ID   AC161602; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 224158 BP.
AC   AC161602;
DT   19-MAY-2005 (Rel. 83, Created)
DT   26-JUL-2005 (Rel. 84, Last updated, Version 4)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-336I5 from chromosome 6, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-224158
RA   Lek S., Lewis S., Bielicki L.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-336I5";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-224158
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (17-MAY-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-224158
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-JUN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-224158
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (21-JUL-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 7536a6dbee29f626817b9c0999c0972b.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456132.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000030160; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000030161; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000030162; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000030165; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000050241; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0031349; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0031350; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0031351; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0031352; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0031353; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0031320; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0031321; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0031322; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0031323; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0031324; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0031248; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0031249; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0031250; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0031251; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0031252; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0031327; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0031328; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0031329; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0031330; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0031331; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0031051; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0031052; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0031053; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0031054; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0031055; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0031786; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0031787; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0031788; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0031789; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0031790; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0030429; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0030430; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0030431; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0030432; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0030433; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0031011; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0031012; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0031013; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0031014; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0031015; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0031168; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0031169; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0031170; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0031171; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0031172; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0031118; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0031119; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0031120; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0031121; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0031122; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0031248; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0031249; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0031250; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0031251; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0031252; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0031156; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0031157; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0031158; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0031159; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0031160; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0031819; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0031820; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0031821; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0031822; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0031823; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0030148; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0030149; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0030150; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0030151; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0030517; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0030518; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0030519; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0030520; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0030521; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC161602.4:1-224158; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000032268; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000053708; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000119520; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000159804; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000162815; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000182784; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000183258; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000203322; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000204487; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000204639; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000204741; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0080446; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0080451; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0080454; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0080455; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0080458; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0080524; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0080529; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0080533; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0080534; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AJ_T0080537; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0080447; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0080452; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0080456; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0080457; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0080460; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0080462; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0080467; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0080471; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0080472; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0080475; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0080079; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0080084; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0080088; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0080089; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0080092; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0080935; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0080940; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0080943; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0080944; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0080947; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0080648; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0080653; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0080657; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0080661; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0080664; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0080028; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0080033; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0080037; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0080038; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0080041; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0080191; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0080196; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0080200; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0080201; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0080204; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0080069; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0080074; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0080078; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0080079; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0080082; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0080220; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0080225; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0080229; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0080230; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0080233; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0080084; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0080089; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0080092; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0080093; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0080096; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0081196; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0081201; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0081205; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0081209; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0081212; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0080080; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0080084; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0080085; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0080088; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0079173; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0079178; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0079182; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0079183; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0079186; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; D3Z626.
DR   GOA; E0CZ14.
DR   GOA; E9Q3T9.
DR   GOA; G4WK09.
DR   GOA; G4WK10.
DR   InterPro; IPR001304; C-type_lectin-like.
DR   InterPro; IPR016186; C-type_lectin-like/link_sf.
DR   InterPro; IPR016187; CTDL_fold.
DR   InterPro; IPR033992; NKR-like_CTLD.
DR   MGI; MGI:1196275; Klrd1.
DR   MGI; MGI:1261434; Olr1.
DR   MGI; MGI:1914980; Gabarapl1.
DR   MGI; MGI:2442838; Tmem52b.
DR   MGI; MGI:2662547; Klre1.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; Q8CJC7; KLRE1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; D3Z626; D3Z626_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E0CZ14; E0CZ14_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E9Q3T9; E9Q3T9_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G4WK09; G4WK09_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G4WK10; G4WK10_MOUSE.
CC   On Jul 21, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:68342256.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0336I05
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa and
CC   Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..224158
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-336I5"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          80590..80778
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   misc_feature    97834..97845
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
FT   unsure          129669..129688
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          130764..130813
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   misc_feature    131222..131295
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of genomic DNA"
SQ   Sequence 224158 BP; 68265 A; 44691 C; 44625 G; 66577 T; 0 other;
     gaattctaca gtggtggttg gagaaggtgt tgattgaatg ttctgtatag taaatgctat        60
     aagaaattat tatagacttg cttagtttga catgtattta tgaaataaaa tattacacat       120
     tagaaaaatt aaatgtttat tattaaatta tttaatcaca atgttgattt ttttcctata       180
     tacttgctta ggaacactta caatttatca gcaaaactcc caaagtaacc atcaagaaaa       240
     gacattttat tccaaagatg acagacatca gtctccaccg agtgatccta gaaactataa       300
     aaaaatacca aacacataca ttaatgacta acagatgaaa gtgcagacat agaagatgac       360
     gttctttttt ttcctttttt ttattagata ttttattcat ttacatttca aatgctatcc       420
     cctttcctag tttcctctcc aaaaatccct atacccttcc cctccccctg ctccccaacc       480
     cacccactcc cacttcctgg ccctggcatt accctatact ggggcatatc atctttgcaa       540
     gaccaaagac ctctcatccc atttatggcc aactaggcta tcctttgcta catatgcagg       600
     tagagacacg agctctgggg ttactggtta gttcatattg ttgttcctcc tatagggttg       660
     cagacccctt cccatccttg ggtactttct ctagctcctt cattgtggat gacgttctta       720
     agaacagaaa ccattaagaa tgaacctgaa aacttcttcc tttagtggtg cagacacctc       780
     tctctagtgg aacactggag aacgaagatg ttccttcaga agaccaccca ttagcaatct       840
     tttgaagtgg tataccttgt tctttgatga ggttattcat acatattttc tgcctcatta       900
     gagtcattta cctctgactc tttaaatcag cagtgaaact tatctctatg gttagaatag       960
     atccacaagc agtcatgacg cttggtgggc ttgcttaata atcatttttt tctctcaaga      1020
     atgtcatgaa taaaaagttt tgtgttaaag agatgatttt ttaaaggggg aggggcagta      1080
     atcacaatgc tattttctta agatataaag ttagtaaggg cccactcaaa accaaacaga      1140
     atattgtcaa gacctagagt ctgttattta ttatatacca tccttgtcag gagaatacca      1200
     tgatggaatg gggtcccttt gaacacagac cattttttga ttagtggttt gttaatgtct      1260
     gcaggaaaat aaaaaggaac cttctagacc tggtatggca ggaggttcca taacaagcat      1320
     aaattgagga tctgggttca attaacagca ccttgaatta tgacacaaag ccagcctttg      1380
     aatttctgtt cttaaacatt atgttaggtc atattcaaaa tcacttgcct attggctaag      1440
     atatttcgat atgagaagaa tctgtattag taacgcaata ctgtcaaaaa tagttctact      1500
     gctaacaaca gcacacagtg tcagtgagcc tgagtgattt tgcaaggcca caacacagca      1560
     agaaaagtta taaagtttta agtgtccttt atatttggcc atctttgtcc ccatgttaga      1620
     aatatggtgt gtgttgatca atttaatttc tgttttattc tgaatttaac atgatgccta      1680
     atagacacca cttgctaact cagttaggaa aagtttacaa aagtatgcac ttcataaaat      1740
     catgttcaag tttcaaaaca cagaatcgag aaaacaatga acacagaaag catcaaagca      1800
     cagaaagtct aaaaatatct actgcagatt atatgctttc tgttttattt ttttaaaccc      1860
     tccttgaagt tagttaatac aagaggcatc cttcctggtt attattttat cactactatt      1920
     acatctgctg acaggggcac acatacctgc catgagaagt gatgttccaa ggatggtgca      1980
     gagatgtgtt tgtgcttttt aaagaacggt gtggaccaca gggctgagca ggaagctacg      2040
     gaggagacag taagcattaa aagaggaaga aacactgtgt gttgtggcgg tgctattgaa      2100
     tcatctgttg gtgggacaca gatgcacagt gggaatgagc agaagaaaga ctgcaagctt      2160
     tgaacaagac ccaggaacca ctgcacacag gaaatttgct cttttagttt tggtacaaaa      2220
     caccacagca aaataaggtt ggaggaagat tgttttcaat gtgcacacat caaagtcgtc      2280
     cctaaaagca gtttagaaaa taatggagag gtgtataaac catggtaaac tcacttggta      2340
     tcataaaatc ccacacagaa ttactacctt caaaataaag aaatacttat ttattttgtg      2400
     ttaaacaaat tttaaatcac atattatctg atcgcttaat aaagaaaata ccaaatttga      2460
     tagtggggaa actgaggcac agaagtgctg atttgactaa ggttacttaa gcttgatgcc      2520
     cagtctttta ccaaagcata catggaattt atctcaaacc aagcacatcc ttggacttgc      2580
     acattctggg ttgatatttc ccatctttag tacaaactgt tgggatatcc aatacttgtt      2640
     ctgtgtttct gctccctgat cactgacccc aaccatagtc agcaagaccc agaaagaatt      2700
     cagtattatt gtgttttctc acttttcttt cttccctgat ctctctccct ctccccacct      2760
     tctctcttcc catctctctc tccccaacac acacttttaa tcttcccatt aattctttct      2820
     aaactactag ctatccttga ttttgctctc attttgtaca caggtaaatg aattgtttac      2880
     actccttgcc atccctccta ctcatctcca ctcaacacac atctcatgtt ccccaatcat      2940
     ctctcttgaa tatctgataa actctggaca aatactgtat acacccctat atatatgacc      3000
     tttacttttt tttttctctt aaaacttctg gaaaccttga tgttccaaca catgggagta      3060
     cacagtgctg acaaattatc accaggctgg cctttaagga aataaatcag gatttgatac      3120
     agttcagtaa cattggaatt gagatcacag aacatagggt gttgagcatc tcataactca      3180
     cataatactc agtgggatat tgagcttcac tgaatctgtt tcagataata ataaattctt      3240
     ccaatgttca tctcttccct ctgcttcccc tgctcttaag tctactgctc tttgaacaaa      3300
     gagaatttgt tcaaagcaag tggtgacttt aataattaca tctttgaaag attgaggaaa      3360
     gatccgagaa agggaattta atgcccactg aagatgtgag caatggagag ttctctatac      3420
     ctagacatgt gcacctagac tgtacaacag cttggtaaaa gcatcccaat ggagatactt      3480
     attttttttt cagtgcttgt aaagactgtg ccctcccatt gtgcaccagg ctacaaagca      3540
     cactccatta aggaggcttc ctgaaaagga agattctggc ctgccataaa gtcacttgta      3600
     atcatggtga tgaaaaaccc tcataaactc tagtaggttt tgcttgttaa atcccttaca      3660
     tattacatat tttcgttagg ctatgttagt tttcaaattc gatggagtat catttcttgc      3720
     caggaattat ggcacatact tgttatccca gtatgtgaaa agcacaggtg agagttcaaa      3780
     gccagtctca actaatatat atttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat      3840
     tgaaataggg aagactaaga aagttgtata aatgtgtttt attgatgact aaggccattt      3900
     aattctcaca gaaatatagg tatctttcaa aatatgttac tatcttcttt tgttaatcat      3960
     aaatttattg tcataccccc cttttttttt ataaaaattt cccttctcct tgtccacaaa      4020
     ccaaaaaaca aaacattttc agagttcact ctccagttgt ctgtctagtc acttccctct      4080
     tctttctgta ttttagcatc atctattgac ttctaacact atagtttagt tttcctgatt      4140
     ttaaaagata cacacctgga acaaaaccta tgtgagctta ctcctgccta catgcaagtt      4200
     atccataaac tccttcctct gctttatgcc tgagtgggcc aagtagacac ttcctgtggt      4260
     cagtggatca gaaactctgg gtggcttgaa tgtcatggat gtgagtacta ctttcagccc      4320
     tggagtttct gaatcactca gaacagaaca gtaacaatca tctcaaggcg atgctgattt      4380
     gtgcatatat gtacaaaacc acacatagtg tatacctttt tgtaatcgtg accacataat      4440
     gtatttgttt atagtgtagg aaataataat taccaaatag tttattaatc aaaagtatgt      4500
     ttttattatg gaaagttggg ataaacataa aattttacca atgttggcca atttttgtgt      4560
     gaatgatttg gttcaataga ggagaattta aaacatttta tgccaattta gtgtttggct      4620
     tgtatgtctc acttcaatac acatgtgcat gaatataaat ataaatatat atatatatat      4680
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatttgt acactaatgt atgtatctct      4740
     taatgaagta ttttggcatt ccactatttt actgatagaa aaagaattac ccataatggt      4800
     atctgtatgt aaaaagaatc atacaaatat acccagcaac aaggattttg tcctatctct      4860
     gaacattttt ccgaagttta agattctgat atgattttaa ttaagcctcg agtcattcat      4920
     ccctgccata ggccatttca aagaatttac taagacttct ttcatgacct ttcgctgtac      4980
     ttctttaaag ccctttagta atgaacaccc agtacctgcc attaaggcaa gaaagtatat      5040
     gcagaataga agtgcttgcc attctaattc agtaccaagt tcaacttgcc ctctgatata      5100
     ctgtgtacta attttgcagt tatattttgg gtgcttgtta ctgtcttatt ttttaacaaa      5160
     tgcaataata tcattttaca gtttcaatcc tatttgcaga tttagtcata gatattaacc      5220
     agagtcatta cacaataaac taccaccttt ctgtattcac aatgaattaa aagtagcaag      5280
     aatcccactt ctcatgtgga gctaaacaga taattaagaa aataaaagca gcagcccaca      5340
     ccttgttcag tcagtttact taccctggag gagaagtgat gtcatacaag tgtgggatgt      5400
     tgatgttcct tctgagtgcc gaccctgtct aggtgactat tttacctaag agtgatttct      5460
     tcacacaagt gttcatatta atataacata gtgataactt agacaaaata attcacattc      5520
     tcctcagtta gagtatacgg atgtttataa agccaaaggg aaaaaagcat atgcaatata      5580
     tacaattttc ttagtaattt caatcctaaa tgtactcttc tatttcgtta gtccaccaca      5640
     gaggccatct aagcagatgt gagagcttcc tgaaagagct gtctctcttc acctcttggg      5700
     taactgaaaa tagtttatct gtggtgagtt tgctgtgtct ttgggccctc attctgaaat      5760
     atcacagcaa ggttgacaga ttggccagct cttgacatcc aaagctcaag catttgcatg      5820
     gaatgagtgt cagtgccata gcactgagtc tgtttctgcc tttcagcaga tcatctcgct      5880
     tgttaaccag gtcactgtct gctaaggaaa actgggcagg aggaaaatgg aatgtggcaa      5940
     ctacagagat tccctaacta agaacaaaag gcacacaagt atgcagacag agactaagaa      6000
     tcagataggc cacctaaaga gctcaacatg cagccttagg agacaaactt ctcacgtgtg      6060
     gagtgagtat caattcacac atttcgttat atttagacag ggtctcactg catctcaggt      6120
     tcacagtatc ctgaagctca ctatgaagtc caggaggtaa ttctactatc tcaacctcct      6180
     aagtgctgag acaacaggta tctgctagtg tgcctgggtc aggacaatgg ccagtaatca      6240
     cttgctacag aaagtttgaa aactgactct ttaaaaggat ttaattatac tatgttttaa      6300
     actagatgtg gcggggggga atgggtctga tacatgaaag taattgtttg tagtcaatct      6360
     ctggattcca cactgtttgg atctggctta agtcaatagc tcagttcact ccatgaatat      6420
     aaaaggtagg cctgatatat atatcactgt atactgctga atacttccaa ccacagaagt      6480
     accatcacct gaaacaatag tccaagcctt gctgtcataa tgtattctag gggagaaaga      6540
     gagggtggtt gacaggatga atgttctgcc ttgaaaataa aatgctattg caaaagttat      6600
     tggaatagaa tagccatggc caagaagcag aagacaaagt aaggaagaaa gaaggggaca      6660
     tagtgagctt tgtaagtgtg actgtggttg attatcgctg taactgcaac actgatgaga      6720
     ttctagcaac atgtggccac aggaaacatt tgagcccatg acaatattta ccctataaaa      6780
     ggaagataaa aaaaaaagtg tcaaccacaa agataaccca atgaacatga aacattgagt      6840
     ggactgtata taccagtcac tcttttccat aggatccttt cactgccttc tagaggactc      6900
     aaaggtgaaa tcacctgcag gtagagataa tgagcaggca aaggctggag aaagagtccg      6960
     aagaattcca cgaactgttg taatcgagtt catcagtcag cctcatggct atgccactcc      7020
     gtgataattt agaaaggaca cagccttaga ttaagaactc cttttgcgcc gggcagtggt      7080
     ggcacatgcc tttaatccca gcacttggga ggcagatttc tgagttccag gccaacctgg      7140
     tctacagagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctactcagag aaaccctgtc taacttcttt      7200
     tgcaagtaga gtttgttgtt gtcgttgttg ttgttgttgt tgtttagttt ttaacacttt      7260
     actgtatctc atcattactg tttgacaata attttctgta ttttgagtac actggaatgc      7320
     tatatgcatg taaagtgtgg tcagatcaag tgtgtttgca atatggaaat ggcattataa      7380
     tccaggattg caaggaacat agcccaatcg aggcacagtt ttgccaaaaa agtcaaaaaa      7440
     tcaaaaatga aatcaatcta aaatatgctg atgattgttc ttttacactc aatattttcc      7500
     actaactctt taaggaagta gaactcgaag ttagtaaagt atattgtgca aatataaatg      7560
     tgaagttatt tattcaaaat tcttggggta aaagctgttt taaggttcag attttttcag      7620
     atgcaggaga tgagaacatc atgtttaaga gatactgacc tagatgtaga actgccaggg      7680
     ccactcaaga cacagagaat aaagtatgga ggatctgagg aaagccaggg cccttgacat      7740
     cactctttgc ctgactgtgc atgctgcaca cactatcaat aatacatctc aaagtatcac      7800
     attaaggaag caggctttat acgggggact atatgctaca tactacctca tcagatttac      7860
     ctcattattt cattcagaaa tcatttatta cagtgtcttc taaaatacat gcaatacatt      7920
     tgttagcata aacactgaca aagaataaca ctggaatata tttgaataca gttttattta      7980
     agcaaaggca aatatttgtc acattttctt cataaaataa gcactccagg aaaaaatgtt      8040
     aaaaaagatt aattttcata tatttcatga actcatagaa ttaaatatgc tacttcttgc      8100
     aaatatatgt cagtttgttc gcacagtttt cttccatata agcttctttt gatttataag      8160
     atgcacagaa gtttttcata ttagcttcaa gtttagaaaa cctaaaatga aagaaattcc      8220
     agttattgca aaattatatc gcattcaaac acctaagaaa atacaatact gttgccctac      8280
     atataaatgt caaaaatcca atccattgga tttccataac ccgtaattct tatcagtaat      8340
     atggtagcaa accacaaagt tatcaagtca gtgtgtaatt gtaaatgtca attaatattt      8400
     caactaagga agagtctaag ggcaaaggat gtcaattggt tgttagggta gaaaaagaca      8460
     aattcaaaag gaaagaaaga gagaaagaaa gacaaacaga caggaaggaa ggaaggaagg      8520
     aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaagagg gaaagaaaga      8580
     aagaaagact gtgagtaggg ctgagaggtg tagctcagca gaggagtatg atattaacaa      8640
     gatcaaggcc attaggtcca tgacaccaca gtaaaacact aaaaaataaa atagagcaaa      8700
     acaaattgtg acttactcgc ctaaatatgc atttacacac cacagttatt tggtctcatg      8760
     gtaagtgcaa tattaaagac caggaggata gtaatgacat attacaggcg acgttagatc      8820
     ttttataatg cagccattga tttgacagaa caggggacag aacactgaac taaggaggtt      8880
     gctcctgaac cctagaatta aaggaattta tgctaaataa aggtgttcta acttatcatc      8940
     agccaaataa aagagttgct agttaaagcc atcatttcct gagtaggtag gggttggggt      9000
     agggaggtgg gaggagaaag aaactgttta aactgatagt tggttaatcc aaatcaggaa      9060
     agagagtgtc agtgccattg gagaaagccg ttgcctacag agccactatc taatctcctg      9120
     taaaagtcct gtctgcactc ccaaccactg cgaccaccat gctcaagcca agcccaagcc      9180
     caccgccatt gtcgggccaa ggactttcca ggcaggacca gccagagctc cccccttctc      9240
     ccctggccct gggctggttc gagcccgtgg ggctccactc tgttctcagc tcctccacag      9300
     ctctctatgg cacccgcgtg tccaatagcc tgagaaccat atgagccctg cttccttgca      9360
     gtcccaagag gccagctgtc ctgcaccaca aactgtactt ccccaccccc agagtggtat      9420
     ctcagggtct ctgtccatca attttccttg tcctgcctgc agcagacaga gtgtgaagat      9480
     aattttcatc tgcctgagga ctgctttcta aacacctgag gccacatgac tacttacagc      9540
     ccagagggta gaaccgaatg gtcttcccac agccactgtc tgcgagtttc attatagtaa      9600
     actccaaccc aaaagaaaga cttcaaagag aagaaattct gaaagtgaga aaacaaagat      9660
     atgtatggct ccaatgattg tcttctcatc agctctatgg gggtgacttt gaaactgttg      9720
     actccatctg tacatattga ttctatgtct gaagtcggcg gcctcacaca catgacgctc      9780
     tattacaaga catgcccaag ctatgaaaaa atacaacttt tctgttcttg tgggagattt      9840
     ggaaaacaga gtaaacaaaa tatagtgttg agtttgagag gagagtgagg tttagttctt      9900
     acactatttc cacaggtttc ttggagacac actttactgt ggtaccttga agtatctaat      9960
     aacgagactc tgtattgggg aaatacacca aagacacttt atctttattc tgtcatcatg     10020
     actggagcta gaaaaaaatt cttctagacc atgttgggct gttcagtgcc atgttgtctt     10080
     gttttgtttt gttttgtttt gtttttttct ctctgactga tttgttactg aaaacaagtg     10140
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagaag gcttctttta     10200
     agttgcccag gcttgccttt aactcactct gtagctgaga cagaccttga acttgtaacc     10260
     ctctagcctt gggttcccaa gggaatggga ttacacacct gtgccaccag gcccaggttc     10320
     aatatttctt ttcgtgaaat gcaattccaa atatcatttc actgtttcta tcttcttcac     10380
     ataatacatg ggtctacttg acatgaggag tgcaacaaaa gatagagcgg ttttatcctc     10440
     aaccatggat ctagtgctaa atttaaacaa gtgtaggtga catttcactt aaccttattt     10500
     catctcttag gggatctcac acctagtgac tcacagttgc agaacttacc atttcctctt     10560
     tgttcatcct tatgagactg gagttaagag acaagcaggc acgctgactg tctctccaaa     10620
     ttagctcttc cttggagaag aaataacagc tgcacctgaa ccagacccag ttctctggac     10680
     agggatgatg gagccctaga gaaggagcac ctgtcactct actgacgaga ttcacagatc     10740
     ctgagtatga ttttcacttg ctccaaacag aggcttgccc acttgcaaca ctgaaaaaat     10800
     attctaaagg caattaaagt cattataata aaactatgaa ctgaaaacac acacttctgc     10860
     ttttattttt atctgaactt ttagaacgtt tctattttgt agaacacatt tctgcttctg     10920
     atccattctc attgctgagc cattagtttt tctaagtcag ggtagaaaca cccctttata     10980
     gaatcactag attctgttgt tgttgttgtt gttgttgttg ttgttgttgt tgttgttgga     11040
     gaaactgccc ttccaaaatt tgttctcatg ttaatcctat tccatagaaa accatggaat     11100
     ctcacaagaa tgttcatgct gtatacaacg gtgtgtaata acaccaacag tacttctgta     11160
     ttgtgttaca gttggttatc caaaaacctc tgttccaggt tgttaaatgt ctgggaccat     11220
     gtcctgtcct ttcttagtta ttctgaagtg tcttgcctat gaagactgtc tgctattcat     11280
     ggaagtacta taagtaataa acatgttttt cctgattgca tctgtgcaac aaggctggga     11340
     aatcaacacc taccttcttg ctgaatagta gaagatgatc tttcagaaga tgctacaaga     11400
     acagtccaga tcataattag ttcctttata ttaacacacc aacagaatta ataaaaaaat     11460
     ttaaaaaaaa aaaaccttct gttctagagc aacaaataag caattttaaa gacaatgtta     11520
     aaaatgaaat agttttcact attgttttct ggtaatggta ccagacatcc aagccaatgt     11580
     cccacaacta gtagacaagc atatcaactg tacccagagc cagtgaggaa cttgataagt     11640
     ttctgcaaac ctgcccgaga ggagaacaag agccactcac actttgtggt aaaagtggtc     11700
     atcaccatgg ctacagccat caggagaagg cacatggcac cgagcacact cgagagaagc     11760
     ctccatggag gtgagcaatt ccctgagaaa gataaaccca agagtgggat caaaggcatc     11820
     gggcagtggc atgaggtgat aggctgggcc aggttgatcc agggattgct ttcatcagca     11880
     gagcattcca atgattcact tctgattttc atagccagcc tgttaaattt ttcacccaag     11940
     atttaaagca aacaatggca caatggtttt taaaaattcc taaacaacag taatatattt     12000
     atttatcgaa catcacaagt acctgggact aatgtatctg gaatgctccg tggaactagt     12060
     ttaatatctt taatttaaaa cagagttcag tagtcaatgt ggaaaatata aataccactg     12120
     cataaaggta agccaaaaac atcagtgagt aatttataat tttgtataac acaggaacta     12180
     aattaaaaag ccttttcagt gaaaataatc atttactaga actgggcctt ttattcctat     12240
     atttggcctc aaaccctact ctctagcacc ctctttaggg tgaagagggc atgtgtggtg     12300
     gaggaactaa gagaatacaa tttgaaacat aaatgagaaa agactgattt agctctgaat     12360
     ttttctctgt acaggtgatt gcattctaaa ctaggaagcc aaatgaaccg cttttactag     12420
     tccttttccc ttccatactt cccgactctt ttctttaacc cagaaagcac gtgtcaaggt     12480
     ttatactgtg tcgtccaagg aggagactta ctaatgaagc tgagaacaag ggttggccac     12540
     actgccaaca ctttctagtg catctacctg gctagcactg gtcagctgat ggactctacc     12600
     ttctctctgc tggcaaacag actgggaggg agtcacatcc acaatagact caaacttcac     12660
     ctgggtgctc agtgccacac agcagtctgc ttcctctcgg ccagcgtttc tcatctactt     12720
     ggcttttctt tccttttgcc ttgccgctaa tattctcttc caaacattca ccactgaatg     12780
     gacacaatct caagatcgac atgctctaag taaacattct atggaagcct atgcttcatt     12840
     gaaatgggat ttttgggggg tgagttttca gactactagc attactgtga gaaacttaat     12900
     tcatgcttta ctcactccac tttagcagta ttcctcactg tattttaaaa aaacaaggta     12960
     agtctgaaga tgaaggtggc attctggtcc ctagagcttt gccactcaag ctcagatttt     13020
     ctcttccttt cttccttctt tccttccttc cttccttcct ttcttctttg cttccttcct     13080
     tacttagcaa tctgtaaatt gtcatctgcc aattcctaat ttccctttct ctatctaaga     13140
     tgcttggatc ttccagacat ttaaggcaag ccttaaatga taaccagagg aacatcccag     13200
     aaataagcca taactacatt agctgcatga aaccttcaca aagaattgat tttatctttg     13260
     cttatatcca acttgttttg aagtccaagt ctgaaggaaa tacatttatt ttttgcttgt     13320
     ttcagggtat tatgagagta aagtttcagc ttctcctgca cgcaataacc tggtcagaaa     13380
     cccatcagac caaccaaatt cataatgccc cagaacagga ttccaagacc cactgccctg     13440
     ggcagctata tccagtaatt ttttcatatt ttaacttcta taatcctgta gccagggagt     13500
     tcagttctat cctttttcac ttcttaaaag tttatttttt tccattcaag gctaaagcaa     13560
     atatctcttt aacagcaagc aatgtatatc cctagtatct aacaaaactt gaccttaacc     13620
     tgaattttca acaatctccc tgtgtttatt gaatacaata ttataccttt accactgatg     13680
     tcttctgctg tgtttttgtg cttcttaaga tgtttctggt attttttcct ctgctcaatg     13740
     gatgacaatt catttgaatt aagtgtattc ttaatcttgt tctttgcttt actcttctgc     13800
     tgggaattca catttagggt agaacgggtt acaggtgctt catccatctt tataaagaca     13860
     aaaatgctgt gaggaaagga aaggaaatat cggcatagca taatctgggg aaatgtactt     13920
     tagtaaaaat gagtaaaata acaattctaa aagcttttgc gttgaggaat agacatgacc     13980
     atatgctttt atgaggtatg ctttcaactt tgaagcctaa aatatatgaa aacataatac     14040
     cagaaactta gaggtaaatt aagtaaacta actttattta gttaattctt ttcttaaaac     14100
     agtgaggtac ttaggctcca atccagcacc ttgtgcatgc tacataagtg ctttataagt     14160
     gggctaaatt tccagtgttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt     14220
     gacagattct cactacacta ctgacaggtc ttgaacttct aattctcctg gccaaattag     14280
     ttcttaaata aatgtgacta ggctgattgt atagcttatt aatacagcat ttgcttagca     14340
     tgtataaggt actaagttta tctctagcaa cacacacaca cacacaaaca catatgcaca     14400
     aaaagaggca aggaaagaag gaaagaagga aagaaggaag gaaggaagtc ttgtctttaa     14460
     tataaactga aaaatagtat tcaaagatcc aagaggcaga ggcaggcaca ttcctgagtt     14520
     tgaagtcagc acctgatcta catagaaact tctggaccag ccagggctgt atagtgaaac     14580
     tctttcacaa accaaaaata aataaaaaat aaaaattaac aaacaaacaa aactgaaaca     14640
     aaaacaaaat gaaaaaaaac aattttgaaa taattaatta aaatacttta aaagataaaa     14700
     atagcttata aacattttta aaatctgtat tgttattcaa gtagtgtgat ttgtcaaatg     14760
     aataaacaac aacaacaaca acaaaaccaa gatatataaa atactaaaat atattaaact     14820
     caaagtggga ggaaaattaa ttgtatgcta tttgctaatt ttgaccctcc gtggcagagc     14880
     tgaggaaaac tgaccagaat gccatcactt gtttgtgact caggttccag agaagctttc     14940
     ctgtgaaaat tgttatatct gaaagtcacc ataccaagct ggaagttgta gtatcgttac     15000
     tttggtctgt cattgatttc tgtagattgg gaatgagaat caaataaaat gaaagcttgc     15060
     ttgcttgtgt actctggttg gtgtttattt tcaattaaaa tgccttaaac aaggctggag     15120
     agatagctca gtagttaaga acactagcta ctttcccagt gaacatccca gaacacacgt     15180
     ggtggctcac aatcctctgt aactccccat ccaggctatc ccatgcgctc ttgtagttgc     15240
     ctggagcacc aggtacacac agtgtgcaca tgcatatatg cagacatgac accaatacgc     15300
     ataagataaa ggtataataa acaactttaa accatgcctt gagggagatt tattccccct     15360
     agaacaaatt atataagtta tatgttccaa actctgaacc agaaatgatc agacatacct     15420
     gaagcaaaga gggaattcca ggcacagatg ttaaaacttt aatatgtgct aatcagcagg     15480
     gtctggagca ggatatgtaa gactgaactg ggaacagggg aggaagctgc ttgatcacac     15540
     ttcacagccc catagcaaag tcctcactaa tgctttacat ttccgtttag cacccataat     15600
     atgggtgaga gcatagctta aaactcaagt aagatcatgt gtccatccac tactcaatac     15660
     tcatgaggct gtgcattcat tcccaggcac agcaagtcat ggatcttgaa aaaaaacaag     15720
     caaacattga tgtaatcaaa tattccattc ccataagaac attttcacta caatgtcata     15780
     tatgactctc tggaaccaca gcttaaacac aatcgagtca gaatggcatg agaatgatgt     15840
     gtgtgtgtgc ctctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgcgcgcgc     15900
     gcgcgcgtga gtgtgtgtgc tattgtgtga atatggatgg gtgtggtcac ccttaacttt     15960
     catttgaact taactaaatt ttattttaga cagttttctt ccagactatt actggctgac     16020
     ctgcatgttt ttcaaagtat tacctttgaa gactgtagta cattctgaga tataaatctt     16080
     cagcctgttc ccagacttat gccctaggaa tgcctctgtc aaagactcag gtaaagacat     16140
     tccttaagaa tactaataca gtctttaaga aagaaagtgt aaacgcccag ctcagcttca     16200
     gaaagcacag actgggacaa caaacatctg agccattggc tgacctctct gtaaagcctt     16260
     catggatttt cccattagct catgttatct ctctcttttg tttctgcttt ttgcttcaga     16320
     attgaactcc attactttcc cctacttcta tcatcttgaa taagttgttt gcctattgaa     16380
     ttcttcctag tggatttctc tttgactacg tatacatatg cagaagttct gtctcatgtt     16440
     ttgcatcttt tttttgtaaa attgaaagtt aagtaactaa aaagatggga aacaaaatta     16500
     ctgttactct ccccaggcca gactttcaga atcactaagt gtcttaaaca ttctagtaat     16560
     gagaagtccg gaaagaaaac aaacagagtg gaggagattc tgtgaatttg cagccccaaa     16620
     actgccacca gtgggaagca tgcttaagag tgggagggta agaaagactc tggccatgag     16680
     tcccctgaac cagtctgtgg agtcttatat cctccaacta ttctcatcct gggtctcttt     16740
     tcgtatccct gatagtcccc cttcactcag aggcctggga aatggctcaa ttctcctagc     16800
     tgtgcagttt gaggagtctg cctcacagtc ctggggcctc tactatttat gtgcagctga     16860
     gatgtctgga ttctggactt gacagcaata aagaatgtca agatgagcca aactgacaca     16920
     aacttggcct ggttgttgat caggagatac aatttgaatt gtatcagaga gaagtgaccc     16980
     tcagggccat caaccttgga aagagattta gggattttgg aattacagta tttagaggga     17040
     agaaagaaaa cattgcaact ctttgaagta taaatgaaat cactgggtca tttatgagca     17100
     cactagacag gcttacacac aagaaaggaa ttttttaaga acaaaagcat gaatggataa     17160
     agggatggat ggatgggtgg atagatagat agatagataa ataaataaat aaataaataa     17220
     ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaaatttaca tagatcatat acatacaaac     17280
     aaaatgccgc aacatattct acctgggcat acttaactac ccatcttagc aattatatgt     17340
     gtgatctttt taggcagtat aatctctaga aattttgact cagctagcaa gaaaaaggtc     17400
     caggaaatgg ggcataaggg acttgtgcct ttctaaaact cctttaaata tttcctcctt     17460
     tcgtttttgt ttttcattct ttgactgtta ttttatttaa aatagcactc tccaattttg     17520
     tatattttcc caaaaatgac atgattttac ttgtctttat agctaggtaa tattcctctg     17580
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tctgtgtgtc tgtgtgtgtg tctgtgtgtc tgtgtctgtg     17640
     tccatgagca atacatttat atattctttt ttccatccat agatacatag gctgataact     17700
     caagaatgat agttccatca tagtatgggt gtgtagaaac tactacttga gttttgaaga     17760
     cacaaagctg gatctgcaac atttcatcct ctgcaaaatc taatctagtc aggcaagatt     17820
     ctttccagga actttcatgt gcatatttgt cattggatga cattatgaaa gtctttcact     17880
     ctctaagctc tcttctcatt cgggtaatgt tcttcccctc atctgtgcag aggattttga     17940
     tttcctttgt caattctagc catgatttcc cacactgtta gggttctaca gatggctatt     18000
     gcctgtgttt tttttcttga agactatctt gctttcattt ccatttctcc atgcattatt     18060
     gatcacatat actttcactt aaaaggtgtt tggttccctt aacacttaag ctggcattct     18120
     tacattaaag tctgatatat ttgatgcttt aatacattga tacactggag ttgttggtgg     18180
     tttgttttgt ttagttttta atgtggtatt ggttattctg tgacagctac agatacaagg     18240
     agtcattaaa tggatctagc ctgccaccta atgtctaggc agaaaatgac catagttatt     18300
     ttaaaaatct agccttgttg agagcacctc ataaatgtcc ttgtgcctcc agaacttagg     18360
     aatgttaagc acaatcgtcc tctcaaaggg atagacgtaa aatctgttct tccatccaca     18420
     aagctgagga ttggaagtga ttaacagcct gttgatctgt tgggtcagat catatcaagc     18480
     tccaacaatc agaaccagag gtggctagta atatacagta atctgtatat ccagaggctt     18540
     ccccaagctc ccataaccag gaccagttat caccaatagc ccaaaatatc tctaaattat     18600
     ctaaattatc taaattatct aatttatctg tataacttat accaggccag atcctcagta     18660
     ggccctcaag ctaatacagg tagcctatct ctcaaactca tcttcttgga agacatgaca     18720
     tgtaccctga gttaagtttt aatgtagtca tactttcttg tacaccagga attgtattgt     18780
     accaggaaac tttttaccaa attatactgt ttaaatatgc tggaaataaa ccacttggca     18840
     tcagactcct gagctttgat ccaagttgat gaagtcaatc tgaaatgatt tttttatctg     18900
     caacttttca aggctcactt ccctgcctac catgaccacc tgtaaggtca ccctcatggc     18960
     ctcccaaact gtgaaggaaa tttggggcca tggaactgcc ttgcaaacta cttaactagg     19020
     gtcactcacg catgtcagaa tagatgatag atgatagatg atagatgcta agtggtttat     19080
     ttccctacaa gtaaataatt ctattgttga taaatcaact gaaagcagaa aattagtaag     19140
     gaaaatcaga aaaggaagat atattcaaga tgcccaacat gatctagtag ccattcccca     19200
     ctcccatgtc caccttcttg gtcctgacct gcagttaggt gtggtctagt ccatcactga     19260
     cccatctttg tctgagcctg gtctcatcct gtaaggtact ctgaaaagtt caggtcttga     19320
     ggaaggaacg aactctccct attatgaaaa atatacagat attatattta atatatttat     19380
     ataaaaggtt tggataatct cacttctgtc catcaaaacc atgcacaaat gtttctatcc     19440
     tgttaagaat ttataaagag ctgtaaacac ttgttcattc acctcacctg tggcattgat     19500
     ggaacatagc agtaccctga gagggggtcc tattggtaga aaggtgatgg gggttggatc     19560
     tggaaaggga gatcttgtac tttgctgctg taatggaata agccatctat ttccacagtg     19620
     tggcttctgt tgccataatg cattgtccta acaagggttc aaatagccag gccaactggt     19680
     catggactga agccatgagt ccaagcaagg ttttcttccc tatgtggcaa ataagattac     19740
