ID   AC166832; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 172644 BP.
AC   AC166832;
DT   12-AUG-2005 (Rel. 84, Created)
DT   28-OCT-2005 (Rel. 85, Last updated, Version 2)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-220N17 from chromosome 16, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-172644
RA   Tang Y., Haglund K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-220N17";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-172644
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-AUG-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-172644
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (27-OCT-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 302622f926b821d3c66bfa5b4b6768bd.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456175.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000022779; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000063358; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000075370; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0022561; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0022564; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0022566; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0022522; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0022523; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0022525; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0022527; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0022499; mus_musculus_akrj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0022504; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0022527; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0022528; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0022530; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0022294; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0022295; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0022297; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0022976; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0022981; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0021821; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0021822; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0021823; mus_musculus_casteij.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0022263; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0022265; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0022266; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0022268; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0022395; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0022396; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0022398; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0022370; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0022372; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0022374; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0022462; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0022463; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0022465; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0022392; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0022393; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0022395; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0022989; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0022990; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0022992; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0021563; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0021566; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0021568; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0021869; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0021870; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0021872; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC166832.2:1-172644; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000100136; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0043300; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0043303; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0043305; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0043327; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0043274; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0043277; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0043279; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0043301; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0043284; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0043287; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0043309; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0043027; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0043030; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0043052; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0043770; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0043777; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0043799; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0043128; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0043131; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0043132; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0043154; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0042938; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0042942; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0042943; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0042965; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0043096; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0043099; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0043121; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0043048; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0043052; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0043074; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0043160; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0043163; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0043185; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0043030; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0043033; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0043055; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0043810; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0043813; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0043835; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0042713; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0042718; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0042740; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0042412; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0042415; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0042437; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; D3YW63.
DR   GOA; D3YY65.
DR   GOA; D3Z084.
DR   GOA; D3Z2F4.
DR   GOA; F7A473.
DR   GOA; P20764.
DR   InterPro; IPR000380; Topo_IA.
DR   InterPro; IPR003006; Ig/MHC_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR003597; Ig_C1-set.
DR   InterPro; IPR003601; Topo_IA_2.
DR   InterPro; IPR003602; Topo_IA_DNA-bd_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR006171; TOPRIM_domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR007110; Ig-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR008349; MAPK_ERK1/2.
DR   InterPro; IPR011009; Kinase-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR013497; Topo_IA_cen.
DR   InterPro; IPR013783; Ig-like_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR013824; Topo_IA_cen_sub1.
DR   InterPro; IPR013825; Topo_IA_cen_sub2.
DR   InterPro; IPR013826; Topo_IA_cen_sub3.
DR   InterPro; IPR023405; Topo_IA_core_domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR023406; Topo_IA_AS.
DR   InterPro; IPR034144; TOPRIM_TopoIII.
DR   InterPro; IPR036179; Ig-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036280; Multihaem_cyt_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:1333803; Top3b.
DR   MGI; MGI:1346858; Mapk1.
DR   MGI; MGI:96529; Igll1.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; P20764; IGLL1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3YW63; D3YW63_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3YY65; D3YY65_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z084; D3Z084_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z2F4; D3Z2F4_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z758; D3Z758_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F7A473; F7A473_MOUSE.
CC   On Oct 27, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:71980374.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0220N17
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa and
CC   Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..172644
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="16"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-220N17"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
SQ   Sequence 172644 BP; 48870 A; 38802 C; 38494 G; 46478 T; 0 other;
     gaattccagg acagccagag caatatagag aaaccctgtc tcgaaaaacc aaaaaaaaga        60
     aaaaaaagaa agagttgccc atgaacatac aagaagccta cagaactcaa aatagtctgg       120
     accagaaaag aaattcctcc catcacataa taatcaaaac accaaatgca caaaataaag       180
     aaagaatatt aaaagtagta agggaaaaag gtcaagtaat atataaaggc agacctatta       240
     gaattacacc tgacttctca ccagagacta tgaaagccag aggatcctgg gcagatgtca       300
     tacagaccct aagagaacac aaatgccacc cagactacta tacccagcaa aactctcaat       360
     taccatagat ggagaaagca aagtattcca caacaaaacc aaattcacac attatctttc       420
     cactaatgaa gcccttcaaa ggataataac agaaaaaaaa aaatacaagg acggaaacca       480
     cgccctagaa aaagcaagaa ggtaatccct caacaaacct aaaagaagac agccacaaga       540
     acagaatgcc aactttaaca acaaaaataa caggaagcaa caattacttt tccttaatat       600
     ctcttaatat caatggactc aattccccaa taaaaagaca tagactaaca aactggctac       660
     acaaacaaga cccaacattt ggctgcttac aggaaactca tctcagagaa aaagatagac       720
     actacctcag aatgaaaggc tggaaaacaa ttttccaagc aaatggtatg aagaaacaag       780
     ctggagtagc cattctaata tctaataaaa tcgacttcca acccaaagtc atcaaaaaag       840
     acaaggaggg gcacttcata ctcatcaaag gtaaaatcct ccaagaggaa ctatcaatcc       900
     tgaatatgta tgctccaaat acacaggcag ccacattcat taaagaaact ttagtaaaac       960
     tcaaagcaca catttcacct cacacaataa tagtgggaga ctttaacaca ccactttcac      1020
     caacagacag atcatggaaa cagaaactaa acagggacac agtgaaacta acagaagtga      1080
     tgaaacacat ggacttaaca gatatctaca gaacatttta tcctaaaaca aaaggatata      1140
     ccttcttctc agcacctcat ggtaccttct ccaaaattga tcacataatt ggtcacaaaa      1200
     caagcctcaa catatacaaa aatattgaaa ttgtcccatg catcctatca gataaccata      1260
     aactaaggct tatctttaat aaaaaataaa taatagaaaa ccaatattca cgtggaaact      1320
     gaacaacact cttctcaatg ataccttggt caaggaagga ataaagaaag aaattaagga      1380
     ctgtttgtag tttaatgaaa gtgaaacaac aacataccca aacttatggg acacaatgaa      1440
     agcatttcta agaagaaaac tcatagctct gagtgcctcc aaaaagaaac tagagagagc      1500
     acacattagc agcttgacaa cacacctaaa agctctggaa caaaaggaag caaattcacc      1560
     caagatgagt agacggaagg aaataatcaa actcaggggt gaaatcaacc aagtggaaac      1620
     aagaagaact attcaaagaa tcaaccaatc gaggacctgg ttctttgaga aaatcaacaa      1680
     gatagataaa cccttagcca gactcactag agggcacagg gaaagcatcc taattaacaa      1740
     aatcagaaat gaaaagggag acataacaac agatcctgaa gaaatccaaa acaccatcag      1800
     atgcttctac aaaaggctat actcaacaaa actggagaac ctggatgaaa tggagaagtt      1860
     tctagacaga taccaggtac ctaagttgaa tcaagatcag gttaatgatc taaacagtcc      1920
     tataccccat aaagaaatag aagcagttat taatagtctc ccaaccaaaa aaagcccagg      1980
     accagatggg tttagagcag agttctatca gaccttcaaa gaagatctaa tcccagttct      2040
     tcacaaacta ttccacaaaa taggaacaga aggcactcta cccaactcgt tctatgaagc      2100
     cacaattcct ttgataccta aaccacaaaa agacccaaca aagaaagaga acttcagacc      2160
     aatgtccctt atgaatattg atgcaaaaat actgaataat gttcttgcta actgaatcca      2220
     agaacacatc aaaacaatca tccatcctga ccaagtaggt ttcatcccag ggatgcaggg      2280
     atggtttaat atacggaaat ccatcaacgt aatccagtat ataaacaaac tcaaagacaa      2340
     aaaccacatg atcatctcgt tagatgctga gaaagcattt gacaaaatcc aacacccatt      2400
     catgataaaa gtcttgtaaa aatcaggaat tcaaggccca tacctaaaca tgataaaagc      2460
     aatctacagc aaactagtag ccagcatcaa agtaaatggt gagaagctgg aaggattccc      2520
     actaaaatca gggactagac aaggctgtcc actctctccc tattcaacat tgtacttgaa      2580
     gtcctagcca gagcaattcg acaacaaaaa gagatcaagg ggatacaaat tggaaaggaa      2640
     ggagtcaaaa tatcactttt tgcagatgat atgatagtat atataagtga ccctaaaaat      2700
     tccaccagag aactcctaaa cctgataaac agcttcaatg aagtagctgg atataaaatt      2760
     aactcaaaca agtcaatggc ctttctgtac acaaaggata aacaggctga gaaagaaatt      2820
     agggaaacaa cacccttctc aatagtcaca aaaaatataa aatacattgg catgactcta      2880
     actaaggaag tgaaagatct gtatgataag aacttcaagt ctctgaagaa aggaattaaa      2940
     gaagatctca gaagatggaa agatctccca tgctcatgga ttggcaggat caacattgta      3000
     aaaatggcta tcttgccaaa agcaatctac agattcaatg caatcccctc taaattccaa      3060
     ctcaattctt caacgaacta gaaagggcaa tcggcagatt catctggaat aacaaaaaaa      3120
     ctaggatagc aaaaactctt ctcaaagata aaagaacctc tggtggaatc accatgcttg      3180
     acctaaagct gtactacaga gcaattgtga taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac      3240
     tgcatggtac tggtatagtg acagacaagt agaccaatgg aacagaattg aagacccgga      3300
     gataaaccca cacacctatg gtcacttgat ctttaacaaa ggagctaaaa ccatccagtg      3360
     gggggaaaaa aagacagcat tttcaacaaa tggtgctggc acaactgtca gttagcatgt      3420
     agaagaattc gaattaatcc attcttatct ccttgtacta aggtcaagtc taagttgatc      3480
     aaggaactcc acaaaaaaaa acagagacta tgaaacttat agaggagaaa gtgggggaaa      3540
     gccttgaaga tatgggtaca ggggaaacat tcctgaatag aacagcaatg gtttgtgaag      3600
     aagatcaaga atcgataaat gggacctcat aaaattgcaa agcttctgta aggcaaaaga      3660
     cctgtcaata agacaaaaag gccaccaaca aattgggaaa ggttctttac caatcctaaa      3720
     tcagataggg gaataatatc caatatatat aaagaactca agaaggtgga cacaggaatg      3780
     gatacagaaa atgtggtaca tttacacaat ggagtactac tcagctatta aaaagaatga      3840
     atttatgaaa ttcctaggca aatggatgga tctgaaggac atcatcctga gtgaggtaac      3900
     ccaatcacaa aggaactcac acaatatgta ctcactgaaa agtggatatt atcccagaaa      3960
     cttaggatac ccaagatata atatacaatt tgctaaacac atgaaactca agaagaatga      4020
     aaaccaaagt gtgaacactt tgccccttct tagaattggg aacaaaacac ccttggaagg      4080
     agttacagag acaaaatttg gagctgtgac aaaaggatgg accatctagt gattgccata      4140
     tccagagatc catcccataa tcagcttcca aacgctgaca ccattgcata cactagcaag      4200
     attttgctga aaggacctag atatagctgt ctcttgtgag gctatgccgg ggcctagcaa      4260
     acacagaagt ggatgctcac agtcagctat tggatggatc acagggctcc caatggagga      4320
     gctagagaaa gtacccaagg atctaaaggg atctgcaacc ctataggtgg aacaacatta      4380
     tgaactaacc agtaccccgg agctcttgac tctagctgca tatgtatcaa aagatggcct      4440
     agtcagccat cactggaaag agaggcccat tggacttgca aactttatat gccccagtac      4500
     aggggaatgc cagggccaaa aagggagagt gggtgggtag gggagtgggg gggcggtatg      4560
     ggggactttt gggatagcat tggaaatgta aatgaggaaa atacctaatt aaaaaattta      4620
     aaaaaaaaaa agaattacag gaaaggtagg cggtggtggc acacaccttt aatcccagca      4680
     cttgggaggc agaggtaagc tgatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctgctct acaaagtgag      4740
     ttccaggaca gccagggcta tacagagaaa ccctgtcagg gaagaaaaaa aaattatagg      4800
     aaaacacaac caaacaggtg atggaattgg acaaaaccat ccaagatcta aaaacggagg      4860
     tagaaataat aaagaaaacc caaagggaga taactcagga gatagaaacc ttaggaaaga      4920
     aatcagaaaa cataggtgcg agcatcagca acagaataca agagatggaa gagaaaattt      4980
     caggtacaga agataccata gaaaacatgg acacaacaaa tcaaagaaaa tgaaaaatgc      5040
     aataagatct taactcaaaa catccaggaa atccatgaca caatgagaag accaacccta      5100
     gggataataa gtattgatga gaatgaagat tttcaactta aagggccagt aaatatcttc      5160
     aacaaaatta gagaagaaaa cttccctaac ctaaagaaaa agatgcccat gaacctacaa      5220
     gaagcctacg gaactccaat tagacaggac cagaaaagaa attcctcccg acacataata      5280
     atcagaacaa caaatgcact aaataaagat agaatataaa aaacagtaag ggataaagat      5340
     caagtaacat ataaatgcag gcctattaga attacatcag acttctcacc ggagactatg      5400
     aaagccagaa gatcctggac agatgctata cagaccctaa gagaacacaa atgccagcct      5460
     aggctactat acccagcaaa accctaaatt accatagatg gagaaaccaa ggtatcccat      5520
     gacaaaacca aatttaaaca atatctttcc atgaatccag cccttcaaag gataaaaaag      5580
     agaaaactcc aacaacagga cggaaattac acccgagaaa aagcaagaaa gtaatctgtc      5640
     aacaaaccta aaagaagaca gccgcaagac cagaatccca actctaaaaa caaaaataac      5700
     aggaagcaac aattgctttt ccttaatatc tcttaatatc aatggactca attccccaat      5760
     aaaaagatct agactaacag actgcctaca caaacaggac acaacatttt gctgcttaca      5820
     ggaaacccac gtcagggaaa aagaaagaca ctacctcaga gtgaaagctg aaaaaccatt      5880
     ttccaagcaa agggtccgaa gacacaagct ggagtagcca ttctaatatc taataaaatc      5940
     tactttcaac ccaaagttat caaaaaagac aaggaggggc acttcatatt catcaaaggg      6000
     aaaaatcttc catgatgaac tctcaattct gaatatctat gctccaaatg caagggcacc      6060
     cacattcatt aaagaaactt tagtaaagct caaagcacac attgcacctc acacaataat      6120
     agtgggagac ttcaacaccc cactctcatc aatgaacaga tcctgcaaac agaaactaaa      6180
     cagagacaca ttgaaactaa cagaagttat gaaactcgtg gatttaacag atatctacag      6240
     aacattttgt cctaaaacaa aaggatatac cttcttctca gcacctcatg gtactgtctc      6300
     caaaactgac cacataagag gtcacaaaac aaacctcaac agatacaaaa atattgaaat      6360
     tatcccatgc atcctatcac atcaccacag accaaggctg atgttcaata acaacataaa      6420
     taatagaaag ccaacattca cgtagaagct gaataacatt ctactcaatg ataccttggt      6480
     caaggaagaa ataaagaaag aaattaaaga ctttttagag tttaatgaaa atgaagccat      6540
     aacatactca aacttatggg acacaatgaa agcagtccta agaggaaaaa ctcatagctc      6600
     tgagtgcctc caaaaagaaa ctagacagaa catacactag cagcctgaca gcacacctaa      6660
     tagatctaga acaaaaggaa gcaaatacac gcaagatgag tagacagcag gaaacaacca      6720
     aactcagggc tgaaatcaac caagtggaaa taaaaagaac tattcaaaga atcaaccaaa      6780
     ccaggagctg gttctttgag aaaatcaaca agatagataa acccttagct agactaacta      6840
     gaggacacag ggacagtatc ctatttaaca aaatcagaaa tgaaaaggga gacataacaa      6900
     cagaacacga ggaaataaaa aacatcatca gatccttcta caaaaggcta tactcaacaa      6960
     acctggaaca cctcgatgaa atggacaatt ttctagacag ataccaggta ccaaggttaa      7020
     ttgagggtca gattaatgat ctaaacagtc caatatcacc ttaagaaata gaaacagtaa      7080
     ttaatagtct cccaaccaaa aaaaagccca aaccagatgc gtttagtgca gagttctatc      7140
     agacattcaa agaagacata attccaattg tcctcaaact attccacaaa atacaaacag      7200
     aagatactct actcaactca ttctatgaag ccacaattac tctgatacct aaaccacata      7260
     aagacccaac aaagaaagag aacttcagac caatttccct tatgaatatt gatgcaaaaa      7320
     tactcaataa aattctcgct aagtgaatcc aagaacacat caaaacgatc attcatcatg      7380
     accaagtagg cttcatccca gggatgcaga gatggttcaa tatatggaaa ccaatcaatg      7440
     taatccacta tataaacaaa ctcaaagaaa aaaatataat catctcatta gatgctgaga      7500
     aagcatttga caaaatccaa tacccattca tgataaaagt cttgtaaaga tcaggaattc      7560
     aagacccata cataaacatg ataaaagaaa tatgcagcaa accagtagcc aacatcaaac      7620
     taaatggaga gaaactggaa acaatcccac taaaatcagg gactagacaa ggctgcccac      7680
     tctctcccta cctattcaac ttagtacttg aagtcctagc caaagcaatt agacaacaaa      7740
     aggagatcaa ggggatacaa attggaaagg aagaagtcaa atatcactat ttgcagatga      7800
     tatgatagta tatataagcg accataaaat tccatcaggg aactcctaaa catcttcagt      7860
     gcagtagctg gatataaaat taactcaaac aaatcagtgg ccttcctcta ctcaaaggat      7920
     aaacaggctg agaaagaatt tagggaaaca acacccttta caatagtcac aaataatata      7980
     aaataccttg gtgtgactct aactaagcaa gtgaaagatc tgtatgataa gaacttcaag      8040
     tctctgaagg aagaaattga agaaaacctc agaagatgga aaaatctccc atgctcatgg      8100
     attggcagga ctaatattgt taaaatggct atcttgccaa aagcaatcta cagattcaat      8160
     gcaatcccca tcaaaattcc aactcaattc ttcaacgaat tagaagtagc aatttgcaaa      8220
     ttcatctgga ataacaaaaa acctaggata gcaaaaactc ttctcaagga taaaagaacc      8280
     tctggtggaa tcaccatgcc tgacctaaag ctttactaca gagcaattgt gataaaaact      8340
     gcatggtact ggtatagaga cagacaagta gaccaatgga atagaattga agacccagaa      8400
     atgaacccac acacctatgg tcacttgatc tttgacaagg gagcgaaaac catccagtgg      8460
     aagaaagaca gcattttcaa caattggtgc tggcacaact ggttgttatc atgtagaaga      8520
     atgcgaatcg atccatactt atctccttgt actaaggtca aatctaagtg gatcaaggaa      8580
     cttcacataa aaccagagac actgaaactt atagaggaga aagtggggaa aagccttgaa      8640
     aatatgggca cagggaaaaa attcctgaac agaacagcaa tggcttgtga tgtaaaatcg      8700
     agaattgaca aatgggacct aatgaaactc caaagtttct gcaaggcaaa agacaccgtc      8760
     aataagacaa aaagaccacc aacagattgg gaaaggatct ttacctatcc taaatcagat      8820
     aggggactaa tatccaacat atataaagaa ctcaagaagg tggacttcag aaaatcaaat      8880
     aaccccatta aaaaatgggg ctcagaactg aacaaagaat tctcacctga ggaataccaa      8940
     atggcagaga agcacctgaa aaaatgttca acatccttaa tcatcaggga aatgcaaatc      9000
     aaaacaacac tgagattcca cctcacacca ctcagaatgg caaagatcaa aaattcaggt      9060
     gacagcagat gctggcgagg atgtggagaa agaggaacac tcctccattg ttggtgggat      9120
     tgcaggcttg tacaaccact ctggaaatca gtctggcggt ttctcagaaa attggacata      9180
     gtactaccag aggatccagc aatacctctc ctgggcatat atccagaaga tgccccaact      9240
     ggtaagaagg acacatgctc cactatgttc atagaagcct tatttataat agccagaagc      9300
     tggaaagaac ccagatgccc ctcaacagag gaatggatac agaaaatgtg gtacatctac      9360
     acaatggagt actgctcagc tattaaaaag aatgaattta tgaaattcct aggcaaatgg      9420
     atggacctgg agaacatcat cctgagtgag gtaacacatt cacaaaggaa ctcacataat      9480
     atgtactcac tgataagtgg atattagccc aaaacctagg atacccaaga tataacatac      9540
     aatttgctaa acacatgaaa ctcaagaaaa atgaagactg aagtgtggac actatgcccc      9600
     tccttagaag tgggaacaaa acacccttgg aaggagttac agagacaaag tttggagctg      9660
     agatgaaagg atggaccatg tagagactgc catatccagg gatccacccc ataatcagca      9720
     tccaaacgct gacaccattg catacactag caagatttta tcgaaaggac ccagatgtag      9780
     ctgtctcttg tgagactatg ccggggccta gcaaacacag aagtggatgc tcacagtcag      9840
     ctaatggatg gatcacaggg ctcccaatgg aggagctaga gaaagtagcc aaggagctaa      9900
     agggatctgc aaccctatag gtggaacaac attatgaact aaccagtacc ccggagctct      9960
     tgactctagc tgcatatgta tcaaaagatg gcctagtcgg ccatcactgg aaagagaggc     10020
     ccattgggca tgcaaacttt atatgcccca gtacagggga acgccagggc caaaaagggg     10080
     gagtgggtgg gtaggggaat gggggtgggt gggtatgggg gacttttggt atagcattgg     10140
     aaatgtaatt gagttaaata cctaataaaa aatggagaaa aaaagaaagg gcaatttgca     10200
     aattcatctg gaataacaaa aaaacctagg atagcaaaaa ctattctcaa cagtaaaaga     10260
     acctctggtg gaatcaccat gcctgacctc aagctgtact acaaagcaat tgtgataaaa     10320
     actacatggt actagtacag tgacagacag atcaatcaat ggaatagaat tgaagaccca     10380
     gaaatgaacc cacacaccta tggtcacttg atctttaaca agggagctaa aaccatccag     10440
     tggaaaaaag acagcatttt caacaaatgg tgctggcaca actggcggtt atcatgtaga     10500
     agaatgtgaa ttgatccatt cttacctcct tgtataaagc tcaagtctaa gtggatcaag     10560
     gaactccaca taaagccaga tacagtgaaa cttacagagg agaaagtggg ggacaacctc     10620
     aaacatatga gtacaggggg aaaattcctg aacagaacac cagtggcttg tgctataaga     10680
     tcaagaatcg acaaatggag cctcataaaa ttgaaaagct tctgtaaggc aaaggacact     10740
     gtcaataaga caaaaaggca accaataggt tgggaaaaga tctttaccaa tcctacatct     10800
     gatagagggc taatatccat tatatacaaa gaactcaaga agttagattc cagagaaaca     10860
     aataacccta tttaaaaatg gggtacagag ctaaacaaag aattctcaac tgatgaatac     10920
     caaatgactg agaagcacct gaaaaaatgt tcaacatcct taatcatcaa ggaaatgcaa     10980
     atcaaaacaa cctgagattc cacctcacac cagtcagaat ggctaagatc aaaattcagg     11040
     tgacatcaga tgctggtgag gatgtagaga aagaggaaca ctcctccatt gttagtggga     11100
     ttgcaagctg gtacaaccac tctggaaatc agtctggcgg ttcctcagaa aattagatct     11160
     attgctacag gaagatcctg caatacctct cctgtgcata tacccagaag atatcccaac     11220
     ttgtaatacg gacacatact ccactatgtt cataacagcc ttatttataa tagccagaag     11280
     ctggaaagaa cccagatatc cttcaacaga ggattggata cagaaaatgt agtacattta     11340
     cacagtggag tactactcag ctattaaaaa caatgaattt atgaaattct taggcaaatg     11400
     gatggatgga tctggaggat attatcctga gtgaggtaac ccaatcacaa aagaacacac     11460
     atgatatgca ctcactgata agtggatatt agcccagaaa cttagaatac ctaagataca     11520
     atttgcaaaa cacatgaaaa tcaagaagaa ggaagaccaa agtgtggata ctttgttcct     11580
     tcttagaatg ggaaacaaaa tacccatgga aggagttaca gagacaaagt tcggagaaga     11640
     gcctgaagga aggaccatcc agagactgcc ccacttgggg atccccacca taaactgtgg     11700
     gaactaaaag gggctgggga aggagtgggg agggaggata gcctacgttc agccagagtt     11760
     cctcctatgc tctgggcagg cagatgcagg agggctgccc caggtgggca tctaagccac     11820
     tgaccccact cgaggagggg gacaaggggc agccccgggg ttatgggaga gagggcagag     11880
     ggagagtggt tcccacacag gtgagagtaa gcacagcagg ccttgatgaa cagagacagt     11940
     ctatggtttt tagagcttta ttgtagaaag gcagggggaa agagagagaa ggtggaaaag     12000
     agagagagac cggccatggc caagaggaga gaagggggaa agagaaagaa aagaaaggct     12060
     agagagtaag aaagggtgag aggagagcat gaggagagag gagagtaagt gtaaggggaa     12120
     taagaggagt aagagaacga ggtggggcca agcagcccct cttatgatat gctgttatct     12180
     ttactgttgc taggtaactg ggaggagtct agcctgaagg tcagaagctt gggacaatgc     12240
     ctacatgatt actaaccatg cttctcttgt gggggctgag ggggcagtaa cttcaaaagg     12300
     agcctgggtt ccaggtgaca tgagagaact ccttctgtcc catgtaggtg aattatcacc     12360
     accgggtccc cgggttcaat atctcgcctc aactggaaac caggctgtct gtgcacagcc     12420
     caatgcccca caataaacaa ccaccaaacc cagacactag gcaggtgcca acaagagcct     12480
     gctgacagga gtctaatata gttgtctcct tcgaggctct gccagtgcct ggcaaataca     12540
     gaagtggatg ctcacagtca tccattggac ggagcacaag gtccccagtg aaggagccag     12600
     agaaataacc agggagctga aggggactga agcaccatag aaggaacatc aatatgaact     12660
     aaccagtacc ctcagagctc cttggaacta taccaccaat caaagaaaac acatagtgaa     12720
     acttgtggct ctagctgtat ttgtagcaga ggatggcctg cttggtcatc aatgggagga     12780
     gaggcccttg gtcctgtgaa ggctcaatgc cccagtatag gggaatgcca gaatcaggaa     12840
     tgggagtggg tgggttgggg ggcaggggga ggggatagaa gaggggattt ttggagggga     12900
     aactaggaaa ggggataaca tttgaaatgt aaataaagaa aatatctaat aaaaaaaaag     12960
     aactctctat gctagtttat acagtggatg taccaattta tattctcatt aacagtgaat     13020
     tgggattccc cattttctat atctaagcca gcatgcgatg tcagttgttt tttgtttggg     13080
     gtttggtttg gtttggtttg atttggattt tggttggttg attggttggt ttttgttttt     13140
     tatcttgtcc actctgactg gagtaagatg aaatctgaaa attgttttac ttttcatttc     13200
     cctaattgct aagaatgtga atagtttttt taaatgtttc ttcaatattt ttatttcttc     13260
     tttaatgaac tctgcactca gatcttaaca tattttaatt aattgtgtgt ttttctgaca     13320
     gtttcttgag ttctttatat atcctaatta taaatactct atcagatgta cagttgtcat     13380
     agattctgtt ccacgctgtg agatttttct attcttaagt gattgttacc tttgctgtac     13440
     agagggtttt atgagatctt atttgtcagt tactaacctt aatttctgat caaatgaagt     13500
     ctgattaaga aaatactttc ctacatttgt atcttgtaga atacaactgt tttcttccaa     13560
     ttattttagc agttcagttt tcacactgag gcatttgacc tgtttagagt tgatttttct     13620
     gcagggtgat agatatgggt ctatttcatt cttctatgca taggtaccca cttttgccag     13680
     aaccctttat taaagatact gtctttgcac agatacttac aaccaaccat tgaactgaaa     13740
     tgggctcttc tgcaggctgc caggaggaga gtctctccca cactggcaga gcctcaaagc     13800
     cacaatggta gacttcctcc aacaaagcca tatctactcc accaaggcca ctactccaaa     13860
     tagtgccact tcccataaat caagtatatt caaaccaagc taggatcatg ggaaatcttt     13920
     ccatcttctg gtgtcttcct caatttcttt ctttggagat tttaagtcat cattgtaaaa     13980
     gtctttcact ttcgtgttca agttaatttt tagaaaattt gttgttgcta ttgcaaatac     14040
     aagggtgtcc ataatggatt tttcagagtt tgttgctggg atacagaata gctactgact     14100
     ttttgtaagt tgatcttata ttagaccatt ttgcgaactt gttggtcatt tctagaagtt     14160
     tcctggtagg attttttgtg tctgtttagg tataatatca tatcctctgt aaatagagat     14220
     actttgatgg gttcttttcc tatttgtggc cctttagttt ccttctcttg tcttattgct     14280
     ctaactagtg tgtcaagtac catattgaaa aggagttgca attgtggaca gccccatctt     14340
     agtcctgatc tcaatgtgat tgcttcaggt ttttcttcac ttaggatgac gttaggtgtg     14400
     gtttgtcata tataacattt attgtgttga ggcattgtac tggctggatt tatgtcaact     14460
     tgacacaagc taaagtactc tgagaagggg aaacctcaac tgagaaaatt cttccataag     14520
     acctgactat aagcaagcct gtagagcatt ttattattag tgattatgag gcagggccca     14580
     gccccctgtg ggtggtacca ttcctgggtt ctgtaaaaaa taaataaata aataaataaa     14640
     taagttaagc aagtcatgag gaataagcca ataagtaata agaccctcta tggcctctac     14700
     atcagctact gcctccagtt tcctgcccta tgtgagttcc tgtcccaact tccttctatg     14760
     atgaacagca atatggaagt ataagccaaa taaacaaaaa tcatctacta aaatggccat     14820
     gtgatttttt tctataagtg cattttgcat atattgaatt attcctatac ctaccagaga     14880
     tgtgtgtctg tatttagttt gtgagtattt tattgagaaa ttttgtatct atgttcattg     14940
     tggatactga actataattt tcaatttgtg gtgctttaac cttgttttgc tattagaaca     15000
     acagtaactt tataaaagga gttttataaa atggcttttg ttcctacatt ttaaaaaact     15060
     atttaaaaag tgttggttgt gaattctcat tgtggtttga atgagaatga ccctcataga     15120
     ctcatatatt tgaatgcttg gtccccagtt ggtggaacta tttggaaagg attaggaggt     15180
     gtggccttgt tagagaagat gtgtcaatgg gagtgagatt tgagatttca aaaggctaat     15240
     accgttccca ctgtctttct tcctacctct tctctgcctc cagcttgctg atcaagagat     15300
     gctttctcac tatttctacc acaatatttt tgttcctcta tcatggattc taaccttgag     15360
     acacaaagta aatgtttcct tttataagtt gtattgacca tctgtggtga atatgcatta     15420
     aatatgcttg gaccatggga agtagactaa atgtatcttt cattgtgcta tggctaggta     15480
     tgtgtcccat agacatgtgt ataaacaagc ctatcagggc cagagagtag aatgtggtgg     15540
     tttggatatg cttggtccta ggaagtggca ctattaggaa gtgtggcctt gttgaaatag     15600
     gtgtggcctt gttgaaggaa gtgcatcact gtagttagct gtgtggcttg ttaccctgag     15660
     ggcacctatc cctttgtttc attttggatc aggcctttct tttttttttc aagtgtaaaa     15720
     tactatctac ataaaccaca gtaagtgcct tttagtggaa aaaggcagca tcctttgcat     15780
     agggaattct aatcaaaaca acattgttaa gaatagacag ttgtttcctg atgtttagcc     15840
     atttcctgta agggggcaag tgaacacaaa ctgaaaaaca ggtgagccgt cttgtttttg     15900
