ID   AC163353; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 264135 BP.
AC   AC163353;
DT   10-JUN-2005 (Rel. 84, Created)
DT   01-SEP-2005 (Rel. 85, Last updated, Version 4)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-55G7 from chromosome 6, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-264135
RA   Lin L., Lewis S., Haglund K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-55G7";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-264135
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-JUN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-264135
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (23-JUN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-264135
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (31-AUG-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; c968084e9517799dedbde35bd80bb12f.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456132.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F7C376; F7C376_MOUSE.
CC   On Aug 31, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:67972864.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0055G07
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa and
CC   Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..264135
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-55G7"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          49426..49572
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
FT   unsure          56913..57289
FT                   /note="Unresolved simple sequence repeat."
FT   unsure          80780..80819
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
SQ   Sequence 264135 BP; 66758 A; 58972 C; 64450 G; 73955 T; 0 other;
     gaattcactg ggactggaag gccatccagg aatggatggt cttgggccat ttaaggcagc        60
     ctgatagcaa ggtctctgat tttgtgcctt ctagcctcag attcctccct gcattaaggg       120
     agtagcattt atggatttgt agtcctgggg ttgagtgtgg attttccttg gcctgcctag       180
     agcctacagc acaagggttg atggatgggg gtggaggtgg gggttgggaa gcaggtgctc       240
     tctggggcct cccagttctg ctacaccggg tctgccccag tacctagctt ctatttctcc       300
     tctggtgtct tcattatgct ttctctccta ggctcatgga gcaataaagc tgcccagagc       360
     atgtcgaaaa ggaagatgag acactgggag aatgtctcct gggtaccaat taattaaagg       420
     gaaggtagag agtggaaacc aaaaatgaca aggcaccctt tttttgcctg tgcacttctt       480
     ccaggtcctg aataaaattc cttgagccaa atgaatggaa ctgacgttac cctgtgagct       540
     gcgtgtactg tgggctatgt gtaacttgtg cagtggtttc atttgaaact tcagctatgc       600
     tccagtttat gtctgatatg gaaaactatt gtaagctgct gaccacctag atataggagt       660
     gtctctccgt gcctgagaga gtctggatga attgtgtatg gggaatggga tggagagaga       720
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagactttta       780
     ttccaggatg tggcattgag gggaaaggat ctcctgggat gctctttgtt ttatttgagg       840
     caggtggcct gaccttatgg tgcaggggct gtgaggggtg gctggaagag agccgacatc       900
     cggtagtgtc tgggaaggag aatgtgattc ggattgcata cttatcattg gcagcttgga       960
     acaatgttgc tgtagaacaa ctatccttct gtgtgcaggc atgagccaat ctggtcttgg      1020
     ctgctaatgc ttcatatttg acccttatta tgtcacattg ttctatttta ctgaaaagaa      1080
     tgctgaggga ctaggaggtg aagtcggttt gggaactatc ctgcagttgt agagagttga      1140
     aacatattga gttgagtcta tatagatgcc cagttcccat acacctttac aaatgtcaca      1200
     tgcatctcct gacttattcc ctacctgagt cagggctttt ggatgtgaga tataggagcc      1260
     atggatgaag gggagggaac aattgtcacg cacgcaccaa aacacagtct agagatggga      1320
     tggcctgaaa ttctggccag ccaagtttca gaaattccag ctgcccgcag ctaaccttca      1380
     ggcctatctg gccttggctg ctttggcttt ctgtctaaat aaagctacag agtgaaagag      1440
     gaatgtccct ggatgggtag ttttgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt      1500
     gtgtgagaga gagagagaga gagagagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaca      1560
     gacagacaca gacagacaca gacagacaca gagactgact gactctaagt gtctggatag      1620
     gtgactgcca gctgtggtca gtccttgtta gtaggttgtg gctcagggac tattttgtat      1680
     aagtacatca ccctcagctc atgatgtaag ggaccctggg agccacacaa catttctgcg      1740
     ttctttacct tgtactttgt actgaggttg tagtctagaa ggggacctgg ctctgccata      1800
     ggttatacct gagcaggggt gggttatact gacacagatg cactatgtca gtatagcaaa      1860
     ggccatgaca tacagagagg agagcagcag tgctctgtgc ttctgtatcc ttcattggtg      1920
     acatgtgtct gtgtgtgcac atctgcttat gaagatctgt attcaagagc aactctgtgg      1980
     tcatgggcag gtctcacctt attggctcct ttcttgagta ggaagaagca gtgctctgtt      2040
     tcccatgggg atctctttac atggccatgt ggtcactgcc ctgaagtctg cgtattgagt      2100
     ttcataattc cttggcatca cagaaaggtt gggccaaaca ccgaccatct tgaatgtgag      2160
     ccccacccac agttttatga agcaccccac gtttatgtca tgatgcttgg ggtgtagagt      2220
     ctgcagtggg aaatcacagg aaccaaagct gtgggggacc ctctgagttt catgctgtaa      2280
     ttggggttcc ttcagccacc tactgtgtat ggagtgggtg gtctttattc tgctgcctcc      2340
     tgttcctgat gaagccacaa gagagggcaa ggtgatcacc tgtaattcag tgtcagtgcc      2400
     atctaaagct gagtgggtgg ggtgtatgtg ttgctcccct ctctcagggg attctgccgt      2460
     agagatgggg aacaccctag gaagtgccta ctcagtagag cagagactgc actccacttt      2520
     atgtcaacat tcaaggagaa acttcagggg tgggtgtggg tgtgtagggg cctcgggatc      2580
     catctgggaa gctgagtcct tttgacagca tgttccaaac aataaatttc tctaccaccc      2640
     acataaaaat tttagaatct gtgactgcca ccaaagcgtg caagacctta gagatcattt      2700
     ggtgaacttc ttctctttgc agctgaagaa acggcgtaca ggagggaggt gatcttgttc      2760
     agggtcaaat agctacttac taggagatcg gagacgagat ctaggtatgc agctatgcta      2820
     aaaaaacgaa cccaagagag aacgctctcc agggattggg gatggctgga atcacatgca      2880
     gccaactcag tgcaaataca ggtatgagtt tcccacactg ggcaagttca tccctgagcc      2940
     tttccaggct tctttcctga atcttccttt ctttttatag ccctgagcct tagatgcctt      3000
     ggtaattaca aaacgatgcc agcagtacca gtgacctcgg aagtagctgg actaggctga      3060
     gtgcttatgg tgtctttaaa tacttgggca acatgctgag gtcgtggaac tagcaactgg      3120
     catctcagag caggtccttg ggggcgttta tgaccattgt ctgtgctttt aaccactagt      3180
     catgctactt tgcctttggg aagatagttg ttatcatttg ctatccaatc ccctaaactc      3240
     attcccacat gctacactct attctccacc gtttgctgtc ttcatagaac aagaccagat      3300
     atactttgtc ttaaaggtta taaccttcct gatgaccacg aggacacaga ggaaaggaac      3360
     ataaacaaag ggacaaagtc gcaggttaaa gggctttaca gacttcttac aggcttgttt      3420
     ctgctttgtg aaccttgctc tgagatgaag agcagtaggg cctttggatc tttatcttca      3480
     caatgagggt gatgtctaga ccttttgtct tagccttcta aagcaattga agcagaggaa      3540
     gaactaggca gcactgaagt gcgttggcct acgtaaagga ctaggatctc cacgaatact      3600
     ctacttggtg gcatcagtct tgggtacatc caaagatgaa ggcatcaggt acttcctctg      3660
     ccctagatga aaagggaatg ttagaataga gggaccccag atataaaaag tatcagagaa      3720
     attggacagc tgggagcaca ggaaggatgg gagagataca ggtggagaga actcagggta      3780
     tatctgtaca tgggatcgcc agcatgggct tacgatgcca gagaagttgg aggattggag      3840
     gcagatcagt caaacctagc ctgggtctcc ttggacaggg ccataggtgt ctctctgcct      3900
     cagtgtcctg tcagcaaagg cactgatgcc gtgtctcctg ccttacattt gtcagcttgt      3960
     agaactgaaa aggcattccc tcatcagtca cctctgtctg gtctcagtgc gggccagctc      4020
     caggagaggt gccagagtgg aagagtggtt gtactgtggt ctaccctgca gatggtattg      4080
     ggcaagactt aagccgaggc tctgacatct ggtattgaat ggcacttgcg atgtatttag      4140
     gcaggtgtct ggtttgactc agttgtgaag gcctgtttgt gcatccgcat gtatgattta      4200
     tttgatattt gaaagtaatt tataatcaag attctttgaa tccttctctg ggcctgcgtc      4260
     attgcttcct ggaagtgttt gtggagggcg tggggtccct tcagtactgg tttatactct      4320
     cttgttattc ctgctggaag gacccttggg tgtcttagac cacaaagtct acctccttat      4380
     tgagttatat gtgctattgg gctactccag agtgttggtg aaggctacta acaggagctt      4440
     tgatggtctc aaaagcaact ggagagtctg cccagcatgg gtgatggctt tcccaaagct      4500
     gcacagatgg atggatgccg tcacatttgt tgtccccagg ctatttgcca tagcctctcc      4560
     ctaaaatcag atctgatgaa gatggagaca gttcgattta gagtgtaggc tgaataaccc      4620
     ccagtaatga aatcctgtta tatctgcctt gtttcacgta tcataatgtt ttccttcttg      4680
     ttggaacatg tgtcagaata ccctttctcc ttagggctga ggaatattcc aatgtggaac      4740
     acactttgac tttgctaacc tgttgatcca ttggtgaaca cttgtgttgc tcccgtcttc      4800
     cgtctcttgt gagaaacgct gctgtgaacc ttggtgtgca aacacctgtt gggcctctta      4860
     atttttaata attttgactc tacgcccact agtggaattg ctgggtcatg tagtagtcaa      4920
     atatttaatt tttgaggaac tgtcatcctg ctttgcacgg tggcttgtac catgccacac      4980
     tgctgacaag acgtgcgcga ggcttccttc tgctcttttg tattgttacc aacacttgct      5040
     accttctagt gttaatcgta gaaatactgg ttgtggcgct gcctctctgg ctttgtggac      5100
     ttccatgtaa ctgtgatgag gctgggatgg acagaatgag agggaagaga aagagacctc      5160
     ccagggtctt cctcgctacc cttctcagat gaatgcccct tggttgcact tggttctcat      5220
     gtgtagcttt cagaaggtcg tgtggcccta tgcacaagct aataggaggc agtgagcaga      5280
     gtagctggat gcaatctcag gctacttctg cattggaaag agtccaccaa atgtggggca      5340
     agtctgggcc tagacagctg tatatcgata tggagcttat tttgcctgtg gctttcttgc      5400
     tgttgctttg gttgccttct gccttgttgt ttgcctgttg gtaggggctt tggggagtta      5460
     acaagacaaa taggcataat ccccattgta agtgaaataa atgttatact tttcacatag      5520
     cattattaaa tgtccgggaa tatgaaggaa taaggaaatg gtgttttctt ctaccttggt      5580
     gaggatgaga ggcatccagg tgtaagacta taggccttcg tgactctgtt tctgtactta      5640
     tattgttttt tcagtgtgtg actctgaggg gtagcacccc tcctctctgc catgcaaccc      5700
     caatagtggg acaatttcag agccttttct tgatggattc cttggaatgg gggcaacatt      5760
     ttgtgggatg tctctgtatt tgcagtttcc tctcaggaac tgacacttga tctgggcata      5820
     tggaatgcat caacttgaag atatggctac ataaacggaa gaatgtgcat aaggagaata      5880
     tttaaaataa taacacactt ttcatattca tgtctcttca ttgaaagaag gtagtcttcc      5940
     tttgtgtccc gaggcactct gtgtggggat ctggagcagt tcttattaat agctattgct      6000
     ctatgggtag aacttccaga catgcaatct cattaagtat tcttgttcat cctgcaaaga      6060
     atgcgttgct aattctattt ttcagagcaa ttgactgagg cccagagaaa tgtctattta      6120
     tttggtactt tatagactca ggagcctggg tgtatgttgt gtgacaaaac tttccctggg      6180
     gagatgccac acgtacagct actcacccca gatagggaac gtacaacaga cacagtacgt      6240
     gtaccactaa agcctgtttt cagccacctt tctatcttgt tcaccttcag gccacatagt      6300
     tttattctgt agagtcactg ctgcaaatgc ctatctgtgt gtggcctttg tcgagagcct      6360
     tggcttcagg cagcacaaag tcaccaggag ttcatgaaga tgggaatccc tgctcctttc      6420
     tgtgatagca ggcagatact tgctaggcag gctaggcccc ctctagagga actttcagca      6480
     gtgggacagg agttgggcac tagtttggct gtggtaattt tggtgatatc tgtaatttat      6540
     aaaacaaaat cagacttgtc cttcctcacc gaagaatcaa tgtatgacat ttgggaaatg      6600
     caaaacaacc aaccaaccaa acaaacaaac aaagtgaaag tgtgaactct caggtattct      6660
     gtcagggttt tgccaagctg ctgtgacact gtccccaggt actagttacc ccaaggactt      6720
     cctgtttgtc cagcatgatg tttgcccccg gtcagagcca attacatcgc ttaacgagag      6780
     agtctgcaat gttgactttc agtaggctca ctctgagctc actgaattta tgggtgctgt      6840
     cagcaagtgg tgttgtgaac agcagaaatg gtgcctccct tgcctccatg ctggggaaga      6900
     agacgtggag gggtagttta ccatcatcat ggtttgccct cagtgatggg agccgtgatt      6960
     tagctgcatg catgcaagag ttttcctcct tttatgcctg ccgatgctgg ccaccaaaga      7020
     taacgtagca ctatgattag tgtctagtgg ggaaggttaa ccttagtctg gagcagatgg      7080
     ctctttcctc agtaggactc tctctctatg gaggttcctt ttcctctgtc accttcttga      7140
     cttgccacac tgcagagaag aggtttccgt gctggtctga gaaggtgcgg gtgctgtcag      7200
     cagggccacc ttctggttac tgtggccgtg gagaggcttg ggttctctac ctgcctgtcc      7260
     ccttgccttt ggtgggtcat cagaggaagg tgcgctattt aaggcagcag ctgatctgct      7320
     gagttggtga gatgctgcag atgtccttgc ccctcgctgc cccttattgg tggaacagat      7380
     gcgacagctc tgggcacggg actgctcttc gcatcccttc tgttctggaa aggtgaggaa      7440
     gagctggaac gctgctggac tgtgttcaag cagctcagtt gctctgctcc acggcagaca      7500
     cactcaaggg agaaagcttt catgtcgacc gcccctccca gcctgaggga caatatcagg      7560
     tttctatcag cccattgagg agaattgttc cacacttagt tttttgagtg tcagacaggt      7620
     aaagatagcc gtggcctcac tgtctatcag agctgagaat ccttacgctt tggtaggtct      7680
     ttttgcaggc agtggttagt tcaagaaaag ccgcccgtct atcacatcca gacccattct      7740
     tggtcgctcc ccttccctgc ttagaaacca agtgcttcct tattctcttt ctttcctcat      7800
     accccaggct tcaccgtgtg ctctgctctg agtgcacagt agtaccgccc aatgtgatac      7860
     tctgtgtcta tttagatgga gattaattga aatgaaatag aaattaaaat gtgcttcctc      7920
     cattgtccca gagacgtttc atgtgctcta cagacacatt tgacggacag ccactatatt      7980
     ggatagttca aaatgacatc ccattttcac tactgtaaat gtgatgattg ggatggggag      8040
     tagtggctca tgcctgtaat cccagcatct gggcagcccg gacaggagaa tggccttttg      8100
     tttgagatca tcttgggcta tcgagtgagt ttgaggctca tccaggtctg tagagtgagt      8160
     ctctgtctca gaaaacaaaa atccaaaccc aaataacaac aacagagctg tagtgcatag      8220
     cacgatgctg taagccgatg tgtcttgagc agctgtggtg actttaggaa gaaaggatac      8280
     aggatacagg aatggaagga cgttagctgg aagagttggg gcaggaggcc ataggtgtct      8340
     tgtaggaatg acatctgaag agcgttgcag aacaggtcaa gggatctgca tttggtagga      8400
     agctggggac gtcacagcct ccaatgcccc tggggttagg aaactgttgg cagggcctgg      8460
     aagcactgta ccagtgagca gattcctgcc ctgtctggtt ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt      8520
     ttgggtctta gttgtgcagt cttaaaggtg cattaggaat tctggctttc ggacaactga      8580
     gactgaggtc tttgtctctg gtaggaaggc agtaggaaga agctggaaga gcatccatgc      8640
     cagtgtctgc ctgtcactcc atgccacagg gtgaccctgt aaggcctgct ggattcatct      8700
     gtggatatga tcctctaagc tgttgacaga tagtcttggc tggctcaaga ccaggagaca      8760
     acaaggtcct cttgctttcc agtcaccagg tgtgcgctgg ctcaggccag gacaccttca      8820
     atttcactac acttctatgg gtcccttgtc acccatgagg gcttgataga tgcagaatac      8880
     aggtagatgg ctgcaaaggt ttttggtgac ccctgaccca aaaggaggcc attgctgtgc      8940
     acttagggac ttgagtgaca aggactgcag caggacagcc attgcagcct tctccttcct      9000
     ggggcaagct gccttctgat ctgccagtca cttaggcatt cttcaggagt caccagctct      9060
     atttctggca gaagtcacat gaccacagga ggaggctatg atgttgaagt ccatatcttt      9120
     tccatgtctg tggctcatta gagatccctt tatgttgccc agggagctga gcatctttac      9180
     ctaagggtag tgtggaggag ggaggtggca agaatactgg atcctactgg ttaggttctg      9240
     tgtccttgga tagacagata ttttttttat atttctaatt aatttattct tgcatatatt      9300
     gcatcttgac cacagttttc ccccctcttc tcctcctgga cacacccttc tcaccttccc      9360
     cttcccatcc actcctcccc catttccttt tagaaaaggc caggccaccc agggatctca      9420
     atcaattatg gcatctcaag ttgtaataag actgggcact tccctcatag taaggctgga      9480
     tgaggcaacc cagtgggagg aaaagcgtct caaaagcaag caaaggcatc agagacagct      9540
     ccccaccccc actcccactg ttgggagttc tacagaaaca ctaaaccaca caagaacagc      9600
     atatctacag agggctgagg tcagacacaa acaggtggcc tgcttgttgg ttcagactca      9660
     gtgagcccct gtgagtccag tttgctgatt ctgtgggttt tcttgtggtg tccttgtccc      9720
     ttttagctcc tacaatcctc cctcccttct tccataggat tcgctgagct ctgcctaatg      9780
     tttgactctg ggtctctgca tctgttacga tcagtcgctg agtggagcct ctgtggtggt      9840
     gattattcca ggcaaaatca tttctttact tctttttttt tcctaggtgt ttttggttct      9900
     atcctacatc tctgggccat ctggcctctg gtttctggtc ctccaggcag ggtcagggat      9960
     aggcgttctc tcatggtgtg ggtctcgagc tagactatca ttggttcgcc acacccacaa     10020
     tttctctgcc acctgtactc cagcatatct tgctggcagg gcaaaatgta gtttgacggt     10080
     tttgtggttg gcgttccagt ccctccactg gaagtcttgc ctggttctgg gggattagag     10140
     gttttaagac agagttgttt aaagccagat ttagcctatg aatagaaagc actaggggct     10200
     gagggaagaa ctttctaagt attcataaac tcatggtagc tgacaagaac cggatctgtt     10260
     tgagggatga aaggaaaccg cgtacaataa tcccagcaaa gttggcctga gccggcatgc     10320
     acagatttca agaatcatga tgggaggttt gggtttgaaa atgattgatg taggagaatg     10380
     acagggtctg atttagtgtt tgtatttcct aaaagatcat tgtgactgcc tgtgagtgag     10440
     gctagggttg gagcgaggga aacctggaaa tgggagaaat ctcagggatt ccagcagcag     10500
     gaaatgaatg gtggcttgga ctagagtggt ggcatgggag gaggaaagag ctggtctcct     10560
     ttctcccctc agagctccgc tcctgtccac agagtaaggg gaaggccaca gtgcttacgg     10620
     tgtagataga cagacttcac caggtaaacg tttaatgttt acctgtggcc tatcttgtgt     10680
     caggcagctc tctgtcacta agacgacacc acaccagagg ccacagcatg taaggggcaa     10740
     cagtttatgt tgactcacag tctagaagag tcagtccatg gtccattggc tcagtacttt     10800
     tggatctgtg ggagacagta tgttatggtc aagatgtacg gcttaccttt taccttgtgg     10860
     tagctgggaa gctgaaggac agggaggggt gggctataat attccctcag gaccatatct     10920
     ccagtgattc aaattcttct catctgattc tgcctcttga aggtttgacc cattcatata     10980
     ataaggagag agtgcgtgag ccatatgata caaactgtga cggcaatctt gcttatcaga     11040
     acatcatcag cattatagtc actaggaata gatgttgaac atcctctggg atggagaatt     11100
     taaaagccac tgtgtcatta ttggacatag tcctgactca gagatatgca gcaccaagct     11160
     actctaacat tgacaatgag gaatcatgtg tccattctct gggacctctc tctgggccct     11220
     tgtagaacag ggtggtacga gactaatagg cctgtgcagg ggccctgctg tgtccttgca     11280
     cttctgagaa gagttaacac ctttttgaag taggcaggga tgcccctgtc ttcaggggaa     11340
     cccagccatt ggacaagcag gaatcatttt tcttatgtct ggaagaggtt ggtgctgtgg     11400
     aggtcttaca cgtttctatg tggtctggcc tgctgaactg cagttctggg gttctcttgg     11460
     gcacgagagc atcaggggat gtatcccagt aaggctagag ccaggtcaga cttagctggt     11520
     ggcatcagtt cagctggcag ccaggaggca aagctttgaa tcagccttat aatttgaaaa     11580
     ttggtctttg catcgggtgg tgattttgtg ctaacaaaaa gcatcagaga aacaatgtgg     11640
     gtctgtccca tcttcatggt gttactctgg gttcagaatc tttgctacag agatggaagt     11700
     ttccccactc ctaggacaca tgaaaagttg tactgcccat tgcaactgtc ctttaggctc     11760
     tcctagagcc tcaggtcggt gatgggcaag cgacttggag aagccaaggc cacagtgaca     11820
     ttaaaatgta tccatcatgg aatctaacct tggagaatac atttctctct ttcttgcatg     11880
     tggccattta tagtgagtcc agcctttagc actcaaaggc tatagcggta tttatgatag     11940
     ctgtattctt gtccttaggt gagggaggag gtgatagtct attcctctgc atactcaggc     12000
     ctcttaacac gtgctctctc caggtggtac agcctagagg taaccttgtg ttctggaaat     12060
     gggtctcaat atggagtgtg agggtgctca ggagtccatc caagtacatc ttggcttgct     12120
     tagggagtcc ctgcctttta tgtccatggt gcccaggacc ccttgctggt tttcacactg     12180
     ggtctttctg tcaccccaaa gccctggaac tgcttgcttt gtgaacaggc aacttatatg     12240
     agagaaatga aaatgatgaa ctgttgagga tagggaactg ggatgtgcca ggcttaggcg     12300
     ggagcatggg tgctttagta gaagtagagg aagataagtt caggagctga aacggtgttc     12360
     actaaacttt gtcaatgcca actagagtct acaaagtcaa aattgcatac cacagacaga     12420
     agagagccag gaagagttaa gttccagccc aatttggcaa gcaaagatgg gatgcagggc     12480
     cattttggac ttgctcactt tggtgtaaga aaaagacaga gggatgcttt ccactctctg     12540
     tcaccaggga ggcgccctag gaagtcacca taggtgttag tgttagagct ggctgatcat     12600
     taatatagat accactttct gctcaattca aaatcccagg aggtgtgtat gcatgtatgc     12660
     tgcatgcttg tgtgcacaca tatgtgcgtg tatggggtgt tgaaagaggt aagaagggaa     12720
     ggatagagtc tggcagttca ccgtgagccc tgagtgtagc aaaatcttcc attgtctcat     12780
     cttgtgacct ttaatgagtc acaggctcct ttgtttgctt gggtgttgaa tggagacact     12840
     tatcttgctg cttaggcaag cagccctgct tcagctgcct tggctaatcc aaatccacgc     12900
     tctcagctct ctgctctggg acctatgtcc cctgcctctg gggcctatgt ccctagcctc     12960
     tggggccttc cttactttat actcagcatc tatatattga aagaagagca agcagtgtta     13020
     agctgtgaga gaggggcctt ctcagcctgg gagagatcta gtcttcccaa gcttgatagt     13080
     ctggtataca gattgtgctc ctgaggtgca ggggctgcct ggtgcccctg ggcagaggaa     13140
     ggggagagta tgaagggagt gtgtggtgag gtgagtgtgc cagggtagtg ggcacaacag     13200
     agacacttta ccagggcctg tggcacgagg ataacgtcta acgccacaga tgtcacccag     13260
     cagctgtgca ggtggcggat gacagctggt gccagagaag ccctgatgtg cctgccttgg     13320
     tatccagtgg gtgatgataa gcacatagca tctgtgcgtt tctcgctcct ttcccctgac     13380
     catgggaggg agtgataatc taccacgata cgacttgctg ttgtgccagg aaaggttcag     13440
     aaccctgtca tcagcatctt ggatactgag gtcaatcatt tggcttctag ttgaagttta     13500
     ttatctctgt tgcggttgcg atggggaggg caagagactt tggaaggcag caagtgtgct     13560
     gagcactgtg caagcatgtt ggctgggtgt ttttggattg ggcgagacag gtaactgact     13620
     cgtcttaact gagaagtagc taggttacta cagtaacttc atcatctctg tggtagaaga     13680
     aaatggcttg gggaaggccc catcactaat gtactattac ctcccaatag tgcttccctg     13740
     gaactatatt gatgtggtct tggaaggggg gcattcaata cccagattac ttcactagat     13800
     attagcttcc tttgccctct cactgcagag tttagagttt cccactcctg ggtgcactgt     13860
     gtctttgcac catcagtttc ggtgctggga tgaccgactg ctcctgcgtt cacttttcct     13920
     tcctcctaat tcccatactt atcctcatct ccttcctttt cttctttacc cattctatct     13980
     aaacgaatat tcttttattt gtgtgctctt atgaatatat attttaaagg gtcagacgtt     14040
     gcattgacgt caccgttccc atatactttc taactagttc agggctgtga atgcgtgctt     14100
     ctcacctctt gcctacctac ctaagtcagg tcagtgagac tagagaagag agtgacaggc     14160
     ccaagttcat ctggctgaac taggtcacac agggcctgga gtagatttca gggctgtatt     14220
     tcctggagca tacatactgg tgcttttgta tattacctcc caagttcctg caatagcttg     14280
     aggggggtgg ggggagacta ttctttgtct aaaattgtgt ctagaattgc aaatgtatcc     14340
     ccaatgctcc tgtattcacc atagtaactg ttgtcttctc tctcctctcc tcgcaggttc     14400
     caactatggg agcccacgcc cagctcatgc caacatgaat gccaatgcag ctgcaggact     14460
     tgctcccgag cacatcccta ctccaggggc agcactgtcc tggcaggcag ccatcgatgc     14520
     cgcccggcag gccaagctca tgggcagtgc tggcaacgca accatctcta ccgtcagttc     14580
     cacacagcgg aagcggcagc agtatgggaa acccaagaag caggggggca caaccgccac     14640
     acggccgccc cgggctctgc tgtgtctgac cctgaagaac cctatccgga gggcgtgcat     14700
     aagcattgtt gaatggaaat atcctttatg ctgtgggcag gccgaggtgt tccttggacc     14760
     tgtgcctagg ggctggccct ctggggctta ctggccatag actggagctg gtgatgttaa     14820
     ggctatcttt gtcttactgc cgcagtgaca ggattctaga cctcccccca gactccatga     14880
     gtcaccagct tactttacca ggtcccagaa tttgttggta tcacaagcat ccctgaacca     14940
     aagatctgaa atatgaattc ttctaaaatc taaaactttt ataatatcaa catgatgaca     15000
     taagtggatc ttatgtagca ggtagcagtc agaatgcagg cactaaaatt tgccttgtct     15060
     gtaggggtaa ggtatacata acccgggtcc cactcctgag acatctcatt atgaatctgc     15120
     agagattcca aaatccagac agattctaag tctaaacatg ttcactccca agcatttgag     15180
     agaggggaca gactctcctc ctcctgcaag tcaccttaga gaagacagtg tggaatatga     15240
     acttgctttc aagccacctg ggacccgctt atgtggctat ttgttggcta ctgcatgctg     15300
     tttcttcata gctttctttc ctatgtcatt gtgttgtggc agctcacagc ctgacctttt     15360
     tctagtgtaa atggaccagg agacacatga ggacatagtg atcagtgcct ctagcacttg     15420
     ggaccagaga ttcttagcct gggcactgca ttagaatcac caggaaagtt ttagcaaatt     15480
     ctaggtagca caggtcccca ggtcccccta tattcaacag agttctcgag gcaaggctaa     15540
     ggtatagcca aaattgaaag catcatctct aataacatgt atctactctg aacgcacaga     15600
     aaagggtaga ggggacttta gaaagcatgt ctttgaaggg atggactgtc accatagaca     15660
     caagtcttaa cttctgagca tcacggagtt acattggata aaacatcagt gctcaaccct     15720
     gactatcacc agggatggag taaatcacat caaactttcc aggtcacgtg gcccagaata     15780
     gacagtagta cgagaaccct gagacttagt gctgggtatc tttaaaagac ctcaattcat     15840
     ttcaacaggg ccacatgctt cttcccacct gggatgtttg gtttcatttg tgagtttcta     15900
     ggaaaagatt taaaacgttt ggaagttatt ggaaggtaaa agaggatgac ctaggggcag     15960
     agctaaagtt ctgtggaact aacagcactc cttcttggaa tatttgagtt cctttcccaa     16020
     gtgtaactaa aataggatac agtgctaagc aagggctgct gccaaaatgt ccagtctgca     16080
     aagccgcaca tagtccatga gtgggtgaga agctgaatta aggcagtccc accagactgc     16140
     cttcagagcc acaggatgag agacctggga ccccatggaa aaccactatg aagggagagc     16200
     agggaagccc tgagatccaa agaccacccc cccaattcat acagcagacc ttgacaaagt     16260
     ttgttttaaa tctagattcc ccatcttcaa aatctatgta tttcccaaac tctccaagct     16320
     acagtgctag atagtgtggc caagggctgg gcaagactgg atagttacta ataagtggta     16380
     ctagatagtt agtaggtggg accagataga gagttattag ttggacaaga tagttatcgg     16440
     gtaggacgag acggctactt tgtggtccta gacagtaaat tgctaggtgg gaatagatag     16500
     ttactaggtg ggaatagaga tagctatcaa ctcgatactt aggaagcgca ctccagtgta     16560
     gatcttcagg agcctgaatc tgcagccctc gctgcatgat tagtgtgact ggccctcctg     16620
     agagaaggtg cttcccaccc gggagaggga gggaatgctg ccccgtagta ctagctatat     16680
     gcaagctcca gactgcctag aacagggaag gagagagact gatgtactca gcagctcttg     16740
     caaaggcggg gcctggtgct gtcatcagat gggaaggtta aaggatgaag atagcacggg     16800
     tgtatcaggc ttgctgggcg ctcctctgca tccccgacgt agctctccca gtctgttgtc     16860
     ctcttggcat tcagtatcct ccagcatcag cctggtgcgc tagggtatgg cgatgggtgg     16920
     gttgctctta tgtttgtgtg catggagcag agaaggtggg ggctagcact tgaaacgtgt     16980
     caagcttggc ttcctgcctg gtatagacaa cgaggacacc tgacgagtag atattcatgg     17040
     ggccgtgggg cctggctcag ttgtcttctg gtgcaccttc ctgacagggc accagacaat     17100
     gagaatggaa ccttgcagct tgggctgaga gtcactgttc tgagcaggtt ggggcttgct     17160
     gaagaagaag gagatgtggg ttgagagaac tatctttctg aaatgcctgc aaagccacct     17220
     caggtagatc agcacaaagt ggtcccaaaa ctgacttagt aactgccttt cccggtctgg     17280
     gtcccactct agctgttaac tcgatgactt cagcgatagc aaaacctccg caagcttcat     17340
     tttcctccat tagcaaaaga gattactgtc tctttccagg tgcttgggat tatggtcatc     17400
     acagagctgg gcacgaaggc tctggaggca tgccagactt gccaccacgg cactaatact     17460
     agttcctgtc tccattgcta ttgcaccttg gccacctaag ggcagcaggc tgtgaaaacc     17520
     tactgcgatg ctccggctct gggcctgact ctgcttcttg cctcctgggg atcttgggca     17580
     ggtgtgataa tggccatgac tggtcatgtt ataccaagcc acatctgtac tgtggcacat     17640
     cttaggaggc atcctcaact ctgccacggg gctactgggg atccatcatg aaagcagtca     17700
     tgcagacccg tgcatccaag cttgaagact gtggcatgag acaggcactg gatatggtgg     17760
     tcaggggatc tgatttcagt gctgcatggc cactagattg ttacaaggct tgggggataa     17820
     ttcttagctt ttttgggcct caaaagactt ggactagata atctctaggg cctcttcatg     17880
     agtcagagtt tgttacttct gtgagcatag ttagtttttc tagcctataa ttttcatcca     17940
     ttcccttcct ttcattaggt tctatgccag ttagtctttt atcaacttag cacaaactca     18000
     ggtcatctgg gaaaaagaaa cctcgatgaa aagaactcct ccagcaaatc agccagtagg     18060
     caagtctgtg gggcatttac ccgatgagtg attgatgtgg gagggcccag cctcactttg     18120
     ggcagtgcta cccttgggca ggtagtcttg ggttgtataa gaaagcaggc tgagtaagcc     18180
     tgagaagcaa ggctgtaacc agcatcctct gtaagctctg ctttagttcc tgcctccagg     18240
     ttcctggctt gagcccctgc cctgacttcc ctttgtgata gcctatgagc tacaaaatgt     18300
     aataaacccg ttccctttcc aaattgcttt tggtcatgga gttttttcat agcaatagga     18360
     agctaattag aagaggctcc gtgaaagggc taggaacttg gttgtgggaa cgcagattgg     18420
     gactttcttg ctttcagtgg tgggtgtggt gttgcctcag tagatgaatg ctaccacatt     18480
     aacttactac tcacagtatc ctgtcctggt gtttccatga tgtggtcatg gtgagagaac     18540
     atcagagtat actgttacaa gtgagtggac cctcggtgga tgctccaggc tgttaccatg     18600
     tcctatgtgg agctgaacag gcaaggggat acagtcccta tctctgaaac cacagcataa     18660
     atcctacctg gctttgggga gtcctaaacc ccagggaggt aaaatacttt cactttgctt     18720
     ccaaacactg aaaagcaaag tctgtagatt tccatgaagg gaatcttgct aaaaccccag     18780
     tccaccgctc ttccttgcgt gcctgggtcc attgctgaca gtccacgaac cacgtggaaa     18840
     cgggtcctgt ggggactcct tcccgggcca gacagggctc tttcccccaa gcccacacga     18900
     ggggaagtga aatcaaatgt aatctaaata aataaaagag gagaagaagt tatttagaaa     18960
     tctgtgttta ctctggcaca cgactggcct ctactgctct tgacatatta ggaaaaaatt     19020
     ttggcggggg tccactagac gcacttaaaa ggcatatgtt tctcttcaaa atacaagggg     19080
     cttggaatgc attgtttaaa cagaattctt aagaatcttt gattcattaa aaaaaaacat     19140
     atagagatgt gtgtttgttt cacttgcgtt aacagtggca tcgatttcct taactccttt     19200
     ctcagaccat ttgaaatcat tattttactg actatttttg ccaattgtgt ggccttagca     19260
     atctatattc cctttccgga agacgactcc aacgccacca actccaacct ggtaagtctc     19320
     aagcctcgcc tcggagtggc ttattgcttg ttagacaact gaatgaagga cacagattcg     19380
     gcgtgcgagg tgggagagac gtgagacgtg tgtttgacag gtgccaaggt ttgacgcagc     19440
     tcagatcttc cgggccattt tgctttttat tcaaattggc acctgcctta acacaggcta     19500
     ctttcagaag aatattccaa tcaggcggct gtgagctctg tgtgtgtata tgtgtgtgga     19560
     gtggtgggtc ttgcaagcag tgtgtgttac agatgcactg cttaaatctt gagtgcaggt     19620
     gttcgctgga gcgcgcgttc ttggatcatc agttgtgagt gttttgagtg ccattgttcc     19680
     attgttaggg tttgtctgct tgatcatatc atagcatgat tgcatgataa gtaatttcta     19740
     ggaagctttt agcagagttt tcttttgtgg ccaagaggta tcattgagtt aaaaatggct     19800
     ttattttctt gggaaaggtg gcttgccatt tggatttaag agaggccaac cctggcaata     19860
     tgggattagt atttgtccat ggaaaaagca gagagtgtgt ttacttttgg ctgagtgtga     19920
     agtcattgca aatgcaaagg cctttgctgg tctgggcatg tgaggccagc tctggaatgc     19980
     gcttggcaga gctgggctgc ctgaagagct ccagcaaagc ctgcagagaa gtctccactt     20040
     tctcctgccc aggccaggat attgttagtc ttcatgtgat tttcccacag catgttttgt     20100
     caccaaaccc accgtcttcc tctgtcactg gtgcctgata gttagctgag attgggctct     20160
     tggatgggat tggtttagga gaagcaggaa tgttatggga ctctccttcc tgtagttgtg     20220
     acttcaactg tggctgttga tgctgtcaag gggggaaatc cctcttctaa accgctgaca     20280
     tttccaaaga gatgaagtct ctcaacttat gaccactctg gggggttgca tataggatat     20340
     cctgcatatc aaatcacatt atgatccaca acagtaggaa atttacagtt ctgatgtagc     20400
     aatgacgtaa ttttatggtt ggggtcatca taacatgagg gactgtatta aagggtggaa     20460
     gcattaagaa caactggact agatgcagat tttagagtta cacagttttc tcagttttta     20520
     caattagtgg cagaccagta gtggggaaag tgttctgtat agtgtgtata gggtgaggtc     20580
     cttcagtgtc ttatggttag tgtggggcca tgtactgggg atggcttcca aaggtcccag     20640
     acatagacac caagtactga atagtgacat ggctgaagta agtatgcaga atgtgtttgc     20700
     tgtagtccat gcagccaatg aaggtatgac tttgtttctt aaaacaaagg tttttttgtt     20760
     tgtttgtttg tttgatttgt tttgttttgt tttgttttgg ttttggtttt tcgagacagg     20820
     gtttctctgt gtagctctgg ctgtcctgga actcactttg tagaccaagc tggccttgaa     20880
     ctcagaaatc tgcctgcctc tgcctcgaga gtgctgggat taaaggcgtg cgccaccatg     20940
     ccaggtgact taaaataaat ctttcccctg tcagattatt ataagctaaa gtgtcacccc     21000
     caaacgggag ctcctcccgt tgactctggc tcttcaaagt gtttgcctct ctcccctgtt     21060
     gccctctttt ggagctctgg tcccatccct taacttgaag gatcttcaga agcagatctg     21120
     gttaggcaca gaaatcaaag ctgttcttag accagtgcat cagtggatgg ctaagccctg     21180
     cgtctgcctc tgtgtgagat tgagagccca taggtggcaa taaggaatca gtgttgaact     21240
     tgttcttagg gtgactagct agcttcagga gatactgggg gtggggtggg gttggcagtt     21300
     tgttttcaac cacacaatat cctccaacta gaatttacca aaaaaaaaaa aaatcaaact     21360
     ggatactcag tgagagacag agatatgtct gaaaccacgg ctctcgaact ctcctggggt     21420
     ggggggtggg ggggagacac atgttcccca agctgcccca attctctgag tctggagtag     21480
     ggcccatgga gcctgaattt ttaacagttt cccttattga ttctgaagaa agggggtcat     21540
     gcgttgctct tcgtgagcag ttatcgagaa tgttctctat tgtatgtgtg actccacctt     21600
     cagctcccta cacagtcggc ttctgtcgcc ccacaagtct ctctaggatc caaacagaaa     21660
     ggtgacacat gccaactact gagaggtctc ctactctgct gggtgcaaga gcaacctatg     21720
     tagtagcaaa agcgtgtccc cccctccccc cgcccaagtg cagagcctgt aaactcacac     21780
     tcgcacctgc tcctgtgcac cgtttctctt acagtcctac cagcttccgt ccaccccccg     21840
     gttctcaagc tttgcttact ttgttaacag atgaaaggca gtccagagta gagctacgtt     21900
     tttgttttct aaggcagctc ctttacctaa gtaagtttat gcatcatatg cagcatctag     21960
     catacagcgt tacagtgcct tggttatctt ttcttgatat gagtgaagcc cagtggggct     22020
     gacctggcca gcaacatgat attttcttct ttaccaatca ttgtcctggt gttgaccatg     22080
     ccacccacta agaagtacat catttatagt acagctactg tgagcccgac ctgccaacag     22140
     ctgttactct ataggtaaat tctctggtac ctggtgaaca gcctttgcca gctgagagaa     22200
     cctattgtgt gagcagaatg tccaactctc cctgaaccct gaagttcaca aagacttggc     22260
     tggagtttga atgttaagaa gatgtgctgg catttgactt tttgcggaga acatgtgccc     22320
     tgtacttttc aaggcaggag ccaggctctg agcatcatta gggaggaaga aagagcgaga     22380
     ggggggaata tatgagcctg gcctttcttc cccagagttt ggactgacga acttggaaca     22440
     ctatagtccc acatattatt attgtaaatt ggggtgatga aactgtagcc tgacctgttg     22500
     tgaaggttaa atgagttgct gtgggagaag cagggagcca tgccccggtg ccccggtgcc     22560
     ctggtgacca gcaaacactt ctgtccgtta gaactgaaga ccttcactga ggcttctggg     22620
     agtatgttca atctgttgcg ccccgggttg gggtctgctt tagaaggatt cagaggtggt     22680
     cagaagccag cttccaggcc accaatctgg atattctgat gcataggaag ggagccttgg     22740
     agggacagtt ctgtggactt cagtgcccct cctgctgcca ctagacagtc agctcggggt     22800
     ctccgtgtgt ccctatcctt ggagagcact cggttgaaga ctggcctgca tttggactgc     22860
     cccaagtccc gaggtgagtg tgagtcctgc tggccaatct gaggaatgac tgaccatgca     22920
     gtgcccgtgt gggtttctct acactcttct cagtgagctg cagttacttc cagagtcaag     22980
     tttgccccag agagtgaggt ggttctgcat ttgcttcaat gctgccatct gtgtcgtccc     23040
     aagtcagcag acgccatttg taagaaagtg atgtacgtac tacgcagctg caggaatgaa     23100
     ccatatcgcc cccgcttgcc tctccatacc tcttcattca cgtaaagaga cagtacagga     23160
     tggcagaggg cagccagttt taaggtgaga gaaaccttat gtcagtacac atgaaaagac     23220
     tttcagagag caagacagac agacagacag cagcggcagc aacagcaacg aaactaggag     23280
     ttgggtataa gcagaatcag aattggagat atcttaagag ctgtgctgtt caggagtcag     23340
     agcaatgggc actgacctgg gagagaccct cacagtggcc tgaggtcaca tacttaacct     23400
     cttttctggc agagagaatg caacactttt attgcctctc ctccaggtgc taggaatttg     23460
     catatactta taatccccca gtgacacatg gcaattttta ttgtctcctt acagtgggga     23520
     tttagttcat cttgctctag cctggatccc ccgtgactgg catgcgcctg gttctggata     23580
     aatggctgtt gagttagtga ccaaatgacc gaatgccacc aggctttgtg cttctctctc     23640
     tgaggacaag gacatggagg cctatagaag agacctggtg aagaaatggc agaaagagaa     23700
     tttaagctaa agctgggaca aaatgtggct tgggcctttt gctccattgt ttgaggaaat     23760
     gcttcaaaga tgaaactgtg agagtattag tagatatttt ttttaaaaaa tcctaccaaa     23820
     accaaaccaa gatcaaactt gttgtttttc aaaagcaaac ttaatacatt tgaagtatat     23880
     gaagttaaac aaattgttat aggacttcac tgagcctatc taaagttgtg tgtgtggctg     23940
     tggatgtgtg tgtgtgtggg tgtatgagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     24000
     tgtgtggtgg gggttctggg aatgaagcat ggggtcttat gcccatgagg caagtgccct     24060
     atacctgagc cacggtccca accccatctt ctgctttaac acaatcgcca taaatacagc     24120
     tgacaaatct gtgtggtaga aactttgggg tgctccacac tgggagccac gtgatactag     24180
     agaaattaag atcccttctt gggattttaa gtctcctgaa ttaaagaatt taagaaagac     24240
     tcagaaggaa gattgaagac aattttatta gaatttaaaa ggaaaccata ggtaaggaaa     24300
     gccgtggctt ccgcagaaga gggaggtggg aggaggaagt gagaaagcca tgaccttcca     24360
     atttccattt ccacgtggcg ggtcagcaag cagccgcctg gcaaaggggc cgggcttagc     24420
     tttagagaaa ggatgaaaag tcccaagtct atagaaagcc tacttaagct ccggacaaca     24480
     cccacaagaa ggagaaggaa gagctctgac tctagactca gaaaggacag aactaataga     24540
     gcctcacggt agctgcagag ggactatgca agaggcagca ggatctctag gagttcaagg     24600
     ccagactggt ctacagggtg tttccatgac agccaaggct acatagagaa gcacagactt     24660
     taaaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caagaaaaca gtgactatgc agagagcaaa     24720
     gacgactgga aggaaaagca tggggtctca ttaagataat aattactcct gccacccctc     24780
     ccaccactgc cctgaggggt gtttcttagc cagtcgacct ggattaacct tgagctttgt     24840
     gtgccttgga aagttgggtc tctgttaggc cagaggcaga ctgtgctctc ctgctatgaa     24900
     gaaccagcct tccctctttg ggcccccagt gctgctgtgc atttatgtgt gcagttgctg     24960
     ccctatatgc ttctgaccac aaatatagtt agatattgta gatgggctac atatgattgt     25020
     tgctccattt ttttgattgc accaaatgct cagaggatat aattatttgc ccatggaagg     25080
     ttagtgcaca gtgataacgg tatatggaga tgctgttttc tttttgtctg tgtccttatc     25140
     ggctgggcca caggtgtctg tgtccccatg gcttttggaa ctcccatttc tgggccaggc     25200
     agaggaagtg gaagctcctg ccatcaccac agcttgagga ggaacgggtt gctcagaaca     25260
     tttcttggta atttttatca ccaagatgta ttttgaagca tagaggttta aaccatagtt     25320
     taggtgctta acccaagagc cgtgcgtgca tcagaagaac agagctgagt ttggtctggg     25380
     acctggtaag gtaagggcag ggaaacccag cagagagcct tagattgcga gtcgagagca     25440
     tggcaattga agtgggtggt aagatagatg tggggtaaat ttaccctcag ggtgcctagg     25500
     ctattgttcg acttggtgtt tgcacactaa atatttcaga gggagcaggc ggtgcctgcc     25560
     ttgcatttgt ctgtggatag acacacagga ggaaatagtt tgaagtctaa agatgatgac     25620
     ccttgctctg ttttcatcct tattcatctt tcagtcattc ttgctcatcc tcatccattc     25680
     tagggaaaat actaccttaa gttgagtcct cacgagatgg aacctttcct tgggaaccaa     25740
     actccttgaa acttatattt acataaagag aactcttcta gaatataaaa tgacaatccc     25800
     tgggtccatc agagaagagc agtgacatca ttttattctc cttttgggga ccacatcatc     25860
     actgagaaag tcagctttta gacccgaagt aatactgtgg ggacaggcag tgtgcagtgt     25920
     gcctttgaag tgtgtcagag tgtgaaaggt tttgggtccg ctgctccagt tcccaccacc     25980
     ttcccttact gttcctctcc tgtggaattt catcacgtgg tccttgctag caatgtgcaa     26040
     agcaaaggaa ggaaggtagg tagatagatg ctgatggctg gcttacacat gaatgggctg     26100
     tgttagctct ggggactcgg tagcactgat ttgggcttct cagtgccttt ctcccagtgc     26160
     tccctctgtt ctccctggtt cctgtgtgat tgagacactt ggatccatgc ctcctgacaa     26220
     ctttaatgtc ggcacgtaca ctgttggcac cgcctggagt acatgacatg tgttagctca     26280
     tttagtcttt ccagcaactc cagcagactt ctgctctagt tgtaagcatc cctctactta     26340
     tttattcata tttttaccga catgcagtat gggtacattg tttgttgtag tcgtcctctt     26400
     ttaaagatga aggagaggca gagggacaca agatcatctg cctgagatca caggctggga     26460
     atcgaagccc tagttctgtg gtcccatcta agcaggtggc tcccgagtct gtacccttga     26520
     ctgctgtgtg gcatcacctc tctgaggtgt gtgggggtag tgggtctcct taagaaaatg     26580
     gtactttctt ggagcctctg actaatgagt gtaccatggg cactgttgtc tcttaccagg     26640
     gacaccgaag gaggagctgc agttcctgtc aggagtggag ctccttaccg tgtgctgtgt     26700
     ctctgactgt cctagggtca ggccatttca aactctcgct tgtctaccag aggaacgtac     26760
     agatcatcca ctggcttctc agaagtatct gtggctttga ggtctgactt tcctctggat     26820
     cagtgggact cagctaacta aggtccttgg tcacataggg ctctgggcct tctctgaagt     26880
     aaagcatata gtatgaactg gagtgagggg cagacttcct gagacaggat tgcaggcaga     26940
     gagagagagg ggtgtaaggg gagggggagg ggggaggggg agggggaggg agagggagag     27000
     agggaggggg agggagaggg agagagggag agagggagag agggagagag ggagagaggg     27060
     agagagggag agagggagag agggagaggg agagagggag agagggagag agggagagag     27120
     ggagagaggg agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagatattg agctcagaaa     27180
     gctccgtgat gcgaaagctc caggccctcc gtctcggaat acttgtgtgt tggtaggtct     27240
     gggaacatca ggtaggagac cgcaagggta tccagctgta ggcatccatc ctaagggtat     27300
     cctttcccta cctttcaagg tctaagaggg ctcctctaca gcccccttta tacagtaagg     27360
     cttcgctgga gatgtttgag cagcccaggt actttggaca taccactgag ctgagctaac     27420
     aggctatgtg ctggacaatg aagaagttga acgggctgtt atggccctgg ggtgtgtccc     27480
     acctctgcca ctgactacca gttaggcctt gtcactacac tgccttgcac ttgagatttc     27540
     taagttgtga aatacaggtg ctaactcagt gagctgtggc acgtcactcg agacgatgtt     27600
     taggaatgat gggaaaggcg cacaaggact tgcacctgtg cttcctgctc ctatcagagc     27660
     cacgtggcta ttccgtcttt ggaattttta ctctgctttt ctggcacatt cctctgtgaa     27720
     ccttttccct tagcctcaag ataacttaga gatataaaag aatgaaagct aggttccaaa     27780
     tttagctcct gacctttcta agatggatgc agagcactgt ggctgtcacc tgcttgctgg     27840
     agagctggcc ggactgcttt agttgggaaa gtactttggt aggtgtgcag tctggaatga     27900
     ctgtccctta ctctgtggct agagggctca tgcatatact tacttctttt ggatccagct     27960
     tagttctcac cctttggatc tggactgacc cattacactc cagaatcact tcattttatc     28020
     ttgatcggtc tgcaaagact attttcaaat aaagtcacgt tcccaggctt gagaatggga     28080
     tcataaatag acctttctga gggacatagt tcagcatctg ctcacaggaa atgggagcag     28140
     ggatcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca caacctagtg cagtgcctgg aagcagtagg     28200
     agcctcagga gtgactgccc agccttggct gtgctattgt tgggatggtg tgggctgaga     28260
     gtgcacttct ccagggaggg taggtctgat ggacctatac ttttagtatc actgtctgtt     28320
     atctctgggc tccttccttg acccttgctg agtggccgcc ggctaccatt tgccttccgt     28380
     gtgtccagaa gagtatagtt aactggttct gagatatttt ggacatctgt gcctcctttt     28440
     ctgatgaata agctcgctga caagatactg gtgtatcctt gtgcacactg attcaaatgc     28500
     ttattggatg gcagctgtgt ccatggaatg tgttgggaat acaaagttgc acaaagaagg     28560
     ctggccatgg ggaagtctct agtttcctgt ggtcactacc ctaatagcaa ggttgattct     28620
     tgtgcttctg aaagagggga attcagcagg cacacagtag tgagtcagga gtcaagatta     28680
     cttcgagcta gcaaggatgc acgctgtagg cagagtgggc tgaactgagc agctatccta     28740
     gaaggatgct tttatccctc ttcctattac cctctcccct gtgcctctct cagcagaggc     28800
     acttctaggg aaagaactgt ttttctggga agcccattct atacagattc ttagtaaata     28860
     tataaagatg ccaagagtat gcatagaggc ttaagcactc ttaaagttga agtatctact     28920
     tgggaaaggg caggggcact ctgtgcacac tcctctggct aggaagtctt gaagtcactc     28980
     gaatttgacc tagctcttat ggaccaggat cactcattgc cccttgcatc ctgtttttga     29040
     gaccctgagc tggcccatct agaatggatt gtcgtgacta tcttcacacc ttgaccgcca     29100
     ttcaggcacc accattatgt ttatattctg ttttagggtc ctgagtagga gcacctgtca     29160
     tcctgtagtc ttttcttggg aggacgttgg atcgtcccca gagctaacct cctgcctaac     29220
     acaagatcct tctggagccc tgtttggtga tgttgccaga aacccagtag gcagagttgt     29280
     aaataaaata agcgcagaac atcatagaca gcgcgaaaga ggcgaaggga gagttgtgtt     29340
     aagagttggc agggggtaag catggcaggg ctccctgtgg aggtgtcaca ggaaccaggg     29400
     cagagagata ggagtgagga cccaagtggg cagcaacctg tggagaatcc tggtgcagag     29460
     cagagcaggg caaggactcc atggtgagag gaactcagag tagttctcac actgagagtc     29520
     agctagatga cttgagctgg ggcagaggta ccttggccct gatgaggcac tggagtttgt     29580
     tccaagggat ggttagttag ctgctaccag cctccaaagg agcaggtgtc cctgtggggc     29640
     tagaagaagc tccaataact gagtgactgc aggacccttt gctttctaaa agattgcttc     29700
     tgtggcttcc agtggacccg agaagatctc actgagggaa caccctggga ggcacaagaa     29760
     gggaagatag tcttagaaaa cgtgccccaa tggagaggga cacggcggtg acctcctggc     29820
     atgagaattc ccatttctgt acactgggtt ttggtgacct agacctcatt tgcctcgttg     29880
     acaaggggac ctccaagtgt ctgtgtgtct agatgccctt ggttgtcatc catctggctg     29940
     gagtgggggg gcgttcctgt ccccaactcg ttcttttccg tttataattg tatatatgaa     30000
     aaccagatgt ttaaatgttc agtgtgcttt agttctgagg gctcctcttt gtggtatcca     30060
     cggccacggt atacctttta tttcaggctt attcattggt atcacacttg tttcccagcc     30120
     tttgctggcc aagtgtcact gaattgggca tctgttatgt tctagtccct gggccagggg     30180
     catccagtta taaaagatat agcatgcact gacctatgtg ctctatgagg acagccagag     30240
     aatggctcga agtgatgtgg agggtcagct atgaccaagc gagtggtttg gtggaaagcg     30300
     tgcgtttcct ggcatttctc tttctttcct caatttgctt aatgatcatt tcttgctaat     30360
     ggtgctttaa ggagtctgga gaggccccaa attgcagagg aaagtgctaa caggaagaga     30420
     agtgctgacc tggctctgtg ccccagggca ggtctcttaa cctcccgagc ctcagtttcc     30480
     acgtgttact tagggctaat tacacctact taactacagg cttctgcgag gagcattatc     30540
     tcattagaga taatgttctt aaaagtgctt tgaaattttg tgtagcattt ttcaagtgct     30600
     aagcattgtc atatttataa tcgactgcta ctaattccgc accagaggtg gtgaagaaag     30660
     aagaggctgt tgttaccgcc gtggctctgc cacagctggg tactaggatg tgtttggatg     30720
     gatggaccac acagggaaag gccatgagtc agccttggaa gaactcgtgg tcagataggg     30780
     agacaagcag tagaaaagga gccatgaata ggtctttgag aggctgtgga tctttctttg     30840
     cctgtcgtca ggaaaggctg tcctggaaaa gagacacttg aacgtagctg ccactaatag     30900
     gagaagaatt aacttgggac tatcattaat caaatgaata tttattggat aacaaacagt     30960
     gtgtgccagg agatatggaa atacatttta tttggggaat caaatacttc caaagagaag     31020
     gtaaacatgg ctacagtatt tcttcttggc tacagagcac ggaagggcta ggtgccgtgg     31080
     gagccagagg ggcaccttgt ttgggcctgc gattccatgg gaaaggttca gaaagcagga     31140
     tgttctacca gaagagcccc ctaggcgttt actggtacct atcctttgtt cacagcctag     31200
     tcctagtggg cttgctttcc atagtcagtc gttcctgtcc acacgcttag gggaagcatg     31260
     aagaaagcaa ctttgcagcc tccacactgt gccctttgtg ggtctgaggc tttgtaggga     31320
     tctggctgtg aattttagtg atcctgactc actcagggta catgcctcag ggtttgtgac     31380
     atgagccatg gccaagtgtt ggggaagagg agcaagggaa aggactggca ggtgggagtg     31440
     tggagagtct gtgtacatcc tgagatggtt taggaaaggg ggtactactc tctatgggat     31500
     cactgggtct tcctgttatc acaggtcggt tctaccgaag actcagctct atcctagctc     31560
     tgtccttgtt ccctaccctt gatctgtaaa gcacaaggct ccagggtgag gacaacagtg     31620
     ggaaatgaca atatccagcg tggcttcgtg actgtgcctg gagtgccatg gcctgcttct     31680
     ttagtgttta gagacttcaa aaggatccaa ctaacgtggg ggagccaagc tgaccagaga     31740
     ggaggggttg gagacagaac actgccccac tgcaggagag gagaggaaag tggatgtaaa     31800
     tcctatccca tgtgctgtcg tcctgccctg cgtgccgtcc tgccctgtga gccaggccag     31860
     gtaccagaga gccagctcgc ctgctcctgt gtgacctcaa tacaatggaa ggattattga     31920