     aaatttgaaa gacatgagaa aatgaagcaa tttttcatct accctttggc agaaagggac     19800
     agaacataga gaaaagtcaa aatcactacc tgcactatac aaagacttca agtctagttt     19860
     aggctgtaga aaaaaatgat ttcatattag gaaatgagat atttacagac tggtattagc     19920
     actttcctag atggctactc tgatttctgt agtaacaatg agattcactc tgttgtggag     19980
     tggtcctgtg tgcagcttct ttgctttgct tgtcaaaggc aacttctctg gaacatgagt     20040
     aaccacaact gcattcacat ccatttttaa gttgattggt ctcctcctga ctttataagt     20100
     tggatgttaa ctttctggag cctatatcct cattaaatct taaaaagaaa aagaaatctg     20160
     acatggcact aagacaagaa cttcacatgg ggcttttgtg ctccttgttt cacaggactg     20220
     tacaactata ctcagcagga attctgattt tcatacaaaa aggctatcaa ggtagagggg     20280
     cagatatctc tcttcctgta tctgttttca acacaccctc aagtaggttt cttataagtt     20340
     gagtgaataa cttcatgagt cagtatggca ctttaccctg gcagtgaagc tcaaaaggat     20400
     ctgtaattcg acggtgtgtg tgtgcatatt cacatggtgg gaaggaataa ctactctgta     20460
     gatgaataga accagcaact aaggagagca aagcaagatc tagaagcttc tttcaggtga     20520
     tttgaaaatc ataaaactca aaacttgtac tagatccaac cctcctgagt gctctggatt     20580
     gaaacatgga acggtcagag agggagagta gactctgccc atacacaagg acaaggactt     20640
     tctctttgtg ttttgcctga gagaaaggct tgattgaaca gtgttttcag gagacagctt     20700
     tcaaattttc ggattaagtc ttgctggata agaaccctga aatcactctt agaaccttaa     20760
     ccaaaagaaa gaaaaagaaa tcttgtctct attggtctgc ctctgcagca ctccctactc     20820
     agtggaacat ccatggaagt ttcatgaaag gtagctttag gcaggatgtg ctacctgcaa     20880
     tggtgtgtga tgcctttgtc acaggtgttt tttatcaaag cctgtggggg aaaaagtatg     20940
     gctatatctc ctacattatt cccaaaattc tggcaggaac tacagatcgt tcttgaattc     21000
     catgtgctta tcataaatgc attattaata tttttcctgc taaagagtaa tccttaagct     21060
     gtctgtcact ccagagttaa tgataaacca atgggaagaa gagctggaac tctcaaatgt     21120
     acataaagat gaatttaaaa ctaacaataa acataactag gggtgtcttt tcaacccaaa     21180
     actaagaggt aaaatcacat tcatatattt ggtatttata tcctagctca gacacccttc     21240
     ctgagttctg ggacacactg aactgccttt atctaactac taagttaagc cagcagtaca     21300
     aaatatatgg ttattttatc catagttggc ccatgagtta taccacagtt ttcacaccag     21360
     agactcatgc tctaggcaga ctcatgtctc atttcaataa aagcatcaat gggcaaagaa     21420
     tagaagcaac cagttgtttt gttttgtttt gtttcctgtg cctgccttgc cccacttttg     21480
     caacgcatac tattcttctg ccctactttc atctcactga aagctcccat aacctgtctt     21540
     cccatctcca attggttatt taggaaaagg ttccagggta gatagtccta gcttaaagcc     21600
     atgtcaccaa aggcctgggg tgatttcaaa ttctccaatg gcagaactaa ctttgatgga     21660
     agtggttcac aaaactcttt aagaaaagga catttaaagc tcggtgttgg gggaagtggg     21720
     aggcacatct gagaactcat gggtgagaac tcaggacctg attttgaaga gagttgggaa     21780
     taactatgtg gattatatga ctttgacctt agagtcataa ttttgcttcc aaaaatgcct     21840
     aacctgtctg ttggctcata tttaaatcac aggtatgata aactgtccac tatttcctca     21900
     taactactac acagctgttt gagcatcacc aaaactttat agcaagggtt gggcatgagg     21960
     aaacagaaat gaatcaccat aattcagaag cgtgggactc cagacaatgg aagaacctgt     22020
     ctgagaagat ggagctattt aagggctctg gaaagacatt aaaaatgaca gaatgttgtg     22080
     ctatttccag tttataagtg aagaacctgg aatttataag gttaactacc tgacaggtgc     22140
     attttagtgg ctttgtgctg ggctttggaa accagttact atagtaacaa aggaagaccg     22200
     atgcagtgtc aacatctaac atgtgtctcc aaagcttctt caaaacccct ttttatttcc     22260
     aacctaaagg aggcattcat gcagtatgcc agagtgacgg aataccagtc tatcactgtt     22320
     ccaaacactg aaagtcaatt atgctacctt catacttcgt ctcttgtgta ggtccctgca     22380
     ataggaaaag aggacttatg caaatatgtt cacaaaatat acagtatgaa aataattgat     22440
     gttttaaaag ggtgagcaga ttatgcaaat cactgagtct ctgcatcaaa tttctaataa     22500
     ataaaaagaa aagccaagat atggtcacag cactagcctt acttaatgtc tactcacctt     22560
     taaatacatc atgacattta agacaaagta gaaaaaaaaa gacataaggt aattagtgtt     22620
     gagggggttt ctgcagcact actagcagag ttttgatcca ggagaggcaa gatgaaagct     22680
     cagtagtcaa agctgactct aatgttgaga gtctaacact gggtagttta ttttaggcat     22740
     atgtaagcac aggacaattt gggggagaaa tgtcttcgtg ataatgattt cagtgccatg     22800
     tgcacaacaa attctaagac aggattacat caaatctctt gtaaggtact agtgaagtct     22860
     tccataagta tgggttctat agattaacta aggaagcagg ctaaaggtaa acagaatgca     22920
     ttgtaagagt ctagggcaga tagtgtaata gattgactga gatatacagg ctcaggttaa     22980
     aggtctggtg gagccagtgt ggcctggcca tacagagagt tcaaaggtca ccaggctcct     23040
     aaccacctcc accccacacc ttctaggcag aaaacagatt atacatctct ccttccaaac     23100
     agacaagcct gtacgtttaa cattcctgga ttccctggtg ttcgtctgtg aaacgggtgc     23160
     aagaggcctc ccatttctcc tttttaattt tttattttat tttatatttt ttttaatttt     23220
     tattaggtat ttggctcatt tacatttcca atgctatacc aaaagtcccc catacccacc     23280
     cacccccact cccctaccca cccactcccc ctttttggcc ctggcgttcc cctgtactgg     23340
     ggcatataaa gtttgcgtgt ccaatgggcc tctctttcca gtgatggccg actaggccat     23400
     cttttgatac atatgcagct agagtcaaga gctccggggt actggttagt tcataatgtt     23460
     gttccaccta tagggttgca gatcccttta gctccttggg tactttctct agctcctcca     23520
     ttgggagccc tgtgatccat ccattagctg actgtgagca tccacttctg tgtttgctag     23580
     gccccggcat agtctcacaa gagacagcta catctgggtc ctttcgataa aatcttgcta     23640
     gtgtatgcaa tggtgtcagc gtttggatgc tggttatggg gtggatccct ggatatggca     23700
     gtctctagat ggtccatcct ttcatctcag ctccaaactt tgtctctgta acttcttcca     23760
     agggtgtttt gttcccactt ctaaggaggg gcaaagtgtc cacacttcag tcttcatttt     23820
     tcttgagttt catgtgttta ggaaattgta tcttatatct tgggtatcct aggttttggg     23880
     ctaatatcca cttatcagtg agtacatatt gtgtgagttc ctttgtgaat gtgttacctc     23940
     actcaggatg atgccctcca ggtccatcca tttggctagg aatttcataa attcattctt     24000
     tttaatagct gagtagtact ccattgtgta gatgtaccac attttctgta tccattcctc     24060
     tgttgaggga catctgggtt ctttccagct tctggctatt ataaataagg ctgctatgaa     24120
     catagtggag catgtgtcct tcttaccagt tggggcatct tctggatata tgcccaggaa     24180
     aggtattgct ggatcctccg gtagtactat gtccaatttt ctgaggaacc gccagactga     24240
     tttccagagt ggttgtacaa gcctgcaatc ccaccaacaa tgaaggagtg ttcctctttc     24300
     tccacatcca tgccagcatc tgctgtcacc tgaatttttg atcttagcca ttctgactgg     24360
     tgcgaggtgg aatctcaggg ttgttttgat ttgcatttcc ctgatgatta aggatgttga     24420
     acattttttc aggtgcttct ctgccattcg gtattccttt ttaatttttt aaaaaattaa     24480
     caattgttgc tgtaattgaa gccaatgttg agtgtgttgc ctacgtggct ccctactcta     24540
     actaatacag gcgagcatga aggaattata aggattaaca gaggacaaag aaaggaaaag     24600
     ctcattttaa ccatgacagc cattcaaagg tcactggaga gattcgtttc tatctctcta     24660
     ttcagatcat taatttgacc atcaatagta tgagaaaaat ctgacacaat aaaacaacct     24720
     atgccagaaa attgttgatc accaagatta tgcctgagca aaaataatct gtagtatctt     24780
     tagtttgtga aacagtgggt tttaactcac ccatctcttg attaacttct gttaatattt     24840
     ttttctgcta tattagaact tttactaacc atacaggcca tctttaagat cactcttttt     24900
     attataatag tcattcttgg gactggtaat ttaagcctaa aaacaatgtt agataaagca     24960
     acattatcta ttccactaga gtgtatagca ctccgattac agataggcct cttatctccc     25020
     ctgacctccc ccgcctcctc cctgccatgg atcttgtgtt tacaagctga gaattaacat     25080
     ataatacagt caggagacat aacagcacca tttggtcatc ggtagtattg tgtccttatt     25140
     gtattctcaa ggtcttggtt tgaggagtta aaatttccat gtctcctaag ttatcagctt     25200
     acatttcttc ctcttggaat gtctccactt gttgtatttg tcatctatct tcaaacactc     25260
     tgttcggggg tctccaggat gctgtcctga ttggacacgt caaagtgtaa gccatcctgt     25320
     gacttcactc ctttcctgaa aaaacatagc gtagttttgc cctgatgtca aacgaaaaaa     25380
     aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa aacaaacaga atctttgtgt tgatcagttt ctaatttttt     25440
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttggttttt cgagacaggg tttctctgtg     25500
     tagcccttgc tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt agacgaggct ggcctcaaac tcagaaatcc     25560
     acctgccttt gcctcccgag tgctgggatt aaaggcgtgc accaccacgc cccactctag     25620
     tttctaaatc tttctactta acaaaaactt taggttatgt cttctttaga ggaaaatact     25680
     gggtggcaga gaaaacatta tcctttaaag tgaaataaat taaagttagc atagctaaat     25740
     gtagcatagt ttatggagac ttgtcatata tgttcccttt ttatttttaa aatttgccat     25800
     ttaagtactt gactgggaca ttctacaata gtttgttcca gtggcttata aggatttcta     25860
     ataacattct taatacttca tatgttataa aattccttaa atcgtctatt agtataagca     25920
     gaaccatttt cagtttttag ttataagaaa gtcttaaaag ggaactacat aaagagcccc     25980
     atgccatatc tagggctgtg ctctgcagct ggctggttag ggagaaacag tgtatatgcc     26040
     tgaagtacac agatctccac acacctgaca gcagagacgg cctcagacac aaacagtcac     26100
     agttccaggt accaaactga tgggaaccac tatttattaa ttacatagta gaagcttgaa     26160
     atattgtgca aaatatactt agaatagagg acaggctcta aggtgcctct tccaacttcc     26220
     tcccttgaca gtctgatgat ttatgtcaga ctaacagcaa gaacaaaact caaaaacaaa     26280
     caaaatctac ttaatggtca tcaatgtcta aagatttaaa tttaaggcaa ccatccagag     26340
     actgccccac ctagggatcc atcccatata caaccaacaa acccggacac tattgtggat     26400
     gtcaacaaga gcctgctgac aggagactga tatagctgtt tcctgagagg ctctaccagt     26460
     gcctgacaaa tacagaagtg gatgctcaca gccatccatt ggacagagca cagagtcccc     26520
     aatggagaag ctagagaaag tatccaagga gctgaagggg tctgaagccc cttaagaaga     26580
     acaagaatat gaactaacca gtacctccag agctccctgg gactaaacca ccaaccaaag     26640
     gaaacacatg gtgggactca tagctctggc tgcatatgta gcagaggatg gcctagctgg     26700
     ccatcagtgg gaggagaggc ccttggtcct ctatgaccaa gtatagggag gctctatatc     26760
     ccagtatagg gaaatgcctg ggccaggaat caggagtggg tgggttggtg agcaggtggg     26820
     tgggggaggg agatagggga ttttcagaga ggaaaccagg aaaggtgata acatttgaaa     26880
     tgtaaattaa aacatctaat aaaaataaat aaataaaaag atttgagatc tttaaaattc     26940
     agggtaattt taagtttgtt ctcaagaaga ctcctatata gctaacagga tactcagaaa     27000
     tacctgagaa ataatcacag aaaatcctga agaagaaaac aactggtctg tcccatgcaa     27060
     acatgaaagt agatatccag ctgatattat aaacaaaaca ataaaaatta attaataagc     27120
     taactaatta attcacagcc ccttgaagga agaactcacc gaaaggcttt agttcttact     27180
     acagtttgca ggcaagctga tgtaagagat tcttaggctg agccaaaaaa taattttagt     27240
     tgaaaatttt aaaataatct aactccaact gattatattt ctggtttaac cccttcctgc     27300
     ctccaaaaga ctttgagaaa catggaatta agcttccatt tcttagccac tgtattatcc     27360
     aggagaaata ttttttaaag tttcttgatt tcattttaca cctgttttcc ttcttaagtt     27420
     catctcacat atgctcagac tgttattttt aatttttgtt atattgaaaa aaataaaaaa     27480
     tgttttaaat gaatttggat aatcataaat acaaagaaat ctgggtggtg ttggattgag     27540
     ctcagtgtct gaaagtccag aaatgaggat gtctccctta ttcggctaac actgctagtg     27600
     cacctttgga tggatgtgta acttgcatca gcagggaaag tcccacccca cccccacccc     27660
     cacccccatc cccaccccac cattctcagt aaggcatgac tcactgcctc ttaccagcaa     27720
     cagcctggtt cccagctttc ctcttaggca ggctcttcct gcaggtgctc tctggagaca     27780
     gaggtgtcag cagttcacta tgaatgaagc atctcagtcg gattggattt atttatctgt     27840
     ttatttttta aggcaaggaa gctcagaagg gactcactaa acctctctac cgtttctgtc     27900
     ttcaagtcac ttacgtctca ttcattccca ttttcctgta actggactct ccgtcttcca     27960
     ggacctcatt ttaaatgttt tccttctttc attacactct tctcatagcc acacctcttc     28020
     tgcaacattc cattttcctc aaattaggta ggttttcatt ctcagttgcc tctctatccc     28080
     tcatgctaat ctacacatga tgtcagttta aaatatccaa taaaagctga ttgattatgg     28140
     tgagtttaga ctgttgagct ttatacaaaa ccaggggtgt tgtgttttat aaaactatag     28200
     aggaagaagg aatttgtttg gtggaagtgc ggtatggtgc tggggaaggg gatgcctctg     28260
     caagttcctg ctgaggtatt ccttcccctt ctgaggtatc agccgcagga tggtacagta     28320
     tagaatagag gttattcagg gcatggagag ggaagttgag agaaaggcag agagaaagag     28380
     agaaagggga aggggagaga aaagtagagg ctggccacaa gctcctggaa agagggggga     28440
     ggagcaagag gagagagcaa gagggcaaga gagtgagaag ggggcaagtt gctcctttta     28500
     tagtgagcca agaacacctg gctgttgcca ggtaactgtg gggcagagcc taggcgagat     28560
     gccaacaagg agtgagtagt ctttttttgt ggagcatgtg ggatttcaat ataaagaata     28620
     cacttcttgt cctttggaag agccatctgt aaaaccatta aaagtcatct ctataggctt     28680
     tttatattta attttaaaca aaacacttag ggtaccttca aaaaatcttt tggataatga     28740
     ttatccatag atcctgggca acatggtaat actacttgca gattagcctc agaatgtaat     28800
     aataatcaac atgggcttta tttagcagca cattgatttt tatagtctct ttaccagtaa     28860
     gttgtttaag atatatcctt ctcaacatta ccaaggctgc aattttttgt aaataagaga     28920
     attgctgtag agaattgtga catgcacaaa tttctatagt actactacct tgttgatata     28980
     taatcccagt aggtgatgag gaggaaggat aagtaactga taaggaagta aaaaggaagt     29040
     aaagggttac ttccatgagc tacttgctgt agcagcagca ttaatttttt ttaactaatc     29100
     attagttcat agtgaatttc atatcatgca caccaatcca cccaacctta caaactcttc     29160
     cactaacaga ggaaaatatc tcatagaagc tgtagtgtgt cctatagtat gcccttttgt     29220
     ctataattct ttgcttgaaa atgtttgttg caaagacccc ttggtctgtt tcaagttctc     29280
     tggcttctgc tactttagat ctgtaggatt gaccctttca tgcacttcag cagtttattg     29340
     attggataga tgttggggtg agccaattca aaatcctggg ccttggtctg agaggtatct     29400
     gaactaatca ggccggcatg acaccgtcaa gacagcaact ggcaatccag acaagcagaa     29460
     acaactctat cctgctatcc aggcaaaatg aagaactctc tctctctctc tcccaaatgc     29520
     agcaggtgag ggacatggcc aatccttcca ccctcatacc ccagggccct ggcaacatta     29580
     tcccataatt tttttgtaag taatagagag atattgtgat ataagtggac agtaggagtg     29640
     gggccactcc ctgtcttact ccacctgctc tggaacacgt aatcatgaca ttctactgag     29700
     aggtccatgg gggggtggag gacccggaat tttccatgct aatgaggtat ctatctagcc     29760
     aatgagattc ccttcctggg catttcttcc agcaaagggt atttaatccc tagttcaccc     29820
     taaataaggt gcatgcatcc tcatctcatt ctcaaataaa gcagtttgga aaagaagaga     29880
     ctgtctcttc ttcaccaagg atcacctcaa ggggtaggcc ttcattgtaa agaccctaaa     29940
     tcacccagaa aaggccttcc ctcctccagc cacaccaaac tccccaccct cactcagaac     30000
     caaactgggc ttcaacctca tccagggctc tgctctccct ttcctgctta gcatatcctg     30060
     agggaaggga ggaactagaa cccctggtcc caactcccag aggtatgcca ggggtccctg     30120
     ggtacacagg agacttggaa ccacagcaat catcctagat cttgctgttt cccaaccaag     30180
     aaagcatgga ccgccattac tagctgtata ctgtgttctg tgtctcctga gtggtgtgcc     30240
     agggtctccc agtgaggcag acacgcaacc cagcagtgta ccttgtttag gaactgttaa     30300
     gctgagagga tggtggcaaa tttgtttttg aataataata tattctcaat aattataagg     30360
     tgattgcttt tgtatttttt ttctggaact atgtgtaaaa tttgttcttc ttgggctatt     30420
     tacaataaaa gtgaatagat tagatatata ctgattagat aagcagaaaa ggagaatatc     30480
     atccatataa ttaatgacca atacttcagg aaattaaatc agcacaggct taagtgcttt     30540
     atttatataa tattgacaaa tagtggggct attttccatt ccctgtagta atattttcta     30600
     ttgatgtaga gtcattggct gttgattgtt taaaatggga atacaataca gagaatgcaa     30660
     aatgttcctc atcagagggt aaagaaataa agggggaaaa gtctttaaag ccaggtataa     30720
     tcacttagtg tccttgagaa atcccagtag aagcagggag ccctggatat ggagccccca     30780
     ttgctttcag aattgcattt atgcccctaa aacgatgtga cagctgaaat tgaaattttt     30840
     tctgtctttt tatgaattcc aaaggactga aggttctttg tgccctgact tcaattgttg     30900
     ctgtattaga aagttaggct ttgttttaat ttttccctat gaatagttca ttgatcagct     30960
     tatactgtca ttcctgttct gagggaaaaa cagaaaccag gagtaatcct agcattccta     31020
     tgggtagagg atggaagtgg ggagtgaggt ggtggaatcg agtaggggag tcctgcactc     31080
     ctgggaactg agggaagggc cctagaacct ggccaaatta gagaactaga agcctcttta     31140
     agattgcctc tcctcctgct caatgagagg actgggcacc agaaggaaag aaaaacagat     31200
     acactgaaac ttataaagga gaaagtggag aagagcctcg aacacatgag cacagaggta     31260
     aacttcctga acaatacacc aatggcttat gctctaagat caatggacaa atgggacctc     31320
     ataaaattgc aaagcttctg taaggcaaag gacactgtca ataggacaaa agagcagcca     31380
     acagattgtg gaaagatatt taccaatcct acatctgata gagggctagt atccaatata     31440
     tacaaagaac tcaagaagtt agacttcaga gaatcaaata accctattta aaaattgggc     31500
     acagagctaa acaaagaatt ttcaactgag gaatatagaa tagccaagaa gcacctaaag     31560
     aaatgttcaa catccttagt catcagggaa atgcaaatca aaacaaccct gagattctac     31620
     ctcacaccaa tcagaatggc taatatcaaa aactcaagtg acagcagatg ctggaaagga     31680
     tgtggagaaa gaggaacact cctccattgc tggtgggatt gcaagctggt acaatcactg     31740
     gaaatcagtc cagctgttcc tcagaaaact ggaaatagta ttattacctg aagacccagc     31800
     tataccactc ctgggcatat acccaaaaga ctctccaaca aataacaaaa acatatgctc     31860
     cactatgttc atagcagcct tatttaaaat accccaaagc tggaaagaat ccagatgtcc     31920
     ttcaacagag gaatggatac agaaaatgtg gtacatttac atattattaa aaacaatgaa     31980
     ttcatgaaat tcttaggcaa atggatggaa ctagaactaa gtgaggtaac ccaatcacaa     32040
     aaaaaaaaac aaacatggta tgcactcact gataagtgga tattagcccc aaaactcaga     32100
     atacccaaga tacaattcac agaccacatg aagctcaaga aggaagacca aagcatgggt     32160
     gcttcagtcc ttcttagaaa atggaacaaa atactcacgg gagtaaatat ggagacaaag     32220
     tgtagagcag agactgaagg aaaggccatc aagagactga cccacctgga gattcatccc     32280
     atatatagtc accaaaccca gacaccattg tagataccaa gaagtgcttg ctggaaggaa     32340
     cctgatatag ctgtctcctg agaggctctg ccagagcttg acaaatacag aatcagatac     32400
     ttgaagccaa cttggcttca cactggggtc cccaatggag gagttagaga aaggactgaa     32460
     agagctgaag gggtttgcaa ccccactgga agaacaagaa tatcaaccaa ccggaccccc     32520
     cagagctacc agggactaag ccaccaacca aggagtacac atgaagaaac ccatagttcc     32580
     aacagcacat gttgcagagg atggccttgt caggcatcaa tgggaggagg ggtccttggt     32640
     cctgtgaagg ctggctggat gccccagtgt agaggaattt gagggcaggg aggcaagagt     32700
     gggtgggtgg gtaggggaat acactcatag aaggggggag ggggaagggt cttcgaagag     32760
     ggggaggact aggaaaggga ataacatttg aaatgtaaat aaagaaaata tccagtacaa     32820
     aaacttaaaa aaaagaaaga aaagagtaga aaaaagggca gaaattcagc tctcctgtac     32880
     aaagggccac agcataatga gtcagagatt tgatgaggag caggggaaac tggatcagca     32940
     gagatggggg cttggggaga caaacctact tagcaagggc aggaactcct aagggtgaca     33000
     tgggatagag tggatgtggc catggacacc tcacaggact gccagtggcc attggtaaca     33060
     aatttgtctg gttctggctg cggcctgcag aggcaccagg tcaattctag cttttaatct     33120
     ttgcttctgc tttctcattc agctgattgt ttctgagggc ttgttgtcag tgagtgaact     33180
     tcagggacgg agagtggtgg gaaccctgga catcagtgtg ctcctcacct ctcaattcaa     33240
     agttgtggcc tctttgtgcc ttgacaagac tgggatgcta gaggtctaca gggagggagc     33300
     accagggcca cagagagcgg gagtaacaac tgaggaaatg tagaagaaaa tgggaactgg     33360
     ctggagtaca agggaacctt aggaatgaat ccacaggcca gatatctgga attttcgtgc     33420
     atctcggggg aggggggctc tgcaggtggt tctaaggatt cttcactttt cagttccagt     33480
     cactcctgtc actggctggg tttcagcaaa gaacaatccc tctagactct acccagctgt     33540
     ctgtgatcca agttcctggt ggttgagttg cagggatcta actggagaag aaggaagaga     33600
     gaagtcggga ggcatgaagc tactgacctg gaaggcctca gtactcctcg aaaggacgct     33660
     cctgggcttc tcttcctcct cttcactccc gcagtggcac cagtctcgtg agcccttaga     33720
     gttcactgtg ccccttcccc atccagtgga ttggcaaact taggggggaa ttactatggg     33780
     aggacagtat cagagctacc tgaataagga gggcaagacg acacaagagg agtgactagt     33840
     gccaccctca gccccactga ggtcctcagg aagactaaag catatcacca ggactggata     33900
     tgtttgatag gcacagtgcg gacccactag gaggaggtct cagactgctc ccctgaacct     33960
     aaggcatttt atgctctgaa gaatgccttt gcccggcact cctcacaagc ccttcactat     34020
     tcctggacct ctttacccta gaactttcct tcttaccctc ccaaagtatt ttaccagcaa     34080
     atcacaatag gagcattcag gaaagaggca gccacaataa cccacgtact tacctttttc     34140
     ctttcccctt ttccttcttt cttgttgctg ttgttgttgt tgtcgtcgtc gtcatgtttc     34200
     aaggcaagat ttcatactgt aacccacact tcagaatcga agcactatat tctctttccc     34260
     atccaccatg tgatttaccc tcctcttcca ccaggtggcg atgcgtgctc atgcctgaaa     34320
     acgcctcagc tactcagact cgctctttgt cctctatgga ggactctgac aattgtactg     34380
     ggtgggaaca tatggaagcg tctgccctta cttccctctg cccttacttc ccaagcccgt     34440
     gtccaatggt attcttttag gaaagagaag gttcgttttg tttgttctgt tttgttctgt     34500
     aaatggcagg cagtaaatat attcaactgg agaagccatg ttatgtctgt ccctgtatca     34560
     aatagttctg catttagtga gaaggcaaca agctgacgaa tgggacacaa gaattgtcct     34620
     ctgtcccacc ttgtgatccc agattagtat atattccatg taccctaatt ggttgttgtc     34680
     catccctccc tccccccaga gtgtcttcct caagtactgt taaacctgaa tgtttccaag     34740
     tcagctgtgg gttctatgtt gcctgtggct tctaggtcag ctagaaatga caagaggtcc     34800
     tgagtttaag gtccttggat ctttttatta ctatataatg gattcctcgg atttagtggc     34860
     ccaaagagga gtgccttgaa gtcttaggca cttgctgagg gagaagggag ggggcagctt     34920
     agttgagaac tgaccacatt cactttccct agatgagata agatttccac acccatctgg     34980
     ggaacaggag atgctctgtc agacaaaagt ctttgtgtct ctatcttagg cagctctcaa     35040
     cacacatgtg acttgtgatg tccttgcaac aatgtctcat ttctggatat cttctttgat     35100
     tgtggcctgt ccagttcaca acctagtgag agagtagctg tctccttgag gcctgatggg     35160
     ccttctgata gcccaggacc agaggctgca gtctcccagg gcttagtacc atgccaggat     35220
     cctctttttc cagtgcattt tccctgagta tagagatctg cctgtctcta cctcctccct     35280
     gctggaatta caggcatgca ccacccagcc aggttgagag cccatatcct aaacctcaag     35340
     caagatgcag agactaagaa ctggggatag gatttccaag ctgccaggag tttgcccagc     35400
     ctggaatggg ctgaagcggg acacagggtg aacatagagg tagctttaaa tgccaatggt     35460
     ctctggcctt gaatctctct aattacactg aatgctgaag ctgctggctt ctataaaaaa     35520
     aatctaaaaa tttctttttt attctgaggt taataaacac tggcctggat gatttacact     35580
     attgtttaac aatgggaaac taagtaaagg attaattgct agggcttttg ttctctcttt     35640
     gttctctctt gcccaggaga cttgtctctc acttgtcaga caggagggag gtttggagca     35700
     ataaactttt attgagtagg aataggagag tctctttaag aaggaaatct tgtacacaag     35760
     caaatatgca taaactcaca tacatttata tacacacaca tccatgaaca catactcata     35820
     cagcttcatg cactcctgtt gggcccaact acttacttat ctgataatta catacttaca     35880
     cactacatcc atacttacac atgcatatgg aacaaaagat taagtgccag tgcagaaagt     35940
     gctagcattt tatctagact cagcccccac agttacctgg caacagccag ttatgcatga     36000
     ctcactataa aagggattgc tttcccctcc cctctctctt gctctcttgc ctttttgctc     36060
     cctctctgtc ctctccctgg tctcccctcc atctctcttt cctgttcccc ctctctctct     36120
     ccacatgctc atgggctgct tcttcacctg ttttctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     36180
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctcctcct accctctacc tctcccctcc     36240
     ccataccctg aataaactct attctttagt atactgtcct gtgcctggtc cctcagagca     36300
     aagggatgcc tccacatggg cccacagagg catcctcttc cctgacactt gactatgcat     36360
     tcaccaaaca tatcccttct ctctttattt ttataaaaca caacagaaag gactcattca     36420
     ttctggatga aaaatgagct ccaatcttta ttgcacatag aaagaagaaa cttctaccct     36480
     tttattgcta aatgaattaa atccaagtct gtagggaagg aaaaaagaaa aaaagctttg     36540
     tcctctttag taagcctaag cctgccttgc tgttaagaaa aagacctgtt ctgtcccatg     36600
     gcaaggagaa gcctgcctgc tccgctttct acagcttctt ctttgtttct ctttctctct     36660
     gcattctgtg tattgctctc ttctgctcct gtcctaatgt catctttatt cttaagggaa     36720
     agtaaagggg aaaatatgtc agacttcata tgcgctctcc ttttttatta gatatttttt     36780
     tcatttacat ttcaaatgct atccccaaag tcccctatac cctcccccca ccctgctccc     36840
     caacccaccc actcccactt cctggcccta gcattcccct gtactagggc atatgatctt     36900
     cgcaagacca agggcctctc ctctgattga tggcctacta gaccatcctc tgctacatat     36960
     gcaactagag aaacaagctc tggggggggg gggggtactg gttagttcat attgttgttc     37020
     ctcctatagg gttgcagatc cctttagctc cttgggtact ttctctagct ccttcattgg     37080
     gggccctgtg ttccatccaa tagataacta tgagcatcaa cttctgtatt ttccaggcac     37140
     tggcatggcc tcacaagaga cagctgtatc aggatcctgt cagcaaaatc ttgctggcat     37200
     atgcaatagt gtctgggttt ggtggttgtt tatgggatgg atccctgggt ggggcagtct     37260
     cgggtaccaa agttaaatca gaatcagatt aatgatctaa gctgtcttag ttagggtttt     37320
     actgctgtga acagacacca tgaccaaggc aagtcttata aaaaaacaac atttaattgg     37380
     ggctggctta caagtccaga ggttcagtcc attatcatca aggtggaagc ttggcagtat     37440
     ccaggcaggc atggcactgg cagagctgag agttctacat cttcatccaa aggctgctag     37500
     tggaagactg acttccaggc aactggggtg agagtcttaa gcccacaccc acagtgacac     37560
     acctattcca accaggtcac acctattcca tcaaggccac acctccagat ggtgccactc     37620
     cctggtccaa gaatatacaa accatcacat aagctgtcta ttatccccta aagaaataga     37680
     agtagtcatt aatagtctcc caaccaaaaa aaaaaaaagc ccaggaccaa atgggtttag     37740
     tgcagagttc tataagacct tcaaagaaga tctaattcca gttctcctca aactattcca     37800
     caaaatagaa acagaaggta ctctacccaa ttcattctat gaagccacaa ttactctgat     37860
     acctaaacca cataaagacc caacaaagaa agagaacttt agaccaattt cccttatgaa     37920
     tatcgatgca aaaatactca ataaaattct tgaaaactga atcgaagaac acatcaaaat     37980
     tatcacccat catgatcaag tagacttcat cccaggaatg tagggatgct ataatataca     38040
     gaaatccatc aacgtaatcc actttataaa caaactcaaa gacaaaaacc acatgatcat     38100
     cttgttcttt ctatatgctc tcttaatttc taggttgctc tactctgttc ctttctcttc     38160
     cccatcttgc tctctccttc tgattccttc tgctgtaata taatgaaata caatgtaatc     38220
     attcctaggg gattgttttg taccttttct agagaaatag atttatgagc atatttttta     38280
     ttatttttta taaaagttca ctaaaatttc aaacataaat tcaaattata aattgaataa     38340
     gaagtttata acagagatat ttacatgtgt cttctttaag acttgttatc taactagaag     38400
     ttcattattt gtcacaggtt cattgaaaat taacaatcat cattcttgtg actaagttag     38460
     cattgaaggt ttataaagat aaacccagtc aacatttaat tttctgtctt tgcacctaca     38520
     ataaatcatt agtttcattt aatgatcttt ggttaattgt tttacaacct catggaatgt     38580
     gttctaagtt gtaaatgcct gctttctatt tcataagtaa ttaactggtg acatgtgaag     38640
     actggaagag tcctaaatgc agttttcata acaaagaggg ctttaacggc agttctatta     38700
     taaaggtctt aataattact agtgtaattt taggaattct tataggatga tcattaagaa     38760
     ttaagaaatt atctgcccag tagggtgggt agactaataa ctagtaatag atagatagat     38820
     agagagagag agagagatag agagtagaaa aggcatatta acaacaggaa tctttcctaa     38880
     aatgtagtcc cttttaatct tgcctgaaaa gggctcgttc atcatgcttt aacgttcaca     38940
     gtgaaaccat ctcaggaaga tcatctgcct ctcctagatg gctcctgtca caaagctaca     39000
     catatcgcta gtggcatgct tacttcatcg agtatgccac ctaaacctat ccaaatagct     39060
     gccaccaact ggggaccaat tactcaaata tcttgatgtc tctttcaagc taccactcta     39120
     atttgagtga cagagaagta atgaaatgat caaaaaatga ctgcacttgc tgtggaattt     39180
     cttggggcct gatctgtcct cctaggaagg tgatctgggt ctgtctttga ggtggcttac     39240
     ttttaacgcc tttttggatg tgttttattg tatgtgtaca aatgatttga ctgcattacg     39300
     gatgtgcacc ataaattttc ctggtgtcct tgaaggccaa gagagaacat tgtatcccct     39360
     agaactggag ttacaggcaa aggtgagcca ccatgtttgg ttgtagttgc tgagaatcaa     39420
     acccagatcc tctgcaagag cagtaagtgc ccttaactac tgtgccactt ccctagccca     39480
     agtggttcag tatcacacaa tgggctcagg agccttgtgt tttcatggga cagcagcttt     39540
     cagcctcctg atcattttat ctttaattgt taaaatcagc tacatctgca caatgccttc     39600
     ccagataatg attctctttg ctgagtttac ttttggaatc tggaccctag ccatacaaag     39660
     cccaaggcta actaaacaaa agtatttgtc tttactcgga cagtagcaac aacaaatgca     39720
     atgaatgtct ttgttcttct ggggaacaga ctgaatccca caaagatcta gaaaaaacag     39780
     gttgactgaa agatggaggt gacctgttca aaaagcaact gcttcacaca aagcatgaga     39840
     atcatgcaat ctaaggtaag tttcacgttt gtgtcacctg ctagaaatac catgtacatg     39900
     ctcagccttt ataggagaga aatcttgtca cagacttgtg gaaattggaa agagaacacc     39960
     acagatccct gatcagagca ggttcctgac taggaaggct catggtgcat gatgtgggga     40020
     cagcaggaac acaaaagaag aacatcatga gagttgcaat ttatttatag aggagagagg     40080
     attccatctc acagagaagg ataaagaaga taaaaataaa gacatggcca agtggcaaga     40140
     ctactttctg ctcttgcatc tgaccgaggt tccattccca gcacacataa aacagctctt     40200
     aaccatctac atctgcagtt tcagggtacc catctcctta ttctccagat gcaccaggca     40260
     ttcatatagt tcacttacag acatgtgggc aacacttatg tatataacat aaaaatggat     40320
     taagaagcag cagcagaagc agccaccact gtctggagca gtgttcccac tagaggcagg     40380
     tgagtctgtg ctgctgctat tagagtttac tgctcccatc tgagctgccc agaataaaga     40440
     aagagaagca gaggcagtca tactcacaac tgtgcttgcc attctcagag gctgagaggc     40500
     tgagaaagaa gagaagatat ctgcaactct actcaaagca tggaaaatct ggatcctggt     40560
     ccctctctag atagggctcc aatcagttcc ttcagtccct cccaacaggc cctgagtcag     40620
     ggaacagagc tcaccattac tactttattc tgcatgtcta tggtctgcag cagggtgtgt     40680
     ggctgactaa ggaatatggg aaaggaggga ggaagatagc agatctccag ggatgtaaag     40740
     ggcaggagtg atgggaagag agaactgaaa gacccttaga gagagtggct gtgagatgga     40800
     gatgactggt acagatcacc caggaaaatg gacccagctt tccttagact cttcaagaga     40860
     tgtgtttcct tgctgtaggt agatgttcca gagaaagtca tgagaattca tctggtgcag     40920
     cccttctccc ttctcatcag tcacctttcc atcactttat ttctatctct gggagtttta     40980
     attctggccc aggtggagaa ggtatctgtg accatttcat gttctttgtg ttctgtgttc     41040
     atctcatctc tttgagccct tttttaacac catgcattgt tcttattggt gctacctggt     41100
     aggattttgc tttcaatgga aaacatgact atgaactcac accaagcaat gagtagaaac     41160
     agcataacca catctcttcc tttgttactt tgcatataac ttgtcaatat ctaggtcagt     41220
     ctgagatggc cacacagaga acgttcccta agggtatttg gctcagagtt cctaactgct     41280
     gttaagaatg ttaatttggc ttcctttcca tgatgcttcc taggtagacg gctgtgtcaa     41340
     gatgaagata aatatctcct ttccagctgt cagaaactca tagaactgga tgatgaactt     41400
     tctatgagga gcaaatgggc acagaagtag ctcctgatgc tctgggtgaa gagtggaagt     41460
     gttatgtggt cggaatcagt agtgggaatg acaagcaaga ttttctcatg agacaaggtg     41520
     ccttgaccga ctgcagagtg catctcctgt agaataagga gcattctcat tatagtccaa     41580
     ggagaactag atactagaag cccaagtctg ttcacatata tcgtagattc catctggaat     41640
     ctcaacttga ttattatttt aaaaatgaaa gaaaaatatt ccttattgat agatacactg     41700
     tgccttagta gctcaagccc aaaatagcta gcagaatttg aaagcttttc agtctctata     41760
     aagaaaatga tgtctgattt attagtctgg gttccctagt ggaataaaac tgatcgaaag     41820
     aatatctatg tgtctatata tacttataga tgtaggtaga atgaacatat agataaatgt     41880
     agatcccatg tatgtgggaa ttattagaat ggcttgcaag ctgccatcca cctaatggaa     41940
     agtccaagaa tacagtagtt cactccatga ggctggatgt ctcagctggt gttcagtata     42000
     catcagaatg ccaaggaagt acactctaat ggcagtgaag gaatgaactt gacagtgaga     42060
     gaacagagtt ggcaaagagt gcataagcct ccttcttctg tattctttat acaagctgcc     42120
     agcaaaaggt tatcgcccag attagaggtg gattttttca cctccagctc aaaagattag     42180
     gattaaaggt gtattactac ctcaaagatc aggattaaca ctgggcgttt agtagcagtg     42240
     ttacttaata aactaataac ttgctctgct tcaggtgtta tggttcatag agagtttaac     42300
     cgaatttctc cagaaaacaa cttcaagggc aaaaccaaat cctcggtagt gataggcaaa     42360
     taagaatgta tccaactgac atgatgattc ttttataagt aactgagagc acattgttca     42420
     ggaagttttt acctgagaaa ataacggtaa atttacaggt aataatataa cccaagtaat     42480
     tataaggtga ttgattttgt attttatctg gaactatgtt taaattttgc tcttcttagg     42540
     taatttaaca tgaaagttaa gcactcattt aagtattgat tagataagcg ggagaggaga     42600
     atgccatcca tataatgaat gaccagtacc tcaggaaatg taagcagcac cagcttaagt     42660
     gtgttacctt cataatattg acaaatagtg gggcgatttt tccatcccct gtggtaaaac     42720
     ttcccactga tatcaggcag ctggctattg attgtttaaa tagaaacaaa gaatgcagag     42780
     cctttcttat cgggataaaa ggaatagaga aaaaaagcct tttagttcat gaataatata     42840
     taatgttctt gattaattag aggaggagca aggacccttg gatagggaga gccaattgtt     42900
     ttcataattg cattttatgt ccctaagatc atgtaacagt caaattttag gtctgtcttg     42960
     ttatggatta caaacatatg gaagtttcat ggactaattg aaggttctat atgtcctaat     43020
     tgcagttgtt cctgtacttg tagttgggct tgttttaaat ttacccatac aggggtcatt     43080
     gatttgtcta aacctagtca tgcctcctaa gaggaaaaac aaaaatctaa gctctggaca     43140
     gtggagccct aacactcaag cagaggcaaa gccctacgtg acattccttg gaactcatgc     43200
     attgagtcaa acacctcttc atgcttggac ctgggtagca ggaagggctg cctggcagtg     43260
     cactgcataa ggacactgag tttccatcag cccacatgtg agggagagtt ctaaatactc     43320
     ttggctcagt gggcaccggt aagccaggaa ggtcccagat tccacttgtt ccaccctgcc     43380
     aaacctgcca agatatgtac catgaagagt gtgttctctc tctctctttc tctctctctc     43440
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctcat cttctatctt cttgttaggt tgagtgaata     43500
     cattattgaa ttccagatgg caaaatacat tgcagggatt tttttctccc ttttcctaga     43560
     ctcttttaca gtagttccta tgctcatcta gttatccaca tctatggctt cttgttcaag     43620
     aaatcaagat ttaaattcta cagttacttg tacaaaattg ttctgaataa tttgcttctg     43680
     tagattttac tgtctcaaga attgaataaa atgttttgtg tcagaggaca aagaacccaa     43740
     gtttatatta tactctcaca gcttcaaccc tctgagtgag agacccaatc tcctacctac     43800
     tctttctatt taattttttt ttcatttctt taaatttatt tttatttcat gttcattggt     43860
     gttttgtcac tgtgaaggtg tcagatcctc tggaactgga gttacagaca gttgtgagct     43920
     gccatgtgag tgctgggaat tgaaccccag ggtcctctgg aaaaacagct agtgctctaa     43980
     ccactgagaa acctctctga tcccctcctc tgagtatcaa gctctttgtg gacaccagtt     44040
     ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtggt ggtggtggtg gcgggggtgt     44100
     tcctgtaaac accacagcca gcagagtgtt tctttaggtg aggcaagaaa gaaaatcagt     44160
     tcaacaagac tcagaattca gtgctggttc aaactttgag ggtatgacac ttggtggttt     44220
     attttaggca catttaagca atgaatgggt tggacaacat tttcctggtg atatttaact     44280
     cagtcttgtg tacacagcaa agctttaggc ttccctgcat caaaaaccct tgtaaagtac     44340
     aagtgatatt tgccataaac gtgggttcta tagatgaact aagaaaagag attcaatgta     44400
     aacaaagtat atgatgagag tctggaaaag gagataacta cagattgaga ttaacagggc     44460
     caagataagg tctggggagc cagtgtgccc tggccataca gacagtgcag aggacagcag     44520
     gctattactt gtctggttcc cagccttctg aaaggaaaag gggttataca tctctctttg     44580
     aagagacaag cccttttgtt gaacgttcct gatgctcttt gtgcacctgt gctgcctgtg     44640
     accacaagca aatgcatgcc tcctacaaat tagtattgta attcgtaaaa agtagctggg     44700
     acttctagtg gccctacaat aaactgacca tgtgaatttt aaaacttcaa tttattgcca     44760
     tgtaattaat gaataaattt aattcattta tttaatattg tatcacaatg gcaaaaaaaa     44820
     aaatgagtca gggttccact gggaactcaa aggaaagcct gggagggcaa tgtgcactct     44880
     tccatgtgtc cactgaggtc tttatgaaga cttataaagc tcagtaaatg aggtcaaagg     44940
     tacagtggac acctctggga gttagaggtg acaggaactt gaaatgccca ccaggaaaag     45000
     catgggcagt gaacagagcc aggccaagaa tgccatctct gagggaggca tcctgtagaa     45060
     ttataggggt aaactgtcca tgcctttgga gcccacatta aagcaccatg aatcccatat     45120
     gctgggcatg gagatatagg gctcaatgtt tgccctattg gatttaaatc ttgctttggg     45180
     ttagcttttc attatttccc catttttctt cctttgagaa caaacactgt caattttatc     45240
     ttgtaaggat ataaattccc tttttttctt ctttatgaag agtcacagct gagttctcct     45300
     tgagactcag gggagtagaa caagggcttt tgatctgtgg aggaactgtt aagatttggg     45360
     gaaactcaag gatggaccac atgtcatata tatgtattgt gacccagaca tgagccttta     45420
     gggacaggaa cagaatgtta gcacttagat cttaactgcc catgaaataa acatgccttc     45480
     gacccagcct gaggcactat tgggaagttt tccaatgttc aaaagtgagg tattaagtca     45540
     gtggcagtac acttttgaaa gagttattgg gcccttggct gcttcctctt tcagtcagct     45600
     tcgtggttgt agttgatgca gctccagtgt tttgttacaa tgatgaaaaa ttaacacatt     45660
     tcaaaattgt tttgaagaag taagtattct ctgatagaac aactagagct taatatttaa     45720
     tggagagtac acagcaacgt gaaaaactaa agcagctgtg ctcagaaagc aagtgaattc     45780
     acctgctcat ttactcctgc ttttctctga gagtcattgg ctcctacaca tctccagttg     45840
     ccagaaccgc agaggcaaag aacacactgt cccaggcctt gcaaaactaa gatataattt     45900
     gggttaaaaa aaaatgaaaa atgtgaaaaa actacaagaa agctttgact gaagtatgag     45960
     acaggctgca gcggcttaac taaaatgtaa tttgtacaat ttccaagaga ttattggagg     46020
     aaataaggaa atatatagat ctatctctat atttaatatg tattagatat atatatctgt     46080
     attatatatt ttatataaca tattatacat gtgtacatat gtattatata agtaatacat     46140
     gtttacatta tatgcagtgt tgataagttc tatacagaag acgcaaggga attccttaga     46200
     atcttcagag accattaaga aaaagttcat cagtccttga tcacttcctc tctatgatca     46260
     catgaccaag tccttgatca cttcctctct atgatcacat gaccaagtcc ttgatcactt     46320
     cctgtctatg atcacatgac caaggaagct gtcttgaatg aggactgtgg ccagttgatg     46380
     aggagtggag acaggagcag cctgggtctg aggaggcagc ccctaatcca agcctgggtt     46440
     tttatactaa ggtagaataa ctataactac tatatcattt gaggttgtcc aaaatcctcg     46500
     tgcagagatc ctcctgtaga actcattggg cacatgggac aaagacagac agtccataca     46560
     tggaacagta gaagagggct ggctgttgat ataaaataac ctgaggtatt tatgacatca     46620
     aacacaacca ttccagggga aagggacatc acaaaaggaa attgaaacat ttagtggggt     46680
     caaccttttc cccttttaaa actcacacac actaactgaa acatccaaat atgccttgac     46740
     catcgtgagg atccatcatg cactgtgcag ggaggcttgg gtttatactc aaccccgtgg     46800
     attcaacaca agtactttga aaatactggc catcccccta gtactatagt cagtacatta     46860
     tttaccccat gacttattgc taaagatgag tttattgttc gctagcacaa tttctatata     46920
     tgctcctaca aaagccaaga ctttgcatgg cactgcaaag ggagttggaa atctagttga     46980
     ccaagggttt gttctgtctt cctaattcct caactgcacc aaccctctgt agtccatttc     47040
     ttgcttaccc aggggtaatt aggaaatgtg ggtcccccaa agacttgcta gttagggatt     47100
     tcaagaaggc aaaaatgagg ttggaaagat ggctctcatg gagttcagtt ctcagcatcc     47160
     aggacaggaa agacacaacc acctgcaact ccagatgcag ggatctgatg tcagcaggcc     47220
     tccatggata ccccaacaca tgtctacata agtaataaaa tctattttta aaaggtgaaa     47280
     agacatatca tgtgccattt gtcattggct tttccagagt taacctgagt gcggaggaga     47340
     gaaagaactg ccaagcaagc agttctgaga cctgcacttt cctcttagga aagcagtgga     47400
     ttactgtcag cgttccatcc tgaacactgg tggatggaaa ttgatggtat ttgttcatga     47460
     gcatacagtg tatttgtctg aacattttta tattatcaga atattatgaa gttattaaaa     47520
     ggtctaaatg atatattcta tcctagtgag ggtgaaatgc tacctgttta gtgcatccca     47580
     gagctagcca cacacatggc tgtggaaaag tgacttctca ttgataaatt gctactacca     47640
     atgcagataa taagctgtaa actgcggtct aagaaagtgt gcattgctga gtttcacgtc     47700
     aggtttttcc acttcaacaa actctgcctc agtcacccag atcttgccac atcctgcatt     47760
     ttctattagc agtgattatt aaaaaaaaaa aatggcttgg gagaagattc ctgacagcta     47820
     aattgttgac acttttttta ggtaaacttt gtttctgttt gtaaaaatat gtttaatatg     47880
     aatgctagaa ttcagggtat gaaagtgaaa ggagctagaa gaatgtaagg ggaaagggag     47940
     aggatgcagt gataagagca gtagaggtag taaatgagac caaagaataa gcatttaagt     48000
     gggaaagtgt cataaagaaa tctggtacaa ttaatggatt ccaagaagga aaaatgtgtt     48060
     tcaattcttc atgaggattt taggagctaa gtaactctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     48120
     ctctctctct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgatc atttgtgatc     48180
     ctgagatcag aagacaattt aacaggtgtc agttctctcc ttcgacaatg tgggacctgg     48240
     agatggaact cagaaggcca tgcttggcag gaagtgcctc tacccactga accatcccgc     48300
     aggccatgga gctatttaac tttaaaggac agtcctacag ggccttaaat aagctgcagt     48360
     tataaactgg actgcggttt ataaggccca tgatgctgaa catgcacaat gccataggtc     48420
     accagtcaca ggtgaaacta catgcctgtc aaggatatgg taaaatgcat catacagtcc     48480
     cttttcaggg tgaccacttc ctgctacttc attcactcac gggaactgct ctggtcatgt     48540
     gtgtttacca agaaccaaag ttcccagaaa tataagaagt gttagaagta ggatctatca     48600
     cgtaatgggg cattcaagtt tatattaaaa gtctactggc ttggggataa aggctctggt     48660
     atttgtatca tctttcatta attagctagt tggccctatt gttctgctag ctgagaaaaa     48720
     ccactttcca gctgttccca agagaacaag ctacggtctg aaattgattg tagactttgc     48780
     actgaaataa catatgggaa aagaagtggt gtgcaggtgg gcaacaggta cacctaggaa     48840
     gaaaataaat tactcagggt gcactgagga aacagctcac cttagaacca gtgaaaggga     48900