     aaacagtaat agaattttcc cattcatatg cccagttata taatctaagt ataaaagcat     15960
     ttattggttt gaaatggcac tcccatcttt gtggaaagta aaactaatta aatccaatct     16020
     tatcttgaga aaggaagagc agtgatagca tatatacaac cagaattggt actttaaaaa     16080
     agatcatatc cactctataa gaagtcagtt ttacttaaat caggactatc aacaaaaata     16140
     gttagccatt catgatctga atttggtgta tgaattaaat ttggtataca ctaaaagcca     16200
     tgagacattc attagacttt taaagataag ctattaggtc tgccctttct ctcttcttct     16260
     tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcctc ttcctcttcc     16320
     tcttcctctt cttcctcttc ctcttcctct tcctctttct ttcttcctcc ttctttcttc     16380
     tccttcttct ccttctcctt cttctttgtc tttgtcttct tctttcttaa gatttattta     16440
     gccaggcagt ggtggcacac acctttaatc tcagaacctg ggaggcagag gcaggaggat     16500
     ttctgagttc aagaccagcc tggtctacaa agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctataca     16560
     gagaaaccct gtctcaaaaa tccaaaaaaa taattaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa     16620
     ataaataaat aaataaattt attatgtagc atgtatcctg caggccagaa gagggcacca     16680
     gatctcacta tagatgattg tgagccacca tgtggttgct aggaattgag ctcaggacct     16740
     cctgaagagc agacagtgct cttaatcact gagccatctc tccaacccct ttctcccttc     16800
     ttcttagaaa gtgaatcatt tttgttccag ggatgtactt tttgggatcc tccaaatact     16860
     ccatcaaggt gtcctctccc caggtgatgc ctttgttctt gttctgtata agagaatcca     16920
     gcagcctgac ctatcttcca cccaaacaga ccatagagat ttgatcaaat cttatgcttg     16980
     cctccatttt ccacagtgtg gcaccgggta tacttctgaa caaaaatcat cttgcctttt     17040
     tcaacatcac ccattttttt ttttgtttta tttatttatt tattatatgt aagtacactg     17100
     tagctgtctt cagacactcc agaagagggc atcagatctc gttacggatg gttgtgagcc     17160
     accatgtggt tgctgggatt tgaacttcag accttcggaa gagcagtcgg gtgctcttac     17220
     ccactgagcc atctcaccag cccaacatca cccattttta attcactcct gactggtcaa     17280
     caccacaaat gttccaacct gaagacaaat gtccagttct ctagctcgag gacatgctgg     17340
     cccaaatcta tggatcaggc ctttctttaa tcttttaatc tctttcagca tgagccttgg     17400
     ccttaacact actaattttc ttatatctgt tataattgct ttgtgtccaa gaatgtggtg     17460
     aaatttggag aaagttccat gggctgcaga gaagaaagta tagtcttcag tatatgggtg     17520
     aatcattctg tgagtgtcca ctggatcact atgatttatg atgttatcta attccagcat     17580
     ttgtctgttt agtttttgtt tggagacctg tcttggtgaa aaatagggta ttgaagtcat     17640
     ccacattatt gtgtgagggt caatatgtga tttaagctgt agtaatgttt cttttataac     17700
     ttgggatcct ttgtgtttgg tacataaatg tttagaattg caatattctc ttggtggatt     17760
     tttcctttga tgaatacata gtgtctttct ctatttctcc tgattagttt agagttgaag     17820
     tctattttgt cagatattga aacacctgct tgcttcttag gtccatttac ttggaatatc     17880
     tttttccatc cctttaccct gactggatat atagaagaat gaaaatagag ccatatttat     17940
     catcctatac aaactcagct ccaaatagat caacaagctt gatgtaagaa tctgatagcc     18000
     tgaatccgat agaagagagt tagggaacag tgttaaagtc ctgcactgga gggggcttgc     18060
     tgagcagaac agcactggca aaggcaccag acaacaataa atggaaaccc aggaggccaa     18120
     aaacctctgt gcagctaagg acaccatcat ttgtgtaaag ccatggtcta ccaaatggaa     18180
     aagaattttt gccaattata catctgatag agagttggtg actagaaaat acaaagcaat     18240
     caatgtcagg aaaataaata acaactttaa aatggggtgt agaattaacc agagagcttt     18300
     ccaaaggtga aacaaatgtc tagaaaacac ttttaaaatg ttccacatct ttagtcgtca     18360
     gagaaatgca aatcaaaact actttgaaat tttatcttac accagtaaga atggccaaga     18420
     aaaagcaaca aatgatcact caggctggtt tgaatgtggg gagagggagt tgcattttca     18480
     ctgttgttag gacagtgaac tgatacaggc cctgtggaaa ctagggtgcc aggcaaatca     18540
     gtgctcctta aaaatctgaa atagatctac cacaaaatcc agctatatca ctcttgggca     18600
     aatgcccaca ggactctaca tccaactgca gagacacttg ctcaccatat ccattgctgc     18660
     tctgtcccta acagccagtg tcccatccag caggacccag ttattcgtgg gtgcaagggg     18720
     gaccacaaac ctgaagagaa atgagtgaga aagagaagca gagaccaagg aggattcctg     18780
     tcaaggtctt ggtttattag actgaaacac caggttataa gcacacagca aggggaatag     18840
     ggaggagttg agggggaatt aacaaagaac aaagatgtgg gcatatgggg acatgaaggc     18900
     cgaattcaga ctgcaagcag gaggcactct gagtcttatc tccggaatgt agattcctcc     18960
     ttaacagcct tgggtgtcag gctgggctca gcacataact tgtgtgctta gaagtcttgg     19020
     gagtcaggaa gagattagga agaggggact ataattcagc ttttagggtc tctggtgcca     19080
     ggaagggata ggggggagga ggtgatgact ggctccttag cacaaggcca tttggcttat     19140
     taggatggga agctgtgaaa ggcctacttt ctcatggtat ggtctccaac aagccagaaa     19200
     ctagaaaatg ccaaatgtcc atcagctgac gaatgcataa taaaaatggt gtatggtttc     19260
     ataataaaat attattcagc tgtttaaaaa atgaaatttt caagtgtcta gatggagcta     19320
     taaacaatcc tccagagtga gataaaccag acttcaagag acaaacattg catgcttttc     19380
     tttcttacat gtggatatga gcttttaaac tttagatgtg tgtatttcta tttaaaatag     19440
     aaaactaggt agtaggaagt aactattggt gagggggatt caaaaggaaa taagtgagtt     19500
     tatgagtgtc ttgattaagc taattaaaaa tctgcaatat atacatgtgt aataaaacct     19560
     cactatataa tataatatgt gaactaaaaa gaattttaaa ataaatttta aagtaaatta     19620
     atggcaattt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttggttc tggaccaggc tatgaagcag     19680
     gtgaatgagc taaagaagga caataagacc ctgaatgctg ggaacattgg tgatgcctta     19740
     cagtgctgct ctgaggcaat taaactagat ccccagaacc atgtgctcta tagcaatcgc     19800
     tctgctgcct acaccatgaa agaagactac cagaggccta tgaggatgct gcaagacctg     19860
     aagcctgact ggagcaagga ttattcaaga aaagcagcag cccctgaggt cctaaaccag     19920
     tttgaagaag tcaaatgaac ctatgaagaa gatttaaaac atgaagcaaa taatccctag     19980
     cttaaggagg gcttatggag gccaggttgg cagagaggaa attcacgaat cctttcaact     20040
     tgcataatct gtgccagaag ttggagaatg atcccaggac aagaaggctg ctcagtaact     20100
     ccacctacag ggaactcaga gagcagctac agaacaagcc ttcagacctg ggcacgaaac     20160
     tacaggattc ctggtcacta cttgcagtgt ccttcttggg gttgatctgg gcagtatgga     20220
     tgaaaaagta gcaacaccct caccccacct cctcccaaaa aggaggccaa gtcagaacct     20280
     atggaagaag atcttccaga gaataagaaa caggcactga aataaaagga gttgagaaat     20340
     gatgcctata agaagaaaga tgttgacaag gccctgaagc attatgacag ggccaaggaa     20400
     atggacctga ccctaccagt atgacttaca taactaatca agctgctgtg cactttgaga     20460
     agggcgacta caacaaatgc tgggagctct gtgagaaggc ctttgatgtg ggcagagaga     20520
     tccaagagga ctacagacag atggccaaag cttatgcctg aattggcaat tcctatttca     20580
     aagaggaaag gtacaaggat gctatccatt tctacaagtc tctggcagag caccgaaccc     20640
     cagacgtgct caagaagtgc cagcaggcag agaaaattct gaaggaacaa gagcgactga     20700
     cttatatcaa ccctggcttg gctttggagg agaagaacaa gggcagtgaa tgcttccaga     20760
     aggggtggaa ggccatgagg cactatacag aagccattaa aaggaaccca ggagatgcca     20820
     aactgtacag caactgagct cctggagttt cagttggact caaggactgt gaagagtgca     20880
     accttcatca agggttatat agggaaagca taaaggacta ttcagaagcc ataggtgtgt     20940
     accaaacggc attagacctg gactccagct gtaaggaagc agcaggtggt taccaacact     21000
     gtatgatggc acagtacaac ggacatgata gccctgagga tgtgaagagt ctggccatgg     21060
     ctgaccctga tgtgcagcag ataatgagtg acccagacat gaggctcatc ctgaagtaga     21120
     tgcagaagga tcccaggttc tgagcaaata cttaaagaat cctgtaatag cacagaagat     21180
     ccagaagctg atggacatgg gtctgattgg aatttggtaa taacttgctt ttccactctt     21240
     ccctgcactg ataaggaaag gcaagctggg acggtggtga gcagcactgg gtagagaggg     21300
     gagaagaaag gtttatcttt gtatttatac atgtctacaa ggaagacaga ctcgtccagc     21360
     acgacctcgg gccctcccaa cacacacatg gttcactgct gccctcaatt ccaagtgtcc     21420
     ttccctgacc actcccagcc tccccatcac tgtctcagct gctctcttat agttggttat     21480
     tttttattta aggtcagtgg gtgcatacgg ggagggaggg gtattcttcc ctactgaggg     21540
     tcccagctgt ctttatttgt tctcacctat gtccctcctc aattaaacaa gccactcagg     21600
     tgtgatttaa aaaaaaaaaa gcccagctag cttagttggt agagcatgag actcttaatc     21660
     tcagagtcat gggttcaggc ctcatgtttg gcaccatcta tagtgtgcag ttataaatca     21720
     aacagttcac gatgtggctg gctaggcact ggcaactgca gtctcacctg ctcccatggt     21780
     tcccagttcc cacagctagt ttgctgccag gctgttcaca cttcccaggt catctaccca     21840
     ctgtggcaag cctgcagaaa gcctgctatt gctagctcag attcccttag ccctataaaa     21900
     tgataacacc acagactttt actataccat ccagatttat aacagtaatt ctccaacccc     21960
     aaaatgccca tgcaaagaac acataatata actggtataa attcaaactg cacacctaga     22020
     tcaagcaaat gtatcttaca ttactttttt ccatctatga aatccctagc tacttgtggc     22080
     tcatccaggc cacatggttc tgtttcatct tccttttcct ccatcttctc tcagtcctcc     22140
     atcatctctc ttcctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tccctctctc tctctctctt     22200
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtccc ctctctaact ttcagctcca ccttttcctt ccactctcca     22260
     atccgatgct gcatgtgctt ccacttatgg tgcaggagta aaccgtgaag acactccgaa     22320
     gctggtgacc tcctaggaca atagcagatg tttccagggt gagcacattg tttcatagcc     22380
     ctacagagct tttggagagt aggtgccagc agggggcgat ataggatatg ccccaaagct     22440
     caaaacgtta cagaataaag taatatcaca cacacaaagt aaaaaccaaa tacaggagct     22500
     tacatgagga gcttcagcac gtctctccca cctgtgcaga ccagaaataa ccaatggaga     22560
     agccatgaga gtctggatgg tttcagagag ctccttaagc tattgagttg tttacttgca     22620
     gagttttgac ggacttccag aagtgtggaa tatttcctaa ctccctttag aacatcccga     22680
     gtcttctatg cacaatacca agcttcagat tcatttcaga tccaaattaa caatcactgc     22740
     ctcatactcc actgaagatg caatacacat cttttctctg actgaatctg tgctggatag     22800
     ttttatgtca actttatgtc aagctgaagt catttgagaa aagtaaacct caaccaagaa     22860
     gattccccca cctgtgggca agcctgtggt gcactttctt gattgctgat tggtatggaa     22920
     gagcccagac aattgtgggt ggtcccgctc ctgccctgga ccaatgggtc cagggtgtat     22980
     aagaaagcaa gttgagtaag agagaggcac aagcctgtaa gcaatgttcc cccacagcct     23040
     ctgcattagt tcctatcttg agttcccaca ctgactttcc ctggatggtg gaatacaagc     23100
     tgtaagctaa aataagctct cctccctcaa gctcatgtta gtcatgtttt atcacaattg     23160
     aacccataac taggacagaa attggcacca agtcttagag tgtgaaaact tgcttgactg     23220
     ggtaaattaa gactggtcag ttaaggctgc aaataaacta aggttaagaa gaaaccagca     23280
     ttaaggaagc agaaccttct gggaagtgtt tcctcggggt cagcacacaa acctatagtg     23340
     caaacaggtc caagcctgga cctcgtgctg gcaaacaaac ctggtaatgt gtgggattaa     23400
     aaccatgcca ggagccgggc gtggtggcgc actcgggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg     23460
     agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtaa gttccaggac agccagggct atacagagaa     23520
     accctgtctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acacatgcca     23580
     ggaagtttgt taaggtaaag caggtcaaga ggaagagact cgtgggcaca cacctgaggc     23640
     ttaggtgact cccagctccc tgccagactc ctgacttgga acacatgcca tgcttctctc     23700
     acataaaaga aacgtggcct atggtcacat aggctcaaaa cagagttctc catgctaatg     23760
     aggaacctag gccgggaggg cttaagccca taagcttctc ttcctagaca ttcctccctg     23820
     caaaaggaat ttaatctcag gcccaccctg agaagtggtt ttatgcatca attttccatc     23880
     atcgactgtc tctttcatca agattcacca tgaggaacct ggagaaggtc tttgtctaca     23940
     gagccacatc ctgtagaagg cctctctgca ctcccagcca caactgccac caaacctgcc     24000
     tctgttaagc aaaggacact caccccatga gacaagccag agctctcctt cctccccacc     24060
     ccctccccag ccccagctag atgctgtccc caggccatgt ggcccctgac tctgttctct     24120
     gctcttctgt gacttccagt ggcgcctaga tgtccaagag tctaagaacc ccatggccct     24180
     ggcaatgtca cagacccaag gacccctaaa tcaggtccga ctttccctca tctcagactg     24240
     tgctttccta tcccaggagc acttccctac agctcgtgaa ctcacccgga aggcagcaca     24300
     gggtaatctc agtcaaactc cccaagttcc tcctccccaa gcagccgtgc cctgcagctg     24360
     agcagactca ggccgacagt aatgtgtaag tttcccaggt aatactggtt gtgaaggcat     24420
     aaagagtcat ggagagctgc cgagtcttgg caccatgaag agcttgctgg taaacgtgta     24480
     gcctaggttg aagtaggagc attcgaactg aaagggtctt agagagaagt tgacacttga     24540
     caacatatag caggaccaga gtccctgcag atggcccagg agactgttgg tgaaagtgca     24600
     actcgattgc aacaggagcc tgcagaatgt tagagatgac aatatcatgg gataaccacc     24660
     aggaacagca gcaactctgt ggtatagagc tggcctgagc ctctgatggg tgatgcatat     24720
     gcttggccag cccttgggaa ctaagaagtc ccaaaggcct gacgtcgagc tttacaacat     24780
     cgagctttac aacatgaacc tttaccctgt ttgactttga ttttgccttg atctgattgt     24840
     gatgctgcct ggtccttccc tcttggaata tgaaaatatt taactatttc gtattttaca     24900
     ggagcccata gttaagaagc tttggaattt tacagatatt tggagtttca gagagactgg     24960
     atattgtaag agactgaact tttaaagtat tgaaattttt agggactgtg agacccttaa     25020
     aattagaata ttgtatattg tgatgttgat attgatatga aaccttagga acaacaagaa     25080
     agcaaaggtt atgctgaatt atttgtgagt gaagttgaca aagggtcaat tgtgcttgct     25140
     aggttaatga caatttgaca caagctagag tcatttggaa tggggaacct caactaagaa     25200
     aaaaatgctc ccaccagatt ggcctgtggg caagtctata ctgcattttc ttgattgatg     25260
     attgatatgg aatggcccag gtggatatac cactcctggt ggtcctgggt gttatataaa     25320
     ttatgctgag caagacatga gaagcaagaa gcagccttgg cctctgcatt agctcctgcc     25380
     tccagctgct gttctgactt cctagataat agactacaaa ctgtaagctg aaactgtcct     25440
     tcaaaagttg tgtttggtca tagttgggtt ttttgggggt tttttttgtt tggttggttg     25500
     gtttttggtt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt ttttatcacg tccatagaag ccctaagaca     25560
     gaattcaaga gcatgcatgg atctgttgtg tcaccacctg ggaaaccaag ctgtggaagg     25620
     cagacggcag gaaacacctg ctaaaggagc caaaggaaga gttggtgagg gacctcagag     25680
     ttcagccatc ttaaaaagca caaaacttgt ggatgcagga gctggccaac aaagcctaga     25740
     gagacagtct gccttgagat gctgcagaat gtgaataacc acagtaacaa aaggagagga     25800
     gttggaacct gtcacttctt ccagtatcag cccgcctgct tgtaacaaat gtgtagcaat     25860
     ttcctctaaa ctgaaacaat gcatactaga gggagacctc ttcagacttg gaaagtaggg     25920
     gctggagaga aggttcaatg tttaagagca agttttgctc ttgcagagaa ccacagctca     25980
     gttctgagca cacaaccatc tgtgactcca gttcgaggca aactgcccct tctggtctcc     26040
     tggagcatta ggcctacata tatggtgcac atttcacaca tgtggacaag acacacatga     26100
     aataaaaata agccaggaag taaaagaaac ttacaaaact caggaagtaa acaaatgcat     26160
     taaaaaagtc gctagaagtt ctgaaatttt cccatgattt tataagctgt aatgattgct     26220
     ggggtgagac tttccagcca gccaaggtgc ctgggaatct caaaaggaac tccagggttc     26280
     agctttgatg agactgccac tcatgatggg aaggcttttc agtgatgcag ctacctctga     26340
     gtcacacata ttcttataag taaaacaaat aatctcattc atttgccacg ttggacttca     26400
     gtggaattgt aactgtagtc tctaagcagt tccccagctg agatgaacag acatctgttc     26460
     acatctcacc aggaaaagtc acaccgctgc tggccacccc agtaacctcc agactaaaat     26520
     taatcagagc tgaggatagt gaggaaaggg ggcaaagata aaccaagctg caacacatag     26580
     gaccagcagc gagcaggaaa gacaggctcc attaaaggtt aggtcttggg ttatgttcaa     26640
     ttctaagctc tgctcctgac tggaacgcaa cttgagccac ttcctactgt ttctaagcct     26700
     tgagccctca gcctagaata gaaatagaaa gccttatttc gggaggctca aggtccatcc     26760
     tgaaaggaag atggacatga gggaagggct gtgctggagg aagagagacg tagtagcaca     26820
     tggactgaaa tcgtgatgag cacacttgtg agctgtggcg ggaattttta accacaccgt     26880
     tttgtgctcc cggtggatct ggatttctgg atctcacact tccagacaca cacacacaca     26940
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacgttaatt ttaaaatgcc ttggctacct caaaggctga     27000
     gaactcctaa accttcccct gctaccccag gcctagtcag ggaagtggcc agtggctact     27060
     catctgaatt ctcacgtggc tggttggctt tctctcctgc agcttctgtg tccattgtat     27120
     ccgaccactt tatggcgatc tcccttctct ctcctgtgtc ctagcctgag caattctagg     27180
     gtcctgcccc atgcccagcc attggccgtt tggggaccag gaccccaaac caattaggga     27240
     caaggacctt tagaatttgg acatgcagcc ggacggtggt ggtgcacacc tttcatccca     27300
     gcacctggaa ggatttctaa gttcgaggcc agcctggtct actaagtgag ttccagaaca     27360
     gccagggcta tacagagaaa ccctgtctcg aaaaaaaaca aaaaagaaaa agaaaaaaaa     27420
     aagaatttgg acatgcagat tcctgactga atcaaagcat tagaaccaat ctccaacagt     27480
     gagtgactat tcaccaaccc aagaaactgc catctcgggg cactcagctg caccccactg     27540
     taaaaaaggt catccttgtt gatgatttat acccccaaat ggagggatgg agaggggcac     27600
     aagattctta cctgagtatc aaaatcttcc cctcaatctg ttgaatacat atctgcctta     27660
     attagcgagg gcacggaaag gccctcacct ttctgggtaa ggttttccag gtgcagcctg     27720
     ttaggaggga ggggcatcca tatcctggta agtaacccct tacctatgct ctgtaaggaa     27780
     gcaaagaaac tcattggttt cccagaatga actttggtgg catcacgctt tgacttgtca     27840
     ctgggacctt aggaggaggg gcacacgttg catatgtctc ccctaggaag gaatattagt     27900
     aatagcacta ttcccagaga atacttggat cgggaactct cctctgggtt agtttcccac     27960
     tgggttccat gactccacaa ctctgcatcc ctgggcatgc aagtgatgag atcgacaaga     28020
     ctctctggtt ggtggtaaga tatttattga gtattaggca caggaaagac agtgagatgg     28080
     ttaatgggaa aaaaaacaaa aaacaaaaca aaaaacaact ttttctggca cttcagatcc     28140
     aggcccctga ggcttcaggg aggattgtgg tctaagaaca ctcagcaggt gacacactct     28200
     tctccacagt gtttccttca tgagtgaccc ggcagctgta tctactgtga ggcatccact     28260
     ggtcagatat cagtgtcagg tagctgctga ccatgtattt gttgttggtc tgtttggagg     28320
     gttgggttgt ctctacaccc tgagtgacag ggaccccatc taccttccag tccaccacca     28380
     aagtacctgg gtagaattcg ctcaccaaac acactagtgt ggccttgttg gcctgaagat     28440
     tctttaagga aggcaggaac agagtgacca aggggtcaga cttgggctga cctgcgcaga     28500
     tagagaagga gataagagtt agcataggag agcccacgtg ataaggaagc gtccttctct     28560
     tatcaggagc tctgtggcca ttcactacag catcagtctt ccatccaggg atgcttcctt     28620
     cttctcctct gaccacttga gtcccctgga gagcagacag cctagcatcc cattagaaca     28680
     tgttcctctt ccagataaaa tgacccagac ccagaccctt gcaatctcag ttcccccgct     28740
     gagactaaga ccagctgaat tctctagccc cttgaagctg gaacctgatt tgggatctaa     28800
     cccaggcctc ctggtagtga attgggatct gaccctggcc ttctggtgag gcagagggca     28860
     gctccccaac ctgaattgct tctccagtgc tcagagactc ctctgagaat tgctgctcat     28920
     ttattctgca agactggtcc tggagagttg gtcttgaggt gtgcctgctg tataagggct     28980
     tcggggcctg tgctccagat tccatttagt tatctcaccg aggattagat tccatccaga     29040
     aaaatcctcc aactcctcca aggacctact gctttgtcca cagtaatcac aagacctata     29100
     ctggctgtgt tcctgaggct ccatctccca gactaggaag gatagcaaac ccctgaccat     29160
     ccaggaagtc tctggttact cctgatttca cttggcccca tttgctcctt cattcctcat     29220
     ctaagtctaa ggatatttga ggaagatgga caagttagac aacaggctcc agccctcagg     29280
     aacaatagac agtctacatt tcttttctag taatcatcct gggaggacct ggttctagta     29340
     acctgatcac tctgagcctt ttgtgtgtct ctgtgacctc atgggccagc agaagattaa     29400
     attgaaccaa atttctctct cagcctctgt ggttttctat ctagggtggc ctgaatcttt     29460
     gaaggtgggg ttcatggcac cagccatgtc cctgcaccta ctatgtggtc ttcttagtct     29520
     ggatgggcat ctgggcctcg gtttagatgc tgaggtgtag tggtctctat ggcctgaaaa     29580
     atctcattcc ttgatctctt tttgggcatc tgcctcagaa gagtagatga agctgttagg     29640
     gcctttccct gtgatttacc ttagaattac tactgccttt acagttcaga ctgcaaggct     29700
     aggaaaggca gatagtaaga attccccaga gcaaaaatgg acttccctga gccagctgga     29760
     tcatgagacc atgagaacca cttacctagg attgtgagct gggtcccacc accaaagaca     29820
     taccaaaact ggggcttaga tggaagccta tggggcgagc acctgggacc tgctccccgt     29880
     gggatgatct ggaacaggag cctgttgggt gagtcagaca cagaacttca ggaaataaac     29940
     tatgtccttg gcagaaaata gatgagcagc cagtatcccg acaagtccat ctatccatct     30000
     cttacttcca tctctgaatt ttttcagtgt tgatggcaat atcaggccca gcagattctc     30060
     agaaattcct gggtggtata tcttctctgg tgggtgtggt ggaaccagga atctctggtg     30120
     aatatttgtg tgtgcatatg tgcttgtgcg tgtgtgcata catgcgtgtg tgcatcagtt     30180
     cctactggcc ctatgcttcc tcccaggacc catgcacact atattgcaag gattcttttg     30240
     tttttatttc tatcatgaga ctactatgta gaccaggctg gcctcaaact cacaaagatc     30300
     tgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa ctgctgggat ataaaaggtg tgccaccaca ccaaaccttt     30360
     tttttttttt tttctattta tctgagtaaa aacatcttga tagtagatga atggttgctg     30420
     agagtctgaa ttaagtcctc atgctttaca ggcaaggtct tcttgactgg gtgatctcca     30480
     tggccatggt gtctcctcct cccaacccaa gacaccctca caatatttaa tggatgtttt     30540
     aataattacc taagaataaa cttctagaac tgcaactacc tgactacgat aaacacacac     30600
     atttaattct aaatgaacta ggaccatgac acacacacac acacacacaa aaaaacaaaa     30660
     aacaaaaaac aaaaacaaac gcgccaccac agtcttaatt ctagctacta aagaggactt     30720
     aggaaggagg aaggatctag gaaagctata ggacgttcaa atcttgcata ggctacagag     30780
     agtaagatca gcctgggaaa cctagcaaga cctcttctca aaataaatgg aaaatggagg     30840
     tgggctatgg atgtggttca ttggtagaac actggccttg caatgatcga ggtaccaagt     30900
     ttaagctagc atttgcacag ccccctcctc ttaggcagat ccttccttct cacacccatg     30960
     gcctcaatag ccaccttcct tcccagtcac tcattctagc ctctagtccg tggacctaca     31020
     cgcgtacctt ccccaaaaag caagtctctt acctgccggg aagggcccat aggctaggcc     31080
     tgttgcttcc cactgaagct ccagggccca cagctctgct cctttctgct gagcttgggg     31140
     aaagtatgtg gtggacacca tccactagac ccaacagcag cagcaggagg agaacttcac     31200
     actgcctggg gatagtgccc agagtctgtc ctactctgag cttcattgac cctcaagtcc     31260
     aaagtcaact ctagcctcac ttgcagtgta gatctcccgg caaaaggatt gttcctcctc     31320
     tggtggccaa aagctattcc agtgcaggtg gatctgtgta gccaaacccc aggctgtctc     31380
     tagtttccac caccagcagg cacaccccag tgcccatggt caccatctgt ggagttctct     31440
     cccaaaggga ctacccggtt gtggttggga tgcaagccta actgttttca ctcacagctg     31500
     cctgtcttaa cccatcccta gagctctggg cagctctgcc tgactgatat ccaggtccct     31560
     gagggcccct gggtctgtgg agcaggtccc cagggcttag aggggccgta gagagcaact     31620
     gaacacctgc cccatggaac aagagtctct gcaggtttaa tgccagagat gtaaggtaca     31680
     gctgtagcta atgtagggcc aggggtatcc tgaaagcaga agtataggct cagcaaaaag     31740
     ctgaactgat caggaaaaat gattaaaatg gtgtttagtg cacaatgttc agcacctgta     31800
     ggtctcatat cacaaactaa gacaccccaa atttttgtaa gtatcaccca tatctttaaa     31860
     agtagaactg gtaaggctta gctactctcc atgacagcta tctacaattc cagcattggg     31920
     gaggttaaga caggagggtg gtgatttcaa ggccagcctg tgacatataa caagatcttg     31980
     tctcaaaaaa aacaacataa aataaagaaa gtgaatagaa attgggtagg gggatattac     32040
     ctgctctttg gatacaccgt atgcattgtg aaataaaact tatttatcaa ccgtcttaat     32100
     tgtttttcag gatgatcaaa aacatgcaaa gtctatcctc atcactgttt tctgtgacct     32160
     ataggcttcc tgtggcatgg aagaacctca gaacgttctg taccatcttc ctccaaagcc     32220
     gatgagcttc ctcggttgtg gaagcattca cttggccacc caagacttcc ccttcatcca     32280
     tccagccaca ctgtggaagg ctgtgacagg cagacatctt gctgtcccac taagatcatg     32340
     agagccacag tgaaatcaga ctccatggac tcatgacatt ttgcttggat ctccgtgtcc     32400
     cacaaacact gactggaaac cctgagggat aagtgttaca tcttgaagtg ctcatggccc     32460
     atcaggacaa ggacaaaata gcaggctata aagtgcaagt tcccttaaag atgtatgaag     32520
     cacagggacc tctgatacca tctagctttt cctcacttga ggcacatggc cctctctgcc     32580
     cactttgaac tccttatatt ttggagattg gagaaggatc caagggacat tgactaagtt     32640
     accccacccc agcaacccca catcccagga cccagaaccc atggttcccc ttggagcagt     32700
     gccagatctc cagacttaac ccaaatgtat actgtcccaa ctgttctttg agccctgtcc     32760
     tatcataggc tcagggcaag aagcagccac agaccacagc ttcctgcagt tatccagatg     32820
     tagccatcag accatcccct tgctcaacac tcaagatacc tgattcttct ttgtgtagaa     32880
     ggctgtctcc tatccagata cttctgtcct gctttgatag cagaaaatac ccctctcctc     32940
     acacacagaa cctagattta aattatatat gtatgcatac acatgtgtat gtgatcgtaa     33000
     gtgatgtttt tataaaaaga taaagggggg tatgttctgg tggatgtgtg gtgaggtgtg     33060
     gggaagcggg tacctcagca gacccgtgct gaggcatccc ttcccccccc ccccccccga     33120
     gggaccagcc acatgatctg gtatagtata gaatagagtt tattcagggc atggggaggg     33180
     gagtcaagag ggtagtagag acagaggggg ggggtaaagg ccagccatga tcatggggag     33240
     agagggggag gggaatgggg agagaactgg agcaggaaga caagagcaag agagagcaag     33300
     aatggggggg gggggaagca gcccctttta tagtgagtca ggcacacctg gctgttgcca     33360
     ggtaactgtg aggaagtact tagaatgcaa acagtaagtg tatgtttgtg cttttagatc     33420
     atgaaatgag aaaggggatc atgaaaagaa tcttaaaagt gacaaaaacg atgatggaat     33480
     gcaggtgaca tgaaagcaga aaaggcaggg ttatctgtgt gacaggaggc ctgccacagg     33540
     aagcaggggg cagggcagtc acagacttgg aaagcagaat gtataataac aaagtactga     33600
     gaaaactggg ccaattccag gacagacttc aaattgcagt taaggagact aggcttaaaa     33660
     atgggcaagt ccaggcaagc acaagcaagt caataacaaa tggaaaaaat tccaggctcc     33720
     agccttcacg cccaggtaat ggaatgtccc agccacttgg cctgaggcaa ggacaatggg     33780
     gcagcagcag tttctagact tcctcagcta cttccacagt aagtttccag acctccccat     33840
     caagtttcca acccccacac cacagtaatg gaatggcctt agggatgggc ccaacagatt     33900
     aacacagagg tcacctaccc cagtagcatg atgtgcttta aatccagcct gcaaagctca     33960
     cttgggtgtg tctctatctg gcaatgggga gaccccctgc atgctgcact tctgcagaat     34020
     aaacactctt tgtgtttaca tactatttga gtttgggata ccattctttg gagaatcatg     34080
     aacccttaca gtacaataac acaagtgaat aaaaatgcca agatgaaacc cattacatca     34140
     tatgctaccc tgagacataa tttttaaaga tggaaaaaaa gtggggctca gtgatcatga     34200
     gcacttgtta ccagaggacc caagtgtggt tctagttctt agcacacatc aggcaggtgt     34260
     aagctccaga ttccatgccc tcttctggcc tccacaagcc ccagcgttca tgtggtatgc     34320
     actcatgcac acacacacac acacacaaat aagaagtaat ttcaaacttg gaggcaaagg     34380
     caggcagatt tctgagtttg aggccagcct gttctacgaa aaaccacaga agaagaagag     34440
     gaagaaggaa ggaggaagga agaagaagaa gaaggaagaa gaagaagagg aggaagaaga     34500
     agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga     34560
     agaagaagaa gaaaaagaag aagaagaaaa agaagaagaa gaagaaataa aatcatttct     34620
     taaatgaaaa ataaattaca aactgggaaa aagacttgcc cttggtatcc atggtatatg     34680
     gctccatgac cctcaaatac caaagacatg tcctttgtat agaatgtcat atttgcatat     34740
     agtcactggt gtgttacaat agcagctcta gtctgaacac aacacacttg gaacaagcag     34800
     ttccacgtgt gaaaggtgaa agggaagagg tggtggcaga aagagaaggg gaaaaagaga     34860
     gaggggagag gggcattccc cttatttata tggaaaacga tgtaatgcag gtaaagatgg     34920
     gggggtgagc caagtggatt ctgggaatat ggtagctgtt gccttggtaa cgggtctgtc     34980
     acctatgtga tgtcataggt ttgggaggtc ctgataccag cagtcacctt cattaatcac     35040
     tggtttataa tcagaaatgt gcggtttttg ccaactccat accagttgtg ctaactcagg     35100
     tattttgagg ttagattcct gttcttcagt atagactgta acaggtgcct caccagagta     35160
     tattttattc ttcagctttc agaagatact tcaagagggc cttgggtcct tctaaacacg     35220
     agatcttctg atgtcaggaa ctaggtgttt gagtggtctt catgagccag ggttgaagcc     35280
     tagttgagaa tcgaacccag acagacttag ctgaagtttg gtcaaagacc tttgctagtt     35340
     tgcaccaact acaacctact tctaacagca gagaaaatgt ggagagcaca ccccagtagg     35400
     attacaggct aggtaacaca aaggtctgtc catcccaaat catcactcta gtaacaatga     35460
     ggtaaacctg ctccacacct gtcacttggc acctgctctc ccccaaagta gaggcccagg     35520
     gatggcattt gctgggctcc tttgctcggt aactgtggag atgacaacag gagaccccat     35580
     cctttgcaag aaggtccccc tccaagatgc ttttatcatc catttgcccc gtgatcataa     35640
     caatagggtt cagacaaatg ttctgcctca gagatgggta cctggccaaa ctgagcatga     35700
     cctttgacct agccagctct taaacttgtt ctgagatcac aaaccagcca gaccaaattc     35760
     agtaaaaaca gctttaattc tacaatccag cctccaatgg gggctcatag caacaccgca     35820
     gaacaaggaa aagctgcata attccatctt ctaggctctg caaaacctca cgttctaccc     35880
     ctccttccca taccagacta gccgagcaaa gcaaactctg tcttcagttc agggtctgaa     35940
     tgtctccaga gcctaagatc ccaaatctgt atacgacttt tctccttccc actccctctc     36000
     catcctcttc ttttcctggc tccggagccc cacggcacag taatacacag cctcgtcctc     36060
     aggctgcagt tcagagatgc tcagataccc caggttcctg gtcgtatctt tggacccgga     36120
     gaagcgaggt gggatatcgg gaccctggtg cttgtctgag tgtgagaagt atctcagcag     36180
     gaacctggga gggtggcccg gcctctgctg gtaccagtaa atgctgtaaa tgccaatgtt     36240
     atggtcgttg ctcagggtac aggagaggcg gatggtggct ccaagggaag aagatgctaa     36300
     tggtggctga tgcaccatgg gctgagggcc acaacctgag aagatagaag catgtccatc     36360
     actggggcag agcaaggcca taggaggagc aaagaagccc tgggccccaa gagtttcctt     36420
     acctgtgaga taggccagca gcatgagcag gacagacgtc caggccatgg ctccagacct     36480
     gcagcaccct gccccctaca gccactgctc ctgggccctg accagctggg aagcactctc     36540
     ctccctgctt tggggagagg gtcactgcac ccctggttcc tgctcaccac cctcccaggc     36600
     tttctgggct ctgtgactct gtcacttacc agaatggtct aatggaagcc tttgtggctc     36660
     tgggtttgac ccagggaagc attctgggag gaagcacctg ctggaacgtc atgggccaga     36720
     acccaggact gcgggcttgt ctccctgagg gagagtgacc tcaactcccc ttgagaggct     36780
     gagccccaaa taagcagatc tgtagttcac tttaaatgcc tggtaaaggg gacaagagtt     36840
     ttctccttaa acctaagcct catatcagac cccaaatatg tgtgggagca gtcactgggc     36900
     ctctttagat gttcctctac catatgtgag cacactaaat aaatctcctt cctctgcttt     36960
     ttagtattat ctcttttaat tacattttta ttttcatttc ttttgtgttc acatggccag     37020
     cttggcagcc actgtctgcc tgctgagcca tcttataggt ttcttacttg tctcgttgac     37080
     aagttggggc tgtcatagcc agtcttggta acaaaaggat ggcttaaaaa cataagtttg     37140
     aggccagcct gggtccacag tgagttccag tgagttccag gatggccttg gctacataat     37200
     gagacaatct gaatatatac atacatatat atatatatat attttttttt ttttttaaga     37260
     caggatccca ctattttgct ctggctggct attctggaac tcaatgtgca gatgaggctg     37320
     gcctcgaact cactgaaatc tgcctttctc tgcctcccaa gtgccgagat caaagttgtg     37380
     agccaccata ccaggctatt aaaaaacggt atgctaataa agtcatcaaa actattttaa     37440
     aacttccata attctaatac tctaaaaaaa ttacatatta tcttccagat acattaacac     37500
     aagtagtgtg gtcttcaaaa ttttaaaagg tgctttgttt tgttttgtct tgtatagcct     37560
     atagtcccaa gctggaatga aattcactat gtagccctga atgacctcta actcgctgtc     37620
     tcaaccttct gattgcttga ttcctggtaa gagccaccat cccgctcaca gatgttgcta     37680
     acactgaaaa agcctgctat ctgaaatgtt taaattattt taattattgg gctggttaag     37740
     tggttaagga cctgggttca attcccagta cccatatggc agctcacaac tatccccagt     37800
     tccagggaat ttgacacccc cgcacggatg tgcatatgca agcaaaacac caatgcatat     37860
     caaataaaaa taaactttac atttttattt taatcattaa ttgcatattt tcatcagttc     37920
     tcgtaatcat actgacaatc gtcattaatg tcttctccgg atgatttttt ggagacacaa     37980
     tggagacttg gggagcccct gctgctccca acaggaagca gacagcaagg cacccggaac     38040
     tcaccagcct cggaacttgc agacacctta gtgtcgacat cggagggcag atgaggggac     38100
     gccacagacg gacagagccg gaagtgagtt cgtgagtggc caccggggaa agcacagccg     38160
     gagcgagagg cgcagcggca cggcgggtga gcagtgggat gctggctgct cgaggaagcg     38220
