EBI Dbfetch

ID   AC158231; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 207943 BP.
AC   AC158231;
DT   11-MAR-2005 (Rel. 83, Created)
DT   01-JUL-2005 (Rel. 84, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-510K1 from chromosome 7, complete sequence.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-207943
RA   Tomlinson C., Cotton M., Bielicki L., Haglund K.;
RT   "The sequence of Mus musculus BAC clone RP24-510K1";
RL   Unpublished.
RN   [2]
RP   1-207943
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-MAR-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [3]
RP   1-207943
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (01-APR-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108,
RN   [4]
RP   1-207943
RA   Wilson R.K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (30-JUN-2005) to the INSDC.
RL   Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University School of Medicine, 4444
RL   Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
DR   MD5; 18e779c609e8004e37af0c0128652a75.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456136.
DR   ENA-CON; JH584275.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000002205; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000002963; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000011096; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000011658; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000038520; mus_musculus.
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DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000074141; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; AC158231.2:1-207943; mus_musculus.
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DR   InterPro; IPR013041; Coatomer/clathrin_app_Ig-like.
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DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6TN31; F6TN31_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F7A5I8; F7A5I8_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; G5E8N7; G5E8N7_MOUSE.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; I6L974; I6L974_MOUSE.
CC   On Jun 30, 2005 this sequence version replaced gi:60650538.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC       Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
CC       Center code: WUGSC
CC       Web site:
CC       Contact:
CC   -------------- Summary Statistics
CC       Center project name: M_BB0510K01
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
CC   all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
CC   chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e. phred quality
CC   >=30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
CC   as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by at least
CC   one plasmid subclone, fosmid clone or direct clone walk sequence.
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome
CC   shotgun may have been used to obtain the consensus sequence. The
CC   assembly was confirmed by restriction digest.
CC   This finishing standard has slightly changed from the previous
CC   Human standard. Specifically, standards for regions of low sequence
CC   complexity (such as dinucleotide repeats and small unit tandem
CC   repeats) have been relaxed. These regions are very prevalent in the
CC   mouse genome, and the return on extended finishing efforts is
CC   minimal.
CC   If a sequence meets the criteria of the above statement, it needs
CC   no comments or tags. If the criteria are not met, such as ambiguous
CC   bases, then the region is duly annotated.
CC   Mapping information for this clone was provided by Dr. Wes Warren,
CC   Department of Genetics, Washington University, St. Louis MO. For
CC   additional information about the map position of this sequence, see
CC   The  BAC Library has been constructed by Pieter de Jong and
CC   coworkers ( from male C57BL/6J mouse spleen
CC   and/or brain genomic DNA. The clone and detailed information can be
CC   obtained from Pieter de Jong and coworkers at
CC   This sequence is the entire insert of the clone.
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..207943
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="7"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-24"
FT                   /clone="RP24-510K1"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   unsure          9405..11926
FT                   /note="Unresolved tandem repeat."
SQ   Sequence 207943 BP; 52536 A; 52319 C; 52518 G; 50570 T; 0 other;
     gatctcatta ctggtggttt tgagccacca tgtggttgct gggatttgaa ctctggacct        60
     ttgaaagaac agtcagtgct cttatccgct gagccagctc accagcccca aagaaccatt       120
     tctaaacagg tccatttccc ctgtatcctt tcttttctac tacctctagt ggatggtggg       180
     ctaaaaggga ggttaaagca tttaagagcc tccattaaaa agtagacttt gagaaaatga       240
     aagttacata tctggctggt ttttagagta gctggaacta actccacact ccacagccta       300
     ctgccttttc tttcttctgt aacttgaatc tagggtactt ctgacctctc tttgtctctc       360
     tccaactgga acttttcatg gagacagtcc ccacctccct agtatgtgtg caactggcag       420
     ctgggactct gcccagccat caactgatca aaggtgttgg accaggatga gtggaagagc       480
     cgagactcag accaaaactt aaatcagaga aacaagtgcc ccttgcccat gcccaccctg       540
     gccaacaact tgcatacact tctggtctct atcactggag cccaaactgc ctgatcactt       600
     ctttaaagta tctttttctg tactgtgtat tcatgcatgc tcatgaatgg tcataggcac       660
     ctgagtacaa ctaccctaag ccacgtgtta gatgcccaag agcaggggtt acaggtggtt       720
     gtgagccacc agacatgaat gttggggaaa gcttggatgc ttctcaagat atcttctcaa       780
     caacagcacc cttcaaataa aacaaaaatc ccactagtgt gtatccctgc cttcggccac       840
     tctgcctgca cacccttcgt agcccgcctg tcagtttctt agattagcta gctccagagg       900
     gcagatatca catgcaggaa gtaaacactg attgaaagag aatggtcaac attatagcct       960
     ggacccaaag gtcaggtagg ttctcatgtc aaatccaatc ccagccagag aaagtacaat      1020
     cccaagaaag tacaagcata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata      1080
     gatagataga tagatagata gataaaagct gggcacagtg gtgcacccct ttaatcccag      1140
     tacttgggag gcaggcttgg aactacatag ggagttccag gatagccatt cgaatatagt      1200
     gagaccttgt ttcaaacttt caaaattaaa accaagtata catacaccag ctatgttaag      1260
     cctcccaaat gtgttattag ttaagtgacc atgcacatta agattctttt gtagcccggc      1320
     gtggtggcgc acgcctttaa tcccagcact tgggaggtag aggcaggcgg atttctgagt      1380
     ttgaggccag cctggtctac agagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagagctata cagagaaacc      1440
     ctgtctcaaa aaacaaacaa acaaaaaaaa aacaaacaaa aaaaagattc ttttgtgctt      1500
     aatacaggct actcaggtag aacacaaagc cttgtgctga caaggggaca ctgcagcact      1560
     gtgtttccat gaggtagtgg gaagggctta gataggccaa gagtcccatc aggaaggatt      1620
     cttaccctct gggctcacca ctaatcctcg ttggcctcag aacttgctat ggcataaaaa      1680
     gtatttttaa gatggctgct gttggatgag aaaattccct tgcctggggg caagggcagt      1740
     cctattagca tacctgacca gaagcctagc agaatgccta cagagtggat tggcccacat      1800
     tcctgcaaag actgtcacac gtgattgtca ccagtgatgt cttccatgca cgccgcctta      1860
     tgtgttagca tctcaagcag cttccgaact tccccagctg ttaggacatt tcacccgtga      1920
     atccagatgt ttgcattggt tgtcattgat tccataacaa acctggttct tatatacata      1980
     acagtttaaa tagaggaaga ctgtgagaag aggcggccta tgaataggga gtcccaattt      2040
     cggacggtta taagttttag caatctgcaa ttattactat atgaatttat atgtggaaaa      2100
     aatctagaac aaagcagagg tgctaagaaa tgaaaaggcc aggtattaaa taaagagttg      2160
     agcaaaaact ggaaaatggg aaatcattaa aagccacggg gctggagaga tggctcagca      2220
     gttaagagtg ctgactattc ttccagagga tccgagttca attcccagca accacatggt      2280
     ggctcacaac catctgtaat gggatctgat gccctcttct ggtgtgtctg aagacagtga      2340
     cagtgtactc atagacataa aataaataaa ttctaaaaaa ttaaaaaata gccagtgaac      2400
     attaaccaca gcgaacactt tatttcttgt ctttatcata aaattatatt tgtactagat      2460
     agttagacac tcatccacac ttcatcaata gcaaacattt cctgtgtgcc aggtatcaga      2520
     tgctcaaaat ttaatcctca ccatagccct gaggaatatg gatattatgc acattttaca      2580
     gatgaggaaa ctaataagct tttctgattt ttccaaggct aattaggaag acagaactgg      2640
     aattctatcc aggtggaccg gctctaaagt ctaccaccaa atcctgacat tacatagctt      2700
     ctgaaatcag cctgtgggtc ttgtcccctt tgtgggtgga aaaacccttt cacagggatc      2760
     tcctgagacc actggaaaac ttcacagtac gattcataac agaaacaaaa ttagtgttat      2820
     gaggtagcaa cagaatgatt ttatggttgg aggtcaccac agcatgaggt attaaaaggt      2880
     cgcagcatca ggaaagttga gaaccgcggg tctagatgaa atgcgtctgt acaatctgcc      2940
     tcagcaattt ttattagaac ttatagagag cagaggtttg caatgggttg gtttcaatgg      3000
     ctggcttcaa atgaaggcct tcagaagtat gggactccgc tgtaaccaag cggctctcgg      3060
     cagtgttact tgctacaagt gtaaagtttc tgacgtttgc tcagagcagt ggagctgtca      3120
     ggcgtcctga cagtagtctg aactctatgg tttggccttg gtgtgaattc tctggtgttg      3180
     ctggagatgg gtgcggaggc cgaaggcctt cccacacagc ccgcaggcat agggcttctc      3240
     cccagtgtga attctctcgt gcttcctctg gtttgctctc tgagcaaagg ctttcccgca      3300
     cgtgccgcat gtgtacggct tctccccagt gtgaattcta aggtgaaggg taaggcacga      3360
     gctctggctg aaggttttcc cacattcctg gcagacgtac ggcttctccc cagtgtgaat      3420
     tctctggtgt cggatgagct gggcaccaga gatgaaggct ttcccacagt caccacactt      3480
     aaagggcttc tcccctgagt ggattttctg gtgcttagaa aggcatgatc gctgatgaaa      3540
     tgttttccca cactcgctac attcaaagtg cttctctgca gtgtgagtct tctgatgctg      3600
     aatgaggtag ttactctgct tgaaggctct gtcacattcg ttgcatttaa agggcttctc      3660
     agtgatgtga atcaactgat gttttgaaag gtgggcacgc tgtttgaagg ccctgttgta      3720
     tatgtcacac ttgaaggatg gttccctttg ggaaggatgg tgctcactgg cagaggtgtt      3780
     tcgcgtgcat ttctcaggct cagcgcattc acttggtttc acaccagcac agatgctctg      3840
     atggcaaatg ggctgcacac tctggtcata ggtttcccca catgggtcac actcaccgga      3900
     tgtcacctgg gcatgaatct tctcatgctg ccctaggtat ctgctgtggt taggggcttt      3960
     tctacacttg gtattcttaa agcatttttc agtgtgctgt gagttctgac ccacaacttt      4020
     ctcacttgta ttttctctaa tgtgtatgct caggtggcaa ttcagagttg acctgcaaat      4080
     gaagtgttct ccacactgct tacactcata caagccctcg atggtgtgga ttttattgtg      4140
     ccgctctagc tgttctttat agatgaaggt ctccttgcat ttagcacagc caaagtgcct      4200
     ttcttcagca tgtctcagcc ggtgtcgaac taagtgtgaa ggtcggttaa aagtcctggc      4260
     acacacggga cactgatggg gtctgaagcc cgagtggact cgctgatgct cagtaagatc      4320
     tgttctccga cagaaggctt tcccgcactc actgcatttg tgaggcttct gtccactgtg      4380
     gatcctctgg tggatcttca gggtggagga gtggttgaaa gctttaccac attcatcaca      4440
     cttgtacggc ttctctcctt tgtgaatagc ctggtgctta atgagtgatg accgccaatt      4500
     aaagctcttt ctgcatccct gacactcgca ggccgcgctg gggaaatgtg acttgcgatg      4560
     ctggaagcaa tgcttgctta ggttgaagac ggcagggcac gaagcgcact tgtagagtct      4620
     ctgagcatgg gctctctggt gtttagctag atgaaaggcc ccactgaatg tctccccaca      4680
     cttcttacat ctgaagcact tagcgtttgt aggagtcttc tgatgcctaa gaggctttgg      4740
     atgaagaacg gatggcctgt caccaggctg gctctcatgc aggttttctt ggtcacgact      4800
     ttcaccagta ggtggttttt cctggtcctg accgtgaatg gtactcggtt ttgctgagtc      4860
     agtgtcttta ctcagccgct gctttcctgg ctcgacactc ggactcctag agagcccttc      4920
     taggttgctg tcactttgag ttttacaaag tttttctcca gtgtggattt tctgatgcca      4980
     ctggaggtac acattctgac taaacctttt cccacactcc tgacacgtgt aggattcata      5040
     gcttgctgga gtccctggac acatgggaaa gtgagcaccc tggctgagac ctcgctgctg      5100
     ctctcgccat ataggaggct cccctgaggt gtggagaacc cagtgctgga tgaggtggtg      5160
     actctggctg aagctttccc cacactcact acacttatat ggcttctcgt gtccctggac      5220
     agagtcctcc tggctcaggt cactcctgga ttccttcagt atcactggag tgagggtctt      5280
     ttcaggacta gcagacatca cagcatcctc tcttgtgcaa aggggaggcc caggactgag      5340
     gccgctcttg gactcaggac tctgatgatc cgcggggctt tccttgtcgc tgatgtcagg      5400
     tcttggaaga ctttctggat ctccgagaaa actatttagc caatcctcac ctatacaggc      5460
     ttcaaagttg agttgcccgt tggaaaatat ctccataatc tgggagaagt cttcttctac      5520
     gaaaccactc tgcaaaggag agctcttggt ctcaggcact tctggaagag aaagagaggg      5580
     cagtgatgtg caaatgcctt ctgttctctg ggccagtggg acaactatgc tgtggccgga      5640
     gtgtatccat gagaaaagtg tggtaggtct gtgatgttcc ggctggcaat ggcaggagat      5700
     aagaaatgga aaagctcggg tggtcacaca gagagctgag agcctgcaag gattcagcag      5760
     agaatgagag ccttggccat gatcatcata accatgaaac cacggtcact aaaagacctc      5820
     gaaggcatgc caccttcctc tatatgacat gccacagact ggactcagtt ggtacctcaa      5880
     cctgcagaag aatcagggtc ccagtaccca ggtgggcaag gagttggcag ggtgacaaac      5940
     agacactgac agagagggtg ctgatctgaa tgtaatttct caaagggagc atcagactta      6000
     tattacagaa gaaaataagg atgttgggtg atacagtaag gtcatccaag gtacactgag      6060
     gttacccgat gcaaaaatga gtctttacac aaaacagaga aatgcataca caaaagctaa      6120
     caggaaccag gcagtgttta caactgggat aaaaatcagt gttttcaact gggatcaaaa      6180
     gcagctccac ctaaggtcag tttattctta gaagccaggg gcaagggctt tatgcccttg      6240
     ccatagttcc aactctagtc tattgtataa tccaccttcc ccccaggcca ctgtaaatta      6300
     ctgtgtatgg gagtgactca gctgtagttt taagtattta ctctagtttt ttcttagacc      6360
     acaaccttcc ttcttcttag gccattgtaa attcctgcac atggctgtta ttctaagttt      6420
     actactacta agtagtagac tagccctgag atttctagct cttttccaat aaattgtaat      6480
     gcctgatttc tttcactgtc tacactggag gcattttgtc tgaataagta gcattcttat      6540
     taaactcaaa gcccaaggtt ggctcaagaa tttcctagga tattggaaca ctggtggagg      6600
     ctaatctaac ttagctatat gtcaaaaatc attccataga ggcacttata ataaaacaat      6660
     attgagagaa agcacacata tcggttcacc aactgacata gggacaagtt tagagcattc      6720
     gtgctacagc atgccaagac tctaggagac tacgtttctg tgaaactttt tgcctcagaa      6780
     ctgcgtccaa gcttttgggc ctgtcacacg gttttcactg gagtgtgtgt ggcaaccaca      6840
     gattatcaaa atcttactca agacatcctg ggtccctgat gacagggata tctttcacat      6900
     gcacccagtc ctgcatccta gaacccaggg ccaacaccta tcttgactca ggtactaatt      6960
     tctttcagac catcccagaa cggccttaac cctcttcttt tcctatctcc atcattagca      7020
     actaaaaatc tggtccctgg tttctcgtgg gcccccacct ctttgtctat tttcctacat      7080
     tagccctggg aacttctact aaagcaagct gacattgctc tgattacatc tgtccagagc      7140
     atctttcctg gaaaagacaa atacaagcag cataccagcc cagcatagca tattgtgaca      7200
     gccccatggc agtcatcccc tctcggtgct acaactagtt ctgtgggctc agataccctt      7260
     aacctgatac ctctgtgtgt cctttaatac ccagtctgag tatcacttcc ctaggctaag      7320
     actgttctga ctacccacac ctcattgccc tgtgctctca gagtctgagc actgtgtaac      7380
     tcgggtaatg aactctatta tggataattc actgtcctca gtgtcatcca gaacacacac      7440
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacagag gatagtgaca      7500
     gtttacattt gtggtgtgct tccttgaagg caggcaggag catgtgaacc cctctggagt      7560
     ccaaagtgga caccttattt tccatagtta aggaagtggc acaagcagct cagcccttat      7620
     ctaacccatg ttcctgagta cacagcatat gctcttagga tctttcattg ctctctccac      7680
     actgttgttg ccccctcttc taacaccctg taccatcatc atcttcatcc aaatcgcttc      7740
     tatggtgggt ggctccccat ccagtgagca tctcagagac tcttcagtgt ctcttggact      7800
     tggccacgcc ccttacaaat ggcagctttc aaagctatct cttgccctac tctgtcacca      7860
     ggctgctctc agcctacact ggtctctagt ttcctcttcc ccagaccttt gctcatattt      7920
     tcccctgcat agaaaatatc aaccaacaag tatcaggtcc tcttgtgcta tgaatgataa      7980
     ggggtcctgg gactacaaag gtctatcggc taaggacttt tcattatagc ggcatatgtt      8040
     gcagcagaga aaggcatgtc tgatagctta gcacagctgt tactattgga gatctgcaaa      8100
     taaatttgtg tacatgtgtg tacatgaacg taggttgtcc atgcttggaa ataatctata      8160
     tgatgaggtg gcagaaacaa ctcagatctg gggagcatgt gcctaggttg ttcaccatca      8220
     aggaacatta gcacaagcag gaggctgcag agagctcaca tgaatgacct cccaagtggc      8280
     agtaggcaag gaacaggttt gtggattgtc catatgggtg gagctagacc tacagtctct      8340
     gcttctgagt cttccttatg gtgatagagg aattctgtat gaagcctcct gtaccccagt      8400
     atagtccctc cctctttctt ccactgcata cagtggcatc aggccatcac atagtgtagg      8460
     gctgctcagc actggaaatg agtagctatg ctggacagca tctggctatg gcccgactta      8520
     ctcccacatg tggctgtgcc tgagccaggc agaaggtaga agatggaaac cagaggtcca      8580
     tgtgctcaga ggccaaaagc aggagggtgc atacattgac ttgagggtgg aaagcattct      8640
     cttattgagc cttggaataa aaaggctctg gagaggcacc aaggtgcctg ttctgaaagc      8700
     aaaggaagag acacaacagg catgccaagc aagggcacct ctgcaacatc caaaaacaat      8760
     ggggaaaggg ttgaggctgg gcaccagcat gtgcagacaa tagacagaca tgctaagggc      8820
     tgggcaggat cttagctggg ggtccagtgg agagtccaga agggcccctc ctcccactta      8880
     ccagtactgg tggcttccag ctcttccctg acatctggct gggaagtcag gctgggttgc      8940
     gaagtatctg ctaagaaaga acaatcctac tgtcagtgaa catacggaag gcatctagat      9000
     gctcagcagg cacttctggc atatacatca ttcagatctg tgtaggagtc ggcttcaatg      9060
     aactgtgggc taagacctga aagacactga cagatctcct gagttgcttc cgtcgctgca      9120
     caccaggcag caggtaagaa aagctgcccc agtgtggtca aatcccacgg gagaggggtc      9180
     ccacagcaca ctgcctttca ctttgtttag cttttgggat aaagtactgt tacttcctgg      9240
     aaaatgaagc ctggaggcat tagagagagg tactgaggat gaggtgggtg gtagagcagg      9300
     gagcacatgg atgctgggcg gagtgggaaa aacagcagcc attgtatgtg gggtaaacat      9360
     tagaatgaag ttctctggaa gtactaaaag aaatcaccat agggagaggg gctgctctct      9420
     gtggtgtggt gtatagagag gggctgctct ctgtggtgtg gtgtatagag aggggctgct      9480
     ctctgtggta tggtgtatag agaggggctg ctctctgtgg tgtggtgtat agagagaggg      9540
     gttgctctct gtggtgtggt gtatacagag aggggctgct ctctgtggtg tggtgtatag      9600
     agaggggctg ctctctgtgg tgtggtgtgg tgtggtgtgg tgtatagaga gaggggctgc      9660
     tctctgtggt gtggtgtata gagagagggg ctgctctctg tggtgtggtg tggtgtggtg      9720
     tatatagaga ggggctgctc tctgtggtgt ggtgtataga gagaggggct gctctctgtg      9780
     gtgtggtgta tagagagggg ctgctctctg tggtgtggtg tatagagaga ggggctgctc      9840
     tctgtggtgt ggtgtataga gagaggggct tctctctgtg gtgtggtgtg gtgtggtgta      9900
     tagagagaag ggctgctctc tatggtgtgg tgtggtgtat agggagaggt gctgctctct      9960
     gtggtgtggt gtatagagag aggggctgct ctctgtggtg tggtgtatat agagaggggc     10020
     tgctctctgt ggtgtggtgt atagagaggg gctgctctct gtggtgtggt gtatagagag     10080
     aggggctgct ctctgtggtg tggtgtatag agagaggggc tgctctctgt gatgtggtgt     10140
     atagagagag gggctgctct ctctggagtg gtgtatatag agaggagctg ctctctgtgg     10200
     tgtggtgtat atagagaggg gctgctctct gtggtgtggt gtatatagag aggggctgct     10260
     ctctgtggtg tggtgtatat agagaggggc tgctctctgt ggtgtggtgt ggtgtataga     10320
     gagagggact gctctctgta gtgtggtgta tagagagagg ggctgctctc tgttgtgtgg     10380
     tgtggtgtgg tgtatagaga gagggactgc tctctgtggt gtggtgtata gagagagggg     10440
     cttctctctg tggtatggtg tggtgtggtg tatagagaga agggctgctc tctatggtgt     10500
     ggtgtggtgt atagggagag gtgctgctct ctgtggtgtg gtgtatagag agaggggctg     10560
     ctctctgtgg tgtggtgtgg tgtggtgtgg tgtggtgtgg tgtggtgtgg tgtatagaga     10620
     gaagggctgc tctctatggt gtggtgtggt gtatagggag aggtgctgct ctctgtggtg     10680
     tggtgtatag agagaggggc tgctctctgt ggtgtggtgt atagagagag gggctgttct     10740
     ctgtggtgtg gtgtatagag aggggctgct ctctgtggtg tggtgtatag agagaggggc     10800
     tgctctctgt gatgtggtgt atagagagag gggctgctct ctgtggtgtg gtgtatagag     10860
     agaggagctg ctctctgtgg tgtggtgtat atagagagga gctgctctct gtggtgtggt     10920
     gtatatagag aggggctgct ctctgtggtg tggtgtggtg tatagagaga gggactgctc     10980
     tctgtagtgt ggtgtataga gagaggggct gctctctgtt gtgtggtgtg gtgtggtgta     11040
     tagagagagg gactgctctc tgtggtgtgg tgtatagaga gaggggcttc tctctgtggt     11100
     atggtgtggt gtggtgtata gagagaaggg ctgctctcta tggtgtggtg tggtgtatag     11160
     ggagaggtgc tgctctctgt ggtgtggtgt atagagagag gggctgctct ctgtggtgtg     11220
     gtgtggtgtg gtgtggtgtg gtgtggtgta tagagagaag ggctgctctc tatggtgtgg     11280
     tgtggtgtat agggagaggt gctgctctct gtggtgtggt gtatagagag aggggctgct     11340
     ctctgtggtg tggtgtatag agagaggggc tgctctctgt ggtgtggtgt atagagagag     11400
     gggctgctct ctgtggtgtg gtgtatagag aggggctgct ctctgtggtg tggtgtatag     11460
     agagaggggc tgctctctgt gatgtggtgt atagagagag gggctgctct ctctggtgtg     11520
     gtgtatatag agaggagctg ctctctgtgg tatggtgtat atagagaggg gctgctctct     11580
     gtggtgtggt gtatagagag aggggcttct ctctgtggtg tggtgtggtg tggtgtggtg     11640
     tatagagaga agggctgctc tctatggtgt ggtgtggtgt atagggagag gtgctgctct     11700
     ctgtggtgtg gtgtatagag agaggggctg ctctctgtgg tgtggtgtat agagagaggg     11760
     gctgctctct gtggtgtggt gtggtgtggt gtggtgtata gagagagggg ctgctctctg     11820
     tggtgtggtg tatagagaga ggggttgctc tctgtggtgt ggtgtataga gagaggggct     11880
     gctctctgtg gtgtggtgta tagaggcgtc tgccgaagga tctttacagc ctttgtgtga     11940
     ctttagtcac aagatgcttc tggcaaacct ggaacatctt tcattatcaa gtactgcaaa     12000
     cagtgcacaa taaggactga aatcttaccc taaaaataaa ttttgtgcaa cagtcaataa     12060
     ttatgcttct acatagctgt ttgggattca atccatcaga agctggacct ccctgttgcc     12120
     tgcaagacct tatttcaccc tgtgggtgac atggcacaaa gcagggcagt gacttggacc     12180
     cccgggtagg atgacactta ctaaatgaga acatgtcctg gtagtggttc agcgtcacat     12240
     cccagaacag gtctctctgg tcccactctg actccaggtc tttccagtct tccacggtga     12300
     aatccatggc taaatccttg agggtctcaa actcctgaaa agcagcacac tgtcagccat     12360
     tcagggctac aggggcccca gcaagcctga cgaggccaaa catcctcgta ggtaacgatg     12420
     cggggccttg ggaaagtgac aaatatcagg tcacaccgag agcacgagac ccaggtctgc     12480
     cacccctaaa gttcacctac tctttagttt aagattttaa ggagccaagt gtgggggcat     12540
     tgcctttaat ctctgtactt aggaggcagg gctacatcaa cctctgggat ttcaaggcca     12600
     gcctggtcta cccagaaagt tccaggacaa ccagggctat gtagagagac cacgtctcaa     12660
     aaaaagtaaa taagtaaata aataaataag ttgtttgttt gtttgctttg ttattcaaga     12720
     ccagagtttc caggcagccc tggttgtccc ataactcaca gagatccacc tgcctccacc     12780
     ttctgagtgc tgggattaaa ggtgcgcatc atcatgcctg accaaaatat aagattttgg     12840
     aagttttgtt gttcttgttt agagacaggg tcctgctctg taactcaggc tggatctcct     12900
     gggtgctggg attacaggta cacaccacca cacttggctt tgtgctcttt atagacattt     12960
     tcaatcatgg aaacaagtag aaacacaaga atatggaccc agcagtcagg cagcagcacc     13020
     tcacttgtga gtacttccac gttaacataa ctcctcctca gacagcacac cagtggatgg     13080
     atgtgaggaa tgaggcaacc agattatcat aacccaagag tgtgtctgga tctgtctaca     13140
     catgctatgt ctgagttcct gtgactgggt ctgctctata tcccttgccc atctgtgtga     13200
     tcatttataa taacatttaa aaaaagcacc tctgaatgct tgttccatat gtgaattcta     13260
     catacaagct gggaacagtg gcacacacct ttaactccag cacttcaggc agaggcaggt     13320
     ggaattctat ggcctcaagg cctacctggt ctacatagta acttagttag ccaggggtgc     13380
     acagtgagac cctgtctcaa aaacaacaac ctaaaactaa aatgatacag atcaggagct     13440
     gaatttatag ctcagtaatt gagaacatta ctgctcttgc agaggagtca tgcttgaatc     13500
     cctgcaccca catagtggct cacaactgtc agaggcagag cccttctgat ctgtgaaggc     13560
     accagacaca catgtgttac acatacatgc atacaggcaa agtacacaga gaaaataaaa     13620
     caacatctaa gatgttgttt tatagagagc agtggttttt acccagtggg tcttgatcct     13680
     ggggcttaaa tgacctactt aattaagacc attagaaata cagatattta cactatgatt     13740
     cataagtgta gaaaaattac agttatgaag tagcaatgaa agtaactcta tggctggggt     13800
     caccccagga gaaactgtat taaagggtca cagccttaga aagcctgaca accactactc     13860
     tagaggtact agatggtgtt tataaaagca aatttaaggt ctctgccctg catctggatt     13920
     atatggcaaa caggcatcta gtctgactgc actccactct tctatgctct ctaagttcct     13980
     tttctattgc tgtgataaaa taccattacc aagacaacct acaaaagaaa acatttaact     14040
     gggtttactg ttgcaaaggg ttagcatctg tcatggtgga gtccgctaac atgagaccac     14100
     atgagcacca ttctcagtca aaggaactga gaggccttac attcaggaag tgacacttgg     14160
     ttactttggg tgccatctgg ctgtccctct gccccagtta tttcctgtaa actaagagac     14220
     tgaaatataa agtctgaatt caaggccatc ctgagctaca aagtgagatc ctatcttaag     14280
     ccatcctccc acccgcaaaa gacgacttgt gagtcacaga gagcccaaac caaaggaacg     14340
     ctggttttcc tttaggagtg attcagttca aagagacgtc aacgtacctc agccacagct     14400
     ggctgattcc agcaacctcc tttaaggtcg tcctccttcc tctccatggt ccccgctagc     14460
     agagctgcag aaagtcttcc atccttctat ggctgacttc ctgttcatgc tgaatgtgtc     14520
     tccaaaatat cacaagtagc aggacaagtc ccaacatgag cttgctgtag ggatcaaatg     14580
     acaattgtat ttactgagat tatcccatcc ctaaaattcc atcaagcttc agaacctgca     14640
     aaccaacctc acaaccatta cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     14700
     cacacgtata tatcctggga tctggcaagg aagcgctcct cagacccttc aatcctgctt     14760
     cctgtccagg cagcagcagc acagtgctga tgtacagggc aaagctaacc atcgtagttc     14820
     atgcctatgt aagacccccg atgttgggcc tctgctcaag tcccgggatg agctggccag     14880
     caccccaatg acccgagaga caaccacacc tgatgcaaac tgcaagaggt tttattatca     14940
     gcttgctgag gatgaactcc tcaggctgtg cagggcaggg gagttcgacc ctgagtagta     15000
     acagtagggg gcttttaacc cctagcggag gaattgggag gagttgggag gagagttctt     15060
     ctctgcccag tgtccatggt aaaattacag ttatcacatt tctggctgta aggctcagaa     15120
     acaaaaaggc tttttgctgg ctatagagaa caaagagctt ctttctggct gtatttttag     15180
     agatcaggga aaacaagctt ggggaacagc caggggcttt accttccagg gagaaatgct     15240
     ctaagtcggg gtctcacacc ttcccaactc taggaaactg aggcagaaag acttctaggt     15300
     taaaaccacc caggaataca taacaagact gtgttttaac aatgaaaagg tgggttggac     15360
     attcacccta atgcacttga gaagtaaggc gggcagacct aaattcaaga caggctggaa     15420
     cccctgctca ttcccagcac aagctgagac cccatctgcc ctccttccct caaccctgcc     15480
     tacaagagaa aactctccca tccttcagag aaaactctgg gctaacacat catcacccct     15540
     tgcccaccac cccaaccccc acccctgttt ctactaaccc accaataagt gcccacccat     15600
     tttggccata tatgaacaca atcccagctc caagctggca catggtctaa gctctataaa     15660
     cccccattgc tttaacctgg atatgtgact tcactgacct ctacctgtga gatctgtgaa     15720
     cccactcaag agctttctcc taataaacct agctttacct acttttaatc tgatctaatc     15780
     tggcctctat ctttgtcacc aaatctatca aagaccaggc tagaaagaca tcttattggt     15840
     taagaacact gtggctcttt cagaggactg ggatttggtt tccagcaccc atggggtgcc     15900
     tcacatccat ctaggaaatt gaatgccctc ttctgacctt tgtgggtgtt aggcatacat     15960
     ttggtacaca tacatatgcg caaacaaaac actcatacaa atcaatttca aaaaacaaaa     16020
     acccaaattg aaaaaaagta aaaaattatt ggcagaagca gtatctagat gaatgggttc     16080
     aaacaatgtt gctgggagtt ttgattatat cctgtagaat ttagagcagg tgaattaatc     16140
     tcttcattct acctggacaa ctgctgtttc tacactacct atattttcct taagccatga     16200
     cccacagtaa caaaaacaat gtatgtttat gggttctcca ttcacagatc cagtcaaact     16260
     catttaaaaa atggttttta tggtttttaa aaatcctgtt atctttcgag gctggaggct     16320
     cagtagttaa gaacactggc tgctattcca gaggacctgg ggttcaactc ccatcaccca     16380
     catggcagct tacaactgtc cgtaactctg gttccaggga ctcctgacac cctcacacag     16440
     acatacatgt agtcaaatca ccaatgtaca taaaagaaaa cataaattct gtatgtttcc     16500
     aacatataca ggtgctacta tttttagtat aatagttatt tgcatagcat gtacattgta     16560
     ctgggtatta taaactagat gttaagataa atttgcacat gggaggatct gcctgggtta     16620
     tatacataaa ctacactggt catgctgaat aggtaaaggc caaatagcca gtttggggcc     16680
     atactgggcc acaccttttg gtagtggaaa gtgagaggtg gatatgaaca agatacattg     16740
     tatatgtcaa catttctttt aggctccacc ccatagttac ctggcaacag ccaagtgtgt     16800
     ctgactcact ataaaagggg ctgcttaccc cctcctcact cttactgttt gtccattctc     16860
     ccccattccc ctgcccctat ctctatgggt gggcctctac tcatctactt actctctact     16920
     ctctctctct ttctctgtct ctactacccc ctcaattcct ctccccatgc cctaaataaa     16980
     ctctattcta tactgtacct gccttgtggc tggtaactca tggggaaggg agcctcagca     17040
     tgggcccaca gaggcacccc ctccccccac accatacctc accctaccaa acatatccct     17100
     ggcttccctt tcttttttat aaatcacagc attggtgccc gagactcgga tttagaaact     17160
     cagaggttca catctcccac tgccacatgg gcaaccaccg gatcgctcac tagaccaatc     17220
     tacccaacct tcggagaact gggagcttcc tccccccact ggtacgtgta aacatctgtc     17280
     tgtcccaaga gagagctgtt gagctcgcag ccaccctgtc gtgtccttga ggacaaagac     17340
     attcagtctt tatgactagt cttctcgcgg gccctttgtt ataggacctc taatccttgg     17400
     gtaaccctct ctctgtcttg gaagcagttt tttgtcgctg ctgaaaaaaa aaatcctaaa     17460
     cataggtaaa ctgttctccc gtgggcccgg ggcccactca accactagct tccacatgat     17520
     gacccggtaa actaagactt ggatgcctgc ttgtgttagc accgcatccc tggatgcctc     17580
     ccggtctaat tcacaggcca aacttggtct ctgtattcat taagcagcag tatctctgca     17640
     tagcccctta actggcactg tgaaaaaagc tctcgctaga gatccatagg caatttccct     17700
     cctcccgcat tctcttacta ccagttccca gccccgagaa aagtgcccac ctgcaccccg     17760
     cccacatctc actctcacac tctctgctct gctgagctgc cccacatcgg ctgcctaatt     17820
     atcctcagct ctctcttacc ccctgcctca agtcagctcc gctattcagt gcttcgtggc     17880
     acgtgtgcaa gctcttttgc acggcctgag cagagtcgct agactagaac acctcttcag     17940
     gccctagctc tcgcccccgc cccactcact tgccgcaacc gctccgcctt cccacagcca     18000
     tccatcccgc ccttcttgca gggactttgc tcggccacag cggccaccac aggccgccaa     18060
     gcgagctgca ctgttccgct cagattcatc tggatgcctg tctctgctgt tctaagatac     18120
     ttgaactgct gcctcatctt tcctctctag cgctttgctt tttctgccac tcatggcgca     18180
     atagtttcaa ggaagatggc gctaaggctg agatttctaa acagtaaaag gttaaagatc     18240
     actgccttaa atacagaaat ctgctaaata taataacgtt taagtttatg acagacagag     18300
     acttccaaag cctaatagtg actccccaag gtctccgaga agataatgga cacagtgaca     18360
     agactgctgg attgtgatat gacaaccact gagaagcacc aatccattgc cttgtcccct     18420
     gccagggcct ggtctatact gtggacaaac aagataccct gagagtcaaa tgtcttataa     18480
     tgcttaagtc aaggttggtc atttctcatt tcaaacgtat ttactctgca ggaaaaagtt     18540
     tttcatcttc tgggcctgac agaccgactc tgcccaagtt gccatggaga ccacagggac     18600
     ctggaaactt tttggactat agaccaacct ctgtcatttt aattaataca tgacacctag     18660
     attataattt attcttccca gatttgacag ctaagcttga tggctagaaa acagacttaa     18720
     ctccttactc taaggtaatc cacaactata ttagctcatt agtcaatttg ttaactagct     18780
     aagactacca gatctcttac caaagtcaga caggtctgcc ttgctcgcag acttcatgat     18840
     aacgatacac aagttcctat gtaacctttc acaggtgtaa ccttctgcta cttccttatc     18900
     taaactcgct ctccagtgac taaacgcttc agatttcctc tccttgctat gccattgtcc     18960
     taacattaac cagtggagtt cttgtaaacc agcctaaccc taataaaaga cattccacta     19020
     tatgatccac tttcatattc acaagttcaa atacaagttt ccttggttgt cttttaacaa     19080
     tggacttaag gttgtttctc attttactat atatatacat atgtaaatat atatatatac     19140
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatacat atgtagaaat atatgtacgt     19200
     acacattcag tatcctagac agaaaaaaaa aatcccttct tgctccttct gctccatgaa     19260
     aagtttttgt cctccttaag ctcatcttaa agactattca tgctgttaac aaatttatct     19320
     cttttataaa cttacaaact acaggaaacc cactccaatc tacttcttat ggactaaata     19380
     gtctccatcc aggtaagtac acctgccaag caatagccta cgttctcact ggctacctat     19440
     tccagagggt gagattgctc tcctgttcct gggattggga ctcctcttac cccaaagacc     19500
     taattttttt tctcccaaac gtacttaact ttattctcta cctcctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     19560
     gtgtttcagc atcttgccaa atccaagcgt ttactcaaaa tctacacata agacagctcc     19620
     agagaaacaa cccatagatg ctccaatttt ctcttacagc cacagatact tctactggac     19680
     ctgctccttc tgatctatcc acagttggtt ccacagaccc tgagcagcaa ggacacagcc     19740
     aattctccta agacttcacc aacatcccca cccccatctt cttaggtttc ccagagacac     19800
     actgccccaa taacaacaga aagttagcta aagatcatga tgaccctatt ttttgcttca     19860
     ccgttgcctc tttctaattt ttcctttttt aaaattaaac caaaacaaag gaatgttagc     19920
     atttcttcta cactccactc cacagttacc tggcaaaagc caggtatgcc tgactcacta     19980
     taaaaggggc tgcttgcccc tcagtcccca cactctcttc cttctctgtc ccttcttgcc     20040
     ctattcccct ctctctacac gtgttcatgg ccggcctcta ctccctctcc ctacctttct     20100
     ctgtctctac tacctctcaa ctcccctccc catgccctaa ataaactcta ttctacacta     20160
     tacccactgt ggttggtacc tcaaggggaa gggatgcctc agcatgggcc cgcagaggca     20220
     cccccttccc cagcaccata cctcgcccta ccaaacatat ccctggcttc cctggctttt     20280
     taaatagaac ataacagtat atatttgaga tgctcaaata atagatacaa ataatctttc     20340
     cttttaaatt tgtttatgac tgcttcaaag tgctatgtgt gtacacctaa gtgcctttag     20400
     aagcccaaga gggggtttga taccccgaaa ctgaagcaat agatgtctct gggccattat     20460
     tgtaggtatt ggtcgcgaga ggaaaccccc gcttaagagc cgggcctacg cccggctgtg     20520
     agcactcaag ggttcagcat tctgtcaggg cctcccaccc cggccacaga ggactaaggc     20580
     catgggcgcc tgggcttagt ctccgtacct cggcatggct ccgtgtctcc gtacctcagc     20640
     atggctggca acccaaagaa catatgcttt ccaggatccc aagaaaaccc aactcctcat     20700
     gaggagggct ccctcagagt acagggggaa attcctccga ggaagttccg gttccagaaa     20760
     cttctcctca aatttatccc acccaggtaa ctccgcgcca aattccagga cccaccacct     20820
     gtggtctcca cccactgagc cctctaggaa gtagagagga aacagattca tggctaagtg     20880
     acaccaaggt tggatggccc actaccctgt tataggacta ctttcacctt ctacaccccg     20940
     aaaattccat ttggaggtga cagcgggttg ccatagatac agtttgaagg caaaactgag     21000
     attacagaga gagcacagaa gcaaggagag tttaaaaatg acaacaggac ctttgattgg     21060
     tggctgtcac gtatttcatc aagattgacg tcagacatgc gcagtagaag gaaaagcccg     21120
     ccccagagaa ggccgaataa cggtgagcaa ttagggggat ggactaatca ggcgtgtcgc     21180
     tcaggcttct gggaaatgga gtttccagca gggcacagct tgtccggatg ccctgtatta     21240
     gaggaaatag gccgcgtctg ctcgctgctg tcgcacggcc ggtgggggat gcgcgcgcag     21300
     cccctccttc accctccctc cccggaagtt tctgcggggc aactgtaaag gtgagtccaa     21360
     gtttctgctc cggatcggag tgagagtccg ggccgtgaga aaccccggcg cccacggctt     21420
     tttcacaagt acagtgatga ggagccgctc gcccggcagc ctgtgacgtc actgcctgag     21480
     gaaggcggag gccgaccaag gctggggttc gggggcggga gtggggggag cacccacttc     21540
     ctctgttttg ctgggaaggt gttgggcgga gcctgtgagg aatgtcagac actccgcctc     21600
     cgcctccacg ggtacctcgt cactggtttc tttgggattg tggggcccgg tccagtctct     21660
     gctacttagg gaagtgttag tcccacacct gtggaattta gcctttggta ctctgctgtg     21720
     ctgcgttcct gcaacaggag catagatggt agcaagctga tggtcatacg taggataaat     21780
     gaactaaaca aatgggtgca taataaaagc cgacttgagt atcagtagtc ggaactgaat     21840
     gtgcagcctt agacaggaga cctcaacact caagatccga gcacttactg tatgcaagga     21900
     tctgtgcaac agacacttat tgtattatat acccgaactg ccacctcccc taggagtagc     21960
     tctaaactca gcaatgttct agcacttggg aggctgagtc aggaggattt ttgagaatag     22020
     tgaattccag gacagcccag gatggactac atagtaatgg gcacctcagt ttaattaaag     22080
     ctggatgtac gcttgggtaa gtttcaaatg ctgggggatc aaaagttcaa ggtcggccta     22140
     agctacatga aacactgtct ttaaaaaaag aatccagccc tgcctaagga ctggagagtt     22200
     ggttcaatat ttgagtgctt actgtcttcc ggaggactca agttggttcc cagttcatga     22260
     ctgcctgtaa ccctagttct agggaattag ggattggcct tcacacgggt tcatatgcac     22320
     ataactgtag tgaaaattct ggaattttca tttctttaaa aaaaacacag aaatataaga     22380
     atatgttttt gtttcaatcc caggagtggg gctatggggc tgcttctccg cagctgacta     22440
     agctttgcct cctgctccag cagctcatga ttttgccagc tgcacatagt ttctacaact     22500
     gtgtgacgtt tggaattctg ggaacttctc agagagtctg taaatactag ggcctcaact     22560
     gggtaccgtg agagttgttt ggtgggggtg ggggatgggg ggggtattgc agtttgttag     22620
     tagttgtgct caaagaagaa attagattca gagttcttga tctctctccc tctgtccttc     22680
     tttctctcct acctagggat agggggtgaa atgggaaggg gagaataaag gcaggaaaaa     22740
     gaactcacaa agtagcaaag accttttaca catacccaca tgcaaacaca cacatactca     22800
     aaattaaaga tcataaagat ggatgttttt aaattctgca caactagttt acattctaac     22860
     gttggttgag gtgccagaca gaaattgcag tcaattgtat aatatttttt cctatggtat     22920
     cttatctaca tgtttgcatc tagaatgtct tagaaaatga gagaggcttt ctctgcttgc     22980
     aatttacatt gcaattcagc ccacgcttac ctgcccgagc tcatttgctg acggctcacc     23040
     cacagggctg tggctgttta ccatcatcag agatggcgtg gcactcgtca tgggctctgt     23100
