ID   AC164432; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 220224 BP.
AC   AC164432;
DT   22-JUN-2005 (Rel. 84, Created)
DT   31-JUL-2005 (Rel. 84, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-394G23 from chromosome 8, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-220224
RA   Shah N., Lewis S., Levy A., Bielicki L.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-394G23";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-220224
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-JUN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-220224
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-JUL-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-220224
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-JUL-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 8d05c2fc68d0f26f78f223304b9769ee.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456146.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000002885; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000005481; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000019433; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000057672; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0033838; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0033839; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0033840; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0033821; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0033822; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0033823; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0033747; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0033748; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0033749; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0033814; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0033815; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0033816; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0033524; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0033525; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0033526; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0034334; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0034335; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0034336; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0032854; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0032855; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0032856; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0033502; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0033503; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0033504; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0033655; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0033656; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0033657; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0033601; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0033602; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0033603; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0033745; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0033746; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0033747; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0033643; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0033644; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0033645; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0034351; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0034352; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0034353; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0032558; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0032559; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0032560; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0032967; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0032968; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0032969; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC164432.3:1-220224; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000002964; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000075843; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000109802; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000132945; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000140521; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000149368; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000166939; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000211985; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000212463; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0089590; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0089599; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0089605; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0089671; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0089680; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0089686; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0089610; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0089619; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0089625; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0089608; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0089617; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0089623; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0089173; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0089182; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0089188; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0090127; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0090136; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0090142; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0089721; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0089730; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0089736; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0089120; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0089129; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0089135; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0089315; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0089324; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0089330; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0089159; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0089168; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0089174; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0089349; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0089358; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0089364; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0089180; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0089189; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0089195; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0090430; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0090439; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0090445; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0089143; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0089153; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0089159; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0088220; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0088229; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0088235; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; D6RH37.
DR   GOA; Q9DC42.
DR   InterPro; IPR000152; EGF-type_Asp/Asn_hydroxyl_site.
DR   InterPro; IPR000203; GPS.
DR   InterPro; IPR000719; Prot_kinase_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR000742; EGF-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR000832; GPCR_2_secretin-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR001478; PDZ.
DR   InterPro; IPR001881; EGF-like_Ca-bd_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR003056; GPCR_2_CD97.
DR   InterPro; IPR011009; Kinase-like_dom_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR011072; HR1_rho-bd.
DR   InterPro; IPR011545; DEAD/DEAH_box_helicase_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR014001; Helicase_ATP-bd.
DR   InterPro; IPR014014; RNA_helicase_DEAD_Q_motif.
DR   InterPro; IPR017379; GIPC1/2/3.
DR   InterPro; IPR017441; Protein_kinase_ATP_BS.
DR   InterPro; IPR017981; GPCR_2-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR018097; EGF_Ca-bd_CS.
DR   InterPro; IPR027417; P-loop_NTPase.
DR   InterPro; IPR035892; C2_domain_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036034; PDZ_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR036274; HR1_rpt_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR037313; PKN_HR1_1.
DR   InterPro; IPR037317; PKN1_HR1_2.
DR   InterPro; IPR037784; C2_PKN.
DR   MGI; MGI:108022; Pkn1.
DR   MGI; MGI:1347095; Adgre5.
DR   MGI; MGI:1915528; Ddx39.
DR   MGI; MGI:1926252; Gipc1.
DR   RFAM; RF00100; 7SK.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D6RH37; D6RH37_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q9DC42; Q9DC42_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; S4R1V8; S4R1V8_MOUSE.
CC   On Jul 30, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:70668977.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0394G23
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa and
CC   Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..220224
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="8"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-394G23"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          13911..13985
FT                   /note="Unresolved simple sequence repeat."
FT   unsure          164721..165367
FT                   /note="Unresolved simple sequence repeat."
SQ   Sequence 220224 BP; 53865 A; 54586 C; 52448 G; 59325 T; 0 other;
     gaattccagc tccaggggag caaataccct ctgtcctcca ggggcacctg tactcatgtg        60
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacagacaca       120
     cagacagaca cacgcacaca tacacacatg cacacagaca cacacacaca tacacacaca       180
     cacacacacg gacacacaca gacacacaca cagacacacg cacacatata cacatgcaca       240
     caggcacaca tacacacaca caattaaaaa taataaaaaa taaatcttca aaatataaat       300
     taaaaatctg gacatggagg aggaggtcat gtttataatc ctagctctgg cgagctggag       360
     acagaggatc cctggggctc actgggcagc cagcctggtc tacttggtgg gccccagacc       420
     aatgagatat ctgtctcaaa ccacaaggtg gacatctcct gaggaatgac cattcacctg       480
     cacatgtata aacatgtatg tacattcaca gctatatcca catgagtaca tacacacaca       540
     cacacatcaa gagagggaga gagggtgggg gaggtaattt agtgctggct cctcaggtca       600
     cctaccctgg aaggggctgc tggacccagt ctccctcggg catcttgtcc tgtgttgtgg       660
     tctcctgtct cagcacacat ttccactact gtaattccac caatggcaga gttctcacca       720
     gacccgaccc aggtctaaca ctgtgccttg gtcttgaact ctaagaactg taaactgaat       780
     acctttttcc cccagttttt tgagacaggg ccaaaccaag ttggtcaggc tgactttcca       840
     aggagcagca ggcacctgct tccctccacc acacagcgct gagattacaa ggaagtgtac       900
     cacagccttg tcatgtggtt ctggggttga actcaggccc ttgcactggc atgataaacc       960
     agttaccagc agagcatctc ccgggccatc agcgtgactc tgacaacaga gtgtgaccct      1020
     gtctctgtct ctgtctctct ctcacacaca cacacaagaa agagtgagag cctaaaaatt      1080
     aaaatgagaa gaataattaa aaataaaaat aacaaaaaca gtgaggcgat agtgtggtgg      1140
     tgcacacctt taatcccagc acgtgggagg cagaggcagg ctgatctctg tgagttgaag      1200
     gccagcctgg tctacagagt gggttccaga atagccacac agagaaaccc tgtctcaaca      1260
     ggacaaaaca ataacaacaa aataaacaaa ataatttcta agctaagaga aggagttgct      1320
     agtcaattcc cagcaaccat aaggtggctc acaaccatct gtgatgggct ctggcgccct      1380
     cttctggtgt gtctgaagac agcgacagtg tactcgtata cattaaataa ataaatgaat      1440
     gaatcttaaa agaaaaaaag atgagaaaag aaaaggagct gctggggctg gagagatggc      1500
     ttcgcagtgg agaggatttg ctgctattac aagggagctg cactggttcc tagcagccac      1560
     attgagtggc tcataaccac cttaactcca cttccaggga atctgctgcc ctcttctggt      1620
     atctaagggc acctgcactc acatgcacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac      1680
     acaattaaaa atgaaaataa atcttgaaag aaaaggatgt ggacctctga gctgaaggca      1740
     agcctggtct atgtagtgag ttccacacta tccagggatg cgtagtaaga cccagtcacc      1800
     agtaaaataa acaaccaaag acttgtacgt ttctaatgtt gtatgttggt gttttgcctg      1860
     tatggctgtc tgtgtgccat gtgcatgcag tgcttgtgga gtccagaaga gagcggtaga      1920
     tctcacagga gttagagttg gaaatgatag tgagctgcca tgtgggttat ttttcccatg      1980
     acagggatag aacatgaggc ctggaatatg atggaaggtg atctatcact gagccacact      2040
     cccagcccct cactgaaggt agaagcccaa cctctgagca atatcccacc cttcctacta      2100
     aaatctgatc ttgattattg gtcagagcag gacccagcag atcctccagt cagtctagtt      2160
     gtgcaggcag agcagatctt tgtaagagca ggtcagcttt ggtgactctg gttaggtctc      2220
     ctgcaagctc ctatctcttg tgacaagtga cactgcctca ggactctgcc attcagtggt      2280
     ggctcccctt tccttggacc ataaacttga ccttaagaaa actttgttta aaactcacac      2340
     agtctatgat gctgggctgc cagcaacaga aaacacacag gcacagcagc tcaagcatac      2400
     ggctgctttg ggcctctggg ctactgaagg aacgaacttt acagagaaca cacaggctct      2460
     caccctgagg tgagggagct ggctctgtgt cactaaacag gctctttctc ctccaacccc      2520
     ccctcctcct gcagcctctc cactgctggg attattgtgt gaccccatat ctggctgtca      2580
     gggtgtcagt tccctctggc agcaacctcc taagcagaat gcataagtct ttagtagggg      2640
     agacaccaga aggaagtaat gcagataaag accaaatcct accccctttt gagataaggt      2700
     ttctaggtgt agccttggct gtcctggacc ttgctcttgt agaccaggct ggccttaaac      2760
     tcacaaggat ctgtctgcct ctgcctgcca ctgggattaa aggtgtacac cacctctttc      2820
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc      2880
     tttctttctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttctttcctt ccttcctttc      2940
     tttctttttt tcttaagatt tatttattat attattattt atttattatt attatattag      3000
     tacactgtag ctgtcttcag acacaccaga agagggcgtc agatctcatt tcggatggtt      3060
     gctaggattt gaactcagga tctttggaag agcagtcagt gcccttaact gctgagccat      3120
     ctctccagcc cctgaacttt atttcaaaca gtgaatgttt aattaattat cttgggtctg      3180
     cctttttttt ttcattaatt ttgaatttta caaaatatgg ctcaaccagt aaaggttttt      3240
     cccaaatgag cctggtggtc tgagctcagc ccctggactg tttgctgaag ttcgagagcc      3300
     attcctggat ggctagctta gttagggttt gcattgcttg gtcattgaga taccatgacc      3360
     aagacaacgc ttataaaaga aaacatgtaa ttgggactgg cttacagttc agaggttcag      3420
     tccattgtca tggcaggaat catgatggca tgcagacatg gtgcttgaga agactgagag      3480
     ttctacatct agaactgagg gcagccagga ggagactctc ttctgaactg ggcagagcta      3540
     tagcatagga cctcaaagcc caccccctac tgtgatgcac ttcctccaac aaagccacac      3600
     ctcctaacat tgccacctcc catgggccat gcatattcaa accaccacag cttctctacc      3660
     ttaccggtgg ctccccccaa caataaataa aatgtaattg ttttaaatat cctgaaggca      3720
     tttaatattc actattgctt ttgcttcctt gcaagcgtgt gtcctccctt gtgggatcag      3780
     ggggaaattt ccaggtattg ttccacaggt taaggtttat ttatttattt atttatttat      3840
     ttatttattt atttattggg catgacagca cacaccttta atctcagcac ttgtgtagtg      3900
     gtggcaggca catctctgag ttgtaggtca gccaggccta cacatccaga gactgtctcc      3960
     aaaatatgtg agtgcctgca tgcatgtctg tggccacatc tgtgcctggt atacatgaag      4020
     gccacaaaag ggcgttgggc gctctggaac tgagcaggta tgagatgtcg tgcaggtgct      4080
     ggaactgaat ccaggttctg tgcgagagca gccagcgctg tggaccaccg agctacctct      4140
     ccagctccat ttgttctttg agaagggacc tgaagtttgg cagctgggca agcaggccat      4200
     ccagggaacc ccaggttcct ggctttctgc ccctgcagca tggggcagca gctgctgtga      4260
     cctgagtacc cagagtgtgt gtgtggtagt ggtggggctt tctcagtaat tcatctcctc      4320
     agttagccca ggctatcctc acacttgttg tgtagccgag gatgaccccg agctcttgac      4380
     cctcttgcct ctgtctccca agtgctgaga tgacaggtgt gcgacacacc tgtttacagg      4440
     gcactagatt agaaatatta aatgagtctt ctctatcaaa tatattagac gtgtttagaa      4500
     caagaaactc gaaactttta cctttcctac tgtgtaagaa ttttatgcaa atgcttaaac      4560
     acctggtaat acctttgtta acaaaggccc acagttctag tctaaaaatt ttttagattt      4620
     atttatttat gtatgttgag tacattgtcg ctgtcttcag atacaccaga agaaagcatc      4680
     aggtcccatt acagatggtt gtgagccatt atgtggttgc tgggaattga actcaggacc      4740
     tctggaagag cattctcttt actgctgagc catctctcca gccatagtct aaaagtgtga      4800
     cggtctggag cagtgacctc tttccctttc ctccatcatt tctggtgtgt caattctttt      4860
     aaaaccagcc aatcggataa gagcgtgagg tccgccccag ccaatgggga aaagatgcag      4920
     tcactacctg agttagaata aaacccaaac ttcccgtctc tgttgtgttt gttcttccga      4980
     gggcaccctc ttggtgagga ctaaagttct gttgttcttc cttttctaga ctctacagtt      5040
     ggaatagtgg tctcttccca ccctgaattt atttcttaca atttgggagc tcatccaaga      5100
     tcctagctca catggaggag tgcttcagac cccatccagg gaaacgccct ggtgttccac      5160
     cagcatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtccatgcgt gtgtgtcctc      5220
     tggtaccctc cacaccgaca aaaaaacccc agggtttaga agtctctatg gatgcaggaa      5280
     gggccagccc acgggaacac cctgtgcaca aaccaaaggt aagaggtact gtggcgagcg      5340
     gtccagtgtt cctgtgcggc tggatcggct agggcttcag gcctgtcttt ggcctgacgc      5400
     tgggtataag aaactcccat aaaagggcac tgagcacaag ctatgccagg atgggacatc      5460
     atccggggga aagaagccgc ttgggttttt actttcaaat tcagtgacat aaacgtgcta      5520
     aggaaaaaga acattttgac gctgcctttt tcggaattat tctatttgtg acgtcgtcat      5580
     aaagatggtg gatgccacat gattccatca ctgtcttcgt tgatgtaacc gcatggcata      5640
     caccagaatg acagctccca taaacttcca ggtgcccctg agccctccct ccggggattt      5700
     cccttctata ggatccgtag gaggtgacac tttgtgttat tttcccaagt tttctgtgtc      5760
     ccacattctc taaactccca tacttaatcc aagattgtgt gggggtaaag tatgctaagt      5820
     cttttctaac tgaggcagcc tgacttacag aaaagagggt ttcgtctgag tgctctcatg      5880
     cttgcctcct ggtgagactg agaaatgtaa gaggaattga tagctcataa atgtgaagaa      5940
     aagggtcgag gggaaaattc aaaggaaata ctgggaggtt aactcacaaa ggtgccaatt      6000
     cctccctcac ttacatggtc attagacggt aactgatttc tttgaatata tgaggattta      6060
     ttttccctca ggagttatgc tgcatgcgga tccagcacaa acaggttaaa accagccagg      6120
     caagacacag agagactcca gtaaggtcac aagcattaga gtcactgctg gagaggtgga      6180
     taagtggatc caactttgtc ttcttcatgg tggcaaacga gggaggggga ggcacaggtg      6240
     tcgcatcagt acagtggcta acctgagagg aagatgcttt gcagaggggg acaaagaaga      6300
     tctggaaggc attccaatat gtcttgtctt acagatgggt cgttgtcaat ggacactcct      6360
     gtactgtatc ttacccatgg ggatctcgtc cacccatggg ccttaagaaa gaaatgtcgg      6420
     aagcagtgag gtgctcagag attcatgctg gatgaccctg aagaggacct gggctcgatt      6480
     ccctgcaccc acagggcaca tagacacaca ctggccaaac actcatgcac acaaagaaaa      6540
     aaagaaatgt ctggtagttt tctgtacaca ggcctggcct gaatacaaac tagaagatct      6600
     agaaatggca gccagagtat tgtaggtcct actaccgaat ctctttatag gaaagagggt      6660
     acttactacg tattttcagg tgtttgcctt tgtttgcaga tatacctggg tattggtcac      6720
     tgactgggta ttggtcaccc caagtctagt catggagggt tccagttttc acatttgtaa      6780
     atgcaagtat ttctgttggc ttgatcttca gttatgggtg ctgactgcca ttcatcagca      6840
     atagagatgt caggggtgag ctttcaaaac aggtgttctg tctgatatag gatgtgcgtg      6900
     cacatgtgca cacacacatt tctttctccc cctaatccct tttcccaatg cacaatcgaa      6960
     tagaggtcca atctatacca gtcataaaaa agtaagggag gactggtgag atggcgcagc      7020
     aggtaagagc actgactgtt ctccaaaggt cctgagttca aatcctagca gccatatggt      7080
     ggctcacaac cacccgtaat gagatctgat gccctcttct ggtgtgtctg aagacagcta      7140
     cagtgtactt atatataata ataaataaaa gaaattaaaa aagaaggagg aggaggagga      7200
     ggaagaggag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa      7260
     gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa      7320
     agaaagggag tcaggtgttt cagtccatct agctgtctcc agattcaaca gcaagtctct      7380
     tttccagtat gaaccaatgg gttcactttt gtaaaggaac aatacttttg tatacactat      7440
     tatttatcac atgacataaa ggtgtctgtg ttgaaaaagc taatgggttg cttatccatg      7500
     gagaagatag agggacccta tgtgtaaaaa tctctcccta gaaactggag catcatggtt      7560
     tgaatggggg attcctcgtg aaccttgctg gatgctgtaa ccatctgctt ggtgatattt      7620
     tgcggtgtta tttgttatat acactcattc acaaccaaga acacagctct ggcagggacc      7680
     ccgtgtactg tatatacact gtcttgtgct ttctgtaaag tttacctggg aaagcctcgc      7740
     agtttaacat tatgtcccaa gtagtattag tttattgtat tatcttatgt atgaagtttc      7800
     tattcgtctt tattaaactg gtgtcacaca tcattaccct gagacaaaca gcagccatgt      7860
     tcatagtaag gtcagctgtt cctgcctaca acagatgcca ctgctgggtt tgagatatat      7920
     atatatacac acacatatat gtatatgtgt atatatgtat atatatgtat atatgtgtat      7980
     atatgaatat atgtgtatgt atgtatatat atatacatac atatacatat atattgcctt      8040
     agatgtgact ctgtataaca tgccatttag ataactatat ctcaccaatt gctcattgaa      8100
     aaaaaaatgt tgcccatata aaagacttca gacttggcag acttggttca ttgtaacaac      8160
     cctggaccca gaagcaaatc cactatattc taacctcaag gttagatggt tgctaaatac      8220
     tcttcttctg tacctagaag ctgttgggaa ggacatcatg ctgatttcta actgatgtga      8280
     tagctatcat agggcatgaa agcaggttgg ggtgcaccac cctgggacca accctagagt      8340
     ccaaagaaaa acaaggagcc caatagatgg gggtcttggg gtcttgtaaa cccacaaggg      8400
     ctctgatgaa ctccactggg attttttccc ctttaacttt gtctggcagg gttcctctac      8460
     gtatccctgg catagaccag gctagcctca aattcaacag agcttctgcc actaagtgct      8520
     gggactaaag gcatacactg cacgcctgcc tgattagggt gttatagaat tgtctgtgct      8580
     ttagtttcgc ctggttctct gcctaagatc tgtggtgcta ataactattg tctttgtttc      8640
     tcttcaggtc cctttccaga caccaaacat ctccttttct gcctacatct gataattggg      8700
     gccttttaga taggcccccc aaactgacac acctgatgcc ccaaatgcag ctggaagaaa      8760
     gccagaccat tcattactcc aatcctttaa tgacctttag ggttacctca tcaggggaag      8820
     gaggggtaat gagaatagga ggtagaaact ggcctggaag ttgagagtat aaagactgca      8880
     aagaaaagca agccatttct ttctctgact aaaagccagg gaagtccttg ggactcttgg      8940
     cagcttcatc cttgctagag gccaaagatg ccaaagtgtt tggggagctc tgcactctgg      9000
     tctagttcct aaatgattct agggaactag aatgttaaag ttccagttaa cgcctgttag      9060
     ggagaaactg gctaagcacc tctgcctggg tcatgagaat aaaatctctg gcctgggtgc      9120
     agacttaaca ttccaatgga accaggccaa ggagccaccc cccaggaagg caggctcagc      9180
     ttaacccatg ttaacaaaat accaaaatac agggaataat taatttcttg tactaggtgc      9240
     ctaccataaa tgtagacaaa acattcatgc gtgcctgcac acacacacac acacacacac      9300
     acacacgaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga      9360
     gagagaggag acacgggtaa agtcatgtat gcctgtcatc ctagcacaag gcaggcaagg      9420
     aaaggacagc ctacaccaca ttgtgaggct ctgtctttaa aaactaagaa tgacagagag      9480
     acagacagag ctcacagcat cagaaatggc aggaggggga ctgtcaagat ggctcaatgg      9540
     aaaagaacac tgactgctct tccaaaggtt ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacccatag      9600
     tgagatctga aaccctctca gccttcttct ggtgtgtctg aagacaggca gctacagtgt      9660
     acttatgtat aataataaat aaatcttagg gaatgagtga gtggggttga cctcagcaag      9720
     cagaggtcct aaaactcaat tcccaacaac catatgaagg ctcacaacca tttgtacaga      9780
     tatagtgtac tcatatactt aaaataaata aattaaaaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaag      9840
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa      9900
     gaaagaaaga aaggtcagga ggattaagta ggacggtgtg gttggaggcc ttagtgacag      9960
     gtgaggcctc caccaaccgc tgagggagga ggtgagaagg gatgtgggtg tctcagggag     10020
     aagcgttgca tgaaggaaca accctgcaag cgtcctgggg tagaggtggg aggtgcagcc     10080
     ttgaaggcca ctgaagctcc aagctgtggt ttctctgcta acactaagaa ggtaaacatt     10140
     gtccctctta aagcctggac agaatagaac acctctggta ctattctggg tactttgtga     10200
     cattgtgacc accgaagatt agaatttagc aagacagtct caagagtgcc acctttaatc     10260
     ccgccccccc cccccagccc ccaggcagaa gctggcagaa ctctaagttc tcttcgagct     10320
     gggtactgtg gctatggtct gccttgtgtg gatgctggga actgaactga ggtcttctgt     10380
     aagagcagtt taactactgg gccatttccc cagcctgctg tgttcaagac agtcatgctg     10440
     tgtaatcttg gctagcctgg aactcctttt gtagaccagg ctggcctcca agagaacctg     10500
     caccacgtgt aagcatacat gtaattaaaa atgaaaataa gccaaggaag gggctcacac     10560
     ctttagtccc agcactccaa gggcagagat aggtggatct ctgtgaattt gaggctagcc     10620
     taatctacag agcgagtacc aaaacagcca gggctacaca gagaaacctt gtctcaaccc     10680
     ctcccccaat atctatctat ctgtctgtct atccctgtat ctacatattt atagacatat     10740
     agggaaatgt attctataag ttatgatcct ctagagagcc cggaccaaca cagtgggaga     10800
     gcttaaggca tagcaagagc gagaagaatg agcatagagg gtcataaaaa ggtagttggt     10860
     aagccgggca tggtggcgca cgcctttaat cccagcactc gggaggcaga ggcaggtgga     10920
     tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc agggatatag     10980
     agaaaccctg tctcgaaaaa ccaaaaaaaa aaaaggtaga tgggctgtag gtaggggaga     11040
     aggtgcaaag ggcagggtgt gatactgaag gagcctgggg gtcagtatgt gctttgatat     11100
     gctgacaggt accacaggta aggaaaggga cagatgagaa tcaatagatg aaaactggtt     11160
     ttacaggttc cagaggaatg ctggctttta tctaaccacc agaaatcctc ctacatccag     11220
     gtagatctcg ttcccagata tttggactgc ctgagagact taactgttat ctcctccctg     11280
     tgacaaatcc tgtgtgcatg tgctttctat caaggtactt accccacccc ctacccgcca     11340
     ctcctactca ccccacccca ccccccacct ctcccacccc tgtgactcag attctcccga     11400
     gtctgctgct tctccttttc actgataaag tcccgctcca accaatagga tgagccacca     11460
     cacatgggga gtaaaagaca gtcttgacta agtgttcttg tgggcctgcc ctggattttg     11520
     ttgagcactt tttttccaaa tcagggttag ggttagggtt agggttaggg ttagggttag     11580
     ggttagggtt agggttaggg ttagggttag ggttagggtt agggtttggg ttagggttag     11640
     ggttagggtt agggttaggg tttgggttag ggttagggtt agggttaggg ttagggttag     11700
     agttagggtt agggttaggg tttgggttag ggttagggtt agggttaggg ttagggtttg     11760
     ggtttgggtt tgggtttggg tttgggtttg agtttagggt ttagggttta gggttggggt     11820
     tggagttggg gttgaggttg gggtcgtggt cggagttggg gtcagggtta ggtgtgcctt     11880
     gccaagctat tttggctttg tttgcgtgtc cctttgtgga caccaagatt attctttatt     11940
     tctagtattc cttaataatt atccaaaggg acctgggttc aattcccagc acccacaggg     12000
     cagtttacaa atagctaact ctaattccag gggatggtgc cctcttctgg ctactgtaag     12060
     tactgcatgc acatgttaca cagtcataca caggcaaaac acccagacac atacaataat     12120
     ttaaaaataa ataaagaaaa agaaaaagac tgaatgaaaa ggtggggaaa gcactgtggg     12180
     tcttccaagc ctggcgccca cttctggcct caaagggcac ccgcacatac atgcacaggc     12240
     acaaacataa aatattaaaa tctttaaaaa gagttgattc agttgggtct gtcagtgacc     12300
     tcaggaaggg gaattcatgc aagccaagtt aagagattgg agaaatagtt atccccttaa     12360
     tcagataaag ctcttttcct tcccagaatc ccctgctcga agctgtccgt tccagagcta     12420
     ctcccatgga gttctgctaa atgtgtccac ttctttctct ctcatacacg cacaacataa     12480
     cttttccttt tccttttttc tgtctctttt tccaaaatcc agacacgctt ttcctgaccc     12540
     tccaggcttc ccaccttatg cctcgaggct gtttgatgac tgtgttggac cctcactcag     12600
     aaagtacaac ctcacctcct ccaggcagct gccgagattt gcaactctcc tgctctgtgg     12660
     tttttctcat aaattctaat taaattgtcc ccaggcttcc ttctgagtcc atttctaagt     12720
     cctattaatg agactaataa accagtaagt gttcttagct tccctggtaa catagggagt     12780
     gtgtaagagc ctggagagag gggtgcagcc tagggactga ggccacacag agggtttggg     12840
     attttgcttg aggaaggtgg gaatcacaga gggttttgag ctccaaggta tcacatgacc     12900
     aaggtgggga gagtctggat tttttttttc catttttgag acatggtctc actatgcctc     12960
     tctcagactg gcttggaact cacagagacc acctagtgct gggattaaag ttgtgtaata     13020
     cccttcccag tttattacat ttttattagt atgtgtgtgt gtgttgcttt gggaagttgg     13080
     ttctctccct ccactgtatg acctggggat tgaactcagg tagttaacct ttatctgttg     13140
     agccatcttt ctggctcaga gcatctgggt tcttgaattt acctaaaagt cacactccta     13200
     cctcagggta aaagaaaatg tcattgaccc ctgcactgtc cccgtctatg accctgagca     13260
     atttctactc cagcctcaat ttccccagct gtaaaagtga cacacagccc cttcctgctt     13320
     ggacttctga agccagaagc tgctcaactt ggaggggcta ggcgtgtgtc tttcctgcac     13380
     ctatgcccac ccctgtgcag gctgtcagca gcctccctca tagctgagag tctttttttt     13440
     taaagattta tttattatta tatgtaagta cactgtagct gtcttcagac acaccagaag     13500
     agtgagtcag attttcttac ggatggttgt gagccaccat gtggttgctg ggatttgatc     13560
     tctggacctt cggaagagca gtcgggtgct cttacccact gagccatctc accagcccag     13620
     ctgagagtct tgttactctg tttcctttgt ttgttgcagc accagggatc cctattcctg     13680
     actggggctt tctaagcaag ggctctttac tgggtgacgc actgggtgac gcctggccgc     13740
     agcacaggat atacatctct catggacccc ttgctctccc gcatgttccc tggttctaat     13800
     ctaggaaact tcttgctcca ggcacgctgc agcctcaaag cctctgcatg agcctctctc     13860
     caagcctggc acattcttcc taagctatcc tccggctctg tcctcaccca tctctcttct     13920
     cttctctttc tctcctctcc tctcctctcc tctcctctcc tccctcctct cccctcccct     13980
     cccctaccgt cctctcccct ctcctttcct ttcctctcct ctcttttctt tttttttatt     14040
     agatatttcc ttcatttaca tttcaaatac tatcccctta ttgcttttat gtgaaaggat     14100
     ttttgtgtgc atgattctgt gcacagggag gccagaagag tgtgttacat ccctggaaca     14160
     gacagttgtg agcccccttg tggttgctgg gaattgaact cgggacctct ggaagagcag     14220
     ctggtgttct taaccgctga gccatctctc cagctcccac tgacactttt ttctttttct     14280
     tttttttcaa atattatcct tcccttcacc tttattttat ttgcactccc tggtctccct     14340
     gtttctctat tccaacattc acttatttta gcatcttttt atccgcatga ccttgctttc     14400
     tgcctgtctg caatgtctgc cctacaggcc agggttttgg tggggtgggc tcacacgtac     14460
     tcgcttccta gaacgtgggt gatgtgtgca tcggtcactg gcccactgac tgctcaatgg     14520
     acaaacgtgt aagaagaaaa tgaatacctt gtgttaggac tgtgtagcct aggatgacct     14580
     taactcgtga ttctcctgcc tctggaagtg ggcctgacat ggacctttct gaaagccccc     14640
     cgacaacctg caggctcaag ctttgaaagt ggacagcata cagcagacag ctgtcaggac     14700
     agcagtacag gatgccaaag aaacaaaaac tcgactgagt gcctaacatg gtggcacaca     14760
     cctttagtcc cagcactccg gaggcagcgg caggccaatc tctgagtttg aatctggagt     14820
     ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggaccaccag ggctacacag agaaaggatc ttgaaaaacc     14880
     aaaagcaagc aaacaaacaa aattcatctg agagacaaag caaaatcatg gggctgggtg     14940
     agggagggag gggaactatt attttcaaca agtatctaca gaggcagact gctttttttc     15000
     tttcttcttt tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt tgttttttgt tttttggtac agggtttctc     15060
     tgtttagctc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctt gaactcagaa     15120
     atccacctgc ctctgctgag attaaaggtg ggcgccacca ctacccgggc cagaggcaga     15180
     ctcctataga cttggctata tacttttaaa aatagatttt atttatgctt taaaattatc     15240
     tgtgtatgtg tacatctgtg tgtaggtagg tgcccgtgga ggccagaagt ggacatccta     15300
     tcccctggtg gttatgagcc tggcagtgct gctaactaaa ccagagtcct ctgcactgca     15360
     gcaagctttc ttgagagctt gtttggaggg tctagcaggg aagcgagcac aactactccc     15420
     ttgctcgaag accggccgat cctcctctat tggggaaggt ggtcctcttc cactgagtgt     15480
     gcagcctctg gctagatgca catggagcag tgagggagga aggggacagc cacctagcca     15540
     gccagagcag cccaatcaac cctggtgatg agtggggtga cagctgttga agtcagatcg     15600
     acttcacatc ccagcagcaa gcacttttct ctgagccatc tctccatgtc agaccaggaa     15660
     cttttggtgg gctcagggtt cttggccttc ccaccaggcc tgagcagtct ttcttacttt     15720
     ttcggcccta tttgtacacc cacattgatc cagtccttca ccctggctcc agctcacagg     15780
     atgctgtaga actctccaga ggaggaaggg aagcctgtct ttaaacttgc tgagaaggca     15840
     ctggctgcag gtggagctgt gcctgactga gacgtctcaa gctcagcttc gggacccagt     15900
     gggacttatt ccgtagcctc agagacacca tgcttcatct aagggtggga actcctctga     15960
     atttaccatc ctgtagatgt ggagacccac accctagaga cctgttgctc agggagcctt     16020
     agagggctct caggctccag gacttcaaat cgtcttcttt caaaaccagc atggcagtcg     16080
     gttctgagtg ggtttaatcc ctttttcaag ttgttaatcc agaactgaca ataaagtacc     16140
     ccttgtttgc actctgccca tctgcccact ccattctggg agaaaaggtg gaacaagagc     16200
     ccagttgggg acaggagatg gtccccactg accccttcac ccccacatat tgagtgctgg     16260
     gattatcgac atgctgcagg aggcctggct ctttattcct tctaatgact gaataatatt     16320
     cagctacaga atggcccatt gtgtttatcc attaaaatct gatgattgac acttaaattg     16380
     ttttggctgt gggctactgt gaactgtgca cctgtgagta aacagatttg ggggtccctg     16440
     ctgtcaatta ttttatttgg aatttttttt tccaaaattt gtcttgtttc cacttgttta     16500
     ttgcatgttt gtgactgcat gggccttagt gtccatgtcc aaggaggtcc aaaggtagct     16560
     tcaggaagtt gggtctctcc ttccagcatg tggcctctag ggactgggga tctgaggacc     16620
     tcagacttgg aagcaactca cagagtcatc tcgccagcct aattattttg agattccgtt     16680
     ttcatctcca tcctcgactg gagtactcta ggaaactact caatgctgag ccacgcctct     16740
     acccctttct tctttcgttt gtgttgcgca tgtgccgcat gaaatggcaa tcggtttgtg     16800
     tgtatgaggg tttataatgg cagggtctta ctatcaaagt tatggtcctc ctgccttggc     16860
     ctttgattgc tgggtctgct ggtgtgtttg ccggctggca tcttcctttt taggatttga     16920
     cacacggtcc ccaaggctgt atgcacacac cccaactttc tttctgggtt ggttgtgact     16980
     atccatacct tccccattcc tggtgctctc aaacccacac agaggtgtct cagagggggg     17040
     aagctgaaac tctgggagag attgaccctg gagctctctg taaacccctt cctccctagc     17100
     atcttgcagg caggtgtaag ggccaggaca cccccaaaga ggcctgacct tcaccctgac     17160
     tttgccacgg gctcccagaa agctcctgta gaacgaggag gaggcaggga tctgcaagtc     17220
     acagagacac caagtgtccc tggtatccag cagggctgca agagcttcca gttgcctgtg     17280
     cgcagaccca ctcccatcct tgtccactgt ccctcctgca gccatctggc ccagcccctc     17340
     cctccctcta gttcttctct taacagcttt attggctcct cctctttctt ttgttttatt     17400
     tcaaaacagg atttcactta gtaacagccc cgccccaccc ccaccacccc tcccacctcc     17460
     cccatcattg tgtagctcag gctagcctta aactcacagt ggtcctcctg tatcctacgc     17520
     agccttttcc gagtgctgtg atcgggatat tacccccccc cctcagcgct ccatccttct     17580
     taaaaaagca gagaaaagaa cgaaaaattg aggcaagtaa gatggatcat gggtaaaggc     17640
     gctggctgcc aagcctagtg accaaaacta aaggcttaaa ttggagccca cgttttgaaa     17700
     agagaaaaca aatcccacac aggtagagta agttgtcctc taacttccat acatgggcca     17760
     agatgtgtgc acccctccca cacacaccac atacccacag aaaagaattg ttttctcacg     17820
     actgacttgg tcttgaaagt aaggttagcc ttgacctcag aggtcggcct gcctctgtct     17880
     cccagcactg ggagtaaagg cgtctgtcac tacacctgat gcaaaacaaa atcttaatgt     17940
     aagtaaagta agatgagtca aaaaaaaaaa ttgtgccagg cacaaatttt agtcttagca     18000
     cttgggaggc agagaaaagt agagctctga gttcaaggcc agcctggtct acatagagag     18060
     ttccaggaca gccaggaata ataactatct caagaaaaag aagtgtgtat atatatatat     18120
     atatatatat atatatatat atatattcac ctgtatgcac aaatgtatgt gtgccagagt     18180
     cctgtgtctt ctccatattc acgagtgtgc atgaatgtat gtaagcgtga agaagcccga     18240
     ggactatgtc ttcatcaatc tttctcctct cctactattc ttttgttgga gctgaggacc     18300
     aacccccaaa ctctgtaacc tgagtttttg agacagtcac tctctgagaa cctagagctt     18360
     gtctcttagg ccagaccagc caggtattga gtcccctgcc tccccagtgc tgagattaca     18420
     ggcatgtgta atcccagcac tggggaggca ggaggctcgc tacctggggg ctatgcctgg     18480
     atttctacat gagtttgggg gattgaattt gggtcctcag gattgtgtga caagcacttt     18540
     attgacagag ccacgttccc accccaacct ttgcttctgc ttctccctaa agcttccttc     18600
     ctttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt     18660
     atttataggt tttgtttctg gttttcacca tgtaacccaa gctgacctca agtttgtttt     18720
     tttttttaag gttctatatt ttattactgg acaaacaccc tgatttaaga cctgagcaag     18780
     tctccaggtt aaaaatgttg aactccatct ggtaggactg gttgatgacc actactcggt     18840
     ataagccctc agtcttgctg ttgtgtgaag ccttacagac ccagcttcgt tctcctccag     18900
     ggtcttctct tagagttgaa cctgactttg ttaccagttt tcatccggat ccaccaagga     18960
     acaggatgct ttggcttttg ttctttggcc aggaatcgct tgattctgaa agtcttgtga     19020
     gaagacgtgg cgagaagcca aatcaggcgt aatgcgtgca catgatggcg gaggaaaaga     19080
     gaagagaaaa atgacctcaa gtttttaatc ctgccttaag ctcccctaga aaggggattt     19140
     taggtgcact tcactcctcc tggttcttgt tccctgtctg cggtgatgta gatacaaccc     19200
     acagcctctg gaattagccc ctcagctttt aaagtacata aaaggaatac atcatggaga     19260
     cccagccatc ttgccgtctt cccttttcca caactatata acattccaaa gtactttaca     19320
     cagtactgct gaggcagggt taaagtcaca atcacaactg tgctcacagt gatcaacagt     19380
     cactcacaga gccaaggctg ctacctacac ttagccactc agcccaagtg aggctccggg     19440
     ttccatgtga gcccagaaca gaaggaagag gggaaggaag ccctcagcct tgaattctcc     19500
     caccctgccc caaatcttgg tgatcaatgg tctctggatg gggtgcagct ggctgtgaag     19560
     agccttctct gcagggcttc ctgtggaact gtgtggcagc agctgcttat atttggtcta     19620
     tttataaccc caacccccac tcctgcccgg gtccccagct gttgccacca gtgagctaag     19680
     aggcccatga gaaaggggaa gtgtgttgct aggtgctagg cttgtttggg gttcggggat     19740
     gcccctgcag cttcatttct tagaagaaga gaacatttaa gtcatgtccc ttttcccatg     19800
     ttggtggaag gaggtgggta tgagacccag agtcctaaag ggggcactcc cccaaaacta     19860
     gattgtctct cccagcgtta tcaccccaag tgcctttcca tatatgtgga agtgactttg     19920
     actgcagctt acccctttcc tgcccctcct atgccctccc cttcattcct ccctcctctg     19980
     ccccccttcc cccctccccc atagactctc cttacatagc ctggctatcc ttgaactcag     20040
     gatcttccta cctgagcctc ccaagttctg agtgggaaac aggcctcccc caccaccccg     20100
     gctttttact ctgctgctac acacatccct cgccaacctc tcctacttcc ccagggatga     20160
     gtccccaggg ctccagcccc aggggactgt caggccgggt gaccttaggg acaatgataa     20220
     ctcaggtggc aggtgtgttt cccttcactc tactaaaggc ccggggctcc aaatagccta     20280
     acttctatat ttaggcattg tcgcagcact gtcaatgact ataaatacag ttgctgcgtt     20340
     gactgccgac acacgcaggc agactgggat tcattagaca gggtgaggag gagactgctg     20400
     cggctaggag gagtctgcag ctgtgaggcg ccagacttgg gggaaccccg ggtgctgggg     20460
     actgtaggag gaagagcatg cttcccgccc tcttccctct cctgtggggc ttcctggctc     20520
     tgtgacagct gtccatgctc acaattgcgc ggccgccctg ctggagccca gggctcgctc     20580
     atccgcgcgg agctgcccgg ccccttcctc tgccattgtc tccagtcggt ggcatcctgt     20640
     tatggtccct ccgcccggga tcctatcgac ccctgccctg cccaggcttg tacatgtgct     20700
     gttttgttgg acctgctctg gtgaggtatc aaggtcccag cctgctcgcc atacctcaaa     20760
     ggcagctgct ggtctttgcg gtcacagcga tgccggtgca acagggtcac tccctcacgt     20820
     tcccaatgag ctccactcac agatggcgac attaaggccc aaagaaatat cacttccccc     20880
     aaaagggcag aactttgcct agtccctcat atcgggtaga tcggagtgct ttgtgccacc     20940
     aaactagtca ttaaactctt gcgtgcctca gttcccctat ctgtcaagtg gaaagaatac     21000
     cgcctgcctc ctggagctac tgggaggatg aatatgttcc agagttgaat cgctatgaaa     21060
     gcctacaaag aaatagcaat gtctgtcggt ctagtcagaa aacaacaaca acaacaacaa     21120
     aacaaaacaa aaaaacctgg attttgggtt ccgtctccaa cagttcagga aaaagtgaga     21180
     tgtacagtag ctatcaggaa ctataacagt tgtaataatt ataatatgaa aaggagactg     21240
     tatggctcag cactggctgc tggagcttac gactttaatt ccaacacgca ggaggcagag     21300
