EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC163703; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 219082 BP.
AC   AC163703;
DT   14-JUN-2005 (Rel. 84, Created)
DT   28-OCT-2005 (Rel. 85, Last updated, Version 4)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-359B23 from chromosome 8, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-219082
RA   Trani L., Haglund K., Lewis S.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-359B23";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-219082
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-JUN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-219082
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (27-JUL-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-219082
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (27-OCT-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 6bb44e1bf9b00346ca61eacbdd5820fd.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456146.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000005150; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000005161; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000008167; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000031691; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000048617; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000052926; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000059355; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000095845; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC163703.4:1-219082; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000166592; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000177563; mus_musculus.
DR   GOA; D3Z4A4.
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DR   InterPro; IPR001770; Gprotein-gamma.
DR   InterPro; IPR001810; F-box_dom.
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DR   InterPro; IPR002773; Deoxyhypusine_synthase.
DR   InterPro; IPR004269; Folate_rcpt.
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DR   InterPro; IPR005351; UPF0139.
DR   InterPro; IPR007087; Znf_C2H2.
DR   InterPro; IPR011989; ARM-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR012336; Thioredoxin-like_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR012337; RNaseH-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR013087; Znf_C2H2/integrase_DNA-bd.
DR   InterPro; IPR015880; Znf_C2H2-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR015898; G-protein_gamma-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR015943; WD40/YVTN_repeat-like_dom.
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DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q3TXU5; DHYS_MOUSE.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q05C51; Q05C51_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q3UI07; Q3UI07_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q497V9; Q497V9_MOUSE.
CC   On Oct 27, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:71274403.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site:
CC       Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0359B23
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa and
CC   Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   ( from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. ( or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..219082
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="8"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-359B23"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          97721..97923
FT                   /note="Unresolved simple sequence repeat."
SQ   Sequence 219082 BP; 57521 A; 54060 C; 52464 G; 55037 T; 0 other;
     gaattcctta taaccccatg gaacaaagaa tagttgaacg tgctcatcgc accttaaaga        60
     attggctttt taaaacaaaa caagggcagt tatatccccc caaggtcacc aaaggctcat       120
     cttgccttta ctttatttgt tctaaatttt ttgcaaactg atattaaagg tcagtctgca       180
     gcagatcgcc attggcatcc agttacttct aattcttatg cattggtaaa atggaaggac       240
     ccgctgacta atgaatggaa gggtccagat ccggttctaa tctggggaag gggctcggtt       300
     tgtgtttttt cacgagatga agatggagtg cagtggctgc ccaagagatt aattcgtcag       360
     atgaacacag attctgaatc ttcttgtaag tatcattctg aggactaaaa tttctctttt       420
     gcttaaaatt cagctgggaa ctcaggctcc cagaaaagct gttttcctgc tactctctga       480
     gccagctccc ccacaggaga ccagagacta gccttagctt tacaatttgc aaatgaataa       540
     agtacctgga cttccccaaa agaagatttg cattgctact ttctccttgt ctagatcttg       600
     tttttttttt tccaagcaag tcaatcaaca tcctccagcc agaccacagt gggcatgcat       660
     cccaccccct agagcataca ggaggcagct actattttca tttcagcacg ttttgtgact       720
     ttgggtctga tttgagattt aggcttagct agaaaggcag atatttctaa ttctagaaga       780
     gattggtttt tattctgaac gggcttagtc ccttagctga cttctggttt ttcacccttg       840
     ctgttactgc aaggtcccct tagttcctca ggctgtggga ataacagaga tgaggaggat       900
     aacttccagc tcctatttta gccacaaatc ttggtgttac taatgacata attcttgtct       960
     aggccttgct aaatctgaga ttgacaattc tcctttagga gctgcacaat actcagaatt      1020
     gtgcatactg gttcataatc atacgaatac agtatgggta tcgcttggtg cagaaattta      1080
     ctgcagggga aggtccagct tgaccatttc tgagttccat ttctgtgata tacccggttt      1140
     ggatggaggt tggtatctat ttccagttac aaccaaaaat atctctctaa ggctctgcct      1200
     cccctcccca aaagatacca agagccacag gtgtgggtcg tgacagcacc cagaggagaa      1260
     atcgggtcaa ttttctaccc aaaccaaggt taaaatccca ctcatctacg gatgagaaaa      1320
     tcatttgatc atctcagtta agtatggcct tatttaactt aattaatagg ggagggagag      1380
     aggttggaga ccatacgaag ggcaagccct tcatagcctc ccaccctaaa aaagccaatt      1440
     ggccttctac tacggagccg gtcatacccc tcctccctgt tccccgctgg tcatccaata      1500
     atgcggagga atatcaactc agtgttattc ttaataaagt gcatttcaaa tgtgtacagt      1560
     caaacgccag ggttccaacg ccctacttaa aattcaacta ggaagttacc tattcagtac      1620
     taattagcat tataaagtca gagcctacag cccagggcta ttctggtagt tgtttactag      1680
     gacagaaaga acagtcttat ccagacacgg tttaccataa gaaaagttag gaaatcccac      1740
     ggagacaagt tttttcttta gccctaagaa ttcaggcaga actatcgagc atagataaag      1800
     tttatgcctc aggccagcct tttctttttt tattttattt tattttttta ttaacaactg      1860
     ggaggagatg tagtctcccc tcccccagcc tgaaacctgc ttgctcaggg gtggagcttg      1920
     ccgctcaatt gttctgccac acccactgct ggagcctgcc actttcctgt tccgaagcca      1980
     tcacatggtc accctgctac tggactccaa gattatttgg cgggaatcgg gcccccttcc      2040
     cctgtttcat aactgtgtgc agaatagtaa aattgagctt tgatcagaat gactgtctta      2100
     gctgcatctt tttctcgccc acctagccct tcttctcttc caggtttcca aaatgccttt      2160
     ccaggctaga acccaggcct atgatctgct ggccggacac aacaccagct cagacattct      2220
     tcatatgtgg aacatttaaa atttctctga cagctatttt gaaatattca ggtattttgc      2280
     aaccataaat tcctggctaa gctattgagc attcttccca agtgcacccc tgtggctctt      2340
     ccatctcttg tatcttttct actacactct aatatccaga attttatacc tttgaggtag      2400
     gttatagttt gcaagcatga tgggaacgcg ctgggttttg ttctgtatct gtcacatttt      2460
     acttatgtct tctgacattg ctgaggtgac agaattaaaa agttcaatgt attttcaggt      2520
     attttgagga ataaactaaa tgttgtcttc attagggttt ctattgctgt gaagagacac      2580
     catgaccaca acagctcttg taaaggaaaa cacttaattg ggtctggctt acagttagga      2640
     agtttagtct attatcatcg tggtgggaag agtggcagag tgcaggcaaa taggagctga      2700
     gagttctgca ttttgatctg caggcaacag gaagaggcta tgtgccacat tgtgcataac      2760
     tagaacataa gagaccttaa aacccacccc aatgacacat ttctcccacc ccccaacaag      2820
     gccaaactta atccaacaag gtcaatgctc ctaatagtgc cactttttta tgggccaatc      2880
     attcacacac atgagtctgt gggggccaga cctattctaa acaccatgaa tgtgtttcct      2940
     gcaggagaga gcaaaggtga atcaagcagc tcccactgaa aactctgagc cctaagccag      3000
     tgtttgtctt tatgccacag gaggatgcac agaagcattt cctcattggg atatgttgag      3060
     tgatagtgtt agacctgtga gggaatgttt ccagcccttt atccttatat gagacctgct      3120
     tcgcttcttc tctttactgt ggctgtgggc taaagcctcc tgcagctcag catatggctg      3180
     caggctctaa catgactacc atttcagact attgtatcat taaacttccc tcaagctgta      3240
     tccatgtcac tgttgtttat atatgccaca ttcttttcct ggttcctctg tgatggctcc      3300
     ctccttgctt atgtatcctg ggctttatga gcggtgccac agtgatgagg gcagtacagc      3360
     tttctctgca aaatgtttct ttaaaataaa tcaataagtg gacacctact caacagtagg      3420
     agagtaatac tagggagaat ttgttatatt tagttatatt tagttttgtc tgtatgaagc      3480
     aggtctcctg tatgccacac ttattttaga tttcttatat agcacagttt gaatttctga      3540
     tctaggaacc tgagcatgtg aaaccactac tggttaactc agttctttgg tattgaaatc      3600
     agggattctt gaaaactaga caagtgtcct gccacctgag ctacatctcc agtccctgaa      3660
     tctattttct aaaggaaaca ccaagataca tttctatttt tgccaatttg taattcaatc      3720
     atcagtttct gaagcttcca gctgatctca tgttttactg aggactcagg acgtcctctt      3780
     cactggggac ttcacattat ccttgcctgt gtccactttt gcagtcatcc taatacccat      3840
     atgctgggtc acagttgaga actcctggaa aagctatggc tgattctttg taaggtcact      3900
     caccttattc atgatgtcct aagtgacatt taacttctta ccaacttcat cttttgtctc      3960
     ctgttctcat ctgctaatta aaattttaaa aagtaattat gttgtataat ttactgtgta      4020
     ctagtgccac ttgagagtaa tattccagag aatggagaac atgagtttaa aactaacaaa      4080
     tttgaatgcg cccaccacag tccagttcaa aactggtctt gtcgtttgtc ttcaggggac      4140
     ttaacttaga attttgtcac tgtttctgta tgatttccaa tttatagggc actgcacaac      4200
     caaacctgag ctgaacttca agttagagca tggatttggg ccttagagta aagcagaagc      4260
     ctccttctgg aactttccag gtttgtgaaa gtacactggg caaaggaggc caggcaggca      4320
     gacaagagtt tgctgggtcc tagtcctgat gtgctgcttt cctgttaatg cagactcagt      4380
     cctgaagaca gctgagcatg tgagtcagac acaagcctga tggggttctc cctttcaagc      4440
     catcttgctg ttttcattga agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatctata ggaaccaaaa      4500
     gatgacatct gattccctta atttgaatta catgtggtta tgagccactt tatgtgggta      4560
     ctgggaactg aactgaactg aactgaactg aactgaactg aactgaactg taaaatagca      4620
     gtatgcactc ttgactgctg agctatctct ccagccccaa catagctacc tagtcttatc      4680
     agctccccct ggggtcctct tctctcagct ttctggacct agaatcacag gtgtttcatc      4740
     tagccccctt gggttatggg aagctgtact ccagttctca tgcatgtatg gccagcactt      4800
     aattatgcca ctgagctatt tccccagcca gaattatatg aatttattta acaatgactt      4860
     gtcagacatg gtatttcaca cctataatcc aagcacttgg aagacagaag cagctgattc      4920
     tccatgaatt caaagccagc ctggtctaca tagtgagtta caggacagtc agtactccat      4980
     agagagaccc tgtctcaaaa aaaactaaca aaagattaaa ttgtcctagc aaatattgcc      5040
     atgacattta catgaggata ctaaggcact atatatttaa attagtaaag aatatggtta      5100
     ctcatggata gtgatatttt ttatattatt ttaggtgttt tatatatagt acctgtccca      5160
     gttgagacca tccaggcaaa tgaagagaga cactggtatg aagtgaaaac catcagcagt      5220
     gatacataaa gagaagtaag caaaactctt aatgtggact cagactactt gtgatctgaa      5280
     caagaagagt ggaactgttc aggaaggttt ccttggaact tagctcctgt caaaatacac      5340
     tgttcctcca tcctgagccc tataccatgc aggctggaga agcacctgat aatggaactg      5400
     agaaactcct cccatattct aagcatcttc atccccacaa gaaagtaaaa taacatcatg      5460
     gtatattcaa tatatttctc aggaatgtct ctctgtgcaa aggtaatatt caataaaaga      5520
     acttcagatt caagacacct ctagttattt caggaaaatt ttcaaatcct tagcacttat      5580
     tgctcaagac atggttcatt taaagacaaa atccattagg tgaaaaatca gcaaataata      5640
     aactacacag gtgagaactt ctataaatat actgttcaag agtcttcatg ggggaaaaaa      5700
     aatcacatct cacaaaacat taagaagcta tgctatgtag taataatttt tatatataag      5760
     tcccagaagc acgttcctgc taccaatgta tacattccca aatgaaagac acacgcacag      5820
     cctctatatt ttgatatgcc ttaaacatgc agcaactgct ggaccacttt ctaacctcca      5880
     catggttaat ctacctcccc tcaataatcc caagttatta cttactaatt ctatattcaa      5940
     attagtactt actaattcta tattcaaatt agtacttact aattctatat tctatttggc      6000
     tgccctggat ccagagggct gctcaactgg gctgcactcg cccagctcct tcacatgcaa      6060
     ctatgactcc cttttctcca ctattctcag gccatctctc ctcttctcct gccagcatgg      6120
     agtatctcct ccaaagtccc acctctgtct gccctgctga accattggct gctggcatct      6180
     tatttaccaa tcagaatcaa ctagaggcag ggtccttcag tgcagacact catgtaagca      6240
     gtttggagaa ccaaaattaa tattataata caagcagaat taggccaaac ccactaaatg      6300
     ctaggacaat gtgtacagtg aataaaacaa gctcttcatt cttctttctt aaggcacagc      6360
     tcaaggttca acagaagatc cagcaagggg aaaaccctat tcctgtgtgg aagcatactg      6420
     ccaatggcca cagcatgaaa ggaatcatac atgcagggaa aagtgtgggt gtggtgagtg      6480
     ctgtgacatt ttccatgata agtcaacact cactgaacac cagaggacac aaactagaga      6540
     gatgacctat gaatgcaaag aatgcaggaa aggtttctac ttcaagtcac aactcttggg      6600
     acaccagaga actcatacag gagagaagcc ctatgaatgt gaggaatgta agaaagcctt      6660
     ctgccataag tggctcctaa ctttacatca gagaacttgt accagtgaga agccttttaa      6720
     atgtgaggga cacaagaaag ctttctttta caggtcacac ctcattcgac atcagagaac      6780
     atgtactggt gagaagtcct attgatacaa tgaatgcaag aaagcctttt tggcagaaat      6840
     caaaccttat acaccaaaga cctcatgcta gcaagaagcc ctatgaatgt gaagagtaca      6900
     agaatgtttt ctatagtgag tcaagcctca ctttacagca gagaactcac acaagggaga      6960
     agccctatca gtgcagagaa tgctggaaag ctttctacag caagtcaaaa ctccttcaac      7020
     accagcaaca catacaagtg agaatcctta ttatgtaaac aatacagaaa aggttctcta      7080
     cagaagctgt ttctctcttg aaattagatt tcattcaaag gggaaaaccc aagagtgtga      7140
     gtgatacagg gagcattgtc acttaagtca gtctgcatga cacctcactg aacccagaaa      7200
     gtgagctcta ggaacgcaaa tgaatgaagc atttcttctc tatctccagc ctctctccat      7260
     gaccaactca agagaaatcc tgggtaatgc atgaaccctt gctatagaat gtcagtcctc      7320
     acttgacatc agagaaagca tgctgatgag accaatgaat gcaaacaatg tttgaaaatg      7380
     ttcttctaaa aaaaaaaaaa gacaaaaaag ggttggggat ttaactcagt ggtagagcac      7440
     ttgcctagca agcacaaggc cctgggttca gtcctcagct ctggaaaaaa agaaaagaaa      7500
     aaaaaaaaaa agaaaatgtt cttctaccag tcaggtctca agccagctct aggaaaacac      7560
     agagatgcaa cataccagga ctgtacaaat gacagaaggg tttctacgca agtggcctct      7620
     ttctgcataa gcgactcata tatgtgaagt aacatttgtg tttaaagaaa gtctgtataa      7680
     ttagtgaagc ctcagttgac ttcaagatac acaaggaggt tggtaaccct atgaatttag      7740
     tgactccagg aaggtttcta acatgaaaca atgtcagtca ttcaaaactc atagagatac      7800
     gggattcact agatgaaaaa aaaaatgtaa gggctgtaag aagcttggag tgtttgtatc      7860
     aatattctct gaacatgagc atttccattt tggaaggagg cttgttggta ctcaggaaat      7920
     aaaatcacaa gtctcaggaa atccctgact aacaagattc acacagtccc tttctcccca      7980
     gagtgatata agcagtacca aacactaagg caaggaagct gattcgttga gatgtctgga      8040
     ggacaatctg atctgatgag ctgactacag gttacttaga gaaatctgga gctatagctt      8100
     acatgagatg tccccatact agtgtgggtt tcctggtggc acatttgcca ttgggttgtc      8160
     catgctcatt catataagtc actcactatt caggcttcta tgtgtcattt atcccagtaa      8220
     tttcatttgc tcctcaagtt ggactttggt ctattgttgg tgctctacct agggtgaata      8280
     gatgtttgtc ttctgtcttc ccaggaaaag tcacaaacag tacctgaaga tgagcctgct      8340
     tatacataaa actgaaatgc atcagaatct gtctagtgtg gagagggtgt cagcccccta      8400
     cacatcccat ccattgacag agatgtgttg atatctacat gccacgctaa tctctccaaa      8460
     tgttttacaa catggagatc caataaagcc ttttctaaat atctctatat acttgtggtt      8520
     gtctcaggta gagagaactg tgttggtggc agaaagaaga gacaactcag caattagaat      8580
     gtgccagaag agttagtgag cagccaggag aagtgaagac tccgagattt ctgaagacag      8640
     gaatgtagga gagagggtat gacctgacaa aatgttggga aacaaaaagc tgttgaggta      8700
     agtctgttgc tatgtgttgt aatgttaaat actggccctg cttaccccca ggtgaagtgc      8760
     aagtggacta tgccaccaga cagaagcact ggtaaggctg agtgagccaa accctgtgaa      8820
     tctcaggatt gagaacagta ggagtggggc cactccctgc ctcactctac ctgctctgga      8880
     acagtaacca caacacccca ctgagaggac cacggcagtc agtcgtgcag cataaaatcc      8940
     tggagttctc cgtgctaatg aggtatctag ataggctctg agtgttctgc caatgagctt      9000
     ccattcttgg gcattccttc tagcaaaagg tatttaatcc ctggtttacc ctgagtaagg      9060
     gcatacacat tcacattcac catctaataa agcactttga acgagcaaga tctgtctctt      9120
     gcttaaggat caccgaaatc tttgggagaa ggccttctct cttccagccc ctccttaccc      9180
     ttggcactca ctcaagaccg aactgggttc tgtccctgtc ctgggttctg cctccccttc      9240
     ctgccaggca tgtgaataac ctgaggcccc tgttcctacc tctcagtggc atgccagcag      9300
     tgcccggtac acaggagact gggaaccaca gcagttgtcc cagactccac tgtttcccat      9360
     ctgagaaaac aggcactgag aacccccatt acagatcggg gattgtgttc tgagtgacat      9420
     catgtagctg ggcagaagaa aaacaggtga agtttcagtt cctgggtttt gggtgtgtgg      9480
     caggaccatg agggaggaaa ggaaggagga agagggagga gaagatgaca tgggataggt      9540
     gagtcatgaa aacatggcca ggagggctgg ccaattagag ttaagataag cccagatgga      9600
     acatagcatt ctaacgtggg gttattgata gggaaataga catattagct tagagattag      9660
     acatctgcca agctctagta cttcaaaggc ttatcataaa cataaaagtt ttgtgtcttt      9720
     tcatcttggg accaaataat cgaacaatgt agaaactccc gattgagatt caatgtttaa      9780
     tacagaagaa aagttctacg tatttgaggt tgtagtcaag gtacaagcca ctgccattgc      9840
     tactgcagga acagactccc aaaacctcca gatcttactg actacactct acgatgaccc      9900
     caatacaatg gtagggtgtc aagggcagcc atctattttt caatactgaa tattgtaaca      9960
     ttacttgcta attattgatc aatgtcatta aaagccatga gctacagtgt ctgaccttca     10020
     aatcattcaa tatgagcatt taggagctga ggagtgactc agtggctgaa aagacaatag     10080
     gcgagctgtc ttgtgcagtg ttttacaacc tcttttccag agaattccag tgagaacagc     10140
     caatagggat ggcttctctc acctggtact taaccatgac tggaagcagt ttggggagaa     10200
     ttgagttaaa ctcatcttac atttgtagat aacagcgcat tattgaggga agtcaaggca     10260
     ggaacctgga agcagggact gatgcagaag ccatggagaa acactgctta gaggcccgct     10320
     ccctgtaagc ctttcagcct gctttcttat tgaagaaaca tggtcccatg ggtggtactc     10380
     cccacagtac cctcttacac caatcatcag tcaagaaaat gtcccacaga cttgcctaca     10440
     ggtcatacgg atgaagagtt ttctcagttg atgttctttt tctcagattg caccaatttt     10500
     acaagtaaag atgatgatga cacagtcaaa acaattaacc cctcagtcag cttgacacac     10560
     ttggcatcag ctttcaccct tctgttacat tcagccccaa gatctcatgt taatattaat     10620
     atcacaatat aaaagaaata acatgaaatg tcccacagtc tttaaaaatg caaacacttt     10680
     aaacattctg actccttaaa atatctaaag tctcagctga atgtaattcc agaacttaag     10740
     tcccagcact cagaggtgga ggcaggtgga tcactgaact caagaccaga atggtctaaa     10800
     agtaagttcc aggacagtca gagctacata ataagaccct atctcaaaaa aaagaaacaa     10860
     tccaatgtct ctttcagagt tcaaagtctc tactgtggct cctgtaaaac caaaaatttc     10920
     ttactccaat agggaagatc cagggcccaa tcacaataaa aaccaaaacc aaatggaagt     10980
     ccatcagaag tctagtcagc ctcaaataca agaaccacac tgacatgagg gatactagaa     11040
     accactgaca atcacagctg tcaacagtga ttgttctgag caggacagag ttttggtctt     11100
     gctcactttc ctgctgagag aggagggtct actcctagca aggcccacag gagaatttca     11160
     gtgggagtgg ctaaagtttc aaaaattcgg tcaccgcgtg tcaaccactg gcaaatacag     11220
     aaacagttct gctaccttct ctgtagtcag tatgaacagg aagctgaatt ctatgaagct     11280
     gtcaaatcat gagtactgtc ctttctctca cccaatgcgt gaggcagaaa tgtgtctcat     11340
     gggccaaatg aaagcaatcc ataacatttc tctgaggtga aggagaatag tgtccatcag     11400
     atcgacctcc tacccatcca tggcaaaatc cttctgtgca tattgggcac acaaacccag     11460
     tgccactggg gtgagtgagc ccaagcccag gaccagagga gacacggcaa gtggtcacat     11520
     ttctagtagc agctaacaca gtcatgactt catggcagag tgtgcagctg tgggatgtgc     11580
     cacatagact caaagcacca gtaaagaaaa gacagccatg tgagagccag ggcaggtgca     11640
     atgctcagcc cttgaatgga agaaaggcgc tgtcttcttc tggcctcaaa ggacctgagc     11700
     aactccattt ctctggctct ggccccacag ccctcaacag ctcttctagg cttgggctcg     11760
     ctctactcca tagctgccac tgtccttagt gattgtccta tagtactggg gtctccactg     11820
     cacctaggct acatctgtac agtggcctct cttgagccac ctttgagggc actgaccctt     11880
     ccatatggta ctaagcctca acctctcaaa acccttcagt cctgtgactt ctgccacaac     11940
     tgaggctgca tctgtacaat ggcctttcct gtcccctcac agtgccaagc ctcagttgct     12000
     ctcatgaccc ctacatgtct ttaaaacaag tacacctcct gggaaacttg caggttgaca     12060
     aatttggagg actccacaag gtatagcctt tgcccctcta gaccacagct tctgtgtact     12120
     gaccctgagg aaacatgttc caggacattt tgcttcagcg atgctggtct cttcctcacc     12180
     acagctgatt ctccagcccc agctaacaag tatttactgg cccagcagag caaatatgtt     12240
     attttagggc agtgtttctc tctttttttt tttaaagatt tatttattta tttattatat     12300
     gtaagtactc tgtagctgtc ttcagacaca ccagaagagg gcgtcagatc tcgttacgga     12360
     tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga tttgaactcc agacctttgg aagagcagtc     12420
     gggtgctctt acccactgag ccatctcacc agccctgggc agtgtttctc aatctgaggg     12480
     ttacaacccc tttgggggtt gcattatcag ataccctgca tatcagatat ttacattatg     12540
     taaatgtgta tgtaacagtg tatgtatttt cagtgtatgt aacagtggca aaattgcagt     12600
     tatgaagtaa caatgaaata attttatggt tgggctcacc acattaaagg gtcacagcat     12660
     taggcatgtt aagaaccatt gctttgagac aaagtttgga gctgagacaa aaggatggac     12720
     catcaagaga ctgccatatc cagggatcca tcccataatt agcctccaaa cgatgacacc     12780
     attgcataca ctagcaagca tttggtgcaa ggaccgtgat atagccgtct cttgtgagac     12840
     taggccaggg cctaacaaac aaagaagtgg atgctcacag tcaactattg gatggatcac     12900
     agggccccca atggaagagc tagagaaaat acccaaggag ctgaggggat ctgatatcct     12960
     ataggcggaa caacattatg aactaaccag taccctggag ctcttgactc tagctgcata     13020
     tgtatcaaaa gatggcctcg tcggccatca ctggaaagag atgcccattg gacaggcaaa     13080
     ctttatatgc cccagtacag gggaacgcca gggccaaaaa aaatggaaat gggtgggtag     13140
     gggagtggtg gggagggtgt gggagacttt tgggatagca ttggaaatgt aattgaggaa     13200
     aatacgtaat taaaaaaaaa aagaaaagaa aaagaaaata aataaataaa taaataaata     13260
     aagcactctg atatgaccct aaaaaaaaat aataaaaata aaatcccttt tgtgaccctt     13320
     aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaccat tgctttgggg attttggtct tgttaatctc agccagtcct     13380
     tcagctctag atgaccagaa aaaaccccag agtccttagt gaaaacagca cataaggagc     13440
     tctgtagagt cactgcttcc ctgtgagatg ccacagacct ggcctccatt gtctgtactg     13500
     ctctctacaa cagctagcta agctatgaac acacaatggc tttttctttt tttttttcaa     13560
     agatttattt tatgtatata agtaagtgta ctcatggttg tgagccatga tgtggttgct     13620
     gggaatgaag gttgctcact ccggtcagtc ttgcttgctc acttgctctg gccaaagatt     13680
     gatttattat tatacataag tacactgtag cagtcttcag acacaccaga agagggcatc     13740
     agatctcatt acggatggtt gtgatccacc gtgtggttgc tgggatttga actcaggatc     13800
     gttggatgag cagtcagtgc ttttgttttt gtttttgttt tttggggttt tttttttttt     13860
     gttttggttt ttggtttttt ggttttcgag acagggtttc tctgtatagc cctggctgtc     13920
     ctggaactca ctttgtagat caggctggcc tcagactcag aaatctgcct gtctcatgag     13980
     ccaccacgcc cggctccagt cagtgctcta aactgctgag ccatctctcc agtttggctt     14040
     tttcataata aagttgctga aagaaaataa aacttgagac ctgtgattca tgtaatttat     14100
     gtcaaatagc ccaaagagtt gtttgtgagc tttgaaacct ggggctgaga acatagcaga     14160
     acaggccagg atatgcccca gcaggcccgt ccttaaaaca ttcctgaagc tgcttggcca     14220
     taaagataaa gacatacaag aatgttggga ctggcccagt gcctccctat ctcccgccct     14280
     tctgacctaa gttaaatgtt aaccagatgc tctgctgtta cctcgatctg catgtacagt     14340
     ctgctgatgt ttaaatgaac caatcatgtg aaaccatgcc aattcctccc ccagccccag     14400
     acccttttct aataaaaacc cctagctttc aagcctcgtg gtcgaatcca ctgtctcctg     14460
     cgtgagatac atttcgaccc ggagttccac cattaaacta cctcgtgtat ttacatcaag     14520
     acggtctgtt cgtgattctt gggtgcacac cgaatcagga gttgagtggg ggttttcccg     14580
     ctaggttctt tcattccaaa ctccttacat ggccctcccc caaacagtac tgtcaagtct     14640
     gtcacagcag taatccccca cacacctgat accaatttct gtcttagggc atctattgct     14700
     atgataaatg ccaagaacaa aaccaccttg cagaggaaag gatttattta acattatatt     14760
     tcctggtaat agtccatcat tgagggaagt caaagtggaa accaaggcag agactggagc     14820
     agaagccaca gaggaacctt gcatacaggc tggctctcca tgactattca gcctgctttc     14880
     ttaacagctc agaaccacca ctcacagtgg actgggctct cctataccaa ttttgtctcc     14940
     aggccaatca gttagaggta ttgtctcaac tgaggcttct ctttatcaag acccactatt     15000
     gactagagct gaggaattgg agatgaattt gagattcaat agaacctggg gaccccaggt     15060
     gatagtgctc catagcccat tactatgctg ctctaaagct tttaatccaa gatgtctcaa     15120
     ggttcaaagc agggatgggg aagcatcgat aaacacacac agttctcatt actctcacca     15180
     gatgtgctca caagtgtcat ggccaataag tggagttctg accaagccag ttcagtcagc     15240
     caacaggttc tccaatgcag gaatgaggat taaaagaaag agacaattag acagcattgt     15300
     ggcatgacct catgactggc tagttctgag gctgaagcag gtttattttt ttcccaatct     15360
     atttttatac cattttaatt acatgcaaat aataaggtca gttctaggtt aaggaacaag     15420
     caagacaaaa acacagtcaa ggaacaagca aggcaataaa cagagtccca tgatcactcc     15480
     tgtgatcact gtttctaagg gcttatcagg atgaccaaga tatctgaccc ttcttccctg     15540
     tcctagccca aagtcagatt cttgcctgaa gcctacttct ttgctccacc ctaaaattag     15600
     attcctgact gagcttactt ccttgtcatg gcctaatgtc aaattcctgc ctaaagccca     15660
     tttccttgtc cttggccaat gtcagattcc tgctaagtga ccccaaaagc tctccacaga     15720
     gtccatgagg cactgaaata tgcaggttaa ttttctatgt gaaagagaaa attatgtgtt     15780
     ttcctaagat acttaggaaa tcccatgctc aaataagaga ttctactttt agtggccatc     15840
     tcttgaatgg atgaagagag agacctattg taggaactct ggaaatgtta tcgtatgtaa     15900
     ggacttgggc atgagctcat atctagcttt tgagacatat tccattgtgg tggaggcatg     15960
     ctgagcagct gaaccaagcc agtggtgtca tatgtctctc tccaatactg actagatgcg     16020
     gatgtgcact tagagagatg ggaattggat ttagaagtga tgctgtcggg cagtgatgaa     16080
     aagatgtctt agcagttttg agcatgtact gttcttgtag aggaccatta cacacattac     16140
     agttcccagc acacaccgga cagctcacaa ctgcatataa tgcaagctac aaaggatttg     16200
     atgttctgtc ttcctgtcct tctggcatta cactcacatg cacaagtcca aataattaaa     16260
     aataagtttt ttttcttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ggtttttcga gacaggattt     16320
     ctctgtatag tcttggctgt cctgggactc actttgtaga ccaagctggc ctcgaactca     16380
     gaaatccacc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgcgcc accccccaac     16440
     ccctgcaagg ctaacatttc taataacttc tctctgaggc tggatcaaga aacagtctct     16500
     tcatgacact aagccctgaa atgaaagaat ccagcaggtt ttaaacaaac cctgaccagc     16560
     ttgccccagt cacagggatc agttgctctg tctcagcaat ccctttacaa tcccatcata     16620
     catgaagatg tcagtctgta agagcaagtg gcttgtttaa aacccctaag gaaataagtt     16680
     tatactctgc atacattccc ctcctaggaa aattaccatc atctctgggt taagatgggt     16740
     tagaaataca ttgaggctac aaagaagcac cattaggtat gcttcaagat ctctgacctt     16800
     tgagctaacc aaatccccag gggcagtgaa gaagtactaa ctcataggga tgtggaggaa     16860
     tctctctctt catcttctga atcatcaata gagctggaag actgggatca aggggaacca     16920
     aaggcttagg gcttttttac atcttatttc cttctgaaag acctatttat cctgtgggtc     16980
     tccttggacc agtagaacag gagccatttg aaatgaccaa atactaaggt gagaaagacc     17040
     agacgtataa cagaatcacc tctacctgcg gatgagcctg tttaagaggg cacagatatc     17100
     tttccattgc ttccttggca aagctcctgt gctgggagcc agtaacagta tttgtctata     17160
     ttctacagat catagaaatc ttgcttttat actttctcca atatgcgcat attgcctgcc     17220
     ccttgacttt gggtttgact caaagctgtc cttcgcatgc ttcataatta attttatttt     17280
     acttccttgt tacattatca aaagaatcct ttttttttaa agttcccatt ttttagtttc     17340
     atcccttgaa caaaaactca aactcttaaa ctactacaac tacaatttgg ttagttgccc     17400
     taccatgaat ttttatttta aaaattatta agaatttgaa tacaaaataa gatctaaacc     17460
     tataagaata atataaccag ggctggagag atggctcagt gattaagagg gttcaattct     17520
     ggtgcccaca tggcagctca caattgtctg taactccagt tccaggggat ccaacactgg     17580
     catacagaca tgaaacatta gagcacatga aataaaaaag aataatacat cttacttata     17640
     agagctacat tttcaaaact taagttcaag ttatatgcaa acgagttaaa attctggagc     17700
     tgaggtatgt catgagcagt actcataggt tagaataaca gtgcttcata aagcatcatt     17760
     gaatgcctcc ttcatgtttg acgtcattgg gtgtattaga gaattttaag ctgtaataga     17820
     gccgcaggat ttgctcaata cacagagact cacctagcat gcaaagtctt gggtctgatt     17880
     ccccatggca acatacaaca ggcaggggtg ggggtggggg tggggcacat ctataaccca     17940
     gaggttgaag cagaaggatc cagagaccac tgttattcta atcctcttct cagccaccct     18000
     ggaaatgatg tcagcaaaca caaaactaaa ggtatatgtt tgctctacta gcttgtttgt     18060
     tttgtttgag acagggtctc actacatagc cctggctgta ctggaattca ctctgtagac     18120
     caggtgggcc tcgaactcac agagatcagc atgcctctgc ctccccagtg ctgggaataa     18180
     aggtgtgagc cactatgact cattcttctg ggtttttatt ttggtggcag gggaggagga     18240
     tatccttaaa tttcttttaa aaagaatttt catgtgcatg aattctttgc ctgcatgtat     18300
     gtctgtgcac catgtgcctg gtgcctggtg cctggtgcct tctggggcca gaagggtgac     18360
     gatgagcatt gtgtttagag gataacttac tgtgccaggc tcataaaaac aaatttgttt     18420
     gtagctagta taaaccatga ggaagttgcc cctaccttga atataccctg tcagctaact     18480
     tgcctaagaa ggacaacttc cctttgcggt tgggctagtc ttaaaaactg ctgattgtcg     18540
     ctactccaga tactcctaca aagtcatggg tcccaagatg aagcaggcta actgctaact     18600
     tccacttttg tatgaaatgc ttgcttgctt ggatggctga gggacctgct ggctgtctct     18660
     tacaaaatca aaccttgccc gcatccagac aggatatgag tcaatttggc tcattttgtg     18720
     aggtccgcct ttatagccct taccctatca atagctgagg ccttccctaa caaactctct     18780
     ccagtttggt cctggctatt ctcttttaat gaaaagcctc tactttacta aaatcagaac     18840
     ttgagtctca ctctgaacct cagacccaca acaagaggac gttggaccct cagggagtgc     18900
     agttacagac aactgtgagc tgccatgtgg gtgctgagaa ttgaaccgaa gtcatctaga     18960
     agagcaggca atgccttcaa ccactgagcc atctctacag ccacttgtcc ttacatttcc     19020
     atcatgaaag gacgggcgat agggttttgt catttgtgtt ctgcatccca gaaccgtata     19080
     gtgaagaata aaaattttta ctgaactctt cttcacccca aaactcctca ccctaaagtt     19140
     cgaaccctcc caactaaaaa ctgttccaag aacatttttg agataaaggt ctcctggacg     19200
     tagattcctt tggcagaact ccctagtgat gtaaacttgt actttccttg cccagttctc     19260
     ccccctttga gttttactat ataagcctgt gaaaaatttt ggctggtcgt cgagactcct     19320
     ctaccctgtg caaaggtgta tgagtttcga ccccagagct ctgtgtgctt tcatgttgct     19380
     gctttatttc gaccccagag ctctggtctg tgtgctttca tgttgctact ttattaaatc     19440
     ttaccttcta cattttatgt atggtctcag tgtcttcttg ggtacgcggc tgtcccggga     19500
     cttaagtgtc tgagtaaggg tctcccttcg ggggtctttc atttggtgca ttggccggga     19560
     attcgagaat ctttcatttg gtgcattggc cgggaaacag cgcgaccacc cagaggtcct     19620
     agacccactt agaggtaaga ttctttgttc tgctttggtc tgatgtctgt gttctgtttc     19680
     taagtctggt gcgatcgcag tttcagtttt gcggacgctc agtgagaccg cgctccgaga     19740
     gggagcacgg ggtggataag gatagacgtg tccaggtgtc caccgtccgt tcaccctggg     19800
     agacgttcca ggaggaacag gggaggatca gggacgcctg gtggacccct ttgaaggcca     19860
     agagaccatt tggtgctgcg agatcgtggg ttcgagtccc acctcgtgcc cagttgcgag     19920
     atcgtgggtt cgagtcccac ctcgtgtttt gttgcgagat cgtgggttcg agtcccacct     19980
     cgcgtttgtt gcgagaccgt gggttcaagt cccacctcgc gtttggtcac gggatcgtgg     20040
     gttcgagtcc cacctcgtgc agagggtctc aattggccgg ccttagagag gccatctgat     20100
     tcttctggtt tcttttttgt cttagtctcg tgtccgctct tgttgtgact actgtttttc     20160
     tagaaatggg acaatctgtg tccactcccc tttctctgac tctggagcat tggaaggagg     20220
     tgcgggtcaa gcccactacc agtcggtgga ggtcagaaag ggtccgtggc agacctattg     20280
     cgcctccgag tggccaacgt ttggagtggg ctggccacct gagggtgctt ttgacttgtc     20340
     actaatcgcg ccgtcaggca aattgttttt caggaggaag ggagtcgatg tgaaatccga     20400
     ccccgtcagg cttctttttc tctgttgcta tcttgttttt gtttgtggtt tttgtcatga     20460
     gacacagaca ctgtacgtcg gagataaagt gggatccctc cctgtctgta tgtctgtgtg     20520
     tctgtgtgtc ttgttcactt gtgtgtcctc cattggacca ccttctgatt ctgttttgtt     20580
     tttggtttgt ctggtttcag gtctggtctt ggtcccaagg agttgactga ttatcttggt     20640
     ttggttttag gccggtctca ggttctgggg ccttcccatg gagacaggtc catttgggtt     20700
     ggtcatagtg acagtaagct tctctggaaa tcgcatgtaa gatgccctgt attggtcttg     20760
     cttgtgtttg tcatttctgt ggtactgtga ttctatagtg gttgcctgaa aaacggtttc     20820
     tgtgtgtgtc ttttgtgtct ctttgtgttc agacttggac tgatgactga cgactgtttt     20880
     taagttatgc cttctgaaat aagcctaaga atcctgtcag atccctatgc tgaccacttc     20940
     ctttcagatc ctcagcttcc ctgcctccca ctccaactcc agagagcagc cagcgggtca     21000
     cagtggtccc gcccatggac ctggagccta gggaaaaatg agctcggaaa tccggagcaa     21060
     atgaggagtg gtccctgaga agtcagtggc ctggatgttg tggctgctga aataaaaaga     21120
     agaggaggct gttcgagtag ccggccaaga gcgctgcagg ttcccaggcg gcttctcatt     21180
     cccctgtccc ttgcatcccg tctcttgtta acagaaaaac tgctttcact ttaagataag     21240
     tgccggttgc agccagctgt gagagctgca ctccagtctc tgctctaaag ttccctcatc     21300
     tcagaaggtg gcaccaccct gagctgctgg cagtgagtct gttccaagtt ccagtgaggg     21360
     aggcatccgc ccacttgagg cttctgtcca aggtaaggag cacctgtgag tctaactgcc     21420
     aggctctgat gggggtctcg tctctgtggg actaaaaagt cccaacaatc tgaccaaggt     21480
     aataagagtc agacaagaaa aagagttaaa gaaacatgag gctgacaaag acagagacca     21540
     gagtcagaat cagagctgtg ctgtgagaaa gaaagataag aaaaataaaa tgctggtcac     21600
     aaaagtcagg aaaattagaa aacttagata gtacctggca acaaaagaaa gcttttggct     21660
     gaagatcaat gtgtttaaga gataacaaaa ggggtgctaa cacagaagct gagtccttag     21720
     aagagtccgg tggcctacct gttgaagcag ctagaaaaag agactgtgtt tcatactcct     21780
     ccaccgacca gtgcaaaaca agctaaaaag ttcctgggca ctgcgggctt ttgcagattg     21840
     tgaattccag ttttgctgag ttaaagagat aaacagccct tcgtatataa aaataaagaa     21900
     caatcttaca tggccttgga tgctagactg ccctaatgtt atccccagct atgggactcc     21960
     tagatgtgac tgagaacaaa ggtattgcca aaaaagttct tactcagaga ttgggaccct     22020
     gaaaaagacc tgtggcatac ttgtaaaaaa ttagacctgg tggctgtagg atggcttgtc     22080
     tgcacatagt ggcttctggt caaggacgca gataaattga ctctgagaca aaacttggca     22140
     catgtcctag aaagtgtggt tcagccccca tgaccgatgg ctgactaacg ctcttgaaag     22200
     cattatccaa ctgttcccct gacggatgga cacattgtca gagctttttg ttgactgaac     22260
     gagtgacctt cgctccccct gctgtcctca atctcactac tgcctgagac ttcacctact     22320
     catcattgtg ctgacattct ggcagaagga actcatactc gaaatgatct gaaggatcag     22380
     atcagccttg gcctgagagt ttgagctggt acacggatgg cagtagcctg gaggttgaag     22440
     gtaaacggaa ggcggggaca gcagtgcagt ggtggacaga aagcaagtga tctaggccag     22500
     cagcctccct aaagggactt cagccctgaa agctaaactt gtggctttaa tacaagctct     22560
     atatatacag acaaagagag ctgttgacat ctgcagagaa agacctaaga tgctgtggct     22620
     aaaaaaaaaa atcagatggc aaatctaacc gcccaggcat cctaaagaac aatgatcctg     22680
     acagtctgaa aactatcaag ttatagacaa attaagactg gtaaaagaaa ccctgtataa     22740
     aatagtagaa actgaagaaa aaaaactagt cctctcatga gaagacagac ctgacatcta     22800
     ctgaaaaata gacttcacta aaatatgtgt atgaatacct tctggttttt gtgaacgttc     22860
     tcaagatgga taaaagcttt ttcttataaa actgagactg ctcagatagt catcaagaag     22920
     attattaaaa tttttccaag gttcggagtg ccaaaagcaa tagtgtcaga taatggtcct     22980
     gcctttgttg cccaggtaag tcagggtgtg gccaagtatt tagaggtcaa ataaaaattg     23040
     tattatgtgt acagacctca gaactcagga cagatagaaa tactgaataa aactctaaac     23100
     agaccttgac aaaattaatc ctagagactg gcacagactt acttggtact ccttcccctt     23160
     gccctattta gaactgagaa tactccctct tgattcggtt ttactctttt taagatcctt     23220
     tatggggctc ctatgcccat cactgtctta aataatgtgt ttaaacctat gttgttataa     23280
     taatgatctg tatactaagt tataaggctt acaggtggtg cagaaagaag tctggtcaca     23340
     actggctaca gtgaacgagc tgggtacccc aaggacatct taccagttcc agccagagat     23400
     ctgatctacg tacacctgcg tcatgctgag accctcaagc ctcactaaaa gggtccctgc     23460
     ctagttctgt ttactaatct gccttattct gtttttgttc ccatgttaaa gatagagtaa     23520
     atgcagtatt ctccacatag agatatagac ttctgaaatt ctaagattag aattacttac     23580
     aagaagaagt ggggaatgaa gaataaaaat ttttactgaa ctcttcttca ccccaaaact     23640
     cctcacccta aagttcgaac cctcccaact aaaaactgtt ccaagaacat ttttgagata     23700
     aaggcctcct ggacgtagat tcctttggca gaactcccta gtgatgtaaa cttgtacttt     23760
     ccttgcccag ttctcccccc tttgagtttt actatataag cctgtgaaaa attttggctg     23820
     gtcgtcgaga ctcctctacc ctgtgcaaag gtgtatgagt ttcgacccca gagctctgtg     23880
     tgctttcatg ttgctgcttt atttcgaccc cagagctctg gtctgtgtgc tttcatgttg     23940
     ctactttatt aaatcttacc ttctacattt tatgtatggt ctcagtgtct tcttgggtac     24000
     gcggctgtcc cgggacttaa gtgtctgagt aagggtctcc cttcgggggt ctttcatttg     24060
     gtgcattggc cgggaattcg agaatctttc aatagcagag ctcacaaatt cagtttctga     24120
     aagttgataa gactgccctg ggacagaggt gaccaaactg catcagagaa cttagcaatc     24180
     actaatatct ccaaaacaca ggtatataca caggaatata cacatatgaa cactggacac     24240
     tgggctttgg gctctagaga gaaatggatc aaaagctgag ggaacttttt tgcgggaggg     24300
     tttcaagaca gggtttctct gtgtagctct ggctgtctgg aactctctgt agaccaggct     24360
     agcttcaaac tcacctgaga tccacctctc tctgcctcca gagtactggg attaaaggcc     24420
     tgtgtcacca ttcccgacaa gctcaaggat cttagagttc ctctctgacc acaggcaggg     24480
     aaccttaagc ctcatgtaag aagtgaatat tggccgggcg gtggtggcac acgcctttaa     24540
     tcccagcact cgggaggcag aggcaggtgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac     24600
     aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagagctatt cagagaaacc ctgtcacgaa aaaccaaaaa     24660
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa agtgaatatt     24720
     ggccacttgt tgtttttttc tggtgtaaga tagtcagagt tcacttttaa ttccaaataa     24780
     aacagattaa gtccagttca gcccagactt tactcacctt tacattaggg ctggtcagta     24840
     gcttccccag tctgtgtcag aaattataaa atgccctcaa atactcaaag gaatggatgg     24900
     atttgcaaac acatggtgtg caaaattgtg tgtgttttca aatttttcct acctcagcaa     24960
     tgactttatg tcattgtcct tcatatggtt gctataatct gtttcacctg ttctgatatt     25020
     ttctgtcact tataaaagtt taatgtagac ttggaatacc tgcaatacgg aagctacatg     25080
     tagagcatca cagggaggaa gtaacaacca gcgaggacaa ggaaccatcg aggacaagga     25140
