ID   AC159208; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 195714 BP.
AC   AC159208; AC124808;
DT   31-MAR-2005 (Rel. 83, Created)
DT   04-AUG-2005 (Rel. 84, Last updated, Version 2)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-152K15 from chromosome 13, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-195714
RA   Zheng X., Bielicki L., Levy A.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP23-152K15";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-195714
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-MAR-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-195714
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (03-AUG-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 87b88aab6aba34187c11340e9e85241d.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456164.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000021313; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_129S1SvImJ_G0020227; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AJ_G0020183; mus_musculus_aj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_AKRJ_G0020158; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_BALBcJ_G0020166; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C3HHeJ_G0019970; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_C57BL6NJ_G0020613; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CASTEiJ_G0019508; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_CBAJ_G0019937; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_DBA2J_G0020054; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_FVBNJ_G0020039; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_LPJ_G0020128; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NODShiLtJ_G0020075; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_G0020641; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_PWKPhJ_G0019271; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; MGP_WSBEiJ_G0019568; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC159208.2:1-195714; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000021750; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000170156; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_129S1SvImJ_T0036301; mus_musculus_129s1svimj.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_AKRJ_T0036195; mus_musculus_akrj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_BALBcJ_T0036227; mus_musculus_balbcj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C3HHeJ_T0035991; mus_musculus_c3hhej.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_C57BL6NJ_T0036710; mus_musculus_c57bl6nj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CASTEiJ_T0035931; mus_musculus_casteij.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_CBAJ_T0035902; mus_musculus_cbaj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_DBA2J_T0036047; mus_musculus_dba2j.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_FVBNJ_T0036027; mus_musculus_fvbnj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_LPJ_T0036185; mus_musculus_lpj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NODShiLtJ_T0036035; mus_musculus_nodshiltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_NZOHlLtJ_T0036747; mus_musculus_nzohlltj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_PWKPhJ_T0035600; mus_musculus_pwkphj.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; MGP_WSBEiJ_T0035439; mus_musculus_wsbeij.
DR   GOA; A0A1Y7VK09.
DR   GOA; E9Q401.
DR   GOA; F6U7V1.
DR   GOA; Q80ZZ5.
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DR   InterPro; IPR009460; Ryanrecept_TM4-6.
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DR   InterPro; IPR013320; ConA-like_dom_sf.
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DR   InterPro; IPR013662; RIH_assoc-dom.
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DR   InterPro; IPR036300; MIR_dom_sf.
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DR   PDB; 2MC2; NMR.
DR   PDB; 3IM5; X-ray.
DR   PDB; 3IM6; X-ray.
DR   PDB; 3IM7; X-ray.
DR   PDB; 3QR5; X-ray.
DR   PDB; 4ETV; X-ray.
DR   PDB; 4KEI; X-ray.
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DR   PDB; 5C33; X-ray.
DR   UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot; E9Q401; RYR2_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; A0A1Y7VK09; A0A1Y7VK09_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6U7V1; F6U7V1_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; Q80ZZ5; Q80ZZ5_MOUSE.
CC   On Aug 3, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:62000938.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site: http://genome.wustl.edu
CC       Contact: submissions@watson.wustl.edu
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BA0152K15
CC   Drafting center: WIBR
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   http://genome.wustl.edu
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Kazutoyo Osegawa and
CC   Minako Tateno in the laboratory of Pieter de Jong
CC   (http://www.chori.org) from female C57BL/6J mouse kidney and/or
CC   brain genomic DNA.  The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Research Genetics, Inc. (http://www.resgen.com) or
CC   Pieter de Jong and coworkers at http://www.chori.org
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
CC   Bacterial transposon in vector portion of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..195714
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="13"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-23"
FT                   /clone="RP23-152K15"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          31179..31211
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          38404..38636
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   misc_feature    38710..38748
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
FT   misc_feature    49441..49908
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
FT   unsure          49702..49703
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases"
FT   unsure          49715
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases"
FT   unsure          49723
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases"
FT   unsure          49742
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases"
FT   unsure          49764
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases"
FT   unsure          49778
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases"
FT   unsure          49781
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases"
FT   unsure          49784..49787
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases"
FT   unsure          49792
FT                   /note="Unresolved bases"
FT   misc_feature    90530..90533
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
FT   unsure          90641..90734
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          136248..136330
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          140896..140928
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   unsure          183460..183467
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from one plasmid subclone."
FT   misc_feature    184510..184740
FT                   /note="Sequence derived from PCR product of project DNA"
SQ   Sequence 195714 BP; 59254 A; 40185 C; 39590 G; 56685 T; 0 other;
     gaattctctg gtggtctgag aaccctttaa tcatgattag aacagattaa aaactcaaat        60
     atctcttccc actacctagt ttcctgaaac atagcaggat gggggatgag acccaaatga       120
     gtcacgggct atactcaaaa cctattggga gtcctatgat ttgaaaagct cctgtggtat       180
     ctcgaaccga tggcatagct tggtaagtcc ctctgaggag ccagaaaggt ggtcagtgga       240
     aggcatgtga agagccccgc tgcttctata gcatgttaag agtctgctct cctcagaaag       300
     aatccacttt gaaagtctcc gccaaggtga cttaaccttg accttccttt gggatttaat       360
     ctgcagatga acagagtcaa gaggcttttt gaggctgtct ggatgttcca gagttctaag       420
     cccaggctct tgacaggatg gcacactgac agaccatcct gctgtccagc ctgagctcct       480
     cttccctttc gtaatatcca gcccgaaata cagcaagtgc tgaagtgtgc agtcctgtgc       540
     tccctcgccc atctccagag gaaactgtga agaggtggtc tgctgctaca gctctgaaga       600
     ggaaaaggca ggttcctgtt actatggaaa cacaggtgca tgcttccatc tctgaaatca       660
     gctgagaaag gggcttagtg acttctggtg agaccagagc agggaaagct ttatgcaggg       720
     tgtaaattaa gaactggttg ctggtaggtg agcgttgctg cctagatcta gaactttcaa       780
     tagccttttg ctgtctaacc tatagtcttt cactgtctaa cctcctatat gtcaaacata       840
     gaggaaacct gcagggacac taggaaatta agtcttatgt gacaggtact taactaactc       900
     gttttcccaa ggaacagcca ctgcagtgcg tcatagtcta agattgtgtt tagaagagat       960
     tcatccctaa gtgatgattt ttacacagac cctatatcaa gcttgataca agttttctag      1020
     tacattaagc actgagagcc cagttctaag cagtaaagca aggcaggtgc tcccactcct      1080
     gccctgacga gtccctagag taagtggtca ttaggagcct gttcccattg gtggggattc      1140
     caactttgct atgggggcat ctgaagcaac tgagtcatta gcctgagatc cacctggctc      1200
     tgtctctaga atgacttgat ctcacccatc tctggtgtcc cagtgacctc ccgttgtacc      1260
     agggaaggct gcttttccat tgctgtgttc aggaatgcaa cctcgccacc cctacgcttg      1320
     gattccctat ccttggtctt caggaacagc agtgggtgtg atcctgtgat gatgacatcc      1380
     acctttgtcc tgttccaatt tccacttact tcctgtggga ccacacggca ggtaagaaga      1440
     gcatcttgag gtactggggt agaagtgcag tgccctagtg atagaggaaa agttaagata      1500
     ttacagtcat gaagaacagt cctgaccact gcctagtatc tagaacagtc tctagaacaa      1560
     aaggccctgc ttagagggtg gacacttctg ggggcattca gcaaatgact ctgttgttga      1620
     tcctaccatc atatagggag taaatataag gagcaagtta cacttctggg atctagggta      1680
     cacaggagga tgctgacttg cattcaggtg gcccacgtgc ctagtctcag tacttaaatc      1740
     ctcttattcc ttggttctgc atcacatata caccatactt tcccaagtta ttcacaacca      1800
     ggacctcctg cctctctgta gggaccaaaa actagaatac agaatagagc aaaattaaga      1860
     actttatctg ggcaacatgt atgtagtatt cagccaacag actgaaataa caggcatctc      1920
     tttatccaat atacagatca ctggagacca gtccgtgtac aaaaatgagc tagtagtcat      1980
     tcgggatgtg caagcttggg gcagaagctc tattacccga tacagcaact tcaggtagag      2040
     tcagttttga cctgagagac caggagtcct ctttctcatg agccaagaat cctggggtaa      2100
     actgaaccca caggagaaca cttctcaata gtaggtgaat ccacctgcta ccgtggttgc      2160
     tactcacata tgctactgct taagatcacc tgggttgctg ttcccaattc gatctccacc      2220
     tcatacggtc ttgttttcta cctcctgggg ataagttctc atctgagcct ccttttcccc      2280
     ttgtctagac tgtgaccaaa acagtacctt tcagacccta ctttgccagg tctcataact      2340
     tgagcttcac ttctgtaggt taaagcaaaa attactacta ccattattgc cttcctgtga      2400
     aatggctctc atgttcttta ctctctaaat gcttaatagt ttctgtctct ccagtcctag      2460
     gctcatcctt gcattgagag cctccgtggg cgctcacctg ggtttcttga tgccattttc      2520
     aggttcgtat cccctcacct ggaagaagtt cacctgcttt gcactagtca cccatcttat      2580
     gcagcacacc tgtttcttat gtagtgtttc tcaccaactc atactggaac tatttgtata      2640
     atgacaatga aaaaataact ctaagggcag aaattatctc tgctgtatgt atggacttgg      2700
     aaaccaccca tcgcttgatc ctcaggagtg aaaatcggca ggtgtggcca gcacactcta      2760
     gctactaaaa ttttgttttc cccactacag tctctgagtc agctgtactt actctgctct      2820
     cagcaacaca tccccaatta acatgcaagt gctggctctc ccaccacccc tttctaagac      2880
     ccagcctggg cccctctctc tggaacttca gattgccaag ggtaagctct gcctacttgc      2940
     taattccagc ctgaagccta aggtaggaga tccacctcag atagaccttg tttcctgagg      3000
     caggatctct cgttggctta gtttcttgac tctgctttgc cagctctaga gttaggagca      3060
     cagagcatca agcctgttct tttacatgag ttctgaaggt caagttcagg tcctcatatt      3120
     tatacaggca ggaattttac taagttattc cctaaccccg ctttgatttt gattttcttt      3180
     gtgcagataa aggctatggt tcttactatg gttctgatgc ctacctactg gcaaaattac      3240
     tccaggatcc tttttatgtg gaggtctcca tcattcacag aacaggcccc tcactggttt      3300
     ctgctgctag aacaatgttg ggccacacct ggctctaatc cttttcatca accacaatgg      3360
     ccaatcctgg tgaaggggta agtggatccc ccatgtatct gtattggtgg gtctcccaaa      3420
     taagcatatc cctactactg tgtctcttgg cttaagtgcc catatgccgg agacaactat      3480
     cagaccgaaa ggatccctgt ccagaaagca tcaagtccct ttccgtctca tcaccagcac      3540
     ttcagcagag ctaccttcag cttcatgagt gctgtaaggc agaagcaggt tttaagtgga      3600
     caggcacagc atctccttct gtgcccttaa agtcccacca cctctccaag gtggctcttt      3660
     gacctttggc cctagctcat tgtgttgagc cacaagtcac atctgtcaac tggactctgg      3720
     ttcttcagga cgattgtgac attaacttag gcacattaag atgctcttaa tgctttctcg      3780
     gcttcttgga gagatgaggt atgcggttgg gaaatgtctg atatgaaaga tgtctataat      3840
     gtgacatttg tttatcaaca tcaggtgtac ctgcactgca gtgcatcagt ctgccagcct      3900
     gctgggatgc catcctgtgt gatagtctgc cgtgcttcca ggagtgagta cctaagctgt      3960
     ctacatctca gacctaggtg aatcctgaga tcctaccatg gtagcctcag ccatcaaact      4020
     aaaggatcat tgtattaata aagattccag agttgaccag aatgccagaa tttctggttt      4080
     tcaaaacaca aacaataatt tgattaagtc agaagccaac catggactaa catggctgaa      4140
     tcaaaaagta tcagcatcag atccagactt ctaaagtgtg agttctgggg tcaaactcag      4200
     ggcttcgtgc ttgcgttcac ttcactttac tgactatttc ctcagccaca tgtcaacttt      4260
     ttcttgtttt acatttggcc tgatcacaaa agtagagggt ctggacctac ctgaccaggt      4320
     tttcaaaata ggtttacagg tccaagaacc atagacacac agtataatct ggagttgacc      4380
     agacccagac cacattatgt atatacatgc ttctacttga tgcattccca tttgactagt      4440
     ctctgaatca cgattcttga atccttaaat gttttatata agaaaaaatt cgactcctag      4500
     taactcaaac caattttaat catgctcctt attcccattt gtaaagatga tagattgacg      4560
     ttttccagat catttagttg ctaaatagat ataggattac tacagctgtg gcctcacttc      4620
     cggtttggac atacgatcta tggaatataa aaatagccgg gcatggtggc gcacgccttt      4680
     aatcccagca cttgggaggc agaggcaggc ggatttctga gttcgaggcc agcctggtct      4740
     acaaagtgag gtccaggaca gccagagcta tacagagaaa ccctgtctcg aaaaaccaaa      4800
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaactgag tgctgctgcc tatgtcccct ttctaggaga ggatgatagt      4860
     tgagtggggg gttagaggtg gtcactgaat gtgattatca atgtccaaat cttgatgaaa      4920
     ccaaaagaac acttttgtag aaataaatag aaaatcttag actttgttgg gtttatatta      4980
     acacacaaac aggtttttat acagtgtggg gcctgagatg tgtggcttaa ggcacttggc      5040
     tttgtacctt accccctaca ctcactcttg gcttgtgtat atgactgata atttgcaata      5100
     aattacaagc tctcatctgt ccaccaggaa gaagaaaatt tgtgcttcat tttgagacca      5160
     ccaccagcat atctagcaaa ggtcccatga tcctcctcca agcctctaag gactctgaag      5220
     acatgcttcc tagacactcg agtgagttga aggtcatcaa attgatagct actttctagc      5280
     tagttacaat ctcgcatgct tttaatctca gcacttggaa agctgaggca ggagaattgc      5340
     tcagtcaagg gcaacctgtg ctatatagca aggcactatt actcccctta tccttaaaga      5400
     ttgctttctt gccctgttcc ttactgttca gtgtgtatgt tcctgcaaaa gaaaccatca      5460
     tttctgcaga ttacttactc tgtcaagatc tagagtgact tgggtctttc agtttatact      5520
     aactcacctt cccattccac aggcaccctg gtggattcta ctgctctgtg agtaatgggg      5580
     ctttctgcaa ccgtgatcat cattggagtc ttggtagtat cctacttggc catcagaaaa      5640
     tggagataaa tagcccaagc cgagagtctc aataaaactg actgcattgc cagcttggga      5700
     tgagtttttc atttgaaaaa gatggtctga ttctagatga actcttccac taccttagca      5760
     tctcaccttt ctcacttagg gaagggcatc tcactcaagc atagagtagc atgttgtcct      5820
     cttatgttaa ctctcctacc taagcaaaac aatgtttttg aagaatacaa ttcaaggtgt      5880
     gggggatggg gaaactacac atacatagct aatattgatt gaccaagctg tataaacttg      5940
     agaaaaggct ctggcaagaa aaaaaagtca agcagagaaa ctaatcctca agtagccaca      6000
     actctggaac cactttttta aattcatatt tttagagggc cagtcagatc acaaggggtc      6060
     tagtttaaac caattactgg aagtcactgt acatacctac aatcacaaca catgggattc      6120
     gcaagataaa ttacacaagt taaaagacca gcctaggcta tgtaagagac cctgtcattt      6180
     aaaacaaaag aaaaatgtca taaaatagct ctgagttgga gcagctgtct ggtctgtaca      6240
     aagcctttaa aagcttcagt cctcacttct agaagagtga tttaagggat ctgaaccaag      6300
     gcctattgtt ggttcagatc tcattaacta ctacagcttc tggtactaag ggaagaccaa      6360
     gggtatttgt ggtgggatag aggtcagttg tctgaaggaa ctgactgacc ttgaccatca      6420
     gaaggcagaa caaagtgagt gaaaatgttt tcaagaatat tcacaattgc agcaccctcc      6480
     tcaccccacc gtgttagcaa gtcttgtgaa cattagtaga ataaactagt ttcaaactct      6540
     taatatagcc agacttcacc ataaatctta atcttcctgt ctcctatcta gcccaaagtt      6600
     ttaggattac aggcaactgc cattgttcca tgtctcagat tgaactcaga actttgtaaa      6660
     tcctgggtga ccactctacc aactcaatag atttcccaac tctatttcta ctcaacatag      6720
     ataacagtta taattccact aagggatacc tatatctaag aatattaaca gcaagcaaat      6780
     ttcataacaa aacagttaca tcaggctaag tggaaaaaaa ggaatataat gtataggcga      6840
     gctttaagtt aaaatacttt ataccccaaa tttgtttaat acaacacaca aaactccaga      6900
     aaaatgtcac ccaaatgaag ttcagtattc acttttgtcc tgtaccagcc acattcaatg      6960
     tccaacaacc tctgactctc tgctgacaac atggtgctac agtttgctca acttggacat      7020
     gttgcctgat ctatgacagg catggtggta taagcacaga agtaaaccag aaagctaccc      7080
     agaagcagca gcagaatcat gaaaggtaat gcaataaaaa tcaaggaaaa aggggattgg      7140
     gaaaggtcaa ctgagttatg ttgcctcttt tagagaaata aatggacatg gccagcaagg      7200
     tattcttagc ctactacata atcataacaa cttggtatag ggtgctctaa ataacattaa      7260
     ccaagcaagc aaggaatcca ggcttccact agaaaggaag cctgctctag ctcagtcctc      7320
     atatgtagtt actcactgag gagaagcttg ccccttctaa gcttacaatt ccatcctaca      7380
     cctctcacac tccatcactg aaagaagtca aagtggataa atcaaggcaa aaaccttgga      7440
     agcaggagct gatgcagaga ccatggagga ggtatgctta ctagctagcc tgtttcctca      7500
     tggcttgctc aacctgctta cctatacaac ctaggaccat cttgtccttt taatagaaat      7560
     gaggcaactc atacttaaga gatgcctacc gaaagaaaac aatcttgatg ctaaaggctc      7620
     catatgaacc cttccaggct attaatgtcc tgtggacctc caaaaaggga ggaactcatt      7680
     ttctatacat tgtaccgaga atctctctcc ccatggtgtt tcagaagtac tatcttgtag      7740
     aatgaatgtc tctttcagtc aatactaact caccttccca acccacagac acaggactga      7800
     gttatttggg ttaccagttc atgcctgctg tgggctatag tgtcttccaa aggcctctgt      7860
     gttaaagggt gagttttatg gtatgagtgg aaagtagagg gagaatgaga gagattgggg      7920
     tccagtagga agaagtttag gaaattggaa gcatgtgcat tagacttgtt ggacccacct      7980
     ctttctgttt ccttactgtc atgaggtgaa tatgctgcca ccaccatgca ctttatgata      8040
     cactgtggca caatgaaccc aaagcaacgg gtcaaccagg gaaaataacc ctttactcct      8100
     tttatgttga cttgaggagc agaggcaatg ggagaaactc tgatttgtaa gctgactcca      8160
     tcttgagcct ccatggcccc ggtttgaact ctgcttaata gaaataccac aaacaatttc      8220
     aggaagaaac tgccctgggc ctgagccaac caggaaatgg aggaaaagtg cctaaaattt      8280
     cagaggttat tgataaattg ctcaagctct ctgaagtcat cactagccaa tccccgtgcg      8340
     ccaagatacc ccttgccaaa taaagcaaat gccaaactgg agaaccccgt ccttgctcca      8400
     actggtataa aaaccctgcc taattgagga tcaagggtct cagcacaaat ccaccatgtg      8460
     ggaggagtct gtggagctta aacttcaata aaggttcttt gctttgcata tggattcaga      8520
     ctcctggtgg tctttgggac cctgaaatct gggcataaca gactatctca tagagtcaca      8580
     gtcatggaac tctcactaaa actttatata tgtatatata cttaggaaat ctctctggtc      8640
     tgtctgatga tgatgatgcg gggctccaga ccccaccatt tcctgcaagc atgacaaact      8700
     ataggagttg tgcccagatt ataaaatctc caaagagacc tccaggaacc aaaactccaa      8760
     tgtaagcaca tgagggtcta tattcaagct caagctttgg ccaccaacct tcctaacgga      8820
     acaagaagga gagtgatccc taggtctagg taaagggtgt ttataaagga aaaaactgca      8880
     agcaggggtt tctaagcctt ggaattacat gagaggataa aggaatgttg gtctttaagc      8940
     taactggttt acagcacctg gttaaaccac aaggagggag cacacatcaa aagggcgcac      9000
     cttgacctgg gaatgactca tgttttctta gcccactctg ctgttatcag ccagttgcaa      9060
     ctgctgtgtt taatttgcaa ctatcaggga cattttgtga tttttctcag acctcaagga      9120
     agggggccat gcctctctaa gggcaagtta acttagaatg gagtcttaag aacaaaatgg      9180
     aatttattct gctaccttag tcccttcata ggttggagga tttgtagcta ggctggagtc      9240
     ccaatccctc cacctgcaaa aattctcaat aaagcacttg caaactaagt ccacgtaaca      9300
     tcacaaaggt cagtggtcat ggctaatcag ggttcatccc agagacggag agacggttca      9360
     agttaggaaa gtcggtcagt gcaatccacc atataaacaa actgaaagaa aaaaacaaaa      9420
     cacattatgc tggtttatct tatcagacac tgaaaaagcc tgggctgcag agtgcagagt      9480
     ttggggaagg gggaaggttg ccaggcaggc ccttgtaaca ggtggggact gaggtgtgca      9540
     ggaagaacct ggcagccagt gtctgctttg acatgtcaaa taggtacctc agccttttgt      9600
     gcagggtttg aaacctaacc tctccatgcc gctggaatat gttttatgcc cagaattccc      9660
     tgggctcatc agaacaagct tactttggct aaagatacag agtaaagcct ttcagagccc      9720
     tgagaccctt tgtgtcttct caccggatcc aggaaagtgc tcttgacctc ggagaagcta      9780
     cttatgcaag aagactttga tttgattatc atgggatgga gtagtgtatg attgggttgc      9840
     ttttattcag ctccctcaag gacatacagg gatgtgcaga gggctgagcc ctgggaaaag      9900
     agaattctct gtacctgctc caaggtctgc ctttggctcc aggctcttgg taacactgca      9960
     tctctctctc cctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     10020
     tctctctctc tctccctctc gctctccctc tctctctctt cctgtttcct ttagtttatg     10080
     cctgcaggca tgttgagcct gacccttgct gttacccaga aagcttcagg agggtgatgg     10140
     ggggtgatgg ggaggagtct ataaacaagg ccttttatta tgatagccag ggagatagct     10200
     ctctctcaag gtcacacttg aattccacaa gtcaactggt ttggcaatta ccacgaggag     10260
     gctgttttca agcagtctcc tggagtcacc tgtgtgagat gacattgaag ccctgagtca     10320
     cttttggcat gactcagtgc ccctgttctg gggacaatca gtttgaggct ctgtatttcc     10380
     tgtgaaaaag tccttcagtt atttcctcta atatccttta cctcgtgcct gtcctttgat     10440
     tagcattcta ctctttaaaa agtactatct gaaactgtac atcacaaatt aatactcata     10500
     agatacacag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagcacagg     10560
     aatgaagtgt ccacagtctt acctataaaa atactaaaca tcatcacttt gagaacataa     10620
     gcattaatta attaattagt taattaaaac acaataggaa agtttctatt atgtgaaata     10680
     caaaagaatg cagaaagaga gtcccagctc aggtgagatg gaaaagtgta ccagaatata     10740
     ctcttggaaa tgtagagtac aaaagcagga tcatttcaat tattctagtg accaatattt     10800
     atgtcatgtt gacaatggac ttgatatgct gtctttcctc tgtcttccaa gatggctata     10860
     gatacagcag atgtcactca gagctttgct tggtggtgat gggatgcctt gaagagtgtg     10920
     atccttacag cggtccagtt cccggtagag agcctacagg taaagttgta ctcacttcag     10980
     ccatgggtaa aacagcccag cttcaaattc tccatggagg gaatagatga cgctcttcag     11040
     caaccagtta attctgtttt ccatgagaaa agcctattta cataaacctc cttgctcttt     11100
     aaaacaaagg aacaataaac caggctacta aagaatacac aggatttgaa aagcaaacca     11160
     tctttagctt acctaaggca gggtctggta caaattgata agcagcaaat cctccgctct     11220
     gccagagttc ccaggagaca caggaatctt ttacttgatg tcccattgta agtaactagg     11280
     cagtgactcc atgagctgaa tctggtccca ccagaaacat ggaagagaga gagagagaga     11340
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga ttaggaaaat gtctattatg     11400
     tgaaatatga aagaatgcag aagaaacttc ccagctcagg tcagatagaa aagtacaaag     11460
     tacttgtagt gtcaaaggat ttagacagga tgaacccctc acatgagggc aaagaccagt     11520
     gtgttccttt attatcctta gtttcttgtg tttctctgag cagaactggg tcattgtggg     11580
     tacagtctgc agtctgtggt caaagttata ggaactgatt tctttcaacc ttcatctaaa     11640
     ctttaagtat gccttccctc tcaccagcaa gcaagatcat aagtggtctt cctaaggcca     11700
     tatcacatcc aaaacatagc ataagggctt caagaatcct cttgtcttat tgagtattat     11760
     gggcttgaat gatgactaaa tgagaaagga tggaaggaat cacacacaca cacacacaca     11820
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cgttacagaa atcatgaaga aaatagcaca tctaaagaga     11880
     tgaaacgtct atttatttta gactcctgaa ggtcatttat tcaagtacaa ttctatttaa     11940
     catcagactt tgggttggtt caaagaacac atggaaattt gtttgctgag tagtcaactc     12000
     cttctaggtt aaggatatca actttctagg ttattttttc ctacaaaatg ccagcgtttt     12060
     aataaaacaa tgaattctgt tctcctagtg atcttcactt tttgtctagg gaatttctgt     12120
     cagggataaa atcatttttg acatgttcac agcttagaga gagaatggtc aaagcatttg     12180
     gtacgcgaat gtgagggcca gagttctgac cttcagtgct aaggtgaagt tgggagctgt     12240
     actgtgcccc tgcaaacccc agtgctacag ggaaacagga aagttcttgg aatcacacag     12300
     acccaagagc ctggtgtact ctgtagcaaa caacaaaaag gtcccgtttc aaacaagctg     12360
     ggaagcagga ctgaaaccta gtgctgtttg tcttccaagc atgcgccatg gaatgcgtgt     12420
     gccctcattc aaacacaaat gcatgtgtgc tcacatgggc acacacatag catcaaataa     12480
     agtaacagta attgaccctc gctttagata ttgaaaagca attcaaaaag accaaaacca     12540
     aggaagttag caaaagctat gcaaatattt accagttgcc aacttagtag agtcattccc     12600
     ttctttcctt tagaatattt atagcagcaa actggggttt tgtggttgtt gctgttgctg     12660
     tttttgaatg tattcctttt acaaaactgc atggatagaa ttaaagctgt gagatccgta     12720
     cctgttcaag tgcatgtttc actgtcttct gcttggagac ctcatcaagg agacttgaaa     12780
     caaaatggta tgtacactac aaacatagta gacaatctta accaaatacc aagaataagc     12840
     aaatatgcca ggcccatcca tcaaaccatg acctggagta cacacaggcc gtggtaatca     12900
     tgtgcctctc taactagctc acagagtgaa gaaactctca ctctgatgcc tgatcctttg     12960
     tcctcaggac ttcctgtggt tcctgcttct ttaccaattc tccagtctca tgtttcttca     13020
     agtaatcgca aataaccagc taataaattg ataagctcac agtatacaga ccagagcatt     13080
     ttttcatggt ttgcaaacca aatccatggc ttatttctag ttctctttcc tttgtttatt     13140
     attggctctc atgtaaggca agctggcttt gaaggcagga tcctcctgcc tctacctccg     13200
     aactgctgct ctgtggacat gaaccaccac atggctctac ttctatgtct gctccttaca     13260
     cctttgccga ttccatttgg tttggtttgg attggtcagt aatttgtctc cctctctttt     13320
     ccctaaaggg actttccttt tcatttctcc ctctgctgcc cctgtccttc ccccctacca     13380
     tgtgtgtatg cacatgtaga gctggaaacg aaagcaccca attctcctga ctgtagacta     13440
     atttggggtg accatttaga gccccagcca ggaggccaga gttgctttgc tgtaagatct     13500
     acagggaaag aagatccttt gagagcaaat gtggaaatgc tcaagaccat gacaaccctg     13560
     tcctgcaggt tatcactgca atgaatctag agagcttgag gattcggctg ggtcagagga     13620
     cagaaatata taggcaggga gagaggaagg gagaaaggga gggtgggaga caaaagaaaa     13680
     agagcaaagt gaagagcaag acaggacagc agcaggggaa ggagggggga ggaagggaga     13740
     aagaagcaga gagagacgaa ggaaatgcag aacatgtctg ctctgtgcac ccttaggtcc     13800
     tcagttatat aacacaacca tttccttttg cttgactggt tctgactcat gtttacttca     13860
     tttgcagcca agggagtctg tttcctccac atcttaaagc caacttatga caattaagat     13920
     aattaagtaa aaatttaatt tatacaatgt tgtgagttac tggtggctga tgcctgagcc     13980
     acacactcca aggttattgc tggattttta aaggacactg acaacatgac atcctctttc     14040
     aataactctg tctgtactat tgtactattt taaaagtatt tccttctctt tttctctccc     14100
     tctttccttc ttcccctccc tctctttctc tctcctctat ctagcctcta atagtttact     14160
     gtggttttag gttaacagaa aaattaagca gtgtgctggt tggtttgaat tgttaactta     14220
     acacagacta gagtcaccta ggaagagagt ctcaaggagc tattggattc aggtcatcct     14280
     gtgaatatgt attcggcagt ttatcttcag tgtattcatt aaatgatgtg aaacacttgt     14340
     cccattgtga gtggtacgat ccatgggctt ggtgtcctgg acagtatgag ggaggagaaa     14400
     gctagctgag cattagcagg tgggtgttct cgtctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     14460
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctgctca tgactgcagg tgtgaccagc     14520
     tgcttcaagc tcctgccact gacttccctg ctatgatgga ctgtaatatg gaatttaaac     14580
     tgagcaaatg ctttctttct tcatttgttc attgtcaggg catttttata atgataacag     14640
     gaaagaaaca aggtcaaaca gaaagcaagg agatcttgtt gggagctatt aagacaactc     14700
     ttgatctctg aattgggcct ctccccctga gaagaaaagg gggtcaaaag cgggccaccg     14760
     acacatggat tccgagaacc acgggaggtt ccagccctag gtcatcaccg atgtcctgac     14820
     cacaccctga taccaccaag ttcctgcttc cccgtgtagc tgccaaaaga aagaatttct     14880
     attgcccccc ctcccataag tacttctcct tttgcttgta ttgccctacc cctcccactg     14940
     ataagtatct gtacttcccc ctttgcttgt gcatttaaac cttggacctt tctcaataca     15000
     ttggggtctt gatacatctt cagaacggtt tccgtgtcgt tattcgtaca agaccctcgt     15060
     ctctctctac cccccatttg gttattagga ggaggtcccc tcgagatcct cgaataactg     15120
     gacctgctgg atgggtcaag atctcagaca ttctccctcc ttgtttgtta cattagtcat     15180
     tagtcaaata gacaagaaat agatgcatca atactcacaa attattgtta actgaagtca     15240
     gttcttgcac tagggtttag tctccaccat tacaatacca tagaagataa tttcacttcc     15300
     ctaaaacatt ccctgtatct caccagttca cactttcctg gcagtcttct cccaaaccct     15360
     ctactatctc ttcctatact tgcctacagt tttacctttc aagagtaccc atgcagttgg     15420
     atttagatag tgtgtcagtt tgtcagactg gctcctttcc cttgaggata tgcatttaaa     15480
     gtccctccat atatggtcat ggctgacatc ccatttcctc ccatcaccga ttggttatat     15540
     tttcatttag actgtttttt gatgtcttct ctgcatgaga gtatcacaat cactccagta     15600
     aggggcaatg gagagcagag ctgctgtgga ttcaatgact ttcttttata tctagcctgt     15660
     cctgtttcaa aagcccctcc tatgtttcaa gaacctttca gatgtcacta cctgaagatg     15720
     cctttcacac tcagtcacaa cctggctcct taccttcaca ctcagtcacc tcccacctcc     15780
     tatgagtaca atcacatctc caatggtttc tttgtatcaa tttctctcca gagcagagag     15840
     atgacagacc ctcccaagtg tcggttaggt ggctgctgct gctgattcta atgcttctgc     15900
     atctacattt ctcctcctcc tcctctccct cctcctcctc ctccttcttc ttctttctct     15960
     tccccttctc cttcttcatc ttcttcctat tcctcttcct cctcctcccc tcatctccat     16020
     tctcccactt ctcccccttc ctcatctcct cctcctctcc ttcttttttg tcttcttcat     16080
     cttcttcatc ctcttctttg tcttcctcct cctcctcttt cttcttcatc ctcatctgta     16140
     aaatgaagat gagatagtta ctgggacaag gacatcaaga aatatatatg tagtagcctg     16200
     gaaagataat gcttgttaca caatcatgag gttctgatgt cagatcctta gtagctacat     16260
     aaaaataagg gtgtggtcat aacctagtat tcagtgaggg gaggggcatg gagacagaaa     16320
     cacaactggg gctttattgt aagtcagcct aggaaaaaac tcaaagcaat caaccaaaac     16380
     aacctcccaa aacaaaaacc ccaacaaggt ttcagagaga aatgctatct ctaggactag     16440
     tgatacagtg tagtggatat ccccttctgg cctctgcatg tgcagatgtg ggcatacaca     16500
     catgtgtgct tataaacata taccatatac aaacacataa aatacaaaga agaagtatat     16560
     gtgtagtgcc tggcataccg cacacagtgc gctaataaac aattgttttt cttgttatta     16620
     acattgatct ccaagcccat aacagatcac actgagctaa ttctttgctt tgttgttgtt     16680
     gttaatatga caattccata tatgcagcta acatagtttg ctcatattcc tctcttcatt     16740
     gatgttcttt aagttccccc tttccccttt tctcttagtc tacatcccta atagccttcc     16800
     tgttttggcc acatctctcc cctgtcctag gggccatgca tgagggaaaa cacaggtggt     16860
     gcttgtcttt ctgttcagcc tttaatcagt tatttcttcc tgaccttgct taataagagc     16920
     agtaagttct attttacaat agcaaaccac ttcagaatat caacttctat atttttgcca     16980
     ggggtcacga attactgcaa catcaggggt gccccaggcc atttctgtgg ccaaatgtca     17040
     ctgagacatt aaatggagaa ggcctttaaa tcagcttgca gagagcctgc tgccagatcc     17100
     actctcttct tctcacagct cacttgccag ggcaggaaag gccccagggt gcaaacatgt     17160
     tcttccagct gagcacccac cctaaaccac ctgggtttcc aaatgcagga ctgcatcgcc     17220
     catagctaac ttgcccaggg actttcacaa aagttgagtc aaaaatttaa ataaaaaatt     17280
     aattcctttg agcagtatca acacttggga tttaattaca ctgtaagtga gctttggtct     17340
     cacactcaga acaatcgcgc gcgcgcgcgc acacacacac acacacacat acagacacac     17400
     acacccatac acagagagaa agtgtgtgtg tgtttagtgg atctacctaa ttatattatt     17460
     ttgctaagtc attaactctg catttgctaa agtcatttcc tgctacctcc tgagattttt     17520
     atcctaatga cagtgtgcct cctattatca gggaaggtgt ttcccttatg caccttttgt     17580
     tttgtgatca tatcaaggaa gctgggtatc cccaggtacc catctcaccc cttcttttat     17640
     ctttccaaaa gaggaagttg gcagaaaggc agctccaagc catgtgtctg ttctaactgg     17700
     acaatgtctg aactggtcaa acacctgaaa ctggaggctg agggagagac ttacatacag     17760
     gtagtatcat gtgggtagtg atgtgactga caggcaggag tgaggggcag agggcaagag     17820
     acagaggagg agggaaagca attccagggt gtgttgctga gccagctgca gctccagtgg     17880
     tcagtcactt gtcctctgtg catttaaata tctctccatt tcatatcctt acctttgttg     17940
     aggtgttaca actccactca agtagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     18000
     gtgtgtgttg aagaagtatg gcatcatggt ttgtgtatga aagattgtga gatgacaacc     18060
     atgaagcaat taaaacacag aacatgcaaa taatgagcag ctaatcaaac ttctattctt     18120
     gatgtgaaga tacatgggat caaatatcag tagatacatg gcatacaata tagtctcagt     18180
     cactatagtc atgctgtttt cttattttct gtccctgtgt tattcatgtg tgcaggcaca     18240
     tatggatgtg tatagactcc tgtagaggcc aaggaatgac tccaggtttt atccacttct     18300
     tttatttatt taccatctat ctatctatct atctatttat ttatttgaaa caagatctct     18360
     ccatgtccta gagttcacta attagtctaa gcaggctggc caataaactc aagggatctg     18420
     cctgcctctg cctcccaggt gctagaattt ctaatgtggg gcacccttcc ctgttttctc     18480
     agttgggttc taaggctcta ccacaggtct ttgcatttgc ctggcaagct ctcgatagat     18540
     ggagttatct tctctgccta tataataatg ctaaacaaaa ctaaatccca ggctgcatct     18600
     ggactttggg tccttatata acagacaaga atgtcattta gtatgtgaag ttgctccaag     18660
     acaatttaag aatatgtttc tgtaatgagt ggctgaatcc tggttggccg tggcatctga     18720
     gaatccatca gccacagagg ccaactcatt acaccataag caaatgagac aaatgctggc     18780
     ttgtcacctt aagctcctac tggatcttca gtcttttttc tacacatgct gcctcctcgt     18840
     gttgtagacc agatctctct gacgctgtcc tggctaaggc tgaaagcagc ttgcttctat     18900
     cttggtactg tcttgtctgt agcatgttgc atttagttga tgaaaaactt gaaagttcga     18960
     ggtctttgtg gaaacattta ccaggtgcct ttatttgtgt gatgtgattt ctcactattc     19020
     tcccagagga atatgaagca gcatttatcc actaatacag gtgtatgagc cccagaaaag     19080
     taacaattga cctcaccaca cagccaccta agcagagctt agggcaggac tcagaggtgc     19140
     atggccttag acaggaaaga catcattatg gagtagctct acagtgacac acaaagatca     19200
     ggataaggat gtgaaaaggc tgctgcgtgg atgccatgtc attgcaaaga tggtagcaac     19260
     ctgctgtaag tcctctcaga ccccatatac tcatattcaa ctgaatctga gaatgaatat     19320
     caaaatcatt cccagtacca atcagtggtt ctctgggtat tgtcaattat ctcacgggag     19380
     actatagaat tctccagagc cgtttgaatc tgatttctga tttctgcaat gtgatacaac     19440
     acaattcttt ctgtacttgg aaagatgagg aagcctgtga agtctcagag ataggatgga     19500
     tgtcttgctt ataaacactg attgctgccc ccttggaagt gagtgagtgt ctgaggtgtc     19560
     ctgaactgat gccagtccat tttcagtagc caactggatc acttacaact gagatgttgg     19620
     aggtggggaa ggaatgcatc ctacaaaatg gaaaatagta tccttccttg gaagcctctg     19680
     aagttgctta gatatgtttt aaatggagca tttttacatc ttctcagtgc gggaaaaaaa     19740