     gtggcagatc tctgaattga ggccagtatg gtttacagaa taagttctag gacagccaat     21360
     ctttttttgt ttttgttttt gttttcctcg agacagggtt tctctgtata gccctggctg     21420
     tcctggaact cactttgtag atcaggctgg cctcgaactc agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc     21480
     ctcccgagtg ctgggactaa aggcgtgcgc caccacgccc agctttagga cagccattct     21540
     tacacagaac cctgtttcca aaaataaaac aagcaaacta tagttctctt ggttgctctt     21600
     gcagaggaca tgagttcaaa ccccagcatt caccagggac ccagcactct cttctggtcc     21660
     ccttgggcac ctgcatagac atgcatatgc tcacacaggg acacacacaa gtaaacacaa     21720
     aagaaattaa ttaaaataag attttattag gagttaagaa aaagatagga gctggcgaga     21780
     tggctcggct actcttctgg cttccattcc cagcaccttt gtgggggtgg ctcacaatct     21840
     tctgtaactc cagttccaag tggcctctgt ggccatcaga cacacagtgg tgcatataca     21900
     tatatgcaaa cacccataca cataacactt aaaaaaatgt atgaggtccc gagttcaatt     21960
     cccagcaacc acttggggac tcataaccat ccatactggg atttgatgcc ctcttctggc     22020
     atgcaggtgc acacgtagat agagcactca tatacataaa ataaaataaa tacattttta     22080
     aaaaagaatg tgccaaatat ggtagaatat ctgtaatcct gcactctaga ggctgacaca     22140
     aattatcacg ggttcaagac cagcttgggc tacaaggcca gattccaact ttaaagaaag     22200
     agatgacaaa aatcctgcct gaggactgac agctgagagg ggtcagacat aagaacaaca     22260
     taacccgata gactttatgg tggacagatg atagtactgt ggagaaaaga gaagatgccc     22320
     ggttctggga gagaagcaga gttcggcaga tctcagggct tgatgtctaa cccagtgggt     22380
     gagtttcaga accagggaga gaccctgtct cagaaaataa tataaaaagt gtttgaggca     22440
     gccacaaggc atccacacca gcatgaacag gcaggctcgc acacatgcac aagtgtgagc     22500
     gcacgcatac atgcatgctg cataggaaaa agaaaatgaa aaaagcaagt agccagggag     22560
     aactgctggt tcaagccagg gagacctggg tagacagtcc taactaaggc gtggaagctt     22620
     cattgatatt caagcctaaa ccaaagagca gagggccttt ggagttattc acctgtgtaa     22680
     caccctgaga gcagaccctc ccaggggcta gggaccgggg tcagtggtga gcatttgcag     22740
     gcatgcttca gagcctgaaa gtcttcccta gtgccgagaa aacgcacacc accaacagaa     22800
     cacaagccag gtacccagta agtgccagat aacctctgta agacctgtga caacatcagt     22860
     aatgtgatta aagactcacc aagcagggtg acgcacaact ttaatttcag caggcaggag     22920
     aaagacaaat ctcagtgagt ttaaggccag cccgatctac gcagtgagtt ccaggccagt     22980
     caggtcgtgt ggtgcctcag gtgtgcatag tcagctgctg tggacagtca gaagcagccc     23040
     tgcatctcac ccctgggatt aaaacaaaag tatactctta caatattcct gtgtttttaa     23100
     agaaaccaaa ttccagaatt ctcactacag aaatcagatt ttttttcctg ttttgttttt     23160
     aaagttttat ctttatttta tgtatatgtg tgttggcctg tgtatatgtc tgtgcaccac     23220
     atgcctgcct ggtgcctagg gaggtcagaa gaaggtattg ggtcccctgg aacaggagtc     23280
     acagatattt gtgagccacc atgtgggtgc tgggaagcaa acccaggtct tctggaagag     23340
     cagcaagtgc tcttaaccgc ggtgccatct ctccagccta tttattttgt atgaaaccca     23400
     ctccgtctat aaccctggtt ggcctggaat tcccagcaat cctcttgcct ttgctcctga     23460
     gtgccgggat gactctggtg ggccaccaca cttggctttt gtttgtttgt ttgttttgtt     23520
     tttgagacag tatctcatgt agctctggct aaccttgaat ttgatgtgtg caatagtcag     23580
     agttctctag aataacaaag gtgatagcat gagtatttca tgggctttat tagagtggct     23640
     tacaggtggt ggttcaggta agccaacaat ggctgtgtgc tgacagtcca agaatctaat     23700
     agttgctcag tctatgaagc cggatgcctc tgctggtctt cagtatgtct cagaatccca     23760
     aaggctctaa tgtcagtgaa ggaacaaact tcccagtgac aatgaggaca ggcagaccta     23820
     ggagaagagc ttccttcttc catgcccttt atataggctg ctgtcggaag gtgtggccag     23880
     atttaagatg ggtcttccga gttcagacga tctaatcagc taaaaatatc tctcacaggt     23940
     gtgctgttgt cttgggcttt tcatttattt cagaggtagt caaggtgaca acaaggacag     24000
     ccatcacacc ttgtgaacta gtctcttgtc ttgaactcat aatgcccctg gctctacctt     24060
     cctagtgctg ggataacaga catgagctgc catgcttggt ttaatcttca ttcaacagac     24120
     aggacgaatc aagtcccagg gaggctctgc ctgccagggc gtctgtgggg acattgagcc     24180
     ctgaggttat accatttttt ggaggaaaaa aaaaaggtcc aaattccact taagactagg     24240
     aatggccatt cccctcccaa cctcctctct gctggctctt gcgcaaaccc caagggatta     24300
     aaccttgaac taagtaaggc acagtcatct atcagcaact cattcctaat gtggccgctg     24360
     gtcacttttc acctatgaat tactatgtat cacacatttt ctttctttct ttttttaatc     24420
     cacacaccaa ggtttaaaga gaaacttagg tcatgcttag aattcttggc cctggtcttc     24480
     atcccacaaa cctgaagctt cctggccttt tcattgactt gaaaatggga agaagggggc     24540
     tggtgagatg gctcagtggg taagagcacc tgactgctct tccgaaggtc cagagttcaa     24600
     atcccagcaa ccatatggtg gctcacaacc atctgtaatg agatctgact ccctcttctg     24660
     gtgtgtctga agacagctac agtgtactta catataataa ataaataaat cttaaaaaaa     24720
     aaaaaaagaa aatgggaaga aatggtttag tgtaaggcca ggaagggaga tacaccagga     24780
     tgcaattgtc aatatttttt aacccttcta aatagagaaa gaaagataca tacatgtgac     24840
     agtcaatgaa ttgaattata ataccattat aattaacacg gtaaaaataa agatttaaag     24900
     ttatttaaaa tttaaaagct atgtaagaaa ctgacttttt tccaaataaa atatttattt     24960
     tatttttaca aaatgtttct tcttagtagg gcagtggtgg tgcacgtctt taatcccagc     25020
     acttgggagg cagagacagg cggatttctg agttcgaagc cagcctggtc tacagagtga     25080
     gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc ggaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagtt     25140
     gttttttcta tgtgttcatt tgacaggaat actgtgtctt tatttttgtt attaattttc     25200
     agtttgtcct ttatcagttt tgcctgcttg ttttatctgt gtaccaagtg tatgcggtgc     25260
     ctggggagac cagaagatag catcggctcc cctgggactg gagttacaga attctgggaa     25320
     tctaaccctg tttccgaaga gcagccagtg ttctcatcta ccagtgatcc atctctccag     25380
     ccccagtagc acacatggtc tgcaacttcc ttttatcttt tctctcacac tgtggatcag     25440
     gagagccaca gactcccagc aaccctcttg cctcaacctc gtgagctctg ccattacagg     25500
     ttgtgcgcca tcatagttcg ctacagtcat ctctcagaac ttggagttta tttttatttt     25560
     tattctttgt tgttttgttt ttgagacaga gtttctcagt gtaacagccc tggctgccct     25620
     gattcactct gtagaccagg ctagcctcca aatcacagag atccacctgc ctctgcctct     25680
     caagtgctgg gacgaaaggt gtgcgccacc atggcccaac ttgaacccag aatttactaa     25740
     ggtaaaagga aggcctgaca cccctggtag tttatgcctg tgatcccagc aggcttaggc     25800
     tttggagaca ggaagtcagg agttcagtgc catcctaggc tacatagagt tgaaagacag     25860
     cctgggctgt ttgagaccag accgtgtttc agagaaaaaa agaaaaagaa aatcaatatt     25920
     ttgaaaaatc actagatgtg tctgagaatg tagttccctt ggtagagtgc ttgtccagca     25980
     tacacaaagc cttgggtttg gcattcttcc cgcccccaac acacacacat gaaaagaaac     26040
     catagttaca caagtaactc aaacaggaag ccagtgtaca tcacatgact ctctatagac     26100
     tgtggcaagg tcagtgcgtg taaccaaaaa gccctgccgt ggtaagccat gtcccgtggt     26160
     caaagctctc tcttcctcta ttttaagtcc ttattacgtt ttttgtttgt ttatttgttt     26220
     tggctttttg agacagggtt tctctgtgca gtcctggctg tcctggaact cactctctag     26280
     accaggctgg cctcgaactc agtaatccgc ctgcctctgc ctctcaagtg ctgggattac     26340
     aggcatgcgc caccactgcc cggcccctta ttacgtttta tttattgact tgtttattta     26400
     gtgtttgggt ttgtgtgtgg caccgtgtgc ccgtgaaggt cagaggacaa cttccaggag     26460
     ttggctctct ccttccatca tggaggtcct gggtatcaga aatcaggtcg ttaggttttg     26520
     gggcaagtgc ctttacccgc tgaaccatct tggtagcact tccctccccc actttattat     26580
     tttttatttt tgcgatagac tcatgcttcg taggcctggc tggcctgcaa ctcttaagtg     26640
     gccaaaaacg gcctccggtt tagcctctgc tttccagaga acggtattag tataggccaa     26700
     cgcagccatg ccatgacccc ttgtcttttt gggcaaggtc ttttgtagcg cgggcaggct     26760
     tcaaaagcga caaaacggag gatgagttga actcctgatt agtgctggga ttacaggcta     26820
     gcggtcctct gccggcttat gtggctttga ggctagacag ggcctcgggc aggttaagca     26880
     agcactgcgc acactgagcc gcatctccaa accttgatgt ctctcgttcc tggacagtca     26940
     gcccggcagg accctcagtc ctcttctggt tcttatttgg cccctggctt ctctgaactt     27000
     cagtttctct cttggaaaag aagccgacaa gtcctgctga tgggaaaggc gagggtcgcc     27060
     caggacatcg ttcgggtggg agctccaccc agctctgtcc gatgtgcctg gtccccgtcc     27120
     caggacgcct gaaccacacc acccagctcc ccgcgggggc gggtgtcgga gccgcgcgcg     27180
     gggggggggg gggaggaatg ttgcgtttgt tccagacgcg ggcgcgcggc gcgccctggg     27240
     tctgtttccc cggcactttc ctgttacttt ccagcgggga ggacagttcc ggggagggcc     27300
     ctgctcacgc ccgctgcata aaagcccagc ccagccggcc gccacagccc tctatcaacc     27360
     ccagacgctg tccgttccgt gccgcgccac catgaggggc gtcagatgcc ccggcctgct     27420
     tggtgagacc tcggggttgc gcggagccgg gagggaactc gcgggacgtg gccaggaggg     27480
     gcagggacag tcgaagccgg cgcacctgtg cgccccagag ggctctccag ggggtgtcag     27540
     atcctaatgg gcttgagtgt tgccagtttg gagactaaga gggagaaact gaggcacggg     27600
     ggcagttaaa gagggtaaca aagcaggcat ggtgtcacag ggcattaggg aggctgaggc     27660
     agcagggtca ccaatttcag gtcagcttgt gctacacagc aagaccctgt ctcaaaagaa     27720
     caaaagaaaa agaaatgcag gctagaggct ggggtggtgc cgaggtcaag agcattaaga     27780
     gaggacctgg ctgggtccca gcacctatat ggtggctcac aagtgtctgt aactccagtt     27840
     cctggggatt cacactgtct tctgcatcca cgggcaacag acatgcagtg cacagacata     27900
     catgcagtgt acaataatac atgcagtgca caaacataca tgcaggcaaa acacatacag     27960
     tttaaaaaaa aaaaaagcta aaaagaactg taggttaaag tacactttgc aaactgttgc     28020
     ccaaacagac gctctcaatg tgaagagaaa cccacgtgag ggtgcccatt tcttcgaggg     28080
     tgggaactcc ccctgcccca gtctgtcccc tgctgtctcc gtgccaggaa caggcagaga     28140
     atctccttgg gacttgtctg ggacggagct gctggctgaa aggaacttac caggctgtgg     28200
     tttgaacttg gctttcatca tgactttccc gccccaccct gggtgcctca accgttgttt     28260
     gatggctaag tcacctaagt aacttgacaa caaacagtga aaaaatggaa cggggcacca     28320
     gctggagtta ccccaagata tggaacttgg ggcacaaact ggggtcaccc taaccacaat     28380
     gactggcctg agtgctagtg acaggtggca ggcagctcag tagccatgga cctagaacca     28440
     ggaaatagag tcccagggtg tcacagttgg tggcaaacag ctgcaggggc ctgcctggct     28500
     gtcactaagc tgggtcacag tgactttggg ctgcactttc ctcctctgta aaatggaaca     28560
     agaccagctg tattttacca tattgtttca agggccaaga gtttgtgtac aaactttctg     28620
     gtttacagtt tgaattaact gaacatgtgg gtgtggtgtc tgtgtctgct atcagagtac     28680
     ctagcgagta gaggcaggag ggtcaaaagt tcaaggtcat tctctgctgt atactgagtt     28740
     tgagaccaca tgataccttg tcttcaaaac caaccaagca gcctcgctag ttggattctc     28800
     aggttttgaa tcccagtatt agagaggcgg aggcaggagg cttccatgat cctgggagtt     28860
     ggaggccaac ctggtctaca tagtaagttc caggccagcc ggaactacac aatgaaatac     28920
     tgcaggaagc acaaaggctg ccctaccccc acttctggat tctctaagca ggagtccctt     28980
     ggctccagtc tgagcttggg aagttgaacc agatgtgtct gggagcagaa gggaacggct     29040
     ctgctcccgt ttgattaatt tccaagtctc cagatgtagg cggtctggct gatgccttta     29100
     gcatggtggg gtagagccca gcccagccca ggggacaagg aacccccctg acttgggtaa     29160
     ctattacttg agtctactgt cctttctctg gcctggtttg atcactcatc ttttttccaa     29220
     gctccaagcc ctagcttctc tttgtgtaga ttggacatag ccccgcccct acctcctgat     29280
     cttcctgatg gctgatgtta ctctgagtct gtttgtttgg ttttttgttt tttgctttgt     29340
     ttttgtaaac aagctttcaa agtggctaaa atgaccttaa acttctggtc ctcctgcctc     29400
     tacctctgag tgctgagatt acagatttgc gcaaaagggt ctggcttcat tttgagtctg     29460
     ctttggtttt agttttgaga caggctttgg cgctcgctgt agcagctctg tagccgtaac     29520
     tggttttgaa tgtgtactaa tccccctact tctgtcttgt taaaataggg tcttcctaca     29580
     tagccttggc tccctaggta gaccaggctg gcttccagcg gagttctccc acagtgcttt     29640
     accagtgctg gctctgaaag tgtgcatcaa catgcacggc tgtggttcca agtcttaaag     29700
     aaattaccta aggggctgga gagatggctc agtggttaag agcacttgct gttctttcag     29760
     aggacagaaa tcgattctca ggaaccacac agtggctcac aaccatctgt gactccagtt     29820
     ccaggacatt cagtgtcctc ttcttaccta tctatgcccc gggcaatatg catgcaggca     29880
     gaacatccat acacctaaaa ataaatcaat attatttttt caaaagtgac ttgagggctg     29940
     gagggaggcc tctgtcggtt aatgatttgt gtgaaggaag ctggatgcgg tgacacacac     30000
     ttgcgatcat agtgtctgtc cctggggctt gctggctagc tagccaagcc tgcttgatga     30060
     gccgaggttc aaggtagaag gcacctctgc tgttcacata cagacacaca tactggtact     30120
     ggatgttagg aactgtgcat tgccccaggg ctcagggtga agggaaggtc attttgtggt     30180
     ctgtcccaca aagaggaact gagttctgat gggtgtggga gaattccagc tcagtggccc     30240
     aagaggagga agaaagaatt ctgacttgag gggacaactg cctggctggg gtgccccacc     30300
     tcagaacact ccagtgttga gggagtgttt catccaaagc ctctccattg gcttgaggga     30360
     aatccagtca gacaaaggtt gagctttcag gggaccctct gagcccactg tccctgcccc     30420
     agcaaccctg ctcactgtgg ctgatcccag gagtcccctg ggaacctggc atgcagccag     30480
     cccagagatg gctgaatcat taaggaagtg actcacccac cccccaccag cccttctcct     30540
     gagggctccc tctgggattc ctttcttggg attagtttct tgctgctgta gtccccatat     30600
     tgggatcagc taaccactcc ccaggcctcc tgctcctggg acaaccccca cacacaccca     30660
     cacactccgc caaaacacac acactctttt cttctgtacc gagagggaaa acagggattc     30720
     acagctgcca ggccagcacc ttcacacata caacacacca gtttttttct tggtttttat     30780
     tctgagacaa gcatctatgc tctgtagccc aggttgggaa cttccagtgt cctcctgtgt     30840
     tagcacccca agtagttggc attgcatggc agccccactg cctggttttc tgttctctct     30900
     ccctctcccc cagcctcttt ttagatatat ttagtttgtg tttatgagtg ctttgattgc     30960
     atgtatgtat atgcaccaca tgcatgcctg tgccctcagt gaccagaaga gggcgcctaa     31020
     gtccctggaa ctggagttac aggctgttat gaactactgt gtaggtgctg ggaatcaaac     31080
     cctgggtcta ccggaagagc agcgaggggc tcttaactgc cgagccacct atctctccag     31140
     ctgccagttt ggttttggtt ttgtttgttt gttgttttag tctgtgtata tgcgagtggt     31200
     gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcacatgc cgtgctcaca tgccgtgaca     31260
     ctgatgtaga cactggtgct cttcttccat cttgtgggct ccctttgccc cctttcatgt     31320
     ttaggtccta gggatggaac ccagggcctt gtttcagtca ggttcccgct aagctaccaa     31380
     ggtggccctt gagctttgtg tagcttttaa gtgaagagcc tcctgcccca gcagcctcct     31440
     gcctcaacct caagctacag ggttacccca cttgccttca caccctgctt ctcatctccc     31500
     tccctgtcat ccacctctgc tttcttggat gcctgtctcc agtggctgct ctgttgccca     31560
     cccttgcctt gggtgggatg cctgccaaca acatgaggca tgggctgtgt tcagcattca     31620
     cccaccctcc accgcagcca cttcctgtgt gtgaggagcc ctctctgaca tgtgggcact     31680
     gggtcatgag gttgacagtg ggtacgcatg tgatgttggg agtgtcagag ctcggatggg     31740
     acctggggga cgtagcccaa gctttcattc ttccctaaaa aatgacacag gtcaggcctg     31800
     gtagcatagg cctgtaccag ctcctcagaa cactgaagca ggaagatttc aagtgaaaac     31860
     ccagtctgaa cttaggaata aagtgaaaag aagtgttgag gatgaggctc aacggcagag     31920
     cactggacta acatggaagt gctgggttct ggcccagcat tttgacacaa aatgatagaa     31980
     aacaaactaa aacagagagg aggtgtaaaa agacagtatc acactgggct gtggtggtgc     32040
     atacctctaa tcccagcact tcggaggcag gggcatctgg atctctggga gtcccaggtc     32100
     agccagagcc gatgttaatt gtgggggatt ggcctggtgc tactgtatgt tcaaatgctg     32160
     tgtactggcc ccaaggccgg gttgccccgt gaggagattc tcaggtacac cagttttgtt     32220
     gtgtaaacct tgacacacac acccttcccg agttatccct gattggttaa taaagatgcc     32280
     tacagcctgg gctggacaga agagacaggg gagaggttct caggcttggg gtctcaggca     32340
     ggaaccatga ggagaatggg gaagaaaaag gaaatcacca tgccctagtg tggagcgtga     32400
     acacatggcc ttgagggccg gcctgatgga gtaggagcgg cccaggcaga gcatggccaa     32460
     tgatatcttg gggttactga cagggaagca gacaaaatgg cagagagggc ttgtctctgc     32520
     tcagctctcg tgcctttaag ctttattaca aatctaaagg ttttgtgcct ttgacttggg     32580
     aaccatctga tctaagtggg gtagaaaccc ctaataaagt caaaaggaga tgtagcaaac     32640
     ccccataata ataactacaa cagattggca cctcacattg ggcgacaaat gtaaaataat     32700
     atgtattaaa cttaacctga tctagcttca aatgaataag actcaaacta cgatatttat     32760
     ttattaggct ctgagcaatt actggaggat tacgcctaat ctaaatctct aactgtagtc     32820
     tggctacgac tccaactgtg ctctgcaaat acttgtttga aactcatttc tgctctagca     32880
     gtctggagtc ctggggaggc gtttcactct ggcacgtgct gctggtccat catgtcttat     32940
     ggagaccacc tgttctctgc tgtcttcttc tctgagaccc ttctctttct cttctctctc     33000
     cttctctgtg ctctctgcct gtgaccccca ggcctgaaac tcaaacttca cctccccagt     33060
     agttggggag caagatttac ataacaaatg ctggtagatg tgaggacctt ggagcaacca     33120
     gatcttgggg cacagaattt ggcactgagt acaagcagca tcccctatag ttaattgctt     33180
     agccatgtag ggtttgtccc cacaaagcca agccatcatc ttctccttcc ccacagagag     33240
     ggagactgag tgaggaacat ccaactgtga ccccataggc ctggagagcc aagcctagct     33300
     tcctgtgtct agacctctct ggtctccagg tcctgggctg gcctacaggc taccatgggt     33360
     actggtcctc tggctgtggg agttctgagc cataggagaa aacacctgag ttgtatattt     33420
     tttccctctg ttttattttt aaggcagaac tgtgtaactt aggctagtct caaactcaca     33480
     tctggctttc ctcttgaccg ctgagccatc tctccagccc cctatttatc tatttattta     33540
     tagatagaat tcatgtagcc tagcttggac ttaacctcca tgtgtagcca aggatgattt     33600
     caaacttctg atcttcctgc aacccccccc ccccatacat tggagtgtca ggcataaacc     33660
     ccattcttaa ctgtgcagtt tgttgtcctt gctattatta ctatctgctt atttaggtgt     33720
     tttaaagatc tatttattta tgtatatggg tgttttgtct gcatgtatgt ctgctcacca     33780
     ggagagggga atcccattac ggatggttgt gagctgccat gctggtgctg ggaattgaac     33840
     tcaggacttc tggaagagca gccagtgctc ttaactactg aactctctcc agacctggct     33900
     ggtcatttgt ttatttgttt gttttgtttt tgcttttgag acagggtctc agtatgtggc     33960
     ccagggtcgg ctttgagctc ctaatccccc tgcctcagca tcctgagtga ttgaattata     34020
     agcaagtgtc attaggccac cccctgggtc tgtctctttg tatgagttac agaacctcag     34080
     cctgggcagg gtcgtcactg gatgcccgat gtccacaggc acacagcttg ggcctcctgt     34140
     tcctgctctg gctgaccgtc ttttacttcc ttgcagtggt gtgcatttta ctgagtctct     34200
     caggagctgg aacccagaag gcagagagta agagtaagag acacgagggc tgcccagtcg     34260
     gagctgggga gggaatcccg ctgccaacca cagaaccttg ggagggcatg agcactgctg     34320
     gggaacttta ggacctgctc acaccttcct aagattctgt tcttggtggc acttcccctc     34380
     tactgagtat ctgtccccca cagactgtgc caagtggtgc cctatcaact caaaatgtgt     34440
     cagtaacaga agctgtgtct gcaagcccgg cttcagctcg gagaaggaat tgatcactaa     34500
     ccctgcagag agctgtgaag gtacgaagcc tcagggatgg gcatgaaaag agatgacaag     34560
     gtttggactc agggcagggg tctttagctt tcatcaaaga cagagaaaga aagcaaggta     34620
     gggaggcaag aagtgaaagg gggcttcctg agaggagttc caggggtctg tgcctgaact     34680
     tggctttagg aaccagaagg agaaggctga ccttccattc cactcccaca ctggtattgt     34740
     tcaagtcccg ggtcccatcc agaggactga gaggagcaga gcagaccagt cagctccagg     34800
     aatagcttgt tagacctgca gctcagcctt atgagtagag ctcatcattt ttctcagaag     34860
     gctaactcat cagcagatcc cagactggta gtcaggtagg cgtgggagtc tcctccttgg     34920
     gagaacttac aggtctggga ggtgacccct gttttgttgt agacatcaac gagtgtttac     34980
     tacctggatt ttcctgtgga gactttgcca tgtgtaagaa ctcagagggg agttacacct     35040
     gcgtctgtaa cctgggatat aagctccttt ctggtgcaga atcttttgtt aacgagagtg     35100
     agaatacatg tcaaggtaag agccccccct gcctcaaggt caccaatgtc agcttcaagg     35160
     tcaccagcat ctgtattctg tctgtctgta acaaagagat ttgttctgta tttattaaac     35220
     agcacagaaa cacacagcat gcaaaggaat gagggcttct cgacagaagt ctttaacagc     35280
     attttataag ggaaaaataa cttactcaga acagcaaacg atggcaggca gacatcattc     35340
     tatatccacg tgctatttct agcatctggg ggagatttgt tgtgtaacat tgttctcagc     35400
     ctattggttg ttctcaggaa atgattgcca cagcacatcc tcacacacac aaaggcatgc     35460
     atgtacatta ttctgggtca ggagcacgga agggtccata acttacgatt gaagctatgc     35520
     attccgctta gattgtaaac cttgattaaa tctaaagaac agtaaggctg gtaacattgt     35580
     tctcttaagg caggctaaac tttaccaagc tgagcacaca gtagattaag tacgtagtct     35640
     ttttttttgg ggggtggggg ttcgagacag ggtttctctg tatatccctg ggggtttctc     35700
     tgtgtatccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ttgtagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa     35760
     atccgcctgc ctctgcctcc tgagtgctgg gattaaagac gtgcgccact acgcccagca     35820
     agtacgtagt cttaagtgat ctcaaggcag atttttaact tgttggcaag atctaagaaa     35880
     aaaatttgtt gaatgcaaga gacattttca aagccaggtg tgaggcacaa gtcctttaaa     35940
     ctcaacacag taagaccggc agatcttgtg agtttgaagc catcctggtc tccatagtaa     36000
     gttccaggac agcagagcta cataatgaga ccatgtccta aagagagaga cagagagaaa     36060
     gagaatggtt ttcagaaaaa tgttatccgt acatgaggtg acatctccat ggatcccaag     36120
     gaaggtgaca gaaaccatcc agcttagagc agagctcatc cagtgcctga ggtgctgacc     36180
     catcacggag cactcccgac tccatcctgc gtcgcttgga agacatgctc ccgggaatcg     36240
     cactcaaaag atgtcaggat tccttgggcc atatcttctt cttctctact tctttgttct     36300
     ggaagttcag aacttcttat gtccatctgc atctcatttg cataagccac tatccttctg     36360
     tcatctcatt tgcataagcc accatccctc tgcccatctg catctcattt gcataaacca     36420
     aaggcaaggc attcagaatg ctctgcatct accacaagca cggcccactg cagtgtctgt     36480
     cctcttccca gcatcagtga acactgggat gacacctgtg ccctccagga tccacacagt     36540
     tactactgcg cctggaaatc tccccgagca gacaactaca gtgcaccaga cacagatggg     36600
     agactcagaa gagaggacac ccaagggtag gccacattcc ctgtcattac ttctgctgga     36660
     agacaacgcc tgatgcccgg attccctttt ttggtcagag ccttgtccat tgctctaccc     36720
     agtcaccggt tctgactatc cccagcaatt ctggttcctt gaatacagca tagaatggca     36780
     tggccggatt gggcagggtg acgtctaccc ccacccctcc accacacacc caagagagtt     36840
     gaaggctagc acaatgcaag agaaggtgtc atggaggatc gttgcttcat aacccttacc     36900
     tgatgatgtc aatcacccac agctgccagg ccagacaatt cagtgtaaga aagctgggct     36960
     acactcagca cattgccggg tctgtggcca tgacagaaaa agagagaaca gaaatatctc     37020
     actcctgccc cagcagcacg gctccctctc tgggcactgc gatcttgaag ggctggcttc     37080
     agtggaatag atgttcttac cctctgtaac ttgagccagg tgatgcctgg cagcccatca     37140
     cagctagctc ccactgtgag gcatcatggc tatctagtgt tatccctctt gccctgcctc     37200
     tcctgttgag tttcttccta gagggagcgt ggcttgtggg caacactcag ttctccactg     37260
     acagagcaga gatctgggga cctagtgtga ctgaggttag catagtcctg aaggttcctg     37320
     gaagtctatg tagaactctg caagggagca gtaccttgta ggagtgggga cagaggctat     37380
     cacggggaat acagagtttc ccaccttctt gcactggctc ctaagggtca tatgtagttt     37440
     tcaccccaaa tcttcaggct gggatattga tagctgccgc tgttctattg ctggcagtta     37500
     gggaaccctt gactgcttcc cctatatcta gacaatagag ttagagctac catggaccct     37560
     atttgatgcc tttatatgaa ttagaagttg gtcttcctac aaggaggaga ttaaaatgtt     37620
     gcagatgctt ctgtgtcacg tggccaacct tgagcctgag gcttcaactt caagcacata     37680
     atcccctctg cttcttctca tgagcagatg agggtctgaa ccctagagtt tgtagggaca     37740
     cagcatttgc accaacccag ggcagctcct catacacagc tgtgcaccct gaaggtgtac     37800
     acaggtggaa gtccaccaga agacaccgta agactggaca ggacctggga ggaggcacag     37860
     tctgttagcc tgaagaggga gatctgcagg gtcccagaag ctccaagaat tatgaagact     37920
     cccctgagga ctcagctccc agcaacatgt tactacaggg tagggaggcc ccaggaactc     37980
     catggagctc ccagacctca ggtcctccac agttctgaga gcagcgtcac atcctgtcct     38040
     gagaaagatt aaaaaataac aagaggcctc ggtcaagaag tgcagtgcgg tggcccagtc     38100
     tccgtcctgg ttttacctct attaattggg acccctgatc cttgctgggc ctgacctgca     38160
     gaaaccacca tgaggtggtc actacatttg tggcagtgag aagacgggca agtgacacag     38220
     tgtatggagg agtgagtggg gacagggatg accctttcgt tttgttccca gatgtgaatg     38280
     agtgcatctc cgggcaaaac cattgccacc aatccaccca ctgcatcaac aaattgggtg     38340
     gctattcttg catctgtcgt caaggctgga aacctgttcc tggatccccc aatggccctg     38400
     tcagcacagt gtgcgaaggt ctgcatgcaa cctttctaag gactcacaat cacaatagct     38460
     aatctcacct tcaagatttg tttattttag ccaagtgtgc tgatcccacc acttggaggg     38520
     cagcagaggc aggcagatag atctctgtga gtttcagggc catttcatat gtatgtatgg     38580
     gtgtggatct gtacaccatg tgggtgcagg tgcccaagga agccagagaa ggctgtcaga     38640
     tcctctggaa ctgaatccac aggttgagcc atctcttcag ctcctgtgtt ttatcaaagg     38700
     aatgaaaggg ggctctgtta ggccaggact tattctcctg aggctaaatc tgaaaagctg     38760
     tggggttcag gaaaggatcc aggttacaaa ggcgaggccc cgggggaccc cagatgcctt     38820
     caattactaa aagtccacag tttctcacat acatctatat gccttagcct ctgcacattc     38880
     cctaccatcc tgtaccactg aatgaggcca ccaggggtca gtacctcagg ccagagactg     38940
     tagcagtact aaagagactg gggccagaca ggaaaggctc taaccccttc cttatgtctg     39000
     cagatgtgga tgagtgcagc tctgggcagc atcaatgtca caattccacc gtctgcaaaa     39060
     acaccgtagg ctcctacaag tgccactgcc gtccaggttg gaagccaact tctgggtccc     39120
     tccgtggtcc agacaccata tgccaaggta cctgacccag ccacccagat tccatgcccc     39180
     acaagtgctc tctgagatta ctgaactata gtcctgtctc cacagagcca ccgttcccta     39240
     cttggacact gctgcccaca gcccacagtc aggtgagtag ccagtgaata ccaggaggtt     39300
     ggactttttc atacagcctg tccatgcccg tcagctgtgc agctgcccac ccatgactca     39360
     ccacccaccc atgaccatcc ttctcccttc ccagactctc ttgagattct ctgttgaagt     39420
     ccagaatctg ctccgtgact tcaatccagc cacggtcaac tacaccatcc aggtgaggga     39480
     gacacttggg accctggtgc atcgtggaac atgtcacagg cttcagggca gactgacagc     39540
     attctatccg tccgagcagt atttctggtt tggggcacat ggatctgaca tgtgcagcca     39600
     tgtgtgtggc tactacacaa gggttataat ggcagtgact ggggcagtta agattggaat     39660
     taagcagagc atgatggccc actctgcttg gggccttaag aaggatctca agttcctgag     39720
     ttagacatcg atgacatgcc tgtgactcca gcaggtagag gcaggaagag cagaagccca     39780
     aggtcataat ggaagagcac cagtctagaa tccccagtga gggctggggg ggggcatggc     39840
     tcagcagagc cttggcagtc cctgtgccta ctgttgttta cgtgctgttg tgacatgcag     39900
     atgcacaggg tcataaactt cacctccttg ttttctggct actgtgtaag tcttactgca     39960
     tcccgccagc tgactcccca gggagcccgc gtggctctcc agtgtctgct ggtaggcaga     40020
     gtggtcaggg tccttcattt agtttctgtg gttcaaaacc ttagcaactc tgtcactcat     40080
     taccccagaa actcatcgag gctgtggaca agctgctgga agaccccatg gagactgaaa     40140
     cccaacaagt agctgcccag ttgctctcga acctggaaca aagccttcgg accttggctc     40200
     agtttttacc caaaggcccc ttcacctaca cgtccccttc aaatactggt aagccttctt     40260
     cctgccccac cccaggaacc atccttggtt cccccaatca tgtccctgtc tcttcagaac     40320
     tgtccctgat ggtgaaggag caagacaaca aagatgttac cacagtgcac cacggccaaa     40380
     cttggatgga gctggactgg gctgtgacag ctggagccaa aatctcagaa aatggtaggg     40440
     gtccagagag ggcgcctgcc agggaaacca gggtgaggtc tggagaggac agggagacac     40500
     cagcccactg ggaggagtac agagagggga caggagttga gccttcatgt ctgcccccag     40560
     gctcctcggt ggcaggcatc ctgtccagcc caaacatgga aaagctgctg ggcaacaccc     40620
     cgctgaactt ggagcagaga agggcctcct tggaggactt ctatggaagc ccgattccga     40680
     gtgtctcact taagcttctc tcaaacatca attctgtctt cctgaccaac acgaacactg     40740
     aaaagctcgc ctcgaatgtc acgttcaagt tcgactttac ttctgtgagt cctccaactg     40800
     gagagagggg aggggtgggg atgctctgtg gctcaccccc taaccaaagt caaaagtcag     40860
     ggcagcgcct cttgacctac atggtacgag agaactaact cccaaagtta ttctgactcc     40920
     ttcctccaac acacacacaa aataaatgta ataaaaaaca ctaaaaatac ataaaaaatt     40980
     taaaatcaca gctgtggggt gtgtgtggtg acacatgctt ttaattctag tacttgggag     41040
     gctctctgag tttgaggcca gcatggtcta cagaaattca ggataaagct cataaagact     41100
     ctgtcccaaa aaataaaaca gcaaaaaaca aaactaaata gataaaaaaa gaaataaaat     41160
     ctgagctggg tgttgtggca cagacatttt cctctcaatt gctgggaggc aggaaattca     41220
     aggttcaaag cctgcctgga gtgaagttaa ggcccacctg agcaacttgg caagaccttg     41280
     ttttcaaact cagtgctaca gttggttggc attcagaaag tccctgggtt cagcccctag     41340
     tactgctgaa ttgaatgaat gaatgagcaa acagataagt aactgtgagg caaggccagt     41400
     agttgactca atggtggaat gcttacctgg catggtaagg tttggtcttc agtatcataa     41460
     aatgttttaa aaggggtggg gagatggctc agtggttaag agcactgatt gctcttccag     41520
     aggtcgtgag ttcaattccc agctcccacg gtttcaccaa accttaattt aattcccagc     41580
     ctgagttggg acctacatgg tagtagaaac cagttttttt ttccatattt tttattgggt     41640
     atttatttca attacatttc caatgctatc ccaaaagtcc cccacacact cccccaccca     41700
     ttcccctacc cacccactcc cacttcttgg ccctggtgtt cccctgtact gaggcatata     41760
     aagttttcac gaccaatggg cctctctttc cactgatagc cgactaggcc atcttctgat     41820
     tcatatgcag ctagagacac gagctccagg ggttattgga tagttcatat tgttgttcct     41880
     cctataggat tgcagatccc ttcagcagct tgagtacttt ccctagctcc ttcattgggg     41940
     gcccgtgatc catccaatag ctgactatga gcatccactt ctgtgtttgc caggccctgg     42000
     catagtctca caagagacag ccatatctgg gtccttctaa caaaatcttg ctagtgtatg     42060
     caatggtgtc agcgtgtgga agctgattat gggatggatc cctggatatg gcagtttcta     42120
     gatggtccat cttttcgtct cagctccaaa ctttgtctct gtaactcttt gctgtttgag     42180
     gcagcctgga gtgtatgaga tagtatacat agactgagga catccaataa acctagtttt     42240
     tgtttttaaa ttacaatctg taggcaacca ttcccgctgg ctcttttaat ttccttggca     42300
     tttattacct gctactgctt gtgatgtttc agctcagggc aagggctggt gtcctgttgt     42360
     tcagttgctg gctcctcatg ctctctgagc acaaagtaga tacttatgta gccaaaagca     42420
     aggttctcag ctcccccaga ctggccctaa gtgtgctcaa agtgtgcttc cgacaccctc     42480
     accacctatc tgcccacagg tggagtcaat tgagccacgt catgagctga tatgtgcctt     42540
     ctggaaagcc cacaacggga atgggtactg ggacaccgac ggctgctcaa tgaatggcac     42600
     tggcttctgc cactgcaacc acctgaccag ctttgccatc ctaatggctc agtaccatgt     42660
     gcaggtaagc ggtaagctct agacccacag gtagccaggt gtgctaggca ggagcatggt     42720
     ctccactcaa gggtgttgtt caagcaggct cctttggatg gccccatgcc ttgcttttta     42780
     gctcctcccc tggaatcctc tttatgaccc agtagctgat ggatgcaggc ctcttgtctg     42840
     agtcactgca caactgtcaa gaactgctaa aagcacacca gtctgggcag atgagatggg     42900
     tcagtgagta aaggtgcctg caggtagcca acctaataac ccgagttcca tctccagaaa     42960
     gcacagtgac aacagatact tcacccggca accctcctcc cctgcaaata aaaggccctg     43020
     tgtagattgt tccaggtagt gtagcttcct gaacatggct attacctggg ccacatggtc     43080
     agcttgaatt agccagttgg ccctgtagtc caagacagga tgcaggatca taggtaggag     43140
     gggtgtgagg gcacaccact catcctggtt gcctgctcct aggacccaag gctggaattg     43200
     atcaccaagg tggggctgtt gttgtccctg atctgcctgc tgctgtgcat cctgaccttc     43260
     ctgctggtga agcccatcca gagctctcga accatggtgc acctgcacct gtgcatctgc     43320
     ctcttcctgg gctcaatcat attcctggtc ggcgtggaga atgaaggggg tgaggtaagt     43380
     tccagagcat ggagttaagt cctaggagta aggcccagct ggggctcagt gtggagccag     43440
     aacctgatgg agccccgctg ctggggcatg aggctttgaa gcccagtggt cctaccgggc     43500
     actgattctt cctaactctc catcccacag gtgggcctgc gctgccgcct ggtggccgtg     43560
     atgctgcatt tctgcttcct ggccgccttc tgctggatgg cactggaggg cgtggagctc     43620
     tacttcctgg tggtgcgtgt gttccagggc caaggcctga gtacatggca acgctgcctg     43680
     attggctacg gggtgcccct cctcatcgtg gccatctcaa tggcagttgt caaaatggat     43740
     ggctatgggc atgcaacata gtgagtgtac tgaagtgagg cccaggctgg gcggggccag     43800
     ggctggggca ctgactgatg gggcaccttc tcctccccaa gctgctggct ggactttagg     43860
     aagcagggct ttctctggag cttttcggga cccgtggcct tcatcatttt cgtaagtact     43920
     ctctgggcac tggaggcctg agcagccaga ctgctaactc cttgcagccc tataacccga     43980
     gaccatgatc cccactcagt gcaatgctgc cattttcgtg atcactgtct ggaagctcac     44040
     aaagaagttt tctgaaatca acccaaacat gaagaagtta aggaaggcga ggtgagaggg     44100
     gcagggaagg aggctttggg gcaagggctg gagaccgggc tgtttgctac agttgtccac     44160
     ccccacaggg tgctgaccat cacctccatc gcccagctcc ttgtgctggg ctgcacctgg     44220
     ggcttcggcc tgttcctctt caacccccat agcacatggc tatcctacat ctttaccctg     44280
     ctcaactgcc tgcagggcct attcctctat gtgatgctct gcctgctcaa caaaaaggta     44340
     ggctgaccag agctggctat ggaagagccc agggtgggag gaggcagggc caggcctgag     44400
     tccctagccc agctcctttt ttccccataa cctggtgcct tgtgttcaca ggtgagggaa     44460
     gagtactgga aatgggcctg catggtcact gggagcaagt acacagagtt caactcttcc     44520
     acaacaggca ctggcaccag ccaaacacgg gtaaggggct ggcctgcagt ggggctggga     44580
     gggcaggcct aggtgagctc agcctcaaag gcctccttct ctgcaggctc tcaggtcctc     44640
     agaatcaggg atgtgaaggc gagttccatg aaggacagca gcacatactc acggctgtca     44700
     ttctgccttc tgttcctgcc acctttcggc ctttgacccc acttcatata aagaagggat     44760
     gcaaacccag caatgagccc tgccacgggg caaggggtcg ctggtcctgc ttctggttgt     44820
     ctctgcctca ccacagctac tgcctaccag agaaacagaa tgcagccagc ccagacctgc     44880
     agcccactgc ctggtacacg aggcaggcag tcctaggaca aagggaagag cccttgagac     44940
     ctgggctctt tgccagggtg ctgggttcag tttccttaag ctaagactgt ggatgccacg     45000
     tcagccactg aagcccgcct gctgctgagg ctcacggtac agaggcctcg ctgctccaca     45060
     tccagggcag aaggtctcac agctaaagac taggttttgt aattttttta acctgtaaac     45120
     ctttcaatgt tgacacacaa aattaaatat catattgata aaaaagatgg cacgtttgct     45180
     ggtgagaagt ttgctggctt gacccaaccc catgagatgt tgaccgaaag ggatggggct     45240
     ggagccatgc attcacaata aaagtttatt cttacatcac taaagctttg gaacaataaa     45300
     aagagacatc gatttgtcac ctagaaagag gttctgaagc agcaggtggg aaagagagtg     45360
     gccatgttgc cctggctaca catacggtta ccggctctgc tcaactgtaa agacaagaaa     45420
     gacacagtga gtgaggatag agggcctttg ctcctgaagc cccgctcctg ccctgagtgg     45480
     ctccaggtac tcactgtatg tggagatatc tatttcctct ggaagctcag ctacattcac     45540
     ttcaaaccgg tcctgaacat cattaaggat tttggcatca ttttcatccg atacaaaagt     45600
     gactgccagg cccttggtac caaagcgacc agcacgagcc acctgcagag agatggtcag     45660
     gagacagtca ctcctgagga tctgagaagg gtgggggagg tcctgagccc gcccacactg     45720
     ggaggaggcg ctcactcggt gaaggtaggt gtctgagtcc tctggcatgt catagttgaa     45780
     gacaatgttg actcgctcaa tgtccatacc tctgccaaac agattagtag ccaccaggat     45840
     tcgtcgctgg aagtccttga actgctggta tcgggacagg ctagagcggg agacaagcag     45900
     aggcattaaa cccgagtccc aggtgtgagc agccttggcc ctggtggaca tcactcactc     45960
     atgcactcac cgctcctcct gggccatgcc tcggtgaata gcgatagctg ggaaattctg     46020
     ctccactagg agctgggcca gggccatgca gcgttgcaca gacttgacaa agatcaccac     46080
     ctgaagaaga agggtgttta ggcgcataga taatcacccc acaggcccat atcttggtgt     46140
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa gcatcacctg gttaaactct agcacgtcga ggaggtcgaa     46200
     gagcttacgg ttcttctcac tgtccttgag cttgacgtaa tactgctgca gcccatgcag     46260
     tgtgagcttg gtctcgtcgt ccacaaacac ctccataggc tgtgtgggga gggaagcagg     46320
     aaggggcgag tagggctcac ttctgggcgt ctcatgtgcc cggaaccttc cagagagcag     46380
     ctcctctgta ttgatgattc ccagagggcc tgttgcaccc aacctcagta aacaattctc     46440
     tcccaaaagc cggatgtaag ctctgcctct ggctcaggtg tggaccactc agctcccagt     46500
     ttgacaaacc aggggaagga aggaggccgg cgaagcctcc tagcatcctc caggccatga     46560
     gagcagtgtg cttgtcgcag agtggcccag cccatcagag agggccaaag ctgctgcgct     46620
     gaggtgttgg ccacggtggg caggcagcca gccagctggg gcgtcaccct actcacatcc     46680
     tgcatgaact tcctgcagac tggccggatc tccttgctca gggtggcgct gaacatcata     46740
     cactgcttct cgtggggtgt cagacgaaag atctcctgta catcccggcg catgtctgga     46800
     tgggatgcca acaaatcgca agcctgagtg tcttgtctga ctgagcagac ccacagcaga     46860
     gaggaaccag cccttcccaa cctggaccgg acaacactgg caccatagcc gtggtggagt     46920
     gggcccaggg gtgtccccgc tgcctgaggg gctgggctcg gatgggcggg agcgcaagca     46980
     tgggaggagc tgcggtccac ttactcgctg ccagcatgga gcggctgcca gtgcgccttg     47040
     agccacgctt caggaaaggg agcctgaggc agagacagcc actggcgtga gagctgcagc     47100
     tgcttcccag gacacatgcc catctctccc agcccctgat ggtggctgag gccactctac     47160
     tcctctagat tccctaaagg gctggcagct catggggcct agggtccaga agcagcacat     47220
     actctgtaac ctcagaattc cccttaggct tctcctagaa accctgagtt ctggccaccc     47280
     atgtgaccca ctataagagc cacctctgcc tgccctatca ggccccctag aaaacggctg     47340
     tgactctatg agtgggaaac cagctggaca ggacagtagg atgctcaccc agctgttcca     47400
     gcatcttgtc acattcatct agcacaaagt gcttcacatt cctcaggttg aggctcctgc     47460
     tccgcacaag tgccaggatc cggcctggtg tccccaccac aacatgagga cagttcttct     47520
     tcaacacatc ttcatccttc ttaatggaga ggcctccaaa gaacacagaa acctatgggg     47580
     acagaaagaa agctgtttcc accatctggg ggcagtgatc cttacagcat aggtcccacc     47640
     catcctgagg ggacctgaca ctccagcccc actccctcag aacccaggcg gggccgaaaa     47700
     aacagggcaa ggctgaggta tgtgggacca gcacaagcct tgtgggttgg gcataattca     47760
     tcaggctcat aaggaacata agttagcata aacctcaaga ttgagaaatg ctgcttgagc     47820
     tgacactgag gccagcaggg ctccagaagg ccccgtggta cccagcacag cacctgagga     47880
     ggcttacctt aacactgggc atgtacttag agaagcgctc atactccttg ctgatctgga     47940
     aggccagctc cctcgtgtgg cacatgacca ggactgatac ctagagagca acaaacaggc     48000
     cttctttccc agaatctaca ccatcctacc ccaaacctac tgctgtagcc cagtagtttg     48060
     aagcccaaac atctccactt ctcctcaccc tgacctatcc tcctcatggc tacagtaggc     48120
     aaggaacaga atggagcact gaccctaaat aaaagggtta cctcaggctg ccatgtcttt     48180
     ttgaccaccc acaggatagc ccttccctaa atcctcacac tcttgtcaga ccctgaaaag     48240
     acaagcagac acccacccaa gaaagaacaa gccaaagcct caccaggcca cccaagagct     48300
     cgaccttaga gccacactcc agaccaccac aacaggattc ctcccaaccc ccaccccagc     48360
     tccccattct ggactccagt gtaaatctta agatcctaca atgtatctat agtggtagtg     48420
     ttaagaacac ctgcaaaaca agtcagcagt cactgtggtg actgcagtca gtaaaatttc     48480
     acttcccaga tacattcaaa agcccacaga gaaaatggaa gtagttttat gaggcccaag     48540
     actgtactgt catgtggtaa ctctagccca gaaaagagcc cacacctacc tggccattga     48600
     caggctcaat ctgctgcagg gtggccagca caaacacagc tgtcttgccc atcccagact     48660
     tggcctggca caggacatcc atacccagaa tggcctgggg aatacactca tgctggacta     48720
     agaaagaaaa aagcgtgtga gttaagacac tggctgctgc ctctctgcac actcttctgc     48780
     cagaccccaa ccatctgctt gcatagaggc tgctgatata actgactcac ggggaggaca     48840
     tatcccctat ccaaggcaca ggagaagctc aggatgggta ggatttactc tgggaagagg     48900
     gcataacagg gtggcaccag tgtagcatac cctctgaagg atgctcaaag ccacagtcaa     48960
     ctatagctct caggagctct ggcttcagta gaaagtcccg gaagccagaa ctgtggatgg     49020
     agacataaga tcctttgaca tctttcttcg ggggagctgg agtgctctcc tggggtgcct     49080
     ggggctcttc atcttcatca taatccaaaa gttcattttc cacatcctgt tctgccatgg     49140
     cactgagaac agaaaagagg gtaaggtaga aacacatctg agaaccacgt aggaaaaccc     49200
     acttggcaga gaaggaggat aaggaaaggg tggcaggggc aagccctgga caggcagagc     49260
     tcagtggtgt acaggacttc ccacttcagc ctactgtcct gtcaccatcc tctcagcaac     49320
     ctcccatctg ctacacacca ctctcccatc caatgccacc cagcccaagc attctaaggt     49380
     ctaccatact acaaatgggg acctggccca gtgatctacc aggttctatc cccaacacca     49440
     caaatcaaat aagtgatagt tatcacacag attcgtcact atagccctca tggccgtttt     49500
     caagtctgta tatacaagat tttttttaga cagccctaat agtcctggct gttccagaac     49560
     ggacagttac aggttgacat catttcacct ggctaatgtg tcctcactga cattcaagtt     49620
     ttggcactaa taaggtttct cagaccaccc tcccaaggag ctcctggaac ccacagcttg     49680
     gacctgaagt tgtacctgcc ttggtgttga gaaaggagtt gttgtggtca agaagcaagc     49740
     agcatttccc ctaccagccc agcccagccc agcccagcct agcctagcct cccctacctt     49800
