ID   AC166058; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 212262 BP.
AC   AC166058; AC120853;
DT   26-JUL-2005 (Rel. 84, Created)
DT   05-SEP-2005 (Rel. 85, Last updated, Version 2)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-343A20 from chromosome 17, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-212262
RA   Tang Y., Lewis S., Levy A.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-343A20";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-212262
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-JUL-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-212262
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (01-SEP-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; adc5d054ded1f6ce71e3054e0768cb27.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456179.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000050612; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000056515; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0023978; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0023979; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0023936; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0023937; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0023905; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0023906; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0023937; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0023938; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0023701; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0023702; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0024383; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0024384; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0023183; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0023184; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0023677; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0023678; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0023805; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0023806; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0023771; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0023772; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0023887; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0023888; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0023799; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0023800; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0024427; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0024428; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0022929; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0022930; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0023249; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0023250; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC166058.2:1-212262; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000050236; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000070673; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0048397; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0048398; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0048380; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0048381; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0048339; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0048340; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0048341; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0048342; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0048086; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0048087; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0048830; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0048831; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0048149; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0048150; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0048011; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0048012; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0048111; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0048112; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0048078; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0048079; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0048222; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0048223; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0048084; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0048085; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0048926; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0048927; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0047737; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0047738; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0047389; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0047390; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; H7BX21.
DR   InterPro; IPR001806; Small_GTPase.
DR   InterPro; IPR005225; Small_GTP-bd_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR005746; Thioredoxin.
DR   InterPro; IPR013766; Thioredoxin_domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR027417; P-loop_NTPase.
DR   InterPro; IPR036249; Thioredoxin-like_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:1914603; Rab31.
DR   MGI; MGI:2389312; Txndc2.
DR   RFAM; RF01417; RSV_RNA.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; H7BX21; H7BX21_MOUSE.
CC   On Sep 1, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:71044124.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0343A20
CC   Drafting center: WIBR
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa and
CC   Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..212262
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="17"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-343A20"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          4857..4918
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          5014..5036
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          86945..87355
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
SQ   Sequence 212262 BP; 62807 A; 46327 C; 44878 G; 58250 T; 0 other;
     gaattcttcc cccacctgat agtcaatcag cttatgtgcc aaaaaacggg tcatcgggcc        60
     ctcggtccca gggccctcaa agatatggga accggtttgt caggacccag gaagcagtca       120
     gagaggcgac ccaggaagac ccacaagggt ggacctgcgt gccgcctccg acttcctatt       180
     aatgcctcaa atgagtattc agccggtgcc agtggagcct ataccatcct tgcccctggg       240
     aaccatgggc cttattctcg gccggggttc actcaccttg cagggcttag tagtccaccc       300
     tggagttatg gattgtcaac attcccctga aatacaggtc ctgtgctcaa gccctaaagg       360
     cgttttttct attagtaaag gagataggat agctcagctg ctgctcctcc ctgataatac       420
     cagggaaaaa tctgcagaac ctgagataaa gaaaatgggc tcctcaggaa atgattctgc       480
     ctatttggtt gtatctttaa atgatagacc taagctccgc cttaagatta atggaaaaga       540
     gtttgaaggc atccttgata ccggagcaga taaaagtata atttctacac attggtggcc       600
     caaagcatgg cccaccacag agtcatctca ttcattacag ggcctaggat atcaatcatg       660
     tcccactata agctccgttg ccttgacgtg ggaatcctct gaaggacagc aagggaaatt       720
     cataccttat gtgctcccac tcccggttaa cctctgggga agggatatta tgcagcattt       780
     gggccttatt ttgtccaatg aaaacgcccc atcgggaggg tattcaacta aagcaaaaaa       840
     tatcatggca aagatgggtt ataaagaagg aaaagggtta ggacatcaag aacagggaag       900
     gatagagccc atctcaccta atggaaacca agacagacag ggtctgggtt tttccttagc       960
     ggccattggg gcagcacgac ccataccatg gaaaacaggg gacccagtgt gggttcctca      1020
     atggcaccta tcctctgaaa aactagaagc tgtgattcaa ctggtagagg aacaattaaa      1080
     actaggccat attgaaccct ctacctcacc ttggaatact ccaatttttg taattaagaa      1140
     aaagtcaaga aagtggagac tgctccatga cctcagagcc attaatgagc aaatgaactt      1200
     atttggccca gtacagaggg gtctccctgt actttccgcc ttaccacgtg gctggaattt      1260
     aattattata gatattaaag attgtttctt ttctatacct ttgtgtccaa gagataggcc      1320
     cagatttgcc tttaccatcc cctctattaa tcacatggaa cctgataaga ggtatcaatg      1380
     gaaggtctta ccacagggaa tgtccaatag tcctactatg tgtcaacttt atgtacaaga      1440
     agctcttttg ccagtgaggg aacaattccc ctctttaatt ttgctccttt acatggatga      1500
     catcctcctg tgccataaag accttaccat gctacaaaag gcatatcctt ttctacttaa      1560
     aactttaagt cagtggggtt tacagatagc cacagaaaag gtccaaattt ctgatacagg      1620
     acaattcttg ggctctgtgg tgtccccaga taagattgtg ccccaaaagg tagagataag      1680
     aagagatcac ctccatacct taaatgattt ccaaaagctg ttgggagata ttaattggct      1740
     tagacctttt ttaaagattc cttccgctga gttaaggcct ttgtttagta ttttagaagg      1800
     agatcctcat atctcctccc ctaggactct tactctagct gctaaccagg ccttacaaaa      1860
     ggtggaaaaa gccttacaga atgcacaatt acaacgtatt gaggattcgc agcctttcag      1920
     tttgtgtgtc tttaagacag cacaattgcc aactgcagtt ttgtggcaga atgggccatt      1980
     gttgtggatc catccaaacg tatccccagc taaaataata gattggtatc ctgatgcaat      2040
     tgcacagctt gcccttaaag gcctaaaagc agcaatcacc cactttgggc aaagtccata      2100
     tcttttaatt gtaccttata ccgctgcaca ggttcaaacc ttggcagcca catctaatga      2160
     ttgggcagtt ttagttacct ccttttcagg aaaaatagat aaccattatc caaaacatcc      2220
     aatcttacag tttgcccaaa atcaatctgt tgtgtttcca caaataacag taagaaaccc      2280
     acttaaaaat gggattgtgg tatatactga tggatcaaaa actggcatag gtgcctatgt      2340
     ggctaatggt aaagtggtat ccaaacaata taatgaaaat tcacctcaag tggtagaatg      2400
     tttagtggtc ttagaagttt taaaaacctt tttagaaccc cttaatattg tgtcagattc      2460
     ctgttatgtg gttaatgcag taaatctttt agaagtggct agagtgatta agccttccag      2520
     tagagttgcc aatatttttc agcagataca attagttttg ttatctagaa gatctcctgt      2580
     ttatattact catgttagag cccattcagg cctacctggc cccatggctc tgggaaatga      2640
     tttggcagat aaggccacta aagtggtggc tgctgcccta tcatccccag tagaggctgc      2700
     aagaaatttt cataacaatt ttcatgtgac ggctgaaaca ttacgcagtc gtttctcctt      2760
     gacaagaaaa gaagcccgtg acattgttac tcaatgtcaa agctgctgtg agttcttgcc      2820
     agttcctcat gtgggaatta acccacgcgg tattcgacct ctacaggtct ggcaaatgga      2880
     tgttacacat gtttcttcct ttggaaaact tcaatatctc catgtgtcca ttgacacatg      2940
     ttctggcatc atgtttgctt ctccgttaac cggagaaaaa gcctcacatg tgattcaaca      3000
     ttgtcttgag acatggagtg cttgggggaa acccagactc cttaagactg ataatggacc      3060
     agcttatacg tctcaaaaat tccaacagtt ctgccgtcag atggacgtga cccacctgac      3120
     tggacttcca tacaaccctc aaggacaggg tattgttgag cgtgcgcatc gcaccctcaa      3180
     aacctatctt ataaaacaga agaggggaaa ttttgaggag actgtacccc gagcaccaag      3240
     agtgtctgtg tctttggcac tctttacact caatttttta aatattgatg ctcatggcca      3300
     tactgcggct gaacgtcatt gttcagagcc agataggccc aatgagatgg ttaaatggaa      3360
     aaaatgtcct tgataataaa tggtatggcc cggatcctat tttgataaga tccaggggag      3420
     ctatctgtgt tttcccacag aatgaagaca acccattttg ggtaccagaa agactcaccc      3480
     gaaaaatcca gactgaccaa ggaaatacta atgtccctcg tcttggtgat gtccagggcg      3540
     tcaataataa aaagagagca gcgttggggg ataatgtcga catttccact cccaatgatg      3600
     gtgatgtata atgctcaagt attctcctgc ttttttacca ctaactagga actgggtttg      3660
     gccttgattc agacagcctt ggctctgtct ggacaggtcc agacgactga caccattaac      3720
     actttgtcag cctcagtgac tacagtcata gatgaacagg cctcagctaa tgtcaagata      3780
     cagagaggtc tcatgctggt taatcaactc atagatcttg tccagataca actagatgta      3840
     ttatgacaaa taactcagct gggatgtgaa caaaagtttc cgggattgtg tgttatttcc      3900
     attcagtatg ttaaatttac tagggcagct aatttgtcaa aaagtctttt tcagtatatg      3960
     ttacagaatt ggatggctga atttgaacag atccttcggg aattgagact tcaggtcaac      4020
     tccacgcgct tggacctgtc gctgaccaaa ggattaccca attggatctc ctcagcattt      4080
     tctttcttta aaaaatgggt gggattaata ttatttggag atacactttg ctgtggatta      4140
     gtgttgcttc tttgattggt ctgtaagctt aaggcctaaa ctaggagaga caaggtggtt      4200
     attgcccagg cgcttgcagg actagaacat ggagctcccc ctgatatatg atatatctat      4260
     gcttaggcaa taggtcgctg gccactcagc tcttatatcc catgaggcta gactcattgc      4320
     acgggataga gtgagtgtgc ttcagcagcc cgagagagtt gcacggctaa gcactgcaat      4380
     ggaaaggctc tgcggcatat atgagcctat tctagggaga catgtcatct ttcatgaagg      4440
     ttcagtgtcc tagttccctt cccccaggca aaacgacacg ggagcaggtc agggttgctc      4500
     tgggtaaaag cctgtaagcc taagagctaa tcctgtacat ggctccttta cctacacact      4560
     ggggatttga cctctatctc cactctcatt aatatgggtg gcctatttgc tcttattaaa      4620
     aggatagggg gagatgttgg gagccgcgcc cacattcgcc gttacaagat ggcgctgaca      4680
     gctgtgttct aagtggtaaa caaataatct gcgcatgtgc caagggtatc ttatgactac      4740
     ttgtgctctg ccttccccgt gacgtcaact cggccgatgg gctgcagcca atcagggagt      4800
     gacacgtccg aggcgaagga gaatgctcct taagagggac ggggtttcgt tttctctctc      4860
     tcttgcttct tgcgctcttg cttcttgcac tcttgctcct gaagatgtaa gaaataaagc      4920
     tttgccgcag aagattctgg tctgtggtgt tcttcctggc cggtcgtgag aacgcgtcta      4980
     ataacaggta ggggagtggg gtgggtgggt atgggggact tttgggatag cattggaaat      5040
     gtaactgagg aaaatatgta ataaaaaaaa agacaaaaag aaaagcaaag aaattcttaa      5100
     aaaataaaat aaaataaaat aaaataaaat aaagtatttt cctgacaaaa gccccttccg      5160
     ctccactcca gcccagggct tcctggccag cagagttgcc tgacacccgc aagggcccac      5220
     acaggattct ccacgggatc ctaagacctc tggtgagtgg aacacagcgc cggccccaat      5280
     ccaatcgcgc gcggaacctg agactgcggt acacagggaa gcagactacc cgggcctgac      5340
     ccggggcaaa agccccttcc gctccactcg agccccgggc tgccatgcca gcagagtcgc      5400
     ctgacacccg caagggccca cacaggattc cccacgggat cctaagacct ctagtgagtg      5460
     gaacacaact tctgccagga gtccggttcg aacaccagat atctgggtac cttccctgca      5520
     agaagagagc tttcctgcag agaatactct acccactgaa accaaggaga gtgctaccct      5580
     cccaggtctg cttatagagg ctaacagagt cacctgaagt acaagctctt aacagagaca      5640
     actataacag ctagcttcag agattaccag atggcgaaag gcaaacgtaa gaatcctact      5700
     aacagaaatc aagaccactc accatcatca gaacgcagca ctcccacccc acctagtcct      5760
     gggcactcca acacaaccga aaatctagac cgagatttaa aagcattttt catgatgatg      5820
     atagaggaca tcaagaagga ctttcataag tcacttaaag aattacagga gagcactgct      5880
     aaagagttac aggcccttaa agaaaagcag gaaaacacag ccaaacaggt agaagtcctt      5940
     aaagaaaaac aggaaaacac atccaaacag gtaatggaaa tgaacaaaac catactagaa      6000
     ctaaaaaggg aagtagacac agtaaagaaa acacaaagca aggcaacgct ggagatagaa      6060
     accctagaaa agagatctgg aaccatagat gcgagcatca gcaacagaat acaagaaatg      6120
     gaagagagaa tctcaggtgc agaagattcc atagagaaca tcgacacaac agtcaaagaa      6180
     aatacaaaat gcaaaaggat cctaactcaa aacatccagg aaatccagga cacaatgaga      6240
     agaccaaacc tacggataat aggagtggat gagaatgaag attttcaact caaaggacca      6300
     gcaaacatct tcaacaaaat aattgaagaa aacttcccaa acataaagaa agagatgccc      6360
     atgatcataa aagaagccta cagaactcca aatagactgg accagaaaag aaattcctcc      6420
     cgacacataa taatcagaac aacaaatgca ctaaataaag atagaatatt aaaagcagta      6480
     agggagaaag gtcaagtaac atataaagga aggcctatca gaattacacc agacttttca      6540
     ccagagacta tgaaagccag aagagcctgg acagatgtta tacagacact aagagaacac      6600
     aaatgccagc ccaggctact atgcccggcc aaactctcaa ttaccataga tggagaaacc      6660
     aaagtattcc acgacaaaac caaattcaca caatatcttt ccacgaatcc agcccttcaa      6720
     aggataataa cagaaaagaa gcaatacaag gatggaaatc acgccctaga acaaacaaga      6780
     aagtaatccc tcaacaaacc aaaaagaaga cagccacaag aacagaatgc caactctaac      6840
     aacaaaaata aaaggaagca acaattactt ttccttaata tctgttaata ttaatggact      6900
     caattccaca ataaaaagac atagactaac agactggcta cacaaacacg acccaacatt      6960
     ctgctgctta caggaaaccc atctcaggga aaaagacaga cactacctca gagtgaaagg      7020
     ctggaaaaca attttccaag caaatggtct gaagaaacaa gctggagtag ccattctaat      7080
     atcggataaa atcgacttcc aacccaaagt tatcaaaaaa gacaaggagg gacacttcat      7140
     actcatcaaa ggtaaaatcc tccaagagga actctcaatt ctgaatatct acgctccaaa      7200
     tgcaagggca gccacattca ttaaagacat tttagtaaag ctcaaagcac acattgcacc      7260
     tcacacaata atagtgggag acttcaacac accactttca tcaatggaca gattgtggaa      7320
     acagaaacta aacagggaca cagtgaaact aacagaagtt atgaaacaaa tggacctaac      7380
     agatatctac agaacatttt atcctaaaac aaaaggatat accttcttct cagcacctca      7440
     cggtaccttc tccaaaattg accatataat tggtcacaaa acaggcctca atagatacaa      7500
     aaatattgaa attgtcccat gtataatcag accaccatgg cctaagactg atcttcaata      7560
     acaacataaa taatggaaag ccaacattca cgtggaaact gaacaacact cttctcaatg      7620
     ataccttggt caaggaagga ataaagaaag aaattaaaga ctttttagag tttaatgaaa      7680
     atgaagccac aacgtaccca aacctttggg acacaatgaa agcatttcta agagggaaac      7740
     tcatagctct gagtgcctcc aagaagaaac gggagagagc acatactatc agcttgacaa      7800
     cacatctaaa agctctagaa aaaaaggaag caaattcacc caagaggagt agatggcagg      7860
     aaataatcaa actcaggggt gaaatcaacc aagtggaaac aagaagaact attcaaagaa      7920
     ttaaccaaac gaggagttgg ttctttgaga aaatcaacaa gatagataaa cccttagcta      7980
     gacttactaa agggcacagg gacaaaatcc taattaacaa aatcagaaat gaaaagggag      8040
     acataacaac agatcctgaa gaaatccaaa acaccatcag atccttctac aaaaggttat      8100
     actcaacaaa actggaaaac ctggacgaaa tggacaaatt tctggacaga taccaggtac      8160
     caaagttgag tcaggatcaa gttgaccatc taaacagtcc catatcacct aaagaaatag      8220
     aagcagttat taatagtctc ccagccaata aaagcccagg accagacggg tttagtgcag      8280
     agttctatca gaccttcaaa gaagatctaa ttccagttct gcacaaacta tttcacaaaa      8340
     tagaagtaga aggtactcta cccaactcat tttatgaagc cactattact ctgataccta      8400
     aaccacagaa agatccaaca aagatagaga acttcagacc aatttctctt atgaatatcg      8460
     atgcaaaaat cctcaataaa attcttgcta accgaatcca agaacatatt aaagcaatca      8520
     tccatcctga ccaagtaggt tttattccag gaatgcaggg atggtttaat atacgaaaat      8580
     ccatcaatgt aatccattat ataaacaaac tcaaagacaa aaaccacatg atcatctcgt      8640
     tagatgcaga aaaagcattt gacaagattc aacacccatt catgataaaa attttggaaa      8700
     gatcaggaat tcaaggccca tacctaaaca tgataaaagc aatctacagc aaaccagtag      8760
     ccaacatcaa agtaaatgga gagaagctag aagcaatccc actaaaatca gggactagac      8820
     aaggctgccc actttctccc taccttttca acatagtact tgaagtatta gccagagcaa      8880
     ttcgacaaca aaaggagatc aaggggatac aaattggaaa agaggaactc aaaatatcac      8940
     tttttgcaga tgatatgata gtatatataa gtgaccctaa aaattctacc agagaactcc      9000
     taaacctgat aagcagcttc ggtgaagtag ctggatataa aataaactca aacaagtcaa      9060
     tggcctttct ctatacaaag aataaacagg ctgagaaaga aattagggaa acaacaccct      9120
     tctcaatagt cacaaatagt ataaaatatc ttggcgtaac tctaactaag gaggtgaaag      9180
     atctgtataa taaaaacttc aaatctctga agaaagaaat taaagaagat ctcagaagat      9240
     ggaaagatct cccatgctca tggattggca ggatcaacat tgtaaaaatg gctatcttgc      9300
     caaaagctat ctacagattc aatgcaatcc ccatcaaaat tccaactcaa ttcttcaacg      9360
     aattagaagg agcaatttgc aaattcatct ggaataacaa aaaacctagg atagcaaaaa      9420
     ctcttctcaa ggataaaaga acctctggtg gaatcaccat gcctgaccta aagctttact      9480
     acagagcaat tgtggtaaaa actgcatggt actggtatag agacagacaa gtagaccaat      9540
     ggaatagaat tgaagaccca gaaatgaacc cacacaccta tggtcacttg atcttcgaca      9600
     agggagctaa aaccatccag tggaagaaag acagcatttt caacaaatgg tgctggcaca      9660
     actggttgtt atcatgtaga agaatgcgaa tcgatccata cttatctcct tgtactaagg      9720
     tcaaatctaa atggatcaaa gaacttcaca taaaaccaga gacactgaaa cttatagagg      9780
     agaaagtggg gaaaagcctt gaagatatgg gcacagggga aaaattcctg aacagaacag      9840
     caatggcttg tgctgtaaga tcgagaattg acaaatggga cctactgaaa ctccaaagtt      9900
     tctgcaaggc aaaagacacc gtcaataaga caaagagacc accaacagat tgggaaagga      9960
     tctttaccta tcctaaatca gataggggac taatatccaa catatataaa gaactcaaga     10020
     aggtggactt cagaaaatca aacaacccca ttaaaaaatg gggctcagaa ctgaacaaag     10080
     aattctcacc tgaggaatac cgaatggcag agaagcacct gaaaaaatgt tcaacatcct     10140
     taatcatcag ggaaatgcaa atcaaaacaa ccctgagatt ccacctcaca ccagtcagaa     10200
     tggctaagat caaaaattca ggtgacagca gatgctggcg aggatgagga gaaagaggaa     10260
     cactcctcca ttgttggtgg gattgcaggc ttgtacaacc actctggaaa tcagtctggc     10320
     ggttcctcag aaaattggac atagtactac cggaggatcc agcaatacct ctcctgggca     10380
     tatatccaga agatgcccca actggtaaga aggacacatg ctccactatg ttcatagcag     10440
     ccttatttat aatagccaga agctggaaag aacccagatg cccctcaaca gaggaatgga     10500
     tacagaaaat gtggtacatc tacacaatgg agtactactc agctattaaa aagaatgaat     10560
     ttatgaaatt cctagccaaa tggatggacc tggagggcat catcctgagt gaggtaacac     10620
     attcacaaag gaactcacac aatatgtact cactgataag tggatattag cctcaaacct     10680
     aggattccca agatataagg tacaatttgc taaacacatg aaactcaaga agaatgaaga     10740
     ctgaagtgtg gacactatgc ccctccttag aattgggaac aaaacaccca tggaaggagt     10800
     tacagagaca aagtttggag ctgagatgaa aggatggacc atgtagagac ttccatatcc     10860
     agggatccac cccataatca gcatccaaac gctgacacca ttgcataccc tagcaagatt     10920
     ttattgaaag gacccggatg tagctatctc ttgtgagact atgccggggc ctagcaaaca     10980
     cagaagtgga tgctcacagt cagctaatgg atgtatcaca gggctcccaa tggaggagct     11040
     agagaaagaa cccaaggagc taaagggatc tgcaacccta taggtggaac aacattatga     11100
     actaatcagt accccggagc tcttgactct agctgcatat gtatcaaaag atggcctagt     11160
     cggccatcac tggaaagaga ggcccattgg acacgtaaac gttgtatgcc ccagtacagg     11220
     ggaacgccag ggccaaaaag ggggagtggg tgggtagggg agtgggggtg ggtgggtagg     11280
     ggggactttt ggtatagcat tggaaatgta aatgagctaa atacctaata aaaaatgaaa     11340
     aaaaaaataa agcagatcgt aaaagtaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagtattt tccttgaaca     11400
     gatataaagt gaatttaaaa aaaaacaaca acaattaaat tttttaaaaa aaatttaata     11460
     tattttccag gatggtgaga aggctcggtg gatgaagtgc tttctgcgca agagtgagac     11520
     tgggtatgaa tccatagcac acacagaaaa gcttactgct caggcatccc acctgcaaca     11580
     ccagctctct gaaattggag acaggggatc ccagagcaag gttccgacct agactattca     11640
     ggtgtaatag agcatcccca ggttcaggga aagactctgc ctcggtaaag aggatccaga     11700
     gcaatcggtg aagggtccaa cctctggcct tgcaatctat acagacagac atgcacgtat     11760
     attgcatata tgcatgtcca cacacgtgca aacatgaata tatacatgca tgcacacaat     11820
     acacacaagc aaaaaacctg atttcttcct ttattgaaaa atttaaaaag aacaaattct     11880
     ctgttataaa ctataaaatt aatggaaaaa aatcctgttt caaagcacgg cttttcagaa     11940
     actattagaa taaaggaaat taatgatcac caaagagact gaagttggtc ttctgaaaaa     12000
     catgttttat acacaattac aagactcatt ggatttgtgt ttgtataata tttgcttatt     12060
     aaataattga ttgttaatga tataagaaat tttaactgtg tacgagaatt attttaatct     12120
     ctcaatttgt gcttgaaagg gtggcgtctc actgtgtagc tctggctgcc acaaaagtca     12180
     cttcgttaag gctcgtcttg gactcacgga gtccagtctg cttctgcctc tcctggtgct     12240
     gaaattcaag gcatgtgcca tcatcgctag ccagtctgag cattgggaag gtttcagttg     12300
     actttggtgg tatattaaat gttatttcaa catgaaacat ggagagcatg acctgttgtt     12360
     gcatttgttt cgtggccagt ctctacttta cattctttcc cttgataaaa cagaacctgc     12420
     taacatgtta acttgggaat ctaagttatg ctggtatttg ttcttaagtg gctgaggtgg     12480
     ggcccacgtg gaagaggtgt tatgccatta tgcccctcag agaagtaaca agtcacacgg     12540
     acggcccata cctcaaccaa cgagcattct atgatccacg agctgtgcat gagcgagcat     12600
     gtgtgctggc aaccctccct tccaacctcc ctcctccagc ttagcctgga tctaccaagg     12660
     catgctggat caatgagaat gggtgtaggg tcacagcgac tttatcttat agaaacacaa     12720
     cacagtacgc ccaccatatc tgtttaccaa ccaggtcaga atatggatcc tcagtttcat     12780
     ctgggctttc cacgaatggt tcagaatgaa gctctctttt acagataatt tccgatgttt     12840
     tcaggatgaa ctgcacgttg gagatgatgt tcggatactt gtagtaggac ggttccgaga     12900
     aatgaagtgc tattagaaga aaacttgttt gtgagagatg ttctgctcgt atcttgcact     12960
     gtgccacacc atcgctagcc agtgtgatcc gtttgtcttt tagctatgaa agcatcatta     13020
     ggtttcgatg tttctgggct cctactgttg tgcgttgctc tgtctggtta aaatttataa     13080
     tggtatgtgt gtcctctggt ggtgagggaa aacactacat cttgaataaa tcgcatgaga     13140
     gtttttataa tccaggacag ctttgcgtgg tagctgaatg tacaatcaga taatactact     13200
     agtctccagc tctctgctgc cattagttaa ggtgtctgca tctaagggta gagctctgtg     13260
     agatttcccg cagtggtctg ccctaaacac atacgtacat gagcagcgct aaatggatca     13320
     gtgtgatctg ttgatagata cataggagca tggctataat taaagaagta gtcatgagtt     13380
     tgaaaagaga tcagaagaat tagaggggga ggggaggggt gaagctaatg taaatgtagc     13440
     actcgtctat gaaattctta caaattttaa actaaagcat atatatggct aaacatagta     13500
     tgggtattct atattataat atataattgt tatatatggt acatattaat acttatatgt     13560
     ggttactatt ccattttttc cagtctcaag tgatcagccc tgaacacatt tacatatgag     13620
     caacattaaa tagactcggt gggtttcata tgggatctgt ctcctgcaag tccctttagc     13680
     tgtagtaatc tctcaaaccc tactcctcac tttttctgtg gcattcatat ccactgttgc     13740
     ggttttccaa atcttgacct tattagtcaa tatgtttatg tttctcttct agacatctct     13800
     ccagtgcaac tatttatgtt ttttgatacc cgttcctcaa caagtccttt tttccagtgt     13860
     ataagtggat gcatattaga acatgttgaa tcgcagtgct gatggcattt ctgcctttga     13920
     ggaccaatca ggacagttag aaggatgctg gtttatgtac atccacgccg agatggcctc     13980
     caccatcctc tcctctccct agtcctgtcc agcacctaca ctgcagctag acctgcttta     14040
     aaatacaagc actgttgctt tatagtttgg tgtggtagcc actggtacaa atgggaaagc     14100
     tgggccttgg gtcaccacca tagcttattt ggaaaataaa tagttgctca cagaagtcta     14160
     gagggggatg gggaggagga ggtgatggtt aaagaaaacg aggtttcggc cagggttaca     14220
     ccctggtcgt ctatggcaca ggtgatgaat acagatcatt aaaatgtagg ttttattcag     14280
     attacagaga gactagattt ttaaatgttc tcaccacaag aagttctaag ttcctgaggg     14340
     aaagcagaca ctgaagagac actgcctggc ccagcggccc tcactggagg cctctctttt     14400
     catgagacat aaaacagctt gcgctctttg tagtgacagt ctggggatct taaaatcggg     14460
     cataaaacat ttataagcat aaaaataaaa aaaatactct accgtataaa tatggctgca     14520
     gcctaagcaa atgttgttta aagctttcta agtgaccatg caggaagaat acaaaaagcc     14580
     gtaagaagat caaatagcca atctgtcaag agagaagaga gaaaggcgtc tttgtgtcgc     14640
     accagtaaat gctcaaaaac cagagaggaa gataaaccat ttgattatta cccttactct     14700
     ttgataaaaa caatttcaaa cttggttgat attatgtgtt ttttgaaata attttaaaac     14760
     ggttatgtca agactgaagt gctagttcag ccagaagaaa gacttggata aatcctctct     14820
     accctctttc aaatgggcca ttctggatgc cgtttgcttc tttctccttt aaagcaacat     14880
     tgtttttccg cattgtagat catagccctt aaataactca tgaaatgaat tgatggggga     14940
     gttatataaa aataggatac atgggagaga aaatgttatg atgtgtttga gagttccttt     15000
     tatttcccta tatagaaggc catatattat gtatgtgtag atcacagagt gttatatatt     15060
     tcctcctatg gcttttaacc aaaacagttt gaaacacagt cttggggagt actggggggg     15120
     aaagtacatc ttcagctaaa accggggggg gggctataca acctacagaa agtgggatgt     15180
     ctgcagaaac atacgataca caagatttca tataatgata tgaaaaccat agtctcaaaa     15240
     acgagctgca tctgtataag ttattaaatc aaagacccac atagaatgac aggaacaatg     15300
     gccactgggt ttgtaggtga gagaaatcaa acactttaac agagatgcaa actattaact     15360
     gaaaaacatg ttaaaataca gcacaatagt tgtgtctggc caagcctcaa attcatcacc     15420
     tcacactctt aagaagagga gataaatggt attacaggaa tcaaaagcta gggtggtctt     15480
     ttatgagtaa accctcaatt tctactaact ctcttttttt ttttaccagg agcctttgtt     15540
     attaacattg atttgttgaa ctaaaattgg tatttagaaa tgtttctaaa acttatgagt     15600
     accagccttc tacacataaa aataaagtat ctggagtgtg ttgtgcagtg gctttgcatg     15660
     aggttggctc tctaagaaag tgccagtaag agacaagaaa gtaaaatcca caggctgtgt     15720
     aacacacagc aacatggatg gcccgctgac aggcacaagt tcctaggatt aaaggtaaag     15780
     gcttaaaagg cagccagggc gggagggact atttaagatt tttttattag atattttctt     15840
     catttacatt tcaaatgcta tccccaaagc ccccctatac cctcgtcctg ccctgctccc     15900
     caacccaccc actcctgatt catggccctg gcattcccct gtactggggc atatgatctt     15960
     cgcagtacca agggcctctc ctcccattga tggccaacta agccatcctc tgctacatat     16020
     gcaactagag acacaagctc ctggagggta ctgtttagct catattgttg ttcctcctat     16080
     agggttacag acccctttag ctccttgggt actttctcta gctcctccat tgggggccct     16140
     gtgttccatc ctatagatga ctgtgagcat ccacttctgt atttgccagg cactggcaca     16200
     gcctcacaag agactgagag gagtaataaa tcatgctcat gctgtgttat accctgattt     16260
     catcgtcaat gttacctgac tgacaggttg tccttagtta ctactacacc tggaaaagaa     16320
     aacaaacaaa aacaaaaaga cagctaagaa gtttttgttt gtagcattct attgaaaact     16380
     gtccctttcc ctatctctgg ggacacctct gtggtctcgc tacatctctc tgtagcctga     16440
     cagctcagac tttgcctccc acgtgaagct ctgcttccat ccctctgtct gtctgtctca     16500
     cctccctccc tttcttcacc ttgcttcttc ctcatttttc tttccacctc ctctctcgtg     16560
     tccccagcgc ttctgactgg gagatcaata ctacacaaga attcttttgc ttcatatgtt     16620
     tgcatttcta ctgagtgttt attttgtagc tcacacatat gcagactggt gtttcttata     16680
     tttttctctc tatacttcta gaagaatgct tcagtaatta aaattcttac atttagaaaa     16740
     cagataacag gaaagaccgt gcacaaaatc tggactgggg gcggtgttca cgaaccgtat     16800
     attacttatt tacttgggcc ttaatagttt cactaaatga ggagtcagat gttggagatg     16860
     gggggtggag aacttttctg acaataccgc tgctgccatg gctttgaagg ccaatttaag     16920
     gaaggctgct tctttcccca agagtccaat ctacctcttg gtgatgacat gccaccacct     16980
     cttctcttag gatgtaagca atcaggatga ccaagggtgg gaaaacccct caggaaggca     17040
     aattcacctc aagccatgct gaagaaatca gaggcattat taatcttcca ctgggataat     17100
     gtgtatgtcc ttcccagtat tccatccccc agtccagtct ctacaagcca ctgtgaagct     17160
     ctcttgcatc ttggcttttt ctctatctct tctccattac ctctgggaag ctgctgctct     17220
     gacaactggc ctgccctggg tttttcttta aaattccaat aaagttaacc tggagcttct     17280
     gtttgagtct gttcttgaat tctttcatta atgggaccaa gaattccaag tgaggaggcc     17340
     aagctccctg agagttgact ctggtggaac tcccaaattc tttctagctg ttacgtctcc     17400
     agaagtgcat ctgtccagaa atgacaactc aagctgaact gtgcaaggac ttttggaggt     17460
     tagataaaag ccagcatttt ttttcaagaa cttgtgggat aggttctcat acacaaagag     17520
     gagtcatttg ccttgtgtct ggcagaagga agagcatacg gctctccgct ggcatgtgcc     17580
     tgtgattgca tatcaacccg gtgctagcct ccaggtttct tcagtcccta gtcacaagta     17640
     tctgtgacac atctcagagc ccttcttgat tccttcttcc tcctgtgctg tgctagtccc     17700
     cagagtattt cagatccctg ctctctttat aacatcaagg tttctctgcc tgccagccat     17760
     tcttgctgtt ctcccaccct gtccagtcct cctcctcgtc ctcgtcctcc tcgtcctcct     17820
     cctcctcctg ttctctgtct ctctctgtct ctatgtctct ctgtgtctct ctctgtctct     17880
     atgtctctct gtgtctctct ctgtctctgc ctctctctct cctctctctc tctctctctc     17940
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctccc tgttctagat gttctctctc     18000
     ttacccacaa taaaagcacc agtaacatta ccttttgata acatcttctg tcaaaaggaa     18060
     atagcaaaag gaaggtttcc aataggcttc tggtttcata aggagaattc tctgaaagcc     18120
     aggaaggcac tttgggactc agggcatgct atttccactg attagtttgt attcgctcaa     18180
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagctagctt ttaaattgtg     18240
     gtgtcatggc tgagagtcca ctgaacgttc tggtctacag tatctgtcta ggttttcaaa     18300
     acatctcctg ctgaaatggt aagttatttc agttccccgt gacacaatgt tttcaccgat     18360
     gttcaaaaca gaagctacta tgacccatac accgtaagac acaaaaagtc agcagatgtc     18420
     tcccacacat ttatcatcgt gcaacgtaca cagtcacatg ctggtcattt agagctgcta     18480
     caagaacctg cgagaattgt ttaacctgaa gatgagaagc tatcgaagtg cttcaaaatt     18540
     tagatgatgg atttactttg atgaagaggc aaaacatcca aaccgaggct gtgcttcgaa     18600
     atcactttcc ctctgcagaa aactaggtca aggcaggaag tggggtagct ggagcagcac     18660
     agacagtaga cttgtgggcc tacgctgcac atttccattt gacctctttc attatgaaca     18720
     tgcacacggg taatttctgt gtcacacctg tatctatagt taaattctga tctgttttca     18780
     tattttcaaa tataaatgtg tctccataat gggcagttca aaaaatacaa aaaaaaatgt     18840
     aaatcattat aatcagggct ggagagatga ctcagcggtt aagagcactg actgctcttt     18900
     cagaggtcct gagttcaatt cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat ctgtaatggg     18960
     atcagacacc ctcttctggt gtgtctgaag acagcaacag tgtactcata tacataaaat     19020
     aaataaaatt tttaaaatat cataacaatc tcaccacacg gagacaagtc ttggcatgtt     19080
     aagtctttca ttctactcgg gatttcaggt ctctgcttgg gcagtttatc tgaggtttcc     19140
     taacattctg ccgttttctc ctaacatgtt caaaaagctc caagactaaa tatagttatc     19200
     tcccgaaaac ttcctaatgg tggatagatc tgggaatact ctcttgtgat caaagctgta     19260
     aaatgcatat tttgctcaat cagttttgct tgttgtagag acagatggca tggaattctt     19320
     aaggaaatct tcctactctt tctttccttt tttgtaataa tgaaaccatt atttaagcct     19380
     aatttatttg caataagacc accagttact cttaaaatta tttttataat aaatttttcc     19440
     cacgtcaact gttcccatgt caactggcta ttacaaacat tggaatcatt tgactaaaga     19500
     ctttacagag catgacccat ctgatgacgg ctccctgctg aatcactcta tcttgacaga     19560
     gtgccgacag ggccacatgc atcgaattga aatgaaggtt atttctcaga agctcaaaat     19620
     aaagaacata gcatgttttt tttttaaatc cctaaaagaa agggctagag agagagagag     19680
     ttcagtggtt aagaggacat gggttcagtt tctgtcacct acatggaagc tcacaactag     19740
     agtctgcaac tgcaggtcca gaggatccaa ttccctcatc tggtctctgc gagcactaca     19800
     cacacacaca cacattcata catacacata cttatgaaca tctatatgca catgtacaca     19860
     tacacaaaca tgcatacata ctcacatatg cacactcaca cacatacatt catatataca     19920
     cacacatata tacatactca tgaacaccta tatgcatata cacacacatg cacatacact     19980
     catacacaca cacatgtaca catatacaca tatacatgtg cacacacaca atgcacagaa     20040
     atacagatag acacatacat acactcatac acacatgcac acacatatgc acatacacac     20100
     atgcacatgt gcacagacac acactcgcac attcactcac acacatacac tcacacaata     20160
     cacacacaca cacatgcatg aacacataca cagtacacag acacatgaga gcaaatgatt     20220
     catacagata aaatgaaata aatccttttt tatccttaaa agaaaatctt tgtatactta     20280
     gaactgcggt atgataatgt ttatataatt atattcttac acagttcgta aaattctatt     20340
     ttctcaaact atttcatctt ttgcatattt cacccagcag caacctgcta gtaatgctca     20400
     aagatcatta aaccaccctt cttaaatgcc agtcttgttt gatcccaaag cagacagcac     20460
     ttagagtctc ctatcactcg cgcctgtaac aattaaaatt taaaacatac cttcaccagt     20520
     tttatctcaa ctgaatataa atatcccttc atgaatgcat cgcaacagag tcgatataaa     20580
     acggattccg cgagaaaaaa cagggcagga agctgatcgt gatcaaagga gacatggtcc     20640
     aaggaggcgt ggagcatatt taaagcttct gaaacatgaa cgaagtgaaa ttgtgtcact     20700
     gaaaaattaa ccctggcttt ctgcatatta tacttaacat cttccgattc atccgattca     20760
     gggtttcatt gtactcaaat gctttccagc cttcccagtg agagtcacct caaacctcag     20820
     gaggtctaga gactgcttca atcaatagga cccagaaaaa gtgactatgt gtgatttccg     20880
     aggccaaatt cattgtttac ctaaccttcc tccccatgcc ctgcccctct tcccacacca     20940
     cgcccctctt cccctcccgt tccctcattt ccatccccct tctccccagg tagcaatgaa     21000
     gatggttggt ggtaaaccag gaggcctcac accacattat ctcttaaaca actgatagag     21060
     gtggcagagc tgaattgcgg ggccataaaa ataagttaag cgcagaacgt gtgtttcttt     21120
     ctccgagttc ttgagctctc cggcatcgta acaaatccca atttcctcgg gaaatatcct     21180
     ctgaccttag cagttaacat ccccaaactc attttataag gcacacatat aacgtttagt     21240
     ttaacgagag aaggaattct atccccttga aaatgatgtt atttaatttc ctttttagat     21300
     tagttggaag ttgcttgaaa gaagccatgt aagtgagaag taccagataa agggctatga     21360
     gtaacacttt ctgctttaaa acagaaggaa aaaagccaag cctagggcca tctgattgac     21420
     gttttataag taaggctata atgtgcataa acacctttat ttaggtaacc actgcagata     21480
     gacttaggca aagacagtat acagtgactt ttaaattcat taccaacttt aggggaaaga     21540
     tagttaagac tatactgaga aaaagctttt gttttgtttt ggttcggttt ttgtttttag     21600
     gataggattt ctctgtgtag ctttggccgt cctggaactt gctctgtaga tcaggcagat     21660
     cttgaactca cagagatcta tctgcctgcc tctgccttcc aaatgttgta attaaagacc     21720
     tgtgccacca tcacccagcc gagaaaaagc tttcaaaacc tattttgtaa tttaaaagtt     21780
     caacagtcaa agtcgtaaat tcagaattac agagggactt tgataaagga acatcatgag     21840
     actttttgat ggaaaatgaa gaattgctta ctttaaattt accactttaa agttagtcac     21900
     tttaaatttt ctaaaactct actttaaatt ctcaaatcat ctcttcctga atccatggac     21960
     acttggggtt tgtctgcagt tgcgtccaca tacataccat cttggatctc ccctttgcac     22020
     tgagccagat agatgacctc agcccatgcg gtcggaagat gcacatgctt cccagagccc     22080
     agtgtcttga ggcccaactt cctctgcgat ggggaaacag gaaaacagca tatggaaata     22140
     tccatccctt cgtttatgtg catcccttca cctatgtgca tcccttcatc tatgtgcatc     22200
     ccttcatcta tgtgcatccc ttcgtctatg tgcatctctt catctatgtg catcccttca     22260
     tctatgtgca tcccttcgtc tatgtgcatc tcttcatcta tgtgcatccc ttcgtctatg     22320
     tgcatctctt catctatgtg catcccttca tctatgtgca tcccttcatc tatgtgcatc     22380
     ccttcatcta tgtgcatccc tttgtctatg tgttccttcc ccaaaattat ttgaccttcc     22440
     attatttcgt tataacatta atgctttagt gctgcttact ctcacttaaa ggtagctgac     22500
     tatccccaca ttcttctttc ttctttcaat attgtacaac aggtaagcat ttaccaactg     22560
     gaaaatgaag ttcacatgcc atgtaaccag agcagcaacc cttaccttag acctgacgat     22620
     gagtctcctg gcttgttcca acagttcttc ctcctctgct ggattatctg tgtggttgaa     22680
