ID   AC171500; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 185497 BP.
AC   AC171500;
DT   05-NOV-2005 (Rel. 85, Created)
DT   19-NOV-2005 (Rel. 85, Last updated, Version 2)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-67A10 from chromosome 5, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-185497
RA   Haipek C., Levy A., Haglund K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-67A10";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-185497
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (04-NOV-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-185497
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (18-NOV-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; bced7561ad1c58dacaebdf96528c94ff.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456114.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456113.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000001569; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000010721; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029374; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029375; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0029340; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0029341; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0029291; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0029292; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0029351; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0029352; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0029072; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0029073; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029804; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029805; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028483; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028484; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0029040; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0029041; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0029189; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0029190; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0029147; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0029148; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0029274; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0029275; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0029176; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0029177; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029838; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029839; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0028207; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0028208; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028563; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0028564; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0070672; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0070679; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0070585; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0070592; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0070596; mus_musculus_balbcj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0070250; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0071074; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0071081; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0070778; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0070785; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0070183; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0070190; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0070320; mus_musculus_dba2j.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0070232; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0070239; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0070395; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0070402; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0070258; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0070265; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0071276; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0071283; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0070247; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0070254; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0069401; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0069408; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A0G2JF18.
DR   GOA; J3QM78.
DR   InterPro; IPR003890; MIF4G-like_typ-3.
DR   InterPro; IPR003891; Initiation_fac_eIF4g_MI.
DR   InterPro; IPR006876; LMBR1-like_membr_prot.
DR   InterPro; IPR008075; LIMR.
DR   InterPro; IPR016021; MIF4-like_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR016024; ARM-type_fold.
DR   MGI; MGI:1861746; Lmbr1.
DR   MGI; MGI:1861749; Nom1.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q3UFM5; NOM1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0G2JF18; A0A0G2JF18_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; J3QM78; J3QM78_MOUSE.
CC   On Nov 18, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:79759290.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0067A10
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers (http://www.chori.org) from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..185497
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="5"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-67A10"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          56527..56603
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          73373..73390
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
SQ   Sequence 185497 BP; 56321 A; 39691 C; 38022 G; 51463 T; 0 other;
     gatcttgaag tagacaagat gttaagacca ccctttatcc ttcatatttt attctgccat        60
     caaatatggt aacaccagca ttcacacaga tgtggttgaa agaaagctga aatatatgga       120
     atcacattcc gattttttga gtgtgagttt tataatacaa cttctcttcc taattccaag       180
     gactatgtat gacacatgat ccacagtctt cggctttgtt tcccaaaatg gcccttttag       240
     tttatgcttc cctcagtcac tcttgcagca aataatttgt ttgaactaca ttttattata       300
     tgaaagtgac tcaaagggac caagaagcca aataaatttt gacttctgtc actgtttcat       360
     ccctatttat acaaatgcct tctgaagata cactatcaag tctaggctgt ctgactatgc       420
     ccaaacactt tgcatagaat cccagagttg aagtccaaaa tatttcccta gaggtgtgtg       480
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgatgt gtaggcaaac aaatacagta atttatacat       540
     atagcctact atagtacttg acatatggtg cttatatccc tattcaaaga ggtattcttt       600
     actcattgat taagaaagct attgtgttcg ccatctataa atgacattag ataagcaata       660
     tcctaactgc ctgcagtaca gcggtaacac aagtgcctga cagaaagcac tatgacaaag       720
     cagccacaga taaatcctga gtttcagtat cttcacaaaa ccctgaaact caacttctaa       780
     gtagcaagaa tcaaatactg acaatgacac agaagctggc cgaggtcccc gaggtccggg       840
     aagagaggct gcacaggcac agcttgttct cctcagcccc tttgtttttc agaacccaac       900
     ggtattaaaa cctagaaaaa actgctactg cttctgtgct ctgaataaag agttaatgta       960
     aattttaatg tgaacagcct taaaaaaaag aaagaaaaaa aaaaagatta ggatcaagag      1020
     gctggcgaga gctcagtggt agagggcctg gctagcatgt acaaagaagg cccagtgttc      1080
     aatctccagt actggaaaaa aaaaaaaact tacttagaat aaaacaagca agaaactgcc      1140
     actcctccaa aagtgatata caaattttta tcacaaagat gaaaatagtg cctaacagaa      1200
     ttgaattata gttcaaagac tttaatagtt taaaaataaa ttaccttaaa agagctgtaa      1260
     atgttttgaa ctcaaacaaa aaaaaataat ttctattcat tatagaactt ctaaagttat      1320
     ccagtacacc catgggctat acacgcacaa aatctaatta tttcaattaa tgctgctgca      1380
     ttacttaaac agttaagcat gttatggtat atgcagcctc ttaacactgg gaagagctat      1440
     aaatgatttt ctcctgatta ctgtaatggg tcctcactgc cgagccctgg aagtaaacag      1500
     ttctgcttgc acagactgtg tgggtacaac agtgggaaat ccctgatctc cacctgccca      1560
     acctcggctg tttactgtgc ctgtgtcacc cttcctaaac atgtcaccag gattctgttt      1620
     tctgtcctcc cattgagttt cactttccct gcctgccttc ttaatgctct accttgggtt      1680
     tgtttggtgt ttttatttga tttttatcta cccaccaatg gaacgaacaa ccatgggata      1740
     catatagtct ttatacccag cctgtacctt gcacagcagg gcacacttac gaggctccct      1800
     gccctgagaa gctctgtcca ctgtggagag acaggcgtgt cacagagtgg aaagactgta      1860
     gagaaataaa gcaggtgagg aggggcagtg tgcagtggag gtggacttga ggatgtagga      1920
     ctaatacttg cggcactcac aagaatggca agtcctgcat gaggagcttt gaggtcaaga      1980
     cctagaacaa agaagcaaat ctactttcct atcataatta tgttctgtca ggccacttgc      2040
     tactgtagct cccagtgttc acaactgggt aatacctgat tccttttctt ccccagtagc      2100
     ttgtacaccg ccttcctgca ctatgaaagc tagccagtag aaatgaagct tcctgatttg      2160
     aactgtttga tttctgcatg catgtccaat cttcagcaat tgggccttac tgtcaagttt      2220
     ggaagggtaa ccaaaagcat tggcaatagt ctgtaatgtt tagggatcta tgggacttca      2280
     ccagccaaca actcacaaag agataatcca acctgcactg tgtttttgtt agcccatggt      2340
     atttagtaga ttgttgccct attacaggat agctccatta aaactttttt ttattagata      2400
     ttttctttat ttacatttca aatgttatcc cctttcctaa tttcccctcc gaaaatcccc      2460
     tatctccttc cccctccccc tactccccaa cccacccact cccattcctg gtcctagcat      2520
     tcccctatac tggggcatag aaccttcaca ggaccaagag cctctcctct cattgaatac      2580
     tgactaggcc atcctctgct acatatgcag ctagagcccc aagttccatc cgccgagttt      2640
     gtgcccaagg tgacccagag ctggcgccga ccagaaggga cttgagcccc ctgatcaggc      2700
     tggtttcctg catccctgct gctggcactg gcctgtcaca attggtttgg aacagatgtt      2760
     gtgttccact caccagtgat gctaagatcg gtggagagtc ctctaggatc catgggaccg      2820
     tccaccgagt ttgtgcccaa ggtgacccgg agctggcgcc gaccaaaagc ccattaaaac      2880
     tttttatgta tgggtatgta tgtatcacat attttctctc atttatactt tgaatcttta      2940
     acatccataa ataagagaaa atgtgatgct catctttctg aatctgggtt aatgactgat      3000
     gaaccagatc tatttattat ctgtaaatgt cgtaattcca cttaactaaa caaatttcca      3060
     ttgtgtaaat gtatcatgtt ttctttagcc attcagcagt tgatgggcat ctaggaagtt      3120
     tctacctcct ggttattgtg atagaatagc agtgagcact ggtcagcagg tatctttata      3180
     gggggataga gagtcctttg cttatctgtc atggagtggt agagctggat catgtggcag      3240
     atctacttcc atctttgtga acagtgtcca tactgattta cacagtggct gcaccagctt      3300
     gtgtttcccc aaaagtgaac aagtgtccct gtatcccaac atccttgcca gccctgtcct      3360
     cattattaac ctgtgccctc cgtgcagtgc actagctcac agcactgctc ctccgagacc      3420
     tcgtacctct gagcatcatc tctttttttt tcccagtagt cctttctcag tctctagtac      3480
     cccaccgaag tattagcatc agccttcaag ttgggtctca tactatgtca aagtcatgac      3540
     agaggactat agtttctaca agtaccacag gcctgacaga ggccagacag aggtacaatt      3600
     catagggatg tggccagtgc cccagaccag ggccttcact atgcacagtg ttccctcagg      3660
     aagccagatg caggactggg gaagggctgg catgtagcgc ctgatacaca tgacctctgt      3720
     cctcctgtcc tcgtatagaa gtgagcattt ttgtatggat aataaaaaac aattttttaa      3780
     aaaaatgtat agttgtcttc atgcaggtgg aaatgtcttc atgcagccct tggagaggag      3840
     gcagaatggc agcagctaag tccctgggtc ggtggacaga gacgagggct ggcatctgag      3900
     caaggtggac ttgccccaga gcaaagtcaa gccaggcatg gggccaagag atgaggctgc      3960
     acagtcaggt aatgggcagt gacaagcttg gtggaaggga gcagcaggta catcttcttc      4020
     atagttgctt ctgtttcctc aagtaacagg aaacaaggtc agcagctgag gtagtcaggg      4080
     atatctgagc aaagaaaagg tgacctagct gttatgaaca gggcagcaat gaatgtggct      4140
     gagcaagtat ctgtatagta cgatattgag tcttttgggc aaatggcaat gagtggcaga      4200
     acggggtcat ggtaaattta tttgcagctt tttgagaatt ctctacattg atttccataa      4260
     tgcctgtacc agtctgcaat cccaccaaca gtgaataagg actccttttc catcacactg      4320
     cacccagcat ttgttgtcaa ttgctttgtt gatctttgtc attctgactg gggtaaaatc      4380
     tcaaagctgt tttgatttgc atttccctaa ttgctaagga atatgaacat tgttttgaga      4440
     tattttataa cccttttttt taatttcaga actctctgtt catgtcccag ccatgtttcc      4500
     ctcccttttt aaaaaaaaac aaatagtttg ttttttgact ctgtgtttga aggatatata      4560
     tatatatatg tatatatgta tatatatata tatatgtata tatatatata tatatacaca      4620
     cacatacata tatatacaca tacatatttt ttttctggat atcatcttct gttgggtcta      4680
     tagttggcaa ggttgctctc ccactctaca ggcttcttct tcacatggtt gatggtttct      4740
     ttaggtgtgc agacgctgtt tagtttcttt ggcaaatgaa gtcctattca ggaagtcctc      4800
     tcctacacct atataatgga tggtatttcc tgtgttttct tatagcagct tcagtgtttc      4860
     aggtttcaag tttagtcctt tgctccattt ggagttagtt tttgtgcgag atgattgata      4920
     gatacagctc ttctcgctgg tggacatcca gttttcccag caccatttat tgaatatgct      4980
     ttcatttctc cagcttatct ttttgacatc tttgtcaaat attaaatggc tgaagttaca      5040
     tatgtttgga tcttggattt tattgcattg gtctgtctac ttctgtgaca gtaccatact      5100
     gtttgtattc ctacggtttt gttactgatc ttaaatctgg aatggtgatc tcttcagcat      5160
     tgtccttttt tgttcattcc atatgaattg taagacagtt atttttattt ctatgaagaa      5220
     tgagatgatt ttgtttggga ttgcattgaa tctataaata gctttaacta aaaatagata      5280
     ttttcacaat attaattcta ccaaatccat gagcatggga tgttgttcag tttttctagt      5340
     gtctttctct atctctttct tcagagattt aaatttttca ttgccgaggt cctttactac      5400
     cttggtgagg tttgtttatc tccttttgag actattgtga ataggagtgt ggaggtttga      5460
     ataagaatac cccatatagg ctaatatatt tgaatcctta gccaccaggg agtggaacta      5520
     tttttaaaaa ttagaaggat taggaagtgt agccttgttg aataaagtgt gtcactgggg      5580
     tgtggggttt gaggtttcaa aagcctacac taggcccagg ggctcttgtt gtcccactct      5640
     cccatgcccc acccctgccc acagatcagg actagcttaa atttacttgt ctttacttat      5700
     tgttccatag gcctcaactc tacacaaaaa taataggcaa ctatgtaaaa gaaactttga      5760
     ttcacctggg tgattgtcat ctccaaggct taccactaac ctagtactag cactggaagc      5820
     ctctagcctt cttacaatcc tatctaggcc tagaatgttt tcagcctctg agatctactg      5880
     atgaataagc gcatcctttc tagctctttc tgatctctcc ttgcctgata caactcagct      5940
     gttctggctt aagctcctct ccaagctgac tgattcactc tggtgtctct cttttggcct      6000
     ctcctaaatt tgtctgcttg gcctgagact aactttggca ctatactcta atcttctggc      6060
     tccttctcat tctctggctc attctgtctt catctgtcca gcttgtcctc tctatgaaag      6120
     cattgtgtgt aactgtcctg gtaaaaccgc ttccttcccc ctctgcaccg ctctcttagg      6180
     tagcttacct ttcctaactc tttcgatgag agttggaaat ccttgtctgt taattctttc      6240
     cctgattagt cactttgctg ctcaattaaa catcctttca agcatgtcct tctacaacct      6300
     aacttcatct tcattattta caattaaaac tatgcactaa ggttgtatct gtattctagc      6360
     cagagggatt aaaagtgtgt gctacaggct gagccacacc acaactagaa aaagttttct      6420
     ttttcggtaa ataacacaat ctcagggttc acagtgtgat caaatatcct gcaatacaac      6480
     taagtaatgc tgagagtaga agaaatagtc ttccccagag aagcgcatgc taactggtta      6540
     tccaacacca aatgattaac cctgaaacat acatataagt aacattatat agactgagca      6600
     ggttatatac acacatgtac aattaatgga aaagcagcca tgaatttgag agagaacaag      6660
     gagggtatat gggaggactt ggagcaatga aaggaaagag gaaaagggtc ataatgtgag      6720
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagaacg aactaaaaag aaaagtcatc      6780
     caaagacttt aaagcagact taaggaacgg tcacatatta gaaggaagag caagcaggac      6840
     aatcaggggt aagcacaaac attaggaaaa gcaggtaggg cttgggcttc actggataca      6900
     gccctggaac acaggcaaga acctgagaaa gcactctggc aggctccatt tctaatccac      6960
     cagtcaatat ggcttgagca aaagggtttg gttataggac tgcacgtaca gggatgaagg      7020
     ctactgagag agtggcatac taagtctcta ttgaagaact gtggaaactg gaggatgaca      7080
     agaaaagagt tgaagaaata agaggattag ctaagagtgt ggatgcctga gtgtgagatg      7140
     tgcaagcatc agatcactgt agagaacaag gccaagacgt tacagacaga tagaatacca      7200
     gaacagaagg ccaagacgct tcccaaaatt ggaaaggcta taacaggcat agaaaaatca      7260
     cagatcagaa agagccatca gaaaagagag ttctagggaa caagaagcta ctatgaaacg      7320
     acctggtagc agaaatgaca ggactacaag aggtcaaagt gctggagaag agaagaggaa      7380
     taagcagggc ccccagaaaa aggatagtat gtagaaaaga gttcaactgt gctacatgac      7440
     gtaccaccct cccccagagc aaagctaggc tctgagaaga tagtcaccac ccaaaggtgc      7500
     tggggataca acagcgctgg cactggagag agcaaaaaga ggaggttgag ggtgcaggag      7560
     tcaaaagtgg attgatgttc agatataagc ggcacatgga aagttacagg agctcgggaa      7620
     catgaaagcc cagtcagaaa taagacactt agaaacacag aagcacgagt ccagacacgg      7680
     gactcatctg ttgtcacctg tcacagagaa tgagggctaa ggacatcctt tgccttgagc      7740
     ctccagcaag aattcgacgg aggctatggg aggaacagga ggagtcaaag ttctgccagg      7800
     atagcatgga attcagatct ctgtgtagaa ctctgtagat ccctcctacg ctcttatgtg      7860
     tttggacact aagccttttt catatttatt ctctctctct atctctctct ctctctctct      7920
     ctctatctcc ctcccttcca ccctccccct ctctccctcc tttctctcct ccctccctct      7980
     ttctctttct ttctctttcc ctccctcctc tttctttctt tctttctttc ttcttttctt      8040
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttttt tctttctttc tttcttctcc      8100
     atcagttaac tagtgtatca tcttgaaata gtcttaattc atctgcacca tatctaatgt      8160
     aaaaccacgg ttgggcttga gaaagtggac aggctgagga caggatggct tcctcagggc      8220
     actgaccctg tacccaagca cagttttgct atttcattcg caaggcttat gaaagagaac      8280
     aaaaccactc aacagtttat acggcagcac agtcaagtat cggagaacac tggagaagcc      8340
     acaattaggc gtcccatgtt tcagctacac taatgcattt aaaaagacat gggaatccat      8400
     gcaactacag agtgctggct acaacatgct accttcaagg tgaaagaagt gctagcacca      8460
     cagcaaaggc cttcttatac caggcaacta tagggtctcc ctagagcact gtaggatgca      8520
     ctggagaaaa cacatacccc agagctgcct gtaataatac cccacagacc gcacactaat      8580
     gcaccattag taaaaggcca ctatcaattc cacacagcag cagcaagagc atatttttag      8640
     agtctgatgt tcttgctgtt ctataattct tcccagagca agggtaaaac atactttggc      8700
     tttataattt aaaacataaa agaactgcaa caacaaaatg catttagcat tataccatat      8760
     gccttagtca gggtttctat tcctgtacaa tcatgaccaa gaagcaagtt ggggaggaaa      8820
     gggtttattc ggcttacact tccatactgc tgttcatcac caaggaagtc aggactggaa      8880
     ctcaagcagg tcagaaagca ggagctgatg cagaggccat ggagggatgt tctttactgg      8940
     cttgattccc ctggcttgct cagcctgctc tcttctagaa ccaagactac cagcccagag      9000
     atggtcccac ccacaagggg acctccccac ttgatcacta attgagaaaa tgacttacag      9060
     ctggatctca tggaggcatt tcctcaacta aagctccttt ctctgtgata actccagctg      9120
     tgtcaagttg acacaaaact agccagtaca accatattta ataaaatcca taagggttag      9180
     gcttacctta ctaaaggcct acttctattt ttttctaaaa ttagcaaatc cttgtggtag      9240
     gagatagctc agtggttaaa agcactactt gttcttctag aagacccagg tttgattttt      9300
     agcacccaaa taatggctca caccatcttt agttccaagg gatcaatgcc ttcttctgtc      9360
     atctacttac tatatgtatg gggtgcacag atacacatgc aggcaaaata cccatatata      9420
     aaataaatat ttttttaaag tttaaaatag caaatcataa actgttcttt tctccttgct      9480
     tcttccactc tatggatgtt aaccaataag ctacagaagc ttacaattct taatacagtc      9540
     aaatgtcaac ttggtcctag aatcatttat ataataaata atttcagcct gctagtttcc      9600
     atctgaaata gactgcagtg gccaatcatg gcaacacact atcaaagagt ttccctaaaa      9660
     taattttaaa ggcaacttgc caactagaac agatacaatc accattggac tgatataaaa      9720
     atcacctgag ccaacagtgt tcctgaggat ctcctaagaa agactactcc cagcagaaag      9780
     aaaacaatca ggccccagtc agtgggtaag tgtgcagccc ttttaactgc agatgtccaa      9840
     ggagcactgt ggaagtctgc tggggagcta gccctctggc cttgacccac ccacctccct      9900
     ctaattttca cagactcctg tgtcaggaag gtcctttgtc acttgtaagc ctcggagagg      9960
     gttatatttc cattcttcaa ttatctgtct ctgttgaact aaacaagtgt tctacctcat     10020
     ctaagtatgt aacacacata ccatgtagtc ttctctggag tgcttcttct tctagagtaa     10080
     tcatataaat ttgttcatcc aggtcttcaa gaatctaaat tgaaaaataa actgctcaat     10140
     aatgcagtgt gacacactca catttatgac acctcaggct ctgcaaccta tcatttttag     10200
     gaccatgtat tgactctaat aactaagacc caaaaattaa attttaactt atgaaaattt     10260
     tagtatattt tatatacttt gtttttaaat acatttatat ttttctattt tagtattaac     10320
     aaaatacttt acaacttgat ataacatgca tctaaattgg atattttaag gcttaaggga     10380
     ttacactttg tagcattctc agggactacg gaagcatgaa ttttaaacag agagagacac     10440
     acacagcaaa tatatcttta tgcacaggct attattttac agctacaagg aagagatcat     10500
     ctagtatatt tgtctccctt gtggtttttt tttgttgttg ttgttgtttt acttactttc     10560
     tcaatcaaaa atctgtgctg ggcatggtgg ccacgccttt aatcccagca cctgggagga     10620
     agaagcaggt ggatttctga gtgcgaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca     10680
     gccagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtctcg aaaaaccaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     10740
     aaaaaccctg taaggtggag gccggagagc tggctcagta attatgagca cgagatgctc     10800
     tttctgagag cctgggttgg attagcatca ggacaagcca actcacaacc acatgtagag     10860
     tagcttcatc tacatggcaa gttgcagact agctagaata cacagtagga ccctatctta     10920
     aaattaaaac aaaaaatcaa aaccccctaa actgcatcag agatgcacaa gacatcctgg     10980
     tttggtttgg ttttaaacta gatatagtaa gtacttccat tgagtatggg aagctcaaat     11040
     cataaaatcc ttcgagacaa agccctagag aagtagcgtg tttacaaaca ggcactcatc     11100
     attcaccccc tagtgggata gtgtcttcac tgtctcaaaa ctgacaaaac ctaaaacttc     11160
     tattcagctc tggccttgtt aacctgctgt cctaagaaaa tactcttgtc ttcctggctc     11220
     tgaaggaagt ataaaagcta atagcattgc tccctctcgc tcaagctcaa gttactgatt     11280
     ccagcaaagc aataaaaagg tgagagttgc tggaggaaag taaggatggt ataactgttt     11340
     ctgtgcacct gcccacctga caagttgctc taaaattatg tgatccccat ctgaaaacat     11400
     tcataaaaca atccactgtt ttccaatcct ttcacaagtt tctatggtcc cttcagcctg     11460
     acactgagct tctataaaat agatgtgccg ctagatccac actgggagta ataaaacgat     11520
     aaaaacaaaa aaaataagaa aaagtagata ataaacaaag gcacagaata accatcacat     11580
     gagaggacga cggggaagga aacctctcag gagacctcac caaggctaag aagcacgata     11640
     tgctagaaag catgaggtca tcagcaggca tgagctatga tgaggtcacc tggataacga     11700
     acagagagta acccaagact gttactcttg ggggtaggga caagtactct ctcttatttc     11760
     ctatcacttt ccactgtttg gatttaaaat gatcatgttc cccattctaa agcctaacac     11820
     tttaaggatt ttccttttag aggataaatg attgataatg ctaaccatag ctaatggcaa     11880
     caggatgcca tgtgcctctg agtatcccag catcttcgcc acttcctagc ctaagaagca     11940
     aaaacttcat ggagaaactc caagtgcctt caggttcttg gctcattcct actgtggact     12000
     aacaggaaac tagacatggg cacccatgga gacagcaacc aagacaagaa ttccacacag     12060
     taactttgag attaaaataa atgtcaaaac tgaggcttaa ataaaatgtt agccaagatc     12120
     agaaggaaaa agtacctcca ggtgaggaga gagaatgctc cccaatgttt ctggtggcta     12180
     tagtacaaca gctgactgac agccaaaact acaagaggtg acaggcactg caggcagagg     12240
     aagccacgtg ccaacacaga ggtagagaga aggcaagatc atgtggaaga aatggccagt     12300
     cttgaactca tgaaggacta gaagacagtg gtctgagcct gggttccggg ttcaaactta     12360
     tgtttactag gctctgtgac cagctgctcg gcctccctgg actacgttcc tagaaaatca     12420
     gactagcatc acccaacacg tggcttgtca tcaagatgaa atgaaactga gtgtcacatg     12480
     tagcacttag aaccagcatg gggcagatga attcagcaat gagccactgt cactgggtgt     12540
     taggaaaaag taaagacaac taaaattgtg gaagtgctgt taatacggcc gtctggggca     12600
     ggtgactcag aagcactttg ctttacaaat gaggaggtgg agctcgaagt gctgagctaa     12660
     gtcaacagca cttggcagac tgtaagtagc ttccttattt tctcactgcc atctgtagaa     12720
     gaggtgcagg tgacagagaa ggtccagagc acagggcaaa gtaaaaacaa aatcttagac     12780
     caagaatggg aattgaaaac ttgtctacag aaaaaaggaa aaaatgagaa gtagaaaaaa     12840
     actaaataaa ttcagtatta caaaacctct tttagaggga actaaatgag agaatgtaac     12900
     tttcaaaatc aaacaagagt ttaccgaaag atcatctatc gcaatattgc ctcagtatgt     12960
     ccccatttaa tgaaatcatc acaaagggag gacagacaca cagtcaaatg gctcagcaag     13020
     tatttctggc caggtacaag ccactaacac cagtaattgt ggagaaggca cacaacggtg     13080
     actacagtgg tgcctgaaca tccctgtgga cagcagcaag gcagcttcaa gctgttatga     13140
     cagtctgtga aggagcagaa gtgggggcag catgtgacgc tgggaaaccc taaacatgta     13200
     gacagctgag actgggtgtg taggcaatgg ggattcaggg gagcaattta aaggacagat     13260
     tttctagcgg tagctaagaa gctatgatct gtaaaatagt tcaaagacca aaaaacagga     13320
     acagatatta ctatccacta aaagtcattt taaaataaat atataacatt tctgagaggt     13380
     aagatataat tcaaacacaa tgtacatatt ttcagaaact ggtctataaa ttgaagcata     13440
     aatatgggca attttggttt tgttcctgtt ttatgtgtgt ttagggaatc tggttgattt     13500
     atttgtttta gctgtagaca gctctcactc tgtgtcccaa atagtcatga actcacaatc     13560
     cccaggcctc tcctattgta gaatcagagg catccacaac ctggtcagct atgtgatcaa     13620
     ctttgaaaca gataccatca cagttggatg cagggtggtg aacacacaaa tacttacaga     13680
     tgcctgaaaa ttctgccttg agatttttct atacaaactc tacttaaatg catgtgctta     13740
     gtactttcaa aaggaaaaat agactttctt tccaagattt aaaaacttaa tttaaaaagt     13800
     taaaaatttg aaaaaaaatt tgaatgataa actaacaaaa atattgtcct cagcttttta     13860
     aatattttta cataatcaaa aatataagca tgagtattta gcaaacacaa ataaaatact     13920
     taccgctggc ttcaccagca actgacccat gactgtgaac atacgggaca ggccaactgg     13980
     agtacacact gtagaaatga ggtgactggt aagaaagagg ttctcagcat gcagagagac     14040
     aggcaaagca acctaaggaa catcttaggt ccactctcat cttgagctta gctttctcca     14100
     ggtcctctgt caggaggccc ttcacctccc ccagggagga gctcaggcag tgtggggggc     14160
     aagcatatca cagggaaggt gagaataaac agtggctata atggtcaaga tcctagagga     14220
     tgaacactct ctgcttaaaa caaactaaat agacccagaa aaagcacaca gaccatgtca     14280
     cctgtgagga ctgagagccc aaagagagta tctaagagtg acagctacag tcacaagtcc     14340
     tttgaactgt ttgacaactt aaactatccc taagatcgag tgtggcgtct tcagtaaaac     14400
     caaacagatt ttgaaataaa gactacaaat tcatcaagta gaattgtatt cttgccattt     14460
     aaagtgatct agtgttaata tttggactag aagtagacgt aaagaatgtg tacatggtgg     14520
     agacatggag ggagggggac atgggatact gttaaagagt tctgtggtgc gtgtatatgt     14580
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtcttc aacccagtgc aaaaggctta gtgaacaaac tatccaatta     14640
     tttcacagtt ctgcttaata aaatctatct agaacaataa aaaaaggcca actcgaaaaa     14700
     cagcccccat cattaaggag tttcaattag gaaactggca caattttcca gggtccaaga     14760
     caaactccct ttcctgtcag tgtcacactg aagagtactt acagagaagc agcaagcatc     14820
     ccatcagcga aatgcaagaa tacaaatagg gcaagtagaa ttcccagaga tctgtaaaaa     14880
     tatcagcaca ttttagtaag tgaaagcgtg gcacattaaa atagtctgct ttatcttaat     14940
     aagtagaaat atatgatgaa cactgtaatt gcctatttaa gtaaattaag cagtctagtt     15000
     tctaaattgt agaataaaaa gatctaaagt aagaaaataa taaataaccc ttttgagaaa     15060
     tgtttcaaag ggagaaaatg ctccatgaaa ttttaagaac aaaaaacaat taattaaata     15120
     tatatcaaac actgcatagt atgttgaaca aatgaataat attcactgct ttaagtatct     15180
     ctaaagacat ctaaattctg taagttaaca gaaagttcat cacacaaaga tttattttaa     15240
     agtatataaa acatgctggg catggaggta aacacattta atcccagcat tccaaaggca     15300
     atggcaggcc gatctccttt gagtttgagg ccagcctggt ctacaaagca agttacagga     15360
     cagccaaagc tgttatacca agaaatcttg tctcaaacaa aacaaaacag atataactat     15420
     atcccaaact caggtgccca tcataggaac tagctaaaac aataatcagg taccatataa     15480
     agactccata ctggcagcat cactgtcaat cagggcggaa gccacccaca ccatcccaag     15540
     aatcagcaac gcaagaagca gcagcataac cagagtttcc aaaatgcggg ctcggattcc     15600
     cttaaaacac aacagcaaca gcattttaat actttacatc atctcatgaa caaccaggtt     15660
     tctacctgaa agcataaagc tggctatagg gaagggaaaa aaatgtatac gtgcttaaaa     15720
     actttacatt atgtttttat ataaatctat gttgatttgg agaaagcact agatattttt     15780
     ggtttatgtt tagagtgact tttaaattat atttttcaaa aatattaaac ttgaaataaa     15840
     gcacacacaa aagaaaatca atcattccag tatttttcag aaactttttt aactattact     15900
     ttcctagtag ttcccagaag actacatttg tggatttcca tcttgatttg tggttctaat     15960
     caaggtatgg caggctgttt gacactgggg acactgggct aggaaactga catctataat     16020
     caggaagggc acctagcagc ctctggagtc ctctagtggc caactggaga actgcttgcg     16080
     ggacagcact actaagaact ctactggtaa tacacaaatt gcattcgttt ttgttttgtt     16140
     ttgttttgtt ttttcatata aaatgagaat gctgccagtt atgagacttg actataatac     16200
     aaaactcatg aatattttaa cataaaacag attctgacct tgaaaagact caaagaccag     16260
     acttgtcaac ttggaaacta ttaggcaaag gcagtttgtt tctgtaagtt caaagattta     16320
     catccctgcg cctctgactt ctaacaacaa acttataagt gtgccttttt tcttaggatt     16380
     ctggaatttg tgcatctcat actgagaatg gtttaaagat ctaagttaca aagacccaga     16440
     cactccaggc agcagtgtca cacccctttc atcccagcac tcaggaggca gaggcaggcg     16500
     gatttctgag ttcaaagcca gcctgatcta cagagtgagt tccaggacag ccagagctat     16560
     acacagaaac cctgcctcgg aaaaaaataa cagacaaaca aaaacaacaa caacaacaaa     16620
     aaaaaaaaaa aacaaagagt tagctgatct tagctaacac ctgagggtca ggcacaggga     16680
     aaactgacat cacatctcca aaatcctgaa cacaatacaa agaagaaatg ccctagctca     16740
     atgtgctgct ataagagtac agtcttctcc ctacctatcc ttaaacagtg tcaccatctg     16800
     ctgcaggctt tacacacttg ctcagatgtg tcaccactcc tagtgtgcat gtcaaagagt     16860
     ccactgaagc aaaaggactg aggctcatat tttaacacat gagctctaat aaagcagcta     16920
     ttccaagaaa gaagaaatgg aaagataagg tgagcatgag ttcccatgac tacaatccca     16980
     gctctcagaa gcctggagca ggaatgatca gattccctaa aagacacagc tcaacaccac     17040
     aatgggacag aaggcaagtt cgaggccatc ctgagttaca tagtgaaatt ctgtattgaa     17100
     aaaattgaat ttgggtttcc atctgcaccc agaacttatc ctgcaccaca gttctccata     17160
     cccaaatact gccaggaaac acctggccag ccaagagtgc aggcaagttt gtgagcacag     17220
     gaggaacaaa tcacagtcag acatagcaaa accagcaata actacgtggg gagaggcaag     17280
     ggcaagaaca taagcaacag aaaccaaggt tacttggcat catcaccgcc acagtgagct     17340
     ccggatcccc aacaaaccgg aaaagcaaga atctgattta taatcacatc tcacgatgat     17400
     gatagaggac tttacgaagg acataagtaa ttcccttaaa gaaatacagg agaacacagg     17460
     taaacagcta gaagccctta aagaggaaac acaaaaatcc cttaaagaat tacaggaaaa     17520
     cacaaccaaa caggtgaagg aattgaaaaa aatcatccag gatctaaaaa tagaaacaat     17580
     aaagaaatca caaagggagg caacctggag atagaaaacc taggaaagaa atcaggaggc     17640
     accaagagaa tacaagaaac agaggagaga atctcagatg cagaggatac ccagcaaact     17700
     ctcaattact acagatggag aaacgaagac attccaaaaa caaatttaca caatatcttt     17760
     ccataaatcc agccctacaa aggctaataa atgtaaaact ctaacacagg gagggaaact     17820
     acaccctata aaaagcaaga aatcttcttt cagtaaaccc caaagaagtt atccacacaa     17880
     acataaaaat atcataaaaa ataacagaaa gcaacaatca tgactcctta atatctccta     17940
     acatcaatgg actcaattct caaatgaaaa gacatagact tcagtcccac caacagtgga     18000
     ggagtgttcc tctttctcca catcctcgcc agcatctgct gtcacctgag tttttgatct     18060
     tagccattct gactggtgtg agatggaatc tcagggttgt tttgatttgc atttccccga     18120
     tgattaagga tgctgaacat tttttcaggt gcttctcagc cattcagtat tcctcaggta     18180
     agaattcttt atttagctct gagccccatt tttaatgggg ttatttgatg ttctggagtc     18240
     taccttcttg agttctttat atatattgga tattagtcac ctatctgatt taggataggt     18300
     aaagatcctt tcccaatctc ttggtggcct ttttgtctta ctgacggtgt cttttgcctt     18360
     acagaagctt tgcaatttta tgaagtccca tttgtcgatt cttgatctta cagcacaagc     18420
     caagcttgta caaccactct ggaaatcagt ctggcggttc ctcagaaaat tggacatatt     18480
     actaccggag gatccagcaa tacctctcct gggcatatat ccagaagatg ttccaaccgg     18540
     taagaagggc acatgctcca ctatgttcat agcagcctta tttataatag ccagaagctg     18600
     gaaagaaccc agatgcccct caacagagga atggatacag aaaatgtggt acatttacac     18660
     aatggagtac tactcagcta ttaaaaagaa tgaatttatg aaattcctag gcaaatggat     18720
     ggacctggag ggcatcatcc tgagtgaggt aacccaatca caaaagaact cacatgatat     18780
     gtactcactg ataagtgaat attagcccag aaacttagaa tacccaagat ataagatata     18840
     atttgcaaaa cacatgaaac tcaagaagaa tgaagaccaa agtgtggaca ctttgcctct     18900
     tcttagaatt gggggaaaaa acacccatgg aaggagttac aaagtttgga gctgagacga     18960
     aaggatggcc catctagagt ctgccatacc cggggatcca tcccataatc agcctccaaa     19020
     cgctgacacc attgcataca caagcaagat tttgctgaaa ggacccagat agagctgtct     19080
     cttgtgaggc tatgctgggg cctagcaaac acagaagtgg atgctcacag tcagctattg     19140
     gatggaccac agggccccca atggaggagc tagagaaagt acccaaggag ctaaaggggt     19200
     ctgcaaccct ataggtggaa caacaatatg aactaaccag taccccccag agctcgtgtc     19260
     tctagctgca tatgtatcag aagatggccg actaggccat cagtggaaag agaggcccat     19320
     tgatcttgca aactttatat gcctcagtag aggggaggcc agggccaaga agtgggagtg     19380
     ggtgggtagg ggagtggggg gggtatgggg gacttttggg atagcattgg aaatgtaaat     19440
     gaagaaaata cctaattaac ataaaaattt tttaaaaaag acatagacta acagactggc     19500
