ctcttttatt    141480
     gctaatagtt tagaaaactc attctaatca tatattcatg ccactgcaaa aagattgtta    141540
     ttatgtctga ttcctttttc ttaagtatat gtgctgattc tagtattcaa actgactcaa    141600
     atttaatatt catatggaag atgatttttt aaataaccta aacagttttg gagaatatca    141660
     aggaagaacc tgccctcctg tgtatatcaa gttatatatg ctccagactt agccattgat    141720
     aaggtagcca cgttcctata aacagcccta attaaattta tcaggtcacc aggaaaaggg    141780
     ggcatgaaag tgggaagcaa tctcaaagct aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaagtg ggaagcaaag    141840
     agaaaacaaa ttagtgggag tggggagcag acagcttcaa agtacattgt catgtgtata    141900
     aaaaggttat gatgaaacta ttttgtataa ttagtgcatg ataacatata aaacaaaact    141960
     tgatatgaca taggaacaga ccactgtggc tgtggagact tggtatagta agaaggtggc    142020
     attatttatt ctgttaataa tgtcaggatc ctaaattaaa catcacacat ccaaccagaa    142080
     cacgtaaggc tgccctccag ctcctcctac tgtcatcttc atttcagctc cgggcatcac    142140
     ctctagtcac cctatcagaa agtctagaat catctttgat tccttcccgt ctcttcaccc    142200
     cacgatcagt gtgccaagag aacccatttg actgtcacaa tacataggac atggggaagg    142260
     agggctggag agatgcttca gtgttttaga atacttgccg atctctccca gaggacctgg    142320
     gttcaattcc caggacccac atagcagctt gcaactgtct gtaattctag tcctagggaa    142380
     tgtaaagcct tctgcctctc tgtgcatacc aggcttatac attgtgcata tgcatacatg    142440
     caaaaaaata cccataccca taaaattaat agaacacaca cacacttggt gtgcttctgc    142500
     caccacttca gggtgtttga tagcagtaca cttctaaatg gactcatggg gatacccttg    142560
     cctcctctga atctgtcctc agaagagcag ccgaagcagt ccttgtaacg tagacatctg    142620
     actataacac tttttcatac tgcctaggaa gttgctcacc tcatgccaga ctcaaggact    142680
     aagtcttaac agtgactttc tgaggcctta tgtgaccttg tcccttttct gttttccctg    142740
     tctcaaccct ttgtgaacag tttttagcca tggtgacctc tgttcttcct ctattcctct    142800
     caaacttttc ctctaaactc actttcttct ttagtgttct tcattccaca aatccaaatt    142860
     agagtcccag tgacagcgca cctgtccata ctctcctagc ttgttcggct ctctccaacc    142920
     agtcttcttc gtggaattgg tgtttctcgt tggtctgtcg ccccctgctg gaagatatac    142980
     agcatacagg aaatcaggct gttttgatca ctgagcacct agaccagcac ctggccctat    143040
     ttgaatacag agaaaactag gcagaggata tttgtgagcg gcactgcatg agtgttggtt    143100
     gctgcaccgg gtgttctgcc ttcttgacga gggcactttg gtaaatctgt ggaccctgaa    143160
     caagcaatcc atattttgtc aaaagtagca gtcctcctag aaatgtggag gtggaaacat    143220
     tcacagctct attcagctga ttcactcttt ggaagcctgc aatggttgaa tggcacctgc    143280
     tctctcctca aaggaagtat atattcaaac actacaaatg tgactattag ttatttttct    143340
     tgttgctgtg acaaaactac ctgacacaaa catcgtaagg agaagggtgt ttattttggt    143400
     ccacgtgtgt gaacacagtg cagcatggtg ggagcttaag gcccacagtc aggagggagg    143460
     aggatgaacg ctgaggcccg cctctctctc tccttttaat tcattttatt cagtctggtt    143520
     catacccccc gccccctcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacgg cctgctgcct    143580
     ctcttattca cagtgtgtcc tccctcttca gtaaaacctc tcgaatctcc cagagacata    143640
     ctgtgtgtat cctaggtgag tccaaatcca gtcaagttga catgaagatc aaccattgca    143700
     gttacttcac atttgcagtt gtaactgaga ttgctcctca atctgctgag aagcactctc    143760
     ctgggacagg ggagatttgc aacatggcta cagcggaggg gaaagagcca tacaaaagca    143820
     gatagagaga ccagtgtgaa attttcgtgg gccaaggggg ttagctggag ccaccagaaa    143880
     cacagagcaa ggaaggattc tctcctagtg cctccaaagt gtgtgtggcc ctggtgatac    143940
     atgaccagtg agcttttacc ttgcagaaac aaggtgagtt acttcagttt taagccacca    144000
     aagtttctgt tcacttgaga tatggcccca agaaactaag tcacagtgtt acttctcaag    144060
     gctcaggctt gctgatcttg aaccctggtc atatcaagtg cctggtgctg gcagggacca    144120
     ttctcctcag cctttaccgg cagtatctgc tgccgcagct ttgttggcac acggagcttg    144180
     gcttgacagt ttaacatgga ctgttctggg agccactata tgtgctaaag gaaaacactt    144240
     ttatagactt tagcttttat ttcttcctgt ttcatagtca ctcaagcttt ctctaaaggc    144300
     atctctgatg gctttggaac atgagtctcc tgcagagctc ttgtcttgta catcttgact    144360
     tgggtgatga ttgcctaagt gtatccttac atagagattc attgagctgg gcattttagg    144420
     atgtgtgcac tctgatttgt gtctcagaat aaagatttac agaaatgaac atgctggcaa    144480
     ggatcccatt gtgcctttat caatcccctg ttgactgcta aaagaaatta cggtgacaca    144540
     gactcatggc accctcagaa cacacctgga agggctgtgc tgggctttgg gcagtttgta    144600
     cggagagctt gatagagaca tgctgaacct gttacacatc tgggaaaggg cagagtaaga    144660
     agtgattccc tgaccagagt taggagctct gctgctctct gctctacctt cattcaggca    144720
     gtaaactcgt gtgaagaagg tcttgcagag cagtatgggc acagaaaagt aagatacacc    144780
     acattatagc cctcgagtcg gtacaaactc ttatatgggt gagaatatgg agcaggagga    144840
     aatgacaggt atcactgcca tggccccatg ttaagggcaa tttgatagca tgtgttgaag    144900
     tcaaagagat tgtactctat tcttcagaga ccccatgcct aggaatggtg catgaataca    144960
     tgtgtaggaa gacactcata gaccattaca tatagcatag aggagccctg gatatgagct    145020
     ctgtatttta ggactgtgtc cacagtgcag tgtgtaagga aagtatgtgt ggttgtcagt    145080
     tcttgggagc ttaatctgaa gacagtagac agatagcatg gctaacagaa aagatgactt    145140
     gtgcctgtga ttccttatag cagcccaacc cagtggagca gcgttacatg gagcttttgg    145200
     ccttgcgtga cgattatata aagaggctcg aggaattgca gctggccaac tccgccaagc    145260
     ttgctgatgc ccccgcttcg acttccagtt cgtcacagat ggtgccccat gtgcagacgc    145320
     acttctgagg ggactcactt ctggcactgc acttgaactc tagataagtg aaatagctga    145380
     ctctcattct gggcatgtgg acaaagtaga tttaaagtgt ctgcctccat ttagaagttc    145440
     aactaacatc ttagactttt gagtatgtgc cttctgtaat acatatcaca agaaatcgat    145500
     ggtgtccgtg tggcaatcat aaggaaggag tcaagagggg gttctggaaa atcctcatac    145560
     ttttttttac aaaagcactt ttgcaaagat aaaacttaaa tttaatttac ctctatataa    145620
     attctacata tacagtatgt attttgtggg cttaattgaa atattatttt aaatccaggg    145680
     gggagatttg tttgcaaaat gtattttcct ccagctgctt ataacagttg ctttggatta    145740
     tctaaaatta atccaaatgt gaaagatggg tattactgcc aaagccaaat tgcactctgc    145800
     ttcttcagca aattccaaga gcaaggcgtt taaataattg ccaattttta ttttaccata    145860
     agtggtaagg taaaaagaaa gatgaacatt tcatcatttt gaatttttga aaataaaagg    145920
     ttctcccatc atttttcaag agaagcacat ttttatatta agaaaaagtg ataaggtttg    145980
     attttttttt ccctcaacat tctcagcttt gctttctaaa ttatcccatg atttttgtct    146040
     aacactgagt catactcagg ttgaaggaaa cccataaata gcactgtgcg aggagctggc    146100
     tggcttctgc tgcttagagg aatatgttcg caaacatgcc tctagtcaat tcgccttatc    146160
     tgctgaagtg taggggcacc gccttgaatg gatgagctat ggctagagca tctttcttta    146220
     cagtaatgcc ccaggtgtat tctgtttatg tctctctgtt taaatggtgt gcgtgcataa    146280
     aaacttgctc tgcacattat tacttgaagt actgggcaat ttgctttttc aggttttttt    146340
     tcattttgtt ttgtagtatg aaatggaatt ttaaatgcac agttctattt gatatccgaa    146400
     ctaattcatt tagtaaatat atttgtaaaa gctaaagtta aatcaattaa tgttttacag    146460
     tgatttgtaa aggattattt atagctaata tggttttgtt ttcagtgaat taagagagat    146520
     tacatttatc tttgtaaatt attttatgtc atagcttaat ggcctaccaa atgagacatc    146580
     tcaaatataa tagtataatg tatggatttt gtaagtataa aaattattag atattcgttt    146640
     gctttttgta aacactgtaa atatttcata aattaaaatg tgtcactcca taagaagaaa    146700
     aaactaatac taatagttga caggaattgg tgaaatttca tgaaaatatt ttcattgcaa    146760
     taaatattaa aagacctgct gtaataaata tattaactaa aacctaacag tatttccagg    146820
     gctatgactg tgtgtttaag atgtgcatgg tgtccatctt acttgcttac ttgctttttc    146880
     tgaatcgact ttactttctt tgtcacagta acaatatctg ttttcttttg ctgttgttgt    146940
     aattattgtc tgacctgaag tctcatatag cccaattgtc atccagtgca ctgtgtcacc    147000
     aaagctggcc tggaacccct gatcctcccg cgtctatctc ctagtcatgt actacccagc    147060
     cagcttattt ccactctgac taataactgg tcaaaggaat gtactcttct tgatggacag    147120
     acctagaaac gtttaggaat gtgcacccca agcatgcaca cgccaggaaa aggaggagag    147180
     aaaacacctc accttgacaa atcgggcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagga gtctcaagtt    147240
     gccaggctgt cctccatgta gctgagcatg accttcggct tcttggtcct cctgtctcta    147300
     gttcttaaac actagaagat gctaccaggc ccaggcccag tttttatgca atgctggagg    147360
     tctacattct agagctctac tgactaagcc acatccccta ccaacaaagg acttgctaat    147420
     catgtatgta tgagacaaaa aagttcatgg tgatttaaaa ataactggct atgaagacaa    147480
     acatctagaa cttgaaatca gtttacattt ataccatagt gaagataaat aagcctgtag    147540
     agtagataaa tccagaagtc taatgtacaa cataagggct tattatttga aatttgttct    147600
     tagagtagta gacttagaag tcttattaaa aaaaaagcag gataattatg agattttctt    147660
     gaatgtgata accatctcat tataaatctg tcaaaaacct actgtgtgcc ataaatgtat    147720
     aatatagaag aaatttcgta aagactctgt tcaaaagtca aatgaactca agcaagcctt    147780
     tcatcaagag tatacattga agccacagtg aggcgctctg ctgcaccttt tatcataagc    147840
     cttgttttgt tccaggaatc caccctcggg cctgagaagt actttaccac tgagccacaa    147900
     ccccaacttt ttaatatttt actttgaaat aagatcttac taagctgtct aagtaaattt    147960
     gggatttttt tttttttttt ttggtttttc gagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctggct    148020
     gtcctggcac tcactttgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact cagaaatccg cctgcctctg    148080
     cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcatgcg ccaccacgcc cggcaaattt gggattttta    148140
     taatctttat gcctctgcct cataaataac tggattatag tccccccact cttgccccag    148200
     gccttgccat cttacaagca tttaaaagtc taccagtcag aagtattgat gagtaggagc    148260
     tctggtgtaa tacttggaaa acagttggta ttacctgata agtcaaatgg ttccctttga    148320
     catagtattt ctacttttga ggaatgaaaa aaatccatgc catgtttaga gaagcattgt    148380
     ttggcatagc caggaacaag ctaagaataa ggatccacct acagtaggcc acataggcta    148440
     tggcacactc ttaacaacaa aatactgcac actaggataa aattgccatg tggtcgtggc    148500
     caagtatcat atagatgtat tccataagca tggcaactga aagaaaccag ccactgagac    148560
     tataatatca ttttaatcat gtaagttcaa aagtcttgtt cagaagtaga tggatagtaa    148620
     aacagaagcg actcatcaca acacaaagga cagagcagaa gcacctggta cgtgaaatag    148680
     gatgcagtgg ttagagactg caaagaaaat tgacctgcct ggattttagt gcgcccaagc    148740
     tgggcacaaa atgacaaaga agtagctggg gccatgtgag aaaggtggat ttgaaggcac    148800
     tgggctgaac atgaaaaggt agtttgaggc tactgtgtat ggggactgaa ggtatatgaa    148860
     ggcaggttac agattttaga aaacccagta gcctgtaaat agaaagatga gatggagaaa    148920
     aaacagtgca gtttgagatc tcagcttttc taggtttcca gagtaagagt gctcagtgta    148980
     gactgggatt tcagcttcct tttctgacac agggcatgtc aatagtgaag caacttgggg    149040
     tagttctaag atgggtttga gcctttctgt atttaatgaa gtgtctggca ccatacttaa    149100
     atttaagtct gggctcacaa aagaagaaaa acacatgggg agaaaatcca aagatatgga    149160
     aaattgttca ggttggatgc tagggggtcc ctcaccggca tactggaaag cagtttcatt    149220
     ggggcagaag tcaaatacaa gtcagttaaa agatcaggct acagctgtgc acatctttaa    149280
     tcccagtagc ctgggggcag aggcgagtag atctcagtgt gttcaaggcc aacctgatct    149340
     acagaatgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa tcctgtctca gggatgggag    149400
     gaaaccaagg ggactaagaa gcaactaagg agaacaaaac tgagggacct tcagatggga    149460
     aaattattgc tttcccacca ggaaccacat tagcaacatt aagactagaa gaaactgagg    149520
     tagcccatgc tatagactct ggcaaggagc tgtggtacta agaacaaaga atttaaaaaa    149580
     gaattaacac aacttcctaa gtgtcattca gcaagtgaca ccttctacaa aactttcctt    149640
     ccacttgtaa ctggccagac tgttaatcac acatatctct tactttctat ttaaacccta    149700
     ccctcatgtc aggaccccaa agatagactt tgtgggcatg ggctcctgga tgtctttgtc    149760
     cctattgcca gtgtggccac tttaaacatc tcctttttct gcttttcact atgaatttgg    149820
     ctcttttgtt gggggtggat agctgaaact gacttgttgg gactgaggcc cctcaatctc    149880
     tttctcatct tagatcttct actctaagat ccactcccct atggtatatg ccattctcag    149940
     tcgaaactgt gtgctgtgtg tctttcttcc tcggcttctt ggctgtaatg cacaacaggg    150000
     tatctgacat gtgattagcg tgcagtctat attcatttga atccatacat gggggaaagg    150060
     atgatcagga agtgtgagag ttgtaaagaa aggagaaaga atggataact tgtgagcgat    150120
     tagaccagaa aacagtgggc tttagggagg gaaagaagcc cgtggagaac aaagtcacct    150180
     ataggaaaag tgggagtgca taagacaagg ctccagagtg aggctgagct gtggagcaca    150240
     ggctgagaat cagcagaata gctcagcagg ctatccccac ttaggccagt gcacagggag    150300
     aggaatggga tttgtttaat tattttttct tttattgaaa atagattttt tccacataat    150360
     atatccctcc catgactccc ccagaatttt cttccctccc ctcctatcca gatccatacc    150420
     ttttctctct gccacagtct ctgtgaggtc acgtgtgcca accctgctgt gtttagaagg    150480
     ccttgatcca tggatatcct ccatcccctc tggctcttgt tttttttttt tctttttatt    150540
     cttctctcat atattatccc agttgcaatt tcccttctct ctccttcttc cagtctcctt    150600
     ccccaggtcc acccttcctt ctcacagaga agagcaggcc ttccagggac atcaaccaaa    150660
     aatagaataa taagctacaa tacaatcaga cacataccat catgtcaagg ctgggccagg    150720
     cagtccagta ggaggatagc aaaagagtca tccccatgtt aggatttcca taagaacacc    150780
     aagctactca gccataacat atatgcatag ggcctaggtc acagacacct gcaggctctc    150840
     tgatctctga gagaccactt cagttcatca atcaattgat tctgtgggtt ctatcgttct    150900
     ggtgttcttg acttctctgg ttcttctcat ccttcctccc cgcctctgca ggacctcctg    150960
     agctccacct gatgtttggc tatgggactc tgcatccaga tgaagtgtct tttgcatctt    151020
     tgatgaggat tctgctagac attagcccca acacactctg caggcaggac atactgtagg    151080
     tcaaaggttt tgtggctcag ttggtgtccc aatccctcca cttgagccct tgtctggtta    151140
     caaaagatgg aaggtttagg ctctgtgtcc cacattatta gaagtctttg ctagggttcc    151200
     tctcatagat tctatggagt ttccactgca ctgggtttcc acctcactcc tgaaatgtcc    151260
     ccagtgccag ccatttctcc cagtattttc tctctccctc cccctgtccc acctgatcac    151320
     atctgttccc atcaccagcg gtcccatagt ccacccatga aatctgtttc cctttcccag    151380
     agagatcttt ttgttctctc ataagcttaa cttacttaac ttctttgggt ctgtaaattg    151440
     tagcatggtt ggttatcctg tactttatga ctaatatcca cttataagtg agtacatacc    151500
     atgcatgcat gtcttttcag gtctgggtta ccttgctagg gatgggttgt ttttgtttgt    151560
     ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgttttttc tacttccatc cattttcctg aaaattttat    151620
     gatgtcatta tttttaatag ctgtaaatgt tccacatttt ctttattcgt tggttgagga    151680
     acatctaagt tgtttccagt ttctggctat tatgaataaa gctgctatga acatagtgga    151740
     gcaagtgtcc ttgtgataga atgcaccaca gttttctgag gaaccaccat actgacttgc    151800
     aaagtggttg ttcaagtttg cacttccacc agcagtggag gagagttcca cttgctccac    151860
     atccttacca gcatgagctt tcacttgcat tttttatctt agtcatcctg gcaggtataa    151920
     gatgaaatct cagttgtttt gatttggatt tctttgatag ctaaggattg aaagaacaat    151980
     actcaagctt tgcatggaaa aataaatctc caagatagct aaagcagtcc agaacagtaa    152040
     tagaacttct ggaggtatca ccatccctaa atctgtacta cagagcaaag atgatttaaa    152100
     aaaaaactac atggtattgg cataaaaata gacaggttga tcattggaat tgaatcagag    152160
     actgagaaat aaatccacaa gtctatggac acttgatttt tgatcaaaac caagaagcta    152220
     aaaccacaca atggaggaaa agacagcatc ttcaacaaat ggtgctggtg taaaaggatg    152280
     tttgcatgta gaagaatgca aatagatcca tatttatcac ccttcacaaa actcaagtcc    152340
     aagtggatca aagacaacat aaaaccagat acatagaaga gaaagtgggg aagagtctta    152400
     aatgcattgg cacaggagac agcttactga aacagtataa tagctcaagc actaagaccg    152460
     acaattaata aatggggcct tatgaaactg aaagggtttt gaaagtcaat aggacaagac    152520
     agcaacctac agaataggaa agatcttcac gaattctata tctaacagga ctaatttcta    152580
     aaatatctaa agaactcaag aaactagaca acaacaaacc acatgactca attttaaaag    152640
     tagagtacag atctaaacag agtaatctca aatggccaag aagcacttaa agaaatattc    152700
     acaccctctg gctcttatac tcttctgcct cttcctcagg gttccctgag cctggaaccc    152760
     tgatggaaag cattactttt agggctgagt gttccaaggt ctctgtatat tgtctgtata    152820
     ttattatctg tatattgtct ggatgtgggt ctctatattt gttcctatct gctacaagaa    152880
     gaagtttctc tgttgatggc tgaggaagac actgatctat gagtataaca gaatgtcatt    152940
     agaagtcatt ttatggctat attctttaag tagaacagta ttatttggtt tcacactagg    153000
     tctctgcatg atctagtctc ggactcttgg tcacccaagc agggtcaagc atggattcca    153060
     tctcatggag tggccttgag tcagatcaga tattggttag ttacccccat aagctttgtg    153120
     ctgccattgc cctagcatat ccttgaatgc aggaaaccat tgtaagtgga agggtttata    153180
     ggtgggttgg tgttcatatt tctcctttgt agtatgcaga gtaccttttg gtaccaagaa    153240
     cactagaatg tagaggtgaa ggctctaggt aggtaccaga cagacttctc catgtttagg    153300
     cattcagtgg gttatgtagg tgttatcttc agccatggga cctgagtgtc agtttgtgga    153360
     gagcaaccta ttgtaggcat atacattttt ttaaaaatat tttttattat tacgtatttt    153420
     cctcaattac atttagaatg ctatcccaaa agtcccccat accctccccc ccaattccct    153480
     accacccatt cccatttttt ggccctggca ttcccctgta ctggggcata taaagtttgt    153540
     gtgtccaatg ggcctctctt tccagtgatg gccgactagg ccatctattg atacatatgc    153600
     agctagagtc aagagctccg gggtactggt tagttcataa tgttgttgca cctactgggt    153660
     tgcagatctc tttagctccc tggatactgt ctctagctcc tccattgggg gccctgtgct    153720
     ccatccaata gctgactgtg agcatccact tatgtgtttg ctaaggcccc ggcctagtct    153780
     cacaagagac agctacatca gggtcctttc agcaaacgct tgctagtgta tgcaatggtg    153840
     tcatcgtttg gaggctaatt atgggatgga tccctggata tggcagtctc tagatggtcc    153900
     atccttttgt ctcagctcca aactttgtct ctgtaactcc ttccatgggt gattgtttcc    153960
     aattctaaga aggggcaaag tgtccacact ttggtcttcg ttcttcttca gtttcatgtg    154020
     ttttgcaaat tgtaccttat atctcgctat actaagtttc tgggctaatg tccacttatc    154080
     agtgagtaca tatcatttga gttcttttgt gattgtgtta cctcactcag gatgatgccc    154140
     tccaggtcca tccatttgcc taggaatttc ataaattcat tctttttaat agctgagtag    154200
     tactccattg tgtaaatgta ccacattttt tgtattgtag gcatatacat tttacaacct    154260
     actttcaata cggattcaac ctctcctcta gcccaccacc caacagaggt agtggaagag    154320
     aaacgttatt aggatgtcag ggaagtgcac ctgttcagaa atagttcatt gagggcaagc    154380
     ttgatcttct ttggcagcag tttagtccca tagcaaacac caaatgtgac tcagcagtgg    154440
     cagtccagtc ctctaggcag gcagacacca ggcacaaaac agcttcagtc cagtcctttc    154500
     agaaggcaaa cagtaggcac gaaacagcag ctgtagttca atcctgaaga aacagccagt    154560
     ctctccaact ggcctgaggc agcaagctgc tgcaggaatc tggagagcag tactcacgtg    154620
     agtttttctc aatgacagca tcatcacaaa ttgaattcaa caatgctatg taaggtaaac    154680
     caatacatgc atgtcagaag caaaaaatcg tgagatggaa caaatcaaac caaggctcag    154740
     tgctcgtctc ccactgtctg tagggtcata tttatattct ttcatcaagc tttctttcct    154800
     gtgtctgctc caggaaaaca tcctttcacc atgtctgctt caggaaaaca ttctttcacc    154860
     tgtgtgctcc agccaaacat catttgatgt aactaatttt ccaaagaact agaagtttgc    154920
     acttcagctt atagttttgg caatagcctt ggctatttag ggtttctcat ggggcctctt    154980
     tattcaacaa ctcaattaga tgtaacccat cctggtactg aaatctttat ttggtgacag    155040
     gagatgtcac ccctgctatt tggtgatttc atttagatcg ccttcatata tgtatatatc    155100
     ttaggaaact tctactatat taggtttgca taagatggcc cttagttatg tctcttccca    155160
     tattcctccc tcttccctct ctgcccttcc cctacagact tgatcctcct gttccattcc    155220
     agcacgctgt ctcatgcacc cataactaag tgctctattt ccctttctta ggcagatcca    155280
     tctgcccttc aactagtcct ttaattgaac tagagagctg ctcatctaaa aaaggagcag    155340
     attcagatct ttccaaagca tccttccctc tttagtgtcc agcaagttga taatatatgg    155400
     agaaggagga gggacaaagg tagtcgggaa ttgtggagct caggtagtca gccacagatc    155460
     tgtgatatcc cattgttgcc atcctttgca tgcttctttt tttattagat attttcttta    155520
     tttacatttc aaatgttatc ccctttcccc tttccccctc tgaaagcccc atatcccatc    155580
     cccctccctt gctcccccac ctacccaccc actcctgttt tcctggcatt cccctacatt    155640
     ggagcattga gccttcacag aaccaagggc ctctctcccc attgatgttc aacaaggcca    155700
     tcctctgcca catatgcagc tggagtcaca agttccacca cgtgtactct ttggttggtg    155760
     ttttagtccc tgggagctct gggtatactg gttggttcat attgttgttc ctcctatggg    155820
     actgcaaacc ccttcagctc cttgggtcct ttctctatct cctccattgg ggaccctgtg    155880
     ctcagtccaa tgtttggcca agagcatcca cctctgtatt tgtcaggtac tggcagtgcc    155940
     tctcaggaga cagctatatc agtctcctgt cagcaagcag ttttgttggc atccacacta    156000
     gtgtctgggt ttggtaactg tatctgggat ggatcctcag gtgggatagt ctctggatgg    156060
     cctttccttc agtctctgct ccacactttg tctctgtatc tcctcccatg ggtattttgt    156120
     tctcccttct aagaaagacc aaagtatcca cactttgttc ttccttcttc ttgagcttcg    156180
     tgtagtctgt gaattgtgtc ttgggtattg caagcttctg ggctaatatc cacttatcag    156240
     tgagtacata ttgtgtgtgt tcttttgtga ttgggctacc tcactcaaga tgatatcctc    156300
     cagatccatc catttgccta agaatttcat aaactcattg tttttaatag ctgagttgtg    156360
     taaatgtacc acattttttg tatctattcc tctgttgaag gacatctggg ttctttccag    156420
     cttctggcta ttataaatat ggctgctatg aacatggtgg agcatgtgtc cttattacat    156480
     gttgaagctt cttctgggta tatgcctagg agtggtacag ctgggtcctc aggtaatact    156540
     atgtccaact ttctgaggaa cggccagact gatttccaga gtgcctagtt catagcagcc    156600
     ttgcatgctt attcagtgtt tgggggctca agctcttgtt aagatgatga gttgatttaa    156660
     tttctgctgt tgtcagcctt ctattcctcc aggggcatct gagctgggtg agagggttaa    156720
     ttcagaacta acagtgtgta tacactgact ccttttcaca atatggagta cgaggatctt    156780
     tgtaacacag aatatcaatg tgttacatct gtcccttctg tccactatca gaaccatgga    156840
     taatggccat ttagaaaaaa gattcagatg aagaaacatt tgtagagggc tgtgttaggc    156900
     ataaaatacc tccccaaaga tgtctataca agtcttagtt tgggttttac tgctgtgaag    156960
     agacattatg accgtggcaa ttatttcata aaggaaaaca tttcattgaa gctagtttac    157020
     agtttcagag gtttagtcca ttatcaccat ggtgggaagc atggcagcat gcaggcagac    157080
     atggtgccag agaaagggct gagagttcta tgtcttgcag caagcaggaa gagactgaaa    157140
     cacgcataag tctgtgtggg ccgttcctat tcaaaccacc acagggtcct agtttccaga    157200
     acctgtaaca aagtgaggaa atcgggttgc agacagaatt aaagttggta ttatttgtat    157260
     ctaaactgcc cctactccca acctcaaccc accttgtttg tgaaaggctt ggtcctcaat    157320
     gcagcattgc ttagaggtgg ggaattggaa ggtgataaga tcatcagggt tctgccctca    157380
     ccaagggact tattctattc tcagattcat ggttgcatgg gctaccagga gcttggggga    157440
     actttagaaa acgggggaca ttgtaggaaa taggtcactg ccctcttttt cctcccttcc    157500
     tgccccctgc ctcctcctcc tttctctctg tccttgctgg ctgccttctc accatgaact    157560
     tttgcttcac cacaggtcaa gataccattg ggcctagtga gcatggattg aatcatgggc    157620
     cagatgagcc tcaataagtc atttttcctt taatttcccc aagtattttg tcacagctct    157680
     gaaaagctaa ccaaagctaa tcaaccgact ttgagatgag gttattctgg aagtttcaag    157740
     tgtcctgaca tagctgtaag tgtttttaaa agtataagag ggagacagtc tgtgtcaatc    157800
     ttgacacttg aaaaagcctg gcctggccag gcctggctgt ctatgagaat ggagagggtg    157860
     tgatcaggaa gttaagtagc atctagatgt tagaaaaggc caggggacag attgcctcta    157920
     ctactcccaa aaggagtgcg gccgtgcaga atccttaact ttatctgagt gatgtatctc    157980
     tcttctgccc tccagaacac accatgctaa tattgctgtg atttgttaga gcaaccacaa    158040
     gtacaaagca gagagaagat agaaaaggct tctgcctgct ttgttcagtg ctccatgcac    158100
     cctccccccc cccccccatc caactgcaat ggcagagggc ctcaaggaga cttgcactgg    158160
     tttagagcag aggtagggaa cttcacactg tctctagcaa cctctgtgcc atacagttca    158220
     aatttgtatc acctcaggaa acaggctcac aatgacataa catgttcttt aggaactcca    158280
     ccagaacctc aggctagaaa aacaaaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaaa gaacagcaat    158340
     ggcttgtgct gtaagatcga gaatcaacaa atgggatctc atgaaactgc aaagcttctg    158400
     taaggcaaaa gacaccgtca ataagacaaa aagaccacca acagattggg aaaggatctt    158460
     tacctatcct aaattagata gaggactaat atccaatata tataaagaac tcaagaagct    158520
     ggactccaga aaatcaaata accccattaa aaaatggagc tcagagctaa acaaagaatt    158580
     ctcaccggag gaatactgaa tgtctgagaa acacctgaaa aaatgttcaa catccttaat    158640
     catcagggaa atgcaaatca aaacaacccc gagattcccc acctcacacc agtcagaatg    158700
     gctaagatca aaaattcagg tgacagcaga tgctgacgag gatgtggaga aagaggaaca    158760
     ctcctccatt gttggtggga ttgcaagctt gtacaaccac tctggaaatc agtctggcag    158820
     tttctcagaa aattggacat ggtactacca aaggatccca caatacctct cctgggcata    158880
     tatctagaag atgttccaac tagtaagaaa gaaacattct ccactatgtt catagcagcc    158940
     ttatttataa tagccagaag ctggaaagaa cccagatgcc cctcaacaga gggatggata    159000
     caaaaaatgt ggtacattta cacaatggag tactactcag ctattaaaaa gaatgaattt    159060
     atgaattatg gttggacctg gagggcatta tcctgagtga ggtaacccaa tcacaaaaga    159120
     actcacatga tatgtactca ctgataagtg gatattagcc cagaaaccca gaatacccaa    159180
     gatataagtt ataatttgca aaacacatga aactcaagaa ggaagaccca agtgtggact    159240
     ctttgcccct tcttagaatt gggaacaaaa cacccatgga aggagttaca gagacaaagt    159300
     ttggagctga gacaaaagga tgcaccatct agtgactgcc atatccagag atccacccca    159360
     taatcagcct ccaaacgctg acaccattgc atacactagc aagattttgc tgaaaggacc    159420
     ctgatatagc tgtctcttga gagactatgc cggggcctag caaacacaag tggatgctca    159480
     cagtcagtta ttggatggat cacagggccc ccaatggagg agctagagaa aatacccaag    159540
     gagctaaagg gaactgcaac cctataggtg gaacaacatt atgaactaac cagtaccccg    159600
     gagctcttga ctctagctgc atatgtatca aaagatggcc tagtaggcca tcactggaaa    159660
     gagaggccca ttggacttgc aaactttata tgccccagta caggggaatg ccagggccaa    159720
     aaagtgggaa tgggtgggta gaggagtggg gggagggtat gggggacttt tgggatagca    159780
     tgggaaatgt aaatgaggaa aatacctaat aaagaaaaaa ggaaaaaaaa ttttaaaaac    159840
     atgtgtctta tatgcctgaa actattacac agagattgaa attcccctca acatacacat    159900
     gtgttttgct atgtagccct tgttggctag cccataactt gccatgtgga ccaggctggc    159960
     cttgaagtgg taacaatcct ccttcctttg ccttccataa agtgaggtta tagacatgtg    160020
     ccaacatgtg tggcttacaa agaacactga agagtcgaaa ataatctaac cttatttatt    160080
     tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta ttcactttac acctccaaat cagcatcccc    160140
     tctcctccca gtacccctca cacagatcat cctctcattt ccttctcccc ttctcctctg    160200
     acaaggagga agcccttact cccaccctgg cacatcaagt cactacaaaa ctaggcacat    160260
     cctgtcccac tgaagccaga aaaggctgcc cagctaggag aatggggtct atacacaggc    160320
     aacagagtta gggatagccc acacttcagt tgttggggaa cctgcatgaa gactaagagg    160380
     catatcagct acatatgtgc aggaggccta agtctagcct gtgcttgctc attggtttgt    160440
     gctttaatct caggttagtg gattctcttg gtcttcctgt ggagttcctc tcctttttgg    160500
     gtccttcaat ccttccccca actcttccac tagactccct gagctccatc taatatttga    160560
     ccgtgtctgt atctgtttcc cttggctact gggtggagcc tctcagagga gagttacact    160620
     agacctgtgt ctgcaagcat aacagaatat cattaatagt ggcaggggtt ggctctctca    160680
     catgagatgt gtctcaggat gggccagaca ttggttggtt attccctcag tctctgctct    160740
     atatttgtcc ctgtacatct tacacatttt gggttgaagg ttttgtgtgt ggattgctgt    160800
     ccttatctct ccactgggag tcctgcctgg ctacaggaag tggccacttc aggaaccata    160860
     tcccccactg ccaggagtct cagagtcacc tccatagact ccccagggcc ttccctcgtt    160920
     cccaagtctc tgactggagt tccatcatag attttaatgg gaggtgaaag tatttcagga    160980
     agatcacctg ctaattatta gcttgtccta tgatggctcc tgataacagg tcttagagat    161040
     gccctctgcc cacccaccgc caagttctat tctctcacct gatctcccta cacgtgatcc    161100
     ccccccaaat tctccccttt ccctctccca cccagatccc tccctccatc cacactggat    161160
     atcttttcat atttcccttt ctgagaagga ttcaaccatc ttccctttga cccttcttgt    161220