     ctgccagcct gcccctaaaa aatattgagt gggttcacac atctcaaaaa taaatatgca     48960
     cttggtactt gtttaaatct actaagtaaa aaatacagag ataatggagt aatggtttac     49020
     ataaagggct ggggatacag cccagtgaga ggatgcttac gtagcacatg tgagaccatg     49080
     agttgatgct cagcattgag gaaagaaatt acaaagtgaa agctagatca aaggaattat     49140
     cagccaggtt attttccaga atgcttggat gtttccattg ttaaagctga gttgatactg     49200
     tctccctggg catgtatctc cacactcttc tgccacaccg ctttaaaatc atctcatagc     49260
     cattatatat ggaattataa tcttaatgct aatattccca aaaggtcatg tcccagggat     49320
     aagtgcagtg ctcaggaaac agcacatgac tctggagagt cacctagtgg ctgctgttag     49380
     tatgacaggc agcatgttca ttaggctagg cactgcttac attacttaag gtagtgtttt     49440
     gttaccttgt aatcttagcc tctgaatata catacaatat agtatagctc gtaaataagt     49500
     tcagtatgct ttgaggtaag caagaaattt agcactagaa gaaaaataaa ctacagcatg     49560
     gtactcagaa atgaaatttt tcagcctcca ctcacacagg gctaagggcc atactggaat     49620
     acgcagccgg gacgcaccat cattgtatgt ctaatgatgg agatttgtac tctaaggata     49680
     aggaaactga ccagctgttt tgttctttgg ggaacctgcc agcagtgaga gaaagaacca     49740
     gtcataagaa aagatgaccc ttggcaagcc tccaaactta cccctgcata ctgaagacct     49800
     tcccagcaaa tacagaacta gacttgtctc tgaggctgaa gtggcatggc ctctaaggga     49860
     aagaatgaat ttgtctgatg tatcctttaa actccatcct ggcagagcag atctggggtt     49920
     agccaattag agtgacatgg aacacagagc tccagttgcc aggacatttc ccatgctact     49980
     ttctgttcac aggaagcctc agttcacaga ggcctgagga tgttaagtcg ctttccaaga     50040
     ctcaggcaac tatgaggtgc taagacactg tgttcaagaa ctggcaccaa gttctaagca     50100
     ggggcactgt ggctaaacat agctagttaa aattatgcag ctgtttgctg gtactggtct     50160
     gaaatagtaa cgtcctatcc aaaaggtttt tttttttttt tctcattctg aaatatccaa     50220
     cagaaagtgg gactagaata agccagggcc ctctgggaga cagaccctga atgcaaaggt     50280
     ccagtttggc aaaggcctgc agtgtttctg atgagcccag aggacggagg ctctgctgtg     50340
     tgtgtctttg tgaacattca gtcttattcc taggtaataa tttcacaata gttttcatct     50400
     ctacattcca ggcaccagcc tccgcttggc tccgtcaggt aataacacac tcccattttg     50460
     gtaaccacag gcatccgtgt tcactgcacc agtgggaaac tcttgaaagc atttccatga     50520
     ttttaaaaaa aaaaatgttt tttgttttca gggctatttt caggttgtct tcccctcttc     50580
     tcaatcctca ctgaatttat tccatcactt cagtgggcaa tttgactgtt ggtagaatcc     50640
     tggcatagat ctatgacttc ctaattcctt tctagtgact caatcatatt ccttaaaaat     50700
     aaagaggaag ccaccaccta ggtgtggagt tgccaagaga tcagagggtt agaaatggga     50760
     ctgagggttc actcatgtcc tggctgtttg ttttctctga tttccaactc cccagcttag     50820
     ccacacaaga ttcccgactc aaagacccat acccagctac aagacatgta ccatctcctg     50880
     ctttggaagg tgttaacatc tcatgaagca ttaatagaga gaataagttg tgtttagggc     50940
     tcatcagcaa agccctcaac agcagacttg aaggctcagc aggatcttct gaggcaccta     51000
     ctcatggtga actgcctaca tggctgccag tcaaatctgg gaccagaccc agacatttgc     51060
     attcctaatt agcacaggtg gcaggtggac tttagctttg agaaacagat gaagcagtca     51120
     ctggcactta caaaccaggt aaaaaaactg tgcacactga aacacaccag gaacaataca     51180
     ctggagcatc cacccacggg caacagggaa ataagcatgt atacatccga cccatgtaag     51240
     cacgaaactg ccaattccat acccatttca agttccttaa aaatgcaggt gtccacataa     51300
     ccttcaccta aatgaaaacc aaaccaaacc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaag aaagaaaaag     51360
     gaaaaggaaa agaaaaaaaa agaaaaagaa aaagagaaag aaaaagaaaa aggaaaagaa     51420
     aaagaaagag gccacaattc tgagtccagg tagactttta aggtaagcaa ttattttatt     51480
     tccctggcct gacagcattg acttcaaagt accagaacct gaagctgaca aaacagacgt     51540
     acagattgct cccaacaggg aggacgctct tcattggtag agatgaattg aaatgtcatg     51600
     tgagaatgca atgcctgccc ctccccccac agagtcccta aatgaaatga atgagtaaag     51660
     cccccatgaa actctggcgc ccctctcact ccatcttctt tgaatagcag atgccacgga     51720
     gggagacagc tggccatcgc ttagcatttg cagtgcgtgt gagacccaag agactgcagc     51780
     agggagagga cgagtgggca agtgggcaac ctagcttacc ttgtaacccg gaccctccac     51840
     acacagacac gctgcccctg tacatgagaa aggtgaagga aatgctagag gactgatcct     51900
     gaggctcctg aaagtccaag gtacttatgg gatgaggagc aggacatgtt caaccctgaa     51960
     ctccagttta atgccatcca aaacgctggc aatcataacc gttcccgcac ggccctattt     52020
     tccaagagga ctctaaacgt ctaaacgtct gttcgaatgt ctcctgccac aactggggcg     52080
     gagctatgaa gcctgggtgg aagaaaagga ctaggagagg aaggtatgga gacagaggtt     52140
     aggggtacaa tgcttcagtg acagtgggta tcttttggtc ccttaggtgt ggtcccctac     52200
     ggcattcttt tccccctttg cccgtgcggc ttgtacaaat gccaaaaatc aaacctctgc     52260
     ccaaagagcc ggcagttgct gctaaattgt attcttctct agcggccact tgccctcctc     52320
     ccaaacctct gatgaaactg cacgagagaa agctcacagc aaagctgtga ttcatgtcgt     52380
     ccccatcccg ctctcacagc caatgcaaca caagttcttc ctgggctgag gaagcagaga     52440
     aaagtaacaa ttgagcttgt gaaaaaaaga cgacagcgtg tgcggtgtga tgtttcccga     52500
     tgtcttcacc ttgcgtctcc tccatggttg ggagccctcc ctctggttcc ccaagtccca     52560
     cgcgcacccc tcccctaccc ccaagtccag gtgctcccat ctgctgggct tctgcctcat     52620
     tttccataga cactttcatc actgtaggcc acatacagaa aatagtcttc ctcgtggttg     52680
     tcctaagaag aggagacaag acgacaattc agaaaatact aaacattcat gtttataatc     52740
     tctgattctg agcctcgaac aatcttataa aggaggcgtg gaagtcagca ttattctcat     52800
     ttaaaatatg gaacaggact tggggtgcag cccagtggta gaaccttgcc tcaaatgtgt     52860
     gaagccctgg gtttacattt ttagcatcag gaaaaaggaa aacaaagaac aacaaaagga     52920
     ataaagaatg tatctcacca acagcagaaa aataaccaga gtaagcctta ctcctagaaa     52980
     caaccattct ccagtcaact ttagccacag tggtctgcag tggctacaga acctaattgg     53040
     tcaggattac ttagtgcctg gccacacatg agtcatctaa attgccccca ccaacactca     53100
     aggaagaaga atgaatgtca gactctgagg aagggcgcgg agaggtgtgg aatgctggct     53160
     tctgggcatg agatggctgt tgtaatcctg aactcatagg cagctttggt tgatttgcaa     53220
     tgcaccggcc ctccgcaaaa ttgggcctat caacaacatc ccatcatgac agggagcggg     53280
     tttctcaggc ctcacccctt tctgagaatc tatacttgat tgatagttga gggggacaag     53340
     gagtcatctt ctattgtaga aaagtgtcca tccatgcttc cgtaaacaag ctgagtgctc     53400
     tcctttaaat aactgggtta acaaagcaag actgagaggg gaaagcgaca gggtaagatg     53460
     tgggggtaaa tctgactgaa atatgttatg tacaagtatg agaacaaaaa aaaataagac     53520
     ccatttatat aatgaatata tgctaataaa agacactggg aaaaaaaagg ctgggtgcaa     53580
     tgatgtacac ctgtaatctt agcatgtgag aggctgaggt aggaacatta aagcttgagg     53640
     tcagcctggg ctacctggca aatcccaagc cagcctgagc ttcttgtcaa gactctatct     53700
     cagagaccca aagtaaaaca aaacaaaaaa gatctccaaa gatgaacagg aatggataaa     53760
     tgaattaaat gtcaaaacat aatacagcac accgtgtgag ctgtcgagcc ctgcctggta     53820
     agccacccag taccatcagt aaaattcttg caagtttttg gcatgatttc agagctttca     53880
     caaacaaaac attgcgaaaa taattcttac cttgaaaaaa aaattactct taggccgggg     53940
     gctgggagac atgggtcagt gagtaaaggc ttgccttgcc gtacagaggc cccgagttca     54000
     attcccagaa cccagataaa aatggcatgt gtgatgttgt gtgcttgtaa ctccagctct     54060
     ggggaggtca ggaggatccc tggggctcac cggcctgtca ggccagccta tctgtgtgtt     54120
     ctaagccaat aatgaaacct tgtctcaaga gaggcacaca gtgttcttga tgaaacaccc     54180
     tgaaactgtc cttcgatgtc cacctgtgtg cgcacatcca tgtacacttg caagcacaca     54240
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacattta aaaaaaggaa aaaaaaaaac tcctcactct     54300
     agcaaggaga gcacagaaac cacaaagcat ctactggcat acatactcac gggaatatat     54360
     gctatggaat aataagggct agaccagggg ttactagatg tgcatctgac tattggagca     54420
     caatgggaag gcagtatcat gtgtgacatc gtacaaggag tagtacagtc acaatcttag     54480
     gtcacattat ttgtatatga agtcctcact acagtttttc ccaaatcaga tcctaacttg     54540
     acactttaac tcattccctg tactcagata atggaaactc ttacgtggcc tccggtttgc     54600
     tctagaaaga gagcttccag atgtgcctgt cctaagccga atcttggccg tttatgtggg     54660
     agctaactgg gaagacaggg ctccaggttc agacggaaaa ggagccaagg gttgctggtg     54720
     tctcttttct ccatctattg ctagatgtgg atggctgaca ggcaggaaat ggagtgcaca     54780
     gttcactaac aaactgtgct tccagagaca gtaacagaag ggtgagcatg gtgatgcttt     54840
     gctaccaaga accactggaa ccggcaataa agtactacag tcaggaaaga ctagagagag     54900
     atttcaaaag attaaatcga gtaggtgctc agtccctaaa ggacaaaggg tatctaatct     54960
     cccagcgtca cagtgctgtg tgtaagagga tccccataaa taacacctcc tgccctactt     55020
     cccaggtgtt taacaaaccc tggaaccaga gcgaagggac accaggctgc tgggtattgt     55080
     gatcaagacc attacctcat acagctggcc catggtagca ctggtgggag ggatggtgtt     55140
     gttgacaaag aagaataagg cgtcctcagg tctcaggtgg atcctcttcc ggattaagaa     55200
     gtagaactgg ccaactacag gaaggaaaca gagagcaggg tgagaaatga aaaaggatta     55260
     gtaggagaaa cctcagaaaa caaaataaaa tctattgtgt aagtacaagc ttttcagacc     55320
     caaaagctgt ccgagagcct tagtgggaaa atagaaaagg aggcatgtac agtgtctgac     55380
     ccaccacact gggactgtcc cctcccttct tcctcatcca tcttcagact caatattagc     55440
     aaatctatcc agcacgacta ttgtggggga gtacaatgta gatccaagca ttcccatcta     55500
     aatggactcc tgattccttt ggggtcccat ttgcactcta agagctaaca ataggaagag     55560
     atccactgca ctctggccct cccagtacca tgggggcaaa tgttgggaca atgagcccac     55620
     gcaacttctt cctgcaaaca atgaagctct gggaggctga caggcaaatg cgtgaacact     55680
     gcatctaaaa gaatctttcc agggcatcct gaaggcacct ggtacttctt taagaacaag     55740
     gtaaactcta aatacatata attcaaaaca gaaagtaggc taggttttgc agttttcatc     55800
     tcccagacag aagcacattt aaagataaag tatttggata taaatctctg aaatgtgatc     55860
     ctccttggtg acaataccca agacacggct ggagctgata taaatcgatc cacctcagga     55920
     tagcatggct gatttttaaa gtggtataaa tgacaaactt ttgttcttta ctcccagagt     55980
     actgctttcc tgtgtctcca tgactagggt acatgagtat ggcattggga aatatcaaac     56040
     agaactagaa acaggagggc agagtatgcc tatctgtact ggccagctca ctgaaggaaa     56100
     ccatgcaagg tcaccaccta catgcagtga caacccatat agtcaccaac ttagacttaa     56160
     agatcaagaa tgctttgcct ggaatgaaag gtcagaagag agaaagatgg ttaccagtga     56220
     ggtcggaggg cacaaggtac ttcctcttat ccagatcagg gaccctggct ttaggagcct     56280
     tctccacgat gacctagaag aacaggagac tgggatgaaa accagacagc ctagcattgt     56340
     ctttttcctt acatacctga aatttgccca tgctgtccag tctcattttt cagtccccat     56400
     ttccaatact ccttgagttt aaacaactac aaattaccta taaagggcta taaaagtcat     56460
     tcaccctacg gtattttatt agagaattga agagatgttc tgtgtttcta agatgtgtct     56520
     gatgacctat ttatttttcc tctaaaatac catttacaga cccaggagaa gaagcagtca     56580
     caaaagcgct ctctgtcaaa gtgtgaagac tgagttctga tccccaaact ccatgtgagt     56640
     gcccactgga tgtgcagtcc ccatgctggg aaggcagaaa ctggagatcc ctgggtcaag     56700
     ctggctggct ggagtaacta aaggggcaag ctctggattc acactgagta atgtgaagag     56760
     taagcaagaa ttgtgtgaga taccaacatc tggcctccac atacatacac gcaatcacac     56820
     acatgctccc tcgcctgtgt acacacttac acagaggggg aaatgccatt tgttacaagc     56880
     acaacattat aatttagaac ttcactgcct ttcaaaggcc gttgtgttaa aaaaaaaaaa     56940
     aaaaagtgct cctgccttgg tgctatgagc aagtggtaga aactttaagg ggtggggcat     57000
     catggaggtt ttaggtgttt gagccagaga ctaatcctcc ctcatctgtg cctctatgct     57060
     tctaacacga tagtttgacg caccaccagg ccaaagactg gggccatcta agagcatgga     57120
     caaagacttc tgaagtcagt agctttcttt ccctatagaa tttgaccttc tcagacactg     57180
     ctacagtgat gactaacaca cacacacaca catacacata cacacgcacg taatgtggtt     57240
     cagatttcaa tctttgcaga aaagtgttca ttgctgagtg aaagctattt tgaattttta     57300
     taatgaggga cactttttga gagtcacaca ctaagttatt cagcattagt aaccgtgtta     57360
     gaattttaag ggactttcaa tgtcgacatt aagttttttc ataacacttt taaagattct     57420
     gcattttgta acaaagaaaa agacacaaaa tcttcggtga tgtttacaga gtggctcaga     57480
     gaacagaaaa tatctgacaa gaatattaac attagattct ttgttttgaa aatctcatct     57540
     tagagataag aaatgggaaa tacacaaaag caaagaagca gaaacaacac tggacaagta     57600
     tccctagaag ctgagtgtct gtcagtgtgt ttccgacctt ttcgagcttc ttcatcaagc     57660
     cacatacctg tccaccccca gataccatac aaacaagtac aagaaaatgc ttgggtagac     57720
     agacgtgaat ccaaagcttc aagggaaata gaaaagaact tgaaaagaaa tagaccaaaa     57780
     aagaggaagg aaagaggcag gttacaaaca gagcacagga aacagggagc cctggtattc     57840
     accacaggaa ctcttgagtc ctggaactcc aaccaaaagg agaggggact tgttttctgc     57900
     atctgtcgca gtggctcata caccataggg atgtttacaa atgtttaaaa atagtatgtc     57960
     ctacagttcc tgctgttaca ggtctccaac acacggttat ctcaagatcc catgatccct     58020
     tctcccaagg cccacgcaca cctcttaaga ggccaagctt aagttgtgag tcagactgcc     58080
     ttagaaactt agcggctttc ctgtaaatac ctgaacatag gaagattcgg ccctgtgacc     58140
     aaggcaggag aactcctgtt ataatccagt catggagaag acaccaggca aagggttcca     58200
     attttagtgt tgcccccact cccaccccca cacaaatctc agcagggttc tatgtcacaa     58260
     ccagatgaga ggttgagaac ctctcagatt gggaggtacc atctgggtgt gaaatccagg     58320
     gatccatgag atctaagcga aggtgtcttg gcttacaaat catcactgaa gtaaaacatt     58380
     cagcatcaag tcacaaacag gagaatacag agaaactgca atattgtggg tgagtgctgt     58440
     acacaactga atgcgagggg gctctgtctt gaggaaggac ggaggtttta gctgaatttg     58500
     gaaacagttg caggtcacag ctcggatttc tgttaaagtt ctgaataatg ggggtaggtg     58560
     ttcacttaag tttcctggct ggcaccaact accacctgaa ctccagatgg cagcaggtgt     58620
     taacctactt ctagggctca accttacaag gcgttcatct aactgtacta caaactggaa     58680
     aacaaaaaca aaaacaaaac tctggaagcc caagggctct ggaagccctg aagcatgaca     58740
     gccagggctg gaattctcct ccaccagtca gcaatgtcaa acctgtgggt ggtgacttca     58800
     ctgccctgtg cttcagagca tgtctctagc acagggattt taatgctgtg acgagagtcg     58860
     gtgagtacac agacaaggca ttcagagtgc tgccagctgt gtggtccatg tgtaatttta     58920
     aaatattaag tggggctgac aaactgagag aaattttgaa agcaatcctc cacagtcctg     58980
     agctcaagga aataacatgt gaaggactgt gtagtaggaa ggcatgactg gagtgtgccc     59040
     agccgttctg gaagagccat gtatatgtaa tttctggaga atggtggaat agttagctct     59100
     cttcttcctc atagaaaatg gggctgaggg tagaaaatgg ggctgagggt agaaaatggg     59160
     gctgagggct ttctcttgct ggacctccgt ttcttctggt agccctggct gagataaaga     59220
     ataaggaaga agtccctccc ccctattact tatgcatcaa aaaaaaaaat tatcaggtta     59280
     gcacagctct tttacccttc aaagttagag gaacgccaac ctaatataac atcattgcct     59340
     gtacaaataa agagaacgat tttttaaagt ccctggtcct ctatccacca tatttaaaag     59400
     cgatgtcatc ctttgcttcc aattctgctg cgcagccttc aaaagaggag gaaaaaaaaa     59460
     aaggcaagtg ggcgggggag ggggtaaagt ggaaaacacc cggatgctga agactccctt     59520
     agtatttttc tccccactgc atgaactagg tattagctgc ttaaatcggg gtataattaa     59580
     tggaggaaac ggttctcagt actggttctt gagatccaag agcccaccca cctatcacag     59640
     tgcagagcac ggaccttctt tttccacaca tggcccagga gacaataatg aggtggaggc     59700
     aggcatgacc ttgtttgagg gcccgcctgg tgaagcccct caccccaccc cacccccaat     59760
     tctaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacgcag gtcagaatct aggggcttct cgagtttttc     59820
     ctcctacgct caaggaaatg ggaaggagac tcgttttcat ggagaaccaa ttgagcagac     59880
     atggatgggc acaaggctca tctcacctgc tgctacaggg ttgggacgcg tttttctata     59940
     gcatatccta tctgcggccc ccaaccagtc gcccccgcac acacaggcct cgccacgcgc     60000
     acatcccaac ctccatgggt gctgaatcct gctgactcac ccaccacgcg cacgctgcgc     60060
     tttcgagatg ccaaaagtgg ctacaggccc tggggataca agcttgtcaa agccggtcaa     60120
     gaatacttga ttccgatgac cctcctgtgc cagggccacc cgccatcgcc aggctacctc     60180
     ggtagctcca gggcaaccag ctcccaaact cctcaagctt gccttctccc tccccgcccc     60240
     cactcaccgg cacccggtcc gggtatttct tcctaatctt ttcaccttcc tttttccgat     60300
     actcgaaggg gtggtcctcc ttatactgga acttcatgat ggacctcagg atgtaggggc     60360
     tccccggacg gggcctgctg cgcgcgctga tgactgcgtc tcgcgtctgg ccacccccag     60420
     tcaatgtcag ccttatcaca atcgctccac ccgcgtcagc tcccacgcgc cagtcgccgc     60480
     actacgtggc taaacgtcca gagaaggacc tggagatctc gcggcctgaa ggtaaaggac     60540
     caccaggtaa agaaataggg tggcttttcc caagagctgg aaacacaaaa acaccagggc     60600
     ggtgctgtga catcacgacg ccccaccccc gctccgcccc cggcgctaag gacctgctgg     60660
     atccgggtgg acagaagctt tgtttatttg tgtatcttct tttcacccaa gcttttccta     60720
     aaccactcca tcgaaacgca aaaatcatgt agtcgggttt ttatttttga ggattgatat     60780
     taaaggtaat ttgttaattc aaagaatgct ctaacaaatg tcgtcttccc tccccttcaa     60840
     gtttcttgtt tgatgcccaa aacaaacaca gaggaagaaa atccagctgt ttccagagca     60900
     atggaatcag gagtctggag ttggaaaagt gccaggcgtc acgagatttg tagcccgggc     60960
     tgaaatgtcc tgtgcttgca ttttgacctt tgcctggcac ccacgactgg cctgccttct     61020
     ctgccccaac tcctccttct gactggtgtc cttatgtttg gatctgtgct agaattggtt     61080
     ctgagacaac ataaacagag catgactcat ggatttgaag aagtgtaagg gtgaagaaca     61140
     tgaagtcatc aaggttagaa gaagcgatgc cagcgatgaa caccaggctt cactcacgtt     61200
     caaggagaga tgaatccatt cattttataa ggttcaccca gaagcatggt tgttgagttc     61260
     ttgaaaatac agaggtcaaa tcatttaggt gtctatgttt ccccaacaat actttgctct     61320
     ggggtgggta tcacctgtag ggtagttgtc ctgatgaaaa ggccttattg ggcaccaaaa     61380
     gctctgactg gcatgctggt ggaagaccct caatagtata gagagagtca gcccaggccc     61440
     ctctgacata ccgggtttcc atcttaagac tctttggatg cggggtcacc cttctgattc     61500
     tactggcagt aactccagac ctatatcttg ggaacatcgg agataaagtt caaggatgct     61560
     ttgtgctgtg aaaataaaat gactactaag tggtaccagg caagcagccc tgttgcctga     61620
     ttttatgtac atgacttagt gatatggtta taaaatatgg gcaaaataaa gtgaactgaa     61680
     tttaactggc aaaacaagaa catgaaatac atagcccact tcttggtttt ctcctggtaa     61740
     tctttcttac atatgaagac aaatgaattg gtatataata ttgttgtatt tatttattgt     61800
     tgtttttatt ttcaaattaa aaatagttta atacccagct actcatttta cccttgaccc     61860
     aaatacaatt aagtctttca gaagaaattt tacaaccagt tgagacagat ctgggatgaa     61920
     aatggtaata gtgttgtttt ctgagtaacc ttcaggtttg tttttttgtt gttgttgttt     61980
     tgtttttttt ttttatagat gtacagtctc agctagttga agggcagttc ttcagtccac     62040
     tgaaaatgta tgcagtacat gaaaatttaa agatgaaatg ttggttaatc agctcttagg     62100
     atttttaaaa tgctagtcgt ttacattaga atgcaaaatg tattgggagc tggagaatgg     62160
     ttcagtggtt aagaacactg actgctctac tagaggacca gggtttgatt tccaactccc     62220
     acatgacagc tcaggagtat ctgtaactcc agtttcaggg gacctaatac cctctctgac     62280
     ctctactacg ttactgcatg tccgtggtgc acatacatac atataggcag aacccccaca     62340
     caaataaaat aaaaataagt catattaaaa tacaaaatgt atctattttc acaattttac     62400
     tattgattct cagaaggttc tttaaaatgt tgtacacagg tacatttata aactaacaat     62460
     cagataaaaa aaaaaacctt ttaagttgct ttcttcaacc atacaaaggg cagttttaaa     62520
     aggaccacat tttctcatat agccacatca aatgtttctt gtactgttgt aatttttaag     62580
     attggatctc tttggttttt ttatgcatat cagtaatgga gaagatttca gagtagtaca     62640
     agacaagcaa tatgcccctg ctccaggtgt cttcttcctt ctgggaagta aactgcactt     62700
     tacctctgcc gtcatgtcaa ccaccacaat gcatcttaaa attatcagta cctccccaat     62760
     taggtaattc ttcctagagt ttatacccag tgttctatgc ctcttaaaac acagctcatc     62820
     attttcccca gtcattagga tttggaactg aatatgaagt tgttttgttt cttctattta     62880
     tttatttatt tatttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttgag acagggtttc     62940
     tctgtgtagt cctggctgtc ctggaactca ctttgtagac caggctggcc tcgaactcgg     63000
     aaatccacct gcctctgcct cccgagtgct gggattaaag gcgtgcgcca ccaccgcccg     63060
     gctgtttctt ctatttataa tttctactat tatatataag tcaatgaata aaagccagaa     63120
     ttagagtatt gacctggttg taactagaca taatttacta acaaacatca gaaaacttaa     63180
     cttgttcagc ttgaactttt aaaaagaagt tttttgtttt gtattgtttg gttaattttt     63240
     aagtaaatgg ctacctacaa aacaaatacc aaagatcatc tgactgagac tggttgattc     63300
     ctgtgccagg aacctttcat gaccctaaag tctccttcct gggtacagtg aattgagctc     63360
     tctccagcta acaagttaag caccaggagg tgacagcttc agcttcattg ttttaaacac     63420
     agttctgctt agattcagga cagtatctca gtacaggaga gttgttaaag actcatgaat     63480
     gtgctttaaa gccaccattt ttattctcac ccactcctaa tggtgttcag tcttgttttt     63540
     atcactatgg gtagagcaaa gagggttata agtgccaaaa taaatgtatt aacatgagtt     63600
     ttcacagtgt cacaatgtca tatcccttca cttctgtcca gctgtcagcc tgttgtagtc     63660
     tttggaagaa agtccaattc cttaggaatg aagttgaatt attaaacagt gaccatagtt     63720
     taattctctt ctcttccata gacgggtttc agattttgct ccaagctaac tattacagtt     63780
     tagatgacat attctcacat gctcaggagc actttgctca cagctggtat tgctgtcttg     63840
     ggatgctgga gaggatcctg aaagttagga gagggggccc aggggaagga tctatgcagc     63900
     ctctttttca taagggtact tatcccttat cccttatctt aaaaagactt tgccctcagg     63960
     acttggtcaa ttcccaaagg attcacctct cgataccatg atcttggtga atggcagcag     64020
     gggctaggga gttaatcagt aaatagattt ggaaggacca gagcaaatag caatgttgtt     64080
     ttagtctcag gtagacacta gatgaggaag acagacacca cctaaaacaa taatgaagac     64140
     atggataaag agagattttt aagagagtct tgatggtact ggggatcttg atttcaagta     64200
     gcacccctac tggagaagct gtccttcaca ggccaaaatg atctctgccc atagaaaaag     64260
     cctcagtcag accagactga tcgatcctca gactagtgga acctttactc tccaatggca     64320
     tggatacccc agggaacagc acacctttgc cttaattgcc ccagagcaac cacaaaccac     64380
     ctcagcagtg agaatagact ggaaacagcc tggcagaaat gaagctggtt ttagtctctc     64440
     tatctatcag actattgaaa caattattcc cccaaatgaa aatttcccta ggaatttcat     64500
     gctgagagaa agaagaggca ctgactagaa tttgtaagat agatttcaaa cagttccaac     64560
     aacttgtttc atgaccttcc tcccatgaga ctgaaaccaa gataatgacg gtggtgtgga     64620
     gggccacaca tcaactgagt ctcaggagat gtacatatct tggccctcaa tttaaacttt     64680
     gatcttactt caggactctg aagacccaat ttgaggggtt tgctggagct cttagtccct     64740
     ctttcccaaa gtagccactt tgaataaatc tcttttctct tctttccact attgacttag     64800
     ctcttttaat tggctgttga ggatgggctg ccagacctga cttgagacaa aagttgtgac     64860
     cccaagtttg ataataaaat ggcatccgtg gaggaacaaa gacacacttc agggtgctgg     64920
     tcactcacag ctggccccaa agaggaggaa tgggcattgc ctgtagtcac tgaggtaatt     64980
     tcctccaggg acattttcct cttcccactt caacccaggt tgcttttatc tccacttagt     65040
     gaaaccgaga atctacttca gaccctgttt aggattttca agaaaatctg acccttggta     65100
     agtatcctcc tgatcagtga actttgggct tttccttcct gtttgccttt ggactcttct     65160
     gagcagttta gggttcttta ggggattgcc atctggtgat tggctctatc tttaggtatt     65220
     cttctgttga aatgtaccag agtattgttg acacagtgat ggtggctaag gcagcatcct     65280
     tcccccttgc acagaaaaag acaggtattc tactgagata ctgtccatgg gtccctctct     65340
     aacagacact gccgaatcgg tgtcaggatc ttacttcctg ttctactacc cctttcttgc     65400
     ctcttatctg ggaatcagag gatttagcca aggccttaat ctatgaaacc tccctgattc     65460
     tctgaaagcc ttaagcacca gttcccaggt ctgccccatg ggctctgatt tctcttctta     65520
     tggaccctac cactctactg ttgcctctct gtctatggta ctaacttgct tctgataaac     65580
     tttgctcctt gttccctagt atcctgtctc aggcttctat tgaatcccac ctgcccctat     65640
     gccaaaacta acaatcaaca aactgttata caatgagtga aaaacaactt gaaggatttt     65700
     ttttaaaagg gcattcaagg agattaaaaa cgtccaaaat aaataaaaaa ttaaaaatac     65760
     ggttgataac ctcaagaaat agacagaacc tcaaagaaac agaaaatacc acctccagaa     65820
     aatgaagata attgattaca accacagaaa atgcagaggg aaaaaatatc tgccaaacat     65880
     taatgtatac gaagggggaa agccagaagt gttagaggaa agatgggaaa acagcctcca     65940
     gagtatagca ataggacaga gtggggaagg gaggcagggg atcctcatca aaggtgactc     66000
     atgtgtgata agtcacagaa agagcagaga aaatgataga gttcttctaa atccaacggt     66060
     gcctttaaac taagggaaat agcctttttc ctagaatttc ataccaagcc aaactagtct     66120
     ttaagtgtgg aggtcggtca ggacactggt gacatggagg tcatccaagt gtttccttct     66180
     cacacacatt ttcaggaaac agtcccaggg tacagaagcc agccaaggaa ggaaaagaca     66240
     aggataaaag aaacagaagt tagagtaata gaggggggtt ggcatccaca cagtaatgca     66300
     aatggctaga ctagtattat atagatgtgc taacactcat gcagcattat aggttggatg     66360
     tatgttatgt atctgtggca atgaaatgga ggcatacaca cagtgtcgat atttaatcac     66420
     cagtgaagac attagaaccc agaatgaaca agtgattctc ccaacagtgg gacagagatt     66480
     gtaagacaga gccagaattt taacactgag agcccagttt tagaatttta accattatat     66540
     tttttcctgc tccccactat gttgatctaa tcaaaattat ttgtctcttg atacaatttg     66600
     tctccttcca attaaaccca tatttatctt tttttttttt ttgtattttc tgctgcctgg     66660
     aggagaaaat agctcaactt tacctttaca tggtcatcat gattaatact acagagaaga     66720
     gagggccagt cgccaagtgt aaggaacagt ttgtcaccct caactgctct acctcccatt     66780
     ctcccaccct atatgtccct accctcacca aaacctacat caccaatgtc caccccaggc     66840
     tgctgggtag agacactttt tatatgtaaa gtggaactcc tgagcaatca atattcttgg     66900
     agccccagga ccatacttaa gcaggaataa ggacagtgtg agcatttcat ctagaagctg     66960
     aaactcggag aacttttaat ttgctttctc aaactttgag ctttcatcat ataaactaaa     67020
     gtagtgctgc tttggggtgt tccaatagcc cagagtccat gccacttcta tatttccttc     67080
     ctgctactca tcttttcatg agaaacacat cccaaaaagt aatattatac tttctccttc     67140
     ttcaaatatt tgctgtcgtc caatgcagag caaagtccaa agtgcttatt ggtcacgttt     67200
     attatcttta tagaaaccaa ttccaacttc ttttctggga ttcattccac ctaggtcaca     67260
     cttagaattt ctattatttt cttatttatt tactattgtt attaattttt aagtttatat     67320
     ctgccacaga aactatcatc tattgctcat ttgatagtta aatgtttatt atttctcatc     67380
     ttgaagtttg gacagttgtt tcctggtacc cttttcaaac attaaaattg taaggaattc     67440
     tggggtggta aatggtgtca aggtatgtgt gccaatagaa ggatgagagc caacattact     67500
     cagcagagca agtcaaatat tttccacagt taacacttga tgcttctgga acaacccata     67560
     aatcaatgaa gttattttcc tactttgctt ggtcaagggc atgttttcca ttctgacttt     67620
     tttattacct tctagctgat gcattttgac caaggagtgg gaaagcaaaa ctcatgatct     67680
     ccagactctg gtaaacaatg cactgtttgc ttcctttcta aactctgatc tacacctgct     67740
     atatctacta agttgaccct ctactaagaa tggtagagct tcatgcatat aattaactta     67800
     gcaagaatct ctggtacagt tcctagccta gacctggacc agagacagac cacaacagag     67860
     catctgtgtg tctgcttgct catcctccat agagagctgc ccaccacagc ccgattcacc     67920
     tcctctcagc tccccacaaa gcagtctgtg ctgtcctctt atgaatgggt atatgcctgt     67980
     ttcaggattc tcccatacct aagtgtaaac ctccttatag gaattaagct attctaaaca     68040
     gacactgtat agttcccttt agaaccaaac tattgacatg atgtgccaca gactggactc     68100
     aattggcccc cctcaatccg tgagaatcag gggttccatc aggtggacat ggagttgaca     68160
     gagaatgagg tgacaagcaa acacgacaca agggagtgtg gtgaatctga atataatgtc     68220
     aaattgagca tcacacgttt tatacagaag aaaataggga agttaggtga cacatcagca     68280
     aggtacaatg aggttaccgg atacttaatg actctaacac aaaacagagg aatgcaaaca     68340
     caaagactgg aaagaactgg gcaataaaac aactgagaca aagtcagctt tatctaaggt     68400
     catctatatt cttagaagcc aggtgtgagg tctttacatt cctgggccaa gggctttcat     68460
     gcccaagcca tggttctaat taaggagttc tgctctagct aaccttctca tgaataatgc     68520
     aatactctaa aatcacagcc cgatctactt cctaaaccat tgaaaattcc tgtatatggg     68580
     agcaacttgg ctttttattc taagtgatag tgtgggggga ctttctacta ataagtaata     68640
     tagtctgcca tacataacta taataagaat tctaaactta cattgcttag cttgccctga     68700
     gatttctaac tctatgtagt agatagtaaa acgtgatttc tttcactatc tctcttacaa     68760
     tactagaggc aattctgaat gtcactgaat aggcaacatt cttactgaat tccaagccca     68820
     gtgtcggctc aaggactacc tagggcattg gtgaaggcca ggaagcaaag ttcaattttg     68880
     cttaggtatt tggcaagtca ttgcttggtg acacctataa caaaacaata ctgaaaggaa     68940
     gcacaaagga ttgccaaggt tccaggaggc ataatttcct tgaaactctt tgcctcgtga     69000
     gtgcttccag gcctttcggc ctgtcaagca gacttcactg gaatgggcgt agcaatgatg     69060
     tatcccaaga aattggaact tttcctagaa cctcatgata ggagagcaaa aggccaagga     69120
     agcctagtgc ctacctgaag aggaactggt ctccagttct gaaaacttat cagactaccc     69180
     cataagaaag ataggagtcc actgatgatg ggtagattcc tactgcttag ccacatgtac     69240
     ctctggtcct ttatttaaat ctaaattcat gttacaacat gaaagataga ctttaggtgg     69300
     aaggagggga accttcttat cctattccca gtgtgttcac actgaacaaa cctccctccc     69360
     ttgcctttca ctattacata cttgtttaat tggcctatga aggacagatg tagaacctag     69420
     gctgttatag ccttcagagc ctaggttctc atctcctgat gattccagag acgtgtggag     69480
     cctggggctg tccaggtcac tttatcctat ggtgtagata gggacactcc ttcatataca     69540
     agcatcatac tagactgagt tctgagtgtt tgcaggagtt ataattttga tcaatgtgaa     69600
     gtgaaaaaat gaactgtagt caccctgaga cacttcagag taagcactag tggatatgga     69660
     ataaatctgt gttgtgtttg tgcgggctga gaaagaaaag ctgctgaatc tccattgatt     69720
     caaattagag gggagacact gagaacaaac agctaacctc tttgttttct gacagatttc     69780
     aacttgggca cagctaagta tgttgtttaa aaagagagcc agttgccatc attttacaca     69840
     caccccataa tctttatccc ctcattgttt ttttttatcc gagatcttcg gcttctccat     69900
     agaagataag tctttttcat tgaatgtcat caagggattc aaatctcctt tacagctctt     69960
     tctaaaacat tgatcacacc acggcattca ctgccaataa gatattaacc aattcttcat     70020
     tgactttgac ttcaatgtct acattaaatc acttaaaact aagcctaaca atgtatccct     70080
     tttcttctat aatgctatgc ttcctgcctt cttttcatag taatgtaaat actctacatg     70140
     gaagaagcta tgaagaaagc agaagcaaaa ggaagaaaga cactaaaagg aggatgggga     70200
     atgatcacct catctatggt gtgtcagaag ccatctagga gatcctatgg ctagtggatg     70260
     atgattctat ggctagcctg agatggtcca ccatttttac atgatctgcg atggatggac     70320
     tctgggaacc aaggccctga catgaaatcc ttcatcccag gattgcttct tgctattgat     70380
     atgtctttcc tgtcattatt aaaataatac aattactaag tattagccta cattattagg     70440
     caaatttttc tgcaggtcaa tatacagatg aactttcatg aattaatgct gtttagatga     70500
     attgctaatc cctgatttga tcttagggag aaaattttaa caaatggttt tagtcgtttt     70560
     gctagaaaga tgtaataaag ataaaatcaa gactataatg tgccactcct cataatagta     70620
     agtaaaggct gcattagtaa gaaatacaat gagttttcat aattacatca aaaagagata     70680
     tagaattggg acaaatttgt gttcaaggaa aagcattcag gtccaaggat gaagccacag     70740
     gtgtgcctat gataagacaa ggctatgaga aactgttgct ttgaacttaa aatgagctta     70800
     aagaacaaaa cactgcttta aacttaatat caacattttt ctgtgactca cctttatgta     70860
     acattttatc tatgaggtaa atctttctta cacagagaat ccattgtatt aaggatataa     70920
     aagactgaaa gcaataaata aagatgatgt agccattttc tgcctgatct agtgtgatgt     70980
     tttctgtatg agtgacttct tctttctttt ctggttcaca aagagttaac cagcctagtc     71040
     tgtgagaact cctggcagct tgacctaaga aaggataaat cctttactta atccctctac     71100
     ttttaacaat tgagtgttaa ttgccatagg cctgcagcat ctggcctcag agtaattcag     71160
     agtcaagaca actaagtgtt attatagaaa gcagccttta ctttcacaaa accaagtttt     71220
     gcccccaccc cacccccacc aatgcttccc catggctgct attctatcca gggagaatca     71280
     gggcttgggc aggctcatgg gggaacacct caaattccag cacacagaag gcagaaggag     71340
     gtggatctat gtgagtccaa ggccaacctg gtctatgcag taagactcta tctcaaaaaa     71400
     aaaaaagttt ctgaggttgg ctttcaaatg tatatcctcc tgtctcaaga gtccagaagg     71460
     aatgctgtat tgagtctttt ctcactcagt tgcaacaaca ctgatttatt aaattgattc     71520
     tctttgtttg actcactatt taatgaggtc actcttggtt gagattaaag ttttttacat     71580
     ttcaccagca aatttttttt ccatatataa gagttcctgg gaaaagcatg tgtctgcaaa     71640
     ggtagatgta gatccagagc ctgagtacaa tttatcttgt actagactta gcccccccaa     71700
     atcatctctc tttgccttcg ccaccctatg ttgatctaaa atcttattac taacaagata     71760
     aagccggatc taacatcttg ccaccagata aaagctttta aaaatgtatt aatttaataa     71820
     accatggttc taccaaacaa aaggctaaga atgtgctttt ccaggtgcac aattctttat     71880
     ccaactcatc agcttgttgt gatgctcctg tccccagtgt ggcactcaaa tccctgccta     71940
     tctctgcatt ccattgtcat tgtagagggc agttttagtc catactcttc cttttgaaga     72000
     tttactgatt ttaatttcta acaaaacaat tttatagact attatggctg gtcttagttg     72060
     ccagtttgac tggattaaga gatgtctagg actgtgtgaa tgggggttgg aaattcctca     72120
     aaggtctgac aagtaggaca gtggctacaa ggtggaggaa acctctctga atgtgggcag     72180
     cacttccact gtgctggtgg ctgggatgga aaaaatcaag aaaggcagca gagtgaacag     72240
     gccccttcca tttctgagtg tctaaatatg gctgacatca cctgatgcca tttagactcc     72300
     agcatcttaa gactttaaac atgggctctt attgtgtctg gcccttcagg aaagtcacat     72360
     tgtaatcatc aaagacctga agaaaaatat aaatcaccaa tttccttaaa gatgcaaaat     72420
     agtacagaac tataatccca gctttttgag aggatgaagc tagagattgt atgtttaagg     72480
     ccggcctgac ctacagagta aatttaaggt taacttagtc aacttgctga gaccggtcct     72540
     caattttttt ttttaaagtg agagatgaaa atcaaactat ccatcttgct gcttcttctc     72600
     tggctggctc tttgctattc ttggcatggt attccttaaa tgatccttct tgctttaaaa     72660
     gatcctgctg aactaatgcc acataaagca ccattaacca ctagtggtag tgttactcgg     72720
     gaggagaaag tacactgctt tcaatggcaa taagcagaaa agggaataag atcagatgtt     72780
     tggggtggtg gatagaaggt tacatatgac tttcattcct tctccttacc agggctagat     72840
     cctgcctaga cttagtagat tgacagtggg gtatgcgtta agaagagaga tggtaatttg     72900
     aatatgttca aatatggtaa tttgaaggag tacagcagta agcacagtaa atatggagtt     72960
     aatgctagat tcccaagaga gattgaagac tgtgaaccta ctctgggtga gtggagctgt     73020
     gagatctttc tccagcatca ttcaaagcat aggcattggg atgaaatcat gttatttcac     73080
     tgaaccaaga cttgagattt aaaaaataag gatgaagcca tttaagaagg gagtaagaac     73140
     ttgaaaacag taatgaacgt gactgaggat tctaacatgt cttaggttga gcagagaaag     73200
     aagttacagg atttttaata tccatccacc agctaacttt ttcaagccag tatcctcttg     73260
     aacaatgaaa agccaatata ctggatggag catagtgtcg cacatctgtt atgccagctc     73320
     ttaatccttg atctcgagaa aattagtagc cacttatcaa tggatgtgtg tcctttttgg     73380
     gtctgggtta ccttgctcag agtattttct agttccattc atttgcctgc aaaattcatg     73440
     gtgtcctcat ctttaatagc tgaagagtat tccattgtgt aattttctgt atccattctt     73500
     cagttgaggt ccatctgggt tgtttccagc aaagtacaga atacccatga tacaactcaa     73560
     agatcatatg aagtttaaca agaagaaagg cccaagtgag gatacttcaa tcccacttag     73620
     aaaggggaac aaattaatca ctggaggcag agggaagtag agacctggat gggagagggg     73680
     agaggaaggg tatggggagc gggaacaggt atagggggag gcagaagaga agcccagagg     73740
     gccaggagaa tgaatagaaa tatgcatctg cagggggata gggggacagg gggaagtctt     73800
     caatgtctaa aaagtccgag agacctgaga tgtgagaagc tttcagaact cttagctaaa     73860
     atgttcagcg gtgggagata taacctgaag acatcacctc caaaaaaata cacaggacct     73920
     gcagtggagg gatggggcca cccatctatc ttaaaaattt ttgacacaga attgtttctg     73980
     tctaaaagaa atgcaaggac aaaaatgaaa cagagactgg aggaaaggcc atccagtgac     74040
     ctgcccaaat tgggatccat cccatgggca ggcacaaaat tctgacagta ttactgatgc     74100
     catgttgtgc ttgcagatgg gagcctagca tggctgccct ccaagaggct ctaccagtag     74160
     ctgactgaga cagatacaga tacttacagc caaccattgg actgagatca ggacccctat     74220
     caaagagggg aaggattgaa ggagttgaag gggatggcaa ctgcatagaa agaaaacagc     74280
     attaactaac ctggacccct tagagctccc agagactaat ccaccaacca aagagcatac     74340
     ataggctggt ccattgcccc caggcacata cgtaacagcg gactcccttg cctggcctca     74400
     gtgagaaagg atgtatgaat ctaatcctat agagacttgc tatcccagga aggatgaagt     74460
     gggaggatga ggtcgagatg ggcgggtggg gaaggaccct ctcagaacca aaggggaggg     74520
     agatggggca aagaactctg aaagggggca acatttggaa tataaataaa taaaataatt     74580
     taataataat aataaaagag acagagttag gcaggaaatt ggcaggtgaa ggcaagtctt     74640
     ggtgtcatag aaactgggag actgccctag tctatgcatc aaagtaccat ctcaaaagaa     74700
     aagatgaata attgaaggtg aagagaaagt gaagccgatt ttgtggatga ctttcttggt     74760
     gggggtaaag taaaaccgtt ttagctgctg ctaacaactt atgctcatca gcttgcccag     74820
     gcactctgat ctgtgattca ggagttccaa tcactagcag attgcactca cttgcagtgc     74880
     ttttccctca gggcttcggt gaacattgca agaatgtatt taatgaggtg cagcactcat     74940
     cagccccctc ccccatcgaa tcatcccccc agggtacccc agctagtcac atacaaaaca     75000
     gttttgtctg caaagtgtgt tcagaggaat ccttaggtgt tttgttgttg ttgttgttgt     75060
     tgttgttgtt gttgttttct gtttatctca atcaagacat ttttattgat aaaataaagg     75120
     tactttacct atggttttac aataacacag cagacagaca ggcaaaagga caaaccagaa     75180
     aataattctc agtgaagtta ccacaggcca ctgaagagca gaggacaaca ggaagaataa     75240
     cacgtgatac acgggatgtt ttacaaatag tgccttgggg tatatgtgtt cttgaatgtg     75300
     cacaatgatg tctaacttac agatgagaaa atgattattc caggatttga gtaacttctc     75360
     taagcagttt ttttttcccc cagaatacat ctcactgctt tgatggtaat gacagcagtg     75420
     tggaaggtgg caccaccagg atagcttggc accctctttt gattgtatat gccatcagaa     75480
     gaagatccag gcttagttag ggtagcactg agaattggaa aggtgcacag acctcaacgg     75540
     agtgaatttt taattattgt tccactaggt ggcagcaaga cccacctcaa gagccaggat     75600
     aggtcactct agactacatg gtgaaggctt tccatcctga gaacaagaag gaaagaagca     75660
     gaggaatgct ttctttcaga gcctaaaaag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgagtgtgtg     75720
     tgtgtgtgtt tgcaggacaa agcactgaaa agttgctagg accacttctg tactctatac     75780
     aatgtttcac tcttgtgggt aagactaaac tgatagaacg gttttgacat gtgccacata     75840
     ctgtagtata gtctctccac tcatatcaga acccctggct gtgcaatctg caagtccagg     75900
     tggggattct atggtgtacc aggttgttca gcataatggt ggttgttccc taaaaggaaa     75960
     gatgcatgga tttggtgcac tgatggtagt ggctgtgcac aaagtatgtc tcccttcaag     76020
     attaccacag tcaagtagag ggaagagcaa tttgcaggat tatagggtta aagaaacttt     76080
     atatgcatgc tgtagttgaa ggaattcaag acaccttaat gttccatgct ttggtagtag     76140
     tcaatatagc taaaggtgag ttgcaagctt tgaactttga ataacgagtt agaactcaat     76200
     tagcaatgtg tgtatcagaa aaagcacgtt gttgtgaatg aagagtgaga acccaccttg     76260
     ttcacagaac atgtctaggt ggcatcctga accttgctgg gtggtataaa agaaaacatc     76320
     tcatgtatct tgggatcgtt ccaggtctga tgatgctttg actatcagga atcccgtcag     76380
     tacccccatc agtgtgatgg gggttctgtc ccaggagatt ccttccccgt gggaggcagc     76440
     tgcttttcct ctggaacgga gggtaaatca ggaactttct gcccacacct tgcgactgtg     76500
     aagcggctca tgcgaagagc ttcctcgtag cctgggagtg tgtccacaga ggaaggcagc     76560
     tggcccaagg agctgtgtgc atgagccact gccaggattc tccgagctgc agggccaaac     76620
     acggactgca gagctgtgaa ggaagacaga gttggtgtag agatgatcac acccaaaggt     76680
     gatatcctca gattcgagag atctacatca caccgagagt ctctttgtct ttcacctgtg     76740
     ttcaaacacg ttgccgtgac ctttgacgaa cttcacaaaa atccttcaaa gaacttttgt     76800
     tccaatattt tactttgttg gtcaatttat catcagccaa aaaaaacaca aacaaacaac     76860
     aacaaacgaa accttgagaa ttcaggcatc agtgacagcc taggtcacca cattctggaa     76920
     atgaaaacca caccgagttc ccaaacgcaa tgctagtcgg caggttgccc tacatgcacc     76980
     gccaaacctt ttagtacatc ttcaaacctg accccctatc ttagtgttct gagtccactc     77040
     acatgtaatg gtgctctgga gagtgctgtc atggtcaaaa gcaatgacag tcacttcata     77100
     aggcggcggg gccccatctt ccccgttttc tggacggctc aggcagcagc ggaagcatac     77160
     tgaagtcagg ccacacagga gaagcagtgc gccaaccacc accagcaacc tgcaagagcc     77220
     cacacacaaa tccaacctgt ggtcaactgg tttcccagct ctgacctaac catactttaa     77280
     tctccaatca cgatcgttgt tcttctttta gagaacacta ataaggcttc aaccgtgagg     77340
     gtttcatttt gcatatatca gttattgatt tttcagcaag actatgccgg tcaggagagc     77400
     aaacaacact gaagatagtt tgaaggggct gattcttact tcactgtaaa gaagtgtttc     77460
     ttaagcacat tctggggaga ggcactaaaa tcttttgttg ttggctgaag ggactgtatt     77520
     gaaataggaa accgtagcgt attgtcacat aggctagagg tgaactaagg aaactttact     77580
     gtgaaatgta tctatgtttc ttattcacac taagagccag catatgaaaa actttttttt     77640
     aaaaaagaaa atcacataat aaatgaagtc tctttgaggg tgttatgtat ctcaaactta     77700
     ccatatatac cagagatgca cccagtcagt agtcaggcaa ctgtggacaa agaatgaagt     77760
     ttattatatt taaaaaaaat agtgcaagct gcaataatca tgttgttata cttaatacca     77820
     cactataatt taaaaacatc aagacctact ctttttaata ttttaatttt tattttattt     77880
     atttatttat ttatttattg agaaaggtct catgttgtaa ccttgctggc ctggaacttt     77940
     actatttaca ccagactggt cttgaactca cagagttcta cctgcctctg cctccctagt     78000
     gctgggatta aaggcgtgta ctactatgtt ctgctaagaa ttacttttga aaaagtccaa     78060
     tgtaacaggc tgaatcgagt tttataatgc aggtggcatt gctgtgcaaa gcattattat     78120