     caacagcttt aagcagcaga atgccaattc cagcaaagca ggctcttggc ttgatttggc     31980
     actggacatt accaaaacac tcatttacta aatacttccc aagggcatgt caaaccattt     32040
     tatagcatga aacaggttat tctccaccaa cttagaccga acggtggtca gaagggagaa     32100
     tctcagatgt cactggagaa atggggatgg gaggcagaag agaaagtgtg tgtcctagga     32160
     taagaatgtg taataggcac tgagaggaag taccccgaca cagttaaagg agatcacttc     32220
     ctgccatttc caacttcaca tgggctgagc tttggtaatt aaataggcag aaggtttcct     32280
     tccaggtgaa tcatttagaa gagttactcc ctagtgggtg cttttcgtgt tctttatcac     32340
     tgatcatgga atcggcacca cgagtgtgca aaacagcact ggaaaacagc ctgcctgggt     32400
     ccatctggga agaatcggga acgatgccaa ggatggggaa ttcatgcaac ttctggggct     32460
     gtgttattgt ttgtatgctt acatgcatgt acagacaatt atgcccagac aggctgacag     32520
     atacacatgc ttgcacacat atctttataa tacacatgga ctcctgcaaa taaggaagcc     32580
     attgaaaggt catgtatgag ggcagagaaa ggcccacatg catggatctg cagcaaatct     32640
     gcacaaatct ttgtgacccg agcctggcag gtcatcatgg aggtgttgcc agcatatatc     32700
     atattacaat acagctttgc aaagacctgc cataaagaca cagtgatatt aagagtcatg     32760
     ccatacacta aaaaaaaaaa aatcagaact tgtcttccag ccactgctca acaactgcac     32820
     attaacattt tgtgtatttt gctaagcccc cctccccctg ccagcccagg ctcctgattc     32880
     tgaggagtac attatagtct taggtgccct gtgtcacatc ttctctttag cccccaatta     32940
     ccattagtta gacatatatc aggtaaagta tttgccagaa acctttccat ttctaatttt     33000
     gtaatcttta atcccagtaa caagtttgca tctgagatgt tttcagtcct cattcatcag     33060
     tgaggaatca atacatcaaa gaatcaattc agaggcaaag tggcttccct aggaggttgc     33120
     taggaccaca catcttggag ttggaggcac caagaattga accaaaattc tgctattcaa     33180
     atcacatggg gcttattctt cgcagggtat ggagccttct gcttccatgt ctacccctga     33240
     taatggagta aaaagggttt gaggaatatg tatgtgtgtt ttggtgtccg tgactgcaag     33300
     aaggagtatg aacagggtga gctgtggatc gtacctctgt cttctggccc tgtgcaccac     33360
     tcaaggtggc tttctgggga cccttgcttt gcatcctgtc tggatcagcc ttgttttttt     33420
     cttactcttc ttcctcctcc ttctacctat ccttcctctt ttttgccttg tgttgataca     33480
     cagaatcaga gtctcttggg attatatgca ttgacttggg aagtgatgtt tagatttggg     33540
     caggtgtggt tcttttggct ggaggtcact tgagcagcag cagaagccat acaaggcgac     33600
     atttggagaa gaaatgtgtg attccttaga cacctgttca gcttgcttcg tctaggactt     33660
     gcacagtgtg ctcggatgtc tgagattgag ggagaaagga gagctaaact gcctggagat     33720
     tttgtgcctt attctctcga ccctgtcgca gtgcacactg atgcacatgt tcagaccagg     33780
     gaagaatcag gcagagtatt catctctccc aggctcacag ccaaaggaat gagaacgact     33840
     tggcaagata tcatgggaaa tgtcatggtc ccttctggac tcacttaaaa agcccaagac     33900
     ccatttactt ttgatttcaa gacatttcta tttatagtgt ttcgggaagc tggagtctag     33960
     gaagatcctg gctgtaggag ttgtcagttg atacagcggg tttctgcctt ttcaggtttc     34020
     acagggccat agccttgacc ttaaatgctc cgtaatgaca catgttaaag gcatggtccc     34080
     aggatggccc tttgggaaag tattgagacc tataagaaat acggctcagt gggacatcat     34140
     gtagttactg tgagtgtgcc cttgaggggg acggtgagcc cgaggcacag cccccttttg     34200
     atgtgtttcg ttcgtctata tacttaacac tatgacatgc tcctgaccac atcccagagt     34260
     catggggcta acacaccatg ggttggaacc tccaaaaatt acgagctgaa gtgaaccctc     34320
     tgtcttttgt atcttagtta tcttctatgt ttgttatggt gacagagaac accgaatgtt     34380
     agttttccca agtgctttat gaacgacttc gtcagaatgt tttatattag gactgtcttt     34440
     gagaagagat ggtacctgga ccatatggga ggagagtttc cttcagcttg gggcagggaa     34500
     tggggcctgg ctagaagaaa gccagtccta actggagagg gcagttcttc ttaggcgtgt     34560
     gcccaggcta gtgcaaaccc caaagcaggg ctgccaagga gccagaggct gctgaatgga     34620
     atgtcagcaa gccagaggct caagaatgtg gacagtgggc agggcttgaa atgaagttag     34680
     ctttctgagt gagggcaagg cagccagcag gaagcaagat gaggacccag atgtgaccca     34740
     gtgacataag taagaacaca gactatgtaa gaagcagtca gaggtcctgc aagaagccca     34800
     ggccacagat cggtcatgtg ttcatggact ctgggggtgg aggagtgggg gacagtgtca     34860
     cagccctcag aaaggagctg gaagttccca gcctgggaac tttccatgtt tgtaaggagg     34920
     gggtttgggt agaatggaag cttgcagatt aaggtagggc aaggtaggct ggagtactaa     34980
     gcggaagcat caattgatct ctctccttag aagacttaga caaagccaat tttattctct     35040
     ctaaagcttg atagggggaa agctttgggg aaaactctgg ggtctgagtt ggagtagatg     35100
     tttgtttaag tggttggcac agatctttaa tctggcactt gtgaggcaga gacaggcagg     35160
     cctctgtgaa tttgaggcta acctgagcta catagtaagc ttcaggccag ccaaggttct     35220
     acactgtctg tctcaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     35280
     cacacacaca cacacacaca acccccactc ccaacagtga tatcaagacc ttaagctttc     35340
     attttcttct tttaggcata aagatggcaa ttctctttcc atcttgtttc ctgctctgtc     35400
     aatctcttag tatttgcata gtgtgccctg aagagtggaa cacttgggta aacctcttgg     35460
     gaagacggtg tgtaaaactc agtggtgact gttacctctg ggcaggtgcc aagggcccga     35520
     ggtagcatgc cttcttgtat cctgtatctt ttctttgtgt tgattggttc ctctggctgc     35580
     cttcactatg ccattttttt ggacagatat ggaggaggat taaaaactca aaagatttcg     35640
     agttctctta gatcttgtgc ttcactcacg gcaaactctg ctggtagtgt gggctttgct     35700
     gctcatagcc agtctcctct gtggcaggaa gcaacattca tgggtggctc aagctaagaa     35760
     aaatcataac aatccaagtt agtttcctgt tttacaggat gaggaaactg aggctaagtt     35820
     atattttgtt caagtccaga taaacctaag ccatgtttac tacaacctgt gtactttgta     35880
     cacattcctg gctgaccggc tggtgggagc tagaaaatgg agtttgggat ttctgaccac     35940
     cagttttgtt ttggtttttt tttttttttg gaagtgaaag ctacattaat cactcttttt     36000
     tttccttcat tttttattag atattttctt catttacatt tcaaatgtta tccccaagtt     36060
     cccctattac cccccccacc ccccgcccat ctccccaacc cacccactcc tgcttcctgg     36120
     ccctggcatt cccctgtatt ggggcatatg atctttgcaa gatcaagggc ctttcctccc     36180
     atcattcatc gcttttgaga catttgcaca ggctttgagt agcagaaccc caaaatagac     36240
     ttccctcttc caggagcaac tctgcataaa agactcgctg gctttggact ctaggttcct     36300
     gtcacatccc tggcagtagc cagaccaagg gacctggccg ggaagctggg tatgtctcag     36360
     acggagaaca aacacttgtc atagaatgag tcgtatcatt gggtggagag ccaagtttgc     36420
     agaattggct ttgtagtgat gaagaaggga gatttgcgct ttgtctttgt gagacagtag     36480
     agaagacatc aggactctgt gggagagctt taagcttatc tccttctagc ctaaatacat     36540
     ggcaagtaaa ccctctgaaa atagaggcga gtgtcaccaa aacaaagaaa gcatacatcg     36600
     tacaagaagg catactgccc tcaggccctt ggcacccacc cagtcatcag tgattttttg     36660
     ccttgctgtt gagggtatgg gccaaagttt ggacagagat gcatttcaat ggcttgttat     36720
     ctgtcagcta gcctaacatg tgctgcccag ggttatcacc aaaatgtgaa ggcagcaggg     36780
     atttggcaac acatgagaga cttacactga cccttcctgc atagtcttga acctatctga     36840
     actcagtacc ctgttgcatg tggagaagga cttagccttt ccttgctaac tgtggtgatg     36900
     tctgaaaata acatcagcta tatagctccc tagagaatca tgtgcccatg atctctgcta     36960
     agacacatat gttatggtgg agtcgctcat gctaaacagc agactgctta ttaagagtct     37020
     cctataatct tccacagtag tggtgtttcc agtgagcaca agattgtcta gaatagactg     37080
     tttcagctct tatcctctct tggcattgac tgctcttgta taaccaagat ctacctgggg     37140
     gcatatcatt aggagtaata tgtttagctt cctggctata cctctgtagg gaagccatgg     37200
     acccttttct ttcttccttg catgaatgca gtcacaagat gtgctgtgtc agatgatgta     37260
     aattaaaggg gcacccagag atacagagca acaacatgga agggacctgg gacactgacc     37320
     atgaatggag aggttttgtg tgtgtctcct gtgtaagacc aatcattttg gtctccatca     37380
     gcagtagctc aacttatgat ttaagttata cataatttat taggagcttt tactttggaa     37440
     taataaaaca agatagcaat tagatttaat ggtgaatcca agagacatgg aaaacaggaa     37500
     attggactaa agaaggggag catcctttct ctaagaagcc ctcttttttg gcttccatct     37560
     catatgctgg gcttgtttgt gtgcccctag gaaatataag tagagactac tgatatgggt     37620
     gtccagggga cttttgtatt aggtaatttt atgacttgat tttcttggag actgcaggcg     37680
     gtgatgaaaa catcaaagtg ggaacagagt ctgtgaaatt tgttttggaa aaagcatcaa     37740
     ctaaccggtg ttgggcagca agctgtctat cagtgtgcag ctagggtctt aagattagca     37800
     gactatggga ttaggagaag gtctcagaga tgaccaactc caatcatcag ctttagtgtc     37860
     taagagtcaa tgcactgggt gatttagccc tttaattctt gaatccgaag ttgctcaaag     37920
     agccactgta acttgcctga cctggccttc tttgagagca gtgacagagt ttcacagtga     37980
     cattgttctt atgtaactct tcatttaagg atggaagcca cttttttgct attgtactaa     38040
     aatatacatg tggtaaggct tgctgtttta accatttggg ggtatgtatt taatggtttt     38100
     caatgtatat aaagtgttgt ataactgtta ccaaatccca tctctgaact gtgcgtcttg     38160
     taaaacagaa ccctgtggtg cccactaagc cctcgctcct gtcttcttca gactccactg     38220
     tgccttctgt ctttttggat gtgctacgcc aggactacat agtgcaggag tcatgcagcc     38280
     catttgtgag tggaggtgga tgaatggctt gctagtcaga aggaaccagg gttctgtgat     38340
     gagcaggagt gggagaaact ccttcacggt cagacacagt ggcctcgtgt caaaatgcca     38400
     cctgccactt cacttttaac ttacattatg ggagatgtgg cgcacaggca taggtcttga     38460
     ataagttagc tggaatgtgc ttggcaggac attgagacat aggtagctca gtggtggagc     38520
     atttactggc atctgggagg cctgggttca ccacctagca ctgtaattta aataatgtct     38580
     gagaaaaact taagggtggt ggcagcgatg ttccctgcaa cctgcctcgc tccaggttaa     38640
     tcacattctc agcagacctt ggtgcttgtc ttgttctgac tcctcctctt ctccctggct     38700
     cctaacatcc catgttgaag ttttttttaa gttaagaaaa cagtaagact ttgcctctca     38760
     gtgcagagat gtcctctttc aactcacagt aggccccaag tcctctaatg ctgcatctgg     38820
     ctcccctggt atgcaggtgt ccctttgctt atggatacca ggagagtaac actgttcttg     38880
     ggtggcatta tggaatacac acccaggact ggtgcccaca cccagtcaga ctgatgtgta     38940
     acgaccttgt tctgcagcaa cagtgcagag cccgaggtct gcgttctgtg gcagatactc     39000
     ctgtgtctgg agagattgac tacttgtagt cagcaggagt tatggtgtca gtattgcttg     39060
     ggaccatcgg cttcatggta ccattcccca ctaggagcct tgagccagct ggctttatga     39120
     cttgtgtaaa ttttgttttg ttgtttcttt gtggtgctga ggattgaatc cagttgtgta     39180
     ctaactgagc acttaccacc ccaagtctac aagtctcatc ccaagatctt cacaaactat     39240
     tttagtgtgt ttagacttct attcctatat atttgaaaaa ttagaattac ccctaatgca     39300
     tctttttatt ttttctcttc ctctcccttt ctctctctct ctttctccct ctcccctctt     39360
     cccctctctc tctgacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacaa     39420
     gtacacaagt gccatctact tgtttttcct cttattattc tttttttgga gacaggacct     39480
     ttcatgggcc tggagctttc caaactaaca ttggcaggtc agcaattccc agcagtccct     39540
     gtctctgcct tcacagcact gggattccaa gcaagtgcta ctatcgtgag ctttttggca     39600
     tgggtgccgg gaattgaact caggtcttcc tgtttggagg gcaagtgctt tactgaatgt     39660
     gctatcttcc tggttcccat tcaatgtgtt cttatgacca ttcatctgtc actgactttc     39720
     ggtgcttgta gaagtgtcta gaatgactag actgttgagg catttctgac cacaatctac     39780
     ttttcccgta gaatgagtta ctcctctgag gagacccatg ttttggggcc ctggctccct     39840
     gaagagtact actgcatgtg aatgctggga ggagagtgtt gctactttgg gaggcattac     39900
     caaccagaac cagcctgtgc gtttccttcc tagcaaagtt ggggaggtga tgtttagact     39960
     aatgtgggca tgcccttggt gggggaatga gccaggcttc cctagaaaat aacctgaggg     40020
     gaggggcttt tcttttgctg tgaaatagga aatcatgttt cacacttaag agaaaatatt     40080
     ccggaatgta attttctctc ttgaacctag agcaaattat tgttttcttt tcttattttt     40140
     tttacacact tcctccatat cttcccagac ctttcatttt atcattaatg ttgcaaagtg     40200
     tttctcttaa catggaaaat tctaaaagct tacacagaac attagtcatg cggactagca     40260
     tacagctaag tgaaagaggg caaagagaat atgttcagga ggattccact tatagcatac     40320
     aaaatcagac agggctgtaa agtcacaaat ggttagtgca tacttaggag atggaggcag     40380
     gaggattgca atcttcaagg actgcctgag ctacagagtg agttcaaggt cagccttagc     40440
     aactctgtga actataactc acagtataaa aggaaaaata aaataagaaa gcaaataaat     40500
     gaatgaaaaa gacactaggg attcaccttg gtagtagggc acttgcagag catttaagag     40560
     gccccagatc atcagttctg ttcccaagtg gttatagcaa agggtgatag cattggttgg     40620
     cagggaaaga ggcatgtcat ggggaagggc atacagaaat gggctcctta gaggttgaca     40680
     atattgtatt cctggatctg ggtggtgctt tgattgagac tttatttcat tattatttat     40740
     tgaatagtaa aatatgttcc gtctcttttt ctaaatgcat gatgtgtttt ctataaatat     40800
     aacaaagaat tcagaaatca gaaaaagtcc cagtacttat gacatacaga taaatatatc     40860
     atattgaatg gtcttttccc aaacaccact agaatgatca tcaagaaatc tttaaaaaat     40920
     gcttaaactg caaaggcaaa atgcaatgcg aagaagacat tagtaaccat acttacacac     40980
     tcacacacat agtcccatac tcacacacac ttttatacac acacacatat acatatacag     41040
     tcatatacat acacactcac acacactcac aaacacatac actcacacac atacgctcac     41100
     acatacgctc acactcacac actcacacac aaacacatac tcacacacat acacactcac     41160
     acacacacac acacactcac atactttcta cagggcttgg cttttacttg ttctactttt     41220
     tcacttggtg ttcatttttt tggtatctgg aatatattca ttataataat ttatcatgtt     41280
     ttgtttatgt atctatttgt gtaagtgtat gtgagtgtgt gggctcgtgt gccatggcag     41340
     gtgtggcgtg tagaggacag cttagaagtt ggttctctcc ttccaccatg tgggtctcag     41400
     agactgaact cagcctccag gtcaagcatg cttttgcatt gaaaccatct tgatgatccc     41460
     tgagctattc tttgataaca tattttgcct gaaaatgttt gtgatgctat ttcacaatca     41520
     aacagctgta accaaccact gctttactgg gaactgattt tctgttgatt tcacagaaga     41580
     ctaccgaccg atcccctggt tttctgtttt gactgacttc tgtttggtct atttggtctt     41640
     tagcacttaa gtttttctac agagtcacat gcacagaaag tcctctagca ggctgtgtag     41700
     aggttggttt ctagcacttc gtttaaattg atgcctgtgt ccattttacc ccacatcaag     41760
     gccttccttg gtcctgatca caaataaagg ttagaactga gtctggaact ccccagagag     41820
     tctccttttg catgcagcag cagtagagaa agatgcaact gtactttgag agctggagag     41880
     ttgatgggaa atttgcaatg gattttgtgt acataaagta actgaaccct aagtggcaaa     41940
     ggagaaaatt cagttgttta aaatatatct catcacttct ccaagttttg agaattggtg     42000
     tcatcaaggc agttttggaa atggtggctg aaaatgtggc taaaatttgg agaattggct     42060
     taagaaataa ttggacagta agtatccccc cttttctctt tccttctgtc ttttttccca     42120
     gctagtttct ttctttacac tagctggata ctggatgctc tcccgtgagc attgaacaga     42180
     aggcctctga ctggggaagg tatgattgga gcccatccga ggtgtctttt ctagctgctt     42240
     ttccaggtga ctgagtacaa acatttaacc ttcaagtaga aggcttgaac ttcccttaaa     42300
     ccagagaagc tcagcctgca gaaggaggcc tcagaggtcc agaaaggtca acccagcaaa     42360
     gccatccaca gtaagaccta ggaaaccagt cccacctgtc actcagaaga ctgtcccgag     42420
     tctttgctat ttcactctaa gtacaaagac atctaagaaa gcatttaagg tgaaatcaga     42480
     gaccaaagtt aaatatctat ctagggcagg atcttaggaa agaaacttca aaaaaaaaaa     42540
     aaaataaaag aaaatagagg tctcccttaa ccccatcgtt agaaagacag aaatgggagc     42600
     taattgctct atagaagaag cattcagaag acatgaaaaa aatgaaaata aaataatatg     42660
     atgacagaga gctgtgaatg gttgcaaatc aaaacttagg agtctctagg aaagggcaaa     42720
     acaaactcag agaggggaac tagaaggaaa accatgacaa ttagacaatc agaataagaa     42780
     gtctctcgtc tgaatgctaa gtgtcttagt tagggtttta ctgctgtgaa cagacaccat     42840
     agccaaggca actcttataa ggacaacatt taattggggg tagtttatag gttcagaggt     42900
     tcagtacatt atcgtcaagg caggaacatg gcagtgtcca ggcaggcatg atgtgggaga     42960
     gttctacatc ttcatttgaa ggctgctagg agaagactgg cttccacatg gttaggagga     43020
     gggtctcatt gcccgggcac acagtgacac actttctcca acaaggccat agctaaccca     43080
     ataaagtcac acctcctaat cgagcccctc cctgggccaa tcattttcaa accaccgcga     43140
     cactagggat tccagaaagg gataaatgaa aaagaggagg agagaaaaca tggctctgac     43200
     attagacaga atgggtttca aggcagaatt tccaacgcct ttcctgtccc ctaagtactt     43260
     acatttttgc tttctgggat ataattattg aggtttaata cttggagttt tgaaggatat     43320
     tttgaatttt aagaaagtac aaatgcctca gagaggaaac acactatgca tcattatgat     43380
     aatttctaat ccagagttcc cacaccccag tgtctcataa agggcaggat ggtgtctcga     43440
     gaacttaata tttcaagcta cctaagtgga aattgccctt ttatgccaga caaagctgca     43500
     aagagtaact gcaatgccaa gttcctttgc ttccagatga aaacgcgtct tcccataccg     43560
     taaccatcga tctttggtaa atacaaggac agggcaggtc atcatctttc atggtttatt     43620
     tggatgacag catcttgtaa attgcgtcgt tgatatggtg gtctctgaac agggcctttg     43680
     ggagtgaata gatgtggaac cctgtaggct gctcattcaa ccctgttggg ttacagacag     43740
     atgtcagaga aggggtgcag agaccggggt ggtacagatc gggggtgcac agagctgtat     43800
     aagagcatca aagatcggct tccactggcc tacctcatca tcttgctcag ggctggcctg     43860
     aggtgccagt gttcctatac ctctgtgtgc agtccagatc ctgctatgta gccgcctggc     43920
     tgcaaagata aatgctctag ccaggcaaat gaacccacag ggaattggag cctcaaacca     43980
     tgaaaaatga tggagattat agcctacttt tttcctttgt aaaagtcact tgcacttttc     44040
     tgggacattg cctgccctgt agaaagattt gcaagaatgc tgtttggaaa acaaagggct     44100
     ctctctggcg tctggtggct cagcttctga gcactaacaa aggaggaccg agctgggaac     44160
     cctacgactt tattagccat ttacctcctg cgtagctgag agcaggaact tggaacttat     44220
     attttgtgtt gttgattatt aaatgaagaa gtactcaatt actacactca atctctaaga     44280
     ccatttgctg cttggcggag gggtttggag ctcagctccc cccccccccc gcccccgttt     44340
     gtttgctatg ttctaattct gttgccagcc agattgtgag gtcactgaat tcagtgacct     44400
     cacaagcaag ctacagtttt ctggtctgtg agatcaggat gaaaatgtct gttttgtagg     44460
     tttgctgcaa gtgctagagg tcggggagtt taatttgggt tgtaaatctc cccatcccct     44520
     tcttctaggg ttcttgggaa aagaccttac ttttagagaa caacacccaa caaatacctg     44580
     aacaggaatt gagtagtcat gccctctgat ctttgttttt tgagacaggg tcttactatg     44640
     tagccccagt tagcctcgag cttgctgtgt tgtccaggct ggctttaaac tataggtctg     44700
     cctacctctt ccccctgagt gctggcaaag gtatgtgcca ccaacactag ttggttatgt     44760
     ttgtaacgag acacacccac cactttctat gttagggctt tccgctctgt ccactgagtc     44820
     ccagcaagta aggatagtga tggttcaccc tttggtccag cctaggtgaa gattctgatt     44880
     tttgcctctg tggtgaaatg ggccctgccc agttttgctt cctgcaaaga ggctggaagc     44940
     aggccattat tgagggaaat ggtccattgc ttcttattat ctacaaaata aaatccaaac     45000
     aaaacagtaa aagggggaag gacctatctc tgagacccgt tcctaatgca cagtgaatgt     45060
     ccatgggagt gaaagcgaga gctgctctct ccgtatggag tcctggagaa ggggtagaaa     45120
     gcaggcggct gtactcaccc tctattagtg gacaagggaa gtttgaagga gacctccttt     45180
     cttgcaggaa agttagcgag gacacacaga agactcctgg tattctgcct gccctttgag     45240
     ggcgcttccc agagggcagc tgtcattagc cacgtgcctt tactcttagc attgctgagt     45300
     gtgtggtaaa cagggccttg gctcagatga aagcccattg tctttgtgct tcatctgaag     45360
     ccaacacaac accaagacct tcttgaagat tggcatgagg tagaatggtt gctgccatcc     45420
     ctaagccctt gcaagtggaa gacttatggc tactatgtcc ctcccattta aaaataggat     45480
     ggctcaaatt gttataatgt ttcaaactga cagcaaagtt tctcagaagc caaatggcag     45540
     gcctgtgtgg ctggtcactg gaagagctct tttagaagaa aggaatcaaa ggtgtcatga     45600
     taagtgcaaa aaattagata gcttgtttgc atgcagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtccatc     45660
     cactgtctgt ccatctgtct gaactccaca tgccctgttc ttttattgtc atgctgcgct     45720
     gacaccattg ttgacagcct agaaatagtc ttatttcctc ttcatcatcc ctcgatggga     45780
     gatgtcacat cagataaagc ctttctgttt cccaggtggc caagaaaatg gcttctagtt     45840
     agtggtgaag gtccacagag aaaatagggt ccagaaatat tttcaagcat ggtcccggtg     45900
     ccaggagagt ttgtaaggca tgtttgccgt ggctggggct gactttcctc accattgctt     45960
     ggagttaggt tagttttcga ggactctcgt ggctgtctgt gtatttcccg tggcccaaga     46020
     ataccctagt gatgatgatg gcctgtcagg gtcatggcct cagcgaaagc acaggctatt     46080
     tgtggctgct ctcaaatata actggcgcca ccttcgccca agggtagacc acagtgaagt     46140
     gacatctacc ctatgtgacg gatatcaaga acagcatctt tttctctgtg tttgtccaag     46200
     tgattggaaa aacaaaccat ctcctgccat actgggttcc gtcaagctgc ttggtttttg     46260
     tcccatcccc gggactcagc tccgcatgct tcaaagacct gagttccccc atagagcttc     46320
     agtggtcttc tgatacatca tccagttagt tctttggcaa agctgttttg tgactgctat     46380
     aatgacagta attctggcta cttttttttt ttctaatagc caaacaattt ctggaaaccc     46440
     agaggtctgg ctttgtcacc taaggttaat actcccttcc ctttgattgg ctagatagcc     46500
     cttgttggtg aaatgaaaga ggtggcctgg tgtggtgctg aatacctata atcccagagc     46560
     ttgggagaca gaggccagta gatctttgag tttgaggcta acctggtctc cacagtgagt     46620
     tactactgtc cagctggggc tacatggtga tactaagtgt caaggagaag aaagaagtga     46680
     actgggatgg tctctggggt ccactccaga tttaaatgct agaactaatt atagatgaat     46740
     caggaatcgt cactgtcctt acctctctct ctatttctcc acatgacatt ctgttaagct     46800
     gtctttgtct ttcatctgta ccatgacctt ggctttatgg aacttaaaaa cccccactta     46860
     tctgtgttat cagatggatg tcacagaaga tactgagcaa gaatcaagga ttgcttaaat     46920
     ttattgacac tcaggagtca gacaagccag ggttatgcct taagccctag cacacagttg     46980
     tgttatccta accaagttta tcatttgtca cctccatcgt agaggtaggg ttaagtgtga     47040
     taacacacat gtaaggtgca cacacactgt aagtgctcat cagtagtagt ggcagtcata     47100
     attgtcacaa ctgggaaggg gcaggatgca caggcgtgtg tcttctaata ctcccacgaa     47160
     attttctgat ttgtacactg tattataaga ctatgccttt atcatgtcaa caagtaagta     47220
     atgacttgag gaaatcattt tagttctaat aagagcagga gcattgctaa gtatgtacac     47280
     gatagcgctt ttaatagagt tttatgattt atggaactgg gaaggataaa caagggtatc     47340
     tgagcttcag attgctagtg agtgattccg tcacctgtgc accctgtcag cacaaataaa     47400
     cctcactcaa gccttagcct cttaaccaaa cactgaaaaa tggaacatac tctgggataa     47460
     gaaagtgttt taacaagacg gaatgttctt caggtgtctg ctaaggaagg ctttcaaatg     47520
     acgttccagc tttgcagtat ctagaccaat ggttctcaac ctgtgggttg agaccccttt     47580
     ttttgtggtg gagtcacata tcagatatcc tgcatttcag atttcagata ttgcgattca     47640
     taacagtagc aaaattaatg tattttatgg ttgaagggag ctgtattaaa gggttgcagc     47700
     atcaggaatg ttgagaacct ctgccctaga cttcctgctt tgaagcaccc caaatccatc     47760
     aagtgttaac agtggagggc agttcactga tagaagcaat taagaggaag gagactttgg     47820
     attggaggcc gaagtttata agttctttgc gctgagatgt tgggcgtgtc actaaacttg     47880
     gtacttagat cttgccagtt gaaattaagt gttgagcaca gggtgggcat cacctggcgt     47940
     tagcaaagaa ctgacacttt cgtcatcttt taagtgaaaa cattacattt ggagagtgtt     48000
     accttttgga taagctctgg acagattcca gagtggtgtg cgcatgtgtg tatgtgtgtg     48060
     tgtgttgtgt gtacatgtgt gtgcacccag tttaagtact tagaagactg cagtgtcctc     48120
     tgtacagaga cagaagtctg ataaaagttg tactttttgc tgctgatggg tgagttacac     48180
     acaggaggac ttccagatct gacttccttt tatccagatc tcctgccttt tatcttgtca     48240
     ttgactctta gagtcaggaa ggttgggaga agaaaaactg aggaccagaa taagagttca     48300
     gagagcaaga aaaccgaata acttggtctc taagatgagg atacacagct agtgaagaaa     48360
     caactcttgg taaagcatgg ccaggggcct gggaggcttc tcaagttgtc gttccatctc     48420
     cagcacccta taattctgca atgatggtgt atacctgcag tgccattact caggggtggg     48480
     aactggagag ttacaggttc caggttatcc ttggctacag ggagggggca gagagaggga     48540
     tggaaggacg gagggaggga gggagggagg gaggaaaggg ggaggaatgg atagagggaa     48600
     ggagagagag agttaaagac caacctgtgc ttcatgagct catggctcaa ccaaccaatc     48660
     aagcaactgt aaccaggaca ggatgaaact tgaaggaagt gtcctttacc caccaatacc     48720
     ataagtgctc cagtgatttc taacgtttat tgttatgact tcactgttgg ctgtgcatgg     48780
     atgtttctcc tgcaaatatg tgtccatgtc acacccatgc ctggtgcctg tgcaggccag     48840
     aagagggtgt cagacctcct gcaatctaga gttgcagacc attgtgagcc cccttgtggg     48900
     tgttgggagt caaacttctg tgctctggaa gaagagccta tgctctggat cactgagcca     48960
     tctctccaga ccctccagtc gtttctcagg tactccctct ctaggaaatg tgtcactctg     49020
     tgaggacaga accttttgca ctgttgagtg atgagccttg tggcacactt cacggtgttt     49080
     tggtagcctg tctccttcct tcccttgttc cattgaagag caggactgca ctttgatgtg     49140
     gccagtcttt ggggtgcaca cttggactgt gtaggcgaca gaaactgaca ttgaacagac     49200
     aacaagctct cagcttatct tcatggtgga gcaaatcttc acatggcttc tgcttttaat     49260
     ggcggtttgg tacattgttc ccatataaag tgcctctttg gattagaagt gacatactta     49320
     tgttaaaaag gaaataaaaa ggctgctctg gagccctttt tcttttactc ctcttcttct     49380
     tcccgtcctc ccctttattc tcatctgtct atctgtctgt ctgtctatct atctatctat     49440
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat     49500
     ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat     49560
     ctatctatct ttggcaaagg attatactag ttactaatct tgagaatagt cataacaaca     49620
     gcctgcctgc ctgcctgcct gcctgcctgc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct     49680
     tccttccttc cttcctccct tccttccttc cttccccccc ctctctgtgg tgtgtatgtg     49740
     catgtgtgtg cttagttcac acaaatgacc acaaatagtt ctctccctct accatgtggg     49800
     ttcagaggac caagctcagt ttgtcaggct tagtggcaaa ggcctttccc agcggagcca     49860
     tctttccagc cctaacttct gtaatctcag ctgtattgct tggagagcgc ctcgtgtatt     49920
     tctctgtagc tcaggagtca gccagccatg cggatgctgg ttctatgcag catttggaat     49980
     tccctctctc attgttcttt gttatacctc ttagtttcca gctcccctaa attctgtcta     50040
     ttgattttgc aggtttcttt gtaatttcag cctttgcata tagtgttgct gctacttgtt     50100
     cttgagggga aaaaagcctt tgaaacctga aagacttagt gctctcttct cccagatttt     50160
     gcctgaattt attataaatg aacaggtatt tgtgtgtgtg tgtatttaac tgaataacaa     50220
     ttacatatat ggggtaggtc aagtgtaagc tacttcatgg cattggggac aaagccccca     50280
     ggggaataat ttagacattg caagtgcttt tgtggttgaa ggggagcatt tgtgaattaa     50340
     aggggactga aggacacaca gtttacaggg aggtagaggt caggtcatcc agagcccggt     50400
     gcgttctacc aaccatcctg agcgtggtga tgaagaggtg actcataaca ggaaagcaat     50460
     caggaatggg cctcagagtc tttacttgga atctgtctga aggataagtt acaggagatg     50520
     aaaagatggt tggggattcg gatgtaaagc agagcacaca tttctgctct gtaaacggat     50580
     gattaatgtc tgttatggcc cgaatcactt ggctttcctg gagcctaaga ttcttgcaag     50640
     gctgtctttt gcagagcccc gtacacggac cttgcagcct aagctttaac tgcttccatt     50700
     agcaaaagag gaaagagaac atttgttggt attgtagtgg cttatgaata aattacggaa     50760
     gtaggcaaaa gacaacacat acgaatccac tgtttcacag ccttggaatt cacctggctt     50820
     ttgcttcaca gctctggtgt cactgttggt gtctgtgcca tgacacagta gtatgaactg     50880
     cttccttcag tcctactgga gaatatggcc ctgttggaac ttggaatgct cagtagtgat     50940
     tctttatact acgatgttgg aattggagag ggagggatgt gttcccctct ggtccctgga     51000
     gaaccccagg cagtactcat ggtagtagca aggcctatcc atttattggc tctacaccaa     51060
     taggaaattc ttggctctga atccatagag aagtagattt gcccagtcag gaagcattgc     51120
     ccaggcggtt tgtaggcttg ctggagagca gagagcaggg gcctcactga gtcagggctg     51180
     ggtaacactc tgatggtcta catgcactgt ttcagggaag ggtgcctaga gggtcaccag     51240
     ctgtctttaa caccctggtc tgctccatct tggtggcagt tcaggctttg gctgcttaaa     51300
     gagctgggat gctgccttgg aaagtagcag ctcacgctaa catgggggct gtgggggcag     51360
     tgacacggtc cctctgaact gctgctaaca cacatgtaag ccagtgtttc cctccatgaa     51420
     ggcaaggccc agggtggtgt cttgtgaatt acctttttgt gtttttactt ccataaatgt     51480
     catctttttt agagctgact aagtgagctc ttacatggtt taaaaatgta tctctaatat     51540
     ccatctagtt tgacataggt accatggtcc tgttcttcac aaggcagctg gctgggtagg     51600
     gtaggctcct tattcttggg aagcctgagg ctaagtattt tctgtctgcc tttctacaca     51660
     gtctgctgtt tccataatgg ccattttctt agatctttgt gaaaatacca agaagtggga     51720
     gaatgggccc gtggcatagg atgttcaagt tcactcacag cacacatctg ctaacctggt     51780
     ggttctggag ggagtcagac ctctgcttgg accaccctct ccttgtgctc tgagatctct     51840
     tccaagttgc tctcttgttc ccttgccttc gcatttgccc tttcagagcc cctacagatc     51900
     caggcactgt ttcctggctt tgacaaactg ctcagtatac tgggggaagg gcactgagga     51960
     aacagacact tgctcacgga gccccatgtg tgtggattcc tgggattagg gagagggaga     52020
     gagacccaga agaatgcagg tgggagggag ggtgcaggaa gtctcccatc caggcttttg     52080
     tagagttaaa gcttgctttc tgggtttttg tttgtttgtt tgttttgttt tttgtttttg     52140
     tttttttttt tttgttttgt tttgtttttt ttttttgaga caggctttct ctgtatagcc     52200
     ctggctgtcc tagaactcac tctgtagacc aggctggcct tgaactcaga aatccacctg     52260
     cctctgcctc ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg cgtgtgccac gacgcccggc gaggcttgct     52320
     ttcttgtccc tttgtctcaa gcactttgca ttatgtttgg gtatagtaga tgcttaggaa     52380
     atggaagccc aggcccagct gtgattggca gttatgtctc tggttctgcc ctgacttttg     52440
     tctgtgcaag gctgaatcat ttcaggagtc tttgcatttt tggagctggt tcttttgctc     52500
     agtctcagcc ttttaaacag ggcttcagga aaagggcctt tggaaaggag tttcttcctc     52560
     atattgggga caaagccctc aggagaaaca cccactttag agagaaagct tggaactgat     52620
     gcacaactta tagagaggac aggcctggct gccccgccct gtgttccgtt aaataagcca     52680
     agcctgcctc agtgctgggt cttggcccag gatggagagt atccactaat gaggcaagtg     52740
     acttcaggaa gatcaaaata attagtcagt tctcactgca aacatgagtc accacttaaa     52800
     gacatcatgt tctggttggc gagctagggg gttgagatag aagactcctg gctcctactc     52860
     cccaggggtg ccaagtgcgt atgagaagcc tactagctgt ggataatgga cgcagactca     52920
     agttccactc ggcctgctct tggcttcccc tccttccata tccagtagaa agggagctgg     52980
     gggactggat gcccacacag tccatggtct ggaggctaga taaggtgacc ggggtgcaga     53040
     tgggtatcct ggcatagaga aagctggcac tgtttgccag gcccctctgg ctctggagag     53100
     cttgacaggc atgcaggggc ttccagggag tatttggttg cctctttcta gccagagtga     53160
     cactaactcc agctcaggga cagggatctc ggatagtcct gtcttgcagg gggaggttcc     53220
     cttggcattg ggggacaagt ctacatcaca tagcttttcc ctggcatatc tcaactgggt     53280
     gagttggcct gggtctgagg aactggttgg cctcttctcc aaaggctggc tggagtagga     53340
     ggacctgatg aggtcataag ttctgcctct gtctggccaa agtcagaggt gggtctgatg     53400
     gaatagaact tactttagaa ccaagaacac tgggcccgga gagaccaagc ctgggacctc     53460
     tgttctcatg agtagccatt ccaaccagat atcaaatggg acggcacagc tgataccaca     53520
     ccagttgagc aagcatgtgc tctctagtgt gtctggcctg agtgagtgat ggctggccaa     53580
     tgaagaaagt gtgcaggctc ctctagtggg gaaatcccac aatggggccc tcttctgtca     53640
     ctttctgagt aggtgaccac aggaatatca tttaaattcc ttgggcttct ctcaccctct     53700
     caactccttc cccccacttc cctgtggatg tcttttgaat gctcattgga atgtaagtgc     53760
     cagacatgca gtggggagca atatagagaa ggtggatatt tactatgaag aaagagagaa     53820
     aagacaagtg aagcaaacat cctaactaag taagacaact tcaaatttcc ctaggtgcta     53880
     taaggaagac agtgttctga gtgggacata ggtaggaatg tgagaacctt agaccacata     53940
     ggataggggt cttcaagagg gagttctgtg tggacttgat aggcctggga gaaagtcata     54000
     gtgtagggga attgggaaga cagtggccct caggtgagca agcccaacct gcaggcggcc     54060
     ataatgcttt tacttgcacg caagaaaaga gctattgttg tgttgtaaca tgtaaatgcc     54120
     ggcgtcattt gctagtgttt agcagcgccc taactgatag catgtggatc actgtaatag     54180
     tgcggatctg aagcagatgt gggacagact tcagcatgga aaagtaaatg tgctgtctgt     54240
     ctccacatgg gagctcgtag aatagccaaa gggatgcttg cctccaccca ggcttagtgt     54300
     tgcggtgatt tcagctcttc tagctgtgag ccagaggtcc tgtctcatgt aatgttagct     54360
     ctgatgagca tttccagagt cttgtcaccg ggagcgcttg gtcctctaat taagtagtaa     54420
     tgtgcttgtc caataagaac catatggttg caatgaatca agaccggatt atcttagctg     54480
     taaaaattaa tattagtatt gatgacagta acactaacga ttttatgttt attttttctt     54540
     cttaagagct cagaatacaa ttattaaaaa tgaatgttca gatattccac cagtttaacc     54600
     taaagggtaa aagaaatatc tggagagaaa gcagagaatt ggcttaagac tccaagaaga     54660
     gactcaaacc ctcccatttt attttatttt attttatttt attttatttt atttcattag     54720
     aaaaactcca accttgtaaa gatagctgtt cctctctggc aataattggg acagtgacag     54780
     gatcagggaa gcatgcttat cagtgccaca gagaagggat gtgacacaaa taaaagactt     54840
     aaagataatt atgcacagcc tgacaagagg ggagaaaatc agaatagact cgcactagtg     54900
     aaccttgtct ggagggagga cacggtggaa agagaaagaa tttcacagac tgggcagggc     54960
     aggcgaaggc agaggggaca gggagaagat tcaccaggaa gtaatgaact atgagtgaca     55020
     ggggacaggg agaagattca ccaggaagta atgaactatg agtgacaggg gacagggaga     55080
     agattcacca ggaagtaatg aactatgagt gacaggggca gttctggtta agacactggc     55140
     atgaattcag gagagatcag gatgtaacat gagagatgtt aggagtgagg tgacatccaa     55200
     gtgagggaca ggatgacggg gcaagcaggt gaaagggcag gtgataatct gcccacacaa     55260
     agggtagggt gacaatgacc aagggaagta tgggtgacag ttacccaagt gcaggcacat     55320
     ggcagggggt ctgggttaaa ggtttggtga gtgttgctca aggggagctt gccctggtga     55380
     aggcaatggg ccttttgtac aggaatctcc tgcttaggag tgatatcaga aacatttccg     55440
     tacatcactt gctgccccta atatacgttt ccactgagca gagagagaga cgctggctgg     55500
     ctggcatgca taggcaggta agagtttgct ttgcagcttt gaaggacagt aggaaatagt     55560
     taccagacac agacttccac acagttccta agaaaactgg agtcagccct ccaccctcca     55620
     tttctagaaa ggtctagtgc cagaaaattt tttttttaaa tccatctggt attagtgagt     55680
     tggcttttaa gtgttgatct cagcccatca gagcttgggt taagggtgat ccttcaatgc     55740
     atcatctttt tcttttgaga tagtattaat aacaacgtag gactaacagg aatagaccca     55800
     ttggctcaga taagccagaa cctttcgcca ccctgtgtat gatctctgag atgcacagca     55860
     caccgttggc aagcaggcct gtggaatgaa cataacatgc taggcatctt ctgccaagag     55920
     tgggactcct ttcctctctt cctgagcaca ttgtccttgt cacaagaccc gtcaccctac     55980
     cctactggat taggtttgtg cttcagtttc ccagcaaagt gggaggaggt gatggacagt     56040
     tgtctgtccc ttgccattgt catcaagctg agaaaaaggg ctgaggcttc gctagacaga     56100
     gtgagacagc tctcagcagg attctctcag tgacttgcta cttttgtttc ctcatctgga     56160
     agcaggggca ataatacctg cctttttagg gcctggaatt caatgaaact tacctctcta     56220
     ccccaggaaa ctcaatacca gacatcaaag gatggcttta ataccttcca tgcaagtttg     56280
     cagatttatt gcacaattta tttagatgtg gaatacctct ccgttgtggc agaggaactg     56340
     cccgagggga aggaaacaaa tgagagcaat atgtgtcctt acatgggaaa ggtggagcag     56400
     ggtcccagaa tgacagagcc agactccttg gtaccctcag gcagttagac tcccagaagc     56460
     acaagagcag gtggcctttc tttgggatgg aaagcagagg ggctttcttt ctcatctaat     56520
     tattagccag gcctgaccct gttagcctcc aagatcagat tagatgttga gtgggcatta     56580
     gggtagggtg ggcatacacc agatgggcgt tctccaaacc aaggaagaga tgcttcggga     56640
     cctatctatg ctcataaggc ggctggctcc tttactgcta gaattagacc tcgtccagaa     56700
     acgatggaca gtgaaacctc ttctgcgtat tttgaacatg atttttactt cattaagtta     56760
     cactatatgg taggagtcat ttaaaactgt ttctgtaatg gaaagtttcc aatataatta     56820
     aagtgtggag attcaccggt ggagtctcct cctggttcca gcaattagca acacttgcca     56880
     attcagttgt aagcatttcc ctctaggttt ggttctcccc tctccctctc cctctccctc     56940
     tccctctccc tctccctctc cctctccctc tccctctccc tctccctctc cctctccctc     57000
     tccctctccc tctccctctc cctctccctc tccctctccc tctccctctc cctctccctc     57060
     tccctctccc tctccctctc cctctccctc tccctctccc tctccctctc cctcttcctt     57120
     tccctctccc tctcctctcc tcccctcccc tccctctctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt     57180
     ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttcctccc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctctctt     57240
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttcttta taacattgaa     57300
     tatttgaaag caaaattcaa ccattatata atttcacctg caattaggtt agattgcatt     57360
     gtaacagaca aatagtgttt ttttttaaat atctgtatta ctccagacaa caataacagc     57420
     caagtttctt aatatcattt gatactcagg cacatctatt cttttctttt gttgaaaata     57480
     tatttttctc aataaaataa aatatcctga ttatggtttt tttttctccc tctacaattc     57540
     ccagttccgc cttaccccgc tctccaatcc agatccagtc cctttctgtc tcactagaaa     57600
     acaaacaggt tcctaaggaa taataataaa ataaaatata ataagataaa ataaaaacaa     57660
     acacgccaga ataggacaaa acaaatagca ggaaagagcc caagaaaaag cacatgaaac     57720
     agatatagac acagaggacc gctcgtttga atactcagga atcctataga agcacaacac     57780
     tggatgctgt gatatataca ctaagggcct ggaggattaa aaacaggaaa aaaaagattt     57840
     aaaaaacaat cccttataca acactgtgag acaaggaacc tccaaagatg gctgtgagga     57900
     catttctgat gggcatttac tcgtaggcag gcagctaccc ttaagagtag tttatgagac     57960
     tgacacgcta cctactgcgc taacgaggct ccccccaccc cacccccctg gacctcatat     58020
     ctctagctgc acttgtgtca gaagatggcc tagttggcca tcattggaaa gagaggccca     58080
     ttggtctttc aaactttata tgcctcagta caggggaaca ccagggccaa gaagtgggag     58140
     tgggtgggta ggggagttgc ggggagggta tggggaactt ttgggatagc attggaaatg     58200
     taaatgaaga aaatacctaa taaaaaaagt taaaaaaaaa agagtagtgt atttcctgat     58260
     gggagcatgt tggcagaaac taaactctta tcagtggata tcagttagag acagctctgg     58320
     gttaggggtg gggtcatgtg tccacttctc ctttcagctc ctgggcccca tctgatgcag     58380
     acccgttcag ggcccgtgca tgctgcgctg tctatgagtg agcacgtacg tgcatagatc     58440
     ctgttgattt agaagacctg gtgttcctct gttccctctg gcgcttagac tatttctgtc     58500
     tccttctgag gggttccctg agcccggagg gaagggattt gatgggggac atcccatata     58560
     gggctgagtg ttccaacgtc tctcagtctc tgcatgatgt ctggctgtgg tctctgtatt     58620
     tgttctcatc taccacagga ggatgactgc tgttgctgct gctgaaggca tggatctctg     58680
     agtatagaag aatgtcatta ggagttattt tattgctaca ttcttgtagt aaaacatgag     58740
     tatttgggtc atgtcggacc ttctctctct accttctcgt taatttggat aaggatttgt     58800
     cattcttact gactttctcc aaggaccatc tcttcgattt ctttgatttt ctttgattct     58860
     ttgtattttc tgttttattg atttttccaa gtttaattat ttcttaccat ctgcttttca     58920
     gtgtcttttg tttcaggtgg gttgttaaat tgctagttat tatcaggtgg gttgttaaat     58980
     tgctagttat tatgagattt atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt     59040
     atttatttat gtatgtgagc acactgttgc tctctttaga cacaccagta gagggcatca     59100
     gatcccatca cagatggctg tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggaattgaa ctcaagacct     59160
     ctggaagagc agtcagtgct cttagccatt gggccacttc tccagccctc taattttttt     59220
     tttaatgtaa ctacttagtg ctgtgaactt gccttgtcta accaactcta ttcggtccca     59280
     taagtttggg tatgttttgt atccattttc attcattcta gaaagtcttt aatttctttc     59340
     ttaaattctg tcatgatcca gttttcacca gttgttcaga ttccatgagt ttgttaagct     59400
     ttctgttctt cctgttatcc ttgatatctc actttgctct gtggtggtct ggtggcatgc     59460
     agggagttat ttcaattgtc ttgtatcgat tgagacttgc tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     59520
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtggtca attttgtaaa gagttccatt ggctgctggg     59580
     aagaaggtat attcttttgt gtttggatgc agtgttctgt aaatgttttt tgtttttctg     59640
     taaatgtttg caatgttcag tattttttgg ctgaatgatt tattcattga tgagagtaga     59700
     tgacctattc attgatgaga gttgggtatg gtgtctccta ttgtcactgt gtgagggcca     59760
     acatgtgtgt aagctgtagg agtgtttctt ttacaaactt ggatgccctt gtggttgtgg     59820
     cataggtgtt aagaattgaa atatgagggg gctggagaga tggctcagtg gttaagagaa     59880
     atggctcttc tttttaagga ccagggttca attcccagca cccacatgat agcttccaag     59940
     tgtctgtaac ttaagttctt gtggatctgt caccctcaca tagacattga tgcaggacaa     60000
     agcccattaa catattgcac ataataataa aaattaaaat aaaagaattg aaacatgtcc     60060
     ttggtggatt ttttctttga catgttcata gtgtcctctc tccatctctt gattagtttt     60120
     ggtttgaagt ttagttatta aaaaggctat accagcttgc ttcttagatc catttgcttg     60180
     gggtatttct tatttatctt ttttttccct aggtggtgtc tattcttgaa gttaaggtgt     60240
     gtttcttgga tgtagcagaa ggatgtatcc tgttctcata tccattcttt tagtctgtgt     60300
     ctttttattg gggagtaaga gcattgataa tgagaattac tgataagcgc tgtttgttga     60360
     ctcctgctat tattaattct ctctctctct ttctctctct ctctctctcc tctgtgtgtc     60420
     tgtgtgtgtc tatgtttctt cccctcttct ttttgttttt ttgtttgtgt gtgtgttttg     60480
     tttttcaaga cagggtttct ctgtatagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc     60540
     aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatctgcctg cctctgcctc ccaagcgctg ggattaaagg     60600
     tgtgcgccac cactgcccgg ctcttctcct cttctaagtc actggttcac aggtttgaga     60660
     tttttcttgg ctgtagttaa ctttttcagg ttgaagtttt ccttctagga ccttatgtac     60720
     agctggattt gtagatatat agtgtttaaa ctttatttta ccatggaatg tccttcccct     60780
     cctccattta ttgtgattga aagtctctca ggatagagta atgtgggctg gcgtttacgg     60840
     tctctgggaa tttgtagaac atctggcttt tatagtctca ctgagaagcc gtgtgttatc     60900
     ctactaggtc tcccttcata tgtttcttgg ccttctcccc ttgcagtttt aatattctct     60960
     ctttgttctg tacatttagt gttctgatta ttatgtgctg aggggaattt cttttctggt     61020
     ccagtctatt tggagttctc tatgcttctt gtaccttaat aggaatctcc tcccttcttt     61080
     gggttagaga aattttcctt tatgattttg ttgaaatttt ttgtgccttt tacttgggtt     61140
     tcttctcctt tctctatttc taatattttg cagatctggt cttctcatag tgtttcaaat     61200
     ttcttacatg tttgtgctag gatttttttt taaagattta acattttttt ttgaccaatg     61260
     tatctttttt cccctataat gtcttcagtg cctgatattc cctcttcccc gtcttgtgtt     61320
     cgattggtga ggcttggcct gtgactcctg ttccaattcc aaatttttca tttccagatt     61380
     tcgttctgtt tggattttct ttactgagtt tatttccccc ttcaggtctg gaggtatttt     61440
     cttaatttcc ttcagttgtt tatgtttctg cagatttctt taaggggttt attaatttcc     61500
     tctttaagga cctatgtcgt cttcataaag gctactttag gggacttgtt ttgtgcttcg     61560
     gctagctctc acttctcagg gcctggtgta gcagtgctgc tggattctag tagacataga     61620
     ttgtcctggc tgtgaatgat tgtgattctg tgctggcacc tagctaggta tcttggcttg     61680
     gggtaattgt aattctaggt gctgatgcct ggctttgtct gtgttgggtg tgttctgttc     61740
     cttggtttcg gttgctgtct ctgatcttag gagggtataa tggatgtgtg tggcctgcta     61800
     gggaattctt ctggaaccct gctaggtttg gctacttggg tttctgggta aaatgtgttt     61860
     ctaggggttg gtagctgaca cttattaatg gtggtgggct ggagggtctg agtgggttca     61920
     taggagggag gaaagcaggg tgttccatca ggatcaatgt gtttcttgga aatggagacc     61980
     gaacccgagg agagcctaag acatggagtc tactaccaag ctgggaatga ggctgagggc     62040
     ctggatttgg aggagaggag ggaagagtcg gggtctgacc ccacctgctc tgccggccta     62100
     cctgcactgt ggcctactta cttctctgga aggcttggct ggctgggacc cagggaatgc     62160
     ctgctggagt ctggggctgg gataacagga tgcactggag taagactgga gagtacctgt     62220
     gtgctctgct ggagattcgg acagggagga ggcaggaact gcagcaggtg attgcctgct     62280
     acagagctac gagtgaggtt tggatgacag agggggatgt gaggatctgc cctgactgga     62340
     tctccttctc tgtccaacgt ggccagaggt tcccgggaat gtccgtagga gctggggctg     62400
     tatttaaatt tctatgaaga gtttagaatc ctcccccacc ctccacgtat gtgcatgctc     62460
     gtgcatgtac atacaccaca catactttca ttgaggcaca cctctgctct caaacacgtt     62520
     ttgatagttg atttagccca ggaccctaag aaagcatgca tgtgatgtct ggttgtttgc     62580
     cttgagatcc ctccggatct gcaatcttcc acacctccta ctgagaattt catttgttcc     62640
     ttgaagcaat tggttagaat tgcccacgtt ttgatttggt tggttacttc ttcattttgt     62700
     tctttagttt gttactttgt gtccatgttt tctgctgcaa gaagatccgt tcaggctcca     62760
     gtgttctgag ggatggggtg gggcgctgtg gtttgggctg tattctacta gccagcactc     62820
     ttccaccagg gtggattcca ggattgcgtg tatatatatg catacagtgt gctgtatgta     62880
     gaagggagtg cctggtactc tttccttcct gcttgcatct gcagaggact gtcatccagg     62940
     cccatagttt cctcggtgcc ttttgacttt cttacccctc tcactgtctg atagctgagt     63000
     ttgctataaa gaattcaccc atccgtcatt tgacagacaa tgcagggcaa atgcctcccc     63060
     attgtttatc agtttcaaga gcaaagggtt ggcctcctgg taaaggagga aggattttat     63120
     ttattgagtt ctggctgtat gctgggcatt gttctaaatc ccagcggctc agcagtcaac     63180
     aaaatgacac agatctgctg cttccctgaa acttgagttc tagtggggga agatgggaga     63240
     cagacaagtg agcttacagc tgagcgagaa ggtgacaaag gttatgaaga aaagcatgga     63300
     aagcaagtgg tgtaggggtt gtcgcagggg gattccagct ggaagtttgg aatgggccag     63360
     ggacaatcca aggagccaat gcctgaagca gaagtgaaac tcctagtgcg gagattggag     63420
     tgggagcatg catgccttgg gggatgcttg gagtggtggt ggggtctcat ggaggctctg     63480
     ctaggggcta gcctggctga tacgaggtga gccaagttga cattaggaaa gctgtggccg     63540
     gagaggtgga gatggatgta atcatgtgtg gcttacacgt cattgtaagg acttcgattt     63600
     cttcccttaa caaaatgaag agactctcat ctctagccct ccttctctct ctccctttcc     63660
     catctctctc catgtggcca tggtcggcct ctctccctct ttctaccttc tcttttttac     63720
     cctgcctttc tgcaataaag ctctaaaacc ataaaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     63780
     cacactggag aaccactgga ggattttaag tggagcgatg atttaatatt tttttaaatc     63840
     ttattttaat gtaacatctt agttaattac ttgggagttt catacattca tacaatgcat     63900
     tttgataatg ttgatcactc atccatctcc ttaactcctc ctggacccac ctctatttcc     63960
     cagatccccc cccccccact cctaactcca gttctctttt tggtgctgcc tgtctgctaa     64020
     tgggtatgtg gccacccact ggggtgtggt caccctatca tcaccactgg ccacacccat     64080
     aaagaactga ctttgtctct cccagtagcc attggttgtc aatagcttct caggtgggag     64140
     ctcagagact ggtatggaaa aagggacgga aagggtataa gatccggaga acaggactga     64200
     aatatttgct tctggacaca atgacaggtg cactggtgaa cttacaccag ctcagccatg     64260
     attgcctgaa tgagacttgt gcaagactta tcaagttttt aaaggattct tccagctgct     64320
     tgaggaaggg ggtataggcg ggtgagggca gaaatgagtc gagtttccat ccttgtcttg     64380
     gagtacctgg caaggggatt ggaggtgatt gacttgcgtg tgaggtgccc agaagctggg     64440
     cccgtttccc tctttgactc catccataaa gatcctagac attatgttct gggcactgct     64500
     gagcatggct ggacacaaaa tcccaggatg gaatccctct cgctcgggag agtggtgagt     64560
     gggtgagggt gatgcttcta ccgcttgtcc ctactccttt atgtatttac gtgtttatgc     64620
     aactcctaac tcgttcagtc cagagtgagc ttctcgtgat ctcagggtta agtggtgttt     64680
     gtcacaggct gaatcgttta tccacaccag gtcgtgatta aaccaggtaa gcgtacctta     64740
     cctgtcatgt cccggatgtc gtaaggcaca gataagctgt atgctttctc cttgacatct     64800
     gagctcatag aacacctttt cgttttagca gccgtctcag catccagaga gccttttcac     64860
     tggtgacgat ttagctttgc ttggaactcc tgccctgtta cagtctactt acaattttct     64920
     gaagtttagc agccagcagg gcctgctaca agcctcgttc tcctgtcaat gaatcgtcct     64980
     ctcttgtttt catctccttt ctgggtttgc gtatggaacc aatgcaacca gagacacact     65040
