ID   AC159298; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 175995 BP.
AC   AC159298;
DT   01-APR-2005 (Rel. 83, Created)
DT   06-OCT-2005 (Rel. 85, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-265N1 from chromosome 5, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-175995
RA   Kanchi K., Bielicki L., Kozlowicz A., Haglund K., Lewis S.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-265N1";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-175995
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (31-MAR-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-175995
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (19-JUL-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-175995
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-OCT-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 2b3f60561028f9137ee6b9a02bdce15a.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456114.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456113.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000010721; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000029130; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029373; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0029374; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0029339; mus_musculus_aj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0029350; mus_musculus_balbcj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0029071; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0029072; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0029803; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028482; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0028483; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0029039; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0029040; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0029188; mus_musculus_dba2j.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0029273; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0029274; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0029175; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0029176; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029837; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0029838; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0028206; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000179191; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0071062; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0071074; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0070766; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0070778; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0070171; mus_musculus_cbaj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0070383; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0070395; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0070246; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0070258; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0071264; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0071276; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0070237; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0070247; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0069389; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0069401; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A0G2JF18.
DR   GOA; J3QM78.
DR   InterPro; IPR000048; IQ_motif_EF-hand-BS.
DR   InterPro; IPR001841; Znf_RING.
DR   InterPro; IPR006876; LMBR1-like_membr_prot.
DR   InterPro; IPR008075; LIMR.
DR   InterPro; IPR013083; Znf_RING/FYVE/PHD.
DR   InterPro; IPR027370; Znf-RING_LisH.
DR   MGI; MGI:1861746; Lmbr1.
DR   MGI; MGI:1861747; Rnf32.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A0G2JF18; A0A0G2JF18_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E0CY22; E0CY22_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E0CY41; E0CY41_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; E0CZ33; E0CZ33_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; J3QM78; J3QM78_MOUSE.
CC   On Oct 5, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:70980767.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0265N01
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa and
CC   Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..175995
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="5"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-265N1"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          92688..92743
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   misc_feature    96580..97021
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
FT   unsure          164937
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases"
FT   unsure          164954
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases"
FT   unsure          165084
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases"
FT   unsure          170948..171074
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   misc_feature    175534..175994
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
SQ   Sequence 175995 BP; 57035 A; 36534 C; 35781 G; 46645 T; 0 other;
     gaattctccc cagagactat gaaagccaga agatcctgga cagatacagt ccctaagaaa        60
     acaaaaatgc tagcctaggc tactataccc agagaaaaca ctcaatcacc atagatggag       120
     aaaccaaagt attccatgac aaaaccaaat tcacacaata tctttccatg aatacagctc       180
     atcaaagaat aataaaggga aaactccaac acaaggatgg aaatgacgcc ctagaaaaag       240
     caataaagta atccttcaac aaacctaaaa gaagacagcc acaagaacag aatcccaagt       300
     ctaacaacaa aaataacagg aagcaacaat taattttcct taatatgtct taatatcaat       360
     ggactcaatt cccccaataa aaagacatag actaacagac tggctatata aacaggaccc       420
     aacattttgc tgaatacagg acacccacct caatgacaga gacagacacg acatcagagt       480
     aaaatgctgg aaaacaattt tccaagcaaa tggtctcaag aaacaagctg gagtagccat       540
     tctaatatcg aataaaattg acttccaacc caaaggtatc aaaaaaagac aaggaggggc       600
     acatcatact cattaaaggt aaaatcttcc aagatgaact ctcaattctg aatatctatg       660
     ctccaaatac aagggcaacc acattcatta aagaaacttt agtaaagctc aaaacacata       720
     ttgcacctca cacaataata gtgggaaact tcaatacctc actctcatca atggacagat       780
     tctgggaaaa gaaactaaac agagacacat ggaaactaat agaagttatg aaacaaatgg       840
     atttaacaga tatctacaga atattttatc ctaaaacaaa aggacatacc ttcttatcat       900
     caactcatgg taccttgaca aaaattgacc atataattgg tcacaaaaca ggcctcaaca       960
     gatacaaaaa tattgaaata attccgtgca tcctatcaga tcatcacgaa ctaaggctga      1020
     tcttcaataa aaacataaat aatagaaagc caacattcac gtggaagctg aacaacactc      1080
     tactcatgat accttggtca aggaagaaat aaaggaagaa attaaagact ttttagagtt      1140
     taatgaaaat aaagccacaa catacccaaa ctaatggaac acactgaaag cattcctaag      1200
     aggaaatttc atagctctga gtgcctacaa aagcaactag agagagcata cactagtacc      1260
     ttgacagcac tcataaaagc tctagaacaa aaggaagcaa attcacccaa gaggagtaga      1320
     aataattaaa ctcagggctg aaatcaacca agtgaaaaca aaacgaacta ttcaaagaat      1380
     caaccaaacc aggagctggt tctttgagaa aatcaacaag atagaaaaac ccttagccag      1440
     actcactaga gggcataggg aaagtatcct aaataacaaa atcagaaatg aaaagggaca      1500
     gataacaaca ggtcctgagt aaattcaaac caccatcaga ttctactaca aaaggctata      1560
     ctcaagaaaa ctggaaaacc tggatgaaat ggacaaattt ctagttaaat caggatcaga      1620
     ttaatgacct aaacagctcc atacccccta aagaaataga agcagtcatt aatagtctcc      1680
     aaaccaaaag aaagtccagg accagatggg tttagtgcag aattctatca gaccttcaaa      1740
     gaggaccaaa ttccagttct cctcaaacta ctccacaaaa tagaaacaga aggtactcta      1800
     cccaattcat tctatgaagc cacaattact ctgataccta caccacaaaa agacccaaca      1860
     aagaaagaga acttcagacc aatatccctt atgaatattg tacaaaaata ctcaataaaa      1920
     ttctcgctaa ccaaatctaa gaacacatcc aaacaatcat ctatcatgat cgagtaggct      1980
     tcattccagg gatgcaggga tggtttaata tatggaaatc catcaacata atccactata      2040
     taaacaaact caaggacaaa aaccacatga tcatctcatt agatgctgaa aaagcatttg      2100
     acaaaatcca acacccattc atgttaaaag tcatgaaaag atcaggaatt caaggcccat      2160
     acctaaacat aataaaagca atatacagca aaccagtagc caacatcaaa gtaaatggag      2220
     agaaacttga agcaatccca ctaaaatcag ggactagaca aggctgccca ctttctccat      2280
     acctattcaa tatagtactt gaagtcctag ccagagcaat tagacaataa aaggaggtca      2340
     aggggataca aattggaaag aaagaagtca aaatatcact atttgcagat gatatgatac      2400
     tatatatgtg attctaaaaa ttccatcaaa gaattcctaa acctgataaa cagcttcaga      2460
     atagtagctg catataaaat taactcaaac aaatcaatgg cctttctcta caccaaggat      2520
     aagcaggctg agaaagaaat taggaaaaca acacccttca caatagtcac aaataatacc      2580
     ttggtgtgac tctaactaag gaagtgaaag atctctatga taagaacttc aggtctctga      2640
     agaaagaaat caaaaaagat ctcagaagat ggaaagatct cccatgctca tggattggca      2700
     ggatcaatat agtaaaaatg ccttcttgcc aaaagaaatt gacagattaa atgcaatccc      2760
     catcaaaatt ccatcaattc ttcaacaaat tagaaagggc aatttgcaaa ttcatctgga      2820
     ataacaaaaa tcctaggata gcaaaaacta ttctcaacaa taaaagaacc tctggtgaaa      2880
     tcacaatccc caacttcaag ctgtactaca gagcaattgt gataaaaact gcatggtact      2940
     ggtacagcga cagacaggta gaccagtgga acagaattga agaaatgaac ccacacacct      3000
     atggccactt gatctttgac aaaggatcta aaaccatcca gtggaaagaa gacagcatct      3060
     tccacaaatg gtactggctc aactggcggt tagcatgtag aagaatgtga attgatccat      3120
     tcttatctct ttgcacaaat ctcaaatcta agtggatcaa agaactccac ataataccag      3180
     agacactgaa tcatatagag gacaaagatg ggaaagagcc tggaagatat gggcacagga      3240
     gaaagattcc tgaacagaac agcaatggct tgtgctgtaa gatcaagaat caacaaatgg      3300
     gccctcataa aattgcaaag tttctgtaag gcaaaggaca ttgtcaataa gacaaaagga      3360
     caaccaacag attggggaaa gatctttact aatactaaat ttgataggtg gctatcatcc      3420
     aatatatata tatataactc aattatatat aactcaagaa gttggactcc agaaaactaa      3480
     tcactctatt aaaaatggag tacggagcta aataaagaat tcccaactga ggaacagcga      3540
     atggctgaga atcacctaaa aacatgttca acatccttaa tcatcaagga aatgcaaatc      3600
     aaaacaaccc tgagattcta cctaacacca gtcagaatga ctaagatcaa aaattcaggt      3660
     gacagcagat gctggcaagg atgtggagaa agaggaacac tcctccattg ttggtggtat      3720
     tgcaagcttg tacaaccact ctggaaatca gtctggtggt tcctcagaaa attggacgta      3780
     gtactactgg aggatccagc aatatctctc ctgggcatat acccagagga tgcttcaatt      3840
     tgtaataagg acacatgctc cattttgttc atagccagaa gctggaaaga acccagatgt      3900
     ccctcaacag aggaatggat acagaaaatg tgctacattt aaacaatgga gtactactca      3960
     gcaattaaaa acaatgaatt catgaaattc ttgggcaaat ggatgcatct ggaggatatc      4020
     atcctaactg aggtaaccca atcacaaaag aactcacttg acattcactc actgataagt      4080
     ggatattagc ccaaaaactt agactatcca agatccaatt tgcaaaacac aagaaaatca      4140
     agaaaaagaa agaccaaagc atggatactt cattcctcct tagaataagg aacaaaatac      4200
     ccatggaaag agttacagag acaaagtttg gagctaagat gaaaggatag accatccaga      4260
     gactgcccta cccagagatc catcccataa tcagccacca aacccagaca ctattgcata      4320
     tgacagcaag attttgctga aaggaccctg atatagctgt ctctggtgag gctatgccag      4380
     tgcctagcaa atacagaagt ggatgctcat agtcatctat tgtatggaac acacagcccc      4440
     caatggagga gctagagaaa gtacccaagg agctgaaggg gtctgcaact ccataggagc      4500
     aacaacatta tgaaccaacc agtaccccca gtgctcgtgt ctctaactgc acatgtagca      4560
     gaagatggcc tagttggtca tcattgggaa gagaggcctc ttggtcttgc aaactttata      4620
     tgccccagta caggggaatg ccagggccaa gaagtgggag tgggtggata ggagagcagg      4680
     caggggaggg tatgggggac gttcaggata gcatttgaaa tgtaaatgaa gaaaatacct      4740
     aataaaaaat tggggaaaaa aaccactgaa agcatctgga aaaaaaaagc aattaagagc      4800
     acttgctgtt cttctagaag acttgagttt gggtcccagc atcttcatta gacaactcac      4860
     agccctctgt aacttcagct ctggtgggtc taatgcctct ggtctctgtg ggcatctaaa      4920
     ttcatatgca catatccaca tgaaaacaca tacaactata catgatgaga ataataaaaa      4980
     taaataatta tagaagcaac atgcttgaaa attccatata aaaatctact acgtagaagc      5040
     ttcctaaaac acgagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaattg      5100
     aaccaacgca gatactaatt aggggctgta tttcaaaata gcagctttca gcatatcact      5160
     gttacaaggt ttgaatctga agcatctcac acaccttcag gctttgggag ctgtttccag      5220
     atagtggtgc tgttctggag actagtaaat cagtagggat acgccctttg aagggcatat      5280
     aggtcagccg agagcttggg ctgctctctc cttcctaggc ctcccataat gtgaggacct      5340
     ctgccacatg atttcatacc catgctctat aataccagga cattgctacc atgatagact      5400
     aaagttgaaa cccatgagaa aaaacaaact tttcttccct taggctatca gttatgttgg      5460
     tcaaagtgac acgaaagtaa ctcgtgttta aaagagttag tccctaggat tggagccaca      5520
     gcctaagtct taagccaaag ccacacatgc tcttaatggc ttcccatcac tacagtgata      5580
     agatactcca ataatagcaa cttaaagaaa agagtcttat tttggcacac agtttaagga      5640
     tatatagtcc attgtggctg aaaggtcatg gggcaggagc ttaaggcaca tcacagctat      5700
     caataaggag agacagcgag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag      5760
     agagagagag agagagagaa gctatatgta tgaagtccag gactcaagtc tcccatctta      5820
     gttaacctgg tcaaggatta acttagttaa ttgacttagt taacctggta cttcaccagg      5880
     aggtgaatgt actcagaaca acccctcaca cgtgtgcctg gacacttgtc tctgaaatga      5940
     ttgcagaaca tgccaagatg gcaatccaca ctaatcatca ccacacacaa ctgaaaattg      6000
     cttccttcat ctctcaacct tttgtttaaa gaagaggaaa ggggcaagca tgaaccgcag      6060
     tgagctgcac cccagggcca gcctgcctgc cagcacaccc gtgcctgagg aaggagagtg      6120
     gcgtttcagg atcttcttct gtgcttcagc tccagataca aagttctaat caacaagcta      6180
     ttcgcaactg acacctgctc agaaagaaga aatccatttt ctccagcgga gtagccacac      6240
     ctcagggtcg gctctgcgcc caggaaaagc cggttaaaac aaagcagccc ccatgctttt      6300
     gctttggttt ttttggtttt gattttggtt tggttttctg ggttgagggg aagcttttta      6360
     ttttgttata gtattttttt tttgtctttt ggggcttggt ggatatttta atttttgttt      6420
     tgtaattttt tattacatat tttcttcatt tacatttcaa atgctatccc caaagcccct      6480
     tataccctcc ccagccctac tcccctcccc agccactccc actttctggc tctggcattc      6540
     ccctgtactg gagcaatacc aagggcttct cttcccattg atggccgact aggcccatca      6600
     tatatggata cagaaaatgt ggcatattta cacaatggac aatttaaaac aatgaattca      6660
     tgaaattctt aggcaaataa atgcatctgg aggatatcat cctgagtgag gtaacccaat      6720
     cataaaagaa cacatggtat acacatagag ccgaccctga ggtgtggcta ctccactgga      6780
     gaaagtgaat tttttctttc tgagcaggtg tcagttgcga atagcttctt gattagaact      6840
     ttgtatctgg agctgaagca cagaagaaga tcctgaaatg ctactctcct tcctcaggca      6900
     cgggtgtgct ggcaggcagg ctggccctgg ggtgcagctc actgcggttc atgcttgccc      6960
     ctttcttctt ctttaaacaa acggttgaga gatgaaggaa gcaattttca tggtatggta      7020
     ggacctctgc tacatatgca actagacaca cagctctggg ggtactggtt agttcatatt      7080
     gttgttcctc ctatacgatt gcatgcccct ttagctcctt gggtactttc tctagctcct      7140
     tcattagggg tcctgtgttc catcctatag ctgactgtga gcatccactt ctgtatttgc      7200
     caggcactgg aatagcctca caagagagag ctatgtcagg gtcctgtcag caaaatcttt      7260
     ctggtatatg caatagtgtc tgcatttggt ggctgattat ggaatggatc cctgggtggg      7320
     gcagtctctg gatggttctt ccttccatct cagctccaaa ctttgtctct gtaactcctt      7380
     ccatggatat tttgttcctc attctaagaa ggagcaaagt atccacactt tggtgttcct      7440
     tcttgagttt catgtgtttt gcaaattgta tcttagatat tctaagtttc tgggctaata      7500
     tctacttatc agtgagtgca tatcatgtgt gtgcttttgt gattgggtta cctcactcag      7560
     gatgatatcc tccagataca tccatttgcc taagaatttc atgaattaat tgtttttaat      7620
     tgctgagtag tactccattg tgtaaatgca ccacattttc tgtatccatt cctctgttga      7680
     gggacatctg ggtcctttcc agcttctggc tattataaat gagtctgata tgaacatagt      7740
     ggagcctgtg tccttattac aagttggaac atcttctggg tatataccca ggagatgaat      7800
     tgctggatct tccggtagaa atatgtccaa ttttccgagg aactggcaga ctgagttcca      7860
     gagtggttat acaagcttgc aatcccaaca acaatggagg agtgttcctc tttctccaca      7920
     ttctcaccag catctgctgt cacctgaatt ttttatctta gccattctga ctggtgtaag      7980
     gtggaatctc agggttgttt tgatttgcat ttccctgatg attaaggatg ttgaacattt      8040
     tttcaggtgc ttctcagcca ttcggtattc ctcagttgag aattctttgt ttagctctgt      8100
     accccatttt taatggggtt atttgaattt ctggagtcca gcttcttgag ctctttatat      8160
     atattggata ttagtcccca gtcagattta ggattggtaa aaatcctttc ccaatctgtt      8220
     ggtggccttt ttgtcttgtt gacagtgtct ttttccttac agaagctttg caattttatg      8280
     aggtcctatt tgtcaattct tgatcttaca gcacaagcca ttgctgttct gtttaggaat      8340
     tcttcccttg tgcccatatc tttaaggctt ttccccactt tctcctctct aaatttcagt      8400
     gtctctggtt atatgtggag gtctttggtc cacttagact tgagctttat acaaggatat      8460
     aagaatggat caattctcat tcttccacat gataactgcc agttgtgcca gtaccatttg      8520
     ttgaaaatgc tgtcattttt ccactggatg gttttagctc ctttgtcaaa gatcaagtga      8580
     ccataggtgt gtgggttcat ttctgggtct tcaattctat tccattgatc tacctgtctg      8640
     tcattgtacc agtaccatgc agttttatca caattgctct gtagtacagc ttgagatcaa      8700
     gcatggtgat tccaccagag gttcttttat tgttgagaag aatttttgct atcctaggtt      8760
     tttgttattc cagatgaatt tgccaattgc cctttctaac tcagtgaaga attgagttgg      8820
     aattttgatg ggaattgcat tgaatctgta gattgctttt tgcaagatag ccattttgac      8880
     tatattaatc ctgccagtcc atgaacatgg gagatctttc catcttctga gatcttcttg      8940
     aaatgtaaat gaagaaaata tctaataaaa aattgaaaaa gaaaataaaa taaaccatgc      9000
     atttcacatt ggcagaataa gaaatatgcc ttgtgggtga aacttcaaac actgaagact      9060
     ccagcatgta aacctgcaaa cttgtttaaa agagggtgcc caaaatcatc ttgctggggt      9120
     ataatgctga aaggttccct tagagaagtg cacaacgctc acctgcacag gtgcttaggg      9180
     cctcctgcag catgatctgg ggcagggctg ggagagaact gcttttcaca ttggcatacc      9240
     ttggtctcat tcacgtgcta gcttttgggg cttgcagaat gcaagaggct ctagatcacg      9300
     ttgacttgca ccaaggtttc agagaaaagc ctggctggcc aggcaataaa tagcagggac      9360
     agattccctg ttggaagcct ctgaatgagg tgtgcaggag ctttgaaagg gaactataag      9420
     ttgcaaattg agattctagg atgttagaaa tactggaatt gtggaaaacc tactgagaaa      9480
     agctatgaga acaaagtaga actggttcaa gagaaagaca acatgtgttg tggtggggac      9540
     agtgctggcc atgtccctgc catgccaggg atggtgtgct ataggtgtgt gcgtgtgtgt      9600
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgcat atatatatat atatgtatat atatatatac      9660
     atatatatat atacatatat atatatatat atatatatat gccttattag atcttgatct      9720
     tgcttgtgtt tccttatttt tctcctgaac ttcatttctt catatctata caagtggggc      9780
     ttcttgacag cattgagcag aacactgtct aaggcaggtg tctcagtcta ccctggaggt      9840
     caccacaaac agtccacaac atgaaccctt cctgagtcag tctgtctttc tgaaatattc      9900
     tgtaaccctg gaacatactc gacttaggaa tagagagaca gccagacatg aaaagatggg      9960
     tagagtccca agatagcctc agtccaggag ggagggactt aaaagcccct aaaagtgtat     10020
     tctgagttgt tccacacagc attcccagga gggaagctta agtgtccatc agcaatgtcc     10080
     atgcaaatgc tctcccctga tacagctact ctgtggcctt atcatcaaag cccctgcagc     10140
     ccctgcaggc ctctatgctc tcctgcactg tttgaaactt tcagccatct gtgaacaagg     10200
     agtcagaact ttcagtctca ctgggcctta ttggccattt atgggcatcc tctctcaaga     10260
     gtttatctgg gttctcttta aatctgggtt ctctgtaaac cacctgcatc ccaaccattg     10320
     tctgaaggtt acattggaga aactcaagtt caatcatcag aaaacatacc ctgcacccgc     10380
     attcatcggt catcgacaaa tttgcaggtg tgctaacggt atgacgttcc ttaagtcttt     10440
     gtcctgtcca tcagccaaag tccagtgcgg atgaacagag gttgtagata acacgtgcta     10500
     tgacagctca ataaagtgct ctctagcagg aggtcttaca ccgcaggacc ttggcactta     10560
     gttcattctg gctaccttaa gtctctgtaa aatgctgtaa tctattacag acagagtcac     10620
     atacatgctc tgatgtctgt gcaaataagg ttgagtcttc ccaaagggct cagctttacc     10680
     taacttgcag aggtctctgt cctcagactt ctcaggtgca ctcagcccaa tcatctatcc     10740
     ttctcagagc catctagtcc aaaacaaaat ataccttcct ctttcttttt ccccttttag     10800
     cttttaagta taatttataa attaaaaact gttatactta aggtatataa tgtgatgttt     10860
     tgctacatat atattttgtg agaccattgt aaaacatgac aatgaatttg aaattaacta     10920
     agaatgctga gtgtgcctct atgcactgtt cgaagctgta attacccacc tgattctatt     10980
     tagctttaga atctcaaaga aaaggacttt tatcttttag acatactata gttaggaaaa     11040
     attccattaa atatctagta ttagaccatt tcctggctac tgttcgatta ttaatttgag     11100
     ctgatgagac tatataaaat attattggag aagcagcaga aaagaaaaat ggaaccggtc     11160
     aaaaagtctt ccctgccctt ggaaaatgac ctatgccagc tgcacagcca ttacattaca     11220
     gttagtattc atttaatatt ttaaatcatc aattctattg aatttcatat gtatctgtca     11280
     ggcaccggat acaagttcaa catggactaa attaaataga tacagcaaag ggaaaatccc     11340
     gatccctact gttacatatc tggcttggaa agaaatttat ttactcatga aaattttgac     11400
     catatcaaaa tatttaggag ggctggagag atggcacagt ggttaaaatc actggctgct     11460
     cttccaggca atccagattt agttctaagt acccacatga aggctcacaa cagcttcttc     11520
     attactcttc tctagcctct aaggataggg catgcaaatg gtgtgcatac gttcagttaa     11580
     tacagaaaaa gcacacacac acacaaacac agagtgtgtg taggtgtgta tctttgctga     11640
     aggaaaacat ttagatgttc tctggataca cactattgct ccatttcctg attcttttgg     11700
     aatgttcttt tcctcgggta cctcaaggta tccttgctca atgcgttcaa gtctctgcta     11760
     gaatgttctg tatcagggag gtcttttcag actgatagca gccttctacc caccctgcct     11820
     gtatctccac tcctgtaggc attccattcc agcacctgtc agtggtaact actatctcta     11880
     aactagaagt tgctatcttc ccacctcatg ttggaaggca aactctgtga gaatgcaaac     11940
     ttgtgtgctc acccttcagt cttcttatct gcaaaactgg ttgctcagag caggaattcc     12000
     tggagcactt cttgagttaa tgcttgagga atgaatcaca caatgccact tacttcatag     12060
     tctgatgtca tgtgaattaa gaccttttcc aggaaagact gtacttcccc tacaaaacag     12120
     tgaatgaccc aggaaacaca gtcctctctt ccaacattaa ctcagcctgt gagtcatgct     12180
     actaaggctc aaccactttg ctgactagga gggctgtcct aggtaagcac tgaacttgta     12240
     caaacgcaag cacatgcaga ctgcatctaa gaccagtgga ctggtgaaca cattctaact     12300
     ctgaacatat ataccgagat aggtactaat gttagatatt cacaaaattg gaacaaataa     12360
     attccatatg cgactgagga atgttttcta aagatagatc cttttcagta tggctcttta     12420
     aaaaaaagag agaaacaaaa gcagacagca gtttaatttc ctaagttagc tgtgctatga     12480
     tcagaaactg ccttcttcct gttgtatttt tccatgtttg tgcattgtgt tgttttagtg     12540
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt ttagtccttg tattcaacat     12600
     tgaatgaggc tataaaggat caagagaacc agagtggaaa ggcagagact ttggagtcag     12660
     atgtataagg gccagttttt tctcccttgt tcattctcca atgtctggga tcctcagccc     12720
     atcattgtga ctcctagaac tcctttggat tcactatctg caatgtatca tgggacagtt     12780
     ctgctctgca ctttgtatgg cttactccct aacatgagcc acattctaaa gtctgaagtt     12840
     caaaccctct gtgtcaggac tgactggcag aatttttcct ctgttgccca gagaagttag     12900
     agcctgatac acagagtaac agcagctctg tcttggcccc tggcaggcac ctgcagtgac     12960
     catattcaat gccatgaatc tggagcaatt tagcagtcag tgccaatccc atggtcatca     13020
     tctacatggg catgtttttt gctgtctcct atctacctga gtaagtaatc ttatcttcat     13080
     aacacagaag cctccagcta aatgccaaca aatgaaagct tttatcagtt tcattaaata     13140
     ttaaagtaac tctactacaa gaagacatcc aaacaaatga caataacaag aaaaacaagg     13200
     ggggagagag agagaaagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagactg     13260
     actcctggga tggaaaagca gcccagtctc ctttaaggag ctatttcaga tcccaaaagg     13320
     cacaccgatc tgttttttct gcttctgttg ttgtctatct ccctctgact ggaactgctg     13380
     atcatggcaa ggtatacaac caatcacaaa ccatctgcct actggaaagt gggccactgc     13440
     actgttctca ggaatggaaa cactgagaca aagaactcta ttgggtcagg accatgctct     13500
     ctccaccttc tcaatacaag ccaatctctg agagaatatc tccactgtat cactaattcc     13560
     ttcctatcct aagcttatcc tattgcataa tattttataa actactatga agctttaaaa     13620
     ctggggtagg acaggaaagg aaaaaatcct catgaaatgt tttagatagt gtaaaaaaaa     13680
     tccccacccc cagcctgggt acaaagcatg ttttattaac atgagacaag tgttcaattt     13740
     gaagaggatg gtgggcatta aagcagattg ttttatgttt ctgacacgaa tactctgggt     13800
     ggatgaacta tcaaggcctg ggtttaaatg tgattaatgc ctagtccttg gaaagcatcc     13860
     agacttatta aatctgatgg agtaaaacag cataactttc tcgtattatt tccaagagat     13920
     gtgattagcc tgggcacagc agtgaatgaa actgtgggag ggagccctgc aaggagaggg     13980
     gagcaccgat gtgtttacaa agaattaaac agagtagagc atgtttagca tgtacaggca     14040
     tagttcaatc acctccccct aaagaggagt aaaggctggg aacagtcaac acgaccttcc     14100
     tgtatgctct gtgacttcct ttgtacccta acagaatacc tattggacaa agagaaagaa     14160
     ttaataaaac acctcttcct tccacctgaa atgagtaatc aatactcaca tgtacccaca     14220
     cacacacaca cactctctct agcacacaaa cacacaaaac ataacttcat attctaggtg     14280
     ccccattgcc acagagcaga agtagagtgt catcaaagcc tggtgtggtt ccttccagcc     14340
     actgatgact gagttgtgtg acatttcaat gatagtatct attttacttt ttctaaggtg     14400
     tttgtttccg gggcatatgg ttcaggaaca gtgtacaatc ttcatagatt ctttggttta     14460
     ctctgagtag aaaagatttc caaggagaca aacccacaag agaatattct aggcagaaat     14520
     aaataaatac cctctacctc atatccaata catacaaaac agttaccagt atcaccccca     14580
     agccatagga aatgccatgg caagactgag tactagtggc cactgggaga tgcatcctta     14640
     gtccagcttg ctctgtgtac tctgctgtta ctttaaactc tggagatcaa aatacttgga     14700
     tcctaggatt tagggctcct ttgtaagaaa cggtagcata acaaaggtgt ttgtactatc     14760
     agagcctctc ccagtcaatg acaaatccac agcaaaactg aatgtgggaa gagaggacct     14820
     cccccaaccc tgagtctctg agctgataaa agaataacaa atacaaaaaa tctgccaaac     14880
     aacaaagctt caatttatta tacatgctca tcagtttaac ccaaaaccct taaaagcctg     14940
     aggctgatcc agccccttta ataccggtcc tgagcacgcc ctgatcaagg cccaacccag     15000
     cctgctttgt ctgcaaagat gaaagccggg caaaagcagg tgaagccttt tttgaatcat     15060
     cacctgcaat taagcaaagg aaaaccaaga ggtaagctga actcccttta caaaaacacc     15120
     cccgcagcag gtggatctgt ctgcgacaca cttaccagag agtgagtctt ctcagagagt     15180
     gactgccaaa tgtctaggaa gaaaagtgtt gagacgcaca cagagacaga cacacaaatc     15240
     agacacagag aagcacacaa atataccccc gaaggcacac atagaggtgc acacaagaac     15300
     acacagttgt acatgaaata tacacacacc tacacataga agtgtagaca gacaagacac     15360
     aaatacacag acacacaaac cagacagagt acatacaaac acgtagttgg agatacacat     15420
     agaaaatgca ctccagcaaa gtcacaaaca tagactcagt gactcagaca cacacccaga     15480
     tactgtacat acaaagatac acaaaggtac acatggttac acacagatac aacacagaga     15540
     aagtatagac taggcactca ttcacaaata tacacacaga cacatacccc gatggacacg     15600
     catcttttcc accaagtcct aaccatctaa acttctgctg ggttggtttt ttgtttttta     15660
     tttttgtttt ttgaagaggc agagagtact caaaagaata ctccaagtga tctgtttcag     15720
     gcaagtgaga gttccatggt gcagtttcca agcttaaaga gcttggtggc tcaaatgagg     15780
     cagcccacac tccacaccac acacacaacc atcctgccac ttttcagatt ctgatagaaa     15840
     acgtcagttg gctaaagggt cacagtcatg gcagatcagt cttctgtagc acacagactg     15900
     aattaattct gagtgattct cccctacctg tgttcctact actttaatag aaatggctct     15960
     gccagcacat acttgtccat cagcagtgtg gacagtgaac tttgcaccag gaagaatgtt     16020
     tttgaaaaaa agttctatgg aaaggaaatt acccctgaag caggtttcaa ttgggaggag     16080
     ggtagtggac aattctatac aattttttac ttgagaattc ccacattcat cacaaagaca     16140
     ttccctgtga taataaccac atccatacca cttccggtga caaagtccag ctgcttgata     16200
     tctgcgctcc acatccatgg acaccccctg gatggttcat ctataggctg tgacttcaaa     16260
     aactctaaat gaatcacaag caacaaacaa gaagatacaa agctggcttc caccaatgat     16320
     ctcaaatgta atcttcatgt aaagatggtt tgagatgaga tcatgagcca ttgtgtcaga     16380
     tctaatcaga ccacctcatt ttccaggtat ggccttcaac ttgaaaacca gtgagcagga     16440
     tcaggctgga gttgatttct gccacaggga agttaacagt gctgataatg tctgagacca     16500
     acagaaacaa actaggagtt taggactctg ggaagaatct tctccaagat gtaaagcagc     16560
     agatgttctc gaaagtgact ttactccatg agaaagcaga gaatggcaaa cattcaacca     16620
     cagggctcaa gctgctctta ggctcctccc ccatataccc tagaagtcct tcctttctgt     16680
     ctcttgggga accatttata caattttcac cactgctctt tctagccctt cttttctctc     16740
     cacaccattc cccaccagca tctccataca tgtcagcctt catactcaaa tataacatat     16800
     tacataaaac tgagtcttct ggctactgct atcttgccag aagggtctgt gagcctgcag     16860
     acttcctaaa ctatcatgat caaacagccc aaagaatgct atgctcaaag attcctttgg     16920
     gcaaggggtg ggggggtgcg ccaagaactg ggaagctaag gtatggcatt cacttgacct     16980
     tctcagcctc aattgccctt ctgcagtttc tgtgcccttt caacaccagc ttatgagaag     17040
     tacaaggggc aggttctttc tccagtgctt tctcctaggc tcaagagagc ataggccaga     17100
     gcccagaacc tagatccctg gggtccattc aagatttgat gtggttgagc aagacaatgt     17160
     cctcatctct gctgatcatg agaactcctg gcaggactct tgagtcctgg aataactctt     17220
     ataatgaagg aacaagccac atactgtcat ggtaggccta ctgcaagaat gtgatgctct     17280
     gggaagactt gaccacatag tcaagacctc agtgcagaac tgcaagttct gttgcttcca     17340
     gccaacttcc tttctgctgc ctttggaagg agggctaaca atccatgaat tcttcttgaa     17400
     agaagcacct gtctaagaca tttcttttac ctaatgactc tgctttgggt aacagtatcc     17460
     cagttctttc acagtgtgtc tcctgtcttc aaaatgttct tctagattct tctgtcttca     17520
     cctgttttta ctgtgtagtt aactttttgt ttttaacttt taacatccag aacatccaag     17580
     ccacttgaca agatgacctc agtcttccac acacagtctc tgaagcctac acaagggctt     17640
     acaatggggt aagtgacttt gcaagcaggt tcctctattc ttactctttc catttgtagt     17700
     catcctctga cctcatctgt gaggagcgag tgtggcagga gtcccaagaa ggcgccaggg     17760
     actgcagcta agtcttatga cttgcacctg acttcctcat acacctgaaa ataagccatg     17820
     accatcgtga gagctgcaca ggtgcaccat gatcctggca gtttaaacaa gtccatattt     17880
     ggtggagaca tgcccctgcc gccctgattg gctgaagctg tgtgcctggt gaggtgacat     17940
     ggcctgctgt gagtggatgg ggactgagag tgagaggctg ggggttcggg ggagatagat     18000
     gaggaaaaag atgaagagag agagatgaag actggagttt gctgaataaa ctgctgttag     18060
     aaggacttgt ggtcgtgttg ttcttgctgg tcgagagcgg acgcgacact cattcatact     18120
     ggatgagcca ttgctggtgt gcaatcacag ggtgcctctt atcatatcat ttctgaaaac     18180
     aagaaatatt gcaccaacct gagaataata tttttaggag ctcacagagg cacaggcctg     18240
     gacaccaggg agtgcataga atagaaacta tctttgtttg gggagtaggg tcatatgaag     18300
     gccatgcttc atctggaagt caaaggagat ggaactgaat acgcatgtga ggagggagat     18360
     gcaggtggct acacttggcc atgccaagca gtcagcccag acttcacagg gctaatggca     18420
     gcttcttccc tggcacaggc caggaaaata cactgctaga cagaagtggt acaaggcaaa     18480
     agccttgatg ccaactatat caccttctta ttgctgtggc aaaatacctg aagaaagcca     18540
     caagaaggat gggggtctct gtttgtcatc acagcagagg tgcatccaca atcaggacgc     18600
     acagaacata aatgccagtg ttcagctagc tttattcagt ctaagacctg gaccacagat     18660
     ggtgctatcc acactaaagg agggttttcc ttcacaagtt aaacttcttc ggaagcaccc     18720