     tctcaatatg aattctttgg aaattgaaaa tgatggcctg tgcggaaaaa caataattat     22740
     agctatcatc taattttaat taatcatctt ctggtgggta agcataacaa tgttctgggg     22800
     aaagcacttt actttttaat tatgtttctc atacaaacaa gatcagtagc atccaatata     22860
     cctgagcaga taacctagac ccacattctt tgcttgagaa aataaatttt catttccaaa     22920
     ggccttttgt cctgtgaaaa acattcctga gatggttacc agcaggcttt ttggatgttt     22980
     tcttcatagg tgaaatcaag tacagcttca attatgctcc catttatgct aaatctttat     23040
     tcactccata tggactcagt acaaccgtga ctacagtgaa gtattgaggg aaaaaagaca     23100
     tatggagtaa attcagctat gagtaagtag ccatgatgac actgcctgag agggtgtcat     23160
     tgcagggcat ctgcaagaag agaagcagga ctagggtgcc tctgtgttgc tgttttaacg     23220
     gtctgctgag agttggaggg aaggacctgg ggcgcatcta cagggatagt cacatgtatg     23280
     cctagacaag agatgatgat ggcttagacc agaagagtgg caatgtaagt aaagatgatc     23340
     atgtggataa tgtatatgct ttacattaga ctggccaaag agttatccat caagcttaag     23400
     gaagggggaa gtcatgattc aactgaccca ctggaaagac agattgctac ttactgaagc     23460
     agtgcaaact gttagaggta cagattggat gtaagggtag agagtaagtt cagtattaga     23520
     catgttttga gatgacaaca gtcggacaaa tggagatgga agcgtaacat gtggtatagg     23580
     tcttagtcag gatttccatt gctgtgggag acgccatgac caaggcaact cttataaagg     23640
     acatttaatt gaggctggct tataggttca gaggtttggt tccctccatt atcatcaagg     23700
     caggagcagg catggtacac gaggagccaa aaagttctat atcttccttt catggaaagg     23760
     aagccagaag cagactgcct tcctggtgac taggaggagg gtctcaaagc ccattcccac     23820
     agtgacactt cctccaataa gaccacacct actccaacaa ggtcacaccc ctaatagcac     23880
     cacttcctgg ccgagcacat aaaaaccatc agaataaata aacttcagcg aatttatgaa     23940
     attcctaggc aaatggatgg acctggaggg catcatcctg agtgaggtaa cccaatcaca     24000
     aaagaactca aatgatatgt actcactgat aagtgcatat tagcccagaa acttaggata     24060
     cccaaaatat aagatacaat ttgcaaaaca catgaaactc aagaagaacg aagaccaaag     24120
     tgtggacact ttgcctcttc ttagaattgg gaacaaaaca cccatggaaa gagttacaga     24180
     gacattgttt ggagctgaga cgaaaggatg ggccatctag agactgccat acccagggat     24240
     ccatcccata atcagcctcc aaatgctgac accattgcat acactagcaa gattttgctg     24300
     aaaggaccct gatatagctg tctcttgtga ggctatgctg gggcctaaca aacacagaag     24360
     tggatgatca cagtcaacta ttggatggat catagggccc ccaatggagg agctagagaa     24420
     agtacccaag gagctaaagg gatctgcaac cctatagatg gaacaacaat atgaactaac     24480
     cagtaccccc cggagcttgt gtctctagct gcgtatgtat cagaagatgg cctagtcggc     24540
     catcagtgga aagagaggcc cattggtctt gcaaacttta tatgcctcag tacaggggaa     24600
     ctccagggcc aagaagtagg agtgtgtggg taggggagtg ggggggggga aggtatgggg     24660
     aacttttggg atagcattgg aaatgtaaat gaagaaaata cctaataaaa ataataataa     24720
     taatataaac ttcagctaca ggaggaagac tcaagttaga tatctacttt ggcacatatc     24780
     aattcttagc tttaaacatg agaggggcct ggtgcagaaa aagggaaatt atcttaagag     24840
     aagtatgaga aataggttgt ggtcttatga gacagtgagt acagtgttga cagactcttt     24900
     ggaactgaag gtggctgtgg ctcaatgctg ctctcaaaac aaccatgagg ttaggtcagg     24960
     catgttaaca ttttggaggt tggggtgagg gcagagtgtg tgagttagag accagaatag     25020
     gctacaaagc aaattcccgg ctaatgggga ctgtgaactg agattttctc ccatcaacct     25080
     caaaaaagaa aaatcaagaa agtattatga agttggtaac atcaatgaat tatacttttt     25140
     gcagttaaat aactgttgga attgtgttac tagggaagat ctggagaaac ataaacacat     25200
     ttatttatgg cttactgtat tcagaatttg ctaaattaat tgttctgtgg gggtgtagaa     25260
     aaaaatctaa tgttgccact gaataaatta tcatccttct aagcagaaag atatgccaaa     25320
     aactaatggc aatggggcac ggtctcagac tcagcagaga gaatgacaag acgttctgca     25380
     aactgcaact gcatacagag agcttgaaga atagttagtg atctaaacaa ttctctgaca     25440
     ctatcctaag cacccctgtg tcaggcacta aaatgtgcac taaagatgca gaggtcggac     25500
     gtccacacat cctccccctc acggagcatc ctgagcaatc tgggaagaag tgaagtcttt     25560
     gggcttgcac agtccactgg aggtgtagct ggaaagtgag ttactccatg ttggactttc     25620
     tacatataag atgctgttgg ttcgacacag gggagacaag ctgaacagtc ttttctcgtt     25680
     gctatcagga atggtgcgag gtatttttct gtttggtttc tcttgggttt tgttttgttt     25740
     tgttttgttt tgttttgtat tgttttttta atccacttga agcatctaca tgaagaatcc     25800
     aaaattgatt taattttcca atttacacaa ggctctgtgg cagttatcag agataaagat     25860
     cagcctttgg ttattttgat gttctcatta gggactagtt tttgaagtat gaacgtaagt     25920
     gtgttgttga tgacaaagca aacgtttaca gcaccaccaa tacccaacgc tactgcttca     25980
     aactgtacct gtcaggggca gccgagatca acagttaatg cctatcttca cagtcctttc     26040
     ttaatgttag cagtgtggac tcacccatgc atagcttccc acaacctcca ggattcttca     26100
     tatataacta ggacactccg tgcccagact tctcacaccc tcattaccca acttggactt     26160
     cctctaccct cagcaagcac cttggcaggt cttggttctt ttccaagggg accttcattc     26220
     ctgaagggtc tgtgttcttt accatcctgc ctgggttagg ttgctgtcgt ttcacataga     26280
     ttttaatcac aggatacggc aacaccaacg agacattcta agggatttca tgtactccag     26340
     acataatctt tcttagctcc attacagaga agtaatataa tttctccttg gtaacctgga     26400
     tctatcaccc cttctaccat tgttattcct ttcttagcct gctggtttaa gggcatcaga     26460
     agcccaaagt cacagggcag gggtgggggg gggaggtctg acaccttcca cttcaatgga     26520
     atgtttcccg tggctcctgg aagaaccttt ccccactctt tccccactct gaaactaaac     26580
     cttctgggcc agaagaattt aaaaacacag gaacagtaag caaaatgttt cttagtgggc     26640
     tactagggtg atggtgaatg gaactattgc ctctcccacc ctgaacccat aaatcctagc     26700
     tatggggaaa atcataccat atattagatg ttgattctgg agaaccctgc ctcagccctc     26760
     caggctattg ccacttaact agcactggaa ctatgtcttc aaaaatctat gtcatcgttc     26820
     tatcaggcca gctgcttcag gatggcagag aacatagtag gaccagtgga gtcatgatca     26880
     cgggccctat gtcacacttt gctgactgta aagtgagttt cttgatcaga agcaatactg     26940
     tatggagtac agcgagggtg gataaggcat tctgtaagtc cacagttggt ggttttggca     27000
     gaagcattga tatagtgaaa atggccatcc taccaagagc aatctaccta ctcagtgtaa     27060
     ttccaacaca attcttcaca gaaattgaaa aaaaaatctc cgacttcaca tagaaaccca     27120
     cacaagacaa aacaggatag ctaaaacaat ctcaaataat aaaggaattg atgaaggtat     27180
     caccatcccc catctcagag ggctctacag acaatttcac tccatgttca gaactagggc     27240
     agatagaaac ggttggacac acaagactgc aaatagatca atatgtatca cctagcacaa     27300
     aactcaacct caaatggatg gaggacctca acctaagact agatacgctc aacctgaaag     27360
     aagtggaggt gaggaatagc cttgaactca tcgacacagg aaagggcttt ctgaacagac     27420
     cactaagagc acaggtacaa aagccaacaa ttaatagatg ggacctcttg aagctgaaaa     27480
     gcttctatat agaaaggtat attcaggcaa agcagcaagc tacagaatga gaaaataccc     27540
     tgaccaacta cacctctgag agatggtttg tatctaaaat acacagagaa tgaaaagatg     27600
     agtggcaata agacagatga cccagtttta aagggggtgc agaacttaga cagcttaaga     27660
     gaagagagaa gaaacacaaa agttcgagaa gctttttaag cttgagagaa gaaacacaaa     27720
     aggtcgagaa atgaagacta ttcaatatcc tcagccatcg agggaatgca attaaaactg     27780
     ctttgaagat tcatctttac cccaatcaga atggtcaaga ttaaaaatag atagatgtgg     27840
     ccctccctgc cctcttggat cgtcagccaa cattggtcca ggcaaaggga ggagaaacag     27900
     acagggctta ggaaccctga gtatgtaacg aagacccacg gggaccagtt acagggaggc     27960
     agatcaactt tacttggggt gattcagggc ttatataatt ttggaggaac ataggttatg     28020
     aagaatctgg atgagcaaag gtcattggct tagggtacca gcatgccttg taagcatagg     28080
     ggagcatttc aagaatctca ggagcttgct gaatgggctc ttcttaacaa tgggaaggaa     28140
     attgaataga tagatgatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     28200
     atagatagat agataatttt tttaatgaga gctaacactg gtgatgatac aggaaaactg     28260
     aaacattttt catagctggt aagaatgtaa actctacagc cactatggaa atcagtctgg     28320
     taggtcaata gttctacctc aagatccaga tccaccaccc ttggacatac atccaaagaa     28380
     ctctccagcc tactacagag acacttgctc atccatgtcc actgatgctt gatgcacaat     28440
     agccggaaat gtccatcaac tgaagaatgg ataataaaaa tgtggggcag gtacataaag     28500
     gaataatatg cagctgcatt taaaaatgtg aaatttgtgg taaatggata gagttagaaa     28560
     aaaaaatcat catgagagag gtaagccaga ctcaaaaaga caaataatgt catatttctc     28620
     atatatgtgg atgttaggct tttaagcttt tcgatataag gaatataact ggagtcatca     28680
     aataatgggg aagaccatgt tccaactaga catcccttat catccactga agcttcctgt     28740
     tcacaatggg ttacatatag ttgagttgtt agccaaagag gccgaataga aacctcccca     28800
     aacatctctg gctattgcca agcctactgg ttgctctcca taaattataa ggtcctattg     28860
     tcaaagacag cccttagata tcccatcaaa cgcagagaag ttgcgatggt gcctaactgt     28920
     agacttcact tctactgagt aacattcatg gtgcttagag ctactctgca tggtaccata     28980
     gggcgaaagt tatcatcaag ccaaatatgg attcttcaat ctccaacagt gacctaccaa     29040
     catccttagc catcaagaaa aagcaaatta aaactacttt aagattccat cttacccctg     29100
     tcagaattgc taagatcaaa aacacaagtg acacagcaag ggaaacactc ctccattgct     29160
     ggtaggagtg taaacttgta tggccacttt gaaaatcaat ataatcattc ctcaggaaac     29220
     tgggaatcaa tctacctcaa aatccagtta taccactagg gcatcctaca aggacacttg     29280
     atcatccatg gtcacagcag cttaattcat aatagccaga aactagaaac aacctagatg     29340
     tcccttaacc aggcaatgga tttaaaatat gtggtacagt tacacaatgg tgtgttactc     29400
     cactgttaaa acaatgacat cgtgaagttt gaagtcaaat ggatagaact agaaaagatt     29460
     atactgagtg aggtaagcca gatccagaaa gaagcacggt ttgtactcat aagagtatat     29520
     tagctgttaa gtaaaggaca atcatgctac aatccacaaa cccggagagg ctaagtaaca     29580
     aggagggctc atggagggac acatgggtct tcctgggaag gagaaatggg atgagggttt     29640
     gtgcccaatt ctattatatc ttgttaggcc atgctgggtg gatattccta gaatgcctgg     29700
     ttggttggtt ggtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt aagaaaacag aggagttgat     29760
     ctagaaaaca gaagtgggag aggaactgga ggaatggagg gagggaaact gtaattggat     29820
     gtaatgtatg agagaagagt aacaggtagg ataaggagaa aggtgagccc ttgcacccca     29880
     attgcgaaac ataaatcaat tctgcaatca gggggacagt gtggcattgc ctcacaagat     29940
     aaaatgtaaa agtagaccga tcatctggtc tgacgatcct aattctgggc attggtgtaa     30000
     gagaaatata atcagtatcc aaataggata tatacagccc ccatgttcac tggagcattg     30060
     ttcataacag tcaagctatg cacataattc aaggacccgc tgatagtgag cagataaaga     30120
     aaatgcagag tgtgtaaatg acagaattct ttgttctttt aaacaagaga aaatcctgac     30180
     acggcaacat ggatggtcgg gaggatgtcg caccgagtga gagaaatgat gtgcaggacc     30240
     tgtaacattc caacctctcc acagaactag aatcttagtc agtagatgga aacgcagctt     30300
     ctttggggga ttttcacgac tgtttaggaa ggattaggat atgtggcctt gttggagatg     30360
     gtgtgccata ggtggggagg attgaggttt caaaatccca tgccaggcat ccaggcctcc     30420
     ctgccctccc ctgtctctct ctgcctatgg tttgtgggtc agatgtacac tctcagctac     30480
     tgctccagca ccatgcctgc tgccatgctc acgggccatg agagtcaggg agttaccctc     30540
     tgaagcagta agtcctcagg caaatgcttt gttttatagg tttcttcagt catgatctct     30600
     cttgatagaa aagcaactaa gatagaaagt aatattcaga ttatatctgt ctgcttaatc     30660
     ataataccat cagatcatgc tgaaaacata gtactcagtg aagaaaacag gcatggctat     30720
     gctacaaggt agccttgttt tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt     30780
     cttcttcttc ttcttctcct cttcctcctc ctcctcctct tcctcctcct tttcttcttc     30840
     ttcttcttct tcttcttcta cttcttcttc tcctttttct tctccttctt ctttatcttt     30900
     ctctttagta actatcatag tttgaaaatg tacctaattc atgaaaaaaa cttcatactc     30960
     ctagataaca aaaaaataga ggaaaaaaat ccccaaacta tgcatatttg catagatatc     31020
     aatagtgaag accaaaagac attagaattt atgtttaaag gattggtgaa atcgatatga     31080
     gagtaatttc aatataaaaa tttaaaaata tgttttttag ggtgttaatc attacatgga     31140
     ttaaaaagac aaaaacctta ctgattactc tcttatatat aaatttgaca cagcaggtta     31200
     aaaaattgaa ttgaaacaga tagcaacttc aaattatagt taatatcact tctcctagaa     31260
     atcaggaagt gcctacagga tgaaagagct ttgccccttg ggtggccatg actcctacag     31320
     atacagcagg aattctggga cagactcata tcctgagcag gataaaccag gagtcgagtc     31380
     agtaaaacag aagagcacag aagtttattc tgtgaacaca gcagtcccct gaattgatct     31440
     catttggatc acaggctttg ggcctggact tttgacgtca gacactggaa ataccctcgc     31500
     tcatccttga cttgagtgca tatccagtgg actttaaaga gaccacatac tcagctctaa     31560
     aatcatctat aattttatgt agtctctaat tctgttttaa tattttttca gcttttagac     31620
     tcatgattca gtcttaataa accaacgagt ctgttaagct ttgaaagtgg caatcctcca     31680
     tctcaaatag taactaccaa atgggattct atgtggatgt ggggagaaag cgttgtgagt     31740
     gcacactgaa ttctgagcaa aacccacatc gaagaaaatt caaaatgctt ccctttctaa     31800
     atgtttgccc ttgaatttat agtttctctt ctgagttggg taacagtgca ggggctctca     31860
     aggttgtctc tatggtgcac attttaaaac aaccaaacgt cttatgtata atgtcatctt     31920
     atcctcaaat gttattacta atcttagaag attttgttac gtgggtaaca gtttttgagt     31980
     tcgtgtattt aaataacaaa gacaaacttt acttagaagg ttttgcttca gaaaggacct     32040
     ttaggagggt atgggggaat aaggataggg gaggaattga agaggaggaa atgcgcagta     32100
     gattagatct acatacatta catacattta taaatattaa atatttaatt ctaaaagcca     32160
     cccatgcatt ttaatccttt ttatatcccc cattattcat tgaaagggaa acatgactga     32220
     caggcttttc ctaaactcct gacacacata tatccacagg acagaaaccc cagaaataca     32280
     ttcacatgct tacagaaata tattcatgta cttacagcca actgatttct cacaaagatg     32340
     ctaagagcat atattgaagg gaaaaccgat tcttccataa acagtactgt gaaaactaga     32400
     cagccatatg ccagaaataa aagtaggtag accacaaaca cgagaccaaa gtcaaaatag     32460
     atcgaaaaat taaatgcaac accttatgaa attataggag agaatatgga cgaaacactg     32520
     gtaagggcaa agactttttg gataacatcc caaaacacaa gcagtaaaag caatagagac     32580
     gaaaaggtcg cgactcggca cagcaaagaa aagaatgaaa agctgaagag ggggagaaga     32640
     gaaaggggag agccatttgc aagagagtca tgtgaccagg actgatgagt atgctgatgt     32700
     gtgaggaaca cagtcaacaa cagtaaaact aggcaacgta ataaaacaga tggtctggat     32760
     agattttttt tttttaaaga aagaaagaaa cataaacagc caacaacttt gaaaaaaaaa     32820
     aatcttacca ttacaaatag tcaaagaagt agaaaccccc agccataata atatgccact     32880
     ttaccttggc aaatggctat gctgggggga cagagatcag agaaatatga agaaaagtat     32940
     actcttttca ctgtgctgac aggagaaaag gagaatagcc attgctgaaa atgatgtcaa     33000
     tgttcttaaa aacaaaccaa cttggaaaga actgaactaa aaatggaact atcagatgac     33060
     ctgtcggttc ctgcagcctc tgtagaacaa acagagaagg aaaatggaac attgttctga     33120
     cataaaaaga atgaaatcct gtcatctcca gcaatggtgg agctgcggac gttatgctaa     33180
     ttggaataat ctggacacag taacatattc taagaaattc tcagttatat gtggaagcta     33240
     acaaactgtg tctccccgag tttgagaata gaatagtgac cataaagtct ataatgggag     33300
     aaaggagagg ggatagagaa agatgagacc aggtgccaac caacacgcag agagaatcag     33360
     taagttctag tgttttatag aacagtaagg tagacatagc tttaaaacat accatgtttc     33420
     tcaaatgtat attgaaaggc ccaagggttt cctgaaccat caagtgctaa gcattcagat     33480
     ttgagcatta aatattctct tctcaagtat ccaattatca caatatataa catgtagaat     33540
     atatcagtta gattaaagca gaagttcaat gcttaataca tgtgacttgt ctattgaaca     33600
     tgcagtaatc ttctgatgcc acaaggatct gtctgatgta gtcaagaatg catcccctgc     33660
     ttgggagtaa gctcacaagg tgtggaatga tgctatccaa ggagaaaaat acagtaaagc     33720
     aaagggttgt tcattttctc tccaacagga ggaggtatgc cagagagtga tgaaatttgg     33780
     ttcagttcaa gtagaaggtt cagttcagtt caaggatgtt agaaattgca gtgagtcagg     33840
     atgtactatt tgtcagtgat atttatgaac atatctttcc tttaagtttg aatgtgtaag     33900
     aatccaggaa aggactggag ggatggctca gcaggttaag agcactgact gctcttccag     33960
     aggtcctgag ttcaattccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca gaaccatctg taatgggatc     34020
     ctatgccctc ttctggtgtg tctgaagata gctacagtgt attcatataa ataaataaac     34080
     ctttttgaga gagagagaga cagagagaga gagagacaga gagagagagc atatccagga     34140
     aaatggatgt aaaaggtgaa tcttctctcc tagcccaact ggtccaaagt ctaaaagtga     34200
     gtgtattgtt cggttgttca gtgagtcatc tggaaagaga gtaaagacat aacgacaacg     34260
     gagctgtaga gcatggttgg ccgctgcgtt acagagaaat taatgtcaag agctatatta     34320
     gaaacacatt tcaaacacaa taaaaacagt tcaacggctc taaaatggca atattattgt     34380
     gattaataca gacatcgcct tttctggtgg aagacacaag acatgtgatc taggccggag     34440
     agtgtctgtg taggaggtcc acacggtttt tcttgctcct ttgtgggcca aagtgtcggc     34500
     tctagccact gcggttgcaa cccaattccc actcaaagga agcaacaaag cgtaagaaga     34560
     aagaagacgt gtttctcctt ataaacgagc acaaaattaa actataacaa aatttctgct     34620
     aacacggtgc ttaaaggggg tcataacccg tggtcgcgtt aacagtcgga gcgtctggga     34680
     aatgcatgct ttaatgcttt gctgtatatc ctactaaaaa attctgttac tgtgagaaaa     34740
     tgagaaaagg gacctaggag aggagcaatt agcagcgacc tttgccacag tgaccactga     34800
     ctaccacagg tcgagtaggg ggagacgata ccaattgtca ctagccagag tgatcagctc     34860
     tcagattatt attttttttt gttacataag gctaacctcc aattgtatcc cttttaaagc     34920
     agaaaggtat atttatgtct ctgtggtctt gacaatgtca gttcagtaag agaataaagg     34980
     aggaagaata ggacctgacg tgcttgcttc gacagctaag aagtttaatg attttctgag     35040
     tgtgttgggg acagggtagg gtgggccatg gatttgtgat aggatcaaac tacagggact     35100
     acctccaatc tgaagagtta gagaacagct gatttgaatt gtatcagata agtaaagttt     35160
     gtattgcaca cttacttgag ccatcaaagc tacaagttaa tttctggtcc ccagtaaaca     35220
     aaacacacta tgagacacat catcacaagt tacaaatacc aagttccatg ttgaacgcct     35280
     ttaattatga caaaacaaaa gttgtgcttt tcttacaaat acttccaatc tattccacca     35340
     cggtctgccc ctcatctatt tggccctttc tgtattgagc actagaaaac ttgcagtttt     35400
     agatgaatca ggcctcctag gaacatcttc atacaaacta tttttcctct gctggctagg     35460
     tttctaagag taaaagaacc acagtctaca gtagccaggc ctgttgttct catttctagc     35520
     atctttgact gttcagacat gccaatggct tctacttggt gatctgaccg attggtattg     35580
     ggtatggtac aggcattttc aggacttgca gtaaaactcc attcttagat gctatgttat     35640
     gagttgtatc ttcatcgtgg tttattggta acttttcctg cctcccctca gttttatgat     35700
     gtagaacaaa aacagaacca caacaaccaa aagcattaag caaacccagg aaagatgtcc     35760
     gtgttgcgat agaaaagcct tggcaacagc tctgcgtttc catccacttt aacccagcat     35820
     taaaggaatt ttacccgttt catttcaaaa aaaaaaaaga aaatgtaacc cagcaatttc     35880
     aaaatgggaa aacattctat cacgtctaaa tttaaactca aaatggccac tattaaaaga     35940
     ttttgctcat gcatttcttg aatccagttg cagtttaaat tataccaaaa aaaaacttag     36000
     aaaacattta ttttaagtaa aatataaatc ataactcttt gcaataaatg ataatataat     36060
     taattaaaat attgagcttt tatattcttc atcttccatt acaaaactgc agttgggttt     36120
     ttttttcata atttcacttt tttttttaat ttttaagacc atctatagtg aatcagaaca     36180
     cccacgaaga ggcagaaaat cacagactta ctttggtttt tgactctttc ttctgtttga     36240
     actttcaaaa atagatttca ggagttcttc atgataagtg gaagatatta ctccaaactt     36300
     attgaccaca ggtggcttat aagctttcat agttacagat caaaacctaa agggaatttg     36360
     taactcttct cagaacacca acgcaacacg taataataaa ccacatgcaa aacctataaa     36420
     ctgtaccaag aagaaaatca ggcttactgg ggaataattt aactggcttg caggaatcaa     36480
     acctaacact aagcccaacc catgtgtttc atattctgtc accatactag catatccaat     36540
     cccatgactt ggagtcttta ttatagcttg ctttatttgc aaaaccactg tgtggtggtt     36600
     tgtgtaaaaa tagcccccat aggcccaaag ggagtgagtg gcactatttg gaggtgtggc     36660
     ctcgtcagag tgggtgtgga tttgttggag gaagtgtgtc actagggggc gggctttgat     36720
     gtatcaggag ctcaagcctg gcccagagtc actgtccctt cctgctgcct gcagatgtag     36780
     aactctcagc tccttctcca gcaccatgtc tgcttgctca ctgccgtgct tccctccgtg     36840
     actatgatgg actaaatctc tgaaactgta agcccgtcct agttcaatgt tttcctttaa     36900
     gagttgcctc agtcatagtc acttcacagc aatgaaaccc tgacttagac atactgcaag     36960
     aacagagcag ctggctagga caatgagctt cagtgggcca gtgggtctgc gtcactgctc     37020
     tgtgcctgat tcttcacgat gagaagggca tagcatggaa tatgtgagtt gttcagaacg     37080
     gaggctggca tacagaaggt tttcactaaa tgctggtgag cattgtgctt actaagtttc     37140
     tttcagacaa tttatcaata tctttttgca tttcttgtct tttgaccgca tgggttatgc     37200
     tttcttagct gtcgcaaaaa cccatccttt atttcctttt gaaaactgtc agtgcatttt     37260
     tttgagtata taaacaaaac cagtgcatgc cgtgcatgtc tatgaggaca tttaatgcaa     37320
     aaattactaa agaaatagat tgatcatgtt tatactggat tgttattttt tattcctaag     37380
     agagctaaat caaaagctag tcctttgttt tatttaatag tttgacagaa tacataaagt     37440
     acacccaaat gcggtaactg aaggaattgt ttctgaaacc atagaaaatt ataaaacaga     37500
     agaatgttct cagggtctaa cagggagaga gagtggacag acaccagtct ccgaactgta     37560
     ccgagagaaa gtcacaaaag gagggactgt aggaaagtgg tgtttaattt aaaaatgtgt     37620
     cctttagttg aatgcgacca gctttaggct ggcctataag gagctcagag actagagctc     37680
     acctatttcc accctccagg gccatcatct ttgcctgtgg tttgttcgga ttagcagagc     37740
     caaattaaag atggaggcac agcgcagaac tggggcagaa ctgggacgaa tgggaagcgg     37800
     gggggggggg gggggtgggt gataggaccg tcagtatcca gcacgaaatg gctcatgaac     37860
     ttttgtaaaa gtgtgggctt ccttgctgtc gctatactgt ggcaaggctc acttcctatc     37920
     atccacacct atcagaatgc tgaagcaaaa ccttaagtca gcaggcttgt ggtgcccttt     37980
     gagagtgaaa ccactctgaa tgagtttcca cttagtgtag aatgccagct actccaagct     38040
     gaaggaacgg cttaagggaa tgtcttattt aacagctgca gaagaaaaaa aagggggggg     38100
     ggcatttcca ccttaaaaga caaccagaaa ataaataaat aaataccttc aaattcatat     38160
     caacaagaat atgattttca cagacagcct aggagcagac ataagcagaa gaaagacatt     38220
     gtctgatcta atctaataaa tggcacaaag ttgacaagat taacatggta taaagttggt     38280
     gatacatgat atgtccaagt aatctatgta atgatatctt caaaggaagg catgaacccc     38340
     aggaagctct aagagctggt atgttcatgg aatgttgtat ataccaaaac cacagagcac     38400
     tggggagagt gctgtgtgaa gactggggtc ttggtgctat tttgggggct tattgaccag     38460
     agctttccac ggggttttga tcatttatgc tcttaagctt tcagaagctg gcgcctactt     38520
     ggtttagagc agaaaactaa actctaggtc tctcacatct ccaccttgct cttggtgcga     38580
     gaactacttc accacagaga acattcttgc ccaggtggaa gagaaagacc tgcagatgaa     38640
     gcctctccat ttctgattat cccttgctaa cactggaagc aggatacagc tagcacccgt     38700
     ttatacactg ggtaagcagg gtcagtcctg ttctacaaca tttttattaa attctcagta     38760
     gagctacaaa tttgaaggca ttggtagagg ggttaccagt gtttctgttg atattgcatt     38820
     tttcaatact gcgacactgt tgcattgtgt ggtagtttga gattagttgt tttttttttt     38880
     tttaacaaaa acacgtttta atactttcaa tgattttaac gttcgcggtt cttttctcat     38940
     tttagcattg ctagcaaagc aaaattcaac tagaattttg ataaatgtgt tctaacttac     39000
     tcgtgacaag taagcttcac tggactattt gtgtcaagaa aaggtaacca gctcatgtac     39060
     gaccatggca atagtcataa agcaagcaat gccagcatgt ttcctaagat aggaaaccaa     39120
     gagaattttc ccttctcaaa cattttttag ttttaatggt ttagggtcct ttgtagccca     39180
     ggctggactt taatccatta tgtacttgaa gataaccttg accttctgac cctactttct     39240
     cgacctcccc agggctggga ttgcagccgt gtgtcaccag cctggcatca gtgacactgg     39300
     gggtgaaacc cagtgctttg cacagcgcta cctcctgctc tcttatacag gtgaatcgta     39360
     atgagcttga tatgtttaaa cttccgagac aaaagtatgt tctttctgaa tacacactac     39420
     acaagggaga aataaatatt actccttaag tgcaacctca atttaaaatt aaaaagagag     39480
     agttcaaaac taaaagagtt ttgaaagaaa gcactaagtt aaaaaaaaaa aaagtcaaca     39540
     gaaaggctag agaggtggct cagtggttaa gagcactgtc ctcttgcaga ggtcctgaat     39600
     tcaattccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatctat aatgggatct gatgccctct     39660
     tctggtgtgt ctgatgacag ctacagcgta ctcataaata aaataaataa atcttaaaaa     39720
     aaaaaaaaat caggcaagtg ctgacaagtt ctaaaacaaa aacaaaacca gaaggaactt     39780
     taaatctttc tagcgcctct taatgcgcca ctctgttcct aagactaaaa acacactccg     39840
     ttctgacagc agcagctgag gcttacctca gagctgtgtt cttatgagtg gttgattctg     39900
     cagcgcaaac attagcttgc aaggcacttt ccagtgatac catacttcac tgtgtttagc     39960
     atcagtgcac agtgagaagc atagtcatag agcaaataat tctagtaagc tttgtcagtg     40020
     ccacctgata agtgtacaga ttgctaacgc tgtcagttgc tatcctatgg tataatatta     40080
     acctacagct agttagaggt agaattattg gagccgtggg atgactcaga ggtacgggtg     40140
     cttgcggccc agcctggaga actgaggatc caactcaggc cctacgtggt acaaagagag     40200
     actcagttct tggaagtttt tctctgacct ccatatgcac acacacacac acacacacac     40260
     acacacacac acacacacac ggtgtctcta ctctagagat ggtaaaacct gagagaatgg     40320
     agccaataaa tgaggcagac taaagtcttt catgctacag ccaactttat tcacagcgtc     40380
     agacagtttg tgctctgggg gttaggagga gacatatgag ttacacgtat atctaagtgt     40440
     acagtcacaa ggacaagctg catgtgccaa aacatgcttt tccatagagg catataaaca     40500
     cgtaacaata gccagctgaa atgaatcatc tgaaataagc ccactcctat ctgctacacc     40560
     tggagtgggc aagaaggcac tttctgagaa caatcccttg gttttgaaga aactgaggtc     40620
     acaagactct tcttgtctgg ttttcttgga attttctcac aggcactcag aattcttctt     40680
     gcacaacttc attcttagac aatgttccaa caacacacaa ataaatctaa tttttaaaaa     40740
     aagctcaaaa taacaaaaaa aaatttgtat acaagtaaag ttagcagtga accatctaaa     40800
     actgagagag actgcctttc tttttagaaa agtcgttaaa attaagcttg tgtaagacac     40860
     cagcagtggt aagtcctcct tttggaatga gacaagcaaa gaactgaaca aacatgtttt     40920
     taaaaatgaa agctggtgac tttggtccta caatttggtt gatctggcct tggctgactg     40980
     tgtggatgat caaacccaca aacactggtg ggaaacaagc caaggggcct gtcagctcga     41040
     ggccctgcag caaacaaaat aagccacctt cctttggtca gccaggttat accaaggggg     41100
     caagaaaatc aaaactgaac gtttttgatc ttatacatgc tacagaagaa aggacagctt     41160
     tggagctggg tacagatacc cctcttacat tatccctaaa agttgactgt taacaagtta     41220
     accactggtg tgtatggccc cttaccttca ggggcagtgg gaatcatctt gggaagaagt     41280
     ggattaactt cgcaaggatt tattgtgtat caggtatagt agatgaggat agcaaggaag     41340
     aagtaaattt catggcatgt gtaaaaaagg agatgcaaat tgatacaggg gatagtattg     41400
     ctcaactgtt gttgattcct tacatcacag gcaaggctgc tccagtagaa aggactgggg     41460
     tttgggggag tactgtgtct tgtcaaaaac aaaggttaac aatcacagat ctgaattaat     41520
     ggtacaaatt aatggtgtca acattagact tggtggacat aggagctgtt attggtatac     41580
     tttcccaaaa tatcatggaa tccagattgg ccacttcaga atgtttacac acaacttata     41640
     ggaattggta aattattaca aataagacaa atgtgtccag tgaattacct gtgtggaacc     41700
     aaaagagcta acagggaaat tgaaatgtta tggggctgat atacccataa atttatggga     41760
     aaggggtatt ttacagcaat ggggaactca cattaatatt cctgtgattc cagagacagc     41820
     aaatgaggaa atttaggggt tatatggtag atgctcctgg gaaaggtatt gatatggatg     41880
     attgtgaata accagaagac gtggctatta tccaaagtca cagggattca gtttccaaac     41940
     ttataaaagg gaccactgat ggcataccat cagccttgcc cataaatggt tatcaaacag     42000
     acctgtatgg caagagcagt ggcccataac ggaagaaaaa tcacaggcat ttgggcaact     42060
     ggtacaagag cagctggagg ctcagcatac agaagagtct accagcccat gagattcccc     42120
     tgtgtttgtt gaaaaagcaa gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagagc     42180
     aggaaaatgg aggataataa cagatttaag tgcagttagt aaggtaattc aatgggtcat     42240
     gtacagcctg gccttccttt accatctttg ttacagagat catggcctat aataataatt     42300
     gatttgaaag attgcttttt cacaataccc ttgcatgagc aggatagaaa aaggtttggt     42360
     ttctcaggac ctactttgaa taatagtcac ccactaaaga gataccactg gaaggtactt     42420
     ccacagggaa tgttaaatag tccaacttta tgtcatgtgc aacaaccatt agaaatcatt     42480
     caaaagcaat tccctcaatc catcattgtc attatatgga taacattctg ttggctgatt     42540
     ctgagaaaga cacttttgaa aatatgttta aggtaacaca aagaattctg ccgtgctggg     42600
     cattacagat tgctccagga aagaaaaaat acaaagagaa gattcactta atttgggggt     42660
     ctataaaatc agtcaacaaa aaagtcaatc acaaaaagtg cagatccata gggaccaatt     42720
     gcaaactctt aatgattttc aaaaatttat gggagatatt aactggctga ggtctacaaa     42780
     tggattaagt acttatgaat taggtaattt gtttcaaaca ttacaaggag attcgaattt     42840
     aaacagtcca agatgtctga cagctgaagg aaaaagaatt aattgttgta gaacaaaggc     42900
     tgcaagatgc atatgtggat tgaattgatt ctaaacttgc ttgtattttg gtcattttgc     42960
     cttcaattca ttctcctact gggcttaata tgcaaagaga agatagtttt atggaatgga     43020
     ttttcttagc ttgtaaacta agtaaaaatt gaagacatat acagaaaaga tttctgaatt     43080
     aatttaaaaa ggtagaataa cagtatgtca attattacaa acagatctgg ccaaaattgt     43140
     aatacctctt acaaatgctg agattatgtc attatgggtg atcaatgaag attggcaaag     43200
     aacttgtagt aattacttga gtgaaatcaa taaatattcg aaaagcaaat gtacagagtt     43260
     tataaaaaga actaattgga ctctcccatg aattgtaaag agaacaccaa ttccagaggc     43320
     accaacattc tatacagatg caaacaagat aggggtttca ggttataaat cagataaaat     43380
     aagcgaggtg accaaaagtc catatacatc acttcaaaaa ttagaattgt atgcaatcct     43440
     tatggtatta ttagattatc ttgaatctct taatataatt attggttctt taaatgcaga     43500
     aagagttgtt ttgcatatag agactgctga atgtgtacct gataactcag aattaacttt     43560
     gttatttaga caattgcaac aagccatcga aagtagaaat tatccattat ttattactca     43620
     tatttggttt catatgggtt tgtccagtcc attagctcaa ggaaatgagt aatttgacca     43680
     gttactcata ggaagtatgt taaaagcctc attattatga gaaacatcat gttaatggaa     43740
     aacttttcca tcacttggca gcaagccaaa gaagtaactt aaaatgtctt atgtgggaag     43800
     ccacatgtgc cattgcaggg tggcactggc ttccactggc caccacgcat acataggcag     43860
     taaagttctt ttgccaaaat gaggttttga gaattaacca aaattaacca atcagatgag     43920
     agacaagtta accaatcaga tgagagacaa gttaaccaat cagatgagag acgagttaac     43980
     caatcagatg taggcatgca aatgaggtgt taagcataac ccaagcacaa ccaatccggg     44040
     tgtgagacac gcctctccta ggcctatata agcagcacca gttctgggct tggggtctct     44100
     tcgcctctgc aatcaagctc tcccaataaa cgtgtgcaga aggatcctgt tgcaacgtca     44160
     ttcttgctgg cgagtcaggg cgcgcacaag agtattacat gttctctata caactaaact     44220
     ctgttatctg atgatagtag taatcctagg ggataccaaa agaaatgaca tctggcagat     44280
     ggatgttttc cactttgcag aatttggaaa acatgtactc agggtttccc ttccttttag     44340
     ctcccaaaag gctgattgtg taattatact tctatcggaa ataatggcaa ttatggggat     44400
     tccagcacaa attaaaactg acagtattct tgcatatgta tccaataaga tgaaacaatt     44460
     ctttacatat tacaatataa aacatgtcac tggtatacca cacaacccca caggaaagca     44520
     gttataggaa gagccaatca tatcttaaaa gagatgctta ttaaacaaaa aggaagagta     44580
     aaaacctccc agggacagac taaataatgt gttattaact ctcaatttgc ttaatgttgt     44640
     tgaaaaagga acaacagcag ctgagagtca ctgagttatc agaaaactga gaaactgggc     44700
     caaccaatat actgtaaggc tgtgttgaca ttagaacaga aacctgaaat agttttaaga     44760
     tggggacatg gttatgctta tctatctaca aggaatgaaa aaatatggtt tccaggggct     44820
     ggagagatgg ctcagcagtt aagagcactg actgctctcc cagaattcct gagttctgtt     44880
     ccaagcaacc acatggtggc ttacaaccat ctgtaatggg gtctgatgcc ctcttctggt     44940
     gtgtctgaat acagccacag tgtacacata taaataaagt aaataaatct tttttttaaa     45000
     aaacatggtt accaacaaaa cttacaaaga ttgtatctga ccagagacct gatcactctt     45060
     atgagctgag acatgaatgt cttcacaagc aaatagccca ggtgattcat tttatgcaga     45120
     ctgtctcagt tctgattctc caaaatacat gtgcaaatca atttcaaaaa ggctagccca     45180
     aatgaccgat cacacagaaa ctgccagaca atacataagt gaacaggcaa cacagactgg     45240
     tcagacaaca ctgagactgg acagacaagg ctgagactag ataatgaaca aactggacaa     45300
     taaatactat agctaacttt ttttttaact aactgtcccc ccccccactt tggtgcccaa     45360
     acaggaattc tttgtcccaa ctcagcagga agtaattata taagacgact gcggtcctaa     45420
     tatcttaaat tggggtggat ggttttggtc gtttgatgag gtgtttttgt ttttgttttt     45480
     gtttttgttt ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc     45540
     tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccacctgcc tctgcctccc gagtgctggg     45600
     attaaaggca tgcgccacca tgcccggctg tttgatgagt tataactgtt atcatctagg     45660
     attttaagtt gttttgctta attattgtat attgatagaa acttacggtt gtttttgtta     45720
     gactattatt tgactatatt gtatataagc tatttgttta aggtgtgata taaagttcta     45780
     gttttatgat tcttaccatt gtttctattg tgtgtaactg gatagtgtta gataaaagga     45840
     cagttttttt aaacagaaag ggggatatga agtggaaatt tctggtttct ttggagactc     45900
     agttgcatca tgtgatgttt tcctggaaac tgtcttataa gaggatgttt tgctgagaac     45960
     agacactttt tttcctggaa gctgcctgga aaagggacat gagatgttct cctagagcag     46020
     acgcttgaga gaacacgtga tgttcagaaa gtgtataaat aacccaagag acagagggtg     46080
     atactgtgtg ctatccagta tgccttacca ttttttgctg gtcatcactg gtctttgctg     46140
     actttagtct tcgctgacta tgctgtatgg cattggcttg ccttggcatt tgttgctggt     46200
     cattgcttgc catgacctca tagagagaag cacactaaag aactcttggt agtgttccag     46260
     tggtttctgg ggcaacctgc cattgctgat ttgtaaatag tgttggcgag tggatcgagc     46320
     tcactgctga ttcaggtgaa ctgaactgtg gatatcctga caacacagat tggcttcact     46380
     ccaaagaact atttctaaac aggtccacat cctcctttgc cttattaacc tttcctttct     46440
     actacctctg gtgggtggtg ggctagaagg gaggttaaag caattaagaa cccttattaa     46500
     aagtaggttt tgatttaaca agcagttagg tccaagtgag gatgcttcaa tcccacttaa     46560
     aagggagaac aaaataatca tgagaggctg agagagggag ggaggggagg gagggagaga     46620
     gggagagagg gagggaggga gagagggaga gaggaagaga gagagggagg atctgagtgg     46680
     gagaggagag agggagggca aatggggaac aggatcaggt gggggaagga aggacaggag     46740
     agaagcccag aagtcccaga gaatgaatgg aaatatgcag cctttggggg tgggagatgg     46800
     aagaaccctg tagaaagtcc cagagaccca ggagataaga gactttccag actcaaatgg     46860
     aggtgacctt agccaaagtg cccaacaatg gggagaggaa actcgaagag tccacctcca     46920
     gtagatagac agagcttcaa gtggagggac agggtcatca acccacagac aaaatttctg     46980
     actcagaact gttcctgttc ctgaattaca ggggcaaaaa tggagaagag actaaaggaa     47040
     aaatggtcca gtgaccagcc ctacttgaga tccgtctcat ggggtggggg gtgggggtcc     47100
     ccaaggccca acactattac tgatgctatg gtgcgcttac agacaggaac ctagcatggc     47160
     tgtcctctga gagcccttac catcaactga ctgagacaga tgctgatact tacacacaac     47220
     cactagactg aagtcaggga cacctatggt tgaattgggg gaaggataga agaaactgaa     47280
     ggggaggaca atcccatagg aagaccaaca gtgtcaacta atcgggacct ctgggagctc     47340
     ccaattactg agccaccaac caggagcacc cacaggctgc tcttgagccc tggcacccat     47400
     acagcagagg actgcctggt ctgacctcag tgggagaaga tatgtctaat cctcatgaaa     47460
     cttgaggccc taggaaagga gggtgtctgg taggggaggg gaagaggggg agcaccctct     47520
     aggaggcatg aggggagaaa gaatgggatg agaaactggg aggggaactg agagagagtt     47580
     ggggcaatgt ctggaatgta aatagattaa aaaaaaaatt ttttttaagt aggttttgaa     47640
     aaatcaaaac ctacagtgct gcccctgcat ttaggataga ccttcacact tcagttaacc     47700
     tggatggaag atccacatgg acatgaccaa gcttagtaac tgcaggacac taagagccgt     47760
     tcagttaaca atcagttaac aaaaggtcat ttgtcacatt gagaaggtga atgtttcaat     47820
     tcataatatt tgctctgtgt gcacatgtgg ggatcctatt taataatgat tttatatttt     47880
     gagagcggtt ttaagttcac aataaactga gaaagaaaat acagaatccg atactgccgt     47940
     agaccctctg ggtccctatg tctgtgtgga acgggtctct ggttgcagga gggcaaagag     48000
     ttgtcaaatg acagacagac caacatgcga gattgtgtag aatctgaatg taatttgtca     48060
     aattgagcat caaacttttt atacagaaga aaatagggaa gttaggtgac acatcggcaa     48120
     ggtacaatga ggttaccgga tgcttaatga ctcttacaca gaacagagga atgcaaacac     48180
     aaagactggc aggaactggg caataaaaca actgagacaa agtcagctct atctaaggtc     48240
     agctacagtc ttagaagcca ggtgtgaggt ctttacactc ctagggaagg gctttcacac     48300
     ccaagtcatg gttctaatta gggagttcct ctctagctaa ccttctcatg aataatgcat     48360
     taccctaaag ccacagccca atcaacttcc taaaccattg taaattcctg tatatgggag     48420
     caacttggct tttattctaa gtgatagtgt aataccagag gcaattctga atgtcactga     48480
     ataggcaaca ttcttactga attccaagcc catggtcagc tcaaggactt tctaggatgt     48540
     tggaacactg gcaaaggctt agctatgtca gaattcaatt ttaaaaggca cttataataa     48600
     gataatacta aaagagagca cgtggatcca tacaccagac taacatggga atagggtatg     48660
     agtatatggg ttatgagaac gccaaagctc taggagttga gtttccgtga aactctgcct     48720
     cgtgagtgct tccaggcttc tcagcctgtc aagcagactt caccagagtg tgcgtggcac     48780
     aatacagatc cttcttccat actggtacag cccaaccctc tatccacatc ccctataaag     48840
     aagagtatta gttacaacat gagtccatga tgatgcatcg cgtcatagtc gatcagcctg     48900
     ccagtgacac tcaggtcacg agtctggtga ttgcagtcta ccactgtaca cataatccat     48960
     ttctactcgg ttgccagccc tctctgctca gcttgctcgt ccagtctctc tcacccttca     49020
     cctctgcatc tgagatgttt gctctctgag attccgcctt gtccatctgg aatcacacag     49080
     tgtagtcttt gaagatttgc ttctttcaat taataacatt cagccaaggt tcttccttgc     49140
     catttcacag tgtctgatag tgctttcctt tttcagtgct ggctaatctt ctattacaca     49200
     gatgtacacg ctgccttttc tatttatcta ctgaaggaca ttattgtggc tcccaacatt     49260
     gtgtacttat aaaaaaaggg ggggggctat tatcagccca tgtgttcagg tttttctctg     49320
     gactttcatt tggaactcat atataggtaa ataccaaagt gtatgactgc aggattgtaa     49380
     gtgtatggtg tgttttgctt tctaagaagc ttctaagttg tcttcagagt gacagtacca     49440
     tttttattcc ctaatcaact gatgagagtc cttattgctt atagtctcat ccatttttac     49500
     attgtcagtg tctgagtatt ggccattctg atgaatatgt agtatattca ttctttattt     49560
     gtttttcaat atccaaagtt ctctttttag taacagtaag atacagagtt agtttttgta     49620
     gccatagctg tccctttggc ctctagaatg ctcaaacttt tggcccttgg agtggacatt     49680
     gggtatggtg tgaagttccc agagccttgc caaaatatac ctctcagccc tttggaggac     49740
     aaacaggacg acagtgccac agcccttggg agactccagg gccagctggt cagaggtgag     49800
     gctcttaccc acagcctcaa gactgtggct ttgggtgcag ctgctcaccc acagtgcata     49860