     tacataaaca ggacccagaa ttttgctgca tacaggaaac acacagtgaa aaggcagaca     19560
     ctacctcaga gtaaagggct ggaaaacaat tttccaagca aatggtccca acaaacagtc     19620
     tggagtagtc attctaatat ggaatgaaat caactttcaa ctgaaagtta tcaaaaagga     19680
     taaggaagga cacttcatac tcatcaaagg aaaaatttca atttttccaa taagaagctt     19740
     caattctgaa catctatgct ccaagtacaa gggtacaaac attcataaaa caaactttac     19800
     taaagtttaa agcacacatt gctcacaata atagtgggag acttcaacaa gctactctca     19860
     tcaaaggaca gaatatagaa acactaacta aacagagaca cagtgaaact aacagaagtt     19920
     atgggtcaaa tggatttaac agatatatat aaacatttca taaaacattt catcctaaat     19980
     caaaaggtta taccttcttc tcagcacctc atggtacctt ctccaaaact gaccatataa     20040
     ttgctcacaa aacaggcctc aacagacaca agatttaatt aatcccatac atattcagat     20100
     cacataggac taaggctggc ggtcttcaat agcaacaaaa acaaaagaaa gcctacacat     20160
     aaaggctgaa caacactgta ctcaatgatg acttggtcaa ggaagaaata aagaaaaaaa     20220
     ttaaagacat tttagaatta atgaaaatga aggcacaaca tatgcaaact tatgggacac     20280
     aatgaaagca ttcctaagag aaaaactcat agctctgagt gcctccaaaa agaaactgga     20340
     gagagcatac actaccagct taacagcaca cctgaaagct ctagaacaaa aaagaagcaa     20400
     atacatcgaa gaagagtaga cggcatcaaa ctcagggctg aaatcaacta aatagaaaca     20460
     aaaagaactg tacaaagaat caacaaaacc aggagctagt tctttgagaa aatcaacaag     20520
     atagatgaac ccttagccaa actaacaaga gggcacagag atagtatcta gattagcaaa     20580
     atcagaaatg aaaatggaga tataacaaca gaaactgagg aaatttttta aaaatcatca     20640
     gatcctacta caaaaggata aactcaacaa aactggaaaa tctggatgaa ataaacaatt     20700
     ttctagacag ataccaaata ctaaaatcaa atcaagatca gataaaccat ctaaacagtc     20760
     ccataactct taaagaaata gaagtcatta aacagtcatt aaaattctcc caatcaaagt     20820
     gaagaattct atcagacctt caaagaagac ctaatactct tcaaactatt ccacaaaata     20880
     gaaacagaag gaatactacc caatttgttc tatgaaacca cagttatgct gataccaaaa     20940
     cctcacaaag acccaacaaa aagaattgta gaccaatttc ccttatgaat agtaatgaaa     21000
     agttctcaat acaattcttg caaaccaaat ccaagaactc atcaaaacga tcattcacca     21060
     tgatcaggta ggccttattc cagggatgca ggtatacttc aatataggga aatccatcaa     21120
     tgtaatccac tacataaaca aactcaatgg ggaaaaaaaa acaacaaaca tgctcatttc     21180
     attagatgct gaaaaagcat ttgacaaaat tcagcatccc ttcatgttaa aagtcttgga     21240
     aagatcagga attcaaggcc catacctaaa catagtaaaa gcaatataca gaaaaccagt     21300
     agccaacatc aagctaaaag gagagaacct tgaagcaatc ccactaaaat cagggactag     21360
     ataaggctgc cctccctctc cctatctatt gaatatagta cttgaagttc tacctagaca     21420
     aattagataa ggaggtcaaa gggatacaaa ttggaaagga agaagtcaaa atatcatttt     21480
     gcagatgata tgatagtata tataagtgac cccaaaaact ccaccagaga actcctacag     21540
     ctgataaaca acttcagcaa cgtagcagga tataaaatta actcaaacaa atcagtggcc     21600
     tttctctata caaaagatac actgagaaag aaattagaga aacagcaccc ttcacaacag     21660
     tcacaaacaa cagaaaatat cttggcgtga ctctaaccaa acaatgaaag atctgtatta     21720
     caagaacttc aagtctctga agaaagaaat cgaagatctc agaagatgga aagatccccc     21780
     gtgctcgtgg attgacagga ttaatatagt aaaagtgtcc atcttgccaa aagcaatcta     21840
     cagattcaat ataatctcca tcaaaattcc agctcaattc ttcatagagt tagaaagagc     21900
     aagtctcaaa ttcctttgga ataacaagaa acccaggata gcaaaaactc ttctcaataa     21960
     taaaagaact ctgtgggaat aaccatccct gacctcaagc tgtactacag agcaatagtg     22020
     ataaaaactg catggcattg gtacagtgac aggcaggtag atcaatggac tagaattgaa     22080
     aacccagaaa tgagcccaca cacctacggt cacttcatct ttgacaaagg agctaaaacc     22140
     aaccagtgga aaaaaagaca gcattttcaa caaatggtga tggttcaact agtggtcaac     22200
     atgtagaaga atgtaaattg atccattctt atctccctgt acaaagttca agtccaagtg     22260
     tatcaaggac ctccacataa aaccagatac actgaatcta atagaagaga aagtaaggaa     22320
     aagtctcaaa cacatgggca caggggacaa gttcctgaac agaacaacaa tgtcttatgc     22380
     tctaagatca agaatcaaca aatgggacct cataaaattg caaagcttct gtaagacaaa     22440
     agacactgtc aataggacaa aacagcaacc aacaaattgg ggaaatatct ttaccaaccc     22500
     tacatcacat agagggctaa tatccaatat atacaaagaa ctcaagaagt tagactccag     22560
     agaaccaaat aaccctactg aaaaatgggg aacagagcta aacatagaat cttaactgag     22620
     gaaactcaaa gggctgagaa gcacataaag aaatgctcaa caaccttagt catcagggaa     22680
     atgtaaatca aaacaaccct gagattccac ctcacaccag tcagaatggc taagatcaaa     22740
     aactcaggtg agagcagatg ctggcgagga tgtggagaaa ggggaacact cctccactgc     22800
     tggtgggatt gcaagctggt acaaccactc tggaaatcag cttggcagtt cctcagaaaa     22860
     ctggacatag tactactaga ggacccagct atacctcccc tgggcatata cccagaagat     22920
     gctccaacat gtaataagga cacatgctcc actatgttca tagcagcctt atttataata     22980
     gccagaaggt ggaaacaacc cagatgtccc ttctcagaga aatggataca gaaaatgtgg     23040
     tacaccatgg aatactactc agctattaaa aacaatgact tcatgaaatt cactggcaaa     23100
     tggatgaaac ttgaaaatat cacccagagt gaggtaactc agtcacaaaa gaacacacat     23160
     gttatgtact cactgataag tggatattag cccaaaagtt cggaatgccc gctgacccta     23220
     aggaactatt cagagaagca caagaaatct ctgctgaatc ctgcattggg cctgcactga     23280
     gcctcgacag tctgtacact gacctctggt tacctatagc tgttccatgg tgtttgctaa     23340
     cttttcatct tcttccactt cacagctacc attgatacca cctctacagt aggtagacat     23400
     aactgagtgg cctatgattc cctcagttgc tcttctacat cgcaacttgt ctccattttt     23460
     atttttttta aaccccgcaa ctcaatttta catgatcagt cttctcacag tctccgagcc     23520
     aggcagacac ctgtcctctg gtccggacgg tggccggctc cagtctgtat aagagcctct     23580
     gaaatgtaaa catgcatcaa aattaccaag ggctgcaagg tctggagcat catccccaaa     23640
     aggacagctc ccctgcccct gaggacagag cccagcaaaa cgcttagtac tccttaagct     23700
     accctgacct tgtcacatac ccaacaacat tgaagagcac attttagagc agattatcct     23760
     actgtggcca agatccataa acccctaaga tatcatcaca aaagtggcat gaactttatt     23820
     ctaaactcac agttttgtat gctttatctc gtctcccttc agtaacatgg actaatggca     23880
     tcattatcta ctttgttgtt tatgtcaaca cctggaaata tcaatgtcat atcctttcct     23940
     atagctcctc cagccccaaa catacaccct gagccttgga accaggtctt ctgagtatac     24000
     tatgtgacta taaatcacac tgagtcctgt ttctccctct ctgtgtctcc ccatccatta     24060
     ggaaagctcc acatgtatcc aaaagcatac ttttctatta caaatctata aacacatcaa     24120
     ggagaaaaat gtctaagata tagatccata taagcaagca tcagaccttt aaaaaaaaat     24180
     gagaatgcta taacacctaa agagcccagg cactgaggca tagcacacaa gtggcactgg     24240
     gctttgaatg tgactatgct agaaaatcag agggcatttt aaaaacttta tattctacca     24300
     catttttatt tgaaaaatac aataggtaga tatgatagaa aagatgtcta tgacctacca     24360
     aagttaaacc aaaatgaagt cactaaacag atctatagta actaattaga caaaagcaat     24420
     aaataaaaat ctcccaacta aaaaaggcca agtcttgaag gattcagcac cagactttca     24480
     aagaattaac actaaaactc acattgttcc atgacataga aaaataacac ttccaaaata     24540
     tttttatgta tttacctgat accaaaacca gataaacatc caacaacaag gaggaaaaga     24600
     agaactataa accaaccttc ctaatgaaca cagacacaaa aatgatcaat aaaatatttt     24660
     caattcatat tcaagaccac atccataaga ttatttccga tgatcaagct tacttcattc     24720
     caagagtcct ggaatggttc aacatatata aattaacaaa cataattcac cacataaatg     24780
     gacttaaggg cagaaatcac agaatcagtt caattcataa agaagggctt tgagaaaatc     24840
     caatattcct tcatgataaa aactctggat tgattatgga tggagggaac atacaacatg     24900
     ataacaacat agctagtgtt aaatggagtg tatttctact aacatcagga acaaaacaaa     24960
     ggtgttcatt ttcattgctc ttatataatg tctgaagtcc tagctagagc aataaggcaa     25020
     gacaaggaaa taaaagggat ataaataaaa atggaagaag ccaatgtatc tctgcagttg     25080
     acatgattct aaccaaagaa gcaccaaaga ctccaccagg aaactcccag agctagtaaa     25140
     cacttttagc aaagtggcaa ggtacaaaat taacatgccc atatcaatag ctttcctata     25200
     caccaataac aaacagactg agaaagaaac cagggagaca atcctattca caatagtatc     25260
     aaaaaaatga aataccttaa aataaaccta accaaggaat tcaaagacct atacaatgaa     25320
     aactttaaaa cactgaagaa agacatcaga agacagaaaa acctggtaga attaatattg     25380
     tgaaaataac tatcctacca aaaacaatct acaattttaa tgtaatccca ataaaagaac     25440
     ttgaaaaatg aactttaaaa ttcatataaa aacacaaaat atcccaaaaa gtctagtttt     25500
     gaacaataaa agcaatgctg ctggcggggg cagagtatag gagactttcc agatagcatt     25560
     tgaaatgtaa atgaagaaaa tatctaataa aaaaaaagaa agcattcaaa acaaaacaaa     25620
     acaaaaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaaccaat gctgctggta cctcctgatc     25680
     tcaagatata ctatagagcc tccaaagtaa aaaataaata aataataaat aaaataaaaa     25740
     tgtgtgatag tggcacaaag gctcagtgga ctagaatcaa aaaccctgat ataagttcat     25800
     atacctatag gcacctgatt tttgacgaag atactaaaca cagactacat ttttaacaaa     25860
     tagtgttggt taaattggat ttctacacaa attgaaacca gatccttctt tcttatccta     25920
     cccaccaatc aactctcaat gagtcaaatg ttagatatga agcttctata agagtgagaa     25980
     tattcacttt gtgaatagga ctccagtcac acaggaaata aatataatca acaaatgtaa     26040
     tttagtgaaa gtaaagactt ctgttctgca agaaaactga attagttgaa aagctggcct     26100
     acagaataag tctttgccat gtgtacatct aacagaggac tgttgtctag aatgtatacc     26160
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacaat taaaaagcat aatacctgct aataatgatg atgcttctgc     26220
     ctataatgaa ataacctagc atctaacaga aatgctagat ctaaagcatc ttaaagagtc     26280
     tctagtattg tatagcttac actctccatt tgttaaagaa atgttaaata ctttgactac     26340
     aaagaatagg gttatccccc aagattggaa gggattggtg tcagctgtcc tagaagctgg     26400
     tcaacaatta caatggttat catggtggat gcacaaagcc acaaaaatag gacaacagaa     26460
     tatagcaagg gagataaata ttcaaaagac caactacttg gtgaagagca ttatgctaat     26520
     ttaccagaat gagtccaatc tgatggtggc aatgttgtgt tgcagcttta gagcctgggg     26580
     tatgactgag gagctgagag ttctacatct tgttccacag gcaagcagga gaagactggc     26640
     atccagatag ctagaagggt ctcaaagccc acacctacaa tgacacactt catccagcaa     26700
     agccaacaag gccatatctc ctaatagcac cactccctgg gccaagcgta ttcaaaccac     26760
     cacacttgac tccctggccc ccataggtta gttcaatcaa gtgagtctat aggggccata     26820
     cctagccata gcataatgca aaatacattt agtacaactt caaaagtccc ataatctgta     26880
     acagtcgcaa caatgttaga agtccaaagt tcaaagtttc ttctgagatt catccaatca     26940
     cttaaatcac ttaaaatcaa aatcaaaaag aagatcacat agctccaaca ttacaagata     27000
     catattacca ttccaaaact ccacagtgag gaaatactga accaaagtaa gaccaacaac     27060
     cagctgggca aactctaaaa tcagcatctc tgtgtctgat gttaaaattc tcttcagatg     27120
     tccaactcct ttcatctttg ttgattacaa agaattgtta caacacaatt ctttctcttt     27180
     ggctggatcc tctctctgtt agcagctttc tttggcaggt atctgatgtc tctggcatct     27240
     agaacacctt ggagtatgca aaggcaactt caatgtcaca gtttcttgtt ccaatgatct     27300
     tgtttcatga tcttctgggc tcctccacag gcctgggtca ccactccagc tctgccctct     27360
     gtagcactct ggttgactcc acactactta tgctgctgtt cttggtggtt ttcccatggt     27420
     actagcatct ccagtaccct gaggtcttct agtgcaacta tgtttcacct ctcataggct     27480
     cccttcttgg tgcaaagtct caacttcttt gcatgatccc ttcagtcctg ggctgtcaac     27540
     tgtaactaag gctgcacctt ccaccaatgg actttcctgg cctctcacag taccaaacct     27600
     ctcagctgtc ctcactgacc ccttcatgtc ttcaaaagca gtaccaacct cagtgattgt     27660
     tacacatttc catgcagcat gaggtacaac cttagatatc tctggaacat atcttctctg     27720
     tgctctcaga aaacacttcc cagaaaattt tacctcagtg atgctggttt cttcttttgt     27780
     gtttttgttt tgagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt     27840
     agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc acctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt     27900
     aaaggcgtgt gcgaccactg cccggcgctg gtttcttctt aatcaccact aatttcttag     27960
     atccagctaa ccagcatcac caattgtccc agtagtctcc ttctactcct gattctaaag     28020
     ccagagccac atggccgaag ttgccaagtt ctgttgctta ctggagctgg aacatggcct     28080
     gtttgttttt tttaatttac caccagcttt ctgttttcta atgctctaac tgtctaagcg     28140
     tggctgtcct gaaacttgct acatagattg atcttgaatt cagagatctg tatgattctt     28200
     tctcctgaat gctgggagta aagatatgta ccaccatgac tggacttaag cttcccttta     28260
     cctggaacct gctctgtccc agacaggcct tgaactcaga gatctgtttg cctggcccaa     28320
     agcttttcat ggccatgatt cctcaagatc tggatcaaaa aagcctgtgt cttccagact     28380
     caaggtctgg atggcaagtg tgcccctcat ttctggatta tagttcattc caaattaaaa     28440
     ctccaaatga aaacaattca ggtcataaca cctaacatga cataacaatt cactgttcaa     28500
     ctacaaacac aaagaataaa cttaactagg ttggctctta ccctgagatc accactccct     28560
     taacctgttt atctccttga acacaggatt cagttccatt acacttcctg gtatcccttt     28620
     atcacttgaa ctatgcatat catattcttc ctttctcagc ttgctccttt tcattaaatg     28680
     tacttcataa gaatgaacat tagaagaatg aatttatgaa attcctagcc aaatggatgg     28740
     acctggaggg catcatcctg agtgaggtaa cacattcaca aaggaactca cacaatatgt     28800
     actcactgat aagtggatat tagccccaaa cctaggattc ccaagatata aggtacaatt     28860
     tgctaaacac atgaaactca agaagaatga agactgaagt gtggacacta tgcccctcct     28920
     tagaattggg aacaaaacac ccatggaagg agttacagag acaaagtttg gagctgagat     28980
     gaaaggatgg accatgtaga gactgccata tccagggatc caccccataa tcagcatcca     29040
     aacgctgaca ccattgcata cactagcaag attttattga aaggacccag atgtagctat     29100
     ctcttgtgag actatgccgg ggcctagcaa acacagaagt ggatgctcac agtcagctaa     29160
     tggatggatc acagggctcc caatggagga gctagagaaa gaacccaagg agctaaaggg     29220
     atctgcaacc ctataggtgg aacaacatta tgaactaacc agtaccccgg agctcttgac     29280
     tctagctgca tatgtaacaa aagatggcct aatcagccat cactggaaag agaggcccat     29340
     tggacacgta aactttgtat gccccagtac aggggagtgc cagggccaag aagtgggagt     29400
     gggtgggtag gggagtgggg gtgggtgggt atgggggact tttggtatag cattggaaat     29460
     gtaaatgagc taaataccta ataaaaaatg gaagaaaaaa aaaaagaatg aacattagta     29520
     accaacacac aatggaattt atatcaggct attttgagac ttcctttgtc agagaaatta     29580
     agctaaatcc ctccacctca ggcaaactct tcggacaatg caaaatatag ccatgttctt     29640
     caccaaaata ttacaaaaac agactctagg cttaaattaa atttaaatga aaaggagcaa     29700
     gctgagaaag gaagaatatg atatgcatag ttgaagtgat aaagggatac caggaagtgt     29760
     aacggaactg aatcctgtgt tcaaggagat cacacactaa tgctgttctc cattgaaacc     29820
     tcttgtgcca ggtctgcaca gttcaaatca ccctcagtac caatgtcttc cagattccta     29880
     ctaggacagt ccattaagcc ccacttacag cattccactt cttaccaaat ccaaagtccc     29940
     aaaatccacc ttcctccaaa caaaaacatg gtcaggccta tcacagcaat atcccactcc     30000
     ctctaccaac ttctgtctta gagtttcatt gctgtgaaga aacaccatga ccaaggcaac     30060
     ttttgtaaag gacaatattt aataggggct ggcttacaag ttcagcattt cagtccacta     30120
     tcatcatagc tcatcaaagc aggaacatga cagcatctag gcaggcatgg cactgaaaaa     30180
     gctaagagtt ctacattttt gttccataga caaacaggag aaaactggct tccagacaac     30240
     tagcaaagga gtctcaaagt ccatgcccac aatgataaat gtcctccaac aaggccacac     30300
     ctcctaatag tgccactccc tgagccaagc atattcaaac caccacaact tgctttctta     30360
     tacaacccag gaccaccagc ccagagatgc tactacccac aataggctgg gccctcccct     30420
     aacaatcagt aattaagata ttcccctata gcatgatttt atgaaggcat tttctcaatt     30480
     gtagttctct cctttcagat tactctaaca cagtgtttct caaacttcct aatgctatga     30540
     ctctttaata cacttcctag ttttatggtg accccaacca taaaattatt tgttactact     30600
     tcataactat aattttgcca gtgttctgaa tcataatgaa ttacccaagg agctaatggg     30660
     aactgcaacc ctataggtgg aacaacaata tgaactaacc agtaccccgg agctcttgtc     30720
     tcgagctgca tatgtatcaa aagatagcct agtcggccat cactgcaaag agaggcccat     30780
     tggacttgca aactttatat gccccagtac aggggaacgc cagagccaaa aagggggagt     30840
     gggtgggcag gggattgggg gggggtgggt atgggggacc tttgggatag cattgaaaat     30900
     gtaaacgagg aaaataccta attaaaaaaa aattagcaaa taccaactgg tcagccttga     30960
     aaacatactg aaaagtaaca gtatatagac tatgcaggtt atatttatgc atttagcagt     31020
     gtgtgtttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgcac gcgtatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtatgcaa     31080
     caacacttaa tataaaggag gctatgaagt tgaaacaggg caaggagggg tatatgggag     31140
     ggtttggaag aagaatcagg aagggagaaa taatgtaact atatcataat ctcaaaaaat     31200
     aaattatttt ttaaaaatgt taaaaaaaaa agaaaatatc tgtgttttcc aaaggtttta     31260
     ggcaacccct gtgaaagggt catctaatcc tcaggccatg acccacaagt tgagaaccac     31320
     tgctctacca tgcgtgaagg tgatataaag cttgctaggt ggattttctc aaatgcttgt     31380
     tttatttatc tatgtattta taaacactta tcctgttggc tttcagtttt cttggtgtat     31440
     attcattgta tgtagctatg gacttcacca agacattttc attacctttc ttctgcagcc     31500
     cttcccacta atcttcccgt tcccatataa ggcagttttc cttttcagtt aaacctttct     31560
     gcaaacatcc tcaaaagata cacctaaagg tgcatttcca cagtcctgga gaatcatcaa     31620
     atctacaatg aaaatgaagt gtctcagcaa cctagagcct ttgggttcca ggagaattgt     31680
     tgttagatca tataatagtt tgatagatca ttttgaggaa aatgtatact aatgttcaga     31740
     gtggctagcc taactaaatt ctcatcagta ttatataagc gttccccttt cctctcattc     31800
     tcaacagtac ttgttttgtt ttggtttttt ctcttaatca tatttgttct ggctggagta     31860
     agggaaaaaa ctcaatatta agttctgatt agcggtttac tctctttact atctcttagc     31920
     tctggtgttg gtggatctaa tgggatcagg gcttgcttct ctgtacagac tatcttgccc     31980
     taaccctgag catctgaaac ctcaaagcca ccctaatgac acacttcctc caacaaggac     32040
     acatcgaccc aacaaggcca cccttcctaa tctttcttaa gtattgccac tccctgatga     32100
     ctaagcattc aactatatga gcctaaggag gtcattcttg ttcaaacttc cacagtgggg     32160
     aagacaaatg atatattctc acactactaa ccaacgtaca gtaacacaaa tacaatgaat     32220
     gacatgaaac ataatttaac tgactttcta taaagcattt aaattaaaat gttctcagat     32280
     gtaccagagg cctgtaatcc tagcacctaa aatgctgaag cagaattgtg tgtttgagaa     32340
     tattgcctaa aaaataaaat attaacggaa acaagacatt tgtcaatatg tacaagagaa     32400
     ctatctaaaa ccatttgctt tgtgagtgtg tccaaggaag ccaaacagca caagggaagt     32460
     gaacctgaag gctctgaagc ccaggtgcac tcaggaagaa cttgctctat agtgtgtcat     32520
     tttggagtct cagcagttat gagtagatta aaaacccttt ccttaaagag agtagtaagg     32580
     tcatgagatg ccaaagcagt aaaaaaggga aagagatgga aaaaacccta tacccatctt     32640
     tggaggagaa atctgagcag attcaaatag aggacatgaa tcttttctga gtcagaaaca     32700
     aggacagaac acaaaagtta gcatggaatt atggctgtca tgtcccagat aaagaccaat     32760
     agtactccaa gcaagagata aaaaggaacc agaggtgcag ctttgggatg ataacacaca     32820
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca ctaaagggga gaaaatacac     32880
     agcatagaac caattactct accctttttc agccctgaat gcagcatctg tatgagcagt     32940
     cagtagtctg aactgcatct atctcattat gcctggaaaa aatataacag cccggagaga     33000
     caaaaagtag atgggaatga gtttgtggaa aaatgccagg aaatcataga ctaaaagaaa     33060
     aaaaaaaaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaaaaagag ttagtgatga ttcctaatgt tctaagctta     33120
     tgagccaaga gcctcaaaat atgtcttaat atgaataaga atttaacatt aagaaataaa     33180
     agtcaggagt gacgtataaa tgtttatagg aaaactggac agtaatataa ataaaaacta     33240
     taatttgctc tttaaatcac tctacaaaat tagctaaaat agatataaat attagatcct     33300
     tacagaactc atggaaaaag taaataactg aaatagaata cacacctgct ttgaaaggaa     33360
     aacagcattt ttagagctaa gtcaactatc aaattaccaa gaaagaagct aacaatacag     33420
     atacagaaaa gtcagaaaga acgctctgtc tgcttattgt catgtcctga gttttcaacc     33480
     acaattgatt taagggacag tagacagcac aagtaggacc aagttaactg tactgaacag     33540
     tatgaatttt acattatatc aaagaaacac ccaaaatctg ccttaaatat acattatata     33600
     agccactgta gtattatatg ttcagttagt ttatatgtta gataatattt taatactttt     33660
     cagtaacttt tatactagtt ccttgactta gagttttcta ataacactga tagaatacta     33720
     aactccaaat tcttgggaga tacaagtgga gggataaact cccagggaga tgtctttctg     33780
     tcagaactgg gtctgaaagg cgtcctgagg cacaccttca ctttacatct attttccgtg     33840
     tggctgagga cttctcacaa gaatgcattc tgccgcctcc tccatgctca gtggacttcc     33900
     atcatctctt tcccctgagg aggttgtggg ctttgttctt tctctgttgt tgttgctcaa     33960
     attcctagag atttttgttg ctttcttgag aactatacac ttaatgatac acaatgcttg     34020
     ctacagaatt aagttgtttt acttaaccat atttaatgat ggcatcagct tgtttacctc     34080
     ctttaaacca actactaaag acatggggat gtatagagca ctcctgggcc ttctcataaa     34140
     cttagtgtcc caagtacttg tgtcaaaagc acatcaacaa acaatcacaa tgtaacccta     34200
     ctgagggaga ccctagcagt tacaagtaaa taaagtccct gaggagcact aggagaccct     34260
     gaggaatcag ccaaaaccag gaatctggca gataagagag agagggacta cttccagtca     34320
     gagacagcac tgtgtgggct tggactccaa gctgggaaag ggaacacagg ctccaggcag     34380
     ggacaagttc aacaagggta acacaggatg agcaggtgtg ccgaatggga acagcggctt     34440
     aaaaacactt gctgcccttg tccagcatcg ggatctggtt ctcatctgct atacagtggc     34500
     tcataattac tctcctgtag ttgtagctca aacggagcta atgtctctcc tctgtggaca     34560
     tcaagcacac acacatacac atatataaaa taaaatataa ataaatctaa caaactaaaa     34620
     atcagtcaag cttttagagc actgtgtatg taagacatac aatgcaagtt tgaataggtt     34680
     tgttagtcat gagaggccac ccaaattttc atgaaagtta gttatacaag cagttgtatc     34740
     tctaagaaaa caaaagtaga agggagtcta gctccagaaa aaaacagttg ttggaatctc     34800
     caagtgaaca atcagtaagg agaaccagca gaaagaagag acaattcttc tctggaatca     34860
     aagtattata aagttatcta atgcaatgtg ctcttaccac aacataagga agtctttcat     34920
     tttttcctaa caaagaaata aacgtttgct aggtgtgctg gcgcactcca ttaaccccag     34980
     cacaaaagaa gtagaggcag gcagagctct gtgagttcaa aaggaactaa tgacaccctc     35040
     ttccttgggt accaggtaca catgtagtaa acatacaagc atgtaggcaa aacattcaca     35100
     cacataaaat agaataaatc ttttttaaat gtaagccatt cataaatcta ttctaaaacc     35160
     ggctgcttat agaatttaag gctcattatt atataatgaa aacattaata ggtaatccct     35220
     gttagaataa gaaagtataa atatttaaat ctactgttat aaaaatcatt tcaggggcta     35280
     gaaagatggc tcagtggtta agagcaccaa ctgctcttcc aaaggtactg agttcaaatc     35340
     ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc cgtaacaaga tttaatgtcc tcttatgtcg     35400
     tgtctggaag ataactacag tgtacttaca cataataaat aaataaatct ttttttaaaa     35460
     aaaagtcatt tcaactttct tatttcagta tattccaaga aataaaggga actctttttg     35520
     taaaagtgat catttttata tatttaatgt tttagttata aatgcacccc tctttttttc     35580
     agtttttacc tgctgatctt actttaccac taagaagata catacacatg tgtagtttaa     35640
     tatgtctgct gtttaaaatt catcactgca gtatttattt aagtctagag ttttctttta     35700
     attgaaggtg tgcacagagg ctgtctgagg tggtgtcata gtcagtgact ggaatagttc     35760
     atcacaactt gagatgccac ttatactaag ctgtcaaaca gtcccactgt cacttctatt     35820
     cctgggatac aaactacata atgggctgtc agttaatatg ctgcaccaag tttcagccag     35880
     acagtttcag ctgtgtagat tcacagagtc attggctaat atttcacaga cactgcaaat     35940
     tgctaccaga gcaacatact gaacaatgat tttataggca agtgcatatg agtttaaatg     36000
     ccaaatagac acagatctac aactcaaact gcatagggta tggtgagtca tccagtcggt     36060
     ctggagtact gtaccctaag aaacctccag cagcattaaa tatgacatct aacctcactt     36120
     gcaaagaaaa ttcattttaa cctaaaagta gatagttttc aattctcccc cctgactcac     36180
     cacaaaaaac taggggaaag tttttaatta gtaatgatta tttctataag attgttttct     36240
     gaatgtaagc attgggagca tggtaattaa aagcatattg ctttcaaatg tgaagctagt     36300
     agctttttat ttcttccctc ataaagctct tctcacttaa cagaggactg aactatgaga     36360
     tattcagaga tgttagttaa tttcatcatc ctattaaatg agcctgaggt ttggttccct     36420
     atgaaaacag cacagcccat cttttatgat ctgtactttt ctaaataaaa cagaccttat     36480
     aattcaagag agatcaacaa aagtgcccca tgacaataca atgccatgag acctggcttc     36540
     ataccttgta gatcaagcta gccgaatcct tgcaatcctc cttcagctgc ccaactgctg     36600
     caattacacg tgtatgcccc tacctgactc aatacaagat tcctgggcta tggtgtgaaa     36660
     aagtaatgct cacaacactc ctgatgtctc attagcaatc ccttatacta gacacgtgtg     36720
     aacactaaac ataactgtgc tcccagcaca ctttggcatg ttaccaacac aggtgagggc     36780
     agcaagcttc acagaaacac tcttgagaaa tatatctgag gcacagtagg taaggagagt     36840
     ctggacttga gtccaaaact cattattatt caaataaaga gacaatttag ccttatatgt     36900
     agaaatccct tattctttat aggtacagag aaaattaaca taatactctg cagatgagat     36960
     caaagaacca tagtgcctga aagctgagtg atgtaacaaa accaaatacc accaacaaaa     37020
     ccagacagtg taactaaata tgtaattacc tccctcacat acacacacgg atactaagac     37080
     gggtggcaac aaaagcaaac agcatagcca gagatgtaat tagtccctca catatgcacc     37140
     ttactaagaa gggtttaact ccctcacaca cacgcatggt actaagaagg tggcaacaga     37200
     cttatttcta tttactcatt tcatttacct cactccttta gaagcttaag tttgagttta     37260
     agtcacaatc tttgtaaatc tgaacaatca tcaaatgaaa tgtcacatgt tcttttcctt     37320
     gtgatcagtt cccctgagtt cctgcatgca ttccagatgt gcaaagttca agaaaccgca     37380
     cacccacccg tcacagaaga acagcgctac cgtggcttga aaacggccga tcctgtcctt     37440
     actatttctg gaaagaaacc agtgctccct agtgggggag agcagagagt tctgattaat     37500
     acatgactac atctttttct tgcaggtgtt gggagaatca aattaacaca tagcaacagt     37560
     tagtgagata tgacttcatt ttctgtaata aatgccaaga tcaaaacatg cccaagtcaa     37620
     atttccttgc aaggttccca gcaggagcct tcctcttgcc tgtgatttcc tttcacccag     37680
     cagaaccaga ctgagtttgc gcatttgcca ctaacactaa gcagcacttc ctgaatcgct     37740
     catttccaac aatttatgga tcatcagtgg caaaaaaaac aagcaaaaat aatgaaagaa     37800
     tccaatgaac gctcatggag tcccaggctg gacttcctac tctcttctct ttaagatgga     37860
     ggcctgagac aaattagcca ctgaggggaa aagtcatctg gtcataaaat acagtacaag     37920
     gtcactttta tgtaagtttg ccaaaagcga cataaaccag gacaatctca aactgtgaca     37980
     caggatagaa acatattaaa acgatcttag ttcctcctct attgtgctgt catgttgctt     38040
     ggctttatgg acagcctgag cccagcaaag tgcttcgcct ccacctggtc agtgcaacta     38100
     attaagagag gaagtgacct cagattttgt gcattttact tttattatga aagtactttg     38160
     tttgaagtta caggagctaa cctcttaatc ctatagatca tgtgtgaggt tctggacact     38220
     ctaggatggc tggatggttt ggataattgg tcaggatgtt gctgtcatta tgttaagttt     38280
     tatgccagga cttcaaatca aagataggca ttaaagtaaa gggcaatata aatctgctac     38340
     cagaaaaagt cctgggcttt atgaattaat ctgtcgtcat atttacatta cacttacaaa     38400
     acaatcatat ggtgagatat tttccccact ttcattaagt taattttgtc tctataaggt     38460
     tttaattcaa aatatgatgg taacatacaa aataaatctg atatattact ctcatttaac     38520
     actggccagt acattgccct ctggagttca ttatgaaatc agaaaacatc acccagagtt     38580
     actatcaata accaagaggt cttttctgaa cagaagagga agaaagcact atgccacgaa     38640
     caaaagtgac agtcacagca ctgtgttctc ctctaagatg actccagtcc ctcagaccac     38700
     taactctctc atgccattga atgactgagg tcaaaacaaa ctcatgggca gacatgggca     38760
     tttccaatca agttgaatta agatccaagc acaaaatcat gttcaaacac acaccgccca     38820
     atgcctatga cagtgcaagt gaatggctgc acaatagtat acacctaaga aacctcacta     38880
     cacgaggaag taaaatccct acaacaaaag caagcttctt actattaaaa aaaaatcact     38940
     tttcactttt caaaactatg ttctcttata cttgagaatt catttaaaaa aaaaaagtga     39000
     ctagatggtc ctaaagaaaa agcaactcac ccccatgtaa gaaaggctac ttacagccct     39060
     tagaagatgt gaccagctct ctaggcctaa aatgtcctat ttgaattaac acagctgtaa     39120
     gtagagaatt ctgcttcgct agattttcaa ttcaagctgt gcattcatcc tgcagccagt     39180
     agccaatttc cacatctctg cacaacatgc aaggagctgt tttaaaatca attgcccagg     39240
     ggaatccata gatgcatggg agccatgtgc cacttagaga atataccaga tgtaaactca     39300
     gtaaaacacc ccaggagggt atcacagggg aaagggaaat ggaactaggc agactgtgag     39360
     tttgtcatga ctcaagtcac tgggtacctt tacactaaga aagtttctac tctctctcca     39420
     gtattagtca gaaacagata tgcctgatga agtcaatcag caaacagtca ggcaggagca     39480
     tacatgagca cgtatactca tcagccatct ttgtaaacac tgtgatgact gcagtcaacc     39540
     acagcacgaa gagcagcctc atagtatagt atagttcact gttctaatat agccacagaa     39600
     gccagagact gctgctgctg gagaaacact gagaacctgt gcagatagcc cccaggagtc     39660
     acatgtcata ccagatttca agacactgaa gagatatata tttattgtac aatgctagca     39720
     ccctttgtag ctttcctgta actgatttta aaactgaata tatatgcatg cactttaaaa     39780
     taacattgac cacttaatct gaaaccattt ctgtaggctc tgtaacacac cttaccttcc     39840
     agtagctttt gtcaaaggat gcaaccccta atgcttaaac tggcttgttt tgcttctaca     39900
     ctctctactt caaagtgcag aaaataattt agaatgttag agcacctgat aatctgacat     39960
     tactcaggac tggccagtgc tttcgatcaa catgctcatt agccaagtgc attcacagac     40020
     tacacacatc ttaattaaat cactgtgcta cgcacaacag cacacttaag gtctccaggg     40080
     ctttcagtgt cctttcaggc tctttcatct ctcttttatt tttaattgaa tatatctatt     40140
     tgcttgtttg ttgggggtgg ggggagagcc tgtggcacag ggcacatgag ggaccactgg     40200
     acaacttgca ggagtcagtt ctctccttct accatatggt tctgaggact aaccttaagt     40260
     catcagtctt ggcagcaagc tgaatcatct tgtcagcgcc atctgtcttt ttactatggt     40320
     gaagctgcta ttttcttagg gccatctcct cactattctc cttataaatt gcaggtctaa     40380
     aaatatatat ataaatggtt ttgaaaacag aaaaaaaagg ggggggggaa tgtaataagt     40440
     cctaagctgt gcctttacat aaattacctc atttagtcat caaacgaaca catcagagag     40500
     acagacgtag acagacacag gcctgtaatc tcatgttaat acccaatgaa ccctcagatc     40560
     tcccttccct ggtcccttct tcttggtgtg ccagcgaagt caggcttctt ggacaccatt     40620
     aattcttgga ccccactcta cctccaaacc acagccatct tttcccatcc ttagcattaa     40680
     caaacaaatt atttatactg gttttttatg acacccattc atcccctagc ttcccaagtc     40740
     agagcaatgg tggtcaccac agccactacc tgctgaactc gacttcctgg cctctacctg     40800
     ctgacaaacg ttaaccccct tgtgaccagg aaccagcatc cagcatctga tgatgtggac     40860
     tgcactgtcc aaacagtcaa cacttcagtg ccatgaaaga cgaaaaagga catggtgacc     40920
     cgcgaagggt ttcgagagac aagcatgctt aaatatgtgc ttaggacaag gatttttaaa     40980
     gccatgtatg gacaaaacag caaccaacaa attggggaaa gatctttacc aaccctacac     41040
     ccaacagaag gctaatatcc aatatataca aagaattcaa aaattagact ccagagaacc     41100
     aaataatcct attaaaaaat ggggtacaga gctaaacaaa gaattctcaa ccaaggaata     41160
     ccgaatggct gagatgcacc taaagaaatg ttcaacaacc ttaatcatca gggaaatgta     41220
     aatcaaaaca accctgagat tccacctcac accagtcaga atggctaaga tcaaaaactc     41280
     aggttacagc agatgctggc aagaatgtgg agaaagagga acactcctcc attgttggtg     41340
     ggattgcaag ctggtacaac cactcttgaa atcagtctgg tggttcctca gaaaattgga     41400
     caaagtacta cctgaggacc cagctatacc actcctgggc atatacccag aagatgttcc     41460
     accatgtaat aaggacacat gctccattat catagccaga agctcaaaag aacccagatg     41520
     tccctctaca aaagaatgga taccgaaaat gtggtacatg tacacaatgg aatactactc     41580
     agctattaaa aacaatgaat tcatgaaatt cttaggcaaa tggatggaac tgtaaaatat     41640
     caccctaagt gaggtaaccc aatcacaaat gaacacacat gatatgcact cactggtaag     41700
     tggatattag cccaatagct cagaataccc aagatacaat tcacagacga catgaagctc     41760
     aagaagaagg aagaccaaag tatggatact ttggtccttc ttagaagagg aaacaaaata     41820
     cccatgtgtc ttagtcaggg tttctattcc tgcacaaaca tcatgaccaa gaagcaagtt     41880
     ggggaggaaa aggtttattc agcttaaact tccatactgc tgttcatcac caaggcagtc     41940
     aggactggaa ctcaagcagg tcagaaagca gaagctgatg cagaggccat ggagggatgg     42000
     atgttcatta ctggcttgct tcccctggct tgctcagcct gctctcttat agacccccaa     42060
     gactaccagc ccagggatag tcccacctac aaggggcctt tcccccttga tcactaattg     42120
     agaaaatgcc ttacagttgg atctcatgga ggcatttcct caactgaagc tcctttctct     42180
     gtgataactc cagctgtgtc aagttgacac aaaactagcc agtacaccat gggaggagat     42240
     acagagacaa agtgtgaagc agagactgaa ggaaagacta tccagggact gccccacctg     42300
     gggatccatt ccatatatag tcaccaaacc cagaaaatat tgtggatgcc aacaagtgct     42360
     tgctgacagg agcctgatag gagtctcctg agaggctctg ccagtgactg acaaacacag     42420
     aggtggatgc tctctgccaa ccattggact gagtacaagg tccccaatgg aggagctaga     42480
     gagaacccaa ggagctgaag gggtctgcag ccccatagga ggaacaacaa tatgaaccaa     42540
     ttagtacccc cagagctccc agggactaaa ccaccaacca aagagtacac aaggaggaac     42600
     ccatggctcc agctgcatat gcagcaaagg atggccttgt tggacatcaa tgggaagaga     42660
     ggcccttggt cctataagtc tcaatgcccc agtgtagggg aatgccaaga caaggaagtg     42720
     ggagtaggtg gggtggtgag gggggagggt tttcagaagg gaaaccagga aaggggataa     42780
     catttgaaat gtaaataaag aagatatctg tgatggtttg tatatccttg gaccagggag     42840
     tggcaccatc tgaaggtgtg gccttgttga aataggtgtg accaggttgg aatgggtgtg     42900
     tcactgtggg tgtgggtata aaatcctcac cctagttgcc tggaagtcag tcttccacta     42960
     gcagcctttg gatgaagata tagaactctc agctcctcct gtgccatgcc tgcctggata     43020
     ctgccatgct ctcaccttga tgataatgga ctgaacctct gaacctgtaa gccagcccca     43080
     attaaatgtt gttgtttttt tataagactt gccttggtct tggtgtctga tcacagcagt     43140
     aaaaccctaa ctaagacaat atctaagaaa aagaaaaaga aaaaaaagaa aagttatgag     43200
