ID   AC164550; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 161775 BP.
AC   AC164550; AC118030;
DT   24-JUN-2005 (Rel. 84, Created)
DT   28-OCT-2005 (Rel. 85, Last updated, Version 2)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-469K15 from chromosome 12, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-161775
RA   Adams S., Haglund K., Levy A., Cotton M.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-469K15";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-161775
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (23-JUN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-161775
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (27-OCT-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; fb5f19ddff6e0171e23233b3e71f6079.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456161.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000020598; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000036257; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0019711; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0019675; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0019646; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0019653; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0019457; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0020100; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0019010; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0019429; mus_musculus_cbaj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0019567; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0020140; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0018777; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0019060; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC164550.2:1-161775; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000220123; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000220126; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0034528; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0034520; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0034668; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0034530; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0035239; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0034075; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0033936; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A1W2P6P7.
DR   GOA; A0A1W2P6Z1.
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DR   InterPro; IPR013098; Ig_I-set.
DR   InterPro; IPR013783; Ig-like_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR016035; Acyl_Trfase/lysoPLipase.
DR   InterPro; IPR026966; Neurofascin/L1/NrCAM_C.
DR   InterPro; IPR036116; FN3_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036179; Ig-like_dom_sf.
DR   MGI; MGI:104750; Nrcam.
DR   MGI; MGI:1914702; Pnpla8.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1W2P6F8; A0A1W2P6F8_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1W2P6P3; A0A1W2P6P3_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1W2P6P7; A0A1W2P6P7_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1W2P6V1; A0A1W2P6V1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1W2P6Z1; A0A1W2P6Z1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1W2P7I1; A0A1W2P7I1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1W2P7R6; A0A1W2P7R6_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1W2P7X4; A0A1W2P7X4_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1W2P7Y9; A0A1W2P7Y9_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1W2P814; A0A1W2P814_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1W2P8F5; A0A1W2P8F5_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z5W9; D3Z5W9_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F7B2N8; F7B2N8_MOUSE.
CC   On Oct 27, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:68159124.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0469K15
CC   Drafting center: WIBR
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa and
CC   Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..161775
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="12"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-469K15"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    10357..10400
FT                   /note="Unresolved homopolymeric repeat."
FT   misc_feature    10381..10385
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
FT   misc_feature    52174..52205
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
FT   unsure          53532..53616
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          83463..83482
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   misc_feature    118738..118800
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
FT   unsure          121254..121376
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          126221..126317
FT                   /note="Unresolved simple sequence repeat."
FT   misc_feature    135073..135194
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
SQ   Sequence 161775 BP; 50387 A; 32811 C; 32170 G; 46407 T; 0 other;
     gaattcaaag ggaaagggaa gagtatgttg atcacaggaa agtcctgccc taaatcagga        60
     aaatgaagca agagtctgcc tgccagaatc accatgaaag gcagactcgg cacttgggta       120
     gtggagggtg cagagagggt gctccacgcc agaatcaggc agcaaacact gacaacttct       180
     cggagatgtt ggcaatggaa gaaagagggg aaacagaatg gaaactccag ggagcagcag       240
     agatgaaaag tgattttagg ccacaggaga cgtgaacaca tttgtaggct gaggagacag       300
     aggcaacaag gaaaagcaga gagaaatgaa agtccaagtt ggcaaacagg gataggaccc       360
     agtgtagagg gctgggaaaa aggaacagca cagagaatga gggactccgt gccatactgc       420
     cacacacacc ataaacacag gaatcgcttc aacatgctac gtcttgtgtg ggctctttgt       480
     aagtcttctc ccatgttgga gagaaggctt ttctgagtga ggctttctgt gatgggccaa       540
     tgtatagaca acagctgatt tgcatactgc ccagtctcct ttctgagaaa cagctggagt       600
     cagtcaaaat gaaatgaaag gccatcacac tttaacagga gtagaaaggg ccttgcaacc       660
     ttgaacttga gcctattaga ataaacaaaa caaatttgct ttgatgactc ttaaaaaaac       720
     aataaataaa agtgagtgaa ctaactccaa cgtgaacagg atttgtttgt tttgcttagc       780
     ggcaatcatt tatgcaaatg accaagaagc aatgagtcct gggtattgcc cagtgcttcc       840
     gaactggaat gctaaggctt tgtgttccct tcttgtttag tttagccggg ggtttcatct       900
     ttacatggga agacttctgc aactgatttc aaaaaccttt tacctctaat taatgtcatg       960
     aaatatgaaa agtccaggtt ttttaaaata gaactttcct tctgctactg tatatagtaa      1020
     tttttaatgt gtcagtgtgc ttcccaagtc ttttattttg cttgtgtgaa tatgcatttg      1080
     tggatgcctg aatttttttc aattttttta aaaaactgga ctttgaatgt tctttggatc      1140
     tccttttctc tgccacaacc gaatgagtat tcattctctg gatggttgta gcagtgtatg      1200
     gtaataatat cttgcacttc agattcaaag gtctgagcat cttaagttca tggctagcct      1260
     gggctacaca gaaaaccccc gtctcaacaa tcaaaaaata aaacataagt gatatccttt      1320
     atcccatgat ttaacaacct ttcacttatt caattaactc ccccaactca ctaagcctat      1380
     aaaatcagtt tcagtgtctg tttaatagtt tacaatataa aaaaatcata tccacttaat      1440
     cagggcccta acactgaaca ttaatatgat cccgattggc tgatttttaa ctgcatttcc      1500
     taaagatata ctattttact agtactgact aagaaacagc cagtaaaatt gttagacact      1560
     tgataatatg gaggacaatt cagctataaa gttcattgtc ttcactgtga ttaggggact      1620
     attgaactat caggatttca gacctgcttc cagtacccag ctccatgata gccctgccca      1680
     caccatttgt tctgtatcag tcactgaact agacgtctgc ccacacccaa acagctacaa      1740
     gtggtatgtg tcagcagctt gtgatcttga gaccccttgg ggaaatttct cagtgggttg      1800
     gacttagcaa tgtcccagaa ggctttaaag ccatgggtgg gatgctaatt gtgactatgg      1860
     tcacagtgca caggtgacta cattaggttg aaaactgtca aattgtccat ttaaatatgt      1920
     aaagttggtt gtatattaat tatgcttcaa taaaaaagtt gaagaaattc tgatttggaa      1980
     gcagagaaat tctgattcca cctgtcccat gtgggcttcc aggtagtttt aatgggacgc      2040
     tgagacccat tgatctacta tgcaggattt ccaaatgtga actgatagat tgatggactc      2100
     gatataaaat tgacaattaa atattttaaa ataagtgatt ttttttttac tgtttttaag      2160
     gatatcaact atccttttta aaacgctgtt aagaaaagca acttagagga ttgatttaga      2220
     taattatcta atagttcatt attccagttt atcttagtca gggtttctat tcctgcacaa      2280
     acatcatgac caagaagcaa gttggggagg aaagggttta ttcggcttac actgcttgaa      2340
     ttccagtcct ggcttccttt ggtgatgaag aagcagaagc tgatgcagag gtcatggagg      2400
     gatgttattt actggcttgc ttttcctgac ttgttcagct tgttttttca tagaatccaa      2460
     gactaccagc ccagagatgg ttccacccac aagggccctc cccgcttgat cactaattga      2520
     aaaaatacct tacagctgga tctcatggag ccatatcttc acctgaaact cctttctctg      2580
     tgataactcc agcctgtgtc aagttgacac aaaaccagcc aaggaatctt tcagatgcag      2640
     tgctagatgt gttagatgca gtgagccagt acatagatca tgcatatgaa tgtgagtggc      2700
     acttcttaag atcctgtaac tctcctaagg ggacttagac tagattaaat aagccattgt      2760
     ttaaatattg atatgtgtag aaaaaaacta aacacagaaa ttgtaaaaat gaaattgtaa      2820
     aaacacacct gctatgacca cactgcttca tctctgattc tcagagagct ctatttcaat      2880
     ccaagagctg tttgctccgt ttgccaaatc tctgagttgg gtctaggctt ttaagcaaga      2940
     atgtgggaaa cgctgtccca gaaaattgga agcttcctgc caggggcacc atctcagtct      3000
     cctgacaggt gaggctctgt gccagtgtct tcatctgaag aaagaaaaca gcgtcgtatc      3060
     cacaataaaa cagccaggcc ttcttattag agaaaattaa tattcaatat cagcttgcat      3120
     gtctcaactc tgttattaat aagaagccct gactataatt ggtattggca cagaatacag      3180
     ttttggagct tcacccagct ggaaaatgat catggagtac ggggcttcgt tccacacagt      3240
     ctcacagagg gattagaaga ataaaaagaa gccaacaggc tttggggaga attgttcttc      3300
     ctgagttctg aaatggccat gtggggagca ggggcagagt tgtggctgtc actggcatgg      3360
     ttctcctcac ttcctggctg cctcacctcc acggggcact gcaaattgaa atttcatgat      3420
     gtagcacttt ggagttgggg aacaagaggc gtacctgatc cgaatttgct gctggcagtg      3480
     agacaagaca taaaacacac ccgggaggag gacgctgtca tggagccaca gaccacacac      3540
     aaaacaaggt cttcccactg tagctggaga ccaggcaagt tagggttgat gtgtgcagag      3600
     aatggagaga aatgtcacct gctgaaggca ttgtttcctg actgcccgcc accaccactg      3660
     ccccaaccaa aagaagacag agctgcctgc acacctgaag tgataaatgg gactgaaatg      3720
     gagatgaact atttcatatt cctaacagga aaaaaaagca agaccaccta ctaatgacca      3780
     atgtattgta cggttctcta ccacagcttg tgatgtgcac tgtaagcagg cctctcttct      3840
     ccagacctgc atcctctcca gtatcttcct tacccccatt gctttctctg caatttcttt      3900
     agactcttgc ccaagtcact gttgatatca tttttaggtt atcccagcag caaagtacct      3960
     ggtctgtgga tggcctggtc catcctcagc caagtgccca gattaggagt ctaggagccc      4020
     catgttctgt gtggtccggg ggcgttgttt gggaagacag gggaatatat cagcttacac      4080
     agcctcaccc atgcactttg ctttattagc gtgaaaaaca ctttacaagt gacctgccac      4140
     aggctctcat tttgatagtg agaaattcaa cttttacaaa atttctcagg caaaataaaa      4200
     ccctcaaacc ctgcaggact tgtgaacacc aggctatgtt tgccttaagt tacctgataa      4260
     aataatgtcc ataagtcata aaaggaaccc atattgtaat actagtcatg tcataatttc      4320
     tacttctatc gcctgatctt taaacaaaaa ttacatcctg cagtttataa cagttttcaa      4380
     aggctgtatt tgaacaattg atgtcccttt aagtcaaccc aggtatgtgc ttcctctttg      4440
     aagtatctag tttttgtttt gttttggctt ggttttttgt tttgttttgt tttttgtttt      4500
     ttgtttttgc ttttcgagac agagtttctc tgtatagctc tggctgtcct ggaactcact      4560
     ctgtagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atccacctgc cttttcctcc caaatgctgg      4620
     gattaatggt atgcgccacc actgcctgaa ctctagttta ttttaaaatc attacaaaat      4680
     cataaaagac aaacatcaca acatgatgga ccccaatgaa actctgagcc ccatagtcct      4740
     gaggtagcat gctctcaaat caacatgctc atatgctaac tgcatagacc tgggggtcct      4800
     aatgaataaa tattcaaata cagaaagaaa gttacaagga acataaatag acctgcaaga      4860
     agttttgttt tgtctgcttc tttcccccag aatacaattc tagttactct gactgtattt      4920
     ctttttcttt ctttcttaac agatgcatgc tgttataatg atgtcagtac aaatcgacac      4980
     tcatcttcca aaactttcaa ccatgtgagc ctcttcctgt ggagaccacg agataatgtc      5040
     cttggggaag agaaggtgaa acaggaagca gccttttaag atttaatagg cttctgggag      5100
     agtgtgcagg ggttagcagt cctggctgtc cctgaaactc cctggggctt gggtcccgtt      5160
     cccagtgact taactggttt aggtagtgac gagaccttga tcggttttta aggctcattc      5220
     tgatctatta cagctaatac tctccctgag gtaaactttt cttcaacaga gtactaagaa      5280
     ctctgtaaca agcagagtaa tccaaaaaca aatcaagcca tctgaggggc agatttctct      5340
     tacaagtgtg tagggagggc tgcctgcctg aacccccatc ccaggatgtt gaaaagtggg      5400
     ggcccacagc agctgatgaa gatctttgaa actgcttatt tcttttttgt tctttttttt      5460
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttggtttt tcgagacagg gtttctctgc atagctccag      5520
     ctgtcctgga actcactcgt agaccaggat ggcctcgaac tcagaaatct gcctgcctct      5580
     gcctcccgag tgctgggatt aaaggcatgt accaccactg cccggctgaa actgcttatt      5640
     tcttatacac cacttttatc ccagatcagc atttggcata aagtaaaaca aaggaaaaag      5700
     ccttgttcat ctgcacataa aatttttcta catttaacat tagtctattt taacaacagc      5760
     ttttcttcta caatgaagtg aattaatata tccaaaattt tatactcaca atttttcact      5820
     acctcattcc cctctcccca gggggggaaa aaaaactgtt ggaaaatagt cggtactttc      5880
     ttcaattcat aaaaatactt gtcatagatg ttctgtgaat gtcaccagca caccattatc      5940
     tgtaactaac ttgccaatta ttagttttcc ttttctcttt cccataagcc ccagtgtgta      6000
     actatactct aatttttctg gaagattaat ttttgaccta tccaaggaaa atcttttaga      6060
     agtagtatat aggatgtctt gggggtgggt agggtcttac tcttaggcca ggcttctttc      6120
     aaacttggga tcttcctgcc tcagcttgca gagtgctagg attacatata tgcactgcca      6180
     taccacactg ccccaccctg gaagttcaga caagggaaat gttctctacc ttctaactgc      6240
     actacaaatt tccaggtttc aatttctaat gtcaaagaca aaagacacca ttggagtttt      6300
     actaactaca aataattatt tgctagattg ttctatttta ccaaaagtga ccagactgaa      6360
     ctctcacaga aaatgtaggt aacttgccta acccagtatt tagatcagat aaaaaattcc      6420
     atgagagcac tatagacaac tacctgctcc ttacaaatcc taaccattgc agccttcaaa      6480
     ccaaagctca acacactcct cctccaggat accttccctg aatcattacc ttggagccac      6540
     tcacttttat tcttcctgtt ctctcatccc tcaatggtgt agattcagcc agaatttagt      6600
     tttaaaatac cctttgtacc tctcattggt accagtaatg tagaaacaca gaggaccggc      6660
     aaccaatgaa ggtcaataag aacttattaa acacttagac caccttgggt ttcttactta      6720
     tttttggggg gtgctgggaa ttggacctac agccaggcat caaggtaggt cactgagcct      6780
     taagcctcag cccaaatatt tatgacacca agttatctgg ctaatataca tttcccgggg      6840
     tgttgcattg tccccagtct ttgtgccttc ttcagcttgt ctgtgcttcc ttccacacag      6900
     ttcccataat tgcttactta gtgcaaagtc acttcaccac tgacatagtg gctctcaaca      6960
     ctaccagctg cctctagcac atgactccag ccgtatgccc accatagtag gagctgttga      7020
     agctccatac ctagtccaac atggctgtta tgaagactgg ctccttgaga cacttctaca      7080
     tcctaaagta ataccatctg tggagtatag gactggattc tatgactacc aataagcttg      7140
     ggaacaacag cttagcaaca cagcttaaga cccaatggaa gggactaggc taaagtactt      7200
     atcactcagg cataagaact tgaattctcc attgatctca ttttccccct gtggtatatc      7260
     ttattgctgc aaactggagc agggggagca gaaatattat taaatgactc cataaaacat      7320
     caaacacaga accatcaggt ctgtgcccgc tgagctgaac aatgggcaag gcagaaaaaa      7380
     agtccggtaa aaagaaataa taactacttc ttagttaaag tggttgccct acatcctaat      7440
     ttgttcccat aaaagattag agggctctgt ggcttggctg cagttcctcc tgtgtggttt      7500
     ctttttattt acctagattt tttttctttt agcagtggct ctctccagct gcaccaacat      7560
     tttcttctga gagatgccac aaacttttca gaaacaattt tgttgtctac actccagaaa      7620
     aatgactctt ctgcaaaaca atggagccag ctgccatctc ttgctgtcat caggaccaag      7680
     atgattcatc tctatccagc aggaatatca ctaaaggagg tttgaacact atccttgctt      7740
     cataagattg cagaaaaaag ctaacacgtt tctttcatga tgccaatgcc tgttttaagc      7800
     aatacttaac agatgtttgg ggacattctc ataatgttga cattgttgac aatgctagac      7860
     agaattgcct tatgggaagc aaacactaaa tcctaggcat gtggcaaaga acctgcttta      7920
     ctggaactct gctctgtcat catttctgag atgagagaga tgtttctatg gcaacaggcc      7980
     acatctgctg gcagaaggca gagtttaggg gacttccttt ttctttcatt ttatgtctaa      8040
     ttacgtatta ctttgagaaa gaaataataa aattcttcct taattaggca cataaacacc      8100
     cgcaagaaac atgttggatt tttatactat ggtcccgaga tgtgaatgtc cttgtccatg      8160
     tccttaaagg cacaggactc ctttcagcaa agcagattaa aggtgataaa aagggaagaa      8220
     aacttcatga agtctcattg tctatagaat agtgcacaca tcacattacc attcacaaca      8280
     acaacagttc tataatttca gtaactgagg taagcactct agcattcaac tgatatttca      8340
     tgtcttaatc acctatagaa tattttgact ggctcaaaac tcaatctcca gacctctagg      8400
     gattacacac cacacgtgtc ccttccttct ttcacaagtc agaaaggatg ctgatgtgcc      8460
     tagcttttac aacagcaaca ggtgataaaa cctcactggc atcttgcggc ctttaagctg      8520
     cagtgatttt ccaacaaatt agcaatactg tccaattcca acacacagac tcccagcttt      8580
     ttgaattgaa ggtttcttta ggtaacactg ccccaatggg atccacagtc attatttgat      8640
     ctgaggagtg aaagccctgt ccttcagaaa ctactctgct ttaagagctt gccagaaata      8700
     cacctgtgac actacatttg atatatgcct cacagtgtct ggggttgaca tcgcctattt      8760
     ccttaagagt catggctgcc ataaatatac ccttcagcct tccctccagt tcaaggtcag      8820
     tgcacagaac atgctgacgt gtttctgaag cagagattct ctcaccagac aaacgatctc      8880
     tgtgcttcta tgaggcacac agtatcaaag catatcttga gaagaaagac aaacccacac      8940
     acgggataca tgcagatgag tgtctcaggg gacctggtga ctgctgaagt ccttggcaaa      9000
     tggcttaaca gatgagacaa ctggtggctc taccttctga gctgccccga ccacagcctc      9060
     accatacatt gactaggaag ggagattttt aactgtttct tttttctttt tctttttttt      9120
     cttttttttt ttagtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt tgttttttga      9180
     gacagggttt ctatgtatag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actttgtaga ccaggctggc      9240
     ctcgaactca gaaatccacc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc ccgtcagtgt ttaaaggcgt      9300
     gtgccaccag tacccgtcgt gtttcttttt tcatgtactg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg      9360
     tgtgtgttat gagttcactc atgtgcaaca ctgtggacca ccgaaacact tagaaaacat      9420
     atcgtcagag ctcagcacat ggctcagtgg attagagaac ttgctatgta agaataagga      9480
     cccaagtttg aatctccagc acccacatga aaaaacaggg tatgaccatg tgtctgaggg      9540
     acggggcaga gatcagacac agatgggtcc tgggaatttg ccgggtataa gcccaaccaa      9600
     aaccatcaag attttgctca gtgagagacg ctttttcaaa gaaataaggg acacagcaat      9660
     agagggagac acccagtatt cttttccggc ctctctgtga atacagagag gtatgtgcat      9720
     ccacatatac aggtgcccat atatttatac tacacacacc acatatgcat acatgtacgt      9780
     atatacacac aaggaaatat ataaccattc tttttttgtc atgctgtttt taattccttt      9840
     gaagattaat atttaatgta gctgatttaa aagtgtttaa tatagtttct acacagaaat      9900
     atagcatata aggtttttct ctggcttact ttccagagtg gaaatttatt tcagcatcag      9960
     taaagaagcc tgtgactatt caacaagttc aagactgtgg aataaaagtg aggtccaata     10020
     aattcatagc aagcacagat catgggggag atttctactt caaatttgca aactttgaga     10080
     gttttgccca ctctagaacc tcggaagaca tctgaccgtc tttttgataa tgagagacac     10140
     taacaagata tatgcagact taattagttt ggccctcaca ttgaagctgt ctgctctgct     10200
     cagtgtttac ccagtggatg ccttcccagc cctttccgag gccttgcttc atcctttctt     10260
     ttaagaactt ccctcaacct gtgagtcttc ttcaaagaca gtgttagtga tcttgcccct     10320
     gcaacacact tctcttctgc caattcttcc ttctctcccc ccccccccac ctcccccctc     10380
     cccccttccc cccccccccc ggggggaacc agggagcctc agacagttta tctccagata     10440
     atctccaatt agcttcttct ccttctcctg ccaggctcac tctcacaact tcctcttgca     10500
     aatccacctc ctcctaacat acttctccca tctccaggag gatacaggag ttaaactgtc     10560
     tgtctttctg ctttactgtt ttcctgttta cctactggct agacataaaa ctttttaatg     10620
     ccctgagaaa ataaaagttg cattttctcg cctgaccttg gtgagcagtc aattcgtctt     10680
     tttgtctttt cctttttact gctgttttgt tgtgtttttt attattgtta aatgttttta     10740
     actttaaaaa attttttttt catttttaaa attatttttt gattataata taattattcc     10800
     atttatcccc tccctttcct ctcctcagtc tctttactat acttcttgtt acctttcaaa     10860
     ttcatggtca tggcctcttc tttcattagt tgttgtcaca tacatacata atacatacat     10920
     acatatacat gcatatacat acacacatac attcctaaac acataaacag agctctgctc     10980
     agtctgtatg atgtatgtat gttttcaggg ctgaccattt gatagtaagt aactagttga     11040
     tgatctcttc cctgtgaagg actatttctc ctgctctcca tccatattcc ctaattagcc     11100
     atccttcttt gtctaaagat gaatcttgtc tgtactcagg tgtttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     11160
     tgtgtgagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagaa     11220
     gggaagggaa agagggagag agacagagag aaagagacag agaaaccgag aaagagaaac     11280
     agacacacaa agaaaagagg aagaaaacct tcatctctct aaggttagca tctctatgac     11340
     acagtaaagt cacactgata taaataagaa aggcatgtca actaaaattg aaaactacag     11400
     ccaggcagtg gaagaaattg aaagactcaa ctctgttctc tatcataccc caacatagca     11460
     cataatgaaa aatcactgca catggccagt taggaagaat ttgttatgtt tatatacaag     11520
     tttaacatta taatagaggt ttgagaaagg agataatata tgtacaatgt agtcataagc     11580
     aatataaaat aataataacc atgtgttaca tgaaacgaaa tagactgaaa ttataagaaa     11640
     ttacttgagg tgtgtatttg caagctctga cttaattccc aagcttaact tttttataca     11700
     aatattgcct atgatgtcac atgttacttg caaatactta tgtctcttat aattctatat     11760
     ttaactatat atagttgttc cagagcatag actgctgcaa tttaatttaa aatatacaag     11820
     ctgaatttat aaggttgaaa ataaattgct gttaaccttt ctgatagact tttgaatggt     11880
     ataagcaaaa cctttatcaa ccaacagcaa aaaccgtgct gaaaggtttc attcagtgag     11940
     aatgtctgtc tacatcactg tgctagaagc caggaaagac cccagaagta gacatgccat     12000
     catctgtccc actgaagttt caaattctac actgttttta taatgattaa gttattaaag     12060
     aaagtatatg tggccaggca gtagtggtcc acacctttaa tcccagtact tggaaggcag     12120
     aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tccaggccaa cctggtctac acagtgagtt ccaggacagc     12180
     cagagctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaaaga     12240
     aagtatatgt gtatagtcat gagaaaagta cacccattag aaaacaggcc ttctatggtg     12300
     ggaaatatca tggaaacctc taagctatca gttctctaga ggagaactca gttccaggat     12360
     atgagtgcat tgtttcagga agtaggtgtt tcggtcatca ctggtgtagt catcttatta     12420
     ataagtcgcc ttaggaaacc atcagaaccc aggcacagac acagtgtgcg ctcagttctg     12480
     tcttacccag aagagggagg taccacctgg acttcagaga actaaagctc tactcccaga     12540
     aaactcaata gagtagtaac cactgacagg aaactattgt tcttcaattg tgctgttttt     12600
     ctgaccaatt gaaatctatt atgaaatctt agacatttta caaactcttc tggcctgctc     12660
     ttaggagaat aatgccatac ttaaccatac ctgcttgatc agcaagcaaa gatgaccaac     12720
     agaattggtg acaggtcctt ctgtagagac agaggtatcc tttacgacat gccataaagt     12780
     atggtcgagt aggaaagacc ctgaaaatgg tgccttccac atgacatcat ctgaatctca     12840
     cttcctccag cagcttcatc ccaatgctaa gattagaatc agtttcttct ttctctgaga     12900
     ggctccctga gctatataat acaagccagg agccttcaga ttccatattc tgctcccaaa     12960
     taaatgcctt taacacatta catcgtgatt tagtgtgaaa tgctgtgtta tcaaggtgta     13020
     ttggttaact tttcttatca ctgcaactgg aaaactgaca aggagctacc taagaagtga     13080
     cagatttatt ttgtctcata atttgagaga agacaatcca ttgtcatgga gaagacacgc     13140
     tgccaggagg ctacacggta gcagcggcca cacagatgac tgaaagtgag gataagctat     13200
     aagtttcaaa gtctgcccct agtgacccac tttctcagat tcttaaggct tccaagacct     13260
     tccccaacat tgtctggcaa cctggtgttc aagtgcacgc acctatgaga aacactatac     13320
     agtcagagtg gtaacacatg actagataat atttattcag ttctcaatgt caacaagcac     13380
     ttacatcatt tcataaatac atttgggagt taagatgctc acttttgcac attaaaagtt     13440
     gaggctcaga aaaattattc tgtataaggg caccaaccga gtatctgaac cgaggtacca     13500
     ctaggtctgt atttcaaact cctctgtgaa tgtgatatct ttcaaacaca ctgaaaagca     13560
     gagagtataa acctagttct gatacacaat ccttaactga aagcacaaag atccttcctg     13620
     atgtaagaat acattacaaa gagaaatgaa gtttttcagt ccaaatgaaa aggcagttgt     13680
     gatgtgaaga aaggagactc tgcattacct cagagaaagc actaccaagg acagtactgg     13740
     tcctgagaag gtacttaaca aagcatcagg gaacatacca ttctcctatc cagaagtcta     13800
     acaggaatca gaaatgacca tctgaacaaa aacatgacct tcaagtaagg agcaattcag     13860
     gcagccatgc tctgtggtga aagagcttcc ctatccatct gcccccaact cctgttactt     13920
     tagctgcagc aaggtggtcc tctcatttca acatgtgcct cattcccaac catagcccca     13980
     gtagggaaga aaatatcact gggccaggct gagcacagga agaaaatata tcatactatg     14040
     agcataaaaa ggcaggataa tagagtggaa gacgagggct atctttgggg aggagggctg     14100
     tgatatagta gggaagaagg catcaactgt agagctaata ctgtttctca ggatgagtag     14160
     aaagtataat gatgcaatgg ataaaattat taaatacata acatgaaagg tagttagcta     14220
     atggggaata gattgacagg aatacagaga agtgcataag tgaaaacctt aggaataata     14280
     aggtaagaaa gaaaggtagg aaaaaagaga aaatgatgag agagggattc agggtaggat     14340
     tcaaagtgga aggaaggagg tttaagccac tgcacagctc tcagcagaga tcttttaata     14400
     gagccacaga gtcagcgcag tcagaaggaa gatttgccca caaaatgaaa attattctct     14460
     gggagtgagg tccatgctta tcatgacatc atgtaggagg gcgagtcagc aagagtcctg     14520
     gtgtaaattc aaggctgatc tgagctacac ggtgagttcc aggtcatcct gggcaactta     14580
     gccaaaatgt caaaatgtca ggcggcaact agtaagaggg acacatgctc cactatgttc     14640
     atagcagcct tatttataat agccagaagc tggaaagaac ccagatgctc ctcaacagag     14700
     gaatggatac aaaaaatgtg gtacatttac acaatggagt actactcagc tattaataag     14760
     aatgaattta tgaaattcca aggcaaatgg ttggacttgg agggcatcat cctgagtgag     14820
     gtaacccaat cacaaaggaa ctctcacaat atgtactcac tgataagtgg atattagccc     14880
     agaaacttag gatacccaag atataagata caatttgcca aacgcatgaa actcaagaag     14940
     aacgaagacc aaagtgtgga cactttgccc ctgcttagaa ttgggaacaa aacacccatg     15000
     gaaggagtta cagagacaaa gtttggagct gagacaaaag gatggaccat ctagagactg     15060
     ccatatccag gcatccatcc cataatcagc ctccaaatgc tgataccatt gcatacacta     15120
     gcaagatttt gctgaaagga ccctgatata gctgtctctt gtgagactat gccggggcct     15180
     ggcaaacaca taagtgaatg ctcacagtca gctattggat ggatcacagg gcccccaatg     15240
     gaggagctgg agaaagtacc caaggagcta aagggatctg caaccctata ggtggaacaa     15300
     caatatgaac taaccagtac cccggagctc ttgactctag ctgcatatgt atcaaaagat     15360
     ggcctagtcg gccatcactg aaaagagagg cccattggac atgcaaactt tatatgcccc     15420
     agtacagagg aatgccaggg ccaaacagtg ggagtggctg ggtatgggag taggggggga     15480
     ggggagggta tgggggactt ttgggatagc attggaaatg taaatgagga aaatacctaa     15540
     taaaaaaatg tcaggcggct aaattatgag agaatgatgg atcaagagta aaagataact     15600
     ccaaatgtgg caggaggctt gctttccatg agagttctgg caagccaggg aagcagtttg     15660
     gttgacagag cccctaaacc aaagcaagtg gccgcataat tattccaggt aactgattcg     15720
     gcacagtgag atcagaacct tatgtctgtg gcttcctcgc taaatcttat tacctgccat     15780
     ggcccactta agcagaatgg gtcacttttc tcccactcag ggtcctcacg agaacagaag     15840
     tgaggctctc agaggctact gctggcagga gaggaagcca ctttccctca tcaagcaaga     15900
     tctgaaagtt aaacagtcct cgggaagctc aagaattgga gactattatt cacatcacag     15960
     agaagatgtc ctttctttga gagattatct tagagttttg ccccactgaa gatggtgaca     16020
     gattccacat ctaaatctac tcttgtcagg acttcatgct cgtatgcttc tttctcccat     16080
     ctaagcctac atcagaaagc ccacaggtgc ccgggacagt ttttctgcct gtctatgtca     16140
     cccatgcggc ttttagctca acacccattc ctgcacttaa acatgaagaa gcttcctcca     16200
     agtcctcagt cccagattta gccgggagtt gactgactgg tgaaggacat cgggtttcct     16260
     accaggaagg gtaatggtga gggggaagga gttagcccaa aatcacctct caaacttccc     16320
     atagccttct gtagaaaatg atctaatgtt agccttgctg agcagtaacc tgggatactg     16380
     caaaaaaact gtgctatagg ttctgagaag cccttcaagg aaagcagtta gagtgacttc     16440
     aggggacact tcagatggaa attacaaagt caaataattc cttgagtaaa gtagtatgtc     16500
     acctgtcagg aaaagaacta agatgtggaa gaagaaagga gccatttata tggtaggttt     16560
     aagcaaatcg tcttcaaacc ccatagcttt ttcagttgga cttgaactgt tgctattgat     16620
     tctaaaagtt gaataacggt actgttatct tttgctagca tacatagcgg accaagttgc     16680
     ctgagtcaat agtcatttca gggaaactga gaagtgactt gttcctacat ggaaatatca     16740
     gagagggaac atgctggaaa ttgattttta attcactttt ttaatcctca aaatgattat     16800
     tattaatatt attttttttt ttggtttttc gagacaggat ttctctgtgt agccctggct     16860