     cagcttccat ttcggggcct ccagaatctg cacatcattt gtggccaccc ccacaaccac     49920
     agctgttctc ttctttcagc taggaagctt tgtctttcag acatctggga cagagacagg     49980
     gctggctgat taggaaaaga ttatcctaaa taatcttttc accgcaactt gatggaaggt     50040
     ggaattggtt catctggccc tgaacctgta cagcttggcc agcagctgat ggtagatgtc     50100
     ctgaaaccaa ctgttgtggt gaatctcaac acccatgatg atgcctcctg cctgtcaggt     50160
     ccatacaata taatatatat aatatatata tatatatata taattttaca taaaatatgt     50220
     gtattttata tatttagtga gttatctgtg aaagatcttg ccccatttca taatcagctg     50280
     tgcattctct tagtatttac tcatttactt tgtatatgtc tcattgcatt ctttattgga     50340
     tgtaatttta aggagtgttt tcttctaccc catgcttgcc tcctccttca gagtagtatc     50400
     taaaagtcgt tgccacactc ggagtcatac tattttcttc tgcatttaaa ctaagtgatg     50460
     aaacacaggt cgctaactca cgttatctaa ataataattc cacctaacac acttaggcta     50520
     aaagtgaaca caactgcact atcatagttc ccataggcag gccagaggcc tccacgggac     50580
     accagacttt agggaaagat gaaagagaga aaacagattc accagcgcgg cagaggactc     50640
     gggaagggtg tgcagcagca gtttcccagg catgggcaat tattctaaag actggatctg     50700
     gaccgtgagt aggactccca gcggtccctg taagaactgg agacctgagg ggcgtgtaaa     50760
     ggagcataaa gacacatttc cgtcccctat gcagtcctct gtaggaggat caggaaagca     50820
     gaaaggtacc aaagagcctg ggggccaggt ttctctgtcc ctctttccaa catcattcac     50880
     gtttcagttt acttgtaaaa tggataatag caagagttgt gtatagattc aataaggtga     50940
     aatactttaa atgtgtgtgc gtatgtatgt atgtatgtat gtgtatgtat gtatgaagtc     51000
     tggcatccat taaatagatg atgtactata ggactgtggg tccctgtcca ctctgccact     51060
     gggcatggct gcttagggag acgggactag gggagtttga ctaagcttac cccgtagggc     51120
     gggtgctgga ccatagggaa atgcctaggc actgctgggg ggcgggggga gggaggacag     51180
     ggaaactcag tctgagctgt gggaaggcca gagctgtctt aggggacctt gggcattaga     51240
     agaggccagg gctgtggggt tctcagatcc ttggacaccc aggcgccact gggagtcatg     51300
     gaagagctga gaacaaagag gcccgagggc tgggtctagc ctggggaggg gagggcaggg     51360
     gaagggaggg gaggggagat ccagctggtc ccacagggag agtccttggc ttgaaggtga     51420
     caggattggt ggcagttgtg gctgagagtg cagagaggcc ttctagggga gactagactt     51480
     cagctctcta agcaaagacc ttctctgtgg ctccccacag ccgatctcga tgaaaagagg     51540
     cagtcaatgg ttctgcgtca tttattgcta tggtgggaag tggatgcata aaaccatacc     51600
     cccatctcag ggtgggcccg cgattaaata ccttttgcaa ggaggaatgt ctgggaaaga     51660
     aatcttactg ctacaccctc cgatcctcta gatatgtcat tagcatggag agctctgtct     51720
     tgagcctacg tgacctgtgg tcacatctct tttatgtgag aaacatggca tgtgttccga     51780
     gtcaggagtc tgacagggac tcacctaagc ctcaggtgtg tgcccaccga gtctccgggt     51840
     ctcaacctgc tctaccttac cagacttcct ggcatggttt tacaccccac agtgtatgat     51900
     tgatctaaac atatacatac atagaatata tatatttttt atccagaagg ttactttgtg     51960
     gttttgatct aaattcccag gtgtttagaa gtagaataaa cgtttggaaa acacctacta     52020
     gaagagatta gcaaaatggg tttatagtta aaagtccagg atatacatga cagcaaacca     52080
     accaatattg ttaagtcagt cattcaacct ctgcctgttc tattgctgtg aagagacacc     52140
     atgaccaagg caacttataa aataaagcat ctaattgggg acctgcttat ggttttacag     52200
     ggtgagtccg tgaccatcat ggcagggagc atggcagcag gcgtggcgct agagcagtaa     52260
     ctgagagctc acatctcttc cacaagcagg aggcagagag agagaaagag gatggacctg     52320
     gtgtaggctt ttgaaagttc aaagtctatc ccagtgtcac acctctttca acaaggccat     52380
     gcctcccaat ccttcctaaa tggtccagca actggagatt aaatgttcag atgtatgaac     52440
     ctacagtggt cattcttctt caaaccacca cagcttctaa tatactatct ggttgaaaat     52500
     agaacctaga ccctcacaac aaggcttcct acagtatgag tgtggaccgt tttattcctt     52560
     ctaaggatag taacaggcag gctgtgtgct gacgtgtgat aatggggggc agatgtcagt     52620
     tcctagtgat accccaacaa tttcaaatct atgtagaaaa tcaaaatgaa accagtggtt     52680
     ttgttgtttg tttatcaaat atgtgtgaaa ggattttctt tgtaaaattt atttattatt     52740
     atatgtaagt agctgtcttt agacacacca gaagagagca tcagatctca ttatggatgg     52800
     ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt gctgggattt gaactcagga ccttcaaaag agcagtcagt     52860
     gctcttaacc actgagccat ctctccagcc ccttttttat tctaatgtgg aaatcccaac     52920
     acaatacgta aattgattta tttccctttt actttccgcc aagcaatagc ctttggatta     52980
     ttttctcaat gagacgatgt cataaaactg atgcttctgt taataggatc tgtaaatttt     53040
     aaatttcctt tgattctcct caaacatggg gaagttcctg aacttttggg cctaagtgga     53100
     aatagaactt taactgagtt aactgagatt ggactgatct cctttttaag taaataaaat     53160
     accccttcga atagtgagac aacatagaaa accacagctc ctgttgatgc cagctatctc     53220
     cctatccccc ggacccagct cttcctccag cacccttgac ttaccctgta gaggaattcg     53280
     tctgaagtcg aatctatatt ctctcttctg tcctgcaagg tggctgcacc ggctccaata     53340
     gctcccaaga ccttatcttg aagatattta tctgaaatag acaaaagaaa agcatgattt     53400
     tagattctaa ctacaaagat gtgattttca tatcaaatga tatttactcc taaatatatt     53460
     caaatgccaa aaaatggaat aattaaaatt aatttctgtc ctctaagaca gaggaaagaa     53520
     ataacaatgg gctccaggca catgagctca ccagccatcc ctttctgatc gtaacctgct     53580
     ccttccacag tactgaccct gccaacccct acaaagaagg tctgtctgct agccagtgcc     53640
     ttgttcctct ctgcttctct ccttgtgcct gggggctccc actcgggctc ctctgtggca     53700
     tggtgtatac ctgtgcattg cacaagccag caccttactt taatcctggc cccacaccag     53760
     cctatgtctc ttgacattgt gccagtggct taacttctag atgtatccgt tgcttcagaa     53820
     agaagtgggg gttacaatgt ccagttgctg ggccccggta tccaagtgga aaaattattc     53880
     attactgggc gacttggagg gatgagcaca tgtgtaatca gtatgcacag tatacaatca     53940
     caagattcta aaagaagaaa tacagtggtt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttgtttg     54000
     tttgtttgtt tgtttaaagt gattagtgac ccttcagtgc tggtgacgct ggtgacatgc     54060
     agaagctttg gggtcccgtg tctaaaagca accttgtgaa attaaatcag aaaccttgaa     54120
     ccccaagaga tgacagtaaa taaataaata aataaataaa cctggacacc tccaaagaag     54180
     tgtgtagctg ctttgcccgt ggcagtgtgg agggtagtca gctccctttg tgcctccaga     54240
     acagggactg agaactggcc tcagtttaga tcctcagggc caccaggagg tataacaagc     54300
     cacggggaga ggcatgagaa aatcatctgc gagggtggag tgagcatggt gaacagctta     54360
     gcatagaata catatagaac accaatgtgt agaatacact gaactgttag agagtgtgta     54420
     ttctctccag atatggtttc tagagtgttg atacatttta tctcacagga gaggctttga     54480
     aacctgcaga gcagagaatc tggggggttc cgtaggctcc ttgacatgca aatacaaggg     54540
     aattagaaat atcccccaaa atatattaac ctattatgta tggaaaaata aaaattataa     54600
     attatataca gatcaaaaat gaaatagcaa caagacttct agaacactta taactgaatg     54660
     acaaaattgt cacgtgtaag catttgacat gtggcaaatg gcgctccagg agaactatca     54720
     ggaaagcatt taatggtgaa ggccagctaa gattaggcaa cttgataaac ataataaaag     54780
     gtggaatagc aaaatttaga gattaagaag aattaaacaa caaacagtag tgatacatag     54840
     aaaatatctc agagagtttt tttctaagtc aatacactca aaataatacc ctttaggaaa     54900
     agtaagactg aaactataat ggaattatag ttctaactac agcagctaaa atgtaaggac     54960
     agtgccagca gacagctgtt gtgaggtgtg gaatgatgtg gctccccgac ctccccgagg     55020
     gagtgagagg agctttaaat acttgggaaa cctgtatgtg ttcctgaaaa tgaatcacat     55080
     agataaacta tgatccagaa aattcatcta aaaaagaaat gaaaactgaa tcacagaagt     55140
     gttctacagc agtgtgtaca gtgtgtgtgt gggggtgggg gtgggggtgt tcatagttca     55200
     tcggaaaata aacaacaggt ggaatacctg ggtagcagca ttgttctcac tggtaataaa     55260
     caaattactg ataatgtgag cagcttgaat cttacaagcg ccactctgac cgtccacatc     55320
     cacgcacttt tccctccaca tccgctgctg tgacagaaac acccaggcaa aaggcgactt     55380
     aggggtggaa actttgtgtt agctcacaat cccaggttaa gaccctcgtt gttgtaagaa     55440
     acaagaccct cactctgtga taactgattc aagaagccag caaaagccag aagtcgtgat     55500
     ttgaccgttc tgaagaagcg agcaccagcc tagagcaaag gcaagattgg ctggcaggcc     55560
     catttgatgt gacacagtgg tggctgtact tcctggggga aagctgctcc atttttcctg     55620
     taaattgaca ctcaagagag ttataatcac ccactcatcc agccgagccc atttcccaga     55680
     ttgcccgtca tcctggggct caggcctccc tccccttttc tgttatgaag gctcagacta     55740
     tctaatgcgc tgacgatgag gccatagcgt acctctccac cactgcacag aagcagaagc     55800
     acccaggtca ccctggggta ggggcagctc ataaacattg ggagtgcagg tccaacaggg     55860
     gcttaaagca tgtatggttg gcttaaagaa atcatatgtc ttggacatat aaggccacca     55920
     actgtgattt acaactaaca caggctcttt aactttttaa aataagcagt tctccagaaa     55980
     tattaagtat gaacacaatc gatataagat agccatatcc aaactgtcag agcaagtgtt     56040
     ttaaataaag atgatttagg aagctttgga tgataacaga taaaaagtga ttaaaatgta     56100
     aacagcaact gcttacgttt ctgtcccacc aatcaacttc aggaaaattg atctgaaccg     56160
     atagcacaca gacaaaacct tgctctgaca tacttagtta ctagtcttaa atggcgttta     56220
     caccatagga agccgtttgg ctttgatgta aactgttaat gtgacaagca gtggattgca     56280
     gagctgacta tgattgtcta tgaactctca tacagggcat aggctgtgtg acaggacact     56340
     ttattttcca ccaccagtat acaatagtaa ataaacatgt gcacagaaac cagaaataaa     56400
     aattactttt aatcttatta catctagtac taccaaacag tacctgtact ggctagtttt     56460
     gtgtcaactt gacacagctg gagttatcac agagagagga gtttcagttg gggaagtgcc     56520
     ttcatgagat ccaactgtaa ggtattttct caattagtga tcaaggggga aaggcccctt     56580
     gtgggtggga ccatctctgg gctggtagtc ttgggttcta taagagagca ggctgagcaa     56640
     gccagagcaa gcaagccagt aaagaacatc cctccatggc ctctgcatca gctcctgctc     56700
     cctgacctgc ttgagttcca gtcctgactt ctttcagtga tgaacagcaa tgtggaagtg     56760
     taagctgaat aaaccctttc ctccctaagt gcttcttggt catggtgttt gtgcaggaat     56820
     agaaaccctg accaagacag tacccatgct gttcacttta agtgcatgag gaaatgcaat     56880
     ctggttaaca aggtaaatgt atgagaatga ttaaaatatg gcaccttcct gtaacaaatc     56940
     ataatttggt gagaaggacg ggcctgtgta gcaagatggt tgcacgtaac gatgctaact     57000
     ccgtgatcat actgcgggga ggactaaggg ggaaactgcc cacgaaagta agataccact     57060
     gcgttctaca actatacacc gaccactgga aagtagtcac tttaaattta gatgtatggc     57120
     atctctagga agtgtcagag acctaggatg ggagacactc cagggagtct atgaatgtga     57180
     ctctctagct gaggctccta gtagttgggc acagggagcc atctcctgta gccaggcagg     57240
     acaccaacct acccacgaaa cctttaaccc aaaatttgcc ctgcctacaa gaagtgcagg     57300
     gacgcgggat ggagcagact gagggaatgg ccaaccgatg actggcctaa gttgagaccc     57360
     atcccatggg caagcactaa ttcctgacac tattaatgat actctgttat gcttgcagac     57420
     aggagcctag cataactgtc ctctgagagg ctccacccag cagcagagat gcatagaatc     57480
     atagccaaca ttatatggag cttgaggagt tttgtagacg atctgagagg aggattgggg     57540
     tcccagaggg gataggaact ctacaagaag accaacaatc aactaacctg gacccttggg     57600
     gggccccaga gactgagcca taatccaaag agcatgcatg ggttggacct aggcccctgc     57660
     acatttgtag cagatgtgca gctcggtctt catgtgggtc ccaaacaact ggaaggggag     57720
     ctggccctga ctctgttgcc tgcctgtgga ccctgttccc cttaactagg ctaccttatc     57780
     tggcctcagt gggagaggat gtggccagtc ctgcaatgac ttgaatatgt gccagaatag     57840
     gttggtacag acgctggggg gaggggctcc cattctcaga ggagaagagg aggggcaagg     57900
     gaggaagttg ggaggagatg ggtgggcttt gatcagtatg taaagtgaat ttttttttaa     57960
     aagtaaaaaa aaatttagat ttatatcttt ctcatatatt tttgtctgtt ttcatactga     58020
     attttataaa tgtaaatatc tttattgttt gtgtttgttt gtttgtctgt ttgcttcaaa     58080
     acagggtttc tctgtatgta gtctagctgc tctggaactc actctgtaaa accaagctgg     58140
     cctcagactt atagagatct ctgcctcctg aatactggga ttaaaggcat gagccactaa     58200
     gcagcataaa taccattgtt taatgagcaa actatctaga atgtggaatg aaactgataa     58260
     ctctctctgt atgaaacgtc ttagtacaac atgcaagcct ttcggtgttc tcacttctgc     58320
     catttgaccg taactaagaa ggtctagaag tcatttctta aaaagaagag gagcgagatt     58380
     gaccagaaag atggagggtt tccctaaact gaagacatgt aaagttttgg tttgaaaaga     58440
     tgaagataaa aaccaaacaa agaatgcata caatcgacca gtgagcaatt agaataaccc     58500
     aacggcttaa gtagagaaat ggctgaactg tgcttctctg tgaagccttg aatattagaa     58560
     cacagaaacg taagacgctg cctgtggcag aataaccgga tttccttgtg gaaatggatg     58620
     aatccataga gtgaagaaca gatttgtcct gattctgtgc tctagaacat tagccatgac     58680
     taaagggaag aaaccctcca gtcgtgagaa caccagacat tagttagcta gtacaaagct     58740
     gccatcgttc aggataaatg tggtggtgaa gaaaggcctc cacggtgtac agaggataca     58800
     cagtttatct gtatcctcct caccagaaat gacctctcca cggcaaaatg agatcatgta     58860
     aacaatctag gctagaagga aactctagac tttattcttt gcagacaacc tctcctagat     58920
     gtcttgtaaa aggcagtgtt accagtattt gcttcctcag cccatgtggt ggttaatctc     58980
     cattgtcaat ttggctggag gagggtgctt aataggcact tgtgagaatg tctgtgaggt     59040
     catttaaccg aagagggaag acccaccctg aataaaccag attggagtca ggatgcccta     59100
     ggcagaagaa aagatggaag aagagcatct gtaatcgttg ctctctgctt cctgactgtg     59160
     ggtacaaagt cattagggac cccatgtccc tgaagccatc ccttctcccc tatgatgtac     59220
     tggctgtatc ctctctaact tcaagtcaaa ataagtactt cttcctttaa gatactttca     59280
     acgtatattt tgttacaaca atgaggttag taactaacat gtatcacaca ggcaaactca     59340
     acgtaacatc attgacgagg gcatatggca gtgaaatttt gtgttatgta agtaaaagta     59400
     taaatattcc cttacctgca aattaacagt agtagttcat ggaggtttga gaatccaaga     59460
     acagggtctg tgagagaact ttgtcagtag agtgtttgct tgtataagct caaggaggtt     59520
     aatttgatgc ccctacccca ccctcaaagt cgtgtcaaaa aactgagcat ggttgtgctt     59580
     gtttgtcatc ccagtgctgg ctaggtggag acggtggctc ttcagagctc attgatcagc     59640
     tgtacagact tctcggagag ctctaggcta gcggcagacc tcgtctcaaa agcccgttcc     59700
     tgatggatat aattacaaaa cactgcgcct aaggttaaca gaactttgca gcagaggagg     59760
     cagaatgatt gtaagagcca gaggatcagg gattttgctg aaagatagct gtgccaaagt     59820
     ggatggagaa atctcacaaa gcaccagccc cacgcaaaga actgcagcgc ttaaggaatg     59880
     ctaaaagttg gagaaatagt cttctccggg gatgagcaca gtaaatggtt atccgatacc     59940
     aaaggactag ctcagaatac acaagtaaca ttatacagac cgagagggtt atatttataa     60000
     tatatatgta tatacataaa catacatgca tgtaacaatt aatgaacaaa gtataaattt     60060
     gaaagaaggc aagaaggggt atatgtgagg tttgtaggaa gaaaggggga gagaaaaatg     60120
     atgtaatcat ataatctcaa aaataaaaga acaataaata acaagcaaga agagcaacac     60180
     cttaggttgg cctgcatagg cactcatgca cacgtgcgcg cacacacaca gacttacaca     60240
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacgtaca tgcatccaca tgtgtatatg     60300
     tccctgaaac tagacagact tactgggccc ctcattccca aagagcgcca gtaaagactg     60360
     ctgagagtca gtctcagaca agacaatctg caaagattca caatcctgcc aagcaggctg     60420
     gaagaagcac aaaccagctg agctgcctta aagaggctct gacctactga ggcacctgga     60480
     aaggatgcct gttgagctga ccacaggctg tgcagtgtac taaaggttgc cccactttgt     60540
     gagctgttac ccattctggg gtgagctttg gtgttgcagt gattgaagtc agaaccccca     60600
     cagagaggaa gtatctctta ctttgcttct tttgagtggt gtagaatgga ccaactacgc     60660
     taggaagcag tgtgagtgac actaatattg aacgagagaa catacaatgt gtagaaaacc     60720
     aatacaacgc aaaccttaag tacaggtttt caatgagcaa gagagcccat tgactgaagt     60780
     taaaagattc caccaactcg ataagggagc agaaaacaga aggaattcct tctgaaggct     60840
     attgccaatt gctgactcat ttcttaagag ttccatcaac ttacagaagc tttgcaattt     60900
     tatggggtcc catttgtcaa tctttgatct tagtaaacca ttgctgtact gttcaggaat     60960
     ttttcccctg tgcccatatc ttcgaggctc ttccccactt tctcctctat acgtttcagt     61020
     gtctctggtt ttatgtggag gtccttgatc cacttagact taagctttgt acaaggagat     61080
     aaaagtggat caatttgcat tcttctacat gctgacctcc agctgagcca gcaccatttg     61140
     ttgaagatgc tctccttttt ccactggaag gttttagctc ctttgtcaaa gatcaagtgg     61200
     tggatcatgg tgattccact agaggttctt ttatttttga gaacagcttt tgctatccta     61260
     gggttttttg ttattccaga tgaacttgca aattgccctt tctaactcaa tgaagaattg     61320
     agttggaatt ttgataggaa ttgcattgaa tctgtagatt gcttttggca agatagccat     61380
     ttttactata ttgatcctgc caatccatga gcatggaaat ctttctatct tttgagatct     61440
     tcttctattt ctttcttcag agacttgaag ttcttatcat acagatcttt cacttcctta     61500
     gttagagtca cacccaggta ttttatatta tttgtgacaa ttgtgaagag tcttgtttcc     61560
     ctaatttctt tctcagcctg tttatccttt gtgtagggaa aggccactga gttgttggag     61620
     ataattttat atccagctac ttcactgaag ttatcgggtt taggagttct ctggtagaat     61680
     ttttaggatc acttatgtat acggtcatat catctgcaaa tcgtgatatt ttgacttctt     61740
     cctttccaat ttgtatcccc ttgacctcct tttgttatct aattgctctg gctaggactt     61800
     caagtattat attggatagg tagaatgggc agccaattgc aaagcttctg taaggcaaag     61860
     aataagacaa aaaggccatc aacatattgg gaaaagatct ttaccaatcc taaatcctat     61920
     tagaggacta atatccaata tatataaaga actcaaaaag taggactcca gaaaaccaaa     61980
     taaccctact aaaatatggg gtacagagct aaacaaagaa ttctcaatcg aggaatatgg     62040
     aatggctgag aagcacctga aaaaaatgtt cagcatcctt aatcatcagg gaaatgcaaa     62100
     tcaaaacaat cctgagattc cacctcacac cagtcagaat ggctaagatc aaaaattcag     62160
     gtgacagcag atgctggcga ggatgtggag aaagaggaac acttctccat tgttggtgga     62220
     attgcaagct ggtacaacca ctctggaaat cagtctggca gttcctcaga aaattgaaca     62280
     tagtactagc agaagatcca gcaatacctc tcctgggcat atacccagaa gatgttccaa     62340
     cttgtaataa ggacacatgc tccactgtgt tcatagcagc cttatttata atagccagaa     62400
     gctgggaaga acccagatgt ccctcaacag aggaatggat acagaaaatg tggtacattt     62460
     acacaatgga gtactactca gctattaaaa agaatgaatt tatgaaattc ctaggcaaat     62520
     ggatggatct ggaggatatt atcctgagta aggtaaccca atcacaaaag aactcacatg     62580
     atatgtactc actgataagt agatattagc ccagaaactt agaatactca agatacaatt     62640
     tgaaaaacac atgaaactca agaagaaaga agaccaaagt gtggatactt tgttcctcct     62700
     tagaatgggg aacaaaatac ccatggaggg agttacagag acaaagtttg gagctgagac     62760
     agaaggaagg accatccaga gactgcccca ctcagagatc catcccataa acagccacca     62820
     aacctactat tgcatatgcc agcaagattt tgctgacagg accctgacat agctctctct     62880
     tgtgaggcta tgccagtgcc tgtcaaatac agaagtggat gctcacagtc atctattgaa     62940
     tggaacacag ggcccccagt ggaggagcta gagaaagtac ccaaggagct gaaggggtct     63000
     gcaaccctat aggaggaaca acaatatgaa ctaaccagta cccccggagc tcgtgtctct     63060
     agctgcatat gtagcagagg atggcctagt cggccatcat tgggaagaga ggccctcagt     63120
     cttgtgaaga ctctatgccc cagtacaggg caatgccagg gccaggaagt gggagtgggt     63180
     gggttggtga gcagggagag ggtatagggg attttttttt tttttggttt ttctctgtgt     63240
     agccctggct gccctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact cagaaattcg     63300
     cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggtgtgtg ccaccacacc cgctggggat     63360
     tttcagagcg gaaactagga aaggagatag catttaaaat gtaaattaag aaaatatcta     63420
     ataaaaaatt atagacattg gatatctatt cagaaaacat acaaactgca aactcattca     63480
     cattagctct ctatgcttta tattgctgtt ggtctgttct caataaatgc ccagagttat     63540
     aaagaaaaaa atttaaaaaa agagttccct cactattccc tcgtgagttg ctcaattcct     63600
     accctagaaa aggagcagaa aactgatata tcctctcaga cagttccctg aagcaacctg     63660
     atgcatgatt aaaaattcat tgtgcttact tgaactcgaa tccccagaaa tcagaaaaga     63720
     ctggcctgtt ttaaagattc tacaaggttg aataacccag ctccctggct atggggtaag     63780
     aaggtgcaga ccaggaccaa gttccttggg ctatttttag tctttctgaa agcattggct     63840
     gctcacccca tgcctgacct aacatccttg tgactatcga aaccattcag atgtattttt     63900
     agcaaaccac catcttgcac ccgcccccag gctcagagca taaccagaga gcattgaaaa     63960
     tgtgtgagac ggctttccca cttggccgta acctgtggct gagattcttc aacagtgttt     64020
     cacaaatgcc ttgacttagg acagagtctt tgttctgtac ctaataagat ttcatgtaag     64080
     ccatttctct actgcgatat gattatttgg ggtaacatga atctctgctc ctaggccatg     64140
     gtcactctca tttggactaa gaataagtca tgttattctc tataagcaag agctatgttt     64200
     tggcatcgat atttatatac tcgggtcttt atctgagctt gcatctgggt gtgtttaaag     64260
     ctctgcagat tgtttttctt agaactaaga agcatctgaa tgttttggtc tatgatgatc     64320
     ttatgatttt atttcccaga tcatatctat ttaaatcagc tgaaataaca caatagtata     64380
     cggctaccgg tacaactcag tatgaatctg cgtatatttt cctgtgaatg tatttacgca     64440
     tttgattttg gagcgctgtt ccatgcagac ttaatgaggg atatttcttt taagaattag     64500
     aagaacttgg gattttacat agctaagttc caaatttctg aatgaacaat aaaaaaactg     64560
     tgtctaggct tgcattttgc tttaacatgg ccttttcctc cgagtgtggc gtgaccagtc     64620
     catcactacc ttgagtatac aaacaaccct tggcccagca gccatgaaag aagcagaatc     64680
     gtacggggag gccagctcca cagtggtact ggcttgtcag ctcctaacgg aaggagagga     64740
     agaagaggct cgcagattgg gatttcagcc cattagctcc tcctggcccc aaaaactaca     64800
     aatgatcttg ggagaccctg caggacagga actgtacagt taagtaacgt ggatttatat     64860
     gttgcagctc tcctacggtt gcttcaataa tgcagcgggg ctttgcagcg gcatgcagcg     64920
     gggctttgca gagtgccgct gctccctgtc ctccgttttc ccgtcggcat atcttgccgt     64980
     gcacactcct gttagctatc taaatgaaat cattggtgga gtggtcacgt tggcctgtta     65040
     ttagcagcct cactggagtg attagaaact gctcacattt ccctaggaag tgttacaccg     65100
     cagatttcgc agattttttt tttgcaaagg ttttgaaaca atgtattcag agaggaaata     65160
     tacagaattc tatgaggaga agctgttttg aatagctctg gaggctcaaa tcttggaggt     65220
     ttcacagacg gttggcttag ccaataaaag gcaaagcaag agaagagaag aacagcgaat     65280
     tattttgtat aaagtaaatc tgttagcaac aaatgccctc accttttatt tatcttggaa     65340
     tcccatcttt ttccctcctt ttttataaat ctcactagga tgatatctag ctttaattgt     65400
     ttttgttttg ttttgttttt aacttttaga acttttgaat acattcctct attgctttct     65460
     ggcttctgtt gttgctaaca agaaatcagt tgtcaatctg tattagtcag gattctctag     65520
     aggaacagaa catatagaat gaatctctct cttgctcttg cactcgctct ctctctcgct     65580
     ctctctctct ctctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtggtc     65640
     tgtggtccag ctaatccaat actggctagg aatggaaagt ccaagtaagt atccagtagt     65700
     tgccctgtct ctgctggtct tcagtataca ctggaatctg gaagacgcag gcattttgcc     65760
     agtgaagaag tggacttgct agcaaggtga gagccagcag gagaagaaca aaagcttcct     65820
     ccttccgtgt ccttatggag gctgccagcc gaaggtgtgg ccaggattag atctacatca     65880
     aagatctgaa ataaaggtgt gtcttcacac tccagattaa gcagaaattg ctcacaagtt     65940
     atgccttcta tttggggttt tagttcattc cagatgtaga caatttgaca actaaggaca     66000
     gccgtcgcac tgtttgaatc cttttatgtt caagcaccac tctctcttgc tcctttgctg     66060
     ctcatcatct ttgtagttcc tttcgggagc ctcagtgtga accccgccac ctccacacat     66120
     cagaactcac tagtacttgg ggtgttttga tctctgggtt tcaggttact tgttttgttt     66180
     tttaattgtt ttggtttccc cctgcatctt tctcttcttc cctagttaga caaatgtaag     66240
     tatgctgaag gggatcgctt ttcctctcct tctgtggtct gctttggatt ttagacttta     66300
     gactcctaat gtttcattta tttcatatgt agagtaggtg tgtggatgca cgtgtgtgtg     66360
     tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgtgca tttctgtcct tattggtttt     66420
     ctacatttta ctaaatgctt gatttcttcc ttgatctcta taaatatggt tcgcattcac     66480
     tttctgaaaa tacgtaatgg gctccttaag agattgagcc gttcatttga cagctccctt     66540
     ttaagagaac ttgagggctg gagagatggc tcagtgatta agagcactga ctgctcttct     66600
     gaaggtcctg agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc ggtaatgaga     66660
     tctgatgccc tcttctggtg tatctgaaga cagctacagt gtacttagat tataataata     66720
     aataagtctt taaaaaaaaa aaagctgcca taacttttat taaaaaaagg aagaaaaaga     66780
     aaactcgact cactttctcc tcctatctat aatttgcatt ttcctgattc cttgcatgtt     66840
     ttccaagcat ttataaaact gatcctttga ggtgatacat tgtaacagca gttataggca     66900
     cattctccac tcctaggggt catttttctt ccttacctgg gcttattcac acttgcattg     66960
     gctagattgt tttagtaaag tctattccct tcagtgtgaa gccttttgca cccgtctgca     67020
     ggaaacacca tcaagggcac gcacacagta ctcccggggt aactaagact ggccctggat     67080
     ttggcacact ctctttggct ttctttcctc tctctctctc tttctaagac tgtatgcctc     67140
     gctctgtgtt agatccaacc cattagtctc cagtaattat caaacaatca ctttaatact     67200
     tgaaaaatgt tctacagtgc cgggcagtgg tggcgcacgc ctttaatccc agcactcggg     67260
     aggcagaggc aggcagattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttacag     67320
     gacagccagt gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcggaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt     67380
     tctacagaac aaaattgctc agcaaaatga tgggtgtttc tattggtggg ataaaacagt     67440
     aactgaaagc aacccaagga gggacaacac acggtccatc actgaggaca gccaagccac     67500
     aaactcttgt cgggagcttg gagcagaaac cataaagaaa cactgctcgc tctgctggct     67560
     gccaggctcc tgcttagcaa gctttattat gtagctcaac accgcctggc ctagggatgg     67620
     tgccacccac agtgtgatgg ttcctcctac atcagttagt aatgaaacaa tcctcaacaa     67680
     tgtgactggg acaatccatc cactgagact ctggtctcac atcatttcag gctgtgccca     67740
     gttgacagtt gaagctgtct aggacaatga cccagtttaa cttggataca agttgctttg     67800
     aggccggttt ttgacatttg ttctgaccca agaagggttt cctaccgatc tcagtgaact     67860
     aaatgatggg agctgttgta ttaaagaaac tatttaagac tgaccagtgt ggatcaaatg     67920
     gtagacatct aagatgtttc catttctggg ctattgtgaa ttgagcaaca atgaacaaaa     67980
     atcaccaggt gtatctgaag taggatacag agtctttttg atgtatgtcc aaagagtggt     68040
     gtcttagtta ctgtttctat tgctgcaaca gaacaccgtg accaaaaaag caagggtagg     68100
     aaatggttat ttagcctaca ctcccatatt gctgttcatc atcaaaggaa gtcagaacag     68160
     gaaatcaaac aggacaggat cctagaagca ggagctaatg ctgaggccat agaagggttc     68220
     tgcttactgt cttgcctctc atggctttgc tcagccagct tgcttgcttg cttgcttttt     68280
     cttttctttt cttttctttt cttttcttct ctcttctttt cttttttatt agatattttc     68340
     ttttcaaatg ttatcccctt tcctagtttc tcctccaaaa atcccctatc ccctccaccc     68400
     tccccctgct cccaaaccca cccactccca ttcctagacc tagcattccc ctatactggg     68460
     gcatagagca tttacaggac caagggcctc tcctcccatt gatgactgac taggccatcc     68520
     tctgctacat atgcagctgg agccacaagt tacaccatgt gttttctttg attggtggta     68580
     tagttccaag gagttctaag agtactggtt agttcatatt gatgttcctt ctatgaggct     68640
     tcagtcccct tcaactccct gggtatttct ctggctcctt cattggggac tttgtactct     68700
     gtccaatgga tgtctgtgag caaccacttc tgtatttgcc aggcactggc agagcctcaa     68760
     aggagacagc tatatcagac tcctgtcagc aggctcttgt tggcatctgc ctagtgtctg     68820
     ggtttggtgg ttgtttatgg ggtggatccc caagtggggc agtctctgga tggtcattcc     68880
     ttcaggctct gctctgaact ttgtctctgt aactccatcc atggatattt tgttcccaat     68940
     tctaagaaga aatgaagtat ccacattttg gtcttcctta ttcttgagtt tcatgggttt     69000
     tgcgaactgt atcttggtta ttctaagttt ctgggctaat agccccttat cagtgagtgc     69060
     atatcatgtg agttcttttg taattgggtt acctcactca ggatggtatc ctccagatgc     69120
     atccaattgc ctaagaattt cataaattca ttggttttaa tagctgagta gtactccatt     69180
     gtgtaaatgt accacatttt ctgtatccat tcctctgttg agggacatct gggttcttcc     69240
     cagcttctgg ctattataaa taaggctgct atgaacacag tggagcatgt gtccttatta     69300
     caagttggaa catcttctgg gtatatgccc aggagaggta ttgctggatc ttctgctagt     69360
     actatgttca attttctgag gaactgccag actgatttcc agagtggttg taccagcttg     69420
     caatcccacc aataatggag aaatgttcct ctttctccac atcctctcca gcatctgctg     69480
     tcacctgaat ttttgatctt agccattctg actggtgtga ggtggaatct cagggttgtt     69540
     ttgacttgca tttccctgat gattaaggat gttgaacatt ttttcgggtg cttctcagcc     69600
     attcagtatt cctcagttga gaattctttg tttagctctg taccccattt ttagtagagt     69660
     tatttggttt tctggagtcc aactttttga gctctttgta tatattggat attagtcccc     69720
     taacagattt aggatctgtt ggtggccttt ttgtcttatt gacagtacct tttgccttac     69780
     agaagctttg caattttatg aggtcccatt tgtcaattct cgatcttaca gcacaagcca     69840
     ttgctgttct gttcaggatt ttttcccctg tgcccatatc ttcgaggctt ttccctactt     69900
     tctcttctat aagtttcaga gtctctggtt ttatgtgaag ttccttgatc cacttagact     69960
     tgagctttgt acaaggagat aagaatggat taattcaggc tgggcatgat ggcgcacgcc     70020
     tttaatccca gcacttggga gacagagtca ggcatatttc tgagtttgag gccagcctag     70080
     tctacagagt gagttccagg acagtcaggg ctatacagag aaaccatgtc tcaaaaaacc     70140
     ataaaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     70200
     aaagaaagaa aagaaaagaa aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaagaaag aaagaaagaa     70260
     agaaaaaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagagaa aaaagaatgg atcaattcat attcttctac     70320
     atgacaaccg ccagttgtgc cagcatcatt tttgaaaatg ctgtcttttt tcccactgga     70380
     tggttttagc tcccttgtca aagatcaagt gaccataggt gtgtgggttc atttctgggt     70440
     cttcaatacc attctattga tctacctgtc tgtcgttgta ccagtaccat gcagctttta     70500
     tcacgattgc tctgtagtat agcttgaggt cagggatggt gattccacca gaagttcttt     70560
     tattgttgag aatagttttt tcagccagct ttcttataga acccaaaacc accaagccag     70620
     agatggtccc acccacaatg ggctggaccc tcctctatct tgatcttatg gaggcaattt     70680
     ctcaattcaa gtttcttcct taaggataac tagttcgggt gtcaagttga cataaaacta     70740
     gccagccagc acacgtggta tagctgggtc atatggtaga tctattctta acttttaaag     70800
     gaaccaccac actgatatat atggaggcat cagttttcac tgccatcaac agtgactaaa     70860
     tgtcccctct cccaacctcc ataccagtat ttgtcatcat tagattgttt ttattattat     70920
     tattatcatt attatttagt atcatgctaa taccatttga taacattagt tcctttaatg     70980
     acaatgcccc gtatcttcac atagctgctt ttctccccag ggaatgttcc caagacatta     71040
     ctgtaacaac tgaggtgcag gtggcctcca gccttcctga cttacatttc actgtaaaca     71100
     tccaggatga actggtgcga tgggtgtcag ggctcagtgg tctttgctgg atgggtgctg     71160
     agtctcctct ctgtggggag ccatgtcagt gggcactggg tgtgccctgg aagaaactcc     71220
     aggaaaacgg attgtcattt tcttagccag gccgacatcc agagaagctc actcaagttc     71280
     agcttagggg aatgtactgg ctggttttgc gtgtcaactt gacacaagct gaagttacca     71340
     cagagaaagg agcttccatt gaggaaatgc ctccgtgaga tccagctgac aggcattttc     71400
     tcaattagtg atcaaagggg gagggcccag cccactgtgg gtgatgccat ccctgggttg     71460
     gtagtcttgg ttctataaga gagcaggctg aggaagccag gggaaacaag ccagtaagga     71520
     acatccctcc atggcctctg catcagctcc tgcttcctga cctgcttgag ttccagtcct     71580
     gacttccttt gttgatgaac agcagtgtgg aagtgtaagc tgaataaacc ctttcctccc     71640
     caacttgctt cttggtcatg atgtttgtgc aggaatagaa accctgacta agacagggga     71700
     agataaagaa tggggcaggc ttgtgtaatc tttctatgaa agttcagttt tatatttgca     71760
     ttagtgcctg cccttaagat tagtgtgcct tgctttgaaa cattcactgg ttttccaagc     71820
     taacattgtg cccagctttc tttcagttac atttatttct tccagatcgc agcaggcagg     71880
     cgagtcagtt cctggaatac aaccccagct cagtgctgtg tgctgggtta gaccttccac     71940
     taacagcccc acactctatg tgaatgtgtg cgcaactact gacacctcat catttataaa     72000
     cgttttccag atgagttcca ggtatgacta gatgcaggag cagatcagat tttaaatggg     72060
     ccaaatctag ataaaagagt aaaacagaat aagaaaataa ggtagaggtg aggtggatat     72120
     gtttgtgcta taaaatcata tttattcatt tgccaggggt atgctacaag tctgtcttaa     72180
     aaataatgct cagagccaca atttactgtg tttagaactt aaaatctaat gggttgtagg     72240
     agaagtagtc actcctggta aagttacaag acattttccc ccaagccacc ataaagaaga     72300
     cagacactaa tggaatgaat accctcctca aggtaagaat aataaagagt ttcatggggt     72360
     ggtctcctgt gctcaatata aatatatggt gtgccagcca gcaataacca atctgatgtc     72420
     ccagcttgtg ttcctgggga gtttagctgc tgcagaacaa tgcctttgta aaaatagctc     72480
     tagcttccaa ggctagcacc acctgctggg cattatctgc aactgcatgg agatgcctgt     72540
     ctgtcacaaa atccaccatt gtacagaatg gttggttctg tgtccagagc tgataggtat     72600
     attcccagac tctgagagtg cttcgtgaag agaaatgaca ttctcaagaa gacaacagca     72660
     cgtgctaccc agatcgccta ccttggggaa ttctgaatta aatttcaaac cacgctacag     72720
     agtaggtttt tattttgtga gtttctgtag cgtgtgtatt tgcatgcttg aatgtgtgca     72780
     agttgggggc gtgttgtgat atgtctgtgt atttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatcagt     72840
     gtgtctctgt gtgttggtgt atgtgtgtgt atgtgtcagt gtatgcctct gttaatgtca     72900
     ggaacaaaag gagaatagag tttgctgttc gaataatgtg ggtttgtttt aacttgtgtg     72960
     atgtactgaa gttccaaata agaaatactg aaacacaaga aaataaagat cactttattt     73020
     attagaattt ctccaggacg tcttaggaaa agcaactgga aaggcaacta ccactcctat     73080
     accagggggt aggtgaggaa gatgttccaa aggactgtgg taaggtgggg tgggactgag     73140
     aacgggaata agggaagcaa tgtagcagaa acgcaagacc gtgtgaaata aaacctttgt     73200
     ctgaacaccc ataaatcctt tagaaaaaaa tacttaaacc cacagaaaga ctatattatt     73260
     ttcattatac gattaatata ttttaatttt attataatta tataatcata aatataatat     73320
     tataatataa ttgttataaa tgttatataa taattataaa tatatcataa taaatgttat     73380
     actatactaa ttataaatat attataatta taaaatataa aattaatata ttttaattta     73440
     atattataat tgtgttaaca ttattattgt tacttattta atctgtgtaa caaattattc     73500
     caaaatgtgg agggctgaaa caaggatggt catgtgggac tgacatggct gctctgggct     73560
     aggagttttt tagcagcttg aggaggcaga accgagctgg gtttcccatg acattggagt     73620
     caaagtatag ccgcagcttc cactggatgt tggtggtggg tttcagacca cacagatttg     73680
     agtaggtctg ctaccaaagt ggttcactgg gaaggtagcg ctgggtggtg ttggcaggct     73740
     ccattcctgg gggctctcct ccgtggcact tgggcatctt caccttgcag aggctggctg     73800
     cccacactgc acagaaacca cggagctctt tacagctttg ggttgggttt tggatttttg     73860
     ttgttgttgt ttggggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtaagtcaa     73920
     attaattaat tctgcttgta cattgttggt atcattttga cgataatttt aatgacattt     73980
     tgtttaggat ttctccattt atgttcaaga gattttggcc aatacttttg tttctaatcc     74040
     atgttttagc ctcaaataaa ccactgcctc tttctgcaca gctcttgccc tgggtaaatc     74100
     tctcccctac tgtgcctgca ccactgccct ctggaatctc cctctgcctt tgttttgtta     74160
     gggtcctcag tgtactgtac actgaggaaa agcccttggc tctgtgctct tggcaagact     74220
     tgtgaatttc cttttgtaac taaaagcgct acctatgtct ttttgtaaat tatttctttt     74280
     actctttgag gttatagtgt aattacatca tttccccttt ccaaaccttc ccagattccc     74340
     ctcctcgctc acttcaagat tcatcgcttc ctttttcatt aaatgttcca tacatgtgtg     74400
     tacacataca tacgttacat acatgtatac atatacacat atatttctaa atctgaatag     74460
     gtaattttgg aaaagcctgc ctttctggcg gatccatgga gccttctttc tttctatttc     74520
     ttcttccttg ctgggtgaca gaagagtggc cgagaagtta tcttcctgcc aagaagcggc     74580
     catgaagatg aaaagtgcat aggaaattga tcaacggaag tgttcagcac tgggaagcta     74640
     cagctaagct ctcacacacc gaccttcgtg ttgttactga aaggacaaat ccctattggg     74700
     gttaaaggca gagggtgtgt ttcatcaaat acaaccttaa cctgtccctg attcctgaaa     74760
     atcaaatgca atgtatttct tcagggaatc ttctaggatt aatgatcata agtcctacat     74820
     ggcacttcat agcttgtgaa atgcatccac agatatcaaa tttacaaatt cttatcaacc     74880
     gtgtggccaa agtacatttt tctccaccct cttctctctc tggagttggc acaatctaat     74940
     cttatgccgt caagtgtata acagactaat gacaccccca tcccaggcct ctacctccag     75000
     tctgacttct cttgaaatct aaatttattt tttcagagtg tttttggact cccaacttgt     75060
     agacagatac ttagaaaacc atacatgttg ctttccccct ctcagacctc aaacgctgct     75120
     cttaatctgg gatttctatt taaaaatcac aaatgagcaa tctgagctat tcacagatcc     75180
     ctgtcccctg gtctacccaa ggccatcacc tctccactca aacctattct acacaaaaac     75240
     catctcccat caccaaatgg ccacggtttg catttagggg gctgctgtta aaagcatctg     75300
     gtcttctaca agacaggcat tataaagggg gaaattaatg attacttcta gttattcaaa     75360
     tagttattat agagcctttg caagatgcta gataccatgt tagaatcata gtttcaacaa     75420
     agtacctgct aggttactgc aggaaaccaa tagtcctaaa cagttagcaa attgtttatg     75480
     ttactgctga aatggaatac aaagtagtgg gggtagaata attcattaac ttgctgaagt     75540
     tgttttgaaa agatttgagg gagtggggac ttaaactgaa tcaaccagaa atatttgaag     75600
     aaatgaaccc agaggaagaa gaggaagagg aagagaagga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg     75660
     aggaggagga ggaaacaaca gtgtggttaa tttaaaacag taattcccaa aagtgcagtg     75720
     tggaacaaat ttgtgtagac tgacatgctg taagatttag ggggttatta gtatatgtgc     75780
     atatataatg aatcttgaat gacagataat gtgatatgta tgtaattttc tccaaattta     75840
     ttgacaagag caacttttta gaacactact tcctggaatt atatgaatga tacattttgg     75900
     ggaatgttca atagttatca gcaaaatgga aatctagcac ttaccttgaa gccttacatg     75960
     agaaatcaaa acatttctga gacatagcac gtattgaaat agctccaaca aaatgcctgg     76020
     ttgcttggca gtttgtgtgt ttttctttct agaaagttat tattaatctc tggacagctt     76080
     tttaaagctt caattaaaac aagcttcaga atatgtgact tcaaaggcga cttctgagaa     76140
     ctaggtcata taaaaattaa accaagcctt tggacatgta gcttgcatca gggaacacca     76200
     ggtttaaact acaactctaa agaatctgac cagagacaac agagaagacg gcatcgatca     76260
     gatgaacttt aattatagac ttctacccaa ctcttcccta cctccaggaa tgcttcctga     76320
     gtgataactt tgccattatt ttctaggtta tttgtgagtt tttgttttgt tttcatctat     76380
     tctttgccct ttccgtgtac taatctttat gttggaattt tctctttgaa aatccaaaag     76440
     tgtacgtgta cgaggagaat ggggagatgg taagaagacg gaagacgggg tgggggaaga     76500
     actgagttgc tggggaccat gaacactgat cagcaaagcc ctagaacagt tatcagagct     76560
     cccccacctt ctatactctc cccaaaacac tgcctctatc aaaggagcta gcggaagttg     76620
     cagggcacag actctaattt ggagcctgat actgtaaaac tggtaaatag gtctggagtt     76680
     tcccaatgac tagaagtctc ttcaacttcg agacggggct tttgggactc tgagggggtg     76740
     aagttcaacc tacatttggg tcttttgtgg tctgggttac taaaggatag gaccgtaatc     76800
     ctagttcccc aagtcaccga caataggggc tacaattact caccccagcg ctcccgccag     76860
     gctctccagc tggttgctaa ggatgctgtg taagtcgctc ttggagcccg ctggctgacc     76920