     ttgtgtatat ggcatgaatt tgcaagtgcc agaagagggt gtcagatccc ctggagctga     23160
     agttacaggt gatgtgagcc acccatcaga ctggggtgct ggagactgaa tctgggtcct     23220
     ctggaagaac agtgcattct aaatccccga gacctccagc ctaccctcgg aactgactat     23280
     aactggatca ttgtgacctc tgtttggtta acaaaccaca gtgacaaggt gtagaggctg     23340
     atggtcattg tagttaggat gtgactgcag taaagagggg gagatgacag cctaggctgt     23400
     gataggctga agagatagag gctacctggt gaaaagcctg atgttgccag ctcagggtca     23460
     tgctgagcat ctgcttccag gtgagaacct gcaaggatat tttgacctga agataagaag     23520
     ccaatgtgtt tcatcatgtt gactgtagaa gtcgctacca gggtgtgctg gtgtcttagt     23580
     cagggtttct attcctgcag gaaacctcat gaccaagaag caagttgagg aggaaagggc     23640
     ttatttacct tacacttcca tactgctggt catcactaaa ggaagtcagg tctggaactc     23700
     aagcaggtca ggaagcagga gctgatgcag agccatggag ggatgttcct tactggcttg     23760
     cttccccctg gcttgctcag cttgctttct tatagaaccc aggactacca gccagggatg     23820
     gcaccaccca caatggaccc tccttccttg atcactaatt gagaaaatgc cttgcagctg     23880
     gatttcatgg cgggaggcat ttcttcaagg aaggctcctt tctctgtgat aactccagct     23940
     tgtgtcaagt tgacatacaa aaccagccag aacaattgac cccttgtcaa cttgacacac     24000
     aaatacttca ctattaagcc tcaaccctta ctttcttttg ttttttttgt ttgtttgttt     24060
     gtttgtttgt ttcgagaccg ggtttctctg tatagctctg gctgtcctag aactcactct     24120
     gtagaccagg ctagcctgga actcagaaat cgcctgcttc tgcctcccaa gtgctgggat     24180
     taaaggcgtg caccaccatg cccagcctca acccttactt tcttattcat ccccaagatc     24240
     taaataactt taaaagtctc acagtcttta caaattctta catattaaaa tttcaatgcc     24300
     tttaaaatat ccaatatctt ttaaaactta aagtcttttt acaattcaaa gtctcttaac     24360
     tgtgggctcc actaaaatac ttttttcaag aaggaaaaat atctgtagtc ccagtatttt     24420
     gggagtaaga acaggaggat cagagtacaa ggctagccca ggctacgtga gaccctatct     24480
     caaaactaaa atgaaggccg ggcatggtgg cacctttgag tccagcactt gggaggcaga     24540
     agcaggtgaa tttctgagtt cgaggccagt ctggtctaca gagtgagttc taggacagcc     24600
     agggctacaa cagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa aaaacaaaaa aaaaaaaaac aaaacaaaac     24660
     aaaaattaaa atgagtttta agctaaagga tgaatgaata agcattcaag tagcacttgc     24720
     tggctatttg cccagtgccc agtatctgtt agctagaact ttccacttgc ggagtgatcc     24780
     tcagtcagtg tctccctcct tgttcatttc caggctggtg tcgagatgga gtgtctaacc     24840
     cagtaatcca aggaccagac cccgaggcca caaaggtact gttgcctctg cagcctattt     24900
     cccaccaaca gcccagcact actgtctcct ctcttacggc tgcaggtgga cttttccttt     24960
     gatccagcaa ggtgtggcaa ggctcaccta gtcaggcact tgtccttcca agaggccatc     25020
     ttttcctcag tgactgctga ggaaaatggg cttaacttgg gatgaccaaa gtccaccagc     25080
     aaagcaagca aggtgtggtg gtgacacctg ttatctcagg atcagcagag gactggggtt     25140
     atgcagcaag acccgatgga acagttaact tgactaatag gatcacctgg gagacaagcc     25200
     tctgagcatg cgtgacaggg atcagctagg ctactgtggc ttccaccatg atgaactgta     25260
     cccttgaact gggagcctta acttgctttt gtccagatat tttatcacag caaagaaagt     25320
     aattaaaaca ctgtctcaat caaaagacac atatactaca gtttatagac ataaaaacct     25380
     tcaggggttt ccaaatcact ttttatataa gaagtaagtc aagtggactg ggttattttc     25440
     cagtctaggc tatacagtgc cacggtggaa acagccccaa gtctccctgg tgccaccttt     25500
     ggacagctgc ccacatccag ttttgatttg gtggttccag agtcatcatc taagcttcaa     25560
     ctttgtcact acctaaaggg agaaggagaa agagacacaa acaaagaaaa ataaaaatct     25620
     cccagcattt atgcctttgg aaaacccgat gtggtagttc cagtgggaca cttccccaac     25680
     aggcccatgt gattgaatgc acttccccag ctggtggtgc tgttttgggg ccgtgagctg     25740
     tttgggcttg cagcagagct ggtagacaga aggccacaga cagggagctt ctggacgcgg     25800
     ctctttgctt cctcgtcccg aggaatggga acaatcacag ccatgtgctc tcagtgccac     25860
     agccatgagc tgcaagcttc caccgtgcat tccctgcctt catgacctga gctaggagct     25920
     gaataactct tttttttttt ccctttatgg tttttcgaga cagggtttat ctgtgtagca     25980
     ctggctgtcc ttcctgacct ctggaagagc agtcagtgct cttaaccact gagccacctc     26040
     tccagcccca catctggatt tcttatatag cctaggacca tctaatcggc agtgatgctg     26100
     cctgcagtga gctgggcctc ctgcatctgt caagacaatc ctcccacatg cagagctgat     26160
     caaacaattc ctcagttgaa acattcctgt caactgagtc tagttgtgaa gtcgataatt     26220
     aaagctaaga caccataaag accttaggac tcacagaaaa atctgggtat gatggtacac     26280
     acctataatc ctagcctggg gagtcagaga caggacttga caagctacag gtcagtgaga     26340
     ggaattgtct caaaaaacaa ggtagatggt gcctagggag cagtacccaa gggtgacatc     26400
     cgagggtgac atccggcctc catctgcttg cacactgcct ttgccgttac tctcaactca     26460
     tagtgtgttg atggtgtcat tctgattcct gtcccctccc tttctgtgtt tcagcatgat     26520
     ctccttctgt ccagtctgtg gcaaaagtgt caaggtatca ttcaagttct gcccttactg     26580
     tggcaaggcc ctgcctgtag aggaggatgg aggcacccag tctgccgtga cgcctcatgt     26640
     gtcatccgtt ccaggtaaga gccaggaagt cccgccctgt cctgcagttt cttaagctcc     26700
     tgtgtaccca gtcctgcagt ttcttacagc tcctatatgc ccagtcctgc agattcttac     26760
     agcttcttgt agttggtcag tgttgaaatc cctgactatg tgactgtcag agggtgctct     26820
     ctgggtctca tgaccacaag aagggaagtt tctgttacag ttaagcatgg ttcagaagca     26880
     gagattgaag tggaaacttc tagtttcttt ggaaagtcag ttatgtcaaa tgatgttttg     26940
     ctggggcata catgtgaaag gatgtcttgc aaaaacagac acagggatga atgttttcct     27000
     gaagaagacc caggtgaaag gatgttctga tacaacaaac atgtgaaagg atgcttgatg     27060
     gagtataaat atgaccccac agacagtggg agatgagcac tgagcattgg tttggtttgc     27120
     tctgcctcac tattttttgc taacaacatg catgcattgg ttcgccttgt atcgtggagc     27180
     attgctgagc tccgctgtgg taacattgcc attaaaagaa actcgccaaa gaactgctta     27240
     tgagtttcct gtgacagctt gcctcttcag cagctcttac ggtttcttga ggactggact     27300
     gaagctgctg gttcacatgt ggtgtctgcc tgcctagagg actggtctgc agctgctgag     27360
     tcggattcgg tgtttgctac agggctgagc tgctgtctga gaagattaat gtcaccccca     27420
     aagaactatt gctaaacagg ttcacttctc tgtattctaa tagcttttct cttctactct     27480
     ggcaagagga gaggttgaac atttattaaa gtaggttgca aaaaaaatat gcctacaaga     27540
     ggtagacatg ggtccacttt ttcttttgca ggggtcagga ggtgacactt ttctttagca     27600
     aacagtttga ctggacatgg tgccagctgt gtcttagagg atggagatgc agctgaagtg     27660
     agcaggagca caccaggctg aactcagtca agtgtagccc tgtcccctcc acacagtccc     27720
     agctcctcag cagactgtaa tgcatttatg gtgcaaggcc agagttggac tatgttggat     27780
     gcctatcaaa acactgagtg ttcagtgcac atttcttcaa gggcacaaat gtggcattca     27840
     gaaggcagct tacaggagtt tgtgttctct ctcccatgtg gggcctgagg attgaacact     27900
     catccttagg ctcagtagca agtaccttta cccactgagc catcttgcca ggtgtaggct     27960
     tccattttca caacctactt taataatgat tcttaaatgc tttaacctcc cttctaggct     28020
     acgactcacc agagttagtg gaaaagaaag gttaataggg caaaggagaa tgtggacctg     28080
     tagaaatagt tctttggggc aattccagtc tttattgtca ggacatcagc agttcagttc     28140
     acaccggtca gtggctgtag ctcgatccac tcgcaaacgc tattcaggaa ctagcaacag     28200
     cagctggatc ccgaggaaac cttgaggctc tgccaagtct ttggaagcag caaaaagcct     28260
     ttggaacagc tctagaagtt ctttggtgtg tttctttcta ccatgacaaa tgatgatcag     28320
     caaaaaaggc aaggcaaccc caagccacag cgccatcact gaagaccagc attagcaaag     28380
     agttccacca gctgcacaga gttcccaggg gaaccaatgc cacagcatcc tccactgcct     28440
     gttgggttag cccttccaaa catcacatgt cctctcaagc atcctgtcca gcaaaacgtc     28500
     acatgccctt tctctaggca gcttccagaa aaaccccaca tgtctattct cagcaaagca     28560
     tccttaccta agacagtttc caggaaagtg tcacgtgaca caagtgagtc accaaagaag     28620
     cccagaaatt ctactttatc catggcctct atggtgcttt tcagtgatca tcatggcagt     28680
     tgacaactgc catgctacag gggtgtgcca cttgtcatac acatggatta taaagacgtt     28740
     aaaggtggct ggaatcactg aatcactcag aattaacagc tgcaaccagg tctggtaacc     28800
     tgcatcaaac acttgggaag ctgaggcagg agaatgacca tgaatctgag tctgggctac     28860
     agagtgagat tctgtctcaa gtgtaaaaca gaaatggagc tggagagatg gctcagttgt     28920
     ttaatatgtt tgcaggatgt aataagtgct ttaagtacat attatataag catatatgtg     28980
     tacataatta tgcaataaga aagtatgctt taaatggcag actagacaca gctggagaga     29040
     gaattcatga agtagatgta ggcaaaaatt tttgcaacct acttgtaata aggattcacc     29100
     ctctcctgta gcccaccatg ctgcagaggc agtggaagag aagagtttag gatgtgaggg     29160
     aagtggcctt gttcagcaac tgttccttgg gggcgagctc gatctccttg ggcagcagtt     29220
     cagtcctgta gcaaacacca aatatgactc agcagctgca gaccagtcct ctaggcaggc     29280
     agacaccagg cagctgtagt tcaatcctga agaaactgcc aggcttgcct gctggcctga     29340
     ggtgagccct ctgaagcagc agctgccaca ggatcctcgt gagcagctct tgggcaagtt     29400
     tctctcagtg gtggtattat cacaagttga gctaaacaat gagaaccaat acatgcatgt     29460
     ctttagggaa gaatagtgag gcagaacaga ccaaaccaat gctctgtgct cttcccactg     29520
     tctgtgggga catacataca ctccttcatc acaggctctt tcacatgtct gtagcagaac     29580
     atcctttcac ctgggtctgc ttcaggaaaa cagcctttca catgtttgct ttagcaagac     29640
     atcctttcat ctgtgtgccc cagcaaacca gcatttgaca taactgactt tccaaagaag     29700
     tagaagtttc cacttcaagt agaagataga gctagagaat ttattgaaaa gcatgacaca     29760
     gtagcacata tgtgtaaccc cagcccttag gaggcctagg aaggacaact gtaaccttct     29820
     tgagtttaag acttatcata taagaaggcc ttagctctct ttttggtttt ttgtttgttt     29880
     gtttttttgg gacaggattt atctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga     29940
     ccaggctggc ctcaaactca gagatcttcc tgcctctacc tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa     30000
     ggtgtgtgcc cccactgccc tgctgaaaat ctttctctta aacaaaacca aattgctgag     30060
     ccagcagaat agatctgagg atgaaagcac ttgctgcaga aacctgtaga agaactgagc     30120
     tcagtccctg gaagccatag tgcagaaaaa taactggctc tcaaaagtcg ctgtatgacc     30180
     tccacaagta caccatggta ttataatgat acactgcgtt aaagttttca aaaaaagttg     30240
     ctcagaagac atcagaatga caggtgatgg acgatgtgaa taaagaggct gggctagtgg     30300
     aggagagaca gcaggaaacg ggctttttgt tagtgggcaa cagagatcag agctgccctg     30360
     cgaaaatcga aggaaagcat ggctttcgca gtgcacagat ggcccttccc tcagaatgct     30420
     aatctgcatt tggttcacct ttaggctcca ggagagacct gaactccagt tttgaaacct     30480
     ctcccaagaa agtgaaatgc tcacacactg tcacttctct cccactctcc cgccactctg     30540
     actgtgacag ttctgggtca gacaacacct tgacttctcc tgacagggcc acaggtgaga     30600
     gctgggactg gtccttgtct gggtgagaca aaggtggatc atttggtagg gtggggggca     30660
     aagggctgga gagatggttc agcagttagg cgtttgcact caggttcagt ctccggtatc     30720
     tatgtctgac aactccccac cacctgtagc tccagatcct agagatccag tgctctgctc     30780
     tgtcctccac agccacgata ctcctgcgaa agcacccagc ccccacacaa acacagatag     30840
     acataattaa aaataatatc taaaaattaa aacagtgttt taagaaaata ttactggtat     30900
     tccaactgaa gcaccagcca gtcactcttg ccttgaacct tgtcccagca tcttcccagt     30960
     gtcccttttg tccatcccca cagaaacctt tcaccccccc aagtggacct atggcccata     31020
     gtccatggtc tctgccttga ctctcctcac tccacaaaca gcacctaacc catctgctaa     31080
     cttttgtcat tctgtttgtt ttctagaaaa tttcattggt tggttggttg gttggttggt     31140
     ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt gagataggtt ctcactatat agcctaagct     31200
     gtcctggaat tcatagcaat tctcctgctt cagtcttccg agttctggga ttatgggaat     31260
     atgccattac attcagtttt tgagtaattt cttcatctct atcttttagc tcacaaattc     31320
     tttctctagc catgtctagt ctgacatgta aaccacgttg tcttagagtt tccattgctg     31380
     tgaacagacc ccatggccaa ggcaaccctt ataagacaac atttaattgg ggctggctta     31440
     caggttcaga ggttcagtcc attatcatca aggcagggac atggcagcat ccaggcaggc     31500
     atggtgtggg aggagctgag agttctacat cttcatctga aggctgatag aagactggct     31560
     tccaggcagc taggaggagg gtctcaaagc ctacccctgc agtgacatac ctactccaac     31620
     taggcagcaa cacatactgt ttctgactcc acatcccagt aaacagaaaa gccacttgag     31680
     ggactgtcca cctctaaact gttaatctat tccctcaaac cagtttgcct tcatctccag     31740
     cctgcctgcc atactcaccc accctgacca tttagaggcc tgatctcatg gagtgcttcc     31800
     tgagcatgtg ggcttctcag aggcctctgt tgcctctgga agacacgccc tcatcgatct     31860
     actcatcact catgtccctt gcagcctctt ttcctggcct gcatattctt ggaaaggacc     31920
     atacaggact cctctgtatc tttccagaca gtgttggaca agagagcctg tctggtggcc     31980
     cttcaagatc aaacccgagt cttaacacat ttctgggcat tttgtatagc tcagtacata     32040
     gccaagaccc atttcaagac actttggatg aatgtctgta accaataaaa tccttttcta     32100
     atgtgctatc ctccagtaag cctcctttga cttcttccag ccatctatcc ctcttctggc     32160
     cccactatct gccttgaatg cttcatctca gattcaattc tgacgggtta tgtctaagtc     32220
     acaatcctta ccacactggg aggagtccaa acctgattca tgacagtctc cagtatatgt     32280
     ggagcaaaga ttctgctctg tgggaagtca ggaaaattcc tgaacaaaat caggagcagt     32340
     gtcctgggca ctacttcgct ccattctgct ttctctttat ggggtcattt ccctgcaggc     32400
     acccggagca gacccctgac ccccaaaggc agcccacttt ccaacaggca gagccctcag     32460
     actctgaagc ggacccgggt gaccacctca ctccaggctc tagccacagg aacagagctg     32520
     acagaccaga atgggaaaca ctggaccctg ggggccctgc agatccggga tgaccaaggc     32580
     attctctatg aaggtacaca ctgtcccagt gcacagggat gctccaggcc atgcagcacc     32640
     acacggatgg aatacgatac ccaagtacag caagttcagg gggaaagatg ggctcgggag     32700
     ggaggaacca taaagcagag cagcccagac cacatatcca ggaatcagca ttctagggag     32760
     tgaccagggc aagggatggc cttcaggggc atgccacaac catttccttc ctccagctta     32820
     gccccccccc cccagtgatg ccagtataat tgaatccttc aaaggattaa tgcactgttc     32880
     aggtcagagc cccgaggacc ccctaatctc tgatgtcatc agagagtcag gcagaactgt     32940
     gcttgcacag cctctcctca agcccgtcaa gctgatggtc acagtgaggg tcagagctgg     33000
     gggtgtgatg aaggtggagt gtcagaacac tgccaggaag ccactttcgg gagaaggagg     33060
     tacatttagc ccacagttcc aggtcatagt aacctgaaaa ttaaggcagg aactcaaggg     33120
     gactagtcac agccataaag aatgaagaaa aatgttggat gcatgtttgc ttacttgtga     33180
     tcagcttgtc tccactctct aacagtcagg aaaccctgcc tagggaatgg agccacctac     33240
     atggactaag ttctcccaca tcagataaga cacttcctta caggccaaac cagtacaaac     33300
     aatccctcac tgagactttc ttcccactta attctgggtt gtgtcaagtt gacagatcta     33360
     tcacacttgg ctaatacaag actctagatt caacccttgg aactttgaag agaggaagga     33420
     agatagggag gcagaaaaca tgaagggcag ctgctgagca ccaagtgtgc acttccccat     33480
     gtgaaccaga gaactggtcc ttggttgtga gcagctcggg gattaggccc tgacaccccc     33540
     cttctgctct aatgtttctc tctggccact ccacagctga gcctacttct gccgtcccct     33600
     ctgaatcaag gacccagaag tggagattct cactcaaact ggtgagtggt ccaggagcaa     33660
     gcagctgaga aaggcaggca ggtgtggggc ttttcaaatc catgcttgac ctctgagccc     33720
     accctgaaaa cagggtgctc ctggtctgtg aatagccgtg ggaccctggc tgggcacatt     33780
     ccttcctcat actggggagc agaggtgagg cttgtcctta catctgcctc tgatgtttcc     33840
     tgaccgtgga accctgtccc ctgtcagctg caagtttctg catcagtaca gctagcttcc     33900
     tgtgcctacc tgtcctctga tgcccacctc atacatagag tgtgattgtc acatactgta     33960
     tttatcacct tttggtcact gtgacaaaat gtctgtaaag cacatcaagg gagggagggt     34020
     ttatctggtt cctggtttca gaactatgag tctgtcatat ggggaaggca ttgccaagca     34080
     gtgcagctct cttgtcaatc acctgggagg ggtgtagcca agagcagctc cagttgtggc     34140
     agccaggaag cggagagagt gatagcatga gcaagaggat gtaggggtgg actatgtctg     34200
     tgcaggaacc ccaagaccta gtgccatctg ctgcagagct cctgggtgac aggccccagc     34260
     taagtgagcc ccatgcactg tccctggatt ctatcagcaa gcctttgagg tagctactgt     34320
     attccagact taacagataa gaagaaagga atggagagag gtgggtagaa agaaagaaga     34380
     aaggagtgag gttggagatg cagctcagga agtatagtac ctgcccagca tgcagagtcc     34440
     caggctccat tcccagcacc acacaagcca ggtatggtgc attcctgtca ccccaacact     34500
     tagaatgtgg aggcaggaga atcaggcgtt gacagtcttc agctacacca gcagtttgag     34560
     gccagccttg gatacatgaa gccatgtcct agaagaatta aggggatgta gaggtgggag     34620
     agaaagggaa gggaagggag accagaagag agaaagggag aagggtgttg gacagaaacc     34680
     tcgctgtgtc taacactatg gtcataagaa ccaagggaga aaacaaaaaa gccgagcggt     34740
     ggtggtgcac gcctgtaatc ccagccctcg ggaggcagag gcagccggga agttgtggta     34800
     catgccttta atcccagcac gcaggaggca gaggcaggca gatttctgag ttcgaggcca     34860
     gcctggtctg cagagtgagt tctaggacag ccagggctac acagagaaat cctgtctcga     34920
     aaaacaaaaa taaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa acaagaacta aggaagagta ctatgtataa     34980
     ctaaaaaatt aggcttggct gattcattca tggatggatg gatggaagga tggagatgtg     35040
     tgtgtataga tatatatgaa aaagacccaa tctttaatat atgtatttat tttatgtgta     35100
     ggagtatttt gactgcctgt atatctgtac cactttcatg tttggtgccc acaaaggcca     35160
     agagcgggtg ccagctcccc tagaactagg gttacaagtg gttgtaagct gcctgatgat     35220
     agtctctgag aactaaacct gggttctctg caagaacaac ctgtgctctt aaccactgag     35280
     ctgtctcttc agcccctgat acgtattttt gtttgtttgt ttttgacagg tttttagtac     35340
     ataggctagg ttgatctgga actccctgga agttctagtc atgtcctcat tggccagaac     35400
     ttgatcatga agccatgcct cattgaaaag gaggctagaa aattaaggtt ttagctgagg     35460
     gccacatatc tgggggcaaa tgcgtggatt ttgccataaa ataatcaaag attgctgggc     35520
     accaggaagc aaagcctgct cggccgtgac agtccaggaa ctggatctgg tgtaggacag     35580
     gaagagactg aatctgatga agtggcagtg aggtcttgtg ggaatctatg gcccttgtct     35640
     aagggagttg ggtgtgacag tctctgctct gctcccctgt catccccagg actccaagga     35700
     tgggcgcctt ttcaatgagc agaacttctt tcagagagta gccaagcctc tgcaaggtat     35760
     tccacgggga ctgggcaggg gagttgggtt gggtgacagg gtcctcgagg tattttatga     35820
     agtgaccaaa gacctgagtg tgcatctctc ctgcacacac aagccagccc ccatcaccct     35880
     cagaggacag acaggtgggc ctggcctgta gcagctctta agaaatatgt ggtgactgtc     35940
     atgaacactg tgtgctggct gtgacatcat aaattgttag ggaaactttt aaccaaattg     36000
     gttacattca aaacaaaatt actcacattt ttttctgtgt tctgtgagcc atgcgatctg     36060
     cgttgtataa atctgtggaa atgctactct gcatgctctg ccccgtccag ctgcattcag     36120
     tcctgttgta ttgctgccct gaaactggcc tggtgggaag gatttacctc ataggtagta     36180
     gttgagatgc tagcccccat gggtttccct gctcacctgt acctggccag gtctacacac     36240
     acacacacac acacacaggc acacacatac acacacaggc acacacatac acacacagtc     36300
     ctctgcagta gcatagggcc ccagtgatgc tgttgtcagc tttacttgta aactcagaga     36360
     tcacctccct tcttttctgt ttttgagaca cagtctcctg aagtcctggg ttctttgaac     36420
     tagaaatgta gccaaggaag accttggact cctgagtaac aggattacca gtgtgctccg     36480
     ccacagtagc ttttatgcag tgctgaggat agaacattat ttaatgtaca agcactctgc     36540
     caactgagcc catcaaagcc ccgccctgtt gcaattaccc tcttcccctc atgccagctt     36600
     tgtgcatgct cgctcagaag tcacctgtag acatggacca cagatgtgcc cacctgtatc     36660
     cctgcctctt ctccctgaca cccacaaggc tgtcagacca aggagaacca ataaagagac     36720
     cgagagtctg gttgggttct ctctgcttct ggcctaagca gaggctgttt ctttgggact     36780
     ggcactggcc atggatctga ccccgagtct ctgcctcctg cagtgaacaa atggaagaag     36840
     cagttcttgc tcccgctcct ggccatcccc acctgtatcg gctttggcat tcaccaggac     36900
     aagtacaggt gagcctcctc gcttgctggc cgcccccgct gctcccgcct gctggtcact     36960
     ctgtggcatg gatgggcatt tctcggggac aaaggggttg ccttccctca ggatgggact     37020
     gcgcctcgtg attagcgtag gtccagctgg ccaaatgctg agtttcttca gcttcacttg     37080
     cagaacagca gctgaccaaa gccccactgt cctgtaattg tgctttttaa attttcattt     37140
     catttttcaa tctgggcagc agagggaaag ggaaaagaag cagcagaggg caggggctaa     37200
     gaaacaccta aaaggctcct tgcttgcctc gaaccaggat gtgggcattg gcaaaagtaa     37260
     atggacttgt ttacagattg ggtaagaact aaggggtgag gcacctcagt ccccttaact     37320
     gcagcgtgag aacttagagg aaagcgggag gcgcacacag ctgtacacta gcactggtgg     37380
     agactactgt cctagcttgc cagcactgcc cagtccctat agaatatctt gcagggcttg     37440
     gcattgcata tctccagctc cccaggtcct ctgtgttcta ggttcctagt attccccagc     37500
     ctggggagga gccttcagtc agccctggat gacaacccaa agcatgtggt atcagagaga     37560
     tgtgtgcttc aggtggcctg caggctggta cgtacctcaa aaccatccca catcctcttt     37620
     aaaccccaac ttccccatca ggctgataaa gtgatcttca gggatgcaca gagggcagaa     37680
     tgccagtggt ctagccctgg ggggtgatga tgcctcgtaa gatcagccag gaggtctagc     37740
     ctggaacaga gggtgcaggc catggctttg agcttggact ctcgagatga gtggaaagta     37800
     gcaaggcgct gggacaagga ctcgtggtgt tatggaagag aacttcccag gctaaggaga     37860
     tcacttgggc caaggctatc ttagttactc ttctcttact gtgataagac attgtgacca     37920
     aggactgttg tgtgtagttt taaaaaaact accacctttg ccatgatgga ctgagctcag     37980
     gcccctccca ccttcccttt gtactgccca cctttggctc tgggggtgac tctgctacca     38040
     atcctctcca atttccctga acctgaggat aaaagacaca cacagcttgt cattttacaa     38100
     cttaccttct agacacaatt gctgggggca gatatctccc accttgaaaa gagtgccctt     38160
     tccagtttat tatctccgcc tctccacttg ccctaaactt agtggctagt cccacttagc     38220
     ccctgccaag cagccttggc cacctgcctg tagtggagtc cataggccca agctctcccc     38280
     gagacctctc gtgactgctg tgttcttctt cctccaaagc atggcagaaa aagccccctc     38340
     tccttccttc ctcgcatctg cctttttccc ctgggacctg gaagtcccac ctgtactttc     38400
     tgcccagcaa ttgtccccca gccttcttta ccaacaaatc aagaaccaat caggaaacag     38460
     gatgttagta tcaaaacctc cccttagaaa ggatcactta agaaagcctc cagttccaga     38520
     gaggtgagtc catgatggca gagtggcagt aacagtcatc gggcagctga gcagccagca     38580
     ctcatacctt acagccacag agcacaggca gagtgcgtat ggaaatggca agagcctttt     38640
     gaaaccacga gtccaacccc agtaacaccc cctcccacaa ggccacatct cctaatgctt     38700
     ctcaaacagt tgaaccaact agggaccaag ttgtcaaata cccaagacta tttggaggcc     38760
     atctcattca aaccaccaca gcttgtacag ctgtcactca ttcacttact cccatatcca     38820
     ttcattgact catttgtgct ctcagtagtc accatatacc aagcttcccc tggctggggt     38880
     ggaacagagg gcagccagtc ctgtcttcat gacttcattt gcacagttag gtggtagggc     38940
     tctggcaaac agttggtttt tagaaatgac ccgtgcctaa tgaagaagga gtcggatcac     39000
     atcgctggag tgatagaagt accaaggggg tgatgcgctt gttgggtgag gtaaatgttg     39060
     tagttcagtg tatagtgggg agaggggcgg ttggtgtgtg cagagagcag caagcgacta     39120
     tcacagggtt gcaagttcca ggtaagtagc aggggatact gggatccatg agaaagttgg     39180
     gcagatgagg cagaaagacc ctcaagccat gcagagttga gctggagtaa gaagactaga     39240
     ggcaagatga aggctcggct ggaagaagat gggtttgcag agcatcctgg ccaggggagg     39300
     gagagactag aaatcagaac aaggggtacg tgatggatgg ctcagcccca gagtcaagga     39360
     ggtgtctgca gagataagca ggatgtgact gacacccaga tgagtcctca cggcactcca     39420
     aagcttcatg taaaaggtgg agctgaacag acaggcagaa atttctggga agggacgtag     39480
     ctcaacaccg gagcgcctac ctagaacccc cagtgaggag tttaaccatt tgccttctct     39540
     cttagaaaac ttagcagagc tctgacagtg cagagtacag tgcagtgcag ggtgcagtgc     39600
     agtgcagctg caggggaacg tcttaagtca gcacaggagg tagaggaaaa gccacacacc     39660
     agctgactgc tgagttcttc acaggcttgc caccacagtg aatgcaaccc tagaacttgg     39720
     cagggtactc cactcacagt gatggtccca ggttgacagc tttgcccctt ccccatttgt     39780
     cattgctctg tcatcccacc tcaatacttc cttcctccag ctggatgctc tggagtatct     39840
     ccatgaaaat gagtatgttc acgggaacct gacagctgag aatgtctttg tgaatccaga     39900
     ggatctgagc caggtgagag cgagacccct ccaacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     39960
     cttttgtggt gctggggatg tggctccatt gcctaacatg tataaaaccc tgggttccat     40020
     ctctggcact acataaactg ggcatatcgg cacacagcta tcatctcggc gtttagagag     40080
     tggagatagg aggatcagga gttcagttac cctaagctgg ttgcaatggt gcatgcctta     40140
     atcccagcac ttggggagca gggccaggtt atctctgagt tcaaggctag cctggtctac     40200
     atagtgagtt caaatatacc cagggctgtg taaagaccct gtctcaaaca aaacaaaaat     40260
     gttcagtcat cctcaagtac atacagtttc aggttagcct ggccttcagg ggtctccaaa     40320
     aacagtgtta gcatttggat atgagtctct ccaaaggcac atgtgctggt ggagctttag     40380
     gacctaaggc aggtggagtg ctaggagttc aagcaaggtc agaactaagc ggcttatgtg     40440
     ttgaaagctc agttcccagc ttagtgttca gagttggggt ttgtgtgtga cttgatcaaa     40500
     gggctctgac tccacactag acttctccac tgttggagcc atcatttggt ggtgtcttta     40560
     caaggtggta agaatccaga ggagtggggc ccaagagcat gcctttcaag ggtgcatctt     40620
     tttttttcaa gatctattta ttttaatttt atgagcattg atgtttcact tgcatgtgta     40680
     tatttgtgag ggtgtaggag tccctggaat tggagttaga gactattgtg agctgccatg     40740
     tgggtgctgg gaattgagca cagagcctct gaagaacagc cagtgcttgt agctgctcag     40800
     gcatctctcc agcccgtgga agaagtttct tgtcttctcc ctgtctcccc tccattgctc     40860
     tctactcttt agcctgcaat gtgagcagcc cccactccac acttggtcca ccatagtgtt     40920
     gcatctcagc tgaggcccaa agtagggatg ctgctgaatt cacgcctggc ctcctgcagt     40980
     catagccagc cccaccctgg cctcctgcag tcatagccaa ccccacgcct cccccttcac     41040
     agctgctggg attagatagg cagcgattga cacaggcagc tatgccacat tggagtctgc     41100
     agccctaacc tcaggtctgt gtgcctcctc cttgtccaca ggtgaccctg gtgggctatg     41160
     gcttcaccta ccgatactgc ccaggtggca aacacgtggc ctacaaagaa ggcagcagga     41220
     gtccacacga tggggacttg gagttcatta gcatggacct gcacaaggga tgcggtgaga     41280
     gcggctccac cacgacatgc ctcctacatg ctacgctcac acccatggcc tccacattct     41340
     ggatcatgca taatagacac cagaagtaga ggagcataaa agtcccctgg tggggactgg     41400
     gactgtgggg gtgtcctggc catgtgaggg aatttgttct cttcttcaga accaaggagg     41460
     gctgtatggt ggcctttgag tagtaggcat atgggatcta gaacccagga acgtgaacag     41520
     ctgggcagga atgtcatgtt tccagaggtt cagatttcta atcaggcaga gttgggagat     41580
     gatgagtgct gttttagggt cacctaggaa gggcagtaca gaaatgtggg ccattcacta     41640
     ctggagcatg agatctttgt agtcttgtgg gaattacaca ctgaacaaga ggatcaggct     41700
     atccggggaa aatgtgcaaa gagggctgac agccttccac aggtccccca gcccctcttt     41760
     ctgagtctgt gtcatgacca tccctctgcc agcacacatg cttccatcag actaaggtcc     41820
     ctgcacaggg gcgtgcctgc actgcatctt agtgcgcagc tgtctgaaga gtgagttagg     41880
     aggcaaaagg aaagtgacct gttctctctc ctctatgatg aggtagctca gcaccacaat     41940
     cttttcccac ttaactatga acggtttggg agatgagagg ccgggctggg tgcacaggca     42000
     cccagggctc ctttataact gtattaacag aggatgaaca gacagggcaa tgggatactg     42060
     gagtgggtga cagcagcaga gtatgtgaga gtcgtgggcc atataaggga agccagggac     42120
     tgagcagtga tggctaagat ggttttcacg gctggagtgg agagctgggg gtagacccat     42180
     gaagaggtct gacagctgga ctaagctacc acctctcccc tttctcccca ggaccctccc     42240
     gccgcagcga tctccagacc ttgggctact gtatgctcaa gtggctttat gggtccctgc     42300
     catggacaaa ttgccttccc aacaccgaaa agataactag gcagaagcag aagtgagtgt     42360
     gagggtctgc agcaccctgt actagcccaa gctctcctct ggtaggggag gagttcagac     42420
     ccctgtgagg agcagaaggg atgggtagac agccactcag gagagcccca gccttctgca     42480
     gcctcaagtg aattctctgc catgcattcc agcaggagac agttttgagc tctggggccg     42540
     tgccgcccag ggtcggcttc tggcccactg ttccgggtgc tgggtgacct tcacttctgt     42600
     gagccatgtg agccctgttg ttctcccact gtagactgct atgtaagcag cacccgagtc     42660
     acaagcatac acaattaggg agtaagcacg ctgtacaggg tttaatgctc attgcatgca     42720
     acacaccaca acttattcac aggctgtagt ctgagggcct acacctccag tcagtcaccc     42780
     tgcctccata cctccaggat taggaggtaa agactcagtg agcctttaga tcttggcagt     42840
     tgtacttggc agttacacag ttgttaatga tagaaggaag cagtgtgctg gcgttcagca     42900
     ccgaggacag ctacacaccc gtgttggtgc ctcctaactg ccattcagca cctaggatag     42960
     cggcaggaat tcctctttgg aaatctaagc acacagatga ctttgaaagg aggcttcaga     43020
     accagggacg actagatgtt ggtcttaggg cttgctctat tgtgagaaaa tgtggcatct     43080
     gctgggtgcc tggggtattg cttcagcacc aaggacagca gaaaccaatc ctggagaagc     43140
     cctgaaggtc caggatggcc ttcacaggag actgaggtgc taacagaggt cagacttcct     43200
     ggctgtctcc aggattggta gctggtccct gggaagatgg gatctctgag aaaagagtga     43260
     gcagttgagg gaacacgcac agaagcagga agcctgaagt agatccatag acaggtcagg     43320
     agcctagtag ggactgagaa gcaggagggt ggggcttgag aacatttggc tgattgtagg     43380
     agagatcaga tgaatgatag gagccagcct gaccatctaa actagagaag cagagggaaa     43440
     ggggccttga gggaggagcc tgaagtagtg tctgtctttc ctaagtgggg tgtgtgtatg     43500
     tgtttagagg acacttaatc ttaacacatc actctcctgt cccatatgtt tctcccccga     43560
     aggtatctgg acagccccga gcgcctcgtg ggactgtgtg gccgctggaa caaggcctca     43620
     ggtatgtcct aaaggaggag gtgccagcaa gcctcgtggc ttggaggcct ttctttgcca     43680
     tgtttttctc cttgtttgcc cagttgcatg tgtgttatgt atgcttcctg taggacacaa     43740
     gcaaacatat tcagtaaaaa tattcagtgt ctccaagtag tagcagggtt gcaaccattt     43800
     acacagttct tgagttgttt gaagctggga acagaatcta gggctggtgc atgccaggca     43860
     agcgctcaga gctgtttccc ctgcctgtac acatagttta tttttcagtt attttaattg     43920
     aactctatac attgtattta tttgatttga tacagggtct cctataccag cctagactgg     43980
     cctcacactt gctgtggtcc ccaggctggc cttgagggct gggatcacag gcaagcacca     44040
     tgcttacata tgcatacttt tgttttttag cttttttttt ttacttgtac ttattttatt     44100
     ttgtgtgtgt atgtatgtct gtcccagcat gagtgtggag gtaagaagac aacttgggtg     44160
     ctctctcctg ggcgtctggt gggttctggg ggtccagttc aggccatcaa tcatgatgac     44220
     aagtgacttt ccccctagcc atgttgttgg ctctggtatt ttttaacaga ataatattag     44280
     ccagtttagg ttcctgtttt tccttgtttg agacagattg tagaagtttc ttacattagt     44340
     acttgtaaga tgttgtttga gacaggattt gtagtcatgg ttggcctgga actcacagaa     44400
     atacaccatc ctcggatgct gagatcaaag gcatctgcca gtcactacct ctggccattt     44460
     gtaggctttg gtcagggctt tttgtaatta ggaagtacat aatatctttg ctttaacact     44520
     gaattatagg tggtacagga aggtggccca gttgggaagg tacactcagc gtaagtgtga     44580
     gcgcctgagt tcagatcccc tgagcctaca tgaagctggg tgcagtgctc ccacagcaag     44640
     aggggaggca gaaagacagc tcctgaagtt gtgtccacag cagcaaacca agagaccctg     44700
     ctttccacca gtgggagggg aggaccaaca cccagggtta tctggcacct gacctctacc     44760
     tgcacatgca cctgtgtgca cctgagcatg cttacatgca tgtacacaga gtttaaaaaa     44820
     ctggggcggt agttttgtag tcatgaatta atttagtgaa tcaactctgg aagttaagaa     44880
     aaaaagtggt gggttggctc gagagatggc tcagtggtta aggatactta ctgcagctgg     44940
     gaagtgtggc acacgccaaa aaaacaaaac aaaaaaactg agagagagag agagagagag     45000
     agagagagag agagagagag agagacagac agagacagag acagagacag aaacagacat     45060
     acttactgat tttccagagg actaggtgct attctcagaa ttgtagtcca ggggatcaaa     45120
     tgccctcttc tgtcctctgt gggcagtgtg cacacaggtt acacataaac acacatatat     45180
     cataaatgag tcattaacat tttctaaaag tacagtgaga actgtgggtg taattatata     45240
     gtagcgtgct tgaaaagcaa gtgtgaggtc ccagtaaact taaacgcaca cgcacacctc     45300
     cccaaggccc tgctttccac gatagccttt gttggtgctg acatggagag aatgtgtaca     45360
     ggagttatta ctggaacaag gctaaaaaca gatttttttt tatacagctt tatttttgtt     45420
     tctgtgtatg actttgttgt ctgcgtgggt gtctgtgcac cacaagtgga ataagagtta     45480
     tagatggctg tacaccaaca tgtgagtgct aggcatgtaa cccacatcct gtctgcttca     45540
     cttctggtct atttatttct ctgtgccggg ttgggtggga tatggctctt cagctgggct     45600
     tcagggactt cagtgcagtg cagcctcagg cttacggagt tgggtatctt tcccttatgt     45660
     aagtcactgg gagttccagg gccccagcag ataggtttat ctctactgtg caggatccca     45720
     tgggccagtg caggagatag gaagtaacac tcagtgtagg gggtgggagg agggaaggat     45780
     gaatgcaggg ctgggaggag ggggtgcggg gagagcactg tcatgccggc cttgctccct     45840
     gcatctatag ccctctcccg ttcttatcca gcatattatg aatttgggtc tcagcaccca     45900
     tgtgaaaagc ctgcacaacc atgtgcgctt acagtcccag ggctggaagc agctgagaca     45960
     ggtggctcgt tgggcctcaa tggcctgcta ctccagctaa atcagtgagc tccaggttcc     46020
     tgagagagcc tgtctcagaa aacgagtgga ggatgacacc tgagagggag acagctccta     46080
     tcgacctctc attcaacaca cagacctgca catacagagc agtacacaca tgtatcataa     46140
     atacacctga aaacggtggg gctgttggca tggctcagag ggtacaggca cttgctgcca     46200
     agcctgatga ctgagattca accctcaaga gccacgtggt aagaagaaag aattactatg     46260
     agttgagctc tgatgtccac acacacagta aatcattgtt agggaaaagt accattggga     46320
     tggagacttc attagctatg tgcgcttgct gctcttgcag agatctgagt ccagctccca     46380
     cacctacact gtgtgactcc aggacacttc ctgctctctg agggcactcc acacactcat     46440
     ccggacacat acacacataa aaatcaatat atttttttac aggtgccatc atggcaggag     46500
     tggtggtgca caccttccat ctcagcatct gaaaggcaga gacgggtgaa tctctctgag     46560
     ttctgagcca gccagcgcta tatagagact gtctcagaaa aacaaaacaa actgttaatc     46620
     atggtattgg cctgtttccc agcatttgag agactaagga attcaagacc agcctgtgct     46680
     acaaagtaaa actttttgtt tggttttggt tttggtttga gataggattt ctctgtgtag     46740
     tcctagctgt cctggaactc agagatccgc ctacctctgc ctcccaacta gtgggattaa     46800
     agacatgtgc caccatgcat agccagagtg agactcttta tagactcctc cctctcctaa     46860
     attaaattta caaagagccg ttttcttcta acctgtgtgg tataagcacc tgcacttatt     46920
     tagagggcca aaattacttg tataactggc aagagcctaa tccaggctca gttgagcaag     46980
     actgaagctg tgacaacttt attgaaagta atcacacttt ttataccctt ataagaaacc     47040
     aaatatagtg gcatttgcca ggatctatat atgtgcagtt gccaggatac aatggtgttt     47100
     gcaagctata cagagtatat gagattagcg tctgagacca gttgtcgtgg attccatgct     47160
     tccttgcctt ctaaggcaac atacagagaa gcacaaagtg gcctgcgtgc tttactgcct     47220
     gagggagagc attgatccct caggaactgg aaagcacctt gtgccctagg agccatggat     47280
     tcttaaagac atgagtatga aaaccatgtc gtatgtctct caaggtagca agaccaggcc     47340
     aactccatgg tttcctgcag tgtagcacac ctgttcttct gctgccatga acttaatgct     47400
     gttttgtgtt ttccaatggt tgaaaatttt ttaagggctg gagagagatg gcctggcggt     47460
     taagagcact ggctgctctt catgaggacc tgggttcagt tcccagcgtc cacatggtag     47520
     cttacaactg ttggtaaatc caagatctct catacagaca cacttgcagg caaaacacca     47580
     gtgctcataa aataaagata aattatttta agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag     47640
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag gaagaaagaa agaaagaaat gtttaaagaa catctaattg     47700
     cacatggggc ttgcctgcca ttcatgccgg tcggtcaccg tgatgtgatg cccactgctt     47760
     ccctctgctc agtggctcct tctgtgctct gtgctcagat tccattcctg cctcggctgg     47820
     aacctgcagg ccctgtgtta gaggtgccca taggtttgct caggaatctg ttgggaagta     47880
     gtacaggatg agcagcgggt gagagttggt gatggctggc cgctgagcac tctggtgttt     47940
     accattccac tgctgctccc ttgatgcttc ccacaccgac agcagataca agaactccca     48000
     gtggcactga gcacaggggg cttcgagcac cacctctcgg gcctcacctg tgcttttggg     48060
     tgtcttgacc acagagaccc tgcgggagta cctgaaggtg gtgatggccc tcaattatga     48120
     ggagaagcca ccctatgcca cgctgaggaa cagcctagaa gctctgctgc aggatatgcg     48180
     ggtgtcaccc tatgaccctc tggacctcca gatggtgcct tagatggaat ccaggtgagg     48240
     aggttgttca cttagcccct caccccaccc aagcctgtga ggggactggg tgccccagcc     48300
     cctgttatat acccttggtt tttcatcagc tcctgaagtc aattcaagag ctggaattca     48360
     gctgggtgat ctacagtaac tagaaaattt ttgggtcacc caggtgtgat gatggtgcat     48420
     acctgttatc ccaactctga ggtggaggca ggaggatcag acattcaatg ctaaccttag     48480
     ctatataaga cagtgttttt aaaaagccaa aacaaaacaa accagtgggg ttggggctgg     48540
     ggctcagttg gtagtgcttg cctgccaggc tggatcctgg gcttcatccc tcacagccca     48600
     taaactggac atggtgtcac acagatgcaa ccctagcaca caggaggtaa gggcacagct     48660
     cagaagctag gccagactgg gctaccctac accctatctc agtctgtcat gagttctaga     48720
     gaatgtccca tagcaaggtt gtgtccccaa gtggaagccc ccaaggccat gctctctccc     48780
     agagcacctg tttctctcat tgtggttgac tgcaaagctt gtacagcatg catgtgcagc     48840
     cacacacaca cactcgaaca tgtaggaatg ggaaactatg catttggaga cattttggct     48900
     ggaatgtccc atggcatgga gcagcagaga tgaggaagct aactgaacac tctgcagggc     48960
     acagccagcc ccacctctac cctgacagca tcatctacca gacaccacta gtgtctggtg     49020
     agtgtgtaat gagtggcact tcctggtaac aggctgtctc cttatacagc atcttcccct     49080
     ccctggcgtc caccagacac tggcctccat agctctcttg gacctttgct tctgtctcag     49140
     gacctggggc actgcccctc ttttcctgtt tgtgtgtttg agaccaggtc ccacgaaact     49200
     caggcaatgc tcaaagtctg tggctgaggc agaccttggt tctgcttcct ctgcccctac     49260
     ctccagagag ctgggattac cagagcctcc ctcactgtct tagtcagggt tctattcctg     49320
     cacaaacatc atgaccaaga agcaagctgg ggaggaaagg gtttattgag cttacacttc     49380
     catactgctg ttcatcactc aaagaagtca ggactggaac tcaagcaggt cagaaagcag     49440
     gagctgatgc agagaccatg gagggatgtt acttactggc ttgcttgctc tggcttgctc     49500