     ttgtggtcta cacaggggaa tcattaagag cttttatgaa gaggattccc attgggccag     49860
     gccagcaagc cagccagtta agatgctaaa tggaattctc aggagacgag ctcacccccc     49920
     cccccacaca cactttatta atcccttata caccaagtac aaggcacaca ccagccaggc     49980
     ctgtctctca tcttccctag cctgcaaaaa tagttccatc ttcctgaggt aggatgctaa     50040
     catactagga cccacttcta gccctcttgt tcattctcca tgactttatc caatgatatt     50100
     cagccatttc tatgttgact ctccccaact ttgtctacag ccatatacct tttccactcc     50160
     acagccgtta ccagctgctt tcccatatcc ttacaagttt aattcaggcg gtctacagca     50220
     aagctttgtg attcacccca agggctacct acattccccc atctcaaaaa tatttatgcc     50280
     attctcaggg gcagtcttga ctgaccaaga aatcttatcc agtaaattcc acttaccaaa     50340
     tccagttagg cccacctagc cacttctcac aaaggttggt cccaaggtga agtgaccttt     50400
     tgtttgtttc tttaaaattg gaacagcttt actgaaacaa tcatatgata tacaattcac     50460
     caaccaaagc acacaattca ggagccacaa acatgctcac acaatcagct ctaacaccag     50520
     gcagtggtag tgcactcctt taaatcccag gacttgggag gcagaggctg gcagatttct     50580
     aggttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacagagag aaaccctgtc ttgaaaaacc aaaaccaaaa     50640
     ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacca aaaaccaaaa accaaaaaaa cccaaccttc     50700
     tggatgaact agagaaatgg ctaattgatt aaaagtacat gatcacatga tctttctttc     50760
     agagcacagg ttcaattccc aacatccaca tgaaggtcga caactgtcta taaccccggt     50820
     tccaaagaga cccaatgtcc tcttctgacc ttccgaccaa acatgcactc tgaatataaa     50880
     tgcattcaga caaaacactt ctataaaaca aaatcagtaa atttaaaaaa cccctgggcc     50940
     tggggtgtgg ctcaccaata aatgcctagc atgtgagaaa accctgaact ccatccccca     51000
     aaccacaaag tagcctgctg cccacaacca tcgcctgcct aactcccaga cagttactct     51060
     gccaagaagc gtctgcagac tagccttttc tgggcatttt ctataaatag gttcagacag     51120
     catcacctgg ccttttactt tgattccttc actctaccat tctcaacacc cacccagaat     51180
     gggaataaat gctgaattcc tttttatagc caaatataag atcatgtgaa ttgaacccca     51240
     gtgctctgaa agaatgaaag aacatgtgct cttaatcaat cagccatctc tctaacccat     51300
     ccagaggttt tctttttgaa aggtggtgaa gcatattcaa gttgattgtg ctgatgccac     51360
     agcatgtaag aatatcacgg gtgtcatttt tgggttacat tgttttgtct ggatcacacc     51420
     aacagcctcc tcagtgtcca ctgatcccta tgctacacaa ctcccacagc aggcagaggg     51480
     agcctactcc agctacatca cacctggctg tcactgtgct gtacgagtcc cccacatcca     51540
     cacaccccta cacatacaca agtgaaaatg cttaggtatc agtccttaaa gcactagacc     51600
     ccagcaaagg tttaaagcag agacagctag gagaggagag ctgagcaggc ccagggcctg     51660
     tgttgtgtac ttcagttgct aactaggctt ggagttgagt gattcagtaa gaatttgctc     51720
     aagatggagt ggaagataag agcaacagca gggagaaact aattcactga aagggaatta     51780
     gctgggtggg gtactgaagt cgagaagatg agtcaccaaa gagctcaaag ccagtcctgg     51840
     ggagaaaaga atcacacatc tctgggttca aacacctgaa tgaccaagat gtacctattt     51900
     ctatttgaaa ctgagtctca tgcaggccct caaacttgtg tgtagcccag actagcctcg     51960
     aattccagat cctcctgcct ccacttccca aatgctagaa tatattaaaa atgaattcta     52020
     aaaaatgcct gagacaggga cagacagatc tctagttcca ggctagcctg ggctacacag     52080
     tgagatcttg tttcaacaac aaccaaaaaa cttttaagtt ctaagactgg ctaggcaagg     52140
     tggccaatgt ggcttaagaa ttaatgatgc tttcacacga cctgagttag gtttctcagt     52200
     ttacatcctt ctaactccag ggtcagtact tccggcctcc tagagcacct gcacacaggt     52260
     agtcattcaa atatttacac ctaaataaaa aacttcaaga acaacctcga tttcaggaga     52320
     acctatcttc tggcctctca tatgtgtact ctgtctttag gcagtactgc tttaaaaaca     52380
     tttattgtgc tggtgaaagg ataaatgtga agccgggctt agtgggacac gcctttaata     52440
     ccagacctcc ggggactgag ccaagtggac ctcagtgagt tcgagcccga cctggtcttc     52500
     agagagagag ttcaaggacg accaggatta tgtaaagaga tcctgtctca agaatctagg     52560
     cacacaaaag gttccgggaa ctagttgagg cgcaactcgg agcgtatggc cccccacccc     52620
     caatacgtca ggccttgctt caaccaggaa aatgaaacaa gtgaacccag actgtcacag     52680
     acctaaagtt tcaactatag gtccaggcag accagaggca acgggctgaa ccggcctcac     52740
     accgggaaag cgacgccgag tgaatggcca cgttcctaag aggcgcgaca ctggccttcc     52800
     gcatcagagt ctggagaaga atctcctggg cgagcggcgg aacaagacgg gaagccggtg     52860
     actgcagact cgggacgtct gcccagatag cctgagtcct ctcgccgtga ccgaaaacgc     52920
     agtgtggatc cgcccggtcc ctcaatccca ccacggtaca catggggcct ccgagagccg     52980
     ccattcccat caccgtcccc ggaagccgac ctactaacgg ctggcccgcc cctggcgcat     53040
     gctcaatgga gcccaacggc cgccggctcg aggtgcctaa ccgtcccgct gctgtgcgcc     53100
     cactcctccc gctgcaccgc gccccgcagc ttccctttcg gcgaacccac agccccgcac     53160
     cgcggccccg gcctcgggac ccgccactta cctgccgccc ggttcgcctc cgcgagctgc     53220
     aaagagagcc acccgtccgg ttctacgccg cgaccctgga cgcgcgctac agtgcttcct     53280
     gcctggagcc caactcgagt ctcgctcact ggatagctgg cttatcactc aacagaggaa     53340
     aggatgatgg ttggtttata aggacgctgt cgaccggcta ttgggcgtac ctagactcag     53400
     gttcattggg cagtcgtaaa gtaggcgtgt ccaaaggggg agtgggctaa gcggcggttc     53460
     ccgcccagtc acgtgagatg agttaagggc cacagtggat actgccactt ttagctggca     53520
     tccgcacgtt aattgcgcgt gtatgtgccc cagcttttta aagtgtcctt gcctgcctag     53580
     cttagaagcc ctgactcttt tgtttggttg tatcatttcg agacagggtt tctctgggta     53640
     gccctgctgt catggaacaa ctccatctgt gaccaggctg tcctcaagag atctgcctgc     53700
     ctcttcctcc atgtgattga aggtgtgagt gctgtgatta aaagcgtcca ccaccacgcc     53760
     cagcccccct ttttaaaaag atttatttat ttttggtttt cgagacaggg tttctctgtg     53820
     aagccctagc tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac tcagaaatcc     53880
     gtctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggcgtac accaccaggc ctggcaagat     53940
     ttatttatta ttacatctta gtacactgta gctgttcaga cagcaccaga agagggcgtc     54000
     agatctcatt acagatggtt gagtcatgat gtggttgctg ggatttgaac tcaggacctg     54060
     tgaaagaaca gtcagcgttc ttaaccgctg agccatctct ccagcccttg tttttcttac     54120
     ccctacattg taccaccacc aaaacaaaaa tcccaggccg taaactgagc tcatagttcc     54180
     agaaagccag ctctttgggg attgcagaag aaaagcagct gcctgacccc agatatctgg     54240
     tgatagaaaa agaccttgtc taaggaaaac agctaacccc cattctgccc ctatgaaacc     54300
     ttcttctccc ttccccatcc ttagctataa aatccccagc ctgaaacaca atctacattg     54360
     tctagatcat ggtactgaga ggctacctgc cagataaata aactctagat gttaatgctg     54420
     tctacactca tcctttcttt ccacaaacat aattctttct ctctctctct ctctctctct     54480
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctcaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa     54540
     caaacaaaca aaaaccagtc agagtggcac agaactttag tcccagttct ctagaagcag     54600
     agaactctgc tttcaactag cctggtctac ataggatagt tagaggcagg cagaattctt     54660
     tgagtccaag gccagccttg tctatacagt aaagtccagg atagccaggg ctacaaagag     54720
     agactctgtt tcaaaacaca aacacaaaat gaacaaacaa actgcccaca catctagatt     54780
     ccatccctgc agagctgaaa ccactcttag ttatgaccat ggcaactcat aaaagaaagc     54840
     atctagttgg gggcttgctc acatttccag agactcagtc ccttatcatc atgtggggag     54900
     catggtggga cgagtgggaa tgtcttactt tgtacactgc tctgttggcg tgtttgtatc     54960
     tgtgcaatgg agatcagcga gccctgaaga gcacacgcat gtcattaagg ctgggcagca     55020
     gcaccatctc actagccctt tatttttatc ttttgtttat tgagacaagg tctcaccaca     55080
     tagctctgtc tggcttggaa atcatgtaga tcaggctgac cttaaactca tatatacacc     55140
     tgcccctgcc ttccaagtgc tgaagttaaa ggtatgtgct accttaccca acatacttta     55200
     ttttatatca ctcaattgcc aaggctacgc tgaagtcacc atcttcctac ctcagtcctt     55260
     caggtgctgg gatgacaagt gtcccttgcc cagctagcta gctttgtaat tagcagggtc     55320
     tcagtgtttc tagtttcctt atttggtgta ctgagggtgg actcagggct gcctgtgtgc     55380
     caggcaagcc ctctgccact atctacagct ccaggctttg ttttggtatc atttgtttta     55440
     ggagtttgct ttttagcctt ttaaaaatat tatatatacg atccttttgc ctgcaagtat     55500
     gcacgtgtac cacgtgtgtg cctagtagcc ccagaggtca gaagatgcca ttggatcccc     55560
     tggaactggg gttacagaca attgtgagtt gtcatatggg tactgtagtg gctattcctg     55620
     gttgtcaact tgactatatt tggaatgaac tacaatccag aattggaagg ctcaccagtg     55680
     acccttatct ggaggcttgg agatagaagt ttctgatctg gatcttggta tggagatctt     55740
     gaggcatagt agctatggac tccagaagat tcaatctccg agttcaaggt catctgggat     55800
     taaaggtgtg gtggaacaca cctttaatct gggctacacc ttctgctgga gacaatataa     55860
     ggacattgga agaaaggagt cttgctcctt tgcctgcttg ctgtgtgaga ctgagtaact     55920
     gctagatcct tgaacttcca ttcacagcta ctactgaacc attgttggga attgggctgc     55980
     agactgtaag tcatcaataa attcctttac tatatagaga ctatccataa gttctgtgac     56040
     tctagagaac cctgactaat acaggtacca aacacaacaa agcctataac cattgagcca     56100
     actccccagc cctggttttg ctttcctcca tcccatccca cccccaatcc ccacccccca     56160
     agacaaggtt tctctgtgta gccctagctg tacgggaact cagaaatctg cttaactgcc     56220
     tctgcttacc cagcgagatg ggattaaagg catgagccac caccactggc tatggttttg     56280
     gttttttgag atagggtttc gtgtatccca gtctggtctg aaacctgtaa ttctctgaaa     56340
     aactacataa atgtaggtat gggtcccatg actgctcctc cacggggctc ggccgctctg     56400
     ggaggcagga cacaggaagt gactgtgctt accacacgat gtcactgggc aggtgttggg     56460
     ccatagggaa gccctggaac actgatatgg agatgggaaa acacagtatg aggtgcggga     56520
     cagttggagg tggcttgggg gtccccaggc ctgcaagggt gcctgggccg tctagttctc     56580
     aggttgtgga agagctgaga atggagtacc ccacccccac ccccaaggct ggatctagcc     56640
     tggggctggg atgtgtgtgg gagtgaggga atgggaactc tggctggagc ttgtctttgg     56700
     catgatagtg gaggcagcct tgagcttggc ttggtcgtgg ttgggagcac agagaggcct     56760
     tttacaggag aatagaaagc cctataggtg aaggccttct ccatgactcc ccacggtgga     56820
     tcctgatgaa aagaggtagt ccatggtttt aaagtgttta ttgtcatggc agaaaatgga     56880
     tgagtaaaac cgtaccccac ttctccgggt gggcctgagg ttagtacctt ttgcagggag     56940
     gagtgcctga gaaggagagt ttattgacta agcctccagg cctttagtac ctcattaaaa     57000
     tggagacctg tcttgagctt acaggactac aggtcacttc ctctacactg tggaggggct     57060
     tggggcattg accttattag actaatagtc acaaatctat gaggggcgag gagctgcagc     57120
     tagtgccaca ggcctggtgc cagggaacag gtgaagtgcc taccatccct tcagggtctc     57180
     cggggcttct agctttagct ccacctggaa ccaggctacc tttcatgaga atggagccct     57240
     ggtagtcatc ttctgacttc tacaggtatg ctgtagaata ggtatgtctg tgttcatata     57300
     tacacataaa tatacatatg cacatgcaca tacatgcaca gatacacaga cacgcacaca     57360
     catatttatt gagagttttg atttctttaa aaaccaagtt atggggctgg tgtgatggct     57420
     cagtgggtaa gagtacctga ctgctcttcc aaaggtccag tgttcaagtc ccagcaacca     57480
     catggtggct cacaaccatc cgtaacgaga tctgacgccc tcttctggtg tgtctgaaga     57540
     cagctacagt gtacttacat ataataaata aataaatctt taaaaaaaaa aaccaagtta     57600
     tgatatgtga atatgttttt gttttagtcc cggtgtggaa gggactggag tgctctgagg     57660
     ccactgctgt acacacagtc ccttcctgct gttgtgtttg ctgagttgcc agtttgttag     57720
     atattttgaa gataatgaat tgacttgccc ctaggacctg atgcccctaa tctgcaggaa     57780
     gtagtctaaa agagttctac atctgctctc ccctctaacc tttctctcct acctagtgtt     57840
     atgagattag aaggataata gatatgagaa cccaataaaa ggggccggag agatggctta     57900
     gtggttaaga gcactgacta ttcttacaga ggacctgggt tcaattctca gcatccacat     57960
     ggcagctcat acctgtctgt aagtttagtt tcagagcttc tgacacccac atgctgataa     58020
     aagaccaatc accataaaaa taaaaataat aaaaaacaat aaaatagctt taaaaatact     58080
     ccagcatgca cagacgcccc caaacaggga atgaaacatt tcagtctcga ggccacatgc     58140
     actcaagcta tcggtgttga aacgcaggcc tatgagaggc agctcttggc aagctgaggc     58200
     aagagaagtt taaattccag attaacctgg gctatacagt gagatcttgt ctccaaaagt     58260
     gcatttggtt tgattgaatt aataattaac tcagtcagca ataatgcatc ggtgtcgcat     58320
     taaggaaaga aatcaaagca cttcctcttg tgtcattaag tcaagagcaa gccctgatgt     58380
     aaattcccta ccctgctctc cttgtcctct gccatccctg tctgtctgtt gattgagctg     58440
     aatctgcctg catgaaggct gtcctatgag ctgcccctgt tgtgtgtcca taacaaagag     58500
     cttgactctc tcattgagca gctcagagag catcacaagg ggaaggaagg aggaatacct     58560
     cacagaaata ttaacagttt tacactatta agtcagtaaa tccaactgac acaggttaat     58620
     gaaaagtatt acaggggctg gcaatatggc tcagcagata agaacattga ctgctcttct     58680
     gaaggtcttg agttcaaatc ccaacaacca catgatggct cacaaccacc tgtaataaga     58740
     tctgactccc tcttctggca tatctgaaga cagctacaat gtacttctaa atctttgggc     58800
     ctgagtgagg ggggttgacc agagcgagca gaggtccaaa ttcaattccc aacaaccaca     58860
     tgaaggctca caaccatgtg tacagtgtat tcatatacat aaaataaata aatctttttt     58920
     aaaaagtatt gcaaatatca ttgtttatca ggtaatatct gtacattgat ttcaacattt     58980
     ttggtgcata ttcttatatt gtttccagca aatgattatt ataagcaatg tataaacaca     59040
     catgtattat tcttgggtca ggggcataga gcagtacata atttaagatt acagctattc     59100
     attaacttag gttctaaaaa tttatatgga aatgggagcc aaatttttct tttaaaagca     59160
     gtttaaacaa gccaggcagt agtggtgcac acctttaatc ctagcccttg ggagtcaggg     59220
     acagaggcag agggacagaa agagagagag agagagaggc agaggtagag agagaggggc     59280
     agaggcagag agaggggcag gggcagaggc aaaggcagat ggatctctgt gagtttgaga     59340
     ccagcctagt ctacaaagtt agttcctagg ccagccaggg ctgttacaca gaaaaacttg     59400
     tctcaaaaaa actaaaacca aaataaacca tgttgagtgg aataagacag ttctgaaggg     59460
     ttgtgtgttg attgttggtt tatgcactcg aaagcttgag catgggatcg tttatagtga     59520
     tggagtcttt gtggcctgtg aagggtacag caggatttaa ggtagaatag gccatgtaaa     59580
     gacaagaggg ctacaaaaca aatgcgaaag ccagctccag agctagcgag gtatcctggt     59640
     gggtgacggt gacggcttcc aaaccaggca acccgagttc agttccagga atcgaacaaa     59700
     gaaggggaaa agcaactcct ctgacttcaa accatgtgtg gtagccgggc gtggtggcgc     59760
     acgtctttaa tccctgcact cgggaggcag aggcaggtgg atttctgagt tcaaggccag     59820
     cctggtctag agagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctata tatacagaga aactctgtct     59880
     cgaaaaacca aaccaaaaaa caaaacaaaa ccaaaaaaac caaaaaaaac caaaaaaccc     59940
     aaaaaacata tgtggtgtca tgcttaagtc cacacataca cacgattgaa taaatgcaat     60000
     aaaaaataaa tactggggct ggagagatgg ctcagtggtt aagagcactg actgctcttc     60060
     cagaggtcct gagttcaatt cccagcaacc acatggtggt ttacaaccat ctgtaatgag     60120
     atctgatgct ctcttctggt gtgtctgaag acagttacag tatactgtac tgtgcaccaa     60180
     agataaataa atcttttaaa taaataaaca aataaatact gaactagtga attctagtta     60240
     aagtctcctg ggttgggata actatcccct gccacagacc ccgctaagcc ctggcaatag     60300
     acctgctctg ctagggtgcc gaatgttgtg ttagcaccag ggctagcgtc tagacagacc     60360
     acaccaggcc aatacatttc cccgtgggaa atttactgtg ggggaagagg gcaaaggtgg     60420
     cgacaaagac gaaggggaga aagagggcag agaccaggag ggtatgcttt tttttttttt     60480
     ttaagattta cttatttatt atatgtgagt acactgtagc tgtcttcaga cattccggaa     60540
     gagggcatca gatctcatta cggatggttg tgagcatgtg gttgctggga tttgaactca     60600
     ggccctctga aagaacagtc agtgctctta aacgctgaga catctctcca gcccgagggt     60660
     ttgcctttta tttgggttgt gacataacca ctcgaaggta aaggtgggag gtgaggcaaa     60720
     tggattctgg gaatgtatgg cggttgccac agcaacagat gtgtgggttc tgttgcctgt     60780
     ggttgacgtc actggtttcg gaggcgatct gccaagctgg tttctggtac caacactgga     60840
     ggcagcttca ctaagcccac caggaacctg agacccagag ctgctgttat cagacgtttg     60900
     ggtcttttgt gtgtttgttc agtttggctt gatctggttt caagatggtt tctatgtgta     60960
     gccctggtta tcctggaact tgctttgtag accagacaaa catcaaggct agaagagatc     61020
     cacctgcctc tgctgggttt aaaggtgtga gccatcattc tcacaccttt tggattggtt     61080
     tgtttccttt gtgtctgtga cagtttctgc atgtaacagg tgggaatgct ggaattaggt     61140
     gtgaatactg caggacggtg gcaggtgtca accccacaca cagttctcac ttcataggaa     61200
     gtgatagttt aatattctag agccaaacgt catggtcatg gtcatggttc aggtgagcag     61260
     gtttctgtta ctccaaagtc cagtcgtcca gcatggaagc agctgcatgg agttcctata     61320
     gtaacaggac caagaaaatg ataaaccaag gcacttttac ttattatttt gtttcttgag     61380
     ttttgttttg ctttcgagac aaagtctggc tgtcctggaa ctcattatgt agaccaagct     61440
     agcctgaaac tcacagagag atctaagcct gtggcctccc agtggaggga taaggacacc     61500
     aacccaccca tgaaacttct gactccgaat ttgtcctgtc taaaataaat gcaggaacaa     61560
     agacagaaca gagactgaag gaatggccaa ccaataacca gcccaactgg agacccatcg     61620
     catgggcagg taccaatccc tgacacggtt atactctgtt atgcttgcag acaggagcct     61680
     agtatagctg tcttctgaga gcctccaccc agcagctgac tggtacagat gcatgtgtat     61740
     aaccaagcca agtggctgga ggtcaggact cttatggaag agttggggga aggattgaag     61800
     gcctgaacgc cagggggctt tctgagactg agccaccaac caaagagcat cctcaggctg     61860
     gatgggggtc ctcagcacgc atgtagcagg tacacagctt actcttcatg cgggtccccc     61920
     accgaccaga gagggtgctg tccctgactc tgttgcctgc ctgtggatct tgttccccta     61980
     actgggctgc gttgtctggc cttagtggaa gaggaagtgc ctggtcctgc agtgccaaga     62040
     tgggctggta tagggggggt gtgcaggggg tcagggagga tgggagaggg gccatgcagg     62100
     tcagaggtga ctgggaggag agggatggct atgaatgaga tgtaaagtga ataaataaat     62160
     taatggagag ggaaagggaa aagcctgtgc tatgacacct agataaatga tgacatttta     62220
     aaaaacacgt ctgtagaaac agcagagagg cctcggttgc tgtctgtcag cattcttagc     62280
     cttctagtga gggaagaggg ttttctaagt taacacattc cattgttttg tttttatcag     62340
     tttatcggga tgttaagcct gacatgatag actgggctgg ctctttaagg tctcaggaag     62400
     atagccttcg agaagttgca gttaggttct gggcctcctg cattccaaac tccgcgcagg     62460
     cattgatgtt tcatcagcca gcctttagca gacacggctt cttttcagga atcctgtcac     62520
     acacggttca ctcccaggct ttcagtctga actcagatga gccactcctt gcgtgtagtt     62580
     gagacagtca gtgtccctca gcctaagctg gccttcagcc cctgcttcag cctcccgagg     62640
     catgcgacat cacagtgcgt tctgtacctg gtttccttcg ctatcacaca ttatttcatt     62700
     ttgttttgga aggggtggtg atggagccca gagcctcaga aaagctaggc aagggctctg     62760
     ccgctgagtc cacccagccc tgctaaattt gttcttgttg aggtaaagta gttaagagcg     62820
     ctaagcagcg caggcagacc tggaggtctt agactgtctt gcctgagcct ctggagcgac     62880
     acatttagta ttgatgttag gtaaacctgt cctatgggta tatatgctcc ctccctcttt     62940
     ctgtgtatgt gaaagccaaa caagacatca gatgtcttcc attgccttcc atctatttct     63000
     tttttaaaaa aagatttatt ttatgtatat gagtacactt agctgtacag atggttgtaa     63060
     gccttcaagt ggttgttggg aattgaattt taggacttct gctcgctccg gtcggcccca     63120
     ttcactcagt ccctgcttgc ttcagcccaa agatttattt attattgtaa gtatattgtt     63180
     gctgtcttca gatgcaccag aagagggtgt ccaatctcat tacgggtggt tgtgagccat     63240
     catgtgaatg tcgggatttg aacttaggac cttcggaaga gtagtcagtg ctcctaacct     63300
     acgaggcatc tctccagtcc ctggcattct ggaggttttg gtttgtttta gttttgtttt     63360
     gatttttgac acaaggcttc tctgcataga ccaagctggc tttgaactca catcagttct     63420
     ctagcctcag cttctggact ggtggctggg tgacccctca caccactgtg ctcagtttta     63480
     tatttggttg gcaaagaact tttacctcta gagaaactca acctcattca gctccacctt     63540
     gataaggact tggctctgga ttcctggtgg gagtgaggct gtgggttcct tccagctcct     63600
     gaagctaaaa cgctgtaaca cgtggagtgg agctgccatc cctggggcca cagcctcttc     63660
     cccaggatct tctctacagg gtcatctttc caggccagct tgtaccccct agccacagct     63720
     gtctgtcaaa cactcagacc agattccagc tatgtccagt ttatttctct ttccagacac     63780
     ttggaatagc tgttgttgtt tgttagttac cttttggtgg atcgggacat ggatcccacg     63840
     gcttcctaca tggcaggcaa gtgtttcacc attgagacaa gtccctagct cctaactgga     63900
     ggattctagg tccgggccct ctgcccctgg cagttgttga caaagtttct agtacattct     63960
     agacttcatt gtagaagctt ggaactcagt tatgaacagg ataaattcct agtctcagag     64020
     agaaaggaac agcagagaaa atgtatttac ctgtggtggg acctattcgc acaggcctcc     64080
     ctagttactc cagatgctaa gtcaggaggg caaggagttt tgaaagctgc cttgtctaca     64140
     gggtgagttc aaggctggcc taggctatgt aacaagactc tgtctcaaag taaaagttgg     64200
     ggctggagaa atgtctcagc agccaggagt tctaatcttg aagaggccat gagtttggtt     64260
     catagctcgc atgtcaaaag cacgtgtaac tctagctcta ggagagtcaa tgcccctgtc     64320
     tggatttggt ggatacctgc aggtgttgta taatatacat gcatacatat ataaattcaa     64380
     aaaattaatt tttctaagtc cttattatct ttatctgaat gctgggagaa taaagagtgg     64440
     ctctgtttcc tttattcttc ctcctttcat tccattcttt ctttttcttt tttgttttcg     64500
     tctttctctc tctctctctc ttttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt     64560
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt tttttttttt gagacagggt     64620
     ttctctgtgt aaccctgatt gtgctagaac tcactctgta gaccagggtg gcctcgtccg     64680
     caacccgtct gcctctgcct tctgtgtgcc tggattaaag acgtgcacca ccactgccta     64740
     gctcatcaat ttctataatt aaaaaaccaa ggagtccaag tctagacttc tgagagtcgt     64800
     cttgttccaa gacctaaaaa tcttgttttt aaaatgaaaa gttatttctg aaaggggtgg     64860
     gggctgggaa tacagctcct tggtagagca catacatagc atgtaggtgt tcaacctaca     64920
     gcaccaaaag agattacagt ttcagggaag ggagctggct cagtgggtga gagcattggc     64980
     tgcttttcca aaagaccttg gttcttttcc tagcacccac actgtggctg acagtcatct     65040
     gtgactgcga ttccagggga tctgacgctg gcctctggct tctgagggca ccaggcacac     65100
     acatattaca cagatgcaca tgcaggcaaa atacctacac atgcaaacta agtgaaaaaa     65160
     tattattttc aggaaagcag actatggagc tgggcagtag aacccctgtc cagatgcaca     65220
     agaccctaaa ttcaatccca agtcccaagc aaaatcgttg tttgtaggtg ctggcaagat     65280
     ggctcagtgg ttgagagcat ttgttgcttt ttcagaggac ccacatttgg ctcccagctc     65340
     tggctcggtg gcttacaacc acctgtaact ccagcttcag ggatctgagg atctctcttg     65400
     acttctgcag ggccagggat gcatatggta cacagacata catacaggca agacactcat     65460
     acacagaaaa attatatgta cacgtacaca tacatatatg tatgtataca gatacacata     65520
     catatatagt gaatgtgcct tgttttaggt gaaagtgcca gaaaaaatcc ggcttaggag     65580
     gtggcatttg aacaaaagtg ggaacgaagg gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     65640
     gtgaagatga aaagtaacaa cattacagat ggaaggaatt gccagttcaa aggtcctgag     65700
     gttaggatag gcttgttttg tctgaggact agtgagaagg tcctatgacc acagtggatt     65760
     gatgaaggca agagaagaag atgggggtca gagacaccag tagtacccca gagctttcct     65820
     taagaatctc tggacatctt cccctgccct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc     65880
     cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttttttc     65940
     cttccttcct tccttccttc cttcctttat tttatttttg agacaagctc ttaccatgtg     66000
     gcctcaaatt cacagagatc tctctgcttc tacctcctgg tctctggaat tttctaacta     66060
     ctgggcatgt ttctactcat tctttaacac tcagcaccag ggccaactcc tcggggaacc     66120
     ctggcctgct tgccaccctg gtgcaggtgt catcagggat agtgttccag tgccaccatt     66180
     cactgtgtcc accgctccat tctacagata gagacagcaa ggcctgtatc taagtcactg     66240
     ttctattgct gtgaacagac atcataacaa aggcaactta tagaagaaat tatttaagtg     66300
     aggtgttgtg tacagtttca gaggattggt ccatggtcat aaccatggtg gtgaatggtg     66360
     gcaggcgggc aggcatggtg ctggagcagc tgagagcttc catcctgata cacaggaacg     66420
     gctcagagag agcaagtcta ggctagcatg ggcttttgaa acctcaaagc ccactgccag     66480
     caacacatct cctccaacaa ggccacacct cctagtcctt cccagacagt tcaccaatga     66540
     gaaccaaaca ttcaaatgtc tgaccctatg ggagccaacc tcattcaaat gaccacagct     66600
     ggagctgagt acctttgatg ttaagtcaaa ccttgccacg gtctggagac acacagttga     66660
     accatagggg aggaccgcga gagtctcaga atggtgacat ttccacagat gattaaaaaa     66720
     caaataaaaa ttatttaaaa cctggccagt gagattcctc cgaaggtaaa cgcagccacc     66780
     atcatgcctg gcaatctgag ctcgagccca ggacccacat gatgaaaggt gagagtgagt     66840
     cctgaagtta tcctctgcct ccatatatgc cattgataac acacgtgttc tctcattcac     66900
     acacacacac acacatgggg ggagagtaaa tatattttga catgtaataa aaatttgggc     66960
     tggagggatg gcaacagcta agagctcttt tgctcttgta ggggacccag gtttggttcc     67020
     cagcacccca tggtggctca caaccatctg taactctagc tccaggggat ctgatgccct     67080
     tttctggcac atggacattt ggctggcctc atgggcacat atctatacac acatacatat     67140
     atacataaaa tacatttaaa taagatttta aatgtaatta atttaaaaaa aaataaatga     67200
     gcaaagggga ccagccttgg ggaaatgtga cagaaagaca ttttattcca gatcgcagcc     67260
     tgtacaaaga ccctatggct ggcagcaata tgaaaagacc agagtggctg gacagactac     67320
     cttgaaggcc aaatgaggct gagaaacctc ttctacggct gcttcaaagg caagcccaga     67380
     ctctccagca cggagaagca gaacacagtg ataggtaaca tatctggggc ccagagtagg     67440
     ctggagatcg gccagggatg cctcagggat ctggtgggac ttttatcatt gctatgtgga     67500
     gattttacaa tacattcttt gtctgtccct tttaaagcct agagtacagc tctgttccca     67560
     gtccacccaa atccctagca gattgtgata aagactcact gagtaaatga atgccggaag     67620
     gttaaggaga ctctggctgg attcccaagc ctcatcccca gaggctgctc agaacctggc     67680
     aagcagggct ctgggcaaag ctttctccct gccaactccc tccgtgccct cctcatctgt     67740
     aagatgggtg ggttccttgc ctgatatgca agggaccatg aacatcctgg ctttattatg     67800
     aaagcaaggg gcgtctctct tttatcaatc tgtaaaaagg aagttagatg actagtgtgg     67860
     caagctattt aactcactcc accaacattt gagctataat gagggtgtca acttgctgaa     67920
     gcagcgagtg gcaagtgacc aagggcggca ggtgacacag gacctggtgg gctcctcctg     67980
     gaaatgtcta gactttaggc tccgttggta tgcggtttgg ggaagagact gtaaggagga     68040
     ggcggctggg ggacaaggaa ggaagcctct actgtagtct tgagagttca gtgatggagt     68100
     attgggcctg ttcagggctt aggaagatga gtttgggtgc cccccccaaa tgatagggtg     68160
     cagaagaaaa gccatcctgt aagtcactca ctggccacca cacatttggc ttggcatgtg     68220
     tggtacatgc acgtgaacac actcaataaa tggtataaag attaaaatag gagttgaaga     68280
     gatagaagca atactactct tgtagaaaac tcaagtctgg acccagcacc caggtggtgc     68340
     agtccacaaa cagtttataa cttcctttta gggcatccca tgtcttcttc tgacctccag     68400
     aggcacccac acacatgtgc ataactcaca caaagaaaca catatataca catgcaagaa     68460
     attaaatatg agtcttttct agcaaatagt ataagattag tcttttggac agtaattaaa     68520
     atcattatct ctcctacctt ataggacttt taaggagatg ttttaatcct cctcacccag     68580
     taaaactttt gtttatacaa agcgcccccc ccccccccgc tccattctag gaaattgatc     68640
     gcttggagca gtgacccctt tccccttcaa tttcctctgc gccaattttc tcagactagc     68700
     caattgaata agactgcgag gtcacctgag ttagaataga aaccatatgc acttcctgtc     68760
     ttctctttgc ttttccgcag cgcactgtct tgatgaagag taaagtttgc cttgttcgga     68820
     catttcattt tgaaggatgg tctctttctt tgccaccccg aaacttattc ctaacacaca     68880
     tgaatcaaaa taaagtcttt aaaaaaatga gctaaaagtg acaactgctg gcatttattg     68940
     tgcacttggg atctatacac ttgccctact cttcctcaag ttttacagac atcctagtcc     69000
     tgaggggtat tgtgttcccc caaggcccag gacactggga tttgaagtca ggctctccct     69060
     gtgtttgcct cccgggaaac gggagggagg atgcctctgt gcagctgggc cgtgtgtgtc     69120
     gagggtggtg gtggacggtg accattgcat tcaaaggggt tggaggcggg ggacaaggcc     69180
     tctgaggctc gcggtcgctt aggcccgctc agagtcccct acgctacaag gagcgcttgc     69240
     cgcaccccac agccaacagg gaccctattt ccccgctgca agccccgggg gccgccggga     69300
     gccccgcccc cgccccgcct cctccccagg cgcggacctc ggcgctcacg tgacccaccc     69360
     tgcagccgct ggggccggag ggcgcagctc ggcggaggcc tggccaggcc gggccgagcg     69420
     cagcaggccg gagcgcgccg cgcgcctggg agggtctggg cgccgcgcct cccgccgcac     69480
     ccgcccgcgc gctcgcaagc ccttccttgg cgctgggacc cctggcgggc ggccggagga     69540
     catggccggc gacgccgtac aggtaggcga cttgtccgca cccgcggggc ggccagaagg     69600
     cgcggaggac cccaggcacg ggtagagtcc cggacgaggt ccccatcggg agcccgcgcg     69660
     ggcccttgta gcaggtggag gcgccgaccg ggtcggagga aggggtgctg ttcgggattc     69720
     taccccagca tcccctcctt tggccctccc cgagagtcag cgtgtgtagc ggggtcccca     69780
     cttcggtgtc cgaggctagc tgcggatccc ggtgcctgtc gtccccacat cctactctgg     69840
     gtcctgcagc gttcggtttc tgtcaggtgc cgcttcacct ggagcaggtg cctggcaccc     69900
     tgccccggac cggaggagtg cccggcccga tcccctcccc cgcacaacaa agcccgggcc     69960
     acccccgcct gcagacgtct ttacgatggt cttgacgcca cccagatggg cacctgttgg     70020
     aggaagtgtc taagtcactt cactaggcct gaggccgggt tcctccttcc gccttgttcc     70080
     ccataaccac ccttcaggct gacagatgga gctgtaaccc aggtggggcg tgtcctgtca     70140
     cacagacagg aaggatttta tgtctggaag gtgacagggc tgggtctcta ctccctcgca     70200
     acagacacct gtgactggca tctgccagcc acatggcctt ccctgtgtga cctgttgggc     70260
     gttactgaag cagggtcagg gtcggggtga ctgactcccc actctaattc agtggcccaa     70320
     aatctgagat ctttgtatct ttgtggctcc attaattcgt caccatgcag tccattgtcc     70380
     tgtgtaactg gttctcatct ccttctacac ctgcccccat gtctcccctg tacccttctg     70440
     tacccgtctt ccccagtcct gctgatggcc tgccggcctt gccgaggagc tgggcgtatc     70500
     tggtgctgcc gatctcacaa ggtcagacct ccaggctgat gcaccggtgc cggctcccct     70560
     tcaagcccac tgagggctgt gcagggctgt cccagtacat gcatgtgctt ggtgtgtccc     70620
     gagtaggacg cacatggagg ctgtgattcc cagaatgagg ctggacctac atcttggtcc     70680
     ccgtcccgtc ttctccctta tgttcattcc cgcttggact tgctgcctgg ttccaccgtc     70740
     tccgtgcctg tctgttctgt gtctggcaaa cggatgtcct gtctagattc tggaaacgcc     70800
     ccaggcattg aaatctcagg aagtggggtt ttgggttcct agccactttg ccaagagggt     70860
     ttccccaagg tgacagttct tggtctgctg tctgcagatc tgtaatggca ggtggagaag     70920
     ctgaccttct aattcctcaa gaccaggcca ggcgtttgcc ctgctgccct caagtgactc     70980
     cttgtccctg ggcagaagtg agtcaccgag gaggaggacc caggaggccc tgcctccctg     71040
     cctgcatgct tttcacattc ccaggccttc tctgctggag gtggggccaa ggaccttcac     71100
     ctctcctctt tgcttgagct ggccctgctc ctggctgtgt acctgctttg cctgctgggt     71160
     tgggggcgct ggtgggcgac agtgggtggg gcctggtcat gacagagtat tgttcagtga     71220
     ggccaggttt aaataccaat gctgccttcc ctaatgagtt cttgggtcaa acacttttac     71280
     cttacagagt cttgtttctg ttttggagga ggcaatgggg ttaggaatgg tatgagggtc     71340
     tggtggtggt agtgcacacc tttgattcca ggacttggga ggcagaggca gggggatctc     71400
     tgagtttgag gtcagactgg tctatagagt tctaggacag ccagggcaac tcagaaaaac     71460
     cctgggtggg ggtggggagg tggggggagt gagggtgaga tgatggctat gcagagagag     71520
     gtggagcctc agccagttct gtgcttctct gacaccttta ctttgaacat agagcttgac     71580
     agtctaggct gggaacccac accccttccc aaggccccag caatggcctt gtgtgggggt     71640
     cattgtgtag tggggctgtc ctgtgtacct cggaatgttg acatggatag gtgtcccctg     71700
     tatactttgg ttgtaatgac aacaagaatg accccagaca ttgacatgcg tttctcaagg     71760
     cgatgagaag acgaccctac cttcactgag agcacagcta tggcctcttt gagcatcggt     71820
     ttccccctat ggtgactact gctcagatac acagtgagga gatgacaggg tcacaggatc     71880
     tgtgctcttg gcctgcagcc tcatccgaag ggcttaagag cctaggagaa cattgctcat     71940
     tgtgatggtg atggctcact acttctaggt gtgctggacg tgggattctt cccagctaat     72000
     gtgaatcttg gctctgtctc ttgctgcctg tgggacctgg agcagggggc ctcagctagt     72060
     ttgtccatcc gtctgtcctt ccttccttcc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     72120
     tccctctctc cctctctctc tttctctctt atctgtctta tcatctctag catctacatc     72180
     ttgctgtgct aggtgcaaag gtgcctgtta caatcctatc tctggcaagt aggaagcagg     72240
     aggatcagga gttcaaggcc agccttcact atgtattaaa ttcagagcca tatgggttat     72300
     atgagacaga gccacaaaat gaaacatagt acctgacaca tggaggacgt tctctgagac     72360
     ctgggtgagg ctggagcagg cgctgttttg ttgctcttga ggtacagagc ttgtgtgtgc     72420
     taccaagctt caccctctga tatcaccacc actaccatta cttttattta tttgttattt     72480
     ttaattatat atggtggggg ggtatgtaca catgcccaca gaagccagag aggtctgatc     72540
     cacccagaac tgaagttaca ggcatctgtg agccatttgt caggggtacc tcgaactcag     72600
     aaatccgcct gcctctgcct cccaagtgct gggattaaag gcgagcgcca ccatgcccgg     72660
     tgatatattt tttttttaga gcagttttag gatcatggca aaatccaggg ggaaatagaa     72720
     tctcatatgt atcttgatcc tgatataaac agccttgtaa ctgctatctc tgacagttga     72780
     gatttagtaa atagttgcgg gctgctgttt ggggccactc agggttgttt cttcctggtg     72840
     ttggcatcag ggagcgacta ctaagccagg tgggctccct aggcctctgc tgtgagcagt     72900
     cagggtggac atctgggtag gaggaagcag gaagttgatg ctgcctgtgt accggaagca     72960
     tgcatgcagc gtttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     73020
     gtgtgtgcgt gcgcgtgcgt gcgcgcacac acacgttttc tctctctctc tctctcccct     73080
     acagaacttg ctgttctgat acttaagggg aagttgggga caagggacaa gtgggagggt     73140
     ctctcagtag tgacatgaac acgcattagc agggctgagg gcctgaagaa cctgagggcc     73200
     tgaggtggtg catctaaaaa gaagtgtcag catgtacaag ccctttacca cacacacaac     73260
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacactc tcacacacat acagttgcac     73320
     gtaggcatgc acatgtgtat gagcttgtgg gctatggcca cttggcaggt ggagggtttg     73380
     tgagtagctt ccaagggacg aaaactagca cccaaagctg tttgtttatc agggtgtgtg     73440
     caggcaggtg tgggagtgtg catgtttatg aagctgtgtc ctacctccat gctgataccg     73500
     atgggagcag tatgtgtgag actgctctgc attcctgagc ctgggtccca gacatacacc     73560
     tgcaggcggc cgtgtgtgaa ttagcattct gtgcacacac tgagccaggc acagacctgc     73620
     agagctagac gcgcacacct ttgggaactt atgttctacc tacacattcg tgcaggtggg     73680
     gactggtcta gtctgctttc cgtcactgtg ataaaagact gaccaaaagc aacttgggga     73740
     ggaaagggtt ggtttggttt tataaattat agtccatcat ggaatgaagt cagggctgga     73800
     gctcaagaca gaagcttaaa gcaaaaccac agaggagcac tgctcactgg ctcacttcct     73860
     ctggcttgct cagcttcttt tcttatccca ggtccacctg cccaggatgg cactgcccac     73920
     agggagctgg gctctcccac atcagttagc aatgaagaaa atatcccata gacacgccca     73980
     caggccaatc cgacagaggc aattcctcaa ttgaggtgtg caaatctcac actcgcagag     74040
     ctggaactct gaccacacct ataagactgt ggtccacaca catgctgtgt accacacaat     74100
     atcctgcctg ctacataata tactgtggat gtgtgtatcc aatgtgtcag gcattgagga     74160
     ctgtttctcc ctggcttgtc tccagagaag caggcatggc catttagggg ttgatgtggg     74220
     aagaacctct tccatggcac acacccttaa tcccagtacc tgggatatag aagcagatat     74280
     atgagctcta agccaccctg gtctgcatag tgaattccag gtcagccaga actacataga     74340
     gagaccctga ctcaaaaaca aaacagaaca actcccaacc ccaaacaaaa acaaccaaaa     74400
     aacttgccct agagctggcc tggcgcagag gatgctggga actggaaggg aagaggaagt     74460
     ggcagtccag aggccctggc agggctgagg ttcaggaaga gggcgaggct cttagaccag     74520
     acctacgacc cagatggcag ctgatccccc tttggattcg gagctggagg tagggctggg     74580
     atctcctcag catggacgaa ggagacgtgg ggtcacatgg ggtggcagaa attgaggttc     74640
     tgttctgggt gcctctcgat tggcgactaa gcataggaag gaggaaggga actggtgata     74700
     tctctccagg ttggggggtg gtgaaacttg ggtgctgtgt cagcgctcag ctttgggaga     74760
     tgtgggagga gatgagctct gctctttgga gtaccagata tagaagataa caaagcaaga     74820
     ccatatagtt tgggaatgta gatgagagac gtctggatat gtttctaagg acagcaaaag     74880
     aaacagtagc ctgctctggg acttcctggt taggaatgca ggacaccagg agagaaaggg     74940
     ggtcatctga cccttctgga agaaccccat tgcataggta acaaattaag ggagacaggc     75000
     catacctgtg gggaccctgg tgtgcacaca gggaaggaag gagacttgtg cttggcctgg     75060
     tcttcacctt cctgttttct tattgatatt attttcttgt tatgtgtatg tgtctgtggt     75120
     gttatgtcca tatgcacacc agtgcctgct gaggctagag gcattgcgtc cccctggatt     75180
     tggaattaga ggctggaaac tgaattcagc tgctctgcca gagcactatg tgtttttagc     75240
     tgctgagcca tttctccaac ccctgactta tttattcatt tactcattca tccattgatt     75300
     catgcatcta tgtgtgtgtg ggaggggtgt cagaggacaa cctttaggaa ttgatcatct     75360
     ccttccacta tgtagattcc taggagatga acttaggcag gcttggcagc aagagccttt     75420
     acccctaaac catctctctg gccaagacat cccatttatg agcgtcaggc ctctgtcctt     75480
     gggattttgg ggtggagtag gatagggtgg tggtgggtca ggtgatctgt gttctggtga     75540
     ggccacctgc cctctagctt ctgaccttgt gtgtgtggtc cctcccctac agagtgagcc     75600
     tcgaagctgg tcgctgctgg aacagctggg tctggctggg gctgacctgg cagcccccgg     75660
     ggtgcagcaa cagctggagt tagagcgaga gcgactgaag cgggagatac ggaaggagct     75720
     gaagctgaag gagggcgctg agaacctgag gcgagccacc actgacctgg gccgtagcct     75780
     ggcccctgtg gagctgctgc tgcggggctc cgctcgacgc ctagacttac tgcaccagca     75840
     gctgcaggag ctgcatgcac atgtggtgct gcctgaccct gcagctggaa gcggtgagca     75900
     gaaagcctgg gagctgtgtt ctgtcaggat actgtcctgg gttcacagaa gccacaggag     75960
     aggccaggct tacagggcca ctagcacctg gatgaataca gtcacacctg tttcccagac     76020
     cccactcaaa gctgtctttg gcattaggag tacctagata tagactcacc agcatccagg     76080
     taacaccaga gacccacact gtcaccagat acctaaggac accattacaa ctattttcag     76140
     acaacgactg agaaacatgc tatcacatga gaatccagaa gcccacagtc acactaacag     76200
     acacccaaat actgcacatc tgtcaccctc atggctccct aaatcattcc aatatgtaaa     76260
     gaaggaagga aagaaggaag gaaggaaagt ggagaacaag tgagtaactt acctgatgtc     76320
     cctctggctt ctgtgtatac acatgtgcat gcacacatgt gtacttgtac ataaagaaaa     76380
     cccacaacac aatttatcat tgccagagtt cagtcacttt atgtgtgtac atgcagtaac     76440
     aaagcaatgg ttccttcatc ttgtacctaa gatggtcatg gtcacaggga caccagaaga     76500
     cacccagagt ttatactgtc acacacatgt tcagagaagt acagtcaatt atgccacctg     76560
     ggcaacacag caaacccgat tacgtgattc cagagacagg agcacaatct cgtccaaaca     76620
     gcgtccaagg tttgcgtcct gtcacttata cctagagaga cacactaact aacccacaat     76680
     gacactagag ctctcccact aggtcacacc aaccttgaga ggtatcccac cactgtccca     76740
     tccacagcag actctaccta cagcctacag gctcagcccc tctacatatg gctgtgtcag     76800
     cttttggggt ccaatactgc tggagttcag ccaagagtct cataagccct ttctgcagtt     76860
     ccccaccact gcatctctct tgtgttacag acctcacctc tgacaacgac aacagccaag     76920
     tctcaaaaca atcctagaaa cccctagaga tcagaactga gctgtaccaa caagaagcag     76980
     tgtcattgta agctcacaca tatacactgt tacacccaca tctagggttc taccaccagt     77040
     ggcctacaga cataatcaca cacacaccag tgggcttata caccctaagg cagatggggg     77100
     cattttttcc agctaaccct gaagacctgc atacctggtc actaactcac tctccctcat     77160
     gctgaagccc agtctgtcac tgagagccag atgtctcctg cccgtgtact ggcccctagg     77220
     ctccttttct ggatgaaggt ttcctattgg ctgggacaaa atctcccagg tctcctgggt     77280
     acactgaagt gaccactgtg tgattctctt cttttcttgt ttcctcagat gctacccaat     77340
     cccttgcaga gggcagccct atctgctcat ccaccaacct gagcagagtg gctgggctgg     77400
     agaagcagct ggccattgag ctcaaggtca aacagggggc agagaacatg atccagacct     77460
     atagcaatgg cagcagcaag gtgagaccac agtgctccag aacctttcgt cactgtgacg     77520
     gaccggaggc tgtgtctctc ccgtgtgctc cctgcctctg acttatctac tctgggcatc     77580
     atattattgc agtacatggc catttgtctg tggctctgca gacacttgca cagagatgtt     77640
     cagagaggtg aggaggatgt agttccagct ggtacaaact gggctatgag tcctcagtcc     77700
     agtggaggtc cagactttgt agttgagagc actgaggctc agagaagtga aagagcaagg     77760
     ctgaggtcaa aagctgaact ggagtggcaa ctttggaatt tttgtttctt tacaaactca     77820
     gaaaaaagaa tgtattttca ttttaatcca aggtgtggga tatgggactg cttctgactg     77880
     tccacagcag ctgactatga tttgcctcgt gctctagcag gggcatggtt ttgccagctc     77940
     catattgttt ctgcagttgt gtaacacttg aaattctggg aacttctcag aggatatata     78000
     aatgctacag tcctgatagg tgggtgtagc tggtggtcat tcagggggga tggttgcagt     78060
     ttgttagtag ttgtactcaa agaagaaagg agaagaaaga aataagactc caggattccc     78120
     cctccctccc tctcccctct atcctttctc tcctatctag tgataggggt gaaaccaggg     78180
     ggataatggt tggggaaaag aagaacccat aaaatagcac aagacaggca ataagtggtg     78240