     tttaactgtc tcaagggttt agccaatcac aagctgtcat tccaccagcc ctaccccacc     76980
     cgcacctcgc gtgtactcag attataagca ataaatccaa acaagcaagc aaacgaataa     77040
     acaaacaaaa aacaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa acaaaaaacc ttcgttggct taagacgacc     77100
     gaaaagctca cagctgtgac tccgcgtgac ttccttgtgt actgtgtgta gctgccagca     77160
     gccgcaaaaa cgccttggca gcagtcagca cgtcctccat gcctaacgcc ctgttagacc     77220
     gtatatcttt ggaagaagtt gctattggca aatttctttc tgtagaaaat ctggagactg     77280
     tcacagcaac caaatacgag tcaccaaata cccagggtgt tttgacacat actaaccaca     77340
     agggggcgag tttaaattca atgccttaaa aacatcctgt aagattacct gtgccgacta     77400
     acaaaggaaa gattgggttt ttacaaatgt tcacacctgg aagtactgac ggaaaacatt     77460
     tttagttaca tggggaaacc agtgtacgta catcttccta tgacataaat ttcctaaaaa     77520
     taattgggtg cttcaaaaaa gagactcata gtggaaacta taacgttagc atgaactaag     77580
     gttatcaaat aggtcttttg tattctctct ctctctctcc ccccccctcc ttttggagag     77640
     ggtgaagcat agtttttttt aactaaaaaa cattatttca tacaatatat tctgattcat     77700
     gtatttccat ccccaaattc ctcccagatc cccccatctc cgtacctacc cacccaactg     77760
     tatgttcctt tctctctctt taaataagaa cttcaagtct ctgaagaaag aaattaaaga     77820
     tctcagaaga tggaaagatc tcccgtgctc atggattggc aggatcaaca ttgtaaaaat     77880
     ggctatcttg ccaaaagcaa tctacagatt caatgcaatc cccatcaaaa ttccaactca     77940
     attcttcaac gaattagaaa ttcatctgga aattcatctg caaattcatc tggaataaca     78000
     aaaaacctag gatagcaaaa actcttctca aggataaaag aacctctggt ggaatcacca     78060
     tgcctgacct caagctatac tacagagcaa tcgtgataaa aactgcatgg tactggtaca     78120
     gcgacagaca ggtagatcaa tagaatggta aaatataaaa aaaaaaaaaa tttaaagtta     78180
     aaaaaaacta gaagaacgga agagggggag gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaagaa     78240
     gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa     78300
     aagagaaaag aaagcacaca agcaaaacag cacttgggag gcagaggcag gtgaatttct     78360
     gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtt agttccagga cagccagagc tacacagaga     78420
     aaccctgtct tgaaaaaaaa aagaaagaaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg     78480
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga aagaaagaaa     78540
     gatggaaaga aagaaaccaa aataaacaag aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacact aaacacaaaa     78600
     tgcccaacca aagcaagatg agatcagagg gctaccaaaa ccctgctgag cttgtgccgg     78660
     ctcatgtctg ccttgaagtg gagttaatac acccagacag gctccgctgg agagaaatgc     78720
     tttctcctgg acatgaggca tcaattgtag ataacttctt ggttaaggat cttcacctcc     78780
     ccttctcaga agagtgggac ctcccctggc ttaaacctgt acattctggc ttgaaaccac     78840
     tgctgttacc tctgtgaatt catatgtgca tcagttctgc tgtgtttgga agagtttcct     78900
     tggagtcacc catcacatct ggctcttaca aatgtccacc tattcttctg agtacttccc     78960
     tgggcctcaa aggggagtgc tttgatgaag actgagtgct ccaactcagc acaccgtcca     79020
     gaagtgagtc tctgtgtttg ttctcatcta ctaaagagaa ggaatatcta ctaaagagaa     79080
     ggctggagag atggctcagc aggtaagagc actgactgct cttccagagg tcctgagttc     79140
     aattcccagc aaccatatgg tgggtcacaa ccatctgtta tgggatcaga tgccctcttc     79200
     tggtgtatct gaaaacagct acagtgtact tgtatgctta agataaataa ataaatctta     79260
     aaaaaaaatg aaagaaagaa atatctttat tgatgactga ttgaggaact gatctattgg     79320
     tatagcagat cgccaatagg aataatttta ttgatatgtt cctttagaag aagaagaata     79380
     gggctggtga gatggctcag cggttaagag cactgactga tcttctgaag gtcctgagtt     79440
     caattcccag caaccacatg gtggttgatg cctttttctg gagtgtctga agacagctac     79500
     agtgtactta catataataa taaataaatc tttaaaaaaa ggagaaggag aaaggagaag     79560
     gagaaaggag aaaggagaaa ggagaaagga gaaaggagaa aggagaaagg agaaaaagga     79620
     gaaaggagaa aggagaaagg agaaaggaga aaggagaagg agaagaagaa gaagaagaat     79680
     agtattatgt gctcccacac acacacacac aagacctttg acctatctaa tctccaatcc     79740
     ttaacctgat caggtacaga cttcatctca taaagagggc cttaaatcca atcaaaggat     79800
     ggattactgt cttagttttg gttttattgc tgtgaacaga caccatgacc aaggcaagtc     79860
     ttttaaggat aacatttcat tggggctggc ttacaggttc agagattcag tccattatta     79920
     tcaaggcagg aacatagcag tatccaggca ggcatggtgc aagaggagct gagagttcta     79980
     catcttcatc tgaagactgc tagtaaatac tggcttccag gcacctagga taagggtttg     80040
     aaagcccaca ctcacagtga cacacctagt ccaacaaggc cacacctatt ccaacagggc     80100
     cacaccctct aataaatagt gtcactcctt gggccaagca tatacaaatt atcacattcc     80160
     actccctggc ccccataggc ttgttcaaac atatgggtct atgagggcca tacctaaaca     80220
     cagcataatg caaaaaatac atctagtcta acttccaaag tccacataat ctataacagt     80280
     ctcaacaagg ttaaaagtcc aaagttcaag gtttcttatg agattcatcc aatcacttaa     80340
     ctctaatctc caaagcaaga cagggaacca gcagactcca aaccgtgaat ctccatatct     80400
     gatatcaaag cagtcttcag gtctccaact cccttttcat cttagttgac tgcagtaagc     80460
     tttttttctc ctgggcttgt tccactccct gttagcagct ttcctcagca gatagcccat     80520
     ggctctgaaa tctttaaaat cttggggtct ccaaggcaac tttaacttca cagcttcttg     80580
     ttccaatgcc tggcatctac acatgatatt ccaggctctt ccaaagggct ggcaactcct     80640
     ctccagctct gccctctgta gcactctaag ctcaggttga tccactccac tgctgctgct     80700
     gttcttggtg atcatcccac tggcatctcc aatatgctgg ggtcttctgc aacaactagg     80760
     cttcaccaat agcctctcat aggctttctt catggtgcca agactctact cctttgcatg     80820
     accccttcaa tcctgggcca tcaactgcaa ctgaggctgc accttcacca atgaccttcc     80880
     acgacctctc acagtgccga gcctcagttg ctcttcatga ccccttcatg cctccaaaac     80940
     cagtaccacc tgggtgactc ttacacacta tcaggtacag ctgcagctgt ctttacacat     81000
     ttttcactca gtagtgagtt gttcagtttc tgtgaaaata tatactttct gttgcttctg     81060
     ttgttgttat cgtctggctt taatccaccg tggttaaata ggacacaggg ttttatttca     81120
     actttcttac aactgttgag actttctttg tgtccagtgt gtggtcaatt tgcaaaaagt     81180
     tccatgacct gctgagaaga aagtacattc ttttctattt gagtgaaatg ttctgtagat     81240
     acctgctaag tccatttgat ttatgtcatt acttaacttt agaatttctc tgttttatct     81300
     ggctgacctt tctattggca agggtggtgg agtactgaag taactcacta tcaccatgtg     81360
     agggtccata tgctatttta gctttatgaa cttagacgtt cttgtattta gggcaaaaaa     81420
     aaaaagttta gaattacaat atcctcttgg tgggcttttt tctttgacga ttatgtagag     81480
     tcatttcttg tgtcttctca ttaattttgg tttgaggtat attttgtcag atattaaaat     81540
     ggctgcacct acttgttttt gaggtccatt tgcttgaaat actttttcca ttcttttacc     81600
     ctgagattat atccatcctc aatggtaaag tgtgtttctt ggatagagcc caaaaatgga     81660
     ttttattttg taatcaaatc tcttagtcta ttattttgct gggaatttag accactagta     81720
     ttgaaagtta cccatgagca tcatttcttg atccctgtta ttttgttggt atggtgtggg     81780
     ctttccccct tttgatttgc tgctctggga ttatttattc ctgtgtggtt aacctcttca     81840
     ctgaattttc cttctagtga cttttagatc taaattggtt agttgaaatt gcttaaattt     81900
     gtcattattg aggaatgtct ttatttctcc ctctaatgtg atagtttagc tgggtgtcat     81960
     gttacctggc atctgtagtc tctcagagtt tgtacaacgc tcatccagac ccttgtggct     82020
     tttagagtct ccattgggaa gttggatatt attctaatga gtctacattt atgggatact     82080
     aggtcctttt cccttacagc ttttaatata tttttcttgt tctgtacatt tagtgttttg     82140
     atcatcgtgt gctatgggga atttctttta tagtcctatt tggtgttctg tatgtttctt     82200
     ataccttaat aggcacctcc tctgtcttag ggtttaactg ctgtgaacag acaccatgac     82260
     caaggcaatt cttataagga caacatttaa ttggggctgg cttacaggtt cagaggttca     82320
     gtccatcatc attaaggtgg ggagcatggc agcatccagg caggcctggt gcaggaggag     82380
     ctgagagttc tacatcttca tctgaaggct gctagcaaaa tactgatttc caggcagcta     82440
     ggactagggc attaaagctc acacccacag tgtcacacct actccaacaa ggccacacct     82500
     cctaatagtg ccactccctg gcccaagcat ctacaaacca ccacatcctc tttcaggttg     82560
     tagaaactta cttttacagt tttgttaaaa atactttctg tatctttgac ttgggttctt     82620
     ctgcattctc tttcctcatt cgttgtagat ttggcttttc accgtgctcc agatttcctg     82680
     gatgttttgt gcctggatgt gtttagattt agcgcttttt tggactgagg tactcatttc     82740
     tcgtaccttg tcttcagaac ctaatcttct ttcttctgtg ttttgtaacc tgttcataag     82800
     gctggcctct gtgacttttg tttagcatcc tatcgttttt ttggtttttt tgtttttttt     82860
     tttttttatt tccaggaatt ttttttcagt ttctgttttc tttattgatt ttatttctaa     82920
     tttcatgact taaactggtt ttttttaatt attattttag tcaactgctt gtgttttcat     82980
     ggtcattatt aagcaatctg tccacatccc attaaaggct tatgtgttca taattgctgt     83040
     tctgaagccc gtgccttttg gttccgctgt atttcgtttg tcaagaccta ctgcaatagg     83100
     ttcctgggtt ccagtgtagg cacagtgtct tgccattcat gttgatactt ttgccctggg     83160
     atgtaggcat ctgaagttgt actatctgca atacccattc ttgcccttgt tcagtgggtg     83220
     tccctttctt ggttgttgtt gccatctttg ggtcctaggc agctgtggta actgtggatt     83280
     cttgttaaag agcattctgt gggtcagcag gtgaagaaag gtgtggagat ggaggaaagg     83340
     ctgaggggac tcaagggaga gaactaaggg taccaggtat cagaagatag aggtgatgtg     83400
     acaggagggg ttccttcaag caggctgcta caggactcag tagcttaaag acagcataat     83460
     gaaggacaga aaggacagtg agaattgaag taaagaatat ttatcagcgg ggctggtgag     83520
     atggctcaga ggttaagagc accaactgct cttccaaagg tcctgagttc aaatcccagc     83580
     aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccatccgtaa caaaatctga tgccgtcttc tggggtgtct     83640
     gaagacagct acagtgtact tacatataat aaataaatat ttataataaa taaagaatat     83700
     ttatcagcac acagattgtg catagtcaca tacatgagtg cacacctatg ctcaataaac     83760
     catagttaaa ggcctatatt aatgaggcca gaggaattaa aagggaaaat gttttcaccc     83820
     ttgtccttca aagtcaagta ggtcccaggg aactatgcaa catatttttc tcttttttta     83880
     atcaatttat tttttattag atattttctt tatatacatt tcaaatgcta tcccaaaagt     83940
     tcactatacc ctccctccgc cctgattccc tacccaccca ctcctgcttc ttggccctgg     84000
     cattctatgg aacatttctt aaaatgttca aaaaccatag ggtgggagag actctggtag     84060
     ctggaaatat gctcagagag agctcccctg ggtggtccca gcttggccaa ggtacatgcc     84120
     actctcagaa tccatgccac tctcggaatc cctagcagaa ggtcactgga gtccagatag     84180
     gagaggacca taccaagaga gaactagcat ggaaattcca actccaccat caaggacatc     84240
     ttcccgcagg gctgctcagc cccggggccg tgatgtcctc cccagactcc cagcaagagg     84300
     gccgctaaac tttctcagaa catgcatgat cttggctaag agaagattgg caaacagact     84360
     tcggaatttc tcaggcagaa caggaactga aaacagcttt cttaaagaag gatcattaga     84420
     gagatggaaa gaaggagggt gggggcgggg ggcacaaaga agagaggggg tggaaagtgt     84480
     ggaagagacc attgagagcc tggatgcgcg gaggagtaaa gagcagaggt acctgaacca     84540
     cctgccccct cagttagcct cctcaatccc tgacccagca tgagatccca gagaaatggc     84600
     cggtccaccc acagaggaga gcaggtctgg gagagctttt gggatcacac cagccaaccc     84660
     cctgctgctc attagaggta ccagtccttc ccctctggct cccttactcc ctgccttttc     84720
     gtgtaaacag ccgtctaata ccaattgtgc accgggccct tcgacgggca gcctcacgaa     84780
     acatctcttt cctcttctgg ttcagcaaaa actctctgcc tgactaaagc tgtgtcgtcc     84840
     cgtggggtca aggacatgct cagagaggaa tacgggttcg gcaggtaagg cttgttcact     84900
     gctgtccagc caagaggaac tgaggtgttt tcctgctatg agaaatagag gccttttcaa     84960
     ggctaaaacg acagaagtcg tgccaaagct gcttggtaac cagctctgtg ccccgggcag     85020
     agatagcaaa gtgcctgtcc ttgcctcgac agcttgccag caggctatag caacaagctt     85080
     tcagccaaaa caactaatct atcacaccca aagaactcca gtaaggacct gaaatagaat     85140
     cccagcactc aaaggctgaa tataaacagc acgggagttc gttcggtcac aaactcacat     85200
     ggtaaaattg gcaccacagt gaacagataa ataaaatata aaactgagat aatccaggct     85260
     cggaaagaca aatagaacac gctctgtatc ctatgcctgg cgggtatgtt tgtatgtgtt     85320
     acgtagcagt gagcgtagtt tctaggatat gaaacaatat gagaagggac aatgtgggga     85380
     gctctaaggc acggaggcag gggcactaga acgcatgtgg ggggaggggg agggcaagga     85440
     agaagggtca aaaggaagtg ggcttgaaaa tgtcacaagg ggcttggaga gttggctcag     85500
     cagctcatgc agaggaccca ggttcagatc caatgcccga ccctgacctc tgagagcaca     85560
     cggtacacat acatacactc aggcacacac ctacacataa ataaaatatt tttttaaatt     85620
     ctaaattaag gcagagcctc accgtgtatt actaagtgtc ctggaactca ctatgtaggg     85680
     cagttgacct cagattcaca aagacataac tgcctctgcc cctcaagttc tgtgatcaaa     85740
     ggcgtgtacc accatgtaca gaggttttgt ttttttttta agaaagaaaa tggtgtaagg     85800
     aaacccccta ctctttatac aaaatgattt caaacaaagg aatgttagta agaatatttt     85860
     ataaggaatt gcttattttt atgtatatgt gtactccgta gctgtcttca gacacaccag     85920
     aagagggcat cagatcacat tacagttggt tgtgagccac catgtggctg ctgggaattg     85980
     aactcaggac ctctggaaga gcagtcagtg ttcccaacct ctgagtcatc tctccagccc     86040
     ctagtaagaa tatttaaaaa aaagaaaaga aaagaaaaga aaactacttc aggaatttaa     86100
     aaaaaatatt tgttggcttt caggtagatg cgtgtgtgca catatgcata tgaacacact     86160
     gtgtgcatag atgtatgcat ctatatatct ttatgtacct attaattttt atgtgtgtat     86220
     acataggcat acaaacacac tgagtgcaca gacatgtgtg tctacatctt cttacatcct     86280
     ttttttcatt tttctatttt cttttttttt taaattaggt attttcctcg tttacatttt     86340
     caatgctatc ccaaaggtcc cccataccca ccccccccaa catttttcta ttttcatttc     86400
     tctgtttttc tgttggtttt tgtttaacct tggtttcggt gcctggactg gagccttgaa     86460
     tgcgccacat acactattga ccacttgttc tgaagtatta aaccttctag ccctttcttc     86520
     cacattgtgt cttttttccg atcccttcat ttctttttat aatttttaaa ttttacctta     86580
     tcattttatg tgtatgagtg tttttgcttg catctgtgtc tgcacagctt gtgtgagcct     86640
     ggtggccttg gtggtcagaa agtagcatcc gatcctgagg gactagagtg acagatgctg     86700
     gtgagtcaga tctcggtcct ctggaagagc agccagtgct ctttaatcta ctgaagcatc     86760
     tctttatcag tttccatttt tccatacttc cccggttttt ttccttattc cttaaaaagc     86820
     taatttcatt aataaagaac acctcaattc caaattgcca tttccactgt tttgttatta     86880
     atggtggtgg aagaatcatg tttgttactg cttttacata gtttctaaga cttgtatctg     86940
     ttagtctgca catgaacgta ggttgtgtct gtatgtgtgt ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     87000
     gtgtgcttgt gtttgtgtgc tttcgtgtgt atagttttca tgtgtgtgct tttgtatgta     87060
     tgtgttgtgt gtgcttgtgt gtgtttgtgt gtgtgctctt gtgtgtgtac ttgtgtatgt     87120
     acttgtgtgt gctcttattg tgtgtacttg tgtgtatacc tgtgtgtgtg ctcttgtgtg     87180
     tgtacttgtg tatatacttg tgtgtgcttg tgtgtgtgtt tgtgtgtgtg ctcttgtgtg     87240
     tgtatacttg tgtgtgtact tgtgtatata ctcgtgtgtg cttgtgtgtg tgctcttgtg     87300
     tgtacttgtg tgtgtgtgct tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg ctgttttgta tcttcctcaa     87360
     ttactcattg agtgcacgat cctcatctcc tccagcactc cacacaatct gaggcagaat     87420
     cctaaaaggc caggcttttc ttgttggtgg gacagagaga atacttttct tccatggccc     87480
     ccaactatgg ccacaaagtg gagagcctgc cccagggcca aagctaccag gaactcccta     87540
     ccaggccaac aacgctgctc ttcttccacc acagctcttc cattggtggt gatgatggtg     87600
     gtggtgaggg gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcacatgcct     87660
     gaggaggctg gagacttcag atccccctag aacttgaatt acaggctgtt gtgagcctcc     87720
     tgacatggat gtgaggaacc aaactagggt tcttaaccag agcagcacat gttcttaact     87780
     tctgagcctt ttctccagcc ccacgagcct cccacttgtt gctttgtttt ttgagacagg     87840
     gtctctctac atcgccctgg ttgccctaga acctgctata taggctggct tcaaactccc     87900
     atagacccac ctgcttctac ctccccaggg ctggaggtaa aggtgtgtgc caccacaccg     87960
     agccttcggc cttttttttt ttttttatta ttttttttaa tggttcctac aagaacaggc     88020
     ttagggagtg tgtgtggaat gaaagagagg attgtgttag gaatctgctg attggcccgg     88080
     agtccaagat gttctagtat cttgtaaagt gtttggataa gaagtacttt gttgccaggg     88140
     agaagactca atcagtgctg cttttggtgg caaatgtcct tggagtgccc cacacaaagc     88200
     cttcacccag atcttcagcc acagccctga tccccgtcat ctttgagatc attgtcagag     88260
     cacggatcaa tgtaccgaag tatactttgc agttacagct tgaatgtaat taggaggcag     88320
     aaattacttg ttttctcctt gttttctgtg tgtacaagag tgttcgtgtg tgagcgggtg     88380
     catctgtgta cccatacacg ctgaggacag aggtcaacct caggtgcctc tattcaggtg     88440
     tcctctacgc tgttttatga gccgagaaca tatcactggg ctggggcttg aaatttagtt     88500
     taggcaagcc aacttccatg ttccaaggat ctgcctgtct ccattccccc agggtttgat     88560
     tgcaagggtg tgccatcttg ctgcggagca tgaacatagt ccaagagtgc actcttgtga     88620
     ggagaattct aagtgcttgt gaaaaaccaa aacaaaacgc caagaaagag tcttgtgacc     88680
     tagttttctt ccgaacacag aattgatctt agcatgcgtt tccctgcccc tcccaggtac     88740
     agcggatagg agtgagtgta cttccgatta tttcttacaa ctggctactg tcatttgttt     88800
     atgtgcctca ttagaaaaac atgtttttgc cagatgcagc tggtccttgt gagtgtacgc     88860
     atgtgactcc tgtgtgaatc actcatgtga ctcctcttaa ccctcaagag tacaaatagt     88920
     ctgaaactcc gaataaagct ggctactccg agagacatta gtctatctca tttattggat     88980
     ccattcctcc aggcctcacg tcctctagaa aataaacact ggtactcacg cagcgagcaa     89040
     tatattaaca gacctgcctc cccagcctaa tttccatctt gttcaagata aacaatttgg     89100
     tgctttgagg tccgtttacg ttgctgttgg gtttttgtct ctgcaaccag agtttactca     89160
     ggcttgtggt ttatgaagtt ctagtgcatt gtggtgttca gggcagagtg gggcagagca     89220
     aagaagttca tgccaaggca gagaggctca gcaagagagg agaaaacagc cagggaagcc     89280
     aaggaagacc tcaaggacac tcccagctac ccactccccg cctataggtt tccttttcct     89340
     ggagcaatat gaaatccatt ttaaattatt gaccaaatta ccccacttac aattttttta     89400
     atgatccatg tttacggttg gtttccatga atatagagag attattagac taacgaagca     89460
     gaaatttgat attatttaac ccaatatttg ttgtgacctc tgccataccc acacttttaa     89520
     aaaatcaagt ttatagtctg ccacactcta atagaatgta gtagcctatc ccaggctggg     89580
     atctgggctt ctggaggcaa atggctgttg ttagggttat ctccaattcc tggcgtttgt     89640
     gcctccaccg acaaatgcct atttgcaatt ttttattttt tactgtgtgc cacaaatttc     89700
     aggtcttggt ttccaccacg tctcccagag gttaaactca ggtcatcaga cgtgtgcacc     89760
     aagttctttc atctgattaa caatcttact gctactacac atgtgtgtat gtatgtgtac     89820
     atgtgtgtgc atgtgtgtgc ctgcatatac atgtgttcat gtgtgtgctt gtgtgtgtgt     89880
     gtgcctgggt ggatgtatgt gcgtgcctgt gtggatgtgt gtgcctacgt gtatgcatgt     89940
     gcatgtgtgt gtggccgtgt gtgcacatgc acatgtgtat gcatgtgtag ttttcatata     90000
     actatgcact gtatgttggg aacaaacatt ctccttgctg acattattac tctccttttt     90060
     tcacctctcc tattaccctt ctttagcctt ttggacagtt ttatgtgcgt gtgtgtgcgc     90120
     acgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcccgcgtta gacctgtgca tgcttttaca     90180
     tgtctgtaaa aagtctagga accataagtg aaataaaccc tctgacactg gtggaggaga     90240
     gagaactcag tggtgagagg cactccctcg ctggctgctc ttgcagagga ccgggtttga     90300
     ttcccagcgc ccatgtggtg gctaacagtc ccctatcaga agaccctgca cctcttctgg     90360
     ctggccccct ccttgctctc tcatttaacc agtaactaaa aggattcctt tactctcctc     90420
     tttaaaaaca ctagaagcca agaaatgagc cataatgcct tcttagtctt cgacgtttgt     90480
     gaacatttcc acagagtcta tcctcttggg tggttttatt ctgtgggaag tctgacaatg     90540
     gtacccacga tggggccttt tcctaaacac ctggtgttcc cctgcctagc cacaccccat     90600
     tccttcagca gcaaatatcc actgacactg agatgaaact tagcagcaac aacttcaaac     90660
     actatgctcc ctgtgtgctg gatgattcct gaaccatcat acttctccag gccttcatcc     90720
     ctgcccttcc cagtgtgact acacaggtct tcctagagag agatggagtt aacacacaca     90780
     cacacacaca cacacacacc tcttacatct cagctggcca catggtttgc tttatgaata     90840
     gcatggagca aaggccagag ccagcaactc ctaaacatca tacttcttac tccactgggc     90900
     tgtggaacca tagataagtt acttaactgc acctctgtct ttccacctgc aaaatgggta     90960
     cgtaactgta gcactgtcat gatgtcccaa tgcttagagc tgttgttggc atgaaataaa     91020
     tgctgattgt ttattaaata tacaaaagga aggtcatggt gtcttttcac agcaaagaac     91080
     ctaagactgt gcccatttaa gtcctttgta aaggaatttg aaaaggagaa aattttgaat     91140
     attaattttt caatggtgtt taccaaaaaa aaagagaaat ttaaatctgc aatgtattaa     91200
     cattttgaaa ttttttaaag atttatttat tttatttata tgagcacact gtagctatct     91260
     tcagacacac cagaagtgga cattggatcc cattacagat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg     91320
     ttgctgggaa ctgaactcaa gacctttaga agagcagtca gtgcccctaa ccactgagcc     91380
     atctccccag gccgacattt gaacttttta aatttttgaa ctttcaaggg aaagataaaa     91440
     tccaggaatg acttcttgtt gcgtgacagg ttttgcctgg ggagacacaa cccataccta     91500
     cccacccagc ccaggagacg agcttaccag ctgcggtcct ggaacacact gcacagccgg     91560
     caggcagctc agcaggtcag tgtgcagtct ttccaggagg ttcagtgggt ctgagcttcc     91620
     tccagggggc tgggcatacc tcaacctttg cagcttgact catctggcag tgactggcag     91680
     caggctttac catttaccta cgcttggaga aggaggaact tggtgaacct ggtcagtttc     91740
     agggacttgc tgaagctatt tttatattgt ttgcttccta tgtccatgga acttcccttc     91800
     aagatgacct tcccatcttc tggcttcgaa gagctaaaac tccatctcaa ttgtgcccac     91860
     ctgctggacc ggagttactc cctgacaaga ttgctcaccc agtcacccag agggcagaga     91920
     gaccaacagc tcctctcttt accagagcca agtccccagt ccacatctta caaaacatca     91980
     gtaattttgg gatccaaaat gaactcaaaa cccagggtct cttactttcc tgggtaacct     92040
     agaccagggt atgctgaaga tgatggagct gcagacaatt atccaaaact agaagacagc     92100
     agttcctgga gggtcttaaa cgctgtgttg aggagtgaga gcagacagtc ttgcacattt     92160
     ctgttcttac ttgaaatgcc tttcaggttt cgttatttgg aatatttgta agaaagtctg     92220
     agggagcaaa gtattagtct agagcgaaga ttagccaact acagtacaag ccacacttgc     92280
     tgccaagttt tgttgataag atttattgga acacaggtgt gcccatttgt ttaaacatga     92340
     tgtgtgtctg cttcagtgga aaccacgaca gaaagaaagg ggtacagggg tctccatgtc     92400
     ttcactcagt atttcccagt gatccctagt cacaagagac cacaccgtgg tgtgagacaa     92460
     cccccaaagc tcataggttt attatattcc tcactcccac aaagccagac ctccaagttt     92520
     gcctcgaatc ttgaaatggt gcacgaagca tctgtagggc agagggaaag aacatgagaa     92580
     gttctcacac ccagtcttct acactacgga ccagggcatc cactccaggc agattaacaa     92640
     tttataaaac tccaccacct ccagagacac aggagatgag gcctgggagc aaagcaaatg     92700
     ctgatgttca aaatgtaaca aagcaggctg gagaggtggc tcagaggtta agaacactga     92760
     ctgctcttcc agaggtcctg agttcaattc ccagcaacca catggaggct cacaatcatc     92820
     tgtaacggga tctggtgtgt ctgaagacag caacagtgta ctcattaaaa ataaatcgat     92880
     cttttttttt ttttaatgta acaaagcaat aacgttggtt gtcaacttga caggacctag     92940
     aatcacgaaa ggctatgggc gtgcctacaa gggattcgat ggagtaggtt ggctaaggta     93000
     gggaagcctg gcctaattgg gagataacac tctcagggct ggagtcttga atgaaaagaa     93060
     accaagctga gcagccgggg ttcctgctcc ctgactgtgg gtgtaacagg gccagcagct     93120
     gcaagttccc gcccccctgg gacttccacg aggagctggt cgctggaact ttgagccaga     93180
     ataaaccccg cattccttga gttgcttttg tcaacgtatt ttatcaccac aacagaaact     93240
     gtaactaaga cagatggtgt tattgtggca gaaatttcta ggaaactgag tcaccaagcc     93300
     atagccgtgt tccattgggg aaaggagagt tcactacact ggtccccaaa ccacactgta     93360
     gtggtgtcag ccccaagtct tgggtccaat atcctttatt aggtgggagt atggaagcaa     93420
     gccaacatgt ccgttcaggg gtggcagggc agtgtgaaaa gtcacttacc acacctcctc     93480
     cgtgccttct gtttctggag ataaccacaa gcaggagggg acatctcagt ggaactcgag     93540
     ccctggggaa tttccgttgt tttaacacat ggcagtttga ggactctcca ccccattctc     93600
     tcctctcctt tgtcagaatc ccttgtgacc cttctcaagg cacctctgat gccggtggag     93660
     ggcatggagt ctatctgttg ctctcctgtt tctggtgaca aaagttaggc atggacccaa     93720
     caggacagcc aggaggatca tacccagggg cgaggcagaa gcagccatgg gctcccggag     93780
     gtccaggtgt caccacccca ggaaggtcct tttgtcgagt ctccgacctt gctttccacc     93840
     agccatgtgg tattttctct acgatcccta agtggtttgt gcagaaacag caatcttttc     93900
     ctctgaagac acacctatgt cacctttcag ctatgatttc gtaaggcttc tgtctagttc     93960
     tgcaaggcga ctgtaactct gctggcctag cctgaggccc tcttcgattt gattggacag     94020
     ctggctatgc ccgacctgtt ggatcctgag cttagttgct cctgtgacag cagcgccatt     94080
     gaggggcatc tccaataacg ttgagagtaa gatgggattc ctctctttcc ggtgatgagg     94140
     gccttaatat tggtctacct ctggtacaag gagaatatct aggtctggag tcaggaatac     94200
     catcctgcca tcccccactg ggtaacaggt tccatctgca caatcgaagc atgtgccatt     94260
     taggccttgg ttcaagtcac caaggtgcag ctttcccctg cttcccctgc ctggacatgt     94320
     ggacccgtca ggcgggagtc agcagggctg tccaagactg tttggctttc tagagttggg     94380
     ctagtgaccc cagcacgggt taagttgcct ggctggtctt cacacagatc tagcaaccaa     94440
     ccgttttccc agttctaact ccaccaagcc acttgcaagt tgaagcgttt tcactagagg     94500
     gcgccagagt caaatctgga taaatctggt tttttctcag gatggagcag aggctcatgg     94560
     gtggagccaa ttgacctcgc tctcaggcat agaggcactg gcggaagctc taaccatttg     94620
     agggtccatc cgtctgtttc atccctgcct tcacacatcc caacccaaag ataccaggac     94680
     cacccctgtt ctaactttgt tatctttagt ttcagagtat ctcttgtccc gcttccgggc     94740
     tagtccctga caaggagacc ccttgtcctt ccgcgggtgc actgtcctat gcccctggca     94800
     aagttaagtc cacacggtca cagcttctta agaaggaccg gtattttccc ccacagtgat     94860
     gttccttcca ggggactcat ccatatgcta tgcatgccaa ttgttgcaaa tttcctggga     94920
     cagggctcag tgccgctgcg tttctctgtg atggctgaag gactgacagt aattggcttt     94980
     ctcctagtcc atgcaccatc tgaaggagag aagacggggt cccaaagggg ggtagttagt     95040
     tttattgagt ggtctcccac agagcaatcc catggttcac agaatcagta ttacctactg     95100
     gcctggaggc tccaacaatg tcgatgcgtc tttggtgagc ttccctgtgg gaggggttac     95160
     catggagatg gctgctcctg tgtcaaagat gaagtccatc tttgcttggg cccagcatct     95220
     attttgacga tgggctccta gggccaattg tgaccgaacc tggcggtgct cggtctgacc     95280
     tgtctcccag gtgacagcct cagccctcgt gggggcttca gtttcattgc agctatgcta     95340
     gggacctctt tttgtttggg gtttgggcac tcattcttcc attcgccttt ccccttgcaa     95400
     tagacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cactggtgca     95460
     gagttcctgc catatcgagg gagtagactt tgcagacagc cctctatcta gtctccacca     95520
     ggggacaccc cctctgtctg atgcctacct ggcctgccac ctagtggtaa cttactaacg     95580
     caggcccaca cccttcgctc accccatagc caccacctga ccccaatggc tttttatcag     95640
     gtaccattta gacactcaaa aatcacaact ttggtccaaa ttgatcaccc tttggctgcc     95700
     gggtagtgtg gttcatagga tatgccacag tgcacaggag gcaagagcct ttcccaacaa     95760
     ataagggcaa agccaacgga gcacgccaac ctgccacaga atattgggtg ccaaattgtg     95820
     cttccaaatt aatagctaat gaggttactc tcattagtgt tctaaacaga atattcaaag     95880
     gcaattatac agaatgtttt atcaatatga actgtaggtg ttttccttct taaattgttt     95940
     attatccata agcccccatc caaaccttgt tgtcccttgg ccagagcttc catttagtaa     96000
     ctagtgatca atatatacac gttgatctgg ggtaaagaat aaatgtaaat cgagaatttc     96060
     accatctcaa ttgaaccaat tattcaacat ctgggagaaa gaccaaggaa atatgaacac     96120
     ataatgccct gtgtaattat aaagcattat gaaaaattaa tgcttataac aaaataaatg     96180
     tcagtaatta tattaatgat attatattgt atcatttcat caaaaggatt tgcctgcatt     96240
     atcactacaa ttagcccaat tttatgttag aaaaacaaac tttactttga ctagctaata     96300
     catgaagcag ggtggggtgg acatttcgat ccttacaatc gagaggaacg tccccttcag     96360
     cctgaataca gcttgaggtg gaaactacgc ttttgattat atttgagact gctgtgatca     96420
     gaaaccatga ctaaggcaat cttttttttt tccagtgttt cgtgtgattt tattttctcc     96480
     cttcaaccat aataatatga tatccaaatt ttgtcttaac aggtgggtct gttactacag     96540
     ggttatccat cccatttgta ggcaaggcaa acgctgcttc ctgaaatgac cccaccatgg     96600
     agcctctggt catccaacca gagtcacccc ctgtctgggt ttatcttcac tattttgtgt     96660
     ggccacttca ctgactctca tcccagactt taacttttcc atggcttcca tgattccccc     96720
     atggttttca catagagtgt gtctgacctt tactgcattg ccaccgcctt caggaccctg     96780
     agacttcttg tcagcactgt cactcccaga ggctgcacct ccttcccctc cttctccaga     96840
     accagttttc cccttcagcg gcatctctta agcatgcagt tgaactctct agcaactaag     96900
     gtaagtctta taacatttaa ttggggctgg cttacaggtt cagaggttca gttcattatc     96960
     atcaaggtgg gagcatggcg gaacccagga ggcatggaca cgggaagagc tgagaggtct     97020
     acatcttcat ctgaaggctg ctagcagaat actgacttcc aggcagctag agggtcttaa     97080
     gcccgtgccc acagtgacac acctattcta acaaggccac acctcctaat agcgccactc     97140
     cctgggccaa gcatatacaa actatcacag agatataggt tgtttttaaa gaatttgcac     97200
     attagcacag cttcataaac tgtgggtcac gagctggaga gatggctctg cagttaagag     97260
     cactgactgc tattcaagag gtcctgagtt caattcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca     97320
     accatatgta atgggatctg atgccctctt ctggtgtgtc tgaagacagc gacagtgtgc     97380
     tcatgtaaca aaataagtaa atctttaaaa caacaactat gagtcacagc tccacatgga     97440
     gtcacagaac tagcacaggt gttgtgaaag ggttcctatc acatattgat aatcattcat     97500
     tcataatgga gattgtaagg aacctgagca gccctggcag cgcttgccaa cgtcacctct     97560
     gaaccaacag cttgcttggc accataaaca ctgtcacagc caccaccaca gccactgcca     97620
     cagccactcc ctcagccaca gctactgcct cagccacagc cacagcccac aacacagctg     97680
     ggacacctgg gttcacttca agactcccgt gtgctatggt ggcattttac tatccataca     97740
     aacatcctgc tcttctacaa acataatcac ttaatcacag gaaactttag tatctcactg     97800
     ccattgttcc ttatcctgta agtatcaaat gagtatagcg tttgactatt agagcagaac     97860
     atttggtttt taaaattgct gtttgagggc tggcaagatg ccaggtaaag acattttacc     97920
     aaaacaacat gcgctcagtc tccagaaccc acacagtgga agaagagaac gggcttccac     97980
     accatcccaa cttccagtag ccccatgatg ctctgtgtgt gagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgagt     98040
     gtgtgtgtga gtgtgtgtgt gagtgtgtgt gtgagtgtgt gtgtgagtgt gtgtgtgagt     98100
     gtgtgtgtga gagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgagt gtgtgtgagt gtgtgtgtga gtgtgtgtgt     98160
     gtgagtgtgt gtgtgagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gagtgtgtgt gtgagtgtgt gtgtgtgagt     98220
     gtgtgtgtgt gagtgtgtgt gtgtgagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgagt     98280
     gtgtgtgagt gtgtgtgtgt gagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga gtgtgtgtgt gagtgtgtgt     98340
     gagtgtgtgt gtgagtgtgt gtgtgagagt gtgtgtgtgt gagtgtgtgt gtgtgagtgt     98400
     gtgtgtgagt gtgtgagtgt gtgtgtgtga gagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgagt gtgtgtgtgt     98460
     gagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgagtgt gtgtgtgtga gtgtgtgtgt     98520
     gtgtgtgtga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgagtgt gtgtgtgtga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtac     98580
     tgaggtgctg tgttgagttt catgtttaaa cggttgtcaa atgaatttta gttgtgattg     98640
     gagcagaagt tgcagttctt aagcatagtt ctcccatttg cactacactt ttatataaag     98700
     tggcaactcg aggtggatta taaagtcaaa acaccaataa attctgaaaa gtgtgacaat     98760
     gccccacacc ctgcagtatc aaatatcctg ccaagacttg agtatgctgt aaaaataaac     98820
     aagcacaccc ctcccactga tgtgcaaatt tgctttcctc tgtagtaaat gatacgatta     98880
     tatatatcaa agaattgtta acataaatgt cttatgactt atcaggaaat acttggtatt     98940
     atggaggtaa agatttctgt agagatttct caggcaaaag ggaaaaaatt taagcagccc     99000
     tggaattcgt ttggcttcga gaaataggat catagtgcca tctagtggca ggaccaagtt     99060
     ttacaacagt tggtttgggt ggctttgcct taagtagaaa aaaatgaaaa ctgtgtgttt     99120
     tagtttcaca tagtttaaca ccaggtaaaa atgagacgcc ctggagggcg gggtattggt     99180
     gttgtctttg agcaccaaac ctttactgtc cttacagaaa attccacaaa cctgactctg     99240
     acctaaaaca taacaaggag tcattggatg aaggcatgcc actacctcct ggggatactt     99300
     taaatttagc aatgccattt gcctaaaatt agcaagactc tgggggccag acaaccaaat     99360
     atagttacag taatgtcttc tgcctaaacc atcagtcaca gccaatgaca ttctgggaat     99420
     gctaaataga aatttctaga aacaaataat ttgtgtttta aatatttact gttattttta     99480
     aaaaaaaaaa aacattatcc aagcgttttt ctccccttag ccagcaattg cagttgacaa     99540
     caggttagca gcacaaatgt gcacagcacc atgtctggag gcaggcagat gggacataga     99600
     cgccccattc caagtggcag gatggagtct ggtgacgctc cactgtccca ccctgccaga     99660
     acacagtgca cgaatgaagt catgccaggg gaattctgag tgcttgtgag aaaactccaa     99720
     gaaaacaaga caagagtcgt gtgacctcag tttcttcaaa agcaaggagt tgttcttggg     99780
     ttgtgctttt gagcccctcc caggtttgcc catcggaata tagtaagttt actttattca     99840
     ttacaactgg ctattgttac gtgtttatgt gtctcttgaa aaaaaacttg tttttgccat     99900
     gtgtgacttg ccgctgtgac tgtacagttt agtcagatga ctcttcttaa ccctcagagg     99960
     attaactgcc cggtgctctg aataaagctg gctattgcag gagacttcag tccacctcgt    100020
     ttatgaaccc cattctccta ggttccacca actctagagc ggtaaacaca acccaagcta    100080
     tgagtcaccc ttctgtaaaa tgtgtgccta cagtgcatat gtccaaaata cctgtctgta    100140
     gaagttatgt ctccattctt cctcccagaa ataagactca gacttggaat atgtttaaaa    100200
     ataccttggc catgttgcta gccttttctc tgactagatc ataagttacc ccatttattc    100260
     tagtctacat tctgccatat agctggttac ctgtgctacc tctgtctcct ctcctcttcc    100320
     cacgtgatac cctgtgcctg gctagaagga gatctatctg gctccttttc acaaagctct    100380
     accctcacac acatagcatc tggttctgcc agccagtgcc tcagttgcct tgggtgctca    100440
     aagcagggaa cacgcatgtg cttcctcaca tcccagaatt ctctctgcct cccggatgtt    100500
     ccaccttcta ttctaccctt tcctataggc cacgggtttt ttaattgaca ggtgatgcat    100560
     ccatacaata tacaagttat tctctctaca tgtgtccaca gagcatatgc ttctgacgtc    100620
     acttggtagc tgtttcagtt atcaaacctt acatcccagt atcccagtgc ctatgttcaa    100680
     gtaatcttta cttgctaatg gtctcacagc tcaaatagca atgctggcaa gttagatgtc    100740
     cttttaaagg ctacaaaata atcaatcccc tttaagggaa aaggtgaaaa gtggaacaag    100800
     gtattttgag ggacccgtac cacatccaca caattattat agtgcattgt taggttgtta    100860
     aaactactac ttacttttag ttattctttt ttgtccaaag attattaatt tattttattt    100920
     atatgagtat gttgtagcta tcttcagaca caccagaaga aagcatcgga tcccattaca    100980
     aacggttgtg agccaccatg tggttgccgg aaattgaact caggacctct ggaagagcgg    101040
     tcagtgctcc taactgctga gccatctctc cagaccattt ttcttaatct cctactgtgc    101100
     ctaatttaca cattaaccat tgtcataaga aaacacatta catttggtag tatctgaggt    101160
     tgtagatgtc ccttagggat cttggaatgt gtcctctcag agaaggagga aaactctact    101220
     gacatagatt tagaaggtat aaaaagaatt tccaaacata ccagaactcc ataatggttg    101280
     tgatcctgac tacataaaat atgtggttca gttaacaatc attttataag gaaatttgac    101340
     ttaggtcaac agcgaacagt ttgtggacag agaggagtgg tcagacgcac actcggtgtg    101400
     ctgattggcc cagcaaacag gacgtgcatt tcagaaatgc ccccatccgg tgcccatcag    101460
     gagggtcact gtgaggggag agcccttctc aggaccaata cttcaaagtt atgaacaaaa    101520
     gcctcatttc tgcactggta acattgatat catgactgca ttactctgag ccagtggtgc    101580
     taactgaagc tggggctgca ggtggatgga acgagatcta tctggctcct tttcacaaag    101640
     ctctaccctc acacacatag cagctgggtt ctgccagcca gcgcctcagt tgccttgggt    101700
     gctcaaagca gggagcacgc gtgtgcttcc ccactcaccc tgcagagcca agccatttgc    101760
     tctactgccc cagctctgct ccatcaaact tccaacacag aacctgaggt ttggagggca    101820
     ctgcctgaga catggagatg ctctcaggac ttccctggag agcggtttct ccccatccca    101880
     gaccctgctg cctgctctct aacaactgaa ctaactgaag aaaggatctt gcttccttcc    101940
     cactcctcgt gtttcttaaa caagtccctg tagggacaga aggacccttg ggtactatca    102000
     ccaccaagtc cctaagtgaa ctctttctcc actcaggttg tccctactct ctgccttcag    102060
     ttccctgtgg ccctctcttt ccctcccaaa gcctaagggt tgctctagag gatgggtttg    102120
     ttttgttttg ttttgttttg tttagattga ctagagggca tagcagtgcc tttccagaaa    102180
     ggcacagaac tcaggaccca acaatcagta agagccgagc caagtgtctg gtcacctaca    102240
     tctgtgttca gctagaatgc cccaccaaaa catcccttag ctacagtcaa aggggatgtg    102300
     ttcccagcct tgatttccca ttgcctaaga gaacctgatg tcctgtggtt ctggaactga    102360
     gctcctggct ccagagggat aacaaggaat ggcaatgaac tgaatctgag catcagaacc    102420
     agacaaaggc tgttctcgct acaaagagag gactgggcct ggcgtggtgg cgcacgcctt    102480
     taatcccagc actcgggagg cagaggcagg cagatttctg agttcgaggc caacctggtc    102540
     tacaaagtga gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc aaaaaacaaa    102600
     aaaataaata aatagataaa aatagaaagg aggactgggg ggaaggaaag ccaaaaagaa    102660
     gttacagaga ttgttcctag agctgagata aaaggataca gaaattgtac ctgaaacaaa    102720
     gtttcagcat gtaccatcta cattctggcc ctgaggcaga tctatgccaa ccatcccgtg    102780
     agactccagt aagcagcaag gtggagggaa ggggccagac aaggaagctt tgcaggccat    102840
     tgtaaggatt ttccatggat ggaatgaaaa ttggaatgcc tgagtgcact ctgaacaaaa    102900
     taaagaagcc ctctgatcta ctgtgatcta aaatcagtcc taagaatagt ctaggggtca    102960
     gagcacctac caagaccact gagaacaagc gtaccagagg gatcagtgag agcatcgttt    103020
     aaacatggtg tcacatggga taccccaagg acccgccaca gtcaaagtct agtctaaacc    103080
     taagtgtaag aagagaggga gccccagttg cccatggaca cattacccca agaacaacac    103140
     agggtcgtgt ttttaattag tctttcaggt aagagtccaa tcttgaatca gatcttgagg    103200
     aaacatcaaa gagagaccct gcctcagaga atcaggagga ccgtgtgctc tcagtataac    103260
     ctcaggtcta cacacacaca caggacaaac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    103320
     gtgaacacat acatacacat cctaccacac acaccataca cacaagaggg gaaaaaaatc    103380
     aagaaaaaat taagctcaaa taaaagcatg ctataaaaat ctgccagggg ctgtattcaa    103440
     aagcatcaat ggagacagct gggtgtggcg gcatggcttg tacccagaga cctgacaaga    103500
     aaggagctga ggcagaaggg tttcaagctt gaggctggcc tcagctacct aaggagaccc    103560
     tttcttaaga aaatagttcc aaaaacaaga atcaagaact atgtttgaat gagacctgtg    103620
     accactgaac acggaaagtg accacattgg ctcctctccc ggaaaggaaa aggctgtgag    103680