     agtcactaaa aatttcatta agaagaatgg ccatgagaaa aattaaggga agggggtctg     78180
     agaatggaga ggagaagaag agaaacagct acaacgactt ttgtttgaaa aaactacgtg     78240
     atgaaactta actattttca agttgataag atagaaaagg aaaagaagat gtccccatgg     78300
     ctatttatga gctgctgaga tagagattct caaggattaa gcatagaagg gtataaagag     78360
     tggctttgaa aacagacaag agccttgaac tcaaatgcat gtgaggtcag taactgtaca     78420
     catcaggaaa gtttcagttg aaggcatgaa aggagtcata tttgtaattt atatttcaca     78480
     agttcttgca acatcctccc cctaaaaagg gcctacactt tcacagctaa actcaaaact     78540
     gatgggtaca tctgctgaga ccaaacagga agggagaaaa gggagaggct ggctggcttc     78600
     acaaggaaga ctgtgtggaa gacactaaaa ccgcaagtcg gggataggca gaggaatgcg     78660
     tgtttcttta aagatggacc agtttttcac taaaataata aaataaatgt tctccattaa     78720
     atatatattg agacccattt ctgcatttca tccttggtca ctgttccaca gaaaatgcag     78780
     tttgtttgta ttttccctga aacaatgtat catttctgca ttccatattt ggtcactctt     78840
     ctagagaaaa tgaagttttt ttttttcctg aaacaatgta tcattttact tctcacattt     78900
     tgtcattggt tcacatgctt tcacttctac cttagactcc aaatggcaac agacatctga     78960
     attcacgatg tcatctagcc agtatcagat atactcatgc caagtaatca agacgagcct     79020
     acttacttaa ttcccctcac atctgataga gctggtttca gggaaatgat tctatggcag     79080
     aatgtgtgtt ttcctttcct gtgaacagga ttgttattgt ctgtccttac ttgaaaccaa     79140
     aaattgcttt tggatttgaa gtgggcatgc tgctgtggaa atcatccaaa tagataagcc     79200
     aatgactggc tgctgaaccc agtctgccct aatgagtcac tggaaaccac agctaaggaa     79260
     gccttttgca ggtctccctg actatatgta tttaaattaa ttgtgctgtg ttgacgagaa     79320
     gactgatttg aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagcactctc agtagggtga ttctgagcag     79380
     ttggaatgac acacatgtct atgatggtag gtggtgtcca tttaagttaa aagggaagtc     79440
     ggcactatct gctgacattt tagcctatgt ttgggtgttg tcactttgtc tgtctctact     79500
     cctagcttga actctcagat acttactgtt cagtgttgac acagttctcc tcactcctgg     79560
     ccccaggaag ctgtgggaag gaaataatct cagacatgga aatggtcaca cctgcagttc     79620
     tcagcagcct atcaactacc catcatggct gaaccctgtc agacctattt gtaaagatga     79680
     ggacaggatc ataggattgg tctgtactgg cctgagacat tggtcattcc tttgactggt     79740
     gactacatct tgtgaggcag aagttcctga aagagcaggg atcttctatg tggctcgggc     79800
     catggctgag catccttcct tagggaatta tgaatagccc tctgtgtcag tttgtcaccc     79860
     tagaagtctc ctgactcatc ccctgggaca ttgtggttgt cttccttatc cctgcactgc     79920
     tgaaaattga aatctagccc cagtgctatt cattttcagc cttcaccaca tcagtatctc     79980
     actacacaag aagagcaatg ggggagatgt tacaaagaaa gaagaataaa gaagaaaagg     80040
     aaatgcagaa accaagagaa catataagaa aatgtacttt tatatattgg ttaacttgcg     80100
     tgggaagcaa agcagacagc tgctaccagc acaggaatga gatgcagtct agtttctgca     80160
     gtgtcttgct cagctagact tcctagctat gtaaacttgg ccttggcatt tgtccagaat     80220
     ctctcactat actgaccctt ttttcaacta aatggtgact cacaggcttt tctttcacag     80280
     aggagtaaaa taaattgttt aaaatattat taaagagacc tttggtactg ggaactcact     80340
     gggtaatccc tgcacccctg ttcaagctga gtataacata tactatctct gattgttcta     80400
     atttttctcc ctctttccat gagcatcagt cacacataca tacatctaca cacacacaca     80460
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca catacacata cacacatctc     80520
     tgaaaccccc tattattaaa caaacaccat agtactcttt tctcactccc ttttgggttc     80580
     tatatcagtt tttgctccat ccatttcctc ctagagacag catagctaaa gcaatacgca     80640
     aaggaaagtt tcttcctgct gtttcacaat tgaacacacc tggatgaaat aaaacaggcc     80700
     agaggccatc agcacctggg cccaggctgt cattaggctg aacatctggt ccagaaaggt     80760
     cacgccggct gcatctgctg tatccttccc atgctccgtg ccacgtggaa cttggtggtg     80820
     aaggattcct aaagagaatt ttttctcggc aatagatcaa tctcctctcc ttgttcccgc     80880
     tggctttata ttttacggtt tccttttccc ttttagtttc ctcctcctga gttctcttca     80940
     cggggtctcc acattggctt cctctccact tcctttcttc aatcaaactt ttctgtgtat     81000
     ttaatttttc ttcgtctgca ttcaagaaga gcacatttgt cctctgagtt agattttttt     81060
     ttcctcagtc tataatgaga gacttggacc tgtaataggt caaaggcaga ttgtgagtga     81120
     ccagatgtgt tcttgtgttc atcaggaaac tagttacaca ctctcggctc ctggatgacc     81180
     gctgaagtct gaaagtcact gccaatctct ctccaccctc tctccatgtg attggcatct     81240
     gccttcttac tccttaaaac tctcccctta ccgtgttgat aatcaaccct gcaggttctg     81300
     ggtcatttat tgcagccatt cagcaggact aagagatttt aaaggagcta gaaagttatc     81360
     cctactttag agtaggtagt gggtttcaaa actagaagtg ccaggtgcta acaatggtct     81420
     cagcctcctg cttcagtttc agaaacacag gcatagtttt aaaaaccatt ttccaagtta     81480
     acacactctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     81540
     tctctccctc tgctcctctt aaagcagtgt tgtgatgttg tcactagaga accaggctca     81600
     gagcatacaa tcacggttcc atctactgag gaggctgaga cacgaggatc atatgggtct     81660
     agttcaggaa agtaagacta ccctagggaa cagcaagacc tccatctaaa cccacatatt     81720
     atcaacaata aaataagact tacaagtcat attttaaaat aagcacacca cacggaaagg     81780
     atataaaatg gctatacagg aaaatattgt ccagagccag tgaatgccat ataaacgact     81840
     gatatttaag gaggaatctt ttacccagat cccaaagtac taagtaagaa cactcagtgt     81900
     tggttcacag tgacatgtct gtttcacaag actgaacaaa attagatttc agctgctttc     81960
     taattgatga ggagaggctg cagggtgggt cctgatgagg gagtttgtgg agtgggttcc     82020
     atcacactca aggccccaca caccatgtga tcagaccgtg atgatatgat gtgagaatta     82080
     tgaatgcaaa caatttcctg ttctcagcta aggagagcaa acagtgagag aactctctgg     82140
     tacaatgttg ctctctccaa gttgtccatt tctttttata acataggctc ttgagtgaaa     82200
     tgtactttcc aaacttcaat agaaaactct gtgagacaga aggcattctg gaggagtgga     82260
     gagcaggact taagttacag cctttcacta ggcctggacc ttactgcacc tccttcttca     82320
     gagagcataa taaataactc ctgaactagc atcagctgtt gcttcagcga aaggaaatcg     82380
     gggtcaagga ggcatcttgt gtggaatatt tttattcaaa caccacataa tagaaaaact     82440
     tcatgaatac cccccccaca cacacaccct gttttctttt cttgtgggaa agacagtaaa     82500
     ccagcatggg ttaagaccat agctcagggt cttgatccag tcacttgctt gaccccctgt     82560
     ttgttatggg atcttggaca aggcatttta tgtctctgtc agctcagttc aatttgatat     82620
     ggaaagcact ctggttctca atatccacat agtgactcat gaattgtagc tccagtccca     82680
     gaggaatctc aggccaactt ctgtcctcca tgggaatcag gcatgtgggt agtgagcata     82740
     tatacacaaa agcaaagtac ttatacaaat aaataacaaa ataaaggaat ctttatgatg     82800
     tatattacag tcctgatagc aagcatttga tattagttaa gatactttta atttatctct     82860
     atcttacatg tgatggttcc ttccaatata caggatcatt aatgtccact atgactcttc     82920
     tgtctttcta ccagtccttt ctagatggca atatatcttt ctaatagtct ttttttcctt     82980
     gaacagttcc catgctaacc aggccatttc ttttcccacc cgcaccagcc ttcacctgca     83040
     tgaacaggtt ttccaattac tttggctttc ccccctggca gtttctggcc acatgattgc     83100
     aatcgtcttt cttgccctgg agcttcccag caggcctgaa caccacaggc tttggttaat     83160
     gactcccttg ttgttttctt tttcagaatt acccgtacca tttctttctt atcccataag     83220
     caggaaagaa cttcctttgt tgattctaat gtgtcagtgt cctgtgatgg ctcccgtcac     83280
     agcttttaag taggaaatga tgatagaggg aagatcattc ctaagaagaa aaggtccaca     83340
     tggcataagg acagagggca cggagctgga gacatggagg acattctcat taccagccta     83400
     cataatccca ttccattaag cttgtcaatc attagcttat actatgttgt gaaggactag     83460
     gacttcggcc aacaaaaggt acacatacac tgccctcttc acctgtgctt cagggcattg     83520
     ttatacaacc actctaacaa gtgtagccaa agaattgcta acttggggtt cctttgatta     83580
     ttctcctttg accttggttg ccaggtgcac cccctcctgc tccccttcca ttctgtatct     83640
     caatgaatag aaaccaggaa tactggtact ctgaggtacc aacatcaagc tgtacatgtc     83700
     tgaacagtgg gttgggccat ctccaatggt caagaatgga gacagtggca gaagtcagtt     83760
     tcattctaaa acctttgggt atttcactaa gaagcatctc tgttttaaga tccaagatca     83820
     tagcatagat atttaattcc aacctcagag acatggaaac ttagcaagag cattaaacag     83880
     ggggctttgt tcctcccttg agaaagggtt tcatgtctga cctcaaactt tttatgtagc     83940
     gaagactggc tttgactact gatcttgcct tgccatcaca ctgctgggat tacaagcaca     84000
     tgccgccact cccacctttt gtgaagtgtt gttgatcact cagagcttta tgctaaactc     84060
     atggaatgta aacaagacag agggattcag tttatcaaaa aaaagtatgg tttatatgcc     84120
     aggtagctca ttactacaaa ttgtgtgagc aacagtttaa ggcaacacac acacacacac     84180
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacaa tcagcattca cagcagggcc agaagtagat     84240
     aaagcttagt ttgttccagt gcttgggatt atacaaaaat gagatcaaag tgtctgcata     84300
     gtaacacttg tctgaaagct gtcatggcca tgaaccattt gcaagccctc ttgggcagaa     84360
     tgtatttctt agttggctgt aggattagtt tagtcatgtt tctttacata ttctaattaa     84420
     aatataatta cataattccc cctcctctga cctccctcca acccttccca tgtactcact     84480
     cttgctccct cttaaatcca tgtcctcttt ctctttaatg gatatatata tatataagga     84540
     ctgaccaaca caaagtgtta gatcactggt gagggagctt attcctggag attacttctc     84600
     ctctctccct ctctctgtgt ctctctctct ctgtctctct gtctctctct ctctctctct     84660
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctccatta acgacactca ttgtacctca gaaatacaat     84720
     gcctaaacta tacctgaaca aggacaacac cagtaaacat gctaatatgg aaatgggaag     84780
     tctcatagga ccccactcct aactaagagc tacaggcagc cagggagtgc ttctttaaat     84840
     cttaaatgat gagcacagag gcagatacag gaagagagag gcttcagcac actcctcaag     84900
     ttcctgaagt aattccttgt gtacagtcac atgtgttctg tgacctttgc tacactttag     84960
     gttgtacctc cgagaacata ggcttaaaga catgaaattc cactggggtg tgacatcagg     85020
     tgtcatggag cattctgaat tttttcaagt ctttatcatt ttctggaaac atctctgtag     85080
     agatttaagc acaagagaaa agtccaggtg tggtagtatg gtattgcctt taattctagg     85140
     acttgggaag aagagacaag aagatctctg tgagtttgag ccagtcttaa ctacatagtg     85200
     agttcccaag ccacgattac ccagtgaaac actgtctcaa aagaaaaaaa ccaaaacaaa     85260
     ccaaaacaaa caaacaaaac cctaacaaca atcaatctat cccctttccc cccatcactt     85320
     tttcctctct gttagagtct tgtatactca aactcaaaaa aaattgttta gtctataaga     85380
     gggttacttt actttcacaa aaacacatgc aagggctgaa cctgagttag gaactcgaga     85440
     gttggtcaaa cacctgtcct gtccataatc ttagcactcc tactgtgaga tggagggcag     85500
     agataggagg gaatctggaa tctttcagat cagctagcct ggagcatgta tcaggcaata     85560
     agagaccttt ccttaatcag tgagagacca gggcctacca atacctgatt tgccctctga     85620
     cctccacttg tatctgtgtt ttgcacacat acaagcaagc tcaagtgcac acacacacac     85680
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacatgt taaaaagtat aagtaatttc agagacatat     85740
     cttttcatgg tgtatatagg tataaaaagc caaggcatag gtcagagtaa aacatactct     85800
     tttctaatca atttaagtat cctggatact acaattagta gcagttttaa ctattatttc     85860
     tgacttttat gttccaacta caaaaacctg tcatttttac atctaagctc ctattgaaac     85920
     attacctgag ccaagtgttt ggttacaggt taatgccact atacctggcc attggaacgt     85980
     tatcaaacat acattatcct caaactccag acaaatatgt agattcaata taaatatttc     86040
     ctgagatgac agacccaggg aaagatctaa gacttactct agctatttct actgggctgc     86100
     tgctgctgtt taaagtctct gtactcaaga cttcccctaa actccagcac tcagggccag     86160
     gaatggaaat cctatgtgac ttaagtcata tttctgattg ctcattaaaa ctattaaaag     86220
     taaaacatgg tgcttataaa acagacacca tatagcgaca atctgctttg gtgaatcagc     86280
     aaacagaaaa atgtgaacaa acaagtcgaa ccatccagtc caatcaccta acttgaagaa     86340
     tgtgcttctt tgacttccaa acccttatct gatttgtctg cagtatcttt cctataattg     86400
     tcgtggtcag ccctctttcc cctgctgtct gtttcttagt gaaaggtcat gaagcatgac     86460
     tggatataat tctccccacc cacaagagac acaacctaag aatttgtgtt agccaacttt     86520
     ccaatatgaa gcaaagcttc ctttcctccc gcgacggttg agtcatcctc tgctagataa     86580
     gagcggctat ttaaactgca acagaagctc cgcacactgg cagttggctg aggtcctcga     86640
     ctgtttcagt ttttcactct tagcaggaat ttggagatga cttttgatga caagatgaag     86700
     cctgcgaatg acgagcctga tcagaagtca tgtggcaaga agcctaaagg taacaggggt     86760
     gggtagatgc ttatagagac agaatgccag gcttagctca gaaatataaa ttaaatgtac     86820
     tgaggaatga ggttagaggg taaagccatt caaatataag aaaatacaag agaccaagac     86880
     catttattta gaaggaaagc aagtaggatt caagataaca actagctgat actacatctt     86940
     tagtataagc tgttctccat gctacggctt taaattaatg ctttctacta attgtagtac     87000
     ttatattatc tgccttccat ataaagttaa ctcaggagga gtaataaagt cactcagttt     87060
     ccttgaatta atcagagtag agccaaaatc ataccagatt cccatgtatg aagaatccaa     87120
     tccataaaaa aaaaaaaatg ggcgaaaatg catccattta gagcacacac taattgtttt     87180
     tatgtgtgtt gctgaagtac tgcaaaaatc tgaagtgctt tgtgaattat ctaaagcaaa     87240
     tttggtatat tcagtatgac tgaatatacg ttagactttc ttgtccatca ttgctttgac     87300
     caggaagcag gagtgggtgg gttggggagc agggttgggg ggagggtata ggggactttc     87360
     agagagaaaa ctaggaaagg gaataccatt tgaaatgtaa atgaagaaaa tatctaataa     87420
     aaaatccaaa aaaaagaaat gtaaatgaag aaaatatcta ataaaaaaaa agaaagaaag     87480
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaggaaag aaagaaagaa agaaaaaaga     87540
     aaaattgtaa tttgtatttg gctactacag taaattgaat tatttaggtt taattgataa     87600
     ctcatttttg tagacaacta cagataaaat gtcttttatt ttataaaatt aagaggaaaa     87660
     ggccaggtgg tggtggtgca cacctttaat cttaacactt gggaggcaga ggcaggtcag     87720
     ccttctctac agagtgagct ttaggacagc cagggaaaca cagagaaacc cagactcagg     87780
     aaaaaaagga acaaagtata agaagaggag ggaagacaga ctgtgtctgt aagtaagcct     87840
     gaaatctttc aatgggtagg ataagggtga gtgtagtgtg atttaatatc tgagtggctg     87900
     aactagctca gagtcaagag tgctggggct tggtagtaga gccagcagct gttgaactag     87960
     cttagtgtga ggaagtgctg gtgtttagta gtagatgtag gagctaatgc cagttgttaa     88020
     tttactcaac cggtcactca ttatttgtgc aataaatatt gtttttactt gacttttacc     88080
     ataaatatga ttatttcttc tataagagtc cttgttaaat taggtccttg ctgtgaatgg     88140
     tataaattat acactgaaat tagtatacaa atctttattg attgactaaa ggttgttttc     88200
     tgactagaaa gccaatagtc tcctcctact gctgaggtgg gatgaaggtg ccgtttaagt     88260
     aatgggagct tgtatcttcc tttcccatgg caactcatgc aatcggtgtt ttcattcagt     88320
     tgtaggcata caatgtgtga tgaatactgg ggttcgggaa ggatttttac ctgatgttag     88380
     gtgccaggat aaggcaactg cttgtaagag atattactgt cttctattat ctgccagcta     88440
     accacacatt cggagagaga aatcctgcag ccagagaatg agttctattt ctacctgtca     88500
     gaattccttt ttgatatcat ctgtggattc taacacaaac taacagaaga gaactctgaa     88560
     cgtatttgac cacttgttaa cttggacctt tatcacattc acaccgaaag ctcaatgata     88620
     taatactcca agcactttgg cttatgagca ttggattaaa gaacaacgtt tagggccaaa     88680
     ggtggtacca catgcctgat atcccaacac tggggaggct gagtcaagag gacccccaat     88740
     ctaaggccag cctgggctac ctactgaatt ccagggaagc ctggattaca aagtaaatat     88800
     tatcttgagc aagaacaaca taaaacccaa agacctacgt tttaagtttt cattataaat     88860
     gtgttatcaa gtaagcgaaa ctgctgcttt cagtctcttc tttatgtaga gagaatcaca     88920
     ccagtgttct gcttatctta caggagaaga aaccaaatac attgtgtgtg atgttttcct     88980
     cttggatctg taatggctac ggttattcaa tgttgggaca cgtaactgga caatcacatg     89040
     tctgagagtt gcatgacttg ttttcataaa taaggcggct tttcctcttg ggataatagg     89100
     ccacacctaa catagtgtga ggcagttatt gctagaagcc aagtgctcat caaggtttta     89160
     ttcctaattt cctttggtca ataactccag ttctaagaga caataagaac tgaatggtat     89220
     aatattaggc atggcatttc ttgaggaaat ctcaggtcac tgactaaaat attttgctta     89280
     acatctggca attgtctata taatgttact tatgagtacg tgtataaagc taaaattatt     89340
     tatggggggg ttgttatcct ccttttgctt cttaatatct tttggaggtt tctacctcac     89400
     ttacgcctgt tttacaccca agaaaatgac acaaaaacac ggtaaatttt ttaattaact     89460
     gtaggtgcta tgattctgag caatactaat ccttccatgc tgttaaaagc cacatgaatg     89520
     ccccatgact tgccaaatta aagtctcctg agaatcttct gctgtagttg cctaatctca     89580
     gagcaaactt ctcttggcca tgtgctcctg gcccatccca cttaatggct acctccttct     89640
     cctccctccc cttcttcctt cttctcaaca cccctacctg agaccacccc tacttgatct     89700
     ctagtccaac ctttctctct ctctcctgcc aaatcacagg ccccaggctt ttattatcaa     89760
     atcagagatt atccagtagc attctttgcc acacattggt caatacaatc cccatgtcct     89820
     gactgcaacc tgatattggt gcacagagct cagcctctga atacaaggtg cacaaggcta     89880
     accccaaccc ctgtgtatat gtatttttaa atgccaggga acagaataag actctggtga     89940
     tgactttaaa gtctgagggt ctcgggacag ttctagttct ctaactgtac tgaaatacta     90000
     atgataactt ctaaaaaaaa aaaaatccta aaaacttcct tggtctttct gagggtagaa     90060
     agctgctggt ttaggagatt aacatctgca gtttacagag gaggattatg caatgtggcc     90120
     tttgctctat ctcagcagga actgctcagc tctatctttc agcctgctag tcagaagtca     90180
     caggaagaaa aggggacact tagaaaagtg attacagagt ctattactaa gttgtaaaaa     90240
     gtttcctatg aaagctatct aagggggaaa gcggaaagat cctaagaggg gaaagggaaa     90300
     ttttttctaa gtgggaaaag gcaaaaagtt ctagtaaggg gaaaaaattc ttctaaggga     90360
     aaaaaattct cctctatctt ctctatctgc ttctcttctc tttgtcctca gtacttatac     90420
     ttctttcaga acacatgatc acatgttaca atgttcatca caagttcaca caaaaaaatc     90480
     aaaacataaa ttgaaatata tgtttacaac agtgaatgtt tacatgcata ttaattagta     90540
     gtaattatct ggctaaacat ccatcacctg tctcaactcc acaggttcac tgaaggttta     90600
     aaatcatagc taagttatta gtgaagtttt atatagataa cccagtcaat attttatctt     90660
     ctgtcctagc acctataata aatcattagt tcccttttta tgacctttgg ttaattgttt     90720
     ttcaacctct tggaatgtgc tctgagtagg agaatgtccg gttaccatct aagagcagtt     90780
     aactggtgac acttgggaga ctggcagagt tctcattgca tttgactatc agaaaaggac     90840
     ctaatagcag ttccactata aaagagctta aaaatcactg gtataatttt acgaattctt     90900
     ataggatcat cattaagact taaaagtcat ctctttgtct atatagcatc actagtagac     90960
     agtacgtttt cataggtctg cagagatctg ctccaaaggg ctgggctagt acctagttat     91020
     tgttatatat gtttaataat aataggaaaa gcatattaat agcaggaatc tttcctaaaa     91080
     tgaattctct tatggtcttg cctaacaata gtgaatctgg cgtagattat ataataatat     91140
     gaagctgacc atctcaggaa gatcccctgc tagttagtag cttgtcccat tatggctcct     91200
     gacgtataac catcactctt tctgcacagt agatgaagtg gttaggctgt gttgagaggt     91260
     cttagaagga cactgtgcat agaatagttg aagtacaaga gattattcac agtaagatgt     91320
     ttttgttttg cttcataatt ccatgtagga gtctaactac accttacacc ttagaatagg     91380
     tgaagtacaa gcatcaggat gaagcattta atatctatac ctcatgaata ccagctgtta     91440
     ctttttccca tgtgagacca taagtaattt acttcagttc catataatca tccactgttc     91500
     catcagcaca gtgggattga ggccccaagg gatgcggacc acaaagcaag cacaggcaca     91560
     gacaggattc agtcttttcc aattttctga ttctcctctg caggtctgca tttgctttct     91620
     tccccatggt ggttccctgc tgctatgact ctggtcatcc tctgcctggt gttgtcagtg     91680
     acccttattg tacagtggac acaatgtaag tgctgaaata gggaactgga gtgggcaatg     91740
     agggttatga acacagcaca caacaactca gatcagccta gctttacatt cattttaggc     91800
     taaatctttg agtattaatg agtatactgt gctcattcct ccattagaga ggggaatggg     91860
     atggagacta ctaacagcag aatgcttttg ttttgcttca tgtttcatgg aggagcttag     91920
     ttatatctta gaataatttg gtaataactt gaagtttcta atacataggg ctatctgagc     91980
     aacccaagag gaaaagaaat cccatttact tttgttttga tagatctggt acatttttaa     92040
     gaattataat ggccccttaa aagatatgta aaacacagag agcaagatgt atgttgagtt     92100
     tataacacgt aggaaagtag agatgctgag aaggaaaaag aagttagaat gggggcaaga     92160
     atggctaaga aggaaagata atattttctc tgcatcaact agcatgagca ggttgccagt     92220
     ctgagtagtt ccaccagcca tggtccaaga tataaggact caaaagtacc atttgcttcc     92280
     catatgtcta gttatctaac tccttgtaat tgggggaagt ggtacgtggg gacttgagac     92340
     ctctccaact gattgttcag ggcaaatagc ccactcgatg gcagcagtca gaagaatctt     92400
     cctttgaggt atccatcact atccagcagg ctcagatttg gcctaaaggc aaagaatcag     92460
     cagccccttg cttgtactgg aagagagctg agatcctaga acagtttctt caaatccatt     92520
     caattgcaca acattcgttt tgtctccacc ctcctaaaaa acaacaagaa gaaaaaatta     92580
     ctttcactgc caacatacag aaatgtacaa atatttcatg ggtggttgtc tcaaaaatga     92640
     aggcaaatgt caaagttcct aaataaaatt aggaagtctg gcagtgtaga cagtgggagg     92700
     agctatagag aaattaaact gactaactcg ctaatagcaa tttcttctat gagttagagt     92760
     ctagggaaaa ggtgactatt atagactgcc aatattttat ttattctatt atagtatttc     92820
     ttatcttatc attactttaa ttcttttatt ttacaatttt atgttttgag gaatttcaag     92880
     cacgtacata atgcattttg atcaaactca tccccatttt cttcatttca tttcctcccc     92940
     acccacccat aaccctttcc tctgaatttc atgtgctctg gtttttcttt ttaagcccat     93000
     tgactactca atgctggctg tatgtatctg gtatagggcc ctctgctgga gcataggtaa     93060
     tctcacaagg gacacatcca taaagaaaac tgactctcct tttccaggat ccatcaattg     93120
     ccaatagctc ctcaactaga ggtgagattt gatgactgca tgctcatcca ttgtctttac     93180
     cttattattt tcaagctaaa tatagcttgt gcactctgca cgctgaccaa atcttctgcc     93240
     acagagggac atcacaactc ctcatccctc tgccagggct acatctccac ccctcccccc     93300
     atgccactaa gctacatctc tatccctcac cactctgcct ctaggctata ctatcatctc     93360
     tcaaaaaaac acagaagcat ggcacttttt attcagaaac atctgcatga tcactggtaa     93420
     aattgcaatt ttgaaaaata cagttgaata acatattagc ccataaattg tgaataaacg     93480
     agggccattt cccggaagtc aatgaagtgc atttagtcct ccatcattat taaagttcag     93540
     aagacatttt ctgtcaacac tgatctgtgg tcaagataga ttgtttgagt tggtgtcttt     93600
     attttctggg catccagggg cagcaggcta gaatgactct taattctctc tggtttagta     93660
     cgccaggtat ctgacctctt aaaacaatac caagcgaacc ttactcagca ggatcgtatc     93720
     ctggaagggc agatgttagc ccagcagaag gcagaaaaca cttcacagga atcaaagaag     93780
     gaactgaaag gaaagataga caccctcacc cagaagctga acgagaaatc caaagagcag     93840
     gaggagcttc tacagaagaa tcagaacctc caagaagccc tgcaaagagc tgcaaactct     93900
     tcaggtacag gggaggactg gtgggtgttc agcccagtct taattaggtt taacaaaacc     93960
     agcacactgc acatatgcca aatattcaga gtgccctaca caggctctct gttagtgcca     94020
     ttgctcttct agcccagggg aagcatagta accatcagaa ttgctcaagc tcccttctca     94080
     tgggcgtaag gtttcttcct tctttcaaat tctggctttg aggtttgggc tgaagcactg     94140
     tcctgtccca ttgtcacttc ttgccacaga tatgttattg tatccttcca aatgcaactt     94200
     agtcactagc ctccatcccc ttggggatgc agttagcttc attctgaccc tgtttcctaa     94260
     atgggcacta catctgtcta agtacaagca gtggaggtca gctgactgaa gacttaggta     94320
     gatactttag gttgaacaaa aataagaggt ctggaaagtg ggtgcatata ggaatggttt     94380
     catttgtcta aagggattaa gaatgtaggg agcagagaaa gactagattg tgctgaccac     94440
     ctttgttcta ttagagattg ttactacatt tctgcaatat tgatcttttc tgtagtggaa     94500
     tcaatgagtt atgtgcttct aagtacagag ttaggtatga cagagtctct tttactacca     94560
     tgtccattcc cactaagtgc tcaaatgagg gctctattct cagcattagc tattaagtgc     94620
     cagtcaaaag caaatttgtc caatttcttg cttgtgtggc taacagttta aatgtgcagt     94680
     ttcttttaat acatatataa taataatata ggtggccatt ccttcatttt ataggcaaaa     94740
     atattaagag caggatagtt atcaataatg ataatttgat gtacagttac tcagttttca     94800
     agtcttgaca ggtcctgaat ggtgatgcaa gcctttaatc ataactgagg agacagaagc     94860
     aggcagatct ctgagttcaa agccagtgtg gtctacatgg agacatctag tcagggctac     94920
     ataaagaaca taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taatattttc     94980
     tgtatgaata gggtaatttc aatttgcaaa agtaaacaga atttttcaga aaaaattgac     95040
     tttgactagt attaaacata tatttaaatt cgctagggag gaagttttca ataaattaaa     95100
     aggacccaac acttcaaatc aattgttaag ggaaggaagc ttaaatatca aagatgggta     95160
     tgttcatata cacaggcagc caaaatacaa actagtggtt tgtttcacag atgtagtagt     95220
     gaaacagttt acatttatca tctgtagatt gtgtgagatt caatctgtgt tagggccatg     95280
     aggaaccctc tctcagagat gccagagatg aactgtagat cagacatgga atgcacatgt     95340
     ctctttctgg cagatatagt aggtcttgtt tttcattcct tctgattcta gatatagcca     95400
     attactagac accacaggtg aaagctttgt tcacatggct tcaaaacagt ctcataaaaa     95460
     tatcataata ctgaaatagc atgtgtaaat atgaagctaa ttttctcaaa tttgaggaag     95520
     gttttatcta tcctactaac acatctcgta tgatttactt ggaagctgag gtgatgtagg     95580
     acttccaaag gaatagattt tcataattag catttaaatt agtgattctt ctcaatcatt     95640
     atctctacaa atagcttgat gaaaatggtt gtaggctgcc agatcctgaa cctctagcaa     95700
     gtctagagcc catagactac ttcctcaatt agttcatcca caaagacatt tgagaggaag     95760
     tgtgctcagt gactgtatta ggttctgaag agggacagaa gcaacaggat gactatatat     95820
     ttaaagggca tttattgggc tggtttacat agtatgtttg gagtgtccca caatgtttat     95880
     cttgcactgg atgagtggag atctatttgg cagttgatca actagagagc ttggttgtct     95940
     tagcaacatc aatgtcttct ggcacttcag ccatcacagg catgtcccgc accctggcct     96000
     ttattccgtt ccagatctaa ataagttgac aacctatgtt tatcaaagac atcaaataca     96060
     cactcaacat taggttcatt ttcctgactt cttgatctgt caaatgaata agattggtga     96120
     agtttatctc tgaggtttac aatgattaaa tgagttcaca tctgcagagt aacagttgtg     96180
     caattgacaa ataatatttg tactcattaa cttttgtatg tagtagtagg tattgctata     96240
     agctatatta tactttacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacaaagaa     96300
     atgtagttga ttttaacaca gtatatacag gcatgccttt ctcacgttgc cataaaatag     96360
     gcaaagtgtc tagaccattt ctttagtcaa aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaaa aaccaaaaaa     96420
     caaaaaccct gatttgttta catatacata ctaggatggg ggtaagcaaa ttagaaggaa     96480
     agttcacatt tagtttctgc tttcattatt ctagaaactt cctaccttaa cgcttaggta     96540
     caagtttcca ttttctgtag ttttgtatga tattctttca tttattttag atagactttc     96600
     actctgtacc tcaggttggc ctggaaatca ttatttacac cagattggcc ttgaactcat     96660
     ggaaatcctc ctgccttcgt ctcttgagtt ctgagattgc aggcaagagc taaaatatta     96720
     ggcttacatt tctgtttctg gagaagcttg cttctctaaa attgctacaa tgaaaattga     96780
     acattgtaat gtaactcttc ttaagcacgt ttccccactt tgctcacact gtagaggagt     96840
     cccagagaga actcaaggga aagatagaca ccatcacccg gaagctggac gagaaatcca     96900
     aagagcagga ggagcttctg cagatgattc agaacctcca agaagccctg cagagagctg     96960
     caaactcttc aggtacaggg gaggactggt gggtgttcag cccaggctca attaggttta     97020
     acaaatccac tgccccacac atatgccaag cattcagagt gccatacaca gtctctcttg     97080
     agtgcctttt ccaccctagc ccatgggagg cctgctaatc atcggaattg ttggggctct     97140
     gcttctcgtg ggcataaagt tttctccctc ctttctttca aattctagct ttgaggtttg     97200
     gactgaagta ctatcttgtt ctattgtcac ctcttgccac agatacgtta ttgtatcctt     97260
     ccaaaagcat cttggtcact tgcctccctt tccttggggc cttcgtgtca ttgcagttct     97320
     ttaactcagc tcctgtgtta gcttcattct gaccctgttt cctaagtggg tactacatct     97380
     gtctaagtac aacagtggag gtcagctgcc tttgtaagaa gtgcttaaat gaaggctcca     97440
     ttctcaggat tgacagttaa gtgtcggtca aaagcaaatt tcttcaatgt cttgtttatg     97500
     ttgctaacag tttaatgtac agtatccttg aatacagatt atataataat tgtattgaga     97560
     gtaggataga gttatcaata atgaagatga gtggtctgat gtaaaatttc tcagttcata     97620
     aatctttttg ggctaagcat ggttgaacac acctttaatc ctaagaggag agacagaagc     97680
     aggcagatgt ctgagtgcaa ggccagcctt gtttacacag caagttctat ccaatgctac     97740
     aaggagaaaa agaacagaga gacgggagag agagaaggag gggaagaggg agggagggcg     97800
     ggagagaggg aaggagggag agagggaagg agggagggag ggagggaggg aggagacttt     97860
     cataatgaaa ggtgtaattt agatttagaa aactaaacag aaggttttag acaaattgac     97920
     ctttgaatag tgtcaaacat atatttaatt tctctagaga gaaacttttc aataaatcaa     97980
     ggggactcaa ctcttcaaac cagtttttaa gggaaggagg cttaaatatc aaggatgggg     98040
     gtgtttacat gctgagacaa ccaaaatctc aaccaatggt ttgtttccca gatgcagcag     98100
     tgaaacagtt tacatttatc agctgtagat tgtgtgggag tcaatctgtg tcaggaccat     98160
     ggagaaccct cccttagaga tgccagagat gaactgtaga tcagacacag aactcacatg     98220
     attcattctg gcagatattc taggttttgt gttccattcc ttctaatgct agatgtagcc     98280
     aattagtaga gacaccagat gcattctttg atcacatggc ttcagaaaaa gtctaataaa     98340
     aatatcataa tactgaaatc ccatgtagaa aaaaatgcag ctagttttct caaatttgag     98400
     ggagttttag ctgtcctact aacagatctg gtataattta cttagaaatt aagaagattc     98460
     gaggtcatca gaagaacagt gtttatactc agcatcagaa ctggtgctgc ttctaaactt     98520
     ttcctatgaa aatagtctga tgataatgcc aggttcccta taggtcccca aatcatgagt     98580
     gtcaagcatg ttctgaatct gcgtgtctag atcccacaga ggggtatttc ctcaattagt     98640
     tcgccctcaa agccatttga gaggaagtgt gctgtagtga acgtaataga atctaaagag     98700
     gaacagaagc agcagaaaga ctatgtatta aaaggggttt tactttagtg gtttacgtaa     98760
     tatgtctgga acacccaaca agggatatct cacactggat gggtggagaa tttggcagtt     98820
     gaatagttgt taagactggg agtctcacct gtcattacct ggcactgaaa atctgaaata     98880
     tctcagaaga actacttatc ttcagtctat tttagaggtc agaagaaacc gattctaata     98940
     tcaataaagg actgcagcca tggggttgat aaacttgcct gcacagtgaa tatttattag     99000
     cacagagcaa aattcccata tttcttgtct ttgtgttgac acaggaaggg aatgtccata     99060
     tttagaggag ggtttctcat gtcagataat ctcactgtga aactgtctca caggcatgac     99120
     cagcagcctg gcttttagcc cattccagat ccaaataagt agacatcaaa agtttatcaa     99180
     aagacattac atactcactc aaccactcaa cattaggttc aaactcctga cttcttgatc     99240
     tgtcaagtga agaagatgat tgatgggagt ttatctctct gagttttgaa atgattaaat     99300
     gagctcagat atgcaaagta cttccaacag tttgtgcaat tggcaaataa aatttgtgtt     99360
     cattaaattt tatacgtact agtaggtatt gatgtaagct atattatact tcacacacac     99420
     acacacacac acacacacac agacagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     99480
     agagagagag agagagaaat gtagttgatt ttaatatagt acatagaggc atgcctttct     99540
     cactttgcca taatataagc aagatgtcta gaccaattct ttggtcaaaa aacctgattt     99600
     gtttatcttt atatactata atggattcag acaaattatg agggaagttc acattctgct     99660
     ttagatttcc gtataccctt tctactttag tttctgcttt cattattcca gaatcttcct     99720
     actttatcat tgatgtacat gacttcattt tctttaggtt tgtttgactt ttttgtgcgt     99780
     gttttgcttt gtttctttgt ttgtttgttt taaacagagt ctcattctgt agcccaggtt     99840
     aacctgggag tcatcattta gatcagattg gtctcgaact catggaaatc ttctgtcctt     99900
     agtctttttg gttttgagat tataggtaag agctaccatc ttaggcttac atttgtcttc     99960
     ctgatgaagc ttgcttctct aaaatttatc aggtatattt gtgctacagt gaaaactaaa    100020
     atattaatta agtacttata aaatttaatg aacacaaatt ttatttgcca attgcacaaa    100080
     ctgttggaag tactttgcat atattcttaa gtactttttc ccactttgct cacactgtag    100140
     aggagtccca gagagaactc aagggaaaga tagacaccct caccttgaag ctgaacgaga    100200
     aatccaaaga gcaggaggag cttctacaga agaatcagaa cctccaagaa gccctgcaaa    100260
     gagctgcaaa cttttcaggt acaggggagg actggtgggt gttcagccca gtcttaatta    100320
     ggtttaacaa aaccagcaca ctccacatat gccaaatatt cagagtgccc tacacaggct    100380
     ctctgttagt gccattgcgc ttctagccca tgggaagcgt agtaaccatc agaattgttc    100440
     aagctccctt ttcatgggca caagggtttc ttccttcttt caaattctgg ctttgaggtt    100500
     tgggctgaag cactgtcctg tcccattgtc acttcttgcc acagatatgt tgttgtatcc    100560
     ttccaaaagc aacttagtca ctagcctccc tttccttggc aggggggtgg tcttcatgtg    100620
     aatgcagctc tttagcccag ctccgtgtta gcttcattct gaccctgttt cttaaatggg    100680
     cactacatct gtctaagtac aacagtggag gtcagcccac tgaagactta ggtggatact    100740
     acagaccgaa caaaaacaca aggtctggaa agtagtttta tataggagtt gagatagttt    100800
     catctgtcta aaggtattaa gaatctaggg agcagagaaa gaatagattg tgctgaccac    100860
     ctttgttcta ttagagattg ctactacatt tctgcaatat cgatcttttc tgcagtgaaa    100920
     acaatgagat atgtgtttct aagtacagag ttaggtgtga tggagtctat tttactacca    100980
     tgtctattca cagaaaatgc tcaaataagg gcaccatttt caggattagc aagtaaatgc    101040
     cagtaaaaag caaatttgtc caatgtcttg cttatgtggc taacagttta aatgtgcagt    101100
     ttcttttaat acatatatag taacaatata ggtggccatt ccttcactgt ataggtaaaa    101160
     atattaacag caggatagag tttaacagta ataatgatga gtggttagat attaagttac    101220
     ttagtttata agtcttttca ggcaggcagg taggtccctg agtgcaaggc caacctggtc    101280
     tacatagcaa gtttcaggca tagctgcagg aagagattca ttgcatgtat gtatgtataa    101340
     ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaatgt atttttgtat aaatgtggta    101400
     atagcaggta ggtctctgag tgcaaggcca acctggtcta catagcaagt ttcaggcata    101460
     gctgcaggaa gagattcatt gtataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat    101520
     aaataaatgt tatttttgta taaatgtgct aattcaaatt tgcaaaacta aacattgagt    101580
     tttagacaaa tagaccttca actagtgtgg aatatatatt taatttctct acagaggaac    101640
     ttttcaataa gttaaaggaa tccaacactt caaaccaatt tttaagaaat ggattcttaa    101700
     atatcaacga tgggagtgtt ttcttatgca gacagccaaa atcccaacca gtggtttgta    101760
     gtagtaaaac agtttacatt tatcacctga aaattttttg ggattcatct gtgtcaggtt    101820
     catgaaaagc tctctctcag agatgccaga aatgaacaac agatcagaca cagagtatat    101880
     atttcccttt ctggcagata cataggtctg gttttccatt cctttaaatg ttagatatat    101940
     ccaattagta gcaatcccag atgcatgctt tgatcatgtg gcctcaagaa aaaaacacat    102000
     aaaaatatca taatactgaa atcccagatg gaaaatgagg ctgatgttct caaatttgcg    102060
     gaaggtttta cctgtcctac taacagatct ggtatgattt acacagaagg aaaggagata    102120
     tagggtcttc aaaggaatag atttttttcc atctagcatt agatttggtg gttcttccta    102180
     atctgtatct atgaaaatcg cttgatgtaa atggccagtt tcctgtaggc tcttaaaccc    102240
     tgaaagagca tgtctagagc ccaaagagga gtatttcctc aattagttca tgcacaaaga    102300
     catttgagag gaagtgtcct acagtgggtg tatcaggttc tgaagagaaa cagaagcaat    102360
     gaaatgacta catatttaaa gggcacttaa taagttggtt tacataatgt ctggagaatt    102420
     caacaatggt tatcttatac tatatgggtg gaaaatttgg cagttgatga ctagagagct    102480
     tagttgtctc acttgccatt gactagcact gaggttctgg aatatcctca aagagctact    102540
     gatcttcagt caattttgga agccagaaga agttgatcat ggaaggaacg ccaccatggg    102600
     attgataaag ttgcctgcag agtagttgtt cactagcaca aagcaaaatt cttttctccc    102660
     tccttgactc tgtgttgaca caggaaggag atgcccacat ttagctctcc tgatttcaaa    102720
     taatctgatt aagaaaatcc ttcaggggca tgtccagcag cctgtaattt agtcctttcc    102780
     agatccagat aagttggcaa ccaaggttta tcaacagaca ttaaatacat atgcaacatt    102840
     aggtgcaaat tcctaacttc ttgatctgtc atatgaagat gattagtgga gtctgcctct    102900
     tgagttttac aatgattaaa tgggttcaca tacgcaaagt acctccaacc ttctgtgctt    102960
     tgtaaataat atttgtatac attaatttgt atgtaatact agatattgtt ttatgctata    103020
     taatgtttta cacagacaca cacacacaca gttggcttta aaatcacata tagaggcatg    103080
     cctttctcat tttggcatca tgtagacaaa gtgtctagac catttcgtta gtccaaaaaa    103140
     cctgatttgt ttacacttgc aactgcaatg ggctagacta atcatgaaga aatttgcaca    103200
     ccctgcttta gactcatgtg tcccttaaac gtttctttct gctttcatta ttccaacata    103260
     tttctacttt atcatttatg tacatacttt tgtccttata gttttgttta ttttttattg    103320
     ttcattttag atagattccc actccatagc ccaggttggc ctaggactca ttatttagat    103380
     cagattggcc ttgaactcat ggaaagcctc ttgacttagt cttctgagtg ctgggatttc    103440
     aggcaagagc caccacatta ggcctccatt tgcctttctg atgaacttca catgtataaa    103500
     attatcagat gattttgttc cacaaccaaa atttacatta caatgtaact ctccttaagg    103560
     actttctccc tgcttttgcc acactgtagg gcaaaaggca attccttgtg tgccaccatc    103620
     acaactgggt tggtgatgac tgtgctgatg gtctgggagt tctcagcaca tagatatgga    103680
     tacttttacc tactgccttc tcccagatta gatttgctgg gttccttatg caatttttct    103740
     gctaggaact tcttagttcc aaaaatctca ctgaaattaa gagtcttcat tttctatcaa    103800
     tacaacattc tccctaaaat aaacttgtcc aaaagaatgg gagccactgt gcagaggtaa    103860
     attttctagc atacatactt gaggaaggaa aaagaagcag ataaaattaa ctgtaatgac    103920
     ataggtttct taaccaaagc atctgaaata ttaatttaac ataaaccagt gtgatgttct    103980
     caatgggcta ctctgcatgg ctctgtctag ctctcaaagt cacatgtgtg ctttaaatgc    104040
     aagcacagtg tctgcaaagg tttcacaaac tacactgggg actatatcag atagcatagg    104100
     gataagagaa tgagataaag tagtgaaaac taagttactc agagaaatgg agcttttaaa    104160
     tgtatatctg actttgtaat aatagaattg ccagtgaata tacctttctt taactctcct    104220
     tttcaacatt tctaatataa cttttaaaaa atcaaattct aaactcatat actaatctat    104280
     gtcttcaaaa atggtagatg aaatgctaaa tggacagtca gcttagatta ttaaaatcag    104340
     aatgccttat ctctttttat tcgaaagtat atatagttga agaatacaca aacacacaca    104400
     cacataaagg gaaggaagag gaactgtgag gagtgaaaat ataatgtatg aaaaccctct    104460
     attttcaata aaaaaagaaa atatataaag ggaaataaga gttggaaaaa tgactcagtg    104520
     attaagagta ctgtctgctc ttccagagaa cttaggtagg gcagctacac agcagctcat    104580
     tgtgtcaaca atccacttcc aatagatctg acgttagctt ctggtctctg agagcactgt    104640
     gtgcataagg tgcatataga tatagcttag atacaggtac agatacacat acatctatat    104700
     gggaagtaaa gactctggcc attctggtgt ctatagaatc tgggattttt cctaaggaag    104760
     cattgaagaa atgtttttac tcagaactca tccattctat gttaacattt cctaggtcct    104820
     tgtccacaag actggctctg gcataaagaa aactgttacc tcttccatgg gccctttagc    104880
     tgggaaaaaa accggcagac ctgccaatct ttgggtggcc agttactaca aattaatggt    104940
     gcagatgatc tggtgagtca tttggggtga cagcaatgga ttatggttgg taaaagaaaa    105000
     tggaggctta ggaatttggg ggagtatctt attcaggttt tgttgttgtt ggtggtgctg    105060
     ttgttttgtt ttgttttctg tgaataaatg tcatgactat ggcaactctt ataaaggaaa    105120
     tcatttattt tgggctacct aacagttcag aggactagtc ctttgtcagt gtgtggaaag    105180
     tatggcagta cgcaaacaga catgattctg gagaggaatt gagaattcta tgtctggata    105240
     tacagacagc aggaagagag tgacactgga cttggcttga gcttctcaaa cctcaaagcc    105300
     cacccccagt gacacacttc ctccaacagg gcacatattc aattatgcca ctccctatga    105360
     gactaagagg gctactttca ttcaaaccac cacagggagg aacacttgtt tgagagagaa    105420
     aatagctgtt ttataagcgg attccttact tggtcttggg aatataggat gtgaagtctc    105480
     tatagacctt tgtaatcatt ttcattaaag caccaaggca tgttgaaaat ctttttgcta    105540
     tttagtttga tgatctgaaa ctcaagagtg ctgtctttcc acagacattc atcttacaag    105600
     caatttccca taccacctcc ccgttctgga ttggattgca tcggaagaag cctggccaac    105660
     catggctatg ggagaatgga actcctttga attttcaatt gtaagtctac tactcctctt    105720
     ggtggccatt ttgagtgttc tattcctgtc tggacctgct tggaagtccc tgtcatagtc    105780
     cacctatgtc ctcttcttgt cagaatgaag agtgggaaat acactaaaat gacaagaggg    105840
     tttgtcatct gccccttctt cataccttgc tggcattttc tttcacagtt ctgctgattt    105900
     aaagctttga gacagggttg atttctaaca taaagatgat atatgtcctg ttttattttt    105960
     ttctatctac ctgcagcttt aagaccaggg gcgtttcttt acagctatat tcatcaggca    106020
     actgtgcata ccttcaagac ggagctgtgt tcgctgaaaa ctgcattcta attgcattca    106080
     gcatatgtca gaagaagaca aatcatttgc aaatttagtg aatctaaaga ttctggagaa    106140
     gaccatgaga agacttttga ctgtcgctct gaaatttaag ctattcttta ttacctgcat    106200
     gtaaagcatg ttggccttga catctgtcag ttacctgata gctacagttc acctcaacaa    106260
     agacaaggac cagaagcaaa tactggtgga tccagatgtt tgaaatcttt gtatcaaaac    106320
     gtgtgagttc aattgtttat ccatatacac tggccttgcc cctccaaagt ctcccaacca    106380
     acctgcaatc cttcttcccc ttcgtgtttt aaatgatgct tcctgcctga cctggccatg    106440
     ctttgtactc agtctcctct acctcagtat gcctcctgtt gccgcatgaa agacaggatg    106500
     tagaaatcct cctcaagtgc aggcagaggg ctcaaaggca aagctcgtcc gagaaataac    106560
     atgcaaagaa acagaactgg aaaaactaca ctgcaaacag gaactcatga tctctaaaaa    106620
     gccatggctt gatctttatg acaggagtcc atctccagac tgcactttta cacacatatt    106680
     ttttattttc cttttattgt aagtttatgg atagtttgcc tacttgaatt ctgtgtacca    106740
     catgagtgcc tggtgccact gaagatcaga agaggacatc agattctctg gatctggaat    106800
     tgcagatggt tgtaagctgc tatgtagatg tgaagaattg aattcgtgtc ccctggaaga    106860
     acagccagta ctctttgcca tgagctatct ctcaagctcc tgtgatcaat tcttgtatca    106920
     gttatgtctc catttttgct ctaccaaaga acagtgttat aactttaaaa cagtaagtat    106980
     tttcattatt ctaggggtat tatagcagat atatagatat agatatagat gatatagata    107040
     tagatataga tatagatata gatatagata tagatataga tatagatata gatatagata    107100
     tagatataga tatagagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtttctatgc    107160
     tagatacatc cttgagaaga tgagacagtt ttgtgtgaaa tgagtttgta ataatccaaa    107220
     tttaaaaata aattcgatga ttacctgtag tggtcatatt accacagcta agatgatgaa    107280