     taaaaataat taacaacaag agttgtataa atgtggacat gagatgtgat gcttgtctct     43260
     tgggccactg ctcagctgtt tctccctgct gatgtgaggt ctaagggagt ggttctcagc     43320
     ctgtgggtca aaacctcttt tagggttaag tgaccctttc ataggggttg cctaagacca     43380
     tcagaaaaca cagatactta cattacaatt catagcagta gcaaagttac agttatggag     43440
     tagcaattaa aataatttta tggttggggt cactacaaca tgatgaagtg tattacagcg     43500
     ttgcagcatt aggaagtttg aaacccactg gtctaacaca agaggtgatt attcctgggt     43560
     tttgcctctg agtcttaatt ccagagcctg ttgtcaatta tgcctcacaa gctataactg     43620
     agtcccttta ctggctggtc agtgcagaca aagcagaggc aaggactgtc caaggttgcc     43680
     ttaagtcatg atctatctca ctaacaacta catgttcata aggagtgtgc attgaacaga     43740
     tatgcctggg acaccaaaca agagtaacag ggaagcaata acccaggcag ggttaggaag     43800
     aggaggagtt atgcatacag cagacactag ccagtgcttt cagtgagtct acacatctac     43860
     accatatatc tgtgcactgc tgcctgcatg actccctccc caacagcact tggcactaga     43920
     tagaacacgt gctccaaggg cactcgtctc cttggtggca aatgagaaac actgaaatgc     43980
     agaattatca ctacacttaa atgaaacggt aggtgcagaa acactccaga gaacctcttt     44040
     ccagctccct attgtctaca gcatcaaatc taaactacct gccagagctg aaccctccag     44100
     aaccttatcc tgaggctccc tgtaccgcat cccaccccaa ccgctcccca tcctctagca     44160
     ttcatcaatt caatcagaac tcaagaccaa gggcaagcat tgaaatttac tcttccaagc     44220
     cctgctcagc cgccaggctc agccccattc cagctagtca ccatttctgt cagtggctcc     44280
     cacagttcct tagtatatgg caagctatgg cttctttgtg tgcatcattg attatcccca     44340
     ctgtctgacc ttgagtgaag agtctgagct cttcatgagc agccctagca agctccttta     44400
     aggactcagt aacttgcaca tagagctgtt tactaagttt ctgatgaaca gacagctatc     44460
     tatgaaaaac tctagctcca aacttccaca gaaactaaca tcttaagttt ccagtggcct     44520
     ccccctcagg ctgtcggttc tctgcagcac tctgtcaagc tgtgtagtct atacttgttc     44580
     tagaagccct ctggccttga gtttcaggat gcctcccttt tatttacact ctctagcagc     44640
     atagctgctc tgctgtcagc atttgtcttg tcttcccttt ccacattctg tccttgacta     44700
     tctctcatct gcttgctggc ttccttgtgc tttccagtgt gggactacaa agagagcaat     44760
     gcctctggga atgtcatgtg tcatgccact gctactctat acacagggtc ttcagacaag     44820
     ttaacagtat ttaatacctt tgagccttgg ctttagccat aattccttct agaaactata     44880
     aatagtaaag cagctttctt ttttgtttgt ttggtttttc aagacagggt ttctctgtta     44940
     atccccggct gtcctggaac tcactctgtt aaccaggcca gccccaaact cagagatcca     45000
     cctgtctctt accttccaag tgctagaact aaaggcatgc actacccacc acacccagct     45060
     acagcagctt tctaaattaa aacaaagtaa ctatttttta ttacataatt taattgttaa     45120
     tcctaagaca agagaatata aaacaattcc aacatacaaa agccagtttt ctcaatgtga     45180
     agcttgaaag caaagcacca gccattctca tctctgtaca tttactaaac aggaagtgag     45240
     ctgctagctt tcacctacag tgctcacatc tgaagtaaca aggttagtcc acagaaatgc     45300
     ctgacccctc atgggccttt ccccagtgtc actcagactg ttcccacata acagtgctct     45360
     tttggcagca caactaaaac tgaaaccgca aagtcatcag catgccctgg gcaaaaatga     45420
     cacacaaatt catgagactt cagtaaagta tttgccatga aagaatgagg acctgagttc     45480
     aaacccttaa cgctcatgta gaagctggta caggggtata tatctgtaac tccagtgtta     45540
     gagaggcaga gacatgaaga tccttggagc tcattggtca gccagctgag ctaaattaat     45600
     gagttctaga ttcatcgagg acagtctcaa aaaaataaca atgaaagaaa attgagaaag     45660
     acagccgatt ttgttctctg ccctatacac gtacatggac ctgcaaaagc atatgcaaac     45720
     acacacatca aaatgttcat gtgccacata caaaaagagg gggaaacagg caacaatcca     45780
     gtttacaatt tcacattaga tagataagca taattcactc cttatattac aataggaata     45840
     gaagtaaaat tgagaatgtc gtaagatgct tctattgtaa cactagctca ctctgtcaag     45900
     tgctaattac ctaaatcttt tcattatatt ccaaacttac attccaaaag tttgtggctg     45960
     gacactctgt atccaagtca gtcagtcacc ctctactata gaaccatgct gctttcagat     46020
     gccctggaag agcttctcag tgtgtttact cactcctaag gcttccacag ctgtgtaagt     46080
     aagaagagcc tttctcaata ccatgaggtc tatctactgc agagtacttg attttataat     46140
     gtattactaa cctgaaaatg tctgtacttt aaatgtgtcc tattgggctc tgaagtagat     46200
     gaggcctccc tggaaggcct aactaatggc tgtgatggca ggttgtccgt gccacaggag     46260
     acactcctcc aggtgaatgt gtaccataaa cgtgctcccg gattgagtgc acaaggtagt     46320
     cactgtgcaa tattattaat attatcaaca gtatgtcgac ataattaatt agtaattcaa     46380
     ctgtttgttt atatcaactc ctagatcaat ataagtcact taataaattt aatccaaact     46440
     caatttactt acctttttca ggcctgcaaa accttctgat tccagaaaga aaaaggcaaa     46500
     gggcatcaac acaaataaac aaagattgga aaataaagaa gcaagattcc acaaacctat     46560
     aaagatgaca ataagaagaa ttaagaaaat caggttagac actgacacat tatttcaaag     46620
     ttactaaatt atgatgctca ccaagatctg tattttacta ataaaaatca atacctattt     46680
     gaaatgacta tctaaatttg actattagaa aatgattgta ttttaatatt tatttaaact     46740
     ttaaataaat ttattatttg attattatta ttaaatttaa attttatttg acctttaaat     46800
     attttatcta taatttttat ctattgaata aagccaatat agaaactgtt tactttccct     46860
     cactcccccc tcaagtaaat taggtaaaga tatcttatag gcagcgatcc aaagacacag     46920
     ctctttagac atatcatcac tgaaatattt taattagagc cactagcatc tacttgtcag     46980
     ttagtaaaaa ccaggaccaa gctaagtgtt tcatatacat accctaagat agtctagagg     47040
     aaactagcac ttcctgaact ccatgagcca aacattgctc aaagtgcctt acagacattc     47100
     tatgaactca tttttagaca taggagtccc tgagcaggca gcaactgtca cttgccaagc     47160
     tgcagagcat gtgggtattg gggcagacta cctggaatct aaaaaccatg tcacaggagt     47220
     tctaacaaag aattccaagt gagaaagaaa ctgtgaccca ggtgggcaag ctcacagagc     47280
     catttccctt ttggccaagt tatgacacaa tagatgacaa caaaaataag gtatacggtc     47340
     aggtatgtca caggcagagt gtttgaccca acacctattt tttaaaatag aaaacacaca     47400
     aacaccaggc agtggtgggc agtggtggcg catgctttta atcccagcac ttcggaggca     47460
     gaggcaggcg gatttctgag ttcgaggcca gcctgaatta aactacagag tgagttccca     47520
     gacagccagg gctacaagtg tgcaagccag aagaatatgt tgtgtaacga ttcatggaga     47580
     cagcaaattc cattacaaaa ggaattgagt taaagatgtg tactatagcc ttcaaaatgt     47640
     ctaataaaac tggcagtatt ctgtatattt aaatcaaatg aagaaattca catgaattat     47700
     acttaaaact gtatttgaca aactgagcca ctaagacagc atgttcttta tcctataaat     47760
     ttgcctacag atgttaagtt tgcttctatg atccagtatt cataattctt atcaaatgct     47820
     cgtttcatgt ttcaggatag taactgacta tgagtccctt gtgcttttgt caacatcact     47880
     ttcctcattg tcctttaaat aaatgattca aaaaaaaaaa gaaagaaagg aagaaagaag     47940
     agaaaagaaa agaaaaaaac acactaaaat tcaaaattga gctctaaaat gatggctgta     48000
     atgcttaaaa tggagtcaaa gtgaaaagct ataccaatgc actcagagta ttgcatgcaa     48060
     tttaaaaaac aggtaaaaac tgttctttcc acatctttcc ttcaaggtca tgcttacatc     48120
     atttagagac acagagtcag acacacacag tgcactgttc tcttaacaaa gcagtatgct     48180
     atgacatgag ttaacttgtg ttttaatgct cctagatcag tgtggaagac ccctgaacac     48240
     ttgtatcact tatctaaaga cagtcattta atttaatagg taagataaca acatcaattc     48300
     atagtttctt atccagaaat ctagagatct gatactcaca taatgcacat ttaatctttt     48360
     caagacaaaa aaataagtta aaatcaacgt tttaatatcg ttttcttttc ttttttgaaa     48420
     ctacatcaca tacatcccag actggtcttg aattctctat gtagccaaag atgaccttga     48480
     actcttgatc cttctacctg tacctcctga gttctgggtt taaaggcata tatcaccaca     48540
     cctgatttat ccagtactgg attggaaccc agggtctctc tcatgcatat tatacaaggg     48600
     ctctaccaac tgagctacat cctcaggctc ctgtcttaac atcttttagt ggtaaacgaa     48660
     tttaaacatt taaagcttaa aattaaatta aaataatgtt caacattatt ttctttaaag     48720
     ttttctagat ataattccta ttatataaag taaaaacttg ctttaaaata ctttaatatg     48780
     ttctgatatt taaaataaaa agttaaggcc aaacacactt ctaaccccct ataccaggaa     48840
     aaccactaaa gtactcaagt ctgactagga taacttagaa aattttgcct tcaaaaaaag     48900
     gaaaaaagct ttattccttt ttttactgac aagcaataat tacaattagc aggcagggct     48960
     tgtagaatga gggataaata aatgtgcaca cctaaggctc aaactaggct gtggcaagct     49020
     tgctaggttc cgggttcctc ccctgtgaaa tgctctatgt atggacatca ttagtactaa     49080
     gtgaaagaag gaatggctga catctgaacc agcaccacag aacaagtact aagtgaaaga     49140
     aggaatggct gacatctgaa ccagcaccac agaacaagta ctttatgctt ttctgctttt     49200
     attaaccatc acttcccctg aggcaactaa tttgcaggac tgttagctgc tagcatgcta     49260
     ggctcaacac tttctgcctt ttcctttcct gtttcgtttc cccgacccga cccaggtata     49320
     ccaggtcctg gttttcttta ctcgaaatct tcatgtgtcc atccagtctc cccatgccta     49380
     acgtgctctg agtgaggggg tccaagacac aacttttcag gaactgtata ggcctggatc     49440
     aaagcagtgc atcatgtcca gtacaaacat ttgtgtgtgg tctctgctcc ctatttcaac     49500
     tgttcaacat tattttcctt aaggttttcc agatataaga aatagaacag taattcctgt     49560
     tatgtgaatt attatatcct agagacacat catcaagtgt taagatgatg tactggctag     49620
     ttttgtgtca acttgacaca gctggagtta tcacagagaa aggagcttca gttggggaaa     49680
     tgcctccatg agatccaact gtagggcatt ttctcaatta gtgatcaagg gtttcaggcc     49740
     ccttgtgggt ggaaccatct ctgggctggt agtcttgggt tctataagag agcaggctga     49800
     gcaagccagg gaggcaagcc agtaaggaac atccctccat ggtctctgca tcagctcctg     49860
     cttcctgacc tgtttgagtt ccagttctga cttccttggt gatgaacagc agtcagtatg     49920
     gaagtgtaag ctgaataaat cctttcctcc ccaacttgtt tcttagtcat gatgtttgtg     49980
     caggaataga aaccctgact aggacagatg atgtgcttgg ttttaggtat ggtggaaaac     50040
     agcaattcta aataacctgt attataagaa gacatcattg tgtcaaggat catactcaac     50100
     ttagaggaaa cagtttttat ccaattagat gacacacacc cctttcagaa aaccatattt     50160
     taaaaaagaa actatctgtg tgtctattaa gaccctctaa agcactatag ggcaatgtcc     50220
     aatccttctg acaaagggcc tttgttctat aatcaacctc aggttcaaaa atgccaggtc     50280
     agggctagaa agatggctca gcagttaaga gcacttactg ctcttgcaga gaacacaggt     50340
     tcaattccca tcatccacat ggtagctcac aaccatctat aactttagtg ccaggagatc     50400
     taagacaccc cccactctag cttctgtggg cacaaggcac acacatggtg catagataaa     50460
     aatgtagaca aaacacaatt ttttatgttt aaattttaaa attagtaaaa tagctcattt     50520
     aaaaaaaaaa agaaaagaaa aactgaaaga aatgtcagat ctaaagtcag aaaacagcta     50580
     tgcttcactt cctaatgaat gaattcaagt ctctaaactt ccagtagtaa ttcttttttt     50640
     tttaattaca tttatttctt attgattaca tgtatttatg tgtctgggta catgtgaagg     50700
     tcagaggata tcttgcttga gttggttctg tcctttctta ataaattctt ttttttctag     50760
     atttatttat tgttatatgt aagtacactg ttagctgtct tcagacgggg cgtcaaatct     50820
     cattaccgat gattatgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaactcaa gaccttagga     50880
     agagcagtca gtgctcttaa ccgttgagcc atctaaccag ccctccagta gtaattctac     50940
     agtaatttta taatgagaaa ttcccacatc caagctctgt attgcatcaa ttgctcttca     51000
     tcatttgggt tcccaactcc agccttagaa taaattttat tgtcaatgaa aaatgaagaa     51060
     attgtgatgt gtacaaaaaa ttaaaacatg ttcacctcaa tagccccatt gtgcagtaaa     51120
     ttacacacag tgctctggtt caggtacagt ttcaatgtgc caccccacat gcccagtctg     51180
     agaagcctgg tgtccagtgt agcaatgctg aagagttgga atcttttaga gacatggtct     51240
     catgaaagat ggttagagtg aggtgaaggg attaataatt ttttcatgga aatacatcct     51300
     cattcttaaa gaaagtcatt gtagccagat ggtagtgact cactccttta atgccagcac     51360
     tcaggaagca gaggcaggtg gatctcctag tctaaggagt gagttccagg acagccaggg     51420
     ctacacagag aaatcctgtc tcaagaacaa aaacaaacaa accaacccag aaactcagtg     51480
     taaatgaggc cactccatga ctgtagtaca ttcagcacac acacagctac ttctctggta     51540
     ggtgggatta ggactaggac attcatgtgg tgaccctact cctgaactgc cagaactgta     51600
     aggcaaacac ttcttcccaa agtcccaacc tcagatgtta ttacagcaac ataaatctga     51660
     ctaaacaaaa gtgtacagct ttgtcgagtg tttactctgt acccacagat agtgaacaca     51720
     tctgtcttag ttagggtttt actgctgtga acagacacca tgaccaaggc aaggcttata     51780
     aaaaacatca tttaactggg gctagcttac aggttcagag gttcagtcca ttatcatcag     51840
     ggtgggagca tgggagatta actgtaatct ccaaagcaag gcaggaaacc agctggacaa     51900
     actccaaact ctgcatttcc atggctgatg tcaaagcagt cttcagatct ccattcctgt     51960
     ttcatctttg ttgactgcaa caaactgctt tctcctgggc tggttccact tgctgttagc     52020
     agctttcctc agcatgtata ccatggctct ggcatcttta acatctttga gtctccaagg     52080
     caatttcaat gttacagctt cttgtttcag tgtctgggat tccacttgat cttttggact     52140
     ccttctaagg gctggcatca cttctccagc tctgccctct gtagcactct aagctcaggt     52200
     tgatccactc cactacggct gctgttcttg gtgatcatcc catggtactg acatctccaa     52260
     tacactgggg ttttccattc caactaggct tcaccaatag cctctcatag gctcacttca     52320
     tggtgccaag cctcaaatcc tttgcatgac cccttctgtc ctgggccatc aactacagct     52380
     gaggctatac cttctccaat ggctttccat gacctctcac agtgccaagc ctcagctgtt     52440
     cttcatgaca ccttcatgcc ttcaaaacca gtaccacctg ggtaattctt acacattacc     52500
     aagtccagct gtagcacgag atacaacctt ggctatcttt ggaacacagc ttctttgtgc     52560
     tcccagaaaa cacttcccag aagatttcac ctcagtgatg ctggtctctt cataatcact     52620
     gctaatttct tagctccagc taaccagcat caattgtccc agtagttcct tccattctta     52680
     actctagagc cagagccaca tggctgaagc tgccgaggag ttctgctgct ggtaggaatt     52740
     agaacatgac cctcttgtac tactgcattg tcactggctt tctgttttcc aaatccttca     52800
     ctgcctaagc ttggctatcc tgggtcttgc tctgtagatt ggccttgaac gaagaggtca     52860
     gcatgcctgt ctcctgggat ttaaggtatg taccaccatg cctggatcta aatttagctg     52920
     ggtaggatct tgccccaagg tcccactccc ttaatctgtt atttcctaga acacaggatt     52980
     ttgctccatt tcacttcctg gtatgccttt aatactcgaa caatatattt tatattttgc     53040
     ctttctaagc ttgccatgct cgttcaaact cctctttgtg agacttaacc agcgaacaaa     53100
     gtctctgctg ggcttttttg aaacttcctt tgtcaatgca attaatccaa gtctcttcac     53160
     cttagcctca gacagacttt tcagacaagg gcaaaaagta gccacattct tcaccaaaat     53220
     accacaaaaa cagtctttat gccacatatt gaaattcttc tcctttgaaa tcttttgtgc     53280
     caggtctaca cagttcaaat tactcccagc aacaaagtct tccatattcc tactaggatg     53340
     acccattaag ccccacttaa agcattccac tgctttccaa atccaaagtc caaaaatcca     53400
     cattctttca aataaaagca tggtcaagcc tatcacagaa ataccccact cccagtacca     53460
     atttctgtct tattagggct ttactgctgt gaacagacac catgaccaac gcaagtctta     53520
     taaaaaacaa catttaattg ggactagctt acaggttcat aggttcagtc cattatcatc     53580
     aaggtgagag catggcatca tccaggctgt catggcacag gcagagctga gagttctacg     53640
     tcttcatcca aaggctgcta gtggaagact gacttccagg caactggggt gagagtctta     53700
     agcccacact cacagtgata cacctactcc aaccaggtca cacctattcc aacaaggcca     53760
     cacctccaaa tggtgccact ccctggtcca agaatataca aaccatcaca tctttgcccc     53820
     agacatttcc acaaacccct atagaatctg tgcttcctgc tatctttatc cctttaccca     53880
     ctccagccaa ccactaattc tttacttcca aaagacagaa ttttttacaa gttctatgta     53940
     actagatcat gtagtttgtg ttggcttttt ttgtttgttt cgttttggtc tgatttctgt     54000
     cactgtgttc tgtgactgta tcacagacca taacagccct tattgtctca tctgtcagca     54060
     tctgagttac tcctaccttg tggctgttac atatgaagct gttattaacc atgcatgttc     54120
     agactttgca atggatacag gctttcattt tgagtaagta tgcagcagaa gatagcagaa     54180
     gatgagagct gtgtgtttgt atttttagaa aattgacaat atcttcctaa ttggttatat     54240
     tttccattcc caccagaaaa ataaagttct tcacatgccc tgaaaacaaa ttctttaaca     54300
     gctatgagat ctgcaggttc tctttcccag tccatggttt ctttttctaa tcaaagaata     54360
     gtttttcaca tgtaacaaag ccaaatttat gaagcttttc tttcattaat cctgatgttg     54420
     gtattgtatg agacaaggtg gtgtagccca gtgtctcaga gattctactg tttgcttcta     54480
     ttccttctgt ggctttacat ttacctctgt gactctctaa gctatttcat gtggtaccag     54540
     gtatagacta aaggtcaatt tttgcctgtg attatcaaac tgttctaatt ctatttgtta     54600
     aaaatatcct ttactcacta aatttcatct ttttaccttt gtcaaaagtc aatcagcaat     54660
     acatatgtgt atgttcttgg actcaatacc ctgctagatt gaatactgct ctgtccttat     54720
     gctgtcacca cactgtcttg atcattacag actgaaaaac ttctttatgt agaaagtcct     54780
     ccaaactcgt tctcttcaac gttgttcaga ccattgaaaa ttcactgaaa tctcatctga     54840
     attttaggta aatttatcaa ttttcatttt aaaaaaatat ctattgggga ctggagagat     54900
     ggctcagcgg ttaagagcac tggcaactct tccagaggtc ctgagttcaa tacccagcaa     54960
     ccacatggtg gctcacaatc gcaatgggat tcaatgcact tttggtgtat atttgaaaat     55020
     agctacagtg tactcatata aatataaata aataaatatt ttttaaaatg cctattggga     55080
     ttttgactgg cattgtgtta aatctataaa ttaatgagag ggaagactag cctattaaca     55140
     ttatcattgg agggggggga tataggggac tttggggata gcatttgaaa tgtaaatgaa     55200
     gaacatatct aataaaaaaa cattatcatg gacaaaaatg taaccaaact cacaaactgg     55260
     aaccctagtt cccagtgtga tgacatctga aggcagagct ttgaagatat cagggagcta     55320
     taagatctca gacataacaa tgaatggctg ccaagcctcc cttgggccag ggtcctatga     55380
     atatccaatg cctgctactg gtattcattc ttggggaaga aaattactta gaaaagattc     55440
     atgttttcta tcttcttaag acaaagaaat gttttaaact gaaaggacag ctactcctgc     55500
     ttctaatgga ctcaacaaag atcactgtct cactagaatc cttacacaaa atacatgaac     55560
     cacttgttaa gaaaccaaaa ataaaatatt tacaataact ccaaaaataa catagaaatt     55620
     tgtaggagaa aattatctca cccaaaagca aattatgttt tgtttaaaga gttttgataa     55680
     attcccctca cacacaaatc cctaattcac aatgacacac caggaacttg actccaggcc     55740
     tctctctctc tactactcta tgtcatctca aaattactat tttgtgtgaa aagggcatca     55800
     ataaacttaa ttactttatc taccaaaaga acacatcagt accattttat tccagccata     55860
     ttggatatat tagcccacta agtctgtcta ttggcttaaa tgagcccatg atcattaagc     55920
     caattaaaca ggacaaagca atactacagt tatcttttta gtagtgtaca tacaagcata     55980
     tttacataca cacagaaagc ctccttaaaa caccttcaag gtgcagaaag tttttaaaaa     56040
     tcaatttcaa ggagctgggg aaacaactgc tttggtaatg tgcttgtttt acaagcatga     56100
     ggacctgaga tcagtcccca gcacccacat aaaaatgcag gtgggatgga atatgtttgt     56160
     aatcccagag ctggggaggt ggagacgact tactggccag taaccagcct atcttaacta     56220
     gtgagacgca agtcaattaa agattctgtt tttaaaaagc aaagtggatg gttcttgaat     56280
     actaccacct gaagctgacc tctgacctcc acatgtatgc atgtgtacac atacccacac     56340
     acatatacat aagcgcacac acaccaaaac actttataaa ttcaatttta ataacccaac     56400
     atattagata tattctacat acccagtgca ctatattgtc ttggccaaaa atcaggtatt     56460
     ccccctctct gtaatttaaa ggagattaac cacctttaca gcagttgagt gagaagcatt     56520
     ttacatctgc catagtttag ctgtcatgac cttggaaaaa cttcaactct atcaatgggc     56580
     tatctcctgt ttaatgggtt acaactctgc ccttaccaag aacagaagag aaacgacacc     56640
     caagttttta aacaaatctt taaaaaatat tggggggggg ggtgcgccag aaagatggct     56700
     cagtggttaa gagcactgac tattcttcca aaggtcttga gttcaaatcc caccaaccac     56760
     aaggtggctc acaaccatcc ataatgagcc ctcttctgga gtgtctgaag acagctacag     56820
     tgtactcaca tataataaat aaataaataa ataattctaa ttcaccatca ctcaggcaaa     56880
     acaagaacaa aaaaaaaatg gtgtgaatta tagctgaaac tagctcaact ctttccttac     56940
     cattctcatt aattttactc aacaaggctt acaattaaaa aaaaaaaaaa actatacatg     57000
     acattaaaaa taacagtgac aaaaacctca gcagaattgg gaaacgggct cactgtgtaa     57060
     gcacacttac tctgcaagca tgaggacttg agtttgaatg caagcaccca gacaagaagc     57120
     caggcactgg ggcacagaga caggggcatc tcaagcactt cctgcccagc cacccaaaca     57180
     gttgcacttc cagttcagtg agaaaccctg tctcaaggaa ataagatgaa agatgataaa     57240
     ggaagacatc tagtataatg ctctggctct cacatttatg tgatcaggag aatgtatgac     57300
     acaacacaca catagcgcac acacacacac acatacatag atacatataa aacaagtatt     57360
     ttttaaacta agcacaaaat aaattgccaa gagagacaca acttctttaa caacacaaat     57420
     atagcagagt agagcattct tcttcctttc tacctctttg catagcctaa gtggcacagg     57480
     agtactctaa aaaatcataa gtgtatattt aagcaccttt gtgacatgcc taaatctcca     57540
     gacctctgta tcacatatgt ttcacccata aagttcatta aaagagaact gagctgagct     57600
     ggagacgcaa gccaggctct ccacttctag ctacactctc cacaccattc aaacatcagc     57660
     ctcagaaaaa ctaccaaata caaatatatg aatactaatg tttgctatat tttcataaac     57720
     agaaaataga ctgccatttt tagcataaaa gagaccttac atcctttttt gggctttttt     57780
     ttaattgttt tgttgttttg ttttgttttg ttttttagac agggtttttt tgtgtatccc     57840
     tggctgtcct ggaactcagt ctataagacc aggctagcct cgaactcaga aatccccctg     57900
     cctttgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg catgtgccac caccgcccag ctgagacctt     57960
     acatgcttat tattgatttg tgcacatata tatttgcaga acaagaaatt caaaatattc     58020
     tctgcagacc aaaagtcaaa aaagtaaaac ttgccttagg caaaaactca cagatcaaaa     58080
     aataataatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta accaattcac     58140
     ttatttaaaa ctaagatagg gctaggaagc taatatggtc aatgaagtgt ttgttgcaca     58200
     agcatgagaa cccaaactca ttcccctcaa actatcagga gtggtggcac atctctaatg     58260
     acagcacttg ggaggtggag gcaaggcact gacttaaggc tagtcctttg gggcaggggg     58320
     aaatatgtgt attcaatatg cattgcaaag tggcttgtca acttttcaaa actcaataaa     58380
     tttgtggact ttcccttaaa agcattctac aattctaata caattgaaaa ttgttaccaa     58440
     ctttacacat attttattct atatatttac cttaatttat aatataaaag ttgtcaaatt     58500
     tctccgcttc aaaaaactaa aattatattc ttcaatagat tgcaaaactt aagaaaggta     58560
     gtttgccaga gtcagtatcc acagcaagcc actggattag tagccaatgc ccagtcccaa     58620
     aatacagttc agtttgaggt tcaaacacaa gaccaaatta ctggctcacc atagagttat     58680
     cttctactgc cacctgctgg tatcacaaaa tagttcaaaa tacaacatac aactcatgtt     58740
     gagagaacct cgagtttaga gcctctgtcg atctgataga ttcacaaaaa caaacaaaca     58800
     aaaaaaaaca aacaacaaaa aaaaaacagt gagcacactc cctcggtttg agcctttatg     58860
     ctgtaaaaca aatggtgacg tagaggcaca tatgcctgta agtacccttc atttaacaag     58920
     atatattcat tggcatcaaa agaaagtcct cagagagatt agccagctca ccagggctca     58980
     cgctaacaac ctgaactgaa actagacatt tcacttgcca atgtatagct ccacaccagc     59040
     aaacacaact gacgcaaaca ctaggcacca ctggagaaaa acacctccaa aaccagagaa     59100
     ttatgcccag acttaagact agaacttaat tctatcattc tctccttcaa atttttacca     59160
     ttattggctt ttaattttaa gtacacatgg cggaaaagta gtcactgcaa agtaagaatc     59220
     ttgggaactt ccaaaataaa aaattaacag tgccaagaca caaaagatga cactacaaag     59280
     gaatttctct gtcccccttt tactcctatt ttgcttatgc caatgatgcc actttgtctt     59340
     agtcagggtt tcttgctcag cctgctctct tatagaacca agactaccag cccagagatg     59400
     gtcccaccca caaggggacc gccctccttg atcactaatt gagaaaatgc cttacagttg     59460
     gatctcatgg aggcatttcc tcaactgaag ctcctttctc tgtgataact ccagctgtgt     59520
     caagttgaca cccaaaacca gccagtacag actttgacac ctctgcctct tcattacagc     59580
     ttaaactgta tggcatgctc agtcaaagaa tcacagtgga gattactctc ttcagataac     59640
     tacttgcctt tgaaaaactg ctcttggcct gataccgggc tttcaccaag tataagcact     59700
     ttgaccttgc agttatgata ggcctgagct cctactccaa aatgctaggc atgcacaaaa     59760
     gtactgtgta tcatcaaata aaaatgatct atgtgtggcc cagcataagc cctaatagaa     59820
     caaagtgatt ccatgaagaa gtgccccaaa tactcaaggc tccctcttgt tgattttgaa     59880
     gaggggcccc ttgtctagtt tattgggtgg ctctcgctct acagacctct caggacaata     59940
     ataaaaaagt aagatgccgg gctggtgaga tggctcagtg ggtaagagca cccgactgtt     60000
     cttccaaagg tccggagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatctgtaa     60060
     caagatctga cgccctcttc tggtgtgtct gaagacagct gcagtgtact tacatataat     60120
     aaataaataa atctttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agtaagatgc ctatatccca tgggaatact     60180
     caccaaagtg tccctggaca gaggaggctt aaacagagaa gaggataaag aagacacgat     60240
     aatccaaaag gacactgggg agctgaggac ccagtgggtc catgaaaata tgctgtttac     60300
     ttcatcttac tctggtgcag tcattagatg agcaggtact tttttacata cattctacgc     60360
     ttctcacata aaaacccaac ccacttgttc ttgttctatt cattctgcag ataaaacact     60420
     gacttgacat ttttaacagt ttgttcaggg tccctaacag taagacagag aactgaaatt     60480
     ctaagctagg ctagctgact ccaaagtcaa aaaacaggcc ctcatgggag aacttctaaa     60540
     ataaaataaa agacagtgag ctttgaagag tgacgtacaa aactactctg taaactcctg     60600
     atggaataaa cgtgcaagaa caaacaaaac tgctgacaag aagaaagtta gtgtttccta     60660
     cattcatggt ggaagaggat cttcttcaca gagaaacaat taagagagct gggcgtggtg     60720
     acgcacgcct ttaatcccag cacttgggag gcagaggcaa gcagatttct gagttcgagg     60780
     ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg agttccagaa cagccagggc tatacagaga aaccctgtct     60840
     tggaaaaaaa aaaaaattaa gagaaaccaa agccaaaggg gggaaaaaga ccacttgata     60900
     caaaaatata aaaactccag gtccccaaag agcatacaaa atcaaaagtc aaaatagcaa     60960
     ctataaataa acatttatag gggtttagtt ttaaagaaac caaatagttt gatacaaaaa     61020
     gggggagttc gtgacaaatt atatatgtac tcgatgtcta taaacgaatt aaaattgaaa     61080
     gatcactaat ttttctaatg ataatcaggg aagctatttc ttagtcacat ctttggcaac     61140
     aaagatatca gtatttgatg ctactgggtt tatgttagaa acaaaggcac ctatatcatc     61200
     tgtcagaaga acttctaaaa aatagtatgc caatgatact tattactcta atgatttcca     61260
     tcataattat ctatgcaaat tgtagaaact caagtcactg tgaaaaatcc cctggaaacc     61320
     caacagaaga cagttaagta agagtcctga gaagacagaa agctgctctg tacctgggaa     61380
     tactcagccc ccacatcaca gctgtcagaa gtcactggag aagtggtctc acttctgaaa     61440
     gcagtaaggt aagagctgat acaggcacta aaaatgtttt caatgactat gaagaacaga     61500
     aaaattatca gcacaaattc agtgcttgaa agattcaaat tacatgtgct ataaacacat     61560
     ggtacatata tgtactacaa aaaaaagcca atgccatttt ctgctttgta tgttttgata     61620
     ttcctgttca ttctagagta agcatgtact attgatgtgc tcaataaagt tacagctggc     61680
     aatatggctg cccctccttg catcttctca gcaataatgg ctcctgtgct ttcacaaaaa     61740
     cagaagagat aaagcttact cctatgtcac tcagaaagat acttatagag gaacaacttg     61800
     aattggattc aatttcacaa catccacagg aacctgataa tcacttcaga ctcactgttg     61860
     ctctctagag gcttgaacac aaatatcact acagcaaatg aaaaagcagc tttcacaggc     61920
     aacacagtga ggctttccca gcagccagca tcagtaaagg ctacaagagt aagtccactt     61980
     ctcaattgtc aaccagagac cccaaactat ttaatacaaa caaggtaccc tggatacata     62040
     gtcatcatcg ttgtctcctc ctcctcttcc tcctcctcct cccccactcc tcctccccca     62100
     ctcctcctcc tcctcctctt cctcctcctc ctcctccccc actcctcctc ccccactcct     62160
     cctcctcctc ctcccccact cctcctctcc ttccctcctc caccacctcc gccttttgtt     62220
     tttgtttttg tttttggtgg tggtggtgtg gtgtggtgtg gtgtggtgtg gtgtggtgtg     62280
     gtgtggtgtg gtgtggtgtg gcatggtgtg gtgtggtgca gtgtggtttt tagagacagg     62340
     gtttctgagt gaccctggct gttctgaaaa ttagagatcc cctggatctg cctcccaagt     62400
     gctggattaa aagcatacag caccaccact caatgaatac aactttttct aagccaaatg     62460
     agcaagtcac agaattttta ttgaagaaga tattttacca ttaactcaaa aggcagctca     62520
     caaattagaa aaaaaaatct aaaatctttt agcttaaaaa acaataaata ccccacattg     62580
     catttgatgt gtgtatcagg ttgaggtctt tgatccactt ggacttgaat tttgtgcaga     62640
     gtgataaata tggatctatt tgcattcttc tacatatagg tagaccagca ccatttgttg     62700
     aagatgcttt cttttttttc cattgtacag ttttgcctgc tttgccaaaa atcaagtgtt     62760
     cctaggtgta tgggtttatt tcagggtctt ggattcaatt tcactgatta acttgtccgt     62820
     tcctatacca acactatgca gtttttatta ctattactct gtagtacagc ttgagatcaa     62880
     gaccaaggtg atacctccag aagttctttt attgttcatg actgtttcag ctaccctgaa     62940
     tttttttttc catatgaagt tgtgaatttc tctttcaagg tctgtaaaga attgtgttgg     63000
     aatgttgatg ggaattgcat tgaatctgta cattcccttt ggtaagatgg ccattttcac     63060
     tatgttaatc ctaataattc atgagcatgt aagatttttc catcttctca tatcttcctc     63120
     agtttctttc ttcagagact tgaagttctt gtcatatagg tcactcactt gattggttac     63180
     atttacacca agatatttta tactatttgt agctattgta aagggtgttg tctgcctacc     63240
     ttccttctca ctctgtttat catttgtgta aatgagggct actgatttca aattttgtat     63300
     ccagccactt tgctgaaggt gttcattcgc tacagtagtt ctccagaaga atttttgggg     63360
     tcacttatta tgtatactat catatcacct atatatgcta acaatatttt gacttctttt     63420
     ccagtttgta tccccttgat ctcctttagt tgtcttaatg tctttgatcc acttgaactt     63480
     gaattagcca gaacttcaat tacaatattg aatagctagg aagagagtgg gcagccttgt     63540
     cttgttcctg atattagtgg aattgcttta agtttctttc catttaattt gatgttggct     63600
     attggattgc tgtatattgc ttttattatg tttaggaatg cacctttata tctctgatct     63660
     cattatttgt aaatgaagga gtttggattt ttgtcaaaga ctttttcagc atctaatgag     63720
     atgatcatta ggtttttttt tccttccagt ttgtttgttt gattacattg atggattctt     63780
     tttgtatatt gaaccatccc tgcattccta ggatgatgcc tactaaatca tggtggaaaa     63840
     tctttgatgt gttcttgaat tcagtttgta agcattttat tgagtatttt ggcatcaatg     63900
     ttcacaggaa attggtctga aattcttttt ttgttgagtc tttgtgtagt ttaagtatca     63960
     aggtgactat ggtctcattg aatgagtttg gcaatggtct ttctgtttct attttgtgga     64020
     atagtttgag gagtattagt attagctctt ctttggaagt cagatagaat tctgcactaa     64080
     aaaacatctg gtcctggatt ttttgggtgt gggagacttc taataactgc ttctatttcc     64140
     ttgagcatta taggactatt taaatagttt acctggtcat gatttaattt tggtaagtgg     64200
     tatctatcta gaaaatcatc catttcttct agattttcca gctgtgttga gtataagctt     64260
     ttgaagtaaa acctaatttt tttttaattt cctcagtgtc tgttgttact tctccctttc     64320
     atttctgatt ttgttaattt ggatactgcc tgacttttag ttagtttggc taagagtttg     64380
     tctatcttgt ttatttttct caaagaacca gctcttggtt ttgttgattc tttgtattgt     64440
     tctctttgtt tctaatggat tgattttagc cctgagttta tttcctgatt atctactctt     64500
     gagtgtgttt gcttcctttc ccccccccca ccccctagag ctttcgggtt tacttttaaa     64560
     tcaatagtat gagaactctc caattttttt atgaaggcat ttagtcctat gaactttcct     64620
     cttagcactg ctttcattgt gtcccataag tctgggtatg ttgtgccttt attttcattg     64680
     aattctagaa agtctctgat ttctttattt ctcctttgac ccagtggtca ttgaatagag     64740
     ttgttcagat tccatgagtt tgtaagcttc ctattgtttc tgtaatggat gaagtccagc     64800
     tttaatccat ggcaatctca taaatgcaag ggattatttc aatctttttg tatctattaa     64860
     gccttgcttt gtgaccgagt acatagtcaa ttttggaaaa ggttccacaa ggtgctgaga     64920
     agaaagtata ttcttttgtg tttaggtgaa atgttctata gatatctatt aggtccattt     64980
     gattcataac ttctgttagt ttcattattt cttggtttaa tttctgttcc gacgacatgt     65040
     ccatgggtgg aagtgggatg ctgaagtctc ccactattaa tgtgtggtgt tcagtgtgtg     65100
     acttagcttt agtaatgtct ctcttatgaa tacagatgct cttgaatctg tggcatagag     65160
     gttcagattg ggatgtcatc ttagtggatt tttcctttga tgagtatgaa gtaaccttct     65220
     ccatctcttt ttattactat tgattgaaag tctattttac tgtatattaa aatggctact     65280
     ccagcttgct tcttggatcc ttttgcttag aaaacctttt ttctagccct ttacaaagag     65340
     gtaacatata tatttgttgc tgaggtctgt ttcttgtatg cagcagaatg acggatcctg     65400
     tttacatatc cactctgtta gcctatgtct ttttattggt cagttgaatc cattcatgtt     65460
     gagagatatt aatgaccaat gattgttggt tcctgtgatt ttgatatctg tgtgtgtgtg     65520
     ttcctcttct tttgcttttg ctgtgaaatt attaatttct aatgttttct tggatctagc     65580
     tacctttctt ctagtatcct ctgtagggct ggattagagg aaagatactg tttaaatttg     65640
     gtttgcaaga ttgccctgaa ctcattggta caggagacaa tatcctaaac agaacaccag     65700
     tggctcaggc tctaagatca acaattgata aatgtgatct catgaaactg aaaagcaaag     65760
     gctaccatca ataggacaaa acagcagcct actgattggt tgggaaagga tcttcaccag     65820
     tcctacagcc atgggagggt taatatctaa atttataaag aactcaaatc agataccaac     65880
     aatccaagta atccaattaa aaaatggggt acaaagctaa acagagaatt ctccacagaa     65940
     atcttaaatg acagcaaagc acttaaaaaa tatactcaat atccttagtc atctggaaaa     66000
     tataaatcaa aatgaccctg aaatcctttc ttatatcata agaatagcta agatcaaaaa     66060
     ctcaagtgac agcacatgct ggtgaggatg tggagtaaag ggaacactcc tccactgctg     66120
     acggagtgct aacttgtaca accactttgg aaaccagttt ggtggtttct cagaaaacta     66180
     ggaacagctc tcactcaagt cccagctatt ctacttctag gtatataatc aaaaggtgcc     66240
     cccactatac cccaggtata cttgctcaac tatgttcata ccagctttat ttgtaatagc     66300
     cagaaactag aaataaccta gatgtccctc aacagaaaaa tggataaaga aaatgtggta     66360
     catctacaca atgggatact attcagctat taaaaacaaa gaaatcataa attctgcagg     66420
     caaatagatg gaacatggga taaccagaat gacacatacg gcatgtactc agttataagt     66480
     ggacattagc cataaagtgc aggacaacca tgctacaatc cacagaccca aagtaactgg     66540
     gtaataagga agtcccaagg gaagctgtac aaatctcact caggggaaac tactaagtag     66600
     tcataggaaa taaatgaggg aagggaactg agtaggagag aaggtgagga ggggaatggg     66660
     aatgacaatc aagtatgggc gggggggaaa gaggtctggg agtgagaatg gaaattggca     66720
     ttggggggtg gggaatctct ggtgactagc tggagacctg ggagcctaag catacaggga     66780
     gctgaagggt gtgaccctag ctgagattcc taccagaggg gaatagaaag actaaagtgg     66840
     ccacctcctg tagccacaca ggatttccag aggaatgagg gggacataaa cccacccaaa     66900