     agcctgctct cttatagaac ccaagactac cagcccagag atggtcccac ccacaagggt     49560
     cctttccccc ttgatcacta attgaggaaa tgccttacag ttggatctca tggaagcatt     49620
     tcctcaactg aagctccttt ctctgtgata actccagcct gagtcaagtt gacacaaaac     49680
     tatccagtac actcaccatc ctggcattcc ctgatgccaa tcacattcac ctcatgtcac     49740
     ctgctctcag cccggccctg cctaccatca acaggatgac tggctctgag tgggcgctgt     49800
     ctcaggcctc aaggctgctt gtccccgaag ttgttggtac atctccagca cctcccagaa     49860
     atgtggcagg agggaggggc tgaaagcctg ctccttacag ctgtacttct tgttttacag     49920
     agcttccgac ttgcagcttg aagtagaaca tgaagtagtg tgactggagg cctgtttgaa     49980
     ctcatagctc ctaaaagaat cccttgaatg tgcattctca ccgctccctt aggacatatg     50040
     aatcagcact tgtgttgggg aacctgagtc atgtcatgta atgtgaaact cctccctgtc     50100
     tcagctctgg cagctgtgga tggaggtaag tggatgctgg cggcggcggc ggcagcagcc     50160
     actccactcc ctatggcatt tctgtgatgg cataataaac tgtttttaat caaagtctgg     50220
     agagttcagt gttcacagaa gttctggaag aatcttcctc ctgtttaccc agctacttgg     50280
     tcttttactt agtaattcca gctggccagt gtgataatgt gcacatgtag ccctcactgc     50340
     taaggatgcc aaggggctga ttccagcctg agcaccccca agaaaatatc aatcaaacaa     50400
     aagcttgtgt attcctgctt tcatgaagtc agccacctac ccagccagtt ttacacgtct     50460
     ccatcttgcc accttcacgt cctccagcct tccatccatc cattcatcca tgcttccatc     50520
     catctaccca ttcatccatg cttctatcca tccatccatc catccatcca tccatgcttc     50580
     catccattca tccatccatc tctccgtcca ttcatccatc cacccatcca tccatccatc     50640
     catccatgtt tccatccatt catccatcca tccatccatt cacgcttcct tccattcatc     50700
     catccatcca tccatctgtc catccaccca cccatgcatc catccatcca tctacccatc     50760
     catccatgct tccctttatc caaccatcca ttctttcatc cttcagctgc ctagtgatag     50820
     gttatttctc tgccaccagt gagatgagcc aatttaagac attatattag atactaaggc     50880
     agatttattg ggaaattgct ctcaggcgag ttactggccc ccaaggacca aggccaggga     50940
     agtcaccatg aagaaggggg gtggtagggg agggagagag aaagggaaaa gcacagaaag     51000
     aagagaagtg agagggagag accaaaatgt ctggattata tagggaagag cctctgaagg     51060
     aacggcagtc cagcccctag gctggaaagt tcagccttgg cggcagggta cactaggtag     51120
     ggactgaggg atgctggaag aatatggagg ccagatctgc ttttgtatgt aaaagatgca     51180
     cctcagactc ttgtcccagg tccaaaatca aacacccagt acttcctttt tccatccttc     51240
     cataagctat acatgtgtga gtctggatac cagaggagtg gaggtcagat cccctggagc     51300
     tggcattacg gttggttgtg aggagtccaa catggttgct aggaaccaaa cttgggtcct     51360
     caagatcagt aagcgctctt ctgaaccacc tcttcagtcc ccagcacatt ctcctcggtg     51420
     gaggattcta ggcagagctc taccactgag cttggcccca gcccctcact gttttgggga     51480
     gaaaaccacg tcaccaggtt taattagatt ttcatcactg tggccaaaaa caaacctgac     51540
     acaaacaacc aaaggaagaa ggatttcttt tggctcctgg cttccggggg tttggtctat     51600
     catgcagagt aaacgaacga agaccaagaa acagagggag tgtgatgccc tggtatcttt     51660
     cctgctttct cattttcatc ccggcccctg cctttgtgcg gtggtaccag cattcagggt     51720
     aagtctttct gtctgttgtg tagtcatttc cgccaaatct taagactcaa gaattgctaa     51780
     gagaaagtct gtaagactca ggaagtagcc aggtaatgat ggtggtgcat cccaacagtt     51840
     ggaaggcagg gacagatgga tctctgagta ttgtacagaa ttaacaatgg aaaatgctga     51900
     gacacacctc acaaagtata gtaataataa taatatcatc atcatcatca ttgtggggag     51960
     cgggtgtggc ggcagtccca aaggcgccag ggactgcagc taagtcatat gacttgcacc     52020
     tgacttcctc atataagaca caaacatctt gagtgctgcg caggtgtacc aggatacagg     52080
     tgaatccaat ttggtggaga tttgcccctg ctgccctgat tagctgaagc ctcgtgactg     52140
     gcgaggggtc gtggcctgtg gtgcgtggat gagagagagt ataaaaggag tgagaggccc     52200
     agggttcggg ggagatataa acaagaagaa tcaggactga ataaactgtt gttagaagga     52260
     ctggtggtcg cgtcgttctt gctggtcgag agcgggcgcg acacatcatc atctacccca     52320
     atacagttgc aaatcagtgc aggtgccagt gtctaaataa aagcttcccc ttagccgaaa     52380
     agtggtgcac acctttaatt ccagcacttg ggaggaagag acagggggat ctctgagtct     52440
     gaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctacaca gaccctttct     52500
     caaaaaagga aggggaaaaa aaaagaggcc ccttatttcc aggtatgtgt ggcccagcca     52560
     tgacagcgta aggtgaaggc tgatgaacgt gagcattttg aggcttgatg cttagttcta     52620
     gccacaagtt acaaaggtct gtgacaattt ggggggctga gaacaatcat gaatagagca     52680
     gccataactc tgcctgtttt agtatcagac agcttccata agtctttggc ttatagttat     52740
     taggtctcac cagtgctagg gttgagcagg ggaatactgt aagtataaga caaacgttag     52800
     tagtcaatct acgacaagtc ttatccttag agggccctct gagtgtggct gtgccgtcca     52860
     tcttcgtcct ggatgttgat gcgtgctctc agctgctacc cttagcttca gtgggtcctg     52920
     tgggcgagac tggccaggcc atccatcgtt gagtcctgtt gtttctaaga agcaggcttt     52980
     aaatgggaat ggtgggtcca ggtctggatc ccatcaacct tgactgctgt gggtgttgtc     53040
     aggatcacag tatagggtcc cttccattga gaagccagca tatggtgttt cttaaccagc     53100
     atgaaatctc tgggctggaa tccatgagga gtgatcggtg agcctagttc atataggtgt     53160
     aaacatatac gtgtaggcca gtctggattc tctggagtgc ctagactgac ttaaggatat     53220
     cataatcaga aatctcaacc agcagatctg ccttgacatg tggaagggtg ggagggaggg     53280
     gccctcccga acgtctcatt aagggcttat tccatctaca tgaggagtgt tcctaaccct     53340
     gaggaggaag aagggaagga gagagttatt ggcaagttct aaggttaact tagttcatgt     53400
     taatttagtt aaggccatcc tctctacatg tcctgaactt tgggggtgat atgcacatgg     53460
     aagtttccac tgtgccccca gagcttttcc taaattttga ctaacctgag aggagaaagc     53520
     tgctctggta tcagggccca aagccgagga ggtccaaact gaggttatca gctgggtttc     53580
     tcacttacag tttgagcagt ttccttcttg ggaggggatg cctcagtcca tcctgagagt     53640
     gtatctgtaa acactaaaag atatttgtaa cacagatttt cctgggttta cttcagtgaa     53700
     gtctgtttcc caggagactc ctggtgaggt tcctctttct cttttagcat tcttgtcatt     53760
     tgacaagaat gacattttag taacagtgtc ctgcaattct ttggttagcc ctggaataaa     53820
     aaactttgta gatattaact ctttcatctt atttattccc agatgtgtgc tggcatggag     53880
     ctctcgagcc agagttctgc ctcaggttgg cagggttcag tgagatgtta gggatgaagg     53940
     acacaagggt gttgaagcaa cagagactga tagtaagtta gccaggcatt tgagatccag     54000
     cagttgtggg accaggagaa ggtcttaaga actccctcta tggcatgagg ggtagttaca     54060
     gtcagaggct gtcccaaagt taatttgtct gcatctttag tcagcagggc agtagccact     54120
     ataatcttca aggagtttgg ccatcctatt gccattggat ccaatttctt aagtagatag     54180
     gcaactggtc attgccaggg gcccaaggtt tgttttggca cctctttggc aatgccttga     54240
     ctctcatcca caaacaagta gaaaggctta ctcacatcag gcagagccag ggctggggca     54300
     gatagcagtg ccaatttcaa atcttggaaa gctttcttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt     54360
     ttgtttttct tttgtccata tgaaagtttc ttcctgcccc ctagtggcct cataaagtgg     54420
     cttagctata tcaacaaaac ctggtatcca gagcctacaa aacccagcca accccaggaa     54480
     tttccatacc tggcacctgg tcttaggtat ccagatgcct aagatggtct ccttgtgggc     54540
     ttgaaagaga gctctttgcc cccccccctc gagctggaaa cccaagtaca tcacttgaga     54600
     accacagatc tgagtctctt ggctgagatc ctatatctca gtccttgcag tctctagcag     54660
     agacctggtt gcttccatac aggagtcaat atcagtggca gcccaagcaa atcatccacg     54720
     tactgaagca aagagacacg tggcatatcc acatactgga gcaaagagac acgtggcaca     54780
     tccacgtact gaagcaaaga gacacgtggc acatccacgt actggaacaa agagacacgt     54840
     ggcatggtct gcctgtgctc acgtacgtcc tggtggaggg cctcatcaaa aataagtttt     54900
     tagatccctg tgacaatcct gtccaggtca actgtctgct gaatccattc tccgcgtctt     54960
     gccattcaaa gtcaagatgg ctgactgtcc ttatctaggg gaatgctaaa gaagtcatct     55020
     ttcaagtcca agactgtaaa tgtgtctggc tggtagtggg gaactcaaga gcatatacag     55080
     gtttggaatt gttgggtgaa tagcctccac tcttttgttc acctcacctc tcttggatct     55140
     tgcactggtc tataatcttg gcctccaggc tttttaactg gcagcagagg tgtgttccgg     55200
     ggagaatgac agggaaccag gatcccatga tcttaaaggt gattgatatg gggcctgata     55260
     ccctggaggg ccttaggtga caagggaata ctgcctcagc ctaatagggt tagcagtagc     55320
     tttcagacct aacacaacag gaggcaacag agaggccaaa cctgggggat tattttcagc     55380
     ccatacctgg gctagcaggt ttatgagttc ttttaggaag ggcttttatg ggggatttgt     55440
     tccttgatcc tttggtctcg ggtagttcta gttcctcttc tagtgggaag acacagacca     55500
     ggattgaatc tccctgaaca gatatgccac cttttggaga gaaataaatg tgagctgcca     55560
     tttttgtcag gaggtccctc cctagtaagg ggtaaggaca ttcaggaatc accaagaaac     55620
     agtgagtgac agttttttca tccaagtcca ctcattgctt agtggtccac aggtaaggtt     55680
     tagtgcctgt ggcaccttgg accaaagtgg tttgattttt cataggtcca aggggcttct     55740
     ggaggaccag gtgatgtgcc ccagtatcaa caagaaagtt taccgtatgt cccccccact     55800
     gttaaagtta tccaaggctc gggaggggac ttggagccct gacagcctca gtctggcagt     55860
     tccacaacag ccttaggctc ctgtttctgt cttatttcct gggagcattt gttcttccaa     55920
     cggcccattt ccttacagta ggcacattga tttttctgaa gccttggatg gggttgagac     55980
     tgctcaaatt tgttgctctt tcccttatta tgtaggggtc ttctaggacc atgacccttt     56040
     gtaaaacctt cttgaggttt atgggttgca gtaagagttt ttgccagttt cttagtttgt     56100
     ctgtcttctt ggctttccct attactaaaa gtcttttgag cagtctccat taaatcagac     56160
     aaattcttac ctttgaagcc tttaattgtc tgaatctaat gaatgtcagg agccaatcga     56220
     cccacaaggc cacattgata gctcgctggt tctcccgtgc ctcaggatca atcaaaatgt     56280
     aagtgtggta ggtaggcagc caggaaggca gccagggatt ccatgggacc ctgtagtacc     56340
     tgacttaccc tagataaaga gaccctctca cccataagaa tctggcaata gctcctaagg     56400
     gcctccttac cttcattggc attagggttc caggtggggc tgactggaga aaagcagcct     56460
     cggggactgc aggatcctct gtaaatctac cctttccctg ggaacaagtt tacaggcctc     56520
     ccacccaacg cggttccttt cctctgtggt gaagaggctc tggaggggtt gttgaatatc     56580
     gacccagatg tgttgctgaa cccaataagc attatttaaa tctgccccgc tggcagttgt     56640
     gcattccccc tacccgcccc gatgttctgg gttcctaaat gaaagacata tacactcgca     56700
     gccttatatt ttaatatgcc tttaacagct cagtggttgg gccacttctt aacctctatg     56760
     tggctaacac acttccctcc catattgctg aactattact tactcaaatc tctaatctat     56820
     tcttgctgct ccagacccag acatgtagcc ctccagggcc acgatccctg gctcttacat     56880
     ggtcatgatg gctatgccct ctcttctgca cctctcaggc ctggtgtctc cttcttccct     56940
     ggcatggtgg ctatctcctt tctcctccct cggtcccttg cccaggaatc ctaaaagtcc     57000
     gacctctccc tgcccagcca ttggctgctg acgactttat ttaccaatca ggaccaacct     57060
     cagcgcttta catgcagaca tgcagattct cctgcagttt ggggaaccca attaacataa     57120
     tacaagcatt agaccaaacc acaacacaag tgggctggca ggtataaaaa atagtctcca     57180
     agagggatat ttgagtgtaa ttttaatttt tgttttgttt tttttttgtt tgtttttcga     57240
     gacagggttt ctctgcgtag ccctggctgt cctggaactc actctgtaga ccaggctggc     57300
     ctcgaactca gaaatccacc tgcctctgcc tcccaagtgc tgggattaaa ggcgtgtgcc     57360
     accacgcccg gctttaattt tttaattaaa attattttta atcttaaatt ttattttaat     57420
     ttaaatttat ttttaatgat ggttcttaaa cattttaacc tttcttgtaa tccaccatcc     57480
     actagaggta gtgggaaaga aaggacccgg gcaagtggac ctgtttagaa aggttctttg     57540
     gaaactttat atgccccagt acaggggaac gacagggcca aaaaatggga atgggtgggt     57600
     aggggagtgg gggggggagg gtggggggga cttttgggat agcattggaa atgtaattga     57660
     ggaaaatacg taataaaaaa aaaagaagtg ggagtgggtg ggtaggggag tagggtgggg     57720
     ggaggatata ggggactttc aggatagcat ttgaaatgta aatgaagaaa atatctaata     57780
     aaataaaatt taaaaagaaa aaaaaaaaga aaggttcttt ggagcaactc ctgtctatgt     57840
     tgtctggaaa ttggcagttc acaagttaac aggtagcggc agcttgatct actcaaaaac     57900
     acctcatgaa cacacctgca gtctaattca gtagagtcag gttagcaaca gcagtgacat     57960
     gacctagcag agatggcctc agcctctgct tgagtcagca ggagggacca acaagaacac     58020
     caggagttct cagctgtgcc tctctcaggg aagcaaagat cagcgaagac acaagaccca     58080
     cagatgtaac acagctagct gtaccagcaa gccaagctct ctctccgtca ctccatggag     58140
     gcctaattat accctctgcc catcacatat cctctttgtg ccttgcctca acacggatct     58200
     taccttactt agcatgtgta tataatcagc ccaagtcctt tgaacccaca acaagctgta     58260
     gtacaccacc agtagttttt tgttgtgttt ttctctatgg catcccaaca aatttagctc     58320
     aactatgcaa ggtaaggagg acctatacat gtgtgtcatt agtaaagaac ccttcatcac     58380
     atgggacaat cctcttctac tctccacatt tctcttgagg caattttgtg ctatttccag     58440
     tatatttcca gtataccctt gcatgtgctt gctttcgcag aacatcctct ctcctgtgtc     58500
     tgcttcagtg aaacatggct tctcgagtct gcctgactcc tgtatccact ttaaggaacc     58560
     attccttcac acgtttgccc cagaaaaaca ctatccagct gactttccaa agaaccctca     58620
     ggttttcacc tcattagagc ttgaggtttg tcagagaaaa ggtggattct gagctttcca     58680
     gttgtagatc ttgcccgtgg agagaggctt atagaccaga aagggcatct ctcctcccac     58740
     gttgggggca gtggcgagta aaggaaaagc ccctgtcgag ggactgaaat ggacccctga     58800
     tccatcaggt atggggcagg gtagctatga cagatacagg tacttgaaga ggaggaaaaa     58860
     gaggaagaca ggtgaggaag aagcagaagg agctgtggtt ccaggtgttg cagttgctgt     58920
     gacatcaggg atgtggcata tcattttcct caggtagaga gagaatggga ggtgggcaat     58980
     aagtggaggg cttagaaggc ataggtaaaa gaacaagcaa ggtggagata atagccgttt     59040
     cctctgccta gttgtggcag gcgaggggct caacccagat actggcaggc agggacagaa     59100
     tctgatagga gtgaagcaga cagtgaagag caatatcttg aatggaaagg agatgaggta     59160
     cctcacagga cccctcgagg ggccagcctg tgccaaagga cgggttggct gctttctgaa     59220
     aatactggaa atagcacaaa attgcctcaa gagaaatgtg gagagtagaa gaggattgtc     59280
     ccatgataga aatggacatt atgtaaagaa taacagggcc agcaaacaac ctgaaagcaa     59340
     acaacagaca ctcgcaggac agattttcaa aaacagaaga cagacagaca gctgtgcatc     59400
     agggtcagga gagagctgga aattcaaagg agtaagatgg taagttgtcc tcttcaccta     59460
     aagaggattt tctgtgtccc ctaggctcaa agagcaaaaa ctgtatccag tgtctcttat     59520
     gagcttttcc agaggtctag accaaaacct gaaaatcaga aacagatctg agcaggtaca     59580
     ggacacataa cttcctcaca gaggaaggga gctggcagcc tttctagctt tcaataatag     59640
     ttgagaggca gtctgggatt agccacacac tgaccactca gacattagtc tcagatatga     59700
     tgaaaatgta ttgaacactg attcagactg attgatcagg accacaaaaa ggactcgaga     59760
     acctaatttt gtggtaccaa cctgtttcca ggcttttcct ccagggaccc agaagttcca     59820
     cctaaacctt ccacccagca attggcccat ggcttcctta ctgacagatc aagaaccaat     59880
     tggggaacag gaccttagca tcagccccac tccaacagct aacccttttg gtgattggtc     59940
     ctaagtgaat taagtggggg agggggtggg caggtagtga acaagtgaac aagggaattt     60000
     cagaacattg agataacagc ataagtaata caaccataac tttttggctt attattaaca     60060
     tttttttagt gtcagctaca gcaatgactc ctaaaaagtg ggtaaactta attttacctt     60120
     atgagcaaca tggaagctac atactaaatg gctacagtta tatcagacaa tatcaatatc     60180
     aagtttcagg acagcccagc ctaagtagtg agagcctgtc ttaaaaaaaa aaaaacaaaa     60240
     aacaaaaaaa aaaaaaaata caagcaagta aacactagaa tgctgatgtt gtcttccact     60300
     agtgactatt tcattgacag ggaaacagca ggaagaagtt gggtgtgagc actgtcagag     60360
     ataggtgatg tgactgaaac ggaagtaaat cctggataag gcattgttaa ggatgttaag     60420
     gcctgggaaa cttacccgtc tagccagcca ttttgagctg ttactacagg gaaactatct     60480
     catgtgccat aattgctgtt gctaggaaac tttctcatgc ccaagttgat tgcaaattct     60540
     gttatgttct gtgggttggt gttcttagac accaaacaca atagaggtca gttagaactg     60600
     ctttgtatag gtagccataa ttagcttgca cctgaaccaa ctgcccagcg ccacttcctg     60660
     cgcctactca tgagctttta tggtatttgc ttctataagc tgcctttggg atggacccca     60720
     acataagaga gatacctgca ccaatataag aaactatttg gagtaaaatg tctgttttga     60780
     gtaagggtca aataaagttt aaaatcccca agacctccct gggaactgac actctgcttg     60840
     gcagggagag acatgtacag gggtaaccga catcctggtt ggcaagttaa gacatgttag     60900
     gcaaggcaag tcccccacca cagttacata acccaaccaa tgagaacagg ataagtatac     60960
     aacaaagaca tgatcctaag aaagtcccct atcccagagt cctggttgat ggaataaatt     61020
     ggcacagatg ttcgtgaatt tcagacttaa aagctctata aaattctggc tacgggtccc     61080
     aagtctgaac tgtgtgtccc tgattgatcg gtcttagggt gtgtattcaa taaaccactg     61140
     tttgactgag atctgtatct gagtgttttg tgcggtactt cccagacccc agcaaagaac     61200
     atgtcaccat ggatatggaa ttcagaaaga gctgtgcagt tttaatacgt ggaagttttc     61260
     agagagcaaa gaggatccta ggcaaacatc gacactggac atttcatctt ccgtgcattt     61320
     attccacaca ctagctgggt cctcgttcat acttgcactc atttgtgtat atttatttca     61380
     tggtagtaac gttgggttct ctgttgctga cggcgagttt catgaaatct cacacatgta     61440
     tagcaggaga cactagcatc ctcactcagc agatagagaa gctgaggctt gggacaacct     61500
     gtctgcaaag tacacattgc tgcacccggg aggccaaggt ggatgttcag gatccctctg     61560
     actctgtgag gatagaaaca agtctccatg agtttgggtc tgaagggact gacacgtggc     61620
     tggaggagct cagatcagat ggtggccaaa gggttcctgc ccacagtttg cagcagacag     61680
     gaagtatttg gagacattga agagctcttg gctccaaata ttgccaaggg ctggtgaaga     61740
     gagaggtcca gaggggagta cggaggtgaa gggtcagatg tgaagtgtag cctaggtgtg     61800
     ggtgcacaag ccttgggtgg ctttggagta gggtgtccag caaggaggga gctggacatg     61860
     agatgcctcc agccactggg ctggtacagt gtctgtggaa ccagctgcag aatcctctta     61920
     gaaaggactt aactctgcat catcttgagg gatatcactg tacccctcct gggctggtac     61980
     aaccaactta gtacaactgt gggcagcagg gccttcactc acctttcaga caagctccag     62040
     gtcagacagc atttcgttcc tggcggtaac catcttggca gtgagtgacc actctacagg     62100
     tcttcactct gaagggcaag gtcagatttg ttcagaacca gccagaccgc tcagtgtatg     62160
     ggggagggag tcagtgttgc cctcacttag aagaggcaag agagaccaat gaggctgggg     62220
     aggtgcaagg atgtgttcct ccagggaagg ggtgacacct ggacctttgt gctgcctgga     62280
     atctagagcc atcacagccc tccgctcaga ctctgtcttc aggctcagca ttggccagcc     62340
     ctccctgggc tttgtggggt tcagtgacta tactcatctg aggaggatga ggcaggcaaa     62400
     gagaaacccg caaagaagcc tctgtcatgt cagccagcag ggaggttccc agagctgggg     62460
     actcctctgc agagcagcag ggtgtgagtg acataagtga cactcccaga ccccagcacc     62520
     cagcacccag cacccagcac caccgtagct tcattcctca cccagctgaa ggcagggaca     62580
     ctggccaccc ttcctgccct gctccagccc atgtgcccac cccctgcccc atcctccttc     62640
     cttcagacct tcctaatgct gtgacccttt gatacctcat gtggtgaccc ccaatcacaa     62700
     aattattttt gttgctactt cataactgta attttgctcc tgttatgaat cataacgtga     62760
     atatctgata tgcaagatag ctgatatggg accccagtga acaggtcaga ggctgcctcc     62820
     tcccctcccc caccaaagtg ttgtggccca caggatgaca accactgctc tagaccctgg     62880
     gtccccatag gcccctgacc tgggaccctc ccccagccgc cagcgcaggg agggggcagg     62940
     ccaggctctg gaggagcagt tgcagtgcag accctcggcc tcccaggagc aggaggggct     63000
     ggacatctgg ggcaagtctg tggaggagga ggagagtggt cagcagctgg gccctcatca     63060
     cagatcccca gtgtcccttt acctactcac agtgcacaga ggctcagaga gatgcgctgg     63120
     gcacccagtg ggttctgtgc agcacaggtg aattctcctt catgttctct ctggaccaga     63180
     ggcagctcca gtaccccagg ctctgaagac tggattggga tcagggtctg tgtcacccaa     63240
     gcccaactca cattggctgg gggattgcta taggtgacac agactaggca caggctttgg     63300
     ccctccagga ctgggaggga gatggcattc ctgaggattt ccaacactgg gggagaacag     63360
     aaggcagagt tgccaggtgg cccatcaact gggatgcctc ccattcccca cgcagatgcc     63420
     cagcttcctc tgtccatcgt ttctacctgt cctgtttgct tgggaaacag tcactctcag     63480
     gtcctgtggg ggatctgcaa tgaagacagg gaactggctc cagacaggcc agggccttct     63540
     ccctgggcag aacatccctc ccagggatgg aagctgtgga ttgtcgggtg ggtgcatcac     63600
     ttactgagtc tccaacacaa gcagcacagt ggtctgactg ttgtaagcac agctttgaga     63660
     gcttggagcg ctaggcctat ttgcagctat gtgattcggt atgctgtgtc tccaccccac     63720
     cagcactttc tctccaaacc aggtcccctt tcaggtcaca ctcacacagc acagagagat     63780
     cccgggaagc ccagccccta gcctgtgctc cacttggcag atgtccccag ctttcacctg     63840
     cagcagctct gtagttcagg ctcggcttct tccctcggga tgtctagatg tcctgagcag     63900
     attggtcagc aggatcctgg gctggcagct gatgctgagg aatgggggtg gaggggggtt     63960
     ctctgaggat tttagtgtta tagctctttt agacagcatt cagtgaaaca gcttgcgcac     64020
     atacacttga taggggtgca tcaaaggcta tatatgaacc ttggaaagtg gaaacaggtt     64080
     cttaggatgg catttcattg cctacagtct aaggtcctgg ggatacctca tttgcattcc     64140
     aggaatccca ggttagcctg tcaggttctt atctgaagag aggaaggctg aacctgtaag     64200
     cctgccaagg tctatgtgac attcctcagg gacgcaattg gaggtcggcc ttcccggatc     64260
     aggcggagaa gagggagtcc tccattttgt gccaagctca ggagagctgt ttggacatgg     64320
     gagactacaa tcttagttag tagggagata cagcacagcg cctggcccag ggttccagag     64380
     cccatagggc cagaccaaga agactctgtc ctccagggct cagctcagtg tggcaggggg     64440
     ctggctgtta gcagcatagt ggagacacag gaactggcca tgctggactt ccagacacac     64500
     gttttccacg tacagttcta ggatcaagtt tggggtgggg atgaaacaaa gatagaggca     64560
     gagatgaaga cagagaaaga cagagaatga gacacacaga aagaaggtaa gataaacgag     64620
     gtcaggggga tgggcgcgct tgcctggggt ggcttgtgct ctcttttcca tgggaggaag     64680
     gaatccccaa ataaaaacag ctgtattgaa gttcagcaca cacaacagcc ccattgattc     64740
     tgtttgcact acaatccagc gtccctgtgc atatatccag ctaccatcac cacaggataa     64800
     cactcacgac attcacagag acccctccct aaacaagccc ctccttcccc accccagccc     64860
     tgacccttgt cttgagcact ggcctggtca gggtattgct gatggtggtc cccgattgta     64920
     tacatgaggt gaggtatcac gatgccttgc ccagcactgt gctgccaaga ggcaactgca     64980
     cacagcacac atcaacacat ggctgtcctg tcaggtgtgt taggtcccac tgaggggacc     65040
     tgtcgcatgt gtgtgttcct tctgttgtgt gtgcatgacc atctgtaacg tttctgactc     65100
     acccaagctg ctggacctca tcacctttct ctcctgtgcg aaactctgaa atcctgtaag     65160
     cctttcatct gccaagtatt tgaaattcag ttttcaacac tttggaagct tattagcgct     65220
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctttgttgct ccctccctct ctctagtggg gtcaggataa     65280
     gcaggtgtcc tgaaaccaag taacagctcc tctgattact gattacagac acacagatta     65340
     ctgacttgcc ctgagggccc caggtagcag gtgtgaaggg gaaacttctg gtttctttgg     65400
     aaagtcagta acagcaaatg ttttgtaggc attcattttt cacagcctat tttaataacc     65460
     attcaacctc cccactatgc accataggta gtggaaaaga aaggttatga gaatacgggg     65520
     gaagtggacc tgtttagaaa ttgttctttg gagcaaatcc catctgtgtt gtcaggaaat     65580
     cagcagttca gttgacagga gtcagcagtg gcatgactat agcagcagtc cagttcagca     65640
     gagtcgggag aacaaacacg aattagcagc atcagcatga cctagcaaaa acagtcaggc     65700
     ctcagctgaa tctgaataag tcagtaggag tgaccaagac cagcagggac accaggagag     65760
     ttcttcgctc tgcctctgcc aaggaagtga agatgcaaga cccagaagct tgcaacgtta     65820
     gctacataag caagcccagc caacccttca tcacggtcct tggagtccta tttatactcc     65880
     ctccaaacac cacatgtcct caatggtctt tgcctcagca agtgtcttac atcagcacat     65940
     tgagtctgtc tcagctgaca ttgtaagacc cccgaagctg ggtctctgct caagtcccgg     66000
     aatgagctgg ccggcacccc aaagactcga gagaaaacca cacctgatgc aaactgcaag     66060
     aggttttatt atcagcttgc tgaggatgaa ctccttctgc cgtgcagtag gaggctttta     66120
     acagctagct gaggaattga gaggagttag gaggagttgg gaggagggtt gggaggagtt     66180
     gggaggagtt gggcagagtt gggaagagtt cttctctact gggtgtcctt ggtaaaattt     66240
     acaaggcatg aggagtgggg agtgagttct ttatgaaatt ttatctccgt gtcctctgca     66300
     caggaagcca ggcaagtgcc tggctaggtc ttttacaatt attgcatctc tgattgtaaa     66360
     ggatagaaac aaaaaggctt tttgctggct atagagaaca aagagcttct ttctagctgt     66420
     atttttagag atcagggaaa acaagcttgg ggaacatcca ggggctttac cttccagcga     66480
     gaaacgctct aagtcgggtt cttacaacat cactctgcca atcagcctga gtctgcagaa     66540
     gcagcaagaa gccgcaggaa cctcatgaga agttttttgg tgtgtttctc tctatggagt     66600
     cacaacagat ggagctcaac aatgcaatgt aaagcaaacc aatacatgtg tgtggttagc     66660
     aaagaatcct tcgtcacctg tcctttcacg tgcttgcttt agcaaaacat cctttcactt     66720
     gtgtctgctt tagtaaaaca ttccttcata tgtctgcttt agcaaaacac catcccacac     66780
     aactgactct tcaaagaaac cagaagtttc cacgtcaatg ctttgctagg gaacacaggt     66840
     gaaaggatgt tttgccaaag cagacaggtg aaaggactgg tgatggaaaa ttctaaatag     66900
     gaccccacag acagtgggag caggagcact ggtgtgcttt tgtctgcctc tctattcttt     66960
     gctaaggaca tgcatgtatt ggttcacctt acattgcatt gctgagctcc actcatttgc     67020
     cacacaagca ttccagccct tggactcatt ctcagagctg atataaagcc cgatgaggca     67080
     gcactcatct gcagtcccag gtctcctgtg ctaaggcagg agactcccag aagcttatag     67140
     gtcagctggc ttacagtgta gacattggtg agcgagagag tcagaaagtg gaaggtgggc     67200
     tggtgagatg gctcagtggg taagagcacc cgactgctct tccgaaggtc aggagttcaa     67260
     atcccagcaa ccacatggtg gctcacaacc atccataaca agatctgact ccctcttctg     67320
     gagtgtctga agacagctac agtgtactta catataatca ataaataaat atttaaaaaa     67380
     aaaaaaaaaa gaaagtggaa ggtgaggtgg agcctaaggc tgtcctctga ccccgcacac     67440
     ctgcatgccc atacacacag aatttcacgt ggggctcaag agggggttca gtcagtgaag     67500
     tgctggtctc acaagcatga agacctgggt ttagatctcc agaactggat ggaacaacac     67560
     tgtgccatga agagaaacgg aggcctgagc tgcagcgtta tagggctgag ctccatgaga     67620
     ccagcgaggg gagccagatg tatgaagtca gaatatgagg ggagaaccca tctccagaga     67680
     cagaacactt gccagggctg gatatcactg aggactgcag gctgagggcc cagagctctc     67740
     catgggtctg ggcagggatg agggtaccag atacccctag catgtttgta gtgtagtggt     67800
     tgattgtcac acgctctggt cgagtcagct tgacaagccg agaggcttga aagctactct     67860
     caaagtgaaa gagtttgaca gaaacttgct cctggagtct ggcgttttct ctaacccata     67920
     cattaatttt ccattcccga gttagtctag tggatggatc cacgtgctct ctttattata     67980
     agtgtctttt aagattgaat tctgacatag ctaaagcctt ccgccagtgt tccaacagtc     68040
     ctagaacgtc cttgagctag acagtgacat tcagaatagc ctctggtatt acactatcaa     68100
     taaaagccaa gtcgctccca tatacaggaa tttacaatgg tttaggaagt agatcgggct     68160
     gtggttttag agtattgcat tattcatgag atggttagct aggacggaac tccctagtta     68220
     gaaccatgac ttgggtgtga aagcccttgc cctaggagag taaagacctc acacttggct     68280
     tctaagacta tagctgagtt acacccatac acacgtattt acaatggcct aaggggaagg     68340
     tggactatat aatagactaa aataggaact atggcaaggg cacgaagccc ttgaccctgg     68400
     cttctaagat taagcaaatc ttaggtggag cccttgttga tcccagttgt taacaatgaa     68460
     ttctatccca ggtggttcct gttagacctt ctgtgtttgc attcctctgt tttatgtaag     68520
     aatccagtaa cctctttgta ccttgctact gtgtcaccca acttccttat tgtctcctgc     68580
     ataaaaagtc tgatgctcaa cttggcatac attcagatcc aacacaacct ctcctgtgtg     68640
     catctgtctg tcaattcatc ctattttgcc cacttgcgac tagagacccg ttccacgcag     68700
     acaaaggggc ccagagggtc ggcggcagtt ggcgcccgaa cagggacacc agagcaggtt     68760
     agtctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tcttttttct ttctcttctt tattttctca     68820
     ggcaaagata gtatctcgtc gtgactgtgc tgcagacagg ctgattcgta gatcagttaa     68880
     gaaacgagta agttttatca tgggacagtc aaaatcgaaa gggaagaggt tgtttctgtc     68940
     ggtcttcaag cacatgttgt ctggaagagg cctaaaggtc tcagataaat ctttacaaga     69000
     attttatgat ttcgtgcaaa aaatcagtcc ctggtttcca gaggagggaa gcttgacatt     69060
     ggaggattgg aatcgagtag gtaggatgct tcctccctcg gaagggacta atgtattaat     69120
     aaaacaattg gtttggaaat atgtgaatac cttgtgccaa gacctgaaca gaccaatccg     69180
     taagacaagt tccctacaag attatattaa agcatgtgta gatgcctcac cggacgtaat     69240
     tcaggagata gcttacgccg cagcaaggaa agggaagaaa ttcggcgccc atgtcagaaa     69300
     tacttatgga attacatgtt ttggttgtaa aaaaccgggg cacctgagaa aagattgtaa     69360
     aaatctttca ggagacaaga agagcatttc tttgggtccc ttccagcatt gtgacaaaca     69420
     ctggagaggt gaatgtaaat caaagtccca taaggatgag actccgctcg ctagagaagc     69480
     gggtaagaca aagaactatg gaactacatg tttcggttgt gaaaatccgg ggcacctgag     69540
     taaggattgt aaaaatccct cgggaaacaa gaagggcctt tctccaggtc tctgtccagg     69600
     ctgtggtgga gaaaaccttg gaggaatgat tgcaggtcaa agtcccacaa agatgggact     69660
     ccgctcacta aagaagcggg taaggcaaaa aactaaaggg gcagtctctt agccccattc     69720
     aggaactgtg gagctcattt taggacacag ctcctgttat aagaaaaact tcaagttgtg     69780
     gattctgata ctttaggtaa aattaaaagt tatggttaaa gtataaaaag agatttcata     69840
     aaggtcaaaa tataggtcac ttcttactgt taccttactt acaacttccc aatcctacat     69900
     tgtgtcaaaa aatttgtaga aaaggcttta ttgaaagtta agaaatcatt tcctaaaaca     69960
     tatataattc attttgtcaa tggtattttt gttggttgca gaaaatagag agcatttttg     70020
     caggtggcta taaaatattt gacaaagtat ggactgatga tgacttcaaa agagattcag     70080
     catggtaaac ttgtaggcta tttgagacat ttagtgtata gagattgtgt gttttctcaa     70140
     aaaaaattgc cctcatatta agtaaattag aagttttaga tgcttgccag aagctgttag     70200
     aaaattttag attttaatct tggtttgaca agttgcctct tacaagcaga aaaggaaagg     70260
     aagggataga ggaaaatgga ttttagaact ctcccaggga cagagagaaa ttgggggaca     70320
     ccctgtttta ttctctctgg cccctacagg agaagttctc taccctcttt atattgtcta     70380
     atgtttggtg caccaatcac gtgtcaattc atgtatgttt tttgtttcgt tgtctgaatg     70440
     attgtttcgt tgtctgaatg actgtctgtt ttatgtttca tgttgaaaaa aaatggttaa     70500
     aactttacct gctgattcac tctcagttta cacaatggag gctgagagag actcctcact     70560
     ttagccaaaa atcaagcaca gcaggagagg tcctgctgaa aaactgtttt taaagaaaag     70620
     gaatctgcaa cctcttaatt ctaaggcaaa taagctgata gttgtttttc ctaaaaattt     70680
     ctctgcaatt ttgtgattat tgtgtttagc aaatgacaat tgctttttta tcttataagt     70740
     gtagctataa aaagtaaaat tctttgatct aaatttataa gattcatgta gccacttcac     70800
     ttggtttttg gttggtctta aaggtataaa tatgatgtac atatcttggt catagagaat     70860
     tggcttataa gttatttggg tatgattaaa aaggtataag actggttaca aagttagctc     70920
     aagtagtaac tcaggactag agtcattttc aaacaaaagc acctggcata aaccagccca     70980
     aaaaactagt cctctaaaga tacttctaaa ttgagataat atattatgta attcttatcc     71040
     taaaaagtag acatagagaa gatttaaaac aatatctctt taatggaaca ttaaaatttg     71100
     cactgtcata cattcatgaa ttggcagcca aactttgtaa tgtgatagtg atgtttctag     71160
     tattgatttt aaagagaata aattgtttaa aattgggtct tgctttccaa aagttataga     71220
     tatattctaa tattgcaaca gaaacttaaa aattctggtt aaaattgcca gtgtcccatt     71280
     gacttcagtt ttcagtttga tcgaaagctt aagatttttg actcacctat aattaagatt     71340
     attacaagag taataatctt atgagcacgc taatgtcact cactttggcc attcagccat     71400
     acaaagcaag acagagttaa ctagatatat tcatctttgt acagaaatta gaccctcaca     71460
     caatcagttt ggctatggtt gcggccttac aggaccataa aaggttattt aaaaaaatgt     71520
     ttaaggtata agtcatctta agaaagattg tccattgact ctagctgcat atgtatcaaa     71580
     agatggccta gtcggccatc actggaaaga ggcccattgg acacgcaaac tttatatgcc     71640
     ccagtacagg ggaatgccag ggccaaaaaa tgggaatggg tgggtaggga agtggggggg     71700
     ggagggtatg ggggactttt gggatagcat tctaaatgta attgaggaaa atacataata     71760
     ataaaaatat tttaaaaaaa gaaagaaaga aagattgtcc aaaatcagag gcatggacag     71820
     acagttgaat tgttcctctg gaatctgttc tcattgcagg agggccaaga tgctcagatt     71880
     ggaaaataat atatacattt gggttgatac aaagcttaga gcagcctcag ggaagcttgt     71940
     gcaatgtttc ttgtgttttg cagactgtgc ctagggaagt tcttgaaact tcacccctcc     72000
     ctgccttcag ggggatttct ttttagctaa acaacttttt ttcttcagac ctacccaggt     72060
     gttgttcata ataaaatcta aattcaagat ttataaaagg tcaatcaggc tatagaactc     72120
     ataaaggcat tacaagatag cttgcctact tcatataaaa ttattataga tttaaaagtt     72180
     tattttttcc atttgtaaag agtttacttc tagtgaactg gtgaccatta aagggttttg     72240
     cccctaggta tggctaatat agtcttactt tatgtaagaa aatttcattg tccaggcttc     72300
     aatacaagaa gctaagactt taaatctttc agtgtatatt gtttcctaag tgaaaagtat     72360
     tttattagct aatccctcta aagggaagtt tacttcaaat ctttattttc acacagtgag     72420
     ccttaaagtt ctggagagta attgttgctt cataagattc agaggcaata tcttttttaa     72480
     tatttagagt tttagtaata ctgaaaaatt gtggtacaaa tttgcttcaa atttttattt     72540
     tcaaaaactt ccaggagatg ttaattggct aagacctcac cttaaactca ccacaggaga     72600
     acctaagcct ttgttaggtg ctatcaagtg agattcaaat taactggtga gaaccaaaaa     72660
     gggtttaaca gaaagtagag gaaacttctg taatctactg gtatcgattg taattggtgg     72720
     taatcaaata ttagctacat attctagtta ttgttattaa atgtgtccac agctattctt     72780
     tggcaagaaa aaacattaat gtaaaatcat ccttcttcac ctcaaagctt taacattcta     72840
     tcataaggct gctgtggtgc taattaaaaa ttaagaattc cttgttccaa acagcaattg     72900
     gttattacag aatattgata tttgacctat tgcataccat cattttaaat aaaattaata     72960
     ctcatcctaa aaataagcta aaaattgatt atatgcatgc ttttgtatct tctataaatt     73020
     catgcatgca tgcatcccat ttacagtatt taaaaataac ccttctatgg gaaaaaagta     73080
     tatgtgaatt ggatcacatg tttattcttt tgagtttctg cctgcttcag cacagataat     73140
     taaattatgt gctgtagatg gtattttaaa atgttgaaga ttgcctggaa aagacctctt     73200
     aagacaatgc cacgctagat ttatatccca ggtagattat ggatcttata caaaaataat     73260
     tggccatata atctcattct ttacattatc aaaatagtat tcgcttgaga taataatttg     73320
     gtatttaaaa ataaataaat aaataaataa atgtcatatt gtaaagattt gctctcagtg     73380
     tcctcagttt ctacctgttc cacacattgg tgttaattct cgaggactta tacttaatca     73440
     attattgcaa atggatactc atttttgact ttagaaaaat aaaatatgca catgtgatta     73500
     ttgatacctt tttagtcttt ctaattacaa ctgctttaac aagaaaagca actaaaagta     73560
     tagttagtta ttgcctgtgt tgattctttt tgcttggtgt tccaaatcaa attaaaactg     73620
     gctatttcag ccaaccattt gagatgtttt gtcaacaatt taatgttacc catgttcctg     73680
     agatttttat aattctcaag aaaacagtac tgtaaaactt taaatctata tcttcaaaaa     73740
     atttttaaat ttagatgcca aaaatcttgc tgagtgtcta tggcacccta caatcagaca     73800
     tactcatgag ataaagagat ccacttattg gcacatggca tgatcctgtt cagatactta     73860
     atttggggga aagggggaaa tgtttctgtt ttttccacag aatgttacaa gaacatgata     73920
     acttccaatg tgacaggctg acctgtgagt aggaactgac agtgccctga cagtggtgac     73980
     aagaaagctg tattgggtgc acaaaaaagg agaaatcaga gatagcagac acaagcaaaa     74040
     taaagacact cttcctatct ccaccatggg ctacagcaag gagagccgac ctggtgtcaa     74100
     ttttagagac aactagaaaa gctgactcgt gaggtagagg gactgctaca agatttcatc     74160
     agagacactg tttttgggca ttcagaccaa ctcccctata gctgtaaaaa ttgtgtacct     74220
     tacctgtatg ctatattgtt agataatttt aagagttaag atcgccaatc ttggcaagtc     74280
     ttttcatatt cattgtaatt cttgtcattt aactaattgt gtagatccta atttagatac     74340
     aaaatctgct gttatgtttt gctgcctatt agagttagga aatgatcctt ggtttaaaag     74400
     tctgggaata caaacttaaa aaggtatcta ccacagcttt agatcagcag ctacatactg     74460
     ctcatttttg ttaatgataa gcatagaaat atttccatag ctttgtcaaa acaacatatt     74520
     atatagataa aaaattagaa gcaaaggtta atgccctaaa agaagtagtg ctagcaatag     74580
     ggcaagatat tgctaatatt aagaccaggt tagctactaa atgtcatgct tctttccaat     74640
     acatttgtgt taccccctta ccttataata taaccagtga ttgagaaaag actaaagctc     74700
     atttgcaggg agtatagaga gatactgata tttctcatga tgtggaacag ttaaaagcag     74760
     aaatttcaga tattagtaaa agtcatttgg gcacttagaa cattgatgaa ttggctagag     74820
     atttgaaaaa caacctaagt gcattgaacc ccctagattg ggttcaatat ataatcctac     74880
     ttgttattat ttttgacatt gttttactag taatcattgt gtttccactc atctttagag     74940
     tgctcctgaa gtctgtagct acgacaagga gagacatcct agaacttcgg ctaaaaaata     75000
     aaaaaagaaa gggagaaatg ccacatgctc tggtcgagtc agcttgacaa gccgagaggc     75060
     ttgaaagcta ctctcgaggc aaaaagagtt tcatggaaac tcactcctgg agtctggcgt     75120
     tttctctaac ccatacattg attttccatt cccgagttag tctagtggat ggatccacgt     75180
     gctctcttta ttataagtgc cttttaagac tgaattctga catagctaaa gccttccgcc     75240
     agtgttccaa cagtcctaga acgtccttga gctagacagt gacattcaga atagcctctg     75300
     gtattacact atcaataaaa gccaagtcgc tcccatatac aggaatttac aatggtttag     75360
     gaagtagatc gggctgtggt tttagagtat tgcattattc atgagatggt tagctaggac     75420
     ggaactccct agttagaacc atgacttggg tgtgaaagcc cttgccctag gagagtaaag     75480
     acctcacact tggcttctaa gactatagct gagttacacc catacacacg tatttacaat     75540
     ggcctaaggg gaaggtggac tatataatag actaaaatag gaactatggc aagggcacga     75600
     agcccttgac cctggcttct aagattaagc aaatcttagg tggagccctt gttgatccca     75660
     gttgttaaca atgaattcta tcccaggtgg ttcctgttag accttctgtg tttgcattcc     75720
     tctgttttat gtaagaatcc agtaacctct ttgtaccttg ctggtatgtc acccaacttc     75780
     cttattgtct cctgcataaa aagtctgatg ctcaacttgg catacattca gatccaacac     75840
     aacctctcct gtatgcatct gtctgtcaat tcatcctaca ctttgcccac ttgagactag     75900
     agacccattc cacgcagaca aaggggccca gagggtctgc ggcaattgat agaacattaa     75960