     cccaaacatg gaaagtgaag gataaaaatg ggaaattaga gaaaacaaac agggaatgga     78300
     ggaatggatt ttgttttttc aagacaccag caaaaaatgt attgtagctg ttgccactgg     78360
     gatgtttcct gctttgctcc caaagggttt tttttttttt tcttcttttt cttttttgta     78420
     tattttgctt tgaaaaaggt tgaaggactg gctgggcagc tggaaaagtt gctagtggaa     78480
     atggaagggc ctgagaaaca aacaaacatg actgaaatgg agaaaagaag ggggccactc     78540
     tgctctctct tctgaagggt tggagttgac cgtgcatggg agaggttgcg gatagaggtg     78600
     gtgagcacca ggaaagagag aagaaaaggc tcagtcctga gagcaggagt ttccctcagg     78660
     aggaaagacg gaaagaaact gtgcccgaag gcagtcaggt cagaaaccgg ctgaggaagt     78720
     gagaggacaa gctgatgaac tggttagaga gagagaaggg gttaacctcg aaccagctac     78780
     agctccagag atggaggagg ggcagcttgg ccttaggaga tcaccactag ttagttgtac     78840
     agcatgggcc tgctgacggt gtggaaaagg gtcatgggga cataggatgg catcctcgag     78900
     gcatgataga gctacagtct tttaaaggac tgtgacttct taggaatgca ctagctttat     78960
     atgaaacaaa ttctaaataa ctgtgctact caaaatagaa ttattctcca agactagaag     79020
     ggattggtga cagcttagac accagtctgc agttgccatg gttaacatgg tggggggaag     79080
     aagctgcaaa tattggatca cgaagtagaa cgaggggatg aatacagtaa aagacgaggt     79140
     gttgggtgaa gggcggtact ctgatataca agaacagatt caatttgatg atgttactat     79200
     agaacgttgt cacttagtgg ctttaagagc ttgggacagg gctggtgaga tggctcagtg     79260
     ggtaagagca cccgactgct cttacgaagg tcagaagttc aaatcccagc aaccacatgg     79320
     tggctcacaa ccatccgtaa tgagatctga ctccttcttc tagagtgtct gacactccct     79380
     tttctggagt gtctgaggac agctacagtg tacttacata taataaataa ataaataaat     79440
     cttaaaaaaa aaaagagctt gggacaaagc tgaggagccc aggagaaagt ccacctcatt     79500
     tacaaagatt atatacaagg ttctgaagag gccttcactg atttttttat tttttattat     79560
     ttttattatt attttttttt ctttttggtt ttttgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct     79620
     ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccacctgcc     79680
     tctgcctccc gagtgctggg attaaaggtg tgcaccacca cgcccggctt attttttatt     79740
     tttatttttt ttacaaaaat tagtctcagc tgtgaacaaa gccatattag actatcaagc     79800
     aagacaggtg ttgatagagg acttggttat gaaaatttga ataccaaatg taaaaaagtt     79860
     attagaccat taaaggttca agcagtgcct atagatgatt ggataaggga tatgaccaat     79920
     gttggatcta acatgtgcca tgctaatata gtaggtcagg tttagctata ggtgtccaat     79980
     atcaaaatgc ctggtacttc aattacagga aattcagtca tttgcaaaga gactgtgact     80040
     aagccgctaa aagtcttaca tctcaaaatg cctggtgcta aattgtggga aatattgtca     80100
     tttgaaaaaa aattgaatga ggcatctgta taaggaaatg tgttttctaa atataaacca     80160
     gaaggaaggt ccagtctcca ggagtgtgca ggtgatgtgg caagaattgc tgttggactg     80220
     atgagtgtgt cggaccaaga gagttatcca gggcagtttc taactatcca gaattggccc     80280
     tgcggcctat cttgaggcca cacagaaaaa aagtaggaac agtttgcttc ttgtcagccg     80340
     ggaaataaca agcaggcaga aaaacctcaa tactcagcaa gagagagtca ccaggttata     80400
     ggaaaaacca tggaattaaa tcaaccgata tactataaga acatcagagc ggaagccagt     80460
     gagagctttg cctggaggat gcagatgtgt ttatatttcc acagggaagc aaaagctgtg     80520
     ggtcccatca gaactgatca agataggaac ccagcaggag agggctcctg aaagtcttgg     80580
     ccacggaccc gaaaagcact tatttcattg aaaatgtctg tttataatct cccgctacac     80640
     acagttcatg gcttaaaaca gaagggagaa acgtagtgac agctttagag ttttggtttc     80700
     tttaaaaaca cagaaatatt ataatcccag gagtggaata tgggctgctc cagactgtcc     80760
     acagcagctg actatgattt gcctcatgct ctagcagggg cacagttttg ccagctgcag     80820
     atagttattg caattggtga catttggagt tctggggact tttcagaggg tacataaatc     80880
     agcacggccc cagtcggcag ggttggcggt tgttggtcat acagggggtt gattgcagtt     80940
     tgttagtagt cgtgctcaaa ggagaaagga gagagaaatt agacccaagg atcccgatcc     81000
     ctctctctgt ccctgtccct ccccctctct ctcctcctcc ccttccctct ccctctctcc     81060
     ctactgtttc tctccctccc ctctctccct ctttctctcc tatctagtga tgggggtgaa     81120
     actgagggga taaagggtgg aaaaagaaga acacatgaag tagcaaagac cagctacact     81180
     gagttgttgg gtagcagagc tgggactgaa gcccatggac tgcctgcctc tgcactggcc     81240
     caggaggctg ggactatgtg tccttgctct tacctgttat gatgtggaca gcagctcaga     81300
     cttgagttcc cactctgcct gccaccttcc atgtctgtcc ccaggaccgg aagctgttgt     81360
     tgacagccca gcagatgctg caggacagta agaccaagat tgacatcatc cgcatgcagc     81420
     ttcgaagagc gctccaggca ctacaggctg gagagctgga gagtcaggca gctcctgatg     81480
     aagcccaagg taagaccctt cttggacatt ggctgcctgc attcagcctt ccaggggtcc     81540
     acctgcaacc cacaatgcct attcctgtct atttctggtt gtttcattca aggtttgggc     81600
     taggatagtt gttgccaaac gccaccctca ggccaaatcc acctgatttt tttccctccc     81660
     tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctttt     81720
     gtccttcctt ccttttgttg tggttagggt ggaatccagg gactcctata aactaggcct     81780
     gtgtttttat cgaaccgtga ccctaaccct tcaatgataa aatctatgtg gcactgtagt     81840
     acttggcaaa ccctatccct tgtttttagg gttgttttaa gatttatctg tgcctgtgtg     81900
     catgcatgtg tgcatgtgtg tgtgcaggtg cctcaggagc cagaaggagg catcagatct     81960
     ctggaactag agtctcgggt ggttgtgagt catatgccgt gggtctgggt aagcagactc     82020
     ctctggaaga gcagaaagct tttctataat caagccatct ctctagcccc acccctggtt     82080
     gctttcagtt tagttttgag acaggatctt tctataatag ccctgcctgt cctggatctt     82140
     agtatgtaaa ccaggctggc ctgtgactca cagaggcaga gttcttcctg cctctgcctc     82200
     ctgagtgctg gaattaagcg tttgtgttac catatcgagc ctgtgattgc gttttgagat     82260
     agggtgtcat tatgtagctc tggctagcct tgatctatgt agaccaggct gcctctaaca     82320
     gatcgcctgt ctctgcctcc atcccccact ctatcccttt ctttttcttt ttcttttttt     82380
     cttttgagaa aagatttcac cctgtggcct aagccagact tgaactctca gtcctcctgc     82440
     cgtcacctgt gagtgtttgg aaccacaggc ttgcactgcc aggcccacat gcctttgtaa     82500
     agaaagtttt actggcatgt tttcatgttt ggtttttacc acatgcacag agctgagaag     82560
     tggttactga gccttggtga gccaggcgta gtgacacagg cctctcatcc cacatgcctt     82620
     taatcacagc acgcaggggg cagaaacagg cacatctttg ggagttcctg gccaaccggg     82680
     gctacatggt gaggcaaaat agaatagaat agaaacaacc atcacagatg ccaagggctg     82740
     tcctactcac actggccctg gacttgtggt aattctcctg cctcagtctc ccagatgcta     82800
     tggttgatta caggcatgtg ctaatatgac caacattttt tctcttgttt cattttccct     82860
     gttatttgtt tttgtgtatg tgttggcaca agtgaatgag tcaccttttg ggagtcagtt     82920
     ctctctctcc ctctctccct ctccctttcc ttctcttccc ctccctccct ccctctctct     82980
     ccctccccct ccccctctcc ttctctgctg gcctagaact cactctctga tcccagcttc     83040
     tgtgtcccag gtatgctccc ctccgtccca ctcttgcttg ttttttgggt ttcttgtttt     83100
     atttgttgat gctgcttttt agtgctgggg atggaatcag gccctcctac actgcagtca     83160
     ggtgatgtac cagtgagtta catggctggc tctgttactg ctctgagggg ccatgctccc     83220
     tcatgccctc acctaaccca ataccatctc actgtggatg agctccatat gcacactggt     83280
     ccagggcaca cacattcagt ttcttactgt gtccctattg gtggaagttc agtaggatgc     83340
     agagggtacc agtgtcacat gaaagtctga gttttgtatt tgaatatatg agtgatggct     83400
     gctgggcata gataatatct gcccttgtag attacagtgt tccctttgtc ctaagctagc     83460
     ccctgggaat gacaaggact gttacaatat atctgtctct aagcctaggt catcagtgtg     83520
     cctgtgtgtc attgctgtga aggtacttgg gtaaccatgt ccctagacat tatggtgttt     83580
     gagtaagagt gactggattt gggtggaagg tgacagtccc ttccagtaca agaatcatga     83640
     tatgctttgg tggccatgta tggtgagcct gtgcctgaac atggtggcat gtctgggatc     83700
     aggctagtct gaaggttgtc tcatggtccc atggcccatg tccataggag atccagaact     83760
     gggagccgta gagctacgca ttgaggagct acgacaccat tttcgagtgg agcatgcagt     83820
     ggcagaaggt gccaagaatg tcctgcgcct gctcagtggg gcaaaggccc cagaccgcaa     83880
     ggcagtcagc gaggtgacat tgagggttct gctaggggcg tggtatttaa gggacatagg     83940
     agagataggg ggttcacagc aacaggtcct ggtgagggtg gagctgtaac tcagatggac     84000
     tgccgctagg tgtgagcctt agtaggacag gggagagaca gtccgtgtct aagctaggag     84060
     cagtggagag tcccagggag acctgaggcc tagcccagag cctggcagag gtggggccca     84120
     tcaagaaact ttaatgaggg tggggcctca gagggccctg gctccagcag ggggcaaagc     84180
     ctagtttcca ggctctacct tatgggtcta agtaggtttg aggtttaggc ctgaggaaga     84240
     agttgctgga ggtgggtggg ttcttgggga agggtctatg cctgtcctca gctctctgcc     84300
     ttcctgcctc aggctcagga gaaattgact gagtccaacc agaagctggg cttgctgcgg     84360
     gaatcactgg agaggcgcct tggggagttg cctgccgatc accccaaggg gcggctgctt     84420
     cgggaggagc tcactgcagc ctcgtcctca gccttcagcg ccatactgcc tgggcccttc     84480
     cctgccactc actacagcac cttgagcaag cctgcaccgc tcacaggtgg gctccggact     84540
     gaccacgctc ttgggaccac gccctgagac cacttgcctg gatctccagg ctccccagcc     84600
     ctgactaagc ttaccctgtc gcctccttgc cctcttatcc tggtccccgt ttccatctct     84660
     accagccaag caaccccatc ttcctgctct gttctgattc tagactgttg tcctcaccct     84720
     cctccttgtc cagcagccgc tcctgcagcc catcagacct tagccccagt cctgctgtct     84780
     cagtcttttc ccttggctgc tctgaatgtc acctccttag acccctgcct ctctgacacc     84840
     ctgtcagagc cccactggcc gcccttcctc agctgccact ctccctgttg agctctctcc     84900
     tctgcctccc tcccatgagc ctgcccctcc tacagggacc ctggaagtac gagtggtggg     84960
     ctgcaaaaac cttcccgaga ccatcccctg gagccctccc ccctcagtgg gggcatctgg     85020
     gacccccgaa agccgcactc cgttcctgag tcgccccgct cggggccttt acagccggag     85080
     tggaagcctt agtggacgga gcagcctcag aggggaggca gagaatgcca gtgagtggtc     85140
     atggggaggc tgggtggtgg gtgggtgggg tggtcgattt gtagcatttt ctttattgat     85200
     ttgactattt gcttatttat ttaaagccag ggttcactct gttgcttagg ctgccctcaa     85260
     actctgagct caagtgattc atggttagac aactgagtca gctggtccca tagctgccat     85320
     ggcttctatt ctatctacac agtgtccggg ccctagcgag aggactcaga ggttaggagt     85380
     gtgcactgag cttgcagagg accccagccc tcatcagggg cctttaactg ctgtcaccac     85440
     agtcagtggc tcccatgctc ttctgacttc cctgctccct acaccatgtg cacaaccttc     85500
     cgcacgcaca cacgcactca cacacacaca cacacttcaa aaataaaaat ttggggccag     85560
     agagatggct cagcagttga gagcacttgc tactcttgaa gagcacctga ggttcagtcc     85620
     ccagcaccca cacagctgct cacaaccacc cataactcca gttctaggga gtctgacacc     85680
     ctcttgtgac ctcttcaggt accaggtaca caagtagtgc aaatacatgc atgtagaaca     85740
     cacatacaca taaaagtaaa agcaaataga aataaaacag taacaagaga aacagaacaa     85800
     aacaaaataa cccataaatg taagagaaga tgtagagaaa ttggagcctg tgttggcagt     85860
     gggcaaagtc aaacagtcat catgaggaat agagcagagg cttggggcac agatcagcag     85920
     tagagctgcc tagaaccccc cagtgagagc tggagtatgg ctgtggtagg cctcctgcat     85980
     agaacccccc caacccccca gtgggatgga cgggactcag tgagagagca cctgcctaga     86040
     acccccagtg agggctggag tcactgatta gggatagact acttgcctac tatatttgag     86100
     gtccttccat cctaagccca gcaaaaataa aggtgaaatt agcgataatc acgtgatcta     86160
     gcagttcagc ttctatatgt ccatcagaga actgagcagg ggtttgagtt ggtagatgcc     86220
     caatttgtgg cattattcac aatggcagca agggagaagc cgtgccatga gtggacaggt     86280
     gcacggtgtt ctgaacagag tgggctagga ttcagtcttg gaagtgagga gagcatgaac     86340
     cgtccctacg tacacagaca gacactgaag gtggtgcagg aagcaaaaga agccaaggac     86400
     agcctggttc cactcagcat ttgctagagc cacagaccca cggagacagg aaataggagg     86460
     agcagcaggt gctagaggct agggaagggt gtcctcatct tctggaacta aggctcagaa     86520
     gccatctgaa gggcaggaga tgactggtag tgacgggcac agtggtgcat gtgctgagct     86580
     ccaaggatct gtacttacac aagcccggtg ggctggggac agaggtgagg ggaagctagt     86640
     ctagcacgag tatgcccctt agtttgattc ccagcaccag ataaaccaag tacaggagca     86700
     cacacctgta atcccagcag gcttggaagt agagacagga cagtcagaag ttcattatca     86760
     tcctaaaaac atagagtatc cagggccagc ctgagttaca caagactgtc tcaaaaacaa     86820
     acaagccaaa cgcatatctg atgtagtcct acaagccttc cagaatttag gaggtagaag     86880
     caggcagatc aaaaattatg ggccagccta ggatacatga aacattgtct caaacagaag     86940
     aaaaatgagg gctgacatgt gtatgcctgg aaccctagta ctcaggaggc taaggcagga     87000
     ggattcaaag ccaatctggg ttatgcagta agttctaggc tagcttggtc tttagagtaa     87060
     gattgtatct caaaaccaaa agaaaaacac aaaaatgagc aaccccttcc ccccaaaccc     87120
     cagtctgaat taaaggcttt attgtgaaag gcaagctggc tgagggagtt gaggggctct     87180
     gacaggatat ggagcaagcc ctcccctccc cctttcctgc cgccctctcc tggtttcagc     87240
     tgaggtcagc accgtgctca agctggacaa cacagtggtg gggcaaacag cctggaagcc     87300
     atgcggcccc aatgcctggg accagagctt taccctggag ctggagaggg tgagccgtgc     87360
     tcggggaatg ggaattagaa ggggagttta ggcgtcagac acaggaagtg atggccctgt     87420
     ttcttcttaa ggctcgggag ctggagctgg ctgtgttctg gcgagaccag aggggtctgt     87480
     gtgctctcaa atttctgaag ttggaggact tcttggacaa cgagaggcat gaggtgcagc     87540
     tggacatgga accccagggc tgcctggtgg ctgaggtaca gcctggtttc tgacttctga     87600
     ccccaagatg tttcctgcct ccttgcctcc aattgcttag catggggagg ttaatttcag     87660
     aggtttctga atcttcatgg gaagtaagcc tcacgaaggc tgggattggt gccaggcgaa     87720
     tcagcagcaa cagaccacat acgtgatcgt gttcccagaa ggctgggcct cgtcaattgc     87780
     atgttggtct ggcaataggc aggactcaat gggtagaatg cttgcctagc atgcacaaag     87840
     ccatgggccc catttctagt tcagataaaa ctaggtgtag gtactggaga gatggctcag     87900
     cagttaagag ctctggctgc tctccagagg acccagattt gattcccaac acctacatgg     87960
     ccacttacag ctgtctgtaa ctccagttcc aggggaactg acaccctctt ttggcctcag     88020
     tcactaggtt ctcatgtgtt gcacagacat acatgcaggc aagacactca tatacattaa     88080
     gcaaacaaac aagcaaacat taacactaga tataatacaa catcgagcta catgatgagc     88140
     aagaggacag gaatataaag actttaacaa aaacacagcc aaagccgagt gagtggtggt     88200
     gctcgccttt aaccccagcc ctctggaagc agaggcaagc agacctctga gtttgtggtt     88260
     agcctgatct acgtagtgtg tcccaggcca gtcaggtcta tagagagacc ctgtctgaaa     88320
     aacagaaaac atttcttcca ctgcagctta gtggaagcac tgggtgcgcc tcgtgtgtgc     88380
     tgggcttgca ctggaagctc tcgcttcacc ccaagcatcg cagcaacaga cgcaggtgga     88440
     ggcgggtgtg gctgcagctg acagaatctt cctgagagcg gttgtcactg agcctaccgt     88500
     gttgagttct gccatgggga gaatgttctg tctgaactgt ggctggtcta actggaaacc     88560
     actttttccc accgacgctt tgagtaattt aaatgtgatt tctacacatg gcatctgcac     88620
     agggacactc cgggtctaga gatcagtgcc tgtatgtgct ggagttgcaa tcctaggctg     88680
     tcatcgtggt tcacacaggg atggcccaca tcactgcggc ttctgaagca aggggccagg     88740
     ctccatccct cctggctctg attcagtcta agagaggggt ctgagaatat atatttctgc     88800
     ccacggcccc ttagccctgt gaatctgggc ttgttgctca gcatctcact atgccagcag     88860
     cataagtgga ggaggcgtgt gcacccaatg gaatacagaa gcaaagagac acaggagggg     88920
     gctaggctcc caatatcctg tgtgtgggca tacaccagtg accccacttc ctcactcgag     88980
     gacctcctaa atagagctac aggcttgtga caaaatcttc agtacacagg gccattttgg     89040
     gattgctgag cgatgatgct cgtgtggcta acctgcaact atacttggga atcaagtcat     89100
     aggtggtggg agacttgttt cccagacttc catgtcaggc tgtttttttg tttttgtttt     89160
     tgttttttaa gatttatgta tttattatgt atacagtgtt ctgcctgcat atatgcctac     89220
     aggccagaag agggcatcag atcccattac agatggttgt gagctaccat gtggttgctg     89280
     ggaattgaac tcaggacctc tggaagagca gtcagtgctt cccaccgctg agccccctcc     89340
     acgtcagtct tgtgggtgca gaccccttcc tccctcagag aagggtctga ctgcctgcac     89400
     cctccctttt caagatggaa gcctggtgtg atttgaatat gaatgttcct gtcttaggta     89460
     tttttcctgt gactgtagta aagaacccta gcaaaagcat tttaagggga agagggtttc     89520
     ttttgctcag agtccaccat ggtgggggag tcaagcagga gctagtcact ctcataggaa     89580
     gtaaggctgg gaagcagagt ggtgagtgcc gtgctccgct tgcttctcct ctccatgctg     89640
     tccaggaccc ccacctaggc aatgatgcct ctcacagctt tgtcaggtct tccctagtag     89700
     acacagggaa tccctcacaa gtgcctggag cctgggtagt cagcttgaca gctaacttta     89760
     actctttcag tccccatgag ggctcacact tgctccccag ctggcggctc tttggagagg     89820
     taatagaacc ctcagtcctg ctgctttctg ttccctggtc ctcggagatg tacctgggct     89880
     tcaggcttct accacagtgg gccccactgc ctgaggcgcc atgttatcct cccatggtgg     89940
     gctgtactcc ctcagctatg gcagagtaga gctccccgag agtgtcctgt caggtactct     90000
     gccacagtga ggagaacgca gcatgcactt atgagggcag acagtgagtg cactgaccac     90060
     tgcttccatg ctcatcagct ttctcttgct tgacagaaca ctcgggagaa ataaacttac     90120
     aggaagcagg atggtttcag ggttgcagca ctcacctcat tgcttctggg cttgcaatga     90180
     agcaggccgt ggagtagagc tgttcacatg caggcaagga gacagaagga ggagaaggga     90240
     gtaggtctgg tagctagaga cctgctcttg cagtcacacc cttccctgtg aagccccctg     90300
     cttccttccc agcagtctga tgctctgaag ccatcgctcg atgaacccat gagtggattc     90360
     attgaccctc ctgtacgtag tcactgccaa cagctcagct ttgcactcgg ctgctagagc     90420
     caagccacat gtcctcaggg acacttggtg tcatggtgcc ccatacatag gttgtgtgtg     90480
     tatctattcc tgcgaccact gcagcggagt gtgtccccac aggtcacttt ccgaaacccc     90540
     atcatcgagc ggatccctag gctccaaagg cagaaaaaaa tcttctccaa gcagcaaggt     90600
     aaggagggtc tgagcgatct gggttgtaca gccaaggacc ccaggatgtc atgggtggtg     90660
     accctaccct tgcaacttca gggaaggcat ttcagcgagc cagacagatg aacatagatg     90720
     tggcgacttg ggtgcggctg ctccgtagac tcatccctag tgctgtggcc actggcacct     90780
     tcagtcccaa tgcatctcca ggtgctgaga tccggcacac tgggtaagga aggagcgtgt     90840
     ggcctgtttc tctgttgctt ctgtttccca gcgtcctagg ttcccaactc accctcctcc     90900
     ctctcctgca gagacatatc catggagaaa ttgaatctcg gtgctgactc agacagctcg     90960
     tcccaaaaga gcccaccagg gctgccctcc acctcatgca gcctggtgag tgtgcaccac     91020
     tcccctctgg gcaggggagc ctgggggacc tgctgttttt gttttgtttt gttttgtttt     91080
     gtttccagaa acctccagat gctaacccag gatcatccag gagaacaagg ctggttgttt     91140
     ggttgttttt gttgagtata gtttcaggct ttgaactctt gaacccctca ggcccctgtg     91200
     tgctgagatt gccatgccca atttataggg taatggtgat gaaatccagg gctttctgca     91260
     tgctaggcaa gtgctctgac aactacatct ccagcacttc ccctgttttc tatacccatt     91320
     taaaatatca acgtggaagc tgggcaaggt gacaccagcc tatcttccca gcagtggcat     91380
     ggcagaggca gggttgtcac cacaagtttg agtccagcct agactacata gtaagttcta     91440
     ggccagttta ggctacatat caagaccctg tctcagaaac cagagctggg ggtgtgtgct     91500
     tggagactaa agtttgctga gtagtataac tcttgggcag tgtgcttgca gctctgggtt     91560
     ccatcccagg ctgatcaaaa gaaaagaaca aaaggaacaa agtgtgagct ggtggaagag     91620
     ggcagaaagg tgcctgtgtg ccggctgcac tgggaggcag aggcgggggg tgggggtggg     91680
     gcgtctggag cgaagtcacc tcagctgtgg agttggattt tgagattgta ctatagcttt     91740
     tctctctcca aatcgtcctg taaacccctt cttcctctct gtcaaattca tggcctcttt     91800
     gttcattaat tgctattgca tgcatctatg tgtgtataaa tatatattct gatatacatc     91860
     ctgctcaatg tatataatgt cacttttctg tatgttttct tttctttttt ttgtttttct     91920
     agacaaggtt tttctgtata gccctggctg tcctagaact tactttgtag accaggctgg     91980
     cctcaaactc agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc ctccagagtg ctgggattaa atgtgtgtgc     92040
     caccaccacc cggcggctct gtatgttttc aagtctggcc atttaattct agataatcaa     92100
     ttagtgtggt tttcctttgg gaagaccctc tgtcactgaa aacttacttt aattggctgt     92160
     agtactttca gaagggttgg gcctcgtggg ctttgcccca tccactgtgg tatatctgta     92220
     gttattgtct ttgtccagct cattcggacg gtcatgctgt tgagatggac acagccttat     92280
     agcgaactcc ccaatcctct ggccctacca gtctttctct ctcagtgttc tctgagcctt     92340
     aggtatggaa gtgttttgta gatgtatcca ctggaactgg gctctacact tctgcatttt     92400
     gactgagtgt ggctttctgt ggtagtctcc atctgttgca gagagaagtc tccttggtga     92460
     gggatgagga acactttcat ctgtgggtac caggcagaga ttttcaacct tcccaatgct     92520
     gaccctttaa tacagtttca catgatgtga aaaataagat tattttcatt gctacttcac     92580
     aactgtaatt ttgctattgt tatgaatcat aatgtaaata tctgtgatag tcttatgtga     92640
     cccctgttaa aaggtctctt gaccagcacc caggaaggtc tgacctacag actgagaacc     92700
     actgagaacc ataaatattt agagtgtagt taggggttgt gctggtttag taaagcggtg     92760
     gctgtcggtc ctcctccaag gtctgtgacc tcactaaccc tgcgtagtcg gctacgtttc     92820
     cagcacctgg cattacttaa ggagtgagtc ttttcttttt ttttttggct ttttcgagac     92880
     agggtttctc tgtatagccc tggctatcct ggaactcact ctatggacca ggctggcctc     92940
     aaactcagaa atctgcctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgcgccacc     93000
     accgcccggc taggagtgag tgttaagtcc agttagggag ctgttgatcc aaaacacaaa     93060
     ggaaaaaagc cacaatttat atcaagggca aactgtgttg ctctatgata ggggttaccc     93120
     aaagaagtgg aggtgtagct gtcatgaact tcctctagtt ctgtggtcat agatgttttt     93180
     tgtaaagaaa caaggaattg acttcgttct gtgagtccga tgagaactgc gtggttgagt     93240
     gatggcagcc acggaggcca tgccatagac agaacttgtg tgggttacta ggtaccatac     93300
     ttctttcctt ttcttccctc caaccatttc tagctctggc aggctgccta accataggct     93360
     ggtccatcgg cgatcagcat ctgcacggtg gctgtcctgt tgtcagcctt gtcaaataca     93420
     gtgttccttt gactttcctt ttattctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt     93480
     tctttctttc tttctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctt agacagggcc tctctatgta     93540
     gctttggcta tcctagaact tcctatagag accagacagg ccctgaaatc acagagcttg     93600
     ccttctctcc taaatgctag gatcaaaggc ttgtgccact atgcctggct tctttataaa     93660
     atttatatta ccattcagtt tattttgtgt gagtgtgtgg gtgctcatgt agtggtcaga     93720
     gaaaatttgc aggagtcagt tctccttcca ctctgtgagt cccagggctc aaactccagt     93780
     tgtcagtgtc ggcagcaggc gccttcaccc acacactctg ctgctgcccc agttttcttt     93840
     cctttttgat cattccgccc cagcctctcg agtgctgaga gtgtgcctgg cttgctgtct     93900
     acttggtacc ttttctccat tttgaaaagg gaggaagatg gaagccaggg tctcacagga     93960
     gaggccagca ttacaccaca aagccgcact ctcagatcct gagtcttttt tgtttgtttc     94020
     aatatatgtg tttgaatgtt gttttctggg ggtctgcaca tgtgctacac cttcaggtgt     94080
     ggagatcaga ggacaacttg cagaagttga ttctctcctt ccacctgtgg agtccagagc     94140
     tctacctcag gccaacaggc ttggcttaag taagcacctc ccttttcttg agccaaggct     94200
     gccccagacc ctgactcttt tcaggcatat gctcatgtgg tgtggctggg ctggagtgaa     94260
     gctctgtagt agggtgttca cctagtaggt atgcggtcct gggtttcatg cccagcatta     94320
     taatcaacca gtccataatc tgtgcgggct aaaccagtaa attaaataag cacacaaaag     94380
     atatttaata tgcagtattc tgggaggaaa atgagatgag atagggtgtg ctgagggttt     94440
     ccgctcttta gcacaggagt cagctgatcc tcacataaat gatatctcag aaagggttac     94500
     agagggaggg ctggcccagt gtaagcccgg ggtccaagtt gtccagcagg cggaggcaga     94560
     aggagcacaa gtcagtgtgg cttgcgcagt ttggtgaaag tctgctcaaa ggaaacaaag     94620
     cgctgtgctg gggaagcgtg cacagtgctc aggtctatac tgtgctaccc acgtgaaggc     94680
     aaagtcagct atgaagaggt ggtcctgggg aggagggtgt ggggcagaca taaggcaagg     94740
     atgagtgtgg ctcagggccc ttttggctct ggggctcatg agctctgact tatggctact     94800
     gtgacctctg caccacagag ttctccaacc catgaatcca ccacatctcc agagctgcct     94860
     tcagagaccc aggagactcc aggccctggc ctgtgcaggt gatacccctt cctagtccct     94920
     atctgtaccc ctgcatatgc tccaagtccc cacgagatct ctttctccac agccccttga     94980
     gaaagtcgcc cctgacactt gaggacttca agttcctggc cgtgcttggc cggggtcact     95040
     ttggaaaggt gacttggggg aggacttagg ggctcggagt tttaccccaa gggcctagac     95100
     tgtccactaa agcccctgtg cctactgtgt tccaggtgct gctgtctgaa ttccgctcca     95160
     gtggggagct ctttgccatc aaagccttga agaaaggtga cattgtagcc cgagatgagg     95220
     ttgagaggtg aggctctgcc ctgacccttg ggaattgttg gaaaacagac caagagtgtc     95280
     ccctgctgag cattgcaatg agagggattc atggacgaga gctcccctct tcctgtgcgt     95340
     actgacatag gatgcagttc ctgtgactca tctgtgactc ctcccctttc cagagtgaac     95400
     tctgacatgt cttcctctct gctcatggtg taacagtcca ctagagctca cacagtcaca     95460
     ggcaggaggt tcggactcaa gtgtccagtc ttggaactgc ctcgggtttg gggtcagggt     95520
     cctaggttaa aatcatcctc taacagatgt gcttccagat gctgggaaag gcaggccttc     95580
     cttagaactt agcctcctga tctgtcagat gcccttggat ctcgtcctct tacgactgtc     95640
     tagcacatta aagaggaggt cgagtcagag aattattcac agttcttgat ccctgtggag     95700
     gcttcaggct gtccctagac ttcccagcca cctttttaat gaccaagaac tttaataacc     95760
     aggaacaaaa gctcaaataa ggaagagttt atttattaat ctgggttgca gagcccagtg     95820
     tgtctgcctt aaggcgcctc tgtcctgatg ccactgcggt gtcactgcgg ttggtcgtcg     95880
     gtctgcttgt ctgcgggctg ggcttgccgt cctctcactg acagggaggg aagcctctca     95940
     ccactgatca gaccccatgc ttcagtcgtt acaccgagcc tgatgagcgg gccagtgctt     96000
     cccaagcccg tccccagcat ggactcagac tgtctgtctg cttgagcctt gcacccttac     96060
     ccatttccca aaatgagaaa agaatccaat cgctcaaaat tgcacagcgg tgcaactcaa     96120
     cagatacctg agtgaacctg gagggcatgg gtattggagg ggcagctggg ctctctgact     96180
     tctgcctcct gtccagcctg atgtgtgaga agcggatttt ggcggccgtg accagggcag     96240
     gacatccctt cctggtgaac cttttcggct gtttccagac cccagagcac gtgtgctttg     96300
     tgatggagta ctcggcgggt ggagacctga tgctgcacat tcatagcgac gtgttctcag     96360
     agcctcgggc tgtgtgagtc tatcccagca ccatgcccct cctgcacacc acccgaggcc     96420
     ccgcctttct gccccacctc ctagccctcc accctcaggc cttcctcctg cacagctttg     96480
     ggacccccca ccaccccccg gggtcaggga ctttggtgcc tgaggaacca ggcttgtgcg     96540
     atcttatgca tctccgcagc ttctattcgg cctgtgtggt gctgggactg cagttcctcc     96600
     atgaacacaa gattgtctac aggtgtgtac gtgagaatgt tctgcccaca gactggacat     96660
     ggtcaagctc tgcacagagc cccgatccct acccagtcac ccctctttac atcccctgac     96720
     acccccattc cccagggacc tgaagttgga caatttgctc ctggatactg agggctacgt     96780
     caagatcgca gactttggcc tctgcaagga gggtgagggg ctgcaatcct gggatgagag     96840
     gaataggggg tgggctaccc tctggtgcag ctgtacctag gtggtcaggt gacattttct     96900
     tctctatggg ctttgctgcc agtcacctgc tcaccctagc agcttcagaa tagttcacca     96960
     gctctagccc catctgggtc accccatact gacttggggt agggctggat ggatatttgg     97020
     agcatctcat gctcctaccc ccctagcaac tataggctca cgtggccttg ctctccatcc     97080
     cacccaggga tgggctatgg ggaccggacc agcacgttct gcggaactcc ggagttcctg     97140
     gcgccggaag tgctcacaga cacatcctac acgcgagcag tggactggtg gggactgggc     97200
     gtgctgctct atgagatgtt ggttggagag gtgaggccca ggctgccttt ttttttttct     97260
     gtagagaaca tgcatgtgcc tcagagtgag atgggaatct gctcctacca cgtgaagtat     97320
     gatctggagc cggcagcctt acctctctaa tctttctgta gttgtaaagt gggatactta     97380
     cccctgtaag ccagcagcgg tgcaagagtg ctcccggagg ggtgaggcca tttggtagtg     97440
     ctgggtgtgt ggattggcta aaagtgggat tttacaaacc cgcatcctct gccccccagt     97500
     ctccgttccc tggggatgat gaggaggagg tatttgacag cattgtcaac gacgaagttc     97560
     gctatccccg cttcctgtct gcagaggcca tcggcatcat gagaagggta ggcacacctc     97620
     ccgcctcccg accacctccg gcaaggtagg ctgggaaggg gtctcgggac tggactcaga     97680
     tatagatcaa ctcctgtgca tgctcacagc tactgcggag gaacccggag cggaggctgg     97740
     ggtccactga gcgcgatgca gaagatgtga aaaaacagcc tttcttccgg gtgagcggac     97800
     ccctccccat cctctcagtc accccaagga cctgagtatt cttctcagtt ccagttcatt     97860
     cccaccccaa atctagtagc tgtatcttaa agagctttgt agccccacac ctcacagcca     97920
     ccatgattct tcacaaatgt tacctccgtt tgtctgcaac cttcatttcc cttaattgtc     97980
     atccccactg cttctccagg cccaaatcat catcacaggg cttaccctgg actacctcag     98040
     gctccctaga tttatctgag ttcccagtcc ctccccatct tatctgcttc ctgctgatct     98100
     ctagacttcc cttcagaccc tcaaagtcca tcatgactca ctctgtcccc ctctccacag     98160
     tctctgggct gggatgtcct gctggcccgc cgcttgcctc cacccttcgt gcctacactt     98220
     tcagggcgca cagatgtcag caacttcgat gaggagttca ctggggaggc ccccacactg     98280
     agtcctcccc gggatgcacg gcccctcaca gctgcggagc aggcagcctt ccgggatttc     98340
     gactttgtgg ccggaggcta ctagccccaa gcccctgcct tacccaagag ttcttgattt     98400
     tttaaaaaac aagcctttgg ggtttactcc atacatgcat tttcagcctc tgtgtgcatc     98460
     tggactggag tgtgcttgga gcaggtgaca gaggcaaggc agactcttgg gggcaggact     98520
     gatggggcac atttgaaagg tcaagatggg aacatgcagt agtgggctta ggggtatgtt     98580
     ggagagcatt ggggttttaa ggccgtgtgg gtagaaggtg ttgagattct tgggatagtt     98640
     tgggatagac gcttgcaaga gtctattggg gtggtgacag agatgggaag tgaatccaaa     98700
     actttgctct atttatggag agcccgaatc ttagaactaa ggttgcggcg ctgtgcgcat     98760
     gctcttcaag ctgttggcct ggggagtccc acctctggtg tttcgagcat cccatgtatc     98820
     tgggccatcg cgtgaccatc gttagaactg tactcgtccc cagtggagcc tctttcaccc     98880
     ctgtgcggtg acagtgttgt ggacccacag gacgcagcgc cctaggcaca ctgagtttga     98940
     gactctatac ccttgagccc agcccagaat ggtttgactt agcttctggg cacattcaga     99000
     ggtgactgaa accactgtgc cgggaactac gcagtgaact ggcttcccag gcactcttgg     99060
     ttaggcccag ctccgttgga ccacccttgg cactgaccct caggggtagg aggcgaagca     99120
     gttggcgcag catggcctgg cgcagcagga tgtacaccca tgggtccagg atctggttcc     99180
     acgatgcgag gcgtacagcc agaaagagtg gccgctgcag ggagttagag ttccagcccc     99240
     cgatggccaa caccaccaac acctgcgaga gaagcaggtg tgagcagtgg agcccgccgg     99300
     agagaagggg tggggtggag ggtcaggatg ccggggcgag ccatgcagga caaataggat     99360
     ctgtgcagga aggagagtga ctaagcaaag gtcatcagag attgcggaga gtccggctag     99420
     agaagaccca gtattacaac acacatacga ctctaaggtc aacaagctgg gaaggaaaaa     99480
     ggctatgaat ggatggagcg gagggatgta gaaagtgaaa ggcttgagtg tgtgagacta     99540
     tttacagaga tcctaaagag agtgaagaaa agggtcccgg atagcagagg ggcaggcttt     99600
     gtctgcaggc agggtcttca ggaggcagag cccaggaggg ggcagaaaag agtttggctt     99660
     gaggagcgac tgcgcccctc accagcaggg ggctccagca gatgcacgac accaccatga     99720
     tgcccacgag ctggcccacc atttccacat cgtgtgcgtg aaccctgcgc gcggagccgc     99780
     cgccccgaga gctgcggagg gtggctgtgg ctgaagtgat ggatgaggca gacgaggcgg     99840
     aggccaagcg gggtccacga gatccccagc gccggcgatc atcgggacct gcggtctttc     99900
     ggaatcgtcg agagcgacgc cgtctccagc gggcacggag gagcgccagg ccgctgagcg     99960
     tattgcacac taatgccgca aggagcgcgg ccaggccaag gccggcgaag aggccggcaa    100020
     gcaacgcctg gcgccaacct ccacgaggcc caaggctaat aaaacaccag gtgccagggt    100080
     actgtaactc gtagcgaccc acgtgtacca gtggcagcag cgccactgcc aaagccatgg    100140
     cagccagcac ggctagtgcc aggcgtgcgc gggccacaga tacgcgcgcc gcgtggatca    100200
     gtggctgcgt gacacccaca cagcgctcta cggccatgcc acagccaagc aaaagtgggc    100260
     acaggccgaa gaagaccatg cagccaccca ggaaatgaca cgcccctcca gcaggcgcac    100320
     gccccgcagt atacaggcga agcaccaggg cgcccgggat cacatggcct gctaggtcga    100380
     tggcaagcag gctggcgacg aacaacagga aggtggcagc cgagcggcgc cgccgcattc    100440
     ggcctgcaac ctgggccagc agcgccagcg ccagcacgtt ggacacagca cccagcgtca    100500
     tggagaagat aggcagcgct ggtgatgtgc cattatcgcc tgttggcagc accacagatg    100560
     tattggggag cctgggtgtt gcgcacgttg ctgcctcatc cgctaggctc aggttaagcc    100620
     cgcaggggct catatcagtg gccaagaggg ctgcgtagat aagaagaggg cacagtgagg    100680
     tagggtccca accttctgtg cccagggcac cgccacatga ccctagctgc tccatttcag    100740
     atcctattca cctgtcactg gccccatctc gtgtctggct tcattctgcc ctcgtatctg    100800
     ctgggggtct tgactgacct ggcacgggtc ccgggtatct agtctcatct ccaccccacc    100860
     cccacctcca cgtttccacc ccatcagttt cctggtccat gatcccatgg gatagaccct    100920
     tgcccatttc tgatcccaat ttccactttc gtgtctgcct gcccatctct ccgttttcag    100980
     aagtctcctt ggcttgccct ggaactggcc aggctaacct taaattcaaa agatccacct    101040
     gcctatgcct cctgtgtctt gggattaaag gctcacacca caactagctt tggtcacctt    101100
     ttaactctgt ccttgatgtc cctgttccaa caacgccacc acttatagtt catctcttcc    101160
     aatggccgtg tgcctgtctc cagagactga tccaatctgc agttagatct cttccccaaa    101220
     caacccatct ctacacctat agacccgttc ttgtgcccca aggcctctat gccacatctc    101280
     tggtctccgt ggtcctctct gtccccacag acccctgcta ccccgaaccc atctctgaac    101340
     tctatggtgc tctcagatcc catgggccca gctcttttcc agaatcccat ctctgttgcc    101400
     ctctcttgtc tccatggcaa tctctcacca gtctggcatt gcctcattca gatgcccatc    101460
     ccatacccct atttgaaccg cccccggctt gcccattctc tagttgagag gagatggaca    101520
     gcctaggact gagagccatt aaacagcaag agagcaggag ggctatagct agccttcttt    101580
     ggcttgctat cctcaatgtc ccagcttctt acccagtgct gctcaggatg cagggtcccc    101640
     atggcctgga acttggctcc tgctgcctgc tccagctact ccctggctcc cggcaggccg    101700
     ctccctcttc ctggggcggc tcctcggctc cgtgccgcct ccacccgcac ttcactggcc    101760
     tccaggggct gctccacccc atgcatgtct gctctctggg gctgggagcc ttgagtgggc    101820
     aaaactgctg gcaacagtca gggcaactgg gcccagctcc ttcccgccaa ggactgaggt    101880
     tctctgaatt ggtttggtct ctgtgacccc cctcctctca gcggggcagg agcaaacccc    101940
     cacaccctca cccgggcctc ttgcccgcct cattaataaa gtggataaaa tctaaacact    102000
     ggaaaatgtg agcatcgcct ggggcaggct ggaagggcta tgagttcccg tggggggcgg    102060
     gggggggcag gagagtgagt gtgtgtgtgg aggagtgttg tcctcattgg acttgagggg    102120
     ttgggagttg cctgggtgtg atgggagcta gcaatgcctc ctacccttgc ctttatggtt    102180
     gtcacagttg ggcagaggtg ggcagcctag accagggcaa cagggagtca tcctaggtga    102240
     agagaggtgg ctaaatgact caggggagcc aggctatcat ctgtatcctg ccttatgggg    102300
     aggtaggcaa ttcatagggc accctgcatc catagctatg tctcaccttc tgtcttgaaa    102360
     aggggcacac atgcagccac tgtcagctta gtcataatgg ggagtaaaca ctggatagca    102420
     ctcaccattg ctgactgtaa catctatccc ccctccccca tatgaaactg atgcttacct    102480
     cagcactggg tgtaaatctc actgtcactg taagtctgtt cccagcccca gagcacacct    102540
     cctgatgtag tctcccttaa accaatgccc atggaccccg agaacttgtc ctgagacaca    102600
     taatcacatc tctaaggcct gtttatcctg aatccccccc cccaaaaaaa agaaagaata    102660
     caccagagac ccatgcacac actgaacaca gctccctgaa actcactgca cccaaggctt    102720
     acccacaata atcacagctc tggttcaacc tggctaccaa ccacccacta cacatggtcc    102780
     cagctgctcc cagcagacat gcgagacccc agtataggac ctgggctaca attcagtgac    102840
     agagcacatc cttagcatgt atgaagccct gggttctact atcagtactg aaaatgggct    102900
     tgtgatcagg gatagcaagt agccatctgc agggcttctg tcctatatcc aggataccca    102960
     tctcctgcct ggtaccaggg aaccagtacc actcagcctt cctgcagcat ctctgctggg    103020
     cttaccccaa acattcctat ggttgctgga gagagacctc tggcctggtt ccccttgttc    103080
     caattgcctc ccctctcccc aagtctggcc agggtcccac cccacccttt ccttgatctc    103140
     cttaaatcct aggatgaaat ggactgtcaa aacaagcttg gcaggtttac atctctgtga    103200
     agcactgtgc catggatgcc tgtcccctga gtacaactag ggtaacaggg caacaggcct    103260
     tgctgccaca cacgggggct ctcacacaag aggagcatat gtgaggcctg ggtgagtggg    103320
     gaaccaggtc tgaaccccaa gccagccaga aactccagca ctgcctggaa gcttgacggc    103380
     ctccagccag ggggaggggg cagcagggca gccaattcct aattcaattt ggaatccagg    103440
     agatagattt cagctgctgc attctttccc tggccacccc tccttcccca gagccaaaca    103500
     gctcccagag taaaatctct atatccaaga gagggtgtgt ggacacaaaa gcccactgcc    103560
     tccctccccc tccctcctca ttgtctaaag acaaggaacc ggggttcaca gcagtgtcca    103620
     ctcaaatggg aggtaacaga ccccaactga gagggctccc ctcaggtggg agatgcccaa    103680
     gggaaggcat tattgccatt ctgcatttct ggtgtcaaga aagcagggag agcagggagt    103740
     ggtgacgcac acctttaatc ccagcactgt gaatgcagat gcaggtggat ctctgtgagt    103800
     tcaaggccag cctggtctac agaatgagtt ccaggacagc cagagctaca tagtgacttt    103860
     gtcttgaaaa taaacaaagc aaaaaaagta aagtagggag gtcatgaccc caaagagaac    103920
     tgaggcccag ggggacagaa ggggcagttg ccagctgatg gtgggaaatg ttggggacag    103980
     aggtgactgc ccagtgtgtt ggtccctccc atgcgagtac tctattgagg taggtgggga    104040
     acccggcagg ggttggccgg ggaccccaac caggctgggc accgtggtgg tactgattgg    104100
     agtggggcca ggaccacagg gcatttgcac cccatgcctt tcccaggctg ctgatttacg    104160
     agcctcggct gtgtgcccag gtcccggctg tggcacccct cctggaaacc ccagccaggc    104220
     caagccaggt tatctcaagg tccaggttca gttccagtct tagtagcggc caaccttggc    104280
     atccccgata gctccccaga catcaaagac aaattcatct gggaatgcga agtcaccgag    104340
     ccgctcatcc agggcttctg ccagctcgtc cgggttcctt ttgtcctttc ccagctccac    104400
     catggtggca gctggaaaag atggaggcac agatgtcatg atgggcagag gtgtaggctc    104460
     aactcagcct gggtgagacc tggaagccca ctcccacctt gcaggcatgg gtgggtgccc    104520
     cactcaccca gctccgtgtc tctgatcccc atgtagctct ctagcaagtc atccaccttc    104580
     tcaatggcct tctcctcaaa ggccgacggc tgtggagggc ggggacaaga cagcacaata    104640
     acgtcaacag tactgtgata ggcactggat gccctaagtg ctggggacgg ctcccaggga    104700
     ctcagcaaca gctctaccag tgagctgcat ccccagctcc tggttttgtc gttacttatt    104760
     ttatgtagag gactgctttg gttgcacatg tgtatgtgta caagtgtctg cctggtgcct    104820
     gtggaggtca gaacactgga cctctggaat tggagttaac agatgactgt gagccaccca    104880
     ttatgggtac ttggaactga acctgggtga tctgcaagag tcacacgtgc tctaaactgc    104940
     taagccatct ctttagtccc caacacccag aaatgatcat tctcatattg aggcatattc    105000
     taagttgccc aaactttgaa cattaaatct tagtttccca ggtagctagg attacatacg    105060
     tacgtatcca ccctgggctg gctttcatat attttcatct aagaccttgg tgacaaggtc    105120
     ttacggtttg agctgccctt gaatgtgaat cttcctgctt gaaaccccat gtctggcagt    105180
     gctttttgtt tgcatcatta atgtctgctc tgacaagaag ttaccgactc ttactctaca    105240
     gggaggagtc ccaaggctcg atgggccacg gtaggtctca aagttgggaa gagtaggttt    105300
     aagcagaggt gtccagggtc tttcacataa tcagaatgct gtcactggcc aggggtggct    105360
     cactcaccag atcctccacg gtggcagggc cccgggatcg gagacggagg gtccctcggc    105420
     cagtgcccag ttgtgggcct gaaccagggt ggccaccggc tgaacgctgg ctgatcatat    105480
     ctgtgggagg taaaggtagt ggggaatttc agcatacagc gagtacagta ctcaggtacc    105540
     taggcttcac acagccacct ctcgccatcg ccaggttctg taggctcctt gggagagggg    105600
     ctgggttcca ggaaggcagg actttgcatg gagcgtgagg ggcagctggg ggtcatgcag    105660
     aaaggcagct ggagagagaa tggaggggag cttctctttg aaggattgag ggctgagaag    105720
     cgtgagtata gctgctgaat tccagataag ccctttctac ccacaccagg ggtgcctcag    105780
     gcccattcca gagagttagt gaagccaggt agagacaggg gcagggcaca ggagctgtac    105840
     aaagcagcca agcctcacct ctccaggctg agggggctgg ccagggttgg gggcacttgg    105900
     ctgggctaat ggctcctgga agtcgggtgt ggggacaact tccttcaggc tgggctgtca    105960
     gccagcactt agttcttggg tagggtgggg ctgtccccat tttgcattgc aggctcgggc    106020
     gccacctgct ggtggttccc aggactgcca cctgtatttc ttaagagctc aaggtcatcc    106080
     cagtgggtgg tccagggtgc aaggatggct caccaaaggc ctttcgaggt tctgtgagtt    106140
     tgagggtgaa ggtgcggcct cggggcagct ccttgaggag cctggcaacc tcgtaatgcc    106200
     gacagcccag caggctctgc ccgttgatgg cttcaatcat gtcccccacg ctgatgagct    106260
     gaatgtggtc aatcacactg ccttccttga tgcgctgtgg aggggcaggc atcaaccctg    106320
     gaagctccac tctaggtccc attacagacc ctggccactg actaagggtg tgccacccac    106380
     ccgggcacct taatgaaggc gtagccggcc ccgttgtcgg tgatggtgag ccccagagcc    106440
     tcctccgact tgaacacttc cacctctttg cgctgcccct tcacatgggc aaagatgaag    106500
     tcttccaggc cgatctggcc ccccaggagt ttgtccatgt ccactttgtg ggtgttgagg    106560
     gtgcagaaca tcacctgcag aggtagggca ggatgctcat gccttcctcc ctgggtcttc    106620
     tttcccaaca catccctacc ctagggactg gtgacaccca gggccaagga gaggtccaca    106680
     tactacgagc aggatttctg tcgtggtaaa actcagagct agcttgatat acagagagca    106740