     tgacagacat tctcagaggt gtgtttccat ggtgaatgta aatctagtca gattggcaat     18780
     taagactaac tattccatca cttacggact ggactcttga ttaactccca atcacctgtg     18840
     cttaccaagt gctatagatc ccggtccagg gacccagcaa accaaacaag accctgctat     18900
     atggtctaaa tattctagtg ttccagactg tgatggatgc aatggagaaa aactaatcaa     18960
     ggagttgctg agggaatgtg aaggggatgg aagcctgcct tttctttatt gcataaaata     19020
     tttgacattt atagaaaaac caccagatgt cacggagaaa cttccctcag catcccctgt     19080
     gtttaacaac ttataagatg ttataagatg gcacatttgt gctacaaagg atccagtgca     19140
     ccaactcttt caggaaaact ttgggctcca tttagatttc ctagtttctc caccaatatc     19200
     atattctcac ctgttcttgt gtcattgatt cttcattgtc cctctagttt atgagcctca     19260
     gtcctaactg gccttgaaac ttttgacaac accaagtgtc cctcactagg gctttgtctg     19320
     gccctgttcc tgtagtcaga aagtcagatt gcacctatgc atttggggaa aaactggccc     19380
     tgaagtgtga atatgccctt tacttcccct acattgtata tgggatatga tccttgaggt     19440
     gggtcttaag gaatatcatc tttaagggaa ggtctgaagg aggcaaaggg ctgatatatg     19500
     cagacagctg aactgctggt aataaatgct ggtgtcctga aatagtcaaa agagactagg     19560
     ctacatggat ggagtacaga ggggaagaag catattacat tagagacacc atgggtacat     19620
     catagcatat gcacaggaat gaaatgatat tggagacagc atgggcacac catagtatat     19680
     acatgggaat gaatgctacc accatataag acctgggtgt gtactaggga tgaccataac     19740
     catcagccca ctgctttggt ctgaggctct ttcatatatg gtaccatgaa acaacagatt     19800
     ctgtcatccc caccttccag tacacctaaa ggattacctg ttgcacagga cttgtcttga     19860
     gccacattag tgcttagaaa cttgagccaa tgactccaga aagaaaccag ccactgtgat     19920
     ggtgctagag ccagatccta gagacagacc ttcagcctta agcagagaaa ccagtctgtc     19980
     aaaagagagg atgtgatata gacgtaacag ctcagccagc catcactcag acttttgacc     20040
     acttgacccc acttccggct cacaggagtc tcagatctct ctcatttcct gtctttggca     20100
     ttgatcctta aaatgtccct cctccttaaa ttaagctagt tcaaggggat ttatggttgt     20160
     gcaactgaaa gaaccctgta ataagattaa ctgtgaatgc acagaagaca gagcaaaggg     20220
     caggaggcag ctgtaggtgg ccagctcaga ggcttcaaca gcattcaaca ttctcattca     20280
     aaccaccaca aggcaggttt ttgttgttat ttgtacagat agaggaaaac ttccctcata     20340
     ttaaattgac gggatttttt aataatacaa ctttgttttc attacaatgg caaccaaagc     20400
     agaagattaa gtaaggcact ggtatttgtt aaggcatctc ctttcccgat acagtgttcc     20460
     aaagtacaat gattcaaatt tatggtagtc atggtgacaa agctcctgag gagatcaact     20520
     tatcaggaga aagggttaac tttggctcat tgtttcagag gtttccatac ctctttgctt     20580
     gtggacctgt gagaacttag gacatgatgg taagagcaca tattggagga gactgctcac     20640
     ctcaaggtag ccgagaaaca gagagcaagt gcacagtgcc actggtctaa tgttttctac     20700
     tgggctccat atcctaaact accattagct ggaggtcaag ccattaacac ataagctatg     20760
     agtggaaata taagatccta accataacag atactctgaa aatgctggac agtgacaatc     20820
     agatgcagct cccagtgcat tgtggggtta agctatggtc ctcagtagct taggaaaacc     20880
     agatgcattt taacctatga tatgtttaac ttctcaggag tttacaagat gcaacctcac     20940
     tctaaatcaa gttgcaccag agttcatttt catatctcct taaaaatggc aaaaatgatg     21000
     tatagattta ggtcagtatt tgcaattagg ctagaaacct ataggtttgt aaaaatgagc     21060
     ccatattctc cctcttctct ttcaaagatg gaaagtaagc tttgtcatga ggcaggagtg     21120
     ccagcacact gccataacac cagcctcctc agccagaaaa gtaggcatac cttcaggata     21180
     tgtccagaaa aacatcatat cagtggctgg tggtaaatgg catgtgtgaa atccaaggct     21240
     tgtgaaagca tcaagcatga gagcttttga agctgctgtg tccttgagtt cagctcacac     21300
     actccatgta acagagggca gagccttacc gatcacagca taagatccac ccagatgttt     21360
     agtccatttt caaaccatac acatactggg aggtcaggaa tcccgaccaa aagcaaaagg     21420
     caaaacccta aacagaaata actagttacc atgcagtaaa gagagatact gtgtagactg     21480
     atttcaggaa agttcatttt gcactcagaa gaataaacca gaccccagtt ctttcactgt     21540
     attgtctagg ttgtctattt ttcaaattca aattataaca tatgtagaaa taaaataaaa     21600
     taaagtatag cttaccctta gggaaaatta aaaaataatc aagataaaat gagtcacaag     21660
     ggacaagaaa taaaatttta cagacaacat ttaaaaaact gaaataggca caggttcaaa     21720
     gtactacagg aaaaaaaaaa tgtgccatgc ttaagagaat aaacaggaaa caggcaaaag     21780
     tggaaaatta tcaataaaac caagcagaaa tgctagggct gaaagtacag tgagtaaaat     21840
     aaacactcag ttcactaact aggtgagctc acagatgaca gcaggcggca gaagaacttc     21900
     atcaggggac ttgaagacac atcaaggggg actagtccac gcagaggact gaaaaagact     21960
     gaacacaggt aaccgtgcaa cagggaggca gagtacaaaa aaagggacaa tatttaaaga     22020
     aatgatgtat aaaacttctc aaatttggtg aaaaacagta gcttagcatg tctatttcca     22080
     gctaataaca taccattcag tcacagagtt ggataaggct gatacagctt tctggagctg     22140
     gagctggagc tggagctgga gctagagctt cactgtggat catggtaagg ggatggctca     22200
     ggcttcagga gaatgagtta tagccacaga aaaattaaaa ataaactaga aatgggaagt     22260
     aggtatacaa tatatatggc catgtgcttt ctctcttaac tcctttaaaa caacattgaa     22320
     agtaaatatt aaaaaattat agtgctctat tgctagactt tagagtatgt gatcatgaat     22380
     aacatatatt cttgtattta catgaagtga acatacattc aactccagtg ttacatacat     22440
     gtagaggtta aacacagaca aaagatactt gatgagtatg tgtgaacact aacatagagg     22500
     aaggaagaca aaatgaagct ctactcatat aaagtgctta tttttaccag cagaattttg     22560
     acattaattt tcaaaatatt gtgatatgtt gggaataacc tatttgagcc ctataataac     22620
     cacagaataa ctgacaaaaa attatacaaa taaatagcat aaaaaatcag tggtaaaatg     22680
     ttcttcttaa atatttaaca caaaaactgg tgagaactgc agagaagagt agcagatgtg     22740
     gattcagcca cagcagtaag tacagtaaat actgacttac tagccactcc attcagaagg     22800
     cagaggtttc tagactggat gtaaaataaa gatcttattc tatgttgtct tcataagtat     22860
     gtacactgta tcataaattc aaagatacaa aaaaaaagag aacatggtga aaggaaatac     22920
     agactaaata caatagaaga cttaaaaggg ctatatgaaa agcaaagagt gttgaaatga     22980
     gcagtattat tcaagagaaa gagctatgtt gcataatgtt caagaacacc caagacaaat     23040
     atagtgatat agcactatta acacaaacaa taaattagac acacatttat ataacatcag     23100
     acagccaaat acaagaagaa atagacaaag aattataggt agatacttca cagttcttta     23160
     ctccataatt tataaactga gttaatagaa aaccagtgag gatgcagaag acttaaacag     23220
     ggctaccaga gctggtggga aggggagctc cctgctcagg gctttcctgg cataggagaa     23280
     gatcaggttc tatcacaaga accacaagaa agaaaaagga aaaaaaaaca acttgtgatc     23340
     tacagacaat agaaaatcca cattcttctc aaacacactc agagtgttca gtagaatgag     23400
     cctcatggta gtacataaat gaagtttcac tatattcaga agactgaaac gattaaaagt     23460
     atattctcta accacagtag aatctgtttt ttgaattgaa aaggggaaaa acatttgaac     23520
     atcatgcaat ataaatgagc aggagtgaaa ggatgagtcc taagaaaaat atactctaaa     23580
     ccaagtgaaa atggaaacac aacagagcaa aacatgtaag acacagctaa gggggtattc     23640
     agagaaaaac tcagcactaa gaacttacat taaaaagtgg gacattgccc acaactctgg     23700
     cagagcccac tgctctacca aagaccacac ctgtacctgg aaccccagga gaccttgccc     23760
     acagccccat acccattaga gcctgcctag cataccaacc agcactgccc acctccaaat     23820
     cccagctcac agttcttgca gaagtcccct gctcttctga aagctacaaa ggtatacaga     23880
     acttcagaat cccagaggca atactggcac ccaaaacccc agtggggaca cctacaggac     23940
     ctgaggactc ttgggtcacc agaaccagag gctactcaga ccagatgacc agttataggg     24000
     gaaaaaattc atccaacaaa gataaactca gaaatctgca cctagactta taattattcc     24060
     aaacccagat gcctagatga cagcataaaa cacaataaac aaccggcagg gcaaaatggc     24120
     atcaccagag acccactatt ctactacaaa agcctctgaa tattccaaca cagctgaggc     24180
     acaaaaaagc aaccttaaaa ccaaatttat gaagatggta gaggttctca aagagaaaaa     24240
     tgaataaatc tcttaaagtg atccaggaaa acataaatag acaatggaag gaaattaata     24300
     aatccctaag taaataaata aataaaccca agaaaaagca aacaggcaac aaaaaagaat     24360
     aaaactgatt aagacctgaa aatgaaaata gaagcaataa agaaaatact aattgaggga     24420
     attctgtaga tggaaaatct aggtaagtaa acagaaacta tgagtgcaag catcaccaaa     24480
     agaatacaag agatggaaga gtgaatctca ggaatagaag atatgataga agaaactgac     24540
     atattggtca aagataatgt taaatctaaa aattcctaac acaaaacgtc caggaaatca     24600
     gggacattat gaaaagacca aaccaaagaa taacagaatt gaagaaagag gagaatccta     24660
     cctcaaaaat tcagaaaata tttgtaacaa aatcacagga caaaattttc ctaatcttaa     24720
     agacataaat ataaaggtcc aagagaccta ttatactggc cattcctggt tgtcaacttg     24780
     actatatttg gaatgaacta caatccagaa ttggaaggct caccagtgac cctaatctgg     24840
     aggctgggag atagaagttt ctgacctgga tcttggtatg gagaccttga gacatagtgg     24900
     ctatggattc cagaagatta agacagggag atttccgagt ttaaggtcat ctgggattaa     24960
     aggtgtggtg gaacacacct ttaatctggg ctacactttc tgctggagac catataagga     25020
     cattggaaaa agggagtctc actctcgttc ttttgcctgc ttaccctgtg ggactgagca     25080
     actgctagat ccttggactt ccattcacag ctactactga accattgttg ggaattgggc     25140
     tgcagactgt aagtcatcaa taaattcctt tactatataa agtctatcta taagttctgt     25200
     gactctagag aaccctgact aatacaccta tagaataaca aatagtttgg accagaaaag     25260
     aaaatctccc caccacatca taataaaaac acttaacata cagaacaaag caagaatatt     25320
     aaaaagctgc tgtggaggct tttccccact ttctcctcta taagtttcag tgtttctggt     25380
     tttatgtgga gttcctttat caacttagac ttgactttag tacaaggaga taagaatgga     25440
     tcaattcaca ctcttctaca tgataaccgc caggtgtgcc agcaccattt gttgaaaatg     25500
     ctgtcatttt tccactggat ggtgttagct cccttgtcaa agatcaagtg accataggtg     25560
     tgtgggttca tttctgggtc ttcaattcta ttccattggt ctacctgtct gtcactatac     25620
     tagtatcatg cagtttttat tacaattcct atgtagtaca gctttaggtc agaagatatg     25680
     ggcacagggg aaaaattcct gaatagaaca gcaatggctt gtgctgtaag attgagaatt     25740
     gacaaatgga acctcataaa attgcaaagc ttctgtaagg caaaagatgc tgtcaataag     25800
     acaaaaagac caccaacaga ttgggaaagg atctttacct gtcctaaatc agatagggga     25860
     ataatatcct atatatataa agaactcaag aagatggact ccagaaaatc aaataacccc     25920
     attaaagaat ggggcacaga gctaaacaaa gaattctcag ctaaggaata ttgaatgact     25980
     gagaaacacc tgaaaaaatg ttcaacatcc ttaatcatca gggaaatgta aatcaaaaca     26040
     gccctgagat tccacctcac accagtcaga atggctaaga tcaaaaattc aggtgacagc     26100
     agatgctggc aaggatgtgg agaaagaaga acacttctgc attgttggtg ggattgcaag     26160
     cttgtacaac cactctggaa ataagtccgg cggttcctca gaaaattgga catagtacta     26220
     ccagaggatc cagcaatacc tcttctgggc atatatccag aagatgttcc aactgctaat     26280
     aagaacacat gctcttctat gttcatagca gccttattta taatagccag aagctgaaaa     26340
     gaacccagat gcccctcaac agaggaatgg atacagaaaa tgtggtacat ttacaaaatg     26400
     gagtactact cagctattaa aaacaattaa tttatgaaat tcttaggcaa atggatggac     26460
     ctggagggta tcatcctgag tgaggtaacc caatcacaaa agaactcaca tgatatgcac     26520
     tcactgataa gtggatatta gcccagaaac ttagaatacc caagatacaa tttgcaaaac     26580
     acatgaaact caagaaggaa gaaggccaaa gtgtgaacac tttgcccctt cttagaattg     26640
     agaacaaaat acccctggaa ggagttacaa agtttggagc tgagacaaaa ggatggacca     26700
     tccagagact gccgcaccag ggatccatcc cataatcagc caccaaaccc agacagtatt     26760
     gcatatgcca gcaagatttt gctgaaagga ccctgatata gctgtcttga gtgaggctat     26820
     gccagtgcct ggtgaataca gaagcagatg ctcacagtca tctattagat ggaacacagg     26880
     cccccctatg gaggagctag caaaagtacc caaggagctg aaggagtctg caaacccata     26940
     ggtggaacaa caatatgaac taaccagtac ccccagagct catgtctcta gctgcatatg     27000
     tagcagaaga tggcctaatc ggccatcatt gggaagagag gccccttggt cttgcaaact     27060
     ttatatgttc cagtactggg gaacaccagg gccaagaagt gggagtgggt gggtagagga     27120
     gtgggaagga ggattggggg agtgtatagg aaactttcag gatatcattt ggaatgtaaa     27180
     tgaagaaaat acctaataaa aaattgggaa aaaataaaac aagatactgt cccaaaacaa     27240
     aaaacaaaat aaagagaatt taaaagtaaa gaatacccct gggggggggg gcgctgctat     27300
     ggaaagggct aaataacata aaggcaaacc tacgagaatt acacctgact tgtcaatgga     27360
     gactctaaaa gccagaaagg catggtcaga tggcttgcag attctaagag accacagatg     27420
     cccccctata gactactata cccagcaaaa gcttcaatca ctatagatgg atagaacgaa     27480
     atattctgtg acaaaacaaa tttaaacaat atctatttac aaattcatcc ttacagaaag     27540
     tactagaatg aaaactcctt ctcaagaaag cttaactaca tacatgaaaa cataggaaat     27600
     agtctcacac cagcaaaacc aaaaaagggg ggagagagag agagagagag agagtgtgtg     27660
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtggaca cacaccaaaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaaaaccca     27720
     gaggaattaa caatcattgg tcattagtat ctctcaatat caacaaattc aactccccaa     27780
     taaaaagaca atggctaaca gaatggatgt gaaaatagga tccattattc tgctgcatac     27840
     aataaacaca tctcaacatt aaagataaat aatacttcag agtaaaggat tggaaaagat     27900
     ttttccaaac aaatggatga aagaattaat ccggggtaac cattctaata ttaacaaggt     27960
     agacttccaa tcaaaattaa taacaaaagc tggagaagga tgcttcatac tcatcaaagg     28020
     aaaaatccac caagatgatg tttcacttct aaacatctat gccccgagca aaagcacgca     28080
     caattgtcaa acattactaa agtttaaata atcatatgtt gaaccccata cattaatagt     28140
     ggaagacttc aacactccac tatcatcaat ggaaaggtca tccagacaaa aactaaacaa     28200
     agatataatg gaactagcag gcattatgac cccaatggac ctaacagaaa tctacagtac     28260
     attctgccca aacacaaagg aatatacctt cttttcagca cttcacacaa ctttctccaa     28320
     actgtccaca tattcagtca caaagcaagt ctcaatggat tcaagaaaac tgaaaggacc     28380
     atctacatca tgtcagacaa catggatgaa aggaagattt taataaaaac agaaagctta     28440
     ccaactcggg gaaactgaac aactttctac agaatgacca ctgggtcaag gcagaaatga     28500
     agaaagaaat gaaaaccttc ctaaaactta atgaaaatga aggcaaatac ctgagacaca     28560
     aacattcctt tgggatacaa tgaaagcagt gccaagagga aaattcatag cactaaatgc     28620
     cttcataaag aaaatagaag gagctcctac tagcaactta aagcacatct gaaaactcta     28680
     gagcaaaaag aagcaaacac acccaagaga agtagacagc tgaaaatagt caaactgagg     28740
     gttgaaatca ataaactaga gattaagaga ataataaaat gaatcaatga aacgcgttgg     28800
     tcctttgaga aaatcagcaa ggtagacaaa cacttaccca agctaactaa aagacataaa     28860
     gaaatatcca aattatccaa atcagagatg gaaaggggga cacaacagac actgaggaaa     28920
     tccagggact cgttaggtca tatttcaaaa acctctatgt tgtaaatagc tctggggcta     28980
     attttatttg atgttaattc ctttctcctg tgagtggctt caaacaagga atgagtcagc     29040
     actcaggtga tttcctgtaa acctgcttcc caccttaatt tgtaaagaga gagagagaga     29100
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagatgat gatgatgatg attgggcaga taaaaggaaa     29160
     gttggagcag aaggtaaagg agagagaagg aggagaaaat ggaagaggga gaggatgcag     29220
     aggaggagta agacgaagaa aagcagagca gaaacagatg gcctggagaa actgcaggtt     29280
     ctaagaggtc tcataaactg tggaagatct gtagcagtag atctgcccaa tctaggcaca     29340
     cagcatgtaa tcatattaac tgtgttgtgt tttcattgct gggagcatat tggaggagat     29400
     ttaccacaac acctctactc cacaaaattt gaaaatctaa aagaaatgta taattttctt     29460
     gataaaaatc acttaccaaa gttaaatcaa gatcagataa acaatcgggg cgtggtggcg     29520
     cacgccttta atcccagcac tggggaggca gaggcaggcg gatttctgag ttcgaggcca     29580
     gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggatag ccagggctat acagagaaac cctgtctcaa     29640
     aaaaccaaac caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagatca gataaacaag ctaaatagtc     29700
     ctatagttcc taagaaaata gaagcagtca tcaaaaatct tccaacaaca acaacaaaaa     29760
     aaagctcagg gccagatggt ttaatgtaga attctactag actatcaaag aagacctaat     29820
     accaataccc ttcaaattat tacacaaaat agaaacaaaa actgaagaaa cattgccaga     29880
     ttcatttcac aggcctacag tcagcctaat gccaaaccac agaaagactc aacaaagaaa     29940
     gagaattaca gaccaatttt cctcatgaac attaatgcaa aaattactca ataaaatact     30000
     cacaaactat ataaaaaaac acagtaaaaa gattgtctac cataatcaag tgggcttcat     30060
     ccaagagctg caggtaatct atcacgttat gaaaatctgt caaggtaatc caatatatac     30120
     acaaactgaa agagagaaaa cacatgatca tctcattaaa tgctgaaaaa gtctttgaca     30180
     aaattcaaca cttcttcatg ataaaagtct tgaagagatc agggatgcaa ggacatacct     30240
     aaatataaaa aagacaatat aaataaagcc tatagccaac atcaaagtaa atagagagaa     30300
     agtcaaagta tttccactaa atcaggaaga agacacagta ctccactctc tccatatcta     30360
     ttcaatatag cacttgaatt tttagcctga acaataaaac aactgatgga aattgggggg     30420
     ggggatataa attggaaagg aagaagtcta aaagtcaaag taccgttatt tgtagaagac     30480
     atggagtata cataagtgac tccaaacatt ccaccaaaga attcctacag ctgtaatagc     30540
     cagaaactgg aaacaactta gatatccctt aaccaaagaa tttataaata aaatatggta     30600
     catttataca gtggagtatt actcagctat caaaaacaat tagcatcatg aaatttgcag     30660
     gcaaatggat gttaaaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacatcct gagtgagata acgtagactc     30720
     agaaagacac acatggtatg tactcattta taagtggata gtagccataa agtacaggac     30780
     aaccatgcta tgattcacag acccagagac ggtaaataac aaaaagggct caaagggaga     30840
     ctcatgaatg tctctgggat gacaaaatag aatagatgtt gccagtggac ttgggttggg     30900
     tggggacaag aacaggaggt gccaggtgag agtagtatga aatgagagaa tactgtgaaa     30960
     gacaactgaa attgggggac atctcagaga caagctagaa atgtagtaca atagaaactg     31020
     tgggagtgac cctagcttag attccttgta atgctgtggg gggagggggg tatgagcctg     31080
     aacctgtcat ctctaataac caggcaggac ttccagtgga gggatgggga caccaaccaa     31140
     accacaaaac cttcaaccta caatctgtcc tccctacaag atgttctggg ttaacagtgg     31200
     cacagaaatt atgggagtgg ccaaccaatg gctggttcag tttgagatcc atgccatgag     31260
     aggaaaccca cacctgacac tacctagaag gccaggaaca ctctagcacc taggatagaa     31320
     ccaaacatga ccagcacaaa aaaagtccat gaaatgatcc caaatattct gctatactca     31380
     tagacaggag ccttatatga tcatcattag agggacttca tccagcctct ttaatgacat     31440
     gggaattcta caaaagagga tggattgtag gattcagaga ggtcaaggac aacaatacag     31500
     gcccacagaa ccaactacct ctaggctcac agaaactgaa ccaacaatca ggtgcctgca     31560
     tgggtctgac ctctgcatgt atgttattac tgtgcacatt ggtcttcttg tgggactcct     31620
     aatagtggga gaggctatct ctgactctca actgctttgg ggaccaattt cctctgagtg     31680
     ctttgcctct taccacttta atacgagggt tactgcctag tcttactgca acttaacatg     31740
     gcatgtttgg ttgataccca tgggagacct gcccttttct gaagagaaat ggaaaaggag     31800
     tggatggaga gggatgatct gagaggggca tggggaggga aacctacctt atgaatgcaa     31860
     tgcatgagag aagaataaat taaaactttt gtttaataaa gtaaaaaaaa aactttaaaa     31920
     agaaaaaaga agaaagtcag tggttgataa tacagaattc tacttttaga atataagaaa     31980
     agacaatgta aaaaggaaaa agataattta gttcagaagc cagtggagtg ggccatgggc     32040
     aaccaataga taaaatccaa tggagccaca aaattgctct ttatggattg ataaaattta     32100
     taggcctaaa gctcacctaa gtgaagaatg catcactgtt gtatgtagga aatggaagcc     32160
     attttggcaa tttcttatta agttatacac acacttacca acagactcat caattccact     32220
     tccaggcatg tacccaagaa aaatgaggaa atatgtccac atgaaaatag ttatgtgagt     32280
     gctcatatag catttttcat aatagctcca aactggaaag aacccaagtg tctgtcagct     32340
     gataaataaa caaatatcat ccatagtgca atgaaatgtc cctcagcaat aaagaaatga     32400
     actactgcta cagctgactg cagaggaaca gggggaattt gagacaatgg aagggttcta     32460
     agtcttatcg tgagaggtat gtagctttac atatacccaa gctcagtgaa gagttatatt     32520
     tcatgcaaac tatcattacc aaagcctgtg tgtgcacacg tgtgtgtgtc tgtctgtctg     32580
     cgtgtgctgt gtgttggcct gtgtgtgtgt gtgttggcct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     32640
     gtttgtgtac agtcccacac tgctacctgg caaacatgct aactgacttg atcattccag     32700
     cttgttatgg ttttagctct cagtctccta ttcactggac aagcatatcc atctggtttt     32760
     cttaaccacc aagcacttgc tgtttctcat ctgtttattc tgccatcttt gatctcagga     32820
     acctgtcata atagctccaa actggagcca gctcagttct ggtttctgtg tttccagttc     32880
     tcttctctgt ccactccatc tggtcttcct catgcttcaa caagaacctg tcccttctat     32940
     acatgaggcc aagtgtgaat gccctgtcat ttcccttggg aggagctgct ggatttatta     33000
     tccacacatt gcacacacca tgaaggatac acaatgactt agttagggtt ttactgctgt     33060
     gcacagacac catgaccaag gcaagtctta tttaaaaaca aatttggggc tggcttacag     33120
     gttcagaagt tcagtccatt atcatcaagg tgggagcatg gcagcatcca ggcagacatc     33180
     acacaggcag agctgagagt tctacatctt catccaaagg ctgctagtgg aagactgatt     33240
     tccaggcaac tagggtgagg gtcttaagcc cacacccaca gtgacacaac tactccaacc     33300
     aagtcacacc tattccaaca aggccacacc tccaaatggt gccactccct ggtccaagaa     33360
     tatacaaacc atcacacaaa aacttcctgg gtatttaaga agcagagctt agacaaattc     33420
     cttccggtcc actccagcac cagggtgcct tgcccgcgga gtctctagac acccgcaagg     33480
     aaccacacag gattccccat gggatcctaa gacctctgat gaatggaaca cagcatctgc     33540
     tccaatccaa tctcacggga cctgagactg cattaactag ggaagcagat aacctagcct     33600
     gagcaggggc acaagtccct tccggcccac tccagcacca gggtgccttg ctcacggagt     33660
     ctccggacac ccacaaggaa ccacacagga ttccccacgg gatcctaaga cctctagtga     33720
     gtggaacaca gcatctgctc caatccaatt gtgcgggacc tgagactgca ttaattaagg     33780
     aagcagataa cccggcctaa tcgggggcac aagtcccttc tggttcactc cagcagcgga     33840
     cttccttgtg cccggagttt ctggacatcc ccaaggtcct cacaggaccc tccacgggat     33900
     cttaagacct ctggtgagca gaacacaact tctgccagga ggcaggttca aacaccagat     33960
     atctgggcac cttccctgca agaggagaac ttgcctgcag agagtactct gaccactgaa     34020
     actcaggaga gagctagtct cccaggtctg ctgatagagg ctaacataat cacctaagga     34080
     acaagctcta accagagaca actataacaa ctagctccag agaataccag atgtcgaaag     34140
     gcaaacataa gaatccaact aacagaaatc aagaccactc accatcatca gaacgtagca     34200
     ctcccacccc acctagtcct gggcacccca acacaaccga aaagctagac ccggatttaa     34260
     aagcatatct catgatggtg gtagaggaca tcaagaagga ctttaataac tcagtaaata     34320
     aatacaggag aacactgcta aagaattaca agtccttaaa gaaaaacagg aaaacacaac     34380
     caaacaggta aaagtcctta aagaaaaaca agaaaacaca tccaaacagg tgatggaaat     34440
     gaacaaaacc atattagact taaaaaggga agtagacaca atgaagaaaa cccaaagtga     34500
     ggcaacactg gagatagaaa ccctcggaaa gaaatctgga accatagatg caagcatcag     34560
     caacagaata caaaagatgg aagagagaat ctcaggtgca gaaaattata tatatatatt     34620
     aatattatat atatatcccc taaagaaata gaagcagtca ttaatagtct cccagccaaa     34680
     aaaagcccag gacaagatgg gtttagtgca gaattctatc agaccttcaa agaagatcta     34740
     attccagttc tgcacaaact attccacaaa atagaagtag aaggtactct acccaactca     34800
     ttctatgaag ccacaattac tctgatacct aaaccacaga aagacccaac aaagatagag     34860
     aacttcagac caatttccct tatgaatatc aatgcaaaat tcctcaataa agttcttgct     34920
     aactgaatcc aaggacacat taaagcaatc atccatcctg accaagtagg ttttattcga     34980
     gggatgcagg gatggtttaa tatacggaaa tccatcaacg taatccatta tataaacaaa     35040
     ctcaaagaca aaaaccacat gatcatctcg ttagatgcgg aaaagcattt gacaagatcc     35100
     aacacccatt catgataaaa gtcttggaaa gatcaggaat tcaaggccca tacctaaaca     35160
     tgataaaagc aatctatagc aaaccggtag ccaacatcaa agtaaatggt gagaagctgg     35220
     aagcaatccc actaaaatca gggactagac aaggctgccc ccactctctc cctacctctt     35280
     caacatagta cttgaagtcc tagccagagc aattcgacaa caaaaggaga tcaaggggat     35340
     acaaattgga aaagaggaag tcaaaatatc actttttgca gatgatatga tagtatatat     35400
     aagtgaccct aaaaattcca ccagagaact cctaaacctg ataaacagct ttggtgaagt     35460
     agctagatat aaaattaact caaacaagtc aatggccttt ctgtacacaa aggataaaca     35520
     ggctgagaaa gaaattaggg aaacaacaca cttctcaata gtcacaaata atataaaata     35580
     tcttggcatg actctaacta aggaagtgaa agatctgtat gataagaagc tgtttatcag     35640
     gcttaggagt tctctggtgg aatttttaga gtcactcata tatactatca tatcatctgc     35700
     aaaaagtgat attttgactt cttccttccc aacttgtatc cccttgatct ccttttgttg     35760
     tcaaattgct ctggctagga cttcaagtac aatgttgaat aggtagggag agagtggaca     35820
     gccttgtcta gtccctgatt ttagtgggat tgcttccagc ttctcaccat ttactttgat     35880
     gttggctact ggtttgctgt agattgcttt tatcatgtcc atctcagttt cttatattct     35940
     taattcatca caagagctaa aacagttctg agtcctattg gacagtgtct ccttgcctca     36000
     ttagtcttga aacagagtca gccaaagcct tgaggaagta ccaacttcaa accagacaaa     36060
     ggtatgccct tgagaatgac atttgaggaa gacctcagaa gttgtgccaa ggcaaacagt     36120
     gctatccaaa agagtgactg atatcagcct tgccttctgt ctgagcctgt gtcttgtctt     36180
     cttgtttaac taatttttga gaaattcata cattcataga gtatttgtta cttccttccc     36240
     tccctcacca cactccaaat actcccttag cccccaaccc ctctcagatt cataactctt     36300
     tcttctataa ttattgtctt acatatatgc aacttgaagg gggttttccc ttgcctcgca     36360
     ccatgttttt ttgttagatg gtctatggca cttacagaga acattaacac tctatgtgat     36420
     gtaacttcat ttaaacttta cttttatttt caacttcatt tgcaaacacc aggtccccat     36480
     gaaacagtct cactggacac tgctaccagg cttcctctcc tgactgtgta tgtcattggg     36540
     cacttaaaca ttgagcctag tcctttgatt ttgcactcta cttcctccta gcttgcacca     36600
     attcaacttt gttaactgga ccctacaaag atctgacaag aaaattccgt acacacatgc     36660
     caaaggaaat taattttgtg gatagttaaa agttaacatt ccaaaatcca tcttaagatt     36720
     caatccaata accatcaaaa ttccagtgta attctccaca gtgatattct ttgggtgttt     36780
     atatattgca tgctatagtt gatgctcttg tttaccctcc agaacttgtg ggttaagacc     36840
     caagggctaa aaataccaca tacttgagct atgaaacttg aagaaactaa gctggtaccg     36900
     atgtggacat ttcatctcta ctgaatagct ttcatggtgt gaaggtgctt tgtgtgctat     36960
     tataggagag tagtagcatc aattttatcc agtttggcac catgctacaa taatcactgg     37020
     tccagcaaga catgctcact ggtgcatagg gtggcacaaa cactatagaa gtaaccaacc     37080
     aatttatggc tggacttaag gcctgctcca caagttgaaa cttatgcctg aatttgctat     37140
     tgaagaatta acctgtggct agaaaattgg tcatagactc taaggaaaaa acctactaaa     37200
     atcactctgt tagctgggca aagtattaaa gcaattccta atgacttttc attatatccc     37260
     atagatagca cacctgtgaa tccccatgaa agaaacttct tattggagta gatggcaatt     37320
     tacacagaga cccacagctg gtcaaggtgt agagaataag agactaataa attctcagcc     37380
     ctaaatatga catctatatc atcctaatac acgtaatact ctccttcctc ccaaggctca     37440
     gggatcatta tagaaagagt gtaaagagtg tgaacgccag aagtaaaaaa tgactatgag     37500
     aaaacagtgt tttcaaacat agaaaagtgg ttgcatctct gaagtcacag tggttatgat     37560
     agcatataca agacctgtgc aagttcaagc cagaaaaatc ttagcatggg cagacaaggt     37620
     gggcatgatg ccccatcctc tagtgaggga gctattaaca attgatggat tctgggaaat     37680
     ggagattcat tttaagagta tggccctgca agattgaata tgctccagtg gatacccata     37740
     cagccaagaa tacagagaca gcacaaattg tacttggtga gttgtttttg tttgcctgtt     37800
     tgggtttttt tggggaatgg gtacagagtt gggtgagtag agaagagatg gtagatctga     37860
     gatgatttgt gggagggggt aaataagaac aaaatacatt gaacagaaaa ttcaaagacc     37920
     taatagaaaa attaagttaa cattctgcct tgtattgcag tcatctctat aggtccattt     37980
     cgatatgaca ctactgtata ttcaaaacaa gtaatgatca atagatgcag ggtgtgaata     38040
     tgagtagact atgaaggcaa gtgtggtata acacttgtct gcagctgttc atgtgtggat     38100
     gaagggctgt gctgttgttc ttatggtatc aggcttacac atttccctac ttgaactaca     38160
     tttacctgtc aggactagaa agtagaaaac actaggatta gacatgcttt acttatttgt     38220
     gacatggtat ctaaaaagct tctcattgct ctttgttctg tgtattaaac ttaaaactac     38280
     atgtgtaaac cataaaccat ttttaaacag ttatttaaat aaaatgatgg atgatgtggt     38340
     caatttcttc ttgaaattgt tctagataca tgttatatgt tatgtgagat aaattggact     38400
     taagaaacac aaaatttaaa gttgcatttc cctcatacaa gtttatgggg atttatatcc     38460
     ctactgccca ttacatgcaa caaatatact gtagatattg aataatggtt aaagcagcaa     38520
     gtttgggttt tcccaagtgt agtgagcttc caggatccga atggccctcc catcctcctt     38580
     tcaggtagcc catgttggta gtatgttcct ttgctgatgg tgacataaca aagaaccaca     38640
     ggctggattg taggcttata tttttcaaaa catactttaa taaatatgct taaatgctct     38700
     aaagttcctt ctagcccacc acccaccaga ggaaaggaaa ggttaatagg caaaggagga     38760
     tatggatctg tttagaaata gttctttggg gcaaatccta tctgtattgt caatccaatc     38820
     tcagtgtcag ctgtttggtt ctaattaatc agtggtggta gctggaacca ctcacaaaca     38880
     ccattcacag atcagcaaca gcagttcaag ctaaagaaac ctcaaggttc tgccaatcag     38940
     ccagagtcca cagaagtggc aagaagtgcc agaccaccac cagaaaatca ttggtatgtt     39000
     tctctctatg aagtcacaaa aaaacaataa tcaggaaaga gtggcaaggt gaaccaatac     39060
     catactgtct gttggggtat atttataccc tttccaaatg tcatgtcttc tctcaagcat     39120
     ccactctagc agtatatcat atatctgttt gttttttttt gttgttgttg ttttgttttc     39180
     aggtaacttc cagaaaaata ccacatgtct gttctcagcc aaacatcctc tcacatgtca     39240
     acttcaacaa aaacattctc ttataggaca gtttcttaaa aaacatcaca gggcccaacc     39300
     gagtctccaa aaaaatcaga aatttccact ccttgagtgg cttaaataac agaaacttat     39360
     tcatcatacc ctagttgaag aaaatcaagg tatagcagat gggctcctcc ttggtctcat     39420
     agatgatgtc cttcccctgt gtgcttacat ggtcaccttt gtgtgccctg tgtttcctga     39480
     gctcctcttc tcttaagtat atcaattaca ttggattagg gatatctcta gtgaactcac     39540
     ttttttaact taaccttgaa gttctaatgt agttacattc tgagaagttc agacttcgat     39600
     taatgaattt gaaacacaag gaaactcatg gttcctttag tagtttatca aggcagaaga     39660
     acattgagtt cttgagatta aggtctaggc tacctgatgg tccaggagag cctttcacaa     39720
     accataacag tagtgatgaa acaggagaaa gagagcaatt tcagcagaaa gaggaggaga     39780
     ccaccagagc ctatcaaaac agaacacaca agtaagttct gttgtctaga tggaattcct     39840
     gtggtgaagg aattgtcatt gtcaactgtg agcctgagat tcacatcttc actgggcctt     39900
     tagtatgccc tcccttacac agagagtcag tggcacatag tagtgacaga gataagctct     39960
     aaatttttat tacatctgtt tgtttgtttg gttggttttt tgtttgtttg tttgtttttt     40020
     gtttttctgg tgtttttttt ttcattcagt ttggttttca tgttttgttt tgttttgttt     40080
     tgttttgagg acagggtttt tctgtgttgc ctggtcatcc tgaattcact ctgtagacca     40140
     ggctagcttg aactcaaaaa ttttctcggg agtgctggga ttaaaggtgt gctttaccaa     40200
     cacccagctt cagctaggtt tcttaaacag ccaatgctca cctacctagg gacaatggta     40260
     cccactatgc actggatcct cccgtatcaa tcatcaataa ggacagccac aggccaatct     40320
     gattgaggta atttttcaat tgatattgcc tcttcttagg tatctagggt gtgtcatgtt     40380
     gacaagaaca agaaactggc atactatggt atacacatag ggagatgtgg gtacatgtat     40440
     gctaggacag atatgtggca gtcaaggaca ccttagcaga gttgattctc tctttctacc     40500
     atgtaggcta tgaggattga gctaacattg tcaggcttgg cagcaagtac cttcagtcac     40560
     tagacatctt gacaatccca gaaatcttaa ttctttcact cccctgaagc ttccctgact     40620
     ctgcaaactt ctctgtcttt ctgcaccagt cagctcggct gtcacattaa catatcctga     40680
     agtggaaact taagagttct ttggaaagtc agttatgtta gatgttgttt tgctgggaca     40740
     aatacatgga gtgttttcct gaagcagaca caagtaaaag gatgttttgc taaatcagac     40800
     atgtgaaata acattttgct gaagcagaca caagtgaaaa gatgttctac taaagcaagc     40860
     acatgaaagg acacgtgatg aaggattctt tgctaatggc acacattgta atggccttac     40920
     attgaattgt tgagctccat ttgtcagaac tccatagaga gaaatgcacc aaaaaaaaaa     40980
     attctgatgg tgtgccatgg cttcttgctg cttccacaga ctctggctga ttgacagagt     41040
     gatgtcacct gagacagata cacgtgctga ggcaagacct atggagggca tgtgatgttt     41100
     agagggtata aatagaactc aatggagagt gatggaggct gaactaggct tgcttataga     41160