     atcctggaac tcgctttgta gaccagactg gcctcgaact cagaaatccg cctgcctctg     16920
     cctccccaag tgctaggatc aaaggcgtgc gccaccacac caggctctta aaattatata     16980
     ttatcattga acagcaatag gttgataaat ttaggtatgt attgcacaag tatgttactt     17040
     ctatttcatc tgcagtctat cacaattaga tttatacact tccaagagaa gagggctaca     17100
     gagaaatact gagcatgaat ctttggtctg ctcttttaag gacaatgtgg agctcgtgcc     17160
     tggatggcac aatcatccat aatgattgct gtaggagggt acagcctgat gaactagacc     17220
     ctcccagtgt catggaacat ttttacagac atgttcattt gagcaaattt ctggggtgag     17280
     gtgtcatcat tttcattagc ttctagaaat atccatgatc ccaaaggtta agagtttttg     17340
     caatagaaca ttagtaacat gtgaagaaaa tagggcattt gtggaataga gtaagtcaga     17400
     gaagcgaatc tgttcagata gtttctttta actgaggcta ggcaggtaac tgagatggta     17460
     caatgctttg gcatggtccc cagaatctat atagaaagct gggtataggg gtacatgcta     17520
     tggtaatccc agagctggga aggctgaaac aggcagatct tggggctcac tggccagcca     17580
     gggtatttca atcagtgaat ttaagtccca acaaaaaacc ctgtctcaaa aaccaggtag     17640
     tgtgtcccta aggaggaata atcctctgat cacactcgtg cacctgtgta cccacgataa     17700
     tttccttttt taccgatatt tacttcgttt atatttctaa ctgcattgct aatggttttt     17760
     ctctttaaac agagactaaa acacatacat aattctaaac ctccgtcacc cagacagaaa     17820
     gtgggaagga gggaaattat gaatgaatct gagcctggga gaagtgacca tatatactgt     17880
     gttaagttgg tgtactttat atgttggctg gagaaagcct tgctagctgg gcgttggtgg     17940
     cgcacacctt tagtcccagc actcggaagg cagaggcagg cagatttctg agtttgaggc     18000
     cagcctggtc tacaaagtga gttccaggac agccagggct atacagagaa accctgtctc     18060
     aaaaaatcaa aaaacaaaaa acaaagagag agagagagag aataagagag agagagagag     18120
     aaagccttgg gactcaaact taacattatg cctctcccct gcactctcga tgttagtcaa     18180
     agttcagaca tgtacctctg gaaggtggtt gcctaagtaa ttgtctttga cttatggttc     18240
     tgacacgtaa tttagttatc aacggttcat ctaatatata caaatccaat gttataggat     18300
     aacatacaaa ttaggagcca tccagataac agcattgtcc tgctggtgtg tggctcagct     18360
     aattatattg gcaagccctg tgtcattctc attgccacag gggtttaaat aaacaggtaa     18420
     ggctgtaccc cagttcatgg ctagcataag tgagtgaaga gcaggctacc atagggagag     18480
     gtgcgctgga tcaagaacgc ccagactgtc cttccaccgt gttaggaaag cagagctctc     18540
     gtactgctgc tttgctttag ggtctatagc agctgacatt ttaaaattag gaaccacaga     18600
     aggatgacat ttaatgcatc aattatttta aagagtgact ttgaatgtct aagggaatat     18660
     agcatctcta aagcagggct tatgatgcct gtgtgactaa gaagacagga ccatctctgt     18720
     gactatgact acacttctaa tcactgtgag cagcaacgat aacattgctg tccatctgat     18780
     aagctcttgt gatagtgcac agttttgctc ccaacgtcta ccatggagag ttattatgga     18840
     gataagggga tacatgttca tatttggtat gctctggaca caaggcttga acacagggtt     18900
     tgaaactttc atccattttc tgtatagaat agttatttag ccacatggcc ttatagttca     18960
     gaagcatttg aatgcatgct gtccatcagt aaactcaact tcattccggc cagatgaagt     19020
     ctgtacctct tttctttctc cgagaagaag cagtatttgg ggtggagctg aagctcaccc     19080
     atctcaatta gaaggactaa gatgagatag gtagccagct ttgttgaata gaggaggtcc     19140
     tgtcattttc catgatactt tcatgacaat ggctaatcac aagtaagtac tacacctttc     19200
     cccttagcag atttacaccc cctgccatat aatctaaaca aagagcacac tagtttattt     19260
     tgttaagcaa gaaaagcatg taattattgt tctgtcccaa aataaatgtt tttgtattat     19320
     ttgttatatt ctgaatatct cagaccttac ctcaaagccc ataagtattc gaggagggtc     19380
     aaaaacgatt caaacatgta agatgttcaa acctcacaca gatcctgcct acacatggaa     19440
     agtccccact ccctctacgg gctttcattc tccattgtgt ggtcaaagtt ggctattgct     19500
     gctattgctt gatgctgccc caacctctgg ctgaggaagt tcatactcat ttgttttctt     19560
     catcatcagt ccatttctct ctgttcctag cataaaagcc ctgctgcact cgaaccaata     19620
     gtctccagtg tgtcacaaat aactcatctt tctgggattt ttgcttttac atcctcactt     19680
     caaatctcaa ggcaccctca gaatccttct ccatttcctc ttcttccggg aagcccactc     19740
     cagctatagc tagttcccag ggacactcac ttccctgaag atccaactgt gtaatctctc     19800
     ttctccatga ccctgcatct aatgagggaa ttggacatgc agatattact gtttctggtc     19860
     cactggtcct ctactaaatg agctcctaga aggcgaatag tccccataac tcccacagtg     19920
     actctaattg gctcactgag aaataaattg tcttccctaa gttttaattg acaaaacaac     19980
     aacaaaacac ttttaagttc ttcagttctc aaacttgaat ttccatctaa atcacctgta     20040
     agatttgttt caaggagaca tctgagcccc ctcccaaaat gtctcactgt taactgggga     20100
     agagagatag cagactagca cagctaataa gtccccaggt gataccgatg gtcacagctt     20160
     gaaggaaccc ctccgtgaga actgcaggca tagtttatgc ccttgagcag aagaccctga     20220
     ctagcagtaa gaatatagca gaaaattgtg ggaaaagcag atgatggaga gaagactatg     20280
     gcctcttgac agtgtctctt agccatgaca cagccgtggc atggcgtgat tctagttcag     20340
     tcactcctct gttaagttgg gctaaaattg tctaccccat ttgtaaatat tactggaaag     20400
     attaaatgta gccaaaggtg aataaggagc taatatgtac aaaggtaatt tgcaaatgaa     20460
     gttacaaaca tacatgtcct tgtaataaaa tgttaaatat ttaataaatg taattctgaa     20520
     ttgttcagcc taagatgtcc aagattctaa gacaaatttt tgatatatac actgcttgct     20580
     tttattatta tttcaatatt ggaaaacaaa taaatacttt catgataatt cctaatcaca     20640
     aatactacaa atttactatt gggaaaaaga aataaattaa ttattaccat gattacttta     20700
     ttgaaaatat ttgaaatcat atatctattt tacatatata tttatgtatc cttttcacac     20760
     acacacatta agcgagaggg ggaagaaatt aaaacttcaa gatcttctct ttaaaaaaaa     20820
     aaaaacacca gttaaaaaat aaaattttct gtgtgtagaa agaaaatgga gtttggaagt     20880
     taaaatgact ataatcatct taaaaatgaa acacagagaa accccaccaa agttaattca     20940
     atcttgctcc caatttattg ttaactattt tcctgccaca tgcctcttta tttgagtgat     21000
     taatcatcga tcaaatttta agattcccct gtggtctcac aagctacaaa ttaggaaaat     21060
     gaaatgtctc cttcaccatg gattcaagat ccatgacctt ctggagtatg tataataaaa     21120
     aggggtcatg ggtcactgat gacaaatggg ctttgtgatg gatgactaaa accagagaaa     21180
     agacacagtg gagcacaaag tggttaaaaa acatagttga ttaaataccc ttatcatttg     21240
     tgcctaaata tattcatatt atatacatga aagtgtacag atgcttgcct ttttgtgcat     21300
     tgtttcccta taaggcttgt tttaaggaaa atcaaggtac cagagcttta tacatgtgac     21360
     ccttcagctt gtaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaggc tatacattca tgtgaataaa     21420
     gtcacaaaga ctgcaaagca aagggatcct caggtccttg cacaaaagaa aaggagagag     21480
     gagagagggc aagcaaagtt aaaaatcaaa cagatttgag caccatggtc actaagcacc     21540
     agggcattcc ggcagagacg cttcccctct gtgtgtggga ctgcaataca gagacaatag     21600
     ctccacaaac attctccttg acaccagtga gtaatttcat ggagttcagt aggcatgttt     21660
     cagacaggat ggggctcctt tgctttctat tctgggcatt tctcagaccc tcttactctc     21720
     ggcttcattt acactcagtt ttcagttcct gtggggatgt tggaagaaag gacagaagca     21780
     aaagaagagt aacaacaaca acaacaacaa gaaaaatttg agtttaacac aagcttttgg     21840
     ctatattttc tttcttcctc cttccaacct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc     21900
     cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct cccttccttc ctccctttca tccttccttc     21960
     catttagaaa aaacttccaa gtattggcca gcaatccagc tctgcagtct ataacaaaga     22020
     aactatgtgg cctcatgaag ttgtttttta atttggtttt ggttttgttt gtttgtttct     22080
     tttaatcaga ggaatcacta aaatatacat gaagtgctaa gggttcaatt aataaaattt     22140
     aatgtttttt ttaatttcaa ttgcaaaatg aaactatagg tcaatgtaaa tgacacttcc     22200
     gctttaacac agtcgattat ttttaaatgg attctcccca catcaaagaa agatctactc     22260
     tattcgcctt atagaagacc tttcctgact cttccagccc aactgtttca gagatgccca     22320
     tagtgtttcc tgaaacaagt taattcatta atgccatgcc agcactgctt tcatttattc     22380
     actcagcaat catttatcaa atatttaatg tatattgagc cctgctttac atgctagaga     22440
     cataaacatc tatgtcccat gaagtttaca ttcctaacaa gaagggctag agtaaataag     22500
     aaaattatac tgtattcaaa aagtggtagt aagtcctatg aaaaaatgaa aacaacaaca     22560
     aaaaccctta cagtcaagta aatggaacca ggagaaagag gtaacgattt aaataaggtg     22620
     accaagttaa gcttcattga aaaattttca tttgaagaaa aaaagaggag gggatgacat     22680
     tgacattttt ctgcagaact ggaaggaggg ttccagtcag cactcagcca acactaagtc     22740
     ccttgggaag agcaaggcct ggtgaggtca aggctgagga gcatggaaaa ggcaaggcca     22800
     gacaggcaag tagggtggca tacgacagtg tcctatagga ttttgttctt tgttagtaaa     22860
     aattttacaa tactttgaga gcaactggct gctgtgctgc ataattgggc tgcataacaa     22920
     gccctgactt gtacatttga aggatccagt ttgctagatg agaataatga agtaccaaga     22980
     aaggaagtag attagaaggc agctctgaga gtaagtcatt ggggtgatca tggcttgatc     23040
     caggacagaa tggattgaca gtgctgagag gtggtcaaat tctgtacatt ctggtagtag     23100
     gcaaattaga tgtgagttat ggaagaaagg agcagttgag cattctgtaa aggattctga     23160
     tctaaggaat gggttgccat gggctaaatc tgtctaaagc aaatctggat tgtggagagg     23220
     aacagatcca ttttgcatat ttgagataca aaacaacaag cttttaactt atacaattcc     23280
     tgcatgaaat gggatatagg caattgttcc acataaaaat gccaaacact accacagttc     23340
     catgcctttc tggtcagcta ctcttcaaag cattgggtca agtattatgt tgtgatggtt     23400
     ttaatgactt cccttgacat aggcaaccat agtcatttct attctcagag tattttgtag     23460
     ctgttgaaat tatgagttca ctttcattgc actataaaga tttgctcata gactcatctc     23520
     tcctctgcat tataagaacc attaagctca cgggtcacct agtgtctcct agtatgctga     23580
     taagaaccac ttagatctcg attgtacaca tctgttgagt gaatcaagaa actattaata     23640
     tttgtttcac tttcatatct caaggggctc tgatttatta tctcattttc gctagataac     23700
     aattctaaga agaaggctaa gcattgtttg tgtcagagaa gaagaatgaa gttcagagag     23760
     cctgacttgc ccgaggtcat attgtctctt ggctgactca aattccaggc aatgcctggt     23820
     gactcttcac ccaatgcttt ctccacacaa ctatgctatt tcctctgcca ctagtttcaa     23880
     ctaagatgcc agcatcagca tccgcttgct gaagacatgc tgtatttagg caattcaggt     23940
     ctcatgtgac gctgtggtca aaggctgcag caacttttca acaattgact actgttttta     24000
     gttttgatca tgactcataa ttcctgtcaa gagtgcagaa gacaagagca gcattaaact     24060
     cacagaatta aagaaagaaa catcataagc caaagcaggg caaggcaaaa ttgccaaaag     24120
     ttagtttaaa agattcattc aaggtcatgt tagccaaacc aagaggtgaa ggtcaaggtg     24180
     acttggcttc tatgagtcgt gctgggttaa atgcttggta ctttatctaa aatgacaaga     24240
     taaactggaa gactagttgt gtagctagga agggaagaag aagtgtaaga gaaagggaag     24300
     ctaaggaaat attttcagaa tggcagtgga cagccacttg tgttgtttgt taattttctc     24360
     tggccactgt tttgcatggg ttgtcctgat ggaggaatta ccatctcatc catggacctt     24420
     ttacccctag gtactctgtc cactttacta caagaactta ataacaatac aggaaggtta     24480
     atgatgttaa tctttcaatt ttgctgacaa acatgcaact aacggtaagc actgtccact     24540
     tccactagat cgtcagagat atgacgaatg atacctatca acttgtttga ttgtttagtg     24600
     atgcaagatc tcccaataca gtctttgttg gcctgaaact tgcacccact ctcctgattc     24660
     agcctccaaa atgctggaat acagatgtac agtactatgc ccggccctct cttgctcttg     24720
     tttaaagaat tgacagaaca agacgatcca tttctaccaa accatgagta ttagttaaga     24780
     cacatctgac actaaacaac cagttagaaa gaaggattct cacagttact aaagccacca     24840
     gaacaagcct gttgaatatc catctacatg ctttgaagta ttcagcattc atataaaaaa     24900
     ggaagtacaa gtgttctcgt agacaatcat cataagatta aaagagcaga gaatggaaaa     24960
     ctaggatctg tttatattgt gttaggttca gtacaaagta actctttcca aatcttagct     25020
     atggtgctta caaactaaac taagattacc agtggagggg ctgtctcagt ctagctccgt     25080
     tctacacccc cagggctatt atgcttctgt gtatagaact ccagctaaag gtgaaaactt     25140
     tccagtcttt gttgctcaaa ttccccagta agaatacaac tggttcctag ccccccaact     25200
     aacttccagc tccctctcga gcttacagat acatacaccg gcagctgtca gtctttagat     25260
     agctacacag gtcctgcatg taggtaccga gtcttaaaga agccagaatg tatagttcat     25320
     gcagtgaggt ctagaatctt tcttatactc tagtatgacc tgaggaccag cagcattgcc     25380
     attgcttagg agtttattta ctagaaatgt aggtcaggtc accccataaa catatgtacg     25440
     aaaggtgaat tttcagaatt ttaataagat gactgagtga tccaggttca cagtcaagtt     25500
     tgagaatcag acttcacatt tattgacttt cactccttgt cttttaatgc agagccagtc     25560
     acaaggagaa gcactgcagt ataccctacc cacatgtcca aggctgccta gcccagaatc     25620
     tgtaataata aggaaagatt attgctttgt tcatgagatt atgggaatgg atctaaacaa     25680
     acccactgca ctgacagtat ggcatacata gctctggaca atatataata tgtattgata     25740
     aataactatg cctatgaatt atataaatgt tacctttgtt tcccaggata ctcttacttc     25800
     ctaaaagcaa agtctgttgt aaaacagcac actgttactt gggtaatggc ccatgcatct     25860
     tatgttcact gtgtctactg attgcatcaa gaggccacat ggagtgacag atcaccaagg     25920
     tttgcatatg ttcaatctat gacatttgca caacaaaatt gtcacaaggt gcactttatg     25980
     gaacacaccc atctttaaaa gatgcatgtg tctgctgaaa gtcttctagt gttgcttttc     26040
     acgggtaaca tggaaaggct atttgagaaa tgggtgcctg ctgtgtaaga tgcaatttat     26100
     tacgtggagg aggttacatg atgtgtttga tttagcactt aattcttgac ctgctgctct     26160
     aatttaccct caaaccctag gaggttcata gtgcttctcc cagatagacc tctgttgagc     26220
     atatttgttg actgtatatc aaaagatact ataaatattt tctaaattac actattggtg     26280
     gaactagaca gtctatttag ttgtactttt ctgaaatctt tcttctgatg tgggttgaaa     26340
     attgttcttg aattggttag tctactttct tgaataatta ggcagaatat gagaaaaatg     26400
     aacttatgga atctgaaagt tgtcactctg tatatttata acccatcctt ggatctgctg     26460
     atgcactcta tgaaaatcca agcagctagg ttgatcctgg ggcaaatcat tcagatgaga     26520
     atgctgtcac tttcatacaa ctgctctgtg atcttagaga agtcacgtag gcccctagga     26580
     tcttaatagt ccttgcaaga ttgagaatgg ctgctctgga tttaagtgtt agtgctttca     26640
     tggtaaaatt atttagggga tgagtacaga actagcagaa ggcatacaga atcaaacaac     26700
     tgacccggga atacagtgcc attctgcatt cctgggactc ctgtgaaaat cagcatagac     26760
     aagatctatg gtgacagcct gtacctggag atacattctg gtctctgatg ggtcagagca     26820
     aaagccacct tccagaacta atgtcagagc aactgtcatt aacagaaatt gggaagggca     26880
     gtattgaggt ggcaaagaca tgataaatag cccatgtcac cagcatccct ccattttaga     26940
     tgggactaag aatctattga tttgttattg gcctctcttg tcaagattgt ttttccttca     27000
     gaatctaatg ttcacctcat tagtagttta tagttcttta ctccgtgtcc tacaatgtct     27060
     ctcttaccct tcaccacttc tggtgattta acttttctct tagcagtttt ttgtttgttt     27120
     gtttgtttgt ttgtgaggtg gttgttgtta gaaaaataca ctctacagcc tttatctcat     27180
     ctttcaagaa aaaaaaaaaa gaagtcagta gtgatcactt gatatgccta cattaagaga     27240
     actgacactt tattggggac cttgcttata caccagcctt gccctacata tttttattat     27300
     ctcatttaat ccttataatc cctatcttac tagtggaaaa actgaggctt ctagaactta     27360
     aacaactcat tacaagcagt accaattagg ttgggtactg ctctagctac tatcaaaatc     27420
     cccttgtctc tatagtgcat ctgtcacacc ttcaaatgca gttgaagaaa caaatatatc     27480
     ctcaaaacaa tgtatttcat atttatttgg gggctcactt actctgttaa gcgagtcctc     27540
     atgaatacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacag agtagggaag gttaagggag     27600
     aaactatgaa aaggacttcc aggtagtgag aaagttttaa ttttaaattc actacaagtc     27660
     aatgatcaaa aaggacaaac tgtaaacaaa accattatag ctctgcaaat taataaaatg     27720
     cattcaacaa cctgagaagc gaatctttat gaccgccaaa tccagggtca gaaatagtct     27780
     gtgacatgtt cttgactaca tttgcttcta ttccctcccc atctttattt tgtcacaaaa     27840
     gtgtgtcact caattaaatc aaaacacatt gtcagttact ttactgcact gggaataggg     27900
     gaacatttgg tcaatgcact catggataac actgatgctt tcagtaaaaa gcaatctgaa     27960
     agatggtgtt ttccatagtc tgttgttgga attcagtttg ggacaaacaa aagtctgggg     28020
     atgagtcaat aatttaacag agttctaata agtgagccag tatcagtagg ccagaaaaaa     28080
     gttctcctta tttactgagt taacaaacac tcaacaaaca catagcagag actgaaggat     28140
     cccaaggcat ccaaacactc agagccaatg aaatatgatt ggtgtattgg agtgtgcaca     28200
     tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgcgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtctatg     28260
     tatgtgtgca tatgtgttcc aatgtataca aataaataca gagtagtttt gaaaatgcca     28320
     ttctatatga atgcatttcc tacccacagc agaaaaaaat aaagctttat taagaattta     28380
     aatacaacct ctagaagacc catggctgat tgctagaaaa tgcaaataca gaactgaaca     28440
     agaaagcaga attaaaattg tgaaaagaaa aaaaaagaag taaaataaaa agaaatgaac     28500
     ttcaattgta ttttacaagg aagcatatca cagactttat acaaactcct tgttatacaa     28560
     aaataacagc tacaagccct tgtgaaggga gtttaaataa atttcagtat cacttgctta     28620
     tctaaaatac cagtatagaa caaaagtaat tattaaatga gcaacggaag gtgaagtgtg     28680
     ttttatgtat cgagagtaaa aactattaac agaaaatgtt cttgtatgat actaggtatt     28740
     caactttgca aagaaagata tctatataga tgtcacaaat atgtacagaa actaaagaaa     28800
     agtatgtaca aacattttta aaaagcagac tggcaactag acagctaatg agggaattaa     28860
     attaagattt tttaaaacta aaaaacaaag tggggaattt agataataat attctagtca     28920
     caatttcaag atatcacatc acccatcatt ttaggactat tcttaaattt ccattaaaag     28980
     tacaatatct gaaataaaaa ttttaacaga ggtactcact gcaaattttg agactgcaaa     29040
     atatggaatc agtaaactgg aaaacagatc aatagaaatt aatcaagcta aaaaatagaa     29100
     gggcgagtaa gaaaagaata gtctctaaag acttgtgaac agtaaatata ctaaaggcta     29160
     ttctttagag agaaaaaaag gaaaaggtga cagacataga aatctgaaga aataatagtt     29220
     cataactttt caaatttgat aaaacattaa tttacattta agtttaacga cccatagtag     29280
     agtaaataca gaaatctata cctaggagta tcaaactcaa actgttgaaa tcaaaggcag     29340
     ttggatatag ggtcatacat atgcctgtag tctgggctac ataatcagag tccatcgcaa     29400
     aaagagaaaa agccaagttc agggttgaaa acaaaaaaaa cctcgaaagg agaaagagga     29460
     agatgacata tcaactacag caaaacaatg taaatgattt agaacttatc ataaataatg     29520
     agataggata taacatgcca aaagaaaagg caataatatc ttagggcaat aaaggttatg     29580
     tttatatcat aaactatata tatatagttt atatattagt ttatgaatgt gttatttaaa     29640
     atatattaat gactataata atatataaac tgtattttta tggaattgaa ctagcaatat     29700
     atgctgaact agagcttgac acaagtaact aacagtatca acatatgaaa taaaatcttt     29760
     acccgagata ctcattgcaa attttgagaa agcagaatta ataaacaaga acttctcagc     29820
     ttcctaagtc cagatagctt taatacatac agaattaaca gtacaaattc ttcacaagct     29880
     ttttattttt cagaaaatag aggacagaat acttctgaac caaatcaatg aggatagtat     29940
     cactctagca tccaaaccag accaagtcat gacaagaatc taaaactgcc catcaacatc     30000
     cctcaggagc atagaagcaa atatccttaa caaaacgtta atgatctgag ttaattaata     30060
     tataaaatga ttgtttaaga tggccacatg ggttatattg caggattgca agtttgtttt     30120
     aagcttgtaa aatgttgatt agaataatag actatattaa tagcgcaaat gacaaaaatt     30180
     cattaatagt tcaatgctga gaaaatatat tcaaaacaca atacatttta tgacaaggca     30240
     tcctcaacaa gctagaaata gaactaaatt ccttagtcag aaaaggggtg aaatgagaaa     30300
     tctacagttt gaatattaat atgaaacatg aatgtttttc tttgaaaact gaagtcagag     30360
     taaggctctc tactctccac actcttagca agcattgtat tagagcatct agttaaaaat     30420
     tgatggtaag aatggaagct tccctaagga atgctgtgtc atggtgttgg aaatcctaag     30480
     agagccacac aaaaaaagct cacgtcctag aaaacagagt caagcaaagt tatatataat     30540
     catgagatta atatatgaaa atccatttca tttcagtaat aactggcaat aaataacaat     30600
     atgaaggaat gaatttgaga gtcacaacag tattacaaaa caaaacaaac aaaaacaaca     30660
     acaacaacaa caaaaatccc tactataaga tctgtgcaat gtgctgagac taaacaaaag     30720
     ttaaacataa aaagcactca acattaacat ttaaacggtt tggtatcatt aagatataat     30780
     ttttccagcc agatgtggtg gtatatgcca gtaccacagc attcaggagg ctgagacagg     30840
     ggagaggccc aagagttcaa gcctgcttgg gctacatact gggtcagcca cttgtacaaa     30900
     gcaagactat tttaaacagt gaaaagatgg ggttttccct aaatttatct attaatttaa     30960
     tgcaaaacct atcattgtct ttaaatgtat cttttcacaa agtgaataag gtgacgttaa     31020
     catttcatgg gaaaattctt agaagtacat ttggatgact ctgggtgagg aaatggatca     31080
     ttagatttaa gacaagaatc acaagcaaca aaagaaaaat ataatacctg aacttcatca     31140
     aaattagtaa cttatgtgct tcagaggatg ctaccaagaa aatgaaagag gagctataag     31200
     cctttaatcc aggctgcaaa agactaattc aggggaactc aagttccagg ttgaactggt     31260
     taggtcagtg agaccctctc tctaaataaa aagatgaaag agggctggag gtgtgtctta     31320
     gtggcagagc tctagtatgt acaagcccct agattcaatc cttggtgaca gaggtagggg     31380
     agaagggggg agataggaag ggagagagag aagaagaaaa gaaattttaa atgaaaaaca     31440
     agtttaaaag ataacctaaa agtagaaaat tatttgcaga tattaatatc tttataaaga     31500
     acttgtgtct agaatatata ttaatccact taacaatata aaagtaaatt attttaattg     31560
     aaaacagtaa aaagatataa tagatatttc agcaaagaag atatatcaat agcaagtaaa     31620
     aacatgagac tatgctttac cttcttagcc aatggtaaaa ttcacttaaa actacaatga     31680
     aatattacta tgtacactct aaagtggtca caataaaaag gcagccgaga atcaaatgct     31740
     ataggccact ttagaaaaca acttggcaac atcttcaaaa gctcgtcata attataccag     31800
     tatcctatca actctgctat caaatatctt ctcaagagaa tttaaacatg gttacacaca     31860
     aaaatctgaa tgttacattc ataacagcat tactcatcag aatcctgaat ttcaaaccat     31920
     ccaaatgttg attcaatcat gagcatataa gcgtggacta ctgattcatt gggagtctca     31980
     aaaacatgct aacttgggcc agagaggtgg cacagcagat gaaagcactt attcttgaaa     32040
     gcctgggggg cctaagtttg atcctcagaa cacacattaa gacagaagta gagaacctac     32100
     cctgcaaaat tgtcctctga tttccacttg cacatatggc ctatccccat catatatata     32160
     cacactcaat aataattaat aataataata caatattaaa cagaaataaa ataatatttt     32220
     aagtctaact aaaagaaagc agacacaaaa ggtatgtttc atcactccac tcataaaata     32280
     cacagaaaaa gtaaatatac agaggaagaa agcagctgcc ttgattgtaa ttgcaaatgg     32340
     ccccagggac acttgaggag atgatgaaaa cttaaaaagc tggattgtga tgatggtgcc     32400
     ttcattagtc ttccattgct gttataacac gctgtgccgt ttttagaggt ttaaaataac     32460
     acatcgtcat tatttcatag tttctcgggc cagaagctca ggcatggctg ctgtgggctc     32520
     cacaaggcta ctatcaagat gctggccagg tccctttctt accaacagct cagggtcatc     32580
     ttccagctcc tctaggctgc ttgtagcaac cagctcctgg cagtttaaga atgaagacct     32640
     tgctgcttta gatggaattc acaacaaaaa tgttgtcttc ctcagcaccc agaagagaga     32700
     gtctcctgta gtggtatttt aattaggctt acacctgatt aagccagacc taccaagaat     32760
     aatctccctt ccattagctc ataattatct tggaatcttt attacttctc cgaaaccact     32820
     tcaagcctgc cacatactgt aacctaatta tggattaatt aacatcccgt cctattcacc     32880
     ggtctcacca acactgtgca ggaaaacatg ggagtcaaaa ctctagggag tatctaaaga     32940
     ccctgcttca cacctgaaaa tatataaaca ttttaaaaag aaaaaaaaaa accactactt     33000
     ttatatttgt catgactgaa ctttatatca tttaaagtta taaaatatgc catgaaaaaa     33060
     tattgtgata gcgctataac aaccctgtag gttacatttg aattcaatgt actatatcta     33120
     gaactatatt ttctagaaaa ttactcaacc gggtggggga aaaaacagtc actatcaccc     33180
     atacccttaa taatttgtta gcaattaatt tacagaaatc acttcccagg agcacagcag     33240
     ccaactttcc cactagctgg cttttattcc tctgtgagct ttcatggaaa tgaatagagg     33300
     ctcacttgca ttcagacttc agctctccaa agagagtaga gttacctttg cacaagggtt     33360
     tcactttctg gtttctctat cagggagtgg ctctcttttc agctcccctc actggatgaa     33420
     aagctctgca gcaacatgga gtccccacct taccaattgt acacaccctc tatcttcttt     33480
     tcccccacag tgaggaacct ggagttctgg agctttttgt ggcatcccag gaacatcttt     33540
     gaagtttatt tactcacagt atctcgtttt ctgaacaacc gtctacaact aagtacttca     33600
     taattttgac cccttctgag aactttcagt ctttaaggaa cttggtattt aaggcaatta     33660
     aatctaaaaa taaaatgaac aggaacgctc gggccatcac aattgtgctt catgtgctgt     33720
     tttgacacat tgatgctatt ccctggggga gtgctcagca aggtcagctg gatggttctc     33780
     aggcaggtct gcttgctgaa gaaactacct gttaccatgg aaatagatac aaaaggacat     33840
     gtctatcttg gaaagaaggg agtaatttgg aattctttca agggttttat gttaaaagag     33900
     atagaaactc ttctgcggga tgttctttag tgaaaataaa cagcttcctt tcagtacaca     33960
     cagtatttca ctatagaaaa tatggaccac ctgcatataa gcaaactttc ttttcttttt     34020
     tttttaggaa ggggtgagtg gggtggggtt ctctgtatac ccctagctgt cctggaactc     34080
     actctataga ccaggctggc ttcgaactca gaaatccacc tgcctctacc tcccaagtgc     34140
     tgggattaaa attgtgtgcc accactgccc agcataagca aactttcaaa cctataattt     34200
     cacatatttt tttaaacttt aggtcatttg ctcccttaaa gcctatttac tacaataact     34260
     atattagtcg ctataaagaa cagggtatct gaaataatta ttcagatagt caagaatgca     34320
     gatatgtcac tataatgtgc taaaatgaga ctacctacat ttgcttacat agcatcttgt     34380
     ggataatggc tgatacagtc tcttacatac ttcctttggg gtttagctta tattccataa     34440
     ctcacaacat acagaaatgc cttgttctaa accttagtag cttgtaggaa ctggggctaa     34500
     acatacaacc tgttagtatt tctggagaga ttccatggct tataaagctt atcacattat     34560
     ctgtcccttt tcagaaaaca aacaaacaaa atcaaaatca aaacaaaaca agaaacacac     34620
     agcaacaaca aaaagcaagg gccagcttct gacacatttg tttggtgaag atgaaaagag     34680
     acatcacaga aggtactcct atggcaaata acaaatgcgt ctgggattta taacaccttg     34740
     gaactggtag gcttgcctat gttccccacc cacttttgta tctggccgta gaagcggctg     34800
     aagtagtatg accacaggat gtgatgtgca gctgtcatgc agggcaggaa gccctgtggg     34860
     ccacaggcag cagctgctgg gagtcatctg tttcagaagt aattgatact gtgccactcc     34920
     ttgatggggg atctgttggt cacaggtgtg tgacgcatgc atattcatga ctggccctgc     34980
     tcctaactgt atggttgaga caagagaggg agaaggattc aaaccaccct tagaatatgg     35040
     ccagagcaga cagaggcagc cacgacagag cttatttcca ctctcctcag taataaccgg     35100
     ttgtccgtgg taaattatac aggtttgaaa ttgaaaataa aaagtggtct aatttgtagg     35160
     actttaaatt atgagtttac tataaccaat gtggaccaaa aattccaaag aatataatag     35220
     atcataaagc tagcaagtat gcaggagaag acccatattt gtacgtttgc aaataaagtt     35280
     ggatccccaa atctataaac tctgggagca atcctcacaa tgttctttca aaccaaaata     35340
     attaaatgcc aaaaagtttg caccaagacc atgtttttca gataaaaact attacctatg     35400
     tctgtctagg cccacaagta ctcaatcact ttgtacattg ctggtttgca tattaaaaga     35460
     aggctgtaaa caggtgagaa actaatttgt ttctttaaaa aatttttttt ttcttttaaa     35520
     aagttgttcc tgatggattc tggtcaactc ataatagcac ctcccaacag aatcataaat     35580
     aaactcaatc tataacaagg ataaaatact gttaccagaa gaaaatttca aattaatgaa     35640
     tgattgtggt tggtatgcta aaatgaaatc accaactttc acaagcaaaa ccacacaggt     35700
     attgggcgct ctttcctaga atttccctcc caaatatttc tttgtattat ttaaagcact     35760
     ttggcccatg tttttgattg agatgctcat taagcaccat gcaaaggact atagccaggg     35820
     ttactgctct agaggagcct agtgcctaag agaagcaagg ctgtttttag aggaaaggag     35880
     gaacagccat tcactcccaa ctgagcatac atcacaaaag gtcctctgaa ttagttccag     35940
     aatttgcttt atattcaaac cagtactcaa gtctattcaa agcactcagc aatctggctt     36000
     ctttgaacag tcagtgttgc tgcttgctta ttgtgaacta tgaaattcaa agtagtgttc     36060
     accctgaagt tgtctgagag ctcatccaag ctgtgagttc ctcagcatga gaaaatatca     36120
     acagcttatc atttcacgta tcaaaaggag ccttctaatt agcaaggagc agtaagacgc     36180
     ctgcagaggc ttccacaaaa atgtacccag gtgattacaa tttatacttg ataaaaaccg     36240
     caaagttgga gctaagttga tcattaccaa gagtcctcag ccagttaaac taccaactgc     36300
     attcatttgg ctggtaatga aaataaccct ctccacacaa atactattac atacatgcct     36360
     gaattcaaag tatactgatt tctctaaaca acaggtttat gcctacattg taaatatcag     36420
     atctatagct acatatccat ttggtaccca cactctccag ataaagatgt agatttagac     36480
     aaaggaacat agaaggaagt tacattgtcc ctcctttttg tttagaaaca ggaggactca     36540
     tttcattcta tgcttgcttt ctagggctgc tgttatcaag acacctcata tccaaggact     36600
     taaacaatat aaacctattg tttcatagct ctagatggta gcatttcagg attcagggtt     36660
     ggtggataag ttagttcctc atgaggattt ggaagagtct gctgcatgtg tgtagaccag     36720
     ttctgggtgg tttgctggca atctttagtc ttcctcagct tttggaactc tgccttcatt     36780
     atgacatggc ttattctaat ttgcctttct ttaaattccc cttttaagtg aggccacttg     36840
     taatactgaa ctgtagccaa gcccaagtac cctccttaaa tataaaaatt catctattca     36900
     aaaaggttat attataaggt actggaggat aggactttaa aatacaaatt agaggattgg     36960
     ggactaaacc atttaacaaa gatggtagag cattgaccta gtgtgaatgg agtccctgag     37020
     ttcaatcccc aactccacat acacaaacta ataaaatata aaccatccct ttaaggggat     37080
     atgtggagca agtagaatca tgtcaccaga caaaaactag gaaggttgaa tggattcaga     37140
     aaccctggta attttcgtac ctgagaatgg tgggcatttc atttcttctt aacctggttc     37200
     cagtcctgga gcacgtgatc atgacacccc acatggggat gtgatagctt atagttctcc     37260
     atgctaatga ggtatctaga tgggctggcc cttaggtttt agctaataag tttcccttcc     37320
     tggacattcc tttctacaaa aggtatttaa tttctggtcc accctgagta agttgtatgt     37380
     aaacagtttg gacaagcaag gactgtctct ttcatcaaca accacgatga gggtttcagg     37440
     aggggagctt ttgttataca gagtcatgct gactgagtct tcccgcatcc tctctggccc     37500
     ttgggcccct tccgttccag actctgttct gccacccgtg agtgagtgtc agtcttctga     37560
     gagcccagca ccaccctggt agagagaatg gaaggtagct tagcgttcac acatccatca     37620