     cttgatacct actgaggagt gaatggaccc tagactccca cccagccttc ctacccgcct    106800
     ctacttgaat ctctgcccca ctgtcgccct cccaccctgc ggcttctcag cttcgagctt    106860
     ggagtcatgc ctccagggca tcatggagaa atagaagctg ctcctgacct ccagctccca    106920
     gtgtttgggg gcacaagcct cctaatacct tatggaaacc cagctaccac gtgtctgtca    106980
     gtcctccaca acctaccagg acacaggcta cttcagacct aatgggcaat acaacctccg    107040
     agcctcataa ggcctgttgg gaacacacat ccccaacccc cacctactag agtacaagcc    107100
     tctcaaggcc tggtaagaac tcagtatcct ccggtagcca cgcctctcag attcagcggc    107160
     tgctggcctg cgaggaacat gagccctagc tcataggaat acgtggccag gcctgtggct    107220
     tgctcttaag ggaccttggt cctgatacct cagcagctgg tagtcggaag gcctcagcga    107280
     tcttgccgta cagctccttg acattagtga agccctcgat gcggcctgtg gggctgccgt    107340
     gggccagctg ggtatggaac acgaggcgag gccggagggc agcaggaggt gggggcaagc    107400
     ccatctggga ttctcctgct gcgctcccac ccaggggccc aggctcccca acacccagcc    107460
     cactccggct tggctccgcc tcctcatttt ccaccagagg cggtgctttc ttccttcgcc    107520
     ccagtcccag tggcatgagc agccagaagt ggggactctg gctgggagac ctgcagaaag    107580
     ggaaccgggc ttcattctct gagtgccacc catcaccacc acatggtatc aacatcaact    107640
     aacatggttg tgctttgcag agcagggttc cttaacccgg gggtctggtg caggctggtc    107700
     aggtgctcta tcactgagca tcatgtagct gttgagaatc ccgctcccga gcacgggtgc    107760
     caggatacct ccagaacact gccgcctgaa tcaagctgtg ctgaacttgc attctgctga    107820
     ggcttgcacc gcccctgatt ggctggcact gtccacggag ctgcagcttc tcccatacac    107880
     tggagtaagc tctacactct taaagctatg aaaactagct cctctgtgtt gtttaaagac    107940
     taacaacaaa agattctgtc catgttcagc ataggcacag ggctctcccc gaatcaacca    108000
     cttctccctc cctcccgggt ttggttttgg ctttgtacat gtggacccac atacctagac    108060
     tgcttcttac ttttttattt tgagtagtta tctcttagtt gctcaggcta cccgtgaact    108120
     tgcagtcctc ctgcctcaga cctcagagtc gatgcgatta caggaataga gcagcccatc    108180
     tgccttgccc aagtattttc tgtgtatagt ggattccatc tgggcaccca gagctgatgt    108240
     gaagctagag agctgactct agagacagcc cagatgctgg ggcgcagctc atgggtggag    108300
     cacgtgctaa tgacgaccag gtttcatccc agcatcacac tgcacagcta taatccccac    108360
     agagatacct atttacaagc ccacactact ggctgtgacc tcattcaatc ctcattccca    108420
     tgaggtccct gaggcgtcca gctctgacca cacctgctgc gcactccctg aagggaggat    108480
     aaggcactgg cactgtcctt tgctttccat gtctctgaaa aaggctctca atttgtagtc    108540
     caggctggcc cagaactcac aaactcctgc ctcggcttct caaatgctga gaagacagat    108600
     ggaaacacca cacccagctt cttttcattt tttctatcgg cttccttcat taatgctatg    108660
     tgcaaaaaac ctgagtttgg atctggttta tgtaagaaag cagatgtggc cgggcgtggt    108720
     ggcgcacacc tttaatccca gcactcggaa ggcagaggca gggggatttc tgagttcgag    108780
     gccagcctgg tttacagagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc    108840
     tcgaaaaaac aaacaaacaa acaaggaaaa cagatgtggt aagatgcgct tgtaatccca    108900
     gagctggaga gaaaaagaat ccctagggtt caatgccaac ctagcctact tagtgagttc    108960
     caggccattg agaaaccctg tctcaaaaaa caaggaggga ggctagcaag atggcttgtg    109020
     ggtaaaggta atttactatc acccctgcat gcctgagttt gagtacctgg gctcacgtgg    109080
     aaggggagag cctatagttg tcatctgacc tttacctgtg cactgggcta tgtgtaccta    109140
     cacacaaaga catgtgcaca caaaacaaac acatgcaata atactactac tactaataaa    109200
     accaaagtgg acagctcctg aggagggaca cctgaagttg tcctccagcc tccatagaca    109260
     tttgcacctg cacaggtgtc acacacacac acaaagagag agagagagag agagagagag    109320
     agagagagag agagaaacaa aacccttctg agtctctcct tcaaagcaga gtgcatggtc    109380
     cctgtcacgc cccttgggac agggctggca gatgactggt tctgcccctg agttgtagca    109440
     gaaagaggca tgtgacacat cctcatagaa acatttaatt actggggtaa gatcctccct    109500
     acacagaggg atcagcgatg gctggctgtg gtgatgtcct cgggctcctt agtaactgaa    109560
     gctgtggtgg tctacaagag aatgcctcat agactcacag atgtgaatgc ctggttcctg    109620
     cttaatagac tgtctggaga aatgtgtcat tagagggtgg gttttgaggt gtcaaaagcc    109680
     caccccaggc ctgccagtca gtcagtcagt cagtctgtct gtctctactt gacgcctctg    109740
     aataaaatgt aagctctcag ctgctgctcc agcaccctgc ttggcacttc caggcctgcc    109800
     tgcccttatg gttccaagcc agccagagct acgaagagaa agcctgtccc cggcctccag    109860
     cacccaccaa aaaagcgcgt gtgtgctcct gtgacagagg ctaaaggaag cagtggtgtc    109920
     cccagttgct ctccccctta gtcctttgag gcaggcaggg cctctcaatg atccccctgc    109980
     cgcccccccc cccccgcctt gggctagccc cggcaatgct ggtcctcacc agagcagcag    110040
     cactggtctc tgagctgctc ctcttttttt tctctctccc tccatctagc aagcaaacat    110100
     tttagggggc agtacttact atattcatgc acttatttta tttataatta atttttaata    110160
     ataataataa tagtaataat tcctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctggc    110220
     ctcacactca gagatcttcc tgcctctgcc tccctagtgc tgggattaaa ggggtgttta    110280
     tttccccctc cccaggttca ttttatatat tttttaggca aagtcctgct atagtatcta    110340
     gattagtctt gagtttctgg cgaatgatcc tcctgcctca gcctccaagt atctgacttt    110400
     cagcacatgc tgccatgccc agccctgatt agcagcatca tactggatgt acaatctgtt    110460
     taccacaaag tagatgtagt aggtattaag gtggcaaatg gggtgaactt cagcccacag    110520
     ctgcctgctg agccataccc ctactttggc ccatctctgg gaagaaagct atttttctga    110580
     tttacttacg agagctacaa taaaccagct ggggctgacc atagacttcg tgtggaccag    110640
     cagcagtaaa agcctggtgt tagagaagcc ctggtcccat ctctaggacc tccctcccac    110700
     acatcatccc tccaggataa gaatattcta ggtagctggg aaggcacaga gccctgtagt    110760
     aaagaacttc acattcagcg catctctgaa gggtgtggct ggagtggacg gaaggaggga    110820
     gggagggagg gaggagaaag gggggcaaga gaaggtggca tttttcttct ggtagtgctg    110880
     ggatggggct aggcctcttg aacactaggt aaataatcat ggaccacacc cagaccctga    110940
     tttcattttc aagtcacttg ttgtccaaag caaaaaaaaa aaaagccaca acacaagctc    111000
     cctcaagggt gcttcatttg caatacccca gggagttcct tggcctgaca cagatcctca    111060
     gggacatttc accttcttgt cttccccctc ccccaccagg tagctcaggc tggcctcaaa    111120
     cttgctatag ccaaagttga ccttgaactt gtgatccccg cctcatcctc cagagtgcta    111180
     gggacacagg tgtacattac cacacctggc taaattcatc tctcttattt tgaggcaggg    111240
     tcacactaag tagcataggc tggccttgaa ctcctgatcc tcctcctcct cagcttccgt    111300
     accaaactcc acttcctgtg gactaggaac tgcctgtgct ctgcagagcc tctcctgagg    111360
     aagggcaccc agctggctgg ttcacatcct cctgagaggg ttccctgctc agccatgctc    111420
     tcttctcact tccggaacgc tatccatccc actcatccac acaacaagcg gcctctgggt    111480
     cttcaggctt ccggttaccc tccagtttcc tgtcaagaca gcagccagaa tgaccctata    111540
     aacagtcact tccttctctg ctctgatccc ccaggcaccc actgtcattt atgcccacgt    111600
     ggcctgctct tccttagccg ctggggcctc ttccatgctg ctgctcagat agttaggcca    111660
     gagctagctg cccgcaccct cccttaccct tcagctggga tgggtatttt atgtctttgt    111720
     ccactgctaa gggagagctc tgtcactaat gtctgcccct cagtatgggg aacactggct    111780
     gcacagagca gcacaggcca tctccccaga tcacacgccc tgctcctgac ccttatcttg    111840
     ctggcagcac attgcctggc agggggcgct gcgactactc tctgtccatt tgcttttgta    111900
     ctctgggata atcaatagtg cccgatgcct tcttatacat ctttaatgtt cttgattggc    111960
     ttttttgtga attgcctgtt aactctctgt tactttgttt ttggtttcga gacagggttt    112020
     ctctgtgtag gctgttctgg gactcgagct ttatacacca ggctggcctc gaactcagag    112080
     atctgcgggg attaagggcg tgcaccacca cccgttttct ttttcatcaa cttaagcatt    112140
     ttgtttacac ttatctacct gatgtgtatg tgtgcacgcc tcagagaaca acttagctga    112200
     cttacttctt tccctccacc atgttggtcc tggaggtcaa actcaggtca ccaagtttgg    112260
     cggcaactgc ctttacccac cgagccatct caccttctgc ccaccatggg tgctgggaac    112320
     caaattccga ttcccgagaa gagcttcaag cactctcaat ggccgagcca tgtctccagg    112380
     ccctatgtgc tcattcatgg atgtgcaggc acatttggag gttagaggcc gaccttggct    112440
     actgttctcc aagagtcatt actttgctta aaaattttac tgaagctggt tcagcggtca    112500
     agagcattgc ctagtctccc aaaggacctg ggttcgaatc tcagcatcta catggcagct    112560
     cataactgtc tctaactcca gcttcaggga gaatctgacg ccctcttgag agcacaggca    112620
     tgagtgctgg tgacccatcc acacacataa aaaatgatca ctctgaggct aggttggtta    112680
     acacagcaag aacacggcaa gttcttggac aaccagaact acgcagtgag accctgtctc    112740
     aaaacaaaaa caaaaacgaa aaaaacaaga acaaaaaacc aaaaatcaca cttgtgtgca    112800
     cgtgtgttgc cacaatgtga gtgcagaaac tgtaggagtc agtgctttcc tctaccatgt    112860
     gggtcccaag gatcaaactc aggtcccagc ttggcagcag gggcctttac tttgctgagc    112920
     catctcgcca gtgtgcccac tctatttaca ctgggaagtc aactcagagt ctcccatatg    112980
     ctaggcaaag actctagcac taagttatag cccgtatccc cagccctact ttgtctgaga    113040
     cagggtctct cctgggactg agtcctccac ttaggtcagc tggccaatga gccccacaca    113100
     tcttcctgtt tatgtcccca gtgctggggt aacaacagca agccaccatg cctggcactt    113160
     ccatgtgggt cctgactgtc aaattctgct ggcccagcaa gcactctacc acatgagcta    113220
     cctcctctgt ctacatggct tctgtatggg ttttgttctg aggaaaatga atggctcaag    113280
     aattagaact gaagaccctg aggtgtggtg tggtggcctg gatgcaagcc ccacccttgc    113340
     cacttaacag tggcacagac aaagccaagc tgcttaactt catgaggccc cagtttccgc    113400
     atctgaaaat ctggcagaag tcacatttct cggggtaact tctgggatgt ggaagtgctc    113460
     atcagttcag gaaatgttat tatttgcaag ggaaactagt accttttatc tgcaaggagg    113520
     gtgggtactc tactgatgag ccatgccccc tcctccacgc ctcactgact gattttaggc    113580
     aggggctgta ccgctgagcc acgcctccag aaccttacat cctcccttcc ctggcccaag    113640
     agcaccccag ttcctacgcc tggcccaaga gcaccccagt tcctacgcct ggcaaggcct    113700
     tttccagaat tctccaggca gctggcttgc ctcagcccac tgaagagttt cccatggtct    113760
     acaggactta ggcctatgaa cttatatgct accctgacaa catagctcat cttccaagct    113820
     ctcggcagtt attgatcttt atgtctctag tttctaagtt tgtttttttg tttttttatg    113880
     cgaatgagac tgcatgtctg tctgtctgaa ccacttgtga gcctggacca cgtgggtgct    113940
     gggcatcaaa ctcccagtat gtgttctcca gcacctgcgt ctctatttca gaatgtaaac    114000
     cagatggtaa cattcatatt atgtatttga cctgacaaag ggatcccaca gtatagggga    114060
     aaacaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga    114120
     aagaaagaaa ggagggaggg agggagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag ggagggaggg    114180
     agggagggag ggagggaggg agggagggaa gatagataga tagatagata tgtcctgtgt    114240
     accaggcata gcaaactccc gtgaatcaca tctctagctt tattacttgt gtcgctattg    114300
     gacgctttgc tctgcccagg ttttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgttttc caggaccctg    114360
     gtgcccagtg atgctgagac cacgcagcac ttcttacaag gatctacaat ggctgcctgt    114420
     tacctggttg tctgttccct accagactgc aggaaattct gtcccgtgtt tggagtcctc    114480
     taagcaaaat atgctgtcag gcacagtggc tgctcagtat ctgtaggtga tgggtgtgta    114540
     gttcaggcgt agggcacctg cctagcgtgt gaaacctcgg tcgggttcca caagggctga    114600
     attgtagaat gaatgtctta catccccgac tgcctgtggt tcaaaccccc acaacatgac    114660
     tgctagagag ctaagtgtgt gcgtctctcc agtctgtctg caaggagctg aagggaagtg    114720
     ggttggatgg atttccggag tccagcactc tcatcccaaa aagggcctga aactctgcaa    114780
     cccccgcagt cacagaaaag ccaagtgggg ggagcaggaa acgggttgtt ccaggggctc    114840
     agataacgcc tggcttaggg gacaccacac ctgccccggt cgtccctccc tcctaacccc    114900
     gggcacagca ttgcttcggg gaggaaggca ggagcttctg attcattctt gaaaaaccgg    114960
     atcctgaagg tttcatctct ccagtgtttc cggggcgggg gctgaggggc gtgaatgcac    115020
     agcttgaccg gtcttggccg cctgtagccc ccgcgctccc cagacaccaa gtctctatac    115080
     ttccagtcat ccctttaaca gtggagagtg gacagggtag gtggaaagga aatggggtta    115140
     aacgacccat ggtatttggg ccttgcctct ccagctcaga gaagggacac gagggcaacc    115200
     tggaagctgt ctagtgaccc gtgggcgagg agaggaaagc aaaacccagc aggtgcggct    115260
     ccgaagtgaa tatgggggtg gcggtgggcg tgagtctagg ggctgatctc tgggactagt    115320
     ttctggactc aaaggatacg ggtccctaag ccccatgggt catttactag ctgtgtgacc    115380
     ttgagtaagt tactccacct ctctggcact agtgcctcac ttctaaaaca agttaataac    115440
     ccctcccagg agggtgtttt gattcaactg agctgtgcag cataagcgcc ggacgaggaa    115500
     acaccgatcc gggcttgcga gggggagtca ttaaactagt gctgcggttg ttactgttat    115560
     cccgacctgg gtctcggtgt tccccccagc cagctttggg aagaggcctg ggaagggtcg    115620
     ggaacactga cccaccacca acagggagcg tcctgggagc agagagcaga ggcggacggg    115680
     aggcccggcc agcggggagg ggtccgtgtt tggggtcccg acgcggccag ctccacccca    115740
     ccgccacggc tccacgccct ggaggccgcc ccccgggcgg gggacactca cctgcgccgc    115800
     cgccaccgcg cgcgccctgc tcggtcctct cgaaactccg cccggcttct ccctgggcct    115860
     ccgggacttg ggcggggccg gcgtcccggg cggactaatc agcgacggcc gtgtgcactc    115920
     gcgaccaatg ggcgcctccc gtcggaacgc tccagaggga tccctccgcc gcgcctcggg    115980
     ctccccccat tgtgcgagca gtggtccaac cttactcgct ctaaataggg aagggctgaa    116040
     ccattgtgag gctgcaaggg ttgggagacg gcgggggagc tggcagcgag agtcagatga    116100
     ccgggtttgg aggactgagt tctgtatcca ggaaagcgcg gtttttgaga ggtcagcgag    116160
     aggctggagg gcagccccaa gcccctcttc cctcccagaa agatgctttg attccagagg    116220
     gtggaccaca gtgaataggg agggtcccgc gtgtctccgc ttcttccact ctacacaata    116280
     gacaaaggcg atcgcgcatt cattcagtct ttcaatattt aagtgcccct gcctggtacc    116340
     aggctcggtc ctgtctctat agacacaagg atggagtata cacaatgtta gatacagggt    116400
     gtgcaaaggc tccgaagctg cacagagagc tgcagagcac ttcgcaagca aaattgtgta    116460
     agactctatg gaacgtatca gaacagtaga acactcgact tgtcaattga gcacctactg    116520
     tacggaatcg aagctagtga ccaaccagtc caggcttcta ccctcaggga caatggactc    116580
     tttctccccc ttctccttcg ttcttctagg tgctctaagg ttgaacgtag gcccagttcc    116640
     tcctcctctt ggaggatcag ctattgggtc aagtgctcaa ggttgaggca ctgttactgg    116700
     tggatgctag gctgacaatc taccttcaag tcacttctcc tgcttccctt ttatgagttt    116760
     atctccatct aactctgagt ttactgtgcg tacactttgt catccacttt cttacctttt    116820
     ttttaaaaaa agatttatat tatatttatt attatatcta agcgcactgt tgctgtcttc    116880
     agaagagggc atcagatgtc attacagacg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgctgggatt    116940
     tgaactcaga accttcagaa aagcagtcag tgctcttaac tgctgagcca tctctccagc    117000
     ccccactttc ttacctttta accccccaca cacacacata cacacgcaga gagtgaggaa    117060
     gagagaaggg agggagaaag agggaggaac agagagagag ggagggagga gagagagaga    117120
     gagagagaga ggagagactg gaaattactt gaatctttga aacctcaaag ccagtgacat    117180
     actttctcca acaaggacac acctccttaa gccttccaaa acagttccat caactgaaga    117240
     cctttttttt taaatactgt ttcttctttc cttccttttc ttcttcctcc tcctcctcct    117300
     cctttgttga gatagggttt ctctctgtaa cagctttggc ttttctagaa ctcactctat    117360
     agatcaggct ggcctccaac tcacagagat ccacctacct ttgcctccag agtactagga    117420
     ctaaaggtat gcatcatcac acccagcagt gaggaaccaa atattaaagt atatgaaact    117480
     atgggggtca tcatcattca gagcaccaca tcccattctc tgccctcctt aggcttgtag    117540
     ccatatcata atgaaaatgc atccagtcca attcaaaagt ccccatagtc taccacagtc    117600
     ttgacacggt gtaaaagtct aaagtctctt ttgagactca aggcattctc ttaactgtaa    117660
     ccctctgtag aatcaaagaa caacttctgt actatttcta aagggaggaa aggggcatta    117720
     tgggaaatac tagacctaag caagacccaa acccaacaga acaagctccc aatcctgtcg    117780
     ttccatgtct gaagtcagag ggcttaaacg gttctgtcct cccagtgttg ctacaggcaa    117840
     cagtgcttct cttttaactt tgattcttct tttatacatt acaccccaac acagtttcct    117900
     ctgtctccac tcctcccaat tcctccccac cacctcccct ctcccacaga tccactcctc    117960
     ctttgtttcc ttattaaaaa caggaggtgt ggcgggcctc ccagggacat ccactgaaca    118020
     tggcctaaga agatacagca agagtggtat atacccttat atacggctga acgtggcaac    118080
     ccagtgggag gaagagtccc aagtgcaggc gaaagcgtca gacacagccc cactcccact    118140
     gctggaagtc ctacaagaac accaagctac acagccgcag gcatatgcag aagacctagc    118200
     tcagacacat acagggtcca tgtttgtcac ttcagtttcc atgaaccctg catagttgat    118260
     tctgtgggcc gtgttctcat ggtatccttg acctctctgg ctcctacaat cctcctttcc    118320
     ccttttcttt ggggtccccc tgggtccacc aagtacaaca gtgattctaa acccagtaag    118380
     ctgacaccac tatgctgcca atatgacacc aaactacagc acgttaagga gtaacattcc    118440
     acccgcggcc cccagacccc ctcatctcac attgtaaaac tcaatttagt ccatcgctaa    118500
     aagaccctta gccttcaaag tcccaactct ggtcaaaagt ccaaagtgtc ttctctgact    118560
     gaaggcagtt tccggtgtgg gttggatgtg ttgtgagagt ttcccttcac ggctttggct    118620
     ccctgctgat cgagtacata cacccacccc agagctatct ttggatctga gaaagaaaca    118680
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaag    118740
     cttattttta catgccttgg ctacttcaaa ggctgggtac tcctaaacct cccccttcta    118800
     ctccaggccc aatcagggaa gtggtcagtg gtcgcttacc cggttgtttg gctttatctt    118860
     ctgccgctcc tgcgtcccat ccttctcgga gtcatggtga tactgcacca ttcctctctg    118920
     catcctcagt gtcccgccct gtgcccagcc attggccgtt ggcatcttta ttaatcaatc    118980
     aaaaaccaat tggggacagg aaccttcaga gtctggacac tcagattcct gatcgaatca    119040
     aagccatagc accaatctcc aacagaatgt gaactgttct ccttaggcgt gtatggttga    119100
     atatttggtc ccagcctggc agtgctgtgt gggaaggttg tggaagcttt aggaggtgtg    119160
     gccttgctgg aagaagcgtg tcactgagag gaggtttgag gatttgtagc ctgtttccac    119220
     ttgtatgtaa ctctgtttgt gctatcagac tgctgtgcac cactgggctg ctggttatac    119280
     tcccgctgtt aagttttcct caccacgaca gagtggaacc gtgaaccaaa agaaaccgtt    119340
     tctctcctaa tttgtttttg tcggggtatt ttatcacaga aacagaaacc aagacagagc    119400
     tcctgcaaaa tcaagccaaa acttaccaca taccatggca cagagtaaac ctggccgctg    119460
     caatagccgg gaacgggaag gaaacaagga aaaattggct caaagcaaat caaacccagc    119520
     cagggaaaat accaaatcct gccgcatctg ggctgggcaa ccccacctct ccagctccgc    119580
     tgcttctatc acacaccctt ttccgtggcc tagcactgct ccacacctac cgctttcctt    119640
     ggctgatatc ctgagccccg ccatctctgg tactcaggag tctcctctgc aagcttcacg    119700
     ttccaagcgg ctctactcag tggcttccca aggtttcctt gcagggaacc tgattctgcc    119760
     acacatttcc tgtaaccttg gtcaggcctc tgtgacccac ttgatagttg tattttgcac    119820
     aggtgttaag ctagtaccat gtagataatg cttccaggtt ccaatgccgg ctttatatgt    119880
     agcctgtccc tacattttgg ctaaaaccga acgcacacag ttgcattggc cttcatgtgc    119940
     cttccaggat gaccctgagg gactcccttg tgtggccatt tgggggcagg gaactcatgt    120000
     gtctcagtta ctgtcttata gctgtgaaga gatgtcatga ccaagacaac tcttacaaaa    120060
     gaaaccattt actaggggct ggcttacagt ttcagaggtt tagtccatta tcatcatggc    120120
     agagaacata gcagcatgca ggcagacatg gtggagaagt acttgagagc tacatcctga    120180
     tctgtaggca gagagggaga cattgggcct ggcatgggtt tttgaaacct cagagcccac    120240
     gcccagtgac aaacctctgc taacaaggcc acacctccta atccttctaa tcctttcaaa    120300
     tagtgccact ccctggtgac taagcattca aacctatggg cctatggggc cattcttatt    120360
     caaaccacct cactctgtgt agtatgcttg gtttcggctc tctcttttca aaagaaatga    120420
     gtttcagaag tagaagactt cgcttggtaa taaggccttt ttctgaaggt acgtatgctc    120480
     cagtatagag caggtagtgt tggcatcaga cctctggata tcacatagac aggacctaca    120540
     gacctgttgc caggacaacg accactatat tcccagaatc cacttggctc atctcccacc    120600
     tttacctgtg ttatgtcatt atccatacat ataaggggaa taccattccc cctgtgtacc    120660
     ccctttctct ttttgccgcc accttccttg cccccctctc tcccaataaa cctcttacac    120720
     atggagctgt tttggcctat tgtgctgtgt tcagctgcta ttcaaacaca tctttggtgc    120780
     tgaaaccagg gaactcagca gtactgtcaa gagccactgc ggagcgcacg ggctgtggta    120840
     ccgtggtcat gtggactgtc gtagagtggg ctgctaccac tgaccgcagc ctgcaactgc    120900
     ggctgctgtg aggagcaggc cataaactct cgccgccctg ccctgcctgg ctcgctgtgc    120960
     acaccagctg ggaacagagg tacaagtggc accctggccc ctcagctggt tgctgcagga    121020
     gctacagact tccatcacgt gagctgctac tgcagcagga catacgaact tctaccacgt    121080
     gagctgtgcc gccctagccc atcttgtagg gctggcttct gccgggtcca caccatccat    121140
     tcagctccac gtttctgttt accagctagc tagaattctc acacagacac cggcatatta    121200
     attggtaggg ttggttgtct agagggcccc tagtttccca gatagggcct gtccagcttt    121260
     ttctgggggc taaggggttg gcattttata gccatacctc ccagcggaca catgaattag    121320
     gacatcaacc cttgggtgac cattccctcg aaagcggctc tcgaatccct cccctacaga    121380
     actcttgcag ccatttaaga aacccctgga tccagggtag agtcctttct gcagtaagtc    121440
     tggggcttac tgtgtagcct ctagggagcc ctcgtgatga cttgggcctc tagcctgggt    121500
     gatttctttt tggttgttga attgttctcg ggatgccagt acaaacaatc caatgggtgc    121560
     tgcgatgtat tggaatgtac ctccaggcat cgcactagga tgtctcctgg aaaaatctca    121620
     aatctttgca gctaacacct gacttgaagg catcaaaatt aatatatctc tgcaataagg    121680
     tctggattca gtaccagcta gataatagtt cctaaaggcc agttaatggt gccctagatc    121740
     caatcatgtt aagggatctt catacatact gccagcgaac tggtaaatgg aaagaggtcc    121800
     cctatgtcca agcattcatc tctcttgctc ccacctctgt atgtgcttga ccccatccca    121860
     acttctctta gccatgaaac ctacacaacc tctgccagat gacgctgcaa cgctagatcc    121920
     agctaacgaa ccacctcctt tccgctgcag acctgtttcc atgctgccga agacccaaac    121980
     tgctgcctct gtttctcctc accaggatac cccaggttct gctatctcga cctctccagg    122040
     ctcccctgcc ccttctgtgc cagccacagg ttgctccaaa tgcccagcat tggtgccgac    122100
     ctttacccct cctatcatgc gatctaaggc cacagccaaa cccccaagtc cttctccccc    122160
     agggacacct gacccagcat cggtctttcc tctaagggaa gtttctgggg tagatggcct    122220
     tgtcagagta catgttcctt tctcactgag tgaactttct caaatagaaa gcagactgtg    122280
     ttcctatact tctaactcct cctccttcat taaagagttt caatatatta ctcaatctta    122340
     tagcttaact ttccatgatg gacatatgag acttactaac aacttacttc ctcaggaatg    122400
     caggcgtgtc tgggagcaag caagaccaca tgcagacgaa attcattaac cagatagagc    122460
     atatccaatc cgatcggaga cagtgcctga ccaggatcct tgatggaatt ataattctgc    122520
     aggtggtatt ttagctagag gcaggttttt tacatgcctt ttggtgggcc taagaaaggc    122580
     agccttaaag ccagtaattt tttaaaaact ccaagtggtt gtccaggaaa agcaggaaaa    122640
     cccatctcaa tttttagaat gcctcacaaa ggctttatta cagcatacca atctggaccc    122700
     tgaaaaccca gaaggtaagc aacttctgat gacctacttc ttttcccaga gctaccctga    122760
     cataagagct aaacttaaaa gactagagag gaaaccccag actccacaag cagacgtttt    122820
     agtgttggtc ttcaaagtgt atcatgagag agatgaaaaa gtctgcaaac aaaaatacca    122880
     tatgctggca aaggctgtcc aaccagccct agccactgct tcagactcat ggtcttctaa    122940
     gactcagaga acaccaggta cctgctacaa atgtagtcaa caaggtcatt gggcaaaagc    123000
     ctgccctaac ttccgcagga tttaggggac catgccccag gtgccatcaa gagggacatt    123060
     aggctgtcga ttgccctcat gttatgcaga acagagggac atcacaccta gagaaccctc    123120
     cagctgatct cctaggcttg gctatggccg aatgagaagg cccaagctcc cctgacctga    123180
     ccactgccat cactacaggg agccccaagt agatatcgtg gtatgtgggt ggcccatctc    123240
     cttcctcttg gacactggag ccacttactc tgtctgaatg agttttgggg acccacttct    123300
     ccttctcgtt ttcctattgt cagggtagga ggacaacctt acttccctca ccagacccca    123360
     ccacttattt gcatttttag ggatgtaact ttcacccatt cctttttggt agtgccaaca    123420
     tgtcctgtcc ccttattggg aaggaatctt ctagctaggc tgggagcttc tatttccttt    123480
     gcttccccca ttcacccaaa cccaagctca ccaacagttc ctctgttcct tcttctactc    123540
     agccaaccta ctaacaatac catgctattt cctttattag cttctcaggt agatacctga    123600
     gtctggaata tccagaaccc ctctgttgct aaacaccatt ctcctgatgt catccaatta    123660
     ctggactcta ccaggtacat aacccaagat caatatcctc tctctccaga gcctcagggg    123720
     acgtaagcct atcatttctg acctcttgag gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacttc ttctccccac    123780
     ctcttccccc tttaacaccc ctatactagc aattaagaaa tctaatggta cctatcacct    123840
     ggttcaagac ctcaggcgta ttaattctgc agtggttccc ctccatcctg ttgtggctaa    123900
     cccctacaca cttctttcca ctatcccttc gggaactgca catttctcag tcctagatct    123960
     caaggatgca tttttctcta ttcctctaga tgcccgggca cagaacatat ttgcctttac    124020
     ctggacagat cctgaaaccc acttttctac tcaacttacc tggactgttc tacctcagga    124080
     ttctgagaca gcccactgtt tggtcaggcc ctggcttctg acttattatc tcagtctctc    124140
     cctaaatcta agatcatact ttacgtagat gatgtccttc tctgtagccc ctctctagag    124200
     attagccaag ctgatacctc tgctcttctg aatttcctct ccatttgagg ctacagggtc    124260
     tcaccttcta aagtgcaact gtccacccct caggtcacct atttgggact aacaattacc    124320
     ccagcccaca aggctattac cttaggtaga aagaatcgga ttcagtctca gttccttcta    124380
     caaaggaaga gattttatca ttcctaggaa tagccagatt tttacgttcg tgggttcctt    124440
     ccttttccct tctttctcgt cctttatatg aagcagcctt aggcaccacc cacgaacttc    124500
     ttctcaaacc tattacaaaa ccctttcaaa ggctccaaca ggctctcctc aaggccccaa    124560
     ccttacatct ccctgacctg acttgtcctt gttccctcta cttaactgaa agaagaggga    124620
     tttgcacttg gtgtcttagt catcaacttc ttttgcacct ggagcatgct tgttggaaac    124680
     actagatcta accattcagg gatgggcacc atgtagtcac cttagcagct gctgaactct    124740
     ttattcgaga gtaaaaaaaa acctaacctt tgggtcacct ataactgtct tctcttctct    124800
     tctcttctct tctcttctct tctcttctct tctcttctct tctcttctct tctcttctct    124860
     tctcttctct tctcataaat tgtcacagct cctaacttac caaggcttac agactctacc    124920
     tccctccacg gttctttctc ttcaggtacc tctaatagaa gaaccacact ccccttccaa    124980
     tcatgcctgc ctcttaatat tttcaatctt ctttctcaac cagatactga ccactcccta    125040
     tctcactcct gcactgaaac tttagaggaa ctcttgcctc atccttcaca catacatgag    125100
     ggcacattgc ctcaggccat ctatacttgg tacagagatg gcagctcctt tttacatgaa    125160
     ggagtcagaa gagctggcta tgccatagta tcagacaccg aggtggtgga ggcacaggcc    125220
     cttcctgctc acaccaccaa tcaacaggct ggactagtag cccttacaca tgcctttcaa    125280
     ctggcacagg gaaactccct gaaaatcttc acagactcca aatatgcttt tcatatcctc    125340
     ctgtcctacg ctgctatctg gaaggagtgt gggttactta ccacaaaagg aagattaata    125400
     actaatgcaa accaaattat ggccatgcta aaggcctccc atctccccac agctattggg    125460
     attgttcact gcagttccca ccaaattgat caccctattg tctccaaggg aaacaaccaa    125520
     gctgacgagg cagctagacc tgtggccctt aggggccaag acttgtctca ccctctccag    125580
     gacattctta cactacaacc tacatttcca ccttcaccca ccaaactctg tcctatcttc    125640
     accaactctt tcatcctaac agccatgcat tgtctttttt tgtcaagacc cacctacagc    125700
     ctcctcttga ggacctaagc ttttaaaaat ctatcactgc ttctggcaaa atctgtcaga    125760
     tgtctgactc caactcaagg tacccctttt cctacccatc cggctagagg ttccctttct    125820
     ggagctgatt ggaaacttga ctttacccac atgcctaccg tcagacatgc caagtacttc    125880
     ttggtcttct cagggtgggt agaggcattt tccacaacta acgaaagggc tcagacagtc    125940
     tctgatctcc tctgagagat catcccttga tttggtgtcc cagcctctct ccaatcagac    126000
     aatggtcccg aatttacttc ccaggttcct aaaattctat ctaaggccct agatgtcccc    126060
     tggcattttc atattcccta ccacccttaa tcttcaggta atgtagaaag aactaaccgc    126120
     tctttaaaaa ccactcttgt taagctgtca caagaagttc accttgattg ggtaaaactc    126180
     ctacctctgg ctcttttcag gctacaagct ctctccgtga cctctctcct caccctttga    126240
     gctcatgtat ggatgtccag tcctaactcc cagtctttca cctaagtgct ctcccttccc    126300
     agaccatcta ctcaccccat tactttgcca cctccattct ctcctatgga actttgctga    126360
     ctatcaccta ccacagccac acactgtgtc ctgtttactg cctgtcaaaa ttggagacca    126420
     agcccttcta tcccctccag atcatcagcc ctcacccctc tctcccaaat ggcagggccc    126480
     ttttaaggaa atccttgtga cccctacagc tgctaaactt gagggactct ctcattgagt    126540
     ccatctgtgt cacctcaaat ctttcatccc tccacctaaa attgactttt cttcatacac    126600
     atcgacccta acaggaccat tctctgttaa gttctggaag acatcgagac cacccatctt    126660
     gtccccaatc ccagaaaata agcctccact ccggcagctg agctcaacct cactggatta    126720
     gacatgggtt tcttgtcctc gctctgctgt tcatttccat ccagagtagc ccttatatct    126780
     ggagattcaa agtccaagaa agccccacag ataacagtct ttccaaatag ggtcaggaaa    126840
     ctgctccata gccggatgcc aggaactgat ccaaattgct atcatccctg tatctgttac    126900
     cccatctaaa tattatgatc tctatacttg ctttctcttt gaccagccaa aagattattg    126960
     tagaaaatgg ccagacgaat aagggggctg tccatattgg tcttgtcaga tacatatgct    127020
     aggattacgg accaatcatt tcttctatca acaccacaaa acactctttt tctacataca    127080
     agacccatgg gattccaggt tggaggcagg agttgttggt aagcactacc ataaaaatca    127140
     gcctgggttc ccagtgagta acatccatat ctagagaaaa tatgtcacaa ttgcccaacc    127200
     cctagatatt ggaaaagtaa gggagacaac caaacactcc tctcaggtcc ttacctcttt    127260
     gacatcaccc ctcataaatg gcactaactt gtcatttcac catttgcttc agaccttgac    127320
     cttggcccta ccaactcctt aatgtcacca ggcctggatg ctttaaagat ttctggttat    127380
     gtgtatcctt ggaactaact cacaattgtc acttacagcg tctctggtga tactgcccag    127440
     tgaccttacc ttaccctttg tcagctgccc tgactctgat gttgccttga ctccatacct    127500
     tacctctatc cctctctttg gcgtggcaaa ctgttttaag acccccagga ctcattctgt    127560
     aggaacgcta agctccctag actgcaatag aaccataact ctcaacatat catctctgcc    127620
     acaatgccct gcagtccagc acacatcaat tctctgcatc actcaggtat atcatcacct    127680
     acccaccatc tggtcaggag tttgcatgtt ggtactcctt ttccctgaac taagagtaat    127740
     ccagggaaat gagcccctgc caatcccagt tgtagatatg atagctgctc aacataagag    127800
     ggcagttcag gttgtgccac tcttggtcgc tatgggaata gccataggtg ctggtactgg    127860
     aactgcaggg atgacgactt ctatgaccca atattataca ttcacttccc agtttaaaag    127920
     caatcttcaa gaaatgactg aaactgtgct tactatccag aaacagattg attctatggc    127980
     agccgtggtg cttttgaacc aacaggggct tcatgtcctg acagctaaag aaggtggtct    128040
     ttgcctgttc ctccaagaag aatgctgttt ctacgtcaac caatctggga tagtgagaaa    128100
     taaaatccag gagctacagt cagacatcaa gaacttcaga gactgtgaga cctccagctc    128160
     tgggattttc gaaaatccta tatggaagtg gatactgcct tttgtaacac ctttcctagt    128220
     catcttcctg gcatcatttt ttttccgacc tgcaccaaga ggaaagcatg tctgtgagaa    128280
     gagtcgcttt actgtcaggc attttatttt ttattttttt aaagattcat tatttattat    128340
     atgtaagtac actgtagctg tcttcagaca ctccagaaga gggcatcaga tttcattaca    128400
     gatgattgtg agccaccatg tggttgctgg gatttgaact cgggaccttt ggaagagcag    128460
     tcggtgctct taatcactga gccatctcac cagccccctg gcatcattat ttgctctctg    128520
     ccttattaat cttgtttcta catttcttca aggagaaata aaaaaaaaat tctaaccaaa    128580
     ctattaatca gcccctgtta caggattacc agccgctgcc cacagaggaa cctgattcga    128640
     acgtttacca agtggatcct gacggtgaaa gctggctaca ccccaaaatg gacaacgccc    128700
     ttagtcagca ggaagcagct taagagacac aacactctta ttcccttttc accattggct    128760
     tctccctccc tccctccccc ttctctttat aatagcaaga agggaggtat gttggcatca    128820
     ggacctccaa aacctgtgac atcacatcct tcagacctgt tgccaagaca atggccacca    128880
     tattcccaga atccacttgg ctcacctccc acttttacct gtgttatgtc attatccata    128940
     aatataaggt gaatgcccct ccctccctct ctcttccctc cttctctttc tgccaccacc    129000
     ttccttgccc ctctctctcc caataaacct cttacacttg gaactgtttt ggcctagtgt    129060
     gctgtgttca gacacgagct gatattctaa cacatcaggc agggtccttt aatggtgcta    129120
     gactctttct ataaacagtc gtcacagtgt tttctctgtg cttaccttgt gtgcaacttt    129180
     aaaaccactc aagctctttt ccccatcaca accgttattt ccttatcttt ctgctctcgt    129240
     tcctggtctc tctcactgag atgctgggta agactggagg ccagtagcca ggccacagtg    129300
     tgagggacca ggggccacgc cacagtgtga ctgctagcca caccacaaat actgtcctgg    129360
     cttgactttt tttcttgcta gatacattag atgattacat tttaattctg actcactcaa    129420
     gtttttagat ataatacagt tgtattcttt gccagaatgt aaccaaacgc ctgtggccca    129480
     gttcccagta gatttctttt tcctctctga aacttcatga gcactgaagt ggaagtttaa    129540
     gggttcattg gagagtcagt tgtgtcagac ggtgttttgc tgggacagat acttgaaaga    129600
     gtgttgtcct gaagtggaca cgagtgacag gatgcttcac taaggcagaa tcctgaaaga    129660
     atgtttcact gaagcagaca caggtgaaag aattgtaagg gtccataatt cgccaaagaa    129720
     tgatacccgg taaatgcaaa gagtgtttta ttctgcacaa gcccagcgtg ctgggatctc    129780
     ccattaccaa gatagagaga caaccaagtg agcttgcagg cctgattata tattagggga    129840
     ttcttgggta cgtgaccttt atctttctcc atctctcggg acattcgatt accaggggac    129900
     aggggctgga aactgttgct gaagaacttc tggcagtgtg atggcagctt cctggcactt    129960
     cctcagactc aggccgattg gcagagtgat gtcagctgag agacattcac atggagtttt    130020
     gctatgacac actcacatgc tgagacaaga taggttacca cccatggagg ccaagtgatg    130080
     tttggaggga gtataaatag gactcaactg actgtgaggg ggacttgttt tgaaacattt    130140
     cttgttttct tcctttcttc ctttcctttc cttctttcct ttcctttcct ttcctttcct    130200
     ttcctttcct ttcctttcct ttcctttcct ttcctttcct ttcctttcct ttcctttcct    130260
     ttcctttcct ttcctttcct ttcctttcct ttcctttctt cctttccttt ccttccttcc    130320
     ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc tttcctttct ccctccctcc    130380
     ctccctccct ccctccctcc ctccctcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct    130440
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttttttgttt ttttgagaca    130500
     gggtttcttt gtgtagccct ggctgtcttg gaactcactc tgtagaccag gttggcctca    130560
     aactaagaaa tcaatttgcc tctgcctctc aaatgctggg attaaaggcg tgtgccagca    130620
     acatttcttg gtctttgctg atcttcgctt cattgagaga ggcacaactg ggaacttctg    130680
     gtgtccctag ctgtccagtt tcctcctgct gcctggtgta gattcagctg gggccaggct    130740
     gtctctgcta ggctgtgcca ccactgctgc ttttccaaca ctgctgaact gggctgctgg    130800
     tgcatccgtg aagtgtttgc gagtggattg agtgctactg ctgacctctg agctgaactg    130860
     aagatttctg ctgataacgc agatgggatt ggctccagag aaccatttct aaacaggccc    130920
     acttcccctg tatccttttt ccccccacta acctctgatg ggtggtgggc tagaagggag    130980
     attaaaacct ttaagaacca ttatttaaat tagggtgtaa taaatctcag cctacagagc    131040
     acagtctcta ctgtccacat ttctttttta ttttaagttt ttttattgca aattcataca    131100
     ataaacatgg atcatgattt ctcttcccac acttcctccc agttcctccc tacctcccta    131160
     cccatccaac ctccacactt tctttagcgt tctttttaga aaacagacaa ataaaacaaa    131220
     caaaacagat ttttacaaaa aaattgaaaa acacaagaaa cacatagaca cacataaaaa    131280
     aacaaacaaa acaaaacaac aacaaaaacc cagaaaaaca cacaactccc cccccgaaac    131340
     cataatatac aagcaaaaag tcggaaagaa aaatgctcaa acaaaacaat atgagacaaa    131400
     aaaaaactac aaaaatacca ctgagtttgt tttatgttgg ccatataccg gtgagaagag    131460
     tatacagcct tccctttaag tctggctaac atttgcaatg agattttccc tttgcaagca    131520
     gttgattgca gatagcttcc tggttaagaa tgggacccca tctgaccaga acctctctgc    131580
     gggtcctgtg tgtgctgcca cagcctctgt gagccccatc ccatttataa ttgagtactc    131640
     taaagtctcc tactctctgc aaactgtcca gttgtgaata tctgtgttag ttcccatcta    131700
     ctgcaagaag cttctttgat gatgtctaag ccaggcacta atctacgtga atagcagact    131760
     gttattaaga atccctttat tgctgttttc ccctatgccc ctggcttgtc tagtctcggg    131820
     ctcttggcca ccagagcagt gtcaggcaag gctgccattt cttggaatgt cttaactcca    131880
     atcagagagt ggttggttac tgccacagct tatgtgccac tactgcacta tcatgtaatg    131940
     cagacaggac accattgtgg atcaaaaggt ttgtagctgg gttagtgtct acctacaagt    132000
     cagtaggaat ggaagctcca gttggtacca gctcaacttc tccatgctca atgagatgtg    132060
     taggcgctgt cttcagcagt gggtccttac catcagtttg tggagagcaa acaacagctt    132120
     ggtgatagcc tgaattgttt gagggtatcc acagggctcc tttggccaac gactcaatta    132180
     gacagaaccc actcctggca ttggagattt catttgatgg tgaaagatac ctggttgggg    132240
     cactgcctcc cccatatggt gactccattt agattttgct tatctatgaa tatattttaa    132300
     taagcttcta caatagtagg ttttcccttc aagtgaccct taatgttagt tttttttttc    132360
     ttcctgtatt ctctccctta gccttctctt ccctctgctc tcaatataat cctgttccag    132420
     tctctctcct atctctctat tactatatat tctatttctc cttccttggg agatctgcct    132480
     ccttccctag tcatttactc tatatgtaat ctctgtgaat acatgaattg tagcatacct    132540
     ataaaaggct taacagctaa cacacacata ttagagaata catataatat ttgttttttg    132600
     gagtctgggt tacttcactt aagatgatgt tttcttactc tgtctatcta cctgcaaaat    132660
     tttgattttg ttcttctttt taacatctga ataatatacc attgcatatg gtggagagat    132720
     ggctcagtgg ttaagagcac tggatgttgt tccagagccc ctgagttcaa tccctagcaa    132780
     ccacatagtg actcacagac atctataatg ggatcttatg tccttttctg ccttgcacaa    132840
     tatattcatg cagaacactc gtattaaaat aaaacaaaat aatgtaaaat gaaacaaaat    132900
     gcacacacac acacacacac acacctatgt ataccattgc ataattttac aacactttct    132960
     ttatccatta atctgttaat gaatatctag gttgtttcca atttctggct actgcaaatg    133020
     gaacagcaat gaagatgaac gagcaaatgt attagggtga agtatcctct gggtatatgc    133080
     ccaagggaag catagctgga tcttgaagta gattcattgc cagcttcccg aggaaccact    133140
     ttcgtatttc cacagttgct gtacatgttt ccagtctcat cagcaatgga taagggcttt    133200
     cccttacttc acatcctcac cagcatgagc tgtgatttgt tttattgatc tcggccattc    133260
     tgactaatag aggatgaaat ttcaaagtag ttttaaatcg catttccctg atgactaagg    133320
     atgttgaaca caagagtttc tcagccatct gtgctctgtc tttgagaact acatttagat    133380
     ctatacacca ttttaaaact ggttatttgt tttcttgctg cccagttttg ttttggcttt    133440
     agttcttcat atgttttaga aattagccct ctatcaatta tgtaattggt aaagctcttt    133500
     tcccattctt taggcagcaa ctttgtctga atgatggcgt cctttgccat acagaagttt    133560
     ttggtgtcgt gaggttccat ttattactta ttattcccag tgcctgtgtt aacagtgtcc    133620
     tgttcagaaa gtcttttcct atgtctctga tttcaagcct atttcccact ttctcttctg    133680
     tcacattcag ggtatctggc cttatgttaa ggtccttaat cactctggac tggggttttt    133740
     cttgcagggc atagataaac aaggacccat ttgttctctt gcacatgctg tgacccagct    133800
     gtctgcagca atgtgtgtgg aagatactgc cttttttcca gcccattttg tcttcagttt    133860
     gattccattg atcaatgtat ctgttttttg gttttattta tttatttatt tatttattta    133920
     tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttttc cgagacagga    133980
     gttctctgta tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt agaccagtct ggtctcgaac    134040
     tcagaaatct gcctgcctct gcctcccgag tgctgggagt aaaggcgtga gccaccacac    134100
     ccggctaatg tatctgtttt tatgccaata tgctattttt attactatag ctctgaggcg    134160
     caatttgaaa tcaggggtag tgatacctct gaataataat tttttatcaa tcaagattgt    134220
     tttcattatc ttgttttttt ttttaatgtg tgggcgtttc catatgaagc tgaaaattgt    134280
     tgttcaaatt ccataaaaaa ttgtgctgga gttttgaagg ggatttcatt gaatctggac    134340
     attgattggt tttggtagga tggccatttt cactctaaca atctttatat cttcatcaat    134400
     ttctttcttc aacgtcttaa agttttcatt atgcaaatcc ctctcttgct cggttagagc    134460
     tgtctcaaaa cgttctttga ggctaatatg aaaggtatgg cttccctgat ttctttttca    134520
     gttcgtttgt catttgtgta tagaaaagtt gctgaagtct gtgagttaat tttgtatcta    134580
     gctaactttg ttgaaagtgt ttatcagtgg taggagtttc ctggtggagt tttaggatct    134640
     tttatgtata taatcatatc atctgcaaat taagatgctc tgacttactt ctttccaatt    134700
     tgtattcctt tgatctcact cagttgtctt attgatctag ctaagacttt cagtactgta    134760
     ttgaatagat aaggagtgga gtccttgtct tgtttctgat tatttattta tttatttttg    134820
     gttttttttt tgttggtggt ggtagtggtt ttttgttttt ttgttttttt gttttttgtt    134880
     tttttttttg agacagggtt tctctgtgta gctattgctt tcttggaatt ccctctgcag    134940
     accaggctgg cctcaaactc agacatctgc ctgcctttgc ctcccaagtg ctgggattaa    135000
     aggtgtgcgc caccaatgcc tggctggagt gtagattttt aagttatgtc cttatgatgg    135060
     atttccttaa tgtctgttgt gatgtccctc tttctctttt ttttctctaa ttttattaat    135120
     ttagatcttc tctctccatc ttttcgttca tttagctaaa ggtttatcaa ccttattaat    135180
     tctctcaaag aactgactgt tcattaattc tttgtattgg ttttgtttat ttggttctat    135240