     ataagataaa gagatctaaa taatagagag actgggactg gagctcacag agtccttcat     76020
     tcaaccccaa gtactgccta aaaccacatt tgctgctcga taatcccagc actgggaata     76080
     cggaggcagg aggatcagag ctcgaagatc atcctcagct atgtaagtgt gaggccagcc     76140
     taggctacct gagagcctgt cttaaagaac aagtagctgc agagatggct cagttggttt     76200
     gtcttgcaat atgagggcct gagtcccatt tcaagaaccc acaggagcga gaaaaaaaaa     76260
     agtgtgctat gcacacctgt gatccctgca ctgggaaggc agagacagga ggacacctgg     76320
     gagcttagtg gctggccaat atgacctaac tgctgagtgc cgggccctgg atagagtatc     76380
     aaataataga gagaggtcct agctacaacc ttgttgttga ctttaatacc tatgcatggc     76440
     cctgtacata cagacacatg tacacatgaa cactgagagc cagggcctcc atgttctgtt     76500
     tttcccaagg gaagggccag gtgtgtgaca tcatggagaa ggacacctcc catggtgtct     76560
     ctggagcacc ttcttgctat ctatgctttc tgccccaaag gaggcacatc ctgcctacct     76620
     gtgtcactct caggacagag acacactgcg aaggctggat gttccttgtc accaccccag     76680
     gagccaccga gacacaacag gaagctgtgc agaggtccat gtcgtctcct gctttgatgg     76740
     ccctgtgttc cccaggacag aggttagctt ctatccctgt gctgctagct gggttttgtt     76800
     aacttgacac aagcctactc atgtctagga tgagagagtc tttattcaaa tgtttctatc     76860
     agactggtct gctgggaggt ctggggtgta ttttcttgag taatggttgg tagggagtgc     76920
     ctggctaact gtgggtggtc ctcccttggg caggctgtcc caggagctgg ctgaatagga     76980
     gcccaaggag cagagcagtg agcagtgttc ttccatagtc tctgcttcag ttcctgcctc     77040
     cagcctccca ccctgcttga gttccttcat tctgaagaga tgctttaaac cgatgcagtc     77100
     atggcgaaaa caagcagagt ggagcaggag aggctgccgg acagacctgt cagtgcgcac     77160
     atccacacaa gggcactgac cagccatgcg tgcacacatg gctgtttccc atgtttcttt     77220
     cttttagccc tggggtgggg ggtgggggga gctccctctt tcccttccac aaggggtctt     77280
     caaaaactca agatgtgtcc agaggaagcc taggaaaagt caaagaaaga ccacttttgt     77340
     tgttgttgtt gttgttgttg ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt ttaggtagtg tcttgtatcc     77400
     caggttggcc tggaactcac tatgtcacta aagagatagt gacccggaac ttctgatcca     77460
     cttgctgctg agtgctggga ttcccggcct gaattaagcc tgaaccactt tttcctttcc     77520
     ttcccgaaat tactttacta gctctgtaga gattcttcca gagtgagacc tgctgtttgg     77580
     aggagacaca agctgtagga gaggccctca ctttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc ctggtggctt     77640
     aggatggtca gaacagagtg ttgcatcctc tgggactgga attacagatg gatggttgtg     77700
     agcctccata tggatgctag gaatcaaacc tgggtcctct gcaagaacag ccagtgctct     77760
     taagcaccac acagtttctc cagctcattt gtttgtttcc tagtgcaccc tggctgtgac     77820
     ctgctcttga gcacctagac cctcctggcc cctcctgtgg tccattcagg gcatctcgcc     77880
     ctgaagtatt ctaaccatgg taggtcctag agtgctctgc ttggatcccc cagtttcctc     77940
     tgcctcttcc cctcagctct tctcagaggc acaggctggg ctggctctct agggaggccc     78000
     ttaagtcttt aagctggacc ctggtggcag cctcctgcag aagcccattc cttatgttca     78060
     gctggtaagc gccagcctta acaacaaaag gacctgagtt ctagccccag cagccagcct     78120
     gcagccaggt ctggtgcaca cctttgatcc caacactggg aaagcagaaa tgggcagatc     78180
     actgtggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaaggc aggcaggtaa aggcaagttg     78240
     tggtggcaca cacttacaca cttgtaatcc ataggcttgc tagctagcca gcctaaatca     78300
     acatgttcca gaccagtgag agatcctatc tcaaacaaca aggtgtgcag tacctgagga     78360
     ctatacccca agtggtcttc tggactccat gtgcatacat gtgcatacac acctgcatac     78420
     atgaacaccc aacctcctag tatcccctgt aaggggaaag acagaagcat cctttgacac     78480
     ccagtcctta aggatggaca gcacatggtg acctccttcc agcattctgc tcaaccaggt     78540
     ggtcaaggtg aaaagacact tccttatggt ctccctcccc caaatccaca ctgaaattat     78600
     ctgcaaacct agtgagtcct tgccatcagg gctacagaag ccaggaacct tcagagctag     78660
     tgagccatgg tcccagctgc ctagatagca gctggaggct ccggggaggt gagcagggag     78720
     gcgagctgca cagacaacag caagagggag ctggcagggg tccccacaag ctctcattgt     78780
     agagccctgt ctgttccatt ggcttctgcc tcccaagcag tgggattagt gacatgtgtc     78840
     accatgtcca gctgggcaca gggcattgct gtgagacttc tcacttcaac agacccaggg     78900
     cttgtaccca aaaattgatc caggtgaact gtggccctgg agtcagcatg agaccgacct     78960
     agggcctctg cacatatgtt acagttatat atcttggtgt tcttgtggaa ctcctaacag     79020
     cgggagcagg ggctgactct gactctgttg cctgcttttg ggaccctttc ctcctacctg     79080
     gttgcctctt gcagccttaa taggagagga ggcctagtct tactgcaatc tgatatgcct     79140
     tggctggttg gtatccatgg gagagctgcc cttttctgaa aagaaatgga ggatgggggc     79200
     agatgctggg aggaaaagag ggaggaaaaa ctacagctag gtccagatgt aagtacccaa     79260
     gctgggcttc ccctcctctg aggagcagtg tagtaggtag tcgggggagg gatttgtaag     79320
     ggcaggattg gtgggggaaa ggagggagga ggaggggttg caattgggat gcaaagtgaa     79380
     taaaaaaatt aattattgaa ggaggaagga aggaagggag ggaaggaggg agggagggag     79440
     ggagggagga acttatcagc aagatggggg gagggagcac aaggcagtgt ggatggagag     79500
     atgacccagt agttaagagc actggttaag tgctcacaga taacccagta attaagagca     79560
     ctggataaga gctcacagca tctgttaact ccacttccag ggcatgaaat gcctcctgac     79620
     ttttgcaggc actggacatg cacataatgc atatacatgc aggcaaaaca caacaacatt     79680
     tagaagtcta aataaaactt taaagagaaa ggaaacaaaa tacagggaac aggggagatg     79740
     gcccagtgga taagagatct tactctgcaa gcacaggatc tgaattttag tccccggcac     79800
     ccacataaaa ctccaagtat gacttcatgg gcttgacacg tcgagtggtg gggctgtggg     79860
     gaacaggcat atctcaagac tggctggaaa ggtgaacttc aggctcagta aaagacactg     79920
     tctcaaggga ctagagtgga aaacaataga ggaagacatt caatgtcttg ctctggcttc     79980
     tccatgcttg tgcgtggcag tatgcacttg tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     80040
     ccttggacac tggggacatg gctcaactgt aaggccctgc ttaggatctc tcagtagaga     80100
     agagtatgcc tcggtagaag agctcctgct tagtgtacac aggcagggcc cgagatttca     80160
     tcttatgatg atgagtttta actgtcaact tgacacaacc tgtaatcacc tgagaaagag     80220
     ttcttaaatg aggaactata tagttcaggt tagcctgtgg gactttgtgg gcagcagggt     80280
     gtctgagttg ggatattttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt tgaagcagga tttctctgtg     80340
     tagtcctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactctgt agaccaggct ggccttgaat ttagaaatcc     80400
     gcctgcctct gcatcccaag tgctgggatt aaaggtgtgc gccaccatgc ccggcatgtc     80460
     ttgagtttta attgttatgg gaagaccaat cccgcaatgg acagcagcat tctctaggct     80520
     gggccaggaa ttttctaaga atgaataaag ctggcatgct ggttagtttt tttaatattt     80580
     atttattatt atacataagt acactgtagc tgacttcaga cacaccagaa cagggcgtca     80640
     gatctcatta tgggtggttg tgagccacta tgtggttgct gggatttgaa cttaggacct     80700
     ttggaagagc agtcagtgct ctttcctgct gagccatctc gccagcctgc tggttagttt     80760
     ttgacaactt catacaaact agacaaattg gttaagtttc agaagctatg ttttgtgctt     80820
     cctctatttt caggaaatat ttgattggtt ttggatttct gatggggttg aagactagtt     80880
     ttagtctcat agtcaaactc aggttgttta tcatggagtt catagagtag atgacgtggt     80940
     tttcaagtga tgttacaggc taaaattcta aacataatcc agagatggaa tcataactct     81000
     ttcagtttag gaaatatggt actttgtcta attgacaaat tgatggacca gatctcattt     81060
     atacctcata ctgtaaaatt tccttaatct tgttcaattt gtatctggga gaagagattt     81120
     ttgatttttt gtttttggtt ttggtttttt gtgggttttt tgggactgaa aaggtgagat     81180
     gcagggggaa gtaaggtctg ctaattggtt cttgatttgg tcaataaaga ggtgagcagc     81240
     taattgctgg gcagaaggga caggtgggac ttccaggtcc taggaacaaa aggagatgta     81300
     agaaaagagc tttttcagct aggtcttgga agcagcatga aacaaccatg tgagatctca     81360
     gggaagctag aactggcagg ctctgccacc agcggagcgc catggaggtc tgtggaggct     81420
     ggttggtcaa ggctaggcta gggcaggaga ttctgtgtcc agcagttctg atatctggca     81480
     agttctaaaa taataaagct gtctgaagtg tttttcatcc acagagcaaa agtggggggg     81540
     gggaggagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag gctggagtgg tagctagtga     81600
     ctcggcgatg ctagctggga ggaacaaaag agaaaccaga gagaacttga tgttataaaa     81660
     tattgttctc catcaccttc tggttggtca ataaatagtt gaacagccag ggcaggagag     81720
     gaagaggtag gacttccaaa cccagagaga ggaagaggat ctcaggtggg acccaggaag     81780
     tcaccatcag aacgtggata aaggaggaag tgccaaggta agatgaagat gacaggtaaa     81840
     ggaccacatg gctgggaagt aggccaggcc agcactgtca ggttaaaata gcccagaatc     81900
     tgcctagcta ttgtacctga agctttgaat gaatgtaaag gtctccttgt cattattcag     81960
     agcaagggtg tgtataaaaa gcagaacttt taaaatggcg gtttggcttg tttcagaaag     82020
     aagcaacaac tctattgggt cttttgtgtg aagaatcttt ggtgtgtctg gtcagctggg     82080
     gctgaagagt cagccatgat taataagaga ccagcaccat tgaaatgaaa actttgtgtt     82140
     aaggggacaa ctaatggtgg ttagatggag ctgagaaagt gtttcctgag agtcagcaca     82200
     cagaagctgt gttccagaga tagctaggtt gcactttgtg ctggcagctg gacttggtgg     82260
     tcttagtcaa ccaggtggta ccttgtttga agacatgaag gggacttggc actgtgagag     82320
     gtcaggagag gttgctggtg aaggtgcagc cagagttgcc gtggaagcag tggaagactg     82380
     aaggggtcat ggagaaaagt agaggccttg taccatgaag agcgctcagg agagctattg     82440
     gtgcagagct atggcccatc tgcagaagac cccagaattt tggagacgcc cattctgtgg     82500
     agtgaccact gagaacaaca gctttggtgc aatggagccc atcagagctt agattagctg     82560
     tgtgtccaac agagagtggg gctgggaaag tgacccaaga ccttcagagg ctcccaggtc     82620
     atgaatggat ctcagacatt ggaccttgtg ttgttcacac agttaagagt ctgattttga     82680
     tttgattgtg actgtgccat gattcttctc tcttgaaata agaaagtatt taatctttta     82740
     ttttacagaa gcccacaatt gagagacttt taaaggtctt tttttttctc tttctccaag     82800
     acagggtttt gttttatttt tgtttttgtt ttatgtagcc ctggctctcc aggaactcat     82860
     tctgaagacc agggtgtcct ggaactcgaa gatctgcctg cctctgcctc ctgagtgctg     82920
     gcattgaagg aatgtgacat catacctggc ccaatttgga atattttata ttgtgatatt     82980
     cctactaatg agaggtctcg gggatgaata agaaaataaa ggttgtggct taacagtgat     83040
     gtgtttgtgt gtcaagctga caagaattca gttgggctgg ctaattttat gtcaattcga     83100
     cacaaactag attcactgga gaagagggag cctcagttga gaaaatgcct gtggggtatt     83160
     ttcttaatta gtgattaatg tgggaggatg aaacttgttg tgggtggaac catccctggg     83220
     ctggtggact tcaattctat aagaaggctg agcaagcaat gaggcgcaaa ccagtaagca     83280
     gcacccctcg gtggcctctt catcagcttc tgcctctagg tctctaggtt cctgccctgt     83340
     ttgagttcct gtactgactc ttttcattga tggactgtga tgtggaagta taagccaaat     83400
     aagccctttc ttccctgact ttcacgtggt catggtgttt gtagtttaat acaaaacaaa     83460
     aacaaacaaa aagcagacat ggaactcaaa aagaccaaat tccattcctg cctcctcaag     83520
     gacctcaagg ctaacaactg ctacctgggc atctcagcca cccagaaaag gacagcagac     83580
     tatctgaccc aagagggaag ctgggcaaat acagttaacc agcattctgt gctcatgaga     83640
     agcagctgtc cccaggaatg gagaagggac aaggaggggc ctctgctcct tggtgcctga     83700
     gtagtcaagg cggtggcgtc tgtctcagag gttcatacga cgttccctct gggggtgggc     83760
     tctccattta aagttcagag cagaaccaga gtaggatgca aggtcagggt gtagggggac     83820
     ctggtggttg tcactccagt gatagtgttg gagtctcctg gagccatgct gactccatag     83880
     aagaaccact gtcagctatg atccatagcc ctagctctag gggattggag acctacctta     83940
     cagactcaag tgtccctgtg ggtcacccca atactcagtc tgcatctcct taaaaggtca     84000
     aactgatgct acgtggctca acatgatcac tataaaacac acccaaaatg tacctcttgg     84060
     ctggccagtt accatgggaa caatcatccc tcgagcagat aggtctttgc aggtacttac     84120
     cctaaagaca ggctccttcc cacagttggg agtgaaggtc agatcttgct ttggggaacc     84180
     ccctctctgg aacctctgtt tcttgggcta atagtacctc gtgtagaatc taatctcaat     84240
     cagcttcctc aggacacttc tttcttctga gtcttctcaa aatgtcctta gattgtgact     84300
     tcactgacga cttggtccaa ggccataaac tacccagcat ggctactgaa gaccaaactc     84360
     aggtcttcac tgaaagcggt atgcattctc agctgatagc tttttatgca gaatctatcc     84420
     aggagattga agtcaggttc tatgcttgct gggcaagcat tttaccaatg agctgtctcc     84480
     acaagcctct ctgcccacta ctgcaatgat cacactgtgt ttgatggtat tcttcttggt     84540
     atgtatatgc tatattacct ttggcttgtc ttttgctgcc aatgtaaata caaccagcct     84600
     tagtgtcaac atggctctaa ctttactgat aggctggtca cctgtcatgt tcttgccaag     84660
     tgggtgtact tgacaatgaa caaatgttac tagttacctt ttgtttggct tcattgtttt     84720
     gtttgagatg gggtcagtct ttagcccagg ctggcctggg caatccttcc tcctcagcct     84780
     cccaaatgct gagactgcag tcatgagcca ccacacccaa cttctttctc ttatgctagg     84840
     cacatgtgta ctgtcgagct tcagccccag tcctttgctt tattctcagt tgtcttaaga     84900
     ctaccccgag gctcactctc cccagcgtct cctctcaaag ataagacaca caggccacag     84960
     gaaaatctgc attttatttg tgcccataac ccctagagga tcagcctcca ctagatgcaa     85020
     cccttccccc acaccctcac aaaacactga ttctctcaca gagctaaaat gacccctagt     85080
     taccaactac aatcacccct tcctgtcccc taggccagta taaattctga ggtcctggct     85140
     cccttttctt gactggcttc tcacttgtgt tccaagtccc ctccttaaaa ccctccctcc     85200
     ctgactaggt tctcatctgc catcacccag agtggcttcc tgctttatgt tcatgccagg     85260
     cctggcagcc tccccctaca cccaactagg actacctgca aaaacacact tgctttaaga     85320
     ctccagaggc cagggatcag gctggctcct cctccagttc cctgagggcc ttgctttctc     85380
     agttgcactg aaggggtaca gaaactgact ctgccaaata gcccacagtg ggttaggcag     85440
     aggggaagcc tagagatgga ctggatagga aagtggaatg gaggggtagt gtgacgctgg     85500
     agacagacgt acacgagacc tccctctcca gcctggacct gtaccctagg tgctgcgggt     85560
     cctctggctt cgggccttat acacctcaat tagcaggtcc ttcacgtact ggatctcccg     85620
     ctccactgac tcagccctct ccctcagctc ccggttccgg gcctccagcc cctggcactc     85680
     gccctccagg gcctcgccct ctgcccgctt cctctggcgg tacctgagag cagctgactt     85740
     attctggtct ctcttctttt gcttgcggtc ccctcgtgtg ctggcaggac taggataagg     85800
     ggctgggcgg gcgggtgaag gcagaggggc cagaggagga ggctgctgtg ggacaggcag     85860
     ggttgacaag cctgaatccc ccggcccggc ctcactgcgg cagtaaacag ccagcaggtc     85920
     caaggtatcc agggtaggag gctgagggag gtcaaaggtg ggcaagggca agggcagggg     85980
     cagagagggt gctgctgctg gtggtggagg tggtggtggg gagggcggtg ggagaagtgg     86040
     ggcatcaagg aagaagtctt ccatctgttc cagctccttc ttgagtaggg atgccatggc     86100
     ttccaggtca gggggggccg gggagggtgg ggggagagtg cctgggggca gaggggcctc     86160
     cagaggaagg agagctgtga agtccacccg ctcagtcatc caatcagaga agccgtcacc     86220
     tgaggatgga gggggacata aaagtccctg aggactgtgc tttatccact tcggtgttca     86280
     ctcatgtccc attcattaaa tgtgacaagt gaccagccag ccaaccatca aatctatagg     86340
     cccatcaata gaccaataag tcagggaaga aaccaatcaa gcaatcaacc aaccagctag     86400
     ctagtttacc cttcaagcta ctagccaatg aactaaccaa ccaaccaacc aatcaaccag     86460
     tcagccagcc ataggattta ctagctaacc agccaaccag gcaatcatac cactcagcag     86520
     ccaaccaacc aacaaattca ttaatctatg aacaagccag tcagtcaatc agccaaccat     86580
     agtttacaat caacaaacag acccactaac aatgaatgag gcaaccaacc aaccaatcag     86640
     ccaatcatat agttcagtag ccaaccaagt aacccagaaa gtaagcagtg aaccagtgaa     86700
     ccagagttca ccagccaaca atcaactaaa ccaccatgta accaatgacc cagccaacca     86760
     gccaatcacc catcagttca ccaggccacc tgccaatgaa ctaatcaact caccaaccaa     86820
     tcagtgaaca agccaatcaa tgattcaaat caatcagcca accactcagt gaagcagtca     86880
     cccaactaac ggtccaccca acaaaggtct gctcccacgt ctgtaatcct gctctgtggc     86940
     tgcttgactg caccccatac ctatgtcttc tctcctttcc ttgcttgttc agttattatt     87000
     ggtgatagag acttgtgtag actaggctgg ccttggacct gctttgtagt ccgtggctga     87060
     ggacaacctt aaacatctga ctctcccaga gtgctaggac tattcaccac tctctctcct     87120
     ccctttcctg cacgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tgactcgctc     87180
     catctttatt tgttctcctt ttccatttct gagatgtttg agaattacgt tcttgctatg     87240
     ctgcctaggc tggcctgacc tcaagaggct gagaagcccc ttgaacaggg ggagctgagg     87300
     gcatgtgcca ccaggcgcag tctgggacaa ccatctgtta catagtcaaa agagactgtg     87360
     ccccaggatc tctgagatgg agcccccttc caccttatca tggctccttc tccccatccc     87420
     tcagccctca gttcagatgt catctactta gaggggctga cttctcaact atgtctttca     87480
     tcactgtcca ctaagctttg gtctcccact tctgtctcct gatgcaccca tgagcttagg     87540
     gatcccttgc tcggaaccct gcagacctag aacagtgttg ggcacactgc aggccctcag     87600
     tactgatctt gtgaaggaat aaattcttcc ttttctgtcc acccccaccc ccagctcaac     87660
     ccacctctct tcttaacctg ttcttacctg ccaggggctc tcccccccct ggaagcccgc     87720
     cctccagggc acccccaagg acctcatagg ggcccagggg ggcaggggcc agggggagtt     87780
     tcccatagtc tacgagccag cccagcccgc tagctgggag cagggccctg tccagctcca     87840
     gtcccagggt cgccaggagt gacatggctg tgacacaggc acagggcagc gacggcaatg     87900
     gaggctgcac caacaattgg gaggcagcgt ggaagattgt tcagctgggt gaagacaggc     87960
     accaaggcga aggtggagga cctgtgagga caaggggacg tgggtgggat tgagtcaaag     88020
     cggcttgacc cacaggctac acagtttcct tctttccgaa aatttcagcg ctccacacat     88080
     tcccagggac attattggaa actcccctgc cccatctcct ccctcaacac agaaacctag     88140
     tgttttccca ggggaattac ctctagtccc tcctacccac ctcatcttat tcctcttcat     88200
     aaaaatttca atcccaaggg aatttccttc tagccgtgcc ccttccgcat cattagacta     88260
     tacccccttt aatccacagg ggttcccaga ataattctgc atgcctgggc ccttcatcag     88320
     tgtcacacac acagatcccg ctcttccctt aaaaattttg gtgacttcta aagattctac     88380
     gggaagctcc gcccaccctt ctgtctgtca cagtcagttc ccgtccccca ctagcaagtc     88440
     cctagaggcc ccgcccctgt agtgctagtg ctaactcttt cttaaaggtg ttcctaaagc     88500
     ctttcctgtc agtttaagcc agtccccgcc ccagcaggtg tctgattgga gggaagttgg     88560
     gcctgagtcg gagcctcaag caaaacccca cccttcctcg ctgctggctc gactagcgac     88620
     gaggcgcaag ctcagtccca ggacccgatc cattgttacg ccactaccct cctgggggac     88680
     cagtgcgcgt gtttagccaa tgaccggccg cccgccgtag ttcaggccgg gggtggaggg     88740
     gtgggggggt gggggaataa gacaatgcgc atgcgcaaca ggttgtgggg ttgtctcctt     88800
     ggaggaaaag gggcagaggg tctgtgaatt agcgcgcagg cgcaacggcg cgcgagccga     88860
     ccttaaaagc ccccaaattc tccggaagca cgccctcctc ctccccgccc ctcgcaactc     88920
     gagcctagtg cgcttgctca gcggatgcgc cggccgccag cttccctctt ctgcgcctgc     88980
     gcgaccgtgg ttcctcactt cgtctccccc gcccccacca cgaggctgac ccgtgaagcc     89040
     ccgcgagctc tgaaagggcg ggaaaggcag ttggcgaggg aggggcgagc ggttactcac     89100
     tccatggcgg cgaaaaggcg aggaggcaac ggcggcggcg gcctcggctg aagagacggt     89160
     gtgagcggag agtgaaggcg cggtgagcgc ggagacgggg gcgggggaca cgacggggtc     89220
     gcggctacag agccattgcg cgggcggagg cggcgtggcg ggagcgttaa gggagactgt     89280
     gctgagaggg ttgaaaatga ggcggccccg gggcctgggg acaaatatac cgggggcggc     89340
     gcagcgcggg cttgcctgga tccctccgcg ccccgccctc gcgcggcccc gacggggcgg     89400
     tggcgacccc gggcccgcca tgtcgccctg accctccact ctctgcttca ggctgggggc     89460
     ccgggctcgg tctcctgaat cggtcagatc cgatgtgtct ttcacacccg aaaccagctc     89520
     gtctcgttct ctctccctgc ttcacgaatt tgccacccga gacctcgtgg gttaagccca     89580
     tcgccgaatg gcgcaagcta gcttaggctt catagaggag ttccaggcag caaccgcgag     89640
     ataacgcttc ccaagtactt gtagagcgct gtatacgcgc acagatatat cagctatgga     89700
     aagtaggcca cgaagtccta accacgagac tcttcaacat atttttgttt gttttgtttt     89760
     aacatttatt gtggtggtca gaggagagct agcaggagtt ggttctctga ccatgtgagt     89820
     cccagggacg gaactcgggt caaactattt ggcagccttt acccactgct cagtcattgt     89880
     attttctttt agaaaaaaac cctgacttca cctcttttac tctccctacc ccagattctt     89940
     agccatatga tcgttctgtg tgtcccacct ccaaggtttc tgtttccagc catccctgcc     90000
     gacctctaag gttttgccct tgctctgact ttcttgcagt ccttgctctc ttgctgaccc     90060
     cactagataa ttatttcttg atcctgtcca aaataggaca tttatattcc atttagtaaa     90120
     agagtccctc ttgtccttca ccggggatga tgcgtgaacc ctgttttcta ccccatgttc     90180
     atgtacatgg ctggcattcc atgtgaaagt cagtcagtgt gtcatatttg tagcagctga     90240
     gagactgaat ggttggagat agagctcaag aatgctcgtc tgtttttaac accagaacct     90300
     tagtctctgt ccaagcacca catggattgg gcttgacttg cctgtattct caggatttgg     90360
     gagatgggag aaaagaaatc atgagttcag ggtcatactg actggcctca atgtgtttta     90420
     aaaagaaaaa gtccagaggc caggcttgat atctcaccta cttaggaggc taagacagga     90480
     gtattgaaag tcaaggtcag ggctggagct gctttgagat ggctctggtg gtgatctcta     90540
     aactcaaccc tcctgagttc catcctcagg acccacttgg tagaaggaca aaagcaactc     90600
     tagacggttg tcctctgacc tccaccacct gtagtgacag gtctacatac tgagtaaggg     90660
     gaggaaaaaa gctcaaggct tgccttgact agaaagtgag ttcttggctg tctagagaac     90720
     ttaacaaaga tcctgatttt aaaaaaatat gtaatgggct ggggttggag gttggtggca     90780
     gagtgttggc cagaatactg ctttccagac tctggtgtcc atccctggta ctgtaaaaga     90840
     ttcagagcag gtggggaata ctgattttga aagttacaag tccttgagat aattcccctt     90900
     ggaatgggca ctcttttttt ttttttagat tttatttatg taagtacaca ggttctcttc     90960
     agacacacca gaagagggca tcagattcca ttgcagatgg ttgtgagcca ccatgtggtt     91020
     gctctggaaa agcagtcagt gctctgtaac actgagccat cagagtgtga attcttatct     91080
     tctgccagtg tttgagcaca ggcgtgattt gatgtgttta gactccagcc ctcccttgcc     91140
     agctatgggc tttgttaagt ccatgtggag tctgctacga atacagaaat gggatggacc     91200
     cagagcttca tgaactgcat gctaaatgga cattctacca cctgagctgc atccctgggc     91260
     cccacaggtg ctggttttta tttgaaacat tgtgccatgt tgctgtgccg gtggtgctcc     91320
     tttccttgag tttggtattt taaagtaaac ttttggaata atcgaaaggt ttcaaagaca     91380
     gtgcagagtg ggggtaccag cccatagtct tccccatggt acttcttttt tctttcctga     91440
     ggtcctaccc agatgcttcc cccgccctca gatccacctt aactcaagag ctggttttca     91500
     catttagctg ccatgccctc cccagcatgt gcacagccgt cactttatgg gagttgtgat     91560
     catccctgga ggcctgccac cctgagcctt ggccagtacc agactgttat gtgtccatca     91620
     tgtgtgctat tctctcttcc taaccctcac cccggctcaa gtggcagcct agtctctttc     91680
     ctctcaaaaa acaaaaacaa aaaacaaatc ctgtggggag ccagaagcaa gggtggagct     91740
     gcttggaact cttttccagt gcggaggggc ctgagctggg gagtgaggcg gctggttgca     91800
     ggcagttgca tcagccgggc tctgatggtt aggaagggct gagggaattc tctggggacc     91860
     acagagcacc tggcaacagc tcctaggtag caaagacctg tataggagcc ccctgggcag     91920
     aacactgaaa atctggggct ttgtgctaag aaggggccta gcatcccaaa ggcactagct     91980
     tagttgtgaa agacaagact ggggcctgaa aaagggtaag aagaattttg catggccaca     92040
     gttgtctttg atagagcaga gttccccacc ctgtcctgtg aggcctcaaa cctggactat     92100
     tacctagatt ttgttgttgc tgttaaattg ttttggttag tgtgcaaaga ggttttgttg     92160
     tgacgcttcg tatatcttta tttttgtcca cctggttgct tctcatccct gtactattgt     92220
     ggcaggccct ggtttcccag ttgagagaac agccttgtgt gatggaaaag gattgggctt     92280
     tatgggttct gtttgtgggc aggagttggt ctgcctactt agattttggt ggggtgtgca     92340
     ccaacctgct acttgtcttc ccagtgtgag tgtacatggt attgtgtgtc tatccttttc     92400
     ctaataagta aaagtatccc ttccacttgg tacagggaag ggtgagtctt catcagtacc     92460
     aggtaatgct aaaggggtag ctgagggaaa gctcttccta ggagctcaga atctggtgta     92520
     gcttctcttc ctgtccttcc atacttgtgc atgactatct cctccagcac atagaggaca     92580
     aggtcgggac tttgttcata tagcccccag cactgtgcta cccccacctc acccccttgg     92640
     gcagcagcac acttctgaat cagttgcttg tgtggggaca gaaaactcga aagcataatc     92700
     tccacacagt gctagggaac aagtaaaact gggtcacgaa ggccagaggg acaggagttg     92760
     gaggtgtggg tgtcctggca aacaagggca ggaaggccaa ggccagtttg gctggggaaa     92820
     gggcagtgcc acgtggccag atgctcagag ttctctagag cccctgccct tctcttacaa     92880
     cacctcccct ttagaagtca ctgttgtaac ttatcactga gttggcctca tgcttctgta     92940
     ccagctccca cgttttgggt gtcacctgta ctggttaact cccccttgct gttatgacag     93000
     gttaaaagat tcagagagca cacacttggc accttaatag aattttggag ttcccaaggc     93060
     actgggttcc tagccatacc agtatctaga ggctacctca ttttgaggct ctttgtgtcc     93120
     cctcaggctt ctttgcctcc gtccaacttg aagcttcttc ctttgagctt cctgccttcc     93180
     ttacagaagc cctgtgcttg aacattggac tgtcccagat agtccaggat aattgagtct     93240
     tgaaggagcc ttcatgtaac ttgtctacac tgaatgcttt gccatgggat aatattcaca     93300
     ggccgtgggt actgatgtag atgaatctgc atggccatta tccaacctct aattctgtgt     93360
     cctctaggag atatgtgctg ttagccagga tacagggaaa gtagtggagg gttagtggtg     93420
     aaagggcaca ggcatcagga ctgagctgtt acaaagggtc aggaggactt gctgagcacc     93480
     ccgaccacac ctaaaaggga ttgcagattg ggctgggcag ctgctgactg gaaaggcgat     93540
     gtctagattt tgtctgaaat tcaagtttga actatgaatg agtacatctt gtttctttgt     93600
     gcacaactac ttaacaaact gagacaccaa caacacctct aggaacccta gcatttatgt     93660
     accctctgaa aagtccccaa aattctaaac atgcaatcag aatctgcagc tgtcagaatc     93720
     aagcccctgc tagagcatga gggcaaatca tagctgctgt ggacagtctg aagcagcccc     93780
     gtgtcctaca cctggaatta aaatgaaaac attttttata gtatttctgc gttttttttt     93840
     aaggaaacca aaattctcgt acacccaaca atttgtgtcc agccccttgg agctttaatg     93900
     tgggtggttt ggagtctgta ttctctctgg ctgcacctca gcagggctac aaacatagcc     93960
     attgggcaca ggagatgctc tctgttccta ctaagttgta tttgggagtg acacctaagt     94020
     aggacatggg agtgattggg atgtcttctg aaactaggat tgagaggcta gaggtatctt     94080
     ctggtgggtg gagtggaagt ggggggaaga atgccttgta ggagaggttc agcagacagc     94140
     tactgaagtt ctcttgactt cagtggaacg atagcaagtt tctacctcat ttgctaggag     94200
     ataatcaagc agataaggtg cctagactag tggcacaggc ttataaccct ggcatttgga     94260
     gatggagaca aggtttggaa gttcactgcc agctggagtg acttagaggc cctgacaact     94320
     ttgaaactct gggtcaaaaa taaaaatttt aaagggcctg agggtatggc ttagttcagt     94380
     gatagggtcc tcttggtgtg caaggcactg gttcttgcag aactgcagga agagagcaag     94440
     ggaggccaca gcctgctatc acctctgttc cccacagaaa ccatatcata tagcctaggt     94500
     gagccttgcc ctcaagagaa gggccaaaaa agtgcacggt gacagtgtgt cctctggaca     94560
     cactggtgcc tcctggtgtt caatcagaag agcctggcct gcccagcagt ggtgtttggt     94620
     gtttgtacag agctgtgtgg tgatgtgctg cctctgctct aacagtccag tcattaccac     94680
     cctctacagt tcctcatccc attccttctc cacccactca cccccaaccc ccacccccgt     94740
     ctcccaagag gatgttccca ctcctccctt tttaaattct tttctttttc ttttttaaaa     94800
     gggtttatct tgtataccat gttctctctg cgtataagcc tgaaggccag aagagggcac     94860
     caggtcatat tataaatggt tgtgagctgc catgtggttg ctgagaattg aactcaggtc     94920
     ctctggaaga gcagtcacag ctcttaaccg ctgagccatc tctccagccc cacttactta     94980
     tttcgaaaca gggtcttaag ccgggcagtg gtggcacttg ggaggcagag gcaggtggat     95040
     ttctaagttc gaggccagcc tggtctacag agtgagttcc aggacagcca gggctataga     95100
     gaaaccctgt cttgggggaa aaaaaaaaag aaaggaagga aggaaggaag aaagaaagaa     95160
     agaagctggc ctcagacttt ttgatcctcc tgcctcctaa gtgctggaat tacatgtgta     95220
     tatcactaag acaggcttcc ttatcttttt tttttttttt tttttattta tttatttatt     95280
     ttattaatgt aagtacactg tagctgtctt cagacactcc agaagaggga gtcagatctt     95340
     gttacagatg gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgctgggatt tgaactcctg accttcggaa     95400
     gagcagtcgg gtgctcttac ccactgagcc atctcaccag ccccccttcc ttatcttttt     95460
     gaggctgact gacagtccat ggatggatgt ttgtttggcc cttcattgtt tttgatgaac     95520
     tgatggtcat tggttgggat gtttttatcc tatttgggct ggtgttaccg ttctggggtg     95580
     gggtactggg gtctgggctc ttcattgaaa gaaactgact tctaggcact tccagatttg     95640
     ctgcctggaa agtgcctagg cacttccagt ggctgccaca ccctacagca ccaattcatc     95700
     tcttctctgg ccaccctaat gggtgtgtag tggagcctct ttgtgatcca gcttggattt     95760
     tctggacgat ggtggtgata agcctcccca aggagcagtc ctttcttaaa atgatactgt     95820
     gacctgaggc caccacccct tcccaccctg agtaggtagc ttctccatat gtccttaaca     95880
     atgggcctct agtagattcc ctggaccctt ccctaacaat ctcttgggga agcctgacac     95940
     tacctcctgg ggcttctggt actatcataa gcagagcttg atgttgtctg gtgtattgtc     96000
     ctgtgtaatt cacttgtgtc tgcctctgtt ggcactaaag aacaggtagt tagctggagg     96060
     agttggttta ttttgcttgg gaaaaccttc cctactgggt ggcatctgag gtctgaagta     96120
     ctttgattgc aagagacaga cttggtgggt caatgccttt atcacgttta acattgaatg     96180
     ctgtaggctg agcttgtgcc ttgctgtttt tgtcggccac acgggtatgt tctgcttact     96240
     gaggtgggtg ctgaatggca gctcatgttt attaatgttg ttttggtata gtgggtgtgg     96300
     aagttctggc gcctcctctg gtgggtgagg atatatatct gagacgctga taactaacgc     96360
     agaagagtgc agatgctggt ccttgggagc taacatggga gtagcttcct ccacatacat     96420
     gcccctggaa acaactggct tcccaactct gttggagggg atataatgct tgtgacttta     96480
     gctcgagcca ctgtgtcatg tagcaatatt ctgtctcaaa aaggtacgta catcttagaa     96540
     ccctacttga gctacatgga tgttgtgcca agttcatcat cctagcccac tgcaagactc     96600
     tacctcaaaa accctttctt taaccctctg tgctgtaggc tcccagttga agatgagctg     96660
     gttaggtttt tgcaggtgtt acctgtttgt cacctgagct ggtggaggcc ctagggagta     96720
     agaaaggatg taattgctaa ttagctgtgg gctgatttct gaggtaaaga aatcactgga     96780
     ggtaggaggg agaaggctga gaacctgcag gtacagtcat cagacacaca ggggcaggat     96840
     ttagtcagtg tctttgaaag gctcatgccc ttcctctacc aagggagaga ctatccctgc     96900
     ttcaaacgtt gtcttcttcc tcttactatt ttacttcaga taagtcattg agttatcagc     96960
     gaggagtggt aggggagtgg attagccaca tggaggttag gaagtggccc agccattaag     97020
     ctgattaaag caaatcaaaa tataaaggtt gtgtgtgtct ttcattcagg aacccagaac     97080
     attaaggtgg gtagggagaa acatgccacc aggatttatt tagttcttta atacaattca     97140
     cttttggatt ctcttagcta ttctttcctt tgacatatgg ggcaaagaaa tatggtgacc     97200
     actatgtgcc tgctgctagg gagtgatgaa acaaaggaag tagtagctct ccttccccac     97260
     ttccagaact caaaccaacc ttgtttgctt tgcactggag gaagtgtgga cctgatttgt     97320
     tccctaagag ctagaggggt ttcttccatg agagaagctg ctgtggcact gtggggggga     97380
     ggggttgggg tgtggctgag cttcccagga atcaggttcc cccctttctt tcttgctctg     97440
     ccttctcttc ctcttgcctc tccggtggtc ttccatccta cagcagcccc ttttctacag     97500
     actttaattt tgtctccgtg gttagcagcc cactcacaaa agcagaagag caagtgccct     97560
     attttgtttt gtttaagaca gatcatatag tgaggctggt ctcaagttca tcgtgtagct     97620
     gacagtcctt gaacctccta ttcagccttc tgagtgctgc agttacgagc atgtgttacc     97680
     atgttcatct tgtggagttc ttaaaacaac tacctcacac cagaaggttc cctcagagct     97740
     agctgatacc caatccttcc ctggttctgc attgtcatag caccacctgg tggccgttga     97800
     ctgtatacta gggacaaaac cagtgaggat acagaagagg tcacaagcca gaaaggggcc     97860
     ttgggtccaa gtggatcatc cagagccatc tccatcttaa gtccatttta tgtctgtcaa     97920
     gccctttagc cacataagac acaccctacc tttgtttttc cccagtgtcc taaaatatgc     97980
     tggttatatc tgttgcttta ttgagctcag cagtgctagt accacagcag gtgctcagct     98040
     tttatgtgga tgatgtccaa gtggaatttg tttgcactct gccacttggt gattctctgc     98100
     cttgtagtca tctctagctc agggtggtgt tcgatgtgaa aagtagtcca gtggtgacag     98160
     agtgctgagg tattggcagg ctggctgtga ccagggcaca tggatgatca agaagtagga     98220
     aggactttct actactgtcc aggctctcac atcagaaatc ccagcagtag ggaggcagga     98280
     gcaaggtgcg gctgagaaaa ctaaccaaga gatggatgga aggacatcac agcctgggtg     98340
     actcctgtgt ccatggcatg tggcctcagt gtggatgtct agcccacatg ccatgttgca     98400
     agcctgttac tgtctgcttt ctcacccata ggctctccta ggtgcctctc ctgtggtgaa     98460
     gatagaaggg ctatagctaa cctggtctac agctgaagag ctcccaggct tagggagtca     98520
     tcacttattt gctggatcag atcctgcctt gtggttatct ctgtcccaga gttcagttaa     98580
     agcttctgac ttagttcatc accaacctta ctcccagctc cttgcctcca gcttcttctg     98640
     catttagctc cctacttgtc agtcccctgt ggctgtttca gcaaagagtc tgagccacca     98700
     cagtgtagtg gtacactgga gaggcagggg acaggcagat agtcttctga gctagtgtac     98760
     agtgtatgta gttctaggct atatgatgag aacttttttt tttttaagtc tgggttgttg     98820
     gcatggtggt tgtggctatg ccagcatagt ctcctcagtg tttggcagga ctcttatctc     98880
     cagactctcc gtccccaact ctgggtggct ggatagtttc atggcctaga gctgcactgc     98940
     cacaggtcct caactgtcat ctgagttggt gactttccac agtgggtatc atcacaacat     99000
     cccttgatat catggaagct tgattttttt ttttttttaa gaattctcag ctccaattta     99060
     ttaatagcaa aagttttcca ctgagtacta aaaattgagg tatgaagtgt agctgattgg     99120
     atgattgagc agctaactta tccagttaaa gtgctcacca gtgaggaagt ctctatcatg     99180
     ccagagttgt ctgagtgctg aacagggctt cagtggacct actgtgacct tttgagattg     99240
     aaataatttt cccctgaagt tcttgtaagc ttaacattgc tagaccacag gaaggaggtg     99300
     gccagagaaa acaggtctga agaggctggc acagtatggg gagagggagg acaccaggca     99360
     cttggcttct cggttgggcc attgatgatt cttcatagaa gacattggga aacaggcgct     99420
     gtgagcttgc agactcacat aagtaagaaa ggcaaggcca gaggtcagag caagccttag     99480
     ctgccttcag cgaaggaaaa tggaatctga ctttgttccc tcctaagacc catcaccctt     99540
     ctgtgtattg tccacagact catctttccc agggtatcta gggccaggac ttggtgttgt     99600
     ccccacagtg gaacagagcc tgctgcccag aagcctctgg actactgatg tgtggctctc     99660
     gtcacagccc agtgactcat tgagcggggg acacaaacta aattcatagt aaatctgagg     99720
     ttagccacac cctggtctta ggaaattcac agctgagtat tggcattacc ctgcaaacca     99780
     ccttcttaac cctgaaaatg ccaaagggac agggagtacc ccaaatcatg tcctcatttc     99840
     agcaagcacc ctttgctggg gcaagggctg agctcagaga ggctaacgtt cttgttaata     99900
     ttgaaggaag gacagggtca tatctgctat attccatatc agtgtttatt tcttctggtt     99960
     gtcacaagct taaggcctca gaacagcaga catgagaggg tgtgacaacc tgtggttgtg    100020
     atacctatgt ttgaaagatt ggtacaaaaa agattgcaag ggtgaacgaa gcctgcatga    100080
     gcttcatact gagaccctgt gccaaagaat agaatatcag tagctgggga gatagcttag    100140
     tcaataaagt acttaccata caagcatgaa gtccccagca cgcacatgaa aaatctggac    100200
     atagtggcca atgccataat cttgatgcag gagaggtgta gtcggtgtgt tcccggggct    100260
     ttctggtcag ccagcctgtc tagcttagtt ggtgagttac aggtcccagt gaatgactcc    100320
     atctcaaaag ataatgtaga taataactga aaagacacaa ggactaccta tacacagggg    100380
     gtatacagtg aggaagccca ccagtattgc ttcttcacta tggaatgagc ctatcggcag    100440
     tgcaccccac agaagggatg catcatccca ccccatcacc tcaagaagtc caaatagagg    100500
     gttatactgc tctgaagggt acattctgat acattctctt tccacatgga gtactgtgtg    100560
     ggctagtcag ctttgcatct tggtctcatt gttccacacc agtataggga aagtgcccgg    100620
     tgactccatc aggtccactg aacttactcc tgtctcacca cctgctagct tgtggtcctg    100680
     ggaagatgat gcagtgctcc ctgtcacctt cctcaccata taagctatgg ggaaagtacc    100740
     tggacatctc tgcctggagt ggcttcagtc aaaacttcta gaagtctagt gttcttaatg    100800
     ggatggacta tggctgctct tggcttatgg agtgcttggt ctcttttccc tttgtccctc    100860
     ccaaccacta ctgattttca cctagaggaa aaccccaagt aatatctgat tagctggcct    100920
     gggtctctac ttatccctaa gcactgggct ctcatgccca accttctgtc ctggttctat    100980
     ctcattagag tgccttcttg tgaactgcct cggagctgcg cgtgcccagg agcactcaac    101040
     tcccattggt ttactggaat tggtcaggtt agcaaaggaa acagcagggc tgctgccagc    101100
     tctgcatcca gccccactac cctccacacc actgagcttg cctgtcccaa actgccatct    101160
     gaccatgtca cttcctctgc tctagaaacc tccccaaggt tgcagacgct gacggatttg    101220
     ccccagagtc gaagtagctg ccacctgaag attccacaac catgagtgga tttaactttg    101280
     gaggcaccgg ggctcctgct ggcggcttta catttgggac cgcaaagact gcgaccacca    101340
     cacctgccac tggcttttcc ttctctgctt ctggcaccgg caccggaggg tttaattttg    101400
     ggactccctc ccagccagct gcgaccaccc cttccaccag cctcttctca ctcaccacac    101460
     agaccccaac cacacagacc ccaggattca actttggaac aacacctgct tctggaggaa    101520
     caggcttctc cctggggatc agcaccccaa agctcagcct gagtaacgca gctgccacac    101580
     cagccacggc caacactggc agctttgggc ttggcagcag caccctcacc aatgccatct    101640
     caagtggcag cacctccaac caggggacag cccccactgg ctttgtcttt ggctcttcta    101700
     ccacctctgc tccgtccacc ggctccactg ggttctcatt caccagtggc agtgcatccc    101760
     agcctggagc ctctggcttc agccttggct ctgtgggtag ctctgcccag cccacagcac    101820
     tgtctggctc tcccttcaca ccagccactc tggtgactac tacagcagga gctacacagc    101880
     cagctgctgc tgcacccact gctgccacca ccagtgcagg gtctacactc tttgcttcca    101940
     tagctgctgc tcctgcctca tccagtgcta cagggctctc cctcccagct ccggtgacaa    102000
     ctgcagcaac tcctagtgct gggactttgg gcttcagcct caaggcccct ggagcagctc    102060
     ctggtgcctc caccaccagc accaccacta ccactaccac cactactacc actgctgctg    102120
     ccgctgccgc ctctaccaca accactggct ttgccttaag tctgaaaccc ctggtgtcag    102180
     ctggccccag cagtgtagca gctactgctc tgcctgcctc cagcacagca gctgggactg    102240
     ccacaggtcc agcgatgacc tatgcacagc tggaaagctt gatcaacaag tggagtctgg    102300