     cggcatcatt tggccctacg gttaacgtag gcatcaaaag gttgatctgg ccataatcag    103740
     ccaccgaacg caggcactat tgcatacgcc agcaagattt tcctgaaagg acccttgata    103800
     cagctgtctc gtgtgaggct atgccagtgc ctggcaatta cagaagtgga tgctcacagt    103860
     catctataag atggaacaca gggtccccaa tggagaagct agagaaagta cccaagagct    103920
     gaagtggtct gcaaccctat aggtggaaca acattatgaa ctaaccagta cccccagagc    103980
     tcatatctcc agctgcataa gtatcagaag atggcctagt tggccatcat tgggaagaga    104040
     ggcccattgg tctaacaaac tttatatgcc ccaatacagg ggaacgccag ggccaagaag    104100
     tgggagtggg tgggtagggg agcagggcgg agggagggta tagggaactt ttgggataac    104160
     atttgaaatg taaatgaaga aaatatctaa taaaaaaatg ataaaaagaa aaaaagaagg    104220
     ttgatctggg ttgccagctt gattggttct gtgagggtgt ttccagacaa ggaactgaaa    104280
     ggtggggatg ataagataga ccctctcctt gatgtacagc attttctggt gacaggcaag    104340
     acacagaggt aagaagcaaa aactgttctt ttgcctgcca gcctccagtt cttgcttgtg    104400
     agtgcatcta ctctgctgct gctgctgctg ccacccttca ctgtcatctg agtcctgttt    104460
     cttcagtcct ccaaccagac tgaagagagc catcacttgt caggttttct gtgcggccac    104520
     tggcaagtct atcaggccct tgttatataa tccaatctag ataaatctcc gctgcactac    104580
     atactcattc tgtagcttct gctctactgg agaactctgc tacagatgtg aacaacgggt    104640
     tgggagggta cgtgtcgtct ctgcttcagc aaatgctgcg tgcgccagct ctagctggaa    104700
     gctgataact acactgcgct tatgctagga aacagccccc ttcacgagat gcacagcaca    104760
     ctagtgagga ctaacacatc catgtgatat tctgagttca aggccagcct ggtctacaaa    104820
     gtgagttcga ggacagccag ggctacacag agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa ccaaaaaaaa    104880
     aaaagtaaaa tgtaggtatg tgtgtacaag tataaataca cgtgtgtgaa tgtgtgcatc    104940
     catgcataca gaagtaccat acattgggaa tatgctcaaa ttcatacaaa tatttatata    105000
     tctaaggaaa ataaaatatt ttttactatt ttatactatt ctagtgctat ttttataaat    105060
     cttatttgac taaaagtgaa ttatcttaac tataagttag cttgcttata taatcgaaca    105120
     tgtggggggt ttgctgttgt tttgcttttt gagacgggat ctcacagtgt agacccggct    105180
     ggccttgaac tcacagagat ccatctgcgt ctgccttcgg agtgccagga ttaaaatggc    105240
     atacaccatt acacccagca aagcatgccg atttgtatac tagtaatgat catactgccg    105300
     gagagctgaa gacacggctc agcagcgaag agcgctggct gctcttgcag agaacccacg    105360
     ctcgattccc agcacccaca tggcagctca cagctgttta taactccagt tcccaggaat    105420
     tgggtcccct ctgactgact cttgcactca cacaggtaca cacatacata ataaaataaa    105480
     tatttaaaaa catagttaca ctgatgtaat tgtacacaca cacacatccg gtctttaaag    105540
     gttgtcattc tatctggggc aaagagagta ttaaaatact ctcctattat atacctttct    105600
     ttaatttcca aacttcccta taggaataca tacttatcca tgggagatat accccaagac    105660
     cccaccagat acctgaaagc aaggatagtg ctgaaccgga ctgaagcaga cgctcaccac    105720
     ctgtaacaga cttatatcat gacaaataga tcaaaagttg aaaatgtgag ttgaaatgtg    105780
     ttttgttccc atcatattga ggggacatca tagcttagcc acctaggtta aatgtgttca    105840
     aagttcttta gtctacatag ttgagcaaaa tcaacttata catttgacgt atgactgtat    105900
     tgtgggtgct ctaacaccgt atagaaagtg gaaaacatgg ttttatagat acacactgcc    105960
     ctcaggaaga aggcagtaag gccagccgag ctaaactgag gcctcttttt tgtaatgctc    106020
     ctgtgatctg atagctgaga ggcccactaa gtgcctcaaa ggggcacata gtgtgtataa    106080
     catggatgga ccagacaaag gaaaattcac atcccagtct aagcagagtg aatggtataa    106140
     gatctttcta cataaaactt cacagttctt ctttttaaag aatttattta ttttatgtat    106200
     atgagtatac acagtagctg tacagatagt tgtgagcctt catctggtta ttgggatttg    106260
     aacttaggac ctctactcac tcaggtgggc cctgctcgct ccagcccaaa gatttattga    106320
     ttattataag tacactgtag ctgtcttcag acacaccaga agagggcgtc agatctcatg    106380
     atgagtggtt gtgagccacc ttatggttgc tgggctttga actcaggacc tttggaagag    106440
     cagtcagtgc tcttacccgt tgagccatct taccagccca acttcacagt tcttaaactt    106500
     atagtttatt ctagaacttt ccattttata ttcttagact agattgacta agtggggaat    106560
     gaaacttggt aacaggagac tagtgtgatc tactgcaacc ttcaaagtca ggaaaggaat    106620
     cacaaatcgg aagtgcacat gcctggcagg cagcattgct tatgcaaaag actgtctctc    106680
     caagtatttt tccattttct agatcaatgt catcctttgc cactaagatt tgtttggttt    106740
     gggttttgtt aattctatat gatttaaaaa aaaaaaagca aaaatgtgaa gcccacccac    106800
     tgcatgcagc agaggtgggt agaagataac tggaggcctg cccaccatcc tgtggcctgc    106860
     tcacagcagg agtcaatatg acaacgtgca agctcgtggt agagatggga gaggagatgc    106920
     ggagtgcttt gagcaatatg aagacaggtg gaactggaga gaagaagata aagaggagca    106980
     gcctagtgtg agtagcctgc cctgccacct gaggccatgg tgaactccct ctgtgctgcc    107040
     attgaaagct gtctggatct gtggccatgc gatggcaggg gtctgtgtca atgtccatgg    107100
     ctcagattac cacaaaaggc catgaggacg tccctggtct gggctgctgt gtgggaccat    107160
     gttgatgtcc aagagctgta tagaagcagt gctgcctctc actggctggt gggaatgtgt    107220
     gtgagccgga ctgaggatgt aagagtggga gaactggccc tgccccttgt tggtcgtggc    107280
     attaggtggc ctatctggtg tagtgacaga gagctgactg gtggaccaac ttggctccca    107340
     tgaaggccca gatccaggac tcggagttgt tccaccccaa catttgctgt agcagcctgg    107400
     ctggcatgaa gttgaatgaa tgttcctctg aggtgaggag ggaggttgat tgtatggaag    107460
     ataggaagaa gatgcgagag acagatatgg gagggctaca ggtcattatc acgccagccc    107520
     cacgtgaatt tcgcatgacc ttcttagact ccagtcccgt gagaagcaag gccacaagct    107580
     aaactgaaac aatgttgcta aaatatacac acgacacttg tactcaccca gtcctctccc    107640
     ctcctgttcc ttccaccaag gtcaacagga tcttcagtcc ctcgccttga gcctcaagtg    107700
     cacctcctct tatcgctcca tgacttggca ggccgggaaa tctgccgaca gactctgacc    107760
     tgccttgact ttgcctggta ggcagacttt ctctaccccc gccccctttt tcagaaaagc    107820
     ggctcccaac aatttacccc atctatgaac tactggagtg tgtaaagggg ccagtctgta    107880
     gatccaaagc tgctgcatct ccatgacaca gggcaacagg atagctgagg ggatacctca    107940
     aatggtctct acacacaggc cccggcacat ggacaccctt acacacacac acacacacac    108000
     acacacacac gttttaaaat gagaaagctt gaatcttgga atggtttctc aagctgttca    108060
     agggctcatg acttgtcaag ggcatggctg aaatccaaat tcaagttggc ctgtcctcag    108120
     actccaggat ggttattcct gctgcttctc tgcgggcgct ccatttcagg tgactttgct    108180
     ggcatttatt tttaacctaa actgcacaac tccccactac agctgttcac ctcccagtgc    108240
     caacagaccg tgagcagctc tgttctaaga gcactgcctt ttctggaaag ctgagcccag    108300
     ggctctcgca cgctgggcac acaacgccac cgagctaaga ggtgttcctt tctacagctg    108360
     gaactaagag ataactaccc aaagtcaaag ctaataaaac aagagagcca gaactgcagc    108420
     ctaccttcat tccagcctcg tcacagcagc aggcctcctt ccctcccatc ccctcactca    108480
     gacgtagtat ttgaagttct gtgctagtta cccttggcat cctagcattc atgctaactg    108540
     gatggcaagc cagctataca gctgaatctt gatgccccaa actgaaacca tcctgtgacc    108600
     acactcaagc tttcagccac tggcactgct aggacacaac cttcacgtat gtcattcttg    108660
     atctgagagg tccccagcag gcctgagtgt ggcaaatatg acgtcagcac gtttggtctt    108720
     ttacctttct gccccttgct gaaaaccatt aattaggctc acctaattaa catgcctcat    108780
     caaaatgaaa cacctcatcc caacacaaga tttccccttt ccctttatga accaaccatt    108840
     tccccttggg acaatctaga tgtagtgctt tgtctctttg ggggcaaata tccctctccc    108900
     ccatcaaccc tttgttcctt tttgcttctc cctagtcctc cttctcccct agaaagccaa    108960
     gtcctccatg ccaccctgac cccacctccc ttgccaggcg tagaatggtc aaacagtttt    109020
     gggaccgata atctagtcta ccactgtaag cttgtgctta caactactcc aagctcttgg    109080
     ctgttcaaaa tttgacaggc tgacctgaaa tactgtgtaa acgtggcatc ccatagactg    109140
     tagaatagac cacctctgca gctctcccac tagacacctg cttttgtgtt accatcagtg    109200
     ggcatcctgg gctctgatga ctacatacaa tttccttttt gtcacattct gacaattgga    109260
     tccctgtctt tttttttttt taaagattta tttattatta tatttaagta cactgtagct    109320
     gtcttcagat gcaccagaag agggagtctg atctcattac agatggttgt gagccaccat    109380
     gtagtttctg ggacctttgg aagagcagtc ggtgctctta accactgagc catctctcca    109440
     gcccaggatc cctgtcttct ttttttcttt ttgtttttta agatttattt attattatat    109500
     ctaagtacat tgtagctgtc ttcagatgca ccagaagagg atgtcagatc tcattacgga    109560
     tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga tttgaactca ggaccttcag aagagcagtc    109620
     ggtgctctta accactgagc catctctcca gcccaggatc cctgtcttag tgttactatc    109680
     gctatgatca gacaccatgg accaaagcaa tttgaggagt gtttatccat cttacacatc    109740
     ctgaatcaca gaccactgag ggaagtcaag gcagcaacta aaaccaggca ggaacctgga    109800
     ggcagaagct gatgtagaag tcatggaggg ctgctgctta ctggcttgcc cctcatagat    109860
     tgtccacctg atttcttata gaatccagga ctaccaaacc atgggtaaca ccacccacca    109920
     ggggctggga cctgccatac caataactaa gataatgccc tacagtcttg cctacagtcc    109980
     aatcttatgg aggcattctc ttagtgaatc tcggttttgt caagttgacg tgaaacaacc    110040
     cagcacaatc ctcctacatg gacctatttc aatatgaaat aatcttacca tatccccaga    110100
     cccaccctta gtgaacacag ggagaagtgc ctggtctgaa tgcaatatgt aaaccaggca    110160
     tcacttatac aaatgaataa cagatgataa aaataatacc gtaacagaat gggcttacag    110220
     agattgtagg gagaattatg cctctaatct tcaattttct aggaatttct gattttaggc    110280
     catttcatct tgtgcaacct aaaacccctc ccccccccca tgccaaccct ctggagatac    110340
     acaaatgggc ccatgtagcc atgctttaaa aatcatatca atgcttgtgc agacaccttt    110400
     ctatagttgt ttttcaaaac gacaaatgtc tatgacacag acactgtgaa gtccaaagga    110460
     aacgccactc ccagtgacca gacaaaagcc agcattcctc agactaccac agagcttttt    110520
     cctcatcact ggcagaaggg acaagtggct atctgttgtg gctattggcc catcagagag    110580
     caggctggtc tccagcctcc cttagtacag aacctgttac acatttcaga ggccatgctg    110640
     gcacgtgctc tgtccctaca ctgaactcca gcccacgggc ttctcattct taagaccctg    110700
     ctatctctgc tatgcactca cttgaccctc tgatgtcttc ctctcttgca cccgttcctt    110760
     ggtcctcttc tgtcttctcc ctttcgcccg cccatctctc ctctcctggc caggcccaat    110820
     ctgtgggcca tgttcagtct actacttttt ctctgttctg gactctggct gtccgctcct    110880
     cattgctaca ataaaagcct ctgcataacc ctagcttgaa gcagtcatgg cttccgttta    110940
     tacagacatg tacgagcact tatgggggtg ggggaaagca actctcctga ccagccttcc    111000
     tagagatatt cgggaaagtg aaaagctaag atgtccaagg tggtattcaa acatctgtgc    111060
     tgaaagcgag gggacatccc acacccaaca gaccttacgt gtcaccatca cgcagtgatg    111120
     gcatgggccc aatcaatagg ctacaggatg tggcagggcc tttagatact ggttcatttc    111180
     agtcccagcc ttggcaacaa agaaaaacat gccaaacatt tcgagggcaa cgtctgggct    111240
     gaatcaagtg agggacttgg ttagggttta attgctgtta agagacacca taaccacagt    111300
     aacttataaa cgacagcatt ttattggggc tggcttacag gttcagaggt tcagtacatt    111360
     atcatcacgg caggaagcat ggcagcttcc aggcaggcct ggagctggag gtgctgagag    111420
     ttctacgtct tgtttagaag actgatttcc aggaatcgag gaggaaggtc tcaaaaccca    111480
     cccccagtga cacacttcct ccaacaaggc cacatctcct agtagtggaa ctccctaggc    111540
     caagcatatt caaactacca cagggatagt tgggtgataa cttgagatgc agactgcatt    111600
     atactaatgg tatattacat atacatacag tgtaactcca ctctctgctg ccatctagtg    111660
     tgctccttag gaattaaatc aagtacacat ggaaactttt aatatgtaaa gactggagga    111720
     catttaaagt tatttagatc ttggggatga attaaaaaag ggttcaggct tgacagtgat    111780
     gtgtttgtgt gtcaagttga caaggggtca attgtactgg ctggttttgt gtgtaaactt    111840
     gacacaggct ggagttatca cagagaaagg agcacctcag ttgaggaaat gcctccatga    111900
     gatccagctg tggggccttt tctcaattag cgatcaagga aggagggccc cttgtgagtg    111960
     gtgccatccc tgggttggta gttctgggtt ctataagaaa gcaagccagt aacatccctc    112020
     cttggcctct gcatcagctc ctgcttcctg acctgctaga gttccagtcc tgacttcctt    112080
     tagtgatgaa cagcaatgtg gaagtgtaag ctgaataaac cctttcctcc ccaatttgct    112140
     tcttgctcat gatgtttgtg caggaataga aaccctaaga caaacagaaa tgtcacaagg    112200
     ttgtttgctt tgttttgcac tggtagttca catttgcaaa ttaaaatcct ctactagcaa    112260
     tctggacttt agattaactg ctcgagtata atagcatcct ttcagaagaa caactttgaa    112320
     gtttcttaca cataggggca accaagaaac agttcttaaa tctaattggg atgtataatt    112380
     aagtagaaaa gacctacaga ccaatcaagt gtggtggcat catgaaatgc ccacatctgg    112440
     gctggcgaga tggctcagcg gttaagagta ctgactggtc ttctgaaggt cctgagttca    112500
     aatcccagca accacatggt ggctcacaac ggcccataat gagatctagc gccctctcct    112560
     ctaaagacag ctacagtgaa agctcacaac catctgtaca gctacagtgt actcatatac    112620
     atgaaataaa gtaaacaaat cttaggggaa aaaaaatgtc cacatcctta agcaaaattt    112680
     gttctcacat ttttcttttc ccaggaaaac aaatagctca aacttggaca cagactatac    112740
     aaggttgtat atagtctttg atattcttgt cagtgtcaca gcaaagcagg tgaaatacag    112800
     agaggaaatc catgctgggc tgcatacttg gttctattca tttttaactg cttaaaaaaa    112860
     atacacattt ctgcaaccag gaacatatta agatattttc aagtcctgtt cttaaggatc    112920
     aatgtaactg ctggtttttc catctgcacc ctagttccca aacaacacag actcactgat    112980
     aaatgaatgc ctaggcattt cgctaagctt gttgcttatc tagttcacgt ttattaacct    113040
     atttttatac tattctgtgt ctgccacctt acctagttac ctctcctcag tttcctgtgc    113100
     ctgacttcct ctgagtccag gtgaaaatct tctgcatgta actatattcc aaagtcgtcc    113160
     gtccccgccc cgccccagcc aattgcccca ccttctaacc cagtctgttt actggccatc    113220
     agctttttat tgacaagtga tgcccataga tcaatattcg aacttcatag caccaagctc    113280
     tggatgacta gacattccca gaacgccact attagtgaca taactctcca ggtgtagctt    113340
     ctccccaaac agtatcaata cagtgcaaga cctcagctgc tcccacagcc tactgagaac    113400
     taagcaagag tgttccacta acttttgctt ttaatgtaaa aacaaatatg acacattttt    113460
     atttattcac atattttagc ttctcctgaa gctacaaaat aaagtccatt tatttagctt    113520
     ctggttttgt cctatcttag aaaagtcact cctcccccta ctgtgtgaat gtttctaaag    113580
     tagcaatcgt caacattcga gcttgcattt taaaccttat taaaaggtca aattttttgt    113640
     tgctttggac cttgttaaaa cctgctctca agaagctaga gaaagcaccc aaggagctga    113700
     aggggtctgc aatcctatag gagaaacaac aatatgaaca gtacccccag agctcctatc    113760
     tctagctgca tatgtagcag aagatggcct ggtcagccat cactgggaag agaggcccct    113820
     tggtattgca aactttacag gggaagtggg actttaccag tacaggggaa cgccagggcc    113880
     aagaagtggg aatgggtggg caggggagca gggccgaggg agggtatagg gaacttttcg    113940
     ggatagcatt tgaaatgtat ataaagaaaa tatctaataa aaaataaata aatgaaaaaa    114000
     aaaaaccctg ctctcatgaa gtattttcaa agacaacagg caaaagtagt cccacactaa    114060
     taccaatact aacttttttt ttttgtgaac ttacattttt ttccaagtat ctttttaagg    114120
     aagtaagcat attgcaaata caaacagaat gagcaaaatt aaggtacact ggttacagaa    114180
     aaaatgaggg aagcagtgca cttcatgtca gtgtgaggcc ttgctagact gacttcagtg    114240
     ttaactatag tcttttcctt cctgcttaca catacaaaac tcttaacatg taaggatgaa    114300
     actatattat ctgtcaatag aactggactt ctttccaaga acttggtagg aaaataatct    114360
     gatcacattt ctcaaagtaa ttaaaaagaa caaaacatga agtctcctaa gaaaagcagt    114420
     taagaggccc atgtgtattt tcaaaacact ccatactgta ctttgtaaaa tgcctgccaa    114480
     aatacaatgc aatttacagc ccgcacggtg gacactgcag cctgaacacg aatgcacgca    114540
     tatcagagaa gacggacagg aggtgtgacc cacggactga aggaactggg ttcttatttc    114600
     agctgtttac caaattcaaa tgccttactg tttacagcta caatcaggaa gctctaagtg    114660
     tctctgccag cctgtgagcc actcatgaag ttttcctcag cctttgtaag gcctgaatcc    114720
     tcccctacaa aacaaagggg ctgagaaaca gaactgtggg gcacatttct ataaaatggg    114780
     atttttcatt tttgaaaatt tcttaaaaat aaactaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gatgtaagaa    114840
     atatcaaact tgcgcttatc actgagtgat tttataaaga actttaaacc aagaaaggag    114900
     atgctgattc catacttggg ggattaaaat gtaagatttt tctcatgcac tttcagcttt    114960
     ggggagggag ggcagtactg tagcagtaat aatgcacacc accaatagaa cactgcctgc    115020
     aggagcaagc taggaataac taagcgtcac ttctggtttg ggtggttggt tttgtttttc    115080
     agtaactact acacaagaag ttttataaaa gtcatcaggg aataacaata tattacatat    115140
     aatctgagaa attaaaggca acccaaagat ctgacaacac acccgtgcag gcctgtgata    115200
     cccttcctgc acagtaagcc ctatgaccca gtctctgccc caacagtgtc caattcctac    115260
     aaaaccaaca cccagtttta atgacacaaa attcacctcc atgtaatgaa ctatattctc    115320
     agctgaaaac agtactttct gattctaagt ttatctcagt acatgtgata tacaccaagg    115380
     cctaagacta cagggaagca tcagtacatt tgtaacaggt gtttgttttg taattttcac    115440
     acaactaacc ttagtttgtt tttcaaaaag taaataccca aggtttgcaa agtaatacta    115500
     attttctaaa acagaaaaaa accaattctt ttcagctgtt aaatacatta aaaagtagaa    115560
     ctatttagta cactgagtat ttagaataca ggagaattaa gccttccttg aaaagacagt    115620
     ttttaaaaac aaacaaacaa acaaaaacaa gcctggagac cctgaagaca atacaggcag    115680
     ctggcacaca caaaactcat gaggatcaca gcacctttac atttcataaa ctcaattaag    115740
     atgttccaaa atacctacgt tggcttgaaa tcttgtcatt tcttaaaaca gtctcaagac    115800
     tttaaattac aaataatcaa ggactggaaa gagtttcata caaggtaaca gtacacatta    115860
     tacagcccac tgggtgggtg gcagcggcgc acgcctttaa tcctggtgct cagaaggcag    115920
     aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tcagggccag cctggtctac agagtgagtt ccaggactgc    115980
     caaggctaca aagagaaaac ctgtctcgaa aaaccaaacc aaagcaaaca aacaaatcaa    116040
     ttaagtccaa taaagttcac tgcagagtga acatgctggc tcatcccact ctgaccctac    116100
     gcccaaccca gcacaaatga catgacagac acaaacaagc tatcgagcaa gaatctgtta    116160
     acagttttat tttttttatg ttaaatacca tgggacagga ttgtaaggat gaaaaactca    116220
     gtcaacaaac tgcctcacaa gggataagaa aaattctgcc atgatattag caaaggtaaa    116280
     ggagaaaatt tacacagtaa gaggcaccat ttcccccaca gaaaacctct tggcatttcc    116340
     tgaatgagtg ggattagcaa tctaaataaa tcatatttca agaggtaaca gcaacagata    116400
     aaatttaaag gaattattaa aataacattt acaagactga acaattcttg aactcttatt    116460
     aaaaccacaa agaaagaaca attctttatt tatgaatttc ataaaggact gaatgtgcaa    116520
     ctgacatctg ctagtgatga tctgataata tacaatttgt ccagtagccg aacagtttgt    116580
     ttttattgtg ttttctaacc gtaagagatc attaaaggca aagcctatat gacgctgtac    116640
     acacaaaaaa aattggtcac cgcgggccat ggtcaccgcg ggccatacta ccaatgaaat    116700
     ggtaggtaaa caaatctttt tctggtcgag agaagaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaacagca    116760
     ctctgcatgc ttcactctac aagatgaatt tccctagaaa gaatccaatg aaaatggctg    116820
     caattacaac cagaagagaa ggaagaggac tggtgacatt atctctgaag gacacggctg    116880
     aggtggatcc aggtttatcc gaatgtgcta cctttctgag ccttaggcct tcatcctagg    116940
     gaaaagacac aaaacaaaga tttttaaaca gcacacacag gtgagtagca gagctaaaag    117000
     ttcataaagg aattcagtac atgtgtatgg ctttgaagag gagcaagaat aaattcccat    117060
     ctaccttgga aacctgtgga attaggaaaa attctaaaac tgtactaaag cgataaataa    117120
     agccgaataa ttctataaat ctgctaaaac aattaaaatt agtacattta tgtgatgtaa    117180
     attacacctc aataacaatg acttttaaaa ctgaaaatga gaaatgtatt cctataaaac    117240
     atgtaagctt acttccaatg agccctacag cattttggat tggctacagc catcagcaag    117300
     aaactatcaa tagcacactt atactccagc caacagcaag aaactatcaa tagcacacct    117360
     atactccagc catcagcaag aaactatcaa tagcacacct atactccatg tttactgact    117420
     cagtaaaacc tgaaaaccca catgggaggc acacaaggat ttatttttag atagataata    117480
     tattgcaaga tttagagaaa agcagagtag tttagagtct ttaatatgcg caaaacaaac    117540
     ccaagggaca tatataaagg gtcaccatgg agcatagact gtacgtaatt tagactacgt    117600
     acaggaaccc gtctctgagg ctcctgctgg caatcgcttc tttttgttta agtaccttat    117660
     ctgctccatg taaaagaatg aactgctccc tacttatact gagtttacat ttctgatagt    117720
     cctgtggttg agtttagatg tgactttgcc ctggcttctt ctcctagtaa agcaatagtt    117780
     tctcaaagca ggtggttatt tgtgacagta tgtgtcacaa ggtcctggag aaattataga    117840
     tacctcttaa ctatatggct ggctgttatc agatgctgtt tataaaacct aactagagaa    117900
     tctgtactac ctcaaaataa actattttat cctcacacca ttcctcaacc acttacacag    117960
     catggccagc ctctctagtg tttaatgtac tgtttttggc attaggaatg tgcagtgaat    118020
     cttcgtcttc cccgggctag ggacatgtgc tgggatcctc tcagaaggtg cccagcactc    118080
     tgctgctaat tagcagtgct aatgtgatag ctaggatagg acagtcaaag gtctatgtat    118140
     tgggtgcatt ttcaacttgg gatatcttca ctttccaatg ggaaataatc ctatcaagtg    118200
     tcaaaaacaa atcttttcat aaaagattta ttttatgtat ttaagtacac tgttgctgtc    118260
     ttcagacaca ccagaagaga gcataggatt ccattataga tgctcttgaa ccaccatgtg    118320
     gttgctggga attgaactcc ggacatctag aagagcagta agtgctctta accactgagc    118380
     catctctcca gttcctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ataaaaaccc    118440
     ttaacactaa ctaaaatata cctgaccatt ttatttccat tactaggctt tcagaaacct    118500
     cgtttcttta atcctacact aattagctct aagttataag atcaaacgag ataaataaaa    118560
     aataaccggc aacaagatta aatataaaca tagagattgc taaaagatac taacatattc    118620
     tttatacctt cattccaatt acctcatttt caacccaaaa aacttactct caggtgtcgg    118680
     ttttcttctg agagcttcat catttctccc tggagtcgct tgcactcttc catcagtttc    118740
     cttgtttccg tatcattgag tgaaacactg tgtggttttg gcaggggtcc gtcttgtttg    118800
     gatgcattca gtggaacagc tttgctaggt tccatatcat tctgtgtttc aaagatattg    118860
     ggaatcttta acaaaaaatt tatgggtttt aaactaatac aaacctaagt tctacatatt    118920
     tctcttctaa aaatgtcatg aaaatatgac aagtttcaac taattgtaag atttattaag    118980
     tagcaactaa gatcacctgc agacaatgtt cactggaaca tgtcaataaa acaccagcag    119040
     ctaatcaaaa taagcagccg atgtcttcta ctcccacacc cttggaactt accttagcat    119100
     aacacttaaa agatatcata actcatattt acattcttta ctccagaatt tcaaatggaa    119160
     ggaaattcac tacgtctctt tattatttac ccctagacac acactttgtc cacgagcagt    119220
     cagtgagtga aatgtgctga atgagaagct ctgggtcatt tctaatggtc tgactgcatg    119280
     cagtcaaatg aggtcttagg aattggaaag tacaggacaa tctatctcat aatcactcca    119340
     gtaaggttat aactacctaa ggatatacag tcaaaaacaa tctaatgtct attaatgaaa    119400
     taaagtaact aaaagatgca aacactagaa gggaaacaat aaacaagtaa tacaatggcc    119460
     gctatctgtg gtctttaaca cagaggatca tttaaactgt agactgtcca attagtgtga    119520
     ttcattgtgg tattctatct aggtggcagg ttaagacaac tttcaaaact gtaaggtctt    119580
     accaacacca caagcacttg gacacctgtg gcaacaccaa cattattttc taagcctgtg    119640
     atctaaagtg tttcagtatc cttaaaatcc aacattatgc taccacatac agtaacagta    119700
     tcaatataaa gtcatccttt tcaggttaag tcaatgtaac atttgataac aagcaggaga    119760
     ccttgggttt gctgttaacc acaaaattta aaaaggcaag ctttaatcca ggtaataacc    119820
     actaatcaag atatttgaca tcccaaagta aattttaaga catcccaaat ctggcagcca    119880
     gttgggctac aatggttaac actgtcaacc agacagatct agaatcaccc aggactgtaa    119940
     acaaacctct gggcacatct gtattaagaa aagtgggaca agccacaaga aggtgaacac    120000
     cagcactcat cactgcttcc cgcctgcagg ggcagcctgc caaccagctg cccatgctac    120060
     cactaccagg ttggactgta ccctccacct gtgagccatc atcaagttct cctgaagctg    120120
     cctgggcagg tactttataa aagcaacaag gtattctaat acaggcactt agctaagtat    120180
     ctgacctgct agcccattta accacttgca agtttcacag ctgagaaggg tgcatacttc    120240
     aaagttacag agctgcttac ttcaatttat tcggagtttc tcctgctgac acacttattc    120300
     tttatcatac tcttccccaa tgtccaacta aatctatctc taaaagaaaa acctttactt    120360
     catattttgc taacaatatt ttctgagttt tctcttgaca ataattaaat tgacttcaaa    120420
     ctgatttctc aaatcctatc ctgcacaatt aagaacatgt cacctctgtc tgtaaagaga    120480
     gaaaacttaa caggcaaata gagtcctcac actttgccta agaatgaaga aagtactaag    120540
     cagaaagtac taatctgttt ccccgcagaa ggtcctaggc tcatcctcca gtacaggagc    120600
     aaaaaaactg agagaaaaat cagtgttagc cccatattga ctccaaaatt atacaaagct    120660
     aataatgtta atgattttaa aataaagata aataaattct taaaaaacat atgctgggtg    120720
     tgccaggagt atctctgtga attcaagacc agcctggtct atatagtaca accaatacta    120780
     ttccagtaca accaggacta caaagaccaa aaaaaaaaaa aaatgaccat tcttgctata    120840
     tcattaacca aacaaattca tattatcgtc ctcgatattt tcatatgcat tttataccat    120900
     gtgtaaggac cttggttcaa tcaccgagga ctataaaata aaaaagtcag cattcatgta    120960
     actatacagg tgtgcattct gctttatgta tctttcaact atttaaagtg gcacaatatt    121020
     tcattaaata ttccattcta ggactatcaa aatcactcaa catttcattt ttgttagaag    121080
     tctgatgggc agctactata tggaatttgt atttcattta caatacatag cagatgaaaa    121140
     aacaaactta aagatctcta atgtataaac aaacaacctg gcttagctga agatcaagag    121200
     agaaggctga gtcttttgtg ggtacactaa acaggtgact atgtgaatac ttctgatgga    121260
     acctccacta gtgagtttgc ctgcaggacg ccagcttgct ctttttaaag ttacttcaga    121320
     ttgatccaga aagaacaaac tgcttttagg accacggatc aaccaaataa acagattcga    121380
     tatgccgtga ctcttaccaa caagagtaac atcatgcttt aacacctcaa gttacaataa    121440
     gctacagcag tatggtatac actttccact atcctatact cttctatctg cagtagtccc    121500
     ataaggattt cactttcagt aactttgtag gggcaaagga gttagggact agacaccgaa    121560
     aggaagagtg aaacctatgg cagagtaact attttcagtg aagctctaag acaggagcta    121620
     atgggcatgc ttaccactgc tgtgagtaaa gggtgtcaac acattaaggc agtgtgcagc    121680
     taaaggcaaa aactatgtct atgctgtcag aattaaagtt ttaatctttg aattgaaata    121740
     ctcaaagagc aaggctccat agattttttt actttctacc ctaacagcaa aacaatttct    121800
     ctaggcccat ggtcatcaaa gtaagtaatt tcaaattata aagccaagca agagttagac    121860
     atttagactt aaaaaaaaga tttgtttgct tgttttttgt tttgttttct tggttttttt    121920
     gagataggct ctcactatgt aacccagctt gcctgaaact agctacacgg gacaagctag    121980
     ccctgaactc agagctctgc ttgcctccct aaagctaggt attttaaggc cttattaggg    122040
     agctagagat ggcacagtgg tgaagaacgg gctgttcttc tacaaggccg gtcatgaagc    122100
     tccaagaggg gaagtaaagg gcactctcat caccagcagg attcccagcg cctgcatggc    122160
     agctcacaac catctgttac ctctgattcc agaggatcta acgccctctt ctgacctcca    122220
     ctagtacaag gcacatgtgc tgtacataca caaatgtaag cgaaaaaccc aagcacataa    122280
     aataaaattt aaaaaattta aagctttgtt agtatgcata ccctcttcta agccaagtct    122340
     aagtataaaa acctataaca cttaactatt aattatagca ttttggaact ttccaggaag    122400
     taataaattc taaaaagaat tatagaaaac ccattccacc aacgaactca gttaccctag    122460
     ccttattagt atccaagtat agacatgctc agttaaatta tgacctcatt tttaatcaca    122520
     tcttttttca atcccggggc attacaagtt aacaatgaca gttataatat ttaataacaa    122580
     caaaataaat tttatttttc tttcctttaa gcacagatgc ttgtgaataa gcagtgcttg    122640
     ctatctttat tacttactat gtatttgcga agctaattca cacaagattc aatgttcagc    122700
     atttgttctc taaatcccat tcacaggaaa aacgacatca acttaattct gttcacactc    122760
     atgtccagct caacactggg attctgctgg ttactacttt agaacagaat tgtgtgcaga    122820
     cttttcagtt ctacttgtaa ctttaaatac agttagttta acactttatt cctatggctg    122880
     gagaagctca gcagagtgct tcaggcctat ccccagcaca gaaccagata tcagcaggca    122940
     ggaagataag gagttcaagg tcatccttgg ctatattctg agctgaggtc aatctggact    123000
     gtgtgagacc ctgtctcata aacactgaac tcttaactgt taatgtactc agtattactt    123060
     atctgtgtag gtatctacag taacttacta acactagcag actcctactg ctgttagctc    123120
     ctatgacaaa cctgcttcac ctcttttagt tccctgggat cattcttcaa gtgataactg    123180
     gcaggtgttg caactgcact gctgacgctg ctcaatgaag cgacagttga agcaatccct    123240
     ggtggagttt taccctgagg tagcacggga aaaatattct cagattcata ccaaactgat    123300
     ttcttctgtc tattgggaat gactacaaga aatagcttaa gcctgtgaaa tattgataac    123360
     atattctata gtgtcagaat cagagcatta aagcaaaaca atccatttct gaactagctt    123420
     ttcataaata tttctacaca aaagtaggta tgtcctaact gcataccttc atttacaaaa    123480
     tgtgtatatt aattaaatgt atgcaaagtt cataatgccc taaagaacac ttatttctac    123540
     ctctagttct atggcttaaa aaactaatac gtgtcattac ctgaaaaata ttcaatttca    123600
     tattctctta cctttgataa cacttaacat gaacattttc acattaggat taaaaatggt    123660
     aatgatacat gtatgtaagc ctcctttata tccaggaccc tgttaacccc caaacacact    123720
     aagtcactaa aagactcata aaagattcat aaaatattct ggctagccta ccataattcc    123780
     acagttccct acttaccttt caaattctcg taatagttaa aaataactca aaaagttggg    123840
     cacaaaataa taaattcaac agacatcccc tattctgttt caacaaaaat agcatgtatt    123900
     ttgaaatata aaatgccttt ataaagggtt cttgagcccc tgctccaacc agctccactg    123960
     tcatcactaa agcaaaatag tttttgcgga aaatatatta ctatcaggtg ttatgttaac    124020
     ctggaaaatg ccaagcagtt cataccaaac gcatactgag taggttaaca gaaagcttca    124080
     gtccatcctt aagaaacact taataccagc acacaccttt aataccagca ctagaaaggc    124140
     aggaggattt cagtgagttc aaggccactc tgttctacca tagcaggctc caggacagtc    124200
     agaattatat aagaagccct tcctcagaaa aacaaaaaca aaataaaata aaaaccacca    124260
     gtaactggac actgagtatt tcgtattcta aagcgaacaa taactaaaag gagctaaatt    124320
     ttacagaact tcactttttg aaagagtcaa cttttttttc ttttttcttt ttttggtttc    124380
     tctctcctgg ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc tggcctcgaa ctcagaaata    124440
     ctcctgcctc tgcctcccga gtgctgggat taaaggcatg cgccatcacg cccagcaaga    124500
     gtcaacattt tatgcttaag taactgaaag gctctccaga gatcagcgct cccagtaaac    124560
     aactcttgtt gtacccaggc aaacacctca gagagacaat gcatgtgatt attttattgt    124620
     ttagaaaaaa gtaactttat aactaagttt aaacttccgt gatttccttg ttcaccctga    124680
     ttataattca tatattttag agctatttca caaaaatatc catggtagtt ctctaatggt    124740
     agttactgct tgttaccttg tgacatgatc ccaaaacctc aattatttta atttataggg    124800
     tcttcctaaa attctaagaa atcacaaaat tccatgtttc ccctgcttcc agaagccatg    124860
     aacacaaaac aacaaataac taccgaaaaa gatgaagagc cttcagcaag tgtgtataac    124920
     agcagcacat ttaaatgcaa tgcctgattc tttctctcag ggtacgagaa tacaaagcag    124980
     agcagacaaa gtaagggcgt gggtgggcag tcaacctaac agtacatcaa gctcacctag    125040
     atatgtctct atcatgctga aaaacaaaag tacaaagaca agagctgcaa cagccactgt    125100
     gaaatgcttt caattaagtt ttctaagtta aatataacaa aaaactcaaa gctctcaagt    125160
     aactgtggta taaaaaccca gtaagtattc aaagtgatag ttattaatga tagttactaa    125220
     tgagactgat tctggcagtt agttcacaat gtagaattga aggtaaaatt aggaaaaaaa    125280
     gaaggtgaaa ttctacatag acttcttcta gaatctgaag gtgcataaaa aaaaaaaatg    125340
     agtttaaaga gagaacagtg cttccaaaag taactttcag aacattccaa gttaactgtc    125400
     ctccagttcc caccaagtta actgtcctcc agttcccacc tctggagtag tcgggattac    125460
     aggccagtgt gcctccgtcg cacaagctta ggtggtggct gtcatctaac ccagggcgtc    125520
     gtcgaaagct aaacttgcct cctacccaca aaacgacatc cacacaatgt ctcatcatgt    125580
     gaatcttgaa atggaaagtc aaaacattta aaaatgtcca ccaactatcc taagggctaa    125640
     ctccagaaat acaagtactc acaatgctaa gacaggagga ctgccacaag tttgaggata    125700
     gcctatgcat acagtgagtt gaccatccta ggacagagac agaccccgtc ttccaaacaa    125760
     tgacaaaaca aaaaaattta gcagcaaggc taaggaccac gagagttaca aacattgttt    125820
     tactgatgtc aaaacatact tcaggaggtc tacaaaacga tctattacag tcttcattaa    125880
     aagtcactgc caacctactg cccacgccat catcctgaaa tgccttctct gactaaaaga    125940
     acccaaaggt ttatttgctt ttataagaaa aggcctaact actctgtagc acaagctgac    126000
     ctggaactca tagcaatcct cctgcttcca aagtaccggg ataatagaca taagcagcca    126060
     atgccacact tccagtattt aagaaatgat ttaagtctga gcctagaaaa actcctggcc    126120
     acattacatt aaggaagttc gaaatggggt agagagatgg ctcagacgtt aagaacactg    126180
     gcttcttcca atagatccag gctagagcct cagcatccca tggtagctca caactacctc    126240
     taatcccagc tccaggggac tcagtcccct cctctggact ctggtgccca actacacaca    126300
     tagcacacag acaaacatga aggtaaaata tacatacgct taatataatt tttaaggaaa    126360
     ttcttaagtc agttaagtga ctgcagagac tcttaactag tcaacatact gataatgact    126420
     gtcaggtgtc aaaccataaa caagacacag acagcatccc ctccacagct ccaggaaaaa    126480
     aacgtatgga aaccaaaaaa aatgtaaatg cctgaagaag gggagcaaca tgtgctgctc    126540
     tgatttccca gcatggcaca aatgtggcac tcttcaacta cagcagctgc aactgtcttc    126600
     acaggagccc cacaaaacct tgtcactgaa ggatgcggag ctcatggagc cccccgcccc    126660
     atcatgaagg ttcatacttg cttactgctg atggagagag gtatttctct tcactgtcac    126720
     tagtgaggtg aacaaagcca tgtaaacaaa actgaacaat tctcctgtga cagccttaac    126780
     caaaaaagat tctaagtagc agtagggcca gtcagaaaaa ggaattcatg agtgggcaga    126840
     aggaaaaaga agggcattgg gagatgaaca tgatcaaaat agactatata catatatgaa    126900
     aatataacaa tgaaaaatat tatgaataac gaacatatat aataaaaaat gttaaaaact    126960
     aaatttcagt cattaatgat tacttgggtt aaagtgctaa gaagaaccaa cctgaaaggc    127020
     ctactagtaa accaatctaa gaataataat gtagtaacta agcctggcag gagacagaag    127080
     caatgcagtt ctgaatttga ggccagcctg gtctacagac taagttccaa gacacccagg    127140
     gttacacaga gaaaccctgt ttcaaaaacc aaaagtagta ataataacaa caactattat    127200
     tattgagata atgtcccaca atgatttcac agtaatgtcg atccagataa acgtattttt    127260
     tgttgttaaa tacaaaaagc aatgaaggct attaacatct ttggagccaa cataaaaggg    127320
     aaactaatat ataaaagtat gaacactaca ctttttactc ttggcaatta tgactcagat    127380
     tcactttaaa aggatgtgtc aacacctaat taacattcaa gagcattttt atttcagctt    127440
     tcttattaga gttatatcag actatataac caaattgtat caattatatt tacccacatt    127500
     attttatata tttcaactca aataaaatgt tttatagtcc ctcctacaaa ccatagaaaa    127560
     aaattaaaaa tccttgggtt tggagagata gctactcttc cacaagaagc gtgttccatt    127620
     cccagcacct actcatggca actcaaaagc atctgtaact cctgttccag agaaacctac    127680
     gccctctcag gtccccaagg ccaccagata cacacagaca tacatgaagg caaagcaacc    127740
     acatgcataa aataaaattc cttatatttc ttttaattta caaaccagaa agacacctga    127800
     gataaggtga ctatacccac cgtatagacc tcaggccact attatgttta tagtgtctgc    127860
     tattataaac atatctattc ttcagccttt accgcccccc cccatgtagt tgcttaatgc    127920
     taatcaataa gcaactattt actaaaaaat aaaattgatt ttgatcaaaa atcaaaaata    127980
     tgcaaaatat ttgacagagg ttaaactggg ggaaaaactt atccctgtaa atgatatttt    128040
     attccaagaa tgttgataca gttacccaaa aagaagttct aatttttata gttgtattta    128100
     tgtatgcatg tcttattctt tttaaaaaag agagagagaa acaaacaaac aaagaaagac    128160
     agaaatgatt tcagttgtca aaatgagagc attcccagaa attcttccca cactaaaatt    128220
     tggacctaat gtgttatatt tatttcttct taggcaaaca aaatatcata aaatggaaat    128280
     agcattatca agctttttaa aacttaagtc gcataaaatg accagccaca ccaagtccaa    128340
     aatcaaaagc tgataattat ctgatacttt ttacttacca gcttatcatt ttcattcggc    128400
     atttcaaaca cacatctcaa tttagaatcc attaattcat caggttttgc ttctttccac    128460
     taaaaagaaa atagaaataa aacaaattag tatattttat tccaagaatg ttgatacagt    128520
     tacccataaa gaagttctaa tttttatagt tgtatttatg tatgcatgtc ttatttttta    128580
     aaaaaagaaa agaagccggg tgtggtgggg cacgtcttta atcccagcac tcaggaggca    128640
     gaggcaggtg aatttctgag ttcgaggcca gattggtcta cagagtgagt tctaggacat    128700
     ccacggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcga aaaataaaaa ataaaaataa aaaaaataaa    128760
     ataaaataaa aaaagaaaag acaaaagaga catgatttca gttgtcaaaa tttgaaagca    128820
     ttccccgaaa tttaacaaac aaacaaacaa aaaaaaatcc aaaaaacaaa aattcaaaga    128880
     tgaaaagaga gagagcaccg tggcaaggag gcttcacctg aaaccttcag ggacaactga    128940
     agcctgagtt gactgcagac tgcctacaat catgtaccaa tgtcactgca gacctaccat    129000
     caccattaat taaagctttc atggacaccg ggctcggcag ggaaaggcac cgctgccaca    129060
     ctggtggcct gactttcatc ctagaaacca tactatgcag tagaatggaa ggccagcccc    129120
     accaagctat ctctgacacc acaataaaac aatgtgatga aaaacgtgac aacagcatca    129180
     gcaagcaatc cacacgactg tcttctccac tttagcatgt ctaaatggtt tctaaagaac    129240
     agtatttcag gcatggtgag tggagcacac cttcaatccc agcaatggaa gaggcagagg    129300
     caagaggatc tctgtaggtt caaagccagc ctggtctaca aagttccaga acaagccgaa    129360
     tcatgccttg gaaaaaaata tatatcaaaa aacaaaacct tttaattgtt taaattttaa    129420
     ttttgttctg atatttaatt tttggcaagg aaatatggat tgttgagagc taaacaaagt    129480
     ttaaactaca tttccaaaaa taacttctgt acaacttcta cacttaccac agcttccata    129540
     tctgaaatgt ttggtggagc aaaaattgtc tgtaccatga acttatgttt actcttttca    129600
     ttcggatcat aatcaaaggg ttgcagcatt actaaataaa cagagaaagc acactgtcat    129660
     ctacagttta cgtcctattt aataccacca cactaacaca caaacttaat gcataccaag    129720
     atgggttcaa aaacttaaat tatcctcaag aggcacaagc agccttttaa ctttcaatta    129780
     ttattaaatt cattttgtgt tgattttaat ttagataact tagacacttt taatataact    129840
     tatttttaaa ctggatttta aacaattact cagaatgtgt tcatttgttt aaatctaatt    129900
     ttaagaaaac aaaggataac tgattggtct ttagacttta ttcccagatc ccaatagcat    129960
     tcacttttac gtctccagac ctgagttgcc tgtaccaagt tttaaggctc cagttcaatt    130020
     tatgttacgt aaatccaaga tgaggtgata aacaaatcag taattactaa tgtatattgg    130080
     atacatttac agtcaggttc tacttctaaa cagtctcact gagccttaaa taacttacta    130140
     ttttaatatt ctataaactt gaaaataaaa gctgtagtta tcttaaaatt tagggatcac    130200
     ctaagttatc aggtcaccaa gaattttaat acacacattt ctaactccat gatctgtaat    130260
     gacataatcc atttttcctg agccttttgt aattaacaaa tgcaggagtt gaaagctatt    130320
     gttttttttg ttttgttttt ttttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag gagtaagtct gtgtgagcac    130380
     agagaggttt tcccacaagt taaagtctca tggagccaca catgctgtca gacctgccac    130440
     ctatggcacg tgttacaaag tactgtctcc ttggaaaggc tgtctaagaa aggaacattt    130500
     ggatagcaca gtagatctca cagcaggaat acgtgatgtg tatggaagga actactgtaa    130560
     gcaataaaca aggaacaaga cactgttgtc atttacactg aaaggaataa aaactcatct    130620
     gattttaaaa gtaggcccaa aacaggcatt ttttttttaa gactcaaacg cttctgtaga    130680
     tgcacagaac atgatttaat cacaaaacag tgccatttca aagataaata agaacacaag    130740
     ctacagtgga aagctgtgga aatacagaat agataacatt tcaaattgac cctaggcaat    130800
