ID   AC175034; SV 1; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 208487 BP.
AC   AC175034;
DT   05-JAN-2006 (Rel. 86, Created)
DT   26-JAN-2006 (Rel. 86, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-204E23 from chromosome 7, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-208487
RA   Ruppert J., Haglund K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-204E23";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-208487
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (04-JAN-2006) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-208487
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-JAN-2006) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
RN   [4]
RP   1-208487
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (24-JAN-2006) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; f7a1d12041a4783704d1d0cfdbc4c55f.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456138.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000030849; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000030852; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000040331; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC175034.1:1-208487; mus_musculus.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G3XA30; G3XA30_MOUSE.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0204E23
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa and
CC   Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..208487
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="7"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-204E23"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    197924..197988
FT                   /note="Unresolved homopolymeric repeat."
SQ   Sequence 208487 BP; 57115 A; 42684 C; 45209 G; 63479 T; 0 other;
     gaattcagga ggctgcggcc atgccagtag aggcatccaa aggacataag atgatcccag        60
     gactccatct ccatgagaag ccccaatcta cagcccaaca tccccacact gcttctctgt       120
     ggaaggcaaa cctcattctg tccctgtaac cctaaagaca accctacaaa ggcccactgg       180
     cttgtgcctg attagactgg agatggggag actcccagat caggaagcat cccctatgta       240
     ctccaggact acacagctag aggagagatg gggttggagc cgggaggagg tgggaggaag       300
     gtatttcctc atttaaaaca tctttacctt gaaacattaa aatagacagt gaaatacagt       360
     gagatgggca aagaacaaga cagtgccgcc ttggaaagca ttttacaacg tgtataccaa       420
     aaaccttgca ggattccttg ccccatgacc ccaaagttcc atctttatgg aatctgtgct       480
     cggtaaatag taggtagctc attcaggaca gcccaatttg taagaataat caggagaaaa       540
     tgcaagctgt cctaaactgc caatattcag gttaaagttc atcttgaata aagcaggtat       600
     ggtagtttga atgagaaagg tccccatagg tgcatgtttg aatatgtggt ctgtgttttt       660
     ggaactcttt gggaaggatt aggaggtgag aacttgttgg aggaggtgtg tctttggaga       720
     tgagctttta aggtttcaaa aatactattt attctctgtg tgtgtgtgca tgttcatgtg       780
     tgtgcatgtg tgtctttctg ccttgtgatt gtatcttaag atgtgtgctc tcacctattg       840
     ctccagtgct gtgcctgcct actttatgcc atgctcccca gcataatggt cactgactct       900
     aaccctctga aaccataagt ctcaactaaa gttccttctt ctataagtgg ccttgaccat       960
     ggtgttttgt cacagcagat ttgcttgtca tcccaatggt tgtagtaaga tatctaaagc      1020
     agatattcct ctagtctaga aacattctac aaccttgaca tggtggatgg cttgggttag      1080
     atgattctgt tggagacagt tctgctttgt agactatttt gcacaattct ggcttatgcc      1140
     atctacagat caatagcatc ttttagcagt gtggtgaaaa acaaaactat tgctagatat      1200
     tgtcacatga cccttaacca tggatgacaa catggtccct gggtcagaac tactcccctg      1260
     tttgtagaaa ccagcggagc cttgaagttt atatagatct gtaagacctc aaaggaggga      1320
     cgttagctgg tttaagagga ggaataggag ccaaagtatg tttagtgccc ctcaagggct      1380
     ctcaactgat ggccctgccc tcctccactc aagctcatga tggaatgttc ctttaaggga      1440
     taagtccagg gagattgacc tgggccaacc ccagccagca ggcacctata ttggctctca      1500
     gagcattcaa aaataattga aattagttgt taacatgttt ttattgtttt cagaggggtt      1560
     ttttttggtc tctttctttc ttcctttctt ttcttttctt tccttttttt tttttttttt      1620
     tttttgcttg tttcttttgt ttttgggata gagtctttct gctgtgtaga ccaggctaac      1680
     cttgaactca gaagagatcc acttgcctct gcttcctatt aaaggcatgt gtgtccccat      1740
     gtccagttat gaatgtggtc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctt      1800
     tgttttttgt tttttgagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tagctgtcct gaaactcact      1860
     ctgtagacca ggctggcctc aaactcagaa atctccctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg      1920
     gattaaaggc gtgcaccacc atgcccggtt atgaatgtgt ttttaaatgt aagatttccc      1980
     ttcttcagac tttgaaaaac actggagtaa cgattttccc acttgttttg tgagtctagt      2040
     aatactcaca taccaaaacc agaccccaaa aatcttcctt atgaagttgg acacaaaagt      2100
     ccaaaaaata cattagcaaa caaaacactg taacatgctg ttaaaaataa ttatagatca      2160
     tgaccatatg agatttatcc caggtatgca aggaaggaaa tattgtgatt gggtcaagta      2220
     atgcagagaa atcactagca aaatccaatt taatccttga aggctagcct ggtctacaca      2280
     acgagcttca ggatagccag gactaagcag agaaaccctg tttcaaaact caaaagacaa      2340
     aaccaaaata tcataagtag actagatgcc tcaacttgat aaagggcatt tgtttaaaaa      2400
     acaaacctat agctaatatg ttccttaaca ctggaaaact cagtgcttgc gattgggaat      2460
     aatctctacc cttagctaac aaagcagtgg gagtggttgt cactataaaa tggaaaaaga      2520
     gaaaaagtga agctggcctt tggtattttg tgggctcttt ttctcatcct tacccccccc      2580
     catttcaacc ccttcaacac tagattggag agaaacaaga atagaggata aaggaatgag      2640
     agaaggaagg ggagaaagag agaaggcagg aaggagggag ggagggaaag agggagagag      2700
     gaagagggat ccctgaatct aattattttc ttttgtttct tcgttgacta ctaacaaacc      2760
     acatccaagc ctcctaaatg accaccagcc acctattggg gccctaacat ttatataccc      2820
     tctgaaaagt tcccagaatt ccaaaggtcc cacaattgta aaaacaatct ccagttggca      2880
     aaaccatgct tcagccagag cacgaggcac atcatagtca gcggctgcag acagtgcaaa      2940
     gccgcccatg ctcccacacc tgggattaaa atggaagcag ttcttataat atttgtgtgc      3000
     tttttaaaac caaatttcca gaattctcac tacaagaaag aagaaaaata aaactgttca      3060
     gaagggtgtg tgaggagaaa agctctattt acaatcatga ttctttagaa aaccttaaaa      3120
     atcactggag ttaataacca agtggaccat aaactccaac cgcacacaaa accaagagtc      3180
     tccatacaaa tgtgaggaca cagaaatgat tccctactgt ttatagtcac gctgaagtaa      3240
     actggagttc ttgggtaaag acttggcaac acataggcag gactggttta ctaaggatta      3300
     tcaaataatt tcttctttta aaaaaggcca aataaacaga aacgcaccat gggttcatgg      3360
     agtaggaaac gccacatggc aaggaagtcg attcttttcc tcttgtccta ctctttcatg      3420
     taattcttac caaaatccag caactctgtg gtagacctag gtttattcta gtgtttatgt      3480
     ggaaaaacca tcaaccctag agcaactatg agaatgttct ttgataagaa tggagcgtga      3540
     agactcactc tatttgacct caagatgtaa ccaccacagt caagagagca atcccagctt      3600
     ccatcctgaa tgcctgttct aaccataaag aagctcacag aggtgtctag actctggatc      3660
     tggttaatga tggtgtgagc tttttactta ttttgcaagg tttttaaaag tgaagtttag      3720
     aatattttaa tctaattaaa cagaatcagt gttagtgaac agagaacttg ggctagacct      3780
     acacaaatat acctagccaa tttgtgacag acatgtggaa tccattcact catgtggggc      3840
     aagtggactg tgtcaccagt catcactggt aaggttgagt gagcccaatc cccatgaacc      3900
     tcagaatcga gaatggtagg agtggggtca actccctgcc taactctacc tgctctggaa      3960
     cacacaacca tgacacccca ctgaggacca tggccatcag ccacatagca taaaaacctg      4020
     gagttctctg ttaatggggt atctagatag aagccaatga gcttccctta ttgggtgttt      4080
     cttcctacaa aaggtattta ctccttggtt caccctgagt aaggtgtatg tattcacatc      4140
     caccatcaaa taaagcattt caaatgagta ggggtggggg aggccttcgt ctgtaaagag      4200
     gtatgcctaa atacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag cctcttcgaa      4260
     ctctcagttc cacactacgt tgcatccccc tttcccttcc tgcctggtat gtggatgccc      4320
     tgaggggaat catggaccct tggactccca ttcccaactc cctgccgaat gctagcagtg      4380
     cctgggtaca caggagaccg ggaaccacag caattgtcct agattccact gtttctcacg      4440
     cggggaaaca ctgactgatg acccccccat tacagactgg gttctgcttc ccctgagtgg      4500
     gcataaacac tcatggccaa aacaataaat gtcgaaataa caaacaaaat aacaatccct      4560
     cgtcttcaag agaatgagaa cgtaaaccag aaattgggag aacgtatttg caaaagaaac      4620
     atctaaaaga ggacttctat tcaaaatagt gtgggagagc cagccctgcc tcctgcctga      4680
     tgggaggttg tatcgacaag ctcccctctc cccctttctc ccttgccaca ggccatgagg      4740
     caagagagct ggtccccaat ggatcatgga tcaggagaac taaccctgtc tccttgcctg      4800
     ctacagtact tgggagagca gtccctgaac ctcacctggg cagcatagta gagctggccc      4860
     tgatgggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gagctggccc aaagggtgtg agcatgggag agttccgctg      4920
     ctccccccaa cttgcctgag gtgggtgcag cgccttggat gagagagaaa gatgttctcc      4980
     ttcaccctca agtcttgtca tctatggcag gtgggagagc tggccccagg gtcatgagag      5040
     tgagggagct ggccatgttg ctccccagct gcaacacttg ggagaactgg ccttgtacct      5100
     gggcatcagc ctagaggagc tggcccccag agagtgagag ctggtgggct gagcattact      5160
     aatacctctc aggcccagat ctagggcttc gagttggccc accccaacac ctaccccatt      5220
     gatgacctgc tggagtgcac aaaggggctg gttctatatc caaaactaca ggatctccat      5280
     gacatacagg gcaacaacag gatatctgag aggagtccca gtgaaactca agtattgatg      5340
     agtagcagaa gccagaggcc tcgaaccaga tcaacgactc attacaatga acaattacaa      5400
     tgacacacta cagcttccac aatgagattc ttttttttcc ctgttgggag ggaagttgaa      5460
     agggcagagg gtgggcccaa agtatgaggg ataaatgaga ttggggtgta tgacgtgaaa      5520
     ttcataaaga accaataaaa atgttttaaa aaaagaaaaa agaaaaagaa agaaatggtc      5580
     ccatgacttt gaaagctcac caaaggagac acaggggcaa atagcacagg acaggatgtt      5640
     cttcaccata taccatgagt aaagtgtcaa ctaaagcaac agcgagacac cactacatac      5700
     ctgtgaggat gactgggatc tagatccctg ccaataccca acactgggga ggatatgaac      5760
     caagaggaag tcccatctgt tagcagtggg actgtgaaat ggagtaacgt tctgagcagg      5820
     tggctggaca gcttcttagg aaactacact ttccctcatc atgtgataaa gcaaccacac      5880
     gccttcatat ctacccaaag gagttacagc taatgtcctc ctaagacatc aacatggaca      5940
     ttcactgcaa gtttgcccaa cacttgagag catcctggat ggtccagggc agataagaaa      6000
     accgtatcta aaaagtagaa tgttattcag tactaagaga gtggggggag aggggagagg      6060
     ggagagggga gaggggagag gggagagggg agaggggaga gggagagaga gagagagaga      6120
     gagaggcaga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc ctggacagcc      6180
     agggctacat agagaaaccc tgtctcgaaa aaccaaaaga aaaaaaaaag aaagaaaaga      6240
     aacaggacta aacactgcgc actatataat atataattct aattatatga cactatagaa      6300
     aagatgcaac tgttgaaaca gtacaaagaa ttgtgattgg accagaaaga tggctcctga      6360
     gataaagaca ctgtcataca agtttggtag cctggattct tttcccagaa cccacataag      6420
     gatggaagga atgaacggag tccataaaga tatcctctga acacacacat gatgtggtat      6480
     gtatatgtgc ctatacacat actgatgagg ataaaatatt aaagtgtttt tgaagatctg      6540
     caattgccag ggcctaaagg atgggcaaag gtcaagcatg gaggatttta ggaatacgat      6600
     actcttgcag aaagtacatg tggttacaca tgtcgaagtc cacagaatgt gcttgatcaa      6660
     gaatgaatct tgacataaca cacatggaag gtgagtgatt agatgtgtca atagggcttt      6720
     gccagttcta acaagcatac cactcttgtg gaggaagctg ataatgagga tagctatgaa      6780
     actaaaacta acctaaagaa agaaataaag tcaggtatgg gtggcacata cctgtaattc      6840
     tagcactagg aagtggagac aggaggatta agagctcatg gccattctag gtgcatgggt      6900
     ctctgttggg gttggggagc aggggggagg aggcagagac cagagacaga gaggaaaaag      6960
     gaaaacctga tgaacctcaa acctaaacct tgtaccttat gaaagttaac tcgtggatca      7020
     ccatagattt aaatatataa tgttaaactt taaagattgt aggaaagtag tattaaagaa      7080
     aatctccagg gtatagagct aggcagagca cttaggctta ataacagaaa aactatctgc      7140
     aagaaaaatt gatacactgt gcctcactaa aattaaaatg ctgttttata taagacctta      7200
     ttaagaggat ggaaagataa gctatagaac aaggaagcat ctatgaaaca caatttaact      7260
     tttagactac ataaagaact ctcaaaagca aactctctca aaacccaaca ctaaaataat      7320
     aacaacattt ataaaacatg caaaagatat ttcatcaaag agattagtca tccattatct      7380
     acaggagata cactcctaga tcctggtggc tgcctcaaag gtgagtagaa atgatgtgtt      7440
     acaaagactg cactgattct gatatacata tagacctatg atgaagtttg cttacaaaat      7500
     agtcaagtaa gagaataaaa acagtaacta ataaaaaata tcaattacag caatatacta      7560
     tagagtaaat gtaatgacta gtttctattt tgtttgtttg tttgtttttg agacaggttt      7620
     cactgtctag ccttggctat cctggagctc actctgtagg ccagagtgtc cttgaactca      7680
     cagagatccc atttctgcct ccaaagtgct gggataaaag ctgtatacca ccctaaccca      7740
     gctcataact ggcttatttt tccccttcaa agatcttttt aaaatgttac ttgtgtgtgt      7800
     gggcatctgt gtgcatgtat atctatctgt atatctgtgt gtttctgtgt gcagttatag      7860
     tgcagatgcc aaaagaggcc agaagggggc actgagatat cctgcagctg gggtaacaag      7920
     gaggttgtgt gtttgatatg ggtgctggga actaaactcc cctcctctaa aagagcagca      7980
     agcgctcttc acctctctcc agacctcaag gatcttattg gactgggcgt gccctctgtg      8040
     tgatggtgta aaatgacaat gtctacggga tgattggaga aaggtgcatg gtggcactgt      8100
     aatgtcacct tgtgtgatgt caccttgggc tgctgtgaga ggacagcttg aagacaagca      8160
     tgcagtgtag ttggtctgac atctgagatg gttgctaagt gactagccaa tggtgacctg      8220
     tgcagcatgc atagcttctc cagtgatcga cttccagtcc cagagagctc tatggatgct      8280
     tctcagatgc aggaaactga tcattcattg tgtactggtg ggaaggtaag aaggtaagaa      8340
     ggcacagaga ctgagaaaca ccatgactgg gacaaatctt tatgaaataa acatgcaatc      8400
     gtatgagcca gacattgaac acttgggtat ctatctcaga gaagtgaaaa tgaacacaca      8460
     cactcacact catacactca cactcacact cacacataca cacacacaca ctcacactca      8520
     tatacactct ctcacacaca tactcacatt cacaatactt acactcacac acacacttac      8580
     ctacatatac tcatacatac actcactcac acactcacac ttacacacac atacacacac      8640
     acacacacac acacacacac acacccacac atacacatac aagtgcatgc ctgaacacaa      8700
     atgcacatgg caacttcatg tgaaatagcc aaaaactaga aacaaaacaa atatgcttta      8760
     gggagagggg acaacctgag aactggattg ccatctttgt ggcatggaat acaacttcat      8820
     agtggcagaa aacaatacac aatagcttgt gtgtgtgttg cgagagcatt ctgcccgcgg      8880
     gggggggggg gggggaaacc agatctgcca gttctaaaag ataacacagc gtccgaccct      8940
     ctatctataa tattcttgag atggtaaagt gtagaatact atcagttgcc agagtgggtg      9000
     tggctataaa gggcagcaag aaaagtctgg caatggacag cctcctcggg cttggccatc      9060
     tcagtatctg tctccacggt gaaactggag aataactttg caagatgtca ccctcgaggc      9120
     tctctctttg tattttttaa aaactataca taaacttgcc accatcttaa attaaaaggc      9180
     taaaataaat aaacaaagag ccaccaagac agttcagtgg gcaaaggccc ctgctgacta      9240
     gtttggtggc ctctgtgttt ggtccccagg acccacgcgg taggatagaa ctgacggctg      9300
     taagctgtcc cttggcctcc acccagacaa taaataaagt gcatgccaaa aaccattaaa      9360
     gacttggtag aaaattacag gcttctgact tctttagaac aaataggaaa atcttactgt      9420
     actgggccac ttttgcctag gaccacaatc tgatggagtc gggtgatagc tgcattcatt      9480
     aggctagaac ccacctattt gccacagtcc ttacctctcc ctattgtctc atacccactg      9540
     ttaattgctt ctggcctgac acccaaaatt gctggatttt gccactttat tttttttttt      9600
     ctttttgaat taatattttc ctgcctgagg aaaaaaaatc ttcccaaatt gattggaaag      9660
     aagaagtgag aatgcatttt ttttaagtgt gcctgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gcatgcgtgt      9720
     gtgggctcac ttgtgtgtag gacactctta atgctggatg tcattcctca gtactgtcca      9780
     ccttgttctt tgagacaggg tctctcactg aagctaaaac ttcccctggg tgctcctgtc      9840
     tccacctcgc cagtgctggg attaaaagtg cttccctctg tacctggctt ctgtacaatt      9900
     gtatgtaggt tctgtaggac tgagttctgg cccacacact cagggagcac acacttcaac      9960
     taaggtattc cctagctgca ggctgcttct taaatctaac ttctgcaatc aaagaggccc     10020
     ataccattaa tccaaaaatg tcacggcctg tgagacaaca ggaaagtgtc gtcccccccc     10080
     cgccccccat ggcactaagc taatatcctc aaacttaaag taaatactgg caaagcttgg     10140
     atgtgtatta ttaacctaga cttacatgaa ggaagtgaaa agtccacttc aactgtgaaa     10200
     aacttgtctg aaacaactat ttgcattaaa tcagctctgc attcacacat ttgcaaatca     10260
     tttcaatctc tgcctcatct gtggaagttg ctgagtaggt aaaatctgga gggaatgtgc     10320
     tcgtttctca ttatagcagt tttaaaagca caggatacaa gggagtgctc aggactcaca     10380
     aagcagggct gctgaggtac taaaggaatt ctgaaaatgt aaggaaggaa tggccccaca     10440
     ggtacaagta tgtcacatgg gtccaggccg aggacttgtc ctcccttgcc tctcgctcgc     10500
     tcgctcgatc gatcgatcga gatgagatgt tggggggcta gtgtgagacc tgcacagcag     10560
     gaggtgggag agagtttcct gaacccacct ggtggtccga ggtgctgttc tcgttgccca     10620
     tggtgactca gggtgcccag cgtccctcgc aatgttggtc agagtgacta gaaaaaacga     10680
     aagggcataa acacctggaa aggggaagga gagccgaggt tttctcttct gctcatctcc     10740
     ccaaactcag aggcagacag cgaatgttta tctcttcagc cacatcatgg aaaatcactt     10800
     tggaagggct ttcttttgca acatgccatc cagacatctt tcccaatacg ggctggtgtt     10860
     ttcactcccc gcccagggtt ggctgcagct tctgaaaggc aagtttgttc ctgaagctga     10920
     gttagcgcca gcgtgcacac atatgcacat acacaaacga atgacaactc cctccacccc     10980
     aaccgcaaat gccaagtagc ctggggtaca gcgctcccag gagggttttc tgtttccaac     11040
     tatactcagt taggaaactc agtgcggctg ctttctcttt ctcgctgctg gtgagagtgc     11100
     agcctgctgt caaacattag gaggtgtgaa cctactactc tccaacaacg tggttttctc     11160
     attcttccct ctgaacactt gtctcatcga cttaccttca cttctgtgta tgtgggctcc     11220
     ttgctgatgg aaatgacgat ctgggagcca ggctaggaac aagttcccat atgaagctgc     11280
     cgaggggcat tcagtgacat attaacaatc ctcctaactt aaatgtgccc taacaattat     11340
     cagagaggca ctaccccttg cctgacatca cttgctagat ttcagggatc gacctggcat     11400
     gctcactttc tttctttatg gagaaaccaa accatagaaa ctttaaacga tcctaattta     11460
     aagctggtgc cttagagaac accagataca cacagtggga aggaccagag ttcaaggccc     11520
     agaacccata taaaaagtct gctggggttg catgcggttg tgatctcagc aatcctatag     11580
     taagaggtag aggactggaa ggaagctggc aggctagcta gcctggagtg ggagccccaa     11640
     acaagagggt ccttcttagc cttgatagta agtagtgaag aggattcttg aacgctgtcc     11700
     tctcattcct gggaatgagc tatagcagga gtatatctcc aggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     11760
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtcccc acacacaaaa aaacaaatag aaactaataa attaaaaaaa     11820
     aaaaacctgt tggcttgctt agtcattcaa ctaacttgga gtaaccagta cagactatgc     11880
     ataccgaaca atcattgacc aatagaatat aagtattgtg agcagaccca attacaatgt     11940
     gtctggggac cagtggtgtg gctcagtgaa agagcccttg cctagaatac tcaaggcctt     12000
     ggttggatcc ccggtactgc gaaaatgaaa ctcttcaaaa tgtatgacat ggcactaatg     12060
     tcagtcagcc tcatgctcaa gtctcttgct cctaactctt aaatgaagag aatccggctc     12120
     gttatcagga cctgaaagca cactcattat actgaaatca agatcctgat taacatgttc     12180
     atatctcact taaattatac tgaaatcatt atcagtatgt gaaatcaata atttcagata     12240
     gcttgctttg aatactcact gtatatatgt atacacacac atatatcata ctaagctgta     12300
     gaatgataaa aaatcattta ttttaaactg atctgttcag ttcaattttt attttcattt     12360
     tgaagatggc tccttataag taaataatgc tgctagaatc attattccct aatcaactat     12420
     taacttattt atatatacta ggctaaaaca tatgacatta aatttcatac ggtccattgt     12480
     aatattaaac ttttcctttt tagctctttt gagacagggt ttctctacat agccctgact     12540
     gtcctagaac tcctatgtag accaggctgg ccttgaactt gcctctgcct ctcaaatgct     12600
     ggaattgaag gtatgtatca caacaccaag atgaaatatt aatttttgat actcatttac     12660
     taaataaact tagtaatttt gtttaaaaac cataaaaact tgttttgttt tgttttttac     12720
     ataccctcaa atttactgtg ttgctaagga tagcccaatc cttctgcccc cacctcctaa     12780
     gtgctaaact ggcttttaaa acaaaccaaa gcaaatggca aatctcctac tggcatagta     12840
     tgactgaggc agcaaagaga aggctgtagc cgcacattgg aaccctcctc tggggacttc     12900
     agaactggct tctttcagct gtcccgggcc aaaaaggcag gctcccccta cctgttccca     12960
     cttacctgca gggatagtct gcactttgaa ggcccacgga aagtttgctt ttgaacaact     13020
     ggactttctc cttatccatt caaaaacctg tgaggttact gagccaagcc ctgctccact     13080
     tggacaaaca gctgtgttcc cctccctgtg ctgtcttcat acctgggctg cggctgagct     13140
     tgtggaagcc ttcctgcctg ggaatctgca cctcccagct ggtcactccc agggccttta     13200
     tgctgagcat ttgtcccggg tgacatcagc agaggctcct ttcaggacag gcttattcta     13260
     accatctccg ctcctgctct ctgattggtc acacctagca ttgcttgctt ttgtgcacga     13320
     gatcagggaa cagatctctt tctagaaaga ggtcacatgt tcacggagct tcttgtgtac     13380
     acctggggaa attccactgc agatactatg gaaagacaaa gaaaactcgc ggaaaccaga     13440
     tgacgcggta gcctggcact cgtccgtgtg tacagaatga acttagccag gcgtggtttg     13500
     agtttcaact agtgaagtca taaaaaaagc actgcatgac tagatttgct gataggcagg     13560
     ctgcctgccc tctggggtgg aggagaccag cagacctgac agagacacag gcacccagcc     13620
     aaatagtctc ctgtccacgg tctcctactc ccacaatccc ttcacttttg actccccagt     13680
     aaatgaaagc ccctgcacag agagccccaa ccctgtgact agacagagcc actctgggaa     13740
     acaagccagt gttttgtcca aggatccctg gataccaggg agaatcctgc acactccctg     13800
     gaggtgttta aggcccctcc aggggaaagt tggcagcaac agagctcagt accctacttt     13860
     gcatttaaat agagcagaat tgtgtgggag tgggcagatg accagataac cacacctttt     13920
     tttttttttt ttcaagctgc tcaatgaaat attattcagc cataaaaagg aagcattggt     13980
     tcatggtacc actttgctaa gtgtcaaaag cattgagaag tgaaggcaga tggacacagc     14040
     gggccacgcg tggagtgatt ccgctcattc cacatgggga gaagtaccag aattgacaaa     14100
     accgcgggga cagaaagcaa agtcgtggtt tacaggagct aggggggaaa ataacagctg     14160
     agtgctgcaa gagtttgctt gatatgagaa aagtgttgta gaatgagagg tcacagctcc     14220
     accagcgaca acccccagcc cctgcccacc gccctggaat agtgtgtgca cagaatgtca     14280
     ccgaatcacc catttaaaat taaatactta aatttacatt ttctgaattt cataattatt     14340
     ttgagttttt gagatctgta gcccaaggtg gccatgcagc tcaggctggt cttgaactcc     14400
     tagttctcct gcactcacct cccaagcact gggatcgaag gtgaacactg tcatgcctgc     14460
     ctataatttt tttaaaagtt gtgtttcaca tcttacgatt ctgtgtaata catagtttgg     14520
     gggtagggaa gaattctagc atggttgggg aaaggattga agaccatttc tttcgtgctt     14580
     atcagcacca aaggttcaga ggaatgagaa acaagaattc ttgcctctgt aaccttagat     14640
     cacaggggaa attttctagg gtagagaaag accgtattga gcaaaggtct tatatgaaca     14700
     gttgcggatg aagaatggag tctcttcaac aagtacaaag cacagtgaaa gttgggcact     14760
     gggaaggaag gagtggggag ccgttcttga aggggagaaa cacgaaacca gcccactctg     14820
     atggacgctg gaccctggaa agtgggcatg cgcagttctg tacatttcca tgatgtcact     14880
     tcctttcact gccccccccg cccccgcccc cccccccccc ccccgcagct ctacagctgg     14940
     tacaaaaggt gtgagaattc aagattttac caagtgtgag cggattgaag gcccggagcc     15000
     atggagagag aaaccctccc tgagcaggga acgctggccg ataatgcagg cgatgctgtg     15060
     gatttaggtg tacatagtgg tgagtcaccc tctcttggta ctgggtgtct tgggatgcct     15120
     ttctctgctg tgaagatttc tgtctccttc ctataccttc ccgcggtcat ctctcagttg     15180
     ctcttaagaa acaagcaccg gctttgaagc tggacctgta cccactacta ggcagcagcc     15240
     agggccttga cacagtattt ttgtttcttt tctgttgctg ggataaacaa ccctgaccaa     15300
     agcagcttag gagaagaaag aattggttta tgattccagg ctaatctcca tctgtgaagg     15360
     cgagtcacat cccacagaga gcagagggag aacacagaaa catggggatc ctggctgctt     15420
     tctcctcagc ctttctttct cctcctgtcc tccatggatc agaaccagat gtctagggaa     15480
     aggcactgcc catattcttc ccacctcaaa cttcagaata aagccatagg tggtggtgca     15540
     ggcctttaac ccagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggcagat ctctgagttg gagtcagcct     15600
     ggtctgcaga gtgagttcta ggacagccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg tctcaaaaaa     15660
     accaaaacca aaccagacca aaccaaaata ccaaaaatca taacaggccc acacagacat     15720
     gccaacaggc catactggta tagataattc ctcacttgca ggtgattctt ggttgtgcca     15780
     agtggacaga gagctcaaag taatcagcac acacaagcac gcgctgccct tgtaaagact     15840
     caggtctgga aaccaactat ttcaggctgg acacaaagag gacctcctcc tgcttcagtt     15900
     tccctgagag ctaaaatccc caggcacctc gggaccagag gttttatctt aggcctgtca     15960
     gtaaagtgag ttgactcttc gtgagtagtt attacttgcg gagggctcac atgatcctaa     16020
     taactgcgct tggttcaagt gtaatctttg tagcagatct ctgtggtcag aaccattatt     16080
     gttctttagc aagtgaaaga ccagaggctt gctaaggtca gaatgtggcc aaaggtcatc     16140
     gaactagaat tccagggagg acgctttggt cctcccctat gcccctttct tctcagggag     16200
     gactctttgg tcctcccctg agcctctttc ttctcagggc ttgagcacgg gaagtattgc     16260
     ttcagtgtgt ctcaatcaaa cataagatag ttgcccacag ggaatatatg cttctatggg     16320
     ttcatcctaa gacagaattt attgatatgt tatgtcacag gggaaaaaaa aataaaaaaa     16380
     tagaaaacca aaccaaacca aaaacctcaa ccaaacaacc aaaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa     16440
     acaaaacaaa caaaacccac cactcacatt acccagctag gtacatcact atctggcaca     16500
     cacaggttgt tccatgaagc taagtgccca ttgttggcat ggaataagga agctggttgt     16560
     caagcaggtc tggacattca agttggccac agcttccatt gtccgccttg gacataatct     16620
     gtggctactc tatctcagga gagcctctag tgggacaccg gatattgggt gtcagcttct     16680
     gctaactgga cctggcttct ggctaaggca cctgtgctcc atcccagagt gcagagctgg     16740
     tatattcaga caagggaacc ttgaggagga aaatgggcca cactcactga actgagggca     16800
     ttttggctgc acaagcctga gccactgccc atgggtgggg ccttccacct gtaggtccat     16860
     ctgcttcctg atctaccaat gcaggagcta gcaacctacc tcaaagtctt ggtgccactg     16920
     agtttggggt ggagccaccc agtgaatgac agccatgtgt tgcctgctgt aaaactataa     16980
     gccaccatga aaaaaatccg ttcacataag catcagctct gtgatgtcct actatgtaca     17040
     cgaatcctgg cagatctgct tcttcctttg catgctggct tgtcaaaccc agacatggca     17100
     cacactggcc agccctccac cctgacagat agcacatgtg tatgagagct cgtcctttca     17160
     cctttcagaa gagacccact gggaaggcag taggtttcat tatcaaggag actctggggc     17220
     cagagtcttt cagtacaaat cccaattcca gtgctcactt ggtgtgcaga ctctggcacg     17280
     ttgacatcgc ctgctcagtt ttgtcatttc tgaatgggca tcgcaacaat gcctagccca     17340
     tctggctctg ctgagctcac tcacataaca ctcgtgaaat catcagacat ttaatgaacc     17400
     gtggactggt ttttaacagt gggcctcttt ggagcctcca ggcaaatcac tctataaaag     17460
     gaagtttttc tccccaacag aaaaactgaa ctttagaccc aattagtcgg ttacactaga     17520
     agccaggtca ccttttcaat aaagcacagc caactaactt gcgcactggc agaggaaaat     17580
     atctgactgt gaaaagttta ggcctgatga gaaggaagta gatgctatca gaaattcttc     17640
     cccaagcaaa ttatattaaa ataatcactg agctagtgac ttgggacagt ccctcaatgt     17700
     ggctactttg ggacgttgga tgctcatata gttacagatc catctctctg ctttctgacc     17760
     caccaagatg tgagtacggc gtgcacaggc taccactgcc atgtctcacc attatgatga     17820
     actaatattc ctgacaccaa gataaattca gctgcttctg agggggagtc tgtctcaatg     17880
     atgaggaata gaacttacac aggagccaag gctatgcatg gggaaacgaa gtgtggaaga     17940
     gaacagctgt gcagggcctc acatgggtaa gtcaggtgga ggatgccgct gcagcctcag     18000
     actgggagtc caggctgtgc aggcgtgggg aagaagggaa ctgcagagca gagatgaagc     18060
     agctacatgg gaacaactcc atccatgata ggacagaggc acagggagtt ttctcagccc     18120
     tacctgccct gggagagcac tgtttgtaac ctagtgggct ttgtggatat cttaataaat     18180
     caattacatt gtcctatttg taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaattctc ttttggccgg     18240
     gtgtggtggc acatgccttt aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggc agatttctga     18300
     gtttgaggcc agcctggtct acaaagtgag tttcaggaca gccagggcta tacagagaaa     18360
     ccctgtctcg aaaaaacaaa aacaacaaca acaaaacaaa tctctttttc cttgatgtgc     18420
     tagaacgcat gtacttcaaa cagttgataa atcctagggt ttctcctgat acagatggaa     18480
     ttctgggaaa ataggaaggg catcttctcc actgcttcct tttatctgtg aagcactaag     18540
     atttggaagg aatcaaggat ttcccccagt gtctttcagg atgaagggcc tggccaagga     18600
     caacctcata gaatcttgtt ccaggccatt tcagctggct cagcccctgt gcctgcaagg     18660
     tgtttctttc tcaagcagga gcagagaggc cagttcagat aagagagagg tctgtgtcct     18720
     gcctgcatga cctctggcca tcagccctta gcagttgggt gtgcgctagt aaaaagtgga     18780
     gcccaggtca cattactcac cgtgggaagg tcaggcaggg taggctccag ctgctcgctc     18840
     agtccaactg cccacaccag gctatgggtc ctgcagacca gccaggcctc ttcctaggta     18900
     ggcaggagcc tcaaattctc tttcctggga tccagttcag ttgctctgac gccctacctt     18960
     gcacagctaa gcaaagagct acttatagcc ctgttatcat attcccattt taatacaaac     19020
     aaacagctgt cgcccggcaa agagatttat gaagagacat tgcctgcttt ttactgtggc     19080
     aagggacctt cacaagcacc aaggacctgc ttgcttcctg aggtctgagt caaatgacag     19140
     ctcttccctc acacacaccg agcgccccct cgggactctt gtatttttcc cttcctccat     19200
     ccctcaggcc actgagaatc tagataccca aagttcattc ccacagaaca ttagagtgtt     19260
     gtggtaaata ttataattat ttttacctca cttagaccat aaagttccca aataaaagac     19320
     acaaaacctt tatatttaca ataagcctta aagcactaga gctaggcaga tatcgacctt     19380
     ctgtgcttgt ttgtctactt ccctgttaac cccgagatat cactggttat gtttcaccta     19440
     ctccaactaa ccactcctta ggaccatgag ctctcatggt gtatctatct gtccttctcc     19500
     ttcttcttcc tctctccctc gtggtctctg cctgagactc caagtccagg aacttcactc     19560
     caccccttct ctcctaccca gcccaggctg taggcatctt tatggaccaa tcagggataa     19620
     cctggggatt aaggtttacg caacaaaagg tggtatatgt gaggatatca tctgggggtg     19680
     gggggcaacc agatcttggg ggccaatata tagcagtgcc agaccaactc tctacattag     19740
     agtttaagag aattcaggat ccttactccc aggaccctgt gatcagaaac aagactgaca     19800
     tattcactcc tgctaggaga agtgtacagc ctggactagc tgctcaaggg cttgctccac     19860
     acaggctgtg tcatttgtac cggccagctc acaccagaag cacacagccc actcatgtcc     19920
     atctgcacca gtggggagag gcttcatgaa gttacctgcc tcccaccaca cacacacaca     19980
     cacgcgcgcg cgcgtgcgca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca ttcactcact     20040
     cactttgtct tgctttattt gatcttggta ggggttatag gggatgaact ggaagaagca     20100
     gctaaacttt actcatacct tggtgaacag agtatgtaga agcaaagatc tgaaggcaca     20160
     ggaaggaggc cagagaggaa gagcccttgg gaataagtaa ccttggatag acctcagaat     20220
     tctgtcggtt gtgcaaactt gagcttgagt ctaagggaca gagaaactca ggtgacacct     20280
     gaggagacat atatatgttt atacctactt ttattcccgg agcctcatga gtgtaagtga     20340
     ggtatttatc aaaaagctac actcctaagc catgtggtgg tggtgcatgc ctttaatctc     20400
     agcaccagga gcagatgcac tgcatctctg tgagttcgag gtcagcttgg tttacagagt     20460
     gaccaggaca gccagggata cacagtaaaa cctatttcaa acaaaacaaa acaaaaataa     20520
     acaaacaaaa acctacaaaa gcaaaatcca gattttgaaa tagtctttta aaatacttaa     20580
     caataacata acaagatttc cccatgccca ccaaaggatg ttttacaact gtagtgaatg     20640
     ccaagttggt ttacaggttt atctgtttac aaacgtatcc ctaattctct gtagctcgtc     20700
     tctgtctggg atgttgatga gcacgtatgg agggagccta gactaggtta gatcaagcaa     20760
     ggagattgtt gagacaaggg aattggaaac agagtttaga gttgaggcaa gttccagctg     20820
     acagtgttaa aagtgagcaa ggaccaagtg gatgcatgta agtggggcag agagcaggcc     20880
     aaggctggag aacagggaca cggggtactt ggtgagatgg aaggaaaggc tgtagccaaa     20940
     ctgaggactg aggctagcac aggaagaaga gcccctggag acaggagagc tcggcctcac     21000
     acccctgtgc tgcattttag tggggagaca gagtactgtt gtggggaaac tggaaccgtg     21060
     tcaccaggca gaagaactgg taagatggag cagatcaagg accccagcaa ttctcatcac     21120
     tgagaacagt aggcatttga atccggttcc tgtccggggg ggggggtggg gggacttggt     21180
     cacatagcat agagcccaga attctccatg ttaaggaggt atctagatgg gcctggaggg     21240
     tttagccaat acgcttctct tcctggacat tccttcctgc aaaaggtatt tagactctgg     21300
     tccaccctaa gttgtatgca tccatgtttc taccatgaat aaagagtttg gacaagcaag     21360
     ggctgcctct ctcatcaaga accactgaca ggggaagcct ttgtcaatac agagcctgca     21420
     gaaggccatc tgtacccctg acactcaccc tgaggttccc aacggcattt gggtgcatgg     21480
     gaccatggag atcacagcgt tggtcccagt cttagccatt tctcaccctg aggaacatgg     21540
     gatgggatcc ctaatcttag tctcctttct gcctcctctg agcagttgtg agcatgtcac     21600
     gagctgacac cccactggtg ttggcaaagg aggagtgtag caaagcttcc ctgtgtttag     21660
     tctcctcaga tggtgtccca gcaccctagt gatgaggtag aacatggact cacatgctat     21720
     gataggatga agtaggtctc cgtggcagcc tgtcagctac cattctttgg tccaggtact     21780
     tttagcaccc tgctgtctgt caatttatgc ccctttaaag cagaaccttg gctagttata     21840
     tctttaaaat atcttaccat ttggatattg ctactagtgg gaaactacct cctgatggag     21900
     tagaccttct agctggagaa agtcactctg gatctttagg gactgtgatg gtttgtatat     21960
     gcttgaccca gggagtggca ctattagaag gtgtggccct gttttgagta ggtgtagcct     22020
     tttgggagta ggtgtggcac tgtgggtaag aacctcatgt tagctgtctg gaagccagaa     22080
     ttcagctaac agcattcaga tgaaaatgta gaactctcag ctctgcctgc accatgcctg     22140
     ccttgatgct gccatgatcc tgtcttgatg aatgaacctc tgaacctgta agccagccct     22200
     gattaaatgt tgtcctttat aagacttgtc ttagtcatgg tgtctactca cagcagtaaa     22260
     accctaacta agacaaggac tgcttttcat tgttccatca tctagatccc actaagattc     22320
     tgcaaagtac tcccttagag ctctctgaac cttgatgatg tcactgggta tgggctgggc     22380
     atcagtcagt ggtggagcct gaagatgact gagaacaatc tcattgaact tatgcaccac     22440
     tgtcctaact aggttataag cccaacttac atttgccttg ttctgggatt acactgagcc     22500
     agcatgtccc tccgtgtcta ggactgattt gtggtagctg aaagctagcc agcccatagc     22560
     tgaccacaga catatgaggg atcccaacag aaaccatgag aaccactcag aaatgtagct     22620
     ggcccaacta aaaagagaat aaaagctaaa gaagtctctc ttgttttaga ccaccgagct     22680
     ttggggtagt ttgttatgta gcttaagtta gctaatcaga tttcaccaca ggtcccatta     22740
     actccttttc acagaagcct gtacccagct ctggttggcc ctgggaagac ctgtgcatct     22800
     gatcacaaag tatattgagc aagggaggtc tgagtgacgg gtctctcagc gattgacaag     22860
     catggccttt gcctgatggc tactagtgtt catctatacc agacttagac ctctgggggt     22920
     gaggctctga ggatcctgtt ctggaataac aaatgtgata ttaactgtac aaaacccctg     22980
     gacccccaga tgaaaacatg agcctgcatc tggatttgta gtagagggtc tctgttcctg     23040
     ctacgcagat atgggaagac atagtccagg atgtggttcc cttattcaca atttccacac     23100
     gcccctctct gcagaggaga ttagcagaag ccagactgct tatgaaagca agctggagtg     23160
     gcccacaaaa acgttcagat aacgatttag atccaaaaac tgaactgtgc tgtcacattt     23220
     gggaatcaaa tgcagtatca atataattgg aaactgtggg ctaaggggag ggttgaggca     23280
     ggatagaggg agggtggaga ctgttccagg gaaaaccaca tgacagggat cttaagtgga     23340
     ggagagatgg catgagtgcc aattacagca gagccaaagg tatcagtgct aacaagacat     23400
     ctgttgaggc ccaaccgaga aactgaagac atctgccctc catatgacat tgtaggactt     23460
     tgaaatacag ttatcagact ctacagttat tatttaaata gaaagtagca ttttattttt     23520
     taaaggatgt taagattatt ttttaaacca gtgtatgtat gtctgtaggt gggtatgagc     23580
     gcatgagtgt gggtgctctt taaggccaga ggtgtcaggc ccccctagag ctggagttgt     23640
     gagctgccca atgtgggtgc tagaatcagc agttaagagt gcttcctgct cttctaaagg     23700
     ccccagattc aatttccagc acccacacag ccactcacac ccatctctaa ctccagttcc     23760
     aggaaatctg acacccttgt ctggccttcc cagaacctgg cacaggaggg gtacatagat     23820
     attacatgta gacaaaacac ccatgcacat cattttttaa aaatcaacta gaaatcgaat     23880
     tattacataa tctcaagggt aaataactga aaagcctgcc tgcaatggac tgagaagttc     23940
     ctgaagggag cttgagttga ctgataatgc ccgtgggagc tgctaatcag gaattccaca     24000
     gactaaactc actgatacct gccatgtccc gacttcaagg gagcagacct tctgagatgg     24060
     actcttctgt ccccaaactt cctccttttc tgtctgataa caatccaaga ccccacacgt     24120
     catgagagca cagtctcctt tgtgcagagg gactgtaggc ctttagctat tatgatgaaa     24180
     gaataattct gcctctgggg acacctgcct gctttctttc attcccatgt cactctatcc     24240
     actctgttac tctatccatc caatctagca atctaaatgt ctaagtcaac agagaagttt     24300
     ggtaagtact gtttgggtca actatacaac cccaccccca tcccaggcag tacagttgcc     24360
     tatttttata ttagctttcc aggtagagga gaataatgga ggcaccccag ctcctggact     24420
     ccaaaatttc ttcccaatat gaggaaaaga agtgatacac acacaaagca agcctctctc     24480
     tcttcaggga atggaaagag aagggtaagc acgcgtggcg gtttgaatag gtttggccct     24540
     cataggctta tgtgtttgaa tgcttggccc atgggggagc agcactatta agaggtgtgg     24600
     ccttgttgga gtaggtgtgg tcttgctgga ggatgtgtgt atcactgtca gggtgagctt     24660
     tcaggtctcc tcctatgcta aagcttcacc cagtgtgaaa gagagcctcc tggctgcctg     24720
     cagtaaacag tctccccctg gctgtcttct gatcaagatc taaactctta gttcttccag     24780
     caccatgtct gcctgcacac tgccatgctt cccaccttga tgataacgga ctggacctct     24840