     gcaattttag attctgcatt ttgatattcc agcatgcttg tcatgaagag caaggcattg     19800
     caagacagac acatatcttc ataaaacctt tataaatcaa gaccttgact ctggttataa     19860
     ccacttccac cagagtactg aatagaacaa aatttatatg caagtctgga aaaaaaatac     19920
     cttcaccacc caagctaatg aaaggcagct gagcctttct gaggaaaccc agccaacatg     19980
     cagtcagaaa gccattcagc atgcatgtgc catacatatt tggagttttc tctatacccc     20040
     taaggtgatt ttagaaagag tataaaacat taaaacaaac agaaggatat caacttccac     20100
     agacacttct tggaacacac acacatacac acacacacac ttacacacac acatacactt     20160
     tcaaggtttt taaatgttta attatatgtt tgagtgtata tgtgtgtatg agtgtgtgaa     20220
     tctgcggctc ccaaaggcca gaagaaggca ctggagctgg agttagaggt gggtgtgagt     20280
     catgcaatgt gggtacttgg gacagaactc tggtcctctg aaagcattca tagccaaagt     20340
     gtaacctctc catctctgag actctcttaa gtgtattcta atttctggag atgaacaatt     20400
     cttatggtat tgagatctgg gcaaagttga tatcccagtt gtctccatca gatattggca     20460
     gaacccaaga agtaaaaaga cagaagctgt attcacaggg atcttctcta gtggagcctc     20520
     aggaggaagc aggctgatga cacaatgtcg gaggtgggac aaaagtcaga aaggaacatt     20580
     tgcaacagca gacatcttta gaccaggcat agagaacata ctgcgttgac agagattgaa     20640
     taaggtcggg gcattgagaa tggggttgct ggagagaagt tattttagga gctgcgagca     20700
     atataatgtc aaggttatac cacaagcaca tctttatgaa ttggagattt gacagcaagc     20760
     tatggatata tctggctgta actcaataaa aattatgaag gacaggaaag gaatgttatg     20820
     attttattct cctgatccag tagtgactca gaatgtttta acctttgctg tggggggagt     20880
     tgaagatatg acaggaagtt taggttgcac ttgactaaga gggggtggag gagacaccag     20940
     aggcacccac agaaagtcaa gctgccaaca cgattacaaa tgtgaccaac ttcattctca     21000
     agtttctcat gaaagaattt taaagacagt caagtaatat ataactgatt tgggtacatt     21060
     gagtggaagc catgtgcaaa tgacacagac aaggaattcc agggaaggaa caaaaggaaa     21120
     tcttttgcag ttatcatgtg aatggaaaac aacctaaccc ttctctccca gtccagagga     21180
     aagagttgtt tccaggcaca acattttaca gaatggtatg ttgtaaagac tttagtcgag     21240
     taattatacc ctgagcacaa ttagacaatt agagctggta gtatttcaaa ctatctaaac     21300
     aacaaaaatg caaagtaaaa agacatttgc ttaactatag tcctgagaca atgatagaaa     21360
     ccattaacta atgtaataaa agaccagtat ctagagcata gcaagatggc aggtcaaggt     21420
     gtttgctttc ccaagcttga tgacccaagt tcgatcctca gaatccacgt ggtagaagtg     21480
     aaaaccaaat cccacaagtt gtcttctgat ctcccattat gcaccatcat acatacatac     21540
     atacatacat gcagacagac acacacacac atacacacac acacaatgta aatgtgaatt     21600
     ggatgttact caagtacata ataaatattg ggcactttat gtgcctgtct tcatcttcaa     21660
     acagaaaaga aagctgagct tgaaatggat tagacatttt atattctgtt tcatttgcct     21720
     ctgtgttcaa aaacacctag cctagtatct ggcagaaaaa cgtgtctaac gaatgcatga     21780
     aagaaataat ccagaaccac tgttggaatg cttaattgtg aacattttca atatcttctc     21840
     tactacttgt gagaaattca actgtcaaat aggaatacgt aagacgtaat gctcacaatt     21900
     ctcagcagct aacagagcaa gattttcttt ctcttagtct gagcatgttt gtttctttgt     21960
     cttggtccct ctgtcctgtt gctctctccc tcacctccat gtgtatatgt attgtgttaa     22020
     cttactatat atcccaggat ttcttgaacc tggaatcttc cttctctcaa agcctctcaa     22080
     aggctgagat tacaggtcca tggctttttt cggtgttgat ggataactag ataggatatc     22140
     tgccaaaata atctgaaaac ccataaatac agaaatcttc aactaggcct tcctttattt     22200
     ttcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaactagac ttgagtacaa gataaacttt     22260
     aagaagtaag ctaacagagg tagtgcacat caagggagta gccacaaaat cccaacttta     22320
     taaataattc caaaatggta ctcatcttca gtgttactaa ggatatagaa aaaagagatg     22380
     gagagcaaga aagagaggac agggggaata aagagaaaga gaaagaactt gcaagaggca     22440
     agagtagggt atcttcagaa aagagttaaa ttgaaagtgg agaaagggta aggccagaat     22500
     tgtgcagctt agacaatgcc tgctgtatag tccacagcca gaaaatgtcc tgccctgtgt     22560
     atcttgattt gtgtgtcttg atcaactaag cagtcaaact gcctcaaaat gttggataca     22620
     ggtagcagaa cgtgccactc tgagacacag tagaggagac agcatcagac aggcatggct     22680
     ggcctgctca ggaatcacca tctcccaggg acacatgtgc tcaagactta tggccaaagc     22740
     aagtcaactt catttttttt tctctctgca cggtttcttc acactggagc tggttatgcc     22800
     tcctccagta gtgtccatta ggtttgtgaa gcaggggacg gctttcagta ccacggagag     22860
     ttctatgtag tgtgcaaagc ccgcaaggga aagcaggtaa acccaggacc aatctaactg     22920
     gcagcgtctt tgcaagacag cggaacgatt atagtcaatc agaaaaggtt ttggtcagac     22980
     acaccttcaa agaaattcaa gcacatacaa aacaacttaa aaattcttta ccagttgatg     23040
     tattagactg ggttctgtag aataacagaa cttgtaacac accacacaca cacacacaca     23100
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cagactgaaa gaggacttag tggaatggct tacatgatgg     23160
     ggtctaagaa tgtggtattt cccagtgcat gaagagggag gcctcgggag gagcagtgta     23220
     gtactcctgg ggtagaaggc cgggggatac ctggagagtg gccacattag aagacagaac     23280
     aagctggaat tctgtgtcag tgaaagctag gtgaccccac cagtaagaag cacaggcagg     23340
     tcaggctggc cacaaagatt ttcttgaacc tctctatgtg tggtccacac atcagaagat     23400
     agcacctact tatgggcagg gtattccctc ccaaataact actccctgga atcactagga     23460
     tctgtaccga ggcatggcta ttagttgaca ctgatcctat caatttgaca agattaaata     23520
     acattaatca acagagcaaa aatgtaaggg ctagtcagac aaccaaagtc ctgtttcccc     23580
     tttattcctc ccttcctctt tctcctgtcc tgatacaacc taaaaatcat catgagagtg     23640
     tccagttgca tagatcttag tgggagtgcc ccaacatggc aatagaaatc caagagtact     23700
     aagaagggcc tcttcacagg aaatatgaga aagaatgtgt gggaagcccc tgggaggcca     23760
     cagttactag gctagaatgt ggtgctggct gaatgaagca tagaagccca ggacgtagcc     23820
     acctggagaa agagatggag atgtccaagc agaggacagg gtggttatgg gctctaggtt     23880
     acatgataag gaatgtgaga tgaattggta aatctgttga gggtaaacag ttcccatagg     23940
     aatggagtta cagataagga tgaaaacgag actagactct gcagagttag actggggtta     24000
     gaggaatcgt gaaaaggtca ttttaaaaat atagatgtat agaaatgtaa atgtatgcag     24060
     cttaaacaca tagccattac tctgcctact ctacatagtt acacgttaga gtgtgcatat     24120
     ctttatttgc tttgcatcag ctccttgccc aggttgttga gtataacgtg caataggttg     24180
     cagtagacag ctttggtgac ggttttgtcc ctacttcttc tgtgattgta ctttcctcac     24240
     catagagtat tttcatagtt tgcaccctgt gtagatgctg tttaaggctg agaaatttct     24300
     tcacttctat cacaagtgag tattatctat ttaatgttta cttctgtgtc cattcagatt     24360
     attttcttat gctttatgtt taaaagaaat tccccatttc atgagatttt atttttccct     24420
     gtgttgttgt tgttgttgtt gttgtttttc tttttggttt ttcaagacag ggtttctctg     24480
     tttatctctg gctgtcctga aactcacttt gtagaccagg ctagcctcga actcagaaat     24540
     ccgtctgcct ctgcctcccg agtgctggga ttaaaggcgt gcgccaccac cgctcagctc     24600
     tccctgtgtg ttttaagtag ttcctgcata ttttctgcaa cctaaacttc cattagcttt     24660
     gtctcgtatg tatttcactc agacaacaca ctgctaaatt attctcattt tagttttatg     24720
     ttgttagtat aatacaatac tacaaatatg gcatcttgat gtgatactca tttgttattt     24780
     catagtttgg gagggaaggg accctctaca tcatctacag gttggatggt gtaggctcag     24840
     cttgttcctt tctggaggct caggggttaa tccacttcct gttcattcag gtcacaggca     24900
     gattggatcc catgagctgt aagacagagg tttctgtatc ctttctgtca gtggaggtca     24960
     ttcacaaatc ccagaattaa ctgaacatcc tattttgtgg tgctcttctt ccatcttcaa     25020
     agtcagtaac aatggctcaa atgctcttca tactgtaaat ctctttgcag tcccttcctg     25080
     acccatctct ctcctgcttt catcctgaca aagtggttcc aggtgcttca atgatgtcta     25140
     gtcacaaagt atgttttctt ttcttttttt taataacata aaaatgttta ttgggatttt     25200
     tctttattaa ttggtttatt tatttacatt tcaaatgttg tttctcttct cagtctcccc     25260
     tctgcaacac tcccatttca tcccccttcc ttccgtctgt aagaggatgc tcccccacct     25320
     acccacccac ccactcccac ctcacccctc cagcatcccc ctatgttgcc acaacgaggc     25380
     tccagaggac caagggcctc ccttctcatt gatgccagat agggcatcct ctgttatata     25440
     tgcatctgga gccatgggtc actccatgtg tactctttgg ttggtggttt agtccctgag     25500
     agctctgtgg ggtctggttg gttgatattg ttcttcctac agggttccga tccccttcag     25560
     ctccttcagt tctttcccca actcttccat tggggtcccc aggctcagtc tgatggttgg     25620
     ctgagtatct gcatctgtct tagtcagatg ctggtggagc ttctcagaca agtgttgggc     25680
     tttggtgtct gcagatggga tggatcccaa ggagcagaga ctgaaggaaa gtccatccag     25740
     aggatgtttt cattctctct ctcattctcc tctcctcctt agcctctgca ggctcctaga     25800
     aatatatctc ccttcctgtt ttgtaggacc ccaagaagga gcccccccac tcaagtcacg     25860
     ggacatgggg ttacccaaag aaacacgagg gaccttcttg ttgcaaaagc atgaggtagc     25920
     tttaatggca gagctccggg tcaatacgta tctcacgcag gagacagagg aatcgaccct     25980
     gagactcaaa aattcggggt ttttataggg tagggtttag gagctaggaa gaattggtgc     26040
     ggttacatac gattgcccat tcaaacatca gcaacatgat tatgagtcag cagagtagta     26100
     tgtacaggct ggggcgtata aggattctaa aagctggggg cttatctgag tcgacaatgc     26160
     atctggttaa tgtttcagct tttaactatg ctctctatag ataggggggg cgagcaggag     26220
     gcgccgggct gccagagggt caatgagtca gccaagatag tcagaaccag ttcctgcatt     26280
     ccttccctca tctttacgac caggtgacct agtttcaaga cggactcggg catgccgggg     26340
     cttgttttct ttgcagtctc agtcccaggc ctttttagtt taaacctttt attttattta     26400
     atttcctttc agtttcaagt aagaaactga taatatacat ggacaattct gattgattat     26460
     gaaacaaaat actaaaattt aatactttca gaaaatttat gggcatctga gattttatct     26520
     ctgcagcagc agtgacccac atttttctgt aaactatcaa gatcataagt gaataagaat     26580
     atgcctagta aaacttatga ttttgttgtt tttttttttt tttttttttg tcggagacag     26640
     ggtttctctg tgtagccctg gcagtgctgg gcagtggtgg cgcacgcctt taaccccagc     26700
     acttgggaag cagaggaaaa tttatgattt tcatgtaagc tttttttttt ttttttgctt     26760
     atttttaggt ggtgcataat ttttaatata agccataatt gtaaaggaaa ctatttttta     26820
     ttgtgttacc tcattgactc ttgtatttaa tctggacatc ttattttgta agacatatag     26880
     tcttacttaa tacatttttt tcattttttg cattccaatg tttctaccaa ttatattctt     26940
     tttgtgtctt attacattag caacgtacac ctatcacggc ttgtggaata ggcaagttaa     27000
     aacgtttagt agtaaataaa gctcagttta atttccaggc tttgaaatac agaacatagc     27060
     agaggggaag tgattctccc ttcctgacat gagcaaggaa gccaagtatt agtttactct     27120
     ttgctatcaa acacctctgt gatttgatct taacaaatta tttgacctta tgaaatcttc     27180
     ttagtaacgt ggtccaaaag ttttgagaaa atatgaacta aaactgttga ggtttggtct     27240
     gttgctatgt tctagaccta cacgtgaatt ctcacattta ccagctaatt ttgtgcaacc     27300
     ttgttcctta atttaaaact attggttaaa taaaaatgta tatggccagt tactagaggg     27360
     atttgaggta ggtggatttt gagttacctg cttgggggtg gagaagaagg gagaagagaa     27420
     tgaggaggag agagtagagg tactatgaga ggagaggtgg taccatgaac acgtggccag     27480
     gagaaacggc aagtatttgg gggtacactg caggtgaggt agctaagcca gcagttagaa     27540
     aaatagatta ggagtgagca ccctagtaat tgtcaaagcc aaagaaaata accatagtct     27600
     gagtctcatt catttttaag ctagttgagg ataaatttaa attggttcta ctataagaat     27660
     catgctaatt atgataaatg gtataacccc aacagtaaaa taactgatgg atagttttga     27720
     aaactaaatt ttcactacag aaatgggctc aacaccaaag caaactgtcc aacgggcatc     27780
     ccttatagca cagggttaga atagactttg tctcttcgtt cataaagagt gtgttcaact     27840
     gtacatactg aagctggtta ttctgaatgc cctgggggtt cccttgtcag aaaagccaga     27900
     gtggcagagt gagcgtcagt ggacatcact ggtatttact taaacatttc ctaactctgc     27960
     ttccccatgg aagtctataa ggtcagaagg ggcctgtggt ggttcacact ggcctggttg     28020
     atagaggata acaggctaat tacagagcta catttgggcc tttgatgcga tggctctgtt     28080
     taggaactgg ttgtgaatga aaacaagctg tatcttgtcc ttggaaaaac tgccaggtgt     28140
     gcatctaagg agggctatca catttggaaa gcttttgcta aaaccatcca tctgaatcca     28200
     ttctgtgaat catagagaaa attattttca gaaagaaaaa aatagatgag aattaatgat     28260
     ttctgtatgt gttgaagctt tgtaagtacc cagggtgacc atgatagtgt tcctgataat     28320
     gtctgaatgg gtgagataaa atatttctga gaggatgact atcatgcttt gaatttaaat     28380
     ggtcctccaa aggcttgaaa ccttggtcca cagctggtcc tgtagttttg agagtctgtg     28440
     ggaccctttg aacatggatc cagctggcag atgtaaagcc atagcagtca gagttgattt     28500
     tcctgcttcc caaccagctg aactataaac aaaccagata acagcgtcta ccactatgga     28560
     tctattgcca ccatgccttc ttatcctgat agactggacc cctcaagcca caccagaata     28620
     aatcctttct tccattattt gtttcgtgtc cagtactcaa tcatagggat gagaaaaata     28680
     cctcacagga tcacatctcc tgagttcgcc tcaggcagcc tagagaatca gagaggtaga     28740
     gtcacactgt gtttgagatt ccctgaatat ttcctaggca aataaataat gctgataagg     28800
     ttgaattcct tttgtctctt ttagacagtc tcccccatca caggctgacc ttgaactcac     28860
     ttgtgtagcg taaggccagc cctgggcttc caccatggtg ttgaaattac aggcattgca     28920
     cccctatagt gattttacca tcttctgttg gatggtctcc cagtgatgtc ctgctgtgtt     28980
     ggtcaatagt gattggacag gtatgacttg cacaaatagc ccacctgtgt ttttactttt     29040
     cttccaacac tgatgtgttt gcaacaccca ttggctaaca gaaccctcat ttcaccaatt     29100
     ccaatgtctc ttttcctgat atttctatca cctctgagga gctgtcagtc agtaaagtgc     29160
     acagatcttg acaaatctat gactttattt cctttttttc ttacctttac tattgttttg     29220
     tgtctaccac aatgtgggca ttataaatag aagatctgaa tctaacttcc aaatttgtct     29280
     caaataagaa tggtacaggg attcatgttc tttgatgtgt tagagagctg accagatcta     29340
     ctggctcaga ctctttatga cataaggtcc catttctgag aaggcttggt agcaatatct     29400
     acagtgtgcc aagatttatc tcttccctca aataaaagtg actccaaaag agaaacacaa     29460
     aagccaggtt ctggagctct ggtgatgtga taagacataa ttgaacagat gataactgat     29520
     agccctgatg atctagcatc atctctgtgt tttatgaact acttatttat ggtctacttc     29580
     tctttcctat taagatatta agtgggttgt aattattatg gaaaagttca cttgcctgag     29640
     caaggaagag ttctttaaag tgaaagttgt atgaaaattt taaaagtggg aagagagtta     29700
     gttgtcattg aattacccca taagatagaa aagggtcaag gtgcctggtg aacccagctc     29760
     tcctgttaca aatactgcta tgtttgtctg actgtgaagt gtctgggttt gtcctataca     29820
     caattaaact gaattaaaag catgggattc tataatttcc tggtatatgt gaaataggaa     29880
     gacataggag aagaacaagg aagttagtta aatagtttaa ttagagccgt tttacaattc     29940
     taaaattaac aagcagactt gtaataaaag atctccaatg ttcgcagaat gacctcgctt     30000
     ccattctgaa cctgtctttt tttaattgta aagattagaa ttacatttaa aaggactcaa     30060
     aatgataaaa agaaaagaaa aaagaaaaac ataaaatgaa tcgatgtaca tggtcaccca     30120
     tgtcttatga tgcaaccaat gaaatctctg aatggatatt gcttcagctt ggatatcaaa     30180
     agatggcctg tcaaggcgtc cttaaccaat gactgatcac aggtggccaa aagaaagagg     30240
     aaaacccaag actactgtca cattggcgat ggttccaact gtcggtggat gacactgact     30300
     ccagaaatat gaggaagccc acagctttgt tactacggat gtaattatca cgaaagttct     30360
     cccatgtgga tcaacttgtt tctgagggct ttctttgttc atttaaactt gcataataaa     30420
     catgcaatga attatttctt ttgaaagttg tatttttgca gtctcttttt tcatacaaag     30480
     atttcataag ttgccatgta gcatcagagt ctttaccaaa gtggggaggg taaatgtgac     30540
     gtagctggat gacaagagcc tccttctgtc ctgagacaca ccacccttct tttgaaaata     30600
     gcgcagatag cttttcttac cctcctccac caaagaaaag aataaaaggg gagaaaaaag     30660
     aaagaaacca aaatcacaaa accattttat ctaagaaaac aaggttgatg taaagaaaat     30720
     aaaggtgttt gtcatgcaca ttatcttctg catagctcaa cccacttata gtaaggcact     30780
     atttcccttt gcatggcaac ctgttaagtg ctacagtgct ctatgaccct cagacacttc     30840
     cttctgggat ggcaaaataa agagcctggg tgagtgtgac tgccgtgctt ggctgcacag     30900
     gtctggcagc ttgtggagac tccatgaccc ttcaggggaa gctgtccatg ggtgttatgg     30960
     tagagtatcc atgatgaatt cctttccaga gttcctggtt agtctgaatg cttatttgga     31020
     ttgttcttcg gtctttgttt ctcaatgaag atacatgagg tggggggaga acagtcaggt     31080
     cctctgagac tgagcatccg tgcatcagca caagatgctg gttagtggaa aatatgagta     31140
     ggtgtttcca aggtgggggg ggagagggag ggagggaggg agggaggggg agagagagag     31200
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag gagagactga gatagagaga     31260
     gagagagatt gagagagaga ttgcttttgg ttttcagaga caatcaaggt atgatgctaa     31320
     tttaactggt cttcatactg tttccggaaa cagtcccctg ctgggaaaaa ttcccaacac     31380
     ctctcttggt acatcttcca gacgtaagat tcctgtaaaa aagagaaaat aagtgtgtta     31440
     acccagtgtc caaaatctat tagataacac aggacagagt agaagaagtc attcaacccc     31500
     attgatatat cattaaaaca agaaaagtcc cattgcattc agatagcccc acttaaatta     31560
     ccatcactaa taaatgatct tcaaataaac agaatgtctt tagcttgacc aatatatgat     31620
     aacaacatat ttttaagtct ctaaggttta catttattat gatttttaat tttatccaag     31680
     ttcaaactat tatccattta tagtgagtaa cccagaaggg gaatttcaaa ttttcctaaa     31740
     aaaacataga cattgaatgt ttttttccca attataattt tgtaagtgga agtttatttg     31800
     aaagtataag ccacacaata gccacaatct ttaaagaaga aaaaagattg aattcacaag     31860
     gaaacttagt atttttagtt aaaagcttag ttttaaatgt gaaattagaa ttttgctgtc     31920
     tctctccagg tagcataatt aatatctaaa agcaatgttt tttctttttc aaatcaaata     31980
     tgtatgtctg tgtagttatg cactggtgag cacagggctc atgggggcca gaaaaggaat     32040
     tggatccctg gagctggtgt cactggtggt tgtaagctac cccgtgagtg ctgggaaaca     32100
     ccaagtcacc tctcgagccc ctgaaagtaa attctttccc ttagtgttga atatctacat     32160
     gttgctgtct tatctacact cttttcctac agtttcatcc tgatgatggt gtataactgg     32220
     ccttcaccca cctgtcctgt gtgttctgtt tcatccttgt ttatgagata catcagaaaa     32280
     aacctacaga cacagagaaa gtggtcagca gtggacgaca tgaaaatact agcataagca     32340
     gaaaagaggc tgacatctgt cttaattgca atggattatg aaaatggagg aaacaccaca     32400
     aattcaattt ctgaaaacta attacaatat accagaaaga aataagcatg ttctctgaga     32460
     tggcctgtct aatttcacac acaactttat atcaaagtta tttaaaaaag aaaccacaca     32520
     cactgagttt aattatgtgg ctggggctgg ttggaactat ggaaagttcc atccacctct     32580
     gcctcctcat tcctgggatt acaagcacac tgcctgcctt gtggagatta aaggcacata     32640
     caaccctgcc tggcccttag aggtacattg tttttggtca ggctcaaatc aacactgaca     32700
     aattttaatt gaagattggc ttcataagtt ctatttttat caggtgaatt gagtatggtt     32760
     caactacttt cctctcaatc acgttacttg acataacatt gtccatctga cattaaaatt     32820
     ggatccaaaa ctaagaatga tattttgata aagtgtagtt tgggttagtt ccaaggaaag     32880
     gccatatttt tattttatat gcatatatac acatacctat atatacttag atacatatac     32940
     acatatatac atatgtgtaa aacccagtaa aaaacaaaca aaaatctcga actatcataa     33000
     ctattatcat aaacaacaaa atgtttttaa ctaaattttc tgtagtaccc agagagacat     33060
     attggtcttc caagggggga gggggatgag aaaacaggga tgtaggatga ggaaggacct     33120
     gcattatctc aggcttgcat caggagggtt cctacttgaa ataggaacat ggctaggtct     33180
     ttcttcaagg ctctatggca ccctatttct agtctagatc ctccattacc atttacatga     33240
     aattagacag cttagttgtt taagtctacc tactccaagg gttcgagagg accagtcttt     33300
     tcctcctgga gtccaactac tgccctgctt ctggagttca taggaatggg agagaattgg     33360
     ctcagggggg ctgggggaag cctgtaaggg gcactcacag gtagttggcc aggttgtgtt     33420
     cctgtaaagt atgggtttca aagccatgtg gcactgtatc aaaataatcg ttgccaatcc     33480
     cacagatgaa gcacttggtc tagaagacaa ggggagataa caggatgtta gaggaggcag     33540
     aagatatcat aaagggaaaa cacagtccac tgggttgtgt agctgtcgcc tctgaatata     33600
     gccagttgct tctagaggaa gaagaaatgt tcatacaact caggaagctt gggaaatcta     33660
     ccaggaactt actagacaca ggcaacttgc caggcacagg aaggtgagag tggtacaggt     33720
     tgagtagccc cttcccttag cttaggtgag caggaggaga ctctcagggg cagttgtcta     33780
     taaggtgggg gatgggagct ctcagaatgt agctgtcctg agtcatcacc caatcttgtt     33840
     ggtgggtctt tcagtaatgc aactgctata ggtcactcat gctcttatga acaacccctc     33900
     aaccatacta atatatatat gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtcccttctc     33960
     catgcccttt gtctatgctt aggcctgaag agaattacag gaccatattc agcttcagat     34020
     gaattcagta accactggga atcctgggca taacacagca gcccacagcc aagccacaag     34080
     gcattcactg gtccaggtta gacttgagtg ggatcccttt ttttgacctg acataattcc     34140
     ctaacaggga taaacaggca tttgtttacc tcaccctaga aaatgctaac ccgcacatta     34200
     ttggaaagaa gctcaatatg actccttcaa tgtatggcaa atatcaacta ctgaggactg     34260
     tgatatggtc cctgagtata aacctgatat cataagtata tcttggggtt ttcttaagtg     34320
     atatgggatc tagcaggagg atgggactgt ggtggctaat tagaaatgtc tttgcttttt     34380
     ttttttctct ctctacatgt acctacctag acttagagat ggatctgttc atgataaaca     34440
     gctaaacagg attagctaca acctcaactg acattctaaa ctttccagtt atctaaacaa     34500
     agtctactac ccaaacaaaa gaggtacaca tcttagacca gtcattgagg gctccatcag     34560
     tgatttggaa aagtccttcc atgatcaggt gctggtctgg gcatgaaaca aaccaatgag     34620
     tgtgtctagg actaggctaa atttgcatta ccctcctctg gatttgtctt tatgcacact     34680
     gccaagtggt ctatgcatag gccagaaggc ctgtactgtg agctaaagtg aacggtgcct     34740
     tcctttgtat gaggatttta gaattacagc ttcaaattaa ttcagtaacc actggagaac     34800
     ctgggcataa ctcacagcag cccacagcca agtcacaaat gccttacctc catgtcttcc     34860
     ttgacttgct cttgttggtc tctgagttct ccaaaagcat caatgatcaa acctagcatt     34920
     gaaaagaaag actatgtgat cgccatcaac gatgagcaat caatcattca gctcataacc     34980
     cctcggatgg ataactcttc tctgaaaagt gagaacctgc aaatcacagg agaagacatt     35040
     ctgaacatgg aagaagtctg acgtcatact ggctgcttcc tactaggata gtgacactct     35100
     ctgggagcca aacataacgt ggcagggccg aatgattact ggaaaagcat tttaaaatga     35160
     agtgacaggc taggaaaaaa accaatccta attaacttgg cacatacaca agctatatta     35220
     ttacttactg caggccaaga ggagtaactg agattagtgg ttgtaaaatt taaaaagaca     35280
     cacacaaaaa taaaacatta ctatgtggac tgagaaatat ctaccaacct catacgctcc     35340
     ctataatttt atcaaatatg atgaatgttt aataagtaca attgttaggg ttttacctca     35400
     tttctgttct gtggctttct aattacttct tccaaatgtt ttgacttttt tcttcttaaa     35460
     atattatttc ttttacttaa gtgtatgtct atgagtacat acatccacat atgtgtgagt     35520
     acccacagaa cccagaaaag ggtactggat ctgcagttac agagaattgt gggctgccct     35580
     atatggcact gagaacttaa tcttttggaa gaacagtaag agctcttaat tgctaagtca     35640
     tctctccagc ccaaactttg cctacttata aagcaatatt gtttccttcc ataaagacat     35700
     tgcggatgga ttatgagtcc tttatactta tctgtgtacc ttaccagtat catctcatac     35760
     ctgtggaata taaaggataa tgtcgtgttt acagacagtt aacttaagct gggataaatg     35820
     tgctgaatag gaaacaaaaa acacaaacat gagtgacttt tggagagaaa aagatcttac     35880
     tgtaagtgag ccagaggaag aggggaaagt tgtgatgccc tctgctcgac agctgcagca     35940
     gaagattctg aatccaatct gctcagaccg gccatgggtt tcaaccccag tctgggctgc     36000
     tgcacacttt ggctaagtga ctgagacttg ccatagctta gtgagttctc gtggaaatgt     36060
     taagtgttga catagtcctt atgatgacag caaaggggaa catgagttac cagacataac     36120
     taacacatag taggtagtca ctaatgaaat gctgtacaac aatgatatgt ttgtacatgc     36180
     tgaactaatc aggtaccaat gactggagtg gggatgtgaa ctgatgccct tgtttgaaac     36240
     ctatccataa ctgtggagtt tagagaattg aatagcctca gcctgaatgg ctcacagctc     36300
     ctccaagctt tcaaagctgg tggggctgca ggacaaggag tcaaaccctg cagagatcaa     36360
     gcaggccgag aaagtggctc aatctgttaa gtgtatgcca tgcaaacgtg agggcacgag     36420
     tttggttcct agaatttaaa aaggtagaga tggtagagtg agcctgtaat cccagcactt     36480
     gatggagttt tctcacaaaa aggtggacac aggtccttgt ggctcagtga ttagcctgca     36540
     taatagaaga gccctaggca acagtgaaag accctccccc acccccaaaa accagagtag     36600
     atgactcctg aacttctgtc cttcacatat gcaggcgtgc atgcacacac acacacacac     36660
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacaaca cacagctaat taccttagct     36720
     tgggctacct ttagacccct gaatagccca ttccttgact gcttttggat agctaacatt     36780
     ccatgattaa tagattaaaa acccttttag aacccattca cttagcagaa ccctagcttt     36840
     caccaacccc aaagctaaga atgtcatctg aaaacatctg aggcctatag gaaagccttt     36900
     tccatcttac tatacctgcg cctctgatat ccccaccaat tttttttaac ttgccttgat     36960
     ctatgactcc tttttttgtt ctataaaact ataaagcttt ataaaactgc tcccgtttta     37020
     gaacagaaga ttgggagtga cataaatctt tgtacccagg acgtgattac tcaaattcag     37080
     ttcaaaagta aactcttatt ccctgtatgg cgaaagctgc aaggttagct tgttgacatc     37140
     agcacatact tctctatttt ccctctagag atttcacaag gaaggaatac gagaagaaaa     37200
     ggttccatct ggcctgggca gaaaacatgt catactgtta gcccaccttg cattgttggc     37260
     ttcagcagca gatggctcaa ggtcaagata agatgcccaa gagccacagc tggatgtggc     37320
     ttaccttgta tgatagccaa aaggatgaca atcacgaaga agaagaatgt gatgtcaaag     37380
     atgatgcggt agatctcata ctcgtctcct gctgggtctt caatttcatc accaatgccc     37440
     cctccagcac ggacgcccac atacatgtgg aacatgtaac actggaaggc aggaacagag     37500
     acaattctga ggcttgccac cctccctggc actccactaa cacgagtctt cttctctaat     37560
     ttctcattct gaatgtgaag tatctctgtg ctctgtgtca tctgtctgat ttaatcctcc     37620
     ttcgtgtgat ctgactgtgg ctcctgcact ctctcttaag ccaagctcca cactggtcac     37680
     tctgtttaga ccttctgtgc cgcttgggag agacagagaa gtgcttcatt agcgccttag     37740
     ccttgaagca catgaggcaa tatagcatta cgatcacttt attgtaatat gagttatata     37800
     aaactacatt gtctggttat ttccacaatg gcacagacat ggaacaagaa attaaaagtc     37860
     cagtggagta aaagatggaa tcttagaaac tgagctagat gaaggaggac ttactgactt     37920
     cttcacttaa cgctaataca gtgggatgca gaaatctttc ctacttagtg tctaggcaaa     37980
     tgaagaaaga tggtgtggag agatgaagag gaacgagaaa ctcattcatt aaaaccaaaa     38040
     ggccacccac aactcctaca gctgtgaggc aggacgcacc aaaagatttt tgccagatct     38100
     ttgaaacaga gcttggcttt agcagcacag gcatttgagc atttgagaac tctgtaatcc     38160
     cttatgatca gggccatcct gtacatttta gattttagga gacttccttt tttctataat     38220
     aatgtatagt catgtcactc ataatttact taaatatata tatatatata tatatatata     38280
     tatatatata tatatatata tatttgtttt tttgatatat atatattggt ttttttgaga     38340
     cagggtttct ctgtatagcc ctggctttcc tggaactcac tttgtagacc aggctggcct     38400
     cgaactcaga aatctgcctg cctctgcccc caagtactgg gattaaaggc gtgtgccacc     38460
     acgcccggct aaatatattt ttacttaaaa ttcaaactct atatacaatt agagatttaa     38520
     aatgaaatat acttatcaat taagtgaaga atatgcagaa agaattaagg cctaaaatat     38580
     ataatgtttt ggcaactcgg cacttgtgta aacaagagca ggaagtgtat atatatatat     38640
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat aatttcttga attttcttct     38700
     cttttattct tttctcatat attacatccc cactggtttg ctttcccctc cctccccttc     38760
     ccccaacctc taccctacta cctttctcct ctaataaatc tcccgcacac cttcctcaga     38820
     aaagagcagg cctatcaggg acattaacca aacacagcat agcaagttac aataagaatt     38880
     cttaacatct actgactagc tgctaatagt atctttatat atagtataat aataataata     38940
     aatgacttct acattcatac cctggcacct cccacaatcc tacccctcta ttaacctccc     39000
     catctgtaag tgtttgctgt acatcctctg agccaggtgg tagcctttcc catcaaaacc     39060
     acatccttcc aggacagaag tctgaaggtc ttccttagcc tgtcctacac accctaactt     39120
     atttaacacc tgccccttac cccttccaga ctgtttagct gctccctctg cagtgaagga     39180
     gaaaagcctg gcactttgtc cacagctcag cacttggttc acaggcccac agtcccatcc     39240
     ccatgtgatc ctgccaggtt gataatcaat catatgaaat accatgctca tagaagtact     39300
     ttctcaacct aacatacaat aagccaatgt caaacccatg atgacatctg ccctgaaccc     39360
     ccctactata aaaacccatc tagacccacc agccctattc tggaccctag aaaaggctct     39420
     ttgtggtagt gaggccaaga gagtcctcta gaaagagttg gtttaaggct gtagcaccca     39480
     gactggttta ggcctatcag cacacgctgt cttctggagg ctctcgtgtc tagattgata     39540
     gtgccatcta ctgagtctgt gtctagatgt tttagtgaca gtcacttgaa aaaaatagaa     39600
     ccaaatatct acctttggga cactacattg attccttgaa acttggtggc aaaaattgtc     39660
     cacagtgcct ttttgaagaa agtataattt attttcagtg tttacttctg ttttcagtct     39720
     aaactcttta taccacatat actgtttatt tttaccaagg agaaaatggt gtcccatgct     39780
     ctgctctgaa tgtgaatctt catacataga cctgaggcca tggggaacaa cgatgatggt     39840
     cgcgggtgtc ctggctggct aatgttactg tgaccgggta tcttcgggag gtcggagggg     39900
     ctttcttagc ctcagacttc caagcagagc tcatggtggc cacactggta aggtgtgtga     39960
     atacccactg ttgtctgggg ctcagcagtc aaattttcat gcttttcctg aaaatcagaa     40020
     ccctctttct ccacatttct tatcatagac tgagcctaat taggactaaa gtggaagaag     40080
     gtggtttgga gacagaaaac tacacttctt tcagggaatc tgaaaaaaaa aatgagagga     40140
     aaaaaaacct ggggaaagat caggagacag aggtggggta tgagagggct caaaggaagt     40200
     gtggcagagg gaggggtggt accagggaac caggaagcag gagccagaga ccttgctgga     40260
     aagatgaagt tggatactaa ttaactgagg tgatggccag taagtgcata agcagctaac     40320
     ttcccccaag ctgcctctta tcctcattat ctgaaagggg tgggggctga gggtcctctg     40380
     gtcctgctga gcttcctagg acaggcctat gcacccaggc tcctcagcta ccaccatttt     40440
     gcccccagct atagactttt ttttctcaca ctctctcctc ctacattctc aaagatgtag     40500
     ttcaaatcct atgaggacac ggctagtata attaagattc ttagaatgaa acatcatgat     40560
     cttgggagga aagaaggaag acatccctgg gtgagtccta gagtttgtaa aactttggct     40620
     gcagtgccac ctgctggaag tgacagaacc caagggttga agttcctgct gataactgtt     40680
     ctcatcccac agagataagc ctgagcagca aagattcagt tttctcctcc tgaaaggagg     40740
     caccagacac ccttcctcac agaacaccca agctcttcac agttaaaggc aagatacaaa     40800
     cctcatggct gtatgcagag aatgcctaca ccatccagag ccaccagtgg tcttgctcat     40860
     ggctttcaga agtccctcag actgatgatt tacaggctct agctaagtca agagcccact     40920
     tagttatcct aaaatgagac tgtgatgtta agcatggcgg tcaacttgat ttgataaaga     40980
     ggcgcctaag agtttagtaa gtgtccctga ggatgctaag taggccatga aagctctgat     41040
     agaaggaatg gatgaatcta aggaatgaat ctaaacagtg ctgagatgta gagggaggaa     41100
     gaggtggggc cgtgatggag gaaacaggtc ctggtgacag gtgctccaag ctatcttgcc     41160
     ctttagaacc tactcctctt tgcttcctga ccaccaagaa gcaaactgac ctgctccacc     41220
     atacattcag taccaccacc agcacaatct aacctctgaa actgtgagcc atgacacaca     41280
     atccgtgcct taaagctgct ctcaagcact ttggcaatgg caaggcaaaa gtaaaatgga     41340
     gatgagtttc tctgccttct gtattcacat cccacagtgc tagacaagcc cagccaggca     41400
     aggctgtggt agtcctaaga aaaattaagg aaaacactag aaatgcatat ggatattgag     41460
     tgaaaactga gtcatctcag gagctgtgac tacagatgat cagtcacatg gtgcctcatg     41520
     atatgagcaa ctaacataac aaacagactt tgatacatat gtacaatctc tttaaaattg     41580
     taaaaattct aattcctagt atgaggaatg ggctaatttc tccatagatc cactgactgg     41640
     agttattaaa agctttaata tgttttaaca attaaatttg gttttttttt tctcttctgg     41700
     cctaaatctc tttctttaca gtaatagttg ggcatcttct taaacctgtg aactgaatga     41760
     attaaagtta ctatccactg tctagccaca cagttgaccc tttgtctatt gtcttatttt     41820
     tatcatgttt taaaattacg ccgggcgtgg tggcacatgc ctttgatccc accacttggg     41880
     aggcagaggc aggtggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag     41940
     gacagccaga gctatacaga gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaaac caaaaaaaaa aaaaatactt     42000
     tttatttgtt tattgtgtgg gggtggggtg ccatgacatg gattggaggc cagaggacac     42060
     ctttcaggca tctcaccttc cagcatgcag gacctggtga cagaattcag attggctgta     42120
     aggcttggag gcaggtgcct tccccactga acatactgca ggccctggct tatgtctttt     42180
     taaaggtgtg atgagaactt tacccatcag gacagcatcc ctgcatagct aatatatttt     42240
     ggccagctta ttgtttgcct ataagacttg atatattttt tgttattttc aaaaataata     42300
     atttttgctg ttcacacgtt tctatgtttt atatactatt cagaaagtcc tgtttgccat     42360
     taaaatttat tattttaagg actcaaacct gtcttgttac tgtcttgaag agaaagattg     42420
     gcattcattt ttaccacttt gctctcagag acttatacat ggtcagtaag acttattggt     42480
     ttttttttta ttttatgatc gtaaaaagca acattatcat agcttaattt ctttaagtat     42540
     ttgtatgtac ttcaaggtac tctattctat tcccaaggag gtgcaaaaat acctaattta     42600
     ctattcacca gagtatcttc caggaaattc ccttttttag agaaaattct agagaaatct     42660
     catcctatca gcccccttga cactcacaca caacccggcc cttgtaggta ttccaagatg     42720
     tgaagggctc accaaaagtt cttgctctct ccagctagca atagttcctt tggcttaatt     42780
     ttcccctccc aaacctaagt gctcatggaa agtaattttt gtgatttgca tatgaagtat     42840
     tccctgatag agtcattgtc tgaacaccta gtctccagtg ggtagcacag ttgcagacgc     42900
     tatggaacct tcagtaggca gcaccttgct ggaagaaaaa tgtcacttgg gaggtgttgt     42960
     gaagtcatat tgtctaactc tgcttgctgc tttgtttctt gagtatggat gaagagtgac     43020
     cagtcgggct cctgctcctg cctttaggac ttctctgcct gctgcatgac tttgctgaca     43080
     tgatggactc tctccctcca gaattgtaaa cccttcctgc cctgcattgc ttttgatggg     43140
     atatattatt ccagagacac ccatcagaga ggcaagctgg acaacagtga cacccaacgg     43200
     tgtgaaagct ggagcatctg ttgactgtcc gagaccaaaa ggtgacctct aagacaacat     43260
     attcaatata aaagcaaagt atcagctctg ttaagatgca tctttagatc tgggtaacat     43320
     cagggaaagt cagtgcgaca agcagagcaa aggccttgga acgttcaccc gctaccctgg     43380
     aatgtgtgac tcacaggcta acatttgccc caattctaac tacgtctctc agcaagtcta     43440
     ctaattacta agtcaaacaa acatgggcgg gaaatcttca aaaacagtcc tttctgctct     43500
     gctgaaatgg cagtggctgt tgtttgaaga gccactcagc cttccattgt gccaagcacc     43560
     tcctcctctc ctgcactggg gattaggcaa tgcacagtgc ccatggatgg cgggcatggg     43620
     gtggtttcct gccggttcag gagcttaccg tcagcatgtc atcacacttc atgtctggcg     43680
     tgtcaccatc ctcactttta ttgtagaatt ttcggaagaa attgaacgcc acgacagtgt     43740
     acaggtacac aacaacagcc aataagccaa cagttaacac gagctgaaag caaggtgaca     43800
     ttagcagata ttgggggata caggatgtat gactggtggg tgggagggga gtactctatg     43860
     gacacacccg gacttactga ctataagcca atatgatcca tgctctcatt attcctcacc     43920
     ttcttagctc acaagcaaag tttatttgca cattgtcttt atcagtctga caaagcattt     43980
     tatgctatgc ctaacgactt aattggctaa caagcacaca acacaaacca agtaaagatg     44040
     aattccaatt tagtttcaca ctcaaatcaa attatgtatt agaaagcagc tttaatgttc     44100
     agaaaatagt atatgctctc ctgcattata aatcattttt ttttatttat ggggatgtat     44160
     gtgtctgatt gtatatatat atgacaccag atgatgtggt gcctgaagta gtcagaaaag     44220
     agtgtgggat cccatggaac tggagttagt cagttgtgag gtacctaata tgagtgccag     44280
     gaactgaacc agctcctacc ttctgtgcca cctctctagt taactgtgct aggagctctg     44340
     ccataatcca ctgactggca aatgagcaga gtacacaggg attctggctt tgtgcctttg     44400
     agttgccatg agcatcacag ctttattcag acctgtaggt gacatgtgtt ggagcttcat     44460
     gctggacttt tgaaaacaag ggattgtgct gatagtaaag gtagctgtga gtgcaggttg     44520
     gaggggcact gattattaaa tgtactggac tagaaagact gttgctctag ataattagca     44580
     cagaattgtt accaccaatt ggacacatga agcagctgac aaatgagtaa atatatacat     44640
     ctgcatggtc acggtaacag aggtccagct tgagcagttg gattccatcg gaatgtcagt     44700
     gggctatctg gacccagacc agctatcccc tatgtcagca tgcccttgtc aagtataaag     44760
     catcatttag acatagttca atttaaaaag tcatgaggat gtcttgtcaa attaaaatgt     44820
     attaaaactg ccaacacctt tttgtaaatg caagtaatgc acttggattc tgcaacaatt     44880
     tttgccacag catagcatca ggtggagcaa gcactggcgc ataagcaaaa caagaacgaa     44940