     cattcttaag agaagagaga tttctaaaag gaaagcatta aaccaaatct aattcaagga     65100
     tagtttgcct caaagaaata ttgtaagctt tccttcctgt ctttccctgt cattatttct     65160
     ggtccttcct ggcattcttc tagatacttc ctctgagttc ttcatgaaac tgaggcacac     65220
     atgagaggca tggaggtcaa gggatgactg gagtgtctcc ttgagctgca ggttctgagg     65280
     acacaaagca aagatgtaac caggaaaaca gattctccca ttcataaata ctgtcttagg     65340
     ctaggattcc cagtcactcg ttaaagaaaa gttgcttgct acatgaactg gcaagaattt     65400
     cagttggacc gcaattttgg tggtcagctg caagagccag ttgcttttga gaagagaagg     65460
     gaattagaaa ctctctggac ataggctggc aactgttctt cttaaataga cctatagacc     65520
     gtataaaccc ttacatatgg tgtaaactca gcccagagtc agtgctaagg acagggccat     65580
     gctcttctga ccacctaggg atgcacagat ggctggagag cagtagtttt cacctttcca     65640
     atactgtgcc cctttaatat acctcctcat gttgaggtgt accccctcaa tcatactata     65700
     ttttgttgct acttcataac tgtaattttg ctactgttat aaatcataat gtaaatatgt     65760
     gatatgcagg atatctgata atcaacccca catgggatct tgacccacac acaggttgag     65820
     aaccgctcct ctaaaagatg acttggcatg taagcatatg tcttgtagaa caagaagcct     65880
     ggagtttcaa aggtcaacac taagatctgg cttctagtcc cctctagggt tggctaataa     65940
     gagcctattc acatctctgc ccctggaaaa tgccttcttt gatgatccct gagtatattg     66000
     tatagatttc ttcagggcac aggtctcagc aagattgatg cctgtgagga actcagaagc     66060
     agggtcttag cagaagtcct agcagtgagg tctatagggc ctgagaagaa aatgagaaac     66120
     cagtggtctt ggggatcttt gctgtagaaa gaacagccta acataaacag tctgcaatat     66180
     ggggggaggg gcatgacttt acagtggtgt gaacatgata caccctaact ttgaccctga     66240
     ctgaccctga ttgaccctgt ccttgactct tgcttctacc tttagtgccc aggctgacct     66300
     cacgctcctt agcttagctc ccaagtagct gtggctacag gcatgcacca cagtgcccca     66360
     tgacacacag acagaggttt aagcatcttt gaggttatca agcctactgc cttatgaagt     66420
     acttggttag gagttgctga attagagaca ctgattggaa ttattggatt gccttctata     66480
     atattggcta tagacccaaa cccacaaatt ggaagagctt cagcaacaag gatgtccaga     66540
     gaaagggatg gatgtgattg aagtgagaga gaggataaca gagtcggagg cggtcagagt     66600
     ctctgaggag tgacatcatt gagcatgagt gggtgggcca ctaggaaaag tgcttattcc     66660
     acaagcaatc gactctagcc ttcactctga gagagctctc agcttcctgc ctcgagcttg     66720
     tctaatctcc aagtgattgt gtctactgct accacactac ccaagagctg gcctctctca     66780
     tgttccctgc tccatcctgc tgggactgaa ccttctcgtt tgtctttcag tttcctgtgg     66840
     tgcccttagt atccatcacg aggttgaagg catggtaagt tcgggagaga gggagacata     66900
     ttcattcatg aacgcagtac cacatagccc aagtccttct tttctggtgt ctgcagaggt     66960
     ccggggacct gggctgggta aggaagacac tagggtggaa gttccatttc ttgttctcct     67020
     tcagaaccac catccaccaa ggcagagtct ggtcatagca agttgatgga gcccttctgc     67080
     ctgtcaggga atgagatgtc cctgcaggat gagtcagtgg aggctggacc cagggcgtga     67140
     gtcactggag gagatgctta acatcttctc tgtgcagata tttagggctt actaggcttc     67200
     ttcttaccga tgtgatttac atgtaagtca gggtgtctga tttccgtgta tcacttctca     67260
     ggttgaattc aaagttctcc ctcgtactat ccagagtgct gctttctaga atgtcctaca     67320
     gatagggagg cagcatggaa ggggccagtt gtatagctgc agactgaggt ccaacacagc     67380
     acatccccca agcagctgat gtgtcccatg gggctgtcaa gtgagattgt gggcttgctt     67440
     aataaagata tctactgaag acctactgcg tgtggccagg gttgggtgca gagtgagtat     67500
     gatgaaaatt ttttacatta gagtaacagc ttttggaagc cagaaagtat ctttgcacca     67560
     gtttcgttat ctagaaaatg tacagctgaa aacagatcat ggcagagagg gagggaacct     67620
     caaggcttcg ggctctgggc ttgttcatca agttactaag gccttggttc gccacaggtc     67680
     atcactagta tcaacacagc agaccagggt gctaaggaga acacttgagc cccacattta     67740
     ggcttccaag cgctgttgcc caaattgatg acggggacaa tcagtttaaa gaggagcaca     67800
     tgggaaatca aacacaggaa tattttattt tcctcttaca atcagtgcag ctaaaatatg     67860
     gtgcaatccc aagctgcagc cacagatgaa tagtggctaa atcagagacg gaaaagtaag     67920
     agtactaata gccaaggtct tgaagttgtt atgggagaag tgacagatgc acatggtatc     67980
     atttaactgt atcttgttca cacctccacc acggcccctc tgggtggacg tggttggtgt     68040
     aaccatcatg tacatgaaca cagtgcccag ggcccacgtt gaacagctga ggacccaggc     68100
     aagaagatgc atttccagag agtcctatag ggaggaagta agctgagcct gagttattgt     68160
     tgatggagaa ttggcccata taagttacat gttagtccag tgatgggctg ttcagaaatg     68220
     gatcatataa agagaccacg tgttttccca cccctgaaag cattcaagca aagactagat     68280
     ggctgcctgc aatatcagaa aggaaaattg aatagcagga ggaaattggc cagatgatgt     68340
     ggtagtttct gtgtgaaaaa agaaaagaaa tggggctacc tgccttgaag ccacatagta     68400
     ttatttaata ataccaccca atgagaagct ccccacttga ggtcatgtga gctagtgagg     68460
     tagcgctgag cagatctggt catcaccctt tccatgctgt taggtcctgt cctgggctct     68520
     ctgccttgtt tcttccgctg ggtccttccc catgtctttt caaagtcttt cttcttcctg     68580
     ggaattcccc tcctatgtca cctcaacttg aaattggctt gtatttcctg agattttaca     68640
     attttggcat attggcgagg catggcgatg tcaacggtgt ctactatgac caaggtcacg     68700
     aaactggagt tcattctggg gaaatggctg gcccactgaa gcttctaaag gggcggtggc     68760
     cagctcagct ctttgcttct ctgccttgtc cagaaggcct ttgtccagac accactatgc     68820
     aacagaatat accaggggct gattcctgta tccgactcta aggtaacagg aggacattag     68880
     gatgcattga tagcacaata caaagagcct tgtgactaag acatatgaat ccctgtggaa     68940
     gcttaggaga ccacttacta gaaaccataa gccctagtag ggtagagtgt tatggtacct     69000
     cttttcaagg atagacttgg gaatcaggta ctcctggttc atcctaccat aggcctgtaa     69060
     gctcccaagc cctcagacca gcttccactc catactggtt aagtgctaag tggggaaata     69120
     gtccttcatg tgtctatgag aatcaggtta aatgaattaa tggaaggaaa caaaacaaag     69180
     ctttcttctc ttcctgactt tagaggaaca caaagattct tcccctgggg tccatgagtc     69240
     tctatatcag aagttcctaa agacttggtc tcaggctgat gtccagtcac caggatctgc     69300
     ttcccagctt ccaaactgca aagtcccacg tgttggtagg ttatggcgag ggtctgcata     69360
     gaactagata agctgtgcat gtgatctact ctgaagccgg gttgggaggc atgttgaaat     69420
     tatctaggtg ttctctaaca tgtgggcttt cgatgctgaa atccttgaca tttgacattg     69480
     actatctctg ttgaaatgca tttggtacac ctagctgacc aggctgctcc ccaccgctct     69540
     gcccgcccac tgttggttat tcctctttct ggtcttgggg ctggcagcag aaggtcacat     69600
     ggtaatatta accaacatct tgaggatttt actaacctag aaaagattgc aattaaaagt     69660
     ttgaagtgtg ttttcttcta aatacagatt gtttttgtat cataaagttt aagaattcag     69720
     ggccagagag ctagctgtgg gttaaggatg ctaactttgc agaggacaga ggcattgagc     69780
     gccccgcaaa tcctctccat ctctaactcc aggggatcgg acatccagct ttcatgcacc     69840
     ttcacttgga tgcagacatc ccctccccat atatgtactt aattaaaaac aaaataaacc     69900
     ttttaaaaat tacattacga ttcctgactc aaaccactgt aagtaaggga ctcccaatgt     69960
     agaaagagct cctgccccat gtgtgaatgc gtttttatag agtcctccaa atttccattt     70020
     gttcttgtga gtctaggcaa tgaagtgatg tggccctttc ttcatggcat ccctgggtgg     70080
     ggactctagc aagcagctag ggaaatagag gtctgtcagc acttgtcctc agaaattctt     70140
     agaatgctta gttgtaggct gtgagaagag ttgacatgga aagtgcctca gcctgcttct     70200
     ggtgagtgtt aaagctgtgg acgaatactg tcctagtgaa agggaggcag aaaggcagat     70260
     ccagcccctg cctgctttga gagcttttct aatttttcta attggctcat tccttatctg     70320
     aaaggaatgt cctccccact tggtccccca ctgccagctg ctcttgattt cctagcactc     70380
     aaatgccaga gcggatgtag ctgctttgaa ggatttttca ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     70440
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatctgtc tgtctgtctg     70500
     tctgtctgtc tgtgtctgtg tgtgtgtgtc tgtctgtttg catctgtgtc tgtgtgtgag     70560
     tctgtgtgtg tgtctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tctgtgtata tcaggcagct gtatcagctc     70620
     cgtgtttgta actgagaaag ctggttcttc agcaggtctc gagctgggag atctggaagt     70680
     ttttgtcttt tgtctttatt cttagtatgt ctccccaaat actcaccatg agtgagagac     70740
     aaccccaccc ttttttaaac caagcttttg atggcccact gacaagggca cagagatttc     70800
     cagctatttc tgatcgctgt gaatggctgc tccttagcat gcatgtgtaa atttatcttg     70860
     ggttaagaca caagggtgtg ggttgctttg ctgtttgtaa ccagagttaa gtgtagacta     70920
     cactgccctg agactgtagt ttgtctctat tacatctaca gtatggaaga gtcagtgctt     70980
     gccttgagtg cctttctaca tgttggttaa tttatgtagc atttcctgct gatctcccga     71040
     gtaccaggca tggttgtgga ctctgatagc ccagtggaag caaagctaaa atcctgctct     71100
     catggaagac aggaggataa agtgacttgg cgaggcacgc agagactctt gtatttaagc     71160
     tgttgctgtc agaagcactg tgtcttcagt cctctttgtc ctttattccc cagaggattc     71220
     attactatta ggctctaagt gactcaaaga actgaatgtc tcttttctcg ggttatctgc     71280
     ttcttagctg aggtgaaagt cttcaagaga gaggttctga gcaaacttcc ttagggagcc     71340
     tgacaccagc agaagccttg ggctttcagg accagtgact catttctcct gggccagccc     71400
     gtacttagaa ctcaacaaaa ctgtaggcca tccattatgt cttgccaagc agtaaattca     71460
     aatgtcacca tctcagccac cttccaagtt tcctgtcact tgagtcctct ggttttgtca     71520
     ctgacacctt attggttata gtccaaatta ctccttgtgt gaatgtgcgg cagacaggac     71580
     agagctagga caggggatcc cacagcatga tggggctcct ccttctggcc tgttgtacct     71640
     cctctcttct cccctccagt cccccttttc ctcatgtaac agagcctggc tgaacccctg     71700
     aagctcactt gtgcgtgacc atgtgcggct ccacgggtga gttctgtctc cccagattca     71760
     caccttggac tcagatactc agaatgtggc agtatttggg ggacagattt ttaaaaggaa     71820
     attaagttgc agtgaggttg atagggttgg ctctaatgca atgtgatgaa cgtctctatg     71880
     agaagaagag actaagacag gggaatgaga agagagacca tggtaggatg cagagagaga     71940
     gagagacccc ttgaaaagcc aaggagagaa aaaagcctca gcgttagaag tagccggtgc     72000
     tgactcgtct cgagtcagac cttgagcctc cagaattcaa ggaaatctgt ttttgcagct     72060
     gaagccattt tttgtcacag ctaaccaggg cactaccaca aaccctattt gtgaccccag     72120
     aagtgctctg cttctcttgg gtctatgatc ttggtctggt tggtttccag ctcactcctt     72180
     gggaactagc ctgacttctg gcagcactgg aaactctggc cttaatgaga ggagtgtcca     72240
     caaatgcctg tgggctgatg gaggtgacag gctaccagtt gtttcctgaa catagtctgg     72300
     cttccattct aagcaacttg ccttgaccct gctctcaggg agcagtgagc acattcatgt     72360
     caacagctgc tcctgctgtg tctctggttt ctagtgagct cctctcaagg ccttaccttc     72420
     tgatgagacc gctgcccagt tagggacttg ttagaatgtg atggtcacaa ttgaggtttc     72480
     tatttctaga gtgtgcagag catgtagcct tgcttacttt tctctgagcc ctctagtcac     72540
     cgtctcagcc acctcataga ctagaaggaa aggttgttcc tgtgtcctgg ccagggcagt     72600
     tagatgaggg tggggcaaga ggagagctgg ttaatgggca aaggggattc aggagtgaca     72660
     accagccata gaacgttgcc tctgttggag agggtgccct ggagtgctcg taatggcctc     72720
     tacccagaag attttgcata tctatctatc tatctgtcta tctatctatc tatctatcta     72780
     tctatctatc tatctatctg atggcaaatc aaaatccttg tatacgttag acagatactc     72840
     tcccactggg ctataccaac aactcctaca ttttttattg taaataaatg aagagaagaa     72900
     gagagccctc caggatccta gaaatgagaa tctaaagaaa gagagatgct ggggctggga     72960
     cagagtccga gagaagaaac aaacagggat ctaggtgacg gtgatagacc gatggacagg     73020
     agagaaggaa caggaaacta ggtggccaga gagaagagca gggagggaag atggcggaag     73080
     aggaggcagg gagcccacga gcctacgtaa catacgtgct gcctgtgaat gttcggatcc     73140
     taatttgttc ttacttctgc tggggattcg gtacttacag atttccatag tctgaacgta     73200
     gttcagattt agattagcac tatgattcct ttgtgtatag ctgtatgcca ggcttcatgc     73260
     caaggctctg ataagcatga cctttaatcc cctgacagtc ctaggatggg gctttcatta     73320
     gcctcacttc atgaacagga agctgaggct cagagtaggt cacattggtt ctgagggctc     73380
     tgagctagga ctttgcaatc acatctgtga gcccagtgct ggtaggttaa gcacatttcc     73440
     acacttctct agtctcttct tggtagtatc catgttagct ttgggcactg ctctgtgctt     73500
     tgactgttgc cagcatacct atgcacacaa actcttggta cgcttctttt tttttttttt     73560
     tttttttttt ttttttttgg tttttcgaga cagggtttct ctatagccct ggctgtcctg     73620
     gaactcactt tgtagaccag gctggcctcg aactcagaaa tccacctgcc tctgcctccc     73680
     gagtgctgag attaaaggcg tgtgccacca cacccggctt cttggtacac ttctaatcta     73740
     tgctgagtat ctgtttgttg tttcccaaga tgttggtaaa cacctttctc aggtggcgtt     73800
     tgcagtcatg ttgccatctt tctataaatg catattgttc tctgtagatg agaaactagt     73860
     ggtcgtgaga ggttccatga tcatttagga ttgctgtgca gtgtctagat ggtgggactt     73920
     agacacagcc caatgtaaca aagttccagt ccaacacatc gaccctgttc ttcgccctga     73980
     gaaagccacc ttctccatgg cagccgcttc ccttgggtca gaggagtcaa gcacaccgat     74040
     gagccatact tagagtggca aggcagcaag ggaccgaggg agccgacagg accttcccct     74100
     tccctggctg tctgaaccag gaccatatct ataccttcct gggagttccg acatggtctt     74160
     ctcacaaggt gaaaggacag ttctcataag ggagtgtgag gcttaaattt ttcagtgcat     74220
     ggatcattcc ccataagcca gaggataggg aagggccaag cctggcaata ctgtagagaa     74280
     tggggaaggc caaaccctgg taggcagaga tatgatgggt ggggttcatt cctctgcttt     74340
     agagggcgag acacagtaat gccttccctt tacgcaggtc actgaactcc atacttgaaa     74400
     tagaggaggc tccagggccc ttgcatgtta ttctgatctc agagtcaatc aagtctgtgg     74460
     ccccatagat gttgtatcta gagaacctcg gctctggtag aagaaccata acagtttggg     74520
     gctgctgctc tttttagcct ggttcaggtc agagaagaat gcctgtcgga gaaaatggat     74580
     atcaaaagaa catgggcttg caaggaagtc tttccacgta cacacacaca cacacacaca     74640
     cacacacaca cacaatccca accaacttct aatgggcatg aggtccacct gtagatcctg     74700
     ccatctcccc tggttgtttt aggcctgtaa aagcctaaag ccctgatatc tggtatctta     74760
     cacactataa cacaccagat gcattacaat gtatccacag cccacattaa agagaatatg     74820
     tttgctatac tgaaattaca aggcattgtt gtacttttta gatgaatgag ctttgctaag     74880
     atcaaatcac tcagtttggt ctttcaacat aatctttgac accgatcaat aactcattga     74940
     gttgagctac gttttttcct aatggacaca gtgtagttac tgagttaaac attcattttg     75000
     attttacagt atcatatgtt gggcccagtc tagctgtttt gttttcagtt tttaagggtt     75060
     tcagaggacc atgagaagct tgttcatacc tgttgagcct gttgcacaaa tggattcatt     75120
     ggatggatta aatcttatct gtcccagtta tccccgtttt cagagaagga gggagaaaga     75180
     aaccctattt tagacactgg atgctcagtt tctagcctag attctatgag attcacaggc     75240
     cctataatgt ttgatgtttt atttgtaact atcaaatgta agtagctgtc atggtttgga     75300
     tatgaaatga aactcaggct catgttttga gggcgtggct caagagtgtg tcaggctgag     75360
     tgggaggaag gtaaggtata tctttggaag ctacgggatg cctggcctct ccacatttct     75420
     ctgcttccct ggtactggaa tgtagcttct gccacgctgt ccagcttcac cacagaccca     75480
     actgagcata ggttctgaag ccatgaggcc caataaaact tagccccttt aagttgttga     75540
     gtgaagttgt tttgtcatag caatggaaag ctaactagga caatctctga ggactatgca     75600
     acgtatcccg ctcaggtgac accaaatcag ttgcctcgag ttcattaaaa gaagagagct     75660
     ggttctcctt gagcctcact ctgccgtgat ggaggtgtga ggctctcctt tgccccatga     75720
     aggagcctca ttcggataca gtgaggacag agtcactttt ttagagggga taccgctgct     75780
     caacacccct gctgagcaca ggaccagcgg aagaactcgc ttggggtgag aagcaggcta     75840
     gagctgcctc tgcagcgatg ttcctctcct taactcatta tttcccaagg cttccgtgat     75900
     cacgcgctcc cctcctgccc atccgccgta cctgcatagt tgtattccag cttaaaaatg     75960
     caaatgccca ttttccatca gatcatctac tctaaaaagg aaatagtatt atccttaccc     76020
     tgtgtgcctc ccatttaaga cacctaacat gagtgggtga cagagtcaag ctaagccaat     76080
     atgagctacc aaactccaat aataataata gtaataataa taataataat aataataata     76140
     ataataataa taaaacaagc ccagcaacaa cagatagcca cggctggact caagatctgt     76200
     taaaccctgg atggagaaga tggaaaggtt cggacaacac tgtgggctgg gaagatggca     76260
     tgaccttcag ggtctccctg ggcaggcaca tactaagtgc caaagcacac tgaggagaac     76320
     attgcctggc aggagtctct cctacttctt catctttcag tgttttcgag tcttttgttt     76380
     caatcgattg gcaatgttta aatggcacat ttcacacaga agcacaatat tactaatgag     76440
     gcgataagaa gtaagacatt ttacgctaat ttattatgct caagaaagat attctttcaa     76500
     gtaaatttta aggggtttca tttataccat ctcatttttt ttaagtgtaa aagacgatct     76560
     tatttcacta atgaaagtaa gttctaatga ggtgtgctct tcccttcata gaatgacctt     76620
     acaggtattt caggtgccct tgacacttgg gcacaggatc ccagtctgag catgcagaga     76680
     ctgttcagta cctctgccac cttgctggtg acttccggtc actgagtttc ctgtaagaag     76740
     ttgccccagg tattcttagt ggtccttctc ttcttcccct cggtttcttt agaagcctca     76800
     tcactagcag agccctccat gatcatgtca ctttagcagg ggctgtcaca ctctcatgct     76860
     ggtttatttg aacttgtctt atgtcaggtg agtcactgtg gctgaggcaa gccaaatgtt     76920
     ccctctcccc tactggttcc ttctcagggt aggataattt tgcagatgga taacagtcct     76980
     tgatcttgaa gcggcctttg aaagttagac atgagcttct tggcttagac aacacagcca     77040
     gactccaaca tcagtcccca aataaggagc cacgaagtcc ccatccaaca gtgacttcct     77100
     tccttctagg actagatcct tccacatgtt tagcagaggc atagatttct ccaggggaca     77160
     cggtaacctt gggctttctg tcgtggctgg ctttgttatg ttatttttta aggcatgatg     77220
     gcttggattg gctcagctgg acttcgtcat cttctgctgc tgtcttataa ttcatgttat     77280
     gaaagcttgg gttaagtgtt tcagatgagg agcgtaatca aaaagaaaca ggattaggac     77340
     aatgctgtgc ccttcccaga gtagatggtc tgatggaaaa tgggtacact gtttcaaaac     77400
     tgacaaacaa ctgtgtatgc caggtgggtg ggcaggagat aagccgaagg ccatggaagc     77460
     cttggcaaat acattaatca gaagagcctc actgaagtaa caaatatcat caattagtgg     77520
     agccttcaca agagaaatgt ttataggttg ctcctatcgc aactcaggtg cattattggg     77580
     atgccagagg ggtaacgtgg gttcaaggct cctgctttgc aactgcactg cccacttggg     77640
     tcttaatggc tttgtctgga tgctctttag tttacagata cagaacaaga aagggtgtgg     77700
     gaggttgcaa ccaagtttta gagcacaggt agagaattgg ctcctagctt cccacatcag     77760
     tccatggcct tgtctcctcc aggaaactgg agtggagttt agctgggagc ccagaatgtt     77820
     tggtggatct cagtaggaca tttgctacaa gatgctgttt acccacctgg aaaggtcagg     77880
     gaaggcacaa ggctaatgtg gaagaagtag ggtactgtgt gcatgatgac caagagccat     77940
     catgaaaagg aagcagggat agtatgagtt gggccttcat atagaactgt gctctagccc     78000
     tcagtttgta atggtacgac ctggctctgg cctgcagagt ccaaggttgt accatttgcc     78060
     ctgagatctc gtcccctttt tgagatgtta tcttagtttg ggttttactg aagtgaacag     78120
     acaccatgac caaggcaact cttataagga caacattgaa ttgggttaca ggttcaaagg     78180
     tctagtccgt tattattatg acaggaagca tggcagcatg caagcaggca tggtgcagga     78240
     ggagctgaga gttctacatc ttcatctgaa ggctgctagt ggaagactga cttccaggca     78300
     gctcagatga gggagggtct taagcccaca cacacagtga cacacctaca cgaacaacgc     78360
     cacacctcct aatgttgcca ctccctggac caagcttata caaaccatca catatgttgt     78420
     ctgggagtgt gtctttcact atcactgcaa gtcccattag gattctctct gtcctgaaaa     78480
     gtttgattcc tttctgttct tggattgttc cttctcctgg atgtattttt aaaaaatatt     78540
     tttatgaatt ctttgtgaat tttattttta tcatatgtat ctctaggtct ccctcttatc     78600
     tcctttcaga ccctctccca cctccccacc tttcactttg tgcccgcccc cctttttcta     78660
     aaaatgtagc agctcatcga gtctagtttg tgccatttgt gtgcttctgg gtgacgggtc     78720
     actcactaga gcactaccaa ccggccaggg gcaatgcctt tgaagaagaa atggctctcc     78780
     ctccccagaa gccatagtat tcatacctcc tcggtcaggt ccgttcccac tccgtgctgg     78840
     gaggctgact ggcttactct tgtgcaggtc ttgtgcaagc ggccacagct gctgtgcttt     78900
     cgtgggtgcc gaggtcctgc catgcgcaga ggacacagtt ttgctgttgt ccttcctatc     78960
     ctctggcttg tgcagtcttt gcacctaatg tcccgagttg gttgggctgg cgtgtgataa     79020
     aatgtcccat ctgcggctga cctctccacg gtcttttttt tttttcttca cactatttct     79080
     tttttttcct ccacatgctt ttaatgaatt attttgtagt ctctggcctt ctccctttta     79140
     tcgtccctcc tatgactgtt ttcatatact tccccaatgt gaactctgtg tatcagtgac     79200
     cagaggaatt tgggacttta ctggtttgaa ctgcccacca gcagatgttc cctctgctgc     79260
     attatcccac gtcggaacat tcatccccag ggacctgacc tgctatggaa aacttgaggg     79320
     aggagcctct gggctcacca accccaacag tgttcttcag gattgaccct gcagccttat     79380
     ttttacactg gagaatctgc aaattccatc accggagaaa atagaaacgt tgtccaagtt     79440
     aagggctttt gaggacactg ggggcacttt attcccaaga gcggacactg acttggatat     79500
     gtgtttggtt ctgatgggat ctgggaaaaa ggtttcagtc actaacatag agaatgtgtt     79560
     ataatacagt ttctgaaata aaacaaatgt ttccctgaat ggaagagaag tgtgtgtgag     79620
     tgtgtgtctg tgtctgtgtg tgtggtgttt aagatctctg ataagaacag ccagagtaca     79680
     atgaccattc atcatcatta tgtgcactgt gacagttgtt ctgcacacct ctgtcctttg     79740
     gttcattcag gtgacacatg gcaaggagga ggtgctctta gcctcctgag tcctcaaaga     79800
     ggtcacagaa tctgccctgt cgcatacgtg gagggcagag agctagggat agtcctagga     79860
     cctcaccaca tgcttccatt tagaagtagt cacttataac aaagaaatcc tatttttcaa     79920
     cccatacagc ggacatttct gctgtgatac aggtaggtgg cttaaaagtg cctacagact     79980
     tttcaggctc catatccatg atccagagtt cctatatggg atgtgtgtgt gtgtgatatt     80040
     attgtcacaa gaaaagcaaa atctctattg aaataccatg tattggtatt ggacaaattt     80100
     aacaagatta agcaagcatt cctgtgagaa actggggtgg gtgacggcga gggtgagagg     80160
     acagaatctt caataaaaca cagtcatgaa tttccttgac tttttaagga agccacaaaa     80220
     tagtacagtt ttgagtatat actctgtcct gtgtgcttag gacaggaatg tctgaattga     80280
     tggggtcttc ctgctggcag tctgggcctg gaaagggact gtaataatta gtaagactag     80340
     gctttcactt gatttctaca tcaccaggaa gacccaaccc tgggaagaaa gagacttcta     80400
     aacatgtgtg gtccgagctc ttggagcacc aactctgagt ccgtggccac caagagcacc     80460
     gttcctgctg tgtcttacag ggctaggctt ggccgaacag ggcatgcttc aggaatgcct     80520
     aacttaggag gaggatctgc tggcctctcc caataacttt gactttagca gtttcggtga     80580
     catttgtctt gtgacactct gtgcttgaag gggacaaggc cggctgcttt actcagtaca     80640
     cctggaccag ggatctggag ctttctgaag gtttagaaaa ccctcttgtc tctctcattt     80700
     gggtccctgc aatctgtcag ctcggtccct tctcctcttt ctccttctct tcctccccct     80760
     ccccctcccc ttcctccccc tccccctccc cttcctcccc ctccccatcc ccttcctccc     80820
     cctccccttc ctccccctcc cctccccccc tcctcttcct cctccccctc ctcccccctc     80880
     ctcctccttc tacattgagg tggagtcttt ctgtttccat ggctgtcata gagtttactc     80940
     tgtggcccag gctggcctgg aacccgcaga gatccacctg cctctgtctc cctacgtgct     81000
     gggattaaag gagtgagcca ccacacctgg ctgccagctc tctctttaac agttaacagc     81060
     cttcttagca agagaaatca cctaggactc cttgcttctt ctcaggtgtt atgttgtgat     81120
     aaaattcagt caggatttcc gagcctaggt gtgacaaagc tctgaatggg tttgattgct     81180
     aagatggttt gagtttttac acataaaagt aatttatgta gtcctcagct tttgaactgc     81240
     tctcattcat tattaagtgg atgtttctaa cagagaaagc tgtgactggc atttagtttc     81300
     ccaggctggc ctgcctagcg gtaactccgc ggaaacatat atagttgcta tgaatcataa     81360
     tggaagagaa tgtttttgca aatgaataat gtggaattgt agctacagac tccctccatg     81420
     ctacactcac cttgagaaga gaggcgcatc tccagccatg atggaagcta tgaaaaggga     81480
     ccaggaggga ggcctttgtg gttgtagggc tggggtgtga atggtcagcg ctgcaggttc     81540
     tgcattctga taggaagtga aagccttagg cggtctctgg attcaagcag gccagggcat     81600
     ctcagcagtt ctattcagaa gctgctcagc aaaggctatt ttgacccatt gcaggttaat     81660
     aattaatccc atacccagta ctgcttccac agctcgctcc aggttacagc tgccaccatc     81720
     cccatctgag gttgggggct caggctgtca gagccaggag caggcagcag ggtgcctgac     81780
     tcagctcagg tatcacataa catacactga agacactgaa atcctgtgca gcatcactgc     81840
     ctccatggag cctgggatgc cacacccgag agtctatttg tcacctctgg gatgagcatg     81900
     gtgtcccctg ccccacccct tctgctttct tgtatcttgg gccactggaa gctctcatgg     81960
     gccattgaga acagccaatt aaacctagag tgctgtgcag tttagatcca aattataccc     82020
     caggaaatct gtcacagtgt gggtttccca ttgaattaag actcagtgat ataatgtaat     82080
     tatttattat gtaataaaaa cctattatgg atagcaattt ttcagtgact aatttaattt     82140
     tacttattag tgttcattta gaccttagct tatgatatgt ttgatacagg tactaaaacc     82200
     atttgttttt gttaaaaatt cagcaatttg aaatttttca aggctaagac ctgccatctc     82260
     tgaaaaacgt tttggtaagt gaggtttttc tgtgtttaag tcaatgactg aatagagcaa     82320
     gtgggacatt gtaagcctgg tccagaagca ccagactata atgaatttta ttaatttcta     82380
     aatctggaag gtttaaggat gcctttaaaa gcaattagcc tctctaaaca atgttgtaca     82440
     aactagtcca gttcaggaaa gcccggtgta tgaggagcgg cagcgtcgag atccgccctg     82500
     ggtcaagttg ccagttcatc aggagtttgc ccttgctttc tacttggtcg gtttgattca     82560
     tatttatttc ttctttaatg aagttttaga acccagaagc cctcatttgg aaacggactt     82620
     ctattcttgg agggacagcc tccacactac tgtgttggcc agtcttgttg agtggtgggt     82680
     tcctatcaag gctgtcagca gtggaggcag aggcaaaact gactcggagg ggccagcgct     82740
     ccagtgcaca cctctgtctc tgctgcttca gttttgcatc tgccagcctg gacgctatgg     82800
     tgaggccaat cacttggtgc tctggttgct ctcctggtgc ctctgtcacc catatttccc     82860
     gatagacatg gaaaagccat ggtgcccgct gtttgtgtga tcaggagaat tccttggctc     82920
     cctggaacca gaggcttccc cttctggcta tttaaatgtg ttccctagcc ttagtgatga     82980
     atcagcattt aacagttaat tacagctcca gagatcatat agttgctgca catatgtggg     83040
     ggtgtgatct cagcattgca ggatgttaac gagtttctcc acatttccag actgtaaaga     83100
     ctggaaccag gtttggagga caagacaaat ccagcagcat ctttgatttg tcatcttctg     83160
     ctttcttccc ggtgtcttcc aggtcctact agggtgaggc agggggccgt ggaaagtgga     83220
     cagagctggc aggttgtcct ggggatgggg acatgaaggg cttggggaaa ctgctcacaa     83280
     aatgtcatca ctagtggctg ccggggttgg cgtttattgt cacaagctcg tggggatgtg     83340
     acaagcttta aggatgtgcc tttatatgtt gtcatttgat tttaaggaat gctttcatgg     83400
     tgaggttgca ttttgttaac tttttaattc aatgttatga tctccttcag aatcccctac     83460
     agtatccttt gctcccccac ccccatccca tcccttctca ctaagtttca gctcaattga     83520
     tggtttccat gcttatacac tgctcttgcc ggtgtgaagc atgggcaggg gtccactggt     83580
     cacttcctct gtcagctctc agtgcaaacg tgaccacccc agggcattct tcagtcaccc     83640
     atagcacatg gccattgtcc tacttgcttc ttaactcatg ggggtcactc cgttatctta     83700
     tttttcatag cacttaggaa aagattggtg atttaatttg ccaattttct acctccacgg     83760
     gtaatatagg cccgcaccga gaatatactg cctatagaaa ggtagggtgg ttgaatgggt     83820
     ggctccagac ttcccttggt ttgatattaa aagtcccgtg cacattccag cagttatgta     83880
     tcagcgtatt tacaaagaag accggtaaca cattacaaaa cactctttgt aaatatactg     83940
     tccttttaaa atacatggtt tgcaattttc acattcaatg aactgaagat tcaaagaaaa     84000
     atggaaaata ttgggcctgt accaaccagg tttaggaata attttttggc catttattta     84060
     tttggccatt tattccctaa actacattat gtcaactctt tgtgtgcctt ttgcatggta     84120
     gctcatgttt taagccagtt gaagatgtga aaggtgtcag ttacatgcaa aggtgacagg     84180
     acctgaatat ccctggagtt ggataataag tggggtttag aagccggttc cccactagat     84240
     actgaagggt gactaatgtc attcaatgtt ctcacagtgc ttaccttatt ctatgaggga     84300
     gtaaatccta gtggacgttt gtgggatgcc tacaaactgc tagggaccat tttgagtagc     84360
     ggttatcagg ggtgggcttt tttccaccag gggacaagtg tcagagtcta gaattatttt     84420
     gaatgggcag catgggcagc aggtgtgcca acagcatcaa ttaggtggcg gtcctgatgc     84480
     tgctatccac cctgatcagc acagggcagc cctgtgatga aaagacatct ggcctgaatg     84540
     gtccctaagg agggtcgtgg gaatcagggg tgtggcagtg aagagtcaag gcccttcctt     84600
     ttacaaagct ttgttcctgt tggggaacta gtgttaatag acactaaaca agtatgacca     84660
     tttctctatt ttttcttttt tctccttctt ttcctttcca ttcttttagc cttctctctc     84720
     ttctctctct cattaactct ctttctccac caccttcctt tttttttttt atgatagagt     84780
     atcactatgt agcccaggct ggccttgaac tatttatttt atagccttag actttggagt     84840
     gctagtgtta taggcatgtg cgacaagact cttccagcct cttctcttcc ccttccacac     84900
     tgggatgttg atgtatctgc cacccagata ctgcggcagg atgggctgca atagtgggta     84960
     aagacggagc tttgtttggg ttttctgtga ctggggctga gtgatcattt tcatggtttc     85020
     tttgttagca gcttgacgtt ctgtgagttt acaaggcacc taaagcacag caccattgga     85080
     atacagggga tgcctgtcca tgagaggtct cactgctccc tgaagtaccg catgcgtagt     85140
     tcataaccca tactttccac ctcttcctcc atcgtctccc agactgatca gaaggcgaga     85200
     tcttgtcttt gctgctaagc ttcagaatgt tagaggaatc cagcctttaa agaggcattt     85260
     ttgaatttat ttgacattca tataaatgta gtacttctgc tacttgttgg gtcaggtgag     85320
     ttcttgtggc tttacctgtt ctcatgagca ctgagtcagc gggccaggta ttatcagtca     85380
     gcaagtcagg agagggcttt tcaagcctgg gtaacatgca ggccaacttt gtccccaggg     85440
     tcttgccttt ctgtttgtat tctgccacct tctctgggga ggttcgaccc ttgggaatca     85500
     gatagctgtc acagtgtctg tggtgtcagc agtgacagtg gggtggaaga aaaaggagga     85560
     agtacatctt ttctttgaga gtcttttagg agtaggaacc cgttccaagt gttccacaac     85620
     agactgcact gtggtttatt ttttaagtgc ctatcacaca cctctctgat gtggagaatg     85680
     gaggcttttc ttgcttggct tggttgcctt agaagttata gctcccatgg tgggaaaagg     85740
     ttggatacct gaatgcgatc tggacccttc agcaagggag aacctgtgct tgttccatgg     85800
     caggcacacc tccgatgttt tactttttct tactagagtg gacatggaac tcagagaatt     85860
     gaatcaaagc attcttcaca tattcaaaac atggacattt ttgtaatgtt gtcacccaat     85920
     gaatggcaag gctgaccttg ggccacatgt ccctcattga tgagggtgac aaattacatt     85980
     gacttataga gtttgagagt tgacaggctt tagtgaccag ccagctcgtt gatatcaggg     86040
     acatagaggc acagcctgcc gaggactgtg gtcagtgctt tctagcctgt cattgaagcc     86100
     tgaatactct tggtactcac ggacctcggt tggcctctcc ttctccttcc acagtctcga     86160
     ttctttttcc tccggtaatc aatactggtg tgcactttga aatttttatc tgagctaaaa     86220
     ccagaagaac taaataacta cacagaccag tcatagctca gagcattcat agctcagcat     86280
     attagctcag catattagat agcttacatt tatgtctgct tcacttgggt cattgaaaga     86340
     cagtttctat attagcatgt ataggtgtca ttttgatcta gagggtcttc agtttgctta     86400
     ttggacattc atagttatac tataactatg tatggggcat cacttctcct gctctaagat     86460
     aaaccctacc caacctctta cagtcccagg agagaggaga aagaggcaca ccttcctgta     86520
     ggaaagcatc ccatttgaat tgatccccag agccctcatt tcatttgaag gtgttctggg     86580
     tgtgaattcc aaactttgtg cctcaaccac caacagggca tgagtgagtc cctgaggagg     86640
     ctgtcgcttg tgggtcaggc gtctgctgcc cgtgaagatg ccgtgctacg gaataccttg     86700
     tgcctgttaa cagaccaaga tgctggacac agcatcatca tgagatccta tcagcatttc     86760
     ctggaacaag agaaagaaac ctgtctccca ccctgggatt atgtctcttg tctgaagtga     86820
     agcacatatg ctgggactac caggccacag aagcagcaag ccagccgcag gagaatggtg     86880
     cagagctctc tgtcccattc ccatgctcag tgccatcccc tccagtggca caggcacggc     86940
     cttttacctc agttgcaggt atcatgacat tcagaagtgg ccccatttga ttcttgctgt     87000
     ctgctggggg gccagacagt ccccatggag aatgtgttag acagagctga gtcatagtcc     87060
     tggggcccac atggccttgt gctcagttgg ccttcttgct ttccccagtc ctcaggaact     87120
     ggaggtagca catgtttggg gacatcgcca ttgtgttcat cccgttgcca gcatgccttg     87180
     gcttccttca gcgtgttagt gacacggact tgggctaatc tgcctctctc tcttttcccc     87240
     gcatgctgtg gtctatttgg atatgtaatt gggatttttt ttttcacaag agagcttgct     87300
     aaacagaacc caggaggcca gaatgggatg ttgtgacttc aagggtctgc ttcttgtcaa     87360
     acctcagggc cagagccccg ggctccattt ttcagtaccg tgcaggctct gtgacgtccg     87420
     cacagctgcc acttcaaaga ggggaaacag ggttagggag gctgggcagt ttcttgaaca     87480
     tcaaatggtg attgcaaaac aataatttgg tgagttatga atgaatcaga aacagactgg     87540
     ttacatttct cccagaatgc ttatttaaaa cagacacaca tacacactca tacttaacac     87600
     tctgccccaa agaacattca ttccctcccg ggggagaggg gtcttagcca catgttttgg     87660
     aagattataa aactggagtg ctttcccacc cagcaaagct tccgggccca cttcctcctt     87720
     tcctagaatg gcagaagcct gccattcttc ccaaatgaac tcattccttt ctgcctttta     87780
     aaggatgagg taaaaccaca gggcaggagt attgcacact gggcttagca ggctccttgt     87840
     gcagtgtact aagtgtcccc cgcctccttg gcagggtaag ttcttgcatt cccacatggg     87900
     agcacgactg gtagtggagg gctttgggaa gtggcaggta gctgggttac agagaggagg     87960
     tgggctgtct gggagcacta actcccctgt tctgtttctt tcagactagg tgtgcatttc     88020
     tttacttgag aagcctttct gccctgaacg gcgttccctt tgtcttgctg tgctgtacac     88080
     tggtctctgg caggacatag aacagtttgt atctgtgtta ttgaccatcc tcacagtgtc     88140
     cccagttctt agcctagtac tagcagttga tgctgagcgg acgactggtg gttgtgttgg     88200
     gtgtgttttt gtaacaggaa gtaggaagca gatttggtgc gctcagtctg ttcagacacc     88260
     tgtgatggag cactgtagac caggtggccc acaaacaaca gaagtccatt acccacagtt     88320
     ttgaatcttg gggagtctga gatcaagggg ccggatctga actgtttctt gaatcacaga     88380
     ggctgaatcc ccattgacct ttacataaat atgaagtgag atgacctgcg tgttctttct     88440
     tatacacaac gacatccccc agagggccca agtgttagga gctcttcact ctcttcaagg     88500
     gccagtttca cctttcttaa gctttgtgac ccgctttggt tagtcctgcc aatcatgatg     88560
     caacctaccc tcttaatcca tcattttgtt atgcaagtaa agttttgccc tgcaacatgt     88620
     ttcctacacc ttggttttaa attccccagc ttcatgtttt atatgcatct ctgaataaaa     88680
     tgacttagct tgatggtttt attagaaaaa ttaaaattac agtcctcaaa gctcagtaga     88740
     actttgcaaa gatatatctg tgattatatt ttgaatacat tgccaaaaca aaagactgac     88800
     cataggtgtt gtgatgtgtg ctgagttaac aggacacaca aagtgggggg gtggtggtga     88860
     ggaggtattc ccgagctgtg gctaatatct gggaaacctg tcccagcact cggagtcctt     88920
     gccgagggcc agagggtttg taaagcctga gaggcaagca tccagcctgc agtgtccaca     88980
     gcttctcttt cctttccttc tgctcactgc ttctcctaga aacagcttgt ctcttgggtc     89040
     ctcgtaaagg accaatgaag ccagtgggaa gaatttcaca cagtaaacca aggggttagc     89100
     aagccccttc tgcgtccttt ccatgtgagc ctccgtgtga tgatttccag gatgctgtgt     89160
     aacaggcatc gctctccacg tttgttacat tttagggaat gtattgttaa gtggattttc     89220
     ttgatgctca agaaatggtt tgaggttgaa gtataatgct tggtaggttt ttccttctat     89280
     ttaggataat aagatatgtc attattccca gaacagcaga aaggagtgtg gatatgccac     89340
     accccaccca ggagtagttt agaacaaact ttcttacata ggaaattagc aaattacaca     89400
     aggcaatcaa atcagtcaga cggggtgtta gagcagacag tgtagtctat taatgtatga     89460
     agttagaaaa aacattgatg agagaagggg ttaaccagag ggttgtatgg agggaaacag     89520
     tccttgccag acctagaagg cctgaatagt gccgtgggtg cctgacttcc aaatgtaagt     89580
     ttcttctagt gagtattctg atgtacctag cacgaaccat gttctgtgtg aaatcctaac     89640
     tgataagtaa aggagcatag gacacagaca cagtaggagg cctgctctca ttttctctaa     89700
     gtgtacattg aatgagggaa tacaaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     89760
     cacacacaca ctcacactca cacacacaca ctcacacaga ggcaggcagg aaagttatag     89820
     cttgctgaag aaggggatga ctcagtggag aggagaggag attctgggtg tcctgagaag     89880
     ctgcctggct ttggttgcgt gattatgttg actgagatca tcttagggca ggtcctgggg     89940
     tcctatgtag taatgcctgg tgctgccgtg gtcctctgga gccccttcct ccttgttgca     90000
     gatctcctga ttcccccacc cgctcaccct caccttcatt aggagagatg catttatgcc     90060
     tagccatagc agcaggtggc tggggaccct tgagagttag ggaaatggct gtttaccatc     90120
     taccaaagaa gaggtgactc tttaatggcc atgataccgt aactgtataa agcagataag     90180
     gtataagtca catttgggtc ctggagtcgg cagtctagtg aagcacaagt ggatgttgtt     90240
     acccacttcc atctacctgg agaagcctgt tacctgaact tggttactaa gccacatgca     90300
     actcactttg cccattgctt acagaggctg tgcactggat gggagctagc cacagcggac     90360
     atcaacagtg ggtattacat atcctggtac ctcttgttct caggtcttct ccttcctcag     90420
     tctgtgacaa acagtgtcag tgtctaagac ccattgacat ctgggctttc cacgtgcatg     90480
     gtcactcata aaaacaatac tcaaatatct ccaggatttt gcaaacatcc cttctataaa     90540
     tctctgtggt tggacagcca accaaaatta aatcgatacc agtgatccac tccacagcag     90600
     gcctggagtg tacaaaacac ccatggaagg agttacagag acaaagtttg gagctgagac     90660
     aaaaggatgg accatctaga gactgccata tccagggatc catcccataa tcagcctcca     90720
     aacgatgaca ccattgcata cactagcaag attttgctga aaggaccctg atatagctgt     90780
     ctcttgtgag actatgccgg ggcctagcaa acatagaagt ggatgctcac agtcagctat     90840
     tggatggatc acagggcccc caatggagga gctagagaaa gtacccaagg agctaaaggg     90900
     atctgcaacc ctataggtgg aacaacaata tgaactaacc agtaccccca gagctcgtgt     90960
     ctctagctgc atatgtatca gaagatggcc tagtcggcca tcactggaaa aagaggccca     91020
     ctggtcatgc aaactttata tgccccagta caggggaacg ccagggccaa aaagtgggag     91080
     tgggtgggta ggggagtggg agggagggta tgggggactt ttggtatagc attggaaatg     91140
     taaatgagga aaatacctaa ttaaaaaaaa aaacaagtga aaacagttta aaagtaaaaa     91200
     aaaaaaagtt ataataatga gaaatccacc gagaggagct gtcattgccg agatttgatg     91260
     attctcagaa gacaaattgt ttcgtggtgc tcgtgtgtgc gtgcacgtat gtgggcatgc     91320
     ttttgtgtgc gcacgtctgt gaagcagacc gggggcttct ctgcagaccg tgtgccactt     91380
     tgaacagtta gcagctggct tatggtggtt gtcaactgca tttcacacag cgccctgttg     91440
     gcagttgttt ggctaagggt aaagactgta gtttagaaat acagcaaaag gaggtggggt     91500
     ctaaaatctc tgtcttgagt ttcagaaacc tcctctgtga aaactgcgtg gaagggtgtt     91560
     tgtattccac aggaaaacct gacgggcaga aagcaagtct ggttcttttt tatctttagc     91620
     catcagttcc ttaaaaatta ttcacacgtt tcttcaaaat agccgtttct ttgttttctt     91680
     aagagcccaa atctctctag tcctcaaatc aaattctcaa ctaaaatcag gaggtttaaa     91740
     attcagttat tttaagtgat acatactctt aaaatgtgtg tgtctgctaa gtcgcttgta     91800
     ttggagatgc agaaagtcac actccataaa atacaggaac acatgttaga ggaggggagg     91860
     ggaggggagg ggaggggaag ggaagggagg ggaagggagg ggcagacact gaagaggagg     91920
     aggggagaag atttaagttt tattttaacc cccaaatggc agatgcagag taaggaggca     91980
     tcttgctctg tgcaggagga ggaaggcaga gttagcagga ggtccttctg ggacctgcag     92040
     ttcctgtgac ttccttaagg ccactgtgtg tgctttcatg ggagccagaa ctggacatag     92100
     gaacttacaa tgtcatcggg agttcagggt aagctgggct gatggaatga ccccaaatag     92160
     tgagtactgt tgtgggaagg tgggaagacg gctgcttata atggctttgg ggggataata     92220
     cttcctttgc ttgccttgtc tcccttttct gtgaggaagc ctgggtttga tggtagcacc     92280
     ttcaccccga agcctaggaa attggtagtg ggtgtgtgtg agagacaagg gctacacata     92340
     ctgagcccag gtcacccggg cttgtgctag catcctcccc gtgcacttgg tgacctgggc     92400
     gtcaggaaca aggcagggtg ataaggttaa cgttctcatc agtcatctgt ccaaggcata     92460
     tttgcgcaca ccacatggat gatattttga ctgactagag ccaggttcaa tgaatctttt     92520
     gcatcttagc ttacagttgc aactgggctt tgatggcatc agacagggaa gtacatggtt     92580
     aggttgtagc tcctgcacac caaggtggtg gcttcctaag gaagagagct ttaaaggtgg     92640
     gggttatttt accataggcc atctaagaat ggccttttct ctgagtagtg tcagacccac     92700
     ttccctgtgc tctgaggtca agggcatgcc ctgcagtgaa cctgtgggtc agggcaggtg     92760
     ttggcatgat gggagacagc atccattggc aaccctactt cccagggctt cagctcaagg     92820
     cccacatgat cagggagttt gtggttgaca agtcgatact tcctttctga acatgtgtca     92880
     gtggagagcc cagtacgaga ctagtaggtc aagcctggat actggactat tggctttgtg     92940
     aatgcatggc ctcgttagta gaggtctgga gtgttgtcct tggcgaagtg tctgtggggt     93000
     atctggaaac ttgctgcttg tgtttgtaaa gccgtgagca gctctgaaat cttattgacg     93060
     gcggtctcac ccatcttcat agcttagcta gttgggctga tttgaggcta gagacctcag     93120
     cagggagtgg ctgggttctt agaatgtaga gttagattct cagagagaag gtcttctctt     93180
     aggccagata gcactgttgc ctgtgcctgc catgtttgag tcaggtgcct ctctccctgc     93240
     cccttccctt caacctattc atcatgtact catgatctgt acagagcgac accagatgct     93300
     gaggccagaa agatgtccag ttaaatgcag tttctgccct cttggaactg agtctggtga     93360
     gagggacaat ggatcaaagt catgatgggt ccttgaggct ttgctaccca aaccaaatca     93420
     gtggacttca gatacaatgt ctcaaagata tttaccagtc accgattttg atagtctgca     93480
     tgttctgccc tctctactat gacaacagta atctctgcgt ggttgcgtcg ttataaaaga     93540
     agccacaagc gcctgactct acagttaccg ctgggaagtg gatctgcctg agcatttctg     93600
     gagaggaaag tattgtgcag gggagaagaa catttgccat tttctgcctg tcagactaca     93660
     ggggttagct gttcctgatc cagtcaagaa ctgaggttag cactccaggc caaggaagga     93720
     agcaagcccc tctgggtttg cacagtgctc tgagatgtgg cctttacctc tgtcaggttc     93780
     tgtccctgta tcagatcctc ttgctcggag gtgggtgttg tctgtcttgt gtgctccagg     93840
     gtcaggccac catgggggct gggtggagag gaggaggcaa gcttactgcc tgctaaccat     93900
     ggacatctag atggggaaga aacaacagct ttatttttag gctttgctaa ttctcactct     93960
     tctagttcac tgctacctgg caacagctta ttgtcatggc aacaccaatg ttaatgagtg     94020
     aagctctccc gtgtctgccc tacccagtgc tctgtgacag atagatactc agagcagaac     94080
     tatctttctg gccctgcagg gctcaaacgc tacagtcccc actcctccac aggtctccca     94140
     gaccctgtct taaagaaagg gaatggagtc attgccaaca atgggcctgt ggctttgttt     94200
     acatgtctcc atttactaat gcgcccacgg gactcccgac gccccgcctc cctgtagctc     94260
     gtccccctca catcttaagt ggcagccaca ggctaaggga tagaaactgg cttctctttc     94320
     cggggtcctg aggttgggtt ggttttcaat ggcagttcct cacaagaccc ctatgtcctc     94380
     tgatgctgcc tttaagggac aggtgcccac agtgtggtga tgacttgtgc catgcctggg     94440
     ttgagagtca gtgacccatc ccactggcct gtcccctttc ctgccaccat ctgctgtcct     94500
     tcacttgctg tccttgatgg ctctcactga ccagaaggga tgtataaggt attctgcact     94560
     cctttttttt ttctttttct tttggacttc tgtgatgtgg gtgacttgac tcagtttttt     94620
     ttcactacaa atcccggata acaatagccc tgcctcctga accttattac aaggcctcca     94680
     tcaggacagt gtgtgcctag tgcttgaggc aggatctgga ataaaatgac agtaccacaa     94740
     gtattagctc tcttatgtca gcttacgact taatttgcag tctgattttg tgaactaaat     94800
     attgttatta ttctgaacta caaaggagga gacccaggca aactagtttg acaccttcca     94860
     gggtcactgg ggaagatgga aaggctatga tgcagaacct aggtgtatcc atacacgtgt     94920
     gtgatgtagg cgtgcgcaca ggctcacata ccaggcccct ggagcttccc tctttctgga     94980
     ggtggcctca gggcctcggg agcatgtcca attcctttgt actctttgga tttaaggtgc     95040
     tattcgaaca tggcgtgctg ccaccatgac taagtgttgc ttccagagag gtggctcgta     95100
     actgtcacga ttgtcttgag ggtggtaccg tagcaaggcc ctgcgatgag cagtggggac     95160
     ggagcttctt cctacagcca ctgtttctta ggcccgagtt ccctggctct gctgctgtgc     95220
     tggccaagga aagtatggtt ggggtctcct gccagctcat ccaaagttct cagccaggcg     95280
     ccacagcttt gccgcttaca ttttctgtaa cgtttgaagg cagcacgttc acatagcata     95340
     aaataaaata aaaaaacaca ccaaagatat ttggtaagac gctacccttc tcttctcccg     95400
     cagcctcccg ggagatgagc ttcctcaccg taagcatatt gattctttat gtctcctgcc     95460
     ttccgtgcgt tcaggtcccc acagtatttg ccagtgcatc tgtgggcatc ctctgtgcta     95520
     gtacacagtg gatgatttgt tcgttttcag cagatgaagt aagtatttca tcactcctgc     95580
     taaaggagat cagtggcatt aatcattgtg agtaacctta agcgagtcca ctgtctagtt     95640
     agtaatgggg agcagtcatt ggtacaatga tgtgaatatg ggattcttgg agcagtcctt     95700
     gctacaatga tgtgaatatg agattcttgg agcagtcctt gctacaatga tgtgaatacg     95760
     ggattcttgg agcagtcctt gctacaatga tgtgaatatg ggattcttgc cattgctgat     95820
     gatctcttaa tttcaggctt attttgaaac ttaagagttt ttctgagaat ttcatgtatg     95880
     catattgtat ttacataatt tctacctctc ccttgcttca gtccaactcc tccatgtctc     95940
     ccttttccct gtcaaactca tgacctctta ttctttaatt attattgcat atatgtgtct     96000
     atgtatacat atatgtataa ataacagctt gctaagtccc attagtgttg ttcatatgtg     96060
     taagtgtttg gggctgactg ctcaggattg gataacgtat gaagtggctc atccctagag     96120
     aagactcgtt cttcttatct taacagtcat taattccctg cagttcttcc tctgcggtgg     96180
     ggcctcatga atcccccacc ctctatctac actggcatgt ctacagctgt ggtcactgtt     96240
     caggtcttgc ttaggcaacc atatttttca gatttcatgg gtcatatata gaagacacta     96300
     tctgatagca catggcctgg tcttctggtt cttacagtct ttccaccctc cctgaacctt     96360
     aagtgtagag attctattga ttacgtatca gtgggggttg ggcactccat ggtcagtttt     96420
     tctctgagtc ttgatcagct gtggtctctg tcatggtctt catctgctgt acaaagaggc     96480
     ttctttaatg ggggaatgag agctacattt atttggggtc ataaagttaa ttttaggaaa     96540
     gtcacattat cagtttctcc tctaaggtct atggtctctc cagcctgagg cacttgacta     96600
     ggtttatagc accaagtatg atttctctcc tattaagtag aatgttaagt cagttagaca     96660
     actgctggtt cccttcaaga tcttgtgcct gtgttgtact cctggacgct tgctgtgctg     96720
     cccattgctg tggttcaagg gctttgtggg ttgttgagtg tttctctcca ctggcagcac     96780
     gcatagcacc catggatatt acgagctggt tctctggagg ggccttccag aggaggcttc     96840
     caggtagtta gctccagctc tgttccccca actcctgtgt atatagtgtg tagtgttttt     96900
     agcaataggc ccttaccacc aagttctggg ggcaatcaag ggccatggca atagcctgta     96960
     ttatttttga agtctctggc tcccctgaca actcaaggag agttttctgt tgtctggcag     97020
     tggtttttgc taggtagtct gtggctcttg ggaaaagagt attactaccc caaatctgta     97080
     acttcattca aactcgctgt ctctttgtgt gtctatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtatgtat     97140
     gtatgtatgt atgtatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat     97200
     ctatctatag tctgtatgta tatgtataca tatatacttc actatgccct aaaagaagct     97260
     tagtgctatt tatccccctt cttccttttc ccttggtgtg ctctccctcc cgcttcccag     97320
     ttaaactcct ctccattttc cccacttact ccttcatagc actgggggag ctctgcaatg     97380
     ctaagtcata ggacctctgt ctacctgaag atgctgtctc tgtgtccttg aagcaacaca     97440
     gtgtgctcct tcttaactat aaacacactc aaattgtatc accaacccag cgtgaactgg     97500
     agggccactc cttgggtgat accaagatca tttaaatcga taagtagcac ctatctttct     97560
     gcatggtttg gtgttaatcc ttggacacag agttctgggt agtacatggt gtttattgga     97620
     atgtaggctc cacgtgaact ctgtcccttt tgtttctgta ctgttctctc tatttgtaac     97680
     ctagaccttg cctgagagat actgaagaag aagaaatgca tgtagcaccc agatgccccc     97740
     tttcccctct aatatggcag aagggttctg tttagggctg aacctgagcc cctttgtgag     97800
     tgggaaattg tgcaaaaggt gagatttaaa actggcatat agggctagct aaggattgga     97860
     cccatgattg agtttttggc tagacttggt gaggccctgt gttctaaccc tagtaccacg     97920
     aaaagagaaa cgaaacaaca aaatgtactg gaggcagtcc aggcctaggc cttgcagcta     97980
     tgcagtggat gctcgggtgt ttgcagaatg acggggggaa gcaaatccta ctctgttgtg     98040
     tatttgggct tccctgttta gagacatgcc agagagatat tggactaaag ttctttagtc     98100
     agaacattgg tcttcctttt ccttattctt ttgagaactt cctctttctc acctttgcta     98160
     ttagtttttg tgttggctga accaaataga gtctggtcag caggcatggc accaagcatc     98220
     ctgttataca catagttcac cagcgtgatt gagaggctgc agggagagct cagagttagg     98280