     tatctggctt ctttggttct atggattgca gtctaactaa cctgattttt ttttattatg    161280
     tattttcctc aattacattt ccaatgctat cccaaaagtc ccccataccc tccccccccc    161340
     acttccctac ccacccattc ccattttttt ttttggccct ggcgttcccc tgtactgggg    161400
     catataaagt ttgtgtgtcc aatgggcctc tctttccaat gatggccgac taggccatct    161460
     tttgataaat atgtagctag agtcaagagc tcctgggtac tggttaattc ataatgttgt    161520
     tccatctata gggttgcagg tccctttagc tccttgggta ctttctctag ctcctccatt    161580
     gggagccctg tgatccatcc aatagctgac tgtgagcatc tacttctgtg tttgctaggc    161640
     cccggcatag tctctcaaga gacagctata tctgggtcct ttcagcaaaa tcttgctagt    161700
     gtatgcaatg gtgttagcgt ttggaagctg attatggggt ggtgcaaggt aacccaatca    161760
     caaaggaact cacacataac tcacacatgt actcactgat aagtggatat tagcccaaaa    161820
     cttaggatac ccaagatgta agatacaatt tgccaaacgc atgaaactct agaagaatga    161880
     agaccaaagt gtggacactg tgccccttct tagaattggg aacaaaacac ccatggaagg    161940
     agttacagag acaaagtttg gagctgtgac aaaaggatgg accatctaac ctgatttttt    162000
     aagtggaata aaacaggtaa aatatttgaa tggacacctt actagcacgc gcatgcacac    162060
     acacacatac acaaacccag ggttggcatt tatctatgtc tactatatat aacctgtata    162120
     tgtaatttcc taacattgca ggtagaatat aatacactcc actccatgtg ccatcaggga    162180
     aatgaaaata caatgataca cagcagagca cctactagag tgagcaacag caatcctagg    162240
     gagagtatga agcaatacca actttgtttt ctttgttgct gagaaaaaac atggtgtaag    162300
     cacttggaga gacagttcag tgatatctta tgcagctgat catagccttg gcatatgaat    162360
     cagcaatcat aaatttggaa gctaaccaga tggatttgaa aacttatgcc caggcacaac    162420
     ccttatataa atgtttgaag cagctgtcac atgtttatca gagagttgcc acaattcagt    162480
     ttaaaaagta taagtgagga aatgtaaaag aaactgtggt acatccacac aatggaatat    162540
     tattcagtgc ttaaaagcaa tgagctctct agccatggca gcacataaaa tccaaattag    162600
     tgctgcccat gtgcactgtt ggactatcca ctaaaacatg attaacttac tagggtccat    162660
     gcccccttta acaccaccaa ctgccaataa ctcttcaact aggggtgaaa gttgactccc    162720
     tcccccctgt taacagccac caactgtcaa taactcttca actaggggtg aaagttgact    162780
     tcctcccccc tgttaacagc caccaactgc caataactct tcaactaggg gtaaaagttg    162840
     actccctccc ccctgttaac ggccactaac tgccaactag gggtgaggac cccttgcccc    162900
     tcctcgactc atgcagtaat tttgactggc ttgattgtgt gctagtcttg tgcaggcaat    162960
     cacagtacag tgtactttct actctgtttt tttttctgaa acatgaaact gtttaaagac    163020
     aaattaatga tttttctaaa aggaatgtta tgtgtttagt ctaaactgat gtttagcaat    163080
     gactatttca gataatcttg ctcaagtttt tagtccaaat gcatccttag gtcaaggtca    163140
     ctgaatggcc tctggtttgg aatcagtgtt ttagtttgcc cttttctgtt gttatacaga    163200
     ccatgaccaa aaacaccttg gggaggaaag attttgtttg acttaccctt ccatgtaaaa    163260
     gtccataact ggggaaagct aaggcagtaa ccataaaggc tagaggccgt aaagaagtgc    163320
     ttctcactgg tttgctcttc atggcttgct caacctgttt ttgtatacca tccaggacca    163380
     tctgccctgg ggaagcactg gccccagtga cctgggtcta cccaccaaac aaccattaat    163440
     taaaaaaaaa aaaaacctac agagttgcct acaggccaat ctgatagagg agaatcttcc    163500
     tctttccaga tgaccctggc ctgtgtcagg ttgacctggg tatgggacta actatcacaa    163560
     tcagctcctt ctgcaaacct ttgatttggg gagtttgcac agaaggactt tttatttgcc    163620
     cctagacttg tagaggcagt gcctaagaga aggaagtcag tcatcatgtg ggttggaaaa    163680
     tcaaaacata aacattttag tgtggcttct aaaacctcaa catgcgtaag tgatgctaca    163740
     ccatgtaatt gcgtcttttc tccaaatgca cttctttaag cactgtcaat gttgaagtaa    163800
     ggctttgtgg taactctgcc tgaccagagt cacaatgtaa atccttgtca gtagagggct    163860
     ctgaaggtac aatggagaag atttgtgcag ggttcttctg agacagagtc tcattatgta    163920
     tgcaaaccag gctggccata aactggtaat cctcctacct tccttcctcc acctctcaag    163980
     tgctgccatt acaggcttga gtcagtacac ttggcttgaa ctgagtttta tgagactctg    164040
     atgtgcctca tcggttagac ttctgcaaag ccagctttct ccagtgctag gcttctatga    164100
     gcaaagttgt tgcacataga aacagtgctg caggcatccc tctcttcatt tcccttctct    164160
     tcccattcct ggccttttaa gacagggtct ttctttttag ccaacattgg cctcaaactc    164220
     aagatcctcc tgcctcagcc ttcagaacac tgagaatgca gtcatttttc actgtgcctg    164280
     cacattatgt cctttaatta ctctgttcgg attccttgat accttcggca aaactcagaa    164340
     gtcaacagat cctcagtggg tgagtgaaat tgcaaactac attagttaca tacaataaaa    164400
     tattaataac acaaagatga tgatctacca acttatagaa aaacatggag gaaccaaact    164460
     gagtgctagg ttttctataa atctaaaagt ttgcctgggg atccatcgca taaacaacca    164520
     ccaaacccag acactattgc agatgtcaac aagattttgc ggacaggacc ctgatatagc    164580
     tgtctcctga gaggctatgc cagtgcctgg caaatacaga agtagatact cacagtcatc    164640
     tattggatgg aacacagggc ccccaatgaa ggagctagag aaagtaccca aggaactgaa    164700
     ggggtctgca atcctatagg aggagcaaca atgtgaacta accagtaacc ccagagctcc    164760
     caggcactaa accaccaacc aaagaataca catggttgga ctcatggctc cagctgcata    164820
     tgtagcagag gatgccgagt tggccatcaa tgggatgaga ggcccttggt cttgcaaaga    164880
     gtatatgccg tagtataggg gaatgccaga gccaggaagc aggagtgggt gggttgggga    164940
     acagggtggg gggggagata ggggactttt ggaaagaaaa ctaataaagg ggatagcatt    165000
     tgaaatgtaa atgaagaaaa tatctaacaa aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa    165060
     ataaataaat aaataataaa agttcaccat taatgatcaa agtgaatcta gagctggaga    165120
     gatggcttag tggttaagag tactcattgc tcttgcagag gacctaagtt caactcccag    165180
     aacccacatg gcaggtcaca actgtaactc caaagatcag atgatctcag atgactgtgt    165240
     acactaggca tgcacatggt acacacatac acacacacac atgcatatac aggataataa    165300
     aataaatcta gaaaatttaa acaaatataa acccaaattt cttagtaact gaacaattaa    165360
     actcttgcct agtaatctca gagaaccagc aactgatttc acaaaaagtt ctgtgtgtac    165420
     caaatgtcct tcagtagtta gagaatagac aaaaccccat atacaccatc cctgatccct    165480
     gggaatattg cttggcaata aagaaaaacc agctcttctt ttataatttt atatgcacag    165540
     taagtcagat aaccaccccc acccgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    165600
     gtgtgtgtgt gtattaaaat gtaccagtag caaagacatt acaacacctg gtggtcccta    165660
     taaaatgaat atttttgaaa tgacagaagt atgaaaatga aaaaacagat caagggcatg    165720
     gagaagggtg agcagggttt gtgggcggac tgcggagggt gagcgagcag aagcaacaca    165780
     gcttctggga cagacccctt tcagggctcc agacatccag gtaccttccc cgccagagga    165840
     gagtgtctga atggtagggc tctgacttta ggggcaggca agggagccat cttgtgtccc    165900
     gggtcccttg gagaccagtc tgcacaggtt ggctcacaga ctgcgaaggg tgagtgagaa    165960
     aactgcagaa gcaacacaac ttctgggaca gaccccgttt tggctccaga catccgggca    166020
     cctttcctca ccagaggaga ggtggccgcc tgggatggct ctgacatcca gagcaggtga    166080
     gagagccatc ttgtgtccca ggtccctcag agaccagtct gtgcagggga gctttcagga    166140
     tgcagaggca acacatcttc tgggacaggc cctgtttcag gccttcatct tcagccagga    166200
     ggcaggtctg aactccagac ctctgtgtac cttccctgca agaggagagc ttgcctgcag    166260
     agagtactct gaccactgag actcaggaga gagctggact cccaggactg ctgacagagg    166320
     ttaacagaac acaggaggaa caatctgcaa ccagagacaa ctataacaac taactccaga    166380
     gattaccaga tggcgaaagg caaatgtaag aatcttacta acagaaacca agaccactca    166440
     ccatcatcag aactcagcac tcccacctca gccagtcctg gataccccaa cacacccaaa    166500
     aagcaagact cggatttgaa atcatatctc atgatgctgg tagaggactt taagaagggc    166560
     attaataact cacttaaaga aatacaggag aaaactgcta aagaggtaga ggtccttaaa    166620
     gaattacagg aaaacacaac taaacaggtg gtggaattga acaaagccat ccaagaccta    166680
     aaaagggaaa tagaaacaat aaagaaaacc caaagtgaga caactctgga gatagaaaca    166740
     ttaggaaaga aatcaggaac catagatgcg agcatcagca acagaataca agagatggga    166800
     gcgagaatct caggtgcaga agattccata gaaaacatgg gcacaacaat caaagaaaat    166860
     gcaaaatgca aaaagatcct aactcaaaac atccaggaaa tccaggacac aatgagaaga    166920
     ccaaacctat ggataatagg tatagatgag aatgaagatt ttcaacttaa agggccagca    166980
     aatatcttca acaaaattat aaaagaaaac ttcccaaacc taaagaaaga tacccatgaa    167040
     catacaagaa gcctacagaa ctccaaatag actggaccag aaaagaaatt cctcctgaca    167100
     cataataatc cgaacaacaa atgcactaaa taaacataaa atattaaaag cagtaagggg    167160
     aaaaggtcaa gtaacatata aaggcaggcc tatcagaatt acaccagact tttcaccaga    167220
     gaatatgaaa gccagaagat cctggacaga tattatgcag accctaagag aacacaaatg    167280
     ccagcccagg ctattatacc ccgcaaaact caattttcca agcaaatggt ccaatgaaac    167340
     aagctggagt agccattcta atataaaata aaattgactt ccaatccaaa gttatcaaaa    167400
     aagacgaggg gaacttcata ttcatcaaag gtaaaatcta ccaagatgaa ctctcaattc    167460
     tgaatatctc tgcttcaaat acaagggcag ccacattcat taaagaaaca ttagtaaagc    167520
     tcaaagcaca cattgcacct cacacaataa tagttggaga cttcaacagc acactctcac    167580
     caatggacag atcctggaaa cagaaactac acagagacac atggacacta acagaagtta    167640
     tgaaacatat agatttaata gatatctaca gaacatttta tcctaaaaca aaaggatata    167700
     ctttcttctc agcaccacat ggtatctcct ccaaacctga ccatataatc agtcaaaaaa    167760
     acaggcctcc gcagatacaa aaatattgaa attatcccat gcatcctatc agatcaccac    167820
     ggactaaggc tgatcttcaa taacagcatt aataattgaa agccaacatt cacgtggaaa    167880
     ctgaatgaca ctctactcaa tgattccttg gtcaatgatg aaataaagaa attgaagact    167940
     ttttagagtt taatgaaaat gaagcaacaa aatacccaaa cttatgggac acaatgaagg    168000
     catttctaag aggaaaactc atagccctga gtgcctccaa aaagaaacta gagagagcat    168060
     acactagcag cctgacagca cacctagaag ctctagaaca aaaggaagca aattcaccca    168120
     agaggagtag acagcaggaa ataatcaagc tctgggctga aatcaaccaa gtggaaacaa    168180
     aagaactatt caaagaatca gccgaaccag gagctggttc tttgagaaga tcaacaagat    168240
     agataaacct ttagccagac tcactaaagg acacagggac agtattctaa ttaacaaaat    168300
     cagaaatgaa aaaggagaca taacaacaga acctgaggaa atcctatact caacaaaact    168360
     ggaaaacctc gatggaatgg acaacttcct acaaagatac cacatatcaa agttaaatta    168420
     ggatcagatt aatgatctaa acagtcccat ttcccctaaa gaaatagaag cagtcatcaa    168480
     tagtctccca accaaagaaa agccccaggt ccagatgggt ttagtgcaga gttctatcaa    168540
     accttcaaag aagacctaat tccaactctc ctaaaactat tccacaaaat agaagcagaa    168600
     ggtactctat ccaattcatt ctatgaagcc acaattactc tgatacttaa accacagaaa    168660
     gacccaacaa agttaggaga acttcaaacc aattttcctt atgaatatca aagcaaaaaa    168720
     tactcaataa aattctcgca aaccgaatcc aagaacacat caaaatgatc atccatcaag    168780
     atcaagtagg cttcacaggc acgactggtt aatagtgccc acccagttag gatgtggctc    168840
     tggcctctga gtggagctgc tgggaagact gattctcatt ggccagggct ccaagctcat    168900
     gaccgagcac tggaaaagct cctaggaatt ggtagtaatc atagacttca cagtccctgt    168960
     gtcactcact ggagagttag agggaggggt ttgacacccc ccaccacaca cacacacaca    169020
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacgagtt cctccagttg    169080
     cccttgtcct caggtgcagt gggactgttg tgagccccag ggatgggcac aaagagggct    169140
     tttattttgt tagctcagac agtgcagtgg tgcacatcag caacttgtat ttctttggtg    169200
     tttggcatga gcactgtctc actgtggctg tgtgtcatga gaacttacca gcagaaatcc    169260
     ttgttactaa gctacagaat gaccaaaagc tgtcaagtcc ttaatgttta gaaactcctt    169320
     aaaatgtata gtattttaga acaacaacaa caacaaaact caataaacag ttgatcttgg    169380
     aaaaaaaaaa gatcaagtat gcttcatccc agggatgcag ggatggttta atatatggaa    169440
     atccatcaac gtaatccact atataaacaa actcaaagac aaaaaccaca tgatcatctc    169500
     cttagatgct gagaaagcat ttgacaaaat ccaacaccca ttcatgataa aagttttgga    169560
     aagatcagga attcaaggac catacctaaa cataataaaa gcaatctaca acaaaccagt    169620
     agccaacatc aaactaaatg gagagaaact caaaacaatc ccactaaaat cagggactag    169680
     acaaggctgc ccactttctc cctacctatt caatatagta cttgaagtcc taaccagagc    169740
     aattcgacaa caaaaggaga tcaaggggat acaaattaga aaggaagaag tcaaaatatc    169800
     actatttaca gttgatatga tagtatatat aagtgaccct acaaattcca ccagagaact    169860
     cctaaacttg ataaacagct tcagtgcagt agctggatat aaaaataact caaacaaatc    169920
     aatggccttt ctctacacaa aggatagacg ggctgagaaa gaaattaggg aaacaatacc    169980
     cctcacaata ctcacaaata atataaaata ccttggtgtg actccaacta aggaagtgaa    170040
     agatctgtat gataagaact tcaagtctct gaagaaagaa attgaagatc tcagaagatg    170100
     gaaagatctc ccatgttcat ggattggcag gattcatata gtcaaaattg gctattctgc    170160
     cgaaagcaat ctacagattc aatgcaatcc ccatcaaaat tccaactcaa ttcttcattg    170220
     agttagaaaa gtcaattttc tggacatagt actacaggag gatctagcaa tacctctcct    170280
     gggcatatat ccagagatgt cccaaccggt aagaaggaca catgctccac tatgttcata    170340
     gcagccttat ttataatagc cagaagctgg aaagaaccca gatgcccctc aacagaggaa    170400
     tggatacaga aaatgtggta catttacaca atggagtact actcagctat taaaaagaat    170460
     gaatttatga aattcctagc caaatggatg gacctggagg gcatcatcct gagtgaggta    170520
     acacattcac aaaggaactc acacaatatg tactcactga taagtggata ttagccccaa    170580
     acctaggata cccaagatat aagatacaat ttgctaaaca catgaaactc aagaagaatg    170640
     aagactgaag tgtggacact atgcccctcc ttagaattgg gaacaaaaca cccatggaag    170700
     gagttacaga gacaaagttt gcagctgaga caaaaggatg gaccatctag agactgccat    170760
     atccagggat ccaccccata atcagcttcc aaacactgac accattgcat acactagcaa    170820
     aaatttgctg gaagaaccca gatatagctg tctcttgtga gactatgtcg gggcctagca    170880
     aacacagaag tggatgctca cagtcagcta gtggatggat cacagggctc ccaatggagg    170940
     agctagagaa agtacccaag gagctaaagg gatctgcaac cctataggtg gaacaacatt    171000
     atgaactaac cagtacccag gagctcttga ctctagctgc atatgtatca aaagatggcc    171060
     tagtcggcca tcactggaga gagaggccca ttggacaggc aaactttata tgccccagta    171120
     caggggaatg ccagggccaa aaaaatggga atgggtgggt atggaagtgg ggggggggta    171180
     tgggggactt ttgggatagc atcggaaatg taattgagga aaataagtaa taaaaaataa    171240
     aaaaaaaaga aaagtcaatt ttcaaattca tctggaaaaa taaaaaacct aggatagcaa    171300
     aaactattct caacaataaa agaacctctg gtggaatcac catgcctgac attaagctgt    171360
     actacagagc aatagtgatt aaaacaaaaa acaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa actgcatggt    171420
     actggtacag tgacagacag gtagatcaat ggaatacaaa tgaagaccca gaaatgaatc    171480
     cacacacctc tggtcacttg atctttgaca agggagctaa aacatccagt ggaaaaaaga    171540
     cagcattttc aacaaatggt gctggcacaa ctagcggtta tcatgtagaa gaatgagaat    171600
     tggtccattc ctatctcctt gtacaaacct caagtctaag tggatcaaag accttcacat    171660
     aaaaccagag acactgaaat taatagagga gaaagtgggg aaaagccttg aagatatggg    171720
     cacaggggga aaattcctaa acaggacagc agtgacttgt actgtaagat caagaattga    171780
     caaatgggac ctcataaaat tgcaaagctt ctgtcaggca aaggatgctg tcaataagac    171840
     aaaaaggcca ccaacagatt gggaaatgat ttttaccaat tctaaatctg ataggggact    171900
     aatatccaat atatacaaag agctcaagaa gctggactcc agaacttcaa ataaccccat    171960
     taaaaatggg gtacagagct aaacaatgaa ttctcaactg aggaataccg aaaggctgag    172020
     aagcaactga aaaatatgtt caacatcctt aatcaacagg gaaatgcaaa tcaaaacaac    172080
     cttgagattt cacctcatac tactcagaat agctaagatc aaaaatttag atgacagaag    172140
     atgctggcaa agatgtggtg aaagaggaac atgcctccat tgctggtggg attgcaagct    172200
     tgtacaacct ctctggaagt cagtctggaa gttcctcaga aaactggaca taggactaca    172260
     ggaagatcca gcaatacctc tcctgggcat aaaccagaag atgttccaac tggtaataag    172320
     aacacatgct ccactatgtt catagcagcc ttaattataa tagccagaag ctggaaagaa    172380
     cccagatgtc cctcaacaga ggaatggata tagaaaatgt ggtacattta cacaatggag    172440
     taatactcag atattaaaac aattaattta tgaaattctt ggacaaatgg atatatctgg    172500
     aggatatcat ccttagtgag gtaaaccaat cacaaaagaa gtcactagat atgcactcac    172560
     tgataagtgg atattagccc agaaacttag aatacccaag atacaatttg caaaacacaa    172620
     gaaaatcaag aagagggaag accaacgtgt agatacctca ttcctcctta gaatagggaa    172680
     caaaacaccc atgaaaggag ttacagagac aaagtttgta gctaaaacga aaggatgcaa    172740
     catccagaga ctaccccacc tggggatcca tcccataatc agccaccagg cactattgca    172800
     tatgccagca atattttgct atagggaccc tgatataact gtctcatgtg aggctatgcc    172860
     agtgcctgac aaatacagaa gtggatgctc acagtcatct attggatgga acacagggcc    172920
     cccagtggag gagttagaga aagcacccaa ggatctgaag gggtctgcaa ccctatagga    172980
     ggaacaacaa tatgaattaa ccagtacccc cagagctcgt gtctctagct gcatatgtag    173040
     cagaagatgg cctagtcagc catcactggg aagagaggcc cctacgtctt gcaaacttta    173100
     tatgccccag tacaggagaa tgccagggcc aagaagtggg agtgggtggg taggggagca    173160
     gggcaggggg agggtataga gtactttcgg gatagcattt gaaatgttaa taaagaatat    173220
     atctaataaa ataaaataag ataaaataaa ataaggcagt gtgaagaatc cctgtggtga    173280
     tagaaatgtt ctctactttg tgtcaaggac agtatcataa ctaatacttt aaatatgttt    173340
     gcagatcttt cagtttatca ttggtgagag gcatagaaaa ttttataaat gatcttatgt    173400
     tggttctttt ttgtttgttt gtttgtagaa catgatttta atattttcaa ctgttaatat    173460
     tcaacaaaca gaataattat tttatgatat atttcattgt tatatctccc ttttcatttc    173520
     tgattttgtt gattaggata ctgtccctgt gccctctagt tagtctggct aagggtttat    173580
     ctatcttgtt gattttctca aagaaccagc tcctaatttt gttgattctt tgtatagttc    173640
     tttttgtttc tatttggttg attattttct gctgtctact catcttgggt gtattggctt    173700
     atgttctaga gctttcagga gtgctgtcaa gctgctagtg taagctctct ttagtttctt    173760
     tttttgagac acttagagct ttgaatttgc ctcttagcac tgctttcatt gtgtcccata    173820
     agttttggtt tgatgtgcct ttatttcatt gaattctaaa aagtctttaa tttcttaatt    173880
     tcttccttga caagctacca ttgagtagag cattgttcag cttccgtgtg tatgtgatct    173940
     tttcactgtt tttgttttta atgaagacca gccttagtcc atgatgattt gatagggggc    174000
     atgggattat ttcaatcttc ttgtatctgt tgaggcctgt tttgtgacca attatatggt    174060
     aaattttgga ggaggtactg tgaggtgttg agaagaaagt atattctttt gcttttggat    174120
     gaaatgttct atagatatct gttaaatacc tttgtttcat aacttctgtt agtttcacca    174180
     tgtctctgtt taatttctgt ttccaggatc tgtccattgc tgagagtggg gtgttgaggt    174240
     atcccactat tatcgcatgg ggtgcaatat gtgctttgag ctttagtaaa gtttctttta    174300
     tgaatgtggg tgcccttgca tttggagcat agatgctcag aaccgagagt tcatcttggt    174360
     agatttttac tttggcaagt atgaagtgtc catccttatc ttttttgata acttttcatt    174420
     gaaagttgat tttatttgat attacaatgg ctactccagc ttgttttgtt taccaacctt    174480
     ttattctgag gtagtgtctg tctttgtcac cgaggtgtgt tttcctgtat gcagcaaaat    174540
     gctgggtcct gtttacgtat ccagtctgtt agtctatgtc tatttggggg aattttgtcc    174600
     attgatgtta agagatatta aggaaaagag attgttactt cctgttattt ttgttgttag    174660
     aggtggaatt aagtttgtgt ggctatcttc ttttagattt gttgaaagat cactttcttg    174720
     ctttttctag ggggtagttt cccttcatgt gttggtgctt tccaactatt atcctttgta    174780
     gggctggatt tgtggaaaga tattgtgtaa atttgttttt atcatggaat atcttggttt    174840
     ctctgtctat ggtaattgtt tatattgttt cttaatgtga atatgcaagt gtactcctct    174900
     cactgcctgc accaaggata aaattgacca cctctacttc cacatccttg gaagccagtt    174960
     tctcctttac aatttgtctt accaagaaag tggccaaatc agtgttggat atagaacatc    175020
     caaatattat ttttgtgcta ttggagatga taataatacg atgatgatcc ttctgagagg    175080
     ctttcattgc ctatgattgt agtgctggat gcaacaaata taaaatgaga gctttgggga    175140
     aggctactgc tgcatataca acttcccacc ccagggagct tcatggtcca tcatgaacac    175200
     acagaaatag catcctctct ttcccctgtg gaacacaatg ttccaggtga catttgtctt    175260
     cagtttcatg tcatcttcgt catcttcatc atcagtatca tcagcatcat cagcatcatt    175320
     cacttaccat cctgatcagt atcctacttc ccagtcaccc ccttctacaa tcctccctca    175380
     ttcccccttc ccttctcctc tgagagggta ggcccccttg gtatgcccca cccaagcaaa    175440
     tgaagtctct gccagcctag gagcatcttc ttccactgaa gccaaacaag gcagtccaac    175500
     tagaagaaca tatcccacta acaggcaaca gattttggga tagcccctgc tccagttgtt    175560
     tgagacctac atgaagacca agctgtgcat ctgctacata tgtgcagggg gtgggggtgg    175620
     gggtgtctag gtccagcctg tgttcactct ctggttggtg gttcagattt tgacagcccc    175680
     aagggtccag attaggtgat tctgttgatc ttcctacccc cttcagggcc catgatcctt    175740
     cccccagctc ttcgataaga atccccaagc tctatccact gtttggttgt gggtgtctgt    175800
     atctatttca ggcatctgct gggtggagcc tcttagagga caggcttgct agactcctat    175860
     ctgcaagcat agcaaagtat cattaatatt gtcaaggatt ggtgtttgcc caagggatta    175920
     gtttcgagtt gggccagtta ttggttgccc tttccttcag tctctgttcc atcccctatc    175980
     cctgcatttt ttttttagac aggacaaatt ttgggtcaga agttttgtaa gtaggttggt    176040
     gtccttatct gtcaactggt gttcctacct tgctacagga agtggctcct tcaggttcca    176100
     tatccccaat gctgcgtgtc ctagctaagt tcacccccat tgactctcag gcactttccc    176160
     tatctcatgt ctctggcatg acttcaagat gtcccccaac tccccaaccc tgccagttgc    176220
     agatttccat tcattctcat ggccatctct cctggggtgt tcaagatcag ctccatatct    176280
     taacctgacc cctgtcaaac tgagtagact gattcaattg gaacaatcat tctgaccact    176340
     ctgctgcaca catccatgtc tccctccttt cccacacact tgtgcctccc ccaaaacaca    176400
     caccatcaga gaacacagac acaaacattt acttgtgggc ttgattttat ttttaccttg    176460
     tttgactatt agttggtgta ataatttact tcaggtaaca agatttcttt tttagtctga    176520
     cttagcccaa ctagcttttt taaaatttct cttcaagtgt tgttggccgg atttttgggg    176580
     ccttcccctc ttggctttcg atgcacttgt gttagttcta gatggaggct tcctctctga    176640
     tgtacatttt gccatttctc ctctcttctt tgtagggtga ctagatgcct agaaaggcca    176700
     cagagagaaa acagaaagac ttaggttttg aagaataaga ataagatgga ggagagaaag    176760
     aagcaggaac ttaataggaa atgaaggggt gaggtcagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    176820
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttgtg tgctgagcag atgagggcta gagagaatat    176880
     ttgaatattt gatggcagga ttcaaagaca acaacagaga agacttgtgt agctcatctc    176940
     accttagatt tctcattcgg tttcgtgctg atcttccttt tgtacctatt atttattctt    177000
     gtttgagtgc ctgtgctgtg ctgtctaatt tctgcatttg gtgttgtcat tttagacgct    177060
     gccttcccca tcttcgcagc caacagcaga ctaccttagc cttcctaaac tggcatatgt    177120
     ataccccttc ccagacaatg agtgatcata cccttacatt gttaaatcag caagcccagg    177180
     agggagaggt cttaaaggca cagaatatca tcctgaatac tctgtgtgga taaggaagat    177240
     gtgtagtctt gttggagaac tagaacatct atttagcact cttagtgtct tcttaactaa    177300
     cacttaacat gcttctcatg gtgggccatt gcaagtgata cattctattc actcaaagtc    177360
     ttactcagag gtggggggca catcatccat ggtgaaatgg ccatagttaa ataaatctct    177420
     gtggagatgt gaattgttct acttctccct taaccctttt ttcctcacat accttaataa    177480
     tgccacgtct tacttaccag tagggaactt tctcatacca atcctttgcc cctcactcac    177540
     tgaggttccc ttgcccttgt ttccagtctg aattcgtggc ctttaaggtg tcagactttg    177600
     ctgaattgag ttgacaggtt ggaaaatcta gtccagacca caatttgaag ggcctcagta    177660
     agcccatcat tgaggcttga gtagtactat agtcacaagg gaaaagagac aagctagaaa    177720
     tctgtgtgcc agttgtgctg tctgtttaca tgcatgaaat tacaacagaa agactgttgg    177780
     gttcacactg ttgggacggg gtgtttgact aacagtgtac ttggtagcag atgaaacaag    177840
     gaaagaaaag gggcaaagtc aaacttctca tagtccatgc agacacctat gtgacgctaa    177900
     caaagaatat atctcaagct aacaattgaa ctctataaga gtcacaaaag attaatatat    177960
     gtaagtagtt ctacttttat agatgaacaa taaagcaatc tgaaattgaa agcaaaaggg    178020
     ccaaaattta aaaatgagat taaaaacatg atatgctaag gaattgtctt agttttgttt    178080
     cctgttccta tgattaaaca ccttaataaa agcaacctaa aggggaaagg gtttctttgg    178140
     gtcataggtc taggttacag tccatcattg tagggaaatc aaggtggcag aaacttgaag    178200
     caactattca cattgcacct acagtcaaga gcagagtgca gtcaattcat gtagccacac    178260
     tcctgcgcta ctagatttct ccactcttac accattcaga atctccagct caggaaatga    178320
     caccacccat agtgggcatc tcttcccacc ttaattaaag tcatcaagac aatcattgtc    178380
     acttcaacaa gccaacttga tctacaaaac tttgcattga aatacctttt ctcatgattc    178440
     ttaatctcaa gtctacagtg aacaaacaca gggataaacc taatgaaata cttagaaact    178500
     ctgggcatta tagattacaa aacattgtgg aaatgaactt atgaagatct aaattaaaag    178560
     agacttgtgc ctcaaagaat tgtgcctcat tcagttgtca ggaaagtcac acattcttct    178620
     catagatgaa ccaaatttag tcctaatcaa aatctcagaa gtataaaaca cacacaaaca    178680
     ggaaattgca gaagacaatg ttcacaaaaa gaacatgact tttaaaggag gacaaacctg    178740
     aagaaattac aaaacttact ataaagtcac cataatcagg agagtgtgaa aataagataa    178800
     tagaaatgta tcaatacagt agagcctaga aatataccta catgtaacat atgtaatagc    178860
     atacatatga agaactgatt atgaaaaaag atacaaagga atattgcaag agaaagatta    178920
     gacttggtat cagctgagtc tctagcttct gggtatccat atgcaaacta taaatgtcaa    178980
     tacatacttt tgatatatca aaaatgcact agagaagtgt ttcaggttaa gagcacatac    179040
     tactcttaca gttcccacag tggctcacag ctgtctatta ctctagctcc agatgattca    179100
     acaccctgtt cgggcttcat agatacatac acccacgtgt gccctcactc acacacatgc    179160
     atacacatat tattatcatc atcattatta tttgttaaat aatgtatgta tgtatattta    179220
     agggctacat tatgacatgg gagcacatgg agagaataag ataattattg tgaggaagca    179280
     gatgaactgg tccgtttcag atggctcttt gttgggagga tacacagtag cagcagcaca    179340
     catttctttc tcaaaccttc taatgtaagt ccatgtttgt agccttagtc ttctcctgtt    179400
     cattggctcc ccaaatttgg tcacttcatg catgcacatg atttttttaa atttaaataa    179460
     aactaagtct ttgaaaacag aagagtgaga atggatcatg gactcaggtg acacaccaca    179520
     actgaaagta taaagcagat taaagaatgc acaggagaaa ttttgcttta tttgggttat    179580
     gtggtaagat tttgaggatc agggaagaga cagatctgtg gaaggcagta acatataata    179640
     agctttactt gaacagcttg tatcagatca gaaactcctc ccaggaagac atgttccaga    179700
     gatagtggga taaggccacc accaaaagaa gaataggctg agggaccttc cagaaagaaa    179760
     atgtcatgga taatttttag tgccacattg atttgattaa gaacaatcaa acacagtaat    179820
     aaggtaaatc tttgggtatg ttcatgaagt tgttagagaa tgctgtcctc caggcacggc    179880
     atgaccattg ccttcttgaa ttatcaacag atgtgattga ccacaggacc tgcacaagat    179940
     tgggcccatt tgcgttctat catgaaaggc gaggctaggt ccacaaggcc ccaaccccaa    180000
     gagatgtata ggcaattagc aggtgctggg aggaggggct cgccaggctt tcctggagat    180060
     tcctgcagtt cccagcccgt gagtcatgat ccccaaaaga cactggaaaa cacagacatc    180120
     taaattatga tttgtagtag tggcaaaatt atatgaagta gcaaccaaaa taattttatg    180180
     gttggggggt caccatagga ggaactgtat taaagagtca cagcattagg aaggttgaga    180240
     atcacattgt tctagacagt tgacagttgt tggagggagg ggctcatgag ttcccctgtc    180300
     cctgaaaata tgtaggcagt taacagttgc taggagagag tgagagacat atatattttt    180360
     taattgagat agccactcat aagttgccca taccccccat aagtaatacc aactaaattc    180420
     actggtccag taagttaggc attattggaa tcatttctct gtctgccatt ggtgctctat    180480
     ctggggtaaa cagacatttg ttcacctctc taggaaaagt taacacaacg cttggtacca    180540
     aaacagagaa accacaaaac catagatgag ttttaaagga gtacttggat catttctgtt    180600
     gtgggtgatg agacatgtga ttaaaactaa acttagcaca ttcaggagca attgatcccc    180660
     catgtgatac ctgctgcagt aggtgtttgc attgcccttg ttaatggatg gaaagatttg    180720
     ctactctgac aactccatct gaaaatggga ctgtctgtta caaagaattc taggatgtct    180780
     gccattgtct acatggtatg tgttggctgt tcatgccacc tcaagcttcc ctggactctc    180840
     gttgtaaact ttatatgctt tataaacatt caatgtcagc aagtggccag gccctgcctg    180900
     aagagctcca gcaaccaggc cataaaggct aaaacagctg taattaccaa ggcaggaaag    180960
     tgtcctggac acttgcccca gatttctcta agggctgtaa ttgtcagacc acataatctc    181020
     tccaatccca gaccactctg gaaagcttta cccctcaacc cccaagaaac cctgtataaa    181080
     ccctgtgctc tgcccagttc tttgattctt ttctcccaag cagaggcagc caggagggtc    181140