     gcaaagtgga atttggatcc atagaggtac aattcaacct ggcctacatt cccaattcta     37680
     acacccagtg tctatgtcag gtcaacaact atattttaca gcacagatca catcttggag     37740
     gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg aggaggacga ggaggaagag     37800
     gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa     37860
     gaagaagaag acagggtaaa ctcagcatat cacaatgata caaacctacc tcccacaacc     37920
     tcactgcata tttttatcaa ttttttaatc tctcaacatg gcagccctgc attgaagcca     37980
     attcctataa cccactaatt agatgggaaa ggacctgcaa taactcaact catatatcag     38040
     aaaatgaagc aaactacatg tgagaagatg gaagggtcaa gcaaagaggg gacagagtcc     38100
     aaattttaaa tctacagcag tttttctttt cctttttgtc cagtgtgcct tgattccagt     38160
     ttctgcaaat tcacctggta aaaaacaatc tcagaaagtg cttgactcag catgctgcca     38220
     cacatacacc acagagggaa aagacacacg tgacagcttc agaaatggag ggaaagaaaa     38280
     accttatgta aatccaaaat tttcttgggt gagcagatag taaattatag tggaagtcct     38340
     tggagggcgg gcgtcacaaa gacagcattt aagatcaact tagagtgatt taaaaaagag     38400
     ccccatactt cattgaatca tttctcctgc cagctcaagt gcctgattta gaagcacaaa     38460
     gcaactcaca atctgcaaaa actataagca cacaatcacg aatgtttgag ttcccatgga     38520
     ctagacctca tctgtcttca aactagggct aagcacagac tcacacccca ttctcctcct     38580
     tcaacagtct gacattttgc tatattcatg cattcagttg tgcaccacaa aatatgggcc     38640
     tctcacatac acacctctat gtgaaaagag aaaaggcagc tcaggctcct acatgacaga     38700
     agaaggacca agtttcccca ctcaggtacc cagggaatgc taagtgagtt ctattatgag     38760
     caagacccaa tgggcctgga taactactta gttatctttt tctccttgac agatgtgact     38820
     tggaatctca gtatcatgca gttgagatat ttttcttaat ttccacctgt ttccttcttt     38880
     attgacttaa cctcatttga taaggttgcc ctgggtgtgc cacacccctt cagtagactg     38940
     aatggattca ttctctcctt aagcacagct gaaagctgcc ttgaattgaa ctttgatgta     39000
     ctttaggagc tgggtcacat aattctgtgc aaaggaaaga accctactgg aaatgaataa     39060
     cagtcccaag taggctagct agcttcacag ctacatttat ctgccttcct caaggtaaga     39120
     caactactag tacataaaga aacaaaatag ttggaaagag ccaagctggt caataattta     39180
     actgattcat actgagatat cctttcttag gaaactgtca gtttcttttc aatgcaaata     39240
     tattgtcatg attttgtctt acagattatg ttgtgaatta tttttgtttt atgacattat     39300
     ttcttcaatg atctaaagtc tcacaataaa acaatcaagt atattggatg atgcaaaata     39360
     aaggttatcc tctattagcc agacaatgac catatgtttt catttttatt ccttatggct     39420
     tgagattttg tgttactaga tttgcatagc tgtgttcact ctgctcatta cttaacgtaa     39480
     gtctcattct ttctttgcca caggacactt ctatggaatg tcataattct taatgctcaa     39540
     ctgagccttc cctccagtca aactctctac agtccctcat ttctaatctc tttttctcag     39600
     atccagaaaa tgaatcagat tatgaactct ttcactattt aacaaatgct ctcatggctc     39660
     tgggagagca gtcaatcttt gatgtatcct actacccagt ataattttgt ataatgttaa     39720
     gtgctactag agacatatac ttctaaccat ggagtttaaa atctctattc cagtagttaa     39780
     aatgtagttt agcttaaaaa gtaagcatgc attttatcat atgagctaag taatctgaag     39840
     caaattagct tttgtccaca ttagagtata tatcctaaat tacctcttta ctggctattc     39900
     aaattatttc tatgttatcc ctcagaaagt agaaatgtct ctatattagc atgggtgtgt     39960
     atgcgtagac attcgagtgt gtgtgcagaa ccaaaggcag ggttgtcagg tcatttaaag     40020
     aagcaaagtt accaaaacaa agtttgctaa tttctcaact ctcaaatttg ctcttttcaa     40080
     gaactgtaat ttttcaattt ctatattttt atgaaaaact aagaaagctt taaattagcc     40140
     caaattggtt ttttatttca tttagactct agtaaccact atttcctagt aactctttct     40200
     attaaaacat tttaaattgg atgctacata tccaatgaat gaagaaccat gtgtcatatt     40260
     aagaacttta atagcaaata aaaatcatca gcccccacca gaaccagaaa gcccaactta     40320
     tttttcataa atatactata taggaaaaaa aaaacactgt ctagctagct agtaaatatt     40380
     tgtgacaaat tcactttact atacgtaaaa atattctgca gacaatacca aaatactata     40440
     acgtattctt gcatgggagc atttttgttt ttattcattc agataagaga aagccacaga     40500
     actgtcagaa gactatttgc aatgcaatta gagggagtga gcgcgtctga gtgtgtgcca     40560
     gacacaaggg gcctcccctt aattcacaca gtccaatgtc ttaatgcact gtacagcatc     40620
     aaactgcact tcctacagtg ttggaacttt tgtcagttaa ctagatgttt actgagtgcc     40680
     tggctggggc actccacact atgggcacgc cgcgcagggc tacatacaga gctccaacac     40740
     catctgtcac ttcagcttct agaggttgaa aatttcaatt caaactaatt tacactgcgc     40800
     tcaaactgaa gctataattc aaatttcgac tcgaagcttg aattcctttt cagtgttctt     40860
     caactttgac ccagcgcccc cctccttcac tgaaaggggc caggacaaca gcccagcaag     40920
     tggggcaggc aaaacaggcc tcctttgttc acttttgtcc ttccagttct ctattgaggt     40980
     gagggactga aaaggcgcac caggctttgg aaggctgctc ctccctcaga gaaccaaaaa     41040
     aaaaaaaaaa aaccaaccaa ccctccagga tgaaactctt tcacagtcca ttcttacctt     41100
     aaggcacaat tagtgggaaa ttagcactct tcctcccttt ttcctcttcc cttaacggaa     41160
     tatgtccata gagtctaagc ggtgtttgta atgctcgtct aaactgcatg ctcagatcac     41220
     actattcaaa tgccaagggc atctagaagt ggcatgggat tagctttaaa gttgaaattt     41280
     ggagaaaaaa attacactac atgctgaata acacatactg aattttttga atgctctcag     41340
     cccacttgag aaagataaat caaattcatt gcatagtgcc ctgtggaaga cctcctacag     41400
     gattccctga gattgccctg ggaatagact tcttgttaga gtgggttttg acaccatgca     41460
     tatcataaaa tgtagaatat attataaatg agcatacata tgtaaaacag tatatccagt     41520
     atttcctgta ctcacttaat aaggagaatt ttaggatcat ttttatgtaa tagtaactgt     41580
     catcttcatt ctcctttgaa ttaaataatg aagggtaata cagaagataa caacggaaca     41640
     caatatacaa gataggagtg gctagcagtg ttgtgaaaca gagtaagacc tttgatagtg     41700
     tgcataatgc aggagtctgg gtggatcgcc actggaaaat tcttacactt actagctttt     41760
     tagttatttg agggaaacca tccatcaggc tgcttttttt ttccccccta atttggaatt     41820
     ccaatcttgt aggccaataa actaggtcaa ttaagttgac accacatctt ttttttatta     41880
     gctcagctga gcaattataa ttgggtggtg aggtttattc tgtcatcttt gaagagtcaa     41940
     tggtagaaag aaatgcccaa tgcagagaag taatttacaa ttccagcaca cctctaacca     42000
     ttcagcatga agatgttcct atctgttcca gacctggggc acatgtgttc ttggtcttga     42060
     ttaaaataat gatgtcactt tggggcaata aaacaaaggc atactaattt aatctactct     42120
     tgtaacaaaa tcatttggca caagtgcacc acagacatac atacactcca actcatcaca     42180
     ttaaaatatc aacaggacag acatcaccag tgccgtctca tgatggagta tggcatacac     42240
     acaaaacagc atcaatttag gctttccaca agatatgggg tcagccgtac ttgtttcagc     42300
     ttgtgccact tctagttaat aagggttaaa cgaaaaagtt aggaaacctt gtgagtgact     42360
     tcctgttcgt gatacacagc atgctgattt atggctttat tttgtatgtc tgatacatgg     42420
     cgccatgtgt atgtatatgt cccatgccct atgtatggat tgaaaagaac agctctgtgt     42480
     cattccttac tctgcacctt gtttgaagca gggtctctct gtttctcacc actgtactgc     42540
     atgccaggga gtagggccat gatcgttcca tgatcagctt atctctatcc acatctctct     42600
     gtaggagcac agagatttca aaaacatacc acatttgact cttcacgggt ttggagaatt     42660
     tgaactcagg ttcatgtggc cccgtggcaa gtgttttatc caccgagata tttattattc     42720
     tgaaacttta aaagtagaaa ttctgtacct attactacag ctcttatcaa gaaaacagaa     42780
     aggaagaagt gctgtttgag atgtgaagtc acgggaatca ctacacaact ggtgggattg     42840
     agaaatgatg caactgttac cgtagaaagc atggtgatcc taaaacaaat gttaaaacag     42900
     tgttcagagg ctccagcagc ctaatttctg ggtgtatacc acaaacaatt aaaaacaatg     42960
     attcaaagag atacttatac atccagattt acggtagcat ccatacagtt agccaaaagg     43020
     taaagtaacc caggtgctca ctggcagctg aatgacaatg cacaatggac acactgagca     43080
     agtcaggtca gccaatgatt agaggctcga caacttgact caaatgagat acttagtcaa     43140
     acttatagac agagtagaat ggtgattgcc aaagactagg ggaagagaag ctgttattgt     43200
     ttaacaggtt tcagtttgaa atgatgaaga aaatgctgga cctggacagt ggtgattcac     43260
     atcgatttat tttaagatgg tttgcagtga cacactgtat aatttattac agtaaaaagc     43320
     aacttacatc ttacacagtg gattgagttt gtctctcctt tgaaacatga ctgattatga     43380
     aattcaaatt gctaaaaatg gaggtcaagc caatctgctg catttctcct ttcctgcagt     43440
     cttctccttc tggatttgag gaggagaacc aacgattatc tgtcgatgtc atgcattttt     43500
     tttttgtcat tcttagaaac gtcagtaccg tagtccagaa caatggcttc ccaaaacgtt     43560
     tacataaaac actaactaaa gctcaatatg aaaatggaat gtttgccata attgttttag     43620
     attttctact cttctaaaac tactttttcc cacagtcata tagttgtaaa ctacatgtct     43680
     ccacatattt aatttgctta aaatacagta ggatagctga gacacacaca cacaaattag     43740
     ctatcattaa tgtggacgga aatggtttga atgtcagatt tcatctttaa caagcagcag     43800
     acatgcaaac atgttttaaa cctcactact ttgttctttt tctgcagatt tttctcagag     43860
     ttctattaaa agaaggaagg aaagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     43920
     agagagagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga agaaagaaag     43980
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagga aagcaaacgt     44040
     cagtacctag gtgtgatggc ctacactggt aattccaaca ttaggaaagt ggatggagaa     44100
     atactgataa gtcagtgcca gcctgggcta cattacaaga gcttgtatca aaacagaagg     44160
     gccctacagt gatggctcaa cagttaagag caatagctgc tcttccaggg gatctggatt     44220
     caagtcacag tccctacatg ccagctcaca accagctaac cttagttcca aaggatacag     44280
     caccttcttc tagccttttt gggaactgca tacaatgtga tgcaaacata catgctggca     44340
     aaatatgcat acataaaaat aaatcattaa aaaggggcag aggaagggag ttgggaagga     44400
     tgaagaggac ccagaggaag agaagaagga aagatcgaga aaataatgtc agtcaaaggc     44460
     agaagcatac agatgaatgg tagttctgcg gattggaggt gaggacaggg atggggacat     44520
     gaatgaagaa tggagccaca gagtacaaag tttgttaggt tgaaacaata aattctggat     44580
     agctaatgaa taggatagtg actatggtca atactagtga gtatgattga agtttgctat     44640
     ggcagcagat cttaaactcc tttctgcaaa atgagagaga aaatgttaat gtagaatgtg     44700
     atgaatattt gatgatcatc tattaatata tacctacatc aaaacatcaa gttgcatgcc     44760
     tttaaataca cataaatttt atttgtcaat tatcccgtaa tagatctgtg gacaggatga     44820
     ctttttcctt tgataccaac agaggagggt tttttgtttt tgttatttat ttatttattt     44880
     atttatttat ttattgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg gtaaggggga gccagaggat     44940
     cttttcatta gtgtgagttc aataaaaata agccactgga ttcttgctct tagcacccag     45000
     gtctcttcat ttttctcatc aacctggaag gtttgcttac ctgccaagaa ggttaagggc     45060
     ttcttcaggt gaaaagcagt acaaacttta aaatagaaag aacacctaag tgcttattaa     45120
     aagatttagt ttcgccgggc agtggcagcg catgccttta atcccagcac ttggcaggca     45180
     gaggcagacg gatttctgag tgcaaactca gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggacag     45240
     ccagggctac acagagaagc cctgttttga aaacaaaaaa caaaaaacaa aaaacaaaaa     45300
     caaacaaaaa acccaaaaaa caaaaaacaa aagatttaac ttcattatgt ttaattatgt     45360
     gtgtgtatct ctgtgtggta tatacagcat gtgaatgctg gtgtctgtgg aggctaaaga     45420
     ctgtgccttc cctggagccg aagctacatg caattgtgaa tgccctgata ttggtgctgg     45480
     gaaccatact caggtcctgt gaaagagcag tgcatgctct aaaccatctc tccaactcac     45540
     atttggcaaa tttcagtcat ttgtgaatca cttttaataa tcgagcatct caaaggtgac     45600
     ctaaacactc ctgagataca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaaagc ttcctagtgc     45660
     aggcaagcac accagagctg ccttgtttgt cctgtttgcc ctgggttgtc atccttctca     45720
     gacagaaact gttctttagg ctgaggcttc agtggcagct gatgtcgcct tcatgttgga     45780
     acttaatgct gtcatggtga gggttaatat acaggcattc tactggcctg ccttcaggga     45840
     cctagcaatt gcttaggaca cgacctgcct tggctagatg ctacaggtgt gtgctgcata     45900
     taaaaggacc tgctgccact cagcagctct ctctccatcc ctccctcccc ccctctttct     45960
     ctgtgtgtgt gtgtatatac atacgcgcac gtgtgtatgt gttccccaaa tttctctatc     46020
     tgttctctgc cctcatgtct ctgctctttt tgtctgtctg tctacatgtc cacttgcctg     46080
     catctacccc tttccaaggc cctcactcct ccccactccc ccaataaacc cctttcacac     46140
     caggtctgtt gtatggcata atttctcagg ggcacacgtg gcatgcataa tttataacag     46200
     tgagagtgac atttagaggt tacctttcag gagaatgata acaggaagag gtcacaaggg     46260
     ggcttttact gaagatgtta cactgtattc caggatgaca agccagatat ttaagttatg     46320
     taaaagtaca tctgtggaca ctgatggtag aaatgttatg ctcatcacca tcactccagt     46380
     gctgagaaca agaggccact cactcagtaa atatttatga tgaattaatg aatgaacgaa     46440
     caaactaatc tctttagaga gaatcttctg tggaattcca ttaaatcgta tctttgtagg     46500
     aatatatata tgcatatata tgtgtataca tatatatatg acagatccta ttctatccat     46560
     cacatgagga gactgatact taaataaaag tgttaattga agagatccct acggagctgg     46620
     agagatggct cagcagttaa gagtactgag tgctcttcta aaggtcctga gttcaattcc     46680
     tagaaacacc atagtgactc aaagctatct gtaatggggt ctgatgccct cttctggggt     46740
     gtctgaagac agctacagca tactcatata cataaaataa acaaataagt cttttagaag     46800
     aggaggagga ggtccctaca atagtggtcc acacccctgc tctgcacatt ctcaagacac     46860
     tctgacacaa ggttgtgaag cactcacacc tggccactgt caccacacgg gctcgcaaga     46920
     agcatgtgat tcattcactg tcaatgctgt aacaacacca ctgtggtata gaggtgtgtg     46980
     cactcaggcc atggccacac ccctaccctg caatacatga ccaggccagt cctctggcac     47040
     ctgctgcact gcttttgaaa gtcaaactgt taagtgcaaa gttgtccaag gtctattata     47100
     acactatatt cacactaagg tggaacattt agctacttcc ccaagtcagg gttataaaag     47160
     caaagtggat gcatttttca gtggatcggt caattatgat catcctaata gctctgccaa     47220
     agatggtcaa tgttgctttt cttctaattc ttattttcta tagtaatgtg gaatggcttg     47280
     gtaaaagtat cacacattgc cacatactta ggctgctgaa agccttctta gatttctctg     47340
     ctaagactct ctaaactcgg tgtagaattt gggtaataac tctcccgtag tccaaacagt     47400
     ctacaaaagc tgctcagggt tggaagcttt tagttaaata taaatgtttg ccttggggct     47460
     ggggagatga gtgagcaagt ggatgctcct tcagtgcaag ccgatgcggc gatccctaca     47520
     catcctgcca aaaacttaat gcagtgccca aatcccagta cctttgcagt gagctgggag     47580
     actgaggatc ggtctgcaca aaacagtgct tcaaaatatt gtggagagaa ccacttcctg     47640
     aaaattcatc ctctgagatg tgtatatggg ccagagtata aacacacaca cacacacaca     47700
     cacacaaaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacttt gccttgtttt aagaaatgtt     47760
     tctttaaaat tacactgaaa gctggatatg ataatgcaca tctttagtcc tcgaatttgg     47820
     gaggcaaacc tatcctagtc tatgtagcaa gttccaaacc agcaaggggt atctgatgta     47880
     agtctctctc aaaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaataaca ataacaatga caaatgaagt     47940
     gctagcaata tccccgtgta attgccggga cctctggtca ctgagaacaa gttagtgaca     48000
     gcaatggacc agattgtgaa tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     48060
     catcagtgga gatataaaag cccataaaag aattattgga gtaaaaagtt attccataat     48120
     actgtcatct gaacctcagc attgcctgtt accaaaaaaa gtctgcacac ctccgaatta     48180
     aatagctttg tatttgtatt caatggaata atattttggc gttgaatact caggatttgg     48240
     gcttcctcta aattcatgag aagtctcaag aagaccacac tttcaaagtc tttgatggga     48300
     aagctccgct gctccctagc tacgtatgtg gtcttgtgaa agttacttga cctgtctaag     48360
     ctactctctt aattttgaaa tggagttgtt ataagaattg acatgagatg ttgtgtgtgc     48420
     atagttcctg cacacctgga gtttcccaat aagttgacta ccatatcatt aatgtagaaa     48480
     gagttcgcct gtctccattg ttttagcact tctgaaaggc ctcacagcag ggaatgggtg     48540
     gttagcatag gccgtttcag aagcagccca attcaagcag gttttgtatt caggggtcac     48600
     tgtgttcctc cccacaacaa ccccaggggg agctcctggt gcgtgcggaa acaaggctgc     48660
     ctaccccatt atactctgct ccacggcttc ctgctagagc ttcagcaagg aaggaccctg     48720
     tgcttcaaaa ccacacttct ttttaatcaa ccatccaaga acagagaagg agaagaacat     48780
     ttccctctct ggactttttc cctctcagtt taccatggtg ctggagctat gggtgaagat     48840
     ggtgaggtag gagagggact cttgctcatg gcgactcttc tctgtgcttg cagacgcaca     48900
     gggacctcca gccagcatca gggatgtgaa gaggtagccc ggagcaaagg gaaagaaatg     48960
     acctgcctac cagcccggtg gactcaggga actcgtgctg cacctgctat ccagagaaca     49020
     cttctcagag aatgactccc tagctctgcc tactgtgaaa tccggtccct gttctgtgcc     49080
     gtggcagatg tgaaccgaga gtagccggat ccacacaccc cgggaaccag agagccgcag     49140
     cgcccacccg cgctgcctgg agggcccggg gcggtgccgg gcacagatgg cgctcgcagc     49200
     tagatgatgc tctaacgcgg gcagtcactc caggctcacc acagtactcc cgggcgaagc     49260
     tgtagtcaga tcccaccctg agagcctgct cagggcagag gctcttccca gtctgtccca     49320
     aacccggtac accagccctg agaagcccct gtccacagag gctgtgtgtg gtgggggaac     49380
     tgtcacggcc ctcacctgga agccaacaaa gcaagtgtcc ccagcgcacc atccctggtg     49440
     tctatcctgt tcccctctga ttccctgagt cctcgccagg gctgagaaag ccgaggtggg     49500
     cagtcagcat cgccgattcc cctcccccgc cccccgcccg ctcacggcga ttcgcccagg     49560
     tgtgagcaca tctgaacaaa gcccacgccc agatgtgtcc gtggggacac gaacgcgcgc     49620
     acgctgcagc gcgaccagcg ggactcagtc gcgcttcgcc gccgggcgac cctgtcttgt     49680
     gacactgcat ccactgcgtc ccagcccaga aagctgtgta atgccggtct gtccacaggc     49740
     agacctctag tcagggcttc cagagaggct gaagttaacc cgggacccaa ggagctggtg     49800
     ggctctcgcc cgtggtaccc gagctgcggg ggtcgaagcc gcgtcctccc agggcgtgcg     49860
     tctccttttt ccaaccagcg ccccgactat gtcaagggct tgcaagagaa aacgaagtcg     49920
     ccgacctctt tctcccaagc tgcaagtgct gccagactcc cacaagagct cgggttgagc     49980
     cggggcgcca gtgtctgagt gacaacgcgg cagcctcggg ctccttgttc tgctccagcc     50040
     gcgtccaccc accaggacag aatgtcacta atgcaaccgc cagacacacc cagggctact     50100
     cacgttttcg tgccgcgccc acctccctgc cggggcgcta ctgcctaaga ccccggagcc     50160
     cagctgtcgt gcgtgtttcc gaagcttccg aagctgtcgc ctccagctgc cccagtctcc     50220
     gtttctgcac ggtccctcgc gcccgcgcgt ctcaggctcg gactccggcg cgcgtccgcc     50280
     agcgacccag gcgaagcgcg cgtcctcgcc gctcccgccc tccgctcccg gcgataccca     50340
     gcgtcgcgct caggcccctc ccgactctct tagcgtcccc gcgtccccct cccccgcact     50400
     caccgggcgt cgcccgcccc ctcccctccg gcctaacccc ctcccaccca cccacagctt     50460
     aggctgcagc gaatgggctc cggccttgag cgccttgagg actgggtggc ctctcacctg     50520
     agaggtcgcg ctactccgga cctctgccac cacgcaccgg gtgaggtggt ggctgtaggg     50580
     ccaggaactc aggacttgag tgttcagggg aatgggtgac tgggatgtgt ctacagaaga     50640
     tgttccagaa aaccagtgtt ttaaatgcca ctctccttgg tttagatttc cgtgtgagtg     50700
     tgatggatgg atccggatca cacattccct cccgccctcc tctcacctcc aatccttccg     50760
     cctctcttct attcctctaa agtatttcgt gcttttgcaa actctacttg gcatgggttg     50820
     ggtactggtt tatagtttta caactgtcat tttcaaatac acttgaggaa gggtcccttt     50880
     agcgtgtaag cggatgctac tttcagtagg gattgggttt ctggagtagt tgacataagc     50940
     ttttcagatt gcagagtatt atacaagttt tgtgtttgtt tgtttgtttg ttttttcaat     51000
     gcaaaagtgt gtagaatttt ttaaaagaat atgtagaatt tgagtaaacc cactgcatac     51060
     tacacaattc agattcttca ggaccctcac cccttccagc atgatggtgt ccaaggcaca     51120
     tagcctctta cctgggccta cttccttctg caggcccggg tacagtcagc ctggtattac     51180
     ccagctggac catttacttt tggaagctct cttcagcctc taccttcagc ctccagaata     51240
     ggtgttagat tggcactcat gaataaaaac agatctggcc cgggccatgc ttcagagtct     51300
     tgatagctcc tctgccctgc tgtgacttta ctttgaactt aagcttcaac ccacattcac     51360
     tcatgtgcac agtgtctctt ctttctccta ctgcccaaac atacaggatc cccttcataa     51420
     aagaaagtac ttcaaagctt caaagagtac tacgattcac acttgatccc gaaacccata     51480
     gtcttaacca ctgtgccatg ctgtgtcaag gacagagcac agaatgtctc ttcccgtgag     51540
     gagcacctcc gtagagagcc atggagccct ccagtggtac ctggggtgaa caggctttag     51600
     acgttcctct gtttttcagt cctatctccc cctcccctct ctctttttct ccctttgcct     51660
     gattttctca accaagtttc ttaatccata tccatactgc aggcctctca gggagactac     51720
     ccgacaactt gacctcaaat tttctgaaac caagcatgtg cctagctacg ctagtaatga     51780
     tcagtctacc caccagcatg tgccccactc tctccacctg ctctaaccct gtggaatcag     51840
     aagtttagac tacgtaaaca cagaaacttg gttttagctg tctttttttt tttttttaat     51900
     tataaattgt aacttttttt tttttttaac caccaccacc ctcctagcgg aactcaagtg     51960
     aaaggttggt aaactccaga tcagaaagat aaaagcactt aaaaaaaaaa aaaagtatgt     52020
     tagctgggcc tggtggccca tgcctttaat cccagcactt gggaggcaaa ggcaggcgga     52080
     tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc agcgctacac     52140
     agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa aaaaacaaaa acaaaaacaa caacaacaaa aaagtatgtt     52200
     aacatcatta agtaatcttc tacaagaatg gtatctacct gtgtcatcat tatcttcaga     52260
     ttaggtagag atatattgat aatagtaatt ttcacatgtt acctatttga aaggacatta     52320
     taatccaata ttgtcaaaaa tacagttatg atgggcagct ccatctaaaa catgatcttt     52380
     attgattgcc tggtatatta atacaaatgt gtggtccctc cctctccact gagtgttatg     52440
     ccaatcacta taacaaatac taagaactag acaaaattac aacaatgact acaacaagtg     52500
     ctaaagataa tcagtcaatt taaagagtgt ttttgttatt cagttacaaa ggccttggtt     52560
     tcaaaggcta tagcccatgg ccagttggtc tcattgcttt tgatgtgtca gcacatcatg     52620
     gcaggagaat gtgttgtggc aaaccccctc accataagcc aggaagcaaa acagagaggg     52680
     agaagatagg tgcacaattt ccttcaaagg cacacaccta atgacctaaa gccctctcac     52740
     taggttccat tctacaatgt cccaccacct cccaacagca tcaagcacca gagctttatc     52800
     ataggggttt aggaatgttt actcaaagta gtaagtgcag taatagtgca tacagctgct     52860
     cccagtgatg tgcttctaag gaaaagaatt tgccacagca gtgggttgtc actcctgatt     52920
     ttaggttaca aaaatgtcct gattttggtt ccttgagttt agagacacca gttgccacat     52980
     aagagatgac ctatcaagac agatgccctt cttcagacac accagaagag ggagtcagat     53040
     cttgttacgg atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaatgc ccttcttaag     53100
     ggaagcctct ggctaacaga ttgtgaaaaa ctgaggtcac tggtccaaaa gccagaccgc     53160
     agataaactg tttcggtctg cccagtgaat acagttgtcc cagtctaact ctgagatgct     53220
     tctagtgcaa gcctagtctt tggttgcaac ctcatagaag gtcctgaacc ataggactca     53280
     gtgaagcaat ggttggttct ggatccacag atactggctg agaaatgttg ctgctgccaa     53340
     gctgctaaat catcataaag atgtttaaga gcatttcagt gtggccgttt tcactaaatg     53400
     atcaactgtc agtcactagg tacaaaatag tgccctaagg agcagcaatt gtgaggttag     53460
     atgacttgtc tgaagataac ttgtgtgact tgtctgcctc agcagtgccc acctccacac     53520
     ctagttatac ttacctccca cagacaagag aagccatcgt cagtgcccca cccagatgta     53580
     gctttctccc tttgactgcc agccatgatc tcagctggcc cagatcttag agattcctag     53640
     tgggtggtga ttactctcta tggataatag tggggtatac agctgcatgt atataatatg     53700
     taactaattg gggccaggta catcacatta ctagtgaaca gtataaagtt tccacagatg     53760
     cataacacta gttgcccttc tctcttgcca tctgctaccc aactacaaac ttctgtgtga     53820
     tagttggatg tcatttgggc acatgacaga tgaagctaga aatctgaaac ccatttcttg     53880
     cctgctgctt agcaacagag taccctgaca tctatctgaa ggaggtgata tgtaagcaag     53940
     aggaaggaaa gtctaaccca tagtgactgc catatgtgaa tttcttctct aggagcctgt     54000
     gagtcaccat tatcttcatt tttggctcaa tattccccaa cacccaaccc agggaaccaa     54060
     gatggaaagg acattttcaa cagtactaag catgctccat ctcttcccaa ggtttctatc     54120
     tacaggaatg tacaggagtt caggtgagta gatttcagac tacccaaggt caatgtgcag     54180
     ccttccattg aagatagggt catctcgaac aggaaactgc ctctcaggga aagtagacat     54240
     actgaaaggt actcttgatg tgcacccttc actgctggct tcaggggcac agatgacagg     54300
     tacaatgaag gtcaggttgc catggaaaag aaaagaaaat actcctgtat acaatactga     54360
     agtctaagag tgattcagca gatttctaat ctctggctgt cttgctgcat tttaagaaga     54420
     aagggggtct tggatgaata tacattgtta tgtttctgtc tgtactttct tttaagcctt     54480
     gatttaaagt ttaactcaag ttgttttaac atacatcata aaatgtatta tcttagccat     54540
     tttcaacata cagttagaca gtgtcatgtt atgtgatcat taccatcatc tgtctccaga     54600
     actctttcat cttagaaatc tgcagcttta tagccattaa acagttcccg attgccctcc     54660
     aggctctagt aaccacgact gcccttgtgt ctatgaatct gactgctaca aatatttata     54720
     taaatgaaac tacagtattt ctttttgtga ctagcctaat atactaacat tttatccagt     54780
     gtgtagcatg tgtcagaatt tcttttcata aggctgaata ctttattgta tacacaaatc     54840
     acactacttt ttcatctgtt gatacttggt tgcatctacc tcttggcatt cataatgcta     54900
     taaagatgag tatttgaata cctctgagat cttgttttaa attattttag ttgtgtacac     54960
     agaagtgaca tttgctagtc atacaacata ttaaggtttt tctgaatggc tgttgtatta     55020
     ttttccacag taggtgtaat gctttacact tttttactag atattctctt tatttacatt     55080
     ccaaatgtta tcccctttcc tagtttccac tctgaaaatt ccctatccct tcccgcttct     55140
     ccctactccc caacccaccc actcccattc ccagtcctga cattccccta tactggggca     55200
     tagaaccttc ccaggaccta gggcctctcc tcccattgat ggccgactag gccatcctca     55260
     gctacatata tggctagagc cacatgtccc accatgtgtt ttccttgatt ggtggtttag     55320
     ttccaagctc tgtgggtact ggtaagttca tattgatgtt cctccaatgg ggcttaagac     55380
     cccttcagct ccttgggtac ttcattgggg accttgtgct ctgtccaatg gatgattgtg     55440
     agcatccact tctgtacaac tccttttact tctttacatt tcttacaaat ctcccagctg     55500
     tgcccaaggt tcatacagtt ccataactta acacatcttt acattttttt agggttttat     55560
     acatgtataa aatatggggt gtgaggttgt cagtttaata tatttaatat ataactctaa     55620
     agtagattct gatcagattc acaccctatt actttctcat ctcccctatg ccttgcttaa     55680
     cctcttcttt ccaactgatc ttcccctact tccatgtaat ttttgtgacc gaatgtgttt     55740
     aaacaggatt gcttgcacag gtaaggaatt gcttattgga gcaatcactg aggaaaatga     55800
     ctccccataa agaagggtgg ggccatatga gccccttccc catctgtgaa agaatattga     55860
     taggcccaat cttgtgccag tctcatgcgg ataaccacag ctgtgagttg acggcaatgg     55920
     ccatgtactc ctcagaagac agcatttcag agcatttcct tcccattctc cagcccttac     55980
     atttttttct gccttctaag atgttctctg gcccttggaa atggtgatcc aaatgttgtt     56040
     aggaatgagc actcaacact catccttagc ctttgaacag ttacaagtct cttcattaaa     56100
     cactgcccac tgcaaaacac agcactattc tatggatata agcttttaag tatttagaag     56160
     acatttgaga gcacatccat ttatcaaagt aactgtagta aatctctcac catggcctgt     56220
     gacctcatcc atgggccttt aatcagacgt ataataccaa gtatgaattc cttctgagga     56280
     gcaagactca attccaatca gaaagcaatt ggttgtcctc gtagcaatca tgctactatt     56340
     gaacaagtga gtatttattg cctggtatgt ccattgctgg tatgagcact ggttaacttt     56400
     tcttctccag tggtatgcat agcacctcct gttactataa atgctagcca gcagagaggc     56460
     ttccaattca gtttcagttt gattgtgtac tgtacccaaa ctatggggta tcgtcaataa     56520
     ggtcttttca cttagttctg gtggacaacc aagtgagatg gcaatgtcct gcattgtttt     56580
     gaagatctct ggatccagat gaccatactt catgatatac atgcttcttg aaaatttgtt     56640
     taataattat ggcttcaggg agcagcgttt tccaatttta cagagtacct ccatgcaaac     56700
     ttgtttattt attcatttat ttataaatta cattgttaga gcatagccac cctaatgagt     56760
     gttcttctgt cttccaatat tttatggtgt aaaatattca ggggatcaag caaatgcagt     56820
     gtttctgaag gccctgttct ggctcctctt tgacttctac atctctttta gaccatgcct     56880
     gggttcctag gattgaagaa ttccaccagg atcttgaaaa tccatctcat gtgcttttaa     56940
     gaatcaacat tctgctggtg tgtacacatg gagcatgtct gcaaaggtgg gcactgaact     57000
     tgggtacagg ctaacgtgtt tcattttatg tacttgagga ctcagatggt tcaggaatca     57060
     agccagggct ggggtaaaag gccgcttcta tctccccaga catagtactc tatcacagaa     57120
     ctccaaagtg cttaagcatt ctaaactcaa atcttcacct tgactccagg ctttaatttt     57180
     gaatgtctgg gcataaaggt ctccaattgt cttctttctt caagttctca tttgttaggg     57240
     aagtaaatct ctaaatgtta caggttcaat cagattcact atgaagatac taagattact     57300
     cctgggaata agaaatttta gtttagtaat aaattataca aaaatgttat ctagcactaa     57360
     ttgttttgtt tttggtttaa tggcaacagg atgggaggca agtttaatta gaacaaaatt     57420
     ttcttcaaaa tgactaatgc tatcgcaatt tttggttaag aaggctgaaa ttttttatcc     57480
     tagtatccaa atgtctcaaa aattccgctt ttaatattaa tttaattagc agtatcttaa     57540
     aaagcatccc actgagaaca tgaactaata aaaattagtt tttatagctg ggctgtcttg     57600
     tctgacctca gtgggaaagg aagcacctag catcgaagag atttgaagtg tcagggttgg     57660
     gggaataccc aggagggccc ccaccagctc agagaagggg aagagagggt gacaaggaga     57720
     agggccagtg agtcaaatgt aaagggaata agtaaaaaat aagtttttag tagtatataa     57780
     aacataaaat atttgttact gaagacccat tatctttttc aattaccaaa atttaaatat     57840
     tggtggatca ttatctgttt tgctaattaa acaactgtgt ataaaacaat agagttaatt     57900
     tctgtatctg gattattact acagagaaga gttcaacatt tgttgaatgg ggttgctgag     57960
     gaggctcaga gcttaagaaa cttgtttagg gttatatagt aagaagtttc aaatgaaatt     58020
     tgaatcagac acatttgttc cttcactgcc ttaatagcca acaagtttac tgaatatctc     58080
     ttgtgtgtca aattctaagt aggagataca gcaatagaga taagaagggt agaagttgct     58140
     gctaacttag ggacatttta gctttgaaat gagaacagtg ccaaacaagt aaatacttat     58200
     ccaatgagcc catgtcagtt taataagtgc aaagaaggaa aagcccagcc tcatgaaggt     58260