     gaagacgctg gctttcccca ggcatttccg gaatggtagc agcgctccga cccgggcggg     38280
     ggcgtggggg agggtcctgc cctggcgcgg ctttttcgcc atccagccct cgccgtgggg     38340
     cctctgggcg gcggtggagc cgcgtttagt gggcagtggt cgcttttcca acgagctccc     38400
     cgcggccccg aggtgagacg tttcccccta gttgagggta gggaaaccgg ctcagggaag     38460
     ttgtgctgcc cacagaggct caggcctgcg gtttgcgttc ttatccgaag gttccactcg     38520
     ctgcctcccg gagcctgctc tgtctggaga cccaggctgt tctcggactt gatctctgca     38580
     gattaggaga aaacttgggt aaaccaatga gctagagtcg agggccagct agttatgcat     38640
     agggaagaac ggatgacctc tcttaaccta tttggaaccc ggcctttggg aacaggactg     38700
     tgaaaagcca ggacgacttg gatttgatag ccagagaaag gggggaattt tcaccgttcg     38760
     ccaaggtccc ttgtcgctag tctgaattgt tatgcactgc gatttattct ggctttttaa     38820
     actaggatga tgagatggct cagcgctctt acaaccaagg ttccgacccc gggaactcac     38880
     gttgtaaaaa gagagagctg aatcccacaa tttgtcttct gacctgtgac cggcagcatg     38940
     tgcgtgccca tacatatcca cacacaaaat aactgtttat ttgtttgttt aactttaact     39000
     cctattttat agcaatgttg gtagacagag ctgcagcata ctagatacaa agaaggagtt     39060
     aagagacagg cttattttcc tggatctgta ggtgattaaa agtcactgaa gtgttaaatt     39120
     cttagatttc ccatgctttg ctgacccctt ttggggctcc tcaagttaaa tccactacta     39180
     cataatacaa aaagaaacct ccatatttac agtgctttcc aagggacact gattagtgag     39240
     gtgtggcaaa gaatgggcag gttgtcttgc tattctctct ttgcaatcca cacctaaata     39300
     gccctttgct tacctaactc cagaatagga caaactatag tgtcagagcc ttggcagaaa     39360
     agacttggta tatcatgtag gtttatgtta aggagtctta tttaagtgat catatataaa     39420
     aattttggct agacattttg gtgtactcct gaattcccag cactcaggag ttgaagatag     39480
     gaagatcaag gccgtagtgg ctatatagtt aagaggccag ccttggccac acaagacgct     39540
     gtctttgccc aatacacaca catacacaca cacacacaca cagcaaaagc ttaagtgaat     39600
     agtgttgttt cagagtcaca aagtgtgagt gtggtgtgta ggtgatgctt ataagccatc     39660
     aagtccaggt tttctcattg gttttcactt tgaaatggaa gatgagcctt aattagggaa     39720
     gtcttgacat taatcacagt tacaaaagct ctctagagta gaatctggtc taggtaaagg     39780
     gaaatgttcc tgtcaaggcc ctggattgtc tagttctgta ccttaaaaga agaaaaaaaa     39840
     aatgttttaa acagcttatt gctatgtaac tgagtatagc ctaaaactca agcttcccct     39900
     gccgcatcca gcctcgtgaa agatgcagtt acaggtgtat gccagcatac ttggcattag     39960
     aaatcttttt tcttcctttg aaatagtgat agagcattac aaagtcccct tgtgctgaag     40020
     tgctaaaact acttacttgt tttgagtcaa agctgaagat aaatgtatat tcaaagtgga     40080
     cggcagctgc atagcctggc aagtggacgg cagctgagag cgagttgtgc ctttctatta     40140
     ctgaccttta cctggatatg tgacagagtc cggctaaggc agcgtgtctg tgtctgaagg     40200
     gacttgtcag tctagtcaat aatttggatc ttaggttgta gaagagaaga agagatacaa     40260
     aattcccaaa acttggaaac cagagagaaa gaatgcctag aaatagaagt gtttgctggc     40320
     agtaacgtta ggtgttgctg ctgttgctac tgctgctgct gtttttaatg tgatgaggtc     40380
     tcactgtgta gccctgactg tcctggaact cactgtatag accaggctgc cttcaaactc     40440
     atgctaagag atctacttgc ctcctaccaa acccaacata aagtaagttt ttggtttggt     40500
     ttggtttggt tttgatttta atgatatata agcatattat tagttttaca ggtaaaactg     40560
     ttgtcatgta ttcagagatt cattcaattg tgtttgctca ccatctacta cttcccatta     40620
     gagtgagaaa aaaaagtccc tgctgtcaca tagctagctt atttttcagg agctataagg     40680
     taagaacccg ataggagtct atatcaggct tagtaagtac tacagggcaa tatagcaaaa     40740
     acattcttag aggcaacagg atagagcaca ggttctagag caaacaggtt cagggtcaaa     40800
     tccatgtcct acaactccag ctctagtgtg acccatgttc ccattataga acaatatgat     40860
     gacagtgtct ccatcccaac cacagtggca ggactgtccc aacacctagt actttctttg     40920
     gaagagacag gaactttaaa aaccttcata gaataatctg tttccagttt tcctttctgg     40980
     cctctgactc ctctatctga tagaaccaaa acttccccag aatggacatc agaggctatg     41040
     acaattccca gtcatttctt ttcattgctc cagcaaacaa gcattgcaca ctaggtacca     41100
     aagaaacagc aataacctag ataagccatg gatagacagg cctgcggtgc caagtgtggt     41160
     tctcaggggg agttaggtca ggaagtcaga ggcaagacag tttttgaaaa tacttggctc     41220
     ttgtgtgaaa ttttatattt agggaaaaca ttcaagtttt tacttggggc aatttttatt     41280
     cttttatggc cccagagcaa ggactgtaac agcccaggtt cacctccata catgataagg     41340
     agtaacagaa acccttttag tgaaggaatt ttcattgaca tcttcattgt ttctaaacag     41400
     tgctctttgc tgactactag gttgtttctg atctttactt tgaatgataa tgctgatgac     41460
     aattccccag caatgttttc tcacggctgt ctcatctggt ccttccatca cagtcctgtc     41520
     tgcctcacag ggctcactgt ccacgtgaac agtctcacta gcacttatca tttgtttctg     41580
     tgcttgcttc tcagtaaacc tacagcttac catttctgct agattagcta gccagcttgc     41640
     actgtgatca gcctctccac tttcccagtg ctgggattct aagcccatgc taccacatct     41700
     tgctcttcat gttggtccta aggatcaaac ttgtgtccat atgcttgcac gacaagcaca     41760
     tcactcactg agtcgtctca ttaggaagca gatgtctcac gtcaccttta cccagaaggt     41820
     tgaccttgtc tgaacaaaag tcttcgggtt ttaaaatata tacaatagtg tatttataaa     41880
     tattaatgca gctagacatg gtggcctagg actataattt tgtcactttg agagactgag     41940
     acaagaggat tgccaccagt tcaaggtcaa cctaaaatac agagtaaaac tcttgttaca     42000
     aaacagtaat gttgtatgtc tgtggatcaa aaagaaaggg agactggagg tatggttggt     42060
     gttaggatac ttgcctggca tgcatggagc cctgggttca acccccaaca caacaacaac     42120
     aaaaaaaagg aacgtggggc tggagagatg ggcccaggtt caatatgtat cacccatgtg     42180
     gtggttgaca acagtctgta actttatttc cagggaatca gcaccctctt ctgggctcca     42240
     catgcaaata ttcaggggaa acatacatat aaaacatata tatatataac agatatatat     42300
     atatattata tatatgttat tataaagaaa aaatacatct ttttttttct gttttatttt     42360
     gtttgatgtg gttttggttg gtagggtgtt tgtgcttatt attgtctttt gtcctcccct     42420
     gccagcaggt ttcaaatgat atatcctgcc cagaaagcta catcaggggc caacagtggt     42480
     ccagatatga agtttgcatg tcctcttgca aggtataact ggccatagca caatgtaatg     42540
     tgagttagtt aagacagaca cctggacaag gggtatgggt atgggagaga ggcttgacac     42600
     cagtacacag cgttagagct ctgaggttgg gtgcagctcc atgctagagc ttggcttcta     42660
     tatccagcac cagaaagaag agggggtcac caaacagtat ttttcagggt ggtagaacaa     42720
     tcagggagca caggcagagc ctccaaatga attcattctt cctttctctc tttctttctt     42780
     tcctttttgg ggtggagtgg ggaggggttg tttgagatag aatctcaagt agtccaggct     42840
     ggccctgagt tccctagtat gactttaaac tgttgattct cttacctcta catttcaagt     42900
     gcccaaatag ggttgttttg ttttgttttg ctttgctttt aggttttggt tcttttgctt     42960
     gttgggtttt ttttaacatc ttttactaga aaaaaatttt ttcatatatt atattttgat     43020
     catgttttcc cctccctgaa ttcctctcta catctctacc cacccaactt tgtattcctt     43080
     tttttttctt ttaaaacaca cacacataca tacatacaac catacaaatg aaaatcaaag     43140
     taaaaaagca aaatatcagt aaaacataaa atgtccaaac atagcaaaat gagacaaaaa     43200
     gactacaaag gtactcttgg atcattttgg attggccaac tactgggcat agtgcatgcc     43260
     ctgaggtgta gttaatgtat acattgagac tctgttatag aaaattaatt tttcctttgc     43320
     aagttaatat caattgcaga tagcttcttg gttagggatg ggagctctta tccacgtctt     43380
     tctctcagtg ctgggacctc atctggctga aacctgtgta aaccttgtgc atgctgccac     43440
     agtccctgca agttcacatg tgcattagtt gaagtcatcc attacctctg gctcttaaaa     43500
     tattttttct tcctcttcca cataacccca gatccctgag gagaggggtt taataaagac     43560
     attccattta gatctgaatc tcttactctc tgcacattgt ccaattatga gttagttcct     43620
     atctgctaca aaaagaaact tggatgacag tcaagcaagg tgctgatttt tgggtataga     43680
     agaatgccat taggagtcat tttactgctg tgttcctata gcagagcaat ggcatttggc     43740
     tttgctgtag gcctgtgaac tgtctagtat caggttctca gctgccttag cagtgtcaag     43800
     gatggcttcc atctcatgga gtgagcctta aatcttatca gaaagtggtt ggttactcct     43860
     ataacattca taccactatt gcaccaatat gatttgtaag tgtctgttgt cagttgcatg     43920
     gattatagct aagatactga tgctttctcc tctggtagca tacagaatac tctgcaatac     43980
     catgaatgct agtcagtagg ggtgaaacct ctagttcagc accagctcac cttttccatg     44040
     tttgacgcca tatagaagtg ttctctaaag taataggacc ttaactttgg attgtggaga     44100
     gcaaccaata gccttgacaa cagtctgaga tgtgtggggg tgtccatggt gcctctttgg     44160
     cctgctcaac aagctgttac tcattcctgg cactggaggt ttgaaaactt ggttagttgg     44220
     gatactgtca gagcctatta tctggtaact catgtctctg agtgttagtt gtccctcccc     44280
     acattccttc ttgtatcccc ttccctactt aatccctcaa tcctagtttc ctctttgtct     44340
     ctccataaca ctgttctatt ttcccttcta agagatgatt tcacaggcag gtatcccaac     44400
     agctagtcca ggggcttggg tccacacacc ctgccccaac ctatgagtcc aggtctgtag     44460
     gtcccagcat gttttagtca tagtcaaagt catagtcact gctgcttctc tccatagagc     44520
     cagactccca ctgcctgaac aattggtcag tgcttactta gcattctggt ggccctgggt     44580
     tccatctcca tcaccaacct aaggaagaaa agtacattcc ttgtccttat cataataatg     44640
     ggtttcctcg tgacattttc atacgtgaat ataacgtact tttttttggg gggggggggg     44700
     ggtcaagaca gtttctctgt atagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc     44760
     tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatt tgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg     44820
     cgccaccacg cccggcgaat ataatgtact ttttatactc atcactgact gcctttttcg     44880
     gccctattct ctgtgattgc cttcctcttc ctaactgttg ccctctgcct tctgagtgcg     44940
     taacccagtg agttccgtta ggttatttac aggatcctgg atacttcagc agtagctaca     45000
     ccactgaaga aaacgttttt tcctttcctc agcaatcgtt aaccacactt agctacgtgc     45060
     tgcctggacg aaggcactcc ataagcacat cacacctccc tctagtccgt gccttctctg     45120
     tccctcttca cagagttctc tgagcattgg agagatgata taaatgtact gtcttttctt     45180
     ccccttagga gtcagcattg gcagtcgtgt tgagctacag aggagacatt tctaagcttt     45240
     tttattgctg ctgttctggg tctgggtgca acggtctgtg ggccctgaca gccaggagca     45300
     agaatgaaga ccgtgctcat ggtagcagaa aagccatccc tggcacagtc cattgccaaa     45360
     atcctctccc gaggtaggaa aaacaaacac taggctgttt gattgctttc atctataagc     45420
     agagtctttt gtgctttttt gatcatttct ttttctggtg ggttcagctg ggattggcag     45480
     gtttcaggaa gcaccttatt agcaagtctc ctgtgacatg ctatgtccac atgtggaagt     45540
     cccagggctg aagcctccag gaaaagtaat gatgtacaaa gtgcagtcat tgtcagcatg     45600
     ctgggcttag tttttgcacc actagatact cactactatc tgctgggccc tggatgtggt     45660
     tacagttaca ttccctacat ctcatgtcac tcacaagtgg ccagtgacct cagagccagg     45720
     aaggtagtgg aagatttgcc catcaggatc cactctgcta ctgaggtggt acatggaggg     45780
     agggccctct aaatagaaag agtacttgga tgctgagtgg ctatccagca atggcagaca     45840
     tccactttga cctcctttta ccagctcttg gaggaggaag agcccctagt taggctgaga     45900
     atacacactc caaaggtcca gggggatcca gaaggcatca tctcacttcc aagtgccaag     45960
     agtgttcagc tgaggaacca tagtgtaaga tataataacc ttaaaatcta aataaataaa     46020
     ggtagaattc aaattgaaaa tagaaatgga gtgagacctg aagagtctcc gcctctagtt     46080
     cccaggaagt atgggactgg tgtgaatttc tgtgaaactt tcatagatgc ttccatccct     46140
     cagcaccatt aagccaccca gtacccactt atctgcagtg ggagctaagg gatgttacca     46200
     gtgaccactc tggagaagga gaactcgtgt cccctgacag ttagcatgta ggctcaggga     46260
     cccacagggt tataagtcag cctcacagtt gtctgtgtgg tttgcctccc taggaaacat     46320
     gtcctcacac aaagggctga atggggcatg ttcagtgcac aagtacacag gaacctttgc     46380
     tggccaacct gtccacttca agatgacgtc tgtctgcggt catgtgatga cactggattt     46440
     tctgggtaag atgaccactc tcctcctgtc tctgtcctat tgaaaggaac accgtacagc     46500
     actacccagg gtccagttag accctgttcc caacagatca ggaagtggtt aacagctggg     46560
     taagttaccc gtccccatct ctgcatgata caccctatcc tattcctagt tgtgacagct     46620
     gcagaggcca agcctttgtg aagtgtggct cagtgtcttt ggatacggtt tacagggaag     46680
     tacaacaagt gggataaggt ggatcctgca gagctcttca gccaagctcc aacagagaaa     46740
     aaggaagcta accccaagct gaacatggtc aagttcctgc aggtaaggga gcatctacaa     46800
     gcccaccgag gagcccatct tattaaaaaa acaaacaaaa accaaaaaac tggaaacgtc     46860
     taatccttcc cttcctgagt aatgtaatgt aagctgctac catgtggtta aagcccttgg     46920
     aagctatctt tggttatcca aaccagccca gtcaatattg cctaagttat aatttgaaaa     46980
     ataggtctta ggtgctaact ggtctgatat aacatccttg acggctcatg gtgagattac     47040
     cggcaccagg gaggcagagg cagatgaacc cctgtgagtt caaagccagc ttggtctaca     47100
     cagacagacc ctgtctcact caataagaaa aaaacaaaaa tctgagaaag tgtttcaaga     47160
     aatacttgtt tacaaaaaac aaaacaaaac agaacaaaac actggaaaat aaagataagt     47220
     ttaaaggaaa aacagtaaaa ccacatgatc caaaacaagc actgttaata ctgaactgtt     47280
     tcatttcact cttgatgctt atgtcatacg gagaggagga gggccagtga gagtagatga     47340
     gggcgagaga aaatgatggg gtcgaatgta ctagaagtat attatgtaca tgtttgaaaa     47400
     tgtaaaaagt aaggcctctc cctcaggaaa ttaaggagca cacactgtat tttgtgacta     47460
     tataataaaa gtaaaaatcc ttatcctagg ggttagatgg ctcagtgggt aagagcactt     47520
     gctgcacaaa cataagatcc tgagtttgga tcttagcacc catggtcagt gctgtggagg     47580
     gcagagacag gaggatcgct ggggcttgct ggctaaccac gtacttcaag gttcggtgag     47640
     aaaccttgtc ttaagtggac aagacagaga ctggtagaac aaggtacccc acagtgtcct     47700
     ctgactctgc cccacttatg cacctgcttg ccctgcacat gctccacacc acacgcagaa     47760
     gcatagacag actgtaaata caattttctg atctaacagt ttgatagttc tgaaccaaaa     47820
     ccttttctga gtctgagaca gcctcgctgt agactgcttc ttgctcagct cctcgtactg     47880
     gaagcccagt acctggttcc atctcctgtc cccaaagggg aatgtcatag ggttgattgt     47940
     cagtgtgtgc tttgtggcag gtggagggca gaggctgtga ctatgttgtg ctgtggctgg     48000
     actgtgacaa ggaaggggag aatatttgct ttgaggtgag tgtggagacc actctggttt     48060
     tctttagacc ttttccccac cttcccaatc agagtttgtc acactattcc taaggttaac     48120
     ataagggagt atagggctca aaaaaacatc tcccaacccc ttgatttcag aaaatctgtg     48180
     gctactttaa atgcatagac ctagaggtgg agaaacgcct cattggttaa gagcacttgt     48240
     tcttacaaag gacacaggtt tcacaaccat ctgtaacttc caaggtatct gatgccctcc     48300
     tctgaggtca ccaagcatgc acattgggca catacagaca gacagaacac tcatacacat     48360
     aacatgaaat aaatgaatct ttttttaaaa atgcataaac tagggcccac aagatgggtc     48420
     tgcacatgaa ggtgctcccc actaagtctg acaccctgag tttaatcccc agggccccac     48480
     atggtaggag gatgcaaact catgagagcc tcagaaagct gtcctctgac ctctaactca     48540
     catgcacacc acacacagac cagttagtgg tagtcagagt agtaattttt ttaagcacca     48600
     ttctgggtgg gtgcaagttt cagaattttc aatgtttggc ttggctccat gcctgttgta     48660
     gattttcagt tactatagtt tatctcctca gcaatgtact aatatgtatg agtattttgc     48720
     ctatatgtat gtattttact gtgtacatgc ctggtaccct cacaggtcaa aaaagggcat     48780
     cagatttccc agacctggag ttacacataa ttttaaacct gagtcctttg caagagcaac     48840
     aggtgctctt aaccactgag ccatctctct agcccctggt cttatctccc actttcatgt     48900
     gtcttctgcc ctgtccatcc tagggagtcc tgcctgcagg gagactggtg gaggtttccc     48960
     aaatgacctc taatgacact ttaatgctac tggctatgcc tgctggtcct gccactcact     49020
     gcctgttgta ctgtagctcc atacaggtca cctctatatc cttatacccc agccctaacc     49080
     tgcgacttgt cacacttaag tgcatgagat ggctgtagta agacaggaat ttaaggcgcc     49140
     cagaattctc attcatctct cttagaaaac tcaactcata ctgtcccttc tcagatacct     49200
     tcttctctcc tttctctgct ccatctgaca ggagcgttct cttagaaggc ctttgcctct     49260
     ggtactagaa acaataacag ttgataaggt cactgctttc ccataatgtt gccactgcat     49320
     gccctagctt ctctgctcct cccccatata gccttagtga gtctcagttc caggaccttc     49380
     tatacctagc tcccaccccc atacagagcc tactctaacc tttccattct tagtcatttt     49440
     atcttttcct ttgtctgttc tccgatcatg taaaaattct acccatccat ccaagcactc     49500
     cctactccca gaaaagggaa gggatttggg accaaaaagt cctttgtgtg ctggatacag     49560
     cattgactgg ttagttcagg tgaaagtgca cgagaaggga aaaggtagca gccttgaggc     49620
     aacactaaga ggaagtgggc tgaggaatgg gtgcatatct ggaagggagt gcaacaagca     49680
     aggtacccag gttgcaaggg atttctgggg aggctaagat gtctagaagg gaaagagata     49740
     taggagggcc tagtaggggt gggaaaaggc taaccctgaa aggcccgatc agcactgggg     49800
     gtaaagagtg aaaggcagag acgaggaatt aaccacagcc agtattcttc ctcccaggtc     49860
     cttgatgccg ttctgcctgt catgaataat gcccacaatg gtgagaagac agtgtttcgt     49920
     gccaggttca gctccatcac tgatacagac atctgtaatg ccatgacccg cctgagcgag     49980
     ccagaccaca atgaggcact ctcagtggat gcccgccagg agctagacct gcgcatcggc     50040
     tgtgcattca ctaggtgctg ttccctgcca catgcacata ctctcccttt agccagggcc     50100
     cgaagagcct gcataagtta ccagagatgc catttatata tttatcagat gcacatcaca     50160
     taggacacaa cttttttttt ttttaagatt tatttatttt atgtatatga ttatactata     50220
     gctggttgta agccttcata cagctttcat tcgtagttgc ttggaattga attttaggac     50280
     ctctgctcac tccagtcaac cccgctcgct cagtccctgc tcactctggc ccaaagattt     50340
     atttattatt ataaataagt acactgtagc tgacttcaga cacacaagaa gagagcgtca     50400
     gatctcatta cagatggttg tgagccacca tgtggttact gggaattgaa ctcaggacct     50460
     tcagaagagc agtcagtgtt cttaactgct gaggcatctc accagcccag gacaacttcc     50520
     taagcagatt atttgtatgc actcgtgtcc tgggggacag tattcatggg acacactctg     50580
     tcctcactcc atcctgtgca catgtatagt tcttctttca tgacttcata ctctgtcact     50640
     gttgctgtct tcaaagtgag gtgtgacctc tcagtattta atcccaaatc cacaacctag     50700
     gtttacatgg gtttgtctag aattaattat tcattcattt ttctgtcttt ctcaaccctt     50760
     taggtttcaa acaaagtatt tccagggaaa atatggcgat ttagacagct ctctcatctc     50820
     ctttgggcca tgtcagactc ctaccctggg attctgtgta gaaagacatg ataaaatcca     50880
     gtccttcaag ccagagacct actgggtgct tcaggccaag gttctcgtcc cttctgtatt     50940
     cctgttctat tgttgtgggc ttagggtgtg gacttcttga gagttttcct tatcaccatg     51000
     tgcactttgt tggccccgtg ctaagaacac aagtgtgagt tagaatatca acagttgtag     51060
     gtcctggtgc ccaggaggta gagtcaccag cttttttggg tcagtgaagc tgggctgcac     51120
     ctggacacaa tgaatttgga taaataagag tgagttcctt cttggggtga aggtgaggtc     51180
     agctagtgtc ttcagtgggg aagtccaaca cagggttaag tctgtgcttt caaaccttac     51240
     tggtctttag ggctttttta cataaaaacc taaagcacaa caggtttaaa acgaagttca     51300
     gcgttcctct ggttgcctcc aaggctgagg actgtgtggg catgggcagg tactgtgggt     51360
     atgtagacct tgataagcag ggatagagtg agaagcacag cttcaggtat ttcgtaaggg     51420
     cccaccctca gtgtctgctc tggagtgaga agagtcaggt atcgtctctg gatccacagc     51480
     tcagcagtta tgagatgtta cagctaggcc atttcgtttg tggaccaaac ccagcgtcct     51540
     ctgtctgtct cagttttctt ctctgcagtg tgcttgcctt ttgtcttccc tacaggttca     51600
     tacagataaa gaggagtcac tccttctgga ctgggaccgt gttagagttt tcgactggga     51660
     gattgcacag atgtttttaa acatgacaaa gttagaaaaa gaagcttggg tatgctttct     51720
     atgtccacat ctgtctcatc tgtcctagat gggcttgcct tagaatcagt gaccttgagc     51780
     catgcctttc tgccttttat gaaattcaga tggcttcttg gacaaatgaa tggttcttca     51840
     cacattcatt gttaatatgc agtgcagcat ctgtgaagca ctacctcatg ctagccacat     51900
     ctgagccact gccaggccat ttccactgtc tcttccaaca gtcatgtgca gggtctcctt     51960
     tggcaggact ccatttcata caaatgtttc ttttctgtaa tatccaaagc taccaactgc     52020
     agaggaacct gtgtgtacac tggtaaactt gcctgagttc atacggctag gataaaggtc     52080
     taagagcaca cagtcaactt tcacacctca gtggtgatgt ttcctactca gggcttctcc     52140
     acatcagagg ggctcctgct tggtgcttag gaagatggtc agcttagcaa aggctggctg     52200
     cacaggatag aagcaggtct acacctgtca cagccaaaat cctacactgt gacagctaac     52260
     catcactgag cctcttcctg gccttcagtc acatctattt gcagttttca aaccttgctt     52320
     tggtgccatt ttgctcaggc tctgctgact tagatgtgag gctgtttcac attgttaact     52380
     ctgatgtcag cacccactcc aagagaccct aacctcccgt gtcacatgta caaatatcct     52440
     cagtgtctgc acccgtattt gtaggcctag aatccagaat gtgttgccct gatcagtctt     52500
     tgtaagtttg gtaaaggaag agactagctg gtctatttgc gctatgtttg caataggcaa     52560
     aacaaagagt caacttctcc ctgagtatgc taactcacag cgggagggga gctcacctga     52620
     ccagcacagc ctataggtaa agtcaaatga ctactattgg ggaattgtgg gatttcccat     52680
     agagatcata ccttgcagcc tcccttaaaa aattgaaaag tgtgaattca aggccagcct     52740
     gctctacaga gtgagttcca ggacagccag gactgcactg cacagatagc cctgtctcga     52800
     aaaaacaaaa aacaaaaaac aaaaaaaagg aaagctttac aatgctagtg gcccagtggg     52860
     cagcactcac agagccacca gcagccattt ccctcacaca gcacaggcca ccctgggacg     52920
     tggcctctgt tgacttcggt gggatttaca tcccttcctc ggttcttttc cagtcctcca     52980
     cattttctgt ttccttcaag aaaaacagag gatgcgtgtg ctctctgccc acccctcact     53040
     tttcctaatc ctaaatgttc agctcaatca tcagactgct ggagaaagtg aatttcagga     53100
     ggacagcccg tgaatcaatt cagacctttg tccaacatct cacctccatt atgtttatct     53160
     tgccaactat cactctcggt cctgccccca ggtggaggct acaagcagga aagaaaaagc     53220
     caagcagaga ccacttgctc tgaacactgt ggagatgttg cgtgtggcca gctcagctct     53280
     gggtatgtag aaacacctct ctaaagtacc cccaaagaca tcttgagact ggtacagggc     53340
     agggccaata ctgtaaccca caccaagccc ttctcatgct gtgatgcttg aagcttaggt     53400
     ggaggtcttg agtctcatgt aagttttctt taaatcctag aataggattc ctctaagcac     53460
     tgctccctta gctatcacaa gagatagtct gaaaaactag tgatctttga aagctgtatc     53520
     ctaaaacatt atcctcacag agctagctga tccttgacat aacattgcca tcaaatgatt     53580
     aatagccaag tcccaactca caggttagag agcaagagaa taagctcttg cactgtagag     53640
     tcctaatggg ctcagctacc caaaggtcta gttgctgctc tgtggccaga gttcagactg     53700
     tcatcagtgc tgctatgagt actataaagt ggtaacgtgg agcaatgagc agtgtttccc     53760
     actgggccca cttcaccaga tacaggacct cagttttaga caggctgtat tctagatgcc     53820
     catccagcca gtacttctga gccttggcag taaccactaa gagtcatctg ggggcggggg     53880
     tgggggggtt aaacaggaat gcccaagcct aggggtgagc ctagccaact tccagacctc     53940
     ttagcctcct atttttgaca ggtatgggac cacagcacgc catgcaaata gctgagagat     54000
     tatacacaca gggctatatc agctacccac ggacagaaac cacccactat cccgagaact     54060
     ttgacctgaa gggctctttg cgacagcagg ccaatcaccc atactgggca gactcggtga     54120
     gcagaatggg cactgaacaa cccgtcagct gtggtcccta gacaggcttt ggccaaaccc     54180
     aaaactgatg gaagccatca gcctgacttg actccgcttt gcctcccctt cctcaggtaa     54240
     agcagttgtt agcggaaggc atcaaccgcc ctcggaaagg tcatgatgct ggtgaccatc     54300
     ctccaatcac acctatgaag tcggctacag aggctgaatt aggtactgag tgctcctctt     54360
     cccgacatcc tcaagcttcc gaggtctgag gtgaagctgc tgtaggcaca tggctgcaat     54420
     ggacaaggtc aggcccatta tcagtacaga tgctcctgag cctgcctctg atttagtgaa     54480
     acccacatca ccaagcctct aagacagaag tgaagtggtt gcagctagtt ggggaatgag     54540
     gtagagtagc agagctcaga ggcggtctgt atgtgctacc ttaggtgttc cagaaggcct     54600
     atagagaagg gagagccatg ccaatggaat caggaactgc tgcagatctg agtgtgaagc     54660
     aagactccta catatagatg tgcctaaaga acagtcccct agaaccactt tgtgaagggg     54720
     ccacctaggc actagaggca gcttccataa ctattttctt cctccttgca ggctttgagg     54780
     ccagggatag ggcttaatgg tatggcattt gcctggcatg tgcttaacgt cctaaattca     54840
     atccctggca tcatacatat atatacatcc ttgataccca cgcagagggc ctgttgctgg     54900
     tccagggcac ctggttacac tgagctttta taggaggtga cgcatggaga ctctacgagt     54960
     atatcaccag acacttcatt gccacagtga gccatgactg caagtatctc cagagcacta     55020
     tctccttcag gatcgggcct gaacacttta catgcatggg aaaaacagtt atttctccag     55080
     gtacagtggc agaccacggg agtccctttc ttctcatcta tacagacact gagatctctg     55140
     gatgggaagc ccaagtgggg acctcaaatg gcagtggtat ctctctaggc ttcacagaga     55200
     tcatgccttg gcagagcgtg cccctggaag agagtctgcc cacgtgccag aagggtgata     55260
     ccttcactgt gggtgaagtg aagatgctag agaagcagac gagcccaccg gactatctga     55320
     ctgaggctga gctcatcact ctcatggaga agcatggtat cggtgagtac ccaaatctgg     55380
     ggtctccatt cccagggcct tggccaagag gtgatgataa taaaacttcc tatgatttat     55440
     atatacctgg ctcagcatga ggtaacagat gggccaatgt ataacccatg gacccaggcc     55500
     tcattgtgta gagccgtcta caaagcccta ccatcaggcc tgacctggtt ttccatatga     55560
     agagtgtcat acagccttgt gcaccatgag acagctacac actgacaagt acccaccaga     55620
     ctcaaggtta atccaggatt ctaaaggact cctgggccag atcagctgcc tccccaaaac     55680
     agaaagctat gaggcctgcc ctagaattct ggtctgggcc tgcttctccc cagggcctag     55740
     gtacctaaag tgaatcctga cagtagccat ggcctgtggc tgaggtccca tttgatgaag     55800
     cttttcacac ttgtgacttg tagtagcttg tgtactgttc tggacctagt gaccaatatg     55860
     ctcttcaatt tgggacagtg aacagagttt gtgtgtgacc tctgaacagg agagtgaggg     55920
     cagtgctgct gatcaaggtc catggggcag tatcaaaaaa aaaaggcttt actacctggg     55980
     cataagctca aggccagcct gggctctgaa gtgagactct ccctttaaat atatatatct     56040
     gactatagca gccataccgg aactcttgta tgtgcaaact gccatgatcc aggccaattc     56100
     cttggcaatg agctgtggaa cctctgaagg ttccttaacc cccaatgcca gtatcttccc     56160
     ctgtaaaccc tgcccaggta cccacagaaa gctaagtgtc cctctgccag cactacaagt     56220
     gtgcatgcat gcagggctga gttccttttc acacctctga catcacacag cagatgcatc     56280
     acctttcact tttccttctc tgccaagctg catccctgga gtgagaagca tgccttgggt     56340
     attgtaaggg gccttagaga atgggagatg gtaggagaga ggaaatgtaa aaccaacttg     56400
     gttctacagt agctttatga gctttctctg gtagaagctg gatcctgata cctagagggc     56460
     acacaaacca cagtttctgg acaaaaaaag gccaacttgc atttactggt ttcaagagat     56520
     gccctctgac ctaacagagt cctctctggg cctctgtctt ttaactataa aattaaaaca     56580
     ccaatgaagg ctgtctttag gttcacaggt gtgccccagc acaatgcaga gacagccctg     56640
     ctctatcttg ggaatctttc tgcaacatgg cttctggcag ccatatagga aatagcagtc     56700
     tggacctaat gagcaaaata agcttcaggt tgtggcactg tactccttgg gtgtcaggtg     56760
     gaaggaacta gagtgcatag tccagagcat cttcttggga caggctgagg aatacccaga     56820
     gccatgctgt gccttccagg gactgatgcc agtatccctg tgcacatcaa caatatctgc     56880
     cagcgcaact atgttactgt ggagagtggc cgccgactca agcccaccaa ccttggcata     56940
     gttctggtgc atggttacta caagattggt gagtctgtct acccactgcc tacgacctgc     57000
     tgggctttcc ggctccttcc tctgctgtag ctctgctgcc tcctgcagtg gccccatgct     57060
     tttcatgcat ttccccaatc cccactgcag agatgctatg ggactcagga atttgatgga     57120
     tgaacacata aaggtaaaac agaggcttct tctacaatcc aaaccttggg ttcttcacta     57180
     agatacccac caactctgcc cactaaagtg cctagtgttc tatgggagat ggagaagtac     57240
     agcatagacc tggccattct gcaaaagatt tctacacact ttcctgatgg aaagttcagg     57300
     aaaagtctgg tggcagtagg agctgccctt ggtgccttcc aactctgtgg acaagcagcc     57360
     caggcagact gggtcagagc taggttgagc aggacagcag ttcttgcctg cctagtgggg     57420
     tggcaaggtc ctggttgccc acagcagcat gcacccactt gctcatagat gcagagctgg     57480
     tactccccac catccgaagc gcagtggaga agcagctgaa tcttattgcc cagggcaaag     57540
     ctgactacca ccaagttctg ggccataccc tggatatctt caagagaaag ttccactact     57600
     tcgttgattc tattgctggt aagacctgcc tcttccttgc ccctcatcag ctattccaac     57660
     aagacagagc cacctgaggc ccattccaga tctgggccct gagcctctat gagtcacagc     57720
     agtgatgcca tcccaatagc tgttgccaga gcaggttaat taatatccac atcaggaata     57780
     tacagagctg atgagcaggg ctgcagctct gtactctatc actgacagaa acacagtcac     57840
     acttggatcc ttgaccatgt gtggtggcct ctttgtctag ttcacccagt tttaccaagc     57900
     ccaggagaga catgaccctg tgctgtgctt actctcaggc atggacgagt tgatggaggt     57960
     ttccttttca cccctggctg ccactggcaa gcccctctca cgctgtggga agtgccatcg     58020
     atttatgaag tacatccagg tatgtggagg ttgaaagact gtcactatat ctagccaaaa     58080
     cattcctgtt cagatatcac cttaagcctc tgctttgtca ttagtctagc agaaataatg     58140
     ttcattgtca cacggagtga tgaaaaggcc tgaatcagca ccagtaacaa cacaaaccat     58200
     caggctgtat acacattgtc tattcactct ggccaacagt cactctctta ctctcataat     58260
     tattattaaa atgctggggc tcctttacat ttacagtgtg tgtgtgtgcg cgcgcgtgca     58320
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcacgcg cacgaccgtg cgagcatgcg tgcgagtaga ggttaaagga     58380
     cactttgtag gagtcagctc tctctccttc catcgtaggg gttctaggga ttaaactcag     58440
     gctttagcag cagctccttt acctgatgaa ccattccccg gcctcatgct ggggtttaag     58500
     actctggctt tgtgagggaa gaagaaatgg ggaagtatgg tacctgggct cataccagcg     58560
     gttgaggtat ttgcctggca ctgaattctg tattctgtgt acctgttagg tgtttagcat     58620
     tacctattct gtgttttgaa ggaaaggaca gcagtcaaga aagtcagacc caacacccct     58680
     catattcctt ctaattgccc ccatcccata ggccaagcca agtcgcctgc actgctccca     58740
     ctgtgatgag acctacaccc tcccccagaa tggtaccatc aagctctaca aggagctgcg     58800
     gtgcccattg gatgactttg aactggtcct gtggtcctca ggctcccggg gcaagagcta     58860
     cccactatgt ccctactgct ataaccaccc acccttccga gacatgaaga aaggtgagtg     58920
     tggcatgtgg gtgtcctcag gttcatactt agcatactcc agtgaggtcc tttacccatc     58980
     tatcactacc tgtgtacact ggtagtgagt cagggaccct aagaaatact tgtgccattg     59040
     ctcaggctgt agccaaccta tctggtctgg gtatgcctgg gtcctaattg agcaaacagc     59100
     ttgctcactt aggatctggg caggaggcaa gatgtgcccc tcgggggcta ggctaagtga     59160
     gaggcaggca accccagata aggacacctg acaaaccaag ccccctgggt tctcagcact     59220
     gctttttgtc ttactttaca ccctttgctg ggaaacagaa agcatgtatc caggctaagc     59280
     agtgcatgcc aagcctggaa ccagagaggc tcactgccag cacatgtacc cgctcccagg     59340
     tagtaccatc cctacctcag acgaggagcc ggctcctttg ttacctgagg cattaattag     59400
     gaatcctcag tgtctcagtt cacatactta ctaccaagat aatgaggctc tcttcccgcc     59460
     ccccacccca agtgtcttac agtgcacaat gcagcaagca agtaacaggt gagctgagag     59520
     caacctggaa gagccattaa taagttacag aagcaaacga gggtttggga gtcagctgga     59580
     gtccttggat tgagaactgc acatttttag ataagcagag gaacccagtc cagtgaacaa     59640
     gatatcccaa aagcaggtta agagtgagtg ccacgttgtt ctagaatagg aattcagcag     59700
     tctggcattg aaagcagcca gagttgaggg agccagggca tgcttaggtc actggcctcc     59760
     tctcctttca ggcatgggct gcaatgagtg cacacacccc acctgccagc actcactgag     59820
     tatgctgggc attggccagt gcgtggaatg cgagaatgga gtccttgttc tggaccccac     59880
     ttctggtccc aagtggaagg tggcctgcaa tacatgcaat gtggtggcac actgctttga     59940
     aaatgcccac cgagtacggg tatctgctga cacctgcaac acctgcgagg ctgccttgct     60000
     cgatgtagac ttcaacaagg ccaagtctcc ccttcctggc aatgagacac agcacacagg     60060
     ctgcatcttc tgtgaccccg tcttccagga gctggtggag cttaagcatg cagcctcctg     60120
     ccaccccatg caccgaggtg ggcctggaag gaggcagggt cgtgggcggg gccggggccg     60180
     gagacctcca ggaaagccca accctaggcg gccaaaagac aagatgtcag ctctggctgc     60240
     ttactttgta tgacaaccta tcttttcccc actccagaca catcgtggtt atctttgagc     60300
     cactgaaacc attaaaatgc tttttatttt gtattctctg gaacaaagag cctgggacct     60360
     tttactggtg aaacagaggg ttcctatgtc tgtgggaacc tgtgagaatc agctttatcc     60420
     ctccatcctg tttaaagtac accctgttct gcccacacca tggcagtgcc aacaagaaag     60480
     cactacatct gggactaggg gagcaatatg tctgtagctc acactaagta tgcacatgtg     60540
     cagtggtgtg gctgtgtgca acacagcagg aaagtggacg ttagcaaccc agagaagtct     60600
     tggcgagcca ggtggagcag gcacctttcc cagacccttg ctaagcacct gtagcctagc     60660
     ttcctgatcc ctaacccaga tttgtatgtc tgccactcag aaactccaag catgtcgagc     60720
     ctgcgtgtga ctctggtgac attgtggatt tattttaaca cttactctca tcatgtgtct     60780