     accagtgagg acaacactag aggcacaggt ggaggacaac gctggagggg aatgattgat     25200
     accttggtat gtgctgcact gtatggggac cgtacagaat agacatgctg cctgctgtct     25260
     gagatatcct ggatatcaaa ggataacagc ccactgggct gccgaaaacc ctgcctctgc     25320
     ctaatcttcc tgggcataca agctctttgc cagcatctca gctaatctcc ccaccttggt     25380
     caccatgaca accacaaagt tcttctcatc tatatggtat ttcttgatgg gaacattgtc     25440
     actcaagatc ttgccagcat agatgagttt ctgtccagcc acagggaaag catctctacc     25500
     cttctcagct tctatcttct ccttcagcac ctttacctag agtaaggagt acaggcatta     25560
     tcaactagtt aatttgtttt ctgtctgagg atgaaagcct ggcaacttga tttcaatcgc     25620
     ctgaacctaa ataaagataa aagagaaatc agccccacaa aattaccttc aacctacaca     25680
     caccatgaca tgcattttgt attcagtctc catttcctca taaggtgaaa ggttctcaaa     25740
     ctccacttct cagaagtaat tatccagagc tgacactgaa aaatgatact aataagccaa     25800
     aataaagtat ggttgaatta cttatgttct gttatctcaa cgttgtgaaa ttcccctgtt     25860
     caccacccat ccaccacccc tcgtacctca ctcaggacca atcaacttag aggatagctg     25920
     gtaacactgt ctaatacgcc aaaatgttgt attgctcctc tctttgcctt ttaaactttt     25980
     gaatctggtt tttcctatga aaagcctgct atcaggacag acaggtacca cagttaggca     26040
     ccatgtcctt tttgtggtcc tgaatgttca gtcttagggg tgtgttttca acaaactatt     26100
     cttgcttaac tgagatgggt gttcatatgg cttgtgtggt gactcccttt tttttttaaa     26160
     gatttgttta tttattacat gtaagtacac tgtagctgtc ttcagacact ctagaagaca     26220
     gagtgtcccc cggattgttg tgagccacca tgtagttgct gggatttgaa ctcaggacct     26280
     taggaagagc agtcagtgct cttaaccact gagccatctc ttcagcccat gtggtgactc     26340
     ctaaacccca acaacactgg tcagtttccc tttccatttg gtacttatta aaaagcaagt     26400
     caattttaat ttttgttcat gagttcagta actcacttac acttgcatat tgctatagaa     26460
     gtgatgggat ttcatggtca acattgcact taactatcca tatccaacca tccctcctag     26520
     aacgactctc tccaaagaga gagaaagggg attcattaaa atggcctata ggctgtggta     26580
     cagctaattc aacatgaatg gaaggtccag aactcagtag ttgtttctgt tgaagcctgc     26640
     ctcctagcat agctatagcc attttgttcc atgcctgcca gctgtgatat gcctgccagt     26700
     cgttcttgca ggaaaataac ttgacttaga atagggtcag gtatgaccac atgccctgtg     26760
     tatgttcttt gtgttatgag gtttgttaat cttaagaaat tccacaacta taagcttcat     26820
     ataggaccca tcaaataaag gtcaatatga actgttatgt ctaaagcagc ttgagtcaga     26880
     gctgaccacc agataatact gccagcactt gcctatgagc tcattgtggt tttagccttt     26940
     ataagccgac ataggaaaat gtccggggac atagcctcag cccccaaatt ctgagctatt     27000
     tccctggtga tcagtcttag ggtgtgcatt caataaacta tccctgtctg actgagatca     27060
     gagtttttgt ggtttgtgtg gcgactcctg aaccccaaca gtttggtcca tgaggctgga     27120
     tgtctcagct ggtcttcagt acatgcagga atcctgaaga agtaggcaaa aaagcaagct     27180
     tccttcttcc atgcccttta tattggctgc cagcagaaca tgtggtccag attagaggtg     27240
     ggtctttcaa tcttaaaaga tctaaattaa aggtttatct tctcacctca aagaggtctt     27300
     ctagcttcaa ataatttaat taagaaagaa gattgggtgg tgctcatccc tttaatctca     27360
     gcacccagga ggcagtggca gttagatctc tgagttcaag gccagcctgg tgtacagaat     27420
     gaattccagg acagtcagag ctacacagag aaatcctgtc tcaaaaaaac aaaggaagaa     27480
     aggaagaagg aagaggagga gaaggaaaag agagaaagag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     27540
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag agagagagag agagagagag     27600
     agaaagagag gaagagagag aggaagagag aggaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     27660
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa aggaaggaag     27720
     agaaggagga ggggagggga ggggagggga ggggagagga gaggagagga gaggagggga     27780
     gaggagagga ggagaggaaa gagaaaatca ctcacagggt gccaagccat ttggttttag     27840
     ttaattccag gtacactcaa gttgacaacc aagaatagct cacattaccc atgcctgtaa     27900
     tcccagcact caggagtctg aagcaagaat tgccataaat tcaatgccag catgaactat     27960
     atttgtgttc caagccaagg caatcttggc tacagtttga gattctgtct gaaaactatg     28020
     aaagagagaa aacatgaatc cctagagcag gggttcttaa ccttcctaat gcttcaaccc     28080
     attagtacag ttccttattt tgtggtgact cccccctccc gaccttaaaa ttattttgtt     28140
     gctacttcgc aactgtaaat ttgctactgt aataaatctg tattgtaatg taaaataacc     28200
     aatgagagcc catgtgggtc acgacccaca ggttgagaac caatgcccta taggcatagc     28260
     atctcggcct aatgcatact aagagtgagc tctctcagtt tatgaaggtc aagtatattc     28320
     acttgtaata tcaaaactta aaaattcaac tgggctggtg gctggtatgg tttgacaccc     28380
     cccagaatag ctgtagccat tttgttccat gcctgctagc tatttcatgt tgttgctata     28440
     gcatgcctgc cagtcattga cacagagaag tgacttggct caaggacatg ctgaccacac     28500
     cctgctttgt cctgtacgtt ctataagttc tgtatgagga atgccacaaa gctttacgta     28560
     ggacccacca aatcaaaggt caatatgaac tgttatgact aaaatacctt cagtcagagc     28620
     tgaccaccaa gcaacccttc ctgcagctag gaatgagctc attgtggttt tcatgggtga     28680
     cactgaagga ggctaacaag ccaaaaagtt attactatag tactcatgct ctgttatctc     28740
     agggatctga aattccccag ttcactgcca atccacctta gtcaggacca atcagcgtaa     28800
     aggttagctg ataacactct gcctagtaag ccaactgctc ccccccacac acacaccctt     28860
     gcccttttaa cttttgaacc tggtttttcc tataaaaagc ctactttaga gcaaactgta     28920
     ctgcagttgg gcccccacag tcctttctcc tgtcctggat gcccagtatt atagcgtgca     28980
     ttcaataaac aatttttgct taactgagat ggtatgtgca tggtttaagg ggtgattctt     29040
     ttttttttaa ttaggtattg aaagacccca ccataagact tagcaagcta gctgcagtaa     29100
     cgccattttg caaggcatga aaaagtacca gagctgagtt ctcaaaagtt acaaggaagt     29160
     tcagttaaag attaacagtt aaaaatcaag gctgaataat actaggacaa gggccaagaa     29220
     ccgatggtac ccaccggggc cccggctcaa ggccaagaac cgatggtacc cacctgggcc     29280
     ccggctcagg gccaagaaca gatgataccc agataaggcg gaaccagcaa cagtttctga     29340
     aaaagtccca cctcagtttc aggttcccca aatgaccggg aaatacccca agccttgatt     29400
     tgaactaacc actcagctcg cttctcgctt ctgtacccgc gctttttgct ccccagccct     29460
     ataaaaaggg taaaaacccc acactcggcg cgccagtcct ccgatagact gagtcgcccg     29520
     ggtacccgtg ttcccaataa agcctcttgc tgattacatc cgaatcgtgg tctcgctgat     29580
     ccttgggagg gtctcctcag attgattgac tacccacctc gggggtcttt catttggagg     29640
     tcccaccgag attaggagac ccctgcccag ggaccaccga cccccgccgg gaggtaagct     29700
     ggccagcggt cgtttcgtgt ctgtctctgt ctccgtgcgt gtttgtgccg gcatctaatg     29760
     tttgcgcctg cgtctgtact agttggctaa ctagatctgt atctggcggt tccgcggaag     29820
     aactgacgag ttcgtattcc cggccgcagc cctgggagac gtcccagcgg cctcgggggc     29880
     ccgttttgtg gcccattctg tatcagttaa cctgcccgag tcggattttt ttggagctcc     29940
     tccactgtcc gaggggtacg tggctttgtc gggggacgag aggcagagac acttccctcc     30000
     cccgtctgaa tttttgcttt cggttttacg ccgaaaccgc gccgcgcgtc tgatttgttt     30060
     gttgttcttt tgttcttcgt tagttttctc ctgtctttaa gtgtttttga gatcatgaga     30120
     cagaccgtaa ctacccctct gagtctaacc ttgcagcact ggggagatgt ccagtgcatt     30180
     gcatccaatc agtctgtgga tgtcaggaag aggcgctggg ttaccttctg ttccgccgaa     30240
     tggccaactt tcaatgtggg atggcctcag gatggtactt ttaatttagg tattatctct     30300
     caggtcaagt ctagagtgtt ttgtcctggt ccccacggac acccggatca ggtcccatat     30360
     atcgtcacct gggaggcact tgcctatgac ccccctccgt gggtcaaacc gtttgtctct     30420
     ccaaaacccc ctcctttacc gacagctccc gtcctcccgc ccggtccttc tgcgcaacct     30480
     ccgtcccgat ctgcccttta ccctgccctt accccctcta taaagcccaa acctcctaag     30540
     ccccaggttc tccctgataa cggcggacct ctcattgacc ttctcacaga ggaccccccg     30600
     ccgtacggag cacaaccttc ctcctctgcc agagggaacg atgaggaaga ggcggccacc     30660
     acctccgagg tttccccccc ttctcccatg gtgtctcgac tgcggggaag gagagaccct     30720
     cccgcagcgg actccacctc ctcccaggca ttcccactcc gcatgggggg agatggccag     30780
     cttcagtact ggccgttttc ctcctcggac ttatataatt ggaaaaataa taacccttcc     30840
     ttttctgaag atccaggtaa attgacggcc ttgattgagt ccgtcctcat cacccaccag     30900
     cccacctggg acgactgtca gcagttgttg gggaccctgc tgaccggaga agaaaagcag     30960
     cgggtgctcc tagaggctag aaaggcagtc cggggcaatg atggacgccc cactcagttg     31020
     cctaatgaag tcaatgctgc ttttcccctt gaacgccccg attgggatta caccactaca     31080
     gaaggtagga accacctagt cctctatcgc cagttgctct tagcgggtct ccaaaacgcg     31140
     ggcaggagcc ccaccaattt ggccaaggta aaagggataa cccagggacc taatgagtct     31200
     ccctcagcct ttttagagag actcaaggag gcctatcgca ggtacactcc ttatgaccct     31260
     gaggacccag ggcaagaaac caatgtgtct atgtcattca tctggcagtc tgccccggat     31320
     atcgggcgaa agttagagcg gttagaagat ttaaagagca agaccttagg agacttagtg     31380
     agggaagctg aaaggatctt taataagcga gaaaccccgg aagaaagaga ggaacgtatc     31440
     aggagagaaa cagaggaaaa agaagaacgc cgtagggcag aggatgagca gagagagaaa     31500
     gaaagggacc gcagaagaca tagagagatg agcaagctct tggccactgt agttattggt     31560
     cagagacagg atagacaggg gggagagcgg aggaggcccc aacttgataa ggaccaatgc     31620
     gcctactgca aagaaaaggg acactgggct aaggactgcc caaagaagcc acgagggccc     31680
     cgaggaccga ggccccagac ctccctcctg accttaggtg actagggagg tcagggtcag     31740
     gagccccccc cttgaaccca ggataaccct caaagtcggg gggcaacccg tcaccttcct     31800
     ggtagatact ggggcccaac actccgtgct gacccaaaat cctggacccc taagtgacaa     31860
     gtctgcctgg gtccaagggg ctactggagg aaagcggtat cgctggacca cggatcgcaa     31920
     agtacatcta gctaccggta aggtcaccca ctctttcctc catgtaccag actgccccta     31980
     tcctctgcta ggaagagact tgctgactaa actaaaagcc cagatccact ttgagggatc     32040
     aggagctcag gttgcgggac caatgggaca gcccctgcaa gtgctgaccc taaacataga     32100
     agatgagtat cggctacatg agacctcaaa agagccggat gtttctctag ggtccacatg     32160
     gctttctgat tttccccagg cctgggcaga aaccgggggc atgggactgg cagttcgcca     32220
     agcgcctctg attatacctc taaaggcaac ctctaccccc gtgtccataa aacaataccc     32280
     catgtcacag gaagccagac tggggatcaa gccccacata cagaggctgt tggaccaggg     32340
     aatactggta ccctgccagt ccccctggaa cacgcccctg ctacccgtta agaaaccagg     32400
     gactaatgat tacaggcctg tccaggatct gagagaagtc aacaagcggg tggaagacat     32460
     ccaccccacc gtgcccaacc cttacaacct cttgagcggg ctcccaccgt cccaccagtg     32520
     gtacactgtg cttgatttaa aggatgcctt tttctgcctg agactccacc ccaccagtca     32580
     gcctctcttc gcctttgagt ggagagatcc agggatggga atctcaggac aattgacctg     32640
     gaccagactc ccacagggtt tcaaaaacag tcccaccctg tttgatgagg cactacacag     32700
     agacctagca gacttccgga tccagcaccc agacttgatc ctgctacagt acgtggatga     32760
     catactactg gccgccactt ctgagctcga ctgccaacaa ggagcccccc atgattgcct     32820
     cgagatcttg gctgaaacgc atggaaccag accggatctc accgaccagc ccatcccaga     32880
     cgccgaccac acctggtata ccgatgggag cagctttttg caagaaggac agcgaaaggc     32940
     tggggcagca gtgacgactg aaaccgaggt aatctgggcg agggccctgc cagctggaac     33000
     gtcagcccag cgagccgaac tgatcgcact cacccaagcc ctgaaaatgg cagaaggtaa     33060
     gaagctaaat gtttacactg atagccgcta tgccttcgct acggcccatg ttcatgggaa     33120
     aatatatagg agacgggggt tgctgacctc agaaggcaag gaaatcaaga acaaaagcga     33180
     gatcctagcc ttgctgaaag ccctcttttt gccaaagagg ctcagtatta tccattgccc     33240
     gggacaccaa aaagggaaca gtgctgaagc caggggcaac cgaatggcgg atcaagcagc     33300
     cagggaggca gccacgagag agatcacaga aacttccacg ctcttaatag aggattcgtc     33360
     cccgtatact cccagttact tccactacac agagactgac agaaaagacc ttctgagact     33420
     gggagccgta tacgatgagg acaaaaggta ttgggtcctg cagggaaaac ctgtaatgcc     33480
     tgaccaattc acctttgagc tcttagactc cctacaccgg ctcacccacc tcagctatca     33540
     gaggatgaag gcactccttg accgggaaga gagcccctac tacatgttaa atcgggatag     33600
     aactctccag cacgtaacag aatcctgtac agcttgtgct caagtaaatg ctagtaaagc     33660
     caaaatcgga gcaagggtgc gagcgcgggg acaccgaccc ggcacccatt gggaaatcga     33720
     ttttaccgaa gttaagccag ggctgtatgg acataagtat ctcctggtgt ttgtagacac     33780
     attctctggc tgggtagaag catttccaac caagcgtgaa actgccaggg ttgtgaccaa     33840
     gaagctgctt gaagaaattt ttccaagatt cgggatgccc caggtattgg ggacagataa     33900
     tgggcctgcc ttcatctccc aggtaagtca gtcggtggcc aagttgctgg ggattgattg     33960
     gaaactgcat tgtgcttaca gaccccagag ttcaggtcag gtagaaagaa tgaacaggac     34020
     aatcaaggag actttaacca aattaacgct tgcagctggc actagagact gggtactcct     34080
     actccccctg gccctctacc gagcccggaa tactccgggc ccccatggac ttactccgta     34140
     taaaattctg tatggggcac ccccgcccct tgtcaatttt catgatcctg aaatgtcaaa     34200
     gttaactaat agtccctctc tccaagctca cttacaggcc ctccaagcag tacaacgaga     34260
     ggtctggaag ccactggccg ctgcttatca ggaccagctg gatcagccag tgataccaca     34320
     ccccttccgc gtcggtgacg ccgtgtgggt acgccggcac cagactaaga acttagaacc     34380
     ccgctggaaa ggaccctaca ccgtcctgct gaccaccccc accgctctca aagtagacgg     34440
     catctctgcg tggatacacg ccgctcacgt aaaggcggca acaactcctc cggccggaac     34500
     agcatggaag gtccagcgtt ctcaaaatcc cttaaagata agattaaccc gtggggcccc     34560
     ctgatgtaag gttaaaccag agacaaaaat tgttcgaatc aggacaaggg tggtttgagg     34620
     gactgtttaa caggtcccca tggttcacga ccttgatatc caccattatg ggccccttga     34680
     taatactttt attaatccta ctcctcggac cctgtattct caaccgcttg gtccagtttg     34740
     taaaagacag aatttcggtg gtgcaggccc tggttctgac ccaacagtat caccaactca     34800
     aatcaataga tccagaagaa gtggaatcac gtgaataaaa gattttattc agtttccaga     34860
     aagagggggg aatgaaagac cccaccataa gacttagcaa gctagctgca gtaacgccat     34920
     tttgcaaggc atgaaaaagt accagagctg agttctcaaa agttacaagg aagttcagtt     34980
     aaagattaac agttaaaaat caaggctgaa taatactagg acaagggcca agaaccgatg     35040
     gtacccaccg gggccccggc tcaaggccaa gaaccgatgg tacccacctg ggccccggct     35100
     cagggccaag aacagatgat acccagataa ggcggaacca gcaacagttt ctgaaaaagt     35160
     cccacctcag tttcaggttc cccaaatgac cgggaaatac cccaagcctt gatttgaact     35220
     aaccactcag ctcgcttctc gcttctgtac ccgcgctttt tgctccccag ccctataaaa     35280
     agggtaaaaa ccccacactc ggcgcgccag tcctccgata gactgagtcg cccgggtacc     35340
     cgtgttccca ataaagcctc ttgctgatta catccgaatc gtggtctcgc tgatccttgg     35400
     gagggtctcc tcagattgat tgactaccca cctcgggggt ctttcagtat tttcttcatt     35460
     tacatttcca atgctatcct aaaagtcccc cataccctcc tccccccact cccctaccca     35520
     cccactccca cttcttggcc ctggtgttct aaggggtgat tcttgaaccc aacagtgggg     35580
     ttgtttttaa caaaatctca atcattccat ttttaccaat gaagactcag gagtcagatg     35640
     ctgggatgaa agcctgctag gccagagagg cagagaaagc acccagctga ccttcctcct     35700
     cagctcatgt cccaggagat atccccccat gccatctcaa aactctctta aactccatgc     35760
     ccctcccttc tacttcctgt gcatctccat ccatcctccc aactcccctt actctttatg     35820
     tttttttctt aataatctta tgttcacttc ctcttaactg gttgcttgct ctgtctcttg     35880
     acctatggtt gactttattt aatcgtgctt gcaatataca agcagaaagc tcttgggtta     35940
     aaggtatgtg ctaagtctga gccacaccag aactaaaaac agggttttcc agtaaataac     36000
     acaatcttgg gattcacagt atgataaaat atcctgcaac atgtgtgcat ggaagtcaag     36060
     tgataactta ggagactcaa ttctctcctt ctactatgtt ctgggaattg aattcaggtg     36120
     tcaggcctgg caaccagcat ctttactccc ttgccatctt gctggtcagg aactcactaa     36180
     gtagatcaga tggatttata gatctgcttg cccttgctgg gattaaaggt gtgtataatc     36240
     gcatccagcg ggaaatatgt gttttaaatg aggctaacgt gtcactaaat gttattaaat     36300
     actgtgtgca aaactggcaa aactatttag atggaagctt tgagaagcag tgggttttcc     36360
     tggagcatct gaaactagaa tgccatttcc ttggatacct tgaacataga tataatgaga     36420
     agcacacacc taatgcttcc aggccaagct cctaaattct agggatttcc tgaatggcag     36480
     aagtgtccag ggtctagata acctcaggca ggccagcaca gaaagatgca atgattacag     36540
     agttccaact tttagtctcc tcgccagctt tacgggaagg gactagaagg gaagatgaac     36600
     ctctcttacc tccatgggat gaatctgagc acagaggttc atctgtagat ctcatcctgt     36660
     gtatctcctc acctggctgt ttgttccctg tatccttaca atagccctga taataaacag     36720
     taaagccagc caaatctagg aagggattgt gggctcttct ggcttagagc acactggaag     36780
     tataggtgcc taggtttgca gctagaatct gaagtgggag acgtcttgta aaaccagcct     36840
     ttaaactgtg ggatttgctg ttagcctcca tgagacagta ttggaactga tccataggat     36900
     acctgcattt caggcccagg agatctggtc catgtgggga aaaccttaca ctcctgctgc     36960
     cacagcattg tgtgtgagga gcgtacagaa gaaaattgtc agagaattgg agataacttc     37020
     acctaggcca gttgtcccac cttgatgggg atgtaagaat taacaacatg taactttaat     37080
     ttttcaaagt ctacttttaa tgatggttct taaatgcttt aacccccccc cctttcagac     37140
     caccacccac cagaggtagt gcaaaagaaa agacacaggg gaagtggacc tgtttagaaa     37200
     tggttgggag ctggtggggg gtggtgcaac ccccatctgt gttgtctgga aatcaacgaa     37260
     cagttcagtt cacaggtcag cagcagcagt tggatccact cacaaactct tcatggatat     37320
     ggttgcagtc cagttcggta gcgttgggat tgcaaacacg aatcagtaat ggtggcacaa     37380
     cctagctgga ccagccagac aggagggatt cagacctgca gggatgtcag gagcagctct     37440
     tagaggagca aagatcagcg aagacaccag accaacaagc cgtgcaagca cgtcaatctc     37500
     agtctgtcca aactccctcc aaacatcccg tgtcccacat gggtcttgcc tcaggctgtg     37560
     tcttgagtca gcacatgtct gtcacagctg acatcactct gccaactggc caagaaagca     37620
     gcaaaaaatc ttcagacact ccagaagacg gcattagatt tcgttacaga tggttgtgaa     37680
     ccaccatgtg gttgctggga cttgaactca ggacatttag aagagcagtc gacgctctta     37740
     actgctgagt catctcacca aacccccccc cttttgtttt tctttttctt tttttcttct     37800
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt tcttttttca     37860
     gcaagaaatc tacagcactc tgccagaagt ctttttggca gttctctcta caaagtcctg     37920
     acaaatgcag caaatgtaag gcagaccaat acatgttagt gaggaagccc tcatcatgtg     37980
     tccttttacg tgcttgcttt agcaaaacat tctttcacct gtgtctgctt cagtgacaca     38040
     ttccttcacg catctgcctt agcctttcac ctgtgtccac ttcaggaaaa cattccttca     38100
     cgtgtttgcc ccagcaaaac accatccaac acaactgact ctccaaaccc ttaaatttcc     38160
     actttacaac ataacaagat catcacagag ctcacaagag aaacagaaca tgaagatctt     38220
     ttaggcacct cagagaaggt aactggtatt aactaatttc tctaacatta aagccactcc     38280
     taaatggata tctaaacccc aaataagtca tgctgacagg gacaaactca ccttttctct     38340
     ttgctgtcct gtaaacctga caacatgctt ccttgtcagt ttgtaaaatt ggaaagactg     38400
     tgtttcctac gccacaacca acctcaagta ttcagtaggt ggctgaggat ccaggaaatt     38460
     catcagcaca aatttctagg tcaccagctt ctaccgtctc ttcccacagg aggcacctga     38520
     gtgtcacatc catggctggt acaagaacat ttgctctgtt ctgttaagac cattcagatt     38580
     gtgcataagc aggacacaac agctgttggc ctttcgaagg taccaaccac cctaccttta     38640
     aaatggttag ctgacaagcc tgtatgagta gaacagtggc ctttgatatc ataaaaatta     38700
     caggcactag aaaagctggt acaggcacag ctaaatggtc aacttattga aaaatcgacc     38760
     agtccttgga attctcctat atttgccatt aaaaagaagt ctggaaaatt gagaatgtta     38820
     acagattcta aaagatgatt cagccaatgg actccttaca gcctggaatt cccttgcctt     38880
     ctttattaac taagaaatgg tctactatag tgattgattt aaaagactgc ttttttacta     38940
     tacctttaca agaagagaac aaaaaaaatt gccttcatag tgattactta taatatactc     39000
     aatctgttaa aagattggtg gcctgaccca ctataggggc tgcttgccca ctcctcaatc     39060
     tcttgcacct cttttgctct ttctctgctt cccttccccg ccctaccccc actccctttc     39120
     cccctctctc tccacgtact catggctgac ctctacttcc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc     39180
     ttcccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc     39240
     ttcccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc ttcccttccc     39300
     ttcccttccc ttcccttccc ttccctctct gcctctactg ccctcttaac tcccctcccc     39360
     atgccctgaa taaactctat tctatctatt ctatactatg tcgtgtggct ggtccctcag     39420
     gggagaaggg atgccttggc atgggcccac tgaggcaccc ccttcaccca tacctcacca     39480
     cacctccata gaacataccc ccctttatct ttttataaac acaacaacta cagttcaaac     39540
     ttgttttcta aatctccaag agttggagtg atttgtagct aatataaaaa tatctttcag     39600
     caggctgatg cccatgactt taatcccccc ccccagagac atgtggatct ctgtaaatta     39660
     gttgttttct aaattctaga attactgtga acaaggtggt ggtggtacat gcctttaatc     39720
     ccaccaccca ggaacaaaac tcagatacag ctcctaactg gaacatgatc aggcctgtca     39780
     cagcaacatc ccccccccac cccccgtacc tggtaccaac ttctgttcta gttagggttc     39840
     cattgctgtg aagagacacc atatccaagg caactctttt ttttttttaa gatttattta     39900
     tttatttatt atatgtaagt acactgtagc tgccttcaga cactccagaa gagggcgtca     39960
     gatctcatta cgggtggttg tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggatttgaa ctcaggacct     40020
     ttggaagagc agtcggtgct cttaactgct gagccatctc tccagcccca aggcaactct     40080
     tttaaaggta aacattaatt ggggttggct aaagtcttag aggttcagtc cactatcatc     40140
     atggtgggaa acatggtatt cacagcatgg ggtgcaggca gacatggtac tggaggatcc     40200
     aagaattcta ttcaacatct tgatctgaag acagcagaag gggactggag tttgaaggtt     40260
     tctgagacct ttgggatgtt ttgaaggtgt gagagaggtt tcagctgaga tttcagctga     40320
     ggatgaaaat cagctgggtg ctttctctgc ctccctgagc cagcaggctt tcatccaggc     40380
     atctggcttc tgtgtcttca ttggtaaaat caaacaattg agattttgtt aaaaacaaca     40440
     aatatctgta attacaatac tagggagcct gaggcagaag ggtcctgggt tctagggtag     40500
     cctgagctac agtaccagcc cttgttacat agcagagaaa cagagaaaga aagctacact     40560
     cattctgagg ttgtccaatt caaatgtcag accagagtag gggggttcct ttttaaaacc     40620
     tggatctgtg aagatgggga aactatgaag caaatcctga ccatatgtac cagggagact     40680
     tttttgtttg tttgtgggga tggatggttt cacaatggtt aagcactgaa ctataccctc     40740
     aagttcactt tatttttata cagggtctca tgcagcccag gctggccttg aacaaattac     40800
     agatgcctga attcctgatc atgcttcagc tcccaatctc tgggattgca aagtgcattg     40860
     ccgttcccgg ctgcagggtt cctttaaaag agtgtcgggc tggagagatg gttcagtggt     40920
     taagagcacc aactgctctt ccaaaggtcc tgagttcaaa tcccagcaac cacatggtgg     40980
     ctcacaacca ccggtaatga gatctgacgc cctcttctga agtgtctgaa gatagctaca     41040
     gtgtacttac acataataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa     41100
     taaataaata aataaatctt taaaaaaaaa aaagtgtctg caggccaagc agtggcaatg     41160
     gcctttaatc ctgcactcag gaggcacggg cagacagata aatttctgtt agagtctagc     41220
     ctggtctaca gagcgagttt caggacagtc agggctacgc agagaaaccc tgccttaaaa     41280
     aacaaagtgt ctatggcaaa caaccatgat ttcaggaata gcctccatcc ctggaaggct     41340
     ttcttcctct tgtaaacact ataaactact ccggataacg ctagatgtcg caccatctgg     41400
     aaaccgagaa tatttgcatt cccttattca gaagcggctg cagaaagacg tccgggtctc     41460
     accagaacaa cttaaacgca gaagccccag cttaagccct cggctacctg gtcaatcagg     41520
     aaaggtgact cccttaaggc ggggagtggg cgtggccatg ttatgcacat gcgcgggaca     41580
     ttgtataaat ctgttcagac taagtgacag acaagtgtga tttccttgag acaaggagaa     41640
     gcattgatcg gtgaaggcct gccatggtga gtgcggctgc cccccaccca cccaagggga     41700
     taggggaggg aaggagaaag ggggagggct gttgattcta tccggccgag cagtggccag     41760
     ccccgcagga gcgcaggagc ggtgtttcgg gcgcgggact cccgagtcct gcaggtctgt     41820
     gaccggattt gggcactgga agagctacgc ttgtgcggcc agggcctccg ctcgccccag     41880
     ggtcactggt accactcggt cttatgaagg tgttggacac agccaccgac ttgaggcctt     41940
     gccctctagt ctagtctttc tagggctaga agtaaatctc taaatttcca cagccttcgc     42000
     taatttctaa acctcagctt cttcccactc cggtttagaa cagaacttag tgatctctga     42060
     gtggcctaag tggtgcattc acaagcgcag tgtttagata ctgtaaccct cgttggggct     42120
     gaagagatgg ctcagcggtt aagagtactt gaggctctca aggaaagggc ttctgttccc     42180
     agcacccata tggtggttcg caaccaacct tagctccaga tataagagac tctacacttc     42240
     tgaccacctt gggcacaagg cacagaggtg gtacaaatac atatatgcag cattcatgca     42300
     cctgaaataa aataagtcca gagagagaga aagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     42360
     gagagagaga gagagagagc aagcaaaacc ctggctcgcc aggcctataa tcctggcagg     42420
     aagccgaagc agagagatca cttcaagttt gattctacct taggctacat aataaattcc     42480
     aggccaatgt gagaccctgt ctccaagaaa gaaaggctag agagatggtt cagtggctag     42540
     gctgagagca ctctgccctt acagaagtct tgggttcagt tccagtagct aaccagtaac     42600
     tccagagttc caggggatat gatacctcct tctggcctct gataccttct tcttacctgc     42660
     aggggtgcgc tctctctggc gctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     42720
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     42780
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgagtttg tttttgtttt tgtttttttc tgagacaggg     42840
     tttctggctg tcctggactc ttaataaacc aggctgccag gttgacccag actcacagtt     42900
     ccgcctgccc ctgcctccct agagctggaa ttaaaggtgt gggctaccac acctggctca     42960
     cacagcctta ctacataacc ttggctgttc tgaaactcac tgtgtagtac aggctgacct     43020
     tgaactcaga tctacttgcc tctacctttc aagtgctggg attagaggcg tgtgcccccc     43080
     ccccatgccc aacttttttt ttttttaaga ttgttttatg tatgtgagta tactgttgct     43140
     gtcttcagac acaccagaag aggcatcagt ccccattaca gatggatgtg agccaccatg     43200
     tgggtgctgg gaattgaact caggacctct ggaagagcag tcagtgctct taatcactaa     43260
     gccatttctc cagcccaatg cccaactttt ggttttgctc ttcttttctt tttttttctt     43320
     tctttttctt tttctctctt ttttcaagac agggtttttc tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct     43380
     ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggactc aaactcagaa atccacctgc ctctgcctcc     43440
     caagtgcttg gattaaaggt gggcaccacc actgcccagc tccaatgccc aactttttaa     43500
     gtacttctca acaaacccaa ccctactgag ttataactcc ctgaagtgcc tcgattttta     43560
     tttgtctcag aaagacattt tctctatttt tttttcagtg tgggagctca aagccattgc     43620
     cttttgcaga tgctatagca ctgagccaca ttctcctgcc ctcgttcata ttctggagga     43680
     aaggtcttat ctttgttgcc taggcaacaa atctggtggg actgcgctgc ctcagcttcc     43740
     tggtcatttg ggtctacaaa tgcaaacctg acatttctct caaaaccaac actttttaga     43800
     tttacttatt ttactcatag gagtatttgg ccatcatgca tgcatatgtg gcacacaagg     43860
     agtgcctggt acctacagac gtcagaggat agttgtgagc caccatataa gtgctgggac     43920
     ccaaactcag gtcctcaagc acaagtgtgt ctaaccactg agccaagtca gcagccccct     43980
     ctttctgaac tcttgtgctg tggagttttt ctctttcaaa tatttggaat aaaccaccgc     44040
     actctttagg gttcaggact tgtaaactag agcctaatgt aaatagcgcc cttctcatcg     44100
     ggttcatgtt tacactgtat ctttgctctt cagaacagaa tgtttctcca gtgtttatca     44160
     tactcggtgt ttgggttggt tttcttttaa cctgtatctg tagtttcatg tctgtcatta     44220
     atttggaaga actattgtca aatattacta aatacggatg ttcatatttt ggtcccttcg     44280
     ctcgtgggtg gtctctcttg taaggagaag tttgtctttg ctattttttt tttcctatgg     44340
     tattaggcag atgcagagga aaagattctt tggagttgga aagatgattc cctggttaag     44400
     agaacatact tatatcagaa tgttgaaggc cactgcatgc aactgcaaat tagtcttggt     44460
     ggtgtagcca cgttcgttgt attagttagg tctaccaacc taggagcaag ggagagcttt     44520
     tcatcatata ggatcttcta gaacctcccc ctccagtgtc ttaaagtttt cattgtagaa     44580
     gcgttctctc tggttagata gacccttgag tacatttttt tttttttttt ggagatcatt     44640
     tgaatgggct atttttctca atttctttcc ctgagggtac attcttggta tgtatgagtc     44700
     tgtttttgtt ttctttaata ttgatttgtt ccctgtaact ttaccatgtt tattaggtcc     44760
     aagggttttc tagtagactt tatagtatct tttaggtaaa gcatggtgtc acctgcaaat     44820
     agacatggtt tggctatttc ctgttctgcc cttcacatgc ataattgcta tagctgtgac     44880
     ttcaaaccct gtggtgaatg ggaaggagag tgcatgccct gtttcactcc tgattttaaa     44940
     caaagtgctc actttgcttc cttttaatat attgttggtt ataggtttta ttatttttaa     45000
     atgtgttcca tctattatta aagtctctag gacttttgta gtgaaggcgt gttaaacttt     45060
     gtcaaatgtt tattcagtaa tcaactgaat ggtgtgatct atgtccttaa gttttttaaa     45120
     tggtgtgtta catttcaatc tctctctctc tctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctctc     45180
     tccttcagaa actgtttaat ctacaaagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac agagagttga     45240
     tgaagcattg aactcacaga gatccccctg tctctgcctc ccaattgcta ggattaaaag     45300
     agtgcaccac cattattttt ttttcttttt aaatttttca ttttctgtat atgggtgttt     45360
     tgcctgcata tatgtctgtg tactgtgtat atgcttggtg ctgagggagg gtagaagagg     45420
     gtatcaccca ctaggactgg agttacagac agttgtaaga taccatgcag gtgctggaaa     45480
     tcgaacccag atcctctgga agagcagcca gtactcaacc actgggcgtc tctccagccc     45540
     ttacatttct tgatttgcat gtgttaagcc aaccttgcct ttctgggatg aaacccactt     45600
     ggtcgttgtg gtttgaatga gaggtgcccc attgttctct ccagcccatg gccctgtttg     45660
     gggaggcttc tgaggtatgg ccttgctgga ggaagtgtat ctttggattg ggctttggga     45720
     gcttaaagag ttagagtcat ctggagtttg ctttctctct acttccttct gtggttcagg     45780
     atgtgagcgc tcagttgctg ctgccaccat gcctggtgct ggctgcatgc ttcctcactg     45840
     tgacagtgac gagctcttac gcctctgaaa ctgtaagccc aaaataagtt tttcattctg     45900
     taagttggcc tggtcgtggt ggctcatccc agcaataaat agaaaagtga ctaaggggac     45960
     tggtgagatg gctcagtggt taagagcact tattgctctt ccggggtcct gagttcaaat     46020
     cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaactac ccataatgag atctaaagac cgctatagtg     46080
     tacttatata taataaataa ataaaatctt ttttaaaaaa aagaaaaaga aaagtgacta     46140
     aaggcatcct caatgtacac aaatcttaat gtgctcctga atgaactttg ttgggaattt     46200
     ttgtgatatg gtcatcaaag aaattactct agttttcttt tttgttttat tctcacctgt     46260
     ttttgtttgt ttgtttgtgg ttttttgggt atcaggatgg ataatactag tttcataaaa     46320
     caaatttggt agtgttcctt tactttctat ataataccta cctgatagtt aagtagtgct     46380
     ctacagtgaa tcatgagtcc tttggttctg gggttttttg gaacacacaa acacacacac     46440
     acacacacac acacacacac acactagccc ttgagtacct caggacagtg ttttgagctg     46500
     taactcatta caagttggat ttctatagaa tttgtggcat cttgtgtcta atgaggggaa     46560
     tagggaaaat ttgtagcaca tccttacaca ttaaatcctc aacctagtgt cagacatgat     46620
     gaatgaatgt gtgtgatctc agcccttaaa agtctgagga agagccgggc gtggtggctt     46680
     acgcctttaa tcccagcact cgggaggcag aggcaggtgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag     46740
     cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa     46800
     aaaaaaaaaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     46860
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa     46920
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaagt ctgaggaaga agtatcaagc attatgagca     46980
     gtaaaaaatg aatttttctc acaaaaaaat gatgagaaat attattccag ttgaactatc     47040
     gatatagact agtaagactt gcaatggcag ccaatcatgg cctataatca cagcactgag     47100
     gggatcaagg caggaagata acatcttcca gatcagcttg aactgtggag ttagaccctg     47160
     tctataaata aataagtaaa tgaataaata tctaggcatg gaagcatgca cctttaaccc     47220
     cagcattggg aagggagagg ctggaggatc tggagtttag ggccatcttt catatcatag     47280
     caaagttgga ggccagtttg gagtacttga gactcttgtc tcaaaaagca aattaaatta     47340
     tctatctttt aaaatgcttg tgcagtggct atgtaacctg tgttcatgct ttcgaaaagc     47400
     tgctaaactt ctacaactca ctatgaacca tcggtaaaac tggcactcaa gccagacagt     47460
     aagtgctgag ggaccacaga actgtctgtc ccctttggat gaggctacct aagtggtaca     47520
     gtttgcctgg catgaatgac gcttggttca atccccagta ctgcaaagga aaaagaaaat     47580
     agtgtgcgtg tgcatttaca cattgaaatg gatttcccta gccctattga tcttcttact     47640
     ctttttttac acacgtggaa tgtttaggat tcagtgacct ttgaggacgt gtgtgtgact     47700
     ttcactcagg aagagtggga tctactgcgt cctgtacaga agaaactcta caaagatgtg     47760
     atgtgggaaa ctgtgaggaa cctggcctct gtgggtaagg atgcggctgt gggaaaccgt     47820
     gaggagcctg acctctgtgg gtgtggatgc ggctgtggga aactgtgagg aacttggcct     47880
     ctgtgggtgt ggatgcggcc gtggggaacc tggcctctgt gggtgaagat gtgggcgttg     47940
     gaatcgtgat gaacctggcc tctgtgggtg aggatgcagc tgtttccttc atgtaggtaa     48000
     ttatatgaga acggattttt tgttgttggg attgtttgag ataaggtcct actaggtatc     48060
     cccacttatg tagatcaggc tggccttcaa ctttcagaga tcttcctgcc tctgcctccc     48120
     cagagctaaa attaaagttg tgccagccgg gcggtggtgg cgcacgcctt taatcccagc     48180
     acttgggagg cagaggcaag cggagttcca ggccagcctg gtctacaaat tgagttccag     48240
     gacagccggg gctacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     48300
     agttgtgcga caccagccct actgacagtg atttcttgcc caccatcact aatttaagag     48360
     ttagaatgta agagtggctc ttactcctgt ttccggcttg cttctctctt gccctcttgc     48420
     tcccctactc tccgccttgc cttccccctc tctacacacg gccatggctg gcctctactt     48480
     ctctactctc tccctctctc tgcctttctt tttttttttt ttttaaagaa ttttttttta     48540
     aagatttatt tatttattat atgtaagtac actgtagctg tcttcagacg caccagaaga     48600
     gggcatcaga tctctgttag aggtggttgt gagccaccat gtggttgctg ggatttgaac     48660
     ttcggacctt tggaagagca ggcgggtgct cttaccccct gagccatctc accagcccct     48720
     ctctctgcct ttctacaata aacgccttaa aaccatgaaa aaaaatagaa tataaaaagt     48780
     gtttacattg atgtaaatga ggcattatga acttttttca aacctagaac ctaaaaagat     48840
     ttttgtagcc gggcagtggc agcgcacacc tttaatccca gcacttggga gacagagaca     48900
     ggtggatttc caagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggatata cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa     48960
     aaacaggaaa aaaaaatttt tttttgtaat ggctaaaaat gtataatggt tttctggttt     49020
     tacattttag cgagtgaatt ggaagaccag gatgtttcaa atcagtacag aatccaagag     49080
     gaaaatgtaa ggtgagctta cacactaaag aaaacagaat cttacatttt taaattaagc     49140
     aaccaaaaga aactcctata tggttttctt tttaaaaaaa atgttcccgc gtcgtcccca     49200
     cggcggcgcg gggtctctct ccccccgccg ggcttcggga ccggggtgcg gttcggagag     49260
     ccgttcgtct tgggaaacgt ggtgcggccg gaaagggggc cgccctctcg cctgtcacat     49320
     tgaacgtgga acctggcgct aaacgtagac gacctgcttc tgggtcgggg tttcgtacgt     49380
     agcagagcag ctccctcgct gggatctatt gaaagtcagc cctcgacaca agggtttaaa     49440
     aaaagaaaaa agaaaaaaat gtttagcaaa gtattttaaa tgatacatat tgaacattta     49500
     aatattatta catagttgtc atggttaggg ttgcctgtga agagacaagc atttaattgt     49560
     ggctggctta cagtttcaga ggtttagtcc attatcatca tggtgggaag catggcagca     49620
     tccaggcagg cctggtcctg gaggagccag gaattctaca ttctgattca aaggcagcta     49680
     ggaagagact atctttcatt cagggcagag tctgagagaa ctcagagccc acctacacag     49740
     tgacacactt cctcaaacaa ggccacatct cctaatagtg ccactttcta tggccaagca     49800
     ttcaaacaca tgagtctatg ggggccaaac ctattcaaac cgccacagtg gtgcacatcg     49860
     gtaatcacaa ctttgaagac aaaggcagga ggatcatagt aaatttaagg caggaggggg     49920
     gctttctcca ggccctggat taatgttttg agacagggat ctgctgtata gcccaaaact     49980
     cctaacagtc ctcctgcctc agctttccaa atgctgggat tacaggcatg ggctaccagc     50040
     ctagcttttg cttttatttt gagatagacc cttgctttat aacattaact gccctcacat     50100
     ttgtgatcct cctgcctcag cctcctacgt gttagtatta gtggtatgcc agcatgccat     50160
     ggctataaag atgtaatcct gatgtgtatt agtgaacatt aaataataat taatattggg     50220
     ataataatat taataacggg cttctttttt ttttccagaa gttatgtgat acaaagactc     50280
     tatgaaagta aagaagttat tgagcatgga gaaagcttca gccagattcc aaacactggt     50340
     gcggccaaga taacttctgg aggaaagccg tatagttgta gcgtgtgtgg aaaaggcttc     50400
     atgctttgtt catccctcac taggcatgtc agagctcacc ctggccatga acttgctggg     50460
     tttaagtgtg gagagaagcg atttaaatgt aaggaatgta gggccacttt cagttacctc     50520
     aaatcctttc agagacatga aaggacccac gctggagaaa gcccctacag gtgtaaacac     50580
     tgcgggaaga ccttcatcta tttccagccc tttcaaacac atgaacggac acacattgga     50640
     gagcaactct atcagtgtaa gcattgtggt aaagggctta gttctccagg ttctcttcga     50700
     attcatcaaa gaattcacac cggggagaag ccctatgtgt gtgagaagtg tggcaaagcc     50760
     ttcagttgtc ccagttccat ccaaatccac gaaagaaccc acaccgggga gaagccctat     50820
     aaatgtaaag aatgcgggaa agccttcata tcccgcacaa gtgtcaaaac gcacatggtg     50880
     acacacagcg gcgatgcaaa caagcctcat aaatgcgagc attgcgggaa ggcgttcctt     50940
     cggccatgtt ttctgcgagt gcatacgcgg attcacactg gagagaagcc gtatgtctgc     51000
     aagcagtgtg gtaaggcctt cagatgttcc acttcgatgc agatccataa aaggactcac     51060
     accggggaga aaccctacaa gtgtaaggag tgcggtaaag ctttcagtgc ccattcggcg     51120
     tttcgagtcc acaggcgggt gcacactgga gagaagcctt ataaatgccg agactgtggg     51180
     aaagccttca tctgcctcac gtactgccgc gcgcatgagc ggaaacacag cggagagaag     51240
     tcctacgaat gcgatcagtg cgggaaagcc ttcgtctctc tggaaaactt tcgacgacat     51300
     gtcaaaactc acgctgaaga tacaccttat aaatgtaagg agtgtggaaa agctttcgtt     51360
     ttcctcagcg cccttcaagc gcatgagagg atccacactg gggagaagcc ttacgaatgt     51420
     gaacaatgtg gcaaaacctt tagatgttca agctatgttc aggtacacag gagaatccac     51480
     accggggaga agccctatga atgtaaggag tgtgggaaaa ccttcattta ttctacgagc     51540
     tttcgagggc acatgagaat gcacacggga gagaaaccct acaaatgtaa ggggtgtgag     51600
     aaagccttca ggctcggcag ttcccttaaa agacatgaga gaactcacag ctgaaagaaa     51660
     tgtgcttagt gtacgcatgc atgggagaac tttttgcttt gtccacatcc ttcaataaac     51720
     atgaaaatgc acaatagaca acgaatgtga ggaatggggg ggggggttga acattttcaa     51780
     tcttaacact ttgttgtgaa attatccatt gtggagaaat ctcatgctat tagttcatta     51840
     agtaatacca gaaactaact gcggtgtaat aggaaactga catcaagtgg gccataaaat     51900
     tcaaaatgtt gaggaaacat aagagctaaa tatgttcatc ggggtttaat tgtttctgat     51960
     atatctgcat gctttggttt gttgctgtag ccctgactgg cctgaagttc actatgtaga     52020
     ctaaactgac ctccaactca gagatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg ttttagaaga aagattattt     52080
     tatagttcca gaagaataat tgtccattgt aaagtaacct ttatttgcct gctatctctt     52140
     tggcttctgt ttgctatcct aggcctagtc ctggaagctt ctagcctctg tacaatctaa     52200
     tctaggctta gaatgtttcc agcctctaag actgataggc tgatgaataa ctcacccttt     52260
     cttgtttttc ctgaactctg gctgcctggt caactcaact gttctggctc aaaactctcc     52320
     aagctgactg actcaatctt gcttctctca acttctctga attgctctgc ttggcctcaa     52380
     actaactcta gcagtctttt ctaatcttct ggctcattct gtcttcaacc tgtctctgta     52440
     aaactcttct agtaaacctc ttctctttct ttctttcttt ctttctctct ctctctctct     52500
     ctctttctct ctctccactg ttttgtcttg agtagcctct catctctgtt cttgtaagag     52560
     ctgggcatag ggttcagtgg ttaagagcac tgactgctct tccagagatc ctgagtccaa     52620
     ttctcagtaa ccacatggtg gctcacagcc atctgaaatt ggatctgatg ccctcttctg     52680
     gtgtgtctga agacagctac agtgtacaca tatacataaa atgaataaat aattcttttt     52740
     aaaaaaaaca gctgggcatg tcctattctg taaaatctat gattcatgac ttgtctgtca     52800
     ctcaattaga catcactttc aaacatgggg tactcccttc taccttcatt gttggagatc     52860