     tgtaaaaatg tgaagacaat ctaatcaatc taacaaaggc tggtcacggt gaagagcatt     58320
     ccactgaggt ttcatgctaa atgaatgagg ttgagaacag gctgttatga acaagatgaa     58380
     caacaaaatt cctcagcatt ctggagaggc caggagggtt tgggtcgttt aaccaactgt     58440
     aagaatgggt aggtcccaga gaacagtaag gtaagcaaga agaggcacat gaggcaggag     58500
     agacacacaa agccaagggt aagtgctaag gtcatagtaa agcgtttgga acactgaaca     58560
     aatctctttc ttttgttatg atccaaaaaa gaactgtggg ccactgaagg actctgagct     58620
     ttctcctgca agataagaga gcagatgtga aagaaaaaga ttgcactggg tgggtggggt     58680
     agaggctttg ggaaaaaaaa tagtagaaat gaagagaagc aaatgaatta aggatctaga     58740
     acccaaatgg taaaatgata ctgtggttgg cagataaagg acatgttgtg tgattcacaa     58800
     gaatggtagg atctgtctgt ctagtcctga actgaatgtc tctgggatct tgatagggtt     58860
     tgtgttacat ctgcaagttg attttgatac cacatccagt gccacactat tagttttgcc     58920
     aagtgtggga agtcgcttct gcagttactc tttcttcagt gacttaaatt acagaggttt     58980
     tcctccctat ttggtctatt gtagaaattt tataattttt ttaacctatt gcaaatgaac     59040
     gtttttttct gatttctttc ttgacaactt cattattgga atattgcaaa actcttaagt     59100
     ttgatatgtt gattttttgt taatgattag gaaacccgag tcttctgatg aagcctatca     59160
     tagggtgttg taagtgtgga attgtgtcat ctgcaaatgt gaatgacttg aatactcttt     59220
     cctgctctta tctattttcc ttctcttgct ttagtgctta tttgaggaga ctgctttcta     59280
     gttttcccat ttaatgaaat caatggggtt tgtcatatat cctttattgt gtgaaagtgt     59340
     attttttcct atgccttgtt tcttcaggga ttttatcgtg aagctaagct gaactttatc     59400
     aaaggctttt ctccctgtct attaagattt aactagtgtg tgttgctaac ttatgcactg     59460
     tattctattt tttatcctag ccgtcatgtg aatatgaagc tcatcagtga ccagatacgt     59520
     tacagaaaat agatatgaat cagaaaacct acgtcattct atctttgttt tttgcttgtt     59580
     tttcaagaca gggttgctct gtgtagacct agctatccat cctagaactc actctgtagc     59640
     acaggctagc ttggaattca gcgatccacc cacctctgcc tccccagtgc tgggattaaa     59700
     ggtacacacc atcacacctg gctctgtgta tttttccact gtaaaattca ttgctctctg     59760
     tattattttt ttatataatg ttctttgaca tactgaaata atatagagac aagctaataa     59820
     tagagatgac aagaaatttc atttagataa caagttccat ttgacgaaaa taaaagcaag     59880
     tccaccgaaa tacacctctt gggcggggaa gatgactcgg tggttaaagg tgatatactg     59940
     agttccattt ctagaatcca catgatggaa gggaaagaac caactccagc tatatgccat     60000
     cacccagact aaacaagtgt aataaatgta aaaaaagcgc aaactaccac tatggtcaat     60060
     ccttagcaaa ggcatccact cctcgcccca tcttccaaac attccttatt acttgaaaag     60120
     cagtggacag gtcttcaact gggaggccac tgattttgac cttatttagt tattaatttt     60180
     gcataagttt ttgtggagta tctgggggcc ttgtctggct aaacaatagg acaagaaaca     60240
     tgcttgaaga aggcttctta gaatgagtag atattgctca cagagagata gaacacaact     60300
     cagtcttcaa ctaaaagaaa ccttttgttc tgtgctcact gggctctatc tgggttcctg     60360
     ttgaaactta aggtgaaagg acagtgacag gccagtaatc gtttgatact ttctagaaaa     60420
     ggaagatatc ccagccatga gtccacctcc cagcataaga aacaagtttc acttacagaa     60480
     atagtttcaa aggcatttta gttggtccag ctctctagaa tagtacaaag cggatgattt     60540
     ggtttaggca aacttaagaa aaagacaaaa tgtctcttgt gaaactatgc ccgggcctag     60600
     cagacacaga agtggatgct cacagtcagc tattggatgg agcacagggc ccccaatgga     60660
     ggagctagag aaagtatcca aggagctaaa gggatctgca accctatagg tggaaaaaca     60720
     atatgaacta accagtagcg ccccccaccc cccaagagct cctttctcta gctgcatatg     60780
     tatcagaaga tggcctagtc ggccatcaat ggaaagagag gcccactggt cttgcaaact     60840
     ttatctgcct cagtacaggg gaacactagg gccaagaagt gggagtggat gggtggggga     60900
     gctggtgcgg ggacttctgg gatagtactg gaaatgtaaa tgaaataaat acctaataaa     60960
     aaaaaagaaa aaagaaacaa gaaaaagcca agaggccaga acacatggag cggtgctgaa     61020
     gaggcatagg atacttccga aaagcttgtg gcaagctgaa ttggaaacat gcaatgagat     61080
     aaaaataatt gtcttagtta gttactgatg agtacaaatt tcatttttgg ttacccaggc     61140
     tcagaaaggt gaacaccaca ttctctctca ttagcagatc ttcatttcca atttttacct     61200
     atgtgtattt atgtgagaga gcgtgtatgg tagagcctag gacactagac cagagccctt     61260
     gagaagggaa ataagagtat tcttgagtag ttgtgagtag tagaaagtgg cctaacgagc     61320
     catgaagaag caaatataag tttaactcca agttttaaaa acaaaataat taattttctt     61380
     gatttttttt cataatattt ctaaaggtgt ttttgggggg agggagttcc aatttttttt     61440
     ttttttttta gaaatcttct agttatgaaa actagccaaa atagggttag gttgagctct     61500
     cttattgaga ttagtatgtt catatggaga tggatacagc aatttcccca tgctatcatg     61560
     ggcacgtggg aatgctattg tcaatctatc ctaggtaaac ttcactttac cagaacactt     61620
     gaaacataca attaattcat cattatattc taacattcca ttgcttcatt agttctaagc     61680
     attaagcact gggcatttcc cacataatca agcattgcaa cggatacata gggcatgttt     61740
     agatgtgtgt ggattaattg tatcctgata tcagacacgg tcatccacaa ccaccaaagt     61800
     aacagcacct gtgatgtaga agattgtggc ttcagtgacg gagaatagaa caagcaagtt     61860
     agttctaact gactcaactt tactcacacg gtagaagaat gaagcatgtt aagactaatc     61920
     taaacaccag agacgggtat aaacttcatt ggcttttagt ttttcaactt gagcaattat     61980
     taagaattct tcagagtggt catatgatca acacaaaagc aaaatgttac cctagaatac     62040
     tttttttccc cccaggaata attcaatagt acaaaagaaa aaagataaaa cccttgttta     62100
     gcaaggtagt atagatgaaa accaaagcta tatatcttga tatagaatat ttgatccctt     62160
     tttaattttt cttaatattt tagtttgtca agatatggcc ttctttgcct ctcttctttt     62220
     cttccttatg tagctaggac tacacctaat aggcattcaa tgagatgcta tgctatgcct     62280
     gccccctctt ctcagataac aggattattt tagattattg tcaaccactt tgtctttcac     62340
     aaacatagta gtagtatatg ctacaagaaa agagtacttg ttgactgttt tttgtttgct     62400
     ttgctttaaa agacagtccc tctattatgc agctctctga ctgtcctgga actcattata     62460
     tataccagaa tggcctagaa ctcaagaggt ctgtttcctt tgcctcctga gtactaggat     62520
     taaaggcatt tgccatgcct ggcaaagatt ctcattcatt cattcattca ttcattcatt     62580
     catccattca ttcactgtct taggccttct agaagatcag tgtgtgctct taaatattaa     62640
     gccatcttct ccatcctctg ttaagagttt tatttttcta tataagagat atatttttat     62700
     tttcatcatt taaaagtaca tttataaatt aagtatttaa gtgtgttgat actgtagtag     62760
     ctgaaaggat atgacaatat ttttaatcct aggtacagta tttaattttt tgcttgtttg     62820
     ttttttgaga caggatttct ctgtgcagcc ctggctgtac tggaactcac tctgtagacc     62880
     aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatctacctg tttctgcctc ccaagtacta ggattaaagg     62940
     cgtgcaccac cactgcttgg ccagtattga atttttgaaa gactactaca gatacattca     63000
     tactagggtt tttaacttct caatggcatt gagaaaacag tcaaaaacta ctttgtattc     63060
     ctttcatctc agtgatactc cacagatcaa gcatagtggt gatacttaaa ctttggaagg     63120
     ttcttgtaaa gactgtttta aatgtcagtt attagactat caaccatttt tgaccaccta     63180
     acctgttcat attgaatcag attgtaatct ctagaatgta tctatattac tgacttgcct     63240
     gctgcaacaa actatcagaa aaaggcaact taaagaagag tttattttag ctcataattt     63300
     gaatgcattt ttatcatggt acaggatggc actaagagag atgcatgaag cagctagtca     63360
     cagtgaatct gctgctagga agcagagtga ttgtgactgc tagggatcag cttctgtact     63420
     tgagtccagg ataccaggtc gtagaatggt gctaccacag tcatggactt tttctcaaat     63480
     aacctaatct agatgatccg tcacaggcat gctcacagaa ttacctccta ggtaactata     63540
     gactctattg acaatattaa ctgtcatata ccatagtatg tactgtctaa aagtaaagaa     63600
     tgaggtaaaa gtacagcttt ttataatgaa gaaaaatcaa cattacagtc aatagttgct     63660
     ttactttttt tttcctgagg tagagcctcg aatagttcag attggcttta aactcactat     63720
     gtagcccaga ctagccttga gaggtaatga ttatcctgcc tctgcttcta attgttgtga     63780
     atacaggtct gcaccatcac acctggttta ttatttaaac tgtgtgtgca tgcatgaaca     63840
     catttgtatg catgtgcatg catccagtgt ggtcaatttg taggagctag ttctcttctt     63900
     tgtggggttt tagaattcat tagattatta ggcttaatgg caggtgccta tcactgagcc     63960
     atcgcattgg tccaataata tatttttaac aaaccaatta accaaactat tcatgcatat     64020
     ttgtggggtg tgatgaatct gaaactcttc atatcagttg aatgaaagtt atagtgaaca     64080
     aagcaatcag tgtgacttct aacagacata tttatcaaag tggtggacca acacatgcaa     64140
     acagtctagc ccaagagcat ctgtagtctg gaaactcttt gttggtgtgt ggatagctcc     64200
     tgccaggaac agaacaaact gttttttgat gtgtttccta tttctttgtc atgaaagagt     64260
     aactgccata gatttgcttc aaaaaagtga aattaaagaa cagtctgttg tatttaaact     64320
     tggcaggaag caataacaga aaagaacaca gagcaatgaa tgagaaaaga gtttgttggg     64380
     atgggaccaa catggaattt tccaaatgga ttatgtatcc taactgccca gaggacagct     64440
     tcaatttcct gtataagaaa tttctaatgg tcattctcta gacaggaagt tccttctgaa     64500
     agactgcaat gctggtgaac tgggtaggga agctcaggca ttctctcctt tggccccctc     64560
     tccatggatt tctgagtccc tttagaggtg tgaaccagta gagtataaca tagaaccaca     64620
     aagccctggg gaactacaaa aaagacccaa gacacagcaa caaaactgaa cattgagaca     64680
     atttgctttt gtaaaaagct aagctctgag gtcaaaaaga ctgaggtgac atggactgag     64740
     ataagaacat tccctcacca actaaactca tcatcctcct tcagttcccc aagctgcagc     64800
     tgaagccggc tctacagcac tccaggaagt acattctagt taaaagacag tgtttgcatg     64860
     agagtgtgca gtggtgcctg agtcctggta ccttgaaaag ctttgtctaa gaatgcaaca     64920
     acacttacct caagcttgct caaatggaaa cgtccttagc ccctttcctg gtacggagta     64980
     agcatgcaca cgtttgctag gcttagtcaa gctactgcca actgatgctt gtggaatact     65040
     tcctataggt tataactaat cctctcctcc tttcctcatg ccttctctgc tctttccttt     65100
     tctctttctc tctcttttta attaaatttg tgtgtggcac atgtcagaac gcaaatatgg     65160
     aggtcaggag acaacttatg gcagctggtt ctctcagcat gtgggtctcc aggtaccaaa     65220
     aggcatgagg cttggcagca agcggtttta cctgttgagt tttactgcag gactttgtcc     65280
     tctgtagccc aggctggccc agaactcact atgtagttga gcttaactca gagtagttat     65340
     ggatcccagg ctagtgttga gctcctgatc atcctgttgc agctttgcct gtgttttgat     65400
     tacaggcgtg ctcaaccatt ccctgctatg attagaacta tttctagcac acagtgagtt     65460
     aggacaaatt ttggatctca aattttaagg gtccgagcta tgtcaacaat tgtaagctgt     65520
     atcatgaata aaaggaggga aagtgactgt gagctgctcc ctcctgttgc caaggttggc     65580
     agagtcctgg atcctctcag aatgcattca ggcttttgtg gcctgttacc agtcaaaggc     65640
     ttcctatgat gtctaatttc tcatggaccg aaaggtactg ggggggggtg gagcagagca     65700
     gtgctgattc tgacctagcc acggtgctct ccactcctgt ggcctctaca gacaactccg     65760
     agttttgatg cttaataaag aatactatct gttatttatt tttaaaaatt gatttcttaa     65820
     acagtcagca aggtctgaga tcaaaataat actttagtac aactgatgag tttgtatttc     65880
     ataaaacaga ttttactgct tctctgagaa agactttaat ctgcataaga ctaaaaactc     65940
     atttctatgt ctctctttta caggctgctt ttagaatgat ttttgggcaa agagcacttc     66000
     cttctttata aaataaaggt tgtatcagac acttactcag ctctttagat aaccagtatc     66060
     agataccaat ggagaaaaga ataaacaaaa acctgtctaa cacacaaatg gccatactta     66120
     gttagaagga aagttcatac gtggcaccca atatgtggct gaacaaaaac actgtggcct     66180
     gacctgagta cccttagcaa tgcctagcaa agcacaaacc aggaagagtg gacttaggtg     66240
     gcaaagcatg aactatatat tccaggtgag gacaagagca cacttacacg ggccacacag     66300
     taagtagctt gtgcttgaaa tctgcgctca cagagaatcc cgggctgtgc agattaccat     66360
     tagcttctat ttttcagaag tcagtctggc tacataaaag tttgtttgta gttaaaagct     66420
     aaaaggaagt atttacatta tcttctgaaa taactgggag cttattgatc tagttcttaa     66480
     aaaataaagg agaagaaatg aaatttgaca actagctttc ctccttttat gaatcagagc     66540
     tgaatcttac aagctgtcca ctgtcttcaa ggtcatgcac aggggctgac tattcagccg     66600
     actacctccc acattctcaa ccactcccag ctctcacaag cacaatgaca acggaagcag     66660
     cactgttagt tatgtgtagt aagcaaagga tatacacctt gattaacttt tcataaaaat     66720
     tttcaattca atataaagat ttacaagaga aataatacag tgaacaatac agtgaatact     66780
     tatggcacca tgttcaactt ttgtaaatct aactagacta atatttcttc ataaatgcta     66840
     caagaaacca ggcaaccatt atgagcaatt aaaatacaaa cgttaaaatg gcattagcct     66900
     tgaacaattg gtcacttcaa taatttattt ttgttaatga taagaatatt ttctcagtaa     66960
     aattgaataa tcaattctgt aacaggaaat gataagagca tttgatctac aaaagtgaac     67020
     attatcttga aatttcaaga aaaagttagt tcactggaaa ttcttcaatc tttttgaata     67080
     gaaaactgtc cagttttttc atatttcaaa cataaatgta ctttaataaa gaaaatccca     67140
     tttcctatat ctctttcagt gattattaca gtgaaaagta acacatggat tgtgggcgca     67200
     cctagtgaaa tgctaagtag tgtaaatgga aagacatgaa agaaaatcaa gtcacacaaa     67260
     ttccacatga ttgaaacgag taaaagcaaa ggctgaagtg taacatcccc catttcttgt     67320
     ttggcacata tattaaaaca ttcaaacagt aaacaactta agatcaatag atactaaaac     67380
     cactagcaca gtaataaaat gcctaaaggt tatgaacatc ttaataccta attcccacat     67440
     aacttgtgtt accaatcata tcttccatga ggatggagct gttcaaagca ttatctgatt     67500
     caggataact cactaagtgt catgttgaat cacaccgttc ctctctaaac tggtggatct     67560
     tttgatggcc ttcatttatg agaacacatg tgtaccctac tcacaatttt gaaaaaaatg     67620
     gaaggccttc atacatgtca ctttttaatt ttatccaatc attgatcttc tgaagagttg     67680
     ttttttcttg acttaatatt tttgcaactt ttttcatctt ttgatcattt ctttctatat     67740
     acttcatccc ttccagctga agctggtcca gtttttcatc ccggctttca tctaggggta     67800
     tgttttcaca tatcacagga ttaaatctaa agtacgtgtc agaaggcaac aggccatcaa     67860
     gcatgatatg aacttctgtc aaaacaaaaa tgaaaaaggg ttggtaagaa aaggtatgag     67920
     gtaagttatc ttaagtgatc cattaatttt tctcatttaa aagtatcttc attttaggcg     67980
     tattacaaac atgtttattt tactcacaag aggttcaacc aaatcaaaag caaatctaca     68040
     aattacaatt tactttccaa atacttcata cagtttgctc aggtagggat cctgcataac     68100
     tactctcctt gatgaaatga cttctctttt ccttttcctt tttttgggga tcatcttcat     68160
     tgggctatat atttatgcat attaagagtc agcactttta attgtgtaat ttgacaaaat     68220
     ttgataatgg ataagcattt gtgttgctgc tataagtcat acacattccc aggacgttca     68280
     tccaaaggtt tctgagtctc cacagtgaac catcccttac cccgtccttc ataaaggatg     68340
     tcagacaaac atcctttatc atcatgttag ttgtcttgtc ctcctcttaa ttagtcatat     68400
     acaaactcac aacttaacca gtaattgttt agagaggcca cataaacttg ctattatatt     68460
     ttaataacaa tttactatca attattatgt ttcaatataa ttcttatagg ttttcaaagt     68520
     taactgtcat aaacctctat atttgtgtca ttaactatag tgtaactaca gtgaggtaac     68580
     atttcacatc ttctaaaaat tccaaaagag cttgccacta tctgacatat agacttatgc     68640
     agcatgagac ccgttcacta aagactatgt acggtagacg aaaggaattt tctaccacaa     68700
     gaaaattgta ttcaagccgg gcggtggtgg cacacgcctt taatcccagc acttgggagg     68760
     cagaggcagg tggatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtga gttccaggac     68820
     agccaaggct atacagagaa accctgtctc gaaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaaaacaa     68880
     caacaacaaa aaagaaaatt gtatgcattc atcataaatg tattaaaagt cagagtgtaa     68940
     tgttggcttt aaaagataac agacaaagaa gtgttgctga gaaagtggga aaagggacca     69000
     tactgtatta ctggtagata tgcaaactgg caaaactact atgcaaaata atacaggggt     69060
     agctttacag aattatataa ctacaagtga aagaaattcc actctgagta tatatttgaa     69120
     ggaaatgata acagaatctt gagaagatat ttgtcatacc ctatttactg cactattcaa     69180
     aatagtccag atatgcattc taatatgtat gttacatata gtaggatgtt agcgttaaag     69240
     gcagaaaaaa ctcgtcatct gcaacatgac agatggattt aaaggacatc atacttattg     69300
     aaacaagcta gatgcatgaa gtcaaataat gcatgatatt tgtatgtaga acctaaaata     69360
     gccaagctta gagaaaagag agtaagaatg ctagctgtcc cagagtttgg ggatggtaga     69420
     tgttggccaa agggtataaa cattcaacca ttacagcgga aaaatcacta gtgtttaaat     69480
     atacagcacg gtaaccatag ttaatcacac caggaaagaa aagactcctt agcttgtgca     69540
     tgccaataat taaatttaaa tttaaagaac gagttgtata gcttttgtca gttttaacaa     69600
     agtgaaaaag atatcttact aatttggcaa aagcttttca gatagcaaaa acatcccgtt     69660
     tatcatgttt ttgtgggtta ccttttaaaa gattaaggtt cttaacagaa agtaaaacct     69720
     cactaagtta ctaaatttaa gtaaagatat gttgatatag agaatggctt aaacatggag     69780
     ctgttacata ctactttaag aaattaataa cccattttag aacctaaaaa taaagcagta     69840
     agataaagag atctaaacaa agctaaggtt caaagctcac tattcaacag acactcacca     69900
     aaggcttaat atgtgctaag aattggaatc aacaataaat cagacgagca agatcaccat     69960
     ttctgcattt taaggtctga ggttgaatct cagggcctca caaatgccag gcaacaactc     70020
     taattctgag ctacacttcc acgttctgcc ttacattcta ataagcacag aaagatatgt     70080
     aataaataaa tatataatat atagctgtaa gaggaaaatg tgcttggaca gggaggaaga     70140
     agagcagctg ggtaagtggc tagaataaga agatgaggaa acgggctgga gagatgactc     70200
     atcggttaag agcactgact gctcttccaa agggcctgag ttcaaatccc agcaacatgg     70260
     tggctcacaa ccataacgag atctgatgcc cttttctgga gtgtctgaag acagctacag     70320
     tgtacttaca tataataaat acatagaaat ctaaaagaaa aagaaaagaa aggaaaggtg     70380
     aggaaactga agtagtctgg caaggtctct ggagaacagg acagccagcc tgaataacgc     70440
     acgcaaaggc cacgcatctg tctgaacaga gagccttaca gcgacactcc agcaatagca     70500
     gagaccatga ggcccgtgat tcttagaaag tatggagaac agtaaggatt aatgtgagag     70560
     atatacttcg ggatagaaga ggcacattca ggggttcagt tttataaggt ctggtgttag     70620
     tggagggagg cttttgaact ttgttccaca gacagcctag agagatttat gaagaggaag     70680
     gacaactgat attttaatgg cctacattgg tcttttctag actatactag agggtcacca     70740
     agagcagaaa caagaaagta ttctaatgcc acgtgacttc cacatttgtc agagtccaat     70800
     tatcttaatc ctccaactgt ttcagttatt atctgaacat gtaaacccct ctaacccttg     70860
     ttgcttttct ttttcttaac tggcaagtct ccacctaagc ttttgtgcca ggtcagcttt     70920
     acatacgtct ttaactctaa gcgaggagag tagtctcttt aggatcattg aacaaaggaa     70980
     gggtgggtga tgagctccta agctcacact acagacctaa accactcttt cacagttgag     71040
     atcacatttt acctaaagtg tctgaaggag cacagaaaga ctaaccctct gtatctgtag     71100
     cactgctgat aacattagag agcttggtct tcaggctcgt gtatgttgag gtattcctca     71160
     catcactctc ataccgtcct gtgcccaagg atactataca ctccagtggc gtatctggcc     71220
     agatgcattt acattcgtga agggccaagg ccgaagggtt attcagaagc aaacctccat     71280
     cctgtaaaac acaaggcata agagcagtca gttaagtact tactctaggg gaaacctatc     71340
     actgtagtga ttgacttacg acaagactat cctttcaaat gagctgattc acgtgcaaca     71400
     gctgtaaaac ccactatcta gaaggataag ttttagtttc ctattttaaa cgactttttg     71460
     gattgcttta tgtatcctgc ttaaaaatac tgtaatgaac taagaattgt aaaaacattt     71520
     tcatgcgtct ttatttacta gttgtgcatg cacccacatg aaggtaagag gaaaactgcc     71580
     atgtcggtcc tagagattga actcaggtca ttgaacttgg aagcaagtac ctttaaccac     71640
     tgagccatct tgctagtccc tgaaccaaac aacttttaaa gacactgggg tagttaatag     71700
     ttaataagaa caaaacaatc tctcacaact tcagtgtatc aaattaactg aaatttaaac     71760
     aaaataattt taaggtatcg tatccacagt acagctataa cctgaagaaa gtaggagtaa     71820
     gttcaaactt ctaagtcagt ggttctccac atgtgggtca tgactctttg ggtggtctaa     71880
     tgaccctttc acagaggtca cctgaccatt ggaaaacaga tatttatatt tcataacagt     71940
     agcaaaatta tagttatgaa gtagcaaaaa gaataagttt atggttgggg tcacaacatg     72000
     aggaactgta ttaaagggtc acagcattaa gaaggttgag aacctctatt ctaagtgtct     72060
     atcagtagca acatgatttt aaagaattca aaaatgtaaa atacgctgat agaatatgct     72120
     gtaaaaaaca ctgaatctca atcggggttg aatactataa aaataaggaa gtatttaaaa     72180
     ttacagccaa actgtaacag aatgaatcat acaataatat ttaaatctat ttcattacta     72240
     tattgtatat ggagcttaaa atctagggac atacatctgg ttgaagatat tttaagtaac     72300
     tacatagcct tcttcctata tgacttccat atatattcct gtggggcatt tggctacaca     72360
     cagacaatct ggtttccagt tgagctgagg tctgaacccc agaatggtga taattcacct     72420
     atgagatcct ggaactctgg ctcctgctta agttaccgcc cccacgcccc caagagaagc     72480
     atggctagaa ctcacatagg caatgtccca agcttctgac cttcaggcta aactcctccc     72540
     cagttaccta gcaacagaaa agatagcagc tcactttaaa aggggctgtt tggcccctcc     72600
     ttgctctctc tctcaccccc tcactccatt gttctcttgc tcttacacta ctctcctatc     72660
     tctcttactc tctctagcct ttcctcccct ccctcttttc tatcttctct ctttccccct     72720
     gcctttctat aataaagctc taaaaacata aacagtctct gctcatcaag gctgcgctca     72780
     ttctcacatg cgtgggaacc tctcttccct cagccctctc tcccataacc ctgggctaca     72840
     gggtgtaccc caggacacct tttggttttg ggggctgccc cttgtccacc ccctgaggag     72900
     tgggtcaaag gctgggatgc ccaccccggg ctgagtggaa agcatccgcc tgtccgagca     72960
     taggtggaac tctggcggga catggctatc ctccccctct tcccttgggc ccctttatag     73020
     ttcccacgta ttcccattgt agatgtttga tttgttactg tgtgtcactt agcttttgag     73080
     tttctgagag tacctctgag tagcaaaagt ttctaatttt gataaagtct gctgtaccag     73140
     tgacttttgt ggatggacag taactttttt aaaaaaaaat gttaggaatc tacttaaccc     73200
     tagatcatat aacactgctc ttctaaatgt tttacacttt aaactacaac attcagttac     73260
     tactactgaa tattgttggt ataatttgtg aggtttaagt gaaaattaga atccactaaa     73320
     tgttcttggt ataagctgtg aggtttggag agagtgtggg agaggcagaa agaggaccac     73380
     ccttctgcag gcaacaatag tatagtatat atttcaaacc aatttgtcaa gaagagtatc     73440
     cttggggctg tgaagatact ttagtggata aagcgccggc tattcaagta acagaacctg     73500
     agttcagata ccaagcacct attgtggtgg cacacattgt atttgtaacc tcagcactgg     73560
     agggtagaga taggcagatt ggtggggcct actgaccagc cagtctagtc aattggtcag     73620
     ctttgggttc tatgaaagac cttttctcaa caaacaagct ggaaagcaaa gacacttaat     73680
     taggttaacc gctggtactc accgattgtt cacatgtact atacacacat gcattagctc     73740
     gttccacaaa agtactatcc atatagctca tgtgcacata ggtctagttc tggactctgt     73800
     tctactttac acccgacttc cccccaaccc ccagcacaca cacattgacc aaacttcctc     73860
     aaataacagt ctaacaagca ctcacactag aaattccctt tgttcatcct tgtgaagttt     73920
     agtaacaata agtaaattct gaccttaaaa aaaaaaactt tgaaaaagaa tgttgagatt     73980
     tgaatataat ttcctccttt ccattcctct gtcagatccc tcccacataa cccgatttgc     74040
     cttcatgctg actgaaacat ttaaagagtc taaggagtcg cacggatgac ttacttgatg     74100
     aagatcactc cccagcgcgt actctgcaaa gtagcctgga gcagctgatg aggctctaat     74160
     ggcctgccac attttatact gacagcctcc taaatagtga gagttggtgc caggaaaatg     74220
     accatagttt ctgaacacaa aagcttttgg tgtttgtcct ctgtttacta tggtacttat     74280
     agcagctacc tagagagtta aaaagtaagc aaaaaatatg accattaacc ataaatatct     74340
     atatttaaaa aaaaactgaa tactatctat tattatttat ttgttaaatg caaggagcct     74400
     cattctgtag tcctacttgg cctaaaactc atcataaaac cttcgctggc cttggaactt     74460
     gtgcaattct cctgcttaaa tctcctaagt gctgcagtta cagtgtgaag taccatggcc     74520
     aactgaatgc tatttagtga tatatatcta caaaacaaca agaacaatgt gcaaacacaa     74580
     aaatacttac agaaaactac atgtgtgtta taggagaaga aaaagataaa aaagaaggtt     74640
     tgacacaagt ttgagatata ttagatgaga acagtaatag aagatgcatt tgaatatatg     74700
     attttattta agacgattca gaaagacaca tttctaaagt cataactgat ataatagtgt     74760
     tgacaattta ttcttagaat tcaacaaatg cagtatttta aatgtaattt acaaaataat     74820
     ttcatgtgct ttgaaaatat tttgagattc catcttacac ttaccacaat gactaaggtc     74880
     aataacacaa gtgacactca tgcttacaaa gatgtggaat caggagaaca ttccatagcg     74940
     ggtgggagtg cagactagta cagccactat aaagattgct cagaaaactg gggctccatc     75000
     tacctcatga ctcagctaca tcactcttgg acatacaccc aaaggatgtt ttattctacc     75060
     acaaagatcc ctgattaacc atgttcactg ctgctctatt ataacagcca gaaactggaa     75120
     accacctaat gtccctcaat agaagaatgg ataaagaaaa tggggtacat ttacacaatg     75180
     gaatgttact caacagttaa aaaaaagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     75240
     gagagagaaa gagagttttg caggcaaatg aacggaacta gaaagaaaac atcctgagtg     75300
     aggtaaccca gacgctgaaa gatatatatg gttacatatt cacacatgta tgtgggtatt     75360
     agtcataaat aaatgataac caacctatat tccacaaacc ctagaaggtt aggtataggg     75420
     ggagggacca agagggaaca gatgggtctc cctaggagtg ggaaatagaa cagattttat     75480
     aggtacacag ggggtgggtg ggtgggtggg agaggaaatg gaaggataaa gtagggcagg     75540
     ggaggggaga tagtgttgaa ggaggaaatg caggagaaac agatgaaatt aaggggcact     75600
     taagtgatga tatggaaaca cagtgcagta gaaacttcct aaaacatgtg aagcaatcct     75660
     aatgaagtct cctaataatg gaggatacag actcccaact ggccatctct tgtcaccaac     75720
     aaggcttcca gtaaaaggac taggttgcat tcaattaacc tgttggccaa gggggtccca     75780
     ttgaaatccc caaacagacc cagactattg ctaagataag aggttgctct ccacgaactg     75840
     acagccagtg acactgctga ggacaacacg cacacaacac actgaccatg gagcaatgga     75900
     gctggtgcct ataaggaatc ttcagttcta cattctattg tctttggtac aggaagttat     75960
     tctactggct tccaaaagaa acataaacac aaacctagct attaaacctc tgacctacaa     76020
     tctgttctcc ctgcaagata tgctatcata atggtggcac agaacttgtg ggagcagccg     76080
     accaatgtct gatttgactt aaggcccact ccacaagaca gaacccatat ccaatactgc     76140
     ctgggtgacc aagaacctga aattagatag tccaaaaacc tagggtaaaa caaagcactt     76200
     ctggtataaa agaaaaagta tcaataaaat aatcccaata ctttgctatc cgcatagatc     76260
     catgccttat tcactctaca gcagagaggc ttccccctac aagagacagg agacaggaga     76320
     caagagacag gagacagaca ggagacagga gacagacagg agacaggaga caggagactc     76380
     atagctagtc attatgtaga gtgagagtca ttggagcaca cagctctaaa tgagatgtct     76440
     tcatcaaatc cctcccctta gagctgaggg aacccctcag aagaggagac acattggaac     76500
     aagttcttga atgaggctgt gtgagaggat ttctgagccc ttataagaaa actccaagta     76560
     aataaacaag acaaaagtct tgtaatctat gttcctcccc aagatgggct gttctcggaa     76620
     tgtgctcctc cctgatgtag tggatatgat agtttacttc agattactca ttacaagtgg     76680
     caattcctca tttgtttata ttatctgtat aggaaaacat attttcacct gcagcttagg     76740
     attatataca gcttgaactc acaaaaaact tcacccaggt gactttcctt aaccctcagg     76800
     aaatggtggt taagatgctc tgaataaaga aggttctttc tttcttttct ttcctttttt     76860
     tttcataaag gcggttcttg agtgagactt tattctatct tatttactgg ctccattctt     76920
     gtaggtctta tcaccaacta gagcagcaac tgggtggaaa agtacaagag ccagagggga     76980
     tgaagcatac taggagacta agaccctttg aatcaactga gcaaggctca tataaactca     77040
     gaggctgaag caaaaagcac aggtcttgca cagatctgca ctgggtccta tgcatataca     77100
     ttatagcttt cagtttagta ttttcatggg actcctttta agttcctgaa caagtgggtc     77160
     tcaaatccct atgcctactc tcggggcact tttccttctg ttgggatgcc ctgttcagct     77220
     tcaacgtgtt gggctttgct ttgtcttata ttttattttg ccatgcttgg ctgtcttctc     77280
     ttagaagcct gctgttttct aatgagagat aaaaaaagga gtggatctga agggaagggg     77340
     agatgggaag gggagatgga aagggacagg gaacagaggg agggaaaatt gtagtcagga     77400
     tatattatat gagaaaagaa tctatttgca ataaaataaa agaatgagga aatatgattt     77460
     tagtaaagtc acagcatagt cctgcacaaa ttctcaaagc tttcaaatga caggcctaag     77520
     ttttcctgtt ctgtgtcaaa cccagtcatg gtcctgtttg ttttgtcatt taataaacaa     77580
     aggtcctatc ctagatttct agacttcatg actctttgtc atctatggat accagctggc     77640
     cattcactaa aatccagagg gtctttctgt aactaagata cagaaaaaaa gaggattaag     77700
     aatcctatca agggctggag agatggctca gtggttaaga gcactgactg ttcttctgga     77760
     ggtcctgagt tcaaatccca gcaaccacat ggtggctcac aaccatctgt aatgtgattg     77820
     gatgccctct tctggtgtgt ctgaagacaa ctacagtgta cttacatata ataaataaat     77880
     cttaaaaaat tagactccta acgatagctg tctgctctat tacaacaaca acaaaaaaaa     77940
     aacctttgca aatggctcaa gatttcacat ctattctttt acccaaagtt aacaacttcc     78000
     cataatttgt aaacaagtat tcaaacaaaa acagaggccc agtaatctag aagaacaaac     78060
     cagaggggta ggtagggtac atcctaggtc ctctcccaag gaatgaagtc atctctttgt     78120
     tgtggccttc aggagcactg tgtgatgtaa tctgcctact attccagtct cattccagtt     78180
     gctgccctca gatctttggg ctagtctctg ggaaagctta cagttcctgg aattctcttt     78240
     gagccctgca tagaccactt tctttgtcct tttgccagga atgctcctac ttactagcct     78300
     tcacaatgag gtctcacaaa gtagccttcc ttacatccct tgaaatgtat gctttcagag     78360
     aactgctagt ttggtccaca gcacccattt caggactact tcatttgtga gattatttac     78420
     ttaacagtca cattaagaag ataattcaca gccctgtggt cccatgtaac tgtctagctt     78480
     acttttaaca taataataca atattatcag aaatacagcc actaaagatt aacaaataca     78540
     gtgcacttaa ataaatcatc tttgtttcta tacactttta aagcactgtg attctaataa     78600
     agccttagta ttattatgca caaattcagt gctatcacaa aggcatatgt atagcagtca     78660
     caaacatgaa gggataaaag tgatgaagtt aaatactcat gggagcaaat atggagacaa     78720
     agtatggagc acagactgaa ggaaaggcca tccagagact gccctacctg gggatccatc     78780
     ccatatacag tcaccaaacc cagacactat tgtggatgcc aacaagtgct tgctgacagc     78840
     agcctgatat agctgtctcc tgaaaggctc tgccagagcc tgacaaatac agaggtgaat     78900
     gctgccagcc aaccattgga ctgagcatgg ggtccccagt agaggagtta gagaaaggac     78960
     tgaaggagct gaaggggttt gcaaccccat ggtaagaaca acattatcaa ccaactagta     79020