     tcctgagttt ttccctccca ataaatctct tgtgtggcat ttgttgttca gtgtggcttt    181200
     gttgtatgcc ttggctccta actgctaaga tacatttcca agcagagcta taatgctttc    181260
     attggggaaa ctttcccctg cctgagcata gctgttacac ttgcaggagg gaaactttcc    181320
     aagcaggtag aggacaactt ctgcagggga agcctttccc ttcaggactg caacacttac    181380
     agtatggatg gcagtcatcc ttgatgaatg gggtctgcca tattagtatg gtattgtccc    181440
     taaaatgtct aataaaccag agaatatatc acattcatag aaacaactgt ataatagaat    181500
     tggaagcagg ctatgccatt ggttccatgg cctttcaagt agctagtaag acatgcaact    181560
     gaggctgatg tctgtccaga aagagtttgc ctgagcaaag gagggattgc cagggaaagg    181620
     catgtggaca gtatcctctg cactagtctc tggattggca gaaaaagtca gaaagacata    181680
     gtatgagacg gagtttctgg tctgctgttt catgctagtg gggtctggag agcataatag    181740
     aaaagggtac ataatagaaa agggtacaat tttgatctgt gtcaaaaagt ccctcttgag    181800
     atactaaaac taggaactct tggaggaatc tggcaatagt gaggaagaga gcaaggtaga    181860
     tgagctagcc ctcagataca gccttagtaa agagggaaag aacaacacca aatgagacat    181920
     cctattacac tgtggctcat gaaactgtgg gacatagaca cagatgggtt cagtctgagt    181980
     gctatacaaa cataaaatac aaactaccca cctacccata caacaaaggt tgcgtgacct    182040
     taagctatag gaagaaaccc agtctttgat gcactggctc atagcagcca ttagggatac    182100
     gtgctcatca ccaaccaaag tcctcatgga tatgagggac tgaagaacaa tagaagggca    182160
     ggcattatta ctgagagaac tggaaatgag aaaagcagtg tttggttccc agttcactgg    182220
     actgatcaga ctgtgttcac aggagagcta agattgagtg aggtagattc agtagggacc    182280
     ttgggactgg tatagagctt agtggctttg ctaagaataa cgaataacgt aggggaatgt    182340
     gatccttaca aagtgggaga ggctatggca gatatggtaa agactatttt ccatagactg    182400
     atttataagt caagtttgta aagtactaag gcaattaaga gaataagaaa aggcatgtaa    182460
     aaaggtctgt gtggtcactt gaaagcaaat gtgtccaaaa tttgtgataa gtcagagctc    182520
     caagggaaag gcatctacag aaaagcaaat tcagtaattg tgagccccca ggagcctcaa    182580
     aaccctaagt gaacagttaa taataaaaca ttcataataa agcaatgtag gtgaaaaaga    182640
     ctaagcttgt tccagaggtg aatagtcacc atccccttaa agtgtactag gagaagaaat    182700
     tgttccccag tggagaagct acagctcaag tgcagagact gtcagatgcc tggaagcctg    182760
     tgaggataca agaagtcaga gcatagccat gttccccctt caccctattt aaaagtctta    182820
     atctctgcac tggcaggatc ttgttcaaat cttgccaatt ggtggtggca catgccttta    182880
     atcccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaggcg gatttctgag ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta    182940
     ccaagtgagt ttcaggacag ctgggcatat acagagaaac cctgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa    183000
     aatctttcca gttcaatgag ttcaagtcta ttcctcactt tctcttctat tttatttagt    183060
     gtatcggggt ttatgttgag atctttgatc cacttggact aaggtttttg cagggtgata    183120
     aatatggatc tattttcatt tttctacaag cagacatcca gatcgaccaa caccatttac    183180
     tgaagatgtt ttcctttttc cattgtacag tcttggcttc tttgtcaaaa acaaacaaac    183240
     aaacaaaaaa aaaaacaaaa acaagtgttc ataagtgtat gggcatattt cagggtcttc    183300
     aattcaattc cattgatcat tatgtctatt ttcatgccaa taccatagtt ctgtaataca    183360
     acttaagatc tgaggtaatg ttaccttcag aagttattct attatttagg attacctttt    183420
     atttttttgt gtgatattta ccaaacgaac aaaccaacca accaactata tacagaaaac    183480
     caaaacaatt ttgaataaat cctgattttt tttttaagag tccgtttccc aaatattgaa    183540
     atagaattat tttggttaaa catagttctt tataaaccca gttgctgtga atgtcactgt    183600
     gggcagttca aactaatgtt agagattttt aaattttttt cttttaaatg ttatttttgg    183660
     tttgtttgtt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttattagtt cagtgtgagt    183720
     gctgtgctgc acatacacct tcagtccaga agagggcatc agatccccta atagatggtt    183780
     atgagtcacc atgtggttac tggaaattga actcaggacc tgtggaagag cagtcagtgc    183840
     tcttatacac tgagacaact cagcagcccc agcgttagag attttaataa acattactta    183900
     tcacacatgt cttgttgttc aagttccatc ttttattaac tctgtggggc ttttgctttc    183960
     cttctattgt gtgtttaagc cctttctagt tttgatctta tctttcctat ttaatcctta    184020
     tgacatattt tggcacaaaa aatccttcct cttcttttta attccttata tccaaacata    184080
     ttcccatact tgtatctttc ttcatatcta tctaccactc tttctttttt actttgtttc    184140
     ctttcttagt atcatgagat gtagcaacag aaacaagttc acttttgtca cttgggtgtt    184200
     tttaaaggct cgtttagagg ttgcagagat agctcagtgg ttaagagcac tgtttgctct    184260
     gacagaaggc ctgggtttgg ttctcagtgc ccacgtggtg tctcacaacc atccataact    184320
     cctataccag gggatctgac accttctgac ctccaggcat gcttgtggta cacagataca    184380
     catgcaagga aaacactcat aaaatattaa tttaaaatat gaaaaatagg ggcctgatgg    184440
     gatgactcag cgggtaagag cactgactgc tcttccaaag gttctgagtt caaatcccaa    184500
     cgaccacatg gtggctcaca accatctgta gtgggaacta gctccctctt ctggtgtgtc    184560
     tagagatagc tacagtgtac ttacatataa taataataaa taaatgtttg ggccagagaa    184620
     agtgggacct aactgagcag ggcaagagtg agcagaggtc ctgagttcaa ttcccagcaa    184680
     cgacatgcat gatggctcaa aaccatctgt acagctacag tgtattcata tacataaaat    184740
     aaataaaaat atgaaaaata aataactaat aaataaaaat gctcttctac atcctctccc    184800
     ctgctactct tacaagttgt agagttagag aatatacatt acagcaagaa ccaactggga    184860
     tgccaatgac tttgaatact gaatactctt ttgtaaacaa ggaaagaagt ggagcaggga    184920
     gggaattaac caaacccaga aggaacaagg aacagagatc aacaaaaggt agaaagcact    184980
     cattgctccc ctcaaaatgg tcatccctcc agagaggaga tatttggttt ttgaaaggac    185040
     agccagtgac atttttaaat ttcaaatctt aaattcaaat tttccagaga tgagctgtca    185100
     ggcatgacta agagggcatg agcaaagtaa ggttctctcc tcatgacata gtagttgaga    185160
     gaaatttgtt agctgggtaa tagtggcgta tgccttcagt cccaacactt ggggagtaga    185220
     ggcaggcaaa tctcttgagt ttgaggccag tctggtctac agaacgagtt ctaggacagc    185280
     caaggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa caaacaaata aactaattaa ttaaaaagaa    185340
     atgtttggct aaggcctttc cagatatttc acttgatggt aatttggggt gtggaggaga    185400
     ggccaagatt acacagaagg actgcaatct agaagaaact ctacaggctt tacttcaaca    185460
     gttatgtgct tacagctcac gtctggagag gactgtccaa gatatagaca ttaaaggcat    185520
     tccctgggct ccttgagtct atttgatttg attgtttgct tgtttgttca ccatcacaga    185580
     ggcctaagca tttagaggac tttggaaatg ataacatctg aacttcctcc agtagtcttt    185640
     ccaacagatg tattctcatt tgaggtagcc cctctgacca cagctacaac aggcaaaagc    185700
     cattttcctt ttgtcctcag gacttagatg caggttaact tacaatagta tggccacagg    185760
     agtataattt ccctcttgat ttccttgtcc atttctttaa tggccccttg atctccctta    185820
     taaaagatca tagtaggtgt tttaaggagg ttatctaaaa tccattcaat tcccatgaat    185880
     aacattatat tcatctaggt taaatcaaag aactgaataa aaccctgcaa acatcaatat    185940
     gtgtactgtt taggtcagtc tcagatcttg taaggaaaag gggatgttca gcagggtagg    186000
     tttccagtct gagaaggagg acatgacaag catacggagg gaatgggggt ggggggtaag    186060
     aaaacctttt ctattagaag gcttgctgca gcagtggaag gctactactg atatgggagg    186120
     cccttaggat acgagcagta aggcccagaa atgaggtctg tatataactt ttttcttaca    186180
     aacaaatcta tttattctct taatgttttg attaatactt cccgctggaa tttatttttc    186240
     tccatcttcc agtttatttt caagccaggc ttgaatgcag aaaaatagct agtggttctg    186300
     ttttatggtt tgagtggtca aatgaacttc actgacctat aatacatcct aaaggttcct    186360
     tgttacctat acaacagaaa gaatcatgtt gggatgactc ctatcatctt ttggaccttt    186420
     taccagagca ttcttttgga attctcctgt ccctctcatc atagatgact aagagtggag    186480
     gtgaaaatta ggctatcagt tgctctcacc agcatggcta taatatctgt cctttcctcc    186540
     ctcattagtg atcatgagga gatagagaac tatgggttta gtcaccctct ttgacatgat    186600
     cctaatgccc catgttcttg attaattctt cttacatttt gcctagttaa ctctaacctg    186660
     tctgtactag aacctatgaa aaatatctct gaagcaaata ttgacacttg ttatgtcaag    186720
     gaagtcagct aacttttatt aattatatga atcagcgaga ttcttgtatg tgtcaatcca    186780
     ccaatctcca acttttacct ttctttgaac ttcttttctc tcaaattcat aatctggcaa    186840
     atccatatta tgtacttcag cctggaagag gacacaaaga taacaaggcc taaggtgaaa    186900
     ccctcagtta aggctgctgg atcaagagag agagattata atttaccaca cctaacttaa    186960
     tttaaacccc tataatctag agaaatacaa ggacagagaa aacaaagata tctccaaagg    187020
     ccaggaagca gatgatatac aaatgttctt ttttctttag cctgtgtatg gcacaatagc    187080
     tggaaagcag aagtgagggt aaaagcttag caatgaagag gaaaataaga taaagcagga    187140
     aagaaaggat atgtggtcta tgatagcctt ttgtaaccgc ttttcttagc caattctcca    187200
     aaattaaatg agggttggag tcagaatgtt tacaatgatg gacattttat tgtcctgagt    187260
     gggcttaagc caaggactag gattctgggt gtttacaagt caccaaaatc tctgtggact    187320
     cagtggctcc tggtcctttg tctcaaaaac atgaccacaa atgaggtttt taaactataa    187380
     agagtttaaa actaatacag aggcagatac ttgaagccaa ccattggact gagcacaggg    187440
     tccccaatgt agtgcccaat tgtggagtta gataaagcac tgaaggagct aaaggtgttt    187500
     gcagccccat aggaggaaca ataatatgaa ctaaccagta tcctcagagc tccctgggac    187560
     taaaccacca acgaaggagt acacatggag ggacccatgg ctccagctgc atatgtagca    187620
     caggatggcc ttatctggca tcaatgggag aagaggctct tggtcctgtg aaggctggat    187680
     atcccagtgc aggggaattc gagggcaggg aggcaggagt gggtgggtgg gtgaacactc    187740
     tcataggggg agggtgatag gatatggggc ctttgggagg agggtaacca ggaaagggga    187800
     caacatttga aatgtaaata aagaaaatat ccaataattt tttttttaaa aagggaaaaa    187860
     aagagtgagt ctaagaagtt tcacttctac aaactaatgc tggcattcat agtgctggaa    187920
     ggtattataa atggtttttg gagaagaaaa gtaacctgcc agcaagataa acccctaagt    187980
     gcaatgggag taaccaacca cttttgaaat attacattca aggctcattc tatgaaaggg    188040
     cactgacaat aaggcctacc tagtatctga gagcacataa gtcacagacc taggggaaaa    188100
     cctagtacta gttcttattt tgctaaagga acacagtcat aaagtgactc ctgatggcac    188160
     attactctac ccatagagga cagcattgct cagctctcat cagagaagct tcttctgcac    188220
     taggtgagaa ttaacactga gatgtgcagc tggacagtat gcatccagtg tggtacaagc    188280
     acaggcttga atgaatgcca tactgctctc cttcctcaca gattcgggac tgatgtggaa    188340
     gaggctgcag agagaatgta agagctagat gtggtttaaa aaaaataagg aaataaggaa    188400
     acagcatttt ccagacataa cagggctgat ccagtggatc tacaatgaac tcagagactg    188460
     acaacaaaca caagacctga acaagttcaa accaaacaaa gccctaagag aaggtaaagg    188520
     gggcacacag tcctacctaa cttagaggct atttgtgatt tatagcttct gagagaagga    188580
     aatcatgttt attcaatgga gtgatattgt atatatcaac cacacaaagg tcaggcctca    188640
     tggtcaggag tagttgtctg ttgggttttt ttttgtttcg ttttggtttt tttgtgtgta    188700
     tgttcctgct ttagtttggt ttgggttttt ttttaaggta gagaaataac aagaaattag    188760
     gtgagtgggt ttatctggga ggagttgggg agagggaaga gtatgatcaa aatatattgt    188820
     acatatattt taaactataa aatgaaataa aatatttaaa aataaatttt atactagaaa    188880
     tcaagcaggg ctcttttata gcagcagagg ctccaagaga aggttgctag aaagtctatt    188940
     cctctgaggt taaaaaaagt agggacccca aaggaggata accactgagg catgtgatag    189000
     ctactcctag ttgacaattt gactatatct ggattgtagt tcattccaca tatagtcaag    189060
     ttgacaactg ggaatagcca tcacaatcca ccccttgtca acttaacaga aatcatatct    189120
     catgtccaaa tgaaaacaat aaccaggtca taaatatgtt caacataata taactattag    189180
     agaaccctga ctaattcaag gggcttttgt gtaagggtaa gatatgcttt gcatctaagg    189240
     aagtaatttt gaccttaaaa tttcttgtct gagatatcaa cattggcctg gttggaccat    189300
     ctggttcaac tgcagatgcc cagaaagtgt ccgtacatct ccccatcctg gtgacttggt    189360
     gactggtttc taatatacat cttgaagcac caatgaaatg tctgattaca catagcttcc    189420
     aggctgctgt gcttattatg tttctgtgca gaagaacagg acatatcaaa caacaacaaa    189480
     aggctctgaa agggctcctc tgaaccattt ctggaatttc tggtctctgt ctaggacaaa    189540
     actgccaata gaaccaagga cattgctgtc ttctggccaa gaaagaatcc tatgtttctg    189600
     aggtccccac ctaactgcct gacaagtgtc tgtctcctgt catcattgct aatatttttt    189660
     ctttagtatt tctttagcct cagactcctg aagtcaacta ggtcttgact ggaatggtgg    189720
     gtggtaggcc ttcagggagc ctgcccactt tttgcaaaaa aaaaaaagaa agaaagaaag    189780
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaaaga aaaaaaatcc    189840
     cagaaccagg aatggactac atccctatga cttgttgtcc agaaaagtac ccaaaccacc    189900
     caaatcaata cagtctgttg ccactgctgt tgactaccac cagaactaga ctataagacc    189960
     ctgttgctga agggcattac tttgctacat gacatggaaa aatcaggcta gcattgagct    190020
     gaaaacttcc ttcgtgccaa caggctttct tttttggggg ggtgggagga aaggatttat    190080
     tcagctgata tttctacatc aatcattgaa gaaagtcagg gtaggaacac aaacagggta    190140
     ggaacatgga ggcaggagcc aaccaaccag acctcccaga gctcccaggg actaaaccac    190200
     caaccaaaga gtatacatgg agggagccat ggctccaact gcatgtgtag cagaggatgg    190260
     ccttgttgaa catcaatggg aggaaaggcc cttggtcctg tgaagggtca attccccagt    190320
     gtaggggaat ggctagaaag acactatgaa aattgctggc atacaaaaac cagcagcagc    190380
     tatattgttt tagctttttg tgtgatatca actctataaa catgacaagc aagatgcacc    190440
     agttggtcta atagtgccat gattatcatt ggcacacaga ctgctttctg ttggaatatg    190500
     agacctgttc cacagtatgg aaatcacatc tggtactata agcctggtca aaagcccatg    190560
     gcaggggaga acatgggtcg gattgataaa cctactgttt tactgaattg acattatgta    190620
     cctgttaaat tgtatttcaa atatttgtct tcatactcaa gattatttct gctatctttt    190680
     gtcagaaaag cttcctgttg caataaacag agactcataa cttgtgaaag tactgagaat    190740
     aagtgacatt ttcttgtagt tttttgtttg tttgtttttt gagacagggt ttctaggtgt    190800
     agcactggct gtcctataac ttgctctgta gaccaggcta gtgtaaaact cagagatttt    190860
     gagtgctcag ccctaaatgg gacattcata tcactccatt caaaggccca gagaatactg    190920
     tgcaatggca tgggggacta aaacaataga actggaggac gtgagggtgc tgtggaatga    190980
     tctcctccaa gcatgacatg gctatgatgc ccatcaagag acttcataag attgagccca    191040
     ttaactgaag ttaatgtgtg agttcacaaa gctccgaccc accatcaaaa tatataggca    191100
     cttatataag ggaggggctt actatacttt cctcactcac ataggtagtt aacagttgct    191160
     aagagaggat gtgaggcatt tttcgcagtg ttgctgctgt ctataacttg cccatgctcc    191220
     tctaagtaac cctaattaaa ctcaacaagc ttcagaaagt gaaatttgag cagagtcatt    191280
     tctgcctcca gcagcaccct gcatagatac ttgtggtttt ggagaggttg tggttaggga    191340
     tgaaagaccc atccttcatg tgggtggcac aattccatgt gctcggcatc tcaggctgaa    191400
     tgaaggagaa agctggatga acagtgacat tcacctctgc ttctagactg ttgagacact    191460
     ggaaccagta tcctcaccat cttaatacta tatctacctc cacactatag gtgcaatgtg    191520
     tgctttgagc cttactatag tttgagcata gatattcaga attgagagtt catcttggta    191580
     gattttacct ttgatgagta tgaagtgccc ctccttgttt tttttttttt ttgttgttgt    191640
     tgttgttatt ttttgataac tttgagttgg aagtcgattt tattcaatat tagaatggct    191700
     aatccagctt gtttctttgg accatttgct tggaaaattg ttttccagcc ttttactctg    191760
     aggtagtgtc tgtctttgtc cctgaggtgg gtttcctgta agcagcaaaa tgttgggtcc    191820
     tgtttatgta gccagtctgt tactctatgt ctttttattg ggggaattga gtccattgat    191880
     attaagagat attaagaaaa agtaattgtt acttcctgtt atttttgttg ttagagttgg    191940
     gattctgttc ttgcagctat cttcttttag atttgttgaa ggattacttt cttccttttt    192000
     ctagggcgta atttccctcc ttgttttggt gttttccctt tattatcctt tgaagggctg    192060
     gattcatgga aagatattgt gtgaaatttg ttttgtcatg gattactttg gttcctccat    192120
     ctatggtaat tgagagtttt gctgggtata gtagcccttg gctggcattt gtgttctctt    192180
     agggtctgta taacttctgt ccaggatctt ctggctttca tagtctctgg tgagaagtct    192240
     ggtgtaattc taataggtct gtctttatat tttacttgac ctttgtccct tactgctttt    192300
     aatattctat cttcatttag tgcatttgtt gttctgatta ttatgtgtct ggaggaattt    192360
     cttttctggt ccagtctatt tggagttctg taggcttcct gtatgtttgt gggcatctct    192420
     ttctttaggt tagggaagtt ttcttctata attttgttga gatatataag ctacagaaga    192480
     aaaaaactgt gggggttgga acattgtttc tggtatatgt gtatgtaaga tttgtatgag    192540
     tgggagttgg agcactgttc cttccaccca tcaactatat gtgtgtatat gtatatgtat    192600
     gtgtatgtat gtgtatgtat atgtataagg gttatgtgat ttgggggcta gatcattgtt    192660
     ctttccaccc attaacgttg aatatgtata tgtaaagctt atctgggtgt gtattggagc    192720
     ttgatccatc caccaattgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    192780
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga aaatcttgga tcctgcttgc tggagctttg ctcctaacta    192840
     ttctatgtgt gaatgtgtat atatctgtct atagttctct ctatgtatgt atgcatagtg    192900
     agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagtt    192960
     ttctctttcc ttttcttttg cattggcccc taagagttaa aagagttcag agttttctct    193020
     ggccacaggg agtaccagcc ccagtaaatt aagctttgtt ccctcagaga aaaaattgcc    193080
     gaataacatc tctaatcact ggctgccatt ggcagcagcc cctgtaagta tctgtataca    193140
     ccccaatcag tggttctaag cactgacccc caacggctat ctacctcagt ttacccacca    193200
     actggatgcc aaagctgttc actggcaggg agagtgaggg gaaatctagg tggagtttga    193260
     gaggaggagt gtgatatgaa tatgattaaa atacattcta tacatgaatg gaatccccaa    193320
     agaacaaaaa tatattttac atatgttaat aaaagttcat gttttgttcc cttggactgt    193380
     ctttataaaa tgttatagat gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gtgtgagcgc gcgcgcgcgc    193440
     gcgcgcgcgc gcgcgcgcgc gcatgagcac tcatgatggg tttgtaagtg ctcggcccag    193500
     ggagtggcac tattagaggg cgtggccctg ttggagtagg tgtggccctg ttggagtagg    193560
     tgtggcccta ttggagtagg tgtgtcactg tgggcgtggg ctttaagccc ttcatcctag    193620
     ctgcctggaa gtcagtattc tgctagcagc cttcagatga agatgtagaa ctttcatctc    193680
     ctcctgcacc atgactgcct ggatgctgcc atgctcccac cttgatgata atggactgag    193740
     cttctgaacc tgtaagtcag ccccaattaa atgttggcct tataagacat ggtgtcaact    193800
     cacagcagta aagccctaag acgggggggg ggggtcataa acaacaaata ttgattttct    193860
     tacagttctg aataggaaag tctaaagatc aggattctga ccaagctggt ttcattttat    193920
     tattattaat tatatttatt tacatttcaa atgttacccc attcctggtc ttacctccac    193980
     aagccctcca tcctgggccc ccttccccct gtttctatga gggtgctccc ctgcccaccc    194040
     acatactccc tcctcacccc tctagcatcc cccttcgatg gggcaacaag cctccacagg    194100
     actaagtgcc tctcctctca ctgatggcag atgaggcagt cctcagcttt aatttctcta    194160
     ttgagtttcc tacagttctg aataggaaag tctaagatca agattctgac caaactgatt    194220
     tcttacaatg tgtctcttcc taacctatag atggctgttt tcttttgtgt cctctgtgta    194280
     cttacatggc attttaaagg gcctcgtgaa tgctaagcac tacctctccc accacgtata    194340
     cccatagcct cttgttttag tttgatttcc tagtgctgtg aagaaacact ctgaccaaaa    194400
     gcaacttgaa gaagaaatga tttatttggc tcacttccag gtcatgctcc ataatgttgg    194460
     aaaattgagc tcagaaccta aaagcaggct atctgctatt gcacacagaa ttacctccca    194520
     agtgggaact ctgaagtcta tcagaatcca tgaaggtatg ctacatggta gcttgctcat    194580
     atgatcttgc ttcactagca ttttttatat agctcaggcc cacctgccca gggaatggtg    194640
     cttcccatag tgaatcgggc cttcctacat caacttatga ccaagacaat cccctacaac    194700
     agacatgtgc acaggtcagt ctgatctggg aaaatccttc caatgagaca gccttctcag    194760
     gctactccag gctatgtcaa gttgacagta aacgctaact aagacactcc tctttggttt    194820
     tttgttttgt tgctgtatgt gtataggagc acaagctcaa gtgtgtgttg ttcttcttca    194880
     ctatgacatt aatctattct gatcagggcc ttttgccttc aggaccaaaa tagcacccaa    194940
     agtccccatc atcacattct aggaagtcag aactccaacc tggacatttg aagaaaatgt    195000
     gaccatttgg tacctaacaa tgaactaaac atttgcctgg gttgtagtga tgcatgcttg    195060
     tagttccagc acttagcaga tggaggaaga ttatagcatg tttgaagtca gcttggtata    195120
     cacagtgagt tctaggccaa tgagggttac atagtgagac cctgtcaaaa ataaataaat    195180
     aaaacaaaaa ttggacccta gacacttgca gatgattttc tactgtatct gaagacgttg    195240
     ctttacccca aattaccacc tcttggatgc aggatgatta cttaagctga gatgggcatg    195300
     ggttactcta tgtccaggtc tgtctttatt cagagagcca ccaaatactg cctttatatg    195360
     tccttagtca gctctgggtt agtggtctcc ggttcatgtc taatgcaacc acaggcaaaa    195420
     gctcttcttt tttgtttgtt ttcgagacag ggtttctgtg tgtagccctg gctgtcctga    195480
     aactcactct gtagaccagg ctgacctcga actcagaaat ccacctgcct ctgcctccca    195540
     agtgctggga ttaaaagcat gcaccaccac tgcccagccc aagaagcgct tcttgatcct    195600
     gtagccatgt acaaagccaa gagaaaataa attctgggta ttgcaaccaa agcaaaatga    195660
     acagagtaat aagtctatcc taggaagtga atgttctaga tttatcagat attggcttga    195720
     ttttcataat gatgatttgc ataacacgtt aaatgttaaa cttaacataa accaagggcg    195780
     gaagttctga gggcgtgttt ggagcatgtg cttgccctac agatggttgg gaggtggatt    195840
     tgtggaattg gagttgggga gagtaggatg agagaagaac ggagtaggaa ttgaaaacac    195900
     aaaaaaacaa aaaccaaacc atggaattgt ttatatttta aagaagtgtt atcagcactt    195960
     aaggacctcg ggttatcccc atccagaaac ttccctggaa cctgaaacta agagtgggaa    196020
     aaatgtttgt ttgtcatata gagaacttcc tcggcctttt ttttaacccc ctatgtccac    196080
     agtgtagagc aaagcttgcc atgcatgacc aaacctcaga ggttgtactg tcctgattgc    196140
     tcaggctggg ctggttgagg gtagggtgtg ggttggcgac ccgcaggttc ctgggcacag    196200
     caggtgggcg gggaatccgt ggtgggaccg tgtggctagg gcgccacgca ccgccctccc    196260
     gcaccgaccc cgcctctccc gcccccgcgc gcgtggcctt ctgggtaacg cggggccgcc    196320
     aggtgacagc taatggcggc ggccgcttga cgcgagcggt caagcagcga agcagggcgg    196380
     cagggggcgc gtcggggagc ctggctgccg ctgcactccg gactgtggct caccggaggc    196440
     gccgggcttg acgcgtcatg gacaggccag tggcggcggc ggccgccgca tctgcggcga    196500
     gctgcgaggg cgctgggggc ccggggccag ggccgggcgc tagctggaga ccctctcggg    196560
     ttgcgggggg cgcctcggcc agctcccggc accccagcat tgagaccctt gacaggtaag    196620
     tagggtcctg ggtgccacag actctcggtg cccagctcaa ggcccggcgt cgcctccggg    196680
     ctcccggctg ggagccaagg cgggggtggg cggcttgtcc acagccacct ctagccttcc    196740
     tgggacttag ggccgctgct ctaggacctg cctggggttg gccacctgct tacttccgcc    196800
     tagcgagccc aacagttctt ggcttcagag ctgtcaaacc cgggccaatg cctactgctc    196860
     cttgaggact ccttttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtggcc agagccaagg    196920
     atcctccggg gcgggggggg ggggcggcaa tgtcagttgg ctgcttttta gcttcaattt    196980
     ctgtctaaat cgtgtgattt ttaagatcca gttccgctgc cgctgcttgg gggtggagac    197040
     tgggaggtga gaccccatag gcagcagatt tgtcacagat ggtggtaaag atacagattt    197100
     gggaaactga gatggactac ttccataatc acgaggcaag aatactgttg tgtactttca    197160
     gttctgtaca ctttgaaggg cacagtattt tttttcctct tgggtgcatg agtcccctgc    197220
     ttctgagata gatttaaata tgtcagttca aggcatacct gccatgtgca actgggaaag    197280
     gccaccaccc agtcgggtaa tgacaagaga tgtctggaac atccagtttc cccacttaga    197340
     cacttgggca aaagacagtt gttatgtggc tcagtgggtt tgagctgttt atccctgcct    197400
     gtcttagtca ttccagtgtg ctgaactttc gggagtttcc aatgacaggc aggggagcaa    197460
     caagcactac tcttgtcacc tttctagctc agtttaatta cagtatgtaa tctcagatta    197520
     atacattaat cacctagcaa cagacttcac caaaaaccaa ccacagctaa gccatccctt    197580
     gtaaacatga ggactttact cacctgaaag tattcagcaa cacatgagtt cttgtctatt    197640
     cacaaaatgc cacactatgt atgactttat ggctctaagg ctgatgattg aaactgcatg    197700
     tgttaagtgc taggctattg gtaaaacaga aagatgatat tcatgtggtg gcataggcct    197760
     gaatcattga agtagctgaa agatattatt ccaatatgcc tcattcagtg tttattagga    197820
     actacaagtg accatgtcct actctcaagg atttggattt gggactttta gggcaggtgc    197880
     aaatttgttt tttttttcaa aaactcttta tatattatag cctcagttgt taaccactat    197940
     gctttggctg gtaattcaag gatgtaaagg tgttagtgat gtgggcagta aggaaggaag    198000
     tcagacattt gaattgagga aagaatgaag ttagctacaa catggactgg agagagcact    198060
     ttgtccaaga gatcagaact ttttgccttg tagggaaatg ataagaaaga tggcctggtg    198120
     cctgtcagaa tgagcagact accttcctat gaacttgagc tttcatccca tctcaggatg    198180
     tgaatggttc tcttaacttt catcagaatc atctcacacc agtcaagtga aaattcaggt    198240
     tcttggggac cacgataagt ctagtctgtt gaaaacttaa accaggaagt cttagacatc    198300
     catctggggc ttcagttcat gggacagaag gaggacacag aaggtggatg cagttcaggg    198360
     ggaaaaaact agaatggtaa taggactggg tggactttca aggtacttag cacttaccag    198420
     agaagcaggt gcctgatttg ctgtgagggg tgtgtgcatt gtggccacat gaggtcagct    198480
     tggaaaaaac aaagctgctg aagcagacgc caaagaaaag catggagggc agggagaaaa    198540
     ggtcaggtca ggtcaggtca ggtcagacat ctcaacatgc atacttttct ttgaggagtg    198600
     acacccctaa agggaagttg ctctctgtga gcttgtctta aatatgtccc atgaaccttg    198660
     aggccctcct agtcttcaga gtatttcact tctctcagag aagcagctgt ggtcctttga    198720
     gaggatgtgg cttcctaaag gttacatatc tagttggtga cagaaacagg acttgagcct    198780
     agaccttctg ttggctagcc cattatacca ctctgtgttc tgaaccaggc catttcctgc    198840
     tgcagatgaa aagtaaatca gcaacaataa cccacccttt tctcaaaaca gcataatcaa    198900
     ctttaaggca caaaggagat attttggttc acaaactgct ccagagagaa agagataggc    198960
     atggacacaa ctggggctaa ggactgcttt tgaaacagtg tgctagagct ctctatctct    199020
     tgggtttgtg attttttaaa aataatatct catttaattt atcctgtgtg ttctttaaag    199080
     tggtagaaat aggcttctag aaagcctgtg gtagaaccat acagcaagga tccaaaagga    199140
     atcctgggac tccctgagca actcatctac aaggaagggc aggaagaggt aggccaaccc    199200
     caggaagcag tggatctcaa gtctgcaaag taaagagaag tgtccttatt ggaagaaggc    199260
     acggcaggat ctagtcagcc gttaatttcc tctggttggc tttatgtgtt tgtaatcagg    199320
     aatgggtgct tgtggtaaaa gggcaaaaaa ggaaacttgg tgtggcagtc tctaccaata    199380
     aacactgcac tcaaaatcag gcaaaattgg tgcatataca aggacaatat agtggtaaac    199440
     agtgagttcc aggccagcct gtactagaga ataagactgt ctggaaaagg aaaggagcag    199500
     tcaaaggggg ggggggggat gggacatgtc agcattcaat cccagcacag aaagatctct    199560
     gagtttgagg ctagcctgga acaccaagct ctggaacagc taggactaca taagtatgta    199620
     gagagagacc atatttcaac acacatggaa atgtctttct cctttccccc tgccacttag    199680
     aaattgtgat agagttctaa cttctactaa gatcatggaa tcttagtgta tcatcgaact    199740
     ttaaacctat tcagcaaata ttttacatat attttcaact ttaatgactt aactacctta    199800
     atcagagact acaaattaga tggatgttct gtccttaaaa cacatgagtg tgaatgtaat    199860
     ttgtgatgtt tttgttttgt ttccagacaa aagctaactt tgtggtaaaa ggtcctaagt    199920
     aaaagttttg tcctcttgct tgatcttttt tcctgtattg acagatctgg aaaggtgcct    199980
     ggctctcgag ggcaagtttt aaatccctgg ccacctagtt tgcctttgta gtctattggg    200040
     tcaggtgagc agagaccaag atcttacagt gatatgacca tggacaaaac tggaagctca    200100
     gttttctttt ctataaaatg ggtcactggg ggggggggcg ctaggtaaca ctgcctttta    200160
     cactagcaga gggttccatc tcctttgcaa actgttgtat ttccgtattg aggcagtgtc    200220
     ccagcatgtg tggtactgcc tttagctcag taagtcagtc attgtgagct gtgctgctcc    200280
     ctggagtggt ggccatgttc ctgggtatat tgtggcttca gcacctccat ttccttatcc    200340
     agtcaagttg gctggtgtct attctgccgt tttgtcacaa ctggttataa agctttgagt    200400
     tattagctgg aagaagcttt tttcagtcgt taaaacattt acagaaatgt aatgcagcat    200460
     cattacttta tataaaatac cttttctagt ctgttctata ttaactcacc atcagtttaa    200520
     ctctagtaaa agtacactgt tttctagatt tgaaactgta aacgtgaatt tggttgaatg    200580
     ttgtttgaaa atcatgtttt aatgtaaata tttcactttg gaattaattt cctatatata    200640
     ctatgttaat ttatatatgt gtatatatac atatgtgtgt gtatgtatat atacactata    200700
     tcttccatat aattttgata gaattctaca atatgttaga gagtaacatg cttaactaaa    200760
     tacctgtaat cattttaaaa ttatttattt tatgtgtatg gatgcatgtg tgtctgtgtc    200820
     aatacatgcc tggtgcccac agatgccaga aaagggcatt ggaatctttg ggacttgagt    200880
     tacagaaaat tgtgaatggt cacatggaca atgggaacac gaacctagtt cctgtaaaga    200940
     ggtgctattg ctcttaacca ctgagctgtc tctctagacc taacatctct gatcttaaag    201000