     gtattgcctc agacaggtag ctaagtcctc cactgaagct ggtcagaagc caagtttaga     60840
     aaatattcta gaaggcaggc tgatctgtgg tgcagctgaa tgtagctatg gaccactttt     60900
     ctgactataa ccccttcctg tgttcccttc tccacccacc cattatggct tcccttttta     60960
     agtgcgatag aaactgcctt ttggccatgt cttaccatgt ggtaccaggg gcctagcaag     61020
     acaggtgcct aagattgctc tgtaaaatgt ttgcttgaga ggcggccaac agcattcctc     61080
     ataggattcc tccatctgca gtagattcac agttacacag gacagggaga ctcatcagaa     61140
     agccataagg caactagttg ttcatgtggt tgtctggcca catagcccca ccaagacttt     61200
     tcacctgaac cctgacaacc ataaaagacc atacaaccaa agacgatacc ttgggaaagc     61260
     ttcccacagg cagtggccca ggaagctgta tagaagttgt tagaatgtgg cacagaagta     61320
     ataagctaca ggacagaaca gacacttgga atctatcctc tccactccag tcagaatctg     61380
     gtacctgaat aagctacatc tcaattgagt acctagcaca aggctgtgac tttgctattc     61440
     tgcccatttg gcccaattcc atcgtgagca gactgcagga acacaaacag ctcagttatg     61500
     tggttagttt gggcttgggg aaagactgcc ctacaggcct taaacccaga ctagttattc     61560
     catctttaaa attctatact gaggtttcaa cctacatggg cctcttaatg taccctttgt     61620
     tttttcctgc ggttgccccc tttatgtgga actctagcag atacccttag ctatctaagc     61680
     tgtactctat aaactcctga ccccgtcacc ttccccctca gacacataca cacacaccca     61740
     tcagtacagc ctcattatca ttgctaacct gtcagccaag aacaattagg actagaggtg     61800
     aactgtctta gcagctgtgt tcctaggcat caccttttct gctctggaag ctgatgagat     61860
     cagagctgca gggcgacctg tattgtggga ggcatgcaag atctcacagg ctagctctcc     61920
     agtggtttgt cccccaggca ctgcaggtcc cgtttctctt accttgagat tgtggtgcat     61980
     actaacatga ggaagtctgt ttcgtcaagt acaacatcct cccagcactg tagaaggcac     62040
     cgtggacctc ttctatacat tctagcccta tgggaaaaat taatatccaa gagagagcca     62100
     aaattccatt aatcaccttt cctcactgtg ataaaacacc tgagcaaaat ttaaaggaag     62160
     aaagatggat ttgggctcag tttgagtcat ctctggtagc taagaagagg agagaggaaa     62220
     gactggcaaa atagaccttt ccagggacta gagctataca ctcttgcagg gcacacatac     62280
     tcatgacctt cctccatcct agttttcgtt gtctcctaat aatgtcatta ttatgaatga     62340
     tgaatccaat agactgatct gctgatgtta gcgtcctgat gatccattca cctcccaaaa     62400
     gctcaagttt tcaagagact tccagatttc aaatcataac agctcccttt aagcagaagt     62460
     attaccaagt tgtaccccca ttgtaaagag cctggaaatt ctagaacaaa gggtttgagg     62520
     tcctttcctg agatttttaa agcctaagta atacagccag tctctgagtg atagaggcta     62580
     gtgtggtagg gagtgtttgc actcactctc atagtgctca gaacaggttt ctgggaaagg     62640
     attttgggaa ctgggagagg acacagatga gagacctgga actgagcact ctgagacctc     62700
     ctggctctac cccacagctt ggcatgtctt gatgaagagg tttgagctaa gctggttggt     62760
     atagctaata ttgggaattt aacaagagta aaggctttgg catagtagac tacaaacaag     62820
     acaatcatgg tgacagcaac ctcaggaaag ggtacattac agatatgtcc ttggcctaga     62880
     gcctaacagg gccaggttcc tagtgcctgc ttttgctgtc ttctctgtat caccctctac     62940
     ctcatcaggt tataaatgac ctcaaacctt aatcaggttg aatgaaccag gactctactt     63000
     gcgtagcaga cagacattct ccccaccatg ccagtacaca cacccatcta ttggttcccc     63060
     aggctcatgg gttccctgaa acctaatcag gtgacaagtt cctaagacaa tggggtctga     63120
     tggcatgtgc ttgtcagcac agttctgaga cataaacaaa acaaacaatt gggttttttt     63180
     gtttgttttg tttttgtttt tcgagacagg gtttctctgt gtatccttgg ctgtcctgga     63240
     actcactttg tagaccagac tggcctcgaa ctcagaaatc tgtctgcctc tgcctcccaa     63300
     atgctgggat taaaggcttg cgtcaccatg ccggaacaat tgttttaaaa gccaggtgac     63360
     aacctggagc caaccttgtc tttaagactg cctttgctac ccagtgcact aagaaaagtg     63420
     tctcatttcc tgctttatag ccccagagct caagctgctc aacgaattct cagtggccat     63480
     gcagtcctgc tgagcacaaa gggcctggaa cccttaacca caaagcccct ggggcctgtg     63540
     gttaagtggg caggaccaca atgaaacttg aaggggtact ctccacactg tacacaggca     63600
     gtgtacacgt tcattggtat aaaatgaata taatgttata catgaaaata ttttctaaag     63660
     tctctgatgg gtggccagtc ctgagcagta tgaagccgca tcactgccct gagactgatc     63720
     accacacacg ttgtgaagca atgactgagc attgtgaagc aaggactgct ttctgcccag     63780
     tcaaggctgg agaagtgtag caacgcactg gctattgggg ctcttgtcgt ccctgaaaca     63840
     agagagcaga gggaccagca ggaggcagca gaggtgcgcc cgaggcccga ctgcgcttgc     63900
     gcagagcctg cggcgcctag gacgggaagt aggcggggct gcccagagca gctcgtgggg     63960
     agcactgcgg caggctggca ggtgaggccc gcggggtgca agggatgaag agcgagggtg     64020
     agggtggaag actcggacta gggtgggggt catgtggggg cctgagatgc acgaaagtga     64080
     aatgagactg aggacgaaat ggagaggtga gaaagcacta aggccaagac cggtttcggg     64140
     tgcctgagcc catgggactt tgggggatag ctgtgagcaa aaaatctgag caagccgccg     64200
     ccgggccctg gtggcaaggc gtcggaaact aaaggcacgg aactgggaat ccattgacac     64260
     cctcccccag ggctgtgtct gaaccgaggt ccaggaggag gctgagagct gtgaggcaaa     64320
     acagtaccaa ggagtgacaa tcctgttttc aaggatcatt ccctcttatc ttccaaaaca     64380
     tgagggctag gcccacggcc ctaccctcag ccctactagt gacgacccgg actgggacca     64440
     cattttcaac ctgaatgccc agcccagtgg cgtccctaag tgtatttaaa gctagtgttt     64500
     tacttaccac ctggtttcaa gacgcaggct gaagccattg ggctagattg cagtagagcc     64560
     tcagtcctga gagccttggg cttcaccgtt acagttgtgt ggtctcaggc cagcccccta     64620
     agctctccgt ataatgagga gaaaagggat tgtaaggatt tctgcagact aacatctagt     64680
     gaggcccagt ggaaggcagt ggtctgccct accaaggccg cctatttcta ggccccttga     64740
     ttaacagatg tgttcacaat gtgccctggg acagccctgt gaactgttcc cacctaagga     64800
     actgaacgag agctgcctct acctcatggt ctcagtgttc atattcctcc catcgtcaaa     64860
     ttttactttt actcagcggc aaactgggat ggaagtggcc aagtcactgg gcaccagatt     64920
     cctcaactga gtcctgcttt ggtgacaact aatatttgtg accttagagt aacactttcc     64980
     tcctaccacc tggttttttt ttcaactgca gtatgacctg atggcatgtt ttcccacaca     65040
     gttctgagac ataaacaaaa caattgttct aataactgtt aacctcccac aacagattaa     65100
     tttgcagaat tcctctgtga tgttgcctga agccagtctt ttctggaaga ctgtctttgc     65160
     tacccagtgt actaagggag agttttcatt tcctgtgtga tccccccaga cctcaggctg     65220
     cttacctcac tctagtggcc atgcaggcct gctgagcaca aacagccagg acactgacca     65280
     catggagctt aggatccctt tcaaaagaaa aatggcagca caataatatg gctgcacaga     65340
     acagcccatg aaagatagtg gggggggggg gtgtagacat ggctggggtg gagtccatct     65400
     atgttcagcg tgcatatgtt ctgtaggttg aatttccagc accaatagaa agaaacatag     65460
     tcttaaagtg tgttttggca tttttgtttt gttttgagac agggtctcat ggagcccagg     65520
     ctggcctcca actcataata tagctaagat tgaacttgaa cttgtaatct atctccattt     65580
     ggctctatct tccaagcact ggaattgtag gtgttcacca ccatgtccag ttttatcgag     65640
     gaacctaggg cctgtgcctt caaggcaagt atcaccagtt gagctacccg tccaaaccct     65700
     actccacacc ctttggtttt tgtttgtttg gggggagggt attttagttt ttgcttggtt     65760
     tggttttgat ttggtttttt tttttttgtt tttgtttttg ttttttttga gacaaggttt     65820
     tactcagtag cccagactag caccaaactg atgtcaaggc tccgtcggtt tcccaagtgg     65880
     ttggtaatgg tttcccaagt ggtaggatta taggcatgaa ccaccatgcc agactaaagt     65940
     gatagttttg ttgttttttt tttttaaaga tttatttatt tattatatgt aagtacactg     66000
     tagctgtctt cagacactcc agaagagggg gtcagatctt gttacggatg gttgtgagcc     66060
     accatgtggt tgctgggatt tgaactctgg accttcggaa gagcagtcgg gtgctctaac     66120
     ccactgagcc atctcaccag cccaagtgat agtttttaat gtatattttg ctataatctt     66180
     tataataagc atttataaat ataaataaaa tcttttccat gtatgtagta agatattggt     66240
     taagatctag aaggatttat accagactat tcctagcagc cagttacaaa tagagaaata     66300
     agagttctgg ggggagaggg ggttggggta aagctctctt gatagactgc ttgcctagca     66360
     tgcatgatca attccagcac cacatacacc agaagtggtg catacctgtg atcccaatac     66420
     tggcagggag gagacacaaa gaccctaagt tcagagtctg aggagcaact gctagctcat     66480
     acgtacagag aggcacacat accagaaccg ggaggaccca gccaagtgtc aatctggcca     66540
     aaccaatcaa agcagtgcag ccctgcttac tgacttacac acactcatgc acatggccct     66600
     ctctttctga gtcctttgca actgtggatt ctgttgaaat caaacagctc ccccaaccca     66660
     gcactctgcc caccccagct tctccccaga ctccgttgtc catctgacta ctagccagcc     66720
     agctaccacc gtcccatcca gcagtcctaa tggggccatg cccttcacca gttctttctg     66780
     ccaccatcag atcctttttc tccaggtatg ggcttcagag cagggttgtt ttgttccctt     66840
     agagaggcat gcatcagatt taggggctta ttggaaaaaa ggtaaatggg aaagaatatc     66900
     actctttttc tttgcctcag ctagacccca aagaaggaaa actatgacct ggttcttcat     66960
     ttgtggccca aaccacacaa tgtgaaatga gtctgagtgg ccgcagcaga cagaatttct     67020
     ctgagtacac tgcctttcta gtgcaagtag acagtccatc caggccctgt gagccagcag     67080
     atgcaagcag agctttgccc aagagcgtgc tgtgctgtgc tgtgctgtgc ttggcaccca     67140
     ggcccactca gcatgcatga tgcagatggc cttggggccc ataacaggtc ctaagcctgg     67200
     agcacaggca cagggcagta agagcagtat agccaggtac attaaaggat ttttagtgct     67260
     gcagagccaa gatgagtcca gcctccaagg aagacaggta gactgtgggg aagggatcca     67320
     gatccaggaa gtagcccaag ggcaaaggtt agaaagaggc acctgctttc taaaacatct     67380
     ggcagagcta gtaccagata gggtgatgtt gtgggcaggg atttgctggt tggggctgct     67440
     gtgtactctg gggcgagcat gctctcctct cgctgtggtc tcagtcataa cttcacatta     67500
     gcccgtttaa cactgctgaa ggttttggta cctctagggc ctgtagaatt gcatggtaca     67560
     aatagccgaa tgctcgtcag ttgcctgaga acaacttcac agtagtcaca cttctgttcc     67620
     tgaataccga ggagctagag cagttggtgg gcagggtatg atgtaacagt tggcctggtc     67680
     ctctcagtaa ttaatgccac ctctgactct tgctctgcag ctctgcctgt gtacaaactc     67740
     tctagggctc actctcttct tttcaatctt acctttgggt agactgcatc tctgcctggt     67800
     tcccattctg ctctttcctt ctttgcttta attacactct tatcttttta cctgcttggt     67860
     ctttgtaacc caggctacac tttattaact tgcaattaaa tgtgagtgta gacaattaat     67920
     tttaactcca gcaacataac ctccaataag aagtactata tctatatatt tgtttgtttg     67980
     cttacaaagc tggcccagag aaataaaaaa cactgggaaa aggtaaccct tcacctccaa     68040
     gactggaccg gagaggagac tgtggtggga ctgactccac acacacaaag gacggcaagg     68100
     ttgaacatga ggcgctctgt ggtcctcttc ctcattcccc tctttcttct tctgctgtct     68160
     ggtctccagt tccctctgtt tgcaagagca gcagaaagcc tgtcacctct ctcagtccct     68220
     taaactgagt agttgtgcct tattaccctg ctggatgaag ctcaggctgg ctactgtaga     68280
     ccctgcctgt gtcgcatccc tcactctgtc caatgttgga ggctgtgagg gttttgacac     68340
     agagtctcta tctgtagctg ggtctaactt ggcaatggcc atgtagacca gaggacactc     68400
     aaacttgtgg caaccctctt gcctacgctt cctgctgcga ttataggcag atgccagcat     68460
     taggctatgg cttctttgtg tgtatctttt taaaataaat tagcttttga ttccagcctt     68520
     tgaaagagag agaggtgtta tgttttgttt gcttactttt cttgttacaa aacaaaacac     68580
     ttgacaaacc agcaatagca gcccagactt taatcccagc attgggatgc agaagctggc     68640
     ggaattctgt gagtgccaga ccattctggt ctacagtgag agtttcagga cagccagggc     68700
     tacacagaga aagcctatct ttaaaacaaa aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa aaacacaacc     68760
     aaagcaattt aaggaaagaa gggtttattt tggttttatt ttggtttttg gtttcaagga     68820
     ctataggcca tggagagtat aatcttggga agggagctgg gcacattgca tccatagtca     68880
     ggaaacctga aatggatgct gggctcagct agtatacttc cattatttag tatgggtccc     68940
     cagctgacag gatggtgcca cccacagttg gctttcccac ttcgattaac gtaacccaga     69000
     gaatccctca cagccatggc ttgtcccttc agtaattgta gggcctatca agttgacagt     69060
     actcctgtca caccatgcct ttcctttgac accctgacta ctactgtgta acatgaatac     69120
     atgagccctt ccctcatcta cttttctctt tgtgttttgt tttagttttg tgctatttga     69180
     aacagagtct catgtgtttc aggttggccc atgtctctgt atgtagcccg ggctggtctt     69240
     gaagttctga ttctcacgcc cctacctctt ctgtgcagaa tcgcaggtgt gcaccaccat     69300
     acccagttta tatggtgctt gccgagcaag caagaggcat ctccatccct tctgacttct     69360
     actctatttc acttgttaga cgttagtgac cataagtgac aatagtcttt gctcccatta     69420
     gttcttcagg atttcctcat ctgtctgtct gtctgcctgc ctcacatctc agcccctgct     69480
     tctggcaaag ttgggaggca ccatctatgg ttgttctaag actgaggttc tagaagtctc     69540
     acctttcttt ctgcctggtt catttagtag ttggaatctg aaaggcctcc gaggactcgg     69600
     aagctgctct ccagcttctc ctgcctagcg cttggagtac tcagaatctt atatccactc     69660
     cattgtatca ccttaaagag tgccatgtgt ttcctctgag ggtaaaaaca ctaggctctt     69720
     tcctaatgga agtccctgcg ccaggatatt aagcagagcc ctcagaggtg ccacatcatt     69780
     gaagggctaa agtgagtgtg cagccgcact aggcttggag ttcccctgcc aagaagcacc     69840
     agtttcagac agggctgtgt gagtagagac aggcaggaag gttttctgcc caagcgaagt     69900
     gggaagtgga gctttacggc aacagaggaa acagggggag aaggaaacca aagcacatca     69960
     caggaggtca taaagaaagg cagaaagggc tgatgtgtga ctagtactgt cagacttgcc     70020
     ttgcatggct gagaccctgg gctcaatttt tacaccacac ctggggagcc cttcttgatc     70080
     ctaacttgct ttgtctccca aatagctcta cactaatggc ccctgtgtat tggctcttct     70140
     tttttccacc atctgtctct atagcctgga gatatagaga taaatacaaa catacataca     70200
     tacatacata cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtata     70260
     cacagaaaca cacacttctt tctaccagct gatcagttat tggcaatctg gttaaaccct     70320
     gttacctacc ttgatgacct gatcctggtg tccctgtcct gcctgtctct ggtcataacc     70380
     tggcactctg caggaaacat gcattccctc tgtcacttct atgagatgtc ttcgtggccc     70440
     gcttctgata cactcctgag gcttttccct gagcacgcat gtgtctacac ttgaacgcat     70500
     gtctgtttct aaatgggatt accactccat taagtatggt ctctggactg tgaggcccag     70560
     ggcttgttga ggtacccgcc tcattttgct agttaaagag acaaacaagg caggacacat     70620
     gtactccacg tcatacagct ggcaccctgt gatattgcta actctgacat ttctccccag     70680
     agtgaagact tgactggaga ctgtctcacc ccagcctagc tgcaaacccc cggaatgcac     70740
     tgggcatggc ctctggagcc gcacagaaca gcagccagat ggcctgtgac agtgagatcc     70800
     caggcttcct ggacgcattc ctccaagact tcccagcccc actgagcctg gagagccctt     70860
     tgccatggaa ggtcccaggg acagtcctga gccaggaaga agtggaggct gagctgattg     70920
     agctggcatt gggcttcctg ggcagcaggt aggcatgggc tgcctcaaaa gagaggagct     70980
     tgatggacag gacaggatgc agcactgccc accaggtgct gacctcgagc ctacctaagt     71040
     ctcaggagag gggcgtggtc accccttatc tatacattgt agcagaacct gaaagttcag     71100
     agagtgatgg gccctgtcat ccagtgccgt ctcttcctga gtaaatgctc agctacacta     71160
     gaccttgcca ctttgtcttt cagttttaca gatagaagac tcatttgggc agggggtatt     71220
     tttgtttcct ttccttattg ggtcgagaac ttccaccatc tcatttaaag gaaatacttt     71280
     atgctctctc ttcaccgtct gattgcaaca tccttttcct gtgctttgtg gctattacta     71340
     aataaaataa gggtcttttg gacactgtgg tactaagaca gctgctaaat gactagtgga     71400
     caggtatatt ggacagacat gactactgtt ccccataaga caagcacatg gctaagtttc     71460
     cgtcatgcta ctccgaatct cagactagtg cacagttcta aaggtattta cttatttctg     71520
     cagttggact ttttttcttt tacttatttc actgtatgtg catgagtgtt ctgccagaat     71580
     aatacgtacc acttgcctgc ctacccctgg ttgtaagcca ccctgtaggt gctaggtaca     71640
     gaacccaggt ccttttagaa gaacagcaag tgctcttaac cactgagcca gccatctatc     71700
     tagcccatac agtttcaatg aagtgtttcc aacccattgt ttaaaagtaa ttacagtaac     71760
     agaaagtgta actctgtgat aaggatgctc ttgtggggat gtcctgtggc catgtaacaa     71820
     agtattacag tctgggcagc tgagacacgc gtttatcctt tgacagatct atgggccaga     71880
     aatcgaaggc catgggggct ggtgttctag gcctgtctct ggtggtaact gcttagtgtt     71940
     gcttcgcttt ccaactcatc tctggtgagt gtcctccctg tgtatgcatc ctcaattctt     72000
     gtttactttg tatgtacagt gttcacacag agaccggagg agaatctggg gtatcagttc     72060
     acattttgtt taaaactatc ccccattagc ctgtgggcct tcactgtgta aaccgagcta     72120
     gtcgtccctt gactttctag ggctacccat gtcgctgcct cccgtctcac cattgttggg     72180
     actgcagaga gtgcaccctt gcactcagat ttttacgtgg cttttgggga tctaaactcg     72240
     tgtcttcatg ctcaggggaa aaaagtgatt tgctggttga gctatttttt tttttttttt     72300
     ttttttgatc tccttcctcg aaggaggatg ctcgtcatgg tagatacggg ctagaggcca     72360
     tccttccaca gagttactta cgctttactg taactgcatt tataaaaact gcagttccag     72420
     agtcggggac tggctctcca tgtcttttgt tgaaggggtg cacagtcagt tgagcccagt     72480
     ctagatgttc agccagaagt ctgagcaatc ccatcctgca cactgtggga aagaagaaag     72540
     gcaggtctga aaagcctctc tcctaggctg atcttttcag aagagatgtc ctgggtcttg     72600
     tggctcattt ttcatccagt ctagaagttt tgtgcaaaga aagacagtgg aggacagatc     72660
     tgtctctgat ctctgccttc tccactcaag ctgctgtcag tcaaaggggt agaggcagct     72720
     catggaagcc atagggcttt caggttcttc tgtacaaacc tggccattca ctaagggaat     72780
     aaaccccgtg attcttagtc tcaccattct tcgtgactct tctgcagata ccccactgct     72840
     agaaccacgc cagcctcagc atatcatccc cccagtgtca cctgaatgtg tgctttcttt     72900
     gcccccttgg tgtctgtcaa ctccatctct cacccagcag cagttgctag gatcctagca     72960
     cagtaaacaa ctcacaggca gtctgctgca gagccaagtc tatctaccct ggaccccaca     73020
     ggcccagggg cattactcgg tgatagtgtt atgaatagga tgttgctagt tgatttgagg     73080
     aaaatatttt ggagacaggt ggtataaagg aacttgtcct cagggtggga aaaaaactgg     73140
     ctatttcatg gtcagaagct cctaaattct gccttcctaa gaggagacag agcaggagaa     73200
     agcagccact ggatctcaca catctgtgtc aaaggacatc actacctgca gggcccgggc     73260
     gggcgtgtca gaaagaaaac caagcccaga agggttgaaa taggagagaa aaggctgaca     73320
     gggaaaggtg cctgctggga tggcaaggac acatggccta ggctaggaat aagtccctaa     73380
     ggcctggggc attgcagggc ttcttagcta tggcataggt tcccaggtat aggcagtaca     73440
     gaggaaggat tttcctgggg agacctggat gggaagtggg aggtggggtg taaggcattg     73500
     acagctgcta gcaagagcag atagccgccc agagctgggc tgagcaggta tgctgtttac     73560
     tcgcagggat gagggtggaa tactgagccc cagatccatg gagttgcatg tgataaagga     73620
     aggaccggga cttttggggt acacatgcat ggtcaacgat gggcaaaagc ctgtgttcaa     73680
     cactgggtgg gccaaaaggt tctaaacgcc agaggggatg gatagcacca gggaagctgt     73740
     cttccacagc aggcctaggc acgcatgaac ttacagagac tgtggcagca tacgcaggtt     73800
     ctacatgggt tcaagccaga caaggtccca ggactgagac agggaagtgg acacagactc     73860
     cgatccctaa ccaagaagct atcttaattg acaaccactt gcaaaggaaa aattattttc     73920
     tctgatggag tctctgagta tataaactgt acttaagggt ggaccccagg cccaactata     73980
     gatggctaac acagtggtat ttttaaaggt ggtttggttt ggtttggttt ttgtctcata     74040
     ttgctttgtg tgggcatttt tcatctttag gtgttgtttt attttgtttt tatttgcctg     74100
     cttgttttct aaagagatag aaagaaggca gtgggattga atgaatcggg aggagattgg     74160
     gaaggggaaa ccatggtcag gatattgcat aaaaatgtac tttcaactaa aaaagcaaag     74220
     aaaatggatg ggatggccca gaaccccagg gacctgctta tgttcatcca ctaaacaaac     74280
     cataagtgta ccataaaaat gtacaagccc atgcatggta tatgccttta atcccagcat     74340
     tcaggaagca gaggcaggca gatctctgag ttctaagcca gtctgctgta cagtgtagat     74400
     tctagaacag ccagggatac aaagagaaac cctgcctcaa aagacaaaaa aaacaaaaca     74460
     aaaagacaaa aaaaaaaaaa atcagtacaa gacccagcgt ggtggtacat acctttaata     74520
     ccagcattcg agaggcagag aggcaagact atctctgagt tcgagaccag ctaggtttac     74580
     agagtgattt ccagaacagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtcttggg ggtgggggtg     74640
     ggggattaat ataatattat actgaatgta tttttcaact gtccaaatgg attttgttct     74700
     agcattttct cctatatgtg aacatgggta tatgtcacca ttacttgtgg tatgagcctc     74760
     atagataatc tgcatcatat gcaacagttc ccaggcattc acattcagcc atgtgcacat     74820
     acatgtgtgc acacacatac atacacagtc attttgtgcc tcacagactc tcatgcttgg     74880
     ctcttgtccc cacagcccat ctagagttgt gggtgtaaag gccttctatt acactgatcc     74940
     gctggctctt ttttcagacg tttactggtg tttcctctga aactatctac aagtctggcc     75000
     cctgggatct gcacactcct ttcctttctt ctccatttat tgtgatttca ttggcacatc     75060
     tctaggtccc tgagcaaaat ataaaactta acattgtaat tatctagata tggcttcatc     75120
     tcttgttata gtgtaggcac caagcaaccc ttgagggcac ttcctgggtc cagcatcctc     75180
     tagccacgtc taagagttcc actcccacaa ccaggatcag ggctgacatt ttcagtgtga     75240
     tgacaggact gagggcctcc ggacacatcc gtgggtgggg tccctacaat gaggcagaag     75300
     cctggtccag gaaggaaatg ctgatggctg gaggccaggc attgtctgtg tctctgtagg     75360
     gggaaatcac ctccctgttc ccaacagcag aagcagccag tgggcaaaaa gcttaagcat     75420
     gacctcatcg gcacaagtga gcaggtaccc tttccctgcc cctaaacgga aaactcagtg     75480
     cctggcagga aatgccgcaa agtggggaac ttgttcttgg cttacaatgt cttcttcttt     75540
     atttgggact gggggtatgg caagagtgtg ctagagatgt aacccagggc atctcaacaa     75600
     gctaggccag tgctttacca ccgagctgca ccccatttca gctggttgtt ttcagagcct     75660
     cttcaagagg cctctccata agtcactctt ttgaaaactt cagccaattg tacagttcca     75720
     cagactgtca gtagcagagc ctactactca actactcaag aggttgatgc cagaggattg     75780
     aaggctctgg cctgcctggg atccagggta aatggaaggc cagcctgagt ggctcaaaaa     75840
     ataaaaagaa agctgcgaca agtgacagac ttgcctgcag gagtctttgt ggtcagttcc     75900
     cagttctcta aaaccaaagg ccatcaatag atggccagtc cccttaggat gaaactcacc     75960
     aactcttaga aggtcattgt tctcattaaa gctgaagtgt tagcctagca tggtggtgtg     76020
     tgactgcaac ccttagcact ctggctgaat aggcagaggt aggaaaatta agagttcagg     76080
     gtcagctttg gctacatagc aagcttgagg ccagcctggg taacatgaga cactgtttgt     76140
     ttgtttgggg gctagggaga tggatggttc aatggataag agtgtttgtt gtgcaagcat     76200
     gagaacctga atccagtaat ccctgtaaaa gctggacaat gtctgcatgt gcctataacc     76260
     ctgatattag gggatagaga caggcagatc ccaggagctc agtggccagc cagcttggcc     76320
     caaacggcaa gcttgtaggt taactgagtg accctgtctc aagggaatcc agtagagagc     76380
     cacagagcaa tagagcaggg cgtctgatat cttcctctgt tctcaaatgt gtccatgcgc     76440
     acatgcacgc atacatacac acttgcatat ttatacatgc acacgcacac atttacacac     76500
     atacacagga agagaaagag agatacataa aagccaggca gactgattca caactgtaat     76560
     tccatatgaa tcaggaatca gtcaggagtt gattcacaag tttgaggcca gcctgagcta     76620
     ccacacacac accgcctttt tctttttttt ttttttaatt aaagaaatca gctatgaaaa     76680
     ttcagccaaa tgcccttccg aacaggcaca cagacaagag cacatagtct agctttgagg     76740
     atctcccact agacatgaag acaggctctg gggttgagat gtattccaga agcatttgag     76800
     gccccaagaa tagtgacccc gtctgcccag agacttgggg catcagtttt aagcaggatt     76860
     cctaaggttc agagccctgt ggagagacac atgtcatcag ctcactgtct tcactgctta     76920
     tcttagctac agcagacttg cctttctccc agactcctct cttgtttggt ctcttgtccc     76980
     gtttttcagt gctacctgcc caaggcccca gcaggagact gacatttctt ctctcccaac     77040
     agctgtcagc atgaggtaaa gttcttccca cccttctgtg ctcttagtta tcttccgtga     77100
     ctccagaaca gtcccttccc tctgtgggac cttaccttcc tattccctac ttgacctact     77160
     cttctggagc tgggcctccc agccttcact ccatctgtgg ctctttctcc tgcctcccat     77220
     gttctcacag ctctccaggt ctccagagct ccgctgagcc tgtggaaaca gaacctggct     77280
     tcctcttagg ctcagtggtg gggctaccgc tcctcctcaa tccaactgct cagatccagt     77340
     ttgagtctct gtccttccct tgccccactc tcactcttga tcagctccca acattgttct     77400
     gctctgtcct tttttaacac caaggttccc tgcccagctc ttaggcctgg cctggcctct     77460
     ctagaccgtt gtcaccagca ttcacaatcc agcctatcct caaagacatc taagaactca     77520
     atctgacact gtcacatatc tcttcaaaaa caaaccagag tcccttctgc ccactgcctg     77580
     gatacccgta gcccccttct ccacaaaccg agcagctcag agactatggg tcttctgtca     77640
     gaagacgtca ctgggatgtt caccatccaa gaaccatttc ctggggttgt catcccaaag     77700
     cacacagagc agacacctta atgatcacca tcattctctc aggacagatg ccaaatggag     77760
     gtgaaagtgc cctcaggctg agcccccctg gtgctcttca gataagcatg tgcattcctc     77820
     agcttgtagg ttcacccctc cgtccctgtc ctgcacctac atggctgccc tcatgtatct     77880
     atgtctgtgt ttacaccttt cacaagccag tcgtactgaa gcaggcatcc atcctactcc     77940
     agccataatc tcatctttct tagtgctatc cacagtaaac caacttacaa gagctcccat     78000
     ctgagacagt aacctcagca tataaaatgg gggatacagt tcagcactta acatgccctg     78060
     ctcccagggg ttaccagctt gagcatcagg gatccaagct tcaaggatac ctttccaaca     78120
     catcccagca aatgccgtgc ccctggtgtt gtgtaaatat ccattccggg tccctgaaga     78180
     cagagatcac ctgcttgtga tgacaccaag aggaaggtat gagccatcat ctccatcttc     78240
     aaggtggagg atgccaggag ctgctccagc cccgcctctc acatcttctt cctaggaacg     78300
     ctcccccatc gtttgctgtg gctgtgaccc acgaggcaat ttcccagctg ctgcagacag     78360
     acctttctga atttaagagg ttgcctgaac aagaggagga ggaggaagag gaggaagaag     78420
     agaaagccct cgtgacctgt aagttccact catatggctc tgggattgtt taacaagtga     78480
     caaactcaga ttgacactaa aggtcagtgc cagcgtgcca tcaggacagc agtgttggag     78540
     ttcagcaaga gcacgatgtg gcatagaaaa cctgcaatgg actgagcagc acgtgggtca     78600
     aaggcggcca gtgagacggt ggcccacctt tgtgctgtct tgatggtgct tcagagcaca     78660
     tagaaatgag tggtgcctgt cctgccttac acacgagaag tgcaaggtgt tggttcacag     78720
     ccacacagcc aacctcacct gtactcactg tcccccttgg ctaacacgag gcccttagca     78780
     gagtggcaca tccacctcgg ggagggggca actgttgtct aggtcccctg ccttgactta     78840
     ccttagttgg gatcattaga tgtcagtgat cccaatcatg aggtgacgaa gatggacatt     78900
     tcgtgtccac tggctacagc catcagtgag ttgagcccta cagtggtaca ccaaaccaaa     78960
     ggaacccagg aacagaacgg ggagcaaacg ccaagaggcc ccaagaccac ttgacagagc     79020
     gtttgtttat aaaatccagg ctctttttct gcatgactct ctttcctcct attttgctgc     79080
     agtaccagaa gtattaggag ggaagtggtg gctgcaggta tgcacacagg atgtgggccg     79140
     agtttccagg cagtagaggg agcctctctt tgcccagctt taggccatgt gtagaaggac     79200
     aaagaacact gtaggagaaa aaagaaacct acttcagcct tagcacttgc gcctaccagc     79260
     cactctcctc accccccatt tctggcccct tccgcagctc cctgccagcc ttcaagccag     79320
     catggccttg ccccctgcct aggagacaac tatccataaa gacaggcggc cattgttctc     79380
     tataaagcca gcagacaatc cagtctggca gcagctgccg ccaaggccca tccttacccc     79440
     tccagctagg agacagtatc acctgctggt gggaaggaga attgcagccg gcaaaccagg     79500
     ccttaaaccc aggcgtctgg agaagggatg tgccttcccc gccttccctg cctgtcccag     79560
     agctgccatg caagcctagg cttgtagcct tgcgcactgt tgcaagtctg ttgttggcac     79620
     gctgttcttg ccagctgtct cagcacattc tttgaggctt attgccccag gcagaaatgt     79680
     gactaaggca cctccatgcc cacctaccag cacttccctg tgattgttgt gaagatagac     79740
     ctcccgggca gttcctaagg ctcaagacta tagcccttgg ccagaaaatc agggtaggac     79800
     tccaagagcc tgaggctgag cattaccgta gggcttgcca tcttcatttt taattgccca     79860
     ttcttcctct tgagcaaaat tcaagtctaa acctattgct ggaaatagca gtgtaaccaa     79920
     aggctaaaaa gagacagccc aggcctagag gcccagcctt gctcaacgtt ccctccatac     79980
     cagcagtctc caggagcaag gagaccacaa cagctctcca ggtagtcatg gagtctacct     80040
     gtgtacagag gaggaaatga aagacatgag aagtaatgtg gttagggatg ggcttagaca     80100
     caggaaactt gagttcttca gggtcccatt tagagctgtg gtccctaggc tgggcctaac     80160
     aaagtcagtt ctccagctcc tcagcctcca ctcccacagc tgctgctaat agtccccagc     80220
     atgatggctg cagcagacta gatggcctgc ccccaagcag gcttgttaga cttacccttc     80280
     tccctgctca ttgctttcct cccatgcctc cctccagcct cttccactcc tcccgtttct     80340
     tccatggcca tacttctgac taagcacact tctcccagtt ctccttgttc ctctgctgtg     80400
     gcctttgata cttgaaccct ctggttgggg gttgggaaat tggggtggga cttttgttat     80460
     tgatgttcta gttttttcta ccttttacat gtacatgtac attattttga aataataagt     80520
     atgcatgcag tgaattatga gaaataacag agatatcccg actatatata cacgaccccg     80580
     ttttcctcct aggaacatca tagaaaacta taacagtatg tcacacacaa gatctgaata     80640
     tggtcagaca caagccagct tccttattgc aaggattcta catgtaacct tccacaggcc     80700
     actaactctc cttccctgct gtagccagtc cttaactccc aacggtgact agttttcatc     80760
     atttcaaaaa ggcctatcac tggaatcgca cggccgacag ttggggttag tgtcttccac     80820
     ttggtgtgat tctctgaaga tggacctggc cacttcactc agttctcctg gacccttacc     80880
     caaggctcag ctagctgctg agccatttat agattggaag ctggacagat cacagatttg     80940
     ggatattaca gatgtagctg gtatgattca tgcactgttc ttatgggaac agccctcatt     81000
     cttctaggat tcatgcccaa gagtacagtt tttggcttag aggatagttg tatgtttagt     81060
     tgtgaaagtt atttctagga gcagcttaag tcagaacagg ccagaattca cttactcccc     81120
     tgccattgga cctgtcatat ttctaattaa tggacaatta ccagacactt tggtcgctgg     81180
     cagcagactt tcttgcatac ttcataggtc ggtgtgccga gctgagtgtg cctgggaagt     81240
     gaggtgcttg actagtgggc cccgtgtagg ctgctgggag gaacatttaa aacctgggga     81300
     catggcagga aaggagtata taggaaagta gctaagccta aactgcgtgg ctttactttt     81360
     tggttaacaa ctctccatca tgcccatcag tactagatgc caaaggcctg gcacggagct     81420
     tcttcaactg cctttggaaa gtatgtagcc agtggcagaa gcaggtgccg ttgactgccc     81480
     aggcccctca gtggcagtgg ctggtctcta tccatgccat ccggaacaca cgacgcaaga     81540
     tggaggaccg acacgtgtcc cttcctgctt tcaaccatct cttcggcttg tctgtgagtg     81600
     ttgcacctgc agagcccagg acaagtggtg tagggagctg gggggagggg tggagtgtca     81660
     aaggtgggga gccatgagtg ctttgagagc tgcccaccaa agctaagcct ggggaaatac     81720
     tgacaggctg ctgtcttagg gctgagtaca aggcagtctt caaagagtac caccgttggg     81780
     gagcctgaga ggctaactca taacaccaac acctctgggc caagcttcca ggcacattgc     81840
     tttccacagc caaaaactaa actaagacaa cagttggcct gtttttatat aaagagacta     81900
     gatgctaggt tcagacttga attgctgagc ctccaacagc agatacttcc tgatgcatct     81960
     taccttaggt tatgtctgca gtatccagga ggagctggtg gaattggggc tccaagggct     82020
     gtcctttccc aagtcgccct gtgcacttga gccagtttga cttgtctgat ggtaagggct     82080
     gtgtcggtcc ttccagaccc tacctgcctt gggtctgttt tgttgtttaa tagggtacct     82140
     gagactgagt catttattaa aaatgtactt cttagtgccc tggagactga gagaccgtag     82200
     gtaaaggggc tgcatctgaa gggagccttc atgctggtga ggaactctac agagcaccaa     82260
     agtactgcag gccatcatat agcaaggtag ataaagtttc ccaaggagaa caattatttc     82320
     tccattcgtc cccaagtgaa ttgatgacag ttacttccca aaggtttccc ttacatactg     82380
     tggggattag gtgtccatta catgaattat gtggacaaac tttgcaacca tagggttatc     82440
     ctagttactt cccggagagc atcctcccca gatgagagca gctgcctggg gtctaatccc     82500
     actgtactcc cgccaggact ctgtgcaccg tgcctacttt gctgtgtttg atggtcatgg     82560
     aggcgtggat gcagcaaggt atgcctctgt ccacgtgcat accaatgctt ctcaccagcc     82620
     agagctgcgc acaaaccctg cagcagctct caaagaagcc ttccggctca ccgatgagat     82680
     gtttctccag aaagccaagc gagaggtgag agctggcagt tgggttgaaa gtgctgtttg     82740
     ggcatctgta gctgaatatc agagagttct gttctccaca gaggaagaaa agctaagggt     82800
     tggtgcttca ggaagggtct cgagagaaca gctggcagac atgctattcc attccttcag     82860
     gtctggggct cagttttcgt ttgagtggaa gcagcacaac gcttgtctgt tgtattagtc     82920
     ttgtttttca ttactataac aaggtcattg aagctggatc actttataaa gatagggact     82980
     tgttttgaca cagttctgga catacaagca aggcaaatgg ctttcttgat aatggccttg     83040
     ctggtagtat gccatggtgg cttggagcaa gaaataggga aagagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     83100
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtacac aagtatgtgt gtatatatgt attttctggt     83160
     ctctctccct ctcatttagc catgaggaaa tctaccctct acactgtcca gtcatggctt     83220