     ccccagatct cccagggact aaaccaccaa ccagagtaca catggaggga cccatggctc     79080
     cagctgcata tgtagcagag gatggccttg ttgggcatca atgggagtca aggcccttgg     79140
     tcctgtgaag gcttgatgcc ccagtgttgg tgaattcaag ggcagggagg cgtgagtggg     79200
     tgggggaaac accctcttag aagcaggggg aggggtgttg ggctaggggg tttggggggg     79260
     aacaggaaag aggataacat ttgaaatgta aataaaggaa atatccaata ataaaaaaaa     79320
     aagacaacta caaaaataaa aagtgatgaa gttacaaaga ctagcagaag gagtgatatc     79380
     ttgatttcgc atcctaatag cttgccattc aatagtaact ataagccatg tgggatttct     79440
     aggcacatca attataatcc tcaagcaaac aattattgtt aacacaaagc taaaacaatt     79500
     tcagattgtg aagtttcaaa caaataagac gaactacata gaggcatacc taaatgactc     79560
     aatttttaaa aattaggatt ccatttgtat attaattaac cctgttgatt ttacatataa     79620
     aacttacctt tgaaaatcta agatagaaaa atactttaat tttccttaac tcgactagat     79680
     tttgttaaaa taatgataaa atattctata ttttcagtcc cgattaattt ttttaaactt     79740
     ctattacttt tatttcaaac tatctagtaa ttacatcctg tattttaata gaatgaccta     79800
     atagataagg aagcaataac atctattaca agaagttcac aagactgtct ctcacaatac     79860
     atgtttttcc cagactctgc gatgctctgc ctaagagact tcactcacct taggacatgc     79920
     ggggtttctc gctgtttcaa tcattagtgc agatccaatt ctatcccttt agtaaacaag     79980
     aacacataag ttatagcaaa actactttat ctcttaacaa tcaagaacta tacacttgcc     80040
     tgtagctttg tggttggcat gtgtaagcca aaccaatact ttccaaagat acttttgttc     80100
     atgctgcttt atcataataa taaaaggcaa actaggacat attcctcctt taaaaattac     80160
     attaaagaga aaataggaaa aaataaagta cgttctttaa gaaagtattc tgacccatta     80220
     gatggctcag tatgagcagg cttgctgtca agtctcatga gttcatttgt aggaacccac     80280
     atggtagaga aaacagtgtg gtacaaatat ccacatacaa taaataaatg taaaaaatga     80340
     ttgaatatac ttttcaatat acagctaata ttttcacaat ataatgagaa ctgccttgat     80400
     atgaaaatga acaaaagatc atatccataa aattcacaaa aggttgatgg tcactaaaaa     80460
     cctcccaaac tcatatattt aaaaaattaa attatttggt tttgtaaaat agaaataaaa     80520
     cagtttggtg ttggaaaatg ggtaaaccag gatcctattt taaagaacaa ctcagctaca     80580
     tacacacata tactcaagac ttttatctaa gaatttcata catgtgttaa tgtgcctgaa     80640
     ccaaatctac ctgaattcct tgctctccaa gtccttctct ctccccatca ccactttccc     80700
     ctcccaaatc catgtgctct tttattctca aaacttccaa aatatgtgta acatttctgt     80760
     ccaagtttta tgtctaggat ttttcgttaa agatatcaat agacttaagt tgacatatcc     80820
     atttgtaaac tacaaaaata agacatcgta tcgtaagcgt ccttttctaa taggaaatat     80880
     gttaaaccaa aagtaataca ttagtaaaat gagataatga gcaaccatta aaaatgattg     80940
     caatatatat attaatgaga catgttaagt ggaagtacag gatgtgtgca ttatcatctc     81000
     cactggaggg agaggaatac acacaggcac acatgtaaat acttgtttgg ctacacattc     81060
     tagaggggaa tgctaagtgc ttttgttttt agtgggattg ttgttatttt cagtgttttc     81120
     cttaatgttt cattattttg aaaggcagca tttgaacaaa tgagcatttc ctataaatta     81180
     acaagattga tacattctga aacgttggct gaagtttaaa gttttctacc atagctaatt     81240
     ctaatcacaa aaggaagata aatataaatt ttatatgttc ataaatatcc caggtagaaa     81300
     ttctttttaa aatgatacca gcccactctg gaatatagtg ttttgttttg tcttgttttt     81360
     ttcaaagtac tactagtttt aataactttg aaaactaggg aaagtataaa tttccaagta     81420
     taaaataatt tcagccgtat aaactaagcg tgctagggag atgtctcact gaagcatgag     81480
     aaccacacta tgcatcctca gagctcacac agaaatctga gcatggtgac atgagagagg     81540
     tagacaggta gatcccagca acttcatggc cagtcagcct agcctgctta gccaagcgcc     81600
     aacctagcaa atggatcctg tctccagcaa atggtggacg gcacctgagt aaagacactg     81660
     gaggctgacc tctgacctgc acctgcacac aggtatgcat gtgcccacac atgcgcaccc     81720
     ccatacaaac attcatccac aggccacact aacacaaatt taatcaagaa aaaaacataa     81780
     tatattacag gttatacagc tttcaataat atatttgggg tgatttaaat ttctactttc     81840
     cacttctagt tttgatttta tcacaatatc ttagtattga ttttattctg gaaataaatt     81900
     tcaatattat aggctgtttc agattaatga cttgagaata gattgtaaga caaaaaaaac     81960
     aacagtatac aaatataatc tatgtacaat atggcctcat atttatttaa aaggcattta     82020
     ctatgagcaa gggagaggac gccacctgtg aaattccttc ccaggaacat gaagacctaa     82080
     gctcaggtcc ccagaaccca tggcatgggg gtgtggacct gtaattctag cactggggaa     82140
     gtggctcagg tggatccttg gggcttgttt actgtcagtc taggcaaact gatgacctcc     82200
     aggttttctg aaagaccctg tctccaaaaa taagtagggc tggaaagatg actcagtggg     82260
     taaaggcact tgtttcacaa gtctgccacc ctgacgtcaa tccctagact acatgaaaag     82320
     gtagaagaga accgactcca caaagctgcc tctggcctcc acatacatgc catagtacat     82380
     tcatgtggtg gtcacaatac gcttgcccaa tggggagtgg cactattacg agtcatggcc     82440
     ttattggaag aagtgtatct ctgtggaggg gaggctttga ggtctcatat acatgctcta     82500
     gtctggccag tatgatgcag agcctcctcc agctgcctgc aggagacagt ctctttctgg     82560
     ctgccttcag atcaaaatgt agacttctca gctcctccag caccatgtct gcctgcagtc     82620
     tgccatatat cctgccatta tgataattga ctgaacctct gaaactgtaa gccagctcca     82680
     attaaacact ctctcttcta agaattacct tggtcacagt gtctcttcac agcagtaaaa     82740
     cgcttaaccg agacaatgta cgtccacaca tcacacacac aataataggt aaataaatac     82800
     taaaatggag tgatggagaa agacacctag cagccatctc tggcttccac ttgcacgtgc     82860
     atggatcccc acacatataa acatacatag agatgaacat aggaacatac atactcgcac     82920
     acaaaccaaa caaggtaata taatttctac atgcaaatct tacacaaact caagaatctg     82980
     tcactagaac ataattcacc aaaacagtaa tagtagttat ttccaattta ctgggaatat     83040
     tatcattctt tgtattttct atagttttta aactttaata tgtataaaca actatatacc     83100
     caaaatcttt taaaagggat tgaaactcac ttgaggatct tttcccacgt gttactgtca     83160
     taaaacgcat ggctccaact cattttgacg gtcccgacaa tgacattctg tgtgaacaca     83220
     tctgagccca actttcgata gagttcctca cattcatcca gcggcatgtg aaacaatccc     83280
     agcataaatg ctaatatggc ccctgaaaag aacattctta gtttttatca ttagtgatgt     83340
     gactgctctt acaatttaca catggctctg agacaagcaa cctgctgaaa ttctagctct     83400
     gatactttct tttttttttt tttttttttc cattttttat taggtatttc gctcgtttac     83460
     atttgcaatg ctataccaaa agtcccccat agccacccac cccctctccc ctacccaccc     83520
     actccccttt tatggccctg gcgttcccct gtactggggc atataaagtt tgcatgtcca     83580
     atgggcctct ctttccagtg atggccaact aggccatctt ttgatgcata tgcagctaga     83640
     gtcaagagct ccggggtact ggttagttca taatgttgtt ccacctatag ggttgcagat     83700
     ccctttagct tctttggtac tttctctagc tccttcattg ggggccatgt gatccatcca     83760
     atagccgact gtgagcatcc acttctatgt ttgctaggcc caggcatact ctgacaagag     83820
     acagctatat cagggtcctt tcagcataat cttgctagtg tatgcaatgg tgtcagcatt     83880
     tggaagctga ttatgggatg gatccaaact atttcacaag atagaagtag aaggtactct     83940
     acccaactca ttttatgaag ccactattac tctgatacct aaaccacaga aagacccaac     84000
     aaagatagag aacttcagac caatttcttt tatgaatatc gatgcaaaaa tccttaataa     84060
     aattctcgct aaccgaatcc aagaacacat taaagaaatc atccatcctg accaagtagg     84120
     ttttattcca gggatgcagg gatggtttaa tatacgaaaa tccatcaatg taatccatta     84180
     tataaacaaa ctcaaagaca aaaaccacat gatcatctcg ttagatgcag aaaaagcatt     84240
     tgacaagatc caacacccat tcatgataaa agttttggaa agatcaggaa ttcaaggccc     84300
     atacctaaac ataataaaag caatctacag caaaccagta gccaacatca aagtaaatgg     84360
     agagaagctg gaagcaatcc cactaaaatc agggactaga caaggttgcc cactttctcc     84420
     ctaccttttc aacatagtac ttgaagtatt agccagagca attcgacaac aaaaggagat     84480
     caaggggatt caaattggaa aagaggaagt caaaatatca ctttttgcag atgatatgat     84540
     agtatatata agtgacccta aaaattccac cagagaactc ctaaacctga taaacagctt     84600
     cggtgaagta gctggatata aaattaactc aaacaagtca atggcctttc tctacacaaa     84660
     gaataaacag gatgagaaag aaattaggga aacaacaccc ttctcaatag tcacaaataa     84720
     tataaaatat ctcggcgtga ctctaactaa ggaagtaaaa gatctgtatg ataaaaactt     84780
     caagtctctg aagaaagaaa ttaaagaaga tctcagaaga tggaaagatc tcccatgctc     84840
     atggattggc aggatcaaca ttgtaaaaat ggctatcttg ccaaaagcaa tctacagatt     84900
     caatgcaatc cccatcaaaa ttccaactca attcttcaac gaattagaag gagcaatttg     84960
     caaattcatc tggaataaca aaaaacctag gatagcaaaa actcttctca aggataaaag     85020
     aacctctggt ggaatcacca tgcctgacct aaagctttac tacagggcaa ttgtgataaa     85080
     aactgcatgg tactggtata gagacagaca agtagaccaa tggaatagaa ttgaagaccc     85140
     agaaatgaac ccacacacct atggtcactt gatcttcgac aagggagcta aaaccatcca     85200
     gtggaagaaa gacagcattt tcaacaattg gtgctggcac aactggttgt tatcgtgtag     85260
     aagaatgcga atcgatccat acttatctcc ttgtactaag gtcaaatcta agtggatcaa     85320
     ggaacttcac ataaaaccag agacactgaa acttatagag gagaaagtgg ggaaaagcct     85380
     tgaagatatg ggtacagggg aaaaattcct gaatagaaca gcaatggctt gctctgtaag     85440
     atcgagaatt gacaaatggg acctaatgaa actccaaaat ttctgcaagg caaaagacac     85500
     cgtcaataag acaaaaagac caccaacaga ttgggaaagg atctttacct atcctaaatc     85560
     agatagggga ctaatatcca acatatataa agaactcaag aaggtggact tcagaaaatc     85620
     aaataacccc attaaaaaaa tggggctcag aactgaacaa agaattctca cctgaggaat     85680
     accgaatggc agagaagcac ctgaaaaaat gctcaacatc cttaatcatc agggaaatgc     85740
     aaatcaaaac aaccctgaga ttccacctca caccagtcag aatggctaag atcaaaaatt     85800
     caggtgacag cagatgctgg cgtggatgtg gagaaagagg aacactcctc cattgttggt     85860
     gggattgcag gcttgtacaa ccactatgga aatcagtctg gcggttcctc agaaaactgg     85920
     atatagtact accggaggat ccagcaatac ctctcctggg catatatcca gaagatgccc     85980
     caactggtaa gaaggacaca tgctccacta tgttcatagc agccttattt ataatagcca     86040
     gaagctggaa ggaacccaga tgcccctcaa cagaggaatg gatacagaaa atgtggtaca     86100
     tctacacaat ggagtactac tcagctatta aaaagaatga atttatgaaa ttcctagcca     86160
     aatggatgga cctggagggc atcatcctga gtgaggtaac acattcacaa aggaactcac     86220
     acaatatgta ctcactgata agtggatatt agcccaaaac ctaagatacc caagatataa     86280
     gatacaattt cctaaacaca tgaaactcaa gaaaaatgaa tactgaagtg tgaacactat     86340
     gccccttctt agaagtggga acaaaacacc cttggaagga gttacagaga caaagtttgg     86400
     agctgagata aaaggatgga ccatgtaggc tctgatactt tctaactgaa cttgggacaa     86460
     aacaattctc agagttccaa gttttccctt ctgtgaagtg ggtataaatt ttacactaaa     86520
     ttaaattata tataagatgt catgggaatt aaaaccatgt tttactaaaa gaatactgtg     86580
     tatttggcaa ctcattaaat aagttggctt tcagtttggt cctaggatca atgtgatgaa     86640
     agaaattaaa tattctagga tgtcctttaa atagctgatt tcacatacca gttgtaattg     86700
     gtgggacaca ctgccaccta gtggttgtac ttgtctcact cctaactaag aggaaaatgg     86760
     ggttttaggg gatgaggagt cagcaagaca gtaggtaaag acctacttaa catgtaaaga     86820
     aataagcaac aatgtagttt aaaggatttt taatttttaa agtttatatc ttatgtttat     86880
     gagtgttctg aatacattta tgtctaaaca ccacatgtgc agaaaagagc actgaatttc     86940
     ctggaactgg agttacagat ggctgtgaat tgaacctggt cctgaagaaa ttcagcagtg     87000
     ttctcttaat ccccaagcca tctctccagc cccctgtaaa gcgtatcata ttggaattgg     87060
     aatcattcca gtaaaagatt aaatagctga aaacataaaa atgcaatatt gtggattaaa     87120
     ctatataaac ttggagaata ttttaacttg gagaataatc ctaataaaca aataatttgc     87180
     taaaaaaaaa aattaaatgc ctttttgagg gcagatgatg gtgaggagcg ggtcttctct     87240
     atgtagccct ggctgtctga gtttgctgtg tataccaggc tggcatcaaa ctcacagaga     87300
     tcctcctgtc tctgtctccg gggtgctagc aaagtgcctt tattttcaaa aagaacttct     87360
     ataaagataa acagatactt aaaaaagaat taattttatt aagtaaggac actaccctta     87420
     aactaaatag gtgcttgttg acatcataaa aaccataatt ataaaccaat ttagtaataa     87480
     acaaaatggg aaaatgaaga taaattatga agcacttata agtaaaaaag catagtggaa     87540
     agcaatgtca cagacacaga aaccctacat gttatacaag atcatgactg ggaactggtt     87600
     tgtggggctc tactgtagtc actcaacacc aacacgaagc taccattagg tgtttcaact     87660
     cccaggatca ctccaaattt aacagaaaag ggtagaataa tgtttcaaaa caaacaagcc     87720
     cacaaataat actatcctta ggaaatgtct ctttgacaag tattcagagt cttttcctat     87780
     tttaagagtc acaataaatt ctaatatatt aaaagaaatc aatggagccc aagcaggcct     87840
     cgaactcacg tttgtcctgc cttagcacat aaagagtgct gagagtaaac acatatgcca     87900
     ccatgcctag ctgcctgctg cttctttctt tacaggaatt ttgcagctct ccatctatct     87960
     ggaggtagat ctcatttgtc tattttgtga atctgatctg aactgaactt ggaattgctt     88020
     ttgttttttt tccccataca tatacccact agtaaaattt aaaagtagct atttaaaacc     88080
     aaagacacat ttgtcacttt aagctctcct ttcaaatcac caaataatat aggaaaaaat     88140
     gattcattgc tattccttac agacaaatag aactttttag cacctttaat ttcctattag     88200
     ctcaagcacc atctaatcac ctaccactgc aaccttccac caccatcccc ttacaagtga     88260
     ctatgtccaa aatcagtaat tagtaattat tccttgccaa tgcaactagt tgaaaatata     88320
     ataaaaaata agtcatttta aatgcttaaa cttaaaaagt tacatattta aactctaatc     88380
     agttttaaaa gctgatcata taaacaatta ctcatcagta gagttgtgac attactgtcc     88440
     atcgtctcag agacgctcca tggcctcaag cctgtgctgc atgttcttgg tccgtgatcc     88500
     actggtggca cacacgccca ttcacatgat ggtcattacc tgtgcttact ccacagatgt     88560
     aatcaaaaag ctgatgaatc ggcttctgag taagttcaac caacttcctc agagtctgga     88620
     gagcaaccac acctctgtga acagagagca aattgataat ttctctttca agggagattg     88680
     aagatgaata ataaaacaat tctaaaaatt tttacagctt atatactgac atgaaaataa     88740
     ttcaaactag caccaataaa aatcatctga ccaaatttta ggatcacttc aaaatgctaa     88800
     cacaaagccc atacaatgac aatgtactta tacatttgta gcactgtttt taaataatat     88860
     aaagatatga gaatattaga tatattttga aaacctcaat tctgtaaagc tctttaataa     88920
     accatcctca gtggttctga aatactatca actattttct tcttttatta atatagctgg     88980
     tctcctataa ttccatgtat ttgtatttat gtttcactgg tctgattttc aagctatctt     89040
     ctttaatatt tcagttttta aaacaataaa tttagaatca tctctacatt aagagtgtat     89100
     gagttaatat tactgacact ttgttcattt ctggatcttt actaaaggtg gtaaataact     89160
     tactcttgag ataatagtaa ataaatagct ttactattac caaatgagaa tggagaatgt     89220
     aaaagcagtc tagggggtct ccgcttactt ggatatcaca tacgttgaca attctaaaaa     89280
     acaatgacaa gttcagttcc caatacatga tgaggggtag gtcagtacta caagacaatg     89340
     aaaagtttca aattgtacct tgatggggct aatggaggtc attaaaaaaa tgtttagatt     89400
     gtagtgggat accaagtgtt gacttttgtt cgctcacttg ctcacttcct tttctgttga     89460
     gacatagact cactatatag tcttgagtga cttgaaatca gagagatacc cctgccttgg     89520
     cctctcaagt gctggaatta aaggtattgc actaccacac ccaacatgac tttttttttt     89580
     taaagctgag ataagcaatg tgtatttcag gagctgtgag acaatggctg ctatattata     89640
     attccaggta agacatgaag aattaaaaca tggtgctgtc aaaatagatt taacaatatg     89700
     acatctatca ccttttgcaa aggaattaaa tatgaataca tatatataca agaaaaatac     89760
     ttgaggaaaa taaatcaaaa tatttaagtt ttgatttatg gattgattgt cttttctctt     89820
     tccttccaaa acttttctaa gtacctatac gaatagggaa tgaagtaact ttaaataaag     89880
     aaaccaacaa agaatattta taaatgaatt cagactaata tacagagtta agttggtagt     89940
     gtatgactag cactatgtaa ctagtactga tacatacaga ataaaaacca gaattcttgg     90000
     tctaggtgtg aggtattcta tgtaaccacg cgcttcactg gttgtgcatc tctatattag     90060
     ctgcagtcca ctgcataaag tggtgactgt cataggctga acacttcact aatctacaaa     90120
     ttacaagtat ttagaaggca gttcgatact atttgcattt aggagaacaa tagtaaattc     90180
     taccctgggg cctatgacct ccttagtcat gacttgttag cccagtttac agtaccaggc     90240
     atgagtgtcc tcctgtgtta aaagcctata gcccaaccag gaagctgcta gcaagcctgt     90300
     gcaccaatgt gcgtatcttg caagatgggt tccttgcagc tcacagggtt catccttgtg     90360
     taagaacatg actggctttt ttccacagca gcctgcatag caccttctgg ctccataaaa     90420
     tctagccagc agtgaggaaa ctccaaatta attcagactt catttgtcca tgtcttgtga     90480
     tcaaaatgta tggtgtctcc aacacgggtc ttactatcaa gttctggagg gtggggctgg     90540
     agagatggct cagtagttaa gagcaccgac tgctcttcca aaggtcctga gttcaaatcc     90600
     cagcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatcc gtaatgagat ctgatgccct cttctggtgc     90660
     atctgaagac agctactgtg tacttacata taataataaa taaatcttta aaataagtaa     90720
     ataaataaat aaaagattaa gtcataaata aaagtggctt catgttttac ttttaaaact     90780
     atattaaacc attaataact atattaaacc attttcttta aactctctaa agatcaatga     90840
     aacctgtagt cttaaaaacc atttttgcca gacttacctt gttcctccac catcaatggt     90900
     gaggattcgg attcctctgc ctttcactgg atctacataa ccaattaaag ccaaaatttc     90960
     tctaactgca gcctgaagag tttcatcctt aacttgtctc agccgtaata aatatggaat     91020
     aattttttcc tacattgaga aaaaagatct tttgttattt atgtcaaacc aggaaggaag     91080
     aaaaataata gccaagctag gaggctggag agatggctca gtggttaaaa acatgtactg     91140
     ctcttgcaaa gattcagttt tggtcatagc atccatatct ggtagttccc aaccatgtgt     91200
     atctctagct ctaggtgagc caatgacctc ttctggcttc cacaggcaac tttacttcca     91260
     tgtacataca cctacttata taacacacat gcatatatat aagtttaaaa attaaaataa     91320
     atacttttct ttttaagaat agctgaacta aaattataag gaaaaacaaa gttaaggggc     91380
     tagagagatg gcacaattaa gagcactagc tgttcttcca gaggatccag gttcaattcc     91440
     taacacccac atgacagctc acatctatct ctgtagtctc agccaggtgg gatccaatac     91500
     ccttacacaa acataaatgc aagcaaaaca ctaatacaca taaaataaat cattaaaaaa     91560
     agaccaaaga taaaagacac atggccagac attaggttta ttataaagct aaagtattta     91620
     ggaagtacaa tgttggagca aaaatagata tattagcaga accaaatact atatccagaa     91680
     acagactatt tataaaaatg gatccatgta taattgcctc atttatgaca aattttttcc     91740
     aatcaatggt cacttgttta actggacagg tgtattaagt accaaatctt ctgccttata     91800
     tagcaaaatc aaatctatcc tagatgagca atacacactg gtgtgaaagg taaaaacata     91860
     attttagaag cagcacagaa aaacacttag gttaggcaat tccctttgtg ggagggagaa     91920
     ctgcctatga gttctgcacc tgcatcgtga cctcctctcc tcctatgccc ctccctccca     91980
     cactcatgac ctcttcttcc tgcttgttaa tggtggtgat ggtaatgatg gcgagtgcgc     92040
     atgtgcgtgt gtgcgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcgtgtgcgt gtgcgtgtgt     92100
     gtgtgtatac acaacctatt gagtccatta agctttgcct gaatgtacat gtccagagca     92160
     aaccacttgg gtttagacaa cctgtatggg agctcttccc tagagggaac tggttctgcc     92220
     tctcagcagc cactgacaac ctgtatgcat ttcttcatct agagtagagg cctgtggaat     92280
     ttctccaccc cacattagca ttttcacttg atgttatcat tatgcctgtc tagtcagaag     92340
     aaaaagacaa gatgcttaaa tcagtggaag aaattggctg tgaatttgta agtacattct     92400
     ccctgtcatg tccaggggac acaacccagc agcaagtatc ctgaatctct gtctcttaca     92460
     atctttccac cactactacg gcaattcttc ctcccccatc ccccaaaaac ttctctggta     92520
     agtgggtgag agctacactt atcaggcaaa atgtggaaat acaaatattt ctttcttctt     92580
     cttttttttt tcccccaaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac     92640
     tttgtagacc aggctggcct tgaactcaga aatccgcctg cctctgcctc gcaagtgctg     92700
     ggattaaagg tgtgcgccac cacgcccggc tacaaatatt tcttaaattg aacacatata     92760
     aactggacta aattaaaact agtagttgtt ctttaaaaaa aaaaagataa aaaagataag     92820
     gactggtagg taagacatgg tacacacaca ttctcctaga aaacttatac cataacttaa     92880
     tacaaaggga ctttgtcaac cagtgaaaaa gctggttaac cccctacaaa gtggtatgta     92940
     tctacaaatc tagcacttga aaggcagaga ggcaggagga tgacaatgat caggccagca     93000
     tgaactacag agtaaattta aggcttaggt aaacttacat aatgtaccta actgaagaat     93060
     ataaagaaga aagtgaaaag ctgcttaaaa caataggaga agttggcaac aggaaaagtt     93120
     tagttgggaa agatcacagt tgagcaaaac atgatgcaaa caatttcttc agttcttggt     93180
     tttagattat tatttagagg aaaggtgaga actttttcca attacctaga ttttcatttc     93240
     tgactaatct aaatagaatt ttcttcttgg tactcaatat ttcttggatt tggaatcagt     93300
     tctcaaatat aagagactcc ttaataattc aactatcatg actattccta acatactaaa     93360
     gctgaaaact acccagatct attaacagta caacacaaac aaccaatttt gacccaccat     93420
     actaaataaa aggagaacaa atcatttaca actacctgcc acactgagta aatcctatca     93480
     atgtgctgat ggaaagaaag caatcacacg tggagctcaa attatccttt tttttgcaga     93540
     ctaagactga gaggtagaag aaagacttct agggcactgg tgatgttctc tttgcttctg     93600
     tgccaagtct gtgaacttcc attgacacaa aagtacctat gttattcttg cataagatgc     93660
     tgttaaatca ttctttatat catatgctat gtctgaatgc tagacctctt gtagtttatg     93720
     ttggaactta gttcctagta cagtattaaa aagtaaggtc ttttgggtag tgtttaggat     93780
     ataatacctc tgcctcacat atgagtttag agaccttgaa agtttagctg aaatgagctg     93840
     ctgtgctgtt tcttctgcgt gtgcctgagt tacttacaag ctgcagcata cacccatcaa     93900
     accttcacca gccaccaggc gtgccagcac tttccctgtg cttcgcaata tgcacattac     93960
     gaggaacaga ctgctgttgg gtacaaccta tccagtgtga ggtgttctgt tacagcaact     94020
     cggagactaa aacagtaatt atattttaga tctctccttt ctaggtatcc ctgacatgaa     94080
     cattatcttt aaaagcacac ctgtatttca aaaacatatc tccaaaaata tatcaatata     94140
     tatgaaagat aaatcttaaa ttttaggaat atgaaatata taaactctga atgtatgtgt     94200
     tatacaatat aaaactactg aagggtacat ttcaaagaaa tacttttcaa caagacagat     94260
     atcaaatggt agagaaagta tgaattaaca attttctgag tggtaggtta aaaaaaagca     94320
     ctaactgggt tttagtaaac agtaacaata tcattatggt atttccaaat taggggataa     94380
     cgtgaaatgt tgggccccat tttggccctg gtttgggcct tgaggacaaa cccaagcctg     94440
     gcttgagttt ctgcggtctt gtgggaacac ctaagcctga cttgaatttt gagacctgtc     94500
     tcattccctt actagctggg tgactcagta agactagttt ggccctgcct ctgccctgcc     94560
     tctaccccgc cactgctgat gtagaactct gcctttggcc ctgtcactcc ataccctcgg     94620
     tcacccttct ccacttccta cgacatctta ccccaccaac aatccccctc cctatgttcc     94680
     gaacttatat aagtgagggg ctgatgccgt aaagctgagt tcctgcttca acaagactcc     94740
     tggcttggtg tgtttctttt aggccatggg ctcagcccgg gagagaccct ggcggggccg     94800
     gcaaagtgca aaagcaatgg ctttccacat tatgtttccg tcttttgctt ttagacagaa     94860
     tcttaataaa tagcctaggc tggtctcaca tttatgatcc aaatactggg attaaaggtg     94920
     tttgaccaca tctggctatt tcctatcttg aaaaataatt acacagtaaa acagctgcac     94980
     tgcaattaag aatttgacga ttctgaggca atggaactga cataaacgta tgctccactt     95040
     caaagtataa atattcatgc tcatagcaga atttatgtca cagcacaaaa ggaactcatt     95100
     agcctaatgt gtatgataaa ataagacaat tcctgaatat atattgtatg atttaaaaga     95160
     acaaaaaatt ttaaataaaa aaggctttgc attccccact ttaataggct tatttaaatt     95220
     ttttttcaag acaaatatta aataagttag aaattacctt gatagccact ccttttcctt     95280
     caggaaattc tagaagatga aaagtcagtt cttcaaccct agtaatacag agctttgggt     95340
     cggctgttct tcttaaggcc tgaactaagg ctcgagttct gttatcaata ctcactcttg     95400
     caataatctg taaggggata tgaaacatga ttagaagatg gagttactct acaaatggtt     95460
     aacatttctt aagcccacac tgaaagacaa cttgcctttt cttgctgaag tagcacacgc     95520
     tttttctcct ctgccttctt gtctttgtta acagcctgct ctgttttagc agacacttcc     95580
     tgttcttcgg gcggactctt gggatcagac tttaatttgg gtacaagtcc accaatgtaa     95640
     ccaccgacta aggcttgtac gccttcagtg ggacgagaaa ggaagttagc aatactttgt     95700
     tttgcagaca ctgggtgagc ctcaggcatc tgggtcgggc tggaaagttt gtctttaact     95760
     tctaggggag attccgagtc tggcctgtct gccacggtgt cagggcctgg agaactggat     95820
     ttcctttctt caaggtctgg cttgtcctga agctgtttat cttcctttgt ttgagacatt     95880
     tttcccttgc ttttgaaata ggaattaata tgatttgcta aaacggagaa tgactctcca     95940
     aatctggtgg ttataccgta tgtgtaatgg aaaaggctgt gtttacctga atcttcttct     96000
     ttatctgcaa agtaactttt ctgttctgct aaagaattct ttcctgctga tttatcacta     96060
     tagtttttca gagactcgac ggcttgctta acattttttt gttttaacca tcccttatct     96120
     gatacttttc ttaatattcg agaacttggc ttaaattgag ctaaccgtgt aaccatttca     96180
     ttttgactgc caaaaatagc ctttgaaact gaattcaaag tacttttaat acgggacata     96240
     tgaatgctca cttttgtaag tcccttggga gcagaagtgc taagtctcac aattccaaag     96300
     tgtaagccat ggttgcttgg agagtgccag tgtttgctgc aatgtgcttc acttctattc     96360
     catttacagc ttttcttact tgtgtgaaac tctctgtgca cattgacatg gttcatgcgc     96420
     caatactgtt tagaacacac aaaatgcaat tgtttgcttc tctgtttccc acaaagactt     96480
     cttgcattat taaggaagta aatatatata tctagagtca aattaataga cataacttaa     96540
     aaatcattta ttttctatgt gacattctct cattccattc ctgaatgctt catttaggaa     96600
     attccataat tcatggtctt acctgaaata gttaaaaaaa aaattaatta gcattcaagt     96660
     taaaaattaa agttgagtta atatatatga ctttgtacca cagcaataaa ccatctcaaa     96720
     gaaagatgga ataaagctag agagatggtt cagcagtaaa gagagtactt cttgctcttg     96780
     ttagaagact gggttcagct cccagttcca gggggtcagg taccctttcc aagtctccaa     96840
     gggcactgca caaatatggt acacagatat atatgcaggg aaaacactca aacacataaa     96900
     aaaatcaata catgaaaatt ttaaaagata cactactgta tctccaaaat gctgatgaga     96960
     tttcattttt aaagtaagga ggaataaata agcgttcact gcagatgtca gtgagaagct     97020
     ggaagtagga tgtttaggag aagaattcag agacatctcc tactaggttt ttctaattat     97080
     acagtttctc tttttattat tcaattattc actagtttaa gacatcagat ttttagtact     97140
     ctgaaggcaa gggtcaggcc tttatttaat ctgttgtgta tctttataga ctgctcagtc     97200
     cacagtgaac atggtatgac gtgttggggg ctatacacgg gttactaaag aacttccagc     97260
     ttaaagcaag aaatggccat gtcaagacta cctcccataa tctagtaata actgctcatt     97320
     aaagaggctt cctaagttcc cctatctagt aaatggctca ttaaatcaag gtaatgggtg     97380
     gtgaaaaccc agtggctaat gtgattgctg tgcaaacatt aagacccaag ttatacatgt     97440
     aagctaacca cgcccatgga ggtggggcag agacgggaga actccaggtg ctcactgctc     97500
     cctgtctacc cagtgctaag ccagtggtta ggtgagagac ctgtttcaaa aaacaacagt     97560
     gacaaaagaa gacattcgat gctgactttt agcctataca cacatacaca ccagattaga     97620
     ctgtgtgtgg cagcttgcaa gtggttcatc actataatag agaaaaacat atctaagaag     97680
     gaataacctc aaataaacaa gaaagataaa gtaggccatt cattgaaaaa taaaatagta     97740
     cattgataag aaatatttat aagtcaagaa agatcaatta aaacatattt tgaccaggtt     97800
     tggtggcaca tgcctgcaac ctcaactctc agaaggctta ggcaggaaaa tcacaaattc     97860
     aagactagta tgaacttcat ggttataggc agcctggaat acagggtgag acccactgaa     97920
     caacaacaac aaagcctaag caggtatttt atccttttaa ctagctaaaa atgtggacta     97980
     cagaaatacc tcaaacatat ctcacaaagt atatgcaagg acaaagaatt aatttctact     98040
     actaagcata ggtggtagta actgggaaaa gtgtgagtgc tatccactgt tactaatggg     98100
     ttaggaaatt aatgcatttg ttcctttgaa taactgaggg acccagcaaa ttactgctct     98160
     ctcctgggag gaagagaatg agtaaagtgg tgcaggttag aaaggagact tgctgttgtg     98220
     accagtgatg gcaagcgggg cctagaacat tagtatattc attagaaaat atgaaggcat     98280
     tttatattac tagtttccca gccttagtca gagaagcttc tctttgccat gagcagtgca     98340
     gagaacagtt caatgaacaa aggtactgag aatgtgacgg cttgagtcaa caagactttt     98400
     gttctaccta tagtcttagg gatcatcaca gagagcaaga aagagttttg ttcctaacag     98460
     tagggaaagg actggagaat gctgcctttt gtacagagtg cagccaacag tcatggcctg     98520
     actgacaaga ttaaatttat caatagtcaa tcacagacaa gggagggact tacagggctc     98580
     tgcccatccc tgctgaacta ctggctactt atggattgga gggaagcagg ttttttgatt     98640
     ttttttttaa ctttttttaa aaaatttaat ttgtaattta taattttaat taatttgtag     98700
     ttcatttttc acactccata ttccattcca cggccctccc ctcccaccct ctaactgctc     98760
     tacatcccat gcctcctccc caccacaccc catctcctca tggatgcccc taccctccac     98820
     cccttctgac ctctaaactc cctcgggctg caagtctctt gagggttagg tgagtcatct     98880
     tctctgaatg aacacagacc tggaagtcct ctactgtatg agtgttaggg gcctcatatc     98940
     agctggtata tgctgtctgt ttggtggtcc agtgtttgaa agatcttggg gggtccagat     99000
     taattaagac tgctggtcct cctataggat cacccttctc ctcagcttct ttcagccttc     99060
     cctaatgagt acagatatct gcatctgact ttttcagctg cttatttggt ctttcggaga     99120
     gtgggaagca gttcttatct tcagttgtgt acatactgag aagcccatca ggttccaatg     99180
     acaggtctaa atccatgaac ttactaggtt tctctaaagc ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     99240
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcgcgcggg tggtataaca agaatgggag gcagtttagg     99300
     gagagagtgt gtagttacaa taatcagaat atactttata cacaaatgac attgtcaaaa     99360
     atacaaataa taagttattt ttaaaaaccc cgaatgtaat atagattgtc ttaatgctta     99420
     ataataatag taacaataat aatcaacact aagaaactgg gactgaaact caggtgataa     99480
     aatgattgcc taacatgaat aaagtcccaa gttcaatccc tagcactgta aaaactggac     99540
     acaacagtgc atatctgtaa ccccagtcct caagagatga aagcatgaag atcagaaatt     99600
     ttcagtcatc cttagctaca caaggagttc agggaaacca gaactacata aaaccaagtc     99660
     tctaaaacag aggttctcca cctgttttaa caaaagacca ctgcaaaaca tagatattta     99720
     cattataatt cctaacagtt gcaaaattac agttatgaag tagcaacaaa ataattttat     99780