     gaacctgtaa accagcccca attaaatgtt gtcctttata agagtgcctt ggacatggtg     24900
     tctgctcaca gcaataaaac ccaaactaag acagcattct tcaaaacaac tgtgactaga     24960
     gaaaacccta gcacatgttg tcaatttttg gcttccacac tcctacgaat gtttatcagc     25020
     atcaggctga cttacatccc aagaaagctg tgggaaagca gaagcaggtg ataatggagc     25080
     ctaggctgaa ctagaattca tgtccgatcc ttgaaaatgg ccagaggagg attaagaggg     25140
     aggggcttcg aaacataggg gacatacagg gacaggtgga cgtcaaaggc agtcctcaaa     25200
     atgcatggac tctgggggag gaaaagcaga cacagaagca ccccatgtat tggaaagaac     25260
     atctgcagtt gccccaaaag gaaaatcaaa caaacaaaca aacacaaaca caaacacaaa     25320
     acccacagag tcaaaggcct gggaagcttt tttggcacct gctcacagaa cccatggtct     25380
     ctcaggtgga gtcagagcca ggactgacaa ccaggaatcc agagatggct caggctggaa     25440
     aagatgcaca aaactgccaa tagatccatg cagagccaat gaaaagaaag ccaggagaca     25500
     attcttcacg tatatctcaa acaacaagaa caataaaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacactt     25560
     ctatacacac taaatccagc catgaagtag gaagaaactt aagccagtac atatgtaaag     25620
     taccttggat aagaaactta acagtgcaaa tagaaatgaa caaagctata ctaggaaaag     25680
     tcaaacatca aaaacataca attaactgtg acagaacaag gctcagaaat gatgagagag     25740
     actaaggaaa ggaaggaagg aaccatgagt gactaggcag gatcaaagag aattgattca     25800
     atgcaggaaa ggaatagaga aaaagacaaa gctattctgg aaatagatca caggacacct     25860
     gaggaggaac aaatccaaat ctaaattcaa taaaggtaac tgaagaacgt gaggaaatga     25920
     agaaagtgaa ggattacaca gaagtaaata aaaagggtca gggagaaagg aagacagtga     25980
     gttgggcaaa cagaggagga ggaatttagg tagaacctgt ataactgaga ggaaagcaaa     26040
     caataggggc tggtttctgt gtgatatata tatatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtacatata     26100
     tatgtatgta tacatatata tgtatgtgtg tgtatatacg tgtatctata tacgtgtgtg     26160
     tatatatatg tatatatata cttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta     26220
     tatatatata tataaaactt tttcccatat atctctatcc acatgtaaag caaagtaaca     26280
     gttgagccag tttctagaac agtcaagggc tctaacagag gctgtgaagg aacactactt     26340
     actggcttgc tccacattgt taggtcacaa agttggccca gaatggcagt gctgatggca     26400
     atgttttaga gcaatggctt cacccatatc tgagctgggt tttgctggaa aacagaagac     26460
     taaatccttt ctctgaagcc cttaaaggct ggctgagtgc tctagctaaa actgtcagta     26520
     cctcatctgt ctgaaagtct ccccacacga atctcctggc acttcagttt ttgagcagcc     26580
     tccctctgcc atttacccat ataaaacaca gcaagctttt gcaactgcag cctggcaggc     26640
     ttgtttgctt gtttgtttgt ttttaaataa actgctttgt atccaaggag tggctttgtt     26700
     ggttggtttc ttgccaaacc tactgacatt tggtactgaa acctggaagg gacatctgga     26760
     tgccccttta ggaccacagt ccctttaaag tagccaaaac tgccaacttg gcctccctat     26820
     gaaatggatc atttacctct gctgctcctc tgtcacccac catatctgac tccaaatttt     26880
     agagtctgtg tcttcagctg tttctctcct ccacccactc tacccacttg tgtctcctca     26940
     cttattcaga taaggatcct ctcaaagttg cctccccctc cctctccccc ctccctctcc     27000
     ttcttcttct tcctgttccc tcttagtgga gctggctaca aaagttatgc tggtaagcca     27060
     ggcagtctcc ttgtgccctt ttgggtgccc catcacatgg aagaggagga catccccccc     27120
     cccccaattg atgccttggg tttgtcctca gatcgaggct gtcttgcagt acttctccct     27180
     tcctctccct gtgccaccat tcctacacca ctggactctt ccctctggca agaatcttcc     27240
     agcccctttt ctaagtctct cccaccccac cttgctcttg gaaatccttt atttcaccct     27300
     ttttaggatg tttctgcttc cttctctgtg tctcactgcc tcctggagct ttctctgtct     27360
     ctcttgctgg agtctgaact agataagcag ggcacttatt agactcattg gctcctcacc     27420
     taccttctct catctctttc tttccttaga ctcacactcc attaagctgc attgtctttt     27480
     tgtttgtttg gttggttggt tttgggtttt ttcgagacag ggtttctctg tatagccctg     27540
     gctgtcctgg aactcactct gtagaccagg ctggcctcaa actcagaaat ccacctgcct     27600
     ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggcat gtgccaccac tgcccggctt aagctgcatt     27660
     gtcttactac agatggcttg ctctcagtct aacccagata aattagtctc agtggccaga     27720
     aaatggcaaa cttagtttct aaattctcag attgtgacaa cttctgacac ctcacatgca     27780
     aatggtcccc gggcccctta tttctaaata ctccctgttc tcaaagatgt cttatctcta     27840
     actcttcttt gctctctgct ccctctgatc attgggttca gtttttcaga aattcaaatg     27900
     tctttcgggt atggataaca tagaaatatt gacatatact cttctactct tttaaaagct     27960
     ggctctggag aagagattga catgcctggt ccagacccaa gtgtgtttat ttaaaatttt     28020
     ctcccaagtc tttgtcctgg gtgtcaggct gcccacctga ctctgtgaca gggagaagga     28080
     gaacaaagtt gaacaggaaa gagactgtgt gcttgagaac agctaaggag aaaactattc     28140
     caatagaggt aacaagtaac aatgtgatat ttctattgtt tagctctctg aatgccacat     28200
     ccttttcctt gattttgttt gctctcaacc ttggttgaat gtaaactttc tttatcttag     28260
     gttctatagg aatattgaca ctgtagttaa aaaaaaatct ctaaaatctg taacatagaa     28320
     ggttatcttg aaacttataa caacaggctg atagtcaaaa atctatgtat gaagccaagg     28380
     gtggggtggg atggtggtac aaaggcaggc agatctctgt gagtttgagg ccagcctggt     28440
     ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccagggc taaacagaga agccctgtct tgaaaaacaa     28500
     agcaaaagaa aaaccaaaac tctctatata ggtaatctta atttgatata ccatactaaa     28560
     atagatttgc tacagcacac aatgtctata acttagattc agctctctct tatgaaaaat     28620
     agaacttaat agcaacatat atttcataaa caaggtttat taattcctgg ggctataaag     28680
     gtctacctaa gctgatactg acttaaacat gtacgtctaa ctactctgtc tttgctaaat     28740
     ttgttaaact ttagcttttt ggaaaaatgc atagcagaag aaactgtaat attttgtacg     28800
     ggtatattat aaaggatcag ggacctgagg ttccagtctc tctgtgggct ttatttatgg     28860
     tttaaagttt attctggtac taaaaaactt tcaaaagtat aacttaactg ggataaaatt     28920
     atgaaatcct tctcttataa aagctactaa tctgttatga agtattaaaa gataactaag     28980
     caagttactc agtcacctta caagggatca cactctttaa tgtgctctga agtatgtttg     29040
     agtcgtgcca agtccaaatg taattcattt tcagggacga actttagtct cctgtatatc     29100
     ttgtcaaagt caatagtaga gcaagtaagt gaaaataaag tctgtttatt ataaaataat     29160
     attcaaagtc aggtattttt aagaaagaac ttaagaggct agacaatggg cctcaccctc     29220
     ctttggagag atctgctgag tgttgcattt gagtgtttgt tgaaaggaag gagcagggaa     29280
     aggccccaag gcctcctgtg tcggacagat accagctcct ggctgcctct aagaaaactg     29340
     ggcaccagca gactccactc caaacctgct gcagctttgc caacactgat cactggacaa     29400
     agaactgcct ttcacctcac ctgctgccag gaccacgccc aaactgtgga caggcgagga     29460
     tactagaggg ttgactgccc ccattgccac actaatgtaa gtcagtcgcc caagctcctc     29520
     ttctgcagac aaatcttgca ctgctctggg acctcagtcc ccaagaacac catcacgggg     29580
     gtgctgagaa tcaaacccag gtcctctaga aaagcatcca gagttcttaa tggttgagcc     29640
     atgtctccat ccctctaccc tcctttaaga caaggtctct ctatgtagct ttggcgggct     29700
     tggaactcac aaggtagatc agactggcct tgagtctgaa cgatcctcct gcctcagttt     29760
     cctgagtgtt ttggttacag gtatgcatca ccaagactga catcatctgc attttccaaa     29820
     gtgaatttct ctgttgtact tgagacagga gaaccaatga accagttcat ggcctccaaa     29880
     gaactccaag tttaagtgtt gtttcccaag ctccagctca gccctcctcc catctgtgtg     29940
     ggttgggaca gtgtatctaa ccatgaccca ctccagaact tggacctgtg gactgttctt     30000
     tcatgtgtga acacatcttc tgaggatatc tctttgattc ctcttgtgct tatatctgtc     30060
     tgacagaagc tatgctgcca atcatgacct gtgggcatgc attgtctctt cctcaactgc     30120
     ttctctccag ttggagacca agataccaag atcagctaaa tcactttatg ctaaatgaaa     30180
     agctgcttac acaaattaga aaatcctggg tcagtgaaac aggcaggagc tggggaagga     30240
     gaggtgttcc tgacggatgt ttgttcgtgt ggattggttc taatattact tctgttaatt     30300
     cggctcccaa aattacacgg gaacccacat gactgtgtgt aagacactga gggtcccagg     30360
     tcccagttgc ctggtaaata aaagttgcca gcggcacaga accccaaata caggagctga     30420
     tagctgggca gggagacaga ggtgggtctt caggattctc aggcaagtga ccgagaaaga     30480
     aggggaattg ccattgctgg gagatgaagg agatccaggc ctgagaagtg gagaacagag     30540
     agatagggag acagagcgac tgccaacatg taagagttgg ggattgaggc ctaggagggc     30600
     tgcaggcctg ggtttggggt agcaaagatg ggatatagat tttagttaag taataactca     30660
     ggagtattgg aggggaggtg ctagccatgt ggaagtttgg tgtggccaag ccattgagcc     30720
     attaaggcat attaaatagc aggccgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     30780
     tgtgtgtgtg tatctttcat ttgagattcc agagtattga ggcagtatca aggagcatgc     30840
     attgtcacct ctggtgagta gaggattaat cagctacagc agcagatcgt catgaatgtc     30900
     cccagagcaa acacatcatc accaggcact tttcagagga ctaggacaca tgacaccatg     30960
     atcttatgac agatcaaaat tcaaggcgta atcatttctt ctgtttgcta tgaaatatga     31020
     cacacactat cacagtcaat cctgtatcac accacattat ccatctcagc agaagcatat     31080
     ttaggaattg ttttctgttt ttgtttttgt ttttgagaca ggatttctct atatagccct     31140
     ggctgttctg gaactcactc tgcagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tctgcctgcc     31200
     tctgcctccc aagtgctggg atcaaaggcg tgcgccacca cagcccggca ggaattgttt     31260
     tctgaatgac caaaagttaa actagagcca tattttgtta ttcttgttgt cattttgttt     31320
     ttgaaatagg gtattatgga gcgcatctgg cctccaacta acacttcata cctctggctc     31380
     cagagtgtgg atctgtgtgc atgtggcacc atgctcagct agaaccacat tctttttcaa     31440
     gttcacaggt tcatttataa aatgacgtcc ccttgaaatg aaaaactgtg ttgcacttag     31500
     aaatgagcag tctggtttcc agactctcgc cctgtgcaag ctccttttgc tccatttgct     31560
     tcttcataca cacgtctcca ctcttactcc tcaaatccct tccatctcct ccgttttctt     31620
     ctccttcact gcggcaaaat ccccatcaga gccaatgcag aagcaagcta cttctgtcca     31680
     gcaagtagag ttctcagaga caatggcggc agcagggatc tttttgaact gcccaacaag     31740
     tcctgtctga tacacgtgca gagcaaccgg atgcaaatct ggaaacccag gatcacggtt     31800
     acagcaaaac tagctgagaa gtttgcctct aaacttagct atacaggaag aaggtgaggg     31860
     gaactgagag ggtcctacca gacctgagca cagaacccca aaaacaaagg acagtgggct     31920
     gaattgaaag cagcaactaa acctaagaat gctatgttgc ttgttttttg ttttcttttg     31980
     tttttctctt gtgctttttg agataccaga atacatggga taagttttgc aggttgatct     32040
     tgggaagtgt aaaggtggct accctgggaa aggccagtct ttaggtgaac cgggattttt     32100
     ttgttttttg aatgccttga acaccaaggc aagggttcta tcactcactc ttgaactctg     32160
     tacagatccc ttagcctgcc tgctgaacac caatctctgt gtggctctca ttgctgggtt     32220
     taatctcttc acgattcttt ggcaccagtt ctggcacaga gctctgccga tgctgttccc     32280
     tgacttgagt gctgagagaa tttccccttt ttaggtcaca aactcagagc cttcacacat     32340
     cacagcctct ctccacagtg tcaattttaa acacccacat taataacatt cacagaacac     32400
     tggcaagtgc agtgatcttg actctctcct ggtgtacaca ggcgtctcgc tggattaaaa     32460
     cacagggaca aatctgcctc tgcaggccag gggcatcaaa acaccgctgt caaacacaga     32520
     cgaattaacc cagggctaag agtcccaatg gactgtcaga gacctacaaa agacgccatt     32580
     gacaagtttg tacttggctt tcaactctac tgccatgaaa cacacacttg aaaagccacg     32640
     tctagaggct tgcttttgta ctttactctg aaaaaccact cagcaccctg ttaaatccct     32700
     aaccctttcc acattttctt actgattgag tagctttggg ccactacaca tacccacctc     32760
     tggatactac tactattggt accaggacta gattctggtt caaaatgggt cagatattct     32820
     ctctgtataa ctgataaaag ccctgaaagt cagccaagag agtcccctcg tgataaaggg     32880
     taaagatcca ttacagagaa ccctccccta tacttactga aattaaggag agcaggacaa     32940
     ggaacccagc tgagtctagt ctccctaaga gctaaaggaa gccatcactt gttgggaaag     33000
     ctgcttcagg ctgctctcta gccacacaac aaactctccc gaccttatcc caggtcccct     33060
     cttagtacct gcacagccgc agtcgcttct ggctctacct tcctcttcca gactcttttt     33120
     ccccttaagc ctttacttaa gatgctgctc agacctgctc ttctcgtgtt cttcccactc     33180
     tcccaagaat gctgtctcct gagaactgag atctgactgt ctagcttagt ctgttccttg     33240
     gagagtccac tgattctcgt ggacatctca cttctactct cttaaccccc cccctctctc     33300
     tctctctctc ctgggtatct ctatttaatg actgcagcag actaatttat tcaaaagtaa     33360
     attccccatc tttccccctg agccggtccc tgttttttgc ctttccattt ctttttagaa     33420
     gacccgttct tacagtcagg tagcctgaga ccatcatcat aactctaaac ctcatggtga     33480
     tggtctcctt cgtatctgcc tcacccagta gaacaggagc tctgtgtgga acataaccac     33540
     agcatttcca gttaagaata tttaagaatg gtacccttga gtgttgctac gtggagagaa     33600
     gggatggacg tttggctact gctcctcctt tgcttaattt ctcttacttt ctcataaaca     33660
     accagttccc aaactcttcc tcaaatccca gccattgtct ttttgctcct ctccttcact     33720
     taggcaatat ccctctcaag gactccaaca agctacttct gtccagcaag tagagttctc     33780
     agagacaatg gcggcagcag ggatcttttt aaactgccca acaagtcctg tctgatacac     33840
     gtgcagagca accggatgca aatctggaaa cccaggatca cagttacagc aaaactagct     33900
     gagaagtttg cctctaaacc tagctataca ggaagaaggc gaggagagcc aacagggctc     33960
     ttgccagacc tgagcacgga atcccaaata caaaggacag tgggctgact tgaaagcaag     34020
     cagcaactaa acctagaaat gttatgttgc tttttggggg gccggggaga gggaccaggc     34080
     cttaggtagc ttaggctgtc cttgaaacct gtgtaaatgg agaggatggt cttgaacttt     34140
     tgactctcct gactccagtg ccagcgttat acatcttacc caccactcct gggttatgca     34200
     gtattggcag gtgctgggga ttgaagcaag ggctccatgc gtgctgggaa atactcttcc     34260
     aacagagaca caccctgtct gagttcagcc ccctgggcaa atgtagaccc tggtattccc     34320
     tgatagatca taagtggtgg aatctggata agtaatttga gtctcactgc ctttatggtt     34380
     tgggggacat ggttaaaaaa acagtacata gccacaccca cccaccccac accccccaca     34440
     cccctacacc tttgagtaac tgaaccgatt ttgcctaatt ccagctttga cctgatgatt     34500
     caactgtaag tgataccaag ttaaactcag aaatgcagcc ttgtggagac cagatggcag     34560
     ctcatggatt tggcagccac aacatccaca aaaggtctga aaagctacta atgaaggttg     34620
     acagaaaggc caacagcaag atggatttta aaataacggc ccccctctgt cttaggggct     34680
     ctcaagagat tatcctgcac aaccagcaac acttggacag gacggaacct cagagcccac     34740
     gagacatgta ctgccccaat ccctcatttt ataaatggag ggacgatggt ccagatctag     34800
     gggtttgtat tctaccctaa gtaaccagtc atgtactaga aagaaaggca gttcatttgg     34860
     tttaggaggc tgtgtaggag gaggggaagc acagatgtgc tttgaatttc actttataag     34920
     gagaaaattg tgaaaccctc taacctcagt agccaaacca ggttaccagc atgcatcaaa     34980
     ggaatgaagc caccagtctg agattcactt acccaatgtc ctcttagtgt ggcgagaagc     35040
     aagggggtaa gaggcctctc tctgaggtca catcgaagca ctgtcctctg gccgtggtct     35100
     gccttccaca ggatcacatg gaattgttct ataaatgtgt actggcttaa ggttgggaac     35160
     actggcttgg gaggcagcgg tgtgtaagca atctgaccca ggccaggcgg cagctttcca     35220
     gaaggctctt gcagcctggg aggggagtgg agagggagaa ggagagtgag gagcaggaag     35280
     cttgcaggtg ctgccagctg ccccctctct gctttgctcc aggttcacct ctgatagtta     35340
     atgtctctgg ccacaggctg cagctgagtc cacctggaac ggtaccacac ggagggagac     35400
     agctcctttg caaaacaaag caaccttaaa aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaaagccat     35460
     gcaaggacat gagaagtgtt tctggtaaat cagacaggtc ctggtcagct tcaactgacc     35520
     ttacacatat caggcggtcc tttctgaatg gccagtagac ttccttgaga aaagaacgag     35580
     gagctgttgt taccggcgca ccaactgtga accagatgcc tgtaactcca ccagtcctta     35640
     atggagtgaa ggtgtgacca ggcaacggca aacttgaaaa ggagatggag agctcactgg     35700
     gccaacactg aaaattcttc aattcacaag taacacgtgt aaggagcaga gaagtgacta     35760
     gaacacgctg tccctggtgc aaaagaaagg agagcggggc ggggctggcc ttgttcttag     35820
     gtgattcttt tgcctcagcc taccacccct agatgctaag aaaaaaaaaa gagcttgtag     35880
     taacgggctg ctcctcctct tgaatcccat aaaaggaggc tccgaacatt aacctgaact     35940
     tctataccct ctcaaggagg acactaggtt agagtgtatt tctgacctgt agtaaccctt     36000
     tggttttgaa tagtttcttt gctactctgc ctttatttca attcccagat cccggaagca     36060
     catggtccag accctgacca gcagtgacag atcctgattt ataaaggacc tcatggccat     36120
     ctcttgtcca ctccaactcc taaatattta cagaaaacaa caacaaaaca aacaaaacaa     36180
     aaacctaagc agatcacttg tcaaagaggt ccagggcata ccacagtgac acaaggacca     36240
     ttttgagctg cggaggtctg aggctcagca ggttcagagg ggggtgttta ctgaaccccc     36300
     accgtatgcc tgaaagcagc cctccaagga acaaattgat ctgttttcaa ttctctctac     36360
     caggcttcca tcaacaaggg gagactgact cttagcctaa gagtagagat ctgtcagcac     36420
     tacacccaga cggtaccaca tccagatgga cagacaggcc aggactaact cttagctctt     36480
     agagatctcc ttaaggtcct tttaatttta cctttttttt caaagacaga gttcagctgg     36540
     aataactact ttctagctaa ttaaaaaaaa gttgggggct ggagatatgg ctcagtggtt     36600
     aagagcactg attgctcttt cagaggtcct gagttcaatc cccagcaacc acatggtggc     36660
     tcacagccat ctgtaatggg atctgatgcc ctcttctggt gtgcctgaag acagctacag     36720
     tgtactcata tgtattaaat aaataaatat atttttttaa atctaaaact ctgtcccata     36780
     aagggatcaa aagatgaaag cgtttgttta aaccaaatca aaccaaactg atctaagcaa     36840
     gcaagcaagc aagcaagcaa gcaagcaagc aaacagtcaa gactctcctt atgcagccct     36900
     ggctggccta gaattcagag atccacccac ctccatccca tgggtgctgg gattaaaggt     36960
     ataccaccac acctaacaac taaaggacac tttttacatt gtttagtttc cttggagaca     37020
     gggtcttttt ttgtctttgg ctggcctaga acccatttat aaccatatcc ttgaatttat     37080
     gatcctcctg cctctacctc ctcagtactg ggcttacagg cgtgcaccgg caatacctgg     37140
     ttttatgcaa tgctggggtt gaagttaggg cttcctgctc ggtaagcact ctaccaattt     37200
     agtcataggt ctgatccagc acagaagtat tttatggttg ggggtcatca caacatgaga     37260
     gcctgtatca aggggtcgta gctttaggaa agttgagacc cactgctcta agcaatgtct     37320
     tagaatgagg cctcctttaa gttctttata aaaattcatt ttcaactaaa cattctattg     37380
     atagtcaact caacaaccaa attaaggggt aaaaataaag aaaattttct ttcaatttat     37440
     ttatttggtc ttttcaagac agagattctc tattatgcag ccctagctgt cgtgggtgtt     37500
     ctaggcatgt agatcaggct ggcacagaca gagatccacc tgcctcttcc tcctgagtgc     37560
     tggcattagg ggcaagcacc actatggctc acacaaaggc atttttctcg actcttaaaa     37620
     ctgctgggat ccaggaatcg cctcacaaac cacagaaaca ctgatctcag acagggagag     37680
     tttattgagc atgcacctca ggacttgttg accagggcca tggttcagat ttgggaactg     37740
     aaccatgacc ctgagttaag atcctacagg gtttttaagc cccaaatcca caaacatctg     37800
     tgccaagtta cttcaccggt ggatcaagat ctagggttac ggggtttcct tgggaatgtg     37860
     tctttgttgt acatttattc tgttcccatt ggttgggggt actcaacaat ggcaggggcc     37920
     ttgccttgtc tgatattcgt gtcttagctt gtctaccggg atgggtagtg tggccctttg     37980
     cttctttgcc ttctgtgcca gcagctgccc ttacagacct gctttctggt ctgtgttcag     38040
     gtctgctgct ggcagcacct gcctcttgtg cttgtgttta gaagggggct cctcaaccca     38100
     acacaggcat aggacaggat tttggagcta gatcactgtg ccacccggat gctatttgaa     38160
     ttgtccttgg tacaaggtaa acagtacaat gttaaatgct ttcacagtgg tggcttaagt     38220
     ggtactatgg ggaaggagat gggatcactg ggatgtatca ggtgttagag atgtaaaaaa     38280
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggtg gccacaagat ggggagaagg atgagaagct aagagcctca     38340
     catagcaggg attgctacgg atgggaggat taggtgaaca aggaagtgca ctgatgatat     38400
     tagaaaccag acttctcact gctgaggagg aatttataaa tataaaacca gaatgtatca     38460
     gtcagagctc tctagagaca cagaaccaac actacttaca tagacatgaa tgaggagttt     38520
     tgttatctgc ctggcctcac gcagtcaggg aagccaagaa acccctcgac caacatgtgg     38580
     tctggagagt gagtgtgatc tgggtctgag agctgatgga gcagggctgc tggtggggtg     38640
     cctcctagtc caaggtccag ggtatgagaa tgggtgataa ggaagacagg gcagtactgg     38700
     tctgcaacct agaaccagga gtccagtgtc tgagggcaga aatagatgcc cttgctgaaa     38760
     gagaaagata gaaggttctt tttgtctctg cccttttctt ccatttgatt agaccatcgt     38820
     gaatcggatg gtgcccagcc aggtttctga gggcagagct tctcaaggaa tctgaaaacc     38880
     accccagatt cacctacaaa taacattttt gccagcgttc tgggcatccc ttatcaaagt     38940
     taatcatgta aataaatata aactcatcac cacagagtgg agaaaagccc cctggacttc     39000
     aacatcggac tctgatcgga catcggacac tgctataagc ttgcgtttta tttgttaaag     39060
     agatttgcta tgtgtgcgca tgtatgcctg gtgatgctac atgcatcacg tatgtgcagg     39120
     agtccaaaga gggtgtcgaa tcttctagaa ctgttgttct agacagctgg gagccactat     39180
     gtggatacgg aggactgatg ccaggtcctc tgtaagagca gtaagtgctc ttaactgctg     39240
     aaccatttct tctcagtagt ctacattaat acagagaata gtatttcatc aatcacattc     39300
     accccttctt ccccacacac tcttctgtga tgtcaatgca aattagtgtt ttaaattaac     39360
     ccagcaacat aaaatatgaa gagatgcact tatatacgtg taagggtgtc tatgcatagc     39420
     ttcctagttc ttttttcttt ggaggctcta gaagcaatga tatctcagta gcagtgagct     39480
     cactaggctt tggatcttgg tctcaaaatc ctctcagcct ttgtgaggta gttagattca     39540
     cgaggatcag gaactcaata ttagcttcag ctacagggtc agtttgaggc cagcctgggt     39600
     tacatgaaat cctatgtgag agggagggat ggaagaagga gaagtgtgtg tgtcagaggg     39660
     tagattacct caggattcct aaggtggcat aaaaactggt acatgggcgg gcggtggtgg     39720
     cacatgcctt taatcccagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg cagatttctg agtttgagga     39780
     cagcctggtc tacaaagtga gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accttgtctc     39840
     aaaaaacaaa caaacaaaaa acaacaacca aacttgtaca cggcagtgtg gatccataat     39900
     cctagtgcgt tggaagtgaa gacaggaaaa tgcctagatc ttgctggcta tttaagtcct     39960
     gtcaaaaaga cgagttccag gttcagctag agatgcctta tggtaaagaa cgtggagagt     40020
     gggctggaga gatggtttag aggttaagag cactagttct cataggagta gggttccatc     40080
     gccgttatcc acagggcagc tcacaaaccc ttcttaactc cggttccaga ggaggtgtgc     40140
     acgtcctatt ttgacatctg agggcactgc atacatttcg tccacagtgt gcacgcaaat     40200
     aaaggatgta tatacacaca caacaaatct aaaaaatgtg gaactgaaag aggaagaccc     40260
     ctgaagccaa cctgccgttt gtacccgcag atgcacactt gtgcatgcgt atctatgtac     40320
     agtgcacaca cacacaatta catggaatga tatgtataca tgtatctttg aaaccacatt     40380
     gcatataatt atcttcctca gacctgttat agggtatctg ttgttagaga atcagctgtg     40440
     aacctgccgt gtggtggtgc agatatttag aaggaggctt aacagtttac tatggtacag     40500
     tcaaggaacc ctgttttgtt tgttgtatcc tccccaaggc cagaggagcc aaagagacaa     40560
     tgggaagatg catgactaag tggggtgggc attaggatca gagatctaaa gtcctaagac     40620
     tcttgcttgc agggtggagt aactaagaac caatgcgagg cacagacaca gccaacgccg     40680
     ccgcgacctc cgggccacag gtgtcgctgt gtgctcacgc gccagccggg gagctgcgtt     40740
     gctcctggag ccggcgctcg agcccagccg ggggtttcag tttctggcgc gaacttccgc     40800
     cgctccgaag ttgcaaggcg aattggcgcg atgtctggcg acagcagcgg ccgccggtct     40860
     gagggccggg gccggggccg cgacccgcac cgggatcgca cccgctcccg gtcccgctcg     40920
     cggtccccgc tggcccgccg cggcgccgcg ccggagcgca gggaggcagc ggagcgtccg     40980
     agcttggagg actccgatct gtctgattct ggggacgagc tgatggaccc ggcctgcttg     41040
     gaggccgagt acgaccaggg cctgtgccgc cagatccgcc atcagtaccg cgctctcatc     41100
     aactctgtcc aacgtaaggt ggcgctttgt ggctgcgcgg gccggtggcg ttccatggct     41160
     ggggagggcg gtggaggtgc aggcgctggc cggtctgcgc aggctcgcgg cagcgcgctt     41220
     tcgcttgttt acgaagtgca gcctacgcga ccttggcggc ggccgcgcag gtgctgtgtg     41280
     gccggctgga aaagcgggag accagacctg gtggtgactt gagctcagct agccagtagg     41340
     gaagacaagc acacaccacc agatttttgt tcaatctagc ttgctcctcg tgggcgcctg     41400
     agctatggag tcccttggga ttgctaaaat gcacatttcc ctgcccagct cggatacact     41460
     gaatcagaaa tgctgtacag gcccaagcgt ttgttgtgtg gctctccaga tgagcctgtt     41520
     gcttgagaag ttgacaatcc tttcttaatc gagcccttgt attgggaagc cgaagagtca     41580
     tccctttgca catttgggga gcaagtgttt cctgtcaaga gttcaagttt tgagggctgg     41640
     ggagatgggc agatgcttct cttgcgacct taattagatt ccccagaacc ctctaaagtg     41700
     tctcctaaaa gtagttctgt aaacttgtat cctcagccga ggggaagcag agaccctggg     41760
     tctctttggc cagctcacct agccttcttg gctagttcta tagatagata gatagataga     41820
     tagttctata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata ccctgtctca     41880
     aaaggcaaag gtgatggtgc gctgagggaa ggacatcaaa ggttgacccc aggccttctg     41940
     cacacacaga cgttcaattt gcttggaaca gtagtaacat tgtctctttc tgtaaaagat     42000
     aaagcctttt tctgttaaag agataaagcc actctaatca ttacccaggc tgtaggagtg     42060
     gaaggaactg taagttgcta cttattagtg aaggatgtgc ccagttccct aagcttgtat     42120
     tcttttaaat agaaaaccgg gaagacatac tgaatgctgg tgacaaacta acagaggtcc     42180
     tggaagaagc taacactctg tttaatgaag gtaattcatg attttaaatc tgttattgca     42240
     gcttatactc actgggttac ttttatagaa gccaattatt gttgttccat aattcccatt     42300
     tactagtgca caggcccaga gccttttccg ttttagcaac aatactgtgc acttaccact     42360
     tggtacagtg tatgctttag ggttcttcga agatttctag aagtcaggaa ggagttgtac     42420
     agtctgtttt aagaagcctc ttccatgagc tgggcagtgg tggtacacac cctttaatct     42480
     cagcactggg gggtggggga ggggcagagg caggtctctg agttcaaggc cagcctggtc     42540
     tgcaactgtc tgttcctgtg catctacagc tacacacaga aaccctgtct caaaaacaaa     42600
     caaacaaaca aactagctgg gcgtggtggc acacgccttt aatcccagca ctccggaggc     42660
     agaggcaggc agatttctga gttcaaggcc agcctggtct acaaagtgag ttccaggaca     42720
     gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtctcg aaaataacaa caacaaaaaa gactaacaaa     42780
     aaagaagccg tgattctttt gctggcttga atttgaaagt ttcacttgta tgttctgtta     42840
     agcagataga tgaactagag aagagtgcag ccagcttcag agatcctctt ttcttttcct     42900
     tccttggtct cccctccttt agctattgat ccacctataa cctaatggag gtgcctcatc     42960
     tacaggcaca cctcttgtgt gtggttgggg acagtgggga agaactttcc gtgttgaaat     43020
     ctggctcctg ggagttttct atttgtttga agttgtgtgt ccatgtgggt ttgtgcacat     43080
     gaatacagtt atctgtggtg gccagaagag gatatgggat tcttctcaga gctggagtac     43140
     acggagggtg tgagttgtct gacaagggtg ttgggaaccc aacccagagg cctcttggaa     43200
     gagcagtact ctgtattaac tgctggtccc tcttccccag ccgcatgggg gcttaaaacc     43260
     acaatattag tttgaattaa aagcagcagc agttggttgt agtggtgacc gctttggctg     43320
     gtatccaatg agcaaggtgg gtgtacttcc tgatgggaga ccaggacagc tacacagacc     43380
     atgtttctct ttgggcctct ctcactgctt taggaacaga aaggggcaac tgcagtgata     43440
     aggagagaaa ccagggatgc cctgttccct gctagccaca gttcctcatg atctttcgga     43500
     cagtttgctt ctagttatct aggatgcctg gttgtttgcg ttgtcacagt gtttagtgag     43560
     tgttgtcctt cagtctttcc tgctctggcc atggcctcct tacagttcac ctttttggtc     43620
     tggaacatac actaaatcac ttccagaact tgaaggattg tggctcctct tccacttttc     43680
     cactgtcaag ctttttcttc catcatagcc tggacccacg gtctcatttg tgattggctc     43740
     atttacaccc ctattatcaa ccgtccatct tactgacttc ttccatgtta cctccctcag     43800
     tagaaggcaa aattattcac tcagctgggc tctcaagagt tattccatgc cggggtgcat     43860
     acctttaatc ccagcactcg ggaggcagag gcaggcggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc     43920
     tagtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca ggactacaca gagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa     43980
     aacaacaaca aaaaaacccc agagttatcc tgcttggcat tcatgggtat gggtgtcaca     44040
     cctgttttaa ttctataggg aacttgctct cgtccagaca gatctacact tttcttgtag     44100
     tagcctatgt agctgttggg caaaggaggg ggtgttgtag acaagagccc agcagccagt     44160
     gtctgctttc cctttctttc tctgtgactt ctgcagtgac tctcggaatg attaaaatct     44220
     tcccttctgg agagagaaaa atgatggcta agaacaaaag ccagagccaa taagtttcct     44280
     agctgtgtgt tttctgtttt tgtgccaatg cttcaggaaa tcagttggct caaatgaaag     44340
     tggccttgag gggcatgccg tgcacaggca tttttttttt tttttttttt tctcgagaca     44400
     gggtttctct gtatattctt ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctcg     44460
     aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgcaggg attaaaggcg tgcgccacca     44520
     cgcccggtca ggcatttctt tttgaatttg tttggcttgc cttatattac agtcttcctt     44580
     gactgctatt tcagattctc tgtgacccat aggacagggg ctgtaaaacc cagctccgct     44640
     agctcagcct gtccttcagt taacccttct tcctctacag actttgtatc atctctccct     44700
     acctgtagtg gccattccct gggagttaca gcagcccagg tgagaatggt gatcagcatg     44760
     tgggagtcag agagacaggt gttatgtatc accaagtctt tgttatactg gggttattaa     44820
     gagactatgg gttcggtccc ggctgaagag atggttcact ggttaaaagc acctcttgct     44880
     cttgtagaaa acctgggttt gattcccagc acccacaact ccagttccag gggatatgtt     44940
     gacctcttct gatctccgtg ggcttcaggt tcacacatgc cctgtttacg tttacataca     45000
     tgcaggaaaa cactcataca cataaaataa atctaaaaga aaaaaaaagg agatactggt     45060
     tcagtgacca ggaatatgaa agctagagag tgagctctaa gactggtgag cggtggggga     45120
     ggttttggtg tggtggggag ggaacctgtt atcaatgtct atgggtccat ttccagcctc     45180
     ctggggattg ttttggctta gtggaaagat cctaagaagt acttgaaaat ttaggggggg     45240
     ggggcgtacc tgtgggttac atgggtttct taacatgtat ttcttgttct acagtgtcac     45300
     gagcaagaga ggcagttctg gatgcccagt ttcttgttct ggcttcagac ttgggcaaag     45360
     agaaagccaa acagctgcgc tctgacctga gctcgtttga tatgttaaga tatgttgaaa     45420
     ctctagtaag tttaaagcta cagaatttta attaaatgct tctttaaaat gtcttattat     45480
     ataattctct acttgcccat atcagtttgc tgatgatttt cactttatct cctcttattt     45540
     atttatttgg tcttagagtg ttctatggag gtcttaggac atttacagat taaacagatc     45600
     tctgcctgga actcagagat ctgcctgcct ctgccttctg agtgctggaa tttagggcgg     45660
     gagcttggag cagtttgaaa cctcttagtg ttctcttcta agactctgta tgttctggtt     45720
     attaatagtc atttcctctc ctacttccta aatgttctag gtcattctag gacatctatc     45780
     ctaggctgga ccagagctcc cactgtggag gtgaaggttg agggcaggca gctcagggta     45840
     gaggtcagct gtaaatgacc ttatatacag acatattctg tcttggaaaa tttttagaat     45900
     catgcaaata ggatgggtgg ttttgtattg aatttagttc actcaccttt gcctcttagc     45960
     aaatgtgagt cattggtacc tgaagtttgg gttttggggg ggggatgggg gggttcgaga     46020
     cagggtttct ctgtatatag ccttggctgt cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggc     46080
     ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tcccgagtgc caggattaaa ggcgcgcgcc     46140
     accacgtcca gcagtacctg aagttttaaa acctttttga tgaacatgcc caagaataga     46200
     atcacttttt gtttttggcc tttgagatcc tggctgttgg ggagctcact ctgtggacta     46260
     gacagacctg gaactcatag agatctgcct gcctctgcct gctgggaata aagacatgtc     46320
     ctttacccta ccacacccag cagaacactg aattttgaca gtgcttttat gtttaaaagg     46380
     ctattagatg gcttaagctg tgtgtgctag gacacacgtc gttctcagct acttgggagc     46440
     ctgaggcaag aggattgcaa ggttgtgtta tgtgaagacg tcctctctta aaaattgcag     46500
     aaaagagagt gtgaagctgt agttcagggg tagaaccctt gcctatagca tccacaaggc     46560
     ccttggttta gtacccaatg ttgggaaaag gtcagcattt gtgaggctgg gccagataaa     46620
     gtgattgctt cttaaaataa cgaggaacat gattaattgc agtttatttt taaagtctta     46680
     ctgttttctt acactaagaa gtacaacgta ttttggaaat gttgacatac acatgctaag     46740
     tgtttttaaa ataaaagtta gttatgcttt aacctttaaa tagcatccca gtaagttaaa     46800
     atcttaaagc agggagtaaa aacttttctg gcgtctggta taactccagt ctaacatcca     46860
     agtctaacat cacaataaga cattaaagga gaaagctggg tgtggtgact cacaccattc     46920
     atcccagcac tcaggtggca gaggcaggcg gatctctgag ttccaggcag ggctacagag     46980
     tgaggccctc tggactggat ggcagaggag tggaggagag ccattgtgcc gctcggagtg     47040
     ggtcctggaa acttccctcc cctctccaag tccggttgca ttgaaggctt tctaattatt     47100
     gtttatacat tctacttcct taagaacttt taggcatatt actgcctgat ataatgtatt     47160
     ctttcttagc tgggcagtgg tggtgcacgc cattaatccc aactgggagg cagaggcagg     47220
     tggatttctg agttcgaggt cagcctagtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggct     47280
     acacagagaa accctgtctc aaaaaacaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaacc caaaaaacaa     47340
     aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaaa gtgtgttctt tcttaagaaa ctaatgtagt ctaatagcca     47400
     cacctggctg taataataca cttctgtaaa atatagacaa gagaatttga tttgttgcca     47460
     agtctcctca ggaagagaca ctgttaggag ttttttcttg cgcgttactg ctctctggat     47520
     atactgaggt ccttttagga aactggccag tcactgagat ctgaaagcca gctaaacgtc     47580
     tgtttgtgta ctggagtgct tggtttgggg tcttccgtgt ccctgctggt atggttttgt     47640
     tcctagtgga gctgcctgta ccccagtagg cctctgagct cattgcctgc cattctcaca     47700
     cccctttggc tggagtggaa aggagcaggg tttctctgcc tcagcacgtt tgggctgggt     47760
     gcctctctat gttgaatgct tctcctgtgc accacaggac agtttccctg gcctctgcct     47820
     actaggtgcc acagcatggc tgtcgccgac tgccaaaaat actttgtagt gccaaagcac     47880
     cctttagagg caaagtcgcc ctggttgaga acggctaagc caaatcatct cactgtctgg     47940
     ccagaagttc tcagtatact gaggaatatt ttctcacaac agaaggtagt tttgcataga     48000
     gatctatatg tgagatgatc tttgcagttg gaaactgagc taggatgaaa acaggcgctc     48060
     cctctggctt ctttattgac tttggagaat gttggcccgt ggcttaactt ttttcttttc     48120
     ttgtttcttt ccgttgtagc tgacacatat gggtgtaaac ccactagaag ctcaagaggt     48180
     catccgtgat gaagacagag ctgatattga gttaattgtc tatgactcct ggaaaatatc     48240
     aggcaaaaca gcagaaaaca cctttaataa gacccataca ttccactttc tgtaagatta     48300
     ctttcaaaat ccaacagact agccatagtc ataatttgta aactgtaaat tatttttatg     48360
     tagggacaaa gatttttaag tagtaaggaa gtcacagtca tgaagccatt gttcagagac     48420
     tcccccaggc ttgaacagaa gtccgtaagt gtcactcgag tcaacggtct ctgtcctccc     48480
     ttagcaggaa atgccacaag gcaggacctt accaaggtgc tctcttggct cgtttgcttt     48540
     ctaggtcaga gattttgggg tctgtagcgt gtttctgaat ctgtttatga tacatgaaat     48600
     ccttgtcatg cgggagggtg aaggctcctg aatatcctga gattatggca gtttattatt     48660
     tattagagcc tcctcttgca tgaccactcg ttgtatttga agactattta atcgactcat     48720
     tgtctcaact aagaaatgaa gtggctattc taatactgtg acaaaccaag gatggctctt     48780
     gctggttcaa gacagcctac aagtgtacag cccccttccc cagtagatcc tttcccaggg     48840
     acagctgtcc aatgtggtct agtccttttt tcccataggt ctaggatact ggtttctaat     48900
     tttttttttg ctttagattt tatttgttca gtcagtgaaa ggggtttgtt tataaaagaa     48960
     acaaaaaaga catgaaagcg tattttctca ctaggttggg ttcaatacat ggagaattcc     49020
     ctgtgccaaa gccacgaagt gatcggccaa gacagcctcg catgatagaa gagcagcgtg     49080
     caatgcctgc tcaggtttgt ttttcaaata ttgttttttt tttagactaa cctatattta     49140
     atacatatga ggttgggtgt tggtggagtt gggggccggc tttgctcaca tccggaattc     49200
     taggccaggt cagctggact acatagtacc accctgactc cattaaacaa agtcataagt     49260
     atctaagtgg ttatggtcca gagtcaggtt cttgtcattc aaagatttta tttcagatgt     49320
     ctcctaacat gtcgttggat tgtccacttt cacttacttg tatggtttta atcagttttc     49380
     ccaaaccagg gtttctcagc gttagcactg tcagccctta gggctgcctg attcctgcga     49440
     gggaactgtc tgggcattgc taagatgttt agaattcttg cctctgctca ctagatacta     49500
     tataagcacc ataccagcta taaccaaaaa tgtctctact gtagacccct gtgggacaag     49560
     atcacatgca gtcgagaacc actgtcctaa gccattggtt gtgactttgt ttaaccgaaa     49620
     gacagttgag ctagctgttg ggtgacatta acctgtctac caaaaatata aagatagaac     49680
     tgaaatgaga agactttttt tttaacactg taaagtttta agacaggtaa gtttaaaagc     49740
     tagcaagtct aaccagaact ttgaggtttg gacgggcaat agagaaggag agattgtcaa     49800
     ctgccgtgtg acctgtgtga cgggtgcgtg agcctgttga tttgtttgcc agttgaaatg     49860
     catggaagaa tctcaccaag aagcaacgga gaaggaagtg gagaggatct tgggattgtt     49920
     gcagacatac tttcgagaag accgtaagta tggcgtcacg ctcaaaagta ccaccaatgg     49980
     tgtttagcgg gcttgtcact tcctacaagg tggttttatt taaaaggcat tttcagttgc     50040
     atatatttga gttattgtga ctctttcctg tgtttctttt ttaaaggagt tattgcccag     50100
     gctggcccgg aactcagtag tttaggctgg cctcagactc atgggtgtct gcctgccttc     50160
     acctcccgag tgcaggaatt aaaggcagaa gatacacctg tctcacttcc ttttttttta     50220
     atcaaacata ttttatgagg cttttcctcc taaatacctc atgtgatgtt gataaaataa     50280
     cttaaaaagt gttttaggtt actttttttt tttttaaaga aaaatttgtt atttttattt     50340
     tatgtgtatg ggtgttttgc ttgcctatat gtctgtgtac agcacacatg ccaggccctg     50400
     tgttcttaac ctcggaggca tgtggccagc ccccataaaa gtatctcctc ccttgtattc     50460
     ctcatgttgg tcacttgtca aacgggtgcc tgctttaaca gtgtttcctg tttatttcat     50520
     gtaaatatac atgtcaggtt gggggggagg ggtacttttt cttttttcca agctaatcaa     50580
     tcaatcgatc gaacgatcga ttgatcaatc aatcctgata tacactttct gaggtgtggc     50640
     ttttccctgt agacgtcgtt tgacatccta caacttgccc ttattctttt cagggtttcc     50700
     catgggatgg ctatatcata aacatagtta ataatcctta tcactggaaa ggttctttgt     50760
     tgcattttcc tgccgtacaa agactgctga agtgggtctt tgtttgagcc actaattgct     50820