     tatccagccc cagtcacctc ctagtactta actctggcaa agccctcttc cctaacacaa     83280
     tagttgatgc ttctgtgggt tttttgtttt gttttgtttt gttttgtttt aagatgtatt     83340
     tattcatcat atgtaagtac actgtagctg tcttcagaca ctggagaaga gatctggtta     83400
     cggatggttg tgagccatca tgtggttgct gggatttgaa ctcagtacct ttggaagagc     83460
     agtcagtgct cttaaccact aagccatctc tccagcctgc ttctgcgttc ttaatatttc     83520
     atgatgggaa ctaagttaca gtacatgaag ccttggggcc tgcaaaccac agcaccccag     83580
     ggccaccatg ctggacctct atgacatagc cacaatctgc caacccagcg aagggctccc     83640
     tgaattaaga tgcaggctgt ttcctttggc tgaaggtggt agagtggcag acaagtactt     83700
     aaaagattcg atcgcttaca gctccatgag caggaggtag ggcagagagg caagtctggt     83760
     ttccaaggcc cagcaaacac agaccttgga tgctctgaat aacccttgct agtctgagct     83820
     gcaagactag ccccagctag ccccagctag cctgtgggaa ttgcaggctg gtctccagtc     83880
     gagctgaggt ctgaacctcg atggtcataa ttcacctaca tgacacacgg taggcgttcc     83940
     ctcatgctcc tggaactctg gcccttgcct aagttaccac ctcccacagc ccccacaaga     84000
     gaagcatggt cagtagtcgc ataagcaatg agagggggaa atatggggaa ttgcaggctg     84060
     gtatccaaga gcatgaggga acacctccca tgtcatgtaa gtgaattatg accaccgggg     84120
     ttcagacctc agctcggctg gagaccagcc tgcaatgccc acactgggca gtgccaggag     84180
     gacaaggaca ctgcttttgg ggcgtgggct ccagactgtc taacatgcct aggaaaacaa     84240
     gggtttgtgt tgctgaaagt ttgtctactc tgagagtggt ggtctcacca ggatccacaa     84300
     ggccccagat gtcattccat caaaatataa cagactgtcc cagtgtccgt tgctcagcca     84360
     ggtcggaact cttcttggac tggcgttatg tgtatacatg aggtcctcgt ttatgaaaaa     84420
     gacagtgagc ctctctcctg tgaactaaaa gcaccctcac tgggccctcc cagcagcagt     84480
     tgggggcaga gtctgtgggg ccagtgcaga atcctgccac atttataggc taagtggaga     84540
     tggccactgg ctgagagtga gcaaagccca aaggacacca gtgggatgca caggttttta     84600
     gtttctttcc ctctcactta ccctggggat caaacctaag ggccttgcat agctaacaca     84660
     agtgttcttc cactgtatat acctttagcc cttttgtttc tttttaacac atatttttta     84720
     aggtacaatt caaacactcg atgcatttgt ttacagtgtt cagttgggat actcatgaag     84780
     ccccaactca cccctgccct tccataccta gttcccagta tccttagtct gcctcctgcc     84840
     accacagacc atcttgccag ttccaaagtt aggtatgaag gggtcctgta gaacgtgttc     84900
     tctccataca gtatgaatcg ttacttgatc cataagtagg gctgtgggtt cctctgtgta     84960
     ggctcgtttt cctcctcagt ccctctcagc cccgcccggc tctcctctcc ctacagcgac     85020
     tgcagagcgg taccacgggt gtgtgtgcac tcatcgcggg agcagccctg catgttgcct     85080
     ggcttggaga ctcccaggtc atcctggtac agcaaggacg ggtagtgaag ctgatggagc     85140
     cgcacaaacc ggagcgacag gtaagcagct ccctctgtac agacttgaga cattctcagg     85200
     cccctatcgg tgttagtggc atacactaga aaggacagaa gactctcggt gctcctttat     85260
     aaggagggtt cctttgcctg actagagtgg gcaggagatc ccacatgagc cctccagaga     85320
     gttctgtgga tcacagtgag agcccagagt ttcaggcaag aatggggcct tgttccctaa     85380
     caagcaaacc cagacttgag cccatagggc ctgcgcacaa ccctgaagaa tcctgcagta     85440
     ggcaaagtgg atggccactg gctgagagtg agcaaggaag ccactctgcc ctgaatctgg     85500
     aaacctcagg cctggagctt caaagcgtag aggccaccct aggatctcag gaccctaaag     85560
     tctcctggcc tcttgagtct gaggtcatca gcaaacaaag gtatagccag tgctcaggtt     85620
     cttacctcac acgcatgtgt ggactgtctc ctaggtcaga gagagaacgc gtctaatcaa     85680
     gggatatata tcccttacct cctccaccaa ccttgctttt gccatattcc tctcagctgg     85740
     tgaactgcct catcagcaca taaagagctc ccaccctttc ttatagacac atggcatggc     85800
     ctttcactca cagtccagtc cccaagtcag tgagatagtc accagtattc tctgctttcc     85860
     attcagaaaa caaggcagga ggataaccat gtgcagccca tcgtgcaggc ttaggtgtat     85920
     atgcacatgg ggtcctggga gcaaggctgc tgagtcatag aaggcatgct acagtcttag     85980
     agatttgccc aacttctgtc cttgggctgg agcagcccga gccaagcacc gctgctgttg     86040
     agactccatt gtccacagtc tcaccagtcc atggggcatg cccatctgtt tcatgacatt     86100
     tcacggagag aaagaagtgc atgttcacgc cagatcaaaa gcatcagtgg cagaccagag     86160
     tggcagtcca ccaagtctag caaataaacc agtcagactg ttaggacttc ttacaagtga     86220
     cttggccctg tactgtggga aaacctaccc caggcttatg aaagcttcat gcctgaaact     86280
     tcctgcacag tactctgggc ttcccaaacc cagcaagcct gctgagcttc tcccaccaga     86340
     agggtctatt tcagtcagaa gggaactgtt acacaacacc atctgcaagg caaagctacc     86400
     tccgttctct ttcagagtgc atttgtctta gggtttttgt gggttttttg ttttgttgtt     86460
     tcgtttggtt tggcttggct tttgtttgct tggttgtttt ttgtttgttt gagctctctc     86520
     gagtgttctc tctctctgtg tgtgtctctc tctctgtctc tctgtctctg tctctctctc     86580
     tttcccgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtac tggaactcac tctgtagacc     86640
     aggctgacct cgatctcaga aatccacctg cctctgcctc ctgagtgctg ggattaaaga     86700
     cgtgtgccac cactgcctgg cttttttgtt tttttgtttt aaagatttat ttatttattt     86760
     tatgtaagtg cactgtagct gtcctcagat actccagaag agggcatcag atttttgtta     86820
     cggatggttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggatttgaa ctcgggacct tcggaagagc     86880
     agtcagcgct cttaaccact gagccatctc gccagcccct tgtttttttt tttaagacac     86940
     attatctctg tgtagcctgt ctggcctgaa acttgctgtg taacccatcc tgaactccaa     87000
     cttgaaacaa tccttctccc tctgtctctc aggtactagg attacccatg tgagctacca     87060
     cacccagctt tccagagtaa atgtgaatat agtttgttgt tgttgtcatt aatattttat     87120
     tatttgtatt tgtgtgtatg agtgtttact tacacgtaag tgaaccactt ttgtgcctgg     87180
     tatctgcaaa tgccagagag ggtgtcagat cctcttgaac tggggttaca ggtagttatg     87240
     agctgccatg cgggtgctgc acaactgaag tcaggtcctc tataagagcg ctgttgctct     87300
     taaccctgga gccatccccc agctcttgat catctttcca gaagttcaat gtcattgtct     87360
     ttccaccaag tgctgacagc acagccaagt tagggagctg agctcctgcc tgggcactgc     87420
     acgtgtccct cacatccctc tgctgtccca cagcggtttg ggatgttctg cagcagagtc     87480
     agattgtctc cccttttgta gttcctgggt cacagaagca ggacaggaag cagtcaagta     87540
     tatggctcat ggtctgggag gtacatgtgt gcaagccagc aaacagtaga gagaaccaag     87600
     gttcagtcac ttgcccagca cacacaggta aagtgctagc ctctactgct ctgtctccac     87660
     caccacaagg aattgactta tgctacctgg gcggataaaa acacagccag gtctggatcc     87720
     agtgccagcc tttgccctgg ggctggatat tctctttccc atgccaggtg ggaacatctt     87780
     ccacacagtc cgaaaccctg tttggtccta gcttgaccct tccgagcctc agggtcaggc     87840
     agggaccttt gaaggtgtag ggtaaagatg gagtggcctg gtgctggagt tagtgctggc     87900
     cagggtaggc acacctgtgg atcaggtatc tgccaacctg tagcttgccc aactccactc     87960
     catcccaccg gctcttgcct gtaatccctg tcactacctg ccagtttcca gaaaagcagt     88020
     cagacatgtt tgaagactcc tgcaggagct agagccacag taggaacatg agaccctgac     88080
     agcctaacag cttcagagag ggcccagcca ccacaggtga ctctgagggt tgtgaggact     88140
     catgatgatg tctcgtcctg cagcagtcta aacagccatc acactatggg cccgctttag     88200
     gccagctgac atttagtgtc tattctgtag tatgctttcc tgaggcagca aggtgatgaa     88260
     cttctgctgg tggaaaagca gggtacagta gtgagggtac aagactcagg tcaagtactg     88320
     tggagaaagc acgtggaaat aagactgaat cctggaggca tgggacttga gcacatcaga     88380
     gacgagagag agaacacact gacctgaggc agtggaaaac tctacaaggg ctcacagcca     88440
     actctcacca tgtccaggcc actagagggc aagctgaggt ctgctctcaa aaggatgggc     88500
     tgtgaggttg tagatggcat ctgcacttgc agatcagtgg cttcagaagg aaggagccca     88560
     ggcattgggc ccatatggag aaggccttgg gagtccacag ggatttggag atgctctgag     88620
     tggtactgga accttgcaca ctgcagccct gacaccgggg aaagggtaat gtggctatta     88680
     ctagaactgc tgagtcatca agctttggcc gcagagatgc tgtttcagga ggtggggagg     88740
     aagcaggagg aagagggaag ggtaacagaa gaaccaggca agggtgctag cttgcgcctg     88800
     gaacaagcat gggcacaggg caaggctgtg atcagtgcag ccagaggagg gatccaggaa     88860
     aaggaagaag gaacaaggtt ataggaccga gctaagcaag gccaaccagc tcagcacatt     88920
     actttaaacc ctggtgctgt agtccatgca gactgagtag gcctgttgaa acaggcctgt     88980
     cagggagggg atcactggcc ccagtgccca ctccagctct gttcccacag ccagatagcc     89040
     tgacttggag cttcagaaag gaaggttctg caacctagaa gccttgggga ggttaggttt     89100
     acatgagtaa aagagcgaga tgagtgatct ccctcatcta ggagagattc aaggtgcccc     89160
     agagggcctc aacacatgca ctcagctatt cacactagcc ctcaggagtc aaactttaca     89220
     tctgtgagcc tctccctgga ggggaccagc cgaaccaaag agtttcaaga tacctgtggc     89280
     tagaccaagc ctctgcccat cccccttgca agtagggctg gatctattga cagagacgat     89340
     gcccaggagt gagtggggag aaggttggct aaggggcgga cttgctactg cctctcacgg     89400
     cctaactcag gtgtaagagt cctgccatgt gaccttatgt gcacagcaca tgcttcggcc     89460
     cagcagtttt cacatagaga tgacagcccc aagtaaaaga tgagggatct gccctctgag     89520
     tctgcactaa cgccactctc ctgcccagga gtaccttgtt ggcccaagca ctgcttagag     89580
     atgtatcatg gcttgcatgg gtgacccttc tacactgccc cccccccatt ccttgattag     89640
     ccatcctgtc tttaatatga tgtctgattt ggatatctag gtaagcttct tgacttggtt     89700
     caagtacttt ggcttcaaat gtgtcttagg acttaagttc tacttatgta gtgacattca     89760
     aacccctgcc cctggccccc aactcaccca agttcccacc tcatgactgt ctcttgcagg     89820
     atgagaaagc acgaattgaa gccctgggtg gctttgtttc tctcatggac tgttggagag     89880
     tcaacgggac cctggcagtg tctagagcca ttggtaagag agagggctgc tgcagggaac     89940
     catgggctta ctcagtgact tagggcagaa taatgctccc taaagtattc acagcattta     90000
     gaccttctag acttacagtg gaactgcctc caaataaacc caagataagc taaaaaacca     90060
     ctgtgttcag aatgcgatct accgaaccta gtgggtccca gctcagcaca gctcagcagc     90120
     tggctccgac caaggcttcc agctgattgt aagctgcagg tctctctaac caggagagga     90180
     tcaggttcac agtgtagttt ctatttactg tacattgtca aacactgtag gaagagtcta     90240
     gctcgcttgg tcaagtgctt gcctggcatg cacaatcctg agctcagtcc ccacttgtgc     90300
     tgctgctgcc gcttaaacca agtatggtgg cacacacctg taatccatcc taggaggtag     90360
     gtagaggaag atgagaacgt caaggttatc ctggactaca taggctattg gaagccatag     90420
     aaaattaaag gccctctctc tagggcctac taaaatatag taggaaacct ctagccgggg     90480
     ttaaatatcc tatagatgat gtcttctgta agctcactca tggtaatgat tctttttttt     90540
     ttttcctcaa aaaaaaaaaa agtttaagat cctatttctt ctggagaata tagcttccca     90600
     ttcttctctg tctcctgtca ctgctgaaac ccagctcaga gagcatacct gcctcttcct     90660
     gtaactccac ctccatctac tccatctaca cctgccctct caccctcttg aggtctttgt     90720
     tggctccttc ctcatagcct gtctttgtac tgctctagca gtctatctgt agacacactg     90780
     gagatgcagc cttccctgga gtgagatctg ctctgtggag ctgggggggg ggggagggtg     90840
     tgactctcct acaaagaggg tgggaagcac taagcaggtg accccttgag agccagctgg     90900
     gctcctgtac ctgcatgccc ttggggatgg tgatatgggt tggttctgag cacacgggaa     90960
     gtaagaaaca aggctcttct gtctgttcat tcccagggga tgtcttccag aagccctatg     91020
     tgtctgggga ggccgatgca gcatccagag agctaacggg ctcagaggac tacctgttgc     91080
     ttgcttgtga tggtttcttc gatgttgtcc cccaccatga agtcacgggt ctcgtccatg     91140
     gccacttgct caggcacaag ggcaatggga tgcgtattgc tgaggagctg gtggctgtgg     91200
     cccgtgaccg gggctcccat gacaacatta cagtcatggt ggtcttcctt agggagcccc     91260
     tggagctgct agagggtgga gtccagggga caggggatgc ccaggcagat gtaggaagcc     91320
     aggacttgtc cactggcctc tcagaacttg agatcagtaa tacctcacag agaagctaag     91380
     tggtccaggc ctccaggccc catccggact ctccctctgc cctcgtgatc ctccccttca     91440
     aagaccttag atccaaaagg tatagtgggc aggggtgcac actctcacag cattccctta     91500
     gcaccccagc ccttcatgtt gcctaccaca gcctgtcctc atggctgcag aactgcagta     91560
     ggcagctagt ggatctcaga aggaaacata ggaaaatggc ctcaccgaag agcagatggc     91620
     tgaggtgatc agggccggac aggtctggga acagaaacca caggcacctg ctggtagcct     91680
     aaccaaaaac acaggtcagg tcttggagga ccctcacaca gatcctggaa tgagatctgc     91740
     agccaggtgt ccagcccagg cttgtggctt ctcattgtac ccaaggctgg gagggtttgg     91800
     tctgtactaa cacacaagct cgcagtcctg cttgactgct ggcttcccaa agaggagaca     91860
     ttggtcttgc tgggaggcac agcaggagag tgacccactg ccactgcact ctaactgagt     91920
     actaaggcca ctagggcttt ctagacctcg ctttcccctt gagcttcctg gggaggtgaa     91980
     gtgaggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtctttg tgtgcttaga tttattgcag ggaaaggtct     92040
     aatccagaat cagtattcag gctttgtcat gttgtatcag tgccaaggtg accctcaagg     92100
     tcatgtaact taagcaaagc ttagcattta ttttattcct gaaaacttaa gtattttact     92160
     tttttgtgtg ttcgtggaga catttgcagt attaatgatt ttatttttcc taaatcggga     92220
     tggaaacaaa cttttccagg ttatgttaat aagccactta agtgccttaa acagctttgg     92280
     tgtagatgag aattgctggg tccgtcatgg atcctgatag gcagacgtgt tgaggttctc     92340
     aaagaggctg catttgttgt gggaaggcac actttcagcc agcactcttt ctgggaaagt     92400
     ccttttgtgc gtctgggcac ctcagaactt ccttgaagtg atgggtaaag gctgtgacta     92460
     tgggcacctg gggtgacact ggcctccttg tccaccttgg agtctggctg gttcccagct     92520
     gagagaacct tactgctctt ggctagaaga ttgacacact caatctctct tgaaactctc     92580
     ttaagtgtgt ttgcagttat gttgattgag ttgttgaaga cagtgcttag gtgaggaact     92640
     tgggcaagcc cagcagtcca ccatctttct cctgtgactt gtgtcctaac ctgctagact     92700
     ctgtcctgac ctgagcagca tgaaagacct ccacatccct agagcagtga tggatacagt     92760
     caggcaagga aaccaagtga gggttggggg ggataccaag aatagaagga ctaggaggcc     92820
     ctcaacaagg gccaagcgag tcaaggctgc tctctgcaga cactggcagg tccagagaat     92880
     aatggtggct tagcagaggc tcagggaagg atcagtagga agaagggtgg ctgtgaggta     92940
     ggtccccatg aaggagacat agttcacctg tagagtgaaa gccctagcaa gacttgcaga     93000
     gctttgttca ttgcacctaa gccctctttg aaaagaagca agggagctca tacttattcc     93060
     tctgaggcaa gttcacttcc agcagtagga gagcgagcca gccaaatgca gctgggcacc     93120
     cacctgtatg cttgccattt acccattccc acagcaggga tggaagagct ggggccatgt     93180
     agttgattcc ttgatcaagt ctcctgatag gaacgtgatc actcagatgg ctgcccacct     93240
     aatagctagg tattgcttaa cttgaaggcc tgctgccttc cggggggggg gggggtgtca     93300
     gaatccagca tcctcagtgc catctcaaca cagggtgtgg ttgttggtcc agcctgcctg     93360
     tagcagtgac cttcatagag ggagataaat tgattttggt tttctcccat ttttgctaac     93420
     ctgatcattg ctggtaagag tggaatttgg gcctccttgg tggtctggat tcatactcgc     93480
     atgtaaagat gtgccaaata tcaaggcctc agtgtaaagg gaagcccctt tcccaggctt     93540
     gtctgagtgc ctcccccacc cttccccctg tctggcaatg gtctgggacc aacatcaggc     93600
     actgctccat cctgatctag tggccaagga agaccacatt ctcctactgt tgagggctgg     93660
     ccttgagcga gttcctaggt acagagaact ctttttgtct ggactggagt tgccagtacc     93720
     aagcctacaa gacttgttgg ccacctcctc ctcagagtct cttcccaaaa gaatccccta     93780
     gccaggataa tgggtggctt agtagaggct cagggaagga acagggagaa gggtggctgt     93840
     gagctcaagt ccccctcttt gccaccatca cattgtgtga gcggaaccag tcactgcacc     93900
     tctcaggcct cagggaaagg catggagggc atgcatagca ttaccaggag ctgccagagc     93960
     acgggagccc atcctccacc agcagcagag aggggttaag tattattagt gtctattctt     94020
     aaaattaagt gggctggaac agagctgagt tacaggcgcc agtgtcttac acagatacaa     94080
     aagctgaagc cgtcagcctg cctttgcagg tacagctgcc tcccaaccaa ggcctggagg     94140
     cgttaagagg tgggagggca caagcaggct ttcaggagtg ttgaagcaag ggatctgcag     94200
     catagctttg ggcgtctcca gaactcatgg tgagggaggc accaacacct agaggtctta     94260
     aaagccctgc attcaccatg atctgtctgc ccctgccctt ttgggttctt ctgcatgcag     94320
     tgcccccctc tcctgatgct aagttttggc atgggtgtcc tggctacctc aactgtattc     94380
     tcaaggccag gaggatggct ctggccatac ttacggaagc caggccaatt tgtgtgaagc     94440
     aagctgggct tctggtttga ttcagcttct gtagcctcca gggaccatcc tctggagtct     94500
     tgtgctttca ctggactctt cagcttcacc aaacacacca agctttgcca tttacatgcc     94560
     atgtgggcct tgccaagggt tatttcaggg gtcttcctgg gagtcttgtt ctaagacacc     94620
     gtgtttcttt agtcttaggg acaactccca aggtgatgag ctcataggac gtcttcccat     94680
     ggggccctgt actggtgtca ataaaccata tattcaagat tcctgagtgc cacttggatc     94740
     tcttccctgt gcgtctgtct atagttaaca tctgtatccc tgacaaaata ctcaacagaa     94800
     aaagtatttt aaaaggtgtt ctaagctggg cgtggtggca cacgccttta atcctagcac     94860
     ttgagaggca gaggcaggtg gatttctgag ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta gagtgagttc     94920
     caggacagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtcttgaaa aacaaaacaa caacaacaaa     94980
     aggtgttcta gagagtttag cccatggttg atcccatgtg cttgagcagg aacatgtgac     95040
     agacttcatg gctatctacc gcaaagccaa cccaggaaga gtgaaaagaa atgaccaggg     95100
     acccacagga tgtgatgagc ttccaaaagc caagtcctgc atactggttt ccacaatttc     95160
     ccaaaatagt gccaacaact tggtacttgg gacaaagcat tgaaaacctg agacttcatg     95220
     agacattttg gatttggggt cctcttggca tccagggtat gtttggaagc tgctgaggag     95280
     ctggtcctgg gttagggtta gggagactgt ccatcctacc agccatgggg tccagagggg     95340
     tagtaaagag gggtcaggcc cctgaggaac ctagcagcat ctacagtgcc tcttcacagc     95400
     ctgaaatgcc tcaagcattt gggcactgag cacaaggtcc tccagtcaac agtcagctgg     95460
     ggccacctgt gggcatagac cctcacagta tttcaaggac cacttgcatg gacactaaag     95520
     caccaggcat ttcttctgcc tccaccctgc cctctgcctg gcacttgcca catcctgcat     95580
     gcagggccaa gggcagaagc tctcagaaga tgggatgcag agtgggaagc acagccctag     95640
     gcccctggtg agtttactga gcatcactgc tggctctgag acagggttgt gggtgattcc     95700
     tttttcttgt tcacatgttc ccctaaattc tgttttctta atacagcaaa catgcctttg     95760
     ttttcagtct cattttattt cagtagaaca ggcaaatgtt aaaaatccac attttgggtt     95820
     tattatctgg aaatactcaa ataaattagt tactttcaca ttgttgtgac taaaaccctg     95880
     acaaaatcaa gtgatagaag acagttcatt ttggctcaca gtccgtctgg gcagggaagg     95940
     catgtcagga gtgtgaggcc aacccagcag ctcagaagag cagatctcat ccacacagga     96000
     agcaggaaaa gaccaggaag cagggccagc tataaaccat caaagtccac ccccagtgac     96060
     ccaccaccac cacccctcca ttgtaactcc tgaaggttcc ataacctcaa acagtgccac     96120
     cagctgagga ccaagtattc agatttctgg ggacatttca tactcaagcc acaacaccaa     96180
     ataatcttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacac ttaggaatct tcctctagtt gggcgtggtg     96240
     gcgcacgcct tttatcccag cacttagaag gcagaggcag gcggacttct gagttcgagg     96300
     ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccagggc tatacagaga aaccctgtct     96360
     cgaaaaacca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atcttcctct aaagggagtc ataaagagct     96420
     tagggttgct atggaaacaa agctgcagca cagtgctgtg catcaggatt taaacacagt     96480
     tctataattg agccaagtta aaaggtggtg tgtgctaagt ctagaaacat gtttaccaag     96540
     agcaactgac ttgtagtgag tatgctttag gttggatgtg gtagcacaca cctttaatca     96600
     cagcactaag gaaggcagag gtagggtgat ctcttgagtt tgaggctaac ctgatctaca     96660
     gagaaatgct gtcttgaaaa cccaaaactt aaaagaagag gagaaggtgg tggaagaggt     96720
     agggtgggag gaggaagcag ctgctgctac tggtgagagg tcagctggta acataagaaa     96780
     taataagact cagagtgtct ggatccacag tccaggtagc taaatcaggg tatgaaggac     96840
     agcatctgag gggagcctgt tagataaggc tcactgttgt aatgaaaagc ctgcaactat     96900
     agagccctat ggctaaggag actggtcctt caggacttgc cttaacaggt gagggacctg     96960
     cctcagaaca attacagcaa gtggccttta agagagatca gcttggatcc actgaactcc     97020
     gaattggact ctagacctgc agccctccat cctccacagt gacttctgac tcaacttctg     97080
     tgccctcacc caccttggag acagccagta gctgttagag tggaatttgc tcccaaaggt     97140
     ctcagtgcaa taagcacatg cagagtcaag tggactggag cccccagtac acaagaaacc     97200
     actcttcagg acaactgaaa gctgcctcag tacccttaag gattaataca tcatttcaag     97260
     tcaagatgac tgagaatcag caggagaggg tctcagtcca gccacgtagc agacatcatc     97320
     ctgacatggc acacaactcc caagggataa cagggcgtcc cacaaaaagc cacctaccaa     97380
     atcttcacca agagtggaag atacattgcc tgcaaagtct acatgggcaa ttcttcaacc     97440
     cgaggaaggg gcaattttca gagtctctag tttctatcat ttggtttgtg attccttcat     97500
     gaaacagggg gaggggttca gggggagaag taacaggtaa cagcctcttc ctgagcttcc     97560
     ttgggagcct cagagagcat tgaagctgcc tgcatgaagc acagcctcag aatgctagtg     97620
     aggataggat gggccatcca aaactaagga tgtgtgagat gccagaagaa accctgttac     97680
     tgtgtgaact gtcaagtcaa gaagtcttct gataaacatc atttctgctt tttaagtatc     97740
     cttaactgat cctgagaact aggagaggcc tgtgtgcctt cggcttgcta gggcttacca     97800
     tcctagcccg gctgcactcc ttcctcccaa gcacaggctc agcccaggcc ctgtctactc     97860
     tgccttatgg gacccctctc ctgttcccca gccttgtctg ctgtgttcct cttagccctt     97920
     ccccagcacc cccagactgg ccatcccatt gctgttagac tatattttat gggatgcaac     97980
     ataacctgct gctgttgggt ctggggcagt ggggacaggg tttccggggc tgcagagtgg     98040
     cagaaccagg caagaggcaa atagagtctg tttttttttt tttttaattt gtcctttcac     98100
     aatttcactc atgtacacaa tgcataccct cctacaaccc accctctcac atctccctac     98160
     aacctataaa ccattcctct cccctacaaa tatcttttcg ctgactagtg ggctgatgcc     98220
     taccctgtcc ccagcactcc ctgcccccag gggacacagc tgcccactag gcaacaagcc     98280
     cagaagaaga tagtgccagc atgcaaatct gggggtttct gatcaggccc tgcccctgct     98340
     gcccacgcat ccatctgtct tcccctcccc acacccacac aactcctcca gagcccctgg     98400
     cagaacctcc ttaagtatat gctgccttgc tgttcctgat gagtcgactc gtgtatctga     98460
     atctccagat ggtggtttgc attccccctg tcctccaact gcatgtagct tgacacactc     98520
     actcagagcc accagatggg agtgggggag gcaagaagga caagtgaggt gtgacgggta     98580
     gatgggtgta gtggaggcaa ttcatccaaa ggactgagct accaggatag agcagggtat     98640
     gtgttagact ctaccaggag ggaaacaagc taaagctaat agaaagagtg ggggccatgg     98700
     tgtgctgggg agaggagggg agaggcgtta tgtccatcaa acaagagttt cctcctgagg     98760
     aagggaacct gaaaaccagg tctcccaggc tgggtctaga atgtagcaga gccagaaaaa     98820
     gaggcagaaa tcctgattag caagctgtta tctgatttga ccacagatct ccacactgga     98880
     gtcctacatc tcagccttat taacttgtct gggacctgga tgggctctaa gctaatcaaa     98940
     gataggtcaa agaggacttc agatgggccc cagcacttgg gaggccaaaa aagagagctg     99000
     cttagcctgg gctatattgg gagaccttgt ctcaaaaaaa tcaaaacaag aggctaggga     99060
     gatagctccc ttggtaaagt gtttgccttg cctagggatt gagttcagac cctagaagct     99120
     atgtttttaa aaagccagac ttgatggtgt atggggactc agacaggagg aattcttggg     99180
     gcccttcagc tacccagcta tattacaatt ctctgggaga atagaagcaa tggttggata     99240
     tatattaaaa agagacttac tagactaatg tataacatgc aatctaggta gttcaacaat     99300
     ggctatgtca cgccaaaaat ggtcaagaat ctggtagttt gtcatccgag ggttggtagg     99360
     ctgacagcta ccagtcttca gtctgcatta gaagtcttaa aaagcttgtt ctgatatcag     99420
     tgagttcagc agttgcagca acagaacaga tgagtttgcc agcaagaatg aaggcagaca     99480
     ggcaaaaagc aagcttcctt cttttatctc ccttctaagt ttccatccac atttagtatg     99540
     agtcttactt tttttttggg gggggggggt gttgagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg     99600
     gctgtcctgg aactcactct gtagaccagg ctggcctcaa attcagaaat ccgcctgcct     99660
     ccgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggtgt gtgccacccc tgcctggccc attttaaata     99720
     atataaccaa gaactccctt aaagaaggat ggtggtacac acctttaatc ccatcacttt     99780
     ggaggcagaa gctgatagat ctctgtgagt tcaggccagc ctcagctaca cagcaagttc     99840
     caggccagga agagctacat agactctgtc tcaaaaaaag aaaagaaagg agggaaggat     99900
     agggaaaaag tgtccagcac ttagttgatg gtacattcag tcaccttgac aaccaagaga     99960
     gcacatccca ccagcctagc atacttggtg aattccaggt catcgaaaga ccctctctct    100020
     aaagaaaaat ataagaacag tgggtgggat ttgaggaatg acacctgagg cagccctcat    100080
     acatgcaaac accatacaaa atatatacac aacacacacc aaacacacac ccaaaagagt    100140
     cattttgtgg agggttgagg aatccgaatt cagagagccc aggccctgaa gaatgaagat    100200
     ttaaaatcaa ggccacagct aaacatctga agttcattgc caggactgtg atggttcagg    100260
     aggggacatg gaaggtgaac agaatcctca ccaccttact gcagtcataa agcgacgaca    100320
     gtactatgag aagccttgtg actgccacca gcaaaacagc tatgaaacgt gctggaggat    100380
     ccacaacatg gaaatggctc gaaaaattaa cttcttgatg caaaagaacc gtgcagaccc    100440
     gtggctggct gctgaggctt ggggctagac acccacatta gttccatgtc cacctccttt    100500
     ctttatccag tcaatttctg ttacttttct ctacaattaa ctcaaccaca agtgaataag    100560
     acagcatgga cataagaagc tatcttattg gtccacagca ggcccttcct tgattaaaag    100620
     gaaaagaatg aaaaaaaaag ccattttacc taacaaccta acagtctcct aaagcacaga    100680
     gtcctgaggc agaggcggca tcaggcggcc tcgtgagggg actgtggaca cctgcagggg    100740
     cctcagatag ctggaaacta gtgctcacta caacaaaatc agttacctct ggatgttagc    100800
     tactataggc cttatattac tatttttgta gtttcttgtt tgtttaacat aggatctcat    100860
     gtatcccagg ctggccttga actcccctga tcctcctccc tccatctcta gagtactgga    100920
     atggcaactc tgcaccacca caccttgctc aagtatgtgt ttttcttctt tctcctcctt    100980
     tcctcttcct tttatcatta tcatcaccat caccagggtc atcaacacca tcatcaccat    101040
     tggcaccacc accaccatca tcttcatcag gctgaactcc aggtctcacc catgccaaga    101100
     atatattcta tcactgaact ttgtttctgg ccctatattt tccaactgtt ttttggttga    101160
     tttttgtttt tgattcaggg tctcttgtaa cccaagatgg cctcaaactc tcctgtacct    101220
     tccaaattct ggaaatacaa gcacacatgc tcacgactga cagagaaaaa caaacaaaaa    101280
     acatgggttt ctgatgatca aattcaggcc atatgtgcaa agcaagcccc agacccccat    101340
     ttttttcaaa tgtatgtgtg tatgcacatg tgtgcatgtt catgtgcaca tctctgtgtg    101400
     tgcatgtaca tgcatgtgtg ttcatatggg ggggtgcgtt aggggtaggg atgtgcatgc    101460
     atgtgagtga atatttgagg ccaacagtca gccatgttgt cttcttgaag atactttgtt    101520
     gttttgagac aaggtctttc aatgaccttc accaactagg atggccagca aaaccctagg    101580
     gctcctcctg tctctacctc cctcctgctg ggaccacaac gtgtgccacc atgcctggct    101640
     ttggttatgg gggttcttgg gatcaaactc caatccacct gcttgctaga taagcatttt    101700
     ttttgtttta tgttatatag gtgttctgcc acatatatgt atgtgtttca aatgtatgca    101760
     atgtctgtga aggccaaaag aaggtgtcag atcccctcag acaggaggta aaaatggttg    101820
     tcagccacca tgtgggtgca gggaatcaaa cctgggtcta ctagaagagc agccagtgct    101880
     cttaaccact aagctacctc ttcaaccccg atagaagcat tttaccaact aagctatctt    101940
     cccagcccat tttctatatt agtaaaaagt tttaaaatca gaaaaataat actatgttgg    102000
     gagccgcccc cacattcgcc gtcacaagat ggcgctgaca tcctgtgttc taagtggtaa    102060
     acaaataatc tgcgcatgtg ccaagggtat tttaccacta catgtactct gcctttcccg    102120
     tgacgtcaac tcggccatgg gctgcagcca atcagggagt gatgcgtcct aggcaaagaa    102180
     taattctcct taaaagggga cggggtttcc gccattctct ctcttgctgg cgctctggcg    102240
     cgctggcgct ctggctccta aagatgtaag cggggggctt tcgtttttgg ggctgggggc    102300
     ttgcgctcct gctcctgaag atgtaagcaa taaagttttg ccgcagaaga ttctggtttg    102360
     ttgtgttctt cctggccggt cgtgagaacg cgtttaagag ttggtgccga aatccgggac    102420
     gagaaaatcc gggacgagaa aatacaagaa aactcgggac gggagttaac catcaccggc    102480
     gcaaggaaga tccctcattc cggaaccaga actgcgggtt atggtaatga aggttcccgt    102540
     aaaacagact gttgagaagg attcaactgc gtgaattcag aactcttcag ctgggaaacg    102600
     gcggtaataa agtgttcccg catcacagac tgttgagaag gattcaactg cgtgaattca    102660
     gaacttttca gctggggaac aggagtacca gtgagtacag ctttacaagg taagtctggt    102720
     cttgaacttt ctaaggaaag tcaagacagt ctatcagaag taaagtggga aatagcttta    102780
     caaggtatgt ttggccttga actttctcta gtgttagaag cccttttgtt ccttttcaca    102840
     tgttatcaag tggttaaggc agggcggatt ctggatgaaa ttcaggacaa tctatcagaa    102900
     gtaaagcggg gagagagaat aggagcaaag agaaaatatg gtacacaaaa taagtataca    102960
     ggcctttcca agggtcttga acctgaggaa aagtttaggt caggtaagaa tacctgggga    103020
     gagattagaa ggaaggagaa ggaaaaagaa aagaaaaaag atcaatcagc ggaggtttct    103080
     aggagaagga gcctatactc atcactaggt gagttcaagg agccagtttt taatagttct    103140
     gaatcagatg aaaaggctat tagggcctgg aaggcgctct cccgagcagg tgaagccact    103200
     ggacaattaa caaagatcgt ccagggacct taagagtcct tctcagattt tgtggccagt    103260
     atgacagagg caggctcttg cagcctacaa ggtcttattg tccaccctgg agttgtagat    103320
     caggattgta aaggggaact tcaggttctc tgttcttgtc ctcaagttgt cttttctata    103380
     tcacaagggg acaaaatagc tcaactaata attttgccaa gcctacatgg ctgttttttc    103440
     ttcctctggt attcctagag ctgcaagagg gattggttct actggaaatg attctgatta    103500
     cttaataatg cctttagatt gttgtcaaat tttatctact cacgtagggg taaaccctcg    103560
     tggcgtcagg ccattacagg tctgacaaat ggatgtcacg catatttcct cctttgagag    103620
     aaatcaatat ttacatgttt agataagaag agatcacctc cataccttaa atgattttca    103680
     aaagctgttg ggagatatta attggctcag acctttttta aagattcctt ccgctgagtt    103740
     aaggcctttg tttggtattt tagaaggaga tcctcatatc tcctccccta gggctcttac    103800
     tctagctgct aaccaggcct tacaaaaggt ggaaaaagcc ttacagaatg cacaattaca    103860
     acgtattgag gattcgcagc ctttcagttt gtgtgtcttt aagacagcac aattgccaac    103920
     cgcagttttg tggcagaatg ggccattgtt gtggatccat ccaaacgtat ccccagctaa    103980
     aataatagat tggtatcctg atgcaattgc acagcttgcc cttaaaggcc taaaagcagc    104040
     aatcacccac tttgggcgaa gtccatatct tttaattgta ccttataccg ctgcacaggt    104100
     tcaaaccttg gcagccacat ctaatgattg ggcagtttta gttacctcct tttcaggaca    104160
     aatagataac cattatccaa aacatccaat tttacagttt gcccaaaatc aatctgttgt    104220
     gtttccacaa ataacagtaa gaaacccact taaaaatggg attgtggtat atactgatgg    104280
     atcaaaaact ggcataggtg cctatgtggc taatggtaaa gtggtatcca aacaatataa    104340
     tgaaaattca cctcaagtgg tagaatgttt agtggtttta gaagttttaa aaaccttttt    104400
     agaacccctt aatattgtgt cagattcctg ttatgtggtt aatgcagtaa atcttttaga    104460
     agtggctgga gtgattaagc cttccagtag agttgccaat atttttcagc agatacaatt    104520
     agttttgtta tctagaagat ttcctgttta tattactcat gttagagccc attcaggcct    104580
     acctggcccc atggctctgg gaaatgattt ggcagataag gccactaaag tggtggctgc    104640
     tgccctatca tccccggtag aggctataag aaattttcat aacaattttc atgtgacggc    104700
     tgaaacatta cgcagtcgtt tctccttgac aagaaaagaa gcccgtgaca ttgttactca    104760
     atgtcaaagc tgctgtgagt tcttgccagt tcctcatgtg ggaattaacc cacgtggtat    104820
     tcgacctcta caggtctggc aaatggatgt tacacatgtt tcttcctttg gaaaacttca    104880
     atatctccat gtgtccattg acacatgttc tggcatcatg tttgcttctc cgttaaccgg    104940
     agaaaaagcc tcacatgtga ttcaacattg tcttgaggca tggagtgctt gggggaaacc    105000
     caaactcctt aagactgata atggaccagc ttatacgtct caaaaattcc agcagttctg    105060
     ccgtcagatg gacgtgaccc acctgactgg acttccatac aaccctcaag gacagggtat    105120
     tgttgagcgt gcgcatcgca ccctcaaatc ctatcttata aaacagaaga ggggaattga    105180
     ggagactcta ccccgagtac caagagtgtc tgtgtctatg gcactcttta cactcaattt    105240
     tttaaatatt gatgttcatg gccatactgc ggctgaacgt cattgttcag agccagatag    105300
     gcccaatgag atggttaaat ggaaaaatgt ccttgataat aaatggtatg gcccggatcc    105360
     tattttgata agatccaggg gagcggtttg tgttttccca cagaatgaag acaacccatt    105420
     ttggatacca gaaagactca cccgaaaaat ccagactgac caagggaata ctgatgtccc    105480
     tcgtcttggt gatgtccagg gcgtcaataa taaagagaga gcagcgttgg gggataatgt    105540
     cgacatttcc actcctaatg acggtgatgt ataatgctca agtattcccc tgctttttac    105600