     catacactcc cacgtaagtc tcgaggagga aaggttcaat aaaatgtctg tacggtaaga    130860
     tacccaagga acatctttac acaaacactg aagccaaata ataaacagat aaaaacacta    130920
     aacatcaaat gcaacagtca tgaaatgtca atattcaaac ctacaaaggt ctaggacatg    130980
     gagtactacc tgaaacagtc acaattgacc ccgggtcaat aatcccactg ttgggccgca    131040
     cacagtaccg gcgaggtgct gtagtcttca ctttgaaaca cacttttcta tccgatggat    131100
     tttgcaattt aagatttgta gtgactacat ctgtgaaggg gcctgaaagg taaggggcag    131160
     acagagaaaa gattaactgg agtcacaaca aaagcataat tcaagattaa gttaatataa    131220
     tctcaatccc acttttctaa agaaaacaaa aattgtctct cttttttttc aacttttgat    131280
     gatttcatcc ataaaataac tatgattttt gttctttaat tttggttaca tttatcatgt    131340
     ttgtgttgca catatgaaca tgtacatgtc acagtacgta tgtggagatc agaagacaac    131400
     tttttacaac tggtgccctc ctttcgttat gtggggtcca aaaatccaac tccagtcctc    131460
     aggcttagca acaaggatct ccatccaatg agccatcttg tcagccaaac tgtactcata    131520
     tagcatgttc ataacacatc acatgactga cacaagtccc ccagtggtct tcaccagtgc    131580
     taatctttac gttcacaggc caactacaaa actaaaacct gacagtactc acttgtctca    131640
     attcattcat gcacgtgtat taagtactta tgagtggtat gtcatatgct ctatctaaat    131700
     acgaagtctt gtcttaaagc tttaattctg tactcaacaa aacgaattca aaaagctgac    131760
     ccagctctac ttaaccagta tatcctcagt tttttgtttt gtttttaaaa cgggctgtga    131820
     gatgtgaaga taaacttatt tggtttcatc tgaaaagcca aaacagatta tacagtctaa    131880
     gtttcacagc aagaatttct tgttgatttt gaaggcattt taattgtttt aatggtcttg    131940
     taatggtttt cttgtttaat ggttttaaat ggccttttaa acatctattt tatgcttttg    132000
     ctttttattt gtcaaaggag tgatattgat gatcttaact agagcactaa gaagactact    132060
     ggagcatggc tacagtccca cattcaacca ccagcaccaa aaagggaggg aaaagtcaag    132120
     aagcctgaag gaaaagacat tataaaagcc ttcctatttt tatctagcct ttttcattcc    132180
     cttatttgtc acttagactg tatgtctaca tgcacagcat catcaggatc aatgctttcc    132240
     taccatgtgg gttcaaggga ttgaactatt ttcaagcttg gctgcaagct ccctgaacca    132300
     gagtcacctt ctaacctgtt tgagtcataa acaaagacta tgttttttaa aactttgcaa    132360
     cagtcatact ttgaaatcta gatttagaaa attcaccaac catgtacaat aaactttgag    132420
     tgttggtaaa ctgtctgaga caaagacttt ttaaagacag actaaatgtg cctaatgcct    132480
     aacatgagaa aaaaaacaat ttcacaaaag tgggaaaatt taaaacttag ttcaagcctt    132540
     gagaaataag cttttacttg gagtgcctgt ttcattttat gccactcctt tcttctgtag    132600
     gcgatcttat actctttgct gctacccaat tgttggtttc tgatcaatag atggtgtcag    132660
     tgcccataaa tcatgactgt aactgagagc tttagtgtgg caggtctcta cagctgaccc    132720
     ttctgaccag cctacacaat tttaaaaata actatgacat tttaatcaaa cgcctaagaa    132780
     ttatatgttt tatagagtac ttaatgtatt acccaagaag gattatatat tccaaatata    132840
     aaaatgcaaa gatagggctg gagagatggc tcagaggtta agagcactga ctgctcttct    132900
     gaaggtcctg agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc tgtaatgaga    132960
     tctgatgccc tcttctgggg tgtctggaga cagctacagt gtacttacat ataataaata    133020
     aatctttttt taaaaatata aaataatata tcaaaaggaa aaagaatctc tccaaaacaa    133080
     aatgcttaga cacactaacc ttgagaaata gaatgtcata aatcctataa aacaccttag    133140
     aagtaaattg gagattgttt attccactgg attcctctaa gctagcatga gtccaaaccc    133200
     attgtttctt gttaaaacgg aagattgaag agtattagta acagtgaata atatagccga    133260
     attttatggc taacaaagac tgctgcttgg ttcaaagaaa catctggtcc acacttttaa    133320
     gacacagaat tctttgggaa tctgatgaaa gctaaaagca tgcacaggca ttatacacac    133380
     aatcttaaca ctgaattcat aaaagctagt aagactgtgg tgggagctgt tatcacccta    133440
     ctaacacaca cacacatttt tcacatctca ggaaaaaaga ggttatataa acaaaggtgt    133500
     aaaacataag ctgcaaacat atccttttac ataaaaacat gaaatatttt cccttggcat    133560
     tatggctaaa ccgtccacca ggaagagtga gggatacaga ataataaata ttctgcaata    133620
     ctagggcagt cccacagaat aattatattc ctatcctatt aaactcaagc tgctataact    133680
     tgggtcatga atgtccccac tgcccagagt gactggctct actgggaagc aataaaatct    133740
     aagatgtggc cccaatgaga ggaactgagg tctctggctg aggaaagaca tacttttaga    133800
     ggattgaaag acccaactct tccaagctct tttcttcttg aacattctat gaggttttat    133860
     tctgccacta attccaacca aaacgtattg tcttggccac actgttccct gtctatgtct    133920
     gttttttcag gacagggtcc aggcttacag ggaggggaca ggggtggttg agaagcttct    133980
     actcagaatt cctcaaatat gaggacggca ggagttggct tcctccccac tcccaaccta    134040
     aagatagctc ccctcaccat caaccctagc agaaatatat taccctgaca gtcatcaggc    134100
     ctcgcccctt gtttgacatt ataagcagca gcagcaccag ccctacaagg ccctgctgtg    134160
     cagataaagt atcttccatc cacccctgcc ctggaccctt ggctaccatc tcaggggaat    134220
     aaataccctt tctccccaag caatgaataa atcagttctc caaggctgtc cccaggtgtg    134280
     ttctttaccc acacacttat caccaaccaa ggtcttgcat tgcacctacc tacacctggc    134340
     tgtttccctc cctccaacag aacctggtgt acaatgggcc tggttacccc aaggaagaag    134400
     cagaagcagg gcggggcaag gttcatctgt atagccttgg ctgtcctgga actcactctg    134460
     tacaccaggc tggtcttgaa ctcaaagatc tgcctgtcac tgcctcccaa gctctgggct    134520
     tatatttact agcaaagcat tcataaacac aaaaaaaagt ctaaaagaaa aaaaaaaaac    134580
     ttaagaaatc ccaactatgg ttctaaaata gagccattct aagttttaaa acttcatcca    134640
     ttcacaaatg aattactgac aataaaattt tcttcaattg tcatgctaag ctcagctaca    134700
     aagagaatca agcaggggta gaaagcagct tgctttttgt cctttattat gacactcttc    134760
     ataaaaaaca ctcacctaca cactccaatt cctttttatc aatgctgtgc tgtcagatgt    134820
     ttcctatcta actatgggca caaggcttca agagtctagc atttctacct gtattcctct    134880
     ccgttcaggg atgtgttaag cagaaaatag tcttacaaga taatgcctcc ttcctgagga    134940
     ccagatcagg tacagttact gctctgcccc atactctgca tcaaaggtca ggtgaatttc    135000
     catgcagcac accatgaaag attaacattc tctaagctca gggtttctct gctctatgca    135060
     aagccactct gtggctagct ccaatttgaa gccctttctc atccatcttg gaacagcatc    135120
     acaattactg aagttcctgt agtgtcatga ataacaaggt ttttacttca attcaaatgt    135180
     tttcaagtgt tctaacatcc atgaaattgt agcaagtgaa aatttcaatc ttttcacaat    135240
     tgctgacagt ctttcttggt tcttcactat ggtacacaga ctatgtgtac ttacatagta    135300
     ctattatata gtggcttcaa taccaaagaa ttcaccttta aaggaatcta ttaactggtt    135360
     gtctatacaa ttcatatgaa acataaccca tatgtatttc ctggtgtttc ccatttttcc    135420
     tactatatgt atgtatgcct tgtcccattc attctcttac accataaact cctaaacatt    135480
     taattcattt gaagaagtta acaagctttg agaccttttg ctactcaata catacattat    135540
     ctgttgaatt accatatacc agaaatatag ctaacagtca tttttaaaca agaaataata    135600
     aaaggcaaaa gtagacatgt tttttatttc aaatgtaact ctttttcttc ataaatcatt    135660
     ctagtcttac aattttgccc tctgaccaca ctataccttc actgtacttt tatctgaata    135720
     taaaggtgaa aatcctgagg agggctggat attccctact taaaatacat aaataaaact    135780
     cattagtatt taccatcttt tcacaggttt tgccaaatta acttaaacta gctaaatagt    135840
     ttcctaagct ggcatggtgg ttcttctgag ggcagaatct gagttcacag tcagactgaa    135900
     ctcagtggtt tcaggacagc caggatgtgt aaaaagacct tgtctccaaa aacagtaaaa    135960
     gtaaaaccag gtctgactcc agagcctcaa ctgtacttat ttccattaag tacatgtaga    136020
     ttcctggagc attagagcaa tcaaattagc attatataac gtatttactt cctttggtcc    136080
     caaaggccaa cgttaaacac ttcctaaaat aaataatatg taagtatttt acatccaaga    136140
     aagcgctaaa catgttcact acatatattt ttttaatttt atgtgtatgg gtgttttgac    136200
     tgcatgtaca tctgtgtttg cctggttctt gggaaggcaa gaagggggtg tcagagcccc    136260
     tagaaatgaa gttacagatt gttaaaagct gccatgtgtt gctggaaaaa tagaacacag    136320
     gtcctctgag agagcaacaa gcacttttaa actgctgagc catctctagt ccctacaaat    136380
     ttcttaaagc aaggaagcca ccttaaatta tttccctgtt ctatactgtg ctgagctatc    136440
     atgaggacta attctatttc atgcactgct gtacttacag cagttacaac aatgtctgac    136500
     atcagttact agtaagcatt cttgtacaaa tactgttgta caaacagccc cattttcagg    136560
     aaaaacaaaa tgagtccttt taggatttat ttatatattt tatgtatatg ggtgttttgt    136620
     ctgcatgtac atctgcacac cagaaaaggg catttgatcc ctcaggacta gttatagatg    136680
     gttgtgagcc accatgtgga tgctgataat tgaactcatg acccctaaca aagcagccac    136740
     tgctcttatt tggtaagtca cctctccagc cccaaatgag ttctatttct actcaaaaag    136800
     gtttagttaa aacactaaaa aaagagccct ttataaaatt tcacaaaagt attggtttga    136860
     gattagtgct aagccaagac ttcataattt tacttaagcc tctctaatat ttcaaagctt    136920
     taattattta agctgcttac tgcacttatc catccatagt gtattatata agtaaacatt    136980
     ttacaaatat attatgaaaa actcaacaaa atgcacttaa tagagaggca gtgagtgtgc    137040
     agtcatttga ggagggagga tgccacatct gcccacccaa taggtcaaaa tcattgttaa    137100
     aagctaccaa tgagctggat tcgtgtcttt tacttctttt acccgacttt cccaaacctg    137160
     cagtgttatt ttgggcatat aaatccaata cccgtttgtc atcttcacaa aagaaagcat    137220
     gttaaattaa aacaattatt cctttcattg ctctcaatga aaagacaggc aggagggatt    137280
     tctgttattg gtgtattata gctttgttaa aacaacataa tgtagaaaat tgaacggctt    137340
     aaagtctaaa gccatacaca gtgattcccc caaattaatc taaccattat atgcaaaaag    137400
     atctcttagg tccctcccat cttcaaaagt aagtgacaga atcaacttat tatcccaaca    137460
     gtgtctttct caatggtaaa taaagatgct agacaataat tattcctcct caaacattta    137520
     ggattgcttt ttaagacatt ctattacact ctttctgtga ttgttatttt gttttgttct    137580
     agatttttgt tgttaggctg gttttagttt tggtttgttt ttcataggat ttcatatgta    137640
     gcccagaata gcctcaaact tactaccaaa taaaaaaagg gggggggtgc cgtggggcga    137700
     ggtgcacgcg tgtgtgcgtg tgtagacttt tccagaaatt aaaagatcca atagcagcca    137760
     gatgatgggg gtggactgga ggtggcacac acctttagtc ccagtgcttg gaaagcacaa    137820
     gcaggtaaaa ctgtaagagc tccaagtcag cctgctctac agagccagga cagccaaggc    137880
     tacacagtga aaccctgtct caaaaaatcc aaccacattc aagaaaaaaa cataaagaac    137940
     aaatatctat tttaaagagt tcagtatttg caatttggtg gcatgggaaa tgaaatagag    138000
     tcaaagatta catcctaaaa gagcaagcac cataaaaatg ttcttgccta gtgtctcttc    138060
     tctcaactaa gtgtttctgc acacactggc ccaaatctgt catttgtctt taagtctgta    138120
     agactttaat ctgtgcctaa aatcaaggca taaaaaattc taacttgtca atcatcagta    138180
     gatataagct agcctttcct aattttcctt tgccattgaa ataaatgcca atatattttt    138240
     tactctcaac ctacacacac atctactact attctttaaa gtatatctag attacaatat    138300
     caaataaaag gttaatacta tgtcaattat tacatgttag aaataacaaa aaggtgtatt    138360
     gcatgttcaa tacaggcata tttttaaaaa atacctttcc ttttaaacag ttgtttgatc    138420
     tcaagctgtg gaatctgtga acatggtgtt aagtgggttt ttcagatgtg atcctgttct    138480
     tcctagtgat attttgtttt gtttaatcct aaaacattgg cccactgaac caatccacac    138540
     tatctgaaga ggaggaacct taaacctact tgtttaatgg gtcaattttc agagaaataa    138600
     gtatcaaata cattcaataa aattctcaca agaagccagc aactgatgac aacatcacat    138660
     ttatgtgcag tttgaattaa catttgcaaa gttgttacaa attaggtttt acgtttttaa    138720
     agtttttgct tttttttttt aaactttgtg tctgtgcatg tgacacatgt gtattggtgc    138780
     cacagtacaa atgtgaaggt cagagggcaa tctgaaaaag tatgttcttt tcttcctcta    138840
     tgtgggtcat gggattaaac tcaagattgt caggcacaag tgtctttacc cactgagtct    138900
     tcttgccagg tcagattaga ctttaactac aatttaaact gtaaatctgc atgacatgtg    138960
     ttacctaaac caaaaacatt ctcccaagat caatgaattt attggaagta acactgcaat    139020
     gggaacacta gcataaacct gtgtttattc aaggatattc agcatatcaa ctgtatatat    139080
     tacaaaaact ggatcacaat tatatacctt ttcaatgaaa gattaagact gtcatgacca    139140
     accagtttat cactacaagc aggacaacag atgtgacaca atgtaatcta tgaaatactt    139200
     tttgccacaa gtatggaaat ccaagactaa tcaaccccct ttaatcaaga taaaccttac    139260
     ataaaataca tcaagatatc tagatatgag actttgggac aactgatata gtcttttcac    139320
     aaaaaatcaa tggcatgact taaaggagca gagaaaagtg gtgaggaaca ttacgttaga    139380
     tcaagacaat acacagcaca cagcaaccta atacaacaca catactgaaa caaacaacta    139440
     aaaccagaag cacaattgga aaaatttcaa gactgattag atgctaaaga cttactgttg    139500
     ggttttattt taaataagaa tatgacatgc aaagaaaatg tttccttttt gttgttagaa    139560
     attgaaattc aagtaacaaa tgaaacaggt tatagaatat tatttgtaat taggcaagta    139620
     cttaagatac atctcagtag cagaatattt gcctcctatg cataaagtcc aggtttgatt    139680
     acagcatacc cgccccactc aaaaagggca aacaaaaata cacaaataag taaatcaaga    139740
     tattagtgtt taaattatta aatcacattt ttttaaaaaa agcatacaat gtagtaacac    139800
     taggaaactt tcctaagttt aaaattttga atgatctgag tcacattcgt tatagaaaac    139860
     ccaggaagta aacaggtatt tgcaaataat atttccttta ggttgtcctc ccaaaaacaa    139920
     ttctttataa ttctaagaaa gccagatcca tctcagaaaa gcaaataagc tttcacatga    139980
     gtgtccctca aaagacagac acaaagccaa caagaaaaag atgaggaagt gaccaataaa    140040
     tagattcctg agcagcagca gggtcccttc acaaactatt tctgcacaga caaagcattt    140100
     ttagcccagg cacagtggta cacaccttaa ttctgccctt agaaggcaga agcaggcaca    140160
     tctctgaatt ctgggtcacc aaccccaccc ccaaaaagtt tcaacagaaa acttgaaaag    140220
     ggagggatga tggacagaaa gaggtcaaaa aaatacaaat gagcacacat gtaggattga    140280
     aacatctcta gagacctaat aatacacaaa cattcaaccg tgctgggtct ggattcttgc    140340
     tacatgacaa aacttcaact gggggaagga gtgaggaagg caagagagga ggggtaagga    140400
     aacaagctag tctgcttcag tcatgcagcc attcattact acatacatcc cataacacac    140460
     acctgtgatg gatactaact tgtcaacctg acaggatcta gaattagcag aattaagtct    140520
     gtgcacacca aaagggtgac ttaggtcagg ttaactgaga taggaaatcc acatgaactg    140580
     tgagtcacag catttcactg gctgaagtac tagaccaaat aaaaaggagg aagacagtaa    140640
     acaccagagc tcaccaccag tctgcttcct gactgagaat tcagtgtgac ctaaaactcc    140700
     tgtcaccaac tttcacccca caatggactc tatctccctg aaatggtaaa gtgaatgaaa    140760
     gaaacctttc ttccttggtt gcctgtccca tattttgtca cagcaacaat aatagctaac    140820
     caatatctta actatgtata acaaattctg ttgtgggggg gggagaatat gatacactaa    140880
     agcataattt taacaattac caatgctaac aattggaaaa ataccaaatt ctgaagaact    140940
     taagtcaagt tttcccatgt cccaaaactt aaaatcaaaa ccagaatcaa gtcctataat    141000
     ttaatgcctt ttccattcta accaagcctg tatcacatac cactgccatc catttttatc    141060
     atttgaagtt caatagcaaa tccagagaca atcccttccc tttttcagtc atgcagagag    141120
     accctttctt attgtagatt tttgcaacat cacaccatag agttagtttc tgtttcccta    141180
     ctaagctgag aactttgcac ttaaaggaaa caatattgtg ataccaacaa tctggtaaga    141240
     aaatgtccaa ataactggtt agtgggcagc tttgcagtgt ggaaataact ggcccaacag    141300
     tcaggtcctt ggcaagcctc tagctcagaa ggacacaaat ttaaacttat gactgtttat    141360
     gtctggaaat ttctcccctt ctattttggg accacagttg atcacaaacc atagaaatca    141420
     aaatttataa atgaaaggaa tactacagca tattttccta tttgattaaa ataacttcta    141480
     aggtgatttt tgatattttt aattgtatat gtgcacctgc agatacacat gtgcaagcat    141540
     gtgaaagcca aagaataaac ttaggtgtcc tttgagacag tctctcattg gccttaccaa    141600
     ccaggatggg actgactggc cagcaagccc tcagagcctc agctgtctct gcagtacgtg    141660
     cagtgctgtg attacaagca ggagccccac accttccttt taacccagtt gctgggaatc    141720
     cagactcagg ttctcactat ggcaggcaag cacctgagcc gtcttcctag tctcatcccc    141780
     ctgaccccac cctagccctt ccattcatgt agcccaagct agctccaact ctggattctc    141840
     tttccacttt gtcccaccaa tgccaccaaa gcaagttaaa tgacttaata cttatatgta    141900
     gtcacaaaac ttccaaagtc aagccccccc atactctttg tctcactgac tgtacaaaag    141960
     gtacaaaaaa aaaaaaacca atctacttaa tcaatttttt acaaaatacc ttagcacttg    142020
     tttttttaga agtatgaaaa ttcaaaatac aagtatgtgc aacaggcaga tgaaaatccc    142080
     aattgcaaag agatccaagt tctgttttaa aaagaattgc taccacaggt gaaattccta    142140
     aaggttcaac caatccacac atacacactt acagcacatt ctcattagtt atctacaagc    142200
     ctcaagcata ctgccacact ggaagtatgg tcttcctcct acctttcttc catataccca    142260
     aaagaaaatg ttatcagtct catccagaca tctgtgtttc ttagctcagt gaaggccacc    142320
     atccctccac ttcacgaaca ccatctagga agccgcacct tctctcagca cacgtctact    142380
     ttgaccttct attatctcca acaccaatgc ccacctcttg ccacaatcgt tgcagcacta    142440
     cagcatctaa ttatctcact tctaatacca atctgcacag ctacaattaa gtatttctta    142500
     atggaacaca aaatagcctg gcataccttt atacctgtct ctccacccaa ttaaaaaaaa    142560
     ataccatata cacacaccat ttaatccctc agtgaagagg aggaggaggg gaaggaggag    142620
     gaagaggggg aagaagaaga aaagaagaaa cttctaactt gacctaccaa accagaacta    142680
     tatataccct ggtcatttct actactgctg cttggaaacc tttcagttaa catcatgcgc    142740
     tcccttctac cccaggatcg tgtacttacg tactcctttc ttcttctagg tcagtggttc    142800
     tcacctttcc taaatgctac cactgtttaa tatagttcat catgatgtgg tgatccccag    142860
     ccataaaatt atctttatgg ctacttcgtt ttacttagtt ttgctacagt tatgacttgt    142920
     aatattttgg agaaaggtct gctaagagtc ccaacccata ggttaagaac cactgcacta    142980
     ggtaacttca atttactatt ggactgtcag aaggcttccc cctacatttc atccatctgg    143040
     aaattgagat tttgaccttt agaactgccc ccacaaagac aaatgttcac gattgtagtt    143100
     ccaacactta ctcctgacaa attcatgact gaattaattc taaaaaataa caagtttact    143160
     aacagaagat gcatttaaaa agtcagacca acagaggcaa aaagagatta tgagtatgcg    143220
     tgctaattat aaaatatgga tgttcaggtt aaggagtggg agagctagga ctatgtgggt    143280
     tctgagctgt cacttgatag ggacattcaa atccaaatag tacattaaga cttgtgtagt    143340
     ctttgagcca gtgaatggct cagtgggtaa gacacttgta acacacgcct gagttagaat    143400
     ccagggtgtc ctctgacctt cacaaacaat cctgaacaac cttgacacag catgcagaca    143460
     cacgcactcc tctctctcct ccccctccat acacacacac acacaataac cataataata    143520
     ataaaatatt ttcagttagc ccttagcagc acacgccttt aatccctgca ctctggagga    143580
     tgaggcaggc ggatcttttt gagtttggga ggtcagcctg gtttacagtt ctatgtcagt    143640
     tacatggtga aacctatctc caaaaccaaa aacagagagt atttgattga ctgtaatcct    143700
     ggatgaaata cagaattggg tatctgcaaa aatgtgcaaa agcaggaata tggagttgag    143760
     ggagaaaaaa cctagtaagt ctgaataagg aacaatggtg ttgaaaccaa gtcagggcct    143820
     cagaaacagt aacggttaag gaagtgccac acatgggact tgggaggagg ggagacataa    143880
     gatagtgata ttgaagtcta aagttttttc aagagagtaa tactactttc tatagtagta    143940
     aatgataaag ttacatatac actggacatg atcaatgcag gaaacaatca agtagtgagg    144000
     acagaagtgt gactacagtg acttggaagt gagggaggta aaggaactgg agaacagcaa    144060
     acactttagc tgcttgtatt cggatgctgt gtccctcaaa actgtctgca cctgtaattc    144120
     tggttggtaa ataaagatgc cagcagccaa tagctggtga aaagagaaag aggcagggtt    144180
     ttaggtttcc caggcatggg accacggggg aggggagggc accattcacg aggaatgcag    144240
     gacagggagg cggagctacc atgtaaaggg gccagtagag catggcccag aagcaaccaa    144300
     gatggaacat tgaaattagt aagtagtcac tcagaattat caacgggagg tggattctca    144360
     aagcacggag gttaggcagt tgcccaacta ctgtgctgct taaggcatac taaaatataa    144420
     aggctgtgtt gtgtgtcttt cattcaggaa cgtaaaacat tgaggtgaga agcaacacca    144480
     tgaacaggat ttactaagta ataatactac aaacatgaac tagttttcca agaggaatgc    144540
     aaaataatac aaaagaccag gatatttgta ggctccaccc aacagttacc tagcaacagc    144600
     caggtgtata cagacacagg tgttaaagaa agcagtctac tatagcaata tacacatact    144660
     aaaacgacaa ataaaacctt accccatgag caaacaaata ccttaacttt taagaactgg    144720
     ctaaggattg tatttaaagg cagtttgtga aatgatcttc ccagaattag aatgtagttt    144780
     atgtagaata agagcatctg aaacgatgta aaatttccta ttttgcccac tcccccctaa    144840
     aagaactgta gtattcagtg cttgtgctta tcttaatgat atgttgctat tcaaagatgt    144900
     tcccgaagct tggtacttat ctataatccc agcacttgga aggaagagga aggcagaact    144960
     aaaattcaag gtcttagata ccgcagaaca cagagaaacc aatctggaat ggattgagaa    145020
     acttcctccc tacaatcttt cacggtgcct gaagatgcta tgcaggccac ttagggagaa    145080
     gataacagaa ttacccaacc ttgggccctg tgtgcgacaa tgccaaccta ccaggcaagc    145140
     tatgcccatt ggtgtaatag tggcatgact aatgggggga gggggataac caatcagttt    145200
     ttaattgtat ttgaaatcgc atccacaaga agactgatac cttttaaacc tcattaaaag    145260
     actgctgctg gggcgatctt aggccctggg tagaacccac cactgtagtc tcactccagg    145320
     tgcaggttgt tggcctgcct tctaaacatt cacatttata cccataagtg ctgctctcaa    145380
     cctttagcag agaagcatgt ttctgtaatg agtagtaatt aattcaggac tcagaagtgc    145440
     taagattggt gaaagtgagc gctgagtcct aaatgggcca cactcccaag gcttagagaa    145500
     tgtcaaagag aaggtgaaaa gaatctaaga gcaggaggac agaaaagagt gcaatgagag    145560
     agatgttatg ctgtcttctg gggacgtgac atggccactg cacttctaaa ttcacagcag    145620
     ctgtggtatc tacacagggc tgcacatgat catctcagct gaccgttact gagaaaggag    145680
     agtcagtctt tagggtaagg gaggtggcac cagtgagctg ctcatgctcc cataccaaca    145740
     cacaggaggc tagcactaac tggattcagg agaggatttt ttaaggcacg gggagcctga    145800
     ggagatggct gagcggttaa cctgctgctc ttttcagagg acctgagttc agctcccagc    145860
     atccgcatca ggtggctcac cacaaccatc tgtaactcca gcttcaggga atcctacacc    145920
     tccagcctcc aagggcatct gcactcacgt ccacatgaag acgcacatat ataaataaat    145980
     aaaatattaa ttttttagtg aagacacaaa ggtaggaggg aaacatgagg cagagggtca    146040
     gatggagaac acaaagatga tcaggttaat gtgtctgtgt gcacgcaaca cacacataca    146100
     attgtcaaaa aatattttta aaaaatttta aaagtggttg aagagatggc tcagtggttg    146160
     agaatacttc ttgaggatgc aggttcaatt ccaagaaccc acatagtaac taatggccac    146220
     ttgtcactcc aattccaaag ggcctgccac cctcttctgg cctccacaag cactcaggac    146280
     ccaagtagtg ttcacatgta tatacaagaa aagacttaca caaataaaaa ataaatattt    146340
     ttttaaaaat tatatttaaa aagaattcaa gatcctcata ggtgtactgg aatccaaagg    146400
     cagcctggga tggaagagga gaccattctc agaccttaga aggggtgtgg cttctggctg    146460
     acagtggcag cacagctagc tccctgtgtt cctcagtact cacaagagct acctcaacac    146520
     aaggagttca gcccattttc ctcttttcca ggacctttat gaggaaacac acacttggaa    146580
     ttcttttttt acaaactttc ttcttcaaac ttccttccaa tactgtcaac atctaggaaa    146640
     agtaaaatgc tacaaaaaac aataaactaa ctttataaca tactagactt taaggacaaa    146700
     aaagtgtttt tttttctgtg aaatatccaa tttcaaatct aaattattgg tcgaagtatt    146760
     gctatgattt aagcaaccaa aaaaattgat aaatcttttt atgcactaaa gccactaaaa    146820
     ggtctgcttt agaattcatt ctacaattat aaaagaatta tgactaagac tgaaataaaa    146880
     ctgcaaagta atgatactta tcaagtcatt attcatatta aaagaaaact gttaatctca    146940
     gaatggctga gtcactcctg aagaaaccaa tggtgaatcc aaataattca aataaaccta    147000
     gcagatcatc aagtaattct gcaaaagggg atgtgtaaac aacctacact taaacacatg    147060
     taaagatcag gtaagtgatt attgatatgg tcaaccaaaa gatcatgcgc actgtggatt    147120
     ctaaatcccc ctacttagtg tagaactggg catttaaatt cagaggctac cattgtacca    147180
     aattatcttt gactaacaaa gtaacattaa ggaggaaagc atcaaactcc aaatgtcaaa    147240
     ctcctactcc aatcctctcg aatttctccc tccctatctt tccatctcac ccacctttcc    147300
     agaagtctct gaacaactgg gcatttaagt ctattcacct caatgtatct tctcacctca    147360
     ggatttaccc aaccactccc atttgcataa ctttccctag gcaacttgaa aggagccttt    147420
     ttcccttaaa agcttccaca gacatgctac tccctcaaag taccacttac ctgccctttt    147480
     cagtagtatt gggatcattt ttttggtaac acatagtctg ttgtataaac acagttatta    147540
     tttaacatca aaaataagtg gtctatatgg atactgcaca atgtagtatt tccaatcgtt    147600
     tttaaaacct gtctcataaa agacttttca cacatgtcta tgtggtacag ataattttct    147660
     cttacagtca aaagagaaaa agcaaaccac acaaaatatc gtaaaaatgt tcattaaatc    147720
     gcttctatta cctatggcta ctacagtact ataagaactt ctcagcaaac cccgcccact    147780
     ccctcccccc ctcccccccc caaaaaaaac caatcaggca atacagaaat ttgctgcagg    147840
     aaaatacaca ctacccgagg ttctgagaca ctgtctagtg tctcccttgt agcccgggtt    147900
     gatttcaaac tttggatggt ttctggactt ccagaatgcc gggattataa gtgtggttca    147960
     cgacccaatt ccaaagatat tagagctgcc ttaaaatcac aatcaagttc ttgtctagta    148020
     aagagaaact tgtgaatgta ctgaaacacc tgcagggcat gtgactagca gaatacccaa    148080
     tgtttataag ccctaaaact atttaagata taaaatcttt aagtgtctgg aactatttta    148140
     aattgttccc acaaggacaa ttcagctatt ttcatttgga ctaactctta cactactatt    148200
     aatgggttta ctttttctct tagtactgga atcgatgtgc gcctaaggaa aattgttttc    148260
     atcagttcct gaaattaaaa cgcaaggtat taactttcgg ggggggggga ggggggcact    148320
     ttacatttaa agataggaag gatcacgttt tctctttagc tccattcttt tggttctcct    148380
     taaaataaag taaattgttc tgtgtaacgt ttcgtttcct acacactgag aaggcaaacc    148440
     gccttggatc tgaacaagaa tcaccaagcc actgtctatc acagtcaatg ctccaaagtc    148500
     aacagttcca gagctgtgtg gcaccttagc agctttctcg ggatacgcag ggaaaccgca    148560
     agcgtaagcg ggtcacaaac gctgaaagaa ttcttcagta aagacagtgt gcactcaagg    148620
     actgggtcct ccgtacctag ggacaatccg agctgacaca agggacccac taccattaac    148680
     ctctgaccat gcatgcccca gctgacgcac agctttctgc cgcgcgcctg ggggccgtgc    148740
     caacacgcgg ggtcagtccc agccagagac tctgctgcct ggtctcccgg ctcagccaga    148800
     gtcccgcacc tgaccgggaa agactccggg cgaggccgcg accgtgaacg cctcctcgcc    148860
     cgcggcggac cgcgcctgcc caaagccgcc gaacggcgcc cactggcgcc cgccgactag    148920
     ggagctccgg ctcccagtcg ccctcccgca ccgcccgacc gcaccgcgcc gcgccgcggc    148980
     cgcccctggg gcaaggacgc catgcgggcc ggcgggcaag gcgcgggcgg gctcccacgg    149040
     cgcccccgcg gggccgcaag atggcggcgg agccctccgc ggcgcccggc ggctccctcc    149100
     cctcccctcc gcagcgcagc ccagcccggc ccggcccggc ccggcagcgg cggacggcga    149160
     ggcgcggggc cgagggacgc agcggggccg cggctccgac gctcggccgg ggcgtggggg    149220
     aggggagcac ggcccggcca ccccgccgcc gcccgccagc cccagcccca gcctcagctc    149280
     cgctccggag cgtcccagcc agcctacctt tgaatttgag gtctgaagga gggtcgagga    149340
     ccaggatctg ctcgtgcttc gccatggccc cggaggcgga cgccatagga gacagcgcag    149400
     cgcagagcgg gggcgcgccc gcggcggcgg ttcgctggcg ggggcgaggg gacggtggcg    149460
     gcgccggctc cgcggagctc taggacgggg ccaggctcac gattcccgaa gctccgcgcc    149520
     tgctgccggg ccgcgggggt cccgagggca gcctgtccgc tcagcagctc cgggtgtcac    149580
     aactgactca accccacacc agccgccgcg gccacgcgca ctgcgatcct cggcgcccca    149640
     cgtgacgggc cctacgtgcc tacgtgcgcg cccccgcggc ctggagccct cgtgctggcc    149700
     ccgccctccg ggcctaactg gggggtggga ggggtcaacg ctgagctagt gcgcctgcgc    149760
     acctccgact tggccgcagc tccgggcgcc gcgccgctgt caatctccgt agagcagggt    149820
     cgggggggcg gagcggggct ctttgcgggg agacgcggtg cacggcgccc cgggaagggg    149880
     gtgtcgttct tggggccctg gagctgcgag tgcggggctg gagcgccgac tacgacgcta    149940
     cctcacggcg ttccaagtgg aattccgaac ggaagagagt catgaagcgc cgggtacctc    150000
     gactcccagc atgccctgtg cgggcggcgc ctccgcggtg gctgctggga accgggaagg    150060
     cgacctgggt ccgttggagg cgagtgggtg gggccgctga cgcggctttt ggctcgccga    150120
     gggcgtcttg tctgccctgg aaaagagaag ggtttttgca ggctgcctgg aagccaggca    150180
     tcccaggaga gaccgccctt tgggagagcg gcagggcgtg tccctctggt ctgctgggga    150240
     ttccttccgc cctcagcgaa cgtgcgctcc gttctgcctg ctgttccaag actgcctcct    150300
     ccccatctcc ctcctgccca gccaaaggaa acacatctcg ctcacaagcg aacgagttcc    150360
     aggggaaatc tgtgccaggc acagtttctc tacaagggta gaaacgaaat ctctgttcct    150420
     acagcgtgga gttcacgtgc tgtatctaca gtgtggttca cttcaaactc atacccaaat    150480
     ctgtttgcca cattctcgtg ctagggacga attttatctg tatcacttag gagagcctgt    150540
     accaaatgag aaaaaaaaaa aaaaatgcca agcaagttgc tgacagatat tcagcccctt    150600
     gccagggtat ccagggacgg gaagagcaaa caaaacaaat ggatgtgctg taaaaacctt    150660
     tattgtgtcc tatggtgctg cttgaattta aatctctagg aagctccgtg cgaaacaaag    150720
     cacatattca tgcttctgcc acgaaaaggc actctagatt gcttggaagt aaatgtcgaa    150780
     atgagcagtc tagaatacag ctaattagac tttttcaact tgccgccccg acacctgaaa    150840
     aactttcatg ccactcgagg tatataggat ataatagtgg tataaagcaa acattggtcg    150900
     tttaaaaaaa aaagtttgtt ttctttcttt gaatgcttac tttgtatcct aacctaaaaa    150960
     atgaattttg aaaagaagca gaccaaaaat ccatttaaga caaaagcaag cttgtatgca    151020
     aacgagatgg atttccttgt tcatctctac gtaaaaatta tttattcttg gctgaatatt    151080
     tgatattgct aaacacaaca ttgtcaactt tttttgtaat tgattgctat tttgatttta    151140
     taattaccaa tgctgagaat cattttatat aaatacctag tgcaaagtgg caaaaaaata    151200
     gatttggaaa catttcaaaa atagttggaa attctatccc aatcaccagc caaaattttc    151260
     gtgtgatttt tttaatgaag tgcaaatcag taactcaaac tgcaatttta aaataaaaaa    151320
     ttctaacaca atgcaatccc aagatgtata aatttaacat gtgctaagaa acaataacaa    151380
     gaaaatatta tcttttttcc ttaattaaac cattatgtct ttgaagagta gaagtctagg    151440
     agcagaaaag ctgcctcagc ggttaaaagc acatactgct cttgcagaag acttgaattt    151500
     tgttcccagc acccatagca ggctgctcac atctacctga aactccaact ccagggacag    151560
     ccaatgcctc tggccactgg agagtacttg cactcatgca cagatcctaa caagtatacg    151620
     taattaaaaa taatctcttc aaagactaga aaactgtaca ataagagagc actgcagttc    151680
     atatctgagc caaggtgttt caggcagcat cagtagcctt atgtggccag acagcacata    151740
     aagaacaaag tatacatgac gtgttcagaa ccagggctac agtgagaacc cacagtgcag    151800
     cccgggtgag cccctacaca aatcctttgc attcactact cattcgactt tgatttacat    151860
     ttgattgttg cacgttcaga aaccttttgc tgttgttaaa cttccccaac ccccacagtc    151920
     agctacatga cccactaggg gcacacaacc cacagtttaa gaacttgagg gtttagatag    151980
     agtccacacc cctaccccac ccccatccca gaagagatca taggagacag tgccaaacct    152040
     aaggcacaga tcttcagtca tggagagcct ggtaagatgg aagtacttaa tctttttaaa    152100
     acaaatgcta atttactttg actttgaagt ctttttatcc acaaaaatta ttttgaaatg    152160
     tttattttga agaatacaaa aatatataca gtttgaaaga cagcttgtgg gtttaattta    152220
     gttttttaaa aagttgtgtt ggataaccag tccataggat agtgttgcac atctatttca    152280
     ttctgaattg aaaatccaag agtcccaaca aactccacta tcgcatttgc ctaagaactg    152340
     ttctatggat gagctccttg gctaaacaac cacttcacag ctggttagac acctctcact    152400
     aagaagcata ggcatcctca gggtgccgac aactggtcag caggagagca tagagaagct    152460
     cccagcaacc tgcaatgaga ctgtgattgt ccaactcacc gtggtttcat gtgaaccttg    152520
     aactgggtga gttacagaaa cttcttccta tttacgttat ttaccactga aatcaaatgc    152580
     ttcttagtgt tactaaaaca agtcatatat atatgtgtgt atatatatat atatcaagcc    152640
     aggcatggtg tcgatgcatg tcttttatcc cagccctcag aaggggcagg tataaagggt    152700
     gggccaacct agctttaggg catccacctc tgcatagtga caccttatgt caaagaagaa    152760
     gaggaagaga aagaggagaa agaggaggag gaaaaaagaa aagagaaaga agggagaagg    152820
     aggagctacc ataagaattt aaaaacgaat aatctacgaa catatgcagc ttgttagcat    152880
     cagtcttcct attactatta ggacatcaat actgctcctg aatcacccgc ccctcataaa    152940
     ctagcattct gtgtatgtgc cttgtgcctt ggtatgtatt agtatctttg ttgtagtaca    153000
     aagaactcta caaacatcac acactactca gctttatagc agttggcaag tagtgttaac    153060
     ttttgctgtt agatatggga atagaaactg gtgggagcac tcatgtcagt attagaccta    153120
     aaccaggaag agaacactgc ccaattttac attctatgta tttttaactg atttccttat    153180
     tttatgtgca tgtatgagtg cctgcatgta tgtgtacctt acccatggag accagaagaa    153240
     tgtgtactca caaaagctga gtcacctctc ctgccctgga tattgtactt tgactcttta    153300
     cagccaccat aaatgacagt ccacagtagt ccaggaaaaa ttaaaaacta attagcttct    153360
     attctttaac agaaggtaga acctgggtcc taatgctcat tttcttagat cagttcaggc    153420
     aacacagaaa ggtccttttc atctctacaa tggctattct ccggtgtcaa cttgactata    153480
     tctggaatga actacaatcc agaaatggaa ggcgtaccta caacccagat catgaggctg    153540
     gatgacatgt gacatgaggc tggaggacca gatctggatc agatgcatag tgaacagctt    153600
     atgaaaagct taggcccagg caaggaggtc catgccttta atcccaggag acagacaagc    153660
     agatcccatg agttcaaggc cagcctgagg cagaccaaat tccaagtaaa gataagctta    153720
     ggtcgggttg tggtggtaca cagcttcaat ctgggccata gcttctctgg aggcctacat    153780
     aaagacactg gaaaagggag ttcgttattc ttcacctgct tgtacttact taccagcaca    153840
     tctattggaa catgcttctt cagtattcca gcttttacag aagaccagct gaaaccccca    153900
     gcctcatgga actgagcaac tcctagattc ttgggcttcc cattcacagc tgcccattgt    153960
     tggcctagtt ggactgcaga ctgtaagcat tccaataatt tcccttagtt tatagagaca    154020
     ctccataagt tctgtgactc tagagaaccc tgactaatac agtatcctta aacacatatg    154080
     tataaacata tacatattct taagcacatt tctctaaatt tttatgagcc tcaagagaca    154140
     tgaaggtttt gttatatcaa ctggaatgag ttactaacag tattcacctt tagacagatt    154200
     ctctcttatg ggtttgacta tttattcaag gttgcttgta caagtgacac ctgttttatc    154260
     tggttatgtt ggtgcacgca tataattgtc agcaactgag aagctgaagt tagagaactg    154320
     caaacttgag gctagcctgg actaactgca ctgcaagatc ctgtgtcaaa cagcccatca    154380
     aaaggacccc ttctctgtga gtaaactaac cttccctaga gatgtgtttt agaacagtga    154440
     gtttgttcat gtggagtcac taagtgtttt gaaggacatg atgttaataa acattaagat    154500
     taataaaata caatcaataa aagtacagcc gtcagatccg aactgcttgg tttgagtcct    154560
     ggtttccact atgttatcct aacagctcac tatgtggttc tttacctatt tgacatctgt    154620
     aaagtgagac aataaggctt tcattccaga tttgtcacaa taattaaatg ggttactaca    154680
     caagaagagc ttggaacagt gcccagtgct gttatgtaat cagcattaaa ttttacaata    154740
     ttgctgtttg cctagctttg tggtggatgc tggagactaa tgctgagaca ttatttccac    154800
     ctgcaacctt gcagtcaacc catagagaca aagggggaat aattagtatt ttactcaaat    154860
     ttcaggaaac agaagaagtg agaagtctgg gtaatatggg agtggccagt ggtaactgat    154920
     gttgagggtc tagagagaaa cctctcatag gagtgatgag gggtgtgttc tgaaggccaa    154980
     ggagtagctt atgtgaagac tagactggag gacaagagcc agactcattc taaatagata    155040
     aaggagacat gctatcacag tggatagata tggaagtagg atcaggtagc ctttgctttt    155100
     ctgcggctgt gataaaacac tggaggagag cagtttaagg aaggaagatt ttgtttgggc    155160
     ccactgtgtg aggacatagt cagtcatggc aggcaagtgg gagtgttgtg agtctgactt    155220
     caggtgtgtc tcctggtggt ataccttcat gtaggttgtt ttaaaatatg ctaatgattt    155280
     gaaaatgaga agccatttta aagagtttta aaaagtggag actttaaaaa ctgtgtgtgt    155340
     gcacatatgt atataagtgc aagtacccta atgtagcatg aattttctgc tactctgctt    155400
     tatattctgg ctggtcatgc ttccagccac ctgcccaggg aatctttgcc catgaatgaa    155460
     agacatacac atattatctt atttttaata tgtcatctag ctcaatgctt gggcacttct    155520
     aatcctctgc ctgctaccaa caggggaagt ggctagtggc tacttacccg aaatctcaca    155580
     tgactggttg gctttatctc ctgcagctcc tacatccatc catatcccac cacttcgtgg    155640
     cagtttctcc ctctcctccc cactttgttg aagcctgcaa aactctaagg gtcctggccc    155700
     atctcccttt gcccaaacat tggccactgg catcaatcaa aaaccaattg gggacaatga    155760
     cctttaactt ttggacactc agatacccaa ttgaatcaaa agcattagaa ccaatctcca    155820
     acaccccagg atgccaaaag ttggcgtaag ttcccctgca gctgtagtca tagcctcctg    155880
     acacagtgct ggaaaccaaa ctctggtcct ctgctggggt agtgcagtct taatctctga    155940
     gtcacctctg agcccaacaa tggagtcttc tacacactgt ggagactggg ttaaagtgag    156000
     tgggcatgaa gaaccagctc agggtctgct gcagttcact ggatgctatt tcggggaatg    156060
     gcagcatgaa gcagggtagg aatcgtggag atgcagaaaa ctgtggatct caagtagggc    156120
     cagtaaacaa tctgttgctg attagggtag taatcagcaa ggtgggaagg gaaaatgagg    156180
     cagtgaaggc taacaaggac ttccaactca cacaggtgag cgatgccatc catggaaaga    156240
     gaccgcaggg ccgggatata gagatagaag catcaggtta gactatagct agggtgctct    156300
     taagatgtct atagagcaat gttgagaaaa tgataggatg ttctgcagga gagctgaact    156360
     gcaagcagat ttaagcatgt gcagtgatag gatggtacag atgcaatcac ccaataaact    156420
     gagaaatcaa taaactgaga aatggagatc actgaacaga gcctcaggaa actgtttagc    156480
     tctcgactaa tcattcaaac atctaagact accgaggaca tctttttttt ttcttagttt    156540
     tttgtttgtt ttgttttgtt ttttcttttt tgagacaggg tttctctata tagccctggc    156600
     tgtcctgaaa ctcactctgt agaccagact ggcctcaaac tcagaaatcc acctacgtct    156660
     gcctctcaag tgctgggatt aaagatatgt gccaccactg cccggctaca gaggacatct    156720
     taatcaaact gtcatgctat ttcaaccaat gagctatgtt ctgtctcctc cagttatttt    156780
     cctgctggaa caagaacaca agaactcaaa acacatgttt tagtttccca gctgtcaaga    156840
     ggcagttagc tgttgcaagg tcaacaagac ccatgaccac aggaaataat gattgttgcc    156900
     tcctgatgga gggatcaatg atatgtaagt tccagagcag catggcaggt gtcccagaga    156960
     gcctactgta tgcctctcca gctctccgta aagactctat gagcacccga ttcccatcat    157020
     tctgttccct cctgcttata ctatctgaat ggtacagaga ctaagtcatg atggacagga    157080
     cttgggagca ttcacttgga gagcggcaga gctgctgagg gtagaatgag aagatgcagc    157140
     cgttaagtag acggttatgg cgatgataat cacctgagac gagaccaaag aatcacagga    157200
     acatacaact gggtgatggc cgatttgatg cctggggctt attgtagcat aattgtgaga    157260
     aacacatatt cccagaaaag gcaaactgaa gcctcaccac aaaattagta gtcaatgctg    157320
     aaaaggaact tgggaaaaaa aaaatatcct gaagacattt ctctgtgtga ccaggtgaac    157380
     tacctacaac tagattaata atctttaaaa taaaagttaa agaatatgta ttttgtttct    157440
     ctcttctact ttagaaacag tgtgtgcctt tgcaataaaa gtcataaccc agtagtatgt    157500
     aagtaagaat gtatttcaca tctctcacta taccagggta gccaagatcg cctgctgtgt    157560
     tgtgggtcat ttcccaactt tcttacagat atatctggtt gtgatcattg atagtcttta    157620
     taagaattcc agggctagag agatggcttg gtggttaaga gaacttgctg tggacccagg    157680
     cttggttccc agcaccaatg tggccactca caaccatcct taactccagt ttccaggaga    157740
     cccaacagtt ttttctggtc tcgccaggca ccaggcactg ggcacagacg ctgtatacag    157800
     acatacttgg agacaaaaca cacattcaca taaaataaaa taaataaata aaaatattaa    157860
     aaagaactct taatacattg ctccataatt gttttattga tccggtgtat ctcggcattc    157920
     gctggacagt ccactggcaa gacccttcat ctttactggt tgaattcaca caatagataa    157980
     ttgtgtctta tgtgcctaat tagtgtgccc cttttcctaa agcggcaaag agcagtgaag    158040