     gagggtggct gccagatcag ttatctgtat tttagtagaa atgccaaact gaccttcaga     50880
     atggtctata ccccacagca ggaggcctgc gtgttccttc ttgttgctag ttaacattag     50940
     ggcatagacc ttgttctgaa ataatagttt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgatttga     51000
     agattgtctt tttctttttt tctacagctg atactccaat gtcatttttt gattttgtgg     51060
     ttgatccaca ttctttcccc cgtacagtgg aaaacatctt tcatgtttcc ttcatcatac     51120
     gggtaaggtt ttaggtttct ctaacatctt gtgtgtttta aaaatgatac accactgaga     51180
     gaggtatttg tccattatag cagaatatta attggtatgt tgggtaaact aaaatttatg     51240
     ggttgctttt agtttttaaa aatcacaagg taatcattac taatttgaaa ttggaaattt     51300
     tcacaactac tgaagcaggc cagttaaatt agagtgtgac gttaccttct ggcagtgtaa     51360
     ggtgtatatg gagcaaaaat gaatttcagg tttagattag gtcccaattc caaaacacct     51420
     cattgtatct atgcagagag tcccaaattc ttctaaattt gaaatacttc tagttctaag     51480
     gataatggta aagcttgaaa aagaaatgat tgcaatgtgg taacgttcct gaagttttca     51540
     tgctatataa aaacaagctt gccgggcggt gatggcgcac gtctttagtc tcagctctcg     51600
     ggaggcagag gcaggcagat ctctgtgagt tcaaggccag tctggtctac agagtgcgtt     51660
     ccaggacagg cagggctaca cagagtaacc ctgtcacagg gtagggtgac acaaagaaaa     51720
     aacttattcc aaagaaacaa gagaccaaag aagcaggaga aggagacagc ctcacacctc     51780
     tcacgtaata ctagtaatga tatagaaagg aagtgataaa gttaacgtgg ccaaaaagct     51840
     ggagcgcgtg gataaaggct gggggggggt ggctttacag tagtttgtag ctcgttaagt     51900
     atgggacatg tacacagcat taaatcagac ccctttcagt gtgctaagga tatttgaatt     51960
     gagattcaag ccttacatta tgttgcattc cggaacatgt aagataaatt tggtttttaa     52020
     atttagacaa aagcttctat ttatccatgt actctctcaa acaatagagg catgtttgcc     52080
     agtggtccca gtgacagaat aatgcatgtt aaaatgtgga gtatatgtga tagaatgcat     52140
     aaatcagtta gagaggaaga tggctgccct gagggtttct cgggagagag gactggtgag     52200
     ttggcacagc ggatgaagtc tctctcaggg tccacatggt ccatcaacgt cacaggttgt     52260
     cctctgattt cccagtgtac catagtgtcg ctccattcct ccaaggaata gtatagtaat     52320
     aattgtaata aagtcagtgt ggactctgta aaagtctggt aaaagtcagt tagaaacatc     52380
     agcaataata gtccttgtag ggtaatatga gaaaagactt gtctgtgact tagggtacat     52440
     tttggctgcc tgaagtagag cttttcctaa ctgatgaaga attttcatgc agtagatttt     52500
     gctgcttgcc tcaaaccatg tttttgtttc aggatggttt tgcaagaata agacttgacc     52560
     aagaccgact gccaataata ggtaaattat actgtgttca tagaaatcag ttttagaaaa     52620
     tattagagtt ggggctggag agaaagctca gcgggtaaga gcactggtta ctcttccaga     52680
     ggtcctgagt tcagtttccc agaaaccaca cggtgactca caaacatctg tagtgggatc     52740
     tggtgccctc ttctggtgtg tctgaggaca gctataatgt actcacataa acaaataaat     52800
     cttttaaaaa gtccaaaaaa aatagacttt atgaaatcca ttttgttttg ctaaatgtaa     52860
     ggtctttttc tgtttttctt cttttcttct ttcctccccc caaccccgca aatagcccag     52920
     gctagcctga aatttgtttt gtagtctagg ctggccttaa actttcagtc ttcttagtgc     52980
     tgggattaaa agcttctggt tttttgttat gtttttgttt tgtgtttttt tgtttgtttt     53040
     gagacagggt ctgtatccat aaccctggct gtccaggaag ttactacata aaccagtcag     53100
     acctggtaca ctgtgatctg cctgcctctg tctcccaaga gtggggaagg aaggcttgtg     53160
     ccactacaaa aattttattt tcttgttttt taaaccaaag aagttctgct actgagatgg     53220
     tctcacaatg tgtccctggc tagcctagaa cttctgtgta gaacacacta gctttaaact     53280
     caaagagatc cacttgttta tgtcttctgg gtatttggat caaaagcatg ggccatcatg     53340
     cctggtaaat tcccatttta ataaaattga tgtaaacaaa atgtatctgt cctagttaac     53400
     tgaaaattct gaaaatagga tggttttaaa acctgggcag tggtggtgca cgcctttatt     53460
     gccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt tgaggccagc ctggtctaca     53520
     gagcgagttc caggacagca agcgctaccc agaaaaacca tcttgaaaaa aaaaaagatt     53580
     aacaaaatga taaatccccc taactttttt ttttaagttt tatttattat tatacataag     53640
     tacgctgtag ctgtcttcag atgcaccaga agagggcatc agatctcatt atggatggtt     53700
     gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggatttga actcaggacc tttggaagag cagtcggtgc     53760
     tcttaaccat tgagccatct ctccagcccc cccccccccc aacttttact gtttgtaact     53820
     tttgtagctt ccttctttct gaccaccact gtccatgtgg ccaaagcctt ccctccgagg     53880
     ttctgttctc tcttgctctt atctgcatac aatctctctc actcatgccc ttctgaagtc     53940
     ccttatggag aactaaggac ttccaatgca gttatttgtt ccatgcgctt ggcttcctct     54000
     tggactcact aaggtttagc taagtggcta gtgcacagat aagctaaacg ttcagaaaaa     54060
     gaccccatga tcagtgtggg aatcagcggg gttacttgct ccgctactca actgcttgta     54120
     gtacgtgata tctaggcagc acatacaagt atcttctcag tacaagcttc aatcctatga     54180
     tcgtttgctg ttcaagttac ctgttctgac tgataatgtt tgaaatcttt gtcttttaaa     54240
     cagagccagt gattaatgaa gaaagtgagg gaattgacca caacattcaa attaggagtc     54300
     aaggaattat agctctgagt taccatgact gggaggtaag gccctgcagg ccctgcgggt     54360
     caccccaggg cggttctgac ctggtcctcc ttccctacga atgttcccac tgcctaagtg     54420
     ttcgtcgttt ctgagcagga gattgtgaag acctttgaga tttcggagcc tgtgatcccg     54480
     ctgagtcaga gccagcagcg gctcagtgcc tgatgccagc agcggaaggt accgtttccc     54540
     acacgacaga cagccacaca gttggattaa agttgtatta ggcaaccccg agccttagta     54600
     gttcctcctg cccaggccat ctggggtttg tctccctcta gcgtccggtt cctgaactgt     54660
     aactggtaaa ggcaggcagg agcgggaggc cagctaccgt gaccatggtg ttcctgagct     54720
     ctatagatga aaaagcagcg gggggggggg gggggggggg ggatgattgt tcgtgggctt     54780
     gttttcacta attgagtaca tgaaatatgg agacttctcc agtgttgtga tggcacgaag     54840
     cagaaaagga aggtggcagt agcattccct caggggaata ctagtaaatg cacatttcgg     54900
     aaatgaatta tgctatgaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaccttcatt tttacgaagg gggacatttc     54960
     tagaaagaaa tcttagtaac aactggtatt ctgtcctgaa gacagccatg ggtggaatcg     55020
     accttgagtc tgttgaccct gccccttgat tttaaaacct tgtggggtta attcgattta     55080
     cacgttttcc ttatctgtaa gtctgtttat aaaataactg atcactttag cttcatcttt     55140
     ttttctaatt ttgagaatta aattgagctt ttaaagcact ttatataaat tcagtgcgta     55200
     tttcagttga ctgaactttt gttccaagag agcttacctc tgtcagagca tcttgagggg     55260
     aagggaacta actctgtgag gagtgcagcc ttttaacctg gccctactcg gtgacaaggg     55320
     gctggtcact agactgcatt tatgtgtata ctgcgagttt tgggttatca gctaataacc     55380
     agctgtcttc cctcttattt tatgtttttt aggcctgaag gcaacagtga aaccctgaaa     55440
     gggcagcagc atgtattgta tatatgtatg attaaatgtt tttaaagatg aagatttgtt     55500
     tttggtaaaa tgtagctttt gatagttatt ggatctgtca tggttgtctt tgattaaagg     55560
     aaatccactg ccatagtcac aacgtgatcg tttttattgt ctctgggagt gtgtgttagg     55620
     agtggggtcc tcttttttcc tagtcctgtc ccaatgaagg ttttacatag gatgttagtg     55680
     cctgatagat aacatagtgt tttttatgtc tctttagttg taaagttagc tggccaagcc     55740
     aacagatagg ttgtcccgag atgaaatttt tttccctttc gtgggttaaa aaatggttaa     55800
     atatttttgg tgtggcttgg cctatgcttt acacccaagg agctattaca tcgtctggca     55860
     agtcaggctg ggctatgccc ctagcagcac caagtgtcag tccatcctgc tgccagttcc     55920
     tctgccccgc tcatccacgt tgggctttct agtcggccct tgatggtttc tgggttcctt     55980
     ctcccgagct ttctgcttta agactttccc tcctatttca ggtactcttt cagcacaagg     56040
     ctctggattc aggttcctcc tgtctcccag gaggttgctt tctactttgt ctgggggtca     56100
     cccttcacca taagagtcta tgattttcat caggctgtct tctttaagta agaatcactt     56160
     ggtggctgga gagatggctc ggtgagtgac tgtctcgtgc ccacattaaa gtggaagagg     56220
     agaatcagct ctacagctct ggccgccacc tgggagccgt gtgactgtgc tcactccgca     56280
     tgacctgccc tcacgagtaa tacatgagaa tttagtaaga gccgggcgtg gtggcgcacg     56340
     cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggcggatt tcggagttcg aggccagcct     56400
     ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa     56460
     ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaaaaagga ttcagtaaga atcacttgga     56520
     aatctaatct actggcgaac cctggcggag gagtccctcc tttcctgagt ctcctgagtc     56580
     tgtggtattg aaagaaccta gtggggaaac cccactcaat tttcgattcg cgcacccaag     56640
     aatcacgaac agacgaccat cttgatgtaa aagcatgagg tagtttaatg acagagctcc     56700
     gggctgacac atatctccca caggagacag gtgttgacca catggtggag ccataatggc     56760
     ggagctcctg ttcgaaacgt atctcacaca gtccgtgagg cttggaagct aggggttttt     56820
     atagaaaagg ggtggggctg ggggaggaat tggcgcggtt ttacatgatt ggtccattta     56880
     aacatcaaca gactgtcaga agggcgggag atagggaggc actaggccag tcaggacatg     56940
     taatgacggg cctgcccggg catgacctgg cctgttctgc tatgttctta gccccaggtt     57000
     tcaaagctca caaacaactc tttgggctat ttgaaataaa ttacatgaat aacatgtctc     57060
     aagttttatt tccttttatt atgccactat taccaattcc tttccaaatg agctctcatg     57120
     gatactgctg tctatttgat gtgaactttt ataccttgag tctacattct tttttttttt     57180
     tttaaaagat ttatttattt tatgtatgtg agtacactgt tgctgtcttc agacacacca     57240
     gaagagggca tcagattcca ttacagatgg ttgtgaacca ccatgtggtt gcagagaatc     57300
     gaactctgga agagcagtca gtgagtgctc ttaccgctga gccatctggc aagtctacat     57360
     acttgattga tgtctgcccc tccctggttc cctcccactg tttgattctg gtgctttata     57420
     tgataatgca tatatattgg gagtagtccc aaaacctttt atgtgcctaa acttcaagag     57480
     actggatcta tgttaactga tcattggtca gctcatgggc catttaaaaa catatactaa     57540
     aaactatttc acaaatctta ggatttttgt accaacattt ttgccatatt ttgcaggatt     57600
     tttaattcta aaatacgccc cccccttccc cattcttaac caatcagtac taccctcgtg     57660
     gtcttttttg accgtcttgc acagaccact gctcagacac ctatttagta tccattagtc     57720
     tatccaaacc acttgccaat ttcttagcga ttaccacaac gccttcaaga ttttctttct     57780
     ttttgtgtat gtgtatatgt gatatgtgtg tatgtgatat tttgtgtatg tgtctgtgtg     57840
     tgtatatgtg atattttgtg tatgtatgtg atatgtgtgc acgcacatag gcaggtctgt     57900
     ttggattaca tgcataccac agtgcacatc tagtggttcg agcgtagctt tgggttccag     57960
     gcctctcctg cccccttttg tttgctgctg taccgtgtac tacttactgc tcataaggtt     58020
     tctggggatt taatttccac cttctttctg tctagcgatc agaatactgg gattacagac     58080
     ctgtgcacct atgactgacc tttacatgaa tcctgggcat ctgaactcaa gccctgggta     58140
     acaagcactt ttgcctgctg aaatgtctcc cctgctctgc cttcagggtt ttgaacgaag     58200
     tgtagacttt gttctctaaa cactagcaat cctttctttt tctgtcaaaa cggcttggtt     58260
     gagtgtatac acacaatcca actcaattag ggtatgatat ggtgtcttca aatcaattaa     58320
     tggggcatgc aaccatcacc aaaaaatact acagaccctc ctccgccaat cttataccat     58380
     aagctgtcat tctgtcattt aaatttctta ttcctagccc agagatgact ataaaaatgg     58440
     aaccatacgg cttgaggtct cagcaccacc agactgtgta caacaccagg tatgtgtgtc     58500
     tagagctgcc attcccccac ccccacccgc ttcaatgtct ggtttctagg agttcattgt     58560
     actcattact atgaaatatg ctcatctaag aaatcacaat aatcaaggac atagcttaag     58620
     ctttttattt ttttcgagtt gacttttcaa aaacggtggc atacacagaa ttcccctttg     58680
     gagcggtttt tgcacatttt ccgatttcga cttttccatg agaaccatta cttctatcag     58740
     tttttctttg gaaggctgga agatgggata ggctttgact ttttcaaact ctttcttttc     58800
     ctctttcttc gcttttgatt tcaagtgagg gtggccatgg ctggtgaact ttggagtctt     58860
     cctttggtcc tgtctctgct cggtgagcac tcttgctctc atcatccggt ctttatgttg     58920
     cttcatctgc tcctttgccc aggccatttt cggctttttg ggtactgttt tatgtggtct     58980
     cgggataggg atagtttttt tcttctcatc ctctggcttt ggggaaagca tttcacatga     59040
     gaggttctga gggatgagtc ggtatttgtg gtccctcagg cctctagccc gctcagctct     59100
     gtggatatgt ttctctatgt gattcatctc cctctcggtt actagatagt cccatttttt     59160
     accgttctct gtttttttgc attttggctt catctcttct tctgggttag cgtcccattc     59220
     tgcctctggt ttataattcc atgattctct gatcatttcc tgttgctgtt gatggtagta     59280
     ggcatctgct tgagcaaacc ggaagtcagg agacacggtc ttgagtttat caactgtttc     59340
     actctcctgt tggaactttt ggactaacag ttttctcact cctgaagaat gggtgccacc     59400
     taaacacttg tcagagggag taatcagaac tttttaagtt ggatattctt tattctagtt     59460
     ccacagtaca gctgtcaatg agctaacacc tctgcctggc actcctacac cccccctccc     59520
     ccaacccaca ttctctccta ggtgaggact ctgatttaga cttccctgag aaaatggaag     59580
     cacccagcac atcccctttc ccaccgtcag agccgctgcc catctaccca ggctctgcct     59640
     tcttgctctt acactggaga cattactgtc ttatcaaaag ggaatgcttc atctgttgct     59700
     tactgagttt caaagatttc atttctgtgt tgtcaaacct acttactggg tcacttgaat     59760
     gcgcatataa gacacctcag cacaaatgct cgccaataaa agagactctt ccttacttca     59820
     tattcttggc ttttaccctc tgttacctcg cttgctgaat atccctgctt ttttcccacc     59880
     ttgtgactac ccctctgtct gtccttaaca ccatcgcatt tagcctttct cgtgtggatg     59940
     catactaaac ggtgctcctc catggcacag ctactgattt taagcagccg tcgggctgaa     60000
     ccaaacttct aaggcccggc cctgctctca tgacctctcg ggttcagacc tggtcactgt     60060
     atttggcatc tccacttgct tctttctcca gtccccacca gttcagtcct gtcacttgca     60120
     ccttcactgt catttccttt catccccctg cctccaccac ttttgtccca gcttccccaa     60180
     gcccacactg tagccagagt gattttttta ttacctacat ctgagcatga tactttcttg     60240
     tataaaccct ggctgctcca tttaggagag aacctcaaat ctcagtgtgg ggtccacagc     60300
     ctctcattaa ctctcaaacc atgttttcag ctcactgtat attcattagg ctccggccac     60360
     actgaattct gttccctaag agtctctctt tcccacgtga gtacactctt ccaaaacaca     60420
     cgtcaggaac tctatctatg ataagcactt ttacaacttt gacaatctgg gcgggcatac     60480
     tgtctcctcc agccttccac ggtcttcata gaaaacccag agctgttatg acatcacggt     60540
     ttgtggagtc cgtttcttta gcatcatctc ttactagaac aagtcctgtg agagtacaaa     60600
     tagtatctgt tctgtttgat gctgtccagc cagcgctgct cagagaacca aatacggaag     60660
     taaagcccga gcgaggatct actttctccc ttgaaatgct tgggcctcct ttacctccaa     60720
     taaactttat atgatctcat tacaggaccc aaagtgcatg ccaaatatat ttcctcacct     60780
     taattttctt ttctagtggg gaacaggagc ctactgcaat ccgaggatct ttagtactct     60840
     tagcccaggc caatctagaa gaaaagaaat taattatact gggattggag ggaggtgtca     60900
     ggaaacatat tctgggatga gctcccattg ggagggattt gggacctgct tttaggtagc     60960
     aggggccctt ctctctctgc cagcaggtag caggggccct tctctgccag caagtggaac     61020
     tctgtggtgt gtgtttagct tctgtctacc cacggtgaaa ggacatttgt gattttgatt     61080
     gaagtttaaa gaagtttgtt tgtttggttt ggagttgtga ctgccagaaa tgcctttaaa     61140
     gctggaaagg aaagactgag ttgctattac tatttcaaat accacaaact actgtattta     61200
     tatattaaga agaaaataag ttttgatacg aaaagtttta aatttccaag tataacttcc     61260
     aagttacata gacatatata atagatttcc tataatactt gcctaacttt atgatccatg     61320
     attttatcac ttaaaataga ctatttattt attggttgtg aatctcactt ttaatgactg     61380
     agccatctct ccagccctgt tttttttttt tttttttttt aaagacaggt tcttactgac     61440
     tggcctataa ctcaagagat ctgcctgtct ttgctttcac taagcctaat tcgaaaattt     61500
     acactttaaa tagattttaa aacaattgga aggcaagttt taaaacttaa tgaagaaaaa     61560
     tatagcaagg aagtttgttc tttaggataa aagcacaggc tgacatcatg gagttattca     61620
     cctgattagt ggagattagc cttacgttac tcaatcaatc taagcataaa cactggttta     61680
     ccagcaacag aaggatttta gaacagaact gtacaaaacc ctcatcatat gtctttaatt     61740
     tcatttccaa ctgctttaag aatttatgtt gtttctctag cagcatgtct tagatttaca     61800
     atagaaacca ttatataagt atacatggaa ttaatcttct aaacggtctt atgaggttag     61860
     tattcattat tcctatttat ggaaaagagg atggaagcca cgaaagttag tggcttgtta     61920
     gtggtctggg tgctagtttc ttcggccact gagtcctccg gggctccatt ggttcccaga     61980
     ggtggacata cagtcttttg cctgtatccc agatggtggg aacacttact gttcctcggc     62040
     actcagacca aaccactctg cgtctgtcac catgggttgc tgtgaggtga cagctctcag     62100
     ttctgctgtg gtggtctttt cgctgcatat tctggaagcc tgtgtggtca cttgtgctgg     62160
     ctctgtggtc tggttctctt tctcctcagt gctcttggct ttagcagttg cccttctgtg     62220
     cttcatgaag agcatcactg ttcttgactc ttctttcctc tctgcctctc ctccctgacc     62280
     tctaatttct cattctctag gccgcacaga atttctgcct ttcgttcaga ttttcagcta     62340
     cctactattg atccttgagg atgccctggg ttgatttcta aggaaataca aagcagtcag     62400
     tgctttctgt gtgtcatcac tgtcccggaa ggagcccact gtgaggtggt ctatgatgat     62460
     atagtcagtt ggcaagggat gcactttcct cccagctgct cagcaactag aagggaccat     62520
     ttctgaagac gtaggaactc agccgtagca tatgtagttc gagacagtgc taagaaccct     62580
     gaggccatct tctcagcttt tgagttttag aatataaact gttctagaat ccatgtgaat     62640
     ggaaccagaa gaaatagctt ggtgagccta catatctgtg ttgttagcag ctaaatgtgt     62700
     gtactgctgg tccagatagg gtctcatcat ttcctagctg gtatgccact cagctaaata     62760
     ctgctttgat ggaggtttta atacatcttt agtcacacta tttaacttat gctcctagct     62820
     gaccaacatt taaagacaag gaagcagaaa gtacctcaat gttaaaaata cagattagtg     62880
     aaaatcatac tcaattcatg acattttatg tgtggaaatt attcatccta agaaaattat     62940
     cctgtagccc attgagatat ctctagctct cagaaataca atgtgaaagg agaaattgtg     63000
     atcaattaca acctgacttt ttctgttaga aataaaatct gtccctctca aaatgtgtta     63060
     tctgaaaagt gtttgaaact gaggcttcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagctg ggcatgatgg     63120
     cgcacacctt taatcccagc acttgggagg cagaggcagg cagatttctg agttcgaggc     63180
     cagcctggtc tacaaagtaa gttgcaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc     63240
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaca tcctaattac ccatcattga ttccttcccc tgaagaatat     63300
     acagtttatt caaagcaggc agacacattc cttcatggga aactggattt ttctttcacg     63360
     tttgaagggt aagttctcag gatatagaac tctaggtttt gtttttctca gaatactcag     63420
     aataattcat tcctgtttct atggtttctg aagagaattc tttcacttcc tggattattt     63480
     cattattttc tgcagtttgg gtatgataga taaaattctg ggttgctttg aaaaaaataa     63540
     tcgcttcctt ttctgtgtgc gtgtgtatgt gcggggtgca tttttactat agtgggaggg     63600
     gaggatcagt agacgtcaga tctctcctac catgtgggtc ccagggatga caagtgtgga     63660
     caatcagact tgacagtaaa tgcccttact ttctgagtca cctccccagc cattttcctg     63720
     cttgttattt gttaactcta attttgtccc ccagtgatac aagctacatt ttaggtgctc     63780
     agtagcctcg tgtagctact atgtagctac tatgtagcta gtatgtagct agtatgtagt     63840
     tagtatgtag tatgtagtta gtatgtagca gactgaggag ccaggtcttg acaagatgga     63900
     gtccaatcca ggtgtcccaa ggaaagcatc ttctgggact cttcctgcca ctggtgcgct     63960
     cttcaccatg ccactgctcc ctgtagaacg ctcccttctc tgccctcaag ttatctgttt     64020
     gcctcaaacc cattgttctc tggcttacct taggttctct cacagaatct ttggaggaaa     64080
     aggaggatgt ctcacttccc ttccttagtt gcactgcatg ggcctgcgag tcctccacag     64140
     aagtcctccc cattaccagt gctcggtgct tggtaacata aaccaatgtg accgagtcgc     64200
     tgaaagtgag cagcatcagc agcttcatct gtcaaggaag aaagggaaac acagttaaga     64260
     caaacccatg ctttgctttc cctcctctca tctggcctag aatagaaaaa aaatatatct     64320
     gtctttggct tttagcagaa tgtagccacc caggaaccat tgtttcacat aggtggacac     64380
     ccggtacctg tggttttgtt ttttcccaga cagggtctca ttgcgtaacc ctggctgacc     64440
     ggaactccct gtgcagctca gaccgcagat gtacagtgat ccaatccgcc tctgcagtgc     64500
     taagattaaa ggcgtttgcg ttccttttat tactgtttat ccctcctgtt tgtcccttac     64560
     ttgttgcacg gcattcagca agttattcag cctttctgct ttacctcttc catctgacaa     64620
     tgttgttgta atactaggtg aattaccata catgcccaag gacttaggac attctcatta     64680
     ttactgtaca aggttggaat attctagagt gtactgcctc aggctgaggc aaagtgagag     64740
     gagagtacag tagtttcctt ttattttttt atatctataa tttaaaaaat tatttatttg     64800
     agcacactgt tgctgtcttc agacgcacca gaagagggcg tcagatccca ttacggatgg     64860
     ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggaatt gaactcagga cctcaggaag agcagtcagt     64920
     gttcttaacc actgagccat ctcaccagcc ccctatatta ttatttcaag acccccagtg     64980
     catatctgga actgtagata gatagtactg aagcctatat atagtttttc tcccaaacta     65040
     tatataccta tgaccaagtt taatgtataa attgggcaca gtaaaagatt aacaatgtat     65100
     gtgaacccag tatatgaaaa actaaatatt gttttgagtc agggtagctc tgtagctcag     65160
     gctggttccc aatttgtgat ccccctgctt cagttctctg aagatgtctt attgcactgt     65220
     atcttagcaa cctcagtaaa gatttttttt ttcctaatta agtggagagt tttttcctgt     65280
     tcacttaaaa gaagcaattt ctggttgatt tttggcatgc tccaaatagt ggcatgacta     65340
     ttgttaagct ttgatatcag ttggtaaatc agggctactt taacacagag attgcaatac     65400
     cctgacagtc aataatggag agtaactgat ggaggtaaca catacagcat ggaactgcag     65460
     gccacgattc acgtgccagg gacaacaagc agtcccatca cctgacacac aatgatgctc     65520
     agcttaaaac ttctgagttg ttcattttag gacattatac actgaactgt ggtcagtggt     65580
     tgacaatggg taacagaaat caagggcagt gaaaccagta ctggtcgtgg tggtgcattt     65640
     ctttaattgc agcatttcag atgccgaggc aggcagatct ttctgagttt gagccatgtc     65700
     tggcctgcgt cgtgagctcc aggatggcca gggctgcata gtaagaccat atctctaagg     65760
     ggcaagaaag tgagacagag ggctgaagac atggctccac agttgagatc actcgctgct     65820
     atgtcagggg acctgggatc tgtttcccag catcgacaag gcagagcacg gctgtctgta     65880
     attctagttc caaggggtcc tatgccctca tgtggattct taaggcacca ggcatgaact     65940
     ggtgtgcaaa acgatcatac acaaaaataa aaataatctt taaaaaaagt gaaatcaggg     66000
     ctggagagat ggctcagcgg ttaagagcac tgactgctct ttcaaaggtc ctgagttcaa     66060
     atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atctgtaatg atatctgaca gcctctctgg     66120
     tgtgtctgaa gacagctaca gtgtacttag acataataaa taaatctttt aaaaaaaagt     66180
     gaaattattt ctgctgtgtg ggatggggag ctattgttca agaaaaggtc aaaagccttt     66240
     ctgcgtacct tctatgtaga gcagggcctt ctgccctctt tgggtcaatc cattgatcct     66300
     tggtatgaaa catgaagcag atgaagtgtt ccataaaact atgggcactg agctgcaaca     66360
     agttctaatt ttacacttct gtattacatg gtcacctgct aggttcttaa acaactgtat     66420
     gaacaacgtt ggtcaccagg ccctgaattc attattaaac ttaactagat gcatctttag     66480
     cacggaaaac cttagggtca aaaccgttga aatttccttt aaaagtttat acatttagcc     66540
     atgtacagtg gtgcacaccc gggattccag cacagtggag cctggggggc gggggggggg     66600
     gaggtccaga gttctaggtc atctaggttc attaacagtt gaaaaataag tttgttcacc     66660
     ggcaggagag gtggtggctc agtggttaag agcacttgat gatcttgcag aagacacaga     66720
     gtttggttcc cagcatcata tttgatgttg aaagacccac aaagtgagga ctcccccacg     66780
     ttctgactca ggagaggcga caccccaaat cactcacaag aaacggcctt gatgcaaacc     66840
     gcaagaggac tttttattcc aggcgtgctc tggggcccag tacaccacgc aggggtagag     66900
     gaccacggac cacgagtgca gaattgggac agcttttatg gggttacaac aaagcctgcg     66960
     tttcgcaaac caatcatttc atagcatcaa gaccccacgc agttctttca gtgtgtaatc     67020
     tttccttcca ttgtgcaagc actttacagt tgctagataa gcagttagtc agctcctctc     67080
     ctcctgttat cttactaggc caggatcacg tattcaaggg tctgtcttaa tgctctttca     67140
     cctagttcca tacaggaagc gggccctgga acagcacgga agtgtgacct tttacctgta     67200
     tactggcagg gagcagggtc tggaatttgt ggtatttagg gcttcttagg aggctggagt     67260
     tgaggctgta tttttccatc ctttcaatct tacatgagtg gctcagaatt gtctgcccgt     67320
     caaggtttca gggtctacaa tgccttctgg atgcctccag cattggatga aggttgtaca     67380
     catatctact tgcaggctaa acacccacaa acataattaa aaaaaaaagt ttcctgattg     67440
     cactttctag acactgcaaa aaggaattca ccatattgtc gactatggaa attatgccag     67500
     acagacttaa acatctgtgt acgcagagga gaaagctaag gaatattatc ttggtaggag     67560
     catgccttta tttttacact ttgcctcaca acctcattcc ctaaaacacg ttctttgcaa     67620
     attggagacc catggagtga attcagatta tgtaaatgtt cagcctgaag agttaaaaat     67680
     tctttttgag tgatatttaa aactcccttt aaaagaggaa agtgtcgctt cgtcattgga     67740
     cattccgctc tagcagagtt gtttggattc tagatccctc tctatcaagc cagctccggc     67800
     tcctcgttcc tcacaggtgg tcaggcgcag aactcgaggt taaccttcaa ctacagagcg     67860
     caaatgaccg ggtgaatccc aacctggagc ctcagtttcc ctatctgtaa agcgggctga     67920
     gagatcgcgt cagtgacaag gactgctgtt gactggacaa gtaacctgct ggccactaaa     67980
     cactgggttc cgagacgcac ccctgcaacc caggctggcg gccagtggcc tgaccgggga     68040
     tcggcggaga gccgcgaacc cggcaacccc cgcgctctcg gcccttcccc gaggttcccc     68100
     gcgctgagag gcgtggccgc tcctcaagcc cacagcggcg gccatggcct cggtggtgga     68160
     atacaagggc ctgaaggccg gctactactg cggctactgc gagtccaggg agggcaagac     68220
     gtcgtgtggt gagtgtcccg ccgtccaggt cgcctttacc ggcttcagcc aggctctcgc     68280
     tacgtcctgg caggcctgcc gcgcgggttg aggccgttgg tcacccgact ccagcttccc     68340
     ggtcccattg gtctctcctc agccggcttc ctttccatcc cggtcttccc gccctcgccc     68400
     tccctagggg gtagccgccc ctcacagagg aggaacggaa ctagcggacg gctgcccgca     68460
     gtcaacatgg cgcgggcggc gtcagtgacg tagggcgtcc ggtccttcca gcccgggagc     68520
     actcgagtgg cttcgcgcga tcttcggagg cgcgcgcgtt gcattgtggg gtggtggagg     68580
     cgaaggcggc ggtagcggcg gctgcgtagg actgggtggc gcagcggcgg cggggtcgcg     68640
     gacatggctt cttggagcgc gccttcacct agccttgtag agtattttga gggccagacc     68700
     tccttccagt gtggctactg caagaacaag ttgggcagtc gctcctatgg tgagcgagct     68760
     cggccggcgg gcgtgtgctt cgggctctgt gagggtcttg ggtggccgca gcctggggga     68820
     gcgtcgtgaa gagccgggtg tcctccaccc ttgctccctc agcggctgct ctgggagacg     68880
     ggaagggaga tggggaggct cctgggagct gacggccgcc ctgcatccat ccccgcggca     68940
     gccgaggccc cctgctgcat gtgtagaggg gcgtgtgcgt gcacacctgt tcgctgtcat     69000
     tttggagaaa gtgtctggga gaacgtactg gaaaccgaga tcggcttgat attttgataa     69060
     aatacctgct cgactttttt tttaaatcag ggatttatac catgtcattg tgccaatcca     69120
     tcttgaagac cgtaataacg gtgttccttc aggctttagg tttcttttct ttttatttta     69180
     ttttattttt ctggcttttc gagacaaacg ttttctgtgt agctctggct gtcctggaat     69240
     ccactctgta gaccaggctg gcctggaatt cagagatccg cctgcccctg cctcccgagg     69300
     gtctgggatc aaaggtgtgc atcaccaccg ggctaggatt caggtttctt acggaagatt     69360
     tgtttgtaag ccgaatatgt acttattgtc tgccgtgtca tgatcggcaa atacagaatc     69420
     taggatggat ggtttagaat aatcctgcag gtggaagcaa ggtaacttga ctataaattt     69480
     aggttagaga tttacccgtt ttgaaagaca gtttagtggt ttggctgtgc acgggatttt     69540
     ggtttatgga tgcattaaaa gtgtttatta ggagaaagtg tattattagg tgaaccgcgg     69600
     ccttgggtag acagttatac aatcgttaga tgcacggatt acgaagacca gttaagtgaa     69660
     aaaaacgctt ggagcatagg gttaaataaa caggatgcag atgacagccg agtacacgtg     69720
     acagctgaga ggaatacggt ccaataaagc ccaaataagg ccaagaaagc acatcaaatg     69780
     acagtggctc actttgagtg atagagatac tattcttttt cagaattttt atattctgac     69840
     tataatattt gccagtatta tgtgactgaa acatatttta atagggagga ccttactacc     69900
     cctaccccta gtaatttcgt attagagaaa attggacaat ataaatattt tgtgcttcaa     69960
     gatttgttga agaacagttt tatcatctag aaagataact ataaattccc agcatttcag     70020
     ttttcgtctt tcctgtaagg cactcttctg ttgggtgact gttgtaggaa ctcttgttat     70080
     atctgagtgg cctcagaact acagaggatt cctttgaggc tcagaataac ttgttggtgt     70140
     cagcgagtga ctagtcacta gttttgcttt ggattgctgt gataaccacc atgatcaagt     70200
     gcagtttggg gaggaaaggg cttatttcgt cttagagctt tcgctccatt gagaagtcag     70260
     ggcaagaagt ggaggcagga aggaaccttg gggcaggaac tgaaatgaag gttatagaac     70320
     tggtatgcta acatttttac tggaacttga caccatttct cccctcctcg cttgccactc     70380
     tataaagcat gtttctatat atagctggta caatttcttc aggaagaaaa aaactcgtcg     70440
     ttttaagttt tagttcaggt atgtccttta catgttaatc cccatcattt ttgtcccctc     70500
     gtccacagtg tcatagttat ttcactgaat tgataatttc agaggctctg tcatcatcat     70560
     cttgttccct tgggatgcca gttactgtca gttcatttat tttgaatgag tatgtctgta     70620
     tatgtttgtc ctatttttaa gggtcaagcc tgtgctatat atattatgca tagcaagtag     70680
     tagaactaac atacctttgt gctggtcagc ttgacacaag ctagagttac ctggaaagtg     70740
     gaaacctcaa ctgagaaact gccgctctcc catggcctgt agttaagtct tttgtgacat     70800
     attttgatta gtgattaata taggagggcc cagctctggg catggggtac tgggatgtac     70860
     aagaaaccag ttctagcaag ccaagaagag ctagtcagta gtcagtgttc ttccccgacc     70920
     tctgcttcac ttcctgcctt tagatccctg ccctgaggta tttgcttcca gggccctgac     70980
     tccagtttct gctctgactt ccttctatga tgccttgtga gctgtaagag gaaataaacc     71040
     ctttcacccc gaaaccatat ttgattatag tgtttcttgc atagcaatag aaggtaaact     71100
     aattaatggc aactctcaaa taggtgagac cagtgtgtta actcactgga ggttctctga     71160
     aagtttgtgt gaagtctaca attccagtga gaattgagat gatttattaa tttttaatta     71220
     aatggagtag gagtcacttt tgatatattt gattctttag attagatttc tttttttttt     71280
     gttcctgttt tgagaatggg tctcttatat agccctgact tgcctggact cctagagtca     71340
     ctttgtagcc aaggctggcc ttgaactcat agagatgttc ctgcctctgc ctcttgagtg     71400
     ctgagatcaa aggtgtgtgc caccacacct gacttaatac cccctccccc ccaaacacac     71460
     aggatcttat gttactcagg ttggtttcaa atttattata tagctgaggt tggtcttaaa     71520
     ccctgactcc tgactcctga ctccaccatc tgactccaca tgcatttacc tcctaaattc     71580
     taggattaca ggtttgtgtc accactccta ccttagaatt aatataactt attttttgtt     71640
     tgtgttgtac gtattatgtt aggtgtaaag taaatgcaga ctttttttta ctccaatttg     71700
     aatgttctag aactttagtc taaatttgcc atttttattt ttaatttatt ttttacacag     71760
     ggtctaacta ggtagcccag tctggcctgg gatgcccaga gatccacctg tctctgcctt     71820
     tgcagtttta ccacacctcc tctaacttac ctgttttttc ttgtaaagaa cacttaaggg     71880
     ttttaacaag aagacaatag ggtgtgctgg agctaacatg gtacttactt tttcaggcat     71940
     gtgggcacat tccatgacag tgcaggatta tcaggatctt atagaccgag gatggagaag     72000
     gtaaggttct ttaacacaga tgcgttttgt tattgcttag ttgcttctta tagctgcata     72060
     gtgagaattg ccctcaggat attcttttac ggagctgttt attatgttct tttgtgtagt     72120
     gtagtttttt gttcttagaa atttattggc aaagttaaaa attatgcata aagtaaaata     72180
     tattacatac cttgtatgct tattactaac ctttgacagt ttctggaatt attctatttt     72240
     ttcactgatt ctctatgttt tccctcctct ccaaagcatt tgacagtaga ttacatgtta     72300
     attattattg cagaaagcat attgcaacat acatatctga gaagaaatag tttccctttt     72360
     aacttatcta ccatgccttt atcatcttat aaaattaaca ctatctgttg ctgaatgtgg     72420
     tgtcccaggc cagtaatccc agcactaggg agcagaggtg ggtggatctc tgtgagtttg     72480
     agaatagctt ggtctacaca gtgagcttca ggccagccag ggctacttga tgaggccctg     72540
     tctcaaaaac aaaaaagaaa aattaatata aatttttgat ggtacttggc attcattaaa     72600
     aaaattgttt taaaatattt ttattatatg tgtgtgtgta cgtatatgag aaggggtaga     72660
     gtgagtgagt atggggggag agtgtgtgag aatgagagag agagagagag agagagaaca     72720
     cgctcgagtg ctcgagcact cttgtgcatg cttagcagca agcaccctcc ctgatgacca     72780
     ttgcacgcct ggctttggtg atctggactc caatcctcat gcttgcacag caagggcttt     72840
     tcttactgag ctgtcttccc agtacctaga ttgcctttta aaaaaatgtt tacttatttg     72900
     tatttgggga tgagcttgtg tgtactacaa tacttataca gctcagagga caacctgcgg     72960
     gagggttctt tacttctgtc acgtgggttc tggggctgag atcaggcctt cagtctggcc     73020
     agcaaatgcc ttcatccata gagctgtctc agtgactcag gattgcctta cacaattgca     73080
     cgcagacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacctg ttggttaact gattctataa     73140
     ttgttcatac actgtgtttt cttggtaatt tttctttttt cttactatgt acccctgact     73200
     ggtctggtac tctgtgtagg cctgtgtcta cctcctgagc acttgggtta aatgtgtaca     73260
     ccaccaagtc tggatggata gttattttta agtaactttt gggaacgttt cttgaataat     73320
     tgtaaacaat aataagcatt aagtgctgaa agctagtgtt ctctagagct aggattgagc     73380
     aaaccaatta aaatgttaat actcatttta aacttaatgt gagtttcaaa atgtagatga     73440
     cggccagatg ttgtacaatt ttggacgaca tgataaggat catgtttaag gtgagaagga     73500
     gacattcaga gattttatat gagagcaata tgatgtgatt tgtttcaaaa ggttcatttg     73560
     tatgtcagag gtatttgaga ggcaggaaga cagagtccag agaagaaaca agggcttcta     73620
     tcttagtggc aatgaggaga ggacaaattt aggtatgttt tatacataga tgcttcctaa     73680
     taggatacag aggtgagtta gagaaatagt ctaaaataac tctggcttga gaaatgaatg     73740
     agtggttcta cccctgacat ggctacagtg tcgataactg aggctagtta tgtggtactg     73800
     aggtaggcgg acaattgtgt gtatgtgtca tcctaagcag gctccatcag tcctgtagcc     73860
     tcatggactt tttttattat tattttaaaa atatttttat aattcttaaa attatgccta     73920
     tgggtgtgtg tctgtatgca tgtatacatg tgaatatggt atctacagaa gccagaggtg     73980
     ttggagcccc tggagctgaa gtaatggggc tttgagtgct ggcagctgag cttgggacct     74040
     ctggaaaagc agtccgtgtt catagctact gagccaatga tgcaggctcg tcacacgaag     74100
     cagtttcact actgtccctg tggtactggg atagtaacag ctgaagacac cgaaggagtt     74160
     gcaggactga ccttgtaata cacctgttaa ggtttaggaa ggaaaaaggt ggtttttttt     74220
     tctattttgg tacatgtgaa aagtatataa gaaattaaca agctattttt ataattttag     74280
     aagtgggaaa tatgtgtaca aacctgtcat ggatcaaaca tgctgtcctc agtatacaat     74340
     aaggtaagat ctacaatgaa aagattgtgt gtatttaaag tagaatctta gaattttaaa     74400
     atactatttc taccttaatt agacattaga aggaaaagga aagtaaatga attgtctttt     74460
     ctacatactg atttgattca tgtgttgaca aatagattct aatattgttt agtcagtcta     74520
     gtcctggtac aaagatgata tgaaaaaata ctttgtttgt tagatagtgg ctactatgaa     74580
     ctactggtaa atagtttgcc tctgcctcct gagtgctggg cttcgaggta tttgctgccg     74640
     tcctttggtg gtcttttttt tttaattgga agaagtaaac tattttttcc tttgcaagta     74700
     gctgtcaatt gttgatagct tcttggctag gggtgcaagt tcctgtctat tatcccttag     74760
     tgctaggacc ctgttttagt tagggtttct gttggtgcag tgaaatacca tcaccaaaat     74820
     caagttaggg agaaaagggc ttatttagct tatacttcca catcatagta tatcattgga     74880
     ggagctcagg acaggaactc agacagggct agaacttgga ggcaggagct gataggtcat     74940
     ggaggaatgc tgcgtactgg agcaagccat actccccatg gcttgctcag cctggttata     75000
     gaacccagga ccaccagccc aggcacaata ggttgggccc tcccccatca atcactaatt     75060
     aaaaaaatgc cctacagctt gattttatgg tgtactttgg tcagtgactc aactggatgt     75120
     agcccactca ctgtcactgg atgtttgact tggtgacaaa ggatgtctgg ctggggcttt     75180
     gtctccagta tttggtaact ccatttctat ttctttcata tagtttctat tttaggaagt     75240
     ttctagagaa gtgggttttc atatgacccc tcaaatggct cttggtgtta attgttcctc     75300
     cacattctta tcattcttat ctatccccct ccaatttaat cctcttaccc agtttcccca     75360
     ctgtcctcta gagctatata gtctacttct ctgtctttta ggaatcctct cttccttcct     75420
     tggtcccttt cttgatacct aatatctgtg gccatatggg ttgtagcagg ccttttgaag     75480
     gcttaaaagc taacatctac atgtgaggaa aaatgtacaa tatttgtatg ggaggttttt     75540
     ggagataggg tttctctgca taatggtctg ggctgttctg gaacacactt tgtagaccag     75600
     gctggccttg aatgcacaaa gatttgtctg cctctgcctc ctgaatgctg gaattaaagg     75660
     catgtgccac catgtctggt ggcatttttg gttttttttt tttttttcat tcccttgtct     75720
     aaaatgtatt cttttgaagt ctttcagagt ggaagcattt gcttgaaata ctttgctaat     75780
     aggttatttt tcctccagtg cttctattca gatattgaat ccttagattg ctttcctact     75840
     tttttctttc ctgtttttca tctttttttt ttttttgaac cttttgagaa ataaatctac     75900
     ttaatttttt ccccatcagt ttctacaact gaaaacaatt ttttggtggt ggtggtggtg     75960
     gtactgctgt tgtggttgta acaagtttag aaaagtaaga gatttcctca aaggaagttt     76020
     ttcagtttcg ttcatacata gtctgtactc ttcagtttgt ctggcaccta tctttgtagt     76080
     agagactctg ctcaagtgtt ctgaccgtag cttttcagtg tcccaggaaa aagttcatct     76140
     aaagaatggg tcattttttt tctataggct tcagataaat tgtgttagtt gggctgttct     76200
     gtgatgtaaa tatttttaga tctgattcct tttttgagag aatgtgtgca gtactaatgg     76260
     tcacgggtta gatggagccc tcaacattta gtctgtagac ttcattctgc ttcctgttct     76320
     aagtgtatgt gacatgcaga aggccctgtc ttttgttctt ccctgaaagc tgaattgtgt     76380
     aaggagtcaa ctatgtggag ttaagaagga ggtctgacat aggactgtct tgaaagcaga     76440
     tttggaatgg gtcttcttaa ttttagacct agcttcacta cagtttcaga ggtgtcacct     76500
     atcaacagta tataagattt ttagaggtaa tctatagtat ctcaacctcc ttagtgctgt     76560
     gacctttaat acagttcctc ttgttgtggt gacccccaac cataacatta tttttgttgc     76620
     tatttcataa ctgtattgtt atgaattata gtatagatgt ctggattttt ctatggtctt     76680
     aggtaacccc tgtgaaatga tcatttatta gctagagggg tcacgaccca caggttgaga     76740
     accactgata tagagaaaat tgtatatctt actgtttttt ccattgttga gttaggattg     76800
     gattttgttt acctaagtca gctactctgc tcgagcacac acacacacac acacacacac     76860
     acacacacac acacacacat cggtacctat ctatctatct acctacccac ctatgttttc     76920
     caccttccag tatttttttt tgccttctct tttttcctct ggtttatgtg tttttccctc     76980
     cttttccttc tctttttttc cttcttacct tttaagaaat cctttaactg tagttatggt     77040