     catacctgtc acttctgccc ctttccaaag cctcccccct aaaacaaaca ccaatctgct    107340
     ttcagttcgc attttataga gcttatcatt ttgtttttaa gacagaatct cattatatag    107400
     ttctggctgg cctggaactc actacacaga gcaggctggc ctccaccttc tagagctcct    107460
     cctgccagac tcccaaacct taagactgaa ggagtgccct gccatgtgtg actcaaacac    107520
     cttaatgtga atggaatagc ataagatgtc caggtttttt cagtccagct tcttccactt    107580
     ggtacaattt ttaatttttg tgttcataca tctccaccac agtgtttgta tcagttcatc    107640
     attcttttca aatgttgagc cttcccctgt ggatctatag tgtcatttgt tatctgtgta    107700
     tttgttgatg cgatttgggt tgtttttatt tggggtcacc tacaaataaa gctgctatgg    107760
     atgtccatgg acaaggctaa tatcttaggt aagcacctac gagtaagatg cttgggtcat    107820
     tcagtgtggg aatatatggt tggctatttt aaccattcct gtttgaaaac attaattttt    107880
     ttatttttga aatcaatttt ttaaaaaatt agtctatttt acatctcaac cccagtttct    107940
     cttcctcctc tcctctcaac cttctcccac cttctctccc tgaccccatc cacccctcct    108000
     ccctttctct ccagaagagg ggaggcctcc catggatgcc aaccagcctc agcatctcaa    108060
     gttacagtaa gaataggttt gtcttctctt gtgaaaatct taatttttag atttatctat    108120
     tatatatgca gtactttgct tgcacatatg tattggtacc atgtacatga atggtaccag    108180
     agaaagtcag aagaggccat tgtattttct gggactggaa ttacagacgg ttttgaacaa    108240
     tcctatagac tctgggaact gaacccaggt cctctggaaa ggcaagcagt gctcttaacc    108300
     cctgagccat ttcttctggc cttttagcaa tttttattaa tatataactg tgtataattg    108360
     cacttttagc tcaaagttct taagtgtcaa atagtcttgg atttattttc atgttatcac    108420
     tgtctgtaca atttctgtga tgaaataact gagcatatat tttgagaatt tggttttctt    108480
     aaattttaaa tctgaaggat ttacatattt gagaataaaa accagccaga tatgaaacaa    108540
     gagtgagtgt ttgtttgttt ctttgtttgt tttggattac agctcatctt ttttttgtgg    108600
     ttggtttttt tctgttggtt tttgaacaga acattcacaa aacagatgtt tttaaatttt    108660
     gatgaagtcc attttcatat ttcagccatt atttctaaga actcactgcc taattcaaca    108720
     ctataaaact tttcttacac cgtttgatcc tgagaggtta cagcttcggg ttttaccgtg    108780
     aggtctaaga ctatttcaga cactttgcag gttatgcatt gaagctcctg gttttgcatg    108840
     tggccttcct attgtttcaa caacctcacg ggctactgtt gcccttagaa gccctttata    108900
     gtttccacat gctctgtccc attggcttct ctgtctattt tcctaccatg accactgaac    108960
     tattttggat gctatagttt aataataaac attgaaatca ggcagtggtg atgcttgaag    109020
     catattctta tccaaagcta tttcagttga tttgtgctgt gttcagtttt gagccggctc    109080
     atcaactcca taaaacccct tttagaattt tggttttaat catattgaat ctatagaaaa    109140
     gttttgagag agttaaaacc tttaaaatgc taattcatag acactcatgg tggctcacat    109200
     ctttatccct gcactcagga agcagaggca aatagatatc tatgagttca aagccagcca    109260
     ggactacgta gtgagatcct atctcaaaat aaaagaaaag aatactgatt cccacacaaa    109320
     gtacaattac tcatgcattc tttgaacttg ttggacaatg ttttgtattt ttctgtgaca    109380
     ttatagactg tcattacatg tttcatactt cccaagttac tatagaggga attatcacct    109440
     acagctttga tttataagta gtttttgtta atgtactaaa aaatcaatgg atttcatact    109500
     agtcttgtaa tgtgagacct tggtaacatc attccattat ttttgcaact tttcttccat    109560
     aagctgttgg atttttcagc acaagcaacc taaacatatt taaataaaaa tgcttcatgc    109620
     tttcatgaat gtctatattt tgaccttacc ttagattatt aaaccttaag cgtgatgtca    109680
     actatacatt tttcataaat gatttttgtc aatttaaaaa gttacttctt tgccgggcat    109740
     ggtggcgcat gcccttagtc ccagcactcg gaaggcagag gcaggtggat ttctgagttc    109800
     gaggccagcc tggtttacaa agtgagttac aggacagcca gggctaaaca gacaaaccct    109860
     gtcttgaaaa aacaaaaacc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacaca aacaaacaaa caaaaaaacc    109920
     caaaaacaaa acaaaataaa caaccccccc caaaaaaaga gaagttactt cttttttgcc    109980
     tttatttttt actagatatt ttcttcattt acctttcaaa tgctatccca aaagtctcct    110040
     atgccctccc cctgccctgc tccccaaccc acccactcct gcttcctggc cctggcattc    110100
     ccctgtactg gggaatatga tcttcacaag actaagggcc tcgcctccta ttgatggctg    110160
     cctaggccat cctctgctac atatgcaact agagacacag ttctgggggg tacaggttag    110220
     ttcatattgt tgatcctcct atagggttgc cgaccccttt agctccttgg atactttctc    110280
     tagctccttc tttaggggct gtgtgttcta tccaatagat gactgtgagc gtccacttct    110340
     gtatttgcca ggcactggca tagcctcaca agagacagct atatcagggt ccggtcagca    110400
     aaatcttgtt ggcatatgca ttagtgtctg ggtttggtgg ttgtatatgg gatggatccc    110460
     tgggtggggc agtctctgga tagttctttc ttccatctca gctccaaaca gtctttgtaa    110520
     ctccttccat gggtattttg ttccccattc taggaaggaa cgaagtatcc aggtaccaaa    110580
     attaaatcag gatcaggtca atgatctata cagtcccata tcccctaaag aaatagaagc    110640
     agtcattaat agtctcccaa ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagcc caggaccaga    110700
     ttgttttttg tgcagagttc tatcagacct tcaaagaaga cctaactcca attcttctca    110760
     aactattcca caaactagaa acaaaaggta ctctattctc tacccaattc attctatgaa    110820
     gccacaatta ctctgatacc taaaccacat aaagacccaa cacagaaaga gaacttcaaa    110880
     ccagtttccc ttatgaatat cgatgcaaaa acactcaata aaattctcac taaccgaatc    110940
     caagaacaca tcaaaacgat catccataat gattaagtag gcttcattcc agggatgcag    111000
     ggatggttta atataaggaa atccatcaac ataatccact atataaacaa acataaagac    111060
     aaaaaccaca tgatcacctc gttagatgct gagaaagcat ttgacaaact ccaacaccaa    111120
     ttcatgataa aagtgttgaa aagatcagga attcaagtcc catacctaaa cataataaaa    111180
     gcaatatact gcaaaccagt agccaatatc aaactaaatg gagagaaact tgaagcaatt    111240
     ccactaaaat cagggactag acaaggatgc ccacttcctc cctacctatt taatatagta    111300
     cttgaagtcc tagctagagc aattagacaa caaaaggacc tcaaggggat acaaattgga    111360
     aaggaagaag tcaaaatatc actgtttgca gatgatataa tagtgtacat aagtgaccct    111420
     aaaaattcca ccagggaact cctaaacctg ataaacagct tcagtgaagt agctggatgt    111480
     aaaattaact caaacaaatc agtggccttc ctttacaaaa agaacttact tcttaaactc    111540
     ttttatatta atgtgtcttt ctgcatatgt gcactaacat gcatgagtga ttgtgtgtgt    111600
     gtatctgtgt gtgtatctgt gtacgtatgt gcgtgttaac atttgtctct atgagtatac    111660
     acatgttgtg tggtagcatg cccagccatt acctgagtgc tgttggtctg aactctggaa    111720
     gttatttcct gttctctcaa tttttatctc tagataaaca ttttcatcat gggatatttt    111780
     ttctaaagat ctttgttctt tctttaacat gcattattta ttgtgtgcat gacattggtg    111840
     agtatgtgtg tgcaccacag catgcacagc cagaggacaa ctccagggag ctggttttcc    111900
     attcccattg aatgctccca gggatgggac tcagatcatc tggcttggtg acaagtgccc    111960
     tgatctgcta cgccatctcg ctagacccga atcgtccttt ttctctagtg taagtctgct    112020
     ggggatgaat atttattact ctttcatgtt tgatactatt attccacaac catttgtgaa    112080
     agtcttttcc atgactacag gcacctagat aaacagcttt ggctttctga actttaagta    112140
     ttttgttctc agttctctca ttgctagcat gtgtgtgtcg ggggtaggag ttgctcaccc    112200
     atgcaggtgc acatggatga agacctgagg ctgatgttgg gtatcttcac tcacttccct    112260
     accttgttct tgcacacagt ttctcccact gagcctggaa ctttggcttg ggctagactg    112320
     tgtggccaga aagctccaag aatcatcttg ttgccacagt cttaaactgg gcttacaggc    112380
     ctgtgacatc tgctggggcc cagactcagg ttctcaggct tctgtaacca acagtctact    112440
     ctcaaagcca cctcccagcc ttcagagctt cagtttatgt gacatataat ttactattcc    112500
     cacccacccc cttgagacta cttcttttat tggggagatg acaaacaaac aaacaaacat    112560
     acataaaacc aaaaatcaaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa caaaaacagg gtgctagaaa    112620
     taaaaagtca gtttggactc aagcccatcc agaccgtggt cacagttttt agggagatgc    112680
     cactgtgcac caaggaaggg gagcagaggg agttcaagcc aagaggaaga gtggcagcaa    112740
     tgtccatagg atttccaagt gttcccctga tggtggtacc tccattttcc actcactgtg    112800
     aaactactgg actagaagct ccctgttacc ccctcccttt ctccctaccc tctcctttct    112860
     tccttccctt tatctccctt tcctttctct tttccttccc tacctgctgg actttgctct    112920
     gtactgctga ttcgctaccg gctctgcaca gatctctcgg tctctgcctg tgaattctta    112980
     gtatctttgt ctttccagat ggctcagctt acggaattct ccagcatcct cttaccgtag    113040
     cttctgttct ctggatggct tggccacatt ctaaacaggc taagcttgga caagcacaga    113100
     gcttattttc tttcctttct gtctttttta ttttatgttt ttattgtttg ctcacagctt    113160
     gttatccact gtttggaaaa tgattgcttt gagcatcatg actactttta gttttgggtg    113220
     gaaagcatgc acagtcccca ctgctccatc caggctttag gcaacagtcc aaagtaagtt    113280
     tttttttttt ttcttttgaa gctggggcat tagcattgaa ggacgatgta tccggctgaa    113340
     aacataaata aactgcaaaa tataaaaaat aaactggagt ctaagactga agggtgaatt    113400
     tcttagctgt ctgctgcagt agctatctga aagctgatgg cagagctgtc ttttagaccc    113460
     ttgctgacgg catatggatc ctcactcctc tcccctgcag ctctcagaga gcctggtgca    113520
     tcattgcctg agcctctgtt ctgaagcaaa ttccctgatc tggcctctcc tggctgcatc    113580
     tgttagttca tacactgaat actgatccca acccttggct atgctcctgc tcttggtatt    113640
     atttaaatca ggtcttaact agatacagct ctttcctgtg gctcatttat gccctgtgtg    113700
     ctgagactat tcttttacat tattaaagtg gaactaaaaa tacatatgca gtgaagtgta    113760
     aatggcttgt gaatttttaa acatttatct cagtgtgagg aggtgaggtt tttttcattt    113820
     tgttttgttt tggtgttgtt cgtttatttt ttttttccct ccagagacag ttttctgact    113880
     tcgggtataa atttgcagtt gtttacatat gcattccttg aatgtgaaat gagcatgctg    113940
     gtttcatata tggctctgaa gtcagactga gttcaaattc aactgctgac tttctgagtt    114000
     atcaagggca agttactggc caccgattgt gttttttttt tttttttcat tttttcagat    114060
     gaaacacaag aataacatca cttgctacct catagctatc tgagaatcta tcatgtttat    114120
     ggaatatttt tagtgcttag aatttgatga ggtcgggggg gaaaaaaaag ctcaattctt    114180
     tatagtattt atttaattat ttatttattg tcctacagag atgttcttgc tttcttagca    114240
     gattctaaga cttttatgca tagtaaatga atagcctaaa gatgccaact gggctcaact    114300
     ctatgtgtgt tatttaggag tcttgtgtcg aaacactgca ctctgaaatg tactatctcg    114360
     cacataaaaa atgagtggca tctcttttat ttttcatcat agaagtttat ggtggaatat    114420
     cgtaaggctc cacaagacat ttggctcaat agaggaacag acaatctaca actgcacaca    114480
     ttttcaaaga ctggttttcc tcagagaact tcatccagtg tgactctggc tggtaacgtg    114540
     aaccaagcag ataatttcct gaacctaatg ctaatgtatt ttcataactt ataaagtaga    114600
     ttgaatagat taaaaatatc tcattttgaa gctatccttg agagattgag accgaatgat    114660
     tgctatgagt ttcaggacag cctaggcaac ctagtgaatt ctaggccaac ctggattaca    114720
     gaatcagact ctgtctcaac aaagatacat gaaaataatg tatctaatat ttatatttta    114780
     atgtcaaagc tactctaaat tattttaaat ttatatttct tttgtgtatg tttttactta    114840
     tgtctgggca catgtgttgt ggcatgcatg gtgatctgag gacaaattat tggaattagt    114900
     actcttcttc caccctggga tcaaactcag gtcatcagac tacagctgag ccatggagcc    114960
     actcctcaaa gtcactatct ttgtacctga acctactttg taaatcatct caaaccctat    115020
     ccctccacat cagcttcttt catgaagggt aaagcattaa tctgtagatg atgtcgtcaa    115080
     ccagaaagct gacagagccc cagtttcctg cgagaaaata ggaatgaggg tttgacttga    115140
     aaggaatgat gtggttgtgt tatcacttga gttgtgtgtg gacttagagc aatctgggct    115200
     tttacggtta ttaaactggc ctttggttac aacatattga aacttaatgg tctgtgttat    115260
     ggttcagcca acagccacat gcctcagcga ttctttagtt gcctaacttc attatgagca    115320
     cacccggcag ttcatttata atttaacttt tacagaataa gcaaatcaat tgcactatga    115380
     ataatttaag cccaataaaa catctcatag cactggcaag agagatccag ctcaatatat    115440
     tcataaatga atgtcaaatc atctggtttt gctaagctgt ttgtaaaagc taagatcgct    115500
     tgtaaggcac tatgtcacct ggtatcaatt tcaaagttaa gtaatttttt atgagtgtaa    115560
     tcccacctaa taaataatct tttagaaatg atacagaatg cctatcttgt gatttaaaac    115620
     cccatctaga gcagagggac atacctgcaa tgtctaaatt caggaggatg aagcacagaa    115680
     ttgctgtgtg ttcaaggtca gcctgttttt aggccagtct gagtgtcctg gatagcttta    115740
     actgtcaact tgacagaacc caaaactatt tgggaagaaa atctttactg aggaattgct    115800
     aggtcagatt gccctcacaa agagccttgg taattgatgt aggagacccc agtccgcagt    115860
     aggcagtacc aaccctaggc aggggttcct gactgcacaa gaaagcttgt aagtaaacaa    115920
     gctggcagca agatgcattt gtttctctct gcctttgact atggctgtga tgtgaccagc    115980
     tgcccatgtt cccaccttag ctcccactca gtgatggcca gcagcatgaa actacgtcac    116040
     cctaacagca acaaaactaa aactacaata ccgggctact gtgtaagacc ccgtttcggc    116100
     cacaacaatg gaaatagcct ttgggatgca gaggcaggag tttcagtctg tccttgtcta    116160
     cacagtgact tctaagccag ctaaggcaac atagtgagaa catgtctgca ggaaacaaac    116220
     taaaactaaa atgaaccaac aaacaacata cttcagtaac ttagataaca aagtaattgc    116280
     attaagtatt tttgctcttc cattatttta actagccttg acgaagtgat gtggattata    116340
     ttctttcaaa aaaaattttt tttgttcatc tatacatcca ttcactcacc gattgcttaa    116400
     tgggagttca ttctaaagag aatttttctg tagcagggac agcatggaca gcagagaaaa    116460
     cacgcagata ccgttcccat gatgctcaga gtctgcattt agaaggaaaa agaatttaaa    116520
     acaagcacat ctacataatt gtattaattt aacacaggga aggcgttact ttagatactt    116580
     ggaattgata ataagacaac tatagatatg tttctatcaa tgtggaaagt tgtacattgg    116640
     tagttgactt taagaattag aaacaaaatg ggcatatatg gctatgacta agccacacaa    116700
     gcctgaaagg agtgggggta accaacttct aaaaaccacg gctgtcaaag acgtaacagc    116760
     aacctttagc agcgtttcca ccctcattca ggtcctgcct gcttaaattc tgcaacttga    116820
     ctcccacgct gatagacagg atttactgtc taatttgcct tgaaatacct aagtcaagac    116880
     tgtaggtggc gctatcactt tgattattta ctgtgtggtt tttcctaaac attttgagtt    116940
     attcccacca gcctggctta gatcacacac cataggagaa ttattgacac tcatcagttt    117000
     accctctctt ttcgacgtac aagaatctca atagacattt tcacaggaag aagccaactc    117060
     agaaatcgaa acacgtttaa aatcactcag tcgctcctca gcaggcatgg gagaaaggac    117120
     acagccacct gctgagtctc tggatcctga atttagacgc tacactggtg atttatttac    117180
     actgtgatct gatgcctgct cctctctgta aagaacaccg ggtgaactgc tgcccaggtg    117240
     ttaagctcag ttactttgtt ctaaataaaa tccccacatg cagaacaaaa gtcaactgag    117300
     gtgctcctgg tgttggcaat tagggcaatc ttgagacctt cctcagggat atcgacacta    117360
     caccctgttt aaactctctc tgttaagtat gattctgaaa ttaagagcag aagaagtaaa    117420
     agtcaataca tctgactggt caacgggtgg ctagcaatgt attaaaagtg tatgaaatgg    117480
     aaaaaggagg agccaccacg agaggaatga aggagaaagc atgggtcacc caaggcacac    117540
     aaataaacag ccaagaaaag cattccccac acagatatcc aaacattgca tcatacttga    117600
     caaatgtacc aggtatgcct ttcagttaaa tgtaggacac aattttaaaa ttaaatgaat    117660
     tacatatata ttcccacttt taaaaaaaca acaaaaacaa aaatgaatga ataaaacgtt    117720
     ccctccttga aaagagcatt cggcattctt tcttcaattc ctcctatctt cccagggcaa    117780
     tttagaaaca atcctactgt aatatgggac tagaagttgg acttgctaat aggtccgcat    117840
     ggtgacttcc atgaagagtg tggttgtttc cctgtctggc tccaggcact gtgctggaca    117900
     ttgaactcag ctggaaagag aatgctcttc ttcagggtta taaactgaat cacacaatgg    117960
     cattgactgt agcgtagatt atatatgtga tatttgaagc attatcactt atctctttaa    118020
     aaaaattttt aattaggtat tttcttcatt tacatttcca atgcaacccc aaaagtcccc    118080
     caaaccaccc cccactcccc tccctcccac tcccacttct tggccctggt gttcccctgt    118140
     actgaggcat ataaagtttg caagaccaat gggcctctct ttccaatgat ggtcgactag    118200
     gccatcttct gatacagcat catcacttaa tctttatatc aggaagagac agatgatttc    118260
     tttaagacag tgtctcatgt agctcaggct ggccttgaaa tcatcttact tcagcgtctc    118320
     tccggctgaa gttacactag gcccaggatc ctaaccagaa ataagtagga aggagaacaa    118380
     gtgagaataa agtataatga catatgtgga tagaaatgtc cctggaaatt ccattggttt    118440
     gtacgctagc ctaaaaacaa ggaaaaggag aattatcaac tgaagaatga taattgttat    118500
     tgatttttaa aatatctttt atttgatact tatagacaca aatgtgcaag tatgtttatc    118560
     aatatatatt cattgggcgt gggtgggtag gggaacaggg cgcagggagg gtatagggaa    118620
     ttttcgggat aacatttgaa atgtatataa agaaaatatc aaataaataa ataaataaat    118680
     aaataaaaga aaaaattcat gttgagtaag aagattaatt tcttaggaag tgtaagtatg    118740
     acgactatac ataagattct taactcttag aagcagtttt tcatttttta tgacactttt    118800
     atatgtttat gtgatgaaat ttaattcttt ccatgtccca tactcctctg tcacccacta    118860
     ccttccccca caggaggcta tcatatcaac aaccccctca gacttttaag tctctacccc    118920
     aagggtgacc cagaatttag ttaattagca atgactgagg ggaatttggc agggactgtt    118980
     ggcttgcatt ctcttgtctg cgtcttctta tgaaatacgg atgtcctttt cctctagaca    119040
     ctgaaagagg atttctcact ccctctccct ctcatgtgaa gatctcatgg catgggccag    119100
     ggtcatcttc ctctttgtgt cattttctca gatgtcagca taccttattt ggtgggagga    119160
     ttcctacatc tcaccatgct gcgttgcaaa gattgcatta ttggattgaa tgtggatatt    119220
     gagataggca gacacaaccc ctctatgaca tatccaggaa tactcagtaa gacttgtgtg    119280
     gcagactatg taagatgaag gctctcactc gctgctgagt gctctattgt ctctatccat    119340
     attagacttt gagaggtaca tactcatttt cagataacaa ctgctcccat cttcaccagt    119400
     acacctggca ggcccataat ggcttccaag taaataaggg ctttgttcct aaggactgat    119460
     gggtccaaaa gcctgaggta cctatacaag tatgctcgta gtgctaccag tttcttaagt    119520
     cagagctgag tttgtatccc atgatcaggg agaatactga gtttttgaga tcttgtctca    119580
     aaaaacaaaa caaaacagaa caaaacaaaa acatcttgac agcaggtggt aggtaaatcc    119640
     actcttacag cagatatgtt tgggatttgc aatatagtat cttttctctg gcatgagaag    119700
     tccaccaccc tgaacagtct cctcaagggc aaacattcga ggatgattgt ccttgctctt    119760
     cctcacagtc tctgggaatt ggaggagagt gcattgtttc caggtgtgcc actgcctcaa    119820
     gtcataaaga tgaggagttt cttagtttaa taagtgccaa ttgacaagtc ctgatgaaga    119880
     ctcactctag ctatcccttt agtattgcag cttttttttt attagcacac tctagccttg    119940
     aaaaagtctt caaattttgt tttgtggact ctgacttcca ttcatggaaa accttcttct    120000
     ccaattcaat catatcctta aactaagtct attctcattt ctttgatgtt ctccttgttg    120060
     acttacagca gtaatcaagt gatggttgtt tcaaaactgt acttatttga tcattttttg    120120
     ttaatctgag aattgcaaga gaggagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    120180
     agaatgagaa tttattttta tgtttcaggc tattatatgt atcataagag tccagaagaa    120240
     tgaagccagt gcaacagtaa gtaattccaa gtcttaaaaa cttagtagac tttgttctag    120300
     tcccttgttc tagttttgaa atttccatct tcgagtatcc atgtcttctt ctccttattt    120360
     gaaaatagta atgctaatat gtgctaaagc gtaattctta gagagggcga cagaatgaga    120420
     atgcgggtgt gctgtgaagt aactaaggca gaatcattcc cagtaaatgt ttgcgcctat    120480
     ctatttctac tccatgataa acctccaaga gaatcattcg ctttgtgtcg ctggagtgat    120540
     gtactttgga tgctcagctg tgattcctcc atcaggcaat aaatttcctt gtggagagcc    120600
     ttccgccaat gctgccgact ccaggcagtt atagagtatt tactacaatg gatggcatga    120660
     acacatgaaa ggatgtgggg atgcaatcag agttctaaca agccagtgtc gaattcaaga    120720
     cactcaaact gcttaaaagt ttatgtaggc cataccaatt aatcgtgtca gtttcaatgg    120780
     ggagtgtaac caatgtcttt taagactgta gtcaatggat cagtcataca gttgatctaa    120840
     aacgacagtc atgcatcata cagcatttca gttttcttca gaagttacag cctcagaaac    120900
     aggatctaga ggaaaaaagg gaaattactc caacgcgttt tcatttcctg ctttgggcac    120960
     tggcttgact acttaagctg tgctccatga acctcgcaaa gggctgtttc agggtttggg    121020
     ttagtgagcc tcatcctggc agttatttta tagtaaagaa cattcaagtg ctctgcctac    121080
     ctagggccct gtgaagcaat gaaatatcac tctcatatag agaatctgga tgaagatgga    121140
     tatactcaat tagacttcag cactcaagac atccataaaa ggcccagggg atcagagaaa    121200
     ggtatccatt ttctttctgc taacagcacc tttgttctca ttaactgaaa taacagaagt    121260
     agagacctgg agagattctt gatttgtaga actgcctaca aaaatatatt ttcatatatg    121320
     cgtgtgtgta tgatatatat ttggtatatg tggtatgtat atgatatgta tatatatata    121380
     tatacatgta tacacacata tatatgtatg tatgtatata tatgtatata tatatatata    121440
     tatatgtata tatatatata tatacatgta tacacacacg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    121500
     tgtgtatagt tttaaagact gctggaagtc atcaacgact tccacaaatt gcttttggtt    121560
     tatggcagaa aacaggacta ctctactcta cagtcagagg tagcactggt aacatgagta    121620
     aaagagaaag atgaaagaat tttagtagag ttgctttttc cttgtttttt agcaacttgt    121680
     gagggggcca ggaaacagat aaacgaacaa cctgtacaat catacaacac agtatgctaa    121740
     agtcatggtc ctctatgcaa ccatagagga gtgtgtggga aataaaaatg aatgcatctt    121800
     tggttaaacc caaagagaag ccaggagtca tggggtgtaa atcccaaatc cgctatgctc    121860
     ttttggtaag agattaattt ggattttata aaacgagatg ttagtatgtc agctatggaa    121920
     aacacaagct acattaaaat gtctcattat caggagatag atattaaaac ggaaacaaga    121980
     caagaataaa ggacattaaa gtcctaacac ggagtgagtg ttttagtctc tttcagggtc    122040
     acctattggg cagctctatg acttggcttt ctgttgttgg tatcatcagc ttaaaacaaa    122100
     aatcagttcg ctgttaactt aaaggaagag atgactgacg ggttctaatg tcagtttgtt    122160
     ttcttccgct ttttgatgtt cacattatgc aattatttat aaccacttac acaatcactc    122220
     tcttgtgaaa tttgcttgga aaatagtcta aaaattgatt gagggaaggg gcatggctta    122280
     tatgcgtatg ctgcgtaaac taaagtgctc agtcccagca acagtatttg aaggtactat    122340
     tgatctaatt tcaaaacttg gaaataaaaa aaataaataa aaacaaaggc atagagaaaa    122400
     taacttgttt aaatcatgca ccatataaat gacaagaaaa agctatcctt agtcattggt    122460
     gctgtttctc ctacagaaag ctatttgctc tgtgaccaag taggacttca gggaatggat    122520
     agtgtccaga tctatagact agcctgtgag cctacaatgg aggagttaca gatggtatgg    122580
     ccatgatgcc atggctgaag caatggagga agaggcatcc tgaagttgga ggaaaatgga    122640
     gatttacact acaatgttag attctcaagt cgctagagcc tagtgtctgc tgatcccttt    122700
     agaaccaccc aaatttcagg gaactaagct gttaaagagt tccatcatct tccctcattt    122760
     tctttctcat ctctcttact ttccaggaag ccaggctcca tcttcacctt ggaggcccat    122820
     tgcagtgggt ttaggaatcc tgtgctttgt ggtagtagtg gttgctgcag tgctgggtgc    122880
     cctaggtgag tatgggtgag ggaggttgat gcagtcgtaa acagtgatta tgcaattaat    122940
     tgatgccaag aactctctca agggcttggc atgcataacc tcatttaatc tgtatattaa    123000
     ttccattaag tttgtgctat taatttctgt tttagttata ggagaattga gagagtggaa    123060
     gattaactct tccatagtta taacctagtt attggtgaga ttataagaaa tggtggatta    123120
     tagaaaatct gcttagtaaa acatatattc atgagtatat tactctacta tagataggtg    123180
     attttctttt taaagtaaaa ctgaaagtaa aagttagtgg agggaaactt gcagagtcaa    123240
     aagaagccta atctttccta ggagacagat gtattaaatg agttttgtgt aatttttgaa    123300
     catctcatga catgatacat gggaattatc ttttttttat ttaggtattt atttcagtta    123360
     catttccaat gctatcccaa aagtccccca cacgctcccc cacccactcc cccaccctcc    123420
     cactcccact tcttggccct ggcgttcccc tgtactgagg catataaagt ttgcacgaca    123480
     aatgggcctc tctttccact gatggctgac taagccatct tctgattcat atgcagctag    123540
     agacacgagc tctggggagt actggttagt tcatattgtt gttccaccta tagggttgca    123600
     gatcccttta gctccttggt tactttctct agctcctcca ttgggggccc tgtgatccat    123660
     cgaatagctg actgtgagca tccacttctg tgtttgctag gccccaacat agtctcacaa    123720
     gagacagcta tatctgggtt ctttcagcaa aatctagcta gtgtatgcaa tggtgtcagt    123780
     gtttggaagc tggttatggg atggatcccc ggatatggca gtctctagat ggtccatcct    123840
     ttcatctcag ctccaaactg tgtctctgta actccttcca tgggtgtttt gttcccaaat    123900
     ctaagaaggg gcaaagtgcc cacactttgg tcttcgttct tcttgagttt cacgtgtttt    123960
     gcaaattgta tcttatatct tgggtattct aagtttctat gctaatatcc acttatcagt    124020
     gagtacatat tgtgtgagtt cttttgtgat tgggttacct cactcaagat gatgccctcc    124080
     aggtccatcc atttgcctag gaatttcata aattcattct ttttaatagc tgagtagtac    124140
     tccattgtgt aaatgtacca cattttctct atccattcct ctgttgaggg gcatctgggt    124200
     tcttaccagc ttcttcttac acatgatctt tagtaaaaaa ttatcttgac tctgccaggt    124260
     actgcctggg gcattgaaaa attgctaaac agatgctttg tgaagactga atatttctct    124320
     ttaggtttct gtatttcatg aattctgtgt caatagaatt gtaaacttca aagagttttc    124380
     atcactcaaa attagtcaca tttttactga ttacagaaac attttatgta ttacatgctg    124440
     tgtaattttc aaagagctag ctggcatttt taaataatag tggaaagcaa aaactattat    124500
     ttcataaatt attagtattt aaaatggttt acaattgcag ttagatccat gccattttct    124560
     atttgcgacc tgcttcatag tcctttccat atgtttaata tatcctctat ctgtgaccca    124620
     tcttactctg tctttttatc agcaacatac agtttattta tcaataacca taggcatccc    124680
     ctatatatgt ccataaaata tgagtgctgg catttccatt tttaaacaca gcagaatgac    124740
     tttctttttc tgtcactatt gctgttcgtg acgtatgaag cattttggtg acacaattca    124800
     gggagaaatc cagaggagaa agacaacttc ctatcaagaa ataaagagaa ccacaagccc    124860
     acagaatcat ctttagatga gaaggtggct ccctccaagg catcccaaac tacaggcaag    124920
     ggcagcacga aaggagcaat gggatcccgg attccagagg ttcatttcct ggtgctgagg    124980
     cctggggtgg ggaatatgtt tacatctact aacagtgaat tcaaggcaag cagacctaac    125040
     agaattccct tagcataaca taccctgcca gacagctggt aaagtggcat cacaaatcca    125100
     cagctctttc acttactaaa aggagcagta acagctctta tctctggctg tgtgctgaaa    125160
     tctatgagac atgatagaat ttgatgcaaa cgaaggggta gtgttcagtg tccttatgga    125220
     actgatattt ttacagtgat gttagaataa gatagatgtg agggaaagga aatataaggg    125280
     agaaatgagg aagggacact gaagactgta aatgctaata atatacagaa gaaatggacc    125340
     taataactca ctgaaaacgc tgcttaatca tagcattcaa atgatttcat aacttttttt    125400
     ctatatccag cctgtgtttc tgattgaatc atagctgact gacaatgctt tcccttcagc    125460
     agtccacctc tggacttacc tccccactgt cttcagctaa caaaatgcaa aagagccttt    125520
     gaaatataaa taattagctt tatgcctctt cataggataa attaaaccaa gtagaacttc    125580
     tgtttgtagc cattgatttt gagtggtatt tgttttacag agaatcagaa aagaaaggga    125640
     atctaggcct aagcttgaag tagtggaaga gataagtcta gttgtctatt taaaacacta    125700
     cacaaactca actgatttta aattttatat gtgttttgct tgcatgtttg cctgtgtgta    125760
     ccacttgcat acctggcacc ctcagaggcc agaagagggt accagtgccc agaaactgca    125820
     gttatagatg tttgtgaagt gccatatagg ttctgggaaa caaacctatg tactctggag    125880
     gagcaatcag tggtctcaaa cactaaacca cgtctttagt ccctttactt taaatttttt    125940
     aaacaagcaa agagattttt aatatattct gtaaagttat catctaattt gtgtcaaaaa    126000
     ttaaagatgt gttaaagaaa tatgttaatg aaaatttatt attaggtact catgaaaatg    126060
     cactaagaga attattgtta tactatgaat ttcatgatat taattttctt tccaggaggt    126120
     ttttctcagc cttgccttcc taattggatc atgcatggga agagctgtta cctatttagc    126180
     ttctcaggaa attcctggta tggaagtaag agacactgct cccagctagg tgctcatcta    126240
     ctgaagatag acaactcaaa agaatttgta agcacatact tctataatta cctctggttt    126300
     acattcatct gggctagaga gattcttgca ctaacaatgt tcatatcatc atttggtata    126360
     actgcaaaat tattcagtac attacataat gcatggtttt attttttatt aattgatttg    126420
     aaaaggattc acattttact ttaaaataag caattttggg gcttgccaag tagcacttgg    126480
     cactaagctt gacctgaatt tgtttctaga acccacataa tagaagggga aaaaccgact    126540
     cttacaaatt gccctctgac ctccacatga gcactgtggc atgccacaca acacacatgc    126600
     acaaaagaat gaaaatgaaa atgaaaatgt taaagtaaat acgttaaaac aaactttatg    126660
     atggttcgga tgttgtggta agggcgcttc atgcttgtat atgtgtactt caattttcaa    126720
     atttgaagta taggagaaaa actgcccatt tgttacttta atatcaagaa agatcagcaa    126780
     tgacaatcaa catttatgaa ttgtttggtc ttgttaaaat actgaggaag gcaaagagct    126840
     ggttttattt gattattttg ttttgtgtta tttttgttgt ttagttttga tacgtacttt    126900
     ccatcttagc tcagacagat ccagacaaga aattccttct aagtgacaaa gaggattaaa    126960
     aagtaaccct tctatatata gttgaaaaga aaaacaacag ttctgaaaag tcaaacatca    127020
     gataaaataa caaataagct gaaagtttaa taatttaaac ttagatagtt taagtttaat    127080
     aagcatcctt attaacaaga aattgtacag aatcaggaga acttacaata catgttgaag    127140
     gaaaagtggg tgagaactac agaaagcatc cctcaataca gttccaatct gcacactcta    127200
     ttctgtcttc actactctgt ttttatctat ctgtgactcc gtacccaata gctgtagttc    127260
     ctgtgaaagt taatgaaagc aggaatacag acaaggaaga ggatcccatt agaaattcac    127320
     ctggcctttg atatcaacct gtgattggca aagaatcatc ctatttttgt gaccaattca    127380
     agagtcttgg attattttaa ccataaaaca tgcagtgcag ggctgaggat gtagatctgt    127440
     agaagagagt ttacctgaca cctgccaggc tctgggtctc ttctacagca ttattttcct    127500
     tggtaaagct attatgagtt tatgtttgct acttgtacaa aaaacaaatg gcccatttcc    127560
     cacgaagctg cttgggagct gggcactgct ggattttgtg tagtttgtta attgaggtag    127620
     aatattgata atttaagcct attttccccc tttagtttgt gtgagagctt ctgtgtgtgt    127680
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gggagagaga    127740
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagagt atatgtatgt atgtatgcat gcatgtatgt    127800
     ttgcacactg aacctagaga gataggctta caaccaccca actccaggac tctcctgtct    127860
     tcaatcccta ccatacagga gttaaaggca tgtatggatg cacctgacat tttaacatgg    127920
     atattgggaa ctcaaatcga ggtcctcatg tgtttgcagc aagcattctt acccactgag    127980
     ccatctccct agctcacatc tttattaatg aatctattct tgatggaaaa attaaaaata    128040
     actctaaaac acctctctag acattcaacg atattcagtg attgacagtc ctctctagat    128100
     tgtcacctta tgtgaacgtc cttctgtaaa aggattcatt ccgccctgga tgcctatagc    128160
     attgttttag gatccccctg atgtatgttt gtatttttgt tttactacag gagttcattg    128220
     aaagccaaac atcgtctcac cgtattaatg cattttggat aggcctttcc cgcaatcaga    128280
     gtgaagggcc atggttctgg gaggatggat cagcattctt ccccaactcg taagttccgg    128340
     tacagacatg gagaggtgga atcctaccat gcagttacaa aatctacttc tctggtcact    128400
     tatgagaaaa cggagtcatg gtggcggagg gagagggaga aagagacata gagatgaaga    128460
     gaacagctct cagggaggct gtaaaggatg ctctcctggt gctgactaag ggattcccat    128520
     ggcatctggt ccttctggcc cagtgaggag agatgctgtt cagtgcagcc ttggacttac    128580
     ctaagtctga ggtaacgatt aacccaatct atgtacgtga gatattggac aaatctctgt    128640
     acttctttta tagctgcatt ctttatccaa aactgagaat agagtggcta ttctttacaa    128700
     tagtaaagta aagggcataa aggtaaaatc attagcataa tttttttaca gaaccgatga    128760
     aaaatgacat cttatgtcat tatttcaact ttatcttaca tttgtgaact tagaatttct    128820
     tcctaattgt gtgctgaagt ctttgaaatg tctattcatc tgttcactaa tatttgtaaa    128880
     tataaaattt tatccccctt tcaatgtata ttcctgcatc cctgaatctc ccattaatgt    128940
     taatatatat agtccaattt aattaaattt tacttttttt aaattttgct aatgtttctc    129000
     tatcctcttt tatcactttg gctagtgttg attctcatat atattattac ctttcaccta    129060
     atttctctgt gttaagctga attctttctc taaattctta tgttggatgt ttaactcatc    129120
     atctctagtc tttttttggc tttggagtca tttggttcac atgctttctg acttccatgg    129180
     tgagttgctc tttgatccaa gacatagaaa taaatttctc acttttcaca catacccatg    129240
     cttctcacat tcctatttat cttttagatt tcaggcttag ctcctctgtg atcagagaac    129300
     atacttcatc tggtggtaat tccctcttaa tttgtattga aaatgtctac acgggtcctc    129360
     ctatatttct ttaagagttt cacttgatac tttaaagcca tattaaaata ttcatgtgga    129420
     tttagaattg ttgcatcgtc ctgtttgatg tcactttcct tccttcttcc cccctctcct    129480
     ccctccctcc ctccctccct ccctccctcc ctccctccct ccctcccttc ctttgtaatt    129540
     tactgatttc tgttttgatt tttgtttatt tctcataatt cctctggttt gcctgttttg    129600
     ttttgttttg tttttgtcac ttgcagctca ctttgcttac agtattctca atactatcta    129660
     ttaacttcta gaggccactc aggacagttg tttttaagtc tgtacctgct aactctgtgt    129720
     gcattctgtt ttttctcctg tgcatcactc aagttggttt gttttcttaa atgcctaatt    129780
     gtgtttgaaa gctgattatc agcattgcat tgtgaactgt ttagggcttt tggggtcaac    129840
     ttgaagttca tagagtaacg cctcatttgc ttcctgagga tagtggtggc aatgaaaagc    129900
     ccactccccc accctcaccc agtgttacat catcagtgct cagctacctc tcctctacta    129960
     attcactcca aatgcattca ctaacaaccc acagaacata ctccttcctc ttctgtggca    130020
     tttattcacc ttgatttgtt ttcccattgt aacaatgaaa cgagatggtt ctttgtaact    130080
     tcataaaatg ggcttaacat tttaaaatgt tccagggtgg cagtaactta atctctgccc    130140
     ccaaaaccac ttgaatgtca gagaaatttt cagaaattac tggtaaatat tctcccagag    130200
     gtctgggtcg aagcagttca tcttacccct gccaattcaa gagcagattt tttcagtcta    130260
     ccaaccacag ggtcaagaag aagcagtcgt tcaaggtaga gttcagtagg tggtgacttt    130320
     tgcactatga cccaatgata atccttgaat gtgactaatt ggcatggctc tttatttcat    130380
     tcaactcata atactagcct ttctgagggg aaaaaaaacc atcattttct taccttaatt    130440
     ataaagacaa gtctattacc acttgaagat taatacactc taagttaaag attcctcttt    130500
     aaataattca aatgcctcaa actattttaa ccaatgttct taaactttct agctccatga    130560
     aagacctatg tggtctctgt ttgttttaat tacctcactg tacttttttc taacaggttt    130620
     caagtcagaa atacagctcc ccaggaaagc ttactgcaca attgtgtatg gattcatgga    130680
     tcagaggtct acaaccaaat ctgcaatact tcttcataca gtatctgtga gaaggaactg    130740
     taaatgtatg tgagaatata aagatggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtacatgc    130800
     acacacacca ccaccaccac cactaccaac aacagaacag aacagaacag aacagaacag    130860
     attaatatta aaaaacagaa aaaatgctgg gatgctaaga gactttaacc tcatttgaga    130920
     acttggatga agaagctgag acttttgtac ttgtcatctt cacaaagatg gtggcactat    130980
     cttccagtta ggaagtcact agacatggag tgagggcagc tcaacaatac agagaatatg    131040
     tgaacctgag gtaccctgac tcaaatttca caaccacaat gaaaccccta cactatcagg    131100
     aaacactgta gaggagtgag actgaagact ttaaaagcca gagaatcagc ctacttactg    131160
     tggtgttttc tagacaggac agggaaagta tatctaggaa ataaaaacaa tacaattcag    131220
     caaacaaaat ctgcataatg acaacctcag ttggtatggt atgttatggt atggtatggg    131280
     tgtagaagtt tcacaaggcc ctatgaagaa ctacagacag ttaaataggg ggaaagcttt    131340
     ttctaggatc aagcctactg aaccccaaga agtcagcact gaacatatgt acagatcagt    131400
     atcattaaat gaactagtaa gacatataca tatatgttaa tcaaatattg gtaccagagt    131460
     acacactgtg tttgcatgat tttctcagta tctacagtac accagacaca gggagaaggc    131520
     aaaatgaact tctaaattga gaagtgaaaa aaatgaggga agagaatctt caccacaaat    131580
     agggattcta ttttcaccca catgatcatt attaagatgg ccatcaccca aacgtcgtga    131640
     cccaagctac ttcctcaact agataactca aagagtctgc ccaccttttc tgatagcaaa    131700
     tctggtatct agatttcact gtttccttat gctgtctggc cagcagtatg acaaaggtgc    131760
     tgccctttca ggaagcagtc tccttaaatg ctgtagttgg aaagataaat catatctgat    131820
     agtgaatatt taaaaagcgc ccagtcagga taagtgtttt ggaacacaga acatatttca    131880
     tctttttatg atacactatc ttgcaattaa caaccaattc ttaagtcatt tctttacaaa    131940
     catatgactg gaatatgact gtttcctagt gtgatctgtc ttgttaactt ctaagattgt    132000
     ccattaatac cacccttatt tccagtgtgg acttccaaat tgctggggat ctgtttatag    132060
     ctttctcaga ctaatcaata tgtgggcaga aattgtgctg agtccactga attgttctct    132120
     tgaaaatgat tgggtttatg tcactttcat ctcaattgaa aaactgctta ttaaagtatc    132180
     tttggcctct gaataacctg cctatatgta acgatctaat ttgccttctc ctccaaaagg    132240
     ttgatgactt ggatactggt agggaatatg tatgctagac agtttttcat tgaagcataa    132300
     acttgggttc ttaaagattt caaaacatct ctgagaaaaa catacatttt gtgaggtttg    132360
     gctctcatct tttaatattc aactctgaat tggcaacatc tgaaaaaaaa ctatagagac    132420
     tatagtgatc aatatgaaag aagtatgatt gattgactca agtagttaaa gcatacgatg    132480
     ggatttcaaa agacatgaat gttgtgcatg tgcatgtgtg agctcatgtg catatgtgtg    132540
     taggagtgta cttacttccc tgggcacatc tggagactaa aggtccacat ccagtgtcat    132600
     ccattaccac ttgccatctt ctttgttgaa actgggtctt cctctgaact agatttcact    132660
     gtttccttat gctgtctggc cagctgtccc atatccaccg gcctctccct ttcatccaac    132720
     cctgggagat gaggacactg taaatggctt ccaagtggat atgataatcc tacattggat    132780
     tatcctcatg cttccacagc agctactgag tcacctctcg agcccaaagt gtgaacattt    132840
     taattgggtt cccagaattg aacagataag ttcaagaaac catcattatc atcaaagaaa    132900
     ataaatctgg atgctgaaac caagagttct ttacaagatc aggaagctga gaaatcatag    132960
     tgtgtgtggg ttaagaagca aggagaccca gagtgactat agtaagggtg gtccagggtg    133020
     ttctatttca tggcatgctg acaacttaca tggaaatgta catgtaatca gagacacata    133080
     catttgtcct agggactgag atgggatacc agctgctgaa ctcaagataa attgcagatg    133140
     gttacatttg aggaaacatg ctgagggact tctgtaatcc attgatctgg gcacagcact    133200
     aattttggga gttgtcccta atttttatct cagtccctct acaatgtgat tcagtctcag    133260
     ctctgttaaa ttcaaataca gtcatgtcag gtctctacta aaatctctca ttgacttctt    133320
     aacatgtttc agaataaaag caaaacaaaa taacaacaaa aaaagcactt ataattgcct    133380
     ttaagacctc atgtgcttta agttcctttg ttctttgagg taccactgcc ctctacttct    133440
     ccagcaagga tggatgctag cctcactatg gtatttcagc ctcatctatc tttgactttt    133500
     caactcaaag tctttgtggt ttccctcttt aaatgatcct gtctgagacg gctgctgagc    133560
     cttctgtctt gctcaccgag tctgcacaca tatcacctct taagtgaatg aagagtcctc    133620
     tgggtactct atttcaaatc accaacctac ctccattacc ttccttgggc ttcttggtag    133680
     cttcaaaatt tatagcagtc aaattttctc cataggatat agggtttaaa agaccaggag    133740
     catctgtgtt caaagcatgt ccccacagca tagcatgctt aagaaaatgt ttcgctgttg    133800
     ttgaagtaaa tggttaagga gcatagtaca gatgtcaata tacgtggtca aaaaaataga    133860
     gaggatttac ttgaatagct gaagctgggc aaatacttct ggttaccatt ttactgggtt    133920
     tttgataaac ttagaatccc ctctattttc ctgccttata tgtaatttct cccctcccct    133980
     cacacactcc tcacattttc ctctcttccc acctgtttct tcctctcttt ctctctctct    134040
     gtctctctct ctctctcctc ctttattcct ttcttcattc cttctgatct ttttctatct    134100
     tccttccttc cttttttttt ccagagtata tatctacata gtccaggctg actttgaact    134160
     tgagatccga ctccagaacc agggtgactt gcctgcggag tctctggaca cccacaaggg    134220
     cccacacaag atcccccatg gggatcttaa gacctctggt gagtggaaca cagtgtctgc    134280
     ttcaatccaa ttgcactgga tctgagactg catcaattag ggaagcagaa aacccggcct    134340
     gatcaggggc acaagtccct tccggtccac tccagcactg gggttccttg ccctcagagt    134400
     ctccagacac tcgcaaggac ccacacagga tcccccacgg gatcctaaga cctcaggtga    134460
     gtggaacaca acttctgcca ggaggcaggt tcaaacacca gatatctggg taccttccct    134520
     gcaagaggag acttgcctgg agagggtact ctgaccactg aaactaagga gagaactagt    134580
     ctcccaggtc tgctgataga ggctaactta atcacctgag gaacaagctc taaccagaga    134640
     caactataac agctagcttc agagattacc agatggcgaa aggcaaacat aagaatccaa    134700
     ctaacagaaa ttaagaccac tcaccatcat cagaactcag cactcccacc ccacctagtc    134760
     ctgggcatcc caacacaccc gaaaagctag acctggattt aaaagcatat ctcatgatga    134820
     tggtagagga catcaagaag gactttaata cctcacttaa agaaatacag gagaacacag    134880
     ctaaataggt agaagacctt aaagaggaaa cacaaaaatt ccttaaagaa ttgcaggaaa    134940
     acacgaccaa acaggtgatg gaattgaata aaaccatcca aaacataaaa agggaagtag    135000
     acacaataaa gaaaacccaa agtgaggcaa tgctggagat agaaacacga ggaaagaaat    135060
     ctggaaccat agatgtgagc atcagcaaca gaatacaaga gatggaagag agaatctcag    135120
     gtgcagaaga ttccatagag aacatcggca caacaatcaa agaaaataca aaacatccag    135180
     gaaatccagg acacaatgag aagaccaaat ctatggataa taggagttga tgagaatgaa    135240
     gattttcaac ttaaagggcc agcaaatatc ttcaacaaaa ttatagaaga aaacttccca    135300
     aacctaaaga atgacatgca catgaacata caagaagcct acagaactcc aaatagactg    135360
     gaccagaaaa gaaattcctc ctaacacata ataatcagaa caacaagagg actaaataaa    135420
     gagagaatat taaaagcagt aagggagaaa ggtcaagtaa catacaaagg caggcctatc    135480
     agaattacac cagagttttc accacagact atgaaagcca gaagagcctg gacagacgtt    135540
     atacagacac taagagaaca caaatgccag cccaggctac tatacccggc caaactctca    135600
     attaccagag atggagacac caaagtattc cacgacaaaa ccaaattcac acattatttt    135660
     tccacgaatc cagaccttca aaggataata acagaaaaaa accaatacaa ggatggaaat    135720
     cacgccctag aaaaagcaag aaagcaatcc ctcaacaaac caaaaagaag acagccacaa    135780
     gaacagaatg ccatctttaa caacaaaaat aataggaagc atccattact tttccttaat    135840
     atctcttaat attaatggac tcaattcccc aataagaaga catagactaa ctgactggct    135900
     acacaaacag gacacaacat tctgctgctt acaagaaacc catctcaggg aaaaagacag    135960
     acactacatc agagtgcaag gctggaaaac aattttccaa gcatatggtc tgaagaaaca    136020
     agctggagta gccattctaa tatcgaataa aatcgacttc taacccaaag ttatcaaaaa    136080
     agacaaggag ggacacttca tacttatcaa aggtaaaatc ctccatgagg aacactcaat    136140
     tctgaatatc tatgctccaa atgcaagggc agccacattc attaaagaaa ctttagtaaa    136200
     gcgaaaagca cacattgcac ctcacacaat aatagtggga gacttcaaca caccactttc    136260
     atcaatggac agatcatgga aacagaaact aaacagggac acagtgaaac taacagaagt    136320
     tatgaaacaa atggacttaa cagatattta cagaacattt tatcctaaaa caaaaggata    136380
     taccttcttc tcagcacctc atggtacctc ctctaaaact gaccatataa ttggtcacaa    136440