     ttttagtaaa aggttgatta actcatctaa aaccaaccta gaacctaatc ttattttctg    201060
     ttttgtctat tattgattct tacgttaagt agaaaggcaa ccaaatagtt taaaacattg    201120
     gggtgcatat ctataatttc agcacttggg aggtagaggc tggagcatgg ggagttcaag    201180
     gctatcctca gctacatagt gatttgaggc tgtctgggct gtacatgaga gactgatttt    201240
     aaaaatgaca tctatattat atctatatat tcctacccag gacacttttt tctcattagg    201300
     agtctgtgtt taaagggttt taaccacact gtttctttta gtcctacagg gtcacatgtt    201360
     gaatggtgta aacagcttat agctgctaca atttctagtc agatttcagg ttcagtgaca    201420
     tcagaaaatg tgtcaagaga ttacaaggta agcggcattg agtgtttaat tcattattat    201480
     atagaatagc tgattcgtag ccaagaatgt tgtagtttag ttcatgtgag cttttgacca    201540
     cttaattttt attgtccttt ggaggtggtg aggacaaagg ttctctagtg ttcaatctga    201600
     aatacagata gatagagata gaaatataga tagagataga aagttctacc tatttttctt    201660
     atttgtggtt ttataattaa cataaagaat gtcctaaggt tttgatcaat ttttttttaa    201720
     aaaatcaagc tctattttat gagaaatgta tagtgggcat aatagtgcat gcttgtaagg    201780
     ccaatactac ttacaaggga gttagaggcc agcccattgt ccatagagaa acttcaaggc    201840
     cagaggaggt taccaagtga gatttcccat cgaacagcag gcaaacaaaa agaaacatgt    201900
     ttgctttttt tgttactgtt ttatgtagca atcaaacctg gatgccagca ctgtacttca    201960
     caaacatggt tttgtattta ggcattgcac ttgcatagtc atcattagca aggatactac    202020
     aattctaaac catttacagg gctcaaaaca ggacagcctc attgttttat gccttactgg    202080
     agtgataaac ttttgtttta aaagttggat tctctgcatt ttctaaggtt aagagtgagg    202140
     cttcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagccgggcg gtggtggcac atgcctttaa tctcagcact    202200
     tgggaggcag aggcaggcag atttctgagt ttgaggccag cctggtctac agagtgagtt    202260
     tcaggacagc cagggctaca cagaaaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaaacaaaa caaacaaaca    202320
     aacaaacaaa caaggcttct tgttggcata gactgttttc tagcactgtt ctagttctta    202380
     acagataggt ggcgttgcct ttaatcccag tctacacaga gaagccctgt ctcggaaaaa    202440
     aaaaaaaaaa aaccaaacaa acaaacaacc aaacaaacaa acaaaaaaat agtcattgaa    202500
     tgaatcaact agcaaaaatc tcagatgttc catctttgtt caggctataa actagaattt    202560
     aattccagta tgctgttaac agatacacag tgaaactgct ttgatatgtt ctttgtgttt    202620
     gcttgagggg gtttttttgt ttgttttgtt gttgttgttg ttgtttttgc ctggcaggca    202680
     tggtgaatac attccctttt cagtgagtag ctcttagaag atggcaaatc tcacaaatag    202740
     ttcaagagct tcagccaaca tcctaagctt gcctaagatt accaaagtta atagaaatcc    202800
     tataacctgt tacttcgaaa actggcagta taccccttaa cagtggccct accttttgct    202860
     tttcatgcat ggcgacaagg tggggggtgg gggcacagaa gctcttgatc tctaaaacct    202920
     agttaggacg ccactctagg gagatgattt gccggagcag caggatccca cagatcccag    202980
     gtagcatatt gcccccactt tacttgaaat ggcccactgg atgacccttc tcagaagaga    203040
     atgacactca tactctgggg tgattattgc caattataag ttaactgtaa atttttcata    203100
     atggcttaat ggtgtcctgt gggtcctgga aaagagtaaa caaatgcact taggaagctg    203160
     aagcaggagg atcaattcta gtttaaggat aatttgagct gcatactgag ttcactgcta    203220
     atgtgggcta cagtataaga ccatgtctca aaatactaaa acaaataata acaagtaaca    203280
     atggaatgcc gactagcttt ctaatgtatt ggttggctgg atctttaaca tgaaataact    203340
     aaattttatc attttaatct atttaaaatt tttgtatagc agaatcagct catattagaa    203400
     tggttcccta ggttcttttc ataaaaagta aggttcttat atattttgga aattgaggtt    203460
     taagtcccta tatcagatca tagtcaaacc tttgatggat tattcatgtt ttataactaa    203520
     atctacaaat ttgtcattaa gtttataatt tgtaagttat actttcttca gagaagtata    203580
     ttttaatcat aaaagcataa aattatccta aactacacaa aagtggtata ccttctacaa    203640
     ataaacttag agtaacagtt ttgggccttg gagaccctct ggcataggag ccatggtatg    203700
     gagctgagca taaatgtcca gatacaattt caggacgatt gaagttgtag ctactaatag    203760
     aaaagattta aaattatcta ttgtgtaatt atcttcctta aaacacacag atatttggtg    203820
     cagacgtctc tccccttcct actaccatcc cctcttgtcc cttctcttct ttcaagtgcc    203880
     ctccccttct ctagttcttt cctctcaaat ttcctcccag tgttccctcc ctccttccta    203940
     tctcttccct cccccttccc cctttctctc tctactcccc tcctgtcttc ttccgtctac    204000
     cctgtcttct ttctgttccc ctattcccta gtctctcctt tctcccagtc cttttgtcat    204060
     ctcttccctc ttcttttctg tctcctcccc ttttcttctt tccccttgtc tcctgtccct    204120
     tccccctccc ctttccttct ttgccccttt ttcccatctt ctcccttcct ttcccctcct    204180
     ctactctccc tgacctttct cttctactcc tcttcatcct ttctcttgcc cgcttctctt    204240
     ttcccctccc attcctttct ttccttccat ttcccactct acttacctcc ctttctagcc    204300
     catttcctct tccataggtc ttctttctcc tcctttctct tctctcattc ctcctctcct    204360
     gtttctcttc ctccttctct gcttctccac ttttcctcta gattcttcaa cacggtactt    204420
     ttctcatctc tccactcttt ccctgccatt cttctcctcc tgctttctgt gtttagtccc    204480
     ttctgcacct ctcatttctc ttcctcaggc agctgtcctc tcatctatac ctttcccctg    204540
     tgctcttctc gcttccccac cctcttctcc ttttcctgct cctctctctt cctatcctgc    204600
     ttcccctctc ctttttatac tctcctctct ctctcctttg cttttttatt ccttcctctc    204660
     ccctctacac aaactctaca tcttcatgac tcttccctct agatagtcgg gagtacaggt    204720
     gtgctctgcc atacagttct catgctcatg gaaagacaaa tattaacaca aatggtatgc    204780
     agttacaaca agctcaactt gtagaggtgg aggtgtgaaa tggcaggtac ttgccaggca    204840
     ttgtcatagc tgaaagcaca gacaggtggt actagttaat aatacatctt tactttattg    204900
     ttacttgcta ttaaatacca agccatccta aagattaacc tgagaattaa tatcattaaa    204960
     agaaatataa gaaaaggttt tcttttgctt actctctgct tgctaactca attgctttca    205020
     tctaactagg ccaacataca gaaaaaaatc atggggttgt tttatgaata tgatcaaaat    205080
     acattgcacg aagttctcaa agaataataa ggacattgtt ttaaaattct tgcccttaaa    205140
     tttattttta aaaatatgac cgttatctta ctgtattttt catagattag atacaataat    205200
     agttagaaat tatactaaaa tatttctagt gactgaagaa atgatacaac caatcatagc    205260
     ttccattatt tgcaaagtac aacttggctc ggaagaggga gtttatagag tagtacaaac    205320
     agtgctgact agctctgtga tcttgtgtaa tccctgtgta tgaccttgta tagtcttgag    205380
     agtttccttg actatatacg gctaagagga ttatggtcag attttaagtg tttaaatgcc    205440
     tttgtttcta gaatgctttt cagttatgtt tgattctggc ctgccttcta ccaatgagtc    205500
     tactatggga gcatcttgct tcttctgctc taggattacc atcgttactt ctctgtccct    205560
     ctgtggtgtt ttgcaccccc cccttttcat tgtgtatgca gtaatagcta gatatattct    205620
     ttaaatagtt taaactacaa cagaggagaa aattggaatg gcagcataca cattttcttc    205680
     cttttcttag tttggactat ttagatcaga aatctagcta ttattgaacc aaaagaatgc    205740
     tgtattaatt tctggatcct caacagaaat ttccagaaga gctttgaagg aaagggggtg    205800
     acagtatatg gggaatacat tattatgcgt gacttaggtc ttggtttatg tttatgtttc    205860
     ctgagtttgg tgctaacctt tgaaaaggga agtttgagca tgccctttca ggattcactg    205920
     tcataatcta tggctgaaaa cccaacttta tgagttactt attatttgta gactgcagac    205980
     tcagatgcct acatgagaca agcatctctt tagcaaggag ggcagatata agagagagat    206040
     gtggagaatt gaaggtataa tatgccccca tagaagcatt ttttcaaagt ctcattgcta    206100
     tctgcttgag caatagctgt ccagtttaaa atcacttaat cctgacttaa aggcactgct    206160
     ctctcctctg gcttacatca gaatccaggt caagaaggaa ataagtgtct atatgtacta    206220
     aagggatcgt ttcaggagag gagcaaaggg agccagaaac atacccacaa gactttgagg    206280
     caagcccctg caaacctacc actctcctgt ctggactgct gaggctttcc ttagagtagc    206340
     ttaagaagcg tgtgagcaga aacactggat actacactgt ccctttctaa actgcccagc    206400
     cattttctta gcaaaggcac tggcagaaaa gtggtggcca attatatgct gttggcttct    206460
     tcaacaaact aaagaaagtt aagacatccg gaaactttta ctcccaacca tgtgtctttg    206520
     ttcatgataa attactatta ctatgtgtgg ggcctggaga tgatcttcca catctatgtc    206580
     aggattttca ctggctttac cttgtatagg tcttctgcag ataaccacag ctgctgagtt    206640
     cacgagtgtg atagccatgt catgtgcaaa aaccagcatg tcacagcacc ccttctcatc    206700
     ctccgctgct tacgttcttt ccacctattc ttcacagtgt tccctggtgg cagaaaggga    206760
     gactgtggaa atagatgtca cagtcaggac caagcactta gtatcttatt ttcagcactt    206820
     tgatcagtta tacatctttc cattgactac tgtccactgc aaacagaagc tcctccaagg    206880
     ttgagagcag caaacatcta tgagtataaa tataaataca tacaaggcaa tttgatagca    206940
     tgagcactga ggaaaagaac aagagtgatt tctaccttag ggcttataaa ctcaccagcc    207000
     atgtcttaag tctaataaga aagcattcag cactctagag cagtcatgcc actatcacac    207060
     cagtggacaa atctcttcta gtaagttgat cctttagtgt actgggtccg gtcctatata    207120
     agaacttaaa tgtcttttct ctgccatcag cctacactgg gggggggggt ttctggtgag    207180
     tttgagaatg atttttttat gtgttgcagc cagagtatgt gggtgttttc aacaatcagg    207240
     gattgctatg tagttatggt gggtaaccaa aagcaatggc aatagcctgt ggtagtttgg    207300
     tgacctggga cctacctgac caatacttgt agggaggtat tccttgcctt gtactgctat    207360
     ttgcattcaa taactcatgt cttctgggaa caaaattgtc caaccatgta gggtaactcc    207420
     atttgggttc ttttatttac attgttaatg ctgaaacagg gaaagctttg tgttcatgtt    207480
     cctgttaagg tgatcttctg cctctttagt aaatccggta aagctaataa tctggcaatt    207540
     gtcctttttg atgaagtgtt tcttattcaa catctagtgg ttggatggat tcaacagcca    207600
     gtgtcgtatg tagtacagag agattcaagt tctccccaga atgtaacaac aattcgtttt    207660
     cctagagttt tttgtcccca tgtgctgttt cttctaacta gagctttccc acacagaggc    207720
     tgcatgttca gttaggattc tttgaccaca gacacaggaa tattacttct gaaattagtg    207780
     tttcttgctt aaataaagca tgcttttact tttccttcag ccactacctc ttcctccttg    207840
     gagcttcctc tttgctgcca tctccatcag agaaggcacc cagcttccag tagaggaacc    207900
     acattagaga atttcatgct gtagtcccga taggaattgg aaatgaattt aaagagaaac    207960
     caggttaagc tttgtgacta tctcactgtt aggttattga attcatacat agctaaactg    208020
     ggttctggat ccagtttggg gtttctggtt ttgtgggaag gcctgagagc ataactccct    208080
     ttttatatca ttgcttctat actgaaaata ccttcaattt tctaaacaga aacgtttact    208140
     tttgaaatgc agcctgttca caatagcttg tgaaagcact tgccagaaaa gatttgtgtt    208200
     taaaaggttg gagatgaggg agatacattt cttcaaaaca gatacttccc tgaaaattac    208260
     aggacaaatg tgttagacat tgatttgata gtgaataaaa cttcaagggt taatatatta    208320
     tagaggatta cactatttct tagggactag gctgttgaat ttaatggcat ctttcacagg    208380
     tcagtaagaa tatttccatg atgatgatgt tctgtatttt aactaacagg ttttcaggag    208440
     gcctgatacc agggtaagga gatttggctt gtggcagatg ggcctcctgc ttgtatatgt    208500
     ctgttttatg agcacttggt ttgtatgagt cactgatcag tttgctgtgc tgtgtcatag    208560
     ctttaagtgc tttctggaaa tgctttcttt gctacaggtt tttaaatgtg cagtttttaa    208620
     aaaaaatgtg tcaaggcagg gaaaattgtt cccagtgtgc tatactgact ttcctcagac    208680
     cacatgaatt ctgacccaat ggatggtcat ggccagcgct ataactctag ggctatgttg    208740
     tccctttttt aaaaatatgc ttttaattga aacagaatta tatcactttc atccctcctt    208800
     tccttcttct ggcccttcta aaaacccctc actcttttgg agttgataga ctgtttcttt    208860
     gattattatt gtttcgtaca tacatatata catatataca tgtgtgtata tgtacgtgca    208920
     tattactcat gcttgtgtta tttatgctga agaacttagc aaccaaaata gtgatcattt    208980
     tttgtccatc cactctaagt atgactttaa gtcatgcttg tgtttgcatg ttcaatccaa    209040
     aaaagcttaa gcactaatct tgaagcaagc tttacaaaaa tgagtatttt tataaataca    209100
     gctacagctt ttcttttcct catgattttc cttccctcta tttcagaata ttcataaagc    209160
     aagacaaaga ttggtaattt gcatgcatct aactcctagt gttagacatg aaaaaaatta    209220
     acctattttc attaaatgga aacaatctgg attttcatag tatgattgaa ctgcttctgt    209280
     ttgaaaattg caagcttatt gaagccagtg cagtcataca gaaatagccg agttgagtaa    209340
     aactcttcct ctattagttg gtttaccatc ttacctcatt ttctttggct cgtgagaatc    209400
     attttctttc attgattcac acagttaaat attagtgttt ggcttacact tgcatggagt    209460
     ttgaagtact gtaagaattt gttttaagga atcactaatt tttctgtttt aacattttaa    209520
     aaaccacaca atgaatggtt ctgttgttta tacatgtaaa aattagaaat ttcaacaaaa    209580
     caggctggat taaaaaccta cactgccttt gatataggta gttataaatt cattctgagt    209640
     ataaaaatgt gttctgtagt tactgaagtt tattgaccag tttgtaaatg tgtgaagtag    209700
     taaattcatt caaagctttg caactttttc tgttgccatt ggaactaatt tcatattagt    209760
     tttaatattt tcactgttag cactgttaga aatttgatgc tactttaaaa gggggttata    209820
     ttcctgtcac attggttcta tgaaaaatta agaatagcat gtctttaaac agatagaata    209880
     aaatgactat gcaagactta atcttgtctt tgaagcatgt ttttgatatt gttagaaata    209940
     tttaatgtga tgttaattgt aagtcacagt atttaattgg taataagcaa taaaccagta    210000
     cacatgtatt tatatgtgta tatattatat ataaaatctt gagcatgtgt tacgtgcatg    210060
     tatgcaatga aatttacccc tgggtaatat aataatcctt tagcatatgc aaatcctact    210120
     ctggttaagc tactcatgta tgaactgcct atgtagtttg gcttgacgtt gccttttatg    210180
     tggtttctgt ggtgtgcttt atgagcacat gatgtgcctg ttatgttctt tgctatttgc    210240
     tatggtgttg cttagtttta taaaaatggt gcattgtttg aaatccatga tgtttgtttg    210300
     cttttcattt ttctacccca acacaaacac agaaaataga cactacattt taggctgagg    210360
     atgctataga tggtccacac gttatttcct taactcgaag ggggcaagtg tggtgatttg    210420
     caaagccgta aaaggtgtgt caacttttac atgcttactg tctcttaaag aaattctgtc    210480
     ctttcacctg tctgtttgca cgtgtttctc tttctcttct ctgccctttc ttgtccatgc    210540
     acctggtgct gtgcaggagc tagaggaaga acacaatggc tacccttctg aagctgaagc    210600
     tgatcaggtg gcaagttcta catgttcatc tgtttgtagc tacagaccgt gtatctagaa    210660
     gtcatttcat actagatatc taggcaataa gcaaagcttg ccagttgctt ttactactat    210720
     aatagtgctc ttctgtctgt atttggtaga ttccattgtg acattatttg caaaaattgg    210780
     tttatccaac attttgtcaa gtagaaattg gttcatccat acttcttggt tccccaagat    210840
     agggttacat gacctccagc actataagac tatgaagtgt ttttaacaag gacctagagg    210900
     ggtgaacaca aatgccacag gttttttaca agggtgtgga tatttctgta ctcaaagctg    210960
     cacagtgggg cttaaggtta aaagcactgg ctgctcttca aattcccagc acccacatgg    211020
     catctcacag ctgtctgtaa ctccagttcc aggtgatcca gtgtcgtctt ctggccacgt    211080
     ggtggcaaat atatacacat gaaggcaaaa tacccataca cataaaataa tgtaatataa    211140
     tttttaaagt tacattgtgt gtgcctaaca cagcacttgg tgtttcatat ttgtggaatg    211200
     agcatatata ctttattttt attaatcaga attcagaatc ttgctgtttg cttcatactt    211260
     tcagatgttc tccagattca tgaagcagcg atgtctttcc cgctattgat atagaaaccg    211320
     aataggcgag tcctgtagaa gagcagttct ggggatgcct tgcaagcctc aagtgtcagc    211380
     cttgtatttg tcctctatcg tctgtgtaga accacctccc ttcattgacc ccagaagcat    211440
     cttttaggac tcagttagaa aatcgctgtt tgggcatgca gctgttacat aagctgtcca    211500
     cctggaagtt ttgattcacg cttatgaaaa ccgtgcaaag gtcagagtca tttaggtggg    211560
     ttggaccctc ggggacaaag tcaggaggtt gtagatctca gctggacact cagaagctaa    211620
     gcaccaaggt tgagatgagc tcatagggaa ttgctcaact gggcaacatt gtgaaaagag    211680
     gcaccaagag cagttgagtg tgtttatgag atcaaattca ctccatcttt tagttgcgct    211740
     atatataggt tggataaatc aagggtcaaa tcatgtcctg tgcaacctag tagttgcagt    211800
     gaaagcttaa tacagcacaa gtgtgagtcc catctcctaa cacagcttca taaagggaat    211860
     ctactgtact caccaaaaca tgagccttct attgtctctt ggcttcctat gtttaagcta    211920
     aatgtataac tttctcttct agaagaatct gaagcattgg ggccatttct ttgtgttatt    211980
     cagatcgatg ctttttcatc ttttaaaaac atgtcccgta tttaatgatc attagtgaaa    212040
     gttttgtctc acagtgttca tcaacacatt catgcctcat gaaatgcaca aatgtttcta    212100
     gtcatatttg actatgaata tgggacaaga agacaaccag ttgttcctta ctctttatct    212160
     tgagagcctt gtgcatgctg ccagggtttc attggctagc ccaggcttga gatcttgaga    212220
     atggctgatg tggcttgctc taaagctgaa aaggcatctt ctcttcccaa atgccatcca    212280
     gatgctactg cttagagaag ctgcttttca taagcagctt ccaaaataac ctctcctctg    212340
     ttagctttaa atataaggta tggcatcgca gtttataggc tataatattt gctcactaaa    212400
     gtaagcctta acaatgtaac attgaagtaa tttacaattc caacctcaat taaagtagct    212460
     ttttcacttg gtaattaagt tacaaaatta gcctccactt cagttaaagt aggccctcaa    212520
     attaaggctc ctgttaagat tgttggtatt ttagtgttta taaaacaaat tgttgcaggg    212580
     tggtgtggcc cacgccttta atcccagcat tcgggaagca gaggcaggca gatttctgag    212640
     ttcgaggtac agagtgagtt cgaggacagc tagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa    212700
     aaaagaaaca aaaaaaatgt ttacaagtat acatattgtt ttatgcctca ttgaatgaaa    212760
     agcatattcc caaatcagat atagtaaaaa ggaatctata attggggcta agggtgaagc    212820
     tcagtaatag accatactta cggccttggg tttgataccc agtgaccaaa acaagtataa    212880
     tgaaatgatt gtaaaattgg acattacatg taaaaagaaa gtcaagttta tatgaaaatc    212940
     ttaggagtaa tgttaagatg ggagtataac ttagtgatat catgcttgct tggcacatct    213000
     agtatcctgg gtttgatccc tagcactata aaatcaaaat tttacagacc tttttggtta    213060
     aaaatatcta accaatagta aaaattcaaa ttgaatacac tacttgtata tatgatttta    213120
     actatacact ttttgataag gaaacatgga ctgtgtaatc ttctgccttt tgggtagacg    213180
     agacatacat accgtagcct tgatcaacat agcacaccct gttttctgat gaatgtcaat    213240
     gccctcccaa gtgttaacag gtatttcttc tcaagaggca ctccctgatt aaggaggtat    213300
     gagacatgtg ttgtacttta gcgccctctt gcagatttag tgtgcattaa cgcgctgaag    213360
     cctggctcac ttttttcaaa agcctaatgt gttgtatcac agcatttccc acccactcct    213420
     cttaagcctg tttacatgtc ttgggaaatt aatgttctat gaaatacagc ttggtaattg    213480
     ctggaggttt tatcacctta ttcttattca tgacacatcg tgtcagacat gcccaggaga    213540
     aaatgactgg tttccttggt agcaactcac agggtagcaa taccttgaaa taggccccaa    213600
     gtttaggctc ctagcttggt ggtccagaaa ctccattttc tgctctcctt tgagttatct    213660
     ggcaccttac aaggaagctt agaagaagct ggttcctgag tcccagcatc agcctgatca    213720
     tagaagtatg ggcacaaact gcctagccat cctagacaac ttttagtatc aatgtagcca    213780
     gtcgacctag caactcttta gttttcttga agagtatgaa attagttata aaaatgaatt    213840
     ggccctaaga actcatgatg aatacaccct accccacagt atatatacag tgtgatgcaa    213900
     gttgagtatt ctttgcctca aatgtttggt acacatgttc cacattttgg aattttccat    213960
     attttggagt attggatgaa acccaagtct aaacatgaat tttgtgcatc ttctacatct    214020
     tatacacata aactaaagga aaatttatat aatactttct agtgtatatg tgtttttgtg    214080
     ctatctgcca gtataatctc tcatagccta gatgagtgaa cattattgac attcccattc    214140
     tttatgctcc ctgctacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaga gagagagaga    214200
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagactga ctcatgtttg catgtatctg ggactcagtg    214260
     ccgaagtgta cggctttcct aagttgtgca ctgttctgag actgttctct ggtcattttc    214320
     actcagcctt agggtttccc aaactgtttc ataggctgga tgatttctac cctggctaag    214380
     cacctcactt ctaatgtttc tatttgttag tctcatattc agaaggtaac atttcttttc    214440
     tggccttatt tccaaaatta atggcacttt aaaatagctg tctgtgtagt gactgtagta    214500
     cctatctgtc ctgtcaagcc atttctgtat taatgctttc taactgttaa ttgtaaatat    214560
     gttgtaacaa tttgctagaa tatgcagcat gatgtcctgt ggtgctgagc tttgaaatta    214620
     tcttttaatg ggaggggcat acactttttg cacgcttctg tagccttatc aaaatatccc    214680
     agaatattag ccttcccctc aatatacaga tggaaagtga tatttattcc tgttggcttt    214740
     cttgccaggc tctaagggat ggaaataaac tggcacagat ggaagaagct ccacttttcc    214800
     caggagaatc aattaaggcc attggtaagt ttaatatgta ccatttgctt ataggaatct    214860
     acgaaatgta ttgatacttt ttgagcatag gttatatgta tgttggagat cagctagact    214920
     gatttaatta gggagaaaag agatcagggg actggagctc ttcattctta ttggcatcat    214980
     cctgacctga agagatggaa gaaattagag gatccaggtg agtggcagtt gaatgtttac    215040
     caaaagaaat gagacctgat tggataccca ctacagtgct ggctcactgc tttgatggac    215100
     tgtttcacca taaagaaatg tatcagtaga aaaccttaat gccatatctt agtaacagtt    215160
     ttgagaactt cacaaagaac ttttgttggc ttctatgatt atcaaaaata taatgtagtg    215220
     gaagaaaagg gcacgtgttg ccattctgac ttataaaggt aatggcatga gggttaccat    215280
     acctctcagg gtaaattgtt atgcatctca gagatagttg gtgggtgagg ggtctgctag    215340
     gtaccacttt ttcatctcag ttagctgggt tggacagtca actttgctgg gctatttcct    215400
     tattccttca tggctctctc tcaacatggg tgttcagtcc taatatagtc atctcatatt    215460
     aggagcattt gaatggttgg gctttcctac tagagcctcc aactaattac tgctgaatgc    215520
     cctagtttgt gactctgcta ttaacaatct tcattatcca ttagtggttt tgaaactctt    215580
     ttctttactt gtgggtctta attctctcct tgtaggcccc tggccttgcc ggctctttct    215640
     tctatggatg tttcctagca ttactccttg ctgtgttcca aacaatctgc ttaacatgac    215700
     agacagcaag ttacagactt aagtgtccta tatgaaaagg gctggatgga tcacttggct    215760
     tttattagta ggccagaatt cacttagaag ggattagagc tagcctaggt gactgattta    215820
     tcactttgta ctcgggactc gcatttgtat tagaaggagt gccgtaaaat cttggatcgc    215880
     aagcccacag atggattagt aagacgactt tggctatatc tatctgtggc tctggtgact    215940
     gtgtctcctt ttactctgga aatggaacat tgggagatgg agggtctcac acagccccac    216000
     tcctctccca gttactggaa atattttaca gttacatgtt agggacatct gcacatccct    216060
     aaggtttgta agtatgcttt caattcctcc agtagcttcc aaaaggtagg taacttgacc    216120
     cctactatta aataacatat gttcccgagg caatatatta aagtaggtca ttttaaagta    216180
     aaataagccc tactgagtag tattttcgaa tggaaagagt tttgacatag tagatatagt    216240
     atatatttgg gaagccattg tctctcttat ggtaatgagc atatccaaac ctctaactgt    216300
     agttcttttt tcatctattc tgttcattcc tctctccccc aaaactgtag actagtttat    216360
     atttcctatt acttttccaa agtgaagtta tagtatattt tttgctgaac ttcttttaat    216420
     caaataattg ttttgatatt caaccacatt gtggcatcag ttagcaatca tacctttttg    216480
     ttgctgaata gtatttcttg tgttgatgga tgtttgagtt gtttctgctg cttttgtatt    216540
     ataaataaaa ttgttatgaa catttttaca caagcctgcc tacacgtgtt cactttctct    216600
     tggataaatg tctaaggaat agatcagact agttaagaaa ttgatggtac tacatacatc    216660
     cagcagggca ggggtgttcc ggttcttcct tcctgctctg gatgcctttg ctttcttttt    216720
     cttgtgtaac ccttcagtga gaagttaagg aggagtggga gtagacatac ttattcctat    216780
     gtggggaaag tgttcagatg ttctctatta aatctgatgt tggatgcagg tagttgctat    216840
     cctttattat ctgagaaggc aagagttgta gtcaggaatt tcatgagctg gggattatcc    216900
     tctctcagct tttgttttgg aaagaattta tttattgttt acaatttgta gtttacccat    216960
     gaaaccacct ggactgtgac ttcagtgggc aactgtggtc attgatttga gatctttgct    217020
     gtcttctagt ttggctgttt acatttcctc caatcactgc ttaacaccac ctcatgagtt    217080
     atgattttgc actttaattt tcatgacatt caatgctttt gatttctcct tgacccatgc    217140
     attacttaag actatgttgt tcataccaac attcaggagt ggacgcaaga ggatcgggtc    217200
     caagttcatc cataactata tatgtctatg tgtgtgtgtt gttttttcat acaaggcttc    217260
     atctagcatg atctgacttc aatatataca tgaggtctgc atgtttatga atttctcaaa    217320
     tgctcttctg ttgttggttt ctaagtttat tccatttgta tttgggaaac ataaatttca    217380
     tgatttgaat ttatcccaaa acttgtgtta tggcccaaaa tatggtcttt tgagtgctct    217440
     gtatactgta gaactgaaca tgtgctatgc tattgttgat tggagtgttc tatacatgtc    217500
     aactaggttg aattcgttga tatcatttga accttctgtg tctttcctta ccctaccctt    217560
     ctcttcttta ttgtggatat ctgtgtctca ttgaagataa atctctttcc tttctgtgtt    217620
     ttggagttct aggcatataa atgtttgtaa ttattatgtc cttctgacca aattgactct    217680
     gtggctaata gaaaatacct tcttaagctg ggcatggtgg cgcatgcctt taatcccagc    217740
     acttaggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga    217800
     gttccaggac actcaggact atacagagaa accctgtctc gaaaaacaaa caaaaacaaa    217860
     acaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaaa aagaaaatta ccttctttat tcctggttat agtctttgct    217920
     ctgaaagtct ttgtttaata ttatggataa tatagctttc tcctaattaa cttaatatac    217980
     ctattttcaa tattaaaatt attcatgtct ttttttagct ttgtaaattt gcgtactaaa    218040
     taataggctt cattaaggtg ttttcataca tacttattct gagacagcat cttatgtagc    218100
     ccaggttatc ctcaaccatg taaaaaagct ggtcttgaac tcctgatctt tctacctcaa    218160
     cctcttgagt gctgggatta cagggtatac caccacatct ggtttatacg gcagtagaag    218220
     tcaaatctag agctttattc atgttaggca agcatccaaa acctaaccct aactccaacc    218280
     ccatcctcaa gtccaaccct aagccatgct ttgttcttct agaccctctt ctgtatattg    218340
     ctctaccatt ccacagtccc agtccttttg gtcagtgcct tccctaccca cagtaggccc    218400
     cattctgctt ctaggtcaca tatttgctct cttttccact ctcgcccctc atgacctctt    218460
     tctcctacct tttattttcc catctagttt catggtctat atccgtagac acatgagcca    218520
     cacagattgt gtctaggatt tgcatatttt aggaagtatg tggtatttgt gtgtttctga    218580
     atgtggctca ttttacttaa cactctccag ttgcattcat tttccttctt tatgttaaat    218640
     acagtactat tgtgtatatg tgctatattt tctttattca ttcatttttc tatgtgaact    218700
     gggtttcttt cgagccacat atagttgaga tcatgttttt gtctgcaatc taataattcg    218760
     tgttttgtgt ttagatggtt ggggttatta acatattata ttaatataat taattttaaa    218820
     ttcctcatct tattgttttc ttttgtctca tttagttctt gctctcttct ttgacttttt    218880
     ggtcatgttt tagttgaaat gagtactctt ttttttttct ttctttcttg ttgcagtgct    218940
     gaggactgaa ctgagagcct aaatgcttgt caggcaagca ccctgccacc aagttctatc    219000
     cttgttaatt agtactttct cagaatgtat tttttttgtt tgtttgtttt tttcgagaca    219060
     gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagacact tgattgataa    219120
     caaacagaaa gttaactttg atagggaatt tttgttttga ggcagagtct caatatggct    219180
     gttttggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcttgaactc acagagatcc tcctgcctct    219240
     gcctcccaag tgatagttac ttaagattaa aggcatgcac tgccatgtct agctgataag    219300
     aaattttaaa cgaaccctcc tcctggtgga taataactta gtgtctgagg cactgagcta    219360
     tactctcggc ctgtgaaaga atgcattttc tacttcaatg aaggtgtgcc agtttgcttc    219420
     aactgcaaag cagtttctct tcaaaaagac agtgtttaac ttttacaaac tttaggttac    219480
     attttatagg ataatagccc agtgccttct gagtataata aatattttca gcattatcaa    219540
     cttttcaacc agggaaaata ttaactacct ggaaaaaaat gacgaaataa acatcactat    219600
     aaggcatttt acttaaagca tcataaagta gcaaatcaga gttttgaact atatcagaag    219660
     actatccatc tatgttatta tataaagtaa taatttttat aattccttaa agttttaaat    219720
     tcctagaaga ctggatcatc catatgtttt tggaaagtcg tactagatgt tactaaagta    219780
     caagtccata agagtcatcg ctactttggt tttgttcttt cagtgaaaga cgtcatttat    219840
     atctgtccat ttatgggagc agtgagtggg accctgacag tgacggactt taaaatgtac    219900
     ttcaaaaatg tagaaagggt gagtttttaa attatgcttt gtttttaaga tcttatgaac    219960
     agtaaaagaa gaaaataaag tcccctgaac tcctatcaca aagacactac aggacagtga    220020
     atttgaagag acgttggttc ttaatcaaaa ttgttaaagt tgcatttaga cgtgggggag    220080
     gattagcact gtggtttggg tatagacctc ctgaggtata ctatctctca gatgccagct    220140
     tcttaactgc aaagataact gcaattcata gtaaacaaac atctaagcct gcagcaactt    220200
     aaaacatgaa aactggtgac tgactttgat aggtgtttaa ttttcatccc taggacccac    220260
     atttcgtcct tgatgttcct cttggagtga tcagcagagt ggagaagatt ggtgcacaga    220320
     gccatgggga taattcttgt ggtatagaga ttgtgtgcaa ggtaggctgc aaacaccagt    220380
     gaacaccaac acgaggtaga ccattctgaa ctctttctga ctcgtggccc ttacaatctt    220440
     tggatcatag gaataatttg tactgtttac agggtaaaac ctccttcaaa tcttatgtca    220500
     gtaaatgtaa tccactgtag aatttgatac cctctctcac agtcttctga ttgaagtttt    220560
     tggctatgtt ggaactttct atattgaact tctaggctca tgtttttttt ttttttcttt    220620
     tcccttcctt caagaagtta gataggaatg tgtggaataa tgatggccac caaacaaatt    220680
     agctcaaatg aataggtttt atgcctagtg actttacctc atataagaca gtttactaaa    220740
     aactaaccta atgtgccagg agatgtatcc tgtctgcaga attgtcaaga tctcttccaa    220800