     gctagttgtg caatgcttgt tggtcttgca tcctcactga tcttcacttc actgagagag     41220
     gcacagctga gaacttttca cagcatccct attggcagtg gtccctcctg ctgacttgtg     41280
     ccaatttgac tgaggcctgg ctgttcctgg taggtcatgc caccactgct actgtttcaa     41340
     ctctaccaaa ctggactgct gatatatcca tgaagtgttt tcaagtgggc tgagcctcca     41400
     ctgttgacct gtggactgaa ctgttgattt tcttgcaaca cagatggcat aagttccaaa     41460
     gaaccatttc taaacaggtt cacttccccc atatcctaat aacttttctt ttccattacc     41520
     tttgatgggc agtgggctag aagagaggtt aaagcattta agaaccaagt aagctttgaa     41580
     aaaattaaag ttacaatatc ccaggatgat cagtttgcaa tttgatatat actttcttag     41640
     gatctacagt taagagtgca aataaggact cttctcaggt tttcttactt gttggtccta     41700
     ccatgactca gcaaaagctc tggtgccttt tctgcactcc aaggtccagt ttcatcaggc     41760
     aaatgccctg tactgtgatt ctagtatgta tcgcatgccc cagtctccaa attcagtcac     41820
     caggggaacg ggaacttcag tacaggaaat gagcgatttc tacatctaac tacaacatat     41880
     caccctggaa acacatgatg tcctcaggca tcccttctag gaagcatatg tgacctagct     41940
     gcacacacct gccaagtata tcctcctcaa gagtatttcc catagctgag cagtcgaaag     42000
     gataagtgat gagcaatgtc aaatactctg gaaaatgcat tcctaccctg tccataaatt     42060
     tatttttcgg gatcagactg aattcactct aattagaaga agtagaagca gtttcaagtc     42120
     ttcaataact caattattta gtttaaggaa ggaactaaag gtctgctcac gcttctaaag     42180
     tacactagac ctttaatttt attttatgag catatattgg ttagccagag taatagttca     42240
     cagtgacatt tcttacatgt atacaacaca cctgtgtcat atcagtcctg tttcccttgc     42300
     ttctctgctc ttccccttac acatggctaa tacttctttc tttactccca tgtcccatcc     42360
     cacacttgtg agaggcactt gtggtcactc gatgcttatc tttcagaatt ctttatctca     42420
     ctcaccatgg ggattccatt tccatccatt ttcctgtgaa caacatcatt tcatttttcc     42480
     tggaggctga gtaaaatgtc atgagaatgc atcacatccc atttattcct ggtgaggagc     42540
     acctcagcta gacctttcct gctgtgagga gaactgaaaa aacacagatg cccatgtctc     42600
     tcaaataagc tgactgagcc tccagaagtc atatggctgc tcagacagaa gttctgaact     42660
     tagctttttt aactataccc ctacttactg ccatggtgaa tttttagttt acctcccaca     42720
     agcagtaaat aaaatttcct ttcctcctac agccttacca gcatttcttc tttgtttccc     42780
     tgataatgga cattctgtct ggaataaaat aagatcttag tgacattttt gcattgcatt     42840
     tccctgatga ctaaatttgt taacacattt ttatatttat tgatcatttg tatttcttca     42900
     tttgaaaaat atccattcag cctatttgcc catttactga ctgatctgat ttttttcatt     42960
     gtttaaattt ttagttcttt atatattctg gatattaatc ctatattgaa tgagtagttg     43020
     gaaacatgtt ctcccagtct gtaggctgtc tcttaatttt tcatttttgt ttgctatgca     43080
     agttctttat agttttttga agtctcctta catatgtctg tatctcataa catttttctt     43140
     acattattcc caagtaggtt caacattcca ggtctttcat tgggctcttt aatctatttt     43200
     tttatttgat ttttgtatag ggtagaagac agggttcaag ttctagttct tctacacatg     43260
     gacacctact tttcccacca tcacttggta aagaggctat gtttctccag tctatgtttt     43320
     ggtacctttc tcaagaatca catgaccatg tcttctattt tatttcatta gtgtatgtgt     43380
     ttggttttgt tcatgtacca tgatggtttt gttactaaag ctctgttcta tatttgaaat     43440
     caagtactgt gattaatcta gtgatactat tcctgaatcg actctctttg gctctgtgag     43500
     accttctgtg atttcatatt aattgtagct ttttttcctg tttttatgaa gaaggtcatt     43560
     ggcgttgtga tggtgtgatg gtttgtacat tcttggacca gggagtagca tcatttggaa     43620
     gtatggcctt gttggaatgg gtgtgtcact gtgagtgtgg gcttaagatc cttaccctag     43680
     ttgcctggaa gtcagtcttc cactagcagc ctttggatga agacatagaa ctctcagttc     43740
     ctcctgcacc atgcctgcct ggatgctgcc atgctcccac cttgatgatg atagactgaa     43800
     cctctgaacc agtaagccat tcccaattaa atgttgtttt tataagactt gccttggttt     43860
     tggtgtctgt tcacagcagt aaaaccctaa gacaggtggt gattctattg aatcaatggg     43920
     atctttgtga tgtagccctt ttaacaatat cagttttgcc aacccagcaa catgggaggc     43980
     tctccatttt ctattgtctt tttcagtttc cttggtgata tacagttttt actgcttagc     44040
     cttgaagtgt ccaataatct tgatgtggta gtcttctggc ttcacctaca ctatggtact     44100
     tcactcttca tccagctgtc agcctttctt ctttagtcct tttataccac tgtggcttta     44160
     gaagattctg gaaggatgga gccccatggg aactgccttc agtggatgct tatgtacact     44220
     ccacacctag tgtgaggaat tttacaggca gtgcttcagg acttaagttt ctgaagttga     44280
     ggactctgct tctttagaca gagtgaacag tttgttaata cttgtgcata taaactcttg     44340
     tgagacgtac actgggctgt cttctatatt aaagccacta taatgtccct gtcagctctg     44400
     tgacatcaag caccctcttc ctctctctgc actgaatcaa acagacacaa gattaactct     44460
     atctcccaaa atcttgagac tgtgactttt gagccagtcc actgtgagac acaggtagtg     44520
     cctatgtggc taggtttctc tataaccaat ccacctgaat gacccttcct gcccctactt     44580
     cccccagatc tgctggacct gtgtgagaat cctctctatt gttgctctct gaatgcctca     44640
     gctcccctaa agcatagtca agctactcac cccacccaag gcagttcctg acctgatgca     44700
     tcctcatttt cattctcttt ctgcccaaac cttacttgca ccatgatgat aaaagggaat     44760
     taggaagaag ttcatcaaac tgtgtcccaa tcaatagaca gtgcttttta ttcatcccaa     44820
     ataagccaga gagtctacat tttaaagagc tagagacctc aagtgcctag agaccttagc     44880
     atctgaaacg gtcagagaat gaagaaactg aacataggtg tgataccttc actgtcctgg     44940
     ctcagatact cagtcttcag tgtggttcct ttttatggtc atgactgccc atgagttgat     45000
     gctgggtgtg ccacaaaaca cccaggaaaa ctcacattgt ggtggcaaat acagccaccc     45060
     aggatacttg cctgcctgca aaatccattc ctgggatagc catccaggtt tctttcttta     45120
     cccacatgtc cacaaaaccc catctctgaa agaacatttc atcctaggga actgcagata     45180
     gaacacagaa gacactgaac cggaagggac taccatgcag ccatcttcat gtgggaagcc     45240
     tctcctccca ggtcagaaac aattccattt ttatatcaaa taaccctgat aaaaatacca     45300
     ctacctcttt gctagaatag tattcaaaag caaaacacta ctggtctcta ttgtaggaaa     45360
     aaaatatttt ggctctcctg tgagctttat ccaaatcttt ccagacttgt taagaataca     45420
     gatgctccaa acagggttga gcaatggggg aacatgtgct atcgacccca acttgtggct     45480
     gaggactttc caagcacctt tgctatattc ccatcagaag attcatcgac catcaaagtg     45540
     tttagagtcg gctaacttca tcagagctgg caggacacta gaaaacactc tgacagcagc     45600
     acaagccttc acatgagacc aaacaaaaat gcaggttgtg aaagatgctc ctgggctggc     45660
     ggaattcccc tcattatcag gaagccagtc tagtccatcc agagcatgcc tcctgctgca     45720
     tgcctggact ctactcttgc tcttactggg cttgcttctg acaagacagc atcacctagt     45780
     ggaggagtgc caggagaact tgggatacct gcatcaccga attcctgggg tcttggctct     45840
     cagctaaaaa tggaggctac aagtcatcac tcttcagttc ttaatcatta taaggttcac     45900
     taggaaagac ttcccacttc tcaaaataca ataaaggcag aataagtcaa attgctatgt     45960
     tagaagtttt cctcttgcta ctcaagatca ctgtgctcag atgggtcaga gattgggggg     46020
     gggggcagac actctgggct tctgtgcact ccccttcact ctgcctcagg aaagaggcta     46080
     ttggaaaccc tctatgtgtc taatgtttgg atgatgagga ccacttctta gatctggggt     46140
     aatcttcctt tacggaggac accatttctc cctagtcaac ttttccttag aaaaattttc     46200
     tggacttata cacaatataa taacttgaga aaaagtaaaa agtgaaagga catttgcagt     46260
     gagcagggcc atccagaata agggcagtgt tgtgacaggc acattactaa ctgtaactcc     46320
     tgtggctatg acatcagctc agtcaaggat gtatccacat tcacccagca aagccttcag     46380
     cacatactga tctatttctg taagactaaa cattagtaaa atattcctct gttttaattt     46440
     agcttcatgc tatcatgaga ctcactctac tgtgaagttt taaagagatt ttataattgt     46500
     atttttccaa ataaaattta tcttactgga accttcaaat tattcccaaa atatgctcac     46560
     atgctggtat ggcccataat atatttctat tattttcaaa caagtatttc tttcaggata     46620
     tctaagaaat ccaaattata ttctccatgt tcttctgcct acagggtctg cttagtctcc     46680
     tgaggtaatt ctgtcccctg aggtaactct gtctccttgt cttcctccta ttagacttct     46740
     ctggaagcaa ctgtgcactt gtgtcagcat ggagagatgg gtctgggcac cttgggtgac     46800
     aactaacagc agaagggtac attctctcct ggtctccttc acaggatgca ggcagcaagc     46860
     actttctagt gttgtgcctg ggagagctgt tggttttctt agcagaggcc atgctccagc     46920
     agtacttcta actgagcctg taaaggacct gctgcaaatg agtgagattc ctatggatgt     46980
     tgcacagtca actcctgcct cttgtcagag actctcagaa cccaagggca gcctgaccct     47040
     ttctccttgg tctctcagaa ggtagcaagc tgcatgattg aaatccccat cagtcttccc     47100
     actcctacct tagttttgcc atcctctcag gccctgaaaa gcctaaaata agaacacagg     47160
     ttacatatgt caagatctgt gaggccacca ttcctccagt tctctttctg atagccctag     47220
     ggaacactgt gcatggtaaa ggccttgatc tgggacatga gccatatacc tttgagttcc     47280
     acctcggcct gtagaacaga ccacccagcc ctctgttagg tctgtggtgc catggaacaa     47340
     tagtcctcta ctctgacata gcatgcagct tgtcagagat cccagctgtt actaatactt     47400
     cagtggggta ctagaggctg gggaaggagg actgagaaaa aaagagatga tgctcagagg     47460
     tacgaagtct tagaggagca gtgctgtgag ctagagtact gcacgaagca cacagttaat     47520
     aatgaggaca agtgctggca aagacatagg gagggaagaa cgcttgctca ctgctgagag     47580
     agtataaact agtacatcca ctatagaaat cagtgtggac attcctcaaa aagccagaaa     47640
     tagatctatg atgtgatcca gctataccac tcttgggagc ttacccagag gactccatat     47700
     cctagtgtag agatacacat ttcatccatg ttcattgcta ttctatccac aacagccagg     47760
     aaatgaaaac agcctaaatg cccatcaact gatgaataaa caatgaaaat gtgatatatt     47820
     tacacactga aattttattc agccattaag aaaaacaaaa ttccccttct ggtctgggct     47880
     ggtactctaa gcagaccttg gggacaaact ccacagccag tccaacaaca cccagaggaa     47940
     gctccactcc caggcaccct aacacaccca ggatcccagg atccaaagat cccaggaact     48000
     tggtgactcc aagatctcag ggtcacagag gcagcttgac ttccaggagc tctgacacac     48060
     ccaggatctc aggatcactg gatcccagaa tcacaggatg ataaaaacag cttgactctg     48120
     aggagttctg acacaaccaa aatcacagga aggatgagct ccagtgagac atagccagga     48180
     caggtagcac tagagataac cagatggcgg gacgaaagca taagaacata agcaacagaa     48240
     acaaaggtta ctgggcatca tcagaactaa attctcccac catagcaagt cctggataca     48300
     ccatcacact ggaaaagcaa gattcagatt gaaaatcact tctcatggtg ataatagagg     48360
     acttttagaa gaacataatg aaataaaaga gaacataggt aaacaggtag tagcccttaa     48420
     agaagaaaca caaaaatcct ttaagagtta caggaagatc ttctgaccca ggttcctcag     48480
     agaccagtct gctcagaaga gactgcagac tgcagaagca ccataccttc tgggacaggc     48540
     ctcggtgcag gccttcatct tcagccagga agcagttcta agctccagac acctatgctc     48600
     cttccccacc aggagaggtg tgactgccaa ggagggctct ggcctcctga gcaggtgaga     48660
     gagccatatt gtatcccaga tccctcagaa accagtctgc acaggagagc ctgctgactc     48720
     tcctgaggcc acatagcaga ccactgagac tcaggagaga gttggattcc caggagtgct     48780
     gacagaggct aacagaatca caggaggaac aagctccagc cagagacagc tataacaact     48840
     aacaccagag attaccagat ggtgaaaggc aaatgtaaga atcttaataa taagctgggc     48900
     atggtggcgc acacctttaa tcccagcact tggagggcag aggcaggcag atttctgagt     48960
     tcgagccagc ctggtctaca aagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctatac agagaagctc     49020
     tgtctccaaa acccaaaaga aaaaaggaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaatc ttactaacag     49080
     aaaccaagac cactcaccat aatctgaacc cagcattccc aactcagaga gtcctggata     49140
     ccccaaaaca cctgaaaagc aagactcaga tttaaaatca tatctcaaga tgctggtaga     49200
     ggatgttaag aaggaaatta ataactgact taaagaaata caggagaaca tgggcgaaac     49260
     aggtaaaagg ccttaaagag gaagcacaaa aatcatttaa agaattgcag taaaacactg     49320
     ctaaacaatt agaagccctt aaagaagaaa tacaacaatc ccttaaagaa ttacaggaaa     49380
     acacaaccaa attgatggaa ttgaacaaaa caacccaaga tctaaaaagg gaagtagaaa     49440
     caataaagaa aacccaaagg gagataactc tggagataga aaccctagga aagaaatcag     49500
     gaatcaaaga tgcaagcatc accaacagaa tacaagagat ggaagagaga atctcaggtg     49560
     cagaagattc catagagaac atgggcacaa caatcaaaga aaatgcaaaa tgcaaaaaga     49620
     tcctaactca aaacatccag gaaatccagg acataatgag aagaccaaac ctatggataa     49680
     taggagtaga tgagaatgaa gattttcaac ttaaggggcc agcaaatatc ttcaaaaaaa     49740
     ttatagaaga aaacttccca aacctaaaga aagagattcc catgaacata caagaagcct     49800
     acagaactcc aaattggtct cccaaaattt atatgcctca ctacagggga accccagggc     49860
     caagaagtcg agtgggtgag ggtagggtgg ggagggaggg tgtgggggaa ttttgggata     49920
     gcattggaaa tgtaaatgaa gaaaatacct aattaaaaaa aaagaaaaaa attctcgcta     49980
     accgaatcca agaacacatc aaaataatca tccatcctgc ccaagtaggc ttcatccctg     50040
     gcatgcaggg atggtttaat atacggaaat ccgtcaatgt aattcgctat ataaacaaac     50100
     tcaaagataa aacaaaccaa tagccaacat caaactaaaa ggagaaaagc tggaagcaat     50160
     cccactaaaa tcagggacta cacaaggctg cccactttct ccttatctat tcaatatagt     50220
     acttgaagtt ctagccagag caattagaca acaaaaggag gtcaagggga tacaaattgc     50280
     taaggaaaaa agtcaaaata tcactatttg cagatgatat gatactatat ataagtgatt     50340
     ctaaaaattc catcaaagaa ctcctaaacc tgttaaacag cttcagaata gtagctgcat     50400
     ataaaattaa ttcaaacaaa tcaatggcct ttctctatac aaaggataaa caggctgaga     50460
     agaaattagg aaagcaacac ccttcacaat agtcacaaat aatatacctt ggtgtgactc     50520
     taacgaagga agtgaaagat ctgtatgata agaacttcag gtctctgaag aaagaaatca     50580
     aaaaatatct cagaagatgg aaagatcttc catgctcatg gattgcagga tcaatatagt     50640
     aaaaacggct atcttgccaa aatcaaacta cagtttcaat gcaatcccca ccaaaattcc     50700
     aactcaattc ttcaaggaat tagaaagggc aattagcaaa tacatctgaa ataacaaaaa     50760
     acctaggata gcaaaaactc ttctcaagga taaaagaacc tctggtggaa tcactatgcc     50820
     tgacctcaag ctgaactaca gagcaattgt gataaaaact gcatggtact ggtacagtga     50880
     cagacaagta gaccaataga atagaactga agacccagaa atgaacccac acacagatgg     50940
     tcacttgatc tttgacaagg gagctaaaac aatccagtgg agaaaagaca gcatttttta     51000
     aggtttttat taatttattt tttattaggt attttcttta tatacatttc aaatgctgtc     51060
     cccaaagttc cctatacact tgctccaccc tgctccccta ccctgctccc ctacacaccc     51120
     actccagctt cttggccctg gcgttcccct gtaatggggc atataaagtt tgcaatacca     51180
     aggggcctct attcccagtg atggctgact agaccatctt ctgctacata tgcatctaga     51240
     gatatgagct ctgggggtac tggttagttc atattgttat tccacctcta gggttgcaga     51300
     caccttcagc ttcttggttg ctttctccag cttccccatt gggagccctg tattccatct     51360
     tatagatgac tgtgagcatc cacttctgta tttgccaggc actggcatag cctcatacga     51420
     gacaactata acagggtcct ttcagcaaaa tctttctggc atatgcaatc gtgtctgggt     51480
     gtggtgcttg attatgggat ggatctccgg gtggggcagt ctctggatgg tccatccttt     51540
     catcttagct ccaaactttg tgtctgtaac tcctttcatg gatattttgt tccctattct     51600
     aaggaggaat gaagtatcca cacattggtc ttccctcttc ttgattttct tgtgttttgc     51660
     aaattgtatc ttaggtgttc tatgtttctg ggctaatatc cacttatcga tgagtacata     51720
     tcatgtgagt tcctttgaga ttgggttacc tcactaagga tgatatcctc cagatacatc     51780
     catttgtcta agaatttcat aaatccattg tttttaataa ctgagtagta ctacattgtg     51840
     taaatgtacc acattttctg tatccattct tctgttgaga gacatctggg ttcattctag     51900
     cttctggcta ttataaataa ggctgctatg aacatagtgg agcatgtgtc cttattacca     51960
     gttgggaaca tcttctgggt atatgccccg gagaggtatt gctggatctt ctggtagtac     52020
     tatgtccagt tttcagaaaa ccgccagact gatttccaga gtggttgtac aagcttgcag     52080
     tcccaccagc aatggaggag tgttcctcct tctccacatc ctcgccagca tctgctgtca     52140
     cttgaatttt tgatcttagc cattctgact ggaatgaggt ggaatctcaa ggttgttttg     52200
     atttgcatgt ccctgatgat taaggatgtt gaacatttat tcaggtgctt cccagccctt     52260
     ccgtattcct cagttgagaa tgctttggtt agctcggtac cccatttttt aatggtgtta     52320
     tttgaatttc tggagtccag cttcttgagc tctttatata catatacata tatatcatcc     52380
     ttactgagga aaccaaatca caaaagaact cacatgatat ttactcactg gtaagtggat     52440
     attagcccag aaacttagaa tacccaagat acaatttgaa agtcacgtga aactcaagaa     52500
     gaacaaagac caaagtgtgg acactttgcc ccttctcaga attgggaaca aaacacccat     52560
     ggaaggagtt acagatacaa agtttggagc taagatgaaa ggatggacca tccagatact     52620
     gccacaccca gggatccatc ccataatcag ccacaaatgc agacactatt gcatacgcca     52680
     gcaagaatgt gctgaaagga cactgatata gctggctcaa ttgaggctat gccagtgcct     52740
     ggcaaacaca gaagtggatg ctcacagtca gctattggat gaaacacagg gcccctaatg     52800
     gaggagctag agaaagtacc caaggagctg aaggggtctg caaccctata ggtggaacaa     52860
     caatatgaac taaccagtac ctccagagct cgtgtctcta gctgcatatg ttgcagaaga     52920
     tggcctagtt ggccatcatt gggaagagag gcctcttgat cttgcatact tcatatgccc     52980
     cggtacaggg aaacaccagg gccaagaagt gggagtggat gagtagggga acagggaggt     53040
     gggagggtat agagaacttt ctggatagca tttgaaatgt aaatgaagaa aatacctaat     53100
     aaaaatttga gggaaaaaaa tcaacaacaa caacaaccta gaaacaaaat tgtggaagga     53160
     agtgggatat accgatttga gtggagctgg gaaagagggt atgttccaaa tacagtgtag     53220
     gaaattctca aagaactaat aaacatgaaa aaataataca ttatagatag caaatttgcc     53280
     aaaagagtga acactcaatc tttgagattc ccaaggcccc aggttagttt actctgttgg     53340
     ttttcttgtg gagttcctga accacaacca aagagcacac acaggctgga ctaactctcc     53400
     tccccctgca catatgtagc aaatgtgcag cttaattttc atgcaagtcc cccaacaact     53460
     ggaacaggag cttaccctga ctgtgtttgt ctgcctgtgg atcccattct cctaactagg     53520
     ctaccttgtc tggcctcaga gaaaaaggat gtgcctagtc ctgcaatgac ttgacctgcc     53580
     agggtgagtt gatacccagg ggtgcctctt cctttgaaga gaaggggaga aagggattgg     53640
     ggaggggctg tttaatgggt gtactgggag gagggaggcc ttcaatcaag atgcaaagtg     53700
     atcaaataaa ttaatagaaa aaatgaacaa acaaacaaaa aagagtagat gtttaatatt     53760
     ctcttcacag aaaagagaac ttggtaaggt gatggataca tgaactaacc tgattacctc     53820
     ttccataatc caaacataga ttaaatgaca atgcacacaa ttctcattta caactaaatg     53880
     ttcattttta ggactggaaa gatagttcag cagttaaaag tagttgctgc ttttgcagta     53940
     gctaaaggtt gaatttgtag tacctacatg gcagatcaca actgtctata actcaggttc     54000
     gaggggatct gatgccctct ctggctttag caggtaccag gcatgcacat ggtacacata     54060
     catacatgca ggcaaaacat ttatacacat aaaattaaat aaatcattta ttttattact     54120
     cagttagatt ttggaacagg gtttctctgt gtagccctag ctttcctgga atttgctctg     54180
     tagactaggt tagccttaaa ccagcctacc tctgccttct aagagctggg attgaaggca     54240
     ggtgacacca ccacccagct aagatttaat ttttcaagca aaattactag aagtaagaaa     54300
     atatgctttt aataacgtta ttttgactga ttaagaaaga aagaacaaac taggtatgct     54360
     cccaaagtaa gtggaaggga ggaaagtgag caaggtattt agagtaagag gagagagagg     54420
     aaagtgtgat ttccttagct ttatcatcat ctacatgcct taacgctttg aaaggggaga     54480
     cagaataggt gggtggcacc agacacagga aaacacaact cagtgatgcc agctgcagag     54540
     aggcaggcac aatggtggtg gccataccca gcacagaaag gcatcatacc tcaatgtgaa     54600
     tggtgaccaa tggagcccat gatgtcgctc cagcatcagg gagagcatgc tgacctgacc     54660
     tgctctatta acacatccag aacacggtcc cgagggccac tcttagattt acaatgccta     54720
     ttattgagtt gtataccagc ctacatattg catgtcagta tacacacctt ttcacactct     54780
     tcaccatata acttgtcgtt tttaatctcc cacactgatg ttcaacatct ccttaccatc     54840
     accatgaacc atatttgcca tgtgactaaa aagagtgact gaaatgctga tatgggatct     54900
     ttgatttatt tcatctgagg cttcccagga atattctatg atttatgccc ccacacagct     54960
     gtctgattaa ttcactctgg gctacaaagg caacccatta aaggcattat gatttcaaca     55020
     agaaccccag taagcacaac agtgacatct tgtgccttgg aacacagtgt tagcagagac     55080
     ctgtgcttct tagttaacat cagggtgata cattagatgt gaccaaacag aacaactgaa     55140
     attgttttaa aatactgaag ctggagctac agagatcttt cagtcattgc ctcaaaagca     55200
     tgaaggctta agttccatcc ccagacccca tggagttgca cttgtaatcc cagaaaaagt     55260
     gaatgagagg cagaaagagt ggttccctaa aagctctgga accagctagc tttgcctatt     55320
     gtgaagagtt ccaggccaag aagaaaccct gtctcaacag aaaaataaat gcaaggttct     55380
     tgaaggatga tatataaagc catcttctga cctctacatg cacacgagca cccccacaca     55440
     tgtacatcca cacaaacaga aaaattagtt aactaattaa ttaaaatact gaaatgtctc     55500
     cattgatgga ccaatcccag ccatacttgg gtgtggtgaa caattccaat ggaatgctag     55560
     tttttgtttt attctagata tatcatttgt ggtttatgaa gttcaagggg aaggagctac     55620
     taaggcacag gggtgacttc ctagcagggt gctgagaaat ctgggactag aagttaccac     55680
     cttgttggag agagactttt aggagagaca gatgtgtggg cttgcctaaa tcccagctca     55740
     ccaacctacc cagatggtgc acagccttct gggggggggg ggcggagagt gacacacaag     55800
     actgacagtt attcacacaa gattcctagc tttggggggg tgagatacta tgcctatgat     55860
     gaaataggac catcaaacaa caacaaaacc aagagcaaac aaactagaag aaagacacct     55920
     accttttatt acccactgaa atgatcagat aagaattttt aagcacttat gactccagga     55980
     attaatgggc aaattgacaa gtggacagtc tcaccagaaa atcagtctta gaaagagcca     56040
     agtgcagacc ttagaactgg agaacatagt tatggaaatc aagaagccaa cagatggggt     56100
     tcacagcctg ttactcagca gaagacaggt tgtaaactgg aaccaggaca tggaagattg     56160
     aacgaagagc atgaaagagc ctgaggcatg gaaaagggcc tttccacacc tgccattgga     56220
     atagggagat agatcattgt gtgaagagta gattaaaact cagccatgca ctgtggaaag     56280
     tcgctattgt ccaggatacc cacaagtctg agtcagatgg ataccatgtc caggaattta     56340
     agaccagcct gggcatcaca gtgagactct gcctcaaaaa taaaaagtta tcccctatca     56400
     gatttatgat tgataaaaat cctttcctaa tctgttggtg gcctttttgt cttattgaca     56460
     gtgtcttttg ccttacagaa gctttgcaat tccatgaggt cccatttgtc aattcttgat     56520
     cttacagcac aagccattgc tgttctgttt aggaattttt ccccagtgcc catatctttg     56580
     aggctttttc ccactttctc ctctataaat ttcagtgtct ctggttttat gtggagttct     56640
     ttgatccact tagacttgag ctttgtgcaa ggagatagga atggatcaat tcacattctt     56700
     ctacatgata accaccagtt gtgccagcac catttgttga aaatgctgtc ttttttccac     56760
     tgacggtttt agctcccttg tcaaagatca agtgaccata ggtgtatggg ttcatttctg     56820
     ggtcttgaat tctattccat tgatctacct gtctgttgct gtaccagtac catgcagttt     56880
     atatcacaat tgctctgtag tacagcttga ggtcaggtat ggtgattcca ccagaggttc     56940
     ttttattgtt gaaaatagtt tttgctatcc tgggtttttt attattccag atgaatttgc     57000
     aaattgccca ttctaactca gtgagttgga attttgatgg ggattgcatt gatatatata     57060
     taaagaactc aagaagctgg actccagaaa ttcaaataat tccattaaaa aatggggtac     57120
     agagctaacc aaagcattct caactgagga atacggaagg gctgggaagc acctgaataa     57180
     atgttcaaca tccttaatca tcaaggaaat ggaaatcaaa acaaccttga gattccacct     57240
     cactccagtc agaatggcta agtcaaatag tcaagtgaca tcagatgctg gtgaggatgt     57300
     ggagaaagag gaacactcct ccattgctgg tgggattgta agtttgtaca accactctgg     57360
     aaatcagtct ggtggttttt agaaaactag acatagtact accagaagat ccagcaatac     57420
     ctctcctggg catataccca gaagatgttc taactggtaa taaggataca tgctccccta     57480
     tgttcatagc agcctcattt ttaatagcca gaagctagaa agaacccaga tgtccctcaa     57540
     cagaagagtg gatacagaaa atgtggtaca tttacacaat ggagtactac tcagctatta     57600
     aaaacaatga atttatgaaa ttcttgggca aatggatgta tctggaggat atcatcctta     57660
     gtgagataaa ccaatcacaa aagaagtcac ttgatatgcc ctcactgata agtggatatt     57720
     agcccagtaa cttagaatac ccaagataca atttgcaaaa cacaagaaaa tcaagaagaa     57780
     ggaagaccaa catgtggata cttcattcct ccttagaata aggaacaaaa tacccatgaa     57840
     aggagttaca gacacaaagt ttggagctaa gacgaaagga tggactatcc agagactacc     57900
     ccacctgggg atccatccca taatcagcca ccaaacccag acactattgc atatgccagc     57960
     aggattttgc tgaaaggacc ctgatatagc tgtctcttgt gagactatgc gggggcctag     58020
     caaacacaga agtggatgct cacagtcatc tattggatgg aacacagggc ctccaatgga     58080
     ggagctagag aaagcaccca aggagctgaa ggggtctgta acccaatagg tggaacaaca     58140
     atatgaacta accagtaccc ccagagctca tgtctctagc tgcttatgta gcagaagatg     58200
     gcctagttgg ccatcactgg gaagagaggc ccctttgtct tgcaaacttt atatgcccca     58260
     gtatggggga atgccagggc caaaaagtgg gagtgggtgg gtaggggagc agggtggggg     58320
     ggagggtata ggggactttc agaatagcat ttgaaatgta aataaagaaa atatctttaa     58380
     aaaataaaga aataaatagg tgtacaaaac taacagcatc attcaattat gaacttatga     58440
     acttttacaa acctgaagca ggataaatag ggagcaaaga acaccagagt catcatcttg     58500
     cttgccgtga aaaactttaa agcattgtaa aagggctgca gagataagta agtcacagcc     58560
     tgagaactga gcaatccata aaactgacaa aagtttaaaa cccacatgat atgtttatat     58620
     cagagatcaa agatgataaa agaacaactt actttcccaa gtcttggagg ccttgagtta     58680
     cttcaggaaa gattcctagt agcagttctc acgccttccg tttccaagtg ctccacagac     58740
     aggcctctcc tgggctcctc caccctggta tctgcagaac aacattgggg ctcaggaaaa     58800
     gtcttcctcc ttctgacagt gccctcaact ccaaccagag ctccagtatc tggcatccaa     58860
     cagcttcttc atggtgtgta aggtaaggtc tacagatcac agtgccattt cttcacagtt     58920
     gtcttcaaca tttagtcaat gcacattaat ccagagtttt aagagatctc gttcccaggc     58980
     tcaaattgcc ctttactaac tgagcccaat cctagctatt gtgaagatga ataagataga     59040
     aaagtcctgt attcccagtt cataacacat agatctccca catggaggta acagaggcat     59100
     agagcaatct agagtgcagg atggcacagg ccagagtctg tcgctggcca gagactgctg     59160
     ccgtctgtat ttcttagcct gtagaaggca ttgagagtgt ccagggaagg tacttcttca     59220
     ttcactactt ggtcagacag aatcatgcag aaaggcttta cccagttgtg tgtgtgagag     59280
     aaaggagcac gcggaaagga gcgagggggg cggacggggt ggggaggcag atctaacttt     59340
     cccacctctc aaaaaagaaa aacaaaaaaa caattgaacc aaaccactcc gcatgccttc     59400
     cttattccct tctcctgcag ttgcctgccc tgtgggggca agcttggcag ctggaggcta     59460
     ggatgcgcag ggtttggttt tgctctttca gaaccactgt tactcttgcc tcttccaagg     59520
     gcatctgagg ttcttactct cgatcatcag ggaaattgcc ctgacaggac ttggactttg     59580
     cccgactggc actgcttcag cattccagtc atcaagcccc acagaaagca ctagatgctc     59640
     ctttaagtct atccactttc cccaaattcc acagttgaac gcaaggacta cttactgtaa     59700
     caaactaacg ccccagtatc caatgtagcc actttaagag taaaaattga aacatcaact     59760
     taaaaaggaa agcaggttca ctttgtagtg atcacacaaa aagcctccag caatgtctgc     59820
     aggtttgtgc acacatgcac acaaacttaa actctaatga cactcactcc tccacccctg     59880
     caataatgag acattccttt atgcaatata tgccacccaa ggtcagaaag aaaaacttaa     59940
     ataagagaat acatattttc ctggaatttt gcttttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt     60000
     tgttttgttt tgttttgttt tgttttgttg tttcaagaca gggtttttca gtatagccct     60060
     ggctatctta gaactcactc gtagaccagt ctagcctcaa actcagagat ctgcctgcct     60120
     ctgtctcctg agtgctgaga ttaaagtgtg tggcactacc tcccagcttt catagaaatt     60180
     tttaatgtta taaaaagttg gttttcacta aattaattac ataatttcca accaaatatt     60240
     aacattattt tagaaatttc aaaataaaaa aatttacagt tcacctgaag gcttatacac     60300
     acacacacac aagaaatata tagactagta caaccaaaaa acaaaacata ggaagaatac     60360
     tttcagcaga ccagatgaaa ggataagcaa ttctatgtat gagtgtaaat atagagaccc     60420
     aaactagatc ctgatttata ggaacttcct ctacaaaaaa aaaagatgac atctaaagtc     60480
     ctcagagtat aaaaccttgt acaatcatta ttgcctaagg gccagggaca ctgcagagga     60540
     gggtggggtt gtctagcatt cccaggataa ctaaagaaga gagtggaatg tggaagggga     60600
     gagggagagt gggaggggcg agcgagaggg ggagaaggga acagagcagg gagtgagtta     60660
     ggagaagaca gagaagacaa tactgaaaga gaacaatact taggaaaact atattgacat     60720
     ctggaaaaac tatatgcctg atccttatct catatcttac cttaaaataa attagaagtt     60780
     gattaaagtt gaaggggtgg agataagacc aaaaagataa tagaaataat tatctggcta     60840
     ttactttaat ctataagtag aaaggactct ctaagattga catcaaagta gaaaccataa     60900
     gtactagcta atgtgaacat gtaaagtgtc tgtatgataa aaaaaaaaaa tactgttgat     60960
     tggttccgat gcaattgtga cagcatgatg ttaaaagtga gagaggtttg gctgagtgac     61020
     agaacaaagt taaaggtcac atcatccttg caaggagaca aagagccctg tgctgactgg     61080
     ttacgactgg ttacacccgg aaactgcatt aagcagcaca gcaggcctgg gggtgggaga     61140
     tttattacat cagaggagag gaaagggcac tctcacttcc tctccccaca ggtaaacact     61200
     tattattttt tctcagcata tctaccaaca tgtagaaaat gatgtatcta tctttatatc     61260
     tatttccctc aaaaagctag aaattagttt gtctattcca ccctcagaaa ctaaaacctt     61320
     gtaaacttct acaaagttca gttcagtagc aatgagacta ttaaaaacaa gacagaacca     61380
     aactacacac taagaggtat tctcagggct gcttattgtt tatttattat acaataatac     61440
     acttaagaaa aaacaatatg tgggaaaatc catacactat gaatacatct atatacaaca     61500
     actaaccaaa gtcctgcctc ccagcacatc tgcaattcat gatttctgca agggaacagt     61560
     gtgagagtac acatacacaa tgaaatttgg cgtagaacta agaaaattcc agagcaacgt     61620
     tgagacaaag gagaaacagt gggaaagata aaaacagaaa ctgacacaga cagtgcatgg     61680
     tctgcactga cggttatgtg taagacctcc tcctgccaca agctagttcc tgcttagatg     61740
     aacttgacct cttcctgtgc gttactggga tgttttataa taaagatgtc ttccagtgta     61800
     ttatgatgca gacatagagt gaggtgtttg gggtgccaat ggatgtgaat caaggtgaag     61860
     ccaaagtaaa tagaaggaac aaaccataaa gggaaaggct gaaatcaaat agaacctaga     61920
     aaagaatgtt ttctgaatgt attcatgtta agtgaaaaga gagaagatga aatgacaaaa     61980
     gaggagactt cagaatggaa acttctgatc aaacagggta aggaaatgcc tcgagagtca     62040
     gcagcttcgg caaaaatgag ttctgtgaat catataatcc acccagaaaa cacaagaagg     62100
     atgtcgaaat gtgaagccat cccagagaaa tagttgatga gcttagcctg cccatacagt     62160
     cctaagccca gatgtcttct ctggtaaatt ctatcaagtc tctaggaaaa gcaaagagac     62220
     caaaagcaga tgtgtcaata taagaaaaac tatagacaat catcctagag gagatggata     62280
     cagaaaagtt taagtattag caaaactaat ctgcagtgca caaaatgata taaaatagat     62340
     aacagttctt gatatcagct acatgatttc tgaacatcaa taatattttg gcaaaataaa     62400
     gctgttcttt gtcagcctga tagagaagtg tctggataaa gcctattgca tgagtgaaac     62460
     actgactatg gtttttaaaa ttgaggtgga aaagcccact ctctctgtga acagaccatt     62520
     tcctgggcag gggatgatga gctgtgcaac agtagagaca gcaagctact gatctctgtc     62580
     cttacttacg aatacaacat agtcagctcc ctcaagctcc taccattgta atttccctct     62640
     aaaatatatc attcttgcct aaaactttgt taagggattt tatcacagca accagaatag     62700
     aaactgaaaa aaaacaatat tttccaatta atactaaatt taatatgcca gagtaacagt     62760
     agttcaattt aatattttag ttactatata gtttgaatta tattgagttt tcccctcaga     62820
     gacagcttat ggttatcaat tattagctca gagctactgt aatgttacaa tgtaacagaa     62880
     tgcccacaca tccaggcaat ctgaatttaa cactgaaagt tctactcagc cataaaactg     62940
     caagtgaatg agtttcaagt ttaaaaagat attgataggc agtttacaaa agaataaata     63000
     caagaatttc catgcatatg aaataatgtc cataattaag attaaagagt acagtaaaag     63060
     tctgaccaag cctacactcc cagaactcag agagactgaa gcaggaagat aaaagattga     63120
     ggacagcctc gaacagagag gctgtcccct acaacagtat tgacaataaa caatacaaat     63180
     aaaaattaag caaaagttct ggtataataa gattagtact gatgtagatg gtaacctcta     63240
     gtgtatagaa tttagagaaa cagggttctt acatgttatc aataggagtg catatttcta     63300
     taagctattg gataaaaact taaccatgga cgtcaatttt taagtctgca taatctttta     63360
     caccacattt ttcagaatca gcccatcagg aaggccactg tgaacactgg aaagtgtcta     63420
     ttgtcagctt tcttcatctg agtaagtaca aaaactagaa ataaattcgt ggttaaacaa     63480
     tgtaattttg cttgactggt gtaaacttac agagttaaat tagaacaaaa cctttacctt     63540
     tacaacagga catgagacat ggaagtatca atggctgtac ttacctgagt tagaaagagg     63600
     tttcaataca cactacataa gaagtaggcc atacagacat aaagctgaac tataaatcag     63660