     cttgctcatg cccaggcatt cacaggtgga ccatgtggcc tgggtacagg ccatgccccg     98340
     tcttcctcag cttggctcca ttagctatat ccacctctct ttccatggag ccaccttcca     98400
     caccacctga atgttccatc tcgtgctctt tctatttctc taactcctac gatagctctt     98460
     gtccccagca ttcctggatc ctgttccatg gtcagtgtta taacctcctt gtgtgtgcag     98520
     tttctgcatg tgacactgag gtgagttcta agatgtcaga tggggaacca gtcccaaagg     98580
     gaaagcaagt gagtagaagc agacacagtc tgccattgcc ttccagactt ccagggaagt     98640
     agctgggcat ccttctggtt gagagtggct gggcatggtg ctgccgggca cagtggcaag     98700
     ggtcaaggat attcacgggt ctttctgcac ttcaagtggg ctgggaccct gcaccttagc     98760
     tggtatacaa gtcactctgt cacattgtct gcttgttctt gctgccctac agccttaagg     98820
     actgaatagg cctccttgcc tacctgctgg ctcaccagcg tgttcctacc atgaaatatg     98880
     cagctcttgt tgcatgataa gataagcagc ttatctgagc gggcagctat gaacaacttt     98940
     cttaccttaa atgtagtcag tgagaccact gggataactg cgtggatatc aaaccaaagc     99000
     aaatgcacag gccagagagt tcctaaatct atagccctag gaaggtttac aatggtggtc     99060
     tccattcatc actagaatag tgttggcagc ttctaaaaaa atacccattt gtagaggttg     99120
     gagagatggc tcagcgagta aggacactta ttgctcttgc aaaggatcca acacccacac     99180
     ttcaattcac agtcagctct cagggatctg atgccctgac ctccatgggc tcctgcaggc     99240
     acacacatgt aaaatacata catacatgaa tacatacata caaatacaca cacgcacatg     99300
     tatgcaggca cacatgtgta aaataattat aatctcccta catatatatg gggagagaaa     99360
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagcgaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     99420
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga cttgattctg gggacatcgc agagctatgc     99480
     cctcagtgta gtttagaaac agtggagatg attctcattg tcgccagaat gagaatcacc     99540
     agtgttgaga aatagaagag gaagaaaaga tgccaatctc agcagggaac ttgctccgct     99600
     tgtcacacag gggacaggag aagacatgtc ctgattgtaa tgttcagaag cactgtctgg     99660
     aaacacactg cagggtttca aaagcttcgc tgctcaaaaa atatttgtat attcgtgttc     99720
     ataatagccc aaagtagaca caatccaaat ttctatcaag agatcagcag ggacacaaat     99780
     gtgatatagc tctccagtgg gatggtgttc agccttaaag ggagtggcct gctgacacgt     99840
     gctatcatgg ggaagaactt gaggctatgc tgagggaaat aagccagtca caaaaggaga     99900
     gaaatgactt catttccata cattcctaga agaggcaaag tcctgcagac agaaagttga     99960
     gtggaagctg ccagggactt cggacgaggg gaatgtggag gtgatgaggg aggagttctt    100020
     cttcagggtt ttctgctgta ggtggtgaca agggtcggca ccaatgtgaa atgtatactt    100080
     aagtcggatg cttaagtata ctggtgggtt ttgagccatg tgcattttaa tacaactaat    100140
     attaatttca tatttgtaag aatgatctct cttgaatatt ttagagaaaa tcctgaataa    100200
     ggaaatttaa aaatcgcatt ttagtgttta gacaagctcc tttcatctgt gtgtgctgag    100260
     gcacacattt cagagcttgc tctctggggg gcttggaagc tgggttctta cttggacggc    100320
     ctttgctttc atacgcgttg cctgcagact ctgctgggtt agggaagagg tgaatctttg    100380
     ggtcttcatt tctgcatcta caactagaca ataggaattc aggttccctc tcccaacctg    100440
     ccctgccacc tttgcttctc cctccaccga ggtgcccttc aggaacctgc agaaagcact    100500
     ggcagagacc gtccccagct gctttcctgt ggtagatcat cagtgacatc ctaaaagacg    100560
     caaccatatc ctagctggca tccttatccc ccatagaagg cagctgcatt gcagccccac    100620
     tctcctctct caggtagtgg attgctagta gtacaggact atgctctggg ttgttcggtg    100680
     gggagaacgc aggacattcc tcttgaatac agtgcacagt gtcatgggca gacctcctct    100740
     tttggtaccc atagtgctta cctgggcaga agaggctggt aggctctagg ggcatggtag    100800
     gtggtcgaaa gtccagcctg tttttccacc tgccaagtga aagtgttgtc tggtaatgat    100860
     gagaaagaca ttgagctagg cagtctttcc caaatacaat gctatgttta acttcactct    100920
     gggaaacagt gcttagctac cacaatatgt gacatatatt taaattttgt tgtgttagaa    100980
     caacagaata aaagaagtgt gagtgtgtgt gtgtgtctgt gtgtgggggt gtgcatttgt    101040
     gtctgtgtgc gtgtgtctgt gtgtgaatgt acacacatgt ctgtgtacgt gcatgtgtgt    101100
     gggtgtgtcc catgtccact gcagtgttct cagagcattc agatcacttc aatctgcttt    101160
     ccagccattc aacatctgct tgccagggga ccactgctca gtggccagca gccggcctgc    101220
     tcacctgctg tccccattgc ctgctctgtg tccatcgtct agcctgaaaa attctctttg    101280
     ggaaaaacca gatgctggaa gcaacagtgg aacgttgtgg atgtaaaatg ggcaaaatgg    101340
     aagtttgttt gcttgtgttt ggaagggaag ggttcagttg gaacctgtgc taggcagact    101400
     cagcacagcc aaaaaagcct ggaggagtct cccttcccca gaccactgcc ccattgctaa    101460
     tattccaaag ccaggtatgt cctgtcttcc ccatccattc agggcacatg ggctataagt    101520
     cctgtaaaat ttggttaagg agcctgccaa ggtgcttcac ttccacattg ccttgtgtct    101580
     cccaactccc gagtccttcc tgacaccact attacttctt agcatgatgc caaagttcct    101640
     gaaccctctt cggccttcat tttaccacca ccaccccccc ccccacacac acacacacag    101700
     agcccttgct gaagagaggc ccactgtgct gcttaccttt ctcatggtgc agcaggatgc    101760
     ctggcaaaag caactgaagg aaggagggag ggagggacgg agggagggag ggagggaggg    101820
     agggagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag ggcttgtcta    101880
     gggtcccagg tagaagggat tcagtgtgtc acagtccaga aaatggaggt gggaactggt    101940
     cccgccgagt ccatacttag gaagcagaga gttgactgat attcagctag cttcctgcct    102000
     ttccactttt tagtctgtcc aggactccag cccacaggat ggtgtcacca cagccagggc    102060
     ggaactctca cctcaattaa actcctctgg agacttcctc atagacacac ctggggtgta    102120
     tctcctaggt gactccaaat ccagtgggac taacagaaat ggctacatta cacccacaaa    102180
     cagggctcta actccatcct gggactcctc ttttttattt atctgaccgt ctaggaaata    102240
     gttttgattc tttttttttt ttaaataaat gcagagtcaa gagttgctaa gcatctctct    102300
     cgagttataa atagaaatgg cccaatctat cctgtgtcca gtttcttgtt gaagggagct    102360
     gaaaactggt cccctacagc ttagctttgc ctctgggtga tgacatagag tgaagatggg    102420
     ttcctcctta aaagctggat tgacttctcc attggaaccc ctgggaattt ctctgacaca    102480
     ctttcaaact attacacgtg aagaggattt ccagaggttg tttctaagac actaggaggg    102540
     gtgcattgtc tggtgactgg agcctgctga catggtgaag gagaaccagg gagctagact    102600
     tcaagagcat cctctgacct ttggtgggtt cccatatgcc atggctgtca tgagaatcta    102660
     aacagatagg cagtgaacag aaagaactct gcttctcagg cattgaatat agtgtgttac    102720
     tgtagcctgt gctcagaatc agtctaagat gaggaactgg accagactag acttcctagg    102780
     acctagaaca gcactctcaa attggtggtt ctgtggctgg gctcccagga ctgctgtgaa    102840
     aatatctatt tgcagttcga cacgctggac tcctgactct gacctttggt ttccttatct    102900
     gtaagagcca ggaaaggcca ctgtgaagag tgctgtgggt tctatgataa tgcacgtgct    102960
     gaatctggta cagtgctggc atagcacagg caattggcat aggcctcacc tctgcattcc    103020
     tgggattgca ggtgtacagc ggtggctgca gttgccaggg ctccatgctc acccctattc    103080
     tgtttggaag ctaaagatga gacttacaca ttttctattt ttgtcttttt gatacatgtt    103140
     ggttcttgaa atcctgtgaa gtagctatgc agcctattcc tagctgatcg aaccagacaa    103200
     atcatttttc atccaaaagt aaccaagaag atgttcttag ctgtgtgcaa atacgttgtg    103260
     atttttttcc cattcaaatg atctgttctt tttttttttt cttttttttt tctttttggt    103320
     tttatgagac agggtttctc tttatagctc tggctgtcct ggagctcact ctgtagacca    103380
     ggctggcctc gaactcagaa atccgcctgc ctctgcctcc cgagtgctgg gattaaaggc    103440
     gtgcgccacc atgcctggct tatgatttgt tcttcttgag gaatatttct ttaggacaca    103500
     gcctcgcagt aagctatttc ttggtgtata tggagagcaa tgtaaagttt ggtgggattc    103560
     tgacaactca ctggtataga aaaggcagat acagatggat gggatcccac tcagtatagg    103620
     ctcctcactt ctgagtgtct cttgtctttc tcacttgttc ctgaaggtgg ccaagtattt    103680
     tacctcagat ttagctttaa tattattctt ggtgagggca ctactcgttc attcattcat    103740
     ccattgaaca agtgttgacc agggaggctg tgggctgtgc ttctgggctc gcactggtga    103800
     cagagcagtg agtgtggctt tattgtctct gcccagagag gagggcagaa aacagatcta    103860
     ggcatgcatg aagaagacgt cttgatggtt tggtgagtgg cagggaacat ggtaacttaa    103920
     atagctgacc aggaaagatt gttttgggat tcagaagaca gaaggaactc atcttgcagg    103980
     ggagagagag agagagagag agaaagagag agagagagag agagaagaag gaggaggagg    104040
     aggaggagga gcggggagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gagaagagaa    104100
     gagaagagaa gagaagagaa gatatagctt gaaggaagaa tagctcctaa ttttgtctat    104160
     cacagtggga tagctggttt tggcagtgct ctaaaattgt taataagtaa tattttgaat    104220
     gttgcccact atatctgaag ttataggtac atcctgatct gaccaccaca cactggacat    104280
     atatattgaa gtgtcttatc aaatctacat aaatatgtgt aattcctgtt ccagttaaaa    104340
     ataaaaatgt ctaacaaaga aaggagaaac aagactggag ggcagtgaag tgggtgggga    104400
     gggtaagagg tgggcagcat ggtgagtagg gagggcaaga ggtgggcagc atggtgagtg    104460
     gggagggtga gaggtggagc acggtgagtg gggagggtga gaggtggaac acggtgagtg    104520
     ggagggtaag aggtgggcag catggtgagt ggggagggtg agaggtgaag cacggtgggt    104580
     ggggagggtg aggtggcagc actggagggt ggggagaggg gaaagcatgg cagataggat    104640
     cggggcatgg ttactgctgc ttccttcttt gaaagatcat tctgcctgtg gatttggaga    104700
     tgggtttggc agggggtgac aagccatatg ggaggccagc tgcttgggag gcatagaggc    104760
     tggctccaac agccagtagt ggatgtggga tggacggatg aggacacagt ttttccatta    104820
     tgtgaaagag acccatgctc tggagggtag tgccaaggca tgctggtctc tgctgcttct    104880
     gaaggcctcc aggtgctggg aggcttggct ctcagcccag gatggatgcc atcgatggag    104940
     tgtggatgaa ggtattgtgg gctgtgcgtt ctcacccctg gttggtggca gtgtaagcag    105000
     cttacttttt agggtagttt gacaacacac agagaagtgt gaacagtgtt ctctcccttt    105060
     ggttcaacaa ttctgtatga cttcacccta tgagaacatt cagaggggtt gggttgagga    105120
     aaaaaaggga gaaaagatat aattgcattt taatttttaa aaagtgaaaa aagtactgaa    105180
     tttctctcaa gaatagaaaa aacaaaacca aacaaccacc aatcagagta aatgaaactt    105240
     catttactgg gatgttttgg gagtcattca caatggtgac aaacttggga cagttcaatt    105300
     tttctcttgt attctttagt cctttggata attactaagt tacaatatag ccacatgaag    105360
     gaatgccata ttcaaatatc aatatggagg aatgtgtcgt gtcctaggaa gatgttcaat    105420
     tggattgata aatgaaacga gattatagaa cattgattaa tatgatctta atttagggca    105480
     tgtataggta tagttgagag acacagtctt ttagaaagcc cagagggtat atgctggagt    105540
     tcaagaagga aaaaacaaac aaacaaacag attattttat tctctatttg cttccaccaa    105600
     acttctacaa taaacctttg aaataaaata aaatggaaga gaaggagggc agaaagtgag    105660
     tctgtggtga caagctctgc aaccagagtt tgattccagt tcctacatag tggttcacaa    105720
     tcatttgtaa ccgagttctg gggcacccag cccctcttct gccttccata ggcacaaagc    105780
     acacacatga tacataagca cacatacagg caaagcaccc atacacattt taaagaatag    105840
     gaaaaaaaag tgttattttt ttgaaaattg tgacaggtcc tttctacacc tgaaggtgat    105900
     tctgatagga ggtgcctctg tgggctgtgc ctgggctgtg gttcacaaaa atgtgtgcag    105960
     aagtggagca gagagagggt gaaggaaatg gaaactaact gtggtacccc cttttaaaag    106020
     aggcgttgct ttcaactgac tggatgctgc agtctgcatt gtcatgagcc tgagagcttt    106080
     ggctgggcat gcatagaaac attgaacaac tcagcaggca cacactattt agaacctaga    106140
     gttgtgcaat gccagggaca tcctgcctgc ctccaggagc cagggtgtct gggataatgt    106200
     gtccacatga ggatgtctaa gggaagaatt ctgctctaga aagaagctgt atagaaactg    106260
     aagccagagc gatggcttaa ggcttgggct cccatgacag ctggagattc ctgggaagag    106320
     caagacaaag cagctatatc cgactgatct ctgagattta cgtttctggt gaatcactgc    106380
     tccaacgagg catagaaaat accttctcgg ccagttttag ccagctgtga ctgcgagtgg    106440
     tccaaaagct tattgaaaaa ggtcctggtg gtcaccggtg tctcttgagc ctgagtggaa    106500
     actgacttgc catctgaagt agcatcctga taagctgctg atgaaggtgt caggactgca    106560
     gttccctctg ataaaatgtt cactgtctgt cctgaaatgg atggctttac cgacccgcat    106620
     gcagatgaga tgttcaagaa gaatacggac agggtcacac tgttgttgat gggcatgccc    106680
     tctgggtgag cactgtgggc ctagtagttt gcatacatca tttctttcag tgttagcaac    106740
     cttgcaaggc tgagttttgc tgtccccatt ttacagatta ggaaggaggt taagtaacta    106800
     tttccaggtc acacagctga acattcctga atgagggacg agatctcttt gcctttaagg    106860
     cttatgccct aaactcgtct ctcttaccaa cttgctttct aatactaggg tttgtatctc    106920
     gtgatgtgac tgtgtgccta gtctgtagca actaaaatca cagaaggcgt ggctcccgcc    106980
     ttcaaggatc atccttttaa gaattctata acaagagttc aaataaataa ttttttgagt    107040
     gagcgagaat gtacaaacat tctggtttaa gttgacaggt gatctctgaa tccagtcaga    107100
     tgtacataca agtctttgga ggtttaaaga agggagagac tatctcttga gaaaccacag    107160
     aataagaaat tagacacagg acttaggtgg tttcccttgg taagtgtgga tggtaaaggg    107220
     ttacttctct tacattacca tttgggctcc agattggcct cctgctcatt ggtcagtttc    107280
     ttagggccca ccctatgggt ccctgtcttg attccctttt gtacttcttg tgagcactgc    107340
     ttcttcagtg ctagctcaga aaggaatctc tttatcataa tgaaaatggt ggtcacaaga    107400
     gatctctgtg tgaaagtagg attcccagct ctggttatca cttctctgag aacaagtcat    107460
     gtgcttgatc tgtattctag gtcttatgcg cctggcaaag agcgtcagca taattaccca    107520
     acattctttg agattaaagc tcagaacaca gcatgttccc tcccattctc ccttccacat    107580
     gggccctcgc tccgctcctc ggctgtcagt gtccttttct tctcctggca gacaggagat    107640
     ggtcgatccc actagatttt agagtcaagg agagaatgga gcggtgggcc tttgcctgtg    107700
     tttaaaggtg actttggaaa ctgagttctt atgctgcctc acctactttc ccattcattt    107760
     ttgcacgagt caaggacagt gacttggctt tcttcctgtg agcatgcggc tcagagctgg    107820
     agatattaaa gtacccgagt gtgcaaagat gggaggtctc atgtaagcac tgccctgcca    107880
     ttgccagtgt gtcatgaggg ggtggatatg taatgtttgc ttattgccaa gtggatttct    107940
     gaggctgggt tgaaagcgat agtatgtact agagccaact gtaagggcta ttttcttcta    108000
     tcacaattta caaaagtgct ttttatcaca cccgcatgtt tcaggactgg agaacttgaa    108060
     tgtttggggt tgtgggtttt tggaatgaac gaataaacat tagctctcca gaacgaggag    108120
     cagggcctgt caagtctcca tgtctgatcc catgtacgta agttcacctc tgctccgttg    108180
     tgtctccatc tgtgagatgt tgcgcacttt gccagtgaat aagatagtgt gtgtgtgggg    108240
     ggggggccct ttcctctgct gcctcactag aaagcatttc ttcagcactt gcgtgtgtta    108300
     cacagggaga atgataaagc ctgcagtccc tgctttgcct atagtactat attctaatgc    108360
     ttccttttaa agtcagccac caaggaagta gtgagcaatc attcaaatgt tatgttccac    108420
     gttacgcaaa acctgacagc ataaattatt aactagagcg catgctgaaa ggaatttact    108480
     cttatcaaag agtacagaga aactggttag gaaggtctcg tgtgtcaagg actaagttat    108540
     acagggacct tgtttcctgc aaatgagatt gctaaatgtt atcccactga gacttgagca    108600
     aggagacccc attgatagaa gggggaaggg gaaattcttg tggagaatct gccatcatct    108660
     tggtattgta gcttctgtcc ctggcttaat cttcttaact ttaactgaga ctctgacaac    108720
     agtggcttag ggctcacttt aacggtgcct ctgtaaaata gcagacagca gattttgtgg    108780
     cctttatgga actataggac ttcttgagaa tgaaatccga accacgctgg gcctggatga    108840
     aaccctgttg agccaggaag gcacaaatgc atcccctgag ctgtcagaat ggctttctca    108900
     tcaagtagac agggggaagt ggagccacag agagaaactg agatagtaac ttaaagggga    108960
     gaggttccct ttggccgaca atgtgggata cttcagcccg cagttagttg gcatctactg    109020
     ctttagactt ggggtggaac tcatcttggc aggagcacac gatagaagaa gaagcttacc    109080
     tcatggctag gagccaaaga gaggaagaga gcagcgtccc tgtcctctct aagtgcataa    109140
     ccttactgat ctgacctcca aagaagactc accctgtaga acattccaga aaaagagatt    109200
     cttatacctc agcatcaagc ttgagaacct ccctggtgac ggattcctcc tcgtcaagtg    109260
     gctcagtgat aggcttttgt gagcagagac ctgagtttga aacccagctc tacgttttct    109320
     aacctttggt ctatatcttc acctttgtgt gtctgaagag tggtggtgac gatgccatcc    109380
     tgtgagatgg agcaccgcca cgggaaatgg tacacgcgcg ccgtgggaag cggtagacat    109440
     gcttagcaca tggtgatccg ccctgggtcg actctctctt tcccttctaa agagcctctt    109500
     catagagctt tgtgacgaag gccagtcgtg tggatgagac atcctcctgt ttaagaacat    109560
     gtgttaagtg tcagtcaggc tttgatcgga catacaggga gatactcagg ttgaatgtcc    109620
     tattccaaaa ctcaacatct gaaaggtttg gagtgcacca tgttgccaca catggaaagt    109680
     cacagtaaag atctaatcta gatgcctttg cataaatgac tttcaggtta tatgtttatt    109740
     tttaaaaaat gaacaaattt gatgttttgt cttggattac agggaaaaag tctgtgctct    109800
     aaaacatttt aggtaaggga ttttccgcat gtactaagag gctaatgcat tgcctactgt    109860
     gctaaggagc acctgaaaca agctgtagtg tgctttattg attcttctga ctgtaaggca    109920
     tttgacaccc cgcattttca tttctatagc accaagacat ctttaagtgg cagaagtttt    109980
     ttctttctta atgctttcaa aaataatagg tatatcttac agtcagtgag cctgactccc    110040
     tcttctgtgt cacctgccca atgtccacgt ggcacactga catttggatg aaggaagagt    110100
     agaggaacag cttcttgctc tttggggaaa catttacaca aggaacaaag gaccctcagg    110160
     attgcatttt ggtgttaaga gttaagatgg ctctttgtcc ctggtcccaa gatgcctttg    110220
     acaaccttta tacaggagaa tcaccatcat tttatacagg ttgggctatc tatctatcca    110280
     tcagccatct atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc gctacctatc    110340
     catccatcca ttacctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct    110400
     atctatcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttc tatctatctc catttattgt tttgagacag    110460
     ggtcttgtta tgtagtcctg gttggcctgg aacttgctgt gtagattagg ctggccatgg    110520
     actcacggag actcatctac ctctccctct caagagctag gatgaaaggt atgtgtctat    110580
     gtccagccta ggttgggatt tcttacaaca ttaatgctga ttgtatcttg gatgcagtgt    110640
     taatcacttg gtaaatataa acagttaaca cagtaactcc atgaagtaga tacttctttt    110700
     gcttacttta ctgatgagaa aacctatgtt tgggagtttt gcccagacct tgacctcaca    110760
     cacgttctgc cccagtgtct atgatctgaa ccaccccacc caattgcttt tttcccagct    110820
     ccagtcagta gagctatccc tgaatcttca aatgccacaa aaaacatgga atcaaatctg    110880
     gtttgcagtc aatgaggagc ctcactcaca agggttaggt tatagatttt agaagaatgg    110940
     aaaagaagac ctaggccttg tgatgagcct ctgggtcagg tccccctttc ccttctctcc    111000
     agctgcctcc ttctagccct tccctctggc attgtgtctg catggcccct cgggtacagg    111060
     caactctggc tgatccactt tgcccatctg tgattttcat tcccttaaga cttgaatcag    111120
     atatgcccta gttgccaaga agagaggaaa gtgcggaact attctccatg tttttatgtg    111180
     ttatgagggg cttctttgat ttggtagaaa tatgttaatt attttccaaa tatgacttta    111240
     catttcctaa atctggcaaa cagcttccct gactgggtga ttctgggtgc catgtcttcc    111300
     caggcccctt gttaggtgtc atctctgtac gggcatgtaa tgagttgctg gatagaggac    111360
     caccagggca catgtcacat actatatgca tgttaggcca tgccaggtct ccctttgagc    111420
     tctctgcaga aagtcagtca caatttaaaa atattaaata gaaaagtatg gaaaataagc    111480
     aattcctaag ctttaacttt catgacattc tgagaaacac aacacagttt tgtgcttgct    111540
     gacctattgc tacctgggat gtctgtagtc tccactctgt atacagtacc cacccattac    111600
     attcagaacc caccctcact acaaagtagc tgtcctgatg ttggagggat tgtgcttaaa    111660
     acgttttatt tcactcagta atagcgccaa agtggaaggc tggtgatgct ggcagtatta    111720
     tttcactgca ttgttctaat gcttctgtga ttgctgttaa tttctttcct ttgcatcctc    111780
     tgtaaatatt cttataggaa aaccaatcct acagaattca gtagcatgca agttctcaga    111840
     taccctctca atgccttgga atatatcctt catgatcagg ggagtgctct gtgcctatgt    111900
     gaatgtatgt gtcttcatat ctctctgtgt ctgcctgttg atggacaaca taccccctgg    111960
     agacacagat gacagaagca ttatcttgac aagggcatga cttgggatta gccagtccgt    112020
     tacatggaga cagcaagtgt ctagctcagt tagcattcag tgctaagtta cgaggaatat    112080
     gggaactgag agttcgaaat gatagaaaga caaggcgcag gacttgctgt cccgaagaac    112140
     acgttcaacc tctcttttcc ttactggctc actccacaag tagctttagc tttttggggc    112200
     ttacaatgtg gagtagcaga gttttatttt ttccccataa cctccttgag aatattaagc    112260
     atttaaacag agcacagtgc accttactac tccagtgtag gaacatttac atgtgcgctt    112320
     gtgtgtatgg acaacatgtt tattatattc tctcagtgcc attgatataa caacagaaca    112380
     gcctccaatt ggattccaat ggagagagac agtacatggt tactcaaata ataagccagt    112440
     ttgttggatg ggatcaatgc tagggaagaa ggcaagcagg ggaatatagg ctgtggtttt    112500
     acatttcaag gaaatgacaa gaggaagctg cccagtgggg tgtttgagaa ttggcagcag    112560
     cctatgggat tgagaggtct agtgaggtgg gcactgaggg aatcgagata aatgtccaga    112620
     ggtagtactc ctgtcatgat gagtaagtgg cagggaggaa gtgcagcagg agtggcctga    112680
     gctggggctg tgagtgggga ggtagaccag atggagcagg acccgagagt ccactgtaat    112740
     ctcatctgcc ttcacttgga acaggacctg agctattgga aagcccgagc tgaggagtga    112800
     gtggcatagt ctactgtgtt gtgagggtga ctgatatcta tgagagaact cacatggggg    112860
     tggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcat gcacaagagt    112920
     tcagagagcc ctcaatgtaa gatgagaaga tgaaatgtca tcatctttgg tttcaaggcc    112980
     aaatgtaaat ggacaggaga aggaggaaga ggttggagaa atatggttcg cattgtgggt    113040
     ttggctttcc ttgtccccgt tctgaatcgt ttcccattag tgtgggtttg gaacgttacc    113100
     caggaagcaa ggggccgttg ggctgcttac agcccaggtc ccacatccag attgtggttg    113160
     aaccttagaa aggcctagcg cattggtgca tgtgagaaac aggagcagag cctgggggcc    113220
     gagactcagg gagggtgtgc tgaggacaag gaggggggat ttctgccctg tcttgtccca    113280
     tggtacatgg tggttctctg ggaggtgtgc ggccaggatc tgaaagctcc gttcctattg    113340
     gtgagaagtt ttgtgtgtgc ctgtgttaac tactgctgat tggttttctc ccttccgggg    113400
     gtaaaggagg cctggctttg tctgaagcaa ggaacgtatt tgtaactgga attctctccc    113460
     tccctccctc cctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctaacac acacacacac    113520
     acacacacac acaaactctc tctctttcct tccctctctc tcttcctcac accacccccc    113580
     tctctttctg ttaaattaca tcttttgtgt cactgagcaa atatgtgttc tcagcatgca    113640
     aaaactgcac acatgatacc accgctcatg gcttccaggt ggaaggatca ccaggctgca    113700
     gccttgatcg ttgctgtaca tcctgtggtc ggaaccgagg gtaataggaa tagtttgcat    113760
     ttaacctttt gaggtaagac aggccccagg gccctgacag agaagtggac aatacagagc    113820
     tgagccctaa ggagctcgct gacgaccggg gaccaaaggt tagaaatggc tctttggtgc    113880
     cactctcagt ctttatgacg atgaaataat ctgtgtgttt gctttttaat ctgtgatgtg    113940
     cagcctagag aacagcagtg aatgtccctc ctgtttgtaa tgccctaccc ttgagaatcc    114000
     tgcccctgag aacttgaaat cggttgccct acataactta acttatttta attaaaagtt    114060
     accgactttg gattggcaag aggatgagga cagggtcaga gaagctccct cccaagatca    114120
     ttgctttagg ccaaacaatg ggagtgcaag gaattctggg aaagaatcac accagttgtc    114180
     atagaatcct tcacaccctt tcaaggctga cgtccctggg aatgtcatct tctgtcgtca    114240
     tcttgctagg gacccagagg aaattccctt caagggtgaa ttcctgtagc cctgctcctt    114300
     aaccttctaa acaccatcct tccccttcca gccatctctg tgttggattc tccggagctc    114360
     tcaggggaat atgtacaagg atgtgtcgtg ccatacaggc ttgctttctt ctttccattt    114420
     cccccatcca tgacccaggg ttttaattcc acagaaatgg acaattagct caattgctct    114480
     ataataacaa accaacatct ggagctacca cgtctgaaga gccacatggc cttaatctag    114540
     cctagagtct ctctttttca cacccagatt agcagctggt ccttgcccca acttggcatc    114600
     ctaggcgggg ctacatagca tgggagccac ttgtgatgat tgactgatat agaaagtcat    114660
     gagctgttta tccttgagtt gctgccttat tttgaagtgt aatagatata taattatatc    114720
     atttatttcc tctttatcct tcctccacct cctctcaggt tccccttcca ctgcctctca    114780
     agtctgtggc ttctcttttg tgattattct tacagtaaat ggactcagaa gactgcactt    114840
     atatatgtat tttttaacat actttgaacc ttttattgtt ctggtaggga aggggggacc    114900
     agttaatcat ggagaagtga tcttccttgt tcatcagaac agcatttgta gtggaccacc    114960
     caaggttcac tcaggctatt gtgtaaagtg tagtgttctc tgggttatat ctgtgtgcct    115020
     acttacagac agggtcctgg cagggttatg ccagatgtgg gtttggtaag ggaataagcc    115080
     tcaccaagga cttgactatc aggttatatg gtggtagtca ggtatagaaa ccacttgtca    115140
     ttcctttagt agttcttttc acatctgtct ttacaatgta tctgcctgct gggtaggagc    115200
     tataatgcta acaacatggc tgatatctgg tactcacagg acccgatgaa gcaggtgata    115260
     ctgtttcaca aataattaat aattttgcat atcaggattt gccttgggag tgaagtcagg    115320
     caatttggcc ttcaaatcta tcctgcaata tcaaagtcat tctaccaaga cttcccgagc    115380
     ccagaggctt ttcagatgag aattcagtgt gtcttaggct cttctcacct actgtctgca    115440
     tgaatcatct gggcattgta gtgagatgta gactctgagt cagcaggaat ggagtgggac    115500
     cgagactctc atttctatcc agctccctgg tgacgttagt gtggctgact gaggaagagg    115560
     tgttgggtac caaagtagac catttcatct gtggatttca ctgttcggga tgatacttaa    115620
     ccatgcactt aatagttggt tctatgagca atagagtaat atcagtaagg cttttattag    115680
     aggtgtgctg gaaaagagaa gtgggttgca gaagataatg tttttgtttg tagactcatt    115740
     ttcttgagac atgaatgcaa aataaaagat tatcagactg cctgcttcct tagccagtgg    115800
     gctttgtagt agttattttc ttgggtttaa cttgtcactt ctgggctatt ttcagtcttt    115860
     acttcttttg agttactcca taaacagttc tcccaaacac attctggcag ggtacaagag    115920
     gtcagacaca atgtgagatt ccatcacaaa gcagaattac catggcaact attgactttt    115980
     gagtgtgcca ggcaatctaa gcagagctga taggggaatt gaaccaagtt cttctgaaag    116040
     tggagaagag tggtgtgccc tgccacacta ggctgcttta ctctgctgca gggactgcta    116100
     ctaactgaag aactcacaca tacaaaatct ctcccttaga gtcctgaagt cagcctccgt    116160
     agagggcctc tctggccctc agcttccgac accatgagga cgctgcagtg ccttgggata    116220
     ctcttgttct tctggtttga gttctggtgg ataaccactt ctgaatcttg ctgtgttaat    116280
     gtatccatat tttggttcat ctgcttattg gtggtgtggg gaatatggca aatccagtag    116340
     ttagtgggcc aagggtcacc agaccatgcc atgtgatgga cttaggggaa tactgatgct    116400
     aagtcagaga cttgctaacg aaagcagctc cctcatctga accatgacgc ctttctgcct    116460
     ctttctctgg tggcctctcc tgccagggac ctagtaatgt ggttcactta gtctatccca    116520
     gttggatgat atcatcagag aagcactctg tccctctcca gtgacactca taagatgact    116580
     gatgttggat ggagccaagg aacaagaatc cccaagaccc agtggcatgc aaatgttgat    116640
     tctactgctg ttcactagaa ggagtgacag actcggttgc gttagctggt cagactcatc    116700
     cctataggaa tgtggcagag agttgtatcc agtctaagag gctcaagtac tctgatccca    116760
     agtgtaaata tttgacttcc tttgaggtct tgccagtttc acattgaatc ttcagtgcat    116820
     gtgtaccgaa gtttgcatgc gtcaacctag ccaacaatat cgtttttcca tggacaagca    116880
     gaactttggg aaagaacatc ttttgaaaga acattaacaa atggccgtca gactggatga    116940
     agtaagaccc acaatgcctt cctttccctt ttccatctct actcttacat gtttgcttct    117000
     gagcatctcc acagcataga gatgatcatg atagattgta atattcaaaa ctgcaagtaa    117060
     taaatgcagt cttgactgat cttcctgtct gtttctgtga gggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    117120
     gttatgtaag tttattcaga gaccatgaaa ttctgttggc ttcatagact ctttgttcta    117180
     gcttatcaaa tggagatagt cttgtttggg atgaaggctc aagcattgaa actaggaagc    117240
     ctttaataat ttttttactt ttcagaataa ccagtgtgta tatatggtgc tacaaaaacc    117300
     tggtagtccc tgtgaaggag gggttggatg gctagttcat tatgatatgc tcgccttaca    117360
     gaagtaatgc tgctgaaccg tgtacgtaca cggtataaac aaagctgcct ttattgaact    117420
     tagaaacaat tggattggaa cattgcacag acacatccta tttccccacc cttgccttcg    117480
     tatggtttct gagcttcaga cctagaagtt tctcacattc tgatatctgg tgattagtgc    117540
     accggcgtgg ctaaaaggtt tggcaactgg ggatttcgga gagaaattct accatgctca    117600
     catagcacct taagagacat tagaaagtct gatttctttc aggtgcagag ccaacaagta    117660
     attctgagtc ttgacagccc agttaatgca gactaggttt tgacattgac gtttcaagtg    117720
     ttgtgttggg ttactctctt ggaggagaga gagggaatct gaggtacttg gtcctgtagg    117780
     tagtgtagtc acttattatc caaagatggt ttttatggtt tatatttttt atccccaccc    117840
     acagcccctc tctcttccta cccctgtttt agtatgcatg tgtctttgtg gatataaatg    117900
     taagcatgca tgtgctgtgg tgtgaatgtg gagcttagag gtcaacctta cattccacct    117960
     tgtttgagac gaggtctctt gcagtttgct gttctgtccg ctgggccatg tactagctgc    118020
     cagtcattct ttcatccctc cacatagtgc aggagcactg aggtcacaga tgtgagctgc    118080
     cacatctgac tttatgtgga ttctgggaat ctgaactccg gttctcagcc ttgtaaggca    118140
     aatggtttac ccactgagcc ccctcctcag cccccacaga cagtgttctt ataaaagtgg    118200
     agaaagattc ttcatctttt ctccatgaca cgaaatatga ggactctcgt aagtgcagag    118260
     agagaagaat ctccctagag atgagtgatc cagagaaatt gggagcccct ggctctggtt    118320
     ttggaagtcc aaagcttgtt taatgtcctt gatcagactg ctttgcagca ggcgacatcc    118380
     cctcatcagt aacatgggga taacatggaa taacatgggg ctaatgctgg gataacacgg    118440
     gaataaacat ggggatagtg cttgttctgg gacaatgtta catgaaggac acacagatga    118500
     gagcgtcagt caaaactgtg ttaccctgag tttaatgttg aaatgtgttg tcattgtcct    118560
     tatacgtccg gaatagagaa aagggagggc agagaggatt gaactctgtc gtgctggtca    118620
     catcatagcc cctaaaagtc aggaagctct agttctgtgc aaagagtgcc atcctgagtt    118680
     cttcagtgag caaggaaggg ttatggaaag atgagttggg cattagagtg aatgctggtt    118740
     atgagcaaag ctgccggctg gctggcagga gtggggtggg gttgggggca gtgcccaggt    118800
     tggttccctc ctccgggact cagtagccac tgtgtgtttc agtagttacc agagtggctt    118860
     ccagtcccca aggctttcat tccatgcatt tcctttattt gtttatgttt gagagacaat    118920
     gtcttgctac atacatcttg cctggctgtg tatggctggc gggaatcact ggggtcactg    118980
     attcggcctc tggagtgcga gactgaaggc aggtgtcctc tgctccccat gccatgcttt    119040
     ttaaaattca tgctcatttt ctcatggaag ggtcttggaa gctgggtttc tgcagaatgc    119100
     ttagtcccta atacctggta tttctgggct tatcttacca gacacaggca ttttcgtctc    119160
     tctcccagga agcccaggtt tcctccggtg catcttccct ctggtttagc ctgttcttct    119220
     ttccttccac ctgcctcctt tccaatttca gcggtattcc cagagcaggt ttttgggatg    119280
     cttcattggc tcctgtccgg ctgcttccac ggaggctgag tatgcaggtg tgccgtttgc    119340
     tgcagctcag caactgtgtc catctgtttc tctggctgga gactttgagc atctgcaggg    119400
     gtggtacagg ctgacagggc tcaaacaagg ggcaggaagg atctggccca cagtacgacc    119460
     agtaaggcaa gctgcgacta gagacttagt attgacatcc tgcagcatcc gtggattggg    119520
     aagaaataaa cattgtggat aaaattgaaa ctgaaatgtt tgaaaaggtg atctgtcaag    119580
     aattaaattt ctttcaaaca ctgctttgtt actcttacgg attatatcca tcaacagtga    119640
     aagctaaact gctgaatcat atatatatat atacacatat atatacgcat atatacacat    119700
     atatatttgt gtatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat ataatttgct    119760
     gcttaagaat caatactaac agaaccctta ggattcagaa gtggcccaga tgataattct    119820
     tcagagaagc tggaagctgt cattgtgttg cttggtggcc tggtccactg actcagacgt    119880
     ggttttcttc ctcatgggaa ttacaagaat ggagaagaag aaattctctc gcttggaatg    119940
     aaaaaagaga gtactactaa gtgatgggga agggtcagat atagacaaaa ggacatgagt    120000
     gactcaagat gctgtacggc tattttttaa aaatattggt cacaatgtgg tgtgtgtgtg    120060
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg aatgtgtgtt agataagtga ataaaaatgt aatttaaaaa    120120
     gcataaaatc ctgagcaaag ttccatgaca tcataatagc cattctaact gtataaaaac    120180
     gcactgagat gcctgaaatt tggggcaggc tgccttcagc cagctgtgtg atgtttttgt    120240
     ttgtgagttg attagaataa agtggcttaa aaaactcagc aacctgagca ctcctgcaga    120300
     ggggagaata ggacaggatc gctggttcta tcttctaatg aagcccttgg gtgtagaaaa    120360
     gtgcttgtca ctttcctggg gtaggcagaa gctaaaccaa agccatccac gtggctcaga    120420
     attagtgaca gacctgtttt ggaagtgcca tggacagcct agatcgcgat ggcaagtccc    120480
     acacagcaag aacagctgct gtacaaagca atgctttctt taaagctctg tgaacagcat    120540
     ccaagctggg cccactgtcc accaggtgcc tcacaccaga ctcgctaaat ggctgatgtg    120600
     atagatattg gccaaagcac acggtaactt ctttaccctt tcctgctccg taccatggtg    120660
     cagtgggcct tgcatgtttg gccgcccact tgctcctctc cacccagttt gtcctctttt    120720
     ctgctttgcc ctttgccaat accactcagg cgcttcagtt tctcactttc ccagcccgcc    120780
     atcttcccat gttttgatca atatggagtt cctcctgatg aacacggttg cgttttaatg    120840
     gtgtgttgtg gatatgtgtc tcagtcctcg gaacacctcc agtgtttctg aaacaatgct    120900
     ctaaagggag gtagagtgtg catggtcagc ctgtgctgtg tcccttagaa cagtgggacg    120960
     caatgtcagc ggggagggtg gcattgttct caaaggctcc cggcagcttt gtttctgact    121020
     tgatttgttc tcgaagattg cctcctcaca tgggaaggag cagaggtgca gagtgaagac    121080
     agcgtttgcc acgggctccc tgggcctcag ggtgggcaaa caggctccat gttcttactc    121140
     attgtgctgt ttcaccctca gaataattca ttactcccat ttttaaatat gaaggaacag    121200
     aggctagcag taaagcagac ttgctcaaag tcttaggaaa gagctaaggt taaggctgcc    121260
     accgggtcca catcttcccg ttattccatg tcagttgttt gtttgttgtt gttttttgcc    121320
     ctgcttctcg cccttacccg ccacccacac gctgactcca gagaacaggt gaacagcaga    121380
     gagcgcgcat gtgaagggga tagatatacg tgatccatca tcaaacatgg acagcctagg    121440
     aaagtaggtc agaggcagga caggctccac agcatctgct cgagttctga gcggccccgt    121500
     gactggagaa gatgaatgag tggggatgtg gggcggctct gctgttggag tgttgctgcc    121560
     tgggctacag atcacagtgg cccgctggcc tcctatggtg agctctactt tgcgacttcc    121620
     agacttccag tggctcttcc tgtttgtcct cgtgactgga gacacagtat ggataagacc    121680
     tgggtcacag gctatgaggc cacagaccct atgcctggtt ctgctgcaag cctcagtttc    121740
     ctcgtctgta aatgagagca ataaatggcc tgcccaagcc acttgcctgg cttgcagaat    121800
     ggttttatgc cagcatgaaa ggtttctatg tagtaggacc gagaagcact gctgttgttt    121860
     attttagata gaggaggtga actgacttga caaggtcaca tagcttgtaa gtggtagggc    121920
     taaccctggc gtttgggtat tttgtctgga aggtttcctg ttttgtttta gaatagtatg    121980
     gacagaggcc tcttgttttg gattagcttt tagtgctttg taggcccttg gacagtaagg    122040
     attacttgta cacagctatg ggtaactagt aataggccat agatttgctt ataggaacta    122100
     aagctatggt tatctgatgt gatggtctta catttctagc cagatagtga gtgtctggag    122160
     gcagggacac gctacaaggc aggtgtcatg agatgctaga taagcaatta ctgacacgtt    122220
     gaatcaaagg agggctctgc cacctcagag ataacctttc ccattctcaa ggaaagctat    122280
     tcatttcctt ctctgtctgt ctctgtctcc cccccccccc cccaccgtgg tgtgtgtgtg    122340
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgatgt gtgtattttt tcatgagaag catcaccatc    122400
     tcatatgacc taagaaggct ctagtcaaag gtctgctgca acagacagac acttccttta    122460
     ggctctgttt acattacaca accccgtgat gttccctttc tggcttctga atgcttcttt    122520
     gcaatacatt caaggaggac tctgtcccat gctcagctcc tcactaatta aggagaggga    122580
     tggatacata aagagccagc accataatgc cgggaatcct gtgtagcctt tcaaggagaa    122640
     atttccttgg ggaggaccag tggcccaagg gaacacctct gttcatggtg aaggcaggcg    122700
     ccgcaccatt cccatccacg acatcagttt ctcaggtgag cggctcacaa gtgacataga    122760
     tggttagccc agagtgtccc aggagccaac agatgctaca tgctgccaag tgacgcccaa    122820
     gccaaataag aaatgacaca tgcaaggtca tgatttccat taggggacag aagtggactt    122880
     tcctcttctc tgaagatgag gtagtccagc taacctcaga gcagtacaga gatgctccca    122940
     aaggcttagt gggaataacc tctggaagag agcagagttt gattagacac aggaagcaaa    123000
     gtgaaccaca cccttggctg tatcctcctt tacaaccaag gtacaattgt ggctctgacg    123060
     tttaaccaag tctctggaac ttgaacaagt gacagcaacc ctacgtcttg gtttctccat    123120
     tggtgaagtg agcactgtga taataccata ggcctttggg ctgttgggag actggccatt    123180
     ctactttaat ttctaatatc caagaggcct caaggcatgt tgactcgaac cactactgtt    123240
     gctgcatttg attgacacca agactcactc aagagttctt gctggtcatt tctagtgtgt    123300
     tgagatagcg aatcacatgg gagtaaaaat gcaaaccaat actcagattc aacccaggcc    123360
     caagcattct ggaagttcca atagtaaagt tcctcaagta cttctgaacc aaccagtgat    123420
     gctccttgag ggaatccctt ctcatggcta tggtggaagt tttgtgttgc tgtagggggt    123480
     ttctatggtc tcagtgagga cgagaaaata ctcaaaataa taaccacgtt tctccggtag    123540
     cttttctgtc cttctgtgtt ttctgggaaa gaggctatca catctacccc aatattctgt    123600
     actttgagaa tctcgtgctg caagatggtg tgagcaagtt aatagtgagc tactcacagt    123660
     gtacactgtg agaggcagag gggaggactc tctgtactaa gccagcacta ctgtcctacg    123720
     gagaggtctg gttgattggg aaaggcatgg gttggacagg tttatgtgtt agtactgctc    123780
     cctgccccca tgcccacccc cctctcgtgt gtgtgttcgt gagtgtgtgt gtgcacgtgt    123840
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcgcacgtgt gtgtgttata    123900
     ctcttcattt ctgtgatcac tggggaatga gagctcattt ctaaatgcct ctgtagagcc    123960
     tgggcaaaca ccacaaccct tgtgacagga atggaagact tggaggagaa gatgacttat    124020
     ataatggcct cctgaggctg ccatttggaa tggggcggac agctgatggc tagaggaact    124080
     actttcatca ttttagggca gtgaggttaa aaaaagtaaa agatgtctga ccttgttgaa    124140
     gcccctcatt gggatggagg ttgctttgag gcaagaaata gcatcaagat ttccagcaga    124200
     aatacccaag tcagggaggt tggcttactc aacagagcca ctgggaaaga gccaggtgct    124260
     ctggtcctca tacggatatg gtatgccata cctgagtgtc cccattacca gcctttctga    124320
     catggattca ggcaagtgtg cccgagcctg gcactggtcc tgtatgcgtg aacgcatata    124380
     gcttctggtg ggtaggaaaa gaaattgctc tgtaactcag attccctttg cttatgtatt    124440
     acgcttagac aaataattag aaacagctgc cccagagaat ggaatcttcc ttgtctccgt    124500
     aagtgaaaaa cactttggcg atcagagcca agttcaagtg ggagctgggg gtgggtgggg    124560
     agagcttagg tggatgcctg gcaccgggtg cagtagaccc cagtcactgc tattctcctg    124620
     gacttggcat ctgtgaggta gagctaacaa aacctgcctc ttcctgcagc tctaccctgt    124680
     gaaagttccc tcactctgtg gcagcccatt ccaagtggcc agtcacttga aacagcttag    124740
     gtccgtgtca tggtgataaa gaccgcctaa gttcacatcc attctgcagc taacatttgt    124800
     ggtgttgttt gtggagtgtc tcctggagtt ctggaagagc ctccatacca ttaaatcaag    124860
     tcagctcact gcctgctgca gttacaagga gaactagaac cccaattaat aatgatgtct    124920
     ttccaccaga gaccgctgct tgcttggatg tgtttatcca cggggtggcc ttctggggct    124980
     cgagatgtgc aaatactcac cgtgcctgaa acagaaagtc caaaaaaggc ttggtttatg    125040
     cagagtggcc tctccaatct ggctgtagtc aagggcctct tcaagtcttt agctccgata    125100
     ctatatacat atctctgggg tttcaagact gtctggaagg aggatcaggg aagagggcga    125160
     gtcctgagtg ggaagtggaa gggagttggg aaaggattct tgggggagga aagggtttat    125220
     ttggattaca catcctgatc ttggttcttc ttcgaggcag gaactcaagg caggatcaga    125280
     ggcagacata gcagaagaat gctaactact gacttgctaa gtctactttc ttatataagc    125340
     caggaccacc tgcccaggga attctccata gtggcctggg ctctcccaaa tcagtcatta    125400
     agaaagtaac ccatagatag gtcaattggt ggaggggatg tatcagttga gggcccctct    125460
     ttttgggcaa ctgtagtatg tgtcaagttg atagtagatg gccagcacgt gtgattgacc    125520
     cacaagctta gcccttctag aactctctct cttctaggac tcactcatcc ttaaagaaga    125580
     actcgccctg ctcctgagac ctgctctggc ctggagggga aattctgtga ggccccacct    125640
     ctttgccagg gtgaagaggt ttaattttag gggaaatacc cgctcccttg aagttgatct    125700
     aagccacttc catttttgaa cttgtttgta ataaagcttt attctgggtt aatctgtatg    125760
     cttcctatgt attatttatt aatagattct gaacctcaaa aggacaaaaa gtatttttta    125820
     ctggccactg cccagagcac cagacaccgt tcagttagac aatgacatta ttacaaaaaa    125880
     atatttcatt atctcaatag ctctctcttc tcttcaaaac tactgctgcc tgcctgacag    125940
     gagggcatgg gattctctgg aacccacagt aggtcctcag aaggtgctgg tgcccacctt    126000
     tccccttgtg tctgtgtaag tagtgcatgt tggcagacat ttattctgaa gtctaaagca    126060
     gccctgtcta actgcagttc tgaccgttcc ttttagaact aacttagcac cgagtaggaa    126120
     gcctgtctca gatgctaggt ctctagaatc actgagaaca ttttgtaaac gaggaatgag    126180
     gctgtagact gagtacaggg ggatgcagga gcaggtcaaa gggattttga catggctgtc    126240
     tgtgccatag gcacaggatg atgaacctcg agacattcct gggctggccc ttccggtcac    126300
     tctgggttgg ctggaccacg tttaggataa aaaggagcag ggacagaaag tcatgagtta    126360
     tgttctgtga acccagcttc tcccctgaag ctccaggtac cacagagctt ttctctagaa    126420
     ctaatctggt ctcatggtct tcactgctgg ggacctgcag acatgccttc gctccatgtg    126480
     cctcagggtg gagggaagga gaggacacaa gagcgcctgg tgacacacag gggtcttctc    126540
     agggcctgtt gaggtctcag tgtaggtgta agcctttcca tttctttctc acgaaacctg    126600
     ctccacccat ctcttcatct cgaacatgat gtaaactatc tctaaccctg tgttttgaaa    126660
     aagattttat taacactctc tctgtctctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc    126720
     tctgtctctg tctctctctc tctctctctc tctccctctt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    126780
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgctca cgcgcgagca agagtgcaag    126840
     tacctgtgga agccaggtac ccttggagct agagtgtcag gctaaacaca ggtgctagaa    126900
     actaatttgg atctttctgg aagagcagca aataatccca ccactgagcc atctccccag    126960
     ttccaacctt taatttatga attgtctttt agggcagaaa tggagattga ggttaaagaa    127020
     gccagcttga agctgtgtct gttggttcct ttgcctctct cccatccaag ctgtgttaac    127080
     ctggggtcca cttagctcct catcttccac actggttgtc tggagttagg gatcccccca    127140
     accccacaat gagacacctg tcccggagga ccagggaaaa ggagacctcc atttcagcaa    127200
     tgtccttggt gatttgttgt agacgaggat tggaatatgg ctgtggtctt gtcagtctct    127260
     gagaatggaa gacacgtggt agagtaaacc tctctgtgct ctgacctgct ccttgtactt    127320
     tgctgttaag aggaaggtac cactgtctcc ttttcctcac actggatggc agttgaggaa    127380
     tggtttctct gaaggactta tagatgaggg gatgtccggc ttagcctggc atcttctctc    127440
     tgaagagcaa gagccctgta atgtaaggca gagggtgcac agcccagttt taatatacag    127500
     tggtcccgaa ccccacagat gcaaaggagc tttagctgtg tgaacctagt gtcgtgggtg    127560
     cacggagctt ggatgtcctt cttggctggc acacttcgtg accttgggta agtcagctct    127620
     cctttctgtt tgccatctgc agactgtgca ggaaggacct ggatccagac tggtcttact    127680
     gaggcattgg aaggcccaaa aagcatggga agggctgggg accaggtctc aggatgctac    127740
     tgtgagaaga gaagggcttc ttccctgggt cctgtcatgc caggggggat gactagtggc    127800
     tctcactcct gggtctcagc atcatgttcc tgcccatttg tgcctgcagg aggatgaccg    127860
     ctcggggctg tcaggttgtt gggagtacag atggcctctg gcagagtgaa agggaaatgt    127920
     caatcaagag gtcggcctcc ttgcttagac ctctgagcag atgggcctga ggcagcctgg    127980
     aaagatactt cgtagttact gtgtgacaag taaggtggcc ttcagaggat cagactgtca    128040
     cctgcgtcac atctattctt taagggaggt tggtatttag gataagccag gaacacgagg    128100
     gctgtgatgt taaacagaat cagcctagcc actcatgata cagtcacacc tatagtttct    128160
     tgtcacttgc acgtgggtca tgggtgtgca gaactcttgg cccagcctac attagggtga    128220
     agcctgggga tttccagcct ctaaagttct tccctgtaca cttgagaaca ggtcacctct    128280
     ccatcaaggc agagggtgac cagtcagtct gagcctgttg gtgctataag aatggactac    128340
     acagaactgc cagccaggcc tatcctctga catcttggtt gctggaaaag agctgttccc    128400
     actcctcctg tgttgtatac cacgctgact tcaagtctgt gtaagggcgg cctttaacct    128460
     ttgttcctgc tgcctctacc ttctgagcgt tgggattata ggcatgcacc acaaacctgg    128520
     gtttaaacct agagtctcat gtatagaaaa cagtcagggt aggtactaag ctatgtctcc    128580
     agcccatact ttccctattc taatggcaag gtggagacaa atggtgtaaa atggctgaat    128640
     taagtgtctg ctgaattttt atcacttgcc tggtgtcacg ccccagatac cgcacgggct    128700
     tgtcgagttg gtgagaggct ctgggtaacc agacagaggt gaggagaaga tatgtcggag    128760
     ccaggggtga gtggcgacct cggagtatca ttctgagaat gctagagcga gtgagtacag    128820
     cagctctcag ccctcttgct cgcagtacag gactcctttc tgctttcaac aatggctgaa    128880
     gactctggtg gtttatacat atgtgtgttt cattgttcca ttagctaaaa tttaacttac    128940
     taaaaatagt gaaatatata tatatatata tgaacaaagc attcaattaa aaacaactgt    129000
     agaagcaaat aaaatttagt gagaaggact ctactttacc cttttgtatg tttctctagc    129060
     atcctgcttg atgccagcag ttggattctt gtatttgcag tcactcagtg tactacaatg    129120
     tcatatcagg tagcctctgt gaaaggacat ttgtgaggac attggagtaa aaggccagta    129180
     gtaccttaga atcaccagga atcctcacag aggagctgta gaggtctctg gggccctcag    129240
     attccttgaa taaacttgga agaaccactg agctgagccg ttctgacgtg tatttagtat    129300
     aatcctgcct gcggttatca ctgaattgta aatgtcacca tgaactagca gacatactgt    129360
     tatggggaat ttcttataca taagtggggc caatctctac aaggattccc atataaccca    129420
     tgcagcagca aagccattgt gccttctgta gaggggtccc ctaccttctc ttgtggccag    129480
     agggagccct gaaaatcttt tcctgtatat cggtctgcag cactgtcata ggctatgtac    129540
     acatgcactg atatgcaaat tatgttgatt agctgtcacc ttgcctcatc ttgccaccat    129600
     cttgtctcct tggtgtcttt gagaggcaga gatgtggtgt ggtcataaat cagtgtggag    129660
     ggcttcacac ttagatctaa actttgcctg agtttcttgt ctgagatctg tggcaggggg    129720
     aagctggaga agtagctttg gtttgacagg ttcaggagca ttgtggggag ctttgaggtt    129780
     caggaggggc caagacagga gcccaggact ttgtctacct agcaggagat atgaaagcca    129840
     tgtgacagcc agctggcgct cccaggcatc ttcccctctg ccttttgtgg agtccagaag    129900
     ccataatgca ggcactaggc tgaacgctgc ggcaagctgc tgtgttggca tgcggtttgg    129960
     aagcccttca tacttagccc tctattaaac acctggtatg ttttgaacag cagtctgttt    130020
     cccccatcat ctccaaggga aaataaaaat aagagaaccc aggacagtgg gggccatggc    130080
     tctgcctttc agtgtggtag aaccgtcact cctttttaga ggtcactgat ttgtggtctt    130140
     cggtggatga caggggactg agagtcagct caggaacctg acaggccagt agctgtagac    130200
     tagcggacaa gtatctgtgt ccgatagggt cagagtcagt cagagcccga ggaaacatgg    130260
     tggcagctaa aagctagcat gctgtttcac aggtttgagg tgggtttatg gaatgttgga    130320
     catatactga gtccaaaagt tagtgataac gaggaacact gtcaattaag cagaagagga    130380
     gggacatccg ttccggaagc tgattctcgg ccccactgaa caaacatgtt cttttaaaaa    130440
     tgatttgctt tttattccat gtgtgggggc gttttgcttg catgtatgta tgtgacccac    130500
     atctgtgctt ggtgcctgtg gaaatcagaa gaggttgtca gatcccctga aactgtgagt    130560
     catgttatag ttactaggaa gcaaattcag accttctgca ggagcaacaa gtgctcttaa    130620
     ctgctgagcc aactctccag cccccatctt gtctttttaa accattcttg atgttcctat    130680
     aggtagtgag aactactgtt cactcaacaa gtatttggca agcggttctg atgtgccaac    130740
     attattgtat gtgtgtcaat agttacatca gtgaacaaat ctaacaagaa attttgccca    130800
     ctgggagctt gtgctttcct ggaagaaaat aaaggagggc ggcggggggg gggggggaag    130860
     agtggatatg tagtgttagc tgcagagggg gagtaaatgg aaggaaggct gtagatgatt    130920
     caagatgagg ccacggtttc aaatagaaga cgcagtgaaa gtccatttga gcagatgata    130980
     ttggatcaaa gacagaccca gggtgattca atacattctg gacacatccg ggaaaggaca    131040
     ttcaagggct gaggaaacag caggtgccaa gagaatgtgg ggaacagaga ggaggcaggt    131100
     gtggccagag tcctttgagg taaaatgagg acaatgagca atggaggaga gaaaaaaaaa    131160
     aaaaacaaca acaacaacgc ttaaggcctc ataggtgtca ttgggctgta tatggctttc    131220
     tctcctggtg aaacgcggag ctcttgtggc tttgagcaaa gaggggtcac agtatggtta    131280
     tgtcttaaag aatagtatgc ttccaatgat ggtaggatca aagatctcgg gctggtccgg    131340