     ggagtctgga gaagtggtca aggacagaca ctagctgttc ttccagagga cccaggttca     99840
     attcccagca ccttcatggc agcgtattac tacctgtaac tccagtttca gaggatctga     99900
     cacattttca attattactg ggacctcaaa gaaggtggac ggatcaattc atataagcaa     99960
     atgaaaatga aaactcaatt taccataaca tatagaatat agcatagtca gtttaaagag    100020
     ttaagtacat acctatgaat gcccacattc agaaatcaga acaataacaa ataactcaga    100080
     aatatacctc aagatcttag aaaaacaaga tgccaacagg aaaattactg ggaaaaatat    100140
     taagagcaga actgaaatca acaaaatagc aacaaaaaga acaaaaagat caatgaacta    100200
     agaactgatt cattgaaaag aaaacagagc tgataaggac tcaggcaaag taaccaacag    100260
     acaaagaatg agggttacta aaaccagagg caaaaatact tcccatgtaa tagccctatt    100320
     acaacaaacc cactaaaatc cagaagatta taaactatta tttttaaaaa tcatattgca    100380
     gaagtgggag tgggtgggta aggaggtggg gggggagggt atggggactt ttggaatagc    100440
     atctgaaatg taaatgaaga aaacacctaa tttaaaaaat catattgcaa tcaataagaa    100500
     aatctaaaag aaatggataa atttctagat ggcttacaaa aactgaatca agagaatacc    100560
     aggaaaaaaa aaagaagaag aaaaacctaa acaggtcaat aagaaacaat gggaataaag    100620
     ctggattaaa atttttccca aacaagaaaa gctcaggact ggacaggttc atggtcaaat    100680
     ctaccatacc aacacaagct ctatcaaaac agcatataaa atagaaaagg aaggaacttc    100740
     caaaatcatt ctacaaagcc agtagaaact tgataccaca accaaatctg gacaaaacaa    100800
     aaagtaaaac tatagaccaa tattcttggc aaatatagat gcaaaacact ttagtaaaat    100860
     cccatgaagc aacttaagca atacattaaa cagatcataa atccgatcat gctggcttca    100920
     ctgaagtgaa ggatgcaagg atggctcaac atagacaatt cagtaaatgt aatatagcat    100980
     aaaaataaac tctggaacaa ttcatgtaac caccatacac acacaagtca gcctttgaca    101040
     aaattcaatg tcctttcatt agaaaagtct tgacgtaact aactatggaa ggattaaacc    101100
     gcaatataat acagtttata caacacaatg tatagccaac atcatattga atagggaaca    101160
     ctaaaagcat ccctttagaa tttgcaatca gaggagatct acctttacct ctcttattca    101220
     gtgtgttatc tgaaatctta gcacaatgat gtaaaaataa gaaataggaa aatgaaaagt    101280
     caaattactt tttttgtata tgacatgatc ttatacttag attaccttaa aactcatcac    101340
     cagaaaactc ttagatctga taagataaat tcaacaaagt actggaatac caaatgatcc    101400
     tacaaagacc aagagcttgc ctgcctccac tctccttcac cttaccttcc tctattcttc    101460
     agtcttccac ctgccctttc tcttagtact ggatattgaa cctagagttt cttgcatact    101520
     aagcaagctc tttaccactg agatttatgt tcaagctgct ttttatttta ctttgatagg    101580
     ttctcattaa attctacagg gtgaccttga acccactctg tagtaatgct aagcttaggc    101640
     atctaagtct ctcagcttcc ttgattaaag tttataaact tttatcacta attagtagct    101700
     tttctatgca ccaataatga acttgctaag aaaaaaaagg aaattaattc cattcacaat    101760
     agccaccaac tacaaataaa atacctagaa gtaaaacaat gcatataata gacctctacc    101820
     atgaaaaaga taaaatactg aagaaaaaaa gaaattaaaa tactgttaag gtaggacctc    101880
     ccatagtcat aaagtagcag aatcaataac taaaatgccc atattactaa aagccatata    101940
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata ttcaatgcat ccccaccaat gatattcttt    102000
     atggaagtag aaaaataatc ctaaaattca aaatagtaat cgtgggccaa attaattctg    102060
     ggcaaaggaa caatactgga gacataacag tatttgcttc taagatggac tctagagctg    102120
     taacaaaaac atagtattag cataaaacag acttaagaat agatggaaca ggacagaggg    102180
     tcaagaaata aactctgatt cttgagtaag gggccaaaaa tacatgttga aagacaacct    102240
     ctgtagcaaa cactgctaga aaaaggggat ataaggggat gaaatggctc agtgagcaaa    102300
     ggcacttgct accaaccata ataacacgag ttcaataccg tggtctcacg tggtaaaagg    102360
     gaagaatgga ctccaactaa ctctctgttg accaccacat gtataccaac cctcccacac    102420
     aaacaagtaa gtaaatgtat tttaaagtct ggatatacat atatgcaaac ttgtggagct    102480
     agagatgact cagcaattag agcaatggtt gtttttccag aggacccggg ttcaattccc    102540
     agtacccaca tggcagctca caactgtctg taccccagtt tcagggttta gcatcctcac    102600
     acagacatac atgcagacaa aacatccatg cccataaaaa aaaaattctt aaaaaaaaaa    102660
     aaaaaagaag cttgaaacat aaaaactcaa aatagaatcg tagaatcaaa gcccttaacg    102720
     tactgaaaac tggaaatcac tgaaagaaaa tagaggtagt ctcttcaaaa accagagtta    102780
     gaagctgcct tcactttcca gggttttctg ttctgctttt cttatttaca atacccaagt    102840
     tatggaaagc agcccaggta caatgtagta tacagacaca caatggagta ttattcatcc    102900
     ataaagcaaa acagaataag gtcatctgat ggaaatacat ggaactggtt gatgccatgt    102960
     taggcaaaat aacccagtcc cagaaaagta tcacaggttt tctctcatgg tcaaatctgg    103020
     gtggtgagag taccgtgcca taaaagtaaa agggaaacta ttacagaaaa gacaggggac    103080
     caggacaagg ggggttaggg gaagctagag gatcctaaga caagagccat gggggaaggg    103140
     tggtggtggt ggtggtggtg gtggtgaagg gttatataaa cacataagaa tgtcacaata    103200
     aaaatcccaa ctttacatga ttaatatgga ctaaaaaaat tggctcaatg ttcatttgcc    103260
     ggttaagtga atagtgagga tactagggaa aggaggaaag aactagggtt actctgttat    103320
     tgtatgttac tcatgttacc acacggtgtt atttcaaact gcatttagat tagctattgt    103380
     acattgcaaa ctctaagagc aactataatt gttttccctt aacatacggc tgagggctgg    103440
     tgagatggct gagtagatga aagcactcac tgcgtctgag tccccagaac ctatgtggtg    103500
     gaaggagaga actgactcac aaagctgtcc tctgacctcc atgtgctatt gcatgcacac    103560
     acacacaata aataaatgta gacttttaag tctaggataa aatgctagga aagaaaaaca    103620
     atggaatcat ctcaaatgct tggttaaaac agtaaaactg tgtggggcgt ggtggcgcac    103680
     gcctttaatc ccagcactcg ggaggcagag gcggatttct gagttcgagg ccagcctggg    103740
     ctacaaagtg agttccagga tagcctgggc tatacagaga aaccctgtct cgaaaaagaa    103800
     aagaaaaaaa caaacaaaca aaaaaatgca aattaaaaag aaactcacat gtaaagacga    103860
     ggagagaatt ctaagtaatg ttcatacaca cacgcgcaca cgctgtgctg gctgcttctg    103920
     tgtgttgaca cagagaaagg agcttcagct ggggaaatgc ctccctgaga tccagctgtg    103980
     ggacattttc ttagctggtg attaaggccc attgtgggtg gtgccatctc tgggctggta    104040
     gtcttgggtt ctgtaagaga gcaagctgag caagccaggg gaagcaagcc agtaacatcc    104100
     ctccatggcc ttgcatcagc tcctgcttcc tgacctgttt gagttccagt cctgaccttc    104160
     tttggtaatg aacagcaatg taaaagtgta agccgaataa acccttttcc tccccaactt    104220
     acttcttggt catgatgttt tgtacaggaa tagaaaccct gactaagtca cacacacaca    104280
     cacacactca aaaagcatac aacaagcagt tttactcagg atgtagctta tataagggag    104340
     cagcagagaa ttatgctgag aaaatcaaaa caaccgtttt gcaaactcta tgcaaaggga    104400
     ggaaaagtct gaactaaaat catattttaa tacattcacc tgtatagagg aaggacacaa    104460
     aggacacaag cctgcctgcc ttcttggccc gctcttctgt gtttctcagg acttgcagtg    104520
     aatgtaatta tgtgtagtta gcataaaact ggcaacttcc accacacctg ataaaatacc    104580
     tgtagataag aagtcatgct gtggactggg aatgtagttc tactggcaga atacttactt    104640
     acctagcaag cagaaagccc tgggttccat ctacataaac cagcataaac agaagccatg    104700
     cttaagatca gtatctactg tctaattacc atcacagcac tgctgtccta tgtaaacaaa    104760
     ttctagtagg agctagttaa ttatgtggaa ttccagaaaa gacaactaaa tctccaaggc    104820
     aaagtcacca atgttaggca atggacaacc accactgaac attaactcag aaagattaca    104880
     aaacaagcca tgtaatgaac tatcacctaa agagaagatc tgcacaaaca gccaatagga    104940
     aaatgtgcaa ccaagcttta gaaatagcat aaaatgaagt aaggccaggc ggtggtggtg    105000
     cacgcctttg gtcccagaac ttgggcggca gaggcaggtg gatttctgag ttcgaggcca    105060
     gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggagag ccaggactat acagagaaac cctgtctcga    105120
     aaaacaaaaa caaaaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaaaaaaagc taaaatgtcc aaagttaaca    105180
     ggaagaatga aaatactaga ggcaaaaaga aaaactaaga ataaagagta aagaagactt    105240
     ctaaaatgtt aaaaattaat actcctgact acacactagc tctgaaatat acctataacc    105300
     tactgataag gattaagaga agtttgggaa tgatgatatc ctaaatagtg gagaaaaaaa    105360
     aagccttccg gccaggcagt aataacacac gcctttaatc ccagcacttg ggcggcagag    105420
     gcaggtggat ttctgagttc aaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagtttc aggacagcca    105480
     gggctacaca gaggaaccct gtctcaaaaa atcaaacaca aaaagcaaaa acaaaaaata    105540
     aaagccttct atggcagatt gaagggaaac accttgcatg ggataaaaag ggaactagac    105600
     agtaacctta ctcaacttca gacagtctag acaaattagc aaaaagatac atattagtta    105660
     gttagtgatc acaatagtgc ctttacgact ttaatagaat taaagtcgta aaggaagggc    105720
     acaattagat gggacaatca gaagaactga aactttggca ttctaggggc tctttgagag    105780
     aagtgaggaa atgaagtctt ccgagaatct taagaaaatt ctagacagaa gaaaaagcaa    105840
     gcaacacttt ggtgatagaa tgggcttttt atactcaagt tggttgaaag catagaagat    105900
     tcactatgat cagtccaaga ctaaggaaga aaagaaagca atgcaagtct agactatgct    105960
     tatacagtct gcattggttc tttccaaaaa gacacaatca tctaaggcca gtgatcttgc    106020
     tcagcgggta aaggcaattg ccatgcaaac tggtcaggtt caatcccaga aactcatagt    106080
     ggaaagaacc aatccctgag acatcttcac actcacattc attcattcac tcacacacac    106140
     acacccacac acacccacac acacacacac acacacatat tctctcgctc tctctgtctc    106200
     tctctctctc tctcacacac acacacacac acactaaaca taaaatgcgt ttaaaagttt    106260
     aaaaaaaata atcaattaca tatacctatc aatttggcat caataaacag aatataaagc    106320
     ccccaaaatg gagaacatta cagaaaaaca attttgtaaa caaaatgaga gattctaatt    106380
     ataggtacca gaaaccacaa ctatcaagca acaattactt aacacagaaa tgagcaaaaa    106440
     gctttcctgc tactaaacaa atgtcaggta cccaaggagc tgaaggggtc tacaacccta    106500
     taggtggaac aacaatatga actaaccagt acccccagag ctcgtgtctc tagctgcatt    106560
     atgtaccaga agatggccta gttggccatc actgggaaga gaggcccctt ggtgttgcaa    106620
     actttatatg ccccagtaca ggggaacgcc agggccaaga agcgggagtg ggtgggtagg    106680
     ggagcagggc ggacggagtg tatagggaac tttcgggata gcatttgaaa tctatttaaa    106740
     gaaaatatct aataaaaaat aaattaattg attaaaaaaa ggagcagtcc tcaatatttg    106800
     gtacataaat gtcatgaagt ccaggttatc ttgtatctgc aaggaacttg tcagcattca    106860
     gaaatgtcct ggatatcatg tatccacatt ggaattagtc tggcatatca tgtatcaaca    106920
     tggaaagcaa ttgttccttt attttcctgc ataagaagct gttgtgtctt gatgtgcaat    106980
     gatggggtga tacccaaagg gcctcctcct ctctccgaaa agaaggggag agggaggtgg    107040
     gagaagagac ttgtgaggga ggaccaggag gaaggggtgc agtgttcagg atataaaatg    107100
     aataaataac tcaacaaaga aagaaagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagagg    107160
     gaggatagct caactggtaa aggtgcttac tatcaaacct gatgacctga gttcaatccc    107220
     cagtacctac tggatggaaa gagaaaacga attccaagtt gtccactgac ctctacacat    107280
     gcaccttagc ttgtgcactc ccacacacat acaaatcaat agtaataata atatctaaaa    107340
     aagaaagaaa agaaaaagaa agtgcactga aaatgttttg aggggaaagt caaccacaac    107400
     aaaagttaca gcaaaagtag gaaaaaggcc gggcgtggtg gcgcacgcct ttaatcccag    107460
     cactcgggag gcagaggcag gcggatttct gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacaaagtg    107520
     agttccagga cagccagggc tatacagaga aaccctgtct cgaaaaacca aaaaaaaaaa    107580
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt aggaaaaaga atgaaaaggt    107640
     gaagagtgct gtgacctggg gacagagcta gaaggaggag ggctatgtat cagcacagtg    107700
     caggtgttaa gcagaaaggg agacttagtt ctactctagg gcaaggaatg gaattttatc    107760
     taacagacat tgtgagatga agggaaatgc taggtgtaga atgaatatac agagtatgtc    107820
     atttgacaac tgcaataatg cagccaaaca ggcaacaagg gtctgaatac agtaacagtg    107880
     taagaacgta gaagtgagct ctactgtgaa ccacattttg aagagacaaa aaaagttaca    107940
     aaagaaagtg atagttcagt ggttaagagt gtgtactctt cttccagaag cctggagctt    108000
     ggatcccaga acccagatta ggctcctttc agctgccagc tcacaactgt ctgcacttcc    108060
     caggagatct gacatcttct ttctgtttct gcaggcactt gcactcatga cttcattaac    108120
     tataaacaca cacatacatc tacacatatt aaagacaaaa ataattaaaa aaaaaaaaca    108180
     ggacttgtta aggagaagtt gtcaagaaaa ctcttaagtt ttcaaatcag acatggagtg    108240
     aaaatgccac ttgtgaatat gaaagacctg gaaaggggtc agcttaacat agaagaaact    108300
     atattttctt ccatatttac agaatgcagt aatgacaggg cactgaaata gaaatagaga    108360
     gactacattt atgtatgaca aaatgcaaca caataacaac tggaccctca aggccaaatg    108420
     agatggcctg cagtatttgg atacccagga cttaacaaaa ataagcttct ttctttttta    108480
     aaatgctcag ctacaaataa atgcacccta taatttcctt gacatttcag gatatttatg    108540
     tatgactttg gtttcaaaaa gttaaatttg ttttgaggag aacaatgtgg atagaacttt    108600
     gagtggtacc caaagttagg aacaggaaga aaagcactca agcaaaccag gaagcactga    108660
     aggaaaggat cctcttaaaa gcaaaggata gtaaaccgaa taaaatacaa gcgattggga    108720
     gtgagttgga actggaggtg aaacaagagt ctagctctga cctttgcaca aacgttatgt    108780
     gccccaaata aagtaacaaa tcccatcttt actggctgaa aaaaacaact tcaagtacag    108840
     actgttcttg tatcaattct gcatgggaaa gtatggatgt attaatatag actagtgcag    108900
     ctgacctttt cactaatctg acatcattat gaagagggcc actgttacca agattttaaa    108960
     attagatgga gaaatacaaa acaagataga gaatagaaca attagcaaaa actatgaagc    109020
     gaggtcttta tattggagat tcatctaata tgcataccga atttcacaaa atagctatat    109080
     ggaatttggt acaactgact gcttcactaa aacataagct tttcaattca ctcttatgta    109140
     cttttataat aatcctcact ttttaaaaac attcttccca tttccttgtg gtaatgaacc    109200
     gccttgagaa cctgaaatat atttttgaca atcaggaatt cggtccataa tacaacttgg    109260
     aaatgaaaat ggtaatttta aatgcattct aggatagccg cttatgtcac atctatctcc    109320
     taagatattc cttgaaggtc acttttcttt aaagttattg ctgtaatggg cgtgaaaact    109380
     ggtcgtacca ccccccgccc cgcccccagc atcatgacag aaatgacagt gacaagaggc    109440
     tctgcaacct gctgactcat acagtttttt tcatctttta aaagggacgc gcatctggtt    109500
     ctgcttaagc aacagcgcac tgggatagga cgggaagaaa aagcaaatcg ctgagaagta    109560
     aaaatatcca gccaccaaaa cacaaagcac acgctgccca gtcaaggtcg aggtagatca    109620
     gagaaaacgt cgcgtctcca gtgatctgcc agagaacagc ccattcagga cccggcgtgc    109680
     cactgcagag aggggctggg cgggaccacc ggcgggggcg gggcgcaacc aaccaaaaca    109740
     cccggcggcc acgcccgcgg catcggggcg tcggggccaa gcgcccgcca ggaccccgag    109800
     gcctgcgtat cgggcctccg aaacgcccgc gggagagccc ggcgaagcgc ccacgccacg    109860
     gaggccacct gccaccccgc cgccttccgg ccactcaccg ggacgcaggc agtagtcacg    109920
     ggcgccgcgg ccgccactcg cctcccgcca gctctgaggt ccgcatcggc ccgcccggcc    109980
     tgctcgcagc tgcggcgccc ggaccccaaa cactggcgtg accagcacca cccaccgcta    110040
     cgccccgccc ccagcggaag tgacgcaagc tctagggcct gtttttctgc cttctgccct    110100
     cctaagccta cgtaataggg cgtggctgtg gagagaggga ggggcgggga gtttgttgga    110160
     gctgagtgct tgggagaggc accgcttcgg aaggggcaag tgctactttt atgatctgtt    110220
     gtgacggtta ggcggagatc aatggctttt aatctcagcg ctgtctcaga gtagagtgcc    110280
     tggttgcttg cttgcgggtt accaatagtt cagaaataag ttcagctggg ctgagcgtgc    110340
     cagaagactc tgcgcgcgct gtgttgccta ggttccaggg aaccgcttta accgcagcct    110400
     ggatgtgagc agcctggctg gaccctgtga tcctgctgtg gtgatacctc ctctttgttt    110460
     ctagaacagc tacggggtct gtcaacttaa aagctctttg tcatatacca tcttgtggga    110520
     gttagcgtgt actacccctt tgatggtctt gtaatcaaca cgttgaaatt tttgtatacc    110580
     agggaggcaa actacaaccc gccacaggtc tagtgctatc tagttaacta gaccatcaga    110640
     ttaggacctc agtgttcacc ttcaagagta gcagagggcc agcccttaaa atgaaaatga    110700
     ttgtaaagcc ctttaggaag ggcattacat gtgctgccag attcactgac agtttttaat    110760
     taaggggctt tggattacag aggttaaaca ttacaaaggt aaaaaatgta gtaggcctat    110820
     aaactcgagg cgagagcagg ctacatgagg agaccttgac gtttctttcc cctaaaaatt    110880
     aaagaaaaaa aagaaaaaag agtaaatgag catactaggc atttggttaa cacatgatat    110940
     tgggttgtgt ctaccatact gtctggtaaa ccctagcagt gtattagctg ttaaatagcc    111000
     tcacaacagc tcaaatatgt actccaaaaa ttaagaaagg cttggaaata actttagctc    111060
     ttgatttttt tattattaat ttactaatat taaaataccc tgacactatt gaaatggtag    111120
     aaggtcagaa ctattaccat agtgagctgt cagctccagg ttctgacaca acaaagagta    111180
     gagtttagaa cagtaggcaa agggggtggt cattggatgg aagattacta agaaatgaca    111240
     tcacgtcaaa ggtaacagac attcttgctg aaaagaagca gattcttggt gagagaagat    111300
     gagaatgacc agataccaag agtggggatt aatttcatat caacttagac gattcctcct    111360
     aacactggac ttagataggt ccaaggcaga ggccaaaaga tgacaggtac tgtgaaaagt    111420
     cataaaagga acctaactaa atcttggtca agcagtcagt aactcaccat gccttctccc    111480
     tttgtttcta atgtttaata atgtaattcc ttaagttaga taatataccc agattttctt    111540
     cctatgttag aaatttccat gcaactgtca attcctcctc tccttccctt gtcagtaatt    111600
     ttacctctaa tcagaaataa agcttaatgg atcttccttt accatctctt acaatttctt    111660
     cagctctgtg ctctcgccct cctttttcct tagtgtagag cttgctgtat gtcagtctca    111720
     cataaactgg ttctacagtt tgtaactaac ctctaaccca gtctcttctg cagggaaagt    111780
     tatctttcag aattgcaaaa tgatcatgtg ttttcccaga gcagaaagat tgggccagga    111840
     gcacttcttc ggtaaaccac agggatgtga caagctttaa ctgtgtggct tctcacccct    111900
     tgcccagtat tttttacctt ccagaaacac cattatttta ccataaacat tgagcctttt    111960
     cataattagt gcctctgtac atgctcttgg ctcagatttc ctcctgtcct agccttcaga    112020
     tttgtactta aaccaagaaa ctcttcctgc tcccatagag caaaccattt attgtactta    112080
     aacttgcttc acctctagcc ctcactgctc ggggttgtga tttattcatt tgtatcctgg    112140
     cattttccct acaggccaga agtataatgc tgtatttgtg tttctgtttt cttatctgac    112200
     atattacctg tccaatcatt gacactacaa ttctatatta taaaatttag gggaagaaaa    112260
     atattttatc atttaatttc aaccaaaata aataaattca gtagtgtaca aagtagatta    112320
     ccttgcatat taacagcaga gtaatgcctt cagaaaacag ttaacacttg gaataaagat    112380
     aagtgtagca actgtttagc tattcaccta tgtaaaacag acatatgcct gtcatatcac    112440
     gtacttgaca ctttcattct aagcaaaggg ctattggtta ttttatcttg tttgggtatt    112500
     tccctcctct aagtacatag tccctctttc tactaactgt taaagtctgg ctcattagaa    112560
     cttcctcaaa ggaaagtacc caaggagcta aagggatctg caaccctata ggtggaacaa    112620
     cattatgaac taaccagtac cccggagctc ttgactctag ctgcatatgt atcaaaagat    112680
     ggcctagtcg gccatcactg gaaagagagg cccattggac acgcaaactt tatatgcccc    112740
     aatacagggg aacgccaggg ccaaaaaggg ggagtgggtg ggtaggggag tgggggtggg    112800
     tgggtatggg ggacttttgg tatagcattt gaaatgtaaa tgagctaaat acctaataaa    112860
     aaatggaaaa aaattaaaaa ataaataaat aaaatagaac ttcctcaaag gacattttag    112920
     actcttcatt gttcaaacaa aacttaataa ttatgaccaa aattaataaa gccacatgct    112980
     tcaggatatt tgcacaaatt atgtaagaga taggcctaaa aataatttta gggtagtcac    113040
     tgtggtaggc agggaaatgg tgtcctgaaa agtgtagtct aagctcttgt gaggtaagcc    113100
     taccagagac taccacgtga acactcttaa agacgacaag aaagtcttta ttgcagtcca    113160
     gcagctatat ggggaacttg cccaagttgt acagctccgt gtcttagcat tttttttttt    113220
     tttagccttt tatgcacaac aaccccatat cctggttggc acatttcact tagcacgaag    113280
     cagaactaca gaagtgaaaa agtatggttg gcacagttag ggatttttcg ctcagacttt    113340
     cccagacaca tcccagaatg tagacttaac ctttgttcct attttggcag atgggccagg    113400
     tctttattcc ttttttggca ggcattggat tgctgggttt caaggcctga atgctgtttc    113460
     taacatgata tcagttgtcc taaggtttag cctactaatg tctgaggtcc tgttacaagc    113520
     agtccttgga gcctgtgaat atattatgct gcatggcaag gaatccttgc atccctcatt    113580
     aaagtcacag attttaagaa aggggtaggg gataccttta attatatatg ggaatcctgt    113640
     acgtaatcag atgtggattc aagaaggaca ctgagacaga ttgttaggag taatagaaga    113700
     gtgattaaag ctatagacaa tatgatttgg gctcctcaat ggaaatgagg gcccttgtgg    113760
     tagaagttga ggtctcacat cattttgagg taaaggtagc tttataacat aatcctatag    113820
     tcaggctttc tggttcccag gaaggaggca ggctgggcgg ggttgggggt gtgtggggag    113880
     gggcaggatg catggccatt tatactatat ttgatgtgga tttattcccc aggtgagaga    113940
     tcttgacacc tatgagtctt ttaactaaag cttcacagat actgccctaa gtagtgttcc    114000
     tgtgggtatc taagagggga aagagctgct gcaagatact gtatcttgag caacagaatc    114060
     ttaacattaa agtcttctag acccagtcta atcacagagc ctatacctgt aaaaaagata    114120
     tagcagaggt cagattcaaa atataaagag gagggctgga gagatggctc agtggttaag    114180
     agcacttaca gctcttccag aggtccagag ttcaattccc agcaaccaca tggtggctca    114240
     caaccatctg caatagactc tgaagtcctc ttcttgtgtg tctgaagaca atgatagtgt    114300
     attcacatat aaaaaaaata aataaatttt aaaaataaag atagaaggag gaggctatga    114360
     gaagtttgat aaggaactgt gtttacataa aagcagccca cctcaaaaga aataaaagat    114420
     aatatatcct ggagccaaac actgctgccc agggccttag aaattcattt gtctcaaata    114480
     taatgttcca aagtagagac agtttcatga agtttttata attacagaac aaaagaaaga    114540
     caaatcaagg cacctttaaa atgtattgtt gagaacatca gacaggcacg ttatcgaaaa    114600
     tcacaaaatc cctgtcttaa gtttcaaatg ttactttgca acattcttaa tgtttgggtt    114660
     ggtagaaagt agtggtctgt ttttcctgaa agtcaaagat atttggtcaa ataaaaaagt    114720
     gatctgtgtt ggaattgtgg taggaattgc attgaatctg tagaatgctt ttggttggat    114780
     ggccagtttt actatactaa tcctactgat ccatgcacat gggagatctt tgcatcttct    114840
     gaagatttct ttagtttctt caaagatttg aagttcttgt catatcgggt tttcacttgc    114900
     ttggttagag caagttattt gggactattg tcagggtatt gtttgcctaa tttctttctt    114960
     ggcccattta tcacttgtta tatatgaggg ctactgattt ttttttttga gttaattttg    115020
     tatacagacg ctttactaaa ggtatttatt agctgtagga attcccaggt agaatttttg    115080
     gggtcacttt tgtcatatca tccgctaatc ctatacaata aaataacttc tggaggtatc    115140
     accatccctg atttcaggct gttctacaga gcaatagtaa taaaaactgg atggtactag    115200
     cataaaaaca catagcttga tcaatggaat ggaatccaag aaccagaagt aaatccacac    115260
     acctatcgac acttgagttt tgacaaacaa gccaaaacca tacattaggc agggggtcag    115320
     ggggtgcatc ttcagaaaaa tggtaccggt ctaactggat atctgcatgt agaagaatgc    115380
     aaatagatcc atatctatca cactgcacaa aattctagta caagtggatc aacgacctca    115440
     acataaaact agatactgta aatctcatag aaaagaaagg gcagaatagc cttgaatgca    115500
     ttgacacagg agaaaacttt ccagacagaa caccaacaca tcaacaatta ataaatggga    115560
     cttcatgcaa ctgaaaagct tccaaaaggc aaaggataca gtcaaaagga ctcaacaaac    115620
     caaataaccc aattaaaaaa atagggtaca ggtctaaaca aagaattctc aacagaggaa    115680
     tctctaatgg tcaagaagca cttaaagaaa tgtttaacat ccttagtcgt cagaaaaagg    115740
     caaataaaaa tgatgctgag acatctttca tctgtcagaa tgactacgat caaaacctca    115800
     agtgacagct catgatgggg aggatgtgga gcaaggggaa cactcctcct tttctggtgg    115860
     gagtacaaac ttgtacagcc actctggaaa cgagtttggt ggtttttcag aaaattggga    115920
     ataaatcttt ctcaagaaca agctatacca ctcctgagca tatacccagg aactctgcca    115980
     tcccacaaaa acacttgctc aactatgttc atagcagctt tattccgaat catccgaaag    116040
     tggaaacaac ctagatgtcc ttcagtcaaa gaatggacaa aggaaatgtg gttcgtttat    116100
     acaatggatt attactcagc tataaaaaca atgacattat gaaaatttct ggccaatggg    116160
     tggaaccaga aaagatcatc ctgagtgagg tcacccagac tcagaaagac acagtatgta    116220
     ctcacttata agtgtaaatg aagttattaa tttcaggata ctcatgttac aaaccacaga    116280
     gccaaagaag ctaagtaaca aggaagaccc aagcaggaca agggaatgct tgaatctctc    116340
     tgaaaagagg aactagatga aactttgaga gtggatggat ggagggggct gggtggggta    116400
     ggagtgaagg tgaaaatagg aggaatgaag taggggaagt acagaggcaa agcatgctgg    116460
     gagagagaac tggatggctg gatggggtgg ggaggtgggg agagcaactc tggaatgagc    116520
     tagaaaccta ggacaaggaa tctaggaggg tgccccagta gctaagaccc ctagcaatgg    116580
     aggatatgga gcttgaacca gccatctcct gtaaccaggc aagacttcca atggagggac    116640
     tgggacacca accgaggaac aaaactttaa acccacaatt tgtcctgcct ataagatgtg    116700
     taggggtaaa agatgcagcc gagtttgaag aaggggcaaa ccaatgactg gccaagcttg    116760
     agactattat gtggagcttg ggtaatcccg tggaagaggg gaagaaggat tgaatgagtc    116820
     agaggagtca aggacaccac aaacaaaagt aactacagaa tcagcaaacc tgggcccaca    116880
     ggggctcata gagatgagct accaacccga gagcatgcat gggacagcta tagtccctct    116940
     acacaaatgt aacagttgtg cagctaggtc ttcatgtggg actcctaaca cagaagcacc    117000
     tgctaactct gactataatg cctgcctttg gatccctttc ccctgagagg gctgccttct    117060
     ctagcctcaa tcgaagatgt acctagtttc attgcaactt gaaatgccaa ggctggttga    117120
     tatccatggg aagcctccac ttttctgagg aatgatggta agaagggaaa atgtgaggga    117180
     gggactggga ggagaagagg gagcgaaagc cttgatcgga acgtaaataa ataatgttta    117240
     aaagaaataa gacgagacaa ccggccacct tcctggtgaa tgcacaggga tccgccagcc    117300
     cgagaggtct gtgcctcagg ccccggcagc gggagtctcc ttggctccag gactccgcgg    117360
     agggcaggct gcacgggtga cggtgtggaa tacagaggcc agccgtttca gggacaggcg    117420
     agagccacag agcttctgag gcggcgccat cttcggctcc agacaactgg ccaccttcct    117480
     ggccaaagca acacagcttc tgggaaagat cctgttttgg gccttcatct tcagccagga    117540
     ggagatccaa acaccagata actgtgcacc ttcactgaaa gaggagagct tgcctgcaga    117600
     gactgctctg accactgaaa ctcagaggag agagctagtc tcccacacct gctgatagag    117660
     ggtaacaaaa tcaacagagg aacaatctct aaacaaagac aactataaca actaactcca    117720
     gagattccca gatggcgaaa ggtaaacgta agaatcctac taacaggaac caagaccact    117780
     caccatcatc agaacccagc attcccactt cgtccagtcc aggacatcct aacacacctg    117840
     aaaaggtaga cctggattta aaagcatttc tcataatgat ggtagaggac ataaagaagg    117900
     aatttaataa ctcacttaaa gaaatacagg agaacactgc taaagagtta caagtcctta    117960
     aagaaaaaca ggaaaacaca accaaacagg tagaagtcct tatagaaaaa caggaaaaca    118020
     catccaaaca ggtgatagaa atgaacaaaa ccatactaga cctaaaaagg gaagtagaca    118080
     caataaagaa aacccaaagt gaggcaacgc tggagataga aaccctagga aagaaatctg    118140
     gaaccataga tgccagcatc agcaacagaa tacaagagat ggaagagaga atctcaggtg    118200
     cagaagattc catagagaac atcggaacaa caatcaaaga aaatggaaaa tgcaaaaaga    118260
     tcctaactca aaacatccag gaaatccagg acacaatgag aagaccaaac ctacagataa    118320
     taggagtgga tgagaatgaa gattttcaac tcaaaggacc agcaaacatc ttcaacaaaa    118380
     ttattgaaga aaacttccca aatctaaaga aagagatgcc catgaacata caagaagcct    118440
     acagaactcc aaatagactg gaccagaaaa gaaattcctc ccgacacata ataatcagaa    118500
     catcaaatgc actaaataaa gatagaatac taaaagcagt aagggaaaaa ggtcaagtaa    118560
     catataaagg caagcctatc agaattacac cagatttttc accagagact atgaaagcga    118620
     gaagagcctg gacagatgtt atacagacac taagagaaca caaattccag cacagactac    118680
     tatacccagc caaactctca attaccatag atggagaaac caaagtattc cacgacaaaa    118740
     ctaaattcac ccgtatctct ccacgaatcc agcccttcaa aggataataa cagaaaaaac    118800
     caatacaagg acgggaacca cgccctagaa gaaacaagaa gataatccct caacaaaact    118860
     aaaagaagac agccacaaga acagaatgcc aactttaaca acaaaaataa caggaagcaa    118920
     caattacttt tccttaatat ctcttaatat caatggtctc aactccccaa taaaaagaca    118980
     tagactaaca gactggctac acaaacagga cccaacattc tgctgcttac aggaaaccca    119040
     tctcagggaa aaaggcagac actacctcag agtgaaaggc tggaaaacaa ttttccaagc    119100
     aaatggtctg aagaaacaag ctggagtagc cattttaata tcggataaaa tcgacttcca    119160
     acccaaagtt atcaaaaaag acaaggaggg acacttcata ctcatcaaag gtaaaatcct    119220
     ccaagaggaa ctcacaattc tgaatatcta cgctccaaat gcaagggcag ccacattcat    119280
     taaagacacc ttagtaaagc tcaaagcaca cgttgtacct cacacaataa tagtgggaga    119340
     cttcaacata ccactttcat caatggacag atcgtggaaa cagaaactaa acagggacac    119400
     agtgaaacta acagaagtta tgaaacaaat acctgacaga tatctacaga acattttatc    119460
     ctaaaacaaa aggatatacc ttcttctcag cacctcacag gaccttctcc aaaattgacc    119520
     atataattgg tcacaaaaca ggcctcaaca gatacaaaaa tattgaaatt gtcccatgta    119580
     tcctatcaga ccaccatggc ctaagactga tcttcaataa caacataaat aatggaaagc    119640
     caacattcac gtggaaactg aacaacactc ttctcaatga taccttggtc aaggaaggaa    119700
     taaagaaaga aattaaagac tttttagagt ttaatgaaaa tgaagccaca acgtacccaa    119760
     acctatggga cacaatgaaa gcatttctaa gagggaaact catagctctg agtgcctcca    119820
     agaagaaacg ggagagagca catactagca gcttgacaac atctaaaagc tctagaaaaa    119880
     aaggaagcaa attcacccaa gaggagtaga tgtcaggaaa taatcaaact caggggtgaa    119940
     atcaaccaag tggaaacaag aagaactatt caaagaatta accaaacgag gagttggttc    120000
     tttgagaaaa tcaacaagat agataaaccc ttagctagac tcactaaagg gcacagggac    120060
     aaaatcctaa ttaacaaaat cagaaatgaa aagggagaca taacaacaga tcctgaagaa    120120
     atccaaaaca ccatcagatc cttctacaaa aggctatact caacaaaact ggaaaacctg    120180
     gacgaaatga aaaaatttct ggacagatac caggtaacaa agttgaatca ggatcaagtt    120240
     gaccatctaa acagtcccat atcacctaaa gaaatagaag cagttattaa tagtctccca    120300
     gccaaaaaaa acccaggaat agacgggttt agtgtagagt tctatcagac cttcaaagaa    120360
     gatctaattc cagttctgca caaactattt cacaaaatag aagtagaagg tactctaccc    120420
     aactcatttt atgaagccac tattactctg atacctaaac cacagaaaga cccaacaaag    120480