     cacatgtgat ataaaagcat ttggtttccc cccaacccca cagtggtttt tcttaaaaca     63720
     gggatacact ctgtagccca gcctagaact cactatgtag ctccagctgg ttttgagctc     63780
     acagtccccc taaccctgtc tccccagtgc tagaattaca agtatagtct gtcttgtatg     63840
     ttttcatggc aaacaaaact ctgtatgaac ttttatcaaa agaataataa tgattgttag     63900
     aggacagtaa ggtgtgtaat taggggtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     63960
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg ttgcttgttt agttgaatga gtttggggtt tttttgtttt     64020
     gttttattgg ttttgggtat tgggggtgtt gtttggttgg ttgttttatt ttgttttgtt     64080
     ttggtttttt tttttttttt tttttttgag gcaggtaatt ccacagccca ggaaggctac     64140
     aaattcacta tgtagcccaa gctgattttg aattcttaaa catactcctg cctctgcctt     64200
     cttagtgccc acattagagc tgtgcactca gactgaattt tatttttact ttacagctat     64260
     tccaactacc taaagttttc taatcccata ttaatttgtg ttttatgtac ctgtttgagg     64320
     agaagggttc atatcaataa atatgtgcag gcagaagcct aagtacaact ccaggtagta     64380
     tcattcctcc agtgctatgc accttgactc ttaagacagg acctctcctt tggagcactc     64440
     agccctaaat tggatgcctt gatcacatcc ctcccctcaa ggcttaacca tgggatggac     64500
     aggtttaagt caacttgaca caagctgaag ttgtctgaga ggagggaacc ttagcctcca     64560
     taaatttggg ctgcaggcaa gcctgtatgg caattttctt aattaatggg gagggcccaa     64620
     cctactgtgg gtagagccat tcctaggctg atactggctc taggttctat aagaaatcag     64680
     gctaagaaag ccatgaagag caaaccagta agcagcagtg ctccacagcc tctgcatcat     64740
     ctcctgcctc caggttttag ccctgtttga gtcccagtcc agaattcctt caatgataga     64800
     ctattatgtg aagtgtaagt caaatgaacc ctttcctttc caagttgctt tggtcatggt     64860
     gtttcagcac tgcaacagta acaacatggg atctatatgg aagagaaggc agcaagactg     64920
     taagagccag agatggtaga tgactccaag gaaacctatg gttttatatg atgcacatat     64980
     gaactcacag agactgtagc agcttgcaca agacctgcac aggttcaata cagacaaaat     65040
     cccagcacag agaaaaagaa acaggcataa agtaccaccc ctagccaaga agcaatttgc     65100
     agctattagc ttctgggaag gagacactag gtctatcaac catgctccag agcaggcagg     65160
     cctcttgcct cttgcaggag taattgaccg gcacaaattg ggctccatga gacttttttt     65220
     ttagttgttg ttgtttaaga gagaaaaaga acgtgaaatt ggatggggtg ggggctctag     65280
     gagaaattgg gagaagagaa agaatgtgat caaaatatat tagatttttg ttttaagaag     65340
     aaaagaaaaa gaaaaaacaa tggggtctct cactggcctg gagctcccca agtcagcaag     65400
     cctcccctag gggcctgcct acaaggatac actaccacat ccagggtttt tttttttttt     65460
     tttttttttt tttgatgtgg attctggaag ctaaactcgg atcttcatgt tcgtaatact     65520
     agcacactac ccactgatca tttccttagt atcatatatt aaattttaat ggaaatcttg     65580
     agttaaaaat ttaaggactt gaatgaatcc ttatgtggta gtttgaatat gaattgccac     65640
     ctgggcgtgg tggcgcacgc ctttagtccc agcactccgg aggcagaggc aggcagattt     65700
     ctgaaattga ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg gctatacaga     65760
     gaaaccctgt cttgaaaaaa aaattgcccc cacagactca tgtgtttaaa tggttggcca     65820
     tagggagttc caccattggg aggtatggcc ttgttggagg tgtggcctta ttggcagaag     65880
     tgtgtcactg tggaagcagg ctttgaggtc atatatgttc gagtctggcc agtgtggctc     65940
     acagtcccct gctgatgcct gaagatcaag atatagaact ctcagcaaca tgttttcctg     66000
     gaccacatcc tgtctaaacc ctgccaagct tcctatcatg atgataatga actaaacctc     66060
     tgaaactgta agccagcttc agttaaatgt tgtcctttac aacaagaatt gccgtggcca     66120
     tggtgtctct ttgcagtaat aaaaacccta actaagaaaa cttgcctttc ccatatcaac     66180
     ctctctcaga agtcataact atgaaacaaa cggcacagag cagaagtccc ctctcggctt     66240
     tgctgtactt ctttgcccac accaatgaaa acagttggtg aatcagactc cagagtgctg     66300
     gcatcaccca cactcttatc tcatcgcctg gcgtgctgct tgatggatga gttgtgacat     66360
     catagtgtat agggatgcat gctaagtagg aagaatccac tgaaagatgc ttaagtcaat     66420
     gcaaggaaag aagggaaaag tatgtcaata tagaaaaaaa aaaacatgtc ttagtgagag     66480
     gtcatgcatt tttattaaag caacttaaaa ttcctcagtc catggaacag caacttttcc     66540
     attgataacc accttacttt gctttctatc actgccgtaa accatgacca aaccaacttc     66600
     aggaggaaag gggttatttg gcttacactt tcaaatcaca ttccagcatt gaggggtgtc     66660
     agagtaagaa ctcaagcaga gcaagaacca gaagcaggaa ctgaagcctc gtggcttgct     66720
     cagcttgctt ttttatatag ctcagaatta cctgcccaga ggtgatcaca cccacaacag     66780
     gctgagacct cccacagact tacctgtagg caatttgata gaggcatttc tcaacagacg     66840
     ttccctcttc tcaggtggac tctagcttgt gttaaattga caaaaacaaa agtagcacaa     66900
     taataaagtt ccaaatatct taggggaaaa atcaagaagc aacaagttag tgtgttctga     66960
     gttttagcac tcttaaactt gaatcttcaa atgagataaa gcagttgtca aacagatttt     67020
     catgtctgtt tgggtcttaa agaataagta agccagtgaa cactcagtcc ttgtgtctgg     67080
     tgtctgggac ttggagcagg tagatagtcg gtatgtgcat cttctaatgg atggataaga     67140
     gtctgtgtga gaagaatgtg tattcatggg aagacagaga cacagctagc agatggggct     67200
     actccaatgt aagaattaca tgtctgtggt ccaattggaa cccaacactc ttcactattg     67260
     aaataaccaa cctagtagca ggcatgatgg gtccctagct catatctgtt aattgctttt     67320
     taaaaaaaaa agtaacaggt aattgagaca actcctcttc tttccatcct gtcatcccag     67380
     aagatagcct tctcaagcag gcaatacaac tgaagttgcc tcaaaaggca aaggcctccc     67440
     aagcttacta tgttcattac tccacagaac atctgattac ctaagaagga gctcatttgg     67500
     tctgatataa ttacacatat gcttgtttac tctgtcatca tgctagaaca caactcaaag     67560
     tctacccaga taccagcgtc atattcttgg tcttcccaga ctttgtggag ccaaataaac     67620
     atctattgct tacaaataac ccagactgca tcattctgtt acagcatcag aaaacagaca     67680
     gaaacactga tttgtctata ggaatcatgt ggagatctac atacaagctc agttaaattt     67740
     gaaacaaaag aagaaaagaa gattgataga aaagtttgac ctaacagtgc agcatggact     67800
     cacagaataa aagtacttag caagactccg ggtcacagtg aactgccggt atgcttatcc     67860
     cactggtaag atcagtcttc ccagttgtgc cttggagtct tgctccccta tccctttggc     67920
     tatgactcat gctctttaga gacaccctac caaagtccca ggcctttact gcggatacat     67980
     tataaactaa taaagaaaca ttctagttta atgcattgtc tttcaagttt atctagatat     68040
     caatatccat gaaatgtaca aaattgtaca actagactag ctcctaggaa atcaccatgc     68100
     tctgcctctc tctacacaca tacactcaca agctcttgag agtaatcaac tcagctttct     68160
     agtaatctca taatttgcaa ttgcctatga agattttaat tttgatcatt gtgtctggcc     68220
     aagcccagct cctcagcccc aggcatcttt ttttattaga tattttcttt atttacattt     68280
     caaatgctat cccaaaagtt ccctataccc tccccctacc ctgctcccct acccacccac     68340
     tcctacttct tggccttggc attcccctgt actggggcat ataaagtttg caagacaaag     68400
     gggcctctct tctcaatgat ggccgattag gccattttct gctacatatg cagctacaga     68460
     cacgagctct ggggggtact ggttagttca tattgttgtt cctcctatag ggttgcagac     68520
     cccttcacct tcttggctac tttctctaac tcctccattg ggggccctgt gttccatcct     68580
     atagatgact gtgaacatcc acttctgtat ttgccaggca ttggcatagc ctcacacgag     68640
     acagctatat cagggagaat ggataagata aaaaattcag gtgacagcag atgttggcga     68700
     ggatgtagag aaagaggaac actcctccat tgttggtggg attgcaagct tgtacaacca     68760
     ctctggaaat cagtctggtg gttcctcaga aaattggaca tagtactact ggaagatcca     68820
     gcaatacctc tcctgggcat atacccagaa gatgttccaa ctggtaataa agacacatgc     68880
     tccactatgt tcatagcagc cttatttata atagccagaa gctggaaagg acccagatgt     68940
     ccctcaacag aggaatggat accgaaaatg tggtacattt acacaatgga gtactactca     69000
     gctattaaaa aacaatgcat ttatgaaatt cttgggtaaa tggatgtatc tggaggatat     69060
     catccttagt gaggtaaccc aatcacaaaa gaagtcactt gataagcact cactgataag     69120
     tgaatattag cccagaaact tagaataccc aagatacaat ttgcaaaaca agaaaatcaa     69180
     gaagaaggaa gaccaacatg tggatacttc attcctcctt agaataggga acaaaatacc     69240
     catggaagga gtacagagac aaactttgga gctaaggcga aagaatggac tatccagaga     69300
     ctaccccacc tggggatcca tcccataatc agccaccaaa cccagacact attgcatatg     69360
     ccagcaaaat tttgctgaaa ggacccagac atcattttta ttgctctcca cttttcaaca     69420
     attctcagct agtgtgctac ccactgctta tatgagcatg cacatcaagg catatgcaca     69480
     gactctgtgc cctgtgctga gactatcctg tatctcccta tgctttcagg tctgggcaat     69540
     gcttttcttt gtggtatcta accctgcccc cacctccagc cttccaccaa ctacgatttt     69600
     cctcttgggc cccactgctt gcctctacag ttctacagtt atgtgagtca acacttggtt     69660
     tatcttcctt ccctagattt tgagatcaga gacaagccat tctataactt gacttttaga     69720
     ccctgggact acaacctgtt gagtatatat aaaatattag gatgagatgt atctaggaat     69780
     cagtctctca cggaacagca gtgtaaaggg aggtgcaaac atggactggg actatcaact     69840
     agccatagaa attgttgaga ggatggaaat tgtgagcctg agtgtcaaag ggacagaacc     69900
     ccagtgcagt cattcacgat atctgttgga aacatccatg catttgttaa acaactacag     69960
     aaactgcctg tgaaaactga caatctgtcg aaattgggta aagccattat actcaattta     70020
     aagtataggt ttcaaagtca aaaaaattac agtgcaccct gtggctggag gcagcttgca     70080
     ggagcaccca tgggctacta tagcttctga actgtgagga tttcatttta tagtagggag     70140
     aatccattga aagatgttta agtcaatgcc ctatctttct aagtgatatc ttgaactagg     70200
     gaataattta gataataaat ccacttcaat tactgtccat tagaagaaaa acattaagct     70260
     gaagcagagc tcatgggaat tacaatttgt gtttcgggta aggactaact caatgctgca     70320
     caggcaatgg cgctctgcac tccttacctg ctttcttatg gaaagagcac tggacattta     70380
     aatgacagat tgttcacaat gcctgcaaag ggataagcta gagtcttaca atgttgtgtc     70440
     acaaagttgg actccccagc ttttgataga aagacttccc agtctttcct gttatttgac     70500
     ttctctcagc cattctggtg ttcatgagat cttcctgcac tttcaaatag aagcagacaa     70560
     ccgctaactc tggggacact agagcttgtg tgtgtgtttg tgtgtacact agaacttgtg     70620
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg     70680
     tgtgtgtgtg tattctaaaa ctataggtca accttagttg taattcctca gaagccatct     70740
     accttgtttt gaggatctta ctgggtcctg gaggtcacaa attaagccag gacatggtgg     70800
     ccagtgaacc ccaggaatcc atctctgcat tgccaggact gggattatag gcacgtgcca     70860
     ccacacccat ctgttttttt aggtgttcta ggaattgaac ccaggttctt atgctacaaa     70920
     gcaaacactt taccaactga gccccctcac tagcctcatc ttaaagagtc ttgctagctc     70980
     agccctatca gaactcaccc aggcctgccc agctgcagtc atgtgtgctc aggccacata     71040
     gtcaggtcta ttacccaagc cactttgaca ggtcaggtct cagagaaaac agctggttca     71100
     agggttaagt aaatgctcca aaatgtatct atttcagtaa ttttccttaa agcattctgg     71160
     aaaaagagca ctaatgattt acgctaatat ccattacaag acagagaaat ttatttttgt     71220
     gcttgtgagc atttaagaat cctaactgtc ctatgtcagc acagagaaca gtgagtcagg     71280
     actcggcgcg tgcgcgcgcg cgcgcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     71340
     cacactgtct tctgtgcagt ccatatgact gcttcattca atagaaaaac aattaagagc     71400
     aatgactttc cttcctcttt tgcctcatct tagcaacggg aaatccgtca ggaagctacc     71460
     aatccagtga gtgttcaatg accgtattgg acagaaggaa tgagtcaggg gaatcaaaat     71520
     attctgatat tccagggagg gtagagagtg ttaacacacc cgtcacatct agtctttctt     71580
     tctccctcct ctctcagtag cataattctc ccaggcccac accaactgct atccatgaac     71640
     tccaaagcct cagaggcaat ccattgatta aactcattcc cttaagggta atgaaagcag     71700
     caatagtgga tctaagactg atgggataaa atgataatat cccagccata aatggctccc     71760
     aggagaagct aggatatacc taaccttcaa agacgcttat ttgagaatta atcctacagc     71820
     tcacgtgccc cagactaggt ataattagga agcatatggg ggagggagga tactatgagc     71880
     agaaatgaga tgggtgctta ggggaagaaa aatatactct agggaaacag agtaactttt     71940
     cttcctagga caagtgatcc tgtcattcac aagtgagctg aaatcccaag gtcctgaaca     72000
     gccagtgggt acatcctgca gcagcactgt ggtccttaca gcacaggtca catcttgctt     72060
     gtcttgtttc ctgcatttgt gttttggggg ttttggcttt ggggaggctc tgatcttcca     72120
     gaaccaaagt ggtaagctat aggagaaact taatagtgtt atattctctg tactgggtac     72180
     ttgatattgt ttataaaagg agagagaagg gggattccaa ggatggagga aggaagggag     72240
     agggagggag ggaagggcga ttctggtctt actgtgctgt gtgcggttct agccatggag     72300
     aagggtgatg cagggctgtg cagcagtgga cgatgcaggc cttgctgtgc tgtatggggt     72360
     tctagcccca gcctgatttc tttgagtggc attatagtgc actgttaatg taaccaaagg     72420
     ccctgacttt tcacttattt tcccaaacac ctgagccaat aaccgagtta aatttagttc     72480
     ttaattttca attttatgta aacacgtcct ttgaaatacc atgccactga atgttttcta     72540
     tatagtggta accctgggac acctctacct actacattcg tccagagcca gctaaccctc     72600
     cagcttcaaa gccctctctg cacccagttc ccagggcact cttggacctg cacctgtgct     72660
     ctggcctctc tctgccacta tcagcacaca ccatgctagc tcccaggcct gcatttgact     72720
     tcctcaggaa ctctctcccg tgcttcctct tgttaaaatc tcttctttct cttcagggta     72780
     agttcattac attattcatc tcaggtttaa tattaataaa caaaactcaa aatcccaaag     72840
     tcacacaagt gtttttggtg tatattgcct taccagagtg agatgttatt ctagtgagac     72900
     aagaaatatg aagatggtgg tttaccatca ggccagtgaa gccagccctc tgcttggtat     72960
     accacacctt taacacagag caacaaggtc tacaagtccc cactcaagaa aagagccacc     73020
     tgcagatttg acctcttagg gtgtgggaac tttttcatct ttattgttcc aatccctgta     73080
     catagatatc cactaattaa ttaaacatca gtcattattg taagattcaa ttatttttat     73140
     tacctcatac caaagctttc cctaagttta ggtcattaaa taataatggt tacacttttt     73200
     tccacagcac ttgtgtgtgg aagtgctttg ccttttacac gctttaccta atgtaatcct     73260
     tgtaagaacc ctttagaagc aaagattgga gtgatgaata aaagcgatta agtaatttgc     73320
     ccaagttcaa aacactggta aatgatagaa ctacttttca aatacagacc tttttgattt     73380
     cagataaaag ttaaaacaag ttttaaaata atgctcttta ctggttaact ctcagttaat     73440
     cagaacattc atttaaggac aattccccag ggtccaaaac tgtgatctca aggaaaccaa     73500
     caagcggcac acagctaaaa atgtggcaac cagggactgg cctctcctcc ctgaggtcag     73560
     tgttgacctg cccacttgct cctcacagca agaaatgagt aatttttttt aaaatctggc     73620
     cctcaggata aaatgacaga atattcacag cacaaataca tcatcagaca cacatgcatg     73680
     cccatgctca cacacacacc atgtacacac aaacacacac acatgcatgt atatgcacat     73740
     acacacacta ttgcctacaa ataaattcct ttttaaaact ggtccttccc cagcacgggt     73800
     ggcttagtag aacctggaaa ggacaacatt ctgacagcat tctgacctta gccttgaaca     73860
     tccagtacag agctgttggc tgttaacacc agcaacatca gaaatgccag gctgtaatta     73920
     gaacccacgc aggcaatcct gtcccgcctt tccccacgtg ccccttaggc cctctaccct     73980
     aactatccct gtcaaaggtg agaactcatt aaccaagtct actgtctgac tgtattcaat     74040
     acttgctgag ggttgtggct gtgcagactc agtgttactt catttacaga aatttaaagt     74100
     ttgataccac ccccaaagaa ctggacttgt tatcaggaaa ctgacagagg agtgcttggc     74160
     tgtaaagggc agcaggttcc agcagtttct cttgaggtta aagacacagt cctagggcag     74220
     caatcacaga aatacggggg atctaaatag cccaagctcc accaggaccc tttcacacat     74280
     gaaagataac ctagttctct acaccccagt gtcctctatg ccataaagtg taccactcac     74340
     ccgtgccatt tcacacatta catgttcatg catgatatac tcttgctaaa gtccctcaga     74400
     cctcgtccct agccagtagc actattgaga ggaagtggga tctttggggg gaggtgctta     74460
     gtgagagaaa gtacagcaat cgagggtgca accctgagag ccatgctgag acggtagctc     74520
     cttctatgtc ttcatttctt gttcacagga ggcgagaggc ttccttcgcc atgctcccga     74580
     catggtgctc tacctcacca cacaacaaag gccaacagag tgaccataaa ctgaaatcaa     74640
     ggccaaagta cgcctttccc cctgaaagct atttatcttg gtaatagaca ctaatatact     74700
     attagcttag aaacattcac atggaatcaa caagtaaaat tagtattgga gaatcacaag     74760
     gcgctcagaa acataataaa attaatttca cttattaaaa aaatccttca ccaaaaatat     74820
     acatattttc attcacataa aagagaaata aatagaatct taaaccacaa ataaaaattc     74880
     cttttttacc cttaagtata aaacatattt ggagtcacat tttattggca catcttaaaa     74940
     tgaattcaat ttaaaagtac tcattgttga taaatagaca aaaaaaaaat caatgccaga     75000
     aaagttatca ttaaactaat agtggtaaca tttaaaatct tgtcactgag gtagaagcca     75060
     tgaacaatct ctctgcagta gaaccaagtc ttctctctgg aattaataca acagagaccc     75120
     ataaaagatt aatcagaaca agaatcaata acttctcaag tgctaataag cactgccttg     75180
     ttctgtgatg tgttgggcag tttatcatgg ttagccgcat ggagatttat ggaaaatcca     75240
     tagttagaac caaaggatga ggtaatgcac acttagtaaa tgaagcccag ttacgtctat     75300
     gcctaatcct gtgagttcca aggctgcaag atagtttttt attctgttag caacgtacac     75360
     atactcacat acacacacaa tgcacagtca cacacactca tacacactca cacacataca     75420
     cacccacaca catatactca tactctcaca cacactcaca tttacacaca cacatacata     75480
     ggcacacact caaacactca catacacact cacacctaca cacacatttt taaggataag     75540
     gaaagagtca gccgtgcaag agacattgtt agggagacaa ctaagaaata tagaatgctg     75600
     ctcagaggaa catctgcctg ctgggtagaa gaagataaaa acatatccta aaaatcaact     75660
     ttttttctgc cttactttct atccaaagat caccttttcc tggatatttt ttttgaaatt     75720
     tacatgaaat acctttagga tcatttaggt ctttattctc aatcaagctg atggatcttc     75780
     aggtcatgtg agtggctgag ttaataggta attaatagtt cataaattgt aggccgtgac     75840
     cattaggtta tcttactgag tttcacagta tgccatgtta ttaatttaaa gcatcaaatt     75900
     atatgtttag taaattaata tttgaagcaa tattataatc ataagaacac acctaatcaa     75960
     atagatggga cccaataaac gttgccataa atctgaaaac ataaagtaaa aatgtaagta     76020
     attacaaaca agtaaatcct tgtgggcagt catttttttt ttgagtgtca aagattagaa     76080
     agaccagata ataaaaataa gctaaatcac taattttatc aatgtttaaa atggagatag     76140
     atgagcaata tgaaatagtc ccacttttct taactaaaaa caataaaagt ttgccataat     76200
     aacaaactgg caaatcatgt ttttctagac atgtgataga tcttgatgat aaataaaaat     76260
     ggaggttttc tttttttttt ttttttttta atcaaaaagg tctggtgatg gcaacttcca     76320
     atggtgacct gcctgcagca catgcgggtg cagtagcaac acaaacgctg tggaagtaat     76380
     caacaattct ctaactggac ttaaggcctg ctccaggcct tggaatttat tcctgaccct     76440
     gctctggttg ccatgaacct gagactgcat aggccatggt cctataggaa aaccaaatac     76500
     cactaaggga cacagaaaca ttctactata ccataaaata gtgtctcact gagccatcat     76560
     cagaaactga caggaactac catagagacc cacatctgga caatgtacat agaggaagag     76620
     attttggagc ccctcagttc taactaggat gtctccatca aaccctttct ctcgaagctc     76680
     agaaagctat gcagaagagg aggtggaaga ttgcaagggc cagagaggag gaatgacacc     76740
     aaggaaactg tttaccctgg caggacagga ctggtgcaca tattaactca taacacgcac     76800
     taaggcagca tgcacaggtt caagccagat ggggttccag cactgagtgg acacaaagcc     76860
     ccacctctaa aacaagaagc tatctacaat gggccattgg caaaggaaaa attagttttc     76920
     tccagaggag tcctactggg tgtattaaac acacttaaag gtaggccagc acaaaacaag     76980
     gtcaatgtta ttttttagac ttttgtttca taattgtttt gattgggcat ttttgtctta     77040
     ttgatctttt gcttgattat ggtttccaat tttgttttct ataggttatg tttgtatgta     77100
     tatgtgtgtt tcttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ctgtgtgtgt ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat     77160
     gcatgttcag tttgactttt gtttctttgt ttgcttgtct gcttgcttgc tttctacaga     77220
     aagaaaaagc atggcactga tagatcaggg gatggaaaga atctgagaga agtcagggga     77280
     aaatatgatc aaaatatatt gcatgaaaaa aattcaacaa taagagaaaa tagataggta     77340
     gttagacaga tagatagatg atagatagat gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga     77400
     tagatagata gatagataga taatgaggta aatagatttt ctttaacgat ggaaacaaac     77460
     atgcataatt ttacagactt ttatacccat accttcatac ctgtctgtat cacatgctaa     77520
     gtgagttgca gtttcctttg aagtccttta caaggccatt agtttgacag cttaactgga     77580
     tagtgccagt gatgccaagc ctctttccca cccatgtttc attctgaaga aacctgaaca     77640
     gaaatctcac aaaacacttg tgtaaacaca aggacaacag ttcagcctac agaaggccag     77700
     tgagggccag gtacaatgtt cccttttcca gacagtctaa ccttgcctta aagaatacga     77760
     agactgtacc acagtggttc atatgacagg gcagaagcac agatcagggc atctgtctcc     77820
     acagaaaatc taacaggtct atgtcagagg catgttcacc tcccctgacc aggaatgtac     77880
     tgaactcctc ctctggccat tcttcttgtg gttctgatga tggtgtccat gtgtcttttc     77940
     acactgtaaa gaaggaagtt ttgcctagtt tgctttacaa ttggaaaggc tgccttctac     78000
     atttcccttg gcagagcaga atcccactcc attcctaaat ctctttcagg gcagtaaaac     78060
     ctgttcccaa gggctggtcc tcaatggagg aggacacaaa ttcctgagag cgggctctgt     78120
     ggtgtggaag gtggtggtaa tggctgtata gtactgaggt catccatgac tcttcatcac     78180
     tgtacctatc tatgggctgg agcattcatt tgcatgtagt tcccttctca cccagcaaga     78240
     tctgcctcaa caatttaatt acctcagaaa ctgtaactaa ttattaaagt atagttcaag     78300
     gtcacagctt gtaatcacag gataattatc tttactgtat aaatcacatc gttttgatga     78360
     aatataaaag ttacatggca aataaacatc taattacacg gcagagtaga tgtaattact     78420
     attaagtaat ctatcagaat atgaaatcat tgctgaatgt ggttataatg attggccttg     78480
     ttattgccag agactttgca tggctactgt gtattataaa ataaaaaaat taaaatacat     78540
     gatgttaaga aaacagaagg cttttctgag ggtctgtttg attttgagct ttgtatttac     78600
     caaacaagat cacaaatctt tttatcaaat ctcaaatgga agtacttcag aaacctgaga     78660
     gaaaaagagg aggaagaatt gaaagaatgg aaggaaaaaa agcagataca aattcctccc     78720
     catctgcacg agatcctcac aaaaaaagaa caaatgttag aaaggaatga gggagggcgg     78780
     aaagggaaaa ggaaagggaa gcaaagggga ttaagagaga acaggaaatc tggtgtccag     78840
     tagacactgc agtgaacaac tacgggtgag tagctttcaa cttaaaactg tgcagttaga     78900
     ctttcaggac acacacacac acacacacac acacacggag tggtgggggc aggaggaggg     78960
     tgatatttac attccaacct caagggagaa cagattgtcc caagatcata gtctctactc     79020
     aaattacata aaaaacaggg agggttggag aggcagctgc ttttacaata cttgctgctc     79080
     ttgaaaagga cttgggtttg gttcccagca tccgtatggc agctcacaat tacagtaact     79140
     ctatttctgg aggatctgat gttctcttct gacttccaca ggcaacaggt acacatgcaa     79200
     tttacaccca tacatgctgg aaaacactta tacacacaac ataaaataaa taaataaata     79260
     taaaataatt tttagggctg gctagggtag atctagcaca cctttaatcc cagcactgag     79320
     gaggcagaag cagtcaaatc cctgtgagtc ccccaccaac ctgttctata tattaagttc     79380
     caggccatcc aggagggtat ataaatgcaa gaaccacccc ccaaaggtgt gtggttgttg     79440
     ctgctgctgg ttgctggtgg ttgctggctg gagatagctt gacaataaac attaaaattg     79500
     tcccaaggaa cttgatgccc ctaatcagca gtaagtagtc taatgatatc gatttcctct     79560
     ttctcctcta gtcttatttc tctcctacct agtgttggcg ggtcgcaagg aataagagtg     79620
     gagaagtgta gtagaaatag aaacccataa agtagccaaa agtccagtaa taggtactta     79680
     tgctcattag caaatacaaa agaaattaaa gccagtggac gcatgtagag cggctacctc     79740
     tctgtgtacc atatggttgt acttgttttc cttctgtttt ccatcatttt ctcccattac     79800
     ttttgctctt aattctattt ttttttctag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cttggctatc     79860
     ctggaacttg ctctgtagac cggctggcct tgaacttata gagagccacc tgcctgtttc     79920
     ccaagtgctg ggattaaagg catttgccac cactgcccag cttatttctc taattctaca     79980
     tactagcttt catccatttt ggactctaat gagtttgtct atttgccata tatctgagag     80040
     cattccttta ctgtctctac tgttactcca aaaacactat agcctataca aaaagctcaa     80100
     tttgaaccaa tattgagaaa accaatattg agaaaacagg aataaactgg agtttgttca     80160
     gaagaaagaa gaaagggtaa gagattggag aaattaagac aaacaggcaa gcagacaaga     80220
     caggtgagat gagaccacag gagggaacta agacagtagt atctattccc tgtccctaca     80280
     ggtcaaacca gcacaagtaa gggaaactcc ttcattccta taggaaagag cctgtgggaa     80340
     aattagaaga tgccacctaa ccatgagact agagtgataa cagattaata agctacttaa     80400
     ttaattagca aaatactagc caagtctgag acttgcagct atacctgtaa ggttgaagac     80460
     cagaaactcc agtcaatgtc ggcagtggaa ggcagaggag ccagaatttg tggctaacaa     80520
     agcagaaagc aaagatggac agagggcaat ctcagctaca cagtatacat gaacagtgtg     80580
     tgatcatgtt ggagactggt tccaagggcc aagcacagaa tgccttcaca ccaaacatgg     80640
     gcccccagta tgcttagaga attcacgaca ctctgtccag tcactactgt aatccctaca     80700
     gaaatcctta gcaacttggc agattttctc tcatggaacc ccaccacact cccatttttg     80760
     gagatttcta ttatttttcc ttactcaaag atgcttctga ttgcttactc tatatgtgtt     80820
     cacgatcttt aatcatcatc agtgtgagac agcaaattca gctgcccttg ctccagttca     80880
     ctttcagtga ctgtacacct gttgactgtc tgatgtctta gtccctggat cactgtgaga     80940
     aagaccctgc tattctcaaa acactgtacc tcttttcctc cagtttctct tcctgcttca     81000
     ggaaattcag tgaaccaaag gtagggagag gtcagcctcc ttctcgcagt catctcagtg     81060
     ctgagcctcc cgggagctac accatgtaaa gctgatcgtg cccaatggtt tgcatccttc     81120
     cctttcttct ttgggacatt gagcactgtg atatcaattc cacatacata taaggaatga     81180
     gctcatttcc ctaaagacac tgcctggtgg ccttaagcac actaaaagtt atcattttaa     81240
     aaaagtgctc tttaaatcaa catgagcaca ggtcatatga acttcttata cttcttatga     81300
     agcaacatgt ccagggcctg catgtgtaat atatattata ttaattatat tatattatag     81360
     ttaaatttgt accaggtcct caacatatat attatggctt acattttagt gtttttatgg     81420
     gattcctgag tgtgcaaatg agtgggtctc tgattcttgt gccttctcgt ggactctttt     81480
     ccttctgttg gctggtcttg tctaacttca atatgatagc ttgttttatc ttattatatt     81540
     ttattttgtc atattatttt aaaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaagggagg gagggaggga     81600
     gggagggact tgctaacact gaaggaagaa attttatagg tcccaacctt taaacataga     81660
     actataagta aggagtaaga aatactgaga gccacagtca gctattggat ggatcacagg     81720
     gtccccaatg gaggacctag agaaagtacc caaggagcta aaaaggtctg taaccctata     81780
     ggaggaacaa ctatatgaag taaccagtac ccccagagct catgtctcta gctgtatatg     81840
     tagcaaaaga tggcctagtc ggccatcatt gggaggagag gcccttggtc ttgcgaaaat     81900
     tatatgcccc agtacagggg aacgctaggg ccaggaagca ggagtgggtg ggttggggag     81960
     cagggtgggg ggagggtaca agggactttt gggatagcat ttaaaatgta aatgaagaaa     82020
     atatctaatt aaaaattgtt tttgaaaaaa aggggggggg gggcaagtgg gagagccacc     82080
     ttgagtcctg ggtccctcag agaccagtct gcccaggaga ccctgtgaac tgaagaagca     82140
     acatatcttc tgggacaggc cccggttcgg gccttcatct tcagccagga accagatcta     82200
     agctccagac acccatgctc cttccccacc aggagaggtg tggctgccaa ggagggctct     82260
     gggctccaga gcaggtgaga gagccatagt gtatcccgga tccctcagaa accagtctgc     82320
     acaggagagc ctgcaaacta cagaaaaagc atagcagacc actgagactc agaagagagt     82380
     tagactccca ggagtgctga cagaagctga caggatcaca gaaggaacaa gctccagcca     82440
     gagacagcta taacaactaa cgccagagat taccagatgg caaaaggcaa actaagaatc     82500
     ttactaacaa aaaccaagac cactcactat catctgaacc cagcactccc aattcagagt     82560
     cctggatatc ctaaaacacc tgaaaagcag gactcagatt taaaatcata tctcaagatg     82620
     ctgatagagg attttaagaa ggaaattaat aacccactta aagaaataca ggagaactct     82680
     actaaacagg tagaaggcct taaagaggaa gcacaaaaat cgcttaaaga attacaagaa     82740
     aacactgaaa aacaaataga agcccttaaa gaagaaacac aaaaaatccc taaaagaatt     82800
     acaggaaaac acaaccaaac aggtgatgga attgaacaaa accattcaag atctaaaaat     82860
     ggaagtagaa acaatataga aaacccaaag ggagacaact ctggagatag aaaccctaga     82920
     aaagaaatca ggaatcacag atgtgagcat cagcaacaga atacaagaga ttaaagagag     82980
     aatctcagat gcagaaggtt ccatagggaa catggacaca acaatcaaag aaaatgcaaa     83040
     atgcaaaaag atcctaactc aaaatgtaca ggaaatccag gacacaatga gaagaccaaa     83100
     cttacggata ataggagtag atgagaatga agattttcaa cttaaagagc cagcaaatat     83160
     tttcaacaaa attatagaag aaaacttccc aaacctaaag aaagagatgc ccatgaacat     83220
     acaagaagcc tacagaactc caaatacact ggaccagaaa agaaattcct cccaacacat     83280
     aatgatcaga acaacaaatg cactgaataa agatagaata ttagaagctg taagggaaaa     83340
     agatcaagta acatataaag acgggcctat tagaactaca acagacttct caccagagac     83400
     tatgaaagcc acaagttcct ggagagatgt tatacagaca ctaagagaag acaattacca     83460
     gcctaggcta ctatacccag caaaactctc aattaccata gatggagaaa ccaaagtatt     83520
     ccatgacgaa atgaaattca cataatatct ttctacgaat ccagccgttt aaaggataat     83580
     aaaaaaggaa aacaccaaca caaggacaga aactacaccc tagaaaaagc aagaaagtaa     83640
     tccttcaata aacctaaaag aagacaacca caagaacaga atgccaactt taacaacaaa     83700
     aataacagga accaacaatt acttttcttt aatacctctt aatatcaatg gactaaattc     83760
     cccaataaaa agacatagac taacaaactg gctacacaaa caagacccaa cattatgctg     83820
     cttacaggaa acctacctca gggaaaaaga cagacactac ctcagagtga aagtctggaa     83880
     aacaattttc caagcaaatg gtctgaagaa acaagctgga gtagccattc taatatcgaa     83940
     taaaattgac ttccaaatca aagttatcaa aaaagaaaag aggagcactt catactcatc     84000
     aaaggtaaaa tctaccagga tgaatgttca atcctgaata tctatgctcc aaatgcaagg     84060
     acagccacat tcattaaaga aactttagta aagcacaaag cacacattgc acctcacaca     84120
     ataacagtgg gagacttcaa caccccactc tcatcaatgt acagatccta gaaacagaaa     84180
     ctatacagag acacatggaa actaacagaa gttatgaagc aaatagattt aacagatatc     84240
     tacagaacta tttatactaa aacaaaggat ataccttcca ctcagcacct catggtacct     84300
     cctccaaaat tgaccatata attcgtcaca aaacaggcct caatggatac aaaaatattg     84360
     aaattatccc atgaatccta tcagattacc atggactaag gctgatcttc aataagagca     84420
     taaataatag aagaccaaca tgtggatact tcattcctcc ttagaatagg gaacaaaata     84480
     tccatggaag gagttacaga gacaaagttt ggagttgaga ccaaaggatg gaccatccag     84540
     agatgacccc acccggggat ccatcccata atcagccacc aaatgcagac actattgcat     84600
     atgccagcaa gattttgctg aaaggactct gatatagctg tctcgagtga ggctatgcca     84660
     gtgcctggca aatacagaag tggatgctca cagtcatcta taggatggaa cacagggccc     84720
     ccaatggaga agctagagaa agtaccaaaa gagctgaagg tgtctgcaac cctataggtg     84780
     gaacaataat atgaactaac cagtaccccc caggctcgtg tctctagctg catatgtagc     84840
     agaagatggc ctatttggcc atcattggga agagaggccc cttggtcttg caaactttat     84900
     atgccccact acaagggaat gccagggcta agaagtggga gtgtgggggt aagggagtag     84960
     ggccgggggt aaggtatagg ggatcttcag aatagcattt gaaatgtaga tgaagaaaat     85020
     atctaaaaaa agaaaaaaag aaaagaaaag aaaagaaaag aaaaggaaaa gaaaaaaaga     85080
     aaaagaaaaa gaaaaaagaa aggaaaggaa aggaaaggaa aggaaaggaa aggaaaggaa     85140
     aggaaaggaa aggaaaggaa aggaaaggaa agaaaagaaa aggaaagaaa agaaaagaaa     85200
     agaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa aagattgagg tagcccagac     85260
     ccacaggata aatatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgaa     85320
     tgtatttgtt tatatgtgga tattagacat taactaaaat gatagccacc caagaatctg     85380
     tacgtctaga aaggtcatgt actgaggaag gtactaggaa gcagggcaca tagatggccc     85440
     tgaggtatga aatagaatag atctttgggt ggactgtgga caggggatgg aaatgataag     85500
     gaaaggatca agtagggaga aagaggaata atgaaattaa gggaaggaat gcagggagag     85560
     acagaattga gggccatttg aggagtggga tggaaatttg gtgttatgga atctccgtaa     85620
     atatatgaag ataatgctaa tgaaacatcc aaattaaaag agagacagag tcccagctgg     85680
     ctgtcctttg ccaccaaaca aagcttcaag ttcagggact aggttacatc tgattgaatt     85740
     attggccaag ctgtcccatg gaaatctcca aacaaccaac tctgttgcca aaataataaa     85800
     taggttgctt tctgcaaatg gatagaaagg ttccattgct gaagacaaca tccacacaaa     85860
     tctttgaaca tggggaggta gagctggtgc cagcatagag cttcacacct atgttctaat     85920
     gtgcttggta tggggagata ttctacaggc tgccaacagg gaaatataaa cacaaaccca     85980
     gttacaaaac ctttgaccta cactctgtct tgctgcaaaa gatactagaa caatgggagt     86040
     aacctatcaa tgtctgattt gacttaaggc caacttgcat gagagggaac ccataccttg     86100