     aaaggagtgt actaagggta gtctgtatcc cagccagtgg gtttaaagtt ttgagctaag     52920
     ggctgaggca cagcagaaca caatcagggt tcacagtgca atcacatacc tgcagcagtt     52980
     caccatggca tgggatcacg gtgacaaagc aagcagcagg cacaggctgc agagagctcc     53040
     cacgttgaca acagcaaact gcaagtagaa ttagtcctta aacgctcaag tccctgcccc     53100
     agtgacaaac ttctctcaac atgtcacacc tcctgaacct cccctaaata gtgctgccaa     53160
     ctgcaaacca agtgttcaag tgcccatgac tatgggagac atttctcatt caaaccacca     53220
     caattagcag ttgggggttt tctgacctca tgagaaaaat agtagatata tcttcctcac     53280
     ctttatattc aaaatgactt cattctcatg tttaatagaa caggcttatt ttttccctgt     53340
     tattttttaa ttaattaatt tatttattat atataagtac actgtagctg tcttcagaca     53400
     ctccggaaga gggagtcaga tttcattacg ggtggttttg agccaccatg tggttgctgg     53460
     gatttgaact tcggaccttc ggaagagcag tcgggtgctc ttacccactg agccatctca     53520
     ccagccctat tttccctgtt attaaatgtc tactaagtat gcaaagcttg tcaagcagtc     53580
     tcatggtgtt tactgtctgt tctttgttcc tcattgtttc caatgggcat ttggataata     53640
     gactttaaaa ggagccattt taagggattg gagggatggc tcagaggttt aaaatgcttg     53700
     ttgcccttcc aacaagttca actcctggca cctacaccag gtgactcaca ggcacctcta     53760
     accagctcca tgaaatctgt attttgttct ggtctctaag ctctaagggc acttggagtc     53820
     acctgcacaa caagatgtgc catttggggg ccctgatggc tcagcattta agtgcatgtt     53880
     ttggtttctc gtcgctatga cagccaacct aagaaaataa agtgttgatt tgccttacac     53940
     ttcccacctt agtttgttat tgctgggtaa actagaactg aaagcaaagg gtttatttgg     54000
     cttgcccttc agtatcactg ttcatcatca aaggaagttg gagaggaact cagaatggca     54060
     ggtaatggag gcagtagctg ctgcaggagg aagcagtgga gtgcttactg gcttgtacgt     54120
     catggctgca aaactcaaga ccaccagccc agggatggca tcacttacaa tgggtggggc     54180
     cttccccatc aatcactaag aaaatgcctt acaagctggt ccaatttttt ttttattatt     54240
     attttcttta tttacatttc aaatgttatc ccctttccta gtttccccta ttttctcccc     54300
     cctccccctg ctcccaaccc acccactcct gcttcctggc ccaggcattt ccccacactg     54360
     gggcatagag ccttcacagg gttctcttct cccagatgac agactaggcc atcctctgct     54420
     acatatgcag ctagatccat gagtcccacc atgtgttttc tttgttagtg atttagtccc     54480
     agggagctct gggattactg gttggttcat attgttcctc ctatggggct acaaacccct     54540
     tcagctcctt gggactttct ctgtctcctt cattggggac cctgtgctcc gtgtaatgga     54600
     cgactgtgag catccacttc tgtcttaggc actggcagag cctctcagga gacaactatc     54660
     aggctcctgt cagtaagctc ttgttggcat ctgcaatagt gcctgggttt ggtgattatt     54720
     tatgggatgg atcctcaggt gggacagttt ctggatggtc gttccttcag tctctgctcc     54780
     gaactttgtc tctgtaactc cttccatggg tgttttgttc cccccctcta agaaggatca     54840
     aagtgtccac attttggtct tccttcttga gtttcatgtg ttttgcaaat tgtatcttgg     54900
     gtattttgag cttctgggca attatccact tatcagtgag tgcatatcat gtgtgttctt     54960
     ttagatccat ccatttgtct aagaatttca tgaattcatt gtttttaata gctgagtagt     55020
     actccattgt ataaatgtat gacattttct gtatccattc ctttgtttag ggacatctgg     55080
     gttctttcca gcttattgct attataaata aggctgctag ccgggcatgg tgatgcacgc     55140
     ctttgatccc agcactcggg aggcagaggc aggaggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg     55200
     gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg agtacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcggaaaaa     55260
     aaaaatcaat caatcaatca atcaatcaat caatcaatca atcaatcaat aaataaataa     55320
     ataaataaat aaataaggct gctatgaaca tagtggagca tgtgtcctta ttacaagttg     55380
     gagcatcttc tgggtatatg cccaggagtg gtattgatgg atcttccagt agaactatgt     55440
     ccagttttct gaggaaccac caaactgatt tccagagtgg ttgtatcagc ttgcaatccc     55500
     accagcaatg gagtgttcct ctttctccac atcctcgcca gcatctgctg tcacctcagt     55560
     ttttgatctt agccattctg actggcatga ggtggaatct cagggttgtt ttgatttgca     55620
     tttccctgat gattaaagat gttgaacatt tttttcaagt gcttctcagc tattcagtat     55680
     tcctcagctg agaattcttt gtttagctct gtgccccatt tttaataggg ttatttagtt     55740
     ttctggaatc caacttcttg agttctttat gtatattgga tattagcccc ctatcagatt     55800
     tagggttagt aaagatcttt tcccaatctg ttggttgatg ttttgtcata ttgactgtgt     55860
     cctttgcctt acagaagttt tgcaatttta tgaggtccca tgtgtcaatt cttgatctta     55920
     cagcacaagc cattgctgtt ctgttcagga atttttcccc tgtgctcata tcttcgaggc     55980
     tctcccccac tttctcctct ataagtttca tagtttctgg tttcatgtgg agttccttga     56040
     tccacttaga ctcgagcttt gtacaaggag ataagaatgg atcaatttgc attcttctgc     56100
     ttgctaacca ccagttgaac cagcaccatt tgttgaaaat gctgtcttct ttccactgga     56160
     tggttttagc tcctttgtca aagatcaagt gaccataagt gtggggttca tttctgggtc     56220
     ttcaattata ttccgttgat ctacctgtct gtcactgtac cagtaccatg cagtttttat     56280
     tacaattgct ctgtagtatg gcttgaggtc agggatggtg attccaccag aggttctttt     56340
     attgttgaga atagttttgc tatcctaggt ttttttgtta ttccaaatga atttgcaaat     56400
     tgtccttttc agaccaattt cccttatgaa tatcgatgca aaaatactca ataaaattct     56460
     cgcaaaccaa atccaagaac acatcaaacc aatcatccat catgatcaag taggcttcat     56520
     tgaaccatca agtagggatg gttcaatata cagaaatcca tcaacgtaat ccactatata     56580
     aacaaactca aagacaaaaa ccacatgacc atctcattag atgcagaaaa agcatttgcc     56640
     aaaatccaac acctattcat gataaaagta ttggaaagac caggaattca agacccatat     56700
     ctaaacataa taaaagcaat atacagtgtc tttctattcc tgcacaaaca tcatgaccaa     56760
     gaagcagttg ggaaggaaag ggtttatttg gcttacactt ccatactgct gttcatcacc     56820
     aaaggaagtc agaactggaa ctcaagcagg tcagaaagca ggagctgata cagaagccat     56880
     ggagggatgt tacttactgg cttacttccc ctggcttgct cagcctgctc tcttatagaa     56940
     ccaagactac cagcccagag atggcaccac ccacaaggga acctcccccc ttgatcacta     57000
     attgagaaaa tgccttacag ctggatcttg tggaggcatt tccccaactg aagctccttt     57060
     ctcggtgata actccagcct gtgtcaagtt gacacaaaac tagccagtac atacagcaaa     57120
     ccaaacatca aactaaatgg agagaaactt gaagcaatcc cattaaaatc acggactaga     57180
     caaggctgcc cactttcttc ctacctattc aatatagtac ttgaaatcct agccagagca     57240
     attagacaaa aggagatcaa aggaatacaa attgaaaagg aaaaagtcaa aatatcacta     57300
     tttgcagatg atatgacagt atatttaagt gaccccaaaa attccagcag agaactccta     57360
     aacctcataa acaacttcag tgatataaaa ttaactcaag gccgggtgtg gtggcgcaag     57420
     cctttaatcc cagcactcgg gaggcagagg cagatggatt tctgagttcg aggccagcct     57480
     ggtctacaga gtgaatccca ggacagccag agttatacag agaaaccctg tctcaaaaaa     57540
     caaaaataaa aaattaactc aaacaaatca gtggcctttc tctacacaaa ggataaacag     57600
     gctgggaaag aaattaggga aacaacagcc ttcacaatgg tcaccaataa tacaaaatac     57660
     cttggtgtga ctctaactaa ggaagtgaaa atatctgtat gataagaact tcaagtctct     57720
     gaagaaagaa atcgaaaaag atctcaaaag atggaaagat ctcccatgct catggattgg     57780
     caggagtaat atagtaaaaa tggctatctt gccgaaagca atctacagat tcaatgcaat     57840
     ccccatcaaa attccaactc aattcttcac aggctggccc aatcttacag aggccttttc     57900
     tctttctttt ctggtttttg gtttttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt tttcagaaag     57960
     ggtctctcta tgtagccctt gctgtcttga aactcacttt ggggctagag ggatggcact     58020
     gactgctctt cagaaggtcc tgagttcaag tcccagaaat cacctggtgg ctcataacca     58080
     cctgtacagc tatgagttac tcatatacat taaataaata aataaataaa taaatctttt     58140
     tagaaagaaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg     58200
     aagaaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg     58260
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga     58320
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaagt cactttgtag acgaggctgg cctctagccc acagagatct     58380
     acctgcctct gcctcctgaa tgctggggtt aaaggcctgt gccaccacca acctgcaggg     58440
     ggcattttct taattgaagt tcccttcccc atcagtgcct ttagtttgtg tcaggttggc     58500
     agaactatcc agaatacttc ccagccgcag tccatcactg agggacgtcc agggtcacac     58560
     agctcaagaa cggaacttgg ggaattgaag cgactcacag aggaaattgt gtttactggc     58620
     ttgctcagct tactttctta aacaatccag agccacctgt caggggtgac acctctatca     58680
     caatgagctg gcccctccct cccacgtgaa tcaagaaagt atcctatagg accctttgat     58740
     gaagggaatt cctcaattga ggctccttcg tcacagataa ctagttgcta ttgagttgtt     58800
     gaaaccaacc accaagtgct tgcagctctt ccagaagacc tggctcattc agctgtgggt     58860
     tctcccggct gctgctcaat gtgctcccta cattcatttg cacgaaaatg aatggaattt     58920
     tatttaaaat tattttcatt ggcacagcca tatccactgg aaacagcgaa agttatgaag     58980
     ccagcagcac agctttgaca cagttctagc aaatgctaca atggctgtca tcctgtctct     59040
     cactttgggg ttttggtctc tgtatgcggc gttcctgggg actttctgca ttatgattca     59100
     ttttgtgtcc tttcctgaga agattttgtt tgagtcattt taggaaaagc ttaaatttta     59160
     tttaaagact tatttattat gtatacaatg ttctgtatgc atgtacgcct acacgccaga     59220
     agagggcacc agatcacatt acagatggtt atgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggaattga     59280
     accccggtcc tctggaagaa cagtcaacgc tcttaaccac tgagccatct ttccagatga     59340
     gaaaatctta aaattaactt ttcctggccc tacttggaaa tcttccaatg tcctggagat     59400
     cattagcaca gattaaaaac acatagctaa atgaggccat tattccaggt atggggtctc     59460
     tgccctgagc aaacggtata attggttcaa ggtaaacaga gacaactagc agtctctggc     59520
     tggccaggag aacaggatac agattcaagg cctcttttta ctctgtgctt agagctctct     59580
     ggaggaaaac tcagtgagtt aggtagattg actacaataa acgtttcctg ctttatagcg     59640
     tagataataa gcaatacagc aagggagtta ggcattagta tttgctattc attaagagac     59700
     tggttcagat atttcctgtg ctttcatact gcaaacactg ctaacctaaa agcaggttct     59760
     catatagtaa aagagtttac tttggagtag acattctttt atttttgtat tttattgagc     59820
     ttttgttttg ttttgttttt ttgtttttca agacagggtt tctctgtgta gccctggctg     59880
     tcctgcaact cactctgtag accaggctgt cctcaaactc aagaaatccg cctgcctctg     59940
     cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcgtccg ccaccacgcc cggcttggtt tttttaatat     60000
     gcattggtgt tttgcctgca tgtgtgaggg agttggaaca agagttccag gcagctgtaa     60060
     gatgtcatga gggtgctggg aattgaacct ggatcctctg gaagagcaga aagtgctctt     60120
     aagcacagaa ccacctctcc accctggaag agacacttta gattgtctaa attggagtta     60180
     tagggctgat aataaaaata aaacctgtct gttcctattt tctaattgtg aatgaacttg     60240
     taagcctgga catgcagtga gacatcacac agataagctg tacttcttgg ataatcgtta     60300
     gtctgttttt gttctgtgaa ttctgtataa acaacgaagc aaccagattg ctggtcagtc     60360
     agagccagac gattccctcg accatcgaac ctgactccct ccttcccctc actgaccctt     60420
     tatctcctct tggggcaacc ctgttgacaa acagctgagg caggccccag cattttatga     60480
     aatgaaggag tctataaata agttttgggt ttgttttttt tttttttgca ttaacaattt     60540
     tgaaacaagt tgcatactac cactgcctgc tccattttct tggtctatta aaatatgcca     60600
     ttgtgtttac tgaaagccag agcaactcca tcatttcatc caatcataca ttgccttagt     60660
     gactgttcta ttggtgtaaa gagacgccat gatcaaggca gcttatagaa gaaaacattt     60720
     aattctcttg cttgtagttt cagagggtga gtccatgatc accatggcga ggagtatggt     60780
     ggcaagcagg cacaatactg tgaaaaagca gctgagcatt ggtcctcagc caaagaagca     60840
     ggcactgggc ctgcctgctc tgggcttctg aaatgtcagg ccagcccagt gacacatgcc     60900
     actggcccta atctttccca aacagttaca ccaactaggt accagccatc caaatatggg     60960
     cctatagtgg ccattcttat tcaaaccaca tgcacacctt aagtcttggg gacatttccc     61020
     tagctactat ctgttcgtgt tggttgcttg aggaagtagg tgtcccagaa gaggcccttt     61080
     taccacgaac cctttatttt atatatctct agtctcaaag gtttttcttt attttaaaag     61140
     atcttaaatc aaagtgatcc acctgcaatg cagagcaaag cacagggact tttgtttcta     61200
     gagaaagaaa ttctcaggag atatactgga cttgcagcag ataagaatag agctgaccca     61260
     caatgagtca gccagcacaa gtcccacatc tctctgtttg ggcctgcagt aaccattgga     61320
     gcgtggaacc tgaacatccc atgctatcag cttcctagag cttggcctcg ggcttctagg     61380
     tagatctgat tcgatgcaca aggccaccca gttcaggcac aaaagaggtc atcgtgtgat     61440
     acagtacagg acctgtactc ataaatgccg ctgggtcaga gagccaactt acctctacag     61500
     tttagttagt ctgaatggct tatgatgatc tcagcttcca aagaagcctt ggaatttcat     61560
     ggcatctaac aatggcctgt gagactatac tcagcaaagg aaatttgttg gagccctgac     61620
     atctcaagct cactctgcag accaggctgg cctagaagag atccacttgc ctctgtctcc     61680
     tgagtgctgg aattaaaggc ctgtaccacc accatgacct tctccacctt gaccacccat     61740
     gatcagtctt cctgtcatgg aaaaccctga aaacatttcc agtctgcatg agatgcagga     61800
     aggaggaccc ttcctagcta cgtagcgaat ctgaggccat cctgggatat gcaaatccgt     61860
     ctcaaaacaa caacagggcc aataagatgg ttcggtgggt gaaggtgcat acccacaaac     61920
     ctgatgtcca cggaggagat aaatgacccc ctcgtgtaca ccgtggggca tgagcagaca     61980
     cacacgtcca tgcacataca caaatttcaa aaagtatttt tttaattctg gagaagcaca     62040
     ttcatggaga gccccatgaa tgatggcaac tgtcccaagt caccatccaa atgacccctg     62100
     ggccacttca ccaccacccc tctctggaaa atcattttcc caaggcatct gagagaatag     62160
     ggctcagcac agcacacaac tctggcttct ctttccagtc caccctggct ggctcccctt     62220
     ctagactcta gagtgagact ttgtcttgtt ttgagacaag tgtctcacta cacagatcag     62280
     atctgttact tagaggcagc ctgtccctgc ctcctaagtg ctaaaactaa aggcctgtgc     62340
     taccacaccc tgcttacagt gagtacatgc ctgtaattcc agcaagaata aggagagaga     62400
     attccaagtc caaggctagc ctaaaataaa cagtgcattc tgcgctagcc tcaactagat     62460
     aacctgaaag ctctttggga tgagacggtc ttgcttcttg tacctgccag acaaaatggc     62520
     aggatgttag gattacagac ataagctaca acaccaagtc cttattttgt tcatttattt     62580
     atttacttac ttgagagaga agcaaggtct cactaactac acagtgagtg ctggattaca     62640
     caacagctcc attgcccctg catgggtcta ccatagccct ctgcatatgt tttggttgtt     62700
     agcttggtgt ttctgtggga ttcctgactg tgggagtggg ggtgtctctg actctttcat     62760
     cttctcttgg gacccttttc ttcctctggg ttgcctcacc cagccttgat gtgagggttt     62820
     gtgcctagat ttatcatagc ttgttatgct gtgtgtggtg gatattcctg ggaggtcttc     62880
     ccttttctga agggaaacag aggaggaata gatctgttgg ggtgggggga aagggaatgg     62940
     aggaggctgg gagggatgga gggagggaaa ctgtgcttgg aatgtattgg aaaaaaaacc     63000
     ttttaggtgt gtttttttgg tcattttatg tgtgggtgtg tgcacgtgag tgaaggtgac     63060
     catggaccat aaaggctact ggtgagagat ccctcgaggg ctggtgttac ggctgatgag     63120
     ccacctacca caggtgctgg aagctaacct caaaccctct ggaagaacac agtttatgtt     63180
     tctaatcaga gcctcctttc cagactcagt atctaaacag acatcagaac acactaaaat     63240
     cccagagagc acgatgcact gcctccaagg tacaagccag gggctaatct cacaggaaga     63300
     gggatgggag cttcccctgc ctgtgagggg cctaaagctg agacctgcct ctctttcacc     63360
     acctcctcct caaccttcca gattcctagc ctagatttga ctcaaaggct gggttaggaa     63420
     agacccaggg tgcaacaggt tttctgatac catgtcctgc acaggcctat cctcggcgct     63480
     tcttagatgg ccacctgaga gctggccagc catgtgaagg cctgtgtgga caaaggatgg     63540
     aagtgggaag agagggaagg gatgagtaag atggggaaga acatgtggtg attccagtgg     63600
     ggaggtaacc tctcaccagg gcctggggtc agggctgagc taggatatgc tgatcttcct     63660
     acatctcaca gtctgtgtcc cctccagaaa agatagtgca ctgggtgacc tgagtctcag     63720
     taggagcttt ttaatgattt ttgtgaatgg ttacagcaag agaaggggag gcctgcccct     63780
     ccttcaggca ggcctgtgtt cttgccattg tacagaggcc aggaaggtac gtatttccat     63840
     aggcttcagt gtgactgagg tagggtccaa cttggaaggc tcagggtagg aggtgggacc     63900
     tggtgattgg caaaagagaa ctcaaggcct tgacacaacc atacataccc accttacaac     63960
     tgtgcccagg ctctcacacc cagacattta aactacttct ctatgcctga gtaccaccta     64020
     agattcccaa aaccctctca aactcctagc cactgctctc aaatctccaa aggcaataga     64080
     cgccatcctt gaaccagaca ctgatggaga tgaactcatg ctggagacaa aatcccaagc     64140
     ctcaaactgc aggtgcattg ctggcttgtt ggatgcactg ctcactgtaa acctctgtcc     64200
     caccctctac tgccagcccc agacacagcg cctgccaggt cttcaccagt atttgtcatc     64260
     cacttgagcc tggaagccct ggacaggggc tggttggctg ccagtgtggt ctcctgcagg     64320
     tagttgatag tgaaggtctg gaacaggttc tgcaggaaat gaatgaaccc agctgagcag     64380
     acaagcccag ttctggcttg tctgtatcct gtccgtttct cagctcaaca gcccctcacc     64440
     tgaacgttca aggttacagg ggagctcagg ttgcgatccg aatcttcttt cagagcgaac     64500
     tggtgctcca agcgcagcag cagcatcttt ggcccccagc gggccagtgt gagcaaatgc     64560
     acctgaggag gtagctcctg gcgaagtccg gaaaactatg gaaagaacaa tcagcgctga     64620
     cttgaaggaa atgaagcata atgggaaggg gcttcgaggc ggacggaagc tgtttcttac     64680
     aacagggaag agctcactcc tgaaggggta aggcttagac tgaggcagag ctcttcattc     64740
     tcacagaggg gcttagaagg cgtcactcgg gctccctttc tgcccacctc actgcccctc     64800
     acctgcgttt ttggtgtcgc ccgggagtga tagggactgc taccacccag agacagcacc     64860
     acctgagggg ccaggacttc ttgttccgcc agcagtcggt gtcttgcagc ggcatcactg     64920
     acagaactca aaagcacaag gtggcgtcct cgaaccttat ccccggtatc tgtctccaac     64980
     aagggttccg acactccacg atcatcatct accaacagcc gacggtgcac ctgggaggag     65040
     gggcggccag cagagagtga ggaactagca agtgatctgg gttcagaaat tggatacagg     65100
     cttgcagtga tttcatcaga aactgaagac tgagtaaaca atgaagatta gggtcagtgg     65160
     ctggtaggag actctagcgg agatgaggcc caattgacaa gagcccagga caaaggaaag     65220
     actgcacgcc aaacaagaga atcaaggaca agtcaaggcc tgaacaggga ctggataaga     65280
     ggaaggagag tggaacctag aaatgtaatt ccaaagccag gcattttgat gcaggccctt     65340
     aatcccaacc caagaaaggc agggaaagga aagagggtgg gaccaaggcc acaaacagaa     65400
     aatgggtacc aacaaatagc cctcaagctt ggctgggtct gagtggaccc tatgggagaa     65460
     actcagctca gatagggctc ccctctcacc atgagctcca acgagccatc ctgcagactg     65520
     ctgcccccct gggagcggtc ggtcaacacg gtcagctgca tttgcccatc ctaggtgtaa     65580
     gggtgaatga gaatgtaggg ccctcctggg agcccatcct gccccaggag tctaggagat     65640
     gcttcctggt ctgaggcagt ggcagggcag gtaccgtgat ataaattcga gtgttgacag     65700
     gatagtaatt tccagccacc ggctcagtct gattcaatgt ccaggtgggt cgataatcat     65760
     ccctgggaag gggtgggatg tgatcagacc tgggctcgtg cttcctctcc atcctcatac     65820
     catcaccaaa tcccccacac accacagact ccaccacaat gccctcttcc cacctcctct     65880
     tcaggatttc ccggccgttg ctgtccgtga agaactgtcc cttggttttc attggggtgt     65940
     caaagcggct gatgacttcc ttcccccagt catctctgta ctcaacggaa aaggaaccct     66000
     gtgagtcccc taagcaccac cccgtgcgtg ctccccactg cagagaagct cgcgacactt     66060
     acctcactgg gattggtccc accgtccact ccagctccaa atggcgctgt cctttgtaca     66120
     ggcgaatcac ttgggaacac caggctgaaa aattctggtg tacctcctgc accaaggctg     66180
     tctgtgtgca cacagtgggg gctggtgtca gccatgttga aaaatgccac atgaaggcga     66240
     ttccaccaac atccacctca gacggactca atgggatgtt ctcacagctt tctattcagt     66300
     gtgttgtgtt gtgttgtgtt gtgtgtgtag gatacacgct gagatcaaag gacagcttgc     66360
     aggaactggt tctcctctct accccgtgca ttctagagac tgaacccagc tgctcagccc     66420
     tggtggaaag cacctttacc cactgagcca cctcaccagc tcctccctcc caccctaggc     66480
     tggcctcaaa cctgagatgc tcttgcctca gctacccaag tgctgctgtg ctggtgtgga     66540
     cctagataga actcaggcct ttattcattt gcaagggatc taaactacac cctgagatat     66600
     aaactcactt cctagaaaca tgtgactttc acccatcagc agggggagcc tggggtctta     66660
     ctcccacatg gaaaggaaaa ggaaagccag gcatagtgat gcactctcgt aaccctggta     66720
     ttctggaagc tgaggcaaga tcaagagttg tgaggccaag ctgagctaca tagtaaaacc     66780
     cttggggacc agagagatgg atcagtgggt aaaagtgctt gctgccaagg ctgatgacca     66840
     gcattctatc ctagggaccc atgtggtaga ttcacacaaa ctgtcctcta acttacacac     66900
     aaacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacactg taatatttaa     66960
     aataacaaag atgatgaaat agttcccacc cgcaccttac atgaggcaca tcccatcccc     67020
     agagtccaca ttgccactcc aacgcccaga acccactcac ggtccctggc cacagacctt     67080
     caccaaactg atctgagccc agcggctcac aggtatcggt ttaccgacat tgggtctgaa     67140
     gatgtaggcc ccagaggcct gagaactctc ctcatcacca acactggcat tatacctgca     67200
     accagagtaa atgagcatca aggagagacc tcagctctgg gcaccccacc cccagcctgc     67260
     gctgacatag ccgcccttcc tcaccaaaag aagccttggc tcacagggag cgagaggttc     67320
     tgttccaagt tttcaatctt catcaataac cccgtgccag agtcaaatgt ggcccgcatg     67380
     tactaggtgg ggaaatggag cacagatgta aacaagcatc ccccccaccc ccgccgttcc     67440
     tggaatcatc tcccctcacc tcagccaggg ttgttcccga cccagtcagt gaacgctact     67500
     gggacagctg cttccgccca ctttagcctc tacctggcca ttcctctaca caccaggccc     67560
     tctaggatgg acgaacagcc ctttgcagaa accctcactt ctatgcttaa caagtctacc     67620
     ccacggcagc agaggacaat acgataccca gaattgatca cacacttcat ctgctccaaa     67680
     gcttgaccaa taacctcaat tgagaaaatg cctctatcag ataaaagggc tataggcctc     67740
     tgcatcagca cctgcctcaa agatccctcc atgctagact ttctgtcctg atttccctca     67800
     ataatgggct gttacctgga agtgtaagca aaataaaccc tttcctcccc agtttggtca     67860
     ttgtatttca tcacagcagt aaaaacccta agaccccagc ttctgatgca tctgcatttt     67920
     gaggtgctag gattgagctc agggtctccc agatgctagg tgagggctct atcactgctg     67980
     tatccatcac tgctgtatcc tcccagcctt caactgtctc ctcaccaaag aagccttcca     68040
     tgacccttca acacctacct accatgggct ctgaccttat cagtctcata ctagatttac     68100
     acagctgctc cagaaagaaa actgaggctc aaaaggtcac cctcctcact aaagaacaca     68160
     taatcaggac agatgaacat aaaccaagga cccagaaccc actgacccag aatccaagtc     68220
     attttataac actttaaatt tgtcaccgag gcaaggaaga ggatccaagg agagtctcac     68280
     cttattttca atgactaaga catgatggga cttgtgtttc ctgggcctgg acagcaggtt     68340
     gtgggcttgg tggttaaggt cactcatttt ggccacagag taggtgctga agcccagggc     68400
     aggcactgag gctgggaaca gcagctccca ttggtaagtc tcactgtaat agctaggaac     68460
     catcaccacc ttgaataaga gaatgctaat caggaagact cttaggaaac aagtcatgtg     68520
     tgcaagcatc aacctcagag gggaaggaat agatggaaga agaaaactag gtgtgcaggg     68580
     gaggggaaac gaggattagc ctagcacatt ccataactag ctcaaggaag aagaaacagg     68640
     aagaaagcaa acagaaagag gaagggggag ttagagacag ggactaggta ggagtctggg     68700
     agaaaagagg aaacagagga agagatgagg tcagaggttc aggaaaaggg agctatccca     68760
     taaacagaaa atttgctggg gaaacagtga ggtgacccaa acctgcagtc ttaacactca     68820
     gagggttaag gcaggaagat cataaactgg aggccagcct gggctacaca gtgaaaacct     68880
     atctaaagga agaaagagga gggagaagga aggaagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag     68940
     ggaaactcct agggggacat tttcaagggt tgtctcttgt gggaaggagc taatcctcag     69000
     gaggctgcta ttaaggaaca gaggtagaag acacacagag gaagaagaaa ctcgagaaga     69060
     tatctacaag atctggggta aatgcagtgg agaagggaga atatattgtg caggctcacg     69120
     ttactggaaa tgttcttatc atgagggtcc ttcacaatga agttgccttc atagacaggc     69180
     agccgaacca tctgatccac ctttcgcccc agggggttgt aaagagttac ctggaactat     69240
     ggcagtaaag gcatggtcac agcaggcctc caataccacc catctaggag agcatccctg     69300
     cagacgttat cttctggggc cctatcccac ttgcctcccg gccctggcga ctcacacgct     69360
     ccgaagtctg gctgactggg cagatgctaa tgttgagctc acgacagaat gagaagttct     69420
     gtttgtaatg gctgagtcgc gccagagcgt tgctcacgag aacctggcga ggatcaccaa     69480
     aagatctgca ctaaggtctg caccccaggc agcctggtct tgctcctcct ctcctaccta     69540
     cactccgccc cgttcccgga ggcgccaccc ttctttccca agaatggacc cctccttctc     69600
     cccgccccta caagtgccca gaggcccgcc tatcactatg gaacactctc cctccaggtt     69660
     caagaccctg cccctcaaac ctcacagggt ccccagcctg ctgccagctg cctcgcgtag     69720
     tcatttacaa cattctgcct tgcagtacca ctgacagcgt cgtggtgttg gagcaccgcc     69780
     attgcctcct ctgccaacag aacataagtt ggatgccgtc tcccacagaa ctctgagccc     69840
     caccaccaag caatcacagg caaaaggtcc ggtgcaagcc aacagggttc taacttcaat     69900
     cctaccctca cccaccccat tcaatccatg gtcaacagat gacacttacg aagaggtgcg     69960
     ctgtctcccg agccataggg tcccacgttg gcttcgggac ccaccagtgc ttccagctgg     70020
     ttacacacct gaggagaaag agacatgtta ggcagcagct cctctgggtt gctggaatgc     70080
     ccacatgctc actcacctgc aggaagttgt aactgaggcg ctcatagcgc ttgagggctg     70140
     gcctgctgga aaaatagcca gtccagaaca tgtgggggcc atcggcataa ggaaagaagt     70200
     cgtcctcctt cactgtcctg cccgggaaca ttgagggcag tcacaaatca ttggctcatg     70260
     ccagccccac cccaagctcc ccagtccgct gttcaaatac caggtgagat tggccttgtt     70320
     cagctcccag aggtaacacg taggggtgga gtagagaacg tggacgaggc tcccgtttac     70380
     ctgctgctgg gggaaggtgt atgtgagcct cagggtctgt accttcccgg ggcccacagg     70440
     aatccaatag gttgagtcct atacatttgt tgttgttgtt gcttttaaga tttatttggt     70500
     actcactgat aagtggattt tagccccaaa cctaggatac ccaagatata agatataatt     70560
     tgctaaacac atgaaactca agaagaatga agactgaagt gtggacacta tgcccctcct     70620
     tagatttggg aacaaaacac ccatggaagg agttacagag acaaagtttg gagctgagat     70680
     gaaaggatgg accatgtaga gactgccata tccagggatc caccccataa tcagcatcca     70740
     aacgctgaca ccattgcata cactagcaag attttattga aaggacccag atgtagctgt     70800
     ctcttgtgag actatgccgg ggcctagcaa acacagaagt ggatgctcac agtcagctaa     70860
     tggatggatc acagggctcc caatggagga gctagagaaa gtagccaagg agctaaaggg     70920
     atctgcaacc ctataggtgg aacaacatta tgaactaacc agtaccccgg agctcttgac     70980
     tctagctgca tatgtatcaa aagatggcct agtcggccat ccctggaaag agaggcccat     71040
     tggacttgca aactttatat gccccagtac aggggaacac cagggccaaa aagggggagt     71100
     gggtgggcag gggagtgggg gtgggtggat atgggggact tttggtatag cattggaaat     71160
     gtaaatgagc taaataccta ataaaaaatg gaaaaaaaaa aaaaagattt atttgtgccg     71220
     ggcgtggtgg tgcatgcctt taatcccagc actcgggagg cagaggcagg tggatttctg     71280
     agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggct atacagagaa     71340
     accctgtctt gaaaaccccc cccaaaaaaa accccaaaaa acaaaaaaag acttatttgt     71400
     gtatttaatg tatatagatg ttttgcctgc atgtgtgtct atgcaccaca tgcatgcctg     71460
     gtgccacaaa gaccagaaaa ggatgtcaga acccatgaga ctagagttac aaatggctgt     71520
     gagcagcttg ttttgttttt gttttgtttt gttttgtttt gtttttccga gacagggttt     71580
     ctctgtgcag ccctggctgt cctgcaactc actctgtaga ccaggctggc ctcgaactca     71640
     gaaattcacc tgcctctgcc tcccgagtgc tggaattaaa ggtgtgcgcc accactgccc     71700
     agcaatgtga gtcctctgaa tgggcgccag tcctcttagc ctctttccag ctcgtaaaga     71760
     cacttttttt tagtgcaaaa caatggtcaa acgtgggcat atgtcttggc caagaccaaa     71820
     cactgttgca cttaaaagga tttcagggat aatcctatta tcttacacaa ccctttcttt     71880
     ttctttttaa catgttttga ttgaggcact ctccctgtat tacccagctg tcccggctga     71940
     cctagaattt ttaagtccaa gtgatcctcc tgcctcagcc tctcctatag ctggaactac     72000
     aggaagagac tggtgtgtgc ggcttgtcta gcttgtacag cacctgagtt taaccctcag     72060
     cactcctgca atccaacccc tctaggtaca gcctagcaag agttcaaggt catccccagc     72120
     tacatagcaa gcagaggcca gcccgagtta caggagattc tgtctcaaaa aacaattaat     72180
     taattaatta agggaaaatg ccattatagg gcagaagtga ttcttctagc actgtcagac     72240
     tatcaaaagg tagatttttc tttttctttt taagtggtac tgaagataga ctcagaacct     72300
     taaatgtgcc aagtacaagc tctgccaatg aatgacatca tcttcatggt gagagagagg     72360
     ctccctttca actgatgaga tgaagaaaca agtgtactgt gtgttttgtt taaaaaaaaa     72420
     aatggtcgag tgagtgtgcc tctgtgtgtg tgtatgtctg tgtgtgtccc agtttgtccc     72480
     aggctggcct tcaactcaaa gcaatcttca ggattcctag cactgggttg gactgttatg     72540
     cgtgactatt tcgccttagt cactcaacca tctgaggcat tgattttagt gtcagaaagt     72600
     gtgattaaca cactccggag tcacactgac ctgcgcgttg accaggcgga tcagcttgtc     72660
     catgtttttg aaccacatgt tggcattctc ataatggaag tctgagccca tggtcatcac     72720
     ggtgtggttg gttcggtaaa accctttcta tagatgaaaa ggcaatcctc aggccaaggt     72780
     gtcctggact gtccctgtgc ccaagtgtcc tcaggccagg gggtcctgga ctgtccctgt     72840
     gcccaagtgt ttgaaaatac acgtgggggc ctagggatgg agctctgtgt gtgagtacta     72900
     gcctagcaag ctcaagacct caggctagac cctccccccc agtacaagca tacaagcaaa     72960
     gaaaatacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acaagaatgt atggggacca     73020
     tggtacacag gagcagaagg aaatacagaa ataaccagtg aagagctggg gatacagccc     73080
     agtcagtaga ctgcatgtat taaggcctgg ctttgagccc caggcatggt ggtgcacatc     73140
     tgattctcag cactcagaaa atggaggcag gaggagcaga agttcaaagc cagcctcacc     73200
     tacatagcaa gttcaaagcc agcttggatt acttaaagct ttgtctgaaa acaacataac     73260
     agccaatagt tgccaagggt cctttactca gataaggcta caaggcactg agccaccctc     73320
     tctcatcatt ttcctcttct tcctcctcct cctcttccct ttaaatgtgt atttatgagg     73380
     ggatggtaca tatgatatag tatgcaccag ttatagctat aggaccagcg tggaggttgg     73440
     agaagaactt tcagaagtca gtgcctttgc tccaccatgt gggttctgga aactaaactc     73500
     aggttgccaa ccttggtcac aagcaccttt atccactgag ccatctcact ggcccacttc     73560
     cttgatttgt ttattggttt tgatttgaga cagggtctca ctatgttgtc ctcagctggc     73620
     ttcaagctca cagagatcta gctgccttct ccccaccctt cgggcagaat ctctccttga     73680
     atctgggact tgcattttct tccataggct gaaatccagt gcccaatgat cctcctgtct     73740
     ttttgtctct tggagccaga gctctagata actctcattc cggagcatgt ggttagaatg     73800
     actggtgtat tatgtgggtg ctggactctg aactctgacc ctcacacttg agcaggaagt     73860
     acccttaaat gctgagcagt ctctccagcc cctcatgtcc cttggaggca tccccctggg     73920
     ctttggggaa ggctagtgcc tgtgcctaca gattctggac tgtcatctgg atagctacat     73980
     tacctgggaa gaagcgagct tcaggaagta gttgaccaac gtttttgcat tgaactcagg     74040
     gctccgggga ttatccacca cgggagggtc tgtacatagc acatcccagc acaggtattt     74100
     cggggggttg taattattgg ggagcacacc tatagacaaa accagactca gcaccccaga     74160
     cctgtcctgg ggtcagagcc tgtcacatcc cacccaggat agacgtccaa attcaaaagg     74220
     gcagatacaa aaggaacgca cagagccctg ctcaaaaaat cattaaaaat cctaagataa     74280
     cctcagcaca tcacaacacg acaccaggac tcttctgggc tcgaggttgt gtatggttta     74340
     ctctcccacc ctcttaccag taaagaggtc agcagcgggg ggctccaagc tgtcactagc     74400
     tctccacagc tcctccatcc tcagcttttt cttccgatta agtttatctt gatagtcaat     74460
     gcgcccaagg aagaagccat caaaacccat ctgatagcac agagaggctg agtgaaggaa     74520
     tgtaaggcct tcttgcccag tcgggcaaga gcacagagag aaaaggtata cacaactaaa     74580
     actatggttt tcagggccag aaagatggct ctgtggttaa gatcgttatc tgctctttca     74640
     gaggaccaga gttcaatacc cagtatcact atggtgactt gcaaccaccc attacctcag     74700
     tgccagggga tcctacagtc ctgtgtggac actgcacata tgtggctcac agatatacat     74760
     gcaggtaaaa tacccatata tgttaaatca taatttttta aaaatattta tctattatta     74820
     tatataagta cactgtatct gtcttcagat acaccagaag agggcgccag atctcattat     74880
     atgtagttgt gagccaccat gtggtttctg ggatttgaac tcaggacctc tggaagagga     74940
     gtcagagctc ttacccgctg agccatctcg ccagccccaa ataataattt tttttaaagc     75000
     tagatatttt tctttttgta aaaaaaaaat tgtttatttt atgtatgtaa gtacactgta     75060
     actatcttta gacacacaag agggcattgg atcccattac agatggttgt gagccaccat     75120
     gtggttgctg ggaattgaac ttaggacctc gaggagagca gtcagtgctc ttactgctga     75180
     gctccagccc tagatttttt tttttttttt tgatactggg tctcattgta tagaccatac     75240
     tgatctctac ctcacaggcc tcctgcacca gcctgctggc attacaggca tgggtcccac     75300
     ggagcctgaa tgtttatttc caaggttgag aaagacaggg acaaagaagc agctgtcaaa     75360
     ccccaaccca cgtccacctc cctagttatg tccccagtct gaggtgggtg aggtcaacac     75420
     aaacatgaag ctgtttttaa aggaagttgt cgccaacggt cactgggatt agagagttgc     75480
     ctcagcacta gcaggctagt ggagtccaaa ttcagataag gcctggtcaa ggcaaaggac     75540
     caacacagca gtttaaacct gcggtgccct aggatataga ccaatcaggg cttgaactca     75600
     actcacaaga gtcaatttca cccacaaggt tgtgtctcag caagccacag tctagtccca     75660
     gggactacta aagaagggca gggtttgagt agctaaaggc agagtcagag taggttaagg     75720
     gcaggtccaa aagagaatag ggtggttggc acctgggcaa acagggaggc ctgttctcga     75780
     gagtggccga aagggtcaat atgccaggcc acacggggaa gtccatcact accaaatgtg     75840
     tcttgcagga agcgtagccc aagtgtcatc tggtccacaa tcgcgccata gtgggtggct     75900
     gcttcgtcgt tcatcaccca gccaccattg acaaactcca ggcgccctgt tcaaataagg     75960
     cagagggaaa agggtagctg ttagaagcgg gggccaccgt gggcaaggct aggaaaacag     76020
     accctagtat gctatatacc gaagcctgaa gaagaggcga gtttccaaac cagtgtgctc     76080
     agatctgcat ggctgacctc cctgtggagc cactggagat gggaccttgt gagacagggt     76140
     tctctatatg aagacagatt ctaagcgggt agaactatgg gtacagtgtg tgtacacgat     76200
     gatataataa aaatctcaga gatgcctggt tgtccaagcc ttttgtttta gctctaggaa     76260
     aacagggagg aaggaggatt tcctcaagtt caagaccaat ctaatctaat aacaaattcc     76320
     aggccaggaa gggcctggct atataataag acactgctcc ccactcccct cccccacccc     76380
     ccccacacac ataagtaaat agataaataa gtaatctgag aggtcgggtt tgcagaagta     76440
     caagctgggc tgggcttcct cttttcactt cttgggttag gctcaccctg gcgcaccagg     76500
     ttccgtacag cgtcctgggt tgcactggtc tgctgcttcc accaacggga gaagaaagcc     76560
     atttccacat agatgaagcg acgggtgggt ttctccagta gagaggagac tactgagtct     76620
     aggatgtact gaacagatgc gtgctgaaca tcactcagga ctgtgggcat gaagttcagg     76680
     aagtcaaggt ccactagaag atatgcattg ctacagaggc cagaaaactc actgttccca     76740
     ccccaatgtc caaatctgtg aaaaaaattg cagaggccct cacccctctc tactcactgc     76800
     cgtaatagta ttggtccact gtcttcagcc agcctacatc atcgtgtgta tgaggcagca     76860
     ggtgcacatt gagcatgcct ggcttcgttg ggggacatgt ctgcacaaag acccccccaa     76920
     catacacatt ccctgtcagt agccgatagt tctagaggca ggcaggttgg gggctctgcg     76980
     gtagaaccct tgcctggcat gttcaagacc ataggtttga cttccacttt cacacgcagg     77040
     cagggagatg gtacaagcac aggccttaac tttggagtga tgcagagagg tcaaaaagct     77100
     ataatctgtc ccaggaagga cacacagagt atagtgccca tatactctat agatgcaact     77160
     cccactttgc acaaacccca tagagcagag atcacatact ttaggataac ttttgtcggg     77220
     gttagctaag catttgcaga cagctgagat acggggcaat attagcccta attgtcaggc     77280
     taggacactg tgccacagtg ctgagaagtg acttgcacag gaaggagcca ggaagctgag     77340
     aatcctgggg gaaagggaag ctaggaatgg gcagcccagc tcacatctcc tagtcaacct     77400
     ctgcaaagaa aagaaggggc gccaggtgat gtcgtcagat ttgcaagata ggttttccag     77460
     ccgagccatg ccaaatggat tttgggggat gcagtcacca acaagaggaa ccatgcaagc     77520
     acaacctgtg caaaacttag agtcctgcgt tcatgtggct gctcattctt cacccgacaa     77580
     ccacagtaaa gtgcatgcaa agtccaaaca ggccacttgg agtcacaggg aggcgaaaaa     77640
     aatcacgtgc agccttgttt tcaggctcac gccagacctt ttcagaaacc caatgcatgc     77700
     tcttagccca caccgtcaga tcaacagcag tttcctatgg atcagtgtca cccatacctc     77760
     tagttcaact ctgcccaaat acatttccgc ccgcgggccc cagctcaccc accttgtaac     77820
     ccgcggcccg agcgccaggc gcggccagca acagccaaaa aagaaaggaa ataggcagga     77880
     ctggcgaacc taggttgcag gagctcatcc agagccaccc ggtgttcccg ccaccagcac     77940
     ggacaccaga ggtgagcggt ccggtgccca tggttccggc gacgccgctt ccgtggcttt     78000
     ctctacccta gctaaatccc tgagaatgct ccgcccccag aacccgaacc gccaatcggt     78060
     gaggaagggg gcagggcctg ggtcatcaag gacctgtggc agtagactga gcacagggaa     78120
     gtactggatc tgtccccacc cccattccac ccagagctct tttggcagga gaccttagca     78180
     ctaagatttt tttgatatgc ttttgtatga gtgtgagcga aggattctgc tttcccagtg     78240
     gacttcaatg tttcctaagg agtgaaagtg tagatgggat tctagggtac caactctctt     78300
     tagggttggt gtcctggagg gacctagagt ggatagaagc tggggtcgaa aacagttctg     78360
     atctgccttg taggactggg acttcaaaca aactgccact ggaatgccag agatgaggca     78420
     cccatcccag gctggactga gctgcctgtg agcttgtagg gaagagagaa cccttcccaa     78480
     ctcccgctgg tctagtgatt gctctgttgc tctaataaga aaactcaggg ccagggttta     78540
     gtacattaat atgtagctgt aatgtcagca tgttgaaggc tgagacagga ctatatgaat     78600
     accaggcctg ccatggccat gtaaggatac acaaataaaa cccagaaata tacctctgta     78660
     gaatacttgt gtaacctata taaagccctg aatttcatac atagcacttc agaataaata     78720
     agcaaataca tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaccaa     78780
     gaaaaccaaa acctagattg gttaggttat cagggccaac aatcaccctg atgcctaacc     78840
     ctagacccga ggcttgtgaa atattaacat taactcattt tttcaaaaag tcagacaggg     78900
     gccccagcac agggcagtct tcactgggca gagcacccca tgaacaaaag agaagcaaca     78960
     gtgcaagcca accagagcgg aaagttttat atcaactggt ttcaataaga aaacaagtga     79020
     ctacgtagaa acatgaacag tgtttctcat aacagtggcc gggtttgggg gggggggaga     79080
     aggtaaaagg gaagtctgca ggtttatctc tttgtcaaag cagaagcagg gccccaaaga     79140
     aagagccaac ttccttccat tcagctggga gcccagagac cacactcagg aaagtttagg     79200
     acagcagctg agggagggcg gaggcagcca aaggctaggc cagagagaag gtgggcctga     79260
     gtccaggatc caaccctcct aggtggcatc accagggagg cgtcatgggc tgaggattct     79320
     gcagatagga catcaccacg gcggagatag agagcctgag atggaaaaga gctgtcagtg     79380
     ctggggagca cgcatgggac cccatcccct tattcagcat cctcacatga agctactcat     79440
     catctgctta gtgtcctccg agctccgcga gttggcaaag ctgataaagg agcagtagac     79500
     agcaacccaa gcacaccact tcagctgaag aaaggtgggt gagaagaccg ggtcagtgac     79560
     aagtatacca aggagctccc accaccaagg tcctcagata tcaggttcta cctgcagctc     79620
     ggaccttgtt cccggggaag cacctcaaca ccaaccctca gagcctactc gaagcagcag     79680
     gcttctgatg ccaatgtgtg tcctgcacct ctcaccctac cgcatcctct cagactgctc     79740
     taacattccc acatgctaag gaccctcccg gcctcttttc cacaagtcgt ctgtaacttg     79800
     cctaagttag gctccaccct cagaccccgc taggcagtgt acaagtcaag tgcaagccca     79860
     acttccccta cgtttggggc gtcaccctag ctccacccct agctgacctc acccccttcc     79920
     ccacctctag cacagccaga ggacccgcct ctttctgaac ccaccccaga cctcagtttc     79980
     aggcggacca acagacactc agggaggttc atccccaccc accttaagca tgaggccaca     80040
     catgctgaag atcatgccaa gaagattcat gtagtccgga gtcgggtcgt ctaaagccgg     80100
     gttgcactca ctcgggggag gcttatacct gcgacatgtt caaggatcag gagcgatcaa     80160
     gtcccacctg ggccacctta gccatgaccc acggccacaa ccaaagacgc cttgccatga     80220
     cttgctggac tgctcacctc agcactttgt tgggccttcg tgggtcggac atattgttag     80280
     tggacatagc aaactgaaga ccacgccgtc cttctttcac agctagaaga gcaacttccg     80340
     ggcgtgggaa tgaaggatgg cttttagagt aacaccagta gccagcgctt ctgttcccaa     80400
     tagcagtgag agggacgact ctcagccaga aaaaggagaa tgagaaaagg ccaaaacagt     80460
     tcctggaaag taggaagtct agggaaaaaa aactgaaagg acttttcagt atccccaaaa     80520
     ctgtcattaa cgcgctgaaa ttttgcacgg aagtgcaaag caggaaataa atcctggggg     80580
     acaataataa tgttacactc gagcaagtct ctttgaaagc ttgggaggac ggtggtctca     80640
     atacatcagc agtaaagcag gcagcggact gatgcattta aaagtatggc ttttcccgag     80700