     tttattgatt ttagccctga gtttgtgaag tggaagtttc tgcttgggtc agactcaata    135300
     gtgagggcaa tgtgaggcag actcgggtgc tgagttttgt ttgaatttct atatacaagg    135360
     aggaatttaa ggttgttttg tttttattgt atattaatag aaatttaatg ttgtttcatt    135420
     tgaattattg tatactgata ggaggatttt aaggttgttt tgttagtctg tctgtctgtc    135480
     tgtctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc    135540
     tggttttttg gtttttcaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct ggctgtcctg gaactcactc    135600
     tgtagaccag gttggcctca aactcagaaa tccgcctgcc tctgcctcct gagtgctggg    135660
     attaaaggca tgtgccacca acgcccggcc tagactatat tttacataag ctatttattt    135720
     aaaatatgca atgttctagt ttcatggttc ttatcatttt tattgcatgt agattgttac    135780
     tatcagagaa aaagacaatc ttttaaatga aagggagtct atgagatgga agtttctggt    135840
     tgggtcatgt gatgcagact caggtggtga ggccaactgg tgttttgctg aggcaagatc    135900
     catgggagga cgtgtgatgt ttgggaaatt ataaatagga ttcagtggac gagacagcga    135960
     gcttgcatag ctaactttgc atactttatt ggtcttgaca cttcatcttt gttgaccttt    136020
     gtttcattgg gaaaggcacg gcagagaact tctcctgaca tccccgctgg tcctggttgt    136080
     gaaggccttg ctgtttctgg gagattgtgc cactgctagg ctgctgctgt tttgataaac    136140
     agagactgat agggctggag agatggctca gcagttacaa gcaatgactg ctctttcaga    136200
     ggtcttgagt tcaattccca gcaaccacat ggtgcctcac aaccatctgt aatgggatct    136260
     gatgccctct tttggtgtgt ctggggagag caatcgtgta ctcctatgca gaaaataaac    136320
     aaacaaataa atctaaacaa caacaacaaa acctcaagag actgaaattg ccccaaggag    136380
     ctacttttaa ccaggtctat atccccttgt cctgtttacc atcttttctt ctctaccttt    136440
     ggacagtggg ctagaaatgg gggtcaacgt gtttgtgaat ctttttttgt tgtttttttt    136500
     gttttgtttt gtttttccag acagggtttc tcagtgtagc cctggctctg tcttggaact    136560
     cactgtgtag accagactgg cctcgaactc agaaatctgc ctgcctttgc ctcccaagtg    136620
     ctgggatcaa aggcatgcgc caccatatgt gaacccttgt aaacgcttat taaaaatagg    136680
     ttttaaaaaa tctaagccta caagtttgat tatttcttgc catctacttt tatggagtgt    136740
     tatttcttct tttttctttt cctagagttt cagttgttcc attaggttac aaatactcat    136800
     attactgatt actctccaac tatctgttgt agatgctcag tgctaggaac ttgccaccta    136860
     gagccaccct cattgtgtcc cgtagctgtg ggcacgccat gcttttattt tcactcagtt    136920
     ctagaaagtt ttaaatttcc ttcttgattt ctgtctcagc ccatttttca ttcagtggtg    136980
     agttgctcag tttctgtgag tttgcatact ttctgtcgtt tctgtatcca gctttaatct    137040
     atggtggtct aataggtgca ggatgtttca attttcttgt gtctgataag acttgctttg    137100
     tgtccaagta tatggtagat tttgaagaaa gtttcataag gtgatgagaa gaaggtatag    137160
     tcttttgtgt ttgggtgaaa tgttctgtaa atacctgcta gatccatttg gtttatagtg    137220
     ctattcaatt ccagcatttc tctgtttagt ttttatctgg attgcctgtc tattggccag    137280
     tgtgtgatat taaaatcacc cattagcgct gagaagcacc tgaaaaaatg ttcaacatcc    137340
     ttaatcatca gggaaatgca aatcaaaaca accctgatat tccacctcac accagtcata    137400
     atggctaaga tcaaaaattc aggtgacagc agatgctggt gaggatgtgg agaaagagga    137460
     atactcctcc attgctggtg ggattgcaag cttgtacaac tactctagaa gtgagtctgg    137520
     aggttcctca gaaaattgga cataatacta ccagaagatc caacaatact tctcctggcc    137580
     atatacccag aagaagttcc aactggcaat aagaacacat gctccactat gttcatagca    137640
     gccttattta taatagccag aagctggaaa gaacccagac gtcccccaac agaagaatgg    137700
     atacagaaaa tgtggtacat ttacacaatg catactactc agctgttaaa aaacaatgaa    137760
     tttataaaat tcttagacaa atggatgtat atggaggata tcatccttag tgaggtaacc    137820
     caatcgcaaa agaagtcatt agatatgcac tcactgataa gtggatatta gcccagaaac    137880
     ttagaatacc caagatacaa tttgcaaaac acaagaaaat caagaagagg taagaccaat    137940
     gggtggatac ttctttcctc cttagaacag ggaacaaaat acccatgaaa ggagttacag    138000
     agacaaagtt tggagctaag atgaaaggat ggactatcca gagactaccc aacctgggga    138060
     tccatcccat aaccagccac caaacccagg aactattgca tatgccagca agattttgat    138120
     gaagggaccc tggtatagct gtctcgtatg aggctatgcc agtgcctagc aaatacagaa    138180
     gtggatgctc acagtcatct ataatacaga acacatggcc cccaatggag aagctagaga    138240
     aagcacccaa ggagctgaag gagtctgcaa ccctataggt ggaacaacaa tatgaactaa    138300
     ctagtacccc cagggctcgt gtctctagct gcatatgtag cagaagatgg cctagttgac    138360
     catcattggg aagagaggcc tcttggtatt gcctcagtac aggggaacgc cagggccaag    138420
     aagcaggagt gggtgggtag ggagcagggt aggggaaggg tatagggaac tttcgggata    138480
     gcatttgaaa tttgaaatgt atataaagaa aatatctaat aaaaatgtga aaaaaataaa    138540
     ataaaataaa atcacccatt agcactgtgt gagggtcaat atgtaatttt agctgtagaa    138600
     atgtttcttt tacaaacttg gatgtccttg tgtttggtgc atagatgtta agaattgcaa    138660
     tgtcctcttg gtggattttt tctttgatga gttaggagtg cctgtcttac ttagggtttt    138720
     actgatgtaa acagacacta tgaccaaagc aactattata aggacagcat ttaattgggg    138780
     ctgacttaca ggttcagagg ttcagtccat gatcatcaag gtgggaactt ggcagtatcc    138840
     aggaaggcag tatccaggag gaactgagag ttctacatca tcatctgaag gctgctagca    138900
     gaatactggc ttccaggtag ctaggatgag ggtcttaaag cccaggccca cagtgatata    138960
     cctactccaa caaggccaca cctactccaa cagggccaca cctacaacag ggccacatct    139020
     cctaatagtg ttagtccctg ggctgagcac atacaaacca tcagcatcct tctctatctc    139080
     tttgactagt ttttgatttg aagtgatttt gtcagatatt aaaatggctg ttttaaaaaa    139140
     acctgtttgc ttcttgtttt ttctccttcc tctatttcta ttatttgctt gaaatatttt    139200
     taaagattta tttatttatt tatttattta atgtatgtgg gtatactgtg gctgtcttca    139260
     gacacaccaa aagaggtctt ccaatcccgt tacagatgga tgtgatccac catgtggtta    139320
     ctgggaattg aactcaggat tcctggaaga gcagtcagtg ctcttaaccc tgagccatct    139380
     ctccagcccc cctggaatat cttttccatt cttttcttgg tatgatatgt atccttgatg    139440
     gtaagatgtg tttcttggat gtagcagaaa agaaaaatgg atccaaccca ctctgttagt    139500
     ctgtctttcc ttggagaatt gaaaccatta atattgagtt atctatgagc agtgtttatt    139560
     aaattctgtt ttttaaaaga cttatttatc atacataaat acactgtagc tgtcttcaga    139620
     cacaacagaa gagggtgtca gatctcatta cgggtggttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct    139680
     gggatttgaa ctcaggacct tcagaagagc agtcagtgct cttacccact gagccacctt    139740
     gccagcccaa attgttgtta tggtgtagtc ttccccctct tttgattttt cagtctgaga    139800
     ctatgctttg tggttttttg gggtgtgtat gtgtggctaa cttcttcata ttgaggtttt    139860
     ccttctagca ctttctagca gtatctgtag actgtgctta gatttggttt tattgtggga    139920
     tgttttactt tctttgtcta ttgtgattga tatagtagtc tggcctggca tatgtggtct    139980
     cttagagttt gcagaacacc catacaggcc ctgctggctt tcagagtccc cactgagaag    140040
     ttgggtgctg ttctaatccg aatgggtctg cctttatgtg ttactcaacc ttttcttttc    140100
     tttttttaaa gatttatttt attattatat gtaagtacac tgtagctgtc ttcagacaca    140160
     ccagaagtgg gtgtcagatc tcattacggg tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga    140220
     attgaactca ggacctttgt aagagcagtc agtggctctt acccaatgag ccatctctcc    140280
     agccctcaac ctttcccctt gcagctttaa tattatttct tattttgtaa gtttaatgtt    140340
     ttgattacta tgtgtcatcg ggaatttctc tcctggtcca gtgtatttgg tgttctgaat    140400
     gcttcttgta ccttgatagg catctcctta tttgggttag gaaagttttt ttctatgagt    140460
     ttgttaaaaa tattttctga gctgagtatg gtggcacatg cctttagtcc cagcacttgg    140520
     gaggcagaag cagtcaaatc tctgtgagtt caaggagagc ctggtctact gcctggtaag    140580
     ttccatgtct gaaaaaccca aatacacaca cacacacaca cacacagtag ataagtaaga    140640
     aaatagaaag aaagaaagag agctaggtga ggccaaatgg gcacaggtgg cttggggaaa    140700
     tgggacactt aggaatgact ggggacagct gttctgggca ccaaattatt aagatcactc    140760
     ccctagagag gcagccacca gggacttgtc caaggctctt aagtaccagg aactgggggt    140820
     tgcctggttt ctatccccag gcacaaggaa gtaaggtgag gctgaagtgt ctcatgtagc    140880
     accagaagtg gccaggagaa aactgttcca gtgtggtata cacggaacct gtctgttcca    140940
     gtgtggtgta cacagagccc acttatactc ccaacactca ggagagagag gcagcagaac    141000
     tgcaagttca aggccagcca ggaattagaa agaccctgtt tcaaaataat taaaaagaga    141060
     ggtgggccta tagcccagtg atagagcatt tgcctgtcat gctcaattcc agtactatat    141120
     aagaaagaga gagagagagg tgatcagtaa ttagcaatta ttaatattta gttatatttg    141180
     ttctgctgtg ttctctctct ctgtgtgtga ttgtatgtgt gtgattgtgt gtatgtgtgt    141240
     gcttggtggt ttaaataaga atgtttctac aggctcagat gttggaatgg ttggtctcca    141300
     gttagttgtg ctgtttgggt agacttagga agtgtgatct tgctggagag aatgtgtcac    141360
     tgggctcagg gcttgtgact tcaaagcctt gtgcctccag ttcactctat ttgtcttgtg    141420
     cttgtgtcat aatgtgacac ctgtgctccc tgctccaggt actctacctg cagcctgctg    141480
     cctctgctct gccatcagag cgtctaatcc tctgaaacca aagccgaaat caacattctc    141540
     ctgtacatcc cctcggtcat ggtgctttat agacacacca gaaagataac taagacaata    141600
     tctgtgttct aatgtgtgtt ctattctata ttatttgcaa aaactctaca caaatataat    141660
     tttggtgggt tttctttttg tttgtgacag agtctcatgt agcctagact ggcctccaac    141720
     tctctatgta gcccaggctg gaccttgaat tgctgatctt cctgccatca cctcctgggt    141780
     tgggattaca ggtatctatc accacacctg atctgtatag ttctagggat ggatcccaga    141840
     accatgtgca ccatagacaa ggactctaca aacttatttt tcctatcctg ccctacaacg    141900
     ccttctttct gacagagcct ctttgtcgct ctagagctca gctttgatgt gtttgaagag    141960
     tccaagccag gagattggca aagcattgcc ccacttgatt gtttcctgat gattagactg    142020
     ggcttcagca ctacaggaag caccacctac ttcaggggct gcatcctgcg gaccctggga    142080
     tgaaggatga tggaacactg aactgacaca tgcctccggt ccctgtgtta gtcactcttg    142140
     ttgctacaat atttctgatc aaaacaacct gtggaagggt gagcatgttt cagcccatag    142200
     tctggctgaa tccctcatgg tggcagcggt cacatggtgt tcacagtcag gaaccacaga    142260
     gatggttgcc agcacccagc tcacttcttt ttcattctgt ctctgaccac agcctttgga    142320
     acggagccat ccacagtcaa catgtcttgc cacctcaatt aacctaatct aaaaatttcc    142380
     tcacaggcct gcctgaggac ttgtctacta ggccgttcta gattccattg agttgaggaa    142440
     agactctaat caccgcagta ccaacatcac ctttgaggcc tggctggggc gaggctggta    142500
     tctctgacac cctgcataca gtctctcctg actgattggg caccactcac agtatctctg    142560
     atagctgatc ttcattttca actcaactgc ctttaaaatc acataggaac agagagtggc    142620
     cataccctct ttagcagagg tcttgcccag catgcacaag gcactgactt tgatccccag    142680
     cactgcacta gccaggtgga gtagaggcag gggagtcaga agttcaaggt aatattcagt    142740
     ggtattgtga gctcaaggat aacctaaact agtgacccta tatcaaaaat aaatctagga    142800
     gcaatacctt tggatctgtg agtgagggtg ttttcaggta ggttcaactt gaatagaaga    142860
     gtcactctaa atatgcagaa ccattaccat tccaaggact atcacccatg cctggcagct    142920
     cacagttacc tgtaactcta gctccagggg atccaacacc tgtggctgcc aggagcacag    142980
     gcaagcacac gaacacaact gaaaaataga catctttggt ttattttaaa gaacacaatt    143040
     aaaaaacatt tacttattta atgtatgtgt ttttgcctgc gtgtatgcac atgtaccacg    143100
     tacacgcctg gtacctgagg gggccagaag agggatcaga ctccctggga actggagtta    143160
     caaatggctg tgagccgctc tgtgggtgct gagaactgaa tctgggtcct ctgcaagagc    143220
     agccagtgct gtaactgctg agccacctct ccagtcccca aagcaatgtt ctttgttttc    143280
     ggtttttgat ttgtttgttt gtttgttttt tggcaggaga tagggtctca ctgtagctct    143340
     gcctgtccta gaagtcacta tgtagaccag actgtccttg aattcagaga tctgcctgcc    143400
     tttgccagcc actcccaata tccactaagt gtgatccact ctgctcacct ggaatcccag    143460
     ccctctagtg gtgaacatcg attcactgtc accctcagct acatggttga atttgagacc    143520
     agcctagact acatcagacc ttctcagaaa caaagacaaa acaacttccc actccctcag    143580
     cccaatcgat cccccacatt tcctcctctt tttttttttt tttttttttt ggttttttca    143640
     agatagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact cactttgtaa gaccaggctg    143700
     gccttgaact cagaaatctg cctgcctctg cctcccgagt gctgggatta aaggggtgtg    143760
     ccaccaggct cggcttattt tattttgaga gagggtttca ctgtgttggc ctggctggcc    143820
     tagaatctga tatgtggatc atggttggcc ttgaatttac aaagctctgc ctgcctctgc    143880
     ttccaaggtt aggtaggggt taagatgtgc accaccgtca ttgtccacct actttttcca    143940
     cgattcattt ttctgtgtgt tcttccaata ggagtctacc tcaggaagag tgaaatccag    144000
     tcttccctta gccataatct acatcgttca ctgactggat cctgggtggg tttctgccct    144060
     cctgtgctcc cctccttatc tgcagagtgg gaataataag agcagccatg ctcctaaagt    144120
     tgctaaaatg ttgggattaa atgaacagtt tcacgtcaca tacctccaac gatggcagac    144180
     tgttaataga tgtttaatgc gtcccagcca caaagctggg caaagactgt ctatcgtgct    144240
     agaaacatga cagacagcat cctgcagagg gcctcagctg tgcgccaggc tccatactgg    144300
     ctgctcttcg agactctttc cacagaacaa tcccagtctt cttcagttat ggctggcctc    144360
     tcttgaattc tacagagcgg gaggccgagg ctcagaggga actaaacgct gttggaaagt    144420
     tgcacagtat ctcatgagta cagccctcac ctcaacccca ggcacaaagg aacattctac    144480
     agtttggggc cagacccaaa ctaaggtatc gggacagggt ggcccgagaa ggaacaatgc    144540
     caagggacaa tgcagcacca ggatgagccg ccctgcttcc accccgtgct gacaccggac    144600
     agaggcatgc tcagcacatt ctctaccact gagcgccagt cctgccctga gtgacattat    144660
     cagttgctgt cacaggcagt tagcatctgc ttgtgactgc tggtttagga agccctggga    144720
     aaaccccagc aatgatggag atccacgctc ttctgtagag ctgctggcag ggcagagaca    144780
     aatgttagct gagtggcagg catggctcag ttgcctaaac tgacaaaaca cacacacaca    144840
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacagcca cacatatgca    144900
     catgcactcg acaaacaagc aaaaccaaac acactccaca aacaaaacat acatacagta    144960
     gccaaaaaca aaacaaatct catctgctca ggaggttgag gtaggaggtc aacttggatt    145020
     agagttcaag gccagcttca gcagtttagt aagagcctga cttaaaataa aaagtagagc    145080
     tggagagatg gttcagtggt tactagcact ttcagcagct gcgtggtggt ggcagctgtg    145140
     ttagcctttg atcccagcgc ttgggaggca gaggcaggca gatctctgtg agttcaaggc    145200
     cagcctggtc tacagagcaa gttccaggac agccaggact gaaatccctg tcttcaaaac    145260
     aaaacaaaac aaaacacaaa aatgactcct ccaccaccac ctacaaccac aaaaacaaat    145320
     ggagagatgg ctcaaagctt aaaggctgag atcagaacta aatatatata taatatatct    145380
     agacaacgtc cactcctcac cccctcctcc aactcctccc aggactcccc tacacacgtt    145440
     ctcctctcaa cttcatcttt cttcctcttc ctccttctcc tgcttctttt ccttctgctt    145500
     cttatcaaca cactgcgtac aattagtgct ttcaatatgt gtacagatat ggggtcatgg    145560
     agagtctgcc atgggtcaca ccctttaaag aactgacttt cctttcagcg aggttgtggg    145620
     cccaagctag aaaggtctca gctcctcacc aaagtaaagg aatgcccaca tcccagagcc    145680
     tgtggataag ggctggaact taaacctcgc caaaatctgt tgagctagga atgggccctc    145740
     ggaagcccct cctctattca ttctcaatta ttcaacaaga cttttcacat tcttttttac    145800
     cagccttcac ataccacctc gcataccatc gtcttcccgg cctcagtgtt tccccgaccg    145860
     atggccacga gagggcgcaa ggagcacttg catctctcca gtactccacc caggtccacc    145920
     cgagctcgcg ctcacccaga gctgatgatc tctgctcgcc cgcgctcgcg tgctccgatg    145980
     cggttgcgat cttcctgaca tcagagcacc cagtcctacc gctggcttgc ggtagccgcc    146040
     tgctggacag gtagttgtga gttccatcat ttgaccaggt ctgtccaccc acccagcagt    146100
     cagtggtgcg aagcagcgtg ggtcttgctg cttctgtgcc ctgtatgtcc agaagcccga    146160
     ggtttgaagg acaggggcca ttcctgcacc ctgaggaatc tgtctttctg tctaggcctt    146220
     ttctctgaga catccttttt tttttttggg gggggggggg gctttggagc caggctctcg    146280
     aagataatgg cttctcacta aagtaaaggt atgcccatgc cccagggcct gtggttaagg    146340
     atcttgtcag atgaaattta tccactcatt aagttgtgac ttgggtatgt gagcacatgt    146400
     atgtgtgtgc aggtcagggg acatccatcc cccagtgtca gtcctcacac acgatttata    146460
     acgtgttttg agaccgggtc tctcatgtgc tggaatttgc caggctaggg tgcctgcgat    146520
     ggagccccag caagactcct gtctgggcca ccgccctaac acccccacct cgccccgggc    146580
     tgggattaca agtttaggac agcacgcata ggttctgtga atggaactca ggtctcatgt    146640
     ttgcaaggga agcacattac tgcctgggcc cccaacctca gacacttatc tatttatcta    146700
     tgtcttttat ttttgtaggg ctgcagataa agagagggtc ttgctaggtg ctaggccagt    146760
     gctcatccac agcccagtcc agaagtgaac gacagacaga catacactag ggagggctgt    146820
     ttgacggtag cagcagagaa aaggggtgct tcttagaaat agcagacctt caaggattga    146880
     tggaagtcac cagaatccag cggaggggca tgggctggat gggaggagcc actgtgattt    146940
     cgtcctagac tccggaagaa caggacaaat tcagttggct ctgcctggtt ttgtttgttt    147000
     ctgttgttgt tgttgtttta aaataaggtg tatgtatgtg tttgtgtgag catgttcata    147060
     tgtgtgcatg tgagtgtagg ccagaggata tacaacgtac acgacgggct ctggggattc    147120
     aattcagccc tcagcttttt tatttttggg gacagggtct taacattttt ttttttttcg    147180
     aggcagggtt tctctgtgtg acagtcctgg ctgtcctggc agtctttctg tagaccaggc    147240
     tggccttgaa ctcacagaga tccacctgcc tctgcctctg cctccccagt gcagggattt    147300
     aaaatcatgt gccaccactg tgtggctgag tcttaccttc tacgccagac tcaccttaaa    147360
     ctcccgatcc tcttacctca gcctttggaa tgctgggatc tcatttgtat tccactgaac    147420
     caggtccaaa tctctgcctt taaaaatgat ttacttagtt tttaaaaatt ctgtgcatgt    147480
     gtaagtgtgc acttgccgac tagtccctcc tggaggccag aggtcctagt cataagccca    147540
     ctgatgtggg tgctggaagt tgaactcagg tcctctggag gagcagtgcg tgctgttaac    147600
     catctcttac ccccaaatct ctgctcttct tgtcttgctt gctttactgt gttaatgtgc    147660
     attggtgttc tacctctgtg tgtgagggtg tcagatcccc tggaattgga gctacaaaca    147720
     gtataggctg ccaaataggt attgggaatt gaacctaggt cctctaggaa gagcagccag    147780
     cgctcttaac cactaagcca tctctccagc ccccaaattt ctgctttttt aagccacctg    147840
     tttttatgac ttcagaaaac tgaagcctca ggctggtagg atggttcagc gggcagagca    147900
     cctgtgtcgt aaaactaatg acctaagttt gatccctggg gcacgtggaa ggagagagcc    147960
     cacaccgtag agttggcctc tgacctccat gctgtggcat gtatgccttc acacatatca    148020
     cactaataat aaaaatataa tcagtatttt aaaataagga aactgaatcc ttaaagtctg    148080
     ccttcatgag ggacccacat ccactgggtg tgccttcggg acctgacact gaacagtctg    148140
     tccatcatag ctgtttcctg gataaactgt gactcacaaa gtccctaggg tgaggggctc    148200
     tcccagagtc agcgcaattg tccaccctta ggacagggag actcctccca ggggcagcca    148260
     ccagcagacc cttggctgct gtccttctgt gacgtgggcg atcatgggac agatgttgta    148320
     cgtgctctgg tctgaatcat taggttagtt ggtcactcac caaatactca ggaggcagtt    148380
     ctagaccaaa taccactctg agcctgtgga tgcatgggtt actagaaggc atggttggtg    148440
     acgtcaacag agacccagtt tactccagaa gggagctttc tggattcctt tcctgaaccc    148500
     tgctctctcc ccctcatgtc aaagaaggaa ggtgttgggc tgcacagcta cacactgtga    148560
     gaactcctaa ataggactcc ggtgccctgg agcgagcatg ggtttggcaa gctgtgagca    148620
     caggtgcagg cctgtttgag atgacttcat agcttgaaag cctgcatttt tccactgggt    148680
     gtgtgcatgt gtatgttcgc aacagtgtgt gcatatgaag accaaagcca acctcagctg    148740
     tccttgctca gcaactattc acttcagctt ctgagctgag gtctttcact gggatcaggg    148800
     acttgcccat ttggccaacc tagctggcag tgagcctggg ggactctcct gtcttctcct    148860
     ggcgctggga gtctaagcct gtgccacaag gcacaaaggc atttttttac ttataattta    148920
     catattagaa ataaatttta acatttactc tgttttttat ttagttatgt atgcatgtaa    148980
     tcattggttg gttgactgat ttgttttcaa gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctgggtgg    149040
     cctgaaactc actttgtaga tgaggctggc cttgaactca gagagctgtc tgcttcagct    149100
     tctgcttctg cttctgcttc tgcttctgct tctgcttctg cttctgcttc tgccccagag    149160
     cactgagatt aagggtattt aataccacac ttaacttttt aataaaattt gttgttgttg    149220
     ggatttttat tgttgttttt gagacatggt ttttctgtat agccctggct gtcttggaac    149280
     tcactctggc cttgaactca gaaatccacc tgcctctgcc tcctaagtaa tgggactaaa    149340
     ggcatgcgcc aacactgcct ggtttttgat aaatttttaa aattatattt ttgggggaag    149400
     gaaaggtgta ccccagaatc tgtggccttt gagaattttt ttttcttttt cttctaccat    149460
     ttgggttctg ggaattgaac tcaaattgct aggttcagag agaagcaaat acctttagga    149520
     actgagctat tgtgatggtt tgaataagaa tagtccccat aggccaggct tggtggcgca    149580
     tgcctttaat cccagcactc aggagacaga ggcaggagaa tctctgtgag ttccggtcca    149640
     gcctagttta catagtgaat tccagcattg gtgtggcaat gtagagagac cctctctcaa    149700
     acaatcaaac agaatgcccc acctctcagg cttatccatt tgaatatttg gtccccaatt    149760
     ggtggaactg tttgggaaga cttagggggt gtggtcttgt tataggagga ggtgagtcac    149820
     tggtggtggg ctttgagatc tcaaaaccta cactaggccc agtttctctc tctgactcct    149880
     ggtttatctc aagatgtgag ctctcagcta ctgctccaac ttcatggctg cctgactgcc    149940
     tgctgcctca ttccctgcca tgatggtcac ggattccaac cctttggaaa cataaccccc    150000
     aaataaactg ttcttgtata acttgctttg gccaacgtgt ctccacccag caatagagaa    150060
     aacctcacta gcctaagttt tgttgtgtct ttagatttat ttcctttata tgtaagactg    150120
     tcttgtctgc atgtgtgttt gtgcactatg tgtatgcctg gtgcctgcag aagtcagaag    150180
     agggcagggg attccctgaa actggagtta caggtaattt tgagccacca tgtaagtgct    150240
     gggaattgaa tttaggtctt ccagcaacaa aagctcttaa ctccatgaag cagccttagg    150300
     agtgtggggc ctcaggcctg cttgtcacac ctggaagcct tcatattaag aaaacttgta    150360
     aactgggcag tggtggtgca cacctttagt cccaccagca ctttggaggc agaagcaggc    150420
     agatttctga tctgccacat tgagatgaag tcccctgcat cgcacttttg aggttctgat    150480
     gactgatttc aaggacctga aagtaatgct gcaataaaaa atgacgctca tagccaggcg    150540
     tggtggcgca ctcctttaat cccagcactg gggaggcaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt    150600
     cgaggccagc ctggtctaca ctacaaagtg agttccagga cagccaggac tatacagaga    150660
     aacccattca gacaggtgca gtggctccag gggtaaggct cttttggcta agattgaaga    150720
     cctgagttca attcctgaga cctgcatggt gggaaagaga gtcctggtcc ccagaagttg    150780
     tcctctgacc tttacatgtg tattgtgcca tgtgccctgt agcccctgcc accagctaag    150840
     gaaacatgac attttttcct agcccctaag ctctggcagg ctctctcctc acaggaaacc    150900
     ctccaggtgt ctgccatttg tctgtaccct caagcattcc ctctccctct gctctgttcc    150960
     ccaccccatc ctcctgcctc tgggcctttg cacagctgct ccctctgtct gagtgttctt    151020
     tcctgtgtct gcacagctcc tctataccac tctggtcttt gcttaaatgc caccttcttg    151080
     gcaaagcact tgctgttatt taaaaatgta cccaacactc tccacctact gctcctccag    151140
     caccttggct ctcgttgata tctgacacag cattggatgt gttcctgctc tcatctactc    151200
     ccacttgacc atcagctcca caaggatagg gattactaat ttatttattg tagttcgggg    151260
     gtagagtctg gggtctctca catgctagga tggagttttt ctctcccttc cctcccgttt    151320
     ccccgtcttc cttcttttcc ttgatgggta tagaacccag ggtgttctat gtgttaggca    151380
     gttaccactg ggccaggggc cagtcaaaac ccagagatta aaaataaatc tctttaaata    151440
     tttacttatt gtgtgtctgg gcatgccatg ccatgctagt ggaggccagt ggacaacatg    151500
     aggaaattag ttcccctcta ccaggcagga tctgggtgtc aaactcatgt tggcaggcat    151560
     ggtcacagca cttttgaggt tggaccagct caccagacca aagacaagag catttgacag    151620
     tttgcttcac cactgttcct atcactaaga tcacagttgg aactcagtgg atgttcaaaa    151680
     agtacctatt aaatggatga gtgcttacca tatgactgtc acccagcagc agtctttagg    151740
     aatagtgagg atagaaaata gtcttgttta gcctcaggaa tagctccttt tgtctcttcc    151800
     tgccatgctg gaaaccatag ccatggcatc ttgtgtgcca agcacacagc tctcattgac    151860
     atcaatttga ccgaagagtt gggttgtgtt ttgtttggca ttctaacagg cacccagacc    151920
     ttagcacgac tgactccatg atggaagtgc cattcaggcc atggaaccca gcatgcaggc    151980
     agcaccacct gcccaaatga gaacaaagac ctaatttatc agagtccata attctgggaa    152040
     agtccctatg tatactaacc ttgcttttgg cttctgtagt gacactcctg ggtaactgtt    152100
     cttggtaact gagctgtgtc ctcctaggat gtggtttttg tgtttaaaag ctcaccctca    152160
     gaaaagtttg agattgctta agggtcccag acacccaatg tagttgccag tcagctaata    152220
     aagactccct gttcccgtga acttgtgtct gggggtctcc actggtggat atctcacaag    152280
     atggcatcat tatgtacctt agggtgtcct tgaactggca tcctttgagc ctcggcctct    152340
     gaataccaaa aattgtaatt ctgtaaggtt tttcttttgc atgtgtgtag tgggtgttat    152400
     gtgtttgaat gtgtgggtat atgttacctg tgtgtctgtg tggaggcccc aagatgacct    152460
     tgctttctcc accactctcc acagttccca attttagcta ctctacggca gtcagtttcc    152520
     tctgggtatc cactgggatt acaggcagct ggccacaccc acctcacatt tatatgggaa    152580
     ctggggatgc tttaatcccc tccccaccac caccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    152640
     aaaaaaaaaa accaaccaac caaccaacta aacaacaaca aaaatccaaa cctttgttta    152700
     tacaaaggct ccctgctgca ctccaggaat tagacaggct ggagcaagga cctcttcccc    152760
     cttcctcctt catttccagt gagccagttc ttttcaaaca agccaatagg ataagactgt    152820
     gaggttggac cccagccaat ggggaacata tgcagccacc atcagagtta gaaaaaacaa    152880
     aacaaacaaa ccaaccaacc aaccaaccaa ccaaccaaga gcacttcctg tctcttctga    152940
     gctaacccta ttgatcagga attcttcttg tccagttcag ttggaatgat ggtctctttc    153000
     tttggggcca taaaattatt actaacgttg ggtgttttgc tttcctatct gtatgtctgt    153060
     gcaccttgtg catgcctgat gcccactggg gccggcagtt agattagatc tgtaactaga    153120
     gttacagctg gttgtaagct atcaggtggg tgctcagaat gaaaccccag tcctccacaa    153180
     gagcagccag tgcttttaac cactgagcca tctctctagc atctcactgc ctttttgaaa    153240
     tcattcttaa gggtatcaca gtgggctgga gagatggctc agcaggtaag agcactgact    153300
     gctcttccaa aagtcctgag ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca tagtggctca caaccacctg    153360
     taatgagatc tgacaccctt ttctggtgtg tctgaagaca gctacagtgt acttatgtat    153420
     aataataaat aaatctttgt gccacagcaa gtgggccaac cagagcaaca gaggtcataa    153480
     gtacaattcc caacaaccac atgaaggctc acaaccatct gtatagctac agtactcaca    153540
     tgcatgaaaa taaataaatc tttaaaaaaa aaaagagtat cacaacacta tagggaaagg    153600
     ctgctataat ttatcatgat atgaatcata atgcataaat gttatatttt atataacgtt    153660
     gcatatgaat ttgcctgcat aaagtaagac ctaaccactg agtctttagc ctcaatgatt    153720
     tactctattc caggaatgac agtagatatg aagagtctca ctgtgtagca ctggctgacc    153780
     tgaaaatggg tatgcagccc agcttccaga gtgctggatt tctgggattt gacatcacac    153840
     ccagccagtt cttctatttc tcaaagatta ctgagaggac cagagaggtg gaattacttt    153900
     tccaacaaca cacagaatca gggtgctgga gctgggattc aaaactgggg ctgcctggcc    153960
     ttggtaccta ttttctggtg cttgtccaat agtggctaga ggtaacaagg ggtaggccta    154020
     ctttagcttt ggcttctgct tcagcagagc tctactgagg tcagcaattc acctgggttt    154080
     ggttcctggg actcagccac agtactgatc caggatagac ttgtctgtct ttgggaaggt    154140
     aggtgtgtgg gtggagctga catacaatgc tgttctgtgt cagtacctgt gtggtctgtg    154200
     tgtgccattt acgtatctgg aaatccatac aaacctagaa gagaggtagt tatatatttg    154260
     tatatttttg cagtacaagg aatggaactt gggtcctttg caatgctggg caagttctct    154320
     attgtgaagc tatacactat gcctttccct ctgtgtgtgt gtgtcactat gtagctatgt    154380
     agttatgtag gctgctgacc tcatagatcc acttggtcct gctaagtact gagatagaag    154440
     ctgcgtgcta cactacgcct ggcccgtgta gtgtgacaca tgactatgct gtgtgtctac    154500
     attcatgttg agtatagggg tccccggagg tcagaaaagg gctttggatt ccctgtagtc    154560
     cacttgacat gagttctggg taccaaactt gggttttcta taagaaatta gtgctttttg    154620
     tttttgtttt cctggaaaga gtcttgatat gtctttatga cactttggct gccctggaac    154680
     tcaaagagat ctgcctgtgc ctcctaagta ccaggattaa aggcatgtgc catgcaggtt    154740
     tctttctttt tttttttttt ttactttttg agacagtgtc taatttctaa gtttcatagg    154800
     ctagtcttga ccttgcaagc aatttactgg ttaagtgtaa gacaaaatgt ccaggatggg    154860
     gttctacatt aactacactc atttcacagt tgaagcactg gcataacaaa gttagtttcc    154920
     ttatctaaga tcatacagct tgaaaaggtc aagctgggat tcaaacctgg aagccaaagt    154980
     tacaactcca ctactatccc agttagaact aataagatag aaacccagga aatgagacgg    155040
     agcatgagaa acgcagaagc cctcagaaaa caacattcgg gagggcgagc ttctctctgt    155100
     gagctctttc taagttttaa attgtgctaa tagaagccaa gaagtgaaac cgaaaactta    155160
     gacgctgcac ttatataaat aagcacaggc acagtcttgg taaaagtttc tagatgtatt    155220
     tatataggag tgttttgcct gagtgcatta tgcacatcac gtgcatgctt gatgcctcaa    155280
     gtcaagtgct ggatttccta gacctggagt tagagatgga ggcaaactac catgtggggg    155340
     tgagaactga acccaggtct tacaggagag caagcgctgt gaactactga gccctcacag    155400
     gctctctctg gactgcacaa aaggcagagt tctatctctt tggtgccatg ccgcacaagg    155460
     aagggtacct caggctcagg ccatgtcaag gtgtcaggtg ccaggctata tcccagggcc    155520
     tgacatgccc tggcccctga gaacagtaaa agaccctact cccgaggttg ctgtccatgg    155580
     gatttgtggg attctagaac tgtggacata gttctttgtg ggcatacaac ctccctagct    155640
     gatcgcacac cagctcatct ctctaaaagt gactgtatta ttcttgaggt cagtctgcag    155700
     ccatagcatg tgtggtagcc gagcacctcg tatgtgttag ggagactaga ggaactattt    155760
     tattaaacaa caacaaacat tccagagttg cctttggtgg taagggaaag cagctcttag    155820
     gtagacttac ataggctgga tcaatactct accatagctt agacagattt ccaactactt    155880
     ctgggcttag ccttcccagt gttgagttta cagaggtcac atctggctct gggattatct    155940
     ttctatgtta caatttctta gacaggtttt actgttgagc agactgcagc atggctggta    156000
     gctgtagtca gctggagaag aaaaaccctg ggctccacaa ccagaaccac cagaacacag    156060
     agacaaaacc aacacattgc tctataatca acctacctct tcaaagaagt tctcagacac    156120
     ccctatcaag tggggaaagg aagtgggttt ctccccagag cagccaactc tgggcaggtg    156180
     catcctagct ctaggctagc ctagcctacc ctaccaagtt ggaaggggga attcaggcag    156240
     atggcactgt aatcctcagc cctggtggtt actaggtccc cagatgtggc caggagcttg    156300
     caaggtagaa aaggcactca gggcgggctc ctaccccaac cgtcaccaca gtgatgctgg    156360
     ggtcctgaac gggaaaccaa tgtgtcccag gaagggaaac agagctttct tttgagaatg    156420
     agaacagtaa ccatgccgct cctcccccca gcaaagccct caaacagagt cgaaggactg    156480
     ctcccctgag gtttagcatc agtctttaat gctgtcacac tgcataatga caagtcacac    156540
     actttggtct tgtgttggta gtggcaactt acaatgagtt gaatggtcag aacaccaggc    156600
     tagctccaaa gaacagatac tttcacgccc aggtctgatc ccatcacagc cctggacagt    156660
     agttgacagg gactgctttc gtctgagtgc acaccagctt ccaatggaat tataaaaaca    156720
     tatttacata cgttccacag tgctcctttc atcagaagca aagacccttt tatcaaaagg    156780
     gattagatct aggactgtgc aaaatccaaa aggattgtat ccttctagag ttcagagtcc    156840
     attacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaaaatca    156900
     cctgtgcctc tgagaagtgc caggtgtggc caaggtctac ctctggacca gcaagtactg    156960
     tgactgtaag ccagccatct gatgtcaatg gagccagagg tccaggggat ctcctggctg    157020
     gccaggcccc agaacctgga aggaggctgg ccctgtggtc ctgcaaccag gtattgcttg    157080
     tgatgctggc ctggcagtcc tagggaattg gtctcaattt gagatggcca agacaagaca    157140
     ggactcttct ggggaggagg aacaaggcat gggacaaata cagataaaac aagaacctcc    157200
     cacacagtgg agactgacta gtgcacaggg tctggcaact gagatggcgg accactgtca    157260
     catgacagcc agactaagga caacagaggg caagagtcca gttgcaggcc tgcctcacac    157320
     ccttgggcag gagctggggt gcagagggtg ggtccattcc aggagggctg ctgttcccac    157380
     cgcctgccta tcgctcgaaa aaccactgta gtctagtgcg cgactttgaa agattgtaat    157440
     atattctgtg gaaaacattc ggcagagcaa aagccctccc tgggccctcc cgcagtatgc    157500
     aaccagtgga acggtctgga gatctgcagc tctgaaagcc cctggctcag tccttgagga    157560
     gtgcaggtgg ctatatggga agaacctgct ccaggatggt tctggatgag acgggaatcc    157620
     tttccgggaa gatcacttca aactcgataa caaggtctcc acgtttctca ggtgttttgg    157680
     ggagagggag gccttctcca gggactttcc gccgcatacc aggcctgatg acatctttga    157740
     atacaacagg gatggtcctg ccgtccagag tagggacatt cacagtgcaa ccacagagag    157800
     cctagggaag caaaaggaca gtgtcaggca gtggctggct taggagcttc actcctccag    157860
     accgtccgga gaagggtcag gtctaccaga ccaggcccgc tgacacccca ctccaaagcc    157920
     cccccaaccc cacaacccat tattctcaca gcagccatct ctttttatga ctcctccacc    157980
     cacctagcac cttacctccc gaaggctaat cctggctgga tagatgacat cagaaccatc    158040
     tctcttgaag atattgtgtg gcttgtcctt taaaacaaag acgatgtctg ctggaatgtt    158100
     gttcgaggtc tggtcccctt ccttgggaaa ggtgattttg gtcccttctt tccagcccct    158160
     cttcacttcg atggtcagga tcttatcttc atttcgaatg ctctttccat cagggttcag    158220
     ccgcttgtgg gagattttca tcttcttggt acagccgctg tagatctctt caagggagac    158280
     ccgaaggtca tgggtgactg gaggatcttg cttcttccgg gtgggctctt gagaagggcg    158340
     ggaacgtcca aagttcatgt tggtgaagcc acccataccc attggaaagc tagagaatgt    158400
     gtcatcaatg tccatgcctt cttccccgtt gcgctgccca aaaaaggtat caaaggggtt    158460
     tctgccaccg aagaactcag caaacatggc atgggggtct ccgtggaatg tgtagctgaa    158520
     agaggtacca ttagcaccac cactgcttcc tccactgggg ctaccaccct tcaggcctgg    158580
     aaaccaaaac cacaagtcag ggttactgct ggagagtcag ccccacctcc ctccaccccc    158640
     aacacttcaa cacacttata aaacataaaa cccctgaaac aaagagctca gaaccccagc    158700
     actctcaaga caagtgcaga ctgatctctg caagttccag acaagccaga gctccaccat    158760
     gaggtgctgg agaaatggct cagagcactg gctcatctgg cagaagaacc aagttcaatt    158820
     tccaacacct acatagcagc agaccatggt ctaactctag ttccgggacc tttaatgccc    158880
     tcttctctag aagcatgtga atggtataca catatacacg gaggcacacg ctcaaataaa    158940
     ttgaaaaaca aagttccagc aacagtgagg tcctgtctca aataaatggt cacattttgt    159000
     tccttttgca tgtattactg tcaatgccac gtaacacaca aactttcgtc cagagtagcc    159060
     tcaaggcaat cctcctgact caaatacccc agagggggga ttgtcacaac atccggttcc    159120
     tttggaaaca ggagcttatt accctgtagc tctgatttga agcaaattca cagcgttcct    159180
     aattcggttt cccatgtgga ggtgtgagcc cccgcactct gctcaacaag ttttgctctt    159240
     agtaaaaagg ccacaggaac tatagcggga gggattttat gtatatatta aaaagcttgt    159300
     tagtcaagga cgaatctcaa gtcttttaac tcccaatggc aataggagca agaaacacac    159360
     tactccgttt tacttcctga caacatattc ggtagtaagg cctctagatc tcggtgcgac    159420
     caggtttacg tgactgctcc atcctcccag ctatgctgtt accatcttac agagaagctc    159480
     ctacgcactg ttaccaaaaa ggctcaaccc tgggtgagcg aacactgagc ttgcggctag    159540
     gaaagagaat caatactcgg gcaattttca ttcccatcgc gaccgccgcc ctccatctgc    159600
     accattccgg cgctgtgcag gcgaccgacc gggaggggct gcggcagacg tgctagaagc    159660
     ttctgtgcca gcggcgcgcc cagagctcct cctcctgtct gaggccgcgg atcagagggt    159720
     gaaggaggcg gcgccgccgc tagatccccg gaatgcctgt ccccggccga ggtcttggag    159780
     aggctccgag tgcctcggtt tccccgcctg tcaaacggcg ggtcaccccg gccgcgcgca    159840
     cacgtacctt cctctccata gcggtcgaaa atctcgcgct tgcgcgggtc gctgagcacg    159900
     tcgtaggcct cggcgatctc cttgaacttc tcctcagcgc cgggctcctt gttcttgtcc    159960
     gggtggtagc gcagcgcctg gcggcggtag gctcgcttga tctcgtcgtc ggacgcgccg    160020
     cgggccaggc ccagcgtctg atagtagtcc ttgcccatgg ccaccgccgc ccagctgtcg    160080
     ccgcctccgg ctccgctgct gccccgtccc ggactctata tacccgtccg gcggaagctt    160140
     ccagatcccg ccagccctcc agaaccttcc gcccctcccg atgcgccgca cgacaccggc    160200
     caatcgctgc ggcccgctcc gtgacgcagc acatccgggg tgggacccgg ctgccaacgg    160260
     ctttccgcgc ggggccacgc cccttccctc tctactctgg tcaacgcctt cctcgggcgc    160320
     gcgcgccggc tgctggggtt ccgcctccgt agcggatcca gccaatcgca accctctctc    160380
     tctctgcgga caggtggagg cgcgaagagg ggcggggcta cagagacggg cctctccgaa    160440
     aggccgcacc ctttccccca ggttatcgcc ggctgggagg ttctgctgcg tgacttgtgg    160500
     tagctacctg acaagtacct ctaagctttc ctgctctaac ccagggataa aaataggcac    160560
     cccgccctct tctgcccgta gcccttggtt tttcccgtaa ggccgttact gtaaagcgag    160620
     gtgagactgg tctgccttgg gcttgctgca gtcgggctgc ctctccggtt tatcttactt    160680
     cctactaatt cctactgggt ttagctcgcc tcttggcgtt ctgatacttg tcacttcctt    160740
     tgccgtctga gtttaccacc agggctgcgt gattttttta aagatccact gggtgcttcg    160800
     taaatatttc caaatacttt gatatagtat agctttttgc ttttggtttt gtaagtctgg    160860
     gatgatggcg gtcaaggacg gagctgagtg aggaagagga gagagcttca gatattggaa    160920
     ggcatagaga agctggaata gtcattggtg gttcttgcag ggaatgggac tgcctgaaag    160980
     tgcatgaaag actgactctc atcctagcac tttctggctg tgtgaccttg ggttggtaga    161040
     gtagcttttc tggtctcagt gtggtcatct gtacaaaggg aatggtcgtg gaatatggtg    161100
     aagttgacat tattctgcat ttgttaaaga caagggacaa agggtgttct tgaaagagat    161160
     gattaatcat cttgtttagt ggacaactgt tgacattccc tttctggaag ctctgtagga    161220
     ggagagtcag ataacccttg ccctaggcac ccctgagaaa aatgacttta gccttccgtt    161280
     aatggtatag ctgtgtgtgg tgtatgtgtt ttgattttcc taactgtact gaccccatga    161340
     aaaccgaacc agttgagccc tgccccccgc ctccccatgg atttggagct agggaacact    161400
     tgtagagaaa gtgtctttaa aggtacagag acagagatag tgagctggca gtggtggtgc    161460
     atgcctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggcag agacaggcgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag    161520
     cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggatagc cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa    161580
     aaaaaacaaa aacaaacaaa caaacaaaaa gatacagaga tagcgacagc ctgggcacag    161640
     tggcatattc ctgtagtcta gtgcagggat gctgctgcac gaggactccc tgtgaggcca    161700
     gcctgccttc aaaataggtg actagaaatc aaagtacata ctgaacagaa gagctgtccc    161760
     agaggcaagg aaagcacagg acatgggagt gcttcacatt tacggggtga ttttaacgga    161820
     gaagtgcagg tgtgcctctg gctgggccta tctgggcttt actaaggttt cttgccatgg    161880
     gggggggggc ggggggcggg tgctggcttg tccactacgt tatgcaaggg aaatctttct    161940
     gtttggggat aatctcacaa ctggaaatgc cagctttcta cgtaaggctg aggctgattc    162000
     atgatggggt attttaatta tcactgttat tattattatt attatcatta ttttaggcac    162060
     attctcattc tttaacccac agtggtcttg ggttcattat gtagcccaag ctggctttga    162120
     actccagatt ctcctgcctc agtctcctta gtgttgagct gacgagtacc tgccaccatg    162180
     cttatcagaa agtatcagtt gttcaaaagc aaacaggtag tgtcgtgtgc ctttaatccc    162240
     agcactctgt agtcagagac aggtggatct atgagttcaa ggccagcctg gtctacagaa    162300
     tttcagggca tctagggcta tacagagaaa ccctgtcttt aaacaaacaa caacaaaaac    162360
     caagcaagtg cttctcagtg acgcagggtg tgggtcacat aggcaaggat cctgggttcc    162420
     atgtctgaca gcaaacaaca gacaccaaaa taaagccaaa gactctatga tacccccccc    162480
     ccaccaccac catggggaag ctcattggat gctgggctct gagcctggag aagctgttac    162540
     atttagcagt tatgcatggg cttgttcaat tacacaggaa gttattttgt atatggggct    162600
     aggttaacat cttctatcat taggcattaa gtacaggagg tcccctcaaa gatgtgagtg    162660
     ggctggccca aagcaaatgc caaatagtct tgaatgccag aattagccat gccagttgtt    162720
     cataactgaa atcccagaac ttgggagtcc gaggcaagag agttgctggg agcttgaggc    162780
     ctgcctgggc tgcacattca aggccagccc acgtaaaatt tgagaccctg tctctaaata    162840
     taaaagtagg gccaaggaga ggtctctgta tggaaagcac ccaagtttga ttaccagaat    162900
     ctacagaaac aaaatggaaa aacaaagcca ggcatggcga caggcacctg gaattccagc    162960
     cctgggtagg ctgaccagac agccagctgt tgggggatgg tttgtgcact gtgtattcag    163020
     atgttgattt tatgcccaga cagtgtgttg cagttcctat gatgataggt caccatgaga    163080
     acacacttgg agcagaggta gccagggcaa gactcagggt gggaaatagg cggcctagag    163140
     gggtagaaca gctcagaacc tgcccagctt agtgcttgca acttgttaat aaaaatacca    163200
     ggtctctgtg tcctttactc aggagctaaa accgtagagt gggcgtagaa acagttactt    163260
     ggcagcagaa ggggtgaaga acccttcccc aaatactata acatccagct tagtctaatt    163320
     agtgtgccca gtgggagact gtctcaaaaa tcaagctgga ggcaggcgtg ttggcacaag    163380
     cctttaatcc agatggatct ctgagttcaa gtcctgcctg gtcgacaagt tcagctgccc    163440
     aggtaaggca gagtcaaata gcccatgatg gattggcacc catggcctgg cccccgttgt    163500
     gctggctcta ctgctgagcc acaccccagg ctcccattaa cttacctaat tgtaacaatt    163560
     gccttcagac actcccattt tacagctaaa gctctgagaa gttggatgct cccattttac    163620