     ggtgactaag aacaaaagac tagattgcac agagacatgg gataaaactg gattttaaaa     86160
     agtgacatta aaaggacccc taatgctata ctcatcccag atcagtgcct tattctgcca     86220
     tcatcagaga ggcttccttc tacattagat ggaaacaaat acagagagca ctgacaaaca     86280
     ttcagagaga gagagagaga cagatatttt ggagcacaca ggatgtctcc atcaaatccc     86340
     tccgttcagc gcttaggaaa cctcatggaa gaggatgtgg aaggagtatg ggaaccaaag     86400
     tggatagagg agaccaggag aacaagaccc tttaaatcaa ctgagcagag ttcatacgag     86460
     ctcacagaga ctgaagtagc aagcacagag accgcaagag tctgtaccag atcctttgaa     86520
     tatatataaa atgactttca gtttagtatt tttatgggat ttctgagagt gtgaacaaga     86580
     gggagtcctg tgccttctcg ttaagctctt ttccttctgt tggtttgctg tgcccaacct     86640
     cgatgtgagg ttttgcttta tctgattgta ttttattttg ttatgttttg cagttacctt     86700
     ttagaagttt attcttttca aatgagatac aaaaaagtag gggatccaga tgggagagaa     86760
     gatggggagg aactgggagg agtaggcaga agggggaact ttaatcagga tatatcattt     86820
     gagaaaaaaa gctatttcta ataaaaggag aaagccaaga aaaaaagaaa agagaaaaaa     86880
     gaaaaaaagt aaaaattgct gccatgctgt ctcctaaggt gtcaatatca gttgtcacgg     86940
     cctctatttt tttaccctct attttctccc agtgtcttat tccttttcct tcagttccca     87000
     ctttcatttg ccacctgatg acattacatc tctttgttta catctgggaa tctcttcaag     87060
     aaagatatta ttttgctact cttactcagt agcaccatgg tttacaatta ctggttggtt     87120
     gtttacttaa gctgtaatta gctccattcc tacccttaaa aattaaaaat ttagattaaa     87180
     atattaaaaa agaaagaaaa agaagaagaa gaagaaaagg gatcctgaga gcactagaaa     87240
     gagtcttccc cagggatggg ctcccttatt ggttatacat taccaactgg gcagctctga     87300
     aaccaccaca tacaagttgt gacactaaac agaatgagta ggttgtattc atgtataaat     87360
     catatatata tgacaattat gaatggataa gtacaaatgt ggtcattata cagatgcaca     87420
     ttcctcagcc ataaaatgaa ggaggtactg acacatgcta cttatttaac gaatgatcat     87480
     gctcaaagaa agttaccaaa cacagaaggt cccacactga ttacttccat ctgtaagagc     87540
     tatcctgaag gaataaatct agatgctaga aaagagagcc agaggtatct gccaataggt     87600
     acagtgctcc ctcagaacca aagggaagca gtgattatac agcaatgatc ttggatgtta     87660
     aaaatggttg attttatgtt acatgaactt ctctgccaca accagcatgt ggcaaaggat     87720
     aatgaaagaa taatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     87780
     atagatagat agaaacagaa atacagaaac acacatacag agaagctgag gtcaagtgaa     87840
     ctgtgtgtac tctaaagtag tggtgcttac tacgacacag aacctcagtg cacatgttat     87900
     gtaaagcaca cgggggagga gtcagtcatt aggaaatgtc tgtaggcagc agtctttggc     87960
     tgcaaacact tgggaggaag ctgcagttgc tagtgtttgc acacactgat ctatcttagt     88020
     aaacacttgc acttgcacac accatctaca tctgcataga ccagagaaag gttttcccac     88080
     ccctctgagc ctcaccccgg gagaaggctt tgccactccc atgggtctga ggcactggga     88140
     ttcttgatat ggtcatattc atgtcagtaa tacacatcca ctcacggctt cctcagttgc     88200
     ccacactcaa tgagaggaag tctggggtag agctcagcat tacagtatac tcagtcatat     88260
     acttggcact ggctttaaac cagttgaaca cactgttcaa agaatagcta ggagaatcag     88320
     aagttcaaat aaaacacaat tacaggcata caaccacgaa gcttaaatgt ctgatggaca     88380
     cacatacttc aatatggaat aattctatat gaggaaaaag ctaagtacaa tgcaatttgc     88440
     tcatattgta aattttatat tcatatacta caaattaaaa attaagattt ttaagttaaa     88500
     attttttaat ttttaaaata aaaaaattta atttaaatta aaatttaatt ttaaattcta     88560
     tatccatatg ctaggtctta aagaaatgaa aagaatccag ttgctaatac acacacacac     88620
     tagtgtgact cagacttatc aaacacagcc acagagaccc aggagagtcc aaagtatact     88680
     atgccatgtg gtaccaggag caggcaaact agtccacact aataggcaag taatctcaat     88740
     tacccacaca tggaagttag tctgccagtt ttgcagtttg aatgtccttg cttgcaggaa     88800
     gtccagaggt atcaactgaa gacaggtgga tagcagtggg aagaacccca gtaaaacaag     88860
     ttgtaaactc gaggttgctt actgtttgtg acttagacac gtttctcaat gcctgtttcc     88920
     tcactttcta aggacagact cccctgcctg tcttcttgct tcacaaagcc gaaatccaca     88980
     taaaatgcca tgggctgcag tgggcaacct ccctggtcct tgctagtcaa acctccatgt     89040
     aggagttctc acacttattt gttaatactt ggagcttccc agctgggtaa taagtcagat     89100
     ttgttggaga agctatcaca atacccactt aacaaagaca agatgtcaga aaccaggtag     89160
     ttggagggga gaaaacgttt acatttccaa atggcattaa aagtcaaaat tatgttttac     89220
     aaattcccat atgctcaggc aaggtgtgag cacctcgtga ctgggaacag ggtctgctcc     89280
     tgtgactgtc tctcctccca gggctgtgga gacagcactg cccagatgct tcataagaga     89340
     atctcccagg aaagcaaggg aggacatgca cgtgtgttga gcattttctc catcccaatg     89400
     cacatgtttt tcttgtgcca aatttgacat ttatagggac aaaacaagat aagacagcta     89460
     gctttgcccc aagtagtgac ctcataccta ccttcgcaga aggtacagtg cggcaaagtc     89520
     cacaggatct ggatagtcct caaagaccta gtggccaact cagctcctac agtcattcaa     89580
     ccttttgata cctatgttcc cacctataca gatgggtata ataatatagg ggatatctcc     89640
     ttacagtaac caaatgataa tacgcatgca atgcttattt cctgggtgta gtgttgcagg     89700
     gcatacatgc ctaactcagg gaaatgtaca tgttcagaaa tggtggcact caggagacaa     89760
     accaggattc aaggagtctg ataaccaagg tcactagaaa gctgatgtcc tagttggctt     89820
     tgtctatcaa cttttacact tagtcatctg agagaatctc agttgaagga ctacccaaat     89880
     caaattggcc tatgggcatc ttgattaata actgatgtgg gagggtcaag atcaagccag     89940
     tttgcagcat tcctccatgg tttctgctcc aagatttctt gccctaagtt ctttcagtga     90000
     tagatgagaa gtgtaagctt aaataatccc tttcttcccc atttataaat gatcttaaca     90060
     ttagaggaga caagtgttct gagtctcaaa agtatctgac ataatgctaa acctagaggg     90120
     agcaacgatg agtgtcttaa gaagacaggt ttcagaaagg gcacctgctc tgttgagaaa     90180
     gtccctcatg agacctgggg gaagtgttga ttataccaga atctgaaaaa gtcatctgga     90240
     tgtaaagggt ctaatcagag atgatacatt tgaagacact gataaaagaa atgccacaga     90300
     gatggagaag gaagtgacaa gatgtgcttg agtcaagtag gttccaggga gctgaggcag     90360
     gaagaaatgt gtacggcaca ataaaaagat tttaaagaac taaaagaaaa gcagggctag     90420
     ctgtcttcat gaggtcagca tacccaaggg actggatagg acttgaacag ccaccagtaa     90480
     agtaaaggta attagaatga aaggttcaat gtgagggagt aaggagagat gttggtaagt     90540
     cacaggtcta ccctagtgag tgaggaaact attagggaat ggacatctag aaaaagaaag     90600
     gcaagcagaa tgacccctgc attcagggca caggaaatca ggaaagagca ccattcttaa     90660
     aaggaaatag tagttggcaa ttgaaaatat ctaaaatact caagcagtga tagtcagcac     90720
     actgaagttc ctgtctgagg gctccataca gggatctgga tggtcacaga gactctacac     90780
     atgggagcag gcctcagtca cagtggtaga gtaagttcac agcaaaagac aacaaggaaa     90840
     agggcctaga gtaatcccta agccacaggc acataaaacc taaacttatt gattccacag     90900
     gttgaccaca tcaggggaca aaaagaagcc aggagaagcg ggtggggtag catggagtgc     90960
     atcagacaag cactgaaaaa taggtagtgc ttccggtttg tgccagttta ccttgggtgc     91020
     gaactctgca gccagtccac agcacccaaa ggaggctcca ctcccaggcg ctctagcatg     91080
     cccaagatcg taggatcagg ggtgagtagg acacaacatc tgttccaaca ccacagggag     91140
     taactgggcc cagcagaatc cagggacgca ggaaccccac ccgaccagtg acttgggttc     91200
     cctcctgtgt tggtttacgt tgggcgtgaa ctcaacaacc aatcccatag cacccagagg     91260
     aggctcaaat cccaggcgtt ctaacatacc caggatcaca ggatcacagg atcacaggat     91320
     cacaggatca caggatccca ggagcttggt cacactagga tctcaggatc ccagaggcag     91380
     cttgactccc aggaactctg acacacccag gatctcagga tcacaggatc ctggaatcac     91440
     aggatcacag agacagctgg attctgagga gttctaacac aagcaagatt acaggaagga     91500
     caggctccaa tcagatatag tgagggcagg tagcactaga gacaaatcag atggtaggag     91560
     gcaaacgtaa gaacataagc aacagaaacc aaggttactt agcatcacca gaacccaatt     91620
     ctcccaacac aacaagtcct ggatatgcca tcacaccaga aatgcaaaac ttgggtctaa     91680
     aatcacttct catgacgatg atagagaact tcaagaacaa cgtaaatgac ttccttaaag     91740
     aaacacagga gaacacaggt aaacaggtag aagctcttaa agaggaaaca caaaaatccc     91800
     ttaaagagtt acaagaaaac acaatcagac aggtgaagga aaggaacata tgttcatacc     91860
     agccttattt ataatagcca gaagctggaa agaacccaga tgcccctcaa cagaggaatg     91920
     gatacagaaa atgtggtaca tctacacaat ggagtactac tcagctatta agaagaatga     91980
     atttatgaaa ttcctagcca aatggatgga cctggagggc atcatcctga gtgaggtaac     92040
     acattcacaa aggaactcac acaatatgta ctcactgata agtggatatt agcccaaaac     92100
     ctaggatacc caagatataa gatacaattt gctaaacaca tgaaactcaa gaaaaatgaa     92160
     gactgaagtg tggacactat gcccctcctt agaagtggga acaaaacacc catggaagga     92220
     gttacagaga caaagtttgg agctgagacg aaaggatgga ccatgtagag actgccatat     92280
     ctagggatcc accccataat cagcatccaa acgctgacac cattgcatac actagcaaga     92340
     ttttatcgaa aggacccaga tgtagctgtc tcttgtgaga ctatgccggg gccttgcaaa     92400
     cacagaagtg gatgctcaca gtcagctaat ggatggatca caggactccc aatggaggag     92460
     ctagagaaag tacccaagga gctaaaggga tctgcaaccc tataggtgga acaacattat     92520
     gaactaacca gtaccccgga gctcttgact ctagctgcat atgtatcaaa agatggccta     92580
     gtcagccatc actggaaaga gaggcccatt ggacacgcaa actttatatg ccccagtaca     92640
     ggggaacgcc agggccaaaa aggggagtgg gtgggtaggg gagtgggggt gggtgggtat     92700
     gggggacttt tggtatagta ttggaaatgt aaatgagcta aatacctaat aaaaaatggg     92760
     aaaaaaaagg aacaaaaaca ttcaggatct aaaaatgaag atagaaacaa taaagaaatc     92820
     acaaagggag acaaccctgg agttagaaaa cctaggaaag agatcaggca tcatagatgc     92880
     aagaatcacc aacagaatac aagagataga agagagaatc tcaggtgcag aagataccat     92940
     agaaaacatt gacacaacaa tcaaagaaaa cacaaaaagc aaaaagcacc tatcccaaaa     93000
     cacccaggaa atccaggaca caatatgaag accaaaccta aggataatag gtatagaaga     93060
     gagtgacgat tcctaactta gagggccagt taatatcttc aaaaaaaaaa ctatagaaga     93120
     aaacttccca agcctaaaga aagagatgcc aatgaacgta caagaagtcc acaaaaatcc     93180
     aaatagacgg gaccagaaaa gaaattctac ctgttacata ataatcaaaa cagtaaatga     93240
     tccaaagaaa caagctggag tagccattct aatatcaaat aaaatcgact ttccaccaaa     93300
     agttatcaaa aagataagga aggatacttt gtactcatca aaggaaaaat ctaccaaggt     93360
     gaactctcaa ttctgaacat ttatgctcct aatgcaaggg cacccacatt cattaaagaa     93420
     actttactaa agctcaaagc acacattaca cctcccacaa taatagtggg agacttcaac     93480
     gccccatact cagcaatgga gagatcatga aaacaaaaac taaacagaga cacagtgaaa     93540
     ctaacagaag ttgtgaacca aatagattta acagatatct atagaacatt tcatcctgaa     93600
     acaaaaaaaa aatttacctt cttctcagca gctcatggta ccttctccaa aactgaccat     93660
     ataatcagtc acaaaacagg cctcaacaga tacaagaaga ttgaaataat cccatgcacc     93720
     ccatcagagc accatggact aaggctgatc ttcaataaca ccagaaacaa cagaaagccc     93780
     acatacacag agaagctgaa caactcccta ctcaatgata acttggtcaa gaagaaataa     93840
     agaaagaaat taaagtttta gaatttaatg aaaatgaagg cacaacatac ccaatcttac     93900
     gggacacaat gaaagcagtg ctaagaaaaa agtaccagac tcatgcctaa aatacgcaag     93960
     gacatgagaa gaagtggatt tgtctgtgtt actggaggaa tttgagaagc tatcaccgca     94020
     tccacgctga gactactctc ccaaatctgc cttgcctttg acaggcaggg cagccaaccc     94080
     aacaaatgta cacaactcta tactcatgta tataggtaaa catgatcgtt cacaggattt     94140
     cacatgagtg gggatcacag gatagttcca aaacattata atacatctaa aacttttaga     94200
     attagttatt gtgatgcgta ttcttgtttg tcaacctgac tacttctgga attaactaaa     94260
     attcaaaaat gaagattaca cttgtgaggg aattttgctt aaagtaggaa gatctacctc     94320
     taatccagct ctatgaggca ggatgataca cctttaattc agatattctg cactgagaac     94380
     atccacctct aatctggggc acatctctgc cggcagccta tataaagaca tggaagaagg     94440
     aagctttatt ttttaccttc ttgctctcac cttgctggca agtccatatc tcctctgaca     94500
     ttagagtcta cttcttcaag attccactgc atactgaaaa cgagctgagc aactattagt     94560
     ttcttaaagt ttctattcag cgtcagacat tatgttattc gatagactgc agactgtaag     94620
     tcattctaat aaattccttt ctatatatat gtagagagag attcattcac tctagaaaac     94680
     cctaatacag ttatagagtt atagaattat aagaaattaa atatgtactc ccaccccatg     94740
     ttggaatcat cttgatgtta aaatatcccc cccccaaaaa aaaacctatt ctggaagtac     94800
     aaatgactgg cttcatgttc tggtgctaca gtatgctctt gtgcaatttg agcacaatgc     94860
     tttcataact agtcatgccc atactctgaa tccactgaat ggtcctaact ggagatacag     94920
     agaattacca aaagtgattg cactttagat tacatttata attagataat atttagattg     94980
     gtgcccaata ggactgagtg aacctaattc ttcaaatgaa gccaatgaca ttattttgtg     95040
     gttgtctttc ctggagacat atacaaatac ttttactctg agcatttcca agtcctccaa     95100
     ttgtgggcac tgtgctaaaa tgatggtcta gagcagtggt tctcagccat cctaatgccg     95160
     cagtccttta atacagctgc tcatgctatg gtggccccaa caagaaaatt atttgattgc     95220
     tacttcataa ctataatttt gctactgtta tgagttgtaa tttaagtatc tgatatgcaa     95280
     actccaaaga ggtcatgagt actgcgggtc tatcagctag cagtacctct tccaagtgtc     95340
     aaaagcaaga cagaagactg actggtttca gggtttttct taaataatgt attgttttgg     95400
     tgctgagtaa tttattaaca aaactattaa tgcctgaaat gttttcatca agttttgcaa     95460
     aaacagcata aatatttaaa atgccatcta cagaggcttg ctgccaggaa aaagcaagtc     95520
     cattacatag aactttatgg aatatttata agacccaatg taacacagat ctaggcagtc     95580
     agccaaagtg caaaagagat gcttcttttt ataatttaaa ctttaatgaa atccaacaaa     95640
     acaaaaagaa aattcaaata actgtaggtc tccaagagaa tgcttcttca aataactgta     95700
     ggtctccaag agcatgcgtc ttcaaatgac tataagtctc caagagcatg cttcttgaga     95760
     ctgctcggaa tactcagaag tgcacttcat gcagttatct gctttttcct ctcctcaaag     95820
     aattcccaag attccttcaa gatatgctaa ctgaaaattg ccaatcttgg tgggtttcag     95880
     ttttttttca acttattaag gtaagcagaa ggacttcagg aaagagtcac agccttaaag     95940
     tagtcctgag aaatgaagat agggaatatc aaactgttag acaaattaca tacaccaaca     96000
     gtgaacaaag ctgggatggg actagacctt tgcagcctgc ttctcaggac caccctgaga     96060
     ggcccaccac tgcatggaca gtggcttgcc cctgcacagt tttactttta cactcatgcc     96120
     tattcttctt tggttcagca tttcattggg aaaggcattg aatagattgt ttgaattgag     96180
     atgaattata tgattgaatg aattacattc attgattttt ttttaaaggt ccagactcca     96240
     ggccagttaa aggcgtcatt tacccaataa aacaaaaatt gtacttgaac atatgccctt     96300
     gtgaggttgc agattgaagc ctacaggcta tgtgagaaga aaactaacta cctgaccatg     96360
     ctacaccacc ttgatattga gttatagccc cagaactctg agaaaattag tttatatcat     96420
     ttaaactaca cagtgtgcag tattttgtgg cagcagccta ggatgagaaa tgaatgataa     96480
     ttatagcaga aataaaatat aaataatgac atggaaagta acatggctaa ctgacattca     96540
     catacacaca cacatacaaa cacatctaaa tacacacaca cacaaatgca cacacataca     96600
     tacacacaca aaaacataca caagtacaca cacccaaaca tgcatacaca catacataca     96660
     cacatcacac acttacaaat acatatacac acatatacca catacagaca taaaaaaacc     96720
     cacaaacaca tacacacaca tacatacata cacatatata tacatataaa cacacacata     96780
     ctcacacaaa cacacacata cacacacaca tacatacaca tacacacaca cacatataca     96840
     cacacaaata cacacacata cacacacata tacacacata cacacatatt atacacacat     96900
     acacacacat acatacatac acatatatac acatataatc acacacatac tcacacaaac     96960
     acacacacat acacacacac ctatacacac acacataaat acacatacac acaaacacat     97020
     atacacatac acacacatac acacacacat atacacacat acacacatat tatacacaca     97080
     tacatacaca cactctaggt gcatctcacc cacttcaatc tatgattatt ttacgagaca     97140
     aggagaggaa tcaccctata actaattttc ttcaaagttc cctttactat ttttgggact     97200
     ttctcatttt cataaaaatt ttataatatc tatctatcca tctctataaa atattgctgg     97260
     ggatatttta attgcaccat gcctactttc acaataatgt atctttcagt taacaataac     97320
     atctggtctg gagcaggtcc atggccatga gatctgaaag tcacttttca tttatctccc     97380
     taaggttctc taatttttag ttcagtgatc ttatcactca cttccctcgt gactgggtat     97440
     taccatgtta ctggtaaatt actgaattat agttctaatt gtataaagat actcaataca     97500
     aatatactta ttaataattt tgtaacctgc aaccttgaaa gcttttccta ttaattccaa     97560
     tagctaattc tagtagagtc ttttattcaa cctactatct gaactatttt ccacttgtat     97620
     ctcagactgc ctttaaatga atatacagga attgtgtgtg cttctaggaa cttgctagat     97680
     tgcagcatgt cactctaatc tgcttatcag ttcgagacct tcctgcaagg ctctgtgtgc     97740
     aaggccttct tgatgtgtct ccctcatctg cacagtctag tgccttctga aagcaggagt     97800
     accaagtgaa caactacaaa actgaaataa aacccagtta tcagagttca ataccagccc     97860
     aagggctcat ggtgtactgt agctcaatgg ccatgaaaat ccttgtacca gtagggcaga     97920
     cataaccaaa gcaccgttac aggagacccc aggtcaagat ggcaataaaa tagacactga     97980
     acatccaact ccatggttgg ggatcttagt ctggggtggt tctgggccat gagatcaaat     98040
     gtcttcctcc tggtggactt taaaatggtc ttcccttccc agtctaacat ataactgcac     98100
     ctctcaccta acagtacctt ctaggcacct ctgatcaggg caaaaggcat agatagccct     98160
     tagctaaatt tatgacaagt gccaatgttg gtaaaaagga acaaactcaa tatgcctgat     98220
     aaaacactgg gcttttgctc tatgtttggt gtgtagttgt ctaaaacaat cctatgaaat     98280
     atatgtacaa tcccaaattc tggttgtcaa cattaggact aaatcataag gttagaaaat     98340
     cccagaatcc acaaactcag aacaagacac ctcccacttt tttagctctt gtcctctagt     98400
     gaaataggaa ggagccctgc aggggccctt gggtgtctat ggaacctttt tagaatcagg     98460
     taaagaataa atcttgcaac tcggacagat aataaatggc ccccaatgct ttagcagcat     98520
     ttagagcagg ggcttctagg tctcacaaac tcaaaaagtg aaattcacag ataatggaag     98580
     gtttagcttt ataaaagagt tttattattt taagagctta aaaagaagga agcaagcaga     98640
     gtccttatac agcagaagca ggttcccaga aagaattacc tcagagggtc cccaactggt     98700
     cggtctgcct gtatggttct cctaagtctt tccatgtaag gatctagaag gcacgcctct     98760
     ttcaagaccg acaagcatct agtcaggcac tgcttctagg cagctgtgct cataagttga     98820
     aagaagatta aaaaacaaca acaacaacaa caaaaacaaa acagcaacaa caaccaaaaa     98880
     atgcctgtaa acatttttag tatttctttg accaagataa aactagatat agacccgaag     98940
     gcagctctga cttctggcca agacataact ggttgtcggt gaagcagaac taactgctcg     99000
     tttatgagtt cctagccctc tgatgcccga caagttgcgt cttcttgttc tcgtcatgaa     99060
     gaagtccagc tgactcaggt gaactaagca tgactagaag gccaaagcct gggtctgtaa     99120
     ccctggggcc tactctttcc acatgtaccc cactaccaga gtgtgtctgg atagcaagag     99180
     accagacaca gagttgtcct gcaggatact gggaactctg acatggaggc atgcagggcc     99240
     tgcacagtcc tgtctcagcc tgttagtccc tttctccttg aaggactgtg aagtcccctg     99300
     tgattctgca agcacgactt ttcacctaag gactaacagg aacattttcc aagttgaact     99360
     cctagaagca atgttagcat tgcacgtggg aatggcatgc agtacccact tccatcatcc     99420
     tttaagcctc tcgacatgtg tgaatcccca actctgaaga gcaatgtaac ccagctcacc     99480
     ttagtgacct gaacaaccgt ggtagcaagc cttcatttta accctggctc tccttccttt     99540
     ctttggcaca tgcccattga aattcaaggt ctcctattta aaaactggaa ctactgaaag     99600
     gaccatttcc cttagtgtcc atgctcatct ccttctttag catgccctgg ggtttgaagt     99660
     ctcttccccg gacaaaacct tcccaacata tatccctgaa cacacagaat tctttctcct     99720
     tcccttttgc agtcagtcac agggaaaaag tgccctgctc catggaggcc ttacaaagct     99780
     atgcacccac agcccaggac acaagaattg aacaagatct ccccattgcc actgtaaggt     99840
     gcctttcctc cagtctagcc accaagatga agcctgtaca tggaggtgtc tgcagccact     99900
     cactaagctg ggacttagtc actataagtg accagatcct tgaaaagtac acattcctga     99960
     gaactggtat tcattcttat gctaatttga ttgtgagaac aaaatagttt tccctttcaa    100020
     ggaaggctac aagaggagag gcaagcttta gtcaaaagaa aaaagaaaaa aaaaaaaagg    100080
     aggaagaatg tgattcactg catagagcct ttaagattta ccctctgtcc attagggatg    100140
     taggcaggct ctgctctccc agattgtgct ggtaacatag cacttccttt gccctcagta    100200
     tcagccaatt taaagcagac atgtttacta actgcttaat ctagtcagtg taattatgtt    100260
     tcacattgct ttccaaagaa gcaaaggaaa gcagcatata acctaagaac accacacagt    100320
     gatccagagg tctcttgctc agtccctaag cagctctgtg tctagttcac acaagtacac    100380
     agggtcggca gtcactgtga aacttcctct tctactgaaa ccatagggac agaagctggc    100440
     atgtttaata gctaatttca atttttacta ctttgtgatg ctcagacaat aaaataacag    100500
     aagtttgcct tgagccaatg aaactctttc caatagaatc agccaaaaga aaatcaactc    100560
     aaaaaatgct gaaaagaatg agcaatgcat ttaattgaag atgtaaatac ctcctatatg    100620
     tgtgtaaagg ggctggaggc tatgcccata gcgatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg    100680
     gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga ctggcaggca gacagatgga cagacagaca    100740
     gatggaggta gactcccagg ctggtcagta gatgtgagat atatctctat ctatctatct    100800
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatccat acacatacat    100860
     acatataatc aaccaacaat ggcttttaac ctcacaacct gaggcttttg gtcagtcaca    100920
     ctgctgtgac acaaagtaca agtttcgtgg aaattttaac aatagattgc aagagaagac    100980
     caccaaaact gtgatgctct gcttgcttat attttttaaa gataaagcaa cattttaaat    101040
     taaatttgca gtctctacat ggtccatcct ttcatctcag ctccaaactt tgtctctgta    101100
     actccttcca tgggtgtttt gttcccaaat ctaaggaggg gcatagtgtc cacacttcag    101160
     tcttcattct tcttgagttt catgtgttta gcaaattata tcttatatct tgggtatcct    101220
     aggtttgggg ctaatatcca cttatcagtg agtacatatt gtgtgagttt ctttgtgaat    101280
     gtgttacctc actcaggatg atgccctcca ggtccatcca tttggctagg aatttcataa    101340
     attcattctt tttaatagct gagtagtact ccattgtgta gatgtaccac atttcctgta    101400
     tccattcctc tgttgaggga catctaggtt ctttccagct tctggctatt ataaataagg    101460
     ctgctatgaa catagtggag catgtgtcct tcttaccagt tggggcatct tctggatata    101520
     tgcccaggag aggtattgct ggatcctccg gtagtactat gtccaatttt ctgaggaacc    101580
     gccagactga tttccagagt ggttgtacaa gcctgcactc ccaccaacaa tggaggagtg    101640
     ttcctctttc tccacatcca cgccagcatc tgctgtcacc tgaatttttg atcttagcca    101700
     ttctgactgg tgtgaggtgg aatctcaggg ttgttttgat ttgcatttcc ctgatgatta    101760
     aggatgttga acattttttc aggtgcttct ctgccattcg gtattcctcg ggtgagaatt    101820
     ctttcttcag ttctgagccc cattttttaa tggggttatt tgattttctg aagtccacct    101880
     tcttgagttc tttatatatg ttggatatta gtcccctatc tgatttagga taggtaaaga    101940
     tcctttccca atctgttggt ggtctttttg tcttattgac ggtatctttt gccttgcaga    102000
     aactttggag tttcattagg tcccatttgt caattctcga tcttacagca caagccattg    102060
     ctgatctgtt caggaatttt tacagagaca aagtttggag ctgagatgaa aggatggacc    102120
     atgtagagac tgccatatcc agggatccac cccataatca gcatccaaac gctgacacca    102180
     ttgcatacac tagcaagatt ttattgaaag gacccagatg tagctgtctc ttgtgagact    102240
     atgccggggc ctagcaaaca cagaagtgga tgctcacagt cagctaatgg atggatcata    102300
     gggctcccaa tggaggagct agagaaagta gccaaggagc taaagggatc tgcaacccta    102360
     taggtggaac aacattatga actaaccagt accccggagc tcttgactct agctgcatat    102420
     atatcaaaag atggcctagt cggccatcac tggaaagaga ggcccattgg acttgctaac    102480
     tttatatgcc ccagtacagg ggaacaccag ggccaaaaag ggggagtggg tgggcagggg    102540
     agtgggggtg ggtggatatg ggggactttt ggtatagcat tggaaatgta aatgagctaa    102600
     atacctaata aaaaatagaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaacg aaggtgatat aattgagatg    102660
     cttccagcct cttcagggac ccaaagaaag cattatatag ttggaggagg aggttagggt    102720
     ctactggaaa aataaaaaaa taaataaatt aattaattaa taaattaatt aattaattaa    102780
     atttgcctat aaaatttcca taaaataaga gagtcaattt tgtagatctt tgtagttcta    102840
     aagaggcttc tgttcatgtc aaccttcaag aacttgaagc ccagcttctt ctatatgcca    102900
     ccaacacaga accatagcat ctgcatggcc ctgcctattt catatcaata aacctcctcc    102960
     ctgacaaggc tgtactctcc ctcaactatt catccttctc atgtgacctc ctcaagtcta    103020
     aaacccagca cacacatgtg tgcagaaaca tcaacgcctt agaaagatct aggctctctc    103080
     atctcagagt ccaaatacct tctctctcca cctctacatt ctcacactga taccctatca    103140
     cttctacagt ctccccaaga tggggatcat ctgggctaga ccattctgcc tgtctaagcc    103200
     tctgtggtcc ctatgaaggc agatagatag acagatgagg aatccttctg ttttaagccc    103260
     tgagttgtct gtctaaacat cattctggcc acactggccc ttcttgaaga agctgtattc    103320
     ctgcatcacc tcaaaatcag agtggggaga ggtgagttac acaaagtcct gacctccatt    103380
     agttggaacc ggcccaccct ttggtctcga gaaggcctac aggacccccc aaaagcgtac    103440
     tgcttcccca tggaggcctg caggggcccc aagaataacc aacttggaaa cccactgcac    103500
     cgatcgcctc ccagtctcgt tctctggagc acagccagcg gacatgagtt gcacacagtc    103560
     ccctgacctc catatttggc agtggcctta cccttcagtc ctgaggagca tcttacttcc    103620
     ctgttggaag cccacccacc aatcccctcc taatctagtc cacctggagc acagccagca    103680
     gagaggtctg tggcagcctc gagagctact agcttggaac ttcctttacc aagcccttgt    103740
     gcctgaggtc tgcctgtggc acagtaagca gagtcaggtt cccttgtctt caccatctgg    103800
     cccatgactc tccctgcctt cccaagaatt cctgcatcat caggatcatc cagccaatat    103860
     aagggaaaac aaaaacaaga tgcctaaagg acagcataag aacaaaacaa gagccagggc    103920
     aatatggctg caccaacgga gcccagccat cctgctacag caagcccagg atagactatg    103980
     gaaactgaag cacaagaaga gaatcttttt tttcttcaat ttttattatt caaatgcatt    104040
     ttatacatca aatatattaa taatattgag tattttgaga ataaaataat acgtaaaaat    104100
     ttgttcaact tttatttgca tatcattcat accctaaaaa tatcattagt gaatatttaa    104160
     tactatcaat aactgaggat cctatatcta atgttgaata ataaattgtt gaaaaaacct    104220
     aaatattctt tggaaattaa gcatagtaaa agagtataag ataataaaaa tgaatcatta    104280
     ggaaatatat ttaagctggg cagttggtgg tgcatgcctt taatcccagc acttgggagg    104340
     cagaggcagg tgaatttctg agttcgaggc cagcctggtc tacaaagtga gttccaggac    104400
     agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc taatatatat atatatatat atacatacaa    104460
     aagccctgtc tctaatatac atatatatat atatatacat atatgtatat acacacatat    104520
     atatatacac aaaagccctt atatcatacc acctgacata gagagtactt aaaatgcatt    104580
     acttatctgt gtacattgtc taacaatcag ttcacttaaa gaaattatca gtgtttctaa    104640
     gagagaaatt attttatcag taagcatatt taaatttttt caaaatggca aaaactcatg    104700
     aagttaaaca ttaagaaaat gctaatttca agcacagtga gaaaaattat caatatttcc    104760
     atgatgtttg tagaacatga ttttaatatt ttcaactgtt aatattcaac aattagatcc    104820
     atttggttaa taacttctgt cagtttttct gtgtctctgt ttagtttttg tttccattgc    104880
     tgagtatggg gtgttgaagt cacccactat tattgtgtga gatgaaatgt atgttttgag    104940
     ctttagtaaa atttctttaa tgaatgtggg tgcccttgca ttaggaattg agagttcatc    105000
     ttggtagatt tttcctttga tgagtatgaa gtatcctacc ttatcttttt tgataacttt    105060
     tggttgaaag ttgattttat tcgatattag aatggctact ccagcttgct tcttgggaca    105120
     agaagagaat cttaaatcca atcttaaaaa gatgagaaaa aggacttcaa agaggacatg    105180
     agtgaatccc ttaaataaat acaggaaaat acattcagac aggtagaagc attaaaaaag    105240
     gaagcaaata aatacaggaa aatacaatca aacaggtaaa ggacaggaat aaaactgtct    105300
     aagacctgat agaagcaata aatagaataa acaaatagaa gtaataaaga aaatacaaac    105360
     tgatcttggt ccgggacccg ccgaacttag gaaattagtc tgaacaggtg agagggtgcg    105420
     ccagagaacc tgacagcttc tggaacaggc ggaagcacag aggcgctgag gcagcaccct    105480
     ttgtgggccg gggacagcca gccaccgtcc ggaccggagg acaggtgccc gcccggctgg    105540
     ggaggcggcc taagccacag cagcagcggt cgccatcttg gtccgagacc cgccgaactt    105600
     aggaaattag tctgaacagg tgagagggtg cgccagagaa cctgacagct tctggaacag    105660
     gcggaagcac agaggcgctg aggcagcacc ctgtgtgggc cggggacagc cggccacctt    105720
     ccggaccaga ggacaggtgc ccgcccggct ggggaggcga cctaagccac agcagcagcg    105780
     gtcgccatct tggtccggga cccgccgaac ttaggaaatt agtctgaaca ggtgagaggg    105840
     tgcgccagag aacctgacag cttctggaac aggcggaagc acagaggcgc tgaggcagca    105900
     ccctgtgtgg gccggggaca gccggccacc ttccggaccg gaggacaggt gcccacccgg    105960
     caggggaggc ggcctaagcc acagcagcag cggtcgccat cttggtcccg ggactccaag    106020
     gaacttagga atttagtctg cttaggtgag agtctgtacc acctgggaac tgccaaagca    106080
     acacagtgtc tgagaaaggt cctgttttgg gccttcttct tcggccagga ggaggtccaa    106140
     atacaagata tctgcgcacc ttccctgtaa gagagcttgc cagcagagag tgctctgagc    106200
     actgaaactc agaggagaga atctgtctcc caggtctgct gatagacggt aacagaatca    106260
     ccagaagaac aatctctaaa cagagtcaac tataactact aactccagag attaccagat    106320
     ggcgaaaggt aaacggagga atcttactaa caggaaccaa gaccactcac catcaccaga    106380
     acccagcaca cccacttcgc ccagtccagg gaaccccaac acacctgaga acctagacct    106440
     agatttaaaa gcatatctca tgatgatggt agagggcatc aagaaggact ttaataaatc    106500
     acttaaagaa atacaggaga acactgctaa agagttacaa gtccttaaag aaaaacagga    106560
     aaacacaatc aaacaggtag aagtccttac agaaaaagag gaaaaaacat acaaacaggt    106620
     gatggaaatg aacaaaacca tactagacct aaaaagggaa gtagacacaa taaagaaaac    106680
     tcaaagcgag gcaacactag agatagaaac cctaggaaag aaatctggaa ccatagattt    106740
     gagcatcagc aacagaatac aagagatgga agagagaatc tcaggtgcag aagattccat    106800
     agagaacatc ggcacaacaa tcaaagaaaa tggaaaatgc aaaaagatcc taactcaaaa    106860
     tatccaggaa atccaggaca caataagaag accaaacgta cggataatag gagtggatga    106920
     gaatgaagat tttcaactca aaggtccagc aaacatcttc aacaaaatta ttgaagaaaa    106980
     cttcccaaat ctaaagaatg agatgcatat gaacatacaa gaagcctaca gaactccaaa    107040
     tagactggac cagaaaagaa attcctcccg acacataata atcagatcat caaatgcact    107100
     aaataaagat agaatactaa aagcagtaag ggaaaaaggt caagtaacat ataaaggcaa    107160
     gcctatcaga attacaccag atttttcacc agagactatg aaagccagaa gagcctggac    107220
     agatgttata cagacactaa gagaacacaa actgcagccc aggctactat acccagccaa    107280
     actctcaatt atcatagagg gagaaaccaa agtattccac gacaaaacca aattcacgca    107340
     ttatctctcc acgaatccag cccttcaaag gataataaca gaaaaaaacc aatacaagaa    107400
     cgggaacaac gccctagaaa aaacaagaag gtaatccctc aacaaaccta aaagaagaca    107460
     gccacaagaa cagaatgcca cctttaacaa ctaaaataac aggaagcaac aattactttt    107520
     ccttaatatc tcttaacatc aatggtctca actcgccaat aaaaagacat agactaacaa    107580
     actggctaca caaacaagac ccaacatttt gctgcttaca ggaaactcat ctcagagaaa    107640
     aagatagaca ctacctcaga atgaaaggct ggaaaacaat tttccaagca aatggtatga    107700
     agaaacaagc aggagtagcc atcctaatat ctgataagat tgacttccaa cccaaagtca    107760
     tcaaaaaaga caaggaggga cacttcattc tcatcaaagg taaaatcctc caagaggaac    107820
     tctcaattct gaatatctat gctccaaata caagagcagc cacattcact aaagaaactt    107880
     tagtaaagct caaagcacac attgcgcctc acacaataat agtgggagac ttcaacacac    107940
     cactttcacc aatggacaga tcatggaaac agaaactaaa cagggacaca ctgaaactaa    108000
     cagaagtgat gaaacaaatg gatctgacag atatctacag aacattttac cctaaaacaa    108060
     aaggatatac cttcttctca gcacctcatg gtaccttctc caaaattgac cacataatag    108120
     gtcacaaatc aggcctcaac agattcaaaa atattgaaat tgtcccatgt atcctatcag    108180
     atcaccatgc actaaggctg atcttcaata acaaaataaa taacagaaag ccaacattca    108240
     catggaaact gaacaacact cttctcaatg ataccttggt caaggaagga ataaagaaag    108300
     aaattaaaga ctttttagag tttaatgaaa atgaagccac aacgtaccca aacctttggg    108360
     acacaatgaa agcatttcta agagggaaac tcatagctat gagtgccttc aagaaaaaac    108420
     gggagagagc acatactagc agcttgacaa cacatctaaa agctctagaa aaaaaggaag    108480
     caaattcacc caagaggagt agacggcagg aaataatcaa actcaggggt gaaatcaacc    108540
     aagtggaaac aagaagaact attcaaagaa ttaaccaaac gaggagttgg ttctttgaga    108600