     gtgtggtggc acatgccttt agccctaaag ctctggggaa cacaggcaga aggatctctg    131400
     ggaggtttct gtttttgttt ctttgtgaca agttttacta tgcagccgtg actagtctgg    131460
     aacttactag gtagaccagg ctggccttga actctcaact aaccaggacc acagacagca    131520
     ttctgcctga ccctctcttc tttctgtact gtgagatggt gtaacttgct cacttagaag    131580
     cgtcaaagat gtaaggaaag tcatgggacc cttgcgactg ttccaggctg agagccctgg    131640
     cttaccaagt accgacatac tcatatttcc tctcagctca ccctggatct cctccacttg    131700
     aactctctgc ttctagagcc aggttgggag gaatggcagg cctgaggtca tttcgcccct    131760
     tgacagttta ccacctggtg tatgaacacg gcactttcaa cagtatgcct taggaagtat    131820
     ctttggctgc gctggtcctt gtacactcag tgtgggtggt tagctctgtg ccaagcctga    131880
     cgttgtcctc ttccacaccc acctcagcgg ggctccaagt tgcttcctct ggcatgccca    131940
     accccatgcc aatccattgt ttgcaaatcc ccctcttttt ctgccagtag tccgagctgc    132000
     tctttctaga ctgtgtcttt agcttctgga tttctcctta aaagttggcc ttcgggggcc    132060
     ttcctgtgaa gctgaggtca ttcttgcccg caagtgacct ggagaattag gcaacaacag    132120
     cagggaattc caggccgatg agggaggctg gatattgcta tctctgctgg catcgtggca    132180
     tgaggccttg atcgatgtga tggaggtagg gtcatactga cctgtacaga tctgaggatg    132240
     ggacggctaa tgaccaccac tgtctagctc tcttggtgaa gagctccact cttggctcgt    132300
     aaccaacagc tttttgatta cagacctggg agacagcaat ttggagcact tggcccattc    132360
     ctgtttcagg cataaagctc aggtctgggt atctctgaat ccataggtgc ttggagcatc    132420
     cttctacatg aaggaagaaa agtgccccac ccctgtctgc atcttgttct ccctgcttat    132480
     tcctcactaa gtagtggggg aggtggaatg ttagcaagga ctagagagtc ctgtaccctg    132540
     ctcgtgtttc ctcccacacc tgtcccttct caggtaatca agcctcctcc attctgtggt    132600
     agctgggcag caggtctcct tggggactcc tttgcagata gtgcagcagc ttcaatgtag    132660
     tcttgtctca tccagagatg ccacggtaca gcctaggggc agtggattga agccagaagt    132720
     gaggagagag gtctgggttg ggctctgtgg gctctgcctt ttattttgtt ttgttttgtt    132780
     ttgtttttct gaactaccca tggttcccct cactatcacc accaaccaag ccctatctac    132840
     tccccaaggg gagatgtgga tgggcttggt catggtgtgc ttcttggagg ctctttgctt    132900
     ccctgtgaat ttctacaaga ccctgtactg tttcacttgc tgtctgccct ctctctgtac    132960
     cctgctccgt gcagtgatgg catcagaact cccacactac atctggcagt gtgaggagtt    133020
     aaatgcctca tccctgggct tcgtggacag aataacagtt ttccagatct gctaccaaag    133080
     agctctagag cagaggctgc tgggagaaat ggacaggaag gcgggcacaa tggacgtgcc    133140
     atcagaggct cggagcctcc tttccccagt gcagccggcc tcgctttccc cttctgtctt    133200
     tagaatgagt ctcttaggcg tgctttttgg agatggcatt gagctgctcg ttgcgtgacc    133260
     atatggtctc attatcccgt acaaaacctg ggttggagca ttagcaactg gcaggggtcc    133320
     ggagtaatta aactaggtta ttgatccagg ggcatggagc ccttgggcac actccaacct    133380
     ttgacacctg ctcttacccc ctctgccttc tccactattc caatagtcct ccagacacac    133440
     ttgctacgtg gggcttggtg tttgaggtcc atgcttgcca gagttggatg tggtttttat    133500
     gtcccttccc cctttgtgga agacatattg gggtcagaca gaagcagggg ctgtcgtggt    133560
     ctgggagtga aaatagactt ggctctgttg tgctgagtga gaaaccttgg gcctggcttt    133620
     ctatgaggca gaagattaaa aacaagatct tcccacttca gtgaacatca caaacaccca    133680
     gtaagacact gtgaagccct tagcaaaacg cggagttaat gtgttaagag acctgagatg    133740
     gagggggagg ctggggaagg gcaggggctt ggaatcggag ggacctgggt ccctctgtcc    133800
     ctgcaggctg tgacacgtga gctatgaact tctcattctt agcttctctt tgtgcatctg    133860
     tgtgctgagg gataaaaact aatggggcca gttcctaaga cccagtaatg acaagagcgt    133920
     ctatgagttt caaattctta ttaggtctgt gggctgagct cttttcctct tgaagcctct    133980
     ggggagtgaa ggagaatctt cagtgctgtg tggctttgta ggattttttt gtcttctttt    134040
     gctttgtatc gtatctctac aagaggggga cttccagtgg gcattgtctc tcgccatgct    134100
     ctgaagcccg gcctgtcccc tggctgtggg tacttacagg gaattatggt agaagtggcc    134160
     tgtgggtttg gctgagtttc ctcccgtctg ttcactccca cagcaagcac attaggtgca    134220
     ggttgcatgt gtccaaacca atctgggctt ctgactactt acataggcat ggtaaggtgt    134280
     cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgatgc acacatgtaa aagcacagag ctgaagaagc    134340
     ttgcagtcat tttagtgcac ctgtagtgta tctgtgacca gctagagttc agaaatggaa    134400
     ctttctgctt gtggcctcat ggtggttctc aaaacccttt tggcttttgg gccatctcag    134460
     gtctccagag tttgtattac agatgctcaa cctgtatatc tgatccctat ccttggcagg    134520
     gctgatactt gctgtctcaa taaacccata agttgaatag tgtaactcct tcaacacagc    134580
     ccacagacag cattgcattg cccattgtac agatgagaaa ctgagactta gtctgggggt    134640
     tgggggaagg aaccagaatg aatgtttagc tctggtctgg gcttgaggct aagtccaggg    134700
     gaagaaacta aaccataaaa ggggacaccc attgtcctgg aactcttttg tccagggtct    134760
     gtagagaatg cttggagccc gttttccctc tcccactgag gaggaggagt aggagaggga    134820
     ggaaggagaa gggggcgaga atgtctctaa ctttgggatt cttgcagtgt gacttgttta    134880
     agagcactgc ctactttgtg accaggagga aatctcatcc tatggctgcc ctgcttctct    134940
     ggcagactat tcctttggtc tcagatcact gccatatatc tgacacggtt caggtttatt    135000
     gcatgtaaag tgatgagagg gttttttaaa gataggaggt ttgtgccctc tcacatcatt    135060
     gatgggtaaa aaggagcagg tttttaggat ctttgggtct ctgctggaat ggtaacgata    135120
     tgggcctcca tttttgaaca gcgtatgtgt tttctaagga cccgtttgtt ttcctctgtc    135180
     actgaacctt gatatgctcc aaaatttctc aatcatatgg tttctggaga gggagatgct    135240
     gggaaggggt tgacttgctt cctctgaaga gtcagctttc aaggatatgg ctggggtgaa    135300
     cagaggcaga gccaaaagca ggctgagaag cctggggttc tggcagggtt catattccta    135360
     ggatcaaagc tcagagctct tgattgatgc tgatcctctc ataggtggcc ccagcagcct    135420
     tggttccaga ggatgtgtgg cttcctatcc tacactttga gtggctgcat agaagatgcc    135480
     cctgggcagt ctggggaatg taggagacct tgtgtttgaa gggggattat caagggaaca    135540
     ctcatggagt ctgttgtctt gggagggttc caccatggcc tctcttcctg tgagtgtcct    135600
     gggtagtggg ccagtagagt tgtgggcagc tagggaaggc tgcagtgagg acttccaggg    135660
     ctggaggttg ctaggcagtg aggaggtttc ccagggagat tgtggataga aacaccatct    135720
     gctaaagatg atttagttcc ggaagaggca agggaaagaa cggaatggtc cttgctgtcc    135780
     cactcaatct tacactgcac attcgtgctg agtattctgg ccaaacttca gctaggcaga    135840
     tctgagggtc ctgtaaataa atggtctagg tgttccagcc ctagccttct cttggctgtc    135900
     ctggtggcat gtgctgaaag ctcctgtgtt gagcaagggc gatagatata tgactaatca    135960
     cttaggcttt atcgaaacac caacagttgc aaaatgcctc cacctctaca cagggaaggg    136020
     tgaacaatga gaaaaatgac ttcaatacaa gaaacacatt ctgtggaggg tgaatccaaa    136080
     aatcagggag ggaacagtgg ggatcaggat gtcatgtaca gactggctga aacaaatcag    136140
     ctagactagc tctgccccat gctaccatcc acatgggaac cttaggagtc agtaggctgc    136200
     tggtggcccc gtgccagtga agtccctggc tttgactgcg gggagagcag ttctgagtgc    136260
     ctggtttctg gatctggaaa cacactcagc cctctaggac agaggatgtt gggcagatat    136320
     tttgagatgt ggtgtctttt taggagatgg tcagtcaccc ggtacttccc tacctagact    136380
     cctagctaaa cgtcatactg aacatctgca tctagtgtcc aattggtgtc acaagaagat    136440
     gcattatcta tgcagctgag gaatcaaagg gcatctttgc agagaataaa gaaagcaaag    136500
     acgacaggag gtgccatttt gcacggacat cattaccatc ccaaggtcca aaggcacaag    136560
     gacagaaaac catgcttctg gtattttatg agaacaggat aagaaggagg gaccataagg    136620
     tgaaaacttt ggttgttgtt cagaacttaa caccaaatta gtgcgtgtca tgttcagtat    136680
     agcttctcat tgctcaaaca gaatccagag tatcgaggga ccacaccaat gttgatagac    136740
     cacagaccaa ggaggggaaa agaggcaagt gcgtgctagg ctggcaagat tgtgttgatt    136800
     taatctaaac ccctctagaa agtgcatcct gagatggagt gctccccact tccaaattat    136860
     tctgttttca ggctttccct gtgtgcttgc aaaacatact gaacaaatca tccgggcctc    136920
     agaaaagtct tcatggcatt agttctctga gaccacagcc ttctgagggc agagacagag    136980
     ccacttactg cccgctattg tgagggacct taaccccctc tcccccccct ccatcagctt    137040
     ctgcggtgct cagagatctc agggcctgtg acctccttga aagccctcag gctggcttat    137100
     tggcacagct ggcggtcttg tcacatgacc tgagtctctg gtgagagaat aggagagacc    137160
     gtgaggaaat gagggaggaa cactcaaggc tgatgaaggg ctttatacag gaagtcatag    137220
     tcctgaagga cccgaggctg aggactgtgg gagcaggggc agctggcaca tcgctggact    137280
     ttccttgggc taaggagagc catggatctg caggatcagg cagggctcct catctcctaa    137340
     ggcctttcat cctggtgcca tggtgtctct tgtcgtcaac tgcagatctg caggtgttct    137400
     tccccttccc ccaccaggaa gtcccagtcc actcaagaag agcaggtgac atcgttagca    137460
     tgcttgagag actggcattg ccagcgagtg ggggttgctg gcagagtgag aaccagatgc    137520
     ttgcttggtg gcttactgct cactctccag gcgctgggcc ccatgttcag gacagactct    137580
     gtgcttttgt ccatcccttc ctcttccagc aggaccagaa gagggacatg tgtttaccat    137640
     gttgctctca acagatcatg tcaggggaag aacactcctt aagaaggaaa tctcctaaga    137700
     gaagtgtcag cccggagcag ccacttcata gtgtaattta ttcaacatct aagacctttg    137760
     gtttctcagc ctccaggtag ggagaggagg agtatctgca ggagggagca ggtggagagt    137820
     tcaatgatct tcagtggcag gtactgagga cctgtgcttc ttcaagaaat gtcttgggga    137880
     agcatcccca caggttgctg gagacatggg atgctggtgg ggccaccaag gcagcaaaca    137940
     acctccaagt attaagttgc ttcctatgta gctttcttct tcgtggcact gggtcatcat    138000
     tctatagacc ctattctaag ctgcccccca acctgatgaa ctgaggacct gcggcatccg    138060
     ttcagaagtc aggagcatgt ctgagaagtt tcaacaagga cacccaggat gcttcatctg    138120
     tcacttgggc agtagtctca aggatccata agttggtggc ctctcagttc agctttgcaa    138180
     gggtaacaat agctatgatg tctaacagta aaccctacca gttacagata ctgtttgtac    138240
     attattctaa tgctcctgat gactgtccac cactgatatt tgcctatttt ctctttgata    138300
     aggagacagg attatataac tctgggacct tgcccaaggc cacctgacta ggagcccata    138360
     gaactagacc gatttgactc taggatatac tattgtaagc cgtgaagcca gtttctttgc    138420
     agagtgagtg acagtggcca tgctcaacag attcccagaa gatgggggtg gggagaattg    138480
     cctggcacag tggcccctag ctggcatgag gtaccctttc tggctgcagt tctaagattt    138540
     ggggatggga tgaacatcct tgtcagtaga ctgaccccct agaccagcat gctggcatgc    138600
     ttggctggca ccctctgcag tcttcctcca gtgttcatgg cctcttgatg gagtgacaac    138660
     tgtgattcag cgctggcacc cgtggcagca gagacgtagt gaaatgggag aaaggattgt    138720
     aattatctct taacacatct ccacattgct ctgctgtcag ggcggttttg ttttctgatt    138780
     tattttgatc tgcttagaaa ttagttgctg cagtgcactg agtatgtaat ccatgtcccg    138840
     tgaactcgca gccatcagct caacgaaagc ccagcaacac atggctttct tttcttgcct    138900
     ttccttggtt tctgtgaggc tgtgtgtgtc tgttgactgt ctttctgtct ttctgccatg    138960
     actcctcgtc gtacctaatg atcttgtccg ccaacctttc tggagggctc gttcccatag    139020
     tgagcttacc acctgaattg tgttgctctg cttgtcctcc ttcacattct cagccttctc    139080
     tggtcctctc ttgctgcctc tgcagacacc ccttcttgct gtccacccca caggcagctc    139140
     ccccactctg ttctggcatg ccaagttttc ctggggaggt gagagcaaac atctcatcat    139200
     cccagatggg caccagcaac aggcgaagtc tgattccacc aaggctagct tggtgagaag    139260
     agtgagctta tggggctttc ttgcaaatca caggtgacgg gttagctctg gtgactccca    139320
     aatagtacat cacggcagag tcccagccca tcgagatgaa gacctcatgg aagttgaatt    139380
     atagcatcct gctttcaatt aaccttcaac ctctgaatta cactagcgtc tctccagacc    139440
     acttgccgct gcttgagtgg gtaaaggctg gaattttaag tgcatgtctt gagacttttc    139500
     catcttccat ctaccaggga gtgtctgtag ttcccactat tactatagac ctggatataa    139560
     ttgtattttt ctcctctagt tgccatgact actaggacaa aatccaagat ggcatcttat    139620
     tatgcccaga ggaaaaagta ccacacagca cagccccaca cagccctggt tttcaccaag    139680
     gatgtgctgc cacctctgtc tgtattaatg agaagccatg ttccatggag cagcatgggg    139740
     ctgactctga cagcctcggc actgctgtat cctgggataa ctctctgaga aggtggcagt    139800
     ctctgactgt gtttattgct tttctaatga tcaggccaag atgagaagga agcccacttg    139860
     ctgcagggaa gtctcggtgt agagaagaga agtgaccctg taggtggagg ggcccagtgt    139920
     ttccagaggt ggcatttatc acaaaccttc ctttgagggg ttcaccccca atggatgctt    139980
     agccaagcag aatcttagga gccaaaggaa gctacagatg gctacattct cagagtggaa    140040
     actcaggcct gaagatttcc attgaaccat gattttccct gcctgtttgt tccagctact    140100
     gaggccacca atatagcaaa tgatgccacc caagtctagc aatgggttct tacttacagg    140160
     ggcatgggta gcttgatgcc aaactgcact actgagcaat ttcagggcag caacatttct    140220
     gaagagaccc attccagcac ctgcttacct ctgattacct cagatgagga tgttgggctc    140280
     ctgaggatgt tggtggcctg tgagcctctc cttcatgggc atgccaatgg gccgtgtcta    140340
     ctggatgtct cattctccta tatgatggca atggtcaagt ccaatcaaga ggtaatacac    140400
     tctgctttcc ttctggtaag accttcagca gtgcagtaaa taccttggat caagtgcatg    140460
     gggaagagat ggtgacccag acctcacctg ctgtacttct cctgattact caggacaacc    140520
     cttaggcatc tgtctaggat tctgagaggg atgtggtgag aagacattgt ggccagggca    140580
     ggtgagtcga tgcgtccatc cggaagcaca cacttacttg gcagagagca gttctgtgaa    140640
     ggatggggct cccaacagaa ttgttgccga ttggggaact attcggagag acaagaaata    140700
     tagcataagc ttagcttaag tatacaggag cgggaacagg gatgatgcaa gggttgtgtg    140760
     gaaactaggt gctctaatca gaacaccgaa gaccacaggg accagtgaaa atctctaaat    140820
     gtggctcttc agtgaaatca tgtagagtct tcaaacccta acacctctgt atggcttaag    140880
     tttcaacaca tcgcaagtta ctggaaaact ctgctgtcag gtactatgcc tagtacctag    140940
     agtgcttgca cacagtaaat caatcaaata catatacata tacatataca tatacatata    141000
     catatacata tacatataca tatacatata catatacata tacatggaca cacatatttg    141060
     cagaatgaat gcaagttaga aaggcaacaa cacagttcaa gaggtttcag aagtgggctt    141120
     atagagatag actaggtctg tatgatatga taaggaaccc aaaccttggg gaagaagctg    141180
     tttccgtgga aatcagatgg caggagaatc agatttgaga gttaggacta atcagcctta    141240
     gaggcggaag gacagacctg ggtggggaac aggacatggc agctccaggt cccagcgggg    141300
     gtgcaggtgg atgagcaagc agacagctgt tgagtagttg catcaacact ggcagaccta    141360
     gcccagctga ggtcctaagg gaagtcggga gatttcctgt ggatctttaa cacacatacc    141420
     aagtgtcaga tgacatattg atggggaggg ggcagtgcca ttatagtgct aataattagt    141480
     ctaccactta atgggggcca catgagggaa ttacacactt tctcggtctg tctcttccaa    141540
     taacttctag gcagtttcct tgatatgatt ttaatagatt cacgtgcatt aaaatcccct    141600
     caataaatgt atagggcagc attcctttct atgcccagga ataagtcatt tatcaatctc    141660
     tgccatttgg gtggtgctag acaaacggtg atgttcgctt atccaccctg gtatgccgtt    141720
     attctctgcc atggaatctc tcaggcaagg aactgtctga ataaatgttt ttctgatatg    141780
     gagtaattta tcctagatca tagcttgacc tcagcaggcc aacagcagcc cgggcaaccc    141840
     tgtctgtgca gcagctttag gggaggtcac tctcaacttt ctcccaccac ccagaaagga    141900
     gagccaagcc tgtgcagggg ctgatggaga acatgaatgc tctctgtata cagcgtgtca    141960
     gccagctatg ccctgagctt gctgctaccc tgtccctcct atcttgaagg aacactgact    142020
     ataaggctat agcaagtctc agtggatttt ggttttcttt agcttggcca tctgctttga    142080
     gacacttcct catgctgcta acggatttga gtgtattcaa gtcacatgat atttaagtgt    142140
     ggccttggga tgggcctaag aacttgagat gccactgagt gccaaggttc ctcatctctt    142200
     tctgcctact tatccttaac cctgttggct gtttgtactc agacctactt tctgttggtt    142260
     gccgggaggt ggacataggt ccagcatcat aaccttttcc aaggcaggaa taacaaagaa    142320
     agtattggtg tcagcaacac tctgccttct gttttcccag aagccctgat aagataacat    142380
     cacctgaact tcagcgtgcc ccaggatccc ttgggagaac cttaaaatac aggtttcgac    142440
     acagcagatc tactagggag cctgaaactc tgcattttga ccgaacgcag agagcgagac    142500
     aggactgctg gaagctggat ccttttgagc agcaaggcag aaaagctttt ctttcatctt    142560
     gtggccagaa ttcactcaca gagtaacaag catctgtgaa ggacagggac agtgccctgt    142620
     gcccttttca gctttgatat cagagcacca aaatgagaaa gctgcaagaa gaaggttcaa    142680
     tggtagccag tcagtgttag ccacagaagc cggctgcaaa ggcgctagtc acaaaggggg    142740
     cctcagaaga gctaagattc ctcctccatc ctgtcccacc cagcccacgt gatgtaagcc    142800
     agtctgtctt acaagttcac cagagcaggg ttcttattta gggaacctca ttagcatcaa    142860
     ccagagcctg acacagtaga tgttgaaaac caataaatgt tggttagcag cacgctgtgt    142920
     tgagcctgcc tttcagactt tatggggatc cagtttgccc agggaatctg gttaaaatgt    142980
     agattttggg ctcatcagat ccagaatggg gatccaggat gtcacgttta gagctagctc    143040
     ccaatggagg atgctgtcac caatcttgtc ttctacttct agtggaaaga tcccaggacg    143100
     tacaaaacca agtcaagcag gacccattct gctaagcggg atgctgtggc taagcttgcc    143160
     ggcagaccct agacctgggc ctcgtggttg ggagtggggt ggggatgagc ctggcatccc    143220
     tggctttctc cacatctgtg gcaccaaaag gaacatttga aatagaggcc taccaggtag    143280
     tagttcccag cctcctctgg ggctgggttt ctagaacagg ctctcagccc tggccttagg    143340
     gaatgttgcc tgagggacct ggagaccatg ctgttcagct gtttgagctg tgattgaggg    143400
     cagcaagctg cataggagga ccaaaaatga agaaaaaaaa atttttttgg taaacatttg    143460
     ttcctatggg gaaaaaaacc tgaattctca aaaatggatt ttttttttaa atcaggaact    143520
     gagttactgg aatttttctg aattagaagc caaacaaaaa gttttgtgtg gtttttagtt    143580
     acacaagaga ctgctgccag gatggaatga atgagaagag ctgccgaaag aacagtcagc    143640
     aagaaggcat ggggacctta gggtggtgtg aggagcacct gggtgcccag tccatgtgta    143700
     ggctgcgact gccagtattc cagggacaga cccatgcacc catcttcttg ccgggatcaa    143760
     aaggaaaaat taattgtgag gcttgcttgt gtcagacatg tacacatgca agccattatc    143820
     gttgctttgt aaatgaccat aatttaggtc ttggccctct agggggtcct gttttatttg    143880
     cccgcctgtc tgtctgagct ccatgcagcc ataaaaagtt caactttact tttgtgttag    143940
     cctgcagctg agccataatt agcatccttg ggcgatcccc ccaacttcat gtttctcagg    144000
     gtatagcttc cttctagccg tcttccttac ccacagcacg gtctcctgag ttttccagac    144060
     tgttctctgg taagatctct ccagtctcct gccagcctgg cttctctcta ggtcccctgc    144120
     aaggcaatag ccactaattg atagcagaag cttgctctct gtccccattc cctctctagc    144180
     aaccgcctct acccctccag tccacctaag tatgcttacc cagcgggagc ttcgtgaaga    144240
     ccctaggact tggatggggc ttggatggct caaacctttt ctccaatatc accacaaagc    144300
     cagccaagat gagctgccat ggaagattta cagtggacaa acactacacc taaatctttc    144360
     tgacccccct ccccaaaagc agttggtttt accagcacca ggctggttgg acccacttag    144420
     gaaggaagga aaggcagggt ggtccagggc ctgaacgcca aggaaaccgt caccatcttt    144480
     ctgacggctt gtgctggcag tatataggat cttcttggac atctcactcc tggcagttcc    144540
     ctcccccagg tggcttgacc cagttctagg agaggctgtg ttctggggct tcagtgaaat    144600
     acctaaagcg agacttccac tgtcttccca gcccccagct tccttctcgc tcttctgttt    144660
     ggaactcttg ggtgtcatta tttctgctcg tttcttgacc tgttgcttgt gtgtgccttc    144720
     caggcaggcc ttttgctgga ggatgagaag tatgaacttt ggagtcccaa gaataccaca    144780
     gtgggggaga aggggtcagt cttttcccac tggggctggg gtgtggcttt gaaactgcgc    144840
     cgtgtttcag gatttcgtgt gtttaaacca tcacctttta gggctccagc tgcctccttt    144900
     tataaccaga aggcagaggc ctgcagaggt cttcagtgtc tgggctctag cttaagctaa    144960
     catctcgatg aatccctgct gaaggctaga gtaagaatga ccatttacca agagctgggc    145020
     ccttgacatt tgtacttagc catttctggt tttgcatgtc ctttgtcacc acagaaagcc    145080
     ttggcaccag gctagcctgt ctgcctttgc ctttagaact ggagtcaaag ctcacctaga    145140
     ccagcaggat tggctggctg tttgcatggg gatggagcac aaaataggaa cctcctgctc    145200
     tttggtaaag gtcaggggat gccctgcgtt ctggtattaa tggaagagaa ttcttttgag    145260
     tgaatcgaac agatgagaag atgccagaag caggatggca gataagaagg acccctgtga    145320
     gccttcatca gtgatgggag gctgttgaca cagcagtctc tctggcttcg aggtggattt    145380
     tctcagagtg gccagaatcg ggtgtcacag tctttgacct atgagctccc tagcaggtgg    145440
     cgggtggcaa gtgcacagaa gagttaccta actctcaaaa tccacagagc agctcttttc    145500
     tgaaagcatt gcccaggggt ggtcttgatt tctttgttgt gctttctttc actaaaggac    145560
     taaaggacgg gacagcggat agtgtattgc tgctcagttc cttaagaatg tactgtggct    145620
     agcatttgcc aacaaatgtt gatagtgaat ttcccttata cctctgtcct aagggcttga    145680
     caatcccagt gggacattaa gcagatttaa aattcttgtt ttctggggag aaaattcaaa    145740
     gttgtggggg gcggggtcag ggtcatataa gcaatttgaa tgctgtatgg ttgaccagta    145800
     tacaaaggag acaccaggat acagatgcag ggagtgctac aggagcctcc cccatccccc    145860
     caccccctcc gtggcagccc tcctgcctca gctggggaca caggtgtgga cactattggt    145920
     ggcttgattt cctggttctt tttactcctt tctcccttct tccccaggaa tgctctaggg    145980
     tggggagaat ctgagaatgg atccccttct cgcttggctt cttcagggga gagaaagagc    146040
     caagaaccga gtcaacctct tacattagga ctgcgatcca aacatctgtg ctttcacggt    146100
     tgtctctgag gtagttctgt gcagaataca cttccacaga aactttgcac tagaaatgaa    146160
     tgtgacttgt ttgtccctgg gatttaggaa gattgagtcc acagagccag caccctgagt    146220
     ggttgctttg tcccctatgg tccccctttg gtcttaccat gaaaagcttg gtaattcaat    146280
     ggccaggtgc tattgacagc gaccctgtgg gatttttttt ttacattaat atttctgatc    146340
     tgtggtcagg ccctataacc atccaggctc tttaaacaag aattaccaga ccctctgtct    146400
     gatttggacc atctggcttc gggtcacctg tagcgttcat tggccacagg ttcttggtgg    146460
     ctctgggcat agctggatag tccgcgtttc taaccagctt gtgatcaggc cgagcggctg    146520
     gactcagatc acactgcttg actaagttgg actctccaca gacatgacct gggcatcaag    146580
     aatctcttta aattcccctg tgactccagt gaccacctgt tgctaaaaaa ccatttcaaa    146640
     tcaccaactg atcacctcgt ctggtatgca ttctgtggtc ttgttgttca gggtctgtgt    146700
     tgtgagtgac aggacctcta gaagttccat tgctcatgag agaccaatgg gaagaattag    146760
     gatgtctatg aattgagttt ctttgattaa gtatgcaccc aatgtgtccc ctatgggaag    146820
     agaagtcctg gatagtgggc agagtgatca tgagccaaaa caagaactag cttgctctct    146880
     tgttgtgctt ggtggcagac agactagagg aaggttatgt gcatctgaaa taagagctct    146940
     cagcggtcag caagtggtac ctctccagga gaatgtgtca ggccattgta cctagtggtc    147000
     atcctgagtt ttcttgactg cctagcgatg gcgtagctgg aggcaggaag ccagctacct    147060
     ccagaagcaa cattagagtt atcagaaact cagtttttaa atgaaaagct acaggtcagg    147120
     catagagaag aactaaaata tctaataagt gtgtgctcgc ctcaaccgtg tttctccgag    147180
     tgtatttaga cctatactga gtatgtgcaa tgtgcctgca gtgctgggca gtgagtccct    147240
     gtcattaggg agacatctgt gctcacagag gctgctgacc tggccatgtg ggtgatgctc    147300
     caaggcaccg gagtccgtga gataacgtct ttaggatcct gagtggttag ccgagatact    147360
     gtttacaaag gagcagctct tctcttttga tactctgtgc tcataccgag cccaagcgac    147420
     tcttgaccgg taagaggaca tttgtgtcga ggcatataga atcactaaac gcttgccttt    147480
     agaggtcacc caatccaggc catttgctct gagcaagaag ataccaaatc tacacagggt    147540
     aagctataga tgtgtggcta tatgtgtgtg gccctctggc agtgaagctg gatgccaagc    147600
     agcttccctg aggacccacc cagtccttca ccttccttgc caccttcaga gaaatgaagc    147660
     cagctcagga aacgtatctg ggtccttagg accaggggcc ctccctctga agagttaatg    147720
     ttttaattgg cccagcagag ctgaagtctg catgtgggta agcgagcaca ggtggagaag    147780
     cagcagcaga agagaacctt ctggccagca cctgctacct cagcagatgc cacagcaaat    147840
     ggggactggg gactgactgt gaccaagggg aagggaggga ttcagtggca ttgtcctctg    147900
     ggtcctctat gggcagcagg gcagatgtat acttttagag agggatgggc tgactttttc    147960
     tgcaaacccc atgatggggc attccctggg gaagccatgg gtcaaatacc ctaagagaaa    148020
     aggctggtgg gggatagaga aatggctttg caacaaagaa atgagctggg ctgagaagtt    148080
     tccccaccta actacccaga cctgggaagg tgaccgcaag gcagggtgag atgccatgga    148140
     agctctggtg ggagtttggt cagttgggct gtccgtgggg agtggccaga ggagcttgtg    148200
     tgcctgactt tattaaggag accggctcag ggctgtgctc ccagggcccc tcctgcataa    148260
     ctcggggttc ctctgcctag tgtcacgagg aatgagaaaa gccgagaact tgaagcagtg    148320
     tgtagttttg gccttttctg gagcagctgc ccctgctaca ggggtctgag gagaactcca    148380
     ggacctggat tacagtatga actgtgtgtg gcagttttct atggggtgca ggcctgcctt    148440
     gccgactcct gtgagagagc cttctctggc ctgcgtgagt caggagattc atgaaataaa    148500
     ggggtctata gactggattt aaggcccctt ggtttgacca gttgccaacc atgcgcacga    148560
     gacttttaag caagggaatc ccacctcctc tgcgttatga ggtagtactg agtgttatca    148620
     cagagtgggt tcacagactg tgcagtagct gaagcaccta ggaatgtgtc ttgtccaaga    148680
     ggctcttaga tggtagccat tatgaaaaca agaatacttt gtttgaagaa aaaaaaaagt    148740
     aaaatggaag ttatttatga ggggtctcaa cgtggaaccg gacagggaat tttcaaagag    148800
     cccttggctc cccttgtagc ccacacatag aacttgccag caccacctac tggtagcctg    148860
     tgggaactgc aagtcccttc agcaggggca ggacaaggtg ttggtggaga ggggaggaac    148920
     ctggtggttt gcaccccttt agattacttg aaacgggggg gggtgcatgt aaagaggtta    148980
     gagtctggag acttttggtc ttgttctccg tgtaaataga tttttattaa aatgtgtcac    149040
     ttggctggca aaagctggac acaatgccca tggcagcatt tggcagcact ttctcaggat    149100
     agccctggct atcctgtccc agaagcaacg ggggttccag aggcactgct cacctccatc    149160
     tcaactggcc tttgttttct tcatggcagt gacacacaag ccaaatgaag aatggtccca    149220
     ttcagtctcc tcccccattc agtctcctcc ccttcccccc acctctccgc ccacactttc    149280
     ctccaccctc ctttttcctt ctgccctctc cccttctccc tccttcctct cccactccgt    149340
     tcccaggctc ccttacttct tccaccgtct ctcctcccct cccccctggc tctccatcca    149400
     tccggtcggt ctgctctcgt tccctccctc acacctcttc caccatgtct tatctggatt    149460
     ctcacagcca ccatcagtca gagatccctc acatacacac agctccactg ggtcttccca    149520
     gtctgctctg ccccagcggc ccctttcaca ggtgcatctc cactctcacc ctcccgccct    149580
     cttcttattt tctgctagca aacccccaac acctcaaact attcgcttga aattcctgtg    149640
     cagcccttct tcctctttgc ctaacccatc tcaaatgcct tgccattacc acctccggca    149700
     cccattaaag tttcttttag agttagttct tcctccaggg tgcttctgtg gccactcatc    149760
     agcccagcac ccttactgtg gtctcagagc ccctactatg cctgtcatat gtcatgggtg    149820
     gcctttctgt gtacccttgt ctctcttcct agcacaaggg agttttttgt agctctcttt    149880
     actcccagtt cctagcagaa tcccctaacg tagtaaccgt tcactgaatg gctgtggatc    149940
     cggacgattc tggctggcct tgagatgctg aacaggcaat aagggggcaa gcgatatcaa    150000
     gagaatctag tacctgccgt gtgctcggga cagacctgtt gtgagcatcg tgtgatgtaa    150060
     tgtgatcaca cacggattgg cactgccagt gtggcaggtg actgggaagg gccattcctt    150120
     cccagaaccc acagcctgac ctccgggcat gtgtcctttc gtttctttct gatcatgcca    150180
     cctccttagc cccgtgatag gaaacagcct ctgctaaaac caagagaatg gaagagatgt    150240
     cacatgccag agtggccggg aaaatgaggt tactcatcag gtgtcatcaa aatggatgat    150300
     ctgttccctg tgccttcagg acgggaaaat gaaaagggaa cgggaaggta tgttgacaga    150360
     tggggagtga acgcaagtgt ttgtccatgc taatggagtg gggagatgat gggcacgctg    150420
     ctctaatggg cgaggaacag ttactcagct gtaaaaccca gaggcagaag acgccagagc    150480
     ccctggctgc aaacagtggc tgaagcatcc ccacagcagt ctagtttcac ccgctcaaca    150540
     gggaggtcac agacaagaag gtgcttaata tttagggaaa cttagcttcc acatcggcct    150600
     ctgtctcttt gggaagttca agactactta tggcactgcc ccgagaccac tagaaggctg    150660
     gaggaaaatt tcgagggtca aaagtgaatc aggcccagct ttcctttcca ccccaaggtc    150720
     aacccgaagt accctcagcc gagagcactc agcccccacc tcctccacag cgttcttcgt    150780
     tcccaccctc tgtctgaagt tccttgtgac atggaagacc atgctgattt actaccacag    150840
     caagatgggg cgggggtggg gtgggtgttg gcaggaggat gctgagtata aatacggaat    150900
     ccacagggtg agagggtgtt ctgtggtcca gtggtaggga cgtgttttca aggagtagaa    150960
     acttctcttc gttgtaagcc ccagtgcttt gacactcatc aacgttgctt cccgtggcgc    151020
     aggttcttcc taatcctcca gggaaggaga acacatccat tagcttctat ctgaaccatc    151080
     tcatcccggg tcacatgact acggaaacaa ctctgaaaat aaagtgcttc gtctccatca    151140
     ccatttggcc ttgggaaaga tccctgttgg tggtggtggt ggggcagatg tctacaatga    151200
     gatgaaagat gcctggatgg gagggaggca caaatttcct gggaacccct tggtagtgtg    151260
     catttgggag catcctagaa tggcaccctt tagtctggcc cctcaattct gttaatattt    151320
     actttccaga gacaggacac atagcatgcg gggcaagggg cagtctgaaa gaaagcagcc    151380
     tgggtcaggg gcatggcctc atcctagcac tgtgtgggct ttgggagcta ctggctctca    151440
     gatactgtag agttctaaga ttgtccttag cgagcacgtg cactaaggtg acccttcagt    151500
     gttgttactg tggttattat taattcttca gagacaaggg gccgtctgag aaaacgtgct    151560
     gtaacttttg cctcctaaaa gggtgcacag gtaggggagt ggtgtacagg attgaagcca    151620
     ggtgtgcata gatcactaca tggttgtaga cttagtgagt gatattacag tctctaaaca    151680
     ctcaaggtac atctttgaga gtcatgggtc ctctcttctt catagtctaa atatgaacat    151740
     acataaggat gtgcattcat gtatgtcatg catatgaaca tttctcagaa ccgtctgcat    151800
     aggcctgtgt atatgatgta tatccatctt ttatatttgt ctaacctttt gatatgtaca    151860
     aacctgtgtt ggcatcctaa ccttttccaa caaacccaca tgtgtacacc ccatacacac    151920
     gtgagaagga agacagagca gccaaacgga gttacctttt ccatttcatg gacagtagta    151980
     gatcttccat cccgtgccca cttcctggct gagcagtgag tacggggagt gtactgtggt    152040
     tacagggcag ttactttgag tagatgttca gatgtgttgt gatgttgggg cttctcaggg    152100
     tctccttttc tcatctgagg gggacagcaa acccctcctg ctgctcattg ggttgttatg    152160
     atgcttaaat taagggaagc tttgaaaaga cctgacctca tgcctaccag gtgtaaatgc    152220
     ccagcaaggg ctacgggccc tttagcaagg agtaaatggt tcattccatg attcaagcca    152280
     gagtttaaaa atttaaatat tcctgaggtg aaagaggctt caatggccag tattaaaata    152340
     atcatttttt tttttgccct ggcattggga aactaaacaa ccagagtcta gagtccccag    152400
     actaaaaaaa atactggtca tagagccatt tgcagccaca ggattgggct ttggtcacca    152460
     cttgttttgt gtgggccaca gttgactgtc agtgaatccc tggtccctcc tagttgtcct    152520
     tagatcagca tggaggacag ccactcaaag gataagtggc tttccagaga cttagctttg    152580
     tgagtttgga agtgtgggac cataaatcct attttatgta cttaacctaa agaagctaag    152640
     agaagccagt tgggggcatc gaagacttca gagcttttag ttttgagact agccagaaat    152700
     gtcaagggaa gcccatgtac actcatctta tgtgggaaaa gaagaagttt ccaaggctaa    152760
     gatcaaatga ccagagcctt tcatcctaaa aaggacaagg ctatgagcca cacagtagac    152820
     tcactgttga cctttgaaag tacaaaagtt gtgacccagg gtccacttct ttctttgttc    152880
     tgcttacctt ccccaaatac cagggcttaa gttttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg    152940
     tttaactatc atttctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcttc ctcctcctcc    153000
     tcctcctcct cctcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cctcctcctc ctcctcctct    153060
     tcctcctcct cctctcctcc tcctcttcct cttcttcttc ttcctcctcc tccttttccc    153120
     tctccctctc ctttcctccc cttccctttc cctttcccct ccccctcctt cttcctcatc    153180
     aattgctttt aaaagtcctt ggaatgcccc taacatgcat ccagggttga gttctattga    153240
     gttaatggga attcagctcc cagggaggga gggagggagg gagggaggct ggcacaccat    153300
     ccagccattt tctgttgcct actggggaca tgtgcagtga atgctgactg gtagccccgt    153360
     gtcagatata ggcgcggcct acttcagtgc tgtgggcagt gggcaatcat gcagggccaa    153420
     gtctctgtga tcacaaagga ccatcggaat cccccagtga tcttagcaaa ggtccccagg    153480
     ctctgccccg ggtagaaatg aagactgtgg atcactcttg ctggaaatgt tatcagaccg    153540
     aagcttccct gagaacccgt ggattcagaa tcacaggaag ggaagacaca gtccttgttt    153600
     gcagcagaga ccatttcata tctttccttg gcgtcacagt gtggctctga ggcctatcag    153660
     gcccatgctg atggatgttg ggagcaggac aaagcacaca accctttgag ctttggactc    153720
     tttgttcact aagtagacgt ttcagttgta cctgtctcac aaaaatcttc cggaacgaga    153780
     ggaggaaaga cacacgggat gtttgtacat catagacatg ctacgtatac agcattacca    153840
     tatcacatca cgatttaagt atggtgctgt gtacacaggg ttaccatatc acatcatgat    153900
     taaagtatga ctcaagtaga cttgacaggc cagaggagga gcctacagaa tttaagagtt    153960
     gcagtaagta attctggcct tgaagcctga ggcataccta gaggcaagag gagggtaaat    154020
     tgttttttac ctgaaattcg aaccagaaac ttccacgggg agagctggag taacattgca    154080
     agtgtcaggc tggagacata ctcattagaa ataaaagttt ttcttgaaaa aaaaaaaagc    154140
     caggtcctgg tctccatccc agcaaatcag ttcgaatgtc tttattgagt gcccgccgtt    154200
     tatgtggctt taggtactgg tgccgcagat gacagggggc ttcacctctt tctgatagtg    154260
     agcaccctaa agacaggagg aggaggagga agaggaggag gaggaggaga tggtgtgtgg    154320
     ctgagtgcct ttcacatcac cggggccatc ctgagctgga gaattcaaag gtgggaacca    154380
     actgagttct gaagagggct agagaaggcc actggaggag ggggcttcag aaatataatg    154440
     atggaggcca aggagaggtc ttagggcagc agcctaggac aagaggaacc aaagttatgg    154500
     gggatagtga gcagccaggc tacctgggag agactgtgtg ggttaccatc atcttgggac    154560
     tgcatagaca tgggtgtctg catctgtgac cttctgccag ctgccatgtc ccatgcacat    154620
     gcacaactgt tccttctatg agcaagttcc tgactgggtg tgtggtaccc aacattccca    154680
     agaacagtgt ctcaggggag gttcttagat ctggtacctg gggcagggga cagaagacca    154740
     gatggccttt atcctctgtg tgaccactta ggcatcagta aaactccagt cccagatgac    154800
     cagctctgca tcctgctttg ctgcctgtag gttttcaaag catcctgacc ctcagttaga    154860
     gttttagaaa ctggttaagc ttcatccctt aggtttatga tcaggcaaga tcttcatttg    154920
     gggtcagcag ctgagcagag gccagagcag attttcccac agttccaagt ccatgatttg    154980
     ctcctggtca ggaaatgggc aggattttat gctcatgagg accagaggaa agtggcaaac    155040
     ccttctttct ccaggagagc tatagagatg ctcagagcag cctgaagact gagtcctagg    155100
     aaaggcccac atcatctcta tggtgtctca gcaaggcact gtgttcctgt cagcaccagt    155160
     gcatattctg agcttctgca gtagagggtc ctgtagagca gagcagagca gagcagagca    155220
     gacaaccatt gaccctgcac cagaaagaaa gtagaccctg cactctagag agaggcccta    155280
     gtgtgtgctg tccccaggct gtcctcagtg tgtgcagaag ccccgggttc caggcctaga    155340
     tttatattgc ttggttgttc tacggctgga atttagggtg agggggttcc tgtaggaagg    155400
     tactgcaata aaaaaagtga ttgaagtgac tgggaggctg tatggagata ttttaggttc    155460
     ttttctgggt caattacttt acgaatggag tacgattcca tggacatatt gggaaaactt    155520
     gaaaactttg gtctgctcat gtgcacatgt gctcatgtgt tttctggcca caaattctgc    155580
     ttttgatgct aggcggtgct tgtgattgaa tggtgtccta gttcgctttc gattgctgtg    155640
     ataaatgcca tcaccaaaag caatcctggg gagggcctgt ttacttcaag ctacatcttc    155700
     aaccccatca tccagggaag ccaggacagg aactcaagca gaaacctgga ggcaggaact    155760
     gaagcagagg ccctggagga ctgccactaa ctccctggcc gtctcagcct gctttcttac    155820
     acagtcctac tacaggacta ctcgcgccca cccttctcaa ctagcacagc tagcatttat    155880
     gaactgaagt ctggccacct ccgtggagtg cacactgtgt tcctactgtg cgccttcttt    155940
     tgtggtggtt taactagcac accctcctca gctctgtcct ggtaactcct gatcgtggag    156000
     cttcagtgtg gagagtcctg gtccatatct tagaggccca gggcaacact gagttgctca    156060
     gccctttccc ctctcaatgg cctcccaccc accagcttta gctgactccc atgctgagaa    156120
     tcagggacca aacacactct ccgtttcctc ccccagtcat ctattcctag aagtttctgc    156180
     ctagtggccc tagcccatgt aagcctgagg acacctctgc cttgctggct ggggctcctc    156240
     ctatgccttt gacctaccct ccaagtcccc tagcaagcca ttggcagggt gagaggggga    156300
     tcgcatgctg ataaggaacg gcttcttctt ttccttgtca tgtctacttt gtctttagaa    156360
     gggtttgaat acaccattag cttcttccac agaatgtatc cagacctatt tttagtgctt    156420
     tgaacatgtt gactcttaca taagattcat tcagtatata taaactattc agtaaatatt    156480
     ccctcgtgag aagaatggta ttttggtctg tttggtttct cagtcctttg ctttttaatt    156540
     tagggtcacc aggcatagca gctctgcctt ggtgctagga tgtaggctaa gtgcttgggc    156600
     tagatttcgg tacccccaca gtggagagga actcattcca tccccagggt cttcatagat    156660
     gtagagaggg acagccacag acgaagccac agagctgggt cttcatgcca caggcaacag    156720
     gtctggtgct gggaatcact gggtggggac cgtctccaag aaccgcctgc ccaggctgga    156780
     ttctgtttct gacccttctt atccttatct agccaaggat ggagacaggc agctggtgcg    156840
     ggaattctga gcattaactg atgggaactg tggtctgcct cagaagtggg tgttgggact    156900
     agcaatccat tgccttgagg attagttgtt agggctgata gatctacatg tccctcaact    156960
     gaagttgatt ttttccaccg ctccagaggc ctgaagtcta aagcaggatt gcttttttct    157020
     caggcctctc ttggcctgta gatggtcatc tctccatgcc ttcctgccac ccccaatctg    157080
     tgttatctgt caacagctaa gtatctcctt tggaagggac attagcagta tgataggcct    157140
     acactaatga cttcgtttta gcttaattac ctctttataa acctcgcctc taagtatggt    157200
     catcacccat ggttcttggg tttcaggatt taagtgcagg gcttccctgc tcatactaga    157260
     ttcaacccat gttgctgtct catcacaggt taggtggcta ttccatgggg aggtacctag    157320
     gcctaattca tacctgtgag ctagaagggg cctaggaaac cagtatgatc cccaccacca    157380
     ccctgggttt gggaagtaag ccagtctgct ttctgcttta tctgagtcct ggatggaagt    157440
     tgagcgggct ttctgtggag ccatttctcc cagctaggga tctgtggtgt ctcctaagca    157500
     aacaaggtga gatgtagggg cgggcagcta ggcctccttc acagccaggg agctggaggg    157560
     ggaggcagtt tgtcacttct gtcagagtgc tcttagagtt cagacaagga caggtgagag    157620
     atgtcggcaa gggctcagaa ctccagtggg aagcagaacg tgaaggggtg ggctggctct    157680
     gccgagccgc cagccagggg atggaaattc atgtgctcac ctgcacgtgt gtatgacatt    157740
     gtggtgggga actgagaaag ctctagaaga tgtctggaga gtgacctagc ctaggggaat    157800
     ctggaactat aaacatctct ggacaagtag gtggttcact tggaaagagg aaatagcaat    157860
     aacaaaaccc atgttcaaca cattagtctc gcactgtagg aagttcccta gtaggttacc    157920
     tggtgctgtg ctgtgtagtg ttaccctgtg atgaacagtt caagtccaca ggcagggctc    157980
     acagagctgg gtgaggcaat gctgccagct tctacctccc cacctacaca cacacacaca    158040
     cacacacaca ctcacattct ttgcgaagga atagaggaca attgagtcca aacacctcag    158100
     caaatttctg gaggcctcca ggcacattca aacatttgag aatgagcctt ctgccctgca    158160
     cagacttctt ctaaagatgt cccgtaccct gacatgcagc gagaaggaga aatgtgcaca    158220
     gtcctagcac ctggcctagg ctaataagcc acactagaaa agcagctaca cccaggggcc    158280
     ttgactctgc agagctgggt tctcgagtgg accagacagc ttttctccaa gtgaataggt    158340
     actcagagga cacatgggag ctcggtcatg tttgcaggaa cactacccag tgttggcatg    158400
     accctgagct acatcgagag ttgcttggca gggacacctc aggggggatt catgcagcca    158460
     tcatttttgg tctcctcacc cctcatgagt gcacacagac agggacactt ctctacccca    158520
     tctggccttt tctgttgccc tcagcccctg cctgaaccca gcagcttggg aggggccctg    158580
     agacctcttt gttaacctca tctttttttt ttttaacccc gtgaaagctg aggcccaggg    158640
     aggtttgggg atttgtccct ggctgtgaag caaaggttgc tttgtttcat ggtagtgtga    158700
     tacggagtgc gtatctctgg gctcctggta gatgctccct tcccacgtat tacctcccct    158760
     cctcaactag acagatcttg tacatgctct ccactgtccc acctcttgct ccactgggca    158820
     catttgtgga gagtcagaca cagctcagac cccgacagcc aatcgcatcc ctcatgaata    158880
     tccccctgac tcttagcagg caccatgggg gataatgcta acaatacaga catcttccca    158940
     gcattcacca tgcctcagga actattttaa gccagttgct tatgctggct catttactct    159000
     tcctactgtc cttctccgtg ttccagttga agaaatcaag aagccaaggg ttaaggaagt    159060
     ttctggaaac tatattagct tggctaaagt agcagttagg gcttgggcct agggagtcac    159120
     attctaggcc gatgtccatc actgtgtgtg tgtgtttcca taaaggaacc agtaggctgc    159180
     tcgtggtgct gactgtgaga tgactaggct gtgcatgggc ctttagacct tccaggagtt    159240
     ctggtcatgt tctgtagaaa tgcgtttctc agcctccaat ccaggaaggg aagcaagctc    159300
     tgcatgggta gacatgactc ctttgcagcc tgcatgctac cctccgggat aggtgtggac    159360
     actctgtaag gagagcgcga tcaggagggc tttctcattg ccacggcagt gcccgcaggc    159420
     tccaaggact ctggggaggc ctcacaaata aatagtttgc gacccagcat ttatagagtg    159480
     agatggttaa ccccttggtg acctttgatc ccatagaata taaaactgaa agagggagga    159540
     accccccccc aaaaccctaa accctccctc taaacactca aatgctcact gtttccctac    159600
     agttgcaccc atggtatagc tgtatgcatt ataccttaga cattacacat ctgtaaatgg    159660
     tctcccagag aatgttggat aaaatttact tgtaaaaggc tcttctcatc taaaagctaa    159720
     gaaacaaact agaacaaaag aaaacaaaca acaaacaaaa aaacacttgt agggtttttt    159780
     tggttttttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt ttgacacctt ggtttgccta ccataggact    159840
     tactaaggcc aatactgcac ggatgtcctt tggtggtggt ggggaacaaa ttcaagcttg    159900
     gttgattcac agaagccccc ttttcttatc tcacatgcag caaagaggat tttcaggtct    159960
     gtttgcacca ctgcattgat gggtaactaa gtagtgtcag ctatccagag gaaatctgga    160020
     ccaccctggc cagcctgcac tcagttggac ccaggagcca tccttctgcc agcatccctt    160080
     cacatccttg agcatctctg cctctggttt cctctcatcc tgggaggtat gctagggaca    160140
     tgcatagcta tgagtctggt ctagatgcag gcagccctct ggaagtcctt gtgtcccatg    160200
     aaagcttttc cagctttctg ctttactcta acctctttcc tataggcaga ttctgagtat    160260
     gtttctttgg gaatttgatt gctaaaagaa actcttcaag ctgctgattt agcttaattc    160320
     tatcgtttgg cggttgaggc aaattaaggc tctgtgctgc tcaagggctt gtgtaggacc    160380
     cacagcctct cagagctgca gagctagggt ttaagcacca ctgcctacct cccagcattt    160440
     gtgggacttg gagctatagt gttcagccta tgcagaggtg ctgtacagag atgagtggct    160500
     ttgaacttcc tttgtcagag ttgactgtgc agcagaaaca cccagggtgc ttcctaaaaa    160560
     aatgacagaa ccggccatct caaaggacta gaaccatatg ggatggatcc aggaacagcc    160620
     cctggggaca attattcgtc ctttagtgac tctgaaatga ctgctgctga agctgaggcc    160680
     tgtggggctt cacctgctct ctagtggaca tgaacacaca caatctgtat tataggacat    160740
     gaggtgcaga cccgtcttga tttagttgat tttatgtagc gagccctaat tctgaaagat    160800
     cactatggca gactctgaaa agttaagttg ggaaacagaa gctgtgggga tgcacaggct    160860
     cctttcaatg ggcctagttc aggggaagaa cccaggctgt gtctgaccca ggggttagca    160920
     ttcattccag gcagcctgtg acccaggggt tagcactcat cccaggtggc ctgtgaccca    160980
     agagttagca ctcctcatcc ctgtgatcct gaagctgtgc tgaacacacc cccttcccag    161040
     tcttctgttg tgtggcttcc atgcagctcc tcttcaggtt gcctttggta gaagctgaca    161100
     tacctggatg taatgattat tgcagccact cgacgccacg gctagaatct gaggctggaa    161160
     tctgagactc aggtttgccc aagtgggctg gagagagaag ctaggcattt gactcaagca    161220
     cagatgacat gtgacacagc agtattgtcc cagtgatcac cgaaagtatt catttggttt    161280
     ttggctattg aattctacaa tattgagaac attaatcctt tgtgagatta tatgctctgc    161340
     gaatattttc tctcacttcc tatactggcc tttcttgttg aatgtatacc ttatagaacc    161400
     ttctctagtc tgatgtgatc tcccttgtat atatatatat attttttctt cttcatgacc    161460
     aaggcaatga gccttgtcaa acagcccttt tcttatgttt tcttctagtg gttttacagc    161520
     ttttgtctta cattgaagac tttgatgtaa gtgccccacc tcattctctc gtctgtgggt    161580
     ccccaggttc ccaggaccat ttctggaaga gactaccctt cccactctct gtgaagtgcc    161640
     ctcattcctg actgacatta ccattagctg ctttcttctg ctctgttctg tttgatggtc    161700
     tgtgtgtctg ctatggcgcc agtgctgggc tgttccgatt gctttggctt taaatacagt    161760
     taaaaaccaa gaacattgat gcctccaact ttgctgttct ttttaatgcg tggtttgtca    161820
     tttgtgcaaa taatcagagt aaacatgggc ttgagatggt ttctgtttgt tgtgaacgcg    161880
     aggaaaccca atcaccgcag aggtgggctt ctgggcctgg ctatggggat tgatctgatt    161940
     ggattaatga ggtaggggaa tctgctcact acagtggtac cagcctctgg ctagggatcc    162000
     tgagctccac aaaatgagga aagagagctg agctcacaca tccatccatc tctgcttctt    162060
     tactgtggat aaagtgtgag cgactgcttc aagctcttac agcctgggct tctcctccat    162120
     ggtggactga ctgtagcttg agctgtgagc ccagataacc ccttttcttc cttgagttga    162180
     tttttttttt tcagtatttt aacaaagaga taggaaaaga cactaagatg gggcctgaat    162240
     gccagtttat gctaagcaca catccagcca acaggaagag caataggtga attccatccc    162300
     taatcactgc ggacagagaa atctcgacca cctagtgctg ccattacatg cttgtaaggg    162360
     cgtctgtttc caaaaacaat aagaaacaac aataacgaaa aattcacaaa aaataaacac    162420
     caaaacaagc cccaagaggc tataacaaat gttgttgggg gtgtggcaaa tatagaatcc    162480
     atgcatagtg ttggaaatgt aaatttgcat agccattcaa gaaaatacta caagaatgca    162540
     tttggaaatt aaaaattgaa gcgccacatg actcaaaaat cctgtatctg ggtacatgtc    162600
     caaaggacat caagactgtc accaagagat gacaatgctc ccatgttcat tgcagaaata    162660
     gccacaatag ctacccctag gctgctgtgg agataacaca gagcctctta agagatgaat    162720
     ggaggaagag aatatgactc ttatatataa ccagaatatt tgttgttcag ctttaaagaa    162780
     gcaaatactg ctatctgtga caacataggc aaacctggaa gacagcgagt aaatgaagta    162840
     agccaggcaa aagagtcagg ctctgtctat atttgtatat ggactctaag gatgccttgg    162900
     ggaagcatag catgggcctg tggctactaa ggctggagtc ctggggggca aggggagtga    162960
     gaagcatagc aaaagcacat aaagagcaac cgagactcat agacagctga gcaacctcgt    163020
     gagcttctgg ggtttcctgt ctctctagag tttcaccagg agccattctg ggaaccccaa    163080
     cacatctgtg attcggggat gtggtgacct aggagtccat aaggtctgca ctcaacactt    163140
     gctgcttggt tctcagagca acttgcctca ctgtctggct gctgtgtgcg gagcatctgg    163200
     tatacagagg tcccatgggg atggcgacct accagagaag gagtagcatc attttataga    163260
     ttaagaaaca ggcatcaacc caggtctgct taatgagagt acctgccctc tctttcctca    163320
     gtttccttaa ccgaaaagca gggtggcatc ctattcccac cctctctgtg agaatgcaga    163380
     attctttaga cattatcaac aaatgcaact ggccttttaa tgagtaggag ggaaattcca    163440
     ttgacaaaca ccggtatttt cataaatttt gatttgttta gagatgctgt aaacccttca    163500
     gcattgttga atcatctgga aatttgcctt ccaaaggagc aaatgttaag tctttttttt    163560
     tctgccagcc tggacttcct gagcttggag agggaaatga tagagaagga aaccggaagc    163620
     ctgtggtggt gataggtagc tcggaccaaa ggtaggagag tggcagagtg agatctgagg    163680
     tctttctggt cacaggagct tttccttcag cacgagcctg ttctgggctg tgagatgtac    163740
     catcgggtcc aacaggtggg aggtgacaga gaacttccct cttcagcaga actcagggtt    163800
     agggctggga caaaatacaa aagtcttaag aaagagatcc tggttttgag tatgatgatt    163860
     gttgtctcca ggtttctctg cttggcatcc aggagacagc ttgtgtggca gttcaagggg    163920
     agctcagagt accttgtctc tgtcctgaga tgtagctaac tgcaccaact agcaagcctg    163980
     ggcccttcca gctaatgact tccagatgtt ggaagcagtg gccagtggaa tcttattgcc    164040
     ccagactgtg gttctgggcc acatacttct gacttgaagg tagtttggaa tgtaaacatt    164100
     gcaaggcatg tactagaatt aattaaagct accctgtatt ctctaggctt gcaagcctac    164160
     aatgaactgt ttgcacgaac accaagacaa gcagaccaat gggaggctgc aagaaccaat    164220
     cacctttacc ttcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagcgtgc tccaggacct gagctgacct    164280
     gtatgcctag gtagtcacca atcctagctt aagaagaggg gttccaagat gcccccctac    164340
     cacaagggtg gccaatgcat ggctgttcat cacatggtca catggaacca atcacaggcc    164400
     cagagcactt tacagacttg ccaaaagctt acttaaccaa gaatgcaaat gtgcatatgg    164460
     gcaagatcga gaatgtccaa tgggcatgga aagaaaacca tggcatctag tacttggctg    164520