     agctggaaga tcaggagcgg cacttcctgc agcaggccac acaggtcaat gcctgggacc    102360
     gcacactgat tgagaatggg gagaagatca ccagcctgca ccgagaggtg gaaaaggtga    102420
     agctggatca gaagcgactg gaccaggagc tggactttat cctgtcgcag cagaaggagc    102480
     tggaagacct cctgagccca ttggaggagt cagtgaagga gcaaagtggc accatatacc    102540
     ttcagcacgc tgatgaggag cgtgagaaga cctacaagct ggctgagaac attgatgctc    102600
     agctcaagcg catggcacag gacctcaagg atatcatcga gcacctgaac atggctggtg    102660
     gccctgcaga caccagtgac ccattgcaac agatctgcaa gatcctcaat gcacacatgg    102720
     actctcttca gtgggtggac cagagctctg ccctgctgca gaggagggtg gaggaggcta    102780
     gccgtgtatg tgagggccgg cgcaaggaac aggagcgcag tctgcgcatt gcctttgact    102840
     agccacgcgt gagtgggggg aggggctcct tgggttgcag ggctgctgcc tttcccgtgg    102900
     ttggttgttg agaaaaatgc tctttgtttt gattccctgt tatcagaagt gttttgcaaa    102960
     ggcatgatgt tcatggatat aacctgtgtg ctctggagac caatgtgaag gtcactgaac    103020
     tctcggccag catttaaaga acaagggcaa gtggtgaatc cagcgctccc ttgcaagctt    103080
     cagctctcct tgtggcagaa ctcatccttc agccactcca gtactactgt gagggtggat    103140
     aggtgctcca gacgagagac tcacctgggg tggagacagg cttctgtgcg tctctaattc    103200
     ctgtcaagcc cgtgtcctcc agaggctctg gcacatagag tggagtcacc aaagcaccac    103260
     ttttgcactg gctacctctc actcctatct tgtgcgcttc tgtggcaggg actgactgct    103320
     gatacgtctt tgaggccaaa gtggatgcag atttgcttct gaatatccca gtgtcaaacc    103380
     tatcttagat ccacagtggt gaagctggca gtcatgtcta ttttatttct ctgcactcta    103440
     ttgtagcctt tgtggtccct gatcaaaatg tttgttgctt ttctaaataa aggaagattt    103500
     gtgaaaccag acttgctgtg agtatgggta gtgggtccaa gctttggcag gatagggcag    103560
     gacacagctg gtgtggtggt ggtactccta tgccgcccgg gttggaagcg ctggctgagc    103620
     catagggccc agtctctacc ttcatggggt gggcaggctg caggtgtgag aagagtcctg    103680
     tctaccattg tgcctaagtg gtaagtcatc cattacccta atacgtgcag gtgtcattgt    103740
     gatgtcatca gcagtgggaa atgaacactg aggggtgatt tccagatgct ggtctcactt    103800
     aggcccggca cttggctata ggactggggg accttgaacc agcagtgggg ccacttgggt    103860
     catgttgggt catgttggca caggagaaag ctgggggtgg gatgagcggc tagatagaga    103920
     ggtagtcgct cagtggctaa gaacacaggt tggctgctct tccaaggaca ggaccctatt    103980
     ttgattcaat gcacccacgt ggtagcttac aaccaccctg taattcagtc ccaggttatc    104040
     tgacctcttc tgggcagctt gggtaccgtc tgcacatagt gcagagatac acatgtaggc    104100
     agagtcataa aatctcaaag cgtaaagaac tggcattgtg aacgcctgtc accccagtac    104160
     tctggaattc cagatcatct tgaactacat tgctacataa ccacgtagag gcagggccag    104220
     tgaactggga ggacgcaagt cctgacgacc ccagtggcct tcctgtgatg tgtgacattt    104280
     cattggtcta agacaggatc cccccactct agcccaagtt cttgaattgt tgtgaacttc    104340
     ctgccttagc cacctaagct ctaagactat gggcaagaca ctacagccca gccctgcact    104400
     ccatgacttg actcccaatt gattatgatg cttaggtctc agttcctcta aagatgtgtc    104460
     ttatatacat gattgtcatt ggtgggctca aacaataagg gtgtgcgttt taataaaaat    104520
     gcattttaat gtgtgtcctt gttcaggatt gtatattgga cctaaagatg aattctattt    104580
     tgaagatagg gcctgcatgt atgctaagtg cacactctgt ccctgctact acatcctagt    104640
     gaccttgtag tttagaaaca ttgaaattat gccctgacat ctgccctact ttgaagaaaa    104700
     gagactagat ctctgtgctg ggggaattgg ggaggggtgc ccaggatggc aatgctattg    104760
     gcaacctgct gggcatgccc aggttacact tacaattgca gtttccttct ctaggaagaa    104820
     cacaggcaga tgccctgcct tgctgaccgg tctcattaaa tcaccatgaa gacagcaaag    104880
     gtgactgatt gcatggggag cctattccac acctctccct ggatagccaa gggccagtct    104940
     gacccaacat gggggaacta gcctggccta gtgtgaaact caagaaaggg ggaaaaagtg    105000
     taaaatgtca aataagagga agttgtgtcc atgtcacgct aaggccaaga gggagctgga    105060
     gttgaaactc cactcctctg tcccctgttg tctgcctagc aaagggcttt gctctatact    105120
     gagcagcaca gaaaacaagg tatggggaag gaatgagtgt gctttgcttt gtgagacttg    105180
     atctatgtat accagagatc catctacctc agcctcttga gtgctgggat taaaggcaag    105240
     tgcccctacc actaccatcc agccactgat tttttgtttt tgttttttac agaggtctct    105300
     aaaagttttc taaggaatgt tacaaggcag catttgaaaa ctgcacacag atgtgaccaa    105360
     tatatacaca agctgtttct agtgtttatg agatgtttta aggttgtttc gaaccagaat    105420
     caaacccaga cactctgggt cctctcaagc cttaaagagg tagttaagtt tgcttaagta    105480
     gcagctgatt gagtgggaag ggcaagtcta cttagaaaag ttggttactt tgttataaag    105540
     aggagttaaa tttgaagagg ctgacatagt tttaaaaggt ctcagggcag ttactgattt    105600
     gattaaaggg tctggcaaaa gttcagcttc tgaaggagag gaacgcccag aaaaagtggt    105660
     cccacagaag ggaagcattc caaatagcta tcagtaaaat ttcattgtaa atacgttttt    105720
     attttgaaat gaagtttctc gtgagtgctg gaatcatagt gcaccaccac agctggttta    105780
     tatgatgcag ggatggaacc caagttacgt gcatgctaga cacacacatt gccaactgaa    105840
     ctgtatgtca tctaagtgat gcacgccttt cctcccccca tattttttga gacatagtac    105900
     atagtcctga ctggcctgga actctatgta gaccagggta gccttgaatc agatctgctt    105960
     gtctctgcct cccaagtgct gggtagttcc tatcttggag ggtagaagtt ggctgcctgt    106020
     ggccttacct tctgtttgtc agtaaaactt tttggaacac agccatatcc tcatacattg    106080
     taaaacagac tgctggctat aaatcctcaa gtattcacag ggaaagttga ccattcctgt    106140
     cactaaggaa acatcttaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acacatccta    106200
     cagatagtgt gtctgaaagg tgattccaaa tagtcccatg tcacagggta agcagggggc    106260
     atggtggcat gcctgttagc catgtcacag ggtaagcagg gggcatggtg gcatgcctgt    106320
     tagccatgtc acagggtaag cagggggcat ggtggcatgc ctgttagcca tgtcacaggg    106380
     taagcagggg gcatggtggc atgcctgtta gccatgtcac agggtaagca gggggcatgg    106440
     tggcatgcct gttagccatg tcacagggta agcagggggc atggtggcat gcctgttagc    106500
     catagtctta aaaggcaacg gcagaagaat ggcctcagtt ttgagaacag cctaggccac    106560
     aaagtgagac cctgtctcaa aaaaccaaaa caaaaatagg cattctctag aaaatcctgc    106620
     cacagcctac caactgctct tcctatcagg acctggcttc tctggcctag caaggctgta    106680
     ggagaaagct atcattcatc ctggttctgc ctgcgctaaa ggatgacctc agttccaggc    106740
     tgaccagcaa ggccatgggc gccaggagag ccccacaaag accaccatgc agtgagtgtc    106800
     ccctttctgg ggtagggagg cagggtggag gccacaattg ctctgttcct gtccaggcct    106860
     gggtcaccct accccctcct ttggtgacac tgaattcaat ccactagact tcagactgaa    106920
     agctatgcag ttaggtccca gagcccctcc cactatccct gcccctagga ttcatgggag    106980
     gcaccgcctg ccgggatgtg gcactgtttc tgtggattgg atacaagcca caatgggcag    107040
     gggatcccca aagaccattt ctacctaaaa ggcccataat gaagctgggt ttcccaaagc    107100
     cagcaacagc tggtgggtgt gtcacaaatg tacacactag tgtctggggt cctgcctttg    107160
     ttgcaggaca cttacttgct tgctcctagc ttctgattcc atgccctgcc ttgttcccag    107220
     gacctcagca tagccaggaa aggagtctat cccaatggtg ccccaaccct cggcactcct    107280
     gatttacatt caataatacc attggcacta acatgggatt tgggagtttt aaatatttat    107340
     atttttgagg tagggtctca ttgtagccca agctggcctt gaactctcct gatcatgggg    107400
     atagactggg atgataaata catgtggtca cacatagcat cactagcttg ggatttggca    107460
     acaatacctg aatccattct gtttgctcct cagagcttcc taggggaaca ggtgtagctc    107520
     cgatctctga ccagggaccc agaagtgttc tcttgaggcc agacgtgctt caagggttag    107580
     gaacactgac tgttcttcca gagaaccagg gcttaatttc caagaccttc ctgggagctc    107640
     acaaccactg gtcacttcca tgccagcaga tccaatgtcc ttctctggcc tctttgggca    107700
     acagacagac ataaacatgg tacataaaca ttcataaagg caaaactcaa ccacataagt    107760
     gaaaactttt aaaattcaaa gctgtagtcc ctgtatgcca ggcctacctt tactcttacc    107820
     atggcaactt agggctgtct tactggtgca gaatgaactc cagaagctga ggaggagcac    107880
     tggcaacaga tgctgctggt attcttgtct tcagggaagg gagggggtca tagggagttt    107940
     gaggccagcc tggtatacag aatgaaatcc tgtctataaa taagttgaaa tgtaatggca    108000
     cacaccttta atccccacac aatggaggca gaggcaggtg gatctctgat accaggacag    108060
     ccaaggggta cacagagaaa ctatctcaaa gagccaaaat aaattccagg ctgtgaagca    108120
     gatgttgccc actccaccct cctcccagga ctgtcagttc ctctgtaaga ctgagaccaa    108180
     gtactgtgcc agagttctgc ctgacctgag gtctccagcc tgcatgactg cacttgccac    108240
     agagcacaca tatacaccaa ccaccatcta cttaatgggc tctggagttc cccagcctgc    108300
     gctctctgtg atttcccacc ctagctgttc tcctaaccca tcttctcccc aaccccaagg    108360
     aaaaccccct gcatcctgtt gcctcacctc accagttttg gcagaggctt ctagggtcat    108420
     ttctctgagg tgtcagtcta gagtctgctg cccagcagta cttaagacaa agcaggaagg    108480
     acaaaggaca agtggccact tagccatcac caaccagtcc tgcccatgtt cctgcagctg    108540
     cagcaaacag gttctggacc tggccaggtg ctatatgcag gccctgacct ggctccattc    108600
     ctgccattgt gctggaccat gtgacatgag taggcctata tgggcttcaa atgtgaaagg    108660
     ccccagactt gtgtgtgccc atttcataca gacattcttg gagagatggg gaggggatgg    108720
     gcagacccaa gacaaaagtc caagaagcct agagcacagg gtccaccatc aacactgcca    108780
     cctgggtggg tagtccccac ccccagcttc cccaaagcta tttgaagcag gaagaagaaa    108840
     aatagactga gttacttcct cctgtgatat ttattcccat cacctccccc agcatctgac    108900
     cctagctcag gaaagcactt ttaattcccg agggaggtga gtgggcgggg ctggctactt    108960
     ttaaggggag agtcgcagag gctctgctct gcagtcctgc ccaagagagc tgaaggtaga    109020
     gctacatgga gggtggtggc aatgactgga acccagaacc caaggctgga aagcaggagg    109080
     ggagggagcc aggccataat ggtcaagatt aggtctgggg aaatacatgc ccagagagga    109140
     aggagggaga caggctgggg atccctggcc ccaccacatt gaccccctac ttcttcactc    109200
     agacagcagc tgccacttga gccatggctg ggctgggtaa gtgagcagcc aagaggagga    109260
     gggagtgctg gggttacggc tgactcctgc acttctggtg cctatgtgct gaccctgtcc    109320
     ttttgccagc cctgcgtctt gtcctggcgg ccaccctcct tggtctggca ggctctctgg    109380
     actggaaggc agcctccagc ttgaacccta ttgagaagtg tatggaggac cacgattatg    109440
     agcagctact caaggtggtg accttgggcc tcaatcggac ttcgaagccc cagaaggtgg    109500
     tagtggttgg tgcaggcgtg gcagggctgg tagcagccaa gatgctcagt gatgcaggac    109560
     acaaggtgag aagtgctgcc tgtagtcctc agggagcctt tcctgctgct ggtggggagt    109620
     cctgggtagt gtgacggaga gaagctaccc tttcctagag cccccatttc attgacccac    109680
     tgcactccac ttacccgtcc tggagggaag gcctacttcc tcttcttaat gtaactgtca    109740
     agagttgaga tggggatttg gaggtaaggg gcctgagaaa tcctcaaggg agagtatccc    109800
     tcacctaacc ctaggaatga gattgggcca gccccaactc ttctgtacaa actaggaaat    109860
     ccccctcttc ctgccttaag ctgggaagtc cctctacagt ccatctgcta gtcttcctgc    109920
     tacagtcttg agacctttct ttccgagcag cccctcctac ccagaagaaa ggcccttcta    109980
     ttctaggtgt cctttactat tgggggcaag acaggcaggg gctagtggga atgtagtgag    110040
     ggagctgagg tccctgttgg ccgcttttct ttaggtcacc atcctggagg cagataacag    110100
     gattgggggc cgtatcttca ctttccggga tgagaagaca ggctggatag gggagcttgg    110160
     ggccatgcga atgcccagct ctcacaggtg aggtcccacc tacccaggca gcagagcccc    110220
     acctctacac caaggtttag ccagagccca gttccatacc cactcccaca ttttgccaac    110280
     tcccgtccca gattcaggct cagccaatcc cagcctcatt cttggtctgg gctcaaccag    110340
     aagcaagctc tatccccagt ccaggcacca gtatctgtgt tttgaggtaa tgcttataga    110400
     actttgggct tcaagctaca cctccaactc atctccagtt tcacccctat tcccacccag    110460
     tcaaaagttg ggtctagacc ttacttccac tcacacccct cagtaatgcc ttccggagag    110520
     cccgggtgat cagtgcccta gcctgcaagc tgcctgagct ctgcccctat ccccaccccg    110580
     actcctgagc cagccctcag gtccccagtg agtagtctga tgcccatctc cagtggccct    110640
     cttatggtgc caggccaggc ctctctcaag cagcctccca cttctaggat cttgcacaag    110700
     ctctgcagga ccctgggcct caacctgact cagttcacac agtatgatga gaacacgtgg    110760
     acggaggtgc ataatgtgaa gctgcgaaac tatgtggtgg agaagatgcc agaaaagctg    110820
     ggctacaacc tgaacaacag ggaaaggggc cattccccag aggacatcta ccagatggca    110880
     ctcaacaagg tggccaccgg ctttcctgca gagctcagcc ctgcccccaa gagtcttgtg    110940
     tctactacta tcacgtctgc tgatggctag cgggtgtttt ctccatccct ccagctcacc    111000
     cactactgta gcccctggca ctcactccca ggaccctcca gcaacactgc tactctgtgt    111060
     ccccatctgc ttgactcgga cagtgctgtc agacatcacc ctcttttcgt gtcccaaaag    111120
     gatctttcca tccagatgat cctgcctaca actccatgta cctccccagt gcctctcagg    111180
     cccatgagcc agaccagctt tccctctcct tagtccacct ggtgatccag gcataccctc    111240
     ctctgctcct ggaacccaac cttcctcatc catcacccct aagtctgtat cctcgacttc    111300
     caccttaccc atgacaagga ggtctaggta aagaggctgg aggccatgtt tggaaggagc    111360
     tcaaagatca ctaaatgcca ggctggagag cctgcatata gcaggggagg cagccctgct    111420
     ctctatactt tagaactaca actgccttct gcaagaaagg gttaacggag gcagctggtc    111480
     cttgggggcc agtagaggtg ggactctagt ggttcctcct gggggtgggg gtggggagct    111540
     aagggaagtt gtgggtgagg ggggacacta ctgaatagtc tttgctggta gtatcatcct    111600
     cttggactgt gagaggccct cacctgccta tgcccacaat ggtctagaca atgatctcta    111660
     ctggcttgcc ctcactggcc tgcacaaaaa cacacgctac tgctgactgg gtggacagac    111720
     agggaaaccc agtatttgga ggactcccgc ttcagagcag gtgtatgcat catgagctaa    111780
     tgcctgggac ctgaagtgag gtaaattgct gttcctgctg caacaagggt cctctgattg    111840
     tccccacagg ccttcaaaga cctcaaggcc ttgggctgca agaaagccat gaataagttc    111900
     aacaagcata cgcttctggt gagtgaggca aggtgatttc cctcttctgt cacaagagat    111960
     agttgtgata cagggctcag caggaaagga aggtctgatt agtgcccctg cccactgcac    112020
     aggaatacct cctcgaggag ggcaacctgt cccggccggc tgtgcagctc ctgggagatg    112080
     tgatgtccga ggagggcttc ttctacctca gctttgcaga agccttacgt gcgcacgcct    112140
     gcctgagcga tagactccgg tgagggcaca acggatgggg caagccacaa ggcggggcaa    112200
     cctgggaggg acagggccag aggggacagg gccttaagag ttggggtcag tgtgcccgcc    112260
     cttctttgcc ccgccctgta ggtacagccg catcgtaggt ggctgggacc tgcttccgcg    112320
     agctctgctg agctcactgt ccggggcgct gctactgaac gcgcctgtgg tgtcgatcac    112380
     tcaggggagg aacgatgtgc gcgtgcacat tgccacctcg cttcacagcg agaagacgct    112440
     gacagccgac gtggtgctgc tgactgccag tggacccgcg ctgcagcgca ttaccttctc    112500
     gccgcccttg actcgcaaga ggcaggaggc actgcgcgcg cttcactacg tagcagccag    112560
     caaggttttt ctgagtttcc gtcggccctt ctggcacgag gagcacatcg agggcggcca    112620
     ctccaacact gaccgcccat cgcgcctcat attctatccc gcgcagggcg agggctcact    112680
     gcttctggcc tcctacacgt ggtcggacgc tgcagccccc ttcgctggac tgagcaccga    112740
     ccagaccctg cgtttggtgc tccaggacgt ggcggccctg cacgggcctg tggtgttccg    112800
     gctgtgggac ggcaggggtg tggtcaagcg ctgggcagag gacccgcata gccagggagg    112860
     cttcgtggtg cagccgccat tgtacgggcg cgaggctgag gactatgact ggtcagcccc    112920
     cttcggccgc atttacttcg cgggcgagca cacagctctc ccgcatggct gggtagagac    112980
     cgctgtcaag tccgggttgc gggccgcggt gagaatcaat aataactatg ggtacgggga    113040
     ggtcgacccc cagatgatgg agcatgcata tgcagaggcc aactatctgg accagtatcc    113100
     tgaaggggag aggcccgagg agcagcaggc gcgggaagaa gtcagcccag atgaacagga    113160
     gccctctcac aaacacttgt tggtggaaac gagccccgag gggcagcaac acgcgtttgt    113220
     ggaggccatt cccgagctgc agggacacgt gttcgtggag actgtccccc aggagaaggg    113280
     gcacgcccac cagaatatat atccttcgga gcatgtacag gtgcatgggg aagtcatccc    113340
     tgagtggcat ggtcatgggg gatctggcac cccgcaaatg caccgagtgg gggaccactc    113400
     ctaatcgcaa agaggaagtg agcacccagc tcctaagcca gccctcttca gggcagacag    113460
     accacctaca ctaatagccc acaataaagt tatttttgtt aaaccacagg ctcacttccc    113520
     tccacaatgc actggtttcc agaatataac tgccctaggt ggggcgacac ttgagtgaat    113580
     gaacactaca ccgtggtgaa gagatcagaa gccattggat gctggggtgc tgacagatcc    113640
     tgactggaac aaaaacccag caaccttgag gccagcatgg gctatgagca agatgggaaa    113700
     agcaaagtgt cctgatgcca gccagcgcag tcaaccaaga acggtttatt gcctcacaat    113760
     ggcagcagct ggtgggcggg cactcgggaa tcccggacct ctaggaggac cttcctccat    113820
     ttcattggcc ggctcatggt ctcacttcgc tccaggcctc ctccatggac atggagctca    113880
     ggacctgtca atctgcagga acccggtcag atgcaccggg ctaggagtca ggcgccatcc    113940
     tcgtcctcag gcagaatctc aagactgctg tcaggctgcg ggatcacttc ctcaggcagc    114000
     ggcgggggca acggggcccg agtaggtgac aagggcatcg gagataccgg aggagatggg    114060
     ctactaggct cttctggctg tgccagcccc aggatctcct gcacattgtg tggcagctcc    114120
     tgtggggaga ggagtggtcc aagaggctag ttgatgggtg agggtagagt cagtaggtgt    114180
     gggaggagga aagtctggct ggggagccat ggggtttatc aggtaagcac taaagactca    114240
     ctgggcaggc cgtcagctgc ctgtacagag cctctgcccg tgtcagcaca tcctccacac    114300
     tcagcttcat ggtcagttca ttgatgtgct gtgggaaagg gaaagtcagg tccatgcctg    114360
     cactctggtg atggacagaa gcagactggt gctaggggta tagggtccag cttcaggagt    114420
     ccctggcctg ccacaatctt ccatagcatt ccctgctatc acaggtggat gctgaagcac    114480
     acaaggaaga gccctcactg gggaggggca ggctcctctc cttcactgct ctataagtac    114540
     agcctagtaa cctggtaagt gggaaaaaca ggcagttcca accccatcca aagcgatcaa    114600
     cactcaatcc caaggctagc agcatacatt gcaggtggac tccacatcta agttagagta    114660
     gaaggtggga agtgccctca ccttaaggat ctcattggag ccaaagccag acagcatcag    114720
     ggtgtcccgt tccatatcca agatggcaca ggccaccagc aggtgcaaat tggggccagg    114780
     aagccctgtc cacagcacct ggggtgtcag aaggaacccc tgaagcccca tcctgacctg    114840
     cccatatgcc ttccacctcc cagtccttct accagccctc tcaccccaac tggccgccca    114900
     cctcccacag ccggaggaca tcaggaaagg ggaattccct cttgaaccag atgagcagcc    114960
     accggaaaca gaagcacagc gagcccgagt cctgagaatc tagaagagga gcactggcag    115020
     ttagccttgc ccacagctaa atcgagctac agcccagatc acagtgtgct ggacagtggg    115080
     acaggcagat gacaggcatg actacacaca tcaattctcc tgctctatgc agcactacca    115140
     tccactccct accaagtgag ccacagccat ccttgcccct tcagcaacaa ggaacttagc    115200
     aggaatgcta tgaccctagc tgagagtcta gagaaacctc acctggccca aggtgagcag    115260
     gctgccccat cccctagcct ttgaatgcca ggttttcctt ggtctcacac aggacctacc    115320
     caggaaatca cagagtggct gatccagcac ccgcagaagc agcaggagct gcccaagctg    115380
     ccgcttcata gtctcctgac tctcttcaaa gttcccatgc tgcagagagc aggaggtaag    115440
     tgtgagggca gagcgcagac tggatactta gcagctgtcc ctagccgctc cccctctccc    115500
     atcctgcgcc tcaccacaag ttccatgaag ccgcagaaac accagaaggc atctacttcg    115560
     ttctgaacaa cgaagaggat cggggacagg aggtcactca taccctgaac gtagcctgag    115620
     ggaacacggg gtcagctgcc acaccctgag cacccagagc actctactct ctccccttca    115680
     gtgcagtgct cacccaagtc gaagtggtac atgcagtagg taagaaggat atcatggagc    115740
     aggctcagcc cagggttctc agggccttca tagaacttgt tagtcctgtc cgtgcggctt    115800
     acatctctct ctgtggagtc cagcatggca ggaacatgaa caaggtcagt aggtaggcct    115860
     tcctagctag tcagaggtag cagcgatagt tccctgtatg ctggcagccc tgagctgctg    115920
     ggctcatgct agggtgagga tggagcttcc ccacaaccta ttaccgccac ccacaacatg    115980
     agactctagt atgcctaggg aaacagaggc acagagaggt aaggccaccc aatctcccag    116040
     ggagagctga caaggcccca agacaacctt cccaggcact gcagctcacc ccaccatatc    116100
     aactccacca cgtttcctgg ccccacccac caatgaggct tcggtatcca tgcagcagtg    116160
     agttcctccg ctcctgctca gcactcacag acttccactg cagcttcatt cggaagtact    116220
     catccctgag aggggaggga cacgggagct aggacccctg cacccagagg acacctggaa    116280
     aacacttgcc cacatcatca ctcctcacgc cctgctctgc ccacagaggc cacctgccca    116340
     aactcccttt cttctctccc gatgcttctc tacacaggac accctgtggg cttctgctaa    116400
     tgtgtgtcac cacccctctc tctgctggac aagcttgccc agggacacta aggccttcac    116460
     aaggggccag acacagcaga tgcatgacac ccacaggaag gagctgacag cccctgcaac    116520
     gctgtaagaa ctgcaacagg gcggcagcgg agtgaggggt gcacctagtc aggaggcagc    116580
     cacagggggt gaggctgttc actgcacaga gtgtctccaa accagcattt gtataagaag    116640
     ccccaataca gcacacacta gccctacaaa acagtagggg gctggtgctg gctgcaggac    116700
     accatgaccc tgacgactgg gagagggtga agccttgggg tgaagctgtc caaggctgtg    116760
     ggagccacac tttcccactc acgttttctt ccgcacatgc gccttgtgct cttcagctga    116820
     gctctcccag ctaaggtacc ccagaaggaa cttccaagcc tctcgacgta ggccagggct    116880
     gagaccctga gggtgcgatg gagcaacagt cagagggctt cctcctagcc atctgccgcc    116940
     catgctagcc tgcacccact gacactcacg cctgagaaga tccggttttt caactcaggg    117000
     acattctgca ggcgaccctc ggggcccacg tagcggttcc actcttcctc tgtgactgga    117060
     ggagcacgct ccactgtggg acgctgcccc agctccacct gcaggacaca ggccaggtga    117120
     gtcctaagcc ttcctgggcc agggaggaac cctaaagaca cgttctctgg ccagcaggaa    117180
     gcttccagga aaggcacagc caggcctgag gcaagagggt cacacactct aaggccaggc    117240
     taggaaactg agaagtccag tccagaagac cagacacggc tggcaaacta gttcagtagg    117300
     ggatgagcag tctcatgtag atcaccaatg aggggctggg tgtgtggctc agtggtaggg    117360
     catccgccca gcatgcaaca gcccctgggt tggacatcct cagcaaggaa aaacatccgc    117420
     caggaacacc acatacaagt gacgtctttt ttggagtttt tttgttttgg agacagggtt    117480
     tctctgtgta gccctggctg tcctggaact cactctgtag accaggctgg cctacaggtg    117540
     gaactcacag agatccacct gtctctgcct cccaagtgct gggattaaag aatgcgccac    117600
     ctcggccctg tgtgaagtca cttcttaagc agctccagat actgtttcca tgttaccaag    117660
     gagaaaactg acacaataga aagtcccaaa caggatcact tgacactcac gcaagaaatg    117720
     acctcaaagc caggctctgg ttcatcatct ggcagcgggg gtaggttagg ggaggaggcg    117780
     ccctcagggt gcggctgtag ggctccccgg aagaagttgg tcactcgaga gaagctactg    117840
     aaggtggtgg agtaggggtc ctgaaggaaa cgctggggat aggataggca acaggtatca    117900
     gagcagtgcc tctggctctc acccatcaca cccacgcatg cccagggaca ctcacagaca    117960
     ccacattgga gctgtcctgg tcaaagagct gcaggtggtg gaaggagtcg gacagggcag    118020
     aggggtcctg ggggaagacc aagtagaggc gggagtcctg tggagagctg ggaggaaggg    118080
     ggcacacagg tggctacagg tgaagggccc cgtggtacta ggccagcctg gccacattta    118140
     atccaggtac tgcagtccct ttcctaacca ctgaaatgct actgcaggga aaggccccag    118200
     accagagctg ggccttggag gccaatgagg tctttatact cctgggccaa gttggactga    118260
     ctcagggagg caccaatgaa tggctttgtg gggatgaaaa gacacttcct gtgtaccagg    118320
     agactacttc tgaagtccca taaagatggg ccagttcctc tctctctgtc ctcactttca    118380
     gtcccacgta acctacactg gccttgaagt cccttctgtc ccagccctcc aagcactggg    118440
     actgcaaagg gatgcgtctg gatattctta gcgccttccg accagaactg tgcttcgacc    118500
     atgtcccgaa gcctccaact gcagctgcag aagaacacac cagctcacag gcccggctca    118560
     ggcagaagct tacctggcca acagcaggta tcggctaagg actcggagca gggctcgggt    118620
     accccctctg tgaaagtgta aggcaggcag ggagcctcca gcctgggtca ccaggaccag    118680
     gtaggcccag ctgaggcctg gcttggatct gcggatggac ttgagctccc ccaggctcac    118740
     ggagaaggcc caggagctcc gggaggaact gggctctgca cctgggggga agcaaagagt    118800
     ggttggtgct gtgagagagg cgaagggtgt gtagatccac gcagtgtgct ctctcaacag    118860
     ccttgtcatc tgaggcctgg ctagtagcta ccctccccca ggcctctgga cctgggaaga    118920
     agcctggtgg gccacatgtc cgttccagaa tgttccagaa ccttctgttt gaaaactgta    118980
     ttcctctact tggcacgcaa aggtaaatcc acccctagtc ctctggctgt ctcacctcta    119040
     gtggcctctt tgctccaagt ccctacctga gccacaacaa aaggtttgag aagctgaaca    119100
     tggtgaccct caccctttag cccagtactt gccaggaaga ggcaggcaga tctctgagtt    119160
     caaggccagc taagactaca aaagaggcta cagagtaaga ccatgtcttt aaaaaaaaga    119220
     agaaaaaata aagaaattac cctgtggtta gctgcttgtc agcccttcca caacccacaa    119280
     acctggaaac ccctaggaga ataactcatt ggaaatgtcc agagccaagc cattctttcc    119340
     taggccagaa aggaagcatc tagatgccac cttgactatg ggcaaggaag ccattggaac    119400
     catgatcatg aagggcaaaa atgtggtccc ctagaccacc atggaacagt tccacctacc    119460
     tttcctgggc tctgccaggt ggggctgtgg ccgcaccgtg ctaatgacag cccagtcagg    119520
     ttcatagcct gggtcaaagg taggttcctc ctctgaggtg ctgggctcac cccgactcgg    119580
     gtcctgggaa gaagaaataa cagaatgagg acctgcggtc tcagggtttc cagcctgcag    119640
     cctgagagcc cagtgggaaa gcgagctgca ggacaaggag ggaatgaggc gggagggaga    119700
     cagcttcatg gtggctggca gaaagccagg ctacaaccct acgcttatgg agtcaggaga    119760
     cagctgctac acaggtaagt gcacagagac cacctgcagt cacaagacca acagtcagtc    119820
     ctgacttcaa tgagaaagga caggctcagg gctggagaga tggcccagcg gttaagagca    119880
     ctgactgctc ttccagaggt cctgagttca gtttctagca accacatggt ggctcacaac    119940
     catctgtaat gggcatctaa agccctattc tggtgtgtct gaagacagtg acagtgtact    120000
     catataaata taataaataa atctttaaaa aaaataaccc tttattaaaa aaaagaaaga    120060
     aaaaataacc ctttattaaa aaaaagaaag aaaaaagaaa agaacagact cacacccctg    120120
     ctctcagccc tttctgtgtt cttgtcaaga ttcctctgtg tccttctgac ttttcactgt    120180
     aactgaataa agagcttcaa gtggtagcca ttgtcattgt aactagctgt gagtctacag    120240
     ggggcactga tgatggacag acaggggata ctgttgagca gggccagaca taggctcaat    120300
     gggtaagaca gatggcctaa gttcagtcca gagaacccac aaggagaaat gaatgacccc    120360
     tccgagtaga acacacacaa ataagcaaat aagtcatcta tggccagaaa gatagtgtag    120420
     tagttagcaa ggcttactgt acagtcccag agaccagagt tcagatccca gtccccacat    120480
     accatccaaa gctccagcat gtgtctgcag tgctgtcttc tgcatgcact cacaggtagt    120540
     gcacacacat gctcacacat tcacaccccc tccacacccc acacaatcta aatctttgcg    120600
     cttagtgaga gggttctgga cttgctgcca aaaccggcaa cctgggttca accctggagc    120660
     ccactcggtg gaaggagaga acctgctacc acaggttatc ctctgacctc cacacaccca    120720
     caccgtggca tgtgaatgca cacacacaat aaataaatgt aataaataaa cgtaaagcaa    120780
     acagagagga aagaaagctg cctcagacca aaactaggcc acaccccttg agaagtctga    120840
     acccagcagg gtcccctaag gagccaaaag gatatggcat taggtcattt cagaaagcaa    120900
     acaggctcac aggttcccga gtactccctg ccttccacta gagtggggaa gaggagcgag    120960
     tcgcctacct tcttgaagag aatctgggtt gggtctccag cctcctccac cggagcccag    121020
     tgcagaaaga cgtcgctgtc ctgagggaca tggggaggac ttagtagagt cacccgaatg    121080
     cccctcatcc ctcaattcga agttcccaca catgtcacct ccatcccggc ccaccttttc    121140
     caccactcgt atgacgccgg cgatgagcga gtctggatcc tggtgtttcc gggcgctggt    121200
     gtgcaggtac acgcctccct tttcaaacac cacctagtga aagccaaggg tctaagggag    121260
     gcgttttccc caggggcggg gtctagagcc cctgactgac aagcggagat ggggcgtggc    121320
     gagtctacag tcccgcctcg caccccagat gggcgtgcgt tttccagggg gcggggctaa    121380
     gggaggctct ccctaaggac tgcggagagt gacaacagca tcgtaactag aagctggtgc    121440
     ttgctaagtt gactcggcct aatccctgca cagcagaagg tggaagcgga ccatcagtgg    121500
     ggggcgtctc ctgtagatga gcgagggaat gatttccaaa gtcttaccct gtagctggat    121560
     ccttccattg ccgccgcgga ggttccactg cccctatctc ctccttttcc gggtcaactt    121620
     ggtgtcatat ccggaaaaat aacgctccct tccaggctag atagtggtag cgtccccgag    121680
     gttgttaagg ctgcagtggg tgagaccatc tgtttgaaca gggtagtaga aactcgaaga    121740
     cataggtcac gaggtgtaga acgcaaagtt ggcaagggtc agcgggacgg cgcaggcgca    121800
     ctgcgccact ctcgccacga agtaaacaag taggaggacc catgctcgca gcccaactcg    121860
     tgatcgctcg ggaacgcctc cttggccctc tccatatttt atactggcat cgaagccaat    121920
     actgtgccgt ttttctcgag gacaaaccag agcggcttgg tggaagccat gttaatgcgg    121980
     ggcactacca tctctttgcg gggcacgacg gcggggtgct ggaaaagcga aacggagaga    122040
     ggaaaaggtg agagaagcgg tatggcacca gaggcgctga ggggctcggg ataaagggtg    122100
     aagccgtcag tgctcctgga aacgaagctg ccccaaattt ctgagtcacc gtggaaagag    122160
     gactgcacca ccatcttgaa actgggcaaa ccgaagcaag aaacgctgcc atattgaatc    122220
     tttgccagct ttgtgttaaa gggaacgagc gagggcctag aggagggggt ctagtgtgga    122280
     cggaaggaag tgtccatatg ctttataggc atatgaagcc atactaactg ccacgtcggg    122340
     acgggagcag acgttgaata cgaacgaggg acgtcatgcc gcttgcgtgt gagcatgggc    122400
     atgcagtcat gccgcttgcc tacgcttgtg tgagcatggg catgcggtca tagttgttgc    122460
     gggcaattcg aaacagtagc aaaagtcttt tgccgtattt tccatccgtg ggcacccttg    122520
     ctgtcgctct tgcccacggc ttgccgacgg agcttctagt tgctattttg atttgaggca    122580
     tgcaggataa gggaggggga gtgtacacaa tggaggaggg gcagccacac ggaaatgacg    122640
     caagaagccg ccatgccttt tgagggcggc gacggcgcct ggccggccat gctggctacg    122700
     ggcacgtgag tggaggcggc gttgtgagct ggggtttggg gagggtctgg ccttcctgag    122760
     gttgaggggc agtgggaggg cgagcccccg tgggaagggt atggactgca taggtcaggg    122820
     gggcagtgat cgtcctgcga ctcctggccg actgctgaaa gagctcacgc tcaaccccat    122880
     gtgtctgact cgcgacgaag tgtagacgag cttcactgcg ggggtgccga cgggctggaa    122940
     ccctcacgct ggcggtgaac catgtccata cggctgtgtg tgctgggggt cgcgggtggg    123000
     tgagggggcg ccccgggcgg gacttccggt cccgatcccc accgggggcg ggatttcctg    123060
     ttgtgttcct agagcagggg cctctctggg ctgcgggcgt ggtgtagccc tggtcggcgg    123120
     cctcacttcg gtggtaggat ccttcttgga cgtcccgcac cgtgtcccgt gctgcggccg    123180
     ttttcttttc tatctctctt cacaactgtc ctgggaggcc tgcaccttcc cgctggacag    123240
     ctcccccttc ctggtttgcc ccagagtctt gcctcatagg aggccatagg cctaggaggt    123300
     tggagtaagt tgccctcatt ccagccgcct tcacaagtca ttcactcggt gacactgctg    123360
     ctgtggctgc ccccgagatc tcgtgcaaag aggctgagac ttgccactct ttgccctcac    123420
     gaaagtgagg accgaagctg tgtcatcttg gatcagtcac tttcttgccc ttagccataa    123480
     tcctaaactt ccagcctcct ttattagcta ggagaggtgg aaggtgtgtg taggagttgc    123540
     tgggcgcctt ttaaagctgt aggtaggact ttgaggccca gcagacagta gtgtcaaagc    123600
     actgcagctt tctccctctc catggaaaga tgggatgggg ggatgcagtc taatgaggta    123660
     ggcagggtgg agcgcagtat tggcagagaa ggctctagac acagactgct cttctcagtg    123720
     gtcagctctg ccagtataac agtcaagagc ctggattcag agcttcaggc tgtaaagtgg    123780
     ggtgtccatt gctgattcat ggaggaagtg aggggttgct taggaacggt gatcatcttc    123840
     tggtccaaca tatgagtcgt tcccactttg gtgagtcagg ggcagcagaa cagtgtggag    123900
     tctgtgcaga ctggcttttt aaagtgtgag tgacaggagc ttgcaaactg catccatatt    123960
     tctcttcact gtggtcctgg cgggcttaag ttgctccagt gatggggtgc tcaccacctc    124020
     tcagttctca gctgcctggg agccagtgag tggtccaagg tcacactaaa tcatggtggg    124080
     actccagatc cttgtgcgtc agttctgtct gatggggaga caggcagcag agtagctgtc    124140
     acaagctctc caagcaccac agagccctgc acggcagggg ctgaggagat gtagaagctg    124200
     aagctgtgat tctgggcaca gagcagcttg catcttcctg tgcccacctt cagtccagag    124260
     ctcatctctc tcctgaaaga atgatcccag agaaggcggc atctccctca cctagtgatt    124320
     ggaaagttgg cagtgacctg agaaccagtt atgtgggtgt ggggtccacc tggtcctggt    124380
     cactctagaa ggcagagttc cactgcaggg ggagaggacc tactggacca cgtgaaagag    124440
     gaaggcatag cactggccag gctgctgtgc tgcagaagcc atgcaagtca cctgtggttt    124500
     ttgttttgtt ctttgagacc agatctctgt atcccaggct aacttcaaag ccgtaaaagt    124560
     cttacttcag tctctgagta ccatgctttc aggtgtgtgc caccatacct ggttacacgt    124620
     gtattaacat gctgcacacc atgggaaagg tgcacatgaa attggtgtaa gtcttcaaag    124680
     acttacgtta ggctgggcat acagtgcttc ccatctccag ttgcagggac tccggtagtg    124740
     gagggaagtc ggttgcaaag gttcggtgcc agccgtatat taaaccctac gcagttcagc    124800
     tggcgcttgc aggcacttac tcaccaagct ggggtttggt ccccagcaaa ctaggcgtgg    124860
     tggtgtgcat gtgtgacttg agcactcaag aactggatgc atgagaatcg ggactccaaa    124920
     gttaccttta tacacatagt gagtttgggt ccaacttgag tacttgatcc tggctcccag    124980
     agtattaaga aaccaaacta aataaccaca aaccaacttg actctaatgt tcatagccaa    125040
     aacagatgga gactcgaagg ctttgggtag ttcctgtgtg gaacaggatg gggccagaaa    125100
     gcaagctagg actgggaaag atcccagggg agacaggtgt gggaattggg ggagctcagc    125160
     tgggacggcc gcgtgccgtg gaggggagtt gcattgcagt agttgcccct caggatgagg    125220
     agtgatggtt gcggcatcct gagcccctct atcctgctct ggcccacagg gctcggatgg    125280
     cgtctgggcg gccagaggaa ctgtgggaag ccgtcgtggg ggccgccgag cgctttcagg    125340
     cccgcactgg cacagagctg gtattactga ctgcagcgcc accgccgccg ccccgccctg    125400
     gaccctgtgc ctatgccgcc catggccgcg gagccctggc agaggcggcc cgacgctgcc    125460
     tccacgacat cgcacaggcg cacagggctg ccactgccac ccgacctcct ggtcccccac    125520
     cagcaccaca gccgcccagc cctgctccta gtccaccacc tcggccagcc ctggccaggg    125580
     aggatgagga ggaagatgag gacgagccca ctgaaacaga gacatctggg gagcggctgg    125640
     gcggtagcga taatggaggt gagctaatag ggctggcact gcagtggggt tgctggttaa    125700
     ctggacactt gtccagggtg ttctgtgggt ccttggcgct gcattccttc caagcctcac    125760
     acaagagcca accacttgat gggagtaata acacaataat gttgtgcaaa tgtagcacac    125820
     cagggttggg agattgcctt tgagagcttc ttgtctggcc aagcaactgg tgagaagtgc    125880
     gggtgtttct ggaaaggggt aggggctgcc atcccagcca agggagacac aagtttccca    125940
     agagtgggac attgctacag ctgcggaggc cagggctgga gatggttaca agtacacatc    126000
     tcctggcatg ttaaggccaa agacagcatt ttccataccc catgccatcc cactgtgggc    126060
     acctgggtct agggactgct gtttggggag aataaggaag ttggatgctt ctcccagaaa    126120
     gtactgtcac cacaggactt tgaggagtga atgggagtta ctcatttgcc atcattgcct    126180
     gtggctggca ccttgccttt cctaaagaag cctgccttcc atgaaggcta tgggccctat    126240
     acccaggtgt tctggtatca gatctttgaa accaaactca gggaagtgac atggtattgg    126300
     gatcttttat ttgtccccac cagaccatct ttctttggga gttatttttg ggccatgtcc    126360
     caagcaccat tttgactctg gtagtacctg ataatgggag ggaccctcag tgaccaggga    126420
     ggcaaatgaa aaagtgttga gacccggggg ccgactgcag ggcctgtctc cccctcaggt    126480
     ctcttcatga tggatgagga tgccaccctc caggacctgc cccccttctg cgagtcagac    126540
     ccggagagca cagacggtga ggatcctggg ttgtccaagc cctaggaggc caggcagagg    126600
     gtaggggggc agaagctgaa gcttccctgt atcatagacg gcagcctgag cgaggagacg    126660
     cccgccggtc ccacagcctg tccccagccc ccggccacag ccctgcctac ccagcagtat    126720
     gccaagtctc tgcccgtgtc ggtgccagtg tgggccttca aggagaagag gacagaagcc    126780
     cgatcgtcag atgaggagaa tggcccggtg agggggggaa cgagacaagt gttctgccga    126840
     gaggagcccc actgtagttt aggagaaagg cccctccctc gtctatccaa agtcgtttgg    126900
     gagggagtca gggaaactga agctccgggt taaagcagtg gtctttggct ggactgccct    126960
     gacctggcgc ccccttcaca gaaaactccc taaagtagag gggacaacaa ggcactgagt    127020
     gatcacatga caccccgctc ggggcgccag cgccttcata gctgctctac atatggcaac    127080
     cccctagatt caggtgggat gcctgctgtc ttggccgaag cgtggccgga ccgggcacct    127140
     tgcactgggc tcctgcttct tagcagtggt agagttgaag aaggaggtgg gatgcggaac    127200
     gtgccggttc gcagcctgca ggacagacag tccggaatgg cgggcttccg ggaggcgggc    127260
     cctgcacact gacagtttcc ttctctacag ccctcctcgc ccgacctaga ccgaatagcg    127320
     gccagcatgc gcgcgctggt gctgcgggag gctgaggaca cccaggtctt cggggatctt    127380
     ccgcggccgc ggctcaatac cagcgacttc cagaagctga agcggaaata ttaagcgaac    127440
     agaaagcctt ggcctgcgag aggccactgc ctctcggccc agcaagagaa caattctttc    127500
     cgggattggc tggctcaggt tgggcggggc cggttctaaa cgctccaagg gtcaactctg    127560
     tttcttgcct agcaaacgaa gctttgcccg cacagccttg actcgcggcc ccagggcgga    127620
     gcccagctgc gggagctgcc gctgctcagc cagtgtcggg aagagttgcc cgccagcctt    127680
     ccagagttcc cctacccgat tggtcccggc ctcctgggag tgtggccaag ccctccctaa    127740
     cccagaattg gcccgaggcc tttaatttct tacactacta gggctgttaa tcaattgttt    127800
     ttgtttttgt tgttttcttt gcctgagtcc tgacaattgt atcccggttc cccaggggac    127860
     agtctgggtc cctctctggt ctgacgctcc ctataggttc caccgcacga cagcctgtcc    127920
     atcaaaactt gtcctgtacc caggacagta ccagcttcct gtcccccgac cctaacaggt    127980
     gccttaaaag gccctctccc acccaaggtg ggggggccag gggggcctca ctttccggcc    128040
     ctagacttgg gtgcgggaga gtgggatggg ggtagggagg ggcgctctga gattaaagtt    128100
     ttacctctga ctagtgagtt cgtgttgtgt gtgagtgtga tgctatgaag cgttcatgac    128160
     aattaaatga agttcagggt tcgacaccca gtcttggggg cgtaactgtg ggagcggtag    128220
     aaaggcaaac cagggaatct ccatttccca acatccaaag atgagaaagg gggctagagg    128280
     ggctagagga ctgtcacctt cacactatta atattaatat ggattgcctc ccttttgtta    128340
     ctttgctttt tgggatgatt tcactttgta gcccagcctt tctcttcagt ttttgtgctg    128400
     ggatttccaa tctgccccat cataccgagc tttagcgtat ttgtcccaga attagaagcg    128460
     attttcccac tttattgcaa agggaccggc atcatagaag caaaggaaga gtgtatagtg    128520
     atgctatgcg cttcaaatgc taaggacaag ctggtttgtt tccgctgcta cgcagaggaa    128580
     tgatgaaggc gcacatctgt cattccatca gcagggagat gggtttaagg aggcacaggt    128640
     gttcacgtca gtctagactt tttgagacca tgcctcaaag aacaaaaaaa accgtgagca    128700
     gtggcgcaca cctctaattc tagcacttgg gagacaggag caggtgaatc ccctggtatc    128760
     aaaaagtaaa acaacccatc aatggccaag tgtgatggca ttttcttcct tcctctcccc    128820