     acttagaatt tgcatttttg cttattctat ttgctttgct ggaatctgag gacatctcca    220860
     cccctggttg gctcaagcac acagtctaga ctcactgttg gccttacatg gcagatgttt    220920
     cccattccta gacaagttct acctgtgaca ccagggcacg cagctgcata ggaaggtaaa    220980
     cagctgccgt gtagggtcta tggtgaattg aataggtttg tggtctttaa agctgttact    221040
     ctcttgtaac ttcctccata ctcactgagg ggagcttaga agccaggacc tcgtgaatgc    221100
     tagacaagtg atctagcact gcactccatc tctggcccct ttgcataatt ctttaggagc    221160
     tttccactct caggctatag gaagtactct tgtgtggaac tcccctctcc ttatccttgt    221220
     ctgccattcc tgctggctgt cctgtagatg ttcttatttg gcacatgcct atttcctcac    221280
     actcactgaa ttcaataaat ctcagtccct cccccttctc acatcctctt tcctgggtat    221340
     gcagtacata ggctacccca gcacattcta agctatatgc ttcattcatt gcacatactt    221400
     tctcatggct tggaatactt ttcctcccct ttgagtattt ctaaatgctc aacaagtaac    221460
     ttaccacagt atgtgcatag ccagtatggc ttgaaaagca ggcatgtcag gaaacgatgc    221520
     tattgtagct cttttatgta tcttatggta ttttaaggta ttttatggct ggcgtgggta    221580
     tttgctgaca gctgatttaa atacttggta gcctggaatt atgaagacca ggctcccaac    221640
     tcatgcctga gaacctcaca aggtatgggg ttttattttt atagattttt gttttgcttg    221700
     tttgtttgtt tgttttcaca tcatcagttt tcaccagatc ttagaaggcc tgaagctcac    221760
     tatgtagaca aggctggcct caaactcata gattgctctc tgcctctgct ttctgactgc    221820
     ttggattaaa ggcatgtact accacacatg gattatttta ttatttttaa tgtataggtg    221880
     tcttgactat atggatatct gcctggtgcc tgtgaaagcc agaagagggc atcagatcag    221940
     atctcctgca actggagtca cagacagttg tgagctgcca tgtgggtgct gggaattgaa    222000
     tttggataca tcagaaagaa cagccagtac tctaaacttc tgagtcaatt ctctagcctg    222060
     cattttattt ttttttttaa agatgattca taattccaaa gtacaaaagc tttatatagt    222120
     aaaatgtcaa gtatttccct cctgcacttt actccctata gacacagtta ccagtgccta    222180
     atgtaacact gcacagatac cttctgcatg gaaacatgtg gtggcacata cctctactac    222240
     cagcacttgg gagacgggca ggcagatctc tgtgaattca tggctggcct agtctacata    222300
     gcaagctcca ggccagcaaa ggttgtatag tgagacttgg tctcaaaaag gcagggtaga    222360
     gggtggaggg aaggcaagga tagcgtgtat atgtggttct gcccctttcc ccccgtgact    222420
     gtgtatcttt gtacttcttt tgaccagtgc atatatagct gtagtttctt tccagtcggt    222480
     cttcagcttc cctgtacatt atttagccat ggcccctaca agcatttggc ttgttaccat    222540
     tcttttgctg ttataagtat cataataagt ttacttccca agctgctgtt tctttgtttg    222600
     tggttctatg tattttcaaa tttcatttga tgctaaggaa gagtgtttta cacacacaca    222660
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cgcacacacc ttggttactg ataagaaaat agatttatta    222720
     ggagacaatg cttaaagtgc tgccacagaa agaaatcaca ctgttaagag ctaggcttga    222780
     tgcaatagtt tctgctaatt tgtgcttgct tgggcatttg gccataagct tgtattgaga    222840
     taagagaaaa cttttttaaa aattgatatt aagaaatagc attctattga tacaagagct    222900
     tgctgagagc tacagtctcc ccatggtaca gactactttc ggggaatact gtagctggct    222960
     cattcagcag cttagcctga acaataaatt ccatgcgcgc ctttggctgg taagtgcaca    223020
     gaatgtggtt gcacatcttt tgtatgcaaa cattattttt aattctgttg actctcctcc    223080
     ccaacatata cagtcccttt tattccagtt ttcttaattt ttaaaatctc attggaagta    223140
     tttttgttaa cttgtcttct gtgagttaaa agatagtaga gtacaaagta agggataaat    223200
     aaaagtcttt tatgtaatta tgtcagggca tctggctaac aagtgctcat tccatgttaa    223260
     ataactgagt tttgttcatt gtttactagg atatgaggaa cctgagactt gcatataagc    223320
     aggaagaaca gcgaaaactt gggatatttg aaaacctcaa caagcatgct tttcctcttt    223380
     ccaatgggca ggtaagtaca acgaagtaaa cttttgcata tacctgtgag tgtccaacaa    223440
     ttccatcttt acacatttct ttcctgcata tacctgtgag tgtccaacaa ttccatattt    223500
     acacatttct ttcctgtata tacctgtgag tgtccaacaa ttccatattt acacatttct    223560
     ttggagtttt ctttacctct tttctgtgat gtaactaaat tcaaatgttt gaattttatc    223620
     tcttctttat aatgattaag aaaagctttt agcaaggcag tggtggtaca catctttaat    223680
     ctcagcactt gcgaggcaga ggcaggcagc tctctgtaaa tttaaggcca tcttggtcta    223740
     tagagtgagt tccaggacag tcagagctat acagagaaac cctgtctgga aaaacgaatt    223800
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    223860
     agagaaaggg taggagagag agagtagaaa agaaaagaca gaaagagagc tagagaaaga    223920
     aggagagaaa ggaaagaaag aaagaaaaag aaagaaaagg tttctaactt attactttac    223980
     aatgtgcaga ttaaaatagg agttctaacg tgttcaactg ataacagaat aaacaaaggt    224040
     ttgctatctg ttatatgata ataaatactg atatacattt tctggatttt gtatacaggt    224100
     gctatttgca ttcaactata aagaaaagtt tccagttaat ggctggaaag tttatgatcc    224160
     agtgtctgaa tataagagac aggtagagta tgccacttgt caaatggact atgatagctt    224220
     aaatgtctgt actaaaaggt tagatatgta gtagtggaga tgaagctgtg caacaaattg    224280
     tacataggcc taactttcaa gcttgttggt tcctgatttc ctgggtgccc tcttctgctg    224340
     tgccagcctt tgactacatt gttgtctagt catcattttc cagagggatt agtaggatgt    224400
     gtgcacaaag atttgaaact cagatttctg aggaacaaat ctccctccct ccctccctcc    224460
     cttcctccct cccttcctcc ctcccttctt ccctcccttc ctccctccct tcttccctcc    224520
     cttcctccct cccttcctcc ctcatttatt ttcctccttc ctccctttct gctattttct    224580
     tatatgcctt ttctatccca ctgtctgtca tcttctttcc taccttcttt cctctctcct    224640
     tctccactct gactcccagg attatgcaca tactaggcaa gtactctctt actaagccat    224700
     accctatctg cttccagatg tttatatcat aggtctcata aagaattgat gaataagaat    224760
     ccagaatgcc attaatttaa tttgaggcac tattagttaa ataacaataa acaagttata    224820
     aattaataaa catgattcat actttgtttt tttttgtcaa agtagagatg agtgtttccc    224880
     cttcttcctt ctctaacatc ctacagggct tgccaaatga gagttggaaa atatcaaaaa    224940
     taaacagtaa ttatgagttc tgtgatacct atcctgccat cattgttgtg ccaactagtg    225000
     tgaaagatga tgacctttca aaagtggcag cctttcgagc gaaaggcaga gtccctgtga    225060
     gtaataaact ttgtcattta gacaggaaca atcacaacat tggatctgat aacaaaatgg    225120
     aaggtagaaa aatcagctta taaacctgac tatatctttg attcttaaga aatacatcac    225180
     tatataagca ctcatttgat ctgtctcttg tatgtgtcct atttctaaat gcaaaggttc    225240
     ctcaaggttt gccctcaggg tacagccaag aggaatagag gaatgacaag agtggatgtg    225300
     ctggtgcacc acacctcatt ggttgcacca ttcactctgg agaagataca ttctttcttc    225360
     ccactctgtg aatttttgta gctacatggg aataaaataa ttgtgcccag aaggaaggga    225420
     taacttttgc ttagagttta catctgaatt attttgtgtc cttggaccac tgtagaaaaa    225480
     tgggagatct ggtgatagac ttatagattt gtttttaata agagacctca ccctgctatt    225540
     tatgttattg taaagatata atttttatat tggaaagata taaatgtagc cagtcaaata    225600
     gaaatgggac tagattttag taatagtttg acttaagttt tattttattt agagtgatag    225660
     aatttcaagg gcagaaagga atttttaggg tatctagtca aattctttca gcatgaccaa    225720
     cacattaatt ctcttagtca ctacagtacc aggactagct tatgcactca taaccgagga    225780
     aactcttgag gagagattgt tctttttaac caattaatta gataatatat tatattagga    225840
     atgatatcta tcagcaagta tttattattt gttgctttaa aacattaggt gttgtcatgg    225900
     attcacccag aaagtcaggc aacaattaca cgttgcagcc agccattagt gggtcccaat    225960
     gataaacgct gcaaagaaga tgagaaatac ctgcagacaa taatggatgc taatgcacag    226020
     tcacataaac ttactatctt tgatgccaga caaaacagcg ttgctgatac caacaaggta    226080
     catgtttaat agccttgtag aaaatttggg gttggttgtt tgcttgcttc attgtttgtt    226140
     tttacatgct ttctataagt cttcatagtt ttagaacagg ccattgaatt ccttgtcatg    226200
     tgaatattga gtttctttga tgtagtgtat ggctatctct ccctctttag tattctatgg    226260
     acaatgtttg ccatcctaca ttgctggaat cttgcctttt tcattacttc tccacagttt    226320
     agtctgatgg ctcaattaag caaattccta gaaagagaac tacataaatt aatgtgtatt    226380
     ttcgtgaaac aaccacaagc ccttggaagt ccctctagta aatttactga taatttaacc    226440
     aattcatatc ttttaaaata tatttcatgt attactttca tatattttta gaatgcactt    226500
     agttatatga aagtgcagaa atataaattt tgctgtcatc attaatgacc tcttggcttt    226560
     catcaacccc catgttgttc tcactattga gccaggccct tgctctcttt cattggttcc    226620
     actttctttg ctgaacttcc aatggtagca ttacttgaac ttggtttggg gtcccctttt    226680
     tggttctaca acaatctccc aaggtcatct actcagaggc aggactttaa acaatgtttc    226740
     tatgctgagt tacacatgga agtatctcta gccctgaagg tagcccaaat ccccatccta    226800
     ttttatgttt gacatctcta ctttgctgtc tccagggtca caaaacctca gtgaactcca    226860
     atccacctaa gagagacctt tggcttagac ttggataccc ctgagttttg ctgcaccagt    226920
     tatttaacct gacccacaag atgagagatg atagtagtgc tttgtgccaa catctgtgtg    226980
     atgattagaa ctaagtgaga acagtacctg tgaaggcctc tacaccccca gtactccatg    227040
     cataaagcta cggagtcagc cccttctgtg gtcagcaatg ttacccagga ttctgacttg    227100
     aagtctaagt tatggtgttg gttactaata tgggagaaaa atggggtagg gaggatagcg    227160
     gtttcctgag gctgcccttt aaactatcac aaatccaaaa acctcataaa gttgttctct    227220
     ttctaaaggt tccaagagag agtctacttt ttatcatctc tagagtctca tggccaagcc    227280
     agcactcctg agcttgtagc cacaccctgc aatttacctc aatttcactt ggcttcctca    227340
     agctgtgtgt gtttctatat ttcttcctcc ttcttctaag gatattataa tgaccttctg    227400
     ggtcctcttg atgtaatcca ggattatccc tacagtttat ggtctttaat cacattttca    227460
     gagattttgt tttgtttttc aaataaggtt gcattcacag ttggtagggg tttattgcaa    227520
     atatcttcag tgagggctac ttttcatcct attttacaaa ggcatccttc atcaggcagc    227580
     tgcctccact cctcctgact gctggattat tgccagtcta tttctttgaa tcctttctgt    227640
     taccactgta ctgctaatcc aagaacttaa aaagtataag aaaactatat agaaaagaca    227700
     gacacacaaa gacaaaagaa agaccttcct tttaattatt ttattagttt aaaataaata    227760
     tttgtcgtac ttttaatcga gtaaagttgt atatggttgt ggtgtgtgtg atgttttgaa    227820
     atatatatac attgtagagt ggctaaatta aggtagcaaa cgcataacct cacagatatt    227880
     tttttgaagt gaagaaactt caaatctatt cttagcagtt tgaattatac aatataatat    227940
     cattctcaat agtcaccatg ttgtacagaa catactctgc acatactaca cgcatgaatc    228000
     ctttccttcc tctctcacat atcatctcct gtaggataat ttatttagtt cctcaagtac    228060
     atctcaaggt caccacagaa tctttgctgt gctcgcatag ctagccactt ccctattctt    228120
     caggctggcg ctttctcagc tcctgaaact taagaatctc agttccccag ctagctgctt    228180
     caagcctagg catatgctaa tttctgtttc tcagcaggca tagctgtggt cctacctacc    228240
     tctactgctc agattgcaaa ctcgggcacc tattttgcct atatcatcag tttctctcaa    228300
     gaactctggt tggccctgat agataaggtc tgtctaacaa atttttgttt tctagaactg    228360
     tctaaacctc acactctggt ccttctgaag tatcagtggg tttcctttct cattgtcttt    228420
     cctttttgtc ttgagacccc cagatgactg atccctgtgt tctgctatag aattgatatg    228480
     cagtgttctt ttaactctat agccttggtt taattaatga gcctttgtct tctgtacatt    228540
     gttataatca gcttgtaggc agaaaattga ctttatgttc cctaggttta ttccaattct    228600
     tagtgcacgc acgctgcctc tgtgctgaaa tgctatatag ctataagatt ccggctcatc    228660
     ccctcacaga gtttccttcc cattggcaac tggctctgca gaactgattt ctgtgcttag    228720
     cttatagctt aacacaaagt aggtgcccaa acaaagtcat cactgccttg aaatccactt    228780
     catctctcct gtgtaccttt cttggtgctg ctgggtggtg gtcctctaca tttctccaac    228840
     cagctcctga ttctccacaa aggccatttc aacccatttt gtgacaattc aagtatatag    228900
     tcctgcccag cccctcactt tgaaaaactg actgcttctt catagaggat aagctatatc    228960
     tgacagaaac tgcttccctt cctgcatctt gttaaggtag aagaagtggc tttctccctg    229020
     agccttgtct tccttccctg gcctctcctg cttatccagg gactttagtc cttcatattc    229080
     tccttgcttc ctcttccctc acctcttctg ccctttccac tctttccttc cctgtttgtg    229140
     acccctacct tcttatctgt tctcttctat tgtctctcct ttctgctctc tttctctcct    229200
     tcctctcctg tgttttcctt aaatattggt cttctttaga cttctggcct actcttctgt    229260
     ccgtacatta cacattgttc tggaacacca tgcagcattt ttctgtcttc ccttgtcatc    229320
     cattcatatg acaaatattc cacatcaata ttcacacgtc acactttttc tgagttccag    229380
     acctttgcat cccttagcct agatatgact ccagccaagt cttatcacaa cgtcatttgg    229440
     tcctcactga acttgacacc aatcttcccc atagaatgta gtctttcacc aatagactct    229500
     taataaatga tgccaacact tcatgtaacc caacagagaa tcataggtat cacttgtcct    229560
     atctattcct gcagttccaa attactactg tgtgttgcct tttaaatagc tcaaatcata    229620
     tgtccatctg taccgtagct ccttcaacca gatgattgca tctctgtgct taatccacct    229680
     gcagaatgtc tcacctcata ggccttccca gtaactctgt tcctctactg cctgaccctt    229740
     tactcatatc atctagtctc tgcatgctct ctggcttcat tgatcattct taccgatgac    229800
     ctggtataat ttgtgtagaa tttctcttca tttcaggaag ccatgttctt acccgtctct    229860
     gtgccctatt tgtcttggct attcttgtct gtaccctaat ttgtgccttc tttgcttttg    229920
     gatgtccagg tatctggcac ctcctgtgct accctagagc acatgaccct cagccctgtg    229980
     ctgttcttga tcttgttctc ttctccctac cccagcctaa agaccaaagt ctctccttac    230040
     tcatcattgt cccgggactg aggtagagca caacagttat ttgtatacac tggagagtta    230100
     gtttcagact aaattaatag tgtgcctttg tgttatacat gtttacttct ttatcaagat    230160
     aaaattcagg taacataaaa ctccttagtt tatacttcaa ggacttccaa tctattcaca    230220
     atcctgcaaa ggtagctcta ctgtcccagt ccatcagccc atatggaact ctgtatccat    230280
     ttgctgtcac tccccactcc ccttgcccag cctctggcag cagttaatat gcttttatcc    230340
     ggatagactc ccctcagttg gatacttcat aaaaatggaa tcctgtatta agaactcttt    230400
     tgtgcttgtc ttctttccct catttgaaaa gttcatctat ttagtagcat ctgtacgtca    230460
     ttcctttttc tggatgaata atattcgatt gtattgaaag acaagattct atttgctcat    230520
     ctatctgttt gtggacattt aaattgtttc tccctattgg ctattgtgat acagctcttc    230580
     tactcaaggg tatatatgcc gaagaaatca gaataggtac ttaaataaaa catgctcaca    230640
     aatgctcata gtggctggat ggcgtgggaa tgctttcacc agtcataact tccaccaatt    230700
     gtaactttgg aggacctgtc aaattgtcct ccacagaagc tgtagctttg gactttgccg    230760
     ccagtttctc ggagctgtca tctaaatgtg ttttgaatat tgacctctgt acagtgtaaa    230820
     ctagctacag agcaggtttt attataagat cacctactcc cttttggtta catttatttt    230880
     ctcttattaa attgctaaga taaattttgt ggtttcggaa ctccaaattg ttttattata    230940
     tagaaatgtt gtgatagtat gacattttct aggtaaataa atagctctag cagaaggaac    231000
     cttgtataaa aatcacttgg tactgtttta aaaaccatag ttggtgaaat gggattgtta    231060
     aggcttaaat tgtgtcctca ataaaacaac atgttgaagt cctgcctctt agtgcttatg    231120
     agtacatttt gaaagaatcc ttataagtct aatgaagtta aaccatccgt taggttagga    231180
     tgggccgtaa ttcagcatga cagacacatt tttattacat ttatttgtat gcacatgtgc    231240
     atgcttctgt gtacaggcca gagaacaagc tggcaggatt tgcttctctc ctacagggat    231300
     ttttggtatc aatcaaactc aggttgtcag gcttggtgcc aagtgccttc tccactaagc    231360
     catttcactg gacccgcagg tatttttata aagaaagcag agacagagtc agagacaaaa    231420
     ggggaatcaa ctgcaaacat agaaatggac attaaagtgt tgagcatata aacctagact    231480
     gcctataggt gctaggaaca aagagccaaa gaacaatatt ctctgtgatt gttggtcttg    231540
     ttcattaact gatgggattt agaatcctag agctacaacc ctaggcatga ctttgggaat    231600
     gtttttagag aggttcaact tagaaggaaa ggctcaccct aaatgtggat acctgcactc    231660
     cttagactgg ggtctaaaca gaatcaaaag gagaaagtga tctaagcagc attcatcagg    231720
     gtcaccttgc acatctgtca ctactcttcc tctgctggaa tggactgtgt cctctcagac    231780
     gatgagccac tttctttcct taagtttctt ttgccagata ttttgtcaca gcaatgagaa    231840
     aagtaagtgg cacactcttc tagagacaga attctaagga actctgaccc tctggcacct    231900
     atatttcagc ctcctagact tgagatgtgg tgatggtggt gcactgcaat gagatggtgc    231960
     atttctgctg ctttgttctg acagttcgtg gtacccctgt tgtgttctgg cagttctaaa    232020
     gcaaccatac agtatataga gatttatcag caagggagtt tgatgcatct ttagtggtct    232080
     atgtctggtt acagtagaaa cagtacaaaa gttaattcaa gaaataatgt atatcttttg    232140
     cttttttata ggcaaagggt ggtggatatg aaaatgaaag tgcttaccct aatgccgaac    232200
     tcatattctt ggagatccac aatattcatg tgatgaggga gtcacttcgt aaattaaagg    232260
     agattgtgta tccttcaatt gatgagtcac attggctatc caatgtggat gggacacatt    232320
     ggctggaata tatacgggta gacaagttca atcttttatc tactttctaa ttcacacatc    232380
     taaccatctg ccataaatat ttctatttat aagtgttttc aacattacat attaatgcat    232440
     cttgactgtg taggaaacct tttggaaaat tttttctgga aacagactat agtctttatg    232500
     gagggctttt ctgacaaaaa ttcacaattt tttcattata aatcaataaa taaataactt    232560
     taagacaggg tcatgtagcc catgctagcc cacaaatttg ctgtttagct gaagttcttt    232620
     tgatcttctg atcctcctga ctccaccttc ctatgctagg ttttctaaaa agttacattt    232680
     cttttattaa agctgtggct tcattttaaa ttatatgcat atgtggagat tggtatatac    232740
     acatatgaat ggctatgcct gcagaagtca gaagattgta ttggatcccc tgaaggtggg    232800
     ggagctacag gtggttgtga gctgtctgac ttaagagccc agaactaaac actgcacaaa    232860
     caatatatgc actctcaact actgtggcat ttttccagcc ccaagtttct ttgtttttaa    232920
     tgactgggtc tttctgtgta gcttggactg cctttgaatt caccacctaa cccagactgg    232980
     cctgaagttg cctccccagt gctgggatta cagttgtaca atacacgtag ttagtcaggt    233040
     ttttaaaaga acttttgacc ctccaataaa tgaccccatt tatttatgtt atttttataa    233100
     ttaaaaaaca tgatgctaac acttcctagt gattcttaat taattttgtg tttgttgttg    233160
     tgttttgttt tgtttgggat actgggactg gaacttagga acttactgaa atagagcctc    233220
     agtcctagat agcattcttg tatggcttat tggccagaac atccaaactt ttgtacagaa    233280
     ttatcttata cagcagttaa acacttaatg tagccttatc tgttttatct tcttttctga    233340
     aggttctcct tgctggggca gtgagaattg ctgataaaat agaatctggg aaaacttccg    233400
     tggtcatcca ctgcagtgat gggtgggatc gaacatccca gctcacatct ctggcaatgc    233460
     tgatgttaga cagttattac cggaccatta aaggatttga ggctctcata gaaaaggagt    233520
     ggataagctt tggacacagg tttgccctgg tatgtttgtc tggcttatgt gtaactgttt    233580
     tattatttca cgtacatgtg cctggcattt ggtaacatct atttacatgc atcagcaacc    233640
     tcttttctct gcaccagact tgaagccatg tgaaactgtt gctttgaact tataatgagc    233700
     ttatagagtg aaacactgtt ttgtactgac tatcaacatc cttctatgac tctccttgtg    233760
     tgtcatattt tatctatgag gtaattttct aagaactttt gtctataaaa aggccagaga    233820
     aaagaaataa agttgttgac ttgagggggc tccgctccat ccatgtatcc atccaaatgt    233880
     agatatgcat atgtctgtct gtctgtctat atatacatgt gtgtaggtat atgtgtaaat    233940
     atgcatgaac acttgtggaa tagataagac aggtagtagg gcccaaccag aatgtgtgtg    234000
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt tgcgtgagtc agtctgtgca    234060
     tattgcctgt gtaaaagact gaaattcttt tcctttcttc tctctctagt tcacaaagag    234120
     ttaatgagtg taaggctctt gtctagccag ttagaggctc ctctacaaga gagaaaggaa    234180
     ctctaacaat taatccttta cttaatgccc tgctgctccc agcaggaatt aattaccaaa    234240
     tgtatatctg tctgtctata actatgtaca cttacaagtt aaaatagttc agagtttctc    234300
     actgggcatt cttgccagtc ccagataatc aggtttgttc tgtcagtagt atttactctg    234360
     taatcactgt caaggagacc tgtctgctat cagcatgatc ccaatcacca atgctgctcc    234420
     tccattcacg gccttcccca ggaaaccctg tgatgccagg aaggtcactg acatatacac    234480
     cttcaagaca ttgcattgaa tggaataagt aagacacaag atgttaaata ttgttatgtt    234540
     ttccatttac acaaagtagc tagaatagta caaagtagta tgcttcttgc catgaattat    234600
     gagatctaag gtagccattt actatttaat aagaacagag tttcaatttg agaagatgaa    234660
     cattctacaa tagatgatac taatgattat acaaagtatg taatttcatt gaactgtaca    234720
     gttaagaatt gttttaacct ttagtaactt ttatgttgca tatttttatc ataattaaaa    234780
     atgtaaaaat acctaataaa aaaaagagaa aaatgtaaaa gaaggactgg aaatgttgca    234840
     actcaatcat ctgtaactac aggtataggg aatgcaacag cctctggcct cacacacata    234900
     atgcacgtaa ataataatag acaaatttct aaagtaagat aaaacagtca cccaaaacaa    234960
     aaacactaaa cacccacctc accaagtgga agtaaggtaa tatactctaa gacgttttgt    235020
     atagaggttt tgtatagagg ttttgtatag aggtaagggg cactcctttt ttttgtatag    235080
     aggtaggggg tttcactatg tagccctggc tggcctggaa ataactatgt agactaggca    235140
     aggctcaaag taacaaagat ctaccttcct cttcctcaca ggttctctga ttaaaggcgt    235200
     gtactactta ctatgcatgg catctctgag attcttttta aaaataattt ttttctttca    235260
     aatgtctata catttacaca atgttttttg atttatccct tcctctctac atccctccga    235320
     ttcctcctgc gacccactgc ttgttcattt ccttgttttt atatctttcc aggtggcagt    235380
     ttcagtgatt attttcttcc aagctctcta tgtggagatt gaataatctg cttcataatc    235440
     atttctttct taaccctttg ctcatttgga agctgcttct agaatgctca tgaaatagat    235500
     gtctttttaa tcattaaact tctaatgcct ctggaaaatc tcttttaggg ttatgggaag    235560
     gtgccaccat acccactgtc ttagtcaggc tttctattcc tgcacaaaca tcatgaccaa    235620
     gaaacaagtt ggggagggaa gggtttattc ggcttacact tccatactgc tgtttatcac    235680
     caaaggaagt caggactgga actcaagcag gtcaggaagc aggagctgat gcagaggcca    235740
     tggagggatg ttctttactg gcttgcttcc cctggcttgc tcagcctgct ctcttataga    235800
     acccaagact accagcccag aaatggtccc acccacaagg gacctctccc ccttgaccac    235860
     taattgagaa aatgccttac agttggatct catggaggca tttcctcaat tgaagctcct    235920
     ttctctgtga taactccagt tgtgtcaagt tgacacaaaa ctagccagga cacccacctt    235980
     ttacatgggt gctggggtga gccatttatg tagcttgctt cctgacattt ctgaaatatg    236040
     tcctactttg tgaattacta attaatcgct ctagacagat attattggtt tgacatagta    236100
     gtggcccttg gtcccatcat ttgaactaaa aagtttgctg gtcagttctt catctttctt    236160
     ggtgtcaact gtattaaaga aaaattataa aatcaccacc atgtaaatat agagtaaact    236220
     aaaaatttgc tttctaaaag aagtgaaatc cacttagttt agtgagctct tatttttagt    236280
     tatatggtca tttattttta agtcatacaa agtagtacat tttctttgac attttaatat    236340
     tacatgccat catgctctaa tgttctaact catccttgtt ataaacaatt ttgagtgccc    236400
     acaatgagca ggaattctct taggcagata agacatgact gggcaatgta agtgactttt    236460
     aagaggatca tagcatgcat atgtgtgtgt ttgcttcttt tcagagagtg ggccatggtg    236520
     atgacaacca tgcagatgct gaccgatcac ctatatttct tcagtttatt gattgtgttt    236580
     ggcagatgac aagacaggta agagattcaa gtatatttct catctattat agtctttgat    236640
     tcaaatatat ctcatagatg aaaattaaat ttccattgct gcttcattca aaatgtgggt    236700
     atatgtgtta aatatgcccc cttctattac tcagtactgt ttgattctca ttcactcaaa    236760
     gatgtgaaca gaaaatgaaa aatagttttc ttctgctagt ggttttggtc aatgctctta    236820
     tctatactta agtgtgcttc tactttccac cttttgtcag tcccctgctg agcgcttact    236880
     ccaagatttc cttccacatt agaactgcta gtaagcaagc cagtccaggg catctgagaa    236940
     tgtttacact aagagccagt aacagagagg aaactcggaa catttttgtc cttagctgct    237000
     cttttacttt cctaactcca ctgaggaggg cgctaataag caagaaaact tgtagggagc    237060
     ctccttccct gagttagtga ggttctgcag tttcattttg aataaggccc actcagattt    237120
     tcccctaatc tctaacatcc acgtctgagt ttggagtcct taggatagga gactgtgcca    237180
     ggaatatgaa cttggaatca gaaagaatga gggaggaggc cagagagttt ttcccagtat    237240
     ctgctgttca gtctagcttg agtgagagta agttggagac tgagaaccaa ggcctggaag    237300
     ctgtctttct tgtgtatctg tgagaagctc ctggacatct ccagggactc ctccaaatac    237360
     cttgatgttt atgattgatg cttcaaaaag ccttttcaaa cttgtcagag gacatgtatc    237420
     tcctctctgt ggaaagctgt ggattgccat ccttgtttgc tcacgctggg ttactgttac    237480
     tgatggacaa gaacaagtgt gctgactctg ctgtcctccc catcacagta tagactactt    237540
     cccagaagtg tgccctggga acctggtagc cataccagct ctagacctac aacacaactg    237600
     ctggtgctca agagttagag cccaatattg ggactcccaa gccctctagg cacttctaat    237660
     gtttgaaagc acaatgctaa accagcccat ctgaaacctg aaccagcata tgaatcctct    237720
     gagtttcttt ttgaaataca agaatatgag tcagtagttt gcagagctgc cttgttaatg    237780
     ctatgggttc ccaggctggc aaggacagtg gttctcaacc ttcctagtgc tccacctcca    237840
     gcacagttcc tcatgtggtg gcccccaacc atgacgttat tttcactgct actcccttgc    237900
     tgtaaagttg ctacttttgc agatcataat gtaaatattt tttagagtta caggtttgcc    237960
     aaaggggtca cattccaacc cacaagtggt gaacctctgg accacagaat aaagacctac    238020
     ttttaaaaga gaaacaaggg gagatggttt ggaatagatc ttgaaggcca tggcttagaa    238080
     tagactcctt tagatttagc atcagaaagc tgacaggggt ttatgttaac tgatttccat    238140
     gtcagagaga gttaacaata ggcagtctga ggggagcact cccaagtgaa aggcaacaga    238200
     aaagacaagc tgagaaggcc tagaggctgg ctggaagtcc ttttcttctt tgtaccctac    238260
     taataacaga actgagtgct tgttacattc tgatcaagaa aagaaatcat gaaacacatt    238320
     ttagaaaaat tatctcgaaa atgaaatgca aacaaatctg gtaaccatct cattgacatg    238380
     aactagctcc ttttcctccc atgcttctga gcaagcgcac tgcatacaca tgtgtgtctt    238440
     tctcttcaaa ttcatttcca ctcctcatac tgattagtac ttttttttta cctctagtct    238500
     gttatttttg tactgcttac tggtttttaa gaaagaaaat aagggatttg gaagggatag    238560
     tttaggggcc tttcacaact ttgattctgt tcattaaaca tgtataaaat tttccttaag    238620
     ataacattag tacctgagaa gaagagatta gtgataagtc tttggctgta agttaataaa    238680
     ttaattttat atataacaaa ctagtaaaat atatatccat gtaatacaat ttgcttattt    238740
     ttcatttgcc tactgctaaa tcaagttcaa tcagtataaa gtcagaaaaa aaatctcaaa    238800
     atacaatgag ctatttcata tatagacaat gctactttgt atagagacaa actgtgacaa    238860
     aagaactagg aaaagggcct gaagcaatca ttagcatctt agaaacattt tatagcatct    238920
     gtagtgttaa ggaacattac ctttgatact tctgtccctc aagcagtaca gaatctcagt    238980
     gtacattatg atggtttttt gagactacat gttaggtaac ttatatagtc tgtgaataaa    239040
     gacaagaaag aaaactatag cttgtagaaa cttatcttct gtttgcaatt ccctggcact    239100
     tccactatcc ctgctaaact gcctcctaaa ttaaatttac tataacagtg ttctttgagc    239160
     gattgtcatc ttgacacagc taccgagtag gagcatttgg aacttgggtt tctagttttc    239220
     aggagtgctg tgggccttga actgagcctt tgcctccttt gacctctcac acctagcatc    239280
     cagttggcca cactaaagct tgtggttatt ggtactagag tgcacccacc caaactttga    239340
     aatctagaat gtagactcat agaatgggta taaatattca atgtctcatt cttctcaggc    239400
     taaggtccta cttattagcc tgacaatagt taagcaaatg tcagtgatcc tggttgtcac    239460
     acagatgtca agattagaca tgagagcatg cagcatcttt ctgactagat aaaagtattt    239520
     gttttagcag tgctcaggat tgaatctgga accttgcata ttttaggcaa gtgtttcaaa    239580
     actgaactac atgctccctg cccaagaatc agtctttagt gtaaactgac ttgtacttct    239640
     gtttatttgc ttttgttcta gtttcctttg cttcatttag tagagtgtat ctcagggttt    239700
     taaattagaa ctttagcaca tggcagtcac tccatacagg cctgctgctg agatcattat    239760
     tatttccaga tggctcatgg ctgctaaatg gctgttacga ctgtaatctg ttgccagtgc    239820
     taataatctt catagacatt ctgaaaaacc acattatgca ttgcctaaaa caattgaggt    239880
     gaccatgtgg tttttattct gtaatctctt aatatgatta attatagtaa ttaatttctt    239940
     tgtaacattg atttttttta ctgttaaacc agccttgcat tcttatagaa tgaaccagac    240000
     tttatcatgt aatattaccc tttttatata cagctagact cagtttgctt acaaactggt    240060
     aataatttag aagtatgaga tcatgggatt ctatttgtgg gatagttctt aagtatgagt    240120
     aatctctact atgtatagag ctaatcacac attctgttct tcttaaatca cttttgataa    240180
     atcctgaacc tggcaagttt cttcccactc tgtgctctgc agtgtgcctc caggcagaaa    240240
     gagcttcagc aatagtactc tcttcattgg cttgtatttt ctcagaagtc atagcagttc    240300
     catgttgcct actgcccatt gctaataagc ctcctgtgag aagggtaaat ctgggctttg    240360
     gtctaccatg tgagaaacca gaagatacct gttttggtgt acacaatgaa gaacacaaca    240420
     aatttcgttg gtgatagttg tttctttttt ttaaaaaaaa tcccttttat tcactttaca    240480
     tcccgattgc agcaccccgt ctcctcccag tcctctgtcc cctatcatac agctcctccc    240540
     catccccagt cccctctctg aaaaggggga gctcacccct cacaatcaca gcacaccctg    240600
     gtacatcaag tcaccgcaag actaggtaca tcttcttcat tgaggccaca gaagatagcc    240660
     cagttagaga aacaggtcca caggcaggca acagagtcag gaacagcccc tgctccagtt    240720
     gttgggggac ccacatgaag gccaagctgc acatctgcta tgtatgtgtg ggggtggtat    240780