     aagcttaagc acacagagca caggatgctt tgatttccac aggaagacgt ccagtggtgg    158100
     gaccactgga tcaaggaatc cttcaatgcg taattgacac tctggtcatt taaaaggtca    158160
     tagcaacaca cacatctggc aaaaataggc gagggtccat ctctccctac atcaccaagt    158220
     tacatggaca tgcagaaaca accttgagta gtttgtctgc cttctaagca tttatgattt    158280
     actaaatgtc tgtggaatcc gttcttagtt cttgcttcca tcttgtcctt tcgctcaccc    158340
     caccaactct cagatgggct gcaaagagcc cctgtcgcag tcagaactgg taatacttct    158400
     cccacgagtt gcttataaga gattcgatga gaaaggacag aaaatgaaca ttgaagtctt    158460
     ccttgacaca ttgcctggct gttcatagcc ttcttataca cgcatataag aagtatagta    158520
     tgctgtaggt atgtatatct aggaccctca tcacataatg ctaccctgtg tggttataca    158580
     attaaactct atggctttgt ctatcttaaa gtagcaacaa tccaatacat gtttattatt    158640
     atctatgaga actaaattat atatttagtt atgtaatatg ttagttatgt aattagttat    158700
     ttgatttgtt agacacttaa ttttatttaa ccaaacaata actaaagtta tttggtatta    158760
     ttatatatgt cctttgagat atacttttgt tggtcctttt ttaaaaatat ttatttattt    158820
     atttatttat ttatttatta tatgtaagta cactgtagct gtcttcagac actccagaag    158880
     agagcatcag attttgttac ggatggttgt aagccaccat gtggttgctg ggatttgaac    158940
     tcaggacctt tggaagagca gttggtgctc tgaaccgctg agccatctca ccagcccttg    159000
     ttggtccttt atatctacaa ccagattgaa tgtcttcatt cagatgcttt agggtttggg    159060
     ggttggtttt tttattcagg gtttctctgt atagccctct gactgtcctg gaacttattt    159120
     catagaccag gctggccttg aactcagaat gtgtttccca ggggttatgg ggggtgtaaa    159180
     gtgatgtttt acagaatgca aagagatcta gagattggtt gtacagtggt gtgaatgttc    159240
     ttaacagact gaacatttat aatggttaag gcatatttca ctgcaattaa agaataaaaa    159300
     aatgtccacc acagttgttt accacaaatg gttaatcatt tagttctata acagtgtctt    159360
     tgaagtcttc tatctccatt agatcttctt gcctcatgta tgatgggctt aagcaatagc    159420
     ctgtggatca agagtccagg gctaagttca actctatcat taaagtgagg tcagtaaggg    159480
     acagaaaagg tggctcagca gttactggtc tccttaggca ccaggcacaa tacacagagc    159540
     tccaggcaaa acattcatgc acagacattt ttgtattttg agacagggtc tattatatag    159600
     ttctagctgt tctggaactc actatgtaga ccagactggc ctcaaactct tggagatcct    159660
     cctgcctctg cctcccaagt ggtgggattg aagatgtgtg tcaccatgac cagccaaata    159720
     aaaacatttt gaataaggct aagaaaatga gctaataaaa taaaaagtgt ggctaacaaa    159780
     actcttgccc caccaagtca tgaaaaatct aacaagctat ttctatacct gggcacgaat    159840
     gcttgccatt tgtaaatact caataaatgt tagtattgat tattttgtaa tttttaattc    159900
     atgtgcatcc ctgccttttt tgtttgtttc atcttctgtt gcagtagcag aatatctgag    159960
     actgggtaac tataaagcat ttgcttggct cacgtttctg gaagcttgga cgagcaaaat    160020
     cggcaaggct ctggatctgg gccaagtata tagaaagagg aagaaatgga aatgtgcaga    160080
     agagagtggg catgttgcag gattttcctg tccaatcaca ggcctaccac taatgtgatt    160140
     ggacagagaa aatcttttta taattccagc aacacaggca gggttgcact cccacaacag    160200
     atgatctatt catcattaac actctactgc catgaccaaa catggcaatt aggccccatc    160260
     ccccaaccct gctacactga ggctacagtt tacaggagat ggctttgagg aggactcttt    160320
     ttgtcaggaa gaatggatag ttggataaca atatgaagaa aaccgcacac tacaaagtgg    160380
     gtcgtttgtg ctggggactt aatctagaag gttcacttga agcatcgaaa acactggaat    160440
     tccagggaga gatgagtagt ggtggtgtct taactacttt tccactacta tgataaaaca    160500
     tctgctcaag gcaacttaca aaagaatgca cttaatttgg ggctcacagt tccagagggt    160560
     tgagtctgtg accatcatgg cagaagcatg gcagcagaca gacaggcatg acactggaac    160620
     agttgctgag agcttatgcc tccatccaca agcaggagaa agagagcgct gacctggatt    160680
     atggcaggct tttgaaacct caaagcctgt tcccagcaac acacctcctc ccgcaaggcc    160740
     acacctccta atccttccca aacacttcca ccgagctgaa cataccatgt gcctgagacc    160800
     cttatgactt ggaagcctaa ggcagggggg atcttgagtt taggccagcc tgagctatct    160860
     agtaagtcct agggagacag ggaaagggga acaaaagaag agaaaaggca aggacgaaag    160920
     gaaaagagag aacggactag aagggatggg gaggaagagg ggtctttatc atgcaatgac    160980
     ttcaatctgg caggaagaaa cctgggtcat caaggagatg gacataggga gctgaccctc    161040
     acacacacag aagtagaatt acaaagaaag acgctatgtg gattcctgtt ttggggctct    161100
     ctaacagcaa ggcagtacca catagtgtga ccactgttac gcggcaggat ttaagagaag    161160
     ccttttttta cagcactcta tgggaatgct gccagctcca cctgcacttt aaaaccagga    161220
     atcgttagct gaccagcgac ttcctcctct atctaagatc ggtggaagat attgattgag    161280
     cagtcattag ccccacattt agcttggctt ttcaaacacc acaacagtgt tgcggctttt    161340
     agaggtgaag gcagcaaggt gcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgttcacat    161400
     atgtatgagt gtgaggtcaa agaaaacctt gcagaagggt cctggagacc aaattcaggt    161460
     tgtcagtctt gacagcaagc acctttaccc accaagccat ctggtcacct cttagtaact    161520
     ttatatacac agaatgtagt cttctgtata gatcattcaa aaaatctagg aaacaaaatt    161580
     atgctctaaa aaataacaat agaattctag gtaacaatgt agcataactt gcaagtttgg    161640
     gctgcataaa atttatttga aataaccgtt tctacctcaa aaggactgaa gtgttaacac    161700
     taaaagagaa caacccccca cgtctacatc agattctgca gatatagaga gtaagtttca    161760
     aaggcactgt ctggaagagc acactcaact tgtcttaccc atccatatgt gttgtatttt    161820
     tctgggtcat cttttctggg tcacagtttg ccatgattta agtgggttgt ttgtcaagtg    161880
     gtactttgga gggtgtggtg acggaggcgg taaaatcttt atggtgtgga gcctcctgag    161940
     aggtgcatca tagtcatgaa gtgagttaat tctcctgaga gtaaggcatt acaaaacaag    162000
     accacaccat acacgtcgtc ccttctggga tgatgtttct gtttctgctg ctttctctgc    162060
     catgttgtga ggtgccagag gctgaacagg tgaggtcttt ttgtcttgtt tttcatttgt    162120
     ttgctttttt gtttgttgta cccagtgtga ggtattctat cgtagcagca tcaaacagac    162180
     taatgcaatg tttcgggttc cgtttcaatt cctatcattc atgctaattt tagagaaagt    162240
     tgcttaatat catactttgt catttgacta agacagatac tatctagtct taaggctata    162300
     taattacaga ctcaaggaaa tcagagtgaa ttaaagtgaa acaaggtggt gtgctgaaca    162360
     ggaattggac agaccaacag ccttcaatag gcttggcttt tcatgcggat ttgtaagtag    162420
     gaataaggat gactcaagta tgttcttagt gtgggctctg aacctaaggc agtgatgttc    162480
     aaacgccatt tcccgagatc aatatgctca tgttcaatca tgacttactt cctcccactt    162540
     tccaaagtca tcccccaccc tcttaccggg cttgatggga ctggctgtat tctaggcatg    162600
     tacaagtgcc taagtctgac aagtccaagt atcccaattc ctccaaatac actccagttc    162660
     agggatcggc aaatgagcca gccaaccagc cagtcagcca ggactggaat gtctgttgag    162720
     ttagtgaaca aggttcaact tgtatctgat cgtgagccac taagcaacta atgataaaat    162780
     ctaggtggat agcagacctg agaagtggga acatctctgc tgtttgagga ccagggaaga    162840
     tggctgagta ggtcttgctt gtaaagtctg atgcacaacc taagtttgat ccctgggact    162900
     catgtgatgg aaggagaaaa ccaactctta caagttgtcc tctgacctcc acacacgcag    162960
     catggtacac acatccctgc acgcacacaa agggaataaa atgtaataaa acaatgttaa    163020
     aagaatttcc aatttcaaga tttgataaaa ctttaatttt actggaccag gtttaagttg    163080
     gttttgtgtt aaggtttaaa tctgaaattg cccctacctc cacacacaca ctttcacaca    163140
     cacacacaca cacacacact ctttctctct ctctttctct cacacataca cattccacac    163200
     tcacacatat gcacacacac actccctcac agtcttacac atctctctct ctctctttct    163260
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcaca cacacacaca cacccaccac    163320
     caccaccacc accaccacca ccaccaccac caccaccatc acacatatca cacacacagt    163380
     gtgtgtgtta gactgtttgg tcttcagctg ccaattctgt ttcagaaggt tgatgaatca    163440
     tcaggaggta gcacacagct agaggaaatg aggcagtagg aatgggcctt tggatagtat    163500
     acccacttct ggttctgtcc cataattctc tgctcctggc cagcttcggc aatgtgccaa    163560
     gctggctctc actcctgctg atatgggatg tttcccacca tggtgggttg tatctcctga    163620
     gaccgtgaga taaaatatat cattccttca ttgatttgct tttcatgagt ttccacacaa    163680
     ccagaaaagc tagtggatac agctcatgtc actagcaagc aaagcactgg gcataccgct    163740
     catactaccc aggatcactc taaacagtag agcatctact gacttacctg tgttcttaga    163800
     tcataatatg aagccagaac atgcagctag aacacagaac ctctggctaa agtcagctag    163860
     aacgtcctgg accctgaaca tccagctaga atgcagaacc tctggctgaa gtccaagtca    163920
     gctagaacat cgttgatcct gaagtcggta ccgcatactt gaacctgggc tggattactc    163980
     accctttact tcaatcccca tgggtttgat attttctaat ggttgttagt agtccttaga    164040
     ctctaagcaa tgagtagcaa agacctctaa agtatttcat ccttgcttat tatatgtaat    164100
     ttccttttta tataagtgag cagaagaaaa atacctatcc ccagagacag cctacatctc    164160
     aatatgcctt ctgttcaata aaataaggga tcactctgct tggataattc tgattttttt    164220
     tttttgagac agggtttcat tctatatcct gggttgatct tgaattcaat atgtagccct    164280
     ctaacccagg cttagaccta aaaatcttgt cttagccatc caggtgctga aactataagc    164340
     atgtgccaac acacccagct ttgtctctcg gtgaattggg agagtacaaa ctattcttct    164400
     acatgccacc ccctatcaac aacctgggag gaggaaggcc tctgtttaag tgagcttcag    164460
     gccagatcca gttggctgac aaccaggcct gcagcagaaa ccctgcctgc taggattcta    164520
     tgtgaatgtg actgaccaat gagcccgatg attgtatctt ggtgtgctgc tgggacagaa    164580
     gagggggata cagtggacat gtctgtggag aatcaaggag ccccttcttg acagaccaca    164640
     acttcctgct gacaattgta ggcatgtctc ttgaaggcag aagtctctct cacagaccca    164700
     gagccatcca atccccaaga gtgttactat caagggacaa gagttaccat caaaaggatt    164760
     catctctaat ccacaaaatt ccatggggac agaatctttg cccctctcat cacaaggcca    164820
     gcagttggcc tggtcccact ggcaatgagt tctattcctt ctttctcctg aacccctctc    164880
     cctctaaaat gtctaatcaa aatgagccca cccccacccc cccagacccc catccccact    164940
     gcaaggcatt tttattatcg atttaacttg atttttttaa aactattgca taagatgttt    165000
     tacagaacag gcaatctcat gagacacttt aaaatcttaa ccattcaagc aaggtagagt    165060
     tcaatagaac tcgggggcag gtcaggaagc tatcacaagg atgatggttc agagcagggt    165120
     tggctgccag gaggacatgg gcctcagctt agcacccagg tggataaggc aagatgacct    165180
     caagtctgcg acaagagcag tctgggctcc ataacagagt ttgatgctaa aagaaagata    165240
     aaatttcaag acctgtaagt catataaagt actcagaaat tgctggttgt ttgtgagcct    165300
     agaggctgtc tggggctgag aaaaaagaaa agcaaacccg ggtatgcccc gtagttaaaa    165360
     cattcctggg aacagcttga ccataaataa gataaagagg aatgtgacga cataacaggg    165420
     ctatctgaat gagtcaacaa ctcacagaac tctgacaccc tacacgtacg tgtaattttt    165480
     ctgctgatgt tcaaataagc caatagtgtg tcactatgct gaattccaca cccctaagcc    165540
     ccttacccca taaaaacccc tagttttcga gcctcgtggc cgacatccgt tatctcctgt    165600
     gtgggatgca tgtcagtccg gagctctgtc attaaactac ctcatgtaat tacatcaggg    165660
     cggtctattc atgattcttt gggtgcacgc cgaatcgaga attgagtggg ggtttcccca    165720
     ctaagttcta tcaatgctag cttagactat aataataagg tcatgcctaa aaattaaata    165780
     aagtactagt tgatcataaa attgcaacct gactaaagta gtaaaaaaat caagaaacta    165840
     ttgaatcaaa ccccaagatg ttagtaacca gacccatcaa ttcctcaaag tcaaaaacac    165900
     ctctgaccta tcaaggacac ctgaggatgc gcacgcatgc acacaggcac gtacgtcatg    165960
     gttctcattt gctggccgcc ttttagaatt cagaagttct caccttcctg cgtgcgtgga    166020
     ttccagggat caaactcggg tcagcaggtt tgtaccagaa gccctctcag ccagggagcc    166080
     attttgctag cccagttggg ctttactaaa tctctcttct tgcagaagcc aaggccacag    166140
     ctgtgccttc tgtgtgatga gtcgtgcccc ttgcttgtca tcctgactcc acaatcatga    166200
     caaactttga agatgcgcct gagggagagc tctgcatgtg ggcagcctag agacccgaag    166260
     cgagtgtgtt gctccatcac caactcctgg ctcaccctgg cctttcaaat gcagcttggc    166320
     ttacagtgac tcacatatgc tacatctcct tacttcctta cttctaaaca gaggaactga    166380
     gcatgaagaa aaaatggtgc tgagagagca gccagctctc gggatgttag tcaacttcag    166440
     atgtgggaaa agcaccttaa acaaatttta gaggaaggtt tggctactga agacatggct    166500
     ctggagttaa gcacactgct gctcttgcga aggacccagg cttggtccct gcactcacat    166560
     ggtggctcac agctctctct acatcaagtt ccaggagcta tgaccccctc ttctaaactc    166620
     catgggcacc gggcactcat atatataggc agcaaaaata ctcatacgca tacaatacat    166680
     attgaaaaaa ataaataaaa ggtttatttt ggcttacaaa tttcagaagg tttggttcat    166740
     aggtcatcac cttagggact gtggtgaagc agaaatgtat gagagtcctc tgctccattt    166800
     ttgataccag ggacacaaaa tgaggaagag gatgaaccaa gttccctcat ttccattcag    166860
     ggtcacatac cctagtaacc taaattcctc ccacaagtcc ccacttccta aaggtcctac    166920
     ctcctcccag cagctgggac cagctcctta acaaacagac ctttggggga tactccaaac    166980
     ccaaaatgta gcactcactg ggttgtgact ttctgcaaag gtgggggagg ttaagtaaag    167040
     gtgttggtgt cccagagacc ctaagatccc taaaagaaga catatagatg ggacttttag    167100
     gatacactgg aaaggggtct tgcagagggc tactttgtag ggtgattttc ttctagacta    167160
     tgggaaatgt ttgatttttg tttttgtttt tgttttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    167220
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgttttgtt ttgttgagac agagttcctc tgtgtagccc    167280
     tggctgtctt agaactcact gtgtaggcca ggctgatctt gaactcagag atccatcttc    167340
     ctctgcctcc tgagtgctgg gactaaaggt gtgaacccca tattccctgg aagagagttt    167400
     ctaggcccca gctcacaact attgaatcag atatttcagc ccaggtgcca acacctgtgt    167460
     ggtttttttt tttataacta cacatttgtg agtcctgatg tagtataatt gctaggctac    167520
     cttttgtgtc ttgagcctct gctccctggg gaagcacagg aattcagcag acctgcctgt    167580
     ccatcaaaca agctggaaaa gatgcagtgt gctctgggat actaagccta atgactaaca    167640
     taggaactcc cgggcttctt ttgaacggaa gaaatacacg gtgaaatgtt ccaatttggc    167700
     atcttctaag gccttgagca tcatgcttct agcctgtctc caagactata ctcgagtgaa    167760
     gccagagacc tctctagtac aaccttctcc ctgacctttg gacaagcctc atcttccctt    167820
     gtggagctga tgtcatggaa gcccgagggg agtttcttag ctgtcccttc ttccctcctc    167880
     tgaatcatat cgtcagcatt agcggtggac ctgtagtgtg gaggcagaga aggcacagag    167940
     gcaagaactc ctacactgta catttctatt tttttaaaaa gatttactta tatgtaagta    168000
     cactgtagct gtcttcagac acaccagagg agggcatcag atctcattac agatggttgt    168060
     gagccaccat gtggttgctg ggatttgaac tcaggacctc tggaagagca gtcagtgttc    168120
     tcaaccgctg agccacctct ccagcccaca ctgtacattt ctaaaccatc taccccagaa    168180
     gaatctttgg ccctaacctg agactcatct tatgaagtta attggttgaa ttatgttttt    168240
     ccccaagttc ctatgttgaa ggctcaactt cctggatgcc agaatatgac tttatttgca    168300
     caggatcttt aaatagggga ctaagataga atgaggctgt tagggtggat cctaatcttg    168360
     accctaatct gagtggttgc tgttacaaaa aattcagaca cctaaagaga caccagggac    168420
     tcacggatcc aaagggagga ccacacaaca gtaagagagg tgctttcttc agaaatggag    168480
     tctttggaca ccatgattgc aggtttctag gctccagaat aatgaagaat aaatatctga    168540
     tgcttaaggt actaggcaga caaatgagct aaaaactgca aacttattta tacctcattg    168600
     cacctatggc cagaaaggtt gtagcactca actctagcca cacgtgactt gactacacat    168660
     cactttccct acaagctact ttcaaacctt gctcatttat ccctccgaat cccctgctaa    168720
     tggaaaattc tcacatgtgt tccttacttc agaaggaagt ggctgagcat ctttcaccta    168780
     cttctaaatg agactgtttg attctgttta ttacagtggt tcccaacttt cttaatgctg    168840
     ctgacccttt aagacagctc ctcacggtgt ggtgaccctc agacataaca ttatttttgt    168900
     tgctacttca taactgaaat tttgctagtt atgaatcata aggtagatag atctctggtt    168960
     ttttctgatg gtcttagatg acccccgtga aaggaccatt caatcctttg agaatttctg    169020
     gtttattagt ttgtaggaat aaatgctatt gtttgctcct ttaggaagtt ttccttctga    169080
     ttttttttat ttcaattaat tttgttttta ttctatcagg gataatttgg gttttgtaga    169140
     tgtacaaact catttatgac atttgtggtt aaaagtcact cctctcaccc accagagaat    169200
     atgattttat gatttcatat tttagttgta tgtcttaatc caacctacat ttattttggt    169260
     ggtgtgcaag tgggatatgg actgattttt tcctttcaaa tagcaagctt tcactataca    169320
     gtattctagg ggaaaaaatc cactcaatgg tccattaaag ttgaagcgct tcattttctg    169380
     ggttatttgt gctaagatct gaatattggt tattctgtct ccttattttt ctccaacatc    169440
     aataccattg tctcctaatt gctataccag ttatatattt agctgcttaa caaggcaaat    169500
     ctcccctcca tcctttacat gtaagacttt atgcccattc cactcagtga attaatgtgt    169560
     tatatctttc aagcacacca ttgagacatc aattaaaatg acattgtctg tcaagtcttt    169620
     ctcatgagag cacagtgtca ctttcttcac gcccacctgt cacacacctc tccaggacta    169680
     ttgctaggca tgttgtgccg ccactcctgt aaatgatgcc catctcctgc attgattttt    169740
     aattatcact aaatcatatg aaaactattg atttgggaat agtactctaa acattgctgg    169800
     ttggtggagt tttcctattg attcaacagg atttcctttc ccttccttcc ttcttagtct    169860
     tttgtcgcgt ctgctctcga caagcaagaa cggcacgacc accagtcctt ctaacagcag    169920
     tttatccagc aaacttcagt cttcatctct ctcgcttcat ctttttcttc atccatctcc    169980
     cgtgaacccc gggcctctcg ctcttatata ctctcagccc tcatccactc acggcaggcc    170040
     acgtcacctc accaggcacg cagcttcagc tcatcagggc agcaggggca tgtctccacc    170100
     aaaatggatt cgccagtatc ctggtgcacc tgcgcagctc tcacgatggt tgtggcttag    170160
     attcaggtga ggaagtcagg tgcaagtcat aagacttagc tgcagtccct ggcgccttct    170220
     tgggactgcc gccacacccg ctcctcacag tctttcgttg tatttttgag acacagtctc    170280
     actatgtagc cctggctggc ctggaactca ctctgtagac caggctagcc tcacaatcac    170340
     agatctacct gcctcttcct ctgagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtatgttac catgattagc    170400
     cttccattct tttgtaaggc tgtggttaat tatcatcatg cgtagccaat atgattattg    170460
     ggaatcctca ttataaatgc ttccattgga ggttaggaac tttttctcca gccaggcgtg    170520
     gtggcacacg cctttgatcc cagcactcgg gttagggtta gggttagggt taggcaggcg    170580
     gatttctgag ttcgaggcca acctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggtcag ccagggctac    170640
     acagagaaac cctgtctcga aaaaccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ggaaaaaaag    170700
     aactttttct ccatttattt tattgtttag gttcctgcct cactgtctcc cagcagcaca    170760
     ggctctccac tgataggctg agatccagtt gtcacccttg gcctaaagca gcagcactaa    170820
     agtgggtcat gtgacaggca gaaggcagta gcatggcttt ggggcaaacg atcaaacgat    170880
     cctcagacac cagagccaaa gccttgtttt cggctgggct gcccccgggg tgcttgtcct    170940
     ctcaccttga cttccagtta gatagtccta agtctccttt aaaatctccg atcccacctg    171000
     ttgataaccc aggaactgcg ttagacttgt taccgttatg cccaatccct aagagagaca    171060
     gtttgaagag ggatccatct ctcctcaggg agtgcttcgg aaactcagct atggttggct    171120
     ggttccgtgg ctgtggatct gaagtaagat tgaagatcat ggtgggaacc tggtagtgga    171180
     gagagcacgt cacctcaaga ccgtcaggaa gcagaggaga cagacaggaa aaggccaaag    171240
     acacattgtc attccagggc atgctttcaa tgaggcgcct cttccaaata tttaggcccc    171300
     aagtgctcat gtttctccta cccaggcaaa gaagctccct cgcctgggac tttcaacgca    171360
     ggagtgtttg gggtctgggg attaagcatg ggcctttggg ggaacctgta ttcaagccaa    171420
     aacagtaacc cagccctatg catcccatgt tcagaaacgt ctgtgacgct acagttccca    171480
     tgagagagct ccgtgtctct gctcctgtaa acagcacggt ttaaaagagc tacaggcagt    171540
     atgctatcca gacaggcttc taggagcaga gagcctgggc taattcctta aattctgagc    171600
     atgtgtatct aatccgacag ttctaataaa aattagtcct attcaagggg aaaaggaaca    171660
     aactagaatg taaaattcag aggaagtttc cttccccaga aagaaagcag atgggataca    171720
     atcaaagtcc atttgcaggg aaacggaaaa agacattcgc tcattgtgag tagggcacca    171780
     cctcactcag aaaggctttg ttcccacagc tcgagcttct gctgaagatc aggaaaaaat    171840
     caaaaccaaa acatgaaaac tgtgtttatc actgtatgaa ctggagttat caaaggggaa    171900
     gtgcccatca agactaccct gggtcgctca acgtctcagg ttttgattct gtccaatcgc    171960
     acagctaagg caaagcatta actcttctct cattgcagag cctgcgtgtc ttggatgaca    172020
     gcatctggga atttatgagt tccccttttc tctccgcagg atgaagaaac tcagaataaa    172080
     atgtgtggct cggtcagagc ggttatctat gacacagtat tccttctgca gctctagtac    172140
     tcgcccctgg cttgtggtct ttatcactta tacttttagt aggtcattat gaatcacttt    172200
     tggaaagaag gccaagcgct tacagtattt tctttgctgc tatcatgcag ctgtccctgc    172260
     tgcaaaggag cctgtgacaa acgtctctaa ggagggccaa gggtgcacag cgccaggtag    172320
     taaggctgtc ccactctctg ctttaccagg gagatttcca cgaaagggac tggggcagag    172380
     gactagaggg tgtgaatcct ttgctacgga agagacctac actcagtccc taagattggc    172440
     ctcaattctt gaattaatgt aaacttggat tgtcacattt ttacagaggg aatgctgatc    172500
     cctaaaatgt tcactaatac ttcatatttt agaaaagact tggattctat agaaaacaga    172560
     acatggttgc cagcatgcac aaaaggaaag agagcatcca acagctgcaa agactcattt    172620
     ttacagggta cgctctagaa ctccgccata gtgctttaag gtgagtaata cggcattaac    172680
     cactcaaaat tcactgaggg tgggcctcct gtcagatgat cttgttgcag tcataacatc    172740
     agcaataacc atgataatta aagcaaaggg accccaaatc atttctggca tcacaaagta    172800
     actcacaggt atcacaagta gtgaagccgg ccagacccat ctagtcgtct tagaactagc    172860
     actgtgtatc aattaaatct ccaagacgat ttaaagaaca aaacttctgg acctgacctg    172920
     gggcttcggt cttgtagact ccttagaaca tgaatccgtt ctaagtaacc cattcccagg    172980
     agacaatgca agtccttttc taccaaggca tggatttcat catgggatca gtgatttctc    173040
     agacctgagc ctcggagaag ccaggtttag agttttctct cagattttgt gagcaaagat    173100
     aagggaacca atctctacaa actggaaaca gccttggtgc acgggactct atcactcctc    173160
     atacaaaaga atagcaaaga cctgtaactc atcccaaccc tttctttcta gaagtttctt    173220
     attatcaaaa cccctaatga cacgtgagca ccagaaaata catgacaaga acttcccact    173280
     gccctttagg tatgaatttc tataggacaa ttgcctgcat gtccaatgtt gctgcagata    173340
     tccaaacagc aagatttttc aagacggaaa aagattgtga gacttaacaa tctccaccca    173400
     gagaatatct aattttgcct ttttctttca acaacgacaa caaaaaaatc atggccactc    173460
     catgatttga ttctttcaga taaaaggtgg gctttcttgt tcctgatata caagcagaac    173520
     catttaggtg aacacttttg tcttatttga tttttttttt caaattaaaa ataaatcagc    173580
     tatcaacgag ttgacagtgt tctcagaaca tatgattact ttaattctga aatgcttctt    173640
     tcgagttttc ccacaagggc accagaaaat tcacccacct tttcttcgtt tttataaaac    173700
     tggaaagtcg ggaggtgaaa gatctcacag tcttgcacca gctgctcaca atcctcagtg    173760
     tccacctcca agaatatcac atcctcgtgc ttcaaagaca gggaatggaa gagtggcttc    173820
     atcattctgc aggggccaca ccaagcggct gagaaatcca cagccaccag cttctctcca    173880
     gcgtctttga gcacctcctc aaattcctcc ttgtctttga tcactctcac caagccttcc    173940
     tccagggtct ctatttctgc tccaaggcct aagagtttgc tctctgagag ctgcacatct    174000
     tcttctgaag acttgatagt gttaccttcc tgggactgga tggtgtcttc ttcggacgcg    174060
     gtgatttctt cctgggactg gatggtatct tctggggact tgggaatatc tccctcctta    174120
     gatgggatgc tatcttttaa aggcttatgg attttatcct ccttggactg gatggattca    174180
     tgggaggact taggttcttc actctccttt gactgaacgc tgtcctttaa gggcctgtgg    174240
     gttttatcct ctttggactg gattgagtcc tgtggggact tagggacttt agtctccttg    174300
     gactgaatgc tgtcttttaa gggcttgtgg acttcacctt ccttggattg gacgctgtct    174360
     tctgaggact tgggcctgtc ctctttcttg ggttggacgc tgtcttctga ggacttgggc    174420
     ctgtcccctt tcttggatgg gacgctgtct tctgaggact tgggcctgtc ctctttcttg    174480
     ggttggatga tgtcttctga ggacttgggc ctgtcctctt tcttggattg gatgatgtct    174540
     tctgaggact tgggcctgtc ctctttcttg gattggatga tgtcttctga ggacttgggc    174600
     ctgtcctctt tcttggattg gatgatgtct tctgaggact tgggcctgtc ctctttcttg    174660
     gattggatga tgtcttctga ggacttgggc ctgtcccctt tcttgggttg gatgatgtct    174720
     tctgaggact tgggaatgtc atcctccctg taatgggtgc tgttcgttgc aggcttgagg    174780
     gtgctcccct gtttgggatg ggtggttttt gccaaggact tgggagtgtt gctatagttg    174840
     gtctgcttgg agtagcccga ggatttagaa atattttcct gtttcagctg agtgtttttt    174900
     gatgaaggct tggggctaac ttcatgtctg ggatggacgg tattctctga aaacatgggg    174960
     gtgctactaa cttgctgcgg gaactcagac tcttctgtgg acatatgaag tgtattgctg    175020
     accttggaag caatggcctt ctctttggac tgggctgtat ccaagaactc tgggaccaga    175080
     aaagcctcat ttttggataa agcctgtaat ggattttctg aataacaata acaaaattaa    175140
     tcaattaaat caaaatgcaa aaaaaaagaa aagaaacaaa agattgacta cctacaccaa    175200
     ggaagacatt cttttttttt aaacatttta aaagattgta atgtgtaaga gtgtgtgtgt    175260
     gtgtgtgaaa tatgaataca ctgtagctgt ctcagaccca ccaaaagaga gcatcagatc    175320
     ccgttacaga tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga attgaactca ggacctctga    175380
     aacagcagtc agtgttcttc accactgagc catctctcca gccccagaag acttattctt    175440
     agagagacca tgaaggcatc tgatgaatgg tgtacagatc taagttatgt cactcatcag    175500
     acagccaagc atcagcaatg acatatgtct ttcatgttat aattcttgct ttaagaacaa    175560
     tgttcctttc ttgatttaac actgccacct gctccctaca ttcagggctc cccaaggcaa    175620
     ccccaccccc ttctcgtctt accgttgctg cccctttcat ttgcttttcc tccgttgttg    175680
     agtgtcatgt ccgactcttc aggagctcct gcttgaacac tgttcatgtc cagccccttg    175740
     tccttattct tttgtttgtc cttcttaaac atttcttcta tggccaagct aagaacaaaa    175800
     tacactaact acttaatact caggcagcac tccacagctg atgctcccaa ccaggacccc    175860
     caacagtgga ctttgagagc tttgaggcag cctcagggct ggtagttatg ttgtgtgagg    175920
     ctgtggatgt ataagcaggc attattccct caagtacaac caaccactga ggtaagatgc    175980
     attgtgatca gcaccttgga gatggggaca ctgagcctta gagaagttac acagctaggc    176040
     taggtcaagg ttcaaagccc atgctcagat atcaccctgg actctttgcc aaatggtctg    176100
     cctacaccag gaaaataaac caactttctt ataattttta tccagtgttc tctcacccca    176160
     gatttctctt tatgactcat tagttatgtt attccctttt tctattacca taacaaaata    176220
     actgaagcta ttatgtacct ataaagacat atttttttag ctctgagttc ttgaatgtca    176280
     tcggcatctc tttggctctc atgacggatt catcatggag atgaggtccc aacgataaag    176340
     gaagcagaaa caagatcaca taacgacata ggaagccaga gcatggagaa gagctataca    176400
     tactctgccc tagtcagggt tactcttgct gtgatcacac tccatgacca agagcatctg    176460
     ggaaggaaaa aggcttattt ggcttacaca tccttaatca gtccactgag aaaagtcaag    176520
     gcagggactt aaactgggta gcatcctgga ggctggagct gatgcagaga ccatggagac    176580
     gtgctgctca ctggcttgtt ctcatggttt gctcaacctc ctttctcata gaacccagga    176640
     ccactagccc agaggtgata tcacccaccg tgggctgggg cctcctacat caattactaa    176700
     ttaagaaagt gcccccacag gcttgtccac agcccaatct cccacatgta gtttttcaac    176760
     tggggaatct ccctctgaga tgactccagt agtgtcaagt tgaaatgaaa ctaactagta    176820
     ctttcttaca acttacttag gctccctgga gaacctcctt agtccctcct gaaggacgat    176880
     cccccgaaga cactaggtca cctctcagca ttcctatact agaagcttcc aactcacaaa    176940
     cacttgagaa caaactacag tactcactgt agctttctcc taagcattgc ctctgagaag    177000
     tatcacatga tagcaaatat gtatctcctg ctggactgtc ttttccctcc tccataagcc    177060
     ctcctcatgt gtcaccatcc tcctaccttc tgccttgtgg ctagtcccag ttggatcagc    177120
     catgtgtacc tcactaggca taactacaac cgaattacct ttccacaggc tggggtgaag    177180
     ctcaatcgta taacttgcct agcactaggt tccatcttta gcaacacaaa gcgcatgctt    177240
     gctcttgtac atgtgcatgc acacgcacat acacatatgc acatgcgcat ggacacacac    177300
     acactcctcc tgtaagtgca gactactcat gtgcaagtaa gcatgctcat gtgtgggtac    177360
     acacatatgc tcctgggcac gcatgtgtgc gcacacacac ctttcagaaa gagttctgtt    177420
     atctttttcg aggtcgcttg cttgctttcc gaatttactc tgcctagcca tccagtccca    177480
     agaatatatg tgaaaattga agttttgcat ttaaggcaaa gttttaaatt attttatgtt    177540
     tatgggtttt tgtttacagg tctgtctgta ggcaccactt acatgcccgg tgtccaaaga    177600
     ggccataaaa gagcatcaga tcccccaaaa ctggagttac ggacagttgc gagctgtcat    177660
     gtgggtgctg ggaatcaaac ctgggttctc cagaagagca gccaggtgct cttaaccatt    177720
     gagccatctc tccagcccaa ggtctgcatt cttaacagag atgtatttct atgtttcttt    177780
     taccacacta tatactaaca gtcaaaatga aagaggttgt ctagacagtg gcatgtccat    177840
     gttgtctata gaagctttga gacattgact agaagcgacg taatcatctg ggcttggata    177900
     gcaaacatat tctactaagg gaaaaaggga tgctggtatc agcccatgca tttctttcct    177960
     aatagaatat acattctctg ttccttcctc cccagtcttg atcataccca cccacttccc    178020
     ctttccctcc tcctcatgta atctcaacac atttccctcc tcactccatg tccgtctctt    178080
     ttctgcagcc cactgagtcc gattagcgct gtcggttgga acgctggctg gtcttgctgg    178140
     tttgatcttg tgtggcggct gtgagtccgt gagtgccaca gccaggagac agcatctcac    178200
     agcattcctt cccctatcac gtgcatcctt cttctcctct cttctaggat ggtcccagga    178260
     gccttgtaga ggagggttga tataggcgtt tcatttaggg ctgagtgctt ctcaaccctt    178320
     tcacaattgt tggtgtcata gaagggatat tgttacacgg ggcttcattc cttggatgtg    178380
     ggctttacaa ggcagcaaag gatgatgaca ttgtgatgtc aatgaggctt cccagatgag    178440
     aggaagggac aatttctctt ccacgctgtg agtggggaag ccagagggta ggcacatatc    178500
     cggtctcaag ctagaagcat cagtgtagat gttggcttca tgtgcccaca ggaaacctga    178560
     aagctgaaag tcatgctctg atgttctcac tgaggagtct ccaggaagat ccacatccac    178620
     aatggatgcc atagcctatt caggatttgt cccagcagag aagtgagtgc aggcccaaga    178680
     cagtggggta ggggacacaa gcctgcaggg gaaatgctaa ggatctgtcc gtcctacgca    178740
     tacccgagtg aggctgggaa caattagact aatggaccat ggaggcctac agatggcaaa    178800
     gcagcctgtc tgctgggaaa ggggatatgg tcagaggcaa gaatcactgt attagaaaga    178860
     ggacagtgtc ttctggtaca tcaagggatt gcttgtgctt ctcagcccag ggccaaacaa    178920
     agccaggcca cacttcacaa gggaaaccag caagaggtca gagagcctgg cacagtgaat    178980
     ccatagagct ctgtgtaccc acctgcgtgg gagagggagg aacctgaaac acaaggctgt    179040
     cgctacagca aagagagccc tgggtgctga aattctaaca ggttcgttta atttgtcatg    179100
     cctgcttctc tgagctcctt cttaatccca ttgaggaaag gctcaagggg aagatttaga    179160
     ttcattaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agcgtttgaa gctgcactaa atccaactgt cttagcgaga    179220
     gcgaggaaat cggcctctgc tgtggctgct gcctggatct tggtcatgtg ttagcttggc    179280
     agagctctgc tggtgttttc cttttcctct cgcagctgat ggatttcaag acactcgaaa    179340
     cactaatggt gctgaagaat ttccattcca ctcgtggtgt gtttgccttc tgcacaggca    179400
     tgtctcccag tcgcccagga acccttctgt gagtcagggt gtgtcttact taggaagcaa    179460
     ataaccagct attttaagca caagaaggtt taggcagtta tgaaatagcc tgaaaggatc    179520
     ttatttggtc tccaaacagt gtgcagtatg gcagaacaga cctacccatg gggctgccgc    179580
     cgccaagact ccaggaagac tgggggagga ggctgccacg accaccacca aggtgggctt    179640
     caagcacttt ctgccagaga tgcaatccca gagggggggg cctctggatt tcctctcaga    179700
     tcaaatccag aggtgaacac tggcattcgg ctcctgtatt ccttccctct gggcttctgg    179760
     aaagaaagag tagagccaga tgtaaatggt gccctccttc tcatgcaggt tcatggaaaa    179820
     tctaagctgt acctagcacc ccagccgcga ggggccatga cagcagcact gagctacctg    179880
     ctagaaggaa gctggagtta gcacttggga attcactcct gcctcttcag taagggagtg    179940
     ttgtggacta gtctcaccta cgacgagctg gcataaattg tgagcttttg atttatgaag    180000
     tttcctaaca gaggaactag aaagctgatc tgtggaagga aagactacac tgaccccccc    180060
     cctcccccct ttgtctgtgt tggttctgtt tcccacggct ttgatggaat gcctgtcaga    180120
     aacaatcgca gagtcaaggt ctgtcggctc acagtttcag agggtgttgt tcagtcctca    180180
     tagcaggaga gacattgtgg agcagcagct tagtggcagc gagagcccat ggcagagcct    180240
     tgttcatgtt gaacagagaa caggactgga cacaggtggg ggccatcaaa ccccacctct    180300
     accatcctga cctcacctcc taaaatttcc aaacttgtct gcttgcctcc gaccttgccc    180360
     ttgcccttgc tggcagcttt gtctgcccta ttcctgtgct ctcactggta ttagaaccta    180420
     tgtctttggg actctggctc agactgaaga ccagttgagg catggagctt cgtggatgaa    180480
     acaactacag aattcttgtc cttttccatc aggagacatt gttggacgag ccagaccata    180540
     ggctgtaagc cattctaata aatccccccc ttttaatcta tatatagatt cattctatca    180600
     ttctattctt agagaagcct gactaataca acctctgacg aaagaaaagg cagagcgatg    180660
     gaaggagcta ttcccataag acgtttacaa actgttcaca gaaggtgaaa agaaaaaaaa    180720
     agggagaaca ttggaaagca aatgtataaa gtaaaaaaaa tgtctaaaat gccaccaacc    180780
     agggcacggt cccagcccct cagccctccc atccaaccac tcactggatg gtgtgggaat    180840
     catgtggtct aagtccttcc tcttctgtcc aaacataagc tgcttggggc tgaggacaag    180900
     ccttggtggc cctagcctct tgcacagtgt gcggtacccc agatgctcag agacaacttg    180960
     tacagtagga ctgactgaaa tgcctgtgtc ttgtgagttc ctcccctccc ctgccttttg    181020
     cccctccgag gtaatacctg actcattttg atagaagagg ggaaaggata aaactgacat    181080
     tttaatgcta ggcatgttgt gcttattagt ataaattatt atcgctctct tcgatggtac    181140
     tatttgaact taacttagat gtgaacctgc tgtccccaaa tctatgatta gaaggtgggg    181200
     gaggggctgg gtcatgagga gcagacaggg aggagcgtcc catggagagg agggcagaac    181260
     aaggggtaag gtagacacgg gctggctaga catttcactg tgggtgaatt ttatcttact    181320
     tgtagcaagg tgtgtattgt ctgaaggagc aatgtccctc cctaggctca gttgtttgaa    181380
     cagtttttgg ttttttgttt tttttttttt tttagttggt aacagtattg ggggtttggg    181440
     gaccttttgg aggtataacc ttactggagg gagtacgata cagtatgggg gagactcgga    181500
     gggcttatgg tctccctcct gcccgccaca acttctggtt cacttgatct gcttcacgtt    181560
     tgtacgtgaa cttgtggtat ctgtgcctcc ttcatgtgga agggacatgt gacccagcag    181620
     cttccccctc ctcctgccgc cgtgcctccc tgaccatcac ggactctcct cggtgtctta    181680
     gaaatacttt gccaaaagaa acttttgaga aagtaagtcc cttttggtca tggtggcttc    181740
     ggttttgttt ggctgtggta tttcctcaca gcaacaagaa aactaataac tgataggggt    181800
     gtcacaggaa cgctttgagg aaatgctcgt gtctgagtgg cgctgcagca ggcccacttt    181860
     tgaaggttca cgtcttgcgc cttctgcagt aagtctgtct gagttcattc tcggctgtca    181920
     ttgtagaata ttgcagcctg ggtaaaacat gaaataattt atttcccaca ccctcacttc    181980
     aaatctgata agtccaagat cacagctggg tcacctggcc aggacctttg tgccacacca    182040
     tgttgtgaca aaggcagaag caagagagga taagcatggt tagaaggggc cagctcagtc    182100
     tcctgaccaa tatatatagc cctgtatagc ctctatagag ccctggctgt cctggaactc    182160
     actttgtaga tcaggctggc ctggaactca gaaatccacc tgcctctgcc tccgcctctc    182220
     gagtgctggg attataggtg tgcgccacca cgcccagtcg ttagggggtt tctattgctg    182280
     caacgaatca ccaggaccaa aagcaagctg gggaggaaag ggatgatttg gcttacactt    182340
     aaacattgct gttcatcatc aaaggaagtc aggacaggaa ctcaaacagg gcaggaactt    182400
     ggaggcagga gctgatacag aggccatgga ggggtgctga ttatagactt gcttgtttcc    182460
     catagctggc tcagtctcat ttcttataga acccagaact atcagcccag ggatggtacc    182520
     acccacagtg aggtgtgccc ctccctcata aattgctaat ttaaaaaaat gccttacagc    182580
     tggatcttat ggaggcattg gtctctataa gtctgttcat ttcagattgt gtcaagttgt    182640
     gtcaagttga cataagacta gccagcacat cctgcaacag gttaggagtg aggcatgcta    182700
     ggagaacctg gtggccaggt ccactttgat aagttaaaca ggcacctcag ttagcaatct    182760
     gtcctctaaa ggcatactcc cagggacctg gtttctctaa gcagaccaga acttccagtt    182820
     tccaccaaag tctagtcgaa tttttaatcc gtcagtgggt gaaacaccca caaacacagc    182880
     caaaggcgtg cctctctagc ctccaagatg tctctcagtc caatcaagtt gactcaagat    182940
     caaccttccc aagataactg catttaagca ggaaggttgc ttgatccagg aaaggaagag    183000
     ggcagtgggg aaagctaggg gaaccttgga gcccaagaca cagaagcagg gggagtccgg    183060
     gagctaagag gagagaaagc aggtccagaa gccagaggta ggtacatttc taatactgtc    183120
     tgacagcaca aaacgaggaa actgggtgag cccaggaccg agattcactt tttatgattg    183180
     ggtgagtgca aaagaaagag ggggcagagg agacaccaca cttcagctga tcaaagttag    183240
     caaaggtgta aacacagaag aggatccaca ggcacaagga gcggtgtgga aggaatcgga    183300
     agatggaagc acagaggctc tgcggtgggc cttagaaaca agggggaggt tctttttcaa    183360
     acaaatagag agactggtcc ttgtagatct agggagaagg gtgctgattc agagaacact    183420
     catccaggct cactggcata tagccaggtt gagcactagg ttatcagcag gtcagggcct    183480
     cggaccccac aaagtctaga tggctgaacc caggcgcatg cactgtttcc aaggcattga    183540
     gaacgtcaca gagggatggg cagtggtttc tacctcaaca tcaaggacaa gggggaagac    183600
     acgccgacct tctggaagaa tcagaccagc cagtgagtca agccagcaaa gtccctttta    183660
     atagggccag tctgcaattc cagtcagacc tgattaaccc ttagctccct gggcaaaaaa    183720
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaatccccc tgagatgtga caatggtttc aaaataggat aggtctcagc    183780
     gtggatactg cttgtcctac tttctcgctg tagaattcag aatgctgggt acgtttccca    183840
     ggatccttcc ttacaagcaa gattgactgg gctgaagatg cagctgaata gagttgttct    183900
     tggcacatga aaggcccggg ttcaatcctc agcacagcaa gggggaaatg cctcacacat    183960
     tagaactgtg cacgcttctt agcttcttag atttttgtgg acaaactggg ctataatttg    184020
     aaagtagctc ctgagaacgt gtcggtaagc cctttctttt tttctccccc ccccaccccc    184080
     gaccctacca tccccaccca gagtaatgaa taaagacagg aaggaagatt gctggcttac    184140
     atttgacctc tagcttgttt taacagtctg tgatcttggg caactcagct tagagtctca    184200
     gctccctcct ctgtagagtg aagatgacag catcaacctc ataaagattg tgaaagtcaa    184260
     aagatgacac ggtggggggc acctggggca gggttgagca cagcagcctc tctactcggg    184320
     aagattgctg cttttgaatt cttgcctggt accttggcca cctgaacttt ttttttttaa    184380
     cgttttattg attctttgtg ggtttcatat cacgcactcc agtcctactc atctccctgt    184440
     gcccttatat atgccctctg cccttgtagc cgaccccaac ccaaataaaa actagaacac    184500
     acaaacaagc agcagcaaca acaaaacaaa gcatagaaaa gatctcaccg tggacgctgc    184560
     agtgtgacac agtatgtccc agtgtcccac agtgtgtccc tctgcccaca catcgtcact    184620
     tgcaaatgtt cattgcagtg agtcactggt ctggctcaag gtctctggtt tctgtgacac    184680
     catcaatact ggatcctcac cggaactact ccttgttatc ctgttggttg ccctgtgtca    184740
     tggagatcct gcagctttgg aacagcagga cttgcccttt cacataccca acagttcaca    184800
     gatgatgtag atttagagat gggccaactc aaagccctga atctgggcct gggtgggagc    184860
     tgagttagtc agcccactgg atctccctca tccacaccac aagggcaagc tctcccttat    184920
     ctacaccaca agggcaagct ctccagcact gctctggcta cgccaccatt ggcagaaggc    184980
     gaggtcagct ctcctgttct catgacctca gggccagctg caggtgatga agggcaagtg    185040
     ggggagggga agggaggcat taccctgaca acacctcaca ggtgcatcac ctctgcacct    185100
     gtgccactcc atggcagatg agtgtcgagg tcagctctcc cccacataca ccttcagggt    185160