     ataaaactag aaatagcttc tggaggtaaa ttttaagttc acaatggcat tcagaagtga    164580
     cagtgtgagt ggtgtttaat gtcacgaagc tgcaaactta aaaaacggtt cacatggtga    164640
     attttaagtt acatatagtt cacctcctaa acgaaaaggc agaatattca ggcagtaaaa    164700
     gttctttaag attatataaa ccatcagaat ctctagaata ttcctctcct cccatactgt    164760
     aagaagggaa gtcgtggctc cctggtaact gtcccatgca gtgccaggct atttcaggaa    164820
     catgatggaa ggtacttgaa agccacaccc ttagatctga gcaaccatcc gcatgccctc    164880
     tgtctttagt gtagtgactc ttaagacagg gagctctaag aaaagccgaa taagttgtga    164940
     tatacacctt cgtagttttc tgtcactgta ctaggacatc tgaagcaaat ggcttataaa    165000
     gagacaaggt gcagagcttg aaggatctgg tccactagtt catagtgcca ttgcttgggc    165060
     ccttgggaaa acagtacacc tgaaggtttc agtggcagag aaaaggaatc atcttatgaa    165120
     ctacgaaaca aagagaaagg aggaaagaca gagatcccag ccctccctcc aaaggcaagt    165180
     cctcgccgat ccaaccctcc tcttattaat tcccacctta aagattccat tatctcctgt    165240
     cttagtcact gctctcttgc tgtgaggaga caccatgccc aagaccactc ttgtaaaaga    165300
     aagcatttaa tttggggctt gcttatagtt tcaaggatta gtccattatc attgtggtgt    165360
     cgagtacagc aagcatgaag gcaggtgctg gggcagtagt agagatctac accctgatgc    165420
     acagagaaag agaacctgtg cctggcatga ccttttgaaa ccacaaagcc caccatacag    165480
     tgacatattc cctccaacat ggccatactt actcccacaa ggccacaccc cccatccttc    165540
     tcaaatagtg ccactctgtg ttgactaggc attcaaatat aggaacctat gggagggggg    165600
     gcattcttat ttaaactacc acagctcctt gttttctggg ctaagtctca acacatgcat    165660
     atttggagga cacttcagat aaaaactgta gtgatcagta ctaactatca cagggctctc    165720
     tgggagtcag atggcttagc tcagctctgg aaggagcaga gggaggccat attcttcagt    165780
     gtgactgggt caagtgtgtt aacgtgcaca caaaccctcc cctgttggga atggacctaa    165840
     ttgttggaga tacctcctta ggaagcaaga ttgtgtttac tgactgccat tcctctgtct    165900
     gatgttacgg aaaattgcgt gtcagtgcct gttgcgatgg ttcttctgcc gttgtgcagt    165960
     ggccccgatc ctgccaggat cttcacttgc tccccttggt tccttcagat gatcttcctg    166020
     tggttttcat cctcagcatt ttttctaggt acgcagcaga ttttagggta actccataat    166080
     caagcacaac acgaacagat tagttggggg gaaggaatct tctgtgtgct ctgtcctctt    166140
     gtagtccagt gtcgcccaac attgatgttg gaacattatc actcttacct ccagcttcac    166200
     tatggttatg ctgggatcag tatatttgct gctgaaactt cacttgtggt atcctcaaag    166260
     gtctagacag ttctcccctc caaagaccgt gttgcattca gaaaagaaat gaagtatgtg    166320
     gcagttgggg gatgagactt gcttttattg gttccttagc acagcgtgga gtgtgttccc    166380
     tgactttaaa gaagtcaggc cctttgtcgg caattatgaa aatggactgg ctcatcttcc    166440
     ctcatcttca tctgagttac aatgttcggt ctctcatagt ttggtggtag tgttggatag    166500
     gattggacta gaagtatggt gacccctttg ctgtcacaat gagccattag ttgaccatag    166560
     tatcaaaaga tagctctcaa ccccaggcca caccctgctc tttatccacc atgtgtccag    166620
     ataatggaca cagtattgga cagtctcaaa atgcagcatg gggtaggtgg ccagtccatt    166680
     ccatggtctg tggccgtcca tgaagacact agctaccctc gacatcactg tcattgataa    166740
     tcccagggtc ctatctctac ccaggcactt cccttcaagc tataatgcaa gctgttcctt    166800
     tgagctagat tcctcccaga gccctctgga cctagcttac atgtctttgg gcagagaaat    166860
     aaaggtctag acagttctcc cctccaaaga ccgttgttgc attcagaaaa gaaatgaagt    166920
     atgtggcagt tgggggatga gacttgcttt tttggttcct tagcacagcg tggagtgtgt    166980
     tccctgactt taaagaagtc aggccctttg tctgcaatta tgaaaatgga ctggctccct    167040
     cctcccttcg gagaggggcc taatgggaag gactacagca ctcagggccg agggaacggc    167100
     actttgggct gaaaaggttc ttactgcttt ttatctactg gcactttttc aattaaggag    167160
     tctcctctga gatgatctat cacctccctg tctgataagg aaataattac catcaaagca    167220
     gctccattac acatctcatg tcctccccat gctgtggaca gtggagaaaa atcaatcgct    167280
     tcccacttgc agccgcatct ctgtgagcat gggttttgca gctatgggta ccaattttct    167340
     gcaggctcct gatctttcta ccccacctcc taccttcttg ggagtggggt ttaaatacaa    167400
     gttcttctgc atgctaggca agcatcctgc caccgagcta tatccccacc ctttttctct    167460
     ctttccattt cctttgtctc ttctgggcta ggaacaatgg ttgaacatcc gtgagtgtgg    167520
     agaattcttg ttggcatgtc atctcctgcc tctgcctgct ctggaaagcc agtgtcttct    167580
     agctgtagcc ccactgactc gtgtcttctg gcctgcaggc actgttacta tattcaaccc    167640
     tatgtcaata ctatatcaaa gtttgttagc actgttggtg atggttaata ttctttgtca    167700
     tctggattgg atttggaatc acctaggaca ctcacccgtg ggaaagctgt gtctggaagg    167760
     gcatttccag aaagtattgc ctgtcccagg gtctaccatt gcacactgaa tatagggggc    167820
     aggggtggtg aggactgtgg tcccctttca ctatttcctg gttggtatca cgaatcaaac    167880
     tgcttgtgtt gccatgacct ccccgttatt atagatgcat ttctctgaaa aaaatatacc    167940
     ctttatcctt tggtttcatc tgtgtatttg gtcacagtga taagaacaat agttaaagca    168000
     ctgtccacca tgatgagaag agggcaacat tataaaaacg acaagggtac tgttgtaaac    168060
     acaccaagct caccttaaca gcctttgctc tccctccctt gctccctccc tctcttctaa    168120
     aacaggatat catatatccc aggctggccc caaacttgct atgtagttca ggctggcctc    168180
     caactcctga tccttctgcc tgcacttccc caagtgcttg gatttctggc acgtgatact    168240
     tgatattttg aaatagagac tttaaatttt taggcatttt tatatatgtg cacagagtat    168300
     tatgctggta ttcaacccaa attactctgt ggtatcctct ttgtttcccc atgaagcctt    168360
     ctttccactt agtccccagt ggttacatta ttagaaaatg acacaacccc tctactgtta    168420
     ttagtcagtc attaactatt tttcccacaa ggaaaatagt tcatgaaggt ccaccccact    168480
     cttcagccct gccatcttgc ctttagaaga aatgcagaga ttgtgacttg tcagaactca    168540
     caaggatcca tctcttggca catcacctag ttatctttcc attggccccc tgaggagcct    168600
     tcattctgaa gggtgagaga gaagagctag tggatccatc atcctctcct gcacacagaa    168660
     ctttctctga actgtagggg tttaaagcag ggcaggaatg aatggccttt cctctgtacc    168720
     cagagggctt gggaaagtgt ggctccctgg agaggacctg atttccatcc atgccaataa    168780
     ctgcggaagg agaaaccagt gagtgcttaa ggactgaatt tatgaggaag ctgagtctcc    168840
     ctgagctaga ctgatggatg cctgggggag aatgtggcac acacttgtgg attgtttgtc    168900
     cttgtgtcac ctggcctttc tttgttagga aggattgtct cctagctgtc gcatcccttc    168960
     aggctacact tgcttctcat taaggaaaag taccctgtgc ccctagtgtg gagcctaaag    169020
     ctaagggtcc ccccagctgc tcatccatct tcctccatgg acatgaagac actggagagg    169080
     ggaaggaaaa ctgttggttg cgttcaagcc tttgtttttg gtgtgcagat agagctgact    169140
     gagcaaacaa atgctcaagt cactagattt gcattgaagt caacagagcc ttgattctct    169200
     cccccaaaca gaattcttgg gggtgtttac tgagatctcc taaaaatcaa gttctcagag    169260
     gaggcgtggc tatttggcca aagcaatatc actaaagccc aggaaaatcc cctttccgtg    169320
     gggataaaaa gacaacagaa aggtcagtgc tgtgttgctt gggtgttgag attccttcct    169380
     ccttccacat tcaatcccca ggataaacat cacagtgaca agaacaggac tgttcttgac    169440
     tgagattgga gacctgtgct cagtcccaga gggtcctaga atgagaacca gctctagcct    169500
     gcttgttttc taccagtgtg ggacaggcat ctaaagctga cctatccaga gagatggcag    169560
     ggcagagcag ttaagaacaa tgtagagtca gcttctttct ttggtgccac ttagctgtgt    169620
     gtccttagga gggggcctgt gcttctctga gatttccatt tcctaattca tacatagtag    169680
     ccaagtgtgc ctgttccata gggctgttcc gggaggaaat cggtgtatgt aatgtgtggt    169740
     gcaggtagag aatgttgaga gttcttgact ggtcctatag aggtaggaga tgtttgtcaa    169800
     gcatctgcta tgtgcagaca tgggaccaga cagcaaaggc tttcatgaca tctgctttct    169860
     gtaccacaga agtgaaccca cttcagttag gacaggtcag tgctcaagtg tttgctttag    169920
     gaacttggtg gtcctgaggg aagagactta actcaagaga gtagcatgca tgtgaccacc    169980
     aagctttaga gacgcctgtg gcccattagt gcaccagcag aaagtgatgt gtctgctatg    170040
     tcggaactgg agggatcccc gcgtgagtat gtatacgtgt atgtacacac gtgtcctgta    170100
     caaactggac atatatggac agaatgatgg ccagtatcac agagaagaag ccagccattg    170160
     ccagcctatt gtcacttggg ttttgtgggt taaatgagat tatttaagcc aagtactcaa    170220
     aacttaagag aatcttttcg catccactaa gatgactacc atttaaaaac caaaaccagc    170280
     caggtggtgg tggtgcatgc ctttaagcct tgcactcagg agagatctcc gagtttgaag    170340
     ccagccttgt ctactaagtg agttccagga cagccaggga tacccagaga agtcctgtct    170400
     caaaaaaaaa aatcaaaatt aattaatgag taagcaaatt aataattaat tcaaataaat    170460
     aaacctcaaa gaagaaatag aaaacaaagg tagctaagat ataaggaaac tggattcctt    170520
     gcgtatttct ggtggaaatg taagatggta tagctactac agaaaacagt atggtgggtt    170580
     taaaaaaatt tttgaatttc tgtacatatc acgaaaataa tagaaagtat ggttatcatg    170640
     gagatacttg tacgccattg accacaacat catcattcat aatatacaaa ggtggagatg    170700
     ctccaggtgt ccacagacaa gttaatgggt gagcaaagtg ttgtgtatat acaatgtgtt    170760
     actccaatgg gtattagtca gactgtaaga gaaatatgtc ttgacatagg ccacaacatg    170820
     catggtgtga tcaacctagg agatattatg ctaaataacc aagtacccaa gaagccaact    170880
     ccctgggcat ggcgctagat tagcagctcc tggggcctag atggggagag agtagtgagt    170940
     tcatgtgtgg tgagaaattt cagtttctcg aggataggag aattctggat actggtttta    171000
     caataatata ttaacacgac tgagcttgca catttatgca ttagtaagca ggtaggtttt    171060
     ataatatata tcaccgtggc tttaaaaaaa tacataaggg gctggagcaa tggctcagtg    171120
     gttaagaact ccgcatgctc ttccccaggt ccctggtttg attcccagca ccaacatggt    171180
     agctcacaac tgtctgtaac tccaggtcca tggggtctga tgccttcttc tggattctgc    171240
     aggtgctgca tgcacacaca gcacagacat acttgcatgc aaaacacata aaataaataa    171300
     gtgaaaaaaa acacaacaaa ccatggaaga gctcagaaaa taactctttg tggcaacaga    171360
     atctagttga gtcttagtct gtttctgttt cagacataaa gtacttgaga ctgggcaatg    171420
     cagaaataaa agttcttagc tcatggtttg gggatggggg tgggaggttt aaagtagagc    171480
     agtagactct gagaggggtg ttgtaggcat ctcattggta ggagtgctct tgggagggac    171540
     atggcatgac tgagacaaaa ggagacagag agagtgggcc cgacatgctt ttgtataagg    171600
     aagctgagaa cttaacagct tcccacaagg tctatgtcag tcccttccaa aggcagcatg    171660
     cttaatgacc tagttactcc tcaccaggtt ctacctctta aagggtccac catgcctcat    171720
     gctgctacac agggggccga gcttctaaca tgggaaccta gaaggaccaa cctcatgcaa    171780
     ggccatgtca gagagaatga gaactgtggt ccacagctgt actaggcaga ccttctggta    171840
     attggacttg ggaaaatatg gaggagagag acccaggtca gggaccaccg ccaccgctag    171900
     gtcccttgct catacagaca gcgcggagag atttcaggag cacagagaat agcacacatc    171960
     ccttttgttt cataatcaaa ttgaaacagc cctgggagag gcggtatcac tgtgacttca    172020
     actcatccta aggaatgagt actgacatcc tgttttaatt agcggagaga tgctagggac    172080
     acaggcccga ggaaatgtgt gttcctactc tgctgtgcag acacagtgag tgtgcgtggc    172140
     aggggctctg gggcacagct caggggcaca tgaggtgggg cctgtgtcaa tggatagaag    172200
     ccacttagaa taattggcct gtggtttgga aggtccaaaa ctactctctc ctgattctct    172260
     gggtcaagtg cagaagatgt tcaggaataa tctgcagggc cttcgtctgt ctttattctt    172320
     ctggtgccca ggatgctttt gttagaactg tgaagtgtaa ttacagacct gacaggcgac    172380
     ggcaagtcag aagaaatgtc ttactcagta gacactgaaa caatgatttt aagcaaggtg    172440
     acagtggagg actctctcga gcccgtgggc tacttgtgag caacaaccaa tcctcagata    172500
     tagtcacttc cagggtaggc aacttccttc ttagaagatc aagtagatag atcccaggac    172560
     actgagatca atcgccgtta tccctagagt gtggggcagg gcaaagaacg atgtcacccg    172620
     ctgatgccct gccagtcatc actcaccttc tttagcactg cctctgggtc aggcatagct    172680
     gggatcaggg tgcgcattca ctccgatgga gctcctgcat caagggtcat tgtccagcgc    172740
     aggctttgct gaggaagcca aagagggcca gagaggccgg cagtggctgc ttttctatct    172800
     tcctctgagg ctaagaatag agtaagtcag aatcaagtgc cttttgtgac agcagggtat    172860
     tgaagacatg acctggggag gtggcttttt tgttaggccc aatggcagct aagatcacac    172920
     catggaagtc actagaacaa gagcatggga actggctaag acagatggca gagctcttta    172980
     catgctacgg agcaagaagg gcactgaata gaactcacac ttctaggaaa gccggcatag    173040
     ctcagaagac agctcagaaa gcatccctac tcaacaccct ggcttccgga accgcttaac    173100
     tctggtttgc cccaataatg tgtgcctgac ctgtgctcca gtctgagggg actcaaagca    173160
     tggcaaggct cagggacact gactggccgg ctcctcagat ctgtgcaggt gcactaccag    173220
     gtgatcagta gggcacagct gctgttctgc cccctctaag tagaccactt ctcagacatt    173280
     cttttcactc tttgatttgc tccctctctg catttgattt gatttttgat tttcttacgt    173340
     gcttatgtga aggattgcca cctatatgtc ggcgcccaca gaggccagag gacgaggttg    173400
     aataacctgg agctaaacag ttgtgagcca ccagatgagg gtcctgggta tcaaactctt    173460
     gactgctgag ccatctctcc agacccccgt gcattttaat ttgattgggg ggtgtctaca    173520
     agtgttagat catagggact gtgttggggt gaggcaggcc atgcaggccc tgagaagaaa    173580
     cacggtcaga gtgcctaaga ggagggaccc ctcgagcatt tcccaggagg tacaagttac    173640
     ttcctcccaa aagctgaggg aactctcatg aattattctg gtcttgaccc cagctcctcc    173700
     tcctgtggtg agcaagtccc tggacctatg ggttttgctg gaagctggcc tctttattcc    173760
     catggctttc attttccttt tcaggggacc tctccaattc tacttctacc tggcccccta    173820
     ttcaggccgc aggatgtccc ttgccagagg acaagtcact ttgttactga tctttgggtg    173880
     ctgggttcca aactctccag tggtttaatg ctagagatca gttctgctgc atctgatgct    173940
     aatgtaggct tgctttgccc cccacttgtt tgttgaatta atatatgcat atatatgtac    174000
     acacatatat atatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatgcatat atatggatta tgttttagtg    174060
     aaaaagaaaa gctaaagtag caacccaaat cttaactctt catctgtcaa gcatctatgt    174120
     atggcttgca ggctgagaaa ggcacacaaa tcattaaata acaattatca taattagcag    174180
     ggcgagccta tgactaatca cccttgtgcc cagagcttcc cgtttacctt gccagtggat    174240
     taatggatat tgtgaggcta tataggaaga tgatgatgtc tcatctctgt agacttcttc    174300
     actccaagac catgttcttt ctcagaaaag gtgtcacgat tgcattctct gaggcttacc    174360
     agttcttgtt cctcagtcac cctccaccta ggattcaagc aaagcactgc agctaccagc    174420
     agttcagggg cagccacagt caggagcacg ggccaaggct tctggggtca gcaggaggca    174480
     ggcactggtg cgcctagaaa ccagagcgca tctttcccct gcctgcttcc tgctcttaca    174540
     aagcatgaga gcctgccctg ccagctcccc tgtagccctc accttattaa gggcttcaag    174600
     ggcaggaacg ctgtggcagc aggtggttta aggtcatgga tggctggggt gatagccaat    174660
     gagcactatt tacagttgct atgatactag gatgaaggag gggttctgtc ctctttcttt    174720
     agctgcaggg cgaccagcca ctcagattct gctgggactg taagtgacac ctgcagctat    174780
     gacagtctcc ctatctagca acagctacag cctcttggat cctctctgtc catttaagag    174840
     tctctctctg cctaacacag gtactatgga aggaagagac actatgtaaa tcttggaccc    174900
     acatgttcat cagctatggg tggtctctgc tgtctgcctt cagctaaggc agtattagtt    174960
     ttgcagccct tcctagaaag ttgcattagg caggaccaac ttatcatctg tacagtggag    175020
     agttggaact tcttataaaa ctgaggggtt ggtgaaaggc attaatggcc agcggtacac    175080
     tgacctgggt taaccagtta accagtcccg acaatgcgat aactgatgat caccaactgt    175140
     gggtcccatg tgaacacttg tatgttctga gaagagagca gggttcacac ggaatgttgt    175200
     gggggagggg gagtaggtgg aagaattgta atagattagt aatcaaatag gaaaatttga    175260
     ggtagcatta tgtgctatga ggaaagagaa ataatgtgga attagagtca agggctcctt    175320
     ggcaaagtga catttcatct gagacatgaa tagagttgag gaaccagatc tataaagatc    175380
     cagaggcagg gttccctgga taggaaacag ttcacacaga ggccctatgc caggggtgga    175440
     tagaatatgc taagttatag gagctggctc tctcgcaaaa gaaaagaaca ggtctatata    175500
     tgtcctgaaa tgatcaagtg agtggtacct ctgtgcctca ccgcaagtga gggctgaact    175560
     cacagaggac ccctacattg gccagatcaa tcccaatgta ggacttattt tccccttagc    175620
     agacaaagct aacttattta taggatgcta ttaagaaatt catttgaagg attagaaaat    175680
     agcttggtga taaaagtgct tacactcttc tagaggacct gagtttggtt cctaggacct    175740
     aatattggat agctcataat tgcctgggac tctagctcca agggatctga aaccctttcc    175800
     tagactctgt gaggacccac acacacatgg cacacatata tacttataaa tacatatttt    175860
     aaaagaatca atccaatatg ttcttctggg ttgatggcct tacccttcac ccgtgtgtgc    175920
     aaagttcagt cttgcaagtt atccaccatg ctgatgcacc tgttctgata atgaaccagg    175980
     ggtagttcct gagaccctgg gatgggacac ttgccttcaa ggtggattct tgggtgtgac    176040
     acagggatta aggtgtgttt ttgttgttgt tattattttt gttgtttgtt tggtaactga    176100
     aatcataatc attttcttga tattaaggta aagaatgact ggtgcctggg tggggaacca    176160
     actctagggc ctgtgtatcc ttttccccca ccttgtgaag ttcctggtag ccagaacagt    176220
     catcaagccc cagatatgtg tggagccaaa gagtaggaat gacttctgcc cacggcatca    176280
     tgtttatact tgaacaaacc cctgggagcc acggtataag gaagactgag atcagtaagg    176340
     acaaaatcct tagccacatc ctgtggcctc gaggtctcgt ctcttccttc cccctctcct    176400
     cctttctcct ctctgtgtgt acaagaacat gagcacatcc ccacccctct ccagatagca    176460
     ccacacattc ctagttgctg ctccctttaa gccagcttgt ttgttccctg tctgtctggt    176520
     aagttacatc tccatgtaaa tgctaagttc agaagatgat agttaagctt tacaatccat    176580
     aaaaaaaaaa gccatgaata aaaaccaacc ataatggaca gcaatatgtg ggagatggcc    176640
     tttccttggg gccagataaa tgtgtgttta ccatattcaa gttcaatctt gataaaaaac    176700
     cattgggaat tatagtggaa caggagaccg atgacagatt tcggggagca aagtggggta    176760
     ccatcttagt tagcatttta ttgctgtgaa cagatgctat gaccaagcca actcttataa    176820
     ggataacatt taattggggc tggcttacag gagcagaggt tcagtccatt atcatcaagg    176880
     caggaatgtg gcagcatcca ggcaggcgtg gtgcaggagg agctgagagt tatacatctt    176940
     catctgaaat ctgctagcag aatactgact tctgggcagc taggatgagg atcttaaagc    177000
     ccacacccat agtgacacac ctactccaac aaggccacac cttctaatag tcacaccccc    177060
     tgggctgagc atatacaaac cgtcacaggt acaatgacta gaagtcgggg aacacagcca    177120
     cccagactct ggtcggacac accaggccag ggcaggcgct ctactagcct aagctacacc    177180
     acactgtctc acatctctga acatggtgcc atggacctgt gccctggcag ctctcaaagg    177240
     accaggcctg gcgctgtctg taccttccgt gagagatgca gcttatttgg ttgctcatag    177300
     catttctaat ggatcttctt gggttttgcc ccatgggctg tggcagaaca ttttgacagg    177360
     ggctttggga accaatggat caactccagt aacttagatg gtgtcaggaa ggatatgcta    177420
     ggaagtcatt ttgggatttc tggcatcttc cttcagagta tcacaacatg gacacacatg    177480
     ggatgggaag actgtgtgtc tctcagaaca ggagcccgtc ctgccagcga agctggtggt    177540
     gtgaggtgcg aatggtgaat tggttgcagg atatctgagc tatgctttcc tctctccagg    177600
     acagtgcctc ccttgatctg gtgagtgggt tagagtcctc tggatgtttc ctgtttgaga    177660
     acaagccata tggctcgcta taatgcttat gtccagaatg tccggaagat tgtcaagcct    177720
     tcccttcaag actggaaatg tgaatcaggc cctaactctg tggcttaaaa gtagctctct    177780
     caagtctgtt tctttcccag gaggcaggca cttccatggg ctttgcctag gtaataggta    177840
     tacagagatc cccgaaggtg cataaatctg ccttctcttt tccctttgga ggcagttaat    177900
     tttttcctaa cctctcattt gcagtccaag gaagggctta ccatgttgac tgtgagagag    177960
     ctttgcctga gggcatctga gcaggtgccc agagaacaag ctagatccat tccatttttc    178020
     cccaagacca ttccctgtgt gtctgaagct cacccaccca ctccttcaac tcatgtgacc    178080
     aggaaaatgc tctgcccacc tgcctctgcc tggaagcagc ttgcctgacc ctcaagctgt    178140
     cagatgcctt tctccctgtg tgcatgactg ccagaagaga taggcaggct tactattgga    178200
     cccccccgca ttgttaaaaa tatgaaaagg atcataatca ataagtcttc ataaaccatt    178260
     tttttctggt aggtcttcaa aggggtgagg aggtggcagg tatctggccc ggctctccac    178320
     agggtgatca ctggtaggaa ggcacttgca ggtctcagct gttcgccagg cacagcgggg    178380
     catctttaca gtagttgctt tgtcttccct accacctgca aagagggaat tgctgtctct    178440
     aattttagga atgagaacgc taaggagatt ctatgactga cccaagaagt tgagtcacac    178500
     cgatggaaag tgtcccccag gctccttcct gtcccaggag aaatcagtct accatcctct    178560
     tgcagatcat gtaggtcccc aacttagtat gtgtgggagt atcctgctgc cctcagatga    178620
     cagggtccat ttgtcacaga tttcatcaga caaggaccct gattcatatc catccatatg    178680
     gcctccatat cacccatgga agaccctgca aatctcagca ttgtccttga cagcagaggg    178740
     cacatctcac atcccacctg agtctttcag cttagctgtg ctgatccgca cgccggattc    178800
     actgccggaa gcaagactta gcttgatgct tcattgatct ctccggttct ttttactcag    178860
     aatggctcat ggctggaagg tatccacaag ttaatctagt ctaattgtcc caactaggat    178920
     gtgcctcagc aaactacagg aagctctcta aacatacctg tgagctggga agctcggggt    178980
     tcagtccaca tcttctctct aagtgctgtg ggagatgcat ggcctgtctt ctggtgtctg    179040
     ttcttttctc tcctattttt tgcctgctac aaggtgggtg atagctgtca cggaccacca    179100
     gtaactgatg acagacagca agctggaggc aattggtctg tataaactgc ccagagcaga    179160
     cagttccaca caagaggaaa gaaatacgct tccattttgt ttaattcaca gaaaggaagt    179220
     ccagacctac cctttgggat tcaggtgctg agtgtgaggt tccgcatcct ttgatgtttt    179280
     caggagcttt agacatcctc ggcagtacct atcaagctca tgtttccctt gcaaagccct    179340
     atggagaaac acaacactag tcatgtacaa ttaaccagca agtgttcacc tgggtggtaa    179400
     aggtcccctg ttctactggc agctagctct gtggctctga gttctttggg atccactgtg    179460
     cagtgacagt gctgccaggt tccattcatt tctaataaac ccggaagctg cctgtagttc    179520
     tgagaggctt tggtgtccat gtaggggttc aggatctata cacctgactg tctaaactca    179580
     ccttacgaca gtgctggttg aaggatgacc aggaagagca tggaattggg gatgatgcag    179640
     tagtgtagtt ggaagcaaga tagtgagctt gggatggcac gttattatgg atgatgaaac    179700
     ttcagcttcc ttgttattaa tatctataaa gagaaacgcg gctctggggg tcgggaaacg    179760
     ctctgaaaga tgacattaca cctccctttg tccttcgcct gtggtgagca ctctgcgtgt    179820
     gctacctgtt ctttacagag agaaactggg tacaacttca gctataaggt tagtgtttct    179880
     tcctctctct ctgtgctcag gaatagaacc aatggcctta tctatgttaa tagaaaagta    179940
     agtaccactg agctatatcc cttgactatg catccaaggc agatcttgaa atttcagtct    180000
     tcctgcctca gcttccccag gtatctgggt ttataggcct gtgtactacc aggcagagct    180060
     cagttatgtt agtcatgtta gattgatcta gaatcaggac ttagctagct acggtgttag    180120
     ttgcattgag cagaggatat tgcctggtat ttcttgtctt ctatgtaatc cctgaacttc    180180
     gaagggtatt ccaagaaatg tggtctttta ctgcttcttg tcttggtcaa tagattctcc    180240
     tagagagtac ttagctccca tgggtggacc gtttctgtct agtagacttt tgggctgcag    180300
     tctactgtaa ttctcaggat aacatcacgg cagttactgg gagactagct tccaccccca    180360
     cccccacccc cacacaatac actttcattt tttgtttgtt taaagtcata tagttttgac    180420
     tccagaatgg atgttacagt gaactaaaga tggagatgga tggatgaagt caagccgtac    180480
     atatagccca gattgtcagg tgcctgcact ttccctaatt gacactcctc atcccagggt    180540
     gggaatatgg acagccatag gactttgaca aataggttct ggtgaaagtt gggtactgca    180600
     tcagcaaatt ttcctaggat ctgttcttgg ggtatttatt tacatccttg gtatagattg    180660
     aagctgatga ctagataggt tttcctggtg tcatcttcca tttaaaagtc attttaaata    180720
     ttgttgatgc atctttattg ggccattgat cacccgcaac atgcattttg acagcagaga    180780
     taaaacaaga tcacttagcc accacgggat gactaagagc aagtgacatg aagaagaact    180840
     tgtcggtata cgagtcaggt gaaatgaagt gccatgtgtg gtcgtccctg ctctattttt    180900
     acctctctgg gtgatttgtt cggtggcagc aacagcttca ggagcatcaa cagagctggc    180960
     tctgatggga actaaagacc cctgagaagc agggtgagtg cgcagtgcct cctggtcaat    181020
     tggtcacact gctggccctt gctagatgct aactacatat tcctgccttt tagtcttaac    181080
     acattttctt tctgagaatc atgtcctgtt ttcttctatt tcatgttgga aaggctttga    181140
     tgaatgggtc agcgtcatca gcagggtcta tcgtttagtt acattcactt tcaaacatag    181200
     aacctgcagc tggattaggt ggtctgtttt aacagcatat aggctgcatg ccatactcac    181260
     gacccaagtg tggcctgtac ctaaggattg cttccttcct ctatggtatc tgtgcttgct    181320
     gccagtttgt cactgcagtg gagaagtgtc atgctggact cattgataag caatttcctt    181380
     atactgccta ctgagaaagc ctgtcctatt acatacattc catgtcacct aacctcattg    181440
     tcactttaga ttcttcaagt gtcctcccac ctcaaatact ataaattctt agtgtttatc    181500
     attttggtgg tgcgaaggca atttttctga tctctggatg tggcatgctt gtgtgatgat    181560
     gtgttcacaa tggaaactgt tgagtgtatg gagaagatac aggcctgcgt gtacttcata    181620
     aatcatacat cagaggaaaa cagcactggg agtgggcaag aactaaaata agaaaaagag    181680
     cgccagtgga aggctgtggt gttcctttta cagtttttgt tgtgagtgaa taattggggg    181740
     tagatagcct ttgaggaggg tctacataag ggtccatgct tgtaccaaac agattcattt    181800
     tgacactggc agggtgagat actgggattt gcagagcata aaagcatagg tgataggaac    181860
     gcaggagctg cctgaaggga cctaccttct tgtgggagat gtgcagtggt cagggctgga    181920
     atgtgtgcac tggcgaaatc atctcatgct tgctatggtt cagtgtccta gcctagagac    181980
     agaggggtta gcattaaaag ccacagcgat tcctcaaaaa caaggcctga cttccattac    182040
     actcttttgt gcactctgca gtttcaaaca ctatattgcc gagagttctt aaaacattat    182100
     ggtgtcctgt gaagaaagtt tccctattgt tcccatccta ctggtagaga gctgtgagct    182160
     tgtatttgca gaggccaacc catttagcta gtatgtgatt tttttcccaa ggctctaaat    182220
     tacataagat taggaaagag caacagtttt accctgcaac ctttatacaa accgcttggc    182280
     cagaccgagc tatcaaaggc aattgctaaa aacaacagcg ataaatcagt gatgaaggga    182340
     agggttacat aataaacagc actaggaaaa tcagttagct gcttgaaaaa aaatattaaa    182400
     gaggtttaga tcttcaactc attcaatttg ccacaatgta gcctaagtta attaagtaga    182460
     ttaatgggaa gagaagaaga aaataggggt gagaatggaa tctccgcctg gaccagcctt    182520
     tagatagcac cagacaatag aagaagttac aaatgtcgat gacagtttcc acttcactat    182580
     gttagaaaca tcaccagaga taaaggagca aatagaaaac ttgtaaagat gcttaccaca    182640
     aacattacat ttttcttttt ttaaatattt ttattacata ttttcctcaa ttacatttcc    182700
     aatgctatcc caaaagtccc ccataccctc ctccccactt ccctacccac ccattcccat    182760
     tttttttttt ttggccctgg cgttcccctg tactggggca tatacagttt gcgtgtcaaa    182820
     tgggcctatc tttccagtga tggcctacta ggccatcttt tgatacatat gcagctagag    182880
     tcaagagctc cggggtactg gttagttcat aatgttgttc cacctatagg gttgcagatc    182940
     cctttagctc cttagatact ttctctagct cctccattgg gagccctgta atccatccaa    183000
     tagctgactg tgagcatcca cttctgtgtt tgctaggccc cggcatagtc tcacaagaga    183060
     cagctacatc tgggtccttt cgataaaatc ttgctagtgt atgcaatggt gtcagcgttt    183120
     ggaagctgat tatggggtgg atccctggat atccctaaag caataagaaa tacaaaaggt    183180
     ctgttaggta agtaggcaaa agagtcactc aatatcacta gttgcaataa ttaccgttct    183240
     aacttaaaaa gaaatgcctt tcatacaata ataattgtat ctatatatcc atattatata    183300
     tacatacacg tctgtgattg tgtgtgcagg attgagaagt aacacacctc catatctgaa    183360
     agcaatcaaa atcagagttc ctacagaaga ccctcttgta gcatctggtg tgagaaagtc    183420
     tccaagaagg attagaggag aaaaatgtat caaaggacac aggccaggtc tgaggaactg    183480
     cactggcctg gtctgagata cttagctcat tgaaaggagc aaagatatta agagactaaa    183540
     caggaatcca ccagtctgca ttgatataac tactaaatgg taaccagtga ggagaacctg    183600
     tgaccatggg tcacactagc attaacaaaa gtcatgctag aatgtcacct accccttggc    183660
     caccattcca tggcttctga agaatcatat atatatatta atgattgcta gactatatat    183720
     atatgtatgt atatatgtat atgtatgtgt gtatgtgtat gtatatgcat atatacatac    183780
     acacatatat aatacacaca cgtatattat acacacacac acacacacac acacacacat    183840
     atatatatat atatatatta agcctagtaa gtggtgcttg agtgaggacc atgtttgtat    183900
     acattattga tataactgaa caggaaccat tcagtggaga aactagacat caccttaacc    183960
     aaataattaa agttaacctc cgtgctcctg ggcagaccaa caccacacat ctctggattc    184020
     accccttgag atgatcataa tgttacttct gtggtagact caccccaaac acacagtctt    184080
     catctaatca taaagaaata gcaggcaaat ccaaactgag caatagtgtg caaacatccc    184140
     tatgtatcct ttttaaatgc catggtcatg gaaggcagag tcggagggag ccattgtgta    184200
     gtaacgaagg cttaatgtgt aacagctaaa tgcaatgcat gatcctaggt ggactcctag    184260
     actagtttat tttcttttga gctatgaagg ctatggagta aaatttgaga tatgtaagat    184320
     agacaccatc ttgcattaat atcagttaat ttctgatttt gctaatcatg ttgtttgaga    184380
     atcctggcat aaaagggcgt catatttgga atgcagtctc agatgagtca gaaaatctat    184440
     atgcatgtat gtatgtacaa ggttgcatat gtatctgtct tatagaaaat gttggagcaa    184500
     aaatgataaa acatttaaca attgtgcaat tggctgaagg ctggggtgtc tcagcactct    184560
     gacaactcat ctgtaaatct gaacgatttc aaaacgaaga gttaaaacca cagtacaagg    184620
     ctaagccacg aaagggtcag gatatgagag cgaagcaggc gctcccgagg gctgtcagca    184680
     ggattgatgc ggccaggttt ctctgggaat acaattttcc agtttgtatc aggagcctta    184740
     ggagaactgc ttacccttag ctttgctacc atacaaagaa aacatggaag attatctcta    184800
     atgcccctga gagaaggttg ctgaggtcac ggagacagtg tggagtgtag ccttgatggg    184860
     tcctggtggg gtgtggcagg tactgctgaa tctcatttac catggataga tgagggaact    184920
     agaagtggag agggagagac agacagacag acagacagac taaggccagt gtgtaactag    184980
     agatgaagct gggacccaga gtggcaatgg atagctctgt agctttcttt cttagactaa    185040
     aatgcacacc tgagatacca tataaagaaa atattttctt tggttccagt ctatgatgag    185100
     gctcacctac tgctctgggt tagctttcga tgccagatgc caatgccagg gggcacatgt    185160
     ggcagtggcc aagaagacga gagagtggaa agggctggag tgagtcttca gtttccttta    185220
     agaacatggt cccagtgacc caactctttc ccattaggcc ctcttgctga agagcccacc    185280
     accccatcag tagcacaaag ctggaaaccc agcctccaac acatgaacct tttggggtgc    185340
     actctgtatc taacccttag cagtgactct aaaacccata ctcctcagtg acctcctggc    185400
     tcaggagagc agttggtgaa ctcaggttct gccatcgttc tctgtccctt ctgacactgc    185460
     ttcctgtctt gaaagacagc gttccttcta acaggctttc cctccttgtc aactcttttc    185520
     ccttgggttg ccccacatct agtgagagtc tccatcaggc cactctcact gcttcctatt    185580
     gcacctgata atgaggtgcc acggtgttac tgtaatttgg cacttaacag ctcatactaa    185640
     tgacaccgca ggctttgaga tgagctaaaa gcaggaaaag gtttgccagg ggttgactct    185700
     gaaggacatc catatcgctt cattaatatg gctcaactcc cacctggtgg tcagggcaag    185760
     ttctccagga aggaatcgtg ttgtagcaaa acaagcatgg actttgatac ccagtaagtt    185820
     gggatttcat gtcttcttat ctgtgtggtt cccagtgaaa tttgttggct cttactttta    185880
     ttgttaaaga taacaaacta tctcaggctt taaatgagag gacaagtacc agagacctgt    185940
     cctaaccagc tcttgccaat tccgtgtccc tcctagctaa atggttgtgt tgtgctttgg    186000
     ggtttccctg tatgcactgt cttaagctgc gcttccagca tttctgatac gctgcacctt    186060
     caaagaccta tacaaatgtc ctatgattga ggcatcccac tcagagatct ttatatgtgc    186120
     tccccagtgg gtggaagtca cagatgagcc ccaacctcat cctgcagggg agctgagcct    186180
     ggcagtccta ctgtttcagc tataagccat gtcgcttccc tctattctag tggatctgtg    186240
     actacctgtc atcacccaga aacctgttct gtaagtgacc tctatgatct atatctcata    186300
     gctgagtggt ttatgccaca ggcgtgctgc ttctacttgc tgaagacgtt ggggattaaa    186360
     ggcattgtga taacaaattg ctgcactctt tataccaaca gacactcccg tcctcgggaa    186420
     gacagtcttc agggatgata tttctttggg tcgtctcctc tgtgctgaac gtgttaggcc    186480
     gacatgtcat cagacacaca gaaagttcct atgcaattgt atagggggga aaaagggggg    186540
     ttttagtgag tagccaccta ctaagtgaca cctcaggtgc tctgtgtcca ggaagcagac    186600
     cagccccctt ccttcaacag aatctcttag ctcaccatgt gctttgcaac taaagagtaa    186660
     aatcatgtga gaaagcctgc caggatccca ctccatagaa gcacttagct caaatatagc    186720
     atttccccag aaggcttagg gtggtgatgt ctgcctgttt cacagtagtt tgcactggga    186780
     tcagtgaggc atcagaagta aagcctcatg ctgggttctg aagagcagat tcggaatgaa    186840
     gtaagagctc agagctgtta gtaaactaca gagatgtgct tgccctccac caacagtcaa    186900
     ggttactcaa acacagataa tgttttagta ttgaaaaggt tttttttaac aaagcagacc    186960
     tcaaaagcct tgagaagaaa tataatgaga gagggggggg aagagagagg aaagagagag    187020
     aggagagaga gagaagagga gagagagagg gaaagagaga gagagaggga gagagagcac    187080
     taaacatcct ctttgcttct tagtgacaat tttccaacct atttaaagcc acattgattc    187140
     ccaagggaga aactaccacc aaagcatgga tggagaagtt ttgctttctt gctactatgt    187200
     ggaaatgtcc ctctgataat gtaaggaata aggttttcca ataaaaacat gcagggtgca    187260
     ttgggaatca tgatgctgac tatctgctga ctttctgtgg gctgttcatc tgctttgctg    187320
     acttctcaag gattggagat gatcttatta aatttaaggt aacgtgagca aggtcatctc    187380
     tagtccctct ttgatttcca tgtaatatag acagggcaat ggttccgata cagagccgtg    187440
     tttgtcactg tcctcttttg ccgctcaggt acatgattcc tatttttagc agctttgtgg    187500
     tattgtgaat cccagacttc aactcccagt gagtcagaag gtctggctgc ccagagatat    187560
     gtgactcaga tgacaagaat agtccaatca ccaggaggtg agggtttaaa gcaaagcttt    187620
     tgtgctcagt ggaaaaacgt aaatgaaaac agatgtttaa atagaaatct attgcccttc    187680
     tgggaaggct cttctctctc acccctgaaa gttctcattc tcttcccggg gaggaacctg    187740
     agcggctggc ctagaaatag ggccaattca ttagccgttt cctccacctc aggagccttc    187800
     ctggcagccc aagggagaga tttctgggtc acatcagcat caggagttga caaaacaatc    187860
     tcctcgtggt cagaaatggt ggggtcagag aagcagagga cagatgtagg ggcagttgag    187920
     agacacattg agttatgaga tttttatgtt gttaggggta agaaactaga gaaaaatggt    187980
     agattctcaa aaatatgaga acaaacaggt tgatagcttc tagattagat attagataag    188040
     aaattattta taatttattt acccatcagt ccccatatcc agatatcttc caatccatct    188100
     agctggctat ctgcccatcc atctatttat ctatctatcc atatacccag tcatctgttc    188160
     atctatccac cattctaata atctagcagc ccaccagcta tccatctgtc catctaacta    188220
     ctcatctatc tatggatgac gatccatagt ctcctgttcc ctcccacctg tgtcactcat    188280
     ctaccccatc ctcgtttgtt tacccaccta cccactcatc tatttttatc catctatcta    188340
     cccatccatt aatcctttca accatccacc aaaccatagt cacctataac ttattcattt    188400
     attcttccac acaaccactt attcactcac ctaccaattg atttctttgt ccacctgccc    188460
     cacacacccg tccatctatc catccactca ctcatccatc taccatccat acacctatac    188520
     cttcattcat ccatctgtcc acccatccat cttcacccat ctattttttt ccagccatac    188580
     acactcctac aatctatcca tttgtctctc caacatatta catatggaac tcagactctt    188640
     aattaagtcc tttgctcagt actagggaac aacagccata cctgagaagc atacacagtg    188700
     cttggaggaa atttgataga gtggcgcggt cttgctacaa tatgccttcc aaggttaaag    188760
     tttcatgatt ccaggttatc aatacttgtg cgcgtaaaat atctttgtcc tcagagaagc    188820
     tctgcttccg ttgatataaa tgggcattca ggataaacca taaagataaa cctgaacaga    188880
     tgaagctagg gtcagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    188940
     accttgtaac cctttgtagt tccccagaga tgcctttcag agttaagacc catacctgag    189000
     ataacacatc cttttaatat gggatttagg agtctggggg tcaatacttt ctcccccaag    189060
     ctcaccggag tgaagattct tatctggaag cttctgtagc tgcactttta gctgctgttt    189120
     cgattttcca gtgttccatg aaagctcctg aatctcttcc ctaaataaaa agtcatgttt    189180
     ggtatttggt aaaatgtttg tagcatagtg ctcaaccgag cagaactaag ctactgacaa    189240
     aatactgtct cagccattta ataataatag ctaacatttg tatagcactc tacagtataa    189300
     caaagcacct ttaacacact cagcctcctg agctctttgc agcggcccat ggaggcccaa    189360
     gggcaggtta tcctgggtga tttacccatg atatcatctg ccctggggag cccattctag    189420
     gactacagaa gatgagcgag gtcacatgta gaccccaaag ccagaaactg tccatagcca    189480
     cttcctctga aggctttgat cagaccccca cctcagactc agtttcctct ctgcctctag    189540
     tttccacacc ctggtgtgtc tcacatgtgg ctaccagcgt agactcctca actgcccgct    189600
     tttcctgctt taatgcaggg accgctctag gattaggtct aagatctcag tactgttgtc    189660
     ttctctaagt ggccttttct atctcactgc cccccctcca acacacacaa ccaccaacac    189720
     attctcttct ctgcacctgg atgcacttgg ttggaccata tcatactcta cttagatccc    189780
     tggattgccc agatgcaagc tgaagagagg ccgatgttgc ttccgctgtc catgtggcaa    189840
     agggcaatta attaacagca ttcctctttt gaaccagtaa atcagagact ttaaattaat    189900
     gagatgtgtc tgtgagcatc actgtgagcc aagaattagg ttcactaaga tggacaccgt    189960
     gggccagagg tagcttgaca cagatgataa aggtgggaag ggggtttgct tacaggtcct    190020
     ggctacgtgg ctttgggtgt tgtgtttgga cctggagagt ccttcataga gaaatcttcc    190080
     catcccactg tcatggcagt tggtatagtg aaagtagtca cttctttcca gtctccgtac    190140
     tgaccacaga tagttcctct ctagtgttct ggaagatctc attccattgc ccctgaggac    190200
     tcggtgaagt ctgaggagat agggtatgga ccagaaagag gacttcacag tgggttccaa    190260
     gagaaaagag tgatgggtgc taccatgcat gggccagggc ctagacacat gtgagtgtcc    190320
     tgaggcagga agggtgccct gcaagtggga ggagattcct tgacaatgaa gagtcccctc    190380
     cccaggcctt cttccagcta tctatccctt tccctcagtt cccaaattga agctatcatc    190440
     cttagacctc agaacccttt gacaggtcta tgggtcaaac tgataatctt attatgaatt    190500
     gcaaattgct ttatgagaaa agattctcct cctcctttct ctagattcta gcaatatcac    190560
     ttgttctgag ttaatggata aacttagaag ctataattcc ccattcatat agtagacata    190620
     gaaaatttaa aatatatata ttaaaaagta agaaaaattc ttaaacctta gggaaactat    190680
     gtcctcttta attttattta aaaactacta tttattttat gtgtataggt agtttgcctg    190740
     catgatgtct atggacagca tgtgtgcctg gtaccctcgg aggttagatg aaggtatctt    190800
     tggaactggg gttacagaca gttacaagtc atcatgtggg tgctgggaat tgaactcagt    190860
     cctctagaag agaagccagt gctcttagcc acctagccat ctctccagcc ccacagacat    190920
     ggtataatat agtcatgttc ttcaagtcta tattattata attacatagt ataatatcaa    190980
     gtattgaata ttaaaatata aatatataaa tattaaatat taaacataac aatatatggt    191040
     ataatattaa agcatatatt tttaaaattc tgctatatgt aattactatg caatatgcca    191100
     tttacccttt aataatatgc cacaaatatt cttctttacc attaaatata aatctacaat    191160
     attattttaa tacttgtgaa atcaaattat ataaaggcac tataattaat ctaaccaatt    191220
     tcctgttttg tgagtactct gagaaagggc tgttttcact actgtcaaga gcattgttaa    191280
     gaaaaataac ttagtaacat atatataggt agagttatat atatcaaatt ccgtatacac    191340
     ttctttttga agttatgttt agtgtgcttt atagttggag agttctgccc ttttgctgta    191400
     tttttgtgcc cagatattgc cattgtagaa tgtgagccct ggtgccccac agccttccca    191460
     gctggctcgg tgtcaccttc agtcatctga aaaagaaaaa tgaacacaca ggatgccata    191520
     ttgaataaaa atgttttccg atccaaccca aagccttgaa aaatatgact tcccataaag    191580
     ccactggcaa gatctggctg ggccctagtg ggagcaacct catggctacc cttggttcaa    191640
     acacagccct cagttgcagt agaatttaga gaatttgcaa ctcagtcact gcctcatagc    191700
     catgcttccc agtctgcttg agacgtttaa tgtgatataa gaggaggaga tgtgcgtggg    191760
     aggccagtta cattcaccta tgagccccag atgaggccta gatatgtcat ccctcccttt    191820
     gtgacctgga gcagcccctt ctgtcctcac taggtagcca acagcagcag gagtgagctg    191880
     gacactgggc agggtcctga gttcctcctt gacccatgag ccctgtgact ctggcgagtg    191940
     acctgcagag gcctgtgcaa tccatctcct gtggctactg gggctcagat gacatttaga    192000
     gagcccagca cagcgctatg gctctcccca ttttcatttg tgcagactag ggactcccgc    192060
     atctaacctg tgtgggtctg cttcattatg gttctaggtt ggatttagga gagcctgcct    192120
     tttgaaacat cagttttgta gtagccgggg aagtttggct ttctctggat ttgtattttg    192180
     cagcgatggc ctcaggcctt gaggcttctg tggaagaagt ggcctgcctc cttatggtga    192240
     tattacacag gtttctgtag cacacgtctc tacttgtatt agttattacc ttgatgggtt    192300
     ttgtctggta gccatttgtt tgggaaaacc cctgggctat ctatctacat agtctctaaa    192360
     tactaatgca acagatggtt tatgaagagc caagcatttg aaataggcgt aggaactttg    192420
     tttcacaaga gcatcatccg aatgggtgtg gtatgtctcc gactgctcac ttgaattttc    192480
     agccatatga cccactcctg ggtcattcca cctctccctc attgggagca cattggaacc    192540
     ttttctttgt ccttctctgc tctgtcactt gtataaggag ctaatccagc ctcaacatct    192600
     gccaagtcct ttcagatttc gagacctttg taattctgtg gaggaattgt tcacccatag    192660
     tttggtccat ttgtcactgg gatactgtcc atcagtggag gatgctaacc aatagtgtga    192720
     acacagattt tctgagctct ggaatatctg taagcagagt gcctggccca tctgagtact    192780
     gaacacactt gagaaatcaa gtctcaaggt tcttggttgg gctgtgtcaa ttgctgaagg    192840
     acttgggcct tcatgagttt tgctggttag agcacttccc tgcctcttta aagaacgtga    192900
     gtatcctgtg atctctgtga tgccacacag ggctgtcatg gtgaacacca atgcttctag    192960
     gattcactcg atgccctgta agaatgagtg cacagagtcc tttgctctaa aactgggtca    193020
     gagtgttgtc tttgtgagaa cctatattgg ctttgtctac gttgttgtct ctatcttgac    193080
     taattcccta ttgtgtgtct ccttgagcta ccagacctct tccaataact tagcactttc    193140
     tatatgcatc attgcattta atctttccat cagtttggtt gaataaaaga aaagggagaa    193200
     gggaaaaaaa cagctaaaac tttgagaact gagcaatgtg cccagaggac acattactgg    193260
     aagtggccct gtcctgggag cctggtttcc tgattctgac ctggggattt tttccttcag    193320
     caactgttta cctccttcta gtgtggtgtt gatggcccac cataaagagc agggtgtaaa    193380
     tgtctcagcg aacgtctaga agaatcttta gagtgttaga ggtttaatgc attgtctttt    193440
     ctacctctct ttatttggat ttcatagacc ttttcttctt attttttttt cttatgtgta    193500
     agcaaaacag atggatagcg aggattagca aaaaaaataa aaaaataaaa aataaaacaa    193560
     aacaaccaac agaactaaaa caaacacaag atgcccaatt aaatgtgaat ttcagagaac    193620
     aagtaatttt agtatatttc atgtgatatt tgggacatat ttataaaaat tatttttttc    193680
     tgttctctat atctagctgg cagtttttct gagtctccaa taacaacact caagctcaac    193740
     aagcagtcca gaatttttgt aaatttcctg taggtgactt gagggagtgt gtgggctgcg    193800
     actgtgttgg aggactgcag aatctatcct gttaattaga taaagcttcc tggaaaagat    193860
     gtgacttgag ctgatttaca cggcattagg tggtcgcttt tgtaactggc tacagaagga    193920
     gctattagta cagtcactct ggagaacagc atagaggtcc ttccagatag caaagacatt    193980
     tccacctcat ggtccagtta tgccacttcc tagtataatt cctcttaaag gaattaactc    194040
     agtacaccaa cgatacacct tcatggcatg tctattttgg cactattcac aatagctaaa    194100
     atgaataaag aaaaacgtgc tctgtatatg taatggagaa agaactatta agtcatgaag    194160
     aacaaaatcc tgccattggc agcaaaatgg gtagaaccag agaacatcat gctaagtgaa    194220
     ataagccaga catagaaggg tgggcaccac acatgttctt tgtcatgggc agaagctaag    194280
     taggctaatc taaaagtaga agagaaatta ctagagactg gggaagactc atgggctgat    194340
     gtacatatgc atggaagcat cacaacaaac tcttcatttg ttttactaat atgcattaat    194400
     gaaaatgtat tgtaaggtgt gttgaaagga actattccta ggacaagaga agaggagaca    194460
     gaggagggag ggcttctttg taagcccaac aagtttgtac cgtgctaaga gtatgtttct    194520
     ttgcgaatag ggcaaagttt gtctcctgcc ctgtgatgtg agcacttggt gctcatgctg    194580
     aagctgggca aggccatttc ctcttcacgc atgctcaggt ggattggaac accttgagtt    194640
     cctcgggtgg tacactcacc tgtgctgctc agcctttgcc acatagtcag gtgactgaca    194700
     gcatctttta ggaagtccag agttttgtga aatctaagaa atcatatttc ccctaggata    194760
     tctttgtgaa ctctcccagg catgctcata aggatgactg ttccctggtt ttaagagatg    194820
     cgtttgggat ggctcagatg aagagggtac agaaaagaaa gatcttaggt gtgcaagtgt    194880
     cacttgccct gttttgtttt gggtgtctga agaacaaagg attgccctgg gccctcctac    194940
     actctaggga ataagggcca tgctccaggc tcttgtctgg atccctgtac tctctcttct    195000
     tggagaagag gtgtatttat atttttaaaa atctataaac caaacaatgt gcttttcaac    195060
     tcattttatc acgtgctaac tatgcagcag gcacatatgg agggggacag actaaactcc    195120
     ctccccgagc tggttcttgg gtgctggctc tgcagccacc ttgggacgga gctctcaact    195180
     ttacagcttc tgctcctctc agaagggtct ccatgaactg cctcagatcc ctcactgaac    195240
     gctaagcttg agactcaggg gcacctctcc ccctttaaaa tatgctaccc ttgttacctg    195300
     ctcagtcaag acaggggcta tcaacagtag agggaatcag atagattcag ttccagcttc    195360
     aagactgtta ggagtatgtg ctgtggtccc aagggagtag ctttggggtt ttccaagctt    195420
     tacaacagta tagacgtaga ttctaccctt tcccaaatat ctctggccta aaattgacac    195480
     caggagccat gcaaggtcaa gttgtctggc agtgagccca ggtctctggg tttgaaaact    195540
     ttgcggaggc agtacatgct gaatgacaac caggagaaag ctgagcagtc ccttcccacc    195600
     agtatatgtg gagagctgtg gtgctcagtg accaggaaca gagtggggtg ctgtctaaag    195660
     tatattggag gtcacagagg ttgatggtgg gtgggaggtt attggagtct caagagctga    195720
     agcaacattc aacacttcac atcattgggt atagttccct gtgcagttaa aggcttcctg    195780
     cacctgactg ccaggccttt cctcctgaag aactctatca cagggaagtt atgggcacct    195840
     tgaacaagga ccgaggccta ggacagctct tggggaatca ggacattgtt tggtcagcaa    195900
     cctattctga aatgttatga tagttcagtc aactgccaag tgcctcactg tgtataatca    195960
     gccaccttca catggaatcc gagaggttag agtctgtgag tggctgcttc acataggaat    196020
     tgaaatcgta ccgtgcagcc ttgttaaaca gtttccttaa gatcctggct agaaagtgcc    196080
     gaggtatcct ggaattgtct gcctaatttt gaagacggta caaatggctg actattttcc    196140
     ctaagggtga cagaggctga ctgtcagaaa caatttctgt ctaaacagag atatggaggt    196200
     gattgcctgg ctggctcata cagcacccaa tatctgtgtg gccataagga gggtgaactt    196260
     tgtagaggtc tccattcttt gatggactga attccaaagg ttgggggtac agagggaaag    196320
     acgtagaaac caacttacca gtccagtcca gtccagcacc ctgctcagtg gtgctaactc    196380
     cccacctgtt gcttcgatgt gcatcttagt ttgtgaagaa tcttagaatc ttagtgttag    196440
     gtgacaggat ttgagggtgt gcttaagatg cacagtatgc ttcctttcct acatcagggg    196500
     ttgccaggga agcccaggat ctctgaatat tccctatgtc ccggctttcc tgtagagcaa    196560
     tggccttgct ctggccagcc atgagactgc tgtttgtatc tatgaaactg tctgtgccta    196620
     tatagactat gccccacccc ttccccgagc ctggaacaaa cctccatttc acacgtcttg    196680
     ttctctgggg ctttggggaa gtggacttgc tactttttaa aggtctaacc ctagcagaag    196740
     acagtgagca ggccagagaa gtagagcact gcccatgttt cttcagtctt ctctaaagct    196800
     gctttgtatg taccttggag catagtcact gacccagcga gccttgcaag gcctccttcc    196860
     tctccagagt gagaaaggat gggttcagta actccatggc aaatgatggg ggaaaactta    196920
     aagatagtgt ttaagagtta ggagttaaat atgtgaacaa acccttggct gcatatgctt    196980
     catggggact gtcacatgca agccttacaa aggcatgcag gaagcaatgt gcatgtgaca    197040
     gttgttcaac tttctttggg ttgtccactc ttctaagtgc tggtttcatt tgaattcatt    197100
     tcctctggcc agagtaccat aggactcaaa gttaagctgg tctcggctgg tgagaagagc    197160
     cacccttctt gcttgggatt gcaatccctg cttagtccac ctgccagtct ttattttctt    197220
     ctctctggca ttggccaggc tttctcacca cccagtcttc agaggtgcct ccactgatag    197280
     gcagtgaccg tgagtgagca agggagagac ccttccttgc ctctccacgc tgtgatgacc    197340
     ttattcatca gtgaggagag aatctaatgg gatctttctg ggatccaggc agtctacctt    197400
     ctagatggct tcagctttgc ccttcagccg acatctggat gcgaagccta agtgtagaat    197460
     ccattatttc atttgtgttg aagacagatt gagccgtatt ccacctgcta ggttcgtgct    197520
     ttctgggagt ggataggatg ggatgtcagg ctctgtgtgt ttacacgtgg accctgagaa    197580
     aggcttcagg ggatgctgtg gaaacagccc aggtcaccag tgggcttcat gtctcaggcc    197640
     tctgtgatag cttttcacct ggagactctc agaagccagg aacccaggag ccatgggact    197700
     ttcctctcag ctccggatct gagagaccta caaaggactg gtgttctgga atcccctgtc    197760
     ccaagccttt ctcccatggt gaggccacat ctgcctggtt cgaaccttag tttcaggcac    197820