     ccaaagccgc gggcaccgga gctgccgcag aaacggatga agacgctgga ctgcagccag     80760
     ggcgcggtgc gagccgtgcg atttaatggt aagcgccttc gccttcctcc cgggcgtccc     80820
     tccacccgag accggcggtc ccgtaacccc tgccctttgt tccccagtgg acggcaacta     80880
     ctgcctgacg tgcggcagcg ataaaaccct aaagctgtgg aacccgctgc gtgggacgct     80940
     gctgcggacc tacagtggcc acggctacga agtgctagat gcggctgggt gagctccggg     81000
     ctaggctgga ataaggagcg cagaggctag ctagggtcgt gagtggatat tgaccttctt     81060
     ttccctgtcc tccagctcct ttgataacag ccatctctgt tctggtggcg gggacaagac     81120
     ggtggtgctg tgggatgtag caactgggca ggtcgtgcgc aaatttcggg gccacgctgg     81180
     agtgagtaca agcgagaaga ccctcgttaa cgtgtgcatt gtggagatcc atattagccc     81240
     gtaggtggta cgaggaagat ccttccatca cagtcttccc ccattgtgcc catctagtat     81300
     accgtgacag ccaccaagca ctgtcttcct tccagtttcc ctagaacctt tcaccttccc     81360
     tacctataac atgtgccctt gctttaacat gcactgagag ccttgcctta atcccaatcc     81420
     tccaaagcct cactcctcta aattggtaat tcctgattct cagaaggtga acaccgttca     81480
     gtttaatgaa gaggctacag tcatcctgtc tggtgagtct aggtctggac agctagaaac     81540
     tgcccgctgc ccagagaccc aaacctgacc tcatcttcac attgacctta caggttctat     81600
     cgattccagt gtccgatgtt gggattgtcg ttctcggaag cctgagccgg tgcaaacact     81660
     agatgaagct agagacggca tatccagtgt aaaggtgtca gaccatgaga tcttggcagg     81720
     gtgagtgagt ccagggccac actccttgcc ctggtgccac tggaggtcat agtggccatg     81780
     gtttggtctt ttgagtcagg gtcttttgta atccaaggcg gtctttaatt cctaatcctc     81840
     ttgcctctac ctcccaagtg ctgagtatca gaatgagccg tgaagggcat ggtggcagag     81900
     gccttggatc tccaagtagt cagggctatg tagggaaacc ctgtctcaaa acaacaacta     81960
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacaa     82020
     atactgaatt ccagcctaga tgtctttttg tttttctgac agagacacat tctgtcctgg     82080
     aactcactat acagtccagg ctggctttcc aaaagctgca attgtaggta tacacctcaa     82140
     agcctggccc aactcagata acgaggcaac acttcatcct ataaatcaaa ataagtgtcc     82200
     caaaaggtca aagacatggg ggctggagag atagcttagt ggttaaaaag cactggctgc     82260
     tcttccaaag aaatctagct tcaattctca gcacccacgt gatgacttac aattagttgc     82320
     ctgagacgtc agttccaggg gacctgatac cttcttctgg cctgtgcagg cataaggcat     82380
     gcacatggca cacaaacata catgcaagca aaaacacgaa tacacataaa aagttttaaa     82440
     aacagtgtag atgcatctgt ataggagaat atgtatggag ggaaggtgtc agcagaggtc     82500
     agaggcctct ctggggctgg agttatttat ttttagtatt gtgtgtgtgc aggcatatgt     82560
     gtcaaggtca gaggacagtc agttctctcc tttactatgc tgaggcaaga caggatctct     82620
     ctccctgttt ctgccatgct atgtactgca ggctgactgg cccttgcctt tccaagagac     82680
     tcttctagct ccacctccca tttccccaga gagagtgcca agacattaga tcttgctacc     82740
     tcatccagct gttgtgtggt ttccagagat caaacttgga tcaccagtct tgctttcttc     82800
     ctcccaggcc tacagacatc acttagtttc accttggtga tatagaactc tgttgtggct     82860
     gactccacac tgtagcccag gccaagaact taagcaaaaa caatggcctt tgtatttctc     82920
     tccttggctg cacctgtagc taccctcatc ttcaaggcca acttctgata ttacctactt     82980
     ggacgtttct agatcttcct ggttcagcat aggttacttt tttttttttt ttaagattta     83040
     tttatttatt atatgtaagt acactgtagc tgtcttcaga cactccagaa gagggagtca     83100
     gatcttgtta cggatggttg tgagccacca tatggttgct gggatttgaa ctccggacct     83160
     ttggaagagc agtcgggtgc tcttacccac tgagccatct caccagcagc cagcataggt     83220
     tacttaatgg tagaaattgt gtaacctctt ccactgaaag agctgcagtt tctagtctgt     83280
     cctgcctagt aggacagtca gtaactgcaa ccatgagggc tggaaagact gtctatggct     83340
     tagagtactt gttgctcttg tagaaaaccc aggtttgatt ctcagcaccc acatggtgac     83400
     tcacaaccat ctgtaactcc aggtctagag aatctaacac ccttctttgg cctcctcagg     83460
     gaaccagaca cacacatgat tcatatacat acacatacat gcagataaaa tattcatgta     83520
     cgagataaaa acccaaaaaa taataaaatt tacataaata aatgcaacca tgagccaggc     83580
     aggcatggtg gcttgcgcct ttaatcccag ttcttgggag gcaaaggcaa gtggatcttt     83640
     gtgagttcca ggccattctg gtctatataa caagttccag ctagaactaa atagataccg     83700
     tgtctcaaaa cacacaaaca cacacaaaaa tcactgagtg ccagctatgg cagcttccca     83760
     gcaatgagaa gacccggggg gctggggggg ggggtgtcca agagttaaag gccagcctat     83820
     ctacagttag gcagtagtgg catgtgcctt taatcctagc gctcaggaag cagaagcaga     83880
     agcaggcaga ggtcttgaca gtgaaattaa aaacaaccaa ggccacacag agaaaccctg     83940
     tctcaaaaac aaaaacaaaa gacaagaagg aagaaagaaa aagaaattaa gtacaatgaa     84000
     tctagtcaca ttagggacaa aagttgagct gtgagacagc agaaatggga gggaggactg     84060
     gtggcagtga aggcctggtg agagcaagct taggtggact agcgccacct agtggctagc     84120
     tgctgcagct gccgatgaga gctactgaag gaactcaggc acaacagagt ctagaggcct     84180
     gcaagagaca tttggacatc tatttttctg agagtggtga aaggccatat ttctttgagg     84240
     ggaagactgg cattgctgag gttgtgcttt caaagttcct ggtgaggcag gtgtggtagg     84300
     acagacacac ctataatcct tagcatgaga ggctcaagga caaactcagt cagagtgagt     84360
     attcgaccag tcaggactct tgagatcctg cctcaaaaaa ggagaaagct gcttaggggc     84420
     attaaggatt gggcattcca ggcaaagcct tcatacacac aaaataagat ggtggtagtg     84480
     ctgtgggtgg ggaaggagtc gcactcggag aatacagttg ccttggtatc tgtagtaggc     84540
     tgacttcagg atctaccaga gacagcaaat gttaggctgc ccattctgct acatggtttt     84600
     ggtttgtttg cttgcttgag atgctgagta tggaactcag ggcctgtgca tgctaagagg     84660
     ccagcctgat ctactgcgtg atttccatat cagctagggc tatacagagg aaaaaaacag     84720
     ataataaaat ctttataaaa tgtgtagttg gtcagatgtg cagatgtaga acccaggtac     84780
     aggtagagtt gactgctgta ccagtcagga ggtacaggat ctagaaagct ctgagaggtt     84840
     ggaagagaga gcatagctct gagtgggacc aaactgtccc gagactgagt cacacagcag     84900
     aagagcatca ttgccttgct cacattttcc tagaaggcca gggattccaa ggcacacagg     84960
     ctgccctgga gcaaaaaaag gtcagtgctt taggctggat ctactctttc ttgcagctct     85020
     gtggatggcc gcgtgaggcg ctatgaccta aggatgggac aggtctcctc agactacgtg     85080
     ggcagtgagt gtggacagtg ggacagtcag ggcaagtggt gggacagaca agagtaccca     85140
     ggtttacctg cctgcctcgc tctctaaggc cctatcacct gcacctgctt cagccgggac     85200
     gggcagtgca ctctgatatc cagcctggac tctactctgc ggcttctaga taaagacaca     85260
     ggggagctgc tgggcgagtg agtctccagt ggttggccct tccccctctc cccacttctg     85320
     gggtgcaaca agcccctctg atcctcccca cccccactcc taggtatgtt ggccataaga     85380
     accagcagta caagctggac tgctgcctga gtgagcgcga cacacatgtg gtcagctgct     85440
     ctgaagacgg gaaagtgttc ttctgggacc tggtagaggt gagccttccc cttgtgctcc     85500
     ttgccaaggg catcagctgg gtgtttccca agcttgaaaa gagcaataat gacaggtatt     85560
     tgtgcaggaa cctctggcag agggtagagg ggtgtgtctc actttgtagc ccaggctggg     85620
     cttgaattca tcctgcctcc gtttcttaag ctgaaatatg aaggatggat gaggggaaag     85680
     caggaaagat atttgaagca aggggaatag catatgctaa aggacttgga gaaggtggtg     85740
     gctgtagctg gttccaggtg ggtcacaagg aaggctgagc taggtgcttt ctatacccaa     85800
     ggctagcagt ctctaggcca agggtgtggc tcagtggcag ggtttgccta gcattctcag     85860
     taccaacaga aagtcaggga caagctgact gaggacttca ggcaagatct caaggagacc     85920
     gactgatagt aatagttccc caccactcat tccttagggt gccttggcac tggccctgcc     85980
     tgtgggttct aatgtggtac agtcactggc ttaccatccc acggaaccct gcctactgac     86040
     tgccatggga ggcagcatcc agtactggcg agaagagacc tatgaggcag agggtggagc     86100
     aggctgaggc ttacggacct gacaccaagg atgcagactg actcagaaaa cccaaccaaa     86160
     gggccattta ttctagagat gctgctgacc aaggagtggg cctagggagg ggctggcatg     86220
     taaagtaata aataaaggtg tggcaaaaag cctcagtctt taccaatctt cttagtcttc     86280
     attcttctca gctctgaagg catctgcctt ttgggcgaat gtctcagcca ccagcaaggg     86340
     gaaaaccaga gaagcatcag catagacctg cagaagacct cagtgagccc tggagccatg     86400
     ggcagcccac ggaccctgca ccctgccctg ccaccatcta cctttactgg ctgtgcgtcc     86460
     atccggatct tgccccaaga gacagcctca tctggccggg ctccggagtc tgagccatca     86520
     aactcctggg ctgtgttgat ataaacagcg tagtctgctc cattcctctg tgggtagagg     86580
     aagccctcgt cagaagccgt agaaggctgg gtatgatgca gaggaaggcc tagagagctt     86640
     ttaggaaggg cccatcagtg cctgaggctg ccacaaacca tccgcaggag accacaccta     86700
     cctctgctcc cactacagca ctattccatg cctccgatcc attccccttc accccacagc     86760
     caccatataa cacagtgggg acggtcacag gccactgcac tcaccatgag gttagcgttg     86820
     gcaatgtggt gcttgaccac acctccaccc aggatgatca tcccagagcg cttggcgaaa     86880
     atggcctgcg tgttgatgag tcgcaggtct gtgagagggc agaggtcagg ccttgacctc     86940
     ggcgggcttt cctccccctc ctccccgggc cttagcacct caccttcaac aatgtccagg     87000
     accaagcctg ggtttttata ggaatggaag aagatcatgt cacccagtga gccatctgtg     87060
     agtgctggac tcagcacagg gatgtggttc tggtggagac aagaccagtc agcagctaca     87120
     gctcacaccc caggaaaacc ctgaccccca acccagtggc gtccctccca acctgtgtag     87180
     gccactcaat ttctctgctg gacatgaccc ctctgttcta catgtggagg cagagtgagg     87240
     aaaaccacac atggcttgaa ggtgctggca cactgagcac tggcttgtca cttccagact     87300
     cttgtgctgc actgtccctg ggtgcacagt accctgggtc aggccccact gacttctagg     87360
     gtactacact aaatcccggg agtgtagggg cataactagg agaaccttgc catcaagtga     87420
     tacacctcgt ctaatttggg gagaccaaga ataattatag agacgctcag gtagctacaa     87480
     agacaaagtc agtacaagcc aaagcctggg aataccgtcc ccacccaacc caccttatgg     87540
     gcccaataat acacagagtc tgggttgttg atctccttcc caagccggga gatcatcttg     87600
     gaaggtgtcc acttcacacc ctatcatggg agagaatatc gtattagctc atatgtcttc     87660
     tgactcttac tatgcaggtc cccgagccct tccagcccca cctctgtgtt ctgctccagc     87720
     accatctggt ccagaatggg catgagccag tcctcaaact tgcagtaatt gtcattcggc     87780
     accagcaggt ttccaatcct ggaaatggga gccatgcggg catgggtcac ggggatcctc     87840
     tgcccagctt ccccgccccg accactactc aaagcctccc tcacctgttg atcccactct     87900
     cccggagctc cttccccctg aggctgaact cgccaaggta tgtgggcgcc aggcatttga     87960
     tgagatcttc ttccacacct ccagcagtgg tcaccaatac atccacctgt ggtcggtcgc     88020
     aggcaacact gaccccccct tctaagcagc aacctaacct gggtgagctc atccagacct     88080
     aagcatgagc gctacaacaa aaccaactcc aggccaggcc tccctctgcc tgaagcagac     88140
     ccacagccag aaaaagtggc acggtcttgc gatcccagca ctcggaaagg aggctgaggc     88200
     atgaggactg ccgggatgtc aaagaacaat actccatctc ctcacaccct tttttttttt     88260
     taatctattt tgggcggtgg tggtgcatgc ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggtagaggc     88320
     aggcagaatt tctgagttca aggccagcct ggtctacaga gtgagttcca ggatggacag     88380
     ccagggctat acagagaaac cctgtctcaa acaaaacaaa aacaaaaaag actaaaagat     88440
     gtatttaata tatgtgaata cactgtccct ctcttcagac acaccagatc tgtaatggca     88500
     tcaaaagatc ccattacaga cggttctgag tcaccatgtg gttgttaaaa agcaaaccca     88560
     aatctttcac aggaccgcaa ataatctctg agcctcttca tttctcttaa ctgaaaaata     88620
     accctttttt tttttttcct actggcccaa ggaggctggg gttccagagc taacgtggac     88680
     ccaccatgtt gtgctgcacg aggtatcgaa tggtctcccg gatgcctgaa ctgatgaggt     88740
     tggaagtata gcccaagaaa atggtgcagc ctgtaagtgg gcggcggctc tgagtcaggt     88800
     ctgcgtgatg atcttcatct acagccagtg gctccagttt tttctcaatc tggtcataag     88860
     ggcacaggaa agttgcacta agactccaaa cctcagttga ggtaccctac ctggcctgga     88920
     ttccagaggt tgattgcact cagggagact actacaaaac caaagcacaa cccctgggca     88980
     gaccctaacc ctcccattcc aggtccaggt ctgtcacttg atggtttgag aaccacccag     89040
     tatcttcaag tctccttcca ccgggaaaat cgaaccccgg gctcccctag cgttaagctc     89100
     ctcctacaaa gcccttttgg atttttaact ccaagctcca cccatcgcag aactctagtt     89160
     tacccggact ccgccctctc ccggacgctc acgcggaaat ccgcgcgcag cggcccggca     89220
     tcccgcccgg gtggccccgc gcctcaccat ggcgttgact tgctgcaccg cgcgcccgaa     89280
     gttggtagcc tggaagccgg tggtgcggta ggcgtccaga agcgcatggt aatctacgcc     89340
     gcggttgaag tcgtagcctt ggacctgggc gctctcgggc ggcaacgctg agctgtgctt     89400
     gagcacggcg gccagcgccg aggagggcgc cgcccctggc ggggtccctt ccatgtgctc     89460
     gcggccgctc tcaggtctca gcagcctcgg cgccctgaga cccgcaaaat ccctcagcga     89520
     ggtcggccgg agcccaggaa gtgcgactcg agagccttgg gggcgtgggg cgacgaaacc     89580
     ggaagtcact tggtctcgtg accttgggca gcgcccgccg tcctggtagc cgccatttta     89640
     tccctgtgtt ccgtacatgt ggtccaggag ctgttactga gcttcaagca tagggaagtg     89700
     cctagtttgc aagctgtctc tctgtccaaa tattcttgtc ccccatgagc gaagtgattg     89760
     tttcttggac ggtgtccttg aacacgactt agggcatcag gcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     89820
     gagttgcagc cttttgtcaa atggaatagt gttttctttt gatgcttctt ccagtctcca     89880
     caaactttgt tgcctcctct tttccccctc cagccatagc tcaattttaa ctggatcatg     89940
     ggcctctggg gaggcaggga tgactgccat ctatttacca cgagaagctt gctgagaatc     90000
     tatcatgcat cctcttaatg atacactgag cctaggacag gggcacccct tcttctggtt     90060
     tgtgtagtct agactagaaa tagtgctctc tgctggaagc tgagatttag caatggacaa     90120
     gacctctgac ctcccggtga ccatagtatg atgaaacaga aaatggttta gtgattaaac     90180
     caggcttggg acacactgca atccagaggt cgaggcagaa gaatctcgag ttccaggcca     90240
     ggctgaacga tagagagcag gaccctgtct taacaaaagg gacctgtgtg gctagggaaa     90300
     tagatgttag tatggtcctt gctttttgaa aaagcaagag tgtggattgt atatgtgcgt     90360
     tcaattacca gaactcaagg ggcttggggg ttgacaatac cagtaattcc agctctgggg     90420
     aagcagagac aggcagatcc ttgggatggg gcctgcagaa tgactcagta gccaaaggct     90480
     tacgatagaa gaagagtctg gattcccata cattctcttc tgaccgccac agcaggccat     90540
     gcatgcacaa ggtcataaca caggcttgag gaccaggtga atgtcttctg agagtgacat     90600
     atgaggttgt cctctggcct acaatcaatc aatcaatctc tctctctctc tctctgaaga     90660
     ggaggaggag gagttggtaa cctgagctga aggaaaaggt gattggtgaa aactgccaag     90720
     accagaagac ccagaaaatt cctattacat aaagacttca gagacactat ttttccaacg     90780
     atccccttca tttaaccaat atctgccatc agtgcccagt accactacct ggagggaggt     90840
     ctgcatacat ccgggagggc aaagtgactt gaatccatga tacttatcac ctcctcctcc     90900
     tcctctaggg aaaaagttga atgaaggtag ctatggctac tctgactaag atagtgatgg     90960
     cgggggggct agagagatgg ctcagctgtt aagagcactg actattcttt ttttggtttt     91020
     ttgagacagg atttctctgt atagccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactctg tagaccaggc     91080
     tggcctcgag ctcagagatc cgcctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat taaaggtgtg     91140
     caccaccacg cccggcacag cactgaatat tcttaggaag gtcctgagtt caaatcccag     91200
     caaccacatg gtagcttaca accatctgta atgacatctg acgccctcta ctgctgtatc     91260
     tgaagacagc tacagtgtac tcatataaat aataaatctt tttttaaaat acatatacat     91320
     atagtaatgg ctgttatgct cagagtcacc atgatcagca agcagaggga agagcaggta     91380
     gggacatagc aagaacttgg tctctaggct ggtaagacat gacttattgg gtaaagcctt     91440
     ttgtcaggag gcctggatac ctgagttcaa tcccaaggcc accgtggtag aacaggttct     91500
     cagaatgtta gcctctgacc ggtttcacat gcaactacct taccctcaac gcacacaata     91560
     attttttttt ttttgagaca gtctcaccat ggaactgact ggcctggaat ttattatgta     91620
     gacctggcag cctcaactca cagagatcaa cctgcctcta cctcctgagg gctgagataa     91680
     tgaatgcaat tttaaaataa aaaattatgc gtttgtttgt tttgggtttt tttgtttttt     91740
     tgtttttttt tttttttttt tggttttggt ttttcaagac tgggtttctc tgtgtagccc     91800
     tggctgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctc gaactcagaa attcacctgc     91860
     ctctgcctcc cgagtgctgg gatctgtgcc accactgccc ccaacttaag ataaaaattg     91920
     taaaagacgt tgctgaagca atcctcttta gagaaatcaa caccagcacc ttgatgtcag     91980
     atttccagcc acccaggcaa caattcccag ggtttataca attcactctg tggctttgtt     92040
     ggagcagttc agccaggcta ataccctggt aaaagaaaga atgaacaaat gaatgaacag     92100
     atgaacagtg tcaggataac ccttaaggga caaaggggaa ggatgataag caggctaggt     92160
     gtgatgcgaa tcccaggctg gctactcaag gggatgagtc agtgccatct tagcccagga     92220
     gtcaaagttt agtctaaatg atatagcccc tgtctgggta ataatggtgt tgatcacgta     92280
     aataacagga aattccaaga ggtaatctgg tagactctgc agaggatgag tttactgtaa     92340
     gaggcctcaa aacaagggga cattctcttc attttcttga cagggtccct gtgtggccca     92400
     ggctgctctc taaatcctgg ctcccagcag acaatctttc cagctctgct tctggagtag     92460
     ctttgcatat acataatgcc aaccactcca cctcccaccc cagattgctt cttgttctgt     92520
     ttgacataga gctttatgta gcccaggtca tccctcacag tgacaggatc acaggtggac     92580
     accaccatat ccaaaacagc caggaatgaa gcaaggcata ggatagctgg caaggaccca     92640
     gtactgtact ggttcagacc agtggggctg ggctagggag aaaggcaggt ggcatgagca     92700
     ggaagagcag caggaagcag cctgagaatt tcacttaaag gttgacatga gggtccatga     92760
     ggcagagaag gaggtgtctg agggatgaag gccttcgaga tggatgctgg tgctggatgc     92820
     aggtctggga gtgaacgtgg taagacggac gagacgcaag agtgacttga acaggatggc     92880
     gaggtcagcg tgggctatga gaccatctca gagccccatt agaattttaa aatgaagtgg     92940
     aagagagtta ttaaaaagac agtttggagt tcagagaaga gctgagccag gctacttata     93000
     gccttagggg gcagaaggag cagagagaaa ggtctgctgg ggacaatcca cagatatcca     93060
     gcaagtcaga gtcccacatc ccccaggcat gcagccaagt cccccagggg agccaagaaa     93120
     caggtgacac caaagcagcc actgggcctc ctggggaaca gaccccttct gtcacagcag     93180
     ctgccactgt tgttactggt gacatttcac tgggtcctgg cttcaaagtc tctgcagggt     93240
     ctgggaaggg ggttgaagaa gccaggtcag tattggggag agagccagag tagggtaggt     93300
     gaggctggag caggcagcca agcgtgttca ggcgtcttca ggacctaaaa ggagctgcaa     93360
     aagcttggag tctcaggctt gcacggccct gcgcaccttc tcccagatgt ctagcaaggt     93420
     ggccactggc agtgacatcg gacaggcccg tcgggcagtg gagcaactgc ggatggaagc     93480
     aggcatcaac cgcataaagg tgagggttgg gacagcctgg gggtgggcac agctgtgtag     93540
     ggaggaggtg gatacccaga tgtggctgac atgatggggt ctgcaggtat ccaaggcagc     93600
     tacagatctg ctgcagttct gcactgaaca ggccaagagc gaccccttcc ttgtgggcat     93660
     cccagctgcc accaaccctt tcaaggaaaa gaaaccctgt gctatcctat gaacccatga     93720
     taatgctgct gcctttatta ctctggatac cacaggaagg tcctcaataa agatgacagc     93780
     ttctctgttg caatttgtgt gctgaatggg aaggtgaggg gcaccacagg tctctgggga     93840
     ccagtgcata cctgtcattc tcctcctatg gccatttcca gtcacagctg ctcatatctg     93900
     tacatctaga gccctgcatg aagagacctg cactatggcc acctgccaca tacctacagg     93960
     gtggctggaa catgtgtctg ctctctgagt cagagtttgc atgccacaca gcccaccaac     94020
     agctcactga gttatatcag acacaggtgt ccatggccct tgagcacatg caaacacaga     94080
     ccagcaggca ccccagccct ggcaggctac ccctcgtaac cttagccaca ccgacaaacc     94140
     caaacacgca cagacagtca cagaaagctc acactccagt ttccaacaat tgcacgtagg     94200
     tttatttctc ttcactgctg tgggagagag acatccaaat ccaaacaaaa tgggtcattc     94260
     aggcatggtg gcacacctac catcccaaca cgtgggagat ataagcaagg ggatcaggca     94320
     ttcaaggcct gcctcaaaca catagtgaat atgaggccag cctgggttac atgagaccct     94380
     gtctcaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacgcaaagc ccacgagtgg aaggtaggga     94440
     agaaccctct tggtaggaaa actagaatgt cacccctgca ggcacagtgt gggcccagcc     94500
     ctgggacttc ctgtatccca ggtctgtgga gcagggcagc accaatggca ggaattcctc     94560
     cagagcagag gcctcggtgc agcctcagca ggcagtctat accaacatcc atccacagcc     94620
     gcgtccagct agctcttcag gccagcagcc tccagacctc caatgacagg ccaccagagg     94680
     cagccaccac tacgttgccc tcagcacaga tctggggaac agtgacagtg gaattagggg     94740
     atggcctggg ttcctggtag gccagcaggt tatatgaggc aggaccttac cccatttaac     94800
     acgttgtggt ggcttcgggt acagatggtc ctaggtggat ctgtgggcac gtgaacctaa     94860
     caggaacaag tagcagaggt cagggtatgt gccctggcca attgggggga gggggtctgc     94920
     atgggccagt gtcctcaccc gaatggtctt gtcagtagat gttgtgtaca aagtccccag     94980
     cgagtgtttg atccctgtga tctgagactg gtgacccaca tcaaaggact aggggagaaa     95040
     ggatgggtga cactcaggtg gagttctccc atggttagcc ctccacaccc aaggagtcac     95100
     agaggatgca cagacaggga tcctagcaga cccgaacaag ctggaagcaa ccatctcgat     95160
     tggcgaagac gtgcagcaga ccctggttgt cacctgccca gagctggggc tcctggtaag     95220
     acatgcacag gagataggag tccagctgta ggaaggacga ggcataaagc aggtcaggaa     95280
     ctgaagactg ggctgcactc cttctctgag acacagggaa gggtcaccca cctgcagccg     95340
     ctgtaggacg ctattggctc gacgatcaaa taccacaagg ctgtggtcct cgctgcctga     95400
     gatgacatgc ctgtcatctg ccagcactgc tagcaccgcg cttgagtgca gcctccggct     95460
     cttcaccagg gccaaaccag ctggaatgtg atgacggacc agggaaaatg gaggacatca     95520
     gagctcttca gagatgctag gcccacctga ggatctgggc catcatctcc cctgggaaag     95580
     ccttctactc actcagcctc ccccctcagg ctccacctgg atctaagtcc tacaggtttt     95640
     tgtcctttcc cgcctccccc atctctatgc tcccagccgc accagcttct cccaagacag     95700
     agccaagtac attctgccca agcctaaatc cagttcaggg tcccttagtt tcatggagtt     95760
     aaatgactct gtggaggctg ggttggggat acagctcagc agctaagtaa tagcctggca     95820
     agcccaaggc cttggcttcc atcccgggac agggggaagg gaaggggtta atcagtagcc     95880
     agacctcatg gtgcaggcct gtaatcccaa ctactcggga gtctggaggc tcagacagga     95940
     ggcttaatag gtagaggcca gcctaatata tagagtgagt ttgaggctac cctggtcaac     96000
     acagtgagag cctgtcacaa aaggaaaaaa agaaaaaagg catagagttc agggacaaag     96060
     catctgtcca tgtgagggag gcacaaagtt caaaccccag ataagaaagt cacgcaacca     96120
     caggaaagac atgcagtaca aacaggttta tgccatccac caatgacttt tcttttctta     96180
     aatgactcat tttttaaatt tttgagtctt tgatatttct ctttattttg tgtgtctggg     96240
     tgttttccct atagatatct gtgcgcagca cgtacgcagt gccaatggag gccagaaggc     96300
     aatggtccct cataaactgg aggtacagat ggttgttagc taccatgtgg gtgcttccca     96360
     acccaatcca ggacctctgg aagggcaacc agcgttctta attgctgagc catcttttca     96420
     gcccctgcat cctgccccca tgctcttttc tgttgtgttg tgtttccttt cttttgtttt     96480
     ttgttgtgtt ttgtttattg agtttttttg tgacaggatc ttactgtgta gccctagctg     96540
     gcctagaatt tactatgtag cccatgctga tcttgaactt agagatctgc ttccctttgc     96600
     cttctacgca ctgggattaa aggctcacct ctgggatcat agatggtcac cttcttgtca     96660
     taggtaccag tcaccaggat atcaggttgg taggaaaggc acagcactgc cgccttgccc     96720
     ctggggacac acggcacaca aggctggggt gatggctggg cagggctcta cccacccagg     96780
     ccccctgccc gggccccctc acacttgatc tctccaaact gctgcccatc agccgccatg     96840
     tcccacagct tcacagtgct gtcccaagag ccggagcaca cacggtggtc ctgcgctgct     96900
     agcgaccata cccagccctg tgggagcagg tacaacagtc acataagact cctcacttta     96960
     agggctgtac cacagctcag ggctcactcc ttcccaaagc ccaagagagg aagcctggat     97020
     cttcctgctt ttgcacagaa ggatccaata gatgaacaga tttactcaaa gccaaacagc     97080
     ttttcctccc tcatgcccac ttccacacca ctgccataac acacataact cccacactgt     97140
     gtaatcatct cttctcacag atgacaaaac caagggtcag aaggaggaca cagacaacta     97200
     gagcatcaga ctgtttcaaa gagcaaaagg aacagaactg agctgtcaag gagtgtagct     97260
     cagtgagaga gtatcaatgt gtagggttag ggtttgagtc tgcaagcccg acacagcctg     97320
     ggtacaagaa cacacatttc cagtaccatc tagagagacc tcagggtctc tcttagtgcc     97380
     cccaacccct ctctttttgc taggatagaa cccagagcct caacaaattc taggcaagct     97440
     aggcgtggtg gtgcacacct ttaatcttag tacttgggag gcaggggcag gcaggtttct     97500
     gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg atttccagga cagccagggc tacacagaga     97560
     aaccctgtct cgaaaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaga atgtagcttt ggcagaggca     97620
     ggcggatttc tgagttcaag cccagcctgg tctacagagt gatttccagg actggcaggg     97680
     ctacacagag aaaccctgtc tcaaaaaaac aaaatgaaac gaaaagaaag aaagaaagaa     97740
     agaaagagag agagagagag ggagggaggg agggagggag ggagggagga aggaaggaag     97800
     gaagaaagaa ggaaggaagg agggagggag ggagggaggg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg     97860
     aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa gaaagaaaga     97920
     aagaaaaaaa gaaagaagct ctggagctgg gtggtggtgg cgcacgcctt tagtcccagc     97980
     acctgggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg agtttgaagt ttgaggccag cttgatctac     98040
     agagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaccaaaag     98100
     gaaaaaaaaa aaaagaatgt agcttcggga gctggaaagg tggctcagca gctaagagca     98160
     ctgactgagc tttcagagga cccaggtttg attcccagca cccacatggt ggctcacaac     98220
     cacctgcaac tctagttcca tgggatctaa cgccccatcc tggcctccat gggcaccaga     98280
     tgcacaactg gtcacagaca tatatacagg taaaacaccc cacacataaa attttaatta     98340
     aaaaaaatgt gcagcttccc cttcagaacc taactaatca catgcccccc tttttattta     98400
     caaaaaagtg gggggggacc aaaaatgaaa aaacagttcc tgccttatca gttactatgt     98460
     gtaatgagct gacatctggt caacacattc cctgccaaac cctttgagaa ggcactgtaa     98520
     tatatgctct ttgataagtg atgcaatttg ggcaaaggga aattgagttc ccccactcag     98580
     tagacatttg aactcagcat tcagtctgtt ggtcatgggc acagatcact ttgacgatgg     98640
     gtagagctgc cctccatcaa ccgcttcgca tgaaagcagt catactgaag gctcgctgat     98700
     ccccagtgac caggaacagc tttatagcta ctacccattt gcacttgacc tcttgacgta     98760
     tacctgacag cttattgagc aactgttgtg tgccaaagac caaaattatg gcatatgcat     98820
     attaatactt agtccacttt caacttcatc ttaaccaaaa acagtaaaaa ctgaattcat     98880
     caagagttat accaacagta gaggtagagt cgagtctatg caatctaaca tcagaaccca     98940
     gtcccccagc tgcagcatcc tcccagcctg ttcttatccc cccgccccca gactgctcac     99000
     cttgtgtgtg ctattgccct gggtgcctaa ggccttcacc agaactcggc tgggatcctt     99060
     ccctagatgg cgcaggtccc acaggttgac attccgatcc cgggagcctg acagacacag     99120
     tgccccaccc tggagggaag gagagcctgg agttagttat ccttgaggtt cctcacctcc     99180
     tagcctgctt ggcctcctgc ctcagctccc ctcacctgga gcagcaacac cgcatcaatg     99240
     gaagcaaagt ggccatcagc caggcagaag tactcggttc gctgtccatc ctctgcccag     99300
     cgggccaggt gctgctccag ctcaatgcag gcggctggcc agtcaaagtt ctcctctatg     99360
     gtgtagcaag agcagggcat tcagaggaca tcaactgaca gagcccagcc ctggctgtca     99420
     gggagcccaa ccttcaccag acctagatag aatgctgcct ggatcccaaa caggcacagg     99480
     ctctggcttt gtctcaggct acctgaccac ccatctccca tgcagaacta agaatattta     99540
     ccccagctct aagaaaccga gactaacatt tttacaggct tcattctcaa accctagccc     99600
     aggtgacagt aatttctctc tcaattctcc ccaggggcct caagattaac caactcttct     99660
     gggtttagat ccagggacac agtggttaaa acttctaact acccaagcag tggtggcgca     99720
     cgcctttagt cccagcactt gggaggcaga gacaggcgga gttctgagtt tgaggccagc     99780
     ctggtctaca gagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtctcaaaa     99840
     aacaaaaaat taaaaattaa aaaaaaatcc ttctaactat aaaccaggaa gccacatcaa     99900
     gacacagaag ccaaggggtg ggaaatatgg ctcggcagta gagaacttac ctaagttatc     99960
     cctagtcgct cttcctgccc cctcccaagt cagaatctaa acctcaggtc agccattcaa    100020
     tggtctggag gaggtccaag cacctgtttt atcaaagctg tttgtaaatc tgactcgggg    100080
     ttggagggca actccctaat gcagaagaat caaactcttc cagattagag gaatcaagag    100140
     cctgagaacc tagcaatatc agaaccagga acatgtccga gacatgctga ggatgggaca    100200
     cgtcataaag catttaccta gcatagccaa agccctgagt tctgtcctta aaagcaacag    100260
     caaaaactca aaatcatcga tttcaagttg tctcttcctc cagaaaccaa tgacctcaag    100320
     ggcagaagga acaacacagc tctgcaaaga tgacaaggct agcccaaaca cttgtaaggc    100380
     taaggagcta catgagaacc tgccccaaaa taataaaata aaatagaaaa ggtgacaggc    100440
     tagacctaga actgaaagat tactggtatt aatgatccca atcgggagtc tagaaattca    100500
     gaacctctta acgaatcctg gatcaacact ccatgggtca aaggctttgt tatgctagtt    100560
     gctgcttgtg cctcaagttg tttccaaagc ttgggaattc ttgggctagg gcctttgtgc    100620
     taacaaagcg caaacccgga aatctttgga ttttaagttt agaaatccca ggtccagagc    100680
     acttcctgag gaaaccaagt ggccttgtgg tcgacaagga ttaggcagca ccccaaaatt    100740
     cctgtctccc aaggatgtgc ataccttcca ccactgggta gggtgcgcgt acgcggcgct    100800
     gagcgcgtag cctccaggtg acacgatcac gcacgaggtc gtgcaacgct tggcacacgc    100860
     acggcaggac ttgaagcacg actcgcgcat ccaggtaggc acagatctcc agcagcagct    100920
     ccgggggaag gctcaagagg cccggtaggc gcacggccgg gactttggag gcggcctttc    100980
     gctccggcac gcctagggac gcggagaaca tggactgcag tgacgagcgc cgcggggtca    101040
     ggccaagctt gggaggggta agcacacggg ctacgtaggc ctcagcttga gtgtcagggt    101100
     cgggatctgg ctcggggtca gattcctcct cacaagagcg aggatcccca ctccgccctg    101160
     aggaaagatc catggcgccc gggtgggcgc ggctgtacag gtttagccag agccgcgtct    101220
     tgtttcctag gcagcgcgag atcacttccg gcgcccatta gatgacgtca gagactaaca    101280
     cctgccagat attgcttgga aatcagacgt ctagtcctgt gcgggtgtga atggtttttt    101340
     tttttttttt ttttttttgg tttttcgaga cagggtttct ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc    101400
     tggaattcac tttgtaggcc aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatccacctg cctctgcctc    101460
     ccgagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtgcaccac cacgcccggc gtttatcttt tatttctact    101520
     cctttttttt tttttttttt aaggcagggt ttctctgtat agccctggct gtcttggaac    101580
     tcactttgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact cagaaatcca cctgcctctg cctcccgagt    101640
     actgggatta aaggcatgtg ccaccaccac ccagctaaat aattcttaaa aaaaaaaaat    101700
     ggtcactggg tcctcaaccc gggcagtggg cacgccttta atccggcttc tactcttata    101760
     tttggaatcc cctgaagcta ggtttacagg tcggcaatca cctcttgtgg atgctagaaa    101820
     cccaattttc atcttctcca agaccaactg ctttgtttta gacaagtaat ccaggatggc    101880
     ctctaattcg gtgggtgacc tgcctctgct ctctctgttg aaatgaaagg cacctatctc    101940
     gctcacttaa agtgctctta agccatgggc catcgaccgt ttcagccctg gagtttatgc    102000
     tttgtacgca tttggaggcc tgaggttgag atggttggag gccttcttca atctccatct    102060
     tagtttattg tcctaaattt tgtgtgtgct cccgtgcacc acaggtcaca tgtatcagag    102120
     caactctgtg gagtcacttc tccatcacct ttacataggt tctggaatca aattaaggta    102180
     aacaggcagc aaacatcttt atgtgctgag ccaactctca cagcaggcat cttatatctt    102240
     gaaacagcta ttgactaatg acttttagct agactggctg gccagccagt gagcctcagg    102300
     aagccttctg tctctgttca ccaggagttg ctctcctgtg cccaacactg atgtgggcaa    102360
     tcctaattta ggtcttcaac tttgcatggc ttcaacagtt aagctccacg cctaagttta    102420
     ttttggggtc aaatgaccat tgtctaggaa ctctgattca atttcaaata ggtcaggcaa    102480
     aactgtgggc aataaatggt taaggactaa aggtagtagg ccaggataat ttcacataga    102540
     cgagtcacag ctccccacaa tcagtcctgt ccaggtataa tctttctttt taattgattt    102600
     taagggtatc actatgtagc cttatcttga tctctatata aacctggtca ctatataggc    102660
     agggctagcc cttgaaccct aaatgcttcc aaatgctgag attaaagata tgaacagaca    102720
     cacccggcat aaaaggcttt tcttctgaca attttaccct ggttttgatt tcatcctgct    102780
     tccatcttct attagctaat ataatcatat ggtctcattt ggcacttttt tggttttcca    102840
     aaacagggat tctcagtgta gccctggcta tcctgaaact cacactctgc agagggaggt    102900
     tttttttttt ttaagattta tttattttat gtatgtgagt acactatagc tgtcttcaga    102960
     cacaccagaa tagggtgtca gatctcatta cagatggttg tgacagccat gtggttactg    103020
     ggatttgaac tcaggaccta tagcagagca gtcagcacac ttaactgctg agctgtctct    103080
     ccagctcaac caggaaggtc ttgaattcag aaatctaccc acctcttacc tcctcacttt    103140
     aatgcccact gctgggatta aaggcaatca ccaccaccac caccattcag cctggcctct    103200
     aagatcacaa agaatttcca atctgcctag tgacccaaag ttgtgttatg tctgctgtaa    103260
     agctttgcaa atgagttcac tgtacggcag gcctttacta ggttgttaac tgtcaaggag    103320
     gacacctacc atgtctaagc actctcccac ctcataaaga tgaaagaaga gggagattcc    103380
     ttggtcactc aatttacttt tcaagttctg ggaataaaag cagaactatg tatccagcta    103440
     aactggctac cgctagcctc aattttcata ctagcctcat tttttcataa aaggaattct    103500
     atttatctcc attttttcaa acttgacatc ctcctgcctc agtcaggtag agcaccagga    103560
     gcagcagtac atctccactt gtgtgtgcgc acaccctcag aagctaggag aaaagggcag    103620
     gtgttctgtg tactgctagg ccacgtatac ccctcgtcac atccacagtc accactccac    103680
     caccaaagcc aaggaccagg aaatgagaca ccaagtgttt cacaagaaac tgacctttac    103740
     tcaacaaagt tctacacgag tggaatctca cgccacctag gcgctagtcc ccagcacagc    103800
     acagtaacag atggatagac ctgggagccc aggggtgatg gtaataaaga ctcaggggaa    103860
     tggcagcagg gagggctaca gatcaaggtc agtccatgtc agcagccccg gacaagggag    103920
     gttaagaaac tcaaacttca ttgtgcaaaa accaactaaa aaataaatta aaaaattaaa    103980
     taatttcttt taaaaaaata ataaaataaa ataaaataaa aaaagggaaa tacaagaatc    104040
     aggctcccgt ttcctgaagg tagttggaac tccctccccc tccccattgg acaaagaggg    104100
     gccacaacta catcagatag tcaatccatc aatacacccc aagacccagc agaggatgct    104160
     cctaagaagt ggaattacca gaaagctaat ggtatttttc tttaaaaaaa attttttttt    104220
     cctacaaatg gcttccagag acctgctcaa gtttcaggct ggaggggatg gggaccagta    104280
     gctgagttat ggaatgtgca ctaagtgtcc ctgggaacag aggcagggcc tgaccctact    104340
     taagaaagga cacaaggcct ggaaaggata aaggtccaag tccttggagg gatgatggag    104400
     caggccctaa aatgcagaac tccagtcaaa gcccaagata taatgggctc ccaaatatgt    104460
     aggaagcaaa gaaagggatg gaggataaac ctcagggacc ttacaagact catttccaca    104520
     gctaatctgg aaataatcat gcccctctcc tctcgggaag cccctcccac cccgatggca    104580
     tcgccaacaa atttcttcaa aggttttgag tcagtgtacc aatctggcgt ggtctgagtc    104640
     cagcggacac tgtgataaac gtaagtccca aaagggacaa agtttgaggc cctgggtaca    104700
     ccctgctcct ccaagctttc aaatcttgct ggacccagta aacttcgtcc tttgttctca    104760
     ccatcacatg ctgttacccc agctcttgag aatggggttc tcaggtgcag agaactgaac    104820
     tatccttaaa gctgtttcaa gagatccagg aaagcagctc tggcaaccat tattagcttt    104880
     ctcaaggaaa actagtccca ggcctgtgcc tttaattacc tttggagcac aggaacaggg    104940
     tagcctcaag ccagtctcag ctgctccaat gatccccact ctgctgctgg ctaggatgtg    105000
     acaacgatgg ggacacacta catgaggctg ccatgaagct ggcaggaagt gtatggagca    105060
     ggtccaagtg agccagtgct gagatggcag ccccaaaatg accaccctcc tcccttggcc    105120
     ccgggagccc agctgaggtc ccccaaacct cccagccccc ccaattcccg ccaattttgg    105180
     cagaacagca gaagcttctt atactctaga tgcaaggtac acagaggcca taggcataat    105240
     ttgggggttc actaattcta ctgtctccat gcagtcgagg aaatggtggg gcgtttggcc    105300
     cagcctagct ggctgtggtg cccgcacatg cgtgtgtcca catgtgtaca tgtgagtgta    105360
     tgcttctcta caaggaaccc ccctccccac ctgtaattcc cttgccttat ctgacaccgg    105420
     attcggtagg ccttatggat tcctccctcc cacatagctg gcccaagtgg gctgcccgag    105480
     atgacccaga ttagagccca gagaactctt gcccaccaag aagtcccacc cccctcccta    105540
     tttgtaggat gagaatggag tccccaccca cctgcccact catcaggccc ggtggggcaa    105600
     gtggaccgac agatggacag atgcacagac tgcgttgcac ctggatttag gtcccactga    105660
     ctcctcccta acccccctcg accagggcac agtgacttct ggaagcagca cattcccagc    105720
     acaccctccg acgatgacgc agacaaaaac ctgcaaggga aagggagggt ggggctcagg    105780
     gtcttcttcc ttttcactct cccatcggcc ccagtgctta aagacctgct cacctggtgg    105840
     tctccacgtt cacctagacc ccatagaagg ctgccagcct ctccttgagc agaggtggga    105900
     actgctctga gaactgttgc cagttctcct ccccaacttg gtctttgaag ccatggagga    105960
     tctgcagtga ggcagggtca cagtgggctg gggcaagcat gtggtgtcta ttacccagga    106020
     ctcccatgag accaccagga gcctcacctt ataaaacatg tcccgaaggt catccttcgg    106080
     gctcacccag gaggctacag catcgcagaa gaaaataaag tcctgaaaca tgacggatcc    106140
     catgtgaggg gccgcccaag ccagcccccg ccctgccctc tgagccccgc tgcccggacc    106200
     tgcacaacac ccccaggatt gacaccaatc atcatgcaga tgcctcggaa ggcagaatcc    106260
     ttctcctcgt tgtcccggat gttcctaagg gacgtgcacc tggccatgga ggagggcagc    106320
     aggtcagtgg atggacttgg ggctggacaa gcacaaatga aggatggatg gagggaatgg    106380
     gacagggtgg ggtcagtggg tagaggtctc ccacatgcat ccatgggggc gggggggggg    106440
     tggcgctgga gggtacagct gtcctgccca cccccatcag gtcccaccca ggcaggcaca    106500
     caccaaggcc ggatgaactg ctgcagcatg ggtgccacct cctgcgggca cacgtagccc    106560
     aggcggccga tggtgatggc tggaatggca gagggactcg tcaggcgacc tgcaaccccg    106620
     agtggccccg ggacggtacg tggcggggcc tctgacagga ggcaccgagc cccgccccac    106680
     aggccccaac tgaacgatcc tgtggctatc ctgggccctt gagtttggcc catagaggtg    106740
     ttctccccac ccagcctgga tctcttccca tccatatatt ctaaagccag tattcttcct    106800
     tcgtccctcc cgactctatt tcaggtctta gaagccttcc ttccgggaac ggccccctca    106860
     gccccggcct ggtactcacc tgtgttttcc agcagcgtct tgggtgtgtt gggcctgtta    106920
     atgatctcca ccaggttgtt gaggaccatc tgcacataag gctgcatctc tgcccctagg    106980
     gagcagccat tcagagccct gcatggccca ctccacccac agagtgccag ctgggcatag    107040
     ctgacctcac gccatgatcc cagttacatg cggactggca taccaccaca cccgagagaa    107100
     caaagaccct tctcgggatg ctccccacca agtccgcagc caacacacaa cagaaccacc    107160
     caaaggagtc tctgaagtca ttacccagaa ggtaacatga ccactccacc cagtcttccc    107220
     caaggacagg aagtcaaagt cactgatccc agtggacctt tcagaaaaac aattacacga    107280
     gatggtccgg tcagtaggaa caaactgtct accccacgtc ataaatggcc cttcagttat    107340
     ttgacttcac ttgtcagggg gatcaaagta tgttctttcc cctgaccaat aggatggaga    107400
     cagagcaatg aagaggcagg cagtctgcca ctctcgaggc actcacccat ctgcatgcag    107460
     atctccccaa tggcccaggt agcattgttg cagacagaga tgaactcagg gttcaggttg    107520
     gtacccagaa taggcatgaa ctcagctaat gcaaagagca gagcagggag gggagaaaaa    107580
     aaccccaact gagcagaaag gccactgagg cccgccaagc tcccagaact gactgggcag    107640
     ccccatcaga cagtacgaat acatcccagt ccggtcatgg gcctcccagg gtatgtctcc    107700
     atcacttaag gccaatgttg aggtcatggg acgggggcaa acagggtagc ttaccgatac    107760
     agggcttgac gtggataaag caggctttgg taaggtctcc cagaagggca aaggagctct    107820
     gccggacctc aggcatggaa tcctggagtt gggaaagatg gcggaaatgg cagggctgct    107880
     cctactcctt ccatctaagc cattggaggt ggcacagtcc ccctcgagca caccctgacc    107940
     acaaatactg aggtacaggt ctgtccacca tgtccaccac acagacctta cttcactagc    108000
     cttctactat actacagcct gtttcccagg acacggggtt ggagttcatt ggtaagcatt    108060
     tactttgaaa actctctaga accccatttt acccctacct atcccgcctc ccaaaaccgc    108120
     aaaaaataaa ttgtattaca tacactctta atttctcttt gagccaggtc ttgctacata    108180
     gacctggctg acctagacac taccttgttc ctgctaagac cccatcatgc cccactgtgt    108240
     ggcgctcgct tgtatgcatc ctcagctgcc acctcatctt atttctgagg aagtttcttt    108300
     ctgaacctga gctcactaga actcaactag acaagctggc cagagaacca accccaggaa    108360
     tccacctgcc tctgcttccc cagtgctctg aatcacgggc acctctatgc agatgcaccc    108420