     aaactttcaa cccaaaatct gtcttgccta caagatatga agggttaaag atggagcaga     66960
     ggctgggggt acagccaacc aatgactgtc ccaacttgag acccatccca tgtgagaaag     67020
     ccaacccctg acaccattaa tgatactctg ctatgcttgg agataggaac ctatggaaag     67080
     gctttatcct gcagcagatg gaggcaaata cagaaaccca tagccaaacg tcaggcagag     67140
     cctggggagt cttgtggaag agtgggggat agaagtgact aagtcagagg tatcgaggac     67200
     acttcaagaa tacccaaaga gtcaactaac ctgggactat ggaggctcgt ggagcctggg     67260
     ttaccaacca gggagcatgc aggagctggg cctatacccc ccctacacat ttgtaacaaa     67320
     tgtgctgctt ggtcttcatg tgggtgctgt aacaagtgga ataggggcta tctttgtctc     67380
     tgttccctgc cattggatcc ccttccccct acctggagtg tctgactgga cctcagtggg     67440
     agaggatgaa cctagtcttg ctaggactag atgccccagg gtagggtggt actcaatggg     67500
     ggactccctt ctctgagaag gtggcaaggg gcagtgaggg gagggattta ggaggctggg     67560
     actgaaaaga aaggaggaag gggatgaata aaaaatattt tttatgaata aaaaataata     67620
     agtacttgtc aatgactact cttcaagata ttgtttcata gactgtattc tctattataa     67680
     aacacctctt cattcgtata aaggaaatga tttgtgtcca tacaaaaata tctcacagtg     67740
     aggtaaccca attttactgc ttttggtgtt tataaacaat atatctaacc ttccatataa     67800
     ctataaaatt atataaacat aataaaatta gcttgatact aataatacca gtaattaatg     67860
     atataattaa taacactagc cacaaaatca acactaagaa aatagaaata gtatgaacag     67920
     gaagagtaat aagaaagcca tctatgtacc caagagccat aacccagtct aacagatact     67980
     ataaagaact gttctagcaa agaacagttc agtacacaca cactaaattc atacatacta     68040
     aatacctgtt aagaggcaga tattctctat tagaaacatt cctaaaagca agcctacaag     68100
     gtatgtttta ctatctattc tacttaagaa agcagtaacc tgagacagac aatagtgcct     68160
     aagtgtggta gaaaacagat gagccgaagt tgcactatag atctacatca cttgaaggga     68220
     aatgatcttg tggtctacac tgtcacgttt tgtttatttg tttgttttat ttttttggtt     68280
     tttgtttttt aatcttgaag catggcctct ccatgtagtc ctagatgatc tgagattcac     68340
     agagatttgc atacctgtct ttcagcacag ggattaaaag tatgtgccac catacccaac     68400
     taccatcatt accttttaaa tcacactaaa atttaaactt ggcacttgtg ttttattcaa     68460
     tcatgtttta aaatggcgaa gaaaacaaag tagcaactat agccttagtc ttcagtagaa     68520
     actaaagtcc tctgatataa tcagatgaac caaaaagtct tttcctaaaa catttcaatg     68580
     aaacaaaatc acagtaaatc cccaggctaa tagctcataa tctataatcc cacactcaaa     68640
     aggctgaagc tgagaactgc catgagttca agacctacac agtgaattcc aggccagtta     68700
     agggtatagc gtgagacatt atttcatacc acatccacat ggctaactga catcacaaac     68760
     acacacacac acacacacac acgtgcaaaa cttacaggaa gtataaaact gtttcttgac     68820
     taagtaaagg atgatagcca attagacatg gtaaggaaaa gctggtttct gacttcactg     68880
     aggacttcaa tagttgtact ggttagtttt tttttttgtc aacttgacac aacctagaca     68940
     tatccgggaa aagggaatct taattaaaaa aattcctcca ctaaatgggc aagtctgtgg     69000
     ggaatttttt tgattagtaa ctgacatggg tgggcccagt ctaatatagt tagtgacacc     69060
     ccctaagcag gtagtactca agtacataag aaagcaggct gagcaagctt tgagaagaaa     69120
     gccagtaagc agaactcctc catggcctct atattagcca gtgcctccag gatcccaccc     69180
     tgactgccct cagtgatgta gagactatga cgtggaaata taagctgaaa taaacccttt     69240
     cctccacagg ttgctttaat catggtgtct tatcacagca agtaaccatc actaagacaa     69300
     tagtttactg gaagatgtta taacttgtga aggaaactaa gaaaacccta taacttacac     69360
     agcagaaaaa aataaataaa caaacaaaaa aacaatccta aagtaatgta tactaaccgt     69420
     ggatgaggga gccattcagc cactgaatat agtagttgtg aggaaaagca agcaggatct     69480
     cattgctgat gattgagaag ggtaaaagca aaaccgcgcc agctgacacg gctagagtga     69540
     aggtgctcag aaacaacctg caaaagaaga ggcatcgtta ctgcgttcgg caaagcagtg     69600
     aacgtgaaaa caccagccag ggtcttaggt acgaatccca gtacaggtat tcaactgagg     69660
     tacaaacagc atgcggaaga cctggaaagt gcaaccaggc caaattccta aaaagtggcc     69720
     ctaaaagatc tatatactta agagagtgct gcacagtttt aagaattttc attaccattg     69780
     gtgggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt gtgcatgcct gtgtataaag gcagtggagt     69840
     ggggtgctat ggcatacgtc taaggtcaga ggacaactat gtgaagtctg ttttctcctt     69900
     ctacctttac acaagactcc aatattgaac tcaggtctcc aagcacacat aacaaatacc     69960
     ttcctgacac actgagtcat ctcatcagcc cctgatagtc tcattaagtt taaattatag     70020
     tagtaaatag cagagaagca gtaaacaata ctataatgct aatcaatatt tcaaacacta     70080
     cttcaatact tcttagataa tacagcttca atatataaaa agaaccttta tttattaagt     70140
     caacaaaaca aactgaagaa aaatattgac agtaaataca aagtaggctc tctattcaca     70200
     ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacaaaaaa aacgcttaca tattatcagg aaatatgtta     70260
     cttcaaaatc tatcatcatt tctaacaacc cacaggacag agactataat catgaggaac     70320
     tttcacttct cagttacaga tttctgaaaa gttttaaatt ctttcataac acacacctaa     70380
     ttttgcaaaa gattttttaa aaagtaaatg acaaggcaaa agagtagatg tctgttgagt     70440
     ccaaggccag cctggtctac atagggagcg tcaggccagc cagggcaaca cagtaagaaa     70500
     gaagagggga ggatgaggaa ggggagggag gggatatgag gagggaaagg aaggaagaat     70560
     aaagaggagg agagggggat gaaaggggag gagggaaagg ggaaaggagg aagaaagaag     70620
     gcaggcaagc agagactgca gcagtagtgg caaaggaaac ttaattagca ttaaagataa     70680
     aacttgagta tcaatcatgt taaagttaat actgaaagaa tgtgaaaaca aatgtaagaa     70740
     aaaatttaag taagagtaaa tgtcctatca tgcatttaat caagtaatcc ctcatttaat     70800
     gccatcctgt ggcaaacagc agaagtgcat gtctacacag ccacaagtat cctggaaaat     70860
     cctgggttca gttagtcaaa agccaactat ttaatgaagg tcaatggaac actccaaaca     70920
     caattcagct caaacacaga agcagcatca ttaattgatc cagtagaatg aagagcagat     70980
     gtcctagaaa agtattcaaa agttgctcag cttgatggcc aactccagcc cagaaaggac     71040
     catcaccctg attagcatca cctctgccaa tgtcaaaacc aaggtcaaat ccaaatactc     71100
     accatcccaa ggactgcaca gccatcccaa cacactaggc ccctcagtag gacacatttc     71160
     atcttagatt tactcctcct aaccctcaaa cggatcttat gagttccagg cctctgccca     71220
     cagactgctc tcttaactct acggtgtcct tacaacagtg cacgaggcaa atgtacctaa     71280
     atagcaagac agatctcaaa tgccacttgc ctgtcgtgtg tccctcaatt cctaccttct     71340
     tattcctctc agtagaatca gctcatcttt cctcttagtt cccataatgc tctgaccaca     71400
     caccaggaaa cattactacc aaatccaata ctggaacctg tgacctaagt ggaattcact     71460
     tatgagacag agggataagt cagcaagtca caagtggccc agacaatcca gcatatatgg     71520
     tcatcattac tataatgctg cttttcaaca gctattggag cctccactcc acactctgtt     71580
     actgtgatag acctacccag agagcagaaa accacttctg ctgcccacaa agagcccctc     71640
     aactgacaaa gggtctttaa aataaagccc caagttgaaa aagtatagac attgctagta     71700
     caaccataaa acacaccctt tcagaaatgt catcttctaa aatagagtag taaaaatatt     71760
     atctttgcag actattgttc cttttgtgat tttggtagta atacaacaaa aatattttct     71820
     tgactatctg gcatttgtga ccatctcctt aagggtatgc aaacttcact ggaatgctaa     71880
     atgtcaccta tatctcaaaa agccataatc tctaggtcac agtgtaaagt agcttcatgg     71940
     ggtggtgaca aatgcatcaa aaccacctta aattacttca gcaaacctgc cacacacttc     72000
     caggtagcaa acaggacctc aaatgctgga ccttgggtat ttcaaatgga taagcacttc     72060
     cttcttgaaa ttctcatacc ctttctccag cactccctcc ttcctaacta cacactgaaa     72120
     tcagcactcc ctccttccta actacacact gaaatgttcc gactatcatc tttttttttt     72180
     ccatttttta ttaggtattt agctcattta catttccaat gctataccaa aagacccccg     72240
     tacccaccca cccccactcc cctacccacc cactcccccc ctttggccct ggcgttcccc     72300
     tgtaccgggg cacacaaagt ctgcgtgtcc aatgggcctc tctttccagt gatggccgac     72360
     taggccatct tttgatacat atgcagctag agtcaagagc tcaggggtac tggttagttc     72420
     ataatgttgt tccacctata gggttgaaga tccctttagc tccttgggta ctttctctag     72480
     ctcctccatt gggagccctg tgatccatcc attagctgac tgtgagcatc cacttctgtg     72540
     tttgctaggc cccggcatag tctcacaaga gacagctaca tctgggtcct ttcagtaaaa     72600
     tcttgctagt gtatgcaatg gtgtcagcat ttggaagctg attatggggt ggatccctgg     72660
     atatggcagt ctctacatgg tccatccttt catctcagct ccatactttg tttctgtaac     72720
     tccttccatg ggtgttttgt tcccacttct aaggaggggc atagtgtcca cacttcagtc     72780
     ttcatttttc ttgagtttca tgtgtttagg aaattgtatc ttatatcgtg ggtatcctag     72840
     gttttgggct agtatccact tatcagtgag tacatattgt gtgagttcct ttgtgattgt     72900
     gttacctcac tcaggatgat gctctccagg tccatccatt tggctaggaa tttcataaat     72960
     tcattctttt taatagctga gtagtactcc attgtgtaga tgtaccacat tttctgtatc     73020
     cattcctctg ttgaggggca tctgggttct ttccagtttc tggctattat aaataaggct     73080
     gctatgaaca tagtggagca tgtgtccttc ttaccagttg gggcttcttc tggatatatg     73140
     cccaggagag gtattgctgg atcctccggt agtactatgt ccaattttct gaggaaccgc     73200
     cagactgatt tccagagtgg ttgtacaagc ctgcaatccc accaacaatg gaggagtgtt     73260
     cctctttctc cacatcctcg ccagcatctg ctgtcacctg aatttttgat cttagccatt     73320
     ctgactggtg tgaggtggaa tctcagggtt gttttgattt gcatttccct gatgattaag     73380
     gatgttgaac attttttcag gtgcttctct gccattcggt attcctcagg tgagaattct     73440
     ttgttcagtt ctgagcccca ttttttaagg gggttatttg attttctgag gtccaccttc     73500
     ttgagttctt tatatatgtt ggatattagt cccctatctg atttaggata ggtaaagatc     73560
     ctttcccagt ctgttggtgg tctttttgtc ttatagacag tgtcttttgc cttgcagaaa     73620
     ctttggagtt tcattaggtc ccatttgtca attctcgatc ttacagcaca agccattgct     73680
     gttctgttca ggaatttttc ccctgtgccc atatcttcaa ggcttttcac cactttctcc     73740
     tctataagtt tcagtgtctc tggttttatg tgaagttcct tgatccactt agatttgacc     73800
     ttagtacaag gagataagta tggatcgatt cgcattcttc tacatgataa caaccagttg     73860
     tgccagcacc aattgttgaa aatgctgtct ttcttccact ggatggtttt ggctcccttg     73920
     tcgaagatca agtgaccata ggtgtgtggg ttcatttctg ggtcttcaat tctattccat     73980
     tggtccactt gtctgtctct ataccagtac catgcagttt ttatcacaat tgctctgtag     74040
     taaagcttta ggtcaggcat ggtgattcca ccagaggttc ttttatcctt gagaagagtt     74100
     tttgctatcc tcggtttttt gttattccag atgaatttgc aaattgctcc ttctagttcg     74160
     ttgaagaatt gagttggaat tttaatgggg attgcattga atctgtagat tgcttttggc     74220
     aagatagcca tttttacaat gttggtcctg ccaatccatg agcatgggag atctttccat     74280
     cttctgagat cttctttaat ttctttcttc agggacttga agtttttatc atacagatct     74340
     ttcacttcct tcgttagagt cacaccgaga tattttatat tatttgtggc tattgagaag     74400
     ggtgttgttt ccctaatttc tttctcagcc tgtttattct ttgtgtagag aaaggccatt     74460
     gacttgtttg agttaatttt atatccagct acttcaccga agctgtttat caggtttagg     74520
     agttctctgt tggaattttt agggtcactt atatatacta tcatatcatc tgcaaaaagt     74580
     gatattttga cttcctcttt tccaatttgt atccccttga tctccttttg ttgtcgaatt     74640
     gctctggcta atacttcaag tactatgttg aaaaggtagg gagaaagtgg gcagccttgt     74700
     ctagtccctg attttagtgg gattgcttcc agcttctctc catttacttt gatgttggct     74760
     actggtttgc tgtagattgc ttttatcatg tttaggtatt ggccttgaat tcctgatctt     74820
     tccagaactt ttatcatgaa tgggtgttgg atcttgtcaa atgctttttc tgcatctaac     74880
     gagatgatca tgtggttttt gtctttgagt ttgtttatat aatggattac attgatggat     74940
     tttcgtatat taaaccatcc ctgcatccct ggaataaaac ctacttggtc aggatggatg     75000
     attgctttaa tgtgttcttg gattcggtta gcgagaattt tattaagaat ttttgcatcg     75060
     atgttcataa gagaaattgg tctgaagttc tctatctttg ttggatcttt ctgtggttta     75120
     ggtatcagag taatagtggc ttcataaaat gagttgggta gaataccttc tacttctatc     75180
     ttgtgaaaaa gtttgtgcag aactggagtt agatcttctt tgaaggtctg atagaactct     75240
     gcactaaacc cgtctggtcc tgggcttttt ttggctggga gactattaat aactgcttct     75300
     atttctttag gggatatggg actgtttaga aggtcaactt gatcctgatt caactttggt     75360
     acctggtatc tgtccagaaa tttgtccatt tcgtccaggt tttccagttt tgttgagtat     75420
     agccttttgt agaaggatct gatggtgttt tggatttctt caggatctgt tgttatgtct     75480
     cccttttcat ttctgatttt gttaattagg attttgtccc tgtgcccttt agtgagtcta     75540
     gctaagggtt tatctatctt gttgattttc tcaaagaacc aactcctcgt ttggttaatt     75600
     ctttgaatag ttcttcttgt ttccacttgg ttgatttcac ccctgagttt gattatttcc     75660
     tgccgtctac tcctcttggg tgaatttgct tccttttttt ctagagcttt tagatgtgtt     75720
     gtcaagctgc tagtatgtgc tctctcccgt tttttcttga aggcactcat agctatgagt     75780
     ttccctctta gaaatgcttt cattgtgtcc caaaggtttg ggtacgttgt ggcttcattt     75840
     tcattaaact ctaaaaagtc tttaatttct ttctttattc cttccttgac caaggtatca     75900
     ttgagaagag tgttgttcag tttccatgtg aatgttggct ttctgttatt tattttgtta     75960
     ttgaagatca gccttagtgc atggtgatct gataggatac atgggacaat ttcaatattt     76020
     ttgaatctgt tgaggcctga tttgtgacct attatgtggt caattttgga gaaggtacca     76080
     tgaggtgctg agaagaaggt atatcctttt gttttaggat aaaatgttct gtagatatct     76140
     gtcagatcca tttgtttcat cacttctgtt agtttcagtg tgtccctgtt tagtttctgt     76200
     ttccatgatc tgtccattgg tgaaagtggt gtgttgaagt ctcccactat tattgtgtga     76260
     ggcgcaatgt gtgctttgag ctttactaaa gtttctttag tgaatgtggc tgctcttgta     76320
     tttggagcat agatattcag aattgagagt tcctcttgga ggattttacc tttgatgaga     76380
     atgaagtgtc cctccttgtc ttttttgatg actttgggtt ggaagtcaat cttatcagat     76440
     attaggatgg ctactcctgc ttgtttcttc ataccatttg cttggaaaat tgttttccag     76500
     cctttcattc tgaggtagtg tctatctttt tctctgagat gagtttcctg taagcagcaa     76560
     aatgttgggt cttgtttgtg tagccagttt gttagtctat gtctttttat tggcgagttg     76620
     agaccattga tgttaagaga tattaaggaa aagtaattgt tgcttcctgt tattttagtt     76680
     gttaaaggtg gcattctgtt cttgtggctg tcttctttta ggtttgttga gggattacct     76740
     tcttgttttt tctagggcgt tgttcccgtt cttgtattgg tttttttctg ttattatcct     76800
     ttgaagggct ggattcgtgg agagataatg cgtgaatttg gttttgtcgt ggaatacttt     76860
     ggtttctccc tctatgataa ttgagagttt ggctgggtat agtagcctgg gctgcagttt     76920
     gtgttctctt agtgtctgta taacatctgt ccaggctctt ctggctttca tagtctctgg     76980
     tgaaaaatct ggtgtaattc tgataggctt gcctttatat gttacttgac ctttttccct     77040
     tactgctttt agtattctat ctttatttag tgcatttgat gttctgatta ttatgtgtcg     77100
     ggaggaattt cttttctggt ccagtctatt tggagttctg taggcttctt gtatgttcat     77160
     atgcatctca ttctttagat ttgggaagtt ttcttcaata attttgttga agatgtttgc     77220
     tggacctttg agttgaaaat cttcattctc atccactcct attatccgta cgtttggtct     77280
     tcttattgtg tcctggattt cctggatatt ttgagttagg atctttttgc attttccatt     77340
     ttctttgatt gttgtgccga tgttctctat ggaatcttct gcacctgaga ttctctcttc     77400
     catctcttgt attctgttgc tgatgctcaa atctatggtt ccagatttct ttcctagggt     77460
     ttctatctct agtgttgcct cgctttgagt tttctttatt gtgtctactt ccctttttag     77520
     gtctagtatg gttttgttca tttccatcac ctgtttgtat gttttttcct ctttttctgt     77580
     aaggacttct acctgtttga ttgtgttttc ctgtttttct ttaaggactt gtaactcttt     77640
     agcagtgttc tcctgtattt ctttaagtga tttattaaag tccttcttga tgtcctctac     77700
     catcatcatg agatatgctt ttaaatctag gtctaggttc tcaggtgtgt tggggttccc     77760
     tggactgggc gaagtgggtg tgctgggttc tggtgatggt gagtggtctt ggttcctgtt     77820
     agtaagattc ctccgtttac ctttcgccat ctggtaatct ctggagttag tagttatagt     77880
     tgactctgtt tagagattgt tcttctggtg attctgttac cgtctatcag cagacctggg     77940
     agacagattc tctcctctga gtttcagtgc tcagagcact ctctgctggc aagctctctt     78000
     acagggaagg tgcgcagata tcttgtattt ggacctcctc ctggccgaag aagaaggccc     78060
     aaaacaggac ctttctcaga cactgtgttg ctttggcagt tcccaggtgg tacagactct     78120
     cacctaagca gactaaattc ctaagttcct tggagtcccg ggaccaagat ggcgaccgct     78180
     gtcaggttct ctggcgcacc ctctcacctg ttcagactaa tttcctaagt tcggcgggtc     78240
     ccggaccaag atggcgaccg ctgctgctgt ggcttaggtc gcctccccag ccgggcgggc     78300
     acctgtcctc cggtccggaa ggtggccggc tgtccccggc ccacacaggg tgctgcctca     78360
     gcccctctgt gcttcagcct gttccagagg ctgtcaggtt ctctggcgca ccctctcacc     78420
     tgttcagact aatttcctaa gttcggcggg tcccggacca agatggcgac cgctgctgct     78480
     gtggcttagg ccgcctcccc agccgggcgg gcaccggtcc tctggtccgg aaggtggccg     78540
     gctgtccccg gcccacacag ggtgctgcct cagtgcctct gtgcttctgc ctgttccaga     78600
     agctgtcagg ttctctggcg caccctctca cctgttcaga ctaatttcct aagttcggcg     78660
     ggtcccggac caagatggcg accgctgctg ctgtggctta ggctgcctcc ccagccgggc     78720
     gggcacctgt cctccggtcc ggaaggtggc tggctgtccc cggcccacac agggtgctgc     78780
     ctcagcgcct ctgtgcttcc gcctgttcca gaagctgtca ggttctctgg cgcaccctct     78840
     cacctgttca gactaatttc ctaagttcgg cgggtcccgg accaagatgg cgatcgctgc     78900
     tgctgtggct taggccgcct ccccagccgg gtgggcactt gtcctccggt ccggaaggtg     78960
     gccggctgtc cccggcccac acagggtgct gcctcagcgc ctctgtgctt ctgcctgttc     79020
     cagaagctgt caggttctct ggcgcaccct ctcacctgtt cagactaatt tcctaagttc     79080
     ggcgggtctc ggaccaagat ggcgaccgat gctgctgtgg cttaggccgc ctccccagcc     79140
     gggcgggcac ctgtcctccg gttcggaagg tggccggctg tccccggccc acaaagggtg     79200
     ctgcctcagc gcctctgtgc ttccgcctgt tccagaagct gtcaggttct ctggcgcacc     79260
     ctctcacctg ttcagactaa tttcctaagt tcggcgggtc ccggaccaag atggcgaccg     79320
     ctgctgctcc cgactatcat cttaagtgtt ttggtttgaa tctgaaatgt tgccacatcc     79380
     ttatgttttg aggacacagc cacaatctat ggtaccactt gaaaattgct atgtttccat     79440
     gaagcacagc ctggctggca aaaattggtc actaggtttc acccacctct ggatccagcc     79500
     tgcacacttg ctctattttc tggtccatct gcaagtaaca aaacactaac atacactgcc     79560
     aacagtgtgg actgggagta aaagtaaacc tttgctcctg actggcatct tgtcagtgat     79620
     gagaaaagta actgtcccaa tctttacctg gctaatcaat aaaaagcacg ctttgtgaat     79680
     tcagtcctca agcactcact ctgatcagag gttcgtaacc agtgggagca tcagaatgat     79740
     tattatcagg atcacccaca aaaaaacact ggaaggggct tctgcgagtg cacatatcac     79800
     acatatccag ggaatctctg ggtgatgctc agacactaaa cagatattca caaacactgg     79860
     attctgagcc agcactatac ttggcatgtt tgaacagtaa gacagacatc cttttttgcc     79920
     ttcacagggc ttctataagc atcacttaat gctatgagag catcacacaa taaacggcaa     79980
     atatttacta ggtaactgca taatatacta aaggtggtag gtgctgcaga aaatacaatg     80040
     agcaaggaaa accacagtgc caatggtcag acaagtcaga ctgaacgcag aacaacacaa     80100
     ctcctgacaa aaagctggga aggaggcaaa gacaactaac tgaaaggcca ggggcataaa     80160
     gtgagaggct ggtgtctcat gatctacaga aggcaggctg aatatggcga tgaggaattc     80220
     tgtcttagac cagtgtagtt tggtgtccac aaggcaggaa taccacaagc tgcagctctg     80280
     agaatttcta agcaggccac aggtgacttg gggttactga ctctctactg accccatctt     80340
     cttggtccca ggtcaaggca gtgactacca ggatgttcca cgcttaagat actctgactt     80400
     tcagttagta ttttatagga agatgagatt gaaactacaa gagaacccta ttcttgtcaa     80460
     atttctaatc tattcatcta ctggtttcta tcaggatgga ctcttgcagt accttcaaat     80520
     ccattacaat aattacttac tctgatgttt aaattgtccc caatttggta agaaaagcct     80580
     taaaggactg tttcctttaa aatatcccaa taattcttac tttcttatat tctgtacaag     80640
     taaaatacaa aattaacatg gacctttccc tatccagtcc ttctattagt ctttaagagt     80700
     cctggtgtgt cactgtgggt gtgggcttga agaccctcat cttagctgcc tggaagtcag     80760
     cttcaacttt ttgcctttga atgaagatgt agaactttca gcatctcctg caccacgcct     80820
     gcctggaggc tgccaacctc ctgccttgat gatgatggat tgaacctctg aacctgtaag     80880
     ccagttgtct ttctgaagga gctggagggg ccttctctgt catcaatggg aggggaggcc     80940
     cttggtcctg taaaggcttg atgccccagt gtagaggaat gctagagcag gaaggcagga     81000
     gtggttaggt gggtggggga gcaccctcat agaagcagag taaggggaga tgggataggg     81060
     ggtttgtaga ggggaaacca ggaaaggaga taacatttga aatgtaaata aataaaatat     81120
     ccaatttaat aaaaaataat aaattttgtc ctaatgagag ttgccttagt catggtgtct     81180
     gctcacagtt gtaaaaccct aactaagaca gaagttgtta ccaagaactt gggtattgct     81240
     gtgataggcc tgaccatctt tttgtttgga aaaatgtaga tttacagact ggatttggaa     81300
     agcaatagaa tgctttaagt ggagcttaat gggccatcct aataggaata tggaagactt     81360
     tgtggctgag agttctgtat cttgttccaa aagcaaacag gagaagacta acttccaggc     81420
     agctaggaca agagtcttaa agaccatgcc cacagtgaca cacttcctcc aacaaggcca     81480
     tatctactag aacagggcca cactccgggc caagcatatt caaactactg tataggcaaa     81540
     gctgaggaat gagcaaacac atggccacac tcacttttat actgcagttc tacttctgtt     81600
     aggtattcac aataacaccc caactggtaa ccaacaactc aatagtcatt tgttgttgtt     81660
     gttgttgttg ttgttgttat tgtaaactta atttttggtt caattgacct taatcaagcc     81720
     tcttcaccat tagaagtcac caatttcctt ccatactgat cccagctcta tacagataaa     81780
     tatcttctta tttgcatagc ttcccattct ggattgaact gtcctgacac tcagaaaccc     81840
     tccttcctca actcagctcc caacactcct ggtaggccct ccctttgtct ctattcactt     81900
     atggtgacat tgacactttc atggagacct tgtcaccctg ccagattctc tgaaactgga     81960
     gttggggtgg ttgtgagcca ccatgttgat ggtgagaacc caacccagac cctctgcaag     82020
     agcagccagt gcttctaact actaagtcat ctctccaggc ccagacttca cattttagta     82080
     tgaaagatcc tgagagggag tgaaaaatta tgtaagcccc tagacttgtg tccaaaatag     82140
     accccactaa tggcagagag taaaagttta actcgcccca ttgttccagg atgtactaac     82200
     cacaaagtgg aagtttaact tgctccattg tttcaggatg tttgtacaga atactccaac     82260
     tgttccttga acccgttatg cttgccaaat gctagcgccc aatgccaggt gtttgtggtt     82320
     tctgcctcta taaacccttt acccttgagc tcggggtcga ctcctctacc cctgcatggg     82380
     atatgagtca tccccagtgc actggccttt cccggttaaa cctcttgctg tttgcatcaa     82440
     gattggtctc tcctgagttc tcaggcgtcg caccatcctg agacttgagt gagggtctct     82500
     gttcaggggg tcttgcaggt aagaaaaatc taatagaaag aacttaactg tttgctattc     82560
     agtttgatac attaaaaaaa ttgaagtcca tttctatcat atctcccctc acaaataaga     82620
     aacctataag gcaattgagc aaatgtgtca ctctaaccag aaagtctatt tgttcactgt     82680
     tcagagaatt tacaaacagc tgacagcttg tgtcttagtc aaggtttcta ttcctacaca     82740
     aaacatgacc aagacacaag ttggggagga aagggtttag tcagcttaca cttccatgct     82800
     gctggtcatc accaaggaaa gtcaggacta gaactcacac agggtataaa cctggaggta     82860
     ggagctgaca catggaggga tgctgcttac tgacttaatt cccctggctt gctcagcctg     82920
     ctctcttata gaacccagga ctacccaggg atggcaccac ccacaatggg ccctcccacc     82980
     cttgatcact aattgagaaa atgccttaca gctggatctc atagaggcat ttcctcaaag     83040
     gaggctcctt tctctgtgat aactccagct tatgacaagg tgacacacaa aaccagccag     83100
     tacagcttga gagtttaccc tctttctcag gctctttcta tgttgcccaa tctgtcctca     83160
     aaccctcaac cttcttgctt ctacctctag gatgctgaga ctacaagctg gtaccctctg     83220
     tgccatacta ggtctttctt aaacaactgt tcctccttta agccctgttc ctcattaaat     83280
     ctcctgaaga tgaaatatgc cattttttaa aaataagcac atagcagaga aagggaatat     83340
     gatctcatgt agcctaggct agacttgaac tcctcagcat cctacacccc ccttaccatt     83400
     acagacttgt gccacgctca gcttgaataa gcacatttta gcaagagaca atcagttctg     83460
     aattaaccat gtgtacttat ttacatgtgc tttttaagaa tatgataagg gaggcagagg     83520
     caggcggatt tctgagttcg aggtcagcca ggactatact gagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa     83580
     accaaaaaaa gaaaagaaaa aaaaagaatt tgataaggat tagtacatta gacagttact     83640
     tccttcagac tctaacttca acactataaa cagaacaatt aaattttaga atacatacga     83700
     tatcctgttg actacagcat cctcatcttc ttgttcatct gcaaaaatgt ttatagtgtt     83760
     actattttat ctccaacaaa atgtttcatg aatttatcta aaaatatacc aaaattacca     83820
     agttttaaaa attcattgct gaatggaaaa gactttcata gagcattttg ttgacttcaa     83880
     caaaaaccca gctgtagatt tcattataac atatggagtg ttgataacta tgtgagttgt     83940
     gattttcttt tgagaaatgc tgcttaactg attggtacat gtaaattaaa attttacaaa     84000
     tacctagtct caagaaaata aaactgtgaa ccacagaacc attgtgaaat gtaggtagac     84060
     aatgtcagga taagatgcct atgaatgaag tatttgggtt actaatgacc agcagccatt     84120
     tctattataa aatagaactt atccacttct ccttgagttt ttataagtaa aggaaatgat     84180
     aagatcttct taaaccatcc taaactactt tgtgatagtt tgtatatgct cggctcaggg     84240
     agtggcacta ttaaaaaggt gtggccctgt tggagtaggt gtgtcactgt gagtgtgggc     84300
     tttaagatcc tcatcctagc tgcctggaag tgagtatctg ctagcagcct tcagatgaag     84360
     atgtagcact ctcaccatgc ctacctggat gctgccatgt tcctcccttg atgataacat     84420
     cccaacctat aagccaaccc caattaaagg ttcttataag agttgccttg gtcatggtgt     84480
     ctgttcacag cagtaaaatc ctaacaaaga caaccttaga cagcatctca acaaattcaa     84540
     aagcacagtc caagttacag acagaaaaat atcattttcc ctatctttgt aagtagcagg     84600
     cagatttcat caggatatct tctttacccc ctcttcctct ctcaggcttc ctatacacca     84660
     tctcttttgt cttctttcat tcataaactt accagctaaa gggaatatgt aaatacacaa     84720
     atactgcaaa accctcccag tccttccagc tcttcatctg cctcatgtcc ttgagtctct     84780
     ggatctctct agcctccatg tcagtggtgt gtcttagccg ttctttgcag tgtctgtcct     84840
     aaattacagg cttcccaaaa taactttaca gtcaaaggca ccacaaaatc acatacatga     84900
     ttaattttta tcctgctacc tccacaccta atccatcacc aagtctggag aaaaggtcca     84960
     ctgtctcctt atccagatcc gtcattctat ccaaccagca aggtccacag tctttctcat     85020
     tccctgcaac tactgggtta acctaaagat catctaaatc tacagttttc ctgcatagca     85080
     cccttaactt ccccttaaac aatgtattca tgtttttcac ttgtacccta tcctctcttt     85140
     ccttctatgt gtctaatcta taaaacaatg tgaccaggta tctttaaaac aactgaggaa     85200
     ctatcttgac tcttcagatc ttcacattct tggcggatta aggatccaag gaatacttcc     85260
     aaacagtcac agagacaggt gatggctcta aagcaacata ctgcaactag agctgttcct     85320
     tttatttctc tcgtttgata agatattata tcaaagaatc gttaatatat gagatcttta     85380
     atacaagtat aatacagcat tgaccattat tagtgcaaca ttacagatag aaaatactat     85440
     gattaaaaaa aaaagctgag aattagcaaa aggtagtaag gaatgtgctg gaatacatat     85500
     aaaatactaa tccaaaaatg tgtggattca ccaatccatt aaaaagtaaa gatatgccag     85560
     gcatgatggt gcacgccttt aatcccagca ctcggaaggc agaggcaggc ggatttctga     85620
     gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acaaagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa     85680
     ccctgtcccg aaaaaccaaa aaaatagaaa aaccctccga ttaactcaga acaaaatgag     85740
     ataatacagg agagtataca actgaatgcc agtacaagta tgggtactct aaattttata     85800
     ttgctttaga aggaaaacag aggctggaga gatggttcaa cacttaagag cactcgctgc     85860
     tcctgcggag gtctcaagtt tgattcccag caattatatg gaggccattt ttaactccag     85920
     ttcctgggga tgcaacaccc tcttctggcc tctgcagaca tgaggcatgc atatagtgca     85980
     aaaatacgca tgcaggcaaa acactatagc acataaaata aaaataagta aataaataca     86040
     tctttctgaa aaaaaggaaa tcagagagaa ggaaggaagg aaaaaaggaa ggaaggaaag     86100
     aaaggagggg ggaaggaagg agggagggaa ggagggaagg agggagggag ggaaagaggg     86160
     aaggaaagac agacaagaca attctgtagt gagaaaatga aaggatctgg gatgataagg     86220
     acgctcagtt agaaccagtc acaaagaacc aaacaccctc ataaactctg gaatttccta     86280
     ggtagtaaat agccaacaac tattcttagt tacgaatgag agttatgata agcaaggact     86340
     ctggtctggg ctggatgggt ggctgagtgt agtcgggttt cctgggagtt atttttagta     86400
     ttcttaggac caggcaactg tttacttcag ccatcggcat attcagcatg gctgcaatgt     86460
     gtgggaagag cccatatacc accccagata cgcagctctg aggaaaactg ttaacatatc     86520
     tctttctact taccggattt tctcttgtat cttataatga tgaagtagga aacgatgtag     86580
     agaatggcaa agagaagaaa acatatctga aacaaagaaa tttaataggt catttacatt     86640
     tttgcctgtc atttttataa ccaacaagag atacatcttt ggtatttaaa ggaaatgaag     86700
     gatctataac tactgaaaag taaaacttac gtaaatttca caaatgtaac attttgataa     86760
     aaaatattaa tatgtgaact ggtcgattat tctacttaat actattttgg tgagaaatcc     86820
     cagtttaaag tttctcttct cataagttga gaaaatgttt ttcaaagtca tgtggaagtg     86880
     taaagagcca accatcatca acaattctaa aaaccgaaat taatgggccc acgctgtcct     86940
     tctgaaaagg aaagcatgct aagagctgca gtaatatgtg gcggatgtac tggcaccaca     87000
     acttgacaga ttcagtcaca tggaacttta gcataaaaga agcatcacag atcaatgtgg     87060
     agtaaaaaat aacttcagta aatatactac atgctaaaat taaaattctt tattcaactg     87120
     gggtttaagt cttaacaata aattccactt actttgtcta ataaagacag gattactgtg     87180
     tgtggcctga ggctctactc tccacgcgtg gcaatgcccc cctcactgta ctagttaatg     87240
     gaggaaggag ctcaccagct tatcactact gattagaact tacaatatac tctcaaggat     87300
     tttaacatac agagcactgt tcttcacaac attattatat cagtaggcct actaaactca     87360
     ctcttatgaa ctttggcact cactggccac acatcaaccc acagtcccct ttctcgtata     87420
     ctctctactt ctatgagcac aagttgttta gtttttctgt atatgtagac tttacttggc     87480
     agaatttccc ccagattatc ccttgatgcc tacatggcac aatttcctta aggctgaatg     87540
     gtacacatca ggattaccac attttcttta cctatttatc tatactggca cacacacatc     87600
     agttgtgtct ataacatgac atggtgaacc ctgagcacag tgtctctcat aaaccaactc     87660
     atttcctttg actgtggatc cggaatggaa gaggtagagc actttgcata tctgctttgc     87720
     attctggagg acatatcatg ctgttctggt gccagtggta cacaaggctt cctttcattc     87780
     cacatcctca acagaacttc tctcttgttc tacagaagca gccgttacca cagatacgag     87840
     gtgaatcttc catttctcta tgacaaagaa ttctaagatc attttcatat atctgttgta     87900
     tatttgtata tctccttttg agaaatgtcc acccaagtct acccattttt atttgggtca     87960
     tatgtgtaca tggcacttta tttccatcag ggaaggtcaa gaaacaagat atccaccaaa     88020
     gaccaaatgc taaaaataaa gcctcactca agcttatgga gcatgttgaa aaaaaacctg     88080
     actttcaacc tgctgaaatc tagtgatcac tctgagcacg gacttctcag tatgagttgg     88140
     tggacatgta atcaaaaaga ctccagactt ggttggtagt catccctgtc taagccatcc     88200
     cttagaaaac aacaatgaaa tggagaggag cacgacaaac tgagtgtcac catcctcaga     88260
     aagcatgtgg gagactgatg aaacacagtc ccaacatctg ttctggaagc ctaaagatgt     88320
     caacaatgct ggctaagtca ggtggtggtg gttcactctt ttaattccag cactcgagga     88380
     ggtagaagca gacagatctc tgtgagttca aggccagctg gtctacagag caagttccaa     88440
     gacagccagg gttacacaga gaaaacctgt ctcaaaacaa aagaaaaaaa aatggttaac     88500
     aagaggatgt tagtagagtt acaaccttct cttgaaatcc tctggagcac agcaaatggg     88560
     tcaacagaaa aaccaaacgc tggtaaagaa acataataga aatagaagtc tacaaaataa     88620
     tggatgtcag gctccatgag caagcaaact tggcagtaaa acaatgaatc ctaaagttaa     88680
     aataaaatgt cagatggcta gcagaggagt cctaagttga ttcatttagt aagttgtttg     88740
     ttgtgggctt actatatcta gaaacctatt ctaacactgg gggcattagt gagcaaaggt     88800
     gtacccttgt gacacatttc agaaagagca gtaacaataa atataaatat ataacagaca     88860
     attacattac ggggtgtttg aggatagtgt gggcctaaga caacaggggg taccattagc     88920
     agtgggggct tatcttgcca ggaggacaag agaagcacga ccagcagtat gtgatgcaga     88980
     cataatagta atgtcaaaga cctgaagcaa gacagctctg gtgtgttcaa atgaaaggaa     89040
     aaaataacag atgaaatgta gggattgata ggagtccagg gcacagaaga ctttgttaca     89100
     ggtgctagta cttactcgtg gctctgaccc tgagggagat aggaatccat gtaagagtcg     89160
     gaacagagag gtggcatgac cagactcaag gaagaaactc accccaattg ctaggggaca     89220
     cacatataca cacatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacgtt atatgtatgt     89280
     ttgtatgtat atatgtacca gaacagaagc agaaaccata aaagaactga acacaaaaca     89340
     aggcaggaga gatatcactc agacctgtag agtgaaacat taagaaatga ttgagttatg     89400
     ggtgttttca aagcaagcct gctaggactt gtaaaaacaa acacaaagtt ctagtcctga     89460
     gaaactggaa agactgagtt gcaaagccct gagtcgggaa gattacaaaa caaaatggtt     89520
     cagaggagga gtgggctttg ctgagtttga gatatacact caaaggtgga aagctgagtg     89580
     agtaggtctt tatataactc tatactgttc aggggaaagg ctagactaca gattaaaaaa     89640
     acaaagaaca atcagcagat gacaatgtcc taaggctatg gtgcaaaagc aggcagagaa     89700
     gataagtcta aaaacagagc agagctctca ggtgttcaga gactgccagg caagcaatca     89760
     ccaagggcaa aacacctagg gcttgcacat ttcctgaccc acatgaagga aagaggactt     89820
     tacaacagtg tcaaatactg ctgacaggcc aaacaagatg aggacaggat tgacaacagg     89880
     atctggtgcc ctggaagtca ctgcaaccta gacaagagtt gtttttctgg aaaaatgaag     89940
     acaaaagcct agctcaattg gattcccaga agtgctggaa agagaaatgt aagcagagtt     90000
     cttccttaga gctatcagaa aacaaaggag ttgtgaagag gaattcaaag tcaagaaact     90060
     tttttaaaag tgagaaaagc tactgaaaga agaaagaata atccagcagg cggtgtaaga     90120
     gaagaaggaa atggagtagt gctgaaataa ctatacagct gagggactca cagaaaatct     90180
     ttctgtaagt gaatcaaggg acaggaaatg agtgggggga agagaatatc gaggaaaaga     90240
     ccataataag gatgctggtg caattgacaa gaggattagg cagcatgaga gtcactgcaa     90300
     ctttaacaag agatgttttc tgaaacagtg agacaaaagc ctggctgaag tagattctgg     90360
     gaaaagctag aaagagaaag gagtaagcct gaaggaggga aatgaagaaa aagagggcag     90420
     ctccactgat ctctgctctc acctcctatg ttctcttcat ttgagcacac cagagccatc     90480
     ccacatcaga cccttggaat cactattgtc tctgcctcta tgccaactct caaatgtctg     90540
     aatctctcat cctttgtctc acaactcttc cactccctgg taccaacttc tgtcttagtt     90600
     ttctattgct gtgaagagga accatgactt caataaggct atgtatagaa aaaacagttt     90660