     tggtgctgag ttgtccagtg cctttggcta gtttctgtgg gaaggaaaat ctgcactttg    197880
     agagttgaac ttagatctct ctccctgctt caggagattg agcacatgga aggccagggt    197940
     cttagaaccc aaaatagctg ctacagaggg tccagggccc catgaatagg aatctgaaat    198000
     aagaaggggt tgctcgtgga ctgttggaaa cagcttttgg tgtctattgg gtgaaccagt    198060
     gtcaactagg ttctgaggaa ggctcaaaag agaagcatgt cctagagacc acagtgaggt    198120
     gacattcctg tgaacaaacc ctgtctgtgt gtccctccct tctctcttgt gcaagtggga    198180
     gcaccgtggg acatctttca gggctgatgg ctctaagaag ggaggagcct cttctcccgt    198240
     ggctggactc tcccttgggc ccttctgcag caacagtgaa ggattgctgg ctgccgagtc    198300
     ctggtcactg ggatctacct gcttgattta gactgtgagg accttctggt ggttttcagc    198360
     ctaggactcc atcatcctac ttctcggcag cttagtcaga tggtgcaaac aaggacgtgc    198420
     ttaacatagt gaagaatccc ttttctgtgg tcaggtatcc tgccttattt ccaagtaatg    198480
     atacctggtc taaatctaca aatggtttcc cccttggaaa tgggccttag gaccctagag    198540
     aacaaggatt aggagtagtc agcgcaggca aagaaggctg aaagaaggcc tggctatgct    198600
     tagggagaat ccagagaatg tttggcatgc tgaggacaaa actgcctgcc acactgctta    198660
     aaggatttaa ccctcaggga cccagaatgt ggggctccct agagaaggat ctggaagtgt    198720
     cctgaggaca attcctttct tggccctgtg gaaccctggg aaagcagcta gtgagtttcc    198780
     ttcttcttgg acatctcgga ataaggtctg gctccctggt aaaacatcag ctgagaatgt    198840
     gctaggccta tgctcattcc atccccagca ctaaaaaaag gggaaaaaaa cagataggat    198900
     gtggatagat gtgacccagt actgccagta ttcagactcc tgcagaaaag cctttctttg    198960
     aagttgaccc agttcctaaa tgggtagata atggattgcc tcctggagct aggcattacc    199020
     tttagcatta cactttggag ttcagtagct ctggacacta aaatggccgt ctccaaatcc    199080
     acacaaaata gaaatatggt ggtctcggaa aagactgtgt actcttttcc agttccttca    199140
     tctctcagat gggcaaactg agacctggag agagtttggc agcacactga catgcagcaa    199200
     cagtgtcaag actagcgtat aattgtgaaa tcctcaagac tcaggatgtg actggagaat    199260
     gcccccccag gtcctgcaag aactgcatcc tgctctgaga aggatggggt ccttgataga    199320
     tggaggatct ggtagcagtt ggggctccag tctggttaag tgggaggttt gggaaaatca    199380
     tctgaagact ccccaaaatg gggtcaaatg caataatgtt cttttaaagt tgaggaggag    199440
     aatggaaggg tttgcatgca aaatgggatg tgacatgcaa agaaaagagc tcccctttcc    199500
     ccaccctgcg tccctcctgt ctggaagcct atgcttgagc tcaccaggga tgggaaagac    199560
     ggagcttgaa cagttagagg ggaagctgtg gaagagctcc caacatcacc caggtccgca    199620
     tctatatccc agtgctgtgt ttctgtagct gtataatcca caggtcaggg atagaagggt    199680
     atcttaggcc ggaagcttca cacagagcat gggacctgct cccttggaaa gggctctacc    199740
     tgggttagtg cactgaaaat actgttctct tgccaggagt ttacaatctg attcactggg    199800
     actacagagg agagaaggat agctttccat aaactttgtg gttccaggga ggaccagggg    199860
     aagaaatgca ataaggcaaa ggaggtgctc ccacatttac aagattttag aagtcctttt    199920
     tgggtctttg gatatgacat tcaccttggg aaatgtattt acacagtaag tggcctatct    199980
     cagaaatgct agggaaaagt tggccccttt ctccagggag cgccattttt ggtggtttat    200040
     aaggagcttt attgctgcaa atgccttctt ttcccatgct gtgtgagact agacacgcac    200100
     ttcactttgg tctattgagg accaaggtca agaagagccc cagactggtc cttctccagc    200160
     agtggtctgt gacaatatta aaatcaatcg actgagagtt catttcaccc tggacactgt    200220
     gccgtgtgct cacgaggaag gcactgctat ggtccccatt tatagacaag aatggagagg    200280
     ctctgcatgt gtcttctaac ttgccaaatt catagaacta ttcagttggc agtgttggag    200340
     ggcaagccgg gatatacgtg tccctaattt ctccctcatg gtacctttca aatccaagaa    200400
     aggaatatcg aggaggaaca cggggctgta cacccctgga gagcaataag tagcagggca    200460
     aggggctggg ttggacagcc acgttggttg ctgtttgttg ttgttgtttg ttttggtttt    200520
     ggttttggtt tctatgaact gtaaagccca agtccccaaa tgttggacag ctggatacct    200580
     cgttaaatgg gtgatatgca cttccttcaa gctccattct cattggcctg aatgaatctc    200640
     cagccttcct tatcactaag tcactgctga gcttagttaa cgcccctcct cttcctcctc    200700
     ttggtcccac agcctgatac tcactacgca ctagtctcct gctcccatcc tctctgccat    200760
     cttggtggga tgcatgggaa cgtcccaacg tgactgaggt gcttcccatg ccccgaaggg    200820
     tttgcagaag catcaactgc aggacacctc acagtgccac cagctgctgg ctcagctctg    200880
     gtctgctcat gcagagcgag ttttcacctg ctactcacct tcttctctag ggttgaggga    200940
     ggatggcatg ggggagggct gcttccagta gtgcttgccc ttagtataga cgacagccat    201000
     tcactcaaga gagaactctg agtacatgca gcatgggcag gtcttggctt ggtgatccag    201060
     ggacacgttt cttgccatgt gtggtttgca gctctgcatc ccttgaactg tccttgtcat    201120
     tgtacccact gcctctccac atatgtatgc aggcatggac atgttcccac caggagtgtg    201180
     aagcaaggag acagtcaaat cccagtcctg gaaaggccag cagaacaggt gccaggagtt    201240
     tctgtctcac caggttttct gtctactgca gaaggtctga gcaactgccc tgctcactgg    201300
     gatctgactc gagagtacgt tggctgcagt gtctgccttt actccaatac aacacagtct    201360
     ccacgtctcc agggccatac tttctctcca tggcttctgt ttgctctaaa gcatcgtggc    201420
     aaggaggtgt acagcctggg gtgtcaccca tgagaccctg gcttgatgcc tcgtgtttgg    201480
     cacttgagtc tggcaagaga tgcccaggaa agatgctgcc tacgcagctg ttgtcctccc    201540
     tccatccctc ccctgatctg ctaacaaggc ttcttttcca cttaagggtg tcagggggtc    201600
     aaaatagtgg ggcctccatc gacaggccat ctggaaatgc acttgccctg taattaagtg    201660
     gttctgttag caacgtcata atcaattaca cagagcaaga cgcttgtctc cgatgtgtgc    201720
     aggtttgcag gaaaatgggg taacatgtgg tagggcatta ggtccttgat gagatggagc    201780
     aggcagattt tgccttaatg ctgctgtccc aatctttgtt ggtaagttca tctttttttt    201840
     ttaaactgtg aggggagaga tttgctgctc ctgagagcca ctgagcagaa taagcgctgg    201900
     ttaccagttt gaggttatgg atgctgcgga cagtgggagt caggaaacca agcttgattc    201960
     accttgacct acattgtgct taaaatacaa gctctgagaa ggtggtcagt ctctctgacc    202020
     tcactcactc aaccttgcca gtctggaaaa ctggaggctg tgctcactag actttgtcag    202080
     agtgttaggg tcaaatgaga cttttcaaga caaatgaatt tttgacttag aagagataga    202140
     tgaattgtta cccttaaaga aaaggtggat tgggcattcc atcatgtgca aggcatagcg    202200
     ctgtaggatg ttctgcatcc aggcatggta ggtggagaga atttgcagtg gttctcaacc    202260
     tctgggtcac gatctccttg gaggtcaggc aaccctttca caggggtcac atatcagata    202320
     tcctgcatat tagatattta cattaagttt caaaccagta gcaaacatac agttatgaag    202380
     tagctatgaa aagagcttta tgcttggcgt caccacaaca tgaagagcta tattaaaggg    202440
     ccgaggcact gggaagattg agaagctatg atgctgaggg ctgctgcctt cgtaaaggtg    202500
     gcttcaagct gtggcccgta ggtgggcagg actgcacttg aaccctgata taggtggggt    202560
     aagtatatac atttccctac tcatctcctc tctagatggg gagatccgaa agcttgggat    202620
     aaagaggaag aagacgtaaa gggtttgctc tgattgagac actgcccaga cgggcaagcc    202680
     caactcctct accctttctt gaatctgtca ggtccttcgg tggtgttggg gctgaggttg    202740
     gggttcggtg gtgttggggc tcaggtgatg tccatcagag tcgggcactc tctggaggag    202800
     gtgtggtata aaccatgtgc cagctctgcc cagaatttgt gaggatctat atggtgagat    202860
     gagttgaggc ctaggtctgg cctctgctgg ggattttgtt tgcagtgtag actttgtggg    202920
     gggcagcagg atgcagggcc gggaggggac tgaaaatggc agatggccac ccttctggct    202980
     cctgtcaggt tgttgttttg gcatccttct gtggaccata gggcctatgg atgtggtcac    203040
     aaaggaggtg taaatctcta atcacgttct ggtgtggctc atctggtcac catgcttaca    203100
     gaatttggag gaagagtgtc tggggttaga cacagacatg ggttagccct ctcaggtgag    203160
     gggctggggg aaaatgactt ctcaggggct tgcctctgaa gtgtggtagg ggttgtgcga    203220
     gattatgtgg aatctgtttt ccagaaactc ttgagctgtg ggaacctttc tgttgagtgt    203280
     gtggcacagc taaattgcca gaatgcctcc aatccttagg acacggcacg gtgtatctct    203340
     actcttctgc ctgtaccttc tccagcagtc caggctgagc aggtgtggag actagggttg    203400
     cttccttcag tgtctcaggg atactctcca gtcactactt caacttagga tgggctgaag    203460
     ctttttctgg aagagttgcc agcaagccag gtccccaggg tggttgcaat catggtggaa    203520
     aaccccaaga agggaggcat tgttttcaaa ggggactaag cagctaggat aggaaaccca    203580
     tcttgagggt gtcttgctct agcccactgc tgcactcctt cctaacccac tccccaggaa    203640
     ccaggagaag acattgcatt tatctggaca ctcaataaac agggcggaat tgaattcatt    203700
     tagttaaatt gaatcaaatt gaatagaacc taagttgccc cacagatcat taggcatatg    203760
     caccaattac ccagcagaag cacagtcgtt cctctgcttc ctgtcaagga gaacactggg    203820
     cccagctcca gcctacctgg tggcccagag caaaggccac ctaagaagat ggattccagg    203880
     accttaggga caaagggaac aactggaaag cctgtgaatt ttggtaggga aggggcttgg    203940
     ctcctcattt gtcacatacc tctgatccag agagtagatc tctgaactca ttatcatcac    204000
     aggagtcaac actaagaact gcagccactt taaattcccc ctttaaagtc cgttgcaaaa    204060
     tggaactgtc cagaattggt cccaagagca gtatgagagc aaagtgtccc agcattccta    204120
     cctgtgaatg aatggagaaa atactcacat tgtaattgtg tgagaaacag gatgaggcaa    204180
     acaatggcct ggctgctcct gcaggtctgg gcccccagcc ttctgtcctg aggctggcag    204240
     gagcagaagc ctggcatacc agacatgcct tgagggcacc cactttgggg agtgcagatg    204300
     aaggagaaat acatagcaaa gaagcaaatg acctgtgttt tggccaatct cttctacccc    204360
     ggggccaacc gtctgactct gacctgtggg attagtggcc tgatttgcaa atgagaaaaa    204420
     tcagttctta cataagcaag cagggaagct ggacctgatt gtcttccgtg gcgtcctcca    204480
     aatacgtccg gtgttctaga tgctcacttt ccgctctgta caaaggcaag gacgagtgtg    204540
     tggctcccag gccttgcctg tcctacaaca tgggctttat ccttttcttt gttattccaa    204600
     aagtgtagcc tctgcctgct ctgtgtcctc tccaaagggt cttgcttttc ctgggtgttt    204660
     gccttgcatc atacacagta gttctagact tcaccatatt tctcttagac aggattagaa    204720
     ctgggcttgc cttcttttca agtttagctt ttctgttcca tccagaacac ccggccattc    204780
     cccagctgta ctccctggtt gccagcacgt ctaaaattac aagcattacc ttgctgtaag    204840
     gcagctgcta tttctatacc ccaatagaag tcaatactag agagtggagc tacccagaag    204900
     ccagggggtg gcgtgttagc tagatggatg caaataaagc tgttccattt catggccctc    204960
     cttgggatgt gtctaatttg ggggcctgtg ttgtttactt catcttgttt ctggaagagg    205020
     ttctgcctcc cccccccccc ccaagtgaca tcactctgag gcacaaggtt ccttctcaag    205080
     gtgagcaatt cccctctcca gctgttcgta gtgagtaatt agtgtagaaa gaggctaatg    205140
     acaaaattac ctattgggcc ggggtttatg tgaaccaaag ggaggaaaga tctccgttca    205200
     cttgccgcat gttttatttc cccccccacc ccccaaaaaa gaatcacaac aaaaccccag    205260
     actttcctgc tgctgactta gcagtcatgt ctgaattttc ctacccagca cttcctccac    205320
     tggagaaaag attgcagcag gtggttccag gagaagaaat ggttctcggt tgtgtccact    205380
     ccccttcccc cacccgccac cccatttata tttgactcac attttttttt ttgccatgtg    205440
     attacatcat tttcttttca gcctccttac atccctttct gtctgttaga ccaagaaact    205500
     gaggctagga cgtacggact tgcccagggc tgtgcctagt aagcagcagt actaggaact    205560
     agctggtacc cggatcgcag tacccataat cttgggcatt gataactaac acacatccat    205620
     cttgttggaa gacagaaaca gacgacaaga agagatttga aagtggacct tgccaagtta    205680
     caaggtactg gctattcttg gctttctcta agctacacaa tccaacttgg ccagaaaaca    205740
     gtggataggg tgagggtgag ggtggccaaa cagcacactg cccacagggc tgtcccataa    205800
     gctgacctct accaaatgtt tagagttcta ttagagtttg tgaccatttg gttccactcc    205860
     caccctgccc ccagccccca ctgcaaaacc cagagtgcct ccatacttgg tcattgtccc    205920
     agggccctga aggctgaata gtttggccag gcctcctgca gtccctgcca ttcctatgta    205980
     ctgcctgcct tctgctgtct ccccctttcc tcccgctcct cagagaaaat aagtctgtag    206040
     tggccactgg actccttccc atttgtattc gactgactgc cttgcacctt gcttgctttc    206100
     tctctccttg cccctgcttg actggttttt cctgccatcc ctttgagaag ggccttttgc    206160
     atctcttaaa agtcttttca aagtgcattt ctacttaagg ttaactgagg ccattgtcac    206220
     caggggttgc tgatgaccca ctgtctctcc tcctgttcct tgttccttgc cttgatctca    206280
     aagttcttgt atccccttcc atattctaca gtcccattgg ttggatccca tgtcagccta    206340
     ccctgctggt tgctcctgaa gtctctggag gccccagtaa tcatgcctgc tttctggtgg    206400
     ccagtgggta gaccttcatg ctggcaactg tccttgttgc ctaagtgagc actcaggaag    206460
     gtttgggggc ctgttgctat ggagacaatg ggggtatcag ctagtacctt tctcaggcat    206520
     tcttatgcaa cctgccctct ttcctggatc gcggggatgc tacatggaag tttcttaaat    206580
     taatcctgtc aaaatagctt ttgaattctt tcaaagcggg tctctttttt ttcctctttc    206640
     ttttttcttt ctttcttttt ttgtatattg agagacacaa actgttcaag agaagaattg    206700
     agaacaaagc actcaggcct ggagaggagt gggagagcat tagaagacaa acgtggagct    206760
     gattgacagg tttgagaaca gggccttgga tgggaggtca gagggattga gaagactaat    206820
     ggggactaga gaaacatctc aggcctgggg ggaagcagga ccgtggagcc tggttaggac    206880
     agggagagtg gctcgaagca ggagcaggaa gtagggctgc tgtaagaatt cttccttcag    206940
     aggccgggtg agtaaggtca ttatgacaac agcaacggtg tgtacgctcc gacggatgag    207000
     aggcggccac actttcagtt ttgaacaaca aatgaacaga ttaagatcag agcaagcaca    207060
     agtaagagaa caaatagcaa gtcaccgaca ggaagtaaat cttcatcaaa tcggacttac    207120
     aagcatccag cagaaactgg ctgggggagc ggaggccgtc aagtggagtt ccacgtccag    207180
     ctcgatctca atggatgagc ttcccaattc tcttttccac cacaggcatc tttataccac    207240
     gaggccagca gtagcttccg ctggaaatag tttgcactct agctgacatc aagggcgtac    207300
     tgtctttaaa gacctaactg tttgctcttt tcccctctcc ctgttggaga gccaggagcc    207360
     cagcctgatc tggatcaggg gagtttgaaa gagaccagga agaacatcct tgctcccaga    207420
     gctcacgctt aacaagctta aacagcacgt gataatttac ctacacacac acacacacac    207480
     acacacacac acacacacac acaccccaaa ccacaacaac agcagcagca tgttctggag    207540
     cacacagcaa aattgttttc tgtgtctagg gagtttacac atgcctatag tcatactact    207600
     ctgaagacga ctgaggcagg aggatttcaa gagacccaag agttcaggcc tggagaacat    207660
     agtaagagcc tggtttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt    207720
     cctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctctc tttctttcta    207780
     gaagcctaat ttaagcttct ggcccaggct tcatggatca gaattcctag aagagaaacc    207840
     agggggcata tctaaatcaa tgagaaatgc tatgatttgg aacttagggg tcctccacag    207900
     gttctagtat tagacactca gggttcacca ttgggagcta atggaacctt tgagaggtgg    207960
     agcctagtgg gtgttcagtc actggatgtg tccttgaagg gggatggtag attttggtct    208020
     ctctttactc cattttgttt cctgtccatc agatgagagt gcctcacact tactaaaacg    208080
     tctcaccata taaccaaaag atcttggact agaacttcta aaagtatggc ccaaataaac    208140
     cttccctttt gaaagttgac aatcatccat ccacatctgt tgtagtgata ggaaactccc    208200
     tgactcatga accaaggggc tagctgtgtg atgagagaaa gacttctcta catgcccctt    208260
     gctgcccatc ctgcacctgg caagttcttc accacccaga aactccttca agaacacagt    208320
     ctacaggagt cccattggct ctatctggtg cccttgttag cttgcaggaa tgagccccag    208380
     atggcccaga gcatccctgt ggctctaagg agcccttgtg tttctccttg acacgagcac    208440
     aaaactgctg gagagaaaaa tactcattcg cacatttctg tgggcactgc cctgcctgtc    208500
     acagaagcgt tgtgtagttt cagatactat aagtgctcat cagtgtaatg ggccagagct    208560
     gcaagaacct ggaagttgag ggctggtgtc tccttagaac ctgaacaggg gactttacct    208620
     ttccagttac tgcgactctt tcctctggga aagaagatgg ctggagtagc tatctcataa    208680
     atcccgccag ctctgtgttt agggcagaag atccccttaa agctcccgag aagtgtgaag    208740
     tcagcttagt gtcattctca tagagaattg tttaaacctg tctgtttccc tcccttctca    208800
     gtccctgtct ggggaaggct gggatggatg tagaagattc actcacgtcc tcattctggt    208860
     tcacctggct taggtaggaa tctgccgtct actgcatggg tccgtgcacg gcctttgtca    208920
     cgacttagtg acacaagcat ggattctgta ctttggcctt gagacggttc cccgtgggct    208980
     ttagatgtgt ttcatgttga tcaaagagaa ctgggcagaa ggacaacagg actatggagg    209040
     cgatcctgac cttgtttgca ttttcctcat cgtgttacca gatgcctgca gcattaaaga    209100
     agaacaaaag ctccaaaggc agttattaaa tttgcttctg agtcattggg gaccaggctc    209160
     attctggtat ttggggggaa aaattaaatt gtagcatcag aaagatccct agctctcttt    209220
     ccaccttacc tttcctcagg tgtggaacct tcttggatca cattactatt tagatgaaaa    209280
     acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaaaaaca gctcttttag gcttcaagct tagatgcctc    209340
     tccacccatg aaggactgct atatgtatgt acaccttcaa gtacgtgcaa gaagactttt    209400
     gtgccgtggt ataataagct tagaggagac agccaggaac ctgaagttca atggccacgc    209460
     tgccccccca ctcccacccc ctgagatggt ctcccttgga gcagttaagt tatggttact    209520
     tgtgctttta tttgcatagt aaactaatcc cttcctgatc cagtaggttc agggaggatc    209580
     ccttagctgg tgagagccaa ggtaaagcaa gggctgccct ccgggcagtg gtcactcggg    209640
     acagcacagc ctggaagcga gcccaggctt tagaggtaga caagatgcaa cagacagtgc    209700
     tgcctcagat tagccatgac cttgatcgaa tggaacagac cccttgaatc tcaatgcatt    209760
     catttgtaaa ttagaataaa agtctctgcc acataggctg tgaatgattt gaatatgaat    209820
     tggactcctt gggtacacgt gttgaaacct tggtctccgg gtggtgctat ttggggaagg    209880
     ttctggaaac tctagtggat ggagcctagc tggagaaaac aggtcaccag tgtgggcctt    209940
     gaaagggtgt atctggccat tcttcacttc tttgcttcct gtctacccgg aggtaagtat    210000
     ctctctttgt ccccaatttc cactgccaag attttctggg aaactacctt ggggccgtgc    210060
     tcctgtggac tgacttctct aaaaccaagg gctcaaataa atccctcctc ttgggggttt    210120
     caggcatttg ggtcacagca ctagttaata ctcaggctac cccatggtgg atgtcatatt    210180
     tataaggtat cttgtttact tagcacacag taggtgtttc aaagtagtgg cttcatgctt    210240
     cttttgtgct gagccctggg gatgtacata taaacgtata gcagcttccg ctctccagga    210300
     ccacggattg tgatgtagga agggtgggga gcagggcaca tgcagatgac tggaaaacct    210360
     cactttgtct gcttcctggg aggcaactcc atctctccct tttactcccc tgagtcctgc    210420
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttgg ccctgccaaa gacttcatct gtagagctgt    210480
     gggagctatt ctggccagtc cttgacattt cactgagatt atttcaagac tgtgcagctt    210540
     agggctggtc tgctcccccc gccccccatc ccctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    210600
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gttctctgca tggattaggg caaaaacaag cttatacact    210660
     ctatgccaac aggactcggt gctgttggag ataaagcaga gcttccccgg ttaagtcccc    210720
     cttttctagg caagtgtcga tcagactgct agtctatggt ctcaggtaca gagaggcaga    210780
     aggtaggagc gagtgaagga tagctgaggt gcacatggat ctggcctgga ctctgccact    210840
     ggctgcagct gaccgtcagg aatgcacccc tctccttagc tgcggactac acaggaagag    210900
     ctggtctcac cctaaggaaa cctttagcca gaggactcct tattacagtc ctattggtga    210960
     ctacacaagg ctgccagtca gatgtggtgg tggtccaggg gtgatcaggt gccaggtaag    211020
     agcttcaatc tcctcttggt aggagtgact ctcgaactct tacataccgt cctcagcttt    211080
     ccagagggac acagttcctt aggccccaag tctgtgttct tttctttgtt tgctagctgg    211140
     gggctgtctt tgaggccaca gacaagacag cttggtgcac ttcctgacaa gaggcctgct    211200
     gttctccaga aacccacctg tggaatctga gaatatactg gggaaaactt gggaacgcag    211260
     gagaatagtt cctgttctgt atcgtttttg tttacctact tcggcaggtt ttcatagtct    211320
     gggttttatg ccccactaaa ccctcagagg aacttaacct ctaactcaac actaacaaag    211380
     cagcttcagt cttcagaggc tgtgatttac ctacccgcct gcaaacacca gttttctggt    211440
     aatttcttct ccaatctgct ccagctccct cgggagggaa gcttgcatgc tgttcaccaa    211500
     atgcctgcta gcactgagag tctctgccct tccccatgtt acagaacttt ccagaattct    211560
     gccctttcct ccctggctgg tggtttgtgt atgaacagag acaggatgcg aatagtggtg    211620
     agcagaggaa agagcctcca gggaagtctt ctgcagaggg ctaagggcta acttctcagg    211680
     ggttgttttg gcaatagtgg tcttgtgtgc tatggttctg ttggaaggag tgatgtgtat    211740
     gacttgagaa aacacagaag gctgagagtt tccacatagt ggatgtgtct caggcctgga    211800
     agctgtgcgg ccaacatcat gggcagtcta tcctgtctgg ctatgacctg gagcctgaat    211860
     tgctgctcaa aagagtgtga ggatgctcta gagcatcctt catggtaatc catcccagca    211920
     tcttctgcct ctgccatcct cgattctaaa tgagagatag aaatgcagca ccccttgatc    211980
     ctttagctct ctttgatctt tcacttcacc tcaagcatac atgcgtgcgt gtgtgcgtgc    212040
     gtgcgtgcat atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtttgtcttc    212100
     gtgcatgcgt gtgtgagtgc ccaattctct ggtctatctc ccatcttgct ataggagttc    212160
     tgggattaaa gatgtgtgct accatgtgtt gggtatagaa atattggagg agtctcttgg    212220
     ggcttgtctt tctcataaga cctgagactg ccatgtatgt aatgatcctg ttggtcccag    212280
     ctgatcacag ttcagagaac aacttgtgat gccagccagg agagtgtcag gaaagatagt    212340
     tccagagcac agttctctac aggcagagac atttgtaggt ggtaccaggg gggcaggcag    212400
     taaatttaag gaaaggaggg caggggatgc aggagtccaa tattcaggag aagggtaaag    212460
     gctgaaagca ggacaacaaa ggaggctggg taagtgctaa gcagagatac ttggggtgcc    212520
     tatttatcgt agagggtccc ggctctcttg atcagtttta cactaaacac tggcggatcc    212580
     tcctggtgtt gtctcagagc ttctggcagt gctctagtaa aaatattgaa tccatgcagg    212640
     gacagagaag gcaaagagtc tatagggcct acatcctgac tgttcttaga ataggttcat    212700
     taaaagatgc tgttgctgct gctgttgctg ctgctgctgc tgctgccacc gagtgtgcac    212760
     acacacactc tagaaagaag tcaggttttt tggtaacaca tcgtgccatc tcgttcctct    212820
     ttggtgaggg tgactagtgc tggccccaaa agaaccccag tgaccgtgct gattgaacac    212880
     ttcttgctat ttcttaggaa tgggtttcta gctgatgagc cggttggtaa tgtgtagaca    212940
     gagtaacagt tgagcgtgat ggggctcagg cctgcttatc atgtctagac ttcacagaac    213000
     tataaaagga agattactca aatttgctga ggacacaaat gggagaaatg atcagtgcca    213060
     caaatagaaa aaaaatgttt ataaaaatct gtgctgcctt cacacttaac atgacaggag    213120
     accaaacatg cttgatgcac ttcctaagaa cttccaaata aaatactata aatatgccaa    213180
     caagcttgaa actggaaacc acattgcaaa tcagcatcag taaatgcctg tctcaagggg    213240
     aaggcaaggg tgcagtgaga ggcactcttg gcttcgtttc cccccagggg tgtggtcagt    213300
     ggtgagtagg gtgtggtcca ataacccaca gtgatgctca aggaagcagc ccaaatcaaa    213360
     atcagtgcat catagaagaa gaaatatgaa agtaggaggg ggggttattg gggaacaaaa    213420
     gagcagagga atagggtggt gggtggataa gactactgaa ggggggtaca tataaccaaa    213480
     tatttgggtg agattgtcaa ggcataagta aaaatgtatt ttaaaaatta ggtcagcttg    213540
     aagccaatag taaatagagt taggccatca cgagcaagac cacaggcatc tgcaaatgag    213600
     ccctgcccct gctactgctg tatttggaat tggacaaaat tgacttaacc tttgtgagcc    213660
     tcatcaagaa agtatgactt ctgtaagcat tacacagaaa atgaaaagca cacaataaat    213720
     tataacttgt atcaactcta ttagtgctat taataaaata actatgctgt ggttacagca    213780
     tgcaaatcag agggctgggg tacagcccag tggtgcaaat gcttgcccag aacctgtgag    213840
     gtcctgcatt ctctgctcat tgctgtgtcc cagtcagggt tcattctaaa acctatcttg    213900
     agaaataatt aaactatatg atagaaacta cttatacata attaattaac agtggcaaac    213960
     aagtacaaaa tgctgggaaa ttggatatta ttacatgtat tttagcttgt cttggtgcag    214020
     gaagccataa gtcacagctc tgttttgaac tttgtacatt ttagtttagg ttgtgtgtat    214080
     atttagcaat tataaaggtt aaaaaaaatc aggtttcaac tttcaaaaac caccaaaagc    214140
     ccaaaataga acaaagtata ctctgtgaag caaaaattca aaataaatgc tcaaaaatat    214200
     cagcaaccat agaaaaagaa taaattcggg tcctaacgtg ttaagtatta tgcaggcagg    214260
     ggagatggtc ttccacagag atgagtggga caaactggat ctccaataac aaatggtagt    214320
     tctgaaagca cacatacaaa tactacacta tagacaaagc aggttatatg tttaggaata    214380
     caaatgcatt tatgtatata gagaggcata taacaaaaat taatgagaaa aggggctatg    214440
     agtttgaaaa taagcaagga gggatataca ggaggctttg gtagaggaaa ggaaaggaga    214500
     aatgatataa tcatattaaa atgtcaaaaa gaaaagaaaa acctaagatt taaagaatta    214560
     ggttaaaact aaaatccatc cattttctat acgagacata caggagacta agtgattggg    214620
     gaggggccta gagaggttgt tcagtggtta gcacatcttc tgctcctctt ctggcctcta    214680
     tgagcatctg cgtgcatgtg tacacacata cacatgcgtg catgcacaca cacacacaca    214740
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacttaaa aataaaaaca atcttcaaaa ctcgaagtga    214800
     tacagaaagc cctaaaatta gactaattag ttaggaaata atttatgact agatttggta    214860
     actgtaccat gaagctggtg ctatgaaata aattatgtta ccttaggaac ttcaaaaata    214920
     ataataacaa aacaaaatta acaaggaaac aaagtaacac acattgaaga gattttaaga    214980
     tgaagacaat tattgctagt aattttatac gctaataaat attaaaaacc aactttaggt    215040
     aaacacataa aggtgcctgc tgtcaagcct gagttaggtc ccaaggaccc acatggtaga    215100
     aagatagaag tgactacagc caagctgtct tctgtatctt atgtgcgtgc tgtggcctgc    215160
     atcaatgcac agacatgcat gtgcacacat acaaatagct aagtaaatag gcaatgcata    215220
     ttttctaaaa aaaaaaaaat actagaaata tgtgtgtgtg ttatacacac acacacacac    215280
     acacacacac acacacgcat gcatgtgtgc atgtacacac acatacacac tcttaaaaat    215340
     aaaaacaagc ttcaaaactt gaaatgatac agaaagccct aaaattagac taattaggta    215400
     ggaaataatt tatgaataga tttgataact ataccaagaa gctggtgctc agtcaggtca    215460
     aaaaacaagc actttctgtt ttatctcatg tgagggtcct agcttcaaat ctttacgttt    215520
     gtgtatttag cacagggggt taacacacag aagctcagaa acaggccagt ggcaggaagg    215580
     aggattaggg agcagaggaa gtagaatata tgcaaagtga acacagagag gctgacactg    215640
     gagacacagg cttcagcagg agatggagtg tcaggggtgg gaaatggggg acgggaaggt    215700
     gttgatctac tcaggtgtgc aataggaacc tcatggaaac ctatgatctt gtgatccaaa    215760
     tgtgaaaata gagtaagagg agctcttaga acatgccgaa tgaaaggaca gagaaccccg    215820
     ggggtaaagg tcaggtgggg atgggcacag ggaatgggga aaaggaaagg aagagggcgt    215880
     cactaaaata cgggctatgg agaagccttt atgatatccc actaatttga aagctaatta    215940
     aacttttttc taaaaggggg gaaggggctt tgaacaaaaa tacttcacac cggtgaacaa    216000
     tgcttatccc agaagacagg gattacaaaa tgaaagtctc agtgccccac atgggtcgcc    216060
     tccctacgag gtaatgatta aaggaattcc cagaggcttc tgcaccagtt agttatcctc    216120
     tgtaactaga tggcaggacc ccactgagga agatacgcca caatttggtt gtaggacaca    216180
     gagaaatcaa tcttgaattg atcaggaaac tcttgttttt ttgttgttgt tgggtttttt    216240
     gtttgtttgt ttgtttgctt gttttttcaa gacagggttt ctctgtgtag ccctggctgg    216300
     ccttgaactc agaaatcccc ctgcctctgc ctccggagtg ctgggattaa aggtgtgcac    216360
     caccacgccc ggctcaatca ggaaactgtt taaactggct atacttcagg gctggaaggt    216420
     gttatccacg ccattagggg agaaagggca ccaatggttt ttctgtagct ggactactat    216480
     actgaactgc cacacaagat gtgcctattg gtgcaatgct ggctcaggag gcagaggcag    216540
     gtggatttct gagttcgagg ccagcttggt ctacagagtg agttccagga cagccagggc    216600
     tacacagaga aaccctgtct caccccacca ccaccaccac caaaaaaggg actgtctatg    216660
     gggtaactgt aaacaatagt ttgggttggg ctgatgggat gtgagaccta ctccacagaa    216720
     ggagttttat acctggtatc acaaacatgg tcaaacatct agaaagatgg accagaaagg    216780
     catacaagag gatgggaaag gatgctgtga gatgctgtcc tccagacatg acaaagctat    216840
     tggtcgtgtg aattcccagc agctgtggtt gccttcataa gacctgtata acatgaagcc    216900
     agtcagaatc ttccagcatg tgagaggcag ggctcctgga gttgtcaccc ttagctgaag    216960
     agctaaaggc agttgatagt tgctgggagg agggacagtc acttttcttt aggagggtgg    217020
     cccctggtag attcccagtg tcacagtgga tgaccctaca cacatggtta tgggcagcac    217080
     ccatatgaac tcgttgagct gttttttttt ttcctaaaaa aagaaatcca tttcaagtca    217140
     agaacagatt tttagtaatg aaactccaga ggcactctgt ttaacatcag gatcaaaaaa    217200
     ggtttgtata ctacaccagt gctgactggt gttctaaaag gtctggaggg ggccagtgag    217260
     attgcaggca gcgcagaaaa acatgactga aagtgccagg agagatgacc tcaagtgtgg    217320
     acaacaaatt tattaaaatg aaaggtgttc agggtaactc agtgtgtagt tccggtttag    217380
     gaacgtcggt cagaggcagc agatcggcat cacctcatga tgggcaaagt acacatgcta    217440
     ggtacctgca gtagaccatc acggttggtc tccacaacag accagattga aataaccagc    217500
     aatcaatgtg tgacacagac aactagactg tggcgtgagg gtgtcttctc tgggcacctg    217560
     tatggctagt gggaagctat gataaagggc aggcagggcc ccagggttgg tgaggaaggg    217620
     ttctgggttg acaagtactt aggcagaaaa ccgcttctca ggctgaccag ggacattgac    217680
     ccaaaacaaa ccaccgatgg attaaagaga cgaatgtaac gtaaatgcaa aagctgtaag    217740
     aatagaaaga gagcattaaa ctagtcacag cattagcaga gtcttttaaa acataaacct    217800
     aaggtgagac attaaggtaa acattaaaca aatatataaa acttaaaaca taaaacacag    217860
     gaaagtgggc tgaagacatg gctcagccgt taagcgcact gactgctctt ccagaggtcc    217920
     tgagttcaat tcccagcaac cacatggtgg ctcacaacca tctgtaatgg gatctgacgc    217980
     cctcttctgg tgtgtgtctg aagatagtta cagtgtatgt atgtgtgtat atatatatat    218040
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatctta aaaaaacaaa aacaaaacca    218100
     ggaaagttac agaaaatatg aaaggcagaa aggcatgtac aaagtggaag agaatcttcc    218160
     acacagtgga gacagatggt cagtacagct gcttacagac cctagaaaca gcaagaaaaa    218220
     tggtgggtcc cattgtttgg taagaggcat aaacaggttt attcacaaac tgtgagctgt    218280
     ataatcagca gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt aggtatttgg    218340
     ttaatgtcac tagtaaaaca gaaaaatata ttaaagattc agtttttcat gtattagatt    218400
     gccattgatg ttttaaatca ttgtataata gcagaacctg tgataaagaa ggttctcata    218460
     tacagtggtc caaagagaga aaagctataa cctaactcaa aagtagactt tgtgaaatgt    218520
     tcctactctt taccagtcat tctccttcca agaatctgga ctaagaaact agattggtat    218580
     tttatgtata atgttgttca ttgcagcgtt atgtaagaca acagccaaga aagaaagaac    218640
     gtactatcag gaggtgctta aatcaatcag taaatgttac catttgtacg agctgataaa    218700
     attgtttcaa agccgacgag ttgaaatgtt cattttatat taatagtaaa atataaaaca    218760
     tatggagtac actcataaag tttaaaaaga gaataattgt acagagtgcc atattttcaa    218820
     ttttacatga ggataaattt aatggtatat gaataaaaaa tccagaacag aagaactagg    218880
     ggataaattt attattagaa atgtaaaatt atatgctcga gttccaaaac ataaatagaa    218940
     gaggacttta attacagcat tatttaaaag accagggcat tttgctgtat ggaccaggtg    219000
     atgtgactgt agcagaacaa agtgtccttg agggctgttc ctagtatcca ggcagccggg    219060
     ggccacagct cccatgctct gtgcaagcca aatatggctg ggatattttc ttccaagctt    219120
     ctggtggtct tgtttgatca taggcaggga gggatcctgc agggtcaact agaaaccttg    219180
     ttatatcaga actacaaagg aagttataga tgtttaccct ggagacaggg gaattaggga    219240
     gcaacatttc actgactgct agtgtgtaca agaggaagaa aattgtaaac ggttgcagaa    219300
     agcagaactg gtgttcctgg ttggttcatc atgcaaaggg ctgagcttgg tgggtccagc    219360
     agcatcatta gggagggatg acagcaggct taaccaggaa gaaactggac aggaaggtct    219420
     tatgcctctt ccccctgtgc gagtatgtga tccctgctga tggctgacct gatgatgccc    219480
     aagtaggttg aaagacgaaa gtgtggagga ttgcagactg ttcaagcccg tgggcctcaa    219540
     ctcgcctttg caggattcac ctgccaagct tgttcacacg gactgctgga cctaccccag    219600
     agtttctgag tcacagggct ggcgggagat gtctggattt gcattttaaa taagttttct    219660
     ggtgccatga ctgcctgaaa aaaaatatca cattttggga cccaagcttc aggccaattg    219720
     caacaaataa acttgctcaa gtttatacta gcacttactg gtgtagacag cccagcaaca    219780
     gtctgtggca ttggggaggg ttgggggtgg gggaacaggc tggagaagca cttcctctgt    219840
     tatctctaac tcctggaaga cattcttgca gtatgtggca agtgctgtca actgttcggt    219900
     agcccattct tcccagaccc acttttctgc cctgacactg gggcagtcct actaccacac    219960
     caaacccata gccactgatt attaaggatg agaactggca tccttttctg gccttttagg    220020
     aacagcattc ttccctacca tgcatgaaga gatggagtct ttggtttaga gcagtgactc    220080
     tcaaccttcc taatgctgtg accctttaat acagttcctc atgctgtggt gacccccaac    220140
     cataaaaata tttcattgat ttcgttgcta cttcataact gtaatgactc ataatgtgaa    220200
     tatctgatac atgggatagc tgatgtgaga accacagggt gagaaccact gatctagaac    220260
     atcaggatga aggaatgcat attgttggct gctgttggct gcttctcatg acctgggaag    220320
     gaagcctttc tcaggaaagc gccttgttct gaccacaaca gatgtaggtt tgctacaatg    220380
     tagagagcca cagatagggc cccaaaggtt gatagtgata cagtaactct cagtgtccct    220440
     gagaatttta atgaagatgt gtggtccctg cgatcctctc cattcaaact gagcctcatg    220500
     tatttgagtt ttcagctaat tggtttagga aaatatccct gtgcccaccc ccacagctcc    220560
     tgctgctctc tttcccagct tatggtgtaa agtgtgagca gactgtgtgc ttaacacact    220620
     ttggagtctg ttgctatggt gctggggagg aatctggttc tcatagcaac atcaggttga    220680
     cttgatgcac ctcagaccat tggcagagcg cggtgggcag tggcttatga gatccccagt    220740
     tagtttggga ctgatggaac ttagtgtgct gaaaagtgtt ctctttgccc acagcccatc    220800
     caccccttcc tgcctgcaca cctctcccct atatcactca aataatcata ataacataag    220860
     aatagaggct ctccccctgt ctttctctct ttgtgtgtgt gcgcgagtat gcgtgtgtgt    220920
     gtgcgcgcgc tttggtaaac cacaaaaata aaccaaagtg gggctggaga gatggctcag    220980
     cagttaagag cactgactgc tcttccagag gtcctgagtt caaattccca gcaaccacat    221040
     ggtgctcaca accatctgta acaagatccg ttgccctctt ctggtgtgtc tgaagacagc    221100
     tacagtgtac tcatatacat aaaataaatt aataataaaa aagaataaac gaaaacatta    221160
     ctttgatgct gtcatcagat taagctgtca tttgagttct cactccccgt tgcaaggcca    221220
     atccctgcac tggcatgctg tctaatgata tagctctgcc tataggcctg gcatattgcc    221280
     gggaattcca gttacagagg tccagggtct tgtgagtggg aagagctctc tgaccaggac    221340
     caagagggct ggggtttctt catgcagctt cattctggag gctccttaca gtggtaatac    221400
     actgctggga gaccagccct cagagaggcc agcttggcca gcttgctgaa gcttttcaac    221460
     tcagtggccg aacaaacaat gggtctcaag ccttctgcat tttatgctca gaactggcct    221520
     gtggctttag gatacattta tgatctgggc atctggcaga attaatgata acaacatgaa    221580
     tccattgtaa gaggaaggaa tctggtcggt ctgtgtagac ctttggtgaa gaaagagcca    221640
     cacttgtcct ggctgttcag ggccttatag tgccccttgt gggaaagaac catgggtttc    221700
     ttcctcacag cttgtcaacc cctcacccta caagtgttcc ctgagctgct ccatgtttga    221760
     agctcaattc tagaagggga gtggggacca tagttgtaaa attgcccctc ccccacctgc    221820
     tttatttcct ttgcttttcc atctgtggcc atgttccact ttttataact gagtactggg    221880
     taatatataa tgacgtgagg actctggctg gtagtgctag cccttgcttg gtatctgctg    221940
     agggccttct tgcttcatca taacatgcca taggacatga catggagaga cagtaagatt    222000
     ttagttgttg aaggtctgtg tgttaagcgt ttctctgtag cctctggggc tattagaaag    222060
     tgatgggatt tttaagaagc agggcctagt ggatggaagc tagatcactg ggcctgtgcc    222120
     cctcaaaggg acttggagat cccagcctgt cacttttctc tccccaagag acagtttgta    222180
     agttacccca tcttgttctc tgggcttagc aaatgaggtt ccattttctt ctcttgtagt    222240
     tggtggattt ttgttatccc ccatccccat tccaagagct tcacagttcc tttctcacag    222300
     attagcttac ctgtaggtta gagcccctcc ttgctcgcct tccttctgaa cagccctttg    222360
     ctgtggcttg atagccacca aggaaagagc acagctgaga caatgagaag ggacagtgtc    222420
     tttcttccct gtgttatgca gaagtgctgg tggagctgtg acctgcagga actggctgag    222480
     tcctgaaggt tcgtggatgc cttcttgcat agaagatgaa gtttaactgc ccagggagag    222540
     atgttcctcc ataggcaggg ccttacagct agtgaggctg gatgtctggt cctggagacc    222600
     accttctgcc tctttgtcta gtggcctttc catgtacact tttgtttata atatttgcat    222660
     gtgtttttta aattttctct tcttttcttg atcaattgtc tttactctcc actgagtcct    222720
     agagtcttct ttggtatgct ctgatggtct agtattggaa tgtttattgc atcctgtgga    222780
     aaatttggcc actgttatta ttgaggtctt cattgtgtat gtgtgttgga tagcaattgc    222840
     tgtcttcacc ctttctgctt ttgtggcctc tggggctctt ctgggtttct ctcccatctt    222900
     ctctaatctc ccaagtctgg ctgatgttcc tctgactagg tgtgcatgtt actctttttt    222960
     tctctagact gatgagctag caaggctacc tgagtgtgtc tttaaagttg ccagtccttt    223020
     gccacctatg acagtacatc atagcctgta ccatgctgcc tcctgtgggc caggctatgg    223080
     cgtggaaatt tggacagagt gatttcctca ctcctaggtc ttggcaatat ggtcatctct    223140
     ctctggcgcc tgccccatgt agaggtctcc acatctgtgg gagggcacta cccctcctcc    223200
     atcacttcag agaggtctat ataccattca tttagaagtc agagaatcta ataataggca    223260
     gtacccagga ctgcaggaag gatacaacat aagtggacga caacagacca gctcttgact    223320
     ctatcagccc tgatggatcc aactggcaca gctaagagat gtcgacttga cctcagtcat    223380
     ccaactatta gatactggat tctttggaaa gatgggtggc cccacatgag gatctgtggc    223440
     agaagaattc caagtttggc aagttcaccg gaacctgagc agcggcagac ataaggagct    223500
     tctattggct gcctgtgctg actatcacac aggcctttgt ttgctttgtt gtttggtggc    223560
     tgtgtatccc agaatgggct caaacatgat ctttttgcct ccagctcttg agtgctttca    223620
     agttcctaag tgcaagggct ggcctgactt tccgatggga aaagagctga gagaagacag    223680
     gattcaccca ggcctggggc ctcagaaagg ccaagctaat cccttccctg ctccccttcc    223740
     tctggacaac acttttccgt ggctcggtga ccaccaggga aagagtacag ctgggccagt    223800
     gcagaaggga cagcccttcc tgggctctgc agaggtgccg tagagccatg acgtgcaaga    223860
     tgcaggcagc gcagtgccag ctcagccacc caagcccagc atgaggtaca agaggcacat    223920
     ttcctgggtt cctacagaac tatgagcaag tcgttttgtc acaagctggc caagcttagc    223980
     tgtctcgctg cagagtgaaa ggaccagacc ggaagtcctc aaggtcacgg acactgacag    224040
     ctttccgaga tttaaagccc tccatggatg gttgcaggct tcctttcgga agtatttctg    224100
     acttcttgcg tgtcgttaat gtgaaattgt cactcggtat ttttattggg ccctactgcc    224160
     tctcctttct gtatattcta ccctaaggtt gcttttcatt tcggccactg ttaccgacac    224220
     agggtgagcc ttcagtctgg cgtgtatata ttttaatatg ctgagtgtgg cagggatttt    224280
     tctcacagcg actgtcattc atttggtttc tgttgctgtg agaaatgcca tgactggaag    224340
     ccatgtggag gagaaaaggt ttattttagt tttaccctgt atagtctgtc tgtcatgtta    224400
     cctactacgt ttagctggga aagccacggc aggaactgaa gccgagacca tggaggagtg    224460
     ctgcttacta gttttctctc tgtgacttga ttctcagcct gtttttctta cataccccaa    224520
     gagtacctga tcagaggtag taccacccac attgggctgg gaccctccta catcaatcac    224580
     tcattatgaa aatgtctccc accaacttcc ctacagccta atctcatgga ggccttcttc    224640
     tcaattgaag atccttttta ccagatgacc ctagcttgtg tcaagttgac aagagtctaa    224700
     ccagcccagt gaagctgtaa ttaacaagat tcccccggcc tcactgccgg ccagggctca    224760
     gtagtgactc cagctgccta cactgcagag agtattgtat tggcacaggc caccagatta    224820
     agaggaatga agacaaacag ggcccttctc acctgggagg accatagatt aaaccaacct    224880
     taagttgtta gagaaggatg agataaacaa gcaagctaga agagtggaga gtcagaccag    224940
     gcagggaagc agagtatcgg tcattccctc acaccacccg cctcagcaca gagctctcct    225000
     ccagtggctg ttttaataaa cgtcacagaa actgcaaaga ttgctcacgg agaacccacc    225060
     gccacagctg ccccttagtc cctgctgtta cttggggaag aggagtctgt gtgcccacag    225120
     aaagcattct acagtagaga acacaccgga tcagaaggcc aggggacttg gggcaagtct    225180
     gagctccgtt taggaaagca ttccttgtca ggctcacaaa gtctctataa agtcacgtgt    225240
     atgatgctcc caggagatct gtgcttggag atggacggag tgggtaaggc ctctcagatc    225300
     ttgtagctcc cacccacagc acaatgcggg gatatacaac attctcaacc aacaataggt    225360
     gagcgagcag ttgctcggtg gctacttcag ggacaggacg gagtgaagca gatacactgg    225420
     gatggctggg atactgctgg agtttcctgt cacttcttaa aggggtcgcc ttgcccttct    225480
     gtgacaggca aagaggcact ggcattttgt gtcacaatag ggaccattcg cgtcccagga    225540
     atcctctgcc ccggggaagc cgtggaaggc tgaactcttc tattcagtgt tctctgaaga    225600
     ctctggcact gaggtctaac caggatacct accgtggtct tggactgatg gctcagcctt    225660
     ttatggctgg ctgggtgtgt tcctagctca cctttctgtc ctcacttgtg tccacaaaga    225720
     gaggacagta ccccctagga gcagagttgc ccagggcctg tctgcctgca gatggatggc    225780
     agtaatcaca gagaggggga tctggccttt tctgaagggc cacctgctgc tgccattgtc    225840
     acattctgtg ctctgctgcc atcctctgcg ggggtggagc tgcagcttgg cagccctggg    225900
     ctaataatta ggggtggggc aactccacag ctggtgagat atttggggag gagcctggag    225960
     gagaagggag ggctgggatc cagccaacaa aaggagaaat taaatgggct gtcctaggaa    226020
     cccatagtta gcatttcagc tccggagcag tagctggagg ttccacagaa agcaagactt    226080
     tcatgagtgc tttgtgccct ccctccctgg ggtgccttct gcttctcagt tcttcttctt    226140
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt    226200
     cttcttcttc ttcccctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcccctt cctcctcctc    226260
     cccctccttc tctttttttc tggaagtctg ggatcagtaa cctaagctac tgacagaggg    226320
     caccatactg gccaggctca ggacccaggc tgggcttttt tttttcagac agtgttgctg    226380
     ttcctatttc atcttagtgt gccacccttg tggctcacgg gctcacaggt ggctcaggag    226440
     tctctcccaa agagagatac tgtgttttat tcactcacac tatcagcatc catcaaactg    226500
     tcattttggt tacggggtga cagccaggac atttcaaaaa gcacactgct tttctcactg    226560
     cagccgtgga tgctgggcac aaaggcagtg ttatctttgc ccatgtaact gacactgtgg    226620
     actcagaagc acagcgtgta cgcatttatc catgcaactg acactgctca cttaaaaccg    226680
     tggccacctc tgccccattc tgctgctggc tgaaatgagg ttcatagaca atttataatt    226740
     gcccctaagt cacaccagta gtgaggacaa aggtggaaag ccatctgtga ctcctagagt    226800
     tctttctagc tctgtgtgcc atctgaaagt ggcttacagg gtctccccat gttgcatggg    226860
     agtgtcgcca tctcttacat gggaaggcag gatgagaaat agtcctaagg ttccctaatc    226920
     aaacaggtgt aatagatgag tggcctgtgt agattccagt ggtttcaatg gagggaatat    226980
     ggagatgcac atggtcaagg tgcatggctt tgcataggta gtgtgcactc gtgggcttga    227040
     ggacacattc acacacatct tagtagatca aggatgctat tgcccttcct tcttcaggct    227100
     tctgtgcctt ccagatgtaa gtttgacata gcacagccac cctggtggtg gtggaacacc    227160
     aggccttagg agtaagctac caaaatcaag accataggcc cttctatcgg ggtgggttga    227220
     atgccttgat ggatagacag actcggcagc ctctctctgg cctctttagt ctgcagtcct    227280
     taaaatctca cacttctatc agaatatccc agggatggag gactcctttc ataaacctat    227340
     ccgcaggatg ctggtcccgc tccagtggtc cagcctaaca catttaggcc aatgcatgag    227400
     tttaagggcc ctccagggga tgggctgatg gagcacctgt cctctatggt ctttagggac    227460
     ttgttgtcta tggggagttt aaaagtaata ataaaaccaa taaaagtgtg ggtcttcttt    227520
     ttttttaagt tgtcattgca tcctgcaagt tccaaatacc gtcagcaata aaacacgcct    227580
     ctccatcggg gagggatgcc tcccacactg cgcactgact tcatctgcct ctgaccctgg    227640
     ccacttgtag tgtgcctggc ttctgctttc tctcttcttt gctttcctct tctcttttaa    227700
     cccctttctg tttctctctc tccctccccc cccctctctc tcctctctct ctctccacag    227760
     ttccccatgg tctgtctcct ctgtcttccc ggccacttcc atgtttacag cacaggttta    227820
     attttatttt ctgtgactgt gtttaggaaa ctacctagag aacagtgata accacgggcg    227880
     ggaaggagga caagggagaa aaacactgtt ttcttctttc tgttgtttcc tgataaatgt    227940
     cacagaaata tttctattca ttttgtgttt tttagtaaag agcttttttt aaaccaaggc    228000
     ctaaatcagg gcctttcttg gcagtgtccc tttaacagag ccggggagtg gggggacggt    228060
     gtggcaggga tgcgtggggc tgcagaggcc catgtactgt acaattttct gggtcctgac    228120
     tgataaatta tcgtgcgtct tctgtgcttc tgacacgcaa tacaatttgt cagtgcaaca    228180
     gtgatgatag gctgtcctgg actaataatc accaaccctt tatttagctc ctccagcctt    228240
     ttagagaaat cgtaagtcac catttgcacc cctttaccag tttccccttc cacgatttag    228300
     cataagtaga aacagttttt aaccttgagg attttactca cccatggctc ggggctaaga    228360
     aggggatttg ttgttctaaa aagtgtgaag ggagtaggaa gccagagaca gatccaacca    228420
     aaatggcttc ttttcttttc tcctttcctc ttctctcctc ttttcttttc tcttgtatct    228480
     ttaccttccc cataagctgt aagactttgc aacacttaga tgaggccttg tccatttctc    228540
     attccatggg taagaagaca tgacctcaag acataaaagt aagttattca agttcacatg    228600
     gcagagacat atggaagtgg cattgagcga gtcttacctg ccacagacag ctaaccacag    228660
     tgccaggatg cccttaatct gagtcccctg tttcccagtg ccatctttag aacggtcaaa    228720
     tcaattgtaa catggatcca gcaccaccca gtgcttgggg cctcttttgt gtcggagtta    228780
     ttgttggctg agcatgtgct ctgaaaggaa gacactgacc ctgggttaat gtctttgggc    228840
     atcatttgtg tggtttgaat ctgtttcatg cagaacaaaa tttgtcattt ttcatgtcac    228900
     tttttgcact tgtttttgct gctttaatgt ataaagaagc ctgtttcttt ataggaagaa    228960
     cacctgtgat tttgggcaac tgaaaagcaa tagctagact acgggtttgg gttgggttgg    229020
     gttgagttga gacaggctct aatgtatccc aagctaacct tgcttggttc tcctgcctcc    229080
     acctcataaa cgctgtcatt ataggtgtgt gccactatgc tggtttttgt ggtgctggag    229140
     atgaaacctt gggcctcatg catgctacat cagtgttctg ctgcctgaag tacatcccta    229200
     gcctctagac aatggtctgt tacaaaccta gcctgcaaag gtcggaatga tggtgggagg    229260
     catgggagta tgtaatcgtg tgcctggggt gtgtcgcaat gttgagcggc ctcctcctca    229320
     atctggtgat actcgactta agtatcgctc tcttagagcc ttctaccggt tcttatcaac    229380
     tgggccctta atgggtcggt gaggtcctag ctgtttcctc gagccccttt gctcccctga    229440
     agaatgcatg cagaagccat ttgaggcagc atccgatgtg tcatcctatt gcaataagat    229500
     ggctgggaca tttgcatttt caacaacact cttgttcttt ttgctgggaa ttgaaacact    229560
     ggctgggggt gggggtaggg gtggggatgg gagttgggtt ggggtacaca gagagaaact    229620
     ctccccaaca gcctcatcct ctaggcccct caaccccaaa cagaggtgct acccattcta    229680
     gacacaagaa aagctcagct tctacaaggc tcatgcccat gcatatcaca gacgcctgct    229740
     ctgggctgaa agctggcacg caagagctct gccagtgagc aacattagaa ttacagacat    229800
     aataatacta attaactttc ccaggcctgt gctctctgca tttattattt gtagagagac    229860
     aaagccttaa ataacagggc cagcctcttt gggagcccca cttggggtga ggactgtcct    229920
     cattacagca agtgagatgg atggtgttct cagaccaggg cacatcatgg gaaagcctgc    229980
     agcaggtgta gcctccttct tagccagccc tgaggctttc cactggcacc gtgtggggca    230040
     gggatgggga gaagagaatc aatttctagt ggtctggcct ctcctaaggt tcacgtcctc    230100
     agcatgtgcc ttcctaggct acagtgagcc cctgttactg gtgctcagct tggctgcctg    230160
     tgatccgaag gctccctact tctcagtccc tgccttatca tttatgaatg aagaacagtg    230220
     aggagggaat gacatcaaat gtctttgacc tggacgtgct tcaaaaggtt cctgaagctc    230280
     ctggaatcgt atacatatgg aatgtgcttc tggccactct ctcgggggct agccatccat    230340
     ggctaactgc tgctttcaaa gggtctttga actcagggtt aaggtcatga atgagttggt    230400
     ccctgagggc ccctccactt ctgcccattg atgactttag agcactcatt ctcagcactt    230460
     gggtcgtgac ccctttggca agcccccatc tccaaaaata cttacattat gattcctaac    230520
     agtagcaaga agtacagtta agaagcagca acaaagataa ttttatggtt ggggatcgcc    230580
     acaccatgag gaactgtgtt aaagggtcac agtgttagga aggctgagac tcactaactt    230640
     agagccatcg aagctgatgc attttgtcac acccagcaat gggtttgtgg agacatgtgg    230700
     tagagccttg gattggaaac accctataaa ttagctactt taaagtaact gacctactgg    230760
     gcttcatcac atgggtttgc tgtagcgttc ctacctctca gcaccagctc tgagagcatc    230820
     cccaggttgt cctctatgta acttctatca atttggggag cacttctgct gttgggcagc    230880
     ctgctttgtg gtcgtgagct aagatggtct ccctgagctt gctgcctggg ggggggcatc    230940
     cacgctacca ctaagatgga catgcgacct cttacctctt gcactcacag agcggtagag    231000