     ccaggccaca cagtaaagca tcgaagagtt tgggtactga gcccttactg agtgcgttca    163680
     gctgctgtgt gatgtggccc aaatggtggt aaagccttga agagttttgc tcttgccctc    163740
     ttgtctccta tctgtccatc aaagaccatc aaaaaacatg gcagcccttt ggccaccact    163800
     gccattccca ggaaaagccg atgtgcaata aaaactcatg ttcaagttgg gaatggtggc    163860
     atgtagcttt gatttcagag caaaagaggc cgaagcagga ggatctctaa ttccagggta    163920
     ggctgggatt cataacaaaa cattgtgtca aaaaaaaaat taaaaggaaa acaaaaatca    163980
     aaacataccc tatgttcagt ggctgtcagg aaagcatgtg aggactcttc ccaccaaacc    164040
     tgaggacctg gggcccacac agcagaaacg gggcactgac tccctcaagt tggtctctta    164100
     gccacatggc atgtgcaccc ctcccacacg cacacaaagt gagtataatt ttaaaaagtt    164160
     aaataaacat gtttatgtaa cataggattt tatttttact gaggctttat gaataattac    164220
     caacagcttg aaacttgagt gtccttcagt ggttgaatac aagctgtgat ccatccacac    164280
     aatggaatat ttttaggcca taaaaagaaa aaaaaagcca tgaatacagg ctacaatgcc    164340
     agtgtacttc aaaacgcatt atgtcagtga aagaaggcag gctcaaaagg ctgtgtggtt    164400
     ctattttctg tgaccttcta gaaaacgtga aagtatgtga gcacatcagc agctgctagg    164460
     gactggggag ctgcctgcca cagacggggc acagggcact ctgtgaggat gaaagaaatg    164520
     ctctcatttg taatgatttt tatttttaat tttttgtttc ttttggtttt gtttttctag    164580
     acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctagctgtc ctgtaactta ctctgtagac caggctggcc    164640
     tcaaactcaa agatccactt gtctcaacct cttgagtgca gggatcaaag gtctatacca    164700
     ccactgcctg gcttgtgtgt gctttccttc cttctttctt tctttccttc cttccttcct    164760
     tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct    164820
     cccttcctcc ctcccttcct tcccttcctt cccttccttc ccttcctttc cttccttcct    164880
     tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc ccttccttcc    164940
     tttccttccc ttccttccct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct    165000
     tccttccttc cttccttccc ttccttcctt tccttccctt ccttcccttc cttccttcct    165060
     tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccctt ccttcccttc cttccttcct tcccttcctt    165120
     ccttccctcc ctccctccct ccctcccttc ctcccttcct tcccttcctt cccttccttc    165180
     ccttccttcc ttccctccct tccttccctc ccttcccttc ccttccctcc tcccttccct    165240
     tcccttccct tcccttccct tcccttccct tcccttccct tcccttccct tcccttccct    165300
     tcccttccct tcccttccct tcccttccct tcccttccct tccttccttc ctttcttttt    165360
     ttttcttgct atgtctacaa agcccagact ggccttgaat ttatgatttt atgtttcagt    165420
     ttcatgacca cttggaattg caggtctatg ggatgggtgg ggctggagac tctattagag    165480
     atcttggcac agcagaaagt gactaaacag ccctagcata tctaagcctg gcttcataac    165540
     ttccctcaga cagctctgag tcaggattgg ttcatgctct gaaacaatgc aaggcatcca    165600
     agacgatcgc tacctacttt accctgtgtg ggaaataccc atggctctgt gatgtgtgtc    165660
     ttatggaagt cagatcgtag ccatccaaat aactgggagt tctcccaaag ctcagggtag    165720
     aggagtcagt gagccttcat ctctgcaggc tgcttagaat caaaccttca agtcataatg    165780
     ggtacacccc accatcatca gcaatgaatc agccactgtg ttaggtgtgc gaggacacag    165840
     ttggaagctg tctctacata caggccctga cagggctgca gcacagtggg aggtttgaaa    165900
     agcaaccagt ctccatttgg aactggctct attgtctgca gatggcctgg ttactggagg    165960
     caaggtgagg cagacaagga atttccaacc ccagcaacat tcatctaaag caggaagcca    166020
     gagacagagc ctcacccctg ccaacctagc aacttaagag gctgaggctg gaggactgta    166080
     agttcaagga tgacctgggc ctcacctggg gattctccct caaaaagcct agactagggg    166140
     ctggagaggt ggctcagcgg ttaaaagcat gcactgttct cagagaggat tcagttcagc    166200
     tctcagtgtt ttcctgttga tggcttataa acaatgacac attttggccc cgccctgctc    166260
     cctgtcatca ggaactacct ttaaggactt cttaacctgc gagatctgtc aacaggaaaa    166320
     gttgagagaa tggtctagtt tctgtttgcg ccctctactg agcttgtccc ctcagctcaa    166380
     gcttgtgatc aatcccagag ccttccctgg aggcactcta ccacggatgt gctctctccc    166440
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctgtg    166500
     ggtgtgggta cgtgttttcc ctttctttct ggttacatag cccaggttgg ccatgaactt    166560
     acgatttccc tgtttcagcc ttatgagtac ttggaattat aggcctgtgc cactacaccc    166620
     agcttgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgta tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg    166680
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtgta    166740
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgca tgtgtgtgtg tgcatgtgtg tgtgtgtatg    166800
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtgtg    166860
     tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtgtg catgtgtgca tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg    166920
     tgtgtgcatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcatgtg tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg    166980
     tgtgtgtgtg tgcatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatatgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg    167040
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtggt cagcctcagt gttgttcttc aggagttgtc cacctctttt    167100
     tttctttttt agatgattga agtatagggg ttggagagag ggctcaagtg ttaagagcac    167160
     ttgtccttgc aaagggccga gtcttgatcc ccagcatcca tatggcagct catagtcact    167220
     aataaccaca gattcagaga atccagtagg ctcatatgtg gtacacatac atgcatgcag    167280
     ctaaatcatg tatcgacata aagtctaaaa acaatgtaaa gtattacctc attttccatc    167340
     ttacctctcc cccttctagg cctgcatggc ttctatcact tctcacattc gttgtctctt    167400
     ttcctttaat tgttataaac agctgagtca tgtatttggg ggcggggttg taaggcaggg    167460
     cttctctgtg tagccctggc tgtcctggat cttgctctac agaccaggct ggtctcaaac    167520
     tcagagatct gcctgtcttt gcttctggag tactggaatt caaggctgtt ccaccataac    167580
     ccaaccatta tttttttttt taaaacagac tttgattcac tttatttttc atgtattaaa    167640
     aacccttatt tggtagccac agccagagct ttgtttctct gagcaggctg gtgtggattt    167700
     tcacaagatg gtcagtgaat tcctggtaag gagacttggc aaacacagtc tctttccaga    167760
     ggtcgggggg gtcaggtagc tgcaggtctt ggaggtggca tcaaaggtga ccttgacaaa    167820
     gttgccgatg gtggcagtat agcccctggc tgatgtgcag ccgtcatcaa tgccagccat    167880
     tatcagtagc ttcttgggca caggagcaga gataatgcca gtgcctctgg ggggcaggga    167940
     taaggcacac cagcactgaa ccgcagcggc ctatcacctt gcagggaaca gtgtggggct    168000
     tgccaatctt gttcccccag tagcctgtct gtacaggaac gatggaaagc ttggcccaga    168060
     cgatggcccc tcgaatagca gtgacgacct gcttggagca cttaacacca aggcccacat    168120
     gaccattata gtccccaata gtgacaaaag tcttgagcct ggtctgctgt ccagcttcaa    168180
     gtctgctttt gcactggctg gatcactagg gcctctttct ttagggatgc ccccaggaaa    168240
     aagccaataa tcttggattc cttaatggac agggagaaca ggttgatctc ctccagggga    168300
     ttaatcatgt ccaggtggcc cagcttggtg acagggatct acttcttggt tttggcttta    168360
     tctccacagc cacatcttca acctctacag cagctcctaa gacagctgct gagcctcagt    168420
     ggaagctgca gcctcctcat cttgggccct cctgttgcag tggtattttt ctgaagaaac    168480
     agctgagggc tggagagatg gctcagaggt taagagcact gactgttctt ctagggtcct    168540
     gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acattgtggc tccccaccct ctgtaatgga atccaatgcc    168600
     ctcttctggt gtgtctgaag aaagcaattg tgtactcata tatgtaaata aataaatctt    168660
     taaaaaaaca aaagaggttt tgtgtttaaa aaaaaaaaca cccagctgag accgtttact    168720
     gtttatacat atgatttcag ggctgaccat ttagtagtgg atgatcaatt aggggtctca    168780
     ttcttgggga agactgattc ttcccctctc tgcagttttt agttccctgt ggttctttgt    168840
     ttaaaggcag gcacattagc atgtcttttg gtgatctcat tattcaggtc ttatttagtc    168900
     agccatatta ttgaggtatt acaggtatag cttccttgtc attacccagg atatacaacc    168960
     acacaacaga cttcctgtcc ctctgactcc tacaaccttt tcattccctc tgtctatgtg    169020
     gggtgcggtg gttttagtag gaatggcccc catagactca tgtgttagaa tgattggccc    169080
     ataaggagtt gtactactat gaggtgtgtc cttgttggag taggtgtagc cttgttggag    169140
     aaagtgtgtc actgtggggg caggctttga ggttctcata tgctccaact acacccagta    169200
     tggctcacag tttcctgtgg ctgcctgtgg atcctgatgt agaactctca gctcctccag    169260
     tgccatgtct gcctgcattt ggccatactt cccaccatga tgatgatggt ctacatctct    169320
     gacactctaa gccagcccca attaaatgtt tttctttata agagtggcta tagtgatggt    169380
     gtctgctcac agcattaaaa accctaacta agacatgggg gttgtgtttt agatatatcc    169440
     actgagtctg ggcaccccag ggtcagttgc tctctgcatt ttctttttct ttttttaggg    169500
     ggggggtttc aagacagggt ttctctgtgt agccctgact gtcctggaac ttactttgta    169560
     gaccaggctg acctcaaact ccgaaatctg cctgcctctg cttcccgagt gctgggatta    169620
     atggcgtgtg ccaccacgcc ccggctgttc tctgcatttt caacagtcat ggctttctat    169680
     aatggcctct gtctaccaca agagagaatc tgcttctttg ttgaggagca gagctacact    169740
     tgcctgtggg tataaagcta agaatctaga acgaagtgag gaattatgca ggtttagtaa    169800
     agagacaaaa ataggttctc ctaagatccg tgacctcacc ggccacctgt agttggctag    169860
     gtttatagta ctaggtgtga tttcccactt gctgagcagg cctacaatct aattagacag    169920
     ctgtttgtta ctgctaagac agaataacca ctttgcacct ctagggatat ctggtcacag    169980
     tgctccatgg gtgtcccagc tgggtaaggc tattgattcc ttccctctgt cggcagcttg    170040
     cagcacagca ccttctggga ctatgaaagc cagtcctcag gaaggagagt ttttaggtca    170100
     gatccagctg aaatctctaa atcctgtctg aaccacatgg tgtctttgtc ttcagcatct    170160
     ttaacctctg gtaaccaagg gcaacagcaa tagtctgtat tgttttgggg gagtcttgaa    170220
     aaagggtttc tcatgcctgc actgcaactt ctgcctggta gtacagctgt tgggtcttgg    170280
     agggcacatt aattccccga ctggcacaac atcattgaga caatgtgcat gtttatctgt    170340
     attatatata attaaaacta aacataaaac aacatgattc actgtggctt ttcaaacacc    170400
     cttagtgtta ctcattactc tttcctcctt ctcattctgt atcgacattt tcttccattc    170460
     tgaagttaaa gtcacctcca tcccctgatt tcttccttca taacacttgg cccccgtcac    170520
     tcacttctct ggtactcccc tgttgtggtt ttttaacttt cctggtttct gcaggtcagg    170580
     ttatggacct aaatctaaag atttggagct aggagcctca aatttgagaa cacctgtggc    170640
     atttctcttt ctgggtctgt gttatttcat ttaataggat caatttgagt tccatgttcc    170700
     attcatttcc ctgcaaagct tattggcaca agccatgtag gaaaagttat ggtaagcgag    170760
     tgagttttct ggagatggcc taccattttg catggcaaca atgggtgtgc tttgagagac    170820
     atggacccca gagatttcgc cccaggattg cttcttgctg ctgctgtgtc tttcctgcca    170880
     ctatcacaca ggctaaggaa tcctgggcat cagcccaccc tattgagcaa acttcctgca    170940
     gatcattatg aaggtgtact ttcatgtaat aatgctgttt agatgaattg atgatttcat    171000
     aattcctgat aatgatttta tagaactctt gaattgattc aagtaatttt aagctcctgg    171060
     taaaataaaa agctgcaaat agagttttta aaaaaatatt tatttattta tttttatgta    171120
     tatgagtaca ctgtagctgt acatatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggaattga    171180
     actcaggacc tctgcttgct ccgaccctgc ttgctctgcc ccaagtttat ttattattat    171240
     tatatataag tacgctgtag ctgtcttcag actcatcaga aaagggcatc agatctcatt    171300
     acgtatggtt gtgagtcacc atgtggttgc tgggatttga actcaggacc ttcggaagag    171360
     cagtcagtgc tcttaacccg ccttataagc catctctcca gcctgtaaac agagttcttt    171420
     gttatggcat gtaaattgca ctaggaagaa aaatacactt agaacaaatc aattattcta    171480
     gatcaggtcc aaggatgagg ccacaagtgt gcactatgga aaagcaaggg catgtgaaac    171540
     tgttgctttg aacttgtgag cttatagaat gaaacactgc tttgaactta ctattgacat    171600
     cttctgggac tcccttttgt ttagcatttt atctgtgagg taattttata aagaactttt    171660
     gtctaagaag ctataaaaag gctgggagaa aaataaatgt gtagatgtca ggctgacttc    171720
     cttttttatg ttttttcttt ctctgtggag ccagttattt atttcgtagt gttctgcctg    171780
     catatatact gcaggccaga agagggcacc cgatctcatt atagatagta atgagccact    171840
     ttgtagttgc tgggaactga actctggacc tttgggagag cagccaatgc tcttaaactc    171900
     tgagccatct tgccagccct cacaaagagt taatgagctt ctcgacaggc cagtgagagg    171960
     cccctgagtt aaagaataaa gagtccaagt aattccattt cttttcctaa tctcctactg    172020
     ctatcagcag gagtcacttg ccagaagcca ccagtcctgg tccccagaac agtaaaagag    172080
     ggttagtgac cagagggcat tctcctctgc tctgcgcccc acatcggtac ctgagtgtca    172140
     gggtggaacc ctgacagttc acaatttcag ttttctttac agcaaaatag tattgcacag    172200
     agtatatgta ccacactgcc attagccagc cgtcgatcag agaatgttta cgtacgttgt    172260
     atttcctagc tactgtgtat ggcagccaac atggctgagc aagtatctgt ggagtgagaa    172320
     gtcctttggt catatgccaa ggagcagtat agctggatta tatggtttat ttttttggct    172380
     ttttgagaat tctcaaactt atttccatag tggctacacc agtttgcaat cctcccagca    172440
     gtgaacaagg ggttaccttt ccctacacgc cctctagaat ttgttaatgg ttgttttatt    172500
     ggttttatcc attctgacag agatgagatg aagcctcaaa gtttaatttc tgtttctcta    172560
     actctaaaga atgatgaata ctttgagata tatgttagcc atttgtattt cttctactga    172620
     aaacgtctgt tctgatccac agcccctccc ccctttttct ggcaagaaag tctacaattt    172680
     tattgggcct gttatataat attattaaac taaccctaaa tgccatgtct gaacatttat    172740
     tcctgcagta tatacatata tatattcagg ctgcagacta cagcaagcag aatctggctg    172800
     cactaggctt ttaacatttt atatttactt atgagagtgt gtgtatatgt gtgcttgcac    172860
     atgtgccatg gtgtctctgt tccggcctta cattatgtgg gtccctggga ttgaattgag    172920
     cccattaggt aggataccaa atgccttcat ttgtaatgtc tttttttttt taagatttat    172980
     ttattctata tatatgagta cacactgtag ttgtacagat ggttgtgaac cttaatgtga    173040
     ttgttgggaa ttgaatttag gacctctaca cctctgcttg ctctggccaa ccccacttgc    173100
     tccggtccaa agatttattt attaaaataa gttcactgta gctgtcttca aacgcaccag    173160
     aagagggcat cagatctcat tatgggtggt tgtgagccac catgtggttg ttgggatttg    173220
     aactcagtac ctttggaaga gtagttggtg ctcttaccca ctgagccatc tcaccagccc    173280
     ctgtaatgtc gtctttctct gcactgttct ctgatgtcct gtatttttag actggcagca    173340
     cctgtcattt ttttcctgta tatttcaagg gctcagtagc tacatgtggc cagtagtaac    173400
     caaactgtac acgataacgc aggcagagac aaaggtggtt ttgcttctag ggccagctca    173460
     actgacagga gctgttttag gaggggcacc tgtagaatgc ggtgcaggtt ttcttttcct    173520
     ttctccattc gtgatatctg gagtcctttc aagggtcctg gtgatggatg ataatctgag    173580
     gtctcatctc ttagatgagc ttctctacat ctacgaattc accccaagcc tggctctccg    173640
     ggccacgcag ctctttgttc tcgttttgcc gcattgaccc ctcagcctga cgtcgctgga    173700
     tttccaccgc aacactgcaa tgggcggagc cagagggcgc gcggcgccca ggcttccttt    173760
     tgattggtgg gtggccgggt tttaatcttg cttgccaaag tgggggggag ggggtccgct    173820
     gcgctccttg gatcgagaaa tctgattggt cagttgtgtg gcgcgagcag tgggtgcacc    173880
     ccacgctgat tggcaggagg gacgcacgca tagagggggg cggagccgga gtccgggagt    173940
     gctgctcccc gagtgtgtgt ggagctgggt ggtgtttggt gcggtacggc ggccactcag    174000
     ttgcagcaga gcaggtgcca tcctgtggaa gaaccatgaa gcactacgag gtaagcagcg    174060
     cggggccctg ggccatgatt accgcagacc gcaagtgtcc tgcagggcct cggaaccttt    174120
     ttttatggtc tgactctccg ccatggcgca ggcgcagtgt agtctcattg cgcatgtgca    174180
     ggggggtatt tataaacctg ccacccaggt tgtttgggga tgccttttct tagggtcttg    174240
     cagggcctag gagaagcttg cagcttcctt gcagcatcct tgatggcctg agtggcaggt    174300
     gttcaggagg agtgcggtgc ggagcacttg gttttggtac gaacgattct cttgcacaat    174360
     ccttgcacgt tgtcagcgcc tcgggctcag gaggggctct gcagccagcc tgcctcttcc    174420
     gaccttcgca cccacctcgc caagatgcct gggcggcgag ggagttggtt ccagggtcac    174480
     gccagcccgt gaccgccagg gaagaaatct gaatgcgcaa gaccattctg gaagctcatg    174540
     tcttctgact gtatcttggg tcacctttcc tcttaaaacc aaatcttcta atgctcttct    174600
     cgacctgatg atactaattt cgttgttgct gacttttaag taatcatcat aaaacagtaa    174660
     ctcactgctc acattcatag taagaataca ttagtcaggg ctaactaccg tattactgag    174720
     gttttgttat gtcctcagac tcatagtcct ctgcggaggg atttgtagtt tgttactatg    174780
     taggtgaaag tcagagatgt ccagtgagtt gttggaaggt ccctgctagt aattgcagaa    174840
     cagaaaggaa atgcagattt cttttcaaag gcatagtttc taaccactag cagtgcggtt    174900
     ccgggtaaat gaaagctgcc aagctgagag ttgtgtgtat ttctcccctc agatcttaaa    174960
     tttgtgatga atttagtcaa cctcagccta gccttaggtt agggtttttt ttgttttttt    175020
     tttttttccc cttccctgcc tgctccctca gtttgtagtg ctaggcttag aactcagggc    175080
     ttttctcctg ctaggcaagt actctaaact ctctttgatc ttgtaaaact gaagctgtac    175140
     agcagtgtac agtatctccc cattccctcc tcccccagcc cctggcaacc accacttgtc    175200
     tctggaaatt ggcatacttc aggaacctcc aatacatagg aaataatcct attttttttt    175260
     atcacaagtt gaatactaat attgctattc atcttctgta tcatgattat tgttggtagt    175320
     tttcccaggg cctgtgaaat gaatcttgaa atccccagtc ttttttcttt tttttttttt    175380
     aacatgatgc cagaggacca gagatgggag tctgcaatcc ttacgcccca tcaactctgt    175440
     gctttcaaaa ggaggtttgt tccctggggt gtttttcctt tcccaccccc tctcttgctc    175500
     tgggggaaaa gccatgttca gtttgagaag tacaggcgga tgatggagtt tgcagccaat    175560
     cattttaatt tgctagtaga aaatcaggcc aggtaggctt ctgagacttg gggcgggtgc    175620
     tttgtttcaa ggagtgtgaa cacagcctga ggctcacagt ttggcctgga aaacttgatc    175680
     tggtttattt cagagcctga tttctcccag tgcctcgatg ggctgatggt agttcctccg    175740
     gcagagcagt tgtatgcaca agtgtgcaca cacgcggctc ggaggctctg ggttccacag    175800
     cagcacaaag gcagggaaga accaaactgg ggaatagggg tggagctcat ttggtagagc    175860
     actttcctaa cctgggtcgg atccctggcc ctgaggaaaa cccggcaagc aagctggtac    175920
     acgcctgtag ttccaggtct tgggacatgg aggcagaagg atgcaaggtt atcttcaact    175980
     acatagtgag tttgatgcca actggggcta gagatcctgt ctcaaaaatg caaaccaaat    176040
     gaaatagaca aaaataaata aataaataaa taaataaaaa caaagtttga ggggcctgga    176100
     gagaacacca caggaagacc aacagaacca agtaacctgg acccttgggg tctcccagag    176160
     accgaaccac ccacgaaaga gcaaacaaag gctggacctg ggccctccac acatacgtag    176220
     cagatgtgca gcttggtctt catagacaac tggagcaggg acagagttcc tgactgatgc    176280
     ctgcctgtgg atcctgtgtc cctaactggg ctgccttgtc tggcctcagt ggagagaatg    176340
     cgcttggtcc tgcagtgact tgatgttcca gagtgggttg gtaaccaggg gggcttctct    176400
     tttatcagag gagaagggga gggggtgggg gaagctatgt gaggggggcc gggaggagaa    176460
     agggggctgt aatgagtatg tgacatgaat aaataaatag ataaataaat aaaataaatg    176520
     ggaaaaaacc ccaaaaagcc aatgtgacct tggtgaaaaa aaagttattt catatatata    176580
     tatatatata tttttattct ctgttgacat ttgtttaata cacactgagg ccatagtttt    176640
     gggacaggag catctgctat cttctagccc agtttgcaga gccatttgca gtaccatttt    176700
     attggtacag accaataaaa atgggagaga tgctttcata gttaagatgg ggaaaagtgt    176760
     cagcttaatc cccattaaga gcagagctct gggctcttag gcctgcatgc aggagaccct    176820
     gagttccagc cccagccctg gataaaacca ggcgtggtag ttgatgcttg tgattgatcc    176880
     cagtacttgg gaggtgaagg cattagaatt acaagttcag agtcatcctt gtctagctac    176940
     attgtgaatt ccaggccacc ctggtaggat ggctcagcag gtaaaggtgt ctgctattga    177000
     acctgaagac ttggggttag ttccttttag ttcctggaac gcaggtggtg aaaggaaaga    177060
     actcccacag gctgccctct gacttccact tgcatgcatc agtgtgcatc acaggctgcc    177120
     ctctctgact tccacatgca tgcatcagtg tgcatcacag gctgccctct ctgacttcca    177180
     catgcatgca tcagtgtgca tcacaggctg ccctctctga cttccacatg catgcatcag    177240
     tgtgcatcac aggctgccct ctctgacttc cacatgcatg catcagtgtg catcacaggc    177300
     tgccctctct gacttccaca tgcacgcatc agtgtgcgtt caattacaat aaataaaaat    177360
     gtaatttttc ttgaggtaga atctgtgtag tctgtgtagc tctgcctgac cctgagtggc    177420
     ctggaacttg ccttgtagac tagtctgtat ctggccttga accaagggat ctccctttgt    177480
     cttcctaagt gctgggttta aaggcgtgtg ctaccacaac aggctaaaat tttaatttaa    177540
     ataacaaagt aatagatacc tttgaaggac tgagtcgatc ctttgccctc ttgcacctct    177600
     gtccactggg aaacctcccg tctcagaagc ctcggaggta gtgagacagt tcatcaggta    177660
     gagatgcgtc tttgaggcct acctgaattt gatcctttca ccccacaagg tggcaggaga    177720
     gaaccaattt ctggaataca atgaatttta agaaggagaa agactttttg cccataggaa    177780
     gacaccacag atataatgaa gtacagttaa ttatttttgg atgttgtggt gctgagctgg    177840
     aacccagggt ctttcttgca caggctaatc aagcaccctg cccccaaagc cgcgcccccc    177900
     agacttggtg ctcaggggct ggagagatgg gtcgagaaga cccaggttca gttcccaaca    177960
     tcaccaacat tctgtctacc catctgcaac agcagttcta gggccccagc accctcttct    178020
     gtcctgtggg cattgcataa gctaagtgca tgtgatgtgc atgcaggtaa acagccctaa    178080
     acatgcaggt aaacagccct aaaaagagcc aagctcagaa aggttcagga cttcacggtc    178140
     agttacggtc acagggaaga cccaaggcac agtggattcc acctggagtg cagattgcgg    178200
     cttcttggta agtttcctat cagcacagtt cattgcttat ttatcagtaa agagactccc    178260
     ttccctgcct aggcctagtg gaggggaagc ttcctgaaca gggaatataa cttaggatag    178320
     ttataaatca gcagggttgt tggaaaacag cttatcctgg gctcagggtt tcttttttaa    178380
     aattttttta ttagtgtttt tgccactgga gacggtgctc ggagagcatg cctgtggtag    178440
     ctcgagacag atactgtgcc ttgtaaatct cctgagagtc atccatgtag ggagtctctg    178500
     tagcccaggc tgaccttgag ctcatggaat ggtgagagtt caccatgcag gctgtaaagg    178560
     tagctgttta gtacctcgcc tcaggccagt tcttgcctgc ctggctctct ctgaggactt    178620
     agtatgaaaa ttttgaaagt agtttttggt caagagacat tgaaaaaaat tactgtattt    178680
     tttgtttgtt tgtttttaat gtcaggcatt ggagcccagg gcctttcttg catgtgccac    178740
     taaactgcat ccctaggcct gattaaaaac attatggtta ttattatcat tatctgtgtg    178800
     tgtttggtgt atgtgaattt gggcaggggc cagaggaggg tgtcatgtgc ctaaacattc    178860
     ttggcccaag ttttgacgca ggaacctgag tctgggctag gctggaggcc agcgatcccg    178920
     ggcaccactc ttctgtccat cacaattcgg ggttctggga tccaaactca gtgcctataa    178980
     accactgagc ttgccactcc aatgcccctc attttttgtt gttgttttta cagggtctca    179040
     ctatgtagcc ctagctaacc tggaatttgg ccacttagac caggctagct tcaaacttag    179100
     actaggctag cttcaaacat agaccaggct agcttcaaac ttaggtgcac ttggctctgc    179160
     ctcctgagtg ctggcatcaa aggtgtgtgc ttctaagctc ctggagtttt agacaggctc    179220
     tcactatgta acataggcag acttggatct gtgttcttcc tgctgtggat tattggcggt    179280
     acagacttgt gtcatcacgc ctggtgctat gaagcaattg cagataacag acaggtaggt    179340
     gataggtgag gagaaagtag acctgtgtgc aggcaccgag tcaggcctca gaccgaattc    179400
     tggtatggct gcctgacaaa atggtttgac tcaatggatg ggctaccttc tcagcctgtc    179460
     tgtgctcgga atgaaactgt ccttggaatg aaacctgtgt ggttgtgaaa ggaccatgaa    179520
     ggttagggaa catcacgatg aagctagata atgctattaa ggctgtgtgt gcaggagagc    179580
     tttgggtgtg atacttttta gttttaattt agttttggtt tttttgagaa aattttttcg    179640
     gaagccctat cctggaactc aagagagatc cgttctgctc ctgcctttca agttctagga    179700
     ttaaagtcat gaatctccac gcctggccaa cttcttttta gattgctctt atgtgccggt    179760
     gccaggtgtg ctactgtgtc tggctgctct gagcacgtca cagctctcct gattgagcat    179820
     gcctcagacc atgaatatgg atacatatgg cttgtgcctt gggcacgcag tggctcagct    179880
     tgcacacctc tacagaaccc ataagctgca cggcacattg ggccagcaat ctcagcctcg    179940
     acacctgtac tgtgcagatg ggagctgacc ctgcccgggg ccagccccct ccttccatag    180000
     ctgtatttgt actgattctc cgtcctagga agacagcagg gtatgtaggc tttgcagcag    180060
     acctggagtg ggatccttct ctgccacggg aaggggtggg gccgtgcaca ttcttttatt    180120
     tatactgtat tttatgtata taggtatggg tcttttgtct gcatgtgtat atctgtgtac    180180
     tgtctgcgtg gcatcagatg ccctgtggtt ggagttatag ttgtgaactg actggcgagt    180240
     tctgggtctt gaacagcgat ggccatgttt gtgttacagg gtggtctctt ccaagctttg    180300
     gtgctctggt gagcattagg tgcacacact gagcgcagag gaggcaagct gagactgaag    180360
     gaccctggga gaagctgatg gtcccgatgt gtacgttagg tcagttattg ctagggacga    180420
     cttagaggcc catagagcac cacagagcct tgcttcactg actcccaagt ggagagagga    180480
     acgagtggcc tggacagact ggccagtgca cagggctgat ccagaaagag acttctagtt    180540
     ctgataacat tgttggcttt ggttgagtgc cttgcccttt gacaggcagg tctggctggg    180600
     tgggaaaact gtttggtcaa gttcaggtct taacaccttg gtgctattga tagtgacagc    180660
     ccagaatgtt ttaacagctg gggatactta cctcagctct gagagtgtcg ctagccatca    180720
     cagtcataat aaagctgtgt gctcgttgcc gttagtgttg tgctccccac accccccctt    180780
     ttttttggta atagacaagg tctcactact cagccctggc tagctggaac tcactgtata    180840
     aaccaggctg gccttgaact cacagtcttc tgagttctgc gatgaaaggc tggcaccact    180900
     gtacctggct tgcttttttc tttgtcactg gggatgagcc caggggctgg cacatgctga    180960
     gccattcgtt actgttctcc atcccagttg tctgcacata cctgcctgtg gtcttacatg    181020
     tgcagtaggt atggttccta gccacttgac atttggggaa acagaggcac agaacagtag    181080
     aacttcatgt ccgtaagctg gcaggtagca gaatccagac aggccctggt gattacgtac    181140
     ggagggaggg gtggttatgt gactgtgcag gacatggcct ttggggccac ttttccgttt    181200
     agatttttct caggtaggag gccaggatat ggatagcatt cttcggggct gcctgggagg    181260
     ctgaggtact gggcactgtg cctgacggta gctaagttct ccgctctgaa tcatcaggta    181320
     gaggcaagtc tgcatccctg tctgctgcgg ggagtgtagc ctacctgtgg ccccccctcc    181380
     tttgtgatgt tggggagcaa actcagggcc tggagcagcc gtgaaggttc tcccatccta    181440
     gctgtacctt gtccttttaa gacataaact ggtcagctgg taactatgta tatgagtgtc    181500
     ttgcctgcat gtctgaatgt acaccacatg tgtgtttggt gtctgtggag gccagaagag    181560
     ggcttggatc atctgggact ggagttacag gcggttgtga gctctcatgt gtgcgctgtg    181620
     aattggacct gggtcctgtg cagggccagc aggtgttctg aactgctgag ccatctcttc    181680
     agccgcctcc tcaggactta gaattactag tttactgtta ttgtgagtct gtgtgtgtat    181740
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgatggc tcacatgtgg agctcagagg actaaggctg    181800
     ctgggcgtgt ctagagtgcc tttacttgct gagacctgaa ctaaaccctt tttctttttt    181860
     tttctttttc ttctttcttt tttttctttt tttggagggg ccctgttttg agatagggtt    181920
     tctctgtgta gccctggctg ttctggaact cgatctgtag tagactaggc tggcctccat    181980
     ctcacctact ctctctcccc agtgctggga ctaaaggcac atgccaccat tagacacttt    182040
     tctttaaaat aaaaacatta aaaaaaaaaa aggctgcctt tacttatgcg tgtttgtgtt    182100
     tatatacttg tgtgagtgtt acatacacat gtgtgtccgg atgccagaag aggccgtcga    182160
     gatcccttgg agctggagtt acaggtcttt gtgaactacc tgacatgggt gctgggatcc    182220
     aatcaactat tgattaagtg gtccgattga acagcagctg ttatcaatca tggagtcaca    182280
     tctccagttc ccacccacct cccctttttt aaaagacaga ttgtcattat agccttggct    182340
     ggctaggaat tcactgtgtg gaccaggttg tcctcaaact caacagagat gcccttctct    182400
     gcctgcagag tgctgggatc aaaggtgtgg ccacccatct ggttcttgct tttttttttt    182460
     ttttcttttt gagacagggt ctcactgtga agcccttaca ggcctggaat tctctatgta    182520
     accccagcag gctggtctcg aactcacaga gatcctcctg cctctgcctg ctgagcgctg    182580
     ggattaaaag tgtgcgccac cacacctgcc tattttcctt ttgtttttct tggccattca    182640
     tacttttgag aaaccctgtt tgcctatgtg ttgactggat gactgctagt tttaagagtt    182700
     tgagcttgtt atgtactgtg gagtattaat gtcctgccag atggatggct gctggccaag    182760
     ctctctgcag tgccttggcc aggtttggga ttgccctcat ccctgaccgg gtcctcacag    182820
     ccctgctcag acagcagaca ctacctggag cccagccttc cttgttctgg gagttccatg    182880
     ttagacaggc tggctgggca gggcatgatt ctctagcttc cctgaggacc tgtggacttt    182940
     atgccgggga tgatgaaact ctcttacctg ttgatctggc ctaatgtgta actgtcagag    183000
     ggcagcctat tttacgtcct ctggggctct cacagaacca ttgcatttgg aaaggcacag    183060
     ggccactgct tattttcagc ctcgccctgc cttgcttcca agataaatag cttagaagct    183120
     gggcatagtt tttgttgcaa gcggagcctt ttccacttag ccctggggag tacaagggcc    183180
     tgtatccctc ctgtgtccct cctgccacct tctgaatctt ctatccctgg aaggtctgta    183240
     tgtgacagat cctgtctcac actcacagga agtctccatt tggtcagcag gatcggctgg    183300
     ccttcaggtg tgctgttcag caggtaggca gacagctgtc acctgttgtg cctgctgtta    183360
     ctgcagctgt cacctgcagc acctgctgtc atggcagctg tcacttgttg cacctgctgt    183420
     catggcagct gtcacctgtt gcacctgctg tcatggcagc tgtcacctgt agcacctgct    183480
     gtcatggcag ctgtcacctg ttacacctgc tgtcacagca gccagcagct tctctaggag    183540
     ccagtactgc tgctgccttg gccccctgaa gtatccacat cccacccatt cctgcctttc    183600
     ttattgtaat taaaaaaaat gatattttgt tattaactta ttgttcagat gttatagact    183660
     aatagaatcc catcattgta aataaaattt ttagtacagt agaggtgatt cctattactc    183720
     cttaagcagg agatagtgat aataaacagt ataatatatg tgtgtatttt aaaatgtaat    183780
     tgtgtgtgtg tgcgcgcatt gagtcttcta ggcaaaacct acaggaccgc attctgagcc    183840
     ccatccagat ccaggtgtat ctttattttt gagataaagt ttttgccatg tagcccaggc    183900
     tggcctgaac ttgagatcct cttgtttcaa cctctcagtg ctggggtgtc tagcttccag    183960
     gtaggtgttt aatgggatgg atggatggag ggtctcagtc tgacctttcc ggtgtactgc    184020
     cagtaccctc ctgtgtgctc ccgtgtctag cgctgctgct gtttggaggg aattattttc    184080
     acagcctctg gcaggcctct gcttccagac tactaattct ctcaaaagga tcccttaaga    184140
     attcaagcca cagctggggt tggtggtgct cgcctttaat ccgagcaccc aggaggctgc    184200
     agaccactac aggcatggaa tgagttccag gtcagagagg actgactaca cagtgaaacg    184260
     ccatgtcagc agtcacagca aagcaagcag atttaaactc aagtcaggcc tctcctcacc    184320
     cagcccttag gaccgtctgc catgtcacct ctgcatttcc acctcatctt cttcctctca    184380
     tgcatatgac tccagaccac acatctgtga gcatctgttc cgcttaactt gaggcccttg    184440
     gcacagctgc tcttctgtga ggatggccac cttcagcctt gattctttca gggcttgacc    184500
     gagagcccca tcagggagct gcatcctcac cctccctctc ctgacaggat ttcactaagt    184560
     actctagcct ggccagcccg acactcacgt aggccaggct agcctcacac tcagatccac    184620
     ctgcctgtgc cttctgaagt atgactaggg aggtttttct tgaccacttt gtatagaaaa    184680
     cttcatgtac gtcctgcctc caccacacct gtgtctgtcc cgtgtgatgt tttgtgatgt    184740
     gatgtcacct catgtagacc tatttgcttt acatattcat tcccttgctg tctttccttt    184800
     acgctggggg ttaaaactag accttatata tgctcagcga gttcctggca aagatgtttg    184860
     tcctaatgtg gccggctctc cagatttcca gtgtctggaa tgtgcgttgg tttttcacag    184920
     tcaaagggga ttattctggc aagctgagcg catgcggcgc atgcgtggac tcacctgcct    184980
     gccggcttgg gtggagccag gggcgggcat aacggacagt ggccgtcgaa cacctctagt    185040
     cagttcatcc tcagggtctc tggcttcctt aagcttcctg gcttgcccga gtcttcctgt    185100
     ccagaaatgg agagaggccc gaattagacc ttaattgcaa aagggcagca ggtgggagga    185160
     cctgtgaaca ggacaggcac agccctggag gagggcagag gtgctgagac tgcagctccc    185220
     agattgagag ctcaggcaca gtaagggaca gaggcaggcg aggctcagcc ctgtgagttc    185280
     ttagccctgt cctggggctc gagacctgtg cccccagctg cagtttcttg tcagcctgga    185340
     gagcagcagg gcagatgtgc atgctgcctg cccacagccc tgggacacag aaggagggta    185400
     ggggaatcac taggtgaggc tcttggggtg ggccatggca gtatggtagg ggtgtttgga    185460
     gatggctgtc ccttccggtc ccaggaagtg ttttatattt ttttgctgag gatgaaatct    185520
     tggccttgtg catactaagc acctactgcc cactttgata tagacccgcc accaagaaga    185580
     taaaattttt taattatatt ttttatgcat gctaagccag gtctcagtcc tgtctgtggg    185640
     aactttgaag tcatatatgc caggcagtag ttagaatctc taatgttggc acctaggaca    185700
     gggttcttcc tgccagtcca ctgggtacta ctgtagcaat ctgttatttt ttatttgtat    185760
     ttgagacagt attttgctgt gtagcccagg ttagctttgc ctgggacaac ctctgcctca    185820
     tcactggcac cggcatgctt agcccatggc agtcctcgtg aatgcacatg cagcctgagg    185880
     gttagacgcc cacaaacctt cccgtttgcc tttctgacct tagctagtgt tggcagctag    185940
     tgttggcgac actcctgctc tcccaggcgg atggtggcgg tggccttcac ctgctgtggg    186000
     aaaccatgga attgttgctc catcctgcct tggcgtctct ggacttagga ggtgtcttgg    186060
     gtgtggccca ctgtaccatg ctggtctagc agaggtgggt acatagggtt ctggggtcaa    186120
     gaaatgtgag tcagcccttg gctcctctgt agcatccata tgccctgcgt aggtgatact    186180
     gtctgcatgc atttgaaaat ggagactggc cctttaaaat cagatttgct gtagccggtc    186240
     tgtctttgtc tctgtttccc tgtctctgtc tctctgtctc tgtctctctc tctccttttg    186300
     gataattgga tttaggcatc cctttctttg taacagagcc tcacatatac tagtcagatg    186360
     ctctgccatt aatccgtacc cagttttact atatttcttt aatcctttat ggtgctagag    186420
     gtcagtgcag ctttttgatg ctttttgaga caggatctca ctgtgtagcc ttgctggcct    186480
     ggaacgtaac tctacagatg aggctagcct cagactcata gagatctatt ttcccctgcc    186540
     ttcagaatgc taggttaaaa ggtgcacaaa ctaactttaa acaaaaaatt atgtctccgg    186600
     gcagaaacag aggcaggcag atctctgagt tcaaggccag cccagtatac ctggtcagtt    186660
     ccaggctagc cagggctgcc tagtgagatc ctgcctcaaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaaatc    186720
     caaacagaaa aatacagtgt gtgtgggcgt gctgtggagc ctgcatgtgg aagtcagagg    186780
     ttatgccacg ggaatctgct ctctccttca ccacgtgagt tctggggata gagtttctgc    186840
     atcaggcttg gtggtaagca tctaagtgct gagctatctc tcccccaccc ctcccccctc    186900
     ctcctctctc ttcccttacc tcttccctcc ctactacttc cctcccctca actttccctc    186960
     cctactcttc ctctttcctc cctttacctt ccttctgctc cctagtcctc ccctcccctc    187020
     cccacccctc ccttccctcc ctcctgcccc ctttaattgc tgtggcctct gtactcggtg    187080
     ccagtcctgg gttgagagct tgtgaacata gtgttcagag tggcttctgt cgaggtgcaa    187140
     cgggctggag ctcgaagtaa cctgatcata ggccaagtat aggcggtcag cgtctgcgct    187200
     gcccctgtct ggggtagcct gttcccacta ctgctcctag agaggctggc tagcaaaaga    187260
     cctgtccctt gcccctggtg caccgtggag aaatgggttc agatgccaag gccactgggg    187320
     aaggacacgt ttgggctaga gcaggtgcag tctgtgctgg cagcagagag caggccatca    187380
     gctatcacaa cattattagg gttactgggt atttctggaa agtaaaagag aacgggagcc    187440
     aaagccattg agctggagtc tcggatgaac gcagggaggc tgtgtgtcta actggtcagc    187500
     tgcctgccct gtgcttgggc caatggttgg gccaggtctc tgccctctgg gctcagcaat    187560
     gtccctaaga agagtgttca tgcccttttg cctcaggagt gcttgcaaca gctgactgaa    187620
     ggaccagaga ggttctttga atcttcactt ggggtttttg gtagcagtga gtgcagagag    187680
     catgttgccc cgccacgtgg agatactgac tgtgtggctg tgtccactgt ggggacccgt    187740
     gccagggctg agagcctgag ggagcgctgg cttgctctct ccaccactgt ggactcatgg    187800
     ctgacctcct gcctcaggca ctcctaggtg acccagtctg tagaccgtgc ttcctcatct    187860
     ggaacatgaa cacgaagcct gctgtggtgg tttgagtaac agtggtccca taagcttacg    187920
     tgtttaaata cctggtcctt agctggtaga actgttggga aggattagga ggtgtggcct    187980
     tgttggaggt gtgtcactgg gggtagcttt tgaggtctac atctttccca gctaactttc    188040
     tctgctttgt gtggttgggt ctcaagatgt aagagacagt ttcagcacca tgcctgcccc    188100
     cttgccatgc tccataccct gatggctgtg gactctaacc ctgtggaacc atgagcctca    188160
     gattcaatgc tttttttata agaaagcctt ggccatggtg tcatcacagc agcagagaag    188220
     taactaacac ccacagttcc ggccctgtag gcacttatgg agccgggcag ggttgaaact    188280
     gcttaccagt gtccccacct agagtcatcg ggcaggtccc atagttgaat acccagagtt    188340
     ccaggtgtgt aagttagtgg ctgacctgga aagctggtcg gaggcactga gctagcctgg    188400
     gacatgaagg gcttataggc agaggacctt ggagcagcag ggctcccgca tttgtgaaga    188460
     ggtatatgca gcttgagtcc tgtggcacgc agacatggca ggtgtgaccc gtccagcctg    188520
     gccttgatgg ggctgctcct tcctacccgg cttggcagac cagactcttg ctccttcgtc    188580
     ttcaggttca ggccatttgg gggtctgctg cttccatcct gtctgtctag aatccaacca    188640
     ttgttcctcc tctcttgtcc ctccccgtct cggtctccct gcctctgcct ccccctgtca    188700
     gactgtcctg ccagcactgg cactcgtgaa ctcccgaatg aacccgtgtc ccttctctgc    188760
     tcagaaaccc tatgtgactc ccatctgagc ccaggctaaa gccaaggtgc tccctggcct    188820
     acaggcctgc tcagctgtgt ctctcccttc ctgctcctca gccatgctgg gcacctgact    188880
     aggaccttgg tattagcctc tgcctggacc gtcctcccct ggatggtgaa tggctgtgtc    188940
     cttcccctag cctagggcct tttgctggac agctcgctct cagggagatc tttattcctt    189000
     taccttattt tcagctttat atttttgaga cagggtcgtt ctgatcggct tggatctttg    189060
     taggcccgac tgggtgctcc ctgtgctgct tccgaaggac gggatgggtg ctgccacgcc    189120
     cagctgccgc tctgttctta cctgctccgt ccccatctgg gtttccctca actctaggtg    189180
     acaggttgca tccttttgtc cttccctttg ctcctgctcc cttgacagag gcttgggttg    189240
     agagaaaggc ttggtagtgt ttgttcccat gcctgaggca gggagagtgg ggaggcaggc    189300
     aggtggtggc tccccaagga ctctgctgct aagtggaaga gtgaggttag ggtttctttg    189360
     ctccccagag ctgtgtgctt gcccattatc gctaggactg tttctgccgg ccatccttcc    189420
     gcctcttggc acaaggggac aatggaaagt attgcggcct ctattggctg tcatcgcccc    189480
     tttccctgtc ctcccacatg gccccttgtt gcttgtgttc aggctcactg cctgtgtgag    189540
     ctgggtgggg cacgatcctt cagtcctctg accttgggtc gctgcatgga tgcatgtcaa    189600
     ggttgcagga cagaggggcc tggctggctc ctggcacctc tgtgagtgct cctctgccat    189660
     agtcagccgt atgatatcca tgtgcttttt ctctttcccg gagcacgtag ccaagggcag    189720
     gacaaggtgg gcctcccatt ttctgatcct cccagagctg ggatcccagg cacacacatg    189780
     tcagcacacc tggccactgc tgagcgtcta ttctagattg ctgtgtgaat gctcgggtgg    189840
     ttgtcttctt gccttttgct atcttaattc ctatagtgag catgggccgc tgaagttgga    189900
     aagagtctgt caccttgtgg ctgaggaggt ggagagcttg cgtagagcca tacagagagg    189960
     tcttttaaaa acgtagtgtc cagggatgtg tgtaaacccc actgtgcctt gcagaacctg    190020
     tcaggtctgg gtcaccactg aggtggtcat gctggagcct gtgagctgat ccattctctc    190080
     agtatggggt gccttagaac cagggctgta aggcctggca gcctggagtg cagtgtaggc    190140
     cctgaagctg acaagggaac agcagcctct tataccatgg ccaggtcctc gtcccaaggg    190200
     gtaatactga accgggctct gcctgggatc acttgggtgt tagaaaacag ccaggcccag    190260
     ggcagcaaca agctctccct ggtctcgcct cattcttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt    190320
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttagcaaa agctcggtgg gctagggcca gtggacaggc    190380
     agtaactaga ctactatctg tagtcttttt tttttttttt ttcttgagac agggtctcat    190440
     gtagctcagg ctggcctcaa acttagatgt tgctagggtt ggctctgaac tgatcccgag    190500
     tccatctgct gattgctggg gtcacaagcc tatgccaccc tgtctggtgg ggttactgtt    190560
     ttaattggtg cagtgctgcg gtgcccagga gcctgaggca ggaggcgtga gcctcctgtg    190620
     taacagtgac acagggcatg cttctctgcc tttttgttgc cctgccaggc tgggacaact    190680
     tcaagagtgc tacctttgtg tcttagaaca aggaacagac gctctctcta gtgtgccaac    190740
     cttggtcttg ccacacagtg gtgtgccaag gccagcatcc acccctcctc cccccgccct    190800
     ctgctcccag ccctggggtg ggcttccgtt cttagactgc tttgctgtcc ttgaccttgg    190860
     gctggtccta gttgctgttg gctgcagccg ggcctcgtca tagcaacctc tgggtgagaa    190920
     ttcttcacag actagtggga ctgtcatcgc agaagcagcg catgtgccgt gccagggctc    190980
     ctgcccttgt gtttgtcttt gacccctgac tattgtgctt tcaacagcag gtcccccacc    191040
     tctgcccctg gccagcttgg ggactcaggt tacacctcat gggccaccct tacccagata    191100
     aacatctatc tcactatagg ggtccttcct tcgctaagct ctgatttctc cccagcatgg    191160
     gcagagcctg ctggctgcct gccttcaggg gtcaccctgg ctggggcacc tttccatctg    191220
     tgccctctga cccctgactt aggtgcccct cctggttgta ctctaggctg gcttcagtgt    191280
     ggatgggggt gtgagataat tacatggcag gggtgggggt ggcagaggtt gacgagtgcg    191340
     gaggggacca aggtctaagg tgcacgttga ttcccctcca tctccttagc ctgttccctg    191400
     gagctgtttg gtcttttctc ttttggtgga cactttgcct gtctgttact gattgggctg    191460
     gggtgtaact tggtgcagta tctgccttgc agtgtgagag ccctacatag aatcccctga    191520
     agccagagct tttgtagtgc agttcctgtg actgaataga gtgcatagtc caactgtgtg    191580
     ttcccgacag ctgtacttcc ttagcacttg ggaaactgag acaggagcat tctgagttta    191640
     agaactcaga ccctgtctca cccctgagtg atacccctcc tcccaaaaaa gtacacaacc    191700
     tagtggattt catcaccttt tggaatgcag gcccccacct ctgtgactgg cacctttgtc    191760
     ttacccacaa agagcatgtg tctttcagca ttcccccctc ctcttcgtcc cccccccccc    191820
     ccgccccagg ttaccagccg ggttctgtct atcctggtct ggtcctgggc ctgaaagtct    191880