     aggtccagct tctgtatgct ctttagttgg tggatcagtc cctgggagcc accaagagtc    240840
     caggttagtt gagtctgctg ttgttcctgt ggagtccctg tcccctgtgt ccctcaatcc    240900
     tttccccaac tcttccatga gattccctgg gctccatcta atgtctgatt gtgggtctct    240960
     gttttggtca tttgctagga ggagcctctt ggaggacagt catgctaggt tcctggctgc    241020
     aagcataaca gagtatcatt aatagtgtca gggattggct ctctcccatg ggatggattt    241080
     tgagtttcgg ttattggttt cctcagtctc tgctctatct ttgtcccagc acatcctgtg    241140
     agcaggacat attttaggtt gaaggttttg aagtcctgcc tggctagagg atgtggccac    241200
     ttcaggatcc atatccccta ctgctaggag tttcagatag agtaaccctc atagactccc    241260
     tgaggctacc cccacatcaa ggtttctgga cagttcctag agatgcactc acctgcctgg    241320
     tgcattccat tctctctcct tcatctcctt acatctgatc cccctccacc ctgccctgtt    241380
     cccctcccaa tccactttcc cacccagttc cctccctcca tctacttccg atatctattt    241440
     tatttcccct aataagaaag attcagcatc ctctctttgg ctctccttgt tattttgttt    241500
     ccttggttct atggagtgta gcatggtacc tataatttat ggctaatatc aacttactag    241560
     tgagtgcata ccatgtatgc ccctttgggt ctgggttacc tcactcaggc tgatattttc    241620
     tagttccatc catttgtctg caaaattcat gatgtctttg tttttaatgg ctgaatagta    241680
     ttccattgtg tagatgtact gcattttctt tatccattct ttggttgaga gacatctctg    241740
     ttgtttccag tttctggcta ttatgagtga agctgctata tgtccttatt acacgttgtg    241800
     gaatggtagg gcatcttttg agtatatgcc caggagtggt atacctgggt cttgaggtag    241860
     aactattccc agttttcgga aaaaccacca gattgattgt accagtttgc aatcccacca    241920
     gctatggaaa aatgttcctc ttgctccgta tcctcaccag aatgtcctgt cacttgaggt    241980
     ttggggtttt tttttttaat cttaaccaat tagaatggtt aagataaaaa catcttagat    242040
     tgatggaatc ttagaatagt tttgatttgc atttctctga tgacaaagga cattgatatg    242100
     tttctgggcc attatagaaa taaattaaaa gatatatata tatttttaaa acccaccaga    242160
     gctaccagtt ttgtcttgaa attctcaatt agttaaattt tgcatggact gtttgctttt    242220
     taatctgacc acattccata ttgtagtcca tctcttacat acacaaataa gtgatataac    242280
     tttgttttag taattaaact tcaagactaa actttatttt tcctcttcat ttaagttccc    242340
     ttcagcattt gagtttaatg aattattctt gattacaatt ttggatcacc tctatagttg    242400
     tctttttggg acctttttgt gcaactgtga acaacagcga atcaaagagg taagtgtata    242460
     tgcttcccta ttgctcagac gcctttccta gtaaactcaa tcagaagagg cctgaataga    242520
     gtgaagactt ggctcctggc cctactgctg cttgtaaatg gtacagggta gtgggaaaga    242580
     tgccctagac acctttccag aattttagca gtctaagcat aggtgtttaa tataagcctc    242640
     ttacttgtag agtcgggaac ctaacaagat cacagctttc caaggtgtat gacaaaattc    242700
     acacttccat acctccgttt gatgaaactt tattaacttt ttaaaaaaga ttttaattta    242760
     ttttttattt tctatgaaca aatatggtac ctaagggagt taaaaaagaa caccatatct    242820
     cctagagctg ggattctaga aaggatgagc caccatgtag atacagggaa tcaaactcca    242880
     gtcttctgta agagtggcaa gtgtgtttaa tagctgagcc atttttctag ccctctgcta    242940
     actttttaat ttcaaaggga ggaaatatag taaatataat ggcatgtgaa ttgaatcttg    243000
     ataaagatgt ttaaaggaaa acaaaatgaa cccacaacag cagaatacaa tccacgaact    243060
     gcatctctat caatttttgt aaaataggga aaactaatta attctccact taaataaatg    243120
     ctaaattaac atagtaaaat tagctcatct gaagtataca gttcagtgca atcactgata    243180
     tttaatttca tgagtatttt agccacccct ttgggaatct ccatattacc agttactccc    243240
     attttcgtgg tacctagaaa tcaccagtct gcctattctg ggcatttcct ataatggact    243300
     catacaatag gtggatgttt gtgagtggtc tgctttacct agtgtaacag tttcaaggtt    243360
     cttttttata gttaagcaat atttctttct ttctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    243420
     ctctctttct ctctctctct ttctcgctct ctttctcacc accaacataa aactaacagg    243480
     aattaacagt tattagtcat caatatccct caatatcaat gaactcaaat cctcaataaa    243540
     atatatattt gttattgatg agcctgctta tactgtatag ataaatacag tttccagatg    243600
     ttgcctaact ttagtactat ttcctgatac atcacacata tcatctccag gatgagactg    243660
     tatatagcta gaggggtggg gcttagtaaa tgtgcctaga tttttcagtg tttgaattca    243720
     gttcattatc taaaaatcta tattcgtatg aaaaaaatta atccttgagg ctgtggagaa    243780
     cttaattcaa tgtaatgttt ttattttttc aggatgtata tacaaatact atatctttat    243840
     ggtcttatat caatagccaa ctagatgaat tctcaaatcc cttctttgtg aattatgaga    243900
     accatgtgtt atatcctgtt gctagtatga gtcacttgga attgtgggta aattattatg    243960
     tacggtggaa tccacggatg agaccacagg taatttttta ttttcttgtt ttcataaggg    244020
     tatgcctttc tttccaagtg aagatggtgt tataaaatgt attcatagta gatattgact    244080
     tactgaagtt atattgctgc tagaagtcaa ggctccatgt tttgtgttcc tttttcagaa    244140
     agttccttcc atataccaac tccataccat ttactgagtt agagtttaaa ctcttatatg    244200
     tctgccttct actggtgaaa tggtaggaag tattacctct tgctgtgttt ggttatcaat    244260
     cttctaagtt gttgggagat atttggcttg cacagtacct ctctctgcta gtatatatat    244320
     gaggtagtaa aggcctgtga aaagtgcacc caagttcact tataatgtaa tagaaagaga    244380
     gggtatgtga taagttgtaa agcagataca gcttgaagga gtaaaattct ccccaaactg    244440
     ctgcattatt tcacagtaaa gtaagattgg ggggcggggg gaggcacagt gcacaacaga    244500
     gaccagtcaa gcaggtctcc tgcctcctgc ctgctgggtt cagtgactga cctcattctg    244560
     catatcaagt actgctagct agcacgcctt gacccaatcc gccaagctcc tccacatagg    244620
     gctagagaag tgacaggcag agtttaatat tctgaagctt taaagggtgg ccaacaggag    244680
     catgttgcta ggtcattctt taatagcact gattccatca gcctagaaca taaacacctc    244740
     ctcctcctcc tcctcctcta tcccttttac ctggtgtttt cacaacctcc acttgcttcc    244800
     taagctgcac tggctagggt aaagttcaaa ttgttccttc tcctttttac ttgccaggat    244860
     ggaagtccaa gtggtagcat ggctttacta accctccctc agctagacag tgcactcact    244920
     cttagactca gctgtgggcc ccagctggca cgccggggac tgagtggctt ctcagagact    244980
     gcaggaattg ccctctgccc atgttctgtg ctcagcatgt tgcaaacttg aagtgtgatg    245040
     aagctaggta aaaagtatcc tcatggatat atggattcct tctgctagtg cttagtgaca    245100
     cgtctttatt gcgtactcct gggaataggg gggtgggagt aggaaacaaa gtcattcata    245160
     aaacctatag cctgcaagag agtttgtctc taaatgcaga cagtttcctc tacaggtaag    245220
     caaagcaggc ttcagtatgg tgagggcgat cagcagacct atcatagcta ttacacatga    245280
     gagtaaaaga gaatgtcaga actaaaccat aagtcaccca gcaccttgct gcctggtaga    245340
     tgtcatagaa tgtccctgtc cagggccaaa ttccattttt atcagtgatt tactgccaga    245400
     tctagaacaa ggtcctgagc ctcgctgagc cttcacaggg gcatgtaagc atgatctgta    245460
     ccaagtagta cccagcaagc accatggtgt cgttctaggc aaatggcaga tagggaaggc    245520
     agcattccgt gttgtcccta tacagtgcta cacaaaaggg aaatctgaga aggctgtcta    245580
     caagccacaa gttttccctc taaatgcaat aaccacatat caaacacctt ctaagtatgc    245640
     tgagcacaca gtgttttggg agacaggcag aaccttggtg acagaaactt ctagaagggc    245700
     aggtggacat ttgtatgaca gggatgtcta tgtgttcctc cactgacagc attccaatgc    245760
     tgagagggta gctgcactcg aggctgtggt tggggaatat gcaggtaggt agtgtagaga    245820
     gaaaatggta ggaaaagact gtggggaaga aaggcaggcc agcaggccac tgcggacctc    245880
     catgtcagca tccatcaaag aatgggtgtg gcattctctt agtacctcat actatgtgcg    245940
     agtgccctgg ggcagacatg actgacgctt tatgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt    246000
     cgtttgtttg ttcgttttgt ttttttcgag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cgtggctgtc    246060
     ctggaactca ctttgtagac taggttggcc tcgaactcaa atccacctgc ctctacctct    246120
     gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggcttgt gccaccactg cctggtggct ggctttttcc    246180
     tgcgcatttt ctttaacata acttagcctc agagttttct agacctttag gcatgccttt    246240
     gcatacttaa aactgaaatg tgagaaaata aacaaaaagc tccatgaaga tgtaaggtga    246300
     tatcagttcc ctaagcagcc atgagtctca gaccctacat agtgtttcgc agctcacata    246360
     tgggttactg atgaaggctt gatcacagag tatgtattat ctccggcgac tgagctgcat    246420
     gatcccgtgg gtgtggcaaa taacaagaga actcctaaag gatgaatgga gcatttccct    246480
     agtgcacagt ggtctcaaga gccagccttt gctatgtaat tatggcattt ctgtctctct    246540
     cttcctgcag cctgccaaat ggagcatttt tttttaacct ttctgttgtg ttggagacac    246600
     ctggctgtct ttgctccatc ttcctcctcc tgtcagtctt gttaggtctc tctcatccca    246660
     ctaagattgc taatcagcaa caacactcag gcttcactct agtttcatgt gtttccttct    246720
     atagaagcag gacctggtga taggtgggct agagaggcag actgaggctt agaggatatt    246780
     actattagtc ctgaggaagt agccactgag gtgtgttatg tagtgagcca tattggcatc    246840
     ctgaggctta gggccagtcc aatagcagcc gggaatacaa tgaatgggaa caaggctccc    246900
     caaacctgcc catgcctcct ttgtcccttc tttgctgctc agcattaccc tcagtctgaa    246960
     aatctataag ggaaaatctg ggtcttggat ctctgggctc ctagtaggta ttgaggaaat    247020
     ctgctatctc agaaagctgg gtatgatgaa cataaatact aggatcttcc catctctttg    247080
     ttgtgctccc atactaccat cagggggtct aaaagacaat cagggtgaag caatgaagaa    247140
     gtgctaagtg gaaagcaaaa ggctggtctc tagggcacct gtgccctggc attgccctct    247200
     gagggctttc tgccagttcc tattccagtt gatgaaaaca cagagctcta tggggaagaa    247260
     agtgctgact taacacagtg tttgcagtca ctggagctat ttataaaaat gcacaagtat    247320
     agggataatg gagcaggggt ctcatgaaca ctacttagtc tgggaagaag ttacttgcat    247380
     ttctaacaac tccaaacaca gcctggctct gaatctgcac atggcagcct tagttggatt    247440
     atggctacac ctgaacctgt ttgctccttc ctgggagcta agagagtgga gggtaagggt    247500
     gacctgtctt ccccaatgcc tttccatgcc taccttgtcc ctaggaactt caggacagcc    247560
     tgggtagcta tcaaaaactc ctaacttgtg ggaaaaaaat gaatcactta tgtgggttag    247620
     ttttatgtta gcatgacaca ggctagagtt atctgggaag aggaaaactc agttgagaaa    247680
     atgcctccat aaaattagct tgtgtcatat tttcttgatt gatgactgat gtgggaaggc    247740
     agtgtcaccc ctgggctgat ggtgtggggt actataagta agtaggctat actagaagca    247800
     agtagtcatg aggagcaaga cagtaagcag cagtcctccg tggcctcttc ctcagctcct    247860
     acatctaggt tcctgctcgg agttcctgcc ctgatctccc tcagtgattg tgacctgaga    247920
     gttgtgagtt gaaataagct ctttccacct taagctgcct ttggtcctgg tgtaatatca    247980
     caataaaaga aaccctgacc ttataagaca atctttgtat acttggtgat agattggtca    248040
     gtagtctatg agactgggta cataggaatc tggccagtga aagaaccatt aagctatgaa    248100
     cctaagtact gaaatgctgt atttagaaca aacagtactc caacgagagt caactaacag    248160
     ccttgtctct gttcacttcc agatgccaat tcatcagaat ctcaaggaac tgctggctat    248220
     caaggctgag ctgcagaagc gtgtggagga cttgcagcgg gagatggcca cccggaccat    248280
     ctcatcttcc tctgagaggg gctcctcacc tacccactca gctactcctg tacacacctc    248340
     agtctgatga acaaagccag taccccgggc catccggctg ctctattgtc ttccagcagc    248400
     tcggggacct ggccattgat attatggttc tagcttgtca tcttagctct taggactcag    248460
     cccagggacc atttgtgggt ggtgaaagct cctattatta acaagtactt cttttgtgtg    248520
     aacagcctgt gccccttttg cgagcagcct caccctgtga accacctgtg tcttgtacag    248580
     gtagcttggg agaaaccaga ttgaatgcag tgcggtattt taacttaaga gaatcttaca    248640
     ccacttcttt ccaagttaca tcctttgtta cgaacaactc gtttacttat agaacacatc    248700
     accagccatg tggctcctct cagccttttg gcacaattta aaaactgttt taaatgaaat    248760
     gttagtgtgg caaatgaacc attgccacct gttctacagt tatcagttat cttcatacaa    248820
     gaagtcctgt tcaactggta caatatgtac tgctgtgtac atataaggta ttttttaaag    248880
     agaaacatgc ctttattttc ctatgtcctt ttttatgttt agaatagcct gagaaatcat    248940
     ctgctaaact gtgctgtagg agaaattctt tcccaacgga gtccatgctg ccttttgcgc    249000
     agcacatttg aattaagatt cgagatgtgt cagctcagtg gcaatggagt gttgtcctct    249060
     aactctggta cttgtctttt gagatggcac agcccattca ttcattggtg gtagcagcag    249120
     gttccctcag gatgcagcaa actatgaatg ctcagtcctc tggccttgtc gcaggtaaac    249180
     tgagggctca ggcagcaact ctgcatttgt tggcctccct ctatgacagc tctctaaagg    249240
     agcaagtctt gaaaattgct ttggcatcct accacctgtt aagatgccca gcatctatgt    249300
     caaatcaagt cgtctctcac ctgttagaca cctggacagc ttgctttcat ttaccacgat    249360
     ctcttctcag ttgatttaca tgactgcctg gccatacttt aaggcaacca gtggctaaaa    249420
     tactcatgaa attaaatatc agtgattgca ctgaactgta tacttcagat gagctaattt    249480
     tactacgtta atttagcatt tatttaagtg gagaattaat tagttttgta ttccctattt    249540
     tacaaaaatt gataaagata tagttcatgg attttattct gctgttatgg gtttatttct    249600
     atgggtctga aagcataaca tgctcttcca tggttttccc ctctcggacc cagccctggc    249660
     ttggcaggcc tctttccaca gttaacagtg ttgatctctg ctactcaacc agtccttcta    249720
     ggaatgaatc tcccatcagc ttcgacgtgt gcaatgccag catagccacc accaccacca    249780
     tgtccacttc tgtgtgtcac caggcccttc agagttggag atgtgtttga ggctgaccaa    249840
     gtgagcccct gaggacagat ggctcacatc ttcctcttgt cagtgtcaaa tcactggatg    249900
     ctgtgcagtc ctacacatta acctcggttt tcaaaagtgt tcttaaaaga atttttacag    249960
     ccaaatacat agaaactaga tgatttttca acttacagaa aactacccaa ctataagata    250020
     accagagaca tttattcaag gaagtttcat aagttatgat caattctcca tttttaatca    250080
     tctgggggat ttgtttctaa actacagttt aagtgatttt agcttttgat ttgtgttcat    250140
     catagatata aaaccttatt tgtagatgga taaactgcca tatctgaggt aggagaagct    250200
     gtgagttcag ggacagcttt ggctacatat cgagttctgg gacagctggc ctatattgtg    250260
     gagccctgtc tcaaaatcaa taccaaaaag aaaataacat gaactataat attttttttc    250320
     ttcatatact ttttaaaagt ggggacattt accaattttt ccctagaaat actgtgtaat    250380
     ttcccagcga cacttgaact attgaagata gagtggactg gataatgttt tgacagaacc    250440
     agagaagcca tggggatggc tgcttgttga ggtcagctag cctggtacag atggctggta    250500
     aactgtggct ctggctcctg ctcaagccat ggcctcccag ctgccatgcc tgcagcaccc    250560
     ctaaaaatgt ccactggatt ttaaagaagc acaacagagt ctttcccttt gtatgtttct    250620
     agcacagaac tgtttctaaa acaacttgaa gtatagtttt cttatctaaa caattctttc    250680
     atgtatgttt tatttaagta ctataatgta aaccctttaa ggttcaggtt tttaaacaag    250740
     tacaatactg tattttgcct catctgaagc actgtattcc aacatgtaac taaaatgata    250800
     atatgtttgc tccctggtct ctgttgtctc tgtgttttca ccatttcagt agtttttcac    250860
     ccctgaggaa aatgagtact aagaaagtac catgtgttaa atgctttccc tgtacctgcc    250920
     acagttaata tatgtaaagt gcccaatagt agttgattaa cttactaagt tgtcagcaat    250980
     ttgttgtgag tcttgagtgg gctggaacag gtaggtgatc tgattttcaa atctgcaact    251040
     ccccttgttc ataaccttga agaaatgttg aagacagaga aaggcccaga gtaacaagag    251100
     gcagtgggtc tttcttatac aaatgtataa gtacttgcta gctctgtggg actgtggact    251160
     tcttcaaggt tctaaaagtt agtgtgaaat tacaccacct cctgtgtata accattcttt    251220
     aagggcctga cattgctcat cttcttcatg tgaatcaagg ctgtgttagc aagaaagccc    251280
     aatattaggt ataagaaggt tggactgtct cccagtatac ttctataata gtgcccccac    251340
     agtagaaagc acactcctta ctggatcact ttttaggatt gagcagtatg ttctaaagct    251400
     gggtggtgga gccaatgctg atcctactaa aggacttgat gctgtggcaa gaaggctctg    251460
     ctccaacctc catctcctca tccaagtata ccagacatgt cctgcggcag ttcctgtact    251520
     atggaggccc accagcagaa gcctgggatc gggcacttgg tggaaggact gatggaaaaa    251580
     atgctaacat gccaaagaca cacctttagc tggggagaag gcgaatgagg tcagtactat    251640
     atcacaaaga tagtaggaaa agacagatca catcaggaca taaggagctg ttaagagtcc    251700
     actttgttta atgcaaacac tagaccattt acaattcaca cttggacaca agcacgtaaa    251760
     acgatgtaca gggattctgg cagtctccaa catgtcttcc tcagagaact ggtactaacc    251820
     acgacccaag tggctgaggc agtgggcctg tcctacacca gggtaggagc ccctacatca    251880
     agccacttga gactgttgag catttttaaa gttcttcctg tcaagtttca ctgatcgaga    251940
     tctgatcttg gcaattggct cttctgcttc atttggtttc tcccttctgt cacctgggac    252000
     taacccaagt tggccaactc agccttcagg ggggacacag ttacaggacc agtcccaagc    252060
     cttctgcagg ccacaatgcc ccaccaagta taaaatgcca gtgggaagga ggagcccggc    252120
     ccctgggatg aaactgtatg aacaggaggc cgatggcccg ctcaggcctg tccagccact    252180
     tagctagcgc ctgcgggctg agtgatgggt tttatgcaga agggctttat gcaaaaggca    252240
     ccgaggtagc taagggagag caaattagag ctctttttca ctggaaccag tgctattgag    252300
     aaaacagttt aacaagaggg catttatttt acatcatggc cgtggggttt gagggctttg    252360
     ccatcagaca ggcctcagca taaaggtaga caaccctcct gagattaccc tagctagcta    252420
     catgtcaaca gaccagaaat actaaaatcc ttcctttaag tcacctatag cccagcactg    252480
     gccaaatggt ggcaccatca tctcctgttg tccttggtgt cagtaaggca caatcctgac    252540
     aatgttgaca gcaatccgac cagcaagtta agaggttcta gaaaacggac acatcttgca    252600
     agtgatgcct tctttgctta ttaacctcct gaagaataag gcgggcttcc tgaggccatg    252660
     agcttttttt tttttccatc ttagtgtcat tttcccagtg ctccagcttc cctattggat    252720
     cctcagacct ggaccgtctg ggaccaaagg ccaagcaaag ggggcatctc atcgcccact    252780
     ggtatacagt aggagttggt gttcaggctg cctggaaaca tgacaccacc agcagccctc    252840
     caccaagaat agtctttaaa cagcaaacac actcaaggca tgcattagac agcacaagag    252900
     ttagggagtt tcttaaggtg agtgttgcct cttcccagct cagcagaggt gaaggagcca    252960
     attcacagct tatgggatat atggggccaa tcatgttgtc cagaggagct gtagatcttg    253020
     ccttcacagt gacacacatt gctttcagaa gtgccgtttg acgtggcaaa ctattagttc    253080
     atatggggtg gaaactagct tagctttcac ctgcagggtt cactatcaag ctcactggag    253140
     ccaaagaaac aatccaggaa gcaggcagat ccagcccaaa ctaggggtag cagtcagctc    253200
     tggccctggc ccttggtttc ctgtatttac cgctatgaac atggtcagag cccttttcag    253260
     agcagacagg gaggacagct acacaactac aaaggcggct aagctagtat cccttcccct    253320
     accttcccct ttccccatcc acttctaata aaacaacaag catgcttctg gtttccacgt    253380
     tcattctcag gatctgtagc tcttgctact taaataagat catgtacagg gtagtgtaaa    253440
     cacccaccct gacctgggag aaagttcatt tgtaggtgac ttccaagacc tgttaaccag    253500
     gccagccgga gatccctaca cagtctgata ggaatccaac cgcaagtcac agctcccata    253560
     tgctccttct ttctaatctt ggggtaagac tattgtgaga ccatgtttgc actaaaatca    253620
     ctgaagagcc ttcacctgga caagctctct ggaagctgac caatatgaaa catgaagttg    253680
     ggaagaacaa tcgatttttt aaaagtgcct aggtgttatg tgtgtgtgcg cacacatgta    253740
     gggtgtgtgt gagtgtgtgt gtgtacacat gtatgtgtgt tgcagcttgg tgctgtctga    253800
     tttgtcttaa aatgggttcc atatgcacca gatgcccgtt gagcatgctc ctcacagctc    253860
     tcagtggtca gcaccacaac aaacaaccta ctacagcatg taggcaaagg atttcataga    253920
     acctagagac tgcctaacca gaaacgttct gcagtgctgc cccaaccatc ctctgggcca    253980
     cccccacctt gggcatcctc cttttcccat gctaaggctg aatccagctg tctccatcac    254040
     ccagaaactt tcactgctgg tgctaggaat ctgctgaatg tgggtctcaa gtctcagaac    254100
     caagtctctt tagaggaccc atggcagagc agtcactgta gtctgcagga cagggcacag    254160
     aaaccacact catgaacacc taaggcttgt ccagaaaact cactacaata agcagccagt    254220
     ggcatgggaa gaaacttggg gaaaggattg gcaaatgaaa tccggagctg ggtcacaagc    254280
     ggtggcttcc ttcagatgta cctgcctcaa atccggggtg gctcgggtgg tgggggttct    254340
     gcagactgcg tttcttgttt tgagtatgtc actaggaaga gaagacatgt gttaggaggg    254400
     tttcacctct actcttccca agtcctgata gaactttaga tctatgctgt gtgagcagtt    254460
     cagcacatcc caggcctcct cactgtcctc tgtaggactg ccatgggccc tgcgtacaaa    254520
     gttcagggta ccttggccta ccaagggaag caaaggcaga agcctggcag gctgcacaaa    254580
     agagctctgc ctccattctc catctacaga atggacatgc ttctgttgag acttctacat    254640
     tactggatct aaaacagtcc caatagtaca ttgggtacta tacttccttg ggtattcact    254700
     cagtgttggt tccagtgtta aaattttgac agactatcct cctttagatt ccaaacctct    254760
     acatttgcat tcaggatcat ttccatgcat ttggtcctgc actaccagat aacttctata    254820
     agcagtgacc tggagatctc gttctccatt atggaacagg tagagccaga tccttcctca    254880
     gcacccaggc tccacagctg ttgtcctgta gctgtggtct cttctcatgt ccttgtctga    254940
     aggggagcaa gcctacctcc ctgcctctcc atcagcgttc ctgggtcaca ggtatgtctc    255000
     cctctcattt gaccttacca tatgcagcct ctaatttctg ctagtccttg aacctcaaaa    255060
     gtgctcaatg accacagagg aggtaacaga acatctaggt tttaactgtc ttcttgtctt    255120
     tggtcatttt ctaataaaaa aagcctaaag atagatgtgg actcacacct gtaatcccag    255180
     actggggagg cagaagcaga ggatcgggga tccaagggta cccacagcta caatagtgag    255240
     tgggaggcta accttggcta ccttagaccc tgtctcaaac agacaacaat taaaaacaga    255300
     ctacaggtct agaagcaaaa cttcccgcag ccctggatga gcaagcccag ggtgcaggta    255360
     ggtctgctgg caacgtgctg agggatctca ggctcacatt caggtgattc aatagttgag    255420
     gctgagcagc aaaagctccc agaagtcatc acaatggcat ggtgtcccca ttctcaacaa    255480
     acagtcgatc agtcacaggg tgcaggcaga cctggatccc tgaagatttt ttatgatgga    255540
     cattccagag gcagattctt ctggaccacc ctaactcatt ctattcagtg ctggggacac    255600
     tgaattgaaa cccttcatca gggacagtga ctgagaagtc cttaccttgg ggctcctcac    255660
     acacaacagc ttccaggttc tcccccttca cgtagtctgc attgaggccc tctgcaaaga    255720
     gcaagagcaa agctgaagaa gcacaatgac acgaaggagt gctcctgact gaaagccgct    255780
     cactgtgtcc tctgggacat gaaggagccc tcccgactga aagccgctca ctgtgtcctc    255840
     tgggacatga aggagccctc ccgactgaaa gccgctcact gtgtcctctc ggacagtaaa    255900
     ggctgccagg atgagctctg aatcaccaga acatcatctt cttcataaag actggccact    255960
     aaggaatgca ttgcccagga cttccgtcac catccttgca aacagcatca tgcatcaaag    256020
     gcccaacacc ccatctgtaa agaggatgac tgggctctga accatcatcc ataggaccac    256080
     ctgagtccca gaggccaggg aggtggagag ggagccaaga gcagagggag tgactggtga    256140
     acgcagcatt aggaagggca ggtgggtgtg cagggaatca ctctggaaat gccagtagat    256200
     ggccttccca ggagcatctg tacacaccag gaagccaacc gacttctcca ggctgtagga    256260
     atgactatcc acatctgtgc ttagagggcc cagggtccac aaagagctgt tctggtctag    256320
     tgtgtgatct gaattctccc cacccccacc ctcatgctat tctcaaatgc tatgcagcaa    256380
     ttcaataagg tatcttcttc actcagccaa aggccatcat caatcaagga ctcggaatag    256440
     ccccacacca atggttgctt aaaagtcagt cttctgtgtc ttctctctga ataaccgagg    256500
     gcctctaggg aaaatgggtt ctgatgctaa gttatcaata tcaaatcata ttcctggctt    256560
     ttacctgacc tgatagctgt tgggctcaag gtgaaagcca aatggccctg tgaaaatgta    256620
     ggtggcattc tccagcaggg ggagttaact accatgcaaa gccagccagg tgacagcccc    256680
     agtgctaatg ggtaggagct gggagatgtg ctctgggcct tcagactaca gtccttattc    256740
     ctacttggtg agcaggagat agcccttttc cttccatgct tctgggaagt gttcacccac    256800
     agatatctga gtgtcccccc ctcccactcc tatggacatt cataactcca gccatcttgg    256860
     acctgggagt agatgatatg gcaccctcac aatatatcag aaaaagctct aaatgatatg    256920
     gtcacaggca agttggtgga taccagggag agaggagatg tagctagcag ggagggataa    256980
     tgaggggtcc agggccaaag cacaagaaac aggagttaat taaagcacac tgttacctgg    257040
     accttctgct gcatctgaaa gcaagacagg aagcttagaa gcctggagca agaatttagt    257100
     tccaggcaac aaacctatcg agtattttat gagattcact gacacttggc actgagggca    257160
     ggcagggaaa ccgagtgttc ccaaagtgaa aacccctttg gtagcagcag aggctggagg    257220
     ccaaagaggt gagatggcag gtcctcctag cagccacctg tcacctcctt ggggctttcc    257280
     atctgacttt cttgactgcc aatcactgaa ggcaatagtt gtctctgatc agcaagccag    257340
     cctgaccgtg gagattacaa gcaaacaccc ctgcttctta taaagctagc cacccacatg    257400
     aacaccctgg ggacccttcc tgattgtgga tcagcacagg gcaagtggca gtcacattgc    257460
     tgtacagaat ggaagtccag acaggtgtga gcttggtgtc tagtcagaca aggaaactgc    257520
     agactaatcc tgactggaac gaggtcagca gggggcgctg tggcagcaca atgaagtatg    257580
     gctgggagac gccagagaga aggctccttg aaaggagaca cagcgacctg aacaataaga    257640
     ggagagagga gcaaggcaga gaagaaacag caatggctgt accctgaaga aggcagagca    257700
     tatgggaaag gaaaatgact ctggagaagc cgaacggcta gggcttggaa tgccatgctc    257760
     agttcggggc ctgtgacctt gtgaccgacc aggttcaggg aacatgggga agtccaggta    257820
     tttttaaaca ggtcctcctg gagaaggtgc aaagtgtaag agagacagag tcagggaggt    257880
     gagtaaggcc tactagtgga cagagaagca tgcttgtgac tcatggagag cgggcactgc    257940
     agggctccca gacctctagt gtggaggaca gacacggatt aggagagaca gtgaagtcca    258000
     agctccaagc cctgtataaa tgactcagcc tgcctagcca gcttgttcaa cttgtgagct    258060
     gtcataactg ccatgtctaa caaagcaagt gggctggatg agggctggag ccagactctc    258120
     ccagtctccc tccttcctga gacactgtga ctctaactga agctctgcta ggcttcccat    258180
     ccttattgac actctgtcac ctcattcatt taatctgtaa atgttacctt atttaggaga    258240
     aggatctttg ctgtcactat taattaagga tctcaaactg actactcaga atttaagttg    258300
     gagacagcat taaaataatg tagtcgcaca ccaaggaaca cctggatttc ctgaaagccg    258360
     gaagatgggc tctctgcagg gaatgtggtc ctacaggctc ctgtttgtaa gacaaagcct    258420
     gacattatag ctcaagctgg cttggaaccc gcactgtagc acaaactgcc acgggcatca    258480
     cacagcaaac ctcttgcctc agccttacta atgccagggt tacaggtgtg tgccagcgtt    258540
     ctgactcaga agacaaattt cagttgtttg aaatcacagc agtctctgtc ctggaaacca    258600
     gagccttgga cagctgaacc gggtaagatg ttcactaatg aagctttctg ttgtagcctg    258660
     gtggctccca tactgaggga cggggagatt ttggtctgaa gggttcacga ccctttcatt    258720
     attaaggccc aagtctagac tgacttccac atatgaagag caaaaatggg aaaaccatgg    258780
     cacaaatggc cctggggtac tgcttccagc caagctagcc tttcagcaat gtgaagacag    258840
     aaccaggcct ctagctgttc tgaaggcatg cccatcacta agagcatcac tgcacaggac    258900
     actggctgaa attatcaaaa agtatttgct aaatggcatt agtgactttg atcagtcata    258960
     cagagtagta tgtttctcct agttaatttc caacttaacc attttaagtt atctctttat    259020
     ctttttacaa ggccatcttg agaacactta gccaaccttc tgcttccccc tctagccagc    259080
     aggaagcaga gttgttctcc ccaaataccc ttagagcagg accatattcc cttccctgat    259140
     aagattatat aaagactgta gccccaagag tggccacctg cctgctgggg gagagggcag    259200
     gagaagagct gccaggcatc tggaacagaa actccccaat cttcaaaggc accaagaatg    259260
     gggctggaga aggtgggaac tataactatc ttcttatctc cttgttccaa acacagccca    259320
     ggagagtgac agacagagtt atctcccaac accatgtaca acctgggccc tttgaccaat    259380
     gtgtccaaaa gagtctccct caaaatactc ttccaggtcc agggtcatcc ttggtccaat    259440
     gtaagccatc agtgggtggg gcacccatat ttttcatcaa ttagaaagtc tctttgcttt    259500
     atagttgagg ggagcaggca gaggtaagaa aattctagac ttcatcccca atatttcctt    259560
     gttcctaaca accctaccac caaacttgtg gactatgtgc atgtgagtat ccttgaggaa    259620
     gaatgttcta gaagagcaaa aggaaaaggc aataagatgg tcagatgaag aaacagttgt    259680
     aatgtttaca ctcatagcac actaggatcc aggttaattt tctgggagtc tcaggtccag    259740
     gtgccacaaa gagcagagac tcataaccag gacatgaaga aacagaagaa aatggtccta    259800
     ggcttcccag aaaaatcaaa gaatctgagg aaggttacaa gaggccaagt atggctgtgt    259860
     catgtcctct ccctggaagg aaaacttgtc agccctgaac taaagccatt ccacttaagc    259920
     aatgccatat tggtgctgtg ccactaaaat caacagattc atcctcacag gcttgctccc    259980
     acaatgtctc aataggcttc ttagatttac ccacaggtgt cccactggtg gctacagctc    260040
     acaagaaaag ccatctgttt tctagaattc cagcacatag atggcagtaa tgaaaaaatc    260100
     actctatgac ttctctttca tcactactcc ttaaaataac ttatgagttc atacagttta    260160
     aatgatctga ctggtggagg agcagagaac acccacatac tgacatatca agaaatcaag    260220
     atcagaaagg ggcactgcca gaatcataag gagcccaaag atgctcactg ccttgtcaaa    260280
     gagactctgg gagaccatag tactctggtt ggcagtgaag ggggctggtg gcactgggcc    260340
     tctgaagacc caacatcccc ttgggtgagg tctgaggcct ccaggattta tccgaattcc    260400
     tcccattcta gggaaataaa acagcacagt gctcattgag ctttgtccca acagaagtat    260460
     agcctcttct agctgagatg cctataaaat caggagcaca tagtatgacc ctatgtgctc    260520
     ttccagaaca ggatcatctt tagtttgtcc taaatttgcc cctaaggatg taaaagtgta    260580
     cctgctagga aacctactgg tgttgagtag cctggggaag ggatgagaac ttgcctgagc    260640
     cccttcccct gctcagatgt gtacttacgc tgaatgctga agcaaaactt cttctgctgg    260700