     tgtagcgttc aatgtcgatg gggctgagct ggctggttga tttgttctca accttcacaa     45000
     aaaaaaaatc tgctaaggta ttgttattag ttgtacttta ccagaaaaga atttgatcct     45060
     gcaaatattc actcatgcaa gatcatgcaa ccataagtca atccctaaac cagagctata     45120
     ggctctgtgg aattactcag agtttgtaaa agacatagac aatccagccg tgacaatctt     45180
     taaagccaca tattgtcact gaagggctgc attttttttc agacttattt ctcatcagtt     45240
     ttagtttctc taagggaaat gggacctttt acctgtttgc cattatgggt aactgaggac     45300
     aggatagttc tcaaggtctt gaatcccatc gcgatgtcaa ggaggtgagc agcaaaaaaa     45360
     aagttgttat aatgtccaag aacagacatg gtcatgtacc aggctaggta gaggaaggac     45420
     tgttaggagc aaacagggag aaggcatgtc agacaacaga gtacacaaaa cccagcaaga     45480
     gccactgtca tctcgatcca tacaatcccc tgcatgcacc tcctcggtct aagctgtaat     45540
     tctttagttc taactagctg gattcaatct ttgcacactt tacctttatt tagtttgcta     45600
     tgaaaggcaa ttttttcctt gacaccaact cttctaattc atcctttcac aaaccatgga     45660
     agtgatcatc ctatatcctg acagcagggg ctcggcttca gcttggcgct tgctatattg     45720
     taccatatac attttggact atggaggctg ccctgtaacc tgatgatcca tgatgagaga     45780
     agaaggcatt gaatgtcact cagggacaag actgcctctg tttggagagt ccatgtctac     45840
     agtcaatcca agaacccaca aacagtgact ccttcctttt ctcttttcct ctgatcttca     45900
     tttatctaca cattggaatt gttaagacct attagttaga atctattgca ggaaagctcc     45960
     tgagtagctt tattaaggta acattgcaca ttgcatggac taaggtaaat cccaagagcc     46020
     actgaggtat tctttgatgt cactgatacg tgtgacctta actacatatt tggtgctgct     46080
     tggggaagtc ttctgaatca taattgaaga aatgattttt aattatctct ctgtgtgtat     46140
     atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt     46200
     atctatgtgt aggtatgggc atgcaatgca atgaccttag aggccagaag agggaatcag     46260
     ccactctggc actggagtta gagagagctg tgagtgctgg gaactaaacc tggtcttctg     46320
     caggtattct aaactgctgc tgagccatct ctccagtgtc ctgaattata attaatgtaa     46380
     attatttgtt ttctttactg tgtaagtgtc catctttggt aggggcaatg aagatgcagg     46440
     ataaaagccc aatggttgct tttgctttat aatttcttgt acagatgctg tttctggatg     46500
     gcggtcactc ataggagagg attagtcctg ttgttctgac tctaatttta caggaagaaa     46560
     aaggaggagg ctggggtcat gaaagagttc ctgagcaaca ggggactaaa gctaggaaaa     46620
     gaaaaatgat atctgtgaaa gccaggattt agcaggaaga gtttagaagt aacacatttg     46680
     ccataggaca gtaagaagga gtcatctcat tgtctagcaa gagatgcaaa tcctgaggga     46740
     aaaggagaca catgggaaac acaagaggaa ggagttgtaa actactgata aactagtcat     46800
     ggctatggtg ttggttgaca tgggaggacc ttgttaatct tgagtgacag agagatgggc     46860
     aatgccttgc gtaggtgctg tgagcatttt tttttgtttc cttaaagttt tttttaatta     46920
     gatattttct tcatttacat ttcaagtgct atccccaaag cctcctatac cctcccctac     46980
     cctgctcccc aaaccaccca cccctgcttc ctatccctgg tactcccctg tactggggca     47040
     tatgatctat acaagaccaa gggcctctct tcccattgat ggccgagtag gccatcctct     47100
     gctacatatg caactagaga cacagttctg ggggatacca gttagttcat atcgttgttc     47160
     ctcctatagg gttgcagacc cctttagctc cttgggtatt ttctctagct ccttcattag     47220
     gggccttgtg ttccatccaa tagatgactg tgagcatcca cttctgtatt tgctaggcat     47280
     tggcatagat tcacagagag agctatgtca gggtcctgta agcaaaatct tgctggcata     47340
     tgcaatagtg tctgggtttg gtggttgtat ataggatgga tccctgggtg gggcagtctc     47400
     tggatggtct ttccttccgt cttagctctg aactttgtct ctgtaactcc ttccatgggt     47460
     attttgttcc tccattctaa gaaggaacaa agtatccaca ctttggtctt acttcttctt     47520
     gagtttcata tggtttgcaa attgtgtctt gggtattcta agtttctggg ctaattaacc     47580
     acttatcatt gagtgcatat catatgtgtt cttttgtgat tgggttacct cactcaggat     47640
     gatatcatcc agatgcatct atttgcctaa gaatttcatg aattcattgt tttaatagct     47700
     gagtagtact ccattgtgta aatgtaccac attttctgta tctgttcctc tgttgagggg     47760
     catctgggtt ctttccagct tctggagcat ttttatacta aaagttactt ttttgtatga     47820
     taagaaatgc ctctgggaat cccatatttc atctgattcc cttgttgctt ttagagacta     47880
     accaaactgc tgaaggccca acaacatgtg aaaagtgact ggccatacag aagcgataaa     47940
     gttgcagggg actgtctgcc taacaggtct ctaaagatgc ttaaagggac ttctccaggc     48000
     tgccttcagg attcactcat atccaacttc tctggatggc aatgaattcc acagaaatgg     48060
     aaatatgaag gtcagattca attggacaaa agaggatcat acaaggactg tggtatggag     48120
     aaagaacccc cactcccagc ccccagtgtg ccccagtcag gatgggctta ccgcctgagt     48180
     gggagatggc ccactgaagc aggagttggt gactcctact cactgagaag ttttccacca     48240
     gtcgatgaga aagtattcgc aaggtgctat tatactaaca atctatggct ctgaaaggta     48300
     cttatgaaat aagttcaaag atataaagag taccttggat ggttgggtaa aaggatgggg     48360
     atggagggaa aagagttggc ttgctgtcac agacttaaag actgggaaaa tgaaacgttc     48420
     actataagag ccaatgtgaa aattaaacag tgaggtacat agacaacttt tggtaatggt     48480
     tgactatatt caatcacatt gaagtataga cctgggccat atgtttactg tctaaaggct     48540
     tttgatgaag ataaatcaag aaaaagaaca taatggttta atgcacttaa tttgagagaa     48600
     aaagcaagcg caactatttt taaaaatgta ttagtttcta ccacatatat aaagacatat     48660
     attctattat gacatttcca gaaatacctt gtttctgttg tttctccaac tatccctctc     48720
     agctctccat tacctgcttt ctccttcctc ctcccactca tccttttcct agtaaaacta     48780
     ttttttatat ttttatttag gtgtgtttta aatatctata aacctctgaa gtctatggtc     48840
     ccactgaaac ataaatggaa atcaatataa acgtgtaaga ttttcttata ttaatgtata     48900
     agatagggtg gtaaaagtgt ctgtgcctgg gtctctctca caccattatc attaactaca     48960
     ttgttatctg cgtaacttcc tgaaataacc tccctttatc agcaagaact ccacagactt     49020
     gggcaatgag agcgaaggag gcttacattg tctgtgaaca cgactccaag tttccacatc     49080
     tggtacttca cgtcaataga attcaatctg gaatgacaga agagagtgtg ggtattcaca     49140
     ttaatagaag atgtgtgctt gtggagcctg tgggcccaca cctgtggcag gcaaggctac     49200
     atacctgctc acaaggacag tgcccagggt gcagagctga gacctgctgt ggagacacac     49260
     cccagcactc tgtggtgctc tagaaaggtc atgggaaaga aaacaaagtg gcaccgtctc     49320
     ttcttcagta ctgtattgat gaaatgatga aactatcatc atttatttat gaatttatga     49380
     tatgtatata tgttgtatat atgtggtatg tggtatatgc taaatggttc attaacgtgg     49440
     tgtgtgtttg gtatgtgtgc aagtgtgata tgtgtatagt gtgtatgtat gtatgtatgt     49500
     atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt gtatggtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtatggt atatatgggt     49560
     atgtggtgtg tgtgtatagt gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtggtc tatgtatgta tggcatgtgt     49620
     ttgtggtatg tgtgtatgtg gtatatgtgt atatgtgtag tgtttatata tggtgtgtgt     49680
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttc acgcacacac atgtaatggt gcatgtgtgg aagtcagaga     49740
     atagtcttcc taagttctct tcttccactt cctcaggtag tcagatgcct cacccactga     49800
     gcaatcttaa catcccattt tgttctttaa atacagcctt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     49860
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgctgt actataacgt aaatttacct tattgatgtc     49920
     tcttattcct gggaacttta caaggttcat tatcatgtgt tataaaagtt gacttagtaa     49980
     attttacagt aaatttaaaa tacaatttaa aaagatttgc ttttatttta tgtgcatgga     50040
     cattttgcct gcatatatgt ctgtgtgcca tatactgcag tgctcagaga ggtgtgaaga     50100
     ggcttcagat tccctggaac tgaagttaaa ggcagatgtg gatcacctca tgtgagtgct     50160
     gggaacccat ctctgtcctc tacaagaacc acaagtactc ctaaccactg aactcctatg     50220
     tgtttgtgta aagagaggaa ggaagattag gagagaggga gagagaaaaa atgggggggg     50280
     gcgcagggaa cggggctgag gagaggtggg aagagaggga caagggaagg gggagggaag     50340
     gggaaggggg agggggaagg gtggacaaag agcacgagaa taagaatgtg tggtcatatg     50400
     tataagtaag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcttttg     50460
     tatgtgtata atatatgtgt gtgctcacat gtgcatgggg gtaatctttt catgcctgtt     50520
     ggtatagagg ccagagactg actggtggtc tgcctctatt actccccatc ttactccgag     50580
     acagggtatt ttagtgaacc ttgctattgt ggctagacag gcaagccagc aagcccgtgg     50640
     aatccacatg cctcacctcc caacactggg gttacagatg tgctcatccc tgcctggctc     50700
     taggtgggtg cctgagatct gaacactgaa cactggtcct cgtgcttgtg cctcaagtgc     50760
     ttttaccagg gagccatctt cctagctctg tgtccactct ttattgcatt tcagtagaag     50820
     ggtttctgat tcaaataaaa accttatgca tacatgcatt tatttaacag ctgaaaattt     50880
     ataaacaaga gcactgttcc tccttttctt gatttctctt tgcagttcta gggctcatcc     50940
     ccatggcctt gctggctctg tgaattccct cctgctgaga tgcaggcctg accttgcttc     51000
     tgttgcagtc acctgccagc tctctccatt ttccttcaga caggattcag tcttgtcctg     51060
     ctttcaaggg actctagacc ctcctcctaa tcacttccag agtgtctctt agctgctgct     51120
     aatgctgcac ctgccttaga acctgtctct accccagatg tgtgacctcc ccttccccag     51180
     gcatttcccc acaaattaaa tgtctctcag ccaatctgtg tcaagtgaat caatctgagc     51240
     tttgaaactt tggagtttta tagatctgct catccatcta gctctatgtg ggtacttgag     51300
     atccgaactc cggtcctcag gcttgtactg ggagctttta ctagggagcc accacccagg     51360
     taaaacttta gctttgaaca ggcatgagct ttgaaatatt agacgtgcac atgttataaa     51420
     agcctccttc tcccatcccc cccaccccca gaacttggca ctgatttggg gttagacatc     51480
     acttcgtcaa ccttagacag aaggccccag caacaggtta gctggcaggt gaggagatga     51540
     gcaggcacaa tgtagtgtta tagggggcag ttctcaaagg ggcctctcta gatgtaagat     51600
     ttcgggctaa ttactttttt taaatgattg cctttaaata ggccaatctg aaattggagg     51660
     tgtgagaatg agcagtttgc tacataaagc aggcaaggta agagtgtgtt cttgttgctc     51720
     ttttctttgt tttgtttttc ctggaaggat gaagcttccg ctcccctagt gcgggatttc     51780
     ctgctctcct gtctttctct ttttctgcgg cagaatgttg cttttctgcc cacactcgct     51840
     aacctcgctt caggttccca catgctaagg ccaagcactg acaggccagg ctatagtctt     51900
     ttccttcttc aggcaaaact ttgtctttgt gctgttatta gttttactaa cacatgaccc     51960
     ttccataagc ggaccatcaa tatgtgcata ggcttcaaca ttaatttttc ctaagtaaga     52020
     aaggcgttag aaaccagaag ggacttgaaa atctgcatga gaggagcatg actttccata     52080
     gaaaatgatc taaaccaaaa caaattttca aaattcagga catctgaatt ttacattgta     52140
     gattcttgct caaagctttt catttatgtt atttcccatc aaccatacat gtgagtgtca     52200
     gcctcatcac cactgtcact aataaatagt tctttttgga agtgcccaat acttgtctat     52260
     aaacaggtag tatccatgct aggtggagtg gaccccaccc tcaggggtgg ccctgggtga     52320
     ctagggcagc taatcaagcc tctggctccc ctgaaaacag gccttgaatc aagaaaacct     52380
     tataaatgag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag ggagagagag     52440
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagaggt gggcagtggg tagatgagag attgcttgaa     52500
     gattctaaga tataagcttg cctaccctac tcctaaaaat cccacaaaaa tggaagcact     52560
     cagcctttct aaccacaggg aggagatgaa ccacttattt taatgtgcac ttaccaagtt     52620
     gcatggatgg ataaaggctg taaatattga tgaactgttt acaaatggat cttaccacca     52680
     tgaaacattt attggcgagt gaatagccac tatggttttg agcctgggtg gaacaatcac     52740
     gatggcatgc acacagactc ctgctaaact tttaagtctc cactttctaa atgtcaagac     52800
     ccagaacatg gaaatctttt tctcgatctt gtatattccc tacttggtct tcattcagat     52860
     ttcattatcc atacttaaca atgataataa catagacttt tcggcccttt gctggtagtc     52920
     actcttgaaa atatttatta tataaaatga tgagacattt tgccaaaaat ttggtatact     52980
     tatgtgtgca catgtatgtt gtgtatgtgt gtatacacca gagaacaact tgtgcaggaa     53040
     atgatctctt ctcattgtgg aatttggaga tggaactcag atcctcaggc atggcagtaa     53100
     acatctgtac ctgccgagcc atctcactag ctaatcacca attttaaaca agtacacagg     53160
     tcagccatgc tgggctgggg atatggctca gtggggcagc atttgcctca caagttaaac     53220
     atgaggccct gagtttgata cctgttgctg cagtgcaaat aagcaaaaac aaaaccaaga     53280
     agagctaatt tcccaagaaa aaagtgacca cagcacttct ctaaaacaag gaagtgcctg     53340
     ggcagtaaaa tatcatctag gtgaagcaag tgtgctggac ttgcttgcag aaatctagct     53400
     ggtcatgtct gctgagtagg caggagcaca tgcatacact ggctctccat atcatggaca     53460
     caggtgcctg agataggact gggaggaact gtctcggtct caagggacct caatccaaat     53520
     tgttcatctt agttaacagc attatttcac aagagtgcaa tgaatcttca gataagaggg     53580
     taacatggtg ttttggcaca ctgatgctct tccattaaat atggaacaga acttccctcc     53640
     aaaaaaggat tcctgcaaaa acatggttct atattgtgcc tttgtttctg ttccacttta     53700
     aggaggattt gagattagaa agggcaattt aaataaggaa taggagattt tcttactgtt     53760
     cttctcttgc tgcatgtaaa taacaaggaa ggaatcttta aatgttgata ggagctacac     53820
     ctggagcact ccagaagcta gagtaggaag atagtgagat gaagaaagac ccagggagct     53880
     accagtcagt tccaagcctt tcttagctat tatataatga actaagtcag cctgggttac     53940
     atggcatgac tctgtctcaa ggagaagtta ataacaacaa caatgacaat aatgcattag     54000
     gaatatatcc ctccattcca aagctccaaa cacccaggtc ctggctagtt ctatgtcaac     54060
     ttgacccaag ttagaatcat ctgaaaggag ggaacctcaa atgagaaaat gcctccatag     54120
     tatctggctg aagggcattt ttataattag ggatagatgt agtagagcct agtgcatggt     54180
     cagtggtaca atccctgagc tggtggtcct gatttctata agaaagaagg ctgagtaagt     54240
     catgaggagt aaaccagtaa gaagcattcc tccatggcct ctacataagc ttctgcctcc     54300
     tgcctccagg gtcctacgct gttttggttc cactcctgac ttcctttgat gatgggctat     54360
     gatatggaag tgtaagccaa ataacccttt ccttctcaac ttgcctttta ggcatggtgt     54420
     ttcatcactg caatagaaac cctaaaaaac ccagaaggat aaatgacaac ttattttgtt     54480
     atttgctgtt ttcctaagga agggaaggca aattgatgag atagtcagtc caaaatgcgt     54540
     cccttgtccc catcccatgt aaggcagaag tgtcactcac acagcagaca aggagctgtc     54600
     tttcttgggc ttcttcttct ctcttgcatc gctgaaatct agtgcagcct tatccatgcc     54660
     cagtaactca ctgattctgt ctctcccata aaactctcca tatttatcca ttacctgtgg     54720
     ttaagaaaga agtatgtcat tgatcttaac tgttaagtat gcaagagtag tcttcttgct     54780
     atataatata ttttcttgat tttacagata gcccatcttc tggaaccatg ctgttgaagt     54840
     tctaaataaa tctatagcac tttgaataac tcatctctga ggagtaagat acccctctta     54900
     gtaagggagg cacaggaaag actgctgtga tgtacaagaa caagatgatc gggaagagtg     54960
     gtaggaggaa gtgaccacca ttctttcgcc aggaattttg tcagaattct tgtgactttc     55020
     atggtccctc agttctgtcc tcatctaagg tgtctgtcat gatgtaccag ttgtgtgtta     55080
     atagtttcat cccattgtac aggttaagaa acggagaaga tagttcaggt gatgaacagc     55140
     tatatacaaa gctaagtgta gtagcatgtg cttataatct cagcactagg aaggctggga     55200
     ggagtggacc tatgagactc cctggccaat gagctgcgcc taactgctga gtctcaggac     55260
     catggtgcac agcagattgg cttagttagc ctgaaatgtc tgtgttcttt gtcattttaa     55320
     ccaccatttg tctttaatgc tttctttgac ttaaccagtt ttgtgtatgt ggagagacca     55380
     tgtctcaaaa taggatggac tgttcctgag aaacaatagg caaagctgac cttggcttct     55440
     aaacccatcc acacacctgt gtacccaaac acacacgcac acgcacacac acaaatgcac     55500
     acacgcatgc acgcaggtat aaatgaaaga taaaagaaag tttggtacgt gggcatggct     55560
     tgcagctcag cataaatccc agcatgtaaa ctctgtgatg tgctacttcc aggcctaaat     55620
     tcaagtactc atgtgtaatg gtactaaaaa attagccaaa gcaagacagt aatctttcaa     55680
     caaacccaaa agaagatacc cacaaaaaca taattccacc tctagcaaca aaaaataaca     55740
     ggacttaaca atcacgtttc ctaatatctc ttaatatcaa tggactcaat tccccaataa     55800
     aaagacatag attaacagac tggatacata aacaggaccc agcattttac tgcatacaag     55860
     aaacacagct cagtgtctaa gacaaacact tcctcagagt aaaggactag aaaataattt     55920
     tccaagaaaa tggtcccaag aaataagctg gagtagccat tctaataccg aataaaatca     55980
     actttcaacc aaaagttatc aaaaaggata aggaaggaaa cttcatactg gtcaaaggaa     56040
     aaaaatctac caagatgaac tctcaattct gaatatctat gctccaagta caagggcaac     56100
     cacattcata aaagaaactt tactggagct caaagcatac atcacacccc acacaataat     56160
     agtgggacac ttcaataccc cattcttatc aatggacaga tcatggaaaa ggaaactaaa     56220
     cagagacaca gtgaaactaa cagaagttat gaatcaaatg gatctaacag gtatttatag     56280
     aacttttcac cctaaagcaa aagaccatac cttcttctca gaacctcata gtaccttctc     56340
     aaaaattgat catataattg gtcacaaaac aggcctcaac agatacaaga agattgaaat     56400
     aatcccatgc acactatcag atcaccatga accatggctg gtcttaaatt ttaacaaaaa     56460
     caaaggaaaa catgcataca catgtaagct gaacaatgct ctgctcaatg ataacttggt     56520
     caaggaagaa atagagaaag aaattaaaga ctttttagaa ttcagagaaa aggaagacac     56580
     atcataccaa aactaactgg acacaatgaa agcagaccta agaggaaaac tcatagctct     56640
     aaatgcctct aaaaagaaac tagagagagc ttacactagc agcttgacag cacacctaaa     56700
     agctctagaa aaaaaagaag caaattcact caagaggagt agacagcggg aaataatcaa     56760
     attcagggct gaaagcaacc aaatagaaac aaaaagaact atacaaagaa tcaaccaagc     56820
     caggaggtgg ttctttgaga aaatcaacaa gctagagaaa gcattagcca gactaaccag     56880
     agggcaaaga gacagtatcc aaattaataa aataataaat gaaaagggag acataacaac     56940
     agaaactgtg gaaattcaga aaatcatcag atcctactac aaaaacctat actcaacaaa     57000
     attggaaaat ctggatgaaa tggacaattt tctagacaca aactaggtgc caaagaatca     57060
     ggatcaggca aatcttctaa acagtcccat aaccccaaaa gaaatagaag cagccattaa     57120
     tagtctccca ccaaaaaaag ctcaggacca gatgggttta gtcaagaatt ctataatact     57180
     gttaaggaag acctaatatc aatactcttc aaactattcc acaaaataga aacagaggaa     57240
     cactaaccaa ttcattctat gaagccacaa ttactctgat atctaaacca cacaaagacc     57300
     caacaaagaa agaaaacttc agaccaatct cctttatgaa cattgatgca aaagtaccca     57360
     ataaaatctt gccaagaaaa tccaagaaaa catcaaaatg atcattcacc atgatcaagt     57420
     aggcttcatg aaagggattc agggataata ttcagaaatc catcaacgta atgcactata     57480
     taaacaaatt caaagaaaaa caaccatatg attattttat tagatgctta gaaagcattt     57540
     cacaaaattc aacatatctt catgataaaa gtcttggaaa gatcaggaat tcaaggcccc     57600
     aaccaaacat agtaaaagca atatacagca aaccagtagt caacatcaaa ctaaatggag     57660
     agaaacttgt aatctcacta aaatcaggga ctagacaagg ctgcctactc tctccctatc     57720
     tattcaatat agtactagaa gttctaacta gagaaattag acaacaaaag gatcaaaggg     57780
     atctcaaatt ggaaaggaag aagtcaaaat atcactattt gcagatgata tgatcatata     57840
     cttgtgaccc caaaaattac accagagaag ttctaaacct gataaacaac ttcaacaaag     57900
     cgactggata taaaattaac tcaaacaaat cagtagcctt cctatactca aaggataaac     57960
     aggctgagaa agaaattagg gaaactatac ccttcataat agtcacaaat aatataaaat     58020
     accttggtgt gactctaacc aagcaagtga aaaatctgta taagaacttc aagtctctga     58080
     agaaagaagt caaagatctc agaagatgga aagatctccc atgctcatgg gttggcaggg     58140
     ttaatatatt aaaaatggcc atcttacaga aagcaatcta cagattcaat gcaatctcca     58200
     tcaaatttcc aaatcaattc ttcatatagt tagaaagaga aatttgaaaa ttcatttgga     58260
     ataacaaaaa cccagaatcg caaaaactat tttcaacaat aaaagaactt ctgggagaat     58320
     tgccatccct gacctcaagc tgtattacag agcaatagtg aaaaacaaca acaacaacca     58380
     aaaaagaaaa aaaaaaaacc tgcatggtat tggtacacag acaggcagga aaaaccagtg     58440
     gaatagaatt gaagacccag aaacgaaccc acatacatat ggtcacttga tctttgacaa     58500
     aggaggtaaa accatccaat ggaaaaaaga cagcattttt aacaaatggt tctggtagtc     58560
     agcatgtaga aaaattcaaa gcaacccatt cttatctcct tgtacaaagc tcaagtccaa     58620
     gtggatcaag gacctccaca taaaaccata tacagtgaaa cttatagaga agaaattggg     58680
     gaagaactgt gaacacatgg gcacaggggg aattttcctg aacagaacac caatggctta     58740
     tgctctaaga tcaagaatca ataaatgggg acctcataaa attgcaaagc ttctgtaagg     58800
     caaaggacac tgccaatagg acaaaaaggc caacaacaga ttgggaaaag atctttacca     58860
     atcctatatt cgatagagag catatacaac atatacaaaa atctcaagaa gttacactcc     58920
     tgagaatcat ataaccctat taaaatgtgg tacagagcta aataaataat tttcaactga     58980
     ggaatatcaa atggctgaga agcacctaaa gaaatttcac catctttagt catcagggaa     59040
     atgcaaatca aaacaaccct gagattccac ctcacaccag tcagaatgac tgaaaaaaaa     59100
     actcaggtga cagcagatgc tggtgaggtt gtggaaaaag agtaacactc ctccattgct     59160
     ggtgggattg caagcttgta caaccactct ggaaatcagt ttggtggttt ctcagaaaat     59220
     tggacataat actacctgag aacccagtta taccactcct gggcatatac ccagaagatg     59280
     ctccaacatg taataaggac acatgctcta ctatattcat agcagcctta tttataatag     59340
     ccagaagctg ggaagaaccc agatgtccct aacaaatgaa tacagaaaat gtggtacatt     59400
     tatacaatgg agtactactc agctattaaa aatgatgaat tcatgaaatt cttaggcaaa     59460
     tgaatgaaat aggaaaaaaa atcattctga ttgagttaac ccaatcacaa aagaacacac     59520
     atggcataca ctcactgata agaggatatt agcccaaaag ctccaaataa ccaagataca     59580
     attcacagac cacatgaagc tcaaaaagaa ggaagaccaa agtgtgggtg cttcagtcct     59640
     tcttagaagg agaacaaaat actcacagga gcaaatatgg agataaagtg tagagcagag     59700
     actaaaggaa aggccatgca gagactttcc cacctggtga ttcatcccac aaacatcaac     59760
     agtcgcaatc tcagactcta tctaccacaa agtatggaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     59820
     cacacacaca cacacgcatg cacacacaca ctgtgcttaa ttatacttca gttacattta     59880
     agcttttggt atatgcgcca tctctgtatc aggtggtaag gatgtctcta agtgtctcca     59940
     tgacaaccaa gtttgaagca cactgaactg ataaggacac aaaatatctc ttcccaggac     60000
     aggcgcacct gtgccagtac acaccaagct ggcattcacc aaaagacagc atgtgagcta     60060
     agcagttcaa agaatcagca aggagcctgg agcaggctgg tgggggatgg gagggtagtg     60120
     gggggtgtgg ggtgtgagtc tggtgtgtgt gggggggtat gcctgcaatc ccagtattct     60180
     caggaaggtg aggaaagact acagtgagtt taaagccagc ttgggctgcc tggtaagtat     60240
     caggctagtt tgggctacag tttgagacct ctcaaagatc catttaaaaa aaaaagaagg     60300
     aacaagaaaa tacaaaaaaa gtgattcctg cacagcagcc ctcagaacac aaacactttt     60360
     acatgcaata tttcatctaa aatgtatggg agccacacac agaccctgtg tagtagggtg     60420
     gacaggggct gagcagaggc tctcaacagc agagcttagc agcagccaag gttgtggcta     60480
     aagcaaggcc accactctgt tctccccgcc accctccagt acgattagaa tcagatatat     60540
     ttttttaagg tctttaaagt tataagacag aaaacaaaac aaacgaatga acgaacaaac     60600
     aaacaaagcc cacagcctac agccaacacg ggcaacccag ttggtatcaa attcttactg     60660
     attcttgtca ccgttcccta aggcaggaca ggacaggtaa gggaagtaag gtctgttgat     60720
     ttgggggcaa aagagtgtgg atttcttgga tgctcttttt aaaatctcca tttgattctt     60780
     tcactacctg gaaataacaa ctgagagcaa tcagaacaca cctcacaagc cacactctcc     60840
     atccaaaacc atcacagtaa tgtccgaagc acccttaaaa caaaaccaaa aaaccctcag     60900
     aaacgctggg aatatattcc cgcttagaaa tattaccttt cttttcacaa atttatccca     60960
     gtagttattg ggaaatgacc taaaagattc aaaagataca aaagcagaga ggtaagaatg     61020
     atattacttt ttaaatgata aatagcatat aatttgaaat gaacaaaata ctgaaaataa     61080
     tacacatgca gatatcctgc aatctactag tagtacaatg aatcacataa ctactctgtt     61140
     cctatttttt ctataccata agtgtactaa atatcatttt aaataatagc atataaacat     61200
     acaaatagga aaatcacatt aaaaggatat gtgatgatat gtttacataa tcattcttaa     61260
     aattagaatg tttaggaact gtggcttggg tggtggctga cgtgcagagt gcttgtctaa     61320
     catgctcaag gccctaggtt caagcccccc acaccaaaaa agaacaaatg ggctagaaac     61380
     ctatcactgt tttgctatga agttagagtc ttattcccac tggaaaactc ggagcctact     61440
     agaaatggta acttttaaga ttcagcaatt ccagggctgg ggacataaca gcagcagaat     61500
     atttacagag catgggcgag gccttgggtt caatcctcag tgtgataaaa aaaaaaaaaa     61560
     aaaagtaaaa aagagtaagc aagctcagca tatctgattc ttgtcaagta taagcactca     61620
     aaaatatact gtcagtcact gcttctgtag aagttataag ttaaggtgga ttgatatgtg     61680
     acacagcggc tggtttgctt gtccttatct tgacccccct gcagactaaa tgattcctgg     61740
     gttagtttgt tgtaaagggt ttgtttgtcc tcttacaagt gacatcacat tgtaacattt     61800
     gctaggttca tgtgaggctg gaagttcagg cacattagca gtgcaaattc agtgtttgcc     61860
     tttgatgcta taccgctttc cttgatggat aatttctatt tcctctgcat ctggatgaga     61920
     ctgtgggtca tgagcatagt gccaacaccc ccttgatgta gtcccatccg cactgtggaa     61980
     atggcctcca agcacttttt gcttaggaga gccagaccag agcacagaaa ctgcagcatc     62040
     cattaggctt ctcggagttc ttagtctttt gattttcttg gctgaatatg taactgttat     62100
     tcacttggac tgaactttta acaaaccttc agaagatcta gcagagaatt tatttaaaca     62160
     tcttgaaacc cctgagctca gaaatgcttc tcataacccc acactcactg tgtgttgatc     62220
     acaagtctgt cccactggcc tttgatatca tcttccgatg gctgctctgt tatataaagt     62280
     ccgtcaaact ccaacttccg tgccacttcc ttctctcgct taaaaataac caaggggacc     62340
     tgcaaggggg gaggaaccgg catgcgacac tcggttagct gacctgacag gtctcacaga     62400
     caccatcttt acaaaacagc tcttggaaag atttctttct ccataaactt gcaggcaggc     62460
     aaaaacttga ataaaaaaat caatcaacta cactcaggca gaaagaagca tctagaaggt     62520
     ttgggggaaa gcagcacaca tgcacatgca tgttttaaag acatgaggct taatgtatga     62580
     tgagattaat ggaagcattc taaatactaa aacagacagg caattacaaa atattcaatg     62640
     tatttaaata tattatgaac agacgtgaag aaaatcttac atctctgaat gcatgttttt     62700
     taatctcttt aataacagca tgaatatatt atatggaggt aaattaaagt tttaacattg     62760
     gtatactggc tgtttttttt tgtgtgtgtg tcaacttgat acaagctgga gctatcagag     62820
     aaaggagcca cccttgagga aatgcctcca tgagattcaa cggcaaggca ttttctcaat     62880
     tagtgatcaa gggtgggagg acccaatgtg gtccctgggc tagtagtcct gggttctata     62940
     agaaagcaag ttgacccagc tagtaagtaa catccctcca tggcctctgc atcagctcct     63000
     gcctcctgct tcctgccctg tgtgagttcc tgtcctgact tcctttggtg ataaacagca     63060
     atgtggaagt ataagctgaa taaacccttt cctccccaac ttgcttcttg gtcacagtgt     63120
     tttgtgcagg aatagaaacc ctgactaaga caattggcaa aattcttggt gaataaaaca     63180
     agatgtctct gtcatctgct gatgactctc ttttcatgtg gacagcatct atgtgagcac     63240
     aggagatact gacactaagg aagtacccag gaatattaat ccatgagaag agggggacaa     63300
     gaggtagaag ttcctgtatt tcacacacta gtcttttatt ccaagccctg acttttcatc     63360
     tatcttatga gacttaatag ccagaggcac agggcagtga aataaaaaat agatatattt     63420
     gcacaggtga ggatatcctg agcactcaga gagacaatat tactatctca aattctactc     63480
     accaaggctc actgttacct cccatctact gggcagggac aaggggataa aagcaactta     63540
     ttttctggat gaaacagcag gaagtgtgca tcttctgtca tggatgttga aagatctgta     63600
     cctaacaaca gaacacttgt gcctgacaag tatttaactg tgagagtctg tgggtggtag     63660
     ggaaggtggc tcacgtttgt gtggtcaagt tgtacttgaa aaggttgact gtataaatag     63720
     ttattagtag gcaaaagcgt acctgaaatc aatgactgat cagtagaaac tcagagaggt     63780
     caggctctct catcctagct tcagaaatgg aagcctatga ccacatttta ctctcctgcc     63840
     cttagcccat tattgtccct tactccaacc tgcttacccc ttctgcccca gaggtgtgga     63900
     tccctagagc atcctaaata aaatgccaca cttggaaatc ccccctcagc accagaatcc     63960
     ccagaagtcc acagtacaga caggcactct acacacacag atacctgggg acttactttc     64020
     aagcagtagt atccgatgat gcaaaagaag gagatgatgg tgtggaggat ggctaagatg     64080
     cgcagggtgg gttccatgta gccgctgctc tcctccagga catagtgaac cgcaatgatc     64140
     ctgtgggggc tgctgtctag gctgttggtc actttagcag tatcgctgga ggttcgggta     64200
     ggcagctcct ttccttcaac cacagaagaa gtggagacct gattcaaacc atttaaaata     64260
     cagtcagttc tctgcatgcc acgtcgtcat aaacagaaag aaatgaaaac atgatatctg     64320
     cagacagttg ggtatgaagc cagtacataa tggtatcatg gaaagactat gaggaaatcg     64380
     taaagagaca gcttttccaa cagaaaactc atgtaataag tatgtgtcta aagtttatgc     64440
     tggggctggg ggttgctgag agagaactta gtcagaaaaa gcacttgctg cctcacacac     64500
     acagttaatc tttttaaagt tcatgctaat ccaacaaaaa gttataagga tcccaaattg     64560
     tacagaaagt actagatact tttcttctca gttatccata taatgtcatg tgagaaaggg     64620
     tctgtctcat ccagtcatcg taaatcataa caagtaagaa attcaactga atcgtcctag     64680
     gaacactggg gtgaaccctc tgtaacactc gaccctctca gtcctggcca gctgatgttc     64740
     ctccccctca cttgccagga gtgcaggcac cgtcttctgg ggcatctgca ggaggcctgg     64800
     gctttggcct gtctcttggt taagatgcag tttagaattg gtgtagtaat atgaatcgca     64860
     gttcatgggg aatctatcca ttggcatcag tcacttttca cattcagaac ggtctttaac     64920
     tcaccaaaac acacgtacat accttgtaga agagcaggat gaaattgatg gcgaaggcaa     64980
     caaacaaggc cagcattctc atgttgtaaa agttgcgagc aaaatagttc tgaagagaga     65040
     aagaattaag aataggccac taggtaagag atcggagatg ggcaaacgtt ttaaacaagg     65100
     cattcattca tttactccag actatacaga ttgagagcct attgtggtct tggtgctaga     65160
     gacacacagc aaaggacaaa gtgagaacta acaataacca cacctttaca tatcattcaa     65220
     ggactctaaa aggcatattg atacataggt gagggtttag ggagtgagat gataatttgg     65280
     aataggtggt taggaaaggc ttatgtcagg aggtgagctg gagcacaggc ctggggatgg     65340
     caagggagct acctgagcca acacaggggg aaggtgtttt agagacatgg atagtgccaa     65400
     cggggccctg aagtaagagt ggggctatag agagggttaa gcacatgtgc tgttcttgca     65460
     gaagatctgg gttcagtttc cagcacacac agaagttcac aactacctat aactctaact     65520
     tagggggatc tgatgccctc atctagcctc cagaagtatt aataaagaat aatgggatgt     65580
     gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcag gagctgagtt ttaaaggccc     65640
     ctgataaaga tttgagttgt ccattacagt aaactgattc aatgatctct aaatccactt     65700
     acgaccccca agactacact ttacagatgt gaagtctgtc ctcgcatttc ctggattcaa     65760
     aatgtggatg aatgacctaa ttcttcctag aacatatctt gtctcttctg tagtgtgaac     65820
     ataacaacag aaccagcctc ttatacttgc tacgagaatt attgagaata tacgagaaat     65880
     ccgttattca ttttaatatg ctactagtag taatatatga tactttgtat gctgccactg     65940
     ttataattgc tgttttactc tagagtggat aagatgctat tgaagaaata aagaaaacag     66000
     gttagtaggc atggccacaa aaagaggtga tgttgtcagc gggtttgctt ccattgtagc     66060
     tgtggacatg gaactaggta gacctttgag gaactttgaa agaagaactg agggttgctg     66120
     tttgttttct gttctatgct agaagtaaga gagaaagggc tcaaagatca gtactaagtg     66180
     actggttagt atggcacatt gaatcagaag aagccaaagc aactcagcag aagaggatgt     66240
     aagggaagag gctacattgg aagctactgt ttgttataac atgaactgag ctttagcctg     66300
     ataatgccta accatagcaa tgcctctcac taatctctcc gtggactcac cccctctttg     66360
     gggtctccgc cctacagtga atgctggctt tactgccaca cctagatgta ctaggactga     66420
     atgacatact caaattgggc caattatatt ggtattatct cctagaaagt aacaaaatag     66480
     gtcacagaga tggagttatc taactatggc ttttgtatgg gactgtcaca aagacatgga     66540
     aaagagagat ctatgggcag ggggcaagca tcatggccat cattggtctg atgaatgcaa     66600
     actggcaagc caatgcctaa gctacaaaaa tatggagagc ggtggaagag ttacataaaa     66660
     ttgggaaaca taggaacgga gaggcagaaa agaaaggaca gcctcagttg ctttccttaa     66720
     gcaactacag agacaggctc ttgggaacca cagagctgct agaggttact gaagagccta     66780
     cccaacctcc aaagcatcta caaagagatg cctgctgcta tagcaaccac tgatgcatat     66840
     caaattaaca gttacacaga gttgtctcag aaaacgttat gttcaatgga ctcaaacaat     66900
     atagagaaaa cacaagattt ggaaatactc ctagaaaacc ctatgaagaa ctatcttctt     66960
     tttctcattt cactttcttt tacttgtctc taaagaaaat ttttgaatta tcgtcactga     67020
     aaagctgact cattaggttt atacttataa aatatattta tgttttactt ctatacattt     67080
     atacatattt cttttaaata aaaggtggga tgatagactc atttggttct gggctgaact     67140
     ataaattcca tggaccaagg aggctatgcc tagtttatgg tcaactatta cagagccttg     67200
     aaaatatgcc tgatgggttc taaagtatat gttggaagac tatggactac tgtggttatt     67260
     cagttgaggg atgtcaagac agtaacacat atagaggcct tgggggcatc agaccatgtg     67320
     aaggtgtgta gaggccacag agtatcaggc agtataaata ttgtagaagg agcagtagct     67380
     tgagaaaaag acatttgctt taaaacacaa atacactggg ttgtaaagat ggctcaaaaa     67440
     ttaagagcac tggctgccag tgcaggggac ctaggtttgg ttcccagcac ccacatgata     67500
     gctcacaaat gtctgtaact tcagatccag ggtatcagat gccctcttct ggccccctca     67560
     ggcacttgca tactcatgga atacatcaac gcatggaaac attcacatgt acatataaaa     67620
     taaagatcaa ctgtttcaaa aatccaaata cactaaaatg agtagatgaa catctgctta     67680
     gctctcgtag gtcaaacaac ttgagccttt ataggtcaaa tcagttgcaa agagaaaata     67740
     cttagacaac attttgtcct aaatggatat agactttttt ctcttaccat tattccctaa     67800
     atgattcact atattatacg tttccacaac attcatactg catttgagat tgtaaataat     67860
     ctagataggt caaaacacac agaagaatgt gtgctattaa cactcagaca ttctactctt     67920
     tacacatgag gggctgtgta ctctcagatg tgggtggtag gaggattctc tgggatcagc     67980
     tgctacccat agccagggac aaccaatcaa taccaaaagt ctcaccagca gcttctgttg     68040
     gtaggctatg attttcttcc agaatgctga ctcaggcact tccggctccc catagcgatg     68100
     tgtatgaagc tgcctcaact tctgtttgct cttctcatct ttggcttttt cttctttttc     68160
     tccatcctcc cctctatgaa agcaaaggaa tcataaacca tatagaagac ctgaagaacc     68220
     acacagctac aaagtgagca aataaatccc aatagccatt tagaaactaa gttctatatg     68280
     tatgtacaga tatgtgtaag catgtgtgtg tatgtgcata tacatgtggg aatcaaaaaa     68340
     caaccccgag gatccttctt cctcaggtac tactcaccgt gatttgtgag ctagtctagg     68400
     actgtttcgc ctgttaggct aggctgtctg gccagcaact cctcagggtt tgcccatctc     68460
     tacctcccca gtactgggat tataagagca ggccatcacg tccaaccttg tatgtgggtt     68520
     atacatttat gtggctaaca ctttaggaac tggaccatcc ctgtagctct caaactaagt     68580
     tcaaccccaa agaatcattg cattctgggt tttagattga ggaaaaggat ttcctgccct     68640
     caccacagat gaataattct gtggaatttg aatcaaaatg gcattttttt tttcaggcta     68700
     gaaagctttc tgtgcccata tttgagcaga ttctctttat ttatgtagta agacgtttga     68760
     ttctcctgcc tcccccaccc tctttcaaca catcttgctt tcttcttatt gtggaagaaa     68820
     ggaaggcctc acacatgcca ggcaagtgat ctgccctgaa gtgacatctc aggcctcttt     68880
     ttaccattta attgggacag ggtttcagta agctgcccaa gctggccttg aacttcctct     68940
     gtataaccca agccatcctt gaatgtgtag tcttcctgcc ccagcctctc aaaggcctag     69000
     aggtgattgt tttgtgtgtg ctatttgtgg gggtggggaa tgccatttgt ttgggggaag     69060
     agacagggca tgtcactttt gtgtgggagg tgacatgcct ttattgtgta tgtgtgggga     69120
     ggcatgccat gtgtggtagg gtcagatgtc atatgcaggg tcagatgcca tagttcacca     69180
     gtgaagggca acatgtagga gttgattctc accttctagg aattgaactc agtacctcat     69240
     gtttggtagc aagtccttta cttgctaagc cagattgctg gcccttaatt caaattttaa     69300
     cagtctctaa ccactgagac ttaaaatcaa agtcctatac gtttgggttt tttttttttc     69360
     cacatataaa ggacattgat atgctaataa actgatacac attcacttaa ttttattaag     69420
     gaaaatacat taattttaat atcaatataa tcttactgct ttattgattt cagataacaa     69480
     tggaattaga agtttagtac atttttaagg attagagtta cttacttatg ttgtgtgtgc     69540
     acttgcacat gcgtgggagt cagaggacaa gctgaggtga gagttggtta tcttcttcta     69600
     ccatgtaggt cctggtacct gttctgagaa ctgggataag acaggaacct acacttttca     69660
     gtttttctta accttttcta gctggataaa tgagattaca tatcttcggg gtgagacaag     69720
     ggttttctat tcctgatata aagccatggt ggaaaaagat ttgggcattt cccttgtttc     69780
     atgctctgct cctcattgcc tacatctgcg tttataaccg ggctccacaa caccaggtat     69840
     gtcctcctcc aggaggctcc cagacatgga agaaagcctg tggtgctaca tactcagctt     69900
     tctctggttc cgacttggtt tcttcctttt cttccttttc ctctttcgcc ttctgctcct     69960
     tgaacatttc aacaggaaac aaaaataaac aagaatattt cattattatt gcaggtgctt     70020