     aataggcctc aacagatgca aaaatattga aattgttcca tgcatcctat cagaccacca    136500
     tggactaagg ctgatcttca acaacaacat aaataatgga aagccaacat tcacatggaa    136560
     actgaacaac actcttctca gtgatacctt ggtcaaggaa ggaataaaga aagaaattaa    136620
     agacttttta gagtttaatg aaaatgaagc cacaacatac ccaaacctat gggacacaat    136680
     gaaagcattt ctaagacgga aactcatagc tctgagtgcc tccaaaaaga gagagcacac    136740
     actagcagct tgacaacaca tctaaaagct ctagaaaaaa aaaaaggaag aaaatttacc    136800
     caagaacaat tagacggcag gaaataatca aactcagggg tgaaatcaat caagtggaaa    136860
     caagaagaac tattcaaaga attaaccaaa tgaggagttg gttctttgag aaaatcaata    136920
     agatagataa acccttagct agactcacta gagggcacag ggacagcatc ctaattaaca    136980
     aaatcagaac tgaaaaggga gacataacaa cagatcctga agaaatccca aacaccatca    137040
     gatccttcta caaaaggcta tactcaacaa aactggaaaa cctggatgaa atggacaaat    137100
     ttctagacag ataccaggta ccaaagttaa atcaggatca agttaagaat ctaaacagtc    137160
     tcatatccct aatgaaatag aagcagtcat taatagtctc ccagccaaaa aaagcccagg    137220
     accagatggg tttagtgcag agttctatca gaccttcaaa gaagatctaa ttccagtcct    137280
     gcacaaacta ttccacaaaa tagaagtaga aggtactcta cccaactcat tctatgaagc    137340
     cacaattact ctaataccta aaccacagaa agatccaaca aagatagaga acttcagacc    137400
     aatttccctt atgaatattg atgcaaaaat cctcaataaa attctcgata accgaatcca    137460
     agaacacatt aaagcaatca tccatcctga ccaagtaggt tttattccag ggatgcaggg    137520
     atggtttaat atatggaaat ccatcaatgt aatccattat ataaacaaac tcaaagacaa    137580
     aaaccacatg atcatctagt tagatgcgga gaaagcattt gacaagatcc aacacccatt    137640
     catgataaaa gtcttggaaa gatcaggaat tcaaggccca tacctaaaca tgataaaagc    137700
     agtctacagc aaaccagtaa ccaacatcaa agtaaatggt gagaagctgg aagcaatccc    137760
     actaaaatca gggactagac aaggctgccc actttctccc tacctcttca acatagtact    137820
     tgaagtccta gccagagcaa tttgacaaca aaaggagatc aaggggatac aaattggaaa    137880
     aaaaatgaag tcaaaatatc actttttgca gatgatatga tagtatatat aggtgaccct    137940
     aaaaattcca ccagagaact cctaagcctg ataaatagct tcaatgaagg agctggatat    138000
     aaaattaact taaacaagtc aatggccttt ttctacacaa aggataaaca ggctgagaaa    138060
     gaaattaggg aaacaacacc cttcttaata gtcacaaata atataaaata ccttggtgtg    138120
     actctaagga agtgaaagat ctgtatgata agaacttcaa gtctctgaag aaagaaatta    138180
     aagaagatct cagaagatgg aaagatctcc catgcttatg gattggcagg aacaatatag    138240
     taaaaatggc tatcttgcca aaagcaatct acagattcaa aattccaact caattcttca    138300
     acgaattaga aagggtaatc ggcagattca tctggaataa caaaaaacct aggatagcaa    138360
     aaactcttct caaggataaa agaacctctg gtggaatcac catgcctgac ctaaagcttt    138420
     actacagagc aattgtgata aaaactgcat ggcactggta tagtgacaga caagtagacc    138480
     aatggaatag aattgaagac ccacaaatga acccacacac ctatggtcac ttgatcttcg    138540
     acaagggagc taaaaccatc cagtggaaga aagacagcat tttcaacaaa tggtgctggc    138600
     acaactagtg gttgtcatgt agaagaatgt gaattgatcc atttctatct ccttgtacta    138660
     aggtcaaatc tacgtggatc aaggaactcc acataaaacc agagacactg aaactcatgg    138720
     aggagaaagt ggggaaaagc ctcgaagaga tgggcacagg ggaaaaattc ctgaatagca    138780
     cagcaatagc ttgtgctgta agatcaagaa ttgacaaatg ggacctcata aaactgcaaa    138840
     gcttctgcaa ggcaaaagac accgtcaata agacaaaaag gccaccaaca gattgggaaa    138900
     ggatctttac ctatcctaaa tcagagagga gactaatatc caatatatat aaagaactca    138960
     agaaggtgga ctccagaaaa tcaaataatc ccattaaaaa tggggctcaa ctaaacaaag    139020
     aattcttacc tgaggaatac cgaatggctg agaagcacct gaaaaaatgt tcagcatcct    139080
     taatcatcag agaaatgcaa atcaaaacaa ccctgagatt ccatctcaca ccagtcagaa    139140
     tggctaagat caaaaattca ggtgacagca gatgctggca aggatgtgga gaaagaggaa    139200
     cactcctcaa ttgttggtgg ggttgcaagc tcgtacaatc actctggaaa tcagtctggc    139260
     ggttcctcag aaaattggac atagtactac tggaggatcc cgcaatacct ctcctgggca    139320
     tatatccaga agatgtccca actggtaaga aggccacctg ctccactatg ttcatagcag    139380
     ccttatatat aatagccaga agctggaaag aacccagatg cccctgaaca gaagaatgga    139440
     tacaaaaaat gtggtacatt tacacaatgg agtactactc agctattaaa aggaatgaat    139500
     ttatgaaatt cctaggcaaa tggttggacc tgaagagcat catcctgagt gagttaacac    139560
     aatcacaaaa gaactcaaat gatatgtact cattgataag tggatattag cccagaaact    139620
     tagtataccc gagatataag atacaatttg aaaaacacat gaaactgaag aagaacgaca    139680
     accaaagtgt tgacactttg ccacttctta aaattggaaa caatcactca tggaaggagt    139740
     tacagataca aagtttggag ctgagacaaa aggatggacc atctagagac tgccatatcc    139800
     agggatccat cccataatta gtttccaaac tatgacacca ttgcatacac tagcaagtgt    139860
     ttgctgaaag gaccctaata tagctgtctc ttgtgagact aggccggggc ctagcaaaca    139920
     cagaagtgga tgttcacagt cagctattcg atggatcaca gggcccccaa tggaggagat    139980
     agagaaagta cccaaggagc taaagggatc tgcaacccta taggtggaac aacaatatga    140040
     actaaccagt accccggagc tcttgactct agttgcatat gtatcaaaag atggcctagt    140100
     cagccatcac tggaaagaga ggcccattgg aattgcaaac tttatatgtc ccagtacagg    140160
     ggaatgccag ggccaaaaag tgggaatggg ttggtagggg aatgggggga gggcatgggg    140220
     gacttttggg ctagcattgg aaatgtaatt gaggaaaata cctaattaaa aaaataattt    140280
     aaaaaaaaga agaacttgag atccacctgg tcagtcctgt gaatgctgga gttccaaatg    140340
     tgtactacca cagctactct ataagtttta acatttatat cttcttaata tgtcattaca    140400
     ctctgtgcct tacatacctt gaccttcaat gcctaaccca aagcaaaaag aaacattttt    140460
     atctccaact tttcaaccag tcattattca ataaatggtt tttgttattc ctcatcttaa    140520
     aattataata attagatgaa taactttcag cttgaaacaa agaaaattca cagtctgtag    140580
     tttctggtgg tcttttatag gctctggctg ctctaactct gtttctaccc taggtggtat    140640
     ttagtgtgct tattttatcc aggcattacc tatatagaac agctttggta gagtgatgag    140700
     agtacaataa ctcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtacatata tatatatgtg    140760
     tatgtatata tatatacata tgtacatata tatacatata tacctatata tatacataca    140820
     tatatacata tatgtgtgta tacatgtata tgtatgtgtc tgtgtgtaag ttgtgtaaac    140880
     tagatatgta tgtgatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat    140940
     agatagatag atgatagata gatagattga tttactggcc tgaccgcaca ctttccacta    141000
     tatgatggta cagtatctct cttagagaat gcatccctcc cctcaacaat gaatttgtca    141060
     acactttgat cttgagtcag aaatatgaga aacatttttt tcattttgta tgaatgatct    141120
     ggtctcaggt attcagttat tccaacgcac tcacataaac atgacaaata atagattata    141180
     ctgttctgct tcaggagtaa ggctggacat agaccgagac aattttctca tttcttatct    141240
     tacaactata ggaacacaca gctagttgtc ttcccagcat agtagttaat aacagcgctg    141300
     taaatcggga ctgctaataa agcatgggat tgcttgtgat cacagtgtgc ctggtgcgct    141360
     ataaaatgtt aaaccaagtc cgaatactgt aagaagaaag gatatgaagt ggacaacagg    141420
     ggtgaccttt cagagctaat cgtaccctag ccagctatgt gacctccaaa gaaatcactt    141480
     cacctaaata gctttcactt tctttttgag taaaataaaa aactaaaatc gattgggatg    141540
     ctctcagggg gtctgcttcg ggacacccag tgaataatgc gttgctctct gcctttggag    141600
     acaggaagag tctctcctcc ttccccaaag gtacaggtga gtaatcagat tgtgatgcat    141660
     actggggaaa aaaaaattcc agttctgatt atgctttaga ctcagaggac cttcagtgct    141720
     actaggaggg gtcatcacat ccccaccttg caactctgaa agatttgtaa gcagatacac    141780
     acagggtctg taaaaggcgg atattttaat aactgttcac agaccgccca gccagaaaca    141840
     cgcgatttcc cctcagccag actaacttgg cattctgaat acaggctcag aggggagggg    141900
     ccgggtctct ccatgcagga actggagtca gaggcttccc ttgctgcttg cagggaaaga    141960
     ctattaagaa tgcctctcag tgcctggttt cctgaggtat ctgagggtag acaggcggcc    142020
     tctcgagcaa tctgagcaca tctcaccggc atctctgcag gaatcaggat gcaggccaaa    142080
     tacagcagca caagggacat gctcgatgat gatgatacca ccataagcct gtattctgga    142140
     acctccactg tcaccagacg tgcagagccc aggcactcag gtacttgctt ctgtctcccc    142200
     gaatccaagc agagcagagc tctggagaaa atcgtgagat gaggcacttt tcctaggcat    142260
     gagcaaggct gagtgaaggg agggaatctt cccatagctt acagtgagag gtaactgcac    142320
     tttgcacaac ttgtctacac gaatgtaaca tttgaaaaat ggaaccagca tacacacggg    142380
     ggtctgattc tctaacactg tattgctggc ttagcatttt gcaaggagag aatgtgagcc    142440
     ttccaattag agacagcatg gaaagaagag atggtgaata ccttaaagca acattgtttc    142500
     cttttccttt ctcagaaagg ccaaatcagg ccagcttgtt gttgtccatg tggactgtca    142560
     cctgcgatgg gatttggaaa tttagggtaa taaaaatgac catttcgttt tttgtccgtt    142620
     ttgaagtctt aactttaaag gaaagatttc caaggaggca aattaactcg ggtatttgtt    142680
     cgaatctctg catcttgaat ctgcaagatc ttggaggagg catgtcagag tcaggtattg    142740
     gtttcaccct ttgttttatc aaggacatcg gaagtaaatc ctaatgtttc gtttcccctt    142800
     aggtatgaaa ttctgggatt tgtgactgag attaaaccta gggttttcct ctggaaggaa    142860
     cagcataaaa ctgagctact ctgtagactt ggtttaattc agtgggagac agtatcttcc    142920
     taagttgtct actggcctca aacctgtgac cttcctatca ctgtttcctc agtagctggg    142980
     ttataagcag gcaccagcat attctgtccc cctttgctct tttatttaaa aatattgaaa    143040
     ttattaaatc atacttagaa gacatttaat ttggcttatg tcttactatt tttgttaccg    143100
     ttatttattt tacaataggg tggaattttc cagttctact cattttcata atccacacac    143160
     ataaggattt atctggttgg tctacagcag acagtccact tggttctaga gctaagaccc    143220
     cactcagtag tgcagattgc atcctgtatg ttcatgttct gataccaagt gcgcctctta    143280
     ccactttgtg accttagtgt cctgggattc agtgacattg cttataaagc attaaagatg    143340
     ggaggtaggc attaatgccc atgctgtgcc tggcattgct ttaagtgcca gatgcaagtt    143400
     tgttcatatt agctttagtt aacagtagac agaagtaaca gaaacccctt ttctccgtaa    143460
     agccattcca tacactttct ttttatcact gagtgcccat ctgaggctta ctgatatggt    143520
     ttcttgtttt cccactaagc tatccagaga gctgtttata ggatgtaggg gatttccagc    143580
     ttctttcacc tggagctcag cggctgcagg aagaaggatg gatggggcgg gaagtgggtg    143640
     aaacagttgg aaaggccttc ttcccgcaaa catcatgaac aatcagcgcc cagggccata    143700
     gtttcaagag gaaaacgtgc aatttcattt tttcgccttt gcctagagaa gggttaatga    143760
     tctgcataag caggaacagt gtgcacaaat aagtacctca agatcgaagg gtggagacag    143820
     aggtggggca agatgaaaca cttggtacaa cacttggcag cctccttgta agaaatggaa    143880
     gctggaacag tgggagggaa ggttacaagg aagtgactca gaggtcaaca tctggaaaag    143940
     gtttcctcag cctccctgtg tgatatctcg gttttgtctt gtgatgctca aacatttaga    144000
     tgaatgtcat aaaaactttt tgtaagaaaa cagtttttac atacctcggc tatagaaata    144060
     gcagtagaaa tcagaatttg gggaaatttc agattcaata tgatgctgtg acaaaatata    144120
     agtggacttt ttttttaact gtattttttt gaactgtttg aaataaatac cacaggtgtt    144180
     tttgagattt ttaatgttat ccatataaca attgtgctta tctaaaaata caaaacagtt    144240
     atgaagacag aaagtcaaaa ataaaagaaa taactgtaca ccaaatttcc acaaattcag    144300
     atcaagtatg ccaaggactg ggcacagagt gctaaacacg gcagactatc cgctatgagc    144360
     tatgagagaa acaggttccc aactcagctt tacatataat atcatactac cacgaagcac    144420
     gtacaagcac aagaaaacct ggccatctgt gtctaggggc taaaggagac ccaagaaggt    144480
     ctggtgagag tattcattgt attgaattga ttttaaaatt ataaagagcc aggattggga    144540
     atgcccaggc tgaggatgct ctacagaaag atttatgaga ggaatgtgaa gaggattgta    144600
     agaagctctg tcttttcaga gaattctttg cagtaagtat agatagctgt gtcacagatc    144660
     ttaggggcag ccatgaggag taggtctggg gagctaagga gggcctttta ggctccctga    144720
     agtgttttag gtctgttcta aatgagatta atgaagagaa gaaagataca gggagacaaa    144780
     tgatctatca ttagaagtat ctctaggcta tgatgatgat gggctgaagg agaatccaca    144840
     gacctgaatg agtcaatgtc ctattttatc tctagtccag gtacttcctc gactgaggaa    144900
     gaggagtaag aaggaagagg ggagagtgat agatattgaa gggaaggagc ttcaaggatt    144960
     gcttcaggtt atcagtgagg aggcaggcta tgtgagttca aggttgactg agtactcaga    145020
     catgctctag gtgctgttat caggggttgt gtagaaggtg ttgtcatgac ctgtaggaag    145080
     aatcataggg tgatgaattc agcctgagtc caagggtctg gaaggtgaga cacacttgga    145140
     actgtctaaa gacacatata tttgaagaat ctgagttcaa ggtaagaggt tggggctaaa    145200
     taaagacatg gtaagaaact gggttcaggg taagaatttt gggctgaatg cctatgtaac    145260
     aatcatataa atgaattaat catttaaata ataggaatag aaattaaaat tcacatgagt    145320
     gaattatatc actgagggag gaaatataaa accagaaatc tataaaacac aaatcaactg    145380
     acaaggaaac aattcaggga atgcccgccg tagcctggcg gacataaaga cccagccaga    145440
     agctgctaga atggagcagc agagagagtg gaggtagggc tcgggtagga ataagcacct    145500
     ggaacacttg cagagtaaac tggaaatagt gggagacaca atgcaaggca agagtggaat    145560
     gttaaaaata acatactgca gaacatttaa aagtagacta aacacagctc attatttcaa    145620
     caacaaggag gaaaacagaa gtttatttat cctcataatc atctccctac atggctcaga    145680
     gtgctcctca gctcaaaaac tcttcctatc tcagtgtccc aagagttagg gtcactgctg    145740
     tggaccagca cctcaggtca agttattggt tattttatag caagatctca aaaaggtgct    145800
     gctgatgatg gaaaactatt tatgattttt atcatcttgt ctcttcatct tctttgtaga    145860
     aaatataata tgtttttgca gaggtgccac aagatggggt gacgacattt taaatttatt    145920
     tattttttta agatgggaaa cagtctaacc acactgtaga ttacaaagaa gccaggatgg    145980
     ccagctcacc cgaacaacat caagaatagg gcaatgatgt cacagaatga acaagattcc    146040
     tgccgcagtg gaaatgctat cttactgaac ggatacaaaa aaaatacacg ctcattagta    146100
     ataatttgaa aaacatattg aaaaatcaat tctgtttcag ttttgtccta ttcttattaa    146160
     tatgatgctg tggcagtttt tttctcccag ctttttagtt tcatttctac acatctgtca    146220
     ttgcagcagc aaggtacatg tcacattcct gtgatctcat aaatctttca ggctaaatat    146280
     taaacaccat cgtgggcatt ggagaggtgc tactttttga ggcattggca agcacagaat    146340
     aatctaaacc aacagtttgc tttgtacatc ccaagaggtg tcaattgtca caggtctaca    146400
     agggtcagcc tggatttgcc agaaaagcaa gatggaacac caggtggctt ttccactgtg    146460
     tgaatgacag tttggagagg acatcagaaa agaacaatta gcctggtgca taatgccaga    146520
     aatagaatgt atcacgaggt aaaatcaagc caaataacag tttggaggtg gaaaatgaga    146580
     tagtgatttg gactagaatt gagatcacta taaactgact ttgagaatca caacagaact    146640
     catcacaaag ggtcacgggg aactactcag ctgaagatgg gaagtcttca taggaagaaa    146700
     tggaatgcac aaagtacagg gctaagcaca atgaatgcat ccaggctctg tcacaagtat    146760
     ccagcgtggc cttgcacaaa ttgcttaagt taaactctgt ttctgttcta gcttctaaga    146820
     ccccttagct tccagagcta tcttcacagc ccttgtttaa tgatgtctgg tttatttctt    146880
     ggtttggggg agtgtagagt tttcctctgc tgctgatgaa gaataactaa tcaagtatga    146940
     caatactctt tatctgccaa gtttcctgta acaacaaaag ggtttgtatt caaaacttga    147000
     ctctggcgct ctagcatttt atagcatagc agtatttgga gaacacagga agatggtgtt    147060
     ctcttctata tatatctcag cattcctgga gatgtttata tcattctttg gcctatctac    147120
     acccctttct aaacatgccc caggagacag catagggatt cttttttaaa acccaaaaac    147180
     tacaagaaag ccaagccaaa attaagtacc tcccaggcag cttatttttg tgaaataaat    147240
     ttttaaggtg ggggtggtcc ccagagagaa agttcaatct tgtggggaac atttggggca    147300
     gaattaagaa actttaggct cacagcaaga agaaaagcat tcagagggga aaacagcatc    147360
     caggaaaaag ggaaactttt aagttcagtg ccattctatc ctgggagctt ggttgcagaa    147420
     gcagaggcag gaagaacgct gggaactaag ggagaaataa ctttgaggac tgcaaggcat    147480
     aacagaaggg ttctgtgagg acatcattag agcagcaggc gcatacttag gaaaacaaga    147540
     aaagaatgga tagggtctgg ctaatgaaga gtatgtcctg ggactttcat cccaaattca    147600
     gtaaagtcat taaatcagaa aaggtcgtaa tgaaattatt atcattgatg aaatgtgctt    147660
     tgacatttct tctaaataga atatgagctg tctgtagaga tgattgttaa gaaacgtgag    147720
     tcacatttta aaatataaaa taaaatatac tcatatgtct cctctatgaa ttttggcata    147780
     ttttccttac tcggtgtaag ttcaggaaga taggcatcat atctcttatg tccatgcaaa    147840
     ctttcctgct tcactgtggc aataatagct aacttacatc attgtgctta gaatatataa    147900
     tatagaggat ctctctggaa gaaactgggt ttttttttct actttgactt tattaaaagt    147960
     agatttttca catatactat tcctgatgac aatttcctgt ccctcagctc tcccaagatc    148020
     atccatctct tctgtcccat ttaaatctat accttctcta tctttaatga gaaaccaagc    148080
     aggaatctga ataatgaatc tgaataataa tgataaaata aaataagaaa aactaaaatc    148140
     agacaaattg gaatagaaca aaacaaacat aagcaaaaga gccagacaaa aagcacaaga    148200
     atcatatcta acacaagaga cacacattag cacacacaag aatcccacaa aaacacagaa    148260
     ctgaaagctg taatctatgt gcaaagaact tgtaagctaa ataagaatta cagtaaaatt    148320
     aaaataaata aatttaatgc cctgactaaa cattatgaga caaagaaacc ccaaagttgc    148380
     tgttgagttt attctgtgtt ggttttctac tgctggacat ggggcctgct cttaaaagtg    148440
     gtttattgcc ccagtaagat tccattagag aaaactcatc ttttatttgc aactggttgt    148500
     tagttggagg cagcttctgg gttagggata atagcttgta ttcacttcct atctcagagc    148560
     tggaatccca gtggatgcag acctacgcaa ggcctgtgcc tgttgccaca gtctgtgagt    148620
     tcatatatgc attggtccac ctgtgtttac aagtccatgt tctctcaatg atctccattt    148680
     cctctggctc ttcactttct ctgactcctc ttctggaaga gtccttgacc acaggggaag    148740
     aatttgatgg aggaatccca tttatgactg agatttcttt cttttctttc tttctctctt    148800
     tctctttctt tctttctttc tttcttgact ttttattttt attagaaatt ttctttattt    148860
     acatttcaaa cgttatcctc tttcctgtcc ccccccccca aaatccccta tcccttccct    148920
     cctcgccctg ctcactatcc catccaatcc ctcttcctgg ccctggcatt ccctatactg    148980
     aagccttggt cctttatagg accaagcccc ccctcctccc attgatggca gagtagacca    149040
     tccttagcta catatgcagt tagagccatg agtccaacca tgtgttttct ttggttggtg    149100
     gtttagtctc agggagcttt gggggtactg gctagttcat attgctgttc ctcctatggg    149160
     gctgcaaacc ccttcagctc cttggatcct ttctttagct ccttcattag ggaccgtata    149220
     ctctgcccaa cggatggctg tgaacgtcta cttctgtatt tgtcaagcac tggcagagcc    149280
     tctcaggagg cagctatatc aggcttctgt cagcaagttc ttgttagcat ccacagtagt    149340
     gtctggattt ggtggttgta tataggatgg atccccaggt ggggcagtct ctggatggtt    149400
     attccttcag tctctgcttc acattttatc tctgtaactc tttccccaaa caaagggtat    149460
     tttgttatcc cttttaaata ggatcgaaat atccacaatt tggtcttcct tcttcttgag    149520
     tttcatgtgt tttgtgaatt gtatattggg tattctgagc ttctgggcta atatccactt    149580
     atcagtgagt gcatatcacg tgtgttcttt tgtgattggg ttacctaact caagataata    149640
     tcctccagat ccatccattt gcctaagaat ttcataaatt cattgttttt aatacttgca    149700
     tagtactcca ttgtgtaaat gtaccacatt ttctgtatcc attcctccat tgggggacat    149760
     ctggattctt tccagcttct ggttattata aataaggctg ctatgatcat agtggaacat    149820
     gtgtccttat tacatattgg tacatcttct gggtatatgc ctaggagtga tactgctgga    149880
     tcctccagta gttgtatgtc caattttctg agggaccgcc aaaatgattt ccagagtgat    149940
     tgtaccagct tgcaatccca cctgcagtgg aggagagttc ctctttctcc acatcctttc    150000
     cagcatctac tgtcacctga gtttttgatt ttagccattc tgattggcat gaggtggaat    150060
     ctcagggttg ttttaatttg catttccctg atgactaatg atgttgaaca ttttttttta    150120
     gatgcttctc agccatttgg tattcctcag tttagaattc tttgtttagc tctgtaccca    150180
     attttttaat agggttattt ggttctctgg agtctaactt cttgagttct ttgtatatat    150240
     tggatattag tcctctattg gaagtaggat tggtaaagat cttttcccaa tctgttggtt    150300
     gcctttttgt cttattgaca gtgtcctttg ccttatagaa actttgcaat tttacgcggt    150360
     tcccatttgt caattcttga tcttacagaa caagccattg gtgttctgtt caggaatttt    150420
     tcctctgtgc ccgtatgttt gatgctcttc cccacgttct cctctacaag tttcagtgtc    150480
     tccggtttta tgtgaaggtc cttgatccac ttagacttga gctttgtata aggggataag    150540
     aatggatgga ttcgcattct tctacaagca aaccaccggt tgagccagca gcatttgttg    150600
     aaaatgctgt cttttttcca ctggatggtt ttagctcctt tgtcaaagat caagtgacca    150660
     taggtgtgtg ggttcatttc tgggctttca gttctattcc attgatctac ttgtctgtca    150720
     ctgtactagt accagacagt ttttatcaca attgctctgt agtacataca gcttgaggta    150780
     tgactttgat tcctaaggtt tcactctctg cacattggct gtgggtctct gctcccaact    150840
     gttacaggag gaaacatctc tgataatggt tgatgaaggc acacatctat gagtatagca    150900
     gagcaacatc attagaagtc attttattgc tatgttcctt tagcagaaca gtagtgttta    150960
     gttttcccct agagctctga tcaatctagt ctcaggttct aaccatctga gaattgttgg    151020
     caatggattc catttcatga agtaagcctt aaatctaatt agatattgga tagttactac    151080
     cacaacttca ttcattagtg agtcttgcat gaaggtcaac attgcagatc aaagagcttg    151140
     tatctggact attggtgttt ctcattcttc tttgttttat taatcttggg cattccaact    151200
     ggtgtagaaa gaaatctcaa ggtagttttg atttgcaatt ccctaataac taaagaagtt    151260
     gaatatttct ttgagtgttt ctcagccatt tgtgtatctt cttttgagaa ttttacattt    151320
     agctccgtac cccatttttt atgggaaaac atgtttattc agagaataga aaattttagt    151380
     agattgacaa atttagacca ttactagaat agtatcacac ttttgtcttt aaattgggaa    151440
     ctacttattc aagtgatctt ataatccatt cattgcccca agttggtttg taggaatttt    151500
     acttattccc atgcagaata tatgtagtag ctctttgaca ctgtatttga gccaagttgt    151560
     tctgtgagat gcccagttag aatacctaga aaaatcaccc tacagtgtta atttcacctg    151620
     aaagctaccc accggaatcc tttcatctat agagagaatt cacagttaaa gagttcagtg    151680
     acactcctca taattaactc ttgagacttg agaaaagagg tggatttttt attagtttgt    151740
     ggtctgctgg gataccgtta agatccctca caaatcagtg aactaccttg gggaacagtg    151800
     atgctgtagg attttagaag atcaaacaac caagggaatt gctgtagaga ccctttcatg    151860
     taagactaaa ggtggtcctt aatttgaatc taattgtcac aaaagtattt gtacagagca    151920
     acagaaaatt tgagcttccc tcttagggag gatatttttg ggaaagaata gagaagtatt    151980
     tttgaaaata tttttttgtg ggaaggatta gaggaagaag gaaagattgg caacaagata    152040
     atcaagtaag acagcagtga tgcattcagg ggtggaaatg agaggagtca ataaccaagg    152100
     aacagagact gtatcagcta cttgcccaat taaatagata gaagctgcag ggtagtcaga    152160
     cccgaaggct tggctcatgt ggctggctct taaacaaaat gctgccaaga tcacaaattg    152220
     acaagtgaag aaggtaaata tttatttgct tgggtaaata atgagttcct ttaagataga    152280
     attcctgcaa gatctgaaat ttttattgga tattttcttt atttacattt caaatgttat    152340
     cccctttcct ggttttcacc ctatcacatc ttctctccct ctgcttctgt gagggtgttc    152400
     ccctacactg gggcatctat ccagcgttca taggaccaag agtctctcct tccattgatg    152460
     cctgacaagg ccatcccttg ctacatatgc agctggagct atgtgtactc ctttgttgat    152520
     ggcttagtac ctgggagttc ttggggggtc tggttggttg atgttgttct ccctgtgggg    152580
     ttgaataatt tgttttcttg atgattgagt tttgagttct ttatatattt gaatattatc    152640
     cctctattgg gtgtgttgtt ggtaaagtga cagtgtcctt tgccattcag aagcttttca    152700
     gctttatgag gtaccaatta ttaattgttc atcttattaa ttgtgataaa ggtgttctgt    152760
     tcagaaagtc ttttcttgtg gcaataagct caagattatt tcctactttc tcttctagca    152820
     gagtgtaact aaccttatgt tgagatcttt gatccatttg gagtgaattt gtttttttgt    152880
     gaacagtgac aagtatggac ctatttggat tcttatacat gccactgtcc aatttgactc    152940
     acatcatttg ttgaagatgc tgtcttttgt ttagggtgta tttctggctt cttcatcaaa    153000
     aattaggtat tcatggggat gtcaatttat gtctgtggcc ttgactagat tccattgata    153060
     agtgtgtttg ttctatgaca atgtaacata gtttttactc ctatagctct gtactagagt    153120
     ttgagagctc tttctagctc tttgtgtttc catatgaaac tgaaaattgt ccttccaaat    153180
     tctgtgaaga attgtgttgg aattgtgatg ggaattgaat tgaatctata gcttgctttt    153240
     gctaagattg tcatttctac aataataatc ttactggtca ttggagatct ttctatcttg    153300
     tgatgcctta ctcgtttttt tcttcagtga cttaaagttt ttattataca attctttaat    153360
     tttcctgatt agagttgcta taatatagtt tgttttttaa agctattgtg aaaggtactg    153420
     tttccctcat ttctttttct gtttttctct tgtatataga aaagctacta gatttgtgta    153480
     tcaattttat atcctgctac atagataaaa gtgtttatca gttgtaggag tttgctggtg    153540
     gaatttttaa ggtcacttat gaatactatc ttattatctg caaataaaga tgcattgcct    153600
     tgtgtccttc ctatttgtga tctgttgata actttcagtt gtcttattgc tgtagctaac    153660
     actttaagtg ctgtgttaaa tagatatggg cagtggacaa ctttgtcttt cttgttttag    153720
     tgggaattcc ttgatttttc tctccatttg ggttgatatg ggcagaggag ttgctagaac    153780
     ttgcctctat taatttgagg catgtttatt ttatgccttc cctaatcttt ccaggactat    153840
     tatcatgaaa gggtgttgaa tttcaccaaa ggcatctaat gagctgatat tgtaggtttt    153900
     gtctttaata tggtagatta catttattga atttatattt tgaactgttc ctgaatctct    153960
     gggatgaaat gtacttggtc atggtggatg atctttttaa tgagttcttg gatttggttt    154020
     gcaaatattt tactgataac ttttgcagct atgttcatca tggtaattgg tctgtaattc    154080
     tctttctttg ttgagaatgt atgttgtcta catatcagag caactataac tctatgaaaa    154140
     aaatttgaca gcattccttg tatttctatt ttgtggaata atttgagaaa tactggagtg    154200
     aaatctcctt tgaaagttgg taaaattcca tgtcatctag tttggcctta gtatgtagag    154260
     aagttttagt gaatgcttcc atttcactag aagttgtagg tctacttcca ttgcttatct    154320
     ggtctttatt taatttggta caccacacac acatcaagaa aattgttaat ttctttagat    154380
     tttctaatgt gataaagtat atgttgttaa agtatatccc tatgattctc tggattttct    154440
     tggtatctac tgtcatctcc ccagtttgtt tttaactttg ttaattatgc cttttgtcct    154500
     taatgtttaa ttaatttagg taagaatctg tcaattttat tgtttttctc aaggtaccaa    154560
     ctatttgttt cattgaattt ttaaatattt ttcattccta ttttgttgat ttcatcccgt    154620
     gtttaattat ttcttgtcat ctactccttt gagtgtgtta ttccttcttt ttgttcttga    154680
     gctctcagat gtgtttctaa tttactgata tgaggtaact tcttcttttt ttttaatgtg    154740
     ggcaattagt actatggctt gcctgttaga accacctgca ttacttccca taagtttgca    154800
     tatattgtat tttcattttc attcaattct aaaatgattt taatttttgt cttgatatat    154860
     ttttcactca gtagtgagtt gttcaggttc cacaagtttg taagctttct gttgtttctg    154920
     ttgtcattga tatctagctt tagtccacag tgctcagaaa ggatgccgag tgctatttca    154980
     attttcttgt atctattgag acttgctttg ggcccgaata tgtggtcaat tttggagaaa    155040
     gtttcatggg ctactgagaa gaagctatat ccttctgtgt ttgggtggaa tgttcagcaa    155100
     ttatctgtta ggtccatttt gtttatgaca tcagttagca ccagcatttc tctatttggt    155160
     tttgtctgga tgacttgtct attgatgaga atgaggtttt gaagtctccc attatcagtg    155220
     tatgaaggtc aatatgttag aggccaaaga aggagcagct acaattggtg gtctgctact    155280
     gagctgggga taggattggt ggttggactt tgaggacaga agagagagtg atgatggcct    155340
     gcctaattcc ctaaaacctt tgtgtatttt cagtgagttg gaagtgaatt tgtatagatt    155400
     ctttctgttt tagaacctga cttgccttct cgattaaatg gagcctagag agaatagaat    155460
     atatgggttc tactctgctt ttgttctatc acaaactcca gatagtatct gcaaagagaa    155520
     ttaaactctg acagctgcct ttagtcataa cacaagtaga tgatctcacc aagaatgggt    155580
     gtccttgtga cacagctgct actccgatgt gacaggtcaa accatggtaa caaagtcaag    155640
     aagaagatac tgtctatagt gtttctatgt tttaaattaa tttttgactg gtatgaagct    155700
     ttatattttt acacccagct ctgagaaatt gacagtcatg tatatatata tataatttag    155760
     tttggagaag acataaatct agtaaatgaa tatgtaacac gcttacaaat aatgactttc    155820
     atgcaggaga ctccaaaaag aagcagtaaa gccatcattt ctgatgataa acatatcatt    155880
     tgttttccta aagacacata ctttagatgg aacactgggc atattatgca aagttaagaa    155940
     caaatgaatt gatgatgtat aaagttgctg cttggtaagg tttgagattc ttggggtttt    156000
     ggtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tgtcaacact ggttggcctc taatgcagtt    156060
     aaagatgacc ttgaccttct gatacctatc tttccctata ctactgggat tataggaact    156120
     tcacacctag cttcatagca ggcatttgta acaattgttc agtcaacatt tttgtcattg    156180
     ttgggttttt ggcttcttgt gtgtgtgtga gacagggtct ctcacaatgc aactctaact    156240
     gacctggaac tttccagtct ggcctctaac ccatagagaa cttcctgcct ctgcctcctg    156300
     agtgctggga ctaaaggtga aacacttggc ctccatagtc agaatcttga caagcataag    156360
     gctctaaaaa taaccattta aaagtcatgg ttagagctgg gtgtggtggc acatgccttt    156420
     aatcccagca tttaggaggc agaggcaggc agatttctga gtttgaggcc agcctggtct    156480
     acaaagtgag ttccaggaca gccagggtaa taaagagaaa ccctgtctgg gaaaaccaaa    156540
     aaaagtcatg gtaaagcata atgtagacct tgaagagaga acctgtgaat gaactagata    156600
     tacaaagtaa ggcttaaagg attttgtggc caagactctg aggacagagg acaaagtcct    156660
     taccaccttt attttgcatc tagaaggtgt tccaacctct gtacctgatg gcaactgaca    156720
     taaatccaag agaagaaagg gccacccata ctttctcctt gttccccaca gagaatggga    156780
     caccctcttc agtttggcgc ccagtggccc tgaccctgct gaccttgtgt ttggtgctgc    156840
     tcgttggcct ggcagccctg ggccttgtgt gtaagtctgc attctattct ggggaaggtt    156900
     cctaatttct cagtttatgc aggacctatg cttgctatga gtttcttaaa accttaactc    156960
     tggagtctca tcatctttct aaaggcaatt atttaattga ctagaagttg aagtattgaa    157020
     acacagcaag catcttctgg ttagaactca ttgcttgaga taagtattgt atgtgtttac    157080
     atgccagttt ctgcacacat ccatcttcta caaaaggagc atcaaagtgc tcaatcactg    157140
     ttgtcaaaaa ggcttgcaaa taatatagct attttggtgg gggaaatgct ttaaaatcaa    157200
     acaaggaaga ttgcatgtat aatccctttc catttcaaag ctgtaaaggt caatttcttg    157260
     atagactctg gtaaattacc ttcattagac taagaaacat atggcccctt cctgaactgc    157320
     tgaaggtgac tctgggcaaa agccacacag caaatcaaat caggtcacaa gctgattctg    157380
     ctaaagtaaa agttaaatct gtggacttca atttaaaagt taaaaagaaa tccggttagc    157440
     tctctctaca cccaaattta cataatcttg gtatagcact tccttataat cactttttct    157500
     tttaggaatg taaagtaact cccatgactt atgacacatt tcttgagatt taggaaacca    157560
     aacttgaagc ctgtgttgaa atgtttttag ttgagcgacg tcagagcagt gacttgtcct    157620
     catggaacct aactgaaagg ttccacaaat atataaaact gagatcagaa cattttacta    157680
     atggaatgaa caaaaggatg tggcatcttt ccaatatatt caacatagta aatgctcagt    157740
     agatgggtag atttgtagtt ttatggtttt tttttttttg gttttgtttt gtttgtttgt    157800
     tttttatttt aggtgcataa aatatttgtt gagcaaggat acagattggt attgagttct    157860
     taacatgcaa agttaaaatc actaatatga actatagaaa tgatccctga aagtacagaa    157920
     gtggatgctc acagtcatgt tttggatgga acacagggcc cctagtgaag gagctagaga    157980
     aagtacccaa gcagctaaag gggtctgcaa ccctatagga gaaataacaa tatgaactaa    158040
     ccagtaaccc ccgctgcaga gctgtgtctc tagttgccta tgtagcagag gatggcctag    158100
     tttgccatca atgggaggag aggcccttgg tctttcgaag atcatatgcc ccagtaccag    158160
     ggccagggcc aggaagcagg agtgtgtagg ttggggagca gggtgggggg agggcatagg    158220
     gggctttggg gataccattt gaaatgtaaa cgaagaaaat agctaacaaa aaaatgcctt    158280
     taaaaaaagc cactaataca gcttcacatt ttccaacagc ggtggacata cagatttgcc    158340
     aaggaggatg caattgacta tgccattgaa tatggcaatc ggagctctct atgctaagct    158400
     gttaaactat atgctttatt gtctccccca tgtgtggaag gtagaaacag gcatatgagc    158460
     tgtctagact gacttggtga catgatttag tttttcagtt ctaccagctg tctaatatcc    158520
     agcaagacag catcactgaa aaggatgaaa agctggggaa catgtcccga cagctacagt    158580
     ctctccaggc ccagaacaga aaactcattg aaactctaca gcaggtagcc gtaaaactgt    158640
     gccgtgaact ttacaacaaa agtggaggtg agcatgtccc tgtcactctg gcctctagaa    158700
     attgttctat ctaaacccga atttcccatc agggtaacta gaatcgtgta tttctttaga    158760
     agtacttttc ctgacatctc aataaacagt ttgagctgca taatcatggt cagacattgg    158820
     gttataattg cttatatgca tctttatcat ggtgcaggaa gggattcttc aaatgtgagc    158880
     acttaaagca tagtagtcca tttagagtaa ccagaatagc accatcagca actaaacaca    158940
     ggactatgcc tcagttacct tgacacagag taatccagca cagggaaaaa gttataacta    159000
     caattttcaa acttttagac tcactcagga attatttcaa aatttagaaa acctaaaata    159060
     aattacagtt gttttagttc actcatggcg tgtttctcaa aaatatgtat cttacaaagg    159120
     atcaagggta atgagaatga caatgggcaa accaaagcta tcactgatga taactgtaaa    159180
     ctcacttcag tgtcccctta aacagccacc atctttctat tcccctcttg aaagtcgcat    159240
     cacagtatac tacattcacg tcagccctct cttcgtcccc ctccaccaca caagcatagg    159300
     aaacaacctg cagttcgcag tcctaactgg tttctctttt ggaaactgaa gtaccacaat    159360
     ttcatcatct cctcccacac cacttcccca ttagcagatg agtgagtgat tttctcagta    159420
     aacagtgtct caaggcttac ttctctaagt gattgttttc cacatgacta gagacttcat    159480
     ttactctaat tctctctttt cttgtttccc tgacaaccca gtggactttt ctttctcttt    159540
     gtcggattct aaatcatcaa agaaataatt ctcatctagg tggctcaaaa caaaacaaaa    159600
     caaaataaaa acaaaaacaa aaacaaaagg caagtgagaa aaaatgtatg caaataaact    159660
     ataaacaatt taaatataaa gagatataaa aaggtagaaa ctaggaatga gtgatctaat    159720
     ctgtgagttc aatatgtaag aaagtctggg tcacaaatat aaacaaatat tctatatacc    159780
     cataatctat tgaaaaaaac taataaaaaa tgaccatgta tttttggatg atgaagtttt    159840
     cctgcatcat taaaataatt gatctgcctt agtgtgttgc cttgctgaac ctttttgctg    159900
     cattgaccat gttgtagcta ttgtcacatg aagcttccca caccgacaga gactttatag    159960
     gaggagctca caggaaatca gccatgttca gcttgggaac tctacggcca gtgtttcact    160020
     agctctacat gtcaaaagaa aaatatctgg aagcaatact ttttcctggc acattttcat    160080
     ctcgctgatc aaaagtatac atctcccctg aaacacatcc acatcgtcca catttacatg    160140
     catgtactta taccattcat ggatgtgctg tgtcctgggg aaattttatt tttatcacag    160200
     ggtcatttag taaattcctg tctcaaagca aaagttaaca gaaagcatga tctatgtggc    160260
     tcaatctgta gcctagagta aactgtgttc aaatctccat cccctccaga ataaaatagt    160320
     ggtgcaagca cacacacaca cacacacaca catacacaca catacacaca cacacacata    160380
     cacacacaca tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacagact tagatgtagg ttcctgactc    160440
     tcaggccaaa gtccagacac ccataccatc atattcatga cactactact catccatgta    160500
     aaatgtacaa atgtacatat gtgtttcatc ttactctcag ccctttgtac ttttttgttt    160560
     ggtttggaag tgcccactgt ctctcaacac acacataact tatacagcat gggtacaagg    160620
     gacttacatc tgaaaacacc tgacagacag cttcaagagg gggaagatta acttaggttc    160680
     cagcttcaga catgtcagct tacaatggtg gtgaaggcca ctgtggggca gcttccacca    160740
     ggccatcctt gaggctaaga aaagagtatg cacaaaaagt gctatgtgtg atgcagcccc    160800
     agtgaccaac ttctcactta gccgctattt catcacttga cattaaagcc ttcagattca    160860
     gaaccaatca aggaatcagt ccatcaatgg tatcaaagac atctagatca atcatatgct    160920
     caaagctcac cagctcaaaa ttatgtcccc aatgcttatg aacccacagg gagaatttca    160980
     tatccgaatc atagcatagt cctatgaacc acctcatgaa gggatattct gtccacattc    161040
     tgcatagcat aggcaaggag gttttagtca ttcatcatca gatccaacac tgcatgtaaa    161100
     tactatctgt ttcaattttt actgaatgtt ctgcttcgat cataggtcat tcttggtgtg    161160
     gagtgagtag cacagttgct cactcaaata tctgagacat ataagttact tcttggaatg    161220
     ttaaacactg tttatttcca aaagtggaaa catcagatcc atgcagaagg ggttggaaag    161280
     atggctcagc agttaagagc actgagtgct ctttcaaggg tcctaagttc aaatcccagc    161340
     aaccacatgg tggctcacaa ccacccgtaa tgagatctga tgccctcttc tggtgtgtct    161400
     aaagacagct acagtgtact taagatataa taataaataa atcttaaaaa aaaaaaaagg    161460
     tccatgcaga gataactaac caaactgtgg tgttcttttt ttcttccaag gacatagatg    161520
     cagtccttgc ccagaaaaat ggaagtggta tggagacaaa tgttaccagt tctataaaga    161580
     aagtaagaac tggcagagtt gtgaatactt ctgcctggct gacaatgcca ccatgctgaa    161640
     gataagcaca caggaagagc tggtaagttc ctaagcctca gcatttgaag gagtccctcc    161700
     ccccccctct ccccccaaaa acagggcaag aacattgtaa ggagccaagg ttctgaccca    161760
     aagatttcca cacacactca caacaaaggc cgagttttac tcctacagct acaagtgatt    161820
     cctgaagtgg atataagctg tgttctcccc cagatactac tgccccttca gtcaatgggc    161880
     tggtagaaaa tgccctaatt tacctgtttg tgagggggta gaaagggaat aatattggtg    161940
     caatcttaga aaagcaatga tagtactgcc tgcctttctg ttgtaaatgt taaaaagatt    162000
     ttaattgaaa aatagtcaaa taatcataat aaactgcaaa tatacacaca tacatatata    162060
     tgaattttat gtatattgtg tgtatatcac attccagaag actgacaaat ataagaataa    162120
     agctctaaat tgacacatgt gtgtatggga ctcactaacc aacagcttaa aaagaggtga    162180
     catagacctg gcactgagat tttctttgca gtgatggggt ttgaattcaa ggcttcatga    162240
     atataagtca ggcaatctac cactaggcta ctgtccaaga ctttttgata ctgggctttt    162300
     tgtttgatag cctatgctgt ctgggaggca ctgccccgtt ataggataac tccatttaaa    162360
     cacacatatg tatatacatg tatatagttt agcaagatta tagaatagga ttgtacatag    162420
     cattttccac agtctttagt gttagttatc tatcccatac tccctcatca accatgctct    162480
     cccatctgca ccccatttct cccttcctat tccattcctt gccttcatac cacctgcatt    162540
     ctacttcctt tctcttgaaa tctccttgtg gcctcttact agtctctggc tttctatgag    162600
     tacctcaatt taaacataca tatataaaga aacaaagctg gaagtcaaat atgaaagaaa    162660
     gcatgcaatg cttttgttaa tagctgcata tagaaaaaga gtttccatat gttagtatat    162720
     ggctatatgt gtagataaaa catacataca cacacataca cacatggaaa tgtatgtttt    162780
     tctcttctac ctagtatgat tcatgttatc cttctaaatc ctcttctttt attctttact    162840
     ccataaatgt gttcttattc atagtttctt ttcctgatac ttatagcact tatgtctcta    162900
     ttttttgtat ttccaaattt ttccattgct tggaataatt ttactttttc tgtaaaacct    162960
     tctacttggt tttgttttgt tttaatttat taatcaagag gaatggtaat aacctttact    163020
     gtgtaattaa ttaaaataaa ttacttttgg gatacaagga ttgaacacaa aagttcaaca    163080
     caagcaaggc cagcactctc ctaactgagc catatctcaa gctacccatt atttttatct    163140
     atttctctgt ctctatctct ctctgtcttt ctctctgtct ctgcctctct ctatctctct    163200
     ctgtctctct ctatatctat atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct    163260
     atctatatct ctctctcttc ctctctcatc tgtattttga gacagatgta ctcctggcta    163320
     ccttggagtg agctatgtag aacaagctac ctgaaaactc aagagatcca cctgcctctg    163380
     cttcctgaat tctgaaatca gtggcatgca cactacattc agttcctctc atattttata    163440
     tcaattttta ctttaatctt ataccacaag aataaagggt caggtatgaa tacaacattt    163500
     gttttataat tccatactta ttaagacaaa gtatgttata tctgtgtccc acacttactg    163560
     aacaaatttc taaaggactt catggcaggt gtctttcctt tttgagtctg ctggcgtgtg    163620
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgacctatga gatttccatg    163680
     ctatccttct agaagtccta ctgatcccac atgtccctgt gctcctgatt gaagcatctc    163740
     aaagctaaag tttttcttgt gtgcctttca caggattttg ccatgcccca gagctactct    163800
     gagtttttct actcttattg gacagggctc tcccgcaatg gcagtggcaa agcctggctg    163860
     tggacagatg ggacacctta ctcctttgaa ctgtaagcct tcagaacatt ctgtgggaga    163920
     gatatatgat gaagacagat tagcagtttg gcagtaatta tagagcatct gttttgtatc    163980
     tggaaagtgt gcttgcagga agatgcctag aggtacttgt atcaaaatag attagaaaag    164040
     gtgggggaga gaaacacagg gggttctcaa ataatcagtg ggtagtttct tcactgattt    164100
     cagcagtgta tatctatggg tcatttttct gggagacaaa ggaacaagga gagagagaaa    164160
     atgggagaga atatctcttt tggactaata attaaataga aacctaagag acttagatgt    164220
     aacactaaca gaggtcatcc aaggtcatcc agtctgtcaa tatccagggg taggctatgg    164280
     cctcagagag gtcttggttc tccaaactct ataatgtata tttaaaatta tttattacag    164340
     aagctttcag atcaactgtg catgaaattt taggacagag gcaatgtaat ttctttatga    164400
     aagtttatta catctaaagg tctgttcgaa cagattctat tgtctgtcta caaaagaaca    164460
     ggacatagta acataaccat ttgtattttt aattaagtaa accaaactga aggctagaaa    164520
     aggtaggtaa ctttacattg acagtaaaat cagagtttgt gtttgcttta agagcaattt    164580
     ttattgtttt gaatggttgc ttacttctaa gaatgagatg gagactgagg ggcaaaaatt    164640
     agaattcatt ggcctcatct catcagcaaa gacacactgg ggacatagat tatggtattt    164700
     ttgttgttat ctcttaatct gccattttag aaataaactg caactaaact aaactctttt    164760
     ctttctcttc cttaaggttt gagattataa tagatcccac caacctaaga aacagggact    164820
     gtatgaccat cttcaatgga aaggcttact ctaaggactg caaagagctg aggaggtgtg    164880
     cctgtgagag gatagcaggg agagtggtac ctggagagct ccagtaggtg acatgaagca    164940
     ttggattgag gggtcaacag gtcagcttca accaccagca aaaggactgc caagtgaggc    165000
     caatgtgaag gacattcaaa gctttgggaa acagatgggc agctgctggg gctggtatgt    165060
     gagaggtttt cctggttcta gctcagcatc atccaggcct gggctttagt tcttgtgcac    165120
     atgttctaga cacaaagggt cttattgatg aacctccgac tagccccagg aagtcataga    165180
     gttgtcctcc ttgatttaca aaagactttc agttttctcc cttctcaggg tctagacgtt    165240
     atcagcctct gtctcatgtc tcccttactc ttggaaaagt gagaaacata agaagataga    165300
     agagttgata caaagccaca aactagatga gctagtgtcc acataactat tggtccttta    165360
     gagtcacagc acttggaagg agaaggaaga catgagaagt tcaaggccag cctcaggtac    165420
     atatttgcag gccatcctag gctacatgag tacacctttc aagtgacaga aagaaggaac    165480
     aaaagaacaa gagaaaaaag aaaggaagaa tggaagaaga aatgtgaaaa tcaaagtgaa    165540
     aagagagaaa agaagaagaa aacatggtgt cctttatcct aacaggcaat ccaagaaaaa    165600
     ctagcagaag accccaaccc tgtgctgctc tacacacaga caattctttt tgcgtccagc    165660
     tcacactttc ctaggctcgc aaaagtgact tcacctactg tgcctgtggc cagctttcca    165720