     gagatctgga gtaggattag aggctgcctt atgtttcttc ttcacaaaaa actccaagca     77100
     tgaaatttgc tgcaatctac aatatactat cctgaactga tcttactaaa agctttagtt     77160
     cacttttaaa atattgattt gcttttctag gtgtcatcct ttacagtttc agccatcaaa     77220
     atctcacaag aaagttttga aaaaaatgct gaaatttctg gctaaaggag agatctcgaa     77280
     aggcaattgt gagggtaaga tgagatctgg tctggaaact gtttgctgtg aacattaaaa     77340
     tgtatctttc caaggctccc cctttcacat gtctaattca ggtcaagcag gggaaggagg     77400
     cttttataaa ataatcctat gctaatatca taaggccagt gatggagcga taccaccatc     77460
     tgcctcacta gaccctccag taaggatgta gtgagtacgt gctaacagag cctgccttta     77520
     aaagaaaatt aagggtcatt gtaaaatgtt gtgagttttt aaattgaagt gttttattca     77580
     aatgctttga caacccgtct gctcaaatga gggagagatg actcagcagg taactgcact     77640
     gctgtgcaag cctgacttcc tgggttggtc ctggagacca gatgaaaagc cggaaatagt     77700
     gttgtgtagc ccctgcgttc ctagtgaaga tgggagctgg agatgagaga attgccccaa     77760
     ggttgcagtt caggacatag gcccggagtg cccagcacag cataagtgag acactcattt     77820
     acaaacaagg tagaaggcaa tggctaactc ctgaaagttg tcttctgtct tccacacaaa     77880
     cattacacaa aggcattaca aacgcacagt agaaaaaaat tgcttttttt tcactaaaca     77940
     gtattttatg aagttgtctt agttatctga tcaattttaa attgtcagtg ccttccctat     78000
     acctaaaagt ttattagtat catttacttt attttacttt ttcagatttt cttttcagtg     78060
     ttttaacttt taaacctttt aagttctcct ataattgata cctaatttgg ggagtgtcac     78120
     tctctgaact ctttctcact attgccatag gaagcaccta gtcctgggag ctccctactc     78180
     tagtttagct tattcactca ttccacaagt aggttttcaa tgcctgtggg tgttgtggta     78240
     actgtgttga ccactggaaa gacaatggct gcccaagcag gtacgttctt tgggttccat     78300
     ggattgtcct agagtaggtg tggcttagct gggatcagca gaggccagaa gacttggttt     78360
     tagagattat gtgctagtta gaaccttgga aatagttttg gtctacctct gatggactat     78420
     tatgtataca taattgtaag aaataagttt tgaatttctt ttcgtgttta gaaatcacag     78480
     tccataggta aattgatgcc ctatgttttc atgtgacttg tacatttggc tttttgttta     78540
     acttgttaga gacttctcaa ctgtgtctaa aactgttatt ataggcagtg atagagtcac     78600
     taggccatgg gggaggggtt gaaatcttag gttacaattt tctttgagac aagatttgtt     78660
     atatcagttg ggtatatccc attcttggga gcttgagcac agctggtgcc gtgactttta     78720
     ttctcctgtt agagcactgt gtcatggatc tggctgctgt agtaacagga ttacttacag     78780
     ttatataatt ctaaatgtgt caataatgca gctgatgatg ggctttcatt gtcttctcat     78840
     tcttagatga gcccatggat tctacagtgg aggatgctgt tgacggtgac tttgcattaa     78900
     ttaacaagct ggatataaag tgtgatctca aaacactcag tgacctcaaa ggaagcatag     78960
     agagtgaaga gaaggagaaa gaaaagagta taaagaaaga agggtctaaa gaattcattc     79020
     atccacaatc tatagaggag aagttgggct ctggtgaacc atcacatcca atcaaagttc     79080
     atattggtcc taagccaggt agtgtaaatt ttgtatcact tgatagttat actagagact     79140
     tcggttagat tttcatgtgt tgtgattttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tgccgggagg     79200
     ggggtaagtt tttttctccc ctcccctccc ctcccctccc ctcctctctt ctcttctttt     79260
     ttttttaact tggtttttaa agacaggttt ctctgtatag ccctggctgt cctggaactc     79320
     actctgtaga ccaggctggc cttgaactca gagatcagcc tgtttctgct tcctgagtgc     79380
     tgggattaaa ggaatgctac actacacttg gcttggggaa aaatcttaat cagattagct     79440
     aattatttat ttgaggacag ttaaggttac tttagggtag atgcatgttc tttcaggaaa     79500
     tatataatgt ctaggttact cagtttgttt ttttttaaaa gatctatcta ttttatttgt     79560
     tagtatattg tagctgtctt cagacacacc agaagagaga agcagatctt attacagatg     79620
     gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgctgggaat tgaactcagg acctctggaa gagcagtcag     79680
     tgctcttaac cacggagcca tctttccagc cccaggttac tcagttttta ttggttacaa     79740
     tagggtgcat taatacatgg ttttaaaaat tagaacagaa ttcatcaacc tgaactctgt     79800
     gaacacagag tgtaattgga gacagaatat gttaaaatga gcaaggattt tttttaaaag     79860
     atttgtttat ttttatatat gtaactacac tgtagttatc ttcagacact ccagaaaaga     79920
     ggatcaaatc ccattataga tggttgtgag cgaccatgtg gttgctggga attgaactca     79980
     gcactcctgg aagagcaacc agtgctctta accactgagc cttctttcta gccccaagga     80040
     ttcttcataa ttacaagaaa tactacaaca atcacccacc aaagtttgtt ctagattcaa     80100
     aatgtcccca gaaatgtggg ccatagaggt agaagatcct tcaagtgttg atttctacag     80160
     aagcagaaga gtgggcaggt atttaggatg ggcgaatgga tggaagaatg aatgaacaga     80220
     tgaattcatt aagagcacat ttgtgtgacc tttgccttct ttgacagcta acttgggtag     80280
     aattttaatg atcctgtaaa acttgattgt gaactctttg gacttagtct atgtatctat     80340
     agtatttgaa ggagacattt ctagaggcaa atgccattgg tctaatattt tgtcattctt     80400
     cttaggcaaa ggggctgact tgagtaagcc tccatgtcgg aaagcaaggg aaatgaggaa     80460
     agaaaggcaa agattaaaac ggatgcagca ggcctcagct gcagcctcgg aggctcaagg     80520
     tcagccagtc tgtttgttac caaaggctaa atccaaccag cccaagtcac tggaagattt     80580
     gatttttcaa tctttaccag aaaatgcatc gcacaagtta gaggtacttg gagggctttt     80640
     gtgactggtt gcattgtgtt ttgtgttggg gacttatttt ctttgcacta atacttatca     80700
     gttaatgttt tactgtttag catttctgtt ctcataagtc aactgctata tgagaaagtt     80760
     cttgagcttt tgaaaatatt ttaggcagct agttttaaaa aattcatttg tagtgtgttt     80820
     ttaagcagga tatgctggct ttttgtgtta cttgattgca attaagtagt ttataaaacc     80880
     agaaatatta taaaattaat tttatcttag aaattaaaat ggtgaaagat aatttagata     80940
     ttaaaagact agaacacaat aaacaaattg gttttatcat ctatgttttg atcaagatag     81000
     cactgttgcc atatatatac aaacctgtac taagttatcc tattctccta gtcagggtta     81060
     cggtgcaacc ttttatatac gctgtgatga caccatgacc acagagcaag ttggagatga     81120
     gttttttagc tatactttct acatcactgt tcatcactga aggcaatcag gattcaactc     81180
     aagcagggca ggaacctgga ggcaggagct gatgaagagg ctgtggaggg tgttgctcag     81240
     ccccctttct tatagaactc aggacaccag cctagggatg gcaccacttg caatggggtg     81300
     ggtcctttct tatcaatcat taatttaaaa aatgccctac aaccagatat tataggaaca     81360
     ttttttcaat ttcaattagg tttcctgtca gataactcaa gcttgtgtca agttgacata     81420
     aaattagcca gcacctacca aactaccaaa atcctttctc attaagaaat cccaaagcca     81480
     ggcgtggtgg cgcacgcctt taatcccagc acttggcagg cagaggcagg tggatttttg     81540
     agtttgaggc cagtctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa     81600
     accctgtctc gaaaaaccaa aaaaagaaaa agaaatccca gccaaggggg ctggagagat     81660
     ggctcagcag ttaagagcac ctactgctct tccgaaggtc ctgggttcaa atcccagcaa     81720
     ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atctgtaatg agatctgctt ccctcttctg gtgcatctga     81780
     agacagctac agtgtactta gatataataa taaataaatc tttaaaaaaa aaagaaatcc     81840
     cagccaattt agctaaaagt tttatgccaa attcccactt tttctcatat tttaacaaca     81900
     aattaaaaat ttcaatatta tgtattaaaa ttattttaaa aacattagcc ataatgatgt     81960
     aaaaatattc tcctgcttga tttgaatttg tagcttaata tccaaggaca ttaatgctaa     82020
     tcttaatggg gctgaagtga tggctcagtg agaaagagtg aagacttcag tttgaatctc     82080
     tagctccata tatttatgag tgtgtgtgtg cctgtaaccc cgatttcggg gggtctaggc     82140
     agtaggatat ccgagcttgt tgggtagcca acttacctag ccaaaatggt gagcttctgg     82200
     tccagtgaga ggcattggtc tgtaaagcag tggagctgca ttcagcttgc taaacgcagg     82260
     catgtgtacc cgtgcacact cagcgcatgc accacaggca cggacacacg acaaacttta     82320
     acaactttgg ctattacaac tacttgttac tttgatactg ttactaactt tcttctttcc     82380
     agaattgtag agaattgaat atactactta aattacaaaa cggtctttat cctttgacca     82440
     taaatagggt attcagggaa tcagccacac ctcaaataac agttctgtag gtctcagcgg     82500
     ttacattttt aatgtggtag tacccaggat ttgaagaatt tgttatttgc tgggtgtcac     82560
     tctttttcct ttgccaacat gaaatgcccc attatgtcct cattgtattg catttaattt     82620
     ccttttgctg ctattttact aatgcatctt aactgttagt aattaatgtt aagataaatg     82680
     tcagctagtc ttgtgcagag ttaccatttt taatttatcc ttatttaagg cttgtcctga     82740
     aagttttgat tatttgtcca agatgttgac attgtaagat aatcataaag gaaacataat     82800
     agtgcattta actctacagc gacatgcacg tttgtgagag tttcctctca tagttacaca     82860
     gttgtaagtt tacttactag tgatgaataa aggtacccaa aatatattta cagtttttag     82920
     tgtttctgac tgattgactt ttagtaaatt gtggacaact aaaattcgag agtgtttgtg     82980
     ttatcataac taagaggaac ctgtcagttt acagtagagc taggtgtttt taatttgtca     83040
     gtggtaaggc ttaaatttag agggaacctt cttttgcttt ctttaagtag actgtagatt     83100
     gtagcaataa ctttttcttc atttgctaac tttgctgatt tttaatgtta aaatacatgt     83160
     ttatgcttta atattatttg aaacatggtc ttttgattga acgtctctgt tagtgcatat     83220
     tctgtagaat tgaaccagtg aatgaattaa taataaacac tgttttttaa ctccttctga     83280
     aggtgagggt ggtaagatct tctccaccaa gtcctcagtt cagagccaca tttcaggagt     83340
     cttaccaggt ctataaacgc taccagatgg ttgttcacaa ggacccgcct gataagccaa     83400
     ccgtgagcca ggtcagcagg ccacgcgtga cattcgctgg ctgtaattgt actatattct     83460
     tgtttataac taatttgtag cataactgca caaagataag actgagtgag tggacattct     83520
     gtaaatgtga attcactact gtcatgtgtt aggtgccagt cacacagagt ttcaaagtag     83580
     aaagtcatat gccacattgc tttcattcaa agctgctgtg tatttatcta tatttatcta     83640
     caaatcagtc atgtggcttc aagataaata cccatgagaa gaaggtgcgc ttggcctggt     83700
     gtgttgctat gcttcatcca cgtttgaaag tcatctagag agttcatagc agctcagtta     83760
     tttcttatta atggaatacc cctatataaa agagatggac tggaaaagga agaaggtaga     83820
     ggtctttaat agactccttg tccacttaca attttatata gaagatgatt tcaaaagaag     83880
     aaaaacaaca tctgggaatg aaaaaagcct gaagcacctc attcagtaga ggtggcagac     83940
     gtgctggctg agaccagttc gcagcagtag ccgttagtgt atgtgacagt actgctggta     84000
     aacagagaaa aaccaaagta caaacaaatt gtctgtctgg ctcttgtgag ttcaggttgt     84060
     cctgaatgtt ggtagaaagt tggcacttag gcctgtgcca ttccattcca ttcctgctgc     84120
     tttatggcaa accccagggc tgaactttgg aagtggtttg cagagatctt cctctagcct     84180
     caccttcaga aagaagtgtg tcaacaggta gagttggttc aatagcattg gcttgtgttt     84240
     tccttgccct gaaggtgagg ctagtacctg cctcctttga ggacccagag ttcaactcat     84300
     ccttcaacca gtccttttct ttatatacca agtatcaagt ggctatacac caggaagcac     84360
     ctgaaatatg tgaaaagtct gaggtactgt ctcttaaaca ttttttccct atattgacaa     84420
     ggttgtcaag aagcatgatc tatcttaact attaagtaga gctgattgat tactctgagc     84480
     atctcttact gagctttgtg gaaaagattc agacctagca ttttgaatcc tttaataaaa     84540
     aatgtaaatt caaaaagttt ttccaccagg aacctgaata cagcattatt agggttttgt     84600
     cctgcagcct aagtcagcac acatttactg actatacctt gaagtggaag aagcagacct     84660
     gttgagattg ttgtatagag catcatctaa caagcacttt ttgaggttct ccactttcca     84720
     tgttgtagat cttaaatgag tgagagattc taccattgta acagggatag aggtgtgttg     84780
     ggataaagga accgacaggt gcagaggtgg cactgagtcg ggcatgggca gatgggtagg     84840
     agtatgtgtg gcctgaagga gagaagagaa gggtgttgtt ggcagctgtt cagccttgct     84900
     caacagcacg gtggctgaag tacacagtgt gcttgggaac cactccttgg ctgtgtgtaa     84960
     ggcagtagag gcaatgaata agctgcgcag tttacgttag gagcaagact tctttttaaa     85020
     gttattttgc aagcatgaaa cccttcaact ctgttaatca ctcagcagtt ctcaacatgc     85080
     tgccatcttt gctttgtctc cctcttcatg ttctttgtta ttatgttgga ttattttgct     85140
     ccaaatcttg gccactgtac cattttgtct gtaagtactt tagtatatat cttagtaaaa     85200
     atgtttgata atgagctaag acaatctagg aagatttaaa aacatgtgta gaatacttta     85260
     gtacttaaga aagatcaact taggaggcta gagagatggt tcagtgctta agagcactga     85320
     ctgctcttcc agaggtcctg agttcaattc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc     85380
     cgtatataaa gggatccgat gccctcttct ggtatctgaa gacagctaca gtgtactcat     85440
     gtaaataaaa taactaaata actaaatacg tctttaaaaa aaagcgccta atctagaatt     85500
     tatcccgtgg attttacctc tggaaaagaa gccacttctc cagccccaat atttacttat     85560
     ttttatccct tttctcagtt tatgaaaggc attaacattc caggtctact tcagacctat     85620
     actaacttta ttccttataa attatttctg tggttctagt ttcttttgtc tagtcccttt     85680
     ttgtgccatt ctgttactgt taacacaagt ttcatgtatg tttgttataa gtcagttata     85740
     ttttatataa tttaaatata atttatagtt ataaaatatt tctgttttat acaattgttt     85800
     ataattttat ttaaattaaa aatataatta tattttatac aattaatttt atataatgcc     85860
     ttggagctag aaaaatcagg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac     85920
     aaaccaaaaa ccaaaccaaa acaaaaaaaa gactagtgtc acttctctac tatagtttta     85980
     cccctgtcca gttttattac agccttattg tcactgcatt cattcctgtt gtatatgtta     86040
     ctgccccaac caaaaaagcg tgcacaagct atttttatag ttgcttgccc tggtgtgtga     86100
     gagcctctgt tagaggctca gccttaggca tgggtatagt ccctcagtga cagtgcttca     86160
     gtagtgtttg cctcttccct tggtctttct aaatgtttgc ttctgttggt ttcataagca     86220
     gcttctctac tctactggtt gatttgtttc cagcagtacc ttggggagaa cgttgctctg     86280
     cagtcagaag taattaaatg tgggtttctt ggctggggaa gttttgaggg cagtcactga     86340
     ggttgctgtg atctgagaag gttcctttct gcttctctgt ggtaagccac tggcctacag     86400
     gttagctgtt gctcagaagg aacctttggc ttcctaattg cttaccacca taatctctgc     86460
     tcttgtcaag acttttaatg ctgcaacacc cttagactcc atcccacatg tagctggttt     86520
     ctttgggcag agagaagcat ctatctccct tccttcctct cttgctcaac actcatttga     86580
     cctgtgcaga attgttctgg gtgtttttgt gtgtttgttt ttttgacatt cccgaataag     86640
     ttattttcaa gacctgtaca catttccaag ctttggtctt ctaagatgaa tacattggaa     86700
     tgctgcctcc caggatgctc cccctgactt catgatagtt ctgtgtaagg aggtggtttc     86760
     tgcttcacgt gggttccttt tcttgctgca tcctcatcct gggacttaat tgttactgta     86820
     catgccacgt tgctgttctc tctgtggggc tggctgctga aagggatttg ggcatgttgc     86880
     tttgttcttc ctagttgtca ggtatgtttt atatggggaa aaagctaatt tttacatgga     86940
     cttcaagaga cattgtatat atagtttcag ttttctttag gagcaaataa ctagcgttcc     87000
     tgttttcagt gagataaaaa gaaaagccaa aagtattaat ttttttttct ttaaaaaaaa     87060
     ttcttttcca tgggagaact acttgccttt tttgcttttc tgtttatgaa atttaaacta     87120
     acagtctgtc attagtatac atactccatt ttggctgtgt tgtcaatcat ataataactc     87180
     cttaaaatcc cagtttgttt cctttttgag aaatttgata agaggataaa tataacttag     87240
     atttcctggt aacagttcag ttttttttcc ttcaaaagca tctttaggaa tgtatcatgt     87300
     agctgctcat agaaagtcac atagggttca tagctcactc cagtatatat tccaggatga     87360
     ttttcattca ggaagatgtc agatttgcag aaaataatat ttataaataa aataggtgat     87420
     ttgtgaccta ccttgtgtat aatacagtat aaagacaaca tttaagaatt tttgcttttg     87480
     gggctggaga gatggctcag cggttaaaag cactgagtgc tcttccagag gaactgagtt     87540
     caattcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca accatctgta atgagatccg atgacctctt     87600
     ctggtgtgtc tgaagacagc tgcagtgtac tcatatacat aaaaacataa ataaatctta     87660
     aagaaaagag aatactggct ttctaaaaac caagtttttt ttttttatta cgtattttcc     87720
     tgaattacat ttccaatgct atcccaaaag tcccccatac cctacccccc aaaaccaata     87780
     gttttatgta gataagagtt tttttttttt ggctagaaat ttaatgttga tttctagaaa     87840
     aatgctatta tttaataaaa attacagttt ttcttaaagt aactacagtg actcttctag     87900
     ctcttcttaa ttatctaaaa gtctgtagtc acagtcgcgg tggcctcaga tttcatacta     87960
     actggttgtt ttcccgattc tgttaggagc gttattcaac acagaaacgc tgatggagtg     88020
     ctgtcctcat gcctgtgcat ccatccgtcc tctaagtgga accgtgctct ttcccttcgc     88080
     tttatctttc tgtgtgaagc attttaactt acacatttga cgtgtcactc ctaaattctt     88140
     tagcatgcat tttttaaaag ggaaacattt ttctgtataa cacaacataa ctataatcct     88200
     tagaaaattt actttcatta ttaactgtgt tggtgtatag ctgtagttcc agtacttgga     88260
     aggcagaggt aggaggattg ccttgaattt gaggctactc tggtctacaa tgctcttaac     88320
     tgctgagcct cttcaccagc ctccaacatg ttacgtttta aaatttgtga tttgatgact     88380
     aaagaaaaga aaagaaaaag tctgaacatt ggctgctctt gcaaatgacc tatgttctat     88440
     tctcagcacg cacatagtag ctcaaaactg tctgtaactc tcgttctagg ggatccagtg     88500
     ccctcttctg gcctccatgg gcaccaggca cccacatgat gcataggcat acatgtaggc     88560
     aaaaacactc aagcacataa aaaaataaaa cttaagaaag tctctaagct agttggtctt     88620
     ttaagaacct gtatttaggg tttatttact agtaattata gttttaacat taaatgtttt     88680
     tttacctgtg aaagagttaa actgtcttta ggtaaattta tttcattgaa acagatctta     88740
     catatccagg ctggccttag cttgcagtat agctaaggct aacctttaac ttctcgatat     88800
     cctgctgctg tctcctgatt atgagattat aggggttcta ggcaattact ctatcaatta     88860
     agctgcagct ccagtgcctg taggtgagtt aaagaatatt gaggcataat gtatatacag     88920
     aagagtgtgc ataagtgcac acacatttga attcttgaga aatggattag tagggctgga     88980
     tgcagtgata cactacttta atcccagagg ctggtgggtt tctgtgtgtt caaagctagc     89040
     ctggggaaca taatgagttc caggatagcc aactctatgt agagagaccc tgtctgaaaa     89100
     acaacaaaac aaaataaaaa gccaaaaata ccaaccaacc aaccaaaatg aaactgatta     89160
     ctctggctta gcagttcctt ctccattctt gtcatcacta gtactttctg gtttgttttc     89220
     aaatatttat tttctacatt aaattgtgtg catgtgagga ggagtatgta cgtgtcattt     89280
     caggtgcctg cagaggacag aggagttgga tctccctgga gctggtgtta caggcagttg     89340
     tcagctgcat gatgtggttg ctagggactg aatttcattc ctttgcaaga gcagcaagta     89400
     ttcttaacaa ctgccatctt tccagctctg gatctacaat tagcttgttt tagtgtgaat     89460
     gggagtatta ggtttttttg ttttgtttgt tttgtttttt taatgtgtga aggtattttg     89520
     cctatacaca cctacacaga tgtgtgcagt gcctacagag gttaaaagag gtcattggat     89580
     cctctggaac tggagttgaa acagtatgat cctccgtatg ggtactggga gttgagcgtg     89640
     ggccctctgg aagatccagc gcttttgact gccgagtcat ttctccagcc tccaggacag     89700
     tttttcctca ttcaactgta aatgcataat aactcacctc gttcttttct gtttttatta     89760
     aaatatttga gacagagcct cattatacag ccgtggctag agctgaacat gccctacaga     89820
     cagctaggct ggccttgcac tcactgggat ttacctccct gtgcctcagt gctagggtta     89880
     aaggtgcgca ccatcacatc gtactttttg gtttactttt tttttttttt ttttttaatc     89940
     ttttaaaggg ctttaaaaat gaacacgtga ttttttaaga gcagttttag gttaaagact     90000
     ttctttaaat gttaaaaatt cttgtggttt ctaggcaaac tacagcatgg ggtttcagtt     90060
     tttattttga agttttatct ttgactttaa aaggtatatc tggagtttga atttctactt     90120
     tatagttaag acattttaaa agtggtgggc tctcctttag caccgtcagt tctggaagtc     90180
     tcgtttctct tgccgccatt tagaaactgc agtatctgta aagaagctct ggtgatttaa     90240
     cgcttgtgaa tgtgtttctg cttttgattt gtgatgtagt cttgtttgaa tttgaaattt     90300
     gtagtgattg gtattagagg ctggtttgct ttcaccaaga gatcatttta aaacttaact     90360
     tgttgacctc cctatgacag gccagggtgt aagtagacct ccacttctgg gaataattat     90420
     gggaaaatta tttatagtca agtactcatg attgggcagc ccgtgtgcca aaggggaaga     90480
     ggtccctctg ggttctttct gaccatcaga caggaaagga tctggtggag tgttgatttg     90540
     ctgtcttact cgagccacca gacctgaaac acctttgctg tccctttgct tagtgttctt     90600
     cctgtgtgat gtgtagcttg gtatttcagc cccaggagta tgaaaaacac tgttcgtgtt     90660
     tgctagatat gatttgctct gaggaagtaa agtgcaagta caagcgattt atcatgtgtg     90720
     aatgacttaa agctcttaat gccacctaac tcagaagagc ttccagcttc ggagtccctt     90780
     actagttcta ctctattgta tttaacgtat caaagactga acatctgtca gttgtgcaga     90840
     gacaaatcac acattgtcac atactgcttg tatagatact gtactctagt ttatagtaag     90900
     ctgaattatg atggcaggat ctgagtggtt tgaatttggg gaagatagag gagattgaac     90960
     ctagagtctc aggctacgca tgtcctctac ctttgaagta tacccatgac ctctaaacaa     91020
     aaaaattaag ctgggcgtgg tggtgcacac ctttaatccc agcactcggg aggcagaggc     91080
     aggcggattt ctgagttcga ggccagactg gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg     91140
     gctacacaga gaaaacctgc ctccagaaac caaaaacaaa caaacaaaaa aattaaaacc     91200
     tgagttaact tcaatacagt ggaagtctta gttaatttaa taataataaa aaatactttt     91260
     tatgagcggt tccaaagtca ggactcaata gtatagtgta gcccatcata aactgtaaga     91320
     atttgctatt gataatactt aaattgccaa aggcttttta cttctaacat ttaagaaatg     91380
     aattacattt acttaaattc attgttgcaa aggtattctt gaatttccag cataatgtta     91440
     ttagtatttt gaggggagat acaaagtgag ttcaagctag ttcagggaac atttatttgt     91500
     tcttacaatt tctgttgttt aaaatttcct aaaagttgtc ttagatcaca agtcagcgtc     91560
     atgtataaca ttagagataa gttcttcata attatatgta gctgaacttt tcttgcatat     91620
     aatagagaat taaagaattt atctaaagaa ctgcagatgg ttagtgcagg gcagcatgta     91680
     gaagttagaa ctttttacgt aaaaccatgg ggctgttatg ttggagggtt gaagatggcc     91740
     taaataatta atatagaata accagcatca atgaatgaag tattgaacta aacaaatttt     91800
     ccaaataatt aaagcattct gtgatctctg aaaatttaaa atgactgtcc tcccacagtg     91860
     tactttgttc ttgtctgtgc tcaaacagaa cgcttggcag gacctgcctg ttgacagtga     91920
     ctttcatgtc tttaggagta ttcttttgct cctgctgtag ttcagtttcc cagtgctccc     91980
     acaaagttac tgctctgtgt cacctcttaa gccttcttgc tttcagttct tgtattagtt     92040
     tgtcaagtat tcaaatttct tttttaattt tttgataata tttgttaaga catgtgttgt     92100
     gtacctccta gtaaggcact gtctccaagg cattagtgca ggtagcaact cagcgaagag     92160
     tcagacggag atcccttgct tttgtgaagc ttcctttggc tgagtaagac tgggaatggt     92220
     cagagatagt cattaaacaa gcataatgaa gtggtagttt gcaggttagc agggcttatt     92280
     ttagaaaagg tagatataaa catggtttag aaatactggt cattagctgg aaaaccaggc     92340
     caccaaattt gttgttagta atctagaaag tggaaaaaga tgcttgagag atgttttggc     92400
     aaataaaaca acttaaaata tttactctgt tttaaattat gtagatgtgc ctttgtgtgg     92460
     atattcgagc acagtgtggc tgaggccaga ggtttcagac accctggagc tggagttact     92520
     ggcagctgtg agccatctaa agtgggtttt gagacaatga cctcaggtct tgcaagtgca     92580
     gtccatgctc ctaaccaagg aaccatctct ctagacccca gacacttctt tgtttcttca     92640
     agttcactgt cacattgttt tcttcagggg tttgtttggt ctttggttga gtacctgaag     92700
     ttttggagca gtgctatgcc tgaatactag ttaggtttaa cttactaagt acaagcatag     92760
     taactactgc aagcaggctg tgcacacttc tgttgttcct gaaagttaag gagtggagcg     92820
     aaatgaaagc tgtgagatga ctgtttggtg tgaaaggatg gccgctcttt ctgaaagttt     92880
     attccattta ttcatttatg agagggattg attgattgta gagcatgtgc tgtgatgctt     92940
     atgtggagtt cagagaacag cttttagctt tggggagtca gctctgcttt tttagatttg     93000
     cttattttag gtgtttgcca gcctgcatgt atgcgtatac accattggtg cttatagagg     93060
     tcagaagagg gcatcagatc tcctgagatt gcagttatgc atggctgtga accaccatgt     93120
     gggtattgga aattgaaccc gagtcctttg caagaacaac cagtgctctt aacctttcca     93180
     gctcctgaca ctaattcacg ataaaccata ttgtctgaga tcaaatgtgt ccagtagtaa     93240
     attgtttggg ttggtgatat gaggcaataa cagtttaatt ccatctgtta ggatcagaat     93300
     attgatgggc tgaggagaac caagggtgag gtataaactg ctcacttttc tgccttaaac     93360
     catagccctc cacttgtttc ctgtgtggct ttaagagagt tcccaatcct tccgttgttt     93420
     ttgctgttaa gttttctatt tgtgcagcgt ggaggaggga atccaacact gtctatgtga     93480
     ggaggaaagc taagatcctc cttgtaaggg cgtctgaccc aggtgtggct tgctgatggc     93540
     gtgcattact gtcaggaggg cgcacatatc cacaccactg atttttcctg agaggtttgc     93600
     aatctggcag ccattgagtt tttctccgct gctgtttctg acaaacagcc tgctctgctg     93660
     cttactcctc tgaccagagc tcactggctt tctcaggaag gtcaggagca aacaaatgag     93720
     actcctgctc cgttcagtca gcattggcaa ataaaagtat tttcttgttg ctttgtgttt     93780
     ccacatacat tagcatattc atttgaattg aaggtcacat gttttatttt attactctct     93840
     ctcttttttt tttccttcaa tgttgagggt tgaacccagg gtctcatata ctttagctgg     93900
     gctaaactcc cagccctagt tttgaacttt agtattatct tttttccaaa agagggaaaa     93960
     taaaattcat caacacataa gaaattttta tgctgttttg actcatcctg ttacaccaca     94020
     ggaaatgtga agagcttggt atgtgcattt cttttcttcc cttagagctg gagaagaagg     94080
     aagaataggt ctctctaggt ttcatctgat ggtagaactt gcttagactt gggctagttc     94140
     ttttggtaaa taaataaata tagggtcaat cattcatgta cttttgcttg ttatcccaat     94200
     ttagaaaaat gttttgacag agctgaaagg cacagcaccc agcattgtta ctgtaacaca     94260
     gaggccaggg agctttgtct agtgaacgag ttttagaatt gacagttttt taagaaacag     94320
     ttggagagaa attcagttgt tgccaagttg taaatgtctc aggaagaaaa aggaaaattt     94380
     gaatgatgtc tagagttctt gacagttgtc ttcctataat aagtaaaagc tgcttttaat     94440
     tttctgagtg ttgagaaatt tacctacagt gagttccaca cattttagtg ggcgcatagc     94500
     tcgtgtgata ggagtgatct tgctatgagt gccatgtgtc tttaggcttt ctcttcaggc     94560
     ctgctttccc attcactcta aggagcttgc caagtgagca ggccttccta ctgatatctg     94620
     atctaaacaa ggaaggtttg tgttcgtgct gcaggaattt ggtatgccaa ataatttagg     94680
     taactgcttg catgatttaa aagttgattt tcttctagtt ggtaattatg aaagtcaaga     94740
     ataatactta tccagagtat aattctgcct tgaagtatgt ccaaaaagag aatctatatt     94800
     tgtgttggtt tataaatatt ggtgcatcct atttctgagc tcttatgtaa cagtcattct     94860
     gaaatagctc aaaaaattta catttacaac atttcctaag ctgggcagtg gtggcacacg     94920
     cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggcggatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct     94980
     ggtctacaga ttgagttcca ggacagccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa     95040
     ccaacaaaac aaaacaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacatttcc aatattcatt tcccctcggt     95100
     tatagaggaa tgtaattctt ttattcacca agttatatga acattttaat ttcttgtatg     95160
     tttctgtcac tatggtagaa agatacctca atgaataaag cacagtcttg cacattctag     95220
     ctaagaaata aaaataaaaa tgaactttag tgttggaata gatgctgata cacaagtatc     95280
     agctgtatgc ttcttggatt cctttacata aatatgggaa atgtatttct tttttttttt     95340
     tttttttttt ttttttttgt ttttttcgag acagggtttc tctgtatagc cctggctgtc     95400
     ctggagctca ctttgtagac caagctggcc tcgaactcag aaatccgcct gcctctgcct     95460
     cccaagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgcgcca ccacgcccgg tggtaaatgt atttcttgta     95520
     gggttttgtt ggcagtgttt tttttttttg ttgttgttgt ttttgttttt ttttttttta     95580
     aagacaggat ttttctatgt agccctggct gtcctggaac ttgctgtgta gactaggcta     95640
     gtatcaaact ctgagatctg cctacctctt gtgttctgag ggctgtgatt aaggcatatg     95700
     ctaccatgcc tacctctgta tcactagttt gagaaaagtc tgtattaatt tccacagaga     95760
     ctggactagt ttttattcct accagcatag aaagaccact gcaatgaaag tttcacaatg     95820
     tagatgaaag aatctgaaga agtctgtgag tcagaaagac ttcctgtgtt cataggttgg     95880
     aagaattcaa attgtggcag tgatagcatc actatcaaaa ttccagcatt gtttttcata     95940
     gaaataggga aaaaaatctt caaattcatt tggaggcatg aagatagcca aagcagtcct     96000
     gagacaaaag aatattgatg atttcaagtt atattacaga ggcatagtaa ccaaacagta     96060
     tgatagtggt gcaaaaatag gttaagctgg gactgaagag atggctcagc acttaagagc     96120
     actgactgct ctttcagagg tcctgagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tggcgttctt     96180
     cccccccgcc ccccatctgt acataagcaa taggttaagc tgatctgcag aacagaacag     96240
     aaggtcacat acaaccacac aagctaaaat aatctcattt tttaataaag acataaaaat     96300
     acatgctgga gaaatgacaa ctttgttaaa aaaatgcatg agattagatt gttgtctcac     96360
     acccttcaca gcaaacaact ccaaatggat cagagattga taataagacc cgtaactctg     96420
     aaactactag agaaactgtt agagaaatag agacatgtag attagaaact attagagagt     96480
     agcagaagat ggcctaatca gccatcattg ggaggagagg cccttggtct tgcaaagatt     96540
     atatgcctca atacagggaa tgccagggcc aggaagtggg agtgggtagg ttggggagca     96600
     gggcgctggg gagggtataa gggactttcg ggatagcatt tgaattgtaa atgaagaaaa     96660
     tatctaataa aaagttgttt aaattaaaaa aaaagaaact attagagaaa acactttaag     96720
     atacagtcat gggaaagggc tttctgaata ggatcctagt tgcctgggaa ataaggccaa     96780
     caattgacaa attggacctc atgataaaaa gctctgtaca acaaaggaag tagttaattg     96840
     aatgaagagg aagcccatcg aaagggagat attcatctga cagaattaat atctcgaata     96900
     tacaaaaaat tctaaacaat agagaaacag acaacttaat caaaacatgg actaaggagc     96960
     tagcagtttg tgaaaaaaga aatacaaatg gccaataaac atgaaaaacg ttccaaccta     97020
     actatccatc agagaggtac aaatcaaagc tatattgaga ttcatcttac tccagtcaga     97080
     ctgtcagtca ttaagaaaat aaataacatc aaatgctaat tttgatttgt gggttttgtg     97140
     gtattttctg cttatcctca atttatatta ttctgacttg tggggaaggt atcttatttt     97200
     tcaaggttgg cttgaattct gtgtgtgatt gtgcatgtgt gtgtagagac tatcttcatt     97260
     cacactccac catatgcttt gagataggat ctctcactga acctgtggtt ttactgaata     97320
     tttttgaagc ctctctagga catatttaga gaatttaggg gtggaagatt tccttttaaa     97380
     gataacctaa atcttagcta tacagtatat tgattttcat atatgtgaat tctcctatag     97440
     tcaccgttca gcataaatga tagaacagtt gcatgctgaa aggtctgttt tctttgatca     97500
     gtatactacc actcagaggt taactactgt agagtaattt taattatttt gcacagataa     97560
     tgagaatctt tcaagaggca tttcaaaagg cagcatcctg tggttgttgg cccatttgtg     97620
     aatcccaagt gttattaatg ccaggattct cttgaagaat tgggtagaaa gcagaactca     97680
     tttttttaaa catttattta ttattatatg taagtatact gtagctgtct tcagaaacca     97740
     gaagagcgtc agatctcatt acagatggtt gtgagccacc accatgtggt tgctgggatt     97800
     tgaactcagg acctccggaa gagcagtcgg ctctcttaac cgctaagcta tctctccagc     97860
     cccgaaagca gaactcatta aaacaaattt ttaagttata atttatttaa gttttaattt     97920
     attttatgtg tttttgccta gaggttagag gacacctggc tgcagttaac tctgtttcca     97980
     tttggatcaa actgggattg tagacttcat ggtagcctag gttcctttac cagcagaaca     98040
     acctcacttg ctccagaaag gaacttttta tttcttttta aatttatgtg tatggttatt     98100
     ctgcttgcat gtatatgtgt gtatcacatt catgcttgac atctataggg gtcacaagaa     98160
     ggcatcagat ctcctggagc tggagttaga ggtggttgtg agccatcata tgggttctag     98220
     gaattgaacc caggtcatct ggaggagcaa caagtgctgt taaccactga gccatctttc     98280
     cgacctccaa taatttgagt tagttggcat ggaccagtgt ttcttaaagt tttgtggaga     98340
     attggttctg tgcagtgttg atagagctta catgaaatat aaagcaagca caagtttctt     98400
     atgatgtaac tttacaaaca ctatattaaa tgaaagtcaa gattttttta aacatgggag     98460
     tccagagtct ttagactatc aggattgctt gtaattgagg taaggcaaag gtgagaaaag     98520
     gcagctgtgg ctgggagaat ttatcaattt acttagacct ggaatcactg aaatggacct     98580
     ggtgtctggc atttatgggg cagcagcttg ggacagtggt ttgactgaaa ttggtttaca     98640
     gattcaaaag aaaaaagggc tgggctggga tagtacatgc atttaatcct agcactcaga     98700
     aggcagaggc aggaggtctc tgagtttgtg gccagtcttt ttacaaattg aggtccagga     98760
     cagccaggct acacaaagaa accctgtttt gaaaaaaacc aaaccaacca aaccagaggc     98820
     acagtgattt aagtgagtca gatgagcata tagatataaa gccaacgaga tcccagttcc     98880
     accagtattt aatgcattat aatataaaga ttttcattgt cgtcacttaa ggttcattga     98940
     ggtttgtttt gtgcagagtt ctggtcagaa tgtagtatat attattaatc tttaacatat     99000
     tgattagaga tatctgtaac atgaatttag ggagtcttta catttttatt attttttaaa     99060
     taataaaaaa atattattat ctaattgtgt tttatgtgcg ttactgtgag ggtaccagat     99120
     cccctggaat tggagttata gacagttttg aagcttttaa ccactgagcc ctctcttcag     99180
     acccacttct tctcataata aacaaccagt tgttttcaga cctttgtttt gactctctat     99240
     tatgtacaaa tctgaccctc tttctcttga gagactttta aaagacactg tgtctttagc     99300
     ttgctcccaa aggcttaact tttttttttt tttctttttt ttgcagtata gtagaaaact     99360
     ttgttccttt gttgaattaa ttttctaaga cttgtacatt catgagagcc acatccatag     99420
     cataaaaatt ctatcctgcc cgacaacaac cagcttaaga tagtgtgaat ataaattgta     99480
     gggcgttaga aaggagtcta aagtgtgact cgacacaatg tagagtggtg gctgatttaa     99540
     gacttccaaa ttcctgagag agctgagaaa tttaccttgc agttgattca gattaatcat     99600
     gatacaattc taaataaaga ctttctaaga ttctctatag tggagacata gaaactgtag     99660
     taaggaagag gtcaagcact gtgagcagtc gagatgcttt ctcgttaaac gaggagatgc     99720
     taggtagttg atctgaacac ttacaggact ggaattgtac ttggatggag acagcttact     99780
     gctttttaaa attaatttgg cttttttgag acagggtgtc actatgtagc tcttgctgtc     99840
     ttgaaacact ttctgtagac caggctggcc tcaaacccac aagagaccca cctgcctccg     99900
     cttttcaaga gctgggatta aaggcgtgca ccattgtgca tgacgcaaaa aaggttttaa     99960
     tgcagtttag ctttataaaa ttgcatttta atgttcagta tattctttaa aacaccagag    100020
     tttaaactgt ggttgcatat taaacagcat ttcaagaaca ttaaaagatt tatctttgaa    100080
     aatttttagt acaaagataa aatagttgat cataatttga ctgtatttct gacaaaatta    100140
     gaagtgtgta cttctctatt ctttcttttc ctcctttaaa acaagtagca cgtctcagta    100200
     caagagggaa tttcttaaat gtaacatact ttggagggca ctttgtattg taagaccccc    100260
     tttcggggac ccctactcta gtctcgggag tgtgagagca cccaaagaaa catgaagacc    100320
     caacttgctg taattacatg aggacgttta attacagagc tccggaccga catgtatccc    100380
     acacaggaga taactgatgc cggccacgag gctcgaaagc tagggggttt tatggggtaa    100440
     ggggcttagg ggtgtggaat tcagcacagc gacacactat tggcttattc aaacattaac    100500
     agaaagatta cagtgcatca ggactttgtt cctgtgggct gggggcttat ctttgttcac    100560
     atagcaacca gttgatgtgt gacttttacc aaggggcaat agacagaggg gagattccgg    100620
     ccagatggtg ttgactcaga taatatagcc ctgctatgtc ttcacagccc cctttatctt    100680
     gtggtcaaga tgttcccagg aatgttttaa ctacgaggca tacccaggtt tggttttctc    100740
     ttttctcagc cccaggcagc ctctaggctc acaaacaacc agcaatttct gagtacttta    100800
     tatgacttac aggccttgaa atttcatctt tctttcagta cttggagtac tatttaggac    100860
     atcagggtag gcattgtttg cctctctaga gctgttagaa ggtggtggga ggcagccgac    100920
     cggtgatggt gagggtagtg ggtaccaggg ctagaaatca gagtgcctct tcccaagcaa    100980
     ggtgaaccaa ttgctaggaa aaacaaatgt tgatgtaaac ttccttcctt tccttccctc    101040
     tctccctccc tacctccctt tgtttagaag tttaaaggat ttttaaattg gaaatgatgc    101100
     attgtatgtt gaattttgaa tatagaccat aactgttgat gctattttat tgggagtttc    101160
     tgcctctccc atttagttct cgagtaaaag acatagaaac ctggtatttt atttacaagc    101220
     tgcttgcact gtgctgagca ggttctgagc tataatttgt cacccgagtc ttgctgtttc    101280
     atgggtgtcc tcagtgcaag cttcctttgg acatgtgctc atggtccatt ctgcctcttg    101340
     gtgacctcct cctcctcctt ctctcttctt cctcttgtgt ttttcttacc tgaaaacccc    101400
     ctactatagt cctgccttcc tctctctcct gcacagtcac agtccctaac cttttattaa    101460
     tcagagactg gggaatgggg aatattcttt atgcacattg gcttatccag tgccccaaga    101520
     tcaggttgta gtctggagag ggccacagag ttcagcttct gaatacacag cccacaagac    101580
     taataccaac agatattctt tgattgttat gtcttaaaat tcaagatgag ggacccgaag    101640
     tatgacttag tggttaagag agtgtacttc ttttccagag accctgagtt tggctctcag    101700
     cacccatgtg gggttgctca caactttttg tagctccagc tccaggagag acacatgcat    101760
     atgggcatgc taattacgga atacaaaatt ttaaatttaa ggtagttgac agttacaatt    101820
     ttatacacat ttaagtgaat taaatttatt tacttaaaat ttacatgtct gataaaaagc    101880
     tgaatttcca gttaagtttt tcctgattta aattataaag attttttttt ccagaaagaa    101940
     tctttaaagt ggataggtag ataaggaata tagattgata aagaaggtaa ctatattttg    102000
     cgtcctattg tttctggagt gatgaaatac atttctataa gtcagtaagg aactttatac    102060
     aacatggtaa aatgtttatt ttctcaacag gactgactat tttgagtacg attgtataaa    102120
     ccgttaacta gcatgagtgt acccatgtta gaaatagtga gggattaata tggcttactt    102180
     actatggtcg tagtaattta ttttaaagga cttaaatatt tagtagcttt aatttcacaa    102240
     caaaattgaa catagtcatt ttcttacctt gaccagtggt taatgattaa tacaatcagg    102300
     atttctattc ctgcattaac atcatgacca agaagcaagt tggggaggaa agggtttatt    102360
     ccgcttacac ttccacattg ctgttcatca ccaaaggaag tcagacagga actcaaacac    102420
     aggagctgat gcagaggcca tggagagatg ttctttactg gcttgcttcc tctggcttgc    102480
     tcagcctgct gtcttataga acccaagact accagcccag ggatggtccc acccacaagg    102540
     ggcctttccc cctagatcac taattgagaa aatgccttac agctggatct catggaggca    102600
     tttcctcaac tgaagctcct ttctctatga taactccagc tgtgtcaagt tgacacaaaa    102660
     ctagccagta caattgaccc cttgtcaact tgacacacaa acgcatcact agtaagcctc    102720
     aacccttaca ttcttattca tcctcaaggt ctaaataact ttaaatgtcc cacagtcttt    102780
     acatattctt aaaatttcaa tctctttaaa atatccatct cttttaaaat ccaaagtctt    102840
     tacaattaaa agtctcttaa ctgtgggctc cactaaaata gtttcttcct tcaagaggga    102900
     aatatcaggg cacagtcaca atcaaaaaca aaaataaatc tccaaccatc cagtgtctgg    102960
     gatccaactc acaatcctct gggctcctcc aagggcttgg gtcacttctc cagccatgcc    103020
     ctttgtagca cacgtgttgt cctctaggct ccgaatgcct gtactccact gctgctgctg    103080
     ctcttggtgg tcatctcgtg gtactggcat ctccaaaaca ctgcatgacc ccttcagtcc    103140
     tgggctgcca attgcaactg agattgcacc ttcaccaatg gccttccatg gcctctcaca    103200
     gtgccgagcc tcagctgctc tgggtgaccc tttcatgctt tcaaaaccag taccacctga    103260