     ggtttctttc atctcgccaa ccttcttgct acacttaaca taccttttat cttggttttg    191940
     aaataaatct agaggctcag agagttgcaa gaacggcccc tggcccactg ggccttccta    192000
     gacctatgcc tggggggatg gcggctgtgt ggagtttggg cttgtgcagg ccgtgggagg    192060
     ccccctgact cacctctgct gcaggcagtc cctcagcttg tggcttggga ttgctcttca    192120
     ccgtggcccc tctccacgcg ctctcctgct gcccaccagt tggtgcacca cggctcctgg    192180
     cctggctgca gtgccccagc tgggggagag gctaggattt cagccctccc cggcagctgg    192240
     cccagtaggg agaggggctg gttgtatttt aagctgttga gtggttcagc aggaactcca    192300
     tggccttccc tcccagtgca cactgtgccg ccctcctgtg attcacatgg actctagggg    192360
     ctcagcaact attaatatag ccccagccca gagccctgcc acctcgcccc ttctagcaca    192420
     ttcctcatgt gctcctcccc tctcggtcct ctttagaggg gtcccagcgt atgacagctc    192480
     agtctggcac tgattgtcct tgtgtggatt cagccatctg ccccagagta tgctgtgtcc    192540
     atgatgtagg ctctggcaca tatgggcaag caggcctggg taccactgcc tggcatagga    192600
     accttgctct gaactcaagc ccaggcccta cagggcagca tcactgtgta gggttacctc    192660
     cgtgggggct tcccgacctg tacatgcaca catacacaca tgcatacact ttctgtgtgc    192720
     cagcaccatg tcggcccacc catgccttct caaggacccc tagcagatct gggatcgtgc    192780
     catggcctct gttgttggga gcatgtaggt ggcaacagtt ggcttctctg gcctgtgatg    192840
     cccccttctt ctggaaaaaa gtggcagatc tccgcatagc ccttgggtct cccccagcca    192900
     gcatgggcag tgttgagcat cttctctgac ctgctgggtc cgatgggtca gatcccctgg    192960
     ggctcctgcc tccttaccct gcccctatgc atattttctg gcctcagcct gcaggtttct    193020
     cctttgggga ctgtggaccc caggggtgca ggcagggtat gtgttgggag ggtatgtgtt    193080
     gggctttggt aggctcgtcc atgggtgagc acattgtgtt ggcctgatgt ggtaggagct    193140
     gtgaggagtg aggcggtgga gagggaggtg gagggacttg ggaactctgc accagtacct    193200
     ctggaatttg tcacctccct gggaacacaa atgcacaagg gaaataatcc agtgtccctt    193260
     acagcttaga agtggaaatg gatgatctgt ctcggagatt ctccagatag ctggcatttc    193320
     cccaggctgg gtaacctgtt ggccagggct gcacaccggg gctgggcttg cggcgcctgc    193380
     catggctgtg ggccttttcc ttcttcatgc ccctggcact tctgagggcc tgtgcccacc    193440
     caattaactg cctgtatgag ggtagccctc aggggaggac tgtggctcct ttggtgggga    193500
     ctcgggctga gatggtttta tatttagcca ggccaggccc tggtgccact cgggttacat    193560
     ctggcgttgg cgctggctga gcctggtcag acacaggctc ccttccagca ccgaggcaga    193620
     atttgatcat gctgcccggc ccagctcaca gcagctttgt gaggagaggt cggaggtggg    193680
     ggctggcgac tggcagtggg caccacagac tggaaggcag agcaggaggg ccagcggctg    193740
     tggcatggat atcagcttga gcatggcagc caaagaggcc caccaaggcc tcgatggtct    193800
     tcccatgccc atgccccaca aagcagccaa gaagcataaa aaggctgtcc tcttctttga    193860
     ggtggagatt cgggatgcaa agacgaggga gaagctgtgc ttcctggaca aggtaggact    193920
     gcacccctgg gggtgaagtg ccaggagggc tgggtccctg ttccttacag ctcctgtagg    193980
     gctatgcagg catcggtggc cctccctgtc cttcagaagg catgtaaagg gtattgtctt    194040
     catctagagc agcggttctc aacctgtggg ctgagacccc attggggttg cctatcagat    194100
     atcctgcata gcagatattt atattacaat tcatatcagc agaattacag gtatgaagta    194160
     gcaatgaaat aatgttctgg ttggggtcag cacaccatga ggaactgtac taagggtggc    194220
     agctttagga aggttgagaa ccactgcgct agagtgagca gctggggccc ctctgtgggg    194280
     ctggaagctg acagcctggt gtgggaaggg acaaggcagc cttgggaggg ctctgtgtcc    194340
     gtaaaggagg tggaggacgg atgtaccccg tgaagtcagc tagcttgttc ctgacctgcc    194400
     tgtacctgga ccccctcccc catcctaggc ctggctccct ccggacttac accttgtttt    194460
     cctttaggta gagcctcagg ccaccatttc tgaaatcaag acccttttca ccaagacacg    194520
     tgagtctccc gacacaccta ttcctgctcc tgacatacgt gtccccccgc tcccgacaca    194580
     tctacccccc actcctgcct cccctctgga tgtgacctgg gcccgcatgc ctccgcatgc    194640
     ctttccctca tcggcttgtt gcctctcagc acactggaac agtgagtgag gcccggctga    194700
     ctgggcaggc tgcccctgtg tggtcaccag caggaatgct cttgtgctat ctatccaaag    194760
     gggtaaaaaa taaaatctgt cgctgcctat cctgtgtgcc cttgcacagg tgggaggagc    194820
     tggggggggg gggtcctaga gttctggaag cctttagagg caggccaagt tggggcgtgg    194880
     gtaggctgag ccttgccaga ttaggtgatg caacccctga ccttctcctg gcagacccgc    194940
     agtggtatcc tgcccgccag tccctccgcc tggaccccag tgagtacagc tgtccatcag    195000
     cctatccctt gggctcttgg ggtcaggaaa ccagggcagt aaccaaatac tgacttctct    195060
     ctgtagaggg gaagtccctg aaagatgaag atgtcttaca gaagcttcct gtgggcacca    195120
     cagccacact ctacttccgg gacctcgggg cccagatcag ctgggtgacg gtgagctctg    195180
     actccttccc tggtctctgc cttcagctac cctggggcga ctcaccttgt ctctgggtac    195240
     tcccaggtct tcctgacgga gtatgccggg ccccttttca tctacctgct cttctacttc    195300
     cgggtaccct tcatttatgg ccgcaaatac gactttacgt ccagtcggca tacggtggtg    195360
     cagtgagtgg gcccggagga aggtgggggt gggagggagg gtggaggctg gattggccct    195420
     ggctgagtct gctaccccac tagcctcgcc tgcatgtgcc actcgttcca ctacatcaag    195480
     cgcctgctgg agactctctt cgtgcaccga ttctctcacg gaaccatgcc tttgcgaaac    195540
     atcttcaaag tgagcacccc cattcttctt gtcttgcctg ccccccagca gcagtgcctg    195600
     ccccctcccc acctgctaac tcatttgctc ttccagaact gcacctacta ttggggcttt    195660
     gctgcatgga tggcttatta catcaaccac cctctctaca caccccctag taagtgggtc    195720
     cagacagtgc ccttaccctg tgtgacccca ccacgaggct tcctcttaca gggctctcct    195780
     tcctgctttt tctacagcct atggagttca gcaggttaag ctggcactgg ccgtttttgt    195840
     ggtaaagagg ctggggcagc aaccaagtgt ggtgaggtgt ggcagctggg tggggtgagg    195900
     gctggctgtg gactgacccc tttctccttc atagatctgc cagcttggga acttctccat    195960
     ccacatggct cttcgggacc ttcggcctgc tggtgagtgg cttgctgggg ctggggctgg    196020
     gtgagcaggg tgaggagggg gtctgaccta ctcttatcct ccatgccagg gtcgaaaacc    196080
     aggaagatcc cataccccac caagaacccc ttcacctggc tgttcctgtt ggtgtcctgt    196140
     cccaactaca cttatgaggt gagggactgt actgcctttg tcctctcagg tctgaggtcc    196200
     tgcacatggt gaagtgcagg agtgggctgt ggggagtgag aaagcttgac ctcagtgagg    196260
     ctgtggccgt cccccggggc tgtgatgctg ggcttccctc tctgtcctca ttctgcctgt    196320
     actgtccaca ggtgggctcc tggattggct ttgccatctt gactcagtgt gtcccaggtg    196380
     agttccttgt ccctgtgcgg tgcgctgccc ttccagcaag gcagcctcat tctgataccc    196440
     cattctgccc acagtggccc tcttctccct ggtgggcttc acccagatga ctatctgggc    196500
     caagggcaaa caccgcagct acctgaagga gttccgcgac tacccgcccc tgcgcatgcc    196560
     cattattccc ttcctgctct gagcagctcc tcacggctct gcccagtaat actctccacc    196620
     cctcactgcc cctgtcctga tgtgtggctg gccatggctc tccagcagca acaataaaac    196680
     ctgcttaccc aactgactgt gtgttcttta ggggtacagg gaccacacca ttccttccca    196740
     tccttgaagt agcacagatg aagtttaggc aggtgaccca aagcttttat ttcactgata    196800
     ggtccacagg ctggcgggta atccctacag ggccacctca gggcccacct ctccttctcc    196860
     ctggccttgg gctacccgtg cttccttcag tgcccttcgc ttcttccttt ggagcagtcg    196920
     ccgctcacgt tcaaactcct tcatgcgttt cacgtaactg tgggcagaac atagagggtc    196980
     tcagtgccat aggttttgtc ttgagtccat tccagccacc tggaagccct tgctaggggt    197040
     gaggcctccc ccaggaattc tgacttggcc cctgtcctag gtggctccag cctcttccca    197100
     tgcccatgtg ggtggctgtg gtgcagtgtg ggtggctgtg gtgtgggtgg ccgaggtgtg    197160
     gatagctgag ttgtggtgtg gatagctgtg gagaaggtgg ccgtggggtg gatggctgca    197220
     gtgtggatag ctgtggtgtg gatagctgtg gagaaggtgg ccgtggggtg gatggctgca    197280
     gtgtggatag ctgtggtgtg gatagctgtg gagaaggtgg ccgtggggtg gatggctgca    197340
     gtgtggatgg ctgtggtgtg ggtggggcgg gtgggggcgg ggcgggctca ctccaggtgc    197400
     tcgcagtagt cccagtcgtg ctgctcgtgc ttgcaggcca ggaagttggg gaagctgtct    197460
     cgcttgcact tcagcagccg gatgaggtag tgggcacagt agtcacgttg ctgcagtgtc    197520
     agctgggcat ccatcatctc ttgttgtgtg gccaccatca ctgtggggag tggtgaggct    197580
     cagccctgca gccagcccca cctccacaga ccccggtgtg cacatggcac aaacggaagc    197640
     cagacacagt atggcttagc agaacccatc tggattatgg ctgcaccctg acaggaaggg    197700
     tgactcctcg tcccctatgt cctaaacagc aataaagaac tctgatgtcc cttcatctag    197760
     agatgctgtc tcccagagag ctcagctcac cttccccagc ccctaagcca tatggaacct    197820
     gaatttcagc ttttcagtgg gtactggggc ctctcagcct ttgctccccc actggaagat    197880
     gccagtccca gcacagaagg tgccgggctg tccactaagt caacagagct gtggtaacag    197940
     gaagcgtctt tggagcatca ttggggtgcc ggtgtgatca gcgtagcatg tgctcacaca    198000
     aaccaaggtc cgtcactagc ttataggact tatagcattc actgtttgga gtctgatgtt    198060
     gacaaaaggc caccacatag catgtgtgtg tgtgttaagt aagcctcggg tagatcagct    198120
     atcactggca agcctgaccc ttcaggagtg tttagtaata gaaactcgcc agcctgtctc    198180
     cactatggcc ctcaaccaca tacctgcttt gctgggtctg taggcctatc tcctctccac    198240
     ctgggtgggc ctcagtccta tttcattgca ctaaaacata ttctattaga ggtggtggtg    198300
     gtggtggtat acacctttga tcttagcact tgggaggcag aggcaggcag atctccaagt    198360
     tcaaggccag cctggtctaa aggacagcaa ggactacaca gaaaccctgt cttgaaaacc    198420
     aaaccaaaca agctggctag agagctggct tagcatgtat tgctcctgca gaaaactggg    198480
     ggtgggggtg gggtggggtg ggcagctctc accactgccg ataactccag ctccagggat    198540
     ccactgccct ctctgccctt atctggcacc tgaaccctta tgtccaaatg tctattcaga    198600
     ccattaaaaa caaaaagaac cttaaaaaaa tacacagaaa ccggttggag ttaagtcagt    198660
     ggtagcttgt gtgaggcctt gggaaaacct tagccctgca cagccactgc atgctccaat    198720
     cacctgctgg ccttcctctg gggtggggtg gggtgggggt atccaattcc tgtcagggct    198780
     gttgtctccc attatgcttc cagctaccgt cctttcttac atggtctcag gtccttgtcc    198840
     ccttttttgg gcttctcacc tggtgcccag acgtgcctca gcagggttgc atgtcaccca    198900
     gataggcttt ctctgccttc tgtgttgctc tctctctgga gctcccgagc ccagcagcag    198960
     ccacctgctt ctttacagct ttgaccgcac ttctgactgt tgatgctaca gtaggctgat    199020
     gaggccaacc tggtccctcc actctgcacc tctgtactcc aggcccaggg ctcaaatcac    199080
     aggcaggctc ttgccagagt tactcaccct ggagctcggg ttagcaactc aagctctggc    199140
     ctctcatttc cagttcacaa gaggccagca gcaagccttt agcacactgt tgcctgctaa    199200
     gctgcaggaa tgtaggaggg aaccaggcaa atagatggtc tccctcttca gagggacaca    199260
     aagtaggctg agcacactgt ctttgaatgg ctggcagcct tactgactgc agagggcaaa    199320
     ccaaacccaa ccaaaaccag agttaggaag tgctggaaag tgggccatga ggcaagggcc    199380
     gagtcgggca gatgcctggg gcaagaacat ctcaggtaga agggggccaa agccttgagg    199440
     cagcaggcac ctttcctgct tccgggtttt gacctaagct cagggaaagg tagagctgtc    199500
     cttgacagtg actgggaagg tgagcacggt aggcttaagg ggaggacaga gctgagactc    199560
     aaagagtaca agacagacat tgaagacaga ggggtacagc cagcaatctc ggcactcagg    199620
     agcctgaggt aagagttttg agactagcct gtgctacaca gcaagatcct gtctcaaaag    199680
     gaaaataaaa cccaggctgg gcttgttggc ttactcctgt gatctcaaca ctcagaggtt    199740
     ggccagcctg tgctacagag tgaaacccta tcttaaaaat taaggtgtca gtggaagggg    199800
     gtggtggctc ctgggggagg aaaggggatg tgatttcagg aggacactct gcagacttct    199860
     ggccgtcaat gcacacgagt gctcacatac acatgtacca ctaataaagc cctaaaattc    199920
     agaaaacaaa agtcagcaat gtcatttata agttcaaggt taaggctccc cttggagatc    199980
     aagtggacag cactggtgta caccacacag ttgtgagctg cctccagggc agaacaaagg    200040
     aggcagcagc ttcaaggcag tcaagggagc cgaggaacaa tcagtgagag tgcgcaggga    200100
     agtggaggtg agcaaggtag aggtggggaa tgacaggtgg agctggggct ggctgggagc    200160
     cttgagagga gcccttcagt aacggggatt tttatactta ggttttgaga caggattgct    200220
     atccatccca ggaactcatg atgttcctgt gggggtgttt caaaaccatg gacaggagcc    200280
     tgatgagagg ttcgggagca ggatcctttc attgtagagg gtggatggag gatataaagg    200340
     ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtggg ggggggttca cctggaatgg ggactccgcc aggctaggga    200400
     caagtcattt ggaaggagtt tggagatgca tgggtgtggg agcaggagct actcttgctt    200460
     tctcacaaga gcttgcctaa gatgaagagg cagtgaagaa ctatagaagc aacaatgtag    200520
     gctatagcat ccctgagcac cactgggcct atgagctctg tgctcccgag gccaaaggga    200580
     aaggactgtg agttagagac tagtctgact caaaaataag aagggggtct ggagtgagga    200640
     agcaacttgg agaccaggtc agcagggcca gctgagtttt accagggttt tggattagcc    200700
     aagcaagaga ggcggccagg gagtgctgta ttttcaaaat gactatgggc aaagcagggt    200760
     gtcaggtggg taaatgttct gcagattcag tactgacgga gccatcttct agtcgacact    200820
     acaacctttt ggtaaggcaa gtcatttgtg tctttcccct gcttacaagt ggggctctgt    200880
     ccctccctgg taccagcttc atcaatctca tatacacccc ttttagcctg tgcttctaca    200940
     ctcttaaatt tgcttcccag atctttttgg acacgctgct ttgtccaggg ggctccctga    201000
     agacagcgcc agtggctctc tgctaccctg gggcatccca agtgccaaac taggactttg    201060
     tccagagctg tcactctgat tttcctatac aggaagaatg agaaccttgc gagtacacac    201120
     aggccttggg ttcctccccc agcaccatca cactagacag gacaaggagc atgatcgctc    201180
     cagcccccca accttgtatt attgtacgta accaaatgct agtgacaatg tatggagatg    201240
     caaagaacat gtcctaggct ccgcgctgtg cccaggacga agtgcaccgg ggcagtctca    201300
     tcttcccgtt ctctgctgtc tcgtcccagc cttttgcttt agccatcccc gcacagcctc    201360
     cacactcaag gaggtcgccc tcccgactcg acccggccct ccgcaagcag gcagctgagt    201420
     tccgcgggat ctgcggtcgc gcctgcgcac tgagctcacc tcgctccttg cgctccggaa    201480
     agccgaggtc cggcgggaag ctgggtatct tctcggggtc aggctccacc gaggcatccc    201540
     acagatagcg ccgggtcagg tgcgccccca tggctactct gccttaccct tctttagtag    201600
     ccggggtcac ctcgctccca cctggaagca ctgccccttc agtgtcttcc gggtcatcta    201660
     ggctgcggcg ggggtcatag agatgaacga tggaacgctt cctggctcgc tgacaccccc    201720
     tggcggtgtg gaggagacag agcgggtgcg gcgaacgcca gttggctaga aggccaggct    201780
     ggccagggag ttgcagggag gagtgcgggt gtggaagcgg ggaggtggca gggtcccctg    201840
     tgctctgccc agtgctagga ttataaatgt gtgccaccaa gcctgctgta tacatgtgta    201900
     tacatgggta ctgtggacac cctggaccga accatcttcc gcgttcctct tcctcctcct    201960
     cttttttttt tttttcttaa attaattttt ttttctggtt ttaggataga cccccaggcc    202020
     tagcatatgg tagataagtg ctttcccaca gatatacact accatttcca acactcgaac    202080
     ttccaaacac tttccctagg tttgtcggtg tgagtgcaca tacgtaggtg tgcttatgag    202140
     tgcatttggt ggtcagaggt caatttctgg ggtcattact ctgtctctgt ccaacttgtt    202200
     tgagacactg tctcccactg gctttgaacc cttcaagtag gtgaggctgg ctgtctagaa    202260
     ggcccgagag atttaaccgg gcaccctgtc tgtggttctg gaatttcaag cgtgtgcccc    202320
     cacaccagga gttttcttac atggggtttg gggactgaat tgagttcttt atgttggtaa    202380
     agcaatcaca gtaatgactg agccctcctt ccagtcgttg ttcttctaaa atgaatactt    202440
     tgtgatcctg gtctagaaca tggtaaatga aggctttacc actgaagcct gtccgtagtg    202500
     cccaatcctg accagagagg gcgcagccaa cctgatggtc ttaaaagctc ttggtctaga    202560
     gcttctgaag gaaccactct cttccttgct cctaagtgtc tgtcagggtg tgtcctctct    202620
     tggcttgctc tctcctctca tccaggacag cttatttgac tcagactaag cacacctctc    202680
     tgttcagagc tccccaaggc gggctggtct gtaagcccca gggatcctct tgtctttgtc    202740
     tcctctgggc tgccatgccc agcgtctgtt ttacatggta ttttagttag ggtttccatt    202800
     gctgtgatga aataccacca gaagccattt ggggaggtaa gtgttttact tcccggtctg    202860
     gaatgcagta tgtcctgacg ggaatgtcct gatgggaagt caggacagga acacagaccc    202920
     tggaggcagg aactgacaca gtggccaccc aggagtgctg cttactggca ttctcaggct    202980
     gctttctttt ctttgtatag ggtttctctg tatagccctg gctgtcttgg aactcacttt    203040
     gtagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat ccgcctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga    203100
     ttaaaggcat gcgccaccac cgcctggctc aggctgcttt cttttagtac ccatggccac    203160
     cacctcaggg gttacaccac atgtcaacca ctaaataaaa tgtacaaaaa aaaaaaggaa    203220
     aaaaaaaaaa gagaagaaaa gaaaaagaaa gaaagaaaat gtactccaga cttgcctttg    203280
     gccaatctgg tggggtgttt tctcagctga ggctctctct tccacagtga ctctaaccta    203340
     tgtcaagttg acataaaaag caggtagcac agtgtggctt cttgagatca aacataggtc    203400
     tttgcctttg tgagacagta ctttaaaact gagtggctta gttagggttt tatcactgtg    203460
     aagaaacaaa gaaaacattt aattggggct ggtttatggt ttcagaggtt cagtctgtta    203520
     tcatcatggt gggaagcatg gcagcatcca ggcaggcctg gtgctggaga aggagctgag    203580
     cgttctgcac cttggtctga aggcagccag gaggagcctc tcttctccac tggacagagc    203640
     ttgagcacat acatgttgtc tttccccctc cctgtctctc tttcttgtct atgtctctgt    203700
     gacgtgcaaa cactctgtct ttgtgtcaga catatactct gtgtctctgt ctccatgtac    203760
     acacacacaa ttcacgtgtc ggtctctctg tgtctgatac acaaacctct gtctctcttg    203820
     gcgtctctca tacatgcccc atgtctcgtt ctccgttctc acccccgtgt cttattctct    203880
     gtttgtctct gtcacacata ctctgtctct gtttcacaca tattatcaca ttctgtgtcc    203940
     tacacatact cattcacact ctgtctctct gagcatgtca cacacactct ttcgttctgt    204000
     ctttgcttat ctctgttata cacttcctgt ctctgtctgt ctgtctgtct atcccctcag    204060
     tctctggatc tcagtctgtg tcacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    204120
     acacacacac acacacacaa acacacacac acacacactg tcttttgtat ttctatgttc    204180
     tccctttctt gttagtttgt cctctctctc tctctctctc cctctctctc tctctttctc    204240
     tctctctctc tttctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctccttttt tgtatttctg    204300
     agacaggatt tcctctgtgt agccatggct ttcctggaat tccctctgca gaccagcctg    204360
     gcctcaaact cagacatctg cctgcctctg cctcccaact gctgggatta aaggggtgcg    204420
     ataccacacc cagctctttt gcatttctga gcttataatc acattttccc tttccctcta    204480
     aaccctctca tatacccttc catactatct tccaaattaa tggcctcctt ttcattgtta    204540
     ttgcatccat atatgcatat acatatatgc tcctaaatat aaccagctca gtctgtatag    204600
     tgttactcct atgtctgttt tcagggctac tgtttggcaa ttacttagtt ggtgagctct    204660
     tcccagggga agaccacctc tgctgcgctc agatttctta gttgcctgta gttctttgtg    204720
     tagggttgag gccgtgtcgg cttctccttg tccactttgt catgttctga ttcttccact    204780
     ctcacctgct attaattgcc tgtagttcat ctaaggatga ggccttgtga gattttcctt    204840
     taccaggtac caactagtgt ggttgtgcag gtctcacgtg ggcagcttcc ctgtcatgtg    204900
     cagaagacac ccacacagca gatgtcctgg tcctctggcc cttacagtct tttgtgcatt    204960
     tcttccacaa cattccccga gccttacaca tgtgtgcagg ttgcatggta gatgtatcgg    205020
     tttagattgg gcatcccgtg gtcaggtgtt ctctgcatac agatgtctgt aatggtctct    205080
     gtctgatgca aagcaggcat tgttgagggg caagagctta ccttagtgtg ttaggataag    205140
     tatttagaat gcagttagaa ttatgctagt ttagggaaag ctcggtagtt ggttctcctc    205200
     catgggttgg gggctaggtc tacagtgcca gatgtggatt ccttcctaat gagcatgctg    205260
     aaagtccaat tagattgctg ttggtcatcc ctgaggtata gcgtgattct tgtcgccata    205320
     gtgttgtgcc tcacaggctt cccagctggg cagcagctct tcactgctcc tcttggttgt    205380
     gagcttgcac ggcctctgca gggatgatgg gggctaggcc tcagggaggg tgctgcaggc    205440
     cagctccagc tccatttctc caggttctgt gtctgaagtg tgtgctttca gaagtagggt    205500
     tgtctcagtc tctgtgtcct gcacactatc tctctgtcac acgcacctcc tttgtatctc    205560
     cttatctctg tcttttccaa tgtctgactc tccgtgcctc acacaaatat acactatttt    205620
     cccatctctc tgactctgtc tctatattac acatactctc tgtctctgtc catgttattc    205680
     tgtttctcaa atacccacca cctctgtctt tctgtctgtc tgcctgtctc acacatcgct    205740
     tctctctcca tgtctcatgc ataccctctc tgcctctatt tctctctgtc acacacactg    205800
     tctctttgtc tctgtatcac gcacaaacac actgtctgtg tgacacacac acttctctca    205860
     ctgtctgttt ttgtctctca catctctctg tgtctatatg tctcacatag atatactgtc    205920
     tttttgtttt acccacacag gcgcgtgcgc atgcacatac acaaacacac acacacactt    205980
     tgcctttgtc acatttaaca cacttatttg tcatcttcac actttactcc tctgtgtcac    206040
     acacactctt tgactctccc tgtgttttat ggacccttga gcttcctatc tctccttgtg    206100
     tgtctctgct tctctttgtc acatgtacac tctcttggtc acatatacac ttctctctgt    206160
     aacacacaaa cacattcacc ttgtctttgt attacactct gtctctctgt gttcttgtct    206220
     ctgtgtcact atataatctc tgtctctctg ccatgcacac ttgctttaac tctttctgtg    206280
     tctctctcac acacacttcc gctccccttt ctttctctct atctctctgt cacacatgca    206340
     gtctctctgt gcctttaata gcccatctta gttgtcagct tcattacatc gggaatcagc    206400
     taaaacccat gaagatggga acgtgaggga tttttcttga ttgatcattt gaggtatgaa    206460
     gagctccaaa tctggattat ttgaagtagg aagactcact ccaaatctgg ggacatcttc    206520
     tggtggcagc ccatgtgaaa ggatgtggaa gaaagaagct tttggttttg tctgcttaca    206580
     cttactcagg ctggcaggtt tatccgccct gttcctgagg tatccctttg ttgggattac    206640
     gatctacaca cctttactcc cacttctgga atatagacac atctttagta catcccttta    206700
     atcctagaca atgacatcta gacaattgaa gggcagacaa agtgttgaat aagagaaaga    206760
     ttggacagaa tgagtcagtg acaggatata cccaatttct atgagagcag acaggaaaga    206820
     gcagtgcaga gagagagaga gagacacaca cacacacagt tcagtttggt gaagaacagt    206880
     tgagctcagt taagttactg tatttctgtt tggttcatgc agtcagttca gttcagttca    206940
     gttcagttca gttcagttca gttcagttca gttcagttca tggagttcag aggcagtttt    207000
     tccacgcaaa gcaattcagt cagaagccaa cttgaatcag tcagcttgga gaggatttaa    207060
     tcagaacaga tgagttgaac tagccagcca tagtctagaa agagttagaa agggtgagtt    207120
     tattcagcag taagcctctg agacaacaat tacctctggt gagtgaaagt tacttttaca    207180
     cctggtaccc aacatggttg gagacgaaga ggaaaggcca ccaatgttgt agaaagcaga    207240
     ggacatttgg cagaaacgtt gcggaggacg ggtgacattt aacagaaaac agcagaagaa    207300
     aaattcacca gaggaagcat cagttcttcg agtttgattg gatgcccaga gagactctgg    207360
     agactccaaa gtagtgggaa ctttgagccc agagcgagga actacacaag agcccttgag    207420
     acagtgaatc atagcaagcc actcccaaat acaattttaa tgatatagat agacttttcc    207480
     tgtattaaaa aatgggaaac tctatttcaa atcccttaag accgaggata gggattgagg    207540
     gaataggaat gttacttgaa aaagccattg caactgtgtc cattggagta aacccctctc    207600
     tactttcaac tgcagtcttt atatattttc tctcaaaaaa ggttgaaaaa taactgtaca    207660
     acaagaaaaa ataggtatga tagtgcaaag acttgatcga caagagacaa aagaagtaag    207720
     aggacaggaa ttgcctcgtt gtgaacctat ggtacctaat gaaagtgaga ctcaagatag    207780
     acagcccatg gtacctacac tgccacatct taattaaact gaggaaaggc aaaccatctc    207840
     cactagcttt ttcagttacc cagaaacaat gccagaaaaa gaatacaaga tcttaaacat    207900
     tttctgatca tatacctgct acagaaggga gtgcagcttt ggatctggcc atatatatgc    207960
     ctcttacact attcctaaaa gttgaatgtt ataaattaac cactggtgtt tatggccctc    208020
     tatcttcagg gacagtggga ataatcttgg gaagaagtga aataactcct caaggattta    208080
     ttgtgcatcc aggtacagta gataggggta gcaaggaaga aatacaaatc atcgcatatt    208140
     tgaaaaagga ggtacaaatc gatgtagggg atagaattgc ttgaatgttg tttccttaca    208200
     ttaagggcaa ggctgctcca gtgtaggtag ccgacgccta aaagatggcg ctggggctgg    208260
     tgagatggct cagtgggtaa gggcacccga ctgctcttcc taaggtcagg agttcaaatc    208320
     ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccatc cataatgaga tctgactccc tcttctggag    208380
     tgtctgagga cagctacagt gtacttacat ataataaaat aaataaataa atcttttaaa    208440
     aaaaaaaaaa agatggcgct ggtctccggt acaccgtcgc tgtaaataat actactgcgc    208500
     aggcgctagc ccgaatctgg cgccaacccc tcccaagcgg gtgcatgcaa attaaggtgc    208560
     cggcagactg accaatccca ggaggacaca tagccttccc cagtgctggg gtgtatataa    208620
     gcagtcctcc ctgggttccc gggttcctgt agcattgagg tgttcctgca ataaagctgt    208680
     tgagaagaat ccaatcgtgt tgcgttttcc ttgctggacg aggtgggtgc gacactccag    208740
     tagaaaggac agggacttat gggagtacag gaaaacacac attctggcaa acagtgctta    208800
     atgatcagag acctaaatta atgatacaaa tgaatggtgt tgaaataggt ttggtggata    208860
     caggagctga cattagtact atttctccaa agtcttggaa tccagattgg taactacaga    208920
     aggcttatac gcagtttata ggaattggta aattaccatg aataagacaa aatgatcagt    208980
     ggattaactg tgtgggcata gaagggcaaa cagggaagtt gagaccttat gtggctgaca    209040
     tacctataaa cttaggggaa gggatctttt acaacaatgg gtaatcaaat tactattcct    209100
     caattccaga gagagcaaat gtggaaataa gaggtgttat ggtagatgct cctggggtac    209160
     taatacagac gatagagcac aatcacaagc tgtgcctctg gtcagaaaac acgatgtcac    209220
     agggattgag ttcccaaatt tataaaaggg gccagtgctg acataataac atctttgccc    209280
     ctaaaatggt tatcaaacag acctgtgtgg taagagcagt gatccataac caaagaaaaa    209340
     ttataggcac ttgaacaact ggtacaatag cagctggagg ttcaacatac ataagagtct    209400
     accagcccat ggcattcccc tgtgtttgtt gtgaaaagga aaccaggaaa ttggaggatg    209460
     ataacggact taagttcagt taataaagta attcaaccaa tgggtccttt acagcctgga    209520
     cttcccttac ctttttgtta cctacatcat ggcctataat aataataata gacttgatag    209580
     tttgcctttt cacaatactc ttgcatgagc agaacagaga aaggtctgct ttctcagtac    209640
     ccactctgaa caacagtggt ccagtaacaa gataccatta tgaagtggaa atgtaagagt    209700
     tctttggaaa gtcagttgtg ttggatggta ttttgctggg gcaaacatgt gaaggaatgt    209760
     cttcctgaag aagacacagg tgaaaggatg ttttgctaaa gcaagcatgt gaaaggacat    209820
     gtgatgaagg attcttcgct aatgacacac ttgcatttgt ccaccataca ttgtattatt    209880
     gagctccatt tgttggttct ccatagagag aaacacacca aaaaacttct ggtggtatga    209940
     agcagaaaga gttaactctt gtagaacaaa agacaagatg catatgtgga tagaattgat    210000
     cctaaccttg agtgtattct ggtcatttta ccctcaactc actctcctac tgggctcatt    210060
     atgcaaaggg aagatagttt tatggaatgg attttcttag atcataaagt aaaaaataga    210120
     aaagagttct gaattaatta taaaaggtag aataagattg caccgactgt tagggacaga    210180
     tccagctgaa actgtagtac ctcatactaa tgctgagatt attatggtca atgaatattg    210240
     gcaaggagct tgtagtaact acttgggaga aattaataac aaatatctga aaagcaagtg    210300
     tgtatagttt ataaaaagaa cgaattggat tcttcaacat atagtaaaga gaacaccaat    210360
     tccagaggca tcaatagtct acacagttgc aaacaagatg gggatggcat gttataagtc    210420
     agacaaaata agcaaggtga tcaaaagtcc atatacttca gtttaaaact tagagttgta    210480
     tgcaatcctt atggtattat tgggttatcc tgaatctcct agtatactta ctaattcttt    210540
     acatgcagaa agaatagttt tgcatataaa gactgctgaa tatgtattga taactcagaa    210600
     ttaactttgt catttgtaca gttatacagg tcatcagaaa tagaaactat ctattatata    210660
     tactcatatt tgatctcata caggtttccc aggtccatta gttcaaggag atgagggaat    210720
     ttaccaatta ctaataggaa atgtattaga agcctcagag ctttatgaga aacatccaca    210780
     acaagccaaa gaaataataa aaaaaatgtt ctgggctggt gagatggctc agtgggtaag    210840
     agcacccgac tgctcttcca aaggtccgga gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac atggtgggtc    210900
     acaaccatcc gtaacgagat ctgactccct cttctggagt gtctgaggac agctacagtg    210960
     tacttatgta taataaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaataa ataaacaaat ctttaaaaaa    211020
     aaaaagttct atgtgttctc tatataacca aactcggtta cctgctggta gtaaccctag    211080
     ggttacaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagacatct ggcagatgga tgtttttcat tttgcagaat    211140
     ttataaaaca aaggtatata tatctgctgg gggtcatgtc ccagttattc tcctttcttc    211200
     ttggttctct cttgaagata agagtgccag caggggtgag atgtttaggg ttgctgttta    211260
     gtaataaaac atttacctat tttaagtcta agtcgctttg ctaccttagc tggcctgcct    211320
     gagttccttt tgggccagaa actgtagtct ttggcatcta gtacctcatt gtaaaccagc    211380
     aggggattaa gtaaaggatt aattgctaga gcctactccc tcttgtccaa atacctgttg    211440
     cttgtcaggc taaggggagg gttagagcaa taacttctat tgaaccagga gaagagaatc    211500
     atattcacag aaggaaaaac ttttacacaa gcaaatatgg attaaactca taaattgata    211560
     tacagattca tgcacacaca tttataaatc ttcatttgag caatctgggc caagttttca    211620
     tgctatctca taattacaca catacacaca tacatccgta cttacatatg tatatggagc    211680
     aaaagaccaa gtgccagcgc agaaagaatt cactcattct ggatgaaaaa tgagctccaa    211740
     tctttattgc atagagaaag aaaaagcctc tacctttatt gctagatgaa ctaaaaccac    211800
     cataagaaga ataagactaa gcctgccttg ctactaagaa aatacttgtt ctgtctcatg    211860
     gtaaggagaa gcctgcctgc tccttctgct ctctctgcag cttcttcttt tttcctcttt    211920
     ccctctgcat tcttcacatt gctccattaa tattttaagt taccttataa tttctaaatt    211980
     attccattct gcattctcct cctaaacttg ctctctcctc ctgctcggat ataaaaatgc    212040
     tcatgctctc aatgccttac ttacaatgct ttctctcaaa tgttatatcc ttgaatcttt    212100
     cctagtcttt tgtacctttt tcaggagaat agatcatgtg gtttttccaa gcccccccat    212160
     ttttttttac aaaaattcac tagaagctca aatataaatt aaataagacg tttacaacag    212220
     ataatgttta tgtgcatatc cattaagagt aattatctga gtaaacattc attatttgtc    212280
     accagtttct acaggttcat ggagagttaa aaaccataac ttctgtgact aagttattag    212340
     taaaattttg tatagatgaa ccctgtcaat attttatctc ttgtccttat tcctatagta    212400
     aatcattagt tctcttttta tgacctttgg ttaatggttt tacaacctct tggcatgtgc    212460
     tcttaagttg cagatgcctg cttgctatct cagaagcaat taacttgtga cacttgaata    212520
     cttgcagagt tatcattgca gttttgatat cagaaaggac ttaataacag tcctattata    212580
     aaatacccca attacaaata taattttagg aattcttaaa ggatcatcat taagaattaa    212640
     gaagtcatct atttgtctat atagcatcct ataatacagt acacctttgt tgttctgcag    212700
     agatctgctc aaaaggttga gctagtgatt gttatatatg tttaataata tcaggaaaag    212760
     aatattaata gcaggaatct tttctaaaat gaaattctcc ttggcctcgc ctaaaggagc    212820
     aaatctgtca ttgattttaa tctgtggtga aaccatacca ggaagatcac ctgctagttt    212880
     ttagcttctc ctagatggct cctagcacat atcataccat tgatacatac ttagggtttc    212940
     aatgggcaac tgccttaagt tttaaaaggc tgaatgtgta ataacacagt tattggaaat    213000
     aatggcaact atggggaacc tgcacaaatt taaactgaca ctcctcctgc atacgtatac    213060
     aataagatga agcaattctt tgcatattac aatataaaac atattactgg tatatcacat    213120
     aatcccatag gataagaaat tttagaaagt gccaattgtt ccataaacaa atgataaaca    213180
     tatacataaa cataaacaaa tgcttattaa acataaaggg agaataaaaa cccccaggtt    213240
     tttactaaac aatgctttgc taactctaaa ttttcttatt attggtgaaa aaggagcaac    213300
     agtagttgag agacaccagg ttattgaaac aatggaagaa ctaggccaac caatatacca    213360
     taggatgtgt tgatattaga ctggaaacct gcaattgttt taaagtgggt atgtcattat    213420
     gcttatgtat ctacagggag tgaaaaaata tggttaccaa caaaacttat aaagattaga    213480
     tctgagatta tcagctgaga catgaatgtc ttcacaaagc aaatagctca ggtgattcac    213540
     tctcacagac tgtctccgtc actgatctcg ccaaaaaaat gatcaaaagg ggaagcccta    213600
     atgatcaacc acttagagac tgagcaacac aaagactaca caagacagag attagacaga    213660
     caatgcagag tctggacaga aaaagataca actagctatc ctgggatttg gccaatatca    213720
     caattttcat agggtacaaa aaagatattt ttgtctccag acaagtaaga acatgactcc    213780
     tgtattccca gaaggtggga tggattcttt ggttgtttga tgtgttatgg ttgttaccat    213840
     ccaaagtggt tgtttgttat tagttacgat cagggaggaa acaaaataaa gtttaaatca    213900
     gggatttttc tcctctatct aaaagatggg aaaagaggca aaaagggcct aataataaca    213960
     acaacaaata aacaataaaa aataaaagta ctagtcttaa aatattttac tttggcatag    214020
     attaactata ttatatctta tatctcattt tattatatct tacattatat ctattaatat    214080
     cttgatagag atttaaggtt gttttgtttg actattattt gatatattgt acagcttatt    214140
     taaaaatatg atgtaaagtt tcagttttat ggttcacata attattttta ttttgtgtag    214200
     attgttaatg ttagagaaaa gttttttttt tttaacagaa agggagatat gaagtggaaa    214260
     tttctggttt ctttaacaac tcagttgtgt catgtgatgt tttctggaag ctatcttgtg    214320
     agagggcaca tgatgtttgg aaagaatata aatagaatac cacaagaagt gagaggatgc    214380
     ttttgcattg ttatgccctg caagtgtagc ttcttcactg gtcttcactg gtcttacttt    214440
     ttctggtgtt tgctgatctt cgttggtctt cacttcatag agagaaatgc gccaaagaac    214500
     ttcttgtggt aatccagctg attctggcca cttctgctta gttatgtaga ttctgtggag    214560
     ccttgctgtt tctgttggat caagccagca atactgatct gtgtttggtg tttgctattg    214620
     aactggactg ttggcattct gacaatgaag agtaaaatca ccccaaagaa ctacttttaa    214680
     ataggtctac aacatccttt tcctattagc cccttttctc ccctacttct ggtcagtggg    214740
     ctagaaggga ggttgaagca tttaagaacc ctaaatgaag taggttttga aaaatctaag    214800
     cctacaggag tcctctctct catttggtta gttggatcaa gggtctttca atttctttta    214860
     acttttctaa gaacaagctc ttagattagc tgattcttgt attgtttcta ttctgttaat    214920
     ttctactctg cttttcatga tttcttgcca tcaactagat ttgattttgg attgttttgt    214980
     ttttctaaat ttttgtattg catcataagg cagttatttc ttgtacttag agctgtaaat    215040
     cccctgctag ggttgctttc catgcatcac cggggtccaa ttgtgctgtg ttttcatttt    215100
     catttagttc caggaaggtt tatttatcta ttttttattt tttacttttc ctttaactca    215160
     ttcatcattc agtaatgagt tatttaatct ctgtgtgttt gtgtatttac tagagatttg    215220
     tttgctgtca atgttaagtt ttattgcact gtggacagat aggatacagg agtgatttca    215280
     atcttttctt tctttttttt ttacattatg atgttcagat gtttaatatt caaggatgat    215340
     gatacaattt taataatttt catccagttt agcaatacac aaaagtcaca ttacattgac    215400
     tacatggata aaactgctgc caaaaccact gctttattat acacgaagtc tttcaaaaat    215460
     ctactttaat catctacaaa gctgttataa taatttttca aagttacagt gttatgtatt    215520
     atgttcattt aaattgaaaa catgtcttgt ttctcttctt gtcatttaaa aaaatagtcc    215580
     tgacctttgc tcaaaataac tttccataca aatgatatta gctatgagaa tatcattaca    215640
     attcatgtcc attgccgaaa gaagagtttt cagaaagttc agaactaaag aaggcaagtt    215700
     gtagcttgag ctgccttttc tcccccagct gctcacacaa tttgacatca acattggcat    215760
     cgctgaatga gtatcttttg gttacctcca ctggacgctg tgatcgtgat aactttgctc    215820
     tcttctgcat cgatttcaat cttttcaaat tagaaaaatt tttagattta tttatttatt    215880
     aggtgcacaa tgttctgcct gcacagccag aaaagggtgc ctgatctcat tatagatggt    215940
     tgtgagccac catgtggttg ctgggaattg aactcaggac ctccaagcca tcttaacctc    216000
     tgagccatct cttcccgccc atcttttcaa tttttaaaga tttgttttgt attccagaat    216060
     gtggtctact ttagaaaagc ttcttgccaa gtagaacgtg cattttttgg tgtttgggta    216120
     taatactctg tagatctcct ttgaatccat ttgaacttga gtcctcttca gcatttctat    216180
     ctccttattc aattcttctc tcaaggctta gcttgtcttt gttgtgtcca tatgcctcat    216240
     gcttgtgttt ctgtgggcat cactctggtg tttattctcc ttaatctctt tctctttaat    216300
     tttacccaga tttttttttg tctttttaga acagtttaaa cttttaaata attgttcatt    216360
     tacattttgt gtcttggggt tctactagga aattctcact gtgaaacttt tctataggac    216420
     tggtggattt ttgaagaaga tactgacttg atctttcatg ttgttgatat tatattattg    216480
     tgatgagatc tgggcatggg gactttttgt tattactctg atatggatgg agctggttga    216540
     gacagaaatg aggatgtgaa ggtgggttgg gcctaatggt tggaattagc ttgggtggca    216600
     tgaagtcagg tggacagagg ggccaggact cacatacagg atgtgcctcc ttgtccaaga    216660
     cctggctatg agtgggcagg tcagatgtgt cctgatggtt tggagggggg ggggtgtctt    216720
     ggcaaaaggt aggttgcagt tcacaagaat gacaagacaa ggctgcaaca ctggatatgg    216780
     gtcccaggct agatctggtg ggttggagag aaagtgtgga tggtaagtct cacaaggcta    216840
     gatccttgag aataccatgg gatatctgac tgggtggaga gtttggtgtg ctcgtggata    216900
     gtggcaggta gctagtgatt gactgggtat ccaaacaagg ctggggcatt tggtgtggga    216960
     tctgaggtac atgtgggttt ggaagaaggg gtggatacgg gagggtcagg gagaccaggc    217020
     tagactctta agaagaacat aggagatctg gccaggtgaa cagattggat gtagcacaga    217080
     aggggtcctt cagtatctct taaaaataaa tttctttttc ttagtatgac ctaaagtgct    217140
     tcttgttata tgataggagt catatgtggt catatggcag ttctatttcc agcttttggg    217200
     aaaactcaaa gattgatttg caaggcgtct acacaagtgt atgtttgaag tgtgaagcac    217260
     tgccatgtcc tcagatccac ccgagtatgt tgacaattgt attcccaatg atgagcagtc    217320
     tgtttaactg agataaaatc ttagtataat tttagcttga gttttcctgg tggctaaaga    217380
     tgttgaacac tttaaaaaga ggttattagt catttgtctt ccttcttttg agaactttat    217440
     gttcttctcc ataactcatt ttcctgggtt gtttattgtc ttgatgttta aattctgtga    217500
     acgttgtata tctgggatat ctaaatctgt aatcacagat ctgtaaatct gtgttactgg    217560
     actttgatga cttgtagttg ttccaggata aactatttta ttcctctgaa gtgagatctg    217620
     tgtttgtgtt gacccagccc tgctgcatct ccccagaggt atagactacc ctcacaccat    217680
     tcttctgagc aattacgacc cattcctgac cccactgggt acaccccatt tatcatttaa    217740
     tgaacttggt caacttccaa gttctttccc ccttgtggga atcttctagt gccaggtctc    217800
     cagagtcgtt cctttaaact atgagtttct aaccattgtt tccacattgc aagtgtaagc    217860
     attgcatgag atccctttaa tataaataca caactttttt tttttttttt gttcttcaaa    217920
     gcctgtgcat ccacacaacc attttccaga actggctgtt tgtttcaagt agctgccatc    217980
     atgtggcttt cttagctgaa ttccaactat aacagccaac aacataccag aaaataacac    218040
     tacatagact cctgagtaaa tatttgagaa cttcttccat tatatgagac agatagaaga    218100
     ctcactctaa gacaatgtga gtgatagaca tagagattta gggttgagaa aatacactca    218160
     aggcaggcca agagatcaga gactaatcgt ctataaagaa ataaagaaat atgaaataat    218220
     atttacagga gatgaatcat ttacacaata taatatattg tatgttactg ttgtaattgt    218280
     gccttgtttt tatccaatgg tctcaaaata aatattcctt tggggacaca aacattgggt    218340
     ttatagggac ctggcaccag ctgagcatca gctgttctca cagcttaaag taagacttgc    218400
     ttcctgatca aagcccatga cacatttgct ctgggtctta gcagggtctc ccccatgaca    218460
     actcctgtaa tctgtgtgct cagtgttaaa cggtgtccta acaatctgcc ctaggaccat    218520
     aaggcctgca tgatagggca catactttac ttgtaggatt aactttgtgg ccagtgtatc    218580
     agaaatgcca taattctacc tcaatttagc cctttctttt tgtgtgtgat atacaaaagt    218640
     gatatatcca taatagaaaa taatgaatat ccaaagagga tgtcagtggt gacaggcaca    218700
     gagctctata ccacacctcc caaggagttc tttttagtcc ttcagctagg caaacccaag    218760
     ttctgtaact tcaacaagta aatgaacgac tttctgaaca agccaaatga aaaacaaagt    218820
     tatatatctg atgaaacagg aggtgctagt ctgcccaagg gaagagtaca ctaattggta    218880
     acccaacacc aaagggtcag cactgaaaat gacatacaag caacattacc acgctgagca    218940
     ggctctatgt atattttttt atgtgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtatca tccattaaag    219000
     aaaaagaggt cttgaatttg aaagggagtg ggatgtaagt atttgggaag gtttggaagg    219060
     aggagaagga aggggaaatg atgtaattcc attaaaatcc caaaaaataa aattggtttt    219120
     aaaaagcctc agattcttta ttgacctcct accccaatgt agtccctttt tactttcctt    219180
     gtttctgcag ttattctagg agatgttctc acatctgaag aaaagtctca acttttctaa    219240
     gggagccatg tggagctaag agctcacaag atcattatct gagggaattc tggatgaaaa    219300
     tatatcatta gtcaggatat caaaacataa ccaataaatc atgcaacaaa ttgtcatgcc    219360
     ctgtcataaa atttgttctc caaacatcag gacttttccc acccggagtt ccccaagatc    219420
     catgagtgtc acagcaagca attaaggcat acatcacaat ctgatataga tttaatttga    219480
     gtactaagtc ttggaagact gagcacacat gccagatatc agggataatc atgacactct    219540
     acctcaagga tggtacaggt tctctttgtg tggctgttca catgtcatgt ctgaacttct    219600
     atgacagctg tccttgacat ttctcatcga ctgcaaagaa cataattatt gcacagcaac    219660
     atcatttgga tggagatgtt ataggggaac cctgagcata gttctaagag cagccattcg    219720
     tggagctgaa gtcccaccat cccttgggaa ttagccagct tcctgcatgg tgttttcttg    219780
     tttatcattt acttgtgtgg gtgatgcggc atgactgcag atgcccacag ggaccagagg    219840
     aggatgtgac ggaggaggat gctatgttgc ctggagctag agaacaggtg gtgtccttat    219900
     cagtatgggt gttggaaact aagccccgat ccacccgatc caccgaaaga gtagcaagga    219960
     ctctgtccac ccaccaagtc atttctttag cacctagtaa acatctttat aaaatgaatt    220020
     tgctctgtaa taaaaatcca gaaagctaca tctaaaatac cattacagca tcttttttta    220080
     aaaacagact taatttgcat tatttttctt gtataaaaac ccttatgtgg cagccacagc    220140
     tggagcctgg gtcctctgaa cagagtctct ggtgtgggtt tccataagat gagtgtgggt    220200
     tttcacaaga ttgtcagtga attc                                           220224