     gctgatacag ttctcattat gtcaaccacc actccatcaa ttgtgtcttt cccctaatta    165780
     tgtctcctag gaaagagacc gtctcaattc taagctagaa ttaatgtccc tgtacacctt    165840
     aagagactga agcctagaaa aaacaataac aaaacaaaca aaacaacaac aaaatccaga    165900
     acaacctctg tacagataat aggttgattt cttcttccat catttttgaa caatgtttat    165960
     acctttcagg tactgaatgt ttaataataa taagtgtaaa taatgtgaaa tgggtgacgt    166020
     tctagaatgg atttgtgatt tggtgtagga gaccagcaaa ggaatccttt tcacaaaatg    166080
     gaaaccatca ctccttaact ccttgtgcat tgacaggtgg tgagaccact ataaagatat    166140
     tgtttatgag attacatgag tataagaaag tcttcaagag gatggcttta taatattcct    166200
     aaagtgaaat gtctgaggcg aaatcatgac gttgaggttg gtatgttgac taactggggt    166260
     gtgggagaag catggtttct aaacaggcgt gggaggaaat ggagaagctg tgacatctgc    166320
     acagccagac tcttgactag acatgagctt ctctcggtgg tgacattcca agccacaaca    166380
     gggtctttgt gaatagtacc atgccaagtg gtttcattgg ttagagataa atcagcatta    166440
     ggggttggtg gcaccagcaa tagatttcac actctaaatt ttcagtagta aaaattggaa    166500
     aacatccata tcatggtgaa attacaatta aattagcact ttgttatgaa aaacaattct    166560
     ctatttattt tcataagact taattttatg actgtcattt atctaagcat tgctgtgaga    166620
     ccacttgagt tttctttgag atttccttca tgttcgtttg gggagttctt caatattgaa    166680
     ttctatgcag gtttactggg acaagcagat agaagtgtat ttgtgttttt aaaacttgag    166740
     ggacttacat ctttcttgtt ttggtttgtt tattgagcca atcacctcac atcatgtagc    166800
     ttattaaaaa gtgggaatat ttataatttc cctatgatgt tacttttaaa aagtgtgaag    166860
     ttagtctcat aatgtaggtt gtaatataaa atgtgttgaa aattaagaaa atattctaaa    166920
     gagtttaatg atcattttaa tgtagcagaa cacaagggca gcatctgtag tcattaaaga    166980
     agaaaggtat tctcaaatat tttccataac taacaaaatt ataactgttt cttctgtttg    167040
     gttaaattgt ctaatataat atttcaaaat atggaataaa gatcaagtcc atcattaagc    167100
     aattgttata taagcctact gcagaaggaa atagtagaca acaagagaaa cctagtaacg    167160
     ttttgtactt ataaacgagg gccatggctc tcatttacgc tttgactcct ggcattctgg    167220
     gctccaggag ggtcacatgt gtctctctag ctaccactga tggaagagtc tagctatcta    167280
     gtgggtaaag aacattctca tttgcaatct gaaacctcag caaagtacca tttcaggtag    167340
     taaaagagaa aaatagtgtt tgtttgatat attttctttt cttgagatta ttcttcatca    167400
     ttatctgtga tccccctttc tgtatccaaa cctcataata ttgatcacat cataggaaaa    167460
     catttcaaaa gatgagaaaa gggggtgtgg tccaacattg cctttagaaa cacttaaaaa    167520
     cataagaagt gatcataaaa tgaatttgag gaaaggcttt ctggtaataa aactacatga    167580
     gctggctctc ctaggatgag aagggatgcg aagacgtttt tatagtctct gctgtgtagg    167640
     taattgtgaa taaactgcag gaaaagtcac acagagaaca tggcctttcc catagaatga    167700
     gctccctcgg gtacacaatg agctatttct tttcctgagg atattgagca ctctcaggac    167760
     ttatcagcag gaaacaggtc aggagtcggg tgacagcagg aagtttgtga agggtaatgg    167820
     gcagcttttg cgtggggaat acaaacagat tacaaacttg gtacaattgt tgggtggttg    167880
     tcctggggct agccttaatg tttgggagtc aagtgcagtt tttgaaagat acaaaaaata    167940
     tatataaaat aaaataaaaa tgccatggga tttaagatag acaaaatcta ctctataaat    168000
     agatctttag agcctaaccc caagcttatt attctatcaa tattattacc ttagtatttt    168060
     attggtgcat ttagtgctca gtactattta tctgttgtca atcacagaat tattattttt    168120
     ctctttttaa aaagttcact cgttgagatg gattaaaagc acctaattca tcattggtag    168180
     gattagggca ttaaactggt cctcttgtgg ctaattactg gacagatatc ctggatcact    168240
     ggcagtttgc agtgagaact ctccctactg ctccacctgg gtaagtgcag catggttgcc    168300
     tgcgatcgtg taggcaactg agctagcggc actgtccaca aatctctggc ttgtaaatac    168360
     agccccgtat atatacaggg tggataacat cagccgcagg atgtttgcat tcagtttcct    168420
     tgtacttttt ttgggaagaa ttgtcaatgc ttcccatcct ttttctaaac atagccagat    168480
     gacaagcctt tgaagaagct cagagacaaa cagtcttcac tgttaaaaat caccattgtt    168540
     cctctgtttt ccaggatagt atatttagct accagctgcc agctgtgaaa accaaacagc    168600
     ctacaacctt gacagtctgt gggctcttga ctctcccagg atcagcataa aatgaaagaa    168660
     atttcttttc ccttttttga gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    168720
     gtgttgcttc caccttttaa accacctcat cagtgtaaat aaataaaagt aagacaaaga    168780
     catgatcatc tcaatgctac aggaccaagc cactgaaaaa atgacttcaa gtcaaaggaa    168840
     acctagtttc ctttaaataa tttctgctac ttcagttaat taggttttat tatcattact    168900
     accatcattt tcattattgt catttatcta agttatgcct ttttaatgta aagggaaaga    168960
     tggaaatatt gtacctctag gcttcttttt gtcagaataa aagattagat acaatcatac    169020
     tgaatttatc aaatatttat taagagcatg ttatgtatgt agtatgattt agagatgaca    169080
     cattataagt acggaacatg ataactataa ttagctaatt tttcttctgg tagatagcac    169140
     tcattttcat ttaccctttc ttatctaaag tatcattttt tatagtttgc atgtaatatt    169200
     tggatggtgt tcttaagcag tattttgaag tgaattgtat tacagtttta tagcaggaag    169260
     gttgagacac aggcagttag aggaactagg ttgttcatct tgttcatctt gtcagcgcag    169320
     actgagccgt ttgatctgtg agcaatagga tggaaggctc cacctacaca atgggacatg    169380
     ctgatgtcca tgctaatcct tcccctacat gaaattcaaa gagtaccttt cccagcagaa    169440
     ctctgcagtc tgaaaagcac catagacaga aaaagccctg gttccttctg aggcagatca    169500
     gagggactca atgactctac agctttgggg cagaagttaa accctgttaa atgttcattt    169560
     ttatgaagta ctgctaagtg ctattcgaat tgtcatgtac tggggtttta ttaagtattt    169620
     attgtaaaca cacttttatt gtctgtgaac gtgaattcaa gctatcagcc aagcagcctt    169680
     tttactaaca tctggccaga ctgccctcat gacagtccag ccagcagttt gggcacttta    169740
     ctctgaagcc cctctagcta ctgaagaata ccaccacccc atggctgaag acatgctcca    169800
     gttgtgactg ctcccacaac tggaatagcc tatggaaaac agcactctaa ctaagcaagg    169860
     gaagcctttt ggcaaattgc ccaaggccca gcctgtcctg cagttctcat ttgggccaga    169920
     gagggagcac ttccaaccat gaacctaggg aagatctgtg actgtaaaca agagtctgtg    169980
     ctgtgattgg tgcaaacaca gtccttgaag agctactgtg aaggtgcaga cacccgcact    170040
     acacccactt cttatctatt aaatgggctg tttagttcag ttttagagtc agccaggaca    170100
     ccccctcctc tgacactcct gatgctgtaa cattaacacc aataaaagac ttcccgaatg    170160
     gtcctttttc tcctcctttg ccctgcatta gaagagtagc ctgagctgct aacacaaaga    170220
     gaagatgcag aagcacaaga tgggagcaaa ggcaaccaag cagagcaagc agctctagtg    170280
     gtgacagcag ttaccgtggc agtcgacaga caagagaaca cctgaaaaat tccagagatg    170340
     ggtcatggca gaaaggatgg gcagcagaaa cagagagact gaggaatggt agagttagag    170400
     aaatgagaga aggcagaaaa gcaaggctga gtaaagacag aagactgtgg ccaaccagga    170460
     aggagaaaca cgggcttgga gacctggaag agtgccaagc agctgcagtc tttggaacca    170520
     aggatcacag aaaacctatg ctgagagctg taacactaac agccaacaag ggctgatggg    170580
     agattcctgc attctagacc agaggactgt aatagtagtc actgcagagt taatgcccca    170640
     ccaccctaaa gccatccaag agctataaca ctagtgggag ctgcttgctg ctactgactg    170700
     ctgtctggta ttgctgctaa aggttaggga ttgtaaaagc tgccaagacc cagagccagt    170760
     agtgattaaa acgaaaagct ataagccttc aacctgagca ctcagatccc ggagcaatag    170820
     ccccctagct ccaagggtta gaaactgtaa atctctatat ctgtgaggtc atcccccagg    170880
     ccctgggcct cagaagaaga ttaaaaacac tggaggtccc cattctgctc atttttacct    170940
     agagccaaag gacccctggc gtatgattgg tggtaatact acagtttaga aatccatctc    171000
     tctcctctca gtgtgtgatc ttatgatcta taattactgg aaggtgacct gaagaaaatt    171060
     ttgtcagttg taagtatagt agatagaatt gtttactaaa agtacaaacc aaggattgca    171120
     taaaaactcc cacaaggaca gctagatctc ggtgtggtat ggatcgtcac tttggacttt    171180
     caaacacaca ggaaattatt ttctcttctt tgttctcact gagtcagatc ttctgtagct    171240
     ctaaatcaat tttttccttg gcacaatgga caaggtcaac tgaaatctgc aaagcgttac    171300
     agactattgc caagtgtaaa taaaaaatca agcttgcctt catagtctca catcaatctc    171360
     ctcctgtgtt tgctctttgg cctctttcaa acacttgtgt aacaggtagc tttgagttgt    171420
     atctttcaga tgcaggatcc aaatgccttc ttctcacaga taaaatattt ccagctatcg    171480
     cacttatctg agatgagagt agaatctttg aggtatccac agatctggcc ggctgatcgc    171540
     tgtctttctg ctggcaacct gaaaaagtaa ggtaacttct caggttagag gttagatgtg    171600
     aagatgacag tggtatttga aagggaaact ctccagagat gctgttggat ttattttagt    171660
     ttgctttaat gtggtagcct tctgtggtgg ttttgtcctc cttcaaatag catctattaa    171720
     gttttacaaa ggatatgttg atataatttg aacaaatagt ttctaaagaa aaccaagcca    171780
     tgtttgcata aaggtaggtg agagccaatg cgtttctctc ggctctgttc tcaacatact    171840
     aaggcacttg gttgtaccca tgaaatgcca ttctcatctg gaaagctcaa tatagaaatc    171900
     gatcaatagt tatcacagtc tttttaccag aaagttttct cagcattaag tgatacaaag    171960
     gactaacagt ttattggcca tttaggcatt tggattatga aaacaacttt ataaaggata    172020
     tggtaggagg gctggtagga agattcagaa gatgttcagg gtagttttat gttaacttga    172080
     cgcaaagcct gaagtcatct atgaggagga acctcaatta agaaactaca ggcaggtctg    172140
     taaggccttt tctcagttag tgattggtgg gtgagagctc agctcactgt ggtgttatca    172200
     ttccttggct ggcaagtctg ggttcataag aaagcaggct gagaaagtca tgaggaataa    172260
     gccggtaagc cgtatccctc tatggcctca gtatcagttc ctgcctccag gtttaagccc    172320
     tgcttgagtt cctgtcctta cttccctcgg tgatgaacag caatgcggac ttgtaaacaa    172380
     aataaaccca ctcctcccca acttgctttt tggtcacagt gttttatcac agcaatagaa    172440
     aacctaacta atagggaagc aataaaacca agtcttaagt atacgagtca caattccaat    172500
     caggagcctg taaaagtatc aggcttcttt gtctgctgga gaaaacataa gatacaaagt    172560
     aacttttaag ttttcttcac attcctagct tttccttgta atgtctcttt catagactta    172620
     caagtcagag agaggagaag agccatcttc ccagaaccaa gatccactga ttccatcttg    172680
     aaacactccc acccaatatt tatttcctcc tttgagtttc cctatactgc tgatgaactc    172740
     ctacataaaa aaaaaagacg caaactgtaa atgaagaaaa gtgaatacct gtacaatata    172800
     aaggtctaaa ttttgtcttg tcagaaataa ataataactt gagtgttaaa ataagagaag    172860
     agatattaaa gtggacacac acaccacacc atccacacgt cacatgcaca tatccaccac    172920
     aaatgcacac catgcacaca gacacccaca cagcacacag gcataccaca ccacatacac    172980
     cacacaccct atcacaccac accacacaca ccacacatgc acacccacac cacagcatac    173040
     cacacacaca tgcacacgat tcttttattg tgtagtcagt atgctgtgtt aaattttatg    173100
     gaaaatatat gcatctaaaa ttaaagcttt aatggattta gagtctatca gatagtatgt    173160
     taaagcaaat taagttttat attggccctt caccatcaat agcaaagctt agccttcttc    173220
     attcaccatg tggatcattc cccccatgat attttaatat aggaagtttt ggagactcca    173280
     gccattgctc actatgagga cattttgtta gatgaaacat gttttatttt gtcatccaat    173340
     ttttgaaaaa attaagtttg taaacaattc taacaatgta gtttaaagct tcctggttca    173400
     ctgcatattc ttagtattcc ccattgttct tataaaacca aacttcagtt agtgaccatt    173460
     ttgttagagt gagaaacagc taattatgaa ttccatgtca gagattctgt ttaactgtaa    173520
     aatgccttca agagacattg tactgtttat ttaatcaaga tcctggtaag ctaggttagt    173580
     aagcttaaca cttcatttac caaatgctca ctcttactaa gctgatacac ttcaggatat    173640
     tagttcaggt ttaaatcttt gtaacttttg tttgtttttg agacagggtc tttatacaca    173700
     ggcctcaaat tcaaaatccc cctgcctcgg tctttcctgt actttacatg catgtgtcaa    173760
     tacatgcaga ttgagacttc agttttcata cttctatttc tccctgtgca ttatagatta    173820
     ttttatttcc tgcagcattt aagaacatcc acagttggga tgtacacggg atcacagctc    173880
     agtaagcctc ttccttctcc cttctggatt aactgaggca taaacaatct gtgctcctca    173940
     gtttctagaa aaccaacttc attttcactt ctccaattaa atggggaaaa aaatatgtga    174000
     acctctacat tgtctcttta cattttttat actaaaaata taccacttct atggtaaatg    174060
     aaggaattct atcgtatgag aatctgtact gcattttaat gagtaacata gtattttcaa    174120
     aatgacatga attcacgtaa cagtctttac catttcttct ttgctgtcta tttgaaagag    174180
     actagcgccc tcttttaaac agctcttctt actgatgttc cacatttccc agcgttcaaa    174240
     gacatagtaa caactttttc cattctgaat ccagttgtgt ggacaagggc tgcagtcact    174300
     accttcaaaa tataaacatt ttcttaattg tcgtcaatgc acaaaattgg catcctagct    174360
     ccctcaaagt taccaaatgg tacccaggaa acagaaccta accatctagc ttctctgagg    174420
     ctgaatgttg ggttccagac cagggataag gccctgagtt ccaaagcaga cctggctttc    174480
     agattctttt aacattcctc agtacctacc tgtcataccc ctttcccaac tgtgaatttt    174540
     ccagcccaga ggatgggctg cccttctcct gtaggatctc tatctctgtc tgtctctgtc    174600
     tgtctctgtc tttatctgtc tctggctctt tctgtgtctc tctgtctctg tctctgtctc    174660
     tgttcctctc tgtctctatc agtctctgcc actctcattc tctctcttct cctcctcttc    174720
     ttccacctcc tcctctttct cccttctcct ctctgatcac tttctctcct cccctctctc    174780
     cttcccagtg ttgactttcc tggccagtga actcgccaga gagtagcttc cccaaaaacc    174840
     tgcatttata tttttgattt ggcttgaatt ggctcaattt gctggtgaag taacatcatc    174900
     tggcataaca agattatata atttccaccc aaaatagctc tttaataatt agtttcagtt    174960
     aaattcaatg tggagatgtc tttacccaaa tcttttctat atcaaaattc atttattttt    175020
     ttttcttcca ctgaggcatg gaattggctg agaagtaagc tttgaattga agttttaatt    175080
     ctgaggctta agcaagtaaa tatttcatgt ataaaggaga gaacagttaa tgcacaaaaa    175140
     ggatggcttg aaaacaaata ggtgagaact gagcatacaa agaaacagca ttttagtact    175200
     tcatgataac taagaatcaa gccttaatat taacactttt taaggaacat gtcttaagaa    175260
     agaatatatt caaaacagca caggttcaac cgaggggttc tagcatactc ttaaggagga    175320
     agacagagaa actcatagaa cattggttac taaagagcac cattccatgt ggggtaagaa    175380
     acacttcata agtggttttc caggatgaat actaagtcct taagattttt caatagtgtt    175440
     tggaatcagt gctaatcagc atgctgagca ttgtgaaagt cgcagcaggg ttaatgctga    175500
     aatagtgttt ggaaggttag tgaacaggat ggattagcag atctccaaaa cacacattat    175560
     tagctgtatt cggtgtggat ggctcagaag aggacctgaa tcatgcttat aacaacttgt    175620
     tatgtatgag atcactgtag acaatgactc agcaaacgtt atattgttgt ttctacttaa    175680
     atgttcaatt agaatgaact atgtggacta tagtgatgac tcagaaacta aaagcacata    175740
     ttgctcttga tccaagcaat ggtcctagca tctaagttgg gtagcttatg gctacctgga    175800
     agtccagcta cgggaaagga ggatctgatg tttggcctca tctggcactt gcattcacat    175860
     gcccaaactc ccacacacat accctctcac acatacacac acttaaataa accttatttt    175920
     aaaaaaaaag aaagaaagaa aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaagaaagaa    175980
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaaaatag tagatttttc    176040
     ttttcacaca gctcaaaact caaatggggt attctagaga aaatttaaca ttctaaataa    176100
     gttttaagtc accattaaac aaactgcaaa acaggtaata atgcactttt aggtttaaaa    176160
     atattcataa aaggtaaaac tgaattaatt ctataatatt gttagaagaa agtgagtttt    176220
     acatgttatg ataaatagtc ttatttccaa gatcagtttc tatgcttagt tatctacaga    176280
     aagagtctaa agcaagagcc aaattaagtg aattgcatag ttcggattta gagttgaaaa    176340
     caggcctagg tttgagtgac aggatgaagt atattattga ttcttgaaag cctagcctag    176400
     gaatcacaca tatcccattt gatcttgatt taagcttagc ttagctgaac ataagaggga    176460
     agtcagttgt ttcaacaatt cccaggaagg tgtacaaaac actgaactac agagcaacca    176520
     gtttgtcaca tttatcagct gtgaagggcc agagagagct cagtgatata gctgttgtgt    176580
     tgtataaaaa tagagagaca gaatctgttt gctgtatata cagtcaggta tggggaagag    176640
     ggtggctccg aggtcccatg ctgatgcatc ccttacccat gaggtaccag acacaggaca    176700
     cacaacacac aatgatacag tatagaatag agtttattca ggccatagga agggaagttg    176760
     agaaggtagt agagacagag aaaggcagag agcaaaagca ggagagaaga gaagaggaga    176820
     ggagaggaga ggagaggaga ggagaggaga ggagaggaga ggagaggaga ggagaggaga    176880
     ggagaggaga ggagaggaga ggagaggaga ggagaggaga ggagaggaga gaagagaaga    176940
     gaagagaaga gaagagaaga gaagagaaga gaagagaaga gaagagaaga gaagagaaga    177000
     gaagaaagtg gccaagctgg ccatgagcct ttggggagag aggggagggg attggggaga    177060
     gagtggggaa gagacaagag gacagagcag aaacaagaag acaagagaaa gcagaagggt    177120
     caaagaaccc cttttatagt gagtcaaaca tacttggcta ttgccaggta actgtagggc    177180
     agggcctaga cgaaatgcta acatcccccc ccccttttgg tttaattaaa aaagaaaaaa    177240
     attagaaagt gatgatggtg aagcaggaac agggttatca tgatctttag ctacttcctg    177300
     ctgactttgg gatgccatgt ctctaggaaa cctaggaaaa tggggatggg gatgttggtc    177360
     cagtcttagg agagttgcct gtttccttgc tgtccagggt ctgtggaacc atctgtggag    177420
     aggtcagaag aactggtcca gtagaagcat ctgtgcctgt gagagaagat tggagcatct    177480
     gggcaatagc cctcagcaac aggaagcatt caactaatct tttagagacc tgaactctga    177540
     ccaaattggg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat    177600
     tttttagtct tgtcacagat aatgatttga agacaatttt aaacagagca ggagattata    177660
     aaagattctt taatatagac tttaataagc atgagagcta taaataagag aggccctgag    177720
     agacaagtca cttgaaagcg tccctaaggc tgagctgcca aaataagacc tatccaagtg    177780
     tgggtacagg tttctcaaag agagccacaa gcaactgtct tcacactggc tctgtatgcc    177840
     atcctgctgg ctctttggaa ttatagccca taacattttt aagaaatctt cacattttga    177900
     taaatgagac taccaggagg ctctgaagat gcctcaggta gaattacaat cttataaagt    177960
     caaagcagga gccactaggg ttgcacacgg ggttcagtac aagttctttc cctgtaaata    178020
     agatttctgg tcaggttcct agaaaactgc aggtttacag ctgaagggag aatagcagta    178080
     gttaatgtcc ctggaatact gtttccctga ggtcgagtga gggtttatta ccagatccct    178140
     gcataaggac ctcttctccc ttttcatctc attattgtct gtcttccaga cttctcttgg    178200
     tacccactct aaaccttatt aatccataga ggacagacta cagctgctgc acacatctgg    178260
     atctctactg aagtcatgta ttcttagctg agcatgatgt ctcctgactg tccatcccag    178320
     gatgctgagg taagagagtc acacataaga aagcagccat agtgagttct agccagctga    178380
     ggctatatga caaacaaagc aaaccaacca tttgccagtt acctgaatgg agagatctct    178440
     gcagtaaggc ttggcagtat tccagtgtgt atttcctctg ccactgtgta aggttcacca    178500
     atgctgtgtc ctgttggatg agtctttcct gctgctccaa gacaagagag gatacctgga    178560
     agactataag aagggcgagc attcttcatt aaatatataa taaaaagcaa tctcccagca    178620
     cagataaaag gaagcatcca tgagaatgaa ggtataattt acctggcttt tttttttttt    178680
     tttattattt aaaatttaca ttattcaaga atcaagtgct acaaattcca caaagtaaaa    178740
     aacaaaacaa aacaaaaaaa gtggtcttga ccatcccttc ccatgactca accagtctta    178800
     cttcccaaga gtagggaaat gtatcaagtt cttttaacag atttttcccc agagatattt    178860
     ttattttaaa aaaatcaatc aatataaaac ttctgttcag cctttttatg caaagggtag    178920
     gagcctgtct atattatggc aaacatttga ttttattact taagtgtatt ttactcttca    178980
     ttcctgtaag tacacaaaaa ccttccctcg ttgactcatt ataacaggga agcaagtgtg    179040
     gtggtcttac ctcattttac acatttaaaa gctattctca gtatctctaa gttaccctcc    179100
     atgtatgaca ttgtacacag tgcttcaagg ttatctgcct tacagctctc tctctctccc    179160
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctg    179220
     tttgagatca aaattctctt cacagacata aacaggttgg atgtattttc ttgtctggga    179280
     aatgtgtaat catagccttt gtaaacacac cacactctcc attggctttc tagtatttgc    179340
     ctttgttccc ttgtgccaga gtcaggctga gtagtgcatc tgaaattcac acaaggcatg    179400
     atgcaagctc attaatggtg cagcttgtaa ctgtgggtct gaatatttgg ggatcagaat    179460
     gtgactaagt tgtcagcatt gtttattgat agcctgctgg atggtttgct ctttgtttta    179520
     atgagacccc gagagatgac ttctgctgag gcaggttgcc tagtgtcagc aaaattttgt    179580
     ctttatgatc agcaaaacat aaaacacctc caagaaagac tctggggctt aataccacag    179640
     aatcctgtgc aaacatcagt gattcctgaa ccaacagaaa actgtgccat agtggaaaca    179700
     ggcagggaag ggtacctgcc ttatccatcc agatccctgc tccctctcct tttcccctca    179760
     tgtacctcag gctggactca aactcagcac agagtcaaga atggccttac actcccggtc    179820
     ctcatgcttc ctactcccgt ttctgggaat gcaggtctgg gtcacgacta ctcctggctc    179880
     catccaggat ccttctgatg tgaggctttt acggcagtat ccttacttca gtgctgttaa    179940
     attgcattct tagtgtgtaa taaactaaac tctttaaatt tcaatacacc aacatgctga    180000
     ggcctgtggt taggtcctat gagtctctgt tagcaatcag cactgtgtct agaaatattt    180060
     gttgacatat cacctgcttc aaagattgat tttggtaaag ttgtaagcta ccatgtaaat    180120
     ttcattggac attggcttga tttatggtga tttgttttca tagctgaaaa atgtttatct    180180
     tttcttagga taccgtcttt ttaattttag gttgcatgtt ctacataaaa gactagaaag    180240
     gatttatgtt gtggtgtagg agttaggatg gaagaaacaa tggagttgct agcaacaata    180300
     ttagtgtagg tctagtatta gccagtacta tcaatttaaa aattataagg aagtattatt    180360
     atgcttagat tccttgcaat ttcagttttg catgtgaaac tataatctca tgtctatagt    180420
     ggtgcattta cactttgact tacttggaat tattgccatt gtacctataa ggaattatgt    180480
     caatgttttc ccagatgttt atgtagtgtt ctgttgtcat gtaatgagta gcttccactc    180540
     acactctctt agttaccatt taaaagtgac acagcaaaat taactcacag tgaacttcta    180600
     atgaactgac aaagggaaag gcatggaggg acagaatgga ttccatctaa gcagtcagga    180660
     agaaggaaag agtgctaaca ctgaacagct ctctccttct ctgtccgtgc ttcatcctag    180720
     gtgatgttgc ttccacataa agagctccaa cacagttaat tctcttcaga aacacttcac    180780
     tggtctcagt ctagctaagt ggacacgatt aaacatcaca gcacatagcc tagtcttctt    180840
     tctataactg tcttttactt gtgtttctgt attttgatat attctctttc acatttgtaa    180900
     aatatatgta tttcttctac tttatcttct agttcactgg atttttgttg gtggtggttt    180960
     tcattgctag atacaaaacc cagaactctg tgctcaccag gcaagagctg tacactgagc    181020
     taaagcccca cgctttcacc tatttctctg ctaggttgat atattaaact cttcagtgtg    181080
     gggaggccaa gtgactgtta aaggttgtta aaacgtatac acaagaatag cagccacaca    181140
     tctctaggat ttgaatggta gaaccagatg catctgcatg catacattca tgtagtacgc    181200
     atctttacaa tggagacaat ggctgtatcc accacagaag cttcctggtt ttggttttta    181260
     actagaattt gattctgagg cagttgaagt ttcatatgtg gctataagaa aaaataaatt    181320
     ccattatctc ttagccctat ttccaccaca tggaaccatc tttaaaactg gagttcagtg    181380
     tcacaactag gatatcaaca ttggtgatgc tatagcatgg cacttctcca ttaccttgta    181440
     gatccagcat actactcttt tatgaatgtg gtccattccc ctcctgcctt tacaggcact    181500
     agttcagtgg ttttgtcatt acaatgatat tatagaaata tgatattata ttttaaggtc    181560
     ttttttctcc tctcaggaga tgtgtctgga tagctagata aattaataaa ctaattgtat    181620
     ttttattact gaaaatattt ctttgaccgt aattaccaca gttatttaac cattcaccaa    181680
     aggatacctt ggttgttttg ttgtttaggt atcacaaatc acactgctat atacaggtat    181740
     gttcgggttt tagtgaacaa aagcttctat ttttctgagg tgagtgtttg ggggttcaat    181800
     tgttgggtgg taaaaaggtc aggttttaat aaaaatcact gccctgttct tccagggact    181860
     gtatcactgt cagtcctacc aggaatgact ttacagccct acctgggatt tggcttcaca    181920
     gacccatcaa acacgtcatg tcactggttt tgactatcag ctctttggtg catgtattat    181980
     gcctcactag ggttttagat ggttttgtcc taatagctaa agatcttaaa ccttgttttt    182040
     catccttgcc tggcacttcc ttatgttgtt tggagaaatg tgttgtcatg ttatttttcc    182100
     atctgacaac ggaatggctt ggttgcttgt tgagttctta cagagtttta tcaactttag    182160
     gttcaagtat attattgggt atgtggtttg caagtacttc cttctcctgt cttgtatgtt    182220
     cagccacttt tatgttaagg taggtgtgtc tcatcagcat ttacttttat taattacttg    182280
     ttaaatctta aatctaagaa ctctgtatat acttggagaa tgaatttctt cccttttttg    182340
     ttgttgtttc tactttgact tggacattac ctagagttag gagtgaagaa ctagtatcct    182400
     ttactttata atattaataa cctggtagag atagcaattg aaatgtaata atctttttag    182460
     aaacctgaga catccttttc atattttgat gaactttact ggatgagctc tattttaagt    182520
     cgtatctgct ttgctattat actctggatg gcatggggtg catcagatgg taatggacag    182580
     agaacatggc attaagtgca tcatatggta atagacatga gaatggaaga cttgtgcttg    182640
     gagttttact ctagataaga agcaaacatt ttacctttat tggtgtttga attgtaatta    182700
     attttcaaca agttaggaat aatgactgaa aaatgttgtc tccttggaaa ctggaaccaa    182760
     atacttctaa atctcccaaa caaaattact gggtatatta tgctacacac tgtagctaaa    182820
     ggatgagttg gaaaaatgaa aatatatgga aagggcacaa agaaaactga tctctttgga    182880
     aatatgttta tactataatg ttttcaaatt aatacttaat tggcatatgg tgttaaagaa    182940
     aacccagaaa cacaagagga tgagggaaag agacaagtct gcacacactt tggaaatggc    183000
     tactcaagct ttgctggcta acatctagct tgtacttgtt aaaatcctgt gtccacatgt    183060
     gcagtgtgcc tgtacatata tgaatataat ttgtagatta tctttcaaaa actataaata    183120
     gtttacaatc tataaataga ttgttaacct tctgctttca tgggaaacac cacataaata    183180
     catcactcta cagtgataca gtggttctag aaaaattaat tgcattcttt ttaccagact    183240
     cttttatctc gccatgtgaa ctccttctta atataagtct aactgactgt ataccattta    183300
     cgtgtgctta catagatctt aatttattta ttcatacatt tatacatgtg aacttttaaa    183360
     ataataatac aacaattcat aacccgtgtt gttaacaggt aacactgaag atatgctttt    183420
     gtacttacac ttgatgccca agaaaatgga cgttgctaac aagcccatac agaccacaca    183480
     ggaaatcatc gtcacaacac accatgctcc tgaatgtgaa atcaggcaat gacatgagtt    183540
     agagaaagta ttttcaaggt gtaataatgt caggataagt ggaaggattg ggccttccta    183600
     ctggagaaat gcaaagattt gaaactctaa gaaaatcttt gcttaaattc tctcagatga    183660
     accttatagc atgggctata tctgacttgg aaaataccaa atacaataga cttaataaca    183720
     cctctcttca atcctaatgt acactattgt gattttaaaa attaattcca tctgtctatc    183780
     tgtctgtcta cctatctagt atttttcaat aatctcattc ataccaacca gaaaaccttc    183840
     tattcttaac atgaagactc tcttacctgt tttcagcatc tcttgaacat gattcattga    183900
     agtattttta attttaatga gtaatttaga aaaatgaaca aacatttccg gctaattata    183960
     caattcgtcc aggaagaaaa gtgagttatt tggcttatta cattattcat actaataaaa    184020
     aattgtcctt acatatttta ataggcctga taatgtcttg cctgagatga ctctgggtca    184080
     tccctgaaac cttgaaatgg tgttttatgt gacaaaagat attctgaagc taatactata    184140
     ttagagatct gatttaggaa agttagcttc acttagttaa tttgtaacaa gtcgatacta    184200
     aagactaatt aatgaaacta cttgggaaaa tataataaaa tgctttttaa gcccacctaa    184260
     ttatttgttg tatgaggtta tgtatgacac ctagttgatg aattaaagaa gtgacaataa    184320
     aaatacacaa aaacatatat ttgcaaatct ttttgcactg tagagttgta aaaataaaag    184380
     gtagcataag atgtagaaac aattatcaaa tactaaaaac ataactgcat cagctgaaga    184440
     cattttttcc tagtttttca acatttctta ctatttttca gataatttgc tgcctgtttt    184500
     aagtaaaagc taaaataatt taagtggtat gatttctttt actttttgca aattgagaga    184560
     atatatctca tttcctgatc tgagtgccct tcacttactc ctccatgctg acgaatgtgt    184620
     caggcacact agaatatgct aaagaggtta tctcagatta ggagaaacac ttggttttat    184680
     cacagtatac aaacagaaaa aaattatagt tttcaactaa gcattctaaa tttattacct    184740
     gaacatttgc taggggattg gcacttctga gaggcctctg aggtaggaat gtcccactga    184800
     agagaggtat atatttcttc cgcatgcatg ctgaaggtgc ttggagtggt gaagcagtct    184860
     acataggagc ctggcacaaa gaacttcggt tgtagttagg agtaggttgg tacaagaaat    184920
     ggaactggct actttttcac agtggtaaaa tgcaacaggg attaaaggat gttcatcatc    184980
     cagaaagtgg aacttttgaa gcttatactg aaacataact caataatgaa gaaatgagaa    185040
     ttattgagct caaaatagct actaccaaat taaactgttg ctctgctttc cacatagtat    185100
     cagatgctgg aggtaagctg cacagtatgg acttctattt gctataaact atgaagcaaa    185160
     aagatgatgc agcgaataaa gataaaggcc attaaatcta gacaaatcaa cttgtacata    185220
     gcttttggat ttccaaacaa gaaagcttag gagagatttc atccctaaat ttatttccaa    185280
     tcagtctgct gattagggta atactgactg ttattataag taaacttcaa aataccagtc    185340
     aacactggca acatttagat ctccctcata gtttgtaccc agagatacta gttctcccaa    185400
     aaggggcctg ggtttctttc atcttctgga atattggagc catgatggga aagggaaaga    185460
     gaaggtgaag aacccacact tgcttcttga aagccataat ctgggagtgt tgggaatcac    185520
     agccatctct atccattgca tttccatatt ggacatgaag gttgggtttt cctggcagca    185580
     ttgtccagag gtaactttgc tcttgcagga ggaatcaatt atttaatgga tggatgacca    185640
     gtttcagcac atcctgtgac tacagcattt gtactgagaa ctctgatctc ttagacacca    185700
     tttatttcta ggctacttgt ccttatgtcc aaaggtcatt tctcaattgt gttcttttat    185760
     ttatttattt atttattttt agagtctcac tggatcaatc gttcttcatc acaaatggca    185820
     cattcaggag gtgatataag ggaacttact aataggacta cagttttgga aaaggttaat    185880
     aggaaagaaa gaaggggatc aatgttgaca tatgtactac agggctgctg tcaccctatg    185940
     gcctaaaaca gtaaggagaa tgttcactgg gacttcgtgg tctgcctcac tacagcgaag    186000
     ggctggtata cagatcatca agttttatca atctaagaca cataagggat ctgaattata    186060
     cttctgacca taacccatgt gtctcagagg ctcagtttgc ccggaaaatg tattcatttg    186120
     tgtttagctt cctgagacat aaggagtagc tggtggggtc attagggaca aatggaaacg    186180
     gactagcaca ttctgccaac atttcctgtg gtgttcctgg cctgaaaaca gagtaactga    186240
     actccagata accctctgca tattctaagc tctaccagat ggagaaaaga ggaagaaacc    186300
     acaccaacaa ataatattgt aactaacctc aggagccaga cttcatgagc tactactcat    186360
     tttccagttt ctcttctcat tttagcagca ctgaaaccaa agcttgaata gtgttttccc    186420
     aggacaatcc actctcaggg aaatgtctgc aagggagcca ttggtttctc ccaacaaaaa    186480
     aacccatgtg ctacatgtag tgttctgctc ttgtttgttt taaatattta ctgtttatta    186540
     ttcaatgtgt tcttaaaaac tattttaaag ccagatcaca gtattgcttc cttactacag    186600
     ttctgtgaag cagaagggta agttggctct aagtcaggca cagagaagtc cgtttagctg    186660
     gtttcatgct gagtgtttga aatgaagtgc tctgatcata gaatctgggt tgtttttgtt    186720
     tcactatatg cttcaggcac gagtataagg gaaaagagag actttgtagg tacagtttga    186780
     tttttgtagg tacaggctgg tctcaccttc tgtatatgtt tagctgggca ttaaatatgt    186840
     ttcctctaag gctgtgtgtt gtagtaatat ataaatatgc tgaagagagg aaaaacacta    186900
     acattcagac atagggttga tgtttggata ggttctgaat aattagcccc cagttgtttt    186960
     gtgcaaatgg acagtttcat accagaagtt cagccttgaa tccccatctc caaagggggt    187020
     gggggagcca agacttctca tctcacaagg ccaatatctt gttttttaaa ataaaaatgc    187080
     caaataaatt ttgttgtttt cctgtaaccc agaaatctat tcccttaaga agagtccaaa    187140
     ataaactaaa gagcagattt gtcatgcaca gagctgtaaa actaacattt tttagtatca    187200
     tgcggttgat gttctcacca atattttata ttattacatc agagatcatc acaattctcg    187260
     tctggatagg gtaatcagct cactgtatat gcaaggaaat agtgttagag actaaaccat    187320
     ttgctccaaa acacataggg aataagtgct aaatcaatgt ttattgaaaa gtcttaagag    187380
     tggactgctt acaacagggt cacagggagt gtgtattaaa aacagatttc tatatctcct    187440
     cagccttctg agttccatct atattcctga ttgagcatgt ttagtttcca caaagtcctc    187500
     agctgagata aactatgttc atgaccctgt tttctcacta gttaaacaaa ggaagttgtg    187560
     gggaatgact ctggtagaaa gtgtgacttt tgcctcttat cctgttagag gtgcctcccc    187620
     acaggcccta taaataactt ctgggttatt cagcaaacac caaacataga accatcaaaa    187680
     aaagaaccag attaaaaaaa gtctgcttct tcttcttcta tcttatatac ctattacata    187740
     agataggcaa tattttatat ataggaaata tttcatatat tttcatattt attcatataa    187800
     ttcatatgta tttagtattt tcatattcat aaatatgtga atacacacac tttggtttat    187860
     cctcagcccc aaaccatcct attttaagtg tgagaaaatg gaaattaaac aaaatataaa    187920
     actgttctta ttagccagtc acatgtcttt aatcccagca tttggaatac agaagaaagt    187980
     accttgtcaa tatagtgagt ttggggacag atagagctcc tctctcaaaa ataaatagat    188040
     aggtagatag ataggtaggt aggtaggtag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat    188100
     agatagatag atagatagaa ttgcttaatg gttgcctttc agttaagagg tcataacatt    188160
     taaactattt tacagattcc aatctatgtt atttctgcta tcccatggtg tctttcttaa    188220
     cttagatatt ttgcacagtg ttaactcact tgggtccgaa tttaatttta gttttatgtg    188280
     tgtatatttg aagactcaat ggattacaac aagctaagaa aatgaggaat ggatgataaa    188340
     aagaaagtta ttggaaaagc tagagatcta ctgacatgct gtttttttaa tatacagaga    188400
     aaggatcaga cctgtgatat aaggatgata taaaaataca aaataagcag ttttatgaat    188460
     gcggagttct tttgtccaga tcttttattg catgatcaag cacttatctg acatcctgtc    188520
     catccttctg cattaaagca gttggtccac tcttgtcatg ccagcatttc tctcacatat    188580
     taagtaatgt ctctctttac aggaagctgg atggattttt ccattatgaa gataagcaca    188640
     attcatgttt tcttctgtat tcccagaaag attaatccta caaataaaaa aggcagattg    188700
     catgattttt agaaatacaa atagacaagg aagcaaagga catgagtgtt ttgttgataa    188760
     aactagaggc ttgggataag gaaacagcat tctcgccttt aagaaactct ctgtctgctt    188820
     cttagtacag tatgacacat aaaaagccta gtaacaattt aatacagtgt ttaagtcaag    188880
     gagcaagtca tgctaagttc ctgggggtcc agaggagaag acacataatg atctcacatg    188940
     ccagccaaat acttatctac aattcacttt gtgccagtgt tggaagaaga gtgggtttaa    189000
     aacaggcaat ggaagcctgg tggtggtggc ggtggcggtg gcggtggcgc acgcctttaa    189060
     tcccagcact tgggaggcag aggcaggcag atttctgagt ttgaggccag cctggtctac    189120
     agagtgagtt gcaggacagc caggactata cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaccaaaaa    189180
     aaaaaaaaaa attaaattaa taaatataaa tagaccctga gaaggctgga tgccccagtg    189240
     tagggaaatg ctaaggcagg gaagtaggaa agggtgggtt ggtgagcagg gtgagggggc    189300
     atgggatagg ggattttgga ggggaaacca ggaaagggga taacatttga aatgtaaata    189360
     aagaaaatat ctaatgaaaa taaaataata taagcagaga ggaaatgcaa gttctcatag    189420
     agtcagcagc taggaactct aaggtggcta aatactgcag agctgagatg taacagcatc    189480
     aggtaatagg tttacactag actattgcat ggttgttgtc caagagtttg cctctattct    189540
     ctgaatcact gtttacaaag actgacaagg aaatatgcta aatatacttg gcagacacct    189600
     atagatgcca actagttagc aaataattga ggtctgttct gttttttaaa acccaaattc    189660
     cagggaggag aaattggtaa gacgttcaca gacaagcaga aagtagtaag aactgtgaag    189720
     aaataaaaac agtgaagaga aaacagagca ggtgtgtgct gaaagaggcc taagggataa    189780
     gctcattatc aaagcacaaa agaatcagat caagttacac acacacacac acacacacac    189840
     acacacacac acaaatgcct gcatgaacag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    189900
     agagagagag agagaaatga ataggggcaa tataaaaatg attcactatt tgcataaaag    189960
     gaggagaggg aggagagagt aaaactgcat gactagcatc tacaactcac agtagagtag    190020
     agacatctca actttcaggc aacttatgtt caacaagaaa gatctgggag tcaaagtttt    190080
     gaataatgcc ttcaagctga gcttctagat acttacccgt tcttgcgaag aactgagcta    190140
     tcctcccaca tccagtcttt cttagagttc tggcgtgata atccaatcca acggactgaa    190200
     gtaatccttt ctgcaatgta gtcctgttgc aaccataaat ccatgacatg ttaagtccct    190260
     ccacagcgct gtgcgatggt agaatttcac aataaagcct ttcacaaaca actagaatta    190320
     tgcatctggg ttggtatagt ggattgtgtc tcatgtctac aattttgcta atttgagtgg    190380
     ttttgaggta ttcaaaagta tggggaggac atgagaaatt atattaagca ggtaaaatgc    190440
     tagtcttcct agggtattta taatgtatgt ttatattccc taactattga agatttgagt    190500
     cccagggaga cttataaata tgattcaagt gggggaaaga catcacctac agacagcaag    190560
     aattacgttg tcaatgagct ttgcggtccc taaaattaag ttcttggatt gtattgattt    190620
     tcttatccat gcaaatgtta atttgtttta gttggatgga tataaagaac tatgggtgtc    190680
     tttctcagcg aaattagtaa atagcatgca tctaccattc ccgatttata tgtttctatg    190740
     ctttcgactt ttaggtagat tctcactgtg tagcccaggc tggcctcaaa cgtgtgaccc    190800
     taacctcagc tataactaca taaacacgcc tccacatctg gctctgattt actttttcct    190860
     gcctagttat aatttactgt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttaagt tagggaattc    190920
     cagttttcta gagtacatat attcaggtcc tggagtggtc ctggtatata taggttgata    190980
     ttacatgaat ggacaatctc ttagaaagaa aagcaaagga aagtcatgtg ttcattatgc    191040
     ctttaagcat cccagaatag caagtaagaa tccactcttg gaaagcagca gcagcaacaa    191100
     caataacaat tggtttgtgc tagtagacag acatgtgaca ctcagaatag catgccactg    191160
     gaggtgctgt gtgaatctca cttccctaat gtgtgagcca ctcacccatc aactgctgat    191220
     cttttcttta aaacatatct acacagacgt atatgtatgt acactgctca agatgcctct    191280
     ctgtgagact tgatggaaaa atccaaccga tatttaactt taatgtcttc tcaaaaagtt    191340
     attgcttctt aactttaatc tcttcttaaa aatgatatta cttctttgct atattacaga    191400
     ttttcaagtg gggtagcctg gagtaacaag atggcagggc atgcttcatt tctccagttg    191460
     ctctctttat aatggagttg atgtgctaga attgatgtgc tagggcactc ccctgttttg    191520
     actgagtcaa tttatttagt taatttaatt tctaaacttc tctgtaagcc tgggcttaca    191580
     gcatggggca gaaagtcatg caaactggaa taagtgtgct gggagcatcc ctagcagact    191640
     catccaatgt ctgatccagt gtccactttc actattaggg aggtccacaa caatccaatc    191700
     ttactgaaac actttagcga tgttctgtaa taggactgag ttgaatattt gagctctgta    191760
     gtttttacgt ttcctaaact tctcagagga gcacacagtg caaaccatta agaaacacat    191820
     gaaaaggaaa aacagcattt caatgtttcc cctcagcatt ccaaaatgct tgacatggga    191880
     ccctccttac cagggtgctc tggctggcag tcttcacaag tgttgcattc tgctcagtgc    191940
     aatactgctt gctctcttcc catgttaggt tacgcctgaa gaacccgtag caactatctc    192000
     catggtatct ccacttcgtg gcgcaggggc tgcacttgtg ctctgaaggt gagaccgagt    192060
     atggggctga caaaacctag ccaaagcttt tcccacccgc agcattcctg cttgggtgga    192120
     cctctctcca gttaccacga cagatgtgca ttgcttggag aaatgaggtt tctaagtcag    192180
     acttaccaaa agtgctcttt gtcttaattt ctgattgtct aatcaactct tggcagaatt    192240
     tcttggccaa ttgttgcaga gtcgctgaga gattttcctt ctccgccagt agatactttt    192300
     gctgtgtgac cgctagatgt agaaatgaga taaattacat ctgggtctca aggtcagaaa    192360
     gatgatggca cgactcttga gtgaactttc atttatataa acctgccggt agctaaagag    192420
     ttcaccaggt acacaaaagc caatcaacac tgaaaagcga aatataaagg actgcgtaaa    192480
     agagcgtgtg aatcgactat gagagagtcc cgagataaaa acacgtgact aaggcagctg    192540
     ttccgatatt tcctggacag gtttctaagc gggctttata gagatgagaa gccttgggtt    192600
     ttgtattctg ttctacatat aatattgaat taatccttct aaaaatgtat gttcagatgg    192660
     ctgttctaac catatagaaa agcagttctt aacctgtagg tcatgacctg ttgagccaaa    192720
     catccctttt acaggggcta tactgcatat cagacattta cagtatcatt cataactagc    192780
     aaaattagag ttgggacgta gcaatgagca taattttatt atgagggtta ccataacaca    192840
     aggaactgtg ttaaaggatc ccaacactag gaaggctgag aaccacctgt atagaaattc    192900
     agggaaatac atagactttt cagtctggtt aattttgcta cactgtttct tattttcaat    192960
     atctttatga aacattttaa attaagaata ataatatatt gactaacaca tgaaaagaga    193020
     atgcatatta tattttatgg tgtttaaaat gcctttatat ccatgtaaac aatataagga    193080
     ataaaggatt ctaaaatata ttaagagcag gaaaataaac aaactagcag cacaaattat    193140
     gacatgacct tataaagtct tattattaga tcgtcatgaa cagaaaactg acgtgtcagt    193200
     aaataaaatg gggtggggta gcttttctgt atagagacta gagtaagcaa gatttcacat    193260
     aggaaggcac gggctttatt tctgaagctg gaaaagttct agattgctca ggcctcagat    193320
     taagcaaggc agagaggcag aaagaaagat agctcggatt cacagcgagg aggatcttaa    193380
     atgtcagaaa cacattctga aagtaatttt aactatggaa aaaattaaaa gtgatttgaa    193440
     tcagaagagg agggggtctc tcccttctga gttttcttcc tctgatgagg ttatatccgc    193500
     agcagtattc aggacaatca gagtaggtga caaagagagg agcaaagaca gttaggaagc    193560
     ttagtataat acgcctcgtg gctgttgctt ccctcaggtc aaaaccctgg caaggagcca    193620
     gtacttacac atgatcccca gagccacgag tccaacaacc agccccatgg atgagatcag    193680
     cagaactaaa gccatcacac gccaccaaga agaggcaggt tccgctgtgg gagcacagaa    193740
     aagatgcaaa cagaagactt tcaggctacc ctgggcttct caggattgcc taagtctatc    193800
     ataaacagca ttgtaagcta tgtgtgagaa agcttgggac atggaggcag aaaaatcaag    193860
     agttcaaggg cagccttggc aacgtagcaa aatcagtacc agtctaggct ctatgagtta    193920
     ctgtatcaaa actcagtaag actttggcta ttaagatggc ttagcaggta aagcactaac    193980
     tacataagcc tgataaactg gatttgagtc ctggaataca gggtggaagg aaagaaccta    194040
     ctctgatctt acctgcattc cattagtgac catcctcaat aagaatggct taatttatac    194100
     cacccatcca ttgccactct ctatgactta ttctctgtcc attctaacat ataactggct    194160
     accaaggcca cgtgtatctg tttttttgtt ttgttgttgg ttttggtttt ttggttttgg    194220
     gttttttgat ttgttttgtt ttgtttttgt ttttgcatcc ctgtgccaat tagtagcttt    194280
     ggcatctatg ggtgagtaaa ctgaggcagg aagctgctga cagggatcag tccagatagt    194340
     gatagagact tctatataag gcatccagtg attagagaaa ttcctcagca gacttctctc    194400
     tgagggaaca gagagaaggg gttggctctc cccatggcca gcaaaaaact ctaaactctt    194460
     ttaatccctg gggccagaga gaaagaaagg aaaagaaaga aaaagcatac atacatgtac    194520
     acatacatgt acactgagag gatgaaataa aaaacagact tcagtaactt catacatgca    194580
     aagacagaca gacagacaga cagacattct agttttcttc tggagaatga ctatgaaaaa    194640
     acatatgttc tcctgtacct ttacaagaaa taacattatg tagctaatta taggcaaaga    194700
     aaacaaattg ttcccaagaa cccatgtaca tttgtaacca agcaacttgt tatagattaa    194760
     caaagtgtga gcaagcaagg tagtttctct cactagcagg cagcagtttg cagttacaaa    194820
     aataagatta attattttat tttattgttt atctttacaa gtaatcttat aagaatctta    194880
     aaagaatcac aaattaaact tttatataaa aaatcagtca tatctacttt aaaccctcag    194940