     gtgaccctta cacattacca agtcccgctg cagcatgagt acaaccttgg ctatctctgg    103320
     aacacagcct ctttgtgctt tcagaaaaca cttcccagaa gatgtcacct caacgatgct    103380
     ggtctcttct taatcactgc taatttctta gctccagcta accatcatca atagttccag    103440
     taatgcaaag tttttgcttt agtagttctg gtatcttgtt aatcacagct gattcttcag    103500
     ccccagctaa ccataactac agaatcttca caatcaaaac agcaatggcc ctgaaaagag    103560
     tctttaattt tccctctgaa atttcacaag ccagacctcc atcttctgca ctgttctcaa    103620
     cattatcttc caagctccta cacaacatct gacagagctc ttaacaatgg atggatcttc    103680
     aagcccaaag ttccacagtc ctccccaaaa catggtcagg ttgtcacagg aataccccac    103740
     tatgctggta ccaatttgtt ttagtcaggg tttctattcc tacacaaaca tcatgaccaa    103800
     gaagcaagtt ggggaggaaa gcttacaatt ccatactgct atttatcacc aaggaagtca    103860
     ggacaggaac tcatacaggt caggaagcag gagctgatgc agaggccatg gagagatgtt    103920
     cttcactggc ttgcttcccc tggcttgctc agcctgctct tttatagaac caagactacc    103980
     agcccaggga tggtcccacc cacaaggggc ctttccccct tgatcactaa ttgagaaaat    104040
     gccttacagt tggatgtcat ggaggcattt cctcaactga agctcctttc tctgtgataa    104100
     ctccagctgt gtcaagttga cacaaaacta gccagtacaa tgatgctatt tgttgaaagg    104160
     aatctgtttc tatagtcagt cttagtgggt atacaacggt cattttgtca tttatatttc    104220
     aagatatcag catttatact gagaacctaa cctgtatagg tctttttttt cttaggcctt    104280
     ctcagggtaa gtgattgatt gaaatggaac aaagcaacag gttttgtctt cctactgatg    104340
     gaaaggaaac atttctggaa tctttatcat gtcataggag tagtatacat gtgtgttgtg    104400
     ctttgttaac tctgtttgct acttcaaggt tgaaagctct tatgtgtttc atattttggc    104460
     agttcaaaca ggataaggat ttcaaatttc ttattttgaa aacttggtat cactaatgtt    104520
     aacagatatg cttgctaagg ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tattattgaa    104580
     ttcaagaaga cgttagcttc cttagatagt attttcatag ttctcgtttg ttatttaaag    104640
     tgactgctat ctttcttgat tgatgcatca gttgctacta gcctaggctg ggccacttac    104700
     aaattcaaag gcatgtatat aatgtaggtg acatagacat atagtagtaa catagaaacc    104760
     ttaaaatagc aaagagaata caaatttgtt attccccctt ttctccactg ttaaaatgat    104820
     ctagtgtctt aattggcact ttctgttata gggagaagga gaattgattc ttagattgag    104880
     ctattgcaaa agaccccaag accatacaat ttccattttt atagaattgt gtcataccag    104940
     cattataaaa acagcatttt ggtgtatttt atactttcag aaaaggtttg tcaatagaat    105000
     tatgtttgat attgaagaaa attttcacag tatcaatatt ttaatgcatc ttatagtcta    105060
     gaacctagtt gatactagta actttgatat gccccgagtt attttaggag tatatttgta    105120
     taatttggga aggatgtagc tgatacttta ctgtattaag gggagtttct tgtagaaaac    105180
     ctaaacattc actgagtgga gctaatcata catgaaggag tcctctgtct tgctctctta    105240
     cctcattagt ttagtatgag tagtcgggtt ttaatcaact ctgttactta cctcagcacc    105300
     tttcgtcagt ggtgtagaaa gaaatcccag acgttagata agtttactga taatttcagt    105360
     ttttcctttt cctagttatg gggctcagac ccaagacctc ttgcaggata ggcaagcact    105420
     cttatcgctg agccataccc ctagctcttc tatgtgtatc tcagagagaa caaaaatttg    105480
     tattttctgt gcacacaaat tagctttgtt gtagagaaag tcaagagtgc ttggagacag    105540
     gccggtcact gcagcttatt gtagttaata ttcatttaga aaggtggatt tattttactt    105600
     ggatatttga ttattgtagt gaatctcaaa ggatttaaaa tgttgattct ataaacatgt    105660
     ctgtcatgtg aacctcctgc catgtgtatg tatgagacat ctgaaagttt acactgtcag    105720
     tagttcctgt ccctccctct agaattgtta acatactgag agacaagcaa cctggcgtag    105780
     taacatctag tgctctgtta gcctttgtat gagtcatttg attaagagag gtgaaggaga    105840
     gtaatagcca agtaggagaa agagtgacag aacaacaaag aaagagggaa tatgggatgg    105900
     agggagctga tagagtaagt gtggcagcag aagcacagtg cggggatacc acactcctct    105960
     caccctctgc tgtgtcttga attgtgtatt cctacctatt cttggcatta actaagcctc    106020
     gctttacatt tataatttga aagactgttg actcctctct tactgagcat ttttgttgtt    106080
     gttttatgtt cagaggttgt gagataaaat ttaaaagctg aactatttta ggactaatgc    106140
     tgtatgtgtt tttacacaaa tatttagggc ttatataaat taattagaat agttggatac    106200
     tgctcaggaa ctgagttgaa ctgtctgcac tctggatgaa ttatacgttg taggaaatag    106260
     tagctttgta cagacttttg cttcagatgc tccgactgga aaatggttta ctaactttcc    106320
     tttgtatgtt tttcttactg ccccgttctt actggctgaa accaatcctg ttcaaactgg    106380
     actctgcagt ttacaagatt cctttgcagc tcaccattgg aggtaagaga ttgctctcca    106440
     gttttttggt tgttttcttt ttccttccag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc    106500
     ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctggcc tcaaactctg aaatccgcct cccgagtgct    106560
     gggattaaag gtgtgtgcca ccacgcctgg cccactctcc agttttcaaa ttagcattgc    106620
     caatagaata actctgcatg gctcttttct caggtactta tttgattaaa gtttaggagg    106680
     gattgtttta aaacagtagt aagtttttca gtaatagtag cgggttgaac atagcctttt    106740
     tgtttttgta gcatctggtc atgctgtttt agatacattt tatttcttag taatgatgga    106800
     gaactcagcc ctagacttta tttctgtgaa ccctgtgttg cattgttcct gcttaagtca    106860
     ctagcatgcc tcagcagagc tggatgggca cagctgtcat caaggaagct tcacctgcat    106920
     aagagactgg aggaacggag gacctgcctg gcactgagca ttccgtagaa cacaggcact    106980
     gttcctgagg cttcctttgc ttctcattta gtctccattc tgcttctcat gtggaactca    107040
     gaaaggaata aactgggagg ttaagaaaat gtcaccggat gttcagagaa ccagagtcat    107100
     gtgagctgtg gttgcagaaa accttgtcga tgattgtgga gacttagaaa aagcaaagtg    107160
     ctgttgaata taatagaggc tgggattgga gtctttccag atttaagatg tatattttct    107220
     tactagccac atgacactag aaatcaaaac ttccctgagc catctgttga aacaaggcaa    107280
     catatttgtg aacagaatta tattgttcaa atcctgtaat tttttttatt ctcctcttaa    107340
     gctggactta gcccttcaca ctccaattta tttagttttg tttttgtctt agctttgtct    107400
     ctttctttgc ttctgttgtt tgtttcactt aagggccccc tttctcagtt cccagattct    107460
     taaatcatac tccttttcag ggttgaactg tagccttata tctttcttct ttttctttat    107520
     tttatttata tgagtacact gtagctgtct tcagacacac cagaagaggg ccttaggtcc    107580
     cattacagat ggtggtgagt caccatgtgg ttgctggaaa ttgaactcag gacctctgga    107640
     ggagcagaca gtgctcttaa ccgccgagcc atctttctag cccctagcct tatattctga    107700
     gactgtctct gattgcatca cacattgaga gttgttcctt tttctgttct atgatgttgt    107760
     attcatttga ttactgaagc tgttcttttt tttttttctg agtcttattt tttttaattt    107820
     atttttttat taggtatttt cctcatttac attttcaatg ctatcccaaa agtcccccat    107880
     acccaccccc ccaatcccct acccacccac tccccctttt tggccctggg gttcccctgt    107940
     actggggcat ataaagtttg caagtccaat gggcctctct ttgcagtgat ggctgactag    108000
     gccatctttt gatacatatg cagctagagt caagagctcc ggggtactgg ttagttcata    108060
     atgttgttcc acctataggg ttgcagttcc ctttagctcc ttggttactt tctttagctc    108120
     ctccattggg ggccctgtga tccatccaat agctgactgt gagctgttct tcttagtgat    108180
     gggtgatgac ctatgaccag tttgaatcat caccagcgga agtggaccat atcagagaag    108240
     ctggtttggt cacattttct aatccctcag tcttaagatg gaagcaaaga gtgacagtga    108300
     aagggtgctg ggctctgagt tgagagggat gtgaggggcc tgtgggcaag ttaagttctc    108360
     tggcctgctg ctttccaatc tgaaaatggg aggaacacaa ggttattata attaaataaa    108420
     gtgatttgtg gtcagcaccg agcatagtac aggaaacata aaattttaaa taatatagta    108480
     gaaacatgaa atcacgagac tcttggagac agtttacatt ctgttatctg ccaaagttga    108540
     gaaagtactt tctgaccgta gaagtgagaa gtatcagaca gaaaaggcta gaaaattttg    108600
     tttggctgta taacgagact taattttgta catgaaaata aatgtagtta aaggtaattt    108660
     agggcttaga aagatggatc actcgctgct cttacagagg acctgagtaa gtttcctagc    108720
     atttgcttag tggctcacaa ctatttataa ctccatttcc aggtaatcca acacccgctt    108780
     ctgttttctt tgggcaacag atgtgcatga agtacacatc catagaagta cacaaatgta    108840
     ctcttttttt ttttttaatt atttattata tgtaagtaca ctgtagctgt cttcagacac    108900
     tccagaagag ggcgccagat attgttaagg atggttgtga gctaccatgt gcttgctggg    108960
     atttgaactc aggacctctg gaagagcagt cagtgctctt aaccgctgag ccatctctcc    109020
     agccccacaa atgtactctt atacacacaa atgaataaat ttttgaaaac taaggcagtg    109080
     taggaaaact aaaagggtta tttaatattt tagaatcaat aaaaatcttg gatattttga    109140
     ataaaattat gttaaatgtt ataaatagtt gataaaataa gtacaagtga taaatgataa    109200
     tgtaattatg tttagtaata tgagaaatgt agcttaaaac acttatgtta ggtagagttg    109260
     cttccatgta taggatttta gaaaggatgc tgaagttgaa gatccacatc ccaggtcagt    109320
     taacacttag atcattagtg gttctcaacc tcctcttcct cttcctcctc atcctcttct    109380
     tcctcctcct cttccctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc ttcttcttct cctttttttc    109440
     tttttttgtt ttgtgacaga gtttctctgt gtatccctgg ttcttttttt ttttttaaag    109500
     atttatttat atgtgagtat actgtaggtg tcttcagaca caccagaaga gggcatcaga    109560
     tcccattaca gatggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgttgg gaattgaact cagaatctct    109620
     ggagagcagt caatgctctt aaccattgag ccatctctgc agcccactca gctgttaaag    109680
     gctaggctca catccaaaat ataagagatt tcaaccttct taatgctgtg atactctacg    109740
     cagttcctca tgttgtggtg acctcaacca taaaattatt tcattgctac ttcataactg    109800
     taattttgct gctgttatga gtcaaatgta aatgctgata tgcaggatgt ctgataatgt    109860
     gaaccccgtg aaaggatcat ttgatcctca aaggtgtcac aaccccaggt taggaattgc    109920
     tgatttagat gatattgacc atttgcaaaa atgcttttaa atgggtctca ccaattaatt    109980
     tctctttaat gtaagttcag tgagaagagg accttgtttc tccatgttta tattatagta    110040
     ggtactgcgt aagtaaatac ttttttgaat gggttgatgg atggatgggt ggatagatgg    110100
     agagatgact gaatgaagtt ggtgtactga gtgaggttag atgaatgagg ttagttattc    110160
     ataacttgac agtactcatc tgacagcaaa tgaagtttac tgtttgtatt ttaatatact    110220
     tagctctctt gtcttctcag cttgaccgag cctacttgag accagaagct ctgtcttttt    110280
     acctttggat gttattagtt gcagaaaggg cttggagttt acctactacc ctacagtgga    110340
     ccaaccactg aaggtcttta aatccctggt cactactctg gttaaatact ggctgagtat    110400
     atggaacctg cagcctttga tggaaagtgt gaaggaagag catcatcacc agaattgagt    110460
     gacagcttgt tagtattttc tgttttcttt tcttggtgat ttggagatgt ctagcttctt    110520
     ggcaaagttg atttctaaga caaattttta ttaggcttat gggtatacag gagaaagatg    110580
     aaataattaa aaatcatcac cccgcccacg attctctggt agtaaatacc ttgagggttt    110640
     ctcttgatag tccattagct tggaattcca cagatgctgc ccttcgaatg gcagccatcc    110700
     ccaaatctcc ttcagtagct ttgagctcag tcagggtttg gttctatttc actacactgt    110760
     ctgagaggca atcctaagca aggcaagaga atgctggaag cctctcttct acatggttaa    110820
     ttttactgtt aagcttatgt tttaaccaga gataggcact ttcctaattt taaaaaacaa    110880
     gaataattcc agcaaagaca gtaaaatgta ggagacttga agttcacata gccaacctta    110940
     agcttcactt tgtccataag aagtcatgtg agtgagccag gtccctttgt tgtaagtcct    111000
     agccatttaa ctgccacatg aatctaatga aattgtcagg ttatagtaat tacgtcagta    111060
     atctgatatg ttgtcatttg aatggaccat gtgtgtagag tcagttactt ctctctgtgg    111120
     gattaaccct tttcactcat gaagaccaat tgcagtcatt aagctttatg ggaaaagacc    111180
     ttttatcatg ttgtcaagct agacagtgca tttctattat agttctaatt ttgtgtgatt    111240
     gtgtgtagct gctgatgaac atttacctgc taggtttagg ggacttctga cttagagata    111300
     tttctgagtc tgagttacat gttgtgtggc accgcttaca gatgtcttca gttaagtgca    111360
     ggtaaataaa tgggactctg tatcagaggt caagagattc ctgactttct cttcagagtc    111420
     agactctgcc agccagtgca gtagattgtg gtctccttgt catgtttaga gaacagagga    111480
     agctgcagca caagttaaca cacacttggg catctcttca agtatgtcct tctgattctt    111540
     catttcagat tcaagtcctc tctcttagga gttataatac ttactgagaa gctagcatct    111600
     gtaacatgca ggactgtgct tatcacattc tttatattct cacagagtat ctacctctca    111660
     tgatgaaagt tgagcgcaga cgggtagatc agactagcta ggagctgaga accacatctc    111720
     acaatatgag tcaggaaaag caaggtggga aggagacaga atgacacagt tgtgagatgc    111780
     tcacattcaa gattctcaca cgaaggaagc gggtaattag agatagattt actgaacttg    111840
     agagcagggt ttatgagcct taccacttca cttggttggg aggtgctgtg tggctctgat    111900
     cactgttgga aagttagctg cacctcttgc tgctgcccac tagatgccag tagcactctt    111960
     caccatgata agcacagtcc tgtagatgat gacagactgc caaaagttcc aaagaggcaa    112020
     aattgttccc ttgtgaaaat cattatgaga tgtgtattat gtgtattaca gagagataat    112080
     gtgaatgatc caatagtgaa gataagatac agtagtagat tgttttcagt tcattaaaga    112140
     ttttaaaaag tagaaaaagt caaataaggt aactggaaca aaaataaaaa actgtaagac    112200
     caatggcaag atggccctct taagtccaat tatttattac attaaatata aaagcctaaa    112260
     tcaaacttgg ctgcatggga aattttattt ttgcattgtt tcaaactttt ttgagtatac    112320
     atagctattg cattatactt aaaaatttca gagttttgtt ctagttaaat ttcaatagcc    112380
     atatgtggcc agtggttatg ttgttttaca ctgtaggact acatactcca tttaaaaatt    112440
     agagattgtc agactggata aaagaataaa aagcaagctc tacacttaaa tatgaagata    112500
     cggatggctt acaggtaaga ggctgcagta agttattccc atgaatattt atcgtaagaa    112560
     cattggatgg gctgtcttta aatcaaacaa agtagtcttt gtctgataga aactgaagac    112620
     agaaagatgc ttcataatga aacaaaaaat caagtgtatt ctaaaatgca atcattaaaa    112680
     ataacacctt caaagtaaaa ataaaaacta aaagaagtga aggagaagga gaaattgtca    112740
     aatcagtgac acttaaacat tttaggacaa tttcttgata ctttgagagg acatttagat    112800
     gaagttagag ataatttaga aggcttgaac aatgtgctca cagttttact taattggtgt    112860
     ctatcaatac tatactcctc agtgacaaaa agccacgttt gaagtcaagc aagtcataaa    112920
     ctacagatag catggctcat ttgtaaagca ttcctgcttt aactggcttc ccagctgttc    112980
     ctctttgttt ttttgtttct cccagtacta gagattggat tcagggcatg gaatagccca    113040
     ggcaagtact ctgctactga actacatctc cttcactgcc cccctttaaa atttaagtta    113100
     gcatacaaag tgatgggctt cattgtgata tttcaaatcg gtacattttc aagtacacca    113160
     cgccagagca tattctggag tattttacaa agttcactaa attgaagagg atggagaatg    113220
     taattaaatt ggcatcaaga accagcagaa tacaatagca ctctaataac agcagtagaa    113280
     cctagttaaa tgtgggtaag ttactcaatg ttgtgcttct ccaggggaga cagaggtcta    113340
     gaaaacacca gagaaacagt ctgttgatat tcatttggga aatggaagtt aaaaccagag    113400
     aaaaatcacc atgaactcat taaatgaata gaatcaaacg acagagagag attggcacaa    113460
     tgtagagaaa ttagaactct cttattttga tgataggaaa acaaaatgta gagccgtagt    113520
     tcagttgttt ttcaaaatat catatttaac gttataattt caaaacttct tttgattatg    113580
     cctaagtgaa ataaaaatat gtatccacat aaataatcat acatgaatga ttataccagc    113640
     attattcata atagccagaa gccagaaaga attttacttc tgtcagctgg tgaatggtca    113700
     ttgcaatcag aaggagcagg gatgatctta gagagactgt aatagatgac atgagtcaga    113760
     cgcagactct gctgtgtttt cctctctgtg acttatcagt attgaaattg atatgcttta    113820
     attaatattt tagcattatt ttattaatcc tcataatatt agctaacaag ccatgaataa    113880
     aagctttcaa accatttttc aagatttttt gaatggcgaa ctgcttggct ttctgaagag    113940
     acttaggcaa acactctggg aggacccagg gacttcactt ctcttatgtc agcataatag    114000
     tgtgaggcag cttcctgtgg taaggtattg ctaacggcca gaatttggaa agagaagtgg    114060
     tgggagggag agaattgaaa gaagccatgg agacatgaag ggaaggggct gagctgttaa    114120
     gctggagttt ggataatttc cctaagtgtg gagtaccctg aggagcagat gtgctgagag    114180
     ctggcatgag ttggagcgct gtggagatgg ccagccagtg aactggtggg agcaaagctt    114240
     tacctggttt agtctattac ttaggcccag ctttatttga agaggtaaag caggaagcag    114300
     gagggaccta gtgaaaacat agttatttgt aggtgatggc cagcagtctg ttggtgataa    114360
     tgataatcag aagaggaaga cagggctgtg gcttgaacca ctgggccaaa ccagagagga    114420
     gcagggtttt gtttcttgta gctgtatatg taaggaaaga atcctatagt ttcagattgt    114480
     gtcccataca cttgacttgg gagtgttatt actcaaaggc accaattaga aatctggaac    114540
     aaaagcacta gattgtcctt tgatagctgt tcccttccct tgcatctaag gcctgttggg    114600
     cagttctggc tcgggcagag ctgccagtaa ggcccaacag ttgaactgaa gacatccttt    114660
     cttgtcttga gtttgctgtg gtgagtacaa tgcaagcatc ttgcatatgt ggccagacag    114720
     ttctcctgaa gctgattggt caggaggttg acgttcctca gttaggtttt gggcatcacg    114780
     tgattgttga gacagtagaa attggagatg tgtattgctt tgtgaaatga aatgacagtc    114840
     actgaagtct tcctttatag gaccccaggg tgactaaaat gtaaaagtgg attttgagac    114900
     taaagaaagc acgcttaaag tagaaattca aacactgaat agaaaaaagc cacagatttg    114960
     tcttgttcaa gatttttctg cacacacttg agttagtttg gggatcttaa aagttcaagc    115020
     tattttcttg ctgggttagc tagctttcct tcagcgagta gaactattca tcattcctcc    115080
     caagaccttc ttagctgtgt tcaaaattag ggtcatcttc cctgacagtt ttcattgccc    115140
     attagttgtg cgtgaatgct tcagaaaaac cttgaatagt aaatcctggg gtggattagt    115200
     ctccatgggg acatcagtct tgtttgatct cggcattcat tgagttctca gtctgctatg    115260
     tcaccatgga atatgtgttc ctgtaagaag ggctgtaaga gcaggagttg ccggttgaac    115320
     agcagtgaag gaagctcaga ccagtcactg agcagtccaa ggttgggtcg tagtgctcag    115380
     taaacactgt ttagttggga gagtccacgt ttggacttct attacttttg gtataccgtt    115440
     tggaaagagc cttactttgt aaagtctttt tattgagaga gtcaggattt aaaatacaca    115500
     aaaatcagat taaggcaaag cacttagtat taacaattta attttaaaag aaaatctgta    115560
     tgttcaatag taatagtagc tcttttcttt ctgtatatat ttattaaaac catttgtggt    115620
     aagtccttta tcataaattt taaatccagt gatagtgctt ataaatataa gaaggtaata    115680
     cttttttttt aaattaaaaa tttcatgcca gtggatttat ctagagagtc accttagtta    115740
     tgtatactta cttgaattct taaaattgct tctaagctgt tagttcctat aaggagcttg    115800
     ttttctgctt gattatctct atacatcagc ttcacagagc tcatacttga atgcaattta    115860
     atatcacctg gatgtgggga atcattatag aaataaaagt aaaagctttt ctgattatga    115920
     acagacatgt aaaaactctt cagttctgaa actttagcag tatgtcaaac acagtggttt    115980
     cagataacaa agaactgttt tattaattaa agttacaaat acacaaataa aaatagcgaa    116040
     aaccccagat tttccatttt tggtttttca gaagaaaata actcttcatc gtccagcaga    116100
     gacatgtcgt cagatccagc acatagtaca gtagtgggga tatagtcctg gtcctgagaa    116160
     tggtaatgca gacccagtaa agaggaaggc acagagcaaa gaacaagcag tggcagcgct    116220
     gcatgggagc cccattagga tgcttggacc agggtgcttg actgagtgct tcttctgtat    116280
     cccccatcca gtgagcttac ctgagcttct catgcaatga cctttagggc tcttaactat    116340
     aggtttttaa aagataaaac aataatctta cccagacagt gtaaacgcat gtctgactta    116400
     atcgacctgt tatttgctat aaaaccagta aacatgaaaa ttgtttcaaa gagcatttgt    116460
     atataattta atgaagtagg tgattgagat ttgattgcta gtagattaaa gcaactacta    116520
     attatctaac attaggtagt attcattccc gtcaaaaaaa ctctacaggt taacctctgt    116580
     ccctgcagag ccgtaaaata acatattcag aagaaaacca gcagtaggtt tttgcgtcct    116640
     agaagaacag gctgggagag gtggctttgg gtggctttgg aaggaggagg ttctgttctc    116700
     tgaagtcttt accctcctca tctttacccc tttggaaaat cctctcaacc gacttcctct    116760
     ctgctaatta ctctgagcct agcttgtctt ggggcatcac ggaggcccag gaaggcagtt    116820
     gggcgaggag acaggtgggt ttgttaggat aaataagcac tcatttgggg acagtttggc    116880
     tggaagtgag acctggccta ttaatattca tgtcatctct acatggtgct ttggaaacgg    116940
     aaactgcact gcatagctcg ttaatcacca aagcttagcc atctttcctc ggaattcaag    117000
     gtgaattttt ttgtatagct gaggggagct ttatttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gttatcagct    117060
     aaatccttga aacagaagat cttgtgaaat ttttctgatt tttttccttt gtacaaccta    117120
     aactgcaagc tgcagacttg gaaagaagca ttaagtattg ctaaccccat ccctgacaga    117180
     cttacaggga aataaaaggt agcagttgta gtttacatga ccttgctctt cagggccctc    117240
     tgtgtaattg tgtaaacacc aggtctttgg gaatgggcca ttcagactga acacaagttg    117300
     gcccaagttt gcttattggt ctcctttcat ttgtatctta ccatttgttt ctcaaaactg    117360
     aaatagaagg caagtcctgt tttttgtttg attttttttt taaccttaaa gtttgtaggc    117420
     tccttgtatt ttaaagacag aaaaatgtgg cttatgcctt gttgcgtgtg ccagagcgtc    117480
     ctcaagacca gtgctgtctc acagtgccga gatgccgtta gccttcctga ctctctttct    117540
     cttgagtgga cagactgttt tctagaggct ccttgatgtt agcaggttaa atgcacaggc    117600
     agacatgaga ctcaggttgt cttctgatac aggtttgaaa aaaatgcaga accatgtaac    117660
     tgttctctgg tattgttttt ttgttttgtt gtttttttgt tttgttttgt tttgacttgt    117720
     tttatctcag aaagtgcagt atcttttttt tcccctatca cagactgaat gaaacatatt    117780
     gaacttactg ttatttttaa atgaattatt agatatattt ttaaaaatct cacttttgat    117840
     aaattggtaa atatctgtaa atgtattcta ttagacaaaa actcttggga gttctctata    117900
     cttttctaag taaaaagggg ttttgagacc tgttagctta catgatgtcc ttggctttaa    117960
     ggtaaatagc cctttacttt ttttctcaaa tagtgtgctt tccctatgta atatgtaatt    118020
     ttttctccca ttgtcttcgt gacagttgat cagtgttgac aaaaggcctt aactaaagag    118080
     atttaagact gtgttggcca cacattaatg aagtggcatt ctcaagtcac taagcattgg    118140
     tgacatgggt gcttccttag caagggcttc tgagcttctt gaagaaaggg agcttttatt    118200
     ctcagactta gctctttctg atctcagtga aatgatggtg gaagaggaga gccaggcatg    118260
     tccaaccttt tgatgttgtg acatgatgat gtcacctaca gagttcacac tagagaacct    118320
     tgcaattgaa ttagagaaaa aaaaacaaac gaaagaaaat agcaccaggc ctattttatg    118380
     catatcttgt gttcccttgg attcagggca gaatatctat gtaaatttga tatttttcta    118440
     catacgtttc tctgttcttt tattattctt caatgataca tagtagtatg ggtacatgga    118500
     tttgatactt ggagttatag atcactttta ttttgttgct taaaatagca tagtaataaa    118560
     ttatctctct tggttaactc ctctgctcct ttgagtggat cagttgcttg agtactgaca    118620
     ctggaatcca atgagcccat ttgtgtattt gctgcccaat cctaaagtct caatcacttc    118680
     tcctagcact ggtttctttg attgcagaaa atgtaccaag atcttggcag tcgggtgtgc    118740
     tcatttctcc ttgggtgttt cttttaggtc ctcccagctg acagaaaaag gaacgtttgt    118800
     gtatagtaac tctgagtatg tacatcctta tagtatgcac atttctgtgt gtaaccatct    118860
     gtgtttacag caagccgggc atgagttctc acagtcaact agaacacatc atcactggat    118920
     ctctagctag ccacagcagt gagaacccac cacatattat gtttgtttaa ttgtttggtc    118980
     ccctgtagcc gtgggaagca gttgtatcgc agtgtagtca gtacatgcgc ttccttttgt    119040
     tttcacccgc acagctgctt tcatttccag acctgattat ttcacctttt tctctattca    119100
     gctctttcag gaagactatt tcatacattt gtgctacagt tacattttgt ttttaagttt    119160
     atgtgccttc ataagacttt ctaaatgatt ttcagaattt tgcagaatta atatttactc    119220
     tcatttaaac tgctgacttt tgatgaaaat gcttaacatg atgtctttgc tgttacggta    119280
     tcatacagaa cagtcttgtc ccctaaaagg gcccatgttt catccatatt aatccctcac    119340
     tagacctctc aaaggcttga taataggctt gctgcagttt tgattgggat tgtactgtct    119400
     gtgcagcaac ttgaaagagc tgttatcata acagtttcaa tcaagaaaaa tgtgttggct    119460
     aaagagatgg ctcattggtt aagagcactg actgctcttc cagaggtcct gagttcaatt    119520
     cccagcagcc atatggtggc tcacaaccac ctgtaatggg atcctatgcc ctcttctggt    119580
     gtgtctgaag aatagtgaca gtgcattcac acacataaaa taagcagtaa attaatcttt    119640
     taaaaaatgt gttgttccat ttattcaggt ttttggcttc cttcatataa gttttatact    119700
     ttacagtgaa tagaatccat acatgtaagc tttaatctta gctttctttt cattgtgttt    119760
     ttaattttac attcccatca ttgttattat aaaggaagag aattgaattt cacatcttaa    119820
     cctttcaatc taggctttgc tataattact tattagttac agtatttctt cattctttgg    119880
     gacttttttt acagtcacgt catctgtaaa gaaagagttg attttttctt ccttactctg    119940
     aattaaaccc tttctccctg tcctcctcct tcctttcctt cacttctttc tcttccacct    120000
     ctcctttccc cttccccaca gtttctctcc tcaggacctg tactcccatc tacttcccca    120060
     caccccttta ttcccttccg ccctcattat cttagctggg acttcaaaac tgacactgat    120120
     aggaccctat cttcataatc tgagggggga aggagagaga aacatcaagt ttcttattgt    120180
     taactacact gttagctatg gtttttgtgg atgtttttaa acagcttgag acatctcttc    120240
     cctgtcgctt gtagaagttt ttgttcagct gttggaatgt gtcacatatt tcctgataaa    120300
     tggactgaat attgtttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg    120360
     tagtccggtg gatgaggtgg gtcacattaa ttattttttt ctctttcttt ttctcctttc    120420
     ttttattctt ttcttttctt ccccttactc ttctccctcc ttccctccct ccttctttcc    120480
     catcctcttt atttttaaag attgagtttt tcaggctaac tcactcttta tctggatggt    120540
     ggtcacaaaa aaacaaattt taggacttat taactcaaac aaaataaaaa cctatttaga    120600
     ttaagagatc tttttaatgt agagaaaatg acttcctgct gctgtgcctg tgtctgcttc    120660
     ttcataggca gagcaccctg ctgatggacc agaatgtggt tatggctcct ttcaccagca    120720
     gtactggctc gatgggaaga tcattgctgt gggggtgtta gacattctcc cgtactgtgt    120780
     gtcttctgtg tatctctact acgatcctga ttattcattt ctgtctttgg gtgtctattc    120840
     agcattaagg taagactgct ttgtatagtt gtaatgaatt atatcaattt atctatattt    120900
     cattgtgtaa taggaggagc cctccttttg atagtatgct actttgctgg tacaatagtc    120960
     ccatagctgt atattaatat gtaaaagtaa cagttttagg attctggaga gatgactccg    121020
     cagtttaaag cacttcccgt tctttcatag gataggaatt cagttgccag cactcttaga    121080
     tagctgctga caaccacttg taactccagc cccagggaac cctgctagcc ctcttctggc    121140
     ttctatagga acttgcatgt aatatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgca    121200
     cgcacgcgca cgcatgcaag catttacaca taagcatgta tatactcaca tgcacatggg    121260
     gaggggggga ataaaataaa cctatctcaa aaagatcaca gctttagaaa tgatgccatt    121320
     gtttgatggt aattctctag cttttaatgt ttttatatat tctatgagta taagaaatca    121380
     ttgtggattc ctgtgagatt gcttagcagg taaagtgctt tctgggtaag actgatgtcc    121440
     tgagtttcat ccctaggcct catgtaaagg tggtagaata ggagtgagtc caaaaaggcc    121500
     atgacatatt cattctctcc acccccattg tacacacaat aatagtaaat atggttttca    121560
     aaaggaaacc aagtgtttag atttttcata tatgtttatt ccctgtcaga atcatttata    121620
     tcccttaaat gtaatattat ttatattgtt atcactatca tatatattct ctcagtatga    121680
     attaaagata taacaaatgt ggtatggatg aattaaagga atcttctgag agaaatacag    121740
     ttagagagtt gccccttttt ttttccccta aggacaggga cacctttgac cgccatttta    121800
     ttaggtacat ggttttgtga acatgtagag tgtagaccca tggactcaga aggagtggtg    121860
     tcattaagca gtcttacaag acttacatgt ttagtatgct gctgacagta gaagcatcat    121920
     gacggatgtg gttgtccaag tatacaaatc agcagtgggg aattcctgat tgtctgctgg    121980
     tatctgtggc ccttgttaga gaatgatttc ctatttgtgg ccatagctcc aaatacatgt    122040
     tacacagcac aaatgtcttt aatggcaaga aggttgtggt ggggtgtcgt ctttagagta    122100
     tttgtttctg ttcttttttc tgctaatctg tatctctaac taaaaggagg agggttgtaa    122160
     catggttttt gcttttgttt ttaggtagct tgagtctctt tttccctctg tgcttttctt    122220
     actgtttgag tcttgcagtt acattacatt attatgaatg tattatgctg ccagattatc    122280
     ttaggttttt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct    122340
     ggctgtcctg gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggccttg aactcagaaa ttcgcctgcc    122400
     tctgcctccc gagtgctggg cttaaaggcg tgcgccacca cacccggcta gactatctta    122460
     gagctagtga aggtggtcaa attcaggctg tattttgaag agcgagccca ttgacttgct    122520
     ggatagttga ggatggctta tggatttggg taagtgatag tgcagtgatc caaaataggc    122580
     agagctgaaa aaacaagtgc cttcttgact agccagtgtg tggtcacgag ctgctgagtg    122640
     taggtggccg tgctgtgtcc atttgcttgg gcacatacat tctttccata gttggagtct    122700
     tgaaagttga ttagatctag gaacagtaac acttaatctg ttaaggaagc atttgaaata    122760
     tatacttttt tgataacctt tcagagattt aaatttgtac ttgaaaaatg aacacagtat    122820
     tccatcaatt agtattcagg aggttgagat tggaggattg ggagtttgag gtcagcctgg    122880
     ggctacaaag caagttatga gataggtttc actagaaagt aaaaccctgt ctaacagaag    122940
     ataacaaaag ctcttgaatg ttatatatcc attgctacta ttagaaagaa gaacgagaaa    123000
     gaaaactttc aaaaggcaaa aaatgttctg catgcttaga aattactaac cctctcttat    123060
     acagcctgct tattcagctg gacaagtaga gaaattttgt gccaagattt atcctactac    123120
     aaattataac acttcatata taagccttgc agtgaagact cagcttctct gattgagcag    123180
     tcctcatctc tgctaacaaa tagagaaggc atggagagcg agcgagcgtg tgctgtctat    123240
     catccctctc agtctaagga aattgtttgt ccaccatgct acacaaagag ttatgaatca    123300
     tatatgcaga aagggctgag tgtaaatgca tatataactt ttcttgaaat ttattggcta    123360
     ttaaattttt taaagattta ttttatttat atgagtacac tgtagctgtc atatatgggc    123420
     atcgggtccc attacagatg tttatgagcc actgtgtggt tgctgggaat tgaactcagg    123480
     acctctgtaa gagcacagtc agtgctctta acctctgagc catctctcca gctctcgcta    123540
     ttaaattttt aaaattttgt tgtgttgtta aaacagctca gattccttga acattttagg    123600
     gcatagtgaa taatattata cctttatttt atgtcatatt gtttgtagat cagctctttt    123660
     ttcctattaa agtataaaat ctgaacctag aagtatttat ttgaaataat ttagaggtta    123720
     ttgggggtat ctctgtagta ataatcatat tgtgtttaaa ataaagatag ttttctctta    123780
     gagttgagta ttttgagtct ttccattatg ttttatttga aaattgaaac caaaattaac    123840
     tgcatggttt ttgttttttg ttttcttttg gcagagaaat tgcttttact agacaactgc    123900
     atgagaaaac atcgcaactc agctattatt atatgggttt ctacattcat tcctgtccca    123960
     agatgagata caaggtaata tcagcttcat gcctgtgcca gttttcatta cagaagatga    124020
     attttcagta caatgtgcat cttggggcac accacttggc gtgtaggtag tccatgtggg    124080
     catggattat taaggagaca attttgctcg ctcataaaga gttctttctg cagtgagaag    124140
     gaccatagcc tcctctatgc tgatatggac tatgcaatca ctgttgtgag atttaaggat    124200
     gttttgccat ttcctttaaa aaaaaatagt tgtcaacagt ctctttagtg aagaccgttg    124260
     atacttcttc agtggtagtg tggagctacg gaggatcaga ctgctctcca ctgagaccat    124320
     cactcttgtc tgcttcactg attggtggtt tgctctgaag accatagaaa tacagtgggg    124380
     gcctcctttt taaagtgtgt attgaaggtg atgctgggga agttgtagca taaaacaggg    124440
     tcatgtagcg gttggtagat ggcctaggag gacattgggt tttcttccac agagtggagg    124500
     aggaaggacg gaggggctca aatgaagagt aggtgtgatg gaggaggcag gagtcagagt    124560
     gccaaaccca tgaggccttc atagaagaaa gaacaagtag acacttgaga gacctgtcct    124620
     gtctataaac aggatttagt ttttctaaat aatgtaaaac aacttaaaaa cacgtgaaag    124680
     caaaaactgt ttactgtgtg cccactgctc tacagtgact cctctgcctc ctcttacctg    124740
     tcctttcact cagtttccac cttcatctcc ttttaagtta ttttggaaca tactaaagat    124800
     ggcctttgtg ctcccccccc cctttttttt ttggaaggca gggtctaaat caggtgtagt    124860
     tggcctggaa tttgatatgt taactgtgct agtctcaaac cctcatctgc ctacctccca    124920
     agtgctggga ttaaagacat gagctaccat gctagccatg gatgcctttt taaactgaag    124980
     agtctaggac tgctttttcc ccctcttata tttcgaggtg ctaggaataa aaggacctta    125040
     tgtgtcctac catgagttat acctgagccc ccaagaatat ccttatattt gtaaatgttt    125100
     tagtgggtat ttatgaagca tcataagcac tttgaaagtg attacaatgt taataccaca    125160
     cctaaagact gtagacagtg tttctaaata tcttccatga tacacagtca gtgatcctgt    125220
     ttcctgtttc ataatctgtt tcaccatcag ttcttgaaca agggtcatac attacatttg    125280
     gataatacat tttaaatctc tttaattgat gaatatatat atgtatatat atatatatat    125340
     atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat atatatatat atatattttt tttttttttt ttttttttac    125400
     tttttttccc ttcctgtcct ttgaaagaat aatttactag acttagttgt gatcttgact    125460
     ttaaagcttt gaggttgagt attgaatagc tggtggttcc agtgtcagca gtcctcatct    125520
     ctaaaagcag gactgacttt ggtttcctca gccatcattt tcctgcaatg tatactggat    125580
     gctaaaacta aatttgacat tcatataata acagcatttt atattcctca actccaaatt    125640
     caagtgtgtc ctgtttatat ataccaggtg aaatctgttg atagtaatct ttattttgtt    125700
     tcctagctag ctttgctgca tagtagattt tgtgcatatg tgttcgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    125760
     acacactcaa atgtaattgc tcaggttcca tccaattttt taaaaaatgc aggttctcat    125820
     tggcttggat tttacccagt gagtttatct ccagggatct gcctgtctct acctttcagc    125880
     tcaggaattg caagggtgta tcaccatgtt tagtttcttt tacttaggtt ctggggatca    125940
     gtcacagatt ctccctagca ccttaccagc tgagtcatct ctagctccta catagtttat    126000
     gtttaatact tagtgaaaac ttgttaatgg ctagaaatgc taatgaggag gaggtggcat    126060
     taaacatcag ctgtgtagga tggcaagaaa ttcatttgtt gagtgtgatt aggatagatt    126120
     cttctttgaa aatatgttgt aacacaggga caggcacata gttactagag aatatggtaa    126180
     ttctgtgact ctagttatgg agtgtatgta agtactcgga cggcaaaaag gtggcaacac    126240
     aggtgtgtga gtggagcggt tgcttgacaa cagctggtct ccgtttcata cctgtaaagc    126300
     aggatggctt aggatgagat gcagttggtt agtattgtca tgtgaatatg tgttctttac    126360
     cattggaggg ttagttgtac taacacaagc actcaaactc ccaaggagct tgctgtttgt    126420
     tagctgcacc ttttaattca gatggaagag gctaactttg cctttctgtg aaaacattta    126480
     atgctgtgaa cacttgcctt tgctcagagg aaagtggtac tgagctccct cctctgtgga    126540
     tgacacatgc agaggctccc tgtgtggatg tgggaataag cctttgtgct agcacatatc    126600
     aaggatgttc tgaggaggag tgactttcta agccttcttg tgtcttcctg tagtctaatt    126660
     tcttgttagc ccctttacct ccgtgcttca gtgtcttcct ttcagtaagg tcttctagaa    126720
     acagaggtga cagtgtaaaa tgctgtggaa gcttgtgtag aatgtgttct ctcactgaac    126780
     ccctgcatct cagcagactg tgcaactagc gctttctagg caatactgta tttaagaata    126840
     ctgcccagag gataacactt gaaatgtaaa taaagaaaat atataataat aataataata    126900
     atactgccca gagaggtttt taatttataa cttaccctgg tggctggaga gacggctgag    126960
     tagcgacgag cactggctgt tcttcagagg ccccagctgc agttcccagc acccacatgc    127020
     ggctcacaat catgcagccg tccaggtgga gagggttgag tattctttct ggcttttcct    127080
     ggggccaggt atgtacatgg tgcatgtgtg tactgtaggt agaacagtca tacacattca    127140
     tatacatgaa ataaaaataa atacaagaag gaattttaaa acacacagag ttaggtatgg    127200
     tagtacacac ttgcaatccc agtacttggg aacttgaggc aagaaaaata tcagtttgag    127260
     gccagtgtgg gctatgcagt ggatgtgttc caggctattt aggtctaggg ctacacagca    127320
     agacattgca tcaaaagaca aaagaaaaaa aagatggtga atgagtgagt gagataaaga    127380
     gggggagggg agtacatatc agccagtaaa gatgctctac tcatgctgtc ttcagttcag    127440
     tctataggac cacatagtgg aaagagagcc agttcttgca tttttcctct gacttcctta    127500
     tgcataccac ggccaaatga gtccatacac atgtacacaa tagataagat aaaagttaaa    127560
     ttaaaaaatg tttttgtatc tattcctctg ttgaaggaca tctgagttgt tccgagcttc    127620
     tggctattat aaataaggct gctatgaaca tagtagagca tgcgtccttg ttatatgttg    127680
     gagcatcttt tgggtatata cccaggattg gcatatctgg gtcctcagat aatactattt    127740
     ccaattttct gaggaaccac cagactgatt tccagagtgg ttgtaccagc ttgcaatccc    127800
     agcaacaatg gaagagtgtt ctttcttttc cacatcctcg ccaacatctg ctgccacctg    127860
     agtttttgat cttagccatt ctgactggtg tgaggtggaa tctctgttgt tttgatctgc    127920
     atttccctga tgactaagga tattgaacat ttctttaggt gcttcttggc cattcgatat    127980
     tcctcagttg agaattctct gtttagctct gtaccccatt tttaaatagg gctatttcat    128040
     tttctggagt ctaacttctt gagttctttt tatatattgg atattagcct tctgtcagat    128100
     ttaggattgg taaagatctt ttcccaatct gctggttgcc gttttgtcct attgagaatg    128160
     tcctttgcct tacagaagct ttgcagtttc atgaggtccc atttgtctgt tgttgatctt    128220
     agagcataaa gcattggtac tcagttcagg aacttttccg ctgtgcccat atgttcaagg    128280
     ctttccccca ctttctcttc tataagtttc agtgtatctg attttatgtg gaggtccttg    128340
     atccacttag acttgagctt tgtacaagga gataagaatg gatcgatgtg cattatttta    128400
     catgatgact gacatttgaa ccagaaccat ttgttgaaaa tgtctgtttt ccactggatg    128460
     gttttagctc ctttgtcaaa gatcaagtga ccgtaggtgt gtgtgtgttc atttctgggt    128520
     cttctattct attgttgatc tatctgcctg tcactgtacc aataccatat agtttctatc    128580
     actattgctc tgtactacag cttgaggtag ggacagtgat tcccccagac gttctacttt    128640
     ttgctatcct gagctctttc tagctctatg aagaattgat ttggaatttt ggtggggatt    128700
     gcgttgaatc tgtagattgc tttcggcaag atggccattt ttacaatatt aatcctgcca    128760
     atccatgagc atgggagatc tttccatctt ctgagatctt ctttctttct tcagagactt    128820
     ttgaagttct tgtcatagag atctttcact tgcttggtta gagtcatacc aacatatttt    128880
     atgttgtgac tattgtgaag ggtgttgttt atgtggtaca tttacacagt ggagtactac    128940
     tcagctatta aaaacaatga cttcatgaaa ttcttaggca aatggatgga actagaaaat    129000
     atcatcctga gtgaggtaac ccaatcgcaa aagaacacaa acagtatgca cttactgata    129060
     agtggatatt agctcaaaag ctcagaatac ccaagataca attcacagac cacatgaagc    129120
     tcaagaagaa ggaagaccag aatgtgggtg ctttggtcct tcttacaagt gggaacaaaa    129180
     tactcagggg aggaaatatg gagacaaagt gtggagcaga gactgaagga aaggccatcc    129240
     agagactgtc ccacctggag attcatccca tatacagcca ccaaacccag ccactattgt    129300
     ggatgccaag aagtgcttgc tgaaaggagc cttatatagg tgtctcctga gaggctctgc    129360
     cagagcctga caaatacaga ggtggatgct cccagccaac cattggccta agcacaagga    129420
     ccccgatgga ggagttagag aaaggtctga aggagctgaa gaggtttgta accccatagg    129480