     taggagatgt agctggatac agctccaatc agggccatag caagggcact ggccacacct    260760
     gcaatggtgc cagtttctgt cgatatgcct ggacatggaa gaatgaatgg aactgaagag    260820
     acaaggccac caactccagg attctgctgt tctgttagcc ccaagttatg ctggcttaga    260880
     tgtctataac catcaagtcc atgtggaaga gctatgccat agatacccaa agcatcataa    260940
     tgacatgggc cacctatccc acagctgaga tcttcatgat acttccactc aatggctact    261000
     cctctctgct atttgcctca tgatattatt gataactatg gtggtttgga tgtgaatgat    261060
     tctctccccc ccccccaaaa aaaagcttgg gagttgaata ctgcccctta tgcagcagta    261120
     gagaccagta gagcctttaa gaagtaattg gatcatgagg tctctaccct aaacaagggg    261180
     tgggattgca gtggaatgga tttcagggat tgttatataa gcaatattta tttctaggaa    261240
     ccgctgaggt gagcaggctt tgcagcctca gtgttggcca cgatgaccca cctctccaca    261300
     ggcacaaagg cagcagggtc aagtaaccat gcgctggaac ttccaaactc aagagcaacc    261360
     tgtactgccc ggttttgtgt gtcaacttga cacaggctgg agttatcaca gagaaaggag    261420
     cttcagttga ggaaatgcct ccatgagatc cagctgtaag gcatcttctc aattagtgat    261480
     caagggggaa aggccccttg tggcgggagg ggggggacca tctctggtag tcttgggttc    261540
     tataagagag caggctgagc aagccaggag aggcaagcca gtaaagaaca tccctccata    261600
     gcgtctgcat cagctcctgc tttctgacct gcttgagttc cagtcctgac tacctttagt    261660
     gatgaacagc agtatggaaa tgtaagccga ataaaccctt tcctcccaaa cttgcttctt    261720
     ggtcatgatg tttgtgcagg aatagaaacc ctgactaaga cacaacctaa gttttatctt    261780
     cttttaaatt ctatagcttt agtactttat ggtgacagaa agattaccaa tagaaacatt    261840
     ttgggaaggg caggaagagc agctctaaga ccaggggggc cagcattatt tttcttgtta    261900
     ttccaacaga aactttggac cacagatacc caccagatcc agggtcatcg ttgctgccat    261960
     aaccaccacc gcctggagaa aggacaaaag cacttaatgt ctgctatgac ccctatggcc    262020
     cctatgaccc ctatgacccc tatgacctct atgaccccta tgaccccagg agcagcaggc    262080
     gtggactccc agaaagccta ttgaaatggt tacttccata caatgaaccc ttgtcacaca    262140
     caatattctc taggctctgg cttcaggttt agttcttcct atcactaggg gcagttgtgc    262200
     ttcgggtggg agccaaggct ctcatctgag agatgagcaa aaaggagtta aatctgactg    262260
     caaattacac caagcacttc ctacacatct ataccaaaca agaggtggag catagacaaa    262320
     tgcaaacatg caaaaccata tctaatattt tcacacttaa aaagttctta accatcatag    262380
     caaaaccagt taatgctaac agaggttggg gagatggatg caggaaagac attagccctg    262440
     cctataagga tcataggaga gagatcattg tgacagaatg ttttatccaa ttatggtgat    262500
     acactatcat cacatggcaa aactacaggg ttaacacaaa cacacacaca cacacacaca    262560
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaaacttc tccagagcag ccacccctca acccattcac    262620
     caattcctgg agagaaattt catgagaaac agcgaggcct accccaacat gctaactggt    262680
     cctgagttta tcgcttttat accgtccttt ttcctggtat ctaacactca ctggcagaat    262740
     tggttgggcg gggctctctt aggagagact catctagaat gtgggaagac acgagcacta    262800
     atgtgccctt cccctgaggg aagcaaagag tcaaggtttt gaagtataga aatattcccc    262860
     tgtagtgagg acagtgtggg gatgagcaag tgggatgtga gaactcagtc cttttcatca    262920
     tttttgctat gagcttaaaa ctaccccccc aaaatcatct atttttgaag agtcttcaga    262980
     gagaaaatga agtctgttat gttactatgt ggaacagaat cttccaatta agcattttat    263040
     aaaaacctct aatttagtat ttactaaaag aggagtttaa gagaactggg tactctttca    263100
     gaggacctaa attcaatttt cagcacccac ccacaagttg gtttgcaatc atgtcactcc    263160
     agttccaggg gatccaacat ctcttctagc ttcctgggca ccaggcatac aagtggtcca    263220
     tggacataca gacaaacaaa atacccaaac acatagataa ttaaacaatt aaataaaaat    263280
     ataaaaagaa cagcagcagt tttggtttgg tttggttttg aggcagggga tgtagcagag    263340
     gcccacctga aactcaaact cttcctgcgt cagcctctag agtgagagac ttacaagcat    263400
     gtactgcctt gccacaccta gctgagcacc agcatttagc actgacattt cagcagtaag    263460
     ttgtgaccag tactagcctg tcaccaatcc cctctgcttt tctgggagtg gtcactgata    263520
     agggtaaagc taagtatcta cacaggcacc ctttgtgcat gtgttcaagt cactagcttt    263580
     ctgaagttta gacttagtaa ttcaattttt cttcctttca tcttaagata gagtatggag    263640
     agccagccaa atcagtgagc tgcaggctca gtgagagacc ctgtctcaaa aacacatcat    263700
     agaaagtgac agagaaaaac acttaacatt cacatttagc ttccacgtat gtgcataata    263760
     tatgcacatg tacatgtgtg tgtgtgcttg aactcgagca cacacacaca cacacacaca    263820
     cacacacaca cacacacaca ctactcagct taaatccttt tgtccaccca gtcatatgaa    263880
     cctgaaccaa agtgagctac atgggtctat cattgcaatt actcagaaca aaatcacgac    263940
     cttcatcctt ctttagcttc taatctccac tcatttttct ctcagtattg actgaaccag    264000
     gctattctac aaaatgcagt gtccaaaagt ggatatcagg acaagtgaca gaatcaactt    264060
     gtattaaaca attcaataca gtccatgaac ctgaatttcc attaaaaatg aaatggataa    264120
     aatcatatgc ccataagaca tttcaggaca gtatttatag tatcttaggg gcagtgggtg    264180
     gattttaaat atgactatag aggcagaaat gcacagtaga aaaagattct atctaaagta    264240
     agagcttcaa tagtaaaagc aagagtgcaa gagcgagcaa gtgagggaga gaacaagaga    264300
     gccagagaaa gagacagaca ctgaattctg tcaaagaaca ttatgtagca acgcaatgaa    264360
     ttggatgtgg tagcacacac ataaagtcct gcccagagtg ggctaaaata gaagagttgt    264420
     gagtttcaga ccagccttag ctacatgatg agacagtctc aaaaacaaaa ccaaagagtg    264480
     agatggggag aaaatgggga gagccagtat agccatgaca tcaaagttct gctgggtaca    264540
     atgtgcacct agtaaagagc cagaagccag catgggctac agcataaggt cctgcctcaa    264600
     aacaaacaac caagagacaa aggtggaagg taactcacga gatactggca aatacttatc    264660
     tgagaaaggg ctaacttaat cagcagataa atgcaaatga agtcagaatg ccaacgcctc    264720
     cccacacctt aggaggggga ggaaaggaaa agaagggaag agtctaacaa gaatgtggag    264780
     aaactagaac cctcacctat tgctagcggg gatatgaaat agcccagcct ctgtggaaaa    264840
     gcttggtagc tcctgaaaac atgaaacata aagttatggt atgtactaac aatattactt    264900
     ctagatcact atggtttgga tgtattcctc agaattcaca tgtgcaggaa acttgatcct    264960
     tggagtcctg tgtcaatgat atttgaaagt gaggcctttg ggagataatt attattaaat    265020
     gaggtcatgg ggatggacct ctcagactga cctctggggt tttatcagaa gaggaagaga    265080
     gacacaagcc agcatgtttg ctctgtctta caactgatcc tccctaccac gtcttgaccc    265140
     agcacagagg ccctagcaga tgctgagcag atgccaatgc ccagacgtac tcaagacagt    265200
     taaaaactat gcctgtggaa actcttctat gtacttgtat acagatgttc atagcaacat    265260
     acttcattca ttatgatctt tggtccagtg gtccatcaac tggcaaataa ctaagtaaaa    265320
     tgtttggtaa tatatggaaa aggattcgcc aatataaaat aaattgttca aaacaagaag    265380
     gataaactgg gtcaaggaca tgaacatgag atcacaatat atattgactt tctaaaaaca    265440
     cacacattca aggaaatgaa aatatgacca ggacaaatgc cttgttctga ttgaattcgc    265500
     caagatgaca aaactataat gctcgctgga ctgaggtatc gggaaaactg gatacctgct    265560
     tactccctag caggggaaat ggaggctggt gccacctcaa tgggaaatca cttggtaatg    265620
     acacttagag tcacattttt aaagatgtat gcatcttgtg gctcagcaat tttagtgcta    265680
     ggaattgatc tgacagaaac aactgtggct tttcatattt ggcctgatgg ttttcaaaac    265740
     actaggtata gttgacaagc tagaggaacc accaaacaaa atcagagaca ggataaaaca    265800
     agtgtcactg ttatatttaa aaataatcta cataacagag aaaataatct aaatattatt    265860
     gaatagacat tggtttttaa aagggtagca tatgcgggta tgggaacaca tacatacatg    265920
     taaatctagc atacagccaa gcttcctgtg aggctcaggc aagaggccgg ccctgagttt    265980
     gaggacagcc tacactttcc ttctatggta tatattaaac tgtaattgat ttcagaatac    266040
     acacctattc acacactacc taagttttag ggaccttggc tgcaattaca gtgactgtca    266100
     ttgctataga gagtaccact acaatgatag taagcactgc tgtagcaggc cccataatta    266160
     tagagacctt gtagctatag caaccacctt tacttggatg gaccctgtag aataaaagga    266220
     attacttcag taaggaagtt gtgctcagtg gattgaataa atcttgtccc catggaaact    266280
     tgtggtgaaa gttaattgcc actgtggcag tggaacgctt ttgtcctggg attgggttag    266340
     ttgccacaag aacaggctgt tacaaagaga gcctgccctt gtgttttgtc ttactggtct    266400
     gtgcccattt gcccttttgc tcttctgcta tgttaggatg caatgtaagg tcctcaccag    266460
     atgtagccac caatctccgt cttccagctc ccagaactgt gaggtaaata aacttctttc    266520
     cttcattaat tactctgcct tggacatact attatagtga aagagaatgg gttaagacat    266580
     tatgaataag ctctgttgtc aacagaggtg tcagacaaca atgcacaaat agacgtcagc    266640
     cttgagtcct acggagccac ttaccgggag agacagggac acaaggcatg tgtttgccct    266700
     tctctgacgg cagcccagct cgtggctcac agtgagtgcc tgacgcatcc ggttgtcaag    266760
     gacacagaga atcatggaac agtagagtga ttatctctac aactgttggg gaggtattca    266820
     agtgcttaag gacacggtga gtgtcccaga cttccagcaa gacacagcaa gagcttttaa    266880
     atattttaaa atgtgctttt attgtctcaa aaatgtagca agaaaagtat atatatttta    266940
     aagtcaataa ataaagctat gcatggcggt gccacccttg aacctggaag gctaaggcaa    267000
     gaagctcgtg acatccaggc aagcaagggc tataaaataa aacccttcta agaagaaaat    267060
     aataaacaaa aagggggaga gatattgctg caaatgactt acaattacta aataaagcca    267120
     aacagaaaaa cgatgtcaaa acataatatt tgggctaaca aacagggaat gtattcttgc    267180
     tgttgcaaaa actctcacag ccatgttcgt ccctttccta ccacaaaagt tagactagtc    267240
     tgtagctaac atgctgttat ctatatgaaa atacccaatg gtatacatta agaatagctc    267300
     agcaaaaccc cctatgttca ttctgcactc cctgatgtgt tggagggact gtgggtgtct    267360
     gatgtgtctc tacactatgg aacagtaaga ccatctggca tgtgtttccc catgttaaag    267420
     ccagaaatat tatggaaaca actccaaaga aacctctttg gatgttattt catccgtact    267480
     agaaaaagaa tggggccatt ggaaaaatgg taacagtctg agtctaggaa ggccaaggaa    267540
     aggggaagaa tggagggctt gcaagctact cacttcaaga gatgctagag gactcagtta    267600
     caaactcatt ttgagccaga cacagtctgt caaaaatgtt gtcttgagga aaaaaataca    267660
     caatggataa tgtattattt cagaaatcca ctccagaaca actgaagcta tgtcataaag    267720
     acttgagttg gagaagtgcg ataattgagt ttctaattta tggaaatgtg atgctccccc    267780
     ttcgctcccc atcatgagct tgttttggta gaagggacag tgtctgtgaa tctcacccat    267840
     gttcctgttt caccctttga tcttctttcc tgacacctat ggtgatggag ggaataaccg    267900
     aagccaacaa ttgattattc tttacaagac aagctccaat atgagcctaa ttaaagaatt    267960
     tcctaacact tcctccttgc taaaacaagt acatttaatg aagaaaagcc cctggcctgt    268020
     cattcaggct ttcgttcctg tgtatgctta cagacataac tactgccctc ctctccccat    268080
     ctggaaatac caattgtcac ccaggagtaa ttggctcatt tgctgggttt gccctttaaa    268140
     tgctccatgt tctcctgaca cctggaagtt tcatttagag gcttttaggg ctttttccta    268200
     gagatgacac catctggaaa ggtgtttctg gggacaaatg tgactaaggt acattttaag    268260
     taacagagaa cactgttcct atatgaaagg cacagtgctt gcaagaatga agcaaatgcc    268320
     agacttcagc caggacttgg gaagaggagt cttgacacac tcacaacttg aattcttcaa    268380
     accctgctgc aattttttcc atcacaacaa ggaataataa acaaagggtt tcaaacacca    268440
     caacttatca ttccaacatc ttgttagagg tcacacttgt agtatgttcc aacaggaact    268500
     tgttttgcca caccacacga ctcaggcttc tcaccccatg cttaagatcc aactgacaaa    268560
     tctatctatg ggggactaca aacgtggctt aggaaggaca tgactattca gaggcagcat    268620
     gcagacgaga ctttacaaga atctctccct ggttgtggta atggctattg aaatctacac    268680
     atgtggtact cacacacaca cacacataca cacagtagtt catgtaaaat gagatttgac    268740
     acaatttcta taatgccaat cggtaacttt attatagaga tataacttca tatttaggac    268800
     cacctactct ggttctgcaa tagagcctcc cagggaggaa ctggatgaag aacacatagg    268860
     agttttcctg gaccatttta aaactcttac cagtactagc ttattttttt aatacaaagg    268920
     tcttttccgg ttttggttgc ttggttgctt ttgttttgtg ttttgttttg tcagtcagac    268980
     tagatcagaa cttcgagaga gtctgatccc atggtttagt tttcttacac atttagacac    269040
     agtcaaactt cagggaaggc tacattgaaa ttctgttgca aattctgtga tctttacagt    269100
     aagaatgaac tctattggct gataagcagt gctcagggct agggcctagt ggggaaggat    269160
     gtgggatttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt gtctttttaa attgaaaata gattcttctt    269220
     tcatacaaca cctcccaagg acagtttcca ctgcctctag tctaccagga gggaagcatg    269280
     aattttcctg ggaaggggaa atagaatgca aagatatttt gtaaaaatct gatttgctag    269340
     gggcttcttt aaaatgtttg ccatgtttgc ttaacatggc aaccctcaca ctgcatagaa    269400
     aaatggctct ccaagcattt gtatcaaggg ctgtctcctt gatactatga tgctccatgt    269460
     gactgtccta ctacaggcca ctgtccttgc tgctgcctta taaggtgcac ccaggttgtg    269520
     gggatactag ctcatgaagt accttggttt aaagaacaac agggcaaatg gacagcttct    269580
     ccaggatggc ttacaaatgg gctcccaccc acaggaatga gagccctctc caccttacaa    269640
     gtgcaaatga ctaagcctga ttttccagag gctaagaatg gcatgtttta cctgaaggcc    269700
     aaatggtcaa cattttaagg agaatttggt ctgttatcag acaaagcaat actcctacct    269760
     ttattcttgt caggtttgta tcccccacct tccacgatgt cttcaagatc cttgtctgac    269820
     caacctatga aagaaacccc atacatttca ctggcaaaaa aaaatctttg cagcaaatac    269880
     ttggattagt aaatgttgtc catgacatgt gggtattctt catggtaccg ggattctggt    269940
     tcagtggtac agcagataga aggccctgag aaccaggcct tgtgcccaaa ctaaggaggg    270000
     attcgggaag aaggaagagg aaggggagga ggaggagcag gaagatgaaa aaggatgatg    270060
     gtagtaggca aaaattccaa ctagcccctc agattgctca ctgccagcgt atgtgttctg    270120
     ccgaacctcc aatcaccttg agtgtgtgtg tggtcccaga gagaatgaat atgatcctag    270180
     tgattaagct caaagtgatt tttgtcaaag taattaagga cctcaatcag ccaagtgaac    270240
     tctttcgaag ctagtttagg gcatgcctaa gctcagacac tagacgttaa agtctctttt    270300
     ctttctctcg cttctcttaa aagagccact cactgcctct atagctgaag agaaagatac    270360
     tctatcaaca accacatgac cttgttttga agagaatcta agctcagatg agactccatc    270420
     cgagtacctt gattgcagcg gagactctga ccctatagaa aactcagctt cttaagtgaa    270480
     cgaaggaaat cttaacacat ttatataaaa ataaatctcc tcaactttca catgatttgt    270540
     gaatcataga taatcaatac aagaagcaga atcaccatta aatagttcaa ctattaagta    270600
     cacatctttc tgaacatcct aatgctttgt gtgcaaaatg tgcttaaagc ctttccactg    270660
     tattccaaag tactgagggt gatttgcaaa gtcccttggg tcactggacc ttttcttagt    270720
     tggctttatc agctttgtgt catgaaacca cttttgtcag gcagaatgaa tgctgtaccg    270780
     acttgattat ttgggaagca tttcttacaa ctgaatgaaa tgagtccatc agttgaggac    270840
     agccacctat agcacttgtc aacaagattt ctactgaagc ctttataagc taccatgact    270900
     ctaatagtat ccgactaaat acttttgcca gtagtattga tggtgttagc agcgaattag    270960
     attttgtttt tttttttttt tattatagtg tgtggcatta cactgacgtt tgataaacct    271020
     taagcaaaca cggttttcca aacaactaac gtgcaatgtt acaaaacaac aaataggcac    271080
     aagtccattg aatgggtact gtagttcaaa tctgaaatga ccctcatgca ttgggacact    271140
     tgagccctgt tttttggaaa tatgtcactg gaagctgaca tttgagctcc gctagcccac    271200
     ttgctgtctc tgtgtcgttg cttcctggtg tggctacaat gtgaacagct gagtcagatt    271260
     ggggccccat cacttcggaa acgataggct ggatggatcc ttcctcttcc cgttgcttgc    271320
     cagtcatgtg ctcagggcaa ccagaaaagg aattaaaggg gaactgagta aggtaaggtt    271380
     actaaacatt tgttaaaatg tatttttcat tcatgtttgg gtttttttgt tttttaatat    271440
     gttttaatta attaattttt tacactccat attttatcct ccccgtctcc accctccaac    271500
     tcttccatat cccatcctcc tccccacccc cttgtctcca cgtgatgtag cccacccccc    271560
     atgacacctg tttgttttaa aaccctttta aatgtaatgg catttaagtg tgtgtgtgtg    271620
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgca ggaatgcata tgccacaata cacatgtgta    271680
     ggtcagagga cagctttcaa gctacatatc tcaatatgaa aatccaggta tctcctagga    271740
     agattgacat tctagaaatt tctaagaaat gtaaaataat gccactctct cactaaactg    271800
     tttttatctt gccacaaaaa tttctcatac aatgtgctat ttatattaat attattattt    271860
     agtattaatc attttacact aataatactg aatttttaaa aaaatatata cagatgttaa    271920
     actcggatgg atatgatcca catagacaaa agttattgaa attcccaata atttggagaa    271980
     tcccaagatc aaaatatatc agtattacta ttgtagggct ctcctacagc ttgaagtggc    272040
     ctggatctac agtactctag atggctcaga attctattac aggtaatagg acagacccta    272100
     ccaggaactg tagcactggc ctgtgatatc aagcatccaa gcatctagaa cttacctcct    272160
     gcttctcctg cacttggctt tttgggacca tctagatcat ttcgatcatc caaggcatct    272220
     tccaagtcaa acccatctag ttctggggac cacagagcaa aagaaacaat caccattgtg    272280
     ctggctagtt tttatgtcaa ctcaagctaa tgtcatctaa aaggacggga ccctgtttga    272340
     gaaaatgctt ccataagctc aggctgtcag gcattttctc aattatcaac cattggggaa    272400
     ggacccagcc tattgtaggt ggtgccatcc ctaggctggt ggtcttgggt tctataagga    272460
     atcaagctga gcaaaacagt aatcagttcc ttcatggcct ctgcaagagt tcctaccttc    272520
     agattcctac tttgttggag tttctgtcct gattccccac agtgatgaac agtgatgtgg    272580
     aagcatcagc caaataagac ctttctctcc caattgcgcg tggtttgtaa tgagcacagt    272640
     aggatatcca caagctgata cagaaaatct ccccttcctt ttctactcag agagcttgtc    272700
     ttacccatag gatttgatgg tgctctagtt gttcctggcc ttctagttgt agtagtggca    272760
     acatggtccc atctctctaa aagtgggagg gaaaacaaca agagtcatat gcttaataaa    272820
     atgtatatct acatcatagt ttaaggaaat cacaccatga atagactact gttagtactt    272880
     aaaactccta tataacctca taactatttg ggaacgatgg caaggagata gaaaaggtta    272940
     agtgaaggag attccaatcg ttctccttta taggttgggg actgagagac aaatgtagcc    273000
     ccacatctca ccactttacc agagctaaac catgagccca gatctgctgc ccacattgag    273060
     catggaattc cgagcttaag catgatcccc aagacctttg acctatactt tcctccatta    273120
     ttaatccaag aactggacag caaataaaaa tgcccagagg tgaataagct ggcattttct    273180
     gtaatgaaca gagaattgtc ttataagcta gcattttatg tgatgtacag agaattggct    273240
     aacaaactga aagaagttaa aacatacaca cacatgcaca gagagataca tacacacaca    273300
     cactcacata cacacacaga cacacacagg cacacacaca cacacacata accacagaaa    273360
     tatacagaga gagagaaaga gagacccaga catacacaca gacacacata ctttttgaaa    273420
     atggtctttg actaaaacaa gtttcctcta gaagtatgaa ttgccattgg attagttaca    273480
     tggcactcat gagttccttc tttaaacttt aggatctgcc ataattgttc ctacttctga    273540
     agacattcaa agggaaaggt aatgacaacg ctaaagccac aacacaagaa gaaaatacca    273600
     tgagcacaca tgcaaagaag caaatttgac catcatgcta taccatatat aaaaccaact    273660
     aaaagtggat caaagatcta aagagctaat tttttaacac tcagcacaaa acattttgga    273720
     aaatatttat gatattatat ttgtagataa tttcctggat atgaaagtac aagcatcaaa    273780
     agaaataaat ggatatgagc cagagacctg gctcagtggt taagcaatgg ctgcttagat    273840
     ccatgttcaa ttcccagcac tcacatggcc actcacaact atctgttaac tccagtccca    273900
     tgagatctga ccccctcttc tgtcctcctt agggcaccag gcattcacaa ggcacacaga    273960
     attaaaaagc aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa aaaggatgta ggagagagga gggaaactag    274020
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgag agagagagag    274080
     agagagagag ggggggggag agagggagag agggagagag agagagaggg agagagggag    274140
     agagggagag agagagatat ggcacaatga atgaagggca aggcttgggg tttcaattgc    274200
     caaagaggag gggcacagtg agggttattc agaccatggg aaatatgaca ctttagctag    274260
     ataagatctg aaaataaatc aatacacagg ctaaagaaaa aaaatcatat aattaggcaa    274320
     ctggtatgaa aagatcttgg agttggtggt gatgtacacc tttaatccca gcgttctgag    274380
     aagcaggggc aggaggatct ctgaatttga agactgcctg gtccacagag tgagttctag    274440
     gataaccaag agaaaactgt gccccaaaaa acaaaaacaa aaacaaaaca aacaaacaaa    274500
     caaacaaaaa ccacaaagac aaaaaaaaaa gaaaaaagga aagaaacaaa caacaaggtt    274560
     ttccgaacaa ctaacgtgca atgttacaaa acaacaagtg ggcacaagtc cattgaatgg    274620
     gtgttgtagt tcaaatctga aatgacccta taggctcatg cattgggaca cttgagccct    274680
     gctttttgga aatatgtcac tggaagctga cattgagctt cgctagccca cttcctgtct    274740
     ctgtctcggt gcttcctgag tgtggataca atgtgagcag ctgagtcatg tctaggataa    274800
     aggacaacta ctgcagtttc aagactgtcc tctagaaagc acttgtcagt ctcgttggct    274860
     aaggactgga ttttctttct gtatgatcag gagcaaagtg atctcattgc caccactcaa    274920
     atttcacaga gtgcagtaag ttctattttg tgagtgctgg attttgggtg ccgtatggtc    274980
     atcactatta catgttgatg ctattgggct cacttcagca gtgtctcgga aagcaaagta    275040
     tttaacacag aggtgcagga aattattatg ttcaggtatg ttcaggtaaa gtaaaccaag    275100
     gttgaaaggt ataaaacaaa gaggatccaa ataaacacac acacacacat acatacactg    275160
     gaaaatgcac cagagtgaca acatcagctc ccacgctgct ctctatgttc aatgcaagcc    275220
     tatagaagtc ccactgattg cttctttcca gaaatagtca aatttgatgt aaaattttgg    275280
     ggggaaggca gaaccttaga ttagcttttt aaaaccttaa aaagaataaa gtgggatgaa    275340
     tcactctatc taatattaag gctcatttta tagttaacat ttgtcaaaga tgtggcagat    275400
     agatagatgc aggcaacaga acagaatgaa gagctcaaaa gacctcagat ctgctcaagt    275460
     gattttttat acatatgcaa agaaactcaa aaaaggaaca aatcttttca gaaaaggtac    275520
     tagaataatt agacttctga aatgaaaacc aatgggtttc attttatata aaattaactg    275580
     caaatggata aattatattt gcttaaatat taaaccataa aatgttcaga aggaagtgtt    275640
     tcagaattga atgcttggta aaaggttcac acatttgaca acagaaacgt ggcccataag    275700
     aggaaaagct gttaagaagc tagaaaggcc gggccaccta gtgtgggcca gcactcagga    275760
     agctgaggtg gggaggacct tgcatttgag agtcagctgg gactacttgc caagatagta    275820
     agactcggtc tcaaaagaca gaggaagagg aagaagtggc acaggactag gaggatgtgg    275880
     agaaaggagg aaagacaaag aattctatac aagaaaatca acaggaagct ttaatggatt    275940
     taaggttcca gtgggctgga ggcaaagctc agaggtaagc atacatttac acagaggtcc    276000
     taggttattc cacagaacca aaggggaaag acaaggccga agagcgcaaa ggaaggaaac    276060
     ctggagttgg ctttttgaaa aagtaaacaa gatggaaaac ctttatttct gctctaatga    276120
     ctcaaaatta taaatgggac aggagacact gcaacgaata ctaaataaat acaaagaatc    276180
     ataagaaact acagtggaca acaggttcca acaaatcaga caagctagaa gaaatggata    276240
     gacttctagc agcacacaaa ctattaagat gattatgaaa agtcaaaata taaatggatg    276300
     aataaaatta gaataatcaa agacctccca acagagaaat atccaggtaa cagaaggcta    276360
     taaaaatgaa ttatttgaag aattcaaaga aaacttaaag ctaatccttc tcaaaatctt    276420
     gcagattcga agaggaggag atcattccaa attcacttca tgagaagagc atgaccctca    276480
     tgtgaggcag accagaatgc cacaaacaag caaaagtaca tggacagcgg cgagcaacca    276540
     tcaaggaaac gttggcaaca gaactcaaca gcacagttca aagactgaac actatgacca    276600
     aaactggatt tatgcctggg acacaggatt gctcaacata aagtaaatca ttaaacatta    276660
     aaagtatgaa gcataaaaat catgtgatac tctcagtagg tatagaaaga gagattgaca    276720
     aaatgtaaca tcttttgatg aaaattctcc acatattagc catagaagct gtggtggtta    276780
     acctgagttg ttgactcaat gtgctctaga gccacctgag agacaggcct ctggcgatgt    276840
     ggtaggagac tatcttgact aggttaactg tgttgaaaag aaccacccac ggtagatggc    276900
     atggctcttt gggaggagag cctagcctgt acacaaggaa cagagtgagc tgaccacgca    276960
     ccgtcatcac tccaactggg caaaaataac tgccttaagt ggcttttgtc ctgatatttc    277020
     cttacagcaa ctagaaaagt aactaagatg acaatagtgt aactcaactg aatgacgacc    277080
     acataggatt agggaacagg gaacatcata gtcaagggag aaacactgaa agcttttctt    277140
     ctagcctaaa gaacaagaca gtcatgccca ctctaccaag tctattcaac gaagtaccag    277200
     cagtactagc aagaacacga aaaggatgct gaaaactgtc tgtaggtgac agaactgtat    277260
     gcatagaaga cctataagag ccaagtgtgg tggtacacac ttataatccc agaatttgac    277320
     aggcagactc atgataacaa gttttaaatc agtctgagct acaaaaagat acacaaaaac    277380
     agacaaactg aaaaaggaaa acactggcat gtccatggtt ttgaagatgg aagaagccaa    277440
     agaatgtaga tggcaaaacg ggagaaaaca ctccctcaca gagccccaaa aggaatgcag    277500
     ccttgcttac tgtagcctat cctgctcatt ctgcattttt ttatcttaat gattataaga    277560
     tggatctctg ttgtttaagc agcaaaggtt gtggtcattc ctccctatcg ggaccaaaag    277620
     gaagctcaca gaacctctga tttcaattta taccttgaca tcaactgata tctagactgc    277680
     tgctttgtag gagacactga gccaagaatg aagctaaatt ggacctatga tagtaaatcc    277740
     tgatggtcaa cttcattgga taaagaagta tatgggaaat cagtaaatca tattgtcagg    277800
     tgtgtctgtg aggtatctct gaggaccatt aactaagagg gaaagaccct aaatggtaac    277860
     agaccctaaa tatattaacc accatataag ctgggagagc cacataaaat aaaatgagag    277920
     aaaggagaga acccgctatt attacaagta tgttctctat ctgttccact aggatggaca    277980
     gaaatttctg attcatcctt ctttaagctc accatagcac aggacattta tataaccttc    278040
     ttgaaatgac attttacaaa tgggaaacag attagcggga ttagggaagg aatggagaaa    278100
     ggtagctaga cctaaggtgg gctgctgtgg ctgtacaagc ggatcatggc gtgcttatgg    278160
     tgatggcact attcagtatc tgactagaat ggcagatgca caaactgcca aatgctattt    278220
     tcatgtacaa ataaaattgc aaaatggaca gactgcatct atgtgccaag atagtacaag    278280
     aagttatctg tgggaacctg ggtgaagaga acatgggact taatctatga tgagctacaa    278340
     atgaaaatac aatattgtca gatatgattg tacatgcctt aacatcagta ccaaggaggc    278400
     agagggagaa ggaaggcaaa ttggaggcca gcttggctac atggcaagac tatgaaaaaa    278460
     tgaaataaaa aaatttcccc ataccaaagc caaaccaaaa taagatttca actttaaaac    278520
     acaggataaa gatacatttg agacccatca cagggaaatg taaaagaaaa gtgaatatta    278580
     ctttaaactg ttaaatatat ttaaggtagt gtggttagca gcactggaaa attattacaa    278640
     agtagaaata tttttagtca agtatggcct ggttgttgca cacaccttta atgccagcat    278700
     ttagaaagta taggcagccg gatctctgtg aattcaaagc tatcctggtc tacaatggca    278760
     tgttcgacat cagttggggc tacacagtgg gaccctgtct cagactaagt gaacaaaaca    278820
     aaaattctct ctgacataga agtgtgtttg aatggtttag cgaacaccct aaacacggag    278880
     actgataaac tcttagcagc ttgaggcact tctctctgca gatagttctc cttcaattac    278940
     agagagtaag actgctatct aaaggtttaa tttaaataac aactgttatg ccaacttgaa    279000
     tatctgtcag acatttcctt gcaaatgaac agaatttcct attacctgaa cacaaaccct    279060
     gataggatct gagtttttca aaattgtttt agtttatgta tacaagtgat tcgcctgcaa    279120
     gcgaatctgt gctacccttt cctgactatg aagttagatc tgctggaact gtagccagct    279180
     gtgcgctgcc atgcaagcac ccacagaccc aggtcatcct ctgaaagagc agatggtgct    279240
     tttcacgact ggatcatccc tccagtctcc ctgatcatat ctgcttccaa taacaaaact    279300
     tggaatttaa attaaaatat aggattttca aaaacctttc tggtgactgt gatatgagca    279360
     gcttttcaac atctagctaa tttttaaaag tattatttta ttcatcattt atttgtttat    279420
     ttgtttttgg acaagcgatc ctgttattat aaccttggct accctggaac ttgcaatata    279480
     ggcaggatta gcctcaaact ttaggtattc ttcttgcctc tgcctccaca gtgctaggat    279540
     tataggtgta tgtcacctca tatggcttgc taaaggcttt tttcaataag ataggtggca    279600
     atagcaattg gtgtgattct gtaatacaat atagtgaaat atgggcattg tgcatttgtc    279660
     agggtaccag agtttccaag taaccagtgc acagtgctag caaaccatgg atgatccatt    279720
     caaagaatag aagagtccaa tggggctcaa tggggctgaa caaggagggt tcacagatat    279780
     gcttcatgct ccacactgca ttattttggg agaaacaacc actggtcagg ctttggtgtc    279840
     ctgtctgaaa agaatgtctc acctgatctc aaaggcacat taactgaaac agatgcaaaa    279900
     acccacaatc aaacattaga tggagctcag ggagtcttat ggaagtgttg ggggaagaat    279960
     taagggacca aaagaggaca tggactccaa atgaaggcca acaaagtcaa ctaatctgga    280020
     cccttggggc tctcagagtc tgaaccatca accagggagc atacacaagc tggtcctagg    280080
     ccccctgcac atatgtagca gatgtgcagc ttggtcatgt gagtccccaa acaactggag    280140
     taggggctgt ccctaaagct gttgcctgcc tatgaatcct gttcccctgg ctgggatgcc    280200
     ttgtctggcc tcagtggaag aggatacgtg tagccctgca gaggcttgat gtgccagggg    280260
     tagaggcaga tcccctcgag ggggccccac cctctcagag aagaaaggga gaagagatag    280320
     agggagggac tttatgagga gggcaggaaa actggaagca attgggatac agagtgaata    280380
     agtgagtgaa tgagttaatg aatgaaagaa taaataaata aatatttttt taaaagtgca    280440
     ttaagttcct tttccttttt ctattgtata tatctacacg aggatggatt ttcttcacat    280500
     attgcattgg acctcaggat aacagctcag tacagatgca gatataagaa tacaggtgga    280560
     gcagggtgtg gtggtgcaca cctttaatcc cagcactcag gaggcagagg cagacggatt    280620