     agccaggcgt ggtggcacac gcctttaatc ccagcactca ggaggcagag gcaggtggat     90720
     ttctgagttt gaggccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggacagcta gggctataca     90780
     gagaaaccct gtctcgaaaa aacaaaaata aataaataaa taaataaaaa taaattaaaa     90840
     aaaaaaagaa acagtttatt gggagttaac agtctcagat ggtgagtcca tactcattat     90900
     ggcagagtgc atggcagcat tcaggcacga ggttccaaca gtagctgaaa gcgtacatcc     90960
     tgatccacaa acacaaggca gagagagaga gcgcgcgcac actaactggg agcagcatgg     91020
     gcttctgaaa cctcaaagca ctccccaata acatatctgc tccaataagg ctcctaattc     91080
     ttcccagttt caccaactaa gtaccaagca tccaaatata tgaacctata tgcccactgt     91140
     cactcaaacc gccacaacaa ttaatgacaa aagaggccat aaatgtgaaa gaaagcaaga     91200
     aaaagtatat tgaagaactt ggcaagagga aaggtaaggg gtaagagata taaaaaaaat     91260
     taggtaagaa caaatgtaac caaaagtatt aaagacatct acaacgaaaa ctctatagca     91320
     ctcaaaacct gaagaagaca ctagaagata gaaagacttc cagtgttcat gggctaaaag     91380
     aattaatact attaaaatgg catactaccg aagcaatcta caagtccaat gcacctaatc     91440
     aaaatactaa catctttcac aaaactataa aaagtaagtg tactggctag ttttgtgtca     91500
     atttgacaca gctggagtta tcacagagaa aggagcttca gttgaggaaa tgcctccacg     91560
     agatccaact gtaaggcatt ttctcaatta gtgatcaagg gggaaaggcc ccttgtgggt     91620
     gggaccatct ctgggctggt agtcttgatt ctataagaga gcaggctgag caagccaggg     91680
     gaagcaagcc agtaatgaac atccctccat ggcctctgca tcagctcctg cttcctgacc     91740
     tgtttgagtt ctagtcctca cttcctttgg tgatgaacag cagtatggaa gtgtaagctg     91800
     aataaatcct ttcctcccca actgcttctt ggccatgatg tttgtgcagg aatagaaacc     91860
     ctgactaaga caaattggta tcagcatagt ggggtattcc tgtgacaacc tgaccatgtt     91920
     ttggggagga ctgtgggagg actttggaac tttggtccag aagatccatt cgctgttaag     91980
     aactctgtga gatgttgtgt aggagcttgg aagataatgt tgagaacagt gtagaagatg     92040
     gaggcctggc ttgtgaaatt tcagaaggaa aattaaagac tcttttcagg gctattgcta     92100
     gtttgattgt gaagattctg tagttcaggt tagctaaggc tgacgaatca gctgtgatta     92160
     acaagatacc agaactacta aagcaaaaac tttactggga ctattgatgc tggttagctg     92220
     gagctaagaa attagcggtg attaagaaga gaccagcatc attgaggtga catcttctgg     92280
     gaagtgtttg agagcacaga ggttatgttc cagagataac caaggttgta ccttgtgctg     92340
     tggctggact tgtaatgtgt aagagttacc caggtggtac tggttttgaa ggcatcaagg     92400
     ggtcacgcag agaagcctga ggctcggcac tgtgaaaggc catggaaggc cattggtgaa     92460
     ggtgcagcct cagttgcaat tgacagccca ggactgaagg ggtcatgcag tgttttggag     92520
     atgccagtac catgagatga ccaccaagag cagcagaggt ggagcatctg gagcctagag     92580
     gacgacgcgt gtgctacaaa gggcgtggct ggagaagtga cccaagccct tggaagacca     92640
     gaggatcgtg atcattggac agttggagtt taatttttgc ttttcattgt gactgtgccc     92700
     tgatattttt ccctcttgaa gaaagaaaat attttagtgg atcccacagt taagagactt     92760
     ttaattgtag aaagactttg gattttaaaa gatattagat attttaaaag gactgaactt     92820
     tcaatatgta aagactgtgg gacttttaaa gttatttaga tcttggggat gaataagaaa     92880
     ctaagggttg aggcttacca gtgatgtgtt tgtgtgtcaa gttgacaagg ggtcaactgt     92940
     actagctagt tttgtgtcaa cttgacacag ctggagttat cacagagaaa ggagcttcag     93000
     ttgaggaaat gcctccatga gatccaactg taaggcattt tctcaattag tgatcaaggt     93060
     gggagggccc cttgtgggtg gggccatctc tgggctggta gtcttggttc tataagagag     93120
     caggctgagc aagccagggg aagcaagcca gtaaagaaca tccctccatg gcctctgcat     93180
     cagctcctgc tttctgacct gcttgagttc cagtcctgac ttcctttggt gatgaacaac     93240
     agtatggaag tgtaagccga ataaaccctt tcctccccaa tttgcttctt ggtcatgatg     93300
     tttgtgcagg aatagaaacc ctgactaaga cagcaagcaa aacattattt ggagtcataa     93360
     agaccccaat aaaaaaaaca aaaattaaaa aaaaaaaggg tttaatgggg gggggtacca     93420
     caatgatcaa ttcttgactt caaaatacaa taccgcacca acaaaatcac tagcaaaatc     93480
     agcatgtatg cagaataaaa gcaaatatgt aaagcaatga ataatggacc aagaaataaa     93540
     ctatacatct acagctatat ggttcttaac aaatcttcca aaaatagaca atgaagaaaa     93600
     cgcaccatct catacaaata gtactgagaa acttaatagc cacaggtaga aggctgaaac     93660
     cagctccctc tcaccctaca caaacatcaa ctaagaaata gatcaaagat cttagtcgaa     93720
     gacttgaaac tactaaaggg aagcacagag gaacctggta ggactccaat agctcaagaa     93780
     ataaaagcaa gaactgacag acgaaattac actaaattaa aacacttctg aggagcaaac     93840
     gaaactataa tatgaagtgt taccccagag ttagagaaaa tctttgacag ctattcatct     93900
     gaaagagaat aaccagaata ttttaactcc aaccttaaca gcaaaagaac aaataatcca     93960
     gtcaataaat gacaaatgat ctaaacagat acttctcatg aaacaaagga aggaaagaag     94020
     gaaacacaaa tggctaatgt tcaacattct tagctatcag ggaatgggaa tcaagatttc     94080
     actcagccaa acagttctta tacaaaatgc tgctgaagat ctgaacaaaa aggaaccttt     94140
     atatacatta gaagatatat gtgaatcagt acagccatta taaaaacgga gattcaaaaa     94200
     aaaaaaaaca actacaaaca gacctatata tagttcagtt ataccgctcc tgcacaggat     94260
     ctgcactcct gtgtttatca cagtgaccta ttgacacaat aggccacttt gacttaatgg     94320
     aaatctgtgt gtccaaacct ttaggtcctt gtccccagtt gggttttgat gaatcaataa     94380
     cgccaacagc caatggctag gcaaagaggg agaggtggga cttctaggtt cctgtgggca     94440
     aggagacagg agtgaggagg agatgcagaa tcaagagaca gctcagattt agagccacag     94500
     ggggaagatc atccaaaatg tagttgggaa gggaaagtgg cccctggaag ggcagcccag     94560
     aggcatcttg ggcagcataa accaataagc ctcacagaag gtaacagggc agcaaagtta     94620
     taggtggatt tagaaggtgt tgagtcagga gtactggagg gaaaagtatg ctagttgagg     94680
     gaggattaga atggcccagc ctttgcgtag ccaaggcatt tcaaaaataa acttgtgtgt     94740
     gtgtgtctgt ctgtctgtct ttcatttgca gatccaaaga gctcctgagt gggagctctg     94800
     gctggaagcc aaaggggagt agctaaaatt actgctacac aatagtctat tgacagatga     94860
     ctgagccaaa aagatatggt acatacacac agtggagaat tactcagcta taaaggaaga     94920
     tgaagctgtt ttgagggtaa aaggaccatg aggtatataa gaggagaaca aaagggagaa     94980
     ggaatcaaat gaggatatat gaatacatag aaatgtcaca gtaaaatcca atcactggta     95040
     taattaatgt gcatattcta acccatgaat gatggcattc acctatatta tcaacacttg     95100
     agaaatggaa gaacaagagt tcatcttcag taatacaatg agagttcaaa gctaacccag     95160
     cctatatgag accctgtctc tcacaaagaa aaagagtcac tagagtactt tattttaaat     95220
     gatgtaaccc aaaaggaaga aataactgtg atgtatcatc atatagttaa aaaaaagcat     95280
     agagccaaaa cactcatata cataaaatta ataaatattt aaataaatac atcatttcta     95340
     aatgtatcaa ctttatttag aaatataaat aaaacactac tttagctagg tgacattaat     95400
     tcatcatgaa tgaaaaagta aacctaagcc aaatacataa gaaaaaatgt gaattttaaa     95460
     acaacctaag attagaggcc ttcctcagca gctaaagaat acctatctac aaagcatcaa     95520
     aaactaacat acttaataat gagaaaggca ggggctagtg agatggctca gcgggtaaga     95580
     gcactaactg ttcttctgaa ggtcctgagt tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac     95640
     taccacctct aatgagatct gacaccctct tctggtgcat ctgaagtcag ctacagtgta     95700
     cttatgtatc tgtattatgt ataagtacag tgtattatgt ataagtatct gtattatgta     95760
     taagtacagt gtacttatgc tctggcccaa agaaatcttt gggccagagc aagcagagac     95820
     taagcgagtg gagttgactg gaggcagccg gtctgagtcg ggccaaccag agcaagcaga     95880
     gggaaagaaa gaaagaaagg aaagaaagga aagaaaggaa agaaaggaaa gaaaggaaag     95940
     aaaggaaaga aaggaaagaa aggaaagaaa ggaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     96000
     aaagaaagga aggaaatgag aaaagcaaag cttctctaag acctacaaca aggcaaaggc     96060
     accctttctc attcttcaac gcagttctaa gaatcctatt taatgcaaga aaacaagaaa     96120
     aaggattgaa attaacaagt aaaactgcct ttatacacag atggttgtat tatctaattt     96180
     aaaaaaaatg aatgaataca cagaaagacc tagaacttat atataattat atcaagagtg     96240
     aaggtcacaa gattaaaata ctgaagtcaa tcacttttcc tatatgccag caatggacaa     96300
     gtgaaatttt tgttttagct tggtctcagt ttttatgtca gggttttgtt gttgtttgca     96360
     tgctttttgt tttgagacag agtatcacta tactgccctt agccctgact gacatgaagc     96420
     tcatcatata gaccagagta gccctaaaat gacatagacc tgcctgtctc tacctatgga     96480
     gattctggga ataaaagtat gtgacaccaa tctgaaccga acacctagcc aggcaagact     96540
     tccaatggag gaatggaata ccaattcagc cacaaaaccc tcgaaccaca attcgtccca     96600
     cctacaagat gtcagtgata aagatggagc aggcattgca gaaaaggtca acctacggct     96660
     ggcccaactt gagaccccac cattactgac acgtgcaaac gggaacctag tgtaactgtc     96720
     ccctgagagg cttcatccaa aagctgatgg aaacagatgc agagacccac agtcaaacat     96780
     taggcagagc tcagggcatc ttatggagga gtgggagata ggactgaggg agccagagga     96840
     gtcaaagaaa atacaagaaa acctacagaa tcaactaacc tgggcccata ggaggggtca     96900
     cagagactga accaccatcc aaagaggatg taaggggcat acctatgcct cctacacata     96960
     tgcagcagat atgaagctta gtcttcctat gggatcccta aagactagag caggggctct     97020
     ctttgactct actgtctgcc tctggatccc tttaccctaa ctgggatgcc ttgtctaggc     97080
     tcaatagaag atgtgcctag tcctagattt gatttgccaa ggcaagttaa tatcaatagg     97140
     aggcctccct ttctcggaga agatggaggg gtggtgatgg agggaggaga ggtgggcagg     97200
     gagagggagg gcctgggagg aaaggaggga gaagcagctt caattgatcg agatgtgaat     97260
     taattaatta ctttaaaaag tgtgtgctac cagcccagga acaagtgaaa ctggaatata     97320
     aaacacacat catttacact agcatgccaa aaaatgtaat gttaacagag tatgcagaaa     97380
     tctaacaaaa catatttaaa atatacataa gaaaaccata aaactctgat gaaaacatct     97440
     aaaaataact ttaataaatg ggagatagcc catgttcatg aacagggaga tgcaagttct     97500
     ccctatttga tctacaaact gaatgcaatc tcaaccaaaa cccaagcaag ttactttgta     97560
     gatataaaca agctgattct aaagtctatg cagagaatca aaacccagaa taatcagcac     97620
     aatctgaaga gaaagaatat aatcaaaggg ctcttgtaaa gtaaaaataa agcttaaata     97680
     atcaatgaag tagccaggcg gtggtggtgc acgcctttga tcccagcact tgggaggcag     97740
     aggcaggtgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc     97800
     cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaatcaaaaa taaaaataat aataatcaat     97860
     gaagtactga ccaatggaac agaataggaa tgctagaatt ataaccatat aatacagcta     97920
     actgatcttt cacaaagcac aaggacaata caatgaggaa gataatgtat gttgttgaaa     97980
     taattagaca tccaccttaa atatgctaaa aacaaggagt aatacaggta ttccagccca     98040
     tttccaagaa ttgtgagaga tctacttgtg ctcactagga tttcccaaaa acagctctca     98100
     gaacttaaaa aggatacact tgtattacca tagcagtcat acatatttca gattcctgag     98160
     tgtgtcagag cagacccacc ctgagaaaac tttcagaaac tagcagaagt ccaccgccag     98220
     atgcaccagg cacagaggaa tgagtaaacc tgccacttct ctgggctgac attgtagttc     98280
     aatggtagag gacccagatt cagttcccag tagccacatg acaattcaca actatttgtt     98340
     aactccagtt ccaaagatct gatgccctct tctggactcc atgggcatca tgcacataca     98400
     tgatatacag atataagtac aaacaaacac tcatacatat aaaagaattt ttaaaataaa     98460
     acaaaattaa cctatagcct tagaaaccag agcagcagtt acacttagag aagataaaag     98520
     ttacaactgt tgagaaagcc tgggtctctg gcaaggtagc aaaattctat ttctgcatct     98580
     gaaaccatga ttagtcaagt atgttttgta gaaaatgtat ctagggcata cttaaaatta     98640
     tagattcctt cctaatagca taatttgtgg gagtagccaa atactttctg attggcttta     98700
     aggtccactc cacaaaatga acctcatacc tggcactgta attggagaca agactctgtg     98760
     tgtaaagagt catagaccct aggacagaac ctatatctat acctactact atattgctaa     98820
     ctgaaaacca tattaaacta actcctaatg acttattgtt aaacccagag attagtgcat     98880
     cttttcacct tcatcagaga tgctttctgt gtagagaccc aaaatggcca aggtacaaag     98940
     aatatgaggc tacagaatga atgctcagcc ctaaatagga attctgtatc attcccctct     99000
     tcctgagatt taaaacaatt gtggaagagg gggcaaaacg attgtaagag ccagaagcag     99060
     tggatgtcca tatagaacca gtgttttcca gttatgacag ggtttccagt tatggcagct     99120
     atacaaatga actgagggtg gtttttaaca atgcatacaa aacctgggca agcccaagtc     99180
     agtcaaaaat ctcagtatga agaaagaagt aaacatgaag acccacccct atctgaggag     99240
     ttattgacaa ctgacagctg ctaaaaaaga gtcagttttt tttttaaagt gcgctactca     99300
     taggtcaacc ataacctccg ataaatgccc acacacccaa gcatggaaag gcagcacaaa     99360
     tttgattcaa atggtttaaa aaaaaaaaag tcatgaagtt gggaatgtgg agagaggtcc     99420
     gggaggggct ggggagggat gaatgtgctc aaaatacatt gtatgaaata atcaaagaag     99480
     taataaaaat aaaaattaac caactacatt gtactaaact ctatcaactc agatttaatg     99540
     catctcctct tacttcagta tgactcggca agccagttct cagttttcaa aatcagtaac     99600
     tgcacaaact gaaccagaat gtttccctca aaccaagggt gtgactgaga ggggaacgtg     99660
     aactagaaga gaggtgaatg caaatatgta acttgaacat actttgcaga gttatgggga     99720
     cacaaactaa ttcttttaca atagtgtagg gcatcctgaa aggcactcat caaaagagac     99780
     cttagggagc caagctggct tcctgacctg ctagaaacag caggatgaaa ggggtccatc     99840
     ctttccagag cagttgtttg acagcactgt aggttcctgc tctcgccctt cctacgaaag     99900
     acttgtctac actcctcggg aagtttttaa ctctgtcctg gatagagggg tttagagagg     99960
     gtgtgagtat agggagatgc gggtgggagg ccagagccac tgcagggctg gaagcttggg    100020
     aagccaggtg tctgtactta cagctgagcc acagcaagct cagcccagat accaggtacc    100080
     acgcccggct agaagaaaag aggcagccac ccatcaccct ataccctcag ttagcaggag    100140
     atgcgggata aactcaggtg aagatggtga agcagatgat aaaggtgcag atgagttgaa    100200
     tggacgcata gggagagtat aggagaaatg gacgcaggtt aagtgtaggt gactgaggag    100260
     gtccgatgat gacgggctac aagtgttggg aggagagccg aactcaggtg accagaggtg    100320
     ggcacaggtg actggaagcg ggcagaaatg ataggaggga gctcagggaa agggaggagc    100380
     acaggtgacg cagcggaagg aagacatagg tacggggtgg tgggtgggta taaaggtgac    100440
     aggagaaaga taggaagtta gaatgaaggg gagggaacat aggtaaggag aggacagaaa    100500
     ggaggggaga gaacgctggt ggcgcgaggg agacctacaa gaggagagag cagtagggtg    100560
     acagagcagg aggtgacaga ggtgagaaga tggggagcag gtgaacgggt ctcaagtgat    100620
     gcggggcgtc ggagtcagtc tgcagcagac ccagtggggt gctggaaggc caacatgcgt    100680
     gaagggtccg ggaagaaact atgggaccgt gctggtctac gctgcgctcc tgggtccaac    100740
     gcgcggcgca gcaccaggga accgcccgac cacgcaccgt ggactctcgc acttggctgt    100800
     ggaagtgctg ctcccgcgcc gacacctcgt cctgcccttc catcctcctt tcatacccac    100860
     cgcagggccg cccgcgtctg cgcgctccgc cgcaccattg cccgcgggcg gcggggctat    100920
     acagtctctc gtggccggac agaaacgcca cctagaccgc agcaggatcg gaaaacgccg    100980
     cctgagctca gggagaagcg gttcaagata caagaggcgg ggaatggcca cagcctgggc    101040
     ggggcttgag gtcggggcgg gacttgtgcg tcactctgag agcgccgtac gtcagagaag    101100
     agcgcctctg cgcgtggggc gctgggccga aggtcgctag gcgccttgga gagagactgg    101160
     aggaacgggg gcggggtttt tagggtcctg gactgaagtg gccttctgac gcgtgctgca    101220
     gcaggacata aatctcggag ctgggcctga agtgttgtgg tccagccttg ttagtcattg    101280
     cccagagtaa gggcgggccg aagctccagg caggggatga ggtctagagg cggaagccct    101340
     ggtgcgaacg ggatttggag atccgggcac aggtgcaccc gccctcactt gtttattgaa    101400
     gcttttggat caccccgggg cttttggatc acgccttgct ccacccttgt tctcagaatc    101460
     tgagtttagc actgggctcg accaacctta aagacctagg gcctactacg gaaaatttct    101520
     ctcccaagca agtgcaaagc gggaaagccg ttgcagctta gcactctgaa gtccttctgc    101580
     ctctgcggag ataggagagc cgctgtcctg gagaactgag atagcctagg gcccccaggt    101640
     ctgaagatgg gctctgatgg ttaatgatcc tctgtaggcc ttaaacaacg cccttgatat    101700
     gaggcacgac taagtatgcc aacacagcca tttcccttca ttatgcaatt tttgttttaa    101760
     aattggaatt taaaggagta tttggttggt tgatttggat tttctagaca gggttctcta    101820
     tgcagtcctg gttgtcctga aactcaagag atccgactgc ctctgcttcc ggggagtcat    101880
     gattaaaggc ctgggccaaa acagctggaa ttaaaaggat tatttgcaat tttgattctg    101940
     ggttcatttg gtagaagagc ctggggaacc tgagtcttgc tcccagcgtg tgttcccgat    102000
     acagcaggct catcagtcag caacaacgtg tctgaattca aaccagtttg cctttgacgt    102060
     gtctttaaat gtctcagccc taaagaacaa ggaaaaagac ctttttcctg gacaaccgcg    102120
     ttctgggagc taggttaaat acccacctga actgatctgg atgattcctg ggctaatctg    102180
     tccaaatcaa aggataaaca catcagcttt tgaggtgtgt agctctgggg cagatattcc    102240
     agaaagtatt tcacatcttt ccaattgaat actgcaacca tttaaaccct tacatttctg    102300
     ttgcagggct attcatggaa gcttacccag ctttcattca gttttatttg tttcattttc    102360
     tttggcactt ttaaacttag ccaagataac caacttcaaa aatggacacc actcccctgc    102420
     caagcactgt aagactccag ggagccttag cttaccgagg accccctgag tgaaccacgt    102480
     ggaatttatt tatttatttt gtttgtttgt ttttcgagac agggtttctc tgtgtagcct    102540
     tggatgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atccgcctgc    102600
     ctctgcctcc tgagtgctgg gaccaaaggc atgcgccacc acacctggcg caatcggaat    102660
     ttattgttcc agtgcactgg gatcgtccca gacccgaagg agaggtgacg acccccagca    102720
     ctagttcagc gactttttat atggtttcca ggggcagaac agagcatcag caactaggca    102780
     caatatgatt ggcagaacag tgcacccttt aaactgattg gtctttaggg aatgaggtga    102840
     caaggtcttc ccttgtctga aggtgagcaa tggtcagtcc tgctgaatgt gtccccaccc    102900
     tcggtttggt tccaccctgt ggtctgaaaa atgctaatta gcctctcctg gaggggtgat    102960
     tgtttcatga ccttcccaaa gttcctatgc tgacctcttc agcacattgg cccacatctc    103020
     tgttctctgg ctttgcttat cttccagtga gaaccactta ccctgaatct ggccctgatt    103080
     gtgtaactcg ctccagccag tgggaaaatc aaaatgatga cagtgttggg agaaggcctg    103140
     tgccttagag cttgctcttc ctgtgacccc tagtgattcc agcacccagt aaaaagaagt    103200
     ctcaagcaag ctggagttag acatcccatc acttctgcta ctgaaccacc ctttccccac    103260
     atccctctta taagacaaag acagatgtgg catgttttgt actcatttgc agaccatggg    103320
     ttttatattt atacctaaaa tattacatat gtatatgtca tatacttaca ttgccaagga    103380
     ccagcctcgg cttggagagg ggttctgaga gaaggggtat ttgagagctg caaagcaaat    103440
     gactcaaagt caaagtgtga gtccagactg acatcctgtg ttctgctcaa aacagctttg    103500
     gctttccaga ttgctcacta gcgttctccc tccccctccc cctccccctc cctctccttc    103560
     ccggccccct ctcttgtctc tatagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttc    103620
     tgctttagct tttcagattg tattctatat tctgctctgc ttgagacagc tttctcttga    103680
     tattaaaaaa aacaaaaaaa acaaaaaaaa actctctgga tagctcatct cttgcagaca    103740
     aagtctcttt tttatttaaa catcaattca gtcattatca caggttccct tttgattata    103800
     tcttgaatca acaccacctg accccagccc cttgattctt agatagggac cgcaagataa    103860
     taagatagct gggtgggacc cttctctgaa attaccattc tgactatacc tggacctaaa    103920
     ttagctttgt ctgaggctga ccttgaactc ataagcataa gcaaaaaatt tagctgtgtg    103980
     ggatcttgcc ttgcgatcac cactctctaa atctctatct ccttccttag tatgtttctg    104040
     acagtctggc tcatagggca gctgcctctg ttcctttaga tctgtgaagc tccttataca    104100
     attcatattg tatccttata ttttgcatag ttaagaaatt ataaattttc aaactcgtgt    104160
     tttcagcatt ctttcccaga gccttaaggg ttatcctgaa ggtcacagtg ttctgacact    104220
     ccctcacctc ctgaactcaa gctgtctcta gctatcatag agtcattaac tttggcagaa    104280
     cattcctcaa aaaaaaggaa tgtgaaaaat atgtacaatt ttatacaaac gagccttaca    104340
     accatagcag tcatcaacac ttgtgaagac ccacacccca ctagttctgt tccaggggca    104400
     ggaaaccatg tcatactcaa gtccatgcca aactcagcaa gatatgacat gtaagtagca    104460
     gcaaggctgg ggaaacaaag aggattatcc agagagaaag gagaaaggaa gagtgcgtgg    104520
     aaatgcaagt gataaaaatt tacttgaaaa aatgccttta tgatatccat aatgacatac    104580
     aatgaacata caccaattaa aaataattaa tttggccagt gagatgtttc aaataggtaa    104640
     aggtatttgt tgctaggcct aatggccaga attccattcc cagtactcat ttgatagaag    104700
     agaaaaataa ctcccacaaa ttgtcacatg taccttgtgg cacatgagta cacacacaca    104760
     ttttagaaaa taatatttgt aatacagttg ttctgtaaaa ctgtttgagc cactatagag    104820
     ctttgaattt ttctctggga agtgtcacca agcaccctgc ttatagttgt catatgacct    104880
     cactgtgttt agagactagg tagcaggtaa ggatgaagcc atgagactta ctatactaat    104940
     tcagagccta tgtgttgtca tcaggacctc caaaacctgt gacatcccat aggcatcagc    105000
     tcgactacac acctgttgcc aagataagga ccaccatatt caccatattc ccagaatcca    105060
     ttgaactcac ctcccacctt tacctgtgag cacatcatca tccatatata tgaggaatgc    105120
     ttctctctct ctctctctca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaatct    105180
     cttctctttc caccgacacc ttccccctct ctctcccaat aaacctctta acacatggaa    105240
     ctgctttggc ctggtgtgct gtgttcagac tcaagcggct attctaacac atcactatgt    105300
     attggatcca ggtggaggct gcccatgtga taagaggtac acagactaga tttgtgttaa    105360
     aagtctgtac caataacccc taccacctta gggttctatt gctgtgagag aacactatga    105420
     ccacagcaac taatatagag gacatttagt caggtctggc tcacagttca gagatttagt    105480
     ccattatcat ggtgggaaac atggtagcat acaggcagac atggtgctag agaggtagct    105540
     gagggttctg catcctgatc agcaggcagc aggggagcaa cactgggcct agcttgagct    105600
     tctgaagcct caaagcccac tcctgacccc tagtgacaga ctttctctaa caaggccaat    105660
     aatagaccac tcctatgagt ctcccacagg ttgggagtag aaagaaggct caagagactc    105720
     ctaacaccta gagggacaga gttgtatcac ctaaaaagag agagttttcg taaagcaagt    105780
     gaggtgaggt gtaaaccaag tactaagtat tctaagcttt ttattagaag ggcataatca    105840
     tcaagtattg taaaagatgt aaatggaaag ccatacaagg ctgggtgtct ccgatagtct    105900
     tatgtatatg ctgggtgtct ccgatagtct tatgtatatg ctgggtgtct ccaatagtcc    105960
     tctgtatgtg caggaatcct gaagaagtag gctccaatgc cagtgaagga atggatatgt    106020
     taggaaggtg aggacaagca aacaaaaaat agaaccttcc ttcttccatt gtccagagaa    106080
     agtgtggccc agattaaaga tatgtcctcc cacctcatga tctggatcaa aagcctgtgt    106140
     cttctagacg aaagatgtgg atcacaggtg tgccctccat ttctggattg tagttcattc    106200
     cacttacagt caagttggca accaagaatc accatcaaaa agaaccacaa gtgacaatgc    106260
     aggtccatcg ctaataaaac aaaatgttga gcaaaagaaa gctacaggga attaggtgtg    106320
     aatctcttta tacagttcag aacaatgcat aacaaggtta tatgtcattt ggtgaggcaa    106380
     acgtgcagtc gaaccagaaa agcagggaac aatgacatca gaaatggagt cagagcagga    106440
     acaggtgagg gttatttgtg gctacaaaga tctgatggtg atggtgcata tttaaactaa    106500
     tgttgggttc tactctgtta tattggtact ctttctgtca tatacattat gtataatgca    106560
     cagaatgtat ctgctaaata tgcaataaag caatttcttt ttccttttat tgaaaataga    106620
     tttttctcac ataatatgta actttaatta tttcaaacct tatttttaat ggcagttctt    106680
     aaatgcttta tcctctctta taacacacca cccaccagag gtagtggaaa agaaacaata    106740
     aggggggcga gggggagaat ggacctgttt agaaaggttc tttggagcaa ctcccaccta    106800
     tgttgtctgg aaatcggcag ttcagttcac aggttagcag tggcagctcg atccactcca    106860
     gctcaatcca ctctcaaaca cttcacaaat acaccagcag tctagttcag tagagtcagg    106920
     atagcaaata ggaatcagca gcagtatcac aacctagcag agacagccag gcctcagcct    106980
     cagcttgagc gagcaggaga gactgggagg gacaacagaa gttcttggct gtgcctctct    107040
     cagggaaggg aagatcagca aagactcaag acccacaatc attgcacagc tagctgtacc    107100
     aacaagccaa gctctgtctc catcactccg tggagtccta tttataccct ccaaacatca    107160
     catgtcctct acatgtcttg cctcaatact tgtcttgcct gagctcatgc atccaatcag    107220
     cccaagtcct cagaagccgc agccaccacc agaggttttt cagtgcattt ctctgtatgg    107280
     agttccaaca aatgccgctc aactaaacaa tgtaaagtga acgaatacat gcgtgtcatt    107340
     aacaaagaat ccttcatcac gtatcccttc acttgcttgc tttagcagag catcctctct    107400
     cctgtgtctg cttcagtgaa acgttccttc acgagtctgc cttagtctgt cacacctgtg    107460
     tccacttgaa caaaacgttt cttcacgtgt ttgccccagc aaaacaccat ccaattgact    107520
     tcccaaagaa cccttaagtt tccacttcag tgatatatct tgactacagt ttccttccct    107580
     ccattccccc tgttcctctc catatttatt ctctagatcc actccctttt ctgcctcatt    107640
     agaaaacaaa caggcttcta aggaataatg ataaaatata atataataag ataaaacaaa    107700
     ctctaacaca agagttggac aagtcaagaa aaatcacaag aaacagagac ccacttgttc    107760
     taatactcaa gaatcccata aaaacactac actggaagcc atagtatata tgcaaagaac    107820
     ccaaagggta aaaagagagg aggaaaaaat atataatata ctagaaattt aaaaatacgg    107880
     taatttttta aattctgcca cattatgaga cacagaaact ccaaagatac attgatttac    107940
     ttttctgtgg tcactttctt ggcatgcagc ctcctctcaa gaggagtttg tttctccagt    108000
     gagactccct tggaggaaac taaattttca tttgtaagtg gctatcaatt ggagttagtt    108060
     tctgggttag ggatgggagc atgcatccac ttctttctgc tctaggaccc cagctgtgca    108120
     ggccctgtgc acgctgcctc agtctctgtg agtcaatatg tgtattgatc ttgttaattt    108180
     agagggtctt attttcctac tgtcctccat cccctctggc tcttacactc tttccacctc    108240
     ctctttcacg gggctctctg aaccctgagg gaagggtctg atggagacct tctctttagg    108300
     gccaagtgtt ccaaggtctc tcactctgca taatgtctgc ataatgggtc tttgtatttg    108360
     ctgccatctg atgcaagagg aagtagctct gatgatgaca caatatagga tctgacacac    108420
     aagagtagct ctgggagtct ttgttggata aagaattaaa taagcatatt ctgaggctat    108480
     cgtgcataac atagtgagat ctccagttgc atgctgtggc atacacacac acacacacac    108540
     aaataaataa aatgtagatg aaataaaatc ttgcattcaa gccaggcagt ggtagcgcac    108600
     gcctttaatc ccagcactcg ggagccagag gcagacggat ttctgagttt gaggccagac    108660
     tggtctccag ggtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctatacg gagaaacctt gtcttgaaaa    108720
     atcaaaaaaa gaaaaaagaa aaaagaaaaa aatcttgcgt tcatcaccat gcaaaataca    108780
     cagcaaaact accaggctcc tcccattttc tcccctctgt gttggtttgt atatatttgg    108840
     cccagggagt ggcactatta aaaggtgtgg ctttgttgaa gtaggtgtgt cactgtggga    108900
     atgggcttaa atgccctcaa ccttgctgcc ctgaagtaag tcttctagta gcagccttca    108960
     gatgaaccaa gcaaagtaga ctgacttttg taacattgta tgcatgtata ggtatgtgtc    109020
     agtatcataa ggttcatagt tttctaagaa aaaaaaaagg atgctgaaaa tgttgcatgg    109080
     cggcacatgt ctgtaacctg taactctgga gggtaacaag aatagcattg aaaattctaa    109140
     gcttgagtgg gttatatatc aagactggct ctaagccaag atgcttagac agaaagaaag    109200
     aagctttaat ttcgggtggg gatttgtgac tgatgttgat aagaaatgat cagaggaaat    109260
     gcatggaccc agaacttgag ctggctcaga gaatcatgga ggggtcttcc acatctacct    109320
     ttgacatctg tctctgattt ttttgtttac tgtttttggt agtttttttc aagacagggt    109380
     ttctctgtga gccttggcgg tcttggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc    109440
     agaaatccac ctacctctgc ctcccaagag ctgggattaa aggcgtgcgc caccaccgcc    109500
     tgactctgat ttttaaaaaa gtttttatgt taagtgtaaa tttcaatgac tgattctcat    109560
     tgaagtataa tgaaggataa aacccacaga tggtagtata tgtgtaaccc ttgtgaatca    109620
     aaggctgtgc ctggagggtg acctctgata gcaagttcaa gaccagccac acatggtgag    109680
     aatctgtctc aaaaaaagga aaagagtggt gtttgatcaa gagtctgcta gcagaagaga    109740
     caaagaggca tgaccaggat acacgctatc tgtttggtgc catcaaccat gtgtgtgatt    109800
     ggtttggttt aatgtctgca gttacggcag gaacagatcc ggcagtgccc catcacaagg    109860
     tctctaggag agcaaaacct cactgggcct aaggtgagag acttgttcag acatcatatg    109920
     atctgctctc agctctggac agcacatttg acatccaaat gcctgatccg gtgagattca    109980
     gcccaagcat ggagagggct tactgggttc ctggggctca cagtggatga tggcaggaag    110040
     tcgcataaga ggatgaggaa aaacttgggc aacttggtgc atgatctagg agaaaaacag    110100
     aatgctccaa tgccagagat ggtgagtcag gcaaaggaca agatgttttt ccctgtggtc    110160
     cttcagaccc aggttgggtt aattaaaagc actgattaac ctacctctgt ctagaacaca    110220
     gagcatagac ggagttcagg catgcccatc tacaaagttc tcacatatgc cttgggaatg    110280
     agtacttcaa agccaaatgc tgaaagtctc aggctggaaa acactccaac tggtcagttg    110340
     gcctgtaaat gctccaggaa actgtccttc acagtagctt ttgaagtata cttcctgaga    110400
     agaaagatgg aagcagcaag gaaggcatgt cagagcactg tgcctttctc cccctcttcc    110460
     ttggatctgc ttcctgttgt tctttgagca acatctgtgg gtaaagttct tctggaattc    110520
     cctgagcata cataagcatt ttgtagcttg tcatagtgac tgcaaacttg cttaatgata    110580
     cactttggct attttcccat ctatagcgtc cagatgatct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc    110640
     tcctcttcct cctcctcctc cctctcctcc tcctcctcct cttcctcccc ctcctcctcc    110700
     tcttcttccc cctcctcctc ttcctcctcc ttcatgtttg atcagtagtc cactccactg    110760
     gctagctggt gtggctgtat ttacttaacc agactcaggt tactctcagt tcttgtcggt    110820
     tttgattcca ctaaacaatg cctgagcgtt cattctactc ttgactcact tgtacaaacc    110880
     ttggagggac tcttgggatg aggctgggca tcctgtggct tctggaaaat gcttcccaag    110940
     gaagcggctc ccgggctcct ccccagtgga gtaatcaaag ggtcagacca ggcagggcag    111000
     gaagtagaac atgagatttt tttttttcag tttcactggc ccctggccaa gtggagcaaa    111060
     gaagtatcta taggaagctc agagaatttc cccagaactt cacatgtatt gttcccctga    111120
     ggcagccagc ccagagccta gccaggagca tccattaagc atgaagtcag agtcgtagga    111180
     gggccagaat cagctggagt tggcccttaa cctaagcgag cagaggagct tcatgcccca    111240
     ggacacagga tgaacccagg tgtctgaggc cggagctcca acccaggagg gagtgggcag    111300
     ggggttaaat tgctgaaact ttccttgttc cagactcggg gtttcctgat tgtactcaat    111360
     tgcattcttt ccaggccaac ttgatgttgt ttgtctctct ctctctctct cttagccctg    111420
     tttccaagtc ctgatgacac atgattggaa ttgagctgga aaaatggcat agttgcaaca    111480
     tctaagcctt cttggccaaa gaggggggat gtctttaaat gaggcaatat cttttagtca    111540
     gctcttggct ctgaggttac aagacaaacc atcagacaaa aacatgtgaa gaaaatatct    111600
     gagaacaggc tcctctccac tctgagtacc gcagggtcag gacacaaagc acagcaacct    111660
     cactcctccc acaggcctgg ttcactcttg agaaccagtt cccagctgct ggctgtaacc    111720
     tcggcactaa gcaggcatct ttgcagagcc tgggcaaggg ggctggaaag tctcactgag    111780
     ctggcatacg aaccttgatg gaaagatctg tgtctgcttt gtgttcacat gctatggcgt    111840
     tccaacacac cctgccactc tcagccctcc agccctgtac ccatctgcaa attgactctc    111900
     ctaggagtgt gctacaaacc ctgtgttcag gcagtccctg aaccatgccc atcacacact    111960
     gactttaaaa tgaagatgcc agatgctact gaactagccc tacatgcttc acagaaaaca    112020
     tcacttccaa atggactaca aataatgtac aaatgccgcc agagagcaga cataagggac    112080
     taggtgagaa cctagctgaa gtttcttaga tcatcccatt ccttaattga tctagagagg    112140
     gagcagccaa ttttttttgt gtgcaacatt tgtgggtgct taggggcagt ggtaacacgc    112200
     cggccaagga gcaccgctag ggggcgcgag cgccacacgc agtactgggg atcttcgaag    112260
     acctgtcctt tctttcctga aagagtgcca agcttgcaga caagaggcca acgtgaatta    112320
     agaatattag aataatttca gccaaaaact aatgttactt atcacactta acatttaata    112380
     attcctaaac ggccttggag ttggaatcaa cttggatcgg agaatctttc gtgcttcctt    112440
     ccttgcccag ctgcaagaag ccagggcaat gaacagagct ttctgctcct ggactggggt    112500
     tgttctgagg tccccagtgc tctctgtgtg gatacagaat aatggatcac aatggttctc    112560
     tgcagaagta actttaagag aaaaatttat cctcttattt tacctcccaa actagatgca    112620
     taaattgaag tcagtcattt ttaactttat gtagtatctt acagatgtcc tcagcacata    112680
     ttatttaatt tcacaataat ccagcaagta aacaaagact gtaatcaata cttgcagatg    112740
     aggaaactga aaaacaatga agtgaaatat ggtgcctgga atctgctgct gacaaacagc    112800
     agagcctaga aagggcacat ctcagactaa gccaggaact ctctcacctg ccctcatggc    112860
     tccagcatgg aagtggacga catgcaggcc aaactaacac agaacaaccc tgaacagcaa    112920
     actgtgtgta ggatgaacta gagacccctc tcagtggttt acagcacttg ctgctgtggc    112980
     aaaagaagta gggttcagtt cccagcatcc acttgttaca attctctctc cacaagatct    113040
     tcctacttcc tcagacacag agcgaatttg gtgcatgtac atacacacgg acaaacactt    113100
     atactcatat aatggatttt aaaaagaact agcctcagca ataaaaaaaa aaactatgtg    113160
     agagaagaca gttatatata cgtatatata cacatatata tgtattatat atagaaaatg    113220
     atattgatat gtatatgtat atatggagac agccctaaat atggctctgt gtgtagatac    113280
     aagcaaacaa aggcacaagc acatttataa ttatggatat agatactatc tatacagata    113340
     tctatacaga tactgtttta ggtgtagtta tgtattgata gatgtgtgaa tacaaagaag    113400
     ggcacagatg cacacatccc attatgctgg ccacactaaa cactctaatc cacagcagga    113460
     tcacacctgt gcacatatcc ccacccctga cagcctcctc agtccatgga agttccaagt    113520
     tagggaacga agtgtatgat gtatcccaga aatgatgtct gtgaagttaa gaatgctgat    113580
     tgctgaaccc actgttttgt tttgtttttg tttttgtttt ttaagacaga ggatcacaat    113640
     gtagctttgc ctagcctggc actagatatg tagaccaggc tggacttgaa ctcgaagaga    113700
     tccacccacc tctgcccctc ccccacaggg tactataata aaagccacaa tgactagtca    113760
     agccaacact ttattttgtt atttttctta ttcttgatta tattattatt attttatatt    113820
     ttctttattt acacttcaaa ttttattccc tttcctcatt tctcctccaa cccccccatc    113880
     ccatccccct ccccttgctc actaccacac ccactcccgc ttccctgtcc tggcatttcc    113940
     ctatactggg gcatcaagcc ttcacaggac caagagcctc tccttccatt gatgactgac    114000
     aagaccatcc tctgctacat ttgcagctga agccttgagt ccctccgtgt gtactctttg    114060
     gttggtggtt tagtccctgg gagctctggg gtactggttg gttcatattg ttgttcctcc    114120
     tatggggctg cagacccctt cagttcttgg ggaccctgtc aagccaacac tttaatagag    114180
     agtttcaaat gctccttatt cttgtcatca aagtctgctt tttctgacta gagaatgtaa    114240
     ggagtttctg ggtagtctgg gatactaatt tataaacagg ctttgcttgc ctttctatac    114300
     atgaggataa aagttaaaac tcaaaaaagc aaacatgtta ttgtatgttt ttactattat    114360