     aagaaaaaca atgtcaacca accagacacc tcagagctcc cagggactaa accatcaacc    129540
     acagagtaca catagagaga cccatggctc cagccgagag gatagcctag ttgggtatca    129600
     gtgggaggaa aggcccttgg tcctgtgaag gtttgatgcc ccagtgtagg ggaatgcaga    129660
     gttggggagg tgggagtagg tgggtggtgg agcacactca tagaagcagg ggaaggggga    129720
     aatgggatag gaggtttcag gtgattctgt ctttgccatg tagagttgaa tgtcttcatg    129780
     gtcactgctc tttccctgcc catcagagct agtgttcatt tgcctcccct agatgggact    129840
     gacctggtaa ctgactttca ctgactaatg gatcccatgt cagttgttat ttacgtttct    129900
     gggctatagc tttgaaggac cagcattttc cacttcttta ttttgagcta ggtgtcatgt    129960
     aaaaggtcta gctgatctac tggagtaaga ggcctgcctg tgatgcctgt gatggctgtg    130020
     atgcctgtga cgcctgtaat gcctgtgatg cctgagctgc ctgtgatgcc tgtgacacct    130080
     gtgacgcctg tgacgcctgt gatgatgcct gtgatgcctg tgatgcctgt gatgcctgag    130140
     ctgcctgtga tgcctgtgac acctgtgacg cctgtgatgc ctgtgatgat gcctgtgatg    130200
     cctgtgatgc ctgtgatgat gcctgtgatg cctgtgacgc ctgtgatgcc tgagctgcct    130260
     gtgatgcctg tgatgatgcc tgtgacgcct gtgacgcctg tgatgatgcc tgtgatgcct    130320
     gtgatgcctg tgatgcctgt gatgcctgag ctgcctgtga tgcctgtgat gcctgtgatg    130380
     acgcctgtga cgcctgtgac gcctgtgatg cctgtgatgc ctgtgatgcc tgtgatgcct    130440
     gtgatgatgc ctgtgacgcc tgtgatgcct gtgatgcctg tgacacctgt gatgcctgtg    130500
     atgcctgtga tgacgcatgt gacacctgtg acgcctgtga tgcctgtgac acctgtgatg    130560
     cctgtgatgc ctgtgatgcc tgtgacgcct gtgatgcctg tgatgcctgt gatgacgcct    130620
     gtgacacctg tgatgcctgt gatgcctgtg atgcctgtga tgacgcctgt gacgcctgtg    130680
     acgcctgtga tgcctgtgat gcctgagctg ccttggatgg ttcagtgcaa ctgaatgatt    130740
     gttgaatata gaagaccaac agctcggcac caactgacct ctcatctgca aggagtcctg    130800
     agttataagt tactgtttta ggctgctaag tgttggagca gtttgctgca cagcaataaa    130860
     tgacagaagc atggtgtaga tgtggcaatc accctgtgtt gattctgtag gctcatgtcc    130920
     tagaataaga tctgggcagt tggtatggta gctcaaggtg agaggttttg cagaaccact    130980
     gaatttctct gtgttatacc agaaatgctg tgtagttaac gagagttcat cttcctaagg    131040
     tttttattga aagctcttat ttagcaaatc attgtcacat gtcaacagat tttgcttttg    131100
     tttgagttac taatgatgac tactggaaga tgaaatcacc atgtgttcat gttcataatt    131160
     atttaaacag cacgtgttat aataagttct tctctctgct tatgtttcct tagtttacag    131220
     catttatatt actgaagatg gtttgactta cacggatgtc tgtgcatttc ttgtatactt    131280
     aatttatgag gaggccagaa aaggtggtgg atcttctgga actagagtta gacagttgtg    131340
     agttgccatg tggctgctta gaattgaacc tgtgtcttct ggttcaggag ctcttaactg    131400
     ctgacccatc tctgtagcca ctacatttta tttttaatgg tccatttggt ataaatgtgt    131460
     ttctgtgatc atattatctt tataacctct agggttatgg agtaagtctt taaacaaaca    131520
     aataaaatcc tttcagcttt tgttcaaatt tttactttgt atatggtgaa tcttaatttc    131580
     tttccttttt ttacttttaa tttctttttt tgttttttta tctaattatt ccatctttgg    131640
     tttgttattt tctaaattat taattcacat ctcaatattt atctttcttt atgtatatca    131700
     gttttctttc tgtgctaaaa agctttactt cataattttt acttactttg ttaaagcttt    131760
     tcagaaaagc attttccaaa tccttactat ttacatacca agcttacatt atatttcccc    131820
     ttttacctgt tttgatacat ttaaaagcta cttgattact tttcaaagta taaatggagt    131880
     attctgaagc taggtataac ttaacatatt ttgctcagtg ttctctcttg gtgctgctga    131940
     gaggctgttg tgtattctga aaggggtgtt ttgatgaagt tcttcagcag acctgtacgc    132000
     aggccagagt aaacagtgat ttcaagcagt cctctttggt gtcatgacat ggccagacat    132060
     cagtggaaac accagaaagg gttctgaaat agcagaaaag aaacaaaggg ctaattcatc    132120
     tttgagcagt tcttctctta ctgactgcct cagctggact gtgggcagac aaacccctgg    132180
     aattctacag gattttgccc acaagaaggt tttggcatta ctcttacaaa aagctcctat    132240
     aaaaatgtta attgccgtta acagagctgc gttagcaaaa tcctatgcta ctgaaacccc    132300
     tgagtttcaa agtttcttga ccaaacagac cagcaaatga tattttacta cagtctagca    132360
     gcccagggtc ttacatgtgg gtacatgtgg tggtgacttt ttcctattgc tggcccgaaa    132420
     gaaatacaaa tgacctcatt agttacccac accacagaac aaaattctgg attcttttga    132480
     ttcagcatct ttttttcttt ttaatgtcag ctgtccaatg gattagacat agtcaaacaa    132540
     attactacag aataacttta gtaagggatt ttgatgcctc ctagaggcac tgggaggtag    132600
     ggagtctgat aattacaaaa ttatgtttct aaaattgtcc caagtgagga cattgcgacc    132660
     ttgagggtca tctggtctga gcttctcatt acacatgaga caattaagac caagatgttg    132720
     atttgacttg cccagtgttt gcattgactc acatttattg ttagcaccat aaaggagcat    132780
     ctaagccaaa gctgactctg tttaaaagca cttgttgctc ttgtggtaga agacctgagc    132840
     gtgattcccc agagttcaca ccagccagcc tacagccatc tgcaactcag ctcgaagggc    132900
     tcaagtgctg ctccccctcc ccatgcccca ggccctcctg tgcacatgga acacccacac    132960
     atatacatat ataagaataa agataaatct tttaaaaaag aattggggtt cacataaata    133020
     ctgttattta tcagattttt gatagttaca tgtttttcat tttgggctat cctaaagtgc    133080
     ttcagtagtt taatttagtt ttacatttat tttttgtttg tgtgggtgca catgaaaatc    133140
     acagcacatg agaaggcaga caaaacttgt acaagtttgt tctctccctc catcaggtgg    133200
     gttttgagtc tagaacccag ataggtggtc aggcattgta acaagtgcct ttacccactg    133260
     agctaactac tttttaaaag ttaaatatta actggggaaa atcactgctt ttaatcacat    133320
     gccatattat ttacttctat cgtctctttg caatgaaata atatgtttag gggtagtgca    133380
     taattcttaa ccttaaaaaa aatcagtagt ctgtagattt ggaaaaatac agtgcctgaa    133440
     ctttatcctg acctattaaa gaagaggttt gtttccctcc tctgtgtgac ccagtcactc    133500
     ttttcctttg cctacaaact tattggctca gagctcctag cgttggaatt tataacgggc    133560
     tatcttggac ctgtcaaaga tataaataat gacacagagg ctttttaata tttttatgct    133620
     taggcctttt gctagtcatt ctcctgagtt ctctaaactt aactcaacaa atcctggcac    133680
     caccaactct tatcttcctc tctggtcagt ccactgacct ccatgtccct ggcaaatcta    133740
     cttctgcctc ttctcccatt gtctgtctca agttctgccc tccacttttg cccagctatt    133800
     ggctttcagc tctttttatt acagccaatc agataccatt ctagattgtt tctaggctag    133860
     taagaacgaa tgaatattta caaaatatga gacctgtgat ggaccttaga aacaacaata    133920
     ccaggatcct actagcattt agctctccac cagcatagaa ttaacaattg aatatacaga    133980
     gacacacctt cacacaatgt atcctaacag gaaatatttt cccttgttct gctttttttc    134040
     taaaccaaac ttgtgccacc ataaagccgg cctctttctc tcctagcaat tcctggcact    134100
     tccattctta cttggcaaag ctagaggtgt aatatttctg cttctgagaa ttcttctcaa    134160
     gtttaagttc ttacctggag ctcccttgag ccctgtctta tagatggacg gatctgccta    134220
     cttcatgttt atggaggacc tactctgtcc aaaaggtcat gatagatgtt aaggcaaagg    134280
     aagatggtca gacgttcctg cttgttcatc tccgggatat cttgtctatc attgtcacta    134340
     atgttcaact aattatcgat agattgaaag taggtcagaa tacacacacg cacacacaca    134400
     cacacacaca cacacacaca tgctttgcat aggaaaggca gatgagtgtc tgtgaagata    134460
     aaactgggaa gtaaaaggaa gtagtgaaaa ctgcatacag aagcacctgg ttccagtgga    134520
     aactttccac ttaggaaaat ttaggattct catctccagt gtagcataaa agtgtacatc    134580
     actctgccct gcctgtaatt agttttgtca aaactagact tgttattaga gtgcggatat    134640
     atatatatat atatatatgt tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacactacat    134700
     ttgtcttaag ggtgtaactt gatacatttt gacaaggcaa acatcttcgt gtcacctaaa    134760
     acaagaaaca tcatggctag cacaggttcc ccctggttac tggaattccc aaagattacc    134820
     tttgtcttct gaccttattc tagttcagcc tggttttgta ctttatgtat atggaagtat    134880
     atataatatt ttaattggct tttacccaga cattgtatct gttagattta gccatctgtt    134940
     tgtatgtagt ggtaggctgt ctattgatga ctagagtatt gtatttaatg aatatattgc    135000
     atttcatgtc agcctgaaaa gtcaccctgg ggtttcaaga gctggggtca agggagtggg    135060
     gtcccacaca gaatctcaaa ggggccaggt taaaatggta ggggagtgtt ctgggctcag    135120
     tgcaggacca ggggaaggag cactagcccg tcagcaccag tctccaagga caatttagtt    135180
     aaggtctctt ttagggttct gctcattctc tctaccttcc tgagctctgg gcacagtatg    135240
     cacagtattc acagagcagc ttccaattac ttcccactat ctcctccaat ccctgactca    135300
     ccttagagac aaaaccagga ccgatgtctg atccaattac cttgggcatg ctgaacctca    135360
     ggaaagtctc ctctagtatc ttcttggcaa ccacagtaac tgtttcctgc ttggtgggga    135420
     aagcctcaac ctatccagag aaagtatcta caaacactag aaggtatttg taaccatatt    135480
     ttcctggctt aacttctgta aaattgacct cccaataaac cccaggccat tctcccctag    135540
     ctctcttgcc ctgtttgctc ttggctgcat aagcatttag ttgctgacac accttacact    135600
     atcctacaag gtccattacg cataccttag atcccttggc tgcttggatg agcttcccat    135660
     cccctaaatg gatccatctg tgcatttggt cagtaagtcc tcagcttggt ttctgggggg    135720
     catagttttt ccttcctgtg tacgccattg cccttccttc tctaggcagt agtcggtaag    135780
     gtggctagca atcagtcctt tcttcttcag tatattatat tctaagagag gacatccctt    135840
     agtccagtct catttcccag caggtgtctc ttgtgggccc gtaactggga taggttcctg    135900
     catagccact tcttgagcca cttgatctgc ctggttattg ccttgggcca ctgagtctct    135960
     ttccttctga tgtcctgggc aatgaacaat actcacagtt gcaggcttta tcagggcatc    136020
     caagagatcc aagatttcct gtttgttttt tatttctttt ccctctgatg tgagcaggcc    136080
     tctctcttga tatatagccc tgtggatgtg ggctgtggca aagacacgcc tgctatccgt    136140
     gtagatgtta attttcttgc cagccccaag ttccaaggcc ttaatgaggg taattagctc    136200
     tgatttctgc gtccacttgt ggaggggtag aggttctgcc catatgagac atttgtgtcc    136260
     accatggcag cacctgcttg tctctgacct tcatggagaa aactgctccc ttctataagg    136320
     cagctagcct tggctcccgg caggggtcag ttggagagat ctttcctcca cccttgggct    136380
     cttcttttgg gccagttagt tgtggcccgt tgggcaggaa atgtgtctgg gctcccatct    136440
     tgaagagtaa gtctcgcccc aacagagggt aggaacagtt tgggatgact gtaaatgaat    136500
     gggatactca gctaattcct aggtccactg ttcttcgggt agtccatgaa catattttga    136560
     tgccagtggc tccttggacc caagattttt tcttgggaac ggggccattg tcttggagga    136620
     ggaccgagtg ttgagcccgt gttcaccaag aattgagtgg gtttcccctc cactctcaga    136680
     gttaccctgg gttcgagcag ggggtccaaa cccctcctcc ctagtcgctg tctcccccca    136740
     ggactaacac ctttgccgtt tgggctactc ttggacccag tggccccttt ccttgcagta    136800
     tgtgcactgg tccttttcaa ggtgttttct gtctctcttt ggttggagtg tctcttctct    136860
     gctatcccta actactgtag ccaagattta ctctgtaaat tcctttcctg tcgcttttct    136920
     tttttcatct cccattcatc ttctttcctt ctctttctct gttccttccc tgctatggca    136980
     gactttctca gcaacctgca ctaaactcct cagtgactca tcctgcagtc cctccagcct    137040
     ctgaagcttt ttcctgatat ccctaccagc ctggtctgta aaagccacag tcccagtagc    137100
     ttgtgctcct tgctgctggg gtcatagggt gtatattggg tgagtgcctc catgagctgc    137160
     tctagaaagg cagcaggtga ctcatccctg tctaacttca cgttccttgg tcaaatttgt    137220
     gggctgctgg gcggctgctt gagacctgcc tataccacct agtgtagacc ttaaggtgct    137280
     cctcaccttt ggctgaatta aagtcaggtt aaagggaatc ctgtgtcagt gactgctggg    137340
     ttttttccca gggagcctga gggcacattc tttagggcct catggaggat gcattctctc    137400
     tcctctgtgg tgaagaggac cctcataagc tgttgtatgt cattccaggt gggctgatgg    137460
     gcaagcagga cagtctcaaa gagataaatc aaacccttgg gattatctga gaaaggggga    137520
     taactgagac ttccacttgt gtaggtcaac agacgagaac ggccagtatt gcatagcctg    137580
     attgccttta tcatctagaa acccataagc ccgcagaggg agagccacca tggtatcagg    137640
     ggaggtggtt ctttggtttc tggtccccat ggcgggactg ggaagttggg agactcctcc    137700
     tgttcctccc tctggtaaag gggtacaaca gccctggtcc catatgtacc gaggatcccg    137760
     gagctggtgc tggcgctggc tgggccatgg gggcaaacga gggggatatg gtggaggagg    137820
     gccttggagc agcaggcctg atgttgaagg gtcttggagg atcaacttct caggtccagt    137880
     tatctcctcc catgttttct ttttcctgac agccagaagc tgtgaggtgg gtcttgggga    137940
     aagaaatgct tttatccatg aagggcgagg ggggtgaatc aacaagattc ttccaagtta    138000
     ttatgtaggg tacctggtca gggtgaccat tgtggttcct gtctaaaaat tctcccttca    138060
     actgccctga tgacaggcaa gttgaagatc cctttgtggg gctatcctac accaaaggca    138120
     ggccactctg aggaacatag ggtggcccat ttgcccttct ttactacatc agacagattc    138180
     tctcatcttt ctttaacttc cttccttaac acctgcaggg ggaggggagg ctgcagctta    138240
     gcaaaggcag ccagagaaat gggcagtagt catggtctcg ccattgcacc gggctaggaa    138300
     cgaattgaga cctcagatgc tggcacttag ccagaacaag cgtgggtttt ttaaaaatta    138360
     cagactacct gaaatttcac agtcctaatg ttcaccagtt ttgcttcatg gtgaaagttg    138420
     gtactttggt atctgtgtta agatgttttt acctttgtat tgccatgtaa atgccttata    138480
     tagcctgttt tttccccttt atgttttctc acttttgaat tatgcttttg aaaggccatc    138540
     cgtggattgc atgttaaaac aatgatgacg tataaattta ttgatttaag tgtcccatta    138600
     tattttaggt aacacagtac aacaatatca ttgtctgatg ccatgtatag taaacatgtg    138660
     aaagatgtgt gctgacacct taatggagtg cttggaaatg agtattacta tctttgaaat    138720
     gccattgtaa aggtatttca atatggagtt ttaaaaaggg acagaaatcc aatggaaacg    138780
     cacagcttcc tgatttatct ttttgtttct ccctgtggag gtttgaatga agatgacccc    138840
     ataggctcat aggtttgaat gcttcattgc cacaagttgg tgaaactgtt tgggaaggga    138900
     taggggtgtg gtcttattga tggttctgta acaaggtggt gggctttaag gttcccattg    138960
     tttctctctc agcctcctac ttttggatca agatgtgagc tctctctctg ctgtgcccat    139020
     gcctttgttt gtcctcattg gatctctacc ctgctaaacc ataagcctag ttaaatgctt    139080
     tcgtttataa cttgccgggg tcatggtaaa ttgtcatagc aatagaagaa agtaactaat    139140
     acgctaccct taagcacttc acttgtggtt tgtgaggcta atgaaaataa attgatacaa    139200
     cagtgactta ctccttttat cagtacagtt ttagtgttta ggataaaagt tgaagtttaa    139260
     ccatcacctg atttacgtgg tgccaggcct tcatgtgtgc agggcagata gatactctac    139320
     cagctgagct acatcctgag tccctgggtg ttctttaaat agtgtaatga gtaaatagcc    139380
     agtaacttca cactgaaatt taataattca ctttaatatt tcattcttcc caagaatcaa    139440
     gttgtttttg aaagagaaat tagttttttg tgtgtgaatt ttaaagatct agtgtttctt    139500
     ttttttcctt tctttctttc tttttttttt tttttttttg gtttttcgag acagggtttc    139560
     tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctctgtaggc caggccaggc tcagactcag    139620
     aaatctgcct gcctctgcct cccgagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgcgcca ccacgcccag    139680
     cagatctagt gtttcttgtg gagtgttttt tcagtccctt cttgttgtta ggaacctttg    139740
     gtaagagctg tctttgtcac tcctagaaga atctatgtat ggactgtggt tgtagcttct    139800
     gctttcatgt ggtatgttct cgttctcagc tgatagtgtg gttcgtgtta ccctcccttt    139860
     cctcctcttc acctttcaag aattcatctc aaatctgcct cctttgtgaa atcttgctgc    139920
     ccttctgact ggagtgtatt gttcccattg cagtgtatgt tctgatccca gtgctgatgg    139980
     ctttgagtta ggtactttcc catctgtttc attagattct cagcttctgg acagtagagc    140040
     tagctctgct ttatagtaaa tgttcaggat ctctttagat gtataagtat agatacatgg    140100
     ctaatgagtc atttggtcac tggttaaggg aaatgcatat ctgtgtctga tagttgcatt    140160
     gtttggcatt tctacaggtt atcttatttt ggtagtatta aggacaagtt cactttgaga    140220
     tgaagaggga tttctttctt ttttttttat tggatatttt atttacattt caaatgtttt    140280
     tcccttttca ggtctcccct tcagaaaccc cctatcccat ccccacttcc cctgcctcta    140340
     tgagggcact ctcccaccta cccactccca tcttactgcc ctgacatccc cctatacagg    140400
     agcattgaac actctcagac ctgagggcct ctcctcccac tgatgtctgt ctgacaaggc    140460
     cattgaagag gggtttctta atgaaaacac tattgtgttt gaattatcag agagaggcaa    140520
     gctgtgcttg catttgtggt cttcagattt ttctcagaca tcataattaa tttagaacat    140580
     ttataattgt gagttataat ttattaaatt actttagaaa tatttcttag tatatttata    140640
     ctacttctgt taacataaac aataaactga acacctggga ctgaatatct taaaaatatc    140700
     acatttccag gtgtagtggc tggcacatgc ctgtaattct tgcttttagg aggtccaggc    140760
     aggaggacca ggaggatcag cataagacca tctgtagtgg ttattcctgg ttgtcaactt    140820
     gactatattt ggaatgaact acaatccaga attggaaggc tcaccagtga cccttatctg    140880
     gaggcttgga gatccttatc tggatcttgg tatggagatc ttgagccata gtggctatgg    140940
     attccagaag attgaatctc cgagtttaag gaacacacct ttaatctggc ctgcgccttt    141000
     catctgggat taaaggtgtg gtggaacaca cctttaatct gggctacacc ttctgctgga    141060
     gacaatataa ggacattgga agaagggagt ctagctcttg ctcttgctcc ttcgcctgct    141120
     tgctgcgtga gactgagtaa ctgctagatc cttggacttc cattcacagc tgcgactgaa    141180
     tcattgttgg gaattgggct gccgactgta agtcatcaat aaattccttt actatctaga    141240
     gactatccat aagttctgtg actctagaga accctgacta atacagaagt tggtaccagg    141300
     agtggttcta gagtaacaga agtacaagga tgaatctttt aaaatactgg aattggcttg    141360
     ttgatccacc agcactttca actattgaaa cctctccaga ttctctccct cctgggagct    141420
     cagagaattt tgaagaccca tggttgaaac tatattccga acttaaagaa gctaatgccc    141480
     ttgattttct taatgaatta ggtgattcag tgcacaaagc tttctacaag atggggaaaa    141540
     aatcgaaaaa tgattttact ggctggctgc tcttagtatc tgtggaaaaa atgatgaatg    141600
     aaaggaagga gttgtgtgat aaaatcgaaa ggctccagac acaagtaaac gatctaaaag    141660
     ttgctaagtg tgtccttgag gagaatcttc tctcttgtag caatagagct caagttgcag    141720
     aaaatcaaac agaaactctc attgtaaggt tggctgaact acagcgaaaa ttcaagtctc    141780
     agcctcagag tgtgtcgaca gttaaagtaa gggctctaat tggcaaagaa tgggatccta    141840
     caacatggga tggggatgtg tgggaagacc atgttgaagc tgagaatttt gaatcttcag    141900
     attctcaagg gtttgcccca cctgaggaag tagtaccctc agccccacct cttgaaataa    141960
     tgccttcccc acatgaggaa attaattttg cagagtctgc tcacggccca ccaatagttt    142020
     cttctagacc tgtaaccaga ctcaaagcaa aacaggctcc tagaggggag gtagaaagta    142080
     tagtccatga ggaaattcgc tacactacta aggagcttaa tgagtttgct aattcattca    142140
     agcagaaacc tggtgaatat gtgtgggaat ggattttaag ggtgtgggat aagggtggaa    142200
     ggaacataaa actagagcag gctgagttta ttgacatggg tcctctgagt agagattcta    142260
     ggtttaatac ggaagctcgc atagttaaaa aaggtgtcaa aagtttgttt gaatggttgg    142320
     ctgaggtgtt tatcaaaaga tggcctactg gaaatgactt ggagatgcct gatattccgt    142380
     ggcttagtgt tgatgaaggg attttaagac ttagggaaat tgcaatgcta gagtggatat    142440
     attgtgtaaa gcataattgt ccacaatggg aaggtccaga agatatgcct ttcaccagct    142500
     ctataagacg caaattggtg agaggggcac cagcacattt gaagggtttt gttctttccc    142560
     ttttccttgt gccagatctt agcattggag atgcttctgc tcaattagat gaattaaatt    142620
     cactgggttt agttggatcc cgaggtaaca agggccaggt ggcagcattg aatcgccgga    142680
     gacaaggtga tcctagttat tataatggac agcgtagaca aaagaatgtt tataataaca    142740
     tacccagtaa tggtcagcac aggagaggtg aaatttataa tggcatgact cgcttggacc    142800
     tttggtactg gctaatcaat catggtgttt ccaggaatga aatacatagg aagcctactg    142860
     catatttgtt tgatctgtat aagcagaaaa attctcaaac aaatgaaaga aaggctacat    142920
     tagatcgtgg taaacagcaa tctcggccag tgaatcaatt tccagacttg agacagtttg    142980
     cagatccgga accccttgaa tgaaggggtg gccaggttcc tctgaggaag gatcttgata    143040
     agacactcaa aggttttgct gttacccttt ctccagttct tccccagagg gacctacggc    143100
     cttttacaag ggtaactgta cactggggaa aaggaaataa tcagactttt cggggtctgc    143160
     tggatactgg ttctgagttg acactgatcc caggggatcc caagaaacat tgtggccctc    143220
     cagttaaagt aggggcttat ggagggcagg tgattaatgg agttttgact gatgtccgac    143280
     tcacagtagg tccagtaggt ccccggacac atcctgtggt gatttcccca gttccagaat    143340
     gtataattgg gatagatata ctcagaaatt ggcagaattc tcatattggt tccctgaact    143400
     gtagagtgag ggctattatg gttggaaagg ccaaatggaa gcctttagag ttgcctctgc    143460
     caaagaaaat agtgaatcaa aaacagtatc gtattcctgg aggaattgca gaaattactg    143520
     ccactatcaa ggacttgaaa gatgcagggg tggtggttcc caccacatct ccatttaact    143580
     ctcctatctg gccagtgcag aaaacagatg gatcatggag aatgacagtt gattaccgaa    143640
     aactaaatca ggtagtaact ccaattgcag ctgctgtacc agatgtagtt tccttacttg    143700
     agcaaattaa cacatctcct ggcacctggt atgcggctat tgatctggca aatgccttct    143760
     tctcagtacc tgtccataag gaccaccaga agcaatttgc tttcagttgg caaggccaac    143820
     agtatacctt cacagttttg cctcaaggat atattaactc tcctgccctg tgtcataatt    143880
     tagttagaag ggatcttgat cgtttggatc ttccacaaaa tatcacattg gtgcactata    143940
     ttgatgacat tatgctgatt ggaccaagtg agcaggaagt agcaaccact ttggactcat    144000
     tggtaacaca tatgcgtatc agaggatggg aaataaatcc aaccaaaatt caaggaccat    144060
     ctacctcagt gaaattctta ggagtccagt ggtgtggggc atgcagagat attccttcta    144120
     aggtgaaaga taagttattg cacctggccc ctcctacaac caagaaagaa gcacaacgtt    144180
     tagtgggtct atttggattc tggagacaac acatccctca cttgggtgtg ttacttaggc    144240
     ctatttacca agtgactcgg aaagctgcta gctttgtgtg gggcctggaa caggagaagg    144300
     cccttcaaca ggtccaggct gctgtgcagg ctgctctacc acttggacca tatgacccag    144360
     cagatccgat ggtacttgag gtgtctgtgg ctgatagaga tgctgtttgg agcctctggc    144420
     aggcccctgt aggtgaatca cagaaaaggc ctttgggatt ttggagcaaa gctctaccat    144480
     catctgcaga caactattct ccctttgaaa aacagctctt ggcctgctat tgggccttag    144540
     tggaaactga acgtctgaca ataggacgcc aagtcactat gcgacctgaa ctacccatca    144600
     tgagctgggt actatcagac cctgcaagtc ataaagtggg acgtgcacag cagcagtcta    144660
     ttatcaaatg gaagtggtat atacgtgatc gggccagagc aggtcctgaa ggcacaagca    144720
     agttacatga agaagttgct caaatgccta tggtttctat tcctgttaca atgccatctg    144780
     ctgccaagca tgcacctata gcctcatggg gtgttcccta tgatcaactg accgaagagg    144840
     agaagactag agcctggttt actgatggct ctgcacgtta tgcaggcacc acccagaagt    144900
     ggacagctgc agcattacaa cccctttctg ggacaacctt gaaagacaca ggtgaaggga    144960
     aatcttcaca gtgggcagaa cttcgggcag tacacatggt attacagttt gtttgcaaga    145020
     agaaatggcc agatgtacga ttattcactg actcatgggc tgtagccaat ggattggctg    145080
     gatggtcagg gacttggaaa gatcacaatt ggaaaattgg tgagaaagac atctggggaa    145140
     gaagtatgtg gatagatctc tccaaatggg caaaggatgt aaagatattt gtgtcccatg    145200
     taaatgctca ccaaaaggtg acttcagccg aggaggagtt caataatcaa gtggataaga    145260
     tgacccgttc tgtggacagt cagcctgtct ccccagccat ccctatcatt gctcaatggg    145320
     cacatgaaca aagtggccac ggtggtcgag atggaggtta tgcttgggct cagcaacacg    145380
     ggcttccact caccaaagct gacttggcta cagctgctgc tgattgccag atctgccaac    145440
     agcagaaacc aacactgagc cccagatatg gcaccattcc tcgaggtgac cagccagcaa    145500
     cctggtggca ggttgactac attggaccac ttccttcgtg gaaaggacag cgttttgttc    145560
     ttactggagt agatacttat tctggttatg gatttgcctt tcctgcacgt aatgcttctg    145620
     ctaaaaccac cattcacgga ctgacagaat gccttatcta tcgtcatggt attccacaca    145680
     gtattgcttc tgaccaagga actcatttca cagccagaga agtacgacag tgggcccacg    145740
     atcatggaat tcactggtct taccacattc cccatcatcc tgaagcagct ggtctgatag    145800
     aaagatggaa tggccttttg aagacgcagt tacagcgcca attaggtggt aacagcttgg    145860
     aaggctgggg tagagttctt cagaaggcag tatatgcttt gaatcagcgc tcgatatatg    145920
     gtacagtttc acccatagcc aggattcatg ggtccaggaa tcaaggggtg gaaaaaggaa    145980
     tagttccact tactatcact cctagtgacc ctctaggaaa atttttgctt cctgtcccca    146040
     taactctagg ttctgctggc ctaaaagtct tggctccaga gaggggagtg ctcctaccag    146100
     gagctacaac aaacattcca ttgaactgga agctcagact tccccctggt cattttgggc    146160
     ttctaatgcc cttaaaccaa caggctaaaa aaggaataac agtgttagga ggggtgatag    146220
     atccagatta ccatggcgaa attggattac ctcttcacaa tggtggtaag caagattatg    146280
     tctggagtgt aggagatccc ttagggcgtc tcttagtact accatgtcct gtgattaaag    146340
     tcaatgggaa actacaacag cctaatccaa gcaggatgac aaaggacgca gacccatcag    146400
     gaatgaaggt atgggtcaat cctccaggaa aagagccaag acctgctgag gtgctggctg    146460
     aaggtgaagg aaatacagaa tgggtagtag aggaaggtag ttataaatac caattaaggc    146520
     cacgtaacca gttgcagaaa cgaggattat aaagtactat gaatgcccac tgtaaattta    146580
     ctgatgcgtt tgcgattgta cgagggatag ttatatcatg ttaggcgtat ttacaacctt    146640
     gttattgttt catgtgaaca tgagatatta tttgtgtcaa gttgacaagg ggtggattgt    146700
     agtggttatt cctggttgtc aacttgacta tatttggaat gaactacaat ccagaattgg    146760
     aaggctcacc agtgaccctt atctggaggc ttggagatcc ttatctggat cttggtatgg    146820
     agatcttgag ccatagtggc tatggattcc agaagattga atctccgagt ttaaggaaca    146880
     cacctttaat ctggcctgcg cctttcatct gggattaaag gtgtggtgga acacaccttt    146940
     aatctgggct acaccttctg ctggagacaa tataaggaca ttggaagaag ggagtctagc    147000
     tcttgctctt gctccttcgc ctgcttgctg cgtgagactg agtaactgct agatccttgg    147060
     acttccattc acagctgcga ctgaatcatt gttgggaatt gggctgccga ctgtaagtca    147120
     tcaataaatt cctttactat ctagagacta tccataagtt ctgtgactct agagaaccct    147180
     gactaataca ccatccttag ccatgtatta tgttccaggc cagctcatgg agccacatga    147240
     gaccctgtca caaaacaaaa aagcagagtc agtgaaatgc cttagcaggc tacatcactc    147300
     actgtagaaa cctggaaacc tgaatttgat gtcaagaacc catagaaagg tgaaagaaga    147360
     gaactagcct cccatggcat ccctgtttcc attttttatc ttaaaaatta aaaacaaaat    147420
     ccaaaacaag ccaagtgatt catttctcaa atttatggag tccgggaagt ctgagatcca    147480
     ggcacaggta gtttctgtgt ctggtgagag atattctttc tgcttttaag atggcaccct    147540
     gaccttgtca cagagaaggg acagaaggac acaggtaatc aatgctgtgc ctaaaggaaa    147600
     aacaaaagag acttaaacta gcttccttct tttataaaac caccagtcca ttcatctagc    147660
     tggagctcct ttaaaaagca ctgctctctt catgagggtg gagtcctgac tgaatccctt    147720
     tttaaagctc atctcttaat accactactc tgaaaaacga gtttcagcat gaattttgga    147780
     gggagacatg tggaccttag cagcatctaa atacagatga cccattgtaa gtaaaaccct    147840
     taaaatatca actagaatac agtataaagt aactttctgg ggagtatgat aataaacttt    147900
     gtataattgt gcaatataac cttaccttaa cgtttttcat gctctaacat attagagaag    147960
     agcagtgaaa tgaactgaac agagacccac tgtatgtccc tctttctgtt ttctgttggg    148020
     agtacctcta atgtctacaa atatttttga tggtcacagc taagttggtt gacgaaggat    148080
     gtgtgttact ggcttctaat gagatagagg tcagtggtgc ttctaagctt tctgtagtgc    148140
     acaggatagc ccaaataaca gggaattacc tggcccaaaa tgtcagaagt ctcacagttg    148200
     aaggaccttg tttaaagtgt tactggtttg ctattcaaat ctataggcct tacagttgtg    148260
     ttttcatgag taatttgact cttgatatta aaaaaaggta aaatacaaat tcattgggtt    148320
     tgattttacc aatgaatgat ttgaaatgaa ttgtcatgat gacacattag agaaatgtgt    148380
     tttgtgcctt catgaccctg tgcatccaga taccttatga tgctaattct acactaaatc    148440
     ttctatgtag gggcttatat gtgaccttca cattaactta gaggtactta atgtttctgt    148500
     gcaatgagat ctgccagaaa aatctagatg tggtaggatt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt    148560
     tgtttgtttg ttttgatggc cagctgtagc tctggctgcc ccagatgtag gatgtactca    148620
     ggatgtagac caggctgagc ttgaacttgc agagatctgt ctatatctgt ctgtgtctgt    148680
     cttgaggatt tataaaagca gcagtagcag cacaaataag ttctcaaggg tctgatttct    148740
     tagtttttag gagtcattgc agatgtaaag agaaatttga tgacatcaca acagtctagt    148800
     cagttggatc gctttcactc aggcagcaaa tgcagttcac cttgtcagta cacagaggac    148860
     actgttggcc tagcacaaca cacagcttca ctcattttca actttccgaa tcagagatgt    148920
     caggcatgtc ttagactaag gagtataagt cttttaattt agttaaaatt aacttgtttt    148980
     agggaatggg gtgagactgt tcagtggtct ttggaggtcc caagtttgat tcccagtacc    149040
     cacatggtag ctcacaacta actatgactt tagttccagg catctgacac tctttttctg    149100
     acttttatag gcactaggca tgcacatgtt acacagtgta ttccatgcaa acatacataa    149160
     agtaagatta aaaattaaaa aactgagttg ttttaaagaa gtgcaagttt atgcatatgt    149220
     atttaacttt tttggcttat ggtatacctg ttttatccat agaggccatc caagatcctc    149280
     agagaatagg agaaactata gataactctg aaccttgtac atttttccta tgcattcata    149340
     tctgtgacaa agttggtact ttgtaattag gtctattaac aagaacagaa agatggcacc    149400
     atggataaag tgcttgctgt gcaagcctga gaacttgagc tggatctctg aaattcacat    149460
     aaaggtaaag agacccaact ccatgaagtt tgtcctctga cctccatatg tatgctgtga    149520
     cacacacccc catcatgtat ttgaacatgc atattcaaca cacacacaca cagatattaa    149580
     cgttcactag tactgaagtg cagagattct gtcagcatac tacataataa atggatggta    149640
     tgtaaatgga ttctgttaaa aatattttac cacactttta cctttcatat tagagaaaga    149700
     acttgatggc ttttccttgg tgtgtttgaa ttgccagcat cacttttgtg cttaagggcc    149760
     attattaagt aaaatgggat tatttggatg cagcaaatgc ttctgggaca gtcttataac    149820
     cagagatggc tgcatagtga ctaacaggca ggtagcattg ggtattctgt agacaggtgg    149880
     atgatttatg ccccattaga gaaaaacaag atggcttgat attttaccat ggtacttaga    149940
     atagcacagt aagaaatttc ttctggaatt ttctatgtaa tactttgggt ccttgttaac    150000
     cacaggtaac tgaaattgtg gaaagtgaag caatggatgg gtgtgagcac tgttgtacag    150060
     tattgtacct ggcatctgtc attagaggtg aagccagctt tcttctttcc cactgtcctg    150120
     gcagagtact ctgtcttagc ttaggccttc agatatatag agaggtttta ttcttaacct    150180
     cttcagcttt cctcatacaa gtaggccatc tgaagacagt gcggtggcac atgcttgtca    150240
     tccaggcact tgggaggtag ctaatctgaa tgaatcaaga attaaagatc atccttagct    150300
     acagaggaag tgtgaaaaca gtcaagttat atgaaattgt ttcaaaaaac caaaatcatg    150360
     aacaaaaaga tagaaccttt gtaagatatt tttcatacta aatgacttgc ttgtttgatt    150420
     tgagagtctt gctgtgtagc cagtcctcag ttccctgtgt aatcctggct ggcctccagt    150480
     ttgcaatcct tatgtcttag tcttctgagt gctagttcta aaagtatgta cctgccacat    150540
     ctaaatttaa tgcattcaaa tgccttattg tcaaacttct tgtcattaac aaactctgag    150600
     cagcataatt atcttagcca tgcagcagaa agttagaagt gctagtgcta aggagcaagg    150660
     tgcctactgc taggaggacc ttcagcaatt tttgtcaggc cccggctcct gtcatttgtg    150720
     tgaccgaaat tgcctgagac atgtgttatt taaagatgac cttcgtggta cctgggaatc    150780
     atttgctaga ctaccccacc cagggatcca tcccataatc agccaccaaa cgcagacact    150840
     attgcatatg ccagcaaggt tttgctgaaa ggactctgat atagctgtct catgtgaggc    150900
     tatgccagtg cttggcaaat acagaagtgg atgctgtctt agttagggtt ttactgttga    150960
     gcagacacca tgaccaaggc aagtcttata aaaaaacaac atttaattgg ggctggctta    151020
     caggttcagt ccattttcat caaggtggga gcatggcagt atccaggcag gcatggcgca    151080
     ggaggagctg agagctcttt gtcttcatcc aaaggctgct agtggaagac tgacttccag    151140
     gcaactaggg tgaggatctt atacccacac ccacagtgac acacccattc caaccaggtc    151200
     acacctattc caacaagacc acaccttcag atggtgccac tccctggtcc aaggatatac    151260
     aaaccatcac agatgctcac agtcatctat tggatggaac acagggcccc caatggagga    151320
     gctagagaaa gtacccaagg agctgaaggg gtctgcaacc ctataggtgg aacaacaata    151380
     tgaactaact agtacctcca gagctcgtgt ctctagctgc atatgtagca gaagatggcc    151440
     tagttggcca tcattgggaa gagagacccc ttggtcttgc aaactttata tgctccagta    151500
     caggggaatg ccagggccaa gaagtgggaa tgggtgagta ggggagcagg gtggggggag    151560
     ggtatagggg acttttggga tagcatttga aatgtaaatg aagaaaatat ctaataaaaa    151620
     attgaaaaaa acctctgtat tttgcatggt tctcttaaat ccaagttctg cttggtcttt    151680
     gcgagttccc ttttcttcct gattcttcct gtttgctttg aggtgtattg ttattatgcg    151740
     agtgtgcttc cttttcccct tctgccaatg cattgcagtt actttacagc tagtctgtaa    151800
     cccatttaac ttactgtaat tcttcagttg tttttttctc ccccattatg tttgtccttt    151860
     tattcagatg tatgctatgt ccacatgtct tttctgagga aaactgctat cccagactct    151920
     gctgaagaaa atgttgcctt tgactctagg tcaccatact tagtactgtg tgaccctgac    151980
     atcttggctt ggaggtggtt acctcaccca aagtctagga tagattaatc attcacggct    152040
     cagcattaaa acttcaaaac tttggcgcct gaagagtaga tgaataaaac tgtgagatcc    152100
     tctcctctga agatagcgct gggattggat ggtgaggagg acccatggtt atagcgagga    152160
     cactcaaaga gaaaaagcaa gcataaaact ttaggttttc taatcgtgcc aaattggaca    152220
     ttgtagagaa aacttttgtt acaagatgta ttatctagag agtagagacc ttgactttct    152280
     tttatctggt tttcaaagga acaaatgaat caaaagataa tcaagatgag agaaccttag    152340
     atggcagggg aagcaaaagc tgagagctaa gagcagatga aaacagagat ctgggcttcc    152400
     tgctgctgac gggacataaa taactgcttg ccaatttttg agaatcattt tggatccaca    152460
     aagcttttct ccagcctggt ttcctcttgc tagatagtct gggggcctga ctctgtaggt    152520
     attatttcta tgcttgtctc tataagcata ggtatataat agtgtgttct gtttgcatat    152580
     tagtctgtgc cgcagacctc ctgggtccct gtgtctgcgt ggaatggggt ctctcgaccc    152640
     gggtgggcaa agcgtggatg agcgacagac acacacacac aggagagttc atgtggagtc    152700
     tgagtgtaat tttacaactc gagcatcaga ctttttatgc agaggacaat aaggaagttg    152760
     ggtgacatat tcgcaaggta caatcttaca taaaacagag gaatgcaaac acaaaaggtc    152820
     taaccggaac cacccaggat agaatacatt gataacagct gggatcaaca agggctccac    152880
     ctaaaattca ctaatatctt agaagccagg gtcaagggct tcgagtcctt gccatagttc    152940
     ctattttagt ctgctatagt atctattctg gtttctcctt tggtctgaaa cttccttctt    153000
     cctaagtgat ggtaaattcc tgtgtaaggg agtgacttag cttttacaat cttgctgaat    153060
     tctaaaccct tgatcttggt caaggacgcc cttggactgt tggaacactg gcggaaggct    153120
     ttagccatgt cagagcactt ataataggaa aatactgaaa gagagcacgt ggatccatac    153180
     tctagactag cgcggtaatg gaatgaaaaa ttaatgtatg ggtagagaac attagactcc    153240
     aggaggagag cttccttgaa actcttttgc ctcatgagtg acttttaagc ctttcagctt    153300
     gtccagttga ctcaaccgga gagcgtagca agtctgagct tcttgagggg atcatgagtg    153360
     aatttgtttt tgtcctcaag caaaaggcta cagtagcaac ctttccacta gtgggagatg    153420
     tgctttaagg ggggtagcag ctaaggcaga tcttgcttcg ttttcctagg gtgctaagta    153480
     tctgtgacca gtactgttta atctgcccag tcccacagga caaaagctgt ctcaagaaag    153540
     acattcttgc agttatgggg tatgccgatt gaactgctct ttaattttac cagaaatgga    153600
     caattttggg ttttctgact tggctgtttg acagatattt tctcagagtg aatgataaga    153660
     gcttgtgact ctgaagaaaa ggattgcttg tactgtatgg aacaggaagt gtccatagct    153720
     gtgactttag actgtacctt gtgagtaaac tttaaataaa catgaaactt gtgaaactac    153780
     tagtataatt cagggtatta tcagtgaaga atatccacag ttatgaaaag actgtcataa    153840
     tacctatttt tccaattatc aatgttagac tttcttctca tacttcaaac aaaataaata    153900
     acatatttta atagtcttta atactgttgc ctaggttggg ctcgctctct ctctctctct    153960
     ttattttcca caatgaaact ggttttattt gttttgtttt attttaaagt ttctagaagc    154020
     agagccattc tatcaaagtg ttcttataac gtcctattgg gaccatgtgg tacctacatt    154080
     gtattctgat tatttgcaaa acatgtgaca atccacagat cttctactaa atcaaagatt    154140
     aaaatagaaa gtgtataatt cattgatata aaagttgctt taatttggta ctttttgggg    154200
     tggaaagatg tgtcagtagt aaagaacact gattattctt acagaggacc caggttcaat    154260
     tttcagtgcc catgtggaac tccagtttta tggggatctg atgccttctt ctggcctctg    154320
     aaggcaccag atatgcttat gacactcaga catacatgta tatactcttg gtataaaaat    154380
     ttaaaagttg atactttgaa agattgaatt tttaaaaata attcatttag aataattttt    154440
     catttgtaaa gggaacactg agaatgtttt attttcattt taatttaaaa accattttat    154500
     gtgtatgggt gttttgcctt catgtatgtt tgtgtaccac atgcagtcag tgcctctaga    154560
     ggtcagaaga gggcatctga tcccctggaa ctggagttag attcagttgt tagctcccat    154620
     ctgggtacta ggaaccgaac tggggtcctt tggaagagca gccagtgttg ttagctgctg    154680
     agccatctct tcagtacctg tttttatttt atttttttga aacatagttc ttagtataca    154740
     aaccaaattg gacttagact taatattctc ttgtcccaga ctcctgagtt ctaggattat    154800
     aggtgtgtac tacagcttgc ttccagagta ttcccataac cactcaccca gtttgttccc    154860
     tcaaatacat tgttgggaga actgtgcaga gaaaccattg ttgggacctg attgactaat    154920
     gactatactc ttatttagat ttcacaaggt tctatactga tagcctttct ccagcctaga    154980
     tccattccag gtcactagct gtttttagtt gtctgtccat tctcttttgt tctatgatag    155040
     tttcttagtc tgtcttgctt tatttttgac gctgaaaata ttgagtagag ctgtcatata    155100
     ttcaggagaa gatctcctaa tcttgagttg tgggtcttct ggttaaattg gagggctttt    155160
     atgaaataat gccacagaga tgcagttctc ttctaacagt acatctgaac tacctgaact    155220
     aagattcatc tcttgaagga gagactatct agtgtacaga gaatctgcat aaggtttgtt    155280
     tctgctctcc atttctttaa tcatagtgta aattcacgga tattaacctt aaactttgtg    155340
     ttatcatcca atattataat actccttttg tttctcaagt tattttgttc gtttatattt    155400
     gacactatgg ccattgtttt gaattttagc cagcttgatt gatgtgtgat agtattttat    155460
     tgtctgttgt ttctgagaca acttttgtct gtgtaactca gcctaacttc aaaactcaga    155520
     acagccttca tagggtatat gtatatctaa accatgacag aaacttttag tactctgaga    155580
     ttagatgtgt gttggagata gagtagaaag atgtgtatgt tgagtttgac agttacgaag    155640
     cttcagagct acatgggagg tatcagatcc aggacctcac atcagaagtc ctttcctgtc    155700
     cacttgtttc agggtcagcc atgtagaatt agcacacttg tctaaagtgg cccctgctag    155760
     attctctcct ggcatgctgc cttttcgcaa ggcagttact catctgagct gagctcatac    155820