     cactaactag gaactgggtt tggccttgat tcagacagcc ttggctctgt ctggacaggt    105660
     ccagacgact gacaccatta acactttgtc agcctcagtg actacagtca tagataaaca    105720
     ggcctcagct aatgtcaaga tacagggtag tctcatgctg gttaataaac tcatagatct    105780
     tgtccagata caactagatg tattatggca aatagctcag ctgggatgtg aacaaaagtt    105840
     tccgagattg tgtgttactt ccattcagta tgagaaattt actagggcag ctaatttgtc    105900
     aaaaagtctt tttcagtata tgttacagaa ttggacggct gaatttgaac agatccttcg    105960
     ggaattgaga cttcaggtca actccacgcg cttggacctg tccctgacca aaggattacc    106020
     caattggatc tcctcagcat ttcccttctt taaagaatgg gtgggattga tattatttgg    106080
     agatacactt tgctgtggat tagtgttgct tctttggttg gtctgtaagc ttaaggccca    106140
     aactaggaga gacaaggtgg ttattgccca ggcacttgca gctctagaac atggtgcttc    106200
     ccctgatata tctatgctta ggcaataggt cgctggccac tcagctcttg catcccacga    106260
     ggctagactc attgcacggg atagagtgag tgtgcttcag cagcccgaga gatttgcacg    106320
     gctaagcact gcagtagaag ggctctgcgg catatatgag cctattctag ggagacatgt    106380
     catctttcaa gaaggttgag tgtccaagtg tccttctctc caggcaaaac gacacgggag    106440
     caggtcaggg ttgctctggg taaaagcctg tgagcctaag agctaatcct gtacatggct    106500
     cctttacctg cacactgggg atttgacctc tatctccact ctcattaata tgggtggcct    106560
     attgctctta tttaaaagga aagggggaga tgttgggagc cgcccccaca ttcgccgtca    106620
     caagatggcg ctgacatcct gtgttctaag tggtaaacaa ataatctgcg catgtgccaa    106680
     gggtatttta ccactacatg tactctgcct ttcccgtgac gtcaactcgg ccatgggctg    106740
     cagccaatca gggagtgatg cgtcctaggc aaagaataat tctccttaaa aggggacggg    106800
     gtttccgcca ttctctctct tgctggcgct ctggcgcgct ggcgctctgg cgcgctggcg    106860
     ctctggctcc taaagatgta agcggggggc tttcgttttt ggggctgggg gcttgcgctc    106920
     ctgttcctga agatgtaagc aataaagttt tgccgcagaa gattctggtt tgttgtgttc    106980
     ttcctggccg gtcgtgagaa cgcgtttaag aatactatct cataaaacca aacaatccac    107040
     tcattcccta gagtctggtg gccttatctc cgagcacaca ctggtccaga cgggtggggg    107100
     gaggagagca gccttctgtg gtcatgcagc atccaaggca tctcactgct ggcactgctt    107160
     ccttggcagt gaagacacca tcgtgaagct gatgtgggga ggaatggctt gctcccttcc    107220
     tgttctcctg tggtttgagc acaatcccct gtaacaagct ggggaagaag gcaagatgag    107280
     gctgtccatc tgcagcttgg attaccctgg caactgctca cactcatctt caggctagag    107340
     attagagagg ccttaggcaa gaactaggtc tggagcaggt gtgagagatc tctgatttta    107400
     gagatctagc ctaagcttag gatcaagaaa caccaatcta cggctggaga gatggctcag    107460
     cgggtgagag cactgactgc tcttccaaag gtcatgagtt caaatcccag caaccacatg    107520
     gtggctcaca atcatcctta ataagatctg acgccctctt ctggtgtgtc tgaagacagc    107580
     tacagtgtac ttagatataa taataagtaa atctttaaaa agaaagaaac acagatctat    107640
     agacatttta gaatgataaa gccatccact tgttttgagc cttgatggtg ttggtgaaca    107700
     catttgtcca gatttgttag atttatgcct gaaactagta cagctcacac cataggaatg    107760
     tcacatggac agatagaaag atgttaggtc tgatagtcca gcagggaatg cctgtactcg    107820
     ggagccaagg ctaggatgat cacaagtttg agggatagtg agatcctgct ttaagataaa    107880
     ctatttaagt cgggttctgt tgacccaagt agtggtatct ggggtcctcc ctgaggggtg    107940
     ccctgagagc agaccacggt gggtgatgag ctggtcctgt ttgagggtgg ccaatggcca    108000
     taagccatag ccactgcctg atgcctaccc aaaagatgaa agccactgac ccaagacacc    108060
     agtgagccct gaaggaggag gagtgagagg tggcattcac tgaggacccc cgtatgccca    108120
     gacagagctc cttgtcatag ctggacagag acaggatcat acagcagaac cctgctgctt    108180
     ccttccagtc agagctgagc attcctgtct ccggtcacca cctgtttgct gtatctggga    108240
     actgggatgg cagtgtgcac atcccagggt gcacatgtgt gcaaatgtga gtgtgagtgt    108300
     gtgagaacaa gtgtgactgt gtgggtgaga ggatgtacct gtgtatgctt gagaatgtgt    108360
     ctgagagcag ttgaatgtga agaggatatg agtatgtata aaattgtgtg agagagtata    108420
     tgtggaatga gtgtgggggt gtgatgtatg tgtgtgcatg cagcatggct ctgagtacat    108480
     gagccatgcg gctgcctatg tagctgagta gatttaaata gaagaaattt cttagaaatc    108540
     aaacatgtgt accagcagtt ggtcttcaac aagtcttgct gaatgcttat gtcttgaaag    108600
     ataaccacat gcttatttaa tctagagatt attggcacag tgctgctgag cctaggttgt    108660
     atggcagcca aggacattaa aggtgacagc ctaggatttg ctcttcactt tgcctgtgaa    108720
     acagtccctc ttgtagggag cagacagaaa gtgtacttac atgtgagaag agccccaggg    108780
     atgtgcaagt gctttcaatg ttagcgtagt tagttttaat tattatattg attaatcacc    108840
     tgggaagcat cctaataagg gattatctac attgggttgg cctatggaga atcatcttaa    108900
     ttgtattaat tgatttggga agacctaccc ctcaacaagg caagaggtct tgaataaaag    108960
     tgaagaaacc cagctgagaa caagccagca agcaaacgag cgtgtacatt cattctctct    109020
     gcggatatgt gtgttgctcc tgccttgact cccacagtaa tggactgtga cctgggattg    109080
     tgagctgaag tgacccttcg tccctgacag tgagttttat cacagcaaca gaaatgaagc    109140
     tggagctcat gctttctcac aaaggcttgg ctggcccttg tacaaatggg ccacctttgt    109200
     agagcaacct ccagcaccgt atgtatcggc atgatggatg tgtctgtaac tccagcactc    109260
     aggatgtaaa ggcaggggga tccctctaga atacataagg ttgtccctca acaggcaagg    109320
     ggtgactgtg tacagcaaac ccctttaact gcaaggggca cattccatta agtatttaaa    109380
     accaaggatg gaatagaagc cacgaatcta acagcttttc tcttagatga tcacttgtca    109440
     cactagctct ctctcttgca gactgagtgg ggggaaacta gcacaaattt tctttccttc    109500
     ttcataactc cacagaaaga tttgttctca ctgtacatct taccaaattt agtgtatagc    109560
     tttttttttt tttttggttt tttcgagact ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tggagctcac    109620
     tttgtagacc aggctggcct ggaactcaga aatccacctg cctctgcctc ctgagtgctg    109680
     ggattaaagg cgtgcgccac catgcccagc ttgctttggt tttttgagac agggtttctc    109740
     tgtgtagtcc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctt gaactcagaa    109800
     atccgcctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgcgccacc acgcctggct    109860
     acagattggg tttcctaagg gctgctatta aaagctaagt ttggaggtgt atttatttac    109920
     ttatttattt atttattggg ggcaggaatc tagttccatc ttagaggtgg tgtaaatgag    109980
     atagtgtgga cttcatgtca tgcttcatgt gagtgacatc attgcttcta taaaacggaa    110040
     tgccttggtt actgttctat tgctgtgaag gaacagcatg accaaagcaa ctcataaaat    110100
     aattcattta gttgtggact tgcttatggt ttcagaagtt cagtccattt ttatcatggt    110160
     ggagaacatg gcagcatacg tgactggagc aatagctgag acctacatac atcctgatct    110220
     gcaggatgag agacactggg cttgacctgc aacttggaaa cctcaaagcc ctcttcctcc    110280
     aaaaaggcca taacccctaa tccttctaat cctttcaaat agggccactc cctgatgact    110340
     aagcattcaa atatgtgtgc ctataggggc catccttaac tttttgtttt actgtttttc    110400
     tttctttctt ttttttaatt aaggcatttt tattaaatat tttcttcatt tacatttcaa    110460
     atgctatccc caaagccccc tataccctcc ccctgccctg ctccccaacc cacccactcc    110520
     cgcatcctgg ccctggcatt ccactgtact ggggcatatg atctttgcaa taccaagggc    110580
     ctctcctccc attgatggcc gactaggcca tcttctgcta tatatgcaac tagagacaaa    110640
     gctctggggg gtactggtta gttcatattg ttgttcttcc tatagggttg cagactcctt    110700
     tagctccttg ggtactttct ctagctcctc cttcattagg ggcctgtttt actgtttttc    110760
     aagacaggtt ttctctgtgt ggttctggct gtcctggaac tggctctgtg aaccaagctg    110820
     gccttgaact cagaggcctg cctccatctc tctagtactg ggatcaaagg tatacatgac    110880
     cacctgggga gggagtgaaa ccaccacact gattatgaaa tagttttctt ttgtgtgtgt    110940
     gtgtttgagt gtatgtactc agacgtatag tatatttaca tgtaaatgtg gatgcatgtg    111000
     cgtgtactta cctgtggaag tcagaggtca acataaggta tcttcaatct ctctctacct    111060
     catttttaaa gcttgcttgc tttctttttt cttcctccct ctccctctcc ttctccctct    111120
     ccctctccct ctccctctcc ctctccctct ccctctccct ctccctctcc ctctccctct    111180
     tcctctccct ctccctctct ctctttcttt aagacaggat ttctctgtgt agccctggct    111240
     atcctggaag tcactctgta gaccatgctg gcctcaagct ctaggattaa aggttccccc    111300
     ctacacacac acacacacct catttttaag gcagggtttc tcactcactg aatctgtaac    111360
     ccattggtcc agctaagcca gttagctaac agcttgaggg atcacctctc ttgctgccat    111420
     gactgtacat atgtgctaga gatcataatt caagtaccca ggcttgaaga gaaggtgctt    111480
     tactgtctca gccatttcct tggcctctcg tgaaatattt tctaattaaa agtacaaaga    111540
     ttagagaaac gtgattatac agccaaatac agaagcatca ggagttcaag atcatcttag    111600
     ctacatagca agtctaaggc tggcgtaagg gacataagac tctgtgtgaa gggacagctt    111660
     tagaagtcag aaagaacagc tacaactacc aagctgagga aagaaggggt agaagagctg    111720
     cttgtcaggg aggccaggca gccaatttca ggaccaacca gacagtggag atgtggtagg    111780
     gactgggatg caaaagactc tcatgtaact ctctgcctct tatctctctc ctcccttctc    111840
     tgccttcccc tcaaaatgac aacaaagcca aaggaggcag ttggtgtggt tggaaagttg    111900
     agcagatata ttgagaataa tgcaaggcag gattctcact gctggagaaa atgacaaaat    111960
     atggcactta cataaaaccc taggaaattg agctgaattc ttcatgagcg tgtgtacatg    112020
     caattgccag ctttcaacct ccaggaccaa acacatgtcc tagataatca gctttaaaga    112080
     aagaaaacct caacatttca gagatttaaa tgtgggtacc attgtttggg ggcctgtagt    112140
     tatgatacag aacctagatg gcaatggtca tgtcctacct ggaggaaaca accacataat    112200
     acacgtattt aaaaattcta tataaggaca tatatgtaca cacacacaca cacatatact    112260
     ctctagatat aagctatctc catataactc ttaataatat atgtgaactc tctatactta    112320
     tatatgtatc cctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatt    112380
     aactttctgt tgtgggacta tgataggcag cctattttgg ttgaattggg tttgcttggt    112440
     gacccaatag agaaatctac aagggacgga aaggtgaacc aagttcccag aatcaggtgc    112500
     ctgtccataa ttctgtgact cagtcacaca gacaatgtcc caagcttctg gcattctggc    112560
     tagactccac ctccacattt atctgactat agccaggtat actcttcccc acagttacct    112620
     ggcaacaata aaatacccca gaccactata agaggggctg cttggcccct cctcgctcac    112680
     ttaagctctt acctttctta ctcgatagcc ctccttttct ctctcccttt atccctctct    112740
     ccacatggcc atggctggcc tccctctttc taccttctct ctttctccat gcctttccac    112800
     aataaagctc taaaaccata gactgtctct gatcatgaag gcccacagtg cttgaacaat    112860
     gggatgggct ttctcctaac gagccacgtc taatctcctg ccagaaggcc atcctgtgct    112920
     ccagccacgg acctcaccaa ggactctgac ccgcatggga accatccagc acccctctcc    112980
     ccctaccctc tcttcccttc ctcccagggg ctgagtgttg caccagggcc cctattctgt    113040
     tctcagctct tctgtcatac ccagcgtgga atgccagaga cttagaactt ggtacctggg    113100
     gctgcccctt gtttaccacc caccgtgtgg ggtcagtgga cacagccaga cgcccacccg    113160
     ggcctcatgg aaagcgtgcg cagtcctccc atgtctgccc acccagagca ctggaactct    113220
     ggagggacgc gggttctctc ccactcccct ctttccccca cgcccatggc cctgcactct    113280
     gtatatagat agatggcaag atagaggagc tagcttgaaa aagctcccct tcaaaggtcc    113340
     atctgacctt tagagcaatt tggaatatca aattaaaaaa aaaaatgatg agagggcaat    113400
     cgatgcagcc cagtgagtaa agttcttccc agcgtccaca agccctggat tagatcccca    113460
     gcaccaggtg ggcacgagca tccaaacctc aaaggcatcg ttggggattc ttcttccttt    113520
     tgtaatattc tctttaaatt atctatctcc tattcatgtg tatttgtatg tgcctttgtg    113580
     agtttatgtg caccatttgt gtgcaggtgc ccacagaagc caaaaggagt tctcaaactc    113640
     gacagcctga gttccatctc caggatccat gtgatgggag aaaagaacca actccactaa    113700
     aggttctctg acctccacac atgtgccatg gcatggacac acattctcac atacacacat    113760
     acatacatat atacatgcat acacacatac atatatatgc acacactcac atacacacat    113820
     atacatacat acatataaaa acaatccagt cacctatttg gaaaagactc agagggaaag    113880
     tatgatatct gttctttttt gtcaacctga tgacatctag aattaactaa tacctgagca    113940
     gtgggtaaac ctgtgaggga cttttttttt ttgagacagg gtttctctgt atagctctgg    114000
     ctagcctgga actcactttg tagaccaggc tggccttgaa ctcagaaatc tgcatgcctc    114060
     tgcctcccaa atgctgggat taaaggcgtg tgccaccacc acccggccag gacttttctt    114120
     gattgaatta tttgaagtgg gaagacccat cgtaaatttt gaagtgggaa ggtctacttt    114180
     aaatttaggc cacacacctt ctagtggcag tctatataaa gtgttgcggc cgccagcagc    114240
     tcacaacatg aacggtttga ctgagaaggc cactcgagct gtaagagagg aatctagacg    114300
     gggcgaaaga agaagcgcag ctaagacaaa ttcattctga tcaaagctca aattttattg    114360
     ttgtgacact agttatgaag gaagggggag gggacccgat tcccgccgaa taatctcggg    114420
     tccagtagaa aggtgagcac gtgtgtggct ccgaacagca aagcggcagg ttccagcagt    114480
     gggcgtggca gaacgaatga gcaggaagct ccacccctga gcaagcaggt ttcaggctgg    114540
     gggaggggag actacaataa aggacataaa agaaggaaac ttttgatttt tgcctgcttg    114600
     ccctcactct aactggcaag tgcattcctt cactggcatt agagcttctt cactggcatt    114660
     agagcttctt cactggcatt agagcttctt cactggcatt agagcttctt cactggcatt    114720
     agagcttctt cactggcatt agagcttctt cactggcatt agagcttctt cactggcatt    114780
     agagcttctt cactggcatt agagcttctt cactggcatt agagcttctt cactggcatt    114840
     agagcttctt cactggcatt agagcctgct tcttcaggat tacagcatct actgaagaac    114900
     agctgacaca tccagctcat ggactgagca actattgaac tattggattc ttggacttcc    114960
     cttgggagac agccaatgtt ggactagcag aaccactagg aggtctgtta agccactcta    115020
     ataaatccca tttctagatt cagtctgtcc ttttcctcta gagaaccctg actgatatat    115080
     ggaaccacca gtcacttaaa ttatttttaa aggtttgagt tctgtcaagg ccagacatca    115140
     tgagaaccct cagaagtcaa gctggattta tcttccttaa attcctaagc cacagaacta    115200
     acaatgaaat agattttgta atatcttaac actttgagtg agatcagcag cctgatatcc    115260
     acccacacac tactgtgtgc ctcccaagaa gtccacagta accaaagaag caggtgagaa    115320
     tcttgccaaa atacccacac cagctatgac aaccatgggg cccagctgat gagggcacag    115380
     acacacagac acaccacccc accgtaccct taaccccaat ctccatcttt cttctagtcc    115440
     acttcctacc gtgggccaga tcaacagccc aatatccttt tgcaccctac agcctgtctg    115500
     cctcccagaa ggcccacaga aacaaaggac aacaggaggc ctgctctaac cagagacaga    115560
     agaggcctac cctaactaga gatagcaatg cctgcctcca atcagagaca cctaggccag    115620
     ttaacactag aaataaccag atggccagag gcaaacaaaa gatcataagt gacagcactc    115680
     aatgcaattt ggcaccacca gaacacagtt ctcccaccac agcaagccct ggataccccg    115740
     acttgtctga aaatcaagat aatggcctaa aataccacct catgaagaag tgagaggcct    115800
     ttaagtagga tataaagaac tcccttaatg aaatacagga aaacacaggc aaacaggtag    115860
     aagctcttaa agagaaacaa atcccttaaa gaagtacaga aagccgggcg tggtggcaca    115920
     tgcctttaat cccagcactc gggaggcaga ggcaagcgga tttctgagtc cgaggccagc    115980
     ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctatac agagaaaccc tgtctcgaaa    116040
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagg agaaggagga gagaatctca ggcatagaag ataccataga    116100
     aaaaattgac acatcattaa aaaaaaaaaa acaaagtgta caaagttcct aacccaaaat    116160
     atctaggaaa ttaaggtcac aaagaaaaga tcaaacctaa gaataacagg aataaaagag    116220
     ggtgaagaat cctaaaacaa aggatcctaa aacatcttca atgaaattat agaagaaaac    116280
     ttcttccctc acctaaagaa agagatggcc ataaatgtac aagaagccta tagaaaacca    116340
     aatatattgg gccagaaaag aaaatcctct caccacatta taatcaaaac actaaatgaa    116400
     cagaataaag aaagaatatt aaaagcagta aggaaaaaaa gaccaggtaa catataaagg    116460
     caggcctatc agaattatac aagacttctc aacagagact ttaaaaacca gaagatcttg    116520
     gacagatatc atccagaccc tgagagaaca caaatgccag cccaggatat tatacccagg    116580
     aaaaatctca atcactattg atagaaaaac caagatattc catgacaaaa ccaaatttaa    116640
     ataatatcgt tctactaatc cagtcctaca gaggatactg aaatgaagtc tccaatacaa    116700
     ggagaataac tacacccaag aaaacacaag aaattaaaca tttcacaaca aatccaaaag    116760
     aaaagaatta tatacacata ataccacctc cagaaaacaa acaaacaaac aaaaaacagg    116820
     agctaacaat cttctgtcgt taatgtctct caacatcaat agactcaatt ccccaataaa    116880
     aagcacagac taacatactg gatttgtaag caggatccag cattttgctg catacaagaa    116940
     acaaacctca gtggtgacgc acacctttta ttccagcact tgggaggcag aggcaggcgg    117000
     atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac agagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctaca    117060
     cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaccaaaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag    117120
     aagaagaaga cgaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag    117180
     aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaaagaaa cctcagtgac aaagacagac    117240
     actacactac ctgagagtaa acagctggaa aaaagttttc caggcaaatg gttccaagaa    117300
     acaagctgag ttgccattca ataaaataga ctttcaacca aaagttatca aatgatgggg    117360
     aaggacactt tacattcatc aaaggaaaaa aatccaccaa gaggaagtct caattctgaa    117420
     catctatgcc ccaaatgcaa gggcacctgt aagactcccg aaactgggga gacttccgct    117480
     caagtcccgg gatgagctgg ccggcacctc aataactcga gagaaaacca cacctgatgc    117540
     aaactgcaag aggctttatt gtcagctagc tgaggacgaa ctcctttccc caggcagggc    117600
     aggggaattc gacccccccc cccagcggta acagtagggg gcttttaaag gaaaagtgag    117660
     gaattggaag gagttgggag gagttgggag gagagttggc tacagctcct ctctggcgag    117720
     gaggggagtg agctgtagca cctctctggt gtctatctcc gcttccttgg cacagggagc    117780
     caggcaagtg cctggctagg tcttcctaca attatcgcat ctctgtctgt aaggcacaga    117840
     aacaaaaagg ctttttgctg gctatagaga acaaagagct tctttctggc tatattttta    117900
     gagatcaggg aaaacaagtt tgggggaaaa gctttaagtc ggagtctcac acacccacat    117960
     tcgtaaaaga aactttacta aagctaaaac acacattgat cctcacacaa tgatactggg    118020
     aaacttcgac accccatttt taccaatgga caggtcatta aaacagaaac taaacaaaga    118080
     cacagtgaaa ttaacagaag ttatgagtca aatggattaa acagatatct acagaacatt    118140
     tcaccccaaa acaagagaat ataccatctt ctcagcacct catggaacct tctccaaaac    118200
     tgaccatata atctgacata aaataagcct caacagatag aagaagattg aaataatccc    118260
     atgcatccta tcagatcacc atggactaag gctagacgtc aacaacaaca actgaaaccc    118320
     ctcatactca tggaagctaa acaactctct ggtcaataac tttgtcaggg aaaaaagtaa    118380
     acaaagaaat caaagacttt atagaattga atgaaaatta agacacatca tacccaaatt    118440
     tatgggacac aatgcaagca gtgttaagag gaaaattcat agcactaagt acctttatat    118500
     agaaattggg gagatcccat acaagcaact taacagcaca cctgaaagct ctagaacaga    118560
     aagaagcaaa cggggggggg gggggggcag gaaataatca aactcatggc tgaatcaacc    118620
     agttagaaat aaagagaatg atacaaagaa tcaacaaaac caagagatgg ttctttgaga    118680
     aaatcaacaa gatagataaa tcctagccaa actaaataaa agggcacaga gaaagtaacc    118740
     agattaacaa aatcagaaat gataagggag acataacaac agaaaccaag gaaattcaaa    118800
     aaaaaaaaat catcaaatcc tacgacaaaa ggctatactc agggctggag agatggctca    118860
     gtagttaaga gcaccaactg ctcttccaga ggtcctgagt tcaattccca gcaaccacat    118920
     tgtggcttac atccatctgt aatgggatat catgccctct tctggtgttg aagaaacaca    118980
     ggaagcctac ctctgccctg ctcacacaga gctcccctcc ccttcctggc ctttcagaga    119040
     gggcccggcc tggcaccgaa atattgctat ccctgttttc atgatggcac tccctaatga    119100
     cacccccacc ccagagcgac agatgccagc ttagaaatag acaaatggca acatctctta    119160
     gttcccccac cccatgttgc tgaggctggc accctccctg atagatggct agtacttccc    119220
     agtgcagatg gctctaatcc atgggagaag caaagaccaa acatccttga agagataagt    119280
     gccctgcttt tgggccatga gaggagggca attaagcatt cccagacagc tgtgaccagt    119340
     ttggaaaaac acactagttc ctgatagcac tataaagtta cttcccagat cagaagggtt    119400
     ccccctccca gtttcgagat tccacccagc tgcctaaaca aatgataaag gtgtttgaag    119460
     gatgacttcc cttgtcacct ccccctgcca tgtaacccca acgtccaaga atccctgctt    119520
     atgtttgtat gagtataaaa cctccaagcc cctagactca gggtcacact cctaacccac    119580
     acagtgggaa ggtttgcaat ctgggactga ctcaaataaa atgttctttt gttactttgc    119640
     atcggattgg caattcttag agttcttctg ggaattctaa gaacataaca gtgtgtctaa    119700
     agagagcggg gggggggggg gggtgggctg gagagatggt cctgagttca aatcccagaa    119760
     accacatggt ggctcacaac catctgtaat gagatctgat gccctattct agggtgtctg    119820
     aaaacagcta cagtgtactt acatataata aataaatctt taaaagagag agagagcagg    119880
     gcggtggtgg catttaatcc cagggaggca gaggcaggca gatttctgag ttcaaggcca    119940
     gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccgggacag ccagagctat acagagaaac cctgtctcca    120000
     aaaaacaaaa aacaaaaaac aaaaaaaaaa agaaagaaag aaaagaaaaa aagaaaagag    120060
     agagagagca tgtactcata taaataaaat aaataaatgc ctaaaaaaaa agcctatatt    120120
     ctacaaaatg atcaggtaaa ccatctaaac actcccatga ccccatgacc ccatgacccc    120180
     taaggaaata gaaatagtca tcaaaaacct cccaactaaa aaaagtccag ggccagatgg    120240
     ttttactgca gaattctacc agagcttcaa agaagaggta ataccaatac tcttcaaact    120300
     attccatgaa atagaaacag aagggtcacc acctaattct ttctatgaag ccacagttac    120360
     tctgataccc taaaccaaac aaagacccaa caaagaaaga gaatgtcaga ctaatctctc    120420
     ttatgaatat caatgcaaaa atactcaata aaattctcac aaaccgaatc caaggacaca    120480
     tcaaaagcat cattcaccag gatcaagtag gcttcattcc agggatgcac ggatggttca    120540
     aatatacaaa aatccaccaa cataatacac tatattaaca aactcaaggg gagaagccac    120600
     atgagcatct ccttagatgc taaaaacgcc ttagacaaaa tacaacacct cttcatggta    120660
     aaagtcttgg agagatcaat acttcatgtc acatacctaa acataataaa agcaatatat    120720
     agcaaaccaa cagcccacat caaattaaat ggagaaaaac tagaagcaat cccactaaaa    120780
     tctgggacaa gacaaggctg cccaccctcc cctatctatt caatatagta ctcagagttc    120840
     tatctagaac aattagacaa taaaaagata ttaatggaaa acaaattgga aaggaaaaag    120900
     tcaagtatca ctatttgcag atgatatgat agtatacata agtgaccacc aaaattccaa    120960
     cagaaaattc ctatacctga taaacaactt cagcaaagtg gcaggatata aaactaactc    121020
     aaatcaatag ccttccttta cacaaatgat gaacaaggtt gagaaaaata ttagggagac    121080
     aacacccttc acagtagcca caagtagtat aaaatatctt ggtgtaactc ttaccaagca    121140
     agtgaaagat ctgtatgata agaacttcaa aacaatcaaa gaagacctca gaagatggaa    121200
     agatctcccg tgctcatgga ttggtatgat taacatagtg aaaatggccg ttttaccaaa    121260
     agcaatctac agattcaatg caatccccat caaaattcca acacaattct tcacatatat    121320
     ggaaagagca attctcaact tcgtatggaa aaacaaaaaa cccaggatat ccaaaacaat    121380
     tctcaacaat aaaaaaactt cccaggaaat caacattcct gacctcaagc tgtactacaa    121440
     aacaatagtg attttaaaaa cacacacaca cacatagtat tagtataaaa atagacaggt    121500
     aaattggtga aatagaattg aagacccaga agtaaaccca tacacttatg gacacttgat    121560
     ctttgacaaa gaagccaaaa ccatccagtg gtaaaaagaa aacttctata ataaatggtg    121620
     ctggtttaac tggtggtctg tggaaaaatg aaaataaatc catacttatc acctgcacaa    121680
     agctcacgtc caagtggatc aaggacctca acacaaaacc aaatacactg aatctaatag    121740
     aagagaaagt agaaaagagc ctctaattct ttggcacagg ggaaattttc ctgaacagaa    121800
     caccaatcgc tcaggcttta agatcaagaa ttgataaatg agaacctgtg aaactgaaaa    121860
     gcttctataa ggcaaaagac actgtcaata ggacaacttg gcagcctaca gattggtaaa    121920
     aactcttcac taaccctaca tctgacagag gactaaatat atatatatcc aagaagttaa    121980
     cctcctaaaa atccaaataa cccaattaaa aaatagagta cagaactaaa cagagaattc    122040
     acaacaaaga atctcaaatg gccaagaagc acttaaagaa atgttcaaag taaggagcat    122100
     agcatggctg tcctttgaga gacccaacaa acagctgaaa gagtcagatg caaatactta    122160
     cacccaacca atggacaaaa gctgggaacc cctggagttg aattagggaa aaactgaagg    122220
     ggctgagtag ccccatagga agaccagcag tcataacctg cctggacccc tgggatctct    122280
     tggacactgg accaccaacc agacagtgat agaacctagt ggggaaactc ccacttaatt    122340
     cccgattcgg cgtgcaccca aagaatcacg aaaaggcctt gatgtaatta catgaggtca    122400
     tttaataacg gagctccgga ccgacatgta tcccacacag gaaataacgg atgtcggtca    122460
     cgaggctcgg aagctagggg tttttatggg gtaagggact taggggtgtg gagttcagca    122520
     tagtgacaca ctattggctt attcaaacat cagcagaaaa ttacatgtac gtgcagggtg    122580
     tcagagttct gtgagttgtt gactcagttc agatagccct gttatatcct cacattcctc    122640
     tttatcttta aggttaagct gttcccagga ttgttttaac tacggggcat acccgggttt    122700
     gtttttcttt tttctcagcc ccaggcagcc tctaggctca caaacaacca gcaatttctg    122760
     agtactttat atgacttaca ggtcttgaaa tttcatcttt ctttcagcag catacatgag    122820
     ctggtctgag gcccccaaca catatgcagt ggaggactgc ctggtctgac ctaggtgaaa    122880
     gaggatgcac ctagcccttg agagacttga ggcctcagag tgggaggtct ggtggaaagg    122940
     gggtaatctc ttggggaagg aggagggcga gtgggatagg gagtggtggt gggggcagac    123000
     tgggaggggc acgatgactg gacagtgaaa aagatttaat aataataatg ttcaaagtcc    123060
     ttagtcatta aagaaatgca aatcaaaatg accctgagat tccatctcac aacatggcta    123120
     agatcaaaca tacaggtgac agcacatgtt agtgaggatg tggaaaaaga ggaacactcc    123180
     tctattgctg gtaggactgc aaactggtac aacgactctg gaaattaata tggtggttcc    123240
     tcagaaaatt ggaaatagct ctacctgaag acccagctat atcactcggg cattgtctta    123300
     gtcagggttt ctattcctgg acaaaacatc atgaccaaga agcaagttag ggaggaaagg    123360
     gtttattcag cttacacttc caaattgctg ttcatcacca aaggaagtca ggactggaac    123420
     tcaagcaggt caggaagcag gagctgatgc agaggccaag gagggatgtt ctttactggc    123480
     ttgcttcccc tggcttgctc agcttacttt cttatagaac tcaagactac cagcccagag    123540
     atggcaccac ccacaagggg ccctccccag ttgatcacta attgagaaaa tgccttacag    123600
     ctggatctca tggaggcatt tcctaacctg acgctccttt ctgtgtgata actacagctt    123660
     gtgtcaagtt gacacacaaa accagccagt acaaatatat acccaaaagt cgccccacta    123720
     taccacaagg acacatgttt cactatgttc atagcagcct tatttgtaat agtcagatgc    123780
     tcactcaacc gaagaatgga tacagaaaat gtggttcatt tacacaatgg aatactattc    123840
     agctattaca aatgagggca tcatgaattt tgcaggtaaa tggatataac tagaaaatat    123900
     catcctaagt gaggtaactc agacccaaaa ggacatgtat gatatgtact cactgataag    123960
     tgaatattag ccaaaaagta cagaatacta aggatacaac ctacagacct taagaagtgt    124020
     aacaagcaga gatgcccaag tgaggatgct tcaatcccac ttagaaaggg aaaggaaata    124080
     gtcaccagag gcagagggta ggagtgacct gggtgggaaa ggggaggggg aagggaaaag    124140
     ggaacaggat taggcttgtc ggagagacag gagagaatcc cagagggcca aaagaaagaa    124200
     tggagcatca ggggatggga gatggaggga ccctctagat tgtaccagag accaggaagg    124260
     tgagagacta aggactgaag gtgaccttag ccaaaaagcc caacattgga gagaggaaat    124320
     ctccagtaga tagacaaggc gtcaagtgga aggacagggt tactaaccga cagttaaaat    124380
     ttctgaccca gaattgttcc tgtctaaaag aacttcaggg acaaaaatgg agaagagact    124440
     gaaggaaaag tgatccaatg accagctcaa cttagaatcc atctcacggg gagcagggga    124500
     gcaccaagac ctaataatat tactgatgct atgatgtgca tacagacgtg agtctggcat    124560
     gggtatcctc tgagaagttc taccaacagc tgactgagac agacatagat atttacacac    124620
     aatcattgga ctaaagtcag gggcccctat ggttgaattt ggggaaggat tgaagaaact    124680
     gaagggaagg gcgacctcat aggaagacca gcaatctcaa ctaccccagg gagctcccag    124740
     agactgagcc accaaccaga agcataaatg gactagtctg agacaaattt agcagatgtc    124800
     tgcctggtaa gccctcagtg ggagaagatg catttaatct tcaagatact tgaggtctca    124860
     gagaagggga aggcctggta gggagagcac cctctcggag gcaagaggaa ggagggatgg    124920
     gatgaggaac tattgggtgg ggaccaaggg agggggcaac aactggaata taaataaaat    124980
     actaataaaa atcaacactt tgagcacctt aacaggcaaa agtgggcagc acaagcatcg    125040
     gcacactctc acatacctct gtgtgagaca ccacggaagc tttacggtag aaagactaac    125100
     tagaccacag tacccaggtc attacaatta ctaagtaggc accacacacc tctgatggaa    125160
     tgggatatgt cttccccaca gcagaggctc tgagacctta gcacaactga ctccatggtt    125220
     gaagtaccat caaaccatca aactcatcac atagacagca aaagccatca aagccgatag    125280
     ttttagggaa gtctctaaat ggactgacta ttttgctttt tggcttctat agttctgctc    125340
     tggagaactg ttctttttaa ctgaagtatg ccaacccagg acatggtctt tgtgtttaaa    125400
     agctgaccct gagaaaggct tgcagctaca ctgggatccc tagcatccag tgtagtagcc    125460
     ggctgcctaa tgaagatttt ctgttggcct aacctgtgtc caagcagtct actctggcga    125520
     atacccaaaa caatctctga agcagccatc caggttaaat cttaaggaaa tatctggctg    125580
     ccaggtgttg gtccacagag ctacagagtg agtctcaggg cagccagggg tacacagaga    125640
     aaccctgtct caaaataagt attaaaaaaa aaattagaca catccacatt gagacaggac    125700
     taatgtgcct atgataattt agatgtatat taaaagcaga agggaaaatc aacatcacaa    125760
     taattattaa tccaggttta gttgtactta tctctaacaa aacaacataa aagggattct    125820
     atggcttttt tttttaactt attttgattt gttgtttaag ggcctcactc tctagctcaa    125880
     gccttaaact tgcaaaaatc ctcctgcttc tccctcctct tctcctttct cctctccctc    125940
     cctccctccc tcatctgtca gcaaggagag agctaatgcc ggggaggtgg tgcaagactt    126000
     taatcccagc actcaggagc cagaggcagg aggagctctc tctgttgggg attggttcta    126060
     atgctttgtc taatttggct cccaaaagcc aggcttccag acactgaggg tccctgcccc    126120
     cagctggctt tgattggtaa taaggaattg ccacatagcc aatgactggg cagggagaca    126180
     gaggcgggac ttgcttgagc ttgagacaga gggggaaaaa gaccaggtgt caccgtgatg    126240
     gcaggcgggg gggggggggg gggggggggt gtggaggggg gggcggaata gatgagactt    126300
     aaggtcctgc agatatgtaa gaattagggt aagtggccac aggggccact tcccgattgg    126360
     gtctgggaaa tagagatgaa atatagattt gaaaaggttt aactcaggaa tgccagaggg    126420
     gaatgtgtgc tagctgcagg gaggttcagg aagtgtccag ttattgagct aataaggcat    126480
     attaaaaata ttgtgtgtgt gtgggggggg tgtatctgtg tgtgtctttc attcgtgaat    126540
     cctgagagct ctgtgggagc tcaatgtaga ttaccaattc actgctacaa ttcccttcta    126600
     tctggtttac aggagttcca agaaatccag aactacatga gatcctgtgt ccaaaataag    126660
     gggtggtgtg gggagctcag aggttaagaa tactgcctgc tgttccagag gactcttgtt    126720
     tctttcttta ctttttaaaa ttggatattt tacttgtttg catttcaaat gttatcccct    126780
     ttccaggttt cccctctgca aatcccctaa cccatccccc aacccttacc ctgcttctat    126840
     gagggcgctc ccccacccac ccacccactc ccacctcact accctagcat tcctctacac    126900
     tggggcatca agctttcata ggaccaaggg cctccctccc attgatgcca cataaggccc    126960
     cttcagctcc ttcagtcctt cccctaactc ctccattgag gacccagtgc tcagtccaat    127020
     ggttgcctgt gaggacctgg tgggtggccc catccctcaa gcagggggcc atgcctaacc    127080
     tctggacagg ttctccctcc cctttgtgga gtatttcagc taatgtcatc cccatggagt    127140
     cctgggagga ggcccttgtt ttcctggcat ctgggacttt ctggttgcta cccccagttc    127200
     cccatccccc attgctacac acctctgttc aatttcctga ccctctgtac aactccacca    127260
     gcacctgatt ctgccctttg ttttcccctc cccctcttct cttcctccca agtccctccc    127320
     acccagagga ctctgtttca attcccagcg cccacgtggc agctcacaac tgtctgtaac    127380
     tccagctcta ggggatctga cgccctcaca tagataagaa atatgccaga gaaattggtg    127440
     tcagcgcata ttccacccac acatacacat ttttataccc tgttcctgcc agtcaatgca    127500
     gctgtaagag cgggccagat cttcggcatc cagctgtaga cattagacat cttagacaaa    127560
     gctactgaat cttaaatgtc actgtaactg aacacagtga gtttgcatcc ttgaaagtac    127620
     aaaaccaaga tacagaagag aaagatgaac ccctgcagca ggccaggaga gcccaggagt    127680
     ccacttcaaa tccatgctct ttcagaataa ataaagcaga aggggtttgt tcattcctaa    127740
     gcatgatcag ttaaggagta tattcttagt catactcagt ttaaggtcat aatttaaaat    127800
     aaaagctagt tgacacactt ggggacattc ttagctcaca tatgtaaaag aggaaagtga    127860
     tgggcagaaa ccattctaca catgcttatt tgcaccatga aaatttagct gaaaataggg    127920
     ccataaaaat agttcagtgg ggaaaagttc ttaccaccaa acttgacaac ccgggcttca    127980