     gtatatggtg caagtgttct tgtctctgca gcaaggtatg tgcatgcgtg gccatgcgta     70080
     tggagatcag aggacaacct aagtcattgt tctacagaag acacacacct tggcttttta     70140
     agacaggcct gagatttcta aattagacga gtcttgctag ctagcgaact caggggcctt     70200
     gcctgccttt gccgcccctg agctgagatt atgagcccct gtgctattat atttgacttt     70260
     ttcttttgaa aatgtgggct ccttggattg aactccagtc ctcatgcttg caaagggtca     70320
     taaatagatt tctattgttg agataaaacc ccacaagtga aagtatctgt cgaggaaagg     70380
     gttcccgtca taccacagtt tacagtccat cactggggga agtcaggaca gaaacctgga     70440
     ggcaggaact gaagcagaag caggtacaaa attgcttccc agcttcatct tcatagtttt     70500
     ctcggcctgc tttcttatat aagccaagac tatctgccca gattaggcac tacccacagt     70560
     gggttggacc ctcccacgtc aatcattaat ttagggaatg cctaacacac ttgtccccag     70620
     gccagcctta tggtggactt tttttctcaa atgagagttt ctcttctcaa atgattccag     70680
     cttgtgccaa ttggacaaaa aatggtaacc aggacaggaa gcaaggactt tagcagcaga     70740
     gatcttctca gctctctaag tagggtcaca aattaccact gagtgccttt tgggagctgt     70800
     gtagccacct gccaattcat atcccagagc ccacatagga gcccttttgg ctgtactgag     70860
     atagagtctc catgaacgtg catcctcctg tctctcacct tttatgcaca ccttcctctc     70920
     caaaagcatt gaattaagag ctctctaggc tcctgtccac cggcttttct catttcagaa     70980
     actaccttct ttatcttatc cactgggcca aatcttcttc atcttttgag ggcaatttaa     71040
     gtcttatctc ttgttatcac catctagcca ctggtgtttg cattgtatca gcacatggac     71100
     ctacacccat ggacaaacct tttggctctg actatctcat tccctcagtg ttctcagaca     71160
     cttggaaaaa caagcatgag gatgagggga gggaaagatg atacattttc acataacaat     71220
     tcatattcgt tccttatgga tctagttttg ccttccaaag gtcttttttt ttcagaaatt     71280
     caagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agatgtgtgg tgtgtataag aataagagag     71340
     aggaggcaga gcacatgtgt ccaagcacat ggggtgctaa cagggggaga gaggggggag     71400
     ggggagaggg agagggagag ggagagggag aagagggaga gggagagggc ctgatggcat     71460
     tactaatgat gacttaaagt acctgaaact tttcttgtac ctcagggaca gggacagggt     71520
     tggtcatgag gtcactgagg ccggcatttg ggttgtgagg aattagtttg tactgccctc     71580
     cttctctctt cagatccaag ccgaatatgt cagaaagaag atcactctcc tctgtcagtt     71640
     ccttcaagtc tgtcaggtct tcagagggca gggctgactc taaaggcttc ctctctccct     71700
     cctcctcatc tcctcgcacc tcatcctgag tggggtctgg catgttagct agaagttctg     71760
     ccactttgat tttcttagca ccttccacca ggctgccccc cagcaacagg ctggagacaa     71820
     tgcgaaagaa gcccctgcag acactggcca cgaagtgcaa gagggtgaca aacacactcc     71880
     agtaggatga gaagaaggcc aagaccatgt ccttcactgt catcttcttc atcctcttca     71940
     tctgcttctt caggctcttc aggctgagca tcctcacgag ggttaggaca ttgtacctga     72000
     gagcaaacag ggctgactgg atggtgagga gggagaagaa gcccattcgt ggggcctgct     72060
     cctctggcct ctccttctca ctctcttctt tattagccaa cctctcattc agatcagact     72120
     ctgagatctg agctgccaac tgcatctcaa agatggtgtc ctcacagaag ttcacaaaga     72180
     gctccatctt ctccttctcc ccgccctcat tgaccacatc gaatatgaac tgcctcttgg     72240
     actccttaac ctggggtttc tcccactggg ttcggctgga ttcgctgatc tcaaaataga     72300
     ccctttcgat gcgcttggca ctgcccatga tctcaatgcg acccaggaaa ggttggaagt     72360
     agttgaggac actctctgcc aactccaaga aggtctgcag cctcgtgtca ttgggcatgt     72420
     gctctgagag gttggtcagc agaacagcca cgttgaagcc gatgtccttg gcaggctcat     72480
     ggaacctctt gacaaactct tcatagtcaa gtgtctcgtt ttcatctgtc tctgcacagg     72540
     acagcaggaa ctcagtctct gactgggtgt agtgcttgtg gctctccatg gctttgtgga     72600
     agtctctctt ggaaatgacc cctttgccat cagggtcata ctctttgaat gtgtcagagg     72660
     atgttaagtc cttcagcttc agaaacatgt caaagaactt gaggatcatc tccacgttgt     72720
     tggacgactc cacaagcatg tccaccatct gtttgcctat tgttccgttc accacattac     72780
     ctggaggaaa ggcatttgta gatgttttca aaatgagcac ttttgacaaa gctggtatct     72840
     acaatcaatc aatcaataag ccatcatgca gaactgggat taaacatgaa cccaagtcac     72900
     ttatttaaat ttcctcccag tctatgaggc ctcaagaacc gatggataat tatttctaat     72960
     ctaacatctc aaaaggtgat taaagaaaca ctggaagagc cttgattaca aagtaattag     73020
     gttccataca taaaatcata tttctgggcc tgtgagatgg tttatcagat aagggtactt     73080
     cttgctgcaa ctgacagctt gagtacccct cccagttctc cttttttttt ccttcttctc     73140
     ccttgctctc tccatttctc tttccctccc tccctccatc actgttttag aatggaaacc     73200
     atgatcctgt atctcctcat ggtccagagt ttggagttag aaatgaagag attacccata     73260
     agcttcagaa aaatggggtt attttataaa tagaaatccc acagaagact gtcttcctag     73320
     aacatggagt tctatgaacc cccaaacagg tagataattg gcaagatgcc acagatgttt     73380
     ctgaaacatg tttatgtagt agacacatgt ggtgaagagc ctgaggtagg cttcaggaat     73440
     gcctgaggga aattatcttt gtaaattaca atgactggtg ttagaagacc catcttactt     73500
     gtgggtagga ctatcctctg ggcagatggt cctggagaaa agagctgagc actagcaggc     73560
     atgtgtttat tgcaatctgc tctcttgttg tggaggcaac caaccagctg cttcaagccc     73620
     cttccacctt aattccttcc ccaggataca atgtgccaca gaaataacca tttctccact     73680
     aagtagcttt tatcaggaaa tgatatcata gcaagaagaa aagaaactaa ggcacccagc     73740
     aatgcatggg agctgctgga cactgcttcc tggtatgagg tctcgctaca tgatgatacc     73800
     aaataagagc acaaatttgt ctgaaaagaa taaaagagaa cttgaaagta agtgcacatt     73860
     tcaggtctta ccttctagca tagacagcag catgaccacc atgtccttct ggagatccat     73920
     aagttctttt aagagctcaa tctggctgga atcctagaaa caatggattg catttgagag     73980
     aaggggaaga gaatgtggca agatcacatc agtctcacag agaactttct ggctgaagac     74040
     actaagccct ttaaggcact gtagaactat agaatgtcaa atataaacac atggcttact     74100
     gaaaataaat tgttgatgaa gtaacgaact tcactgctca ctttgatgtg tgtatgctga     74160
     agtacctgca agaacatgtg cccaacaggt gtgtagaaga atccaagtcc tgggaatcat     74220
     gctaaggccg gacaagattc agctgtgcag atattggaca cattttcact tgaaaaggca     74280
     ataatttttc ttcactctga cttctttctt cttactcttt tttatatgta tatatttata     74340
     aagtgtgtac atgtgtgcat gtgggcatgc tcatatccca ctgtaagcat gtagaggccg     74400
     taggacagtt ttcaggtagt gactctctcc ttccaccatg tgtgtcctgg ggaccaaact     74460
     tggcccccag gcttggcagc tagtgccttc atcctcttag acacctctct tctgacccta     74520
     acacttgcat tttttctatc atgtgctggg cacccattac caaaggtgtg tcagaccatt     74580
     agataccagc aaaatgcctt gcatcagaga gggtaccagg atgagattat ttttttctat     74640
     tcatgcatct ttaatttgaa atgggaattc aaagtaagga agcaaaaagt tatttctaac     74700
     agactttgca aatttacatc aaaacatgtt tctttttttt aatctttata accactgtct     74760
     tctctttgac tttcagaaag ttgctttcct ggtagctcga atgtcatctt tgcttctgtg     74820
     tgaccctgta agaacttccc cctttcattt tttgcttgtg tgtgactctg taaaaacttc     74880
     cactccttaa caaatttatt acaagtttca aatccctttt cagtatccac aagagggaag     74940
     aaaatcccca gtgaacaaag aacagagaat gagtcgggag ccaatggctt tcttctggac     75000
     cttatgggta cctgcagtta cacgcacata cccaacacac acacacacac acacacacac     75060
     acacacacac gtttttttta aaaaagcatt taccttaact agctatatga tatgttattt     75120
     atgagttcaa taaaaataaa atgattttat tacaaaataa attaaaattt taaaatgaag     75180
     tatttgatat agattaaaag acccttaggg gagagatata aagagataat atcaaactta     75240
     aggaagcaag tatagttggt ggctctagtc catgttgtac ccactcagtt aaaggcactg     75300
     acttacctga gacagcttca tttgcatgtg tgcaaataca tgaaggaagc ccacaacagc     75360
     atcccacagc ctgctgtgtg ccaggctctg ctgatttcca gtacaagggc cctgcagcat     75420
     gaacagagag acaatgatca tttaggatca tttattggcc caaggaaact ttagggaata     75480
     aagaaatcct actctctgtt cacacatttc attacaggtc ctcatctatg aagataaggc     75540
     ataaaatacg agaaatgtgg tagggataag gtgccctcaa cagttggtgt ccaacctgca     75600
     attacctagt taaatgtacc taaaaatgtc tcagggattt tgacagtttg tttctgtatg     75660
     aatactaaca cactggggat acttatcatt tcttctattt agaggaaaag aggagggtac     75720
     tgacggttgg ttattcagtc aaattgatag ttactatctt gtgttaaact agtgtggtgg     75780
     caaagacctg tgaaaccaac aagagagagg tgttcaaggt catctctggc tacttagtag     75840
     ctcgagacca gtctgcagtc tgcactacat gagacccttc cagaaaacaa agacaaccat     75900
     caacaaaaaa tatgaaaata tgcttaggag gaaaagaaga ttttctctta ttcctaacta     75960
     agtaatgtag atacaatatt cacagaggaa acaactctca tgttttgttg tataattatt     76020
     tagcaaacag tgtagccact gacaattttt aaattaatat ttatcattaa tctcataaat     76080
     cctaaattca aaggaactga atctgttatt atatatatat ttataacata tatacatata     76140
     tatttttgga aagctattgg ctgaaagagc tctaggcttc ggtctcctgc agaacacaaa     76200
     ccgagctata tctttataac atgagctcaa tagtcaggga caaacaagca aagcaacctc     76260
     taattagaag ccttattatt cagccaatca tatattaaca tacataaaaa gtagttcctt     76320
     aaatatatac tacatactag acacattatt taaaatactc ccagaaacac aggataaaag     76380
     ttctcccacc ctgcccactt gagggagcac tgactcatct gcaggctggc tcggcctgat     76440
     ttataaatag gtaacttttg aactctcaag taattcttat aaataaaatt cagtgattgt     76500
     taaactcaaa ttttaacatg ggggagggaa atggttcaat ggatagaaag gactgcgtgt     76560
     gactgatgag atgagttcaa accctgtgag ctccatttaa aagaaaagcc agattcagag     76620
     ggtccatgtg caatcttagt cctgtaaatg gaggcagagg caggattgta aggcgctttg     76680
     caggcaagct agactggagt actttacaca gaaatgaaga caagagagat cgcctcgcga     76740
     caaggtacaa ggctgtggta aaatctgccc tcaaaacaat aatctgtggc attttgttgc     76800
     tactgaagtg catctgcaac gcactaacac ctggtgcagg aatcagagag aaaagatccc     76860
     gagattacag gtgaacagca gaaaatcagc ttggcctttg tttagtgaca atttcctctg     76920
     ggacatattt aaggttctaa attggagtaa gagttttgca tcacactggg caaactagga     76980
     cttgtggagc agtcctgata atgcaacagt ggcaagccta aggctgaaca tgcactatta     77040
     ccttaccaaa tgaatattgt agcaacccat tattttggac taaaacctgc tgaaaatcaa     77100
     aattgagcca ttcgtgataa ggttccaggt tacaaagtca aaagcgaagc tgttaccctg     77160
     accttcaaat caactgaaaa gaaaatggct ttaattctga gatcttgtcc ccttggcaag     77220
     atcaggaaag tgcttcctca tcaggatcct gacacaaaaa tcaaacctaa gtccgaccct     77280
     ttaccctgat gctgatcggt tactctttgt agaccatttt gactccctgg tactgaagac     77340
     agggagagtg actagcctgc aatcttcagc ttctttggtt ctttcttcca gctcattgat     77400
     ggactgcttt tattttacca aatgaagtgc tgtcccattc cagaatcggg aaataatgct     77460
     aattgtgaca ggaaatgaca ttatgtgatg tcacccacgt acatccttca aagctaaaag     77520
     gatgtagcgt acattcaaga gcctgctcct ccttaggctg cttgcgtctg ggagctgtta     77580
     gcaaatctaa acaggctctt agatgctacc ttttcattat tcctgtgcaa cttcaacctc     77640
     actgtctctg gactacaata aactacgtgt taacaaccca gtttctcatc tctttccttt     77700
     ctctcatagt tattgagtgt tcaacagtta ttacaagccc tagaaatgta gcattacaca     77760
     aactactcct ctagagcctc tctaatgacc acagtttcac tgtgtctagt tgtatacacc     77820
     aacctcatat ttagtgtaga tattggtaaa gagaaggcaa agaatgaaca gaaggactgg     77880
     ggagataggt gagaggccca gcacgcacat ggcagctcac aacggcctga aatttcagct     77940
     ccaggatatc tgacactctc ttctgacttc cctgggcacc cacacatgca aaaaataaat     78000
     acatgaataa tatatatata tatatgtata tatatatata tacacacaca tatatataca     78060
     tacacacaat atacatatac acacatatat acataaatat atatataatt aatttttaat     78120
     tcaataggaa tgtggagtat attttaggtg caatacattt tctctgaatt caataactga     78180
     ttaaattcta tctctgtcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcat     78240
     ctatctatct atcaactatc taccttacat ctatctgtaa gtactggaga ttgaacctag     78300
     agctaggcat gtgttttcct tctgacctat atctgccctt tttacttttt attttgcaac     78360
     aggatctact aacttggcca tgttgctgag gttagaattc tctctgcagc ctaggcaggc     78420
     attggattta agagttttct acctcacgtg gtgatttgca ggaatgacaa gtctgtgccc     78480
     ccgggcccag ttcagaagtg tctctttaaa aacggttgtc tctgtctctc tttacacaac     78540
     tgaaatgctt gctgcttacc tggatgtact ccgtgagcgt gttgaacacc tgcttcgcca     78600
     cttgaatggc tttggaaaag ttacgctgcc cctgctcatc tatgatgtcc ttgccagagt     78660
     agtaccaata gaaatcacta atggactcct ggaaaacaga gaccgtgctg tgggtgggca     78720
     ttagccagtt cacactgacc caaccaagct tggaggacag cagagagatc ttaaacacag     78780
     tggcaaaagg aaagctgtga aataaacacc tgccaccagc aacctcccca agggcgaggt     78840
     gtgggaagac cccattatct ccagcaacac ccctaccgaa ataacaagca gagaacttag     78900
     cttcgaaaat tgctttctga tgaccataga tttgacaaag ggaataattc aggaaactaa     78960
     tgtacttgtc tgctgagtga atttagatgt ttataaagtg atcctggtaa gtagacaggc     79020
     catggaacaa tgttttagag gttacagatg tctgccctcc tttttctcca aagaaaccat     79080
     gagtatttca ccaaggtgag tccatagcta ggagctatgg tgctcctaac ttctgtagct     79140
     aaggacagtg gctggcctgc tcatgatcat tgacagcttc aagcaggctc ctgtgacatc     79200
     gatattcaca gatatgttcc atgtcaacac attttcaaga gctcttcatt gtctaaacaa     79260
     atgacataat tttgttgaag atactgacta catttgagtt tggtaacata gtctcagaac     79320
     ttgcaagtat ttttttcaga agtgccttta gatttatttg cttcataggg gacctttctc     79380
     ccattaagga gaggaagggt gagaggggag aaaagaagtt aggggagaga gagtaaggca     79440
     gggtgggagg gagggaggga gaaagaaagg ggagaggcaa aagaagggat aaagatgaag     79500
     aaaagaaaag agcagaagag aggcaaggaa gagaagagag gggaggggaa gggaagggag     79560
     ggcagggcaa ggcaggggag gggaggggag ggcaggggag gggaggggag ggcagggcaa     79620
     gggaggcagg ggaggggagg ggagggcagg ggaggggagg ggaggggagg ggaggggagg     79680
     gcagggcagg gcaaggcagg ggaggggagg ggagactaaa ctggccatac tccttcattt     79740
     tcaaaggaag ataggcctgg cctggtgatg tcatgttata atcccagctg ttgatggtag     79800
     aacaacctaa gacaaagctt gaaagtttaa gggcttcctg ggatatagag ggagttcaag     79860
     gctttgagtt agaatcctga taccagggag aatttttttt aaaagatatt aaagaaaaag     79920
     ctggaagctt aaatttctac atctgcctgc ctgcctgcct tccttccttc ctttctcttc     79980
     tttctttctt tctttctttc ttcctttctt tctttctttc ttttatagga cactgagaga     80040
     aataaaacct ttatggagcc actgtcattg tacagcctca tcccttggct gcaatgtggc     80100
     aaactggtta aacataatta gagtgtccaa agcattttta agcaacaagg ttttgggtta     80160
     aattttaaat cagtgaaaat actaagacaa cagtaaaact cagcttggtg tgccaggagg     80220
     cagtggggta gacttgcttt tgtatctttg tatctctctc cctagcggtg actcaaccga     80280
     aggtgtcaaa gtgcttcaca aaacaaacta aaatactatt gacctcagaa ggagaggtta     80340
     caaaaagtag aattatagga aggttgaaat caaaggtaaa gctcccattt tagccagaaa     80400
     tccacacaca ttcaaaccca cttagcattt ctgcggttgg ccgtgacccc agtgtcaccc     80460
     atggctggca gatgcgacca cttacctgca ctcgaaggag gtagtccaca gtagagatga     80520
     tgatattaac tgtggtgttg ttgccggtct gagttctcag gtaattctga aagtctacac     80580
     aaaaccaatt ttttttttat taaaagcccc ctcagaagta caagtaaggt gaccctacaa     80640
     gtcaatgatg ccaccaaaca gtaacattag tgtggccaaa ggcttgtttg tctgatctct     80700
     tgaacatgaa atcattcaca tttcctataa tcctccagtt aactcgtggt agagagtctg     80760
     cctcatatgt gtgagacccc aggttcaatt tccagccaca taaatgaaaa gcaaaatgag     80820
     tgatgatctc cccaaacata cttcacagaa ggccagtgct cagctccaga ttaagacatt     80880
     gcgagcatca gctcatccca tgttctagag ctctggatat ataagtgact gaggatgttt     80940
     ccacccttga ggacataaaa tggaattatc tattcaggaa ccgtgtgctc tcaagttcta     81000
     cacaaaaatg tttggaagac aaaggcgaca ttgagtaagg agtagttcct ctccttttgg     81060
     aactgcaggc tggcccagag ctgggtataa aaaccaggaa atagaaatac atcaagcaac     81120
     atagacaaat gtatgcctga ggacaataaa aatcaggaaa aaaaagatag tcatccacat     81180
     tactgtgaag ctatctaatt tattatcatc atcattatta tcaccaccac cacatccctt     81240
     gttttcacta acattaaaat aatgggaaga tcaagaaagc caggaacatg gtacactctt     81300
     gtaatctcag catttgggag gcagaggctg gaggaggctg gtgtacacag ccagtttgga     81360
     gctagcaagg ctaataagac tttgtctcaa aaaactagga gggagagagg aaagagaagt     81420
     acagggagct gggaagggag tgagaaagag tggaaatggg agaggaaggg aacaagggac     81480
     tggggaggga gagaggggtg gtttggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggaaagac     81540
     agatggattc atggatggat gcatggaggc agtcaggcat ggatagaggg aaggaggcaa     81600
     ggagggaggt ggagagagag ggagggaggc agggagggaa ggaggcagga ataggggcag     81660
     agagacaaac agggaggaag gcaagcaggg agagagggag ggaggggcag aaggagggaa     81720
     gaagggaggg aagcaaagac agaaggaagt gaagatgaaa aactatgcaa agatttttaa     81780
     agcatcagtt ccacctatca actgccatgg tgcagagctc agtgcctgca aaacaatgct     81840
     caggtgtgcc ccaccaactc agaagccgaa gcccagtcag aagccaaggg tgtctgccct     81900
     catagcagag cacctcactt cctggccacc atctgcatgg atcacacatc acccacctga     81960
     gttgtgcccc tcacaaagca gctgcaggaa tcggaagagg tcacaggtga actcgtcatc     82020
     ctgcagaacc ttctcccctg tgggaaggac agaggatgaa cagtgaccat ccccggggat     82080
     gccctcccgc tcacccccac ctccaacact tgcacatcca gcttgcagct ttctgcaccc     82140
     agaacagaac caagtcccag ccaccaccgg gcttctatct gaagctcctg ggatcatgcg     82200
     cttggcagat agatgtgctt tttctttatc agaaaagaac aggtcaatct taaaattcgg     82260
     agttctctct gttagaagta gcagcatggg ttggcaacat tttacaaata gcccaaaggt     82320
     tgagtcttcc ttccctgata ccttgtgtcg tgaatagtaa tgaactctac atcttttata     82380
     aatattagac tctctttgct ctggaggcat gaccacatgg ttcattggca aagccactaa     82440
     caaacaaaac aacactcagt atttctttta ataaattata attaaaagat ctttgtgaat     82500
     attgtcaact gatagaaatg gtcaacccat gttaattttt catcaacttg tcaactaact     82560
     aaaaaaggca gtagctcagg tgtctcaaat agagatatgc ctagtggggc agtattttca     82620
     gagaatgggg aggattgtcc ctgtgaaacc ccatgaaaga cttaggagct cagctgagag     82680
     ctgatcacta acagagaaag gtaggaagac aagatggccg gtccttgggc agaagccatg     82740
     ttgaactata aaaagtatac atacatcatg attactactg aagacttagg aaagggtttg     82800
     atcccttacc tattttgcaa ttcacaatcc cagtttcctt ctagacacaa aagcacaagg     82860
     aaagaaacaa acacgaaaca gcatcacaca aatgaaaact gattgttaaa gcaaaataat     82920
     gtgcaactgg gaaaaaaatg tcaacattat gaacgccttc ttagaaatgt gtattattta     82980
     gaaagaaaaa tgacccaaaa aaaagctgct ttgccagtga atggatgtac taatgtattt     83040
     aaataaaata ataactgttc aggctgggaa gagttggggt tgagaaagga cattatgcaa     83100
     tcaatgctca tgggcttagc tagatagatg aatgatcatg gagacacgag agctgatgga     83160
     cttaccagtc cgtagtctgt gactttcaaa gtgagaggct tcatataatg gtaggggtag     83220
     gaagcaaaac cattttggta actaatgtaa acattaaaaa tgtatatata atcattgtac     83280
     ctgtttccct actcactccc aagaaatgat aaaaatcgcc aagcacatca atctattgat     83340
     gcagcaaatt ctaagagtaa gaggaacctc cacacatggc tgataagtcc attcctcaac     83400
     gcttaggtcc atgataggag aacagtttag gctgatagac aagctaaact ctccattgat     83460
     gattcaaggt atcattttca tgagccatat aaatcagaag actcttcaaa atgatattga     83520
     aatcaaacga ttatgaattc attcagacat attgattctt tccctgtggg cccattaata     83580
     tttttttatt ttagaaaatg aaaaaccgca tagtatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtatgtat     83640
     gtatgtatgt atgtattttt tcaatgttca aaatgtcaat ggtcttgtgg aaactattca     83700
     gaaaaaaata actctaaagt aacaacactg aggtagtcca tttgtgtgtc cagcaggcaa     83760
     tacgttataa tcagactttc attattgttg ccatagtgac tataaactga aacacataca     83820
     agaaacttca tttatttata agcacatcac acacattaga agaatgggga agatgggagg     83880
     acaggagtgg atgggacaag cctctgctca ctatcagtga tgccaggtat gtcctaggac     83940
     actctctgct tcatgaactc actactattc aactaaaatg ctgccatcac ccatgctgcc     84000
     aatatgtcat ctagtaacag agacagaaga tggctttatg tctgtagatg gtgcacaatc     84060
     aaaggtctgt ttgtgttata tgcaagagaa agtcccctgt cagatgcaaa ctaatagcaa     84120
     taataatgaa atggaggagt catatggagt tgaaagtgtt tttacagttg ggatatttat     84180
     aacggtccta tgggggctga tatgaataat atgaagcata tccctctgct taggatgtcc     84240
     agtacacaga tggaactgtt tagatgcagt tgcttgtgtt ctttgcttct tagttatttc     84300
     tgtctataag atgaggccac catgtagcct tccaactgcg ctacatcctc tacagtgtgc     84360
     ttataaatta taaagatggg agcaacatgc ctgcctgaga gattgttatt tgcccatatt     84420
     taactgtatg tatagcttag gaaaatcatc accctcattg aaaggtagct acgtattcac     84480
     aatattttaa attttcatta tgaagaaacc acatagacct tcttcattta aagaaagaat     84540
     gaaacagaaa tgccaatttt atgtgaccta ataaaattaa cacatgttat tcctacagtt     84600
     gatttacctg ggctatacaa caaagagtat ctgtttaaga tcaattagac atattgctgc     84660
     agtggagatg tgtgtatgtc tgtgtcttta tgtagaacta gggattattc agaatgacca     84720
     tgataccatt tgaagttctt agcctctttc ccagataaaa cttagacact actaatatta     84780
     atggttaatt aattggcaat acttattaat agatccataa agtttagtgt catacataag     84840
     aattatattt agtatataca taaaaataat tgaaaaggga tagatctcaa agactggagt     84900
     tctcattgtt atagggtcct gttatatcca tatttctaat aataagtatc tgtatcaagg     84960
     aagttcctgc ataatctctc atttgaatca atctcagaaa tgccctcatg ataacagaaa     85020
     aaaattaact tcaaactgag ttttagagga cttagatatc tgttttatgt gatatcaaac     85080
     tgaagaacta attctgaaga tactattaag tagctagaaa cgtgggtatt tcgttgcatg     85140
     ggtttagttc taataccacc tcttaagaag catcatcata acttctgtag ctattttata     85200
     atacaactag caactaactt cttaaaacgg attctcagtt cacatttagt gaccatgagc     85260
     ttgtgctaga aacaggattt catttagact tataataata taaattaagt tggtataatc     85320
     tattttgcaa tttggaatgt aggcaactca taaagtcatt tgctggtaaa agatctgagt     85380
     ccagagactg tcagtaaaca tccaaatgtc tcctctaggc ccagtgtctt tctagatgaa     85440
     caataacctg aacatgagta accctgaagt ctgatggagg aggcaggcag agaacagtat     85500
     atttctagat ttcagggtct ttctgcatca agtgtaccat cccagctaga ctttgtaaag     85560
     ttagcatcag gaactactga aatctttgac taacaaccat catgtatacc atatgttctt     85620
     cacgttatgg aacccaagga aaccgtttct atgttgtggt ttgtagaaaa tgtaatgatt     85680
     agctttaact gtcaatctga cagagtctgg aatcacctag gagatggacc tttggacatg     85740
     cctatgaggg attatcttga ttatattaaa tgacatgaga agacccattt tgactgtgag     85800
     ggatactaga ctatatccat aaagtagaga gagtgagcta tgtataacat tccttgtatt     85860
     ctgtttcttg acaagggctt caatgtaacc agcaattcat actcctgctg ccttgattcc     85920
     ccaccataat ggactgtgct cttgacctgt gaaccaaaac tgaacatttt ctcccttaag     85980
     ttgccctgtc gggatgtttg atcctgaaag gatccagaaa agagactaac acaagcagtc     86040
     tttcatctta aatctcccac tttgctatgg agaaaaacaa actctttacc tactcatttt     86100
     gtgttggggc aatcaaaatg gctcaaactc attaaggtgc tttgaaattt gcaatgtact     86160
     gattggttta tgtcaacttg acatagctag agtcatttaa gaagagggag cctcagtcga     86220
     aaaaattact ctcacaagac tggcctacgg caagcctgtg ggatgtttct tgactgatga     86280
     ctgataaggg tagctacgga ccactgtagg aagtactact catgagcaga tagtgctggg     86340
     gggctaaagc tggatgagca agtagctgag gaacaattca gtaagcagca ctcctccatg     86400
     gcctctgctt cagtgtctac ctctaggttc ctggctttag ttcctgccct gactttcctc     86460
     agtggtagag tatgacatgt gagttgtaaa tgtgtataaa ctctttcctc aacaagttgt     86520
     tttggtcatg gtgtttaatc acagcaacag aaactgaact aagacaagga acagatgcaa     86580
     agcctcaaag cttcgatgct aggtcacaga gcctacacgt ttgaaacagt gtattttggt     86640
     agtctgtatc tgtaacattc tatatatgcc acagaacaca tctactaaac ctgagttagt     86700
     gagagactgt gtatacaaga tgttcctatt tcagagacca agacaagttt taaaaaaata     86760
     atagcagagt gacttttgtt actcaagtga attaaagtat ccacacgcaa attgtcaaac     86820
     ttgggggaga ttgcttctct taagccagaa tgtgggcaac tcgctggtca cttttcttcc     86880
     tgaaattctc actgctcttc gtagtttcta ttcagtattc tggctgacct ccctatcttc     86940
     agacagtaat tgccttcatc aacaatgttg cctcaaaata caaattcagc aactgaagga     87000
     gaatgctctc cagataaaac ccatgatctc ctggccgctg cctttggagg acccatggtc     87060
     tgtttattat agtagtgttc ctgagaaatc tgtgtacatt agtgtcaggg cagccctttt     87120
     gacacattct tctacaagtg accttagggc cttcatccca ggtgggacat ttaacactgc     87180
     tcataatgtc atttatttaa gattcttcta tggtgacaga aagaaacaga aatttcttgg     87240
     cagaatagat aagatcttcc atagtttctc attgtaaact gaagccctcc cctgccccca     87300
     atcaacaaaa ggggatagat tgcatgttta acattctacg aggctaaatg actgatctaa     87360
     tcagtatgtc tgtcatttgt ggagagctag aatgtttaaa gtccagaacc aaactatctt     87420
     agactacttc agccccataa attgctagtt aaggtgactt aacaccattg taattattag     87480
     gggaatcctt tgtgatgcac aaacagacca ctggcatcca acaaaaatgg caccggataa     87540
     cagctgaggc ctgtagaaga tatttcttca actttctgaa acccacctac atagtgtttc     87600
     caacaatgta cttacaatat tttatttatg gtgtactttg ttttgtaaca aaaacaaaac     87660
     aaaacaaaac tttgtgaaac tgttaccaca ctggggtatg atagttatga tatttggagt     87720
     gatctaaatc tgtgttcctt gatcttagtc tcttaaggtt ggatcaagaa tcaactctct     87780
     cctattcttt tggagacatg acttgggttt ttaacactga caccattaac tatctacagt     87840
     ctacactaat caaatgatct cttcaactag tcttctgact aggttattcc caattcttgc     87900
     ttccattctg tacactaaac tttcatatat tactctctac agggagtccc tggcttctca     87960
     gactctcact tcaggcaaga tttcaccact attatgacaa gtcatgaccc tagctggagg     88020
     aaattctagt aagtccactc ataagtcaaa cactctgaaa tcatttgctt gtaaatctct     88080
     atacaatatg gaattctcaa aaaccttctc ctcctgtggc caggacacca gtcagcacat     88140
     ttcagatatt cagattccac taaatgcttc aaaggtttaa aaggaaaggt atttggttcc     88200
     atgaaccaac atcaaagtct ttcctaaaag caaggggaag aataaaatat ataggacatc     88260
     aagattcact tgtgaatgga atttgaaaag agagaaaact agcatatgat gaagcaataa     88320
     aaatactttg tataaaaata taggtagcca gccctttgag attaatagaa tcctttctac     88380
     ttaattagtt aaaagttaat cttagttact tcaacctcaa atgaatttgg aagtctcaac     88440
     aaatattaaa actttggctg tggggagtag gtatggcggt agtcccaaga tggcgcccag     88500
     gactccagcc aagtcttatg acttgcacct gacttcctca tacacctgaa aataagccac     88560
     atccatcgtg agagctgcac aggcacacca tgatgcaaga tcaggccatt tgacaaaggc     88620
     caatgaactg agattacaca gactgggctg atggggcgtg gttgaggggt tatataaggg     88680
     attgcgattg ggggtgagag agagattcct gcttagagag attcctgctt gcatgttgaa     88740
     aggttcctga ataaactgct ttgagaagaa cactgtgtcg tcactctttt ctgctggctg     88800
     gagacagaag cgacaagtgg tggaccgtac ggggaacctt ctctttgttc agaactcatc     88860
     acagtcaggg cagctagctg gtaaggttcc tggttttggg acgagtttaa gttctcggat     88920
     tgagactata gggttcccgg ttttgggacg agtttaagtt ctcggattga gactataagg     88980
     ttcctggttt tgggacaagt taagttctcg ggttgagact ataaggttcc cagttttggg     89040
     acaagttgca ccaagcacca tgggtacttg aggtttgcag aggaacagag ggttttacca     89100
     aaaggggttt tgctggtttg aaagttagtg agaaattgca tagaaggtag agaaagatat     89160
     ggcacagaac tccagagagg taatgaggcg ctgaatcagg taagagagga gagctctcaa     89220
     ttggcttggg caaaagggtc tgtttgtgtg tttcctcagg atcattgaca gccgctgtgg     89280
     gtcctggagc ggttgaccag agcagtccaa aatgagtgga gtggggactg cgtggatgtt     89340
     cctagtgttg aggatacttc ccatggtgat gactgaagat ccacattggg gaatcttatc     89400
     tgtgtttccc aaacccatgc tgttgacaca ttcggcatgc ttcgctgcag ttaccctttt     89460
     taccaaggga tggggaaata gcacctgtgc aggaactgat gcagcttcag ttgaggggat     89520
     tgctgtgctt tcaaatgatt caaaatattt ctcagaaatg tgtggttgtt gtgtggcgtg     89580
     aatagtagtt gcacagatct ttctcctctg agtatgctag tgggaggggt caggggtaat     89640
     gcaagttttt atcggaatgg gtctagtgtg tttgaaacct ctgtatctca acttggtgga     89700
     gggcgcaatg cttcctttaa ggctatgcct gtttgtttgt ggcctccttt tgtgtttatt     89760
     gtttataatg gtagttatga gaataatgtt attaattgtt gtagtgatat ttgttatcat     89820
     agtatgtgct ggaatgcatc tgaatatcat ttagctgttg tgactaggat gcctcgcttt     89880
     gtaccttggc ctgttcaagc tccttttgct atgattttgt tgagacctaa gagggatttt     89940
     tggcattact gtggccgttg tcaaggctat agcaatttct gccaccgcag ccatggctgc     90000
     ggccatatcc cttacctctg tggtacaaac tgccacagat gtgagtaatc tatctgcagg     90060
     tgttgcagat atctcagtac cttaaggact ggccagctgg atctacagct gtctcccgct     90120
     tgaaagagtg ggccagaatt ggtggacttg ccctgtgtct gatattaatc agcatcctgg     90180
     cattttggtg cacttggcgt atacagtttc gtcagcgcag aacccaagcc ttgatgatac     90240
     aggcttttgc agtggtggag acaggacagt ctcctcaagt gttgcttggc atgctagaga     90300
     agtagtcaat gacgggtaag actccctggg tgtgtcacca acctaagaca gggatcaaac     90360
     caaagctgtt tgtctcccga tgatgggtaa ggggcattgc tgcagggggc aacctaagac     90420
     aggcattctc tctgccaaaa aagaaaagag gggagcgggt gtggcggtag tcccaagatg     90480
     gtgcccagga ctgcagccaa gtcttatgac ttgcacctga cttcctcata cacctgaaaa     90540
     taagccacat ccatcgtgag agctgcacag gcacaccatg atgcaagatc aggccatttg     90600
     acaaaggcca atgaattgag attactcgga ctgggatgat gaggcgtggt tgaggggtta     90660
     tataagggat tgtgattggg ggcgagagag agattcctgc ttagagagat tcctgcttgc     90720
     atgttgaagg gttcctgaat aaactgcttt gagaagaacc ctgtgtcgtc gctcttttct     90780
     gctggtcgga gacaaaaatg acatttggca taaataattt taaattgagc tgagattgga     90840
     gaagcttatt tgtagtttaa tgttaagggg atatttgttt ttaatcaaaa aaattctata     90900
     gaatcagatc aacttcaaag gtttatcttg cctatgatat ccacacaatg agcaaaacca     90960
     aaacacaatc tcttctgctg tattccagaa gaatcgttga aagaataaaa acaacatgtt     91020
     caggctcctg atgatgaggt taaacacttc tgaaaaataa caagctaaaa gggatgatgg     91080
     gatgaaaata ttcacatagg cattgtctac tcctttgttt gtttgtatgc ttttccaaga     91140
     cagggtctca ctatgtagtg ctggctgtcc tggaactcag cagggttgcc tcaaactcac     91200
     agagatccac ctgcctctgc cttccaagag ctcggattaa aggtgtgcac cactatgccc     91260
     agttggcaga atgccatttg taagaaccta catcaaaatg aaaacacaca gagaggcaga     91320
     acgggcaata atgaggttac cacactgcca ccaaatagag ctgctgaagg ctttctgggt     91380
     tttattttgg ttgtcttctt gtctgctgtt ttgtttgtat ggggtttttt gttttggttt     91440
     gtctgtttga ttgtttttaa ttgggaggtg gatgtctttg tcagagtggg agacatttag     91500
     tagagagcag gaacagcaga ggaggcaggg cagacatagc aacaactgca gtaggaaaac     91560
     cagaatgcag aacattagtc caaaatcctg atctataaac ctaaaactaa cccatctttc     91620
     ctaatggcat tttcctcatt ggattaggaa tagcaccaat aacagtaaaa tttcaaaaaa     91680
     gaaaaaaaaa aagtaaaaga aaaagacagg ataatgaaaa gaaaaaagaa gaaagactgt     91740
     ttttttaagc ttccataaga agtgggagct cttgactcta gctgcatatg tatcaaaaga     91800
     tggcctagtc ggccatcgct ggaaagagag gcccattgga cacgcaaact ttatatgccc     91860
     cagtacaggg gaacgccagg gccaaaaagg gggagtgggt gggtaggggt gtgggggtgg     91920
     gtgggtatgg gggacttttg gtatagcatt ggaaatgtaa atgagctaaa tacctaatta     91980
     aaaaaaaaga aaactcaaaa aaaaaaaaag tgggaaaaaa aagaaaaatg aaaaaaggta     92040
     aaagatggct cagctcaggg aattcacaga ctcaccaaaa taaagcagca tgcccacact     92100
     tccaccttga ccttgccaca ctgatgagtg atatccactg agtcaggtca ccttcctgac     92160
     tctcctctct ccttacctat agcaccctgc ccatagcttc ccttactgga ggaactctgg     92220
     gcagcagaac cttcactcgt gtgagatggt gaattttgta actgtggtca cctgctttcc     92280
     accagggaca ggcgtcactt catgaaatca gtgtgttagg ctgagaagct gagagctgac     92340
     cattgttaat ccagggttgg gcctgtgtgg tgtgagcctc gaatggaggg tggagctttt     92400
     ttggaaggat ctccaatatt tccttctctg gagaggtgtg agcttttttt ccaatttata     92460
     gaatattaaa caaactaatg ggctgagcac aggaatagta gacacacacc caaagttagt     92520
     aactactaga gacaatgtag tgctttcaaa gttcagggat cagtggaatg ttccagtatg     92580
     tttcttcgtt caaaaagcct tgttaacata ctaggctcca ctaaaagtaa ataaataata     92640
     aatgcagaaa tgaccacacc cccattttct tccacattcc tgcaccaccc ttcagaggtt     92700
     gcaaacactg tctctttgaa gatgaaaatg gtaacaactg ttttgttttg tttttttaat     92760
     cgaatctcaa ggatgaaaat tagctttgat gtgaaaggac tttttaaatc tgtcatattt     92820
     ttaaaggaag agaaaacaac cctctagacc ttctgttgga ggccagtggc agagcacact     92880
     tggctggtca caggtcacta ctcctgatgt gtgcagattg ctctgcacct gatacagtca     92940
     taaagccaca gtatgttcat gatggacacg ccacaggggg atgggcgcat acatcctaag     93000
     accccttcat tcacacagtt gcaaacactg ggcccttgag gaccattgtg taaatgaaag     93060
     aaacacaaaa taacaaatta aaacaatgtt atttcaatcc tgtggctcct tcatatcttg     93120
     tatttgaata gtgttcaact tcacagaaat aagacagaaa gaaacaaagt ttgcaaatgt     93180
     taaacagagt aacaggatgt aggatagaca tgaagtaatc tagtgaccaa aacagacaac     93240
     aaaaaggaaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa aacagtcact accaagtatg tacacacaca     93300
     cacacaggta accccagaca aaaagcaaat aaccaaacag ccacctggtt ttgatagtta     93360
     ccacgctcat gagtgatgac tgaggggagg aaggaggtac atatgacagt ggaggaaaaa     93420
     aaaggaaatg gagaagaaaa agaagttgaa agtaggcttt tcgattacta tttgaaatga     93480
     aatagaagag tgattcatta atccaggcaa tttttgtgtg atatgaaaaa taatgcagag     93540
     acaaaattca cctcttaatg aaagacatac ataactaatg cacccaatgg tcactgtcat     93600
     gcctctatga ttgggaactg aaaccccact cctctaattc acatctggct gatccaggag     93660
     gaagctccct gtgtgtctat cttccttttg ttggaaatga ttgttttttt tctagttcat     93720
     gttctttttg tgtatggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtaagt     93780
     gtatgttttc atatgtgctt gagtgccatc gcatgtggag gcctgaggtt ggtgctaaga     93840
     atcatcttta acaccacttc cactttattg attgaagcaa ggtctttcag tcgaacccag     93900
     tgatcactca catggcttgg cttgctagcc ttgttcgctt tagagagccc ctgtctctcc     93960
     cttttgaggt tagaattcca ggtgtgccac catgctcact cagcacttag gtgggtcctg     94020
     agtgtcaaac tctggtcctg acatgtggga gataagcact ttaacctgtg agccttctcc     94080
     cagctccctg aggtaggcag aaacaaagaa tgaagcagat ggactagaat ttgttcagag     94140
     gctgagacat tctataataa gtgcaggggg aactaaatta acttcaaatt ctgacctggg     94200
     gaatgaaact ttggatagaa atttcattta tgttttggta ttgtacagtt gaaaaatacc     94260
     caggactcgg aaataataga gacaggcagg gaattgcctt gagatttcta atatcccttt     94320
     gttcttccat ggggtcctgg gtaaaaaaaa atcagaagtt ttagaatggt gctggtgatc     94380
     cttttgacag gatgaaacta gattataaga ccagatggct ggaaggtgat agctggacct     94440
     acttatgaaa ccagcacaga ttaaatgtca tacaagccac atagatcttt cagaaaaggc     94500
     aggggatagt aaagagtggc tatttttctt actgatgaga acaaaaatac acagacataa     94560
     aaatattagt tcactcagca gtatttcagg atggccaggg aaagctacaa atgacaggtg     94620
     gagcaattgt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgaaataat aaaattaatc caggaaagga     94680
     tgcaatgttc caaaactaac ccactgccac tgggccaagt ctaagtgagg tcaagcagac     94740
     acagcagaaa gtagtcagag ctccatatac aattaaatgg cttaaaaatc agatgttaaa     94800
     ttgaaacaaa aattgaagat agttgttctt aataaatatt cctaaaatga ataaggtacc     94860
     accaatgact ccagcattca gggcattgcg tggcaatctt tctgttgaag agaaataagc     94920
     ttgtattggg gcatgtctga ataaagcaac caaaattatt caaatttaaa aacaactctt     94980
     ttctttttta atcaaacaag agctggactt gaagagatga cagatgggta aatatgggag     95040
     gggaaagatt gaaggagatg aacaggtgct tgtccaaagg agggagaaag tgagcctgca     95100
     gcattttaga ccagagaatg tcaagtatta gctcttctct tgggcatttt tatcctgttg     95160
     ataattcacc aacaagggtc tttatctttc cttactcttt tatctctttg tgactaacta     95220