     aagatgaatt ctattttgga gatacactac ccttccagcc agggtagatt ttaagataat    114420
     tatgtgtttg tgtcttcagt aatgtatctg ctatcagctt attgcattaa aggtttgctt    114480
     gtgaatttga gattatgtgc tgatttatag ccctttcaaa taaaaaggat tttcttcctt    114540
     accttttttt ttcaaaagta cttatgattt cctctgtgtg aagatccatt tgccatcaat    114600
     aaccccctct cttctgagac cttctcagat aaatccagtc tgacattcct ataatgggca    114660
     aggcagagga gggcttcatg aattacacca ggccagtgtg tgagaaaccc ccatcccaca    114720
     atttatgagt tcccaatgtt cccagggcat gctttggtat tctgaagaga gaagtaggtg    114780
     tgtttactaa actgacagcc cagacagatg tttattgagc actgaagatg gctgatatca    114840
     acactcatct gtaatcatga tttggctcta cctacaatgc ttactaatca catctgactg    114900
     tcactcaggc aaaggtgctc tgtgcttggt ttctctgtgt aaaaactttg ttctggcatc    114960
     cacagtagcc tcagactaag tataggccta agccaaactt gctaccttac aaagctggta    115020
     ttttatcatg tcatctgaca gtgtagctat gatataggcc agtaacaatt ttgtctgaaa    115080
     gattctatag ggagtagagg gtgggattgg ggctaaatga tgtacattga ttacactgga    115140
     tgaattcagg agataactta actttctgcc ctgtaacttt atcattaact atagagtata    115200
     gttttttttt tttcatttgc ttgagacggg gtagcccagg ctggccaaga actttatata    115260
     tagccttgga ttactcatct tctgcctctt cctcctgggt gctgcaattt cagacataca    115320
     gtacctcttt atgcaatgct gaggaccaaa tgcagggcct ttaaatacat acgcgcgcgc    115380
     gcgcacacac acacacacac atacacatac acacacacac aattttttaa ttttgtaact    115440
     ttggtctgga tagatggctc agcggttaag agcatttgtt gtttttcaga aaacctgagt    115500
     tcaagtccca cgccacatgg cagcttacaa ccatccataa ctcaagctcc agagtatcca    115560
     atgccctctt ctgccctcag tcggtatcaa gcacatgttg cacagacata cattcaagca    115620
     aaccactcat atacataaaa aataaataaa tctaaagaac atttaatata tataatttta    115680
     acaatcaaat cattgagaac ttcatacatg catgcaatgt attttgatca tatttacccc    115740
     tagctctctc agattcaccc tccacatctc ccaacatagc atcctatttt tttaaaaaca    115800
     caccaaaaca atttgtgctg cccatgtact catagctgag attccatctg ctgaagtatg    115860
     agcaatctac ctagggcaat acccttaaag aaaactgact cttctttctc cagaagccat    115920
     cagctgttca cagctcctaa actacagatg aaagttcact agctcctctc tacccccgtg    115980
     ctggaatgct gactggcaag gccttatgta agtcttgtgc aggcacccac aaggttatgt    116040
     gtgcaactgt cctgtcatgc ccacaagaca ctgtttgact caggtcctcc tgatctctgg    116100
     ctcttacaac cttgctgctc cttcttccaa gatggtctct gagccttgga ggggaggtat    116160
     gatatagatg tcccatttct agctaagcac tctatagatt catattctct gcaatttgat    116220
     cagttgtcaa tttctgcacc agccaccatc aactacacaa agaagcttct ctgatcaggt    116280
     ctgagagctg tagtagtcta tgggcagaga gagataaatt tagagggact ttgatactat    116340
     gtctatttag taaaataata gtagcaagtt cactactagg actggtgaac tccccgacca    116400
     caggttctta gtcagatcta cagtaccaat catgcatttc ctcctgtagg gtgggcccca    116460
     aatcaaatca gaaggtaatg gttatctcca taatatttgt gtcactaatg agcatctatg    116520
     agcatatttt gtctggttat tattgtagct tacagggttc acaggtgggt aagagtgttg    116580
     ttgattgccc ccccccgcac ccctgcagca tgaaattggg atgcacaggc agcagatctc    116640
     tatgagttca aggccaatct gtctacaaaa caagttccag gacaaccagg gctacacaga    116700
     gaaatcctgt cttggaaaca agactttctg ccttccacct tccgccttct gccttccgcc    116760
     ttctgccttc ccccttccgc cttcaggtta gagtgagtgt gcacacatgt gtgggttact    116820
     gaggccccat ggaagaggtt cctcagctgg ccttggtaaa ggtattcgtg tttacactcc    116880
     ctgggctatt ttctccctga tcccactcct cttccacata aacatcattc taacaatggc    116940
     tatgcactta ttctcacaga aatcttggtg gggaatggga taaaaaaaat taattagaaa    117000
     ttttagttgc taaaagcatg taaataaata tttaaccata agttggggtg atgtcgttta    117060
     aaaccactgg atctgtttat atattgggtc ataaaataat aaaaattaaa accaaacagc    117120
     attcttctga gagatttgtt ccagaagtac tacagttctc gtggggttta gtcaggttga    117180
     ttttcagtac tagatgggct acacttcact ctcaaagcac aaatgttcta ttctaatgga    117240
     attcaaagga acataattcc tcctggacat tggataatac aaaagatcag actagtgtgg    117300
     tagccttggt cctgtaaaat aactaaatga gatggcttag aaaccataat gcattatgct    117360
     gtaaaaattc caatcttcac ttctgttttg ttaacaaaat agtgttgggc tcacactatc    117420
     cctgtggcca cccaccacag accagaggca aggcttgaac ttatgggcaa ctgcttcaat    117480
     tatcttcctc ctttcaaaag gcaagtaaga aaaaaaaaat gatgagactt agcagctact    117540
     gcacaggcaa ctaactcctt gtacagacct ggagcactga cttgcttcct ggttcctcca    117600
     cagagttctt tgctgcatcc ctgacaaggc aggaaccagg acatgtgagg ctgtagctgt    117660
     gagtctggac tccaggtcca gttcgctgag gcaccaaacc cctcccagtg tcctagtttc    117720
     ctaatatttt agccaaaatg accaggatgc aataaaaata tgtcaagagt caggaaaatc    117780
     acagcttgaa gagggaatgt agatcagaca gtgtcaatgt caagacccag cagggatcag    117840
     acttactggg caaaaaccag acatggctat gaataaaaat gctttagggg aaggaggtgt    117900
     ggttcgatga taaagcatgt acctagtgta tctgaacttg acctcaagaa tgaaaaacta    117960
     agttagtaaa ccaataaaaa ggtttcagta aacaattgta agttccctgg aaaagactag    118020
     agattccact aaagaacaca agattattgg tttgtttttt tttaaagtaa caaacattgt    118080
     aaaaattgaa aatacaataa taaacacaaa aaactttcta gacaggcttg gtgttggtgg    118140
     cggaggagag atttgaggac tagaatccat gcctgaccaa gagtctcaag acaataacaa    118200
     aagacccagt atttgattta tcagagtccc agtcaggaac aacacgcata tattcaagga    118260
     aataatgtca gacttgctaa tctagtaaaa agacaaactt acatattcaa gacacaaagc    118320
     acatcacaac agaacaaact caaagaaatt catgccaagg cacagtgcaa ctcaaggcca    118380
     gaaaccaaca gcaggaacat catcaggtca gagccgagac agcatctttt cccatgaaag    118440
     gacatgataa gaatgaagcc tgtttttatg ccgcatcact cggtggagga agctccttgc    118500
     ctgacgctca gggactatgt caaaagggtg cagaatcatc ttaaaagcca gaggttgagg    118560
     agcaactagg taaaaacagt gtcttccacc gtcaataaga caaagagacc accagcagat    118620
     tgggaaagga tctttaccta tcctaaatca gataggggac taatatccaa catatataaa    118680
     gaactcaaga aggtggactt cagaaaatca aacaacccca ttaaaaaatg gggctcagaa    118740
     ctgaacaaag aattctcacc tgaggaatac cgaatggcag agaagcacct gaaaaaatgt    118800
     tcaacatcct taatcatcag ggaaatgcaa atcaaaacaa ccctgagatt ccacctcaca    118860
     ccagtcagaa tgtctaagat caaaaattca ggtgacagca gatgctggcg aggatgtgga    118920
     gaaagaggaa cactcctcca ttgttggtgg gattgcaggc ttgtacaacc actctggaaa    118980
     tccgtctggc ggttcctcag aaaattggac atagtactac cggaggatcc agcaatacct    119040
     ctcctgggca tatatccaga agatgcccca actggtaaga aggacacatg ctccactatg    119100
     ttcatagcag ccttatttat aatagccaga agctggaaag aacccagatg cccctcaaca    119160
     gaggaatgga tacagaaaat gtggtacagc tacacaatgg agtactactc agctattaaa    119220
     aagaatgaat ttatgaaatt cctagccaaa tggatggacc tggagggcat catcctgagt    119280
     gaggtaacac attcacaaag gaactcacac aatatgtact cactgataag tggatattag    119340
     cccaaaacct aggataccca agatataaga tacaatttcc taaacacatg aaactcaaga    119400
     aaaatgaaga ctgaagtgtg gacactatgc ccctccttag aagtgggaac aaaacaccct    119460
     tggaaggagt tacagagaca aagtttggag ctgagatgaa aggatggacc atgtagagac    119520
     tgccttatcc agggatccac cccataatca gcatccaaac gctgacacca ttgcatacac    119580
     tagcaagatt ttatcgaaag gacccagatg tagctgtctc ttgtgagact atgccggggc    119640
     ctagcaaaca cagaagtgga tgcccacagt cagctaatgg atggatcaca gggctcccaa    119700
     tggaggagct agagaaagta cccaaggagc taaagggatc tgcaacccta taggtggatc    119760
     aacattatga actaaccagt accccggagc tcttgactct agctgcatat gtatcaaaag    119820
     atggcctagt cggccatcac tggaaagaga ggcccattgg acacacaaac tttatatgcc    119880
     ccagaacagg ggaacgccag ggccaaaaag ggggagtggg cgggtagggg agtgggggtg    119940
     ggtgggtatg ggggactttt ggtatagcat tggaaatgta aatgagctaa atacctaatt    120000
     aaaaaaaaag atttattagg ttcatcgggg tttctaaatt ctaacattct acttcatgat    120060
     ttatcatatt atgatgctgc caatgatttt atttcccagg gcttaaacaa aggacctgta    120120
     aggaaaaaaa aatctacaag aattcatgta ttgaaccaaa tagctttgct gtcatgcaag    120180
     aaccataaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacagtgt    120240
     cttcttaaca tgacagacag aggactgcca tactcaagaa cacagcagct ggggttggct    120300
     gccctgggac caagccaggc aacaatccag cagtctgagg aagagcccct cagtccccgc    120360
     ccctagctaa ggagctatgg ataattgagt tagctatctt tatagtgtgg tctcttgttg    120420
     gtcagccaca cgccaatgga cggcctcatg ccagagagta tatggaagtg ctaatttgac    120480
     tcagtgggtt ataggaaaat agtaacagaa aagaggacat gaagttgtga aggggctact    120540
     gggagctttg agaaggagtt aaagcagggg ttaggaggta agaatgataa aatgaattat    120600
     atacttgtat gaaattttcc ttaataagca aaagttacat acacacacat agacacagtg    120660
     taaatggtgc acattcatgc catcccagta ttctgaagcc taaggcagga aggactgctt    120720
     taagttttag ggcagcctgg gctagagaat aagcctctta tgaaaacatc aaaacatctc    120780
     tcaaccatca aaaaggagag aaataaactc agtgcacagg tctctgcagc actcagaggc    120840
     aaggcgacaa attccaagcc agcctgggct acatagtaag gccttatctc aaaaattaac    120900
     tatttaagat tcaagatttc taaaaatgca agaatttgtc tcagaactac attgaaagaa    120960
     cagctaaagg accaggcagt ggtggtacat taatcccagc attcaggaag cagaagcaga    121020
     gggatcttcc agagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacagagt gagttccagg acagccagga    121080
     ctgcacagaa aaaccctgcc tcgaaaaacc aaaccaaaca aacaaaaaac aaacagctga    121140
     aagaacatca gggaagtgag agactgtagt cctgagcagc agctgctgcc ggtagatttg    121200
     aactccaagg ctcctgccaa gacctgtgtg ccctgagcct gcatcctctg gcacagtgcc    121260
     accccactca ctgagtcagc cacctccgtt gcgcagaatt ccttccctct aaatccttga    121320
     tgttgcagcc ttgagcacag ttatctgcag ggtgttttca ttttctgtgg gggacctgca    121380
     cacaggctgc tgagagctag ctacagcagg acccaactgc actggtttta caacctttca    121440
     ggctgtgaac ccaccccatg atgtcttcat ggttatgagc acaaaagccc tgagaccagc    121500
     tttgagtctt ctactgaact ggatttctga atcactgaag ctaagtgtgg ggccagatcc    121560
     tgaaaaagct catgaatgtg gctatgtagg ggtctaagga gggtccatac aaaacccgag    121620
     ttgtggctgt gtgagagtct aaggaggttc catacaaagg agtattagct cttccaatag    121680
     agaagcaggc agccctgaga aagcattggg cttcaggaga gctcaaccag aaaggtagac    121740
     tggaaggaag ccaggggaaa gacagactcc tcacttgggt aatttcggga caccacctct    121800
     gtctagcaca gagcctgctg ctgttcaagg accacattgg gccctgacct gacctgctcc    121860
     tctagtttga aggtgtattg tcacactcta ggtggctctg tttgtatttg catctggagg    121920
     taatacggca gatgaaactg tacacaaaag tagtttagga aaaatctaga atattccaac    121980
     cacttagact gtcatggaaa agagaaaaga gcagtgtcaa caccaacatc acacttagat    122040
     catatttcaa aatgtcatct gcatgtgatt gcgagatgca tattaactga ggaattatta    122100
     taattctacc ataatttact actttaccaa aataaactag taaaataaat aaatactgct    122160
     gtacatgccc agttgactaa tatgacccaa acgaaataaa atattaaagg aggagatgtc    122220
     aagattaagc tagattagtg atagggtctc agggtcctgt ttcaatataa ttaaatatat    122280
     gatttaatgt gtttttagct cagaatcatc gtaaaaaggt tttgtaaaat aataacatag    122340
     aaatgaagac accctcacca aggctgcaga ggaataaaag gttgtcatat ttctgctctc    122400
     tcctggcagg gcaatccatt gccatcaatc tcacatgctg tggagggaca cagggatgtt    122460
     tcccttccag tcactcatgg tcattattta atggagggga gcagccacca tcttcattaa    122520
     tatattaacc tatggctcag agagaccttg cagtaaacta actgacaact cctcatgaca    122580
     gacttgtatc acagggctta gggaccttaa ccatctaaaa tgacagcttc tgggagaaat    122640
     ccagtgttct aactccaagg aagacaccaa cagagagagg tatccctgaa tccaagctca    122700
     tgataacttc aagtctaatc tagaagagct actttaaaac attcctgata tggatggggc    122760
     tggagagaca gctcagcagt ttagagcact ggttgctcct gcagaagacc caggtttgat    122820
     tcccagtgcc tacatagtga ctcacaactg tctctaactc cagttccagg ggattcaagg    122880
     ccctcttatg gcatccttgg attcaagtgt gcatgtggtg gtgcacactt acaatcccag    122940
     cacttgggaa gtaggggcaa aagggtcaga agctcaaggc cagtttgtgt tacatataag    123000
     ttcaagaaca tcctaggctt tgtctcagaa caactagaaa catgtagtag aactttgcat    123060
     ctttaaacat tatagatgtg taaagccaaa gaccaggagc tagtgggtat tgttaggtaa    123120
     aaaaaggaaa atgaatgtaa ttagctcatt tgtccaacac tcagtaatga agggctcccc    123180
     aggttgactc ctgcccttat cactccaaag tactacacac caaagcttct gtgatggttt    123240
     gtatattctt agaccaggga gtggcaccat ttggaggtgt ggccttgttg gaataggtgt    123300
     gacctggttg gagtaggtgt gtcactgtgg gtgtgggttt aagactctca ccccagttgc    123360
     ctggaagtca gtcttccact agcagccttt ggatgaagat gtagaactct cagctctgcc    123420
     tgcaccatgc ctgcctggat gctgccatac tcccaccttg gtgatgatgg actgaacctc    123480
     tgaacctgta agccagcccc aattaaatgt tgtttttata agacttgtgt tggtcatggt    123540
     gtctgttcac agcagtaaga ccctaagaca gcttcctgtg cacttcttta aaagaaaatt    123600
     ataaaacatc tatgggggtg ggggacacag gcatggacac atgagtatgc aagcatgcat    123660
     gtctaccacg gttcatatgt gatggtcaga ggacaacata tgggaatcag ttctctgctt    123720
     cctccatttg ggacctgggg cttaaactca ggttatcagg tttagtgttg ataccactaa    123780
     ccagtgagcc atctggccag tcctaacgca gcttctgaat gtccccagct gtatcatatt    123840
     aaagttatac acacaaacag acatgatact ggtgtgcaga gcatgtctgt ggactctgct    123900
     tcctttccct ttcttcttta tttttatttt tattctttta ggaaagggga tttgagggac    123960
     tggtttgcta ttttaaaaag gcatttgtca acatttaaaa tccaagcaca ttcacatgag    124020
     gttctttctc ccacagtgtc atgtagccca ggacaattac aaattctcta tgtagccaac    124080
     gatgacactg agctcctgat cttcctccat ctatctccca agtgttcaga ttatgggttt    124140
     tcatcgccat gcccagctta tgctagaggt gaactacctt catgaaagct gggcaagcac    124200
     ctaccaacac tgtgacacca ctgtggagag ccttttgggg tgccacttgg caggaatctg    124260
     acattggcca aggacaagga aatgggcccc ttggcaggaa tctgacatta ggccatgaca    124320
     aagaagtaag tccaggcagg aacctgacat tagggcaaga caaagaagta agttcagaca    124380
     gggacctgac attggccaag gacaaggaag taagaatctg attttagggt agaacaaaga    124440
     agtaggctca gctatcttgc cttgcgtgcg ccctgactca ccagcaactg caacaggatc    124500
     cttctgcaca cgtttattgg gagagcttga ttgcagaggt gaagagaccc caagcctaga    124560
     actggtgctg cttatatagg cctaggagag gcgtgtctca caccagattg gttatgcatg    124620
     ggttatgctt accacctcat ttgcatgtct cacatctgat tggttaacat gtctctcatc    124680
     tgattggtta acttctctct catctgattg gttaacttgt ctctcatctg attggttaat    124740
     atgtctctca tccgattggt taattctcaa aacttcatct tggcaaaaaa ctttactgcc    124800
     tatgtatgcg tggtggccag caccaccctg caacggcaca tgtggcttcc cacaatcttg    124860
     atcattagaa acagcatcac cagagtgatc atggagtccc gtgacttcat gtgtttgtgt    124920
     ttgttgtctt gcttgttcct tgactattgt cttacttgat tccttattgt actgtttgcc    124980
     cttaatattt gcatgtaatt aaaatggtat aaaagcagat tgggaaaatt aaatttgcct    125040
     tcagtctcag aattgactgg ggtcatgcta caatgttgtc taactgtctt ttttttcttt    125100
     tcaatcctca ctcctgcact ggagaacctg ttgactgact gagtgggctt ggtcatacag    125160
     cctagcctgc atcctgcttc tttatttcca aatgactcac agtaccaggc cctaacatca    125220
     ctggcctaga aggaaaccaa tgaggggagg ccactgggtt ccatcctctg caacaaagca    125280
     gacgttccaa ccctgcacac agagcagtcc ccaggaagag ccccaagtgg ccactgtgtg    125340
     tggccaagac acctgaccct acgctctctc tctttttttt tttctagaca gggtttcttt    125400
     gtgtagccct ggctattcag gaacttgttg ttgcacacca ggctggcctt gaactcagag    125460
     atcaatcagc ctcttcttcc aagtgctggg cacatctcat gccacctggt gaccctacat    125520
     tcttgacagg gtactctgaa gctctctctc gggtgtttca gtaggctcta cctgtagcag    125580
     tgttgtcaaa agcctggttc ctgtcatgcg ggtcagctgt gactacatac agatggaaat    125640
     gcttgagctc tggctccaca cagtactgtg ctcaagccac gtgtcagtca gtcaggcttt    125700
     gctcttgttt gaggggatgg ctgtgaggca ggaaagcatg aataatagct tagcaactgg    125760
     gattctactt ggactgggct gtgcacaccc ctcttctaat aatgcacctg aaagcctagc    125820
     ttttttatgt gaatgtgctg tgcacattta cctctgtcat acacctagga acctgttagc    125880
     agccccagac tcccacctgc atgggctatg gcatgggcta tggcatgggc tatggataca    125940
     cccatctctg aacaatgaga taagtttctc ctaccctgac aaccatcaaa gctggacacc    126000
     ttctattcaa atgtaaactg tcttagggtt ttattgctgt gaagagacac catgaccaag    126060
     acaactctaa taaaggaaaa catttaactg gggctggctt acagtttcag aggtttagtc    126120
     cattatcatc acagtgagaa gcatgatggc atgtagacag atatggtgct agagaagaag    126180
     cagagagttt tacatcttga tctgaaggca aggagagaga gactgtgtat cacactggat    126240
     agcttgacca tacgagacct caaaggcagt gacacacttc ctccaacaag gccacacctc    126300
     ctaacagtgc cactccctat aggccaagac tcattcaaac acatgagtct gtaggtgcca    126360
     tatccaccac atatactcaa tacatacatg tagctgtttg tattaacgga cactaattat    126420
     gttccccccc ccccaaaact tacacagagg gtctgcatgt agcttctggg aactcgcccc    126480
     tagttggtta tgattggtaa ataaagatgc cagcagccac tatctgggga ggacagacag    126540
     aggcagagtt ttaggacagg aggaaagaga tccactatgc tttaggagag tgtggagata    126600
     ggagagacag gctgccatgg ggtagagaag caaggagagc atcctgggct ccaaggcaag    126660
     aaagctcggt ctgcagtgtg ccacgaatgg gtcgggagag gccaagatgg aacatagaag    126720
     ttagtagtaa ctcagaatta ttggtgggag gtagaatcta gcagcacaga ggctaggcag    126780
     cttcccagct atcgtgctgc ttaagacatt ttaaaataca aagactgtgt gtgtatttca    126840
     ttcgggcagg tagtgatccc acaccaggat ttattaatta ataattaatt tgacatatac    126900
     aggccaattt agtctgaact gaatttaggt gtatgtttac tcagtaagct tttaaggaat    126960
     gttccctact tatgacctat tccttatgca taagtgtgtg tgcataagat taaaatgaga    127020
     tacattatgg gacagggcac aagcagtata aatattattg tgtgacctaa tctatcaatc    127080
     aaaacagaac cacactcact acacccttag tagcacaaaa tcctccatcc tgcaaaagga    127140
     agccttaaac agtaaccatg gtccttaaat agcttcatta ttgtgaccca ttactctctt    127200
     gcagtaaaat ctgcccttct ttccactttg ctttggaaaa attttctttg ctacttttcc    127260
     aaatctgtgt aagatttcat ttcaattctt tggatgtgag acaagtacct ggaaatacct    127320
     agcctagacc ccagccatca ataacagcag aactggatgt tctcacctct gtgttctcat    127380
     cagaacaatc aagcacccac tctggtcaca ggaaagagag gaatggagcc ctttcaacca    127440
     aaagtcatca aaaaagataa ggaaggacac ttcatactca tcaaaggaaa aatctaccaa    127500
     gaaaaactct caattctgaa catctatgct ccaaatgcaa aggcacccac attcataaaa    127560
     aaaactttac taaagctcaa agcacacact gcacctccca caataatagt aggagacttc    127620
     aacaccccac tctcaacaat gaacaggtta tggaaacaca aactaaacag agacacagtg    127680
     aaactaacag aagttatgaa ccaaatggat ttaacagata tctatagaac atttcatcct    127740
     aaatcaaaag aatatacctt cttctcagca cctcatggta ccttctccaa aactggccat    127800
     ataattggtc acaaaaaaga cctcaacaga tacaagaaga ttgaaataat cccatgcctc    127860
     ctatcagatc actaaggatt aaggttggtc ttcaatagca acaaaaaaaa tagaaagtca    127920
     acatacacat agaacctgaa caatgctcta ctcaacgata acttggtcag aaattaaaga    127980
     atttttaaaa tttaatgaaa atgaaggtac aacataccca aagttatggg acacaatgaa    128040
     agcagtgcta agaggaaaac tcataactct gagtgccttc agaaagaaac tggggggctg    128100
     gagagatggc tcagtagtta agagcaccga ctgctcttcc aaaggtcgtg agttcaaatc    128160
     ccagcaacca catgatggct cacaaccatc cgtaatgaga tctgacaccc tcttctgggg    128220
     tgtctgaaga cagctacagc aggcgagggg gtcagggtaa gaagaaaaag tgtctgaaga    128280
     cagctacagt gtatttacat aaaataaata aataaatctt taaaatagaa ggaaggaagg    128340
     aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaagaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa    128400
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aaaagtaact ggagaaagca gcttaacagc    128460
     acacctgaaa gctctagaac aaaaaagaaa caaatacaga ggagtagaca gcaggaaata    128520
     atcaaactca gggctgaaat cacccaagta gaaacaaaaa gaactataca aagaatcaac    128580
     aaaaccagga gctggttctt tgagaaaacc aacaagatag ataaactctt agccagacta    128640
     cccagagggt acagagacag tatccaaatt aacaaaatca gaaatgaaaa gggagatata    128700
     acaaaagaaa ctgaggaaat tcaaaaaaat cacctgatcc tactacaaaa gcctatactc    128760
     agcacaagta gaaaatctgg agaaattgac aattttatag acagatacca aataccaaag    128820
     ataaatcagg atcagataaa ccatctaaac agtcccataa ctcttaaaga aatagaagtc    128880
     attaaacagt cattaaaatt ctcccaatca aagtgaagaa ttctatcaga ccttcaaaga    128940
     agacctaata ctcttcaaac tattccacaa aatagaaaca gaaggaatac tacccaattt    129000
     gttctatgaa gccacagtta tgctgatacc aaaacctcac aaagacccaa caaagagaat    129060
     tgcaggccaa tttcccttat aaatattgat gaaaaatctc aataaaattc ttgcaaacca    129120
     aatccaagaa cacatcaaaa tgatcattca ccatgatcaa gtaggcctta ttccagagat    129180
     gcaggtatag ttcaatatag ggaaatccat caatgtaatc cactacgtaa acaaactcaa    129240
     agaaaaaaaa agccacatga tcatttcatt agatactgaa aaagcatttg ataaaattga    129300
     acatcccttc atgttaaaag tgttggaaag atcaggaatt caaggtccat atctaaacat    129360
     agtaaaagca atatacagca aaccagtagc caaaatcaaa ctaaatggaa agagacttga    129420
     agcaatccta ctaaaatcag gaaatagaca agactgccct ctatctctcc ctatctattc    129480
     aatatagtag ttgaagtcct agctagaaca attagagaac aaaaggaggt taaagggata    129540
     caaattagaa aagaagaagt caaaatatca ctatttgcag atgatagcat acttatgtga    129600
     ctcgaaaaac tccaccaaca aactaatata gctgataaac aacttcacca aaatggctgt    129660
     atataaaatt aactcaaaca aatcagtagc cttcctatat tgaaaggata aacaggctga    129720
     gaaagaaatt agggaaacaa cactcttcac aatagtccca aacaatataa aggatcttgg    129780
     tgtgactcta atcaaacaag tgaaagatct gtatgacaag aatttcaagt ctccgaagaa    129840
     agaaatcaaa gacctcagaa gatggaaaga tctcccatgc tcaggaattg gcaagattaa    129900
     tataataaaa atggccatct tgctgaaagc aatctacaaa ttcagtgcaa tccccatcaa    129960
     aattccaatt caattcttca tagagttaga aagagcaatt ctcaaattca tttgggataa    130020
     caaaaaaccc aggatagcga aaactattct caacaactaa agcacttctg atgaatacca    130080
     tccgtgacct caagctgtac tacagagcaa tagtgataaa aactgcatgg tactgataca    130140
     gcgacagaca ggtagatcag tggaatagaa ctgaagaccc agaaatgaac tcacacaact    130200
     atggtcactt gatctttgac aaaggaacta aaaccatcca gtggaaaaaa gacagcattt    130260
     tcaacaaatg gtgctggttc aactgatggt caacatgtag aagaatgcaa attgatccat    130320
     tctttgttag cttttgtttt tgattttcaa gacagtgttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt    130380
     cctggaactc gctttgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaaccca gaaattcacc tgcctctgcc    130440
     tcccaagtgc tgggattaca gatgtgcgcc accaccgccc agctaaattg atccattctt    130500
     atcttcttgt acaaagctca agtccaggaa gatccaagac ctccatataa aaccagatac    130560
     actggatcta ataaagacaa agtggagaaa agtcttgaac acgtgggcac agggcataag    130620
     ttcctgaaca gaacaccaat ggcttatgct ctaagatcaa gaatcaacaa ataggacctc    130680
     ataaaattgc aaagcgtctg taaggcaaag gacactgtta ataggacaaa acagcaacca    130740
     acagatgggg agatctttgt caatcctaca tcctatagag ggctcatatc taatatatgc    130800
     aaagaactca agaagttcga ctctagagaa ctaaatagcc ctattaaaaa tggggaacag    130860
     agctaaacag agaattctca actgaggaaa cttgaaggac tcagaaaacc taaagaaatg    130920
     ttcagggaaa tgcaaatcaa accaatcctg ggattctacc tcacaccagt cagaatggct    130980
     aagatgaaaa actcaggtga cagcagatac tggtgaggat gtggagaaag aggaacactc    131040
     ctccattgct ggtgggattg caagctagtt caaccactct ggaaatcagt ctggcagttc    131100
     ctcagaaaat tggacatagt actacctgag gacctagtta catcactctt gggcacatac    131160
     ccagaagatg ctccactata taaggacaca tgccccacta tgttcatagc aatcatattt    131220
     atagtagcca aaagctggaa acaacccagg tgtctctcag cagaggaatg gatacagcaa    131280
     atgtgatata tttacacaat agagtactcc tcagccatta aaaacaatga cttcatgaaa    131340
     ttaaaaacaa tgacttcatg aaattcgcag gcaaatggat gggacttgag aatatcatcc    131400
     tgagtgaggt gactcagtca caaaggaaca aacacggtat gtattcattg ataggtggat    131460
     attagtctaa aagttcggaa tacccaagtt ttaattgaca gaccatatta agaaggaaga    131520
     ctaaaatgtg gatgcttcag tgctttttag aaaaatgaac aaaatactca taggaggaaa    131580
     tatggagaca atgtgtggag cagagactga aggaaaggcc atccagaggc tgtcctgttg    131640
     cggaccgacc agccgctcga gaggaacggt acaactgaga tggcagctcg ggctgaaaga    131700
     gagaaactag acagacagaa gaaagaatgg agccaagaca aggcagactc tgatcaaagc    131760
     tcaattttac tactctgaca cgcagttata aaggagggga agggggcccg attcccgcca    131820
     aataatgatg gagtccagta gcagggtgac cacgtgtatg gctctggaac agcaaagatg    131880
     gcaggtttca gcagtgggca tggcagaatg attaagcggc aagctccatc ccaatgttaa    131940
     cagtggaacc tgagcaggca ggtttcaggc ggggggaggg gatccatccc atatacagcc    132000
     accagacctg gacaccattg tggatgccaa gaagtgcttg ctgatagaag cctgatatgg    132060
     ctgtctcctg agtggttctg ccagagcctg acaaatacag aaggagatgg tcgcagccaa    132120
     ccattggact gagctcaggg ggtcccagat tggacaaggg actgaaggag ctgagggggg    132180
     ttgcagccca atggagggag caacagtgtc aacaaaccag actccacgga gctcctgggg    132240
     actggacctc caaccaaaga gtacacatag accaacccat tgtgctggcc acacatgtgg    132300
     cagaggatgg ccttgttgga catcagtggg aggagatgcc cttgggcctg agggtattga    132360
     taaccaatgt aggggaatgc cagggtggga agacaggagt gggtgggtgt cgggggagca    132420
     ctctcataga agcaggggga gggggtttgg gatagggcat ttccgaaagg gagacctggt    132480
     aaggggcaaa catttgtaat ataaagaaag aaaatatcca atccaaaaat atatatatat    132540
     attagtcatt ttgcaaatct ctgccatttt ggttgaactg tgaagacagt tcccataaac    132600
     attgtaattt ggtttacaaa accagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    132660
     gagagagaga aatggcacct ggcctagccc ctggtactgt actgatagtt gcattcgact    132720
     gcatgggtac atgttttagt taggatttta ctgctgtgaa gagacaccat gaccacagca    132780
     actcttataa ggacaacatt taattgcggc tggcttacag gttcagtcca ttatcatcat    132840
     ggcagcatcc aggcaggcat gatactgcca ggagccatca aggagaagct aaaaactagc    132900
     agatgatctt cctgagatgg ttccaccgtg ttctgttaaa gttgatgaca gaattgcttc    132960
     tttaggcaag accaagaaga atttcatttt aggaaagatt cctgctatta tgatatatat    133020
     acatatcaac caatcactag gtattaagcc cacccttttg agcagatctc tacagagcaa    133080
     tgaagatgca ctgtcttgta gtgatgctat atagacaaat agatgatttc ttaattttca    133140
     gtgatgctcc tataagaatt cctaaaatta tattagtaat tatttaaggt cttgcactgg    133200
     ctggttttgt gtgtcaactt gacacaagct ggagttatca tagggaaagg aggctccctt    133260
     gagaaaatgc ctccatgaaa tctagctgta aagcattttc tcaaatagtg atcaagagtg    133320
     ggagtgtcca ttgtgggtgg tgccattcct ggtctggtag ccctgggttc tataagaaag    133380
     gaggctgagc aagccagggt aaacaaccca gtaaacagca tccctccatg gcctctgcat    133440
     gagctccagg ttcctgccct gtgtgagctc ctgtcctgac ttcctttggt gatgaacagc    133500
     aatgtgaaag tgtaaactga ataaaccctt tcctccccaa cttgcttctt ggtcatgatg    133560
     ttttatgcag gaatagaaac cctgactaag acagatcttt tattatagga ctgctattaa    133620
     gtcctttctg atttcaaaac tgcaatgaca actctgtcag tcttcaagtg tcatgagtta    133680
     attgcttcag agatagcaaa taggcatcta caacttaaag cacattccaa gaggttgtaa    133740
     aacaattaac cataggttgt aaaaagagaa ccaaagattt actataggtg taaggaaaga    133800
     agataaaata ttgactgggt ttatctatac aaaacttcat gaataactta gtcacaaaaa    133860
     ttctggtttt taactttcag tggcctgttg agctagtgac agatattgaa tgtttagcta    133920
     agtaattatt cttttttccc aaagatttat ttgtttgttt gtttgtttat tatatgtgtg    133980
     tacactgtag ctgtcttcag acactccaga agagggcatc agatttatgt tacggatggt    134040
     tgtgagccat gtggttgctg ggatttaaac tcaggacctt tggaagagca gtcggtgctc    134100
     ttacccactg agccatctca ccagccctct ttgagaattt aaatacatgt gtattatttt    134160
     gatcttatcc agccccattc ctctcatcca gttcccccag acacttgtca ccatatcgcc    134220
     tcccaaattt attaatttct ttcttctctc cttctccccc tgcctctctt ctttctcttc    134280
     ttcttcctct tcttcttctt cctcttcttc tccttctcct ccttctcctc cttcttcttc    134340
     attccaccga gttttctcta acttaaattg tgagtaaatt attattgagc ctggaactca    134400
     tatcatttgg ctaggctggc tggccaaaga gcccagtgat cctctttcct ccatctcctt    134460
     agtgctgggg ttacagcacc tgctgctgca gccaactttt taaatatttt tttttaagat    134520
     ttatttattt attatatgta agtacactgt agctgtcttc agacactcca gaagagggag    134580
     tcagatctca ttacgggtgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactccgga    134640
     ccttcggaag agcagtcggg ggctcttacc cgctgagcca tctcaccagc cctgcagcca    134700
     actttttatg tgggtgctga ggatcacact gaggtcccca tgccagtgtg acaagcactt    134760
     tcccaagtga gccatcccct ccagcccagt atgtgatatt tttaggactg acacagagaa    134820
     gctaaactct acccaagttc tttctattag atattgttgg tacaaggtga tacacaagca    134880
     caaggcatga aagtagaaac gaagctaaag gaaagaggag gccaatgtga actgagaggg    134940
     accagggagg gtaactaagg gtagtgaaag ataaatacaa tcaaattact ttgtattcat    135000
     actgatttta catacacaaa atggcagaag tatgtttgtt gctctttaga agttgttgga    135060
     aatcctgtcc taatccaaag ctaaaattta ttgtatgata ttttaaattt agactaattt    135120
     attattttat acatatgaat gttatgcctg catgtgtata tatatgtatg tatgtatgta    135180
     tgtaaacaca tgaagctctc aaaggtcaga agagtgcttc agatcccctg ggtctagagt    135240
     tacagacagt tgtgagccat catatggaaa ctgggaattg aaattaggtc tctacaagaa    135300
     caagtgctct taagcactga gccacctttt agcagtgtga ccaacctagt gttcctgcag    135360
     ccacaccttc caagctcagc agacttctcg acaaacactt tctctcaggt tgtctcacac    135420
     gcgctattgt ctcgccagca agaacacacg cgtgagaaac cggatccttc tgcagcaact    135480
     ttattacacc agtttcaaca tgaagaggaa gaccccaagc accaaaaagg tgctgcttat    135540
     atacacctta gtgtggcgtg tccacacctg attggctgct ttcccacgcc ccaggatggg    135600
     cagtgacttg gcacgaattt actcttgcac ctgcacacat tacttgttta ccagttaggc    135660
     acagcggagg ctcatgatgg caattgctca cggctctcca caaggttgct ttcgtcaggg    135720
     agttttattc ccggcaacta ctgcagcatc tcaaatggca attaaaacct ttttctgact    135780
     ttactgctgg atagggtctg tctttctttt tatattttaa tgttttattt tatttttact    135840
     tacatgtatg agtgggtgct atgcatgatg gtgtcagcag agggcagaat ctggtatcgg    135900
     atcccctgga actggagtta ggatgcttgt gagccactca tatgggtcct gggaattgaa    135960
     ctccaatcct taacaatttg agtcctgtgc aagggcagac agtgctctta acccctgatc    136020
     tatttcaaac agcatttttt tttccagaca gggtttctct gtataaccct ggctgtcctg    136080
     gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgcctccc    136140
     gagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgggccacca tgcccagctc aaacagcaat ttttaaaact    136200
     aattttttta acaatatgat tcaaagattc ttgtatgttg agaaatagtg gtaggaaaac    136260
     attaagtcct gtgttttgta atcaagctgt taattctgta agagcagaaa actttacatg    136320
     tacagtacag taaaaatact ataattcata acctgtgttt cagtgtttgt ctgtatcatg    136380
     tggcatgata gtgtgtgtaa tacaaagtgt ttctgttcca ggttcagaac cagggctaca    136440
     agtggtgtgg tggctcatcc ttggaatcaa tcctaacact cagaaggcag aggcaggaag    136500
     atatctgcga gttcgagtcc atcctagtct acatagtgtg atccagacaa accaggacta    136560
     catagtgaga tcttgtatca caaaacaaaa cagaatgggg gctacagacc agacttatgg    136620
     tgacaacaca tgaaacgaca caggtgagca cagccagaac acctggcttg gtggcgtatt    136680
     tcactttaaa ttagtttctt gtcattgtgc attcagaaac ttttacactt cccaaatgtt    136740
     tcctaaccct cacattcagt tatgtattcc agtataaact tgtgatccac agtttaggaa    136800
     gctctgtact taataataga aaagcacaca taaaaagggg ggaggaagta aaggaaaact    136860
     aacaggaggg gatgatggat ctaaaattcc atcagaatca gatacaacct tttgatgctc    136920
     aggtgggtaa gaactggtcc atggagactg tgctgagaac aaaggtttct caagaacctt    136980
     ggtaactggg tgagaatcat aactacagtg aaagccacag cattacagca ttaataataa    137040
     aaggatcaat gacacagaca aatatattta caagccactg actcaagttg agatctgcga    137100
     tgacccagac atattaccac tttgaacttt atttatgggt ccatgtccta acatgataaa    137160
     tagttggctt ataaactaaa gacactgaaa attgctacat ataactccat ctgcttttcc    137220
     ttttattcac tatgtgagag atgtcagcaa ggccactggt ccagaataac tccttactca    137280
     tctaatgaat ggatgactgt gtcaaaggat gagcagccta caactaactc aacagttcaa    137340
     tcctctgctg acaaactcgg tgagaacact aaagttctac cacagggcca gcaatgtctc    137400
     tctctgaggt caatgtgact acactgtgaa ggcaagtgct gcccaagact cctggaggaa    137460
     aattgaacct taggctttca caattaactc caagaggaaa agacagaaga gccaggagcc    137520
     tcatattcag ccgaactgca tgaaagacct tccttccacc ttttcttttt ccttcacttc    137580
     ctggctcagt tgtgattact attgctgtga tgaaacacca taaccaaaag caagttgaag    137640
     ggtgccttag ttagggtttc tattgctgtg aagagacagc ataaccatgg gaactcttat    137700
     catggaaaac atttcattgg gcttacatac acttcagagg tctagtctat tatcatcatg    137760
     cctggaagct tggtgacaca caggcagact gggttctgga gaagtagctg agagttctac    137820
     atcctgacca gcaggcagca ggaagagaga atgacaaagt acacccccta tcaatcccta    137880
     gttcctccaa cagtgccaca cctacaccaa cagagtcata ccttcaataa tgccactcca    137940
     aatgagtcta tgagggacat tttcatttaa actaccaaaa ggaggaaagg gttatttccc    138000
     tcagagtttc atgttataaa tagcactgag agtagcaaac tttgactttt tcctttctaa    138060