     atcctggaag aagagaacca acccccacaa gttctccatg acctcacaca tgtcacagca    128040
     cacacttatt cacaagcaca caaataaatg ctttttttaa aaaactattt aaaaaaatat    128100
     ttccttgaaa ataaagaaaa atcctatttg aagacacatt ggcatgagct ccccaccccc    128160
     aagggaccaa cttacttagc ttctaacatc ccagagatat ctcactccac aaccttctct    128220
     ctgcctgaag ggtctcaggc aggcagctgg cagggtcctg ttgagtcttg aaggaagtgc    128280
     tggggtgtca cagctggaga atcctttaca agaagaaggc tgagaaccat gaatcccaat    128340
     gagaagggtg aggcactgaa gagagatggc agcccctgct actgtaaaag gaagcacaga    128400
     tgctctgtgt ctctgcacca catgggcagg tcaaaaggac cctgtttagc agggatcttg    128460
     gatatcacaa agggaggggg gtcaggaaga gatggtggac cctgacaagt gaccactctt    128520
     tagaactgtg gttctcaacc ctgttggtca caacccattt gggactcaaa tgaccctttc    128580
     actggggtcg cctaagacca ttcagcatat cagatattta cattacaact cataacagtc    128640
     gtaaaattac agttatggag taccaatgaa aataacctta tggttggggg ttaccacaac    128700
     atgagggact gtattaaagg gtcacattag gaaggttgag aaccactggt ctagaaggcc    128760
     aggtatggag tttatattct aaatgtttat ccttcacatg gagctgctgt gtctttctgg    128820
     ttgaagaagt gaacctctcc tgatgctaga ataggatcag tcttaggcga gagagcctgt    128880
     ggcaatctaa taaaatactt ctagggtgtt tatatattgt tttgtcaaat atgttaaggc    128940
     acatcaaaat atgatgtaaa ccataaataa aatcagtatc tttacgttta taatgcacgt    129000
     agcctaaaat attccctagg acttaatgtc ccagagaacc tggattaaac ataaataagc    129060
     tgaccactgt gaaggttcta tgccctggta taggaaacta ccagggccag gaagcaggag    129120
     tgggtgggtt ggtaaacggg tcagaggggg aaggataggg gacttcgggg ggggggggac    129180
     tagtaaaggg gataacattt gaaatgtaaa taaagaaaat atctaataaa aatgaaagag    129240
     ctgggtggtg gtggcgcagg cctttaatcc cagcacttgg gaggcagagg caggctaatt    129300
     tctgagttcg aggccagcct ggtctacaaa gtgagttcca ggacagccag ggctatacag    129360
     agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa caaacaaaca aaaataataa taataatgaa agaaagaaag    129420
     gaaggaacca gctgaaagac ttcaagaaaa gagacaatta ctgtcatatc ttatgctaca    129480
     gcagcatgga acatgatttt aagcttttag ttaaaatgta catgaaccca cacatttaga    129540
     agattaaagc tatataagca aatagatcaa ctaagagagt agggcagaaa gattcattta    129600
     ataattgagt ttcttcatta tttgacttct tcctttacta tgagttctgg ttctggttca    129660
     taggagttga tatgtagagg cttacttgac ttttggttct tttgttttgt tttgtttttc    129720
     gagacagggt ttctctggta gccctggctg tcctggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg    129780
     cctcaaactc agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc ctcccgagtg ctgggactaa aggtgtgcgc    129840
     caccatgccc gaccctttga cttttggttc ttgagtcctc tttactcttg tattattaat    129900
     caaagaagtc atgccttata atataagaag gatgtgtttg tagttagaaa aattaaataa    129960
     ggacctgtcc aaattatgtt aggccaatcc taaaggaact ctgacttttc attttttgag    130020
     tatttctaat cacctagtgc atgggagaca ttaaagtcta tgtttattgt gttttatttg    130080
     tgtgtttatt ttgttttgga aataagagtt ttgtgtagcc caggctagcc tgaacttgct    130140
     atatagctga tgacctcaaa cttctgattc tgtgagctgg aattacaggc atgcatactt    130200
     atgccccaat ttaagtgcga ttagagactg aatttaggcc tttgtacatg ctaagcaagc    130260
     gccctaccat tgagctacaa tcccaagccc aggtgattcc attttatttc caacttagct    130320
     ttggcatcag ttttgtacct tagagctagt ttttcctgga aagacatttt aatcagccat    130380
     ctgagctcat gttccatttt ggagcatcca ctatgcagtc agaacaacag ttccaaattt    130440
     taaccaactg tcataagctt aacaaacaca gcttagcaaa ggtaatcctt tttttttttt    130500
     ttttaagatt tatttttaag agccatggtg acacacacct ttaattctag cactaggaag    130560
     gtagggacag gcagatctct gtgagttcaa ggtcagtctg gtctacagag tgagttccag    130620
     gacagccagg gctacacaga gaaacatgtg gtatggtccc catagattcg tgtgtttaaa    130680
     tgcttggcca tagggagtga tgctattagg agacaacgcc ttattggaaa aggtatggcc    130740
     ttgttaaagg aaacagatac agcttcagat caatatatag aactctcagc tcctcccgca    130800
     ccgcgcaggt ctgcctgcac agtgccatac ttcccacaat gatgataatg tactgaacct    130860
     atgaaactgt aagccagtcc aaattaaatg ctagctctta taagagctgc cttggtcatg    130920
     atgtctcttc acggtaatgg aaacctaact aactaaccta acgctaagac acctgtctcc    130980
     aaaataaaaa agatttattt ttatttttta agattatgta tttgttttat gtatgtgagt    131040
     acactgtagc tgtacagaag gttgtgagcc ttcatgttgt tgttgggaat tggattttag    131100
     gacctctgct cactcaggtc aactctgctc gttcagtccc tgctctctct ggcccaaaga    131160
     tttattaatt attatacata agtacactgt agctgtcctc agatgcacca gaagagggcg    131220
     tcagatctca ttacgggtgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaacctagga    131280
     cctttggaag agcagtcagc gttcttacct gctgagccat ctcgccagcc cccaggttta    131340
     tttttatcta tgtgtatgtg tgagtgcaga tgttttcgag gacagaaaaa gtgtcagatc    131400
     cctaggagct ggagctacag ctaatagtga atggcctaat atggctgcga ggaaagaacc    131460
     ttgggtcctc tgccagagca gcaagtactc taaaccaacg gccatctatc cacccctaag    131520
     gcggcctaca agtagccctt ccagctttcc tttttttttt tttgtttttt ttttttgttt    131580
     tttgagacag ggtttctctg tatagccctg gctgtcctag aactcactct gtagaccagg    131640
     ctggcctcga actcagaaat ccgcctgcct ctgcctccca ctgcctccca agtgctggga    131700
     ttaaaggcat gtgccaccac gcccggctcc ttccagcttt cttgaatgac tgttttttgt    131760
     ttttgttttg tactgtatat aacttctatc ttatttctat catttgggaa atcagttacc    131820
     ttgaaataaa tgcaggctca ttgccatttt aagtagacaa gaaaaactta aactctgtga    131880
     ttattttctt ttagttactt gaaccctttt ggcaggtgga tagtttgcct ataatccatt    131940
     ccccctgaag caggaaacat tataaacagg gattccatgc ttccattttt tgagctgaaa    132000
     ttctggaggt caggaagagc ttttgctaag actaatataa tcagcccatg tggactgtta    132060
     attgtgcaat tgctcctgtt taccaactag acattctgtc attcattaga gatgaacacc    132120
     tttttaaatc taagtttgtc cagccgatga gttctgagca gtcctgggtt agagaggcag    132180
     gtgtgccaca ggctataaag gctgtgagct ttgaagtctg atggagccac ctgagctgag    132240
     ctgagctact tttgtcagta accttttgtc ttcagaacct aggagtctgg tatagcaccc    132300
     agactgccag taattcaaat ggggcactca gaaacatcca gaattgtctt aaaacccatg    132360
     aatttacttc tgaagtcatt tgctctcctg atacaagcct ggtgtcccca taagttatat    132420
     tctctcttga acagagtgca gtcaacacag agaatgtggc tttgttacag agtaaagccc    132480
     aatttaatgt ttagttttat ctatggaaat ccaaggttct tcagaagaag tttagattgt    132540
     gctaaaggga accaaataag agtcatttgg cctcaacaag aaaataaatt tgctctacat    132600
     ccttcgttaa tgagaatggt ttagacacac cctcctctct gtctctttgt cttgttgcat    132660
     acacactagc tttactgata ggtccagggg cactcaccca aaatggcttc ttttgcagaa    132720
     gctggagagg agtggagact gctgataaga cagctcattc ctttaccttc ctcttcatga    132780
     atacctctgt tgttgaaatc cttaaaggta atctcttcca aatgagaata cttactctct    132840
     gaatctacag tcagtttttg agtggtttat tattttttgg caagagaaca aggtatcagg    132900
     agcatactga gctatgaagc cggttttcag ggctatctag ttactgatgg ctctgaactg    132960
     ccatgtgggt gctgggaact gaacctaggt cttctgcaag atcagcaagt gctcttaacc    133020
     aatgagccat ctctccagcc ccttctctat ctttatttgc ttactatcta tctatctatc    133080
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctaagaa ctccctctgt agatcaggcc agcctcaaac    133140
     tcacagagat ctgtctgccc ctgccaagca ctgggattaa aggtgtgcac tacccccact    133200
     tggactatat tattatctta ttatgatcta taagtaattt tatctggacc tggtaagagg    133260
     gtagagtgga taaagggatt gctgtaaagg cctgaggacc tgagtttgat ccctggaacc    133320
     cacataaagg tgaaaggaaa gaactgactc tataaagtta tcttatgatt tccacacatt    133380
     taatgttgca catagatgcc cacacacagg cattacacaa tgatgatgat catagccatt    133440
     atagttattt taaaataatt tttaataaat atattcatat aattagaaca ttttatattt    133500
     tcctattacc tattgattcc ttttctgtct ttttatttct tgtgtgtctg tgtatgggta    133560
     tgtaagttta tacaaccagg catcaatact gagtatattt cttaatagct tgccaccttt    133620
     ttgttttatc ttgagacagt atctcttata tagctccagc ttgcctggaa cttactatgt    133680
     aaaccaggct ggcctagaac tcacagagat ctacctacct ctgcctccca agtgctggga    133740
     ttaaaggtaa gaaccattat gcctgctcca gcttagtttt gagatatgat ctttcactga    133800
     accaacagct cagcaatcta gctagactcc cagggatcct cctgttctta tcttcctgat    133860
     gagacactgt ggttatacac acaagctgct ctgccaggca cttttttttg agagctgtgg    133920
     gttccaagtc aggtcttgct tgtccagcaa tcacttctcc cactgagctt tcttttccca    133980
     gcctcatttc ttttcttcta gtctacattt tcaaacacta aggaaatctc caaattaaaa    134040
     caaaaatagt tttctagtaa acaacactaa cagaacatat tacccatatt aaagatttta    134100
     ttctattcta ttatgtgtat gtgcacatgt gagtgcaagt ggatcccata caagggcatc    134160
     caattccctg gagctagagt tacaagagat tgtaagctgt ctgttgtcag tgctggacca    134220
     actcaagtcc ttgacaagag ctgtatgtgc ttttaaccat gaagccattt atctggcttt    134280
     tacatatgta tttgagacag gatcttgcta tctcagcttc gacttaagct tattaccccc    134340
     acttcccaag tgccaggaat acaggagtca gcatgcatct ggtttacaca gtgctgattt    134400
     accagtgttt ttgcgtgcta ggcaaacact attgacagag ctcgatacgt cctaagtccc    134460
     atattttgta tttcctcatt ttaaaagttt gtatatggaa ttaccaagtt aatttaaaca    134520
     ttctggcagc cataatttgc atttaagacc caagaatagt gccaggcata gtgtacgtgt    134580
     gtttaattcc agtagttgga aagcaagagg cagacagatc tctaagttcc agtccagctt    134640
     ggtctacatt atagcaagtt tcaggccagc tgaaggtaca cagagagacc ctctgacgaa    134700
     aaaagaagag gaggaggagg aaggtgaagg ggaggaggaa gaagaaggag aagagaaaga    134760
     gaagatgttg ttttgaatta cctgctatat atctagtcta taataggtca tacttgttga    134820
     tagcctcaaa tatatattat tccttttata gcatataaaa accttaagct aaatactttt    134880
     actgctgttc tgggatgatg gctgtgttga gctattgtag cctcagaaca agagtgctat    134940
     tgttgaagag agtaggaaca agaccactgt tacctctgag cagaaactcc atgtcatcaa    135000
     gaattgacca taacagacta gttcaatttg tcttggatca cagagacata gccatagaga    135060
     aactcatact ttaatagcag acccataaca tgacccatga cattctacat aggcagtccc    135120
     aataagaaat aactcacact atgaaatgtt ggaagccgac tcctagcaga aagtggctat    135180
     catctctgca gccatctcag gctatttaca tacaggtggt acttttccac cctgatgaga    135240
     gacttgtttt ctagcatgat gtttttgcaa gaagctcacc acagctgaac atgctctgat    135300
     aacatcttgt ttttctccta tacattctgg acttgtggtt aagtgtctcc agctgcactc    135360
     cccagcgagt gcatatatac acacagttgc ctttcaataa atgagacatg agatttgaga    135420
     ctgtcttgtc tccattcttc gtgtctcttg ctcctcagtc tctactctct tgccaattct    135480
     gttgactgac ccacagaccg ggtcagtgaa actcatccct cctcttcctc ctcctttccc    135540
     tcctcctcct ttctcttcct ccacttcccc ctcctcctca acctcctctc cctcctcctc    135600
     ctccttcttt tgagactagg tctcataccg tccagactgg ccttaatctc actctgtagc    135660
     caagaatgat ctacctcttc tgagttctgg aattataggc ataaaccacc atgactggtt    135720
     taggattgtc ttagaataaa attgcttatg atttatttat tattggttaa tgtttgactt    135780
     gcatacctat tttatacatc tatatggttg gagttgtgta aaaatgtcct tgatgaaagt    135840
     gggttataag tataaaagtt taagaaacct gatctgaggc cagaattatt ctgatactaa    135900
     agtcgtattt taaaaatatc ttgcttcctt tctgatccgc cattgttggt ggagccactg    135960
     ccacgatgca gatttttgtg aagaccctta tggggaagac catcacgctc gaggttgaac    136020
     ccctggacac catagaaaat gtaaaggcca agatccagga taaggaagga cttcctcctg    136080
     atcagcagag gctggtcttt gctggtaagc agctggaaga tggccatact ttgtctgact    136140
     acaacattca aagggagtcc acccttcatc tggtgttgag ccttcttggt ggtgctaaga    136200
     aaaggaagaa gaagtcttac accactccca agaagagtaa gcataagagg aagaaggtta    136260
     agttggctct gctgaaaggt ggatgaaaat ggccaatcag ttgacctcat ccagagtgtc    136320
     cttctgatga gtgtggtgct ggagttatca tgggaagcca ctttgacagg cactgctgtg    136380
     gcaagtgttg tctgacttaa ctgcttcaac aaaccagaag gcaagtagtt gtgtatgagt    136440
     taataaaaat aaggaactga aaaaaatctt taaaaacaac tatatgtcaa tatcccttac    136500
     aaggggctgg ggatatcact tggtggagta tttgtttagg gtgcacaaaa ctctgcattc    136560
     attcaaaacc caggcactgc ttgtaaccca gccacccctt gtaattccag cactggtaaa    136620
     acagaggcaa gagcagtagt aaaaagtcat cctcagctat gtatctagtt caaggtcagc    136680
     ctgggctaca tgagactctg tgtcaaagaa aaacaagccc cacatatatg tatatattcc    136740
     tagcatgaaa atcctcaaca aaatattcta aactgaatgc tgttgagtct gatatcatga    136800
     gcttaatttc caggtctcac atggttggag gagaaaactg atggctacaa gttgttctct    136860
     accttcacat gcacactgtg gtgaatgggt gcatacacat acacacatgt gcactcatgc    136920
     acagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agaaaggagg aaaataggta ctaataaata    136980
     aatcaatgtg gctcaataca agaaaaattt atcaatgtaa tatatcatac taggagagag    137040
     aaatgaagaa aacctcacac aatcatctca tctgatgcta aaaaggaatt tgataaaatg    137100
     caataccttt aatgactttc aaaaagtgct ttaacattcc tggcagtggt ggcaaggtgg    137160
     aacaaacctt taattccagc tcttgggaag cagaggtaga actgatctct gagtttgagg    137220
     ccagccaggt ctacagagca ttccaggata gcctgggtat acagagaaac cttgtgaaaa    137280
     tgctccccac caaaaaaaaa aaaaagtgat ttaacaaaag attacacctg tggctgtagc    137340
     tcagtggtag agtgcttgcc caacatcagt gcaagacttt gagtttgatc cccagcacca    137400
     taagaaaaaa gtgcacaaca aataatagag aagaatcttc agtatacata taagtgacca    137460
     ttggctatag acctatctaa atataagagt ggaatgtggg atgccaaagt tccccgctat    137520
     tcttgtttca agatggaccc caatacttag tgcacacata tttacaactg ttatttcttt    137580
     ttaagatttt atttagtggg tctggagagg tggatcagta gtgaaaagca ctggctgctc    137640
     ttccaaagaa cccgagctca gttcccaaca cctacgtgtt tctcatagcc atcgagaact    137700
     ccagtcccaa gagacatgac gccttttcct gaccatccca gacaatgcat gcacatgatt    137760
     cagggacatt aatgcaggaa aaaataacaa caaatagttt taaagatttt gttagtttgt    137820
     gtgtgtacat gtgtccatat gtatgcatat ttatgtgttg catgcatgtc tgttcatgtt    137880
     cacgtgcatt tgagggtgca tgtctgtgag catgtgtttg tgtatgtgta tagatcggtc    137940
     tatgttcata tgtgtgcata tctgtgtgca tatacaaaag aaaaaagtca ccactgtgtc    138000
     ttctttagtc actttcccac cattttattt ttttagaagg ggtctctcag tgaacttgga    138060
     gcttgctggt ttggctagac tagctggtcg gcaaggccca gtgatcctcc tgcttctgcc    138120
     tacccaacac tagcattata ggaatatgct gtcatgcatg cttatttttt aagatggggt    138180
     ttcatatagc ccagaatggc cttgaacttg ctgtgtatcc taggatgact gaacttctct    138240
     ttctcctgcc tctacctctg aagtcctagg attccaggtg accaccacat ctctttttgc    138300
     ttgtttggtt gattggtttg ttgctgattg tttacatgac tcctaggaat agaactcagg    138360
     tcctcacact ttcatgacaa gctcctagcc caacacattt ttattataac aagccaaatg    138420
     gaatttacta agacaacaaa gagatcttac tttttaattc actctatcag cttctgtttt    138480
     ataataagaa actctaatgt atttaaaatg caacaattaa tggtgaagga ttagccattg    138540
     cctattgatt ttagctgttt attttctgag tcttcacagt gtctctgtct ctgtctctgt    138600
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ccctcttcat tcctcatctc cttttattca ttcactcttg    138660
     tttttctccc atttgtgtgt gtatggtatg tgtgtggtgt tttgcatgtg cgtccttgtg    138720
     tctgagtgtg tgcatttgcc tgggaaggcc catgactgac agcaggaatc atcctcaatt    138780
     gcttttccac cttattcatt taggtagggt gtctcaatca aacccagagc ccaccaatag    138840
     gaccagtgtt gctagccatc ttgcgctgga agaatccctg tctgccttct gagacaggaa    138900
     ttacaggtgg gctgccatgc ccactaggca tttagtggat tctgagacta tgaactccag    138960
     tcttcacatc tgcatagtaa atgctttaac tacagagcca tctccttaac aagcttgctt    139020
     ccatttttga gacatagtct tatgacatgg tccaggctaa tctcaaactc atcagcctcc    139080
     caagtacaga gattaccaat atgctccacc acacttggca ataaggagtc atctgtgagg    139140
     cacaaaccaa gcctttacta gacaccaaat ctagtggcga tttcatcttc aactcctcag    139200
     cctttaaaac tgtaagaaac agatttctgt tgcttctaag tccacagcct acaatacttt    139260
     tatcataaca agccaaatgg aatttactaa aacaataaat aggagttggg gatttaactc    139320
     agtagtagag tgtttgccta gcaagtgcaa ggccctgggt tcggtcctca gctctggagg    139380
     gaaaaaaaaa aaactaagac aatgaataga tctaatattt aattcattct agcaacctct    139440
     gcttcataat aagagagttt aatgtactta aaggaaagca attaagagtg aaggacttaa    139500
     ttttgcctat tgactttaga tgtttatctt ctgtgtatct ttgatgctat ctgtccttga    139560
     gttcctctgt catatcgctt aagcttattc tatgtatagt gtatgatttt atcccttttt    139620
     attttccttt ccatatattt ttagtgataa cattgggtat tgtgattaac acaccaatca    139680
     aatatccatc catttctgag actggtctgg aacttcctgg gttgccaaca ttgagcctgc    139740
     tcctgtctcc attcccaaga gagactgctt acaaatctcc acacattact ctcaaagagg    139800
     ggagtatttt caacatcagt tatggagaaa tttaacctct gtagataaat aataataaag    139860
     aacctcaatt aaaaattcac agttttagcc aggcatatgg cacacatctt taatcccaag    139920
     cactcagtaa tcagaggcag gcagattcct gagttcaagg ccagcataat ctacaaagtg    139980
     agttccagga cagccagtac tacacagaga aaccttatca tgaaaaacca cacacacaca    140040
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacggc tggagagatg gctcagtggt    140100
     taagagcacc ggctgctctt ccgaaggtcc tgagtggctg ctcttccgaa ggtcctgagt    140160
     tcaaatccca acaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatccat aatgagatct gacgccctct    140220
     tctggtgcat ctgaagacag ctacaaatgt acttagatat aataataata ataaataata    140280
     ataataaaaa gaaagacaaa ccacgcacac acacacaaat cacagtttta aaaacttatt    140340
     tcaggctaga gagatggctc agtagttaag agcactgact gctcttccag aggttctgag    140400
     ttcaaatccc agcaagatgg cttacaacca tctgtaatgg gatatgatgc cctcttctgg    140460
     tgtgtctgaa aaaaagccag aaaaacagta tactcacata cttaaaatta taaataaatc    140520
     tttaaaaaat atttcaaaat ggatcaaaaa tttaatccaa aatgctaagc tatagacttt    140580
     tatataaatt cattcaaaat gtcactatta gaatgaaaaa ataaaaatat gcaagtcatg    140640
     tgctggccag gatttgaaag aactggaatt ctcacatatc actgatattg atataaaatc    140700
     attctggaaa acatttgcca tatcaccctg caattccact cctgtgtgct ggtttggaga    140760
     aatgaacact catcttcacc tgcaaaaaaa aatacatgta tatatttaag gagaacttct    140820
     attgatcatc acccaaaacc aaaagaaaag agtctgctgg tcagttgcat gatagatgat    140880
     gcagtaggag aaaagactac tctgcaggat taaaaataaa ctattgatac aagaactaag    140940
     atgaagcccc aaagcaatgc tctgaatgaa gtagccctgc atgcggggaa agaatacatg    141000
     ctatatgcta tgaactgagt gttagtattc ccccagaatt aatactcaaa gcctgaacct    141060
     acaagatggt atttggaaat gtgacattgg gagtatgcct tgatgaatgg gataagaacc    141120
     cctctacaag aaccatggcc agagagccca gctgagctga gggataccac acatcagctc    141180
     aatcactaac tcaccccgct gagccaaaaa gacccaccca aagaactaat tccacatgca    141240
     gatgcccccg ggcaaaaaca caaaccacga ggcagggtgt ctcttcccaa aattaccagt    141300
     cccatcaaaa gttttctcaa tgaggaactt aaataaaatc ctggacaaag atttttaaac    141360
     catgattata ggtatgttca aagatttcaa aaaggataca aacttcttaa tggactcaaa    141420
     gatgactgaa caatctccta aatgagttcc aggagaacac acacagctga ggaactggaa    141480
     ggacagtcca gcagttaagt acttactgtg cttacagagg acaggttatg tgctcagcat    141540
     ccacatggag ctcacaacaa tctgtacctc cagtttcagg ggatctgatg tcctcttcta    141600
     acccccaagg acaccaggca ttaacgtgat gcacagacat acctgcagga aaaacacatc    141660
     aacacagaaa aaaaaaaaaa actctttaag aaagaattaa tgacaactaa ggcaagtcca    141720
     tcaaggctac tagaaggaat atggcagact gaagaggaga ataaaaaaca catccaagag    141780
     gatacagaaa aaataaatgg cattaggata gttactgtgt aaaagaggaa ttaggaaaca    141840
     tgaaacatta caaaatcaca ggaattaaat cacattttca ataataactc taaatattaa    141900
     taatttcaat tcctcaatca aaactactgg gtggtgggtc atgtgtaatg gctctttgat    141960
     ctttcttgaa taccaggtgg agtttatatg agttgtaggt taataatact ttaaagtata    142020
     ttagttcaag agggtattaa aggtcttagc tcatccaagc atggcaaaca tgttgacagg    142080
     ttttagcatt tacccttttt cctgtagaga caattttaat tcagcaacat aactatctgg    142140
     cagggtatca catccaaaga ccttctaggt tgatatgatc atgagtcaga gatcagatat    142200
     gcccaactca tacaataaca gcacaaaaga ggctacttta gaggagagag agagagaatg    142260
     tggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtggtg tgtctgtgtg    142320
     tctctgtgtg gtctgtgtat agacgtttta cagagacaga ttgcagggag aacaagttag    142380
     acacaggtga agacaacaag ccagagaatg ataaaggagc cagaagatta gaacatattg    142440
     ccaaatttag tatgagacca agcagagcaa ttcaggcaga agccaagaga agccagtcag    142500
     cttggaagat tagattgtat agagactaga agctttcagg cctcagtcta gcaattgtga    142560
     taacagagaa ggaaatgctc tgggctcagc cgaagctgtg tatttgcaca gcttgggtat    142620
     ggctctcatc ttataccatc atctaagaaa ataaaagtga cctttacatc tcccttgtta    142680
     aaaaccatta agttacatcc ctaaaggtac ttatttggcc actgcctcct gaagctgacc    142740
     accaaagttc agctgtcaaa gcattgacat ctatcaatca aaagcccctt tggttcacct    142800
     aattaatatg cccaattaaa attaaacacc ttaacctagc gcagggtttc ccctttccct    142860
     ttgtaagctc ccatttgcct atgcgtctgt ctcctctcta cccagaggca gttatttgtc    142920
     ccttggggtt aatatccctt ccccttttcc tccttgtcct gttgttgtct cttactctac    142980
     cctttgttcc tctggagcaa atactctttt gtaatgagaa cttggttagt gtgtcctagg    143040
     ctatctttca ttccatttat aacaaaaatg acatggactg atggcttaaa ttatgacttt    143100
     gtaacacagt tttagaattc cacagtgtaa tggttatcca aagaaaatgg agtactaccg    143160
     ggaaaaggag acagctgtgc taggcaggcc agtatgacag ctagccattg tttcctaaca    143220
     ttttttaatt gatcaaattt gaatttgaat ggataaaatt taagcttaat tgctagagct    143280
     taaagtagta taatgataaa tatgttaata aaatactagt taggaataca gacatgctaa    143340
     ttgctaattg gggagggatg gccttttagg cgttcctgct ggctgttgtg tgtggaggaa    143400
     tgctttggtg gatggcaggt atgcgaaggt ggcacagggc tgataaacga gccttagtgc    143460
     aggctatggc agccttggaa gcaggaacat ccccccaatg ttggctcaac atgctggatc    143520
     agtaatcaat gacgggtaag atcctcatgt gcgcatacca acccaagaca ggatggcaaa    143580
     agtgagttcg tcactcccat gacgggtaag gatgtggcac agtgggggca acctaagaca    143640
     gatgctgatc ccagagctac taataaaaca aaaaggggga gattcaggaa gcaggtgcgg    143700
     ccgcatgggc caagatggcg ccctggccca ttgccaggcc ccatgaaccc cacatgttta    143760
     ctgccttgcc cgaacatgca cagtgaaact gcatgcataa gctgcctgcc aagttagact    143820
     attcctcgtg atccagatct gtcagcctat ctgtgaccga cctgagctcg tgcttggagc    143880
     gtgtgtgatt ctgattggat gaggtggtgt ggagcaagat gaagtcagct gctgctacta    143940
     tgtgagtata gcccttgccc taagtagaag ttgtaagtaa agctgcaagt aaagaagaag    144000
     ctgctgcatg aacctgactt ggtgtccatg tccttcttgt ctctgtgggt cagagactgt    144060
     ggcactaatc ttgtactggg gacatcagat aagagcaaat agaaaacaga caaatagccg    144120
     ggcatggttg cacacacctt taatcccagc actcgggagg caggcgcagg cggatttctg    144180
     agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtga gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagga    144240
     gaaggagggg gagcagggga gcagcagcca ccccagcttc tcagggcttt ggcattttta    144300
     taccttctca agagtaccca gaatcacacc cctaccagag catgagacaa atcatagtta    144360
     gaggctatgg acaatctaaa gcagcccata tcccacatct aggattaaaa caaaaacata    144420
     ttcacataac ataactgttt tttttttaag aaaccaaaat tctcactaca acatactaac    144480
     ccattaaatc ctcaaaaaat atttagaaat ttaagatctg tttccactat gctcctttct    144540
     ggagcataga aaatttgctc agagttacaa gtctggtttt agtttgtttg tttgtttgtt    144600
     tgtttgtttg tttaatttta agttttattc tatgtatata ggtgttttgc ccagacattt    144660
     cacatatgtg tagttccaac agagaccaga agaggatgat agatcctgtt gtgagctatc    144720
     atgtgggtgc tgagtactga acctgggtct tttgaagagc atcacgtact cttaaccact    144780
     gagcccctga ctgaagtgtt ttgtgagtca gtgttcacac ttagctatta ttgctccttc    144840
     agagctttta aatcatttat gtggtatatc ataccttatt aatctgtttc agcgccatag    144900
     tatgtgcctg gctccttgct atattgatat gagttcaaag gtccagccaa aactcctgat    144960
     tatctgggaa gtgtggaagg atcataaggc acagggttca atccccagga gcaaaaagaa    145020
     aaagggaagt tggaagtcag gggatgaata ggaccaaatc tcttatagac tgatcaatcc    145080
     caggagcagg agaaacaact gttggaagaa gtcagacagt gtgtagactc agtgagatga    145140
     gtcaacgggc tttcaccaac ccggtggcta cacaaaatct ttgctcctca aactttacaa    145200
     gtatactaat aacctggagg tcttgttcaa aggcagatct ggatttagga ggttagagat    145260
     ggggcctgag atgctacatt tccaacaccc tcagaaatgc tgctgctgct gctgctaagt    145320
     ctggagacca catttttgag taacaaaaat atattaaaga aatattaggc ctggggagag    145380
     ggctcagtca gtaaagtgct tgctacaaaa gcaggacaat ctgagttcag atccccagca    145440
     tcctcagaaa agcctggccc agcagtgtgc atgtgtgcct cccccatgcc ccacccaccg    145500
     tgttgggcag atcctgggcc agacagatcc tggaagttca aaggctagcc cgcttagcag    145560
     aaatgggaag tttcagtggg caatgctgtt tccaaaacta aagcagagag cgaaagtgga    145620
     aaacacctga ggttaacctc tggcctccac atgtacagac acagataagt gtgtttatac    145680
     acacacacat gcacatacat tcatacacct caaacatgta aaggaaccaa aagaaacctt    145740
     gaataattca tatacattaa actttgtggg aatttgtgac tgaataggtg gtggtactta    145800
     cattcagaag tgaagtaaat tatatagtga ataaaccttc caccacaaag caacacctag    145860
     cttaaaaggt actatggtag ccacatttcc actttgtacc tatgtgacag taacactatc    145920
     cactagatac aagatgagga acaggtttgg gtggagtaga tagtaataag ataacattta    145980
     ttgggtacat aatatactct gcactgggct ctttgtgtgt tattttattt actctgtagg    146040
     acatatttat gaggtgggta ttatcgcaac ccttcataag tctgaggaaa ttgaaacaaa    146100
     ggtcttctca attagctgct ggtagtttgg atatatatat atatatatat atatacacat    146160
     atacatatat atttaatgta aatttgggag atcacatagc agtgctcggt gtactgtaga    146220
     tatgctgacc tgggactcaa gaagagttat tcttgggcca gtgagatgcc tcagaagata    146280
     aaggtgcttg ccacaaaacc agatgatctg agtgtggtta ccagagctca cacggtagaa    146340
     gacacataat tcatcactga cttccacagc tgtgctgttt cagcatgccc tgccctccac    146400
     ctccaccacc ccaccatgca gtaaagaaac aagcacaaaa acaaaaagtt gttcaaagcc    146460
     aggcatggtt gcacatgcat ctttaatccc agcactcagg aggcagaagc aggcagagcc    146520
     ctgaggccag tctacagagt gagttccaga gacgccctgc ctggggggat gtgggaggtg    146580
     gggcaccaaa gggagggagg gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    146640
     gagagagtta gttattcaga gcaacagaga tctaggagga attaagacat tagggtgaat    146700
     gaaatgatac caagagtcac aatcagacct tccaacagct gccaggcgtg ttttattttc    146760
     ctttagcatt taattactac acaaattatt atcatgaaat ctgagggtca atatttaggt    146820
     tttttctctt tctctctctc tttctttttc ttttcttctc ttctttgttt ctttctttct    146880
     ctttttcttt tctgaaacag gggccagtct cctgtactcc tgtagctcag gctggcctca    146940
     aattgttttg tagccaagaa tgacctcgaa cttctgaccc atcacctcta ccttctgagt    147000
     gtcccctctg actactgatg tctctctctg gtgctagttt ttagcttttt aaataagtaa    147060
     ctttatcttc tgctaaaata tcattagctt ggttttttgg ggtttttttt tgtttgtttg    147120
     tttgattttt gctttttgtg agacagtgtt tctctgtata gccctggctg ttctggaact    147180
     cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatctgc ctacctctgc ttcccaagtg    147240
     ctgggattaa aggcatgtgc caccactgcc cagctcatta gtttgttctt tatctctaaa    147300
     atgtagcaac ttttggcagc tgaagagatg gctcagcagg taagagccct tgctgttctt    147360
     gcaatgaacc caggttcagt tctcagcgcc cagcagcagc ttgcaacagt ctctaactcc    147420
     agttccaaca ccctcttctg gcctctacca tcagcaggca aaacatttat acacatagat    147480
     aaagataagt aaatctacgt taaaaatgtg tccacccacc cagattctgt cttaaagttg    147540
     tgtgatggtt aatactgtca atctgacaga atctagaatc tcctaggaga cagactttgg    147600
     gcgtgctggt gagaaattat tcagattatg ttaatggaag ttggaagact caccttaact    147660
     atggagagca ctgatctggg ctgaagtact aggctatatt aaacaggggg ttattaaaag    147720
     ctgagtatta gcatatacca ctctctgatt cctgcttatg taagcagcca cctcaagtcc    147780
     tgagccaggc tttctaaccg ggatggaccg tattctcaaa ctgggattca aaataaaccc    147840
     tttctccttt aaattgcttt tgtcagggca tttaaacact gaaacaggat aagtaactaa    147900
     cacaagttga cctctgctta ttaattttct ggaaccccga gaacccattg aattttctac    147960
     ttgtatgtct gaggaaagtt ttcttccatt ttgattattg tttctaattg attgcctcag    148020
     tttttttttt taaagattta tttattatta tatctaagta cactgtagct gtcttcagat    148080
     gcatcagaag agggcgtcag atctcattat ggatggttgt gggccaccat gtggttgctg    148140
     ggacttgaac tcaggaccat cagaagagca gtcagtgctc ttaaccgctg agccatctct    148200
     ccagcccaat tgcctcagtt ttatttttgg atatatatag tttgaattcc tacaattatc    148260
     tcaattattt tctttcttgc ttttaaagac aggtcttagt atggagccct gtctgagcaa    148320
     atgctgtgat taaaagcatg caatactatc ctagattgtt ttctttttta gcggttttaa    148380
     tgattttgca aactttccta atatctacct tttatactgc tgacttgttc ttctgtgtca    148440
     tcagatgttt actgtttcag ctgctaattt tatgttaatt cgtggggttt ttatttcatg    148500
     atactatcca tctatcctgg tctttaaaaa atacatttta atagagccat ggtattaggt    148560
     ttcttctgaa atagattctg ctgaatggac taaaacattt tgaaggatta aagaatcaaa    148620
     aacttgccat atgcttagta tgcattcctc cactgaggaa caccccagtt cttcccttta    148680
     ttattaaaga tttacttttt tatctttgag attgcctagt taatctttat tgatgtctag    148740
     aaggccagac ttgatgtctc taagttagat ctccatgttg gccacacagg agtctgcttc    148800
     cagggatggc tcaggagaca gtggtagtca cttataatct cattagctct gctttgtctg    148860
     ggcatccacc aactttaaga ttccaatttc atccttcagt ttagtggtgt ttgtgactgg    148920
     ttcggaccca tgacatcaag tttttttgtt tggttggttg gttttttttt tctaaatctt    148980
     gttcagatgt tttagccatt ctaactatgc tgtgtttcag tatacccatc tgtgacaaaa    149040
     cttttcctgg ggagacacaa cacaggtttc ctcactacaa acaggagctc acaacagacc    149100
     aaagtgtgga tgctgctgaa gttgaagagt gtccttccga gtgcataagt ttgtctaaac    149160
     cattaccagg cagcaggcag ggttttgcct cttccaggta gctggtctca agagtctttg    149220
     cagctcacct gagctccatc tcagagggac tctcagcttt tattgcttac tctggtggga    149280
     ggggcctagt gaatctggtc agttttaagg acttcctgaa actcctttga gttttttgat    149340
     tggttttgtt tttttgagac agggtttctc tgcatattct tggctatcct ggaactcact    149400
     ctgtagacca ggctggcttc caattcataa gcgatctgcc tgccactgcc tcacaagtgg    149460
     tgggaatcaa ggtgtgaggc accatgccgc cttgctgctt ttagttttta gtttactatt    149520
     tcagaagctt cccctcaagt tagaatgttt caagttcata gaatgtttca gtccttcagg    149580
     aaactgttgc acaacacctg gacccgagtc cccaaatttc tatgtctttt tccagtgtcc    149640
     ctacccacag ctctctatac tttcccttgg ctttttattt cttcacaaca cttaagtgca    149700
     aatattgtat tttgtctgtc ttttcactct ggaagcatgg ctggctccag tgccgtagat    149760
     attcagcaaa tcttcttgaa caaacctcta attaggggat tcaatgtctt gtgttttggt    149820
     ttctgcttac ttatgtctca cactgttagg tgtgtgtcac gggcaagaag gtagatatat    149880
     gtagttagta taacaaaagt tatattttat tatgctgaag gtcatcatgc aaggtttaca    149940
     gtctaaattt cttacagtcc taagcctgtc tccccaaggt cacctgtgtc acctatctta    150000
     gcttcagatc aggtttctga tttgaggatc aggaccctgg cggggggggg gggggggggg    150060
     ggggagtgga ttctctagcc acagagcaga tcaaggtgta tctctccaga tgtgtagagc    150120
     aaatcactgc ttttggtctc tgcttatatt ctgtccagtg ggcatcatgg ggttctagga    150180
     ctgtatctgg ttatcttgcg tgagtgatgt cactgagctc tggatcagga gcagccttgg    150240
     atgctgtggg attcctgctt aatctagttt tatatgtcta aaaggcattt tttaaaatta    150300
     tgctcattac agggtgaaag tttttttctg ggtctgggtt atgctttttg gtttctgtcc    150360