     tctgagttca aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag    280680
     agaaaccctg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa tccaggtgga gcctggtgtg    280740
     gtgatacaca tctttaatcc cagcacagag gaaggaggag ggggtcagag gcaggtagat    280800
     agatttctgt gatttttgag gccagtctgg tctatctagt aaactgtggt ttatatagtg    280860
     agtcccaggt catcctgggc tacatagtaa tagcctgtct cacagcacca cacacacaaa    280920
     gaatccaggt gtattctttt caatccagac attacagaaa attgtaaaat aatatcactc    280980
     atcattctaa attgtgtttt catcttataa gcacagttat ttctcataaa aatctgccac    281040
     atatgttgat gcatatggct tgttattttc tttagattaa taacagtttt tcagttttaa    281100
     gttctcagat gagaaatatt tatagatgtg acccacataa acaaattctc tcgagatctt    281160
     caaaaactta gagcatttag agaaaatgtt tgagcatctt tgttaaagag ttctcctgtg    281220
     gcctgaggtt gtcctactct gctagattag aaatggctcg tgtatatact gtagttatgc    281280
     cactggggag ctatggggat agcctgtggc ttcagtcagg tccagcccac ccattctgcc    281340
     tcctgtacct ggtttctggc agccatcgtc atcatccaaa gcaataggga agaaaaatag    281400
     gattctgttg aattaaatct aacattcaga tggatgcctt tgctggcttt tcatatgtgc    281460
     agctaaaaac tctacatggc tccttctgat actgtcctag atggagttgc aatgagtcct    281520
     tcctcacttc ccttctcaga tgcgtcttgc cttcctcacg tcccatttca ggcaagcctt    281580
     gttacctgct ggatttgctg gggctctggt tgttactggc ctcctagtcg tggtgctgaa    281640
     gtggtcccat ctctctgtaa ggagaaggga ggacaagggg gggaagattg taaaatatca    281700
     gctagttggt ttgcagagtc acatcatgag aatagccttg gtatcagtcc ctgaggccat    281760
     tgtagatcac actgaagaat gataaaatga catgagttct gaaactagga atgcagatta    281820
     gtggccaaga gtcactgatg ctctagcaca gaatccaaat caaagccagc ctggttggca    281880
     cagagaaaga atttcaggac agccagggct aaatcaagag aacctgtctc aaaacagaaa    281940
     aaaaaaccaa aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aaaaaaaaac cacgagagaa atgaaacagg    282000
     tcaaagttct ctttttgtac agtagggaag aggctaaggc atatgcgttc tctcatgagt    282060
     tcgatataca ataaatgaaa aaggaagata acacacatat gactagatga cacaagcctt    282120
     gcacaagtaa gcgaagacaa acaggtggat gagatacagc tgtattatgt atgtctgttt    282180
     ctctgaaggc aggattgtga ctgtggtctg tgctggacca ctagtgcttg ctttgtggac    282240
     ttgttcgctt gactcacgct ttactgagga agtttctttc agtgcatcct ccagattaaa    282300
     accatctgtg tctccatatc ctacaaagaa gaagacaatt ttaagtttag gtggttttaa    282360
     aaataaacag taacattgta atatttttct tggcccttac tattataatc cctggctcta    282420
     agaactaaac ccaggaccta gaatgcactg gacaagtgtt caaccactaa ggtagatgct    282480
     aaaatataat ttttaaaaat cgtttttaaa gagttactta tttactttat gtatatgagt    282540
     acattgtagc tgtcctcaga cacaccataa gagggcatca gatcccatta aagatggttg    282600
     tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggaattgaa ctcaggacct ctggaagagc agacagtatt    282660
     cttaacagct gagccatctc tccagcccct acaatatact cttgatatgg tttttgtcat    282720
     ttaaaaataa ggagatggga atgcaaatgg aaaacaataa tcaaaagtaa ttattcttat    282780
     accaggaaaa aaataggcca gaagtcaaac actccaacat gatagaagaa gcagatcatt    282840
     acataattca aaagggctac ttcatcaaca agtcaaaatg tgtgtgatat atatgatgtc    282900
     tccatcatca ggcacccaaa aagatatggc aataattaac agatatgaac aaagaatgta    282960
     acacagtaat aggaaacttc catcatcaaa tggatgatct aaacatagca agaaaacagt    283020
     gggttttaca agtatttaca gaccattctt tgcaaatgca cacacaggga atatcacaga    283080
     tcatgtgtta atgctcaaag cacatcccag cagtgattac agaagactag gatcatatca    283140
     agtctctttt ctgactacaa cagcatgaaa ctaaaactga gtggtaagag atagctcaca    283200
     aacatgtaca aattaaacaa cactcttctc aacaatcagt aagtcaacac aaaatattaa    283260
     gagggaaacc aaacagtatc ctgagacaag ggcaaatgga agcatgatat attcaaactg    283320
     aaagcagtcc tggcaggaaa gcctgcatca caacagccct cgtgttgcac ctcagaaagc    283380
     tagaaaatag aacaaaggaa aagccaagtt tagcaaaaca ttttaaaaaa aaaaattaag    283440
     gtcagaatgg aaataaaata gaaactagaa aattaggctg gctgcaaaga cagctctgtg    283500
     gatgaagtgc ctgttgtgtg agtgtaagaa cacaagtgtg catcccccgc caccctagga    283560
     aaagtagcac ttggtggcat gagcttctaa taccagccct ggagacatag gcataagaat    283620
     ccctgaagct ctgactggtt gaatcactgg gattcagagt ctgctcatgt agtccaggct    283680
     ggcttcaaat tccctatgta taggagtctg gccttaaata cctgaggctt cttttattta    283740
     cagtaaaaaa atcaaaatga aagaaaaccc aaacaaactc agaaataaaa aaggagacaa    283800
     tgcagctgct atcacagaaa tatgaatgat cttaaaagcc tgctatgaac atttatttgt    283860
     caaaaaagtg ggtaatctaa aggaatgatt gagatgtatt ggggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    283920
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tttgttttgg ggtgtatgtg tgtttgtgca tggcatgcat    283980
     gcagtgcctt cagaggccag aagagggcgt caaatcctct agaagtggag ttaaagatga    284040
     ctgtggtcta ccatgtgggt gttgggaatc aaacctgaac tgccgggcca tttctggaag    284100
     aaaaggctga actcatagaa acatgcaacc ttccaagacc aactcaggga cacgttttct    284160
     cctagacaca aaggcacaac tcttcaacca aataaaacaa catattaaaa acacctttcc    284220
     ccattgtcaa taggaatcat cccagggact gttggaagta taatccagtg cgctgagact    284280
     ggggcagcca gcacatcagg taaccaatgt accccaaaga gatttgacta tgggaaccaa    284340
     actcttcata ttgtatttac aaggttctag aagtctgtag ttatttcaac atttaaatat    284400
     tttatatatg cattttcaac ttaatcatgc cacttctaaa tatttattag agaaaaatag    284460
     taacatggac ataaagcaga gtgcacaaag acctccactg tagctctgct tagaacagtg    284520
     aaaacaaata caggcagaac agtggtcatc agagaggacc agctgtgtga cagagctctt    284580
     ccacacaatg acttactaca tcactgtgct agaaaagatg gggaatgcct gtatactgac    284640
     atggaatttg ttctgaaatc cagcaagtct tcagccataa caatgttcta gaagttcacc    284700
     aatggaagcc gctaatacag gttatgtcta gggaattaag aacaggagtc aagaggaaga    284760
     agctatttcc tgtcagggtt accaactgct tgcttgcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt    284820
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttcttttt ttgattttaa tgatgtccat gtccttttct    284880
     taaaataatt cacggttctg tatcagtgtc tcctaaacca taagtctatc atttcactga    284940
     gtcttctctt cttttaacac tcctacttta acacccaaca acaaaggtac acagtccaca    285000
     atagtatatt gaactaataa catgtagaac tggccattcc cttagcgact cctgacatac    285060
     ctggccatgt gtcattaagt aaggggttaa gagcaataag acacaatttt gtaatgtgta    285120
     ttaattaatt ccttattgac tttgaactca acagatccaa actatctctg aatgaagcac    285180
     cgactctcaa ggtcaatcct gatctattaa gatgtcttca aatcctacaa ctaggataag    285240
     aatgtaatcc aatagtgtgg cccttaagga acatgcatga agccctgggt ttcattttca    285300
     gcaccgtaag accacacata cttacaaccc agcacagcta aaacccaaac aggcacggat    285360
     gtcctcacaa tgcaccacat atagcaaagg gtatcacact ggtgctactc gcccatgctc    285420
     taactcaact ctgtctgagc tgccagcagg caccccatgt gctcttcaga aagcagccaa    285480
     ttcatcttag gcctagttca caactcataa gctccgggat ctgagagcag tgttccagca    285540
     gtcaacagaa aagttacttc gtccactgca gaaggccgct aagaatctca taggaagact    285600
     gcaccacgag ctgatgacac ttgtctgaag tgctcttctt caaagtcaaa aatagagatg    285660
     aattttagac atgttccctg tgaacttgtg catggccttg aaaggctcta ctgaatgaag    285720
     tgctggttct atccaacaca ccaggatagc cacggtctgt cctctagcac tgtttccttt    285780
     ggggagagaa aagaaacttg actctccatt gcaacctgac ttaccaggag tggtgtagga    285840
     aggtagggca gtatcttaat gaaggttgta aaacaatgca aaatgagtcc ttgttagcca    285900
     tgatgccacg agcaggctgt ataccagcac ctgccaaaga cttgatggaa ttatgtgatc    285960
     ctggagagac tacttgatgg gcgcttaagc agccttgcac ttgggcttga ttaattaatc    286020
     attcctgcct ccattgttcc tgcccacttc actatgttca tcctgaaagt accctcttcc    286080
     aggtaaatgc gtcttctaca ggcatgcgct gtcaacatgg cagccactca ctatgtaaaa    286140
     taaagtaagt gaaacatcaa ctaattgttt aggcaagtgt tttctccact tgccagtttg    286200
     tcccctttcc tcaattacca gtgcatagtg ctgaccatga cttggtgaaa atccacttgg    286260
     ggtttagact gagggcaaat tcacctctac agaggggtgt gtttcctgcc tgctgattgg    286320
     ctaacaactt cagaggttgc tggaccacct tccttcaaag gatttcagag gttatattgg    286380
     gacataagca gagctcagtt tctctcaagt ggccagtgac agtcaacaca cacacacaca    286440
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca tgctctttaa ggctagtttc tattctgtct    286500
     ctgatttgta catgtaagcg gtttccatgg tttctgaagg agagctcaat atgaatccta    286560
     attgaataaa tagttgaact gcttcagttt tcacatttca aaatcatgac tattttctgt    286620
     agaagtgaat aagacagcac tacagacacc ttagtctggt aaagctagat gtgtctgcct    286680
     taatggaggt tccataaaac ctaccctgta cttaaatgtc catgaaagcc acgatgccac    286740
     tcacctgcct ggcatctgga ctagtgtatg tgtcaaaaca actccaaggg cacaaagcta    286800
     cttacaaaaa aagagacaga cttgttcaat gttagcttag acattcaggg cactgactgc    286860
     tcttccagaa gacccaggtt caattcctag cacccacata gtggctcaaa gctgtctgtg    286920
     actacagtta ctggggatcc actaccctca cacagacatg aatgcaaaca aacaccaatg    286980
     ctcataaaat aaatttaaaa aaaatttttt tttgtttttt tcgagacagg gtttctctgt    287040
     gtagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcagaaat ccgcctgcct ctgcctcccg agtgctggga    287100
     ttaaaggtgt gtgccaccac gcccggcaaa ttttaaaatt ttaaataaat atataaataa    287160
     aataatcaga atctgacact gggaaccaaa tttgtgccag atgttttgcc tgtggcatag    287220
     ttcttgatca cttggactca agaaagatgg ctcagtcaac aacatgtttg ctctccaagc    287280
     atgagaagct aagtttaact ctccagattc catagaaaag agccagacat cgaggtacat    287340
     gcttatcact ccagggctgg ggggcagaaa cagatggatc cctggggcct gctgaccagc    287400
     caacctagcc taatgggtga accctgggtc ccagccagag actgtctcag gaaggaaggc    287460
     atgtatctcc tgaggaatga tacctgaagt tgacctctga cctccacaca tgcacatatt    287520
     ctcacaggca cacacacatg aatactcacc atcaaacact aaaggcctca cctgcataga    287580
     tgctaccgag ccttgagtcc ccagttccct gggcagaagg cctctggggc cacaactaac    287640
     aaaaggtaag gctgtaggcc atgaaaatca attcacactt ctgtgatttc catgggaaca    287700
     ttcctgaaaa ctgctcatgg gaagtccata ggacaaagct actggtatgc atgatcaaat    287760
     tcccaaatgt ctctggtgaa aataattcat catttttttg gtgcaaacaa gtaagtgctg    287820
     tgtccaggct tcatgccaca gaagtccaga acaaaccagg gatgatgcct gaaatgtgtg    287880
     cagcattcta actcatggta ctcaatccag acctgaacac attgtcttga taaatgtatg    287940
     cttctccacc tcaaagcatg ctgagcaatt aatatcctct gggttagtta ggcactgtgc    288000
     attgctaagg aatgtgaaaa tagcttgcct cttattctga ttactaaatg cattttgctg    288060
     tcaccacctg agctccaact agtttcatga ataaatttaa accactctca gagaggacaa    288120
     taatgacagg aaggcagtgg ttcgctagaa gccaggagtc agctccatca tcagttcaac    288180
     cgcggcagcc actgaggatt ggatctgcca gctgatttca agtatgcata gagcacccca    288240
     tgcgccaatg tctactaggg agggggaaca ctgggaaaca tggcattgtt caaatacagg    288300
     caccagggct gaaagtcgtt ttgtatattg atattgaaat ggtggatttt atgttctgta    288360
     atcatctaca tctcaacaaa gactggcggg gtggctgtct ccaggtacta tcccagggcc    288420
     ttagagataa tatgcccttt ctttaaaatg agggcccatt ggccacagtg tctaataatg    288480
     agacagcatg gggactggag agaagactca gcagctaaaa gctgctcctg cagatgatct    288540
     agattcagcc ctcagcaccc acatgatggc tcatagaatt ctgtagctgg gggctggtga    288600
     gatggctcag tgggttagag cacccgactg ctcttccgaa ggtgcagagt tcaagtcgtt    288660
     ttgtatattg ccaggaaaca tcatagtgtc ctatatagca ggctgtttga tttccaatgt    288720
     cttggaagga tttgtacaaa ttgtaaacgt cacttcactg atgagtgtgt aattaaaagg    288780
     agcatctcat tcttcatttc tacacagaga acaacatgtt tacgatggat gttcacagac    288840
     gaaatcacaa atatgtactg aatgcccaca aagagaacct cctgcatggg agtcagagct    288900
     gagagcaaaa ggcaagtgga gtgggtgcct agggctggag gtgaagggac tggactgcta    288960
     acgggcatgg ggcttcactt tagagcagca gaaattttct ggcaccagat ggatgactgc    289020
     acagcatcgt gagtctattg aatatactca agtatagata ttgaaatggt ggattttatg    289080
     ttctgtaatc atctacatct caacaaagac tggcggggtg gctgtctcca ggtactatcc    289140
     cagggcctta gagataatat gccctttctt taaaatgagg gcccattggc cacagtgtct    289200
     aataatgaga cagcatgggg actggagaga agactcagca gctaaaagct gctcctgcag    289260
     atgatctaga ttcagccctc agcacccaca tgatggctca tagaattctg tagctggggg    289320
     ctggtgagat ggttcagtgg gttagagcac ccgactgctc ttccgaaggt gcagagttca    289380
     aatcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac catccgtaac gagatctgac cccctcttct    289440
     ggagtgtctg aagacagcta caatgtactt acatataata aataaataaa ttaaaaaaaa    289500
     aaagaattct gtagctgcag ttccaaagcc ctctcttttt gcttccatag gcaccaggca    289560
     tgaacgttgt acatgtatat aagtcaaaag actcttgcac tcaaaataaa ttaattaaaa    289620
     aagaataatt aggtagcaga agtggaaatg gacactgaga tacaaaacac gaggcatcta    289680
     gtcactgctt aggtgtccat aagcaaccac ttgatctcac acaggagacc tgttcctatg    289740
     tctcaaaaga tagtgtcata ccagattgcc tgtccctcta caaaaggtag aatacacatg    289800
     atggaaataa aaccacatga acaagctctg ccttgagatg ttagaatgct tgaggtaggc    289860
     tcacagtcct gtggcttgag gcatgctgct cttggggcta tagtgccaac tcccaagggc    289920
     tttgctaaat gaaggtaaaa gcattgttaa ggcatggagg cgcggctgtt ctgagacaac    289980
     actagaactt agcagtactg atgacctgct tgggaaccag ttcagatgta gatccagctc    290040
     tcccactcac cactgtagat agctatgtga tcatgagaat ctgagttcag catccataaa    290100
     acccaaacct agcagcatat acctgcaatc ccagaggtag ggatatggag aaaggaagat    290160
     tcatggggtt tcctggacat ccagtctagc caatcagaaa cccgccttca ttgagagact    290220
     gtctcaaata gtaaggtaga gagacctatt aaggatgaca ccaacgccaa cttctcacac    290280
     actcacagac atgttcacac atatgtgtac atatacatga acacacacac accccaaaaa    290340
     cactaataaa atttaagggc tgaagtcctc agttttctca tctgtaaaat gaatatgaca    290400
     acagatagtc cactaaagtg gactggcatg aggagttaac tggtcatttt acataaagtg    290460
     tttatcaaaa tatctgacac acaggaattt ctcacaggaa ttaactatcc ttattatcat    290520
     atctggtgtt aagtagagcc aactaaattg actataactt acaggacaac aaagagacaa    290580
     caaagccatg ttcttatcta aactcatccc ccacctgagg aacatttaga ttcttctgtt    290640
     ctgacaaaag cctgggaaaa ctttttttgt ttttgttttt gtttttttgt ttgtttgttt    290700
     gtttgttttt ggtttttcca gacagggttt ctgtgttgcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac    290760
     tttgtacacc aggctagcct cgaactcaga aatccacctg cctctgcctc ccgagtgctg    290820
     ggattaaagg cgtgcgccac cacaccctgc aagcctggga aatcaatgcg caagaatgcc    290880
     actgtttcag acaaggccat cttcaaacaa gtctaaccca tatcctcgac actaacaatg    290940
     tgagtggcat ctcatgcagc tgctataggc agcagtggct ttctgtgtaa gttcaaagga    291000
     ggagtgggaa gttgcatctg gttgggcttc ttatgtgaac atttccaaat cagagtctgg    291060
     cagagaagat agacacctca gagatcacta ggtccaatcc acttgcaagc aacaagaacc    291120
     aggggatggg gacacttctg aggctcaaca tgcaaccagt ctaaagtact tgggtgaatt    291180
     tcatgccagc tagagaccct ggctcctgag gactataaac caaggctgac cactggcctt    291240
     cacatacatg ggcatcttat acgcatgtac attgtcccct ctacacgcaa acactctccc    291300
     acatactaaa taaatcacta actaagtatg gttgtttttc ctcattctgc ctcaagcttg    291360
     tagcagtaga ctatcactag aagacagctc agtaggcagt acaaatgtgc ttacctgaag    291420
     cctgggttgc ttacagcccc catgagccaa cctggacaga acccagtgca atctacacag    291480
     agagcccaat ggagctcaca caacctcgga ggcaaaagaa agcaaagcta tcacatcgtg    291540
     aggtgcagtg ttagccagag gtgtcccttc agtgtttata agcaggcctg cgtggagaat    291600
     cccagtctgc atttgccaga ccccatcaag atttctgtct tccacctggc caagctcagc    291660
     agagggagaa tggcaatgac agtggcccag cctggccctg gcccatccct ttctctggaa    291720
     tcctaatcct accgggggtg ggggaattct ctgtcttcat tactgttata ataagtttca    291780
     aaactgagaa ctgggaatcc actaactttt ctcttgtttg gcaagtctgc ttggttattt    291840
     aggctccctt gaatttccat gtgaatttta agagcatcct gcccatgtcc acacaagaag    291900
     gccgctgagc ttttaatagg attgagtgga atctatacat caatttgagg catatcattc    291960
     catctatttt gaacatcttc cattttaaag tagaaagcca tcttttgatt ttacttcttc    292020
     atctcagtcc tgctgtttta tgtccctcct ctccatggct aaacttatta aatgtgtatc    292080
     taggctctgc tccctcctct tgagccactt tccaatgtct catagtcaaa tgctagtcct    292140
     aggtcccaca tcagtttcat tgactgactg gcacagctgc ccattgtcta aatccaaatc    292200
     ctacaaccca ccttgcatct ctctctcatg ctctaaagtc aggccatcac caagaactat    292260
     aaattcattt ctatagaatg cccaaggacc acttgcttct ctgcatctag cagaaagcat    292320
     ctttccctag agccacatgc tgcttcccag gactttcaag aaaacacact ttgtagaaaa    292380
     taggcttcaa gatagtctcc agatcgcaag tgagtagaca tctttccttc tcctctctga    292440
     atgcatcctg gagcattccc tttcaagctc aaaagctcaa catgatgtca attccacaag    292500
     tctaaatatg gtcttcaaag ccatgaggca tgacgtggcc ctaatcatct agctctttca    292560
     atgtttcatg tgcctttaaa gactattttc aagttgttca tgctagctgt gcaatttttt    292620
     agaaaatata agcagaaatt agaagtaaaa agacagcaag aaggttgagg gtataagtta    292680
     gtggtagagt gcttattagc agctatgaga cccatgtttc aagatctagc tacacatata    292740
     taaatcagcc agtgactaca tgataagcct ttctaaagaa aatatactaa atgaattaaa    292800
     caagtcatag aatatacata ctaaatggta gcactcacac aaggcccctg gaataatggt    292860
     gttttcagag acagaaaatg gaacaggaga tacgtagggc aaataggagg actaggggca    292920
     aaaatatggg aggtggctta atggggaaaa ggtttcaatt ctacaacaca ttaaaattga    292980
     tcaagattcc agttgcataa aaaaggtgga tataagaatt ggagaaggct gaagagatgg    293040
     ctcagtagtt aacagcattt gctgttcttc tagtggacat gagttcagtt cccagcactc    293100
     atggcaagta ttcacaacca tctctaactc cagatccaag ggatctgatg tcactggaca    293160
     cccacatacc tatgacacac agagacacac atacagtcat ataaataaaa ctacaatcta    293220
     aaagtaaata caactggaag atggccaagt gaataaagtg ttcaccacaa gcaaaactag    293280
     ctcagctcac ttctccagtc tgagcgtaaa tgccagtgtt cttcagtgag acggaaagca    293340
     gggcagaagg atctctgcta actcaaaagc cagcctgggg tacaacaaca acaactccta    293400
     actcaatcga ggtagaaggc aagggtgcca actgaggttg tcttctgaca actcttgcat    293460
     gcatgcactt acacaaacaa acatgcatac acatcacact caaaaataag tacgtgggca    293520
     gctgcatcat ccaaaggctc acataagact tcctgagtct tgtgtattga ctgtatcttt    293580
     tgagtttcat gagcttcctg aaccttttaa cctttgttag gcaccagagg ggggaatgtt    293640
     catttcaatt aggagagagt ggctaagcac cactaccctt aggacaagag caatgatcaa    293700
     ctcttgcaga aactttgtga tagggggcag gtgacatttt atctggacca agttgctgac    293760
     cagagaatgg agttcatgag ggcaaaggaa aggaagagaa actcatctga atcaaacttc    293820
     tgctgccatc caagcattat gtggtgatgg tcagagtgta ggatgctaag gcaaggactg    293880
     ggtacacaat aggaattcca ttcacttagc tacagaccta ttgaggatca agatcttctg    293940
     gaaatcattg ctactggtga caaagtagtt gatatccaag ccagtttctc acattctcca    294000
     aatagtttga tatttaattt gtccaaagca cagtgctcac acgatcccaa taaaagccat    294060
     aatgaaatac tacatttttg ctttgtatgg cttcacagag atcaccagag cagtgccaac    294120
     aaagcaggaa attccaatat ggggccattt aaaagcacta actatacact taaaaatagt    294180
     caaagagcca gatgtgaaga ttcccacttc taatcttaac acttgggatg ctatggcaca    294240
     aggactgcca tgattttgag gcctgtcagg aatacacagt atgttccaag ccagcctgag    294300
     ctagacactg agttcctatc tcaaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagagagaga gagagaaaga    294360
     aagagaagaa agaaagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag aaagaaagaa    294420
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagagaa gaaagaaaaa    294480
     caaaggggga aaagaaatta ttaaagatgg taaggttggc cagaaggaag gaaggaagga    294540
     aggaaggaag gaaaacaaag gggggaaaga aatgattaaa gatggtaaag ttggccaggt    294600
     ctggtggtct ggtggctcct gccttgttgc aatcaggctg tgcctgcttc agtcactcca    294660
     cagtactttt caggttgtac tccaccctga gagacttagt taggaggaca gaggttacgt    294720
     atgcacccag gtaggcatgt catgggcacc atctgtccag taccacccat acaatataga    294780
     ctgataaatg acttcttatt gggagcacaa taaaatgtca ccccagaaat ttatcagggt    294840
     tcattaaaac tatagggata catgaacata gcaaaatcag gtcaaggaaa ccaggcctga    294900
     taatttatca gacaaactac accaacagga gagttcagct ggctcaccca tgcccatgaa    294960
     gaggtagaca cctagcaatt tgatactcac catcccagtg agcacctgct ataagtgtca    295020
     agggacctac agacagagaa gtcctgactg tgaggggcct cagctcagct cagctcagtt    295080
     catatagcct tcttgagttg ctgtctgccc atcatcctcc tgttcccaat ctggattggc    295140
     tgtgtatctg atgtccattc atcctgcatc cttttctttt ttggtggtgg ggggagtgtt    295200
     gggagggagg ttcgagacag ggtttctctg tatatccctg gctgtcctgg aactcacttt    295260
     gtagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat ctgcctgtct ctgcttccca agtgctggga    295320
     ttaaaggtgt gcgccacctc cgcccagctc atcctgcctt ttcatgtctg catctggact    295380
     caactgtaca gttgcactca aacctctgat ccagaactca cacctttgga cagcaggcag    295440
     aagccccaat gtctcttcaa aaaatatcta gctagttcat tatcttgccc ccacagagac    295500
     tactgtgtat ttcagtcagt ttctcagctg tggttgttta ggcttctttg aaactctgcc    295560
     tctttaacca tttacagtca caatatgtca tatagagaca cagacagaaa tagacagaca    295620
     gacacacaga aagatctttg ctgtatgata tattatatat gattttaaac ttaatattgg    295680
     aaattaagat ttaaatagaa gaacccacat ttgcctcagc caggcctatg gaggaaagta    295740
     caggaatctg gcaaactctg ccaatgaaac tgcattgttg ttcagtagat tctgatattg    295800
     tgaaaaggca caaatgcttc cctctttgtt tctgggatag caagcttaca acatgcctgc    295860
     aatctcagca cccaggaggc taaagcagga ggactggcac aagtttaagg ccaactcaga    295920
     ctacttagta aaatcccaga ccagtgtcac ctgcagagtg agattctatc tcaaagaaag    295980
     agaagaaaag gaagggagag gaagagagaa gaggatgatg cgctgcagta agcttggata    296040
     ggcattgtgt tgcgcacctg ttattttaac attcagaggc tgaagcagga gaatttgagt    296100
     ctgaatgtaa cttagactac atagatcacc atgcatgcat gcatgcacag cgcattcaca    296160
     cacgtgcgca tgcgcgcaca cacacagagg agagacagag acagacacac tcagagagag    296220
     agacaaaaac agacattgag aaaaacagag acagacacag agtgggggga ggagagcttt    296280
     tacaatgact cacacatact tttgaagtta gaagcgtagt gtgttttgac tccagaagca    296340
     tccgagcact attctggctc tgttgagggt cactgcctgc tagcactaaa agacatctcc    296400
     ccaccataac ctagttcttc tctgtccctt cctcaattca attgtacagc ttttctacat    296460
     gaacttattc ataagtggca tactgcctgt aagtggcttg ctcaaatccc cttgtcacag    296520
     acattcaatg gcagactgtg gcttctgtta cacccactca aaatcagtat ttgtgtacac    296580
     agtcagagcc ttggctgctg gtgtggcgct ctacaatgac tgagcattct aagcagcagc    296640
     gttaaagaca gaatgagcag gtccttggcc ataaatacat ggtaaacttt aacctcctcc    296700
     tgagagttta tgtcatccag gccgctgtca gtctggctgc tctcacaaac acaaatcctt    296760
     taaaagcaag aagacaccat ggtttgtgct ttggcagaaa atgggagatt tctgtctttg    296820
     gctacatggt aatttcaatg aatatgacct ggcctgaatc tgcctgactt agccaactaa    296880
     atctgaaaat cacccagttt tgtaatggaa gcaagtcaaa caaactactt aatactatgg    296940
     aaaataaaag tgcagtttct cacctggcct ttcccctgtt accattctga attggttctg    297000
     cacacacaac acaagccctt agattatatg gggacactag gtatatagac gttttaagag    297060
     tacaaggcaa gaaaaaaatc cactagaaat gacaggtctg gatcgtggca catgtttaat    297120
     cagtcaggag aggaagggag aagagcccaa agaacgtttc ctgaggctgt ggtgtagctc    297180
     agtaggtagg gagcttgtct accttgcaca aagaccaaga tttgaaccat aacacagcat    297240
     caacccaggg tgttactgca catctaaaat ctcagccttt tggagatgga gacagccttt    297300
     gggagttggc taggtcattc ttggctatat agtcagtttg aggctatcct gaggtacaca    297360
     agactatctc aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaaaacccaa tccgttgtct taaggtggaa    297420
     ttgtagaacc cacctcatca atttcctaag cctctcctta gctcagctgc ctccctgaga    297480
     caggaaccaa gccaggcagt tcactattaa ggccagctca gcagtaggca tgtgcagcaa    297540
     ctaagcacag tatgcttatc tccaaacaca cgggactcac atgcctagac acagagctca    297600
     tatttgctat tctttaacca gcacattcat tgacaaaatg cagaaatcca catggacaca    297660
     aaagcactag agcaaatact actcactgtg atctcatagc tctggaagcc acaagtctaa    297720
     agcgagtgaa aatctgacca ccagcaagtc atatagaatc ttcctcaggg ctcctctgaa    297780
     gaacactctg ttttcacaca tagtccatgt tttaaaggct acctgcatcc catggtcttt    297840
     tatcctcagt gagccccgct ccaccctctg ctcctgccct gactgatcac ctctcccgat    297900
     gccactggca ctgccgggta attcaagcca tcttcccatt tcaagaccta taaattaagt    297960
     ttgtctgtaa gactccttga gccatgcaaa gcaacggttg tagaaaatta ccctgactgg    298020
     ggaggagaag cactgttgct gactgcaagc taccaactaa aggttttctt tcataagttg    298080
     tcttggtcat gatgttttgt cagggtgata gaaaaataac taagcaagca gtaaaataaa    298140
     gccaggcatc accaagtcta tctctgatgt ctggactttc tccctctgag gactgccttg    298200
     tctaacctca gtgggagagg atgtgtttag tcccctagag acttaatggc ccagggtggg    298260
     atgatgctgg ggggaagcac cctcgtagag gtgaaagaga gcagggaggg agtctttgac    298320
     ggggggatca ggaaagggac aacatttgag atgtaaataa atgaaataat taattaattt    298380
     aaataaataa ataatatgca ataaggcaat gaaatggctt caggaagact aaccagaggg    298440
     gatgagcctt ttacttaatc ttgtatattt tcaattttta aagtttattt tattttgttg    298500
     tttccagggt ctctcctatg tcagacaatg ctttaccact gacttacatc ctaatccctg    298560
     aatgacccta attctttatt tttgaaatta taattgcaat acttctccct ttcctctctc    298620
     caaatcctcc catataccac ttccaagcag ggctgccagc cccacttaaa tggaacagtc    298680
     cagtgtacca tactcaacct gcccaaagct accaggtcat gtgggccctg tccacaacct    298740
     gctagtacca agcaattact gctagtgcca agcttgcaaa tgcacctaaa aattgtataa    298800
     gccaaaggct tatagcccag gggtcaatgc atgcttcctt tcagcatcct ttaatgtatt    298860
     ccttccaaat cctgaacacg gggctcagta ttctcaaggt taactcttat agtcttcctc    298920
     tcacagtgat acaggggaga tcaaggtccc ctttgggaaa cctagtcaca ttgataaaag    298980
     aacttagaaa tagactcaaa tggaaccaca aggacaattt attagagttt aaaagaaaaa    299040
     acacaggact gacaagctgt aaaaccctag cagttccccg gaggaagaga aaggagaggg    299100
     acaagccatg ctgtttaagc tgccatggag gtcaggcaca tggccagcaa acagccacat    299160
     ggtggggata gaagttttag ggaaagagta gggacaccca aaatgctggg aataaaaccc    299220
     caagtactaa gaaaagaaca cttagaaaaa aagatagaaa actatgaaag aaaatgtatg    299280
     ttttttctga attgttcata aggtagactt attacctttg acatgactat ggtctgtgag    299340
     cttctgaact atggtggcag ggatttgggg aagaagtaga gtgtctcatt ttagagaaca    299400
     atccttctcc ctatctgttc agtaaggttg tagttggtgg gccagccctc ctatgggtga    299460
     ttccgtagcc aagtgattga accagtctcc tctcaggcca gagatcttat cctcttgacc    299520
     tacactaaca gtaccagaaa ccagtagaga tggccagttc tctctctagc cctgggccta    299580
     aagtagtgct ctggagacac acacttgaat gctcgcccaa cttacagagc aagcagcgca    299640
     gtgagcactt ctcccaggag atcccgctct ggaaagaatg caaaagtact ttgcctgttt    299700
     tattgctcca ctccccttgt cacattctgg ttcatctaat tactgctact cataacaaaa    299760
     tgcaatactt gctgggaatt cccagtgtgt gagctggatg atgacttagg ggcagctaat    299820
     ctgaaaaagg aaacctttcc ttagcaaaga caaagagtga tactcttcac ctatgtaggc    299880
     aaaggattat tatttttaga tatatttccc atttgcttaa tcatatcatt taatatggtg    299940
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta atttgtgtgc aagaatcctt    300000
     ggagatcaga agagggtatc agatccccta aaactggact tagaaacatg tgtgagccat    300060
     catatggatg ctgggaactg aatacaggtc ctccacaaga gccaaagtac ttttaaccac    300120
     tgtgctgtct ccagagaaac aatgttaaga ggcgtaataa agttaaaatg agctcagtag    300180
     tgtggtccta atctaatgtc acggtatcct tataagaaga tgagaagata gacaattcca    300240
     tggcacatct ctctactccc agcaactggg agccagcagc aagct                    300285