     ttggagacca atttttattt atttttttgc aactttttac ccagtgatga aatccttttc    155880
     aatgtctgaa cactgggtta taatcttagt agtttgtgaa tgtttaacat atatttctgc    155940
     actcttaatc caatgctatt gaagctctat tagagcttca actatacttg aagaatttaa    156000
     gcattttagt ttaacatttt actagagaaa tagcgtaaag atgtagtttc cagagacaga    156060
     gagctgagtt caaaccttaa tatcatgcct tactgtctag cctttctgag actatatcta    156120
     tctgtaaatg aggataataa ccacccctct atagaaagtc cttggggaga ttaatgtgtt    156180
     agtttgtaga tagcaggcag gatagtgatc agttcacagt agccagtgga tactattttt    156240
     actaatataa aagtacttaa ttatatatat ttaccaacat tttataactg ttataaaact    156300
     ccattgattg actctagttt ttagattttt ttaaaatttg tcttaggcta gacctctcgt    156360
     agagatgctt tggaaagctt atgcttggct ctgccttggt gattctttgt gctgtggttt    156420
     aagcgcttcc tgctgtttgt gcagaggtaa tgggtacaat gctcagtgac cactctcttc    156480
     tctcagagaa agtagctgca cacaggctta gcctatctgg tgatagatct taagatccaa    156540
     agctcagaaa caagcagtca gatctgagga ttgttaagac gactttaata aatagtctct    156600
     gaagataaaa agaagtcagc aagcatggaa gctatcataa actactaggg ctatgttgga    156660
     aacacaaggc aacttaaatt ggctcccact ggccagaatg tgttcagatt gagcatcaaa    156720
     aaggggcaac tgcagtggag tgaaacacat tcaatatctt cagttctctg agttcatgct    156780
     gatataaaaa gcattgctag aatgtgtgct caataccatt ttgagttact tagatgctgt    156840
     gtcaccaaaa cccagtagat tagcagctga gaggtccttg gcctgtgtat cagcagcttc    156900
     caaacatact cagcatccca cgcttggatc tctctgaaag aaatagaatg gttgcagggt    156960
     ctatgtaata gtagcttgtc aggattacac tttctcacat ctggaagttg tagatttcag    157020
     attcagttgt atccacgctt tctcacaaat tgctgatgtg ataaaatggt aattgggctg    157080
     ttttgatttc tgcaaactgt tactggatgg aaaggtgacg attggcccta aatgatactt    157140
     agaaaccaca tatgaaaata tttaaaataa aatgtaaaga cctgttttgg tgttcatgtg    157200
     tggttttgta atggttaata taataaacag ataaagttct aacatttatg gagacactga    157260
     ttgctctgct cttatggggt ttcacaccct gtacctgtgc tgtcagggtt gctaatgagt    157320
     ttggatggat gtgtccgaag ttgtgtaatt atgcacaatg ttcactgaag ttttctaaaa    157380
     tctaacactc tttggacttt gtatcacaat tcattctttc acatttattt aactaaaatt    157440
     cagtgaagtt gatgatttgt ttattttatg aataaaaagg actatgtaat taatagttaa    157500
     ttgatcatta gaaaagaagg ccaccagcca cgcagtgtct ttagaatgtg ctaaatatag    157560
     acattctaca aaagctatta agctgttgtc ttcataagct caaagaatac tggtagcata    157620
     taagggtata gaatgtcatt tctacagaac cccctgctgc tgcacagttg agggaaagaa    157680
     ggttatccta aaacctgaat tatttaagtc atttgtgatg aattttccat caggcagggg    157740
     gaaaaaaaaa gaacaatgat tagcaaagat cacacccctg ggacgaatac aaggttagac    157800
     agccagcttc tcattgtcct cagttgtgca ataaacagac ctttatgatt taagattttg    157860
     gggcactggg aaacatttgg tgtttttata ttctgtaaaa aaacacaata gttccagtta    157920
     gagatagttt actgacttta ttaaagctat atatttgctg gaaacttttt taaaacattt    157980
     gcttgacttg ggacttagag atctttagaa gaatgtgaaa aggtaagcag caggagtctg    158040
     ttcctgcgga gccatctcag ggaccatgtc ggaagggtct ctagctggcc ggtcttcatc    158100
     cacagagccc agagcgctgc tcacttgggc agaggtgggt gcctatactt ccattgatgt    158160
     tgtctgggga atctgagcag aaaaagagtg tttctacttt tgtaatcttg gtttcactaa    158220
     taattagact tttctggctc atttaatttt tcccttctca cctcttcacc ttttcaaaac    158280
     attaaaatga aacataacaa ggaagatata aggcccatct attttaaaga gtctctgatg    158340
     ctctttaaaa aatataattg gacacaattc atcttaataa gtatttcagt aagtatttat    158400
     tggaaactca gtctgaaata gcatttttag gaccaagaaa tggaaaaact gatatattta    158460
     gaaaatacta cattggggtt tggggaggag gacctgatgt tgaaggacaa atagcatata    158520
     gacagagaac tacaacaggc tgttgttcac tgtactctag aaattcagat gatgtttccc    158580
     agaagagtga ctccagccct caggtctcac ttaggcttcc ttgttgttct gatggggttt    158640
     tccttgatag cattgccata ctttgttata aagtatacgc ttatgtttct gtatggcaat    158700
     taccataaat tttgactttc cccttagatt acaaggtcac tgagaaccca aactggcaga    158760
     gttcaccatg gcatgcataa gatctttgtg tgacgtctaa taggtggtga ctcactgagt    158820
     gcacaaatga ccagacagaa cagggtttag cctggggttg gatacttgta caggattgct    158880
     tgtagaacca aacaggtgcc attttggagt gcttgttcat ttgtgcttct ttgcaaagag    158940
     gttattccaa ctgggcttgt taagcgttta cagccctttg ggagggccag gagaccctca    159000
     cctgaatatc ttgtcaactg ttgaatgcaa ctctgtccta attgcatgta gcttcaagga    159060
     tatgcttgct agttttatat caactttgac acaagctagg aatcatctga aaggagtgag    159120
     cctcaattga gaaaatgcct ccataagatc tggctatagg gcattttctt aatgattggt    159180
     gaggagagcc cagcccatgg taagtagtga tattttgggg ctgttggtcc taggttcttt    159240
     atgaaagcag ggtgagcaag ccatcatgac taaaccagta aacagcactc cttcgtttgc    159300
     tctgcgtcag ctcctgcctc atgtttcctg ctttgtttga ttcctgttct atcttttttc    159360
     agtgatggac tatgatacgg aagtataagc cagataaacc ctttctttaa cttgattttg    159420
     gtcacgttgt ttcatcgcag caataaaaac ccctaaatag aaggggaagg gctagaataa    159480
     acaggcaagg aaaggctaga gaggcctggt ggggggagtc catctgtgtg acaagtgatt    159540
     atctttattg ggtaaagact cctgatgatg cccttttgag gcagtaggct gtgtatgtga    159600
     ggaggatcca taagtgactc cctccagtaa gtaacccctc acctacactc tttaaataac    159660
     aactcagtag ctccccagag tgaacttggt agacttgagt cttggtctgt ggttggaatc    159720
     ttatgaggag gggcagacat catctccctc aggcaaggga ttttggtcat agtagtgaaa    159780
     tgaaaggatc caagaaagtc ttagtaaaga taaagcatgc agtagtagtt gagtttggtt    159840
     ttaaaagggg aatataactc atattcagtg ggtaggcacc agatagcagc tagcctacac    159900
     ccttttgagt gcccctgggc tagtgacttc caggtgagag gctggatgga aagccaccct    159960
     ttgtcatgca catccttgat ttatgtgagg atcctgactg gaggtttgtg gattcatatg    160020
     taccctgtgg tatagtatag acatagtagt aagtatgagg tagtaagttt gagttcctta    160080
     gggaacatgt aaacagtatg gattacttta tagataccta ggcagcttgt gttgtgatta    160140
     atagaattca ggctcttcag tttgtggtgg gttttcatca tgtataattt cttaccatct    160200
     ctaactaaag tcacaattct tacatcaaca tcttcaaata gtttaaaaaa agaaattgtt    160260
     ccactttgtg gggagcagta ggcaaggatt cacatgatct gatccgattg gttccagtga    160320
     gaggatgaac ttgaggagaa cttgaaaacc ttctcactgc tggccatgtg agagaggctg    160380
     ttttgaggta gtggagagta agggctctga gtgctgtttc tgaagcctga aaaagcagat    160440
     agccacttcc atgatctctg ttctccacca tggtgaataa acaacagcaa caacacacat    160500
     tctctctcac tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tgttctccac catggtgaat    160560
     aaacaacaac aacaacacac attctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    160620
     tctcacacac acacacacac acacacacaa cttgttcact cattcactca tgtatcaaca    160680
     gaaattaaag ctttgaattt tacttttttc cccttgaata ttattttctt tgtcctgatt    160740
     cagtcttctt tttcttcttc tttttttttt tttttcctta tccttttcaa cttgtgaccc    160800
     ttcggttgaa attaaatttg cactgtaagt tgactccttg aatcttttcc tcacaagctt    160860
     tctttgtatt ttccagaaga aaaaggatta actcagggtt tccaaagtaa aagcaaagat    160920
     tgtgattaaa actaaattag aatctttatt ctctattatt tgccaatagc aaaataaata    160980
     tcctagtctt aaagaagctt taaagtaaag tcccggagcc tttgagaacc cttggatttt    161040
     aattaaagga acacagaata ccatcacttt ctgtttgtca gtggaaaaaa tatgtatttt    161100
     taaaatttca aagcttagcc tagcagcaca tggaatccat ctgttggtgt tcagagtttg    161160
     ggagcacaaa tggattcaga tgtttaggcc ccctttgtct ttactggccc cagtgcacct    161220
     caccagcgga gtgtggcaca accacagagc ttgaaaacag agcagctcga gttacctcta    161280
     aagcactctc tagggaaccg ataaagtcaa tctctgttta tgtaaggaag tcaggagcaa    161340
     gggtctgctg cagcactctg agatgagatt ccattggtgc tgtctttcag agaaggggct    161400
     gggtttaata agcctgaatg tctgacacga ggggggtgca gtgcagccca ctctagtggg    161460
     tcgttttgaa ctgtttttgc ttaggtagtg ttagagcaat tggttttagt aaagtcaata    161520
     ggtttattat ggaaagtgag atactgatac cagttttacc tgataaaagg cttcaatgtc    161580
     tgagacttct tttttgtaca ttgctattgg tgtttagtca ggggcaggga agtgaggggt    161640
     ctgtgcatgt ttcagtgatc tcatcttttt ctgtatactt aaatttcagt taaacttgaa    161700
     ctttttaaaa cagactctgc tagtttagcc tattctcaaa tgctcatgaa atccttccca    161760
     ttttacaaaa tatttacaaa gtattcttga aagtaaagtc tcataaaggt ctttggtttg    161820
     gtaccagagt tcaaagggaa gtccgtttgg ttttgatttg aaaactgtaa aaacaaaatg    161880
     ccctcaaaat ggcagggtgt gaattggtaa cttcaatttt attacaatct gccaagccca    161940
     tccccagatg tttctgttta aaagccaaga atgtaactcg ggtaaatatc atatgaaagc    162000
     atttctttac ttttctctga tttttttctg agaaaaataa gtctcaaatc ctttaacttt    162060
     aattaaagaa ataacttttc atttaaatgt ttaaacttta acaaagtaca gtattcaaag    162120
     agcattttta catttcagct ttgcaagtat gcatggcccc aaatatataa gggttcacat    162180
     acttcatttt ccaaaggcca aaaagaaaat ttgaaaagat gttaaagcac ctaaaaatgt    162240
     ttctggattg actacaatta aaaagtagtt tttttttaac aatgtaaatt atttaaagag    162300
     gagtatttac tcaatttatt gctttctttg agtatgggga tcatactcca ttataatgta    162360
     aagactacaa tgtcctttta tttctgatca attttgtgtt caattgtaag cagtgttttg    162420
     atgggaatct gggaaggcag gagatgaaac aagatgaaaa gaatcataat accattttag    162480
     agcccatatt tcataatact tttctagata ataccagatt atatataggt ctactcatga    162540
     gcatgaaact tgcttcaaat gtgtcagtct atgctaagag gaaaggtagt ggtaatgaat    162600
     atgactgtat ggaaattgtt ggggtttttt tttgttcatt ttttttttcc tagagaagat    162660
     ggagttactc tttataacta actcaacttt cccattttaa atgcaaaacc catgattaat    162720
     ttgtttttga agcttgctca aaccacgaag atacaggacg acataacttg ctgtaaagat    162780
     gaaatagttg cttttatttt catttcctgt ttggaatttt ggtggatata gatttggagt    162840
     atagaggaaa agagcaatgt aaccttagat ttgtatttgc tgttggtggg ggcttgtttt    162900
     gttgttgttg ttgttgtttt gtttttaaac ttgtgatatg atgttactta gcccttacaa    162960
     cataatgcac agggttgttt gctgctgctc cagagaaagc tgattctttg accagcttgt    163020
     gaacagccct cattcttttc agtactgctc tgctgcaact gttgttctcc tgtctggcaa    163080
     gtcactggac gaaagtgcct tctctgccct cataggcagg gatcatatgg gcagggccaa    163140
     cccatcttgt cgtgtttgat gccaagcgca tatattgaac tggctctaag ttttaagacc    163200
     tggaggttat tttgtaaaca tatgggaaaa atgtgaataa ttttagatta agctgtggtt    163260
     taacaaagga aatgttaata gttcatagct catcactgac atcacatgat actgctgttt    163320
     tatctctaca gtagaagcag tatctgaggt ctacgaatgt aactcgggtg gagaacttgt    163380
     tgtagccatg cacaggtcct gggtttggtc ctagcactct acctccccca tcgaaaaaga    163440
     agaacgttat tttcactaca agatttgatt cagatattat gaggattatg ctcttgagat    163500
     tttattattt tttgtgtata agtgtttgcc tacatgtatg tctgtgtact gtgtgcatgc    163560
     ctggcaccag aagagggttt tggatcctct ggaaatggag ttatagacag ttgtgagctc    163620
     ccacacgggt gctggggatt gaacccaggt cctgttgaat tgtagcaagt cctcttaacc    163680
     actaagctgt ctcttcagcc tgagaactgt gctctttttt ttttttaaat tagatatttt    163740
     ctttatttac atttcaaatg ttatcccctt tactagtttt ccctccaaaa atcccctatc    163800
     ccctccccct gctccccaac ccacccactc ccattcctgg ccctggcatt cccccataca    163860
     ggggtgtaga gccttcacag gaccaaaggc ctctcctccc attgatgacc aactcagggt    163920
     tgttttgatt tgcatttccc taaaacttac agaggagaaa gtggggaaaa gcctcgaaga    163980
     tatgggcaca ggggaaaact tcctgaacaa aacagcaatg gcttatgctg taagatcgag    164040
     aatcgacaaa tgggacctca taaaactgca aagcttttgt aaggcaaaag acaccgtcaa    164100
     taagacaaaa aggccaccaa cagattggga aaggattttt acctatccta aatctgatag    164160
     gggactaata tccaatatat acaaaaatct caagaagctg gactccagaa aatcaaataa    164220
     acctattaaa aatggggtac agagctaaac aaagaattct taactgtgga atattgaatg    164280
     gctgagaaga agcacctgag aactgtgctc ttaaccaaca cagggagaaa gtattattct    164340
     tgttagcaac agaagccgag aggctctttc tcaagtcgca tttcagcccc ttcctccacg    164400
     gccttcactt aagtgaagct ttatagggag gaccacgctc ttcattaaaa agaaaatgca    164460
     aaatttttaa aagtaaatat tttgagagaa aaagtgaaat tgacacgagt gagtagttcc    164520
     taactttgtc agctatcaaa cgtctttaat tttagtgatg tttgtagatc cttcatgata    164580
     gtgaatttga cttttcagca tttgggcttt ccaaaagcta gcttccagct agttttgtac    164640
     aataggtatg gtagcgatgc atcctcagtg tgacctcaac aactgttgct ggactcctgc    164700
     gtgttatctt atatataaag cagaacaccc agtgtgttca tagggaagaa gcaaaggttg    164760
     ggctgtggtg ctaaaatcat cattgattcg tctatcattt gtttactgaa catcagtgac    164820
     aaacctaggc tgagaataga atctctgacc ctatattata acaacaagtt ttagataagt    164880
     acaaattaac aaaaatgtaa acaagagtgt ttatattctc tacagggaaa aatagtaagg    164940
     agggttaatg ggtttcattg agggtgtgac atcaagaaaa acttaaagta ggtaatatgc    165000
     ctggccttgt ggttaaggcc tggagttcca gctgctcagg agcatgagac aggaggcttc    165060
     ctacgtcaaa ggttctcagg acaacttagt gagaccctgt tgcataattt taaaaattat    165120
     ttttaaaaat aaaaaaggtc agggatttaa tgtagttctg tggagtaggg tttgtataac    165180
     atgcatagag gttcagtccc ctatactata cacacataca catgtacaca gacacacaca    165240
     cacaaacata caaacaacaa caaacaggca taagaatgac ttagcccgga gagagacatt    165300
     gagaagccct gagttgtatg cacacctagc atgttttagg agctacaaag aaaccagtgt    165360
     agtcaaattg gcatgatgga agaggggata attgcagaaa aaccaggaca aaagggtaat    165420
     gactgcttca tctagggcct tgtaggctct gccacaaatc agactacaaa tgcatggaaa    165480
     tcaactgtgc ctgaaagtgt gaagaagtac tacactattt ttaactagtt ggttggttgt    165540
     tttattttgg gctggggtgg gagtggggtg aaattcatgc atgccatact atgtatgtag    165600
     aggtcagaga acagttgtag aagttggttg tcttctacta tgtggattct aggaatgtac    165660
     tcgggtcaac aggcttggta gcattaacaa gcaggccttc cattcattca ttcattcatt    165720
     tatttatttt aaaaagcttt atttatttac tttatgcata tgagcacact gtagctgtac    165780
     tgatggttgt gagccatcat gtggtttctg ggaatatgaa tttgaggcct ctgtttgctc    165840
     cagttggccc tgctcactcc aacctaaaga tttatttatt gttgtatcta agtacactat    165900
     cgctgtcttc agacacacta gaagaaggtg tcagatctca ttacagatgg ttgtgagcca    165960
     ccatgtggtt tctgggaatt gaactcagga ccttcggaag agtagtcagt tctcttaacc    166020
     tctgagccat ctttgtagtc caggccttcc atttttaaat ggattgccta tacactgggg    166080
     tgggggttgg ggctaagagt gagggcttat gagtgtagtg tttctttagg actcgataca    166140
     aatatactgt ttgaaaacag taaagaaaca atggatcctg tgcttatggg aagattttga    166200
     tagtatatga atcccatcag taaaaacatg acaaaacgta tgcttgaggc ttgttaaacc    166260
     atttcgtgtt gctgcttcat atcattaaga caccattttg ctcttggaaa ttaggatttc    166320
     tgcctagatg tcttaactag agggaaatgc ctgtgttgtt tgctgtgttt cattggaagt    166380
     actaatatat tcgtctgtct aaaggccgtt tactactgac agattactgt ggtgcttcac    166440
     attctctaca cacatatgga ggaggatgag atagcaaggt ggctcttttt aaagagttac    166500
     gatttttcat ttatcgctac tttgtctgca tatatggctg tgcctgagga ggccagaaaa    166560
     gggtgttgga ccccctagac ctagagttgc agatggttgt gagccattac atgggtgctg    166620
     gatattgaac ccaggtcttc tagaagagca agcaagtgct tttaaccaca aaaccaaatt    166680
     ctccagccac aaaggtgaga tatttaacct ctggttatca aatgaatgca gattttaggc    166740
     cgaattctat tttgctggac taagatacat gttttacata atttatttgg tggatctttc    166800
     atagggtgga aactttgacc agtatggtaa tgctcttcaa attatgatct aaagcctgca    166860
     agttagaaga atacctttgt tcatcacatt gacaacacaa agcaaacaac cctctttgga    166920
     aagatggtct ttagtaaaga tgtgggacag gaggtgttct tagctggggt tggcagggtt    166980
     cctccttgta catgttttag atttaactgt ggcattttct aaactcttag tctatgacaa    167040
     cctagtaaag ttgattgaaa tattatatgg ccatgttgtg atctgtgtct cgttcttttc    167100
     cttataaata gccataagac agttactgcg tatcacagct atgtgtagaa caaatacaac    167160
     tcttctttag caacttggac tagtcactcc tcttctgaat tgttcttcac tttgaaagaa    167220
     ctccataaag agctgtggag taagctgtca aaggtgttac attttcaaaa ttctgagtat    167280
     ttcagaagtc tgtgctaact caacatttct catttatcta aaagtcagca ccctaggaaa    167340
     gaattaatcc gcttttactt cattgttcaa tctgaatgaa tatatttaga ggttgattaa    167400
     atatttttct tctgaccacg ggaaagtctg tccaaatcct taagtaatta cattcttaat    167460
     gcaaacatct ctcattttct ttcaataggg aacaggcagg gcagctttta cgtccccgtg    167520
     gttctccttt gtgggatggt gactctgaat tgagctttaa tcatttcagt cacatacctc    167580
     tcaaccagct tagtttagaa agcagtattt cacagcagtt tatgccatga agctgccttc    167640
     tttgatggct tgggagacta cttgaagtat tgaaagaaga ctgtactttg gagaatagta    167700
     tataatgaag ttgacttcaa atgataccaa gaagccaaaa tgtatttctg atcttttagt    167760
     gagttaaatg tttaaagaat caaaactatc tctcctatga gcaattagga tctttgagaa    167820
     ccaggggaaa cctaggtgct ttgaggttgt gtgcctgtca cacatatgta actcacatgt    167880
     gcttcacctt tctgtgaccc tgacactcca gtgggttgat tccagttagc tcttgttcct    167940
     ggtgtttgtc catgtatcag tgtgtattta tggaatctgt ctaaggggaa agtcctttgt    168000
     ttaactttca ggattcacag atgagggctg gttaccctca ctccagtgct gccttagctt    168060
     cagcctcaag gtagaaatag gatcatatgg acaattgggg ttttagttgt tataggaata    168120
     cacgtttctc actggacatt catgggggtt ctctcatgtt ctgtcactac aggaagacat    168180
     gctcttccag ttttattagt ttttaaattt gtgccaatca tatttttata caaaattgag    168240
     aattctagaa tatttaagca aaatggagag tctgcaagtg gagtgataaa agattagatt    168300
     tatcagagag taaaatctaa tataaagatt taatattgaa aactatgtgg ctctggcaca    168360
     tggcaagctt agaactcatt atataatagg aagaaacaat cattagggga agttaagagg    168420
     attcaaaaaa tcatgttgag gctattgagt aaatacaaga gaaattaggt tggatctttc    168480
     tatatactaa aataaattct tatactggat tataaaaatt tatatatctg cactaaattt    168540
     taacctgtat ataaaatttg aattttaata ttcagaaaaa aagacatttc aaattttgat    168600
     tgagtttaag aaaaattaaa gctttggttt ttctgaaaaa aattcactaa tgctttctta    168660
     tagtttgttt ttatcactat tacttaagta ttatctttct taactgttat tcatgaatga    168720
     atgatttatt tattccagca aatattgtgt ggtgttatac acagttctac atattttaat    168780
     aaagtatatt tttgttgttt ttcttgtttg tttgtttttc aagacagggt ttctctgtat    168840
     aatagagttc tggctgtcct gaactcactt tgtaagccag gctggctttg aactcagaaa    168900
     gatctgccag cctctgcctc ctggatgatg gaattaaagg cctgcagcac cacacccagc    168960
     tataacgtat aaagtagaat ttttgaagtt atatgattgc agaagttttg ttagaattgc    169020
     tatttttaag cttttattgc actccctcta atttaggttg ttagtagatg tgtattacta    169080
     ggattgtatt ttttaaaaca ttagcatgaa atgaatgtta tcagcctcga gtctgtaaac    169140
     ttgaaagtta gtgattgaag gcagtcatat tctactcttg aaaacaaaac ctgctttcta    169200
     tggctttgaa tggttttcta ctacatgcag agaagcttca gtctgttctc acagcttttc    169260
     aaggcaactt gatttcttcc agaaatgtaa aaactcagct tccaaatcaa tataatctgc    169320
     taaatgatga tatgtcactt ttagagagcc tttatgtgca gtctcttttt aaatataatt    169380
     gtgatcacta acaaaatgcc tagtatttat ggcaaagctt tttggttgac attaagcctg    169440
     tcatcatacc attcctggct tcctggggcc ttagaaccca ggagttagtg tttctaatgc    169500
     ctgtgccctt ttcttctatt tttcccttct cactagggtc aatatagacc ttctgatttg    169560
     ctgtgtcctg agacgtatgt ctgggtgccc attgagcagt gcctgccttc tctggacaac    169620
     tccaagtact gccgtttcaa ccaggacccc gaagcaggta tgtctagagc agagcccagc    169680
     tggacatcac tgcccctttt gcggctcttc gttttaatat atagtgtgtg aatatgtaca    169740
     tatgaggggt ggaggggaga caagacaaac agttaagaag tcatgtgtac tcttgctgct    169800
     tattgcctgt gtttctcttg ttggattagt ttttacatgc tttgagggct gacattttta    169860
     tctttattcc ttaacaatta tcacaatata aaagttgcct actggtttgt ttatttgacc    169920
     aatgaaaaga cagaaatatc tctgccacat tttatttgct cttcttcttt ggctattagt    169980
     ctgaattact acatatagac actaaaagtg ttatactccc taagttacgg ccttgacttc    170040
     ataaccaaca ggcataatgt gtacttttag gcaattaaga agttgtactg tcctcagatt    170100
     tcttacttat tattaaaata aaaataggtg ccaagtgtgg aggcatatta tgcccagaat    170160
     cccagcagtt cagggtcagc ctcagctata tcagggtgag cctgagccac atgaggctct    170220
     gtctgtaaca aaacaaaaga tagtagtagg acacaccaca cacacttgat caaagtatat    170280
     tatatgtata tatgaaaatg ccataataag actgttatct gttaataaaa atatagtaag    170340
     acttacctta ttgagtttat aacaagagag gaaaatcaga cccagatatt aagaattgcc    170400
     cctcaagcca ggcgggaaac agaggcaggc aggtctgtga gtttgaggcc agcctggtct    170460
     acagaggcac tcagtgtgta aagtacctgt tggtatacag agcatcatta ggaccgtggc    170520
     tctgatgctc tgaggtgtct tatattatgc tgctgtgtgg cttcctcaga gtgaagtcct    170580
     ttggtgttac aaattgtgct tacttgcttt gagtctctgt agtctgccac tgaggtgatt    170640
     tgtaccgcat tagaatcaga agagaagaaa tgcaaagccc agcagaagga atgagtaaat    170700
     ggaatgaggg acatgatgag agaagtgtgc tcatttcttt ccattttttt ctcacgaggt    170760
     gttttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgttttttgt ggttgtacga aattggttcc tgagtacatt    170820
     ttgttgcctt gaaaagctga tatgaaatca agagtgcagt gtcttagcat ggcggtgcct    170880
     tagaatcttg tctggagccc tgcctagaat tgtggccaca ggagagcaga gctgactgat    170940
     ttccagggca gacactctag ctgttagtat tcattgctta taattatcta cctggtgctg    171000
     ctccagtttt ctagacagaa cttaaatcct accccttaag ttgataatca gaatggagta    171060
     gttttatttt aacttacagt ttactgatca aacagataat gttactttaa aacaaacatg    171120
     agatttgtca gttagctttg gagtcatgtc catagccaaa ggcaatcatg ttcaagaggc    171180
     ttttgccagt aattacacag tctcactact cagaaaacat cttcctcttt gccttccttc    171240
     aggtcatttt tcattcaacc atcttatact gaaagctacc ttgttgaatt actccatatt    171300
     cactaatagg agtttcctct catctgaata gtactatgat cttaaatttc tttctgactc    171360
     cctaacttca aataaaatct tatttccttt ctttcttaaa tgtttaaatt actacaaaag    171420
     aagcaagaga ctgtgagtgc tccatgtttt ttgaggttga aaggtgactg aatcctctcc    171480
     acacatggaa tgggcatgca aatcaatatt cattcaggtt atagatctta cagcttcttt    171540
     ccaaaacaag tgttagtaag catctcctag cgggaacaac tgaaccttgt gttgcccgct    171600
     gttaataaga agacacacta ttctggtgag tgacattcac ttagcatgtt atttcctgta    171660
     tgtgggtcct gttcctcagg gcagacactc tagctgtgac ttttcattgt ttagaattcg    171720
     tttacagtgt cagagtacac ttctttgaga acaatgcctt caagcaaatg aagatttccc    171780
     atatgctgag tctttgaagc tttgaagaga atatagtata gttttatcaa tattgaatat    171840
     cacagtccag acagtatttg aaatcacact tatatcctgc ggttttagga aattaaagag    171900
     cagttacatg ctggatgtat ggaacctgct gtgaagcatg gtcattggag gtttaactgg    171960
     caggctgtta agagactctc ctcctttcag gggcagggtt actattacaa acacaaagcc    172020
     ccatgtgagc gatattgctc gctggcctgg gttttttcct tttttgtttg tttgattttg    172080
     ttttgttttt cttttaatca ccaagtcttt ttgttactac agatgttctg tggttcaagt    172140
     gcctcagaag gtgcctcagc tgatcttatc atgctctgtg acagtggttt cgaggtccat    172200
     cagtggtctc taatcagaaa aaaatcgcat gttttcccca ccctcagtcc ccttggcagt    172260
     ctctgttttt tacccccttc ctcttcctct tgggtttaac tcgtaagcct gtgcagcaaa    172320
     ccctctatat ttgctgtgtt gtggtactat gtgggcaaga gttgactatc ttaacttcta    172380
     aaacctctaa agaacatttt tttattgtaa atagatattt tgttttcaat ttagaacatc    172440
     caatggaatg agtctagaag cctctcaaat gacttttaag gagaacatat cccattgttt    172500
     ttaaaattag aaattggcta tattagactt aaaatatttc agtgcaagct acactttgct    172560
     ttcttaagca ttttatataa ttgtgtgtat gtgacgtgta tataggggca aggtaccatg    172620
     gtgtgtgtac aggtcagggg acagctttat gcagtcagtt ctctctgtcc atgactacat    172680
     aggttcaggc ttggatggta ggcactctag ggctaattag ggaggggaat tgagagctaa    172740
     cttaggaaga tgcacagtct ttgccaaggc agcagtggta atgtctcatg ctctctgcca    172800
     ctctgtccaa ggcgcatcca cctgtgagtg ctttataaag cggagccagg gtcctaagcc    172860
     acggttctgt ggttgcttgt gctgctttac ttttgatgaa acaaaaggca tttgggtaaa    172920
     aactacttgg ctgttaattc gaccattaag aaaataccac ggggagtgag gaaaaaagaa    172980
     aacaactact actcttatgt ggcacttata aggcactgtc taacacaggc agtccttata    173040
     cacactttgc tgaaactgaa gacagtattt tggagttgat ttttaaggct tgatagactg    173100
     tgactcacag tattgggcaa acaatttggt attactcaag ggtattatag tccttgtttc    173160
     agtgtttttc acagtaaaat tttattgagt atatattatt tcctcaagca ctaccatcct    173220
     ttttgtcccc atgttattca ttttatcctc aaatataaca ttttatattg actgttcaat    173280
     gtttgttgta aaaacacagc tcatattcat tttttttcaa agaatgtgaa agtcattgaa    173340
     gataatgaag tagtcacact ggtgaaagcc tctgggtacc acgtgactat gagggtaata    173400
     aataacctaa gtgaggctcc ttttcatttc ccagagagct gtgatgccaa gtcccaggga    173460
     agttagacac agaatagagt atagagtgta cagtataggg tatacaatat agggtgtaca    173520
     gtatagaata tacagtagac agtatggagt agacagtata gagttcacta aggtaatagt    173580
     aggaaaaata ccaatccaag cttttagaaa aagagaattt gaattgaatt tgttggtcat    173640
     cgggtcatct atcttagagt ttttaaaagt tctgtctcgt cctagccatg tatatgtgca    173700
     tgtttatttg tgtatatgta tatatgcata tgttgctgga gaactaacaa gtagcttgag    173760
     gcctccacct gaggttagat gtgcctcttc tagagcacag cttcttaacc tttcgggtgc    173820
     taactccatg tggggtcaca taactgaaca tggagataat gaaaattctg gcaaaaatga    173880
     gaagtttcct aatgtaccaa aatgaattca gaatctgaca gtgctcaccc atgtgctgca    173940
     tgggtgcatc acagccttgg ctctgaactc acccatgtgt gctgcatggc tgcatcacag    174000
     ccttggctct gaactcaccc atgtgtgctg catggctgca tcacagcctt ggctctgaac    174060
     tcacccatgt gtgctgcatg actgcatcac agccttggct ctgaactcac ccatgtgtgc    174120
     tgcatggctg catcacagcc ttggctctga actcacccat gtgtgctgta tgactgcatc    174180
     acagccttgg ctctgaactc acccatgtgt gctgcatgac tgcatcacag ccttggctct    174240
     gagcatggtg tgctgggctt tgatttgaga cggttgtagg ttatgaattg tagtggtttt    174300
     tatgtgcaaa gttttctgtt agaaaatttt gttgcagctg agtagtggta gcagatacca    174360
     ttagtcctag catttgttgt gaagcagaga tggatcactg gttcaaggcc agccttgcct    174420
     acagagcaaa ttcaaggaca gccaaggcta cacagagaaa tgctgtttca aaaaacaaaa    174480
     acaaacaaac aaaaaagtat ttcattaagg aaaataaaga cttcatattt ttatcattca    174540
     tcagcatgta ttgaattaat atattgaatt atattgtgtt agaatgtttt attttaaaga    174600
     ttgatgtttg aactgttgat ttgagtttta taaacaaatt attaaatgaa ttttggatta    174660
     taattgagac gtaattttca acatttttga agtggctcta aacatattat ttatataagc    174720
     tgcttgttaa gcattgacaa ttataaaatc atagtatcca acagctgtgc aaagtattga    174780
     agaagtttca tcaaataatt tagccaagat tgaattgttt atgtgaaaat aagcaaccat    174840
     atctcagtat aaaatttttt ttttgccttt aataaatgat aaaattatgt ttaatggaga    174900
     atggctttaa aataaatgta tgatttatta tataaaatgt tgcccttgtg tacctatttt    174960
     atatactcat atacctagga ctgtatgagc attctcaggt gagacagggt tgcccagtgt    175020
     ggatgcccag ggtggcatga gtcttggtta ggaaactgcc atccacttcc tccaaccaac    175080
     taaggaagaa acaacttggt atagtccatt actgttgctt aaactttacg aagtcagtgg    175140
     ctgttctgtg tagcctaggg gtcagaatgg gtgcttgaga taggaaatag tgtaccacaa    175200
     acttagcctg ttagccttag gccagggagg cacagcttta ctgtatttat ttcttattca    175260
     gggtgctcaa ctgttttgct tcttttctgc tgaaattgtt gtatttgaaa gtttgagctg    175320
     cctctttgag ggtcttctcc taatcttgtt ctgtaactcc ttgcctatcc cagcacatgc    175380
     atgcaagtat gtgggaagat ttaaaattaa aacaagtttc atgaaatgaa tttactctca    175440
     ttacatataa tgcattctat tttctttgtt gacccactaa attgatttca cagtccacta    175500
     aaaatcataa cctatagaaa gatttcagtt tttaaagtct taagtttgta ttttcaagtt    175560
     ggtgtgagta tgggtattaa ctcatacctc gctcgtattt taagaatggc tttaatttat    175620
     agaaaaatgg attcaaagtt tttcctagtt ctaaaaattg gcattcagtt catgaagata    175680
     acagtctatt aaaaaataca tttgttccta tttgtcaaat ctgaatgtag attatttatt    175740
     ttcaaataaa tttccaatgt ataaggcttt caaacttgag caataattta aataaaaagg    175800
     acttttgaat aacctttgat tgcatttaca agatgctaat tcaattttaa catttaaaat    175860
     ttttataaat gtattcaatt tcccacttaa ttcaattgtc tgacaaagta ttcttataaa    175920
     cttaattaga tttgtgggca caatgaacta aatatttacc tagtttgaaa cacagtataa    175980
     atcaattagt taattaagca tttcctgttg aagtaatata ctattgtgta catgaaaaat    176040
     cttcaggcaa ccactgtaca actactgaaa ctaataactg aattaaacat gattgtaggt    176100
     cataaatcaa tatcagaagt ccgttgtatt ttacatatta gcatcaaaca aaatgaatta    176160
     taaaagaatc cacttagaat aacttaaaag aatattcatt atttagaatt acatgtatca    176220
     aaaggcactc aagaccactg cattgagaac tacaaagcac tgttcagagt cttgaagact    176280
     cagtgttatt aataaggcaa atgaagtctt aagtaggacc tgttgttgct ctgatggtcc    176340
     ggccctagta gtactgatta tggatactct agttaagact cctagtaatg ggcatgaaac    176400
     agccatttcc tatacaatca gacaagattt ccaatggaga gcttgggaca gcaacatagc    176460
     cgcaaaagct tcaacctaca atttgtcctg ccaacatgat gttctgggat aaggtggcat    176520
     agaaattgtg ggagggattg gctaaacaat gagtggtcct gcttgagacc acactaaata    176580
     gtctcacatt ccttgactcc agtagtagga tcatgtgttt attctcatca gtgtttcata    176640
     atgctttcac caggctaaag gacacactaa agcctattta cagtgacttt tcagtggctt    176700
     cacatcccag aggagatggc tacattgttt atgactaagt gcttcccttt ctaattattt    176760
     gcttatacca gggaagcctg catcttttaa gcctataggt tatgtcttga tcagtgttta    176820
     tgtttcttta gctcttatga ttaacttcat tcacaactaa gttaaaagag ctttgaacct    176880
     tatggaatcc tacattgaat catactctta aaattactca aattttagcc ctaatttaat    176940
     tctgattgaa tttcaggttc ctttcattgg gttttctaca ttttaaataa cttccaaacc    177000
     cattctattt acttgcatgt tgcttattcc taatacctaa ccattgctaa gtcgctcatg    177060
     gagtcacagc agttttgtgt ttcagctaga aacctaaaga gcagttcttt agtaactttc    177120
     cacaggctct caggctattt gatcactagt gaagtgagaa actaagacta catgaagtta    177180
     agggcctcct aggttttgtg accactgata ggtaagatac ttgatgaggg tcgagctctc    177240
     ttaaagctgg gtgtctttgt cagggtttct atccctgcac aaacatcatg accaagaagc    177300
     aagttgggga ggaaagggtt tattcggctt acacttccac actgctgttc atcaccaaag    177360
     gaagtcagga ctggaactca aacaggtcag ggagcaggag ctgatacaga agccatggag    177420
     ggatgttctt tactggcttg cctcacctgg cttgctcagc ttgctctctt atagaaccca    177480
     agactaccag cccagagatg gtcccaccca caaggggcct ttcccccttg gtcactaatt    177540
     gagaaaatgc cttacagttg gatctcatgg aggcatttcc tcaactgaag ctcctttctc    177600
     tgtgataact ccagctttgt caagttgaca caaaactagc cagtataccg gggcatatta    177660
     aacaagcacg agatgggtga ttgggagcca cctcaggtga gcacagaccc acagttacac    177720
     agactccgat gcactgaacc ctttacttga tctctcttcc tctttttttg tgagcaaatg    177780
     aaagctgcaa ttttaggtga agccatgatt ttcttgtaca gtattttcca aacacttgat    177840
     catggacatc tataagaaac cataatagtg aatagtgata atagcattta atttgattca    177900
     tatttactgg tctaagaaaa atgtgtgtgt gtgttggtct taggctttga atttgggtct    177960
     gttgggcttg gtggcaagtc cttttaccta cctattaagt ttcacaagca aaggatctgg    178020
     tttttaaagg gtccactatc aattttatat aaagatgtta atattttgta tataaactaa    178080
     ggtctaaata tatagttttg ttggttaagt atatttaaat ataatgctct cagttaaata    178140
     tttaactgaa aactgtctat aactaaacag tgctattctg tgtacttcca ctgtgtttag    178200
     ctcttaataa gacagctttg cttttgtttt atttgtaatg tagttatttt tgtttgccaa    178260
     gtatcttgaa tctgcatgtg tctgccttct gagaaggttg tgactttata agcttgaagt    178320
     taaacaaact ctagattgaa atatgtctgt ttgtattatg tattcaaagg tacacttggc    178380
     aagtgtgttt gtgttgtgtg tactctaaag gttgacatca agtgtttttc tcagtcactg    178440
     tccatcttaa tgtttaagaa ctctcactga gcctggagtt caccagttca gttagactgg    178500
     atggcaaaca agcctagtgg ctcacctgtc atagcatccc acgcactgag attacaggca    178560
     cactctctgt actttccttt ttatgtgggc actggggatc tgaactcagg actgatgttt    178620
     gcctggcaat cgcttttacc agctgaacca tcttgcagat ctgcatttaa agaacatttt    178680
     gtttatctat tgtggcttcc agtctagtga ctttatggga ttcctgagtg tgctaatgag    178740
     tgggcttgag tcttgtgcct tgtcttggac tctttttcct tctgttcatt ttgtccagtt    178800
     ctgatgtctt agcttttggg ttttgttttg ttttgttttg ttttattatt taataaaaga    178860
     aaaaaaattt actctagaga acattatttg aatgtgttgg ggaaatttga gggggtattt    178920
     gttctctttt ggttcacttc attcattcag tggtttgaac attggattgg aaactctttg    178980
     agttgtggct ttagatttcc agctccgttt tcttagtgaa gcttaagttg tggtgtgcct    179040
     gctatgctgt gctgcagtgt gtgcctgctg tgctgtgctg tgctgcagtg tgtgcctgct    179100
     gtgctgtgct gtgctgcgct gtgctgtgct gtgctgtgct gtgctgcagt gtgtgctgtg    179160
     tgtgtaacga aagctgtagt gcaggtgcca gctcccaagc ttcctcagtg gtacttttct    179220
     catctgctgc ataccagctt tatattcctc agtaaagtgt tgcttacatg agagctttga    179280
     tttgcagttt aatgtcttta atgtcatcta atttccctac cccaaattaa accaaacact    179340
     tttttttcag gttgctgact gcttaagatc tgtacaaact tggaggttca ggagtgttag    179400
     gatggtgaag acattagata actatgttgt gtggactaac tatagaaatg tttattatct    179460
     gaacaagttt gtttaccatt taaaatgtgt tttaattaag agcttaaagt gtagttttag    179520
     catctccttc ttgaaaaacc ccattgttgt aaatcctttg attaaaaaca aaggttcttt    179580
     tgcagcacac ttcatatttt taaattagag ttttcacaca tgttttctta cagtactcaa    179640
     aaggaaggcc ggcacaagaa ggaacccttt agttcatttg tactttttga atgtgctagt    179700
     ggtactagag tttgcttttg gacatagttc tggctctaaa ctacaaacta cagacatttc    179760
     ttttctataa ctgcagactt tcaaagtatg tctgaaaaca aatagtgctt ttgaaaaact    179820
     gtttttccgg gaggagaggc acagggagga gggctccgct ttgtagcttt tctgttctgc    179880
     tcttactctc agtgcttcat tttgcttttc aagtccacta aagaaaaatg ttcttctatt    179940
     ttatagcgtt taacagaaac atctgtgtga aagcgagcag ctctgctgcc tggaaggccc    180000
     tctgcttctg tagactcctg ttgctcttgt agatagggga agagttctga aagattaaac    180060
     tgacaaactg gaatttagaa actcttgtct ttggaggact tgtgagccct atggaagctg    180120
     agctttgtaa gacagagctg cgtttactgc tcgtgtggtc tacctcgacg gatgtggctg    180180
     cagcttcact gtgtaagaca tgaagcttcc aaggcctgtt gctcctcaac cctctgcttc    180240
     aaagcaggtg ttgaaaagta caaagtgtaa agtcaaatga atgccaagag tgccaggtca    180300
     ttgtggatgc cagtcaggag ctagcgagtg gatttcagcg ggaatagaag tatttgctgg    180360
     aagcacatac agctccgaag tgcatggacc ataccccgca ctgctacaca cggagagtgt    180420
     gtggccaggc agagccaaaa tcaaaacccc agacatcgaa cctgcacagc aaagagctct    180480
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct aaagacctac    180540
     cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct ccctcccttc cattgaatat tttctttatt    180600
     tacatttcaa atgttatccc ctttcccagc ccccccccca aaccccttat cccatccacc    180660
     ctccctctgc ttctgtaagg tgttcaccca tccacccact cccaccttcc cgccctttgt    180720
     tcccctacac tgggccgtct atcgagccct cataggacca aggacctctc ctcccactga    180780
     tacatgacaa ggccatcctc tgcaacatat gcagctggag ccatgtgtac aactttgttg    180840
     atggtttaga ccctgggagc tcttagggga ctgattggtt gatattgttg ttctgcctgt    180900
     ggggttgcgt ccccttcaac tccttctgtc ctttctagaa ctcctctatt ggggaccctg    180960
     cactcagtcc aatggttggc tgcgagcatc tgtctctgta tttgtaaggc tctggcaggg    181020
     cctctcagga gacagccata tcaggctcct ttcagcctgt acttcttggc atccacaata    181080
     gtgtctgggt ttggtaacta tatatgggat ggatccccag gtgggacagt ctctggatgg    181140
     cggctaacaa ggtttctgag agaacatttc ttctctctgc aggagcacac agagcaagtt    181200
     ctttgtctat tccttttgtg actagaagtt gctctgaagc agattgcaag tcccaaccta    181260
     gtatccaaat gtaactcaat caaaactctt agttatgtgt gttgaatatg aaatgattac    181320
     cagacatttt agagaatttg acacagtctc cctatattaa tggagatatc agggtcttct    181380
     cttgggttct tagtcttgtt aaaaaaaaga atttaagaac agactcaaaa ggaagctcaa    181440
     ggacaatttt attggaattt aaaataaaaa actgcaggga gcaagctgtt aatctcagca    181500
     gtcttggagg aaggacatgt ggcaaataaa gaggaaaggc atgcctctgg agtcagccgg    181560
     catggagtcc agcagccaca tggtggggaa aggtgttttg gagaagggtg actcccagag    181620
     tgttagggaa agcatgctta gaacagaggt agaaagggga aatgactgtc ctctcagtaa    181680
     tttggaaaag tgggcagtct ctgacgctcg ctccatggct gcggctctgt aagcttctgt    181740
     gtgctggggg caaggattct gagaaggaga ggagattatc tcattagggg gagttattct    181800
     tcccatttct ttcgcgtggc ccagcacctc ggttcaaatt gagaaatcat ttctaaagag    181860
     caggtggaaa gattgtaaga gccagaggtg gttggtgacc acaagtaagc agtgttttat    181920
     acacacagca ggccagttcc acacacagtg tagccactat gacatgacat gacagcatgc    181980
     acaagacttg cataaatcaa gccagacaaa gtacagtcaa ggagagagga tgtagacact    182040
     tgagaagcat ccattcctgg ttgaggtgct attggcaatt gatagctaac aggcaaggga    182100
     cagcatgtgt tcttcaacag tgtatctctg ataggtctgc tatgttctaa tagaaggcca    182160
     cacattgaag aatatatagc tgcacaaatt agacttgatt tttctgaatc ttgttattaa    182220