     aaatcaacaa gatagataaa cccttagcta gactcactaa agggcacagg gacaaaatcc    108660
     taattaacaa aatcagaaat gaaaagggag acataacaac agatcctgaa gaaatccaaa    108720
     acaccatcag atccttctac aaaaggctat actcaacaaa actggaaaac ctggacgaaa    108780
     tggacaaatt tctggacaga taccaggtac caaagttgaa tcaggatcaa gttgaccttc    108840
     taaacagtcc catatcccct aaagaaatag aagcagttat taatagtctc ccagccaaaa    108900
     aaagcccagg accagacggg tttagtgcag agttctatca gaccttcaaa gaagatctaa    108960
     ctccagttct gcacaaactt tttcacaaga tagaagtaga aggtattcta cccaactcat    109020
     tttatgaagc cactattact ctgataccta aaccacagaa agatccaaca aagatagaga    109080
     acttcagacc aatttctctt atgaacatcg atgcaaaaat ccttaataaa attctcgcta    109140
     accgaatcca agaacacatt aaagcaatca tccatcctga ccaagtaggt tttattccag    109200
     ggatgcaggg atggtttaat atacgaaaat ccatcaatgt aatccattat ataaacaaac    109260
     tcaaagacaa aaaccacatg atcatctcgt tagatgcaga aaaagcattt gacaagatcc    109320
     aacacccatt catgataaaa gttctggaaa gatcaggaat tcaaggccaa tacctaaaca    109380
     tgataaaagc aatctacagc aaaccagtag ccaacatcaa agtaaatgga gagaagctgg    109440
     aagcaatccc actaaaatca gggactagac aaggctgccc actttctccc taccttttca    109500
     acatagtact tgaagtatta gccagagcaa ttcgacaaca aaaggagatc aaggggatac    109560
     aaattggaaa agaggaagtc aaaatatcac tttttgcaga tgatatgata gtatatataa    109620
     gtgaccctaa aaattccaac agagaactcc taaacctgat aaacagcttc ggtgaagtag    109680
     ctggatataa aattaactca aacaagtcaa tggcctttct ctacacaaag aataaacagg    109740
     ctgagaaaga aattagggaa acaacaccct tctcaatagc cacaaataat ataaaatatc    109800
     tcggcgtgac tctaacgaag gaagttaaag atctgtatga taaaaacttc aagtccctga    109860
     agaaagaaat taaagaagat ctcagaagat ggaaagatct cccatgctca tggattggca    109920
     ggaccaacat tgtaaaaatg gctatcttgc caaaagcaat ctacagattc aatgcaatcc    109980
     ccattaaaat tccaactcaa ttcttcaacg aattagaagg agcaatttgc aaattcatct    110040
     ggaataacaa aaaaccgagg atagcaaaaa ctcttctcaa ggataaaaga acctctggtg    110100
     gaatcaccat gcctgaccta aagctttact acagagcaat tgtgataaaa actgcatggt    110160
     actggtatag agacagacaa gtggaccaat ggaatagaat tgaagaccca gaaatgaacc    110220
     cacacaccta tggtcacttg atcttcgaca agggagccaa aaccatccag tggaagaaag    110280
     acagcatttt caacaattgg tgctggcaca actggttgtt atcatgtaga agaatgcgaa    110340
     tcgatccata cttatctcct tgtactaagg tcaaatctaa gtggatcaag gaacttcaca    110400
     taaaaccaga gacactgaaa cttatagagg agaaagtggg gaaaagcctt gaagatatgg    110460
     gcacagggga aaaattcctg aacagaacag caatggcttg tgctgtaaga tcgagaattg    110520
     acaaatggga cctaatgaaa ctccaaagtt tctgcaaggc aaaagacact gtctataaga    110580
     caaaaagacc accaacagac tgggaaagga tctttaccta tcctaaatca gataggggac    110640
     taatatccaa catatataaa gaactcaaga aggtggacct cagaaaatca aataaccccc    110700
     ttaaaaaatg gggctcagaa ctgaacaaag aattctcacc tgaggaatac cgaatggcag    110760
     agaagcacct gaaaaaatgt tcaacatcct taatcatcag ggaaatgcaa atcaaaacaa    110820
     ccctgagatt ccacctcaca ccagtgagaa tggctaagat caaaaattca ggtgacagca    110880
     gatgctggcg agggtgtgga gaaagaggaa cactcctcca ttgttggtgg gattgcaggc    110940
     ttgtacaacc actctggaaa tcagtctggc ggttcctcag aaaattggac atagtactac    111000
     cggaggatcc agcaatacct ctcctgggca tatatccaga agaagcccca actggtaaga    111060
     aggacacatg ctccactatg ttcatagcag ccttatttat aatagccaga aactggaaag    111120
     aacccagatg cccctcaaca gaggaatgga tacagaaaat gtggtacatc tacacaatgg    111180
     agtactactc agctattaaa aagaatgaat ttatgaaatt cctagccaaa tggatggacc    111240
     tggagagcat catcctgagt gaggtaacac aatcacaaag gaactcacac aatatgtact    111300
     cactgataag tggatactag cccaaaacct aggataccca cgatataaga tacaatttcc    111360
     taaacacatg aaactcaaga aaaatgaaga ctgaagtgtg gacactatgc ccctccttag    111420
     aagtgggaac aaaacaccca tggaaggagt tacagaaaca aagtttggag ctgagatgaa    111480
     aggatggacc atgtagagac tgccatatcc agggatccac cccataatca gcatccaaac    111540
     gctgacacca ttgcatatac tagcaagatt ttatcgaaag gacccagatg tagctgtctc    111600
     ttgtgagact atgccggggc ctagcaaaca cagaagtgga tgctcacagt cagctaatgg    111660
     atggatcaca gggctcccaa tggaggagct agagaaagta cccaaggagc taaagggatc    111720
     tgcaacccta taggtggaac aacattatga actaaccagt acccctgagc tcttgactct    111780
     agctgcatat gtatcaaaag atggcctagt cggccatcac tggaaagaga ggcccattgg    111840
     acacgcagac tttgtgtgcc ccggtacagg ggaacgccag ggccaaaggg ggggagtggg    111900
     tgggtagggg agtgggggtg ggtgggtaag ggggactttt ggtatagcat tggaaatgta    111960
     aatgagctaa atacctaata aaaaatggaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaaagaaa    112020
     atacaaactg agggaatcct ggagatggaa aacctagaaa agagaatagg aaataaagac    112080
     ataaaaataa ctaaccatac aagagatgga agaaacaatc tcaagcatag aagatatgat    112140
     agaaaatcaa tacaccagtc aaagaaagtg caaaatataa aaacgttcat gacacaaaac    112200
     gtccaggaaa tttgagacaa taggaaacaa caaaaccaaa gaataataca aatagaagaa    112260
     ggagaagatg gtcacctcaa aggctcagaa aatatcttca tcaaaatcat agtagaaatt    112320
     ttccctaacc taaagaaaga gatgcctata gtcatacaag aagcctacag aactccaaat    112380
     agtttggacc agaaaagaaa ttcctcctgt cacataatag tcaaaacacc aaatgcacaa    112440
     aacaaagaaa gaatattaaa agcagtacgg gaaaaaggtc aagtaacata taaagggaga    112500
     cctatcagaa ttacaccaga cactatgaaa gctagaagac cctgggcaga tgtcatacag    112560
     accctaagag aacacaaatg ccagcccagg ctactatacc cagcaaaact ctcaattact    112620
     atagatggag taatcaagat attccatgac aaaaataaat ttacacacta tttcaccaca    112680
     aatccagccc tacaaaggat aatagatgga gaactccaac acaagaggga aactataccc    112740
     tagaaaaagc aagaaagtaa tctttcaaca aacccaaaag aagataacca cacaaacatt    112800
     attccgcctc taacaacaaa aaataagcaa caatcactat tctttaatat ctcttaacat    112860
     cagtgaattc aattccccaa taaaaagaca gagactaaca gactggttac ataaacagga    112920
     cccaacattt tgctgcatgc aagaaatgca cctcaatatt aaagacagac actaccttag    112980
     agtaaagggc tggaaaacaa ttgtctaagc aaatagtccc aagaaacaag ctggagtagg    113040
     cattctaata tcaaataaaa tcgactttat accaaaagtt atcaaaaaga taaggaagga    113100
     cacttcatac tcatcaaagg aaaaatctac caagatgaac tcttaattct gaacatctgt    113160
     gctcctaatg caagggcatc cacattcatt aaagaaactt tattaaagtt caaaacatac    113220
     attacacctc acacaataat agtgggagac ttcaacgccc catactcagc aatggaagca    113280
     gaaactaaac agagacacag agaaactaac agaagttatg aaacaaatgg atttaacaga    113340
     tagctacaga acatttcatc ctgaaaccaa agaatatacc ttcttctcag cacctcatgg    113400
     taccttctcc aaaactgaca atataatcag tcacaaaaca ggcctcaaca gatacaagaa    113460
     gattgaaata atcccatgct tcctatctga tcaatcacca tggactaagg ctggtcttca    113520
     ataacaccag aaacaacaga aagcccacac acatatggaa gccaaatacc agatctaacc    113580
     tcaggctaca ctgcagtgga gcagatgctt catcttgtgc ttcacagctc ctgcttccaa    113640
     caccaagaca gtaacacacc aggcactgct tccccagatc acgtgaagat gtgaaatgtt    113700
     tggaacggtt tctactgaat gtgagttata ttctcccatc ataaaatgtg caaaggattc    113760
     tggaaccatc acaaataatg agcagcctgt attggcttat ttttttgtag ataaatagat    113820
     atatatctgt ttagataact gaatgtatat atattgaaat acttaatgat ttaaaatgac    113880
     cacacatcct ttttatgatg aaataacttg taattttttg aagtcattgt ggaaatcatt    113940
     gagttagcaa ttttctatat aatatgcaca atgacaatgt tataagatgt gaacaccatg    114000
     aatgtgcaca ctggtgatgt gacataaaaa acaaaaacaa ataaattgaa ttttaaaatg    114060
     catgcaaatg atggcaacta tttaaatcat ttcagtttcc tcggacattg cagagagttt    114120
     ctgtggaagg aggtgggatg actaagaaac attagtagga tcctgagtgc tgtcccagag    114180
     ataagaacag gatgccaaat aggtgtaact ggaaggctct acaaaaaggt ctgtctactc    114240
     aaagaaaaca aaaataaaga aaaatgccat tgtttgttac aggggatgga gcctaggacc    114300
     ttacatacgt gaagcaagtg ttctaatatt gagccacacc ccagcctatg ttattgttct    114360
     attttatata atttctttca ttcattataa ttgtacatgt gtgtgtgcat gtctgtgtgc    114420
     agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    114480
     agagagcgct agcattctcc tttttgtgcc atatatgtgt tctctggtat aatcataaaa    114540
     taaaggatat aagaagcccc agagatgctt tcccctttaa ttgctatttc ttgttacttg    114600
     gccactagct aatagacatt attttactct atgccaatgc ctgcctcaga agagctgcaa    114660
     taaacatgtc tttaatgatt atttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaaagaagaa agaaaagaaa    114720
     gaaacacaag cgcagagcaa tccaagggaa aggctggttt caactggtgc tgcagagaaa    114780
     cagggtgctc acaaaaacta acttcaatca aaactaaaac ccgatggaaa gttaactcaa    114840
     atatattgta gttttaaatg taaaatgtta ctctgcaaaa cttttagaag tcctaggaga    114900
     aatcctgaca ccaaaaccac ccattctggg gaggtagaga gggattgatt agctggactt    114960
     catcaaactt atgtttatcc aacaaaagac actgttaaga aaacaaagcc atatactgaa    115020
     agaaaatatc acaagttctg ttttctgcaa aggatttgta tcaaaaaaaa tacagtaact    115080
     acaataactt cagttttcaa acacaggcac aaggattgaa caaatacata accaaacaga    115140
     ctgtgtagct gacaaggcct cagcaccact cttcatcttg gaaattcaaa ccaggctgag    115200
     tgggagcaga gaggaaaagc taacaggacc acattctaat gagggcgtga agcacccaga    115260
     acacatctac tgagatccag gcaagtagca ataccttgta aatttagcaa aatttaacac    115320
     tgaccacggg acccaacaac tcatatttat ccaacactgc aaacacatgc tcacagggaa    115380
     gtcacatgca aacacatgct cacagagaag tcacatgtaa acacatgctc acagggaagt    115440
     cactacaggg atgtccgtac ttagttgctt gtagttttca aaacctggaa agcacccaga    115500
     tgtccacgaa ccaggaaagg aataaacaca gtgaggttcc atcactgaca gaataaatct    115560
     taacaacaag ccatgtatgc atgtagcggc atgcaagtat ttctagtgca ttctgccaac    115620
     tctgagccgg atttcaaaag ttacatattg taaatcttcc tggatgtaac actgtggact    115680
     aggcaaagct acaggcagta cagacaggtg agctgacacg gccttaagga accaccccaa    115740
     gtaaactgaa gagagcaact atccctgtgc ctgtggttat gttgtaaaat ctgagtgtgg    115800
     tggtagtcat gtgactgcat ctgccatgga actgggaaat gtaaaaggac tctgtatttt    115860
     atctcaatat acttgacttt aaaagtacag gcacatcaat acaagttaat aggactgatc    115920
     ttcctgtaga gtatgaagcc aaggaatggt agtgagtatt tacgcagact acccatggat    115980
     acagcccact gctactggca atgtttggta aacacgctcc ggttcccgct actgctgaaa    116040
     atggagatga gcacaaaagc agcaccactc ggcagccgga ctcacgtcct cacaaagctt    116100
     ccatcccagc ttctaatgct ttcttgattt cagcaatcat tagtttagaa ctagaaaaaa    116160
     gacagaagag cagtgctaat aaaaataatt aatcttgcag agtaaccaac cccactcaat    116220
     caaagaatct gaggcccagt gttcagattg agattatata cctttgtttt ttcacccagt    116280
     ttttatactg tttaaacaag gatttttttt ttaagccctg acttttaaaa ggtcatattg    116340
     tgcaacattt ttctaaatct ttgtctggtc tcacaacaag gtaagtttcc ttaatgctgc    116400
     tacaaaccag gtaaaaggca tgccgaggtg aaagttaaat aaaaagctat ctcaaatagc    116460
     atttttaaaa ggcaaacatc aaccttgtaa gtattaaaag cacgttctaa aatccactct    116520
     gatgacagtt taagaaagct gcttttatgt gctgggagcc tggctctgca aggcctttta    116580
     aatgccagtg tttacctaaa aatgcaggca aggaccagaa tctggccttg aagaggcgcc    116640
     ttttgactgc acacagtgaa cccaatcttt aaccaataaa ttgttccaca cctttgtctc    116700
     tgccaagaga ggcagaagtc tgctctcaca agaacacaca agcctcttta gtcaggtggc    116760
     tctctcctct gcacctctgt acttgttggt ttagaatctc tgagtgacaa tgcacatcac    116820
     tgatgctatg ggggtttgtg ctgtcatctg tgctactgat tgtgctttgc tttagatcaa    116880
     agcgcaaaac ttctagaaag acacgcagac cacaaagtgg caagtagcat gccatgtttg    116940
     acacagcaaa caataaatga ctttcatcag cctgattaag aatcccatgt tttcaatgct    117000
     aagtctgatg tctgaaatga tagaactttc tacattctca aacaaggagt ttcaaatatg    117060
     aaggaaaaga cataaagaga gcccacatac cacaagttct gaaattccta ctgttcaaag    117120
     aactgcggtt taacctgcta ttgtataaag ctcattgtaa ggtttaagtt gaataataca    117180
     cattcaaacc aaacacgcta acacaccact attttctcag ttggaaacaa cttgtggtgt    117240
     atctctccca gagcagactg catcaccagc cttggccatg ttccacagtg actccctgtg    117300
     agctttagct acaggttctc tccacaaggc ccagcatcag acatcttttc ctgtctagag    117360
     ttggaatgac aggaacttca cctggactgt ttacactctg tccaaaatgc caccataagc    117420
     acaaagtcat cccttaccca gagcctctat tccaaggtgc catctgagtg cataccatat    117480
     gatctgaccc actccctaca caattctgca agatgacaat tacttcattc gtgttctaag    117540
     tgaagaaatt gagacaaaat gctacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaacttccc taaaacttca    117600
     tacatcaagt aagtggaccc ggtctggatt tgaacatctc tctgtgtctt cctccgtcct    117660
     ctgaccttca ttttctttgt agtactaaag atggaaacta gggccttgta catgctacac    117720
     aaacatttta ccactaagct acaccaccag ccctgttttt tttctttgta caacccaaac    117780
     tttattacac caatggcagc accctaagtt aacatatgca ttaattacca tggaccctaa    117840
     ataggcaaat agcaaactgg gataccagag tcattggcct gtcctttgtg tcgcacgcgc    117900
     atgcgcgcac atatgagtaa caatggagaa aaaatatcca agaatccctg ttcaaatggc    117960
     aaccatggaa gtggcaaaga atggttctga accttgcaaa agcaaagcac agtaacaagg    118020
     cttgcatact ctatataatg gtagacatat ttttgtttgt ttgtagacag agtttctctg    118080
     agtggccctg ggtgtcttgg aacttgctct gtaaaccagg ctaggcttaa actcagaggt    118140
     ccatctggtt ctgcttcctg gatgatggta ttaaaggcat gtgtcactac cacctagcta    118200
     gtagacacgt tttagagatt attgaactta ttaggaatct aaaattctct tcctccaaat    118260
     tttatcatta gtgtgtgtga tgtatgacat gcacgtggag gtcggagaac aaccttcagg    118320
     aggaattggg tctcctctcc cacccttacg tgggttctga ggattgaact aagatggtca    118380
     gccttacaca gccagtactt tccctactga cccatcttgc tagctgtaaa tgtatactta    118440
     atgacggtta acctgaaggt tgttctccga cctccacgtg catgtcatac atcacacaca    118500
     ttaatgataa aatttggagg aagagaattt tagattccta gtaagtccaa tatactatat    118560
     atatatgtat atagcattct agccccatat ggcagaatac attttctcct tctaacttca    118620
     tatactcaat ttccagacct taccctaaag cctctacatc caataaggtg tacacttaag    118680
     aatccacaca cctgagacct ctacagctgc agcccatata tgtacatgca cagttgaggc    118740
     ccacatacat tgaggtctac atatctggag tatacacagt tggggcccac aaacttcaag    118800
     tagacttcac atatctggag ttacacacca taccagaagt ccacacacct gaggtccaca    118860
     tctcagggtc catacaccta tgccctacac atctagagtt cacacatttg gggcccacat    118920
     acctgaagtg cttatactag tagtccacac tcctggtatc tacacctctg gagtctatac    118980
     atctggagtc ttcatacctg cacatacctc ccttcctttc tcctgttcaa ccatgtcttc    119040
     tgaagtctta gggctgtttc cctacttgta taccttttgc ttttccagat gcttccccat    119100
     gccccttatt ttgccaagtc tttatctttg ttcattccta tggctatcca aatcttctga    119160
     ttctaaagcc tggcttccaa atccagccag aggatttcaa ttaaaaagag cgttccaaag    119220
     ccatcacaaa agggcactgc cacaactgaa gcactaccca gatgcactta aatatagatg    119280
     gtgtccttaa acccaaacct gctgtccttg agtattaaca caatttctac atgactcgtt    119340
     ttaagaataa aggatagtga cagcttctat aactagattt agtatgtgtg gaaatataac    119400
     ctatcagaaa gatcagttac ttttgctaag aaactatcca gacaaaagaa atggactttt    119460
     ctctgtggaa agtccttatg gattcaaagt agtagtgcaa acaaatattg tatgaaataa    119520
     agagtcattt acaactttat attgtttttc aaaaaaaaag gtatctaatt caaaattctt    119580
     catttataga aaaggctggg tgtataaact acagaatatc agtttagtgg cctcattttt    119640
     aacacttatc tgtgaattca taaatactga gctcatggac tgatagctta cttgaaaggt    119700
     taataatgat acatttcata cgtgatgctg cccaacccac cattatgctg tcttttcttt    119760
     atgtgcttat gtgcaaacat ttttacttac ctggaaaaag ccaataacat ggacccccta    119820
     aaaatagggg aggggcaaaa ctgcagattc atttgcaagt acatggtggg actcttcaaa    119880
     cttggcttta atctctccag cctatgcata cgcacataaa accaagttag tctttagtag    119940
     gatcctttct ttagtttctt gtcagttccc tgtctgaggt ggacagacgg atggtcatgt    120000
     ctccccagga agagtcacac aacaccatgg tgaggtgagt acggtgagct ccggtgcttc    120060
     ctgcttccaa ttaggaccaa aaggagaaaa ccaaccatgt ctatctctga actagagctg    120120
     aggcacaaag gatacaattg aatttaaaag ccccaaagaa aaccccaaaa cactgtgagg    120180
     gttgagtgtg gggagctaaa acaagactag aaaacactga aagtcttgat ctacaatcgt    120240
     caacaaccta aggagcctca gaactcatgc taataaccta ttggctttag attacatcac    120300
     tcaatgcacg tgtccagttt caacaggaaa agacattgta tgcaagaagg caagaaaatg    120360
     tactttctga agccagaagg cagcaacaga caaaatcatg gcagagagtc tgacgttaac    120420
     aaagaggaga ttaatgagat agtggctact atggttagga tattgtctcc aatggttatg    120480
     ttaaaagctt ggtcttcatt gtggcagtga agacatgatg ggaagtcctc aggcacggag    120540
     agagcatcct cttgggaaaa gtaagggtag agttaggatt atggtcaaag caaaaggacc    120600
     caaagttagt tcttttgtta caaaaggcct gagataggct ctgactcaac aaggcttctg    120660
     gtcaagccac aaagactctt cctccctcag caactcctac catcgcatag catagcatcc    120720
     agtatgagga tctccagagt cacgctgata ttggcatcat gtctataaaa tttgaacatc    120780
     aaactcaata gtactttttt tttctttata aaataacaaa catgccctgc tgtagtaaaa    120840
     ctcatcagtc acatgcaata gcagatcaga aatatgagca taaaaaagga aacgggggag    120900
     agggggctgg agagagagat agctcagcat ttaaaagcac tgactgttct tccaaagctc    120960
     ctgagttcaa atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcataacc atccataatg agatctgatg    121020
     ccctcttctg atgtgtctga agacagctac agtgtactta aatataataa taaataaatc    121080
     tttagaccgg agcgagcagg gtcaactgga gtgagcagag gtcctgaatt caaattctga    121140
     agcaaccaca tgatggctca caaccatcag tactgctaca gtgtactcat atatacataa    121200
     aataaataca ttaaaaaaag gaaacaagac gggatcaaaa ggaaatacaa gttgaaaata    121260
     ctgtaacaga aatgagaatc atctgggatg gctcatcaga agaatgagca tgtccaacta    121320
     aaatctgtgg gccaaagatt tatcagcact ttccactaaa agaagagtac atgaagaagt    121380
     accacatcac caggaactag gtaaattcaa aaccataata caatctccta ccttaaagga    121440
     ctttttaaag gggaagccaa gcatggtagc tcatatcaga aagatcatga gttcaaagta    121500
     agcttagggt aatattgcaa gcttgtctca atgtcaagac aaaagcagga aacaagtgtt    121560
     aggagacgta tggaagcact gacgcttcag acctcgcttg tgagaactaa atgtggtgtg    121620
     actgctgtga aaaccagtca catattctga ccagtgattt cacttacata aaagtggtaa    121680
     gagatataaa tctgaatgct tatggcaata ctcatgtctg tgaacatctg atcataatca    121740
     attgtggtat aagtgtatag cagcattgtc aagctatgat atcaaaggac ctgaaaaatg    121800
     ccacataaaa gaagccaaac acttatgtat tgtataggta catctaagtc tatggacaca    121860
     gaatataaat tggtggctgc taggggctag ggtagagcag actgtaacat tggtgtaggg    121920
     tttatctcca ctgtgcccta cagaaatgtc ttaaaacttg aggacaccac gacagcactg    121980
     tggacatatc aaatgccacc gagctagtca ctctatgatg atcagtgttg ttctacatgg    122040
     atgttacctc aaagaatttc atttaaaaat tgatggaaaa gattgggcat gatggtgcac    122100
     acgtgaattc cttgtaatca ggaaggatac aggaagactg atttatccta ggacagacta    122160
     ggctatataa caagttacag accacccggg gataccaaaa aaacaaaaca tttttttaaa    122220
     caaatgaaaa gctcgggaag ctgccaccag aagacctgaa cttttaagaa atgttcagag    122280
     gagtcatgca gagaaaaaga aaataattta gggcagaaac tcagaactag tctgtttttc    122340
     cactttccag actgacccat ttgttcaatg gaaaggagtg attactgggt tacaaaagtt    122400
     aggataaaaa gaatgagtga caacatgtta taactcacat attttaagag atgggtaaaa    122460
     ggaccagcaa tcctttacca gtacctgcac tggccaggat ataggactat gttactggac    122520
     tcaaaagaaa attttaaaaa atattttgaa aatcaaacca ctagtcttca aaatcggagg    122580
     atgcagcata tctcctggcc aacctatttt agatagcaaa acatcatgag ttaaatactt    122640
     ggataaggtg gggaattttt aaatgggatt tttatttttt ataactttat aaagttggag    122700
     agaaatacct caagacagaa ttagtaggca ttgtccaaag caattcacat acagtatcat    122760
     gttttaactt catcacaacc ctaagttgtg gtaacagaat ccctattttc attgaatttc    122820
     tttttgctca aagtaacaga aaactagacc cacaatagat gaaaagacca agagctgggc    122880
     tagctccagg gctcaaacta catcacccat cttggactgt gtccaaatcc cagttctgcc    122940
     atttcctgta taatcttcta aggttcacct ggtagctcca caccttcagg ctcttaccct    123000
     atgatgctaa tggagcagat gcagctgcag tttcgtgtct tttcttgttc ccacattcag    123060
     taggaagaat taaaggaatt ttccagtgct ccccccaata aaaactcact tgagttcctg    123120
     tgactagccc agctaggcca gccccccagc ccccatcgta taatatcatg atggttcatc    123180
     atagtatcag agtttccaac tagtttagat tggccacata ttcagtcaca gaataatgac    123240
     caggactact gttggggtaa ttaatagatg tccaatgaca ggatgcaaca aggccccttt    123300
     gaaaataaga agcccataac tcaggacaat aaagcaactt gttaaaattc agacatccaa    123360
     agagttaaat gtaggtttaa actcaggtct agctaatggc atccaaaagc tttaccctct    123420
     taggcttcaa taaaaaccag tcttaggaga gcacaaaggt gggcctactg ctctcctaaa    123480
     agcatcactc actgaaacaa aagctaagat tatactactt cttgaaagca cctgaactag    123540
     catgtgaaaa ttcataacta actcattgtg aatttgactt ttaaaacagt tggcctgcta    123600
     ttaatctgct tctacaagct tcaagtagta agagccaatc cagaaagttc attgccaaga    123660
     aaaaaatctg taacttttaa gtggagttta aaattatatt gttccagaga cttatcatgt    123720
     gtaccagatt tataatgact tttgggactt cttagtgaca gaataccaat cttccagctc    123780
     ggtaacttct gtagacttta ctttatggag gatctcgcct tcttgtgttt tctttgcact    123840
     tccaggtgaa ttatgtacaa ttaaagtaca aaaaggcatt ccaggcagga gaaaaatcaa    123900
     tacaatattt ctgcttggca ccaagaagtg aaagactttt aaaggacccc agggaatcaa    123960
     gcctggttca aaggacagcg cggggatgca gacttaagag gggtaggagg caatgtctca    124020
     gagtgcagaa ggccaggagc cgcaaggaca cctctctcca ccctcacctt cagagaagcc    124080
     ttgagaccct agatcttgga aggagccact agaaggggcg aacgtgaaaa ggcctgcatc    124140
     ccgcaacaca caacaggcca cacgataccg ggagccaaga cacaatcgtg acaacagtag    124200
     gagggcggat ggcgacgcca cacagctcgc aaaacagtcg aggggccgtt atcaagtctt    124260
     tcgactgagg ggacagcaga aagcgcactc caaagagccg cacgggtcag cgcatcctcg    124320
     ggacgcatca cgcagcctgg ctggagggca gcggaaagga cgccattcaa aaaccacacg    124380
     tccgaggaag agacgggaga gcccgtgcac gccactccac gcgcctagga cgcgcgcctc    124440
     acgacgacgt aaccgcacca gcgccggacg ctgacgatac gcgaggggcg gagccatgat    124500
     gtaagcgcgg gcggagccag ccgctcgcag caggtgagat gaagggggtt gggggatgtc    124560
     tggccagact gcgggggggg gggggggggg aggagggggg acctgcgagc atgcgcactg    124620
     agagccaggc ggagccggcc ggcgggcgtg cgcacctaga agcgcagagg ccgctggttg    124680
     ccgtggcaac gaggagccgt tcagaaaagg tgcagctgag ggacaggaaa ggccgttgtg    124740
     agtttgtccc gcagcgctgt ctgaagtata aagctctggt gcagagaagg gagcgagagc    124800
     cgaacgcggg gtagtgttgg ggcgggaggt ccgggtcgct gtggtcggtc cgcggatcct    124860
     gcctgcgctg cacaaggctg tgatataacg agggacctca cggaccagat ttccaacgac    124920
     ttctcttgtc tctgggggcg tattttaaat ttatatgcca tctctccagt gcatttctat    124980
     tgacgcgttt attaattgcc ttctgatcac tgaaaacaat tggtgattaa atgtcttgtc    125040
     gcctagtcct gtgttttcct acctagcaca gcctcctaac cgtgcgcaag ctaattacaa    125100
     acaggcagtt tgctgttgtg gctgtcagtg ccaggcagag gttgtgtatt tctcacctgt    125160
     tgctaaacta acgggtcacc tcttctctat gttttctcat acagttggac tacatctgac    125220
     acgtttcgtt atcctttcaa ttgtcagttt gctaatacta tgggactatg gtaaggcaat    125280
     ttttaacgct cttaccttga tgttagttac aacggtacaa taaaaacctg gtgaaattgt    125340
     agactaagta gctacctatg gttactgatg gtatgaatct tgttgaaaaa gtgaactttt    125400
     ttatgatgca tatttggcgt tgccaaatta caggcatttt gaatttggaa aataataaca    125460
     gtgacccttt agtattttac atgccttcct ccagccaagg ccacggtaag gaatactgca    125520
     tacaaacttc tctcatagat ctccatgcca gcactgagaa gtaaggggaa cgtgagcaca    125580
     ttgaaaactg ccctaggctt ctgaagggtc tgaacagctg ctggttcttt gtcttaaatc    125640
     aggtgtctca cacattagtt cctatgggac ttactttcct gtaatctttt caagtgtgtg    125700
     ttgcagtgct ggggttagaa cccagggccc catgtatgca tgaatgccta agctgctctg    125760
     tgagcacctt tctgaaagtt agctccttga tactattccc ttaggttgct ttttaaaagg    125820
     tgctttttct ctccactgta gaatattatg gacagcctgg tcccaaaact agaagggtta    125880
     atacccagtc tgtcccctca tttttaaggg aattggagca acagtcacca tttatgagta    125940
     tcttatgcag aacagtccct tggaagccct taaggaggtt ttctcttaat ataataatcc    126000
     tgcaatgtca gcatttttgt ggtttttttt tttttataaa tgcaaaacta agccagagat    126060
     gcttaagtcg cttgcccaaa aaaagtagaa agcagattgg gactcggtat ctgtccccca    126120
     tattctgtcc gcctgtgtgt tggccaggtt gaaggcagtc ggcatgtgcc atacacccat    126180
     cttcttcatt gtttcccttc ttgccaaaac acaaacagca tgctgctttc ctgggcatct    126240
     ctgctcttgc tcctgccatc tagcacacac atttctctct ttaagacttg ggctaaatgt    126300
     tgtcttcaag ggttgtttat ttacttagtg tctcactttg gtctaagact ttgctctaag    126360
     actctggttt tgcttctaga ttgttctttc tagtaccatg gtaagctctt tgaggacagg    126420
     gctggattgg gttaggacta tgtaaattag acagggcagc tcacgctgct ctgtggctgg    126480
     cattcctttt accatcccca gagccctcgt agacttggat gtttacatgc actcttactt    126540
     tctgttacag cagaagaatg gaagttatcg taacgtgatg ttagagatcg ttaaagccac    126600
     accacagtgt ttcctgattc ctgatacagc atgctaagaa ataaggtact ccatcctcct    126660
     gagaacagac ccatgctttt atttacaggg ggtagcctag ctggactttc tgcaggtata    126720
     aaaatagttt acaaaccttg tgatcttggg gaaactgtga gcagaagtgg gaggtgcatg    126780
     tgatatgggt aacagacagt ctcagggtgc tgcttgcaca catctcctgg ctcagggacc    126840
     tggtcctgca agaaatgttt aagttttcac cagagagctt atacttaaga gcaagattcc    126900
     ttttaaggtt tgcctggagt ctaatttagt tacagcaaaa cagcagggtc ttagttaagc    126960
     acccacaggt ttgaacttat tggtttataa ttaaggctcc agtaactaat tggaaagatt    127020
     gccctttatt tctaccatag atgttgggcc tgggatttgc tctgcttagg tactgctctg    127080
     acattccttc ccactgactt ggtgatctgc caccagggaa caacaaggcc tccgttttct    127140
     tctaaatggt gttacatgct ggtccactaa ataagacctc ctactcccat gtttttagga    127200
     tcgttcatct aacaaaggta acttagcagt cactgcagtt gccttacagg accacctatt    127260
     acatgatctt caacttggac atctctcggt agcagatcct tgtaagataa aagcacgaaa    127320
     gaaagagaag aagtcaaaat ctctcaaaag agatgcaaca gccatcatag atactgggct    127380
     tagaaaatct acagagggtc ctaacatgga agatccagag aaggaatatg ttctagaccc    127440
     cacaccacca ccattaactt taggtaagct aacctgatct tttttccttt ggcttaatgc    127500
     taattaaccc agtgtagcct tgtcaggctg aagcaatgct atatttgggg taaagagaca    127560
     accatgacat tttcatttta ttagcagcca agagtgttgt taataaggct ttaatgccaa    127620
     ctcttcatct gccaaggttt tttttcactt tggagaactg tccataaaca agatggctgt    127680
     tggcaatact ctttgactac gctgcagcaa caggggcagg tgacttgctt ttgtgagtct    127740
     gaattcctgg gtgtgtacat tgtgcctggt tttgtcatgt gccctgtggc actccacata    127800
     ctgccagagt tggatttgtg cctctgtatt ttgaagtcct gctgtccttc ccttgcatat    127860
     ttttcttggc tttgggagtc tccttctata gcccatgctg gccttcaact cttaatctcc    127920
     ccgcctcaac ttcctgagtg ccttgactac aggcatttgt ctgtatcttt ttgttttgta    127980
     aatgtagttt ccatctcact tcttttaaaa gagcctggtt ccattgaatt gagaccagcg    128040
     ttggttggtg tccctcctct gtaagctccc tccggttgag gcagcagtgt ctccagctgt    128100
     gcataggcca gcaatggcgc tcatactcct cagcccaaac gtctccgaga atttgtgtgg    128160
     tgatccttac ttgaactgac tgtctccatg ttccttattc tgaggaactt cttgccagaa    128220
     ttctcacagc ctcggtgctt tttggtgaat gaaacacttt gccatttgct tgaataacat    128280
     ccacaaattt agtgtctctt ccatcttaac tggatccctg ttaatacact ttatctttgg    128340
     ggccagaact ttttctttga gagaaagtct cactgtgtgg ttcaagctgc cttaaattcc    128400
     ctcttcccgc cgatcccacc ataggccaat atgagtattg cagaaatata attgtaaaat    128460
     tcttgggaat ctatttttct atatttaaag tttggcacat agacgatttc gtcttatctt    128520
     ggcaacctct gcacacaatt gctttctgtg aaatcaaaaa ctttcccctt tcccacttga    128580
     aggaagcgct ttacttcctg tgttgggtac atctgggtga ctagcaactc tgctgtgttg    128640
     ctctgcagtg acaacaaacc ctaagactat aatactgcca cagtctctct tatcaccaag    128700
     aaaactgcag agggacaaag ggcacatcat atacacagcc tggatacact aggcaagaat    128760
     gaagcacagg gcagtgtgag attgtattgt gctgcttaga ctgggggaaa aaaccttctg    128820
     acttgttttt ggaatgtgcc attgactgtt ttcagatggt agctgacagt gaatcatggg    128880
     agcctcagac agcacaacca aggataaggg agcagggctg cagttgataa ttagctcaca    128940
     ttaattccct ggtactcagc attataccag catattaaga ccatagaatt cttcatcaca    129000
     ttcttacaat ctattgtaag tctgaaatca ttttatacta gaaagttaga aataaaacat    129060
     tcctaggtga ctaggcatgg aaaataggtt tgcttaggga cgttgtgtta tagtgtgtgc    129120
     aggggtcagt gacaggacac agtgggaggc ctgcacagca tggagaggaa actcactcat    129180
     tgccagttat ctcatttgca ccccttttat tcctttagct gctggggtaa gggaagaaag    129240
     ttttactttt gattacacgt tcagaatggc cagccaagag tgacaggcat cttgagagaa    129300
     agctttgtca ctgatgttca ccacaaaagc cttttctcag ctctgatgct tgtggggtgg    129360
     ggtgctattg cagacacaag tctgttcagt tcagaatatg gcctttgaca ataggattca    129420
     ctccacctac aacaataccc atcattggtc taagaataaa caaagactca ttgcccagta    129480
     tggtaggcat ttaaccaagg caggagaggc cctgagtccg atggctctag gctcaactca    129540
     gcttttttgt ttttctcctg atggttttag tgttggtata ttttaccaga agtaaatcta    129600
     gtgaagtaag ttaagcttcc ttatgtgtaa gtttggaaaa tacaaatgtt aacataatct    129660
     ttgtttgtat atgtttttca tatgtggagg catgtcatgt gcatctggag actttatgtc    129720
     aatctgtgta ccagatgctg tctgtggaga tctgtgtggc tctgcattac cctctccaaa    129780
     gggaagaagg agtggatggc aaggttgggg ctaccatgtg ggaagtgact gtcgtaggct    129840
     tgagcactta ccagcagtga aagcttcaag agggaatttc tcttcctcaa agtgttacag    129900
     ctctatacga cagacagaca gacactctca gactgtcttt gtttattcct tgtacacagg    129960
     gccttatgta cattttgggg tgggttgggg tctaaaggca ggtgctttct attggcttgg    130020
     tctgagatgt taaggatgcc tcatctgcat gtggaggggc ttcgggtgct ccccctacat    130080
     gactggaaca gttctctcca gtgggtatca tggtcacatg tcccaggaca gaaatgtgta    130140
     aagaagtaga tataactcct actgttctca ggtatgaggg tactggggct tctgaatcta    130200
     ctcaacctta tcaagttttt gtctggtgac acagttccac ttgctccaca gctagaggtt    130260
     ggtatcactt attgtttgaa acaaggaccc tcaactagaa ttcaccagtt aacctagact    130320
     ggctggctag caagctctaa cgatcttctg tctctgcctt gccagcacta gtaccacacc    130380
     agccttttac ttagatgatg gtgatagaac ccaggcttat gtggctagac ctttactgac    130440
     tgagctatct ctccactttt cacatgcatt ttataattac ttcctttttt tattctgtat    130500
     tttttccttc atgatttgta ttttatttag gccagtttca ttaaaaatgt ctcttttgag    130560
     aaaaatacat cttggattct atctaccatt ggttttggtt ttattttgtc tcctgatttc    130620
     ttggaatgtc tgctgttatc tttgttactt cctaaagagg aaagagtttc ttccctttgt    130680
     tatgtttcct tttcctagca tcttaagtaa aacactcttt gcaaactttg tttcccggca    130740
     gatgcatgca gatagacata tccctgtgaa ttgctactta ttcccatatt gactctagtg    130800
     ctctcatggc tactcagctc ttagtattag acatcctcgt gttgtcttct tggctttgtc    130860
     tgtgtcccaa attattgtgt cccatgggtt gagcatctgt tctatgactt ttcctaggaa    130920
     gacatggaca agtctattta cctagaaggc atatccatta tctgtgagat tacctttatc    130980
     tttcagaata catgcatact tctaccatga atttttctat accaagagtg ctttctgata    131040
     gctctctgtc atagcttccc attcttgtag catttattgt atatcattga agatcttgtt    131100