     tttgtatccg cttaatctct agctgtctta tttctctatt agatcttaaa gtactatatt    138120
     gaagacatag ggagagaatg ggcagtcttg tcttgtccct gattttagtg gaattgcttt    138180
     aagtttctct ctagttaatt tgatgttggc tattgacttg gtgtatattg cttttattaa    138240
     gtttagatgt gcatctcata tccctgatat cttaaggact ttttatatga agaggtgttt    138300
     attttgtcaa aggcttttca gccttgaatg cgatgatcat gtgatatttt tcttttagtt    138360
     tgttaatatg gtggaatgta ctgatgaatt ttcttatact gaaccacccc tgcatcactg    138420
     ggatgaaacc tacttgatca ttgtagatga tgtctatggt gtgttcttta actggctttg    138480
     caagtatttt tgcatcaatg ttcacaaggg gaactggtct gaattctgtc tttgttgtgt    138540
     ctttgtgtgg tttaggtagt cagggtgact gtggcttcat aaaatgagtt tggcaatgtt    138600
     taattagctc ttctgcacta aaaccatctg gaccaggctt tttaaggggt ggaagacagt    138660
     taatgactgc ttctatttcc ttaggggtta taggactatt taggtgggtg acctgatctt    138720
     gatttaactg tggaacatgg tctctgtcta gaatatcatc cattacattt aggtctttca    138780
     actgtgtgga gtacaggatt ctgaagtaaa acttactgat tctttgaatt ttctcagtgt    138840
     ccattgttat gtttcccttt tcatttctga ctttgttaat gtgggtactg tctctgcttt    138900
     tcagttagtt tggctaaggg tttgcctata ttgttgtttt tccttcaaga cacagctctt    138960
     ggttgtgttg attcttctta ttgttctttt tgtttcaaat ttatttcagc cctgagtttc    139020
     attatttcct gtcctaaaat cctaacttcc tctccatgag aggaggcctt gcctcccttg    139080
     ggaactgtag catgtaatac atggagttct tgctgttctc catggtgatg atgcctcact    139140
     gagaataacc atgttgccaa atttcagatg tcttgaagaa gcccaccatg tcaatgttac    139200
     catgccatga gaaattagta acagaagtct atggaccacc tagacttggg cttctgaatc    139260
     actatgtaaa caattaaaat gggttcatgg atgacatgaa tacacacatg aagaccacag    139320
     atatttatgg gaggtttttt tctctctata atgagggtcc caaggaagga actcaggttt    139380
     ctaggtttgg caacaagtat ctttacctgt tgtccatctc atcagctgat tgtctcaact    139440
     aaggtatttc ataagctctt tatctgtatt tatatgtatt attgtgtttg ttttgttttg    139500
     ttttgttttt cgagacaggg tttctctgta tagccctggg tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt    139560
     agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc tcctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt    139620
     aaaggcgtgt gccactaccg tctggcttat ctgtatcatt gacacattct ttttgcctga    139680
     agaatgaatg ttaacattaa tgaaaataca tattaacaaa tggtttccat ggagggagct    139740
     gtggggaggc tggaaattag agtgaactaa aaagctctat ggagccaggc agtggtggcg    139800
     cacaccttta atcccagcac ttgggaggca gagtcaggag gatttctgag ttcgaggcca    139860
     gactggttta caaagtgagt tccaggacac ccaggactat acagagaaat cctgtcttga    139920
     aaaaacaaca aacaaataga caaacaaaca aacaaagctc tatagagact ctccttttgt    139980
     tttaggctac atgtcaaatg taattgggtc cttacttttt tttttctctt cccctgtaac    140040
     ccctagagct aggattgaac ctagggcatt gtgcgtggaa ggcaaatact ctaccactaa    140100
     gttacatctg aggtctgaaa ctccattcag cttctaaaac atttacaggg caggctggat    140160
     gaagacactc agcgggcaat atggccatct tgagacttat tcttgcaaat ggctggcaga    140220
     atgctttcaa gcctgggaat ctttagctat ctgtgagaaa aaaaggaagg tacctcagtc    140280
     cacactgtat cctaaggaca gtttagtctg gtaagggata atatgaaact attgtctcat    140340
     gtcacatgtg ccattagaag aagctaggtt aatgtaccca tctgttagca tttaccaaac    140400
     aaaccccaca gcttagtaag gcatagccag aaaaggtgat ccatccaata tagtaataac    140460
     ttggtcatgt ggcctaaacc cagtctcacc tagtttccag tgtgtctaca gatgaccatt    140520
     tctgtatcag ggtcagctca taaagaccat gtgacccatg gcagaaagta gccatagctt    140580
     ctaccctgct tctcaggaag ctgagctttt aaagcccaaa attaccagca actgcttggg    140640
     gagcacactg gattacttcg tccacaattt aactctgact cctgccagtc tcagtgagtg    140700
     agtttcattc cataaatcat aaaacctaga ataaacactt cctcagtata ctctgagata    140760
     ggccatgcca aagggcagct tcagccatcc ctcctatgtt caatgattgc ataggaatgt    140820
     tccacaccag aaatgcatgg ccatagttgc aggctccatt cactgtgact gttcatgagc    140880
     ttcctcccaa cactgcttag attaagatac ctttcttgtt ataaaaagag attcactatc    140940
     ccctcccagc ttccaggaag ctaatctctc ttctgtattt accagattgc ctaatctaca    141000
     ttgccatcct agattagagg ggagagatct gctctaaagt tggaaataag tgatgctgtt    141060
     gcatgatcct gagcccagag ccctgcatag atgcctggta gtataagaca acgagcatgc    141120
     ctacctcatg tacctgtacc tacacatctc caagtttctc cctttaattg gaggtgatct    141180
     agtccaacta atacagccca ttcactgcaa ggacaaaagt caactgcagg aggtggggtg    141240
     atagtgccta gattaagagc atttgtcaca ctctcaggag actcacatgg ggcctaccaa    141300
     tcaactataa gagggtattg atttccctct tctggcctct gagggatctg aattctgtag    141360
     gactacagac acacaataga caaaacaccc attcacataa aataataaaa ataaatctaa    141420
     acaagaagaa aagcacagta gaggcatggt caaggccaat aatatttata aaaagctatg    141480
     tcccaagatt tggagagtca ttatctcctt tatgtggtta taactgatac tgtattgcaa    141540
     gaagaactga ggcacctggc tctgtatttc ctgatttctt ttatactcct ttatgaattt    141600
     ttgtatttcc tgaggagctg tagagcaatg caggtacatt tcttaatact tggtccatga    141660
     ggcagcttca accatccctc ctatgttcaa tgattgcata tttggccata gctgcagtct    141720
     cgatttcatt caacaacaat gaatgtgtga tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    141780
     tatatatata tatattattt atttatttat tcatttattt tgtgagcaca ctgttacttt    141840
     cttcagacac accagaagaa aacatcagat cctcttacac gcgttcacga ccggccagga    141900
     aagacgcaac aaaccagaat cttctgtggc aaaactttat tgcttacatc ttcaggagca    141960
     agagtgcaag ccccaaaccc aaagcgaaag cgaaaccccg tccctcttaa ggagagttat    142020
     ccttcgccta ggacgtatca cttcctgatt ggctgcagcc catggccgag ttgtagtcac    142080
     ggggaaggca gagcacatgg ggtggagaac tacctttggc acatgcgcag attatttgtt    142140
     taccacttag aacacagctg tcagcgccat cttgtaacgg cgaatgtggg ggcggcttcc    142200
     cacaagatcc cattgcagat ggttgtgaga taccatgtgg ttgctggaaa ttgaactcag    142260
     gtcctctgga aaatcaatct gtgctcttaa ccactgggcc atctctccag ctccctggag    142320
     tactttattt taggggtagc aaaatacatg acagcatgga tatagtgtgg tagtgattac    142380
     atcataaagt atccatatta tctgcagaca agacatcacc cctctgtgta gcccaggctg    142440
     cctggaactt acagagatcc atctctgcct gtgagttctg ggattacagg tctgggacag    142500
     cactccagaa taaaaaaaga tagccttgag agtgaagagt tacaaatcaa tttttttatt    142560
     cacacacaca aaaatactct tttaaaaagg gctttaaaga aacagttaat ataaagatag    142620
     aatagtctta gcaaatacga aaaacagtaa caaaaacata taacatcaca ataacaaaac    142680
     caacaaaaaa acaaccaaaa gcaagaactc aaacaaaaac tcaaacagaa aatatgctaa    142740
     gaagcattct ctcacatcag cttgagcagc acagacctac agcccatggc ttgtcttgga    142800
     tgcttggtgg caggacagtc gcctcagttc tctcaagggg agttgtcaga aaaggaaagt    142860
     atataagact cagaagcagc ctggctggtt cactggctgc ctaaacttag ggccctgacc    142920
     ctaaggaagc aaactatgag gaagattcat ccacggaatt gagtggttgc tgcggatggg    142980
     gctctgcagg gggctcctga ggcagcaact cattctgcag gactctttct tcttgggttg    143040
     tggctacttc caactcatgc ctcagtttct caaacctggg agaggaaggc agttaagaca    143100
     caggcttggt agggacctgc catgtcagct gtcaggctgc tatctcctat gtcagaattt    143160
     gatctaggtc cagtatgatc aatgttctac tagaaagagt aagaccttct cctatagctc    143220
     atgggcatca ttttggggtt tttttgtttt gttttgtttt taagatttat ttatttattt    143280
     atttatttat ttatttattt atttattata tgtaagtaca ctgtagctgt cttcagacac    143340
     accagaagag ggtgtcagat ctcattacag atggttgtga gccaccctgt ggttgctggg    143400
     atttgaactc cggacctttg gaaaagcagt cgggtactct tacccactga gccatctcac    143460
     cagtccgggc atcactttgt aaaggtagcc taccatagtc aatagcacat gagtgatata    143520
     cacattaatt atgactagat actgatggac cacaagattt tatagataga cataacacag    143580
     tcttgcagcc atggcacgtg aacgaggtca tgaggctaac tcagacctct tgctcagggt    143640
     aagcctgtct tgctggagca gcatttcttc aactgtgtct cagaacaatg gccctgcaca    143700
     ggctctggca cccaatacaa acctgttatt ttttaggact agagctggga aactgcattc    143760
     tggctctagt ctgtagagaa cattcccatg aaagatctgg tcatcccagc aacagaggca    143820
     tctgcctggt ttcatcctgc aaacttctta atctactcaa tccagagaaa ccttttcgtg    143880
     caaatgggta ggtaaatatg gcagagagca cagttaaagg agtagaatct gatcgttaca    143940
     gggtatgttc ctgaagaaaa atataaatac agtcaagcat aaaggtgccc accttgagat    144000
     cccatcaagt gggaggcaga accatgcaga tctctatgag ttcaaggaca gcctgctcag    144060
     aacatattag agagcatgaa gggatcacaa tggctcagat acacagagta tcaaacacac    144120
     tgtttcctgg atagaagttc ttgttgagta gactggcaca atattttgag gtattctttc    144180
     cctggttctt atccttgcta atgagcagaa gctccaccat ctcctcccag cctgggctcc    144240
     cacctcataa gaagaacagc aatttgatgc tgcagttttt cttctagatc cttttcctgg    144300
     atggccagct ccttctgctt ttgtatgtac tgcagcattt cctctggtct ttccagatcc    144360
     tgttctttgg aagatttagt tgggcacagg catgcacagg ctttcatacc agagcaacca    144420
     cttacagagg atccccaaag cttggtggac agccaggcaa gacagagctt ttccagcaac    144480
     cttcttcgga tgtaggaaac cctgtttcaa gatagaaact gacaagaaat aaacacaatg    144540
     gtctcttcta gccaatgaat tcacacaata caccacgcac gctacccaca gacttcatgc    144600
     tgggtgagca ggggagttta gactaagcac accagctctt tcagaagaag ttcagaattc    144660
     ttctgaattc ttgtgaacta aaactgctgt agggagcatg ctctgtttga ccagactatg    144720
     ttgaagtggt tacagcaata tttcccctga agccccaagt ctccaacaac ttcccgtgcc    144780
     catcaaaact cctttccacg tccttggtca ttaagtaatt ccaggctgta agctccagga    144840
     acagagagct atctagcaat agtcacacaa aacagggctg acaagctgct gctcaggctt    144900
     ctatcagtgt gagccaagaa ctggacaatg agaagagagc tcttcgggtt gtaggaagaa    144960
     aagtgaaggc cacatgcccc tcaaatcaat gataatgaga agcactcatt tgacatttgc    145020
     actgactctt cactctgcaa ggtgcttccc atcgatgatg tcacatgact ccaggatgca    145080
     gaactcattc aaagctctgt tcagagcacc acacctatca tgaagacatg taggtgtgtg    145140
     acatgttatt cacctgtttt cctcactgga ctacagcttc aagtagagca accaggtatg    145200
     cttgcgcata gacagagaaa tgaacaatca cagtacatga agtgggtggc tggctgggag    145260
     tgtggatttc taaggtgact ggtgaaagag gtgggtacat gaacagtcac acagtccaag    145320
     tggcaatgat gccagactca actgactgtc tccacctgct attgctgggt tggagttcac    145380
     tggtctcctt ctcagcttca aatccattaa ccccatgaag actcacaaaa cagcccagga    145440
     cagtatagcc atgacagctc cacttagaag accaaaagca gagcacagcc aagtcaggaa    145500
     agaataaata acttccgaac tccccaatac caatagggat ccatgtccct ccaaaagaaa    145560
     gaggactctc catctgccct tgtctctcca aggtaccagc gaagcatcaa aaagtagggg    145620
     acaaataacc tcaaggcagg acatggggag aatgttctgt ccatgtgttc catcacactc    145680
     tgttgggaac ttaaaaaagg gggccctggg gaagaggggg aagggaaaag acccacaccc    145740
     tgccagagtt ccacctattc tctggtcagt caggcatggg agggctgcta actaccttcc    145800
     actcatccct gggtgggcat tcctctatcc cactcttcag ggggtggcca aggggcagcc    145860
     ctacctggga ttcccggagc tatcttgcta aagccccagg gttataggag agagggatga    145920
     gggaagaggt tcccaacacc tgtgagagtg catgcagcct tgattagcag agactctatg    145980
     gttttagagc tttattatag aaatgcaggg agaaagagag gagagagaga gaaagagaga    146040
     gagagagaga gctagagaga aagagagtaa gagggaggag aggaggggag aagacaaaga    146100
     ggagagagga gagaggagag aagacagagg ggagagaggg tgagaaatga gaggtaagag    146160
     gagagcagtg agaagtaaaa gatcaaggtg aggctgaaca gcccttttta tggtcttcac    146220
     tgttgctagg taactgggga ggagtttagc ctgaaggtca gaagcttggg acattgccta    146280
     cgtgactact gaccatgctt ctcttgtggg ggctgtgggg agtggtaact taggcaggag    146340
     ccagagttcc aggagcataa gggagcgcct accgtgtcat gtagatgaat tatcaccact    146400
     ttcggggttc agacctcagc tcaactggag accagcctgc aattccccac aacactcagc    146460
     tctttaacac tctgactgag ccccagaggc tcagagctgc ctaataaccc tctcatgcta    146520
     ggaatcactg ttctatctag agccttctga ggaggcagga caattaaggg agggataaca    146580
     gtgtctgtga cacttagcaa aactgagtcc aaaggatcca aggcacactg atggctaaaa    146640
     cgcagaagga atagagccag agctgcagaa tcttcagtcc agaaacaaag aaaggcagaa    146700
     atggccattc cacttctggt gggctctgtg acaggtggaa gccaatttct ttcttgagat    146760
     cctggaagtt ctctgagtac tgggtgtttt caagctccaa ccactggatg tctgacatga    146820
     cccgctgatg ctccaactgg actttctcat ggaaaggatt tggccagtgg taaggtctgg    146880
     ccctgggagg atagaacccc ataaggacag gcctctaaga ttacatgaac tcaggctgtg    146940
     tcctgggcta tcccagcaca gggaatgcca tattctacat tttatatcct gggtccttct    147000
     agagtttttg aaacttgtta ttctgatccc aggacaacag aggctaggca tccagatgga    147060
     gggtgccttg gccagctgaa gttcactcag tagacatggt ggggcagtct agcccattat    147120
     gctctcagga gcctatgcca caggtcttga cccaccaaaa accctgtgat tacttttctc    147180
     ctgttttcac agcaggaaac ctagatcctg tgtaactaat actgccataa cagatattgc    147240
     acataatact ggggattaga cccaatatca ggacagtttt acaaacttcc caaaggatgc    147300
     aaatgtgctg acaatgtgac tgaccacata ggaatagagc aggatatttg atgaactgtg    147360
     aaccccaaga ttgtgagaaa aaaaaaaaaa acaaactctt gtggtgtgcc tcagcactag    147420
     aacacaccta taacacaata tctaaataaa gtcaaccgca ggtcaagagg tagagcaagt    147480
     aactagctga gaaagagtga ctataagtaa acagaaagga gagtctgtct ttaaaaacag    147540
     ggtagagaag gagaaaggag gttttccttt tgacattggt ggaaggccag ctgggtgctt    147600
     tttctgtctc tctgagcaag caggttttca ccccagatct ggctcctgag ttttcattgg    147660
     taaaaactaa atggctggga tttttgtttt taagcaatgt tttggctctc caacatttgg    147720
     caagactcca cagaccaaga gatcactcct gctgtggaca acctgagaag ccatcagatt    147780
     tggtatctca cttgggaagt cctcaaggat agagttaagg atggcaagca tcttattaga    147840
     aggtttaaga acccagagag tgctattcta gatggcttga aaatagaagc agaaaatgaa    147900
     aagccaaata cctttactgc aattggctca atactgatta tgactgttat catcttggta    147960
     ttttattctt tattcttaat agctataatg gctttctata accactcaaa gaaaaagtgg    148020
     gttgataaga cacacaagcc ttagaagaaa atttagaaag acttataaat gagaataagc    148080
     aaaatactca gacatagtca caagaattta cataagagcc taccccacaa cagcataata    148140
     aaactgaaag gagatgaccc aagcttgtta gaaaaccaac cttagtttac ccagttactc    148200
     tacaagccat acgagcagac agtaagtacc cccaaggtta tggagaaatt aaatagattg    148260
     tttaattatt taattaatta aaattactat agacatatta gattttaaga gatttaagga    148320
     agcaatcgtt tcctgtggta tgcaatcatc ctatgtgaag aagatattaa atttatggac    148380
     aactcagaat aaaattatat ctcaagacta ggaagatttg gcaacagcaa tattggaagt    148440
     tggtcttcag ttataatggc aaacatggta gaaagaggaa gccagggcta tagaataagg    148500
     aaatcagacc agaggcattg atatttccca ggatgcgttg ctaggtaaag ctaagtatgc    148560
     tgaattataa agccagcttg aatctgatga taatgctttg gtgctatgtt gtttagcagc    148620
     tgtaatgctt ggtataaggt tgaaagaggt ctgggtcatt cactcaaatt attcaaagcc    148680
     taaagaacgc cttcactgat tttttttgca aagactgact tcagctgtaa atagaacaat    148740
     atcagattca gaaaaatagg ggttgaattg ctcacttttg aaagtgctaa ttcagaatgt    148800
     aagagagtga ttagaccttt aaaggcaaga gcagcaccta cagagaagtt aaagatacag    148860
     ctgatattgg atctcatgtt tatgatgcta atttgacaga agaaacttct aaaaatctta    148920
     agaaaaataa aaatggcaca tattttaatt gtggtgagca aggccatttg aaatgggatc    148980
     atattataac tctgtattat agcttagaat catggatcca taatttttct tcttccttcc    149040
     ttcctttctt tctttccttc ctttctccct tctttccttc ctttcttcct tctttctttc    149100
     tttccttcct tcctttcttc tttctttctt tccttccttc ctttctttct ccctccctct    149160
     ctccctcctt tctttccctc ttttttgtgt gtgtatagga tattttttag ctatccttgt    149220
     ttttttgttt ttccacacaa acttgagact tgctctatca aagtctgtaa agaatcatgt    149280
     tggaattttg atgggaattg caatgaatct ctaggctgca ttcggtaaga tggccatttt    149340
     cactatgtta agcctacaga aacacaggag atctttccac agtctaaagt ctcactcaat    149400
     ttcttttctt cttctttttt tttttttttt ttttttttgg ctttccaaga cagggtttct    149460
     ctgtgtagct ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct cgaactcaga    149520
     aacccgcctg cctctgcctc ccgagtgctg ggattaaagg catgtgccac catgcccggc    149580
     ttgtcactca atttcttaag agacttacga ccttgtcata atcgactttc acttgcttgg    149640
     ctagagttac acatagatat tttaaactat ttgtggctat tgttaagagt gttgtctccc    149700
     taacattctt tctctgccca tttgtataaa agaagactac tgaatttttt tcgataattt    149760
     tgtatccagt aactttgctt aaggtgttaa tcatctgtag gagccctctg gtagaatatt    149820
     tgggggtcac ttatatgtac taccacatca tctgtgtata ccaatacttc tccctttcca    149880
     aattgtctct ccttgatctt ctttagctgt cttactgctc tagcaataac tccaagcact    149940
     atcttgaaga gatagggaga tagtggacag tcttgggttg tctctgattt tagtggaatt    150000
     actttcattt ctctccattt aatttgatgt tggctattgc cttagtcttt ataagttagt    150060
     ttggactgaa tgaccaagcc gtcttatgaa ctatcacctc tccttattta ggaggtctct    150120
     cctgctcaaa tttaatcctt atcaattttg atagtaaaca gttttttgtt tttgtttttg    150180
     ttttgttttt ctgtgaaaac aaagacaaaa tctcttccca aatgtaacac acattctagt    150240
     ttttattctg aggtcaactc gtccttaatt atacagactg atttaattca gcagggtttt    150300
     ttgtttttgt tttttttttt tgactatcca atgtctctct gctgctattt ctcattagca    150360
     tttcagagat ttaacattaa taaagcactg tgtaatctat ctctgagggt ctttgttacc    150420
     tttttctgtt tagtatccat atattttaac atgcaattag atctttctat tactgcttgt    150480
     cctgtaggat tgtatggtat gcctgtaata ttctttatgt tgtaatatga aaaaaactgt    150540
     atcattttac tagagacatt tttctggagc attgtcagtc ttggattgtg caggtatcct    150600
     cataatagcc ataacaccta ataaatgtgt agttacagaa tcagcctttc tagaacttaa    150660
     agcagttgcc attgaaatct tgactatgta ttatggtatg gtgtacatat ttgcattttc    150720
     caaactcttc aaaatgaaac atatccattt gacaaatttc attttttggg taccttatgg    150780
     gttacttctt gaaggtaatg gaatctggtt atacaaagaa aaagtaggat acgtccttat    150840
     aatgcccttg gcttgttgcc aaataatttt ttaaaaaaaa gactttttaa acctttgctg    150900
     gtaacatggc atttcttatg agattctgag gcttccagca catgtcttat gaaaagctga    150960
     tcactgtcat cattaccttg tgctagagag cctggtagac ctgtatgaga tctcgtatgt    151020
     gttacataca atggataatt tctagtcctg attacttgct gtaattgatg aaatagcaaa    151080
     attaattcta aatcatccag aagaagctca gaagtttcaa tatgtaaaag aactctttct    151140
     gcatattgag agtcagtaac tatactaaga gatttaggag aatccaataa tatcataaga    151200
     atggcatgca gctctggttt tctaactgga tcataaggac atgagacact tttgtgttcc    151260
     tagcttatag gctgcctttc ctgattgatt tgctttagtg tagaatatag aggcttcaaa    151320
     aattggtgtc ccttttactg tatgaagaag aatccaatta gttttttata taaactgaag    151380
     tctcttgttt tggggatatt tatttttagt cttttgaaaa aaaaatactg caagcttttt    151440
     agcactgcta attttctgtc cataatgagg caatttcagc atttgtaaat ttcacaatct    151500
     ctgttgggtc tactcctgct aattgacaaa gtagtctcat tttccctttc agaatcaatt    151560
     gagaaagctt ttctccatag gtctttaatt ttttatttgt ttgtgtggca aaaatatcta    151620
     ctctaagata ttaccttctc tctgtataac aattcctgtg ggagaatgaa taaaagatga    151680
     aacatcctat aatttctttt ctatcaaacc taattctcta tcagccttag ttaatagttt    151740
     tcttggacta tttaagtcct catcaccttg taaggtttga aataaattac ttagcccttg    151800
     agtagttaat ccaattgtag gctatagcca agtcatatat tacagcaatt tttgaaaatc    151860
     attgtttgta attgatctct cctgattgta ctttctgtgg tctaattttc tgtaaaccta    151920
     tcttatatcc tagataattg atagaatctc ctctttgtat ttttcaagag gaatttttaa    151980
     tcataagcaa gacaaaattc tctttatcaa acatttttcc caaggtatgc aaattagcca    152040
     gtaagatatc atcaatataa tggtacatta tagtgaagta actatttaca gattatttca    152100
     aatggttatt gttcaaaata ttggcacaag gtagggctat atatcttgtt ttgtgttaag    152160
     acttccaatg atatctcttt attaaacaac tattattata aacctttata ttactttata    152220
     acatatattt atattatatt atatatcata tagtgtataa tattataaac cattattaca    152280
     aacctgagaa atcaaaccct tcactataat gttcatacaa atggattgtg aaaaagcaat    152340
     cttttaaatc aataactatc aaagaccatg acttaggtaa taaaggcagc aatggtattc    152400
     caggctgtaa agagcccatt ggctgagtca tcttatttat agtgcttaag tctcttaata    152460
     tgctctattt ttctcatttc tgttttataa caaacacatg ggaattcaat gggctagtgg    152520
     attcctcaat atattgagca tttagttgtt cctataccag ctgttctagt atctataatt    152580
     ttactttttt tcacaggcca ttgatccact catacaggtt tatcagttaa tcattttaaa    152640
     gataagctaa ctggtaactt tggaagaaca gcagctgttg tgttcttctt acatacagcc    152700
     tgaatggtct gcaactgttc ttgacaatat gttttatatc tttctgagaa gcatttttat    152760
     tttatggttt gtttctgaga tttatgtccc cataaattca tggctttatt agccacatat    152820
     agctttatat ttcatatttg tccctctggc tccataggct ggacccatct tgtactttgt    152880
     tttacatgag acaaagttct gtatctagaa gctgaatatt tacatcctga agaggccaat    152940
     gtggatgaca agattttggt gaaattattg ttatatatgc tcctgttttt actaaatttt    153000
     ctattcaatg ccatttattt gtatttttac tttgatctct catcatttat agaagtttgc    153060
     caaaatactt tttttttgta gtctctcctg aaacttttct cttatctact gaagctgtac    153120
     tgtccttgat ctgcattcat tagtccagtg tcagcctttg tcacactttc ggcatactcc    153180
     agaaggcaga ggccttcttt tttgaattct ctagggaaaa gaatcattat ttttaggaat    153240
     gccttgccta taatcccttt cctttctatt attattatta attgacttta catcctaatt    153300
     gggacctcca tccttcctat ctccccagtc ctacccatac aaatccctct gtccattacc    153360
     cacttccatt ctccccagaa aaagaaaagc cacaccttag ctaccacccc accttgggac    153420
     atccagtcac agtaggctta agtgcatcct ctcccactga gtccaaacca gttagtccca    153480
     ttaggggaag gggacccaat gacataatgg aatcaaagac agctccattg ctccactgtc    153540
     ctccaccagg tccacgaaac aaggaacatc catgttagat ctcattcccc tgcctgtcct    153600
     ctgtggcatt ctcggttacc ctgagctagc tccttgctgt cccccgagct ccactgactg    153660
     gctgccactc atcggtccag gatcttctag cttttagagt ctatgttgaa aagtcaggtg    153720
     cagttctgat agggtctgcc tttgtatgtt atttgacctt ttccccttga agcttttaat    153780
     agtctttctt cattctggag attaattgtt ttgattatta tgtagtggga ggactttctt    153840
     ttcttgttct atatcaagaa cattcagtcc aaggttaccc acaagagatc tgctgcacca    153900
     gaaacatcca cggatgaccc agctatatca ctcctgggca tatacccaaa acatgtacca    153960
     ccatcctaca aggacacctg cccagcaaat acttgaatgg ctcttgtgtt ccaggagtga    154020
     ggatggctgc actgtagaag cagagcaaaa ctgaatctta gctttcctcc ctgcagactg    154080
     tggcatggag atagccaatc acaaagaagc acatcaggac tgctagtgga gcacctacct    154140
     gccttaagta ggagcctggg ttggggcacc aactggagaa gctggaagac taagactggg    154200
     caagcagagg atggtggcac ccttcctatc acactggagc ttcaaggatg agaggaattc    154260
     attttttatt tcaatcctac ttgacaattg attttgtaga ttagagacag agtttctaaa    154320
     gacatgaaac agggaagtgg ccaagagagg caggtgctct ggccctggcc ttgtggtcct    154380
     ccttcccagt gcctgcctcc ctccattcca gcaaagtgat cctcactcct ccctgataaa    154440
     aacctaacct acatctgtac caacacattg tgtgtgaaaa tcctttcaat cccttagagt    154500
     gtcaggaaaa tctctctgaa aactgtccta catctggctt ttttcagaag aatgctctag    154560
     cctcctccat tataatctat aacctcttcc acattaactt tccttccttt catcctcctc    154620
     ctcctccccc catcatcatc cttctccaag aagccaatga ggcactacgt agctagcttg    154680
     atcacaaaag gtaagaacaa tgtttaaagt gacacctcat gatgtaaaaa cagtgacaaa    154740
     attctaagtc ataccacagt gggtgaacca gagcatccat tattttgctc ctgatcacag    154800
     aaaagtcctc catctaactt tcccaaacag agccagtatc ctcttcctct gtgtggaact    154860
     tatatctaac tctccctttg gacaagtcct ccacataatg ttctgcagac agggcccgca    154920
     tgccttttgt gttagttagg gttactattg ctatgatgaa ataccatgac caaaagcaag    154980
     ttgcggtgga aagagtttta tttggtgtac acttccatat tgtcatagtc aactgaagaa    155040
     agtcaggaca ggaactcaag cagagcttga ggcagaaact gatgcagagg ccattgaagg    155100
     gagctgcgta ctggcttgtt tgtcatggct tgcttagcct actttcctat agaaccagcc    155160
     cagagatgat agcacccaca atagactgga ccctccccca tcaaacacta ataaagaata    155220
     tgccctacag ctggatctta ttggagtcat tttctcaatt gaggttccct cctttcaatt    155280
     gactctatct tgtgtcaagt tgacacaaaa ctagccagga catcccttct tcagacagac    155340
     cctctatctg tctctcaaca ggctgtattt ttattcattg cttttgtgtc tctgtggcag    155400
     aatgcctgag agaagcaagt tatagaagaa cacacttggt gctggagaga tggctcagag    155460
     gttaagagca ctgactgctc ttctgaaggt cctgagttca aatcccagca accacatggt    155520
     gactcacaac catctgtaat ggatctgatg ccctcttctg gtgtgtctga agacagctac    155580
     agtgtactca tgtacattaa ataaataaat aaaaagatga gaagggggaa gagggaaagg    155640
     agaaaaggaa gagtcataag aataataatg atgaagatga cacttatttt tggatcattc    155700
     agatggtctc tgtccatcat gaaaagaaag acctggaaga gtggttcaga tgatgtcaac    155760
     aggaatatgt gttatggaat gttcatgtgg caactgcaac tgcccaggca gcagagacaa    155820
     gggcaattcc agtgccccct ggctttctcc ttttcccttt catttcatct ggaccctgcc    155880
     catgagataa ttaatgaaag cacatcgggg atgggtattt ttctatctgt taaccagcta    155940
     gatatgcccc atggacaaac taaaaaggag cctcggtgtc tcaggttatt gtaaatccag    156000
     tcagactgac aatgaaagta atcacaatag cttgctttct gtgttgtaac ccccgaatta    156060
     gtgatactag agagatgtca gtgttgtgta cagacagttt gcctctgcat tccctgccct    156120
     cccccagaag ctcccatcct ccctctatcc tggggcaagc acaatatgca gacaactggt    156180
     ttctgtgctg tgtcctcctg cagcagtcgg ggctccttcc ccttcccctg gcgttagaat    156240
     ggtactaccc ataaaactcc ccttaatgaa gacattctga ggagacatcc tcctttgtgt    156300
     ctccaaaaat caacactcct gctgataagc agcagaactc cagatgcctg tctttgagac    156360
     cttagagaaa taacaagctc aagggagacc atggaaaaaa ggtaaacaga ggtcaggtca    156420
     cagacagtta caactggcca taaaattagt ccctgaacag acacccatta acactccccc    156480
     ttcccgatac actaccaatc caccaaatga ttacagccct ctaatcccct tttctgtagg    156540
     gattcctaaa ctaaactgta tataaaccca gtgttttctg gactcagggt cgtttgccag    156600
     cattcacgta gtgagtgtga ggcaggagag ctgagttcaa actttaaaca ataaaagact    156660
     ctttcgagtt gcagtggact ttgcaattct tgagctcatc tggatttccc gtggactcag    156720
     ggcacaacat ttgtaattgt gataagcact aaggccaaaa agcaactaag gaagaaaggt    156780
     ttatttagtt tagactttca catcaagtcc acctttgagg gaaatcagga caagaactca    156840
     aagcaggaac ctggaggtaa gaactaaagc agaaagtgga ggaacaatgt ttgctgaatc    156900
     tctcgggctc tgttcagcca ccatttctat gtgatggcta aagaaactcc atttttatgc    156960
     cagacatcca tcttggtacc cactgtgaaa ctatctcaaa ggaaaaggaa aaggaaaagg    157020
     aaaaggaaaa ggaaaaggaa aagaaaaaga aaaaaaaaaa aaaccaaaaa cacacagaga    157080
     aacagaattg actgccttct catgggtaca cacgcacgca agaaaatgca aggatgtgtg    157140
     aaaatttatg ctacagccat acctaggttt tctcagtgct tcccaaaaca aagtacaaga    157200
     gcttcagatt ttaaaggact ctactagtgt ctgtgacctg gtaccctcct accagcagag    157260
     gaaacctccc accgtccttt ttagtccatt gaagcgcgct tccggaagtc ccgccccttc    157320
     cggaagtgat gccgcggaac gtcccggaag ttaacggcgt ctataggcat ggggcttgtg    157380
     agttgtggtg tagagcaatg gcacatgctc tcttgaaacg tagcggcgtc cgccgcggtc    157440
     tgggcggcag ggagggtccc ctgaaacggc tgcggctggc cgtggaagac ttcgtgcgga    157500
     ctacctccga gagcgaagcc tgcgagagcc gcagcgctgt ggcgcgctcc cggcccggcg    157560
     gccgaaagag ccgcaaggag cttcgtaagg agaagcgaca cctgaggaaa gcgcggcgcc    157620
     tgcagaggac agtaggctcc gggtcagggg accaaggggg gaatgtcggc cttaacgatg    157680
     gcccggagac tcgacgaccg cccactgagg tgagaccgac gcccgccaag gccacagcaa    157740
     cccctgccaa ggccagtgcc ccctccacta acaccaaggc ctcggcggcc cagccgaagg    157800
     ccaaggctaa aggtgctcct ggaaagcctg gtcccgccac cgccaccgcc cggaagcggg    157860
     cacttctagc ggccaacgag gaggaggacc gagagatccg aaagctggaa cggtgcctcg    157920
     gcctccacaa gcgtaagaag aagggcgatg gtagctcggt gccgctcagc ttcgcgcgcg    157980
     acggtctgga ctacatcctg ggggccctgg aatgtgggag cggcggcggc ctgtacgaaa    158040
     gcagcgagga agaggaggaa gaaaagttgg agactggaca gacagtcttg gagagtgacc    158100
     tagagagcaa ttctaaagaa agtgaggagg acccagactg gcaagtgctg caggaggatc    158160
     aggaagatgt aaactcgaaa aggagaggag aagcagaaag tgggactcgg ggaaataaag    158220
     ggactaagaa agtgcgtttt gcagaagttg tagaaaagag cagaagctct tcggaagatg    158280
     acatagaaca gcaggtatgt cacgaacagc ctgtaggccc tctgggctgt cattccaaac    158340
     ggagtgaggg gcagagtaca gaacagtatt tgcactaaca cagtagcagc cacagcctgc    158400
     tgagggacag gctgacccag gccattctag gcaatcatag agcttcactt cgttaaatag    158460
     cagtaccctg ctccaagttc tcatggggtt agtgtttgga gtaagtaaca acaacaacaa    158520
     caaaagatac cggattttcc actgtacatt tttgtttaca attttattcc tgttttcaag    158580
     gagagtcact ctgttgaaag tggtgaaaag tacatccctc ctcggctgag gaacgaggag    158640
     gtaatagatg tccacaagaa agaagagcta gacaggctca agaaacatgt taaaggccta    158700
     attaacaggt aaccttacag aaatatgaca cactatcact tagttgtaga aactatctga    158760
     aaagccaatg atggaggcta ggactataca gtgttttgga tccttgttct tggttgacat    158820
     aacgggactt aaatttgaac aggtaggatg ctcaactgtt tgatattgcc ctttccgtgt    158880
     ttgaaaacaa cccacagggt cattctgaga agcagaaagg aacaggacat gactctgtcc    158940
     taggagcggc ctggccgaag tctgcaggtc tagcctgcag aagtgaactc atctagtggt    159000
     aagcagggtc ttcagccctt gaggcaccgt ctgtttttaa ttgtccattt taagaataaa    159060
     gcatcagaag gttcattgga agccacatgg gtgggaattt gtcacttacc ttcccttgtt    159120
     ggctctctaa tcttaacaaa taaattggaa tcacttgtct aaaaccttct ccacttgttt    159180
     tgtgtccctc actcagcctc attcagggcc tcttccaagc cccaaagatg accactgtcc    159240
     tggcctctag cacctaaccc aattttgtca catttcaact atgtattgtt cttttgtggc    159300
     ttaacttgtt attgtagatc actgggaatt acaaagacag agtagggagg tccttagagg    159360
     gatcacttcc aggctagatt acagttaaaa acagagacag ctagtggtgt ggctaagttg    159420
     gtagagtatt catctaacat gaacaaagcc tgaagccctc ccttgcttgc cagaccacat    159480
     aaactagagg tggtggtacg tgcctgtaat cccaggactc agaaggaaga gagagactga    159540
     gaccgattct gtgcagtttt gttgtttgaa gatttaggtg actgctactg atatcaagat    159600
     gcatgagctg ggcgtggtgg cgcacacctt taatcccagc acttgggagg cggaggcaga    159660
     cggatttctg agttcaaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggct    159720
     atacagagaa accctgtctt gaaaaaacaa acaaacaaac aaaaaagatg catggctgtt    159780
     ctgtcacatc tccttttctc tcctgtgtgc ttttatttct ttttcattaa agcccataat    159840
     atcctgtaac tttaccatta cctgttgttt tgacagcagg ttcaggttta agcactggta    159900
     cacaatgaat ttagaaactg agtgtgtttg tgtcatctaa gagatgaaac aagtccatgg    159960
     ttttttctta acttaccacc taggagtgat tactgactct aggggatgtt agatcagact    160020
     acctgtgggc atatgtacag actaagggag gatcccagga tatgctttag tgactgtgct    160080
     ctgctaaaat cattttttca attattgtat aaaagataac tgacattatt tcaggattta    160140
     gagtgttatc tgagcagtat gcaccaggtt tcggagtggt ttctgaacca gaaatacaca    160200
     taaaatagta tatgcattgg taacactttg ctcatattcc actgcaggtt gagtgagcca    160260
     aacatggctt ctataagtgg gcagctagag gagctgtaca tggcccacag caggaaggac    160320
     atgaacgata ccctgaccac tgccctcatg gatgcctgtg tcactgcctc agccatgccc    160380
     agcagactga tgatggagca tgtcttctta gtcagcatcc tccaccacac ggtcggaata    160440
     gaggtacaac tacacctttt ctccatatcc tgactatgtc atctggaata atattccagt    160500
     ctggagtcag tgagtttgag aagtaaaaga cttgagaagc taaggacaga ggacagtggc    160560
     ccaactacct caaaagccct gctgtgcaag actaccctgg ctaccttagg aattgtgctt    160620
     ctatgatcat ctctccacca agggctatac ttatttttac atgtgaatgt ctgagtccat    160680
     tttcttgcca ttacaaagca taatggatgc cctggacagc tttccttgtg ccccataatc    160740
     acagtaattg acactgttct gtggctgcta tggtgcttcc cccatcctat accacactgg    160800
     gacagttcag cagacttaat caaagtggtt ttagtgcgaa cagcatttca gtgaattatt    160860
     ttaaaagtcg tagatttaac caccacagca catcaggaat ttacttgatt tgaaaacctg    160920
     aaattattgg tcctgcttcc catttaaacc tttgctaata gcatgaagaa caatgagatg    160980
     acttgttcaa ggggaagtca ttatagtact ttagctaatg gcattcactg aagcttgtgc    161040
     cagatatgct atgctttcag gatgctggtt tccattaaac tgtgctgaga aaaaactccc    161100
     aagaacttat ggaaggaaaa aaaaatgtcc tcagctactg tgtgtctccc ctcaagcatt    161160
     taacattcag gcctttgcag atttgtgctg aaagtcacat agaatcagta ctaacaacat    161220
     gataattgtt catatttcta aattatatta atgtgcttaa ctttaaagag ataatagaat    161280
     ttaaattttg gcctgttgca taattggacc tatttgtgtg ctgaaaacat acctgaatta    161340
     gtgtctgagt gtttcttgct ctctgaagaa tcctgtcttt gttaacactg tatatgagca    161400
     tgagatgatg tactgctctg tgagggcatg cttaggtttt tctaaaatga gaaaacctga    161460
     actaggaatc aagcctcagt ctttagttta gctttcagaa atcagtatta ccattgccag    161520
     tgtgctgtgt ctttcttgat tctttagctt cgttgtttta cagtcttaac aatcctgtgt    161580
     ggacttgccc attatacttt gagctgactg gatctcatca gccctccttt gtctatgtgt    161640
     caacctaatc tgaattttac agtaactcta gtatctagta tctactgaca ctaaaccagg    161700
     ttttgaacag ctgccaacac cttacccttg tctagttcct agagtcccag gccaaatgct    161760
     gggaatcata cccattgata gtccctgcca gtctgtccca gatcattatg taagcagcct    161820