     cagttcaccc acacagcaca ccatcagggc cagctccacc atgctgccca ggcaaggtgc    185220
     aggggctgct ctcctgagtg ctgccagccc gagagatgga gctagctagc tctccagagc    185280
     actgcatcca tgagaggcag gaccagttat gcacagcccc tggacaccct cctagtcccc    185340
     agcagctgcc tggaccaggg acatccccat gttctctagt gtaatatgag tcacagacac    185400
     tgacaccaac ccctgccact gcatagccaa cagactcaga catggccttt agtggcagct    185460
     ccggctggga cctcacagaa ggctggccac ccataccagg ttcctcctct ccaccttcaa    185520
     atccccaatc ccatctctct tcacaatgct caagttgttc cacgtctgtc tccccctctg    185580
     accaccacat actcacggtg cctcccgcca caggctggtc atagggctac tggactgatg    185640
     ggtgacatcc tccatccatg ctgtatgtcg tgtgtgggca agcaggtgtc tatggcctgc    185700
     ctgtgctgtg aactggagga caggtcttgg gtggcatggc ggtctgtaag tctttctctt    185760
     cctccttcca cactgtgctg cctggattta atttgatttg actgtttttg ggttctaggc    185820
     ataaagcggc tttgaccacc aaaccaggca tctagctagg atggtcgaag ggctgagagc    185880
     tgctctgccc ctaactgaga gaagaacagc accaccacca aggtgtcttt gcccattgct    185940
     agagagctag agtttctttc tgtggggtga aaccctgtgg ttccgggcag gtgatagggt    186000
     gagggtcaca agttgtgctt tccatgggag aaagcagcct ttgggctttc ctggagaccc    186060
     tatgcattgg actcaagcca gacatttatt tccttagccc tgagggtaca atcataaggt    186120
     gggtcccaca gctgaaagta tattatgtct tgggggtgga tgtttccaag atccagagtt    186180
     tctcttgaac ttcataaaag caacataata tgtctaccag tagagttaga gctcatcctg    186240
     tcatcaaata cagcaatatt tctgccgata aatagccaga atgattatga agtggtatat    186300
     cagttcaggt ctagttttag tgccaagtgg ccgagaccac gcttgggaaa agtcttcatt    186360
     tgtgatacta tctgggttcc aggagaaaga cataggtgcc tacaagtgac atatgcattt    186420
     cacccaatga gaagacgctg gggatttgtg aactcaatct ggtaaggatc ccaccatcca    186480
     caaaccagag ctggaagctg ggctcagagt cgactttgta atctcttcat tgcactgcct    186540
     tccaaggccg gatgagacca aaagtaacaa tgtagccact aaaaaatcag agcccctgcc    186600
     tatctccatc cgccagtgca ggggtaacag gaacacggga tcaatgcctg gatttccatg    186660
     ggtgcatggg ggtccaaact caggtcttta tgcttaccta gaaagcactc gtactcaatg    186720
     aaccatctct ctagtcaggg tagattgttt cctttgactg tgtatagcca gagcagcttc    186780
     ccagcatgct cctggagcct ctcctctcag ccatgaagaa cataaggcac ccaggccttc    186840
     cgccgactca gcacaagctc aggctggaaa ccacaagctc ccctggtgcg gagacagcag    186900
     tgcggtgggg cccgagaggc tgagattgtt caagatcttc ccagcacact gcaaagtcat    186960
     cttaaccctc acttcttacc tccagatccc ccccccccat ctctgaaaag gattgatcca    187020
     ggaaaaatat agaggctagt aaaacatatg ctttggattt atcaaatact gttattttgt    187080
     catactggct tcagacttat ttactaattg agacatactt atcgagatag ggtctcacta    187140
     tgtagccctg gctggcctgg gactcactac caggctgtaa tccaggctgg cagtaaaact    187200
     cactgagatc cacctgcctt tgtttcccct gtgctgggat taaaggaatg tggaatccgg    187260
     ctgggcattg gctcccgact gttataccat gaaacaaata aacaatgctg atagttatgt    187320
     gcctcttgtg gcctctgacc tgattttggt gtcatgtctt acctcttcac aatcttcaca    187380
     agctgctgct tttctgtctt atgcttctat ttccatccac acatcaataa gtaatcatta    187440
     ctataccctg cccccgttgt ctttattcac tcatccaagg tcatggttcc atttcccatg    187500
     ctgtgcagtg aacagctact gagttcacag actcctgtgc gtggctccac cagggcatgc    187560
     agccttgcac gccacactcc gctcagagat ggctggtgat accttatagc taatacattc    187620
     attcctcccc acagccttga tcatgtgccc attcttgatc aggtgaccat gctttgtttc    187680
     attgatctct ttcccaagaa gacaattagc tactgccaac agagcccacc caggtcttgg    187740
     gtgcatgctt ctctttattc tgagttgact tgtaaagttg acatcttact gactgtaatg    187800
     aggaaaggac actcagtaaa acttaaaata tttattagta ggaatcatac caatgggtta    187860
     aaatcaaaag caattgatac aaaggagcgc caacccgaaa ctcgttatca gagaacagag    187920
     tacaagatgc gaaggtcctc ggtgtctgca gaaggatctt ctaggtacca aacctgggtc    187980
     cagcccaagt ggaaaccctt tacaaaaaca ccggagaggg cgacagtctg tgtgacggta    188040
     tgactgctga gtcactgggt gtcacgacaa tggtgaaagc cgtgatcaca tgagcacagc    188100
     cagaatccct ggctgaccac cactgcctcc ttacgcctcg cccggaatgc tacggagcag    188160
     caagaagcct acacaagcca gagtccatta tggcggagga aacatgttga tcctccaaac    188220
     ctaacctcag gaaagaacgg gattcctact ggggcacagc ccttgctgtt ggctaggatg    188280
     caggttagtc tgcaagatga cgtcatatcc agtaccctaa tataccactt ttaatgaaaa    188340
     aaaaatggtg agtcaattct gtacctgtat aaaacatttg cacagccctg ccactgtcct    188400
     ttggggacgt ctcctgagaa agaatccctt tgacattctg tgcctcactt atgggcacaa    188460
     ggtcacgagc caaacacagc cactctaaaa tggattacat gtaggtgcag ttgacataaa    188520
     aaccatattt acacatatac aaacccgctc acctgtgaga gataagaaaa tgggggttgg    188580
     gaacagaatt tggggagtag ccataaggac actacatcct atgtctggag caattgtcgt    188640
     gtctaggtct ttgtcgaggg tcagtggtta aaaacatccc aaaaggaatg ccaagccaag    188700
     aggagaagca tcaaaggcct tagcacctac ctgcagagaa ggctcaaagt ggtgtgagta    188760
     gttgtgtgcc caagccacgt ctctctctgc tcaggctggt ggcacgtgtg cacacttacc    188820
     ccctgcatgg ctgtgacatc aacagcatgc agcctgggga aaagcaaggg gtcgtaccct    188880
     cacaatgctt ctctgatcca acccagggca gctcactctc aaggtgaagc ccagacagtt    188940
     catgcaaaac tcaaccactg caaacccaat ccaaagctgg ggcatcctct cctgggaaca    189000
     gtaccaattt ggcttggaaa tctagaccgt catccaggta aatacaagct cccggcaaaa    189060
     ggttcccccc aaaaatgggg aaagattcaa aactaagctt ggtactcgag agaggtcacc    189120
     tcaacttcag ctcaatcgtt ctctgtttgt ttgacctgta gtgagtggac gaatgtcttt    189180
     gccagcatgg ggaatcctgt cagctgctga tattggagac atgggatagg cactgatggt    189240
     cttgagaagt ctggcacagc atacagatgc catttgctga cagtgagact cctgctatgg    189300
     gacatgtagg agtcttgatt ctcttgaatc aggacaagta tttgctatcc cctgtattct    189360
     aggactcaat tagctcccaa gttgggagaa gcaggaagac tatgttgagg ctcacgtcct    189420
     ggagcggaca agcaccgtca atgaactggg cactgactgt ttgacaccct ttctctccaa    189480
     agttggcaaa gtttaaggat gtcttctgat ttcacacctt taggggtcca gaatttgagg    189540
     gtggtaacat gtctctgcct ggtttgctac aacctatgat tagctgctat taacagaagt    189600
     cttccctaca atttaggctc aaacatcccc agatgtgaca tcatgacatt gtctcctaat    189660
     gctctgtgaa gtgatcaccc caaaagtaga aactcactgc aatagggggg tgcatgcttg    189720
     ggggtacccc gaatcccatt tagatcttcc aaccaccact gcttatatag caactaattt    189780
     taactctttt catcagcccc caccactcca aaattatatg taacattcta gtttgatttg    189840
     gttgggttac agatgaccat accttagaaa aatgtccatc agataaatga aaggagatag    189900
     ggatggtggt ttctaatgca acttttgtct ctcttacagg agttcacttt tcagtttaag    189960
     cagtggtcca gctgtgcatc tctgatctcc ctcagaaaac taataaagac ttacttccaa    190020
     agccagctaa gcgctaacct cctattatag cctttgcctt ttggtgaact ggccagaaag    190080
     gaaggccctg gccctggaga cattattgag attgcctagg tgacatagga aattagcaaa    190140
     gaacagcact ctgaggtgtg tggaccaatc taaaactttt ctaatacctc tttaacaaaa    190200
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaacggcaa ctatatctat tacctagcaa gtacaagcct tgctgtgtgc    190260
     atttcataaa ctgaaggcca tgttgcggtg gtggtgagtt ttccagagtt ttctatcatt    190320
     tctttgcagg aaacgtccct gttcagcatc ctgcagcagg tgtcccaggg tacaaagctg    190380
     ctcactctcc ggcaggtagt tagccccacg ggtggggtcc ttgtgtgtgc actggacacc    190440
     aacaaagagg gctctggctc cttccttctt actctgtatg ccatgccctt ggctcagcag    190500
     caccgacggc tggcttgcaa gctctgattc ccaagcttga tcccgccgct gtttccattt    190560
     tcctgagggc ccaagggtgg gatctggcgg cctacaaggg aaaaaggagg ccaagactga    190620
     agttctctta ttttgaaaag ctagcctgtt tgggtacaaa acatagcagt acttgggggc    190680
     gggggggggg aggctagctc cttcctcctt tccgtcacaa tcccctctct tctccccctc    190740
     ttcctccaac cttcctttcc ccctgttctc tctcctcccc ttcttttctt cccagttctg    190800
     catgaagtca aattcatgtt gaaaaggttg agggaaatta ccaggagctt cctgacgggg    190860
     ctgacacccc agggacagga aaaggcatgg ctctcagctt agccacctgt tctccccatt    190920
     acttagggcc ctctgccttt ccatggagcc actctgccta caaaaggact ggactttacc    190980
     gtaagagcga gcacttatct attttttccg ctcatagaac taccatgggc ggacacacaa    191040
     cttagcagtc ttattctgtg aagggccttg acgcatctgc tacaagaccc ttaggacata    191100
     cttcacagga cgtagtacct taatgtcagg tacaaacaac cttattttat ttgttgaact    191160
     ttaacttttg cacgtaagca caaataaaaa ttaaaaagac aaagagaagg cggaagtagc    191220
     aacagcctaa ggtctggctc ccatttgaac ggactgcaca gacggttgca ggtctcgggg    191280
     ttgtcctgga agccactggt ttgtgtctgt gaggcgagag gaatgtgtgg cacgtgaact    191340
     tcatctcaac agagctgtgt ctctaaagga cagggacatc tggaagtgcc ctgcttaggc    191400
     ggcctcactg ctaccggaga cccatcatgg acccctccta gcaaggcttg ggatggccac    191460
     cagcaccagc atcgtctgtg actttgctga aggccatgtc aaaactaaac ggaggttctt    191520
     attataaccc acatctgggc tttccagagg atcctcgacc ctatgttccg ccaacaatct    191580
     ctttttcttt acctcttgct tctgtttttc tatttattct gagaaaaagc atggaatgct    191640
     agctttacaa tggaagagtc aaacaaacaa acaaacccga caactgacta gaggggacat    191700
     tgtttccttt tttttttttt ttttcttcct gttttgtttc taaggcaaac tcatgctacc    191760
     tgtttggacc aagtacagag ccaaaagacc tggaggctga aggcctttgg cataagaggc    191820
     caggtgtggt ctcagacttt agtgcactgt gcagaaatgg gtgatgaaga cactccagaa    191880
     gctcaagcac acagataagc taatgcctct ggcgtttgac tcaaggggaa cggaagaagt    191940
     gagcgtctga cagactgaat ggagagttgc agcagtttct atagcctcgt ctgccaacct    192000
     gcacagtcag ccagctatgc aaaggttggt aggctgttcc caagatgagc ttagcagaaa    192060
     cagcaggatg gtcagtattg tccttctcta ttcaagacat gccccgaact gtagtcacaa    192120
     ttgaaaggaa ggagtgtctg tctgtctgtc aacctgtcta ctttgtcaac ctaaagttgc    192180
     aaataaagac taaagtgctg gcacccggcc ctaagggtct actccagtca caccacacga    192240
     caaagcgctg ttttctcctc aggccagccc tgtgttcaga ggcccaatgg cgtcagacta    192300
     cagactcatg tagataaaca ctattttaca agggctttac tttttgcttc tgaatttttt    192360
     ggataagact ataattccga ctggtacagt atggctgact taaaagataa gaattgttta    192420
     ctcgtgagta ctgggcccta caattttttg cacctgtgac aatgacacat gtccctcatc    192480
     agacactttg gcgctacctc atgtgaacac caacactagc taacctccac tcatcctcca    192540
     ggccgccttt atgtgccttt cataagtcta tgtaaattgc cccaaagaaa gatgatgtaa    192600
     gtcagtgtga tgttattaaa gtgaagtaga gatattggaa acctagaaac aaagcacacc    192660
     agaaggtcag ggtgtccatc tgtccatgct tcctccatct ttcctgctct taccctcccc    192720
     cccacccatg tcccccaagt acacgacagg cttccatact atatgcaaac ctcctctcct    192780
     aggtttccaa cggttggcaa ggttttcaaa ccagccatca aacctggctt cttaggcctt    192840
     cagatgcttt tgaccttcaa catctctgaa gcctcactga taagaataag atactatgtt    192900
     cctcctgctg aaggcccaga gctctgaagc ctcgcttgtg agagtaagat acaaagttcc    192960
     tcctgctgaa ggcccagagc tctgaagcct cgcttgtgag aataagatac aaagttcctc    193020
     ctgctgaagg ctcagagctc tgaagcctag cttgtgagaa taagatacaa agttcctcct    193080
     gctataggct cagagctgct agaggcacgc acccacggaa gcgccttgtt tcctgcgtcc    193140
     agggacaaag aaactgcacc aaggacacat ggtcagcaag agaagcagag agggttcatt    193200
     aagagagaga tgatcctgag agggctagtg agctgggaga aagtgtggag caagaagcac    193260
     tggggccact ggtctcactc agaacctttc caaagtcatt cacgtgggca cgggcttttc    193320
     tcccacttgt gttgtgagtg gggaaaggct tccagccatt ttaacttctt ccttgtagat    193380
     tctctttcat gccacacccc cttaatctac taaaatgttc caagaccagg ccccaggcag    193440
     acagctgaaa acaccgagtg gcaactgttt agatacggca ctgttccctg tacatatata    193500
     cttaacataa ggtctcactt gtaaactagg taggcatatt aagagatttg taatggtaac    193560
     caatcagaaa tgagaacaat tctaacagaa ggttgtatgg aaagttgtta agacaggaat    193620
     tatttttatt tctgggattc ccatttagta ttttcaggct gtggttgcca ctgacaccat    193680
     gcatgactag aactgctgta tctctctgcg gacaatgaat gtgcaccctt cagacttcat    193740
     ttttatcttc aggtagaagc cattttgaga tttgagagtc agttacccag ttaaatacgc    193800
     ctggaccagt tatgtaaaat ccctgcgcca ttcttccttc acttatagag catgtgagac    193860
     aggaaacctg acaactcccg ccctgtgtat acggcatcac taatgtgtaa gggactcagg    193920
     acaataacgg ggattcctgg tagcagcggg tactggccag ggccaggtgg tctttgcatg    193980
     ggaagaaatg cccagtgttc atggccagga ggcatggttg agtctcaagg ttcagtcagg    194040
     agaagggaat cctgtttgtc tagagaccac tttacttggg aacatcacta agctccaaca    194100
     tcaaacagca tgaggaactg aaggtgccca ctctaaagca gggacagaaa agagctgagt    194160
     cctcacgagc acccttcaag agctaagcaa acaacactgt ggaaactccc cacagtgtgc    194220
     tgtgctccga ggcattcaga acttgttgaa taactgttct caaacaaaag aatggttctg    194280
     gaaagcggcc acagcgttct gcaccaagga gatgtgcccg gaacatgggg tcgtatttac    194340
     ctggacgcag gattgagcta gaacgcatga tgacatctgg acaggcttga agtgtcctct    194400
     ggatgtttct attcctacag aatttccctc ggccatgcca cctccacaac aagctgttct    194460
     tgaacatgaa tccaagccca gcgtgtttaa cagtttggat tgtataagat tctcttgggg    194520
     agaagtttaa aaggatgtac ccccacacac acaccaccac ccagttctcc tgaaagttgt    194580
     ctgttcagga gaaaagcatg gtctacaaac atttcagcag gaatgcaaaa tgtggaaata    194640
     aattccaaac ctatgagtta ggccagctcg tcgagggcag ccaccctaac acacacacag    194700
     agtaaagcac catgtttccc tgcagctgct catggctgct gtgctctggc aaccacttcc    194760
     tgtgtactcc aactgctctg caacagtctc ctctttctcc ccattctcca gtggcttggc    194820
     cctttccttc agtgtcaagt gtgtctagaa attgctatat gaccatttct gatcttgact    194880
     ctccatagca cccagattgg gggcctgatc gagtttgcta gggcttgcca ggactcaact    194940
     cttgacaacg gcctcaatga gtctgcctta gggataggga gtctgtggaa catggctcat    195000
     ccatgagcag agaggtcact cctagcaatt gtcctcacag ttactatcac agagattaga    195060
     tggccccacc tgaaaaaaat gtttcctttt gttggtttcc tcttcagaca tggtctttct    195120
     atgtagtcat gattgtcttg gaactcactg tgtagaccag gctggccaca aaatcccaga    195180
     gatccaccta tctctacagg aatgctagaa tcaaagtgca taccaccaca cctggccctt    195240
     aggaaacgtt tactattagg ataaagattc tgacctgggg agcaagcttg gatgctataa    195300
     aggactagaa tagaccagga gatagatggt gcccttggca agaaaaccca tagacatctc    195360
     aggcccaaga tggcgagaac aagagaaact agagaagaca gaaggaagag gggcaaagag    195420
     atctgcgagg agaagccagg taagacctga caactggata gaaatgagaa gttgaaagta    195480
     gagacctcaa cccccaaccc ccagatctgg aagctaaaag agtctaagac cagagaagga    195540
     tgtagctgca gagtagagtg cttgcctagc atggctttaa acccaacact ggaaaataca    195600
     taaatgaaag ttaaccacaa gaacacactt cgttcaaaat cccataacaa atatcaaacg    195660
     tatatcctga ttttaaccaa aaaagaaaga ttagaaaaaa atgtccatgc agcaaaagcc    195720
     aaagaagaga acataaagaa gaaagctgct ccaattggct gccaacccag tgacttcaat    195780
     cagatgttga caggagtgac accaatagaa agacttttgc tataaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    195840
     aaaagcttcc cccgtcaccc cgcaccctgc tccctttgga aactgataaa tcttttctaa    195900
     aataattttt ttggtttaca aagaaaattg agcaatttag ttcctgcatg tctcttgtct    195960
     atatctctaa gctcctgttg ttacggtctt gcattagtat aaaatgccag ttccgacaga    196020
     tgagctcata tgaacccact atggctacct acagccttca gtttttgcag agggttctct    196080
     cagttatata ctctgtggct gttgatgagt gtctgatggc atgtgtccat cattacaatg    196140
     tcacacagtc atttcactgc cctatctctc cctgttttct tttttttttt tttcttgtac    196200
     tttatcactt tattttactt tttttttttc tgccctgcct cctgagtgct ggaattgtta    196260
     cttgccacca agcccatcct ggctttgatt tatttattta tttatcgaga cagatattgg    196320
     tattagagac atgcgctgcc acatctggca tgaattttta ctttaaataa tcagaattta    196380
     aactttccct taagatttta ttgttttctc ctcctcctcc ttatttattt tatacatatg    196440
     agtttaccac cattgctctc ttcagacaca ccagaggagg ccatccagac cccattacag    196500
     atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg aattgaactc aggacctctg gaaaagaggt    196560
     cagtgctctt aaccactgag ccatctctcc agcccaagac tttgtttaaa gcactgattt    196620
     ctatttttct tcaagtttat ctgggcatgg cagtgcaagc ctcccatcac cacactagag    196680
     aggcagaagc aggaaaatct ctgtgtattg gagaccaacc tggtttacaa agtgagttct    196740
     aactgcattc cccttattga gggtgatgcc tgtgacatgg tacctgtgtg gaggtcagag    196800
     gacaacctgt gaagctgact gttatccacc catctttttt ttttttttaa gacaggtctc    196860
     acttatatag ccttggctat cctggaattc actatgtagg ccaggttggc ttcttcttct    196920
     tctttttttt tttttttttt cgagacaggg tttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggca    196980
     ctcactttgt agaccaggct gccctcgaac tcagaaatcc acctgcccct acctcccaag    197040
     tgctgggatt aaaggcatgc accaccacgc ccggcccagg ttggcttctt acagactttc    197100
     ctgcctctgc cttccacgtg ctgggtgaga tgaaaggtgt gcgccaccat gccccgctaa    197160
     acttttaggt cagttccagg gatcaaattt gggtcatggc caggcttatg cagcaaagtg    197220
     tctttaccca atgggtaatc ttgcaggtgc tattttcttt ttaattttat ttcatggtgt    197280
     tctggtcctg gatgcattgc tttcatgtgt gtctgcacag acttgtatga ctggtgacca    197340
     aggaggccag aagaaggcat cagaccacca gtgccatagg gaggacgcag ccgatggcag    197400
     tgagcatcaa cggcctttaa gacagaggct aagctggtca tatgttcatg gagggcgccc    197460
     tcagactcct tataggtcaa gcaagtgaac tgatactctt caggatcaaa agcatcagcc    197520
     ccctgctgct ccacatcact ggctactccc acatagtagt cctctatgtc cccagggtcc    197580
     tcttcctctt cttcctcttc ctcacagttt gggtcatagt cctcttcatt gctatcagac    197640
     ccttggctgt tcatgtccac agacatctta acatccagca aagttgcaga aacagttgct    197700
     tttttcccta cccccaattt ttatcgtttt ctcaaatgca ttagcgtgta ttgtctgtaa    197760
     tgtttaaaga tctttcctgc agatatcacc caaactgtct gtcataggat ttccatcagg    197820
     agctgcgacc tcgcggccgc agagcccagg ccggccggac caggtcaagc cggaccaaac    197880
     gaggctgacg gaggcgtagc ggcagcggag gcagccggcg gacgcggctc aggcccgcgc    197940
     tcttgttttc tttttattat tattttattt tgtttgtttc ttctgtctac ttgacacaag    198000
     ctaaggccat ctgggaacag gactctccac tgagcaaatg ccctcataag actggcctgt    198060
     aggccagcct gtgggcagct ctttgattga cagattggtt catgtggaag aggactgcct    198120
     actatgggca gtgccatccc tcagtagttg acttgggatg tataagaaag aaaagccagg    198180
     agtgagccta tacgtcctgc tcctccatgg catctgcctc agttcccgcc tccaggcatc    198240
     tttcttgagc tccagttctg acggacttca agacggacta tgagctgtaa ggtaaaatga    198300
     gccctttcct ctcctccttg ctttcagtat gatgtctctc acagcaacag aaacctaaca    198360
     ggactctccc tcaacctgac aaccaccaaa ctgacctgtt tatctaacaa cccttaaaaa    198420
     attagattca aaatacttac atatgacact aatgagactc tctttaaagc aatataggtt    198480
     ggggagctat aggaaagaga tggggcaagt tgggtggtta tgtgtatgtg ataattaaat    198540
     ttacttatgt actagaagtt tacattttct ataataaaat aattttccaa agttgccagg    198600
     aatacactat tacaaagtag ccatgattac taacttacag gcaaccttac aagaaagaga    198660
     atcttgaggg tacatattat ttattattat atgtttcaca gtttgattat atgaaatggg    198720
     tttctttttt atataaacta ctctgtagta tttgtttcac aatttgtctt tttaagtcag    198780
     taacaagatt cacatcatta tttcaaatca ctagtttata ttagtgtacc acaattttaa    198840
     aaaaacaaac tatgtctcaa ttttggtgca gtttagtcat ttcctgtttt ctctgactat    198900
     ggataatatt accagaaaac tgctgtacaa agtcaggagc cagggacaat ccagacttaa    198960
     agctgacaac atgtgactcc gcatcctggc ctctcactca ctagctattc gacacagcaa    199020
     gtcacaagat ggagagccct tatggtaaaa caggaatgat aacatgccta cgtcacagtg    199080
     agggggacat caatgaatta acacacactt tagcccttcc aacaatggca aggagcaagg    199140
     gctccacaca tgcgaagcat tgctacaatt ggtccctggg tctgcctgtt tctcaggttt    199200
     taattcacgg ctggttacac tgtccatcaa aaccagttag gcctactatg gttgtgtcca    199260
     tattgaacgc atccagaccc ttccttatca ttattcccta aacaatagag tatagcaact    199320
     atctatagag cattgactat gctctataga tatagatata ttgggtataa ataacctaga    199380
     gatgaagagg cataagggga gttatgctta catacaaatg ctatagcatt ttagacagga    199440
     acttgggcat ctgtagattg gtaccctggt gggtcctaca cctaaacctc catagacatg    199500
     aggcccaagg acatggtgtt ttgcacgact gagaactcct taggacggct caaggtgaaa    199560
     gcttctgata tcagcatctt ctttgctggc ctttgccaaa gtaactttct tggtggtaaa    199620
     gaagggactg tcctcacctt tatcttcact cgacagcttg ctgttccgtt acagcatttt    199680
     caaaggtttt tgttttgctt tcagacttat ttaacacgct ctaaaccaag taactaccgt    199740
     ggaattacaa aaccctgtgg gcatacaata gccagagagc tgcgcagcaa tgtttacaga    199800
     acaaggccca gggcgctttc ctattctcta atccttttgg gccagcgttg ctttcatctc    199860
     taactgtata aactctagga acaagcactc agggagctag gtaggtgttt gagggcctga    199920
     aaggtcattg agcttggacc cacgatctta aagccaggaa ctgaaactgc cggactctat    199980
     ttactggtca aagggatagg gtctgagtca tggtgcgtgg ccctgggtgg agacacgccc    200040
     ttgtgagtgc cttctaaagt caacagagag ctggaggttt ctggtaaaga acacaccagg    200100
     gtcctctctc ctaagagtca attcaaatgg gtttgtcaat cacctggact tcgggaaccc    200160
     cacccccacc ccacccccac cccaccccca cccctgaagc tctttgtcct agaggcttag    200220
     aaacagtatc aagcctacct aaaatataga cccgcacaag agtctttttg gccactctcc    200280
     actctgttaa aaatgccaca tcaccattag gtaaacgcta cctatcttca actacatgct    200340
     ctgtgtgtct cacgtgaatt cttccaactg agatcacaaa gaccagagag ccagagggaa    200400
     gccagagaga gatgctggca atacaaatca accaaagcat ttctcatttg ttcttaaacg    200460
     aatacgaaat aactcaaaac aaagaaacca cactccaatg ccctcaatgt ctcaaagcag    200520
     acagtgcaaa aacaaagtgg ggtgaagcta taaaatctta aagcccgcct cagtccagta    200580
     atgtacttcc cccactaagg ctgcacttcc taaaggttct aggactcctg caaacagcat    200640
     caccaactgg gggccaagta tccgaatata tgagcccgtg ggggatacac tcctcgttca    200700
     gatcacctcg ctgacccact cttaaattat attccgaagc ctgaatgaag atcatggctt    200760
     tgtccgagtg gaggttgctc aggctgtcag agccaggagc actgagctgt ggttcctact    200820
     ggtacctcca ctgagctcag tcatctctat cctagattca ttgatcatcc taattgatgg    200880
     gtcaacagaa atgggatata ctaggataga gatggagagc tagaaataat ggaaagagat    200940
     ggaaaataga ttggtggatt gtgacagctg aaagtataga cagacagata atgatggaca    201000
     gacactggta catagataca gacaatgggg gcccatggag tcggtctatc gatgggagag    201060
     aagggagagt taggtaaatg tatgtagaga gatgactaga ggctccacta caaatctaca    201120
     agctgtcttt gctaagtgtt tataactaag agtaaaacac agaaataaac atttgttcat    201180
     tagacgtgca gaagaacaaa catgggctta tgttggaatt actgggaagc tgcagttgct    201240
     ccgtgcttaa gcaaaagact tgtttttcta agtggaacag accaccagac tatgaggaac    201300
     taattattca aaatcttcat ccttgtgacc cacaaagacc cctggcacgg acaaggattt    201360
     aggatggttg agttatagat acaaagaaat ctttctgagg tgttagtact caatatctag    201420
     gcttcttgtt ttctttgagg tctttatttg actttttaaa aaattttaat aatgactttc    201480
     atcaagctca gagggtcacc tcatgtagaa atctcgaggt gaatttaatg cacattaaaa    201540
     acaaacaaac aaaccaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaacagggt ttcctatctg acccctgcct    201600
     tgccttggct caaggaactc acatggagga gcaggttcta caaaccggga aagctggacc    201660
     gtcagaggca gtgtggggaa ctgtgtagga gagctcatta aaactgtctg tagctggtgg    201720
     tgctgactgt aatccccaag gcttaggaga ctaagggaag agcacggcta caagttcaag    201780
     gccaacctgg gctacagggc aaaaccctat ctcaaaagaa taaataaata ttaaaacaaa    201840
     tataaaaaaa aacaacaaca caacactttc aaaaagaaaa tgtttaccaa gtgcccaacc    201900
     cagaaaagcc tgaaaccact ggataataat cggcttactc taaggtaata aagggctcgg    201960
     tgtgctaagt tcagtctctc ggagtgacac agcacagaga gtgtgtgttc ttacacaaga    202020
     acagctgaga tgtgagacca tgggtgccca accccaaatc acggctgagc tggctacatc    202080
     tcaattcagc ccagtgagct tgcagcttct ctgtcacacg tggaaatatc agcaggggtg    202140
     gggtggggtg ggggaagtat tcagggaggt ggacagaagg gaggtaccag aaccacctcg    202200
     gtgaccgggc ccagggatgt aggagagact gagcatcctt ctacacacct acacacagcg    202260
     gaagtaatgt aggtcagagt tctccagtgc ccatgaattc tccttcaggc caacgcaaac    202320
     aagccaaagg tcctctgctg ttctcagaac ccaaaaggaa cggatgggaa ccaggaaaat    202380
     gtaaaatagc tggaacctga gaaccctcaa ctttaaatac aactgaaaat gacactgggc    202440
     gcagaatccc agtatgtgga ccgcatgcct tttgggactg cccagagctg aggttttctg    202500
     aggacagctg ataacttata agggttccga tccttccaca gcgagggccc ccaggaagtc    202560
     ctcagctgaa tatggaggct tctcccagtc tctgataacg tactgatgaa cgaaggcttg    202620
     gctcagctcc atagtcagca ggcacttttc tggtggaagc cggaacacaa gttatggcca    202680
     gagtttatga aggtgacatc tggtgtgctt agaactaaac agctgcggac agatgtgtca    202740
     gcacagccac ccgaggtgaa cagctgaggc gagtcagcca caggaaacac ggtaacccag    202800
     ggaaaggaca acctgaccca gcgctgtcac ctctcatgag caggaataac agagttcagt    202860
     gatgagacct ctgcccagtt cccagcttca ggtcacatga gagggaaaca tttttttttt    202920
     tttttaaatg tgtgagtgat tacgtggcaa aataaatcac tcaaaggtcc cttgactgtg    202980
     tttgcttagg gtcacttgat ttaatggttg aacttctacc acaccaccgc ctacttcgtc    203040
     tccaccttca caatgcagaa tgcaagcgcc tcagagcaca tgattccaag tgtacgctgt    203100
     gttcttgcaa cgactgtgac aaactcctcc acaaaacagg aggaacagag tgaggcacag    203160
     aattagggac acttaggaag tctgaggcaa agcagcctct ctgtgaaatg gacgcataaa    203220
     caagtctgga acagcagcag cagcagcagc agcaatgggt aggagcaaac agccctagcc    203280
     aggcagggaa cttcaaataa tgatctctgc gggagggaga ctcccccccc cccaggataa    203340
     gcccatttgt cggttgtcca atgcagaaca gtcagccttg aaaccaagaa accaagtaca    203400
     tacgaaacaa acaaacaaaa accaaaacaa accaaactga actcagcagg ctgcgtttac    203460
     agataggagt acacacacag atgtatatgc atagaacaat gatgaggaga gaaaaagaga    203520
     ttatcatcct ggaaaagatg ggaaacatgg gagggggtgg aaggagagaa tctgggagat    203580
     gcttgaggca ggaaaggaag ccaggaagtg atagaattta atttcaatta aacaatattt    203640
     taagaagtaa attaaagcca gctattatac tctttataaa aaaagcaaag aaagaaagga    203700
     gagagagaga gagagagagg gagggaggga gggagagagg gagggaggga aggaaggaag    203760
     gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga agacgtggac    203820
     agagggagta taatacactc atagctgcag gactcacagg gtgacttcag tcagactcat    203880
     cggggttcac tgacgccccc agtacataat cacgcaagct gcattaggct gaaaacacaa    203940
     gcgtggcact tactgattcc ttgaaagagc tcctcgatgt taatggcatt cttcgcgctg    204000
     gtctccacca cgatggcacc tatggattca gcgtactcct tagcgtcctt caggggcacc    204060
     tccctgaaaa aggacgtcag ataagaaatg agtgagtgct cgtttgtgaa acatgaaaac    204120
     tcaggaggcc aaacatgcag cacttgtggg aacctttgct tccctgtaga attacagcgt    204180
     aatcacttct caaacactga aaacctagga ggggcgcatc ttagaagctg gtttctacca    204240
     ggcacagcag cacatgactt taatccacta gtaagtggat ctctgtgagt tcaaggccag    204300
     cctggtctac actgtgagtt ccaggacagc caaggctaca gagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa    204360
     aagaaaaagt ggaggaggag ggagaaggag agaaggagag ggaatggaag gaggagcggg    204420
     gggggggggg gggggggaag agaaggagga gatgtagttg gtctctggca accacagaca    204480
     agccacattt ttataacaca gtgcactctc cacagaagga gtgaatttct agacagaaga    204540
     gaaaatggtt ttaagtattg gttatggaca tttgaggaca ctccagattg cagagccagg    204600
     gaacattccc ttcaaaactc acattgaaat ggagtggcca tgatgaaagt attgagaagg    204660
     gagagctgta agaagattaa gctggagggc tagggtcaat gcatgtatga cagagagagc    204720
     tcgacctgct tttgcctctt gcccttcccc ccttgaaaat cagcgctgta ctgtcctcag    204780
     gataagacaa tccaaacacc atcttggaat cagaatcggc aaacctgccg tctccttgat    204840
     actgaacttc gcaacctcca gatttgtgag tctgtatatt tcaggcaaat gatgcagtca    204900
     gtggtattct gttacaaact aaaacagact acagaggcta ctttcaacct ttattttcta    204960
     tcacataact caacaataac acactgtgca tgcactagtg gacagctgtt ggtatgtttg    205020
     atacatgaca gtttggccat atctgagggt ttgacattca tgtactcaac taattgcaga    205080
     tttaaaaaaa acacatcaaa ccagtgtgtc tatgccggtc atacgcagac cttcccatca    205140
     cttcctacgt gagactgaac aaccagctct ctactcagtg aagaggaatg agagtggtcc    205200
     ctagaggcta atacgtttga acacttggtc ctcagttgat agaactgttt gggaaggatt    205260
     atgaggtgtg tccctgttgg gggaggtgtg tcctgttggg ggaggtgtgt cctgttgggg    205320
     gaggtgtgtc acttggggta ggctgtgagg ttttaaacga cttatgctat tctcagtgtg    205380
     cacttgcgtt ctgcttgcag accaagatgt gagcttttag ctaatcctgg gccatcatgg    205440
     actccaagac tctggagctg taagcccaac tacacacttt cttttataag ttgcctttga    205500
     tcgtggttat cacagcaata gaaaagcatt gaagatatac agcattacat cgtgataata    205560
     taagttatct gtagatggtt taaagtacat gggggttggc ttctgtgcac atactattta    205620
     tagaactgtc ccaagtctat ttctcttttt agtgtaatta tgaaagctca ttgtatttct    205680
     tattattcag cctttactta ctattataag gtatgggcac attctattct tgattctaac    205740
     tttattacat cttgctagca aacaactaaa accatccctt aaaattttct tcctagaatt    205800
     atttgaatca aatcaggaat tccatcgaat cattaattca tctaaaaagc attaattcat    205860
     gaaagttcac ctttatgttg atctgtagga aatgtgatca atagggtagg ctaacaccca    205920
     gggattgtta tattaattta ataatgacag gaaaggcata tcagctgcaa gaggcaatcc    205980
     tgagatgaag tctctttgga accttgctat taagctcacc catcgtagac cacactacct    206040
     gcgtcttcct tacctaagac attctttgtt gtccctaact gacaagcctc tggcctgtgg    206100
     caaatgactc ttgaggtttt ggtggcaata tcttcacatg agtaatattt ctgaaggctt    206160
     tactctttgg tttagcacat tagactatgt ctagatttca tattgaagtc tttactaaac    206220
     catatataca gagcagggct tgcctctgcc tgaacttgaa gcaggtaagt tcagttgcta    206280
     catacccctg tccccctgtc cacctgcaca ttaggctggg gcgcctggca cacaagcctc    206340
     agagagatca cagatagcaa caatgcttcc tcaactctgc tttgcccaac tgtggcacgg    206400
     gcaggagaag ctttggcaga attaaggcaa gcagaaggca actgctgtgt gtggcacaat    206460
     ctgacctagg agggtgggga actaagtgca gccagctctt cgagaagaga aagtgaggaa    206520
     agatgcactc caaactcctt ccatcctgag aatggatctc attaagtaaa gaactggccc    206580
     aggatgacat tactggatga gaagcatatg cagaatttca ccctggtccc ttgcactagg    206640
     tcactttctt cttgtaagac ctctaaacaa tgcagccacc cagcgtccac ccggcatgtt    206700
     cttctttcca tcatcatcac tgccaccaca ggcgagaccc acgtggcaca ctaaaatatc    206760
     ttgaactgtc tgtcaatcac ggtcaagatg gtgtggagga aggggtacac accatgctct    206820
     ggtcaaaata aagtatgctt ctcttacagt tatcttgata cattcacaca tcttaagttt    206880
     gttcatagat agcgaactgc agcccagctt gccttgtaca gcctgtagcc tggctttgga    206940
     agaagcagag tctcagccaa tcagaactgt ccgagccatg cacactgtta atgtagcttt    207000
     ttattaacct gtagtaattg ttatcttaga ggtgggcttt aagaccctcc taactgcctg    207060
     gaagccaatc ttttgtttgc ctccggaacc agatgtaaaa ctctcagctc ctccagcgtc    207120
     tgcctggaca ctgccaagca ccgatcttga tgatactgga ttgaacctct gaacctgtaa    207180
     gccagctcct attaaatgtt gttgtttata agagttacct tggtcatggt gtctcttcac    207240
     agcaatggaa acactaagta agacagccac gcgcgcacac acacacacac acacacacac    207300
     agaaataaac aatttttaaa aagttaaaag tacatatgca gtctttgcct ggggtttcca    207360
     aaacagtgat tccccaaatt ggcaagtatg gaagtgacaa aaagattctc ttcagttgac    207420
     cacacagaat ttgatagcat ggaacctaga gacagtggca ggattgtgct ggttatgcaa    207480
     gaaaccaacc atggtgttag agacagacgt ctatcccctc ctggagagcc ttgtgttagt    207540
     gaacacacgg ctatcagcat agtggtgcac ccaaagagag atggaagtcc ctccccagcc    207600
     ctcggaccta tgcatctctt cacttggctg ttctgacttt gcaaccttta taactgaact    207660
     gtaattctaa gtaaatgctc ctccgtgttt gttctaacac gcaacatgag ggaggtcctg    207720
     ggaaccctat aattttccta gtctgctggg caaacctgta ggtaatttgg gggttactag    207780
     agacccacag gtggagtctg aaacagggca taatggtgtg gtgtcgagcc cctcagtggg    207840
     cagagtcttc accagctctg gtctgtgtca gaatgggacg gaattataag acactggttg    207900
     gtgtcaatca gaatggtgtg actactgcct gacaaggtga gaacttactt agtcatgtac    207960
     atagatgcat agataagaac tcccccaggc tgagtttcag aagaaactat ggcacaggtt    208020
     ggaaggctgc tgccagcagc cttctttaat tatgactatg aagggctata atatgctcat    208080
     ttaactctgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt    208140
     aagtgtttgg tctacatgta tatctgctat atacactcct gtagtgaccc gcatgacaag    208200
     ccaaaagcct ggacacagtc ctgagacgaa aagttcacgg aaacgtagtc tcctggaacc    208260
     gtggcatctt gtataacgaa tgctccaaac ttgtccttgt gaatggatct gtgtgctttc    208320
     tttcagtatt gttttattat aggtgtctcc aagcaatgac ttgccaaata cctaagcaaa    208380
     atcgaacttt gcttcctggc cttcaccaat gccctaggta gtccttgagc tgaccctggg    208440
     cttggaattc agtaagaatg ttgcctattc agtgacattc agaattgcct ctagcattgt    208500
     aagagaaata gtgaaagaaa tcaggcatta ttatctacta catagagtta gaaatctcag    208560
     agcaagctta gcaaagtaag tttagaattc ttattatagc tatgtatggc agactacatt    208620
     acttattagt agaaagcccc ccacacaatc agttagaata aaagccaagt tgctcccata    208680
     tacaggaatt tacaatggtt taggaagtag attgggctgt ggttttagag tattgcatta    208740
     ttcatgagaa ggttagctag agcagaactc cctaattaga accatgactt gggcgtgaaa    208800
     gcccttgccc caggagtgta aagacctcac acctggcttc taagaatgga gctgactttg    208860
     tctcagttgt tttattgccc agttcctgcc agcctttgtg tttgcattcc tctgttttgt    208920
     gtaagagtca ttaagcatcc ggtaacctca ttggaccttg ccgatgtgtc acctaacttc    208980
     cctaatttct tctgtataaa aagtttgatg ctccatttga caaattacat tcagatatag    209040
     cacactccct cgtgtctgta tttgtttgtc atttttcgtc aactctttgc ccacctgtcc    209100
     agaactctga tttctcctgt ggattgaggg gggccaactg aggccaatct gcggcatata    209160
     tctatatacc tcacacttgc ctggagccca aggagccaga aacgggctat ggagtccctg    209220
     aacctggaat tacagatggt tgtgagctgc cacgtgggtg ctggggaatg tttttccttg    209280
     agaaaagtgg ccagtaccct taaccatgga gccaatgctc cagccctgat atccagtgtt    209340
     tcgaatactc ttcaacaaat attgagtatc tgctatatgt tgggcattgc gacaggaatt    209400
     gaaacagtta agctgaaact agatagtcca ggtcaaggta cagacatgag gcagtcaact    209460
     tcaatggtac aaactactta tagaatttct aggccatgct atacacagaa ccacaaagaa    209520
     gtcacaagct ggaaagtata gatcgggatc cctccttcat cctcttccca agctgaccat    209580
     attctgcatg tcccttcaat gtcagcacta ctcgggttca gaagagacta tttaagtcca    209640
     caccttttaa aacagctggg ttatccagct ataggctggc tgagtggtca gaaggaagac    209700
     tggaattcag agcttagggc caggttccat ccttcatgga ccagtaggaa ataggcaggg    209760
     ctgaaaaggt agaaaaggca gaggccgtgt atccaaaggt gcatctggcc cagctggcag    209820
     aggctgtgca tccaatggtg catctggcat agctggcaga tctgtgcttt caatggcaca    209880
     gctggcacag ctggaagagg ccatgaatcc agtggcatgt ctggcacagc tggcagaggc    209940
     tgtgcttcca gtggcacagc tggcacagct ggcttctgac tttccttact tcttgcttct    210000
     ttagttggta acaactacct agtggtcaga tctgaatttc aggacagttc tcttgtcact    210060
     tgtgatcaga atggaccagg agctcggctg acccactgct gagcacagtg agcccctaag    210120
     ctggagagag catggggttc acctccactc agctccaact tcttccccaa cagtgagtaa    210180
     tgggtggcag gacccagccc atttcggaca gcaacagttc tggcacaatt ctttctgtct    210240
     ctgagtgacc agaactgggg aaggaatgtc ttattcatag taactgcaat caaattatct    210300
     tctcactaga cttctttaag tgggagcctg aaatatttac actataaagg ccattggtac    210360
     ttatttcccc ccccccatta gtttttgaga tagactctgg acctatagcc caggctagct    210420
     tggaactgat aatgtaggcc agacgaggct tgcttttagt tagtgtcaac ccttctgcct    210480
     gacaccccag aatcaggcat tatacgtgca atgtctggca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    210540
     aaaaaaaaag aagatttaag aacaaaataa agcaagaaag ttcaagagtc tacccttggc    210600
     taagtgagtc ccagtctcaa acaaataaac aacaaatcga caaagatgcc tagagaaaga    210660
     agtcagagat gtaaataact aatttaaagg aaatcaaaac cccttggcat cttaagaaat    210720
     cttcaggtga ttttgtctgc agttgtacaa ggacccaaca gaaccatgtt gggtagacag    210780
     tgtgtgctag ctcagaagta gtcagtggct tacttgtaat gctagatgac aaatcagctt    210840
     agttgctgtt cacagaaaga ggaggaagtc aggaggggcc attcagacca aacaggaagt    210900
     gtggttagtg ctgaggtcaa ctggaaactc aaagagacac aagttggtcc actcttccca    210960
     gagggctggg aagaggtttc tgaggtgaag gtaacaccaa tgggagactc ttcaaggccc    211020
     aagctctgga acttatcagc ctgggtctta tcaagctctg gacagcagcc agttctgtgt    211080
     ctcttggact caggcagaaa gacctgagtt ggtcgcttgt gttggaagac ttctcagcag    211140
     gagagggaga tcaggacaca gtgttcctaa ctgggctcta gaatttcaac aggcctgcac    211200
     tgcccaacag ggggtctttg ttttgttgtg aagggtgtta cccagcaaca gggcagctga    211260
     ttctaacttc aggactagtc aggtacccac gggtcttctc aacatcaggg ggtctcaact    211320
     agaacagtga gtcctcctga ggggtctgcg tctgcgggag atctgtcctc cgctgactgg    211380
     tcctctataa ccaccatgaa gtgcagcatt acaaccattg gttttaggga gaagtgcttg    211440
     ctgaggccca ggaaaggtac ccagaggagg tgaacaggcc caggcaccaa acagcactca    211500
     agaagtgagg ggtgattgcc cgtctgcctc cacttccttc ccatcttagt tctgcatcct    211560
     tcatttgacc caacttctca gggtctgtgc taagaaccct ggtgctgcaa aatgctcaca    211620
     tccttagatc agtgtctctt gaataagtat gcatgaagct gtctcagcag caatgacaac    211680
     atggtacggt agactcaaca gaattttcag aggataggat tcaagcatct tagaggtcag    211740
     tattccacag acaagtagga gatgtaccag ctgtgttaat cacccactac cattaatgtg    211800
     gatgctttcc aaagatcagg aatgtctgtg tagggctggc aagatggctc ggtggttaag    211860
     agcactgact gctcttccag aggtcctgag ttcaatcccc agcaaccacg cggtggctca    211920
     tggccatctg tgatgggatc agatgccctc ttctgctgtg tctgaagaca gctacagtgt    211980
     actcgtatac attaaataaa ttaaatgaat aaataaataa ataagtgttc tgtaacacac    212040
     atgcaaagcc actttgacaa tgctaaaagt agtagaaccc tcagctctta cggacactca    212100
     gatcgattta cctgaaggag gaactaaaac tcaaaccaac ttctttttga aaaagggaga    212160
     ataattgcca ccttcaatgt aaacagctaa ttggacagtt acactgatct tagtaaacct    212220
     ttccggttat agccattcac atgggttccc tggggagaat tc                       212262