     ccaggttgat tttttttttt tatgtacctt taccactatt tacagatggt ggcttacatt    131160
     tatagtccta cgcccaggaa tggtgcaagt actttttcaa agtgagtctc cccatgggat    131220
     ataagctcat atgatggggc actcataaat tcaattaagg aatgtatctt tgggtagcac    131280
     atgattgata tgctctttgt aagagcattg gtgaggacag caaggcagtg ctgcagattg    131340
     acagttaaaa taggtgagaa acatgaagga aagtgaccaa aaaaacagac aaaaaaaaaa    131400
     ttggtattct tcaactaaat gtcagtcctg cttgcttgaa aaaccagtta gcattcagaa    131460
     tgacaacagt cttgtataat aaaaacgtaa gtcgtcattg agaactttaa gggtcattca    131520
     ccacttccct catccttcct ggaaaagcat cttgctgtgt gttgtaaaag gcgaagctat    131580
     aatgcctctg tagaatatct acatgcagac tgtctcttta aaatgtgact acatatgcta    131640
     acatacatga ggttactttg tgtcttgtct tccctgtagc ccagaaacta ggcctcttgc    131700
     cacctccccc gttgccactg tcatcagatg agtgggagag agtgaagcag agatcccttc    131760
     tacaagggga ctccattcag ccatgcccaa tatgtaaaga agaatttgag ctccatcccc    131820
     aggtacataa cagacagagc tttaaacctg ccccaggtgg gcactgcttc cctagtaata    131880
     gccagtgagt cacccaggtc aaccttcctt gtgactctca agtgagagat acagagacag    131940
     agggaacgtg tgtgtgtctg aacgccatca cttgacagtg tccacttact ggtgtgtcac    132000
     ttaaagttca agtgtaccgt ttgcatgaaa gaatgcttta aatatttcaa aaaatgtgag    132060
     aatccttgtg taaagtaaaa tctttgttca cacatctgtt acgatgcaaa ggctggtttt    132120
     cccagtttgt agaaagctta tgacctgctg cacagaccat cgcctgacta aactctcaac    132180
     tccagagagc caaggtcatt tatgctctca aaatttgtgg ggaactgatg gttttcccca    132240
     aggcttttct atagtgtgta gccttagctt ttgcatggta agcactgaga cagcagctga    132300
     gaagacccag cacaaatcca agcttgggtc ccccagactt gatgggctat cctgactgct    132360
     cagacttgaa gatgcttcat tatctgcaag gaaactcaca atcattacac ttttgctctt    132420
     tggtaatgtg aattacaaag atgctagaag tacactttga ttcctactct ccaagaggac    132480
     ctaatcttat gcaggaggtg gatattggaa agattttagt cagcccttga accacaaaac    132540
     tgtcagatgc aaggcagttt ataatttagt gctagagtac aagctgcagg gaatcttcta    132600
     acctcagcca ccctattcat tgtgctgtat gtatttaaac tagttgtatg aagaatgaac    132660
     atgcaattat ttcagggttt gtgtatgcat ttcagtaaat gccatttggt ttcgttgaag    132720
     atactaatat tgctgtgtta atattgcact tagtattctc atattagatt tcttagttaa    132780
     aaacaatttt cctgggttaa agagatggct caatggttaa gagaacatac tggctgttct    132840
     ctcaggaaac ccagatttga ttcacagcac acacatagtg gcttacaatt ctagttccaa    132900
     cagatcttct gacctccatg ggtatcagac atacaagagg tacacagaca tacatacagg    132960
     cagaataccc aatcacatga atgaatgaat gaatgatttc aagatacttt caagtagtca    133020
     cttatctctg cagtaaaaga caccatctaa agtgagaaca gaactcatgt gattcacaac    133080
     aggccaactc agaaattatg gcagagtgta aatatcctca cttgtgtaac aatcaccata    133140
     aactgtttgc ttataatgaa taatatggat attacaaaat ataatattct agtattagag    133200
     ttatataaaa attatattat tcagagcaaa ttgatatctg ttgataaaat actttgaaaa    133260
     attatattaa aaagtgaaga acttgagtcc acagatgatt ttaatacatc agtttattaa    133320
     atttaagctt atagttggca gggtccagga aaggtttcac agggctgctc ttccagagta    133380
     cactagggtt tagttcctag cacccacatg gtgtttacaa ccacctgaac tccagttcca    133440
     gggaatctga tgccctcttc tggcctttat gggcagcata cggatgtggt acagagacat    133500
     acatgcaaac aaaacatcca tatacataaa ataaatattt tttaaaggaa aggttttagg    133560
     tttacacgct ctattctaaa aatccttccc ttagtcccac ttaagagacc agagtgagca    133620
     aagccatagg ggctgggcac tgaaaacagg ggagacacgc ctctgcccac tcaccttctc    133680
     cactgacata ccttccagtg gccagtgctc taaaaccctt cctcattgga tctaagctag    133740
     ttttgatttt tgttttttgt ttttgttttt ccagaccaaa acatcactgt taggtgtgaa    133800
     gtttgagtca gaagggtgaa gttttcttat gaacacactt gcttttaatt tcaaaaggaa    133860
     aatgtagttt gtgtccataa tgtcttgcta tttaaatgta agattctcat aattatgtta    133920
     tagtaagcta caattttaag tttaggagta taatttagct aagcaaggcc ctataaaaga    133980
     tgtttgccta tcatatctct gcttattctc ttaccaagac cacagcacat agacaggttt    134040
     ctccctgccc caccctatct acctagcaat gtctaccttg gcaatccttt cactagctta    134100
     atatcaagca tgatgtggtt ttgtggtatt ggggtcattg gctttcttta gatgatatgt    134160
     ttatgctata ttaaacttaa caccgtgtaa gtgtagaagt ggtcagctgt ctgaatgcta    134220
     ccttgaagca ttcagacagc tcttctaggg gatgcagtcc taactaggac tcttgttctc    134280
     ttctggtgga caggtgctgc tttcctgctc acatgtattc catagggtga gtaatcccac    134340
     gccaggcctg gcctccttcc cccgcttatt taaagagcca tttgttgaac catgagcccc    134400
     gtttgtaatt agaaacatgg ctttaggtta gactgcacct catcctgttg tgaaaatcat    134460
     agattttgtg tgacataacc acaaatgttt gtgtagcaga ttgttacctg cacatcaaag    134520
     ctgccgacag cacacttcct gctggctgtt tgcacggcag tcttatacct agcatttttc    134580
     ctttacacca catgacagtc tctgcatgca tgagctgtag aaaatcattt ttggaacagg    134640
     tttcatgagg aaggtgttaa catctgatga aactacttca tgatctaaat tagacagagt    134700
     agaaattatg agaaatagac accgtaatta cattagaagt aaaaatgttg tttataaaca    134760
     attacttata aagttttaag taaaatcctt ttctttaggc atgccttcag gcttttgaaa    134820
     agttcacaaa taaaaaaacc tgtcccctct gtagaaagaa ccaatatcaa acaagagtga    134880
     tacatgatgg ggctcgcctg ttcagagtaa agtgtgccac caggtaagag gggcctcagt    134940
     gccctgcaga ggggagacag atgcttgcag ctcaggatgt gattactaac tcagaggagc    135000
     accacagcat cgcaggctgg gaggaatact gaagtacttg ttaaagaagg ccattagggg    135060
     ctagagggat ggtttggtgg gtaagaggac caactgttct tttaaaagac cctgattcag    135120
     ttcctagtac ctctataatg tggctgtcaa ccatctgtaa ctctgtttcc tggaaattgg    135180
     atgctttgat ctccatgtgt accagacaca cgaatgatat agacatacgc aagcaaaaca    135240
     ttcatataca tgataaacta ttttaaaatg ttttaaagta aggctattag gtggtcatca    135300
     tttctctatc tctattttag gatccaagcc tattggcgag ggtacatcgt tagaaagtgg    135360
     tacagaaacc tgaggaaaat aatcccgcct tcggatgcca aattaaggag aaagttcttt    135420
     gaggaaaagg tgggtgtgta atatcactac ctctccacac acacagagtc tgtgtgagtg    135480
     accatctgag actggtgaag ctacaggcag cagctgcagc tcacttcact ctcaagctcg    135540
     ctttgttcaa ctcgatggcc tccaacagca ttgcctgaaa tgatgacatt cagatcagca    135600
     ttgtgtgctg tttgttgaag tcaggtacca tctggtaaag tagacaaaat tgagttttta    135660
     caactcttaa gaggccccag ttaatgtctg catcatcagg gagaatggag acctcactgc    135720
     catcttcctt attatcgaac tgttttcgta gttattatct tctttaggca caagactgaa    135780
     tgaccatagc catacacttt ctggtcccat aagagcctca tttatctcag aggaagaaag    135840
     ggagtaccta tgaccttgtg tgtagcttta cccttacatg ggtaagccag cccatttcaa    135900
     ctatgctata acagcattga ttataaagca atatgatttt tttctagtac cttttctagg    135960
     cactaaaggc acatgtgtat acacacacac acacaaaaca aacaaaagcc ctcaattatt    136020
     tgttataagc acagttatta gaatatataa ttagaatatt tgacatgttg ttgtcactgt    136080
     gcctcagatt taactcagga aaacactgag tttccttaaa gaatgggatt aaatgtgata    136140
     tggatgttaa gcaaatggca tctcacatga acatttcaat ttccctaaat tgaaacaaat    136200
     gtaacaacca tttctaatcc tgaccaccag taccagaact cagatagagc ttgttaaaat    136260
     aaaggctgtt tattggggct gggggtgtag atcagttgtt aggctgcctg ctcatacagt    136320
     cagccctgag ttcaatctcc aataccacat aaaccaggta tgacagcata tgcctataag    136380
     cctagcactt aagtaggcaa aagaattttt tgttcttttt tggggggtgg gggtgggggg    136440
     ttggtttttc aagacaaagt gtctctctgt ataaccctgg ctgtcctgga actcactttg    136500
     tagaccaggc tggcctcaaa ctcagaaatc cacctgcctc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat    136560
     taaaggtgtg ctccgcacct acatccttgg caagttagag gccagcctgg gatacaagag    136620
     accctgtctt taaagcaaaa caaaacaaaa tgaaacaaaa ccccatgaca atgtagccct    136680
     atattgctca gcaacagagc actctagccg gtctctgccc agcagtagtg caaggagaca    136740
     aaatatagtg ggggtgtgtt gcaaatgcta ttgtataatg ataaaatgca caagaatcac    136800
     atagaattat caaagtagac tattgggtgt aaatatgtgc taattatttg ctgtataagc    136860
     acaatgatca gaggtaaatg ccagaaactg tcccttcgta acagttacac tctaagccac    136920
     agaaggactt ttgtaaagtc agagtcttga gtaaaatgat taatgtttat ggcagattta    136980
     taaacatcca tttctccaga tgtggttaat gtgactttta actgaaaaac ttcataagct    137040
     tgcctatgca tctcaaattg tacaagtcaa tctaacactt atctagcagg ataagtggaa    137100
     gatccattat atgtttgaaa agataaacat ttgaatacaa aacatatttg gtagctaaag    137160
     tccccattaa ataatggaca gctggtgatg tggagaaagc cacatattat cagcatataa    137220
     aattgaattt taggccattc actaaatgca tgaaaacagt acttcatacc atagcccacc    137280
     aacactgctc gggtttggaa tagctaaaca ctgaatgaaa gtagggtcga cggctactgc    137340
     ctgggcagca cccttgttag gtggaggcgt gacttgtgga cacgacagaa gccactgcat    137400
     caggttccag ggtcgaaact tgattgttct gggcacagca aagcagccat ctttactgct    137460
     aataaaacta taagtttggt gaaagaatat tagctcacag acatatataa atgtttagga    137520
     gttccaacca ttttcttata tttttaaaat gttttcatca cagaagtgaa attaataatt    137580
     cacagtgaga ataggacaac agaggaacaa gtgttacaga aagatagtac atgtgcaaga    137640
     cttagtcagc ccgaggcaca gcacactgcc ttagtaagtt caatatagat ttatgataat    137700
     agaaacaatt ttatatttta caagaaaaat ggtttcagta aaaacaacaa caaaaagttt    137760
     gcagtcccat aagaggaaca acaatatgaa ctaaccagta cccccagagc tcccaggggc    137820
     taaaccacca accaaagagt acacatggtc agactcatgg ctccagctgt gtatgtagca    137880
     gaggatggcc ttgttggtca tcaatgggag gagagaggcc cttggtcctg tgaaggctca    137940
     atgccccagt gtaggggaat gccaaggtca ggaagtggga gtaggtggat tggtgagcag    138000
     ggagagggga gggggagttt ttcggagggg aaaccaggaa ggaggataat atttgaaatg    138060
     taaatttaaa aatctaattt taaaaaatgt ttaatgtttt caatttataa aggctaaaaa    138120
     aagtgtgcat atgactttgt ggtgtgtttg ttcaggtatg tgcatgtgta taaatggtgt    138180
     gtgtgtctgt ctgtgcggct atgtgtttag ccagaagtat accctgttat actggtctct    138240
     accttctttc cttgagacag ggtctctccc tgagtgtgtg ggttgttaga ctaattggtc    138300
     agcaaggctc aggaatcaac ctgtctcttg gagttgcaag cataggcatc catgtctagc    138360
     tttttactct ggtgttgggg attgaaacca ggccctcatg ttggagcagc aagtgctctt    138420
     catgcactga gccatcctct tgccccaaaa caccctaaca tgaggtggta aataaagatg    138480
     ctttaggaat tggacattag tatatctaaa ataaaaatgt aactgctggc cctggctcct    138540
     taatatgtga gaaacaattt ttttttttaa tcaaaggtag ttagcccaac aaaggccctt    138600
     attcccagaa ctcccatctc tctcaagcca attagccaat catagcagat tataaagtgt    138660
     agctcccacc tgtaggatga gaaatagtta ctttctgcct gtctatttct gtgttaatga    138720
     aaaacagaag ccatcttggt cagatgtgtt tacctagtta aggtttcagg gcactccttt    138780
     taacaaaaga aactgtcttt gtaaacttat tttcactttc tttgatttag cccaagctaa    138840
     atcaaagatt ggtttatttt tttttttaag ttggccctgc agcttgaacc tatgatggtc    138900
     ttcaaaaaca aaactgtttg ctaaaattca agtccagttt gaggtaaatc agtgtgccta    138960
     gagatttcct agaagtaact acattgagaa caaattccag agccacagtg aacaatgtct    139020
     ctagcaagct tctttgagtg agagactagc tttgtgatac agttagcagc attccagaaa    139080
     taccaagttg ttctaggaag ataggaggcc ctatgttttt tcccatgtct gctggcccat    139140
     cttaactgca caaaacttaa gattagtaat ttaagtattg agatctgatt gaaggtttga    139200
     gtcagaaact ggagagttta gtaaatagga cgtgtgaata acaatgtgga ggtagcaaat    139260
     tgaccatctg cagatggtaa caattctttt aatctggaaa ttaccatata tttaagatat    139320
     atctcctttt caccatgaac aaagagtaaa attcactttt gcattagaaa gaaagaaaga    139380
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aaggaaagag aaagaaaaag gaaagagaga aggaaagaga    139440
     gaaggaaaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagagaga gagagagagg gagggaggga    139500
     gggagggagg gagggaggga gggagggaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga    139560
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga gaaagagaga gggagggagg gagggaaaga aagaaagaaa    139620
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gagaaagaga gagagggagg    139680
     gagggaggga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga gagagagaga    139740
     gagagagaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga    139800
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa ggcagagaca gaaagaaagt ctgttactac    139860
     aagaaatcca tctggctcac tgctgtcaaa gatgggtaga cagtgctcca gtgagtcagc    139920
     aaagtggaag tggcatctgg tccctttctg agcagccact gtgatctgtg cctcagtgga    139980
     aaccagaact aaagacattt taaaaacaaa ataccattta tgttagtatc atataatagc    140040
     aactaaaaac aaaagctttg cagcaccagt gtgactgctg agctgcagct ttgccttaca    140100
     aaactgacct catcagatgc tctaccacct tagcggacat gtagctaaag cctctaatct    140160
     gctggagaac aggcactcta gatccaacta aagtcccatc agaaaaaaag aagtctaatg    140220
     aatagaaaag aaaggggtaa taatgcactt gggagctttg tccttgaatg ctccatatgc    140280
     tgagatgaat atgctttcag tactctggat caggttagct cagatcattc tgagtttata    140340
     atctatcttg ctaaaacaca aattgtggtt ctacattttc cccttctttt ccttggaaag    140400
     ttaatgaagc tcttttcttt gggttttatc catctaaatt ctacaaacac aatgttctca    140460
     tacactaaga cgttctcttt ccaaggtggt ctggatttaa aatatcgtag gcatgctgct    140520
     agcaaaacag aagcggagca aagtggtgta gtgtgacaac acaggttctt ttaagcacac    140580
     tgaacttttg tggtaagaac tgcaaaggtc aggtgttagg ttttgtactg gtgagtgtca    140640
     ggattaaaat tcagcaaggg agtgttggac ctgtgtggct gatacagtag tcttgataca    140700
     cttacttgct tgggaactca gatcaaagga cctagaaagg tcggaaagct gatgtgctaa    140760
     ttccccagca gtgtgtacag aaagcctagt gtgtcccaaa gtgcagtggc cactccttag    140820
     atgcctttga tccttatctg gaaactttgc tagcatctgt cctataattg aggcatagtc    140880
     ttttattgct gcaattaaaa ctttccaaat gcactatgtt atctctgctc cagctaaagt    140940
     ccagaccatt gtttgagggg tgaggctaac aatccgtcag atgccggact tgaaggccca    141000
     gctctcacac acccccaacc cgtgacttct ctagcttttt catttccatc tcaccaaaca    141060
     gcataatggt cctgaagttt gttcatccct ttgacttcct ttatcacata gagatggcaa    141120
     acattctgtt gctaacttga agtggctcca agctgcaagc ctggaaggat attaaaccag    141180
     taaaagctta tcagctgatg cattgagatg ctataaattc caggcttttc attttgcttt    141240
     tgagggtggc cctaagtcaa cacattagta agcaatttgc tgacattaga tggatcactt    141300
     aggactctcc tgagcagaca gagttcacct aaatgctttt gttggtattt tttttaactt    141360
     ttagccagtg tactgttttc aaatgaccac taattgcttt acatatcaag tacctggact    141420
     cctggttatt aaatttatca aatatccaaa ataggagatt taaaaggaaa aaaaaagtta    141480
     aggtattcat atttctaaat tgaaattttg ttttatctga aattcataat attaagcatt    141540
     aatgtttaaa aactagaact aagttgacat gtttttcttg ttatccttgc cctttgaagt    141600
     atgaaggtta ttaatgaaca taagtgagga aataagaatt tctgaaaata agaatttgac    141660
     atttcagaaa tatttagtag ttgctttgga ttgattacag tgagcactca gtcaatgtgt    141720
     gttgacttga ctttttcaag tatcagctct agccgtgcag agattcctgt tgctgagctg    141780
     agcaatcaga ctctagagag caagagcagt cctttctgcc ccttcagaaa cacatcctga    141840
     gaaacttcag ggtggtgaca attttacatt agtgttgtgc ttttcagctc aacattggtg    141900
     ttttgttgaa ttttgccacc agaaatcact tcaaaattta gagaagcacc gttctttccc    141960
     cttttctctc ctccaagtag gaatttgtat tgtgctgctt ccaaaaatgt acatttaggg    142020
     catctcattt ctttttctaa tttttttatt ggatatttta tttgtctaca tttcagatgt    142080
     tatccctttc tcagtttccc ctcaggaagt ccccaaaccc ctccccctac tactctgagg    142140
     gtcctcaccc acccacctac cctttcccgc ctccccgtgg catctcattt ctaatctttt    142200
     gcaaacctga agtcaacttt ttttagtatg aagaacttta cagagatgga tcaagtactt    142260
     ccctagatct gtgttactca tctgaggaaa taagaaatgt acacaaaata gataacactg    142320
     gccctcaagg ggcccagaag tccaatggga gagcagagga gaggtcactt tcagctccta    142380
     gcacagcaac acataaagtg caggaagaga aaaaaagcag cagctattca caaaactaag    142440
     caaacacgta ggccagacca cagggttcct tcaagacatc ttttcctgaa gtcagtagtg    142500
     acagatgaca cagactagga aaagccaggg cagtcccagc tctggccacc taagttctaa    142560
     aacacagtac agtttgccct ctcctcatcc cccaggagcc tgcaggtccc aggtcagtgc    142620
     tgttcctgct actttaggag ctcctcatta aaagaacagt gtttgtggtc tttgatcctc    142680
     atggtgggac actgactgtt aaatactagc ttagtcccta ggctgttttc ataaccagcc    142740
     gcacacaaat ggtgtaagcc cttttctact tcatctggca agacttgtaa gtgataaagg    142800
     gaaatgtagt ttaggttgaa taaaatgcct ttaaccatca tctcatatga aagaagttat    142860
     tttttgttta aaaacaattt ctttcaaact actaaagtgt acattttaaa ataataaggt    142920
     ttataaaatt aaaaagttaa aaagaagtgt gagctggaag tataaaaggt gacactactc    142980
     tgtctgacag taagttcctc cctgaattcc aggccagcca gagctacaaa ttgacattct    143040
     gactcaataa aacaacaaca aaaaatatat taaatttcaa gaaacagtaa atgccatgag    143100
     agcagacaag gagaaagaga gggaacagaa aatggcttat tcagaatatg ggaatatggg    143160
     aagatgaatg tgaacagaaa caaagccaat ggacccctcc catccctaga atgatgtctt    143220
     gagaggcctg gcatgcaagc tgccttgggc catctacagg atggcagggt ccagtgtttc    143280
     gctggttggt aggcagcctt atagtggatt aggcttggag ctggcctaag aggccactgg    143340
     agagtaacag ccataataca taagcagtgc caaccaggga agtgctcagg gacagaccac    143400
     aggatttgct cacgaatcaa tgtaggatct tgagaaaaga ggcctacagt tgtggccgta    143460
     tgatttgggc tcacatatcc aaacttagct ctgttttgga ttgggggagg accccttagg    143520
     cttgctgctt ggggtgcctg tgagatctca aagtgaagtg cttcctgtcc tgaactaagg    143580
     agcaaatagt actacaataa gctgcaaggt acagaaggaa aggacagaga aaaagagtaa    143640
     ggttcagcag acagctagta gagaggtgag agaacaccat gtctggaatg ccctcttata    143700
     tctcatgctc ccagaaggga atgaccaggt gtgggtgtgg gaggcccctt ggtccccagc    143760
     gtggacatgt caagagagcc tcccagagga gagagtagtg tgcttatcat taagaggtct    143820
     tggagctatg agatgggaac agctgtagct aatgacaatt atgtgaggga tatgaatact    143880
     gtattccaga tgacaggacc cagccatgaa atgaaaggga tataaatact atattccaga    143940
     tgacaggact cagccatgaa atggaaacac agaaaaaaaa ttttaaatac aaatttttcc    144000
     cttttctctg gccttttaag ttgttgtgaa ttaatgttta gggtaacttt ataagttatt    144060
     agcatgagct tatcactcac ctttaactgt atgctgtctg tttaagtagt gatttgatgc    144120
     ctaaatccac atgtggatgt acagagttaa tagtttcttg ctctacacac atgcccatca    144180
     cttctcagca gaacagctgc agcgctaaag gagctgcctg cttagctata ctgcaattcc    144240
     agtattctat cttttaccaa gtcttgctct gcactgccac atatgttgag tcttgtgtga    144300
     cactgctcct gagaacatgt gaaccccaga aaggaaacca acgacaaagt cacagtacca    144360
     acttggtgaa caatgagttt atcgaactta tagaaaagag gatggatgac tcaaaggcat    144420
     atacagcatg aaggtagttc agtgaatcac aggtctcagc aatctttaac atttatataa    144480
     tctttgtgga aggggccttg gcaagtgctc aattttaggg acttcctgag tcttgattag    144540
     cctctctccg ggatagaatt tctacatagc actgggatca atggtgacca ccttctccta    144600
     gggaaagggc cccagctacc ctggccacct tcaccttctc agtgggagtg tctcacagaa    144660
     atcacaaatg gagatggtgt tggcaggctc catcatctta ttagaactga gaaggaaaag    144720
     tgaatgaata caaaggacaa aagaaacagc ttgacacagc aaaggaaaag gattttccag    144780
     atctgaaagc taaacttgag tcatctcatc aaaggccctc aatatgacat aaggagagtc    144840
     agtgttccac ttagtaagtg ctgtggatga cctcgggctg agaatttcaa ggtactgaaa    144900
     ggaagaccac ctgcaccaca cagatagatg tctcagaggt tcagcagaag ccagaagact    144960
     gggcattagg gtggggttgg ggggatagcc tagaattctg tgtgaaacaa atgagaagca    145020
     tgtgtaagaa cagaggctaa gtgcaaaaat gagtggataa ggaggtaatg aatttgacag    145080
     agtggagaga ggtgtaaggg gttatttagt gggaggatgg gaagggagaa atgttgtact    145140
     tctctaatct cagaaagaga taaaaggaga aaactctcaa agcatgaaga aatagaacaa    145200
     aatgcaaata acacctctgc ataagtctag ttagttaggg tcttcaatat ggaacatcaa    145260
     aatcctagtg tggcttgcag tacttggtct gctctggcct gtgacttcag ccctaggttt    145320
     ctccatcttt caatgtcaca ggttcttctg catcaactct caccattctt aacttcctta    145380
     gaataccatg ccaccatatc tttgttggtt cttgtgttta gaattcactt tctttggctt    145440
     catcctctcc ctgatctctt ctaaaattga cctttaaatt tgtagcagta tccttcagtg    145500
     tattacttgt gtcatcacct cctcaggatg aaatcctctg aaagtttcaa atgcccataa    145560
     catctactgt tactgcacag tgttcgtgtc tcacaaattg caattgtata ttattggtga    145620
     tctgtgtaat ttcccagaag gaaaaggctg tagatttcct gagccatgta tcttttttgt    145680
     ataataaaca agctcaagaa ctcactcaca cagtggattc tcatatatct ttaaacatgt    145740
     atctttaaat aattgtgtac tcagctatat ctaagatgaa aattgtgaat gttgtttatt    145800
     ttgcaaacca atactttcag atatactatg caactgtata attactaagc cataccctga    145860
     gtttttcctg gctgtttgaa ataaaaatat gaagaaaaaa aaaagaggcc aagagagaca    145920
     tgagttcagg tggacaatgt tattgactct aaaggtcttc ttgagaggag cactgaagct    145980
     tgtattccct aaagaaagaa agtagcccaa atggggagtc tgcggtgtaa gtggttaagc    146040
     aggtgtgaga aggttgtctc ataggcattg aatctgccaa aacaagaata acgctgtgcc    146100
     cctaacaagt taagacagag aactctagtg tttgcaaacc tggcccagaa gaggctagtt    146160
     gagtgcaagc atgcaaagat cctcatgttg gctcagagga tggagatgct gcctgacttt    146220
     gggctgtgat aacttaagca tgcatctata gggtgagagc taaaagaata gaattaaatt    146280
     gggtagggta gaaagtaggg gatggtagtc agggatgatg ggaggaggag gcaatgaatc    146340
     acttataaat ggcacccatg caggacctga agcctaaatt cgaggagggt gagtgagtgc    146400
     tgtgctttca tgggcctctt ctttatgaag caaagtgtgt aaaggacaaa caagtgaagt    146460
     actttatcca ttacaatggt tggaataaaa attgggatga atgggtgcca gaaagcagag    146520
     tactcaaata catggatgcc aatttgcaga aacatcaaga actgcaacag aaaaatgttg    146580
     aagtgaaaac aaaaaagaac aaggagaaaa cacttggaaa tggagttggt ggcagtgcca    146640
     gtgagacacc tcagcctcct aggaaggaga gagcctgggt agatcctatc atttctatga    146700
     aaatgaagaa acattcatga gcagagctga agttaaagtg aagattcctg aagagctgaa    146760
     accgtggcct gcggatgact ggggcttgat aaccagacaa aagcagcatt ttatcttcct    146820
     gccaagaaga gtgtgggttc acagatgata aggagtatgc tgttcatgag gctgtggcag    146880
     gaatgaagga gtacttcagt gtagtgttag gcactcagct actctactat tttgagagcc    146940
     cacagtatgc tgaaattctc accaatcacc cagatgcacc catgtcccag gagtatggag    147000
     cgccacattt actgagatta tttgtgtgaa ttggagtgat gttggcctaa acacctgtag    147060
     atgagaaaag ccttgcttta ttactgaact atctacatga ttccctcaag tacctggtga    147120
     agaattctgc aactgtgttc cgtgccagtg attatgaagt ggctcctcct gagtaccatc    147180
     agaaagctgt gtgaggggtg tgctctctct cttctctctc tctctcccct ctctctctct    147240
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcgtt tggatctctg taaagagtct    147300
     ggttcttagt cgttctcttg tacaaatgat ggactttgaa gaccattggt gtataataga    147360
     gttagtgttt gtttcctgtt tgattttaaa aagaaaataa aaggagtaac cgcttttttt    147420
     ttttcatttc aaagtttcta ccagtgtatc agtgatggat aacagagaga catgctatag    147480
     agtgtttgcc tagttgacaa agctactttt gaatgctggt ggttctgttc ctttggcact    147540
     atgcactttt ataatttgtg ttaatgctct atgacaaatg ttctgattcc tagtgccaaa    147600
     ggttcacttc agtgaatata actgaacact catccatctg tgcccgcccc ctttttaaac    147660
     agtgcttgag tagcccatcc tttgcaagtc atccatgtcc ttccttgggc atcctatttt    147720
     tgcatgttat ctgggcatct tatcttcgtt aaagaatagt ggcttatttt cctggggttt    147780
     tgtatttgtg tctaatgcac gttctaactt gatagatgca atgcatcgta tagctacagt    147840
     tttatgggaa agtcaatctt ggaggagttg tttttcagat cttcaataaa tttttcttta    147900
     aatttcagaa aaaaaaaaag aaaaagaaaa gttttcacct ttaaggtgac agaaagtaaa    147960
     gcttaaaaat aggaactttt ataaggcatt tattattaga tattttcttc atttatattt    148020
     catatgctat cctgaaagtc ccctataccc cccccaaccc acccactcct gcttcctgac    148080
     cctggcattc ccctgtactg ggtcatatga tcttcgcaag accaagagcc tctcctccca    148140
     ctgatggcca actaggccat cctctactac atatgcaact agagacagga gctctggggg    148200
     tactggttag tttgtattgt tgttcctcct atagggttgc agaccccttt agctccttgg    148260
     gtactttctc tagctccttc attaggggtc ctgtgttcca tccaatagct gactgtgagc    148320
     atccacttct gtatttgcca ggtattggca tagcctcaca agagagagct atgtcagggt    148380
     cctgtcagca agatcttgct ggcatatgca atagtgtctg tgtttggtgg ttgtatatgg    148440
     gatgggtggg gcagtctctg ggtggtcttt ccttccatct cagcactgaa ctttgtctct    148500
     gtaactcctt ccataggtat tttgttcccc attctaagaa ggaacaaagt atccacactt    148560
     tggtcttcct tcttcttgag tttcatgtgt gttgcaaatt gtatcttgga tattctaagt    148620
     ttctgggcta atagccactt atcagtgagt gcatattatg tgtgttcttt tgtgattcgg    148680
     ttacctcact caggatgata tcctccagat ccatccattt gcctaagaat tccatgaatt    148740
     cattgttttt aattgctgag tagtactcca ttgtgtaaat gtaccacatt ttctgtatcc    148800
     attcctctgt taagggacat ctgggttctt tccagcttct ggctattata aataaggctg    148860
     ctatgaacat agtggaacat gtgtccatat tataagttgg aacatcttat gggtatatgc    148920
     ccacgagagg aattgctgga tcatccagta gtactatgtc taattttctg aggaaccgcc    148980
     agactgattt ccagagtggt tgtataagct tgcaatccca ccagcaatgg aggagtgtcc    149040
     ctccttctcc acatcctcaa cagcaactgc tgtcacctga atttttcatc ttagccattc    149100
     tgactggtgt gaggtagaat ctcagggttg ttttgatttg catttctctg atgattaagg    149160
     atgttgaaca ttttttcagg tgcttctcag ccattcggta ttcctcagtt gagaattctt    149220
     ttctgtagtc caccttcttg agttctttat atatatatat atatatatat atatattgga    149280
     tattagtccc ctacctgatt taggattgtt aaagatcctt tcccaatctg ttggtggcct    149340
     ttttgtctta ttaacagtgt cttttgcctt atagctttgc aaaaaaatag aaatttttaa    149400
     tggagaactc gggtttgttt tgtttttaat gagaggacat tgagatggct tagcaggcaa    149460
     aggcactttg ctgtggagcc tgatgactgg agtacctcca ggacctgcag aacagaactg    149520
     actcccagta actgtcttct tatctccata ctcatgccat gatgtaaagt ggcaggacaa    149580
     aaagaaaaga gaatacaggc tagacacagc tgaccaggtg ttggtaatta cacaaatggg    149640
     ctggtcagtt gtaaggacag cttgtgagca cctgtgtgca gcacattctg ggtcttattc    149700
     agaggcagag aaggtgccct gacctgcaag caaccaatga acctgtgtgc tccaggccca    149760
     ccagtgaatg agaaatggag tttgtaggtg atataccagc tgccagcaga tgagcatgta    149820
     atggtcacct gtcagtgctg cgcccctcta acatgagtct cctaacagag cccagggcct    149880
     cagctatgct agttcagtgt actgccatta aggccctaga ttttcagaaa agatctgtgg    149940
     atgatggccg tgaatgagct ccctctccta cctcaaatga cactagccac tactctttaa    150000
     tggcctcctc atctactaaa ttgcttgtct ttcctaggca tcagagtcct tatacagatg    150060
     accataagcc acttggcttt gagtcctgga aacaagacag atctgacttg atatggggta    150120
     tcattcaaat gaaaatggtg aaatggtatt ttgggcatat tgggagggaa aaattaaatt    150180
     tagaagcctt ttcaacatga ttactaaaaa tcttagcatt gcacatatag ctctaactgc    150240
     attttgttgc atagtggcat agtgtaagta acctcaaagc aactgtagta tagcaaaagg    150300
     cttgtaaaag tacgccatgt gctgctttgc aattctttcc caggcttttc tcatatgatt    150360
     cccttaacag caaatctttt tctgcttgct caagaaacta aatctttata gcctaattga    150420
     aatcagggaa tgattctctt ccccaaccca tgtgaaagac tggcttctgg acctagcaaa    150480
     cactgtgact gcactattac cacccacctg agcatttctg ctgtgtactt gttcttaaaa    150540
     actcaaactg gagctaaagc agagcacagg gctggaagct ggtaatacag agccatggtg    150600
     tccagggtct agggcctcac acctaagctg gacacccaat gtgaaaatgt gatctcctcc    150660
     ctatggagca tccttggcta gctcccttct gtgtgtatct taagctgggc agcaaatgaa    150720
     gagagtgggt gtcacatgtg agtacctggt cagaagaacc tggtcacagg attttctctc    150780
     tatctggaaa agatgggtcc aggaaggcaa cactaagaac aaacaaggct gggtgagctg    150840
     atctggcaaa gtgtctgtga aatacgaaac tcatgtctga ttagagagtg cttttgtgtg    150900
     cctgtcatgc ccaccttcca tgaatactga ctggtataat agtaaatact gtgaaatttc    150960
     attttctaaa catactgatt acaagatgct gtgtgaagtg gtaccatcct gttaagtcat    151020
     aagtttatat ttgaacatct gtccagaggt aattgtgaag gattccctac aattatgttg    151080
     taagtaacta agaccacaat tactatgata tttaagcaca gaccaataac gtacatttta    151140
     aataaatgtt ctaattaaaa ataagtcatg aaagcttacc aaaaaggaat tggggaagaa    151200
     cacttaaaac ctattcaact ttgtaaacaa aacagtaaca aaaaaaaatc actttgagac    151260
     agggttccat gtagctcagg ctagcctcaa actttgatcc cttgcctcaa gtcctctgaa    151320
     tgctgggatt atatgtgtgt accaccatgc ctccttacta tctaaatgca aaccccacta    151380
     aagtttaagc catgttatat ttctacttaa caatatagta cttataataa agacttaact    151440
     cttttaaaat atggtgacag catcttgagg gaaggacagg cacagtgtca agcctttgca    151500
     gctggagagg gtacaactca gggagatcaa agaatcacag cagatctatc cagatgaatc    151560
     aagaagcaga catgctgatg tagagttaac agcagcaggt aaagctggtg ggaaactgct    151620
     ctatcacatg agcagacccc accttcctaa gtgtatgcaa ctagttcaca ccaatatgtg    151680
     ctcaaagtat tggagtccag tggatccagc agctcctatt aggatatgac tacatgctct    151740
     gccacagcca gccagcatct gatctgtgcc caagtcattt gtcctagggc cagttgcttt    151800
     cctaagtcta tttcatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtac acatacaatc tttataaaag    151860
     cctgagttta aaggacacta gacttaaggt taaaacttca gatggcatgc atatgctgcc    151920
     tctatactga cactaccagt atagaactta acccaattcc caaggggtct gttctgtact    151980
     ggggcatctc agttacccat cttgattatc tgtgcttgga ggaaaacgtt taaagtcatt    152040
     aggcaaggag tgtttcaaat tgtgacctta gagcttgaat gaaaacaagt cacaggtgac    152100
     cctcctttgc ctgggtttcc ttttctgctt gcataagatc atatatagtc tggagccaca    152160
     gctccacagg gaaaatgact ggtgagcaaa gcagtagtcc ccacatgcct ggtagcagta    152220
     ccaagaactt atacactgtg ctgtgtaagt ccactatgat tcaagttccc tcctcctgtc    152280
     agctttagtc ccagatgcat tctgtgctaa ctgcagcaaa gcaaaaagta tcttttcttg    152340
     tttatacctc cctaaactct tgagctggaa tcctgtgaat tagaccaaca agaggcagat    152400
     gagcaagatt aaagtataac cacttattta ataaagtctc ctgtgacatg gcaacttcta    152460
     acagaaggaa agacctgagc caaccgctga gcagcagtga actgggctct cactgatgag    152520
     agtggaaagt ccccaaaacg gtgacaaaag gagctagctg aggatggtaa gacagacaga    152580
     catcgtggcc tgccctgctg tagcttcccc tcaggaagcc cactccagct gtagtgtcta    152640
     gcgtatggtc acatcacagc tgctggagaa gggacatcaa gtccctgctt caggaaggac    152700
     tgccctcatt cagacgctcc agcctatggc tctgctctca gttcacagag atcagccacc    152760
     gaatcctgtg ctcatacaac accaacatag atgaactctt ctcagaaatt gatgtctgct    152820
     tggcggtaaa ccgtagcatt cttcagcagc tagatgaaag gtgtggccag ataatcacca    152880
     aggaggactg ggagaaaatc caagcacagg taggcttcag agcagcttcc tactgccctc    152940
     tgcagaatgg actgcagtgc aggtctggga gccttggtga gttttgcttg gatggggaca    153000
     cccaggcctt tgctattagc tcagtcctgt acgcggaaat gttaaagctc tagttcgatg    153060
     gtggctgtta tgaacaatga aaacccaaaa ggccaatcct aatgcttcct gccttcctcc    153120
     tgtacctgca ggagcctagg aaggaaagca ggactctgca gcaactcgaa gccaagatag    153180
     aaggaaaact taaatattaa atagggggct aaaaaacagc ttaaaacata aaattgggaa    153240
     ggttttaaaa ctttaacagt aacagccaag gacttagcaa tttctgactt ttacttttgt    153300
     tttgttggtt tttctgtagc cctggatgtt ctggaactca ttctgtagac cagccttgaa    153360
     ctcgagatcc acctgcctct atcctcctga atgttgggat taaagacgtg tgccaccatg    153420
     cttagcccaa ttttccattt ttaattaaaa ggcactatat atgttatatt attagtgttc    153480
     agcagtttta aagtattttt gtttaattgg gtattataat ctatatctca catattgaca    153540