     ttttatttcc atctttaatg gcgtgtgtat gttgggtgag agggtgtaca catttatagg    108480
     tatccttgga aactagaaga gggagtcagg tcccctgaga agctaaaaca acaggcagtt    108540
     gtcattatta gtggcctgat gttgatgctg gagccaaact taggttctct ggaagaacag    108600
     taagtgccct taacctaagc cacctcttta acacctaccc ccagcttttc acgggggggg    108660
     ggggggggat caagctcagg ctcctgtcct tgtctaacag gcacttactg agccatctcc    108720
     ccattaccta tattttgttt tgttgttgtt tgaggcaggg tctcactaca tagccttgtt    108780
     tagcctggaa ctcagaaatc tacctgcctg tgcctccaaa tctaaagcac ttggattaaa    108840
     ggctatgcca ccacaaatgc ctgtacttta ttttgcagat cagtttgcat tatagtatct    108900
     gacaaaaatt ttattgttct atgtatgtgt gagcagggta tgagtgcaca cctgtgtggg    108960
     ggagggcagg caaaatccag agttaatcct gaggaaccac ccaacataca tttattcatt    109020
     tgtttgctta tataaccaga ggttagttgg acagtggtaa cacgtgcttt taatcccagt    109080
     acactggaga tctcttgtga gtttgaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca    109140
     gccagggcta tactgagaaa ccctgtctca aaaaagaaaa aggaaaagga aaaagaaaac    109200
     ttggcctgtt taggtatggc ctgacttggg agtggcttat tatacccact cacctgcata    109260
     cactggaaga gcaatgtcat gatgttactc cgagctacca gctgctccac gtggccaccc    109320
     aggccctcag ccaagccact aagcaggtcc aacgcaacaa tcatgaagtc tttgtctggg    109380
     gcctcatatt gttcggggtg ttgtgtatac atctagatat aaatgaggca gatgagggaa    109440
     gtagtctagg gcctgggcag tagaacatgt ggtcaggagg cccagggtgc tcaccatggc    109500
     ctgggccagt gtcttctgta ccagggtaac acagcgctgg tagacaggct cgcagtaggg    109560
     caggaagcca ctctgcaggg cagtggccac agatgatagg cactagcagg gaaaagggaa    109620
     aaggtaagcc caggccagga aggagggctc tgagggaagg acctgagccc actcacctcc    109680
     agcaggggga agaggtcctt gtcttcgtcc ttgagctcat tccacttctg gatcagcgga    109740
     ggcatcagct tctgaatgta ctcctggaga ggagttgcag cctaagtcac acagtgctgt    109800
     ctacgccttg aaggatgaga cctgtgcccc gctccatctt ctcatcggta tgccccttcc    109860
     tcccaacccc aggaacctgg gcacaaaggc ccttgcacta tcccagcaca gcagcggcca    109920
     tgctacctaa taactgtcca tctcttccac cgtgggagct tctggggctg cttctagaaa    109980
     cttcacagga atttgccatt ggccaggaca aggaagtagg cttaagggag gaatctgaca    110040
     gtgggccggg acagggaagt aagttcaggc agaaatctga ttttgggata gaacaaggaa    110100
     gtaggcttca ggcaagaatg actttgggct aggacgggga agtaggctca gatatcttgg    110160
     tcatcctgac aagcccttag aaacagtgaa gtttactgcc tctcggtgtt tatcgccttg    110220
     cttgttcctt aacctagaac ttgcatgcaa tgaaaatggt ataaatggta taaattaaaa    110280
     tggtatgaaa acagactagg aaaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaaaag ccgggcggtg    110340
     gaggcgcacg ccttttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct acagagtgag ttccaggaca    110400
     gccagggcta cacagaaaaa ccctgtctcg aaaaagcaaa aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa    110460
     aaaaaccaaa aaacaaaaac agactaggaa aaaaataaac ctgccccagc ctcagaactg    110520
     cctgggatca tgctacagtg ttgtctaatg gtcttttttc tttttaatcc ttgatccctc    110580
     cctggaaaac ctgttgactg actgagctga cttggtcatc ccactagact ggaagcagag    110640
     taaggacagg gctaagagct tcagcctgcc tgacaaggtc atggccatgt ccttggcatg    110700
     caacacaggt caaaccaagg caccagatgt taaaggacac agcatggaca gagtatgtct    110760
     agggtctcac cggctgattg aggtggtggc ccacagagtc ggccagggtg ccaatggcat    110820
     catagaggat gagcaggttc ttatgctggt atttgccaaa ggcaaaaacg agagtgtcaa    110880
     ggatatagct gaggtagggc accagctccg tgcatgcctc ctcctccagg gtagcaaatg    110940
     cactggtgga gagaagatag gaaggaaagc ttcatcaacc ctaggggatg gagcagcacc    111000
     acaggcagct agggagggtg tatccaggat cagccagtac gaatacaaca gacatcagag    111060
     tcttgtcagc agtcacaggc atcatcattt cccagggtga gggccaccgt aagaatgggg    111120
     gtcaggggtc agggctcacc tgcaggctgc ctcctgaacc cgcttattgc catccaagat    111180
     acgcttgagc agctccgtca tcagaggctt gaggtgcatg tcaggtggct ggctgactac    111240
     ccagtgggca tagcggctca gcgtccagca ggcaatggag cgtactagag ccttcttatc    111300
     tgacaggcac tggatgaggt gtgggatcag ctcaggtaga tagggcacca ttccctgcat    111360
     gcagcctgca attaccagga gacaggaggg cttttaagag aaggctgagc gtggtggcac    111420
     acgcctttag tcccagcact cgggaggcag aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tcaagaccag    111480
     cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagt cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa    111540
     aagagggggg gcgaaggggg ggagagaaag aaagagagag agagaaagaa agagaaagaa    111600
     agggaataga aggctggggc atatccaata caacatgata ggtggaaaaa ctgaggctct    111660
     tcaaagagcc cataaaaggc aggagcaaag ggggacacag atacactaca gatgaaggtg    111720
     gtccaaattc tggctgggca gaagcccaaa cctataatgc tagcactgaa ggcaggaggc    111780
     cagcataatc atggagggaa acactcctac ctcttcccac ctcctacttc aaaacaaaac    111840
     aataatcaaa gctgtaggat taattaaaaa agcaggcaag cctggacagg aagcgactct    111900
     caacctgaaa ccgtctacac ttgtactttt ctctgatccc ctctctgtct ctctcttcct    111960
     cctatccctc gcttgattta ttttatttta gtgtatgagg ggtattgttg agtgggcata    112020
     ggtatgtgca tggtgtgtgc aagtgcccac aggtcagtag aggattcaac tacccaggag    112080
     ctgaagttac aggaaatcat aaagagctac atggatgcta ggaatgaaac ttgttctctg    112140
     aaagagcaaa cactcataac cactgagcca tctccagccc ttatttttta actttataat    112200
     tgtttaattt gtttggtggg gttttgtttt tttcagtaat gggaataaaa ggctttatgt    112260
     atgctagcac cccgccaacc cccaccccca ccccatccct gcttcgccct gactttcgag    112320
     accaggctgg ccttgaactc aaagaggtct gcctgcctct gtctctgagt actgggatta    112380
     aaagcatatg cccaactatg aacacatctc tttattatta tcagacacta gggagtctga    112440
     gtcaagagac accacaacat agcaagttta tctcagaaaa taaaaaacta ccatgcacac    112500
     attgttgcat gatatctgag atagcatcat taccaagaaa gtaatcatga aaccatttct    112560
     tgatgtggaa cccaagagcc ttttaatatc caggcaaatg ttgtactgat aaattgtgtc    112620
     ccagtccaaa ccctaggcct cactcacagg taataaaagc tccccagact aagagctctt    112680
     gctgcccaat gcctgtagtt taggtgacaa ttctgggtgt tgagatagtc acacatacca    112740
     aaaatggcca cagtccatat cctatgtctt gtgggggaaa gaagctgaaa tgccatgcca    112800
     actacaggac gccccgaggg ttctggtttt ggtatctccc tagcatgcct gacctcccgt    112860
     tgtgcagact acgctggcag cagtcctcct ccagttctgt aactacaggc atggacacac    112920
     tgtgctcagc ttaacactac atcaatttaa gaaaacttca tagctaggca tttctaattc    112980
     tggtgggcag tctaacagca agaatcaggt ttcagcccag ttgtaaactg gaaaatgagg    113040
     gaagtggtac cagcctatgt agctgtttgg ccatgtatga agcctgggac tggcactgga    113100
     tatatgaaca gagttcccat gaatggattc ttatgcaagg agtatcctag tgggacggct    113160
     acagtgggca agagctacta tccatatgct tgaaccatta cagagtcatc tgcttatgag    113220
     aatgggggag ggctggcatg ttaagaatct gttaggggga gggggacacc tttcaggcca    113280
     agccaggaga agaaaaagat cacagagcta tttgaaaaag ataaggaagc caaatggtgg    113340
     tggtgcaaac cttgaatccc aacacacaga atctctctga gttcaaggcc agcttaatct    113400
     acagagcaag ttccaggaca gccaaagctg gacagagaaa ccttgtctca aaaaaagaat    113460
     aagtaagtaa gatttaattg cctgtgctat ggggctgcct ccatctgcat tgctcaggtc    113520
     agatcaggtc aggtcaggca gtgccaacga aatggagaga ctcaccctca gcgatggcgc    113580
     ccagcaccag gatccctgac tctttgacca cccactcagg gtggaatagg aggcccttga    113640
     gcaggggaag taggtggggc aacagttcct cccggaagac attggcaagg acatccagcg    113700
     cagctgcaga gcacttccct gaaggggaca aggaggctaa gcttagggag gactgtgggg    113760
     caggtattca gccctgagac cagttcttca taaagtgctc cccacccgct tctccccctc    113820
     ccccaggagc cagcctacta cctactcaga ttccagtccg acaaagcgtc gtcatcatcg    113880
     tcgtcctcag catcctcaga gctatcaggc cgctcagcct cgtgagtcaa tgtcactgtg    113940
     cgtgacttgt ggaaccgggg cttgatgtcc tgctcactgt caggtaccgc ctcgtcctcc    114000
     tccacatccc cctagggacc agcccaggca tatttctctc agcactggct ggagacctcc    114060
     aacccaatac ccaatggtct tggccaccca cagtcagctg tggatgcccc ttggctgacc    114120
     ttaagaagga tgatgtcaat ttcagagtac ttcatcccat tcacgaggat agggatcaac    114180
     ctattgggaa agagactggt tgtaaggatg cagggactct ggctaggtac ccatcttgaa    114240
     aagaaagcag aggtgtgaat aggagtacgg agcaagtggc agactatgct caacacaccc    114300
     atattcctct gtcctgtttc tgttcacttc ccttcaggga atgagcaaca tattttcagc    114360
     catgagtagg agacacagtt ttctccctct tttgaaacgg tctgtgaagc catgactggc    114420
     ctagaaatca tacaccttct tgaggctgga gagatagctc agcagtcacg atcatgactt    114480
     gctctaactc cagccccaag gaacacaata ccttcctttg gcctctgtgg gcattgcaca    114540
     catgtggtac aggcatacat acatgcaagc aaaatactga tttaaaagta atagtaaata    114600
     ataacaaaaa tgtttaaaaa ataaaaagaa catgatcttt ttgcctcaac ctccaatact    114660
     gtgattacaa gtgtttactg ccacatccag ctgccccatc tatcactcag cgacaagtag    114720
     caccacacag cctcttgacc caaacatgaa tgcacacatg aatgccagaa ccctgaagac    114780
     cttcagcaat gctgttccct agcactacac aaaacacaaa catctgaccc attgttcaga    114840
     ccctgcaaac aaagctgccg ggcaggctgc tggcagaaac agtagagagc atggttgcac    114900
     acagctttaa acacaaaaac tgatacagct ggcgagatgg ctcagcggtt aagagcactg    114960
     acttaacctg agttcaaatc ccagcaacca catggtggct cacaaccacc cataatgaga    115020
     cctgatgccc tcttctgatg catctgaaga cagctacagt gtactaatga ataataaata    115080
     aatcttaaaa gaaaaaaaaa aaagaaaaag aaaaagaaaa ctgatacaac cttcctgtcc    115140
     ctgtttgcaa gagtctcaat cctcctcaaa gtcctctgtc cctctagcca caactcctac    115200
     ttgctatcaa taatctgaga tagccaagtg atccaaaatg gtcaacacaa gggggctcaa    115260
     accagtcatg gtgccacatg cctctaaccc tagcacttaa gttctaggcc cacttgtctc    115320
     aaaaacccaa aaagtaagct cttgttaaag taccacccaa gagactctga actcctaaac    115380
     tgaagaacac cagagcctac agtcgtaggc acagccttta accccagcac tccggaggca    115440
     gaggcaggat ccctttaaat tctaagccag cctagtttac cgagcgagtt ccaggacagc    115500
     catggctata ctacatggag aaaccctgac tcaaaatcag aaagaaaaaa gcaagccaga    115560
     gctacagcat cgcttatcca ggagggccgt gcctggaatt aacgtagatg ccattctctt    115620
     aagcatctcg agcagccatg atgaagcctt catctgctta agggttgttt cttctctttt    115680
     tgtcttctag ctgttcttag agacagggtc tcattatgta acccaggctg gcctggaact    115740
     cgttacacag catttgtggc tataatccaa gcttagcctc ctaagtgaca tgcatgagcc    115800
     accacacttg gtttctgtta cctaattttt aaagtcatta aggttacacc ccataaaaat    115860
     cagtgtacac aggattcaaa gaaaactgac ttaaaccaca taagatacag taagcaaagc    115920
     atccaggaga agggacaggt ccagggagga ctagaggctg agggcatggg gtatgagtac    115980
     tcactggacc agatgagagg ccaggacttc cttgcagatg ggctgctcgg ctagcgtcag    116040
     ccagaactca caggcctcca gggccacgtt ctcatcatgg tcctgggtcc tctgcagcat    116100
     gtactgggca acagagagag gctgagacct agctcaactg cgggggattc cccatcccaa    116160
     gccacccact agcccttggt attgagcatt cgcacctgga tgatgctgtg catgtgaggg    116220
     atgagcctgt caattcgcac ttccaaaagc atcacaaggg cccggcacac gttctttctc    116280
     acctcagggt catcatccac agccaaggca aacaggtgct gtgtaaaagg gaaaggtcag    116340
     ctgcctgagg accccttagc ctcaccctat ccacctggag cctggtgacc cacctcaatg    116400
     aaagtgtcaa tgttgtccat cagcgcttgg gcccggtcca tgatgaactg gttcacacag    116460
     gcgatggcgt gggacctagt aggcagtgaa ggcaaggctc acatatgaac tcctgcgtct    116520
     gcctaccaac tctaagacca ttctgctctg aggaacatca cgtaccggat cttagggctg    116580
     cagtgcttga aaaactgcag gaatttaggg atcatgatgt tgaggggcct gttgagagca    116640
     tcactatcca aaagctccga ggagtcttca cagatcttct gtagggctcc aaaggctccc    116700
     taagcagaga gatggatggc tgtgagccga ctctaagctg tagtccctgc ttgggtcagg    116760
     ccaggtactg cccatcacct acctcacagg tattataatc ctctgagttg agcaggttgc    116820
     acagctgagg cagcagctct ggccacatct gcagctcacc cttggaagcg atggtggtga    116880
     tgagaatgcc tggggcagcc agggagagga ggccagtcag gctgagcaag ggtctactgg    116940
     tccctcaacc atccccacca agggactggc tcaccagctt tctttcctct cccatgcatg    117000
     ttctgcatgg caccctgagc ctctctttgg ggtgctgggg acaaaaccca ggcctcatga    117060
     atgccaagta cgcactccat tgtagagtga caggccctct tcaagtcgtc cttgcctatt    117120
     ctgcacatag cctcactacg agacaactgt tccaggttat aggaatccgc cccaaatcac    117180
     tgcttttaca agtggagagg ggtatgaagt gaagatgcat aagctcaaga tgtgggtagc    117240
     cacaaggcaa gccctcagga gagtaaattg tctttcaagt acttttattt catagtacaa    117300
     aagactgaac tcagggccct atgcgcggtg ggcaagcatt ctcctgttga actaaatccc    117360
     cggccctatt ttgttgttgt tgttgctttc ctaacctttt gagttaaggc cccaaggcaa    117420
     gacctgaaca tgcagatctt gtctcaggtt cctaagtagc tgggatcaca gccacttgga    117480
     ccagctaaac agggcgtggc ctccagttac ctggagcaaa gattcttggc tagaggtatt    117540
     gcagtcctgg tgtagtaaca gaagaaaggc cagagtgggg aagcaggcag tgagaaggac    117600
     ggtgatgggg atcaaataac caagtcctga aagcctctgt atcgggagag gggatgctac    117660
     tgacaattag agatatgagg gtggggccta gggagatggc tcagttggta agagtgcttt    117720
     gctcgaccag tatgaagacc tgagttcagt tcccagtaca tacataaaaa gacaggtgta    117780
     gtggtacacc tgtaatgaca gtaatcagtt gagatctcag gacttgctgg ctaccagcct    117840
     agctccagat cctttgagta aaagaacaga gtatctgata tcctctgttg gcccatgtct    117900
     atgtatatgg gtgtgcacac ctgtctacta catgaatgtg agtatgtgca agctcatatg    117960
     cagaacatca gggaatgttt gcttaagtaa gcaagtatat ggacattgga actaatgctc    118020
     acattacaat aaattggttt ggaataatga aatccacagt atcttcatct gaggcctgag    118080
     ggcaatggag ccacccggca gaactcgaca ttgtggccaa tgcacacacc actcattaat    118140
     aaaggatggc agggagggca gaagctgcca ctgacaactc tcaggtgatg ccaacccccg    118200
     aaagtgaagc ctttctgaaa tgactggcga gactatgagg atgatgccat cccattctga    118260
     gacaggcccc atgctctgtg ctgaccatct cacaaaacct cctacaccac atggctcagc    118320
     tttctacaga aacaaagaac atcagctttg atcaggagat ttgtaagcta gtccttggag    118380
     ggctgcggca ggaagattcc aagtctgaaa caaccccatt tcaaaaacaa cactagcacc    118440
     ctaaagctcg cccaaggctt ctttaagtac agattttttt ttttttttgg ttttcaagac    118500
     agggtttctc tgtgtagccc tggctgtcct ggaactcact ctgtagacca ggctggcctt    118560
     gaactcagaa atccgcctgc ctctgcctcc caagtgctgg gattaaaggc atgcgccacc    118620
     acgcccagca agtacagata ttttatgggg tattagttcc aggtcgtcag aaaggccaaa    118680
     accaagcgca ttacaggaac agtgctttca cagaacctat acacacctcc tgtagatagc    118740
     aggcacaacg tatcaatgtc cccaacctcc cacagacttt aaatcacctc tagatgactt    118800
     acgattcctg caataatgtc aataatacat agttataaag tatagtatgg ggccagcaag    118860
     atagctgagc atataaaggt cactgccacc aaccctacca acctgacttg gatccttggg    118920
     acccatgtgg gaggagaaaa caatctttca cagttgtcct ctaacctaca cacacacaca    118980
     cacacacaca cacacactat acacgccact ctaccctcca cacaagtaag tttaaaacaa    119040
     aacactatat tgctaaggaa agaaatctaa atatatatag actcaatctc ccccccccac    119100
     cctgaatatt tggtttaacc caacaggccc aaacatctag ctctaattca ggagtatttt    119160
     tctgtcttca ttacatagtt tgttaggtca tagagggagg ctcactttgt aatcttgaca    119220
     gggctggaat tcactatgca cctcagtgtt gcatgaactc aagagattca cctgctacca    119280
     ccccccaaat actgaaatta aaggcatgga ccaccatgcc tattgattga ttgattgatt    119340
     gattgattga ttgagatagg atctcaccta gggctagtct ggaactattt agaccaggct    119400
     ggcctcaaac tcttaagtgc tgaaatcaca aacatgtgct accacaccta gccttgtatt    119460
     tatttttaag gctttctttc ctgtcttttc ttttaaacag tctacagaga ggccagcaag    119520
     atggcttagt ggttaaaggc acttgctccc acccaccatg gcctgagttc caacactata    119580
     ccccacataa aaggagaaaa acaacaacca agtgtcctct aatctccaca cacatagcac    119640
     aaacaaataa gtaaaaaaac aaaaccactt ttttagttga cagatttcaa gaaaaacaat    119700
     ggcttaaaaa ctctggagct gggaagatga ctcagcaggt aaaaccaccc accaccaagc    119760
     ctgctggccc agacttgctc cccagaaccc acatgggctg gatgcagtgg tgtgcaccta    119820
     taatccatca cgtctactcg gagaagaaag gacaggaagc tactgtgcca atgagcccgg    119880
     aataacacat tgtacagcaa aaacctgaaa ccatcttgac aaggtgggag gtaagaactg    119940
     actctccaat gttgtcctct aatcttcaga ctcaaatgtt gctaagaaat cacctattaa    120000
     tacttttagt gtaaagtctt caagaagaac gtccttaagt aaaccttagc agcactgctg    120060
     caatgtcctt gggtatctct tcagcaaggc gcctgcctcc attaactaac tcccactgtg    120120
     tatgaatagt ttgaggggca tcactaatga ctccgtatgg acagtagaaa caggtactct    120180
     aactgctgag catcaggctc gtcgtttgag actctggaca ctgtactcag gaggctgagg    120240
     cagaagagtg caaagtttga ggccagtctg ggctaccttt tctcaaaaag aaaaaaaagg    120300
     ggaaaaaaaa aagactgacc tgcactgcct ggcttgtttc caagctgtta cttgccaggc    120360
     aagtcccttt atcatctctg tgcctcagtt tcctctccag tcagatggca gtagtaagag    120420
     tgctatcaga gggtgctgga gcattcagta agcaataccc tgaacacgtt gaatagcttc    120480
     ttggcccagt gcaagccctt agtgtgtcct tgatgatgac ccccacagcc ccctcaccga    120540
     tggtggctct gatgagagag gaggcatcgc caatgttgtt gagacactcc tgtttgatga    120600
     agtcagccac aggaggcggg aagctctggt aatgcgcctt cacattgttc ttgaggatga    120660
     ggccactcag agagcgggtt ggctcatctg taggaaaagt gctaaggtca gaagactaag    120720
     ggagaagcaa gatctgtgtg gcctggaggg acagagaaca taccttctga tttgagtctg    120780
     gtcaggacaa agatcaggta gttgttaaag tcaggaaact ggttgagttg tttaagtttc    120840
     tgccaggctg ttaaggaact tggaaagcca ggtatattgg ggcatgcttg tgatcccaac    120900
     actgagggag actgaggcaa gatcttggaa ctccaggcca gcattaaccc aagaccttct    120960
     ctcaaaacaa aacaagcaaa gaaacaaaga aacaaacaaa ccaaagaact tgagaggcaa    121020
     gagcctttct taggcaatat tctcccagtg ccacattgct cagaatgcta gtgaccaaat    121080
     caattaggca gccaactcct cagataatac tcatcaattc aatttctaac ctcagcacca    121140
     cagggccttc tcaggaggat caagtccaca caggaactag ggcacatgtc tgaactcctg    121200
     catgaccctt atatccttac caggacagga gagggctagg cttctcttaa actggcagct    121260
     gctactcact tctgatcttg gcattccagt gatgcctgct tttctcaagc agaatggaag    121320
     gctatttgag tgtggtgcat gcctaaaacc ctagccccag ggaagctgag gcaggaagat    121380
     cactcttagt ttagggagaa cctggctaca tatttagttc taaactaatc tgttatatta    121440
     aaagaccatg actaaaaaaa agaaagaaag aaaaagaaaa agaaaagaac aagaaaaacc    121500
     agccaagggg tctcaagtgg taaaatatgc atctagcatg tgtgagacca gaccactgag    121560
     tctccagtgc cattaagaga aaactaaagc tgggcatggt ggcacacgcc tttaatccca    121620
     gcacttggga ggcagaggca ggaggatttc tgagttcaag gccagcctgg tctacaaagt    121680
     gagttccagg acagaaaccc tgtctcaaag agagaaagaa agaaagagag agagagagag    121740
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagaa aacacaagtg aatggctgag tttcaggagc    121800
     aggactttgg ggtgcagctc aagaataaag caagtggcta gcatgctcta ggcttgtatg    121860
     ttccagtctc agccctgcag gaaaaggtga tggactagtc ccattttcaa gtgaaatttg    121920
     atactgcttc aaacattcaa tttttttatt tgagaaagtt ttcataagac caggttactc    121980
     ctaaactccg agattcacta gcttctgcct cctgaacgct gtgattaaag gtggatgctg    122040
     tcatgaccat atatcattta aaattctgat cttactctaa tttgcttctc tgttgctgtg    122100
     ataaaacact aagggtttgt tttagctcat cattgggaag tcccaaggta ggaactccag    122160
     gaatataact gaagaagaaa cctctgcata aagctgctta ctggttcctt ccccgactca    122220
     catccaccaa cctttcttat acagaccagc atcaattatt atcaagaaaa tttcccacag    122280
     ccatgcccac aggccaatct gattgagata atttttcaac tgaaggcccc tcttcatagg    122340
     tgtatcaaat taataacaaa actaatctat atctatctac atatatatgt atatgatata    122400
     aagagctctt aggaaaaaag ttttcaactt caaaaacact catgttgcaa ctccaacgtc    122460
     cctacctatc taccctcatt ctgacaaggc ataccactaa aatctgcgat ggctggactt    122520
     cttaaccctg ggtccttgct gaggcatttt ccctgtttaa gcctccaggt tcccgtctgt    122580
     taaaggaaag ttaccaacac tcaacagtta caggattaag tactcagtga acatcagaca    122640
     tgcccatcat tttctccact ccagaaatgg aaccaaagac ctaaaccttt aattcatgtt    122700
     ctctctcagc agaaaaagtc tgggaatcaa gaagtagtcc ctccctctct ggccttcacg    122760
     aggtgcagac atcggcactg ttccgtgagc cccggaagga aagaaggata catcctgcac    122820
     aatgcgctga gtagctgtgt tgggcgactg cgagtctttg agaagctgca agacctgctg    122880
     caggccctgc tcgtctggct gccagtccat ggcgcaaggc gaactgcagg ggtaggagcc    122940
     tggatcagcg ctgggtcgct ggagttctgt gtgagaccca agttgagtcc ccgaggcaga    123000
     ggcggctgca tgcagacgca agcgctctcc gccgagaagc ggaggcctcc aatccgcgcc    123060
     tgtccaagtg cggggtcccc gccagctaag ccatcctcgg ccacgcagtc gcgggctcgg    123120
     gagtgcgagt ggggggaata taaaagcggg ccatcaggac cagcggcggg ggcgcgacgg    123180
     atccacatcg agcctaacga ggaaccctct ttccaaagcg atccacgcca ccgccgcccc    123240
     cggttacggg cctcacggct tccgcctccc tccagggcga ggggccccgc cccagcggtc    123300
     tttcaggtga aggctcagtc cacgaggatt cccttcccca aaatccagcc ttccagctcc    123360
     actagatgcc agccgcctcc tagatttctg agctcctcta ggtccctaag cgcccagatc    123420
     ttgctcatcc ctgctccctc ttctaaaccg gctctacaag ctcagtagac gccacatggc    123480
     cccctttctg acctagacgc ggccctgtga ccctccttaa ccagaataca agcaataccc    123540
     gataggtttc caatgtctct ttgaatgaga gccagtcaga atcacccaac ccacgaccaa    123600
     agcccccaat gcccgctgcc tgcccccaat cagatctggc caagcttctc tagctcttac    123660
     cctccgcccc agtcagcagg aattaatgct gacggacctc tggcagctcc cccaatcaaa    123720
     ttcccctaag ccccctccca ccccctcacc cccgatcact tcacgtcgga gaccccatcc    123780
     gtccaatccc tgcagcttcc cttacagagt cccgcacaaa cacccgcccg gtgcgctacc    123840
     ctcaacggat cccaccaccg cctcgcagcc agactcagca aagccctctg gtctcaagtc    123900
     tgacgcccct ccctattagg actaaacaac cttcccctct caactttcaa ggctgtctcc    123960
     cccgaatcag acccaaccaa gccccgccga aacagatccc cacacacacc cgatccacgc    124020
     gacgtccccc gacgattccc ccaatcagcg cccctccagc ccgaccccag ccgccccact    124080
     ggcccgcatc tcgtggcacc cgaacctgcc cgggcgccga ggccccaccc cttgagatca    124140
     gatcagctcc ccctcccccg cccggcccgt tctgccggcc tcgagagctg gcccaacccg    124200
     gtaccccgcc tctcagccgg gcgcgacccc gacgcctggg cggcgcgcgg cgcaggccca    124260
     gaacccaggg aggttcgagg cgagctgaag ccaaggggcc ccggccgagc gaggcccacc    124320
     taccaggccc cgggaggcag cggcggcgcc taagtgctgc agcttctcca gaggctcgcg    124380
     cggaaggagg gagccagagg cagggaatta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaattaaacg    124440
     cggccgaaat gaacaatttc ggcttccgta cgccgttcaa actggcctac caaagccaat    124500
     cggagagcga agcactcaca cgtgatctgg cacagagtgg ccctggccaa gttgagtcac    124560
     gtgagagaat aagtaccgcc tctaggcctc tcttgccatt aggtcctccc agcgtctcgt    124620
     ttccttttcc ttactgcagc tttcttcttt cttctttaac gtatattggt atttttgtct    124680
     gaaccatgtg cgcgcagtgc cgtggggatc agaagattgc attggatgcc tgtgaagctg    124740
     gtggtggtga gccatgtgga tgctgaaatc aaacctgggt cctctacgag agcccacagt    124800
     actcttaact ggccccagcc ccactgagtt gcagattttg ctggagctag aaatttagta    124860
     gtgcatgggt gttttcggtg tgtaatggac ctaggaatcc ttcaactaca gctaaccgtg    124920
     tccttactac aactccctaa aatttaaact gttccgcagt ccggcgtgcc tcagaactgg    124980
     attgggaggg agggagggca gggataggga ataaggcaac agtagacccc tctggtgcca    125040
     ggaaagctac atcacaaaac cctttgatca aaaataagtt aaaatgaagc cgggcagtgg    125100
     cggcgcaccc ctttaacccc agcactccct gatctatgga actggttcca ggacagccaa    125160
     ggctacacag agaaactggg ggagggggtt aaaatgtaac tttctctttc gctcccctaa    125220
     acagcactac accgacgtaa agagcagggc aggcagctgg cggtgctgga ttttactaga    125280
     gcaactgtcc tgttattgtt caatgctgtt taaacacttt ttacatggga ctgaaaaata    125340
     acacgtggcc attttttgtt ctgtttttcg tgacagggtt tctctgtgta gctctggctg    125400
     tcctggaact caatctgtag tccaggctgt cctcgaactg agaatccgcc agcctctgcc    125460
     tcccaagtgc tgggattcaa ggcatgcgcc accggattta tgtttgtttt gcctgcattt    125520
     atgtctgcat cacgtttctg acgagacagt caggtgttga atctcctgga actagagcta    125580
     caagacagtt gtgagctgcc atatacgatt gctggcactc aaaaccaggg tcctgtagca    125640
     aagcaacaag tgcacttaat cgctgagtca tcttattcag cccctggcaa taacttctaa    125700
     aataaaacaa ggcagctaaa ttcgatcaga agacctaatc ccttaaccta ccttaaaagt    125760
     gagatgagga ttgcccagag caatttaggc aagagccagg tcatgaatgc ttctgccgtt    125820
     tgaattcagt agtttttcct tttcagccgt acaccattat agaattggag accctggtgc    125880
     tttcttctac ccccttcccg tctccatccc ctcctagtcc taccgccgat aagggattca    125940
     ctcttcagcc gcacctctat ctcagtggat atagcataat ttgctccgtt agagatgatc    126000
     catccaaatt atgcttacct gaccttaagc ttattgagca ataatgattc aaatcataaa    126060
     ttatttgaaa atgtagctct aagcacagct ccccagttga ctgcaggttc gttttcttct    126120
     cgccctgctt aaaccaatat ttactaaagt aaccatgatt cgaatcccaa agtactaccg    126180
     aggcctttga taggttttgc tgtggtttct ttgttttgac cttcaggtga gggacaggtc    126240
     tatgggaatg cctcaacttg aaaacaactt agcccactcc ccattggcac gatcagtccc    126300
     agcaaccttc agtcatgaaa aagcaagaat tgaaatattg caagcctctg ttgagaaaat    126360
     caagggaaac ttccgcaacg gactagcgac tcaatataaa cagaaaccct ttaacgacac    126420
     gtgtggatag ccaccctacg catgcgcaga gctttctcac actacttctc acgctccggt    126480
     gaggcttgaa actacaaatc ccaagatgcc ctgtatctaa atctcaattt ggggcggggg    126540
     gggggggggg ttcgagacag ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcacttt    126600
     gtagaccagg ctggcctcga actcagaaat ccgcctgcct ctgcctcccg agtgctggga    126660
     ttaaaggcgt gcgccactac gcccagctaa aactcaagtt tttattcgtg aagatgggct    126720
     ggtccgggtt cttgcaagtt ggctgttaaa ctggagattg gagagtcgga aggttcacag    126780
     tagtttctgt ttggcttttt tcttgggggg gggcgtggtt tattgttttt taatcaaggg    126840
     agggctttga ctccaggtag aggctatgta agttatgaaa tgcagacaat aattttttta    126900
     aaaaggtgtt tgaattcaaa tgctttgagt ggcaacttgc agagctgatt ctcgctatgt    126960
     gggccttagg tgatgtgttt gtaaaaagat aaagagtaag gagatatgtt ctatggaggg    127020
     gtagtgaggt atgggagaag gggatgtctc agtgggccca tgctgaggca tccattcccc    127080
     ctgagggacc agccacatga gggtatagta tagaatagag tttttattcc gggcatgggg    127140
     aggggagtca agatagtagt aaaggcagag aagagaggcc agccatgagc acatggagag    127200
     tgagggaagg agggagaagg ggggagggga cagagcaggc tctagaaggg aagaacaaga    127260
     gggaggaggg gctgagcagc tccttttaaa gtgggtcagc ctacctggct attgccaggt    127320
     aactgtgggg tggagcttag acagaatgct aagacaggga ttgatttttc tgaggcaagg    127380
     tctacctcca taacccaggc tggcctcctc aaccttgtag tcttcctgcc ttcattagcc    127440
     ccctgagggc atacatacta ggtgtgactg ctacagagtt tagtagtctt tcctttctct    127500
     gtaagacttt gaatcagaag tttccctgct tgtttttgtt ttgatgaagt gtcttcctgt    127560
     actgcccatg ttagtctttt ttttttaatt aatcattcca ttcacttaaa tctcaaatgt    127620
     tatcccactt cctggttacc ctgccactaa ccccccaccc acccactcac tcactggggc    127680
     atcaaacctc ccctgaccaa gagcctccct cctgttgctg ttcagcaagg ccatccatcc    127740
     tctgctacat ttgtatctgg ggccatggat ccctccaggt acactccttg gttcttaaaa    127800
     ctatccacct acctcagacc actatgctgg gttctccctt ccctccttgt atattccctg    127860
     ccatgaagtt tccagttttt tcctatgcaa ttctcacagt gaccctatac atttacttga    127920
     tgtcaactaa aagcattcaa ctcatgccca acttcaaatc tgatgggaga acataaacgc    127980
     ttaatttaca atagtctctc tgcctgagta tctatcacaa acacttttgg tttaaaatgt    128040
     gtaactcatg gtgtctagta gccgcccaac atgcatgaga acttgcattc catctcagct    128100
     attcagaggg agtgtccagg gaaggttgga aagatggctc aacagattaa ggcagcaggc    128160
     accaagccaa acaacctgag ttccatccaa caaggtggaa gagaactgac ttgaggcaag    128220
     tcttgtgacc tccacatgcc acagcagata tgtgtgcaac atgcatacac acacacacac    128280
     aaatatgtaa cttaaaaaaa catgatacaa gggctggaaa gacatctcat gtactgctct    128340
     tgcaaaagac ctaatctatc agacttctat atcaggcaac aagaaaccta cctattaaca    128400
     gctccagggg aaccaaaccc aggtcctcta caagaacagc aagtactcga aaaccagtga    128460
     gctgcctctc cagctccagt ctaattttta aacaaggcct ccaaaatgta ggtcaaggtt    128520
     agtgtacttg ccagcacaca ctagaaaata ggctccatct ccagaactgt agaacatagt    128580
     tgtaaacaaa cgctaactac tctcaggaaa ccaatgaaag cagttttact cacagggtta    128640
     cagtcaaacg tcttgttttt tgcagtactg aagatcatat ggggaacatc tccaatgcca    128700
     ggcaaagacc ctgcatcact gagctacagt gtaagccctg gctcaccttg aatttagacg    128760
     atgcttccct agcattaaaa atggctaaaa gtaagcccag tgtgctgaca tacaccatta    128820
     atctcagctt ttgagaggca gaggctgatg atctctgtaa attgaaggcc aacctatcta    128880
     catagtaagt tctagaacag ccagggctac acagagaaaa tccatctcaa aagcccaaaa    128940
     ataagtagac aaaagaccta aaccataaaa aacagttgag aaatggatca gagagatggc    129000
     tcagtggttg agagtactta atgttcttcc ataagaccag agttcagttc ccagctcttg    129060
     tccagtggct tgacaactag ctccagggaa tcaactcaca ctcatacaca cacagcatct    129120
     gcacacatat agcagataga gataaatgaa aaaccttact ttttaaaaag gctaagcgac    129180
     ttaaggggac tattcaacta acaggcacag gaggcagaag ccatagctga ctcaccctcc    129240
     cgtgtatagt tcctttcact attcctgggt tatacctggt tagtctctgt gaagggaggg    129300
     gcctggattt cagcttgccc tgcttactga cacactctaa aatagaggcc aagctgctct    129360
     agttgtgacc tacttgtgtg tctatgtgtg cttaagatcc aactggtact ggcttccaag    129420
     gcagcaacag ttgactccat tagcttgtgt ttccttccct atcctctacc cattacaagc    129480
     gtcctgcatt aggaaatgct aaggatcttt ctatctccct gccgttccct ctgcctggag    129540
     cacttgagga gtgtgtcact cactgcccta ctatctttga gatctgaagc aaatgttatc    129600
     ttctcaagtg atcaacactg accaacttaa ttttttatat gtggttttgg agaaaaaatc    129660
     tacatcaaac aagttacccc aatcctgatc cacctgcctc cacctcatag cagagatcac    129720
     aggcaccagt caacatgccc aatgcctcca cagcatgggt taactcaacg cctcatctcc    129780
     agcctgcttt gacaaaaaag gccatgggca ccacttcaac attccaggac cttagttagc    129840
     catctgtcct tcctcagtcc catctgagct cactactcac ctccctccag acttgcatta    129900
     aatgtcacct aaggaggcta gaaagatagc tcagcagtta aaagcatttg tagtctccca    129960
     aaggaccccc cttaagtccc tagaacctac acggcagctc aaaaccagtt ctaactctag    130020
     ttccaaggaa tctgttctct tccggcctcc acaggtaaca ggcatgcgtg tggtacagac    130080
     atacatgcag gagagaaaca atatatagaa ataaattttt tgaaaagtga cattacgctg    130140
     ggtgtggtgg cgcacacctt taatcccagc actcaggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg    130200
     agttcaaggc agcctggtct acaaagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggcta cacagagaaa    130260
     ccctgtctca aaaagccaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaaaaa agaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga    130320
     aagaaaagaa aagtgacatt acaagctaga aggctagctc agccattaag ggttaggctc    130380
     acaaccaaaa atataaaatg tggcctaaaa acagacatcc cctcctccct gaacaaatgc    130440
     ctctatccta tccttgttag tagtcaccac tgaaaaggtt acccatcctc tctgatttcc    130500
     cacttgtcta ggaggacagg gaaaatgtag gctgttcagt gctccggtcc ctagaaacca    130560
     ggacatcttt gacatatagt aagtagttgt tcagaatctg gggaataaat aacagctcca    130620
     taatggccaa aagctaagat tagtgtactg caaaaaaggt gaagtgctag agattgacca    130680
     gcgagcgcca cgtgctctag gcaaacacac tcaacccaga ctaacctgag tcacagctaa    130740
     actgatgctg tgaggagact tggaaggcat gctgctgagg caggagagaa ctctgtacat    130800
     aagtccctgt ctcaaaacaa aactaaaaac aagaccagac ttcaatagtc acagttacta    130860
     aggatgtctt gagacaggca gcatgtgccc ctgcctacag aaccttcccc ttccctttcc    130920
     acaatgggtc caccccagct cgggcagatg tggtatgcac cagtggggaa aggcttagct    130980
     tggagatcgc aaagaagata aaccaagcac aaactccagc actaagtcag gttctttact    131040
     tctcagaagt gactgctaaa aggagagaga cagcaagaag agacagagcc agagagagca    131100
     aggtgatggg aagaaagggc acagtaaacc actggtctaa aagtctgagg aggcaagtgc    131160
     tcaaggtaaa aaaagagtcc tggagaacgg tctgcggcca cagcaagcgc cttcgtttcc    131220
     ttctgtgtat cagtcctcca gagaaggctg ctgccggaac cgcattaaat attatgtaca    131280
     tcgcagagag tcccaggtag tgagcacccg ggagggagtc atttcaccag gggccgagtt    131340
     ttatcatcat ccccgcactg gtgggctttg tactttttca cttctgccat gtacttggcc    131400
     catgcgtcac ctttacttgt taatacctgt ggggtcggag gagggaagga atggttggaa    131460
     gacagatgcc caacaagctg gggacaaaag tcaggaacac catgagacag ctgacccatc    131520
     cccagtgtca cttaaaggcc ctggatttga ggaaagaata agcagaagca ggttatctgg    131580
     ggaacctccc accctccaag gcccacccat ccaaagcctg accactgggc actgggtctg    131640
     caaggaaaag gcagttaggg tggcagcctg ggcagcccac tcacctcatc ctccgtcttc    131700
     tgcttcttgg ctactattcc cgtcttgagg gctagtttgt tcccgcctct gcgcttgccc    131760
     acctgggtga agggacagaa gactgcaagg gttacaggag ccgggcccgc ccttggcggt    131820
     gctgaggccc actacacctt cctagcgacg cctcgcccag ctcctccagc cggccgacct    131880
     gcgcagcaat cagagaggag cacactcgac tcagcacctg ccctgggctg ccatgcccag    131940
     gcagtcctgg gccccaggct accctcccag ggggggcaga ggagtgctga ccttgctggg    132000
     aactggctct gtcctcactc tttctgccag gcctcacact gtcctgtcag ggaccacaca    132060
     gcttccttta ttgagcttca ctatctattg agccctacag accacacaga gcgctgtgac    132120
     cgtggtatct cctctcatat tcacagttat gctatttgaa ggtaataact atctcctttt    132180
     agaaataaag acaagtttct gggagaaata ggacaggctg ccaacaacag actcaggatc    132240
     agatgtgcaa ggccagcggg agcaccctga accacaaagc atccctcatt ctcctaccct    132300
     gagctggcct ggcgttttta ggaatataat gacaatggct actcaggaat aagtcaaaga    132360
     ggcagtgaca ccactgttgc tcctattcct ggactgtcac atcaacccag gccctgttac    132420
     tttccacttc ctctaagaac agtctggctc tgggttttca ccctggcccc atgttctccc    132480
     tttaactggg ggccttcaag agattatcct gttcttaccc tttaactagg cagtgactgc    132540
     tggactattc ccacaatcgc ttttgtgcaa tactgcaggt ggaatctagg atcccatgca    132600
     ttcaaagcga tcttctgctg agttaaatcc ccagatctcg tttctgagac ggggtctcac    132660
     taagttgctc aggctggctc tgaactcatt ctggacgtca gatcctttca cgtcagatcc    132720
     tttctcagct cctgagtagc tgatactaca ggcacacact actggacaca cacacacaca    132780
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cactgtgttg tttttagaaa caatgtaacc    132840
     tttgttcaga ctctgcaatc ctcctgcctc aagcaccaca gtgctaggat tccatgtatg    132900
     tgccactttg gaggctcaca cacaccccct tttaagacct aaacaaactt aagccttacc    132960
     ccaaaccaca gaactggatc caagatttga cccacagtct gttattctca aaccaacatt    133020
     tcttcctccc cactacaagg tctcaacatc agagacaaag caagctcaaa actaacagag    133080
     tatatgtcca acttatttaa cccgaggctc ctcaacatga cacttgacat tttcagctag    133140
     atcattcttt gttatccctt gcgttatagg atacagaaga gcatccctgc tatctaccta    133200
     tagatgtcac tagcatctcc tcttaagagt ttgacaacca aaatgtctac agactttacc    133260
     aaatacatga ggatgaagag acttgctccc agtagagaac cactggtctt gttctttaag    133320
     agtctgttct gactttccta ggaccacttc atgaaataca tcaaaatctc aattattaga    133380
     actacagaaa atcaggatag gccacccaca ctccaaacaa acaacgttct tttctgtcaa    133440
     agacaccacc aataaatact cagcacaaga taaggtgcta aataaatgga cattagttaa    133500
     ataataaaga aaggaatcga ttgatcttgc taaggccaca aagtcggtga tttgcttttt    133560
     gttattggtt ggttggtttt gtttagttgg gacaaggtct cactttttcg aattctcctc    133620
     ttcttgcatc cggagtgctt gtaatacaag gcgtgtacca ccacgcccgg ctacggtccg    133680
     tggtccgagt cgagtctaac gattacagca gactcgggat ttaaatgtgt ctcctctttt    133740
     tcccccacat tatatgtggg cctcactatt caaagtctgg gtacaaatca aacgggaatc    133800
     ctagcatcta gggcccccta accccagagc gctgcttcca atgcaatttc ccggttctca    133860
     ggtcccacga atgagatcta aggattccca ttcccgccca gaaacacctc tggtccggaa    133920
     tccaggctcg agattctcag caagcgaccg ggaccgtcca ggcagccggg cggaggactg    133980
     ccttggacca tgacgcccct tcccgggccc gactccccca gccaacgcgg gccccggcgc    134040
     ccgcccccac ccccgcggct ccttacgaag ctgagcgtgg ggcctgggcc gcccttcctc    134100
     ttcggattcc ctgggcccgc cgcggcggag gccggtggat cgggtcgctg cgggcccggg    134160
     ggtggctcct cctgccgctg ccgctgctcc tcctccatct tccgcttgaa cagctccagg    134220
     aagctgccat cgttggcaaa caagttcaca ccgctggaca ccggactcga gcccgacacc    134280
     tcgtcgtccc cactctcggg tgacgttccc ggtcccgact cagcccatcg gctcctgccg    134340
     ctgcccgccg ggccgggcgc ctcccgaccc ggaggctccg cccgtctccc tcgggcagcc    134400
     attttgtggc cagatgccgt gcaaaggacg tcgggaaagg ctctcagacc gcgcgcttgg    134460
     cgcgggactg gcttcgtctg gagcaatgca tgctgggaag agaggtcgga acccagaagc    134520
     caacgcagag tgggcggagc ttaggtgggg ccaaagggtt ctgacctggc caccaggcga    134580
     tggagcccag aagccggtcc ctttccttct ggtcctcggt tccctaatcc tgctagatac    134640
     gagttagcta agcagccaga agctccccga gaatgggacc atcgtttggg acccaggccc    134700
     cctgtaaggg ctaagagaac aatcccaggc agccaccaga actctgtaac tgaacggatc    134760
     ttgtttggag cctgtgtttt caattgtccc ttgggaactt gtgtggcccc taactaggtc    134820
     tacaaagcat atctaacttg atacctccta ttagaatgga agcatctcca ggtttgacat    134880
     ctgtctctga agttaatctc ttagcttgaa ataaaaatac cgctggcagc ggggcgtggt    134940
     ggcgcacgcc tttaatccca gcactcagga ggcagaggca ggcggatttc tgagttcgag    135000
     gccagcctgg tctacaaagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctacacaaag aaaccctgtc    135060
     tcgaaaaacc aaaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaaaccgc tggctgcgtg cagctagaca    135120
     ctgcctgaga ttagtattta aagaggctgg agcactaaaa tgaagccgaa cgtatttcca    135180
     ggctgagaac ctaagactta atgttttgag ctgcgtactg catgaaggga ctaaggaccc    135240
     ttgtattctt tcccaaggac agggactcga ttaaaattgc atttgctgaa cttggagcac    135300
     acccagagag aaagcagagt gccaagcgca ataagagttt cagaaattaa agttctttct    135360
     acaaggacga cttgttgcag gaatcattcc tgcccaacat gggagttccg ggaacacagg    135420
     gggaaagtct gcatactctg cagcaaatgg agtcttttaa tcgaccctca gccaaataac    135480
     cagttcgttc gtaattggtt tgcgacagaa accatgtggc tcacaaccaa ctgggtaact    135540
     ggaggaccgg aagagatgtt gaggtccaac acagaaagta agggggaaat gataatcagg    135600
     aaactgagcc tatggaatca agagctacct ctgctctaac ttcacgcaaa aagcttggcc    135660
     aggatgtttg cctggttgct aaggagaggt tgacgcctgc agggacttga gcgtgactag    135720
     tggaagtaag acaagattca tccaatgaaa agagtgccgc aagactcagg gcccaatcag    135780
     tgaagagcag tagtctgggt cataccaata tgtccgcgag acaggggaat ccttagaaaa    135840
     ctacagacaa aagttcacaa aggtgagccc ttgactcata aaatggtgaa aagatagcgc    135900
     tcattatctc caaatgtcaa tgcaggagta aaataagtca gacttccagc ctgtacaggg    135960
     ctgtggcaga ctcatttccc ctgtacgtat ttagcacgtg gtgcgccccg attaatcacg    136020
     tgagccgggt ccaagatggc ggcgggggtg gccgggtggg gggttgaagc agaagagttc    136080
     gaggatgcac ctgatgtgga gccgctggaa cccacgctta gcaatatcat cgagcagcgt    136140