     ggggaaaggg catggagagt agtgtcagca ttgatgtaga atagaggttt aagatgcgtg     95280
     gcccatgtgg actctcaaat gagctcctaa gcatgatatc tgtctccctg cttgaaaatg     95340
     ttcttgcaaa tgagtacgtc tgggggatag cagagacagg ggcgcttttc attgaagtgg     95400
     tcaatacctg atccttcctc agtcaccatc ccaagtcctt ctgctttgtt ttgtctctca     95460
     aatgcattca ggtccaggac actacaataa aaaggaagaa gacatgcaca gggcaaatat     95520
     gtcattttct ttgtttagga cagcaaaggc ctatacaaca aaatgtcctc agatgggcac     95580
     tctatgttag catatgctga gagcatgtcc taatcctctg aagtctatac ccattttcct     95640
     agaggcagac caaccagtca gtctctcccc agagcccaca gtgagtcatc tatgagaaag     95700
     tcagtacaag gttcatagac ttcagctcag agagaacatt agtgttaaca gatgtgcaga     95760
     aatacaaagg ctatgtttct gcaattggaa ttgcttgtat taagcttgta tcagatctgt     95820
     cagtcaaatg ttctctgaac gtttctaaat aatgtaaaaa atagaaaatg acaatttcag     95880
     taagataata gaagattacc attaaaaaat gagaaacgcc ctcatagaaa atagtcctca     95940
     aaattcccca attatactca atagaagttt tctgttttcc ctcatcttaa aacaaactaa     96000
     tgctgttaag gcttatgttc aagtatggaa aatgtgcttc attctcaaag ccctctattg     96060
     aagcccacag attcaaaagc actcgctaac gtggtcctta agacattaat aaccctctaa     96120
     aatccagaca ggtaataaag caccacctgc ccatctctta aagtctttgt tcatcaacaa     96180
     ttctggtttg tgtaatgact gtctgcaatg tcaaacaaat actttgaatt gtagccactg     96240
     ggcaaagcag gagcaaccac acatcctcac ctgcaggact gcatgaggcc tgccagactc     96300
     tggaagaagc ctacatcctt tttttccttc aggtaatcca gcatcttcta cagaaacaga     96360
     gaagccacat ggctgctgag cacaaacgtg ttgttagctt attaagtaat gaaacatgca     96420
     gagactcata actggtccat gtcctgagaa caggtgactt ttggccactc agccttcagt     96480
     gggacatctc tgtcatccca tcagggaaca tcacagatga gggcacagag accaaaggag     96540
     ctgtgggaaa gggtgggatg ttgtggagca gcatctctgg gctaggtggt ggtgtactct     96600
     agctctcagt ggctgattac tcaaacaagc cctgccctgc acaaaactgg gacagtcaac     96660
     actgaatcat ggaggaggtt agtccatcct tccttaagga tcttgaggta cttaatgatg     96720
     gctggagaag aagaatcatt ttcttcagtg gtacagctac tggcaagttg cctctgctcc     96780
     tttgaggaat gaaactcttt gagttcactg ggccaccaaa agacaaagaa atgcagagag     96840
     gttgggaaga ggaagaggaa caaagggaat gggggggggg gcgagagagg gtaacatgat     96900
     caaaatatat tgtatataca tatctatgtg tcataatgaa acccaccatt tatgtataat     96960
     aatatgcact actaaagcac aaataaacaa tcaaattatg ctttctattc tcaaacaaag     97020
     gaagtccagg cacacaaata tttctgtggc tatttccccc ctgaaatgat gataacaatt     97080
     taaagtgaga ctggtgcaca ctggcaggtg cctgtaactg aacaaggaca accctgagca     97140
     ctgtgttggg agaatggtac tgggaattct ttcctgcctc tgcttaagta tttagacaca     97200
     taagctttca tgtggatatt tcataggttt ccagaaaaag ttggttctgt gagcagcatc     97260
     agcaatggag agctggagtc gtgtgtgtcg tccgtccgtg tccccccccc cccccccgct     97320
     gatgtggtag aacctcagtt tttaccacct ctgtcttgga atctgaagta gagcaggaac     97380
     cattggccag gttggtgact cctcttcatt ctcagagcag tgttcagagt ccaggatcaa     97440
     gatttgggta aatcatgaat ttaaaacatg ctaaagcaat gcctgggtcc gtctcgtcat     97500
     tgaattgtta cagagcatca caaaattatg tctgcagggt ttcaggtaaa aagtataggt     97560
     aggagttttc aactttatga tgtgcagtat ggacacacat tccatagaat gcctaccttg     97620
     gatttgagat ttttattctt ttcttgggat ggctatgtgc ggtgtgatgt tctcacacaa     97680
     agctaggggg ccacctctgg taccagaggg cacatgtctc agcctctaac cacacactag     97740
     gttgtggagt catgtcatcc catagggcaa gggttgtaaa tggtgccatt tcaatgtgta     97800
     ataaatttat ttttaaaaac cctcccactt gtaggtggga acaactgtac atacgagatg     97860
     acagaggctc actcaagggt ttagcggaag acactttttg gcaaaataaa agtcaagtgc     97920
     tctgtgtcaa ggaaaggaag accattagag ggaaggggag agggagagga caggaggggc     97980
     tgatgggaag gcaaacacta tcatataaca tgaagtcttt gaaacttagc acttcataca     98040
     ggaaatatgc ggtaatgaag gtttcaaggc aaatagaaag ttgtattgtg tggcttcctc     98100
     aaagatgtta gttacctgct gcaccgtgga gttgccacca tttaaaatcg caatgcccag     98160
     cttcaaagta gcagccacca ttggtccagt ttcaccttca aaacacagaa acagtagaat     98220
     tcccatcatt gctctcgtgg tgctaactta tgttacctca aaaaacaaac aacaaaaccc     98280
     tgtgttttaa gtccttctta ccccacataa atttctgcca tggaaagggg cctgactggt     98340
     gtgtatacca gaaagcataa acacaaccac accacagcaa ccttacgctg cccacatgtt     98400
     gagtatactc tgtataatgt atctgaactg ctgagacctg aaagtgctaa tgtttaaagc     98460
     ttaccatcta ttctgagata ccatttgagt gagtgtgagt tacttaaagc tcccctgaag     98520
     gaaaatgttc tgcccccttc caaaagtgtg atttttcact tttggcatgt cattcatcac     98580
     ttttaatata tgtgtgtagt tgtatgcata ttttcagttt taagctagta ggataatgac     98640
     aaggcatagt tgtccctcat tggctgtatt ccctttctat atgttttacc tctacttggt     98700
     gaaagtttta ataacgtata tgttagtttt ttaaaaagtg ctatttttgc gtttttttcg     98760
     ctatttttcc catttgagtc cgagtaacat tgaaagtatt gttctcatat ccaaactaca     98820
     ttcatttttt cattatttaa catttagcct ttcttgttct cttttctaca tgattcactg     98880
     tgctcacatg tacattggct tgtaatatac aaaatatatt atataatcta taaaattggc     98940
     tagatgtggt atataaggag ggatgtgaga atttttttca gagatggtgt gacctcactt     99000
     aatgttaaat attccaagtc cacccatgga aacaagctat gaagggtatg aaactaactc     99060
     tttttctaat tctaattctg aagtgtgttt tttttttttc cattttggtg gtagttaaat     99120
     gcataaaaat atatctgata gtgaaagttt aaaagtataa gctccacact tctgttccaa     99180
     gtgtgcattc taactataca gaagttaact cagttgcata ttctttgtgt ctggttaatt     99240
     ttatcatgtg atttaattct ttgcaacttt taagctatat ttagaaatta aaaatgtttt     99300
     cacaaagatg ttattaacat gagaaaaata agtctttaaa tgactggttg atgaggtaga     99360
     cgttaatttt taatttatta gacgttaaat aattttttgt ttcatttata gacattaaat     99420
     aatttattgt taaatgtcta aacatttcta tcaaaattca gcaaattatg gtctgaggac     99480
     caagaatggc ccctatctgc acatgtaaat aaagttttat taaaacacaa actctgtggt     99540
     tgttaaagta tctagagaat ggtgcatgct gagtaggtaa ggggagggca ggaatgaacc     99600
     tcactcttgc tagctctaag tagcactcct tgtgggacat gaattagcct cacctttctc     99660
     agtgcagaat ggtgccctct gggaggcaga cacaaacctt acctttgctg gcactgatag     99720
     tctgcaggac catctctgct gccccgcggt catgcagtct ggcttgctgg tacagaagtt     99780
     tctgcttttc catttccttt tcctgaacac aaatcccaac catttatgta gtggccatca     99840
     gacatcacag tgactctcta cagaccacaa ttctagttat ctcttcatgt atgggctcta     99900
     tgacaacatt atggaccatt tcaataccaa caatgttatc aaacagatag gcacatattc     99960
     aactcatggt tttgtttggt ttgtttttcc cttgatattt tttccagata tacttttagt    100020
     attgatttat caggatgcat tttattttct caattttaat tggctgatca gtccaaagcc    100080
     tgtttcacgc ttcatctttg aaacttgcac gttccgatta atacatctgt gcatagaagt    100140
     tggtcattta tttttggcaa tctcctaggt catggccata acttgatact gctcagcaaa    100200
     tggctcgagt tgcaagttac cagtgaatca cagaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa gaacgttaac    100260
     ttagacgcct tggagtttaa gcaaaattga aagctgatat ggataaaaaa ggtaggcttc    100320
     aactgagttg tggatttatg atacagatca ccccgactgc ccccccaaag aataagagaa    100380
     gcaatgtgcc tttatatttt gtattctcag gaggtgacaa aagagactgc atgatgctac    100440
     tagagcaatg actggtgttt gttcttttcc acttaagcta ccgctgtgaa cataaagaag    100500
     gaaatcagaa ggaaaatata aaggcacagc aagttcaagg ctggtatgat cattcacttg    100560
     agcaatccag ttcgctggag aattgagacg gaactaagca gtataagttg cagaatgcaa    100620
     gttgcataga gccctgtgac agcgcgtcca tcaaatggcg tggtagagaa gcttagtcaa    100680
     tgggacatga aacgctcagt tagcatcatg tccgttaaca caacggccaa aacatacgtg    100740
     acctagggca gtaggtgccg cagcagtagc caagatgaca actgtgctgc cgtcaacttt    100800
     ccatccaaag tacggaaaat agacattgaa agatggaaga ggtttaaaaa atgaaggctt    100860
     gctcattaca gaatatgaga aataaagtga accgaaagga ggggggcggg gagaaatggg    100920
     ctcaaacaaa tgaaagaaaa aagaaagaaa aagaaaagaa accttcaaac caaaagcaac    100980
     cgacacagac atttatgctg ttaccagaga gttctcgccg aggctggcaa atttgtttct    101040
     taaatctttg ataatatcgt gctgcaaaaa caaaattgat caggtgtttt tgttggtttt    101100
     tccccgtact ttagttaaga gctcctgtga taattttttt ttctcttaaa ttatgtgata    101160
     ggcctaaatg gaagcagaga aaaaagaaaa gaggccgctg tgcttcgtct gtagccatgc    101220
     taacgcctga aaggggtgcc ttcatgttta aacctcttcc tgagaaatca aaaacagaac    101280
     agaaacaaaa ccacacagac acacaaaacc gtactgtatt acaacacagg tttgaaaaaa    101340
     caggaaaaaa aaaaaaaagg agaccctttt gtctgctctt cagtcatggt ttaacattca    101400
     tgatcaacat ctgattcttc ctttcagacc caacaaactt aaacttccct cctgtcgcca    101460
     gagctgaaaa cggaacctgt atttaataaa ccctaaccga ctccatctgc aaacgagact    101520
     tcggggaaga ccacatcaag aaatgatcac gctgggggac tgtcccctgc tgttttcact    101580
     aactaaaaag gccaggaacc cgggaagaac catccttcta ccaaattaca aagacaaccc    101640
     tcagaaagcc atgaatagga aagatggcag cagagacaag ccctgaagtt gtagaaccaa    101700
     ccatctgctg tttgagctcc caccatggta gactggctca gagtcctcct cacagctcat    101760
     gaaacaaacc aagctgcagt tatctttacc actgaaatca caccgaatgc ttgagcacag    101820
     ggaaactaga gatttggcag gagagcacat caacttcttt taaaatcata ttccctagac    101880
     aaagaccatt tcccatttct catagctgac aactaaattt caataggaat aaatgtttct    101940
     ggggaagaaa gaccctgaga atattaaaaa caactggaca agggagaaat actgacaata    102000
     gaagcaaatc aaacaaacaa aaccaaacaa caacaagatc aacaacaaca caaaagcaac    102060
     cctgcttcat gaaaaaagat tgcaaatctt cttagttccc ttgacctggg actctgtctt    102120
     cagatccatg tggggatgtg tttgtttttc tggtacattg tctttgaaaa ccgtttccag    102180
     ctgtattatt ttcatttttt cacagagatt ttatcatgcc ataaaaaaaa aaatctaggt    102240
     aactaagaca ggaagataga tttcatggaa agaaatgatg cttttgcttc aaactcattg    102300
     catttgacct tcctatgcaa aatacaaatt caaaatatac attcttcttt cttcctttct    102360
     tccttcttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct tttcttttct    102420
     tttctttttc tttctctctt ccttccttcc tttctttttc tttgtttctt tcttcctctc    102480
     tctctctctc tctctgagtg tattcataca cacacacact acaatctgcc ctgaaacttg    102540
     aggttctcct gcctatgttt agtaaagatg tagctcccag ctccatcata tccagcattt    102600
     gaagtaggct ttttaaatct ctctaattcg gggacataga atcttaggtt tcttacccct    102660
     tgcagatccc atttactccc ctaaaggtct ttcagaagca gcactgcagt ttggtcttta    102720
     gttattccca ggttccaaat gactggaaaa caaaactgcc accacagcct gaatgaatgt    102780
     tccctgaagc aaaaccccct ggctgccaaa agctttccca aaccatgggc ttcggccatt    102840
     ctaaccaaac tggcgtcttt tccagattca ctggtgccat aaacaagact cctgatcaaa    102900
     ctgccccctt gaatggaaaa gccaggcact gggacctttc ctccttgtgt aactgcaggc    102960
     catgacaaaa tggcatcttc tgccggagac ccttaagctt ccccctctag tgggaaaaga    103020
     aagccttctg aaggggaaat aaagacacac aggttttcaa caatttccct tagttgagaa    103080
     tttaaataat cgtgaacttc aaactgttgc ttgatacttg agaaagaaaa tagtgcatcc    103140
     cccaaaatgt agatgagggg ttgttttagc ctgatgacag caaaggccag actgcttaaa    103200
     tttcttttct cagttgcctg aacttggggt agcagaggct ttggctgacc aatctgcagt    103260
     ctgtgcattg aaacaaagag ctcagttgtc ttgccttttc tctgtatttc caagattcca    103320
     ataaggtctt caagtgtttc tcctctttaa atagcatgag aaagccacta taacctaagc    103380
     caagagaaat tttcagaaac cgaattcttc ttaagaagcc ctctcattta gtaatattcc    103440
     aaatacaagt atcctttggt atcgaaaggc aaaagtatca cagttttagg caacagaaag    103500
     aaaagatgag gtctaggaga tcagttggac aaaccacgtg acaaggacaa cagggttgag    103560
     aagcagaggg atacactggt tcacaactca aacaagccaa attagattaa agaaaactag    103620
     tgccaaaagt gagagtctta ttctattctg cagctaacct tgttgtttta tagctttaga    103680
     tcggccttca cagagaattg atccagtttc ttttaaaaaa aaaattagaa gattataact    103740
     ttacttaaag gtatatgctt ttcaatttcc taaggaaaaa aaacttgtgt ttaccaatat    103800
     aaggggcatg taaggatggg aacctgtcgt aactataaaa ccagcaaata actatcatat    103860
     tgcacttgat gcagaggagt ttggaagtat tcaagaaaat ctgaatgaat ggcagacaga    103920
     ataagataat atggcaccat ggtttcatgt gggtatgatt ataatttgca gtattacaag    103980
     tgatatcttc ttgtttgaaa atctaaatga ctggtgcatt gtgaaaagac atttagttac    104040
     tcttagcaac atttcaatca aacgggactt cagaattata ttaatgcaag taaatgccaa    104100
     ttattaaatg gttcacttta gttcatttga tattctctat gcattttcaa acattgtaac    104160
     aatttcacag aatcttctct atgggatagg cataatttct aaggttctct atttaataaa    104220
     accagaaaaa aaaaacctat gtttttattc aaagcatgtt ttgctgaaat aaaaggttaa    104280
     atcaacctca ataacatagt cagacaaaag aaacaccacg ccagaactga atgtcccggc    104340
     cagcgtgtgg agggctcggg ggacaagatt tactacatgg agtgctttta cagttcgctc    104400
     ctaatatgat gtgtgcctgg attttaggat gagtaatggc cctccatgat tcagcacttt    104460
     tagaaacaat ttagaacaaa tgtgtcaaat catacatgca gctcagttga aacagtttct    104520
     agcaagtcta gccagtagag tttattctct atcacacaaa gagctccatt aatggagcac    104580
     taaagtctac aagagagtaa ttctaattca gacttacgaa gttaacaggg ttaaggcaac    104640
     ctggtttatc ctgagcacaa aattaattta aaactgcctg ttccctactt gcttttgttt    104700
     aaaaatgact taaatggaga aaagaaatgc cacacaatcc ttcctcaact gaccaagcct    104760
     gacaaaaagg agaatatggt gaccaccatg gttcgatcat gtgatggttc atctctatgt    104820
     caacttaaca ggatttagaa ttacctagat gacaagacca ttgactcctg tgtctatggg    104880
     aagttgccaa agggtttacc agagacgaga agacacaccc tgaatgtaga cagtatcatt    104940
     catgggtagg gatctcaagt tgaataaaaa aaagaacgta agtggagcac tagcatttct    105000
     ctcttttatg cctcctactc ggagatgcaa cgtgactggc cgcctcatac gcacacctct    105060
     atggcttccc cctgtatgat agactgtgcc tttcaactgt aaaataaaac aaacccttcc    105120
     ttccacaagg tactttcctc agagccatga gaaaagaatc taatacagat catcaaggta    105180
     tgggatgatg ttatattact ttgtggggaa tggaaggtaa aatacctttc agcattgaat    105240
     gtctctaact catcccttga ttattatttt tattttagag accataactc tacaactcca    105300
     gtgtccatgg ttctaagttc tcaaatatag ttcttatttc ttgtttctat agatcaggat    105360
     gctcttgaac tcacagagat ccatctgcct ctctgcctcc tgaatgctgg gattaaaagc    105420
     atgcaccccc acatctggcc ttcttaattc taacctagac taattctgta caggtggctg    105480
     catcttactg gagctcccac tcctaaccac gggtatccct ttagcttaga gaaggaattt    105540
     tctacagagt accttagagg tgcacaggtt ccttccattc ttatatgtac ttagtgccca    105600
     tctaagttgg tatacacagc cataataacc ttgatcgaat tgttgaggac gtattcatta    105660
     catcacaatt tgaccacaag gaataaattt tactgtgtta ttaaatttta aatttttgtt    105720
     tctctctaaa gacttattgt ttattgatat aattaacaat tattgcaaat ccaagctcct    105780
     agaaagcttg gaattaaatg tgctggtagt catggcataa tggcaagatg tggcatgggc    105840
     ttgtaaatta aattaattgt tgagattctt tcctctgtgg aatgcaatac tttatctctt    105900
     tgtcttactg cattatgtat aattatatta aattttaagt atcaaatgag aaaagatgat    105960
     gatatatata ttcaagtcaa atgttatttc ctatatagta ttttactatg aaaccaacag    106020
     aaacttatct cctcttcaac atttcccaag tgctcagata aagagtaata aaaatttgat    106080
     gccttgacca aatatttagg tgttagtaac tgtgaaattg tccttagaaa ttaaaaaaaa    106140
     atgtatggac aaacagaaaa ctcagaaaaa ttaaaaatag gcatgacctt cagatttcca    106200
     ggacaaatag cttcatttta agccgtttaa ggtgtccggc tgaaggccac ctagcacata    106260
     agtgaccact caggtctctg aaactgtaca gacagctctg cacagcaggc tcactctgct    106320
     gtgaaagccc ctctccgtgg acatctatga ttttctcttt tttcccccac acttttttaa    106380
     ttagatattt tcttcattta catttcaaat gctatcccaa aagtccccta taccctcccc    106440
     ctgccctgct cccctaccca ctcactccta cctcttggtc ctagcgttcc cctgtactgg    106500
     ggctaaagtt tgctagacca aggggcctct cttctcaatg atggccgact aggccatctt    106560
     ctgctacata tgcagctaga gtcacgagct ctggtgggta ctggttagtt cataatgttg    106620
     ttccacctat agggttgcag accccttcat ctcttgggta ctttctctag ctcctatatt    106680
     gggggccctg tgttccatcc aatagatgac tgtgagcatc cacttctgta tttgccaggc    106740
     actggcaaag cctcacagga gacagctatc agggtccctt cagcaaaatc ttgctggcat    106800
     atgcaatagt gtctgcgttt ggtggctgat tatgggtgga cccccgataa caccatactc    106860
     ttagagaact agccatctga tagacagtgt tctgagagtt ttacaagtgt tcactaattt    106920
     aacgcttaaa attcctgtgt acagtaatat ctgtaacttg tcccactctt ttaaagacaa    106980
     ggaacctgag gatacacaag aaggtggtgt agctgggatt caaacatagg catttcatcc    107040
     aagggtctat actctcattg actctgttct ttcttattca ttctatatat aacttggtca    107100
     agcaagagct tcatccgaga ttatttttta aaagcctgaa caggaagtcc aattattgta    107160
     tatgtaaaga aaaaaatagc ccattgtgat gttaagtaca tgtcctctac acggtgtgga    107220
     aggggcacta ttcatatgca tgtaatggat ggtcctccct gggagctttc acatatgaga    107280
     tttagcatcc cacatctacc taacaactct ctctctcaac accttagact tgattctgag    107340
     ctttaaaggc cctatatggg accatgacta tgaaatctca atgcaactac ttcaaccacc    107400
     caccaaggag actccatcct gatggaaaag ggcaggcttc cgggttgggc tctggataaa    107460
     tggaactaag atggctctgg cttcctggga gttggctgga aaaaccaatg actaccaggg    107520
     ggcatggaga gatgaacttc tgttaccaaa acagtattga agacactcat ctttttttcc    107580
     ccatcctgca gaagccactg agctattttc acaaggctct ttggaggtat cccatactaa    107640
     gcagtgaagg gtatcatcca gtagctatgg ttacttctta tatttcttta tttccttcta    107700
     ccatgtctct tcttccataa gtcttacgtc cctggaactg tgagacactc tcaaccctaa    107760
     cgacatgtca gcacacaagc ctatggcttc tgtttaccag gagacctgag ctggcagcaa    107820
     attgtatgag atcaacaggt tgataaatat aaataaatct ggcagacagc atcgcgttcc    107880
     acgcaactcc ttagcccatg gccctgtgag actcatctgt gatgcattgg tctgtatcct    107940
     agatgggtac agcttccatt ggttaaagat ttgcaatttt cttgataaag gaattgctag    108000
     atcaatattt tctattcata attctatatc tgactcttgg gcatttcagg tgcctattgc    108060
     taaataatcc tactcagaga aatgatatag ttctctgggt cagagcatct ttatccaatt    108120
     cagttttttc aaaactactt aaaaatggaa ttcttcaaaa ttaaatcttc agaggggccc    108180
     agcctatgct atgtcatcac tgggaagtat aatttatcag ctcactaaac atgtggctct    108240
     aaatagattc tttaatattt tgtgtcatat cttgaaccat aagctaggta ctggtatggg    108300
     tactgtggcg cacaagattc accattagct atgtctgaga cacaacgaga agagaacatg    108360
     caatgcctct taaaccttta ccagaatgct agctctgcca caggcaaatt taatacttaa    108420
     gactcaagaa gttgtcctga atccaaatta tagtagtagt agcagcagca gcagcagcaa    108480
     tactactaat actaataaca ctaataacaa taataacact aataacaata ataatgggac    108540
     ctcagagata cctgagacca tgtatatctg agttggaact gagaactatc aaagggatct    108600
     gacttactta gcatgtgaga aagacagctt ggcagagaag tctgtctgtc ttctatcctt    108660
     ttcccttgcc aggtcaccgt cactaactta gattttcatt ggattataaa actgtatttt    108720
     agaaccttaa ataaaactgt atttagaacc tcaaaatgtg cttactatat tatcttttca    108780
     aatgaatatt atatttttaa tcatgggcac actgagtaca tcttcccaca aaggccagga    108840
     gatggcatcc gatcttctgg agctgaagct agaggtggct atgaactgcc gacgtgaatg    108900
     ctgggaacct agcttgggtc ctctgcagta caaggggcag ctccttggta tttaagccag    108960
     atgaaattca gcaggatcgc accaataaaa cacacagatg atgagagaga tggaaaagag    109020
     ttggcatttt gatccccatt tgctattttc tgtgattttt gaattttctt gtgttagcca    109080
     ttgggggaaa ttttcttata ataacacatt tcttaacata gctatttctg tactctcctt    109140
     gacatctttg ctaaatatgt cataaagaac ttgagtagaa actatagcca gtcttaacaa    109200
     caccaccagt gtggctgaga taaaatccat gtcctacata cttttgattc tttccaagct    109260
     tacataaaac aatttgttct atgagttatt ggaactcccc aatagtattt tagtcagtat    109320
     aatgtaaggg gaaaattcca caattagatt acacagaaat tatgtgaaac aaccagacac    109380
     tggagtataa acggtttgat agatcactaa gcagagaagg aaaataaagg accagttgtc    109440
     tgactaaacc tttttcctgt ttttattacc ctcaagtggt caaactcaaa gtaaatggtt    109500
     ttcataggtg atggattgca tacaacttgt ttttaaacta agaatgcaat gatatttctc    109560
     catgtagcat gcattttgca aagagcagca tgttacttga attgggtatg aacctctcaa    109620
     atcacactga aatcagaaaa ctactggtgt gtaagtagca tggctgactg ctttacttat    109680
     ggatgagtga cagtttccag gacctttaaa atcctgtctt gggctgggtt ggactggcca    109740
     cgatttgctg gccaacttct atttggggat taacattcag gtctcactgt cagatgaact    109800
     tgaccaatga tctaaaccca gaggcagcct ttctttctgt ctgccccaac tctgtaccgt    109860
     gcctgactct tctccccaac ttgacccaca tcccacttgc tgcatatcac atcacttttg    109920
     ttctgtcagc ctttccagag cctctctacg tctgggcctg taagtcaatt ccattggctt    109980
     tcagatcctt gaggctcatt caaccttccc agtaatttgt ctggctagaa actcctcatc    110040
     ctattccatc ttatccattc ctcctggtgc acctaccagg cactcttggc cacaagcacc    110100
     catgctgacc aggtagccaa gtgtttgatt agtgttagaa ggctcgttca tgtttccatc    110160
     acttaataat tcatatgagt tctagctaag gtgaaaatca aaatgtaagg tattattatt    110220
     ggagccatca ttatctatta tagaagctca ctctgttttt cagtgtgatg tccattatat    110280
     accactatat gggctgtgat atccaccaga ttggggctga atctggcatt gtcatccact    110340
     tggattttta agattacaat gatccagata tgtaataaga acaccatatt ccagtgagcc    110400
     aaaaacatta caatttgttt cttctaaata gattcttaat agccatcatt ccaaaaataa    110460
     agccattgag agcattgcct cccaggcata tgtatgatca acttttctgc taaaagtatt    110520
     ctcatgaaaa taaaactcaa acttcataga aaccatacaa aggaaacaac ttgtaattct    110580
     aggtcaacat gtcttctatt tacaaaattt ccagatgaaa tatttaaaat gccaagagtc    110640
     cttttcattt aatgaagtgc caaaagtcaa tgttaaaatt atgatacata caccccagga    110700
     actaattaaa gaacaaaaaa agagagaaag aaagggaaaa aagagaagaa aagaaaaggc    110760
     cattttactg tgtctgcttt aagtaagaag tctggtacaa gtcacattca aagtgcggag    110820
     gccggggccc tttctataca agacagtttc tagttataca ttcattcatt aagtgactgg    110880
     actcatccag ctcagagtta gcacagagga cacaatttca aatcatgagc catttaatgg    110940
     gcaagaagaa taaaccaaag aagggatgct atgcactaca cactggcaaa gtgattctga    111000
     agaccttttt tcacaaaaga gtccaagact ttgggtctaa tacaggtaaa tgccacaaga    111060
     aactgaaact cagacccaga cagatacaca catacacatg tctttacctt gctgcgttgg    111120
     gatcctgtga ccttaaggaa ggatgaggac aagaagcaaa atagcaataa acagctgctc    111180
     cggagacaat ggataaccca caaaggaaaa cagtaatcat ttgctgctca tggactgttc    111240
     taagttacct gtctctttat ggggaggatg gacttaagac tagaactcac gcacaatagc    111300
     aaagatcgta taggaaatta aacagggcat ttggctcagc cagcaatcgt catgggtaat    111360
     tctcaattta ggttgttctt ttgtttattt gtttgtttgt tttttaatac actgacttta    111420
     atgctgcaga gatggtcaca ttgattattt ctggaattga catcagttca tttctcagtt    111480
     ctacgtgctg tgtttccacc ataagataag gactcattgc tggcttctcg catttctcca    111540
     gacttctagc tcaaagtcca tatataggaa ctaataacaa tctattctcc acttccttct    111600
     actgtatttc tctttctaaa aaaaaaaaag tacagcaaac cagaaaatga tagttaacaa    111660
     ctgctagcta gtctcctaaa gaagccaagg acacgataag caaagtgggg aataaactta    111720
     actttcttta aagctgatta atggtaagca gtaattcaaa ccataggcag tatttaaagg    111780
     ctgaaaatgc ttgagaaaat aatcatgaaa tgaaatctac cctagaaaag atgcgcctct    111840
     actccatgca agcaaactgc accatgacaa ccacttacat atgtgtactg aatgagtgac    111900
     ctaatcgggc agatgtcaag aggccaattg atccaggaaa gaacaaatga gcctaacacc    111960
     aatggagtca ttagaaactt gatgctgtgt tgttcttcaa caggcatttt cctcatgtct    112020
     atcagcaatt acagaccacg gcatccccgc catgtgagga atttgaggtc gtgtcatctc    112080
     tgtgggctgc caggtacact cattctggac atatgggctt tactgtacta ctcagttgct    112140
     ctacactcct tgattttctc ttagcaaacg ctaggactca ggtctgtcca ttcagctttg    112200
     acatgcaatt cccggacaca ataagctgca aaaagccatg aagcaagaaa cacaaaagtc    112260
     aatcataagc tatgaaacac tgtctccaag tggagagaag gcaattctgg aaagatccat    112320
     cttacttcaa agctcttcac ttcttcttca ccatcatcat cttcttcatc gtgacaactc    112380
     tgatttgaga gaataacagg aaaggaggat atgatgagag agaaaatgca aaatgtttgt    112440
     ttaacctaaa ctcaaagtga tttgtattaa tgtttcataa acattattga agccaagtgg    112500
     atgtaaaact gacacaatcc catcagtgaa ttggccagct aagataaaac tgtgttttat    112560
     ttacagggtt tgcctttgca aaactcaaag acaaaatggc caattgcacc ctcaacagac    112620
     gtgacaaaga gattcataag aaggttctca tgcttaacaa aataactccc tgtgtacttg    112680
     attcattcaa cccaatgtgt aaaccttaag tgcaggaaac tcttgtaacc tgccattaaa    112740
     tgcaataact aacacagatg cacactgctt gctgttattt aaaattaaca cagagagtat    112800
     gcattgagta tatggatgca tcgcattagc aagattcttc aaatcctttt aagtccattt    112860
     ttatcacatg tcatccaagg aaggaagtaa atttttgtta acaaaattat tattgacaca    112920
     tgaaacatag acactttgac tattctgttc tcctgaacca caggcataat tcccgtggct    112980
     gagactactg taggttgagg agtcagaggg ggatggtggc caggaacaga actcagagag    113040
     gggaaggaag gaaggtggag gcatgaactc agcaggcaga ggcttggttt catgatgctt    113100
     cctgccatta gctagtctgg cttggcaagt gacttctctc catgtctcct ttttatattg    113160
     actatgagaa aatgaatgtg ggttcttaag ggaatagtat gctttaatat ttgtaaaata    113220
     ttttagcacc tggaaaaact atttgaaaat gatcctcatt taataaatca cagttaggat    113280
     tttggaatac agtggtgatc aaaagaagct ggccattaac taatgtctat ggtgggaaga    113340
     aactcaccgc ccactgacta ccgtgccaac tgttctacac gatttcttac atttggccgg    113400
     tgttcagtaa cttgtgtgat gcatggaggc aaataaagag acacgaatca caatcagaaa    113460
     agcattataa ttcaaggaga gacagggctt tgggcccaga gacagaaatg gatgggagga    113520
     taccaaatga gatcccacct ctgactccaa attaaatcct aaaaggcttg ttatggtctc    113580
     ttaaaactcc agtaaacatg aatgcgactt tactttttct gtttggaaca gcaaacatgt    113640
     caataaggtt tgggaaggaa atgtgggtac gtgtacaggc atgggactgt tgagacagtc    113700
     tcacagttgg gatctagctc aggggcccaa gcactttgct tgtagatagg aggctgtgga    113760
     gtcagctcac agtcataaga aaggaataaa ttttaaaaag aagagaaaag aaatgcctca    113820
     ctccctctcg cttttgagac tgcactcatt tcctgtactc tgacacttag tcctcccctg    113880
     cttcttcgtg ctcctgagtg ctccaaagtt ttcaccatgc ctacagatgt tttcagtgct    113940
     cccctggtcc agactcccag accaacaggg atttgctgac cacagctttc cttctctata    114000
     agctcatggt aaggctcact cgctttcctc taaccatctc ttagtgcctc tgttctttca    114060
     gatttgatca cgagtttgta tctgctgcct tcctctctga agtgagatca atgaagccta    114120
     caacttcagc agcaattaga ttctgatggt ttgggagact gtacttagaa ggcactgaga    114180
     taccagaccc cagacacaca tgcacagtca tccctttacc attgcatgct attattgctg    114240
     ctgtgactga ttatatgaga gaagcagctt aagaaagaga ggctgtcaag ggcatggata    114300
     gcatggtgat ggggctgatc ctgtcaattg ctatgaagct gctggatata acacagcaaa    114360
     gatagaaagc aagaaaactt gggcaggaaa tgggccagct gataatcccc agagaaaatc    114420
     actcagtgat ccacatctag catctaccca caagattcca cagcttcatt gaaacgcaac    114480
     atcctctgag gtgttaaacc acctttgtct ctggatttcc ttccatgtta aaattctgac    114540
     aacaccacac gacagtctca cagacacctt taacctggag ctggagttga aggcagttgt    114600
     gatccacctg cagtgggtgc taagaactgg agctgcaggc ttcagcaaga gcagtaagtg    114660
     ctcttaatca cagagccatc tctttagcct ctaactagca gctttaatac aacttttaat    114720
     ttttcaaaga ttcacttttt aagtgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gtgtaaatat atatgcatat    114780
     gtgcatgcag gtgcccatag agggcagaag tggacactgg atcctcaact ggggactgaa    114840
     ctcagcaccc ctggaagaac aagttagttc aactacctag ccatctctcc agccccttat    114900
     attatccctt attcccagtt atttgctatt atttccagaa aatccagtaa atctacaagt    114960
     aaataatgca aaggtatttt ttctttccta tcatctcatc tgcaagaccc caatggctga    115020
     tggatgagga ttatataaaa gaatgctgtg aaactggtga ttccccattc aaaaagtgct    115080
     aagcacgagt ttcctgaaat ccatgcaatg ctgagacgaa tgcacttcat gtttgcaaga    115140
     ttagcagcat cttttttgta gatccttacc ctctggcaga taaaaatagc ttacttcatt    115200
     aaatattaaa accaagaatg atgtatactt acctttgcca taatgtctgc atacgccatg    115260
     tatagaaaat cttcctccag tttgctatga aagcaagtgg ggaaagatca gttcttaagt    115320
     acaaggcagg ttgttgtaga gaaaccatcc atccctatgt aaagtaactg tttgccattt    115380
     taaaaaacat gtccttcttt ataattaaat ggcatataac ttagacaaca gtaaatgttt    115440
     gaaaacaaac tattttataa tcagaaagca aagaccttag aggtcttcag caaatgcctc    115500
     tcctgacttt atatcagagt tcttcaagtg tgagaataaa gatacatcac gaacatgcaa    115560
     ataaatggaa caactaattc tcttcaaacc acaaaattta aagtaagcaa aagcaaactt    115620
     aagtgtcaca gaacttttga cagcaaagaa gtactggaca tctactggag ggctcagcaa    115680
     ggtataatgt cacagttaaa gataataagg tggtcattat aattaaattt ctgtgacgaa    115740
     tgtctaacat ttgctaaaat attatagcag gtcccaactt tcacttatga gaaatacctc    115800
     attacctcac caggacagac agacagttgt tctatgctta tcagatgaga tggttttgtt    115860
     agtggggaat aataagaaag agagaacacg tgagtgaaag gatggacaat gttcattgtt    115920
     agtggggaga gacccagatt gctgtggtgc ccagagacca catggtgctt caggatttgt    115980
     gagaagacct atgtggattc gtactgataa ttaagtgaat tccgggggat gaagagaaag    116040
     gataagacct gagcactaag ggcaggatct gataaaggtt ctgtagcctc taccatgtcc    116100
     ccacttatag agccaacacc ttttagaacc ccaataggga gaagaagcca agacatcttc    116160
     attgcatcct ctgaggttga atttgtcatg taactccaca ggagtttgct ccctaaagct    116220
     ttggtgcagt tgtaggacca gaaatgaaag catgagaagt gggcaatatc ctagaaacag    116280
     atctgagaga tgctaccaaa agccacaccc agcacctaag ggcttcttaa ccgtcaattg    116340
     aatgggagat accctctaaa gggatgacaa gagtcactcg tttccacaaa tcctctgcaa    116400
     tggattttgc ttcttttaag tcatttttgt tttgtttgta atgatagctt gtgataaacc    116460
     ttttatagag atcaacaaaa tcagcctaat acagagttaa gaagaaccag aatttcttga    116520
     tagatttggg agaaggggat tggggcgggg acaatgattg atgtgagagc acatatgcat    116580
     gtatgggtgt gtgcagaggt cagaagtcaa cctccagtgc cttcatttct tagaggccac    116640
     ccactttgac ttttgagaca gggtctctct ctctggagct cactaattaa cccaggtttt    116700
     ctggtcaacg aatcacaggc atcagcctgt ttctcttccc ctactgctgg gattacaggc    116760
     accaattatc tattgcagct ggctttttat gtgagttatg gccagagctc gggtcctctt    116820
     gtttgagagg caggttcttt attgactgag ccatcttccc agctcctcat ggtagggttt    116880
     aaagaacaac aacaacaaca aaagaattga tgctactctg tgggtttatg tcagacagat    116940
     cacatgatgt gtgaattacg ccctctcttg acaagagcag gatgtaactg agacatcaat    117000
     aaatggcaga tgagaattag atgtgggttt ctttatcagt gtccctaggt ctggattaac    117060
     ctgctccacc ataccatttc tccgttaggg ctgtgcggct gaacagaaga ataagttgat    117120
     ggaggggatc aacccttttc atggcttcat cttcttctgg gagctcagcc cctggtttct    117180
     gaaataaaaa gaaaagaaaa agcagacaac tacataacat ttctcattta aaacaaatgc    117240
     ttaagatcag cgctgtggct tatatctgca atcccagttt gtaagaggtg gaggcaggag    117300
     gagcagagca attgcaaatt gaatgttcta catagaaaga tgatctctca ataactgaaa    117360
     acccaagcca ggaaccatac aatgaatggc agagagaaca aaagaaacat ctttgtttgc    117420
     ttgctgagct gtacgtgtgc atgtgtgctt tgcataatat atgacttagg gaggcagagt    117480
     taagaaaatc cagaatttct tgattgatat ggggcaaggg gctggggcgg ggtggggggg    117540
     tagggggggg gacaatgact gatgtgagaa cacatatgca catatgggtg tgggcagagg    117600
     tcaaaggtca acctcaggtg tcatcatttc ttagaagtca tccactttgc ttttcgagac    117660
     agcgtcttac attgaacctg caattcactg attagattag gtttgctgat cagcaaaccc    117720
     tagaaatcag catatgatat gtatatgtat gcatatatat gtatgtgctt tgtgtctata    117780
     taatatgtaa tacaatacat acataaatct aacacatgtg ctgattatac cactggtgtt    117840
     aaacagaaga agcatttaac agtttgattt ttaaaaaagg ttgaacaaag aaaacctaca    117900
     aaattttaaa agaaattttt tgttttgttt tttgtttttt tgagactgag tttctctgta    117960
     cagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt agaccaggct ggcctagaac tcagaaatcc    118020
     acctgcctct gcctcccgag tgctgagatt aaaggtgtgc gccaccatgc ctggcgaaaa    118080
     tactattctt ataagcaggg tttaaaacta acaaaaaaag tattcaagac agagggaagt    118140
     tcagccttag gaagggcaaa acatagtatt taagaacgaa atgtcacatg gtgtgtgaca    118200
     agtccacaca gcaatattta tcacataaaa tattttcttg gcttaaaaaa ataataaaga    118260
     acacagaatg aattactgac tgaagtatgt gcacttcttt tcatttttag ttacttttaa    118320
     aacaaaaaag taacggataa aatttcatca ttgagtagaa ttattaggca tttttttttt    118380
     ttttttgcct acagaattgt ctgatcctga ttttactgaa tgatttaatg aatttttatg    118440
     tctccagaga atttttttcc atttggctga ttttctttct acatgaaagg agattcttag    118500
     cacaacacag ttaagaatct tgatgtcatt agtagttaaa attgtacaaa atatctaaat    118560
     agtctgtggc tgtttgatag tgtaatgggg ctggggttgg ggctcaattg atagagtatt    118620
     tgactggcac acacgaggcc ctgggccaga tcaccagcac agcatacaag ggatctggta    118680
     gcccatggga gtggaggcac aagaatcagg agatcaaggc tctccacgtc tacattgtga    118740
     gctggaagcc aatttgagca acgtaaaagc ctgtttgaga gcggggaaaa gggcgataag    118800
     ggttaggctt cagacgctgc attctattgg tttattatag ttcctgacaa tttgtaaatt    118860
     aaaaagattc tgtgagatta acctgaccag gccagagaga cagttgtact atgcttatgg    118920
     aacgagatag ttttgttaga aagaataata agggaaagaa atatgagtgg aagatagacc    118980
     acattcaatg tcagagaaat caagaatact gtggtataca gagaccacat ggtggttaag    119040
     atctgtgaga agacactatg catgtgcatc ttctgactat ctactttaga aaaccagcta    119100
     tcattcctta gtcttcaaat tacttggtgt gaatgatttc tttgagattt aatcttgact    119160
     ttaagttgga aagggcttag agagagactt taagagacta acttatttag ttaatcaggc    119220
     aacttatact tttcattttc ttttcttttc ttttcttaga tattttcttt atttacattt    119280
     caaatgctat cccgaaagtc ccctttaccc tccccctacc ctgctcccct agccaccaac    119340
     tcccacttct tggccctggt gttcccctgt actgaggcat ataaagtttg caagacctag    119400
     gggcctctct tcccaacgat ggccaactag gccatcttct gctacatatg cagctagaga    119460
     cacaagctat ggggggtact ggttagttca tattgttgtt ccacctatag ggttgcagac    119520
     cccttcagct ccttgggtgc tttctctagc tcctccattg ggggccctgt gttccatcct    119580
     agaagactgt gagcatccac ttctgtgttt gccaggcact ggcatagact cataccagac    119640
     agctatatca gggtcccttc agcaaaatct tgctggcata tgcaatagtg tctgcgtttg    119700
     gtaactgatt atgggatgga tccccgggtg aggtagtctc tggatagtcc atccttttgt    119760
     cttagctcca aactttgtct ctgtaactcc tttcatgggt attttgttcc ctattttaag    119820
     gaggaatgaa gttaatcatc agggaaatgc aaatcaaaac aaccctgaga ttccacctca    119880
     caccagttag aatggctaag atcaaaaatt caggtgacag cagatgctgg cgaggatgtg    119940
     gagaaagggg aacactcctc cattgctggt ggaattgcaa gcttgtacaa ccactctgga    120000
     aatcagtctg gcggttcctc agaaaattgg acaagtacta ccagaagatc cagcaatacc    120060
     tctcctgggc atatacccag aagatgttcc aacttgtaat aaggacacat gctccactac    120120
     attcatagca gccttattta taatagccag aagctggaaa gaaaccagat gtccctcaac    120180
     agaggaatgg atacagaaaa tgtggtacat ttacacaatg gaatttacag ctatgaaaaa    120240
     caatgaattt atgaaattct tgggcaaatg tatgcatctg gaggatatca tcctgagtga    120300
     ggtaacccaa tcacaaaaga agtcactaga tgtgcactca ctgataagtg gatattagcc    120360
     cagaaacttg gaatacccaa gataaaattt gcaaaacaca tgaaactcaa gaaggaagac    120420