     ccccccagct tttagagcgt gtttttcaag atagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggttgtc    128880
     ctggagccct tctgaagacc aagctgtcac taaactgaga tctgcctgcc tctgcctcca    128940
     cttccccagt tttagaatga aagacgtgcg ctgccaacct gtctgtagag ctctatttta    129000
     atactaatat ttggaagaca gacagatccc gaaatttgag cccagtttgg gtgtatggtg    129060
     gattaacata cacgccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaact tgtctgggct gaaagataac    129120
     tgcagccgga ctttttgatt tcgctcatag aaggggaggc aaggtcatgg gaccctgacc    129180
     ttagtaccca gctgttcctc acaagcaact atatgcaatt ttgccctagt tgcctgtggt    129240
     ttggggaggg gctagaggat actggtgagg gggaagggaa gggaagggct ctgtctgtgc    129300
     agtatgaaat gaggcttcat ttctgctaga tgaaaactgc cccgtgtgtt tttttgcagg    129360
     tagcaacaca accaccacca cctatgctct gcaagcccaa tatagtcggc ttccccagaa    129420
     tgctctgtgg tggaatcata tttcaggtta tatatacttc aggcctttgg agaagggtag    129480
     gcatttttta ggtcttcccc aggagagcaa cttcctcttt attttatttt tgcggtgggg    129540
     gcagaatctt actatgtaga ccaggctggg ctctgcctgc ctctgcctcc caagtactag    129600
     gattaatatt aaactcatgt gccaccatgc ctaggaaaga attttaacaa ggctacatcc    129660
     tgagaacctg tctcactaaa acatacatac atacatacat acatacatac atacatacaa    129720
     gaaaatcaaa acaaaaacaa gtaactctag cgtagggatc aagtgactat ggatgcgagt    129780
     gacccctatc cgctctggct cagagcgcct caagcgagtc aggactgcgc atgcgccgtg    129840
     ggaggagcca aattttcgaa cagtctttcc catagcatag atgagctttg gaatgaattc    129900
     agaagtgact ctacctatat gcaatcctca ctgcgcattg gaaccgttgt ggtagcttgg    129960
     gaaacgtcga acccgcccat gggcaagggg cggaatttcc ggtgtggctc gcattgggaa    130020
     agcagaactt ccggtggcgg gtgggttgcc ggctgctgag caagctccac tgtgattctg    130080
     ttccccttca cagcatccga ggatgtcaca gcttggatcc cggggccgcc tgtggctgca    130140
     gagccccacc ggtgggccgc cccctatatt cctgccgtcg gatggccaag ccctggtcct    130200
     cggtcgggga cccctgaccc aagtgacgga ccggaagtgc tcccgaaacc aaggtgggca    130260
     cgggaatgga actgctgcag agtgggattg gaaggaagca ggggagccta tgcctagcca    130320
     gaagcaagac gaggcattat gggagggaca gagaggatct gggagattgt caccggaggg    130380
     gagaaggaca acagagagac ggtcgctggg caggctacat caggcggtga tgcatcaagc    130440
     catgcccaag acctcggtct accccatgta tctcatggga caaagcagac cctacagata    130500
     aaaaaaatac ctgttctgga caagtccgtg tctctagcaa tcctagggac tccgaagtac    130560
     ctgttattat tgaggaataa actggctcgg gggggggggg ggggggcaga cacccctgtc    130620
     atccagagaa ttgggtggta gaggcatgag aatcagttca agcccagccg ctagtatgta    130680
     gcgagttcaa ggctatcctg ggctacctgt gttgggggat tgaggaagga agggagaaag    130740
     tgcctctctt acttaagtcc tagggagaaa gtgcctctct tacttaagtc ctagtagtag    130800
     actgtagttg gccacgcccc tgtacgtgat gtaaaccctg actccacccc cttaccctca    130860
     gtggagctga ttgcagaccc tgaaagccgg acagtggcag tgaaacaggt accagtgtct    130920
     tggcagcggg tagcaaggac ttgggagagg ggccgggtag atgacaaccc ttcagaaggc    130980
     tggtcagctt tccgctttaa caccgtgcca gactagaagc cactaacctt tcaaagttct    131040
     gactggccac acgaagtgaa taggtgggaa gattaaaaat tgattgggag ctaaggtatt    131100
     ggatttggtg gggcggggtg gtgccaaccc tagctcctcc tttgtctgca gctgggtgtt    131160
     aacccgtcaa ctgttggggt ccaggagttg aagccaggac tgtctggctc tctaagcttg    131220
     ggggatgtcc tttatctggt taatggccta tatcccctga ccctgcgttg ggaagagctc    131280
     agcacatcag gatcccagcc agatgctcca ccagacactc ctggggatcc ggaggaggga    131340
     gaggatactg agcctcagaa aaagcgagtt cggaaatcct ctcttggctg ggagagctta    131400
     aagaagttac tggtgttcac agcgtctggg gtgaagcccc agggcaaggt gaggccgcca    131460
     cccctgctgc cacccaggct agccagttaa tgtaaagttt cctgtgcagc cctgagctag    131520
     tcttatcaaa gttcctgagc ctcaactgtt ctgtgcagag aagactgaga ccccagtggt    131580
     gccgccacca ctgaggtaca gggtacaggt caggccctgt aatcagtggt gacctttctt    131640
     ggatcactct gaaatgaggc cacagaaaat tcacggccta gtttcctgtg gccactcagc    131700
     caacagtgag gtttgttttt ttaagaattg atatgacctg gcactcggga ggcagaggca    131760
     ggcggatttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacaaagt gagttccagg acagccaggg    131820
     ctataaagag aaaccctgtc tcgaaaaaaa aaacaacaac aacaaaaatc aaaaaaaaaa    131880
     aaaaaaaaga attgatatga gcctgcatga ttttctgtgt actgtatgca ggtggctgca    131940
     gaggccacag agcattgggt gccctggagc tgtagttaca ggcagttatg ggccatctga    132000
     catttgtgtg ctcctaacca ctgagtctaa ccactgagcc atctctccaa ctcttccaac    132060
     aaagcccttt gctccttctg ggctgttagt tctccaagga gatgctcaga gaaaaaggat    132120
     ttgtgagaca ctggttccta ctaaaaaaaa aaaaacaaac aaactggaag tggagggcag    132180
     aggacacaga aggataatac tggtatttaa aggctggtgt ctccaggtac acgccttcag    132240
     tccctatacc tgggaggcag agggaggcag atctctgtga gttcaaagcc agtctggtct    132300
     gtagagtgag ttccaagaca gccaaggcta cacagagaaa cccttgactt gaaaaggaag    132360
     acagtaagcc tgtaaggaag gtcagaggtg acagtattgt tgtccctgtt ggtgatacca    132420
     ggtggctgcc tttgacctag atgggaccct catcaccacc cgctctggaa aggtcttccc    132480
     cactagccct agtgactgga ggtgaggtgg gacatgggag gcggctgggc tgggtgccca    132540
     gagttcttta gatcacaagt cacctgctac ttcccgtcca ccttaggatt ctgtacccag    132600
     agattccaaa gaagctccag gagctggctg ctgaaggcta caaggtgtgt gggtgtggga    132660
     gcctgtgtgt gcgtgtgtgc gcgtgtgtgt gagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gcggacacat    132720
     gcatacacat gcctgggttg agacagggct ccagtgtgtc cctgtctgtc cccagttggt    132780
     aatcttcacc aaccaaatgg gcatcgggcg aggcaagctg ccagcagagg tgttcaaggg    132840
     caaggtggaa gctgtattgg agaagttagg ggtcccattt caggtacggc cagaagggac    132900
     acttagggac tatatgggac agagacccag agagaacgtg ccaatgcatc gggggtgggc    132960
     ggggggaagc cttggctggg atcatgctga caggagctgt tctctgagat cccaagggga    133020
     caggcactaa gaacactgtg gcctggctac ctccataggt gctggtggca acacatgcag    133080
     gtctaaaccg aaagccagtg agtggcatgt gggaccatct gcaggagcag gtgagcgccc    133140
     tcctgccttt tatactgtct gtcccagcct tcccctcacc acacgggtgg ccactggaaa    133200
     tgcctagagg tgctgggggc acggggtaac caggtccagc ctctgtgagg tcctaggcag    133260
     tgttaggtaa acagagatgc tcagggctaa gggggagggt ctggtaggta gcagggacat    133320
     gggaaacagg ctgagaagga agtggcccac agataggagc ttacagatcc aggaaggccc    133380
     accttgatta gggccacaag ttggaagagc aggcagtgtg ggctgctgca ggatgtgcgc    133440
     cctctggagg caactggggg agcaagcgag acactcagca gcaatgccct ggtgtgtggt    133500
     ccagccagcc cctctgctgt cccatcctgt gggctggact tctcactgcc tctctctgta    133560
     ggccaacgag ggcatcccca tctcggtaga ggacagtgtc ttcgtgggag gtaagaggcg    133620
     caggcttcta ggggttcagg aaccctctca gagctcagtg ttggacaggg ttgcccttcc    133680
     cttacagatg cagcagggcg cctagccaac tgggcaccgg ggaggaaaaa aaaggatttc    133740
     tcttgtgcag accgcctggt aagcctggtg tctgtgcccc gccctgtccg tgtgacaccc    133800
     tcactgcacc tctgcaccca cctaacccct gcgttccctc ctcagttcgc ccttaacgtc    133860
     ggcctgccct ttgccactcc ggaagagttt ttccttaagt ggccggctgc ccgctttgag    133920
     cttccagctt tcgacccggt gaggcccaaa agagaagggg atgagaggcc cttgtgagct    133980
     ccctggtctc acgccccctt tttgttcccc tgccagagga ctatctccag tgctgggccc    134040
     ctctaccttc cagagtccag ctctctcctg agccccaacc cagaggtggt ggtcgcagta    134100
     ggattccctg ggggtgagat gccacagcct gacctctggc tccccctggc actcacttgg    134160
     gtcctaggca ctagctgatg actctactgc ccccacagcc ggcaagtcca ctttcatcca    134220
     ggagcaccta gtgtcagctg gctacgtcca tgtgaacagg gtgagtggga ctgcacctcc    134280
     cctccccgcc accgttcaag gatgggaact ccccagactg acttgttatt tgccctgggt    134340
     cccacaggac acgctgggct cgtggcagcg ctgtgtgagc tcatgccagg cggcactgag    134400
     gcaggggaag cgagtcgtga ttgacaacac caacccagat gtcccaagtc gggccaggta    134460
     ctggaaactc atggtgggct cgggaagcac tgcgtgtact aggggaacac tgcgtgtact    134520
     aggggagcac tgagtgtact aggggaacac tgcgtgtact aggggagcac tgcacgtact    134580
     aggggagcac tgcacgtact aggggagcac tgcgtgtact aggggagtac tgagtatact    134640
     gggggagcac tgcacatact aggggagcac tgtgtgtact aggggagcac tgtgtgtact    134700
     aggggagcac tgcgtgtact aggggagcac tgcgtgtact aggggagcac tgcgtgtact    134760
     aggggaacac tgcgtgtact aggggagcac tgcatgtact aggggagcac tgcgtgtact    134820
     aggggagcac tgcgtgtact aggggagcac tgtgtgtact aggcgtcagt gacagctgtt    134880
     ttgcctccac aggtacatcc aatgtgccaa agatgcaggt gtgccctgcc gctgtttcaa    134940
     cttctgtgct acaatagagc aggcacgcca caacaacagg gtgagccact ctccaggccc    135000
     catcccaccc tagccctccc ctcatctaag ccttgcaccc tctgactttt gtgccatttt    135060
     gcagtttcgt gagatgaccg acccttcgca tgcacctgtg tcggacatgg tcatgtttag    135120
     ctacaggttc gggggttctg gggttctgga gggggtgggg gaggtggggt acagagcctc    135180
     acacccccat cccgcaggaa gcagtttgag ccgcccacac tggctgaagg cttcctggag    135240
     atccttgaga ttccattccg gttacaggag catctggacc cggcactgca gcgactgtac    135300
     cgccagtttt ccgagggctg agccctcaat aaacactggt gccactctgt gcacagccat    135360
     cttgctgggg ttgtgggagg caaaacaggt gccacggcat cctgcattga gcttgggctt    135420
     ccaagtgggc tcttgtgtat ctggcatact tggcctgggg gcttgagcag ccacagccat    135480
     tttgtggtgt gactcaccag ccagcaccag gtttcagaac ccagttgtgg gacactggac    135540
     ccgagactgg agtctgggga tgttaaattt gaccaggtac aggaagatta taataatgtg    135600
     tcaaagaaag gctgtcatgt gggtaactag cctgatgagc ctgcttttcc gtctacttag    135660
     agatggtcta acatcacaca tcccccgaac ttcaagactt agcagctgtg ttgggggtca    135720
     acccacactg tgtaacttaa cgacacaagc agggagggac agcaagtggg ttaaaaggct    135780
     ttattaggga aacatacagg ggcaaggacc atccttggga gacctcagga cgctgtcctc    135840
     caggttgctg ggcaggtaca gtcgccagga gcccctgctc agaagcagct gacctgggag    135900
     gcaggaggag gggtggcttc tactagtgaa actgcaccct actccccagt attaagctgt    135960
     ggccctggca cccattcctc cccagggata ttggtagcag gaggcagtga cgcatgcagc    136020
     aggtctctct caggccaggg ccaccctgct gcttcccacg gacacagtgc tgctcaccag    136080
     tctccactgg ggcctcgtct gggactgtgg cccgcccagc ccaggcatcc tctagccacc    136140
     catctgcaga ggaagaagcc aggggaggtt tcagaagtga gcacccagag gcagggccca    136200
     gcgagggagg gacgatggcg gagccggcct cacccctcgc tgctgctgct cctgctccag    136260
     gcttcgctgc aggacctgct gctggttggc gatgacgcga cggatgccgt tgacaaagtt    136320
     gctctggtcg tgcgggatga ggccgatgaa gatcttcttc tccgaggagt acaggagcat    136380
     gagcacacgc acctcacacg atgccttgta ggagaagtgc acgcagcccg cctaacagca    136440
     ggcccgagtc aggatactca ctcaccctcg gccacaagcc ggccagccca tctgcggaca    136500
     gctggacccc aggcagctgg ccccgaggtc cacagcatcc cagctcgggc tgccgggcac    136560
     agagccccac cctggacaag cctcatttcc ttacactgga gacaagaccc acaaggctca    136620
     gacccttgca gtttaaccgt cactaaccat gggctcccca aggtcctgag gtgcctcact    136680
     acctccagct ctgggttcac ctactgacag ggaaactgaa gccccagagc tggtggatct    136740
     agatcttggg ggctccaggc ctcctaagtt ccctgggaat tctgggccaa gctgaactgt    136800
     gcgtcggtta gtagtctgcc tctcgggcag ggccctctcc actggggcct atctggtaca    136860
     gcaagtgtct ccaaggactg acaagcccgc tgcctcagtt ctccagtgga ggccatactc    136920
     cgggcatgag gaccgggtgg gatggtgcat gcaaacacac aggaggccct ggggtataag    136980
     ggtacaggac atcctagctg cataggtgtg gcagaggccc caccacagct tccacaagca    137040
     gctgcattag tctgtctcct tggctgctgc cctccactca cgaagccatt gtccatgatc    137100
     cggcaaaggc tcttcagagt ctccatgtcc ttagtgaagt ggaactgtac caggcgtgaa    137160
     ttccggaaca gtggcacgag ggtggtctgg gggaaggcca agggcttctt tatggaaccc    137220
     tagcttgctg gggaagccag gcagccctct gcaccagccc accacagggt ctttggccca    137280
     cccccagcct ggcatcccct gacccctcac cagcaactgc tgcggaatga gctgcatgaa    137340
     gagcctccga ggccactggt ctgttctcct gccacacaag acagcaggca tcagtcagca    137400
     gtcctccccc agggggccgg cactgccaat gcgcccaccc ggcggcaccc cggcactcac    137460
     aggatctccc cttggttcac atagacgtgg gatggcagcc acctcttgga ccggctgttg    137520
     ggctcaggcc tgggctttgg ggcagagcga gaaggcactt caggggaggg cagcttaggg    137580
     ccaacagccc acacagcccc cggcagctca cctcctgcca ctccatgaca ccactccatg    137640
     ccaagaattt gttgttgaca atctgaacag gtccagagtg tacacccccg gggcccacgg    137700
     cctatggaca ggaaaccacc atgcggtcag cagctttcac tcacaattcc ccactagcca    137760
     gctgcagcca tgacttcaaa ccccaccttc cctgcctgca ttctgtgctc tcaagtggcc    137820
     cgagacaagt cccatccccc aggtggtaca gaggaccaca gctgcctaag caagtaacag    137880
     gtttctaaga aagatgtcat caacactgtg accctccaga gactctgggc ctcttgccaa    137940
     acctgccacc ccactcctgc cctgcctcta cacccaggcc ccaccctcta gttctgcccc    138000
     tctgaagcct ataaagctat gtttccctcg agcccatttg ggtatggcac tgcctcgtca    138060
     cagctcctcc ccaggcgcca actcagcctt gatgccacat tccacaccag tgggaggcag    138120
     tgggtctacc aagggtagga gcaggagcag gctaccctca gctggcacac ctgtttgcgg    138180
     gtggtgatga cctgtcgtat ggcgttgacg aagccgctct ggtcgtaggg gatgaggccc    138240
     atgaagatct tcttcttaga cgagtacagg agcatgagca cgcgcacctc gcaaggagaa    138300
     atgtggggga agagcatgca gcctgcctgt gggggacagg gctgcaggtc agcggcctgg    138360
     gcctccacac tcaacatctt actgcctggg gaggccccga ctcaccaaaa cacaagcaag    138420
     gcttgcccca gagcaggtga gctgctcttg gccacctaag cacctgatga ctttctaagg    138480
     cagggatagg tgtgagccaa ggaccctgta tggctgtgtc ccttccttct ctaccaaccc    138540
     cagccctgct actggcttag agcagctcca gagggctgaa gagaaggctt gggagtgaga    138600
     actggctgct ccctttggac gaccaaggtt tggtacccac ccacatggca attcacaacc    138660
     ttgcattcaa tcccatggga tctgacagcc tcttctgggc tctgcggcac caggcacaca    138720
     tgatacacac ataccattta aaaaagaaaa aaaatcctca aatttttaaa gagtaggtgg    138780
     taggccaggc tgctgtgcca cccaaggcaa gccacttagg agcccagttt ccccatctgt    138840
     aagacactcc aacagcatac atagggacag ctatgactac ctaacagtag ctaaggtgcc    138900
     aggccctctt cagtgggaag acagcatttg taggctagcc tgtcctgcca ggatacagaa    138960
     gcacctctac ctagcaggcc agccttttgg actgattctc cagaccctgg gcccagctct    139020
     gggatactac tccggaagag ctgctgctgg cacgaggttg cagccatgct acgtctgtgg    139080
     ggcccagaaa agggacaagt ccttggaggc tgccaagtag gaggagtaga ccagcccaag    139140
     gcagagcagg ggttgagcct ggagtccagt cgtctgcatg catgggccgg tgacttcctc    139200
     tcaccctata ccgccacctg ctgcagtcca gtgacctcac actggctcca cagaagtaga    139260
     ggctggctac cagacgacac caccacccca cacatggggc cctgagaagc aaagcctgct    139320
     gggttccact tcccagcagg acacaagggc agcatgcgct ctggccacca cataggcttg    139380
     tgtgctgatt ccattacagt cccacccacc aacgtcctgg aaatgaccac tcggagaggg    139440
     acgggaagcc tcccactaca ggacagaact aggttccccc ccccacactg tcccccactc    139500
     ccactcacga agccattgcc catgatgcgg cagaggccct tgagggagtc acagtctctg    139560
     ttggtgaagt ggaactgggc cagctgagag tttcggaaca ggggacccag tgtggtctgt    139620
     ggatgacaag tggagccagt gatcaccgtg aggcaagggt gggggagatt ctggggtgga    139680
     agtttggctc tgggggcagg acttgggata catgggtggg gccagggttt ggggggggca    139740
     gagccccact aatctcacca gcagctgctg tgggatgagc tgcatgatca acttctgggg    139800
     ccactggtcc gtctccctgc agtagggggt gcatcagaag ccatgccctg catcctaggc    139860
     cgccccaggc tctgcccact cccacactca caggttctcg ccctggttca cataggcctg    139920
     gcagggcagg gtgcgtttca gcttggctgt ggagtccgag aagggtctac gcttctgcgg    139980
     gtgggcgggt ggggagactc agcaaagtgc ccgggcccct cccccccatg ccttccaccc    140040
     actcagagat ttgggtggcc cagccagcct cacctcctgc cactccagca cgccactcca    140100
     ggccagcagt ttgttgctga gccggtgctc gttcactgcg aggcccccaa gagtcagccc    140160
     aggtgaagag ggcccgatag gccccagggc tccaaagact cgagcaccct cctgcagcag    140220
     aggggagaat tcctaggtca ttccaggtta ggcgtttccg cacatcctgg aggggtcacc    140280
     ctcaggtcca gactcaagtc cctgggcaca cacttccggt cctgacgcct tccccagcag    140340
     gccagacctc aaagcttgac cttcagatca atctgtcaga aaactgtggg cagcatcacc    140400
     cctaagagga gcctcccaca aaggatagcc ttcactgagg accgcaatgt ggcagcaacc    140460
     agaaaccaag taaatagaac accctggagg acaattgggg ggcgggggag gggggaatcc    140520
     taaggaagct agagtctacc tgaaccaaaa cgtttacctg aatgcatgct gaacagtggt    140580
     gccaaacatg gccacgtgtc ccctcctcca ccccagggtg caaactaaac tctttttccg    140640
     gccaaaacat ttccaaaaga ccagtcggtc tcctgggcca gtctctaacc agactagaca    140700
     cactccaggc cagagaccct tctgattgtc accaacgcat ctctgctctc tgctaaagct    140760
     cgtgagtcct ttatacccgg tgtgatgaca aaccagaaag ttctcccggt gacttaagta    140820
     gcagaagagc ctaggtcttc actgctgagg ggccttcctg atggttctgc agacccaagc    140880
     cctcaggatt acagcaaatc cgcacactgg ctgcctgggc tgggtgtgca gtgagacact    140940
     acaagtgtca gcatgtacac caccacacag tcggtgaaaa tcaggcaaac acacttagga    141000
     acctaaacaa aatccaaaac tattcaagtg cggggtgagg gataaccatt aagaggcttg    141060
     tgtgtttgcc tgcacccaaa aacacctgta tgcccacaac agcagggaaa caaactagga    141120
     acatgaagcc cactaagcgc caagttcgtg tttacgcatg cctgatttgc tgtttgcgca    141180
     ctgcatggcc agagccaagt cacatttgta gaaaagggac acatatgagg accccaggaa    141240
     gggctcccaa caccaagaga aaacttcaag cctaggctgt actacagcga ggggtgtgtc    141300
     tgcgttcctc aggtgatcca ggcgacagac ccgcctcagc tcctcggaga acaacgtcgt    141360
     cagaagtctg aagtggtcag taccacgcca gggaatagct taccgctggc caagcatgcg    141420
     caggtgtggc cacgagtcca ccatcacaat gggggcaatt ttgttgcccc aagaaaatct    141480
     caatgtttct agaaagtgcg cgcacgttta ctgagtggac aaaaaggtga caaccccacg    141540
     aacttacaga gctgaatatt taccttaagc tttatcttaa ggcttaaggt ctgggctagc    141600
     tgcggggcgg gcgggtatgc aaatagaggg actgtccaca atcgccatct ggccccgggg    141660
     gacaacgccc ccgcgagcaa cagctgggcg cgcgtgtaag cgccgggctc ctccaccggc    141720
     cgcttcgcgc atttccagac ccggaggccg aggaccaact ttgcaattgg aaaaacaagc    141780
     gtgcacccca ggcgcccccc gcgcgcgtgt gcagccggcc gcgcagtcag cagtaattcg    141840
     aacccgcccc gcctccgtac cccgcccccc gcccagcccg ccgcgcaaca aaggggagcg    141900
     cccagagccg atcaaggact gatcccggac ccctgggtgc gccctcccgc gggaggcccg    141960
     tgggcgctgc ggacaaaggc gcccgccagg ggaggggtgg cggggcgggg cgtgcgtgga    142020
     aggctctgga aacaggccgt gggactcacc atgggagggg ccgaacgagc ccggatccgc    142080
     ggtggctgcg ggcctcgagg accgccaggc caggaacgtg agcgcacggc gcggacgacc    142140
     aggggccgcg gtggccggcc acgacctccg agggggcccc cggcgccgga gcggtgcggg    142200
     gcacggcgcg ggcggaccat ggcgggtggg aggccgtggg cctcacgggg ggctgcgggt    142260
     ccgccgaccg acaggcgcgg gcgcgcggct tcggggagaa gcggagcggg accgcggcgg    142320
     gggacgcgcc gctgaggggt cgccgcggcc gaaccactgc agcgaacagg ggagcccggc    142380
     gccaaccaac gcgaagctgg ggggagatgc ggggggggtg ggctggcgcc taccaacgtg    142440
     gaagaagagg gagagccggg accaacgccg gggagaggag gagccggcgc taaccaacag    142500
     actatggagc tggggagcca gcgctgacaa acagggatgg aggactgtaa gggggtgtgg    142560
     ctggagcaaa ccaagaaggt cagggaggga gggtttcaga cttggaaatg acaagagaga    142620
     aactgtgcta caagagttcg agctggtgag acaataccaa gtcctcactg ctggagggac    142680
     agaaggcggt agacaggata atgggtggcg cgacggaacc taccaccaga ctgaggggta    142740
     gatgtaggaa ccaggcgttc ttgcctcttg gaggcggtga cgtggcaagg tggctaaaag    142800
     actacaactt ccagcgggtc tctcgcagcc tgggcgtgac cagcatagct gctggcccat    142860
     ttgtccaggg tctgcccact gttgcttggg ccttctagca gttgccttac ccagatcacg    142920
     ttcttgatct gaaaggactg tgcagtggca tttcttgctt ccgtttgttt ttaacctgtg    142980
     atactatcca gccttagatt atctgcgctc gatgtaagtg gcgttgtgtt tacgcagtgt    143040
     tagcttatgc acccaggctg acctcgaact cctaagcctt ctgtcttcac ctttaattgg    143100
     gtgtgcacta ctacacgtgg ctgttaaact atatataggg tgctgaggtt tgaatttata    143160
     gcctcttgca tgcgagaagt tccctcctgc cttcttttaa actagaaaac ctatttggac    143220
     tatactttgt tcttccttgc tgattcatac actactttaa ccaaattata tcaggcccct    143280
     gacagcacac ccaagctatg atgcctgtca cctggagcaa atgtcctggc agtaggctgg    143340
     ctttttaaaa atctcgtgtt ttataattga tttaaaaagc taaactggaa ggtgagcagc    143400
     aagagaggtc acctggtcct tgtctgccac caagcctgac aacctgggtt caatttccct    143460
     aaaccctatg gtgggaggag caaagagacc cttacaaagt gctccctgag ccccacacaa    143520
     gtcctgtgtc acatgtgcac ataattcaga gtctgcttgc acttcaaagt gagctcaaaa    143580
     cctgattggg caactgactt aatacgacag ccttgtctca taattaataa acaataataa    143640
     tagagattga gtagtgacac taggcattaa ttaaaaggta cgggaagccg ggcgtgatgg    143700
     cacacgcctt taatcccagc actcgggagg cagagacagg cggatttctg agtttgaagc    143760
     cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agccagggct acacagagaa accctgtctc    143820
     gaaaaaccaa ccaaccaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaggt aagggaaaag ggtcacacca    143880
     acttcatgag attgaagcca gcctggtcta cataaaagtc tccatagcaa caacagtaag    143940
     gaatccaggc agagcccaaa gcccactagt ggagcaggtt ggctgcaaat gaagttgatg    144000
     gcagcagtgg caacaactga ttttgaagct gagcccaaag ggttttgcag ggcgacagag    144060
     ataaagggtg aagaacaaag ccaggacttc acaactgtca agggcaagca gtttcttttg    144120
     tttttcatga cagagtttgt ctgtgtagtt ctggctagaa cttgctctgt agaccaggct    144180
     ggccttgaac tcacagccac ctgcccctgc ccaagtgcta gaattaaaag catgtaccac    144240
     caccttccag acctactaca gattttataa tccttgcaag tttgtggaca ggcagggcta    144300
     aacatttgac agactgtctc aaaaatggga ggtgctgcaa agacggctca gcaattaaga    144360
     acactgctct tccagaggat ccaagttgta ttccaagtac ccagtggcag cttcacaaat    144420
     atgtatgatt ccagtgccaa gggatcagat gccctctttg ggcctctaca ggcaccaagc    144480
     acatacagac atacattcag gcaaaacacc cataaacata aaggaaacat ttaaaataat    144540
     taaaagaaag caagagaaaa tcaggtgtaa tggtgtagtt acaattttgg gatttttttt    144600
     ttaaatttat tatatgtagg cacactgtag ctgttttcag atacaccaga agagggcatc    144660
     agatctcatt agggatggtt gtaagccacc atgtggttgc tgggatttga actcagaacc    144720
     ttcagaagag caggcagtgc tcttaaccgc tgagccatct ctccagccca agattttttt    144780
     tttttaacac taatactatg ttttgtttta aacccaggtg tgggataagg ggctgcttca    144840
     gactgttcac agcagctatg attcgattcc tgctctagca gaggcacggt tttgccatct    144900
     gcagctagtt tatgtgattg tgtgctgttt ggaattctga tgacttttca gagggtctgt    144960
     aagtgctacg accccaagag gcagagtggg ctgttgggta cagtttgtta agtagtcata    145020
     ttcaaagagc aacaagaaag cagatgtcct agccaggcgt ggtggcacat acctttaatc    145080
     ctagcacttg ggaggcaaag gcaggcggat ttctgagttc gaggccagcc tggtcggtct    145140
     acagagtgag ttccaggaca gtcagggcta aaccgagaaa ccctgtctca aaacaaacaa    145200
     aaacaaagaa caaaaaacaa aaacaacaaa taaagagatg tccagatagc aaagatcaaa    145260
     cttgtcccaa ggaacttgag gtgcctaatt agcaggaagt actctacaga tgctatgcta    145320
     atccctttat gacccctaac tttattcagg gatcttttcc cttttctctc tcctgtctag    145380
     tggtaagggg ttgaaaagct ggaatagaaa ggatggagag aggttaaagg aagaacccac    145440
     aaagtagcag agaagagcaa catagtggca cacaccttgt aatcactaag gaggcagggg    145500
     gtgggggaga gctcagagtt caaggccagc ctggtcttga ttgttttcca ggatagccag    145560
     aaagggttac ccagagaaat cctgactcaa ataacaggca aagcagagag cgtgcagtga    145620
     ggtggctcag cagaatgaag cagactttgc tgcccaaatc tgacatgacc tgagctgtaa    145680
     tagccaaaac attaggactc taagttatct tctaaccaca caaacagaac cacctcgcgg    145740
     cagggcaggc tggaaaccgg gtggctgagt gcttaaccgg cttgcaggga gcccttggtt    145800
     ctgtgtgagc accacagaat cagaggggtt gtgcaggctt ctaatcccag cacttgagga    145860
     gtccgggcag gaagattagt tcaaggtcgt cctctgctac atagagagtt ccgaggccag    145920
     tctagactac attagaaaga aaaaaggtct caaaagaaaa aaggggtctc accatggaaa    145980
     ttgtgcagtc ctgggtgaac aagagtagat aagatcacaa agaatgtgtg ttgtgtgtaa    146040
     acatgatctg ggtcattctg tccgtgtagc aatggccatg agggacaagg agcaaagacg    146100
     ggcatggcca gctttccgct agaacacagc ctggatttaa agactccacc agaagataag    146160
     gaattgtagg taccccaggg ctcccccatt aacctgtgtg tgagcacccc tcaacaacag    146220
     cactgaggag aaaagcctgg ttcaaatctc ctcagccccc cctgctccag ccctcaggag    146280
     tcctaacagc ctcactgttc taatcaaaac cctaaacaaa gacctaggaa gactcggtcc    146340
     tcgtgggcct cattcttctg ttcctttaag acaagatctc atcctcccaa gtgtaattgc    146400
     aagccagcat caccatggcc agctcagtct ccctttattc agcatgaaac cctgacgtct    146460
     cattaaactg ttaaagggtt cttcagggga ggctggctgt ttgacccagc tggtaaaggt    146520
     gccggctgcc aagcctgagg acccaagtta gagaccccga agccctctga cctccacatg    146580
     catcttggca cacaaccaaa aaaaccaaaa caaaacaaag acagacgggc tggagagatg    146640
     gcacagcagt taagagcact gactgctctt ccagaggtcc tgagttcaat tcccagcaac    146700
     cacatgatgg ctcacaacca tctataatgg gatcttatgc ccttttctgg tgtgtctgaa    146760
     gacagctaca gtgtatgcat atacataaat cttaaaaaaa aaagaagaag aagaatgaaa    146820
     aagacacaat ggtaaacaaa agaatccacc ctggatctcg gtctcggctt aatggccttc    146880
     caccttgagc tgacagtaac aggagtccca tgctgctgct ggccacgcct ctgtcccttc    146940
     caaagcccct tgggccaggt gtttttgaac cactttacac acatcctcat ggagggaatg    147000
     tacctgctaa tctgagaggg gatcgcagtc ctacagtcta ccccagatgc tggcaatgag    147060
     agcgaagcta gccttgcaca gatatgccct agagctggca ccactggagg gagagccgtg    147120
     cctggtcaac agcagctttt gttttatttt tttctcttag aaatgatcgc aggtggtggc    147180
     tggcacacac ctttaatcac agcacctggg aggcagaggc cgggggtctc tgagttctag    147240
     gccagcctgg tctacagatc aagttccagg gcagccaggg ctatacagag aaatcctttc    147300
     tcaaaaacaa aacaaaccaa taaataaata atagcaaata accttcagag ccacaaactt    147360
     gacactttgt tatgttaccc acttccccat atcgtgatgt gggcccacgc taagaccttg    147420
     tacagacaat tcaaactaca caaccatgcc ttcaactcct cactggggga tcctaggcag    147480
     gggctctaca ttgagccaca cccctagcct gagacatgat tggttgtttg ggtaaaggaa    147540
     agtgaggaag aagaggccat cacttttttt gtttttgttt ttttctgtcc tccttccgca    147600
     cccccaaaac aggctttctc tgtgtcaccc tggctgtcct gtgatgccct ggttgtcctg    147660
     tgtcaccctg gctgtcctgt gtagccctgg ctgtcctgtg tcaccctggc tgtcctgtgt    147720
     agccctggct gtcctgtgtc accctggctg tcctgtgtag ccctggctgt cctgtgtcac    147780
     cctggctgtc ctgtgtagcc ctggctgtcc tgtgtagctc ttgctatgca gaccagccta    147840
     gcttcaaact cacatagatc tgcctgcctc tgtctcctga atactgggat gaaaggcatt    147900
     tgccaccact atctggagag ggctgtcact ttgatctttt ctccccccct cccccgaaga    147960
     attttatcag cactttatgc aactcaagac tttcctgaca aaagaaaaac atgttttaga    148020
     gacttggtgt gtgttttaaa acaaacattc ctcaaatata tctttttttt cttttgtttt    148080
     tgagacaggg tctccttggc tggcttggaa ctatgtagac tggtcttgcc tgagtgcctg    148140
     gtgcagttat caggacagca ccaaggaccc aacatacctt cctttattta tttatttatt    148200
     tatttaatct gttttcaagt cagggtttct ctgtatagcc caggctgtct tggaactcac    148260
     tgtgtagact aggcaggcct caaactcaga gatccacctg cctctgcctc aaaaactctg    148320
     ggattaaagg tatgcaccac tccatctggc ctgttggaca ctcaggaggc aatggaggta    148380
     gaggtctgag tttgagggca gcctggtcta catacacaat gagaccactc ctacacaaac    148440
     tgagcgcatt gcaaggctct accaggtccc cccttcccag gctagctgcc agttggaaca    148500
     atctgatttg tgttgtgaag tttgaccttg attggcttga agagtgtgtt ttgttcaggg    148560
     accacaattc cctgctctcc tatatagagt tctgggcacg gaataccaac acatgggaag    148620
     gtgggcttgg gaggccagcc catggaggag ctgggaggac aaggccgagc ctcaagccgc    148680
     ctttctgtgt gtatgcgtgt gttcaggtgt cctcggaggc cagaggagtc tcttcctcct    148740
     ggaactgaag ttacaggtgt ttgtgagccc catgatatgg gttctgggaa ctgaactcaa    148800
     gtcctctgca agagtgagac ccactcttaa cagccaagcc ttttttccag cccaccacaa    148860
     ccatgcttaa cttgttttga ggacaaactc acattttcca aacttctgcc tggtctacat    148920
     acaaactgtt gtctctccta ttgatgactt agttcgtctt cagaaagcct gcctgcttca    148980
     acagctctcc cctccctacc cacccctcac atatgggtct ccattgaagc tgtgtcctgg    149040
     gtctggagtc tccttcttcc agaggtcgca aaatggtggt ctaatggcct catgagactc    149100
     acagcagatt ttgtttggtc ctcagtgtgt gtagtggttt gggtttgaag gccaccaggc    149160
     agggcacgca ctctccaggt tcgccacagt ccctagcacc cccacatctc agagccacgg    149220
     gcacacattg gctgcatggc cacaccacca cctcaccttc atagcttcag ctgcaccttg    149280
     gtcccctatg cctcttttac tttctgagaa tcacccaggg gaggggcctc gtgggacaag    149340
     aggactccta gtccctccca gccaggcccc agggcagggg cagatgtgaa ccagctagca    149400
     ggggccaggc tgtcacacaa gtgggtggaa taggcaggga gaaggaaagc ccacggccag    149460
     aaagataatc aaattggatc tttactgagc tatggtgaac gcatggaata caacacaaac    149520
     acggatgata ctagagttca tactttaaat tcaaaattga aaaaatacaa attgaaaaat    149580
     agaaatattt agttattaaa atttctctct tgtaattttc ttgtgccttt tgagcggaag    149640
     gttgacacct gcccttcttc acccagatgt cggtgctggc attggctggg acagagacgg    149700
     caggtgaaat gtcaacctta atccttaaaa tggagttttt gatttaggta tgtaacggaa    149760
     aacaatgact gtcacaagcg tgggcagcca ctcaggacac tgctgggcag aggcaaagga    149820
     accttgccat cttgcagaat tgcaagcacc ctgtcgcact gccaactcgg accggggtct    149880
     gcgttcacat catcgtaagg gcgagctagc cagtgttagc tcaggttcaa gtagagtatg    149940
     gccctcaggg gacttggtct tgggtctcac agtgtgggtg actggtcctg gccgcctctc    150000
     atttccagaa acaagctgca ccaaaggcag gcagtcccac tgttcctcgc aaaggcatgc    150060
     gcctgccagg accacaccac agtcatatac attcaggagc tgttcgtgaa tatcccttct    150120
     gagacagatt cagtgttcac aagggtggga acttcaacca aaagtttcta actgtcctcc    150180
     agggaaccag ggcacggctc tgcacacttt gaaatgaacc aaacatacca gttcagattt    150240
     cctgcatgtc ctggtctcag gcaattggct cagttcaagt acaggaatgg cagagtcgag    150300
     gaaggcgtca tggtgtttct ttgagcatct caattcctgg ttactgagac taggacctga    150360
     cctgggtcct tgcaaacagt gccacttggg atcgaggtat ggaacagccc ccatgatgga    150420
     cagcctggtc accatgatgg gactgtagtt gtgcttatga attctgatgt gtttgcatgc    150480
     acaggagcaa gtcacttcaa agtcaggggc tggcttggtg ccacctcaca gactgcctcg    150540
     gttgcatgga tattgccgcc accaccacca ataaataaag ctagccatgt gctcagagtt    150600
     tctgtgtgga tccggaaggc ctcactcttg tgtgcttcag cctgcagacg cttgtcaggc    150660
     tcacaggaca gccttgatga cagctcttca gaacacggga gttctttcca ctgcactgca    150720
     tggctattcc tggctctcca gcgcctcgct ggctctcagg gcccttttca gttcctgcag    150780
     gagtgtgtcg cggctctgcg ctgtgtactg atcgtagctc ttactgtgct gggactcata    150840
     gtggcgcttc aggttgtact ctttcagcac tgacacgttt tttttgcata ttaagcacgt    150900
     aggcatgctc ttcacttcca caaagaaata gtctcgctcc cacttttctc gaaacacgcg    150960
     gccctctcct tctctctttc gtttggccac ttttgaagga gacatgggta caagaaagat    151020
     ttcacttttc tctgaatgct accacacaac caccatggtg ccagccccgt gactgaggca    151080
     gggcccctgc ctcaccgtgg aagagcaaga gagagtggtg gggactgtgg cgaacccaag    151140
     agcatgagcc ccactgacgg ggctacgact gccaggcaga agggcgggtc cagtgtcagt    151200
     ctctgacaca tcgagaggaa cagactgcac actgtgtgag cctcactgga gcgttacagc    151260
     taacgggagg acaaagtgcc atgctgacac agggaaggcc aaacaaaacc catctgtggt    151320
     ggcccatggg ccactagatt gcagcctctc tcctggtatg ggtgggtcac ctgcacatta    151380
     accgacgtcc cacacccagg cagtggtggt ccaggcacag accacactca ggacaacatg    151440
     tgcctgtgtg acaaacatct cactccatct ccagggggaa gccctgcaca caagcctggg    151500
     ggtactctgc gagacaggag ctacccaact cacccacact caactgaacc cagtgctggg    151560
     gacatcctga cttcctggtg tggcatgtgt cacctagaca ctcccatgac cttgcctctt    151620
     gcttgccctg ctcctacaat ccatcacacc ttcctgacac ccgccccgtt agcagtctat    151680
     gcagtcctgc atgcccagga caaatgtcca gctccccagt ctggactctc cggctctggc    151740
     tccttcctga acgctcacgc tccaggagtg tccacctgct ggccctgctg gccctgcgct    151800
     gtggctttgg ctatctacac ctaggtcctt ctggctccca atttctgctt ctccttccag    151860
     gctcctcgga accctggctg ggtcagaggc attctgggct ctaacccctt gagtgcacat    151920
     gagctgtaca cttcctgccc acctgctcca agtctcccag aaccaggccc accatgctgc    151980
     ctccaactca tcccagggcc cagcatcacc cagccggggc cttggggagt ctgcaaggcg    152040
     agagcaaaga cagccctcgg ggcgtcagtc acgggagccg ggcattgtta aaaggaactt    152100
     tattgggtgt tgggttcaga tgaggtccat gaggatgtcg tcctccatga cgctgggctg    152160
     caggcccggc tgggggaccg ggcccctggg acccccgctc agcagcatct gacctggggg    152220
     gcagcgggaa gggactgcat ctcccagtgg tccctggggc cactgaggac cctgggcctc    152280
     tcatcccact tcctctggga acccaaggca gtaaggtttc taggaagctc catggaacgc    152340
     cagaagtcct tctaagcccc gctgaatgca gacactttcc tttgaccctt cgggagccct    152400
     tcccccacac gtgtagcttc actgacccta agatatcttc cagcacccca ggatcagaag    152460
     gtaaggattg tgggaatttt tcacccacca caagaggtct tgctcttata gctgaacttc    152520
     ccaatgtccc cttgagctac gggaggccct ttggtaatag ggtccttacc agtggcttca    152580
     gggactccca ctctagaccc ctatcctccc ctggagcacc cttacctggc agtggcgccc    152640
     gctggggaag ctgtgtgggc catgactggg caggtggagg atgcaggagc tgcggcccca    152700
     gctggggctg ccccatgctc tgatgtggtg gcagcaatgt aggggcccct ggaggctgta    152760
     ggtggtgtag ggaggcctgg ggcgggggca ccccagtctg gggctaagga agacaaagaa    152820
     tgactcagag ggcctagtgt aaaatccggg aaggtccacc gccctgggag ccttgtccag    152880
     cccactactt cctcccagag atactgggtc agaacctgca attccctgct tctttaatcc    152940
     caagtctcac cggtgctggg ttaaggagaa ggctccgcag ctgggggttg gccccagggt    153000
     tctggggccg caggatgggt ccagaaggag gtgggccagg ggctgctcca ggaggacctt    153060
     gaggtgcgcc tgtgggggcc tgggtagcac cttggggctg gggctgccct gtagccgcag    153120
     aagctcccac ggcaccctga ggctgaggct gtggtgcacg gagctgtagc tggggaacag    153180
     aggcatgaag aaggacagta gggtggccgc cccaagtcca cccacctcca tccccaaccc    153240
     caccagtccc cacccgagtc ctcactagat tctgcggggg cctcgcttgc tcctccagaa    153300
     tggggcccag gactggaggt gcctgctgtg cccccatctg cacggggaca gagaggacaa    153360
     gtcagatgag ggacggtgac tgaccctgtc ctgtcgggga gacccggtgt gtagaagcag    153420
     gctgccgttt tctgggggca aaccatcaag gaggtgtgcc acaccctgcc tggctgtaag    153480
     gtgggtcctg catcaggaat ctgaagtgga tactgaaaag ggactaagac tgctctgcta    153540
     ggacacaggg gacatgggac tcaggcaaga tctctggaga caggaggcca tggtgaccag    153600
     ctggcctggc tccacactca ccccgcgctg ttgctccagc ttctgctgct ggacctgctt    153660
     gtggttggtg atgacctggc ggatgccatt gacgaagccg ctctggtcgt aggggatgag    153720
     gcccatgaag atcttcttct tagacgagta caggagcata agcacgcgca cctcgcatgg    153780
     ggccgtgtgc gggaaatgca cgcagcccgc ctgtggacag agactctcag gacctgccca    153840
     ccagggggct cccagatatc cctcctcaca taacactcta caagccctgt gggcaagagg    153900
     taaggagatc tctctgcata atgccaaggt gggcaggtct gcttggcatc tgccccagaa    153960
     gacagaaact gagtgtaagc agtgaacccg gtagtcaaag ggcacagcaa gatcgaagca    154020
     cccgctggcc actaagaagg aaagacagca ggtcacatca gaaacccacg gtgaccctga    154080
     ctgagcgcct ccacctcctt gtctcacttc agcacagcgc tggacggcct cccccaatca    154140
     cactggaaag gggtctgctg gggaggatgc cagaaaagat ggagtaagac ctttaagggt    154200
     ggctctatct ctctgccaat gtccacgagc atggaccagg gacagcaaca tcacaaggca    154260
     gccatttcgg gagtcaaggt gccccctcag actctcaggg gactggcttt ggctaccatg    154320
     gtttccttct caggacctgg gtttgctcgg cctgcagctg ctgctcacac tgtccagtac    154380
     agaacagggt ggtgccagtg gagccggtga gctggtgaat gccctcccct acagggggtg    154440
     cagcctagca acccaactct ggcccagatt aaaggaggcc tggccagaag ttgtggacat    154500
     ttctcatttt ctgaagaagg agattcagcc attgcctctt ccacatgctt caaggttgcc    154560
     cagaagctca ggttctgttc tgtacctaca gtctaggcat ggcatcactg ggctccctgc    154620
     tgggtcctgt tctacaacaa gaacaccagt tcctgttacc ctctggaaac attaactcag    154680
     aatccatcat ctgcaccgat gagcccacca ccaaggacct gggacctgct gagcagccag    154740
     atgacagccc cagcaggatc cccaagtgct tgacccccac ccacaaaaga gagtacaggt    154800
     gagaagggct gtgaggctga tgaccaacag tactctgcct gggaaaaagc aggcacagaa    154860
     gtcactgtgc cggggccggg cgtggtggcg catgccttta atcccagcac tcgggaggca    154920
     gaggcaggcg aatttctgag ttcaaggcca gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggacag    154980
     ccagggctac acagagaaac cctgtctcaa aaaccaaaca aacaaacaag aagtcaccgt    155040
     gcctcaacca cgtacacggg cgctgtgtct ccccagacac taatttcaac ccactggcac    155100
     ccaggaagct gagacgattc gggagatgcc cctacaacag gtcagatgag ttgcaagggc    155160