     agccttaagt ggatcttcgt cgggggcaag ggtggcgttg gtaagaccac ctgcaggtaa    136200
     ggagactcta gcggggccca gaggacgggt gggatgtacc actggaccaa agggaggaca    136260
     gggaccggct ttctcttccc gagcggggca aagcgaactg agcatggctc tacggggttg    136320
     tttctctctg gaaattactg cagcctgctg aagatacctc ctgaatgcaa gcctagcatc    136380
     ctgggttgga tcatctctct ttgggtcttg tgaattcagc gtgtgggatg tgcagaggaa    136440
     cacgtaaatc ccgcagcccg ccggacagta ccccccccac cctcccccag ggagttcaga    136500
     gtagagggag cgacactaag gcaagctgtc ttagtataac agacttctat ttgatgccag    136560
     agagggaaga agtaaaacgg agtggaaagg gcacgtgatt atggtgcctc ggttcgttga    136620
     gaggtgaagt acattgtcct gaacaagtag agggagggag ggaaagcatt ctgcctgctg    136680
     gacagctggt ttgtgccact gagtgccaaa aagggagggg aaaaaaaagc agaaacaggc    136740
     attcaaaaag atcctatcag tcagctgaat attgcacacc agtcctatcg gaatcgaagt    136800
     caggtggtga tttcttcaag gattaagtaa ggcttgatct cactgggacc tatacattgg    136860
     tcataaggtc cttgcagatc caggtttctg tggcctgacc ttgcagatcc tgctacaaac    136920
     accactacca aaactgactc ctcactcctc atcttctcac gtttcttttt cgcagctgca    136980
     gcctggcagt ccagctgtcg aagggacgtg agagtgttct gatcatttcc acagacccag    137040
     ctcacaacat ctcagatgct tttgaccaga agttctccaa ggtgcctacc aaggtcaaag    137100
     gctatgacaa cctctttgct atggtaagta aagctggcct cagctctgcc tgaggtcccc    137160
     ataaggcaga tcttgtttta gtgacaggtg ttttacccag agtgcattct tggtacccat    137220
     ggaggccaga tgagggcatc agatcccctg ggactggact tacagatggc tgtgagccac    137280
     catctgggtg ctgggaatcc agcccagatc cactacaaga gcagccagta ctctgaacac    137340
     caagccatct ctccggcccc aaccataagg ccttttgagg acgtacctac cagcagccac    137400
     caggccaatc atagtctaca tactcatctc taggcgtcac acccccaaca tacacccaga    137460
     gaggcttgtg ggaaggaaac ctttgaggag cggggagaaa ggcgataaac tggaacagag    137520
     caaacaagaa ggaggcccaa ccagagatgc acactgtggg gctctgctgg ctgggcaagc    137580
     agtttggctt ggtgtctacg tgtgatagaa gatttttaat atgcacagtt actcttttaa    137640
     agatttagtt tatttttagt tacgtgtgca gggaccagcg ataccagggc ccccttgagc    137700
     tttaagtttg aagacacttg tgaaccccca cccctaggtg ggtactggga atgaatgagg    137760
     atcctctgga agatcagcac acactcttaa ctgctgagcc atctctctag ctccatgttc    137820
     gtgttttggt tgctgttatt gtgttgttag tggtggtgct actgctgttg ctgctgttgc    137880
     tgatgctgct tgaggtgaag gccagggcat cccgcatgtt acacagtgac aacctgcatt    137940
     cccagctctc gagtttgaaa agggctgggc agggtggcac acacctttaa tccctgcact    138000
     agagaggcag aggaaggccg gttactgtaa atttgaggct atcagggcta catagtaaga    138060
     ccctgtcttt aaaaacaata atagtaaatc agccaggagt agcggcacac acctttaatc    138120
     ccagcacttg ggagacagag gcaggacgat ctcagagttt aagaccgagt tccagcacca    138180
     ccaagggtac acagagaaat tctgtttcta aagatttttt ttttttttaa agccacgccg    138240
     ggcggtggtg gtgcccgcct ttaatcccag cacttgggag gcagaggcag gcagatttct    138300
     gagttcaagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtt ccaggaccgc cagggctaca cagagaaacc    138360
     ctgtctcgaa aaaccaataa ataaataaat aataaatagc cacatgtctg acagtcgtat    138420
     ggaaattgga ctgcaaatcg aggatgaagt tgggaagagt aacgagaagg atgtgtggat    138480
     gttcccagat catgacacgg tagtctcata aaaggaaaga atggggaggg gggtgagtag    138540
     atttacagta tattttggaa gtaaagtagt gagatctcca ggttctctct gtgagtgtgg    138600
     ggggggggtg tgcgtgggtg ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgtgcg tgcggtgtgt    138660
     actttagtgt acacacacgc tcatgccaat gtgtcactgt gaaagtcaag acatgctcag    138720
     aacattgttg gtactggctc ttcctcctcg tgtgagatgg tctgttgttt actgctgtgt    138780
     acactaggct aggtggcctg agagcttcca gggcttctcc acctatctta ccctagccgc    138840
     acggggatta cagaatcctg ttaccaccta cacctttacg tgggttcttg acttcaggtg    138900
     ctctagaacg aacaattgct gtgtgccctg gaactcattg tgatgtgcct gatgtgggtg    138960
     ctagaaatca aacctcattt ccctgcaatg cagcaaatgt tcctgactgg tgagcttctg    139020
     aggtgtctct ccagttcacg ttattctagg ttgtttggtt ggtttggttt ggttttggtt    139080
     ggttggctgg ctagctggct ggtttttgag acagagtctc atgcggttta gcatgggcta    139140
     aaccttgata tgttgtcaag gatgaccgtg aacgcctgat cctcctctaa agtgctggtg    139200
     tgacagctat gtgtcctggt gcctgacaaa aatcgcatcg ttttgattaa tatttttatg    139260
     cacgtagttg ttatggctac ctgtgtgttt gtgtgctatg tgcatgcagt gccctcagaa    139320
     gccagaagag ggtgttgaat cccctgggac tagagttata gatagtagtg agcctccatg    139380
     tgggtgccag gaattgaacc tgggtcctct ggaacagcag cccacactct taaccactga    139440
     gccatccctc cagtgcctgt gacagcttgg ttttaatgag ggaaatggta actgtggtga    139500
     tggaagctga gaatgggaac ccgcagcagg gaagtggagt tgctggaaca gagcaactgt    139560
     tctgtgctgc ccaggctagc ccagactagc ccctgagtac agatgcttct cctgcctcag    139620
     cctctagagc agctgagtct gcaggagcac agctccaccc ctgcctttag aagggcttct    139680
     aaaggtggtg gtagggcata tttgattgca gtggggagag gtggtggggg atagttcttg    139740
     aaggttgagc cctgccaagc acacagagcc gggacttaga ctctgccaag ggtggaaatc    139800
     agaaggaagt atgtagaact aggggtgttt cctgaggcag atgagatgtt acacccccat    139860
     ctttttcctc aacctatttt ccaggagtag ggattgaagg cagggcctgg ggcatccaat    139920
     gccagattcg ccactggact ctcagccctt tgttccctgt tattcctgtg tgtgtgtggc    139980
     tgcctgctgc ctctcttctt ccctgggctc cagaatggaa ctcagctctg tcatggattg    140040
     agtttcgtta cttgctgaac catcttactg gcttggtaca ggtttttggt ttggttttgg    140100
     ttttttcaag acagtgtctc tctgtttagc cctggctgtc ctggaactct ctctgtaaac    140160
     caggctgacc tcaaattcat agagatttgc ctgtctttgc ctcccaagca atgggggtga    140220
     cgctgccatc cggcctggct cattgcattt ttaatctgtg gatttgattt gttggtttta    140280
     gtctcactta agtttacagc ccactttgaa ctcactttgc aaccttcctg tccttctgct    140340
     taattgttgg agttagaagc ctgtgccgcc aggcccagcc agaggcttct ccttcatgca    140400
     aaggctggga cttccacggt gaatgagact ggagatattt gaggaggaat gagatacaga    140460
     cacttgtcag agtagggata gtgtgtcttt caagcatcca ttgaggacct gtcattagga    140520
     gttggtggca ggtatgactg ttggagtctg gttttgtccc caaaacatca ataccagaca    140580
     gctgtggata agcagaatgg aggagactgc ctacagcagt gaagaagaag aactagagct    140640
     gtgagcagcc tgaggctgga gctggagctc agtagtagag ctcttattaa aactaatcag    140700
     agactggggt cacagggtct aatgcccggc tagaaggtag ttaccattaa ggggcttggg    140760
     aattgctcag tggtagagca cctgcttata atctcccagt gagtggttag gagtataatg    140820
     tgaaggagca ctagcctgac ctgtataaag cccttggttc cacctgcaac cctgctcccc    140880
     acccctcaaa atagagaaca ctactcaaga gggagagcag atgggcaggg agagaaaaca    140940
     agggtcaagg taacctacag aataactggc cagcgagcct ggtggaacac ctacctgtaa    141000
     tcgcagcacc aggagggtga ggacagctag gctcagctac atatcgtctt gttttaaaaa    141060
     ttaaagaatc tcattcagag gtgacccaca ttagaggcat aatctgaaag tggatggagc    141120
     tagccgtggt tgtttatcgg gaaagcaaat tttgggttgc ctttgcaaat tcctgcagtg    141180
     ggtttgggtt tcaacttgtc tttggggcct cccctagtcc aagtttgcaa tttcttactt    141240
     gattgtgaag gttaaaccac tgatgggaca gacccgggat cctatgtggt tggagcccta    141300
     catgggcttc ctctggcctg cacctaggag ttgaggcccc ctctgggagt ccgtcatcgc    141360
     agcagcctga gtctggtccc ctcggccccc aggagataga ccccagcctg ggcgttgcag    141420
     agctccccga cgagttcttc gaggaagaca acatgctgag catgggcaag aagatgatgc    141480
     aggaggccat gagcgccttc cctggcatcg atgaagccat gagttatgct gaggtcatga    141540
     ggtcagcctg ccagggattg ggggtgcctg cctgccccgg gagggcttct ggcctctggt    141600
     ttgagcctga ccctcatctc ccccccaggc tggtgaaagg catgaacttc tcagtggtag    141660
     tgttcgacac agcacccacc ggccatacac tcaggctcct gaacttcccg accatcgtgg    141720
     agaggggcct gggccgcctg atgcagatca agaaccagat cagccccttc atctcacagg    141780
     caggtgccac gcccctcctg ccctcagtgt cttaacccaa accgtgttct ttggggcaga    141840
     gtaagaggca tggtctccct ccctccacat cccacctgct gtgtgccctt aagtaaatct    141900
     tttcacctcc ctgggtcttc ctttccttct ctgtcaactg tggtgctcac ttcaaaaaaa    141960
     agggagaaca cagcaatggt tctgtgagcc atcaatacag tcagtgacac ttgccccatt    142020
     cccatgtcca cctctagagc gtgcatgtga tacatgtgcc ttcctccacc ctcagataat    142080
     aatgtctgcc aagcatctac taagtgcctc acaccaattt gtaataaaac acatgactgc    142140
     tcacaaagca caacggctct tgaagggaag gtgtgaagat gggagacctg agaggtcagg    142200
     aggtcagata atgtgtccat gtttgcccac aaaatggaag agctacatta cacagaccta    142260
     ccccatgagt tggccccagg gcccacacct ttagtggaga tacttcagta ttcagtaagc    142320
     ccctgacccc gaggctctga tgggcccagc aaggtggcaa atctattccc tcatctccac    142380
     agatgtgcaa catgctgggc ctgggggaca tgaatgctga ccaactggcc tccaagctag    142440
     aagagacgtt gcctgtcatc cgatctgtta gcgaacagtt caaggaccct gtgagttatg    142500
     atccagttca gcaggtagtg agaggctcct gaggacggga tcagccagat cccttcctct    142560
     ctcctgtctt gtgccctaca ggaacagaca acgttcatct gtgtgtgcat cgccgaattc    142620
     ttgtccttgt acgagacgga gcggctgatc caggagctgg ctaagtgcaa gatcgacacc    142680
     cacaacatca tcgtcaacca gcttgtcttc cctgaccctg agaaaccctg caagatgtgt    142740
     gaggcccgac acaagatcca ggccaagtac ctggaccagg tatgcccacc tgcccagcca    142800
     agagtcccct gtcttttact gtgttctctg gggactgggg ctgcagctca gtagagaatg    142860
     cttgcctagt gtgtgtgcat gcacgcgagt cctgagcctt ctgtattcag aggactggag    142920
     ctcaactggg aagcctgaca cccaggccat ccctggattt actggcccca cttaccttac    142980
     ccttagcttc tgccctaacc tcccagccct cagtctctgc tttctgctct ctaacctgat    143040
     tacagatgga agacctatat gaagactttc acattgtaaa gctgccactg ttacctcacg    143100
     aggttcgggg agccgacaaa gtcaacacct tctctgccct cctcctggag ccctacaagc    143160
     cccccagcac ccagtagcca cccccatccc tgctgctgcc ttcataccct cctctttccc    143220
     catggggcag agtttgcaca aagtccccca taatgcaggg ggccacttag gaggtgggag    143280
     ggggtctgtt ccccctggtg gggcctgggg aggctgcaat gccccccacc tcttcctgcc    143340
     tcacactcct caataaaata atcttacaca gctgtgtttg tcagtggatg ggtaggtagg    143400
     tgaacacttg tggacagctg cagaggctgc acacatattt gtctccccct ctcacacaga    143460
     tccattcata gcaaacatgc atagttttgg tggcagttgt ggaaagaagc tgtcttcagt    143520
     aagaagcctg ctcttaaaga tattcttcct agctgggtgt ggtggtgcac ccctttaatc    143580
     ccagcacttg ggaggcagtg gcaggcagat ttcggagttc gaggtctaca gagtgagttc    143640
     taggacagcc agggctacac agaagaaccc tgtctcaaaa aaacaaaaaa caaaaagata    143700
     tcattcctag ggccgtaatg cctgtcatgg aagcgtttgt tctcttcctt aaaaactcaa    143760
     atgtgggact ctttaggccc catggccagc cccaggctag ttaggaacgg attaagcagg    143820
     cagtgggccc aacaccacct gctgtttagt ttgggaatta gtgggcgccc taggcagagg    143880
     ctgggcctgc cagactgggg attaaggatc tgtacacaca ctcctagttc ctgtcttggt    143940
     gggatgcttt cagccactcc tggggtgaga ctgatgaggt ctgacaggaa ggcagaagat    144000
     gctggggtcc ccttaaggct gaacctgcct tcagagaaag cttaccattc cttggcacag    144060
     acctccactg tttattcctg cagcccttac gttgggggcc tgagctgagc ttagaaccct    144120
     tggggaaagc acttagcaga tccgggtctc cagccctgct ctgcacctgc agacgcattg    144180
     gagactggaa ctaaagcatg actttggaat gttttcaagt tccaagccac agctgcttgg    144240
     tgcaagggga caaaaggggg tgcttgaaga catacatgac tcaggaagtg ttcctggtac    144300
     actcagggtc taggcgtgcc agggagcgag cgcatggaag gggaacccat tcacgagctt    144360
     agacttgtcc tcccgccgga ctcagggtgt gtgcaagcca gtatgggcac gttaaggtgg    144420
     caaatgtaaa cacacagggc agctataggg aaggactaca gactacaagc ccgtattgcc    144480
     caggttcaga tactagcttt tcgattgtat gtcacctttt ggctagtaga aatacaggag    144540
     ccatctccct tgctgatgaa acacacgggt tttttttttt cttcctccag caccctgctc    144600
     ataccttagt aagagtcatg tgcttattgt agtgaaggca tgtgaaccag gcaacctgcc    144660
     ctccagccca gctgggcatc aagaactgtg tgaggatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    144720
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgctggggga gaagggatga    144780
     gctgcgggga gctcaaggac acatactaag gagtcaggat agttaagaac agcctgtcca    144840
     gtgcccaggt cctacagctg gcagtgtcac cccagccagc aacctttgtt gctgaagttt    144900
     ataggctgct gggcagctgg acagcggaga tatgggtcca agagtggcca gcccaagctg    144960
     gttcctaatt tacccgggtg gggcagactt ctgccagtct gggaacactg agtcctagcc    145020
     agatgggcct ccaggggtgg tgctgcactg ggccattccc acgtctgttg ctcagcaggt    145080
     agatagcaag aaatgcatgg ggactcaaga gtatctctac cagatctact ctctgagcct    145140
     ctgcccctct catacctgtg tatctgtaga catccttgaa gttggaggta gcagtgggag    145200
     tgctctttgg gccaggctat gagtagccct cctgttggtg tgtctctgaa gagaaaacct    145260
     ctgcctcaaa tcagtgtcaa atgtagggac aaggatttgt gtccctggtg gtgtgtttag    145320
     ggcattgttg agtatgagac ctaagtatat gtctgggtgt ttctgcatac agaacataac    145380
     agtacataac agagaaagca ctgagaaaat gtctctctat tttaaatttt agacagggcc    145440
     taactatgta gcttaggatg tctttgcata catagcctcc caaatgcttg aattatgggc    145500
     atatgccacc atgcctgcct ccatatatta atgtacaaat gggtgggtgt cactggggtt    145560
     ttagttgatg aaactgtagt aaggatccct gttgatgcta gggatgttgt ctagggcttt    145620
     acaaatgctt gacaagtctt ttgctgttaa gctacaccta tagtccttgc aaatatgcct    145680
     tcactacgtt agcaaatgtc aggaaccccc aagttcctcc tctgacccta ggactatccc    145740
     actattttga gagaggtgct cccacattta tttctcgtgt gagtttggag gtgtctttga    145800
     cttcttttct ctattgggtt ttttaaaaaa tatttatttc aagctgggtg gtgttgatgc    145860
     acttgagagg caaagacagg tagatctctg agttcatgac cagcctggtc tacagagtga    145920
     gttcctggat agccaggact actacacaga gaaaccctgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    145980
     aaagtctaga actggggttt tagacacttg taagcaacag taggggtata ggtaccaaat    146040
     tctgaaagta caggcagttt gagttcttag tcaccacatg tactttttca tttctgtcta    146100
     tatgtgtctc tgcctgggtt gggatatgtg cacttgggta caggtgccct tgggtcccct    146160
     gcagctggag gtaaaggtgg ttgtgagcta ccagactggg tgtgggggac aaattctaca    146220
     gaagcaatat acactcaacc actgagccac ctctccatct gttgggtttg tgggactccg    146280
     tctcattctg taacccaggg tagcatggaa ctcatgacag tcctcctgcc tttagctgcc    146340
     agcattcctg gctgaccttg aaagtctctg tgacagtgta gattgccact gtggtaaggg    146400
     aagcaaaatg tgtgtctggg tctacaatgt gatgtgcatc tttgtgacag cttgagacca    146460
     caggaaactg aagggtgacc cagtcttgct gggctgtgga tgtggggtgt gtgtgtgtgt    146520
     gtgtgtgtgt gagagagaga gagagacctt ctccttcccg ctttttcagc tctaggttcc    146580
     agataccttg gaccttctcc ctaggaggga gggatacaaa gaggagcaaa aaagtacaag    146640
     gcagaccaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacact    146700
     accactaccc cacccaaccc cacccccctg cccaggagac aaactggcag accttctcca    146760
     aacaaagttc tgaggctgta actcaactaa aggggatgga cttgggaggg gctgcccacg    146820
     cccactcccc agctccttcc caaacagtct ggcttcagcc ccacccaata ctgaagacac    146880
     cctccctttt agtctctgtc ccttgtgtcc ctgtacggcc acaggtgaga agggccaggt    146940
     ctgggagaat aaatggccct ggactggcag gctttgggca ggactcctgg agagagaggg    147000
     gcagagtgga aggctaggag gggcagcaca aaaggaagaa aggtaaagga gaatctgaag    147060
     aaggcctgga ggtgtcggag ctgggggatt aaatgggcat tggggtaagc tggttccttg    147120
     tcagaggaag ggaggctgct ggacagactg gggagccgga gctttagaga cgccattcag    147180
     agcagttctg aatatgaggg ggatagtagt tctgccgggg cagactgtag tctcaagaga    147240
     ggacagagag aaagccaaac ttgggagagt gggcaacaag aggggggata ttgaaccctg    147300
     aggattagaa actgaagact caggaagtca aaaagattga gtgttgtaca ggtgaaaggg    147360
     ataggagggt gtgtgggagg aaggtcaaaa agtgactaga ttcatccaaa ggtttaggag    147420
     tgagggacct aagataaagt ccaaggggct tggaccatca gtctagagaa ggaaggcaga    147480
     gcaagactgg gagatgggaa ctcgagaaag ggccaggacc cgggaaaagg gggggggcgt    147540
     ttgggggttg gggtagggtg gtaccaggac gggagtgagg accgccctag ggcaacgagg    147600
     tgctagggtg ctgagacatt ggatatcatc acctgctgcg ctgtcgcccg cacctccacc    147660
     ttcaactgaa agccccagga tcagcccctc ccagcatctt cccttggctc acaggcccgg    147720
     acccaggcta aaaccttctc cattggccac actggccagg cgcagcgatg accgtcacct    147780
     acacagccag agtggcgaat gcccgcttcg gtggcttctc gcagctgctg ctgctgtggc    147840
     gcggaagcat ctacaagctc ctgtggcgag agctgttatg tttcctggga ctctacatgg    147900
     cactaagcgc cgcctatcgg tgagaagacc tggagttggg gctggggatc tgagccctgc    147960
     ggaagggact gggagtggag gggagacctg tagctactgc attccctacc ccacagcttc    148020
     ttactggcag aagagcagaa gcgctacttc gagaagcttg tcatatactg cgaccagtac    148080
     gccagcctca tccccgtctc tttcgtactt ggtgaggttg ggccccctga gaatcttatt    148140
     cctacgtaag ggagaaatct gttttccatc catgcttctt ggagaccccc attcctaccc    148200
     ctctaagact caaatctaac ctccaaagct gggtgtggtg gcgcacgcct ttaatcccag    148260
     cacttgggag gcagaggcag gaggatttct gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg    148320
     agttccagga cagccagggt tacacagaga aaccctgtct cgtggtgggg ggtggggaat    148380
     ctaacctcca gagcttccca cttccaaatc cacacctgaa agatgaccat atgaccctac    148440
     atcctgagac attttttatg atgtcctcta aggtgcccct tgggagcatc acctcaccca    148500
     cagacatcac aagttgtatc tgcgtcaggt tactatcctc cacacacaca cccattctga    148560
     gcaccctccc cccaggaaat agatattatt ccattcaaat ccagcctggc ccctagccct    148620
     acagaaagct cacatccctt gcatcacgtg gatgggatga actgcctgcc cagcttcccc    148680
     ttccccgctc acacaggccc acactctttc tatgtgtggg gtttggtggt ggtggtggtg    148740
     gtggtggtgg tggtggtggt ggtggtggtg gttttgtttc tttgtttgtc tgtttgtttg    148800
     ggacaaggtc tcttactatg tagtctcggc tggcctgaaa ttccctcagt aaaacaggct    148860
     gaggactaaa ctctctctct ctctctctct gtgtctctct gtgtctctct ctgactctct    148920
     ctgtctctct ctctctctct gtttctcttt ttgtttctct ctgtctctct gtgtgtgtct    148980
     ctctctgtgt gtctctctct gtgtgtctct ctgtgtgtct ctctctctgt ctctctctgt    149040
     ctctctctgt gtctctgtct ctgtctctgt ctctgtctct gtctctgtct ctgtctctct    149100
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctgtcaag gtttctctgt    149160
     gtagccctgg ctgtcctgaa actcactctg tagaccaagt tggcctcaaa ctcagagatc    149220
     cacctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat tgtgccacca cagccaggct tccaggctta    149280
     aactctttta taaattcctg gtttggggac tacatgtggc tgctgtggta aatctatcta    149340
     gatgtcctcg gtgtacattc caccttcaca caccagtgtc ctcaccttgt ttccagtcca    149400
     gataacccaa gcaagcccag tggttccctg gggtcagagg aatgtacctt ctggatccta    149460
     ggatctccac ttccatatta ggaccacaac tccccatctc agggtacctc aacctgctcc    149520
     agtctctttg gcttcagggc taaatcccca cgttctcaga ccagatggcc tgtgtggtca    149580
     gggtgaccag ccttttctaa ggtcactgat gcaaagactg tatcagtccc agagcttgag    149640
     ctcccagact cttggccctt gcatccttgc tgagtttcca tctccggctt gtccccaggc    149700
     ttctacgtga ctctggtggt gcatcgctgg tggaaccagt acctatgcat gcctctgccg    149760
     gacgcactca tgtgcatagt ggctggcacc gtgcatgggc gagacgatcg aggccgcctc    149820
     taccggcgca cgctcatgcg ctacgcaggg ctctccgcgg tgctgatcct tcgttctgtt    149880
     agcacagcag tcttcaaacg gttccccact atagaccacg tggtcgaggc tggtgagtct    149940
     ctggccagag gatggcaggg ccagacaggt gagcggtgcg agtaacgttg gatcaccccc    150000
     ccccccgccc cctccaggat ttatgacccg agaagagcgc aagaagttcg agaacttgaa    150060
     ttcgtcctac aacaaatact gggtgccctg cgtatggttc tcgagcctgg cagcgcaggc    150120
     gcggcgagag gggcgcatcc gcgacaacag tgccctaaag ttgctactag aggtgagcct    150180
     gagaggaagt gattgttaga atatcagaaa ctgtgcacgt tggagtgggt cgaaggtggc    150240
     tgacctcgca acctcccact tcacatgaag cagtattcca aaccccctta ccagatttcc    150300
     atgagggcag ccctgttgtg tgtggtaacc ctacccagtt gtatgtcatc accaaatacc    150360
     ctgcagctcc aggatacacc agcctaattc ataatgtgtg accccatctt catctgggca    150420
     cccgtactta atcttcatcc aagttcctca tccaccctag gagctgaatg tgtttcggag    150480
     caaatgtggg atgctgtttc actacgactg gattagcata cccctcgtct acacccaggt    150540
     aacttctcca tgcctccatt tatagtcagc ataggaggct ctattcctct tagggaaaaa    150600
     tggtggtacc catagtggta cccacgtctg tactaattcc tagcatttgg gaaactaaga    150660
     taaagaatcc ggagtttgaa accaggctag gttacagaga gagatggttt ctttttcttt    150720
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct tcttcttttt tcttttttta aagatttatt    150780
     tattgttata tgtaggtaca ctgtagctgt cttcagacac accagaagag ggcatcggat    150840
     ctcattgtgg atggttgtga gccaccatgt ggttgctggg atttgaactc aggacctcca    150900
     gaagagcagt cagtgctctt aaccgctgag ccatctcacc agccctaata ttttcttttt    150960
     aaaaatgtaa gggctagggc tggtgagatg gctcagtggg taagagcacc cgactgctct    151020
     tccaaaggtc tggagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcaaaacc atccttaatg    151080
     agatctgact ccctcttctg gagtgtctga aggcagctac agtgtactta catataataa    151140
     ataaataaat cttttttaaa aaatataagg gctagccggg cgtggtggcg catgccttta    151200
     atcccagcac tagggaggca gaggcaggtg gatttctgag ttcgagacca gcctggtcta    151260
     caaagtgagt tccaggacaa ccagggctat acagagaaac actgtctcga aaaacaaaac    151320
     aaaaccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtaa gggctgaaag tcaattacaa ctcaatcact    151380
     ctgatgttca atgccagtac tgatctttcc aggactctct ggggcacacg gggcaggggg    151440
     tggggttagg agagatctgg tttccatttg cctggcccgt aggtagtcac tatcgcagtg    151500
     tacagctact tcttggcttg cctcatcggc cgtcagttcc tagaccctgc acagggctac    151560
     aaagaccaca ccctggacct atgcgtaccc atcttcacct tgctgcagtt cttcttctac    151620
     gctggctggc ttaaggtggg tagggccgtg aggcaggaac ggaagagtgg gatttgaaag    151680
     gttctccaag ctccacctgc ctctcttctc tgaactcagg tagcagagca gcttattaac    151740
     ccttttgggg aagacgacga cgactttgag accaactttc ttattgaccg caacttccag    151800
     gtcagcgtct cctcctggtg cacacaccta agagtttcct aaagtggtcc cagactctcc    151860
     tagacctcac cctaaacacc cttcactctt tgatcacaca ccgtgagggc tccacccacc    151920
     ctgccctgcc tgtccgcatc ctcaggtgtc catgctagct gtagatgaga tgtatgacga    151980
     cttggccatg ctggagaaag atctatactg ggatgcagca gaagctcgcg cgccctacac    152040
     cgcggccacc gctttcctgc ttcagcagcc ctccttccag ggctccacct ttgatatagc    152100
     gtaagttagc ggggtgggtg tggcttaggg ctctgcaggc ttagaagggt ctacggtctg    152160
     tgggttcatg gggggaaaag gagttctagt aaccaagata gacaattttg cctggaaagg    152220
     tggctcacac taagaaccca ccctaagctg ggcgtggtgg cgcacgcctt taatcccagc    152280
     actcgggagg cagaggcagg cggatttctg agttcgaggc caccctggtc tacagagtga    152340
     gttccaggac agccagggct atacagagaa accctgtctt gaaaaaccaa accaaaccaa    152400
     acaaaacaaa accaaacaaa aaacaagcac taagaaccct aacacttggg aggtggagcc    152460
     gaaggaatca ggagtttggc tatgcaacta gatcaagttc ggggctgtgg ctgaggtgga    152520
     aactggtcat cagttggaga ttgggggcag agctaaagac ttttaaagac aagatgtggc    152580
     catgattgag gttacagcac cagaagatat gcctaggtcc atagaggtgg ctggagctag    152640
     gcgggtttca ggtgctatga atcctgcctt gtggattaag aagagaaaag cccggatgag    152700
     agtagggtct agtctatcat ggaagaggtc ctagtttcca cctcaaacac cgctaaacag    152760
     gcagagatag attggcagag cgggatgtga gggcacagac ctgtagtcag tcccaggact    152820
     ggggagacaa gacccaaaag gttgattcac ccacaagttt gaggccagtc tggactacat    152880
     agtgaatttc aggtcagtaa gaactaagga atgaagcttt gtcagaccaa acaacacaga    152940
     gagaggaggg gggagagagg gagagacagt gtttctcctt tgaaacctct tctactcctg    153000
     ggagtgcctc tctttcctta atctaccttt cctctactta aaaataaaac aacaactaaa    153060
     ctaataccaa aaaactagcc aagtagtgga ggcacactat taatgccagg tctttaatgc    153120
     caggactcag gaggcagagg taagtagatc tcagtaaatt caaggtcagt ctggtttaca    153180
     aagcaagttc taggacagcc agggctacac aaacaaaccc tgatagggca gggatggggg    153240
     agcagaaaac tgaaatggaa taacacatca acgcgaagca ccaaggcttc agtgatgact    153300
     cctgtccacc ctgtaggctg gctaaagagg acatgcagtt ccagcggctg gacggcgtgg    153360
     atggcccgct gggagaggtt cacggggact ttctgcagcg cctcctgccg gcgggggcgg    153420
     gttctgtggg tccgctgggg cggcgcctgt cgctgttaag gcgtaaaaac agctgcgtgt    153480
     cagaggcctc cactgctgcc agctgtggct gtgcaggcgc ggcggatggc ggaggcgttg    153540
     agtgcggttg tggagaccca ttgcttgacc ccagcctgcg ggagcctgag ctggagtctc    153600
     ccgcatgtcc tgagccgcct gcccccatcc cggggccaac tcctgaacct tttaccaccg    153660
     tgtcgattcc gggtcctcgg gctcctgcgc caccctggct gcccagccct attggagagg    153720
     aggaagagag tccggcctga gatcctggga ccaggacccc tacggacacc tacctaatcc    153780
     tgcactagac atgctggcga ccaccagggt ctgcacaagc tagctaggcc ttcagaaagc    153840
     cgacctactc attttgacca gcggaatctc ccactggggc tggtggtttt aggggtccat    153900
     attctcccag ctgttgctgc ttccctcacc cccaaccccc cactctttaa gaggttttgc    153960
     cttccaaaca ccaccacctg acctgtggcc tctgttggtc ttctgaccgt accttgggtt    154020
     cttcccttcg agtggaattg acggcctacc tcatgaaatt gtgaggatga aaaaaataaa    154080
     taaaataaaa taaacgaaac tacgtcttta aagcagttgg tttatagtag gcattcaata    154140
     aatggtctct agccagatga tttggaaatt cttctaggcc ttatttttcc cccattgtgc    154200
     agagttgatt gggctatacc tcctgaaatg gactaggcag gctctcttcg aactcacgtt    154260
     tacctccctt gcctacctag tactagcctt aaggtgggtg acaccacagc tggcctccca    154320
     gacttgatca tgttctaatc attccctgac cctccctcaa attgtgctgt agcacccttg    154380
     gttttattca ctggtgagag aaatgctgcc tggtggtcag agcctttaag gtgccagata    154440
     agcacttgga atgagctgta tccaggccca ctcactaatg aaggacccac aaagcaatgg    154500
     ttttcccttt gctccttgca ctccagccca tgtgtgtggt gctggggagt gcagcccaga    154560
     cactctcaca tgctgactaa gccaggccac tgtgttaggc tacctccagg ctagtttgca    154620
     ctattatctt ttttatttcg tttggaaata actattttgg ttttgttggg ttggtggttt    154680
     ggtttggttt ttggtttgtt ttcttttctt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgagacag    154740
     ggtttctctg tgtagtcctg gatgtcctgg aactcactct gtagaccagg ctggcttcga    154800
     actcagaaat ctgcctgctt ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gggtcaccac    154860
     acccggctgt tttggttttt ttgttttgtt ttgttttttt gagacagggt ttctctttgt    154920
     atcctggctg tcatgaaact caatctgtag accaagctgg tctggaatca aaaacccacc    154980
     tgcctctacc ttccaaatgt tgctccagct gtaagtattc tgcgtttatg agcatttgcc    155040
     tacattatgt ctgtgtactg cttgtgtggt tctctctgag accagaagat gttggatctc    155100
     ctggaactgg agacaggcac aactggtagc tgtcatgtgt atagtggaaa tcaaacccaa    155160
     ggcctctgga aaagcagaca gtgcccctaa ctaccgcgcc atctctccag ccacgatttt    155220
     attttatttt tgttccttca agaatgttct cactgtatag ccctggctgt cctgggactt    155280
     actatgtaga ccagactggc cccaaactca caaagatcca cctgcctctg cctcctgagc    155340
     gctggaacta aaggcatatg tcactacatc cagtttccgt gttttattta tttaaagaat    155400
     tatttatttt atttgggcgg tgatggcgca tgcctttaat cttggcactc tggaggcaaa    155460
     ggcaggtgga tctctgaggc cagcctggtc tacatataga gttctaagac agctagagct    155520
     acacagagaa accttgcctc taaaactaaa aacaaaccaa aaagattttg tgtatgaatg    155580
     cttgcctgaa tgtgtatctg ctcacctcat gcatgcctga cacccttgga ggccatcaga    155640
     ctccctggaa ctagttacag atggctgctg gtgccatgta ggtgctggga ctcaaacctg    155700
     ggtgaatacc aagtgctctt aactttatta ttttcaagac aggtttttct gtgtcctgga    155760
     actctctctg tagatcaggc tggcctcgaa cccagggatc tggctgtctc tgcctcccga    155820
     gtgctggcgt taaaggcatg cgccaccact gcccaggtac ttatttttaa accctgctat    155880
     ttagtcctag atgacagcaa tcctactgcc acagcctcct tgggactagg actacaggca    155940
     tggaccacta catctggctt tccaggtctt aactgaatcg ctcttgtgtg ctactgacat    156000
     ttcagttgac tttagtttag tagggacccc tcccctaacc atctcacctc agggacttgg    156060
     catatgatga ttctcctatc tagactgctc ttccctaggt gaagtctaga tgaccccatc    156120
     ctaatctctg actggtaccc gcttcctgga cttttttttt tttaaagatt agtagttata    156180
     agccaggcag tggctgggca gtggtggcgc acacctttaa tcccatcact tgggaggcag    156240
     aggcaggtag atttctgagt tcgaggttac cctggtctac agagtgaatt ccaggacagc    156300
     tagggctaca tagagaaacc ccgtcttgag aggaaaaaaa aaatttaaaa agccaggcag    156360
     tggtggtagt acatgtcttt aatgccagca ttcaggaagc agaggcagat ggatttctgt    156420
     gttgctggac tttacaatcc taagaaatcc atataaaata tacacaatcc agatgtttta    156480
     agtaataact tgggattatt gatagatttt aattgcatag agagtagata tctatccagt    156540
     tccagtgcca attaaggttt attctaaatt taaaggttgt gtgtgccttt tatccaggaa    156600
     ctaaatggtt aaaggcaggg taggaactcc agattgggat taaatttttt tttaagattt    156660
     atttatttat tatatgtaag tacactgtag ctgtcttcag acacaccaga agagggaatc    156720
     agatcttgtt acagatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggatttga actaaggacc    156780
     tttggaagag cagtcaggtg ctcttacctg ctgagccatc tcaccagccc cgggattaaa    156840
     ttttttaatg acatctctga gttcacggcc agactggtct acatagtgag ttccaggata    156900
     gcctgggctt cacagagaaa ccctgtctcc aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa aatgaaaaac    156960
     aacaacacag attaatactc atttatttat ttaatattta tttatagaca gaatctatga    157020
     tgtggctctg gctgtcctgg aacttggtat gtaccgtaag ctagctctga actcaaaaga    157080
     gccagctgcc tctagctcct aggtgctgag acgaatggca ctgatgacat ggctggctag    157140
     aagctcactg cttttgacta aactgactgg ccagtaagct ctcagacttc accggtcccc    157200
     tacccctcaa aggagggata caagtacatg cagcaactgt cagactggtg tgtgtgtgtg    157260
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tccagcttct taaagcaaag agcaacagca aacctcctac    157320
     ctgctgctct cacctgtcat tgtgttactc acacctaatg ggaatgtaag acaaagccag    157380
     gtgtggtggg gcacccttcc cttaatctta gtgttcgggg ggcagaagca agtgggtctc    157440
     tgaatttgag gccactctgt tgtacagaac aagtttcagg ccagagaggg ccacacaaag    157500
     aaatcttgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagggggg gggctggtga gatggctcag    157560
     gggttaagag caccgactgc tcttccaaag gtcctgagtt caaatcccag caaccacatg    157620
     gtggctcaca accatccata acgaaattgg atgtctcttc tagagtgtct aaaacagcta    157680
     cagtgtactt acatataata aattaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga caaaacaagc aaacaaaatc    157740
     cccacaagaa tgcaagttaa ggcttgaaga gatggctcag tggttaagag cactggctct    157800
     tcttcctgga gacccgggtt caactcccag cacccacatg gtagctcaca accatttgta    157860
     actctagtta caaatctgat gccctctttt ggcctctgca ggcaccaagc acatcgattg    157920
     cacacaacat acagataggc aaaaacgctc atacatgtaa aaactttatt ttaaaagcaa    157980
     tggtctgtgt ccccagtgca gtttttattc ttcgtcattg tgtctagagt acattcatga    158040
     cagatttaaa gtctttattc ttttcaaata taaaatcagg ctcttcccag gtagtacacg    158100
     aggcccagga gaagaatcaa gaagaatcac attgctaaaa ggaatagttc cacacctgct    158160
     acctgcctgt ccccttctct cccatctaag gaagcaaagg gcagaagtca ggctcaatca    158220
     aggtcaaagg cccagctggg taaatgtaaa ctggaagact ccagcaggca gcaggaagtc    158280
     gaggtcttgt cagtgcttgt cagtggggcg gaggctcaga gcctggcgcc ccaggggtcc    158340
     acggcgagca ttggtggcca gtctttgctg tgccaagaag gactgggcat gggcaggagc    158400
     gtgctcttcc ccagcccgat gctccaaggc catgccctag agaaatggta taattagcag    158460
     ggtaagtgag cctacctgag ccatgtgaac ctggtatgac atctatgacc cacatgacct    158520
     ccctggggag gaacccactc accatgctgt accaggcact gataagcagc ttttcctcct    158580
     gttcctgccg tctccgactc ttctcatagt ccatctgcca ggagacaaga gtcaggggct    158640
     gggtggggct gagggccaca tggcatgata ggatgaggat acccacctcc atctgccgta    158700
     tccgcaggtt ccgctcccag agctgtgacc tcaaggtatg gaattctggg gacaccacag    158760
     tgggtggcct ctgcttgggt tccagggtct gaatgaccta ggaattgggg ggggtgtgga    158820
     gcacaggaga gcaaccttca ttataataat agtgacattt tgcagtcccg gggactgatt    158880
     gttcctaagg cctcatgcat tctaggcaac acagttgtat tactagcatc attttgtttt    158940
     gttgtttgag acaaggctca aacttgtgat cctcttgcct ctgggtcaca gatgccacca    159000
     tacctggttc tacctctacc actcccccac cccacccccg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    159060
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg cgcgcgcatg tatttcttcg    159120
     tacagagtct cagtatgcag cctggctgac ctcaaactca gagttgttgc tgcctctacc    159180
     cccctagtgc taggaataaa agattacagc accattcccc gctcattctg cctaagcctg    159240
     cagaatagct gggaacacag agctgaagca cccaggcccc ttgctttggg tttatgttat    159300
     atatttactt tttttttttt tttataggtt tttcaagaca gggtttctct gtatagccct    159360
     ggctgtcctg gaacttactc tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tctacctgcc    159420
     tctgcctccc aagtgctggg agtaaaggca tgtgctacca cgcccggcct tacttatttt    159480
     ttggaatgct agggactaaa cccaggacct cctgcctgct aagcaagtat agttagtgag    159540
     ccagataccc aggcacatac ctatatgcct accctggctg gtagatttta gataagcact    159600
     ctatcactaa gccatgtctc cagcacctta tttgtggatt tgaggcagaa tggtgctatg    159660
     ccactcaagc ttctttacag accctttaac acgctgagta caatggattt gacagccctt    159720
     ggcggcagta ccacgcagac gcctatgata tgacatggta tggtgtgcag gtgtggatgc    159780
     agagggcaga gacaaacaaa ctggcaggag gcatgagctg aagggaagca cacagagtag    159840
     gatctaaggt aggagagcag acaccagcat cctcaccgtg cgcgccttgt ccacgtagcg    159900
     gcggtatcgt tcctccatgg cccgcaggtc tgcatccttc ttctgcagac tgtcctgtag    159960
     ctcctcgatc cgccgagctg ctgaagaaca aataagggcc ccccaagttc catgctgaac    160020
     tcagggctcc ctctagtcct ggctactgtt gggccccact tactgctgct gtcagtggga    160080
     ggctccaact cctcaatgta ttctcgtttc ctctgcaact ccaggtcagc ctcatgcagc    160140
     ttctgcctgt gggcatggaa gcagtggggt gaccttccat ccgtccaccc acccatctat    160200
     ccatctgtcc atctatctcc acctatccat gtatctgtgg tgttggagat ataatccagg    160260
     gctttgttct ctgccatgag caccccactg aactccaggc tcattctcta tagcagagac    160320
     acactcctag cccactggtt ccttctcttc tatcaacagc aagtcagagg cctccacgct    160380
     gtctaatcat ctcgccatcc tgtgatcccc aagttggtct ggtcctcatc tttcctttat    160440
     ccctagccat cctcttccac tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttg ctgttgctgt    160500
     tgttttgaga caggatttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc    160560
     aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatccgcctg cctctgcctc ccgagtgctg ggattaaagg    160620
     cctgagccac cactgcctgg ccctcttcca cttttttttt tttttaaaga tttatgatat    160680
     gtaagtacac tgtagctgtc ttcagacaca ccataagaga gcatcagatc tcattacaga    160740
     tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga attgaactca ggacctccag aagagcagtc    160800
     agtgctctta accactgagc cttctctcca acctgcctct tcctctttga gcacctcggt    160860
     ttcactctct ctccacccag cagacaggtg ctttggtttt taggatgtat tatgtgtgtg    160920
     cctgtgtggg gctgaaggta tgacacactt gtgtgtgtgc ttggggaagc aagagagggt    160980
     gttagacttc ctggagctgg agttacaggt agttgtgagc cactcaacat gaaaataaaa    161040
     tatttttttc tttttttttt tttttgagac agggtttctc tgaaaatata tttttttaag    161100
     acttatttat ttatgtattt atttaatgta tgtgaatata tggtcactgt cttcaaacac    161160
     accagaagag ggcatcagac tccactacat gtttgtaagc caccatgtag ttgctgggga    161220
     ttgaactcag cctctagaag agcagtcagt gctcttaacc actgagccat ctctccagcc    161280
     ctcctctgta ctcttaaaag aactctctct cagaaggtgg gtggatctct gagttcaagg    161340
     ccagcctggt ttacagagtg agtttcagga cagccaggct acacagagaa accttgtctc    161400
     aaaaaacaaa aaacaaaaca aaaaaacaga gagagagaga gagaactatt tctcaagccg    161460
     cacagatact tttacttctt gtggcactaa ggatagaacc tagaggcctt gtccatacga    161520
     ggccagtgct ctaccactaa gtcaggtagt caggtgtgat atatatatat atatatattt    161580
     tttttttttt tctccgagac agggtttctc tgtatagccc tggctgtcct ggcactcact    161640
     ttgtagacca ggctggcctc aaactcagat atatatatag atatagatat agatatatga    161700
     ttcatatcat atattacaca ataaatacca taatgtaatg actatattat gtaacattat    161760
     atttttttat atattttttt ttgatgtatt tatttattat atgtaagtat actgtagctg    161820
     tcttcagaca ctccagaaga gggagtcaga tctcgttacg gatggttgtg agccaccatg    161880
     tggttgctgg gatttgaact ctggaccttc agaagagcag tcgggtgctc ttacccactg    161940
     agccatctca ccagccccat atttttttat attaacacac acatatggac atactttttt    162000
     ttctgaaaca gagtcccagg atggccttga cctcctgtcc ctcttccgtc tacctcctga    162060
     gtgctggaat cacagtccca tatgagcatc ctctttttct aaataagatt ctgagccaga    162120
     cccagtgatg catgacagga aggaggctga ggcaggagga ttacaagccc caggccaggc    162180
     taagctacag ggagaacttg tttaataata atacaaagga gggagttaag atccgtttgc    162240
     tgttctagtg gaggacccca agtataaccc acatggtggc tcacaactat tctttttttt    162300
     tttttttttg attttttcga gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc    162360
     actctgtaga ccaggctcgc ctcgaactca gaaatccgcc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc    162420
     tgggatttta aaggcgtgtg ccaccaccgc ccagcagctt acggccttcc tcggaactcc    162480
     atgagatcat gtggtacaca gacatgcagg caaaacactc acacacataa aatcagtaca    162540
     cttcaaaaac aagcacagga tcacccttga gagcaagaca tgttagtaca caccttctat    162600
     cttagcactt gggagatggg aggatcagga attcaagacc agtttcaggt acacaacttc    162660
     cagtctcaaa ataaagactc tacttgacct gagctgactg ggtctcttca cccacaattc    162720
     tccacacctt tgtcccaaga gttcccaccc caggagtgaa ggttctctgc acttacagat    162780
     gatcctccag cttcctcttc agcagggtgg gctggggaag agaagcagcg gggagtgagg    162840
     ggacggggac aaggtctgag aagctgtgca ggtaacagtg gtgcgcctcc ctggacccgt    162900
     ggtactcaca gtggccttct tcaggcatcg ggcagcaagg ggggagggag aaagggggat    162960
     tactggggag cacaagggag ggccaagcag ggaggaggca ggcactcacg tcctcggtct    163020
     tgcccccctg ctcctgcaag gccttctgta gctcttccac ctgcgccctc agctccgaca    163080
     gctgctgctg gttcagcctg gcagggaaca gtgctcagtg cttgcgcttg gttgcgcttt    163140
     caaacaagaa ggcaggctct taccgttgct gtgcttccag cccatggcgt gcacggttgg    163200
     cctcctccag gtggcgctgc agttcctcct gtcgctcccg gtccgcggcc tcctgctggc    163260
     acagtctctt gttctccagc tgaagtcgca ctagcgtctc tctgagaaac agggggaagt    163320
     gagtagggct gcgtcctaga cagactatta gatgaaaccc tgggccgaat gctgcttcgc    163380
     aaagaaccca gcctgccttg gggtaggagt actgaggacc tagcatggac tctggtggct    163440
     taggctctgg gagctgacct gggtgtggtg agggaaatca aagagggtgg ggctctaaag    163500
     gaggtgtgtg ggggtcaggg attaaaacac ttgcatccag ctgtggaaac agtaagagct    163560
     gagatggggg ttaccagagc agagcaaaag gaactgcaca cagtaggggc accagtgatg    163620
     cccctggtcc tcagatcaga gtaagcagga ctaaaatgta agaattttgc acctggagca    163680