     ttttaatttt ctattctgag tcatttaata ttgatatcta tatattttca aaaataaaat    120480
     gggtattttt gtcataacca gtaaatgtgg caacagtgag aattaaagtt ttctaagacc    120540
     aacatgcagt gtaatgattt tctttccatc ttctttcatt ttataatctc attaaaaagc    120600
     ttaccgctaa atcttcaatc aatttatcct caaagtaatg ttcttctgtt tcaatccaag    120660
     acttttcata tccctgaaga aaaagattga ccgcccgatg cctaaaagat aaatgcaatg    120720
     tcaaacaaag ggattttaaa tatatgaaca agaattcaat agtgcttatt accagatgat    120780
     ctgtgcacta aaatataaaa taaaaaataa acttcctatt attgattcct ctcttcacag    120840
     acaactcctt gcatccaata aaagcagttt tctcagatca catactgact ttgggtttag    120900
     tcccagctca gacttttcta agctctgcaa catcagttaa gatctcaatt ttcacaattc    120960
     tcatacttgc aacaaaaata atcattgcat tacaagatat ctcaatcttc caagaattaa    121020
     agtgagataa atggtggaaa atatattaga cagacattag ttaaatagtg gttattgttt    121080
     cctggtgtga ttattgctaa ataacataaa tgccaacaga agacttagcc tatattcaag    121140
     ttaacctcaa atgcaggctc tggctattct agagtagaat atattaagtg gactttttac    121200
     aattgtacca atgaagataa aatcttggaa cagtgacttt aaattttttt ctatgtgaga    121260
     ttgaagaggt agctctgtgg ttaagggcat gaactgctct tcaagaggac cgaagctcag    121320
     accccagcaa ccacggcagt tggctcatga ccatctgcag ctccagctcc aggaagtcta    121380
     atacattctt ctggcctctc tggttactgc atacatgtgc aaccccaccc ctatccctgt    121440
     acacgccccc tcccccacac acacaattaa aaataaaatg catctgaaaa tgatgtttgc    121500
     ctaagaagta aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaatg aagactagaa gagtcaatga    121560
     aactcatcat gatgctgaga gaaattagta agatctaagt gagaaaggcc aagagactag    121620
     tacgtggatt cttagacata gtagtacaat agcattataa gaaggaagcc tgcacttaac    121680
     agtaagagaa gtatgttaag aagacatgag gtataatggc tagataggtt taaggagaac    121740
     cttaaaaata ggagaggaac tagcaacaca tttggaaaca ctagaaatca ctgtaaaatt    121800
     cagcacacaa gaaagcaagc caaaagatgt gctcagctgc ttttagaacc tcagaatcat    121860
     gcacacagca tttagacttc taagcagagc acatattcaa cccttaggga aattcagatt    121920
     tgtggagctc agctcagatg ttcctgaaat ggtttaaatg atatcttttt aaagcaaatc    121980
     ctttctccgg tatgttagaa aggtactgaa ttccaagaaa ctggctcctg tccatggtta    122040
     ggaaaataga aacttaaaat tatgttggac cttaaagtgg aaatcagaga ggcaagcaac    122100
     ctgaatactg gacacaaaca atgtaacaac cacaaattgt aatcttgctg taaaaacata    122160
     gagaaggaag gagccgcctt acaaggagat cacagatgtt ccaaaaggag atacagttga    122220
     actgagccct gtttacaaga catattgtga tggtttgaat gaaaaatgtc ccccacagtc    122280
     tcaggcgttt gattagtggt ccccagttgg tagaactatg gggggggggg cacgtgtagc    122340
     cttgccagaa gaattgtgtg attggagttg ggctttaaga gtttaaagac tcacaccatt    122400
     tccaattttc tctctgcctg tgcttgcagt tcaggatgtg agctcttagc ttgttacttc    122460
     aactgttttg tctatcactt ccccttcatg atgactctta taggtctgaa gccttaagcc    122520
     cacaaactct tttgtctata agttacaagg tcctggtgtt ttatcacaat aatagaaaag    122580
     taaccaacac aataggtata cggttgcttg cagaaagtta agagtagcca agagcccagt    122640
     gtcatggcag aatacccagg aagccatagc aggtcatcaa gccagacctg aacacaccaa    122700
     gatacatctc tattgacaag tatattgatg tactactaag agaacagtga tgagtctgtt    122760
     gggtttgttt atgtcattgc tgtgagtcag gagaatgttt ttttcttttc tctgtatgag    122820
     gataactata caagtaacat ccatgggtag catctactgt gatcagcaca ctgacaagca    122880
     ctctgaatgg atttatttgt tccccaatct gtcttggtac tctatggagt cagtcctacc    122940
     acagtccaga gggggaaacc aaagtgaagt gaggtaatca acttgaccag tgccatgtaa    123000
     cacagaaatg gaagttgaaa tctaagcaat tagacttcaa agaatgtttc caatcacact    123060
     aactgtcctt ccctatacaa acagatattc tccaacatat accattttaa aatgaaagga    123120
     caaatatggt ttgtccctaa ataaacaaac aaagacattc aacagaggaa agcaaacaga    123180
     tgagtttcag gaaccaataa gtttcttcta ttcttctctg gaagagattc acgttgcccc    123240
     tcgttacttc aagaagataa ttaatttctt ttaaacattg aaaaaattct gaccttggca    123300
     gattgtacaa gggggccatc cggaagcagg ccacaacagc tctttttctc tgcttagaga    123360
     gtagtttgtg ccacacagct ttctttgatc tttgaggatg ttccacctga ggaagaaaga    123420
     taaacatcca tttaccaccc ccatctaccc tcagtggtaa agtatcaatc agccgcatcc    123480
     tttacattta tttcaaacta cgaaacaatt agtttggttg agactatatc ctcaacatta    123540
     tccaaagcta aatctgagat gctttcaaat ggtacttagc aaaatttacc tattttacaa    123600
     acagctcgta gctcctaagc cttgttatct ttaaaaatca aagagacagg aaaaaaaagc    123660
     attctatgta aaatcctttt gcaccattct caaaatgtta agtactttaa aacttttttt    123720
     ttaagttcat gcatatgtgt gcataggtac acgtgcacac atgttagcag acacatggaa    123780
     gctagagaac agcgttgggt gtcactcctc agttgacatc ctccttgttt ttagtttttt    123840
     tgtttttgtt ttgttgggtt tttttttttg agacaacatt tcttattggc ctggtattca    123900
     ccacttagga caggttgact agccagtgtg tcccagagac ccggcttttt ctgtctcccc    123960
     aatgctggaa ttagaagcac atacttaggc ccgacttttg aaccataggt tctggtgatt    124020
     aaactcagat cctgtttcct ttctcagtcc cttctctgag gggacttggt tttggtttgg    124080
     ttttccttgg tttgattggt tttgtcttgt tttgttttcc tacacagata tgcactcaca    124140
     tatccataga aactactctt gtgctaagta tgataactac aaatacaaat agcattaatg    124200
     aaaagcctac tgctctttaa taaaagaaga taacaaggct ttgtgaactg agtactagga    124260
     gtaaatagaa ggatttaatc ttataaaagt attaaagtat atagctattt ttgttaggta    124320
     agataaatga gaacttgaaa gttacaagaa atgatgcaaa caggctattt atttgaataa    124380
     tggtgcttga aattccaaga gaaaaaaagg agattaatag taagtattag aaagaagata    124440
     aattcacagt atgatttggt caattaatta gtattctcta ggtaatggag cactgtactt    124500
     cccaggctga aatatccccg gccagtatac ttagatttct ggaaaaaatg aaaatgttat    124560
     gttagcccaa agtaaagcca gatatattat gccttgcagt aaatgctcag aatatgaaga    124620
     caataattct taggaaaatg ttaagcctga ctagccatgg cagccatttg aacaatctat    124680
     ctaactggca agcactcact tctctgaccc tccgctctcc atatgattag tgtaactagc    124740
     aagtgtccac ctcagttggt atcttgatgg gtatattagg tggaataaac tcttattgaa    124800
     gatattgtag attaaaacag gatgaagagc caagttggcc agtgagatcc aatgtatccc    124860
     aatataaaat tccactttgt ggtctgagac tttaaaggca agcaattttg atgagtacag    124920
     ggcattgtgc tgaatatgct gacaacccat agatatagac aaagctttta gcttctgaga    124980
     tacatttgtg gaatgaacag aaaaaggcta taactgccat ctaacttcaa catttggcag    125040
     agaattatat aaggaaaaat tcaggtactc agtagctact ttaaaccatc agtgtatgtt    125100
     attttaccag tcacagcagg agtatatgtc caaacaatat ctagtttaaa tcaaagcaac    125160
     atgtttattc atgttatcgt tatatatgca gatgtagata aaggggctag aaaatcaaaa    125220
     cgtatttctt acaacacagg cagaaaggtt cctggaatgg cacaggggat tttattattt    125280
     cagattcagt attaataaag catatcacac aggtattgtc aaacacctac tggcagacga    125340
     ctcttgcctc tcacgctgat ataatcttgt ttcgttttgt tttttaaata tgttgatttc    125400
     acatgtgttg gggtggatgc ttatgtcagt gtgatcgtga gcagaaagca gggtaaagtg    125460
     ttttgaaccc tctgcatctc agcattggag acccagggca agctctctca ctgaacttgt    125520
     ggatcaatga acctcagtag gctgcctacc cagcaagtcc tcagggcctt cttgcccctg    125580
     ctccacccca gtgttggagt tacagatatg tgccgccata ttcagccttt accagagtgc    125640
     tggggatttg aactcaggcc ctcctgcttg cacagtgaac actttactta ctgagtcctc    125700
     tctccattcc tctaacactg cctgttgact agatgtcgtg ttaaaaagga acacgtttct    125760
     gtatatttaa aatagtttca tttaatctac ctaaacctta tacaagcaac tttagataca    125820
     tgtatgcaaa ccagacaatt gcctggatac atgtagtttt ataaagaatt gcttttaata    125880
     taatataaat acacaatata actttctaac aaagtgtctc aagaattatt gctttgcaaa    125940
     ttcttgaact gaggggaaaa aatagagaat aaaacacacc agaacttggt agtgaagaca    126000
     ggagatgact ggaaaatgac ataaaaacat cttcctcatt tagggtttta ttgttagtgt    126060
     attgctcttc tataaatgta atttgctctt tagctcagag aaaaattgct ggaaaaaatc    126120
     tctcataaaa ccaaatgtta agcaggtaaa gagaaaatac ctcagatatt aaaccagtga    126180
     aagacaaaat atctcagaca tattctatgt gaagccttaa aactggtata aaacatttca    126240
     aatcttgttc aactctgaga tagtttgtga gaaatgttta gaataaagtc tactactaac    126300
     aatctatagg attttagaaa agcttgaaaa atatgataaa atgaaggcct tgatctcttg    126360
     aagcatagta tctatgaacg tttctgaaaa atataatctt ggaaacaaca aattacatgc    126420
     tcattccagt gaacacatat atggggttta gaggaaccac agttaaaaat taatatacat    126480
     ttaaaataat ttatgtgtct aaagcgattg aattaacaca aaaatctaac ctgctcaagg    126540
     tgaaaaagca catttgctat acccaggaca cgctcgactg tcctctctgg gtctgagggg    126600
     tcttctgtcc tgtttggcaa gtctttgtag agagccatct gccacctgat tgcagggtct    126660
     tccagctgtg ggaaagcaaa cacaaggtgg caactgaaga gtgagggaat cccacatgac    126720
     caatgactgg gtctacctgg gtaactaagc aagcccagga cagtactaaa acatctacag    126780
     aactctacct aaggagaagt ctagggagcc actggactgc gtgataactc agttaataag    126840
     atggtactac attacaaaaa cttgctgagt agagttcata caaatacaca aatatacaaa    126900
     tacacaaatg ggcaactgtg tgggcaaatg gaaaggtctg ttttgcctga ctgttataat    126960
     catttaactg tctctgtata tctacatttt atgatgcaca tattaaattt atcactaaaa    127020
     aaagcaagca aatgctatgc agaggtcaga aaaatcaaac catattcaca ttcagaagtg    127080
     aaacagtgac aatgactgtg tccagtaaag aatcataaag actgtcccca gaagaatcat    127140
     aaaggacact tgtctgtgca cccaaaaatc ttcttagatg aatgagctca aatactggag    127200
     caaaggacag agttaaaatt tcaagatttg gctagaagac caggtaggct gcctgcagac    127260
     attttttgtt ctttctgttc cccagcagac ccaatccctc aggctcatcc ttagcactcc    127320
     agcacaacac cagctacagt cttccttccc ccatttccat gcctcatgtg gatcctccaa    127380
     accatcccct cctaactttc ctcccctgct agtcacagca tctcggcctt caacaccaac    127440
     aggcattccc tatgaacata ccagccagga ggacaataca acatgtgaca aacagacacc    127500
     aggctctctg aaaaatccat agaggaaaca gaaaccaagg aacaaaacac ccacccaaca    127560
     agggcaaacc cagaaatcag cctctagacc tataaccacc acaaaccaga tgctaggcaa    127620
     cagcttaaga atacaattag taatgatatg tctccactca agtacagatc tcctaccaca    127680
     gcaggcccag aatattccac atagctgaaa cataagaaaa tgaccttaaa accaactata    127740
     taaagatgat agaggtcctt aaagaggaaa tgaataaatc ccttatgaaa gacagaaaaa    127800
     atacaaacaa ttggaagaaa tgtataagtt ctttaaagaa agcaagaaaa aaacctaaca    127860
     gttgaaggaa atgaataaaa ctgttaagaa cccaaaaaat ggaaataaag caataaagta    127920
     aacacaaatg gagagaatcc tggaaatgaa aaatttagga aatcgaatag gaactagagg    127980
     ggcaagcttc actgacagaa tataagagat ataaaggaga atctcaggcc ttgacaatat    128040
     gatagaagaa atgaatacat caatcaaaga aaatatttaa tctaaaaaat tcctgcagga    128100
     aatctgggac attatgaaaa gactaaacct aagaataata ggaatagaag aaggagaaga    128160
     atcccagctc aaaggcccag aaaatttttt tcaacaaaat catagaaaaa aattatccta    128220
     acctagagaa ggagatgcct ctaaagatac aagaagctta cagaacacca aatagattga    128280
     accaaaaaag aacgtcccct cacctcaaaa taatcaaaaa actaaacata gagaataaca    128340
     acaacaataa caaaagaata ttaaaaacta caagggaaaa agacaaagta acataaaaca    128400
     gtagatctat tagaattata cctgaattct taatggagac tctaaatgcc aaatggcctg    128460
     gacagatgtg ttgctgactc taaaatacca cagatgccag tccagactat gatacccagc    128520
     taaactttca atcaccatag atggagagag ggggggaggg gacgggaggg gagaggagag    128580
     gagaggagag gagaggagag gagaggagag gagaggagag gagaggagag gagttaaaat    128640
     caaaaaagat ataataaggt ttaaggttga agccttgcat tggtttcttg cctgctcata    128700
     cactgactgt tgaaagattc atttgtgtat ttttataaat attgaaatag gtccacaatt    128760
     gattataaac ttaggaagtt tacaacacag caaattctca ctggaatgaa gattattgaa    128820
     taatatggaa tataaatttt atatgcacca aaaagaaatc ttgatactgt catattttaa    128880
     gaatgaaatt ttaaaataag ctcttgtatt taatttttat tctttcactg tttttgaatg    128940
     tgtgtctgcg tgtagatatg tgcacatgag tgcatgtgcc cacgtggtcc aaaagagggc    129000
     atcagatccc ctggagctac ctggtgtggg tggtaggaac caaaccctct caaaaggaca    129060
     ataagtgttc ttaatgactg agccatctct cctgctgcaa aattttttta tgaatcttta    129120
     tttttttctc atgttttaaa gaaagactat aaaattcata aatctgaaca gatagaagca    129180
     tctttgtggg agaaaagcct tcatttcaaa gaaataaaac ataagagtca tggcattaaa    129240
     aatagacaat acaaattaca tttccttctc ctctttagaa tttccatttt aaaaacctgc    129300
     atgttatgaa atagaaatga acagggatca tctgaaactt ccaacctctt aaaaaggcat    129360
     agctccacat gacagaacta gctttgaagt ggagatatct cagggacaga actttgtata    129420
     cagatgactt ctaaacagtt tgtcctttgc ttaaaataga atgttttcct ctatgtcctt    129480
     ttcatcaaat gactatgtag ctcatttttg tctctaaatt caataaacat atatttttga    129540
     taaagcaaaa tctttatgtt ctctctcata caatgactcc acaaggcttc ttcctctatc    129600
     tagtgttctc agaatgtgaa catggggcta gaacgtggct gcttcattgt tgggtccagg    129660
     tgtccatctg gactgtaaga agaggggcta ctagtgtaga gaaaggtgag tgataggccc    129720
     tacacaggca gtcctcacct tatatgtggc aacagcactc atcttcagag cccctgtggg    129780
     tgaagatttt gttgcagcaa ggaatggaca gagcaatgag ccatgggaga gtgaggagag    129840
     tgttagcata gctatgtggc tagtctcctt gaacaaggat ttgatgggga gccacactgt    129900
     caaggtggct cctataagct cccaggggag gatccagaat ctcaaagact gggggctata    129960
     tgatcacttc ctgccatgag cacagaccct gaagtcgttc aacaggggtt gtctaagttg    130020
     ggagatcccc ggagcccttt cagaggttca taatgccgtc taacacctgt gtctataaaa    130080
     acgttcgtgt ctctcactgc ataagagctt acagtgtaag cacttggcct gagttcagct    130140
     ggaggtttta tgatgattaa caaaagatat gcacattttt cttttctctc tgaaaaagaa    130200
     acactcctgg gaatcaatct ccttctctgg ggatttatta ctaagatatg tgtgagttca    130260
     catggaagtt catagaaaat gtgctttaaa gacaactgtg tgcactgata atagagcaga    130320
     agtggctttt acctgaatca catctcccgg aaatgcaggt ctatgggaag ggatctttta    130380
     atacactgaa ggactacttg gtgatttttc aaaatatctt tcataccttc atctcatttt    130440
     tatgaattag acagaaacct cagaaggtca ctgactacag tagaagccta aatatgggtt    130500
     acataatggt tagatctctt ttgtttgctg gattttgctt ttggagacag ggcctttcta    130560
     gttaggtagc ctaggctagc tacaaattca caatcttacc atctcagagt cttcagtgtt    130620
     agggttacag gcatgtacca cctattatgt ccagcagcga taagactttt gacatgatat    130680
     accttttcca taaatgagtg atatatctca aaataagagc aaatacttac tggactaaaa    130740
     acagttttaa caattctttc aactattgct agaaaacagt tcctacttca aattgctttt    130800
     cctgtcctta gatcagctca tttattctta tcttagaaat tctcaatacc tcatatatac    130860
     aaatttttat ctgaacacta aaggaaattt ttcaactagt tatagatatc tgtttctagg    130920
     tcacccaaac catgaaaagc aattataacg tgtatattca gtatctattc aatctgtgtc    130980
     atactgtttt ctaatattat aatttatgat cctctgcttt taaggacatg ccacttatta    131040
     ccacttttat tgttaaagtc ttttcaagta aaataatggc aatcaagata accttatttg    131100
     ctagtgtgag actactagca atattctgaa aatgttaaat atgatttgga ataaaagctg    131160
     acttaccttg ccttgtaagt gtatattact gcggattata tcacgtactt cctcctcggt    131220
     gtctttctgt caagaaatat atgttactaa aagaagtccc ataataaatg cgtcaactgt    131280
     cacagtcaaa gaacaaatca aatactccac taaatagtgt gtctctggca agtatgttta    131340
     tcaaaatgca tactacaaat ctgaagcatt ctcagatcct ttttaatcct gtgtccctgg    131400
     agaccagaat aaggtgtcag atactccaga gaaggagttg caggtgatta tgagttggta    131460
     aagtagggag ccaaactcag tcctttccaa gagttgcaga tactcttaac tcctgagccc    131520
     tatttctacc cctcagaaaa tattttatat actgaaatta cttcaaacca gaataccatt    131580
     tacttgaact actcagtaaa aatgtcaaga gtcaacagaa tgagtatcaa atttgtaaaa    131640
     ctaaagaaga cagaaacata ttcccttggg ttcacataaa aataaattat gcctttcaga    131700
     cctctataat aagacatttg catgttacaa catactccat aacagagctg taacaagaaa    131760
     tgtgtgtgag aaaatcaggt gtccaaaacc tctgcctaag ctttcctcca ttcacttgtt    131820
     ccagggcaca aaacaagagc cacacaggtg aatcactgtt agtctctggg aagagggtca    131880
     tgaaaataca ttctctgatt tgcataaata taaactagca accccaaggc acagttttga    131940
     aagattacat ggtcacctga aattatgcaa atagaatcaa ggaaataact caagcaaagt    132000
     taaaccccaa tgcctgtaaa ggagcaaagc tccagaaagc taacccctca tcaagccacc    132060
     actggcacaa tacagtttgc ttttaatgtt gaaaaatcac ctttcaaatt ttgacaatag    132120
     ctctcatagc agattttatg aaggagtaca tatgctatcc atccccccac cacactctgt    132180
     ggccgattat tcatactatt ctctttgcta ccagaagatg acttggagat gattaccatc    132240
     acttaggata aaagcgccct aaatataata cgcagtcatt ggtttaaggc ctaggctcta    132300
     cagaaaaact acttactaaa aatgtaacta taaatgaact attgacagtt actcaaagga    132360
     tacaatgcca tgtctggagg tctgataact accatccctg ggtggccaac agacttacca    132420
     agctaaatct atttttggcc aaagcaatga gctcttggtc accaggggca cagatgttca    132480
     gcccaatggg tagtaatctc ttcagagctg ccacgatcaa agatgtctgc atagaatacc    132540
     ggtccccttt gcgcttcatt ttcttccttt cttgatcaga aatggctgcc tgtggaacaa    132600
     agataaacac tggaatacca cccacactcc tttcattcag atttaccatc ttctttgaca    132660
     taatcatggt cccactgtcc ttattttctc tgatccctat tttcagaaat cctaaccatt    132720
     ctgaaaaggt tatctttcct tcccaacatt tctttttact tttacttttt attcgtccta    132780
     caccttcacc attaatgaat gatattctat tcccatgtag ttgttcgata gaaagaccca    132840
     tcataatatt agggggcaat tccatatagt aatttcatat ataatatgct ttctactttt    132900
     catttcttaa aagaatttac atacagaacc cttatttttg cttagcatta cttaaaagaa    132960
     ggtgaaatag cctacataat cctagcactt gagaggcaaa gataggtagg tttctgagtt    133020
     tgaggccagc ctggaatagt cagttccaag acagccagac ctataagatg gagcaatgtc    133080
     tcaaaagcaa acaaccaaaa caaagcaaaa gaaagagaag gcagaataag tccaagtctg    133140
     gtgctgaaaa cttctcagca cagagagaag tgacactgtg gttgacttgt ttatttaaag    133200
     attttttttt aatgtgtgta gagttggtgc ctgtatgtgc atgtgtcttg ctcatgtgtg    133260
     tttcagtact gagagaccag aagaaggcat tgaatcacca agaactgtag ttacatatag    133320
     ccgtgagcca ccatgtggat gctgggagtt gaacctaggt tcttcacaag agcagccagt    133380
     gtgcttaact gctgagccat ctctccagcc ccagcaatcg attcattata aaggacttgt    133440
     atactaagtc ataatattgc actatatata gttgtgttcc attaaatcca taaatttctg    133500
     aacataagaa gcaagaattt tatattccaa agataaacac ttattgtata gagcacattt    133560
     tttatatgta caacctttta agaaattact tttagtaaat ttagtaacta caaatttgta    133620
     agaactttac ccttcatagg tcacttttat gtctcagtag ttactgcacc tgattcaaac    133680
     taatcctaga agctatctga atggcacaaa tgtttttata tcagtaatca atgctatcaa    133740
     accaacccaa ctaccattat gaactcaaaa aaattaaaaa aaaaaaactt caactcataa    133800
     gggaaacttg aaacagatgg aaagacttga taccttggac atcttggact ttgtgtcagt    133860
     gatgaggaag gacatgttgt tgatttcatt ctgcaccaca aagttctgtt cttctctttt    133920
     gaaattctaa gaggttgtaa aggaaatttc agttaaaagc acttggagaa aacaatataa    133980
     tcagagatac acaggtgtcc agagtcttgt caggggcaga tgctagttta gtatatgact    134040
     tacacagaga cagccatatt agagacaact gttttaagaa caatatatga acatgattga    134100
     ctctctctag tgttgtggat ggaacttagg gctttgtcca tataaggcaa gtgctctacc    134160
     tctgagtata tcccagcctt cttacttctt atgagaagat aggttttcac taaattgcca    134220
     acattggcct tgaatttact ctgtagctca agcagcccat caacttgtaa gcctccttcc    134280
     tttactttct tgggagttgg gatgacagac ccatgtcacc aggcccatcc tgaataggtt    134340
     tgttttaaag atgaagcttg aaatgcttat ctcataaaaa tgcacataac caaatgatag    134400
     tatgaacgct ccagccccag gttagctggg gaggggtata tgttgtttcc agggataaac    134460
     agtctttcca gagcacacac aactttgaat aaatttctac ttcctattct ggtaggtact    134520
     ccatctaatt ctaaaaatgc cataacatta ttttaagtac ttttaattta gaaagaatgg    134580
     taaaatcaat ccatctgaaa catttgggga aaatatcaat acatataaat aaatttgatt    134640
     ttaaaatata tatcagggct ggagagatgg atcaagccat taaaggctag gatcataacc    134700
     aaaaagaaat atatcaatat ttccactatc gaaagaacca ttacatgatc ctgatgatta    134760
     tataatagag tcctgattcc aaaatattct ttaagacaaa agtttaaaga cacttcattg    134820
     atgtttaaat gattgcttag tggaatacat atgccaattt tctagcaatt ttcaacacgt    134880
     ttaaacatct aatcctagtc tcctcccatt tgtctccttg gcaggtaaaa attttatata    134940
     tgaaagagag agaaaggtaa aagactgtca atccatctct gattttggca ggtgaaaata    135000
     gattgactta tcccagaata tacatttccc tcaaaatacc cccaaataag ctaatgtctc    135060
     cattaaaatg tgctgcataa aataaggaat cattcatcag gcctggtggc acttgccgat    135120
     ggtcccacag aagtgagaaa attacaagtt tgaggtcagg ctaattccaa ggccagctta    135180
     agctacaaag tgaagacttg tctcaatact ccaagggctg aagacatcag gacatagctc    135240
     tattccagca tgctcaaacc acaaaacaaa caaaatacct catttgattt agagaaacat    135300
     cctaaaaaaa aatttcctag agagccacag ataacagaca tcaatatgaa tatacaaatg    135360
     tacataattt aaaaatcatt ttaaatcagg catatcctaa aggatcccag catatggagg    135420
     ggaagcaggc atgtaatacc agcctgggct atataacaca ctgtctaaaa gaggggggag    135480
     ggttataaat aaacatctta atgtttgtac aatactatca acattttgtt atcttttaaa    135540
     gataacttac agagtttaaa agagactcca tttccctaaa gttcccagag tcaccttcct    135600
     tctgtcctaa actatcaaat gaattctagg agacaaactc aagaaatact atttagacag    135660
     tgcctgcagg aatcagacaa ctggtctacc tttgcaaagt cctcatcaca cataaaacag    135720
     tagatagata atttgcattc tcatacttac atgggatttg gaccagtaga tgaagacttc    135780
     agccaccatt cgaaatagct cctctgcttc tgggttgggc tccttcagcc actttgccct    135840
     ggaacatgtg acagtatctc agttaaagtt aattaagcaa aacaacacct taccaccact    135900
     ccccccagaa aattctttct gccaaagtct ttttaacatt ttcttccttc cttccttcct    135960
     tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc ctccctccct ccctcgcttg cttccttcct    136020
     tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccctctctc tctctctctc    136080
     tctctctcct tccttctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    136140
     tttctttctt tctctctttt tttttctttt ttctttttgc tcttttgaga cagggtcttt    136200
     ggctagcctg gaatttgcta tgtaggcaga acttgaactc acagagattt ttctgacttt    136260
     tgcctctccc aagtgctggg attaaaaatg tgtggttggt ttgctgacca aagaattcat    136320
     aggtttcaca gtatggctag aacattaaaa aacttgtaaa cattgtaact gtccaacagc    136380
     ttttcaatag aagaaattaa aaataaaaga gtttaagttt tattttgaaa aatatctgtt    136440
     ttttaattca cacccacatt ttttatatat gatgtatatg ttttgtatgt gtacacatat    136500
     tatttatata gtatatattt gtacatatat atgtatgcct atacatatat atgtatatat    136560
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatga cacaatttaa atgcatttct    136620
     ttctgtatta tctggagagt atactctagt ctcctgtaga cactggaaca atataagaat    136680
     agatatgtta cttgcaaagc atagagggct tcagcaaaca acatccagtt gtaagctgaa    136740
     gatgcccaat gagaatcaat gaatgcatta atattttgtt atgttataac catgagaaag    136800
     ctcatggctc acgagtcaga gaactatgtg gtctttatga ggagatgagc ccagcagatc    136860
     ttgaaggact taggggagtg agccgcttct gcacagtgta cctgttatag tccacaaatc    136920
     ggatcaggag tgggtagaag gcatagagat ccctggccag tgtggtgaac tcatctagaa    136980
     tgagcagctc ggcctcagac atgtcccctc tggcttcggc tttcaggtgg tcttcctcag    137040
     acactaccat agcagccttt ttctttagct tctccatcaa gggtaagaaa tgagttttca    137100
     agagctgagg tttcactttg ttgatgatag gctgtgaaaa cactggaaac agacattaat    137160
     taatattaat gctgaattaa tttaatttgt ccattaaaat taagatgaat tgctggaatg    137220
     gtagtgggag tgatattcct accttttctc tttcatagtt tccttatgga cagagcacac    137280
     atctctgcca ttttcctagc cacaaaccta attgcataat tgatgcttaa acatgattac    137340
     tgaactcaat tcaatgtgct tattttttaa caaaagatta attgatgatt tagaataaaa    137400
     ttttaaaaaa acttggaatc atatcagatt agttttaaaa tcagcgttat tatgcagagc    137460
     cctaaagtgg aaatgaatct tacaatttct ttcattttta gaacactctc tgcaatatca    137520
     ttatgtgagg cctacagtct cctcagcgta tcccatcatc attttcttca aggtttagat    137580
     tatacataac actgttgtcc tggacagcat tcagtagtag gtatatagac ttgcacaagc    137640
     aatttttaaa gtggattttt acatatttat ataatatgta tatatctata aatatataca    137700
     catacataca ttgggtaata tatatgtgag aaaagttaaa aatctatcta ttcaatcatt    137760
     aagacactgg cattatgttt ttaattttca tcaaaagata aactcattaa ttcatacatg    137820
     tacagtatga actaattctg cattccttta aaatttttgc ttttgttttc tatatttaac    137880
     aagagtattt cccaagacac aaaacatgac atgctgtttt gtgaatgttt ggagaaaatg    137940
     tagtattttt gtaagaggat atacagaaac tatttaccca tgctactcca gctgttggga    138000
     attttgacag cttccagaat gttaatataa attctgcaat gatagtctga actgtatgtg    138060
     ttttacttca tctttcattc ttcagcccat tgtcatggga gaataatatg aaggtatgtt    138120
     gtctcaaaat ccagctttac tttggtctct gtctacataa ttattattga tgttactgtt    138180
     cattatttct tatgattgct aaatagtctt atatagaaat aaacaaatta gaaaattgtt    138240
     tgaaactatt aactatgtaa tgagtagcta taactgtcaa ttcaacacag cttagaatca    138300
     tctgggaaga gagtctcaat gaggaattgt ctacattggg ttggttggtg ggcatgccta    138360
     tgagcacttg tcttgattat gataactgat aactgtggaa aacttagacc actgtgggtg    138420
     acaccattgc ctaagcaaga agtcttgaac tatgtaaaag tgaagtaatt gagctgagta    138480
     aaagcaaaca agtaagcaca caattgttta tttatttttg tacttgatag atttaagatg    138540
     actagtcact ttaggctcct gccataaaga tatccttgca gtgatctcac tctaacatgg    138600
     taagtataca ttaaaagaaa ctcttcctct caaaagacac tttgggtcag tatattttat    138660
     cacagcaaca aaaatgagac tagggcaggt agcatatatc tgatcttatc tatatctttt    138720
     aaaatagcat aagaggacta agcaatggta attttgaaca caaaaaaaat cactgaagat    138780
     tactgtggga aatttctagc cttcaatatt tgaaatcttt gctggaaata aaacaagtga    138840
     taggatgcgt tctttctggt ccttaccggc caagcgcttc atccaggctc cttcatcaat    138900
     ccccaggttg ttgtagatga ttttgagaat gttgcccagc agcgtgttca tgtgctctga    138960
     gttgagggct gtgcagcaca tctcagccct ctctggatgg ttctcaggac cgtgttccca    139020
     ccaccttgac atgtagctgc ataacatggg cagtacaacc tccatcatgt atggcatctg    139080
     agtgtagcgg attcctgact ctgccagctc tattatctca gtcataagct tctccaggga    139140
     tggtatattt gggcagacat cctccacatt tgcaggtaaa ctgagagcta gagatataca    139200
     gataacaatg gggtgtgctc aatgcaagaa taggtaccgt gtggcagatt tggctttctc    139260
     aaacagacac catatttcat gtcgggcttc aaaactcaaa cctggctatc cttctcctga    139320
     taccttcttc cttttgtgta gctggctgcc atttaaaagt tctttcctaa ccccgtgatc    139380
     cttccatgct tcaggttagc aggccaattg acagctggtc gtctattcac agcaaataag    139440
     attaggcatt ctctctctgt cctgcttcct gcactcacca tttccaagcc atctctgtgc    139500
     atctctgttc acctctactc cctctattta gaggaagaaa acttgaggtc cttcacttgt    139560
     tacctcctct ctgaatgatt tccccactac agggctttgc tcacatctct attcccagcc    139620
     ttttcctctc ttgcagctcc tagcaagcca tatctacaga tgtgcaaatg tccccagaag    139680
     ttctacttcc caggcatcaa tgtttgtaca gcaactaaac tcagctttcc agcacatggg    139740
     ggaactcttg actttacatt catggctcac tggttgctag gcagcttgtc ccttttccta    139800
     aacagtctcc ctccttaaca tcaccatctc cagtccctgt gactctctgc tgaatttcag    139860
     cagtgtcctt aactcactcc tttctccttg cccagttaga tgttggcttc tttaaggatc    139920
     catttttagc ccctctcttc ctcttcctat ttattttgac aactacatat actgctgctg    139980
     gtttctgttt tgctaaaact acaaacctaa gttttattta ttcatccttt gtgtgtgtgt    140040
     gtgtgtgtgt gtctaatcct ggattttttt cagggtccac tgagatacaa taactttaaa    140100
     tttttgactt aatctccaac acaattactt aagccaagtg tcatccaatc agtcaccatg    140160
     gctagatgct gatggacctt ccttggctca tatctgagat gattctccct ccaggaaatc    140220
     tcacaaccac tccactgcct attcttttca gtgggcatta cctagtcact gcttctccag    140280
     gactcaacac agccgagctg tgcatttatc tcccttactg cggtacagtg ggtctctacg    140340
     atacaccaat ccctctctgt agctagtaag tgaatcttct ttgctatggc ttcagtcctc    140400
     attcttgctt ccctcctctg gcttcccagt ctttcttcgt tgtctgttca cctctcctag    140460
     gagctatctc ctctcaacat tttccctaat gaatcaaaat ttctgttttt ccaatttcaa    140520
     gacccatcct gaattatctg tgtggagtct tcccaggggc tctagaataa cattactttc    140580
     tagtgcccag tagtttttat tcttaattct attgcccatg tctatcaatc tcagtcagtc    140640
     tgagtgagtc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    140700
     tctctctctc tctctctctc ccctccctcc ccctctctcc tacaggccag aagtccctgc    140760
     aggaaagaat caaatcttag tcatctttgt atcatatctc ctctatctac cataacctca    140820
     caaaaatgtt cctgcagtgg gtgactaaaa gataaatgaa atcatgaaat ttaattcctg    140880
     ttgttataca aatgagatga tatagaaacc tgagcaggta tgtaatctgt ttgtacagtt    140940
     acttatcttt acaaaggtta taaatctact ttattcttga ctcctgtgtc caaatactaa    141000
     ttattcacaa aaccttaata aggtgactgt atattattgc acagaaaaat caacatattg    141060
     aacttaacca tttctcacta cttacaaaca tatagaaatt atgtcaaaaa taatactatt    141120
     gcacattcaa tacatttgcc tttgctttca tttattcatg aggtaaaacc gacaaagtag    141180
     ccaaattaaa taataattat tcaggtcact aaacattcct tattttggta agattcgcta    141240
     taaaataaga caaaaaatcc aacactgtaa ctaagagaaa caagttcaca ggtagagggg    141300
     tatgcattcc aggttttgaa aacattctac aattattaga aagcatctaa aatcaataga    141360
     atgagaaaaa cattaaacag aaaaagtccc atcagagagc gtctgtgaca tattttgcct    141420
     tgagaattgg tctagactat tctagaagct actagaagaa gaattggagt ttatttactt    141480
     ttcattcaat tcaactcaca ttcctattaa taattctagt aggctatcta tggtaaatat    141540
     ctgaagtcaa catcaaggga ataaatgtct ttttcagttg ggagtcatga gcaaaatagt    141600
     gctatctacc taacaaatga taagattgcc ctgcattgga taccacacat tgatctggga    141660
     tccatgatac aacatccaca cacagaggct catggttctt agggggggac acaccttata    141720
     tttggtgtaa accaaaattg ttggttaggt ttctcagaat tccaataata aacttttaaa    141780
     gtgataaatc agctaaagat acatttaaaa cacatgaaat aggaagagca agttgtcatc    141840
     tgacctagac ataaacagtg tgtcacatgt atgagtatat gcatatatac ataggcatgg    141900
     acatagataa tacacacata catcatatac ataaaaatgt ataaaaaatt aaaaacaatg    141960
     aagagcacaa atctaccaat aagataaata acaatagcat aacctttcct gaattgctgc    142020
     taaaactact caataagaaa gccaatcaat ctactttttc atatttgctg attattttct    142080
     gtgctttagt agagtattca tttgtctgtg tctcattaac ttaagaaaat taaattttct    142140
     tctttcagaa acattagagg aagtaaacat ttaaaaaatg ctaaattata attcttgaga    142200
     acaaagagct tctgagatca taaactggaa aaggtaattt aaaaacactg tattacagga    142260
     atcctcctat ttactgtcta tatatattca tagacaagca tgaacatttt aaaaattatg    142320
     gtgtgtttag ccaacatatg tatagattgc ctcaaattat gaactaccac aatcatggca    142380
     agaaatctcc cacatcctgc cccttgcaac caactcctcc tccctcccgc ctcttcccct    142440
     ttattctcct cctcttcatc atcttcttcc tccataatcc aggaaaggag gctctgctag    142500
     taacctaggc tcatgagcaa cctcattcca gcccactgtt cccttacaag tacttccaga    142560
     aatcaaactt ttggataaac gatctcacta tcccaagaac agaaaatgca gcagaatcat    142620
     tccatatgca tcctgaagac acggcttcgt ttctcaaagg gcaagagtag ttctgtgtta    142680
     cctgctcttt ctcgtgaaga tctggtgttg tagatggagt aaacgttatg tttgtccagg    142740
     tgggtttcca aaaaggcgat agggaaggca ccagcaaagg cagctaagca ttccccaagt    142800
     gcagatcgtt gcctacaatg caaaaaagtt tattgtttcc atatgaataa ctgaaggagt    142860
     gacatcagaa attgattaag tttaacaggc aagagagata ccaatattga tacttaaaaa    142920
     aataaggaag aattaagaaa atttctttga gaataaaatc agaatcctac ttctacctcc    142980
     cctgagttaa aacaaaagag taatcaaact gaacttctga atgtttcatt atgagagtta    143040
     agagtataaa ccaaaccaac tttgtgaaag ggtttgacaa gtcataacta tatcacccat    143100
     ggatgctttt tatgtgagaa tctctgaatt ctggaattgt aattagttag gaaaataatc    143160
     aaaaatagac accagaattg gaaggttgaa tgctgggtct gggtcttcgt ttacctgtgg    143220
     acagtatttg accatggtgc cacttctgtc tagtgtgaga tgatgaaatt ccagctcact    143280
     ttgtatttct ttgtgtgcat gcacatatgc atgtgggtgt gtgggcgcgt atgagcacaa    143340
     caggagacca gaggtcaaca ccgagtcacg tcctcagcca ctctccatcc tagtttttga    143400
     gtccggtact cttactgatc ctggagtcca ccagttcatc tagactgcac tctcaagcaa    143460
     gctccaagat tctcctgcct ctgcccccac cctcgacccc agccctgaga ttacaagcta    143520
     catgctgcca tgttgggctt tatagttggg tgatatggct ctggtcttca ctcagcaagt    143580
     ctcctcagtc ctttgtcttt ctgatactca gtaacaaaca atgctagcag accctctcct    143640
     aagacaagct ccaagtttaa aacttatata ctacattgtt atataaaaga taaaccatta    143700
     cattttatat actatacccc cactgtgatt tataataata ataattctta aaggttgtta    143760
     agatcctctt gagaaactga acacattaat ctgggttgct tcaaaagtaa gaaatgtata    143820
     taaaatgaag aggtttaagg cccagttgct gtcagtactg ggctgttgtt agcgcttacc    143880
     tctccacgta gatgctcttg ctggttccca gggcatacaa gctggtcagg attctataac    143940
     aagacacctg tacatcctcc actgagaaca gagagagtgt ccattgagaa gtaaaccctt    144000
     gcatagcaca tgaccctaag aaggtttagg ctcaacccag aattccccat gacagtcagt    144060
     atgcttgaaa ctttggaaaa tgcaaaataa gaacacattt acaaaagaaa acataaaggc    144120
     ttcttttcaa aagtgttttc tgtgtgaaag gcgctcaaga cactttaaag aatgtgttgt    144180
     cattatctag aacattctga gaaaagtatt ttagtaatct ctctcagtat gtgaaaagga    144240
     tggcttgcct gggaataaaa taaaccatga ggctgcctaa agggaaaaac aatgactatc    144300
     agttttgagt attcttctgg agagaaataa agactataaa ggtttgcatg gaaaagatct    144360
     ctttgttcat acaatgttga atataataac cgttacaata actcacaaat atctccaaag    144420
     atctaacatt caaatgtaca tttctccagg agataaattt tttttaaatg tttaaattag    144480
     gtatatgttt atctgtctat ctgtgagtat gggcatgtca gtgcaggtgc ttgacaagcc    144540
     agagacctgg gtccccctag ctggatttac aggggctttt aggccatctg aagtgaattt    144600
     taggaaccaa aatctggtcc tctgcaggaa ctataaatat atgcttctaa tcactgagtt    144660
     atcattccat ttttcccttc ctatagcatt tgatgttagg gaaatgaagc agaggatcta    144720
     ggaaatgtct ctaaatcatt gaacaagaca ggtttaaaag acaaagaaat ctaagaaatg    144780
     tggctttcta attctaacac cactagatat gccatgggat gacagaagaa atcatcttcg    144840
     acataagacc tctttctatc tacagtctgg gacacaagca aaggtcctac tggtgaaaat    144900
     ggttctgtca gtgttaggga agagccacag gacagcacag cagtttcata ttgcactgcc    144960
     caacgcctgg aaacccacac tacgagagtc tctgagggtg tatcagctac cccaaacctc    145020
     tttgctcatc cagtgttctg tgagcagccc tgcaaaaggt caggacagca cgagtgttaa    145080
     tttcccatct aaccttgggt attctaggga taaatttttt aaagtaactt cggagttctg    145140
     gccccaaact agctaatcaa atgcctctca aaatcacact gaaacctatc aacaggggta    145200
     tttttgcttg gcatagtcaa atgaactaga tgatgctttt ggctcagcag agatagtact    145260
     atttagtggt caagtcagca gtctgtgttg gactcagaaa ttatctgaaa acatttaaga    145320
     tggcatgtct ctatgttcca aatcaactga aaataaacac tggaaagatg caatggattc    145380
     agggaatttg gtgggacctg ggcttcaaca gtagagaaga gccaatctaa atccaggact    145440
     gtattctggg tccatgagac acacggatct acctctgtca agatggtttc tatcatccat    145500
     acacctgtct atgcagttat gtaataatca aagcatttgc atgcaaaagc ccattgggat    145560
     gaccctgatg gtcctaattc aaaaggcagc tcctaagagg cagtgctaca tacatatcag    145620