     ttcttccccc atctatcaca gttgcctcac tcatctccca gctggatgtc ctgcaaaagg    161880
     aaatagtcgc aagataatgc taccagcagg agggtcagtc actataattt ctgctttcag    161940
     gattcactgc ttttgttcag aaccaccaca gattcaaacc ttggcctcct gcttccccaa    162000
     aacacatgta ggagttataa attgaatgtt ccaaaacagc aagaggactg ccatagtggc    162060
     cttgttcaac ttcaccaggc ctctgctagt tcttggcctg gtgctgttcc ctggttatca    162120
     tcttcacaca gattctgaca ttaaactcaa gttgtcaggt tggaagcaag ctcctctatg    162180
     ccaagctatc tcactagcac attttttaaa gaaaattttc cagggagtca cagtaacgac    162240
     tggctaaaaa ccactttgtt gttaattcta aagaaatgaa aatatcttta cagaaaagat    162300
     ttgtctgctg agtcaagcac tcagtactgc ttgttatata gaatcttctc atctatatgt    162360
     gaagcctgca ttgttagtta ccagcacccc tgtcagattt tttcccacct gtattcatgt    162420
     tgccgttttt aaggcagggt cccagagtga catgatgttt gttccatctc cttcaggttg    162480
     gtgcttgctt ccttgaagct gtggtaaaga agtttgatgc tatctataga gatggaggtg    162540
     aggggaaaga actggacaac ctctttacca tgattgccca tttgtacaac ttccacgtgg    162600
     tacagtctat cctcatcttt gacattttaa agaagcttgt tggaactttt acggaaaaag    162660
     acattgagct gatcctgttg atgctgaaaa atgtgggctt tgcattgaga aaagatgacg    162720
     ccttgtcact taaggaactg atcacagaag cccagaccca ggccagtggt gcaggcaaca    162780
     agtttcagga ccagaacagg gtaggagtgt tgcttgacct gctgagtatc catgaagcac    162840
     agacggcaga atgtaaatga gtgtctggct gaacactagt gtttgtgccc taatgttctc    162900
     tgttttcttc tgcctcatct gctactgtgg ctttgccctt agtctgcaaa ctgactttgg    162960
     ttttgggcgg gggggggggg gggggggtgt ttccttgaat ttttgagatg gagtctcact    163020
     atgtagccca ggctagcctc aaactcgtga tcctcttctg agtgttgggc ttacatgtgt    163080
     gtaccaccat atgctgcttg aaccttgttt cttcattaag aactcatgca tattttatga    163140
     ttacaatgtt tgtcctctca gaagttgttt cccaagaggc ttgggtgtca gcctgggttg    163200
     gatgtgtggc actgcttctg agcagcagag acttgggtct tactagccag tttccctcct    163260
     gtaaaatagg tcctgcctcg tgtgagggga tagaatggta cctgagaggc cctcaaaaag    163320
     aaaggagaaa gtgacctatt gaagagcacc agtgtgggag cctggggcct ttggcagaaa    163380
     gaagatagga ccaaagccac acatgggccc agggagccag ggttttttct tggatagagg    163440
     aagatctgcc tagatagttg actggcagat cctgtacttt gctggccgct ttgaccccag    163500
     tgtagaatga tgggaggtgg cctgatcagg gaaaggcttc aggaatcttg aaacaaaagt    163560
     agcatgtatg agtgtggtgg cagtggatgt agccttagga gtcagaagta actttcatgt    163620
     gatgggagtt tgggaaaggg aagactggaa gggaagatga ccctgcttct gaatagtcaa    163680
     gttggcatct agattaagtc ttgacggagg gtttgtcatg aaggatacag ggtcaccctc    163740
     ataccagggc tgggcttgtg ggagtggagg agggaaggcc cgtggatagt gctaaggttt    163800
     gagagtctac tgttttaaaa actgtatccc tgaaagcagt gttgaaggta acacagactg    163860
     cctccagctg tcagtgttct catcattgtt gcctctctgc gtagctgaga tgtatttctt    163920
     accaagctca atcatcagtg actatcagtg ataagtatcg gtggatttct ttacccttaa    163980
     ggtacggttt atgttggaaa caatgctggc tctgaagaac aatgacctgc gtaaaatccc    164040
     tggttataat cctgagcctg tggaaaaact gaagaagtta caaagaactc tggtgagtga    164100
     caccctattc tggtttgtcc tgaacctcca tgccattatg gagccatcat gacaatggtt    164160
     caggctatgt tctgcacaag tgtttgaaac tgtaaatctg tccaggtcgt aatggcatat    164220
     gccttttttt tttaattttt ttttaatcat ttattacttt acattccaat tttagcccct    164280
     tcttcctcct ggtttcccct cacacagctc ctcccctgtc ccctcatccc cttttcctct    164340
     gagaattagg cctccctgag atcaccccac cctaacacat caagtcacac tgtaggacta    164400
     agcgtatcct ctccactgag gccatacaag gtgtctcagg ggaacaggat ccacaggtag    164460
     tcagcagatt cagggacagc ccctgctcca gttattgggg accctacatg aagaccaagc    164520
     tgcacatctg ctacatatga atggcatata cctttaagcc cagccctctg gaggcagaag    164580
     caaggtggat ctctgagttt gaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagtca    164640
     aggctacaca gaggaggagg aggaagaggg aggaagaaga agaagaggag gagggacaga    164700
     gatgggaaga ggggactgcg tatcagtagt gatgattcca tcgaattcat tgagtactca    164760
     actttgaatc ttctgaggtg ctagatttag actgtatgat ggcttcctct gttcgcactc    164820
     agaaggccag accccatctg gaacgaggaa gctttcctca gatgttcagc ctgtcgtcct    164880
     gccagcacaa gagagtcatt ccgagtctct agtcacatat gcaccattgg tgcagatccc    164940
     aggtcacaca catttgaatt gcggacccac agacttcaca catagaacac tgagaggtga    165000
     tggctctttc tagcattttt caatcagttg tgggtgattc attgccatag tcgtacacca    165060
     aaactgccac tgtcaaacaa agcgtgacag aagtgcaggt gtgaatcagc tgaaacactt    165120
     catgaagcct tttcttttaa tcaggttcga aatgctggct caggttctga gactcggctt    165180
     cgcatctcct gggatggcat cttgaatgca gagcagactg gtcgctggtg gattgtgggg    165240
     tctgcatgga gtgggacccc aatgattgac aacagtcatc acatacaact tcagaagcca    165300
     cttgcaggca tggtatgaag tctatgttgg ctgcctggct atggacaccc tggtgcatca    165360
     gaagtctgtt ctgcttaaag cagctccctg ttaatcctgg gtgttcttga aatgtcccac    165420
     aaaggattat caggaagctt catagaaata gctcatgtga gcctatgatt aattcagttt    165480
     cttaagaatt tttaaaagtt tcaaccccaa ttcagacaaa atctagaaac tgaatgtgag    165540
     aggtgtgaaa acaaaactca tttgatagga gctgttgttg gaactcagca gtatgctgtt    165600
     cccaggaagt ataggttcta gttcctactg tggattcaaa ttgtaactcc aatgtccttg    165660
     tctttcctgc ccgggagccc tcatctcact tggtagttgt ggctcccaga ctctggcagc    165720
     agcttgtatc tgaacttggt cttcatctga tgcacagatc tgatcctcct ccttagaagg    165780
     ctcccactga gcttttctcc ttttgcagat ttacccaaga atacagactt ggtatttaca    165840
     tgcatacatg tacacacagt ttacagtcac ttcttcaata gtgactgtta ctcttcagaa    165900
     attcaagttt agacacattc tagaacagtg tcccttctct gaggagactg ctttcgttgg    165960
     gataatggaa cagtgtgggc actgatcttt ctcttttcag gctagctcta agatgctgga    166020
     gcttgcgagg aagcagagaa tgaacactga tgtcaggagg atcatattct gcactttaat    166080
     gacaagtgag gacttcttgg atgcctttga aaagctgctg aagtaagcat tggtggaaac    166140
     attttgattt ttatttaata gatgtgacag aaataattga tctctgtttt agcttttgga    166200
     taatttgaac aactgagtct tccctgttac tgccctctta cctgagcttc aggttccaca    166260
     tgaccctcat aacacattga gccctgctta tatgtccttg gtaaatggtg ctgtatagtg    166320
     ccaagatttg agagtttgac tggcagtatt aggtaaccag ctaccagatt agtctgttag    166380
     ggctgtcagt ttttgagaat tgttatctct gtctttcaga ctcttgatat aaaacttaca    166440
     atatattttc tataattagt tataaatttt acaaagtatt tctttttatt gttggggggg    166500
     gggggggagg ttggattttc ggtttttttc cgagacaaga tttctctatg tagccctggc    166560
     tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc gcctgcctct    166620
     gcctctgcct ctgcctccct agtgctgaga ttaaaggcgt gcgccaccac acccggcttg    166680
     caaagtattt ctaaaactat cgaatattaa cccctttctt tatctggttc aaacttagaa    166740
     ataactgcaa gtttgatgat taggtttctg aactgagcct tgttgatatg aaaacctcaa    166800
     gcttgcttct gtttttgaaa ccttactgta ttgctgaatg taggtagcac cgagtcttct    166860
     agtcagtgct ggcatggtag tgcaacttgt taccctagca cttgtaaggc taaagctgaa    166920
     gaatcatact tccaggccag ctaggataca aaagaaaagg cataccagac ttagccgcgg    166980
     ctccctgccc actcaacttc tattcatgaa aatcattagc caagctggga ctataactca    167040
     gtagtgtgag gccctggagt ctagcactcc agcattgcag ttttgtctta ttttatttaa    167100
     tcactgtctg ttcttgtgga tatttaactc catggattga ttaagctgat tgatggagct    167160
     gaaatgaaac tggttgtttg gatagcccac atacaccttg agcagcatgc tgcttcagtt    167220
     gggtttggtt gctgttttct cctgagtctc gagcctttgt ctccagccat tgaactcagc    167280
     gtgcagtcag ttggggttag ggacatgact cagtggcaga gggtttgcct agcatgtaca    167340
     gggctgtatg gcatgcacag ggtagttagt tctactctta atatgcctcc ctcctgctga    167400
     cacaagaaga agaaagacaa atcagttgct tttaattgcc aaaaactcat tccactattg    167460
     ggtagacacc atctaagggg gtcctcttgg tgcctgggat acttgtcagt cagctccaca    167520
     gaagtttgag caccaaggct aacatcagca caggtggttc taaaggattc tctgcccagg    167580
     acaaggagtc agtcttgact tcatgactgt tggcatgttt atataacaga cctagaggct    167640
     cagaaaatgc atccttggta gcctctgttt caagaaaagt gcctgctcca aaaaaacaaa    167700
     aacaaaaaac taggaaggag gtttagtggc tgtgatcttc ctatgttccc actgtggtgg    167760
     ttgctaccag acactgggac tgtccacact cacaggacta tacaaagaac aggatgggga    167820
     tggatattgc tttgagtttt acctggagaa ggggtatgtt gggggtttga gatagttctc    167880
     cctatacagc tcaagctgct cttgagctcc acagctgcat aacaatataa accagtcctc    167940
     agctttgtaa cttgggagtt gtgttgtgcc ttacacattg ggccatgtta ttaaaaaaaa    168000
     aactgaggcc caaagaagct aggaacaaaa ctggactgtg gcccagtatg tggctgccac    168060
     tatcatcttg aacactcata tgctactgga ttcctcagac agggaggaac tgattttgct    168120
     ataaaaattg aaatcaggcc tcaccatctg caccaggcag gagagctggc cctgcctcat    168180
     gggcctcaac accctgaaga gtagaccctg tacctcacct gtgcagcgca gtagagctga    168240
     tcctagtgac taagacacat gtgagccagc cccaagaaca gaagaacagg cccccgccct    168300
     tgccagctgg ttcattgggt gagctagtca gagcagtgct gaaaagcttg ccctggtggt    168360
     attgggtgta ggagagctgg tgggctgacc aactcagcca cctcctgggc ccagatccag    168420
     ggctttgagt tgccccatcc acccaccatc taccccatct atgaactgct ggagcacatg    168480
     aagggtccag tcctacagat ccaaagctgc aggatctcca tgacacagga caacaacaga    168540
     ttaagaggat ccccatgagg atccagtatt gataatatag cagaagccag aggcctcaaa    168600
     ccagaccagt ggcacattgc aatgaatatt tgtaagtaaa gatgtttgga caaaaaatta    168660
     tatagtgtgt gacagaccat gacacactgc agccctcaca ctgcagccct caccacaaga    168720
     atatttgttt taattctacc ttcttttctt ttggaggggt gattgtaagg agaggtacaa    168780
     aggaatgagg aaatgaatgg gattggggta catgacatga aattcacaaa gaatcaataa    168840
     aacgttaaag atcgaaagaa tctattctta gttggctgtt tgtccatagg cttggactga    168900
     aggaccagca ggagagagag atagttcata tcctcatgga ttgctgtctg caagagaaaa    168960
     cctacaaccc tttctatgct ttcctggcca gcaaattctg tgactatgaa aggagattcc    169020
     aggtaactta taagaccacc agtacatctg tctggctcat taccaggagt tctgtgtccc    169080
     catcatgtgt catgtccatg ctagcagcca gacctacctg cattggagag aagatagaac    169140
     agtggggcaa ggtaacaagg atctagccca aggcagctgg tctgtcacag ctggaatgat    169200
     tgtggtcttc tggctggatg cctctgtagt gttttaaggc actaacaacc tttcttcaaa    169260
     gctgtgtgtt gaagtgtggg acaaaacttc aaaattgact tctatgatgg tgtcaggaag    169320
     aggcagtgaa gttgttccta tttccatgca ctgggttatt gacaacaagt gactaaggaa    169380
     tagagtacct ctagcgtaca tttccggtaa gttgttccaa tgacttgttg cattttaacg    169440
     tttttcttct ttactgttaa ccagatgact ttccagttca gcatatggga caaatttcgg    169500
     gacttagaaa atttgccaga cactaagttc tcaaatctgg ttcatctgct ggcacacttg    169560
     ttgaggacaa aatcacttcc actttctgtt ctaaaggttt gtatagtgct tagtataagc    169620
     atctaagata gtataaatta ttttatttgg tatattttaa gatgcatttt ctgaaattct    169680
     gaaatttgag ggttggcagg gaagagagcg gcaaggtttc tctattagtc ttggctgtcc    169740
     tggaactctc tctgtagacc aggctggctt tgaactcaga gatctgcctg cttctgcctc    169800
     ccaagtgctg agattagagg tcagtacaca tacaccagct atgaaaggtt ttaattataa    169860
     tagccatcac agaaaatacc cattctataa atttacttag agaattaatg tccaattata    169920
     ggtttagatt ggtttttgtt tgttttgttc tgctttacat taatttattt tgtgtgtgtg    169980
     tgtgtgcgtg tgtgcgtgtg tgcgagagcg cttatgtata tgggcttgca tgtgcttttc    170040
     acagctagct catctgggag caaagagtga agtagaactt tgctttcagg gttactattg    170100
     cagtggtaaa acaaaacaac taaaagcagc ttgaggagaa aggggttcat ttcacttatg    170160
     cttccaagta acagtccatc accaagggaa gtcaggtcag gacatgatgc agaagccctg    170220
     aaggtattcc tctcagccca cttttttata gaccccagga caaccagcct aagatggcct    170280
     cacctacaat gggctgagcc ctttctacat cagtcactac agcccatcct tttctctctc    170340
     cttttcttga gataggcact acagtccatc ttatagggac atttctcaat taagcttccc    170400
     tcctctcaga tgattctagc ttgtgtgaaa ttgacataaa actagacagg acagactttc    170460
     cttataaaga tgcaattgtg gaccttcact gcaaaatacc atgaagctgt agctcaccac    170520
     ccctgcactt ggggccttca aagccttgag acaccagtac agaagacaga agcacaggag    170580
     gtggggattg ctgaccttct gaccagacta aaggagataa acagtagaca taagtcaaga    170640
     tgctaactaa gttccatgtc tttctataac attgctagtc tgtaaggcag catcctgtgc    170700
     atttgcctcc tgcttcatca acgtttctgc tcacaatttc ttggtgacct tgagaattag    170760
     gcaggagcca gttgtgtatg gtagggcttg tactagggtt ctccagagta acagacttac    170820
     agaatgaatc gatacataga aaggggttta tagctaaccc aacagtggct atctgtggac    170880
     aaaaagtcca caaggctaaa tgtctcagct ggtcttcagt atacactgaa atcctgaaga    170940
     agtagtctct aatgccagtg aaggaatgga cttgctagca ggacagggca agaaggcaaa    171000
     aaacaaaaga tccctcctct cttgtcctta cataggcttc aaacaaaagg tgaagtatga    171060
     ttctaattag aagtggatct tcgggctgga gagatggctc agtggttaaa agcaccaact    171120
     gctcttccag aggtcctgag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca tgatggctca caaccatctg    171180
     taatgagatc tgacaccctc tactggagtt tctgaagagc tacagtgtac ttacatataa    171240
     taaataaata aatctttaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaagtggat cttcctactt caaattaagc    171300
     aaaaaaaatc cctcacaggt gagccctcca ttttggaatt ttagttaatt ccagatgtag    171360
     tcaagttgac agctaggagt agccatcacc gagcacatcc ctgaccttgt tcttgggctc    171420
     ttgtttgtac ccctcaactc ttctcaggaa agctactctt taatatagta tttatcctgt    171480
     tcaaaggctt tttcctattc ctgtatctgc aaggtgagca tatggagcat tgctcaagcc    171540
     tctctgggta ggaccttgtc accataccct gtcttcttgc agcttttctt tcttcctttt    171600
     tcttttcttt ttttccaaat aagatgaagg tcagtttatt agcattttaa aagggaaaaa    171660
     gactacaggc aagctgtagc tggagaagag aaagaaaaat gaccatgcca tttaagctag    171720
     catggaggac agacacaaga caaaacatcc tttgtgatgg gatgtgttgg aggaagaaaa    171780
     gcccagcatg ctaaggaaag catactgtta agctcccttc aaattcaact tgagtttgtg    171840
     ttttctccat gttggtgttt gtggttgtct atgtataata tgtttatcgt actgctaaaa    171900
     atgagatgct ttgctcagtt tttgatgctt ttctaagaaa cacataatat gtgtgtgtgt    171960
     taacctaatt ttctatgtgg agttgtaact aaagagtaac tacttcagag gacagaggac    172020
     tccaaccctg ggtttggagt gtatataccc tatagctatg atccccactg cattgtagct    172080
     cacagcctag gaaccagccc accttgccag tagtaagtac tctgtcattg ccagcagttg    172140
     gttcctgaca gccagtgttg tagagagtaa gaagggccac aaaccatgta ctgaatcagc    172200
     atggtgatgc tttcctaccc cctgaccctt aggtagttga attcagtgaa ttggataaac    172260
     ccagagttca cttcctacgg agggtgttga ctgcactgtt gatggaaact gaagacgacg    172320
     acttggctgt aattttttca aggtatgtgc ctagtgttcc ctgattgaac gtaggaagac    172380
     ttcttgctct tgctccttcg cctgcttgct gcgtgagact gagtaactgc tagatccttg    172440
     gacttccatt cacagctgcg actaaacaat tgttgggaat tgggctgccg actgtaagtc    172500
     atcaataaat tcctttacta tctagagact atccataagt tctgtgactc tagagaaccc    172560
     tgactaatac agaagttggt accaggagtg gttctagagt aacagaaata caaggatgaa    172620
     tcttttaaaa tactggaatt ggcttattga tccaccactt ctaccactga gtcttatccc    172680
     tagccctcag aaagataaaa gtgggcactg tggttcataa ctttaatccc agagtttaag    172740
     aaactgaggc aggagaattg ctacaagctc agggccagac tggcataccc agtgaatttt    172800
     aggccagaat aacacagtga gactctgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    172860
     aaaaaaaaag aatttttatt ttgttggttt ctatattttt gagacaggtt cccactatat    172920
     atccctggct agtatgaaca ggctggcctt gaactcacag gtctgcccag cctttgctag    172980
     gattaaagac ctgcaccacc acacctgaca aaaattctta acaaagaatc ctactttgaa    173040
     agaagctgga gctaggtggt agcgcacacc tttaatccca gcactcagga ggcgttaagc    173100
     aggtaaatct ctgagttcga ggccagccaa ggctacagag caagtccagg acagccaggg    173160
     cagagaaacc ttgtcttaga aaaaagcaga accacaaatt agctagatag ctagatatgt    173220
     aggtgggtgg attcgggatg gatggatgga ttctgggtgc aactagttat gcagcctatg    173280
     ctagtaatcc tagcacctca gagactgagt cagtagggtc acaaatttag cgccaccctg    173340
     ggttaccctc tcctttaaaa acagaagcca ggtataatga cattcttgtg gttacacctt    173400
     ttctagagac tgagccaagg atgattcttt gagtccaggt gttcaaggat agcttagaca    173460
     ctatagtaag gttctgccta aaaatacaga gattttcttc aataagccac aggattggag    173520
     tctcagtagc aggacagttg tctgtcttat acaagaccct gggttttaca caatcatcca    173580
     gaaaacaaat gcctaaaagt gggttttgtc ttgcttcttg aggcaccggg ctctcaaaga    173640
     caagcttctc cctgaccctt gtctccaatt tcctttcaga gtgtctgaca acccaaagct    173700
     gggaatgttg cgagaaggcc tgaagctctt cattggccac ttcttactga agcacacaca    173760
     ggctcaccag agtgctgagg aagccagtct gctgagagag aaggctggcc ttgcatctaa    173820
     gtctttacag ggcaaagcca tcctgagaat gtagccagag tatagggagc atttgaccaa    173880
     gagatgtggt ttgtgaattc aaggcagtcc tgcctctaag aacaggagga ttatgccatg    173940
     ctttgtcagg gtttaaatat tgtattttca gatttttaga gtattatgta cttcaaatgt    174000
     atatgtatgt atatagcagg tcaggggaaa gggggagaaa agattaagcc atgaggagag    174060
     ggttgggacc ataaattgat gactattttt tatcttctaa aatgttggtt aaaagtttaa    174120
     aaactgggca catggtggca cgtgtctttc attctagcac tcggggaagc aggggcaggc    174180
     agatctctga gttccaggcc agcctggtct acatagtgag ttctaggaca gccagagtaa    174240
     attgtgtgac ctatctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt tctaatgcct taagaaagtg    174300
     tggtgcttag gctctgatat ctcccactcc gaaatcccac tcacttcagg taggtattga    174360
     gtacttggga agaagagaca aaaaagaaca gagataagga gctggcaaga tggctcagct    174420
     ggtaagagct cggactgctc ttcaaaaggt cctgagtttc atatcccagc aacctcatgg    174480
     tggctcacaa ccacccgtaa tgagatctaa cgccctcttc tggtgtgtct gaagacagct    174540
     acagtgtact tatgtataat aataaataaa taaatctttg gaccagagcg agcaggctct    174600
     taagtgagca gggttgacca gatcaagcgg agccaaccag agcaagtgga ggtcctaaat    174660
     tcaattccca acaactacat gaaggctcac aaccatctct acagctacag tgtactcata    174720
     cacataaaat aaataaatct tttttttaaa aaaagaacag ataacatgat tgtgttaggt    174780
     aagggtagca tgggctcaca gactgaagaa ggatgcatgg cttccatgag tcctctttat    174840
     agccttaaag tttgctttct ctcaaatgcg gtgaacttga ctaaccctga ccttcagttg    174900
     taactaacga gaagtagaaa agttctaaat tagagctttt acacccagcg atgtcctatg    174960
     tggagtgccc ttttcagaca ggcaggcagg caggcacaga caaggaatgc tgttcctatg    175020
     agattcaccc cttctgtcag ttttgaacag catatccctg tagcattgtg tttgagatga    175080
     ccgtgtatgg tcaggaggtc tccatgcagg tccctgagaa ctgagccgtg aagtgagcca    175140
     gcagtgcctg ctgctgttct tgttgctatg acaacacctg acacgagcag cataaggaag    175200
     ggtggcctgg gctcatacta tgtaggtaca tcatagtggg gcatcatgca gcaagagctc    175260
     aaggcatctg gtcacattgc acctgcagtg aggaagcaga gagagacaca tgtactcggt    175320
     tcactttctc cttttcatta agtccaagcc cccagcccat gttcagccca atcaagaaac    175380
     tcttacagcc actcccagag gtttgccttc taggtgattt ggatcctacc aagtgggcag    175440
     tgtatataga tttgggggtt gagagtaaag ctccatagag cacttgttca aactctagac    175500
     tcactcaact ttaaacaaaa aagaaaagta cttttttaac ttaccttttc taaattttat    175560
     ttatgtttga gtatatggac atgtgtacaa gtgcttttga aggccagaag aaggatgtcc    175620
     tggagctgga gttccaggtg gttgtgtctg cctaattcgg gttctgggaa ccaaactgag    175680
     ctcctcttag gagaacagca aacactctca accaggccag atctccagcc ccaggtatgt    175740
     cttttttccc tactcccacc aggttatctc cttgtaaccc tagctgtcct gggactcaat    175800
     ttgtagatta gagatctata ctagagatca atacatgatc acagagattc acctcttcac    175860
     cccaccctcc atggaattaa aggtatatat catcatgcca ggccctaatt ctgtctgtgt    175920
     gatgcttaca gtaaaggtta agaactaacg tataaggtgc agtggcacac acctttaatc    175980
     cccacgcttt ggatacagag gcaagcagat cattgacagt tctcagccag cctggtcctc    176040
     atagcaagta ccaggactaa agaacttgtc tcaaacaaca acagacatgt atagaatcac    176100
     ttttaaaagg gggaatttca tctgtaaaat aaagatgtaa gttttatgta aaaataagca    176160
     acttttaagc tattttctgt agtatgtcac tacctctgac actgaggctg gctgggtcca    176220
     tccccgaagc tgctgacagc gtaagattgt tcatgcttgg ttcaccacca gactcttccc    176280
     ttggatacca agaagccatg gtcgccaggt ggtggtggcg cacgccttta atcccagcac    176340
     ttgggaggca gaggcaggtg gatttctgag ttcaaggcca gcctggtcta caaagtgagt    176400
     tccaggacag ccagggctat acagagaaac cctgtctcag aaaaaccaaa aaaagaaaga    176460
     agccatggtc gtgtccaaat ggaggagaca gctgcatgta gagggttagc cttctgggtt    176520
     ggctgtaggt tggatgatat ctggggagat ttctctattt ctaatgtgta aatcttactc    176580
     tacattaaga agcagaacca accggggagt ggtggcacac ccctttaaat cccagcactt    176640
     gggaggcaga agcaggcaga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc    176700
     cagagaacct gtctcctggg gaaaaagaga aaaaagaaag agagagagag agagaagcag    176760
     aacccttttc accacttgat atcactatgt actcctagat ccccattcag ccttaatgta    176820
     ggtcaaggaa ctatggcttg gtttatttat gtgtatagtg ttctgcttgt atgtgttctg    176880
     tgagcagcaa gtgctcttta attgtttagt caactcacat gaaactgtca ccatcattaa    176940
     ggtcataaca tatcctctat atttcaagtc cactcccatc ccttattact gtggcttggg    177000
     ttcgggtagt cacttaatgt cggatgtgtt taagtacagg acaccgctct tagctgtggt    177060
     ccccatgctt tgaagtacaa tgccagaact accctccatt gctgttggta tccttgaaca    177120
     tcactacccc cggcccttga caagcaccat cctttttttg ctattgaata tgttttagag    177180
     atcatggaaa ggtgagatct actgtgtttg tgtgtctcac ttatttcact cagcatggtg    177240
     ccgtccatct tactcatgtg gtcacaaata ataggactgt tctctgtatc ccttcttgca    177300
     tccttgggca gtcaggcttt tgtgagtgct gctgcagtga acatgggaat gccatgtctc    177360
     tggtactctg acctcagttt tagcagtgag cttattgtac cctatggcat ttctactgct    177420
     cacttttgga ggaactttcc cactgtttgc ataatggctg taccaatttt catccggccc    177480
     acacaacaca agggctccct tttgttcaaa ccctgtcatc acttgttatg ttcccgtgtt    177540
     ttagcagtag ctatagtata tatagtagta gtagacaggt gtgaggtgaa gcctcgttgt    177600
     ggctttgatt ccacactcct gttggccatt ttatatctac ttaggagaaa agcttattca    177660
     taccctttgc ccagcttttg tcagggtctt atatcacagc aacagaaatg aaattagaac    177720
     caagaggcca cccagctcct gtaagattct ttgctctttt tattcattgt cttttttttt    177780
     taaacttttt tgagattaat ttttttatta gatattttct ttatatacat ttcaaatgct    177840
     atcccgaaag ttccctatac cctcccccca ccctgctccc ctacccaccc actcccactt    177900
     cttggccctg gctttcccct gtactggtgc atataaagtt tgcaatacca aggggcctct    177960
     cttcccagtg atggccgact aggccatctt ctgctacata tgcagctaga gacacgagct    178020
     ctgggggtac tgattagttc atattgttgt tccacctata gggttgcaga ccccttcagc    178080
     tccttgggtg ctttctctag cttctccatt gggggccctg tgttccatct tatagatgac    178140
     tgtgagcatc tacttctgta tttgccaggc actggcatgg cctcacaaaa gacagctaca    178200
     ccagggtccc ttcagcaaaa tcttgttggc ataggcaata gtgtctgggt ttggtggctg    178260
     attatgggat ggatccctgg gtggtgtagt ctctggatag tccatccttt tgtcttagct    178320
     ccaaactttg tctctgtaac tcctttcatg ggtattttgt tccctcttct aaggaggaat    178380
     gaagtatcca cccattggtc ttccctcttc ttgataatga ttgtcttttt gttcagcatg    178440
     tagtttccat acctgctgag agcttgcaag gtcttctgtt tgactgtgtg tactgttgaa    178500
     gctccctgga attccatact tcctctattt gtgttcttca gttccgaatt tctaaggttc    178560
     ttgaggttcc tttcttcttc taatgccttg ttcaggtgtt gctctccttg cttggtagtc    178620
     ttgctgtgtt ctcttgcagt tcagtgggct gctttaagat ccttttaatg ccttgttagg    178680
     ctatttgccg ctccccatat ctcaggttat gcttctggag ctcagcttca ttccactggt    178740
     gcttgctgtt ggtgcgctct caagccttgc atcactgtcc tgttttaaga agcagatacc    178800
     ttctgctttt actaacctga cttggaaaaa gcttcaccac ccatcctagc cagggttcag    178860
     ggacatgcag atatatgaac catgagagac agtgcattca aaccaccaca gaactgtaag    178920
     tatggaagtg tgccactcgt ttctgtaatg cactgtaagt gcatgtctat tgcagtgatg    178980
     aagcataatg agcaaagcag cttggggaga aaagggttta tcctgaactg aggagagccg    179040
     aggtaggagc ttaaacagga tggaaacata gaagtagagg ccatgaagga gtgtggcttg    179100
     ctggcttgct ttgcctgctt tcttatagca ctcagaacca ccagcccttg gcactaccca    179160
     caatgggcag ggccttccct cagcaatcac tggttaggaa aatgccctgc ttgtttgcct    179220
     acagtagcat cttacttcca cccccacctc cagggttttt gagaggattt cttagtgtag    179280
     ccctgtgtgt cctggaacta gctctgtaga aaaggctggt cttgaactca gaaatcttcc    179340
     tgcctctgcc tactgagtct gtgctgtgcc cagctacagc acatcttttg gagacgtctc    179400
     acatgattct agctatcatc tcagatgatt ctaactatgt caaattgaca tagtgtgcca    179460
     ctcatttctg gatataccag gttttcttcc tagccccttt acagaacagg gaggggattt    179520
     tgtgaatgtc atgtgtatca gtatgtttac acatggcatt tatgacttca ttaagcctgg    179580
     cttaacacag atgactcagg tacccagaca acactctagc agtcacaccc ttcccgttct    179640
     atatctctgg ttccctttct tctgtgtgag aaacatgcag ttgctcagtc acacattgta    179700
     cgtattgctg ttaggttggc tgactgaaag actgtagaga gttttgtgat tagttcaaga    179760
     tgtgtttctg agtcctctgg gataggcaca aagcggccag agccaaagca cctgatgttg    179820
     agttggggga ttggttctcg tttccatgct ctgaaatgta gataacacca ttgttgctgt    179880
     ttgttttcca ctcgagcctt ccctccatcc ttctgattta tggattgtac attactttta    179940
     acaaaccatt atattcatga agttttactg tgtgctgtgt ccttctgaca tattccagac    180000
     aaggaacctt tgaaattcca aatattcctg tttatcagta aaccagatgt gtgtctctgg    180060
     tgtgccacag ctgtgaaagt atggcttatt gccagtggca gctgcagtgt gactttttgt    180120
     ggttctgatt acatggagat acatgtgcca ggaattgtag gttaaagcca gctggctatg    180180
     gctctcagag gggccctccc ctcaccttct atgcaggcct gccactttgc catctcagta    180240
     ggctgctgag attgagtgag gcacatatat atgctccagg gtctccctgt ttccccccct    180300
     gttctcttga catatcatga gaaaccacat taagactgcc tgcctctcct gtgaaggttc    180360
     cccagtatag ggggaatgcc aggaccagga agtggggggg gggggtcggg gtggggatag    180420
     gggattttca ggggcgaaac taggaaaggg gataacattt gaaatgtaaa taaagaaaat    180480
     atctaaaaaa gtagaaaaaa atagaaaaga ctgcctgcct ctgcctacct tgactgagat    180540
     gtaggagcca tgtcttcaaa tttccctttc ttccggcagc accattcttc actctgtaag    180600
     catctcctga ggccattacc ctctcccaca accttggagc tgtctacact caccatatgg    180660
     cagcttgctt cctctctctc ttgcctacca tggctaactg ggcctaccat ggttaactag    180720
     gtcaggatgg accccaaggc acccaacttc aagcttccag aatttcacca gccagggaat    180780
     gtctcacaga gccttagtca aggattccag agaatgggtg gaaaggaagc gtatggcagg    180840
     aactatacaa agagacattt cacaaagtag tgagccatgg gtcagaggat aacaagacag    180900
     aatacagaac tcatctgctg gtggcatctg gtaagtcagt ctaggagctg tggattccta    180960
     ggtgtgccag ctccacccca ccctccaggt tctccagatc actaagggcc ccaggtgtga    181020
     tgagaggtgc aagcttggat acctgtatga gcacagctgg aaggtggggc agacatgctc    181080
     actgaccatt gctccacctc agactaaggt cagggatacc cagagttcta tgtcctaaat    181140
     gtactatgga gccgatctgt gagcgtgggc tgcctgctgc tctctcacac ccctgcagct    181200
     cttgtgaagt tggcggtccg ttttccaaca cagcagcctg actgttagca cttcccaaga    181260
     ttatcctaca agtcagccct gaggccagac gtgacttcca gcgtcccctg cagcaacttt    181320
     cttttgctga aatcacatgc gctcctgaag agatgagatg gtaagacttg gactctcagg    181380
     gtgatgtggc ctctgcttag cagccacatt cccttggagg ttgctggaat gatctctgtt    181440
     ttgttctctg gaaaactctg gttttcctcc actggctgca tcacagtgta gcaatggatt    181500
     aggaaagtgc aaagtgggta agtatatagc cacctagcat cccattcaca aagagcatca    181560
     ctgcaggagg ccagtggcag taccttccca gggcagcacc ctatgacttg atgacttccc    181620
     acaaggcctt ccttttaaat gctttacagg ccccacacgg ccatcctggg gcccagctcc    181680
     caacacaaac cttggaagca aaccacacca ctgcagtaat ggacactgct cagaatttgg    181740
     aggctaagaa gagggcatgt ggagaaaggc tagtttggtg taaggcacac tgcattttct    181800
     cagacctgag agatctgtgg tggtcaggac caggcagaca tcaccactct acctctggaa    181860
     ggagcctgtg gacttccagc atctaggatc cctggagaag aataaagtca ggaggaaaga    181920
     gtgctatgag tgaacttctg gacagctaaa catagaccac agttgtccaa tcaagtgagc    181980
     cacatgctgg gaggtcagat tccgggatgg gaggatttgg ctattgctcc ccagatcctc    182040
     cttagcaccc tgcccagaaa aaaacaaaac atgtctgttg gaatgcttgg gctatgagtc    182100
     catgtgacca cagagggatt aaagatccat gtgaaggtag ccctgacagg caggggtact    182160
     tggccttccc tcccctttat gccttgtgtc atgggttaca gcacagtgat agtagggact    182220
     tggctgtttg gaggtaaagc tcaagagaag ggtacattta tcttgagtag agcagaataa    182280
     tagtgaaata tttatgtttg catgagatgg tcaagggtga cattgggtcc agtgtgacaa    182340
     ggtccaggtt gaagggtgat ctcagggctg tggctcttgt acacgcaaaa gacaaccgta    182400
     tagcatgtgc cccactggaa ggcaactttg cccatgctga gcagctgtga ctttggacaa    182460
     gtccagagaa ggacatggca gctgccaacc ttccctgggt ccccagctca tgtttgcaac    182520
     agtatcaggg atagtttctg aaggtaatga ccatctcaga gtaggctttg gtctgattcc    182580
     ttccctgtac acacatcgtc agtcacttct tgacagcctt cttgttggct atcaattatc    182640
     ccagcacctg aggaagaaag gcaaagacac aagcttggcc agatagcagg ggaaagaaac    182700
     acaactatag ttttgaaggt cttgatggtt cttgataatg tttcattttt ctgtctctga    182760
     agtgtttcca agaaaagagc agtttattgc ttttatttgt taattaattt tagttctcca    182820
     gttgctcaca atcttcagtg ctaaccatgt tccctttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt    182880
     ggtcttttca agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact cactctgtag    182940
     accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa    183000
     aggcgtggcc accactgcct ggccatgttc acttttatat gtgcttgcat ataaagttac    183060
     atatgcaagt ttatatacat tttcatgcta ttttctgaat gagcagatgt cgcccctctt    183120
     tacttctgac ctttagcctg ccccttccat ggttgcagac ttctataccc tcaggaccat    183180
     cacagcacct aagctatgca ctggagcatc acatgccatg tggacagcca ggtatactgc    183240
     tcctggccgg gtagtttata tagccacttt ccctacaaaa ggagcaaatg gggtgtgaat    183300
     gtttactttt tatttctctt ttaaatagga caccctgtcc cacattttaa attatcttac    183360
     caccctggga aaaatttaag atatatttat tttatatgta tgactgtttt gcctgcacat    183420
     atgtatgtat gtacaccata tgcatgtgac cacctgtgga ggtcagaaga gggcactggg    183480
     actgggttat aactgtgggt gctgagaatc caattcaggt cctgtgccaa ggcagcaagc    183540
     actcagccac acttggacca gctgtgattc taatgtccct cttccctggg gtctggatgg    183600
     ctttagatta aacatcttgg aaaaggctgc tgcctaggaa ttctaggctc ttcacattct    183660
     gagctcctgt tttccctcag agtaagctta agctgatggt gcaattaagt ttagttttca    183720
     tctggaggat ggctaaaggg aattcataat aaccatccag ttccattcta gcctgcttgg    183780
     tgctatagat acctcatcag tatctactgt caattggggt cttggaacag ctgtgtttta    183840
     tctgtcatcc tgccatcctg aagagctact aggggagttt gccatagtgg gcacacttga    183900
     cactaaggga gagctagtga catctgtgtg gacaaagtgg gagatgggaa ctaccccaga    183960
     acaagccatg ctgcacatgg ctcctgagac ttcatgtgtc tctgtcctca gtggtcctgt    184020
     cactgacacc tgacagcttg taggtcccag gcactgactc tttgaacttt aatgcccctt    184080
     gttgctctgt ctttcagaag acctggtgct cttttggtca cctagtaggt gctgatccat    184140
     agaaaggagt tgtctactat gattgagaac agagcctggt tctcttcctg aagagctact    184200
     aggggagtct ctatctcccc tgtggtgtat gtgggagttg gggagcagag gtcaaccttg    184260
     agtgtcagga gttgtctact tagtttttaa gatggggtca ctcactaatt tagctatgtt    184320
     ggctggcaag cagtccccag atccttctgt ttctccttcc ctagtcctgg gatttattat    184380
     atgtgaatat acaccatcac accagggatt tattacatgt gaatatacac catcacacct    184440
     ggctttttat gtggatgcta gggattgaac tcaggccctc atgcaagcat gttatctgta    184500
     agccacctca actcctcttc ctgattgttg tgaatgtcat tgtaggagtc tctattaata    184560
     tctatttgac tttttcttta tctgagtaaa tgaggagaag gatcttgaac ttctggccct    184620
     cctgccttca cttcccaaga gctggattcc agatgtatac caccatgcca ggtttacaca    184680
     gtgctgaaga ttaaacccag tatcacgtat aagcactcta aacaagctac agccgtagaa    184740
     ctagtgtcta tgttttaatc cttaaaagct ggtgagttat ccaggacact ttttctcatt    184800
     ccaggaaaat aattactagt aagagtatgg caaagcccag gaccctctca aacatttatg    184860
     acaagactca ggcacctagc atttcagtga gcaggacctg agatggcata tcacaaaact    184920
     gggaccaaaa ccattaatac tatcattgtt taattttgca tagccatggt caaaactctg    184980
     atttcctaga aagaaacaac cccaaatgcc caaaggtata aattatcaga caggatctag    185040
     aaaccacaaa agcaaaccag acttcctgta agtacttatc cagagcttga agctacagaa    185100
     aagcaggtgg cttacacttg ggacataaaa tactcaatta actcatcaaa aatacaatgt    185160
     gatcatttgt gacttatttt gtccttaccc tccaccattt ttattaatga atctgacccc    185220
     agtgatgata ccccactgtg atgggtggtc acctgcactc tgtggatggt gagtgtgggc    185280
     tggaatcccc cagtcttctg gttaagcaag taacagtcct gcttttccac tttagcaggg    185340
     cttactggta aactaggctg tgggtagatg ctggcctctc actggagcag gaggcaagga    185400
     tctgtcacac catgccttac ctggggaatg tggcaacata ccataaatcg gacatgctac    185460
     atcacaggtg tcacttctgt atgaacattt gaggatc                             185497