     aagccgtatt cactacacat taatttatgt tctgaacacg gatcctggaa tgggaaagcc    163740
     cctggaacag taaagccctt agccacgtca gtgcttgtac tgtaagagtg cggctgagga    163800
     agagccttgc ctgtcctaga tgggtccaga gccttaaaag gtcccagcat acctgagctc    163860
     tgcaggcagg atctctgctg ctaagttttc caggccagaa ggggtaggat ccagggagag    163920
     atctgaaaac aagagatctt caggtttcta tacatccaca gtctccatcc ctgggttctc    163980
     ttttcaggga gcatctttga ggggtcaagt acagccccag cccatcccca agccggatct    164040
     gaagctcacc agcctgagcc aatcccctgg gctgcagctg ggcacagcgg agctcctcat    164100
     tggcctccct cagggagtcc ctctcagtca atagccgcta caggggcaga tgcaagatgt    164160
     caggtgaacc tcctggaaga tgggctatcc caggatgcaa agggtagagc ctgggccgca    164220
     gggcttcagc cttacctcct tctcctttgt caccaggtca cacttttcct ctaggtttcg    164280
     gcattcaaac agccacttct cagccttcat ggcctcttcc tgccactggc cctgcaactc    164340
     ttgcacctgc aagataattc aattctgagc tggatttcct ggaaccctca tggtaaaaag    164400
     agaacaccaa cctctacaag ttgtcttctg aacctcacct gcacactcac acacagatac    164460
     ccaaactcac acacaaaata taacttaaga agttgggggc tggggctggt gagatggctc    164520
     agtgggtaag agtacccgac tgctcttcca aaggtccagt gttcaagtcc cagcaaccac    164580
     atggtggctc acaaccatcc gtaacaagat ctgacgccct cttctggtgt gtctgaagac    164640
     agctacagtg tacttacata taataaataa ataaatcttt aataaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa    164700
     gaagttgggg gctgccgggc gtggtggcac acgcctttaa tcccagcact cgggaggcag    164760
     aggcaggtga atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtccac aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc    164820
     cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtcttgaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagttgg gagctggaga    164880
     gatggctcaa caaataaggg ccccctcgct cctctcttcc agaggatagg gacttgattc    164940
     ccagcaccca tgtggtggct cacaactatc tatgactaca atcccagggg atctgatgcc    165000
     ctcttctggc ctccatgagc acaagatgca tatgtggtgc acagacatgc atgtagctga    165060
     aacacccata cacaagaaat tatttaaaga aagaaaaaga gtgaaagggg aaaccatggg    165120
     gacagcagag atggaaagag aggcagcaac caagctgcag aagagggagt ggaaccagag    165180
     ggaccgggca gcgccaagaa gttgggagga ggggtgtttt agagaagcgg tggggcttac    165240
     aaacccaggc aggggagggg tgagtcttgt aacaaaagag agaaagctgc agagccttgc    165300
     tgctagtgaa gtgtagtgat ggggcgggcc gttaaggggt ggagctacgt gcccgtgcct    165360
     tacctgcctg cgctgagcct cgagctgggc acgcagggat cctgcacggc gcagctcctc    165420
     ttccagctgc cgcgtgcgct ccgcgtggcc tgcatttcgc tcctccagct gccgcacctg    165480
     ccgccggagc tcttggagct cgcccaggcg acgacggcag ctgttcagag tggcctccag    165540
     ctgccttgca cgttcggagg actgcctaag aaagggatag ggagtggaaa actcagaggc    165600
     tggctgggaa gttgggctgg gcagggaagg gtgttcaacc tgagggattc gggttcaagc    165660
     tgaaagcatc agtcaggtct gtagtgccgg taggggtcat tagggaaaca ggttataata    165720
     gaaaggttct caggaacggc agacaggaag aactgtgaga tagcagagtg ataaggacac    165780
     tttggggtcg tgggggaact gtaaggagtc ttcagaatcg gggtgggatg gttcaccagg    165840
     tgcattaaca ttctaagagt gtttagggtt acaggagagg tctttcagga tacagaaggc    165900
     acagtagatt cacagggggc tacaatgata tagtcttaga gggcatcctt gaatccagag    165960
     gcatgatggg atccaaatgg tgcactgggg tctggagagt gttaggaggg gttgtatttg    166020
     tcaagggtgc tgtaaggtat tgactgatgg caatgtaaaa ccaagggggc tccacggatc    166080
     cagggagtct ctcaggagac ataagttcag gacagtgcag tgggcctaag tggcatggtg    166140
     tggctcaggg tgtcatgtgg aagcctgcga catattgtgt ataggtccac ttagcatctg    166200
     ggagttgaat gtgccatagc actaaggggg cattttgtgt caatgctgca gatatatgat    166260
     gggcactcgg gacctgccac ctaccgcagc tcatccatct catcctttag tgcttgtgcc    166320
     tcctgggata ggctggtcag tgcctggttc cgttgttgca gctcagcgac ctcgcgctct    166380
     agttccaggc agcgaagccg atcatcttcc cggctactct ccagcctggg gtatcaaggg    166440
     gaagataaag gaggatgccc tttggcccca gtgccctggc cccacccatc cccaccccca    166500
     cctcccaact gaccacacct gaaattctcc tcttgaagct gttctagctg tgactgcaga    166560
     agcaatagct tcttagctgt gaggcccggg gcactctcca cttccgaccg gcccaccctc    166620
     tctcgaaggg cagcgttctc ttgtgccaga ttctgcttct cctctgaaag gagcaagagc    166680
     tgtgggcagg ggagataggt gaactgaagc acaaaccagg tcttacacag ataggattta    166740
     cgcaagcggc cccacccacc tggcgctcca gatccaggta atgttgctga agatgatcac    166800
     cctcctccac ctcctcactc aggaaatagt acctgcggga ctgagaaggg taaagggggg    166860
     aatagaagat gaaggacttg gggatccagt cagaagggag tgggaaagtt gtgatgtcta    166920
     gggatgctgg ggaggggtta gggagcccca ggatttaaga ctgggctggg gtcctaagaa    166980
     tatggaagaa gaataatttt ctaaccattg ggatgtggca agggaagagg ctaagacacc    167040
     aagagactgg gagggttgat taaaagctca aggataacaa gcccccttat caggtgttca    167100
     gctgtaatct cagctacaag ccaggcagtc ccaggagaat caaaagttca cccctgctgt    167160
     ctggactacc taaggacaag cctttccgcc tcagcagccc agagaaccag tggtggggtt    167220
     gaatctttta ccaagttttg tgatcattac ctgtgtatca aaattcccgt aattctctgg    167280
     tgacagggaa tcaggagtgt ctttggtcat gagctgtgga agggggcatt atggtaagct    167340
     aggctctctg atacaacctt caaggtttct acaattcagc ctaggaaact cttccctcct    167400
     cttcctcttc cccaaggcta gtttttgcca gataactcct gcccagaggc tccttccagt    167460
     gtagaaaaag accacaactt ttgaggctgc tggattctga ctgagagctg acatatataa    167520
     gacctggcct gctgacttcc aggccgaggc ctaaccttac catgcaaagc caggtctgtg    167580
     ctcacttgct tctaccctag aaataaatgt cccctccccc gacccttctg gatttctata    167640
     ggggatgcct gcacccacct cctggatggc ttccatcact acatgttgaa cagactcctc    167700
     cagggtcata attctttgga tatactctgg ggatgaaggt gaaggcgaga ggctgagacc    167760
     agggatggct tggagaggaa agaacatttc ctcagggtat cctctgggtg ctctcagttt    167820
     cctcccctct acccctcttc ataccctgtt ttttctcaca actgatagca cagcccagta    167880
     ccaactgaag cagtttgcca agttctgcag gatttgagaa ctcgccaatg aggctcacat    167940
     ctgggagatg ctgatctgac acagggtgcc ccagaacctg agaacaccga gagagggagc    168000
     tttcagggct cacagactga accctgactc ccaacccagc ccctaaattc ctttgcagtt    168060
     actcacattc ttcgagtatt ccaccaagct ctgtaagatc ttctccagtt tcctgacctg    168120
     gtgacgccaa ggagttatct atgcatgcaa gtctacagca actccccccc cccaacctat    168180
     cctcacttcc tccccgtccc tcaattttca ttccctgatt atcccacctt gttgtctggc    168240
     cctgttctaa atatccttct cctctagagc taaactgcat ggtctatagt gtctacctga    168300
     ccttcttaat tcacaagttc cagaatgcaa tggctttcac tctctggccc aactgctact    168360
     atctctcact tggatgactg tacccactgt ttctcatctc ccacctttgt tggatggggt    168420
     agaagttctg ctgatcaaat ccagggtctt aggtatggta gacaaggact tttccactga    168480
     gccactccct ggcgccttac tattctccta ttctgcgtcc agcccttaag tgctggagtc    168540
     tggaccagct gtggtctgct gagccccatt cccaaccttt catttcctac tcttgctacc    168600
     tgtgctgcat ctcttcccag gtagccaagg gcagcttcga aacggcttag ccaggctgtg    168660
     tttttccttt gctaagacca ttccacagta cttaaaatag agtccctgct aggaatggtg    168720
     gcacctgcct ttaatcccag cacctgggag acagaggcag gtagatttct gaatttgagg    168780
     ccaaacctgg tctacacagc aagatctaaa acagccagga ctacacaaaa aaactctgtt    168840
     tcaaaacaaa acaaaaacaa aacaaccccc cccaaaaaaa aaacaaaata agcacctacc    168900
     cacctcccat cgctatcatg accctccttt tactgtcttc ataggtttat atgaatttgt    168960
     tttcttgttt ttttaagatt tattttatct tttaaccatg tgtgtatgtg tgtatgtgtg    169020
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgagagag agtgtgtgtg tgaaagtatg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgagag    169080
     agagacagac agagaaagaa agagaatatg aggatgcctg cagaggctac aagtgtcaca    169140
     tcccctagag cagttgcagg tggttgagag ctgtttgatg tctgtgcgtc ctctctggag    169200
     aagcagtaag ttcctctgga agaacagtat ccatttttaa ccaccaagcc attcttccag    169260
     cccagttttg tttcttgaag cagtgtgtca tgtggctcag aatgagttct aacttactgt    169320
     gtagccaccc aagataacct tgatgtcctg atcctctggc ttgctaagta ctgggactcc    169380
     atgtgtgcca catggtctgg ctacccctgc ccatcccccc tcccaccccc cacccagcat    169440
     accctgctac ttgggattga actcaggacc ttgtgtaggg tgagcaaatt ctcttttgcc    169500
     aactatatcc ctggcctttt aaaggttttg agacgggatg atggatggtt taccaccctc    169560
     ctgtattaac acaccaccat agctgggatt acaagcattt gccagcacac ctcttggaag    169620
     ttaacatgtg ttgtgtgtgt gcttttgccc acatcataag aatggtggca agtttttttg    169680
     tcctattgtg ggtgctcaat ataaacaaaa atagcttgct gatcaccaga catctggctc    169740
     tcttcctgac aagactgcct gtccatcgca caggacatgt atctagcttt ccctttgcct    169800
     tcacctcctt aagtcctcta gttattccct agtcatgagt ccacctgtca ccttcaacct    169860
     ccagctgggg cttgagtcct ctgagatgcc ctggagccat tcgttgttga accaggaagg    169920
     gtctctaggg gcagaaagat gggatgagca ggctggggag cccttcagga tcctcccact    169980
     cagccgccac actcacatct gattcagcac atgggctatg gcgagtccgc tgctcaggtc    170040
     ctggggactg gcacaggggg gtgaaacttg gaacgtctgc aactaaaggg ggaagacgga    170100
     agggcaacag gaaaattgag gacctggaat tgcagacttt ttccccagcc atcagacatt    170160
     tcacggggtt agaaaggcat tagcctgtag caccaacata tcacatcttc gggggcgtga    170220
     cttctacacg cctaggcaag gacggggcgt ggcttcattt tacctatcct ggcaaaccct    170280
     gcaaacctag gtcagggcgt taccaccagt cacctggtcc ccactgctaa catgtgacca    170340
     ggcctgtgcc ctccagaggg gcgtggcctc acctggtctt ttcgctcagg cctgcccacg    170400
     tgacagacgc aggtggtcag gtcagagtcc aacggcccag caagcctacg atctattcct    170460
     ccttccaggt ccaaaaccga ggaaagaaga ccaagacagg acgagaggag agggcgcaca    170520
     cctgacccag ccccgccccc cgacctaccc aggtgagcag agacccgcat agctcggcct    170580
     tgtccacact catggctccg gatcgaattc gatccgggcc aaggagcccc ggcacgcagc    170640
     agcagcctcc gggtccgcca ccagcgagcg cccgaagccc agacctcccg ctcggcctag    170700
     agcgccgccc cgctccaccc cgccccctag ccataggctc cgccccagac acgtgatctc    170760
     ccattgcaaa cacttgcctc gccatcttag atgcgggaca taggcaagtg cacattctgc    170820
     cgctaggtgt cagtctggct cagtcctgct gctggtgacc tccactcctc gcggcttctc    170880
     tttatgtagt ggagtggtcc tcaagatcct tttaaggcgg atctaccgca cccagtttca    170940
     caggcacttt aatggttccc ccccaaagct gaaagaaatc ctccggttta gccgcgttat    171000
     gatctgagcc tttcttaatg tgggcgcaga gaataattat aaatcctgta gtcgtggagt    171060
     gagaggatct taaaagcgtc ttccccagag aagtgattct ggctggagtc cttctgaaaa    171120
     ctcgggtatg gttgggagca ggaagggtca agtatgtcct gagtaaagga catagcactt    171180
     gcccagcccg gggtctcttt cctgcgagct actctgctcc ttcccggccc cgggtgcttt    171240
     gagcaccttc ctgccctaaa aaacactcga cctggccaaa gctgcgggtg atctgaagcc    171300
     caccaggggg cgcgcagaac gtaggaacgc atccttctgg gaaaagggtg cgtccaccgg    171360
     ttgagccggt ttaggggagc gcagagagct tagaattttt tgacaataaa gtctcaagac    171420
     atcatttgtg gagtgcttac tgttttcaga ctttacaata agctatatat ctacagacaa    171480
     ttgaatgttt tccacgaccc taggagacaa gggctacttt aattcccagg ttttgtttct    171540
     taattttaga aactgtatta tttaattttt ttatttaatt tttttttaat ccgccgcttt    171600
     gcaaatgagt aaacagcggc tacaaagtac acgggctttg acgccagggg taaagcccag    171660
     accacgccct ttgacccctg ggtccactag tagcccctcc cctctctggc gggtggggta    171720
     atgtgctgta attagaggct attaaatgtg cccagaggga ggagtggagc cggctctgct    171780
     ttggggcggg ttcagttcgg agggggataa tgttctgctt ccatccaggc aatgagccgg    171840
     gatccagtcc agcgaccctg tcctggttgg gtgagcccag cgacatcagc cacccgccct    171900
     ctatcttact agagttgtta atctactaca gacactcggt tgcaacccac tcaaactctc    171960
     agctgcacac accagagagc cttggaggct gattcacact tccacagacc ctcacgcctt    172020
     gttttcctga ttccagtccc tgagaccctg tggaaaggta tagaagggag tgtgcttcca    172080
     gactggactg ggcatggggc ctgccaactg gctcccccat cccacatcca ccagagttga    172140
     tgccccacag tggaaacaaa gctgtgctgt cctacacaca aacacactgt taccaggaac    172200
     catgattgtt aaaagaatgt gtgacattct gggacacaaa aatttagggt gaaggttgca    172260
     ttgcagggat tttgaagttt aggagaaatc tgagaatcca ggtctgggaa gtgacttaag    172320
     gtgtcccagc gttggtgtga tatcacaggt gtccagatgt tcaagaagtc aagatttaaa    172380
     tgaaactggg aggcagaggc aggcagatct ctgagtttga ggccagcctg atctacagag    172440
     agaattccag gacatccagg gctacacaca gaccctgtct caaaaaaaaa caaacaaaca    172500
     aacaaaaaaa ccaaaaaccc aaaacaaaaa gatttaaatg aagcttagga gctgagtatg    172560
     acggtgctcc tgcctttaat agcagcactc cagaggcaga ggcgggtggc ctgccatgag    172620
     cctgaggcca gcttggccta catattgagt ttcatgatag caaggaccac attagagaga    172680
     ccctatttca aaataaataa acacataagg aaacaaatag tgaagatact tcactctctg    172740
     atggggaaga agttataatc ttccacaggg tcagcaagag tcccatcttt tagggggaag    172800
     aaaagaaagc tttggtgttg gcaacaaggc aatctctttt tacaaccaag gagcaatgct    172860
     ctggatataa gtgcatttaa ttctgcaaaa agagccacaa atccttcctt tgagagggac    172920
     cttgcattta gaaggatgcc aacccatttt aggtgtaggg aacctccaag tttgcagaga    172980
     tccgaaggcc cccatttata ggaacctaga atccctgctc tgcaagtttg gaagcctcta    173040
     gctggtttgg ggaccccacc tcgaacatgt ttccaggaac agctggaccc agcctgagtt    173100
     gtactgctgg gaagtgagtg actcaacccc tccctaaggc cacagctgga ccccagccca    173160
     tccccttcag cctgcacatc tggatgttga tccagtcatc acagctggga tggggaccct    173220
     gggttccaca ccagaggcca gtacccaccc acccccatta gtatgcaaaa ttctctgtga    173280
     attccatgtt ccattggctt ggggactctg ataatcttcc cgtacctggt tactgcagtt    173340
     ctgctggagc tcctatcctg ttcccacctc tcaacactga gtatctaagt ccaagggaaa    173400
     tgtgatccta tctgcgtagg tgcgaggtgg tgggtctatg attgggttag cctccacttg    173460
     tgtcttggga tcctggagtt tgttcagctg agtgtatgtg tgtgatttga tggctgtcag    173520
     gaagttcaag gcatcaatct gcataataca taatcttaga agacgagtgt aggggctgga    173580
     gtggttgttc agcggatgag gtcacttgtt gctcttgcag aggacccaat tggattccca    173640
     ggatccacat ggtggctcac aaccatccat agcttcagta ccaggagata tgacatattt    173700
     gcaccaggca catacatgca tgtaggccaa cactcataca cattaaaaaa atgaatctga    173760
     aaaagaaact tgaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagct ggccgggtgg tggtggcaca cgcctttaat    173820
     ttcagccctt gggaggcaga ggcaggcgga tttctgagtt tgaggccagc ctggtgtaca    173880
     gagtgagttc caggacagct aagactacac agagaaaccc cctctccgga aaaaagaaag    173940
     agagagaaag aagaaaggaa aagaaaaaaa aaaagcagga ctttgtggac ttgtaatctt    174000
     tgcacctggg aaggtgagac aaaaggatct agagttcatg gaaaggtgga ggtgagtccg    174060
     gactgcttac gacgactatc tgagaaacac agtaagctct gggtatggtg gcatttgctt    174120
     ttaatcccag cactcagaag gaagcacttg gctttgtgag tttgtggtga aagcttggtc    174180
     tatatagtga taccctgtct caaacaacaa accaaaaata tgcttagcta gccttggtgg    174240
     tgtacacctt taatcccagc ataaggtggt caagcatcag ctgaatctct tgttaccaag    174300
     gagagactgg tccttttggg tcacctgtgt tatttattcc gtgtatgaga aacgtgtgtc    174360
     tcaggttggc attaagatct atgtctgtaa tcataccctg ctgctttgtc gttctacaat    174420
     ttagtagaac ccgtgtttct gaatagagaa aatggattgt tttactaggc actctaatta    174480
     tttccagcca ttgtttttca gtgataatgc cctcttatca caggtcctgg cttatcatac    174540
     ccctttaaca agcaaagtat ctctgcatgt tgcctgtgat aactcggtaa tgacatggct    174600
     gtctatacca tgtgtctcag ccacaatttt catgtgaggg gtacttgtcc aaatcccagg    174660
     tgacagaggc tgttctactt tgcttcgatg gtttgccatt atataaaagc ctgtgtgttc    174720
     ttatggctct gtaattgcct gtgtgcatat ggctgtttgc gctgtttgcg tatctaccac    174780
     acactttata tggctgatgt gctgagcaac tctgcttcta ggtttaagag gccgtatgac    174840
     tgtgtgaccc tgtctgtcca tgatcgcagg gcttagctga acaggaattt ctgctgtagt    174900
     gcagcaggtg tatcctgtgt ccttgtgaca ctgtgggtca gaattgtttg tgaccttgta    174960
     tgtggatggg ggtgtcaaag tcacaccaga caaccaactc agtggaggga tccacatgcg    175020
     caccactgtc gctgtctacg actctcctct gggagaactc caccccgcat tgcgggggcg    175080
     cgtgcgtcgt tcgtgacgtg cgacacgaag gagttcgctg cgtgcgtgga gcccgacgcg    175140
     gtcttgcgtg cgagtacaag ccgggggtgg ggtggctgta agcgtacgtg agcgcgcggg    175200
     ggtagccgcg ggagcgctgg ggcccagtgc tgcggaacga gagactttgg agcgcaggtg    175260
     aaactggcag gggactgccg ttaacccctt cctgcccgac ccgaaactgg ggccccaggg    175320
     ccgaacgaac ggggccttcc ccagctcgct gggcggggca gtccctgctg ggaagacctt    175380
     cctcttgtga gccgaaacac ccccccccgt tgccatggaa acagcttcct ggctcagcag    175440
     gcgcttgctt cctcccgcac tgcccttcct cccgccgacc atgtgctttc cactcctgat    175500
     ctccgcaccg cagggctggg ggtcagaaag gccagggcgt gcgtgactca ggccagccct    175560
     ggggtcccca gaccgcactc ggcctcactc cccctgctct gcctgagtga ctcatgcctc    175620
     gcggctttcc ctgtgtatga ctcaggcccc tgaggaggga actttgggac ccccctccgg    175680
     gtatccagga ccaggaatca agttctggag acttcgagtg aggggttaca cctctcgaga    175740
     caggaggccg ggcgggcgtc ccctttcgtt ggccattgcg aaagccactg gagacgcttc    175800
     ccccatcctt gaattaagag atcctccccc gacctagctc cgggaaccca gtgcccccgc    175860
     ccaccagcct acaggaagtt ttggcagagc ctatcgtggc aatgaaacgg ttaaaatcgt    175920
     ttttcttatt catttcatcc aggggctttt ttgactcaga acaagcgggt actcccttga    175980
     aagcctggcc tcatggggac tagagctcct actgtacccc acagacaccc agcttagaag    176040
     ggaagggtgg ctgtgggtct tgtgaagtct cagctgcgtt cgattcaaat cctgtctctt    176100
     ctctcgcttg ttttctcatc tgaaaactac gtccagctct ttgagttgtt gtgctgatta    176160
     gatgaataat agatgggacg ctctgaattc agagctggac acagagttag ggaggggtgc    176220
     ctcagaccta gatgtccagg tgcccagcag aaaacaccta ctctgtgccc cacccacgtt    176280
     ctctgaggcc atggggttca ttctgtccac ccctgccccg ggctggcacc caggaagtga    176340
     gaggcggggc aggaatgagg cggaacctgt tgggctagtc ccttccccgc ccccaccctc    176400
     attctcatgc cctgacatgg acccccccaa cgaaacagcc ccaccccccg ccaccctgga    176460
     cgcctgggtc ctgacctgcg ggtggccgga aacagcgtct cgggaacatc ctgtggactg    176520
     ctagctggac agacaagagg gtcagtccct cccagggcag ggcagacata ggctgggggc    176580
     aaagtaaaca tgccccaggg tggctagact gcgggggagg ggttgaaagg gggtgctatg    176640
     ctggaatgta cacacgtaca catacacggt caccctgaga gagcctgtcc agaagaacaa    176700
     acctctgtga cacaggccac tgagatatct agccagggac acacacacac acagggaaag    176760
     cagacatcca tctgggtaaa acaaccggca gtggcaggta cagtgactgg ggccaagtca    176820
     gaaacaaggc tctagagatg tagctcaggg ttagagggaa gaaagagaac tcaaaggcat    176880
     ccatccacag gtcaaaaagc aggcagaggg ggtgtggatg tagctcagtg gtctagcaag    176940
     cttgaggagg cagtggactc aacctccaga acttcaaaca aagcacacag tcaggatagg    177000
     tgtgacccag ataaaccagc tctgcacaca ggctgggtat cagcacagag aagtgcacat    177060
     tcgtagtttg acattcccag aaaggataga tgcacactga gagcctctag gccacatgca    177120
     caagcaatat cattactata cagaaacagg agaaacaaac ctacatctac agacagacag    177180
     aagtggcaca gtcacctaca taccatgtca gaaggcccca ggcacctatc aacatcattg    177240
     tggcacattc atttggagat gaagacttac atacaatcac cttggggttt tttgtttgtt    177300
     tgtgttggag gcaggatctc actgtgtagc cctggttagc atgaaactca gtttgtagac    177360
     ccagatggcc tagaactctg agatccacct gcttttgact tccgaggcct gggattaaag    177420
     gtctgtacca ccatacctag ccatagtcgt ctcttaagta gacctaacca acagatgcaa    177480
     cacaacacga ggggttcaga gacattttca gatgtggtct ggacaaacaa gtagctaatg    177540
     tagacaggca gaaacaggcc acagcccagc atttatgaat acacgagaat ggagataccc    177600
     tgacagaagc tgtggctagt cacacagact gttcatgagc acacaaggta ttcatgctct    177660
     ctcacataca catacagcca gccactgacc acataacaca caacacagac caaccaggcc    177720
     cctttctctc tctgtctctg tctctctgct ctttctctta taggcacaaa cacacactat    177780
     gaaaaccaga catgccgggc atggtggtgc acacctttaa tcccagcact cgggaggcag    177840
     aggcaggcgg atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac aacgtgagct ccaggacagc    177900
     cagggctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaaaccag    177960
     acataaggtg tgttctaccc cctgccactg actatgtttg gagtatatac atagacatag    178020
     ctggtctata tgggcaaggt agggcagggg tggggtgggg tggtcaagca gttacaggct    178080
     atacacatac acacagacac cagccatgta ttgcatataa acataaagac atttcacaca    178140
     cttaaggcaa aacacatacc ttacactcac aaactagaca caaaaatgtt agccacatgc    178200
     atgcctagaa tagagccctc tgtagcctat ccaatagacc acacacacac acacacacac    178260
     acacacacac acacacacac acacgtctca ccttcacccc atccacacac aaagcagaac    178320
     tgaactctca caaataggcc cacaccccct tcagggttgg accaacaggc aaacagaagc    178380
     ccagagcagg cctcatgcac tcacacaggc cctaacaggc caaccacacg tacacacacc    178440
     cccacccacc ctttgctgag gttctgtggg acccagagat cctggcactt cctctcccaa    178500
     catcacccct acttccctga tgttctcccg cttcctctgc tgggcaggct cagttgtttt    178560
     acttatatct ctcttaaagg ggacaccttg gagctcaggc ccccaagtct ttggcagctg    178620
     tgtgggaaac tccctctggg ccctgttgaa tcggtgtgaa gatagagcat gtttccaaga    178680
     agacacagca acttcctctc tagacaaggg gtgagggacc cctaaaccca cagaagtagg    178740
     ggaggagggt gactggcagt ctggggcatc ctagagaagg cctctggaat tgatccttag    178800
     cttcttgtgg tgcagccacc agtccacacc cagggcaggg cctggggact gggtgctagg    178860
     acttgtgggt tcccgcccca gcctgcccgc tgcgtgactc acaggcagcc cccagcccag    178920
     tttcctggtg gtggcagccg tggcaccggt cagtgggccc agggaggaga tggtcaccaa    178980
     actatttata agaaggagaa gtccctggtg ccaagaccaa aagccccaga gagacctgtg    179040
     ggtgggtggg atgaacttcc tccttatcct gaatggtagc cccgggcccc gggatgtagg    179100
     gaaacctggc aaggaaggcc agcctggtgc tgatctgtag ttcaggcggt gtgggggaag    179160
     ggactatctt tacaccgtcc acactgggca ggcctggcgc cagcagggcg acttgaggag    179220
     gtggtgccca ggccacaaga gtgagaatgg taggggcctg gaaccggctg taccagcttg    179280
     gccagccctg ccctccctgg ctggcctcct ccccaccccc tgcaaacacc catgcagaaa    179340
     tcgtgaagga agaccccagt ctggcataat tgccagtatc acctttctgt gcccaactct    179400
     acttctcctt ctgacagggg gggaggggtg gtggagggga gaagaccttt tgcaaaagcc    179460
     tactcactag agcgttgtat gtggctggca ctacacaaat gcccatcaac actacaacac    179520
     agcagtgttc tgagatagcc agcagactat ggaccagttc tagtactttg agctctgaga    179580
     cattattaaa ggccatttcc tgtgcctcaa cttctcattt gttaaatgaa aattcacaca    179640
     tcacgcaact gcctagatca ttggaagtgg ccaatgacgg actttatgta agccacttta    179700
     gaacagtgtc tggtccatgg taagaaccat gtaagtgtta gctattaaaa taataattac    179760
     tatttctcag acagtctgtc tgcctgtctt aagtgtctcc cagtctccgt gtctgcagga    179820
     gactaacctg gccccatctg tctctctggg tgtctcctct tgtcctgcct ttctgtcccc    179880
     agcctcccac tcttctcttc gaccctcttt gggcagacct ggcctttctc caggacttgg    179940
     ctttggccta gccggcctca gctgtggcat gggtgagtca gtgtggtctc ctggccagtg    180000
     ggacaggcag gttggcttcc caacacgttg ccctccgtcc tgccctggcc ccaatgctgc    180060
     ggccagtacc ccctcaggca aggccacatg tcagctgcag ttattagcat gggcaggaga    180120
     cacaggcctg gcagcctgcc cgcagactca gcggcttctg gaatctccct tgagactgta    180180
     gtgggggagg ggagcttttc aaacaagggc aagatgggaa ggaggactta agggtcacaa    180240
     ggatccttca aagactggga tgtccccagc ttcttcttct ccaatgcccc tactctactg    180300
     gacttcccct gtatccttca gagctgtttt tgcctcttgt tttccttctg tggaacacta    180360
     ggtaagctct gatcctgcta cttagtccta gtccttaagc ttctctctga agagccctcc    180420
     tttatcttac cagagacctg agaaagagga agagatggga ctctcaccct ctctcaggtt    180480
     gctcccacac tacttgaagt cccacctacc taactgcaag gccggctatg taaacctcta    180540
     ccttcccatt cctggagaag gggctttgtg ttctcgcatt tttctcgatt tgcgattttt    180600
     gcccttttac ttgggtggga agaagggggc tacttccttt aggtattcta tgtattggaa    180660
     ggtagctcac ccccgactga agtggacgta gatgagaaga gtattcagac ttcaaagata    180720
     agtggtaggg aatggggacc ctagaccttc tggtagaagg gaagggcaca tacccagggg    180780
     aggaggcagc tctgtaccag cctgcccagg cgccagggat gcccgaaagc attaccccgc    180840
     cccctccgcg ccccgacggg ccaggggcaa agtccgaccc aggccctcgg gcaggcgggg    180900
     acctgccagg ctgggtccaa cctggccggg cgggacagga ctcagcccca gagctgttcc    180960
     gagaggctgg gtcaggccgc cggggggcgg gggagcccgg gggtggcggt ggaggctggt    181020
     ccggactagc cgtccggggg cccgggcgcg ccctgggacc tggcagctac ctcgagttcc    181080
     tggctcttag tttgccgccc caagactgca ctggtcccac ctcttcctgt gccctaatat    181140
     gggtgctggg gagagaaatt cagggggggg tgccccgccc ccaatctaat tcacggactc    181200
     cagcctgttg ccttggtgac gaggccccgc tcccaggctg catccccctc cagccggcca    181260
     atggaacagt cctcggctgc caggcttatt agtcgccgat ggttgcaggc tgaaccattt    181320
     ctagatgggg gagatcagac tatgactaga agcgtctgta gctgggttgt gacttcccca    181380
     agggtcgctt gccgaggttc ctcttcccag gcgcagaatt tggcaggccc agggtagggt    181440
     gcaccatccc ctaggctcac aatgacgaga cagggccggg ctctttcccc ctcggggctg    181500
     ttgccacact tcctgcctcg gctctctttc cctagcctgt ttctaaggaa gggagtgggg    181560
     ttgggcgacc gcaccccagc tatcccgccc catcggccct ccaaaagctg acaggatatc    181620
     gggcgagccc cgggtgacta agggagggct ttgggctgag gtactgggca tgtcagtgcc    181680
     ctagggacca cctacgaggt acagcctcat tcgtacaagt cctggtctct gggatcctcc    181740
     gagtcatctt ctcaggaaga tctcagatac cctcctgtca ttgccttcat agctcggaag    181800
     gaagctatgt cgtgaccatt ttaattctct gccagagttc tgcaaatatc cacaatgacc    181860
     ccaacctttg ctagatatgt tcccatcttt ctactccgat tacctcagcg tccccaggac    181920
     ctttgttctg aatatctaaa ttgacctccc caaaattcct tcccttttcc acttatgggg    181980
     aaaccctcag actcatctat ggactctaga gcccctactc atttcttgta caataggtac    182040
     ctgagccctg ttgtgtcttg gccctttcct cccaactgac aattccagtt ctttaagcac    182100
     tttgtacccg ggacctctgg ttaattccta ggccaaatgt taacaattgc ccctgttttg    182160
     tatcttctct gttttctggg gtcttctact gtattgtcag ttcacaagcc acagctaccc    182220
     tgggtcccac gagacttttc cggggatatc ctaaggtatc caatctccac ttgcagtgta    182280
     tctcataagc acctggctgt actcccgcag ttctagcccc tatgtgcctc ggcccctcaa    182340
     catccctttg cttgtgtgtc tctgtctcca cagcccctcc ccctgcagcc gcgcagagcc    182400
     acccggctcg tggccgctgt ttacaaggac acgcgcttcc tgacagtgac gcgagccgcc    182460
     tcctcccctt ccccacgctc taggaggggg ccgcgggggc ctggctcccg cgtcggccaa    182520
     tcggagtgca cttccgcagc tgacaaattc agtataaaag cttggggctg gggccgagca    182580
     ctggggactt tgagggtggc caggccagcg taggatcctg ctgggagcgg ggaactgagg    182640
     gaagcgacgc cgagaaagca ggcgcaccac ggagggagag aaaatctccg gaagcccagc    182700
     agcgccttta cgcacagctg ccaactggcc gctgctgacc gtctccagct cccgaggacg    182760
     cgcgaccgga caccgggtcc tgccacagcc gaggacagct cgccgctcgc cgcagcgagg    182820
     cccggggcgg cccttcaggg ggacctttcc cagatcgccc aggccgcccg gatgtgcacg    182880
     aaaatggaac agcctttcta tcacgacgac tcttacgcag cggcgggata cggtcggagc    182940
     cctggcagcc tgtctctaca cgactacaaa ctcctgaaac ccaccttggc gctcaacctg    183000
     gcggatccct atcggggtct caagggtcct ggggcgcggg gtccaggccc ggagggcagt    183060
     ggggcaggca gctacttttc gggtcaggga tcagacacag gcgcatctct gaagctagcc    183120
     tccacggaac tggagcgctt gatcgtcccc aacagcaacg gcgtgatcac gacgacgccc    183180
     acgcctccgg gacagtactt ttacccccgt gggggtggca gcggtggagg tacagggggc    183240
     ggcgtcaccg aggagcagga gggctttgcg gacggttttg tcaaagccct ggacgacctg    183300
     cacaagatga accacgtgac gccccccaac gtgtccctgg gcgccagcgg gggtccccag    183360
     gccggcccag ggggcgtcta tgctggtccg gagccgcctc ccgtctacac caacctcagc    183420
     agttactccc cagcctctgc accctctgga ggctccggga ccgccgtcgg gactgggagc    183480
     tcatacccga cggccaccat cagctacctc ccacatgcac caccctttgc gggcggccac    183540
     ccggcacagc tgggcttgag tcgcggcgct tccgccttta aagaggaacc gcagaccgta    183600
     ccggaggcac gcagccgcga cgccacgccg cctgtgtccc ccatcaacat ggaagaccag    183660
     gagcgcatca aagtggagcg aaagcggctg cggaacaggc tggcggccac caagtgccgg    183720
     aagcggaagc tggagcgcat cgcgcgcctg gaggacaagg tgaagacact caaggctgag    183780
     aacgcggggc tgtcgagtgc tgccggtctc ctacgggagc aagtggcgca gctcaagcag    183840
     aaggtcatga cccatgtcag caacggctgc cagttgctgc taggggtcaa gggacacgcc    183900
     ttctgagagc ctcccttgcc ccatacggac acccccagcc ttgaaggctg ggcgcctgcc    183960
     ccccactggg gtgagggggg caggcgatgg gcacccgcca aaaggcctgg ggcgcagctc    184020
     acacactgga ctccggcccg cccgcctgcg cccagtcctt ccacctcgag gtttacatgg    184080
     cccccttcca gcgtattttg tatgtttttt ttttctgcaa agagactgaa ttcatattga    184140
     atataatata tttgtgtatt taacagggag gggagaaggg ggctgtcgcg gcggagctgg    184200
     ccccgccgct tggtactcag cctgcgggga tactagggag ggacctccgc cccctgccct    184260
     ccccctctgc atagtactgt ggagaagaaa cacgcacttc gtgtctaaag tctattttaa    184320
     gatgtgtttg tgtgtgtgtg tttgactttt tattgaatct atttaagtaa aaaaaaaatt    184380
     gtctttatta atttctgtgg tctctttttt cttccaagct gggcggatgg agggagaaga    184440
     ttgggctacc ccaagcacgg tgctgtttgt agctcgctcc tttcaggtat cataaggttc    184500
     agtacaaacg cccagacctc ctatcccctg agtcctggca ccagacgctg cgcaggcggg    184560
     cagtggcggg gaacaagcta cccaggacaa aacgcggaat gtgcaagcat gaccccgccc    184620
     agcagagtgc gccggggctt tccccgctga cgttacggaa gctctgccca tatatgggcc    184680
     tattcagctc agtgacgcca gcgcggtctc cgggcagatt ccgggaatcc cctccccccc    184740
     gctctgccgg gcagggccgc ggcgccggga agggggccgg gattttcccg agcaggcggc    184800
     tttctgggcg cggaaagccc caggcccggg tccagggcgc ccgcggcggg agggccgtgc    184860
     tctcatgagc cctgggagcc atccgagcgg ctttcaacag accggcgccg gagccccacc    184920
     gcgcccacgc cccctccatt agaccgaccc tggcggagag taactgcagc cttcctgtag    184980
     ttgcagacgc cgtcagggca actcctgcca ggaagggcgg cgcccgcccg ccagtgtccc    185040
     cctcccgtgt gccaggccag aagccggcga ctgccaggtc tggtcctgtc ccggcagttg    185100
     tttgggcagc tgggcgtcgc cacaacccgg ctccagcagc tgaggtggga ggttcaaagc    185160
     tgctacttgc tgttgggatc tgggtgccct tgaagctgga agatccaagc gcaaaggaaa    185220
     ccgtaccact caggtggagc cgaggaataa ttcagtagtg aagggaacgg gcctcaagcc    185280
     tgtctaggct acatagtaag gccctttctc aaaacaaaac aaacataacc tgacctcaaa    185340
     caaacaaaac cctcagacac cgtgcagaca gaaaaaagga aagtagatgg gggtgagtga    185400
     gacgagatag ctcggcaggt agagatgctt agatgcttgc cactgttacc taagtttgat    185460
     tcctggatcc aggaggaaaa accatttacc ttcacatgcc tgagagcgca cgcgcacaca    185520
     cacacacaca cacacacaca caacctctta gaaaaaaaag aaagagctgg agaaatagct    185580
     taacagttaa gggtatgtct tccagaccgt acaagaatgc tgcttcgcct gaacccacct    185640
     gagaaagctc acaacccccc ttcagtttca ggggatgcaa tgccctcttc tggcttcctt    185700
     aggcactgca ccctcccacc cacaaaacac cacacttttt ttgttgttat aacgaaagca    185760
     aacatggttt gaatatggtg atgagagcca ggaagaggaa tatatgttca aaaagtgcct    185820
     tctgggataa gggaggcgag ctcatctaca gactgaactg tcagctttcc aacagatttg    185880
     ccagtgtagg ttcgggacag aggaaaggag tgctcccttc gatatagttc ttgtagccaa    185940
     agaagcaaga tcatctgaag aatcctaaga gtgtgcctga aatggaatga gccacagtaa    186000
     ggtggatgac ctcaagggag gcccaaccag aggctctgag aatacattaa gttccaagag    186060
     atagctcagt ggggggctct gtggtagagg gcttccaaat cattcacgag actatggatt    186120
     ctatccaccc ctagcatgag gataaaaaga ggggaaagaa ttccaagggg aatgaacaac    186180
     actcagaagg tatcaacaac agcaggaccc cagaataagc agaggctgaa ggagtcacag    186240
     tgtggggact cttgtgtcaa aacataaagt aaaactaatg accagatcac ccttgttttg    186300
     taaaatgaaa gtgaaactca gaaagaaaag ctacccaagt gcatacagct cagtgaaaca    186360
     tccacctcct agcctaacca gcacccgttc tcagccactc tcactaccgg tctcactctc    186420
     ctgcccagag taccagacaa aaaattgggt cagagcctag aggttcgcaa acttgaactc    186480
     acagggcaat ttgactttag tttttattcc catccaatgt aaaaacccag tgaagatcca    186540
     gctgttacat atcattttat atagttaatg gtaagatatg gacactggtc taagagccag    186600
     aatccagaag taaactgccg acccctattt tttttttttt acagaagtat ttatttcatg    186660
     tctatgcacg ttctgcccat gttcacgtgc atgcctggtg ctggaggatc agacgaaggt    186720
     gttggatctg gcgttaaaga gggttgtaag caactatgta agctccagga atggaacctg    186780
     gatcttcagg agaaacataa agagctctta aagaatccct ccaggcctag taattatttg    186840
     gtctcactgt gtcccaccat gctcagacca tggcgtgaat gaggtaatgc ctccaccttg    186900
     tggtgaagag gcataactac agagtcagtt gcacaagcca gagtgtaaac tactaaaact    186960
     actaaacaca caccaacaca gacttacact gtccctaata ctttattggt ttcctataga    187020
     cctgggccca gctaggtgtg ctcagggcag gatcactatt caccagattc caggtgggta    187080
     atgagaaaac ctcagcctag actccagccc cttcagagag tggaggaaaa tctagcattt    187140
     tctgggccag cacaggacat ccaggttggg gcacaggtga aatccaagct tcaggctcac    187200
     ccatgtttac ccatctcagt tgtgtttgga gaagtattcc ttgctgtcat ccacattggg    187260
     cttgatggtg tcactgccgg gcttccagcc agcagggcag actagaaaac acacaaggat    187320
     gaacacgtga ggctcagctc caccaccaag ggcagtggca agcagttcat ttgagagcac    187380
     aggcagcaca agaaaaggct gggagctaaa agccaaacag gttgcatgtg gacagaagac    187440
     tccgttcaga ccagtttgaa gtgacatttt tctgtcccat cattttgttt cttctgtcct    187500
     ttgttttgtt gttgttgagg aaatctaact atgtagccca ggctggcctt gaacccatgg    187560
     tgatcctatt tcagcctcct aactgataag tatcaccatg cccagctcca aatgctgcag    187620
     tactgaaata taagccttaa tcttgtgcaa gacagacaag cactgtacac ctacttgtcc    187680
     ttcagccctt ttttctttgc ttttttaaag aatgggtctc tggctggcct acaattttct    187740
     ctgtatcgat caggttggcc tcaagcatgc attgatcttc cttcctctgc tgcccggatg    187800
     ctggaactat aggcatgtat caccaaatct tcccttttca ttttaaaatg gaatctcatt    187860
     ctgtagctac cctggtgacc ccctgctcct aagtgctgag gtcacaggcc tgagtcacag    187920
     tgcctcgctc cttcaatcca ctctctccct tagccttaac tctactaacc tttgcatcta    187980
     tggtcagctt tcccttccac atgctgaggt actgtgactg ggctggaggc atagctcagt    188040
     gagtattcac tgagtgtgtg tagttgtgtt tggggctttg ctttgatcac taacacacac    188100
     tcacacaaag aattttttaa aggaggaggg ggggatggca tcttgtgcct ttaatcccag    188160
     cactggagag gtaaaggcag gcagatctct ctgagttcaa ggccagtttg atttacatag    188220
     ctagctccag gccaacatga atatattgag accctttcct taaaaaaaaa aaattataca    188280
     cacacacatg gtggagggag tgaaaaaaat gggagtaact cttgggacac ttctcaaata    188340
     ctttttttta ggtaggctca catacagttt aggctgaatt cactaaaccc ttaaactctg    188400
     atctttgctc cttagcatcc caagtgctgg cattccatga atacaccagc atggccagtt    188460
     ttatgctgtc ctggggactg aactcagggc tttgtgaata ccaggcaatc actccaccaa    188520
     ctaagccaaa ttcccagctt gaaatctgtg aataagcctg ttaatgcact gttttctttt    188580
     ctttttcttt ttgtctttgt tgttatcatt taagaaaagg tctcgttcta tatcacaggc    188640
     tagctcaatc ctgtctcagc cttccttcct cggtcttcca agtgttggga tgacccagca    188700
     ttcctagttc aaataccttc tgtagagctc tgctagctcc caactctccc ccttcatgta    188760
     ctaataatcc ctgccccatc ctagacacac cctgcaggca aagaactgaa ttctatatgg    188820
     ggctctattt ttttaatatg ttttgcatgt atatattagt atgtatttgt atgtatgtat    188880
     gtatattttg cttttgaagg tgtgtgccac catgccatat cctattcatt ctaccacttc    188940
     taccatcagg acataagatc ctgggtttct gtttcttttt ttaaggttta tttattatta    189000
     gtagataagt acactgtagc tgtcttcaga caccccaaaa gagggtgtca gatctcatta    189060
     cggatggttg tgagctacca tatggttgct gggatttgaa ctcaggacct ttagaagaac    189120
     agtcagtgct cttaccctct gagccatctc gccagcccaa gatcctgtct tttattatta    189180
     ttttttttat tttatgtgtc tgtgcaccga gtgtgcttgg taccccagga tgtggtgagc    189240
     atagacttgg gtgatagggc tagaatttgc tcttttgcaa gaacaagtgc ccttaaccac    189300
     tgagccaact ctccagttca tcttgtatac atgtttatct gtgtaccatg tgcacgcctg    189360
     gtgcaggaag aggtcaggag agagcatcag attccccgag actggaatta tagatgatta    189420
     tgagccacca tgtagatgct aagaatccag ccccggtcct cggaaagagc agccagtgct    189480
     tttacctgct gagccatctc ttcagccctg gcatgggact ttaatgttta tcccacaaag    189540
     atgctggagc agacaattca ttcatgctgg gcagagctga ggcagccttt ccatttgtga    189600
     atactcacct tccccatgct cgtctgtata ctgaaaggcc tggactaggc ggagagcctc    189660
     gtctacagag cgtcccacag gtaggtcatt gactgtgatc tggcgaagga cacccttggc    189720
     atcgatgata aagagacccc tgaagacatg agggcccaca gtgaggatct gggagaccac    189780
     ctgctgccag aacaggaagg ggacactccc acacacaccc ccaccagaca cagtggtccc    189840
     tttagctttg aggagggggc tcctggagct gggctgaggt ccctgctgta cctgtaagca    189900
     atgccctcat catttttcaa cacgccgtaa ttctgggaca agcttttagt cacgtcagca    189960
     agcagaggga tattcagggg gcccaagcct ccctccttcc gtggggtatt gatcctgaag    190020
     gtgagagaga catggttggt gccttaggat gcccaggata gtagaagtct cccccatggg    190080
     cctccagagt gataagggct ggagtgggag tgctggagac aggagataaa ggacttaaag    190140
     caaggccggg gtgctccacc caccccaccc agtgggatgg cagtgcagct gggaggagaa    190200
     tggctccaga taaagcatcc tcttcaaatg gcttcacttg tgcccgtggg ctccagcaac    190260
     ttgcagtaga gaccccgtat gaaagtgatt agccaacagc agacatggag ctcagaggca    190320
     gggcacttgc cttgcaagaa tgagccctgg aattattgac ttctagttct gaaagacttg    190380
     tgtgtgcgcg cacacagggg gattcttccc atcaccatct agctctggta tggagcacaa    190440
     cccatcatta ttgagaatag caaaatacag caaggcagcc tgtctccaga gaactgagac    190500
     tcctttggca ggtaccttcc aacaaggtgc caaatgctaa ttactatcat cttcgtgtgg    190560
     gcttgggtgt cattgtttcc attctttata agatgaaaaa cgggaagaca cagtttgtcc    190620
     ctataatttg ggcggtcctt catcctctct gcacctccca cttcaccacc tacctcaaga    190680
     cccctgcaac cctcctcctg cagcccctta ccacgccagg tgggtgaact gagagtccac    190740
     agacactccc agcacctcgc agcctagctt tcggaagtcc tcagcatggt cgctaaaagc    190800
     gatgatctcc gtggggcaaa caaaagtgaa gtccagtggg tagaaaaaga ggaccacgta    190860
     cttccctagg gaagaggaga acggaaggga agtcagtgct aacttctttc acatgtagac    190920
     cctgacccca cctgctccca ctccgctcag cctcacctct gtagtccgaa agcttgattt    190980
     ccttgaaggc accatccacc accgctgtgg ccgtgaagtc aggagccgac tttccgattt    191040
     gcgcgttgcc ggaggccatg actgaaatca gagacccaca caagcttggt ctttagagcc    191100
     ttagaagatc ctttgtcttg cctttccaag gtcacttttg gtgctaagtc tagatagtaa    191160
     aaccgagaga ggtggaagga gcgctcatat tcaccctccc agtataaagt ctgcaaggcc    191220
     tctgaatacc cgccccccta aacagggaac gaatgatggg tcaccgctgc tacccaaatt    191280
     atggagtcag accgagtgcg ggtggagggg gaagtgagct cctagttcca gaataggacg    191340
     gctaagctaa gagcgatgga ctgccgagct cggtgatcca gcctgcaagc cagggctcgg    191400
     gccttggttt cccgggcaag gacaaagcgg ccaccattga acatggaaaa caaagacctc    191460
     caagcataga ggtcgtgatg aggcctgcac cacactagtg gggctcctcc cattcgtgtg    191520