     cactctgatg gtctaagttc atcagagtgc acaatgtggg ccacgtattc ttagaggtct    150420
     gtctcagggg tcccgtggtt ggtgtgcagt gagtcctctg gtctcaagcc aagtccctgg    150480
     tcccgtgtga gttcgttctg gaccaggcac agcaccagga cagtgggtgg gactctgtgg    150540
     ggtccttatg cctaaattcc aacctagctc tctagagcta cccagcgctt gggtctccga    150600
     gcgcacatga cgtccctccc ccgcagccgc agtgctcctg cctcacctcg ctgcttccgc    150660
     cgacccgcga gactccgccc tctctaccaa gagaagccaa tcaacacgca cgcccttgac    150720
     tccgccctag cgcccttcga cgcgaaccct tccctcctcc cactcgtagc ccgcccgtca    150780
     ggcaggaagg ctggcagtgg ttctaccggc ggttaattct ctcctctgtg ttgtcctcct    150840
     tcctcgttcc cgatcgccgg cgggggcggc tacacgggcg gcagcgcggt tcctgcggga    150900
     agcgcagcat aagtcgagcg gcagccgcga agcgtcgaac cgaacgcggc ggcggcggcg    150960
     gcggcggcgg ctgtgcagcc aacatggcgg cggcggcggc ggcgggcccg gagatggtcc    151020
     gcgggcaggt gttcgacgta gggccgcgct acaccaacct ctcgtacatc ggagaaggcg    151080
     cctacggcat ggtttggtga gtatccgcgc tggatttcag gcccggcctc acgcggtcac    151140
     cctgtgcccc ctgcctgtgg ctgatctgga cgcacccacg gcccttcccg cgccttggcc    151200
     tcgcgttctg cggcgccccg gacccctggc ttcttggcct tcactcctgg agccctgggg    151260
     cggggtcctg gagccggtcg aggcttaggt gttgctcctc gtcttcctct gctgcttctc    151320
     gtttgcggtt ggaggggcaa ccccgattga ggccaggact cgaagactcc ggggcttggt    151380
     cttaaagcgc gtactttcga ggcttctccc tcgggacggg aacggaagta cactgtgtct    151440
     cctaatttat agcattatag ccaccgcctc ttgacattag attaaagcca ggaattgtat    151500
     tagatgcttg tccgtggtgg cggcggccat ggttttgcaa gacggaataa taggcttgtg    151560
     tgctgagcac caaaatattt ttcttctctt ctgtgtacgt gaacagcatt cacaaaatat    151620
     cttaagtagc gctaatgatg ctttctgcct cgggcttaac cgttaatgac acagcgttgg    151680
     ttgtggacat attgaaatct tgaagtttca aaatggattt aaatataccg attgtgtttc    151740
     agaaaggata agccagcatc actctagaat tattaagaag tatttggagt tagtcctaat    151800
     ttgactttaa attatcccgt cgttaccctc aagagtactc tcttaacagt gtgaatgtat    151860
     ccatatgttt tagcccgatt actgtgatcg tttccccata acgtttcagt gttcaagaat    151920
     agtttttgca cgatcacttg caggatttcc tgcatgtgga atgttgaagt gtattgtttt    151980
     aactaaaaca agttcattta tcgaaggtct ctgagatagt ttaatttaac ttagctatct    152040
     tgaggaaaga gaagacagcc tttttcagat aaggtattga aaggaagtcc ttttacaggg    152100
     cgaagaacta gaatcaagct ttgctgtaga aagatcctgt tttaaatgct tcagctcttg    152160
     agctattgca caggcctctc cttgatttaa taatctcagg acttcggcat attttcctga    152220
     tgaacaagtc tattcagaaa tgcattaaaa tttgaatagt cataatttta gaaatgccag    152280
     aaaaggtgtg ttttcaccaa gtgtgctaac aagatagaat aattaacgtt cttttttttt    152340
     ttttttaaag aaaagactca tgaatagtta tatttttatg agcaaaatgt ctcatagtat    152400
     acaattacga agataaaagt gaactggacc tgcaagtcaa aagaggaatg gagaaaaagt    152460
     actttccata tcacatttgt cttgcatgta ttactaccct gtacctgctg gtaaatatgc    152520
     cagtaacact tattattgac actcatgatt acccactata ggctcattta tttaaggggg    152580
     gattatttta agtagggaca aaaaaaaatt aggatctgtc agttgaactc acacattccc    152640
     caccaccctg agaagatgga ttatttagat cctgttgcta ttcacctttg aagtttccac    152700
     ttgctgtgca gaattctttt taaaattcaa attttagggg ctggagagat gagtcggcat    152760
     ttaagagcac tggctgatct gggttcaatt cccatggcag ttcacaactg tctgtaatta    152820
     cagttccaga agatgagatg ttctcataga gatgcattca agcgaaacat tcatatgcat    152880
     aaaataaagt taattcattt ttttaagaca gggtttctct gtgttgttgc cctggctgtc    152940
     ctggaactca gtttttagac taggctggca cctgcctctg ccttccacct ggcacctaca    153000
     aattttaatt ttaagaaaaa tgcagatgta attggaattt aaatcctaac atcagccttt    153060
     tatctccaga ttgataacat atcttaggta tcttagtatt tatttaatag tcttaattgt    153120
     atgtcattag catctcatca atgttgagtt tatggcagct tcttaagtat ctacttgaat    153180
     agttgtgatc tttaaaaagt tggagagatg gcatagtggt tgaatatcat ctgctgcttt    153240
     tgcaggacct aagctcagat tcctgcatct acattagatg acactcctac ccaacccctg    153300
     gcttccaagg gcatctacac tcacgtggtg catagaaaac tcactagggg acacacacta    153360
     aaaactgaat ttaagaataa ctcttttaaa aagattattt aagggatttt aagctgttct    153420
     ttagcaagat ttccctaaaa cagttctccg ggaatagtgc ctatctgttc aagttccctt    153480
     cctagtcatt atgtagaaga caaaaagata aaatgtgggg gtggggtgca ggatagatat    153540
     agctcagcag ttgagagctc caaccaaaat tcagttccta atagccagta actccaagta    153600
     atcttgatgc ctccgacctc ttatgggtgt ctctgtgtgt atgcacatat atgggtgtat    153660
     gtgagtacac ataattaaaa ttaaaatgtt tttaaaagaa gactgagttt tgagttgggc    153720
     atttaaatgt gggtgtgatt ttgatagaca gataatagga acaggtaaca gcttgagctg    153780
     ttgagtctaa tcttagaaaa gtattgaggt aaaacactgt agaggactcc ataagaaaag    153840
     tcggtgggaa agaacgcatt gatgtatttg agagtcatag gcaaatttta agtatggtgg    153900
     tgatacagca atcaggccgt tgtagccatc tcaaggtgca gtaattcatt tccagtggag    153960
     atgaggaatc ttgagcaaac agaaccagtc ataagaggtc ttgtggaaag tcacaagaga    154020
     tagaatgaag acaaggttag ttataaggtg agaagccaag aaaggtgggt ttaggtttga    154080
     agattgctga gctaaaatga gaaggtgtag gactggtgcc ataatccaag agaggggata    154140
     ctgaaggcag agtgggttta ccatggagag agagatggct ctgtcagttt gtggtgtttg    154200
     tagcagaggc tggagaggtg gctcagcatt aagagcattt gttcttgcag atggcttggg    154260
     ttcagtggta gcttgcaact gcccttaacc ctggttccag gaaatctgac atcctctggc    154320
     tccacaggca catgaatgca caaacataag caggtaaaac atacaaaaaa gaaaatctta    154380
     aagaaagaaa gaagcctttc tatatagtgg gtaacagtta aaatcttggg tggaggagta    154440
     cagattgtta tttgaggcac tggtttctta aaattgtaaa gtgcatgttc aacatctttt    154500
     tggtataata gttaggagat tttttttcag aagggttcat gatccccagt atggttaaga    154560
     gccatgacag aacaggagga ataaaagcat cactggcaaa gaagagaaac ctgagaactg    154620
     ctgagatgtg tagaagaatg gcaaacgtca gaacaaagaa atggagttgt gtgctaggtt    154680
     gtctactaag ataactgttt taaagaaggt ctttaaaaaa ccagtagtgt atttttgtgt    154740
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtctttctga ctgtccttga aggccacaag    154800
     catttgtgag tcacttgatg ctggtactgg aaactgagct ggagttctct gcaagaacag    154860
     caagcaccct caaaccctga gctatccctc cagccctgga tgaatctcat tttgaaatac    154920
     tgtgtttctg aatgtgacgg aggggttggg agatttaagg tcaggctatt ggaaggggtg    154980
     agaggcactc tgagaagtaa agggtatagg gtatctgcct gtaggtatgg ggaggccagg    155040
     aactgtgcgg aagggaacca ggaaaccaag acttgatatt gtcacaggaa ctcaggaact    155100
     caaggacctg gtagtcatta aaaggttact acagggagca agagcatgta gttgaagaca    155160
     agctattata ttcttcactc tttttttttt tttttttttt aaagatttat ttatttattc    155220
     tatgtaagta cactgtagct gtcttcagac actccagaag agggcgctag atctcgttac    155280
     ggatggttgt gagccaccat gtggttgctg ggatttgaac tctggacctt tggaagagca    155340
     gtcgggtgct cttacctgct gagccatctc accagccccc tatattcttc actcttaata    155400
     aaaagatgat tcctgtcaga ttctattatg ttctttttcc ctgatagtgc agtattccat    155460
     gcttttaaga ttttgtgatt gaagcattca tatctgtgtc acttactttg cactttaaga    155520
     agtatgcatc atctaaccct caagctactg caaaactgac tagcttttct tttgttcttt    155580
     cccgggacgt gattgagagc atttaggtgg cttactctag gacatggtta gaagtgtgag    155640
     tcagcaggac atgacagtac caggagtata actccgtgga agagggcttg ggcctggtac    155700
     gtgtgaggga acctatcctg tctgatctgt aagtgccatt cacaagactt tagagttgag    155760
     gtgggggcac tgcgtagctc agtgtggtgc tttcttagca ctctctgggg ctcatctcca    155820
     gtgttgaaaa caagcaggga gggaaggtga aggtgagaaa tgacagctta agttacaaaa    155880
     cattatgttc tcttgcatct catttttgcc ttccttaaaa ctcttcatat aaaccaccag    155940
     gcgtggtggc gcacaccttt aattctcagc gctcgggagg cagaggcagg cggatttcta    156000
     agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagttc caggacagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc    156060
     tgtctcgaaa aaccaaacaa acaaaagagc aactcttcct ataaagtcat ttgctcagaa    156120
     agagcttctc acgcacagaa tttacttggt tcttgcatgg tggtgacttt gtctgaatag    156180
     gatatactta ggcaaaaaca cagactgcca gtgctgtaca ggaacaatgc tgggtgatag    156240
     aagactgtct ttataaggcc ttgtggatgt ttaagctcat tattaaagta tgagtatttt    156300
     acctttaaaa gtggttttga ggcagagaga aataatacat gcaaaggcac gggaccatga    156360
     aaacagcaca tgtggtcagg aaaaccacag atgggattgc tagagtaaag gacactttcg    156420
     ggggagaggc tgtggttatg acagccggga gattggacgt ggtattatag aagactagag    156480
     aatcgaggga tggccctgtt ttcacagtta gagaatgtgt gggtttgcct gctctgtctg    156540
     ctcctgcctt tacttgtgtt ttgtgtgttt tgagaaaggg tctagcagct caagctggcc    156600
     attgacccac tgtgtgactc aggcacaaat gctgggataa tagggtatgc caccacaccc    156660
     agattagaaa tcagaaactc agacatagtt gctaaactaa caagtcagag attgtattta    156720
     gagcctaaaa agcatgagga ggctgctcac aaaaacatca gaaatgtagt gtttctgaca    156780
     acgaggtagt tagctgtaac ttaccctgtt acatgaattt gcttggcatg attgttacat    156840
     gattattttc agttctcagg tattatgaag gttcttgtga aaagcatccg gatttcccag    156900
     gcaaccatat gtacttatta attaaaaaga gttgaagctg agcagggtaa actatccttt    156960
     aatcaagcac tgggaggcag aggcaggcag gtctctgagt tcaaggccta gctttgtcta    157020
     catactgaga ccttgtctca aaaaacaatt gagggaaaaa aagagacaat aaaaacaata    157080
     taagaaaaac aaacaagaaa caaaaaaccc ctaaagacag ttgaaggctg agaagatggc    157140
     tggtgggtaa agggtaaaag tttcttgcaa atttggtaac gctaatgtga attgagacct    157200
     ttggaatcca tgtaaaagct gtgtaaaaat tcatggtagc atgtgtttgg aattatagca    157260
     cccctgaaca tcaagttagg aggtggggac aaaagattac cttggaagct catgggctag    157320
     ctagcctgga gtatccagca aatgacaaac aaaagacctt gattgaaata aggtggaggg    157380
     ccaggaccag tcagcccttg aggtcctctg acctccacat ttgtgtcctc acacagatac    157440
     agaaataagt atttgaaaac atttctttcc ccgaatacta cttgctgtgc aaccttagaa    157500
     tggtctgtgt gcctttgctt ttattccttt tcactttgga atgttccact agtaaagact    157560
     gacagcctga cctttgaaat ggcccactct gtgtgaggag aaagatgcaa ggagggttct    157620
     gacgtgaggc tttatggaat gtgagcagaa ccactagaga aagttacaaa caacaaagtg    157680
     aaaggttcct tgttgacaaa gaaaattgaa aggattgtgt tctgtctggg gttttcaaac    157740
     tgtcaccttt ccaagggccg acagagcctt cacgtacggg aaaccttatg aacaaaacct    157800
     tacggatgac agtcctcctt tttgaagcat cagcactttg gtctttcctt ctctcccacc    157860
     tttttgtttt cctttcagtc atctattaac cttcacacat gattattagg accagcaaca    157920
     taaggcaagg gttctgttgc tttaaatgca ttaaaaagtc cacagactag attattctct    157980
     ccagggtccc tgtggtggtt tgaatgaaaa tgtcctctgt agactcttgt atctgaatac    158040
     ttggttgtca gttggtgtcc accttctaag cgctagggtt acaggtattc acggttacac    158100
     ctgacttttt atgtggttct gaggacctga attcaggtcc ttatgcttgt gtgtttggct    158160
     agcattctgc ttgctgaggc acatccctag agtcctcaag agacactctt gaccatgttt    158220
     tctaaggtta gtgttctttc tgcttggctg cagtgttcat tccagcattt ctctagttta    158280
     tagtgtcgct tcagtgcagt aagaatagca tagatttttg tccaattaat tacatgcagc    158340
     tgtgggaaat tacccaacat tcatattttg tgaggagtgt aagagtgcca gggaagtatt    158400
     gagtgtgaat acctgttgta ctgtgacaaa gcaattacct aacaagcaat ttgggtggta    158460
     aggtggctta gcaggcagaa tcctaactaa tctgacttgg atctctgaga gccagctcct    158520
     gcagattgtc ctctgggaaa aaaattatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    158580
     atatacacgc gccatataca tgctcatgcc tttaaaaaat aattttttaa aagaaaaagc    158640
     tacagaatag tttcatactg aaggagtcta cattatatgt agataatatg tagtactcaa    158700
     ttctgatttg gcacaattga caagactaga ttggaatcta acattgggtt atgattcaaa    158760
     tgttaaagag tttggaggtt gcatattatg ttagtaagaa aggcacatta aaatatgcat    158820
     tattttgaag aactgtattt ttagttcctt ttctcttaaa aaatggtgag ttactatgag    158880
     aaaggtgttt gtgtaaatga gaggagtttg cagacagcta gctagctgga ggaactttgg    158940
     cctggaagtc agcagatcta aacctaaggc ctgtgcttca gcagatgtga aaatgtttgc    159000
     ttttttggag gttgctttca gtctagcgat gctaaaaacc catcctaaaa cttatacatt    159060
     ttccccgtga aattatcttt gtttctattc cattgtttga atcagatgat tttaaaaaga    159120
     attcatagaa gttaagacct ttcccacaag ttttttcttt agggcatata tggcacatgc    159180
     ctgcagtctc tatttcatca gttcagaggt ggaggacaga gaccagcatg gtgtgcagag    159240
     taagccccta tctcagcagg acagaagaaa agttgatgtt taacacacta ctgtaaaaac    159300
     agctaactgc tatattaaaa ctcttgtggg agcagctgag gatttagctc agtgtgatcg    159360
     ggcgtttttg cccagtgtgt atgaggcccc tggtttgatc ccctactcca gtggttctct    159420
     gccttcctaa tactgcaacc ctttcatgca cttcctcatg tgatcccaac cataaattta    159480
     tttttgttgc ttctttctaa ctgtaatttt gttactgttt tcagttgtaa tgtaaatatc    159540
     tttgttttct aatggtcttg aaagagttgc ttcaccccca ggttgagaat cattgcccta    159600
     caccttctaa aaaacaaaca agaaacacaa acatgttctt gaggcattct gcctgtgatt    159660
     acattttgct agtattttcg gggtttttat tatttttaac cacacatatg catacaggtg    159720
     cctctaaaag ccagagatgt tggatctcct ggagttggag ttaaaaaaca gtgtgagttg    159780
     tctgatgtgg gcgtaggaac ccaggtactc tcggtgatga gtaagtgctc ttaactgctg    159840
     agccatcttt tcaggcccct ttatgtttgt ttgagtcagg ttttcacttt atagaccagg    159900
     ctggcttcaa actcaacatt cacttacctc tgcctccagt actagggata aattcatgtg    159960
     ttaccatgcc catctcctat tcctttttga tagtattttc aattaatctt ttgggacagt    160020
     ccgaatcatg taccattcat tcactgacaa taaaatattt tcaaagacaa tgtttttatc    160080
     aaggcaggcc ctattggtgc tcttggaagc agaggcaggt ggtacgaatt cagcatggtc    160140
     tcaggccaga ctggtctata caagtgagtt ccaggatacc tatagctaca cagtgaaagc    160200
     ctttctctca cacacacccc ataacattct tttactcgtt tctcaccatt ctttgttcac    160260
     tcctagcaat tgttgatctc agagccctcc ctccaaaact gttcaacctt cttcctccat    160320
     cccttctccc tgccctgtaa ctaccacagc ttgaaaggag acagctgggc agctccaatt    160380
     ctcaagaatc ccctgcagga ttgttttccc ctctctaaat aaaggcccac tatgtcctaa    160440
     ttatttgtct gtccttgctg tttttccaaa acccaggcat ctttcaacag tgacttttct    160500
     tgagtaggag aatgagtagg gaatgccctc taccccactg ttctctaacg gggctctaga    160560
     gctgtaggtt agcacagtta ggataagata aaaagaaatt taagttgcca ggaggtggtg    160620
     gcacacacct ttaatcccag cagaggtagg ctttgttcta cagagtgagt tccaggactg    160680
     ccactggcac acagaaaaac actgtctcaa aaccaaaaag aaaagaagaa agaataaaac    160740
     ctaagcaatg aaaagacaaa gcaaaagtga tagagaatca caaattaatt ttctttccag    160800
     atctctttgt attagatccc ctagaactgg agttagagac tactgtgagt ggccaggtgg    160860
     gtgctaagaa ttgaacccag gtcctggaag agcagccagt gctcttaact gctgagccat    160920
     ctcctttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg ttttgcctgc    160980
     acatatatat gtataccatg tgtgtgcctg gtaggaaacc tctgaggtca gaagaaggca    161040
     tcagatttca aactggagtt gatggttgtg aggtaccatg tgggaaccaa accttgagtc    161100
     ctctgtaaga actatatata catgctttta accatttgtt aatgtattta ttgatgttat    161160
     tttaatttga gcttgaaaca ctcaaatgta tctaaacatt gtttaaagaa tgaattaaat    161220
     acatgtatca tcatcatgaa gattataagc ctgagtattt cttctggcct ccacatgggc    161280
     acacacattt atccagttcc cttctggagt tggccactat cttcagtttt ttgtaactta    161340
     cattttcttt ttagtctttc ctcttatttt taacttttat tgaagcatga tatacatata    161400
     gaaaaattca tgtgaaatta ctgtttgagg gactgatggg tactcagcaa gaaaaagtgc    161460
     ttgccttgtg agcctgatgt cctgagtatg tcatcctgaa cttcagcttc tgtttctgga    161520
     tttaggaaaa tagaccttac acaaatgact gtgtgactca gtcacccaga tttctttcag    161580
     acttacttct ctttcctaaa attaaaacac acagcacaac atcgccccaa taatcttcat    161640
     ttgtagtgcc atctacatct ttggagtctt ttacagctaa tctagactac tcttccacag    161700
     tacccagaag gaacagctct ctgaatgtac agattgtatc ctgtagccca cagcttgtaa    161760
     gcactctcgt ctgagtctat gtggtggttc catggccaca caaagtgggg atttgcctcc    161820
     tgagagcctg tgacttggtt aggttttcat tgttgtgaag agacaccctg gccaagacaa    161880
     ctcttttttt ttttttttta atttatttta tatatgtgag tatactgttg ctgtcttcag    161940
     acacaccaga agagggcatc agatcccatt acaggtgatt gtgagccacc gtgtggttgc    162000
     tgggaattaa actcaggacc tctgaaagag caatcttaac cgctgaacca tctctccaac    162060
     cccccaaggc agctcttata aaggaaacat ttaacagttt cagaggtcta gtccattatc    162120
     atcatggcag gaagcacagc agcatacaga cagacatagt gctggaagag ctgagagttt    162180
     tacatcttga tcagcagaca accgaaggag cctgtgtttc acactgggtg gagcttgaac    162240
     aactgagacc tcaaagcctg cccccacagt gacatacttt tcaacaacaa agccaacctt    162300
     ctaaaagtgt tgctctcagt gggccaagca tcaatacatg aggccattcc tattcagact    162360
     actacagcct gcttgccaga agagacagtg gttcggttat cttcttgagc agggaatggc    162420
     taagctatag ggcaagtaga ggagtctgtc tcttgttatt gttggttttt tgtttgtttg    162480
     tttgtttata tgtttgtctg gcctcaaaat tacagaaatc tgctgcctct gcctcccaag    162540
     tgctgaatta aaggcatgtg ctaccactgc ctggcattct tttccatact ctgatatttt    162600
     gagacagggt ttccttgtgt aatatccctg ggtgtcctag acttactttg tagtctgggt    162660
     tgcctcccaa aggcatgtgc tactacctcc tggcctttcc tctactcttt ttcctttttt    162720
     ttcttttttt tttttttctt tggtttttta agacagggtt tttttgtgta gccctggctg    162780
     tcctggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg ctttgaacta agaaatccac ctgcctctgc    162840
     ctcccgagct ttcctttact cttaattgga tcttttttca gttcccaggt ggagttgatc    162900
     attttgtctg taaagcatat cagtcacaaa agatcacctg taattagtca tctgtagatc    162960
     tgtttctgct acctttcttg ctttagtttt tgtctctttg gttgactaat aattaagcaa    163020
     atgctagata ctgtgtatga aatctatcgg ccttgggcga tattcttttc ccccagaggt    163080
     ttactcaagc ttctgatggc agacaaagtg acacatcacc cttttccagt cagagattgg    163140
     actgatttga agcttggttg tagcttttaa tggctttgtc tacatttgat ttttgccatc    163200
     actcctaagg gtagggtagt gccacctacc tgagtcagag gtatttaagt tcttatgctt    163260
     aggtgttctg caatgactgt ttctgtcacc tttgcactat aataagaaat aatcaccccc    163320
     acccccaaat taactctccg tgtttagaag tcagaggtta atccttgaag tctttatttc    163380
     cagtagagtt gagggagcaa actctggttg ttaggcctgt gcatcaagtg ttttactcac    163440
     tgagccatct gacctgccca caaacattct gcagttgctt tttttaaaaa aaaaaaagtg    163500
     tctgcacgtg cactacatat ttccctcttt gctcttatag gtttcttaaa acccaaactt    163560
     atctggcttc tttgattact gtggcctgtt gcttctagaa tgatcccaaa tactgcaggg    163620
     gccgtgatgg atactagttc caggtgtgct ttacataggt aaaggagggt gacagagagt    163680
     ttctgtggag agtgccaggc ttggctcttc tttttttttt ttttttttgg ttttggtttt    163740
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttggt ttttcgagac agggtttctc    163800
     tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ttgtagatca gggtggcctt gaactcagaa    163860
     atccgcctgc ctctgcctcc cgagtgctga gattaaaggc gtgagccacc acgcccggct    163920
     gcatttgctt attatacaca gaaaagactt gggtgagtcc ttttagatag taaagggcag    163980
     aagcatggtg gccatgggaa gtgcctcttc cgtggaactt tgtatttctt gtgtgtctcc    164040
     tttactgccg ttgcctcaac cctttcctag ggaagatgaa tattgctctg ttaaacagtt    164100
     ggaaggatga aatggtagca ggggaactat cagcatttgt gatggttaat ttctttgttg    164160
     tttctgcttg cttttttttt tttttgataa tcctcattgt aatcaccctg gctgaattga    164220
     ggagcaccta gaaaatgagt gaagcacagc cctaggtgct tttgtgttga ttttacatta    164280
     cacttcaagg agaattaggt aagaggtgga tccacacctg aatggtgcag caccgtgcaa    164340
     tgggctgggg ctgtggatat aggaaaagag gggaaaagga atctgcaggg ggctatggtg    164400
     cacccacacc ctcatgattt cttgctccac ccccacccac catgctgttc tacctctcag    164460
     ttacagggtc atagagcaaa attgctctag attggaattc aaactgagat aatgtaatct    164520
     ctccactgtc tctcttgggt atttgtcata gtgattaaaa ctcataacag catttgagca    164580
     ataattaaga ggaaagtgaa gttactttct tttgagtagt ttatcagtga aagataaaac    164640
     atttataaga gctatatgta ccaaatgttg agatctctaa atttttcgtt gggtacattg    164700
     acagttttag aaagatcttt gtgggagtgg gaaccagtcc tctggcctcc attgaacctc    164760
     catagtttgg agcacttctc tatatcacaa gattattggt gggaagaaca gaggagctct    164820
     ttacccctca ggttccgtag gagcagatgt attactgatg tggacacaga acacagctct    164880
     caggtcacag aagtaacagt ttattcttga gttaaataca aatgcccaag aacacagatt    164940
     tatgttatct caaatagcat gttgcactgt ggaaatattt catggtgtgc atgcgtgtgt    165000
     gcatatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtggttct tcaagacggg    165060
     gcttctctcg aatagccttt gttctcctgg aacttactct gtagaccaag ctggccttaa    165120
     actcagagat cggcctacct ctctgcctcc caagtgctgt gatgaaaggc atgcacaagt    165180
     gtggggtttt cccctgggaa tttaatttat actaaaatct ggtatactac acattatcac    165240
     aacactcaag gaggtataac aatattagtg atagtgcctt gatgtgtcct gatatttttg    165300
     ttcacttcct tgcaaccttc ttcaagcagg aaatatatct tatttattgt tttttaaaca    165360
     ctgcttttaa aatctcatct ctgtccttaa actctggatg acttagagac tttttgaaca    165420
     gaatcgtaca cagtaaccca gactggtctg aaatggatta tatagcccaa aatgacctgg    165480
     cactcctgtt gaactcctga atgacgagat tacaagcatt tattagaaac tgttgtaaaa    165540
     aacacttcag attcactgtc ttatacttct cttttgaaaa agagtctggg ggctggagag    165600
     attgctcagt ggttaagagc actggctgct cttccagagg tcctgagttc aattccacat    165660
     ggtggctcac aaccatctgt aatgggattt gataccttct tttggtgtgt ctgaagacag    165720
     ctacagtgta ctcacataca taaaatatgt aaataaattg ctaaaagaaa aagagtctga    165780
     ctttgcaact gtagttggcc ttgaactcaa aactgtccgt cggactctca agtgttggga    165840
     ttacagttga cagtgttatg tctggcaggg ttggagagat ggctcaggtt aaataaatag    165900
     cactgatagc tcttctagaa gacttgggtt caggtctcat atggcagctc agaaccatct    165960
     ataaactccc ttttctagag gacctgatgc cctcctctgg cacatggtgc atagatacat    166020
     atgtaggcaa aatacctacc tataacacat gaaataatat atttttaaag tataatacct    166080
     gggtatttta atgattttta ttaagtacat tgttcactat tttgactata tttacattat    166140
     ataatcaatc tctagaattc ccatcttttg catctgtgga tagttttgca aaattatata    166200
     cccgctaaac agctactcta cattcctccc cctctcttta gtccctggaa gttaccattc    166260
     tttttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttttttttg gtatttcgaa acatggtttc    166320
     tctgtagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcaat ttttagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa    166380
     atccgcctgc ctctgcctcc cgagtgctgg gattaaaggc atgcgccacc actgcccggt    166440
     ggaagttacc attctgcttc atgtaaattt ggcttttttt gtttgcttgt ttttttgaga    166500
     cagggtttct ttatatagcc ctggctgtcc tggagctcac tttgtagacc aggctggtct    166560
     cgaactcaga aatccgcctg cctctgcctc acgattttat tcacatgaaa gtagaagtag    166620
     caaaacagtc tggagaaagg agacaagact gggggggagg ggaaggctgc agaggggagc    166680
     cggtatgggg cagggaattt gcttaacatt gtataacata cagttgtatg aaaatgacct    166740
     tatattacac cttaccatgt gaatagtttg ttaggttttt ttatttgcct tttatgtata    166800
     tgagtgtttt acctgcatat atgtctgtgt actatacagt tgtatgcagt gcccaaggag    166860
     gtgagggtgt cagatcccca gagactggag ttgttcatag tgtgaggcac catgtgggta    166920
     ctaggagtct tgtctagtct tgaactgtcc cacacactag ctttggtcat tgtgcacttc    166980
     ttgggttctc tcagggatga tgtgtgtgta ctgttccacc tgagctagct tcttgttgta    167040
     cctgtccctt ctcaggagag ccatgtatgc tttttaatat gttcgctctt tttgtttctg    167100
     gaatcctttt tcctctatct gaggcaaata ccttttttcc ctgcaacaat ttatgattaa    167160
     cccccccccc cctttcttct tcttcttttt tttttggggg ggggtttttc gagacagggt    167220
     ttctctgtat agccctggct gtcctggaac acactttgta gaccaggctg gccttgaact    167280
     cagaaatctg cctgcctctg ctcctaagtg ctgggactaa aggtgtgcgc caccgcctag    167340
     cccctttttt taaatagaaa gttgtctcca catttccccc tgaggtacct atggtctttg    167400
     atcctttatg ggtagttttg gttggttgga ggggtcgaga ggacattctg tagctcaggg    167460
     tagctgagtt gcaatttact ttgagggtaa gaatgacctt gaactacttc cattgcctgg    167520
     agtaccagtg taggaatgca ccactgttgt ctgacagaac tcctattcac ccgacaagtc    167580
     ccacttggtg aacccatgag ttttattggg gttacttaaa ggagcagaaa tgactcaaaa    167640
     gacagctaca tcatcatgta caccccaata cagttcacaa aactggaaac cacaacctgc    167700
     aggcaacaca gtaagttaga gtctcctttc caggtgcctc agttggtctg aacctcttct    167760
     aggtgcttgg ctggtttctg ctttttccag gcccatggtc tggactcaga gtctttgcct    167820
     gccacattcc taccctcata gggactctcg tcttttattg cttactttat ggagcaggag    167880
     cctagtgaat ctggtcagtt tcaagcactt gctaaagttc ccttgagttg tttactttcc    167940
     ttctcaacag cctgcagcac tacgatctca gaagaaactg ctacaaagcc tccaccagac    168000
     cagactgttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgct tgcttgttta ggcattgtct    168060
     cactattgtc tccttggctg tctcctgttt ctacctccca gagtgatggg attaaaggtg    168120
     tgggccacca tacccagctt cattcttagt tcttgagtgc ttctgtgtta catacagagc    168180
     tatcttgaat gttgttgtgt tgcatagaat gctgatagct ctgcagtcta aaagtaaagg    168240
     cagttcgctt cagccattgt tgtctctcct ttaggttcct agtgttttac ctatccttac    168300
     tcaggctaaa gtttctatta ctctgcagaa actgctctct cattatggtt aagccagtgt    168360
     tttagctgtt attgaatttc tttatttact cactgtcata gggtttattg ctgtgaagaa    168420
     gacacggtga ccaagacaac tcaagtaaag gaaaatattt cattggggct ggcgtatagg    168480
     tcagaggttt agtccatttt tgtcatggaa ggaaacatgg caacacacag tcagacatgg    168540
     tgctggagaa ggagctgaga gttctacatt ttgatacgta gaaaacagaa gtgaatgcca    168600
     caatgggcct agcttgagca actgagacct caaaaccctc aaaggcacag tgacacactt    168660
     catcctacag ggccaccctt cccaatagtg ctactccttc tgggcctgtg gggcctttgt    168720
     cattcaaacc atgggagatg catgtggaag tcagggcagg tttcaggaat tgtttctctt    168780
     ctaccatgtg ggtccctcgg attgaactca ggttttcagg tttgatttgg gtagcaagca    168840
     cctttgtcca ctgagtcaaa ttatctagcc ccttgttttg ttttagccct gtgtactgct    168900
     tatgtactac tactaattat gacatagcta tgagtgagtc atctacaaca tgttctaaca    168960
     acctaatgat atattttatt tagaacaaat taactgtcac tcctttgttt gactttctgt    169020
     tactttgcca ttttttgttt gtttgttttg gttttccaat cttagtctgt agaacagact    169080
     agctgcagac tcagagatct gcctctgcct cccagtgtgt gggtatggtg ggccagccaa    169140
     ggaaataaca gtaagaccta aacagtctgc tgggcgggtg cctactgtgc ataccccagc    169200
     tgttttgata cttttaataa accggggttt tttttgggtt tgttttgttt tgtttttgac    169260
     tttgactata ctttgaaatg agtagagcct gggtcaaata aatatttgta gtatatgacc    169320
     agattttctc cttaaacagt gttgcattta tgatataagt aagcttttta acagtatctt    169380
     tgtttttctt tccccttatg ttttactttt attttaataa aatagatgtc tgagggcaga    169440
     gctggattgg taagagtgcc tgccgtacat gtacaaaaca cagactcagt ttaatcttta    169500
     acattgtata aactggacac catgctacac acctgtaatt cctgcactca ggatgtcagg    169560
     acaggattag aaatgcaagg tcattcttag ctatgtagag agttcaggct atatataata    169620
     aaagcgagcc tgctacctcc tcctcctctt cttcctcctc tttctcttct tcctcttttt    169680
     cctcctcctc cttttttaag agtatggtag tagcaggtag aacctaatgc cttatttgta    169740
     aagttaaatc ttttacttac taagttttcc atttttatct agtatttgaa ttgtattcaa    169800
     ataattagac atttatccat tagaaattgg gtattactct ttagttgtta tgagaagata    169860
     caaattggaa gcaggcttta ttaagaatta ttatagttgg gcattgtggc acagcttttg    169920
     actcgggagg cagaagcagg cagatctctg agttaatggc tgatctggtc tacatagtgc    169980
     actctaggca agccagctaa tattacatag tgagatcctg atttaagaca gactagaaag    170040
     aaaaaaaggg aaagaaatat tacaatagag tgagagatag agacccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    170100
     aaaaaccagc aacaaaaaaa agtgaacaaa tgaagaaacc gtgggagaac tgttcaggga    170160
     aggtttcaag gagaggaaaa agtacatcca ggggctgtgt aagcagtggc agaagctgga    170220
     caaagaccaa agtaatctgt gctgacattg gttagttctc tgggctgtcc tggattgagc    170280
     caggggaggg ccattaagtt ctatgcttat ctccttggcc taaccaggga gatgctcatg    170340
     atgtgatctt gagctgccca tctagtcagg agttattaaa gccccttgtc catctctgac    170400
     tccggctttg tttgctgtag actttaactg tctgttcacc actagtcaac cctgcacttg    170460
     tatcgctgaa ggttagttag cctgttttca cattgacaca ccatggcaga gaaataacta    170520
     tcacagccac taaaatgtaa ttagagtctt tgttagttta tgcaggatga tttgggtggc    170580
     gacttgtttg aagctaaaca ttttcgtctg ttaactattt ttctgagtta gggttttaat    170640
     tgctgtgcag actctgtgac caagggagct cttacaaagg ctaacattta attggcactg    170700
     gcttacagtt tcaggtttag tccattatca tcatggtaga aagcatagcg gggacccggc    170760
     agacctggtg ctgaagaaag ctgagagttc tgtgtcttga tccaaaggca gcagaagata    170820
     ctgtgtgtgg cttgagcata tataagacct caaggccctt gccccacaat gacaaggcca    170880
     cagctccaaa tagtgacgct ccctatggtc ctatgggggc caattacatt gacacttgta    170940
     cagtattcgt ttggtctata ctattgctgc ataagacatg agaatacatg aaaggataca    171000
     catgctttac atgtgttcct taggggcttt caggggaagg agaggcagct ggtctgtgat    171060
     tactgctcgg agctctgttc cttctagctg cgtagcttgg atgtctcaga gccaactaca    171120
     ggccctctta tttctcttcc tcagtgcttc agactgatgt ttttaactct taatctttct    171180
     tttaacccct gcctctgttc tcattgtaac ccatgagaac aacttgtagt tttcaccaag    171240
     gacctttccc atttacaaaa agtcagctgc tgcatccctg tggttatagg cactacatca    171300
     gttcttcctt ctttgctgat gggactgctt ttgtaaaaag gcctgtctct tccatttatg    171360
     cggcaattta tctgttttat ttcacaaact gtaatccact tctgttactt ctttgttgaa    171420
     aatctttttt gtttttttgt tttgttttgt tttttgagtc agggtttctc tgtataaacc    171480
     tggctgtcct agaattagct ctgtagacca ggctggcctc aaactctacc tctgcctccc    171540
     ttgtgtaaat tcttaaactt aagcatttgc tcttttaggg cagcctaagt tctttcaaca    171600
     agcctcacct tttcttgagt agctgtgtgt ttattgctgc tgggatgcta ttttttatag    171660
     gtcttctcag aaagtgtgtg catactaacc tacatattgc atatgtttgt atttctgttt    171720
     gtgctaactg acttcttggc tgggtgtcac tcacaattta atcatagcag tcaaaaggca    171780
     gagacaataa gatttctgtg aatttgaggc cagccagggc tacagtagtg agcccttatt    171840
     tcaaaagcaa gaatcttaac ttcttactga taccccagat tttaacactg cacaagttta    171900
     gcttattaaa tgaataaata aatctttaaa aaaaaaaagt tccgggatct gtgtatagtt    171960
     catccagttt ctcatccagc tttaaagcat ccagtactgg gtgagagaat tttccctctt    172020
     gttcctactg tgggtctata agtcatttgt gttacaatta actttttaat ttatttaatt    172080
     tatatttttt tttccatttg gggttcttag ataacagtta gttctattac tctatgaaaa    172140
     tgtcttaaag tacctttgac ttacacaata tttctcttta tgaactggac ttttggttta    172200
     ggataatagt ctcaagtttc atccatattt taatgtgcca aaggtttgac actcctcctt    172260
     ttattctcaa ccactgcctt cccccatctt ctctctcccc tctgttggcc ttcttcttct    172320
     ccaaatacta gcccacttgt gctctgtggc acacacatct tctccttttt tgctatcttg    172380
     ctttccttgc acaaccatct tcaaaggtgt gtgtgtacat ataaatgtct ggtttcatag    172440
     tactctatgc attactcata gtaattaatg catcttccat tagtgtgtgt gagtattttg    172500
     tctgcatgtt tatctgtgta gtgtgttgcg tggctagtgc cagaagaggg gatggaatat    172560
     cctaaaatta ttacaaatac agctattttg ttttgaaggt tcaagacagg gcttttccgt    172620
     gtagtgctgg ccatcttgga attc                                           172644