     atcttctcca aactgatgct ggccgatgtg ttcaaacagg gaggagagca tgggcaggag    145680
     agccacagtg gtgtagttga tgatctgagt cacccccttg ggctggctcc tggtgtgagt    145740
     aaactggccc tgcttcaggt tttccattgt cttttccaaa tcctctgcag cattgtccag    145800
     aaaggcccta agagcacttt tcacactgtc taggcccgtc ttcatcacag tcctgggaag    145860
     tcaggaagga agagattaga tctcttacag caacaaccaa aggagaaaac ctgtccccca    145920
     ccactgtgct acctctccac tacagtagat acctagaaaa cattcaactt ttatattgta    145980
     ttggcatata ttaattatat atagtaatgg tttcattatg acattttcat atatgcatat    146040
     aatatacttt ggtcattttc acctccaagt accatctctt gtccccctcc tactgatccc    146100
     tccctctatc catagagttt tatgtccatg tgtgtgtgag aggggtgagt atgtatgtgt    146160
     gtgtgcattt gtgtatgtgt atatgtgtgt aagtatgtgc acatgtgtat gtatgtatat    146220
     gtgtatgggg tagggggttg tgagtatgta tgttgtgtgt atgtgtgtga gagagagtgt    146280
     gtgtgaatgt gtgaatggtg tgagtgtgta tgtgtgtatg caaatgtttg tgtattgtgt    146340
     ggggtatgtg tgtgtgttgt gagtatgtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtttggtgtg    146400
     tgagtatatg tatggtatat gtaagtggat gtgggtatgt gagttggtgt atgcagggga    146460
     aggggtactc gctcacacat gatactttca taattgataa ctcagtaata aaattagctg    146520
     ctagagaaat aatgtaaaga ttaaataacc tccttataac tgtggaatct aaggaccatg    146580
     gtattcactg taatttaaaa ggtttctttt caattatact aaaatattca tgaaaccaca    146640
     aaaataaaat caggacatat gatccttttt aaacattctt atgtgtcata actacattaa    146700
     tttattcaga tgaaactgtg actatttacc ttgcatccaa agtctgaccc aaaatgtgca    146760
     gacagttcac aattgaggtg gcatcattcc ctgaggggaa caaaacactc tgtaaactgc    146820
     ctttggaatg tctcagcctt gtcctgtccc attaacacgc gtcacaaatg tcggttaatt    146880
     cacacagttc agtcataact taatgaaaaa gacttttgaa gactcaaact tgaaatcatg    146940
     cagtttctct gcttaaaagt ggttatgcac atgtaagtag acaagcggtg aagcatgtct    147000
     taccaggtag cagacatgct ccagcagcat tcgaaagcat cgcacaaaac ggaagaactt    147060
     ttgctcaatt cctcagatac tctcctctcc ccacactaat tcactgtaac gcatacggta    147120
     tgcaaacgtc taaagtcacc tttcagaaat caaacaggct aaacctctac cctaatctat    147180
     tttattcact tcaggagtct ctgctttctt atttcattca gtgcctgaat tccaatgtgg    147240
     taaagtgggc tgatttatcc aaactttgtt agtctttggc aaaaaaagga agttgcaatt    147300
     acattcattt taaaaattaa aaccagaggt tagagaagct aaatagacct tgtctgtaaa    147360
     gatttatttc tagatatctt tatctattat gtctatctaa ttatacacgc gtggggaggt    147420
     attgcatatg tgcatgcatg cagcgcctga gggaagcgag gaggggcatc agatccctgg    147480
     agctgagcgt acaggtggtc ccgagccacc tgatgtgggt gctgagaaga gaatctaggt    147540
     cctctgctct taattcctga gctgtctccc cagaacttaa accagcacta atcaaaatgt    147600
     aattcttaaa aacaatgaga ttcatgcgct ttgatcacca ttctgtaaat aaagtaaaaa    147660
     attatgaata acataaatgg agtatatgag tatgtgagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg    147720
     attcttggag gtaggtattt tttaagtaaa taaatgaaat aatgacttca ttacaaaata    147780
     attttaatac caaagtatgg tcaaactata tcagtctttg ttctatattt taagctaaca    147840
     tgcacgcaca cgcacgcaca catgcacaaa ttctatgaat ccttagggtg ggtcatgttt    147900
     caatgtaagg tttttgtagc atctgaatgt tattgcttta aacaacaaca cgttctctaa    147960
     catcccactt acacatcctt ggacctgact gatcatcctg gatcaggagc agaccaactt    148020
     aatgaattat aagacaaaga caccctcagc tttacatagt caccatcctc agagatgctt    148080
     tgggcgttaa agggtcttct ttttcattgt ctataacatg cccaacaacc ccagcacaat    148140
     ctgaaccttc taggaatagc agacaccgat taattttttg acatttcctg atagaggata    148200
     gcagtaatta tttgaaaacc tgaagcattt tgaagggaga caacaaactg ttaatgtaaa    148260
     tctaatctgc taatagtcag gaagaaatca caggtgaaag ttttctctgg attacatcac    148320
     ttagcatcta cttttgaaac ttatccaaat agaaatgtaa gatccatgca ctagtgaaaa    148380
     attaagtatc ctcaactgga aaattgaaaa ctttcataaa acaagtacct ttctcttaaa    148440
     catctgacat ttatgctatg ccaatatcct catagttaac actgtagtga actgcattga    148500
     tattgagttt ttagacagta tgtttgtgaa agccaccatg tcaaaaattt gagacttctc    148560
     tactgtctcg ggagtatatc ttggggaact gtatgtctta ctaagtaaaa catttgggtt    148620
     atttaaatga aaaaaaacct tgcagtttgt agcacttact aatctaagct tttttttttt    148680
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgctgtct tctctattaa ggccatggct tctttgagag    148740
     taggctctga ttgcttctct cattccttca ttcatcagat atttctataa ggctgctatg    148800
     tgccaagctt tctgcttagc cctatgggga cagatggaag gcagacaggc aggaatttac    148860
     tgcatttaag ggagaactaa gaaggtaagt gttaggtgag gggattctta ttcaaggatt    148920
     aatgatggca caaagtccct gagcacaaat ggacatgatt aactgcagaa ggagagtgtg    148980
     ctgggatact gacgcagcac agtgagcaag aaaaggtgta atggtgatta tgaatgggga    149040
     ggcacacaag caagccagca cagggccttg catgctcagg ttactctaca gaaatggaag    149100
     gcattgggca tgcgtgagta ggataggaag ctggtgtcca aagaagacat ggctgcgtgc    149160
     ggtacaaagt gggaagaaga gattcagaca gaatagctcc tttggtcttg gagtagcaca    149220
     cgtaacagtg tctgtagatt gctttcagtg tggtaacaga aagagaaaat tcttcatttc    149280
     tccatcttca tagtctgaga gaatgtcttg cacacagcag atacacaatg accatgtatt    149340
     caatgatgta tattttcttt tgtgtgtgca aataatgccc ttaacagacc ttacaggcac    149400
     agacccatgc catcacccct gagactgctc tgccttcata ttctgctccc tctaccaatg    149460
     actgaagtac ttaatgtcat tggtagactt agggatgctc ttgctgcctt gaagttagca    149520
     aacagatttt atacctagca aaagtacaga gtaataatga gaataaaaac aatatttctt    149580
     tagccaatga tgggttttta gaatggcaac tgagatcccc attgcttgtc aatctctcta    149640
     agtatcattc caatcccaac tgaatttcca gaatcagatg tgcatcaact cacaaggaaa    149700
     cacttcagaa ttcccatggg aaattcccat gcattcaagc aggatggcat tttctttctc    149760
     tcctcactac cccattacaa actatttttg ctctattcac caggatcctg tggtgcaaac    149820
     atcgatccat ggaacaagta actatcattt tcccacacag cacgagatgc cttaagggcc    149880
     tccagaagag gagttcaacg tgtaagatct gctagtctct tgtgttctct gggtgttttg    149940
     atgtaaagaa aagacttaaa ggaaatcaaa gacacatgca aatgtgggta gcctactttt    150000
     agtaatcctg tggtttagct gttgtaacaa tctcagaaga gttgtggatg tgaatttaat    150060
     ttggcagata atacagacta aatatcccca gtacctactc gtcactgtga ccctcaacag    150120
     caagaactta ttgctccccc ttggtctcca atgcctaact ggaaagttta tacgtatcat    150180
     tttgtgactt cagttttggt acccattacc aaatctatct caactggttc ttaaataaaa    150240
     ataaagtcat aaattatttt caagtattca tttggggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    150300
     gtgtgtgatt tgtgtgagga cgcaattaaa gcccagaaga gggatctctt gaaagtgaag    150360
     tttcaggagt catgagcctt ccactgtagg tactggaaac tgaacctggg tcctctgcaa    150420
     gagcactaca cactgttagc tgttgactca tcatctggct ccaaatcatg atattttctc    150480
     tgaactaaga cagtatatat ggtaagtttg ataaacagct tatttcctac tagaatacag    150540
     aaaaataata tccaaatata tttgaggtag ggtgaaagta gtaaagacta gattaacatg    150600
     actatgctca aggttaatat ttgtttaggt ctctctagtc aaactcatct ctcttgcact    150660
     catggaatgg gctatccaaa gatgtcttgt gcttctacct caaataacca catttgcact    150720
     atattttgta tttaatctga tttacctaag tgagagccaa taagagtgga taaacccaat    150780
     aagtaaaatc taatgtatca aactagaata cgaacacagc aagttcacag tttccacaat    150840
     gcctcaatat ttgttaactc atattaggtt taatatgcac aataaatcta agattagtgg    150900
     tgatcttaag cctatcacaa atacaaaaaa aaaaatcaca gtttaggcat tcaatgtctc    150960
     ttgtccaaat catacagatg gttaattctc aaaagcagca tgtagacagt caaagcccag    151020
     tgttccctct tggtcatcac ttgagtctaa agccaggcta tagttgtgca atgtaaagtt    151080
     tgtgtgctat gacttaaaga ctttattaac taggcaagtc tatatactat gcagagcatg    151140
     tctgattatt gaagacatct ttcagcttaa tggatttcaa atacagcatc taaatagatg    151200
     ttaatatcac ataagaagga ataattaacc ccctgtatgg gaacaacaaa ctatattaca    151260
     catttattgt cagttattct tagatgatat acttaaagag aaaatatgga tctaaataac    151320
     aggcaaaaga aatccttgtt ggtggaatat ccatgtagtt actattcctt tgaaaaaggt    151380
     tatcattttt ttaaaaatgg cataatggaa gtgtctggaa tgttgcaaac attgtcttgg    151440
     cctgattatt gagtaagtag atgaataatt atggaaggtt tctaatataa gatgtatgta    151500
     ctttgtcata tatgtcagaa atatgtcata tattttctta aaatggaatt aattagatag    151560
     aacattagaa ataaagaata tgaaataggt ggccagttag agcatgatac agtgttatgc    151620
     ttttaggtga gtatgtaaac actggcagta acagacaagc ctcccatcag agctatccat    151680
     aattagacaa gactctctta tgcaaaggag tatttgaata tgctgcactc tgggaaagtc    151740
     gaacacaata tgagaatctt gacagaagcg ttttcaaatg aattgttgtc tattgataag    151800
     aagttaaaca aaaatagtta aggccaaatc attctaaaga caagtccctg aaatttttaa    151860
     atatattaac taaaatcata aaacttcaga caatttacat aaaatatgat gtaactgata    151920
     aatagaagta tattgaacat tctagataca agaaatatcc agtagaaaac tagctagttg    151980
     taccaaaacc aatcacttct taaatttttt agtaagagtt attatttgta tattatttgt    152040
     gactgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gtgtgcgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtaaga    152100
     ccctcagttt attcactgtg acttttccaa aaaggactta atttttaaat ctatagtgtt    152160
     tcataaaact atagttaaac tgaaatcctt tctagccata taacaaaata aaatatcccc    152220
     aacttatacc caaaacataa agaacaaagg gctcaaattt ggcttggcag tttatacaat    152280
     cagagtgaca agattctgcc agcagctgct ggttcctaac gttccacgta ggaacacgtg    152340
     tgaaggtgag tgccaccctg cacggctgtc tgagagcaag tgctcaggag tatgacctca    152400
     acctatatgg actctctgac acatgagaaa gaggctgggt gttggggagt ggttcacaga    152460
     agccaccttg actaagcaaa gctcttgggc actatagccc caattaccaa gctccaatgt    152520
     ttgcaatgca ggatacacac atatctgtag ctgagaacac agaaaatgaa aggtagactc    152580
     caaatctgga tcaacatcag attattatta tttaatttcc agagagagct gagcaaagaa    152640
     aaaatccaag agcctggttt cattttactc ttaaaataag acgatggcag aacttgccat    152700
     tttcagtctt gctcctttca ttaaataccc tttgtttttc agtcatgaat tggactgggt    152760
     cagagaactc atagccctcc attttgccat aggcaacgtt acttatatac aacctccagg    152820
     aacttgtctg gcctatgacg gccatgcatg cagctgtgca gtcatgcatc catgcaacat    152880
     agcaacacac aacgcagtgc aaaattagca aaggaaagcc ccagatggcc atgctcagaa    152940
     attagcaaag aaaagccccg gatggccatg ctcagaaatc ccccaagggt ctccttacca    153000
     aacagtgaga tcctatgcct gacaagaact ccaagtttgc agaacaggct gaggacaaaa    153060
     gaaaaaacaa aggaggaaaa agggaggggt aggggaggta gaaaaaagac agggggaaat    153120
     taaaaataaa ttaaacaaga tgagaagaag aagaagaaaa gaaagaaaga aaaacaaaac    153180
     agctgatcta tgagccgaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaaagaaaa aaaaagcaaa catgatgtca    153240
     cgcagaaagg gtcgattctc tgagcaggat gtggagtaag atggtaaaga aaggatttct    153300
     gcgtatctta acaacatggt taaaaaagca catattataa gtaaagaaac aaaaaataaa    153360
     ataggaagca aagctcatta atacagaagc catctctaca aatgtcacag agaatggaac    153420
     tacaggaaaa ccacatggaa agagttgaat tcactatgcc caagtgcacc tgcttattat    153480
     catggacatg tcttacaaac agaaatatat aattctttgg gcataaatgt tacgataagt    153540
     tttagtgccc ctttctcaga taaacagtct cttctatact aaactgtgct ccttatataa    153600
     ataccaagca tcctctggat ttagacttca tgaattagaa actgaatctg gactgattat    153660
     ctgaagatca gtcagaggca atggcagagg tgataaccag aaggtatctt aatgatgacc    153720
     cggttgttga gtgtctttat cgtcctacct tggggtccca ggaaattcac agaagttatc    153780
     agtggggcat tccatgtaac cacagcttat attctttagt cagtatcaca gccccaaacc    153840
     cactacccct cagtagagat tccagaatta tgagagtagg tggagcctct gcctcttcac    153900
     ccattcccag ccccatgacc tcccaaggga ctccttgtag ggatatcctt tgctcatgtt    153960
     gattgttata caccatttcc ttctcactgt ccctaaccct gcttcccaga ctcagctcag    154020
     gctgtacaga cccacgaagc ctatcctgat gtctagccct ccactggcac tgcattctct    154080
     gggtgttccc ttcagattct ttcaggaacc acgtgtcctg ctccaccatg gcacttaatc    154140
     caccagatca ctgcttctgc catctgaagg catacgttct cttccgagcc ctctggggaa    154200
     ccatttgtca accattccca gcattctttc ctggaggact gcaaaggttt acctaaactg    154260
     gtttcctagg tggggtcagc tggctccttg ctccccagct ccccgcttcc caacacccaa    154320
     gtccctagca ccaggggtac aaaaacacca gagaccaacc aaccggaaag tacattttga    154380
     tcagatggct ctgtactact ttatactaat atggattaac tgattgttaa aagtatattt    154440
     gttgatttga gccatggaca acctacacat ctcaggctgg tctcaaacta accaaggagt    154500
     ccgggctatc cttgaactca taacctaact gcttttgctc ctgagtggtg agactacagg    154560
     cagatgccag cacactcagc ttgatttact tattgatgaa agttaattgc atagggtatt    154620
     ttgtagcttt ttcaagaaaa tgttcatctg caaaggtctg agtcagattt gagaatgcca    154680
     tttagcagag caaaatattt caaaaataaa aatctctgta tgaaactctt aggtgtgata    154740
     tttgatgtta atgtgtatat tatttgtact ataattttat ttgctaatta taaataaatg    154800
     caactctaac caagacccct catcttctga gcttcacagt ggcttctgga tgccctcttt    154860
     cccaggagtg acagctcagt cctaaggtca cacactacat ggctgcatcc tcacttgtgt    154920
     taggagtact gatcacgacc ctccagcatt caagtgcagc attcttgggc tactgaattt    154980
     ataacacgga ctatgtctta acacagctac tcctgatgga tccacttcta ggctgttagg    155040
     ctcctttgga aacagacagt tctgcacctt ttttttgatt ctgttcactc aaggagaatg    155100
     agccagagaa aggtctgtct tcctcatctt actgcacact aagcacctag catcaggaaa    155160
     agcaagagca gcagacacca aagggaaatt cttccagaaa ggtaaatttc catctctttg    155220
     ggggatagtg tttctgggca actaggatct gtgattctta caaactacag cccatacatc    155280
     catactacta aactactgcc tgtgtctctg ttgttccaaa tcttacattt tgcagacatg    155340
     atgatcctga ctttggacac aataaatgtt tcaggaagaa tgttgagtgc taggaaatgc    155400
     gtatagaaag tgtctcccag gatcatgggt ttataactgg ggagaaatta acttggactc    155460
     aggaaactac tgctaggagt aaagattaaa tgttaatttg aacaagtatt acagcattaa    155520
     caatgtattt caatgtatcc ttgtctagtc ttaacagtaa ggtcaggatt tagcacttaa    155580
     tcacctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcctc tgtgtgtgtg tgtctgtctg    155640
     tctgtctgtc tgtctgtccc tgtgtacaca agcacacaca gagacaaagt gtaagtgctg    155700
     gatgaggtca gaagaaggtg ttgatcccct ggaggcagag ttacagatga ctgtgaacca    155760
     cctaatgtgg ttgctgggaa ccaaacctgg tcctctgcaa gagtcataca tgatcttaac    155820
     caccaagcca tttctccagc cccttgatat tattgtttgt tcattttact tatatattta    155880
     actcaactag taaaactcag acatctgaaa gtccatctcc acaacgcaaa tgaattgtgt    155940
     ctacttctat cttgtagtat aaatatgaaa aggtaggtac ttctactagt tgggctaata    156000
     atattttaaa tgcattttat tattgtcatt tccctaaatt agatacctct agacatcatt    156060
     atttttaact acatagtata ttgcatctat ctatacacct taacttatca ttaccttatc    156120
     tattggttta ggtatgaatt ttccctgtaa gattaacttc ctaaaataga cactaaagta    156180
     ccattatgaa ataatctact tctactatgg cttcgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    156240
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgatcttta aatcaccaac agcattgggg aacaaggctt    156300
     ctgttacagc taagtgacca cagaaagagc agcagatttg gagttcagca tgctctgtgg    156360
     gttctgggtg tctctgggtt ttctagctgt ttgtgtattc tcccagtcca cagggccatg    156420
     gaactggagg cactgatgag ggagcaccaa tgtgaaattc tgcaagactg ctctttcctt    156480
     tcttagggaa tttagggagg agttcatgct cgagttgtaa ggggtgcagt tccacagtgg    156540
     ggtgtgactg tgtactgccc ctgatcctgc tatgcacaga aggatgtttt atcagcctca    156600
     cagggagatc agtatttaag aagagaccga gacatttaga cagacagaca gacagacagg    156660
     cagacagata ggagggaaga gaggcataga cagagaaaca gagacacaga gagaaagtga    156720
     cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacacagt gtgtatgtgt    156780
     gtagtgacat cgagtagtca gggaattagg taataaaatt taattgagct ggacactcca    156840
     gctagttcca ccctctcaca ttattaaagc ctggacttct caatcctgtc caccagggat    156900
     gttggtcccc ctagttacac ttcactctct ctgataagac atgatcattc cacatggcag    156960
     gaaagtcaag gccaagagaa gcaagggctc ttcacatagc ttactctcaa ttaggaaaat    157020
     gttgctcaca tacactccag aagcctggga gaagtgtgag caacgcggtg ccccagatct    157080
     tcatggtcat caagctccat gtggacagag tcctaacaca gtttcaagaa aatacaccca    157140
     gaaatgcagt agacccccac attttaaaaa atatataaag aagatgtcag tgttaaacca    157200
     aacgaggcgt tcctaagaca cgaggttgaa agacacaaga gaataccaga aaagcacgtt    157260
     ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgtttcatc ccactaccat gatgggacta    157320
     tgatttaatt ttttaaaaat taaattaaaa gtgtctgagt aggacattgc tgtcctttaa    157380
     aagaaaaaaa aaagctgtca gaatattaga ttgttaaaaa aattcaaaga aaataatgtt    157440
     cagaaaatgt tctgcacatt tctcatgaat gcctgtctgg agattccgtc ccaaccttct    157500
     tggacactgc agctatggca ccctaactat ttagtcttga atggtatcct atttcttttg    157560
     ttagtgttac ctttaaatgc caaaataaaa agatctgtct gtaacatata catgtgttaa    157620
     cttgcagaac ctctacacac ttagtgttag gctcacggga gaaggcagga gacttctccc    157680
     ctgctctagg tcctgtggtc ggctttctga cccaaatgca aacacaaaga aatcgaatat    157740
     aaagcattaa ggccatggct ctttaccttg tcaccatctc cttctctttg ttggatgcat    157800
     gtcctccagt gcagagaggc ctgcttgcag cagacaagaa gtacaggcgg tggtttttga    157860
     aatactgatc aattaaagga agaacaacct gaaagagagg aagagaaaac agatctatgg    157920
     agtgcagtat gagagagaga ggaaccagag ctcaaagcac acagagagct ctgtgcaata    157980
     ctgcacccat gctaattctg tgggtacatc tagatccctt ctgtcagctt catcccacgc    158040
     atgtacacat gtatgtatgc atgtgtgtat gtatgcatgt gtgtatgtat gtatgtatac    158100
     atgtgcacat gtatgtatat atatgtgtgt gtgcatgttt gtatgtatgc atgcgcacat    158160
     gtttatgagc atggagtggg gagatggagt atgatatgct gagagatagt tactaggaac    158220
     acagaagttt ttaatagttc agaattgttc tccttatttt ctcaatgtga gacatatatg    158280
     ataatgatca taaaatgcag ttcagtggcc aaagggctct tgagttcctt gagtgacaca    158340
     ttgagtcatt gttatatatg agaaacaagg gtgtggtatc atcctgtttg tactactatt    158400
     gttcactgtg tgtggttgaa aaatcttaca ttctctgccc ctccaaggca ttttggatag    158460
     atctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctca aagcctacta ggcaaaagaa    158520
     atcaagcaaa aaacaaggtt ggatttttag attcatatag tcattttctg atttctagaa    158580
     ttggtacttg ctctattgtg ctggatatag tgtttttctc ctactttgct gcataaaaca    158640
     gttataccga atgactaata cacattttac acaatatcac tctcttgaaa gtctttttaa    158700
     gaactttata ctggctggaa gtgtggggcg gtgacctgtg cacagacagc ctgtgtccag    158760
     tcaagcccag gccttgaacc ctggtgaccc tatgggaagt gctcagccat ctcctgggcc    158820
     cctggctcct gtaacagcaa cagcctccca cagacacaca cccgcccccg taacagaggt    158880
     gtgtgaacca tcaatcacat aggcaatgcc ccaagctcct ggtattctgt ctggactcca    158940
     cccctacagt tacctgccaa cagccaggta ggctcagccc actagaaaag aagctgtttg    159000
     ccccctcctc cctctcttaa ccttgctcct gcttcctact tctctcttgc cctcttgcta    159060
     cccctctatc caccttccct tctcccctct ctccacgtgg ccatggctgc cctctaattc    159120
     tctactcgtc tccctctttc tgcctttcta caataaatgc tttaaaacca tggactgcct    159180
     cttcgcatag ggatcgctgg agcaatggag cggatctctc tctaaagagc catgcatcta    159240
     atctcccgcc ctgaggcctc cctgtgctcc aaccacagct accaccaagc caagcagcct    159300
     gccaatctag ctaaggactc ttcccaattg gaacctgcca gagctctctc ctccctgccc    159360
     ttttcctttc ggccagggcc agagtccgcc tgcgggccca ctctgttctc agctcttctg    159420
     tgacatcaag cggcatccat ggtgtccaag actgagaacc tggcgttcct ggcctccatg    159480
     cagcccaggg accccagaac cagctcttcc tcgggcaccc agcggcatct gtggtgcccg    159540
     agagtctgag cccaactccg acaggtccgt ggggacctca gactgggcct tccccacccc    159600
     tggaccggaa tcctgatgcc cgcccagctg ttccgtgggg gtccatgcag ccaaatttcc    159660
     cacgtccagc ctcacccagc agccggccct tgccccaagc agacacagga ccccattttt    159720
     gacccacatg gaagattgaa aatacttgat caaaatggaa gatgaaatta agccacatta    159780
     tcatctataa gtagcaagta ggagtggtag gtaaataggc agtttaaagg tatattcatg    159840
     gcacgaatac acatcatgct ggtaactgta tatcaagagg ggactgcaac aatgcagtgg    159900
     ctggaaatga ctcatctagt tatctagccg tcatctctct cttcctctgt cctatcaatc    159960
     tatcatttat ccacttaata ctaacaatat gcatcctggc ataaaccaca tctttggatg    160020
     actggaagaa actctgagtg ctatattgag tggaaagaaa gacaagacat ccagtaaaat    160080
     gtataattct gaaaatataa ctgtactggc tagttttgtg tcaacttgac acagctggag    160140
     ttatcacaga gaaaggagct tcagttgagg aaatgcctcc aggagatcca gctgtaaggc    160200
     attttctcaa ttagtgatca aggggaaaag gccccttgtg ggtgtggcca tccctgggct    160260
     ggtagtcttg ggttctatag gagagcaggc tgagcaagct aggtgaggca agccagtaaa    160320
     gaacatctct ccatggcttc tgcgtcagct cctgctttct gacctgcttg agttccagtc    160380
     ctgacttcct tggtgatgaa cagcagtatg aaaatgtaag ctgaataaac cctttccttc    160440
     tcaacttgct tcttggtcat gatgtttgtg caggaataga aaccctgact aagacaataa    160500
     ccaaaggttg ttaatcattc aaacagcatg ccatttgaaa acctatcaag tgtggtgctt    160560
     atagaaatta tctgaactat caccaataca agtagagtgg tagaaaactg tcagtaactg    160620
     taagcctaca gcttaactgc aaggcattaa gggaaactaa tgtatctctg tctatcccca    160680
     gggcaatcta ctccctgaca cacctaagga caggagtgac cccagtgcct ggctgcaata    160740
     tccttagttc attcctcttt ggttgaagga agtgatgact tccccagcaa tgtggagagc    160800
     ccttgacaag ttcctatgaa atggtatcaa taataatgat gggctatact cttcctatga    160860
     tcaatttatc ctctgagcct cagcttgtga aagagcaaga ttgagactct ccacaacatg    160920
     gaaattatgg ccaaagcaat atatatgtat tcattcatat gtagttaagc tcattagcca    160980
     acagaaaatg tacagaatgt taagaaattg atatcttcta aataaatcat gcgaggaaca    161040
     tatgggggag agccgagtga gcttaaggta agtactgacc aagaacacca caaacagacc    161100
     tgtctcacat gagtcatgca ggttatttct gagccagaca gcgtgcactt gtaacagagc    161160
     agcatttata gacaagtgta ttctaaaagg tagtgatgat tcgatgggtc tgttttgtaa    161220
     atatacaact gagggagaaa caaggggcgt tgtatactgt actttggcaa agaacttgat    161280
     ttcttgctcg tacgggaagt gttctccttt gcttctgctg ccaccatctg tagacaggaa    161340
     gagattttag gtccatgctg aacttccaac actttaagag atttctcctt aaaaggcctt    161400
     cctatatgta tcatcccacc aaactgaata gaaaacacca atgtatatgg gctaaattca    161460
     gcaacatgat aaaatataca agttcttttt taaaaaatct ccaaattaga caggtgctat    161520
     ggcaaactca tatggagagt tatgagcaca aaaacacctt ggatatgtgt gcttgttagt    161580
     gttctccgtc agcttgacac agccaggggt cccagggaag agagtctcaa ctgaagagtt    161640
     gcctagatca agttggcctg tgggcctgca tgtgaggatt gtcaaaagag gatttgctga    161700
     gaaacaaaac cacatttact tctccagagg tttagactgt aaagaggcag gtcaagaaat    161760
     gatcggcctg gacaccctgg cctggaaggc catctccatt acccgtttca tgtacacata    161820
     agaggtatgt gcacgcatac acaggagagg tagtaacggc taagcagccc tgtcaatatg    161880
     cagagctttg tgtagaacta aaaggttcag agttgaactt aagaattcaa attttataag    161940
     gctacaattg acttgtgcta ggaaaaaaaa aaacctcttt tgcaattaga aataggaatg    162000
     atgatatatg ctttagcaaa tcttaggtaa aaattcagag taattttgtg gaatacaggt    162060
     gatattttat gatatcaaaa caaaaagtaa tttttggttt ttttttgggg gggggggttg    162120
     tgtactagct ggttttgtgt gtcaacttga cacagctgga gttatcacag agaaaggagc    162180
     ttcagttggg gaagtgcctc catgagatcc aactgttcgg cattttctca attagtgatc    162240
     aagggggaaa ggccccttgt gggtgggacc atctctgggc tggtagtctt gggttctata    162300
     agaaagcagg ctgagcaagc caggggaagc aagccagtat gtaacatccc tccatggcct    162360
     ctgcatcagc tcctgcttcc tgacctgttt gagttccagt cctgacttcc tttggtgatg    162420
     aacagcagtg tggcagtgta agttgaataa acacttcccc ccccccccca acttgcttct    162480
     tggtcatgat gttttgtcca ggaatagaaa ccctcactaa gacaggttgc ttgtttttta    162540
     tacttgaatt ccctctgctc tccccacccc gagtcctggg gatagaacaa agatcccaga    162600
     aagtacttta ccagtaggca tcacctctaa gcctctgcct ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    162660
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtttcttgt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt ttaggttggc    162720
     tctcaataag ttacctaggc tggtcttaac ctcactctgt agccaaggtt agccttgaac    162780
     ttgcaatctt gctacatcag cctcccatgt agctggtatt tcaggacctg cacctccagt    162840
     ctgcaagctt acaaatacct ttatgaggga ctatcttgtg taaaataaat caagatggtg    162900
     ttgttcacag ccaaaacaga aatatttcag gaagtgaaag aaatatcctt ttctacatta    162960
     aatattttga gaaatatgaa tgaaactgta atagaaataa agaaaggaag gaagggaggt    163020
     aggaaagaag gaagggaggg agggagggag aaagggaggg aggaaggaaa ggagaagagt    163080
     agctgctaac attctagcct gaagttttct ctactccctg taaaactacc gtgcaatggc    163140
     atggaaagac ccttgaaact ctcatcacca gagtgtttca aattttcagt attaaagtac    163200
     tgttcttagc tgggtgtgat gatgcaggcc tttaatccca acactcggga ggcagaggca    163260
     agaagatctt tttaaatcca acaccagcct atttaatata gtaaactcat gactggctat    163320
     atagtgagac cctacctcaa aaacaaaaca aatgaacaac aacaaaaaat tccaagaagt    163380
     ttaagtatga acaatcttta acctggtcac cccactgctg aagatgattg tctcagaaaa    163440
     aagtcagttt gtgccagaat gtcattacac acggatagta cgggaagcat tggaaacagc    163500
     taagcttctg tcagtgcaag agaaatgtgt gtgcattcat acagcactaa acgatatttt    163560
     aaagttctca aatccaacct cctctctagc tgcttgctgg ttactgggtg ctacgcactc    163620
     ctggctacta cacactcctc tgtactgaaa tggacagact gtggaagcaa cctctttcgc    163680
     tatgctgtgg atgctctagg aatagcaaga cctgaacgat gagcagcaag accaactacg    163740
     taccaaactc caggatgtac tgatgcgcct catccacgta tcggatcagc tgctgcagga    163800
     aactataggc aaatcgcttc tcaatcgaag gtgtatctag atccaggtct ttgaaccctc    163860
     tagaaaggca aaagtaagta aaggggtgtg tgtttgtgca tgtgtgtggg gggggagggg    163920
     ggagggggag acagaaagag agagaaagat ctcaaaatat aaaattttat tttaaaagct    163980
     gcacataaaa ttgaatgtaa taatattctt attgcttatg actaaagggg gtttgtcttt    164040
     aaggaatatt tgcatctaat ataaaactaa agtgaatcgt tccactactg ttgctaaaat    164100
     attgcattta tgcaaacaga gagtggttct ctttcttttt cttaagagtt tgcctaaatg    164160
     atggaaggca gctgaatgaa gttgcaaaag gaacttacag gacaaacacc taagggtgtt    164220
     gtgtctctgg catgagttgg gatggttaag cttgacagaa cttggaatta tttgggagca    164280
     gagccacagt gagggactgt ctaggccaga ctggcctgtg ggcatgtctg tgggagacta    164340
     tcttgtctaa tgtaagaaaa ctaagcctgc aaataggttg catcgttctg gggctgtgta    164400
     aagggagaga ctctggttgg ggcctaatca tgtgtacatt catttttctc tgctctccat    164460
     tgtgttggga ctaaaagctt caaccccctg ccaccaactt ctctaaagat ggactgcaac    164520
     ctagaattgg gagataaaat aaatcctctc ttctttaagc tgcttctgtt gggtgcttta    164580
     ccacagcaac agaagggatg ctaccccaag gtttagtagg gccactgagc tcatttttag    164640
     tcagaaccca gtgattgttt ggaaagaaca tgagatgggt gtccacttgc ctggatacca    164700
     cataaccact gatctgtagg aacttgaaga tgtcttgggc tttttctctg tccttggctt    164760
     tctccttggc tgtcagtgtg tcataaggca ccaggagggg gtggtttcct cctcctgaga    164820
     gattagcaag aacaaaagaa actcaccaca tactctgaga tgacacccag ccaagactac    164880
     atgaacatgc tagccagcat ctagcctgaa aatgcatgta tttgaaatat caagtgctgg    164940
     ttacatatgc tgtcaccatg gaaggaaaaa aaacaaacaa acaagggggt tctttcatta    165000
     gaaagagcct acatttaagg catgataaac acagtaaagc aggtattgct ggtaagagac    165060
     tctaaagaga tctttaaggg gatgcttcat ttttctggtc caagaagaaa agaaagaaaa    165120
     aatgtcttca gtatggaagt atttttctgg caccttctag gttatagtat gcatataaat    165180
     atatacaaaa atgcattcag ccagaggctt ctatcaagag cctggatatc atttagaact    165240
     tatagaaaat aagtatgatt ttaaaactca tgagaatctt ccaggtgtgg aaacacaggc    165300
     ctgtattaca gcactgggag gtggagacag ggggatcagg agttggagtt cattcttagc    165360
     tacatttcca gttcaagaca ccctgtgcta catgagattt tgtcacatta acaaaacaaa    165420
     agaactcaca accaagggtg agagtccctc taaatagcag cataactcta tcttgctctt    165480
     ccatccctca tttttatccc cactggctat gtaggtgtgg gtatgttatg tgggaagaaa    165540
     ggagctagtt caacagagag cccaggagat atgcaagcat tcccaggatg ctacccaaaa    165600
     cacatcaaga gttgctacga cttgtgagct tattcatatc aaagtgggga cgaaagaaat    165660
     gcaggcctga ccctggtcaa tgaatttgga gcgctggtac aagttttagg atatttaact    165720
     cctcagcttc tattcttttc ttttcctctc ttatcattcg catccgggga gtagccccag    165780
     gacctggtgt atgctaggaa gtcctgagtt acattttcaa cccctactcc aatttttctt    165840
     aatgattcac atttctatca aggtctgtta ttctccttta aactttcata cactccccag    165900
     ggacaccaaa caccagagtg agcaacatat tttttttcct caaggctttt ctaaagtgga    165960
     ttcatctaga tgcagtgaaa attttaaaaa atatcagaat tggaagaaat aaaactatgc    166020
     aagattaaag ctgaagaatc actaagtgtt tccaacttta acacacagag aaatacacac    166080
     acacacacac acacacacac atacacaaac acatagacat aacatataca aacacacaaa    166140
     tacacataat acatatataa atgtataaca atgcaggaca ctctccacat agaatgcatt    166200
     agcttgaata atatatttat aaaagtaaat catgaaaaga ttaattagca tattggtatt    166260
     tttaaagagg aaataagaga ctggagagat gactcagtgg ttaagagtac ccactacttt    166320
     tccagaggac aactttggtt cccagcatcc atatcacaac caccaagtct gcaagtctgg    166380
     ctttcaggaa actgatgccc aatttctgcc tctgtggaca ccacattcac acacacacac    166440
     gcacatagtc aaaatgaatc taaaagttat ttaaaagaaa caaaggagaa aagaaggcct    166500
     gtaactcagg aagcaagagg gttgccacct gctttggcaa catagcatgt ttactatctc    166560
     acatctcctg gtaactctgt ctaaaatgca aagctaaaag gaaggctgag gggatagttc    166620
     cttggctaga attggtaagg cttgagttca atccccagca ctaaaaataa gactagagaa    166680
     cgtgggataa gaggaaaccc aatcacgaga gtagcaatag cacagctggc ataaacaaag    166740
     gactggcgat aggttagtca ggcatgaggg tcatgctcag agtctaacga atataacaca    166800
     ccaagtgtcc agcaccacta tactaattca aatatttgga ggttagaata aatccagaca    166860
     gcattaagat acaaagaggg agggaaaaca ctattaaaat acaaggacta cacactaaca    166920
     atgaagaaat tacagcttcc tgttggaatc tgatgcaggc acatttgaaa catttttgta    166980
     taatggaggc atggtgaggt tttaagcaaa ggaaaggaac tacttcatca gcatcctatg    167040
     ctcctagagt aaaactctgt gttttcaaat ataggcctct aagaaatact acctttggat    167100
     tccagctcca gtttcttttt cttggcccat atgttgtggt agttttcagc catcatctct    167160
     gccatagcct acaatggacc aaaaattaag gagtcaactg atacttctgt aaaagaagac    167220
     agagctgtct tctcaggcag gacacacaaa catgtcttaa agcaagagag cagaatatta    167280
     gtgctgagat gaacctaaaa tgtagtcaga cacaacccct cacttggaaa tccaactcca    167340
     tagaatttca atgatttgag aaattatacg gtaaatatct acaccctgtg gatttaatgg    167400
     gaatagcctt tattattcat tatacttaaa cgtgtctttt gttaattcga caatgaagct    167460
     ttgaaatagc tatggatgta aacagaaaat agacatgaat acaaatttgt gttttaactc    167520
     aaaagtttta taacccaacc tgtacctttt taaataatta aaagaagaat ccagtacaaa    167580
     caaagacttt acttctagat cattctttgc ctaattacat ggagagtctt agagcatgcg    167640
     tgtaatcttt tctgaggcct tgtgaatttt gagggaaaaa attctaatat tcttgggttc    167700
     tttcatagtc aagattacaa tgtcatttta attggttcct acatgagcaa gaatggagag    167760
     taaaccaaac attttatcag cacatgaagt tcatacttat atgcttggtt ctcttgaact    167820
     aacactaatc atactcagat caatgctcta cattgacttg gtaatgtaag ctctatgaaa    167880
     acaagtgttt atctttcatt caaatgattt atcccaaaac ataccctagt gacacagagc    167940
     acacagggct atgaatggga caaatggaat gtgatcaatt tccatacatg aacaaactaa    168000
     aatatgcatt ctttaacatg agcaattaag atggtcatta attaaggtgg tcactaacta    168060
     aggtggtatt cacagttatt tattaactct ttctcatgca tttttatatt tatgtgtgtc    168120
     tctgtgggta cccacaaaag gtaggggtca cctacagaga gagagggaga aagagagaga    168180
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagtgt gtgtgtgatg gcactcacag tgaccagaag    168240
     agggcatcac attctctgga gctggactta gagacactga gctcctgacg ctgcttggta    168300
     taacccagtt cctccaagga caggacaaat gctcttaact actgatccct ctctatggcc    168360
     ccaaagaaac agttctaaaa agtccaacag tagccacttt catcctgagt ggtcctcacc    168420
     agggccccca gtgaaggccc aaaacgtcag atagtactag atcctagtac attgtacaca    168480
     tcttcctcca tgtgctctca gtgctgccat gttacactaa agcccatctt tcctcttatg    168540
     ttccatggct caggcctctt ttatgtcacc aagcttatag tccaggacca ccataaagta    168600
     aaataaagat aactaaacac aagcacttcc ctaatctgac tgccagtccg atgaccctga    168660
     catctactac atgattaaat ggagctcaat acaaacagga aaatagtgaa tgcaggaaaa    168720
     attcacgtct ggggtggaat ggagcagggt gacaagttcc atcatgggac tcagaatggg    168780
     aagtgtcagc tgctgaagat cttcatttaa catttcagac catgaggaac aacagaagat    168840
     gttggggact tgatcaaatg gattcccaaa ttatgtggga attctcatgt ttgcttgtaa    168900
     gatgctgcag gtcactgcct caaactgggt ttgattggga aataaagatg ccaacagcca    168960
     atggctggtc aggtagactg aggcaggacc ttgagattgc attgaaaagg gacagatgaa    169020
     ggagaagatc gacatgattc agagggagat ggatcagatt tagagggaaa gtggccctat    169080
     gggagggctt cccagtaggt aacagagcag caaaaataac gcatagattt agaaggtgat    169140
     gagccaggag tgtggaaagg aagtgtgcgc tagccgggag gaagattaga actgccagtt    169200
     tagcaaactc aaagctacag gacgtaggaa ggatggaacc acagacgagg acttgttagg    169260
     acttatgtca tcaactttca ggttactaaa aggccagtgt gtaataacca tgaactctgt    169320
     gggctcatca tatgatcacc atgaaacatt tatacacgct ataaaatgaa taggaaagca    169380
     ttctagtttg cttttttgaa gtgagcttta gagactattg tgaaaatcca gatacttaca    169440
     tgcaggtctc gagagagtgt cacattactc atgtcaatag cacgggggct gtatccatgt    169500
     gcagcatcta tagacacctg ggtgattgac aaaaagaaaa cagtatctca ttaaaaactg    169560
     cagtaagagc cttcagaaac acaaggcaag attcaaactt tgttttctaa ggtaaaggca    169620
     acaaaataac tgcaaaagta ccttaaatta attttttttc ctttccattt tttattaggt    169680
     atttagctca tttacatttc caatgctata ccaaaagtcc cccataccca cccaccccca    169740
     ctcccctacc cgcccactcc ccctttttgg ccctggcgtt cccctgttct ggggcatata    169800
     aagtttgtgt gtccaatggg cctctctttc cagtgatggc caactaggcc atcttttgat    169860
     acatatgcag ctagagtcaa gagctccggg gtactggtta gttcataatg ttgatccacc    169920
     tatagggttg cagatccctt tagctccttg ggtactttct ctacctcctc cattgggagc    169980
     cctgtgatcc atccattagc tgactgtggg catccacttc tgtgtttgct aggccccggc    170040
     atagtctcac aagagacagc tacatctggg tcctttcgat aaaatcttgc tagtgtatgc    170100
     aatggtgtca gcgtttggat gctgattatg gggtggatcc ctggataagg cagtctctac    170160
     atggtccatc ctttcatctc agctccaaac tttgtctctg taactccttc caagggtgtt    170220
     ttgttcccac ttctaaggag gggcatagtg tccacacttc agtcttcatt tttcttgagt    170280
     ttcatgtgtt taggaaattg tatcttatat cttgggtatc ctaggttttg ggctaatatc    170340
     cacttatcag tgagtacata ttgtgtgagt tcctttgtga atgtgttacc tcactcagga    170400
     tgatgccctc caggtccatc catttggcta ggaatttcat aaattcattc tttttaatag    170460
     ctgagtagta ctccattgtg tagatgtacc acattttctg tatccattcc tctgttgagg    170520
     ggcatctggg ttctttccag cttctggcta ttataaataa ggctgctatg aacatggtgg    170580
     agcatgtgtc cttcttacca gttggggcat cttctggata tatgcccagg agaggtattg    170640