     aggccctatc caacagaaaa caagaggggc agagaagtca ggctccactg cacaagccta    155220
     caaaggcaac ccaagggagc ctggggcagc aggacgtcca cgtggaggtg ttgctacaca    155280
     gtatgtctta tctcagggac tcagtgggcc ctaggacaca tgtacttaag caaggacgag    155340
     gttctatctg cagtgccaca ataaggcaca gggtgcgagg atcagcagct cctggggctg    155400
     ggtccccggg gccctcacca agttggcaga gaaggggaca ggagttagtg cactcacaaa    155460
     gccattgccc atgatgcggt agaggccttt gagggactcc aggtccttgt tggtgaagtg    155520
     gaactgaacc attcttgagt tccggaacag cggacccagg gtggtctgga agcatacagg    155580
     tatcacgtgg ggcaacacac agaggggaag catcacgtga ggaacaaggt gtgaggccca    155640
     ggcaggcctg gccgggcagg actcaccagc agctgctgag ggataagctg catgatcagt    155700
     ttctggggcc actgctcagt cttcctggaa ggcagcacag ggaaaggaga gtcagggcag    155760
     tcaggctgag cctgccccgc ccctgacaaa tacctacagg ttttctccat ggttcacata    155820
     gacctggcaa ggcagagacc tcgtcagctt ggtgttggca tccacagatg caggcttggg    155880
     tttctgaaag agaaagggtg actcaaccaa ggcctggtga cctaaccttc accagctcct    155940
     gcaggcccac aacccctccc cccaccttcc cagcaaccct actcaagtgc ccagatccca    156000
     caaacactgg gtccctcttc tgggccctaa atcttatggt cactatcctc cagagcccaa    156060
     tatctggaac cctgttgaaa gcacaaattt tggtttttgc tgctttgggt gtgtgtgtgc    156120
     acgcatgttg actgactggg gatggaggcc tgtgtctagt agacaactgc tcaaccaatg    156180
     agctccaata aaattttttg tttgtttttg gttttttgaa acagggtctt tctgtgtagc    156240
     cctggccatc ctagaactca ctggcctcaa actcaaatcc atctggctct gcctccccag    156300
     tactgggaat ggtgggacat gctaccatgc ctggctccaa cataattctt tttttttttt    156360
     ttttttggtt tttcgagaca gagtttctct gtatagcccg ggctgtcctg gaactcactt    156420
     tgtagaccag gcgggcctcg aactcagaaa accacctgcc tctgcctccc aagtgctggg    156480
     attaaaggtg tgcgccacca cgcccggcta ccaacataat tctttttttt tttttttaag    156540
     atttatttat ttattatatg taagtacact gtagctgtct tcagacactc cagaagtggg    156600
     catcagatct cgttacggat ggttgtgagc caccatgtgg ttgctgggat ttgaactccg    156660
     gaccttcgga agagcagtcg ggtgctctta cccactaggc catctcacca gcccccccaa    156720
     cataattctt aaatgccaac ttgagagctg ggccacacat cctgccttcc tctgcatatc    156780
     ctaagtgctc tgggagcccc ccttctcagc cactcacctc ctgccactcg aggactccac    156840
     tccaggctag gagcttgttg gatactgact gctgcccacc aagtgcagga cccccaagct    156900
     gggctgctga aggaccattg accccacctg gggttacagt gcctgcctgc tgaggacaaa    156960
     cagcaatgag gacaccatgc tctgtcgggg agtagacacc ttataggagc gggacaaagg    157020
     acctccgcga ccactaacca tatgtctgag accatccatg ccaagcatga ggaaccagac    157080
     tcccagaatt ccaggatacc tgggttcctc aggccaggag cccacagccc tgccccagag    157140
     ctgcacatca cagctatgca cctcaccgtg gagctcaggc cccttgcggg aggctaggta    157200
     ccacctttca tctactgtga gcacagcagc agcctgaggc tggggacgac gagccaccta    157260
     ccagagacgg cgccccaggc tgcgcaggag ctgccaggac tggtccgggg gccacggtgg    157320
     agactaggct aggctgtgag gcaggaggtg gctttggagc tccagggggc acaggagcca    157380
     atgggggtgc tggggcctgg ctgaaggggg gccccactcc tggagcagct tgctggagag    157440
     ggttgatggg tgagactgtg ggagaaacca gcgtgagtgg gtagctgggt cagaatgtag    157500
     ggaagccccc tctgcctctt ctagaactca cagcgtgggc ccagcccggc cttctggctc    157560
     ttggcagcct ccacagcatt ctgcgcagcc acctgagcag cacttaggtt cccaggaacc    157620
     tgtcacatga aagaagacca tgtgccccta gaactatgta cttctgcacc ccgaagcaaa    157680
     atacacagct ctgatgaccc aggagctttg actccacccc cacagaggcc aagtctccac    157740
     agggccccag gagctgcccc cccccattac atccatacct ggtactgtgg tgggacaggg    157800
     ggcagagcct gcgggggcgc tgctgacagc gtggcagcag aagctggagc tggtggcaag    157860
     gggactgctt gcttggtctg cagagagcct gaggtcgagc tgccaccaac tgagcacagg    157920
     agagacaaca caggcccaag agaaggagtt gggggtagaa aagggacaac caaaaatcca    157980
     tgttaacaga gtactgaaaa ggaacccccc ctttagcgta cagtacccag gcctcaccag    158040
     gcagcacgag cccacgcaca agcaccatgt gcctggggtc ctggctgacg tctgctggtt    158100
     gctgcaaagg ctccagtagg gcaggaggag ccgccttctc aaacagaagc cggagggctg    158160
     gcagctttct cggagaaacg atggagaagt ggatgcctcg ctgcagaagg ggaaagcaat    158220
     aatggcctcc atgaacgtgc tggagttagt ctcctcccct gcctcggggt gggacagcac    158280
     accgtgggca cgtaaagcct ggccttaggt tacccagaat tctgagtatg gacagtcgta    158340
     agcaagcaca gagactttgg ctattttttg ccttgggttt cggaccccag cctgcttcct    158400
     aggatccagg tgtgggcttc cccctccctc cctccctctc tcccacacag gggtgcagcc    158460
     cccaactcag cactcccctc acctctccta ttttctgcac caggctctcg gtagtgcagc    158520
     ctgagtaggt ggtgctctcc acggcgggca ggaggtacgg gggtgagttg cagatgagga    158580
     gacagactcg gtgggtctgg ccactgccag ggacaaagtc atgggatagc aggttcgcca    158640
     tggcaactgt gtgtcatgcc ctcaccctct gaggtcattt acagctgaca acactgaggc    158700
     tctcggattt agtgacaact ttaactcatc tactgggcaa ggagcataga agggaggtcc    158760
     ctacctagtg cctggtcagg cactggcctg ggctgcccta cacagggccc cacttcctgt    158820
     cccccatcca gggtgaggat cgaggatttc ccaggaggcc ggacactcac atctgttcac    158880
     gcatcttctt aaagtcatcg aacagctgca gggcagtgct cagaccttca gcgatgagac    158940
     tacagctctc gccaccaccg cccatgaacc tgtgggaggg gtgccagtta gacccagtgc    159000
     ccaacacagc cagccggcac tcttcctgac cctcccacaa ggcactgcac cctctgacag    159060
     gacactgtcc ttagagtttt actcagtgac tcgagagcac caggctggga gagacgctaa    159120
     gaagggagga catcaagagg gcagcaggag gagccaggac tctgaacatg gcctctgggc    159180
     gtcccagtcc aggtggccca atgccctgac tgtcctaata tcccctcccg aatgggccat    159240
     ctgcctcact ggtttgcttt atttcctttt ctctttttct tttgttttgt caaggtgtca    159300
     cttactattt agtctgggct gtcttaggac tcactgtgta aacctggctg accttgaact    159360
     cacaaatctc tgcctgcttt tgcctctcaa gtgctgggat tacaggtgtg tgccactaga    159420
     ctctttattt tctgtgtatg gtgttttgcc tgaatgtgtt tgtgtacacc atgcacacgc    159480
     ctggggccct aaaatggcca ggaaaggcaa tcagatcccc agagactaga gccttcacag    159540
     gagtgcatgg aatcgatcct gggtcctctg gaaaagcagc ctgtgagtgt tgttaagtac    159600
     ggagccatcc atctccccag cctcaatctc ctactgctag aagaagcact agtacaagac    159660
     aggctcctgc ttcctccaca gtgccatggg tgaaatgtac ttcagcgtgg cgtgtcaggc    159720
     ggaaccacgg gagcccagtg ttagcttcct agaagcaggc tctacacaag taatggaaga    159780
     gggaagtaca agaccccaat ccatccacag acacctccag gtctatgaaa aggggaaggt    159840
     ggcaagaaga tgtggacagt ccacaggaag gtcaagccac agagctccag ggccactcac    159900
     agctggagag gtcggggagg agcctttccc cagagtttca ggcccttccc actcagtcag    159960
     cactgtgacc tgggacttga agcagccata ctgtttttga acctggctcc tggtacttgt    160020
     ccatggcaac ctaggaaccc acccgcggtg tccctctgca tggtatcctg ggaaaggcct    160080
     ttgttccagc acaactgatg ctaccacaat ctttgggctg acttgtatgg ctgccttagc    160140
     cctacactgc taaaatgtga cagtctcatg tctgccccct ctcatttctt gttcccagac    160200
     tggcccacct gtctggccca taaaaggcat atggtggaaa taattggtaa atgaataaat    160260
     gactgtccag ccagcaaagc ctttagctgg gcctaccctc ctgttcctgt cctcttcctg    160320
     acaggtttgc agagtaactg atgcacgtat ttctgctcag actcccccaa acctactaca    160380
     ttctggatta ggtgaaaacc cagcttatct atcctgacat gtgcccagct tgccctcctc    160440
     caggaagccc accacctgac accaccaact caaagcctca ggtctataca tggctcaaca    160500
     gttaacagca ccagctactt ttttagagaa tgcaggttca attacgacac agtagctcac    160560
     aaccatcttt agctccagat tcagagaacc tcatgtagaa gtcagaaaca acaatgtctc    160620
     tgaggccagg gacacggcac ggcacataca cacacacaaa acaatcagaa actatttttt    160680
     ttgtttttgt ttttcaagac agtgtttctc tgtatagccc tggctgtcct ggaattcact    160740
     ctgtagacca ggctggtctc aaactcagaa atcctcctgc ctctgcctcc cgagtgctgg    160800
     gattaaaggc gtgtgccacc acgccctgct tacaatcaat taaaaacaaa caaacaaaca    160860
     aaaaaacccg ggtggtggca cagcctgtac tggagaggaa agaggtctgg agccagcctg    160920
     gttggttctt cagcctgcag ctcactgcaa agtggttgct tagcccgccc ccccaccccc    160980
     accccccaac gcagatagca aatgagtggt aacacactga gcctcccaac actaggcctg    161040
     ggctgggttc ccagcaagat aaaaacagag ctgccgagcc tgatgacccg aatccaaacc    161100
     ctagaacccc cagtgctgaa tcagagccaa ctcctgcagg gcgggaagta gagtttacac    161160
     acacatacac acacacacaa aagaggtccc aggttgactc agctaccttt gcccatgatc    161220
     acaccctgcc ccagaggccc tggtcacagt gaatgtgacc agcagctccc cagggccagg    161280
     acagtgtctg cacctcatga ccactcagca tttgtgccgc acaccttcat gagtgagtaa    161340
     acagtcagcc gaaggctgtg acacagacac cctgttcttt ctgactcaaa gccattagct    161400
     atgggagacc ggctcctggc agaagggaga tgtaacatca gaagcctacc tcttagcagc    161460
     acggccactt cttaactttc cagcacgccc tgccctgtct cccagcacca tcagcagcag    161520
     gtgagatttc ctaagcaggg accagcctgg ccactgtcac tcccattcct atcctgccca    161580
     gaaaatcttg gacatgagtc acgggccctg agcaacacag caatcctggg agagttaaat    161640
     gatgttgaaa tgccaagcag cagcagaggc ctccaaatgg gggcactcgt gtttacagga    161700
     ttctaagtgc agaagtggat gccacagtgt cctgtccagc ctttccccta agggagaggc    161760
     cactcttccc acagtcgaca ccactgaagt ctggctgaag ctgttccccc atagccatca    161820
     ctcatggttc acatggctag catctcctga agccttaggt cacagaagca gaggacaact    161880
     ggctgataag aaacgtcaca caagattcct cacacagaaa catgcccaga agatttacca    161940
     gccaacaaga atggagctgg ctggcactgg ctccccccaa ctcacatctg accaaatgtg    162000
     gtggaatcct catatgcacc atccctgatg tgcagcaatg agggccttgg ggcttcccag    162060
     aactccagat gggggttcct cccagacgtt cttagaagac atcgacactt gacaatgcct    162120
     gaagataact ttctagggat gccattggca ggcagcaggg aaaggctgtt ggacattctc    162180
     gcagggtcag gatatggctc agcacctagg acaggcctcc caacaaacaa ttatctagtt    162240
     cgggatctgg agagatggct gcctggttag gagcactggc tgctcggatt ccagagcagc    162300
     tggcagctca gaactgtccg ttacggacag ttacagtgtc cggcaccctc acacagacat    162360
     acatgcagac aaatcatcaa cactgttttg ttttgttttg tttttttatt ttggaaggga    162420
     ggttgcaagt gttgtgggtg gatatgaggg gacagagaga tgagtgggtt aaaaaaataa    162480
     aataaaagat ttatataatc caagctaggt atagcagctc aaacaagcaa acctaacatg    162540
     ggtgaggctg aggcaggagg atggaaagga ctgtgtggtg tttaaaccag actaagggcc    162600
     tagaaatgaa tcagtgttca gagcactggc tgctcttcca ggggatccag gctgcagtcc    162660
     caacacctcc atggcactgt gtaactccaa ttccagagga tctgatggcc tcttttggtc    162720
     tcaaagagca ccaggcacaa gtgttgcata tacagaacct cgtacacatt aaattaaaaa    162780
     aaaaaaaaat ctgttttaaa aacgtgagtg caagccgggc gtggtagcgc acgcctttaa    162840
     tcccagcact caggaggcag aggcaggtgg atctctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac    162900
     aaagtgagtt ccaggacaac cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaccaaaaa    162960
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaccg tgagtgcaaa gtgtcaacaa tgtcaaggat gggaaggctg    163020
     gctttacatt aactctaatc ctaacaactt ccgggagggg gtggggcagt gcacaggtca    163080
     gctttccatg ccacctacca tgtcacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacctgg    163140
     aacacagcag acaagcagac attcaacaca cacctgcttc atcaaaacag gatctagatc    163200
     agcaccgcta tatgaacctt gaccacaaca cacctgtgga atccacatgg cgaggttagc    163260
     cccagcgccc cttcaaccct tccaatgccc accagtctac actgttattc atttgcaaac    163320
     caagaccagg aacagggcaa gcagtaactt tgggcactca cgcactgctt actgtgtgct    163380
     gggcggcagc accctacatg gctctggtgg tctgtcccca gggatcccac tggtcaccca    163440
     ttcttatctg gaccaggata gactcaccta ccaaacaagt ggtgacaaaa gtgatggact    163500
     gtcacttggt catcaaaaaa gcctggtggc ttcctctttg ccccctggat tcactcattc    163560
     actctgagca gagccagctg ccaatctggg catcactctg ctatatgcca gggcatgatg    163620
     gcaaagagcc agcaaggaac taaggctctg tccacagccg cagaacagcc atcatagcca    163680
     tcacggcctc atggccgtgg ctctttcagg catgccagag agtggatgaa cacagccctg    163740
     tgagacctga ccaaacacac acggcctggc ttatcctcct gagttcctga catacagatg    163800
     gcttcatgag gagcaactgt gcattctgaa atccttaaaa gtggggtggg agtggggaaa    163860
     cgttatacag caacagacag tcaagagcac tgagaacaaa tacgaaacga gcagcacaaa    163920
     ggaccctggg acccgacagt caaagagtta tctgggaaga agccatgact ctaggctgcc    163980
     tggctctaca agctggtcat ggtggcaggt gtctgtaatc ccagcaacca gaaagtagaa    164040
     gcagtcagat cagcaattca aggctacact gtgccaggtg tggtggccca tgcctctgat    164100
     cccagcactt gggaggcaga ggcaggtgga tttctgagtt cgaggccagc ctggtctaca    164160
     gagtgagttc caggacagcc agggctacac agagaaaccc tgtctcgaaa aaaaacaaaa    164220
     aaaaacaaaa aaggctacac tgtaaactgt gacccaacca cgtaaggagc tctcagggcc    164280
     cagacccatc ctgcagactc ctctggagta gacagacaag aggaagaaag aagaagctga    164340
     cggtaactgg acactcagac agggactgtg gtgacccaca ctgagttctg ctgagtgcgg    164400
     ggcactattc aatcacaggc caccctgccc acagtctttc ttgggggtac ccatcctgcc    164460
     ccaaatggag gcaaagctca cttgatgcca tcgagccagg tgacaaactc ataggcactg    164520
     ctggtaggtg cgtgacattg tacataggac tctggagcgc agtccacggt gttgaacacc    164580
     acaaggctgt actgggttcc accatactgg gaagaaagga cagaacaact ttacaactga    164640
     gatctttggc aaggaacagg ccatcccaac ttcagatcat tttagaaata agctgtgagc    164700
     ccttcttctc tcaaacccaa gactaaggac cccatctttc ctccctcaga cacaggggtc    164760
     taccggcttc catcccgtga ctcggccgcg cactcacgtc tcccccaaag tccgtctctg    164820
     cagggggtcc cccgttgaag tacctgcaaa gacggaggaa aggcggggtc ggcacgagct    164880
     ttaggttagc tagggcggcg ggaggcgacg agaggtctcg ctcactcact ctatggcagg    164940
     cagcaggtag tgcttgcgga gctcctcgaa gtacggcccc aggtttgctg tcccctcgat    165000
     cacaaacacc acatcggcga ccaggccccc ggcccgcgcc gggccttcgg atccggggac    165060
     catgccccgc gccgccgacg ccagcgccgc tgacgccgtc gccgtcccgg gacgaacaga    165120
     agtgcgcttg cgcggtgtgc gcagccccgc cggacgtctg gcagcttctg ctgatgctga    165180
     tacggccatg tttgtgcggg gcattttgcg agccgtggtt ttatctctac cctggggcat    165240
     accaacaaca cgaaactctc agaatgggca caacgagccc ctttaagggc ctcttgaaat    165300
     cgagcaaact tttgcgcaca acatcaagca cgaaataaat cgaaaaacgg cacatccggt    165360
     caccatcttg gagtcgaaat ctagtttccg actccgggct aaagggaggg tcgggaatcc    165420
     ggttgctagg caacgcgtac ccatccgttg tggtctcaca cagagattaa gttaataaat    165480
     tctgttcttt ctgaccggga accgatgaaa gagagcggtc caatcacatc attggaaacg    165540
     acgttgctag gcaacactgt aaagttgccc gggacttgga agcgaagcag ttgtttttgc    165600
     tgggaaagaa gggaattcca atttaagtgg aggttgctag gcaacaccta atctctgttt    165660
     tctgggaaag aagccagaaa cagaatcaaa gaaaatacat tccttattaa aaaagaaaaa    165720
     aagaaaagag aaagaaagaa aagaaaaaaa gaaaagaaaa aaaagaaaga agaaaataat    165780
     aatactatat atatataaac agtgcaatag taatgtctgg tatagtcgag aaaactgagt    165840
     ctcagcattg tagctaacag cataagccga agtgaatata aaatgacctg gaaacttatg    165900
     tgtggacaga aatttactaa ataaagcgta ctaatgtaga aagatacaaa gccgcgatgg    165960
     cgcacgcctt aaattccagt gcagagcaga tgcaagtggg actgagttgc agtatcagtc    166020
     tacagagtga gttccaggac agacagggct gcacagagaa accctgtctc gaaaaacaaa    166080
     ataagaaaaa aagaaaaaga aagaaaaaaa gacaagcgat ttttcaaaac gtaggtggca    166140
     ggcatccaaa cttggctcac ttgcttgcat ttgcaagcag gttagcaact gagacattgc    166200
     cccagacctt ggtttttggt atctcttccc caccctccac tcccaaggca ggctttctct    166260
     gtgttagcct tggctgtcct ggaacttgct ctgtaaattt gtggagcctc ccagaactca    166320
     gagatctgcc tgcccctacc tctggagtgc tgggattaat ggcacacgcc acccaaccat    166380
     tggcgtgaac aagctttttt aaccccaatg ctaaccccaa aactacaatt ttccacgttg    166440
     aattttgttt tgttttgttt tcagacaaag tttttctgtg taaccctagc tgtcctgaag    166500
     ctcactgtaa aacaggttgg ctgtgaactc aaaaaatgtt cttgtctctg tcggccaagt    166560
     gctggaacta aaagcatgca tagaattttt aaggtttcat ttatctgtct atctatctgt    166620
     ttatttgtgg atttggcagg agatatcaga gtaggccagg ctggccttaa gggactgtgc    166680
     aaccatgcac acattttaaa attattctac gaatctgttt tttccatata cagagtacat    166740
     ttgttaatta ttctgtagga actacaggaa ataaaatcca gaataaaaac aacatccaaa    166800
     aaagttactt taaaatattg tttcatagga tctagagaga tagcagctaa gagaactggc    166860
     tgttctttca gcggactgct attcaagtcc tagcaaccac aaggcagttc aactccagtt    166920
     ccagggtatc caacaccctc atatagacac ccattaaagc aagacatcaa tgcacatgaa    166980
     atataaataa ataaattatt ttaaattatt taatttaata aacaaagcaa ttgctctcag    167040
     acatacagta atcaagcagc taaaactgct aactcagcag ggtgtagcaa tgcaacatgg    167100
     gagaactgag cataaggacc aaggccagcc tgggctacac agcacgattt tgtctcaaaa    167160
     aattattttg ttttattgta tcatttaaaa tacagaagga gaaatctaat atttgtcggt    167220
     ggaaaaaatt gttcaattcc ttgcacttat caaaattgag tatagccggg cagtggtggt    167280
     gcacgccttt gaggcagagg caggtggatt tctgagtttg aggccagcct ggtctacaga    167340
     gtgagttcca ggacagacag ggctacacag agaaaccctg tctcaaaaac caaacaaaca    167400
     aacaaacaaa cagagtataa aaagacatta gaagggctga gatgggggct ggactggact    167460
     ggagagatga ctcagctgtt aagagcattg actggtctcc caaaggtcct gagttcaaat    167520
     cccagcaacc acatgatggc tcacaaccat ctgtacagct acagtgtact cgtatatata    167580
     aaataaataa ataaatctag aaaaaaaaaa gaaaggaaga aagaaagaaa aaagaaagga    167640
     agaaagaaag gagactgaga tgttgaaaaa ggaatcggaa tttcaaggac acatggcaag    167700
     tcccaggtct gcatgggcta catgagacca cacctcaaaa atacactaaa caacaacaag    167760
     caaaagagaa agaaaggaaa gcaaagaaaa agagagtggc tggcattcgc cattccaggc    167820
     caaacagcta ccctgagttc caggccaacc aggcctaaag gctgcaactc acccagaaag    167880
     tagaaaataa agacacgaag ctgtagccat actattttaa tagccatact attttaaact    167940
     agaaaataaa ttttgattct tacagtgcgt gtgccatggc atgtgtacag aggccagctt    168000
     tgtggagtga gctctctatt ctaccatgaa gattccaggg gttacaagct tctcaggtct    168060
     tcatggcaag ccctgggatg tgctgagcca tctccctggc tcctagccat cctttggaag    168120
     aaagctttgg aagtgatagt acagtgatca tatctgtgaa aatctgtctt gctacctcgg    168180
     tgctaacttc tattgttgca tggaacaaag ttttccgtgt tttacctttc gacacgatac    168240
     accatcattg gcattaattc gttacagaaa ttacgtggtt ttcatgattt tggaaaaggt    168300
     tctcttctgc ctttcactaa taacaaaaac aaccatctca tttggtggtt actaggcaac    168360
     actgcctgga tcaaaccatt ctgaaaaaat gagagggaga cggtggcaca gcggttcgga    168420
     gttttgaaac agaaattatt gtgaatggta gttgctaggc aacgcctgag catacggcca    168480
     tctttgactg gggcagggta tttcccacta tggaatgaaa ggccacgctg cagttgccag    168540
     gcagtgcctt agcactgtcc ccatcctcaa ccagttgttt aaaaaaaaaa aattagcacg    168600
     taattacagc acacatgaag gtttgtaggc aacaccttag caccatcacc atcttcaaac    168660
     tagattcttc attctcgtta tacaaaagat gtgaagctgt ccaggaacaa cttgaacgct    168720
     tggcaagcaa tacttgtcgc catctttgtt agggtcatga tgacttccgg ccggggcgga    168780
     aaaagaatcc tgttggaggg gctgagttga tgaaggcagg aatttagcca tccggcttct    168840
     cgccctctgg cggctccaaa cggcaggccg acttgctttc actacccgca tgctcctaga    168900
     tccacaccga gagtctccag gggggtgact tgtcgggtgc gggcttccag atgggggatg    168960
     aggggccggg aagcccggtg catctgctgt gcctcgcagc ctctagcggg gttcccctgt    169020
     tttgtcggag tagcagcggc ggcgccccct cccgtcaaca ggtgggggca ttcgactcct    169080
     tcgtctaaat aaggggtttg ggaagctggg atggcatacc gtgcagggag tagaggctcg    169140
     gagcctttag gggactaata agcctggttt cctgaagaac tttgggggga tgtggggaga    169200
     cggcaaagtg ggacagtgag gtctcaatgc ttccccactc ttcagcttcc tttctctgtc    169260
     atcggctctc tcaatggagt ccacatgttc ggccagaatc tggatgtgca actgaactct    169320
     gcaagaacgg aagacacaac cgtagtgtgg aagaacttcc atgacaggtc ccttggcggg    169380
     agcaagggaa caagatctgg gcagtggttc ctggcttagg tgaccccaga gtcctgccag    169440
     tggtgacttg gctgtgggaa tctttgataa gctactcacc ctctctgatc cctgcgttcc    169500
     cagcagaatg tagccagcag cataggaata gcccagagac gctgaagcgc ttggctccgt    169560
     ttcccaggcc tgacctctac ttcattcttg cttctcttct ttcctcccca cagtatcact    169620
     ctcattgttc tgtcatctga ggagggcacc tctgagctga ggctggaaag aatgctccac    169680
     atggtgtttg gggccatggt gagactgggc ccttttttct ccaaaactca agagagctgc    169740
     acccccagcc tcttctcctt agtccagacc tgcatttttt tctcacaccc agacatccag    169800
     acctcagccc tcttccctca tacctaggag tccaggagcc cgacctccac cttcatacac    169860
     agggatccag acctggcctt cctctcaaca cccattcaaa tactgtcctc tctgactaga    169920
     tcctattaag gaccccgctg tcctatgtga ttcttctagg ttctcattgt gggacttgag    169980
     gagctgacca atatccggaa tgtagaaaga ctgaagaaag aattgagggt gaggctgtgg    170040
     gatgtgagtg acgttaggat ccctaagtcg tgcccatttg tctggaacta caattcccac    170100
     tatgcatagg gaaagcccat gggttcttga agagcttgtt taatcctgga gctggcctca    170160
     ggtttttctg ggctgatctg gcctacgtgg gtcctagatg cctcttttcc tctaccaggc    170220
     cagctactgt ctcatcgaca gcttcctggg gaactcagaa ctcatcggag acctgaccca    170280
     gtgtgtggac tgtgtcattc ctccagaggg gtctgccatg caggtattgg ggcagctata    170340
     gaaataactg tgtccccacg gttctgctca gccttccttt gttttctttc tctggacatt    170400
     gtcctaactc cctcttatca tcctggaatc aagttttacc tggaaccttc tcaccagggt    170460
     acactgactg cttgcctcct gtcctgcagc ttcggcctca caagcaccct gccttcctgc    170520
     cttgcaggga accctgtcta ggcaaatccg cctcacccca ttctaagaca gggctcccag    170580
     gctgtcttgg gactctctct gtaggccagt ccggccgacc tccaacttac aactcacaaa    170640
     cacccaccag cctttgcctc tgagtgctgg gattaaaggc gtgctccacc atgcctgccc    170700
     aatcttcctt tgctaaagtt atgcctctcc tggcagcatg tcctgacctc agagcttccg    170760
     taggtcagga ctgtgccttc tcagcaagtt tagatgctgt tgttaaaact attggcatcc    170820
     caggacctcc tggtgcaggc ctgtcacccc agctactctg gaggctgggg agagtatgca    170880
     aagtttaagg ccggcctagg cagctcagtg aacacatgac tcaaaaattc agtatgactt    170940
     ggcaggagca gccccataac tgaaggagaa ataaatttta agaagcaaac aaacaaacag    171000
     ataaaataag tgtatggaga attgagagtg ctgactgatc aggaaggtta aagtattctc    171060
     gttcacagag agggtgtgag acaggagctt ggcagccttg cgtgctaggg tgtctctggt    171120
     ctcatggctg ctcttcccct ccctgactag ccgggaaggt ccctccttgc cctatgacat    171180
     ctagtctgac cttttcacca ggaaaccctt tcagggtttg cagaggccac tggcacagcc    171240
     tttgtcagcc tgcttgtatc aggccgagtg gtggcagcga cagagggctg gtggcgccta    171300
     ggcatgcctg aagctgtact actcccctgg ctggtggggt ccttgccacc acaagctgct    171360
     cgagactacc cggtgtatct gccccacggg agccccacgg tgagtgggcg ggaccagggc    171420
     ggggcttcca gcagggcggg gccatgctta gccctatctt gtgcccggct acaggtccca    171480
     cacaggttgt tgaccttgac gctgctgcgt ggcctggagc tgtgtctgct gtgcgggccg    171540
     cgcccgcccc ttggccagct ggacccacag gtgaggcgga ctgttgcagt gctgcccctg    171600
     tgcatcccct ccaacagcgc cacctgctgc atgcaggccc tggccaacca gccctgacct    171660
     cgctccccat ctcacccccg tagttaatgg aacgctggtg gcagcctcta ctggagcccc    171720
     tccgggcctg cctgccactg ggccctaggg cgctacccga agggttccca ctacacagcg    171780
     atattcttgg gtaaggctcg atggttgggc ccagggccgg gaaggccatt tgctctgcca    171840
     gttccccaca gcctgatagt gctttccccc agtctgttgt tactccactt ggaactgcga    171900
     cgctgcctct ttactgtgga gccctccaag gataaaggtg cgtgggaacg cagtgagtgg    171960
     gagggccgtg agccagaggc cacctagtca aggtgctccc tcttctttag agccttcccc    172020
     tgagcagcgc aggcgcctcc ttagaaactt ctacacgctg gtggccacca cccacttccc    172080
     gccaggtgag tggtgggcat ggatcccaca tggcatgtac accctgaagc cgagaatgca    172140
     ccacatgcct gagttgcccc tgtcaatctt actaaatccc tgacttcttc ttcagtcagt    172200
     gtttttacag taagcacagg ctggacattt tgtcccatgc ctggaatgtc agccctactg    172260
     tggccaaggc agaatgacca cgggtttgag gccacttggg ctatctagta cctccaaaga    172320
     cctgacaact tactgctcca gcctcctagg caagcactgt cagttgtgct gatcccggtg    172380
     atcctaaccg ctgagcaatg ctaggtggca gtgctcaagc agccactcct gtcaccctcc    172440
     acagtgctgg gcacagcctt gctcaagctg aggcaagtga ggagcctgca gactccacat    172500
     tgggaagttg tcccaggtcc ctaaggcccc aagagacaca ggcagggacc taacggtgcc    172560
     cagccggata aagacctcac aagtgtgcaa atctggaggc ctgcacttga ggacagggtg    172620
     tgatcctctg gagggtgaca ccagtgctga gggcacttgg ggtccactgc acgttaggtc    172680
     tgtgagtaca cggtggtcat aggaagaccg caaggctagg cgggaagaag ctgatctggg    172740
     agttactgtg gaggaatggg ctgggctgag gggtaccagg cccaatgagg aggctgtgct    172800
     gctcaacaca gtcctctctg tccttcctca gaaccagggc ctgcagagaa acaagaggac    172860
     acagtctacc cagcccagat gcccagagcc tgttatctcg tgctagggcc aggcatgggg    172920
     tggcagctgg tggctgtgca actagggctc cggctgctac tattgctgct ctcccctcac    172980
     acccccaccc acgggctgcg aagcctagcc acccgcactc tgcaagccct caccccgctc    173040
     ctctgatcac tcagggtggg cagtcaatag ctggggtaat attagcgtct ctctgtttat    173100
     tcgctcacaa taatacacag cccctggatg gggaaaggga ggaaggggga gggtgacagg    173160
     gaaggggggg gagaggtacc tacttcctcg gcccctctcc cctctgtgct tcgggggaca    173220
     agggagggag ggtgcttccc ttgacccccc cctagaatgt aaacagcagc agatgaacaa    173280
     aaataaaata caaaaggcca gagggagctc ccaggcgccc ccaccccggg ctctttgctg    173340
     tcgccactgg agggcccctc gctgtcccgc tccaccacag ctgcctccat cccagggctg    173400
     cctggcactg gccatatacc agggcaagtc cagggctcag aactgctggg ccagcagctc    173460
     acacaagtga cgggagacag gctctttgct ggtgcgcagg gttagacggt acatctgtgt    173520
     ggaaaggcga gagcccgaca agggtacaaa gtcagagggg taaggtaggt taaaaaaaag    173580
     ccagaggaga agttaatgag aagcacagga aggagggcta ggtgcaggga aggcggggtt    173640
     cgcagggaag gtgaggtcac agggatgccc accctctgca ctcacttggg cctgggcatt    173700
     gggctccagc cgaagcagac accccacctg cagggccttc gtctggatga ttccagcacc    173760
     cacaaagttc tcagggttgg gatccacatt gtccagaaga gcagagccaa accccagaag    173820
     ctgcaacgac atgggtatta gggaagcaga gctgagaagc ctccagccta ctgcaggcta    173880
     aactctcagg ggtgagaact ggtcccagca cctgataaac gcccgtctgt ctcaccttgg    173940
     ccttagtaac ttcagcatcc atcgggtggt tggctttgaa gattttctgt gcctcctgca    174000
     gggggctgga aggttgaaag cactgtcagg catctgaggc cccgccctca gccctgcccc    174060
     gcccctcagc cccgcccctc acaggctcag ctgcttccag cgctggaaaa agtcttgggc    174120
     cgccatctct gtgggctgga agaatttgtt gatggtcact gggagcttca gagtgaggga    174180
     ctgggcggtg ccaccgtacc tgagcagatg aggagcagct cagctgggcc ccatccctga    174240
     agacactgcc tcactgccct acagcccaca cggtgctgct cgcacttacc ggaagcgcac    174300
     cgacaacagt ggcggcgtca ggaagtctcg cagacactca atgttgagta cttgctgcac    174360
     ctgtgcgcca ccgtccactt gtgccgccac acgcttggtc tgcaccgcca gctgtggctc    174420
     catagtcaag gaagccaggg acagcggtgg cacaactgag gcatcttgag gagcgcaagc    174480
     ccagcagcta gaggctctgg gccactgcaa ctggcctaca cctaactcct ccttcctcct    174540
     gtgagatctg ggacccctgg gaatatactt ctccagcctc cactcctagc ttcaatggac    174600
     cctagtgggc acgctgggac ttttagcctc cagtgcaaac taggtacata aaagtgtcct    174660
     gaggaataga tgaaagcacc cagcaccaca acatgcctgt gttagtagtg gtcatgcacc    174720
     cagatggaag caatgactgt caccatctgt acacaggtct gatttcatgg aaatggctgg    174780
     tatctacact cacctactct gccctacttc tgacagagct ttctaccctg ggctctggaa    174840
     aggctggtga acgaagcaga aggggaaagg ccagttagtc tcacacattc agaatgaggc    174900
     caatataagg gagagggggc ctggctctgc catacacatt ccaggacatc ccaactgctc    174960
     ttccaaaaaa gccacggaag ccaggctcac tggtgcacac ctacactcac agcgtgggag    175020
     gcagagacag aagactcacc tcgactcaaa gccagcccat tccggagcaa gtggaggtca    175080
     gcctgggtga tattaaagtt tcacaaacaa cacaagatcc tcataagcag aaagagagaa    175140
     gctacccccc ggagggttag gaggcaagtc actcagctga tgtagtgcag gccaacactg    175200
     caggcatccc tggttaacct gagtgcagca aaagtaaggt gcctggcagg gtacctggtg    175260
     tgctggaagt cacatactgc atactgggtt actgtcacct gtgccagagt aaagaggtct    175320
     accagctatg aatagtttta caaatgacat gtgcctaact cagagggagg gactgagcaa    175380
     gtatggacct ggtaagtgtt tcccaggggc ttactggggt ggggtggggc acaagaacac    175440
     aggatatgag tctggaggtc cccaggatgg accacggtgg gcaagaagtt ctggaactgc    175500
     acagaagtct tgttgccata gaagagatac atgcggcctg cagcgggtgg gtgagggctc    175560
     catccaagct cctctgatcc cataccctgc caccagccca gccaggggat actgccaaca    175620
     accccacccc tccccagcac ccctattcca cctctgggcc accaggacac acccaggttc    175680
     tgccggaact cagacttgac tccaatctgc agcagctggt tctcaaacaa gaccccacta    175740
     ttcttacaca cgaacctagg caaggtggtg ggagtcagaa tgggagggct cctgtgttcc    175800
     ccacctgtcc ccgctcccct gcccacctct cccagaactc acttattcaa cagttcatct    175860
     gcttctggaa tgggagggcc tatgtcctca ggacctgggc tgggggagag gaagaagggt    175920
     gatgcctagg gggctggagg agaaaggcac aggcaatgct ctcttggaag gagactcccc    175980
     agaacctaca ggccaagctt cccctgagac cctctgttat gggagtggga ccccaggaga    176040
     gggatctccc aagaacccca gctttcactg ttttctaacc ctgcgtttgc cagtcaccag    176100
     gcacccttaa agcccaccct ggggacatcc atcaacccaa agccagaggc caccccttac    176160
     tcagcagctg gagctgggtc agccaacaaa gccatggggc tctcaggggc agggggctcc    176220
     agctcgctgg gccatccaat cccagagcag acagagaaga caggtgtggc aggcagccaa    176280
     tcccagagag gcagcaagag ggccagggaa agagaggcaa gaggaaggag agaacgaaga    176340
     gtggactgag acacagctgt gggaaaggac agcaagggta gctgggccac agagtccaga    176400
     cagaaggggt gggactgata ggacaaggac aggagctacc tgaggaaggc ctcctcagga    176460
     gtgggcccca ggctgggctg tgcagtgggg ccgtcagaga agacatccac caggaggttc    176520
     ccgcctacgg gagccggggg tgcagcaggg ggaggggctg cccgcagccc taagaggtcc    176580
     gcggagggtg agggggtcga ctgcaatcaa ggcaagacag ggtacaggtg aggcagggca    176640
     aggcagagtg ggcccagcct gggcacatgg tccataactg ggctcaccac agtgctgggg    176700
     gtgggctcca cacccccatt gatgtcattg ctgctggtgt ccctgcggct gtcatctagg    176760
     gcactggctg ccccagggcc cttcttgcgc ttcagcttgg ccaagatgga cgactcccgc    176820
     tcgggaaatg ggggcatttc ttctagcacc gtagcctgtg ggcaggacag aatgtcaggg    176880
     gcacttctgt cccaggaggg tgggtggtcc caaggactcg ggcattggct ctaaccagaa    176940
     catcggtgct ggctacggag ctgagggtga ggtactccac ggcccgctgc tgtagctcca    177000
     cgtcggcatt tcgcagctgg gagccggcac gcagaacccc ttggatggtg gccttggtct    177060
     cagggaagag gttgatgaac ttgatgtagg tggacagcaa cagagcgcgg gtggccacgc    177120
     tgcacaggtg gaacttggag tgcagcagcg agaactgcac tggtgggctg tgagggaggc    177180
     ggcgtcagca gacatgccca tcacccacac tccccagacg aggctgtgtc ctcatgcagg    177240
     ggtaactggg ttgtgtgccg agagggtccc taggaacccc accctttccc agcttgcagc    177300
     cacactgttt ccccaggccc ctaagagagc accaaaatga ggctccctca cctggagcgt    177360
     gggtccccag caatcaagtt cccaaactcc ccaaggatgt agccaccgac cttcaccatg    177420
     ttctcatgac aggctggggc ctggagggcc tgtgggggga gcaagagaag acagggtttg    177480
     gacaaggaca ggagaaacag gagagtccct gtggcctctg cgaatgtaca cagggagaca    177540
     gaggcctggg ggagttgtga ggtgactagc ctgactcagt gttccagtgt gactgagatc    177600
     tcccacacat accatacata cttctagtgc ttgctcccct gccattggta ctgtttagga    177660
     aggtcctaaa gactgtggaa ggtgggacct acctggaaaa gggagggcac tgggcagggg    177720
     agttatcttt gattacttcc tagacagcca tgagtagctt ccactccatg ttctgcgtgc    177780
     acatgtgtgc acataggact ccacgcccat gttcaaggat aagaaggccc gaagatgcca    177840
     ggcatcttcc tcaatcactc cctaccttat tttttgagac agggtctctc actgaaccca    177900
     gaattcccat tttggctagc ttcgctggac agccagctcc cagaacctgc ctatctctgg    177960
     cccacagtgc tggagttaca cacacgcgca cacacgcaca cacgcacacg cgcacacgca    178020
     cacacgcaca cacacagctt ctgcatgagt gcagggactg aaacccagac tcttgcccta    178080
     gcccagcggg cactctacca cacatccctg cagccatcca ctccctgtca cgactgactg    178140
     caacccctga gcctgtggag cagtgcacag ggaggaatga aggggccagc tctcctgcac    178200
     agatgctgtg tctgcttcac gccccctggg aaggtaccat ggctgcagct cccacgtcct    178260
     agggtgactc agccaaggct ggctgagcag gaagctggca cctgctggag gggcagacga    178320
     ctgcccagct gctcctgact ggcagccgcg ctccattacg gggtcaacgc gaaggctgct    178380
     aacctcaaac actgtcttgg cagcataacc ctggacgtca tcacggttgg tgacgatctg    178440
     cagcacgcgg taccacacct cctcgctcac atagtcgccc gcgatgcgga tgaggttgag    178500
     gatggtgtcc acgtaccagc tgtagtccac tgcatacttc tcagccagga tggccacctt    178560
     cagcacctgc gatgggaggt ggcgatgtgt gaggacaatc atgcccacgg gagggtgact    178620
     actgccagtc ctggatctat gatcatggct ggccccatcg taacacccag gggggctctc    178680
     cctccccaga ctcctccttc aacctaaggg gccagacccc agccctcctc cctcacactc    178740
     aggtgtccag ccctgtcctc tagactcacg atctcctctc ggatggcata gtcagcagtc    178800
     tccaggtacc gcagcatctc tgacacaatc tgcttggcat tgctccggtc acacatggca    178860
     tacaggagat cagccgcccg ctgcctcaca ctgacgtccc gctccgtctg aggaaaggag    178920
     agcaggagta agctgggatc taagctggta ctgggcccac tgtaggccat caagcaccag    178980
     gcctctctga gtggggcaga gggctgtacc ttgagggcat taataactgt atcaatgtgg    179040
     gtcttgacgg cctcgtggga gaactcggag ctggccagcg tgcacatgct ctccagggcc    179100
     aggtagcgca ggttagtctc ccggtgctgc aggaactggc ccagctggtt gcaggcgcgg    179160
     accaggaggt tgggctcact ggcaggcaca agtgaagtgt acatggagac aagatgtgag    179220
     tctaaggatc cagtttctca cttctgccca cccagcatcc tactgggtcc ctcctaggaa    179280
     ccctcaggag cccagataga gggaagcact agagtgggga tacggccagt ggaaaccagc    179340
     cctgacttca atcctcggta ggcaggatta aactaacaag ctaagcagcc agctgttctg    179400
     cagccaccgc aggggaccat ttcacacctg tcctctgccc aggccctgct gtccctcagc    179460
     cccaggtgtt agatgccagc ctcccttcca caggccagtg gccccgcctg cccacacctc    179520
     tgcccacagc acctgtcata gtggatgatg aggctaatgg tctcaaagag gatagcgttc    179580
     ttggcgttgg agtgctgcac cttcttggac ttgggaggct cctgggcctt gttgagcaca    179640
     gtctccagac actccactaa ccgccctttc acggctgcat cctctggggg agagagaggg    179700
     aaagaggctg agccctctgt tcggtgggct ccaaagactg cagcctgctc tagctctcac    179760
     cgtccatgga ggggcccagc tgtcttcaag cctggcagtc ccaggctggg cctctgcctt    179820
     ttaatgtaga tcagcaattt ctaggtctgg gctcctactc attccatact gactctgctt    179880
     ggcatgagtc tccactcctg tgagcctcag tttccccttc tgctgcactg atgttcctta    179940
     ggtttctcac agaaggatgg aaaacccagg agcctatccc agagccacac ggcactcaag    180000
     cttttcccaa ggagctacca tagagctcaa gagacggact ctgagctacc acccgcgaag    180060
     gccactgcac actgtttggg tgccaggggt tatgagttta acagaaataa agctgattgg    180120
     agtccccaga gtgcctcact gctgcagggg agggatacta ggcagagccc agctgcacag    180180
     gacagctgct aggcagagtg agacaacggc cctctgctgg aaagcagcac actaaccagc    180240
     tcactccaca ggaccgagag ctacgggcct aagacaggac gagttgtgcc accccaggtg    180300
     ctgcatgggg cagggcacca ggctgtgccc cccactctca cccatagctt tccacgagtc    180360
     tggaggcaca gcctcgctta ggacaagtgg gaacatggat gctggcagtc catgggcctt    180420
     acctggtggt gggtaacact ggagcagccg cagtagcttc acagagagcc agggtgcagg    180480
     aacgaagtag taagtgtagt cctggaggtc agtggaggct gaggagacga tctgcaggag    180540
     gaaagagtga tgggcgggta gacagaagca gcagaggggc ctgtcccctg aaggacacac    180600
     ggttacgaca ggacaccacg ggagtcaggt ttgacaagaa aggggaagcc aaggcctgaa    180660
     tatagggtgg cctgagggtg ggaccagaac taagcctgac ggcctcagtc aagagcctcc    180720
     tgcttcagcc tcctgaatgt gtgcactgtg cccaccacct cactcgcttt tccaagctat    180780
     gctggtaaca gtggagcaga agtctctgct agttccctgt gtgacagtct ctagggcagg    180840
     ctacagcctc tcttactgct gggctctacc tcttacagcc tgaaccacca tggttcctgc    180900
     attctcagca cagaggaact actgaagtga cgaagctggg tctcatcctt cctccatccc    180960
     tggtcagaag atcgaatgaa aatcactcct cagggtaccc tctgactcca cctcgaaaat    181020
     cctctgcaag ctgggcagta gtggcaaaag cctttaattc cagaacacca gaggcagaag    181080
     caggcagatc tctatatgtt tgaggccagc ctgatctaca gagcaagttc caagatagcc    181140
     aggactatac aaagaaatcc tgtttcagac aaacaaacaa acaaaaaacc caacaacctt    181200
     ctccaggaag cctgccagcg gctgacagtg acctcatctc tgtaccctgt tgggcctggc    181260
     acctaatgca ttcagatgtg tggtaactag gggcttgaat ggtaggcata ggtgttcctt    181320
     ctccccgagg actgagacac ttatggcctc ccggacagca ctttcatttt tttcattctg    181380
     agtctccatt tggattgcca tccccaggag ctctcctgtc tcccaaactg gactaggacc    181440
     tccgcgaggt gcccatgatg ctgacacaca gcccttgttg gcagtctatg actgagtcac    181500
     cgtccccgtc acactccctc tcagcaggac agggcggccc taaggtctga ctcagacata    181560
     gagagccagg cacacagaag gctcggggcg gcgctctggg gacaagggtg gaggtggtgg    181620