     atagagaact tcagaccaat ttctcttatg aatatcgatg caaaaatcct caataaaatt    120540
     ctcgctaact gaatccaaga acacattaaa gaaatcatcc atcctgacca agtaggtttt    120600
     attccaggga tgcagggatg gtttaatata cgaaaatcca tcaatgtaat ccattatatt    120660
     aacaaactca aagacaaaaa ccacgtgaac atctcgttag atgcagaaaa agcatttgac    120720
     aagatccaac acccattcat gataaaagtt ttggaaagat caggaattca aggcccatac    120780
     ctaaacatga taaaagcaat ctacagcaaa ccagtagcca acatcaaagt aaatggagag    120840
     aagctggaag caatcccact aaaatcaggg actagacaag gctgcccact ttctccctac    120900
     cttttcaaca tagtacttga agtattagcc agagcaattc cacaacaaaa ggagatcaag    120960
     gggatacaaa ttggaaaaga ggaagtcaaa atatcacttt ttgcagatga tatgatagta    121020
     tatataagtg accctaaaaa ttctaccaga gaactcctaa acctgataaa cagcttcggt    121080
     gaagtagctg gatataaaat aaactcaaac aagtcgatgg cctttctcta tacaaagaat    121140
     aaacaggctg agaaagaaat tagggaaaca acacccttct caatagtcac aaataatata    121200
     aaatatctcg gcgtgactct aactaaggaa gtgaaagatc tgtatgataa aaacttcaaa    121260
     tctctgaaga aagaaattaa agaagatctc agaagatgga aagatctccc atgctcatgg    121320
     attagcagga tcaacattgt aaaaatggct atcttgccaa aagcaatcta cagattcaat    121380
     gcaatctcca tcaaaattcc aactcaattc ttcaacgaat tagaaggagc aatttgcaaa    121440
     ttcatctgga ataacaaaaa acctaggata gcaaaaagtc ttctcaagga taaaagaacc    121500
     tctggtggaa tcaccatgcc tgacctaaag ctttactaca gggcaattgt gataaaaact    121560
     gcatggtact ggtatagaga cagacaagta gaccaatgga atagaattga agacccagaa    121620
     atgaacccac acacctatgg tcacttgatc ttcgacaagg gagctaaaac catccagtgg    121680
     aagaaagaca gcattttcaa caattggtgc tggcacaact ggttgttatc gtgtagaaga    121740
     atgcgaatcg atccatactt atctccttgt actaaggtca aatctaagtg gatcaaggaa    121800
     cttcacataa aaccagagac actgaaactt atagaggaga aattggggaa aagccttgaa    121860
     gatatgggca caggggaaaa attcctgaac agaacaacaa tggcttgtac tgtacgatcg    121920
     agaattgaca aatgggacct aatgaaactc caaagtttct gcaaggcaaa agacaccgtc    121980
     agtaagacaa aaagaccacc aacagattgg gaaaggatct ttacctatcc taaatcagat    122040
     aagggactaa tatccaacat atataaagaa ctcaagaagg tgggcttcag aaaatcaaat    122100
     aaccccatta aaaaatgggg ctcagaactg aacaaagaat tctcacctga ggaataccga    122160
     atggcagaga aacacctgaa aaaaatgttc aacatcctta atcatcaggg aaatgcaaat    122220
     caaaacaacc ctgagattcc acctcacacc agtcagaatg gctaagatca aaaattcagg    122280
     tgacagcaga tgctggcgtg gatgtggaga aagaggaaca ctcctccatt gttggtggga    122340
     ttgcaggctt gtacaaccac tctggaaatc agtctggcgg ttcctcagaa aattggacat    122400
     agtactaccg gaggatccag caatacctct cctgggcata tatccagaag atgccccaac    122460
     tggtaagaag gacacatgct ccactatgtt catagcagcc ttatttataa tagccagaag    122520
     ctggaaagaa cccagatgcc cctcaacaga ggaatggata cagaaaatgt ggtacatcta    122580
     cacaatggag tactactcag ctattaaaaa gaatgaattt atgaaattcc tagccaaatg    122640
     gatggacctg gagggcatca tcctgagtga ggtaacacat tcacaaagga actcacacaa    122700
     tatgtactca ctgataagtg gatattagcc ccaaacctag gatacccaag ataaaagata    122760
     caatttgcta aacaaatgaa actcaagaag aatgaagact gaagtgtgga cactatgccc    122820
     ctccttagaa ttgggaacaa aacacccatg gaaggagtta cagagacaaa gtttggagct    122880
     gagatgaaag gatggaccat gtagagactg ccatatccag ggatccaccc cataatcagc    122940
     atccaaacgc tgacaccatt gcatacacta gcaagatttt attgaaagga cccagatgta    123000
     gctgtctctt gtgagactaa gccggtgcct agcaaacaca gaagtggatg ctcacagtca    123060
     gctaatggat ggatcacagg gctcccaatg gaggagctag agaaagtagc caaggagcta    123120
     aagggatctg caaccctata ggtggaacaa cattatgaac taaccagtac cccggagctc    123180
     ttgactctag ctgcatatgt atcaaaagat ggcctagtca gccatcactg gaaagagagg    123240
     cccattggac ttgcaaactt tatatgcccc agtacagggg aacgccaggg ccaaaaaggg    123300
     ggagtgggtg ggtaggggag tgggggtggg tgggtatggg ggacttttgg tatagcattg    123360
     gaaatgtaaa tgagctaaat acctaataaa aaatggaaag aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacactt    123420
     gaaagcatcc tccccgaatt agccaactga gtattgttta gttgcctgta atttgcagtc    123480
     ctcctatcct ttgaaacaat tcttaaattc ttcccctgct actgcaaaca tgagcaaaac    123540
     aaacacttct cattcttgat agagaagcca aacagaggag aaggggtggg aagggaggta    123600
     ggaagagaga attgagatat ccagacaagg gaatgtgaat agaggatgga acaccactaa    123660
     aagaaatagt atattgtcat caaagtttct cagaaagaca gacaaacaaa caaataaaca    123720
     aacaaactca gatgtatatt aaaaataaag aaataagact attaattaaa tcctaactag    123780
     aaacaataaa gtttattgaa ttattcttta agaaaaagtg aggtatgaat ggctattaaa    123840
     acatccagag atagctcaag aaaatttggc tccagacctc taccactcca ggtctccaca    123900
     atcaggaggt tctacttagt cagccttgta taatctttat cacagattcc cagttttccc    123960
     tttctttctt agaaacttca cttcacatat tcaggtagct ttaaagaacc aagagatgtt    124020
     cttggctgac aggcaacagg gaatggaggc cttaagtcct tagcagcagg aactgaactg    124080
     aattctccat caaccaagta gacctttaaa ttttctactt tctatttcat taatgtatat    124140
     ttttatacaa aataatggtt ttacttatga tctactaatt ccttcatata aaagtcaggg    124200
     cctgctgata ccttgatttc gtccttctga gacctggtac agaacaacca gctggtaact    124260
     aattctacca gactcttgat gtatagagct gtgacgtaat gaactgtgac ataatacatt    124320
     taccttgttt taaaccacaa actatagtat ttttttcagc gataatagaa aattcaccta    124380
     attagctgca tgtaacttgg agatataaaa gggaaattat ttttacctgt agtgctgggg    124440
     tgctgagtgt cttctgaaag cttggcagca gcgttttact agctgtgaag aacggcatca    124500
     tgatgcatgc atgcaagtga ctgcttgttc cttttctcta gtactggaag tgtaaaaggg    124560
     ttggctgaaa aactgaagct gaacttgcat ttgttattct aggtgacttg agtccctgtc    124620
     agatttaaag caaaaaagta aatacagtga aatgtaagct tttacgcagt ttcttgtaga    124680
     gagggcaaag cttggtggaa agggtgagca cggttacact gttctcctgt tagcctctta    124740
     agacaatcat cccccctcac ttcccccaca gttaccccca agagctgatt atctatattt    124800
     taaatactct ggattttcta cacaatgaag gaccaggtta tctagcttcc tgatgggaaa    124860
     atgaaccagg ttatataagg caattgtatg tattttttaa aaagtacttt tattgttaga    124920
     ctaattttat tctagattta gcaaaaaagt taacacaaat ttaaaactta ctgacacatg    124980
     gtttctttaa cttgcttttg aatctgactt gcatgttatc tattagctaa tattcattgt    125040
     tcaaattgaa gccctggatc tgggcctggg tggtagccga gttggtcagc ctgccagctc    125100
     tcccacatgt gcaccatgac atctgcacac cagggtgagt gctacagcac tgccccttcc    125160
     cacgtcccca gcgcacccca gctcacccaa tgctgaaagc ttcaggggat aggcccagct    125220
     cttctgctct caagccctca ggccagatca tcagaatcca ctccaccaga gccagctcta    125280
     ctctactgcc cagttgaagt gtaaggtccc ctttcccaag tgctgcagcc agtgaggggc    125340
     atggaccact ctcccatacc catgccctag ggactgactc acctgcatgc cagccaacag    125400
     ggccatgtct gtggagcatc ccagactagg tgcgtggcct gctctcccaa gtgctgaagc    125460
     acaggagaag taaggccagc tgtgcatagc ccttggacat ctacatggtc ccagggatgt    125520
     ccgcatggtc tgtagtggta atattataca tatcatatga tatcatagat attgatactg    125580
     atccctgctg ctgcatggcc acagacccag acgtggccct cagcagcacc acatgccagg    125640
     acctcagcat agcctaggtg gtggggcagg ctacccacaa caggctattt ccctccaccg    125700
     gcatgtctct agttccacct ctcttcataa tgcccaaatt tttctgctca tcttttctcc    125760
     catctgtcca ccacatactt gcacattgca atggctcctg ctgggtgccc tccactcacc    125820
     ctcacaacct ctgactggct taaaaccctt taagtcttat ttttcttagc caaacataga    125880
     cagtggcaaa aatgataccc aatttacaag gttttgtagt agcttaaatg agataaacca    125940
     tataaagcac ctagtattta taaaattact tgttatatac acataaaaat tatatatata    126000
     ccttaattat cagattattt attatataca cataagaatg atatgcatac ctgtattagt    126060
     cagggttctc tagagtcaca gaacttatga gtagtctcta tatagtaaag gaatttattg    126120
     attacttagt ctgcagtcca actcccaaca atggtcagta gcagctgtga atggaagtcc    126180
     aaggatctag cagttgctca gttccacaca gcaagcaggc aaaggagagg cagagggaga    126240
     ggcagaggga gaggaaggag ggggagaggg agggggagtg agagggggag ggagagggag    126300
     agggaggggg agtgagactt ccttcctcca atattgtctc cagtagaatg cgtaacccag    126360
     attaaaggtg tatgccacca cacctttaat cccagatgac cttgaagtca gagatctccc    126420
     tgtcttagtc ttttggaatc cattgccact atgcctcaag atctccatac caagatccag    126480
     atcagaaact tctatctccc agcctccaga ttaaggtcac tggtgagcct tccaattctg    126540
     gattgtagtt cattccaaat atagtcaagt tgacgaccag gaatagccgc tacagtacta    126600
     taaagatgtt atttcaaggc tgggtaaggt aatacataca cctttaatcc cagaactcag    126660
     gagggcagag gcaggaaaat ctctgtgatt ttgaggctat cctgatctac ataacatgtt    126720
     tcaggctagg taggggttca cagtgagacc ttgactcaaa agtaaataaa tactatttaa    126780
     ccaaaaagtc ctaacaattg tctgtgcctt cagcaagtca taatcttttt gctgatggga    126840
     ggtctttctt ggtactgctg actaatcaag gtgaaggtga ctgaaggttt ggatgttggt    126900
     ggcattgcct taaatacagt ccagtgaagt atgccaaatt gattcttgca tgaagacgta    126960
     ggtgtcatgc aatactgttg gttgcattct attcccagta gaacctcttt cataatcaga    127020
     atgaatcttc tcaaattctg ctactctatg atcagttata tttatataat attcaaaatc    127080
     attcatttcc atgtcttcag cattcacagc atcctcacca agaacagatc ccatttgatc    127140
     actttccttc ctcatccatc agagcactcc atcgttttga tcatgagatg atctcataaa    127200
     tctagttctc ttgtcattcc caccagttct gcttacttcc ttcactgacc tttcaaagtc    127260
     atccatgaac attataatca acatctaaac tcctgttaat attgatagtt tgatcctctc    127320
     ccatcgataa catatgttcc taaagccata tagaatggaa aatcttttcc agaagttttc    127380
     tatttacttt gtcaagattc accagatgag ttattttggc aattatgtaa ttacaaatat    127440
     gtattgatta agacttggag gttgacattt ccttttgatg tgtgggcagt gagatgaatg    127500
     ctgtatcggc atgagcacta catctctctc tgggcatttc cttcctaagc ggaggaaaat    127560
     tgagcctgca atagataagt catcagataa gcataagaca ccttcagttc ttcctcagca    127620
     tgctccatgc cctctcccgg tctcctttat aacctaccct ttgcctatgg cccactcacg    127680
     tctcctctct aacctgaagc agtccttgtc ctcctggaca catacccctc ctccctctcc    127740
     tttgatccct tcccattatc cctcatgctc taccttctgt catttgttaa ttatttcctt    127800
     gccttctgtc tctctagagc aaagcaatct ttgtgcactg agaacctggt tttgggggtc    127860
     ttgagcagat actttgcctt tcagtaattt tttttttaag ttaacaagtt gtaaaagaag    127920
     gccaggtggt agcttttggt gctatgtaaa tgaaatagac atagaaaagt cacccattct    127980
     ataaatattt ttttaaaaat ctttaagata tagaagtagt atcttctaac ttctgctata    128040
     attgaaaata ctaccccacg ctaaaaaaaa aaaagaagac tacacacaca aggagaaaga    128100
     gaaaaccaac taatgcttct ttagccatag gtgaaaagtc aaagtggtaa tatgtgtgat    128160
     tccaagttat tactaagctt aaggttcaag taatcaaaaa aaagaaaaaa gaaaattttt    128220
     aaaaaatgaa gagaaagaat ggagttcaaa agttagagaa gtaatctttt agaggtctgc    128280
     tttaggtcct ctgggttcac tgcccacagt catgaaaagt attctattgt aactcttttt    128340
     ctttctggaa agtgacaaag atcactgtta aaaatacatt ttcctagcaa tagaaatctg    128400
     aaagcaaata gtttggtcat acctacttag ctcacatttt gattatttta aaagattttt    128460
     aaatatgtat gtgcatgcta gtgcacctgt ttgtgcatca catgcatata ggtacttgag    128520
     aagaccagaa gacagtgtca gaatccttga attccagtta gatgcagttg tgagtccgtg    128580
     taatatgagt tctgggaaag aaacctgaat tatattgatg catgcaaagc atcatttaga    128640
     gtacagagtt gtgtggggtt tggtttggtt ttggtcgttt gtttctttgt tattttttgt    128700
     gcaaagtgct gagatttagg taaccacctt tgttttggtg cttgttaact aacacattat    128760
     cataatgctt gtaaaacagg agttcataaa aattaacttt gaaaccctaa aagggcttga    128820
     cctagcagag taagttatat tacttgggtc ttttgctttt cattaactct tataaagttt    128880
     tattctaatc tttggataat gagactaaac attgcttcag taatttccta tgttaaatga    128940
     tgtttgatca cttaaatatc caacaaaaca cacaactcag caaaaaagta ggagagagaa    129000
     aacaagattt ctgcatccta gcatctctta ggtaataaga aaaatattca taaggatacc    129060
     gaattatagt tactttattt gaaaaagtta atcactatct tatttcaaaa taatctcatt    129120
     tacaggaaga atacaaacag aatttataaa taagtttttt ttcttgaccc tttggggtta    129180
     aaaactggct cagttctcta ttatctgcta ttgtactcat gtggttacta tctgatgata    129240
     caagattttg ttctgtccta tgataaatga cattttcact ggcccctttg gtagttatat    129300
     gcaaacttat gtttcattct gaagagcctc tttttctctt tgtaattaat aaatattttg    129360
     taggatttat tttgaaatat tgagtaatcc tattcctcat caaattacat tatcatatta    129420
     aaaactcaca atcttaaggt ctataagact ttgtctgtac ttaccacttg tcccaaaccc    129480
     atcagatgtt cggatgtagg ggttggaaga aaacaattag aatataaccc tataaaagac    129540
     atgaattcag gctcttgaat gatatactta atgtcattct tctagactgt cagaaatagt    129600
     cacgtggagc caggctcagt ggcacacacc tttaactcca gcattctgga ggcaggatct    129660
     ggtaggtatc ttgagttaga agccagccta gtctaagagt tccaggacag ccaggactac    129720
     tcagagaaac cctatctcaa accagcccca acaaagaaaa ctgtcatatg ggggcgctga    129780
     atagattttc tttgtttatg agcactgact gctcttgtag aggacctgga ctctctttgg    129840
     ttaatttgac taaaagtttg tcagtctttt tttttttttt ttggtttttc gagacagggt    129900
     ttctctgtac agtcctggct gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg gccttgaact    129960
     cagaaatcca cctgcctctg cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcatgcg ccaccactgc    130020
     cgggcacgtt tgtcagtctt aattatcaca gaaccaactc cttgtttcct tggagttttg    130080
     ttgctgttgt tgttgtttgt tcctattcca ttggtttttg ccctagtctt gaaaggatga    130140
     cataacctca tttgtctcca ttttaggatc aggcctgatt tcaaaaagaa tgccataggt    130200
     cacccagctc caggaacaga ccataaattt caggaataac ctattaaaac tccctcccaa    130260
     agaacaacct ggagataacg acaagaatgg aaaaatatct tatctcaaga tgggccacgt    130320
     gtgctgggca gccctatctc atcctgtggt taaactttca tgatatagga atgtggacac    130380
     tgatcaccta acataagcca atcagaggcc gagcactgtg atctccccag cactcaccaa    130440
     tgaaatttta aattacctaa cccactctct atgctagaat aaacagcaca ctccaggaaa    130500
     aattactcaa gccaagccag tgcaggtctc atgtgtgttg ggcgggggcg ggggtggggc    130560
     tttgctaaca gaggcgcctc tgaaggcggc tgagggtgaa gaagtgaagg agagagagct    130620
     atgggtctgg gtatgcatct tttatctggg ctgtgatgag ggggggtgtg acaggtgcca    130680
     tggcaacgga cgcaggagct gtggcctaga gtagctgctg tgtccttgag ctgctgtaaa    130740
     cagcttctgg ctgtccatgg atgcatttga tgccagcact ctaaatatag aagaactaac    130800
     atagtagcca ttcaaagtta tactaatggt accactttgg cccctaccaa tcacattaga    130860
     aattacctaa tcttcctaga gagttttcct ggttccctat aagaaggctt tcatgtcttt    130920
     gtctagggtt gccattttga agaatggttg acccccacat gctggatttt tttttttgtg    130980
     cagaataaat gatctttgtc tttgcatact atctgagtct ggggtcttag tgatttttgg    131040
     acctttacaa tctatattat ttctttacaa ctattacttt tggttttggt ttgctcttgt    131100
     ttttccaagt cattaagata tatcattatc tgagctcttt gtgagttttt gacctgagta    131160
     ctcaaagcta taagctttct ctcaggatgg ccttagttgt gtcccataag ttttgatggc    131220
     ttgtgctttt tcattttcat tcagttttta gaacttccta atgtcctccc ttatttcttc    131280
     cgtgtgttgt ttgctcttca tgagcctggt ctttgatcag tagtcaccat tcctgttgct    131340
     gttatacaat acactgggta aagcaaatta aaggagaagg gatttattct tacatactct    131400
     aagttatagt tcattatttc agggaagtca cagtgacatg agtttgggag agctggtagc    131460
     attgtgtctg ctgctaggac tcaaaagaat agtgaatgct tatgcgccat ttctaagacc    131520
     cagcctggag aacagggttg tgcttcttta gggagaattt tctttcctca agtaacttac    131580
     aaaaatgctt tacaagcatg tccagaggct aacctaattt gtaattcctc ccaagtgtgc    131640
     ctagagattt gtctcctagg tgattacaga cccagtcatg ttgccaatca ccattaacta    131700
     tcaaaccccc accatttgtc aacctcctac tcacaccaat aacattgaaa ccatagcctt    131760
     ctgtcccttg tcacccagtc tcagggtatt ttataatgca gaaatacagg caggctaatt    131820
     tccacgatcc ccccaatgtt taacaagatc caaggcaatc tcttaacagt gagctcctat    131880
     attatttttt aaattacata cttttagcat atagtggcat agagtaaatc gtcctgttca    131940
     aaaagggaga aatgaagcat agtaagggaa aatcaaacca aacccatcag agaaaccccc    132000
     aaattctgca gctccatgtc tgataacaaa acccgtgatg gaatcatctt ctctctacag    132060
     gacttgagta accacaccct tgtagctttt ccctgtgaaa tatacatagc ttctctcttg    132120
     ggccagctct gctttctgca tacagctttg cttcatggat gtctttggat ggatgtctct    132180
     gttcaggtct ccactgaaac ttaagcttta cctttgcagc ttcaaacagt ggcctcttag    132240
     gaagtctttg caggaactct gaccctggca cacattgcct ggcctcagtg gctctctgca    132300
     gctttggagc aagcctccat gatcccttca gtcttgcatt tttttatggc tgcaatatca    132360
     gtaacacatg aacactgctg ccatcgaggg ctagcgcctc atcaagtgag tcacagcttc    132420
     atcagcttcc tgtgtgcaga ttacttagaa acatctttct gggcagatgc tttgaggagc    132480
     aagggaattc cttcagtgga agtctctgaa gtttatgctt tcttctttca aatgcatttt    132540
     catttcagga gatggagcct ttgatgggtg gagtcttttc tcaggacaac tttcttttgt    132600
     ctcagtacaa gattctaggt ttctttattc ttttttgttg tttcgagaca gggtttctgt    132660
     ctggcctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactttat agaccaggct ggcctcaaac acagaaatcc    132720
     gcctgcctct gcctcccagg tggtggtatt aaaggcgtgt gccaccactg cctggctcta    132780
     ggcttctttt caatggtgct aaaccctgta acaattactt tcaagccaac ttcattagta    132840
     atttttaaac ttgttcatac tcttcaacca aaaaagggca tttcaaattg tttctgctcc    132900
     catttttgct ctttcagtgt atacctggat gcaagtaggc aagtggaggt gacacacaca    132960
     gtagatagca gccatgccac aggttaggca ctatatggaa atttcctctg tcaaacagat    133020
     ccatccatta ctttcaaatt taaccttact caaatgatca gaccgtgtgc acaatacaat    133080
     taagctcttt gtctgaatat caataacaat tcttggtccc attcctgata gttgttgtcc    133140
     tctttaaagt ttcatgagct gggcctccaa ctgtccttgg cattcttacc ttccactctc    133200
     ctactgaaat ggctcattat tctcagtttg cacaatccaa agacttttct tgccaaagta    133260
     acaactcttc caaagtccag ccaggaagca tttctaaagg cctaagaacc acactgaaag    133320
     gtctgtgcaa aggccaaagc aatgccctca ttttgtgtac cacttttctg acttagttaa    133380
     cttttttgtg tgtggcgctg tgtaaaatac tctcataaac gcaatttcta ggagaaatat    133440
     tttatttggg ttcatagctt gatgttcatt cttaaggttt gtgcttagta tctatcaact    133500
     tgacagaatc tggaataact agggacatag gcctttggga gaccctgtgg cagacagtct    133560
     tgatttactg atatgggaag acccaccact gtgggcgaca ccactcctta taaggagtgg    133620
     aggataggat ctgtgcaagt agaggaagag agcagagcac tgatcgctca ctgctttctt    133680
     gttgttagcg tgatgtgacc atctgtttga agtgtgtgtc accttcactt gcctactaga    133740
     ctggactctt gaacactgat tcagaataaa tcctatcttc attcagttgt gtttgtcaga    133800
     aatattttaa cccaggaaca ggagaaaaga taagacaaaa gcatagtgat tcagttcttg    133860
     ttggcaaggg agccatggag acaggctcct gaggcagctg gtcatattta gtccactgtc    133920
     aagtagcagg gagcaatgaa tgctcaggat cagctagctt cgactttttt ggcatagttc    133980
     atgactcaag ccaggaaata gtgatgtgct cctttagtga cctcaagtaa tcaagctaat    134040
     gtcacataga tatgcccaga cactaaccta atctaaatat tccctaatag ctgtgcatag    134100
     aaacttgtct cttaagttat tcgttgacaa tggtattgac tattatactt ggctttgtac    134160
     tgctttaaat tcagttgtga agacagttcg tcatgatgtg ggtgaaatag ctgagatgat    134220
     ttcaactttg tagtgggcag cacaacccct gatttcacaa gatgatgtcc aagcaatatg    134280
     gtcagtgaaa acaccattga caaggttgga gatttcatgt cttctgacct caaagtgcac    134340
     ttggggtatg gtatggtatg gtatggtatg gtatggtatg gtatggtatg gtatggtatg    134400
     gtatgcagtg gtggggagag tagctttaca tcctttgacc tcatacatta gattgtgtat    134460
     ggtacaacaa ggaagaaatg tgtattggga gtacaaccag agactatgtt ctctgacacc    134520
     atgaaccaga tgtgggctgt gtgggagtgt gagccaaggg caaagggttg tgtttcctct    134580
     cacttcagaa tgtgctaagt gtgcttggag tttgtgtctg agatgacatc atcatggata    134640
     ttttaactgc agaatctgca gtgcactgtg gtaggagtgt ctgcttcagg tagtcttctt    134700
     ctaacctcac agctggatgt gtgtttggtt gggcaggata atcactagac atgggagttt    134760
     aggaccacat tctcaaactt tatgagctga gatgcaaaca ttgtagggta ttttagataa    134820
     agatacacag ggaaaaatgc aatgctatgt acaacagaaa ttcatagcaa gaaattcata    134880
     ttgagagagg aagttataca tctcacacct gaggcattat ctcttatttt tgaagcaggt    134940
     taaagatgtc actttgagct catgtcattc atgagccaga tgaatggtga aggaggcttt    135000
     tatatgactc tgatcatgcc agtgcccatg gctgctggca tgcaaatcag tggaacctca    135060
     gaatggccca gaaggataga tgttttacag actataaaca tttaatgtat aattatgaac    135120
     aactctatgc taatgaattt gagaagttaa tgcctttaaa aaccagtagt gggggggggg    135180
     agagagagtg aagagaagaa ggaggaggag gtggaggagg aggaggagga agagggaggg    135240
     gaggggaaaa gagaagagga gaggagagga gaggagagga gaggagagga gaggagagga    135300
     gaggagagga gaggagagga gagagaattc attggttaag agcacttgct gttcttctag    135360
     aagactacag tttgaattca agcatccaca ctaggtaact cgtccttagg taactacaga    135420
     tccaagcatt ctgaggccat cttctcgtct taacagatga tatacataca tagataggca    135480
     cacatataca caaataaaaa tactttttaa aacaattttg ggagtggaga aatgactcag    135540
     tgggccagag cacttactgg gcaaccaaga ggccctacat aaaaagcaat acatgccctg    135600
     aatttgcctg taacctctca ccactgtaga gagtagagcc aagaggatta ctgggctagt    135660
     ctagattcag gttcagttgg agatggttgt agggtatagt tttaattctt tcaaaacata    135720
     tttttaacga tggttcttaa acctcccttg ttgcccacca cccaacagag gtagtggagg    135780
     tgtacacctg tttagaaagg gtctttggag caactcccat ctatgttgtc tggaaatttg    135840
     cacttcagct cacatgttag cagcagcagc tcgatcaact cgcaaacact tcatggatac    135900
     accagcagta taactcagta aagccaggat agcaaacatg aatcagcggc agtggcactg    135960
     cttaacagag agggaccagc aggaacacca gaagttctag gctgtgcctc tctcagggaa    136020
     gagaagatga gcgaagacat aagatccacg agcattgccc tataagctat ctctataagc    136080
     aagtcgagct cagcccctgc caccgcccgt cgtgttctat ttataccctc caaacaccac    136140
     atgtccttta cgggtattgt ctcagcatgt gtgtctgtag tttatctaag ctgacatcat    136200
     tctgctaatc agccagagtc caagaaagag gcaagaaact gcagcacacc accagaagtt    136260
     tttatagtgc atttctctct atgatgtccg gacaaatgca gctcagctgt tcattggaag    136320
     ggagaccaat ctgagtgttg ttagcaaaga ctcctccatc acatgtcctt tcacatgctt    136380
     gctttagcag aacatccttt tacctgtgtc tgcttccaag gaacgttcct tcacatgtct    136440
     gccccagcaa aacaccctcc aaatgacttt ctaaagaatg cttaagtttc cacatcacct    136500
     gggtggagcc agatgaatgg tgagggaggc ttttatatga ctctgatcat gccagtgccc    136560
     atggctgctg gcatgcaaat cagtggaacc tcagaatggc ccagaaacaa ggcggtggct    136620
     ggtttccccg tctttatgga agttctttca tgcgctggca gcctggcacc actgcactgg    136680
     cagccattgg gatagttggc ttctacagag ttcctgtata ttccccattg gtccaaaggc    136740
     tgattataat cacttgctgt tgggctgtgc tgtagatctg cacctcaatg ctggtcttca    136800
     gagtcagttg tttgtgactc agcctccctc acccccttct ggttgccaca gactatatta    136860
     gtaattttaa gaatttaagt ctggagttgg tacacacctt taatcccacc actcaggagg    136920
     ctgacggagg tgtatctctg agttcctggc cagcctacag actagggcta tagacagaca    136980
     aacatacaaa cgaaacataa aacaaacaaa caaaaacagg acaaaacaga acagaacatt    137040
     tattttggat taagttttca aagcatgaga tgttcataat ggtgggaaag gaatatgggc    137100
     aggagcagga agcaaggaga tcacagcata ttgacagtaa caagaagcag agagagtgcc    137160
     ttggaaatgg agtgagacac taaattctaa aagcccctcc ccagtgcctt cctctagcaa    137220
     ggctcccacc ctaacagttc tataaacttc taaaacagtt tcacaaactg gggaccatgt    137280
     gtttacatac ataagcctat gggagttgct tatcattcaa accaccacag acagcctctc    137340
     tcaatggagt aaagtggaac gtgaagccag gcaaagtgag acacttcttt aatcccagca    137400
     gtagggagag gagacagcaa aaacctctaa attcaaggcc agcctggcct acagaactgt    137460
     aggtcagtga aggctacata attgagaccc tgctgagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    137520
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gaagaaagaa acgaaagaga agggaaggaa    137580
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aagggctggt    137640
     gaaatggctc ttccagagat cctgagttca attcacagca accacatgat ggctcatatt    137700
     gagaggccaa accttggtcc cgtcctggga ccagcctcca tttcaaaagg aaaggagtct    137760
     gagaactcaa cctgcagctg aacctaagct gcacccaagt tccaggatga accacataac    137820
     tggtctctgg cccatgcccc aagagttatt ccctagttac ttcctagcaa cagccaatca    137880
     ggtttagtct gatagttccc catgtacttt gagatcgttt gtgattgttc atagttttgc    137940
     ttcagagcac ccacctggcg gcttacaata gtcattcagt tagatgcttg ccaggctgga    138000
     aaaccccgtg cttgctggtc atttcctata aaacctcgct cctctgaggg ctcggtgctt    138060
     caccctccca tcctgctgca acagtgtcga ggtgggccca agcttgagct tgagtaaaaa    138120
     gaccctagtg caattgcatt ggaataagct ccttggtggt cttttgggct tctggaacac    138180
     tatatacaca aaagaatata tcaagattaa tataaaatga aaaatcaata tagtcttgct    138240
     tgtgtttttt aaaaaactca attttgttta aaaaatattt ttacaaagaa aacaccagat    138300
     ccttgagtgg aatgtaacaa aaatttaaga aaagtgagat tattcaggtt ctagagtatc    138360
     aagaatctct caaagaagga tagggtcata atatacattt tttttttcag aaaaggagta    138420
     aaagttgggt gtgaagcaaa tctgcagcat attcacctta agcccacatc tgaaatgctg    138480
     agaaacaaat tagggatgaa aacctgactc tgaaaagcag ttgcaaatct tatttaggtt    138540
     catgtttctc ctagagaaat acagactgct atagtttaca agtaagttga ggctgcatac    138600
     tgtgaaacag ccacactatg aagaatgaaa actctattgc tccataaaat gagttgatac    138660
     aagacttagg aagacctgta agtaaagcat agcaccataa tgctatgaag cagcattcag    138720
     aaaatactgt gagtattcta gaagactcta aacccatgaa taacctctac cagaacaatc    138780
     acaaataggg cacacatgtc atttccaggt agtaagataa aatgtcaagt tccatgtgtt    138840
     tcaaataaga atttgcattt tgtccaacta tgaaatattt agagcataat tttgtggtga    138900
     ttttcgatca atgacagtgc tgagtaactg aatatttatt aacacttaga aatagagttt    138960
     ctgtgaaaat acaaggtaaa tttaggtaaa gagttcagtg aagataagta tttgtgagac    139020
     catatttaga aaataccaaa ggcttgactt taaaacttct taaataaaaa acatactttg    139080
     gaacagctag tgagtcactt ttagtacctc tggggtttaa atttttctag tttcacattt    139140
     gtttttattc attcttaagt gagaagagta aatgagatat ttaactacct aaaatctctc    139200
     aacctcaccc tatttaaata ttttcaaaaa aacattttta tacctgtgtt caaattcccg    139260
     accctccgta tatcatacct atcccctctc atacctgacc ctgccctcct ttttctccct    139320
     cctcctcctc tcttcctccc aagtcccttc caccctctac ctcctgtgag tattctgttc    139380
     ccccttctaa gaaggactga aacatccaca ttttggtctt ccttttcttg agcttcatat    139440
     ggtctgtgaa tcttgagtat tcggagcttt tggtctaata tccacttatc agtgaatgca    139500
     taccatgtgt gttcttttgt gactgggtta ccttactcag gatgatattt tctagtttca    139560
     tctatttgcc taagaagttc atgaagtaat tgtttttcat aattgagtag catttcattg    139620
     tgtaaatgta ctacattttc tgtatccatt cctctataga gggatatctg gattgttttc    139680
     agctattgac tattatgaat aaggccacta tgaacatatt ggagcatgtg tcctctttat    139740
     atgttggagc atcttttggg tatataccca agagtggtat agctgggtcc tcaggtatat    139800
     atatttctag ttttgtgatg aactgccaga ctgatttcca gagtggttgt accagcttgc    139860
     aatcccacca gcaatgaagg agtgttcctc tttctccata ttctctccag catctgctgt    139920
     cacctgagtt tttgatctta gacattctga ctggtgtgag gtggaatctt agtgttattt    139980
     tgattggcat ttccctgttg actaaggatg ttgaacattt ctttaggtgc ttcttggcca    140040
     ttccatattc ctcagttcag aattctttag ttctctggag tctaacttct tgagtttttt    140100
     gtatatattg gatattagcc ttctgtcaga tgtaggattg gtaaagatct tttctgaatc    140160
     tgttggttgc cattttgtcc cattgacagt gtcttttgcc ttatagaaat tttgcaattt    140220
     tatgaggtct catttgtcga ttgttgatct tagagcataa gccattggtg cccatgtgct    140280
     ggaggctctt ccccactttc ttttctatta gtttcagtat atctggtttt aggtggaggt    140340
     ccttgatcca cttggacttg agctttgtac aggagataaa aatggatcgg tgtgcattct    140400
     tctacatgct gactgccagt tgaaccagca ccactggttg aaaatgctgt cttttttcca    140460
     ctgtatggtt ttagctcctt tgtcaaagat caagtgacta taggtgtgtg ggtttatttc    140520
     tgggccttca attctattcc gcattgattt agctgcctgt tactgtacca aaaccatgca    140580
     gttttttatc acaatttctc tgtaatacag cctaaggtcg ggaaaggtga ttcccccaga    140640
     agttctttta ttgttgagaa tagttttcaa tagagataaa cccttagcca gactaaccag    140700
     agggcacaga gacagtatcc aaattaacaa atcagaaatg aaaagggagg cataaaaaca    140760
     gaaaatgagg aaattaaaaa aaaatcatca aatcctacta caaaagaata tactcaagaa    140820
     aactggaaaa tctggataaa atggacaatt ttctagatag aaaccaggta ccaaaattaa    140880
     atcaggatca gataaatgat ctaaaaagtc ccataacccc taaagaaata gaagcagtca    140940
     ttaaaagact cccaaccaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtcc aggaccagat gggtttagtg    141000
     cagagttctg taactctacc caatttgttc tttgaagcca caattacact gataccaaaa    141060
     accacagaaa ggccctataa agaaagagaa cttcagacca atttccctta tgaatatcta    141120