     tttaagattt tccatggatt catgtcttgg gctatagttc tcactgtagg tctgagtaat    153600
     tgtggaatgt gacggggggg ggacgacggg actcctgtaa caaagctgtg tctgctttgt    153660
     gctgcaggct gctcaccatg agatctatga atgttccatc tgcctgactc cactctcctt    153720
     tcatggcgat ggccggcaag cagccatagg aaccagcagc cagcgtccca gagagacagt    153780
     cctcctgtcc tgtgcacatc tgttccacaa tgcctgcctc ctggctttgg aggagttttc    153840
     tttaggagac aatgcccctt tccatgtctg tcctctctgt cgctcctgct accaaaagaa    153900
     aattgttgaa tgctgaattc atgtccagga agttaaatgt ctgactagaa caagaaaggg    153960
     gtaaaggcta tcctgctttt ggatgagctg catgggtttg gggtagagga ctacattgct    154020
     gactgttctt tgtgattata tagaggaaat ataagttcct atttaactgt ggtctttatt    154080
     gcattaaaaa cagcatgttc gtttgttgaa tttagttact taaaataaat gagaagtagt    154140
     gttaattaaa atgtagctag tgtctgacca acagcaagaa actgacacac ttattcaatg    154200
     cataagaatc tcccttttat ttttgtataa tagatgtgtg ttatagataa gtacttttaa    154260
     catgttaact ggaaaaaagt gatcttcagc atcaaaacta ggtaaatcaa atgctaatgg    154320
     tggtgttgca gattcctatg gtccatataa gagaatgaaa atctcatata tggaccaacg    154380
     gaaaatccct gaagtttttg gtgccagtgc tacacactaa tgccaggccc cacaagtact    154440
     caagtccctg tcgcttataa ccaactatat ctcttcatac actttgaaat cacctctgaa    154500
     ctataatgcc tagcatagtg taagtactct gtgaacagtt gctttactat tgctgaggaa    154560
     ctaagaacag gaaaaagaaa actgtgtgta gtaagtacac agacagtagt ttgctagccc    154620
     tctatactcc acattggaaa tagagagtgc cgatggggcc aagactggtg cactcagcag    154680
     ctaatgagaa gcattgctca ggtggcccct ccatactgga acagataaaa acacattcaa    154740
     ctgcattagc agtatgctaa tggaggctgg gccatctatt ctacagcact ctcaagctcc    154800
     ctggctcttt ctgtctcaaa gatgtaagtc tgctttgcct cagccttcac cagggaatct    154860
     gctttctttg gaggaagagc atgttgaggc tatgctggga ggcagtgcca atgggagcca    154920
     gtatccagcc tggatgtgaa tgcaggtagc aagcaaaggt gtattccagg gttcagaact    154980
     gctctctaca caatgtaaga agtatttaca attctttttt tttagttttc ttttgttggt    155040
     ttcaaatgta tgcattgata tataatttat ggattagtat gtacatgttg tactcaaatt    155100
     tttcttaatg attagattta ctgttataac atttggtggc taatttggag actacttaga    155160
     ggtagagaca ggctacatct cagagagcaa cttttccatt caggaggctc agctgagagg    155220
     acagtgcaaa cttttaccat tccatcatgc ctttagtcag ctgtcacttg gaaatgagca    155280
     ctgattggag cacctcatgc cagtaagagg gttcagaggc catagaatgt gacatccttc    155340
     tcactgtggc ttcttcctca gcacaatctt tactgatctc cccttaactt agatgtctca    155400
     gcatccttgc aagattaaac ctccttctca ctgcctactc ccacttttta ctttaatcat    155460
     acttagaaaa cctgcatgct ctaggttgta gcaattatgt ctttctcccc acattgtaga    155520
     cagacatgag ttcttccaca cttagacatt tttatggttg ctggtctata ggacctgacc    155580
     catccctagg cactctcatt actaacgcat gaactgaata agacactgcc aaaggagcac    155640
     attttcaggg cattctggcc caaaagtggt ttatgtgagc caacagtagg tgctctgagg    155700
     tttctgctct cagagcagta agagctttaa aaacccataa cgagctaggg tggagtccag    155760
     ccttaattat gctttgtagg attctttttt tcctttcaaa gtacatgaga cagccacatc    155820
     atttattaaa actacaatgt tacatgaccc tctattagct atccttacca ctcaggacat    155880
     agataataat ttgaaaactg gttataggct ttttactacc tttagttcct acacaaggct    155940
     tattgtctgg cccctgggaa ctcctgggcc aaggccgata ccaacttcgc aggtcacagc    156000
     tactgagttt tgtcctctgc agtatagcta gaactggacc tacttcaaac tttctgaatc    156060
     ctaaataaga ttataggttt gaatagagaa agagagtaag caaggtattc aggcagtatg    156120
     gggcaaggat aacactctaa gctagatgct atattgttaa gctctcagtc cttgcaagat    156180
     atatccataa aattggtctc cttttagaat cacattgtct tagacatctg cttattgatc    156240
     tgtattaagt actgactgca ttaaatgtag aataaagaag gaagttcccc atgttccatg    156300
     gataggcaag ctagggtggc tgctcacact ctcaagtctc atcaacacac agaagtaagc    156360
     ctccaagatt tgtctgctgt ttgagaactc tgaacaagcc aatggagtca ctggaatcca    156420
     gatgacctgg cctaacctac ctcttcactt aagaataggg caatctcaaa caccttgttg    156480
     ttgttttggc tgtgttccaa agacatgaaa tgggggtatg catttcctat gacacttcag    156540
     agctgcccat gtgtcaggaa ggaacactta tttcctgtcc ccatactctt gcacaccagc    156600
     cccatgtcac agtctctgat gtgagctcac ggtaagacat ataagtcaaa gtgacccacc    156660
     gtgtagcctg agccagtgca ggcctgtgag agaggaaaga ccagactctt caagccgtaa    156720
     gcaatgggga caacctgggg tctcagaaac atggcccgtg tcctttaagt ttctgggtat    156780
     aaggctgtag gaacctatgt ccttggtgcc aaggtgtcat gtttatagca ggacttttca    156840
     caacagttct tgggaggaaa aagacaatac tcagaaaact tttgaggcaa caaatttacc    156900
     caattaatat tcaagtcaac actaataaca agaagtgtat tagttctttt aaaccagatt    156960
     cattatggtt ttcaaatgga aatgtacctc ccattttgta ctagtaggtc aggaaataac    157020
     ttagtttgtg cctggtattt aaaaaaataa acaagggctg gagagatggc tcaatggtta    157080
     agagcactga ctgttcttcc aaaggtcctg agttcaattc ccagtgacta catggtggct    157140
     cacaccatct ataacgggat ccaataccct cttctggtgt gtctgaaggc agagaaaccc    157200
     tgtctcgaaa aaaccaaaat aaataaataa acatcagaaa gtcctaacat ggatcacaag    157260
     aaaaaaaata atgccactgt tttaagttct ttttgttgtt gttgttttgg ttttttgttt    157320
     tgttttgaga cagggtttct ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tggaactcac tctgtagacc    157380
     aggctggcct cgaactcaga aatctgcctg cctctgcctc ccaagtactg ggattaaatg    157440
     cgtgcaccac cactgcccag cctgttttaa gttcttatat gtgttttggt gtgcatgtaa    157500
     actcagttac agaggatatt catttcttat tgtgaactga agtgtgaggc cactggtgct    157560
     cgcaggctgt gcacacttcc agcaaatgag ccagtgtgaa cagcactgta gagctctgga    157620
     tgaagttcag ttcttctatg gaagaaagaa acaagtctaa tgagcttgaa tcattcaata    157680
     atgtaagatg catgtgatca accactaaca ctacttttgg gttgcaaaga tatcataaat    157740
     tcacaacaga aagtgtggga ccccgactta gagcgtttct ccctggaagg taaagcccct    157800
     ggacgttccc caagcttgtt ttccctgatc tctaaaaata cagccagaaa gaagctcttt    157860
     gttctctata accagcaaaa agcctttttg tttctatact ttataaccag agatgcgata    157920
     attgtaaaag acccagccag gcacttgcct ggcttcctgt gccgaggaca cggagataaa    157980
     aattcagaaa gaactcactc cccactcctt ctgccttgta aatttcacca aggacacccg    158040
     gcagagaaga actctgccca gctcctccca actcctccca attcctcagc tagctgttaa    158100
     aagcccccta ctgtcaccgc ccagggcgaa ctcccttgcc cttcatggca gaaagagttg    158160
     ttctcagcta gctgataata aaacctcttg cagtttgtat caggtgtggt tttctcttgg    158220
     gtcactgggg tgctggccag ctcatcccag gacttgagca ggggcccagc ttcggggtct    158280
     tacaaaagca agttaaaata cctttctctt tgtctaatac cactgagttc taacactgaa    158340
     ccagaagcag cctgtcaata ctcttaaatg ttcatcatga tagaattgaa gaatagatat    158400
     atgtgcaggg acttataaaa caagtataag gtttttctca gaactttaat ttctaagaat    158460
     tttaagttac aataaaagta cctcatagaa acaagactaa cagaaaactt gaaaacaata    158520
     tgtaacagaa atttaccagt gtgtcttgac atatgaaaaa tatcatatcc gttttaagtt    158580
     taaaagcagt gctacatatg ttcacatatt taaagaccct ataatacttc tgcctatata    158640
     cattaaatat tgtaccaacc ataagcaaat acatagacta gaatcaatgg gaatctgtgc    158700
     tgctgactat caggatcacc tactgtgctt ggccaaagca gaagtggcaa caactgctgc    158760
     tgccaccatg cccacagccc cataggtggt gagcagcaga cccaacaagg ttccttctga    158820
     ttcaccagcc agccccaaac aggtgtgact gaaggagcta acagtatgtt tttagacaac    158880
     catacagggt ctcatattta ggtcagactt tattttatat aagatagatg atagaaagat    158940
     agatagatag atagatagat agatgataaa tagatctaaa atatatgcta gaaaatctat    159000
     aaaaaaccgg tgtcacaatg tataaaattt gatatagcct ctcatcaaga tctataaagt    159060
     gtttggtgcc cttttagctt aaattgtagt aattattttt atgtatggaa gtgtttttcc    159120
     ttcaccatgt gcctgcagtc agtgcccatg gaggtctgaa agggtattta atcccctggg    159180
     actagagtca ctgatgactg tgaaccacca tgtggatgct aagaaccaaa tctgagtcct    159240
     ctgaaagcaa agctagtgct ctttaactgc tgagccatct ctccagccat tccacctcca    159300
     accctcattt cctctttttg ctttcgtttg tatgtttgtt tcttttgaga gacagtttca    159360
     ctatgtagca ctggcttgcc tggaactcac tatgtaacct agtctggttc aaattcttag    159420
     ggatccttct gcctctgcca cttgagtgct ataaggaaaa cactaccatg cccagtttca    159480
     tgcccgttta aagaggacat tcaaggtaag agaacaaaag gactactcaa cagagtcact    159540
     ggtgcaacct catctagtca aaactagagt gccatgacta gtgtgaatgg gagctcttgt    159600
     ctgcagagct ttctgcactc tgtaaaacag cactgcaatg caggactcct gcatataact    159660
     gtcttcacga acttggaata tgaagcctca gcatgctgct gtcctttcgt gaagttctgt    159720
     atcagccagc ctctagcaca tgcccagtga agtgatggca cctggaacca gtccctccct    159780
     ccaggcaact ctcaggtgag tgaccagtga ccctcaaagg gtggtgacca cgcagtgcat    159840
     caaccacaga aggcccaaga atcaaggtaa gacaatcctt aaagcccact tccatctcat    159900
     caccaaatat ctccagtcag tccaaacctg gatcccatct tcaaattaag aacctccaaa    159960
     tgaataagaa gtttaggact tgctcagcag gtaaaggtac ctgaatcaca catgtgaaag    160020
     gaaagagctg actactgaaa gctgtccttt agatctttac tcattaatgc ctgcccccat    160080
     gtttctgtct atctgcccgt ctgtctctct ttccctccct cccccctcac atatagacac    160140
     tcattaagaa aattagagac agacattgaa aagttcagta ttttatgaaa attttcagac    160200
     accttacctt gcagagctct gtttggttgt tggcaaatgg tgtgcaccga agtgactgca    160260
     gcagaaaact ctgacctctc cctgacttgc tctgcttcag agcctgtcat taatgaccag    160320
     gtaaatcgga aatagccaac tcgcactgtg ctagcgcagg agctcacact cgggaatcta    160380
     tcaatactca ctggaggtac acactgaccc actcagagcc acagcaccaa gtttccttaa    160440
     aactaacctg gagtatcagg ggatgccatg gtgtaaataa agatgtggac tcaatggctt    160500
     ataaacatag agctaaatct tcttggtttt ctaagattaa ataaaggtca gatacagcct    160560
     ttcatatatg tctccaaaag aaactaaatt caacaatttg agaaaaaagt gctttacttc    160620
     tttttctgaa cacaaatcct gttatgtcat ccatacagtg catgtgagca tcactatatt    160680
     tctgtgaaat gtgtgctacc taggaacaac aatagcatgc gctcagtttt tttttttttt    160740
     tttaaatcag tagactcagg agttgagaaa ccattccaac aattaaacta aacaactaag    160800
     tagttatgag ctcatattag ttatgagctg cacctgctgc acctgccctt ctgtggagac    160860
     cctgacctgt aagttctggg tatcacactg gtaaccttcc tggggtggag acttaaggtg    160920
     gtgtatgaga ggcaccgaag cctgaaaaag caatttctgt ctttgggtta cacacataca    160980
     acaagcacag agtggagtag tttttgaaaa aaaggtttta aaaaatgaat gtacatacag    161040
     cctataaggc aaagtctaag gtgtgtacaa cactggcact gtgctgtgaa aagtattatc    161100
     aggtacacac actgtccaaa tctacaatcg catgtgcttc atactgcagc ttaccacaaa    161160
     aaaatagtcc tggggctgcc caccaaggct caggtgttta aagaatctag tatgttccac    161220
     tggctcaaag tctaatgaag attctgtaag atgaatcaga aaatctgctt ttggtttttt    161280
     aaataaaaat gtagtttgtt acttgtacaa cagtttccag gaccttgtga aaatgctttg    161340
     gggcaccaga tgactttcag gcaggcttct gcctgcagaa ccaagcttct catggtgtaa    161400
     agcaaaagcc taagggcgtc cgagtcttca cctctcatcc aggtagttcc tgctatagac    161460
     acacagcttt tcctcagtct caagactcag ggtttaacca aaagctgtca tatccggcca    161520
     atcagaaaac tcccaggaga cacagatgac tagtgctaag ttgtaagtgc ttatgcgaaa    161580
     gggcactgtc agctgggtcc agacccacca gaatgaacac tgtctatggg aatgtcatga    161640
     atcagttgtc gggacttgct gtagagtgct actgaggcag tcaggtctca cagtgctttc    161700
     tgatgcccat ttgcagaagg ctttgtagtt tctgaatccc ttgaggtatc tgacaagtga    161760
     agtttgtgaa gtcctgtaga aaaattagga taaaggtgag aaaggagcag tgctaaggaa    161820
     tggggtgacc agaaaagaca tgcttagcag caggacagct ttcctgtgta ggctgcaatg    161880
     ctggaggtca aacccaggac cttatacatg gtagacaagc attctaccac tgagacacat    161940
     tgttgaccca ggaactacac ttttaagact taagtaggtt cacttcttaa atttgggtat    162000
     gacacagtac tgataaaact gcaaaaatgt catctgtaga cctctcccaa aacagtctgg    162060
     cttggttaac atcactactg ttgctactgt gcagcagatg ttctctgaaa actgttagaa    162120
     atgaaattgg ttattaaagt cagacttaac accttgggcc atttgaacat atatttaaaa    162180
     aggatctttt ctatacaggg aattgcccct aagtaatata taaaaagata atagaaaata    162240
     tttgaaaaat aaacacaact cttgagtttc acataactct tgaaaactac actatgtcta    162300
     tggtcaaact gatgcacagg gcctctctct ggcctctggc aggttgactt ataactttta    162360
     cagaagctac acagcaaaat gccaacactg atacactgca gccatcttgg ttatagccaa    162420
     gctggaattg atctgagatc ctagctaaaa atgtttcaac tagacacgtg attgagggtt    162480
     tcttgattct aatgcatctg cctattttta atgtgtttga tactatgaca ctaaaattca    162540
     taaattatct ggtgttttag ttgaaatgag acatagcttt tcatcctagg gcagtatttc    162600
     aaccagctat attctcagag tgcatgttac aaataaaata catgtggaac tgtaacctgg    162660
     tgtttgcttc ttcaaaggtc atcctttcaa acaccaggat cataaggttg gtgctaggag    162720
     aagctttatt gctacctcta tagtttaagc tttctgaagc tggggccgca atagatctat    162780
     caatatgttg cctcttgaaa tagctaaaac tacaacctat atggagcata aacattcaag    162840
     tggtatcagg caaatgagcc aatgctaggg tttcctacag gaaccaccac ctttctttac    162900
     tgctatggag taaatgctac atgactgcct gggaagcttt tggagtgctg cttaccctaa    162960
     agtacaaacc caggactatg ttcagcatgt gtgtaggagt aatgcagcaa agacatatca    163020
     cttgagcagg ctctttacca caatacaaat gatggagaca tgaaagcaaa caccctatcc    163080
     tgtccatacc aagaatgcta acattgtttt ccagagttat atggcttact ggcgagaatt    163140
     atatattgct ttttcactta ggaaatccaa gtcctcctaa aacttcaagt aaataatggt    163200
     aaaaggtacc atgataaaaa ccaagcctgc aacaccaagt cttcctcctc actacaatga    163260
     tacaatgaga caatgacaca atgtcacaat gacacaatga tacaatgaca caatgataca    163320
     atgacacaat gatacaatga taaacagaaa gggctgactg ccatcctaaa gttcttatca    163380
     tgtcctccgc cctgtcctga ggccccatca gaacaaccac agttcctact cacacacctt    163440
     acagatgagg tcctgcagta cagtgacaaa gttctgatcc agacccacca acacatgagt    163500
     caaggatggg actgacagcc atgcacactt agaaactaaa tagagagaca aatattaaag    163560
     tcatgattag tagagaaaaa tgtctataaa tctcaagatt acctagggcc ttgaaaagtt    163620
     cttctcgtac tgctgatgtg aattttctga tcaaacacaa tgttgtcatg atggcgaaga    163680
     gtaaattgta ggataataca atatagaaat ttcccagcca attaaatctt ccaaagtctc    163740
     caagtagatc gaatctagtg attcctatta aaaaataaaa atagagttct tactaaagtg    163800
     gggtgtgtcc atacctgtaa caaatgcagt tgggattagg ccagactcca cagactgcct    163860
     cagaggtttg tagagttctg tggtaagact ctgccatgaa gcatacgact gcttcctagc    163920
     agggcaaccc aagccatccc tgaccttcac atgccagtca cttgcatgtg tgactggcat    163980
     gagtacccca tcatgcctac attaaagacc aagcttaggt gccattcact agaacctgtt    164040
     cttccccact acttacatat atatgatgtc tattccactt ctacatctca tttccagtgg    164100
     caacacttta cccattccta acgctcatca cataactgaa taaacaagac cagttccaaa    164160
     atactacaaa tttatagaat aagagtggga agctgggaat gtgtgatgct tgcatcatac    164220
     atggatttac ttaaattcac tcacatatac aatttaaaga ctttttaact gaaagaatgt    164280
     ttaaatttgt tccctgagtc tgtgtccctg gacatgagta gtaggatttt ctgactatag    164340
     ataggtatat aaatcctaca agtcatgtgg ttgagtgtag tgagaagggg ggtgtggtag    164400
     agtctcggag acactgaagg gctacatgag gctgtatatc agagttacaa gatgcaatag    164460
     atacttcctg taggactgta caaacacagc tatgtactgc atatgctatt gtcttagtca    164520
     ggatttctat tcctgcacaa acatcatgac caaaaagcag ttggggagga aagggttgag    164580
     gcttactagt gatgtgtttg tgtgtcaagt tgacaagggg tcaattgtac tggctagttt    164640
     tgtgtcaact tgacacagct ggagttatca cagtgaaagg agcttcagtt gaggaaatgc    164700
     ctccacgaga tccagctgca aggcattttc tcaattagtg atcaaggtgg gagggcccct    164760
     tgtgggtggg accatctctg ggctggtagt tttggttcta taagagagca ggctgagcaa    164820
     gccaggggaa gcaagccagt aaagaacatc cctccatggc ctctgcataa cctcctgctt    164880
     cctgacctgc ttgactacta gacctgactt cctttgagtt ccaatcctga cttccttggt    164940
     gatggacagc agtatggaag tgtaagctga ataaaccctt tcctccccaa cttgcttcct    165000
     ggtcatgatg tttgtgcaag aatagaaacc ctgactaaga cagtaggaaa gggtttattc    165060
     agcttacact tccacattgc tgttcatcac cgaggaagtc aggattggaa ctcaaaggaa    165120
     gtcaggtcta gtagtcaagc aggtcagaaa gcaggagctg atgcagaggc cttggaggga    165180
     tgttacttac tggcttgctt cccctggctt gctcagcctg ctctcttata gaaccaaaac    165240
     taccagccca gagatggtcc cacccacaag gggccctccc accttgatca ctaattgaga    165300
     aaatgccttg cagctggatc tcgtggaggc atttcctcaa ctgatgctcc tttctctgtg    165360
     ataactccag cctatgtcaa gttgacacac aaaaccagcc agtacagcta tagactattt    165420
     aaggatttta tgggtgattt caaaaataac tttgactcaa tatcacatca tcaactgact    165480
     tttgaatttg gctttcagcc atgatccaac acaattctat caaacactac ggggagcctc    165540
     ccagagaagc tcatgaacgg cagaaatctt cctatgcaaa cagtgtagta tgaacaggga    165600
     aattcaaatt tagccccata gtcactccca cctggaacca atgcatgtaa gtttgaaaga    165660
     tattggcaaa gaatttttaa aatagctgaa gattaatgaa gacatttgat aataccttac    165720
     caaaaaaaaa gttttaaacc cagataccag aaaaaggcct ttagtgcctg tcctgtatta    165780
     ctttaaaata ctgacaactt tgccttagtc tctcagtgct aagcctaaaa gaaaggactt    165840
     tgttaaatga aatggaagcc taatcagata ctttactttt caaatcagaa catttaattg    165900
     atgttagtag ctatataaac agttatggtc ctaccaacac aaacctcaag gcgtcactga    165960
     gaccccatac tggcaactga attgatccca agatccaaag ttctccatat gagtccatca    166020
     aaagctatag ttatcccgtg agaaaggtac actcaagctt ctgcatctat aaggctccca    166080
     aaggagaacc tgggtgtatc ctggatgatg tctactgcac tgggtaagag caaaaagagc    166140
     aggctgatag ggttttaaca cgtggatcat gtgtttaatg tgtgcatttg atgatccatt    166200
     actctatgta cagaatcacc ttaacagcaa tacaaataca aggtccatat tctcttctcg    166260
     ttaatgaacc tgtgtgggta tacagatacc attggggacc cctgttgtat gcctgtagat    166320
     agctttgcac tgtccacaaa aaagcagagt cgggggaggg ggttcaaatc agtcgcactg    166380
     aacatagaaa ttctagacag tgagaggggt agtcatacac cctagaaatg gactccactg    166440
     gatacaacag gatgtttagg caaagggcag tctcttactt aaaaaagttt tgttccaggc    166500
     agacatatac agaaacccaa gaggaacaaa aatgctagtt cacaggcttg ggtcaaaaga    166560
     cactattgtt tcacttgcac tttagaaaaa atctgactga tcttgatcaa ccaaaagatt    166620
     attctgagta gacataaata actctttact tagaagcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaccaaaaaa    166680
     caaaaaacaa tcatttctct gaaattatgg ctaggtggct tttgtcccag caacaattaa    166740
     ataaaaaaac gtcttttttt aattagaaat tattgacact taagaaaaaa agtactgatg    166800
     taatgtatat tatataaatg tataatactt ctaaacttct ggacaaagat aacatggtat    166860
     taagacagtt ttaaagtaca agattaaact attaaatatc tttggtcaaa tatcttcacc    166920
     catcccatca ctgttaaaag ggaagcaaca catacacaaa gtaacttcat tagacagcag    166980
     tgaggcacag ggtcatgtga cctcagtaga acacttcata acaagcaatg cactgcttct    167040
     cccacaagga ctcaaatgag aatgagtaat tccttcaaaa acaacctgtt ctctattcac    167100
     attttttaaa agaactggtg cacagaatac aaccaactct aagaaggagc atgttgcccc    167160
     acccacagga taagtcaata gaactcctgt tctttagccc acctgagtca acttctgctc    167220
     tgagcaagca tgttcatgtt ggtggagctg catgaggcca ttcagagcct ttgtaaaggg    167280
     tgggacacaa aagacctgag agtgatgtta tcagtaaatt acacaacttg gcctagtaca    167340
     caaacatctg acccaaaaca cccaagattt taatgtaaag gtgccaaaac aacatgtgtt    167400
     cttattaaat ttattaataa aattatatta aaaaaataaa ctaaaatcaa ataatgattt    167460
     ggctatcttt aagttttccg atttctgtag tatctaacca gctcttatcc tatcaagaat    167520
     gcttttccca tttacattgt acttttcctt tatatgccaa cttcaggctt ttaaaactct    167580
     gtgtacgtat ttagtaagtt cagtctcttt ctctaccttc tgtactttag gaaaggctgt    167640
     ggccattgga aacagtcatt tctgggtttt ctgctcagtt ctttgctagg cctcactcca    167700
     agcaactctc tgctccctaa gctgtcctca tgcttaatgc tcttagtccc ttcttgggac    167760
     acaaaacaga acaagtcaag taccagtgtt aatgaactaa gctgactcca agtgtctgat    167820
     gatacactca ctctagctag tgatgcttgg ccagtaaagt tcttcctatg taagtacaat    167880
     gacctaagtt caattcccaa aatctatgaa aacataacat caatccctgg gtgctgctgg    167940
     tcacccagcc agactattct actcagatga gttcacagcc tattagaaac ccagtatgga    168000
     aaatcaaggt agacggagcc tgatgacaca tgaaattgac cttgtgtgag actgtactca    168060
     cacccacaca tgtacataaa catcaacaca agcccataca cacacaccac atacagacgt    168120
     atacatacca cacatatcaa acacatacat gtacacacaa gggcacacac acacacaatc    168180
     cctacaagat taaaaagata aattccttga aaaaaatatt ggctcaagga ttatcaacta    168240
     gaaatagacc aaatttgatg acacatatga ataatcaaca caaagtaaaa aatctgagta    168300
     ggatactgct taagcatgca ttaatcaaac tgccaagctt tccacgagaa agaaaagaac    168360
     agaaatgatt accaaagaaa gtttttttta ccaaagtttg cactgcaaag gggaaatgat    168420
     gcaagactat tttgaaagtt taagagaaaa taatctaaat tctcatgtct aagaatatct    168480
     tctaaagtaa ggcagaatag agctatctta gacatccaaa tagcctggga tttattagca    168540
     gcagacttgt attccaagaa tgctatacta ggtctcaaac tagatcacag agctgtagta    168600
     acaaaaacag catggcactg gcacagaagt agtcacatgt gctattgatg tagaagacac    168660
     agaagaaagc tacagctatc tgactcttga caaaggaaac aaaagtacta gagaaagaca    168720
     gcctcattaa caagtgtgcc acaaagcctg tttatctaca ctaagaacca aaaccagatc    168780
     ctgcctctgc acaaaaatca gttcagaaga ttaaaaactt cagtaaaaac tgcatggtat    168840
     agatacagag acagacaggt tgatcaatgg actagaactg gaggccagaa attaaaccac    168900
     acacttaagc acacttgatc tttaaacaaa gaagccaaaa atatacaatg gaaaaaacaa    168960
     agaatcttca ataaatggtg ctggtctaac tggcggtctg catgtagaaa aatgaaaata    169020
     gattcatatt tgtcaccttg cacaaagctc aagtccaagt ggatgaagga cctcaacata    169080
     aaaccgatac actgaatcta atagaagaga aagtgggaaa gacccttgaa ttcattggca    169140
     cagggagaaa tttcctaaac agaactccaa tggctcatgc tctaagatca agaatggata    169200
     aatgggactt catgactctg gaaagcttct gtaaggcaaa ggacatacat agtcaataaa    169260
     acaaatcggc aacctacaga ttgggaaaaa aaatcttcac taattccaca tccgatagag    169320
     ggctaatatc caaaatatat aaagaactca agaagctaac taccaaaaaa aaaacaaaca    169380
     acccaaccaa aaaatggggt atagaactaa acggagaatt cacaacagag gaatcttgaa    169440
     tggctgagga acacctaaag aaaagttcaa agtccttagt gatcggagaa atgctaatca    169500
     aaatgaccct gagattccac cttacaccaa tcagaatggc taagatcaaa acctcaggtg    169560
     tcagcagatg ctggcgagga tgtggagaaa gaggaacaca ctcctctatt gctggtagga    169620
     ttgcaaactg gtacaatcac tctggaaatc aaactggagg ttcctcagaa aactggaaat    169680
     agatctacct gaagacccag cttataccac tcctggaaat gtacccaaaa catgccccac    169740
     catgccacag gggcacgtgt tccactatgt tcatagtggt cttatttgtg atagccagaa    169800
     gctggaaaca acccagatgt cccacaacaa aagaatggat acagaaaatg tggttcattt    169860
     acacaatgga gtactactca gctattaaga atgaggacat cctgagtttt gccagcaaat    169920
     ggatggaact agaaaatatc atcctgagtg aggtaactcc gaccctaaag gacatgcatg    169980
     gtatatactc actaataagt ggatattagc caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag tacagaatac    170040
     ccaagataca gtccacagaa ctcaaaaagg tcaagtgagg atgcctcagt cccacttggg    170100
     agggagaaga aagcaaccac aaggggggga ggaaggaggg atgtgggagg ggaaggggac    170160
     aggaaggtgg ggagagggga acatgatttg gtactaggtg gggaaaaagg actgaagccc    170220
     tgagggccag cagaaaaaat agaaacaggc aacctcagga gttaggaggt tgggaggacc    170280
     gccccagaat gtaccagaga cctgggaggt gagagactct caggactcaa agagaggacc    170340
     ttagatgaaa tgccctacag tggggagagg gaacttgtag aacccacctc cagcagaaag    170400
     acagggcatc aagtgaggga tggggttgct atcccaaagt caaaactctg acctataatt    170460
     gttcctgtct gaaagaactg cagagataga aatggagaag agcctgaggg aaaagaaggt    170520
     ccagtgaaag gccccaagtg ggatccagct caaagggagg tcccaaggcc tgacactatt    170580
     actgaggcta cagagcgctc acaaaaagac tccactatca ttactgccct ctgaaagacc    170640
     caacaagcag ctgaaagagt cagatgcaga tatctgcacc caaccaatgg acggaagctg    170700
     ctgacccttg tggctgaatt agggacaagt tggaagaagc tgaggagggc aaccccatag    170760
     gaggaccagc agtctcaatt aacctgaacc cccaagatct ctcagacact gaatcaacaa    170820
     ccaggcagca tataccagct gatatgaggt ccccaacaca catacagcag aggactgaca    170880
     ggtctgggtt cagtcagaga agatgcacct aaccctcaag agactggagg ccccagggag    170940
     tttaaggtgg gggcggggag gggtatcctc atggagacgg gatcagagaa gaggtatggg    171000
     atgtggctca gtcagagcat gtatggggag gggaatcaaa tctgaagtgt aaaaaaagaa    171060
     aattagtaga tattttagag ctttaataag gtttataaat atgaagcaag cagaaaataa    171120
     taaattgaga caaaatgaga agaaaagcat taaatgaaat agaaaatcca aagagattag    171180
     taatgacaga aataaaaaat agtgaaggca gtcctctgct acatatgtgc tggggcctca    171240
     taccatcctg tatatgttct ttggttggtg gctcagtctc tgggtgggtg aggggagtag    171300
     ttggggtggg tggatgaggg aggatggggt gacgaactct tggaggggga ccaagaaagg    171360
     ggagcaacat ttagaatgta aataaataaa acaattttaa aaaacaaaac aaaaacctgc    171420
     agtgtgccta acactttgaa actactaaac taaaagttaa aaaaaaaatt tacaaggtac    171480
     aagcacagga tttctggaca ggaacccaca actcaggaag acaacagcaa gagaagacaa    171540
     atgggactgt gtcagactaa caatctatat gatgacaaga gaattaaaga gcatacagaa    171600
     agggaaacaa tctgtggcat ctattcatct aacaggagat taatacatag actattttaa    171660
     ctcaaaaaat aaaacaccaa atgagaaata attcaataaa caaactgaac agttctcaaa    171720
     agcaattttt aaaatgacta ttaaatacat gtaaaaaaaa tctaacattt agccatcaaa    171780
     atgccaccaa gattcatctt accccagcca gaactgcttt tatcaaagaa acaacaaaaa    171840
     gcaacaaatt ctggtgaaaa tggggcaggg ggtgggaaga aacctattca ctgctggtta    171900
     gaatgtaagc tgttatagcc actatggaaa tcagtatggt ggtttctcaa aaaaaaaaaa    171960
     aaaatcaaaa cttaatttct atatgatcca gcagtatccc ttctacttat atattcaaag    172020
     gaatacaggc agcttacaat tgatagacta tgaacatcac tgccactgcc caattcacaa    172080
     aagtaatact gcataagcct tgaagtaact tggcaagtta cttcttagag ttatgtctat    172140
     agaccaaaaa aaggattagt ttatctctaa gaatgcagat gaagcagaca gggcaacaag    172200
     ggagaaaatg gtatggatgg aaacaggcaa cagataggat cacaccagga gttaaattga    172260
     tatgaatact ctaaatatcc gaatccagac aggcttacat agctatttaa cataaagaca    172320
     caggtttata gtatgagaat tgaaaagtat cataaggaag gtaaaacgac tattttaaca    172380
     tgactcaaag gagacttcag agaagaatta ccagttaaac aacgattccc cactaccata    172440
     attacaaggg ttcacctggg accccacgct tatgcaactg gtacccaagc tttaaagaat    172500
     caatgcaaac tggtgaagaa caggagagag aggctcacag ttgtagccag tgcttcacgg    172560
     tcctctcaac agcagtctaa acaagtgaac ctaaggatct agagggcatg aggacacctg    172620
     cagacagcgg aactaacact gacaagcatg gcacacagat gaagcaaatg tccttttttt    172680
     tttttttttt ttttgacaaa ataaaaatta acatgctcta tatggaaggt ttgtagattc    172740
     ataaacaagg atgctataac tatgtagtgg ggaggggcag cacagggagg taacagctgg    172800
     acaaggagtg cacgcagtta accactcaga tcaaaagaag aaaatgacct taaagttcag    172860
     tgaccttagc tccaattgca gttagaaaat gttactccca aggtctaaat cagtaaacta    172920
     gaaaaaaaaa tgcaatgaat gctgcttctg tgagaggatc aataaatcaa tacatgagca    172980
     cacagctcag gtaaagaggt agaaagcaca aaagatctgt aagtgctaag tctctacttc    173040
     ttctagtagc taaggtcgct acccacagac ctgacactgt tgatgacatt aacaaagctt    173100
     gtcccggctg agtagggctc tttccataaa agaaactgaa ctgttgccaa atcctttcca    173160
     aaaaataaat ttcaaaccaa atggtatcat cagtaagcaa tggtgcactg aggataagaa    173220
     acaagtctac aaaaaccacc cagggaactg aagagtcggt ttctgaacac ttgtagtgag    173280
     gaaagcatta cacatacatc aaaatcgaaa aataaaaata aaaatagggg atgggaggag    173340
     aaccacagaa caatgtcatc aaaaacactg aagaaaaagt ctttagccaa ttttcaccat    173400
     attcaaccca aaaaagataa tatatcatga cacatggagc tcacccaaga aacagcaggc    173460
     taattagcat ttgagaataa atgtaattca acatacttag agacttttta aaagtgtgtg    173520
     gttgtttcag tatacacata aaaggcattt ggcaaaatcc accaaccatc tgcataagaa    173580
     ttccagcaaa gcagggaaag aaagggacat actgaacata gtagaaggca gccacaataa    173640
     acacatcaat aagcagacaa cagcctaaac cctccctgcc agtgtatatc atcagaggac    173700
     tgatggggct ttagcttggt aagtgtagag cattggcctt gcatgaatac agatcttagg    173760
     tccaatcccc agcactgcca agattgggag gcgggggggg gggggggggg gggagaaaag    173820
     aagagagtgg gggaaatgaa caaagaaagt tggagttgga gttggtgtgc tagagtgggc    173880
     actacttgta gcaccttggc cacctgtggt gtccttctta cccgttccct ccaactccat    173940
     ctgggtcata ttattggaaa gcagctgaga cactcaaagg aaactgaatg gccaagcagt    174000
     aaggcttcca cattcagtac agtgccatgg caggggacag gaaaataatg tgcacattat    174060
     tgagtaatgg gttttccttt taaataacta aggtgaatgt cacatcacat aatcacttta    174120
     gacaaacaat tcgagggcct taaatacctt ctccccagtt tgaacacaag tgtagctctc    174180
     caatgggaaa ctccaaatcc acaaggcagc ttctcttgag actctctcat catccctatc    174240
     cctatctttg gaatcgcaca gcatttggcc atttctatat aggctctgtc atatgacatg    174300
     tttccaaatt ccatcaacct tgtatcatat agacttcctt tccttcgttt ttaattgtgg    174360
     taaaagacat gtaacataaa ttgtaccagt ataacaattt tattttaatg catggcttgg    174420
     tactattaat aatagtcaca ttatttacaa ccattaccac aaaactccct tatcttgcaa    174480
     atctgaaact attcccaaac tactctctcc atcctccctc ccgaggactc tggtaagcac    174540
     tacctatccc tgtctttata gactagacta ctgcaattcc tcttagaatc agaaccccac    174600
     agagtttgtc tctttggact ggcttccatg gctaagtaac attccatttg atgtgtatac    174660
     gacaatttgc ttggcctatc atctgacagc aggctacttc caccttttgg ctattgttgt    174720
     aaagggcttt tgaaataata cttcgtcaaa caagctcaaa gaatgaaaga cgacatggaa    174780
     aattgagaca aggtacatgg aaattatttc atctgcactg agaacagccc tcctcaatga    174840
     ggagtttctc tgggatcaca ggagcttatg agctaaggct ctgcaagaca agatgcagga    174900
     agtgggctct tgccctttaa ggaatgtaaa gtttcttaag aacatcaatt cattgggagt    174960
     ggggggttgg gagggtgcag acccggaagg gggatatcac ttgaaatgta gatgaataaa    175020
     atgattaata ataaataaac atcaattcca ataagcaagt gtaaacaagt aggagtcttt    175080
     ggacagtaaa gaaaggtcaa aggcagaagg cttcaggaac atgaaactaa accttagagg    175140
     tagagaaatg tgtctggaat tatcattttt catgactgta tttgatacaa actcactttg    175200
     ttctaattga aggtgattta attaagtagc caggtgaagt tcattatgtg aagctaaata    175260
     tcaactaaat acaaggatgg agaacaccag agctcaagaa agaaccgatt ctttcaaaga    175320
     tagaaacaaa catctgggcc cttaagcaga cggagtcttc agagggggtc cagcgtctct    175380
     cagagacatt ttctctcttt tggtttgagc tcaaatcttc ttaccctact ctcctcaaaa    175440
     taaaaaaaga acaagaaggc ctagagccca cttgtcacac acagattcct ctcagttgtt    175500
     caggaggtaa acaagatggg tgggaagggg tttctgattt ggctagagtc ttgggtggaa    175560
     gtatcctgaa gactaatgag acagcaatga gctctgcttt ggcaatggcc tgtgcagtat    175620
     caagtgggag cccagagcag cccagagtta ggctggtcgt tggttagcat ggggcaagtg    175680
     gagggatgag ggatgagagc tgtggatttt ccaataagta actagtggga gcaattaagg    175740
     agagagtcaa gggattgaca aagaagggga aaaacagggg gaaagggtgt taataaataa    175800
     agaagagatt cactggtgag atcacaactg ccaaatacca cagcatgagg cgacccagga    175860
     gtcagcagcg gcctgcagag agacctaatt ctaatttggt ttgaaattca ttttcagatg    175920
     gctgagtgct gacagaggaa gtgagttcaa aacctttctt aattcccatt gggaatcaga    175980
     gagttaaggg aattc                                                     175995