     gaggcaaagg agggatgtgt agacaaacag gaggaagaag agcaggcagg ggagctgtca    181680
     gcaccttacc acagcaacca tgctgcagac cgcactgaca ccagcccctg aaccacacag    181740
     gaaaagaagc aaagagaagt gaagccattt gcctgggggc acacagcccg aggaagccaa    181800
     tgcagagtcc tggcttctaa gcacaggctg gcttgccttt tagggaaggg aggagagaca    181860
     gatatcacag acacagggga gccagaccct cccacggcca gtgtgacagc acactcaccc    181920
     ggcttaagcg agacacagcc agggagatac aggtcttgaa gtcatccgga ttcttcttgc    181980
     agagacaggt gatgaggctg acagcagctg tgaccactcc ctgcaaggag ctcaggcgtg    182040
     agggacttca tgctgggtgt cactgggaaa gccctggcat cagggtaagt cagctcagga    182100
     gtcaggagca gggtgggcta atgggagtct agggtggggt cagtctttgc aaggcagtca    182160
     gtccactggc cttgctatgg gctctctagg ctcagaaata ggcaaatctt gttaaggtac    182220
     tgcatcagag atgaggacag tcccaggcag ccaaggagtt atcgaggaag gaagaaggtt    182280
     tcttggaaac tgggcagggc atacacactg gggacaggag gtctgggttg gaatgtcagg    182340
     gcagaaggca agacatgggc ttcaggcact tgagggtggg gcggccgggc acctcaccat    182400
     gtgctgatca ttgagcaagt gcactacacg tgccgtccac tcgcccatgg gcaccaagtc    182460
     gggcgaggcc ttgtagagtc gcagtaggca tagggcggca ctctgcttca cactgtccat    182520
     gctgtccctg tgggacaccg tggggcagtc agggctacat ggccccagtg caccttccag    182580
     cctatctgtt gccacgtgac caggatatta cataggcagc cagagcaacc ccaaagcact    182640
     tggaaactgc cctggctgcc ccagagactc tgtctcctca tccacaaaac aactggcagg    182700
     gccaggcaaa atgtgcaggc tggctcggcc ctgcatcgtg agcaccctcg tgtaccctgc    182760
     attgctatag gtaataaaga gactagcaga cactgtgggt cacatctgtg cacccagacc    182820
     tcgcctgcaa ccaatacgtc agaaatagaa caaatcagag gagaggcagg aaacagttgt    182880
     ccgtgaagtc ttagaggtcc tgcccttccc atccagtatt ctaggctgac aacgttggac    182940
     gttagcctct tgcactgtaa ttagggcctc aaaagccaag gctgcccttc aacttctgat    183000
     ctttcggccc catctactca gggctgagat tacaggtatg cacaatttct aggaagctga    183060
     ggctggaagc caggctttat acacactagg caatcgatca ccctgccacc ctccagcttt    183120
     gtctcagctc tggctgtctc tttaatactg gacttgagaa tttatttatc agttggctga    183180
     ctgggtcttt taatccaggc tagtttagat cccccaccta cttctttttg tttcttgtca    183240
     cagggtttct ctatatagcc ctgactaacc tggaactcac tgtgtagacc aggctggcct    183300
     tgaactcaca gagatccacc tgccagccga gtgctgggat taaaggcctg cgtctccaag    183360
     cctggctggg aactcactct ttagccaaga agcaccttca cctcctgatc ccttctctac    183420
     gctcacagtg agacatgtac accgccacac acggtttaga cggtgccatg gagagaaact    183480
     agagctctgg gtatgctagg tgggcacacc tccagtggag ctcagcccca ccttcttccc    183540
     acaacaactc agtaactgtg aagccagaca gactgggtgc aaaggacaag gcatgaagat    183600
     gcagccaggt agggaagatg gacacgactg tgaatctaga cccagctgac ttccagggag    183660
     caggaaggga gagggtaaag ccagaggaca tgcaatagtc tctgtggtgt cctgtacata    183720
     tctggtacac ctaagcacac actcacataa aaataattat tttgtaaagt tgtgataagt    183780
     ttcgactggt gacacacatc tgtcattcaa accctaagga ggctgaggca aaatgacact    183840
     tcagggccag tctagacaac agagtgagtt caaggtcagg ctggcaattg agcaagacct    183900
     tcaccccacc cattttgcga tagtctctta ccatggagcc caggctagcc tagaacccaa    183960
     tatgtgtttt agagtagcct cacattccca tcaatctgtc ccgagtgctg ggtaacagga    184020
     cgtgccacca tgcccagtaa gatcctgtct taaaataaaa ataaagggtc aaggcaagaa    184080
     aggaggtggc tcagtggtta acacacactg ctcaggaccc aagttggcag ttcacagcca    184140
     acagtggggg tcttattccc tcttctgacc tctcagggta cctctactca aacacaccaa    184200
     ctctctctct catacacaca catacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    184260
     cagtttaaaa taaaccaaat cacacacaca cacacacggt ttaaaataaa ccaaatctgt    184320
     tgaggtttgg tctgtggcta tgaattgtaa tactaaatac gggaccccaa catcgggttg    184380
     ccccgtatga ggagatcctc acatgcatca agtgatgatg ctatggaacc ttgcccccca    184440
     agttatccct aattggtcaa taaagatgcc tacagcctgc agctgggcag aagagagaga    184500
     caggcaaggt ttccattctc aggacttggg ggtctgaagc agaggccatg aggaaagagg    184560
     agagagagaa ataaagtcgc catgggatag atggaccgtg agagcatggc cacaagggat    184620
     gccccttgga gtaggagcag cccagttgga acatggagag tcctatctca gggccactga    184680
     caggggagca gacaaaatag catagagggc tggtatctgc ccagctctaa agctttaagg    184740
     cttattgcaa atataaaggt ttgtgttttt atttggaaac taaatgatct aaggtgggtg    184800
     gaaatcctca aatattaact acaacacaaa tctttaaggt aagagggggt ctgcagatag    184860
     gtttggcagc tgagtcaaat aaccataaca tttgtgaggc tgaggcaaag ggttagaaat    184920
     ttaaagacag tatgggctac atagtggttt caaggtcagc acaggtacag agcgactatg    184980
     tgcccccaga caaacaaaga aaattctgtc tcaaaaagaa tcaaccctgg ccaggcgtgg    185040
     tggcacacac ggttaatctc agccctcggg aggcagagga aggtggattt ctgagttcga    185100
     ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag gacagccagg gctatacaga gaaaccctgt    185160
     ctcaaaaaac aaaaagaaaa aaaaagaaaa acaacaaaac cttgacctag cagtttcaca    185220
     gctaggagcc aacacaagag tactgcagac tccactcagt gagagcagca tgcctgtcag    185280
     aagggagatc tgtgacaatg gacacagaaa acatgctctg tcaggcgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    185340
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtctag ccatgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    185400
     atagcacaca tatctgtata gtgtatatgt ctatatagtg tgtgcagtgt atgtgtatac    185460
     tgtacagttt ttgtgtgtgc ataatgtgtg tgcatgtgca tatgaagacc agaaatcaac    185520
     actagtgacc tcccctgtag ctgcctaccc aattttttag atagatcttt cactgaacct    185580
     ggggctcact gagtaggtag ctgggctgtc ctggcagccc atggctgggg ttacaggtag    185640
     aatactgaca ctcagctgtc tgtgtgctgt ggactccaga caccaggtcc tcacgcctgc    185700
     accacaagcg ctttactaac tgagccagct cccagctcca ggcattaagt ctgacactca    185760
     ccacagacag acgaacaaac tcaaaacaca ccttactgag agaaagctac agacttggtc    185820
     actgcacatt ccacagcgct tcagacaaag cctcagcatg ggccagtggg ctccgagggg    185880
     agagggggtg acagacctgc ccacaacaca gggcgcactc tctcggggag tgacaacagt    185940
     gctctggaat tgggtagtgg ttaatgatcg cacacaagag tccatcaaaa accaaaaaac    186000
     cactgccctg cgcacagtta gcagatctga gctagatatg gcggtacatg actgtatggt    186060
     gaaactcagg aggcaggaat caccaaaagt tctacaccag ctaaggctac acagtgaaat    186120
     cctacctcaa aaacaaacag ataatagata ctgtatgtct gtctaaattc agaggctaag    186180
     aagcaggaga aacagttcaa ggtcatgctc agctacctac tagtgagttc aaggccagcc    186240
     caggctacac tggaccacct caataagcaa atcaaaacaa aagcaggcaa gcaatcagtc    186300
     tgggttccct agtgagagcc tagctcaaac tctgagttta aagctattaa ctgaccaatt    186360
     aggagacagg atctggctgt gctacaaagt ggtcgtacat tcttaaccct gcctaagttt    186420
     ccccagtgct gcacccataa cggcccttta gtccttgtcc tcctgtatgc cagcccatcc    186480
     tctagctcta cctagcacat tgggccacca tggagcccgc cttcaatgct gcttctctgc    186540
     ttgttcacag cctcccttct cagagactac atacatgtgc atggggtaca tacatatgta    186600
     gacaaaacac ccatccacat agaataaaag taacaatctt ggaaggatcc tttgggacag    186660
     cttggccttg cttggcttac actgcttcaa aggtgaactt agggatgggt atttggtgac    186720
     ccaggcagga tgaggcagct gtggacgtag gggcctgcaa tcccagcatt aaatcggaag    186780
     ctggagggtc agcgcaaggc caacctgggc tacatgatac cctgtttcaa acaaacacac    186840
     agagcaggct agcagccaac tctggttgct gtgataagga tggagacagg taattttgca    186900
     tacagttccc aggggcgttt atttctaggc cacctacact ttgatgtgtg gcttcccaca    186960
     gcctctactt ggacaagctt ttctctgctc ccagaggcta tattcctccc ccacccaaat    187020
     atacgactca gccccctcct gccccccccc atcataaaag gctttagaag cccaggctgc    187080
     ctaagaccaa ctctgtcaga gttggctgct cctggctggg tctccatgcg ccttaattac    187140
     tggctagctt aagactccat taattaatat taactcttgc tcctttgttc aaaataaagt    187200
     ctttcttttc tctttgacac agggtctcac tgtggagccc aggctggcct cagacttgtc    187260
     ccagtcctcc tccttcctac atgtgtcact acgcccagat cagccactgt caagaacccc    187320
     agcagcacct gtctacactg ccagaaatag aaatctcacc ctgggcacag cagccatggt    187380
     gacttttcta aaagacaaca ctgctcctgt tattcaactg cctgacagac accagttacc    187440
     ccaacttcca caggaagcag aggcagactc cccaaagtct ctcccatgct ctctatcccc    187500
     catccacaga gaatgcctga tggaccacac acctataccc agagccttga cacctgctga    187560
     gccttttgca caaggcaccc aatatcctca ggtgaccact gattcctgac tgttctacaa    187620
     cattatccat caccccctgg agaatcccct ctgacttgtt aatgaaagcc ttttttcaga    187680
     gctagggaga tggctcagtg gttaagagca ctgactgctc ttccagaggt cctgagttcc    187740
     cacatggtgg ctcacaacca tctgtaatgg gatccaatgc cctcttctgg tgtgtctgaa    187800
     gacagctaca atgtactcat ataaataaaa ttaaaacaaa caaaaagcaa acaaaaggga    187860
     gacgttgttt ccacgcagtg tcttctgtag cctaggaacc actgactatc agaccatgcc    187920
     ttgaacttct gctcctcttg ccttcatacg aggtttacag gtgcgcaggt ggaaggaccc    187980
     cagggtcctt tgcaggccac agctgcagcc cacctgtgca tcttcaggta ccttggaatt    188040
     acagacaggt accccggcac ttgggaaggc aaggtctcct gccactgctc tttgagaatc    188100
     agagccatgt taccaacagc tcggcatgta aaccgctcag gagccagccg ggaagcttcc    188160
     tgaagtagtc aggtggcaca gcgtcacaat tgacccgtct gaaaccctgc ctgtcctcac    188220
     ccagcagaca ctggacacct tcctggctgc aacactgaga ctgtccacct ctgttggtgg    188280
     caccagtgtc agccatcagt gctgcaggca cagatgaggg aacaagtcaa cgtacccaca    188340
     ggagacacta acactgtgtc tctgacacac gactaccggg tgggatgggt ccttacacct    188400
     tctaggcatc caggtgacat gagagagaca gagactctgg ggtctaaagc cgaggtggga    188460
     aaacctagga aggtgccata aacaaagctg gctctcatct cctgcttgtg cccttttgct    188520
     gtggtcccca gtgcctcacc cagccaccag gattcgggga atgtctgcag caaaagcctc    188580
     gcccatctca cggctgccca cgttagcgat acagtgcaag gccaggcaca tgaaggtggg    188640
     gttgcgactg gccaggtcat tcttgatagc gttgttgatg agccggatca gttctgagtt    188700
     cgagttcacc aggactgaga tgaacaggta cccctgtggg gcagagaagg gacagctggg    188760
     cacctgtggc taaagggcac tagaccagca tgcaacagcg tctaagtgga cccgagccca    188820
     cctccctctg cccctgcccc tgtctggtct cctgcactca ctatctgctt ctccgtgtac    188880
     ttgttagagc ttagcaggtt cacggcctcc atatgtccaa agtcaatgtc atggccaagc    188940
     aggaatatga agagcagctt acacacatac ttctttttac tgtagccatc caaggccttg    189000
     tcccctgagg cagaggatgg gaaagggagc caagtaagga agcgtcccct aaacaccttg    189060
     ggccctggat ccctccccag gccctgggcc agcagcttgc ctttgaactt ggaacggatg    189120
     ttggccagtt ccttgttgat cctcttgatc tcagcctctt tgctcttgcc tgtggagaga    189180
     cggcaaggca cacaaggcca caggcaaggt tatatataag ctttccgcca ccccttcctc    189240
     ctcccggtgg cccatgagct gcaaggtgct ggggcttgtt ttgggggggg gggagtctac    189300
     cacaccctgc catggaagcc caaaggccca cctctctttt tactgtgttc ttttttttct    189360
     tttttaagat ttattaatta ttatacttaa gtacactgta gctgacttca gatgcatcca    189420
     aagggggtgt gtcagatctc attatggatg gttataagcc accatgtggc cccccctctc    189480
     atgttctgcc cctgagcacc tcacagtcga gctgggacca tccaatcact gaagagctct    189540
     gctggctcct gccacctcct tcagcaacag cacgggacag caccctcccc acacccctcc    189600
     ttcccctctc ttaaccccta tgtctacact gtccctaaac ctctgctatg acagaagatc    189660
     tcctctgtga taccaggcac cactgtctgc tacccaggta ccatagcctg tctgtatgct    189720
     gcctgtgtct ggccattctc actgcccact ggagccccag ggccacacct ctagactcca    189780
     ctgtccactc gccttgcccc acacacgccc cacctcagag atgtccctgt actgagacac    189840
     accatcacca ccttacccga acacagcctg cacatacatg gtttctctgg cagctttttt    189900
     ctctgctctc tgcctccttt ctatccctac cctctgggct gtgtgacatg ggcctccgcc    189960
     tccagccact cctgtgttct gtcatgggcc tccgccccca gccactcctg tgttctgagt    190020
     gttctgtcac tttggtttta gctcctgaaa cctcctttga caggtgcttt ccactcactt    190080
     ttgtccaaga aactcattat tgttaaaatt gtaacatttt tcatgggtat gggtcttagt    190140
     gcctacaggg gctgcagcca gtgcctggca cacagcaggc gctctattaa cagctggtca    190200
     gtttcaggat gcactaaatg aataaagagg gaccaagaag ataagcattc ctgacatcct    190260
     cctccacaaa cccccctcac ctctgccctt aattcccaag cagatctaca agccccactc    190320
     agacagtgac tccagcagga agtgcctgaa attagcaccc tgatctcaga gctgcacagc    190380
     ctgggtggcg acagcagaca ggcggcagct cctgagcatc caggccgagg ctactacaaa    190440
     ctgagacagg tggtaaggag caagaacaca cagggctaga atgctgtggt gtgtccgcca    190500
     tgggggcaca cctgtgatgc cagcactggg gagacagggg tagatgagtc ttgagtatga    190560
     ggccagcctg gggcacacag ctactgaggc cctatctcaa agaataacca aaaccaaaac    190620
     caacctaccc gcaaggggct aggggcaggc tcagcgtggg caagctcgct gggcacaccc    190680
     aaccctcggg ctccatcact ggaaccacag gaagaatgtt aaaacactga ctccaatggc    190740
     agtagtctga atatgctggg ttatataaac aaacagctaa aattaatttt gggggtggag    190800
     cgatgactcc atgagaaaag tgcttactgt gtaaatacaa gaacctgagc ttaggtgtct    190860
     agcatcgaca ttgctgggcg tggaagcaca catccacaac tgcagtgcca gggtggtgga    190920
     gggcagatcc ccagatgtgc tctagggtca gggagaccat ttgcatcaag caaggtgcag    190980
     agcaacgagg aaatacctct ggccatgaca tgtgtactaa cacacacaca cacagagaaa    191040
     ataaaataaa cttgactgct tctatcagaa acatgtaact agcaagtcac cagcagcagc    191100
     tgccacgcct gcctgtgtcc agccctgcga gggagccctc taagataagg tcaccctctc    191160
     ccctggacag agcctcctcc agtaagggct cagtaaggaa ccacaacagc actcactgcc    191220
     actggggcag gcctgccacc ccaggctttg gtgccactgg ggcaggcctg ccaccccagg    191280
     ctttggtgcc actggggcag gcctgccacc ccaggctttg gtgccactgg ggcaggcctg    191340
     ccaccccagg ctttggtgcc actggggcag gcctgccacc ccaggctttg gtgccactgg    191400
     ggcaggcctg ccaccccagg ctttggttag ttttttgctt tctctgagac agggtttctc    191460
     tgtgtatccc tgactgttct gttgctctgt acaccaggct ggccttctga gtgctggaat    191520
     taaaagcatg ctaaaatgct cctggagggc atgggcaggg ctcattggat gaaacgcttg    191580
     ctgcccaagc aggaggatct ttcagatcca taggtgatgc acacacaccc tagcccaagt    191640
     gagccccacc aaggggtgag aggtgaagct gggccaatgc ctgaagctca caaaccaagg    191700
     agcctggcga ctgcagcagt gagcaagaga cgctgtcgca caccagggga gagggaggac    191760
     tcgcctaagg gcgtcctctg acctcaacac tcctgtgtgc ctgcatgaca gacacgcatg    191820
     tgtactttag atttggatat atacataaat atactccatg tttctgtttt cttttgcaac    191880
     agtctctccc tctgttacca attccaattc ctatccccac gaatgaagaa cacatgctct    191940
     taaatgttga cctacttctc catgtaggca ctcactcatc tgtaaattaa tatgtgtatt    192000
     tgtgtttgtg cgttctgtaa ggaactaaac ccagggcttg gcccccagcc cattaactgg    192060
     ggattctagg caggggctct accactgagc cacaccccca gccctactgg gggatgctga    192120
     gcaagcgccc cactgcggag ttacatcctt tgtcctagat acagttttgt gggaaaggga    192180
     aaatggtttt gatatgtctg gttgaattca cacatcggaa ccttaccact acagggtcat    192240
     ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ctttctttag gctttagtcc acatctatca gatagtggcc    192300
     tgggcataat tgatacattc tgctattaaa aggaactcag aggggctaga gagatggctc    192360
     agtggtgaag aacatttgct gctcttcctg agggtacagg ttcagttccc agagtccaca    192420
     tggtagctca ctaccaactg ttaactccag ttccagggga tgcaatactc ttctgtcctt    192480
     tgaagacacc agacatgcac attgtgtgca tacatacata catacatacc tgcaggaaaa    192540
     cctttcctgc acataaggcc tgtctacata gtgagctcca ggacatagtg ctacatagat    192600
     cagccctgcc tcaagccaaa caaaacaaag attaatatgc cttttattta aaatagcaga    192660
     aagaaaagag gggatagagg agacagcagt caaaagcacc aactgctctt ccagaagacc    192720
     tgggttcaat ttccagcacc catgtgacag ctcacaccat ctgtaacctt agtcctgatg    192780
     ctattctctg aggtccaaag gcacttggca aaaaagtgct gcacagacac acatgcaggg    192840
     aaaacaccca tagattttta aaaaagattt atttaaagcc gggcgtggtg gcatatgcct    192900
     ttaatcccag cactcaggag gcagaggcag gcagatttct gatttcaagg ccagcctggt    192960
     ctacagagtg agttctagga cagccagggc tacccagaga aaccctgtct ggaacacccc    193020
     cccccacaaa aaaagattta tttattttta tatgtactga tgttttgcct gcatgtctgt    193080
     gctgggaatg aaactcaggg cctctggaag agcagccatt gctcttaact gctgcacctg    193140
     gtgttggagg aacatcatcc ttgctacttg ggagactaag tgagggcagt cacgagctca    193200
     caccccagca ggcagtgctg gtgcatgcgt ttatcccagc acgtgatctc tgagttcaag    193260
     tccaacttgg tctacagagt gagttctagg acagccacag ttatacagag aaaccctgtc    193320
     tgggaaaaac aaaaccacaa acaaataaac aaacaaactc actaaattac aaaaaaaaac    193380
     caagttcaag accaacttgg gtcagagtga gttcaaggct atcctggaat agttaatgat    193440
     gctctatctc aaaatcaaaa gaaaaaaaaa gagctggcac tgactggagc tcagtgtaac    193500
     ggctccagcc tacaatccta gcactttgga ggctgaggca gagggataga tataagctct    193560
     aagctaacct ggattcttaa aagagtaaga ctctattcct aaaaatttta aaccaaaagg    193620
     ccgggagtat agctcacttg gtagcatgct tgcctagcac aaagctccaa gctccatccc    193680
     agcacctctc gaagcaggtg cagcacacct gaaatccctg cagatggtgc agtccaccaa    193740
     gagtttaggg ggtagcttca ttatgcttgg gagcagggct tagtagagac cccttgccta    193800
     aggccttggt tcccattccc agtactaggg ggagaagata aaagcaaaag gcaagctggg    193860
     catggtggcg cacgccttta atcccagcac tcaggaggca gaggcaggca aatttctgag    193920
     ttcgaggcca gcctggtcta caaagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctac acagagaaac    193980
     cctgtctcga aaaacaaaca aacaaaaaag gcaaaaggca gtcctacaaa gaacattcag    194040
     cattcagggt ctagggacag tgcaatgggg ctccagagaa ggaattgccc aaggccacta    194100
     gacagactga gctctggtta gcttcactgt ggagccctca gcatagacag gcagtcatct    194160
     caccatctca ggagggatgc aaatgtgcca atgagtttta aagcaattct ctcgttcata    194220
     cagggatgga ttcttccctc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctctc    194280
     tctctctctc tttctttccc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc    194340
     ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttctttgaaa tggtccatgg gatggagtta gccctcaaag    194400
     ctatgtagtc ttggttgtcc tggaataact cactacgtaa aggaggctag ccttgaaccc    194460
     ataaaagacc tgcctggctc tccctctcaa gtgacacatg gcatggaggg ctttcttgag    194520
     tgggcgtggg aatgagccac tcctgcactg cagggcgctg gtttggtgga gaggcagatg    194580
     aggacaacag tgagtgtttg aacagaggca aggcttgggg agactgggac tgaacagggg    194640
     aggaagcctc ctgtgagggg cagaggtggg gcaatggaag cagcagacag aaaggcttgc    194700
     agggggcagg caggcagctg acaagatgga gagcagaagg gatctgcgct caagcctact    194760
     aagagtcagg agtgagacca tctccccagg agcggctgcc cgaggttagc ttccttcatg    194820
     acggagacct actccagcat gaagcttccg gctcagaggt ccgtgggggt gacaacctct    194880
     gtaagcggtt acaggagcat cagcatcagg gtgcgtctgt aattacctca agagaatctg    194940
     ggccagcctg gccctgccct ggaggaccct gtgtgcatcc gtggagaaag tgcagaggcc    195000
     tgacccctac acctgtgaac cctgaccaac gcccatcagc cattgcttcc acaccctgga    195060
     ctgccatgag actgactgtc ctgatccaaa atatggccat gtgaggcact ggaaccagga    195120
     cagttgtgag tgtgtatgtg ttctctcctt cacatttatg aggactagaa ttgaactctg    195180
     gtctccaggc ttgcccggca agtgccttta ggtctcacaa gccctacttt gtttggttgg    195240
     agataggctt gcattgaatg tggatctaac atggggcagg atgcacttct tcctctgctg    195300
     tggctgtagg cagagggagt cagcactcta accccaaggt cttcttcatg gacctgctcc    195360
     agaggcacag ggcttgagat aggagacagc cccagcctgc agctccctct gataaggctt    195420
     ccctgctcag ggagggagca ccatgccttc acagagccca ggctcatcag ctgttatcct    195480
     cagaatctga gcttcctact caggcctgcc tgctgtgccc cacaggctcc cagagggctt    195540
     cctccctccc aaacctgact ctattctctc cttgtccata gttctacctg cacccctgca    195600
     cccctgcatg ctctcaggac aaagagcagc ctgacctcta cccacaactt cctaacctca    195660
     ggacctttgc accacccatg gcttgactca tccatacctc tacatccgac tgtgttttga    195720
     agcagagccc agacagcgcc tcacaaatct ctcccctact gggctaacac tgttgcacat    195780
     gtattttagt atgaaataaa taaataaata aatactaaaa tataaatcac aaacctatca    195840
     tctcagtact tgggaggtag aggcagggag gtcagatgtt gaaagtcatc tttatctacg    195900
     taataagttc aaagccagtt atgattagta aatgaatccc tgtcttagaa aaccaaaagc    195960
     tggggctgga gagatggctt aatggttaag agtactgact gctcttccga aggtcctgaa    196020
     ttcaaatccc agcaaccaca tagtggctca cagtcatccg taatgagatc tgacgccctc    196080
     ttctggtgtg tctgaagtca gctatagtgt acttatgtat aataaataaa tcttaaaaaa    196140
     aaaaagaaaa gaaaagaaaa aagaaaacca aaagctaaga aaaacgtcag ttaaaaagca    196200
     agagatatcg cttctcagcc ttttggctaa gctcaagtgt aaaaagcaag agataaaatt    196260
     tatatgaagc aatgtctaca gtgaatttct cctacaatgg gccactgcag gcaggtgggg    196320
     aggtgtgtat ttcagatgat gcatgcagat tttagtgtct gataatctga cctaggatgc    196380
     ctatggagta tttagaactg agtgaaagga tagatgaatt gaaataataa tgtcaaaaag    196440
     tatttcgact agaattttga agttggtaat aaaaagaata ctagccaggc aatggtggca    196500
     cacaccttta atcccagaac ttagaaggct gaggcaggaa gatctctggg agtttgaggt    196560
     cagcctattc tgcaaggtca aattccagga cagccaggga tacacagaga aaccctgttt    196620
     caaaacaaca ataacaacat atcttagtta aaagctgtat actgtggctg tatacagctg    196680
     ggttgtggtg gtgcaggcct ttaatctcag ctctcaggct ggcaagatgg ctcagcggtt    196740
     aagagcactg actgctattt tgaaggtcct gagttcaaat cccagcaacc acatggtggc    196800
     tcacaaccac ccgtaatgag atctgatgcc ctcttctggt gtgtctgaag tcagctaaag    196860
     tgtacttatg tataataaat aaatctttgg gctggagaga gcagggttga ccagagcgag    196920
     cagaggtcct aaaaattcaa ttcccaacaa ccacatgaag gctcacagcc atctgtacag    196980
     ttacagtgta ctcacataca taaaataaat aactcttaaa aaaaaaaatc tcagcactca    197040
     ggaagcaaag acaggcagat ctctgagttc gaggtcagtc tcatctgcag agcaagttcc    197100
     aggacagcca gagcttcaca gaaaaatcct gtctagaaaa acaaaacaca aacaagcaaa    197160
     aagctgcaca ctgtgaaact ctcttagctt ctgtatttac agaactgtgc actcagcatc    197220
     cgcatctgat cccagaatat tctctttcac aaaagccccg actcctgagc aacgagcagt    197280
     ggctccccac cccctcccag cgctgacctc aaagccccac tcttctctgg cttcctctgt    197340
     ggtccagcct ctggtaacat gccatccaca tagaatccga gattggctgt tctcacttga    197400
     gaaagttcta tccatttcta cctttttaaa tttattatct gcattatgta tgtgtaagca    197460
     caagtgtggt ggtgagaaga cagttctctc ctaccatgtg ggtccccagg ataaaattca    197520
     gaccctcagg cgtggcagca agcaccttta tccactgagc cacctggcca gccctgtcat    197580
     ggttctgttt gttttgagac aagttttctc tgtgttgctt aggctgactt caaagttaaa    197640
     attgtcctgc ctggcagatc tcagtgagtt tgaggccagc ctactctaca aagtaagttc    197700
     caggatagac aggactacac agagaaacct ctgtatgtgt gtgtgaagag agagagagag    197760
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagaagaaa ggaaggaagg    197820
     aaggaagaaa tcgtccactg ggcggtggtg gcgcacgtct ttaatcccag cacttgggag    197880
     gcagaggcag gcggatttct gagttcgagg ccagcctggt ctacagagtg agttccagga    197940
     cagccagggc tatacagaga aaccctgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacccacagg    198000
     aaaaaaaaag aaagaaagaa atcgtcttgc ttcagtgatg acaagagtga gccaccatca    198060
     ggtctggttc tttggagatg gaaccctgga gtcaacagtc tagaaacgca ctctaccttt    198120
     caactacgca ctagcctctt tttagcctct tttttttttt ttttgagaca gggtctcatt    198180
     acatagcctt ggctgtcctg gaactcatta tgtagacctg gctggtctca aactcacaga    198240
     catctgcctg cctctgccat ccaagtgctg ggactaaagg cgtgtgctaa cactgctggt    198300
     atatgtatgt gtatggggtg ttttacctgc gtgtgtgtct gtgtgtgcag tacctactga    198360
     ggccagatgg tgtcccctgg aacttaagtt gcagatggct gtgagctgcc attcgatact    198420
     gggaatcaaa gccagattct ctggaggagc agccagtgga ctcacctact acactatcct    198480
     ctagacccta cagggtttct atgtgtagtc accttggtcc tggaactggc tctgtaaaca    198540
     aggctggcct tatactcaca gatctgcctg tctctgcctc agtgctgtga ttaaatgtgt    198600
     gcaccaccac tacttggctc aggccctact tctcatttta agttgctcga gctggttttg    198660
     aacttctcta taacacaagg tggtttttta aaattgttat taatatattt attacatata    198720
     tgtatgcatg tgtgtgggtg caaataccat ggtatgcttg tagcagtcag aggacaactg    198780
     taggagtcgg ttctctcctt ccaccatgcg attccaggat ctgaacccat gtcaggttgg    198840
     cagcaagtgt ctctacctcc tgagctatgc agtcaggccc aggctgactg tggacttgaa    198900
     gtccccctgt ctcagtctct ggaatagctg gcatgacagg cctgcgctct agtcggggtt    198960
     ctgtttgcat ttcttgcctg acttgtatca agccacaaag acagctgtcc tcatctgtga    199020
     ggacagccct gccctgccag aggtatcatc tcccccggct cttctctagg gtcctacagc    199080
     gcggtacctt tccttcccca aacccaacag aaattctctt tgccaatcct tcaaaactgc    199140
     cctaaagcct gaccaatccc tttatttcgt ttggattatt catgtgtagg actaagtatg    199200
     tgaatgtgca tgcccttgga gaccataaga cggtgtgaag tcccacagag ctagagttac    199260
     aggcatttct aagccaactg atgtgggaac caaacgttgg ttctctgcaa gtatttttaa    199320
     ctgctgagcc acctctccag cccccttggg gttggtttct gttttgtttt gtttttttga    199380
     gccaagtctt gctatggcgc ccagactgtc cttaaactca ccatcctggt gctgtggcct    199440
     tccaaatgct actctgacag tgtgcaactc cagccccttg cttctgctcc catctgagca    199500
     gtcctgttct cacacttgcc ctagaggtct gtgctaccgt tgctttggtt ccccactgcc    199560
     atcctaactt cacactgcag acagagcaat cattcaacag tttagacttt ctccttgatg    199620
     catggtcttg tctaagctaa cctgagactc accagcctcc tttcagcccc accatgcctg    199680
     gttctagagg aatccagtga atcacctcct gcctctgctc aaaagcatcc tatagctctc    199740
     agtttagcca cggaaaagct acagtggtgc tcagagccct tcagcctcca tgtctcctca    199800
     gtcctcactc aggtacaatg cttgcatgta cttggcctaa gcatgctcca actgcaacac    199860
     ctctgaacac tttacctccc tgcatggacc ctgctcctct cacacccagg acttacgacc    199920
     tttccagtcc tgatactgtc cacagggcca gccatggcag accagcctgt gttcccttct    199980
     gctactctat ctctcttaag gaacagatgc ccaaacaaca tgaagttttg gggttttttt    200040
     gttttgtttt ggttttgtct ttgtggtgct agggatggaa cccaggacct tgttcatcct    200100
     aggtagatgc tctatcatca agctatgccc tcagcccttc actgagatgc tgggcacata    200160
     tgctctactg ctggacacca gccccagctc caaggctagc aattctacag agctgtaagc    200220
     ccagtgtctc aaatagggac ttttatacag gaggaatcaa atagtattca tcatataaac    200280
     aagtcatctt atctccgcgg gtgacatcct attagaaatg gaggtagcca aagggactaa    200340
     gtggggtgca gagggtcacc catcagtagt taacagataa accacaccca tttttaacag    200400
     atacccatgc caaagtctac aacccttcct agctccgcct cttttcaccg ggtctgaagc    200460
     atctcccagg taagggagca cacagcttcc cactgtcctt ttgctgacac ctactgaact    200520
     caacatcccc ccccccccgc ccccgagcag cttggaggag tccttcttta gatgttagcc    200580
     aatgccaaca gcagctacaa ggacctggcc taggacctca ccccacatca gcccagccac    200640
     ccctcattaa gaagccatca gcagcctctc ctgacaggaa taaactgaga ggtgaggtcc    200700
     ctcgttcaag gtcacccagt gacagagttc tgtaacacaa agccagctct ggctgaccac    200760
     atctactcat ggaccctctg aagggtcctg acagctccac acagagcatc tactccctgg    200820
     agttgagagc tgaccagcag ccaggccagg ccattgttac aacccttcct agaagggact    200880
     atggtcctca tattgctgta ataagccaaa aaaggcttgg atccaggcct gccttgttcc    200940
     cttcctcagg gtacaaactt cccctccccc agcttgatag agctcttctc acagagcatt    201000
     aagatacctt gcttccatca taaacactca ctctgtgata ccttcccaga gcctgctggt    201060
     atcttaggtt ccccaagact ttatactata gtcccttatt ttttacatgt agcctcttca    201120
     atgctgtcct tgtttggggg tgggggatta gggggacgtt agctgtttca gacagggtct    201180
     ctctgtgtaa ccctggctgt catggactca cagagatcat cagcctacct gtgtctcaga    201240
     ggtagtagga ttaaaggcct gcacaagtac acctggtgcc ttccatgtct tttacacaat    201300
     cttccatgta gagtcttttc atacatcatc ctctggtcct ctgtccctta cctcttcatc    201360
     tctggtcctt ctgctgtccc cccaacctta tcatctctag tttctctgct atgtcctcac    201420
     cttatcatct gggggcccta tggtgttgtt cctaccctat catctctgct tcctctgcag    201480
     tttccccact tccatcactg atccctctgc tgtcccccac cttatcttct ctatccttct    201540
     gctgtcaccc catttctatt tctgattcct ctggtatctc cccacttcat catctctggt    201600
     taccctgatc cccccccccc cccacacaca cacacacact ttatcatctc gagtccctct    201660
     gctgtcttcc cactttatta tatctggtct ttctgctgtc cccaattata tcatctctgg    201720
     ttcctgggca gttccccaac ttctggcccc tggccctagg tggttgcccg cctcccatct    201780
     cttctgcgtc cctgatttcc tccatctagg ctcgagatgg cactgaatga cctacctaac    201840
     ccgttgccct attccctcca cctcctcccg ccacgtccgc ccgcgccatc ctggtccttc    201900
     ccgggaggac acccccgcgc ttccctgctc cctccgcccg gtcgccgcgt gacccccggg    201960
     ccccggtcat gagctcacag ttccggatgt cggagatgaa cacggcgagc ccacgcatgc    202020
     catcgccttt ggatacagcc ggcatgatgg cggagggctc ggctccaagc ctggccgaac    202080
     gggcgcgggg ctggctggcg gcaccgggcg gaaaggaccc cagacggcgc cgaggagccg    202140
     gccgggggag ggcgggctag cggcgggctg gctgcaggcc gacgccccgc ctcagacccg    202200
     cccctacgga ttgtcatccg ggaacgtacg ccacttgtta gctgagagcc ctgccgctca    202260
     caatagaacg cccgccctcc tctctctctg attggctaaa tagtaaagac accaggtgat    202320
     gattggtgca gtaccgggct atttccgttc ggagcaggga ggcagggggc gttgccctag    202380
     agacggggga gttcgatgac acactctggg accgccccct gaacggccga gaccaacgct    202440
     aattggatgg actaccagct ccgcgccagt agggcgggat gtaagaggcc gaaggaggcg    202500
     gaacttcggg aaaagaagac caatgggtga ggagattgct cttcgcaagg ctctgccgat    202560
     tcgccggaag cgtcatactt ccgccctcga aggggcggtt gtggggggcg ggcaaaaggg    202620
     cgacgatccg tagagaagga aggagaaaga agccctgtca gttagctgaa ctgcgatagg    202680
     tggagcgatg cctgcaattc cctgctgcag agaggggctg ggcgaggcgg tagaccgtga    202740
     ggtgtccact acgcaggcgc ctccctcttc ccagtcggtc tccactcccg agccccggcc    202800
     tcgggagcat tcccttccct aaaaacaacg cctggaaatt tgacttgtct gcaaacctct    202860
     tatccatgag aggagggact gccggttaag gattgttacc atagacactg aggtccaaag    202920
     agattgagtg gcttccccaa gactacagct caaaaatgga aaactgggat tactattttg    202980
     gtttttaaac atttttcaat ataggttact cttttttcct ccctaaaccc cagtaccgaa    203040
     gacaatctgc ctataatggt cataagatca aaattgcttc ctccatcagt tctggagaac    203100
     cactcaagga aaagccagtt aaagccacag ctgaggactg ggtcagtttg ttttgcttcc    203160
     gactccctag gttctatggt tcactagttg cagggaagtc aaagccccca gaacaccaat    203220
     gcccggggtt attgagaaat ttggggcaaa gggacttggg agagtccatg tctattatcc    203280
     ccatgaacaa aacggcaccc ctgacaggct tttctaattt gacaccccca gaatgggtct    203340
     agaaggtagt tatgtcctgg gacctaggaa gaggcagcac tgagtccttg tgaatagaag    203400
     gtagtgttct gtgagtttga ggccagcctg atctatgtaa acagctccag gatagccagg    203460
     actacatgga gagtccctgt ctcaaaaaca gaaaaggtta aggatgtaac gtttaatccc    203520
     ccagtgagag aatgggtgta tgtgtggctc agaggtagag cctctgccta gaactcccca    203580
     gtgaggggct ggggtgtggc tcagatataa acctcctgcc ttgaatcccc cagtgaggga    203640
     ctgagtcctg tttcagtgga cgagtacttg actattacat ccaaatgctg agttcaatcc    203700
     tcagcactgg aaaaaaaaaa aagtcacaaa atcagatgtc tatttcctaa agagtttcta    203760
     agtattagag acttcataaa atacttaagg atacagcttg caagagatgt ttggactaat    203820
     cgtcctagga gggatgtgaa gaggagacat aaaatgtagc aagaatatat acaaagtctg    203880
     tctccaatta gcctatcttc ctattcgctg cttctctgct cctgtagcct ggtaaggaca    203940
     agaggagtta ttgagctctg ggtgaaaaga aaagccttta attccaggcc cctcacacac    204000
     agatgggaac ctcattgttc ccctacatgt ccaggctgtt tgtgtagctg ttgttctgat    204060
     attgcttgtt tgttttgaaa cagagacaca ctatgtacac cagactggcc tggaatcaca    204120
     gagattctcc cacctctgac tccatacggt taggattaat ggtgtgtgcc actatgccca    204180
     gttcacaggc ttttggcttt ggttttgttg ttgttgtcgt tgttgttttt aaggtttatt    204240
     gttttatgta tacagcattc tgcctacatg tatgcctgca ggccagaaga gggcaccaga    204300
     tctcatgatg gatgagagtt gaactgggat ttgaactcag gacctctgtt agagcagaca    204360
     gtgctcttaa cctctgagcc atctctccag ccctcacagg tttattttta agtccagacc    204420
     taaagcgaaa gctttctgaa atgcagcaaa tatcagggga aggaactcag actgtcttct    204480
     gccaaaccca gcagtgtcat ctgtgggaag cacagcttag agtaagcatt ggagaaacca    204540
     gacctgtttt cttcaacaaa cggaaaggaa tggtttctgg ctacttggtc cctccaatct    204600
     cttgagtttt atctatcagt ggctagaaca catccctttg aaagagaccc catggacttg    204660
     gcctcttcca cagtcagagt ctgtcacaga tccttcctct aggaggtgcc tgtctttggc    204720
     tactttgtaa gttcttcttt cttccaccct tctccaccac ttttctgccc acaagacaag    204780
     agaaaaaaag gataaagagg aaaggaaaaa attcctgaat aaagttaggg gtaggaaaga    204840
     gggcgtaagt ttcttgaagc aagtttgatt ttcgtcatca ggatatttaa cttcatcttc    204900
     ttatttcttc tttgcacccg actacttagc aaaccataac gaacaacaac agcaaccaac    204960
     aaccccccaa ccacccacac tagctctcag gccctagcat ttatataccc tctaaaaagt    205020
     ccccagaatt ccatacatca tgcactcaca gaaacagcac gaggcaaatc atagtcagct    205080
     gctgtggaca atgtgaagca atccatatcc cgcacccagc attaaaacaa aaaatttaat    205140
     tcttatattt ctgttttgtt ttgttttgtt tttaagaaac caaagttcca aaattctctc    205200
     tacttttctc cctttctgtt ttaacccatg aattaggctg tgtgtaacag gtaactttaa    205260
     acagaggcat tttcaatgaa acaagcactt ttcaaagcag tggccaaggt tttcaggaat    205320
     ctctcctgct cagctgtagt ctttgtcagt tttgatggta tccagagctt ttcgttgcct    205380
     atggatacaa acattctgca tcccaaaggc aaaactttcc cttccagtct gatgttgaca    205440
     catccttaga gtatatagac tgatctaatt ccagctcttc tatagcccag agtctcatgg    205500
     ctgctgttgt tccttgctca ttaacactca ggaaatttaa agttaacaca gcactattta    205560
     atctatccct atctctagga gtctctattc ttcctttttc ttttgtaagc atttctttta    205620
     aggtatgatt agaactttct acaactgctt gccctgtagg attgtgtggt atacctgcag    205680
     tgtgctctat attataatat gcaaaaaatg acttcacctt actggaaacc gatgcacggc    205740
     attgccactc ttgatttgca caggtatacc cataagtagc cattgcttcc aggacaatta    205800
     cagaacaagc ctttgcagaa cacaaagcag ccgcccgttg aaatcccgag tatgtagcaa    205860
     tggtatggtg tccaaacttt agttttccaa attctgcaaa atgaaacaca accatcttct    205920
     atatttcatt tcttttggta cccctacggt tacttctcaa aggtaataga gtttggttgt    205980
     acaaagaaca agcaggacat tttcttataa attttttggc ttgttgctaa gtgatacaca    206040
     atttttttcc ttaaaccttt ttgatgttaa catggtggtt ttcataaaaa tttgaggctt    206100
     cttttttctt tttcttttgt tttttgtttt ttgtttgttt gtttgttttt agagacaggg    206160
     tttctctgta tagccctggc tgtcctggaa ctcactttgt agaccaggct ggcctcgaac    206220
     tcagaaatcc gcctgcctct gcctcccaag tgctgggact aaaggcaagc aataccacca    206280
     cccggcaaat ttgaggcttt taatacattt cctattaata attagccaat ctcttcactt    206340
     ccttgtgcta atagaactgg caagcatgta tgagactgaa tatgagcgat atgtaatgga    206400
     tagtttcaat ttctgattgc ttattgtagc agggtagata gaataagact atgtcaattg    206460
     ttgggaacag acctggcaga aattgtaata cctgctgaga ttatgtgact atggataacc    206520
     aatgaaaatt ggtgctaggt ggtggtggaa cacgccttta gtcccagcac ttgggaggca    206580
     gaggcaggca gatttctgag ttcgaagcca gcctggcctc agagtgagtt ccaggacagc    206640
     cagggctata cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaataaataa    206700
     ataaagtatc tgcaacataa tcagccaaca aaatattatc catgtaatga taaataatgg    206760
     gttgaggaaa ttgcctacaa attatttcta gcagttgtta cataaaatat tgacatagga    206820
     atatgtaaca ttccttgtgg gaaaactttc cactcatatc tttttatagg ttgagcatta    206880
     ttatgggaag gtactgtgaa tacatacatt tccctatcct gcatttgcaa gaagatagtt    206940
     aaaaaaaaat taaatcaatt actatcacag gccatgactt aggtaataaa gaaagtaaag    207000
     gactcccagg ctgtaacaga cccattgatt ggcttaccct attcactgct cttcagtctg    207060
     ttcacattat cctttcccat gatttctttt ttgtaacaaa tacaggggga ttccatgggt    207120
     tggtagactc ttctatatgt tgagactcca gctgctcttg taccaactgt tcaattgcct    207180
     gtaatttttc cttaggtaag ggccactgat ctacccacac aggtttgtca gtcaactgtt    207240
     ttaagggtag agcccttggt actttagtac cacccccatt ataaattgga aactcagtct    207300
     ctatcatgtc ctgtgttgga caattggcac aggcacagcc tggattggtt tttgatgaca    207360
     tatatcaata tcttctccag gagcatctac catgtcagcc cttatttcat catgggattg    207420
     caggaatgtt aatctcagtg tcccactgtt gtaaaagatc ccttcccctt atatctgtgg    207480
     atatgtcaac cgcataatgt cttctttttt aaaaaaagat tttatttatt tatttaatgt    207540
     gtgtgagtac acagtctctg tgttcagaca taccagaaga gggcatcaga tctcattata    207600
     gatggttgtg agccactacg tggtggctga gaattgaact cagaaattct aggaagaaca    207660
     gtcagtgctc ttagccagtg agccatctct ccaacaccac ataatgtctt aacttttctg    207720
     tttggccttc cagtcccaca catttaaccc atcacacact ttgttttacc tgagatagct    207780
     ctccaatttt taagaactgg gtatagggct ggagaaatgg ctcagtgttt aagaactctg    207840
     actgctcttc tgaagatcct gagttcaaat cctgacaacc acatggtcct gagttcaaat    207900
     cctagcaacc acatggtggc tcacaaccat ctgtaatgag atc                      207943