     cattctgggt tttcatacct gcgtgagcaa gagccggaca cacggacgtc cagacacggg    191580
     tagagacagg aaagagatct caaaaccgag agagccctag gccggagaac cttttatgcg    191640
     tggcccaaac cacaccaggc agtgcgcggg gaggtgggcg ggacagcgcc gcggtcggat    191700
     ccattgcggc tgccgggggg gtgaggggaa ggcgccgcgt ggcccggtcc acacgctttc    191760
     acaagggttg ggtggggtgt gccctttcgg acgccaagat tgtctgtgct gtgggctcct    191820
     cgcgagcctc ggccacgggg cgcgttgggg tcggttggaa tccgggcatg gcccggagcc    191880
     acttggctcc gttgctgact cccctagtgc tcctaggtct ggtgtcccct actcagatcg    191940
     acccagacta ccaatacttt ggcccgcacg gtgaaggtga tacctgggag ctgctgacgc    192000
     tgcagcgaca aaagggtaaa ctagcaggtg gacgggagtt acgctatgaa aaggtgtcct    192060
     ccccacccca acccccgaag gcctcacttg gccaaggccc tacaaacaga ccctctctgg    192120
     ctgacttcag atccctgccc agctcagtgc aggctgggtc tcaaggaact gggcactttt    192180
     tctctgagtg tgatttctcg tctgtgagtt attgttttgt tttattttgt tccgtttcac    192240
     tttattgaaa atttacagcc atgccccaac cgtactacct tttgttctca acttcttgcc    192300
     ccgcagcttc cttggtcatc tgataattat attaaacact gcctgtctaa taaacaacct    192360
     attaacatag tgctagaagg gtggaggcag agaaagaaac tggccagtca gcttgaggtg    192420
     gtaagaacca acacagctgg aatgactagc acagttaaag tcacagggac tgtgagacag    192480
     tgaaaaggga acagcaaaag gcctaaggga agaataggga aaggggatgc catttggcaa    192540
     agatctgctg aggaagggtg tggggcacca gcctttgtga gttcatctac atgaggaagt    192600
     atcagtgaag aattctgatg aagggttggg attgcatttg gtactcagtt ggtggagcac    192660
     tggcccagca tgtccgaagt tttgatcctt ccccagcgct gcataatcca ctgtacccgt    192720
     acacacctac aatcctagca tttgggagga gtagggacct gaaattcaaa gacatctttg    192780
     gctacccaag gacttggagg ccagcttggg gtacatgagg ctctgttgtt ttgttttgtt    192840
     tttaaggaag gaaggaaaga aaggaaagga aaggaaagga aaggaaagga aaggaaagga    192900
     aaggaaagga aaggaaaggg tcttgtaaaa ctgtaggtca gtggctcttt agcactacct    192960
     taaaaaatat atatatatcg cttctcctga gcataaaaat tactttgttg ctacaagtta    193020
     gctcagcacc agggggttta agtgcattta ttatgtcaat tatatcattt aacttaacat    193080
     ctgtcagcct tgttagtcag gtggcactgg gcctgctggg taggcccatg attaagtccc    193140
     tgaagacaag agtcaacttt ggatggatgt cgggtatgaa ggacagggag tgaatactcc    193200
     caactgagct ggctggcgga gattagaggt gtcagtttgc aactgtaggc agcttactgc    193260
     tgtctttctg aaagggtggt ttgctcttcc taagtcactg cacagaggca gcaaagtctt    193320
     aaaaatacca gttgttacta ttaggttcct tatctttgtc cctccctgga caaatccttt    193380
     gtatggtggt tcactcccca attgggtttt catgtccacc ctccatctcc agtactggaa    193440
     gactcagtcc taggcccgtg gggaaagtgg cattgtttct gcagcctggg cagacaggaa    193500
     cgcagccgtc aggtgttggg cacggcacca gtccctgtgt tcatggaccg agagaagctg    193560
     gtacagatga ggccgtgccg gcaacaggat tgctcatctt gcagcctgaa ggactgcaac    193620
     tagaggccct gagcagaggt gagcaacaga cgggacatgg caatgctagt cagaactggc    193680
     tggcagatct agggcaggga cttaacatga gggcgcggtc ctttaatccc agcacttggg    193740
     aggcagagac aggcagatct ctgggttcga ggccagcttg atctacagaa tgagtcccag    193800
     agttccagga cggccaagga ttcacagata aaccctgtct tgaaaaataa aaacaaacag    193860
     caggaagaga aggaactgag gtggtggctg gtttgaggtg agtactaggg cccaaagtct    193920
     gaagcttcag gttggctggg gagcaggcac ctgacttcag acacaggagc ttttccgaca    193980
     gccatgggac aaagcaggaa acgctggaag gagaaagccc tgttggaggt tcaggcctgt    194040
     gactcaggca ctcctgaggc aggagaatca agaattcaag atcaacccag gcgatattta    194100
     ataatattta aggctatgtt taatttaata ttttaggcta tttaatgcta catgagaccc    194160
     tgtcttaaaa aacaaaacaa ccccccccca aaaaaaaaac ttggtggcaa gcagaagcat    194220
     gtgatagagg aatgatgggc gtgtgtctca ttgaccaaga agacaataga gtgtgctcgg    194280
     agtggctaag gagtccggga gatgggagct tcctaaaata agggatagca gaagagagga    194340
     gggatggggg aagggaggga agatacctgc ctgatgggtg cagagcctaa acaggaagca    194400
     gctggggccc ggcatctccc acagtggtac agaaggcttt ctttcagaaa gatgataagg    194460
     gacaggtcct agaggcagca gtgtcctgga gagccattaa cttcaggaaa tgtgagtcag    194520
     aaggcctcag ccttgtggaa tctgggacac tcagtactag gagcggaggt tctgtgcagc    194580
     gtggtgggga gggaaggtgg gtgtagctct gtgagttcaa ggccaattta tgtagcaaat    194640
     tctgggtcag ctagagagac acagtgagac tctcccccca ctgcccccac cccccaaaca    194700
     aatagagaga cagagacaga tagccattac aaacatgaat ggaggtagta ggagaccggg    194760
     acccggtgag accagtgttc cgcctgtgca atgatatttg atcttgtaaa cctccaaaaa    194820
     atatcagttg agtgagggtt ggtaattcca gcataggaaa tggaggtagg aggattatgg    194880
     atagaaagtc atcccaggct acatagtgac ttcaaggttg accagccggg ctttattagt    194940
     tgtctcgaaa gaaacaaacc aaacaatctg cttaactaca tcttaatttc ctcgttattt    195000
     ctctctgtac cagtcactga gggccaggct ccagcagcaa cggggcggag cttgcaaagt    195060
     gaccctgccc accctccatt acaaaccacg cccttggaga tagtcctcaa agactacaat    195120
     tcccaggaga gaagagcaga ccagcggcga cagcagcgcg tgcgtaaacg accacgccgg    195180
     agggcgcatc gagggcggat cctgcgagcc gattggtcag catcaagagc cactgcagtt    195240
     ttcgcggaaa acgcgcgctg ggacctgcgc ttgcagtgtt gttttctaca attgttggct    195300
     gtcgcagagg cagcatggat ctcagcgagc tggagaggga caatacgggt cgttgtcgtc    195360
     tgagttctcc tgtacctgct gtgtgtctca aggagccgtg cgttctgggc gtggatgaag    195420
     cgggccgagg ccctgtgctt ggtgcgcttc cagggccgcg ggctgggagg cgcgtgggtg    195480
     aaaggggtgc agttttcagg gaaaccggag tgaggatcat gctgggcctt gggatccgga    195540
     agcgatagtg ggatggcctt gggccgtggt gatgatggcg caaggtggct tttacgtact    195600
     gtactctctg gtgggaaccc tgctctcaga actcttgact tgtcctcttc ctaccaaggt    195660
     cccatggtct acgccatctg ttactgcccc ctgtctcgct tggcagatct ggaggccctg    195720
     aaagtggcag gtgagcctgt gcagaatgtc tgcactctgg gttcctgggt atgtgcaggg    195780
     gggcaggaga gatacagagg ggaaagcgga atcgggaaac aaccacttgt ccccttttct    195840
     tttaactttc ttcccagact ctaagacctt gacagagaac gagcgggaga ggctctttgc    195900
     gaaaatggag gaggatggag actttgtggg ttgggctttg gacgtcctgt ctccaaacct    195960
     gatctctacc agcatgcttg ggcggtgagg cgtcccttca tgagtggggg gaagagcaac    196020
     caacacaggc aggctgcgtc ctgcctttgc aatggtgtgg actaaactct gtcctttacc    196080
     agagtcaagt acaacctcaa ctccctgtca cacgatacag ctgcggggct gatacagtac    196140
     gcactggacc agaatgtgaa tgtcactcag gtgagctgtt gggttacagc cctttggtca    196200
     ccttctgata aaagggactt taaaaagttg aagttgggtc tgtattagtg atagattgtt    196260
     agtctagcat gcatgaagtc ctgcttccat cccagcactg cataaagtca gagtcgtaac    196320
     acttaggaaa tggaggcagg aacatgaaga gtttatggcc acccttggat aaaaagtgag    196380
     ttgagggctg gtgagatggc tcagtgggta agagcacccg actgctcttc cgaaggtcca    196440
     gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat ccgtaatgag atctgactcc    196500
     ctcttctggt gtgtctgaag acagtactta catataataa ataaataaat ctttaaaaaa    196560
     aaaaaaaaag tgagttgaat gtcagcccag gctacctcca gcctgaaccc tgtttttttt    196620
     ttggatccgt agcatccaaa ggtaaagcca ggcaaagcaa cagaaacctg tcacctcagt    196680
     gctaggagtg aggggacagg aagatcatgg gtctggatag ctgaccagtc caccagctga    196740
     attgttgggt tccagggtta gtgcaagacc ttgtctccaa aaaaaaaaaa agtgggtcta    196800
     gaaagatgag agctttggtc tgcttgcctg tctctgtgtc tctgtctctg tctgtctgtc    196860
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttt cttgctccag agcacctggg    196920
     ttggattcgc agcatccact gggtgactca gaacagcctt acctcctgtt ctaggacatc    196980
     ctattgcctc ttctggtctc ctcaagtaat acacccgtac acacaagtaa tacgcccata    197040
     cacacacaag taatataccc gtatacacaa gtaaaagatt tatttattat gtatacagca    197100
     ttctgcctgc gtgtatgact gcagaccaga agagggcatc agatctcatt actgatggtt    197160
     gtgagccacc atgtggttac tggaaattga actcagaacc ttaacctctg agccatctct    197220
     ccagtcctta aaattctata tgtttatata tgggtatttt gcttgcatgt gtgtctatgc    197280
     accacatgag ttcctggtgc ccacagaagc tagaaaaagg tgtgggatcc cctggaactg    197340
     gagttataga cagttatgag ccatgatatg ggtgctggga actgaatctg ggtcctctag    197400
     aagagtgctc ttaacctcag ccatttctct agccctgtta aagttaaaaa aaaatttttt    197460
     tttaatcagt tggaatggcc tagcttggta gcacatacat tttttttctt tctttctctc    197520
     tttctttctt tctttctttt tctttcttcc ttcctttctt tctttcctct ctttctctct    197580
     ctctctcttt ctttttcttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttggttttt cgagagacag    197640
     ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gctgtcctgg aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctggccttga    197700
     actcagaaat tcgcctgcct ctgcctccca agtgctggga ttaaaggcat gtgccaccac    197760
     cacccagctt cttttttctt tctgtgtatg cgtgctctat ttgtatgtat gtctatttgc    197820
     cagaagagaa cattggatcc cattacagat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgagaa    197880
     ttgaactcag gatctctgga agagcagcca gtgctcttaa ccactgagcc atctctcaag    197940
     tcctgataac tcataccttt aatcccagtt tcttgttaat agtttaattt tatttttgac    198000
     acaggccgta ttatctctgg ctggctatag agagccacct acctctgctt ccaaagtcct    198060
     ggaactgaag gtgggcgcca ccaccctggc ttttaaacag gttactatag cctgcctggc    198120
     tttagggtga ctctttaaga gtaactgaga atcatgcgta tcccaggcca cacacataca    198180
     caaggtagat ggactcgaga tgagggtcaa caggagagcc tgtgcctagc atgctggagg    198240
     acctgagttt actctccagc atccaggcag ttcagtggat gagaacatct ggcagtccga    198300
     gttcggtcta catgacttcc acagcctggc acgtgtgtgc acgtgttcgc atacaccgca    198360
     aaagtcagat ttccttcaag aaaaacgttt agctggaaaa ttcaggatta gaagcagatt    198420
     ttattttgat ttcctacttt tactccctcc ctgaatgtat gccccaacct ccctgtccta    198480
     gctgccaatt ttccagagtg attccacagg tccccttcat accggcttct gtcctgtagg    198540
     agggtgcagg gtccttttct tgatagtccc acctgttgcc cccccacttt gttctactct    198600
     ctgcagaaca gagaatccct gtgaaatgta aagtttttta agttaaactt aaaataaagt    198660
     ttacgtatat gattgttggg cctatatata tgcatgcatc atatgggtgc ctagagccca    198720
     tggaggccag aagaaggcat cagacctcct gcagctggag ttatgtaagt aactgtgagc    198780
     tgccacgggg acgctgatag tgagacttct ctccagcccc ttggtttttg ttttgttttg    198840
     aagatttatt tatttatttt atgtatgtga gtacactgta gctgtcttca gacacaccag    198900
     aaacagcatc agatcccatt atagatggtt gtgagccacc atgtggttgc tgggaattga    198960
     actcaggacc tctggaagag cagccagtgc tcttaaccac tgagccacct ctctggcctc    199020
     ttggatttgt ttctgagggc tgttacatag cccagactgt cctctacctc catatgcagc    199080
     tatcccttga attcctagtc tctgtctcca tcttccaagt gctgggagga cagcctatgt    199140
     caccaagcta ggtctgtgtt cctgggggta gagcccaggc tgtgggcatg ctagccaata    199200
     ctacctacag agccatatgt aaggattcca gtgtaggctg ttggttgcta ccttgtcctc    199260
     ggcccccagg atagcagcga gcattcagtg ttcaaaggct gtagcatgat tagacaaagc    199320
     ctatcttgtt tgaggccagc atttctcaac ctgtgtgtca cttgctacct cattggagat    199380
     tgtgtattag atttcctgcg tatcagacat ttacattatg actcatgaga gtgccagatt    199440
     tcagttataa agcagcgatg aaataatttt atggttgggg gatggtcacc gcaacatgag    199500
     gaactgtgtt aaagggtcgc agcatcagga aggttgagag ccactgtttt gggcagtgct    199560
     gtggatggaa catagagagc tgtttgcata ttaagaggtt ctgccactga gctatattta    199620
     accctgttag aataaggttt tgttttgttg ttgttgtttt gtttaattgt agggctggag    199680
     agatgcctta acaattaaga gtacttgttg ctcttatgga aaaatctgtg ttcaattctc    199740
     agcatcctca tagcacctta gagctgtaac tccatactcc agttccaatg gatctgacac    199800
     cctcttctgg cctctgcagg cacacaaatg gtacataggc gtacatgcag gcaggctgtt    199860
     ctcttgcgtt tggagctagg ctatcctaca taatgagtcg aaggccaccc agggctacag    199920
     agtgagacgc agtctcaaaa acaaatgccc caaaacattt ttttggctta tggtctgtgc    199980
     ctgagtgctg acatacacag gcatggcata catgagatag ccatgtagct ctgcagagta    200040
     gctctgcaga gtcaggtttt tttcttgtaa cctgtgggga ctgagaatat aagatctgaa    200100
     agcacctgtc acctgtccct tctaagccat cttccccagc cacaaacatt ttatagtaaa    200160
     tttaaaaaac aacaacaaac aaacaaaaac cctggggctg gcaagatagc tcagtgggta    200220
     agagcactga ctgctcttct gaaggaaatc ctggcaacca catggtggct cacaaccacc    200280
     cgtaatgaga tctgacaccc tcttctggtg cgtctgaaga cagctagagt gtacatatga    200340
     atagtaataa ataaatcttt gggccagagc gagcagggac tgagcaagca gagttgactg    200400
     gagcaagtac ggttgattgg agtgagcaga ggtcctaaat tcaattccca gcaaccacat    200460
     gaaggctcac aaccatctgt acagccacaa tgtactcaca tacataaaat aaataaatct    200520
     gggctggtga gatggctcag tggtgaagag caccgactgc tctttcaaag gtcctgagtt    200580
     caaatcccag caaccacatg gtggctcaca accatctgta acaagatcta acgccctctt    200640
     ccggagtgtc tgaagacagc tacagtgtac tcacatataa taaataaata aatctttaaa    200700
     aaaagaaaaa gaaacttcaa aaataaataa ataaatcttt aaaaaacaaa aacaaaaaaa    200760
     ccctccctct agcactcaag caacagtggt agagtgtgtg taaggcctgt gagtcagata    200820
     aaggatcaaa atggaaaaca aaaaacaaac aaaaaccagg gggctggaga gaggatggct    200880
     cagcagttaa atagcatggt tgctctccac aggatccagg ttcaaatccc aggacctgag    200940
     tgggagctta caattgtctg taactccagt tccagaggga ttggctgctt cttcacacca    201000
     catgtagtga acaggcatac atgcaggcaa aacacccatg tacataacat tggctggttg    201060
     cttagtggta gtatttgtgt agcacgtgtg aggccctggg agtcctcagt agagtaggag    201120
     actgggtgtt ttatagttgt tttgcctgct gttaaatgac tacatttctt tccccatgtt    201180
     tctgtgtctg tgccaggtat ttgtggacac tgtaggaatg ccagagacat accaggctcg    201240
     attacaacag cactttcccg ggatagaggt gacagtcaag gccaaagctg actccctgtt    201300
     ccctgtggtc agtgctgcca gcatctttgc caaggttaga atcccgctgg ccagggccca    201360
     ctcccggcac ctccctcgtg taggggcaag tagattcctg tgaggatgga ggctctaagc    201420
     tactgtcttg cccgcaggtg gcccgagaca aggctgtgaa gaactggcag tttgtggaaa    201480
     atttacagga tctggactcc gattatggct caggctatcc caatggtgag ctgaaagccg    201540
     tggttcaggc cctcttggga acgaattttc ttcccttttc tccttcacca ccaccccacc    201600
     ctatgtcttc acccctttta ccccatgtaa cataaacttg cctttgattt tctgtgcagc    201660
     ccagctgggg gtggtgaccc atgcctttca tccctgtact tatggggcag aggcaggtgg    201720
     ggatctctgt gagttcaagg ccagcctggt ctacaaaggg agtccaggac agccagtctc    201780
     tattacacag agaaaaagcc tgactagaaa ctaactcccc taccccccac cagaaaaaaa    201840
     aaaattccat gtagcccagg ctggtctcca gctttattgt tcttttcttt aatttttttt    201900
     tctttccccc agccctgggt atccagatct ctgatcttac tcagtagacc aggctggctt    201960
     tgaactcaag agatctgcct gcatctaccc cacaagtgct gagatgaaag gcgtgcacca    202020
     ctaccaccca gccttttaat ttttagaaac ttttataata ggaggcagag attttcttat    202080
     ttatttattt agttatttat ttatttaggt ttttcgagac agggtttctc tgtgtagccc    202140
     tggctgtcct ggaactcact ttgtagacca ggctggcttc aaactcagaa atccgcctgc    202200
     ctctgcctcc tgagtactgg aattaaaggt gtgtgccacc atgcccggct ccttttttaa    202260
     tttttttaag atttatttat tatgcataca gtgtttttcc tgcctgcacg tatgccagca    202320
     ctccagaaaa cagccccagg tctcatgata aatggtgtga gccatcatgt ggttgctggg    202380
     atttgaactc aggacccctg gaagaggcca gtgcttttaa tctctgagcc atctctctgg    202440
     cccaaaagaa aatattttca aaaaacaaaa ttggagccgg gcttggtggc acacgccttt    202500
     aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggc ggatttctga gttcgaggct agcctggtct    202560
     acaaagtgag ttccaggaca cccaaggcta tacagagaaa ccctgtctaa aaaaaaaaaa    202620
     accaaaaaaa caaaaaaaga aaaaacaaaa ttgggggcta gagagatggt tcagtggcta    202680
     agggcagctg ctgttcttgc agaggtccag agttcagttc ctagcaccac gctgggcagc    202740
     tcacaactgc ctgtaactcc agctccatca gagccaatgt ccttctggga tatctgcact    202800
     cacacacaga caagcatgca tatacatcaa aataaaaagc cagaaggagt atgggccatg    202860
     gattcattcc atattccctc caccctgaga ctcaagtccc agaaataccc cagaacctct    202920
     tgagcactgg tgcaccacaa aagagggggt gctgggtgga ccacacttgc ccaggctgag    202980
     gacctgggac aatgtgactc ttaagtcaac agtggagggt gtcttggtac tcaagaagcc    203040
     aaagacacag acccttcatc ccagctcgag gcagaggatg gccagcctgg tctacatagt    203100
     gaaactccca tctcaacaaa aaagaagaaa atcaagcagc taaggacaca tgtggcatgt    203160
     gcctgtcacc tgacccctct gatgttgtca ccattacctc tgtctcccta gatcccaaga    203220
     ccaaagcctg gctgaggaaa catgtggacc ctgtgtttgg ctttccccag tttgtacggt    203280
     tcagttggag cacagcccag gccatcctgg agaaggaggc agaagatgtc atttggtttg    203340
     tgtcctgaga gtggctgagg gaacagacca ggggaaggga ggccatgcgt tcactcagcc    203400
     cgatgggaag tggccagtca tccctctctc ccacagggag gactcagaag ctgaggagga    203460
     tcctgaaaga ccgggaaaaa tcacctccta cttcagccag ggcccgcaga cctgccgccc    203520
     tcaggccccc cacagatact tccaggagcg aggcctggag gcagccagca gcctctagga    203580
     gcccacgtgt gcaccacctg cccttctaac ccaggaataa aagctgttca agaagtggac    203640
     cgagtgcttt gtggctaagg tctggtagca gtgcctgtgg ccagcagctg attcatcaaa    203700
     caaaataggc atttctagat tggtgacgtt tgcttttttt ttaaagaatg atttatgtat    203760
     gtaagtacac tgtagctgtc ttcagacacg gcagaagagg gcatcagatc ccattataga    203820
     tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gtatcactgg atagctcaat gctggaactg tgtagaccag    203880
     gttggtcttg ggcacattgt ggcactcacc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgaggttaaa    203940
     gacatgcact atcatagcct ttttattttt tttaattgta aaactatttt tgtctttgtg    204000
     tgggtataca cacatgtgag tatgcacgtg taaatgcaag ggcccttgga ggtcgtaggc    204060
     ttcagatttc tctggagctg gacttagaga aattacggcc tgctctgttg gtgctgatct    204120
     gaactatgtg cttttgacca ctggctttct ccatcccgca tatttttctt tggtgctccc    204180
     tctttgcttt gtcttgtttt gagacagggt tcctaagtag tcttgactgt cctggaactt    204240
     gctacgtaga ccagacaggc ctgagacaca gctgcagact tggaattaaa ggagttgtat    204300
     gtatatttgt gcaacacatc catgcagttc tcaaagaagc cagaagaggg caccagatcc    204360
     cctgcaactg gagttggagg tgtttttgag ccaccttgtg ggtcttgaga atcaggtcct    204420
     ctgcaagaac agtcattgtt gctgtcaacc agggagccat ctttccagtc ctctgcctcc    204480
     tctcctcttc cttctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt    204540
     tgcgtgcatg cgctgttgtg gtattgcata cctttaatcc cagcatttgg aggacaggta    204600
     ggtagatctc tgagttagag gccattctgg tctacatagt tccacatcag tcaaggctac    204660
     atgatgaggc cctgatcaat aaatcaaagc cacaaactat gttatctatt tatttatttt    204720
     gggggtgggg gcacaagtgt cagggcaaac ctggaggaca gaggccatct tgttggagtt    204780
     gtttcttttg ctaccatgtg agttctggga atagaatgta gatcatcagg gtcggcctgt    204840
     gtaccgcgtt gctagtctcc attcttccct aagactatca ttgttgccaa gttctcccca    204900
     ggtgttttcc caagcagcag ccatgtcgta tggcatggtc taggctggca actttatttt    204960
     ggggaagcaa aataagtgag ggttagatca tttctaggaa aacaggtggg agggcctggt    205020
     ttaggaagga aggagagagg aagagaggga gatgactctg ggtggctcct ggcctaggga    205080
     agggacacgt attgaaagcc aaacattggc tcggggctgt cgccgctgcc gctgccacta    205140
     ccactgccta caacatttga aatccaggca cgagggcggc ggcgcgctcc tggagaggag    205200
     atggagacgt tgaggcagtg actggaacct ggagctgcta cccgcaggac atgacccaaa    205260
     acagagtgac acagatctgt ggcgttggcg aaggtctagg agaaagggtg gtggtcaggg    205320
     ttcgaggagg tggaacctga gtctctgggc tgggtcttct ggactaggta tggcctgagc    205380
     ggtgggaggg tatgggcatt cctttgaggg gccagtcagt ctgtcagagc caggggagga    205440
     gcctagaact gatcgcaaag agttgatagg agagtcaaga atcagcggac tacccacacc    205500
     aaggctgaga atgtggaaga gtacagcaag aacctatgaa ctaggtacat taagatagtg    205560
     ttgggtactt aggaagagaa atggttcagc cggtaaaagc accagcagct gctgcagagg    205620
     acctaggcta gattcccagc acccacatgg taattcacaa acctaatttt agttgtaggg    205680
     gagtctataa cctcctgacc tcttacaggc acataggtgg ttcacataca ggcaggcaaa    205740
     acacagaata agaataaatc cttaaaaaat aaagattagc ccaccccttt aaaaggatta    205800
     atctcagcac tggggagaca gtgctagacg attgttaaga attcaaagtc accgggaagt    205860
     ggtggcacac gcctttcatc ctagcacttg ggaggcagag gcaagtggat ttctgagttc    205920
     gaggccagcc tggcctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca gaaaaaccct    205980
     gtcttgaaaa acaaacaaac aaaaagggtt caaggtcagc caggtgaaca tgctaagttt    206040
     caggatagca agagctacat ggagagtccc tatataaaaa aagtaactga ttaattaaaa    206100
     ttaaattata tcaagaaccc agactgtatt gcatgtcagt aatccagacc atattacaaa    206160
     gcccatttcc gcctccaacc ctctgttcct cactcacctg cccataggtg cggcagctgg    206220
     gctcacagcc tctctctcca gaggactgca gccaagtcgg gccacaaata aaatctgctt    206280
     ggcaggtggt gaacctggcc atgagaaggg aagacgggtt taaggctttg gagacaatgg    206340
     gcttctaatg tccctccctc agaccaaggc ctcttctcag gccccaatcc ctcagacacc    206400
     cagagtttgc agagtttcct tctgggactt attgtgttgt ttgttttttg tgagacaagg    206460
     gtctgaagtt agtctagaag ttattttgtg tctaaggagt atcttgaact cctgatcctc    206520
     tttcccaagt gttacacagg ccaccaacac aatgtgtccc ccctcccttt aaaaaatgtt    206580
     atttttgggc tggggagatg gctcagcagg taagagcact gactgctctt ccgaagatcc    206640
     tgagttcaaa tcctagcaac cacatggtgg atcacagcca cccgtagtga gatctgacac    206700
     cctcttctgg tgtctgaagt tagctacagt gtacttattt ataataataa ataaatcttt    206760
     gaaaaatgta tttatttact tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgttgccaac tcccaggagc    206820
     taaagttaca ggcagttgta aacagcctga tgtaggtggc cagaattgaa ctcatgtagc    206880
     tgggtggtgg tggagcccac ctttaatccc gggcttcagg aggcagaggc aggtggatct    206940
     cagagtttga ggccagcctg ttctacagac tgagtttcag gatagtcagg gctacataga    207000
     gaaatcttgt cttgaagaac agatagatag gtaggtaggt agaaagatag atagatagat    207060
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat    207120
     agatagatag ataagagata gagtgagttt gttggttggt ttggttgtgg tttttcatga    207180
     tagggtctct ctgtatagct ctggctgtcc cagaactcac tctgtagttg gctgtcctca    207240
     actcagagat actgaaggca ctgtagcagg caaacatgtc tctggcaggc cctgctcttc    207300
     ccccatcccc tcttccttgc taaaaatgaa ttacactcct aaagctaacc accaggtctc    207360
     tcctcttatt tagccacttt ctcctcctga ggctgactac caaggtccag atgtcaaaac    207420
     attgaagtcc aacaattaaa agcccccttt ggatcaccta attaacatcc ttaattaaaa    207480
     ttaagcacct catcctaaca tggggttgcc tcttttactg ttgtaggcca catctgtctc    207540
     ctctctccgg aggcagtcct ttgaccctac aagacaaata tctctccccc tcccttgttc    207600
     ctcttacctt ctcccttgac ctgtctcctg tcttttgtcc gttccccccc cccccccccg    207660
     cccttttccc gatcagggca aataagtctc ctttgtgcta agaagttggt cttggggtga    207720
     ctttgtacca actgaatttg aggtcctttc agatatacct gcctctccct ccagagtgct    207780
     gggattgaag gcatgtgcca ccaccatcag gctaaaaatt atgtttgaac catttgtgtc    207840
     cgtctggtat gtgtactagt acaggtgcca gggaacttcc gaagagggaa tcagataccc    207900
     tggagctgga gctacaggca actgtaagcc tgatgtgggt gctgggacct gaactctggt    207960
     cctctgaaaa agcagtaagc attcttaact gtcaagccgt tctctagccc aggccaccta    208020
     ttcatagcag ctccttgcgt tccctcttag cttctctgcc agtcaaaagc ctgaaccttt    208080
     tgaaacttcc tggtccacca gagccactcc ttcacgttcc tcaaatgcta ggtcattctc    208140
     aggcctctcc cctctctacc ttgcagagga cacactagat ctctttccat agacccattc    208200
     tggctctcta gaagcaaact aaggccctcc gtcctgcact ctccggtaag acacgcccct    208260
     gttcccgcct cccttaccaa atctggcaga gctctgggca gagaggctgc actgggcgtg    208320
     ccccgaagag ctgtgggtgg aagcgatcgc gaagggctcc ttgaagttgt cccaggaaga    208380
     attcacatct ggacgcggga gagacagggc aaacaccgcg cgatcctcag ggggagttaa    208440
     gggtctagcc ttaccaggct agggcaagta gagcagagaa caggggggca ggctagagga    208500
     cacagtactc actctgggct tggtgccccg cagctctcta gaaggctctc tggtctgtct    208560
     atctctgcag tacagcaagg cactggcact ggtggtgtct gtgagccagg aacttggatc    208620
     cttgggtatg atggtagaac cgaggactga gggtgccctg acaacggaaa ttctatcagc    208680
     tgctttccca gagagaaaag ccttacagat gtttctctgc agttggataa catggcagga    208740
     atctgtaatc ccggactctt gggaggctga ggcaggggga tctcaaattc aaaaccaggc    208800
     taggcaactt aaagaaatcc tggctaaaaa taaaagcaaa cctgtagtga tagttccgga    208860
     attttggttt ctcttaaaaa aacaaatatt ttaagaatat gtttttgttt tgatcccagg    208920
     tgtggggtat ggggctgctt cagcctgtcc tcggcagctg actgtgatat gtctcgtgct    208980
     ggagcagagg cccggttttg ccagatgcag atagtttctc caattgtgtg atgtttagaa    209040
     ttctgggaac ttttcagagg gtagatacat tctcggcccc cagaagtggt gtggtggttg    209100
     ttggttggtc agggtgtggt agtggttgtg gtttgttagt agccgtggtc aaagaaagaa    209160
     caaaaggaaa gaaattagac ttagaggtct caatttctct cgcccctcta tccttctttc    209220
     tcttctatct agtgatagag gattaaaaac caggggggta aagggcggga aaagaaccga    209280
     caaattaaca aagaccacct ctaagcaaag aagaaacaag aagaaaggaa ttagattcaa    209340
     gtctctctct cccctctatc ctttctctcc tatctagtgg taggggtgaa accaggggga    209400
     ttaaggtcga gaaaaagaag aacccacaca gtagcaataa ctagagttag ggtataactc    209460
     ttagtggtat agcagttgcc tagcacgtga agggccctag gttcaattcc catcactgga    209520
     aaattctttt tttttttttc tgtgaaatgt agcttcaagc agtattatgt atcactcaaa    209580
     ataatcaggt tatatttgcc tgtgtttcta aatggcatca taatgtccac aacacctcta    209640
     tatcaggtct gttatttctt atttctccta tgtctttatt tactggggtt tggacctagg    209700
     acactaccca tgttaggaac acttctacca cttaattttt aaatttatat ttaaccaatg    209760
     tatttattgt gtgtgtgcca cactgctcat gtgccactgt gtgagtgtga gtgtgtgtgt    209820
     gagtgtgtgt gtgtgagcgt gtgtgaatgt gtgtgtgagt gtgcatgtgt gaatgtgagt    209880
     gtgtaagtgt gagtgtatgt gtgtaagtgt gtgtgagtgt gcatgtgtgc atgtgtgtga    209940
     gtgtgtgtgt aaatgtgagt gtatgtgagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    210000
     gtgtcagagg acagcttgca agggctggtt ttctcctttc acagttttca gtccagggat    210060
     ctgactcggg taattggtat tggtagccat cacttttacc cactgagcca tctcatcatc    210120
     cctatgtatg tacgtacgta tgtatgtatg tattatttag tgttttgaca cagggtttct    210180
     ctgtgtagct ttggctgtcc tggaactcag tctggcctct gagcgttaag atcaaagcca    210240
     ccaaccactg cccagctcct aattgtttat tttgagacag agtttcatgt agcccagcct    210300
     gacccccagc tccccatata gccgaggttg gcctgccttg aaatcttaat cctcctacat    210360
     ccaccttcca tgtgctagga ttacaggtgg gcaccacctt gcctaacacc ctgcctaggt    210420
     tatctgattt gcttaaggtc acagagcacc aaagtgtgga tttgggattt gaacacagca    210480
     gtctgatttg acaaccagac tctgggctgt taaaaccagc agtcatcact agccctgtct    210540
     gtccaccttc tattacccta agccctctta caaggaagat ataagtgggg tttctgagtg    210600
     ttagaggtga cagagaatgc tcacctgccg gctgcagctg gcctgtgcgc accttggctg    210660
     ccagtccagg gtgtccccag gacctagtct gcagtgggtg actccatcca caggccacca    210720
     agaagatcca agccaggatc ggtcgcaggg cccagaccag gccgctgtgt tgagagtggc    210780
     cttcgtgggc catgtccacc tgagacaaga gccagctgat aaagagggac gagggatgcc    210840
     ttccttctgg agatttaagt tggcactggt aggtgcccga cagcaatcgt tgccaggcag    210900
     cacagaggat gggccataaa tgaggaggcc aggcaatggc caaggctctt caaagcctac    210960
     ggggattctc caagagcccc tcccaccaga ttcatctctt tcattccacg gattaaaaca    211020
     ccgatcccat gcaaacaacc tctcacgctc tttgtcctct gctaccaact tccttcagag    211080
     tcacggaacc acctcagctc ttccaagacc ctcttccacc caggacttcc tttctctctt    211140
     tgcagcaccc cgccctccac tcctttcacg gtcacctctc ggttctcaat cggcttagga    211200
     gctttcaccc agggctggac cttttagtac caagccggac tgtgcagggc tgcggttctg    211260
     ccgctagggt ccaaaaactt ctgggcagaa gaaggtaaat gtatgggaga ctagattccc    211320
     gacgccccac ccactgccac tcacctgtta gctggctgga gtctagggga tgctcagaca    211380
     cctcagaacc accgaaccaa ggccagtcaa gagccgcaac tgaaaggggt gtggtttggt    211440
     taagaggcgg agacttccaa agccccacct ccacaaccct aaaacaggtg tacttgggac    211500
     tggtgcattt atatctacaa gctttcccta tgctaaactt gagatttaag gtctccgtct    211560
     ctcctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    211620
     tctctctctc tctctctctc ctctctctcc tctctcctcc ctccctctct ctctctctct    211680
     cccctctctc tctccctccc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctgatctgt gattcctaaa    211740
     tctgtgtctc ttctgtgttg tggagaggac gtttcttggg taggtatttt catgtgtacg    211800
     ctggtgatgc ttctgtgtct ttctccagtt ttttgtaaat ctgtgtcctt taacattctg    211860
     tccatgaatt caaaagacat ttattaaaca catactctgt actgcgttct gggtgatgca    211920
     cttgtataca aggcataaaa atctcaatct tcacagaatt aacacaagat ggagaatcag    211980
     gtgggggagg gggaaacagc cctggagaaa aaggtagggg tatgcatgca ctttcatgga    212040
     cctgtgttga gctgatgagc tgtgttggaa gagatatgtg tctatgtatt aggagggaat    212100
     tgtgcaccat tgagcatcct tatgtacttg catttgatga gtgtctgtct gtgtttctta    212160
     agtatatgtt tatattattg tagggtatat gtatatatgt atatgtgcct atgtatatat    212220
     atactatgtg aatctgtttg ctggatattc acaactatat acatatgttt tgtgtgattc    212280
     tttttgatga ttatgtgttt gtagttttct tcttttttat attttactat ttttaattat    212340
     gtatctatgg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    212400
     tgtgtctatc catatgggtc ggtggatatg agtataatca tctggtgaag tcagactccc    212460
     tgatcagatc aaccagagct ggtgttgtga gctgcctgac atgggtgctg ggaactgaat    212520
     ttgggtcctc tgtaaatgtg gtatattctc ttaaccactg agccatcttc ccgacctctt    212580
     ctgtgaggtt ttggagaaca ggtggagctt tatttgagaa gtgtgcacaa gctgggcagt    212640
     ggtggcgcac acctttaatc tcagcacttg ggaggcagac agatttctga gtttgaggcc    212700
     agcctggtct actcactctg tagatcaggc tggccttaaa ctcagaaatc tgcctacctc    212760
     tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat caaaggcatg tgccaccatg cccagctcat atgcatgttt    212820
     taaaagtata tgcatccatc cttgtagaat atgtatacca ctaccagaaa tgtgtcttcc    212880
     tcctatctca gtgtacagca ggcatttctt tatgacttat ttagttattt ttttagtatg    212940
     ccttgggagg ggctatctgt gtactttact gtaggtgcct gaagaggtca gatatctctg    213000
     atcacctgga gctggagtta taagctgttg tgaactaccc aatgtgggtt ctgggagtca    213060
     aactcccatc ctttgcatga gcagcaactg atatatatat ataaagttta aattatttta    213120
     tttgtatagg tgttttggct tcatgcatgt ctgttttcat gcatacctgg ttttcaagga    213180
     ggccaaaaga agatatcaga tctgctggaa ctggagttat gaatggttgt aagccaccac    213240
     atgagttcta gcaatcaaac ctaggtcctc tggaagagca gccagtgctc ttaatgaatg    213300
     agaagtctca ctgggcgtgg tggcgcacgc ctttaatccc agcacttggg aggcagaggc    213360
     aggcggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacaaag tgagttccag gacagccagg    213420
     gctatacaga ggaaaccctg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa agaaagaaaa    213480
     gaaaagaaag aaagaaaaaa gaaaagaaga gaagagaaaa gaagagaaga gaaatctctc    213540
     cagccccaag gatgggattt tgtttgtttg tttttgtttt gttcttgttt ttttaatgtc    213600
     ttttattgat gaactcccat attgccaaac cctgttctac acttgcacac agcacatact    213660
     cagtaaatgt tgagtaagga aattaatgaa ttagtaatgc cttcccctct ggtaagatag    213720
     cactgtacag cccagggtgt agggaactcc tgcctctatc tttctgtggt caacagtggc    213780
     attacagagg ccccaggaac cgagttacag gacccatttt ttgtctgggc tgggccaggg    213840
     tcgttgtggg tcatatttat cctgtttgtg ggtttttcct cccgcaagac cctgtgtaca    213900
     cacgcgccct catttcattc agggtgttca tatttcagca ccgtggacag tagcacgagg    213960
     ccagcacctt ggacagcttt tccgccccag aacctgagaa aaatacaagc cgggaacaaa    214020
     agacagtaca agcaagagac tcattgagat ggctatgctg accaaaagaa agaaagaaag    214080
     acacagacaa caataataca ggcaaaggtg cagacgtgag gatcaaccaa gaacacactg    214140
     acccagacct cgttgtggtc ccgttgtccg gcagaggtcg ctctagtcca gagaccctgc    214200
     cctccaagac cttgggtcag ttacaggctg ccacccaagg aaagaaaggc cttcccgttc    214260
     tgtctagggt tcagatggtg ttctctccaa ctctgagaag catggtctgg tttgggctca    214320
     gcagagtgat tactgggggc ggagtaagaa tcgcttcatc tgccccctcc ccagctacca    214380
     gctaatcgct cttataaata tatcctgacc tggcctgact ccttaatcct gatcatgagg    214440
     ctgagactct ggaggggatg caagacttga ggggctctgc cctgtgggag gcaaaggaag    214500
     gaagtctgtg tgtatatata cgtttttcta agggggaaac tcccatgagg tccagcctct    214560
     tgcttgaaca cgtgactctg gaagaatgca tcagtggaga tctaagggtg ccctggggtg    214620
     gagacaattt cccacagaga agagaatatt ccttcgagcc gtcccgttgg ggggatagtc    214680
     tttccagggt tcccaaatat gtcacctatt ggatctttga agaaatgccg cctcaggacg    214740
     ggagaaattg agatgaaacg tcatctttca gacattatct ctattaggag tgattttcag    214800
     ggtgagggaa cagttcttca tagcaaatca cacgcttgtg agaatgtgtc tcctgtgtgt    214860
     gtgggggggg ggtgtctcta gtcgcaccag gaattcatct gtgagaataa ctcccctagg    214920
     gatctttctt gggttggagg gtctgtgaaa gagactatct tgatagggtc tgtctccagc    214980
     atgcctccct tagggacatc tggagactcc acccacccaa ccccgtttac ccgccccccc    215040
     tcccaccgga cccccagcgc gggcagcggt ggccaaaacc cggctccggc tcccagacgc    215100
     agtgacggcg ccgggcccgc cccgcttcgc tccgcccctc cgggcccccc ctcgccggcc    215160
     gccgccgcgg tccccgaggc ttctctctcc ctccctcctc cctcctcctg ccgccgccgc    215220
     ctccctcctc cccccggacc gaaatcgccg ccgccatgga cgattctggc ctgatccgcc    215280
     gccggaggct gcaggtacgc tgcagcccgg gctccaagga ggggatgggg tcggtgccct    215340
     ggggcggggc cgagcagaac gcaggagaac ttgcaccagg ggtcggccgt ggcgcccctt    215400
     cgtactgcca gaggatgctc tcggccgaag agtgctgtgt ccgcgagtcc tggcagcgcg    215460
     gaccccgccc ctcaggcgtc gccccggtat cccagaggct gctggagggg ctgcatccta    215520
     gcgcgccccc tcgaggatgg cctgggtggc gcctggcccc gccggagtcg gagggagagg    215580
     gggcttaagg ttcttgccta ggcacctggc cagtctaggg gtgaaggtgc agcaagaaaa    215640
     gttattgccc cagggttcga gcccctcggg gccaccaccg cttcagagct gtaaacatgt    215700
     ttgttcgtaa gcctctcccc tcaccacctc cagagccctt cctaggcttg ctactgagtc    215760
     ctccattcac ctgtctggcc actaggacac ttcctactgc cctaattgga caggcaccta    215820
     gacagcctcc ccacttccca gtccacctcc ttcactacaa tactcccacc acacacacac    215880
     acacacacac acacacacgc ccgcgatcct taagtccagc ccagcttgta ggtgggcggg    215940
     agcgattttt agctccttgc agtcttcgaa gatgttggtt tccaggctgc gcaggcgcag    216000
     gagccgtgag tccactgcag agtgggatac tgagggctgt tggagtgaag gggaaggctg    216060
     gaacaaatcc agtcctctgg agttcccacc cccaaagtag gtagggattt tgaggctgag    216120
     atggtcctct gagatttggt gcttgccttt ctgagttcat aaactaacct cataggtgaa    216180
     atgatcaatg cttccctcct agagctacct agaggccggt ccttctgagc ctgcttctag    216240
     tccagaattt agattaagtt aaatatgagc tcagtctttt gtccagttct aggctccctt    216300
     aatgcaccat ttctaagatc aagaccacgg agagatgacc gatcagtaga gcaggggaaa    216360
     agatgagact caaacagtag gaagggcatc ccgggaggct ggttgctgct gaagcaacct    216420
     ggttagaaag ctaatttgct ttcaaacaca atctcagagt ctagacttct cgacatcttc    216480
     ctcgctttcc ctcctgctcc cagggtaggt aaagagtatg agtcttgagt acgggagcga    216540
     gctgcggcaa agctagagta agtactacag aggctaagcg ggtccatccg ctcctcctga    216600
     aaacgctgga actgggcggg gcctgaacgg ggtgtgtctt ggtcctcgga accggcgccg    216660
     aatcccattg gctcaacgcc acgcgggact ttgtctctgc cgcaagactc cacccccaac    216720
     cccttagatt accgtttacc cacttagctc aggaggtgct atacagatag agaatccctg    216780
     ctctccggaa tgcgaccacc tgtgccttcc gagctaacta accactttaa caatgcctgg    216840
     gtccactcac tcgcatcggt tccatcgcta agcaaaagtc ccactgtccc tcagtgccag    216900
     agaatcgcct atgtggagtt aggatcctta aataagaaga gctgattgtt cgagtgtcct    216960
     gctacacacc ctatggggaa aagcaaaatt gttttgcaga cgggggagag gtggcgtttg    217020
     tctgactcca aagatctgaa tttctcttct ttctttgtat cttttaatgt ttttgagata    217080
     gagtctcact gtgtagccct gactggcctg gaactcacta tgtagaccag actggcctca    217140
     aactcacata gatttcactg actcttactc cccaatacag ggaggatcta aatttgtccc    217200
     ttttctccgc tctggagtgt ttatggggag attgcaggtg aggcccattc ccacgacttc    217260
     tttccgtggt atttaaagat tccttacagc tatctgacac gttaagtaac aaaggtctgg    217320
     agcccttggc tccatggctg aaaagtccag gtcttggttt tgctaggtcc attgaggttg    217380
     cctagtgtgg taagcagaga ccaattcagc ctaaacctgc cattacaaga gagaaaatct    217440
     ggtctggatt tctgatgact gtggctccca tccagggcaa gactgccatt caaacatgcc    217500
     ctatctgagt gtcctttgcc catgaaagtg gtagggtcct ctgagccact ttctgtagtg    217560
     tgacatgtct gtttataact cttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttttt gagacgggtt    217620
     tctctgtgta gccctggcta tcctggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg cctcaaactc    217680
     agaaatccac ctgcctctgc ctcctgagtt ctgggattaa aggcgtgagc caccacaccc    217740
     agcttattta taactgttat aatttactac tttaacattt tgttttaatt tttactcaaa    217800
     aaactttatt actattttta aaaatttatg tgtaaggatc ttttgcttgc atgtatgtat    217860
     gtatgcctgt gcactacatg tgagcagaga ccatggaggc cagaaaaggg catcagaccc    217920
     cctcagttgg aagtgctgtg agctgccatg tgggtactgg gcattgaatc tgcgtcctct    217980
     gcaagaacaa gtgctctaaa ccactgagcc atctccccag ctgagagaga gagagagaga    218040
     gagagagaga gagagactgt gtgtctgtgt ctctgtgtgt ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtctgt    218100
     gtctgtgtgt gtgtgtatac gtatgtaagc atgtgccttt gcccatgagt ggaggtctca    218160
     ggacaacttt ttttttcaaa aatttatttc tctactgtga gtacactgtt gctgtcttca    218220
     gacacaccag aagagggcat cagatcccat tacagaaaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa    218280
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaaggaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa    218340
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa    218400
     aggaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga    218460
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagatcccat tacagatagt tgtgagccac catgtggttg    218520
     ctgggaattg aactcaggtc ctctagaaga gcagccagtg cttaactgct gagccatctc    218580
     tccagctctc aggacaactt ttaacagtgg attctttcct tttactctgt gggtcctggg    218640
     gctgatcact ggatcaagct tgttggaaat gccattagcg ccgagccgtt tcttctggcc    218700
     tggatttaac tactactggc tgagcatata ccatatacca ggaccaccct aaaatgataa    218760
     aaatctgcgt catctcagag gcttctagga gactggagca cttgggaagt tcatttgtca    218820
     aaatcaaaaa agtcaaaatt gggatttgaa agctggactt tcttgtctga gatatcatag    218880
     aaaggattag gatatatacc tttttgttgt ttttgcacat gtatgtgtgt gtgtgatgtg    218940
     tacgcatgtg tatttgtata ttcatgtatg tgtggaggcc agagaatgat accagatgtc    219000
     ttcctccatc tccctcctct gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gagacagggt ttctctgtgt    219060
     agtcctggct gtcctggaat tc                                             219082