     tgcaaaaata ctcaataaaa ttctagcaaa ctgaatccaa gaatacatca aaacaatcgt    141180
     tcgtcatgat caaataggct tcattccagg gatgcaggga tggtttaata tacagaaatc    141240
     catcaacata atccactata taaacaaact caaagacaaa aaccacatga tcatctcttt    141300
     tttttttttt tccatttttt attaggtatt taactcattt acatttccaa tgctatacca    141360
     aaagtccccc atatccaccc acccccactc ccctgcccac ccactccccc tttttggccc    141420
     tggtattccc ctgtactggg gcatataaag tttgcaagtc caatgggcct ctctttccag    141480
     tgatggccga ctaggccatc ttttgatata tatgcagcta gagtcaagag ctccggggta    141540
     ctggttagct cataatgttg ttccacctat agggttgcag atccctttag ctccttggct    141600
     actttctcta gctcctccat tgggagccct atgatccatc cattagctga ctgtgagcat    141660
     ccacttctgt gtttgctggg ccccggcata gtctcacaag agacagctac atctgcgtcc    141720
     tttcaataaa atcttgctag tgtatgcaat ggtgtcagcg tttggatgct gattatgggg    141780
     tggatccctg gctatggcag tctctacatg gtccatcctt tcatctcagc tccaaactcc    141840
     gtctctgtaa ctccttccat gggtgttttg ttcccaaatc taaggagggg catagtgtcc    141900
     acacttcagt cttcattctc cttgagtttc atgtgtttag caaattatat cttatatctt    141960
     gggtatccta ggtttggggc taatatccac ttatcagtga atacatattg tgtgagtttc    142020
     tttgtgaatg tgttacctca ctcaggatga tgccctccag gtccatccat ttggctagga    142080
     atttcataaa ttcattcttt ttaatagctg agtagtactc cattgtgtag atgtaccaca    142140
     ttttctgtat ccattcctct gttgaggggc atctaggttc tttccagctt ctggctatta    142200
     taaataaggc tgctatgaac atagtggagc atgtgtcctt cttacctgtt ggggcatctt    142260
     ctggatatat gcccaggaga ggtattgctg gatcctccgg tagtactatg tccagttttc    142320
     tgaggaaccg ccagactgat ttccagagtg gttgtacaag cctgcactcc caccaacaat    142380
     ggaggagtgt tcctctttct ccacatccac gccagcatct gctgtcacct gaatttttga    142440
     tcttagccat tctgactggt gtgaggtgga atctcagggt tgttttgatt tgcatttccc    142500
     tgatgattaa ggatgttgaa cattttttca agtgcttctc tgccattcgg tattcctcag    142560
     gtgagaattc tttgttcagt tctgagcccc attttttaat ggggttattt gattttctga    142620
     agtccacctt cttgagttct ttatatatgt tggatattag tcccctatct gatttaggat    142680
     aggtaaagat cctttcccaa tctgttggtg gtctttttgt cttattgacg gtgtcttttg    142740
     ccttgcagaa actttggagt ttcattaggt cccatttgtc gattctcgat cttacagcac    142800
     aagccattgc tgttctgttc aggaattttt cccctgtgcc catatcttca aggcttttcc    142860
     ccactttctc ctctataagt ttcagtgtct ctggttttat gtgaagttcc ttgatccact    142920
     tagatttgac cttagtacaa ggagataagt atggatcgat tcgcattctt ctacacgata    142980
     acaaccagtt gtgccagcac caattgttga aaatgctgtc tttcttccac tggatggttt    143040
     tagctccctt gtcgaagatc aagtgaccat aggtgtgtgg gttcatttct ggatcttcaa    143100
     ttctattcca ttggtctact tgtctgtctc tataccagta ccatgcagtt tttatcacaa    143160
     ttgctctgta gtaaagcttt aggtctggca tggtgattcc gccagaagtt cttttatcct    143220
     tgagaagact ttttgctatc ctaggttttt tgttattcca gacaaatttg caaattgctc    143280
     cttccaattc gttgaagaat tgagttggaa ttttgatggg gattgcattg aatctgtaga    143340
     ttgcttttgg caagatagcc atttttacaa tgttgatcct gccaatccat gagcatggga    143400
     gatctttcca tcttctgaga tcttctttaa tttctttctt cagagatttg aagtttttat    143460
     catacagatc tttcacctcc ttagttagag tcacgccaag atattttata ttatttgtga    143520
     ctattgagaa gggtgttgtt tccctaattt ctttctcagc ctgtttattc tttgtataga    143580
     gaaaggccat tgacttgttt gagtttattt tatatccagc tacttcaccg aagctgttta    143640
     tcaggtttag gagttctctg gtagaatttt tagggtcact tatatatact atcatatcat    143700
     ctgcaaaaag tgatattttg acttcctctt ttccaatttg tatccccttg atctcctttt    143760
     gttgtcgaat tgctctggct aatacttcaa gtactatgtt gaaaaggtag ggagaaagtg    143820
     ggcagccttg tctagtccct gattttagtg ggattgcttc cagcttctct ccatttactt    143880
     tgatgttggc tactggtttg ctgtagattg cttttatcat gtttaggtat gggccttgaa    143940
     ttcctgatct ttccaaaact tttatcatga atgggtgttg gatcttgtca aatgcttttt    144000
     ctgcatctaa cgagatgatc atgtggtttt tgtctttgag tttgtttata taatggatta    144060
     cattgatgga ttttcgtata ttaaaccatc cctgcatccc tggaataaaa cctacttggt    144120
     caggatggat gattgcttta atgtgttctt ggattcggtt agcgagaatt ttattgagga    144180
     tttttgcatc gatattcata agagaaattg gtctgaagtt ctctatcttt gttggatctt    144240
     tctgtggttt aggtatcaga gtaatagtgg cttcataaaa tgagttgggt agagtacctt    144300
     ctacttctat tttgtgaaat agtttgtgca gaattggaat tagatcttct ttgaaggtct    144360
     gatagaactc tgcactaaac ccatctggtc ctgggctttt tttggttggg agactattaa    144420
     taactgcttc tatttcttta ggtgatatgg gactgtttag atggtcaact tgatcctgat    144480
     tcaactttgg tacctggtat ctgtccagaa atttgtccat ttcgtccagg ttttccagtt    144540
     ttgttgagta tagccttttg tagaaggatc tgatggtgtt ttggatttct tcaggatctg    144600
     ttgttatgtc tcccttttca tttctgattt tgttaattag gattttgtcc ctgtgccctt    144660
     tagtgagtct agctaagggt ttatctatct tgttgatttt ctcaaagaac caactcctcg    144720
     tttggttaat tctttgaata gttcttcttg tttccacttg gttgatttca accctgagtt    144780
     tgattatttc ctgccgtcta ctcctcttgg gtgaatttgc ttcctttttt tctagggctt    144840
     ttagatgtgt tgtcaagctg ctagtatgtg ctgtctcccg tttcttcttg gaggcactca    144900
     gcgctatgag tttccctctt agaaatgctt tcattgtgtc ccataggttt gggtacgttg    144960
     tggcttcatt ttcattaaac tctaaaaagt ctttaatttc tttctttatt ccttccttga    145020
     ccaaggtatc attgagaaga gtgttattca gtttccacgt gaatgttggc tttccattat    145080
     ttatgttgtt attgaagatc agtcttaggc catggtggtc tgataggata catgggacaa    145140
     tttcaatatt tttgtatcta ttgaggcctg ttttgtgacc aattatatgg tcaatttcgg    145200
     agaaggtccc gtgaggtgct gagaagaagg tatatccttt tgttttagga taaaatgttc    145260
     tgtagatatc tgtcaggtcc atttgtttca taacttctgt tagtttcact gtgtccctgt    145320
     ttagtttctg tttccacgat ctgtcctttg aagaaagtgg tgtgttgaag tctcccacta    145380
     ttattgtgtg aggtgcaatg tatgctttga gctttactaa agtgtctcta atgaatgtgg    145440
     ctgcccttgc atttggtgcg tagatattca gaattgagag ttcctcttgg aggattttac    145500
     ctttgatgag tatgaagtgt ccctccttgt cttttttgat aactttgggt tggaagtcga    145560
     ttttatccga tattaaaatg gctactccag cttgtttctt cagtccattt gcttggaaaa    145620
     ttgttttcca gcctttcact ctgaggtagt gtctgtcttt ttccctgaga tgggtttcct    145680
     gtaagcagca gaatgttggg tcctgtttgt gtagccagtc tgttagtcta tgtcttttta    145740
     ttggggaatt gagtccattg atattaagag atattaagga aaagtaattg ttgctccctt    145800
     ttatttttgt tgttagagtt ggcattctgt tcttgtggct gtcttctttt tggtttgttg    145860
     aatgattact ttcttggttg ttctagggcg tgatttccgt ccttgtattg cttcttttct    145920
     gttattatcc tttgaagggc tggattcgtg gaaagatatt gtgtgaactt ggttttgtcg    145980
     tggaatactt tggtttctcc atctatggta attgagagtt tggccgggta tagtagcctg    146040
     ggctggcatt tgtgttctct tagtgtctgt ataacatctg cccaggctct tctggctttc    146100
     atagtctctg gtgaaaagtc tggtgtaatt ctgataggcc ttcctttata tgttacttga    146160
     cctttctccc ttactgcttt taatattcta tctttattta gtgcatttgt tgttctgatt    146220
     attatgtgtc gggaggaatt tcttttctgg tccagtctat ttggagttct gtatgcttct    146280
     tgtatgatca tgggcatctc tttttttatg tttgggaagt tttcttctat tatttttttg    146340
     aagatattag ctggcccttt aagttgaaaa tcttcattct catcaattcc tattatccgt    146400
     aggtttggtc ttctcattgt gtcctggatt acctggatgt tttgagttag gatccttttg    146460
     cattttgtat tttctttgac tgttgtgtcg atgttctcta tggaatcttc tgcacctgag    146520
     attctctctt ccatttcttg tattctgttg ctgatgctcg catctatggt tccagatctc    146580
     tttcctaggg tttctatctc cagcgttgcc tcgctttggg ttttctttat tgtgtctact    146640
     tcccctttta gttctagtat ggttttgttc atttccatca cctgtttggc tgtgttttcc    146700
     tgcttttctt taagagcctg taactcttta gcagtgctct cctgtaaatc tttaagtgac    146760
     ttatgaaagt ccttcttgat gtcctctatc atcatcatga gaaatgtttt taaatctggg    146820
     tctagatttt cggttgtgtt ggggtgccca ggactaggtg gggtgggagt gctgcgttct    146880
     gatgatggtg agtggtcttg atttctgtta gtaggattct tacgtttgcc tttcgccatc    146940
     tggtaatctc tgaagctagc tgttttagtt gtcactgtta agagcttgtt cttcaggtga    147000
     ctctgttagc ctctatgagc agacctggag ggtagcactc tccttagttt cagtgggcag    147060
     agtattctct gcaggcaagc tctcttcttg caaggcaggt acccagatat ctggtgttcg    147120
     aaccagactc ctggcagaag ttgtgttcca ctcactagag gtcttaggat cacctgtgga    147180
     atcctgtgtg ggcccttgcg ggtgtcaggc gactcagctg gcaaggtagc cggggctcga    147240
     gtggagtgga aggggtttgt gccccagatc aagcccgggt agcctgcttc cctatgtacc    147300
     gcagtctcaa gttccacgcg attggattgg ggtaggcgct gtgttccact caccagaggt    147360
     cttagggtcc cgtggggagt cccgtgtggg cccttgcggg tgttgggcaa gactctgctg    147420
     tcaaggtagc ccggggctcg agtctcgagt cgagcggaag ggacttgtgc cccagatcag    147480
     gcccgggtag cctgcttccc tatgtaccgc agtctcgagt tccgcgcgat tggattgggg    147540
     caggcactgt gatccactca ccagaggtct tagggtcccg tggggagtcc tgtgtggacc    147600
     cttgcgggtg ttgggcaaga ctctgctggc aaggtagccc ggggctcgat tcacgagtcg    147660
     agcggaaggg acttgtgccc cagatcaggc ccgggtagcc tgcttcccta tgtacctcag    147720
     tctcaagttc cgcgcgattg gattggggca ggcactgtga tccacttacc agaggtctta    147780
     gggtcccgtg gggagtcccg tgtggaccct tgcgggtgtt gggcaagact ctgctggcaa    147840
     ggtagcccgg ggctcgagtc tcgagtcgag cggaagggac ttgtgccgat catctcttaa    147900
     gatactgaga aagcatttga caagtccaac accccttcat gataaaagtc ttggaaagat    147960
     cagtaattca aagcccatac ctaaacaaat aaaaacaata tatgacaaac cagtagccaa    148020
     catcaaacta aatggtgaga aactggaagc aattctacta aaaccaggga ctagaaaagg    148080
     ctgcccactc tccctaccta ttcaaatata gtacctgaag tcctagccag agcaattaga    148140
     caacaaaagg agataccaca aaatgatcaa aggaatacaa attggaaagg aagaagtcaa    148200
     aatatcagta tttgcagatg atatgatagt atacttcagt gaccccaaaa attataagag    148260
     agaactccta aatctgataa acaactttaa caaagggact ggatataaaa ttaactcaaa    148320
     caaatcagta gcctttctgt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt ttttcgagac agggtttctc    148380
     tgaatagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ttgtagacca ggctagcctc aaactcagaa    148440
     atccgcctgc ctctgcctcc cgagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgcaccacc acgcccggcc    148500
     agcagccttt ctatactcaa agaataaaca ggctgaaaaa aaaataagag aaacaacacc    148560
     catcacaata gtcacaatat tacatacctt ggtgtgactc taaccaagga agtgaaagat    148620
     ctgtatcaca agaacttcaa gtctctgaag aaagaatgga agaagatctc agaagatgga    148680
     acgatttcct atgctcatgg attggcaaga ttaatacagt aaaagtggcc attttaccaa    148740
     aagcaatcta caaattcaat gcaatcccta tcaaaattcc cactcaattc ttcatcaagt    148800
     tagagcaatt tgcaaattca tttggaataa tcattgtaca tatttattaa acacagccta    148860
     cttttaaaaa tagaaagcct gggaccattt actagacaaa ctaaagatta gttctgaaat    148920
     ttaagtatat ttgaaatttt gagttacata ttagtagcca agaaaacaag aatgaatctt    148980
     acacattgct tttcaatgat ctaaaaaaaa aaacaaaaac attaactatt gcatttgttt    149040
     cctgatagca cataacttaa acattatact ttatttccca gaaaaatcat gatttagttt    149100
     gtggttcata aggtttcttt cttttttatc ccccctcccc ttcttttaaa tttctttctt    149160
     tttcttttat aaagaattta tcaggccggg cagtggtggc gcatgccttt aatcccagca    149220
     cttgggaagc agaggcaggt ggatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acaaagtgag    149280
     tttcaggtca accagggcta cacagagaaa ccctgtctca gaaaaccaaa acaaaccaaa    149340
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aatttatcaa cctgcttggt tatgggttgg ttcttcctgc    149400
     catagttcta cttctgatta attataacac ctagctgact tgcttttgtt tatttccatg    149460
     tagaataaac tgcttttttt ctctattgcg agttttgttc ctgccatagt tctacttctg    149520
     attaattata acacctagct gacttgcttt tgtttatttc catgtagaat aaactgctat    149580
     cttttttctc tattgcatga gtttagtgaa taatatatgc aaagagctgt atgtttctct    149640
     aaagaaagat aaaatataaa acgctactat ctcaagtagc agtggttaaa tttcagtgtg    149700
     gagagccgtg ccgcgagcaa tcgccattat aagatggcgc tggcctccgc tgtgcctaac    149760
     tagtaaacaa gctttgtacg caggtgtgag agtgaactca ctcctagtca ttcccattct    149820
     cggggtgtaa tagtggggtg atgggtgagc aatgaatcag gagctgtcat gccatatcag    149880
     gtgctgaaac gtcacgctgt gggctataaa agcagcgcta tttccggttc ggggtcttcc    149940
     tgaagaagta agcaataaag attttgccac ggaagattcc ggtttgttgc atctttcttg    150000
     ccggtcgagt gggacgcaat aggttttgat ttatttttct cttccatttt taaacaatgc    150060
     ccattatttg gtgtcttagg gtttctattg cttcaatgaa acaccatgac caaaaagcaa    150120
     gttgggaagt gtcttagtta gggttttact gctgtgaaca gacaccatga ccaaggcaag    150180
     tcttataaaa aacaacattt aattggggct ggcttacagg ttcagaggtt cagtccatta    150240
     tcatcaaggt gggagcatgg cagtatccgg gcaggcatgg cacaggagga gctgagagtt    150300
     ctatgtcttc atccaaaggc tgctagtgga agactgactt ccaggcaact agggtgagga    150360
     tcttatgccc acacccacag tgacaccccc attccaacca ggtcacacct attccaacaa    150420
     ggccacacct ccagatggtg ccactccctg gtccaaggat atacaaacca tcacagggag    150480
     gaaagggttt atttgtttta cacttttttg tttgtttttt tttgtttttc aatggtttgc    150540
     acttctatat tgctgctcat tattaaagaa agtcagaaca gggatgcaaa cagttcagga    150600
     atctgtaggc aggagcggat acagaagcga tggagggtgc tacttactag ctagatctgt    150660
     ttgcttgctc agcctacttt cttatagaac ccaggatcac cagtccatga tggaaacacc    150720
     cacagtacgc ttgatctttt cccattcatc atcactaatt gagaaaatgt tttacagcat    150780
     gatctcatgg aggcatttcc tcaactgagg caactaatat tggatattga atctcctgga    150840
     tatactgttg agtgctgcat aataacagac tgcatgtatt atgatggctc tataaaattt    150900
     taatggcaat tttaacagga aaaatcctat tgtttgggga tgaagctatg aaaacataca    150960
     ttgaattatg cacatagttt ggtgaaacag gtgtgaacaa actcactaca ctgtcagtcc    151020
     tgtaagagta tagcacatat actatatagt cctggacaat gataataaaa actatgttgc    151080
     tgccatatgt acatatataa aaatgttaat tgttctttca aagtacattt ctctacccaa    151140
     atcatttcac ttaaaacaga atgctgagct ttgatggaag cagcccaaaa cacatgttta    151200
     ttacagttca tgaaattaaa tttaaaacat agaaacctca ttgaatagct gaataatcac    151260
     taggtttatg taagtatact ctactatgtt tgtacaatga tgatgggatg gcctaatgat    151320
     gcatgctatt aagcaatggc tggctacagt agttttgaag agttactata ataaaatacc    151380
     acagattaga tgtctgaacc aatgggaatt ttttcttcag ggacttttga gaagtgttta    151440
     ggttatatca aaatgcagta acagaaagaa gaggaattcc taccagtgat gaagatgcta    151500
     atttctaggt tttttttttc atagagtttt ttttatttac tagaataatt ttttttcttt    151560
     taaggtttat agggctaaga gtgatatggt ctatgtcaaa ttttaaatta tactataact    151620
     atattctatt tcctcaaagt tgttagttag agttaaactt aatgcagctc attttagata    151680
     aggctaactc aacttttatc ttcagaaatt tgattaggaa tgctgtcaaa acatgaaaac    151740
     tggtagttcc ataatacatt tcccccctat tagtacaatg taggacagaa agaaatggcc    151800
     atggtaagca atttcagtac atcatcatca aaagctttat tctttgtgtt cttgtatgca    151860
     tgtacatgtg tgagcctagg caagaagggc ttaacaatta ggctaggctg accagccagc    151920
     aagtgcctgt ttccatctct tcaatgctgg gatggcgagc cagcatacac cactgcacct    151980
     agctttttat tgtgagttct ggtatcaaga cctttacaga agcttcatgt gagcaacatc    152040
     tctccatcgt tactctctta tatccctctg aattgtacgt ccattttctt tcacttgaaa    152100
     ttcacagaac tcagatattt ttctctttat ttcaatccac aaccacttta tttttggcta    152160
     cttccattta ttagccattt cactaaagac agataacgta aaaagtaaca tgctgctttg    152220
     tttccatgac tctggatctg gtttgtaacc aaatccattt catactctac acattttagg    152280
     tttgattttt agctataaca cccagttact attgtttaaa ctttttatta tagattccat    152340
     ttgatattgg tacttataaa atgttgcctt ttgccctggt cttgtgaaga tcatatgccc    152400
     cagtataggg gaatgccagg gccggcagtg ggagtgggtg ggttggggat cagggcagag    152460
     gagggtatag ggggcttttg ggatagtatt tgaaatgtaa atgaagaaaa tatctaataa    152520
     aaatgttgcg ttttgcactg tgagaacatg cctatctgtt tgagtgcaca tatgctaact    152580
     tagttactga acttagttac tgaagaacag tctaacttga tgactactta gaaaaaaatt    152640
     taataactat aaaatttaat accagccata aaatagcatt taaataattc taagggagaa    152700
     atgctcagtg tagtgtaaaa tccatatttt caactcagca catcttgaaa aattcatttt    152760
     attgataaaa aaatctatct atacatctaa gggtcacttg tctttcagtt acattttccc    152820
     ctagttttta tcatctattt tcttttaaat attaatgtaa cctatgtcaa ataccagaaa    152880
     tatagaatga gtttttaatg atacaatatt tatctctggg tgattataaa agaataaaag    152940
     aattctagta tgctcctttt aggtaacata ttaaaagaaa ttaagaaagg agaatattga    153000
     ttcacatcta ttttgacatt tccattaaat tatttaagtt aaaatatagg tgcttaaaaa    153060
     catgtgttaa aaacctttaa atacatttca tgtattttac ctgtcagtta tagtgtctta    153120
     cgtgagtaca cactgtcatt ccacttgtat gtacacacac acacacacac acacatttat    153180
     ttctggatag aaaagctatc ctgcttacaa acttagtgtc agagtatgtt caagaactct    153240
     ggaatacagg gctaaatgga ggcctttggc atgagaggta agggggaagc tattaagaat    153300
     ggaagcctga aaagggatct ttgctttaaa tgattgatta taatataaaa atatagggta    153360
     gcattatttc attttgtcat ggagagagca aatgaataaa tgcactatga tgcaggggca    153420
     ttggcgtagg gatatcacca ttttaactag accctgtatg ttctttgtga agaagttata    153480
     ggaacactat taattattta agacagggtc tcagcactgg ttggcctgaa acttactatg    153540
     tagaccaggc tagcctcaga ctcaccgaga tctatctgct tctggttctt gagtgctgga    153600
     attaaaggta ggtatcatca tatccagaat gagacactgt taaaatctaa atttataact    153660
     tctcagcctt ttgaatagga ttatgcctaa gtcctgggga cttggaacag aaccatgtat    153720
     gtgcttataa ctgattaatg gtgggtggtt tttcataagg tttctgaaac acattgtcat    153780
     tatgtgaata cttcagattt tcttctgttc ctcagatata tttgagaaat gtttagcctg    153840
     ggaatagctc tcacatcaaa gctactgttt gtaaatctat actagctttg aatctacttt    153900
     cagtttgata atatgaggct atcctataca gtgctgcttg gttctttgtt ccctggaaat    153960
     aaagtgatgg cccttacaag ctcaagcaga agcgtgacgc tagaggaact tgctttcaaa    154020
     gaagccaagg aaatacaaat atcaaaactt taatgagata gctgtgctct gtcccatatc    154080
     atgtagccat ctccgaccct gttccttggg tgcaatttca acctatgaga ccttatccag    154140
     caatgtccat ctccaagttt actcctttca caagtgtaaa aaaaaatgta agcaggatca    154200
     actcaatctg cctcttgaaa tttggaattg taaaatttgc gaaaaccaac caatagtggt    154260
     actcaaatct atgggctcac aatgtagggg ccctgtgtgc aaaaccacag gtgccattta    154320
     ggaggaagca gctatctaga ctctcacttc acagaagagg agggaagttc ctgttagaga    154380
     gattaatgag actgtagaac acgtcaccca atttcttctt tatacccttg agtcctaagg    154440
     actcaactgt ctaaagcaaa ttccctgtac ttgccatcta gcagtctact catgcaccca    154500
     ccccttttca ggccggtctt cctccctttt atctagctat ttgcataatt tgtcctattt    154560
     ccactcagga tctgaggcat attactctac tgtttagatg ttcacacaca tacaaggact    154620
     acttataagt cctaggaaat attttgatat tagaatgcaa gtgttaggag cgaatctgta    154680
     gcttatgtta tctcacctaa taataactta attccaccca cattttcaca ggcttgttga    154740
     ggcgggtatt caaagaatca aaacactagg attactactc cccaccacat tttgatgagg    154800
     gcagtaatga attttttctt catttaatat gccttcatta cacgttacgc atgtgagata    154860
     ctggagagcc tgtgactaga cacagaatac acatacacac caacacacgc cttaatgtaa    154920
     gcagtggaac agcaaagctt tctaaataac tgacagctac acagacaaca ccagtctgtc    154980
     aatcaataca cagtgaatac taaccggcta gtgagagctt cagccaatgt cttcttcctc    155040
     cttcacactc ctaacttgct taaggaaatc aagtctaatg aattcttgca ctaggatagt    155100
     catgtatata taaaaggtaa tagaagcaag tatcaaaaaa aaaattcgtg agcagaaaaa    155160
     ctcaaacatg tgagtttgct tggttttagg actccaagtg attttagacc ctgttatttc    155220
     ggggagggag cagacaactt atttattctt ttgcttttag tagttcaata aaattaaaaa    155280
     attgaaatca tagttctaat gtatattaaa taaatgccca tatctgatta ataattaagt    155340
     tatgaagaag taatatataa tcagatttgt tctattttac ttggtaaaat gagttaaacc    155400
     acacaaaata gtggttatta tcagagaaat attttcaata aagtcttcaa tgtgtaaata    155460
     aaaaaaaaga attcttgcac ttataaacca agtgtcaaat tttccatcag tgttcagtgt    155520
     atcataggct gtgatgaacc ctgtgtcata accatcacta tgtttgcctg ctgtgggtag    155580
     cagaggacat gagacaacat tgtatttaat tattacatga actggagttt cctaagaatg    155640
     agatgaactt tccctagcaa tatcatttca caaaggttac aaatatatat gagcttacaa    155700
     ctgagttatt aaaaatatat atgaatgtac aactgagtca tttgatttag cattttacaa    155760
     tgtattttta aaaaacagtc tagtttcata atatatgtta agttttcttt tttagcatgc    155820
     aactaaaaat aaggtccaaa atgagaagaa ttattttccc caggagaggg agggggaggt    155880
     ggtggaggaa ggggtggtgg gggcagggag tatggtaagt taagctcagg atgagaggcc    155940
     atgctaggtg cagaccaccc catgcttaca gttggtgggg gcgggggtgg gggtgggagt    156000
     ggaaagatat gcatatcaaa catgggcggg ggaaaaggat agtggggcat gacaggatta    156060
     tcttgtctct gaggtgcaaa tcccaaactc tcttgagatg tcatatgatc tgagttatag    156120
     cactgctgag gtggaggcct gccatggctt cttcgagagt atctacccct cgcaaagcct    156180
     cttgagaatt ccctgtggtg agatcctttt gaagagctat aagcattcca cttctgaatc    156240
     acttcaccaa aatcttcaca tggctcattc aattcagatt tgaggttttt gcggccttga    156300
     atctgagatt tttttctctg tttggcttct ttttctttct catcgtcact gaagtccaag    156360
     acttctggag ggggttcctg atcattctcc caagaagcgt ccgatcctct gtcctgtttg    156420
     agcttttctg tgaatatata ttgagtgaag tctttcattg atggggcaaa atacatagtg    156480
     tcatttattt tgataccttt actctcaatg tgatctgatg aattaaaccg taacacataa    156540
     aatggatggg caacaggtcc aaatatctca aatatcttcc ctgctgcttg tcgatcactt    156600
     ttgaaaatga cagtatcttc attaactgga ggtatgttag tcacagactc aattattact    156660
     aattgctcaa taatgcttga aactttccca agaggcttta gtgcaatgtc ttcaggcaga    156720
     attatagtga gttcttcaac agaaggtagt tcattaagaa gcaattcatc tcttgtttta    156780
     agaggaaaat tcttattttc tttttcaact tggacatcct catgtccatc tgacatcaca    156840
     ggaggaaatg atacacagga tgaagatgaa gaggacgacg aagaggagga gcttgagcta    156900
     tctgaatctg tttcactgtc cgaatccgag tccaaggagt ccgaggcctg cagcactggc    156960
     ggcggctccg cggcgttcgg gccggggacg cagaccccgc tcggcagcgg cggtcttccg    157020
     ccgggatccg agttcggggc tggcggcggc ggcggtcttc ccccgggatc caagttcggg    157080
     gctggcggcg gcggtcttcc cccggcatcc gagttcgggg ctggcggcgg cggcggtctt    157140
     cccccgggat ccgagttcgg ggctggcggc ggcggtcttc caccggcatc ccagttcggg    157200
     gttggcggcg gcggcgatct tccgctggga tccgagctcg gggctagcgg cgtcggtctt    157260
     ccgccggcgt cccagttcgg ggttggcgga ggcggcggtc ttccgccggg atccgagttc    157320
     ggggctggcg gcggcggctg ctcccccggc ggcggggcct cccggcgctc ctgaggtggc    157380
     ggcgaagctg ccgacccctg gcctgagcca ccgaacttga gcgtctgcag ttgctcggtg    157440
     gcctccacca cctccatggc gcagcccagg gcgcagagca gcgcgagggt cccctcagaa    157500
     gccgagctag ccaacgcggc cgcgctgaaa tcccagtaat gaatttttaa ttctgggtct    157560
     attagacctc agtggataaa tataggagta taaatacaat gcttgagctt tggtctaagg    157620
     ccattacaaa gagaattcaa gtaacaatgt tagtatgtag ttagttgtat tagggttctc    157680
     tagagtcaca gaacttatgg atagtctcta tatagtaaag gaatttattg atgacttaca    157740
     gtctgcagtc caattcccaa caatggttca gtagtagcta tgaatggaag tccaaggatc    157800
     tagcagttac tcaatcccaa acggcaagca ggagaggggc aagagcgaga ctccctgctt    157860
     ccaatgtcct tatattgtct ccagcagaag gtgtagccca gattaaaggt gtgttccacc    157920
     acacctttaa tcccagatga ccttgaactt ggagatttaa tcttctggaa tccatagcca    157980
     ctatgcctct agatctccat accaagatcc agatcagaaa cttctatctc ccagcctcca    158040
     gagaagggtc actggtgagc cttccaattc tggattgtag ttcattccaa atatagtcaa    158100
     gttgacaacc aggaatagct actacagtag ttctcatgga aacctatctg ttttctctta    158160
     ttccttttct tatttacatg ttcctggtag cctaggccaa gatcttaagc gagaataatg    158220
     ggtaagaaac catccctaga gatggggcca ttaacatgac catattatcc ccagggaaat    158280
     caacacttta ctttctaaat catttacaga accattatga tagataaaaa actttcccaa    158340
     caataaaatt tcatgtggct acacgtgtgc catcggaggt ggattttggt atatggtaaa    158400
     gaaagcctta attagaaaga attaaaatag tttaaattta tacattgaag attataaaaa    158460
     atcaggcact agatgttaaa taataattga caatgagact ggaaagttag ttcagtggtt    158520
     aagagcactg accgttaaag atttattaac ctgctcctgg aaatatgaca ctagccttga    158580
     agacagtccc cactgaatat atcattttag aatggttaca ttttgatgac ttatgatgtt    158640
     atctgttctg tttgggattc actgaataca tagtttaaga gttgtaatgc agctgggcat    158700
     ggtggcgcac acctttgatc ccagcactgg ggaggcagag gcaggcggat ttctgagttc    158760
     gaggccagcc tggtctacaa aatgagttcc atgacagcca gggctataca gagaaaccct    158820
     gtctcaaaaa accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagctgtaat    158880
     gtttggatga tttttgtgct ttattgtgcc aaatgatata gtttctaaga gatgtaatgt    158940
     ttgttttttt tattgtataa attcccctgc ttgagagctg aagaatacac tcagattcaa    159000
     actgcctttg tgtttgtttc ttttaaaaaa aatttaataa acacatttta ttagatattt    159060
     tcttcattta catttcaaat gctatcccca aagtccccta tagcccccca ccccaccccc    159120
     accccccgcg ccctgctccc caacccaccc actcctgctt cctggctctg gcattcccct    159180
     gttctggggc atagaacctt cacaagacca agagcctctc ttcccaatga tggccgacta    159240
     ggctatcctc tgctacatat gcaactagag acacaagctc tgggggggta ctggttagtt    159300
     catattgttg ttccttttat aggtttgcag acccctttag ctccttgggt actatctcaa    159360
     gctccttcat tgggggccct atgttccatc caatagatga ctgtgagcat ccacttctgt    159420
     atttgccagg ctctggcata gcctcacaag agatagccag ggtcctgtca gtaaaatctt    159480
     gctggcatat gcaatagtgt ctgggtttgg tggttgttta tggaatggat ccccggggtg    159540
     ggcagtctct ggatggtcct tccttctttt aggtttcttg aaggattact ttcttgcttt    159600
     ttctagggca taatttccct ccttgtgttg gagttttccc tttattatcc tttgaagggc    159660
     tggattcgtg gaaagatatt gtgtgagttt ggttttgtca tggaatactt tggtttctcc    159720
     atttatggca attgagagtt ttgctgggta tagtaccctg ggctggcatt tgtgttctct    159780
     tagggtctgt ataacatctg tccaggatct tctgggtttc atagtctctg gtgagaagtt    159840
     tggtgtaatt ctaataggcc tgcctttata tgttacttga ctcttttccc ttattgcttt    159900
     taatattcta tctttattta gtgcatttgt tgttctgatt attatgtgtt gggaggaatt    159960
     tcttttctgg tccacttgat ttggagttct gtaggcttct tgtatgttca tgggcatctc    160020
     tttctttagg ttagggaagt tttcttctat aattttgctg aagatattta ctggcccttt    160080
     aagttgaaaa tcttcattct catctatact tattatcctt aggttttgtc ttcttcatgg    160140
     tgtcctggaa tttttggttg ttttgagtta ggatcttttt tcattttgca ttttcttttg    160200
     ttgtgtccat gttttctatg gaattttctg cacctgagat tctctctccc atctcttgta    160260
     ttctgttgct gatgctcgca tctatgattc ctgatttctt tcctaggatc tctatctcca    160320
     gggttgtctc cctttgggtt ttctttattg tttctacttc caattttaga tcttggatgg    160380
     ttttgttcaa ttctatcacc tgtttggttg tcttttcctg taattcttta agggatttta    160440
     gtgtttcctc tttaaggact tctatctgtt tagcagtgtt ctgtatttct ttaagtgagt    160500
     tattaatgcc cttcttaaaa tcctctatca gcattatgag attttaaatc tgaatcttgc    160560
     tttttccagt gtgttggggt atccaggact tgctgtggtg ggagtactgg gttctgatga    160620
     taatgagtgg tcttggtttc tgttgttagt gagattctta catttgcctt ttgccatctg    160680
     gtaatctctg gtgttagatg gttggtgctt gttcctcctg tgattctgtt agcctctgtc    160740
     agcactcctg ggagtccaac tctctcctga gtcccagtgg tcagagcact ctctgcaggc    160800
     aagctctcct cttgcaggtc tggcgctcat atccacctcc tggctgaaga tgaaggcctg    160860
     aagaagggac cctgtccaag aagctctgtt gcttctgtgg cccgtgtact ctcctttttg    160920
     ggctggtctc taagagaccc aggatacaag atggtgctct cacctgagtc ccagggtcag    160980
     agccctctct ggaggccaac tctcctcagt gatcctaaga tccttgggtg tggtagggcg    161040
     cctacagcat ggaatgtcct ctggggaacg tgggattgtc caccaagttc gcgcccaagg    161100
     tggcctagct ctgtgtttgt ttctgttttt cactgccaaa tccttaccca cctagcttca    161160
     aggaccctca ttccagggac ctcaataccc aactggggtg gtccttggca tcaaaggaca    161220
     tgtaagatgc caggacaatg aaaggaaaaa tccagaatta tcagtgtcac acttgcaaca    161280
     ttctactgat acaatcagtc acagagccta cccagattca aggaggtaaa acagttctgt    161340
     ctctagatag gaaaactcta aagtcacatt ataggacaac aaagaggaat ataacatcaa    161400
     aaaccaacca aaagcccaca gtctgcctgg cgtggtgaca cacaccttca atcccagctc    161460
     ttgggaggca gaggcaagca gatttctgag ttcgaggcca gcctggttta cagagtgagt    161520
     tccaggacag ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcga aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca    161580
     aacaaaaaag cccacagtcc attgagagag ggagctgtag atataatcac aatgacataa    161640
     aaattacaca agtgctatta ggatgttaca aaacaaagcc caggccaggc atgtctcttt    161700
     attcaaagca ttcgacaagc agagacagaa ggatggatgg tgtattagtc agggttctct    161760
     agagttatag aattc                                                     161775