     ctgggtcctc cggtagtact atgtccaatt ttctgaggaa ccgccagacg gatttccaga    170700
     gtggttgtac aagcctgcaa tcccaccaac aatggaggag tgttcctctt tctccacatc    170760
     cacgccagca tctgctgtca cctgaatttt tgatcttaga cattctgact ggtgtgaggt    170820
     ggaatctcag ggttgttttg atttgcattt ccctgatgat taaggatgtt gaacattttt    170880
     tcaggtgctt ctttgccatt cggtattcct caggtgagaa ttctttgttc agttctgagc    170940
     cccatttttt aatggggtta tttgattttc tgaagtccac cttcttgagt tctgtatatt    171000
     atgttggata ttagtcccct atctgattta ggataggtaa agatcctttc ccaatctgtt    171060
     ggtggtctct ttgtcttatt gacggtgtct tttgccttgc agaaactttg gagtttcatt    171120
     aggtcccatt tgtcaattct cgatcttaca gcacaagcca ttgctgttct gttcaggaat    171180
     ttttcccctg tgcccatatc ttcaaggctt ttccccactt tctcctctat aagtttcagt    171240
     gtctctggtt ttatgtggag ttctttgatc catttagatt tgaccttagt ataaggagat    171300
     aagtatggat cgattcacat tcttctacat gataacaacc agttgtgcca gcaccaattg    171360
     ttgaaaatgc tgtctttctt ccactggatg gttttagctc ccttgtcgaa gatcaagtga    171420
     ccataggtgt gtgggttcat ttctgggtct tcaattctat tccattggtc tacttgtctg    171480
     tctctatacc agtaccatgc agtttttatc acaattgctc tgtagtaaag ctttaggtct    171540
     ggcatggtga ttccgccaga agttctttta tccttgagaa gactttttgc tatcctaggt    171600
     tttttgttat tccagatgaa tttgcaaatt gctccttcta attcgttgaa gaattgagtt    171660
     ggaattttga tggggattgc attgaatctg tagattgctt ttggcaagat agccattttt    171720
     acaatgttga tcctgctaat ccatgagcat gggagatctt tccatcttct gagatcttct    171780
     ttaatttctt tcttcagaga cttgaagttt ttatcataca gatctttcac ttccttagtt    171840
     agagtcactc cgagatattt tatattattt gtgactattg agaagggtgt tgtttcccta    171900
     atttctttct cagcctgttt attctttgtg tagagaaagg ccattgactt gtttgagtta    171960
     attttatatc cagctacttc accgaagctg tttatcaggt ttaggagttc tctggtggaa    172020
     tttttagggt cacttatata tactatcata tcatctgcaa aaagtgatat tttgacttcc    172080
     tcctttccaa tttgtatccc cttgatctcc ttttgttgtc gaattgctct ggctaatact    172140
     tcaagtacta tgttgaaaag ctagggagaa agtgggcagc cttgtctagt ccctgatttt    172200
     agtgggattg cttccagctt ctctccattt actttgatgt tggctcctgg tttgctgtag    172260
     attgctttta tcatgtttag gtatgggcct tgaattcctg atctttccag aacttttatc    172320
     atgaatgggt gttggatctt gtcaaatgct ttttctgcat ctaacgagat gatcatgtgg    172380
     tttttgtctt tgagtttgtt tatatagtgg attacattga tggattttca tatattaaac    172440
     catccctgca tccctggaat aaaatctact tggtcaggat ggatgattgc tttaatgtgt    172500
     tcttggattc agttagcgag aattttattg aggatttttg catcgatatt cataagagaa    172560
     attggtctga agttctctat ctttgttgga tctttctgtg gtttaggtat cagagtaata    172620
     gtggcttcat aaaatgagtt gggtagagta ctttctactt ctatcttgtg aaaaagtttg    172680
     tgcagaactg gaattagatc ttctttgaag gtctgataga actctgcact aaacctgtct    172740
     ggtcctgggc tttttttggc tgggagacta tttataactg cttctatttc tttaggggat    172800
     atgggactgt ttagaaggtc aacttgatcc tgattcaact ttggtacctg gtatctgtcc    172860
     agaaatttgt ccatttcgtc caggttttcc agttttgttg agtatagcct tttgtagaag    172920
     gatctgatgg tgttttggat ttcttcagga tctgttgtta tgtctccctt ttcagttctg    172980
     attttgttaa ttaggatttt gtctctgtgc ccgctagtga gtctagctaa gggtttatct    173040
     atcttgttga ttttctcaaa gaaccaactc ctcgtttggt taattctttg aatagttctt    173100
     cttgtttcca cttggttgat ttcacccctg agtttgatta tttcctgccg tctactcctc    173160
     ttgggtgaat ttgcttcctt ttttttctag agcttttaga tgtgttgtca agctgctagt    173220
     atgtgctctc tcccgtttct tcatggaggc actcagagct atgagttccc ctcttagaaa    173280
     tgctttcatt gtgtcccaaa ggtttgggta cgttgtggct tcattttcat taaactctaa    173340
     aaagtcttta atttctttct ttattcctta aattaatttt tatttgtgtg ttttacaatc    173400
     acttatgatt atcttcatac ctcaatgata gacagtctaa aaagttaata attaacagtc    173460
     agcagtatgt gataaattct aagtcctgca gtgtttcccc agccaaggga ctttgagatt    173520
     taccaaccct ggttagctac aggaacagag tcctttacaa gcatatgtgt aggtcagttg    173580
     tgaggataaa caaagattaa acaacttcac tatgtagcat ttaatggccc acaaggaatc    173640
     ttcaatgatc agacttcatt atttctacat gtttgctttt caaactggat ataaataatt    173700
     atgtttatag ctatagattt ctgctgctct cagagaagct ccttttacag tgggtaatgg    173760
     ctggtgcata gggtcatgac tgatctagca ctgacacccc ccatacacac acaaacacac    173820
     acatacagag acagacagac agacagacca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacagctg    173880
     agagaatatc acaaaagtca gaaggactgt aagagcccca ggatgaagag agctgaggaa    173940
     ggttgtcttc tgggcctcac ttggccattg cacacaagaa ctcttggcag ctgtggttac    174000
     ctgcacaaga ccaagtgagc aaacatccca gaatggacag actgaatacc tgcatgacat    174060
     tttcaaataa taataatgat aaactattat ttttaaaggg ctgggagtaa tggctaagtg    174120
     cctgcagaag acctgaattc agttcccacc acccatgtta gcccattagg tagttcagga    174180
     attgccagct ctggaggacc ctgtcccaca tgtgtggata tgtgcacaga gacacacaca    174240
     cttagacaca taaaagtaaa ctagtaataa agaatacttg tcaacgttca cagtttcact    174300
     gcattacacc ccttatctta gtctaaccag tgagggggag gacatgaact ctgtgtcttc    174360
     cagcaaatct taactattct gttattagaa atagtacatg atgaggaaga atgagatgct    174420
     ggtaatgagc aggcgaatca ggaaagaaga cagaaagcca atcattcttt tagttttaac    174480
     tctatcactg atctctttct ggttctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    174540
     ctctctctct ctctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atgcatgcat    174600
     gcttctatgt gttcagtaag tgcataaaac ttaaatgata gggaaagtgt aatattgaag    174660
     atggctccac agcttcagag cagctaattg catatgactg gagagatgct aagctgagca    174720
     caaacaagtg agcatttctc tctgctcttg actgctggtg tgaggtgact gcctctcaca    174780
     ctcctgctct gacttccaca gagattgctt acaacctgaa attgagagct gggataacct    174840
     tttctcttct aagtcctttt gtgtcaatat attccctcac agtgacggaa ctgaaataga    174900
     tatattgcct tgcacaatca gccactcttc tctcctgact cagacttaat ccttgtcatt    174960
     gtccccttgc acaggcaact gatgatggct tgcattgcaa gtgatatctt gcttgtatct    175020
     aacatgacaa catacacatt gcaagccaag tcacctgcta ctttcaaaat tgggtttagt    175080
     ccctgtacaa tggagctaat gctaaatcat agcctagcac aaaggcaggc atggtttaga    175140
     caatggacaa tttttttatg ttcttgagca tagtgctggg cacacataaa tgctcaagaa    175200
     cattgtctag agctgctccc attgctggcc cattaccttg cctatcttca ccacagttct    175260
     gagtacaacc agaatatgag tgtcactggg agttgtgcct cagctatctt agtgacaaca    175320
     accatattaa ttattgtctc tttcctatcc tcagaattcc tgagttcttt agctcactca    175380
     acaaatctac tgtcttgcag acacacccta gaatccatag caatcacgcc tattaagacc    175440
     acgcctacat ttcatggcca tttctctcaa aactctaccc attctctttc tataatttca    175500
     tctgacctga acatgtgctc ccttgaagtg aggaatgtta atgttaactg tgaacttatg    175560
     agcaaggggt aatcttgggt tagatgtcta acttatctct ttgcaccgct ggagcacttt    175620
     agaaaagttg atacgtaaag atcctttccc aatctgttgg tggccttttt gtcttgacag    175680
     tgtcttttgc cttacagaag ctttgcaatt ttatgaggtc ccatttgtca actctcgatc    175740
     ttacaggaca agccactgct gttctattca ggaatttttc ccctgtcccc actttctcct    175800
     ctataagttt tagtgtctct ggttttatgt ggagttcctt gatccactta gacttgacct    175860
     tagtacaagg agataggaat ggatcaattc gcattcttct acatgataac cgccagttgt    175920
     gccagcacca tttgttgaaa atgctgtctt tttttccact ggatggtttt agctcccttg    175980
     tcaaagatga agtaaccata ggtgtgtggg ttcatttctg ggtcttcaat tctattccat    176040
     tggtctacct gtctgttgct gtaccagtac catgcatgca gttttcatcc caattgctct    176100
     atagtactta gctattggat ggaacacagg gcccccaatg gaggagctag agaaagtacc    176160
     caaggagctg aacgggtctg caaccctata ggtagaacaa caatatgaac taactagtac    176220
     ccccagagct tgtgtctcta gctgcatatg taacagaaga tggcctagtc agccatcatt    176280
     gagaagagag gccccttggt cttgcaaact ttatatgttc cagtacatgg gaaacaccag    176340
     agccaagaag tgggagtggg tgggtagggg agcgggggtg ggggtgggta ataggggact    176400
     ttcaggatag catttgaaat gtaaatgaag taaataccta ataaaaaagt gggggaaaaa    176460
     aagaaaagaa aagttgatat ggccttttgc tagttcattt gagacaatgg gtcttcctca    176520
     gctcactatg gagccatgga tgccctcaaa ctcctgatcc tatgcctctg tctcccaagt    176580
     gtagatgtta taggcgtgta tctccatacc tgtatttata tggtgccagg aactgaaccc    176640
     agggatttgt aaatgtgaaa taagcatcct atcaattaaa ctacacccag aactaattat    176700
     tattgctatc attgtaatta ttacttgaaa tagggtcttt tctatattcc caaagttggg    176760
     ttcaaagttc taggccaaaa tgagattcct gcagcctctt cagcagccaa gctaccacca    176820
     agattagttt aaattatttt tagagatggg aacatagctt aaagcagggt gcttgactaa    176880
     catgaatgag gccttgagtg gaatctctag caagagcaaa tctctcaggg tgtgtgtgtg    176940
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgta tatgtgaata tatatgtgtg    177000
     taaaggctta gatgacacaa ataattcatc tgtcactgag attctcacct ggcttgtctg    177060
     agaaattcgt cgagtccggt tataaagggc catgctgtcc ccctcccgtg ttctctcaat    177120
     tctccaaccc caagccagca tcgttttcaa agactccttg attggccaac gataaatttc    177180
     tttttcctag agggaaagaa aacaagcatt agtagtatta tgaacccaaa atgaaatttc    177240
     aagtatttag tggtttgttc tgaaacagac taccttcatt aagaaacctg attacctcgg    177300
     gatccttata aagaaaacca aaaataaaaa tattcaaggg aaatgtcaaa agctgaaatt    177360
     ttactccact aggagttgct aaggagggaa tcaactccca caagctgtcc tctggccacc    177420
     accacagggc acacatgcac acacacatcc aggtatgcac atacaaatac atacagaaag    177480
     ttttaaggaa aataataaag atttcagtag taaaacataa aacaaaaatt tacccaaaca    177540
     taatacttca tgaagctggt gggggggagg gactctcacc ttttcagaca agagtttata    177600
     tggcttcatt agcggttgga tcttagaaga gtctgaatat atttccccat aaatccatcc    177660
     attcgccaac taaaacaaaa aaaaatgtta aaaataattt tacatatatt agttttggtg    177720
     attttaagtg tgcatgtgtt ttgaacctat tttgtaaaaa taaccctgaa gtaggattaa    177780
     gaaaatgatg aaggcccagt gtctgttttg gtatggctgg ggcctgaagc caagtctttg    177840
     tatgcaaggg atctaccact gggctacatt cccgtgactc ttttcacttt ttattttgag    177900
     acaacacctt actaagttgc cttgaactca ctcagtatcc caagaccagc cttggaatta    177960
     aaattctcct gcctcagatt cccaaatacc tggaattaga agcctgcacc actgtgactt    178020
     ggctgaggtc tgaatgttat ctagcttaat tcagagttcc acgcttagta ttcagtagcc    178080
     tcttggcatg agttcctttg accagagatt aaatgaagcc tgtcttccta aaacaaaccg    178140
     ggtctacacc tgtgcccaat gtttgatcct ctacaacacg gctataggga ccaaagaatg    178200
     acaactgaca tttattctga cacatcttaa cccccaacct gtgatgtatg catgcctata    178260
     aaagtttgtt taaaatatgt gagtcaggga ataacacctc agaataacat ttcctaatca    178320
     cttatttcag ggattcatcc tccaataatt tgaccatttt ggattagcat catttgccca    178380
     taccaccatt agttctcaga aaccaggtag ttacactgca gcagttcagg acttccctcc    178440
     caaggcatct cagacccagc ccagccacct agtgttcagt ggagtcacta tatccatgtc    178500
     actccctagt gtcattgctg ataagactta atttctacaa aaaagaatca cacaaattat    178560
     cacaaaaatg gaaaggtgtt tctatgagaa aggaagatac gcgtggtctc agcacagtgg    178620
     ggagcagggc atgaggctgt gctggctagt tcttgtcaac atggcacaaa tcagggtcac    178680
     caaggaagga gagacctcag ctaaagatct gctagcatca gactggcctc agtgcatatg    178740
     tagggcagat tcttcactac tgactcatgt gggagggccc agttcactgt cagtggtgcc    178800
     atccctgggc aagggctcct agattgcaca aaaaagcaaa ctgagtaaac catggggagc    178860
     aagtattcct ccacttaagt tcctgccctg tcttctccca gccgttaact acaattactg    178920
     tcaagtaaac cccttccttc ccaagatgct ttcggctgtg tgcttatttc agcaataggc    178980
     atctcactag gaaagggact tgccatgcca ctggcttatc ttcggacatg agcatcctct    179040
     ggggcattca ctgtctgctt ttcccttcat ggctgtacat gtatggtgtt gggttttttg    179100
     taccgtgaca attcgatttc tctgacaagc tgtgatcatt ccctctcaaa ctgaaattaa    179160
     actcaactga agtgaaaaca tttgcaactc cttgagtttt ctcattgtac tgttttcctt    179220
     ggagatacat tttggtagat gtgtgctact ctgaataagc tatatagacc tgcttggaca    179280
     tatgttatag aaagtacaaa accacctaag tttaagattc ttcatggggg tgaagatgcc    179340
     ccttcaaggc cgtactttgg atccttcaaa cagatggaaa aacctgggtg tggtagctac    179400
     cacatcacta gaaccccagt acttgagagg acaaagacaa gaggaatcct ggggtcgcac    179460
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacaaatgt tcagtattgt    179520
     tcaacaaata taaaatccag agtttggtta gaaggtaaaa aaaataaaaa caaaaacaaa    179580
     acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa aaaaggtaaa tatttttttc tgaggcaggg tttcttcatg    179640
     tagttctagc tgtcctggaa ctctctctgt agactaggct gacttcaaac tcacagacat    179700
     ccacctgcct ctgcctccag agtgctgaga ctgaatgcat gcaccaccac tgtgaatcta    179760
     aaggtaaatt tttaacgtgg agtcatcact tctccctgaa accccacaag caaacacaca    179820
     ttaaaaatga tactcaaagt ttaatgaatt gatctttaga aatgtccagg ttatgttttt    179880
     actgtgatga aactagctaa ataggaacac aagcagctta taactaaata tctactaact    179940
     gcaatggagg tctttcttta aaagagaaag ttggggctgg ggtagtggct tagtgagtac    180000
     aagtgtgata tgatgctgca ttcagggcag tgaagatagg cagatccatc aagctgaaat    180060
     ggcaagctct agagtcacta aggaccctgt ctcaaaggaa ataaagtaga gtgatagagt    180120
     caatgaactc aacctatggc cacaccacac atacatgtaa atgaatagaa atgcacacac    180180
     agaaatatac actatacaca tgcagagagc aatctggcaa aattgggtat atttaagcag    180240
     cacccggtca tttacagtgg cagccttgga tgggaagaga gcacttgtaa cttttacctt    180300
     gtccatggac catttatcat gggaatgttc tgcatatttg ttaatgaagt attccaactt    180360
     ctctggaatt gtaatgctag aagaaaaata aaggaaaaga gtttggtgtt tttacagaat    180420
     tcacaggcaa ctgcattcgt gtttactcac agatgagtaa tactcagatt ctgttcgctc    180480
     ataactgtta aaaaacaaaa acagttgtaa caaacgatcg cttcttcaca tttccaaaca    180540
     atgtaggacc atgttctatc tactcgtctc aaactgggac atcatttatt gggttaatat    180600
     taaaaaataa atgtaataag atatatgata gttaaaatat attcaaagat gaatacaata    180660
     gactatacaa gaaaaggaaa acaaacccag gccagtactc agtaagtctg aaaacatgct    180720
     tttcttttat actttttcat tggagttatt ctttttttaa ctgtccttgt tgaactatga    180780
     atgaacgaca ctgttggttt ttgatctgcc atatttttag gtttaatttc atataattag    180840
     ttatgtatta agactttgtg atattagtcc tccatataga caacatttca aagttactaa    180900
     tttgtgctac agggaaaagt aattaacaaa cttatgtttt attatttgac aatatttatt    180960
     cttgattcct ttcttgtttc aatgaatatt tattctattt gtgtccagca tgtgcagttg    181020
     atgaatgagt ctgctcataa atgctaaggc ttgtgaatat caaatgtatc tatggagaga    181080
     atattgaata cgcatcctac tccttagtaa atacaactta ctagagcatt taactttgag    181140
     aattggattc taaataaaac cctgcataat aagatgattt tctgatcttt atcaacagtt    181200
     atcagttagt aactaacaaa cacatactca agaagcaata tgttttttta aaaaaaatca    181260
     tactcaggta gaaattactc aaaccaccac gtaaatctat aaagaataat ttccctagga    181320
     aacaagcctg ggtaaattag catgcatgcc caacacttgt tagttatttg gattccatta    181380
     atcaacaccc acagcatggt gttgctcttc tgaaaccctt ggattattct gtatgtgaag    181440
     agaccagaga cttacctatg cagactgtga ccctgggatg ttttggtgac ttactttgaa    181500
     agagatacaa aggaccaagc acataatcca aacacttagt ggtggactct tttctcacag    181560
     gactgccatg taataacaag caggtatact ttaaagacat tcttagatta atgacagtac    181620
     ttgggttgat attctcattg gtttggggag ctaaatcagc tgggagctgc tctgaagcct    181680
     caaggttcag tctcagacgg attcagaggt gctggttaat aaccagcagg tgactgtctt    181740
     gctaactagt ctcgccaagt taccatggac caggaaacta agagaagagg cagttttcct    181800
     tgcaaattca gagttgttgt cctacttgaa cttcagatac atgaagcacc catatttagg    181860
     aaactaaatg catgtatgat gcttggtaga gatcatatat ttggccttta cataaagttt    181920
     tcaactctgt ccacatctga gtatatgcgt agttctttgt gacaacttgg tattcctttc    181980
     atctctttgt gatgtgcaat atcatcaatg aagctgaatc ctagccagct tgctgtgatg    182040
     ggtgaaatga tcttgtcatt cacaggaaca gtgacagttt ggaactatcc tcagctaaag    182100
     atgctacgta ggagtaaatt gtggctaccg atacacattt cagttaaaat tttaactaaa    182160
     taatactcat gcactttgtt gagtctcatt cttctggata ttataacatc gctatctact    182220
     gagtctcctc cttcagcaca gaatacccta gagggcacac atctctttct gatattggta    182280
     tattcaccgt tatttttact gccatctgat aaattcaagg gactcctact caaagagggc    182340
     atgtaccaga gaaagttcac ttcagtacct tattcaattt cagacttcac acatcattta    182400
     caataaaaat ctgctgcaat agaaagagtc catactttga ggtatcaaca ggttgtgggt    182460
     taaagttccc ttcagaatcc atggatgact gtttttccat catactgaca tagtttgact    182520
     ccatgtagtc tggaggtaaa gctcccgcaa ctgcactcag gcaaggcagg gccagtttga    182580
     aaagttcttg ttcatatttc tgggaagaga acaatggtaa actattatcc atgtgactcc    182640
     tgctgtgcct tgttgacaaa taccccccac aggttcatgt gtttgaaact tcattcctaa    182700
     ttggtgacag tattttggaa agtcgaggga cctttacaag gtagagcctt ggtggaagaa    182760
     ggtcactata tgtatatatc cccctctgcc catcttttgt ctgcctctcc ttccccagtt    182820
     tcctggctac cctgcagatc tcactctttc cgttatacct tccctgctcc gatggactaa    182880
     atggcttctg gaactataaa ataaaacaaa gccttttctc ttctaacttg ttttatgtca    182940
     gtgtattcta tcactaacat cagccagcca catgtctgat ttcctacatt tctcctacta    183000
     ttttaccttc ggaaacagtg ttatgatcac acagaatatg tgacaatatt gattactaat    183060
     gatcaatgta taatgtattc tcaacatgaa ttattaagaa tggaggaaaa caaaatcagg    183120
     taatctccca ttgttttgct ttgttgaaac aggattttac cctataactg agacccaact    183180
     ggagtccatg ctatccttga acctgagatc ctcctgtctc agcatcctct gtgctgagag    183240
     tataggtatc cgcattatac ctgacactat tcaggtcttg attagtaaat atatcaaccc    183300
     actataaata cgatcttaca gagaacctga ggcttttgtt gctttagcaa tgcaaacaaa    183360
     ttcctcccag accttccatt accttttgag acaaagcatc aaagatgccc caaaataatt    183420
     ttcttgataa atgaagttct tcttccgagg cagcaccaaa gttgccccac cctccaggga    183480
     ggcaataata tttccagcat ctttcataat gattggtcag cagctgcatg ggaaagtcgt    183540
     cataaaatta gcaagctaaa atatcttttc agtgtttcca ttcctcttcc atggcattct    183600
     gaatgctata gtataaggtt catggaagga aaactctcaa actcatgtga gtattttgaa    183660
     aacaaaatta cttgaatact atgtttcttt caaattgggc actaattaca atacaatgtg    183720
     tggaccaaat gttcaacttt gaaaatgtat attaaagtgg gctagaaaga tggctcagtt    183780
     gttaagagca ttttcagctc ttttaggaag cccacatttg gtttccagca cctaaatcag    183840
     ggagctcaca accatatata attcaagttc caggttatct attgccctct tctggcctaa    183900
     tttcttactg cacttacatg cacataccta cacacataca tataattaat gtatcttgaa    183960
     cagtattctt tctgaagtta tttagatagc catacacccc agagttctgt gtcttttaat    184020
     ttaacttact cacaactatg tgaactctta tttcctggac ttcatacaca attatctcct    184080
     agagtccaga gatactgaat gggaaccttt ttttccatgg tatttttgtt ttctctgact    184140
     tacctatcaa ttatgatgat gtcagacctt caatttctat aagtaaactc taatgactct    184200
     acatttgttt ggtaactaca ggttcagtct ttgatcattc tagtttctac tactatgaat    184260
     ggatctctca gttatttgga agctctttgg aaaatttatt agtgatctat atctgccaag    184320
     tttatagaat cagtattaga gaatctatga ccctgcattg cttatttaag gtctctctct    184380
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    184440
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cattgtattg tattatatat atataatcaa tgcctaagag    184500
     acaaatgatt agtaacaaga agtcaaagaa gttagcccaa ggaaacaggg accacatagt    184560
     gccaagaatt tctcatattt accttcagag gcatctttgc atgctcattc aacagtggaa    184620
     catcaaacac cagccttcgg agtaggtgtt gcatcataga tggtctcagt tggctgttgg    184680
     aacaaggtaa aactcaagcc tcacacattc atatatcata ctataaaaat taattttgga    184740
     tatataaata acttgaaatt ttcatgataa tttcaaaggc ctgtgccata aagaaaactg    184800
     gcacagagag tcacccactt acccacatat agagagcagg cacacttcta tggagtcccg    184860
     ctgagctttg gtaagggagc atcccttaga gagtctatat acagtgtgta gcagagagtc    184920
     aatgagggaa gcatggtgct ctgttccagc aaacagggga gcacacctcg ttaacaaagg    184980
     taggacagct gtgcagaggt accggttgag ggccaaggcc atgtctgtag cacttagtgc    185040
     agcctagagg aggagcaaga ggacaaaacc tcgtgtgatc aggagagaac tcgatgcatt    185100
     gcctgccacg caatctccct atctggaaac agcaacagca tggacatttg gaaatgtagt    185160
     ccttagatca atgtttaccc atggctcaca tgatcttcac cacttaaaat catcaactgc    185220
     tgatttaaat aaatgcaaca tcatctatct tctcaagtgg tttagaaatc caagctcaag    185280
     gttaggctat gataatgtca tctcccctaa catctgtgat gggtaactct gaagttagta    185340
     actaggccta tcgaacctgc agaacctgaa ggagttctgg aggaatattg tgagtttgat    185400
     ctgtacaatg ctaagttctg aaaagactca gatctcagta ggatgggtta tagaggaaga    185460
     tgccagtgag cacttccttt ttggcagaag agatggaaat gaacatattt gcaaactgat    185520
     ctcagatttg tacatatcac tcatacttct actaagatct acaagtgtca atcatcagga    185580
     gtttgtagta ttactgtgtt gacatttcta ctcttgagaa tgtcaaagaa gatggaactt    185640
     ccatcttgtt tttatgactt tgctgccatg gatttcttta ctcaagacct aagatcaaat    185700
     ggaggtcatt tagttgatgc ataagtaaat gagttagaat gcttttgatg gaatttgatg    185760
     ctccccttta ttccaccaaa tttcatatac caacatgaca ccagtaatag cagatcctcc    185820
     atgggggcca cctaaaatac agggcagata ctagccagtg agtactcaag agaatgataa    185880
     ccgaatgtgc tgctgtaaca gacagaacta taatgaccat tcaagtgcct taatgcttct    185940
     ttcaccaaac agcaaaggca tgtgggcaaa tttatttaga tagatattat tctatttttt    186000
     gtatatatgt attcatgtat atatacatat atatgtgtat atatgtacat atatacatat    186060
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatct gtaagcacat gtgtatgtgt ctgtgtgtgt    186120
     gtggtgaggt aagaggtcaa tgtcagatgt cttccttaat atctctttac cttatttttt    186180
     gagataggat ctctcaatga acctaaagct ttctgattca gctagactag ctagccaata    186240
     atctccagaa atcatactat atctaatatc cactgcttag attttacaca cacacacaca    186300
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cctgtttttt tttaacttgt gtttaaggat aaacaaaggt    186360
     cttcatgttt aagtaacaag gactttatca aatgagccat atctatatat ctaggacaaa    186420
     tacaataatg aatagatatt taatagatat ccctatgacc ccccaagtta agcatagatc    186480
     gatgaacctc ttgtccctac tgcaccttat gagatttctt gccaaccctg tgaggcagat    186540
     agtctcacta gttaatgaat ttcctttaga cagcatctgt ttgatttgct ctctactcat    186600
     tgtttgcctg aaaccaacac aggtgtgcag tgaatgcttg ttgagaatga gtggatgagt    186660
     gagtccatag acatagacct cggagtcaag ggtacaagtg cacttttcat atcataccgt    186720
     gtctagagag gcagcagctc gaagatctgg cagaaagcca acctcaagga gatggaggag    186780
     gaaatcttgc acctcaattc catagaccct gtcaaggaac aaaaccatgg ctgccttgtg    186840
     atctgggcaa aaccccgcgg acatgtcagg ctccaccacc ttcccatcta caagagagaa    186900
     ggtgacatgt tggcgtcaat ggcctggcca tatgtgggtt gatgacattt ggctttttgc    186960
     cagccatgtc atgttttaaa taaattatat taatgaaatg gtttcctgct tcactaccct    187020
     cacacagctg tgtgcttggc tggtgaacta gggcagtgca atttgaaccc aaggtcattt    187080
     agatgtcatc ggggcatctg ttcacttcat agttggaaag acacagtatc tggcagatgc    187140
     caagaaggaa acagaaggca tcaaacagac ctggtaaaat gtggagtgga taccatgaaa    187200
     aggtaaatat aaacacaggc caagcctggt ggaacatgcc tttaatccca gcattcagga    187260
     ggcagagaca ggtgaatgtc tatgagttag aggccaacct gttctacaag tgagttccag    187320
     gacagccagg gctgttacat agaggaaacc ctgtctcaaa caacctagat agatagatag    187380
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agcacattct tctactcttg tcaagggcat    187440
     gtctctttaa acttatgtga aaatcagggt acctttccat ggctatggtt caagatgact    187500
     ataattatga atgaaatagg ataatagtga atacaggtac acaataagca taaagtgatg    187560
     aatcaacaca atgaagccag tatggatttc atatgaaata gacttcatta agcacaacat    187620
     aggagagtca tgtcattttc tctctcaata tccaaagctt gcaacctatg taggccaatg    187680
     catcccttat aataattcct taagttcaga ggttggagac tattagtatg aggaattatg    187740
     ggactgtgtg ccaacttaaa atcatgggga gcctattgct ccctattaga ccacaagata    187800
     attatgccaa actggtcctg gtagcataca gtaagagtct atgaatggca tcacagagtt    187860
     ttttccacat gaaatattaa agaaagcaga gcctggaagg aggacatgtg accatcaaac    187920
     caaaatagct tttctcttag agtcagtgaa caaataatat ttaaataaaa ttcagttgat    187980
     actcactagt tcctggtcat tattacaaaa atatctacta tactaatatt atctctgcat    188040
     tatattgtag gaaaattaga ttttagagtt taactccact gggaatatga tagcattgct    188100
     aggtgataga tctgggtggt ggagctatta gaagtttcta gaagacaact cagaccctgc    188160
     atctgtctac atagctgggc aggctatttt aagaacttct ttcctgactc catgatgaag    188220
     catcagtttt taacacagag gctgtctgat cccctggtat gaaaccaacc acgagatctt    188280
     gactagtctc aaagtcagac gagaaggagg cagtctggaa atctgatagc tgtgcctcct    188340
     cggagtcaaa tgccccttct cattcttcag aatgaagatt ggttgccccc actgtatcaa    188400
     aaacttatgt gacaggatat ctcctgcact aatgaggggg tctgcattct ccaaggggct    188460
     tcagaacaat accatttgct ttgtggtttt actctctcta ggaactttct ttcctgaagg    188520
     actgtgagaa gaaacaccct gctagggtga ctagccatct atgaccaggg agatgatggt    188580
     agctacctaa tatcacaaac acacaatcca cctcataaat atttgcaata tggtcttgtg    188640
     ggttctatca tatgggtccc ggggattgaa ctcaggtgct ctacgggcat tgattttaat    188700
     ataatcacaa ctgcctgaga cttaaaaccc actgacgtga taccactgct cttccagtat    188760
     caccacctcc tcagactcac aggacacagt gcagtaagga cctgctcact cctgcatgtg    188820
     agcaagcacc tgacagaatg gaggtgggaa aggggatgct aagcactaat gagatgttca    188880
     aaaaggaact gtcctcccag tcctacagag cgcacaggat ggatgctagt cttacctttg    188940
     gctattgttg gcatctgaaa tgcaatgctg atgacgccca ccaagtctcc caatggaatc    189000
     agagatcgca aaatggacct aattcggatg gcttctccct ttccagcatg aatcaactaa    189060
     acaggaagag gataaagcaa gcttagaact agttgtagac tctacctgta gttttgttag    189120
     aacatttaaa ctgtgagaat ccatatataa agcaattgtc caccctgccc atgtataaag    189180
     ccaatcatct ctcagaaatt gcatctcagg catacaggca ggcaatccca gcttatagtt    189240
     cccataaatg tgaagaaata ctggattaca tagacttcac tttaggccac ctcttttcca    189300
     atgaagttca cacatttttt tataatgttt ggggtaccag aacaaactga taaccagaaa    189360
     agtttatgaa cacttaccct taaaattata tatacccacc aataacaaga gacataacat    189420
     aataaaacaa tcactattct gagtcatgct aatatttatt atgtatctaa ctttttcttg    189480
     tcttaggaat taattctata tccacccata ttctgtcctg attcttggag aagggggtat    189540
     cagtttacat aaatcctgac attccattta agacttccag ctgagaacgt tcccgtggta    189600
     ccagtggatc agaagagtta agaatctcag taagtttctt aaatctagag ccaggaccag    189660
     catctgttac attcacctta ggtaagaaaa gcaagtgata ttcaaggtct attggggagt    189720
     tcagctaatg actgtaaggt ggtagaactt cagcgaggac aaggtgggca tggtgagccc    189780
     tcacttatct gctttaacgt tcccaaaccc ttaagatggc aagacaataa cacccaaagt    189840
     gtctatgtat tataatatgt ttcttagttc ctctgatctt ttccctgaga caagcaaagt    189900
     tacaagctgt gtgagcgtcc atgtttttct ctgcaaccac ctccagcaca catatcgtcc    189960
     ttcacccctt ctcaattacc aaagtgaaaa ctcacatgag ctacgttttt tgttttgttt    190020
     tgttttttaa aaaaataaaa agattccagg ttttctaata ttctaactgt tctctattct    190080
     gttgttcttt tctggtttca acaaaagaga acagcatgta tattttatca tatgagttta    190140
     aaggaaaggc ctttaaagaa ctgaaaacca acatgggtac caagggcaag gaaatgaaac    190200
     gtgttgtgag tcacctgctc tggcttcatg tttataccag ctcaaaaata gacttgcaga    190260
     ttagtttatt cttttagcat ttctgtttgt ttgtttgttt ctctgtatag tcctggctgt    190320
     cctggaactc actctatagc ccagactgac cttgaactca gaaatccacc tacctctgcc    190380
     tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa agtgtgtgcc accactgcag tgcttataat gtgccaatca    190440
     tattcacccc caattccctt ctgcaatccc tccaacatgt ctcattcaca aatacgcatc    190500
     tccttaaaaa attaagaacc cacctaacca aatttgtgct gtccacatgt acatggcaca    190560
     gggccatcca cagcgacatg gggaccctac tgggaagctc ccaaaaaccg agtgactctt    190620
     cttcccctaa tagcactacc tgccagtgtg gcttctcagc ttggggtggg gcttcgggag    190680
     cctcaagctg ttgtcaacag ccggtcacag tgcagagagt aagtgactct ggagtcccca    190740
     cgcccaaact ggacatttgt aacacgagcc ttatactcaa gactcgagga atagcataga    190800
     aaagagggta aaagacttct gtgaaccaga agaccaagca gctgatgtga aatcagtttg    190860
     tctggacaga ccaggcctgc taccatatgc tctctcaaca actatgtctg tcttacagct    190920
     ttgaaatcaa tattgcccag ttgtactcat gtagagataa gcattatata aaaggaatca    190980
     attattggtg gaaacagatt tccatcagag aagaagaaac catacaagga aaacatctct    191040
     tcttcaaagg caaggaggcc acataagttt taaagacata tgggtgacta cattttctat    191100
     taatgacttg tactgacaat ctcattacta atttttatag ccaatgggac atttccaact    191160
     aaacaaacac ttgttctgca gttaggctgc agctattatt ttcaatggag catgaatatt    191220
     actagtttgg gatgctgctg tgagccctgc catcataatg tttgggactg atgagtgcat    191280
     caagattgct gccctcaagc ccccaaaaca gactcacgtg catttcagga gcacagcgac    191340
     caagcaggtc aatcaaagct gcgtagaagg tcatgatcgc gttccccatg tggatggtat    191400
     catcttcctc ctcttctata tcactttcgg ggaatttgtc ccaaaagaag cagaaagtaa    191460
     atgaagttgc agtgacagcc ttttcctacc agtcctttca tgcttcccag aaataccagt    191520
     gaggtgtttt gttttgtttt gttttttggt tgttgttgtt gttgttgttg ttgttgttgt    191580
     tgttgttaca aaagaaccag gccttaagga tcagaactcg gactctatta ccaagaacac    191640
     actgcaaggg catgttagga ttcctgccac agcataggca gagaccgatc atctgatgga    191700
     ccctgaccat ttccttcttt tcagtcttta agatttaatg ttcttttctt tttttttatg    191760
     agtatgtgca tttatgtatg cgcacaaaaa atgatgtcag atccctgaaa cgtgaattgc    191820
     atgcagtagt gagccacttg atttgagtac tgagaaccaa acagaagaga gctctggaag    191880
     aatagaaagt gctcttaaca ggcaaaccat ctctgcagcc ccttgcttcg tttgttgttg    191940
     ttgtttctgt tactctcttg agcaggtgta caaacaaata gcatgtgtag cactaccctt    192000
     tactcatagt catcctgcca tcaacccacc tccttccaaa tagtcccttt ttgcttttac    192060
     accacatata aagaaatgta catacatgta caacatatat acacatatgc aacatacata    192120
     tatgtgtgaa ttgtgctcat ttctaatgac agatggcata ttaacaaaaa aatggtggaa    192180
     agactattgt gaagtaagtt tacgagtgct tttccaagta ccactcaagt agagaaaggg    192240
     taaccaaaga caccatgtca gagcccaggt agactgcttg gtcgagagta acatttagaa    192300
     gtgttacttc atgtattcac ctatgatacc aataacctta ccctccctcc attagccata    192360
     aacagtctag ttgtttcttt ctctacctcc ttaagtttct ctttctgaaa acactctgtt    192420
     atctggctaa tagaatgcac atatggacag ccctcagggt cttatgtcct tccttctggg    192480
     tgacttgaaa gaggtgtcct caagtggact caagagtctg cagattggca gtgggttgca    192540
     ctgtaggtgc atgaggcagg cctcaagccg gtatttgcac acaggctagt atcatcctgt    192600
     tctgagctcc cagtacgtat ttctctctat gagggcagct aagaactgca ttaaccatct    192660
     atggctaagt gataaacact taaagtctgt gcttcctctg cctgtggaag aaatcgggtt    192720
     cccttacttg caagtcggtt ccctctgagc cctatgtttt atcttacaat tgcactaaca    192780
     gtgtaggtgt atgaccccct cagagaacat ttacctccac ggattaaaaa catgcccatc    192840
     tacattgcct tataaccgga ctagaatggc gtcagtgtct tctgacacac atctctctcc    192900
     agtacattag ccaagcattc tgctcctctg aattgtgtct gttttccttt cttttaccat    192960
     cgtactcagg aaatgagtcc ctcatttcct tcctaaaggt ctctttctct atctagtgat    193020
     attataagaa ctacagaaac tcatcttggg aggctgaatc aatagttctg tgagaaatag    193080
     agcttacatc tcaagtataa agacctcagt tcaaatcatc aggacccaca taaaaatcca    193140
     gatacggtca tgcatgcctg tcaccccaag gctgggagag gagccaattc agggaggttg    193200
     ctagggcttt tgagctgcca gcctagttct taattcagtg agtggctgtc tcagagaatg    193260
     agggaaaaag tgagagagta ggacaaccaa tacttccctc tagcccctgt atatgtaagg    193320
     atgtatgcgt gcatgcatac atgcacgtac atgtgtgcgg gcacacactc accaccaatc    193380
     atctatactg tacaggtatg gctaacttat ggcctgtaaa tgcagacaaa cactttgcaa    193440
     atcacagcat catgccccat tgtcaaggat ataggtttct gaactgtgtt ctttgcttag    193500
     ctagcctgaa aatacctaca agatgcacaa cctaagtcca cacagtgtct ccagctcatt    193560
     tcctgagtca ttcaggcttt ctcagcagcc aactccccac atctcatcta tgacgctcag    193620
     ttttcaaggg accactcttc ggtgacagat aagtaaaata ataagtaaca gaatgtcatc    193680
     tatacatttt caaccataat tgggtgatac catttgctga gagtgtgctt agtagaccta    193740
     cagggttttg ctggagccac tggttggaga gggaccatct ctagaaggat cctcagctat    193800
     ttttatggct tcttccatgg ctgcaaggag accattacca ccttctcctc tcaaggcagg    193860
     accaaagcac tcgggtctcc ggatgagcag cctcaccaca acatttgcat tctcttccac    193920
     actctcccct gcagtcaaaa gagaaatatg aacaaaatat aggctttctg gggaccatgt    193980
     ctcctaagca ttcctcattt aaagaaacag gtatacctta gaaatatact ataataataa    194040
     attcaacttt taaattgcat ttacttattg ggagggtagg tcaggtcaca tgacacacaa    194100
     aagccagaca acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaacctaaa ggaactgttt ctcttcttct    194160
     atcacatggg tttcagggat agaactcaca tggtcaggct tggttgccag cactttaccc    194220
     actgtgccat cttactcgcc cataaattca acacttagcc cacatcacga cttctctgtg    194280
     tattgttatg gtctgcatgc ccagtaatcc tcagagactt gaatgtctgg ataccttttc    194340
     atgacagtct tgggagactg tagaagatga ctggaacttg aggcctcgtc ggctatcaaa    194400
     ggctgttggc aagggccttg aaagttctac ctctaactat atcctagctc tcattcttta    194460
     cttcctggtt ggtgccacac aagaagctgc attgcaagct cctaccaacc aaggactaag    194520
     ccattgcagc caactttcct gaagtgatgg actgattagg ttcctccctc aagatgcctc    194580
     tgttgggtat tccgacacag caaagaagaa agtgacagat gtacatacta aacaatgtac    194640
     actactccca ttggtatttt ccaagtaaag caaaatacta cagagacaaa ctatctgaga    194700
     agggagagga tactgtcatc ctaacactta agacccaact gcaaaaatcc agaaggtaaa    194760
     tacagacttg aagctaaaca atagaaatat gatccacata aaaaatgtag tataggttac    194820
     ttctgtagat tgaaaactat taaataaaat atataatttc ttatattccc cttcttcatg    194880
     aaattctatg atgaatcttt cttttcattt aaaaatatta atttttactt caaattttgc    194940
     atatatacgt gaatgtgtga gcaggtaagc aaaggtgccc aaggaggcca cagaggatgt    195000
     cagatctctt ggagctggag ttacaggcat ttgtaagcta tctcatatgg atgctaggaa    195060
     ctgaacttgg gtcttctaca gaggtagata agtgatccta accattaagc cctctgcctc    195120
     aggacactaa cttttacagt tttatgaatt tgtcagtggt tgtgtcctac cgttacagaa    195180
     gactgcaaat ctgagaaagt caaggtatcg ctctccttca actggattcc acccaatgtc    195240
     tgggtaaccc ttagacacca gcatctgaca gctctgcaga ccacagccag ccagatagcg    195300
     aactacctac aaataaagga tgagcaaggg attagccttc acttggaaca aacaggagtc    195360
     tatgctaagt ctggcagatg aaattatcca agggtggttt ggaacacagg catttcattc    195420
     ctttatgtgt gagtaaagta taagtatata taagtatgtg tgagtgcagg tgagtacagc    195480
     actggatctc ctatagctaa agttgtaggc agccatcatc aactacttga tgtgggtgct    195540
     acgaactgaa cttgggtcct ctggagtgca gcaatcactc ttaaccactg aaacatttct    195600
     ccagccctaa tgaatatatt ttttgcattt ctttttaaca tcacgacagc tgacataaag    195660
     tgtagtcatc aaaattatga atgaattctc tgagaaaata atgttattga attc          195714