     aatacatacc tacttaataa aatcatctta ggaagctgag ggcaaaaatg ggtgtaagaa    195000
     atcaattatt actagtaaga ctcagtgcta ccattgttct tgttccctga ccttaaaaag    195060
     cccttagctt agctaatgaa agtgtgcttt tctgaacatc aaattgttcc cttaggtttc    195120
     ttacatcaga agcagtagca gaaacatctt aacctagatt cactaacaat tttatttttc    195180
     caaatgtttt ctaaggatgg tggtcattgc tgataatcta catctcttaa gttcttttct    195240
     agggtggtgt ttgaatcatt aatctgctgg agcagaaata cctgaaagag atcaagcata    195300
     ttttataaga gccagagata ctgtccagtg aggggctgga ctccttagag tttttatagg    195360
     gatgtgaagg gcaacaagca gagcagaact ccataacagc atgaagtcct caggacatgg    195420
     agtcctctct gggtcatacc cattgaggct gtgctaactg ctggaccaca ttccaagact    195480
     tctaaagcca tttgtcattc ctcttacatg gccctcagca cccctgttct cctccacaat    195540
     tactttcata ggcaactggt ggagaactgg gtcttctggt gttcagaaat ttgatgttgt    195600
     ttttaaaagg acaaaaaaat tatttttatg ttacataaat gttaacttat gaaatgttta    195660
     catattgaac aacactatga accaaagact ttatatcatt ttaaacagaa aagaaaggaa    195720
     agacttcaga ttataaaacg cttccctcca gaacattaaa agaaaaaact ctcatgtttt    195780
     ctaattaagt catgcaacaa atgtattcct ttaaaatgtg aagacatttg agttttcaaa    195840
     ctgtccttcg ctttgttcta ccagcttcta agcaccccag tattgcattc taatagcctt    195900
     agtacaatgt tccctcttct gtattttctg cctgtattct aactatgtct gcagcagctt    195960
     ctgtaggccc cacttgcatg cttcagaaaa agaatatcat tcaggaaaac acaaataagt    196020
     ttaagcaccc tgtcactggg agagagacag agaataggag tgacctattt cactaatgcc    196080
     caaattgctg aatgagcctt cttacctgag ctgagagctt gtttccgggg cttgatgttt    196140
     aaagtgatat acccatcttc atcctgcatg gctccccttg aacagcaaag agctcagagc    196200
     tcagtgactc tgcagaactc acccaatgtc cacccttaga gtctcagtgc ctgccagtgt    196260
     gggctccttc tctcccggtg gtgtggggcc atatgcacca ggacacttgg ggtttgtttt    196320
     gctttgtctt gttttccagg aagccctttc ttggatgttc agagatacgt gggcttgaac    196380
     ctaaaaacaa aaataataat aacttgtggt gaaagagtag atgcggggct cgtttcctgc    196440
     tctcttatct tcagctctga gtgaagggat gttccgtcct gagggagtat cctgtcaaat    196500
     gacaaagttc acgcttcatc ttaaccctag gaaagctcaa aatacatcac gtaattgaac    196560
     tgatgcctta taaaaaaaac tcatggataa aggtaccagt aggaatacag catctactgt    196620
     gacttcaaat ctaatatcat ttgaaaagaa cgatataata atgtctaatc ttatcattta    196680
     tattatccgg tgtgaaatta cacatctaca accctacaat agaacgcact tctccttttt    196740
     atgacctaaa gttcacttaa attcttgcat ccaatataag tcattttatt taaaaaaaaa    196800
     aaaaaaagaa gaagaagaag aagaaaaaaa aattgagctg caagtgaagc agacctcaga    196860
     ttgcttagtc ctagacactg aaggaaaaaa gagtcaagta aatacaaaac tcatcacaat    196920
     atatgtttct tagataatat ttaaaatgag ttcttggatt aaataaaact agattgcaac    196980
     ggcacctttt aagtttgagt gcagttttgc gcagtgacag aactgtttgc aggagggggg    197040
     atgctggttt ccttttaatc acagtgtcat aaatactcca tcatttagct ctatagaaat    197100
     gggctttaaa taattacact ggcttaccgt gacagcagct acaggagcac catatggagc    197160
     ttgccagggt ggttattgca ggaatattga ctgctgcctg tcttgtcatt agcctagaat    197220
     ttatttaatt ttgtagtatg taattctgct aaatctctat ggctagagcc cttctgcctt    197280
     gttaagagaa tccagtctcc atatttcacc atgaagacca tccaggacct attgccagga    197340
     gtttacttgc ccttgttctt ttggtttttt gagacagggt ttctctgtgt aaccctggct    197400
     gtcctggaac tcactctgta gaccaggctg gcctcgaact cagaaatccg attgcctctg    197460
     cctcccaagt gctgagatta aacacattcg ccaccactgc ccggctcttt ttggtatctt    197520
     ctacatggct ttctttcttt tcctccgtgc tctttacttc actctcagaa ttttgtcaac    197580
     tcactacaag gattctgcat tttgaaatgc ctttcactca cacctccaat gatttcagga    197640
     agccaacaga ctattcacca attgctgcta ctatttgcat agcttccact tcagccaaag    197700
     attctccatc ttcctggcag aggggggata tgctaactaa cagccttcca gcaaagtctg    197760
     ggatgacctc ttccttcctt gcttccttta ctcacaagct gagttcaaac atgctttctt    197820
     cccctactgt cttatttcaa tgtctttcct taattatgta cagaataata caatgaaatt    197880
     gaatgagtaa tttcagctta atgaagagaa agggggtatc gagcttataa ttctaaagac    197940
     atcttttcca ggaaagtttc actccattct cttagaaatg aaattaatcc cattaaaaat    198000
     gtaatcagta aactaaatta aatatgtaac tctgagctcc aaggacatgg ggaattatgg    198060
     tacacatttt ctttttaatt tatgtaaacc ttaagaagta attaaatata atagttactt    198120
     tgcttttaag tttccagatt ttctgaggct tgcaaaacag ggttaattat taaggagtcc    198180
     tgtttattct tgagaaccac aaggggaccg ggcttacttt actttacagg tctattagtt    198240
     catggaactg tccttttagc accaaaagaa gatacatcta agatggataa actggagcct    198300
     cagagcaaag gaatgatact ccttcctaca accatggtta agctgtttct gctgattctt    198360
     ttcttctttc tcattgtaat ttgtcactac tgtttggttc ctcagttact ctaaccacaa    198420
     tcttcttctc cctagatctc tagtccacta aatatttatc tgcctttatg tgcatcctat    198480
     tctccaagca cagcatttag tgttatgatc atacacacag atacgggaga actgcagggt    198540
     cagaaagcct ccaatagtat tcactctatt tacatatact atgaatgtaa gctaagttat    198600
     gtaataaaaa aaataaaacc aagaaatgca aagaagaaaa gataagccat gcttttcttc    198660
     tttcttttac atagttcaga gtctggttag atatttctta tccaaaacaa aacccacctt    198720
     gacatttctt attcctactt aaatatctat ctcttcttca ttcaaaaaaa aattgtaaca    198780
     aaagtaaagc aagtcaaaat tcttccttca atatttcctg ttgaaagtct atattcagaa    198840
     tttaagaaac actgtcgtgt gaattgtgtt tatgtctttt cagtcatata ctgattatct    198900
     ataagacact gacatcagtg cttagtattc atggagacaa tgtggcactg gacctaggga    198960
     gcacaaactt gcaatttgac tagataatct tgatttttga cattgattat gttgtcccca    199020
     aacctactac acaacagttc acactcttgt accttattca tgcatagtta tatattttta    199080
     atttaattta ttttcccttg ttttggtgtt tgggattcaa ctccagagcc tcgtgagtgt    199140
     cagaccagca ctctaaccac tgtaccaccc gtcctgatca catatttaaa tcgttcctgc    199200
     ttacccccag aatgatgcgt tctagcgatt gacatacagt taccactcac tcaatatgtg    199260
     ttgactaagt agatgattgt acacatggaa acctctttaa gactggggat ttaagactat    199320
     ggtcacattt catttaaaaa gtggcaacat ttctataggt ttcaaattct tttggctcat    199380
     taagatgtct ttcaagtttc ggcgttgtcc agaagcatca cctgtactta tggaaaaaga    199440
     atgggtaaca gatccccaga tctgagtgac aaggactaga aaggaaggta gtccagaacc    199500
     ttgtggataa gattcaccaa gatacatagc agcatgagac tgtgggaaag aaaaagacat    199560
     tcattaggag gcatgggcca ctgtggacct tgctacattg tctacaaacg aaaacgaaat    199620
     gagtgttttg tagctgatga tcagtagttt cactccaaag tcaatgtcct tttaccaata    199680
     gttccggttc accaccccca ccatcgctcc actctctgcc cctcaccccc acctccccta    199740
     ccccaccgcc tacccctcac tcagtccatc cccaccccca cccactctct acccttcacc    199800
     ccatccctta cccttacccc tcacaccacc acagccccaa ccacatactc ctcaccccat    199860
     ccccactctt gtcctgcccc ttgcccctca cccagcccgg cccttcctct caccctagcc    199920
     ctcatcccta atccttacct ctcagcttcc agcactaaaa ttgttggttt acctttggct    199980
     tttttaacct cgtgtgcacg cacatgaaat gttgattatc tttggaaaat gacaggattt    200040
     cctgtgtggg aaacaaagca taattaatgt tcattccttc actttcagga atcttaaaca    200100
     tgtgagtttt taagaaatgt gttttattta aaagttgctg aatttattct aattattttc    200160
     tatgtatgca gtttttacta atgagaaaat taggcaggct tagtagtaaa tgcctgtgat    200220
     gttattgctg tggagactga gacaggagga agagtgtaag gagtgtgagg gctatctgga    200280
     cttcatactg agatcttgtt caaaacaaaa caaaacatgc acagagttga aaggttaatt    200340
     ttcacacaaa agattacagc attagtagct ttgagtcagg attcatgagt atacctcgac    200400
     aattctttat tttaaaaaaa gacagaatca ggtttctaac taaatgccat cctctattta    200460
     tcctctgtct cctccttgtg gccattttta attctttctg attttatttt gtctgtgctt    200520
     tcttttgggt ctttggtacc tctgtctttg atctttagtt tttcttatat aaatctgaat    200580
     tattgtggag tggattctag ctagtttagt ctgttgcccc gcagtgttct ctactgcaaa    200640
     ctcagtctgt gggggcagaa tgattgctga agtacacaga gagttctgaa gaacacaagg    200700
     gttcacttct tatcacataa gctcagcatt tattttttta atgcaaataa acttctacag    200760
     ttacactaag ttatgctgtt tcatacattg agtagcactt tatgattgat taaattttaa    200820
     tacgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgca cgcaagacag tctaaggtaa    200880
     ttccaagttg tttgtttgag ggtttgtggc agttttaatg tgtttctctc tctctctctc    200940
     tttctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    201000
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgttca ggtatctatg gagtctataa    201060
     gagggtgtca gatctcctag gactgaaatt acaggtagtt gtgagccaca caatatggat    201120
     tttgggaacc aaactcaggt cctctgaaag agcagcaagt gctcttaacc actgagcact    201180
     cttttctggc cctgtgacag aactattttt aattaaattt gttctatgac caattaatta    201240
     attatataag tatttattca ttcgtttgtt tgtttttgag acaaggtttc tttgtgtagc    201300
     cctagctaat ctgtaacctg ctctaaagag caggctggcc tcaaactcac agagaactgc    201360
     ctgcctctgc ctcctgagta cagggattaa aggtgtgtgc caccactgcc ttgacattta    201420
     atatacatac ataatatatt ctaatcaccc aaactcttac attttattat ctctttctca    201480
     tgcctgtcaa cttcgaaatc ccccttacag atgacccttc ccaaattcat gtctctttgc    201540
     ttcacttcat gacccactta ttttttttta atttcttttt taaattaggt atttatttca    201600
     tttacatttc caatgctata ccaaaagtcc cccacacact cccccaccca cccactccaa    201660
     cttcttggcc ctggcgttct cctgtactga ggcagataaa gtttgcacga ccaatgggcc    201720
     tctctttcca ctgacggccg actaggccat cttctgatac atatgcagct agacacacga    201780
     gctctgggga gtactggtta gttcatattg ttgttccacc tatagggttg cagatccctt    201840
     tagctccttg gttactttct ctagctcctc cattggggtg cccagtgatc catcgaatag    201900
     ctgactgtga gcatccactt ctgtgtttgc taggacccat catagtctca caagagatag    201960
     ctatatctgg gtcctttcag caaaatcttg ctagtgtatg caatggtgtc agcgtttgga    202020
     agctgattat gggatggagc cccagatatg gcagtctcta gatggtccat cctttcctct    202080
     cagctccaaa ctgtgtctct gtaactcctt ccatgggtgt tttgttccca attctaagaa    202140
     ggggcaaagt gtccacactt tggtctttgt tcttcttgag tttcctgtgt ttagcaaatt    202200
     gtatcttata tcttgggtat tttaagtttc tgggctaata tctacttatc agtgagtaca    202260
     tattgtgtga gttcttttgt gattgggtta cctcactcag gatgatgccc tccaggtcca    202320
     tccatttgct taggaatttc ataaattcat tctttttaat agctccatcg tgtaaatgta    202380
     ccacattttc tgtatccatt cctctgttga ggggcatctg ggttctttcc agcttctggc    202440
     tattataaat aaggctgtta tgaacatagt ggagcatgtg tccttcttac cggttggaac    202500
     atcttctgga tatatgccca ggacccactt atttcaacca ggaccagcat atgaccgtgg    202560
     gaatttttgc tgaagatttg taaacataga gtttttgttt aatgagatga agaaagacac    202620
     tggggagcat cattcatttt tgagatttta agtttgaact catagctaac caacttgtaa    202680
     ataggcatca agatatggtc agtggctagt tgggtgtaga tagaaaccaa gacacggtca    202740
     atgactgtat gttccacccc ttatcattgg tttggaagac ctagctcatc taaggctgag    202800
     tgtgagagac aaagagggcc aggagctgaa tgctggccca tatcaaactc aaccaagggc    202860
     ttttcttagt ttcatttctt gttgctgtga taaaatagtc tgaagaaaag aaacttaaat    202920
     cataaaagct tcattttgga ttacaattcc agagggtaag aatcatttat ggcagggaag    202980
     gcataggaaa tgcaatgaag atcccgcaag aggaggagaa atcaggctgg gcacgtttca    203040
     tttgtatgaa ggaaacaaag aacaaacaga aagtgggggc tgagtttaca gctcaaagcc    203100
     ctccagcagt agcgtgcttc ctccagcaaa actctacctc ttaaaacttc cagcaataga    203160
     tgtagatcaa gggaaacacg ccttaactgc tggtgggatt gcaaacttat acaatcactc    203220
     tggaaatcaa tctggtgttt tcccagatag ttggaaatag ttctacctga agacacagtg    203280
     atgcttcttc tgggaatgta cccaaaagat gctttattat accacaagga cacctgctcc    203340
     actatgttta cagcagcctt attcataata gccaggaact ggaaacaacc taaatgtccc    203400
     tcaactgaag aatggataaa gaaaatgtgg ttcatttaca caatggaata ctattcagct    203460
     attaaaaaca aagacatcag gaatgttgca ggcaaataga tggaactaga aaatatcatc    203520
     ctgagtgagg taacccagac ccaaaaggac atgcatggta tgtactcact gtttagtaga    203580
     tgttagccat aaagtacaga atgtccacga tatacctcac agacccaaag aacttatata    203640
     agaaggaaac cccaagtgag attccttgaa tatcacttag aagggggaac aaaatagtca    203700
     tgggtggcag ggggaaggag agaccttggt aggagaaggg aagggggtag tagagcagga    203760
     tcagatgtgc aaagagggag gagagaggcc tagtggacca gaaaagtaat gtgggacaag    203820
     gttagaagtg ggaggaatct ctaggcagtc cctgggacct gggatggggg cagctcccaa    203880
     aagtcaatgc aggtgacctt aagagtctac ctcctgtagc caggcagaac cctgagtgga    203940
     gggataagaa caccaaccca cccacaaaac ttttgactaa aaatttgtct ggtctaaaac    204000
     aaatgcaggg acaaagaggg agcagagact gaaggaatgg ccaaccaata accagccaaa    204060
     cttgagaccc atcccatgga caagcaccaa ttcctgacac tattaatgat attccattat    204120
     gtttacagac aggagcctag aataattgtc ctctgagagt ctctacccag cagttgactg    204180
     aaacagacac agataccaca gccaaacatt ggctttaagt ctgggaccct tatggaagag    204240
     ttaggggaaa gattgaaggc cctgaaggga atagaaacta cacaggaaga ccaacagtgt    204300
     caactaacct ggatccctgg gagctttcca agactcagcc accaaccaaa gaggatacag    204360
     ggacttagac caagggccct agctcacgtg tagcagaggg ttgcctggtc ctacctaagt    204420
     ggaagaagat gagcctaatc ctgtagagac ttgttaggcc agaggtgaag gggaggtggt    204480
     tgtgggaggg actctgtaag gagtaaccag gagggggcag catttaggat attgattaat    204540
     tgattgaaaa aaatccttcc ataatccttc caaacattgc catccgctgg gaactaaatg    204600
     ttcagataaa tgagcctgtg gaggacattt tactttgaaa ccacaatagg aagaactggt    204660
     taaatcaatg ggggatgttg ggagtggatg acataagaag aaaatcaaga gaatggtgtc    204720
     tgggcaataa tatgtttaaa gaagacttaa ataaagaaaa taattattcc acatgctacc    204780
     tatgtaacca gaaagatttg tcccaggaaa tactccctga acatatttat gttaagttta    204840
     aagaaaatat attcatgtca gagtttttga tttatatgtt ataagaaatt caggagccct    204900
     gagaagagaa ggaaggcaga gacagcttct tgagcccttc tgtggttaac agcattagag    204960
     aaatgatgtg ttcgtatgtg gaaggtatgg ataagatttg ttgttgtttg ggagatgaaa    205020
     ggtatgtcgt gtgtatagaa tagggtgcat gaacaagtag gtatgactta aaataaaact    205080
     tagaaatatt aatgatgact taaagaaaag aatcacacat tcaaaatcct tgagtagctt    205140
     tgtagatgag atagaattta aaatacagat ggagagctgg catagctaag agctggtatg    205200
     acttaacctc tgttggagag aacccggctt ctctgtacag gaaggagtag tgttttggtg    205260
     tatttgacac agcagagaaa ctgtcttttt tgtatttcta agataatatt gaagtagaat    205320
     atcagcgaaa tttaagggga aataaagcag gtttggtaat tgagaagcag aagtagtgaa    205380
     tgatcttctt agcaactata acactggcca attataattc taaagtcagc agttaatgta    205440
     gtcacgttca gccaccatta agcaagagga gcacaaggag aggacattga agccatgtcg    205500
     tatgtctgag tgctgatgat ggaggaaata agcaagaaag ttgtggctgt tgtgagaaaa    205560
     tggttactgt tgtcaatcct ggtacacggt ctaagcaaag cttagtagaa agtgagaata    205620
     aactctgaca acaataaaaa tgtagtagga gcttgaactt catatcccaa cagacatcaa    205680
     attctatggc cataaaactg ctactggggt gggctggaga gtttgggggc cagacaacat    205740
     cggctcacac agatttaaag gataactttt tggtgggcag ctgatttgtg gttatggata    205800
     acgttactag agataagacc caggatgttg acttatcaac tctgtatata ttgaaatgac    205860
     tgagtatcag tagagcagga gaagccaact ggagatttag ggcatctgat aaggtaatag    205920
     ggagggcagt agatactgta gttcagtgga atagttgctc cccgataatg ctcaaggccc    205980
     tgggttacaa aacctcaaaa taaataatca cactaattaa caaaggagta aggaaggtta    206040
     ttctagcact tgataaataa ctgcacatgt tttgaaaatg cagcctctaa agatatcaat    206100
     acagatggtg gaaatttgtg ggataggaaa gtatgtaact tctaaattaa taaaatgaca    206160
     aactaaaaac aaattatatg ggcttacaag atcatgaaaa tagagcacat gaaggaggca    206220
     ggatccattg tctttctgga aggaattact aggaagttgg agattggtag aagtgtactt    206280
     cttttgaaaa tctctgagga aaatctgctt ttatatcttc cttctggcac atgttcattg    206340
     ggttctgatt gctcgcctct tttgccttat ttaatagtca caaaactcac cgatcatcca    206400
     ctagaagttc ttatgtgttt gagatcctta agtatctgtg acttcattga atagatttag    206460
     gtaacccaac ataacttcct tcactttcct tgtaaattgt cacattcaga aggatatcct    206520
     tacatgatat tctacccacc acaaattcct aataacaatt taatccctta tatagtgtag    206580
     tatgttttac atttttaaaa gtatgcaata attagaaatg gacacagctt ttaagaaccc    206640
     tgtgagttct atggctaagc tatttagttc atctggaaag agggaacctc atttgagata    206700
     atgcctccat cagagtgcct gtagagaagt ctatgaggca tttccttgat caatgattgg    206760
     tgtaggagag cccaggaccc tatggaaagt accatcccta ggctgctggt cctgatgtat    206820
     ataagaaagc agactaagaa agtgatgggg agcaagtcag taagccacac tcctccatga    206880
     cctctgcttc agtttctaat tcccagtttc tgactgagtt cctggcctca cttcacttca    206940
     tgccatcata atagacaaca agccttcagt tgaaataacc atttcctccc caagtccctt    207000
     ttagtctcag tgttttatta tggaaataga aagcagacta taatgatggc tgttgtaaat    207060
     aaatgactct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    207120
     ccgtatgcta tttttttaat tccacacaat tgctaaaata ccatctatac cactggatcc    207180
     atgttccctt gtcaaaatat ttactgctgc aatttaaata tacagtggct ctatgccaaa    207240
     tttgttgaaa ataaaatcca gttattatat gtctaagcta gggaaagtag ataatttatg    207300
     ttatcaagct ttttaaaaga aatataaatt aatcctatct ttgcttcctt tcctgggact    207360
     atttagacat ccttgtaacc agtgtccatg caaacacctg attatttctg tactgtttat    207420
     ggctgtagac aacccagact tcaccctctg atttttcata ccaaaaagat agtgcatttt    207480
     ctataagagt tctggctgtc ctgtgggaca atgactgtga gctgccctta atctcggggg    207540
     aaaaaaacac aaatgaatta aagatatcag tgtgtctttg cctcattctg cctgcttttt    207600
     tatcactctc tcaatacagc aaggcattgt ttaaagagtt tgtgctggat ttttcacaga    207660
     gccacaccaa cagggagggg actctttccc ttactcaatt taagcatcct gcaacttctt    207720
     tcccatgcct caacaactcc ccattactag ttctatgtct ttctctgtct ctctatgtct    207780
     ctttccatca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacgca cacacttttc    207840
     ttatcgaact acccatgcat atgtgacaca gcccttccta tcctctctct gcttggtatc    207900
     tggtatgatt gaggacacac tagatccaat acaggattaa gtagctttac acaccagcaa    207960
     agaagaaaac tggattttct gttcattctt caatcattca gagttcagta acgatcatgg    208020
     ggattccaac atgaagcctt aatgtttgct tgcctacaag cacagtaaag aacagtgcag    208080
     tacagatgaa agctgtcaac gttctaattc ctaaggagag tttctgcttt ctctcacttt    208140
     cactagagag aaattgactt tcattctgtc ctcacaaagg aacaataggg agtgtcttgt    208200
     gtctgtgtaa aagcgcctgt ccttgaaaag gaatggcctg aactgggcct gaagagattg    208260
     caacattaat ttacaaaatc actttctcct aggatgtctg atgaagtgac ctatgcgaca    208320
     ctgatgcttc aggactctgc aagagtgagg gggaatcggg atggaaataa cctaagaaaa    208380
     gaaggtaaga gcttagagaa agcataccgt gaccttggaa atggcaggtg ttaagtgctt    208440
     ggagatgtag gctttgacct taggggcagg gaggaatatg tgacatcgtt cccaaaatag    208500
     agacaaacta gcagagtgaa tctccttaag agaattgatg gggctttcaa gactgtgtga    208560
     attgaatgga atcatggtag gggaaaagtt aatgggtatg tcagagtttg ggtctggcag    208620
     tgaagatttc tatttataac tgtccttaga ttcttacgcc tcattagcaa tgccagggag    208680
     atgttcttct agaagccaaa aatgattcga aactatgtaa aaggaaacct tgctggtgtg    208740
     tggcataact aaatgaaggg aaggagttga gtagagttaa atcagaaatg atcatgagct    208800
     agcttttgct cttaggctgt tttttaactt actgttgcta gaaccctgcg ggggccagct    208860
     gtggcaatgg ccaggtccta ttgagggata aggataagga gttggtgaag aagtaagtca    208920
     ggcacagcca ctgggtcaac cttgcagtct gactgactag cagtcagggt gtttctatct    208980
     tcatacagaa ctcaataggc aaggatagat tcatgttttt ccaaaacatc gatcatatca    209040
     tttttcatcg ctggacatgt gttttaactg cctgttggtc atagtttaat catcactgat    209100
     aaactgggac agaacagatt tatcttttac aatcatttcc cctcatcaac tccatagccc    209160
     aacttttaag aatcaagagg cacattttac caaagcgcaa ttgtctgttc tcaggctggt    209220
     agctcttgca gttccaaggg taagagacag aaaggaaatc tccacgccag cctgggcaca    209280
     ttgccacgtc ccaagaagtg tattataacc ttttcatagt cagagtgtta attatcatta    209340
     gcccccaaaa gaattttgag gccaaagctg ctgcatttat tattcaactt ctggcataat    209400
     acagtgttta tattttatat acttgtgaaa tttttcattt agatgtctaa tcttggaatt    209460
     cttttgttcc ttggtcatac cacactgcag tggccttaca ccagttaact ttctaagaaa    209520
     gggggatctt aatacttcac tcttttatca ttttcccaca ccattctttg tctataagtc    209580
     cttgcatagg gtaaagataa ctctaaccta tctaacttgg ttgccatatc ttttcttgaa    209640
     gaggcatact atatgtggcc cccaatctta cgtgccatgt aattgcccga gtattaagta    209700
     agaagaggct tttaatctgt tcttctgaca acttctcttg cccactgaat cttgtttaag    209760
     ttatccggtt tactttgctg tgattatctt tttcctgagt aagtacaggg gcagatgttc    209820
     caggagttag tcggagctgg agcctcataa agcgatctct ggcatcttta tttgagttac    209880
     atccttcagg aaacaaggta gaccttcaag taaggctgga taaggctatc tccctaaaag    209940
     cgagaagggg taatatgctc aggaatttcc tggagaagct tagaagcagt acagctggga    210000
     gaaggcataa atgattcata agaaatttcc catcaatcca atacccccaa gcatgcaaca    210060
     cctggagatc aagaccataa gtggaagaca gcaggacagc agacacatca tgtgactcgg    210120
     cgttcctgga tctttgccaa gcagctgtgc tggctttatg acttttgctg ctcccattag    210180
     atatagctgt accagaaccc taagtataat tcagagtatt taataataat aaaatctatc    210240
     tatacatatc tttattgaag tgtactttaa agtaaataat atcactattt ttgcagttat    210300
     gaatgagaac actaagactc aaggaagcta ggtagtttct ccacttttat gcaggtgtgt    210360
     ggtagagcta gtcttccaat gacagcccat tcctttatgc gcacctggca gaaatgtcaa    210420
     gtgtctaggg ccagttccat gtataagatt ctctccttca cttccaaaag ttgtgttaca    210480
     gtacaagttg ttatcctgaa tcatatacac tgctttcttc tgctccacgg atttgctttg    210540
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtggt gttgggggaa gatacacaat    210600
     acaacaatga gcatagttag cagtgtttac taaaggtgag gtgattatgt gtactttttc    210660
     tgtcttctaa ttctcattca aacctaacct ttgtgcaaag gggtcctgtg gctttcatat    210720
     gagtgctagt atactcacct aacaaaaaca ttgtgtaaat tggggaagat taagctggca    210780
     gatattttca tgacagccat ggtccaagag ttgcctgctg attctatggg ctagtctgca    210840
     ggttagacta tacattttca tccaggattg atttattctt tatggcatag aaaacatgac    210900
     aagaaatgac ataaaattat tttatctggt taacaataat tttaaaagta taatcctttt    210960
     ggagatttgt gctttaaaac tcagggtctc ttctgttctc agcatcagtc cagagaactt    211020
     acctccacat atcattcatg agatcggagg acttgaagaa gaaagaaaaa gatggggata    211080
     aatgtaaaac aaacaaacaa aaaacaaatt aagggacatt cactcttaaa agtaaggtga    211140
     tgaaattgag agctgaggga gggaccttat cacacttcat attagaaatg tttaacagtg    211200
     acattaacaa accaagggga aagtttaata gctagaagct ttctgggtgg gagaaacaag    211260
     ccccaaagta acagcatgct gtgtttctgc cctgttggtt gccaggacac ccagctcaat    211320
     cctcactttg gcgaggcgct gccttgagtt tgatgaccct ctgtttggtg ctggtaacag    211380
     gactggtgac cttggcaact atgtgtaagt atatgtgtat tagacaaaag aacgtcattt    211440
     agaaaacact tagtgtgcta attcaggaag gataaggtac caacacacag aatcctcaaa    211500
     tcacttctgc tactccagat cattctacag cacactttca aagcaaacta accatgggcc    211560
     tatttcactg ctatgtgaat tctaccccac agccattctt cctttttgat gaaacttatc    211620
     atactatgag aattcttctt gtgttagtta ttggttggaa tgaacaggct ctcttctgac    211680
     cacaaacata tttgttattc ttagtgaaaa acatgagaac aagggggaga tggatttgca    211740
     gagaggcatg gcaatttgtt tatcttgaaa cttagtagaa gattaactca atctgttcac    211800
     caatgacctt gctagggtaa agaaaatatt tgagtggcag caacaacctg acttttgtga    211860
     atgaggaaag tcacatagat aagaaaaaga agaggtggga gttatgtcac acctggctga    211920
     cagagtgaaa ctattcacgt gtcttacagt ggaagccact ccctagaaga ccctaagaga    211980
     atattctctt cattctgggt agggcatttt atattatggt agtggaaagc ctaaggatat    212040
     gtatgttata aaatgttaag tatgtgaaat agagtattaa tttgatcagt actcactctc    212100
     tggagacttg taataaaaat ttattaaaat attagaagac actgtatgaa tcagcatttc    212160
     ttgttgatgt gactaaacca aacaaaaaac aaacaacagc aaaaaagaaa aaaatcaaaa    212220
     caaaaaaccc aaagcagaga ttaaagtagg aaggttttat tttggtccat ggtttaatta    212280
     agaaggaata tagtccctca tgatgggaag tcatgaagac agacttgtag agcggttgat    212340
     catattgcat cagaagtcag atagcaaaga gaaatgaatg caatgatctg cttgcttcct    212400
     cctttatact cagcctaggt ccatagccta ggggatggtg ctgcccacac tcagggtggg    212460
     tcttcatatt tcagagaaac ctctctggaa atgcccacac aggcacatcc agaggttttt    212520
     cggctaggtg agcaatactc atcaacatga tcaatcatca cagacactaa tgtcttctct    212580
     gctctattca tttatttctt atataaaagc tatgattgat atattgatat attgttagct    212640
     atgatttgga cattggaaag cttaataaaa attagagttt tttaaaatag atgcatggat    212700
     ccagaactag gaatggttag aatggtccaa gacaagtctg ggattattat caaggatgaa    212760
     agaaatgagg cagaagtgtg agtaggaaag caacatgaag tcaacaagag agagagagaa    212820
     aaggggagga gggaaagaga aagggagggt agaaggaaga atgagaaaaa gaaagaagta    212880
     agtggagagg aaagaaagga gggagagagt ggaggtagga gaagaaaata gaggaggagg    212940
     agggggaggg gagggggagg gggaggaggg ggaaggggag gaggagaatc cctggtggcc    213000
     gggggactac actcttgagt cagcctggca gccttgtaag agcagcggct cccatatgct    213060
     tgcctcattg tgtcttgcag ttttgcaggt gtctaatgac attaactctg attcagagaa    213120
     gttgagtcag cttcagaaaa gcatccatcc acagcaggac aatctgtctg aatcactgaa    213180
     cagctccaga aagagtctga cggaggagtc tctccagtcc cagatctctg ccctactgga    213240
     gaggcaggag cagatggcta ccaaactctg caaggaattc ctcatccacg cttctggtaa    213300
     tttgacttag atctgcaaaa gggccaggtc aaacccatca ccctgagcaa agtccccaca    213360
     tgaatggcaa cctaaatgta caatgggcaa agaattatag gtattccttt agtattttag    213420
     aaaacgtaat agtcatttcc aaatgctact cgcctggaaa ctttaacctc tcaacttatc    213480
     agttacttct cggcgctctg attaccataa cattcaaaat ctgcccctgc aaaaagaatc    213540
     ccccaaattg tccaactccc aaccaaggtt actctgcttc tattgcgtcc aggcatggta    213600
     tgtttcaggg tgcttatgct cagatctgtt gtccatgtat gtgcatgact tagtttccaa    213660
     aggcttctgc aatcacgcca cagagcttgt actttcgagt ataatgtcct tttcagacca    213720
     taaatgcaac ccttgtccca agacatggca atggtatgga aacagttgct actatttctc    213780
     aatcaatgaa gagaaatcct ggagtgatag cagaaaggac tgtatagaca agaatgccac    213840
     tctggtgaag attgacagca ccgaagaaag ggtatggttg attctcctcc cccagctata    213900
     gaaattgccc atacaatgag aaacgaatgt gaggtgttcc tgtttgtaat aggacattag    213960
     tggattttga gtgataacta ataagggatt tgcagcactg ggcgtggacc tcaggaccca    214020
     gcacatgtta agaaagtgtt ctaccactga gctaaatcac cagccatcaa atgaacttaa    214080
     tgagttaatc tccccactgt aacctggaag atgggcctct cacttgtgct ttctcccatc    214140
     cccaggatct ccttcagtca cagctgtccc tcacattttc tttcttttgg ctgggattgt    214200
     cctggaactc atctggcaga aactggctgt gggaggatgg ttcattcccc cctccaaccc    214260
     tgtgagtatc taactgttgg gcgtggaaga tcaggattcc catagaattc tgagaaaatt    214320
     gatgaaaatt gaaatcatta taaacctaga tacgaacaaa agaaccatat tgtataacaa    214380
     aagagagagt ttccgtaagg aatacattga gggctggtga ctaattccat ctatattgtc    214440
     aaatgcagag caatgcacta aacctcatgt gtctcttggt tgtttttctt attaagcatg    214500
     tacctgtaac agtatgttca aagtacttcg taaatataaa tccttgaagg atgtactttt    214560
     ctatccccac tacataataa aaatattatc agagagcttc agtgacttgt ctaagattgt    214620
     ccagctcaaa tgtaatcaaa tcaagactga acactttagg tcacttattc agacactctg    214680
     ccatttcatt ttccagcctt tccaaccttc aaggatgtca taagaacata cattcagatg    214740
     tcgacatatt tactcatatt aagtaatgtt gactgttttc ccacagaacg taaggctgag    214800
     ctgcctaatt agattacaga ttagcttcat gatgcagacc caccaattac attacatggt    214860
     aaataccata agcaaatcta ctgctgcaga gtcttgataa cagtgttgaa atctgtatga    214920
     tttgggaagt caaagctttg cagctactta aagtttttaa caaaatagaa atcaacacaa    214980
     aaaaaaatgt gtctttcaaa gccttccccc atcccatctt ctgcactttt caaaagactc    215040
     cttagggaga ggtccagact cactgggaac cagaagcccc agtgcctctc ggagtcaggc    215100
     tgggctcaaa gaggaagcca gtggatatgt ggtgtgggtt gggagttgaa aactagtgtt    215160
     tatttcatct acaagatggt accatggtct aagtccttat tttctcaaga acaagatttg    215220
     ttttaactgt catgtttaaa tttttttatt tgtttatttg ttgggatgag gtcagggtta    215280
     tatggtgcca aagcacacat ggggaagtca gagaacaacc tgcaggaata agttctctac    215340
     cttcagcatg agggttcaga gaactgaact caggtcacca ggcttggctg caaaaaacct    215400
     tacctactga atcatatcag gagcattttt gttttattat aaaactaaag actggaaaga    215460
     ttgctcagtg gttaagagca ctagctaaca agaggacctg atttcagatc ccatcaccac    215520
     aagtgactta caaccactta tagctccagg tccaggagat ttagccccct cggctgactt    215580
     ctgtggacac acgcacacat gtatgtacag acatacagac atacacatat ataaaaataa    215640
     agttaatcct tttaaaaata aaagtttaaa agaagacata gttcaaaaat tctttgaaag    215700
     atttttaaac aaacattcca catcagaact ttagtgaaac agaataagtg tatttatagt    215760
     ttttaaagtt attaacattt aaactaaatg agaattggta ccactggtat ctctcctctc    215820
     cctcctcctc ttcttcctgc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ttcttcccct ctcctccaag    215880
     tgttcaagcc atccaactct gttttactct ttaatgttag ttgtcaacat tatctaaatt    215940
     aaactataat cactttatgt ctgctcaaag ctgctggtat tcagctttgg tgtaccaaat    216000
     aatgatatgt ctattctttt ctccctaaaa atccatttcc cagagatttt tctgagactt    216060
     ttcctgttca aatatgtatc tcccaggctc ttatcaccat tgcttcacat gtttggttag    216120
     tgtttagtct agtttcacac tagtaataat ggcagaagcc tcactcaaaa caatatggat    216180
     gtaaaggaga gttgttcttt taaaagcaga ataactggct gggtagtact cacaattgac    216240
     tggaggagag gaggccatta gacagagacc ttccaggagt gggaccacag caccatgtaa    216300
     aaacagcaca gttcttgggt tagaacatac atttctcctc tccgatatga atactgttca    216360
     ttcttgactc atctactggc tcccatgaac atgtgaagga aatgacctat agtggggatg    216420
     cagcacctgt ggaaaatgac cctaggtcat cacgcagctt tcacataacc cagctctcta    216480
     tactcagctt agagagacta catcaggttt atgcagccac ttctgtgggt cctgaataag    216540
     gtctctattt ccaagatata ttcaaatagt gatgtttaat aggctcatct ctggtgaata    216600
     aagtaacatg gcatcaccat gtgcatcact tgaaaaaaag ctgtacttgt aacaaagatt    216660
     taaactgagc ttgcataatt ttcaaagaca tcatttaagg atcattaaag ttgagccaaa    216720
     aacctggaca caatttccca actacctgat cacatcagta aatcattcat ttcctgtctc    216780
     agacacttat cttgtctcaa gaatgtatga aagcaagcat aattacacat tacatagtaa    216840
     aattccacaa cttttttaca tagtttgact ttatttttct tgttttatta aaataggaaa    216900
     tataaaaata atctataagt tctaatgtaa tttgcactgg gtaaattgaa ttccatatta    216960
     ctggtgggaa taataattcc caagacataa cttaaatatt ctttttattt aattggattt    217020
     atcttatcat agcttccaat cccccatctc ctaccagatc cccccccaac catccaattc    217080
     tatcctttct ttctctctct ttagaatgca aacaggccaa taaaaaaatg tgagctgtgt    217140
     caggcctagg ctccctctca tggagtcagc tgtaaatcca ttcaaatagt ggttggttac    217200
     tcccacaact tctgtgccac tattgcatca gcatgtcatg cagggttaaa tgaactcttc    217260
     ttaagggaat gttttagcct gagacaaaga acacaggtgc tggcactacg gctcctgctg    217320
     ctttgtagag gatgcatgag agtcggattt ttccctctaa aggtgactga gaagactaga    217380
     tcctagttaa atttcatata taatagtttt aactaatttt aaatcgatta cttttcaggc    217440
     ttagtgacaa ggagcttgcg agtttcaatg gatccagaga gtgtgcttat tttgaaagag    217500
     ggaatattta cacttctcgc tgtcgtgctg aaatcccttg gatttgtgag aagagagcct    217560
     ccctggtgaa gattgaagat ttggattaat ctgactcttc cagatctatc cagaagtaaa    217620
     gacctattgc aaacccatgc aagaaagaag aaagctacaa tatttgagtc aactaaaaat    217680
     tgactgtgta cttaaaacta ttgcacggac aaacctgctt ctcagaacgt tctcctcttc    217740
     acgtctgatt ccctctgacc tgttctgatt acttagatct taaaatgatg tcaagtgccc    217800
     aggaaagtac gtgtcttctc agtctgtctg tcaataaaca ttgtttcttg ctttattctt    217860
     acatgtctac atggatactg ggtgatattt aaatatttac cacgagacca acacaggcca    217920
     cagtttggga gcaagttcta ggagacccct gctataaaac ctgctcaatc atgtacaggt    217980
     ctgagggagc ccaaggtaaa acaacagtgc tgtgttgttg aattgaaaat attttagtgt    218040
     tttagagatc atctgtctaa acccctaggt atcagcctcc atgtacagag taaattttct    218100
     ctgtctacct atgaaactat gtactataaa ctcttataac ttatagccta catacaatag    218160
     aatgaacact ggtcttcata ttttatcatt tatttaaact aataacatcc aggttattga    218220
     tttggcaatc tgggtattat cagaataata aagattttta ttctattact attaatgtta    218280
     tataacttta ttttgtgtat acatacatag caacatcatg tatttatctg tgtgtatgtg    218340
     cacatgtgta gatacctgta cctgtgcata catgaagagg ctagaggaga gcactgaatg    218400
     ctgtcctcca acactcccca ctgcatctct ttgagtacag attctctccc tgaaagagga    218460
     tcttgtgaat tttttttctt ctgttagacc ggaagccagc aatcgccagt catcttcctg    218520
     tttctgctca ctgggtgtgg agttacaggc aggtgcctga ccacacctgg cttttacagc    218580
     agagttgata tctgaactcc tgtccaaatg tttgctctgc aagtgttcag aaatgctgag    218640
     tcagctctct gttactacat attttatttt cttctgagaa atactaaaat attatttgaa    218700
     gacatgctct cagaacaatt tttttaagct ttactggaat agtctctgtt tcctgaaaca    218760
     gatcctgata ggagctaaat gctgtgactc taggcttcag aaatctttct gatacaaaat    218820
     actgatttca ggaaattcat gaatgaaatg tatttaattc ctcattattt agttatgaac    218880
     taactgtata ggtatcatct aaaaaggatg ttaaattaac ttgtggtacc aattttgaac    218940
     agtagcccaa atttctctgg aaaatggact gcattctgaa cattgtaaca gttctttgaa    219000
     acaacttcac aatactaccc aatatcttat tgtctttaaa atgttaaaat tacgacatca    219060
     ttataatata tacattatat aatagtataa tatatatata catacatatt atttcttata    219120
     attggttgta ttatatatta tatacacata tattttatgt attactatat attatataca    219180
     atatatatta tatgtacata tataatatat tttaaattta aaagtatttt tatatatatt    219240
     atatacaggg atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat    219300
     agatatagat atccaagaaa attctagaag tagagagtaa ggttcagagt taatatttaa    219360
     taagacttaa cactgaaatg ttaagtacac attaaaatac tttcattact ttcaacacag    219420
     tgtcagtgca cagcatctac cgcccacacg tggatctaaa ctgcagctct actcctccat    219480
     ttctcatctg taggttctct cacagagtgg aactactcat taaacgtcaa aagtctgcac    219540
     ttatctccca cagctttcgg tatctctttc ttcccttgga aaagctgatt gctcctgctt    219600
     tccctctatc tctaaccaaa gaatctgctt tgtagaccct gattgtcttt gctggttatt    219660
     ttgctcccat aaaggagtta ttatagtttt tgcctggcat cttgtatctt ctcctgccta    219720
     gctcatggtc actctgactt ttatgcctgt ttgaaaagaa actttgttta gtttcccaga    219780
     ggctctggat tctgataagg tcagatcatc tgtcccttcc tccctgcatc ttgctgtcac    219840
     cacactatcc tcactagcct ctgcagagga gattcagatg tatctattcc tggagactgg    219900
     ctgccctttg tgtatcagag tgcaccatta tcctttacag cattctgata gctggcctct    219960
     gaggtgggaa tccctcccag gaatttctct tttctctgcc cctgacagat gatagaaaga    220020
     cagatgtatg atagataggt gaatgagtga tggatagatc tttggggact atatctcaga    220080
     tctacaggat cagatatggt ccttggggag gtagaactgg aaaattttaa atgtgataag    220140
     ctttgtaatg ttttatagga tctcaccctg aataaatgac ctcagtacaa atttcctgag    220200
     caggctggta gtacacatta cttttctgtc gctaggatta aaactccatg atcaaggtaa    220260
     cttgtagaag gaagggtctg cttgggcttg tggctccaga gtgatgtgga cagcaacaga    220320
     aggcatagtg ccagtgcaga aagctgagag attgtatctt tatctgaaag taccacaagg    220380
     cagaatgaac tggactacag tgaggctctg tgcttgcaaa gccaaccccc cactgacata    220440
     ctttctccag caaggtgaca cctcataaac ttcccccaag gaatgtcact acctcgggga    220500
     caaatgttca aatgcttgag tttatgggga acagcctcat cctgatctca acacagacaa    220560
     aaatgctgat gccagtgtca gagtagatag ctctctctgc agtagtagca aaaatacttc    220620
     ttgttcaggg aaccctgagc aagaggaggc agaaggagtg tgggagccag atagggtgaa    220680
     ggacaccaga acacagccct ctaaatcagc tgaacaaagc tcgtatgaac tcacagagac    220740
     cgaagcggcc aacatgggac ttgagctacg tgagtccgca ccgggtcctc tgcggacaca    220800
     ttacagtttt cagttcagtc tttttatgga actcctgagt gtgtgcacac ttgagtgtgt    220860
     ctttgattct tgtgcattcc cttggagctc ttttctttgt gatagttttt gttttcccta    220920
     attattttta tgctgttatg aaaaatagag caaataaagt ttatgcttat taagacttta    220980
     aggcaaagac agaaagaatg acatgaaatt tggctgagta gttaacttga attattgaag    221040
     tcaagtaata gatataaaaa aaataccatg aagccaataa taaataatac tgttgtctaa    221100
     aagaatatat aaataatagt aagttatatt ggtatttttt taaaaaaaat aattattgtg    221160
     ttaaaggagc aaccaggata cccaggcctg tttgataagc actataaaat aacaatagtc    221220
     attaaaacag ccaactattt tttgatgacc attgatgcac agactgttgt tccctggcaa    221280
     cagcagattg ctgacctttt taacaggaag cccaggcaca agctacttgg cccagaccca    221340
     tctttctgta gcttaacata tcaatccctt cttctctcct tggatgtggg gatcctccac    221400
     gctgctgctg ccaaaagcat gcttctatcc ttgtgccctg atgtgttgtt ctgctctgtg    221460
     caagcccaga tatacttttt cagtttcttg gcatctctca cctttaccag ttagttctca    221520
     tacactgagt tttcctaaaa ataattgtac atccaagcaa gatcatggaa ggttataaga    221580
     gagacagaaa taatggtaac ttcgggaaat ctgccactat aataaaaaga gcatgacaca    221640
     taaaacagtc acataaagca atcacccagg atggagaacc tggaggaaat gtgcaagtat    221700
     atggacagtt tagttccagt aagagatttt gttctctttt acggaatgat aggaaaacca    221760
     ggtctctatc tgcagatggt aaagctgaac tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    221820
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctt ccttaggtca aactaactac aagtgaatta    221880
     agcaaacaaa tacaagacta aggaactaaa attaatgaaa taaaacatag cagaaatggc    221940
     tcaggacact gtctatggca aaggatcttt gaatctattt ccaaaagcac agctaagaag    222000
     ggctaaatgg acaggtggaa tgctgttgag ttttaagact gattgtcagg ggaaacggcc    222060
     cactgaatga agagaaagcc tttaggatgg ggaaacccac aaaccactca tctgtatgac    222120
     caagagtata caaagaactc aaacaactca ataacaaaat aaagccaata atttgattat    222180
     aataatcatc tcagatgtaa atagatgaag aaaatgtgat atgagggtga ggaatgaaga    222240
     gaattcaaag ctgtgtggga agggaaaaga gagtgaagaa gtgggctatg agaagagttg    222300
     tggcaggggt gaatatgttc aaatagtgtt agacaaaaaa ttaatgaaaa tatcatgttt    222360
     aaaaaagaga agactgggat aggagggtca ctaagagttt gagaccagcc tagcctgggc    222420
     tatatagaaa atctaaagca attcttagca acatagtgaa gccctatctt acaactaata    222480
     aatgaataaa tgagaaaata tatacacaga atgaaatatt attcaaccat aaaaatgaat    222540
     ggaattttga catttgtaat gagtgaaaca tgagtattat gttaacatga atgaaaccag    222600
     agtatcatgt taaatgaaat ttgttatgtt aaattaatca ggtatagatg tcacaagtgc    222660
     catgtgttct catttacatg tgaaagctaa aacatcatct gatataagta gagagaagag    222720
     aactgatttc cagagcctgg gatggcagta gaagaataga gatgaactta ggtacttagt    222780
     gcagtttagt ggaaaacata actgctaata ctcaatagca catgacataa ctatggttgg    222840
     caacgaattc tataattaaa acatctagta gagccgggtg tggtggtgca ctcctttaat    222900
     cccagcactc gggaggcaga ggcaggtgga tttctgagtt tgaggccagc ctggtctaca    222960
     aagtgagttc caggagagcc gggtctacac agagaaagcc tgtcttgaaa aaccgaaaac    223020
     aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaaa tctagtagag attttggatg ttcttaacat aaatcagtga    223080
     tagatatgaa gtgatgaatg tgacaactgt ttgtcaggtc attaaacaga aatgtcacac    223140
     tgtcccccac agatgtgtgc agccccgcag cctttgagtc aacagcaaaa agtatctata    223200
     tgttcatatg catatatatg tttatatata catgtacatg taaataatac catacattta    223260
     tatagtatat aaataaatct ataaaaatag taaataaaac actatatata atatatactt    223320
     aatacatata tatcatatat atgtatatat acatatatga ttttaaagat cctcttttcc    223380
     ccagcatttt gtgtgtgtga gtgtgtaaga aacaaatgag atatacaaag gaggtgtcga    223440
     gtgaatacca attaaatata aatatagctg ttatttctag gaccattccc tgtgggtcct    223500
     tgaacgatag aacccctcag tccttctagt ctgtgccccg acccacagag tgctctgagt    223560
     ggttctcacc actgatgctt ttcttgcaag gagatgttca acactgtact tgttttgttt    223620
     tgttttgttt tgttctgttt ggttaggttt ggtttgtttt ctttgtcacc tgggcacaag    223680
     tctgtgtcgt ctgggaagga aaccttagct gagaaaatgc cttcgtaaga ttggcctgta    223740
     taggaaagtc tgtgaggtgt tttcttgtgt gcggttgatg tggaagagcc catctcaccg    223800
     gggaggtgct gctcctgctc ttgggttgta ttaaaaacaa gctgagcaag cctgggaatg    223860
     aaatcaagtt agctgcactc tccatggctc tgcttcagct cttactttca agttcctgtt    223920
     ttgggttttg taatctataa gggaaataaa ccatgacctt ttggtcatag catctaattt    223980
     attccagaaa tagggagcaa attgggacaa atcttttctt ctctatctcc cgcttattct    224040
     aggaaaatca tcagagtgtg gacaaagaca ttcttcatgc agccatgcac caggtatcca    224100
     ggatgaggga gcaggggcta aggggtcagc ggcaggtgga gggcagccca gggaattc      224158