     agttgagtgg gtagggaagg ggtgaatatg atcaaagcat attgtatgaa aatcttgtaa    182280
     acttatttaa aagtttagta agaaactgag aaaataaaat taaaagttta gagtaaaatt    182340
     gtagtaacaa atcatgatcc tatgtgctgc tgctatggct gcccatactc tggaggcatc    182400
     cacactctta aactgcttct taggagaccg tctgtgtgtg tctccctcct cactgttctc    182460
     tcatttactg ttaatctact ggcttttatt ctctatggag tcacttttat tgaattatgt    182520
     atgaaatgaa atggaatctt gttatcttgt atttcaagtt agtgaatgaa aacattactg    182580
     tttcaggata taaaatgacc atattttgtg tgctctgagt tgtactcttt aaactttatc    182640
     accctcctct tcctcctcct cctccatatg tgtctgggtg ttttgtctgc atgtgtgtct    182700
     gtgaaccact tcctctcact tgtactccta aggtttgcct ctcttgctga agtcataatg    182760
     agtacagaag tggaaattga ttattgatta ccacaatatg ctgtgccaga aaaatagata    182820
     gtaagtttgt gacttttcac aatgtcagag tttattgaat aacaatgaat tcacaagcta    182880
     taatactttc actggcttca atttactgag tagtcctaat tttccttgat tgctggcttt    182940
     ttgcaattat ggttctttta tctgaatctc agttactaat atctttcaga ttatacattc    183000
     attacgctta acactgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt    183060
     aaggaatgat tgaattcgag gttaaagagg ccacagaggc gacagagcct cagcgctagg    183120
     cagggaacag gtagagatac agagagagtt agtgtaggtg cttcactaag acgtggagga    183180
     gctgcggagc aggtggacga tgtgcagact gaggtggagt gcggttgcag tgggctgtgt    183240
     cgagtgctgg gagagtgttg agttgaagcc tcagactctg ccttaagtcc cttgactgca    183300
     ccccagagtc aggccaccat tcagtggaac cattgccacc acagtagtag aaggcactca    183360
     ctccttctcc ctccactttt taaaataatg attacaatga tgtttattct cacttaagat    183420
     ctcaagttaa attctcgcta gtccttgtct taaagctacc atgtctgtct gtttttgttt    183480
     ctcagtattg gaacacaatg tgcacagtta cctgctagtt tatcccaaac ccctttatca    183540
     cttgacagag aatttctgca tctcctcaca gtaaaatagc attggcagtt atgaagtagc    183600
     aatgaaataa ttgtatggca gtgggaactg cactaaaggg ccacggcatt aggaaggttg    183660
     agaaccatta gtctaaggac tactggacat taaagccagg tggtgataat atacctcata    183720
     tactgctttt taaatttttt cttttaatat attgttactc tggttcccaa cgtggtctcc    183780
     tttgcatata tttagagtac ccagaggtat cttatcgaca gtccttttgt cccgcttgat    183840
     cttgtgtagg cctgtgtagg caagcatagc tttgggagtt ggtgcgtgca acagccattt    183900
     tatttcacac cccatccctg gctcttacta tctttctgcc ccttcttcca caatgctctg    183960
     agctgtgatg acatccatcc tagtggtgat aaagatgact gtaactttgt gttaagggat    184020
     atagtccagt tactttgtag attattcctt agtgtttgtt cataatgttt atttgtaact    184080
     agagtcaagt tacatagttt gggtaacagc attagaaatg atgaacttat atcaggtggc    184140
     atatagtgtc actcatgtga cagctgggga cctgataaag ttactgtaat taataaatat    184200
     tttgtacaaa gatctctcca gatggtgtaa gtaccctgtc acggcagacc tacgtctccg    184260
     ttcctatccc cttagtaaaa tgcttagatt cagaacacat gaggagaaac ttgacactcc    184320
     tttttcatta ttgttccata gttttacaaa atcatatttt tttatttaaa atgtgtattt    184380
     aggactaggg agacggttct gttggcatag caccacttac attgcaaatt tgaggacaca    184440
     agttcaatcc ccagaaccca tgtggaaagc cagtgtgtta gcacttacta ataacacaag    184500
     ccttggagag gtgactgaca gacaggcaga tccctagaaa ctctctggcc agctaggcta    184560
     gccttcttgg caaagttcca ggccagtgag agaccctgtc ccaacaaaaa gtaagtgttc    184620
     tttttagaca ctaagttgtt ctcttacctc acactcacac ataattaggt gtacaatccg    184680
     aacctgcata gtctattaaa cctggttggc ttccattcaa aaaaaataat aaaattgttt    184740
     ggaaattaaa agagcccaga atagcttttt ttttttcctt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    184800
     aaaaagaatg gagttaacac tgtttttggc attcaactag acataatagt cagtggacca    184860
     gtatttggga gttagaaaaa agatttcata tttatgacta atatttcact tttcagaaag    184920
     tgtactcaga caattcagtg gtgggcaaga attatagtgt tgtcaccaaa tgacccttgg    184980
     ttagttgact atccaaatgc agaaaatgaa attggttcct agctttacat ttgcaaaaac    185040
     caaaagtgaa ttaaacctaa attaagggag ataaaattta aaagtcttag ggaaaaaata    185100
     aacacaaagt aaatcttcat ggccatggac gagacactgg tttctcaaat atggcatgaa    185160
     aatcacaaga aggaaaagag caaatgagtc aacccagctg cgttaaagtc caagcatcag    185220
     gtacttccag acacggcaca tgccctcctt cagcagtcag gaagcagagg caggcggagc    185280
     tgtgtgagct tgaagccagc ctaggctaca gaagttccag gcaaggccct gtctaaaaaa    185340
     aagaaaaaag aaaagaagag ataagagaaa aaaagagagg aaggaaagga gagagagaga    185400
     gagagaacga gaacgagaac tgaaagtaca gtcgaaagga gaaagtactt aaaacccaga    185460
     tatctgaaca tatatataaa tcagtaaaat tttaagatga gcagatgatt caaatagata    185520
     atttctgaac aaagtaagcc attcatgaaa agatgctcaa cgtcattaaa tatcagagaa    185580
     gaacaagtca gagccaccac aagatgctgt gccctgctgc tgggagtcca gaaagatgcc    185640
     agtgctggct gttttgagcg tgctgactgc cagcagatgg aaactgtttc tcagatgatg    185700
     gaaatgcgct aaagctgatt agatgtttgg taggactcta catgcgctgg aaaccattca    185760
     tgtatatagt tggtgagttt tttgatagtt gagttattta gttgtattca atgataagta    185820
     acaaaggggc taagtttagg tttgttctag ttttcatttt tatcaaaagg tacttgtaat    185880
     aatgctgcta agagtatttc ttacagaata tacaaatgta ttaaagttct ccaggatgaa    185940
     ttctcaaagc agaatttgag cttgaagaag gcatgggaga cagcgtatgt gaagggcccc    186000
     tgagctgagc tccgtgctgc cttgctgccc tgtgctgagc tccgagctgc cttgctgccc    186060
     tgtgctgagc tccgagctgc cttgctgtcc tgtgctgagc tccgcgctgc cttgctgccc    186120
     tgtgctgagc tccgagctgc cttgctgccc tgtgctgagc tccgagctgc cttgctgccc    186180
     tgtgctgagt gccttccttt ctctcgtgtc ccctttacag aggctgaaat actcttcaga    186240
     cctcctctca ctctaaactt ggagagttga gctttgattg tgtttgtccc cttagtttac    186300
     tggttgctgt gacacagcac actgataaaa ccagcatgag agtttggaag gattcattct    186360
     gggtcacact gcaagggtgt atgtcatggt ggggaagtcg aggcagcaag ggtttaaagt    186420
     agctgggcca cctgacatcc acggtgagga gtgagagtga tgagcgcctg ctgctgctgc    186480
     tgttgttgct gctgctgttg ctgctgctgc tgttgctgct gctgctgctg ttgttgctgc    186540
     tgctgttgtt gctgctgctg ctgctgctgc tgctgctgct catgttcctt ctctccactt    186600
     aacgcagttc atctcagctg gaaggtcgaa ttctccccca cgcgcatgcc cagatacccc    186660
     tggccagatg gttccaggtg ctgtgtaggt gaccattccc attgctgtca cttcctcctc    186720
     tcgcacattt gctcagcatt ccagttcttg tatcagtttc cctgcttatt ttaaatttgt    186780
     ttgccatcta tacactagaa ttccttaaaa actataagaa aaaactttca tgtttatgta    186840
     atagggctgt aacaataaat tacaaagtta tgcagataga ttgttgaata gaagtacacc    186900
     tgcagcaggg ttcatctcct gtgagtgaac agttgtggga gtcgagcggt caagcaaccc    186960
     cctacagagt tttccttgat ttaaatattt atatttatat ttatatggag ttggcaacac    187020
     atttgcgtca ttggtgacca aatgctcatc ttaaaagaat ttgcaagact tgtgtttttg    187080
     tttgttttgt ttttgtttgt ttgcttgctt gttttcaaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc    187140
     ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc agactggcct tgaactaaga gaaatccgcc    187200
     tgcctctgcc tcctaagtgc tgggattcaa ggagtgcacc accactgccc agcaagattt    187260
     gtgttttaat tttaagaaat taagctgtga tacaactttg aaaaaggaga agtacaagat    187320
     cttgtacctc agtaagctgg cagtctgtcg tggcaaccat cttcatatca aaatagcttg    187380
     ttctgggtgt ctccaagtcc tcccaaggcc tttgtgcctg ttagtttagc actgtagatt    187440
     tgtctgttgt aatgtttatg tttataagtt gattatgaaa gggttgttgt aagaatttca    187500
     gttacatttt tcttcctact aactaaatca taatttttaa tgttttaagt aacttgttgg    187560
     atttttttca tgtttaattt tcttttaatg ttaactgtgt gggatgcact aagaagaaat    187620
     ttctctgcct tgagtcgtaa gccacaggcc atgcagccaa gcaacagaat gacaccatct    187680
     ctggtgcaat cagggcttcc tggagttcat gccccacgcc ctcttctggg gggattgcca    187740
     ttttcttcct taaaatatga taggaatagg acccaaagct ccatctttac atttaaatgc    187800
     acctgaggag ttagacactg gacgttggat tggagtttga ggaggaaagg cagagatgta    187860
     ggcacaaggg ttatgtatgt ggactgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtata gctccacttt    187920
     gattctgtag tatcttaggt taacagcaca ggttggaagg aaaagtattg gctcaggacc    187980
     ttcaagacca agttcttagt ctagagggac aaagggttgg ggataagaga caaaggtggg    188040
     agaaagggaa aggaacaagg agagggagga agggaggggt atttctcttg ggaaggagca    188100
     ggacaaagga ctgcctctgg ggagagagga gacagatgtg gcacaaggga aaatggcagt    188160
     ttataaaggt acaagaggaa gcctgtgtta ggatgaggtg tttaattgta attgggcatc    188220
     ttaactatgt gaaccaaggg gggcttttga ttgctggact tcagtactta gatagctgga    188280
     ccttggtagt cggccccagg aggaagaagt ggccaaataa ggttttgggg tgtagcttta    188340
     ggaatgtaat ctaatgagtt agcaagccta atggaaggga ggcaagggga gaagagcaag    188400
     gcctgccgga gccgtgtcca agctgaccag agtccttcac aggttccttt tacagcttaa    188460
     aggcagtgtg gcaattactg agtgcttatt gattcactga taatgaattg ctaagtagct    188520
     tgatgattct ttttttaaat agtgaggttt ttttaaatgt ataattccat ctttcctctg    188580
     tttctgttaa aatatatcct agaagataag tgttctttct caatgttgga ggttttggat    188640
     catccttagc ttttctgagt gggcagaatt ctgttcatat tctaagtctg aattgtaatt    188700
     aagattctta aatgatttgc ttatctctat atgtatccat gtgctctgtg tgtgtaaaca    188760
     cttatgagga aagggcattg gatcccctgg agctggagct acaggtggtt atgaacttct    188820
     gtgcagattc tgggaaccaa gccctggtct tctgcaagag cagcaagtac ttctaacagc    188880
     cgagctcaat ttaaggctta aaaaggaaaa gagaggctgt tttgaaaata gaaagctaaa    188940
     ttttgtcatt taaaaaaaaa tgttagtagc ttaataatat tccttcttag ataagtaaat    189000
     aaaattactt ccagctgggc agtggtggag cacgccttta atcccagcac tcggaagcag    189060
     aggcaggtgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac agagtgagtt ccaggacagc    189120
     cagggctata cagagaaact ctgtctcgaa tccccccctc ccccccccca atttacttcc    189180
     aagagaatta ctagtttaaa gaatttgaag gtctggagaa atgtgagaag cagcctatta    189240
     gctctcatgg gtaacctagt gaagtcaatg gtgggaagag acagccctgc agtgggggtg    189300
     aacacctttg atcccagtac tcaagagata gaggcaagtg catccctgag tttgaggaca    189360
     gagagaattc ctgtttcgaa ccccccccca ccaccacccc caaaagcatg tgaagaaacg    189420
     ggcaggtatg ccaagtgtta cagtgccgtt ttaacagtca gggtgtgata gtggcactat    189480
     taaacaaatt tttatttcag taaattaata tattgatcat gttaattctc tttataatct    189540
     ggtgggcttg tgataaaatc agaaccatat tatttgcaat attaaagacc cataatgggt    189600
     tggtaaacac ttacttagca tgtccgagac cctggcttca gtccttagca ccaccaaaac    189660
     agaaagtaaa acagaggtct ctcaggcttc tgatgccaat actactgcag aggagatggc    189720
     tccatgagcc attaccacca ccacctctta ggattagtgg ctgttccaag ctgtttctaa    189780
     taaaaggatt aaggccgtct ctgacagagc agaattccga tcatgacatt cttgttggaa    189840
     cgtattccta tgacatctca gtaagctgcc agctgtcctt aggtccagtg acaaccatct    189900
     ttcatatcga tatgccttgt tctttgtact cttcaggtgc caccaaggaa aggcctttat    189960
     gccttgctgg tttagggctg tagatatttg ttcataagca ctgatgtatc tatacggcaa    190020
     ccactgcaaa atgtttataa aaggattttt ttttaaaaaa aaattagggc tggagagatg    190080
     gctcagtggt taagagcact gactgctctt ccagaggttc tgagttcaat tcccagcaac    190140
     cacatggtgg ttcacaagca tctgtaatgg gatctgatgc cctcttctgg tgtgtctgaa    190200
     gacagctaca gtgtactcat ataaaactaa caagcaagtc ttaagaaaaa attaagatac    190260
     attcttcccc ttttagtaaa tttagtttta gtgtttgaaa tatcttacat aggatttttg    190320
     ttgtttagat ttaaggtttc agtattagca atatgggctg tactaaaata agtttggggc    190380
     tggaacaatg agtcagtggt taaaagtact tgttgctctt acaggatacc ccagtttggt    190440
     tcctagcacc cacatggtgg ctcacaacca tccataactc cagatcctgg ggatttgaca    190500
     tcctcttctg acttctgcag gcacacaggt ggtgcatata cattgaggca aaacatttga    190560
     acacattaaa taagtaaatt tttaaagaaa ctaaataatt gtgcctttct tgaggatgat    190620
     cataaactgc cacaggccac gaagcctgac agacagagtg atgctcagtt ccagacatgt    190680
     aggcaggtct ggagtctgag tctgaggttg ggtggtctcc cttcctctct gtgtgttggg    190740
     cagacagaca gtacgtgggc acattctctg tttctgccat ctgaggcata ctgttcttct    190800
     ctttcctgaa attggtccac agtgagttgt cctgggtttg atgctgcttt agagcaacag    190860
     cttctgagga agatgaagct tggaatgttt gtggcttagt tacaaattcc atgtccgacc    190920
     ttatgtggta ggtcatggcc acacttacat tgtatgagat gttctgggtc tggttttggt    190980
     gcataaaaag catagtgagt ttcattcaca cattggcttg ggttcctttc ccaggtctct    191040
     ttacaagtat acaggtattc caaaatccac catctgaaac cctcgtacac taagcatctt    191100
     tgtttggttg gattgtgttt tttgggaaga gtcttgctgt gtatcccaga ctggcttaga    191160
     attctctatg tagccgaggt ggcttttagc ttatgatcct cccacctctc actcccaagt    191220
     actaggatca cagtgtactc caccccgctc aattcatcct gagttttttg agtcagagac    191280
     tcatagacct gcactggtct ttcagaaact accactttct gttctttgcc ttcattctct    191340
     tctgtgctgc tatctttaac cagtccctca ctggtagact tttggggtgt gtggtctcca    191400
     gacactgttg tgagcccatg cacacagaag catttttgcc gatgttgccc tgattaagag    191460
     caggacttaa atacttaaga aaaccctgtt gcttaaggtt catttagacc agttttcact    191520
     tgggatttct gtagaaggat tccacaatgt ttagggactc ctaaaatcct tctctggtag    191580
     ttccagtatg aaatcagcta taggtagcat ggttcagtgg tttgaatggg tattcacgtt    191640
     aatagatata gtgtaaccct ctctccggat tagaactagc aatgagtcca gtaataggag    191700
     tctagaggaa tgttggctta aacattattt tatgtaacta atcataggca gcttaggtgg    191760
     cgtgacagtt tgttcatgaa gtcagaggtt ggttcccgcc ccccactaaa ccaaaggtaa    191820
     gctcccagcc agaaattagg gatcctgccc ctgtgttggt acatgtagag actacagcct    191880
     gaatgaaggc acagatgaat ttgttctctc tgaaaggctc ttgcagtctc agagaaccct    191940
     acttgtgcta agcagaactg agtcaaaggc catagcccct tcagggaagg caggggcaca    192000
     ggtgttcttc taggttgttc tatgccttga tacaggccat gagctcttgt acatggacgc    192060
     tgagaaagct caacagcagt agccatagca ttttgtgctg tgttttctat ggaagctgtg    192120
     agaatctgcc ctttgccctc cacaaaagcc aggcttcttt ctgcctgcta aattggctgt    192180
     atgtttccat actgagccaa agccacaggt acattgtata agataactag agagttactg    192240
     gagacttatg tggactctag gaatattctg gagcatcgta gatgccgctg catttctgaa    192300
     aatcagaaag gtaagagtat ggtagagtgg ttttcagttg aatgcaattc tttgattact    192360
     ctgttttggc tagtatattg ggtaatgctt attgctgttg tgggaaatat aaaaaagaaa    192420
     aagaaccggc tcgttcccat gcttttacca gcaactctct gccccagtgg cctggccagc    192480
     cccatgcact agtgggcagt gactgacctg ttcttatttt ggggagacac tctggccttg    192540
     agttccagaa atgtctctac ccagtttgct aagttcccac tggcaggtca ctactacgcc    192600
     aaccctgtgc ttcaaatccc ccgtgtcctt tgtggtgcgc ctcaggcaaa acccacgatt    192660
     tgccaccatc gtatctttct ctcttgaact ggaacgagcc actgcgtgaa ggaaaacaaa    192720
     acacaaactt ggttcagaaa cagtcgttgg gggcagcagc taaaatccta gtcttttttg    192780
     tttgtttgtt tgtttttcaa gacagggttt ctctgtatag ccctggctgt cctggaactc    192840
     actctgtaga ccaggctggc ctcaaactca gaaatccacc tgcctctgcc tcccgagtgc    192900
     tgggatataa aggcgtgcct ggcttcccta aaatcctgat cttgaaagcc tcattacatc    192960
     tagctatatc ttgttcttac gctattcccc ttcaaaaaac aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagacc    193020
     taactctctt ctacttcctc tcttcctctg tccaaactgg acatccctcc tacttgccca    193080
     gtgattggct cctttattca ttaggcaatt gatccactag aagacatctg agtatgtgac    193140
     tcactccttg tctgcagctc ctcccaggag agtggaatta gcatcaaaat acaaacagca    193200
     ccagacccat ccacagcatt gcctctcact aaaatccttc tgttagttct tatgaatgtg    193260
     cccttgagca cactgcatga caggacctcc tagtccatca tgtttctgat cacacagttc    193320
     aacattgcat gtgtgtctgg tctttgaccc ttatttgttt ctttgcagag gatgaaggac    193380
     gcagtaagga acttgaccga ctaagggtgt ttcacagacg atctgccatg ccttacggtg    193440
     tttataagaa tcaccaagaa gacccaagtg aggaggctgg tgtgctggag tatgcaaacc    193500
     tcgtaggaca gaagtgctcg gagaggatgc tgctgttcag acactgaagg cctgcacctc    193560
     agcccagcgc cagcctggca tctcttgcca cagtcccacc tgcttctcgg ctcctgcagc    193620
     cattcaccaa gtacattcgt agagcttttt aaaaatattt tgtggaattg tatttatgag    193680
     aatcttgtgg ttaatataaa gattttaaaa tattctatga cctagccctt taattgggac    193740
     ttgtcctttg cagcttgctt ctggagcaag gtgtgcttca tgtctccagt gaatatttag    193800
     ggaaggaaaa tgaagaagtc aatataagtc attttgtcac agttactgtt ctgtgctgga    193860
     gaaattctga cacagagact gttcttttag accaatggtt cttaacctgt gggctcacca    193920
     cactcacagg ccgaatgtta gatagcctgt gtgagatcaa ctcataataa ctcataatcg    193980
     tagcaaaatt acagttatga agtagcaaca aaataatttt atggtttggg gtgggatcac    194040
     cacaacgtga ggaaatgtat taaaggatgg cagtattagg aaggtagaga aagaaccact    194100
     ggctaagacc catgcaagac attagcttat gctgggaaat tcagatgggc ttaaaggtga    194160
     agagcacatt ccatcccagg aaatgtgcct ttcccacaaa ccagaaccct gttactctgc    194220
     ttgatagtaa acctgccagt gttgtagtgt ataatagaca acaggaactg taaacattgc    194280
     aaacatcagg tgttcacttt gggtgtctgt ccaggactgt cctgcctatg tctgttgtct    194340
     tggcataatt gttttccttg tcactagtgt tcccttgtgc cccagagtta tctctgtttg    194400
     gatgataaaa tatgcagtga tcttagtggt gtttgttcta tttctacaaa tataagaaac    194460
     aactttctaa agaaacgtcg taactcctgc ttgatctgag gcttatccaa agaaaatagc    194520
     ttcctacttt ccattctctg gaactcagac gcttttttgt ggttagtgat agaagtgatt    194580
     attatctagt cccgtagcta tgcacagccg tagtggagtt ggtggggcct ctagcctctg    194640
     cattcctctt ctagttgtgg gtcagagagt aggcgctgcc atggtacttc agaatggaga    194700
     ccagccattc actttcattc ttgtgctgtt gggccttctg cttgttcacc aaatgcctgc    194760
     tgtcaaggag gcaggcagcc agctacttcg tgaggcacat cagacctggt gaggagaggc    194820
     ttccctcagg tgctcgggaa gctggatgca caggttagcc ctttgtttga acttgttctc    194880
     agctagcccc ttctagaagt gcttccaagc ctggccttgg agctgctgag agcacctatc    194940
     ccacagtgag ggtagggttg ttactttatt tcttttcata aaaatcactc caatgggaag    195000
     cacctggaac gctaagaaat taaaagtcgt ttgaaatcct cccaggcata gagaaaggag    195060
     cattatggaa acccacaaat ctcttgtcca ccccaaataa aactgtgcat tccttgctat    195120
     gtagttgccc tcggtgaatg tgtgtgagat tgaagattgc agaagatgtg ataggtaatc    195180
     tcagtattct tcagtaggat gggatcacat atatgacctt ggcattgggc agccaggcat    195240
     atcctggtag gtggtatagc catgctacca gaggggtttg tttttgggag ggggcggggg    195300
     gtcagcccaa catcttaccc tagctctgag tttctcctgc agagaataga ggaaaatggc    195360
     tcactgtccc tgtttctaga ctgatgcgcc taacctaggg tggccctact gaggcttcag    195420
     agcgtcttgg gcatgaaaac tctctcttca gctcagttgc tttgtattca ttctttcctc    195480
     cctcctccct ctatcctctc ctcaatacag tttttttcga ctagtatgaa accttagggt    195540
     tctagatgtt gtcgaagatg tgtccttggg tgggactgag gagatagccc agttagtaca    195600
     gtgcctgagt tcagttctct agagcccatg taaaatgttg ggtctggtag tgtgtgtttg    195660
     aaatgcaggc actggggatt cagtagagga gtacctcttg ggcccactgg ccactggcct    195720
     agccactggg catcgagcca ctgagagacc ctgtctaaat ggagttggac agcatttatg    195780
     agaacattag gggcttgcta atattttgag ctcttgagtg agtgtccatc acagctcggt    195840
     taggacagtc aagaaagtat cccaacttgg catttttgta aagtctcgct gaggcggctg    195900
     attctgtcag tgattttcat gtaaataaag atgcgtgcaa gcctttcagg gacagtgtct    195960
     gacttctcca ggtaggaagg tctgtgtgtt ccatctcctt cttagtgtcc ccttctgagt    196020
     tcaggtagag tcacaccttc ctccatgcct acagcgtagg gctcattttg attctcagtg    196080
     taccatcttt atttaaatta ttttcagttc tctgagactt ttgttacttt tattacaggt    196140
     aatctgagca cttttatatt ctaagataga aactatatta tcagatgaat atagtcactc    196200
     aattaaaatt atttagataa aattattgtt tatgttttct ttcaagcaat ctatcctatt    196260
     tttatccatt tgcaaatgcc agttttgtgt ggtttcttag catatcaaaa ttattatgta    196320
     gaagaatgtt tctagctttc tgaacagcaa atagtttggt gtgtaaatat tgtattattt    196380
     cagtgtgaat aaaggtgaga gagaatatga acatttaacc aaagtgattc tactgtggct    196440
     gacttaaaag aacggaagga agtgagtggg gatttgacac gtttgaatta cgagttattc    196500
     agtgtgcgtt cctctcctac gggaaccact ggccagaagg caaagtaagt ctgactgcat    196560
     tggagatttt cgttcttgta aaaaagccca aaataaaaat actaacaata aagctgtgtc    196620
     ggccgtggtt cttgtcattc attacgtact agcaggtagg tgcagcacca catctgcctg    196680
     tgatcctaac tgttgggata tagagcagga atggtcagtc agtgtcatct acaggtgcac    196740
     acacgcacgc acacatacat ccttgaatac attacacctg taaaaagcat ttagaaaatg    196800
     ttgactatat aaactataaa ctttgattgt caataatcag ctgtaggcca tctggttatg    196860
     tcagagtatg ggtgacttcc tctctagagg acaaaataaa tctccattta agcaaaatgt    196920
     gtagaatttc acaaaaatta ggatgaactt ttttatttta tcctgaggga tttccagaga    196980
     tcttaaggcc acagtatact gacttcacag ttgtataggt ggtatacact taccagggtt    197040
     ttgcctttcc ttgtgataac gaggatcgtc gttaattggt gataaaatga accttatttt    197100
     caagaaaatt aagtattact tttaattttt ctccagacag aatggttatg gttttattat    197160
     ttttctgatt tgaaagtgac cgtgtttgcc ggctgtggtg tacgtgcctg taatcctagc    197220
     actcaggagg cagaagcagg tagatctctg attttgaggc cagcctggtc tacaaattaa    197280
     attccaaaat agaaagtcac ttctcatcac tttctgctgt tcacattttg gtatatattc    197340
     tttcagactt attttctacc atatatgtat atgtgtgtgt gtgtatacat agatgcactt    197400
     aaacatacac taattttttc ttaaagaaaa gtgaaatcat accatgaata tggtttcatg    197460
     ctttttcatc attttacttt gagtgtatta aaatagaatg gtcttgaact agagagatag    197520
     ctcagaaatg aagagcactg gctcctcttc taaggtcctg agtttatttc ccagcaaaca    197580
     catagtggct cacaaccatt tataatgaga tctggtgccc tcttctggtg tgtagatata    197640
     catgcaggca gaactttcta taataaataa ttgaataaat aaatatatac atatttaaaa    197700
     gaaactagaa aggtcttaat gcttccattg tattccagtg tgcattttat cctaatgctt    197760
     gcatagtatc tcagtgtgta cttacattta gagaagaagg ctacacatac ccctgagccc    197820
     acttcatgcg taacaggaat tataaataac agcattacca ggggtttttt gtttgttttt    197880
     ggtttttttt tttgggcaac taattattat ttgttatgtt ttcttttttt tttttttttt    197940
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttat ttatttattt    198000
     atttatttat ttatttattc tatgtaagta caccttagct gtctttagac accccagaag    198060
     agggagtcag atctcgttac ggatggttgt gagccaccat gtggttgctg ggatttgaac    198120
     tcaggatctt cggaagagca gtcgggtgct cttacctgct gagccatctc atcagcccct    198180
     atgttttctt tttaagaaaa cccaagcttt gtttttagaa tgtacaataa cgagcattct    198240
     atacacgtta ttcagacatg ataaataatc caaaaggaac attatttatc tgtgtggtcc    198300
     tagggatcaa accctacaca taccagccaa gcaagcattc tacccttgag ctccacagag    198360
     aggaaggccc ctccagcctt gtgagcgtat caacatgtaa ttagtgtgag caatgtagtt    198420
     cttcttactg catcaaattg cctaagtgaa ataaaaggct ttgcaatatt tattcactga    198480
     tggttgtgtg tatgtctggg atgtgttgtg agtatattca tccctttacc ctttgcagca    198540
     tttggggctt agactatcca tgtccctctg ggaattctat acagtattga aagccttagc    198600
     ttcgctgtgc tgacttagaa ggtgagacct gtggcaggat cacaagggca gaggtcttgt    198660
     aagtttatct ggtccccttg taaagccccg tctcccatca caggacgata aagcaagcta    198720
     gtgtctgtga ctagatagtg tgttcacatc agactcaaag tctcccagca ccaggatctt    198780
     caacttccca agaagttcct cctgaactca ggaatgaatt ccttttgtct cacgccccca    198840
     atctgtgcct tgttataaca accccaacag acacctgcta ccattatttc tatccctcat    198900
     tccctaactg tctttgcctc tttacccaaa gcttcggaaa aataagcttt gaaagattat    198960
     tgtctctctt ctcattgttt actagatatt tatgctactg tgtttaagtt tgtatgcctc    199020
     taatattcca actgaatgcc ttaacttaaa ggcctaagtt tattttaaag cattaaggtt    199080
     ctgaattctt tcagaaatca aaaagtctgt aagtggtgtt tacagaaagg aatgaatagc    199140
     catgctacta ttattaagtt caactttgtg tttagtacat tggctatctt gattgagatt    199200
     taacctgagt gaatttgcac tttctgtctg gtcagtgcct atattatctt tgctcccatt    199260
     tagaaactat tgtccgttga ctatttcagt gaagccaaga gctaaagttg ccaatatact    199320
     gcctcccaaa ttacgaggtt taaaaacttt tttttaattt ttggtgaatt tcacttatca    199380
     cccagtctca ttcatttccc aggctttcca tatccgccct ccacccttgt aatcccttcc    199440
     cccactcatc ccaccatgga agctcttgtt acatggtgtg tcccacagat accaaaggca    199500
     tatatttttt cacatcctgc tttaatagag gttcaacctc tcctctagtc caccacctac    199560
     cagtggtaat gaaaagaaag tttattagga tatgggggga agtggacctg tttagaaata    199620
     gttcttttgg gggagatttc ctcggtccat tccactagca aacaccaaac atgaatcagc    199680
     agctctagtc cagtctgttc agcaaccacc acgcacgaat cagcagctgc agacctcagc    199740
     agacaccaca caggactgca ggggcagttc agtcctgaag aaacggcaag gctcgccaac    199800
     tgtcccgagt ccactgtaga agccgcaaga tgccacagga accacacgag aagttctttg    199860
     gtgagtttct ttggtgaagt tcagcagttc ggtgtaaggt gaaccaatgc atgtgtgttg    199920
     tcagcgaaga ctagcgaggc agagccaagt gaaccaatac tcgagctccc actgtcaggg    199980
     gggcggggtc atatttatac tttctaagca tcatgtatcc ttttatgtgt ctgcttcagc    200040
     aaaacattct ttcatgtgtc tgctttagca aaatattctt tcacctgtct gccccagcaa    200100
     aacatcatta taacctgagt attcaaagaa accagcaatt tccattttag tatacccttt    200160
     tgttcaaaca tctttactta gaaatctttt tttgcaatga gtcattggtc tggttcaagg    200220
     cctctgactt ctgcaacgtt atccatactg gaccctcact gagactcatg ctatcctgct    200280
     gttgctcaga gtcatggacc aaccccttca ctcgctacag cagctcagaa gctggtagat    200340
     gttggataga ctagctcaaa gcccaggatt tgggcctgcg tagtagctga gttgattagc    200400
     ctgccagctc tcctgtgctg tccaggtgaa gggtgggaca gctctcctga gtggctggtg    200460
     aggggcgagg ctagctcatc acagtgctca gatatcagca tggcctcagg catcgaccag    200520
     acagaggcag ctacacgggc tttgctggta acactggtct ccggtataaa cacatgctat    200580
     gcctgcaata ggactgtgga ctcagacatg gcctttggca gaagcatggg catagatgtc    200640
     accatggtct catgtggcag cacagactac tcagatcagt ctccttggca tcagcatgtc    200700
     ccctggatat caacatggtc tcaggcagca gcccagacca cagacaactg aatgcacctt    200760
     ggtggcaaca tgttctacag acatcaacat ggaccctgtt gccatagagc cagaggcccg    200820
     gccatggctc ttggcagcat ccgggacctg gacatcataa tggcctcagg cacaggcaca    200880
     ggcacaggct cctcagaccc acctgttgtt cctcaccacc attgcatctc cagttcctcc    200940
     tcgctccaca gcacacaaac cacttggctt cacactttct cctatctact gcacactcca    201000
     tcttcctctt tcttcatcac atgttcactc atcactgtgg catctgcctc agggctgggg    201060
     caggtacatg ggtcaaattc tgagttttag gaaagcatta ttgggggttg gggaggggca    201120
     tgtgaaagtg agaacacgag agagagcagg cgtgtaagtt tgggctcatg taccatggtg    201180
     tggaggtcag aagacaactt tcaggaggtc agtctatctt tccaccttgt tcatgaggca    201240
     gagtctttgt ttctgccctg ctgagagtat tggaggcttt tgggcaagcc ttctatctct    201300
     gctttccatc tctctgtagg aatactggga ttacagagat gtacctccaa atctgcctct    201360
     tacataggag ctgggggtga ctcagctcat taggcttgct caggaagcag ttccagccac    201420
     taatccatct tgctacccgc aagactatta gggttttaag agcctcagaa tagcttggtt    201480
     ttctccacac atctcttgac ttgcaatatg aagaatcaat gccaagtaaa tgttttcaac    201540
     atgggtctag ctaaccactg tgacaagaca tttgtgacac tcaggaggga gtgttgtatc    201600
     ctccacagag acagaggcac ccttcacttg tctggcgtgc atatagcaga ctctttgtga    201660
     ctagcacaaa tattttcttg tttgaggatc aaaggacgat taaagtttga ttaaatgcag    201720
     tatgagaaag tagcttgaaa tttttatttt aatgttgcag gctttaggca ttcactgcaa    201780
     gaaagggcat aaatgcaatc ttatattatt tgactgtatg aattaagatt gaattttctc    201840
     tgaactttaa tttttgtgct tgtcagtctg agccagggtt ttaaagtcat ttaacaatgt    201900
     aggccttgaa aaaaaaatta gcgttaagtg agaactcatg aattcttcat gaggtccaat    201960
     tcatcacact ttgttaattc actactcagt aagcctgaat agcatctcaa ctaagggagc    202020
     tttttgacca tgaaacaaaa ccatcccagt cgtctcagtc atacatacag gattccacgt    202080
     gtccgtccac tgtcttctca gacatggaga gatggccaga ctgaagagct gttttactaa    202140
     cctgagtgtg catgcgtgtg tgcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtaca cgtgtgtgtg    202200
     tttgtgtgag tgcgtgtgtg tgtgcatgtg tgtgggtgtg tgtgggtgtg tgtgtagggg    202260
     gtgtttggag gtcagaagag gatattgaat gtcctgcttt cttgccattc tcttcactcc    202320
     ttttgagaca gaatctctca ctgaaccagg agctaggcag tgtcacagct accctgtgtg    202380
     tgaacctgta gtttctgggt tccatggagt tgtctccagt tcctggtgtt cacaactgta    202440
     gcaggatgta tagtgaagca atgcacagag ataggacttt ttaaaagaaa agcttgaatt    202500
     gctcagatcg tttacacatc actactagtg catttccatt ttaaaatagt ttatcttgct    202560
     cagtttccag tactcagaga aggtggctca ctgtatctgc agctctggct ccaggacacc    202620
     cagcaccatt tctggactcc aaggtacctg cacacacagc tgcacatacc tacacacaga    202680
     caacacatgg ctacgggtca ttttgtaatt aattaaatga atagtctgcc ttacatttcc    202740
     ttccaggttt ttaaaggttc taattaagtg tttattttaa tcaggtgtga atgtctttgc    202800
     aaatgtatct atttttctgc catatagcaa taaaaatact ttcaccagtc tccccaaaaa    202860
     agtttactga gatttgcaga agagaagtgg aaaaaaactc ctgttccctc tggactgttt    202920
     aatatgcagc tgccaggtcg cttatcagtt aatcagcccg gaaggtggag tggaaggtgt    202980
     gcagctctgc tttttaaaaa tcctatagtt gctgtatttt ttcccctatt acctggttta    203040
     ttttctatta cccaatttgt ttcctaaacc attatgttgt ggattattta agtatgattt    203100
     gtatctgtat cagtatcatc tgtctcgcct ttgcttctat atcgtctgta tcagtatcat    203160
     ctgtctctgt ctcatctttg tctctgtctc atctaaatca agcttctcca gccattgtac    203220
     catctggaac attgatcatc tcaaaaagag gggctaagaa catgggtcag tcgggcacac    203280
     aagcttagaa taggcctgtg ctgttgtagg gaattgagga ttcctcagat ttgttggctt    203340
     ggcgttctag actaattggt gagttccagg tcagcgagag accctgtctc aaaacacaaa    203400
     gtgcgtagcc attgaggaag atgcctgagg ttgacctctg gcctctgtac acacacactt    203460
     acacgcacat gtgcagctga aaaacaaaag accctttact gactaaaatg tctaaataac    203520
     taatgctcac tggaatgctt tatccaaagg acttagagta gaggaaggag catgggcttg    203580
     gtgggaattt tctaatggga atgtggaagt gaatgagaga tgacaagctc atgggtgggg    203640
     acacagcatg cctggccagc cacggctgtg tgtaagataa gcattaatgc caccctgctg    203700
     tacctgatcg tgtggatacc tgtggatgga gagcctgggc agacatgcct tctgactaag    203760
     gcaagaagat agactggaaa cctcacgtca ggagtagtag catgagagcc tgggctggtg    203820
     atttgctcag caaggaaagg ctcttgcttc caagcctggt aatcagaatt gttttcctgg    203880
     gacaaacatg atggaaggtg agaactcaaa ttctgcaagg tcctttgacc ttcacgtgta    203940
     cacggtgaca catgtggaca tgcacatgta aatacacaac gtaaataaaa gtagaataac    204000
     agccaggcag cagtggcaca tgcctttgat cccaacactc ggaaggcaga ggcaggcttc    204060
     caggacagct agggctctac agagagaccc tgtcacaaaa taagcaagca aacaaacaaa    204120
     agccctttgg ccaacaaaga ctagaagccc ctctcctgct gggcttcatt caatcagagc    204180
     atttctaggc ttcttctgca gaaaaaggtt gaaactcttc cagacctggt cttcatctac    204240
     tgagcagagc gtatgcacag aggtcaagga tgggtcatgt gcctagtggc ccagtgctct    204300
     tggagctttc cccagaggtc actagcccac tcttcttctt gggagtgttt tctttttctt    204360
     agtaacaggc tttccctttg gacagtctcg ttctttctct gaagcccttt catccaccat    204420
     gcatgcatct ccagtgcggg gtgtgcctgt tgtcttggac cctattcaaa caggcctggt    204480
     tttcttgtta cttttctcca tctcctctcc tgcaactggc ttatgctgtt gctttttatc    204540
     tcacactcta gtaaagtgtc cttagtagga tatggttgtg ttactggggc atccagggtt    204600
     cccttttgta taggttctcc accgtttcta ccatgcgggg cctggggagt ttacactcag    204660
     cacatcaggg ttggtagcaa gagtaaccac gggcttttca cccgtgcccc agttcccaaa    204720
     taatgactta gaggctattt atgtatggat aaatgcctcg gccataagct cgggtttgtt    204780
     ccccaactag cttgtaactt gtgtgacctg cttattctat tccatgtgtg tcacatggtt    204840
     ggttactttt cttctgtttc agatatctgt ctcttctaag tccaagtggt gaacctcctg    204900
     tgtttgactc ccagaattcc tgtctctctc tgctagatgt tccaccttct aagcctgcct    204960
     cagctcgttg cctatcagat ttttattgac aggtgatact ttcacagagt acatgagaga    205020
     ttctctctac aagcaaatgc tttttactga gctatctcac cccctcaaga atatttattt    205080
     tcattttatg tatatgggtg atatataata ttatttcata aataatgtta aataacatat    205140
     ataatatata tcatatgata tatatcatat tgtgtcacac acacacacat tatatataaa    205200
     aaatgttaca tgagtgtctg gtgccccctg aggtcagaag tgggcattag attccctggg    205260
     actggagtta cacatttgtg atctgccatg taggtgcaag gaattgaacc cagatcttct    205320
     gtaagagcag taagtactct taaccaatga gtcattactc tagccccccc cttaaaaatc    205380
     tttttgctgc tgtgtctttt gtagcccagg ctggccttga acttgatatg tagccaagaa    205440
     ggatagcctt gaagtcttga ttcttctgcc tctacttctc cagggattgg gcttcagact    205500
     tacaccctca tctggtttat gctgtgctgg tgatcaaatc cagggctctg tgtacactct    205560
     actgtctgag ctacacccct tagcccctaa agaaaggctt ttaaaagttt taggttttat    205620
     gactgtgtgt ttgagagcga gagagagaga gagaatgagt gtgtgtgtgt tagagagaga    205680
     gagagagaga gagagagaat gagtgtgtgt gtgcgtgtgc gtgtgtattt tcaccgtgtg    205740
     catgcaatgc ccatgtaagc caggcgaggg catcggatct cctgtaactg aagttaaaga    205800
     tgatggcgtc aagccaccaa atgtgggtgc tgggaagtga acctagctcc tctgcaaaag    205860
     cagcacggtg ctgttaaccg ctgacccgtt tctccgactg tttcacaaaa acccaagtgt    205920
     taagcctgtc attattccag tgtttggggc cttacgtatc tccaacggct cttgagcaca    205980
     cggtcctttc aagctaatca gagagctaag attgttgagc tgtccaggaa atggttaaaa    206040
     tgcgttcact ttaacctaag aaacacccag tgccatttca acattgccat tcagagtcgt    206100
     ttaagaaata agaagcctct gttactggat aattacagtt atctgcacgt tcacaagact    206160
     gaaacaggtc tcggagacca tgtaattagg atccatttca aatggccctt cacaaagaac    206220
     agaccagtgt taaaatggta agcacttact aatggctgtc tttccctaat agaacatgca    206280
     taaacaatta ttcataggag cccaggcgga gccttactcc agggcacctc ggcatggatc    206340
     cctgtggcat aatgggtggg ggaggataaa atgagcttaa ggcctcatac agttatgcat    206400
     atttttgttt gttttgttgg agacaaaacc agccaactgg ctgtctggaa aatcagcccc    206460
     atttcatggg ctgtgggatt gccttgctca gcaggttgct atattcgaac tgaaaatgcc    206520
     tgcgactgtt tccagcttgc ccccgactgt tcttgctttc ttcccttctc tgtattattc    206580
     atctgcaggc aggcatattc cagaggaggc gttgcagctt gaaattagtg tttcactgag    206640
     ccacccaggt tagccgaaag ctatcttaag taggtcagga aaccagacac atgctttttg    206700
     gaatggagga gtgtcatcgt gtagtgccac agatggctgt ttaaatgggc agcagaaaga    206760
     ggtatagaat gaccctggga aaaaaatggg tttgtaactg atgtccccaa agactgcttc    206820
     tgtatttaaa gccgtttgct gtagcctcat ttgaggtgaa gtcaactacg tgctgagctg    206880
     ggcatccagc ctctggggca gcgggccatt ggcattggca ccaatgctcg gctcacaggg    206940
     cacatgcagc tcaccaactc cccataggag ctgagctaga gatttgtccg cgggcactgt    207000
     ccagtggaga ggagcagtct cttccagcct caacaggatg cgctgctgtg gggaggaggc    207060
     tctctgccat cttcattgtt cagacagctc ctgactcagt tgacattggg tacagagtga    207120
     agattttact ctctttctgc ccttttcctc aattttcccc aaagccacca gggggcagaa    207180
     ggaactccct tgtttgtttt ggtccccccc tacccccccc cacttctgat tgtccatgca    207240
     aatgagcgcc tttgggtggc tctcactggg tctaggtttt taatatcaat tttgattttc    207300
     atggcttggc tttgctttct tcagacttga ataggcctga atgcactctt ctgaagctca    207360
     ggacgctgtg acggcgaatc tcacgattca gttgctatcc cccgtggaac gcagtgcagt    207420
     aacgtcctca tttctggtgc cctctgcact tccaaccttg ttgggctagg gcagcctgac    207480
     ccccctggga tatggatttt ggtagtcagc tttcagtcag tctccacact tcttcagcca    207540
     cagtatacag acactggggt tatctgccca gcacatcctc tatacctcag caagtcctta    207600
     ccatgtatcc agtgaggata aggccaccca tcctggaagg cttatctttc attcttgcac    207660
     cccataatat ccagcccagc tgtctctctc cacactgttt tttcttgatc ctcactgaag    207720
     cctgttccca gccaccaggc ctgcatttct tccagttcca tgagttcaaa tctctaaagt    207780
     ctgcagcagg ccttctcaga agcactccat tgtcttcact acctaaatcc cttcttcctt    207840
     ggccatttct tagggagcct aggaagtcaa cgtcacagct ggtccatggg aatggtgcct    207900
     gtgagtgtct gtcaaatgag cgcaagactg ggctcatttg agagtcctgt gtgtcatgtg    207960
     agtgccaaca tcctaacatc cagaatgcag actgggtttg ctcttccctg acacagcact    208020
     ggggaatgtc taggaagcat tcccaagaag cgagaccaaa ctagaccaca ttgaatttca    208080
     taggctcttc acgcattaag aatatcggaa acacccataa agggaagttg taaatttaag    208140
     gcatataaaa gaatgttgct ttataaccct agggaagtac caatctgttt gctttcagat    208200
     gtgcagttac taaggatcat ctccaagggg cgtgcctttt gttctgcctg cttgtgtggt    208260
     cacttggacc cagtagacag ataggtgagt aggtatgcag gcaacatgtg gacatgtgtg    208320
     ctaagggacc ttcatgttca gctgcttgtc tagatgaaag caagagaagg gaccaaatac    208380
     aagttcgctc ctacaaacaa aggtgggaca aacccctgag cagggcagga tacatatgag    208440
     gagggcattt ggctcttggt agaacaattg ctttgcgtaa tgaattc                  208487