     agcatttctt attggcagtt taataataaa tggattgact gttagaaacg cttgggaagc    231060
     tcactctggg ctgttggacg gatgctgtga gaaaatccaa acaatcacct ttgaggaatt    231120
     ccaggagaat ctggagacta actggagatt aatttccagg gacttcgcag tgcttctaag    231180
     ttgatactgc tgccacccag ctacagaaag gatatacatc tctctctgtt ctgaacaccc    231240
     ttgctctgac caccagttct taaccatggt ccaggaggtc gctaggtaga attccaatgt    231300
     gtctctgaaa taggatgaaa atggttagat ctttgctttc agacttctag cgtgtattca    231360
     tcatgacttt tctttatgat tggaggcaac attagtactt ctatgacttt ttccactgct    231420
     agaaatcact ttaaatcgaa ttaaggtagg tgcaggtact caaaagttta tgataggtag    231480
     ccacttaact ccagaccacc agtaggtgag aggcggttta tcttagggtt gggatcatac    231540
     actctaaaat cagcaaccct gcatttgacc aagcgtaaca tcatatgtac tgttcagtta    231600
     tctttctctt cattaaatgc tgtgctctgc cttttaggca tgcctgggca accctaagta    231660
     ccaaatatgg aactattgct gttgccccat gcagatagcc tgtgtggtag ttggaaaact    231720
     caggaagaaa ggggtgatgg gataagatgt atcaatcagc ttgctgtaga ccgaataatt    231780
     actggagaca atcagctaag aagtctgttt ctactggcta cagagtgtga gcacttggct    231840
     ctctctgttg cttctgctgg tgagagcttg cagcagagaa ggcttgttca tctcattgtg    231900
     gccaggagac aaagagacag gaaaggaacg gagtcccagg atttctactg ccagcaacct    231960
     aatccaagtt ttcactgctt ctcagtagcc ccaaaactgg ggacccagtg tgcagcgcac    232020
     atggacctct ggagaacact gaagatgcag actgcagcag atagtaagag gagaaatggg    232080
     accaaagcgt ggggtggtgg aacaatggtg agtcagaagc ctggagtttc ccttctgatg    232140
     ctgccttcat caggtcctgg ctcacaagaa cagtaatgtg gaacagccat gtgagggggt    232200
     gggaggaccg tgcccttcct ccttaggttc taagtcataa tgtcttgatg gctggtggag    232260
     tgaggggtca gctgtgactc tggagtaaac catgcctgtt ataaatagaa gggtcaagtt    232320
     ccaaactggg aggaggggtg gagccaagga ggcagcctag caagctgggg gttttcagca    232380
     cccctttggc agcagagata aagttaataa acagaaccat cccaagaaac ggttccacgt    232440
     cagagtcagt cgaggtgagg agcctcttcc cacaacttct tggaaaaata gagacccaga    232500
     gtttggagac aaaaggaaat aaagccagtc aaagtgcccg tatttacaca gtggccttca    232560
     cagagcaacc atccaggata gcgcactgga gtatgagcta ggagcaggag agggaggagc    232620
     cagttcagat gtgttcagct cagcttcctc cttcagtcac tgagcagaac tgtttaagga    232680
     gcagcctttc acctcctggc ctgacttcct gccagaggtg ctgatgagca gggaagcttc    232740
     agaagctagg acctcaagcg gtcacacagt tgccgtgtct agagacaagc aagcattctg    232800
     cctccactga tctcacatca cacacgttca cagtgccgcc acactccttc cctgcagccc    232860
     aaggtccctg cagctttctg cccaggcaat cacgtgccac tctttatctg agaggtcttt    232920
     atcttttcaa agatggtctg tgttcttcat ctttctcctc cgttctcagc ttgcctggtg    232980
     gcacatttcc caccctttct gccagcatgt tctttctgac ccatgttact tggcagtgtt    233040
     gtgctccatt ctccagtcct acttctgctt tgcttgtaga tcctggaact gcgcatagac    233100
     tccctgaagg ggcttagcaa aagtgggttc aactggctct ccatccccca gcactccgcc    233160
     acactccctt tctttgtgaa atagaggctg gatggtgtct tctgcagtgc acaaccaggg    233220
     tcgtctcacc caggctctct cttcttttgt atgcatggac tccacctcac catcagtatt    233280
     tacgagcaca gtaggccagg cagacagcat caaccctgct ttcgaggagt ttacaatcta    233340
     gaagggggta gggtggagat gcacttcatt taaaatggca ctgctgtttg gtgtttcctg    233400
     aagagtgctg aggagatacc tagcagtatg taagctttgt aagctttggg tagctcagcc    233460
     ccgcggttat ttagagagga cgaggaagga ttttaaaggc agagaccatt aaggatagct    233520
     aaagtttcca gggcgataac acagtctcat ccatggagag atgtgtagca ggaaagaggg    233580
     tgaggagagt ctgtggagta caagcagagg aagcaggtat tgtaaacact gggaggagcc    233640
     agaaagatta cacggtcttt tcttaagaga tctgccacca actaggaatg attgatgaca    233700
     agacagacgg ctagaaatga acatgatctt gtgcacctga gaataaaaat aataaagaag    233760
     ttttcaaaaa acaggagtga gccacgcagc aatggtgcac gcctttaatc ccagcaatca    233820
     ggagacagag gtaggcagag ctttgtgagt tccaggctag ccttgtctac aaagtgagtt    233880
     ctagaatagc caagggagac aaaagagagg gggggggaag agggagggag ggagggaggg    233940
     agggagggag ggagggaaga aggaggagga ggaggaggag gagagagaga gagaacaaaa    234000
     tggaaaggaa aggaaaggag aggaggggag ggatgagagg gagggaggga ggaagagaga    234060
     gaaagaaaga gagaacaaaa aggaaaggaa aagaggggag gggaggggag ggaaggagag    234120
     gggaggggag gaaaaaccag gaaggattca aaagcgcaga acttaagtta atatccacag    234180
     gtgtcacagc taaccaggag ccaggagcag ccatggcttc ctatgttaga taactcaata    234240
     aaccaaagtt gtaagtggaa cctatctttt gccagccagt ttcccttcca cccggggggg    234300
     ggggggaggg agaactacac agcatttgtg ggggggggga gaaggggaac ataggacatg    234360
     gttgagaatg gtagttatgt agtatcgtct gttgttatga tacaatttgc atttaaactt    234420
     ggtaaaaacc cattagctgc caagagggaa taaggaatca atttccaaga atgtacaatt    234480
     tcctctagag aagtctccaa accaaaacac taatttacat gaaaagctgt aaagaacgta    234540
     gtggaaaagt acattcataa gaaattttat tacacctaca taaatttaat acatgtgttc    234600
     ttaacaatta gtcttggatt attcatgaaa acttcataaa acattaaaca gaactggcca    234660
     tcctctcaag ctatttccat gctaaatact ttccacttgt aatttatgaa ataattttca    234720
     atgaattatg gcactctaag gaaaacatac aatattttat aaagaaagtt atactgctct    234780
     gggaaactac ttgacaacta aatgattcag taacttttct tcactttctt tttttttaat    234840
     ttttcattta ttttaaagta tacttttatt tgttgaggat ttcatgcatg tgtgcaacgt    234900
     attttgatca tatttactga cactcctctc gccccacccc ctctcccagg atcctccctt    234960
     atctccctgt gaacatcacg tccggttttc atccactaat tcggttggtg ctgcctttat    235020
     tatgtatccg gctaagccat ccactgcagg agggaagcct accaggggcc agattccctg    235080
     aagagaactg gccctctgcc ccagcagcca tccactgctg atagctctca gcttccccaa    235140
     tccacgctga gcttttgact ggcttgattt ggagcaagtc tgatgtggga atcaaggcct    235200
     gctctgggtt catgtgtgca gtgagcatgt catgtctaca aaacactgtt tcatatcggc    235260
     taaatatttt tgtagctgga caagtatttt ttttaaatca cgggagcaga aagaactaaa    235320
     ggggctcaga cacagcggat gtaaattaac cttttgctgc tgtgcttgat acatgaaatg    235380
     atcaggcatt cattcttcct gcatgcttat tcttctgatt gttctccttg gaaacactga    235440
     aatccaagta agtctaagta aggcacataa gcaagaaata atggatgtaa acgggtaact    235500
     ttacaaacga tgaatgtgaa ctgtttctgc ctttgtctaa agtaaatggg tcgcagcatc    235560
     ttctaagggg tcacgtctgc agctgttgcc aaaggtgtgt acctgcagac tgaccaggta    235620
     cagaaacaga aggttccaac acgtatccct ggggtatctg tctgtggtac aaccctgtaa    235680
     atgctttaaa tgctaaagta tctgcagtaa aggccccagt ggctgagcca attggtcctt    235740
     ttattctcca ttagaacaaa caaatacaca gacccttgtg tatatcaact gttatgccag    235800
     gtgcatggag acacacttct ttaatccagg cacttaggag acctcaacag gaagatctct    235860
     ctctgtattc caggtcgatc ttgtctatag caagttccag gccagccagg gctgcatagt    235920
     aagaccctat ctcaagagac agaaaaggtg ttatgccaaa tatttataac ttgtgtaaaa    235980
     attccacaac cccagattgg ccactcagga tgaagtcagt aactttctaa gtgtttgctg    236040
     gccccactct cttgatggta aacatgaaag cctcgtgaga aatatagaaa tttaaataga    236100
     agtaatggaa cctgtcatga atcataaaac ataattgtca taaattataa acaaaaaccc    236160
     tgtgtggcac agctcagagg attttgtact gtgtaaattt ttgaatgaac cagaagaaag    236220
     gcaacggctg gttaatgtcc tcatttcccc acccctgcct ctgtgggcat ccaatgttca    236280
     cagccaagtt atctcccagg agctgtgctc ctctgatgct ctacagccaa gctatccccc    236340
     aagagctgtg ctcctttggt gctccacagc cgagctatcc cccaggagct gcactcctct    236400
     ggtgctccac agccaagctt tcccccagga gctgtgctcc tccggtgctc cacagctgag    236460
     ctatccccca ggagctgtgc tcttctggtg ctctttgtct gactcttcac ctgatctttc    236520
     aagttcagca atggctgcat caaaatctgc ctttgcaagg gagcagactc cactgcaggg    236580
     ccatgcccag tctgattggt tgctgtgttt cctccttgct gtcccagaac ctgcttggtc    236640
     tacttgttcc atcttaccca caatcctttt ctcctcaggc agtcctggtt gtagtctccc    236700
     ttgatttccc aatagaaaca ctggggatca agaacttttc caaagagaca gtagtcgtca    236760
     caaatgtacg ccaagctcag tctcacattc ttatgttctg gatccatctg ttgctttttc    236820
     tcagcacctt ctgtattttg ctcagtactt aagatagtgc tgcaaaatga ccctcggact    236880
     cctacaacgg tttttataag tattagatac taagaatata gactgcttca catgcatgcg    236940
     tgtcatcctt gcacggggcc atgtgtgtat ttgggtcttg ttccaatttt agtatatgtg    237000
     ctgtggaacc aaggtcagta gttttgtttt gttttgatgg tgctcagttg tgcagtttcc    237060
     ctccctgagc agagtaagca gggataggaa atcaccctgg ccaatgggag ccatcaaagc    237120
     cagatagcac aattctggga tctccgggtc taaatagaac ccattactag gcttagcaaa    237180
     tcccttccag tttgcaggat ttgttgcaag agtgattacc cacaaggtat gtctgaatcc    237240
     catgaagctt tagtcggccc tgcttggtgc cctttgggaa ggggctgaaa atgtttactt    237300
     ttagaggttg ggagccaact gccaagagag tcagaaacag ttccatcctt gacgcaagaa    237360
     attgcttcca tcgtctgaaa atagacacga cggcagcgtg gattcccagg gcaaaggagc    237420
     cttctacttg caacagcttg atgtgagtca ctgaggaagg tgaagaagag gaaaggagag    237480
     gggagagaaa atgaaaaggg aaatgttagc aagagcccga ggagaaaaac cagtctccag    237540
     gctggataag gatccaggct tctcttaagc tgcctccctc tgtggttggg gaggtagcct    237600
     gcccagactc cacacgggct ccctgcactt ctctcgagtg ccccatccaa tttcccgcct    237660
     ccctctctca gcaaatgaac ctcatggtct gtttcagaag gactgttggg ggatggggcc    237720
     ttcagaaacc gctttcttca gccttctcag tagtcagcaa cagagaatca gagcttgcgg    237780
     cctttccctg tacaacagcg tgcctatctt cctgtccctt cttccccacc ctccctggaa    237840
     tgtccaacat actttcggga cctcctttac ctgcacacct gctactgacc ccactagtca    237900
     acccagatgt cagagatgct cggtccctct gcggaagcgt gtgctgggtg agcttgctgc    237960
     tgtgtaattc ctaaatctgt cagcaccctc agctgcccgt tctgtgactc tccaagtttt    238020
     cagtggtgct tacacctcag tggtgctggc ccgtggtgca catttcaacc acctgggatc    238080
     tttttaaaaa ttaccaatgc ctgtgcctaa cctctggcaa ttccgtatag ttacaatagg    238140
     gttgagcttg ccgtgtgtaa catagagctg gagctagccc agaatgtcct tcgacagcca    238200
     aatgattcaa gtttcaggat tcatgcaaat gggttgttaa atacagccat tgttaaaatt    238260
     caattatata gctttccttt tggcagtgtt cagtggcaag atggtgatgc aaatttccag    238320
     gaagaggaaa ttggttgcta atagcatttc caaagctgac tcgatgagtt tcctacactg    238380
     gagctagctg aagatggcta caatgacctg ggcagtattc atcctttcgg gcattaggag    238440
     acagaaggct cttgctgaga cgggttggtg gagctgggaa ttgattgagg gagtccagaa    238500
     gtggtttgtt ttccatgagg acaaagtaga gattgaagga gaccacaaga ggtctctgtg    238560
     tcgttgccca ggtgacaaac actaggtcgg cctgctgtgc tgattgtcac ggtgccctgt    238620
     ggtttatcat ggagagttca ggcgagggct aaaaggttgt tgtaactcta aggactgata    238680
     aatcctccat gtagatgagc tggtgatccc cccccccccc ccgtagagac acattctctg    238740
     ctatactaat gctgcccata cagtatcctg cttagataag gtgtggcggc catcaaagtg    238800
     tgccctggga cccaggtggt aagacagacc ttaagaagcc cttgccagga gctgggcggt    238860
     ggtagcgcat gcttttaatc ccagcatatg ggaggcagag gcaggtggat ttctgagttc    238920
     gaggtcagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctataca gagaaaccct    238980
     gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaccac aaaaggagaa ggagaagaag gaggaagccc    239040
     ttgacagacc atgtgaacat caaagatatt ctcctgccca ccactcccat tacacaacag    239100
     aagtcccacc catctgccag gccttagcca gtccctacag cacaacatgg tctccctggc    239160
     aactgtaatt ggagtttcat gttaatacat caagacattt aataaatttt acacgaagac    239220
     ataaaaatca tataaatgta taggataata aataatatta aaacaaaggt aataatgttc    239280
     taaagtcacc atttcctaat tgttttacta tattttatta ttgactgtgc tgttaacatt    239340
     atttacattg atttgaattt gtagggaggg aatattatag tgtgctatta ccacacatcc    239400
     ctccggactc tgcctcagta acagatcatg gtaggttgaa gctgaccatg gtagaagtag    239460
     ttatgccatg aaaactggaa aatgctactc tcatgcacgt ctatacacaa gcatgtaaca    239520
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacctgag tggaacatag atgttgacat aaattttaaa    239580
     aattccccca attgattcta atgactatct agagtcaaga ggctccagtt agaatctggc    239640
     tcctttcttc cctggcttcc ttctatccag ttccccacaa ctacctgtag tggagcaagc    239700
     acatcatgtt gatgtatgtt tgctccacca tgtgcaggct cttccatctg cttctttcag    239760
     taatgaatta tttgcatggt gagctcctgt taatctttta aggttaatca agcaaccaaa    239820
     cttagggaag actctaccta ctgattcctc ctcctccagg aaggcttcca aagtaggcaa    239880
     atcctagagg tgactcctaa ggcagagaga atggttggaa gctctttcat gtacctggat    239940
     gatcctactc aagggcttct gggccaggag gagaccagtg accttaagga actgaaacaa    240000
     tttgaaaggc aatgacagct agccttgaga gtcattcagg ggctagaaca agagggtctt    240060
     gaaagccatt ttcagaaatc tgctctgtat cctcagagaa gtgaggctcc accatagtat    240120
     aagtcagaaa gcctgtttct caggtcttgt tagaactcac ccatcactgg acatgttggc    240180
     atacacagtt aatcctagca cttcagagcc gaaggaggca gatctctgtg aatttgaggg    240240
     cagcctgggc tgcatgttcc aggccagccc gggaatacaa cttcaattat aaaatgaaaa    240300
     attccaaaaa aaaccaggta tatagaacag caactatggg taataaaagc acatacttga    240360
     aatgttattc aaataaatat tgcttctgcc ataacacaaa ggtacaagtg tgcgagccgt    240420
     ggatatgagg tttgtcttga ttgtgacaat tgcctcacag tgaaaatgat accagaacat    240480
     ggagatataa acctcagtct atgtagtatt gatgacacct ccaaagagct ggggacatct    240540
     gtagcagaat cagggagcgt ggatgatttg gagaagcaaa ccgtctaaat tgtgagtaaa    240600
     gagagagact attagctcac cctccgtgaa tgaaggcgac tggccttttg aaataatgaa    240660
     tggcagattt cacttcacaa acaccgtgtt taacctgata agctttcagg gttgtctggg    240720
     tgttccctgg cttttcctcc tgtggttggc aaaggcttct gcagacagtc tgctggctgg    240780
     ccatacattg ggcccatggt tttcttatca ttgacagata aaaaagagag agagagagag    240840
     agagagagag aaaagaagca agtttgccat gcccagcccc tgggaggcag tattctctgt    240900
     tcgctctgtc tctgggctac cagctaccgc tctctttact gctctcttta actcttatgg    240960
     gcctgcatta tgttgttcct tctgtgcttg ctgggcaagc tccagtctgt gtttcgctcc    241020
     tgcacttctt tttcattatc agcatgaaca cagaaaaccg ccttgtggtg cctccaattc    241080
     ccagactggg gaagttaaaa tggatgcttt tctttttaaa agtatctcaa aaataccttc    241140
     agaaatcata gactcctgga agctcattac tggagaaaaa gaaagaaggt cccatgaccc    241200
     tttctgtact tcctgacagt cctgttttta atctcttcat tacgattgaa tcatctcctt    241260
     tagcccaagc cgtatagtta aggcaaggat atagtttaac acttaaatgg gagacctgta    241320
     ggaattaaag agatcaccag gacactgtgt actcagagag tagcctgagc tagctgggac    241380
     atatggtcac cctatgtatg attgttctgt gatccataga gcaaagagtc tcattttggc    241440
     tggtgtttga tttgggggga taaatcactg agtgcccaca ttggaatagg attgttttac    241500
     tcacagggac caaagatgag tgagatccat cccttgtctt aaaagttggg tggggaagaa    241560
     agataaaatt cccccctaat cttgacacac ttgaataggc tttgtgggaa aaacaaagtg    241620
     cattggaaac ttctagtttg ctttcagctg ccgtggtaaa catgaccaaa gcaaattggc    241680
     ttagacttcc gggtcatagc ccatcactga gggaagtcag ggtaggagct caaacaggaa    241740
     cctgtaggca ggaaccaagc cagagaccac agggaaatgt ggcttactgg cttacttcct    241800
     agctctcaat catctgcctt ccttatatag cttatttata gagctcttat ggtccctcct    241860
     gcagtgagct ggacgccccc cccccaacat tagcactcaa gaaaatgccc tacaaaccag    241920
     tggtcacgcc agtctgatgg aggaaagtct ctagttgaga ttccctcttc caggtgcgcc    241980
     cggttgacca gcgagatcag ccgtcacagg aacgaagcag aaggggctcg gttggaaagg    242040
     cttaagagca gaggcgctgt gaaacctccg ctttagagaa tgcttccggt tggaagtctc    242100
     cccaaagacc tattgtgtgt agtgttctga gagatagtgg ggtgggctgg gggaaaaatg    242160
     tgaaataaga ggatttgagg acccagtggt gatcttctga ggatgtgtag cttcatggaa    242220
     ggctctctag tgccacagag agacagaaaa ccaaggggac actcagaagg ccaagaggga    242280
     ggaagaagga aggagaaggg gctcggggat gccagaagtg gcccagagag ccactgagtc    242340
     tcagactagg tagtcacttg gggtcttaga acagttaaaa gggaatgcca gcagaacggc    242400
     tacggggtgg ccaggttagt cttaggagac attggtgtgt agacaaccct tgcagatact    242460
     tgaaggtaaa gcaaaaggag ggaatctaaa aagaaagcct gagctcagct taataaggag    242520
     atctccatgt gcaaattttt gcctctaccc atgtgtggtc ctttaagttc aaatgaacta    242580
     aaattaaata taaattaaag ttcatttctt cagcagtact agccactgcc tgtcaggtgc    242640
     ttggcagcct tccgagctgt ggctgccatg ttgagtagcc cagagctagg gaacctccat    242700
     ggccttaggg agctttgctg ggctaccgag ctcaagccca gtgccatcaa tggagtcccc    242760
     agccctgggg ctcagaactg accatgctct gcttgttctc aaactcaatt tgaacgtggg    242820
     ggaagccaga ggatggtttg tttatcagat ttcctgaaga actcggatca tcttaaagcc    242880
     aacacttccc cagactctgg cttataatga aggatccatg atgtgaagtg aaggagagag    242940
     agaaggaaat acatgaatta tttctgacta atactggcag cctttttata gttactacag    243000
     taactctttc catttgataa ttagccttag tgcatccata caacttaatt tctctaattt    243060
     ttatttttta aaaagctgtg tgttcattag gaaaattcga aagtgtactt cagtctctcc    243120
     taggaagcta caggagccct gacagcacat taatcaggtc ttgtcatcag taggaagaaa    243180
     agtatccaat ttcccaggac cttggatata tccgtttgct gtaatagatt tctgagagac    243240
     cacttgttgg ccaagagtat tcttttcttt ccttcctaat ccagcgtttc caatcatccc    243300
     tcactgggaa tccctctttg ggtagcttta tatctgctag ggagttatgg gttgttgttg    243360
     ttgtttgttg ttgttgttgt tgttgttgca ttgttctttg aacaaaatga tttgagctca    243420
     ggttggaggg agtgtctagt gtccactgga gcaagcactt ggttacagtc tcagcgtgaa    243480
     taccaacctt tacgtgtgag cacactggct gaatgtcttg gctttgattt atggagacat    243540
     tcagtagaat gtagcgacta cagggagttt cttaagggat gctggcctat gttacattgc    243600
     ttggattcct gagacaatct acatttctaa gcgtctgtgg ccttggtgga tccctagcta    243660
     ccttgctgtg cacttggtac tcccagccct cagccaaagc tcaccccaat agcttctcct    243720
     gagttagcag ttcatgcctt gcagcgcccc acttcataac tacaagctta gcctgcaact    243780
     tcagcttcta cagaaacctg ggcttattga gagcagcaag gcctactgct gtagcaggag    243840
     ccgcccggca gaccctggaa atccatcctg gctgatgagg cctctttaag tgaacactgg    243900
     ctgaggtgag gagggacaag cagtgtgggc tgattgctag ctctggctaa ggacagtggg    243960
     cctgtgttct gctggactgg cccctctgtg tctcctccag agaaggcccc acagccggcc    244020
     tgtatacagg ggcgactgct gctgtcctgc ccatgtgtct atgtggcaat caaccggctg    244080
     tatagtgtta agcaggctgt tagcaggaag agctttggat tctgatggct cagatttcac    244140
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacccca cccactgctt ccatggtcca    244200
     gagcaaaccg ttcgacttct atgagcctgt ttctggcttg tgtgagagga gaggagctct    244260
     ttatttttct gggttgttat aggattcagt gatgcatgtc aaatgcccgg aacagatgct    244320
     ccgacgctac tcaggcccct gttctcccat gtttaaatcc ttttgggtac cgattttctc    244380
     gcctactagg gcagatgatt taacgttctg ttgtccacag ccctttggag aatgactgca    244440
     cctctggatt tgactgagaa gggagaccgg gagaaaagct acatggttct ccgagatttc    244500
     aagggtcaac cagcagtagt gcaggttgga agctggggcc ctgcagacca gtgttagggt    244560
     ccccctgctc ctgataaggc tgctgtagtg tggatgcaaa taacacctcc tatttcatgg    244620
     gatgaacctg gacttggcca tgatgaacac catattagaa tcgaaggccg atgaaaaagt    244680
     aattgtggct aataagataa gacattctgc agtcttgatg cttagggaag aggcaggata    244740
     aatgtgagat gccccagaga tagatccttg gtttaaaaca tatatatata tgtcccctgc    244800
     tgcctgcaga gaatagccat cttctctcct tggtgacaca gatgtcatcc catttactgg    244860
     atgtgtaaat tgaagagttt tcaatattag gaaaccctgg gttgggttct ggagggttct    244920
     gagtccagag atgaccttca ggggagtgaa cggagtccag cagaaagggc tgcagaaatg    244980
     gcgaacacat ggagctggtg acaaaaggga gggtgtatgc tcagtaacta gtctagatgt    245040
     gagagtccta agatcacaga gcacggccag cctgccagtg ttctgttacc caactcaaca    245100
     tgttctgtat gttttgctgt tttctacttt tttttttttt tggtttccta atgagatttt    245160
     catgtgaaaa ttcccagctt tactgagctc agtaatggga aaaggatttt cttctttatt    245220
     cacaagcctt gaagccagca ggaatcagcg tgctcttcaa ggatagagag gttgcagtta    245280
     cagtggaagc gagatttttc ttgggtgagc actgtgtctt tcatgtgacc tgaagcctct    245340
     cctgtagtcc tcacagagaa gaacaccagg gcatctccat gagacctgtg atttgggcaa    245400
     gactggcaat ggtcccagtg ttggctctac cttctcttca gcatttacat taacactggc    245460
     ctgcaccaca ggcagcactc ctaccaacat ctgcctccca ctaagagctt acaatgtcca    245520
     tggcacacac acctcaatct ggtgttaggg ttctctgtct tcggagactt aatttgccaa    245580
     ggtctatgat gagtagattg aagtggctca gtgtagccca ggggcctgcc tgaccttatg    245640
     aacttcagtg gtataggact ggccagttgg aagaatgtta atgctatctt ctgtacagtt    245700
     tggtaacttg ggtccagtgt cctgcttgaa tagatagggc ctctaggaaa gagtgctttg    245760
     ggggagtcag agctatttcc tagggttctg tctttgttga gctgtgtatg cctcggtggt    245820
     gtgtgtctgt tgttcccaat gttctgagag gtagactagc agaacgaagt gacgagaagc    245880
     attgacccgg gagatgctga aatctgggct gccgagttat tcctgcatgt atcgcagcaa    245940
     tggttatgag tctgtttcct ggtcaggaaa cggatatgga tatctgtata agaaggagga    246000
     ggattatttt cttctttctg tggtttggaa acagaaggat cacccagggt aaacagtggc    246060
     ctgcacaggc ctgatggggc ctctggcctg ggaaatatcc taggcttgac gtcagctgtg    246120
     cagtggcgtg cttcctgagg tcctcgggtc tctaggcaca actcccaaaa cctatgagcc    246180
     cagtgagttg ttgccaccag gactagcctt gtcactacct attaaatttt cttagggacc    246240
     taacagtctc agcctcctgc tgacccagag ctctggcatg agctgggcct ccctgtctat    246300
     ttaacatttc attagtggtt ttctgaaggc acaagtccaa gcttggctga agcttcgcat    246360
     ttagaagtac agcaacactt aacaaaaacg aagtgttgac ggatcaccat cccaggaagt    246420
     cccagctgga gacctaggaa ggctgctaca atgtatcagc cacctccctg tgggggactt    246480
     ttgtgtcaca cagctgtcca gcctgatggt agttcattac tgttttggta tcctgaagtg    246540
     tcccggctag ttctatgtca acttgacaca ggctagagtt atttgagaga tgggagcacc    246600
     tcaattgaga agatgcctct gtaaaattgg gctgtaagca atcctgtagg gcatttttct    246660
     aattagtgat tgatgattgg tggggaggac ccagctcatt gtagatggtg ccatccctga    246720
     gctggtagtc ctgagttctg taagaaagaa gactgcgcaa gccatgaaag caaggcacac    246780
     tccagggcag ctgtgcagag gcaaaggcat tttgagttta gggacagatt aagttagttg    246840
     cagcagggct tgggagtgat tttgaatccg tgccgttggc agcaggctag catggagggg    246900
     aactcacaat ctttggagct tacaatcagg tgctcattgc tattgattaa tccccatggc    246960
     tcctgacaaa tctagagtcc acagttctgg atacaaggaa ttcaggtgtg caaagtgttt    247020
     ggcatgaaga ggagctcaat aaaccaagca gagaatgttg agagttaaga gttacacacc    247080
     actgagaatg gaaacatgcc actctgtgga agtaggatca gggctggcag ggggctgtcc    247140
     cactggtttc tgaggattta gggggggatg accttggatg ggaagcagag tgggaaggtg    247200
     tgacagccag catgaacaca gtatgccttg tcctgtgggt ttcctaggtg gccggggaag    247260
     ctttgaagtc tgggggagcc aaaagagata atgtgatggt taatctttga accttcattt    247320
     atataagcaa ggtgttgggg agggtgtacc atagctcacg tacagaggac aaccttcaga    247380
     catcggctct ctccttctgt tgtgtggatt ctgagttgtg aatttgggtt gtcaggcttt    247440
     ttggcaagtg tctgtacctc tggaaccatc tcactggcct atggtggtta gtcttgcttg    247500
     acagttgatt ggactgagag tcccccagga gattatttat taataatctc ctacctcgag    247560
     ctgtttctaa gaggctgtct ccgagggtgg gatgattaga tcatgagagt tctaattaag    247620
     gcttaatcca ttgctggact cagactttga ataagtatta gggtgttaga ctcttgtggg    247680
     gtacagtcca gaagaaagtg gatcaatggg ggtgggtcta gtctgtcttt aggagctacc    247740
     tcttgcccta gccccgtctt ggtatcactc ccctctgctt tctgtcttcc atgatgttag    247800
     ttactgtgtc acaaccgtga tgttagtgac tctcaaccaa atgaaaccaa acccctaagt    247860
     ctgtgagcaa ataactcccc tcaccccgct tctgtcagac atttggtcac agtgacacag    247920
     tcaggctaat acagttggtc caagaggcct cgtaccctgt ccctgagtaa ctgcggtccc    247980
     taaatctctc aactcaagac agggtagaag ggccctgagg aaaagaaggc tgtgtggctt    248040
     cttccaaagc caaagggaga ggagacttca catttatgct ttaaagtgtt aatgccttat    248100
     tttaaagtca ttatctctgt cttctaaatg gcattgccct tgggcattgc tgagaagtca    248160
     accctactta cagttggtgc ccacttcata tatctcctcc ctgggggatc tctgacatct    248220
     tctgtgtgtc ctatgacaaa gaaaatttta ccgagttttt cttcatgaag ttgttttata    248280
     aaagcaatag ttgttttttg tttgatcatc tctaaatata taagttaaca cactgacaaa    248340
     actgttccag acctatcttc aatattgggg ttgatggagg gagtgccctt attcttatgc    248400
     agaatcagaa gtgggttttg gggtccctgg aactggagtt acagatggtt gtgagcctac    248460
     atgtgggagc aggggactgc acagaacttt gaatgcagca aagtgttctt aacctctaag    248520
     ccatctctct agccccatac ttttcttttt aaagttttag acagagtcct attacatagc    248580
     cctgactggc ctggaattta ccatgtaaac cacctgcctc tgcctctgcc tctgcctctg    248640
     cctccagagt ttaaaggtat gcatcaccaa gcttgccgct tggtcctgta ctgtgttctg    248700
     gttctcatgt catcatttgt ttgctctctg tggtctcctg cccgtgctta ggcctctttc    248760
     caatccagtg tgttgattct ctgtagggca ggcctggtag acatggattc ctgtttctat    248820
     cttgggaagt ttttttctcc ttcaattaca gcagatagtt tccgtgggta aagtggtcgc    248880
     atccctgatc ttttagaacc tggagtgcct tgcaccaggc ccttcaggct gtaaagttcc    248940
     aattgagaag ttagctgtta ttctggtggc ctttgcccta catggggctt gtgtcttttc    249000
     tcttgcagct tctagtacct ttccttgttc tgtatattcg ctgttttatt tattatatga    249060
     tgtgtggagt tgcttttctg gtcttgtctg tttggtgttc tcttgtactt cttgtatcta    249120
     tctgggtgtg tctttcctta gtctggtgaa agtctttgct cctgtgatcc tgctgaagac    249180
     ccgctctatg ccattggctt ggaattctat ttcttctgtg cctgtaattt atagatctgg    249240
     tattctatga tcttccaaag ttcctggata tttgtgcgtg tgttttaaat gtattatatt    249300
     atttgattgt gtctaatcca tctatgttgt ctttgcatct taacattcta ttttctactt    249360
     gatccatccc acaaggacgc tcccctcggt ttcctaattg ggctattcgg tttttcagct    249420
     tcatctttat ttcagtagag tttcctttag tatttttatt cctgtattgg attctcggtc    249480
     ttctcagatc ttggactgtc ttcattagtg catatatttg tgttttcttg accttcaatt    249540
     gggagtttat ccctgtacgt ttaaaggtca ttcagctatc tgtccctgcc ccctctaagt    249600
     tccatgaata tcttgatcgt attcattgtt cttttaaatc tgtgtcctga ggctcatcta    249660
     ggtcattttc atagagggtt tctgtgggat agtggccttt gggagggaca tgatttctta    249720
     gcctctcgta ttgcttttat tttctcagcg ggacctagga ttgatttcct tggctctgtg    249780
     tctggtccga gattctagcc tgcctatgtt gagtggaaga ttggctccag ttttgctgtt    249840
     gcctgcactt ggctgagttc agagtggata ggaagaacat gtaggttagc ccttctgatg    249900
     ttgggtgtcc attttgaccg gagagactgg ggtggttcca accaagaagg tccatggata    249960
     cagcgacaga ctggctctgc gtattgaaaa acagcctaag gccagggact tgggataaac    250020
     tcaaggagaa agtatacgag tgcaatttct gcctgagctt gggcatggag cccattacag    250080
     cccagggcga gagccagggc aggcttatga agagagaaca cactctgatg gtatttttga    250140
     ttctgcctgc agggcctgga gcagactcac cacagattgg actcatggct gtgcctgggt    250200
     gcagagggac aatactgggc acggggttgg ggcgactcac caaaacagca tgtacatagt    250260
     gtgacttcca gctgggcctc agcttggggg ggggtgagga ggcaggaaac tggggtaact    250320
     cacccaaaga atccttatac tccagactag gtctccaagg cctgtggcag actccctggg    250380
     agctttttcc caggtgtgac tcctagctcc ctctggggca aggagtatct actgaagggc    250440
     aaaatctgaa agagacaagg gggcaggctg tgagtgaaaa tgtctctggg aaaagagagg    250500
     actgacgtgt gtcctgccac tgctgcggtg catagctgaa ctgttccgag tcatgctgaa    250560
     catgtcatcc tggcacccag aggcaggcca gttagatgaa aactgattgg actatggatt    250620
     aagcacactt ggcaaggtcc tagcagacac tggagtggag agctaggagg gcccccagct    250680
     gtgcaggtgc ctgtgcggtg gctgtgaatc tgtatgagga tcacacagct cgttaacttg    250740
     gagcccaagg tgccactact tgacttgaat acagcactta acctttctga cctctgtact    250800
     aaggagggaa tgaatgaaag atggacgggt ctgagcatct ccaaggactg ttggggcaaa    250860
     caagggtgtt ctatgtgtgc gtgccctgag aagggacaca gcagtggaag ctgctgcagg    250920
     gtgtttgttc caggacttct tgccccactg acagcattcc ttcctgatca atggccctgg    250980
     tcaacagcaa actcatcagt accagatgct tcatctctct ctatcttaaa aaccccagag    251040
     cttccagaac tttccatctg tttcagagtt ggtcatcagt aagcccacat tactgaggtc    251100
     aaagaagagc cagaggcagg tcagaggcta cccatcccca cttgccttac agtttctcca    251160
     caagaccacc cccccctccc caggaagcac cctgcgcctc cctgatgtct ccttaccact    251220
     ctcccagaaa tgccacccaa cccagttacg gctcagaaac aagcacagga gagtgcggat    251280
     gtgtctaggg agccaagaag tgtcctcagt cccccctgtg tcaggagttg ctgggtgctg    251340
     acagggccca gtgtctcagg atgatgtcac tgtcacaatc ctgaggaaac ggcagcttct    251400
     atgccttctc cacagcttcc tgtttcaggg aagagggcct gtgcaccggc ctaagctcct    251460
     tcatcactca ggataggctg ttctctgcta tctgagcccc ggcttccctg ccccatggcc    251520
     gtttggattt aatgctggca tctgtctttt tatgcaccat gggtttggtt ctccacttag    251580
     ccagggattt aagagattta gatactcttg tagcagtcac agcccattaa aaacaaaaca    251640
     acaaaaaccc cctctctaaa ggtgaatacc aaggtggatg tgcgggaggg tcctgaatcg    251700
     gctttgagtc tttttcaccc aggagagagc tgaggttgag ccatttggcc tgagtgtctg    251760
     actgagtata gccttactta gctccagaaa acatgccatt tctttgtatt ccatcagcat    251820
     ttcctatgga gcaggctaac tcccagggac gaatgcatct ctgaggacag caaactaagc    251880
     cacccatctc agatggcacc tgtgcaggac gtggtgtggc ttgtaataga cttctgctct    251940
     gttacatgat ggaaacgcat gatctggagt caccaggact ggtttgaggg tggccccacc    252000
     gctcactgta gcttctgttt acttggcctg gctgagtgtc atgtgcgcat ttggaatgca    252060
     gtagcctgga cagggctgct gtgaaattga acagcacaat gcagataaag tgcttggccc    252120
     agccgcctag tcgctgatca tctgggctag tttgtgttct cccattctgt actccatagc    252180
     tgtgtttgca tcccacatga cccatctcgg gagcaggttt taacttccag gacctcactt    252240
     cccacttctg tgaagggggt ccaatgctct tcttctcaca gtgggggaaa aagaggccat    252300
     gcaaaggacc aggcccctca ctcgacctct ggaagacagt ttggagaacc ttcttggcat    252360
     ctggttagag taagccagcc ttggtggagc acttgccagc tagcaggaga caaagctgca    252420
     gtacttgtta ctgggattgt cttggggtcc caagttcagg gacataccaa ccagtgagcg    252480
     aggatgtagg tgggatggtc ccccctatga gctaatgaac aaactgtggt aaagaaagtg    252540
     aggctgggga tccagcagat aggaaaacat agcaccggaa atcgtcaggc aggagagcag    252600
     agcacactga gacttatgga caggagggca cctccgggtc cctgggtggc gatacatgat    252660
     aggggaagca cagccctgag agccagaccc ccaaggtgag ccctggccag ttcccttgct    252720
     ctgctgtgtc tccatagcta atcagtttac ttgagggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    252780
     gtgtccaggt ttttcagagg aagcccctcc tacttttgga gctctgagga ctgaagcaag    252840
     agtagagtgc tgtgtgcagt gtgaccggtg gaagcaccag attgaaggga caactctgcg    252900
     tgcttctcca ggttgatgtg cctctctagt tgctagaagg tggtaacttg gaaaggaagg    252960
     cagaaaacag tacccgctga gtgagtatgg aaagtatggg gcgggagatc ccaggtctct    253020
     ttctatcact agctgctgtg tgaccctaag taagacgttc accctctctg agtctcgatg    253080
     tcctttctat aagggaagat ttgccatgct acctgctgac tctccatgtg aaatgccaat    253140
     ggtgacaggc agcagcattt tactagcaag atctttactt gccagcagca aggtgtgctc    253200
     aactttcttg ttcttttgct gagagccagc ccggggcatc ctaatgccag tgggagcctc    253260
     cttggttctg cctcccagtc tctgtcacag aaaggcttag tgctatagcc accagagcat    253320
     ctctctctct ctttgaggtt cttcttggag aaggttcatg actttgtcgg tgataagacc    253380
     ttacaaacaa tagattcatt agtcgtcttt cccatgtggc cctgtgcaag gggcaaggct    253440
     ttctttgggt tttgtttttg ttttgagcca tgagtttaaa aaggcaccca catcctcaga    253500
     ggacttcgaa tgtcatcatg gtgaggggaa ggggcagacg ggatggaggg ctggagtgac    253560
     aagggacaag ccacagactt cccaggattt cccagaggtt agcccttcct ccagggtgaa    253620
     ggcagagcag atccagctgc gacgacccag gctgcatttg tttctgacca tcgtctttga    253680
     tagctaacta gcactgagcc attgcttggc ccagctgtgg gttgggaggc agggcttgct    253740
     aagtgtgcag atggttctgg agacaggact gcaggtatac acacacacac acacacacac    253800
     acacacacac acacacacac acacactgct gtggccttgc tgcctctgag actcaaggtc    253860
     tgggctgcca tcccaaggct gatttttctt ctttgacttt ttttttcctc tttaattaaa    253920
     ctttcttgat gaggtgacag ctttcatcat tcctggcagc tgctgagaga caagataatt    253980
     tatagctgta ttggcactat atgattaaga cggcagtgat aaataacaga tgagaagatg    254040
     gctctggcac tctgaaggcc tcctcctccc ctcccacctc tgtcccacag atcccaagtg    254100
     agccgcaggt ggacttcggc tggcttctcg ggaacacaag aacaggcgtg tccccctcgt    254160
     cgcagagggt ggagatggtt actcttagac gctgttgtag cacttggaca tttagctgtc    254220
     ccgaaagacc atgggagggg ttccacattt tcatgtgtcc ttatccaggg ctcaacacgg    254280
     accaggactt ccgcttcaat gaacaggtct atataggttc agtgccacta atataatctt    254340
     aattattata catatgtggt gggcacctta ggcagtgcct gctgagaagg tcccttgtga    254400
     ctcagaggga agatgggtaa gtttcatcca gaaagatggg taagactgac ccctgccacg    254460
     gtcacttttt gagagaagca gtacctccat gctctcttgc tacaggctaa cagactctgg    254520
     gtctctcttc tctagcgctc ccaagccaag tcacaaatga cccaaaagca ggataaccat    254580
     agtgagtgga ttcggttgag ctcctggaga tggagcagac agatatagag acccgtgatg    254640
     cagccagcca gctcctggga gctggtttgc taacgtggga agaaacaatg gagtactact    254700
     cagctattaa aaagaatgaa tttatgaaat tcctaggcaa atggttagac ctggagggca    254760
     tcatcctgag tgaggtaacc caatgacaaa agaactcaaa tgatatgtac tcactgataa    254820
     gtggatatta gcccagaaac ttagaatacc caagatacaa gatacaattt gcaaaacacg    254880
     tgaaactcaa gaagaacaaa acagttttct gagtgtttcc actgcatcac gtgtggctct    254940
     ggtttcatgg ctttgcttgt gaaaggccaa gcaagagtga ctggaagggc tcaggggaaa    255000
     agagggcttg gaacgtttaa gggagatcgt ggcacagtgc taaagacata aatttgactg    255060
     ggtgactgct ccgtttctaa ctgagaagca ccctgcctcg gtttctccac ctgacagaca    255120
     gagctttctg gatgattctt ttgagatgca ctgagctact ggcctcgaaa gatcaggaag    255180
     agctggggaa ggaatctaga tctgctctac caatccaggt cactttagtt tttacgtttt    255240
     gaagattatg gattcatagg acatttcaga gaagcccttt gtgccctttc ttaggttttt    255300
     ccccagtgga aacctgacac agtgatggtg taagatgaaa gccagaaact gacattgatg    255360
     tgtgcctgtg ccagtgcatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcgtgcgcc tagttgtatg    255420
     cctggttgtg tgcccgtgca cgcatgtgtg gttgtgtctc atttcatctt gtgtgatgtg    255480
     gagcgtctca ttgctctgca ggacctgctt gtgccccgtc actcacacct gctcccctcc    255540
     atccctagag tagtctgtga tccatctcta taaatttgcc attttattaa tgttgtatga    255600
     atggcttatc tctttttttc ctttccaagg attatgggaa cattttccag gagcccattt    255660
     tttacttata tctagaatgt ctgcagctct ctaagtatta tatatgcata ctttgtcata    255720
     tttattggta gagtggtatt actttccccc agccagatga agcttagcta ttttatctcc    255780
     ctttaccccc ttatttataa tacagttccc ttagatatct cctctgcatg catgaaaaca    255840
     gtcagagctg ccgtgtttgt tccagccatc acacacaatt tagaaaattc aaggtgtgtg    255900
     ttgcattttt cttttgtttt aaagaattac ccctttccac ttagggaatt aagctcttct    255960
     ttcagagcag cctgtgggtg ataaatcccc tgtgttctct ttcatttgtg tgaatacttt    256020
     gagccttatt ttccctttat ttatgttata tatatatata tatatatata tagtcccact    256080
     ggatgtggaa ttctagtgaa tggttctttt tcacttggtt cttgaaaact tagttgtgcc    256140
     ccttcctccc tcggatggcc gtggtctcta atgaggaatc tgccctcatt cctcctgctt    256200
     tcccatccag gtaacgcgcc attccctcac tttgccatta agacttttcc gttggcttta    256260
     actatcaggc gttggagtgc gatgtgcccc gattttgatt tctttcggat ttattgcatt    256320
     tcacgtttac tccgcctttt gaatgtgtga gcttatgtct tttgataagt ctaaaaagtt    256380
     ttcagctgtt acttatctca gcatctctgt cctctttctc ttcttctggt actaagatga    256440
     ctcagatgtt agatcgtcca ctgtaacctc acaggtctct tgaactagct tcactttcaa    256500
     agtctgtttt ctctgtgttg atgtcttagt tttgttcttt gggtttggtt tttgtttgtt    256560
     gtttgtttgt tggttggttg gctgtttttc ctgctgccgt gataaaacga caaaagaaac    256620
     ttaaaggaga aagagttcgt ttcgctcaca gttgcaggat ggagtccagc agagcagggc    256680
     agtcccagca gagggagtgt gaggcaccgg ctgcacatct gtagtccgct agcgcgtgtg    256740
     ctaacgtgct gactttctca tatgtgcagc ctagttccca accacaatca agatgggtct    256800
     tcccacatca attaatgtga tcctcacagt tcctatcggc atgcccagga ggttcccagt    256860
     caggctgcac taaccactgc acttctcagc ctctcagtct ctcagctgtg gttttcagcc    256920
     tttcccgttg tcttttcaga tactttctat ttcttttctg agatttcctg cttttccctg    256980
     gcattgtttt aagtgtgcta gcatgtgggt gtcaaattta tttatttaaa ttaattattc    257040
     tttaaattta attaattttt ttttacttac tcattttaca taacgctcac tgccccactc    257100
     ctggtcaccc cttcccatag tccttctgcc atctcccctc cccttctcct ctgagtggat    257160
     ggggccccta tgataactgt ctgagcttat tcttattaga taactctaaa accagggcca    257220
     cttcatgtta ggatctgtag attgcctctc tcaatcagat tcacagtttc ccaattcctg    257280
     gtgaaatgga cggttcttac ttacggctgg attttatgta ttacgctatt ctggttatta    257340
     ctttaaacca gttatagctg cttcctttga cccttatacc atggtgagtg tggggggtgg    257400
     gggtgggggc atgtttccat cttgttattg ccaggcagag atgggagccc tgtttccaat    257460
     ttggcctctg ctcagattca gcaggctcca catactgcta ttcttcatgt tcgtgctccc    257520
     acagacctct gtcagtgcca ccctgaaaga agaagagtgg gggagacccc actgctccac    257580
     agggcaggga agcctcattg tcactgggca tcaagtaaaa agtcttagct cctctcagga    257640
     tagaagttct gtttcctccc tgatatcaag atgttgggat gcctccttgt cacccagtgg    257700
     gaaagaatac atgtcaccct gctgatcttg atcctgtcct gcaagagggc gtggcaggtg    257760
     cattatagtt tggttaggtc aaaagtctag aataccccac tgggcctgtg ctaggacgga    257820
     tggggtgaag ccacatgtta aatggcaggt ttagaatgac tattgtcaaa gcttttctgt    257880
     cttagtataa aaataagcga agacatagcg tatggctcaa tgatagaaca cccgcctagc    257940
     atgcaagaag ccccggattt aactctcagc accactaaag tctgaagaag ctaaccatca    258000
     aaacaaggtc aaggacatga agagatccac ttccaaggaa aatgtaggag tggccatgat    258060
     gcagatggaa aggcactcag ggaagagacg tcagtctgtc agtccaccgt caagcatccc    258120
     ctcacaccca ccgggaggcc tacagtgaaa agacagcaag cggcgggaga ggtgatgaac    258180
     agaagccgga gctgctgcct ggcactggca gaagcacgca ggccgttggg ctccatggag    258240
     cacggaagat gcatgttcaa cgctgccgca tggagcacag aagatgcatg ttcaacgctg    258300
     ccgaccacag agcaatctta cttctaggtg tatgctccaa agaacgataa gcgggttgag    258360
     aagatagttg aacacctatg ttcatcacag tgttgtttac attatccaaa aagtacacac    258420
     gatgtccatc agtggcactg atgggtaacc aatcagcgag aatagtatat gtaagtagta    258480
     caatattact tcaccttcga aggaagggga ttcttgtaga tgtcacagta tggatgagtg    258540
     aatcctgaaa acgttgtgct gcgtgaaata agccagtcac aaacattcaa agaaagcgtg    258600
     attctactta gaggaggaac ctcgagtatt taaactcaga gacaggaagt ggagtactgg    258660
     tgcctaggac ccagagacgg agttgataag atgttatccg ttcagaggct ccaagctctg    258720
     tttgtgatga aagagctcta aggataacga tggcagcggt accacatgca aattatgtca    258780
     cattacagaa ccagacttaa aatcagttaa aacagccaat agatttgtta gccttcggtc    258840
     actgggacac agtgcatgag gtagaaaggt tcggttgggc tccaggtttc agtccatggt    258900
     cacttgcctc catgtttcag gtcacagtca gaaagcaata agaaagtcca gaaaggaaac    258960
     aggatgataa cacccccttc aaacaccgct ccacgccatc acctagcttt cttctcccag    259020
     gctccaccct ctaaaagtct caccacctcc ccaaagcacc aagggctaga gaccaaacct    259080
     tcagcatgtg ggcctttggg gaacagtcaa gattcaagct atggaagtac agacaatcaa    259140
     aaatgaataa acacaacaaa attctgggca cagtgccatg cattgtaatc cctgtatgtg    259200
     gaaggtggag gcaggaggat cacacgtttg tttgagcctg agccacataa tgagactcta    259260
     cctagaaaag aggaggagtt ggaggaggag gaggagttgg aggaggagga ggaggaagag    259320
     gaggaggagg aggaagagaa taaatcaaac actgcagtga attttgttgt tttatggtga    259380
     tgtttaataa aatgtttctt gataggtatt ctctttctga ttgtttagct gaagaaacaa    259440
     aactttaatc aggcttgtct tctctgtact cactgtgatt ctgggttcat caagagccta    259500
     ctgaggtacc atttcacagg gcccatgact cctatcagct ttctttgcag ctgtcagagc    259560
     cttttacttg tatttttctg tactgagaat agaacgcagt gccttacatg tgctgggcga    259620
     gtgctctgct gctgagccac accccagctg atggagtgtt agttgcactt aagtggagat    259680
     tcagaggaaa atatgtatgt gtatttccag aattggcctc tccaggctgc tctgtgttct    259740
     atgaagaatc tgttgttata gtctcttcct cctcctcctt ctttgctaag gagctaagtc    259800
     tcattcattc cactttagtg cactggaaaa taagctgttt tcataagcag agatgctact    259860
     gctgaagtct tctgttagca ttttggggac gacagttgta gcgtcagata agttgcatgc    259920
     tgtcatccct cttgcccgta tgttagtgat gctggccgca ggtggcttta gcttgtgtcc    259980
     actgaccatc agaaggcagt ttattcttct tatgctgtca tgtctcttct tgacctaagc    260040
     attagctcct tcaggccctg gccaccgttc cttgcttact gtattgttgc atgtgatcaa    260100
     atagctcttg tttgactcta tctggtcgtc gaggtgaagg gccctgatgg gatatgtggg    260160
     ttcaagtccc tattttgtga ctgaacccat tcccaggggc ggctgctcct cagagcctcc    260220
     tcatggaagt gagaatacat tagttcacct ctggcctcct cttgcagaca cttacagatc    260280
     tcacagaaga atcaagtcaa gtcaaagcca atgagagcat gagattgaaa caaaggtgtc    260340
     accctggttt gtgtgcccta gagatatctg ctgatggata ttcacccacg gtgtgtggtg    260400
     gtctgtgtag gattttcatc aagactcctg ttttcaggtc ttgcccataa tttttaatta    260460
     cctttgacct gtgcttagag aatcacagaa gtctcggtga cttctaggga tgcttccatt    260520
     ggaagttagt gcattaattt caggaccttt ccttctttta ctgcttctgt caagaccttg    260580
     ctctctcttt cctgatgcag aaaagctccc cttaactaag caattcacct ccatggagtt    260640
     ccctccatgc caagtgcaac tcgaaccatc actgaaaggt actcagactt gtagcagagg    260700
     attgctgtca ggatgagaac agaaggaaac aaggattgaa agaaaacctg gcaggagggg    260760
     aggaggcaca gatgggaggg taggcatggg agaggctgga gcagggggtt ctgggggact    260820
     ggactctaag caggagggtt tcttgctgat ggtgcagatc ctccctgtca gctctcaggc    260880
     ctccacaggc tggcaccctg ctgctctcag atgctctagc tggggtttgg ctgccagcct    260940
     caggtggtag catcatgcat tctgtgtctg ttacactcac cccaggggct caggggggtc    261000
     gaggttgctc tccagagcag tgtggtttgg ccagctcctt ggatacaatg gccatggact    261060
     tttcatcccc tcacttgctg cagggctcat tgtcagagcc ccaccactca ttatggaagc    261120
     agactctgac tgcaccaggc ctactgtgct tcactgcaga atcactcctg caagagtttt    261180
     acaagaactg gaccttagcg aggaacttgg tgtgcaatgt agcctttgtc tctaaagggc    261240
     cacagtttct gtgaatcctt ttgtgcgaaa gaagccaaga ccagttgttt caagtgagcc    261300
     agcaaaaata tgcctgtagt gaaaagaatc tgaaatatat atatatatgt gagtgtatgt    261360
     gtgtgtgaga gggtgtatat gtgtgaatat gcgtgtgtga gtctgagtgt gagagtgtat    261420
     gcgtgtatat gtatatatga atgttgatat tcatgtgtgt ttgtatgcat aggtatgtgt    261480
     gtatgaatgt atgtatgaat gtgtacattt atgaatatgt gtgagtctgt gaatatatgt    261540
     gtgtaaatgt gtatgtaaaa atcaatgtgt atttatgtgt gcatatatat acatatgtgt    261600
     gagtgtgaat gtgtgtgtgt gtgagtgtgt gtgtatgtgg tgtgtgagtg tgaatgcatg    261660
     tgtgtgtgag tggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttat gtggtgtgtg    261720
     aatgtatgtg tgtgtgagtg gtgtgtgtgt gagtgtgtgt gtgtatgtgg tgtgtgagtg    261780
     tgaatgtatg tgtgtgtgag tggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtga tgtgtgagtg    261840
     tgaaagtacg tgtgtgtgag tggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgagt gtgtgtgtat gtggtgtgtg    261900
     agtgaatgta tgtgtgtgtg tgagtgtgtg tgtatgtggt gtatgagtgt gtgtgtgtgt    261960
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gagtgtgtgt gtgtcttcca agaggtgacc    262020
     ccagctctca ggatggttcc tgtccttcag ttctccttga ggtttcttcc atggcatggg    262080
     attttgctca tctttctcct cccacagcac tttgcagcaa gagaaacagt cccttcccgt    262140
     gccttccagt acaaatgaca ccatctgatg cctccccaga ctccctggat acatgtgctg    262200
     tgtgtttcta agttccctaa gcaaagccta cctcttccta agctcctcaa ccctgtagga    262260
     ctcaggaaca gtcaccactt ggaggaggaa agaggggagg tagagaatgc atgccacctc    262320
     tcccacctcc tgggagcaat gaattgttat aggaaaagtg accagatgac acaactgcct    262380
     gggagaactg gagctggggc tccaagccac ccaggggtct gtggtggtgg tgagaacctg    262440
     agtcaaaact aacaaaacca aaacctgaag aacagaacag gggaagggac tcttgtttgt    262500
     ctcccttgcc tcaactttcc ttggccctgt gataccaaag ttgaactgga ggttgtggtg    262560
     tgggtcaaat gtttccaagt tttgagctcc tgagccaaag aataaaaaat aagggcttgt    262620
     gcagatttac aaagaaacaa gatgatttgg agcaaagcaa cagtacacat taaagaggca    262680
     ctgttgggac tgtcatgggt aagaaactca agggggtttt atgggtctga gggaacaagg    262740
     acctgcttac tagggatata gtttgggtca ttctttgttt tggttgctat attaggttat    262800
     ttaatcattt ctgtactgcc tgtgtcattt ctcagaacac acttatttta atcatatgca    262860
     tgtctgactt atacatagac ataagatagt aagtagaggg ttctctctga aaggttacag    262920
     aggacatagt tttctatgca tgttttcaaa gctagttcag gccagatcag ttccttctat    262980
     acttcatacc tgcatacact ggaaatacgc ttgaatagga gttgtctaaa ttaagttgtt    263040
     gaggggttgc caaaggcgaa gcccattgga ggtgtgggct ggggggaggc tgtttctcgg    263100
     atgctcagta tacagtgtgg agaggggtgt gcacacggca cgtgcaggtg aagggacttg    263160
     gatgccggat gcattattat gaggggaggg ggctgtatgc atagcccaaa gccaagcgga    263220
     ggctccaggg cactaaacta tttgctatgc ttccccgact cagcagtctc tggagagacc    263280
     ttctcgctgc ttcagacagc aaccatgtct tctttctctc aaatagctgc cctggaagtc    263340
     cctgagcaca ctgaagggaa ttctagagag aataagattg cagagccctt gatggtagaa    263400
     agggagtcaa cccagcgagc aactccctct gccgcctccc ctactccctg accaacagac    263460
     tgccccgccc ctctgccgat cagtttttct gattcttgat caggggagga actactgtgt    263520
     cttgtttcct tcatcttggg ggtggggtgg aaagaaaccc tggagccatt tgggtcccca    263580
     gtcttttctg gccttcagag ttccctgtcc tgtcattgca ggttggccct gatccatggc    263640
     caaggggccc atgctggccc agttcctctt taaagctgat gggtgctgca ggtcagaggc    263700
     tcttcctaaa gagcatgccc caggctagta cagcaggcag gcagcctgtc ttcctgcgtg    263760
     ttctccttgg tcctgctggg aagctgtgcc catgaggagc ctgtgactca atttgcccca    263820
     gagccaggct ttgtgggtac aagggtgttt gggtggcttg aacctgtatc tgtcaacctc    263880
     agcacttagc aacctagatt gaatcctata gatgacttct aagtaagggt agaaggtgac    263940
     agcagctagg aatattgtgc tcctgcctgc cctccctctt ggtgcggctc tgcttgtcat    264000
     cacccttgtt agacaccttc tgtgcatcct tctctctgtt ttagcagcag tagccactgc    264060
     gtacaaccac acgccaggct ttgtggttct tatgtttggg aagtgacagg agtgcagatc    264120
     acaagtatgg aattc                                                     264135